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The 1956 Vwfdcazl Volume 12 1956 ljditors Sports Copy llclitm' PllUIOgl'LlI1hCl' Nl ' l lmsmcss A121 Gloria Brooks Clurdcnc CNIIHIMHCIA Surah Klillvr Clark Buchner FI mnmy Clrundcn Clcorgc Lunkforcl 'I im Yntcs mgg-rg Sum .Xdcox Hill lri1uNv 5 11 1 JSI I 111111 I1 11 111 1111 5 Jl1Sll1lI1N1l11 1 1 LX 01 iL 111 lt S S 1118111111 51111 111111 I1 5 J r 1 1 511111 1111 .1u111111111 11111 11511111151 71 111 11111 NDC RXCN1 111 1f I1 1 1111 11 ISL 1 1 1 1 LS 11111 , sf ' ff ,Il ff , 7' 14 .' '.L' 1 , V- ,Xi '- 11-1 11", COXIMUX I'l'Y 1111. 110011, 15111111 1111111115 11111 0111 '1111. 1I111llL'I111l11 1-1lI'CL' 1111 11S111LI11,1L'I' '1 ' 1115 1111' 111 10.118 1111'1'1lI11l11LII1111 111,111 131111111117 11.15 1100 I1 l1L11I1Q 11511111110g01101'.11111115111 1110 LlI'L'll3111 1011 1 "5 ' 1, 50111100, C1111lA21CICl', 5011111111511111, 111111 1171 A 1 51' . IllD111-111111'511111i11111511-111111-1111111111 Il'Ll1I11I151 15115 S1'1l1J1115131k'Il1. sL'111l111 111111 011 111111111111 1r0111 011150 01111111110111111, L'S1L11711S111l1g llll 1l1lCI'C1L'13CI1l1 011 V1 'I''111'51l11111l111'l'1'S1.'. 11 1,1111 1 1 1101 111111 1i1 13111111111 1'111111'11105 1110 011111'.11'10r 1111115 110.' 11 1111' 1110 1'LIIlll'C 101111015 111' 1 1 1011 ,X1111 1 5115, 111111 15.1 1 11 111111 1 ll 11l1",115111P15111110111 111' 105111 11 Q 1 '1115 '11' 1 fl '1 SE1' ' 1 1.1. V 11111 1' T'211'111111111 1' 1111 ll1111'1l111111 111' ll X'Cl'1' 1111111111 1.11001 111' 501111111 1110-f - 1110 'LlL'LII'l'1L'll1LIl' 110t11'1t1Cs. 1jLll'11L'1111l1111I1111111111415 111111 11111111105 1111' 1 .1111CUt10rC'111l1'1115111111'1111111A111'5 151 l,L'1.ll1 " ' 011 U L INNIUK Y 3 ITL HX 'DI S 9 1111 111 L1111111l111l1 llltfll Ol Xll X l Ol Qlllfl XllY1s 1LL1111111l1s Ll 1ss1s ut 1l1l1s uc 1 1 111 III 1l11mL JLL ILINK 111 s IIL luusmrx 111 l111111111g 71 1 1sl1 1 ll 1 1511 181.1 31 I1 IL 1 IMC ll 1llCCI I1 1111 Inu mcl lutu 7 IICQ 1111s 1 1l1 u11l1111 1 ll 1s 11111111 lllu past lI1LllllJ7I'l ll 11 ll L11 1xlt1c1111LSt111tlll H 1110 ll I7 QL! 1 L Htl L I ID1 0 1 f 1111111 Nil IOI XllSIlll'111l11-.1111 Lllll 11I 11111111411 1111l1i11x 1111111111 1l1'111l1111111l 111 ll1L1 'l. .I 1111. .Xg1111l tc:1c'l1L11' lpil 1'11l.1t11111sl1il1 111111 inlcs 11t11111s11l1111'L' l'111' l111111I11l gn ll1. Sli Tl SM Xxfl lll ix l411lQl1I l1x Ll1n1: ll1Ii1' 11l1l1111'11111i1i1's11111il11l1l11,11i1l1x1111l11 s 1 " '11gr11 1l111 s1'l11111l g111cl l11411'11i11g 5111111l1. 1 lsly. i7l',Ylf.l '. 'V' 7 b ' V- 7. 1 1' '5l1ccl 1l11'1111gl1 1l111 luwl Plllll - 1. L 'gl 1l .11111111'cli11g 111 11541, cx1111'i1111cc 1 cl 1 1' 1111. P11 . 1 .1ll1l111s111l14 gi 1 '1 1' '.'.l . 1" ' ' ' 4 gwmocl 111111 11, i11,4111cl l111':111s11 l'l ljflfl l11 Illgl '11 1111l .llll'l5l'ClS 11q11'l1 11l' 1l111s11, tl111 fity 111' lil D111'11cl11 clc1sc1'1'11s 111111511 l'111' x111111111'li11g s1111l1 4 Q 1l 1111l. Vl H12 IIICLI I SCHOOI 11l 1'I l 11114111 l 11'1lb11'C IL1lxL'S p1'icl11 111 cl1'cli1':1ti11g1 tl111 K pu "pl t 1 Illl' " ' Ill' lil lxlllilllll. l'111' sl141pi11g tl111i1' ' '15 2 Q rcs 111 1l111 111411111111 i11u1111lucl l11 tl111 C1'c1z1t0r, lil 1 111 l1'x citi 1 Q 11l' ll111 l'11t111'1.1 1l11lic'.1tc1 is ' 1lx to l1111l ILID111-1 lr 1' A 1 s 11 1 1 Q 1'.d11's viii' 111s11I'tl xlV'S' t, "l l11 ,gt ' lclv. llllxlSflIL'L'l17Y11IlL'lL'Ullll ljllftlll SL' ' 1' I 'Q , 1l 11111 11111 strm of I11111' it p1'vp111'1'x tllu fllllifl' 1' 'zfns Il. I 111111 1111 1' 11 ,ll-k .11 s. Il Becgim Tbzk Way . . . ., I Q Viv ' A-. gan raining nl' eitifens begins in the ele- mentary seliimul. livery year, new groups ul' students walk up tnwarcl the primary grades building witli some fears ol' their new lilie, but tliere are ntlier eliildren. too, and tlie friendliness ol' tlie teaelmer is reassuring. Now tliat llle great plunge into aea' demie life bas been talxen, selmnl becomes lun, one great enjoyable adventure. Stu dents begin a new View nl' lille rigbt away tlmiugli reading. .Xrt worlx prmides es cape for all young, imaginative minds. liatltersi sliirts provide artist's smnelts to gif", ,,'g,-,gg-g-25 protect elotbes from eager, paintfsmeared ' L , fingers. liaelt eliild now begins to read V -g -,rw on liis own aeliievement level. Tliis is '- . . 1" ,f-:Jig even more exerting, because nnxv all tlie ,gh vi , ' . Tommvs and brendas ean see tlielr names nn tlle eliart, wltb tbose nl tlien' pets. -f 43- . . . . . 'Liv I llere. tliriuvli nut Cllllt' tangible, is em- .M - . 5 I 7 .fif fensliip in tlie making. Tae beqirwiwg in Hn Q-wl.+if'i f-9 twelve years. Fire? Because "reading maketli a lull-mari" - an intro ,ear shderfs appvacr ref: fzaffif new '9'V9i'l'2'T, and dectiori to as lasting pleasure. astivq friendships. A pals on 0 O44 poralcirl: 'a pets are fmt x gg - fJll 'W 1 i 1 Y 1 i jf. 4, f . , ' l -1 1 1 ii., 4 i---. mfsor if .i." ' my J 1 A f + ., Y J - J U 114 :IQ .qty mil' 'W ., fl .f A 95" A healthy body, an active mind, an enthusiastic spirit marlc them as the youth ot' America. The Next flea . Still more of "everything I didn't known hegins to reveal itself through school. Students learn to protect their health by eating the foods necessary for normal growth. They discover there is more to the world than El Dorado, hut they also discover that there are few places nicer than their own community. They learn what the City of El Dorado provides as services for all the residents, such as the fire department. Field trips such as these create many future firemen - for a few weeks, anyway. It is all a great adventure, and whether the young stu' dents realize it or not, someday this will help them to he good citizens of their community, serving their neighbor as well as themselves. "The world is so tull ot a number of things" - other lands, other peep es, other ideas. f 35 if ft .2Q"f.tstt'1i 0- V. 5. if ..m..,v fe. ggssggs? A ehild's ability to dream ot tomorrow youth trnds adventure in observing the services o t e eomman y 'I 0- fexi if i lv 5 " Q 9' 'Q Aw K Pracnce in coudroonw procedure - preparaoon for future administrators of American government. On QD The Ladder, i From elementary grade school, the trail ol' education leads on to the junior high school, where new experiences crowd into the stu- dents. It teaches a lesson in humility, too. The sixth grade leaders of the grade school are novv the seventh grade followers of the junior high. The change is not too difficult, though, because classes talie field trips to points of interest just the same. .f-Xt this level, students learn the mechanics ol' city govern- ment, such as the procedure at the municipal court. lt is now they begin to receive expert guidance hy trained Counselors. At this time aptitude tests are begun to discover un- explored potentialities, This is the develop' ment ol' liuture citilens. As youth develops, so do greater ambitions - a guiding hand to channel the eagerness always present. ..,.--- Pcqe 6 ,,.,-1-- ..,,.1-v- ,-1 high s1'h1111l 1'11l'1't111'i11 11l'l'c1s wl11ml1's11111C food 111 lJl'Cklli. Xl1111y, 1111111y p111'ti1's 11l'l'111'1l 11pl1111't1111i1i1-s thc 111i111ls 111111 lTlLlL'l1 l2lllgl1lL'IA. lligh scl1111 llighci' still 1111 thc l2lLlClCl' ul' 1'cl111'11ti1111 st11111ls the I1l111'1' xx'l1c1'1- 1l111s1- 'l'11111111ys 111111 lil'CI1Cl11S who 1111111 XXllL'I1 LISlIL'l'L'Cl i11t11 thc 1'l1'1111'111111'1' s1'h1111l lim 1h1' liirsl 1i1111' will wccp 11g11i11 wh1111 11111 1i1111' lm 1.11'1i11g 1-111111's. XVhil1' 11111 sluclivs 1111' 11l111'c1l liirst 1h1' 11'11lx g1'1:1'11's1 cl11111g1' tl1111 11111105 wirh high s1'h1111l is thc 111lcl1s1l CXfl'2lClll'I'iL'lllill' 11ctiVitiCs. Th1 l1m1 111' g11111l llllli lifll' ll Nlllllll loc chiring lL111chti1111 111 11101-1 11th1'1' p1111pl1' 1111 il s111'i11l l1'x'11l. The husi 11css1111'11 l7I'Sl.lHil,L' Ll liLlSiI1L'SS'l2illICLlIiUD Day 111111111 gixcs s1'11i111' sI111lL'11ts 1111 11pp111't1111ity to hCc11111C .11'111111i11tc1l wish scx'u1'11l v11c11li1111s. ,Xml thcrc 111'c !h11s1- h1'1111l1s chiring 1'l11ssr1m11111 stucly llllll l4L'lnI'l'SlX frcc1l11111 Oli clwicc, s11 1'ssc11ti11l ill 1lC1'cl1111i11g clcmfwf 1'1'11ti1' 1'iti1C11s. The mind of youfh musf of? fimes Sludenf observafion of the business world. an edu- calion in itself. lllk' i11s1i!111i1111 1111ll1'1l s1'11i111' high SL'llHIll. This is 1d ll il is In high schccl, io eaih his one -hare Q5 lmao 51.11, and le'owship, be diverfecl -- +l1e pleasures of youfl' :ost iffle. Yeufh pauses for fhe relreshmenf of lauqhfer-in bioloqy, Oscar, +he slcelefon, reigns as icing. 0- 1 Page 7 After twelve years, what? For those who seek more edu- cation, there is life. Because there must be plans for the voca- tions of future citizens, senior high school offers a guidance program calculated to give the student a gentle push toward fields wherein their ambitions lie. Whether the first years out of high school hold a collegi- ate, business, or armed forces career, the steering counselor is present to give the ever- valuable advice. ln high school, also, rise many opportunities for "meeting the public," over the footlights of the Senior play, over city street-widening projects of Contemporary Problems classes. or over 21 doorstep selling magzwines for the Student Council. This builds pride in campus and community. This is El Dorado lligh School, where students, though their application to their studies may vary, learn of El Dorado and love El Dorado. Many Factory Are Involved . . . Theatrical representation awakens the romance in our character -- magic liqhts, false faces, heavy costumes, a part of high school public performance. N, 5 g riff P 'Qu Q., hw me ' 257 1 Page ,-fi . . k F ,. .. . I r We l rip ,, l ' 'I , '. Q55 ' s 3. ts,-4 5 I 3 , 5 r, iff . I l ft: ' lif t tl .i,g,lffg' 3545 rg! 1 g ir' fr. f it I I 5 2 .i is F c fi fi QW., ',-, rxppqk r .Q 1 mi . ff-0, -Q f.. 1 ei 4 5 M ry lil! 5 HJ in W iff!! ' f fr. 5 mi Ill l 441 M , fi'-N5 1 A 1 wr' 1 iii Q 5' I LW X 'fm-fs v ' Ad Y Hisw f H H H 9 Lei? L H Q+'91Li1f445i'ws x .Zi LQ X FI 9 BCOVTTC ev G V9 V96 Nd b H Weir ow d now fH d d q I H b eole Af 1955-1956 ' 'ffm , . J ,11 5 -A' 1 'rx ' :V me We New Telfee Them QD One By One Page 9 H, gh Q CllOl-,Xll'5lllP in lil Dorado lligh School is clevelopecl in the stuclents hv a large group ol' ahle, eliliicient, anal well trained achninistrators ancl instructors. lhe instructors guicle and counsel the stuclent in his search for lanowleclge, The stuclent receives not only guidance in the realm ol' school studies, hut also in the area of per- sonal need. The faculty does much more than is required of ity doubling as 'uidance counselors for all students who iave personal prohlenis. VVhile these in- structors control the areas of personal lgnovvleclge, the achninistrators control the government and operation of the school. Between the two, one controlling the nec- essities of operation, the other controlling the actual learning process of teaching, El Dorado lligh School students are taught. 5 iQ fcbofa Page 10 r',:4, 4: fbi ""n X U o P J xx. :im f MR. GARLAND A, STUBBLEFIELD MR, HOVVARD M. ELDER MR. J. KENDALL HOGGARD Superintendent of Schecls Principal of Senior High Sehoc Directv ni lnerrrrcrion The El Dorado Baum! of Eduwzlzon - flfkzfeef Polzry, The School Board of El Dorado is the policy- achieving the educational purposes and to inf making hody and the administrators, teachers. form the public concerning the program. The ancl other personnel of the schools carry out hoard mcmhcrs are clt-cred from the citizens ol' these policies. The hoarcls duty is to appraise EI Uoraclo who scclx to support the city schools. the effectiveness with which the schools arc Members of the board, reading in the usual order, are as fo lows: Mrs. Kenneth Wimeri secretary of The boardp Mr Ingram Harrie, Jr.: Mr. Garland A. Sfubblefieldq Mrs. Mamie Elkins, secretary to the superinfendenfg Mr. William Nor Mood- Presldenl' Ol the BO5Vd7 Mr. Dale Miller? Mr. Ben S. Smith: Mr. Joe Wilhamson. 4-1 Page 12 5 Mr13.Jome5 C,.nrw2mqham, wewrw ai her dezk i' THQ SCCVG'GV'y' +P the orlncloai. Mfs. W. A, Speer WH WW, We DYUSZQITV' 'pf af+fA'Wda"'r1 dfufer. The Bmmeff Admmzklmlzbn and Fvzfufzy. e e Curry if oul R 5 'C MR. LEROY PENNINGTON Guidance Counselor B b C d f ' 'n fh B '1 OV' e and Mr Jim Lesfer, Superinfenden? Q? Mrs, Joe 4Givens- and Mrs. 0 row er, secre aries w 2 .:f,:fc::f. If , , SCVWOOI Bulldwnqs un Disfricf I5 fake care of fees and ofher business connerfed wifh The schoois. ,-.-n q in '9 55-9, Page 13 QP- s..q -. xxx S I x .47 k '5- :"" W, W '-ww - f' 'K WNW, ,jf- .V we 1.---141V 41 Mathematics is a much soughtfafter subject in El Dn- - rado High. .Realizing that it is a much-needed course for many ot the occupations of the world, the engi- - ' neers-to-he throng to the math roonis. Some are eager: some not so eager, but all sit patiently and try to C5 understand the values of X or the coefficient nf Y. lieu can see in their faces the qualities that will make tnmnrrnw's men of progress except their struggling teachers, who can only do their hest to prepare them, f '14 'EP' my 'we X, , . x, ' Miss Wanda Benson B.5. Mathematics ,-,xg W A X V X "us, "Trio time nas come," Mr, Elder said, "to talk ot many things!" Faculty meeting sclwe MW ROWGHG Pascliall dtfed eact- Wednesday at 3 p.m, is the time to discsss time schedules, sclinol problems MAA- 4 and school policy, All teachers attend. M5ll19m'3l'C5 Some ot Miss Paschall's solid geometry students examine the di? ,- ferent qecmetric figures that adorn the Christmas tree. 4' ' '- -- , Q 5 X f . -av' X . - Q- ix' .1 ' ' f . 1,53 ' y LW 'N '4' .g . Z1 y v A. Q. .I V- I Q., , . , - . . ,W , -s X i a'a' , ,fggvfz . V I is Y N . . it -fi-15. '13, ' 'C 'f' El ' .- X ' V 7'-f'9-'ithfi--?3Q'i, 'G 'X if . - i 5 'F is fi 1 I ..i .AN-is-,.,1--.,-, i ' f , , .' M., 1, wi '-- V4 "' "' -"l:t',' ' ' 'ii 'V ly f'fP"Lv.7.5545g! Mrs. Jack Anthony A ' anfyf--:g'gt'a,Ek":: BA, I f ' , ' N I "I1f'j,,':7?' Mathematics in -i i iff W , . lililr -Sfqi: 1 J : -. ,f,Atf-., Y , .' N ,Aa if'- "'l'Mil-lsiziff by-'?-fgf' il C' ,N iq., 11451, . Vx: '77 pn- -sux AH , wh "A 'Ngu- - y I s N X il K Mr. Linden Bentley , W4 t BA Mathematics Social Studies Page I 4 livery year eager students flock to thc language rooms, all picturing themselves as hi-lingual sophisti- eates. Although few come out with the same iclea, Spanish antl lireneh expression do acltl a flavor to their speech. Une ol' its great ohieetives has heen aecoinf plishetl - international understanding has been pro- inotetl. Aspiring Sarah Bernharclts enter the clrainatics classes each yearg although it huiltls a lot of poise and charm, as yet no Divine Sarah has appeared, but some- tlzty inayhe ..., ,k as , N ' , 'ff KN..-api Mrs. O. lr. Brewster---Bfx Foreign Lanqiiaqes English ' if ' Bama riclnf, Clrfirnali l de l Mary cast n and Caroyn Vance dernonstrale 'r e yr- , ,.-. 'v1ra. Anna Marcus Speari- BA. h English Terr-.' Volts en ,mile im K lo ii Tenor are prlwred i a aria ac X' " fb sf Marci 23. I A i, ,fic gal puppet mani tal n o elf McG'olhlin and Don Ntll f'- , ' 'B' 'af if hgh i 'W V ijif ,. I s P 'a ' ,. ' fn 411.. i ' - nf. Miss Bene Gene Smit? B.A. English Drarnaligg Mr. Henry Clay Hornsby M.lVl. Director ol Choral Music Pciqe l 5 Cdfdr, Baker, Reber? Keley Larrt Kinard Judi, Carson J dy Relhe Jo e Mar Jac-. Jcrwson and R bm e in ma 'ace re or no D r A B5 5.-. 'ali lVgw,p'ars a r rn C: arson rar J rr Y e 'tt fai fl lm' llwse stuclents who llLlX'C airtislie iilail 111, or llllllli ll1ex' l1111'e or just 1111111 to lincl I l 11111 il tl1ev l1111'e, lll lJu1.11l11 lllilll selwol pru- ' YlllL'S XIII lllil COLIIASC. lt lLllxC5 Ill? SlllllUIlI llfillll simple lim- s11'11et11re 111 clelieate sl1.11li11g. Il1CI'L'l3f' lHl'Ll11Lll'lIIQ l1i111 I111' .1 L'LlI'Cl'l' 111 1111 r or lor .1 lmetler iippreeiition of tl1e wcirlcls if J lJCllLlly. ilppreeliltion cull Illk' arts is 11110 ol' 1l1e CllILlllIlL'S ul' il gcunl citizen. Y . -, c . l 0 - ,-7 , 5 ' Z x Q f 1 Tiyliff .dlnfgi-1 Bqmj-1' xr' fa li r 1 1 Ari and MJl7lZE Economzd - Devefolb Tmfe llomeniuliing is taught as ll career for many girls in Fl Dorado lliglm School. Classes in ecmolxing, sewing, designing and home improvef ment 111'e tiiuglit in orcler to prepare the women ul' tl1e future for ezireers in tl1e worlcl ml' clomes tie lille. Mrs. O. B. Denney-MA. Mm' Belly W. llezn--HB5 Social Sludies Dffiii EG'-falllfl I 11 I 1 if I Q 1 5 l ' X f 1 4 lx I 3 1 4 1 1 Sl1i1're', Kylcr, 1.r'f' l"-'YW " lflgnb- U' Darn fan 1ll1Cr 'Om L'- Mr, l-lcrlxeri Caqlrr- BJX, Dirorlgr ful lnslremfznfol Music I? Page 16 nf' Cfb' Miss Eileen Wesl- BS. Home Econcfnics 3 ,Q-C f -- Mefbmzml Drazwmcg and fiudy Hal! - Dezfefop 5111715 and IWLIIEPEWQIKWCE ,-.,1 1"!v' ' ' ' " """1""" T' un-c f 1 1. if - ,,,...-- i R ac aw 11 Edde Addf Shar V1 Afkunson c ecic M5 an grown enarqmg 5 1-dwmg 5 G GSSIQVWO OV 'W 1119 11915 U mg 1 ale n mec ance! rawmg C 1 1 11 1 ll 1111 1111111 1 111 1 111 111r s11 1 S11 s11s 1111 111111 11111 XL1Lll11X ll IH 1111 1111111 111 1111r11u1r1111111 111111 111s SIllL1Ll'lIS 1111 1111111 111111 111 1111 1111r1r1 1111 1 1 111 1L 1 1 llll TL 1111111 111 s I1 111 It 11111 11s0 1111111rm 1111111 1 1r 1111s 1 LS 11 1111 1 1 111 ll DX I1 1111 111111111111 111 111111s N1LL11lI1lLl 1 1 111111 1111111 11111 11111rs1 1 LTLSI 1 1 11 N 11 1 1 S1 1111111 11 1111 11111 11111 11 1 1 1 1111 1111 111111111 11111rs L1 1 X1 IN 1111111 x11 111111 1 111111 1111111 s111111111s 11111 11111s1 111111 XXLTL s1111 11 111 CLXL 1111111111 1 1111 11 s T 11r 1111 N 11111 111 1111 s111111 1 11111 111 11111111111 p LLLN 111 111 Page I 7 ,n M 1 AHPS Lee Moore MV C1'ar 95 W Easg BSE S1 111 Ha P s1ra r r Joe Jenner A Mrs M rene Sm1111 S1Udf H1311 L1Of5r15w Ma111ema1'1cs 415 4 V' Pbyfzmf Erfucrzizbn and Claemzkiry The purpose of boys' physical education is to assist pupils in acquiring ri variety of physif cal and recreational skills and to promote hot' ter health. Thr' program clcvclops lcziclcrship, Fellowship, sportsmanship, uncl cooperation. Chcmistry prcpzircs those intcrcstccl in scicncc For gi czircsr in gi lahorntory or for further study. -4 , A, ,:. ,--4 Mr, Pelham Austin Mr, Garland Gregori, BA. B.S. Physical Education Ph sical Ediifation Y Biology arh Pel Austin clneclcs to see whether or not Grady Math if pinned by Jbe Jacobs in fifth period physi al education. rx. F 4 0 - Bmlrl Pbyfzmf and Mental fl ferinm Chemistry classes study the composition of suh stnnccs uncl thcir transformation, while hiology classes study the function of living organisms. The English stuclcnts once Llgkllll cntcrccl claisscs this your with trcpiclxition, hut crnnc out very much imprcssccl nitli their non' storc of linowl' cclgc. Us 1 ' ' Y' fall . -WZ". J ip, ,- Mr. Lowefi Morrison M55 Marian Cv BA. MA. Physical Edicalicr' Science Biology Enfffzrb and B C5 Koiflifa Andrews, Larry Kinard, Jimmy Gaslon and Torn McRae ggivc problem in Qhennisiry with solulion. ---an-rv" Page 1 B iw W' .-f Y gk 'Ji - 1' J 4 3 f"- Deiarwff Hrcku, Jkrxrrr, Mzao-,f. and Krwrefr Newgom, amderwr in Mrs, J. E. Pence K fgmior Fnqlrd Mai: qivce a panel reporf ow Cmopflrf "True leaf of fhe Mohicansf' rowbfe A Barter Knowledge of Lf? Emorm Mahony prepares fo dlssecf a frog in biokzqy, while anoflver sm, den? peers Hwropqr a mrcroscope, 'W' I I Mfg. J. W, Racer BA. Enqrisiw Qt' ,Q 2 'Q38 ,f .J 'F K A-1? 1 f M155 Efrwel Roger HA. Engalgh .1 7 'R a Mr, Roberf Laney HA. English 6 -vi"- M.: Mr, Frank Fisclwe BSE. Prrysrcal Educafiofr Biology llie backs of Cafroll Dickens, Horace l-linsnaw, Pnillip Powledqe, David Morrison and Roy Seimfo regis- 'er interest as they await the snowing of "The British Isles" in 5 world lhistcry class. form! 5 fIfl6l1Ii?5 and Cammerzmf All classes in school, especially the social studies students, use the audio-visual equipment as a teaching aid. lhree projectors, four screens, three film strip projectors and three tape recorders are owned by the school and help teach American and world history, contemporary problems, commercial geography, sociol- ogy and psychology. The department is also well equipped with maps. charts and other instructional materials. The commercial department offers typing, hooklaeeping, shorthand and transcription to students llgh has a course that may he classed as vocational. it is to he found in the commercial department. Typing is becoming increasingly important to students intend- ing to enter college so the typing classes are always eroiyderl. lV1rg4 Maior Ngdipi Mrs. A. L, GSHIS BA. BA. Comrnercia S' ici Studies interested in entering the business world. If Senior a e l-licks trams for secretarial Norm, 5. k N. 3 1 up Pcxqe 20 ri 4 . V E' k Mrs. Noel Smith-Big. Mrs' James Pence Commercial S,eda?'?1QUd5m English .miie Sarah Baker traces the iourneys of Jason and Ulysses in Latin class. Miss Audrey Crook Mrs. W. E. Dtirreil MA. Mfg. Social Studies l-aim English 'i -'Nl fp- Mrs. Frank Jenkins BA. Journalism Mr. J. W. Rowe B.S., B.C. Cooperative Traininq i V " 4 gt' Poqe 21 Latin and fourmlzkm Latin, although a "dead language," every year teems with new students. They are eager to study Latin because it is the origin of about 60 percent of the English language. thereby developing the vocabulary to a great extent, It gives a better understanding of English grammar by its own structure, and it gives an opportunity to study one of the most fascinating eras in history. journalism prepares students for a career in journalism, or lor a career in advertising. lt eultivates a knowledge of good writing and broadens the lields of cultural knowledge. Caroyn N'-ance and Jerry Tobar? editors, check copy against the finished product, the Hi Gusher. The St.sher,tne oliicia organ of the school,is published by the iournalisrn deparirneni, eww? 'fb ,Mt 'X P4 1 .X li.-XlJllHSlllP is cultiuitecl in lil Doriiclo lligh School through iniiny inetliii. l-ei1clership in the iirezi of self-gov ernment is tichievetl hy training lor, and in. elective offices. 'lhere ure many posi' tions of honor only in high school, clenotf ing those who ligne contributed more to lfllfi than they halve taken away. These leaiclers Lire elective officers: they zirc aiu thorilctl hy stuclcnt vote. lhen, of course, there are the positions which entail :in .ictixe pairticipiition in school lilic, such ns the class officers. 'l hcse tire also honorecl, hut in it much more active wing ilhcy lime been given the trust of the school: this trust has ll potent effect on the ehur .ictcr traits. as it strengthens the one clesigk mitecl als leziclership. ,Xs we learn to leiicl iincl to elect our leiiclcrs, we are clevelopf ing one ol' the most xailuxihlc tools ol' citif fcnship, for :ini town is only its strong tis its leuclers. Yes, in inainy ways lil Do- raiclo lllgh School develops the traiit czillccl l.lf.'Xl7l1llSlllP. 66l6ll67f5 f ff?-A x MWLX 'If' .vw ff,-1: 3 Xmffjkyf bill? p f E W -.J -. " ,o"" 1"' 17 15 ,N , A 'S fx NX .1- 'L CVB- 'B-Q.: 'S 914. ,SNCJIOLARSIIIP Fl ALUT5- 1C5HfEVED ATIO AL STA DINCJ S xv 46' T' Q. -I V4 -4-rf' J W r Wu'luam Turmaqe Abbwe Terry m M W Der gm my s 11 s tm 1 m than sahool xxlun t 1 Ulu the N ll o 1 N III ununxstuu hx tha PCULIIIUIIII EILSI U IX l LL HI num wus mon L IXXU 110111 md QLIAIIIIUXL mltulxls Ixlx Ixm nd Inu Xnn X H lllllll ll ll n L 1 11111118 of uma 7 1 S HN Y of llv IHLIMIPIL Lllolu qucstlons dn xlmv uxth XLlbli xx as gngn lomllx Ill Novnmbu Cwwrgg Lmlxford oung md lm X nu umm hmmrlhln mantmn on tu Page 25 A1051 HHHQIIOIIYK Ilmuy SIX bow md gurls mug saluted In thy wrnpgtumt xxclltl mud still md D1 ILLIOI of tllg mlm Rahul lcmcrs Sch I mud! m mu 0 txu tx lun Q txxcntx bum md mls nun UOIHll1lILLl mx TOMMY De aww DON LEWIS JOE R055 Page 26 I V1 ,ju--' 'gi ' L- vu-in-ux,1 V l W i I 'H , 'V . 1 ' 1 VV I I. , . . A . ' ' X' 3 f'oo of Muclclillg in Dallas, Texas. Vlyhcy were 3 3 scl ' ' ' 'ro Ll U' J f 'Il '. Tl 2 X rv I . L K 'X ' 'Q' I' Lf -..., KH' Y Y M051 Beazulful . V , 1 - . thu L'IXl1I'C SCIIIUI' Cfluss lm' the ullcs ol most lvczultiflll and most IILIIICISOINC. In the words of Miss Clcurgiu Uuglmcs, stu- clcm CUIISLIIILIIH ut the -Iulm Powers School, thc IIl2lkil1g nl' ll sclcdimm was not nn cslsy task, Ihr wc were well rcprcscntud. F' LPN MANASCO Hx BFTSY MONTGOMERY FLOISE CARTE? Page 27 Q , fi? wqp'vff'?5.i ' fav , ws 5 F 3 X if ' " ' In , , 3 Q, . , 6 BARBARA BYRNE NELSON HUEY Runnem QD lqhug :rg rhn lourtccn othu umtutmts sdutul bx rhg Snmor Clmss wxlunll offund xunh Lum LOIUPLLILIOII to thy sux on rhg two PILLLLIIDL, PIALS IS to m ILL thy msk of select mg rhg SIX almost ITTIPOSSIIJIL fi VV! ,,,, ,- ul Q FRANCES GILMORE MIKE CARN ROSELINDA RUHLMAN DICKIE DICKSON CHARLES COUCH GEORGIA MCKINNEY BILL CAMPBELL 'fw- BERYL ANTHONY DIANE DOWLIN6 JAMES G-ASTON Paco 28 MIMI KERR Av- qw BETTY WARD xwx f x x V H x' u x-1 - , 1. , .L . , , , .. -xp, , . . , . .-L , L JUL ' 1 'xx ' H.. x 'I 1 V .,.,' , ,,,.,. ,,, , ., - .P , . . C. . ka 1 4 4 L- . . y N. I 1 . X L' x L- , -,. 0 Q. ELLEN MANASCO Basketball Sweetheart VVhen the sweetheart vxas announced a court wis est mbhshed to weeompanv her Ir xx IS eomposed of other nomlnees xxho xxere eonsldered for the cox eted honor The n xme of the sxxeethelrt xxls xxlthhelcl untll the eoron mon to helghten the suspense Page Bmfeelbafl .SWWEEIIQEJVI Ihr 1936 XX llrle xt hlslxethlll te un set nexx neeorcls ldeled to the glolx ot Ll Dorado llrgh Serool md mstltuteel 1 nexx trldlhon Xt the tmul home gune ot the se nson plaxed xxlth the Llttle Roelx Tlgers 1 hrlef ceremonv xx IS held xxxth the haslxeth 111 squad OfflL13K mg lhex announced Ellen lxlanaseo as the 1936 lm slsethall Sxxeethe 1rt When she xxas eroxxned hx Brllx Rax lXllll1ClI1 and Larrx the hlstorx of the sehool the honor xxas es tahhshed xs 1 perm ment tradmon Candadate reading down Weezle Carter Lnnda James Arn Dearth Judy Pinson and Ellen Manasco await the announcement ot the Basketball Sweet heart on the band hall steps When Ellen was chosen the othe gurls automatlcally became maids In e Basketball Court 35 di lv X v 79 5 , l , - .- 7. K '- ' r ' 'Q 1, ' ' 2 'A J ' ' ' ,- I ,,,. , ' ' f X . A7 2 . , , 1, . , .l 'l A ' ' X 1 X -' L ' ' . 1 I D 1 I 2 i V A' li ' Y f lv Y' l I l W ' I X -'71 . X 5 1 vis- s Y' - s 2 k- f ' -' . F li. fl- s , ' 1 s sl . s - , - , , , 1 ' V , , ' ' 2 , . , Kinurd as the first Baskethull Sweetheart in l 'L' I' l x' ' , 3 Y ' - ' F ag 1 ' 2 ' ' ' ' . H' W 53 . K . , . . Q S K V . Y ,' eff'-' . I - . , 4 A, Jijmiiv. - A ' r ' ' A ' ' th' ' ' . ff . Q2 . 1 ' . e ', , 4 ,Z , L 5 , H , , .1 s K- vss sz -ij 1' ' H 519' Q . 5' - ri 1' 1 3 'i- K 3' ,, . ,an ,xv ,VE ' . gum J' D Y , " K f .i!,m,A s xi xl 3 1 pl' J dq,-.4 If iff 7 , Q15 ' ,nip-, 51,4 , 1 I . 5. ,, tai-'M' is 'J' 51 X I nn isnt' ,k ,P C2-Q',,,A ' A " f Sanus , ' W A X, f il W mx3ii:::,n , 5 . , V flaw lf" . .M H-""" ' v 6 J Wlzof M 0 - UW Bef! Alilfibulef . In ,fndzbfzkfual Form 1 ' tv'-. 'n 'Q 'T' -1 ,H CML F l,.,. ff V Y- Sg:fm,,- U -.S1,.. 1' .awe S.. U ,K . ef ' ' 1 4 A-1, .S V K Mamas-zo. 'fufiif' irif 5Sea1'ed g3""'ed gfri, bggf pre, moe 1 Et,-K " L- V- 'G' ii, Je'Ce asm :+V l'::'.' 'E'L1:g9+9. 4' sf. :Q x, I Members of the hrst semester steerunq commrtfee are t fare olcrua Brooks Jo Clawson Wrl'ue Andreas rm: Sands Marge Rcmnfvee, rqhf abc Jwrnrny a Mrlfe Curvy Cha 0 Mrerhermu George Berne ara Adrm a d Pat Cvurard Stand nq 5 Joe Rom fteermg Commzilee Ihr, SCIIIUI' Llxxs IS hcadul bv the lll1ttCC made up of SCHIOI tmfllurk and A from nach enmr homeroom Meetmg on clav night ln tht month the commlttee ILIIXIIILS and I'llllCLS l'CLK7IHITlLDLlill0I19 steering umm represcnt 1t1x L the list luu 5ILldll.S SCIIIOI for Cll'l'XlHg them out The hnal declslon on all class IHltfLl'S xs made bw the glass howexer If the regular class meet mu held the FITQI Tuwdax IH the calendar month Second seme ter steermq comrmttee left table Pat G-:rard Mrke Came Jurrwmy Gaston Bully Jones Sara er tend ng s oe oss r a e Rosle Ru man Gore Broos Joe lacobs Larry Kmard Bo Kelarr and Charles Couch BN. K Page 32 fembr Ofjlmcr Milne Carrie., lreasurer Pal Gif, ard, secretary: Jimmy Gggfgnx vice presidenli Joe Ross, presi- dem. QC u '-usp - L 1 folvlaomwfe Ojjlkm James Franlclin, rreasurer: Mary Ann Wilkins, secrelaryt Roberfa Morilqcmery, presidersf' Wayne l-learin, vice oresidenl. an llllllllll!! ! rar Y' ' u- in .aa ni il ' ii' Q53 TE S?-5 A-msgs- mga :Q . -....'-:34g:.f 1-Yqx- , . fa. 5 M an is sz- up -,i-in is---,,.--. ' . Wy,-r :xg -::- ,-...:,EllSE:-Q xiR'Q-Y,-5: .. M-yigga N Q-."r c, '-Q-'--.iimrat f. -. :gmc Ei -YA - , - " -'::?C-v: -u "gg: 1-X , f'---.-4-7.7, X' ' . ,, , ...- .- --3. ! , -.iz-'-.. ... .,-..,. W 'M lg' la ll ll -552' we-4- ,gg S ',.'---N L1 ...... an H 'H nf... N U ip -"E ':- -FSH I N ,C Il 1 . v I 'A I - -ll' H il - I 'yi it -- E . .f:g1- 2 l - l -or-em i -- .-....-.. , , jff :gg ,i 'H rs - 2- .:.. . fi ,Ii , - 1--'- - ' ' Q L , . ml 'A' ..... as ...LIS- fumbff Offmff Jimmy Weedman, p r e sid e n fi Johnny Giller, lreasurert Barbara Hyde, second vice presldenft Sandra Moore, vice president Lou Arnold, secrelary. of-s If ERVICE AND CHARACTER are brought into practice in El Dorado High School in the extracurricular activi- ties, Wlhile is is indeed possible for a stu- dent to pass through high school working only on the required study subjects, few ac- tually do, because El Dorado High School has a highly developed area of service and social clubs. In these various clubs there are some which cater to the civic minded, such as the Kev Club. Some cater to the career or specialized-rninded, such as the Future Homemakers, the Engi- neers, and the Future Teachers. Some are not specifically clubs, but rather or- ganizations designed to confer honors, such as the National Honor Society and the Thespians. No matter what the in- terest of each student, it is simple for ev- eryone to find at least one club of his choice. These organizations have a great influence on the development of SERV- ICE AND CHARACTER. Chair 5 if , as. Q I .' if 5 Jf..gmaqf nu Q f-A-3 gg FZJL jpg ., 1 pf. 7. i I 1 -- , r 5-1.1 I Q ,,,,, ' ,,', 'lin . . ' . I 7 0 J w ' " Y I . F I 5 , ' is , A ' U Y 4 I ,I 5 5. 1 t ' , .Q Q I' . ' . 2 95' v , I H . -g, ' ' YA o . 1, W A ' l 5 , - - 1 4' . My sy H4 ga- xfhq., Em' ' x ' X A K E45 tg X. 67 Page 35 s.g'+ .av an mi 1.1 lan Stacient Coemi otiieers Abbie lorry, vice- resident, Geor e Barrel, resident, Js Cawsrrx, 'feascre' ann 1 F3 Q p Mimi Keer. so-Cretary work 'r' tne Recreation Room w soonsors, flurlenf Council The Student Council is the organization which serves as a forum for the free expression of student opinion, as ll channel of cooperation between the stu' dents and the faculty and as the unifying influence of school spirit and school organizations. lts members iss Marian Cer and Mr. Leroy Pennirqtor' ipnci either are elected hy the Student Association, which is composed of all regularly enrolled students of the school, or serve on the Council hecause of the offices which they hold. Under the guidance of ii faculty sponsor, the Ciouncil holds regular meetings for dis' cussion and for carrying out projects which concern the welfare of the whole school. It is an honor and a responsibility to he chosen zi memher of the Stu' dent Council. Council members pose on the stairs: Jim Towler, Edwin Alderson, Mr. Pennington, Miss Cox, George Barnes, Joe Ross, John Henry Moore, Mimi Kerr, Fmon Mahony. Roberta Montgomery, Lou Arnold, James Franklin, Julia Beth Scott, Sarah Shiiqart, Georgia McKinney, Mary Lee Carr, Jo Clawson, Daisy Newsom, Janice Elia, Linda Dees, Jimmy Weedman, Fstelle Floyd, Zoe Ann Witt, Abbie Terry, Mary Gaston, Barbara Hyde, Johnny Floyd, Fllen Manasro, Jiidy Rottie, Beryl Anthony, Nelson l-liiey, Charles Couch, and Sandra Moore. Page 1 1? ni. e , .hi s ,,.., Council workers jinnny Vlleednian and David Newsom make a sale to tiarl Grililiin. ililie candy store and coke machine are placed in the recrca tion room as a service to the student hody, The store is financed hy the Student Association and is operated during the three lunch shitts by mein bers of the student hody. Regular prices are maintained in the store and profit goes to the Student Council. NG At the left student council representatives check in the days totals for the magazine drive. The drive is the largest student council money making project of the year. Profits from the drive were added to the ramp fund started three years ago. the proposed rainp will connect the main lnuilding with the -lun- ior College. Reid Charles was the high salesman, selling over S200 in suhscriptions. Ile chose luggage for his prize as high salesman. Zoe VVitt and Nlelisf sa illiller tied for second place and chose radios as their awards, ilihe total amount talien in was S2-193. After expenses ot' 531692. the total proliits were S603 ,uf N 'Tr 5.1- High salesmen in the annual Student Council sponsored magazine drive who sold S40 and over in subscriptions were awarded a trip to Shreveport tor the production ot "Tea House ot the August Moon." 'Engl Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllli l l it sq . ,1 .N r ' , We -1-1 If '-L l l lll lllllllllllllll Jim Yates flettl, confers -w'+ Le, Ant- Yxnc Adore, W" 'sf' Gefzrqe Lanldfrd R' tiaro Maxff O i 'FVUG-"Cl ana Annie 7f"ri,' mint 'ne pro Drift-, -? .-frnhri .1 -,cnn'ari,l'r 'r me fmffr-Nide NHS 'orrpe'it3cr. Nafzbnrll Honor 50622297 Erich year five percent of the junior clriss and ten percent ol the senior class are elected hy the lliculty to memhership in the National Honor Society. lo be eligible for membership. ai student must he in t hc studcnt's entire senior high school record is considered in the election ol nienihers to the society. lhis mein' hership in the National llonor Societx' is one of the highest honors that can he 'won hy student in El upper third of his class selioltisticully. and inust he Dorado High School. llonornry in its selection ol. mem' outstanding in character. lezidersliip. und service. Ilie hers, the group is also at service orgnnifzition. The Na":nal l-'oncr Societw ifzr the sfgroo year ci '55-'56 v,as4:ornPQsf3d cle- l'i04'f'd Gil 'fi Vlflllli JH CHNSOR Arn Donrellv, Judy Rottie, Asdref Wfgzn, Mimi Kerr, Pa? Morrison d'YCl ACW9 TCVW- Secffd 'OM l-UCP' Yomq' pa- Qimfdi Fry-ces Gilmore, Qecrqa McKinney, Elem Merascs, Gordene Chandler., Nancy Frarz Sue Swi ey. Sara Adfox, M'lie Tfwcrnton and Gloria Brooks, Back row: Tsrnmw Hfqcfen, RlCiW5l'd Mdlvlleldi 69009 BCVUQ3 Joe RC55' Bin Jmrcw Sf-f'1fQ9 Lfinkitrcl. Diflrifz Dww r, BCH' Adllvy' Mll-" Cflmgxf ard JW' Yaleh- Ncl D"ll'l'fd V At me Smith, qv 1-1:1 o Q 9' ,. ss. f"""" . ts'- 'i Y .4-1. ,, eq x 1 Y i, 5 ' c iv 1 R if ' E---xx Ya ' , X . i XX George Lanktoro and Nelson Hoey buy school soppfiee from Beryl Antnony at the NHS store. Operated by society members 'ne store provides funds tor NHS activities, i Tommy Hooten, president ot the NHS' Audrey l 1 U i Wilson, treasurer: Lucy Ann Young, secretary, and Members ot the National llonor Soclety Par Morrison, vice oresiderft, were active this year in all phases of school life. They sponsored the semester honor roll pro- gram, entered a float in the homecoming pa- rade, served on hall duty to assist the teachers, gave a hanquct for new members, attended the state convention in Texarkana and acted as guides and hostesses for various school functions. .. V5 B 1 -1? so xi Miss Aaorey Crook, Mrs, Marie Gillis, and Miss Ethel Rogers are the sponsors tor the NHS. They guide the ac- tivities ot the organization, one ot the most important in high school. --. ii -'25 f 'v 'TL ,mffl rl ,TQ N ea' XrQ0"' i Key Club The Key Club, sponsored by The Kiwanis Club, meets weekly on Monday evenings from 7 to 8 olclocli. Qbjectives of the club are to develop desirable qualities of leader- ship and citizenship among the members and to promote service to the school and community. To be eligible for membership, students must rank in the top third of their class and must be voted into the club by active members in good standing. Dickie Dickson, President: Charles Couch, vice presi- denfg Richard Hoover, secrelaryi Mike Carney, treasf Uref. Richard Hoover, Corky McConnell, and Jimmy Moody work on Christmas tree stands at Memorial Stadium. Mernoer. rg' We Key Cl.ib are lkneeinql: Larry Kinard. Dic Mike Barnes, Garry Taylor' second row: Richard Hoover, La Mill Carnpbel, Jim Moody Bob Price, Char Mike Carney, Tom McRae, Jirnrny Weedman, ' lim- Yi ,.s. f ---A l 7 i i- ,Et VW. , if .44 rx bg ffl: 1 i rx Mr. Leroy penninqlon, Key Cm advser, drrecls Brl Donald, Jimmy Moody, John Henry Mears, and Jirnrnl, Weedman as lhey put the iinishino 'caches an th hook slnelves in lnis. office. kc Lanklrd. Beryl Anllwny, Bill Nolan, Errnon Mahoriy. ren Pesne, Mike Sinnoll, Bill Donald, Corky McConncl rf'v.',:JC1hn Giiler. Vvfayne Hearin, Sharron Ta-,lor Joe Rev. los Couch, Tlwirzx Dave Meacham, Jihn Henry Moore, Dickie Dickson, K. Iii,-3 M., 4. .ll F r f 'K Vx V r TA C Housg K , , M843 f ' - ER LY . Z FX YA sj3.,,7 ,M 1 Lwl.Q:....4+ A A ..f2iQ: The Junior TAC House board, which helps qovern fhe TAC House acfivifies, is piclured here, The members are lreading from lell To righrl sfanding: Johnny Gaslon, Caudis Hicks, Sherry Perkins, Roberf Harch, Jo Ellen Daly, Jimmy Moody, Mimi Kerr. Sealed are Keilha Andrews, Sandra Jenninqs, Mary Ann Wilkins. Mary Lee Carr. 1 Mrs. W, B. Wallrins and Mrs. R. D. Bearden, as TAC House direcrors, have charge of 'rhe Youfh Cenfer and assisr in planning and sponsoring all TAC House ac- rivifies. Q In the spacioas room ai TAC House, everyihrng from ping pong ro TV is ogered. Here Wallace Porler and Libby Bursside malre good use ol The dance floor. TAC House welcomed iriends and pafrons +o ifs llfr birrhday parly celebrared December I. wilh an open house. Members of fhe Junior and Senior Boards served as hos+s 'ro welcome hundreds of visifors. ,- ,, n f X -' " N ,.. av- W' l -c, Mele members ol A Caopell Choir from left to right are, top row: Bill Patterson, Courtney Craiqhead, Willie And ress, Joe Dempsey, Bill Trimble, Billy Risiriqer. Second row: Don Nutt, Adair Ellen, Jerry Tolbert, Robert Van l-look Whit Jellrs. Bottom row: Billy Jones, Jimmy Garner, David McCrary, Chet Stirinett, Proctor l-lill. Many hours of practice and preparation went into the programs presented in 1955-1956 by the A Cappella Choir. The ycar's activities started with a KRBB tele- . vision program, and continued with a Christmas program: the annual spring concertg "Spring For Sure," a musical :omcdyg the Easter sunrise serviceg and, of course, music For the senior baccalaureate and commencement exercises. lhe boys quartet, standing from left to riqht: Willie Andressdenor' Bi- pfetterezr' Daritcrwe' Adair Eler, segzwci tenor' and Bill Trimb'c bass Artirmg as accompewists for the clifr are' seated Zoe Witt' ard s'ardin Aobie le rf ard ., . H i , oi . , , , i i q. fy Carolyn Vance. 1 cr-I Cf Q4 -. 4 A-1 Page 42 fi Ciirnpffwit, wi- 'fmmg gnflion ci' ire gli: ii iiqm lelr rfz right are, Mai, ify-.': Rosie Rhhlrnan Carolyr Vance, Safer Baker, Ahhio Terry, Coiadne Friyd lya Stinson, Andrey Wllsori, Lify Yotmq Jafkie Ponder. Second row: Orna Sue Hanry, Merry Lushev, L37 Smherin lvlafqle Rffnnlreo, Wanda Silirnan, Pai Mfgrrisgr, Paisy WiI'a'n:. Third row: Le. Arnold, fe Wifi, VVeezie Carier, Sard'a Jerninqs, hlel ie L'-.. Sade, Ani Dear'r Shelby News Margie Ann Browf, Sarah Ruiel, Bcurfn ren: Anita Ksrdef' Jane Darharri Pen Manasfz, Frames Glrnore, Virqirla Spooner G-erda Little Nancy href? lrrlfi Odell, Pali, lhornpfvn. While the choir another group not to Chorus. This group to train their voices preparation for choir year. gathered laurels, there was he ignored - the Beginning met sixth period each day and study music theory in tryouts at the end of thc Mr. Henry Clay Hornsby Direcior of Choral Music V are from left to right, lop rop: Barry Southall, Salley Russ, Jerry Henry: second row: Fanchon Chambers, Marilyn Bailey, Sara S+. John, Cynthia Sroolmey. Bottom row: Lois Heffingfon, Melha Silliman, Jeanette Car- Beqinning Chorus members fiey, Beth VVilliamc, fx ',l5 og: ,. 4 C7 4 3 ti' Page 43 The Wildcat Band, whose member. are pictured here, had arifrei' tin- wi-anon. Rf-adiriq iriim lell to riqiit iirst row: Peggy Wright, Sylvia Nesbitt James Franklin, Sharen Xtllfnsmi B' ly Jfneg Jenn Rfeer Hreicett. James Rashnq, Berl- Palrner, Jeanne Haley. Judy Blanz, Sammy Weeds, Me 'isa Mi ef, Wiar, Lee Carr Bfirhfara Sinnmons, Linda Snailrelferd Mary Ellen Barton, Sue Swflley, Second row: l-larod Rowan, Rdrvrie flarflffiiile, f'nt'A-,f Stdnifafdi J" ROWO Marv AW Will-mins, Anne Corsori, Josephine Rascoe, Richard Mayfield, Linda l-lah, Rcnert l-latch, Barbara Hyde, Tommy l'lOQiOrt Kay Kinard, Linda Spicer, Jackie Qrrel, Blenda Kelly, Sririey MCCQ, Bille Lee i-lammend, Jerry Park, Third rUW.l5"0"' fowl: Jar: Gunnels. Gene Green, Beisy Mcintqemery, Annetie il-arman, Nanci, Fr: dmar, Claudia Cremweli. Foartr- row Jri Arm Slayter, Mariyrf Holloway, Buddy la'i.m, Rehert Hoioer, ASI ey Carr, Jim Krfqht, Carlton Chambers. -lam!! The lM'ldmlBa1m1' During l955-56 the Wlildcat Band was always ready to do its share in service in the community. Always on call and always ready to play, it was recog- nized and appreciated hy all. Foothall season, with its pep rallies, parades, and half-time shows found the hand in a constant rush to he everywhere and play everything at the right time. From the first few sweltcring drill sessions in Septem- her to the final, frigid, though triumphant, homecom- ing game when valves and feet froze, the hand was always there. ready to play, adding its hit of hrilliant color to all the excitement. Then came concert season, district clinic, festivals, and All-State Band. All-State lland is the mecca of all high school hand memhers, and the KVildcat lland did herself proud this year hy sending I0 niemhers to :lie meet, which was held in Conway in March. liiye of those I0 made the All-State lfirst Band - the most in a numher of j'L'1ll'K. 'lihe traditional mid-winter and spring concerts were held Fehruary 10 and April 5, respectively. Again the hand showed her worth hy drawing Capacity crowds to hoth events to hear such numhers as "Overture 1812" and the overture to the opera 'ihlarthaf' The hand participated in hoth disv trict and state festivals, which came at the height ol' concert season, and drew "superior" ratings in all fields entered. IEE! Puqe 44 f5..,,, V m my rw' Fifi Rlicy, M7.r-r' Hirku, Bmwm-, Vf""0"k u,,.' V- W ri, Je" Ca" 'N J "M WU- - M Pmlflr ffm- ' SHN? fffwi' 1 Jfwf- WL1"1 Du. :1 'V vin" Kuff' J Ewf 'M' Bw" H 1 C 'r-f P rw" HM.-.f W 'if , VV 'ww 'AA 'JY' ld, fZ'QJ'Q'x Bdvvrwy J WIA, Cfeuull '1 ' N V Y vd, Irv? wr' pwfurffl S:Cf'w0,' pf' HW. PHI' f' Kw, Bxfsfdmafw, frmTIr'piff..rr:1 -Gcvxc Qdzfgvfw-,1, Dfvwfw Terra? Rcrmid Bcflfzfc, Tommy Garreff, Marr?-fs Bamhfe' Be.efk,' AN' Pau' Bbbbfo 5.0 Bffmd Hoon Lhef Nm , M1-' 'x Cxaudff Jofklfu Tummy Bdllzlf Down' Fun, Vmm, M nav M vr, R rw, P rl Bm,:ev', V4.1 EL - " Ldvfv' VV 'w 4 fl Ljr-f,rf:0 Darkfgv, Thnmfi' Hfwwmfh CQf:"ff'- M'rv'?-r-'vm' B-1 F" 'W Jrvr, Mmm CVHW2' Lf'E'!"' Duff M 'ff " hmm Brfzfxlrw, BHP: Fire, Jaw'-fri M: fv Mkf- S'fz"1A": 1' "JM fir' ' r":5": R rlwfd V YD" rife -- i"k3 12, Aww J 1 f s BP, Wd'd PG-'-'cifii Bal:-1' W.aX.'f1 Eff? Mm, Mariarw' ' PV .fmmg Vvw' l ' vi: B Dfra fi, frwf fr piffdrei--HBTB S rf'ver Tfvefl, bcnigrs were fawfafded band fafkefb if Dexzfvber A H t 4 'free ,ew 0' e:w3fQ. Tre, me 'VFP' fn-. M, . V3 M me W Q'-df B,--G kfwgmq, xy? M fuqbfz Barney Jwvez, Candis HMM, Rilward Mmfled, .lame-7 M r Mkwxf, DVDDfT'Y'T',' mflvifzfxf' EV'V'Hf' Smwfh, azixsfinf ',,,,,,.' pw 45,2 gdwfyd Bake, Jaw Gggfgnx T,,r,,.y MPG Vw-""'7f"' Tfwwmv -HM'-'PF 4U'4m mmm? MVN James Ruzlwfvq, Bari rw: Jrivw Pfqof H ,CJR Pom, branan- James Frafkm wmarmrw. Scaiedz Clwanct W,j,:,Wf! Maw LDC Com KAW K5,Xa,dI BQMAY MQWQVW 'IVWIV lfP'?":dP"" Mi'-' l"f' CWM- 'C '0f"'Y' Cami" Clwrea Micnheirncr, Boi?-, Wkard, D0-.-me wma 5.0 rcrx DVO3 dufwf. 9, Gefv Green, Romair! Bellfrw. Fi' ! V A x I I, i rl u ' gy XL' , 4 , ,4 ff! Y x Q. i r 1" , U 111 HIUHN TL X C Ll 5 C X I I I1 IIIUIII UIOL 91 LION LLITS CLXLO5 LIQLTNHU LIT 111111 1x1 31 111 KI Rl1ml111xl1111 111 l11 l1 s1l1111l 1lul1s IH Xlllllll tlrx 11111 111 most 1 1s1s tl11 111r11ll111111ts .1r1 11111 llmltccl A tl11 l3LQlDI1lI14 111 s1l11111l 1l11l1 l1t 1r1 1111111 1111 ol st111l111ts mt111st11l 111 tl11 11111 ol 11111lx Ililf tl11 1lul1 11ff1rs 11111lC s111111 111 ll!! 11111111 111 lu1 1111111 IL 1 11111 1111 s111 111t11s s 1l111l11 1 ss11111111 1 1 1 ll 1 1 t1 IL 111 1111111s 1 1t111vs 1 1 1 1 1 QS 1 111111111 11l 17 11l1 11111111 1rx 11r11111 C771 Cf I 'Uelzic O I' O1 CO N Sa C15 was Be far' fx 051 U SHADE rr V' F1 Cynfb a S rea J BV rv 1 ec 0 y Carole Dowcle Be 'y B rms I-lc CP D1 1 wr 1. 1 cnnmqs Lmda V rrwn Rwlw fd Payw Arco 1 P1 or or lrr CL 9 Cwnafrwam All The lwomemalcers wouldrf ff 1F'lO p O il P T O V ry 1Ne1l Shankle Sara Peppers C mean R1 re1 fv a evem Mari a Dflmosc, 1 le row Mary LOIS Harqefl Amene P11 1p Gema Cra F1 Car 1 Hudg 11 41 Ta r S c my B1 1 r nell ary '1 a is 1 l71G War M ram B LaWanda Slvqa 1 red Gmoer Palsy Marlm S ra S John Frowf ron fer Mae 'vfmef 1l 9 MN1 rown Jud e ward Do Pres Pea e owafc- a a A waf Wards B e awd Mr P5 M rpr PC1010 46 ! b ,11ll.'L ' 5 Rl 1 local, Illillli' ul' tl11'111 11111 11l'l'il1 '- 1lIL'l 1'i1l1 51111 a1111l 1 ' al N' 1115. Ili,gI S11 I-11:1---l1l-gl-y1'1,1 1111 1,9 1'1's11111 fl 'l' , 1111-A 111111111't1111ity for 11111 ' g 1 ' 5 Q ' - ti1'i11 ' ' 1'1 '1 ' , r1'1"1t' ul 1 l Q 'i1l 1 1' L J 'LJ ' 1' ' J ' 1 uct' " 111111 z11l1l 111 qlxills 111111 L11 tl11 . I 'V 1 ,1 , ' S S 1'l11J." . lin 'l 'I l l111s 1 11 'l 5111 1111l 1 Y ' 1 1 J ' Q " ' ' 1' ' 1111" 4 1,1 11111 11 1111l11c1 xl l11' L'lLll7 11lli1'1'1's al 1111, ' " 1 1 ' 1 ' ' J 1 - 1l11- lin 1. xl Q ' " 1 ' '1 ' 1 1' 11 lur1 "1 -' LS 11 5. 1, ' 4 ' , - K , - 1 , 1 W V6 El. 1 ,, .. . 1 , 1 f' - " ' S -3 ' fi 1 1 If . 1 1, 1 .i -I . 5 1 P11119 Hom '1l1 1, 13. A1 r" 110 Ba R rw-u Q1 111 11111911 Rawa BQ' M111 C11 lym Bro er, LW111 De 1 L111' Du . , ' 'da C :wil J.. A P 1, , Tlird rzrwz Be", VC Mc Is? , Cd'Cl Av Ha ', 1 E img s, L3 .' Sfvflcen, ' S 'fi C1,'fL"a S cclcy. S And ffff: Q5 B 1 D f , tw 1. , 1 '13, Eve 0 Fcyo, Ma""1e 01 , ive", FHA uw: Dfr P1-VJ A 1 ' rg V, , , ,f , . lf "5 S , X'11"T Y., . 1 :l 1 ,, l1 ' ' 5 1:1'ur,,a1:1 cc1'1me , Back ffl.: Befs, Sivssrw, af ol 1: ' 1,15 1 ' , 1 , al 151 11,1111 Hay. 111:11 S' 1 , 1 -, M155 3 ' 1 ' 'Eli' 5 f 1,, 3114 ' 'Q , K 1, bo, 11 Ma- flwe , 'll'e Jo Taylo, Vo C ', L1. d Ba , V'fq'.' cl Fi yars, 1 , ll Mld ' 1 , ' , 13 1, K. V1 2 SFTHQV K'z S1 . 11 LUN B , 1 K' , '1 SH4,", C r H , ,l Pd C fl, HC d. 'J ,-- :- A X L' z - - Future Tffueieuueu v , ' 2' W' ap. The Future Tradesrnen of Ar- 1: is U V M k K W w -W g .M H Vif. - ansas Club is composed of stu- . . . , E' , 4 ' dents in co-operative training. It f 1 , A ' y 'F ' has as its aims and purposes the X71 F vga ' 4 Q ,,,, ,, - following: g A ' v ll lo create an understanding X I x. , o pro uc ion an istri ution. 4 , X4 -R v ,M f ti t d .1 is X . To provide opportunity for ac- , 'K tive particitics. To bring em- , 2. , 'U ployers and employees together " in a relationship mutually bene- w, 'HL . , . t A A ficial. To increase knowledge 4 Y- Teeur The Y-Teens are sponsored by the YVVCA. Girls in the seventh grade through high school may become a member of a Y-Teen club. The objec- tives are providing free whole- some recreation, creating new ina terests and skills, stressing posi- tive attitude toward health of body and mind, learning how to get along with others, and help- ing youth to see that learning from religion can be a guide to daily living. tx , . . tr E 4,1- A K, i' I fff 6 X 1 ' 1 ,f is 'sf' K wr M. f of business, industrial and civic organization. The local chapter is affiliated with the state and national chap- ters, and may send delegates to each. . K 1: ,V ' " 'Ma J ..f I rm . A s x i Q Y -rc ,X s -f get V i Future Teueberf The Future Teachers' aim is to promote interest of students in becoming teachers. The only qualification of Fu- ture Teachers is that a student have a genuine interest in learn- ing about the teaching profes- sion and an interest in gaining experience. -2 N 51 Cf. -I3 1 ,f4..4f Library Club Executives: Proctor Hill, oresiclenfj first viceoresidenl, Lcoe Be e Mt.rpi'y' second vfcf: presicenl, See Swilleyy Pam Norris, secretary: and Laarne Snodgrass, treasurer, account for tlne cities collected for aiii'ia+ion willi lb Arkansas Student Library Association, Lzlvmfy - Mqfu! 0706177 In DKVKZOIDWZU Cbzzmcferf cb O Vice President Lucie Murphy engages in discussion with Library Club members Lynn Gold- tliwaile, Pam Norris, Norma Billingsley, James Thomas, Melissa Miller, Keiflwa Andrews, Sue Swilley, Lucy Young, Sara Russell, William Flournoy, Courtney Craigliead, Wallace Porter, Luanne Snodgrass, Patty Pace, Pat Morrison, Lorraine Warren, Raymond Yarbrough, Jolnn Warren, and Parton Bell, Missing from the picture are Jerry Tolberi, Roberta Montgomery, Proctor Hill, Zoe Wilt, Je Clawson, Mary Gaston, Nellie Slade, Jim Andrews, Bobby Cronin, Janice Elia, Mary Alyce glelrni, Orna Sue l-lanry, Bill McCarty, Bill Patterson, Chet Stinnetl Iva Stinson, and Jackie rre . -. f- i' f ,1 'sf 54 - , qi ' x 5? t ' x Composed of library work- ers, the club is divirlecl into committees. The PTA Open house, Christmas party, anal spring picnic can be listecl unclcr the activities ol' the so- cial committee. Pulxlicity committee ruspon sibilitics inclucle special lioli- clay zlecorations, regularly changed displays and news stories in tlie city and school papers. Linder the direction of thc service committees, the book- lisrs for summer reading were compiled ancl distrilvutecl, the Arkansas Student Librarian Association membership clrive was conducted, 21 float enter- ed in the homecoming parade, and a unique assembly pro- gram was presented. Service is the spirit of the library. From check- ing out hooks and magazines to returning books to their shelves and replacing returned magzwines properly, services of the student assistants vary hut cluties are shared equally. These services to teachers .incl fellow stuclents have values fur those who execute tliem. They. through experience, acquire excellent work hah its. They learn to lie tactful. The spirit of help fulness heconies a personal Characteristic. There is satisfaction ancl a certain prestige in this spec ialifetl service to the st-twirl, Ser-. Lf, r few ' prev, 1 ' erd at 3:30. At that 'lnnfx A"P"r4' Y V1 flgnf' l :'l' l'CfQfVC 'imc ' Ve I' f- .ein i ' 'irn' 'C C'W6'L ' .' iii, 'ri i'Vl 1 is x. Y 5 r , tl i ' lsr f X .t QA " ki X W K -QQ X t fx The service of magazines tor reterenees and definite reading assignments is rriacle possible only by student heip. Bil Patterson serves a reader, He also does some housekeeping in the library the sixth period. I-v-muy 2'- fix I V- f 5.1291 A 'fff ,g-,neu -Y n Stas: Dunn ,.v. .r r ,-.4 A 3 ,-. ,ix 1 I ,,. ,. w kv.. - r ,, 4. f 1, , , ' x V 1 '- 1 - 'J . I ' , 1 X 1 y 1 . V K 11 1. v 1 ' A 1 . ' av- ' f ., . ' . ' A 1 I, fx I 1 In , V I Sv 'W rl 'if ' 1 "f' L Hl'l":S'2..E'5ZfK'5 Y l 5 .Im U I 1 1 J X , , x , V x ,-, J. , , , .. -, .U I. ,vq .1 ' if A V l v i . ' ll' - , v. .'1 . . V 1 - ,Q Q' K u . ,K 1, I 'V .,, , I X, , F-'Q ...L, wtf iv J. , u- .'x'f, - f.-,f v.--"',.,.,.--v.,,a.v',..' I! "Ev U-1'Y f "'7 ' ."'-" 5" 'un J 115 ' u'.Q"1'."." ' 'Y I J.".'.1 "'. f-K' '- -" .Q , " f, C t In 3 1 3 A. Q f-H, . -. , ,. y.. . ar 4 Sara Adcox Lou Arnold' Marllma Bannisfer George Barnes Ronald Bellezlo Jerry Boyce Nlla Bramlelr Gloria Brooks Bobby Sue Beard Norma Billingsley Clark Buclwner Jary Bullock Llbby Burnslde Bill Campbell Joe Carroll Judy Carson MEMBER Weezie Carfer Sandra Cafes Gordene Clnandler Reid Charles Mollie Crook Kaydell Currie Florence Davis Ann Dearflr Dlane Dowling Ann Donnelly Treasurer Jane Durham Nancy Franz Mary Gasron Vlce-presldent Frances Gilmore Secrelary :arl Grlflen Connie Gallwriqlwr Jay Guillen :audls l-llclrs President Barbara l-lyde Q'l. A sf. . SX ll' ,Q 'tl ,W Af N 1 A 5 Q fr 'R 4 if I ' 141,216 ' ' u. . Y 738495-'j X s. -fri ff'-Cl-.'L.a.' Sroclor Hlll Sandra Jennlnqs iay Kinard Vllml Kerr If if l W x ' J lg' q 4 l x Q If g ff. ' A 1 5 ll1eSpla sprr' Ms Ben gene 'Tllll lwas rwo Pot: 0 lv?'dren and llowers. ERSHIP ferry Keefer Seorge Lankford Zefsy Montgomery Seorqia McKinney Sandra Moore Sara Miiier gaf Morrison 'Aeiissa Miiier eucie Beiie Murphy 3iily Jack Mcfiilofhiin Vaniie Morgan James Miiier 'am Norris Syivia Nesbir iackie Orreli fudy Pinson viargaref Phi 'ips lady Rorife Vicelpresideni viona Reed Josephine Rowe Roseiinda Ruiiirnai Sandra Rogers Joe Ross JOi'inny Qiiier Ne' ie Lou Siade Cner Srinneir Eiizabe+I'i Sufherlin Linda Shackleford Wanda Silliman Siierron Tayior Devona Terral Mii'ie ihornfon Jerry Toiberf Abbie Terry lim Towier Bifi Trirnbiv Carolyn Vance Vife-president Audrey Wi'son Lorraine Warren ZOE Ann Wifi Lev Ann Yoorq Jim Yaies Maris' 7wai"iQn ,553 lsr' .pg Na ,.'7 .Vw N 1 may Franz and Sara Rrsse make a rrfddie age aerfbmarf of erm Keee for 'ine oerfrrmence oi "Sfaqe Deer." ' l I ll l l 2 -, S355 ' A .,1' h , ,Q . ,HV- ' f y if l F s M ' we ' ' eg ' ' , 1 ' I V i l 9 V .T , 1 f . , , xy' - "' ' 4 in 9 y 3. fl' l ll ll ll ll . my -: 1 is Q x One of llie Service Clos mosl imporfanl' proiecls is llwe sellinq of score cards ar +ne Foofoal game. ine qroop also aids llwe sonoo and lne SEVVZB6 Clubf slodenl coanoi: in ofner scllool acliyilies. Members are: flronl row, leir +o riqr'l Jody Rolre, Barbara Byrne Rosie Rolwlman, Georgia McKinney Jody Carson, lva Sllnson, Frarces Girnore, Mona Reed, Conrie Gain rlqlwf Nellie Slade, Nancy Franz Sara Adcox' flop rowl Talfie Morqar M'm' Kerr, Caro yn Vance, Abbie Terry, Margie Ann Brown, Jody Pinson Marqare' Pnilips, Ann Dorvnely Sandra Moore Zoe Wilr, Keirna Pri drews, Jane Darlnam, Pal' Morrison, and Mary Gaslon, 1 57 , - 3 v. MRS. BETTY lLES A Pep Club Sponsor The pep club was orqanized iusl lllis year, under lne guidance oi Mrs. Berry lsles, pliysical edocalion leacberf Tl-ie group led yells al baskelball games, ard adopled as llweir lemporary Uniiorm while blouses. dark skirls and wlriire gloves. Members ol llwe club pose on llle lronl sleps of flue liiqr sclwool biflding, Firsl' row, lelr lo riqlslz Norma Blllinqsly. Gloria Brooks. Jo Rowe, Judy Jollnson, Turs Savory, Mary Gaslon, Judy Pinson Second row: Lorraine Warren, Libby Burnside, Mary Alice l-lelms, Denise Jolwnson, Linda McCune, Connie Galllriqlwl, Ann Donnelly, Pam Norris. Third row: Janice Elia, Linda Bailey, Micky Lamberf, Mildred Ginger. Donna Kay Kinard, Adrene Payne and Glenda Roberson. Fourlln rowi Lynda James. Marie Zwalrilen, Diane Smarl, Melba Silliman, Georqe Ann Greenlee, Sliirley Yvzer, Jackie Rayburn, Susan Gordon, Sara Carllon, Nancy Mcl-lan, FE li row: Carlene Rilcllie, Barbara Prarl, Daisy Newsom. Blenda Kelly, Jim arson, Slwaron Alexander. Sixlki row: Kay Park, Lucie Belle Murphy, N... f Goldllmwaile, Lynn Goldllriwaile. Sevenllw row: Bar bara Byrne, Weezie Carler, Marilyn Bailey. Delane Hicks, Barbara Sim' mons, Sara Sl. John, Marllna Bannisler, Talwlie Morgan, Belly Williams. Marqarer Phillips, Carolyn Vance, Ellen Manasco, Anne Dearlh. -Q Q M 1, f -dis f .X " 562-.4 ,H f',,?M,,fxf2 J' 5'F5,,,,rf . fW'f,""'di 45' V' gl, A' V-G! ,f ai 1 is 4 - as ,, E ' """ -ns. ' ii ft .... Y'---nf :AW -4' X ,,"" s- , -,ef xl f L 9' i ll W 1 . 4 y 'Q-,, H 5: 1 iv I l 55, 2 ' ,. n ey fl '28 f .aff , , , :--WZ,-.- Digkio Diikson, presidenl: Mike Barnes, vice presidenl: Jimmy Moody, secrclary: Cliarles Misenlweimer, lreasurer' Ja R' li d , 'r- l- . mes ic ar son serqean a arms John Vvarren' James Miner' and Eddie Addr demon slrale an eleclric arc as parf of llwe Engineers Club ac- livililes. Warren assembled flie apparalus lor llie experi mem. Encgmeerr Cfub - Loafer T0 The Fuiwe Club members are, Front row llell lo riqhll: Loren Hill, Jolwnny Warren, Billy .Taylors John l-loneycull, Kennellw News om, Bill Nolan, Dickie Lanqlord, Bobby Cronin, James Miller, Biclward Mayfield, Bill McCar+y, Larry BrOOl4S. Bark row' Miss Marian Cox Mike Barnes Billy Edwards, Dallas Campbell, Charles Misenlneimer, John Taylor, Anllwony Kassos, William Turnaqe, Tommy l-loolen,lDickie Dickson, James Richardson, Edwin Park, Joe Jacobs, Dave Meacham. Tommy Garrefl, Jimmy Moody, Roberl Vanl'look, and Grady McMall'w. . I ' 1 ll' .l, "' "Qf4'l"f Page 49 l'l 4 t is This garden party scene is composed of the I955 homecoming royaiiy, Seated on the lawn, lezt to right are sophomore maid Judy Hill: iunior maids Lou Arnold and Judy Pinson, and sophomore maid Linda James. Second row seated are: senior maid Ellen Manasco, Queen Diane Dow'ing, and senior maid Weezie Carter. Standing in the baclc row are the maids's escorts: Sophomore Butch Rushing, junior Bill Moody, and soohomore Bobby Wilson. H0me60mz'nCg Preparations for 1955 homecoming start- ed with the selection of senior Diane Dowl- ing as the homecoming queen. Diane was elected by the NVildcat lettermen. Then at- tendants were to be chosen by the classes, two girls and two boys from each, floats to be built, a parade to be planned, and alum- ni to be welcomed. As the preparations rolled into the final week before the game, activi- ty mounted to a high-frequency pitch and nerves were frayed, but homecoming l955, a huge success, climaxed with the queen's coronation at Memorial Stadium preceding a victory for the Cats over the Texarkana Razorbacks, 33-Og and the royal ball at Tac House after the game. Nolan, seniors Charles Couch and Don Lewis iunior Jimmy Mrs. J, W. Rogers and Melrose Hayes pin ribbons, which served as complimentary passes to the game, on alumni at the Hotel Rufus Garrett. QM' I - Page 50 ai Queen Diane kneels to be crown ed by the l954 Homecoming Queen, Carleen Harris, In the haclcqround are members of the Wildcat Band. ,fisc- i i E 1 XJ u-p..r L. Tlv: sophomore class float cap- tured first place in the parade float competition. The junior class float and the Junior High entry took second and third places, respectively. The parade was the highlight of the celef bration since approximately 15 school organizations e n t e r e d decorated ears and floats. The parade stepped off from Mem- orial Stadium with Charles Nis- enheimer as parade marshal and marched through the downtown district before a huge crowd of spectators. PURTSrllrlNSlllP is a very desir- able trait, and in today's complexities is almost a necessity to all who would be successful. Sportsmanship is cultivated in El Dorado students by the physical educa- tion department and the extracurricular sports plan. Those who possess above-aver- age physical abilities are encouraged to represent their school at inter-school con- tests. By constant training in the tech- niques of sports, sportsmanship is ac- quired. For those who do not wish to represent their school as varsity, physical education is taught as a subject, thus ac- complishing the primary purpose - that of cultivating in the students a sense ol' fair play and SPORTSMANSHIP. Ein fpoffifm Page 52 bf:-'-A5 ,V Q? Q W-x N 5 x nfkip It Qi u 7 IWW YN Yr 'fin' y'X 'P .cm A J fi '15 EYXS Elgnt cheefeaoers are eecfed in the spring to serve at sporls events the following year. Beryl Anthony lettered one ear: Lou Arnold, fwo years' Nelson Huey, one yearg Weezie Car'rer, one year: Gerald Taylor, one yearg Ann Deartlw, 'ne year' BW Campbell 'rwo years' and Ellen Manasco, Two years. 7 Cbeerlerzcfefff - W ala' Commzfmizy And faboof Lyle Tqgeiber Page 54 Che school Smith, course of thc erleucling, il ereclit course in high , is sponsored by Miss Bene Gene speech instructor. Czmcliclutcs for the ure elcetecl in May hy popular vote student hotly after tryouts in assembly. -1 Gerald Taylor, Beryl Anthony, Elem Mariasco, Lou Arnold, Amr Dearln, and Vlfeezie Carter plan the program for a pep assembly. The program numbers are panned from weelc To week and involve mzinli lrard work on the par? ol ine squad members. Cliccrlczidcrs practice second period each day tlirougli lootlmll sczison Zlllll at the beginning of suuoncl scmcstcr enroll in another Imll' unit subject or go to study lmll. ,Xlwnys on linncl all lootlmll and lmslxct- Imll ganncs tlic cliccrlcuclcrs are one ol' liigli scliools public relations moulin, for flue second ',ear. f" rarkelba 5 mf 'ul-34 ful.-.ay r ns lviqli. Tre flweerleadw , fff- x--va -,oiled ara 'lie vhdfmf pon-, arc- -H 'LFEGVVC ie Wiidfal' ". Page 55 Muse Bene Gene Smillw, clweerleadmq sponsor, pre- sents awards to Bil' Campbell and Nelson Huey, seniors. Pprple and wlwile swealers are given io' 'be first year serv':e and iaclcels are Dresenled 4 , .H , fi 0 v V510 , .af ..f 12:1 625 'nr .555 -Q JAMES MOOTY All Siafe Back All Soufhern JIM WEEDMAN Znd Team Cenfer Football Comlucl lor tlu tlurcl xL1r lux C..1rl111cl C-rug do Vlllclclts l11cl lilfllll 111111111151 sn 1so11 xx1tl1 f t uctoms mal lour LIL IT tl1L J 1 SLXLIT Lo11l1ru1LL tl1u 1111111t1111Lcl 1 lLLOI'Ll of thru urns lllll tluu on to l1 1l1l Lou ll lou t1 p KL Q49 Camden Panflwers close In on a sluppery Wlldflaf WAYNE HARRIS TOM DeBRUlN JOHN FLOYD JIM G-ASTON All Sfale Guard 2nd Team Back 2nd Team Guard Znd Team End DICK DICKSON BILL McGLOTHLlN LARKUS PESNELL JAMES RICHARDSON WARREN TAYLOR Hon Menfnon Tacxle Hon Menfxon Back Hon Menhon Back Hon Menflon Back 614, Q Ty ""N-V vt- Sw ,1- X 51 ,f MIKE CARNEY 2nd Team End Hon Menhon Tackle 1u1111v hun Uunxt 1 ITUII Snpt 9 L Cats turnncl tlungs mto 1 t1 1clx mut IS mu postccl 1 38 O 11111 lolt SlTTlIl1S C-rlllllu stagul CLIII' LI 1111111 1. S 1 I6 111 Jr SITIIIT t111l111g l O 111cl Lclvul tl1L XV1lc onu ITNLS Noon r111 xulcl ITT tl1L suoml IOITIL grlml Scpt 73 1v1111st cJLl.ILl1lll l'1r1sl1 ol Mon IS l1L syolul lour touLl1clou11s IIT tlu 3 rc lt 700 11 1s tl1L l11llt1mL morn ls Ll Dol o l1 mclul Nlllfll l llllc lxoclx 1 77 6 ClTLllUl7lITj,l lure Hungry W1ldca+5 come r lwe lull aoawnsl Il1e H V7 less l-lo+ Sprunqs Trolans vint- 1 fr T . ' ' I " X' ll . 1 . . R i A S Q, ..- A ' ,'-H 'f S" PT , ' ' y, AD" ' l A-lrlf , 5, ll I 2 3' l A I S '- 4- ' me .. X ,.- 1, In . NU1",, "'lIhil J Mag lk . ,tl1' 1: ' 5' 1 '1 IQ lj' 21 llllllffll L t" ' 'l'IL'li fc t. ' Ft t . . . . . .l l . il, , . ' '..a 1, . -L 1 , X I -L K, 5. 1 . h. 1 1 I ory and Lowell Morrison, in 1955 tl1c Ll Dornf l-I-15, 1- ,Q t. 2 L V .. . ' I Kwik- 1 'Il If it I I 1 YI , Gigli L cl' 'L1tS. l ' Pig, ' ' . X . -L ihl .' ' ' 1 1 J ' 1 ' " 1' L' ' 1 rocaj ' ' '19-ll? 1- "gg -1-l,-5 1 l ' ' rl 11...a ' 1 ' ' 'acl la". Q ' ll' .' 'W' "1-- ' l U X I nf V by Z I 0 4 0 I . 4 A Q - I I . . . i . in 50 Q . p , at I , x p are cam ai ' Hvg fc-.Nr DAVID wlu.lAMsoN EDDIE ADAIR DON DILLINGSLEY TOM GRUNDEN JACQK PJINES 1055055 3C E JoHN GILLER J M JAMES Nonms HARRY PORTER ,Ms :ws -v--5 of 1,4 JACK VANDERGRIFT LONNIE HERRING JOE DEMPSEY Tackle Head Manager Manager Calif lfwn Ezglvl Sept. 30. Pine Bluflns power packed Zehras did nc thing wrong in Zehrafland Oct. 7 as they Iopcd through the Wlildcats for a 26-O win. A good Smackovcr team fell to the tune ol' l-P6 in a hard fought contest here Oct. 14 that was tied at the half. .X blocked punt and a re- covered fumhle paved the way to a 130 victory over the Cats hy Little Rock! Central in Tiger Stadium Oct. 21. Showing their early season form, the El Dora! de eleven trimmed Texarkana 33-O Oct. 28 for a an 0- " -f X ti- -ef TOMMY RHODES JACK PORTER JIMMY TOWLER Manager Manager Manager happy homecoming triumph. Bill Xlcfllotlilin lnrolte a 7-7 tie with 55 seconds remaining to give the Wlildeats a l-l-7 win over the NilICllCY Rehels in a home game Nov. 4. Two recovered fumbles for touchdowns and a 97 yard quick leielt return hy Larltus Pesnell helped the Cats drop llot Springs 26-6 in the last home game Nov. ll. Nov I8, rainy, muddy night in lllytlicvillc. found the XVildcats on the short end ol' a l-H1 count. Camden went down 13-7 in a traditionally hard-fought lurlicy Day game played at Cole- man Field. Queen Diane and her captains after victory over Ter arkara. Pesnell farriezs deep into North Little Rock territory. lil Uoradafs U tcaln griddcrs compilcd a scaf son rccord ol' four wins, two loses, and onc tic. Coaclwd by Frank liischcl, assistant coach, tlxcy ran IYFUIH the varsitfs I'onnat,ions and sometimes I-I'Hl1l a single wing. 'lommy Patterson hoostcd ilu' Cats owl' Minden, I a. llmcrc with two 'l'D's, Nlindcn rcturnud to dump ilu' Us 70. Smack f - .-, ,,, 4,- f owl' was baltlcd in Slnaclxox cr to a 20-20 draw. blicxarlxana had one long run that dcfcatcd the Xvildcats 6-U lmcrc. Larggcst scores of the scason wcrc against Crossctt hcrc, Fairview thcrc, and Niagnolia hcrv. on counts of l9f0, 24-O. and 430. Sopnrm 'c 'coed VY1SV"h'1"' Timm. Pa?'efv-F rcrhvf M'GNnTr"f adm: fve mcwfc, Mfmvf 5- pant. Page 59 E., gf la' 13' 'ffi-If ' V h,,,..N:'. . VV G Y K Bmleetlvozll SIVEXSEI Good h W O d flvorifmaznylaqu El Dorlclo 100 Mrgnolu 50 E1 Dorado 55 SfTl'lClCOXCI' 46 El Domdo 61C1mclcn 56 El Dorado 60 Wwrren 59 El Dorado 48 Crossett 52 El Dormdo 55 Texrrlnna 74 El Dorrdo 61 Warren 60 E1 Dorado 55 W11l15xrllc 57 El Dorado 72 Tawlor 61 E1 Dorado 71Founta1n Lake 60 El Dorado 60 esereulle 51 El Dorado 62 1-lot Sprmg 73 E1 Dorado 42 Texarkana 38 E1 Dorado 56 Crossctt 58 E1 Domdo 45 N Llt tle Rock 81 El Domclo 69 Mrgnolra 46 El Do raclo 61 N Llttlc Rock 74 E1 Dorfrdo 38 Llttle Roclr Central 59 E1 Dorlclo 61 llot Qprmgs 56 El Domclo 68 Pme Bluff 63 El Domclo 43 Fort T fa.lF'M 0-1154? rf' U R MG y M Y AS+ M Eqlwl l l lne 'll ca' baslre-+rta'l 5qr.ad, lirsl row, lefl lo rlqlvl: Ronnle lrlarfwn, rnanaqer, Jaclre Harf, lurnmy Slegall, Jolnr' He-nr Moore, T0'T'V7'll,f Mrrolxree, Larry Kinard and Coaclw Pe' Pzxlln. Sefiorcl raw: Jarlqlre Sellman, Van Ball, Bllly Ray Mllllcan, Billy Rav McGa11qlw, Richard McC.1l2l'lon, James Nfzrrls, Bily Jonef. 1, Firsf row: . Herring, l'l, Dunqan, B. Corn, C. rren, D. Couc . Second row: J. Collrell, S. Ward. B. Eu y, J. - Bales, R. Blackwood, lwird row: J. Vandergrill, C. Marlin 2 - 'z 'z 1 - . ' 5 1 - 2 g I 2 ' Z '4 2 ' 1 - . .R Y. -3 g -I .' Y' , 1 - ' 1 t - . I - 4 1 - 2 ' 1 f . I 1 fr: 7- Billy ay c a 4 """ A J 'J , Forward . Y-A ' H Bill Ray illic ...- .... 1 "' 'af Cenler 1 ' Tommy urplwre ' Guard " Bill Jones f- In - , Forward 5 ' ' f X Q All Bla 1 . Y" 1+ Q 51 'f ' 3 19 Larry Klnard ' ' , L, N , Guard ' 1 I l 'I Il ar Game Spider" Jones and Billy Ray McGaiiqh wail amidsl P ufl Zebras for an ever imporfani rebound while La nerd rushes in lo help Them. IDG Vfy Smith 339 E1 Dorado 55-Fort Smith 4-lg El Do- rado 75-Blythevillc 633 El Dorado 60-Blytlicvillc 89g El Dorado 71-Smackover 61g El Dorado 46- Lirrlc Rock Central 539 El Dorado 73-llor Springs 915 El Dorado 63-Pine Bluff 79g El Dorado 78-Camden 66g El Dorado 71-Texarkana 64: El Dorado 49-N. Little Rock 64. V Y ' Levi '12 if ' Q Richafgorrcgguasfam M A van Ball ' iLi5:1i,i .xvmfi QVBCAQ . 29 r 39 li. 37 i Page 51 I I' Big Bi. Benton, one Qi ihe Pine Biiil Zcbiais, is sh from boih sides by Wi clcals Billy Milligan a d Bly Ray Mc:6aiigh in 'fhe baffle for fhe rebound. T Murphree aids by defaininq a Zebra. rf. 3 Q Q QQ gf X 2 ' Reterning traclc letterrnen are front row: Kennett Steqall and Larlros Pesnell, Back row: Richard Mcflasiton, Warren Taylor, and Billy Ray McGatigh. Tne rraclc team Bi MCGlothlin, Gordon Cagle, Corn, Clarence A Trade - Burlai fironcg 50517121 El D0rad0's track team of 1956 had a schedule of six meets. in the first meet, the Cats tied tor sixth plaee with Longview, Tex- as at Slrreveports Tri-State meet. Camden was tied for first with 69 points hy the VVild' eats in a meet there. Remaining on the schedule at press time tor the annual were Big Eight Relays in Little Rock, a local meet with Camden here, the Quaehita Relays in Arkaclelphia, and the State trial meet in Lit' tle Roels. ,Ines tip tor a picture. Front row lL to Rl Harry Porter, Bert Estes, James Richardson, Thomas Patterson, Larry Mosley, Joe Carroll, and Gerald Taylor. Second row: Wayne Sims, Larry Reese. Edmund McKenna, Robert Blackwood, Jim Andrews, Largus Pesnell, Doodle Harper, Thomas Bridges, Frank Tribault, Bob Evans, and Thgmag Steqall, Third rowg James Mooty, Bob Wilson, James Norris, Warren Taylor, Billy Ray McGaugh, Jimmy Gaston, Richard Mcfluistion, Jackie Selman, Sonny Porter, and Anthony Kassos. 3 O .- , 1 1 i- t iw Cl Q vi A I s - I 'vi X ls- is .0 y V 5 fl-V I 11 ' 4 i 1 , , J f,.i . B 5 f 'I t' I Y ik... lr Q " f ' 1 , v' an , , 5 ' -' . I A 1 ' fl 1' ' 1' ' i ' ' x 1 ' 1 1 , X l .- I X . - - - xi -' rf . g. K 4.-4 .. "bi ef" 1 . . 1 -. - "Mr, 5-.... - . -' " - fr W ' .:'f',.,. 'ity-. - 7a'U:i' ir- -e ,fx . AD b -0- ,tw , :'q.4j...f-,' pf? -,le ty, 4:g..'-Ai- ,Megs y i wiv., t . ,i ,A V ' '2fsZf+rt"4'Qi':':""2ft.gT'lk' 533ZtiT9f5Jf:"?Sl 'x-M51 J ' Page 62 ' dfl U ri I GVYFC H160 S SE O VLH 9 ,J BnlNy Ray McGar.qh Jackue Sehman and Tromas Siege se rn mdsf of pracfsce ror fhe q um Tenms Develops Coordzmzizon r r 5 p or mspec wo b fer-r' 5 oaCL Fel Pmsfwr hey are Irs? row sxffung Peggy Wrngkf Frarce MfC y J dy Purvson Lmda Mccune Sandra Cafes second row knee! r'q Sandra Moore Norma BM nr'qsPey Margarei PM H D Lorrame Warren wb rd row Dnclse Larwkf rd Jodwe Marvorvy Dana Couch James Gcokby Reber? MCCCN rm Jorm my Mrorrl Re r'ar1c1 D 'wee D m rv a ony me form e ermen ac f I 5 ar a 0 Dxflce Lani: o Mx fn rv C15 rwcrr y rv J nr MC r X I 4 Ar K Page 63 7' Yi. . ',, f X ' f ff ,Quan if- L km PM QV, WR3dc + dd , get t 1 1 +l'1 ' 890. , ,1 1 3 xriq 4 gjgj H 1 rf'-' fi '-1,,x'- f. Y , V po ' The i V ' V HE h '. p. X TMJ forvrfs squad line L, f ' Y n y Q .. , ' T f , J , ' ' : ' , . 1 f, , ur f , , ' , ' , 5. I . ' 'lf f, i ix s, ' ' ' ,T 3 A A ' C , ' , , , f, I L , He f s ,, id C ,, on ,:rI:, E If M H .T EQ 1 H b lc H5 fc r, ff 5 rd, Jrwdw fhr -,, Sa dfa Mrfre, Peqy' W 'A' . JL.d' P14150 , Dance- Durio, ohm H9 y 1: Q. - . 4' , -V - +2- . . 2 . K 'T' - ,- ..,r , ' . ' -M' fr , 'X -Qi f V -N K Vx . 1 4 A I.. ...-W - . I -, s A 1 1 , - xv 5 Go! firmer flezll amd Pamenre M191 Members of the gol team are as follows front row lett rlqht Mayllne Mason Judy Johnson Lucy Murohy Judy Rothe Sara Carlton Mlm: Kerr Dlxue Frazser Connie Hawn ns Martha Ensley and Nancy Goldthwalte Second row Robert O Bannon Bully Gordon Judy Carson G orqe Arn G eenlee Edo e Ada r Roberta Montgomery Susan Gordon Marulyn Pendleton Sara Muller Rosalnnd Eb rle Pam Norris Lynn Goldthwalte and Carrol Kung Th rd row Jummy Moody Bull Nolan Beryl Anthony Charles Couch Rlchard Crawford Butch Rushung Gary Taylor El Dorado hugh schools golf team th1s xear was the largest m the hlstorv of the school vuth more than 50 students plrtlupltmg Golf IS mcludcd ID the phxslcal cducatlon program at El Dorado Hlgh School vuth students gomg to thc Countrv Club sxxth perlod to talxc ln structlons from Hogan Rountrcc club pro Low score playoffs are conducted to determxm ,,,y'7"' whlch golfers wlll haw the opportumtv to com plete m matches Matches scheduled for 1956 are VVlfh Fan Parls and Byrd of Shrexeport La Sprmghlll La Arkadclphu fund Blg E1ght schools vf Roberta Montgomery Nelson Huey and Clark Buchner Letterman Ruchard Crawford Charles Couch Eddne watch as Bull Campbell demonstrates hrs qrnp Adglr and Lucy Murphy pqgg wlth Pro Hogan Roan tree Page 64 5 xx , ,,. xx 'J .'l N- C 9. I . v ' ,' , X 'a R V U X ' .3. C' g 4' lf f' . , A ' , . . . .. ' ' f f- ' s 1 , -yt -Q , f ' vt .W so , t 5 Q g + .L 1. 4 V J, W Ft. , y 4 I Q. I . '-ff " ll ' ...Q - , , 0 I , ll ,' , Nw of 4' 0 if n ' x 1 . .,, - . A V 1 ' ' . ' , . v r , li i , . I : ' , ' , . , I . l . . Tora McRae, Bill Campbell, Ne'son Huey, Clarlr Buchner, Davld Clarlc, and Curtis Baller. . W , .Q Y ' ' Q ' I 1 1 ' . W . ' x I. 4 1 . 5- - ' V s 1, ' . . ,, r - -I V .A J 5 z ' ' - ' -1' ' 7 1 V I ' 'f I ' , ' v ' -1 y , . f .1 ' 1, c tl N 1. V ll ,.,.-20" 4 gi ' " x ' E ' 4 t"' ffl t a ' V t A 1 4 -4 . J, 'AA ' A ' h .. , 1 A.. ' l 1 , C 4 1' ' 'UH , flbr: ,ra G..-ax 'I .. Giris iiirnpoginq me GAA Council, which pians The ycar's adiviiies are, firsf row ieff fo riglwf: Beth WI'liani5: Paiiy Posh "TMS" Savary, secrefaryt Phyilis Johnson: Meirose Hayse, 'ireasurerg Ayirna Smifn, vice presidenf, Second row: Janice Elia, Thaiia Wood, Ann Don- neliy, pubiicify ciwairrnan: Kay Tabor, Beliy Owen, presidenf. Third row: Nancy McCan, Mar- qaref Phi3ipe, Mariiyn Baiiy, Judy Hiii. GAA - Teazfbm fervzte and Leaderfkgzv GAA members Judy Pinson. Berry Lynn Ailen and Nifa Bramlcif is se? fo serve 5 birdie fo "Tufs" Savary PM Girard pain? siiuffieboard lines and "Tu+s" Savary and Kaydeil Currie whiie Lynda Baiiy and Mona Reed waifs pafienfiy fo play. play in the far court Pcqe 65 ln the pages that follow are the people who are prepared by El Dorado lligll School to take their places in the community as useful Cltl7Cl1S 567flZb7f5 MACK ABLFS - Inclepenclcm lzzxsketlmll 4: imrn mural spurts 2-4 IXOBIQRT FIJVVARD ADAIR - English Clulx 3,41 golf 2-4 C'l.AllA SUE ADAMS - lill.-X 2: CAQX 2,4 ,IERRY ADANlS -4 l7"l'fX Vice presiclem 4: im'iluIiun emmnittcc 4 SARA ADCOX - NHS 4g wlwls wllu 4 XVll.l.ll7 1XNl7l4lfSS -- Steering committee 4: wlwk wlm 4 HFRYL AN'l'llONY - NHS 4: Key Club 2-4 l'1Xl'SY A5lll3llUOK - GAA 5.4: l5ll1X 2,3 C1UR,llS ll.-Xlillll A Entered 4: semur Hunt cum mittee 4 Ables. M, Adair, F. Adema, C. Adams J. Adcox, S. Afwdress, W. Ar'+l'xcry B, Aalwlarock, P. Baker, C, rl' , A 1-:DN l i m . 4 A K 4 , 4 Ollew lwiqw gcwco, orqanizafims we A390 'lf' ff' make pubflz aopearamces, As par? cl wah ffalnirvq lor civlzenslhlp, A Caonela Crwlr added TV rc lla schedule flwls year, 1: fffs Q 1 A , -e.f': I "-. QT"'7' "'? S 'N A N, ' fl - ,, 'af al v L.. Y""'-- , -..,. , Q., Y Page 66 EDWARD BAKER - Allied Youth 2g band 2-4 LHRISTIYE BARRER CAA 3 4' health unit 3 4 GEORGE BARNES Student Councrl presrclent 4 'VHS 3 4 LOIS DEE BARNES Lntertcl 3 GAA 3 4 ROlNALD BELLIZIO lhespruxs 4 band 24 DON BILLINGSLEY llr Gusher 4 tootball 4 DONALD BOCK Future lrtrlesmeu 4 mtrwmurxl sports 2 3 JERRY BOYCE Homeroom prulcltnt 4 commence ment usher 3 NITA BRAMLETI' - Thespians 49 Wildcat staff 4 C LORIA BROOKS Wrldcat edltor 4 NHS 4 XIARY LUCY BROWN FHA vrce president 4 GAA 24 ROBERT BROWN Independent basketball 2-4 C LARlx BUC IINER Bovs State 3 football 3 4 JARY BULLOC K Theeplani 4 football 3 4 ALBERT BUSH Future Tradesmen 34 coopera me trammg 34 a e Barker C Barnes G 2 Bll uqs ev Boyce J Bramlett N B cclcs G 0 Boehner C lock -.1 Q ,-,x 'Q ,Uv 5-.4 L l Q. Q l.-Qtl 1'-'X 'R 'U ,ful Page 67 1 7 T - " ,J -2 L. ,S by ll - B lc r, E4 , . , . Barnes, L, Belll lo, R, Il l . D. Bock, D, , . , , r , , Br vm, lvl. Brown. R. , . Bul , ,J, BMP, A, 'E' Y 'z llr-t ., , vs- K , Y 'rf' sa E E 1 A . 1' l ,v va. , 'Xl . . Q V' , Q, K fi? 'A 'I S v 'rf ' I Y' I V' X Q e We ' 3 A fl if 4 5 l 'Q to f W cf, :BY . Mm ,ff OHX DIC KSON ku C lub ptrxlc Lnt 4 NHS 2,4 I XRBARA IA RXE C lrlx Still, 4 DLILIIX L lI1CllClclIl lwlll C AXlPBhLL hu C lub 4 4 Lhee ludtr 4 4 DALLAS C ANIPBELL Engmeers Club 4 mtnmural sports 2 4 IOIIY 'XIICHAhl CARNPN lxex Club 34 hot bull 24 XIARX LEP CARR Band Qegretirv 4 nmayorutt 3 EICHSI C XIYIFR NHS 4 4 Lhcgrluclu 4 C ORDENE C HANDLER NHS 4 W llclut Ldmfr 4 C lull 2 4 C I X1 X JO CLAVVSCJN NHS 4 Student Counul trmsuru 4 l XRRY CONIBS Huw Statn 3 Student Counul 4 CHXRIPS COULH ku Club Hag prulclumt 4 lltllIM.COIHlI1Q, illtllllllli 24 XIOLLIIA CRUUK lllt,SPllIIN 44 Vlllclnat stall 4 RAY DLLL C Ullpxll Stuclnnt C uunul 2 Ds VK llclc it stat 4 l l URLNCJ: ANN DAX IS lhupl ms 44 KN llclL ll staff 4 lOAlNlY DEBRUIIN Football All statn 4 uhm x uhm 4 IOSEPH DEBIPSEY Football manager 4 A Cap pelld Clhoxr 3 4 MARIHA DFWPSEY FHA 24 Steering umm mxttee 4 C ARROLL DICKENS H1 Cfushut staff 4 mtramural sports 3 4 Page 68 XXX DUNNIIIX 'S 4 Cuslur cc IX IX X 7 4 hrmnru mm sum drx IFC lSlll'l T C XRCJLI1 DOH DPI l. C A 24 llcnnummn pr Sl clunt 4 Ill XXL DOXK l IXC lr St mtg 4 lNllllLLlIIlll xp., queen 4 V440 Campbe Carr M Clwand er G 1' .l Carmna Ii mf Y Carte-r E CdsN Q-I IU!!-'W' .rf T' wav' 'KZSU' ,l -Y f- ' -fl' 1.' .'.'2--' - Xllf :Ili lg - 'litur4 3, ' ' 1 - " - 4 - - -1 W -f 'f - ., , . . A A ' " ' f ' 1:1-.1 ' mm u 1-.A -41 - 4 nr ' A ' T. ' - f ,.:' ru - ., .I 1 1 in g 1 ,1 , I C.-I f fy '.'l-Cl'ls.'4'.p -W 'lf , . t T ' 4 T H1 ' - ' 1' T ., 1 U - 1 - By , B, V el, B. ', D. C f 1 , M. P f -1' W, ,L 5 ,- A Eff H, 1- U N- -1' H xt - A 2 t4 f tl - .4 .l 1 7' 'z ' A ra f ' I . YIZLLIE CHILDS - A Cllppclln Clmir 41 Real Lily 'Q 1 f. , f 4 C , ffl 4 4 C 4 , -AL A. A, A- ky I 1 4 I . Q, -X , f f ' .4 ' - 1 Q M I fi 'r 4 A . 4 . - V 7 , 1 - , 7. S A -:lp by .. V4 Q 4 - ' - 1 f 14. V 7 I I -.,.- I I XIAN IJOVV I I Intramural spurts IDI VI W AIX IJIHIIXIXIONIJ ul n I 73 tr IJOXXII DLIRIO Iennls 2-I IuotIJ.1II -I XXI I II ILIJI RS lRl,Ilg.,l0llS Idun illllll u J XII1LcI Youth 2 VN ILI1Y ADAIR EI I FN 1ppLII1 Ixms qudrtct 3 -I Iawson J D ws F Dckson J DOWN Crook M DeBrum T D nneIIy A Dr mmrnd 'V GV 'CH' an ,aqf XJ CUODGFGI ve frammg sfudewf rar e Sqn ww: ome rr-nm se J e 'rI'e swoe C holr I-me In om Coufh C Combs L ree K Dempsey J Dempsey M Dmlcens C Dov B DowdeII owlmq D ro D F ers J en f-an ,,, 1 ul fN Awaxifi 4331 vv""'5 '-1 T? ,J ul -aff' 1""7 .Cv .wx Q Mn 'E' Page 69 CSIEVZZOVI C NI IIK RS lntrunurr sports 24 IUIINNX IICHIJ rtn Xlf III I N FR INC IS t It In 1 Iuturg I rut Cs men 4 XXXCX IRIX! tll 4 XI ILIIRI C XIJJNII track I X LI'lCll1 Itgmn IIINLJI at L 4 t x pu :dent 4 XIARY GASTON tuc PTCSICILHI 4 gtu cnt CULIIILII 4 Ihcsplm CCJNNII C YIIIIIIC III Iuspnns 4 Stucpnt C nunul 4 IIAIIIH C PN IIII nut JIIIIIU., t Iuturv, Irrdunmum 4 III XNCIS C ILXICJIII N S 4 Ihespx ns sun tirx 4 P XIRIC IA C IIIARID NHS 4 Ll: s surtmrx 4 XXII S C CJOLSIQX ht ts Start 4 H1 C ushu LC m r IIII COR! 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Pfeffer, J. 11 "' -5 K' K Page 75 56712075 IIHhNIRA11 CAA 44 FIIA 4 D XX ID PIII Intr 1111x 1raI sports Z FTA 34 C FNE RAIXXN XTI Ix Intr 1111 urul Qports 2-I XIONA REFD IIILNPIIIIS 4 4 Scrum CIuI1 3 4 C I I NX REPDFR Intr nxxlll ral S1 mrmr ts 2-I C XRUI YV RHODFS C AA 4 FIIA 2 X INC I RORFIIIS lnI1g,1ous Education Club 4 X X puns 4 or Lose Mis 34 CU 1..,f um prmdem :umm Axv noun Mis 4 c H14 sm.: 2 xmncuz ROUNJ1 REE I Cappellr crm 4 Steer mg committee. 4 IKJQFLINDA RUIII XIANJ Ihuplans 'I-I whos XX ICD XNIES RUSIIINC Hmm 24 SARA RUSSIII IIITYIYX C Iub 2-I A Cappella C lr 34 IRXIA RU FH SAXIDS Ilomegomlng attendant 3 str-:ermg commlttee 4 I-XEDNIA SAVARY C AA seuretirx 4 homeroom rreaeurer Z BARBARA SC HAUIS A C rpprlh Choxr 2 3 Cnrls State 3 XIARY NELI I' QIIANRI I' IIIA 5 4 C AA 2 -I XX ANDA SILI INIAN C lr s Stun 3 A Cappell Chmr 3 4 Page 76 XINLIIF QI ADI: Ihcspmns 34 Cmrls State 4 XXI NIA SXII I'II NII9 3 4 YvlICIC'lII CMH 4 IONIXII SXIIIII 4 mr 1111 um Cporu IU XXNI SNODC RASS A 4 4 I I up tra axuru' 4 XIICICN SITXIXS A 44 P e D Reed M Rhodes C Rogers S A Praif I-I Ramwa'rer G Reeder C5 Robeds N 'ff' -Q-r -Q if qv-if 4-Q, 'S' rv Y. vw 'xx I". '.jQ,g 1' 1. Q ' ' ' ' - I . - - . I . . ' V' V- ITIUX 1 I 1 QI I . -I . x If '1 Q' 1 4 GA' ., 3 -iurary C'I I . . , ,A :A i A A A AA A 'aj ' , -,. AA., A A , . -- CEA ,,gFIIA 3,4 1 . 3 . . 1 - 1 1 5 . f A A W A A -107 1.-,' A. Aj . CI! f 2--I - - - 1 ,O 17 SANDRA ROGERS - Baccalaureate usher 3g Thesa vi' A Q I , 'sl ,I .I .. - .,,:.' 'J Q I UI U Q - I r' 5 1' 5 " . ' . I I - I' I' 1 I ' Q, - f A. , , W ,. A ,A A Y , rr .I I' I I I A , "Q", . A J A ,If I ' ,I I - 1 I Y IIIHI I, I I I V . I ' I f - ' ' ' ' 1 f 'r 6: , 1 - I C '54 4' AA ' 'rr 1 ' r . - 1 1 - 1 A' g 7 " , I W Am. v Y V I ' 4 V I 3 . - . . .. ., , li Mu A ' . ' .' .. .' -- I If fa ' .L f- a A - I 'sv v . W?" 4,45 -. The Busey No. I was fhe discovery wef rhaf made EN Dorado famous in l92I, I? was no? umm I955, However, fha? fhe spof was officrafry marked by Wiliie Andress and Hwe confemporary problems dass. The maferials ware donared by public spirI+ed ci+izerrs. R,sbInq, J, Sbankle, M. Snodgrass, L. Summervile D. V '15, f" 17 " 'yx -.I 'Y ' 'Y gre 526141075 ROXNII- XXIIIS xx IC L NLCILI ITN PA I SI VI II I IAXIS C us IIOVK ELILILW SUXIIXIFRVILLIL A 2-I Inns 2 w PAIRIC IA SLINIMERVILLE C AA 7 4 Y Teens ILILABI11 II SU IHERI IN 'I hespmns 3 4 A Cappdln CI1n1r -I SUI: SVI ILIEX Band 24 NHS -I JOI IN I ILIINOXI IAYLOR I IILIIILLFN C Iub -I foot ull -I XIIYOR SIIERRONI TAYLOR Ixex Qlub 24 Thespmns 3 -I DIY UNA IHRRAI I I1eQp1ans 3 -I band 2 -I AIIIJIIL ILRIIY Student Counul nge pr1.s1cIf.nt -I DAR pod CIIIILIISIIIP mard -I ANII S IIIUNIAS Future. ITKILSIIILII I-I Lnbrxrs C ILIIJ -I PAI IIIONIPSUIN FHA 2 -X Cappdld Chmr 3 4 X III I x 'N N -I C1rIs Stitn 21 III C uslur LL :tor -I In xx State IIIIX I xx S :IL I I UImN1 IIILLYS C lul IL um, usIn.r C XIICII IN I ANCI Ihupxms HLL pruxdult -I I 1 x IIILSIJIIIIN 5 -I Imn SIIIIIIII VNIIZ CAA -I Page X8 I JIxI1I II ILSON NIIS surulrx I Illuplmx H XLIA VK OOD XA 2 -I L 1 1 ux c up CIU 2 3 S mmervxIIe H Su? erIm E Ta or J I rraI D Q i' Ss. 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K STA 1' , Rumen 4 4. 5"'r" Q f r. gi ' r 5 M3 I 10 'M -'fx ll. fl 14 . i .1 g W ' Q I , 3: x 5, by Ward. Joh? V ri i J , 3 . y RX J ' ' e -,7 I fr '1 ' , , G A .Q W. W , Y f' A 4" W "' wma ' y A. ' ' f 1 . -.. fa jr y B f ' 'fs 1, Q- fnl ,J Jarvis 2 i Tr X 'T . ' 'W 'rra f If . 3 ,M , a 4 U 2 'f A W Y 'J -b y W , 1 ' sy Thy fire Already O11 Ther? Wayf fl Name Ccniyn Rhodes Q.. 9 T. 7 it XIVVU eos vi : iumy Joe Leu, S'-,f ef meclfarif-James Riva - 'Cl Nfses aid-G-ad-, La.-fu V is Some of the high school students are alreaclv taking their places in the E1 Do rarlo community as useful citilens. Blem- hcrs of the cooperative training classes have part time work at local training stations .incl are in training for a minimum of three hours each clay cluring the school week. XVhile in school, cooperative stu- rlents study related material for one 'hour each clay and rouncl out their sehetlule with tivo full units and one study hall. l'he purpose of the program is to teaeh responsihilitv anrl rlepenclalxility, to enf courage initiative and to further the stu- clents' education in his chosen field of work. The training stations are selected From Fl Dorado businesses because of their ahilitv to provide ample and Contin uous training for students in tlistrihution .intl in the tracles. PD- I I 6' 4 17' mf?" 1 o Sf: ffm gm ll. iwl'-, Grerfi "fi .P-9' 3 -- ' -Q . 21.4 ' 1 . p..f Sain f f MQ Eder- . fgjw t9f5,iff,n', V. -,tr . i j'f",.fQ:g wg.2g ' ' ' array, A MW D l- 4 f Meghamr Russel i e ervice station managers Bobby Kel Page 98 lam and Barry Gentry close up lf the clay I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I F I' I I I' I' I I' I' IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN II IIN IIIC IIN IIN IIN IIN IIN IIIC IIN IIIC IIN IIN IIN S N IS I I I IS IS IS I X IN Is I X IS IS IS X IN Is X IS IS Is IS X IS rs IIN XIIs IIN IIIC IIIC IIIC IIIC IIIC IIIC IIIC IIIC IDC IHC X IS X rs Is IS X IS X rs X TS X TS I rs rs X IS I Pifefen im U LI I I X XIIIIII Is XnIIIss I I XIII Ionx I I III I7 IIII IIIIII I I IIII II III C IIC IC CIIXXSIJ C II N I I s IIII X DIL s IPIIIIIII I X TI 1 C IS III C IIIIIICIII In n C IIIIIII I I IX I LISII IIIIIIILII IX C XICIXIIIIILX I IIIIIIIJ C IIIIIIIII XIIIXII X XI I NJIIX IIIIIIs XIIIILI XIOIYINIIII X I7 I CI C LIFIIS Nutt XX XI PIIII Imcs I LL RLLCI O II Pxothc L QIIINILII IXIII S XX IINCII1 The Mldcaf Bowery I I I I I I I I I f I IS I XII I I I I X s IIN s III XIIs IIN IS IIN IS IIIII XIrs IIN X IS IIN I IS IIN XIIs III XIIs IIXC XIIN on X IS IIN XIIs IIN IIIII XIrs IIIII IXIrs III XIIs IIN XII IS C X SILIIJIJIL II I C IXIIIIIII XX III Ix IIII XINIICXXN Iluxu IIIIIIIIIIIII S II D I'IXX II CI XI IJIIFI X IIICII III III IIIIIINIII S NC5III XII X IIIIII III II XIIII OIIIIN I X Ixoun TCC IIJIII Bu IIIII II I I nm III I CFIX IILI Ilogus X IDC JIIIII SPOIIS I CIII IIII IIXILI C g s C III II IIN XIIN IILstIIII XII I IIICI XII XX D XIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII XIII InIxI Ixncc CIIII CLIII XIIIIII Qnolxn N IC C IIIIIC CIIIIIII II In II XIII IIICII XX IIN I Bche IIosIs IDIIIII XX CLIN Scmor CIIss OIIICIIs Ixnn IxQIIIII Zn II LIIXTIYX C Iuh IC II sII XIIL Irvo CIIITICS IIIII TLD IxIIIII X I Il1IxIOI'CI II IIIIII kdm rs TI Xudru XIIrx um I Ind XIrs IIIIII Il'CI III ohnnx IIILII IuIIIIrcI XhhII IIIIsp1 II1 CIIIICCIS BIIIMII XILIIssI SIIICIII SIIIIII Nmu RII LIIICII XIIIIIIQ Ann XII Ind Xlrs IIIIIIIII CIQL Io IIII XVIICILII hocmstus IIICI ICIILrtIsLrs IIII SIIII mms I IILIII of Irmtudc BI cooperatmg wIth IIS II1 I IIII IIICI II xx IX thex hun ID .1 IIIg.,L plrt m Idg our hook possIhII Ir IS from them that we ham IIIIIIIII IIIII III Interest III ind I g,LnCrosItx tow ITLI IIIL pIIhIIc schools ITL IFDOIIQ, the fmcst exampIC LI Dor Ido Ins Cm sat III ILICI1lIlg thu Ittnhutcs of I good IIIILLII for IhIs ug IIC f.,I'IILI"LII and hope IIIII ID IIITIL In can Iollovx IIILII' IIIII Rud the ads and Iom thc hIgh school lI'I I7lII'UI1lLlIIg those mcrahants whom In are proud to CIIII our frIencIs Page 99 C5 IIIIIIIIIs. C'IIIInIIII'I', XIIII Ii III IIS XI ', IIIIII I II.. Q. 4 . .I 'I' fl I XI '. IIIIII XIIS. X'. I' I' ' XI: I I XII5. IX. I. NCCI XII. IIIIII XIIS. XX'. '. I XI . I II I " " XI . .IIIII XIIs. I'I"X'I I' I 4 XI-. I I IXI1. 'C' I' " L IDI, IIIIII XIrs. IX. -I. IIIIICI' XI'. I I XI ' II " ' XI 1 IIIIII XII's. I:.LII'I CI. III INDIA XI '. I I .IRII . Cf I 'II I . Xl '. I I XIIJ. II. I". XX"I "cn XII. I I I I'.'. Cf. I . IIIIII XI1 I I XII '.'. -I. 'X. ll XC'L' XI1 I I XI's. .II fI'ns XII. I I XIT. XX'. C'. IIII ICII Xlp IIIIII XIII. XI. CI. III I'I'I' XII. I I XIIs. III' I ' IIIIIIA XI'. I II I. Ci. . I XII. I I XIIS. CI. .'X. I' 'I N'I' XI . I II I 1 I. N. . 'MI' XII, I I XI's. XXX XI. Cl 'IIIX Xlz I I I I.. I. I' II' Xlz I I XI4s. X. II. CIIIII' XI '.'. I' IXII I XII. I I XI:-. IIIIII4 CIIIIAIUI' XI . IIIIII . I '.'. SLII I 'gan XI'. I I Xl ','. CQIIIIIIIII C'IIIInIIII'I' XII, I I I Ijrip IIIII XII. I IXIIJ. II. fI'IIs III gII'I IR " XII. I I XI'S. ,Ii 'II Ii II XII. I I -.. . I I " IDI. 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I' . I-IPP SII I, I I I ,', I. XII. I I II I I' XI-. I I 'I IEII' XI.I IIIQ. '7.I. I l',- "',5"I ,J 4' XI.I III.'.II -" " A4 'I XI.I IXI . . I I ' I, I V .'.' I, .II 'I, XI.I IXIq.C. .-A ' III I', ' I,II I, XI .I I IIT. 1' 7' J I .I " I .I I- IRIN E EN Qgiiunlnmx I IIIMXKX fl nov CLQEQHES Sum plea mam gaadww K , 2 , f1'cw+fM G x.' - VP-K-"""'A' -- 5-.qi-W lg- - . A .F 1. lg! I lgi ...U- .ffiifffi fm. if W . I IU. l . . n . u ll lgl. 'I l'.'l I - : I U 5555- 1-E' f::J:5::f:,7 4 "s5i:i-fs:.- -, XS f , f satan' 2 X eu: ee! , ll l'I4ll ix X A we-sees: 1-1 a-.-f... .x 4 ff YT Au: Quin 1 n 1 I 1- aiu: :.::.z'.i? ,I A1 D .4 'J 1 +R Q O U ' ' O EL DORADO FURNITURE and CARPET COMPANY dPl McCRORY'S 5-10-25 Your Varie+y Sfore in El Dorado BEAUTY CONSULTANT SERVICE O E ' y App ' f C 3 9364 HOSPITAL BEAUTY SALON soz WEST FAULKNER ART MODE BEAUTY SALON C 209N J ff U 3 650 UNIQUE BEAUTY SALON I 3I8W Ok UN22562 wav gl If 101 pen venvngs b om menf Two Siores +0 Serve You Ai' Ondmcned - Union ' "A Goo ace To Go For Brands You Know" Comp.le1'e Beau1'y Service Air ondmoned "Hair S+y ing Our SpeciaH'y" . e erson n -6 . a - v E , P 6 I. '1 "ln 5 A 1 J X . z L Q W-, " Y 'xr 17' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS STAR CLOTHING HOUSE EI Dorado Arkansas BEST WTSHES SENIORS P MARKS COMPANY Fmest In Servnce P 10 I ii tl . d R'R,hT dNeV H d h T T T M.P Lk fhS+ ClhAgH'. I I S215 I W COATS SUITS HOME OF SWANSDOWN FASHIONS Morrls 81 Company Rufus Garrett Hotel and Coffee Shop ff' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS The Tool Room EASY TO CARRY HOME :El a ii , 9 uv wif' :ul ...Q A . -i L- COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS OF SOUTHWEST ARKANSAS Woody's Grill BEST HAMBURGERS IN TOWN VISIT US ANYTIME Page 103 The American CONGRATULATIONS Supply Corp. Wholesale Dislribulor Alsobrook's INDUSTRIAL MILL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES I304 Easl Hillsboro EI Dorado Arlransas CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS P O Box I07I Dorado water Co Phone UNnon 2 3406 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of El Dorado Arkansas M deI M y S2 000 000 00 Capital and Surplus T INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSI pq l 9 1 I I I I ,ir ,A . ff o s -A BeIsy Monfqomery, Georgia cK3nney and Jay GriIIin formal? Mr. Hear Mc' Klnngy, presidenf O: Ilve Fire' NaIIor'aI Bfvl of E Dcrado. I I ' u 9 104 Brooks 81 Jean Lumber and Supply Company Parker Music Co. 2I3 N. Washlngfon Phone UNIon 3-3700 'Everyfhing in Music and Appliances Jones 81 Rochelle THE FINEST IN CLEANING AND TAILORING Corner of Cedar and Jackson Bullock's Restaurant 9 A GOOD PLACE TO McQuade s SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY DORADO MAGNOLIA el a e as c d I'1eSoe gees Wheeling Plpe Lme, lnc TRANSPORTATION OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone UNlon 3 4I63 P O Box 270 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 56 Savings Are lmpor'ranT FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESSS A Y The EXCHANGE BANK and TRUST COMPANY THE FRIENDLY BANK ELDORADO ARKANSAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION P F 1 O Communify well-being is refleclecl in fhe perso l 'F Iunes of us all. I' fhis Impor'I'anf milesfone in yo l a planned savings program will help build for you f 'I' . . . help ou be an imporlanl' par'r of fhis com 'I'y Murphy Corporation AND Deltlc Farm Tlmber Co , Inc N FM 555' 443 I UN- '1 'www' I Nw A' 4' ' D", "N 'Uh 3r'f"M1Im 5"""-Q5 mf' 'I Livr- 5 1 M -H E' M YI' I is ., : ,J I A Murphy Bulldmg The Slaughter House JE IE BER A SIO W Faulkner El Dorado Arlcansas SCHOOL BOOKS TOYS CARDS JEWELRY SCHOOL MEMORY BOOKS QUALITY NEED NOT BE EXPENSIVE Sterling Department Store IO9 III West Main S+ Here IS where you can fund everything for Men Women Children CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Glra rd Llon Station fe I1 s ell Le yt Bishop Bros. Motor Coma pny DeSOTO and PLYMOUTH QMMQTE "'. Phone UNlon 1 ,M ,f , , 1 3-3239 Q CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Sam Richardson DRILLING CONTRACTOR AND PRODUCER 3I7 3I8 Murphy Building EI Dorado Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CIiff's Men's Shop THE BEST AT POPULAR PRICES JARMAN SHOES - RESISTOL HOTS Adams Florlst Phone UNuon 3 8I36 Randolph Hotel EL DORADO S LARGEST MUCIS BY MUZAK I YOUTH TEEN AGE SHOP CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS As' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Turnage Hardware Co SERVING YOU IN EL DORADO FOR 32 YEARS if ' u QI , ., " Gafhrlght ' Tn. Page IU8 Bob Elliott 81 Son JEWELERS EL DORADO - CROSSETT ARKANSAS El Dorado Monument Works WE BUILD FOR THOSE WE LOVE AND REMEMBER Phone UNion 3-8420 or 3-9404 EL DORADO, ARKANSAS "IT PAYS TO PLAY" H 81V Sporting Goods, Inc I09 E Cedar Phone UNlon 3 5650 EI Dorado Arkansas Brown Dowling Company INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER The Fabrlc Center SILKS WOOLENS COTTONS RAYONS PATTERNS DRESS TRIMMING LACES 307 East Mann Street Tlmmms Hardware 81 Furniture Co II3 Il5 N Cleveand Phone UNlon 3 7l04 YOUR WESTINGHOUSE DEALER EI Dorado Arkansas -Q I i a y dec Mllard G ve y t Paqe 109 . - . . I U . . a . I I I . . I I T 1 ' L 2 Nwgwh., ' 3 g?f.y,,,,m',,,p ' F - - ' l 'L , A str orator - i ra s SaIesman -- Jimm A Ions CONGRATULATIONS McWilliams Hardware SENIORS 81 Furniture Co. George Morgan Pontiac Company QPHNTIAC A l IS THE HOME OF FINE FURNITURE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE EL DORADO ARKANSAS Courteous Banking Servlce MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Y 25-vt X Xia-1 Ng! f UIQ P 110 I nf ar nah fha- - I ,aavzmas accowr gym T? I " I ,I ecffiik , . ff xiT'A-5-21 . XOXO '-1 . X To x West Department Store J. A. WEST COMPANY HOUSE OF BETTER VALUES EI Dorado, Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS THE HOME OF ROTHMORE COATS and SUITS - ff A I X' -- X. L- I 5 I Z 'I5lsLg 't2i"' 3 NATIONALLY KNOWN 601023 IRQ QUEEN LOCALLY OWNED AND LUNCHEONETTE I3I2 N. Wesi' Avenue EI Dorado Lumber Company QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL EI Dorado Arkansas Phone UN1on 3 4I3l Rex and Bob s Ture Shop I5 I 5 E HlIIsboro BEST WISHES ao, I-we om: UNnon 3 9491 Davidson s EI Dorado Arkansas Esso Center HEADQUARTERS FOR THE GENERAL TIRES i gin 9- 39" Gro e yma George Law ence Chk 1 y MICI1 Page Ill . I I P o ' ' ' ' I V if - vu 1 . -fI,'j-A fm .. Q -A , Q .1 -xg f- T un L " 41 - Q T V . D ,- afxu- "x'1'li"'t A 1,1541 0 3 m,-iff' - ,. , Al . L L - ,gr si, me f 'IIT' I I A 4 I' . ' ,JH 'V' I C r n - r ec er --A Ton i am IJ Grlttln Auto Co UNson 3 3IOI WE NEVER CLOSE KU PN fix x CHFA ROIII Q F? V I EL DORADO ARKANSAS Southern Wood Treaters, Inc PRESERVATION OF POSTS POLES LUMBER TIMBERS FROM DECAY AND TERMITE ATTACK EI Dorado Arkansas P O Box ZII Dual UNlon 3 7979 Hanna Furmture Company QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY Il2 West Main St CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS EI Dorado Foundry Dial UNlon 3 4I07 Page 112 N H . O lr A I t X! 1 3 'il ' .sf y i .0 Y ' I .4 'xl-' , '.' ab Mechanic - Joe Wong Pfoducemarf e- Johnny Howard O I O O . - u ff ---'ix X .:f-, 101' 92- U . WE SERVICE ALL MAKES The MoH'o of McDavld Bulck Co Locafed af 420 N Wesf Ave IS THE HOME OF NEW AND USED CARS NIW URW d COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR Good Gulf Dealer ...I eoples Furmture Company Smaclrover Highway Phone UNlon 2 34I7 BEST WISH ES SENIORS E I. K I N S LADIES READY TO WEAR EI Dorado Plpe and Supply 726 Soufh Washmgfon DRILLING AND PRODUCING EI Dorado Arkansas B W Reeves 81 Co ESTABLISHED IN I879 DEPARTMENT STORE HOUSE OF GOOD CLOTHES FEATURING NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS sway.. GOQD EIGHB R , P oducer of more than 70 Petrolrum and Chemxcal products for Transportatnon Industry and Agrxculture, Lxon Oxl Company ns proud of nts leadmg role m the deyelopment of the South s mdustrxal potentxal Lxon sends to market each year the equnalent of more than 65000 raxlway carloads of products from tts three manufacturmg plants m Arkansas and Louxsxana It pays approxnmately S17 500000 yearly to 3 000 employees xn wages and benefits and xt pays another 317000 000 m taxes Altogether Lion puts nearly 8100 000 O00 mto car culatxon annually throughout nts terrxtory Industrxal dewelopment ns goxng ahead m the South on a bugger scale than ever before Lion O11 Company con tmues to lead the way mth the most advanced methods of manufactunng findmg and producmg vxtal raw materxals and an scxentmfic research The result more jobs better products for consumers conservation of resources and more efficxent use of those resources No wonder that to South erners the Sxgn of the Lnon has truly become the Sign ry a Good Nnghbor' I I LION Oll. COMPAN A olvlllon or uousnnfo cuznlcAl. GOMPANY EL DORADO, ARKANSAS l , K3 E E 7 , u 1 I 1 1 I ' Y a 3 . . . . , ,I Q 1 1 1 .- , . 1 Y 1 V I s s . 1 , , l ' a 1 a Q . ' . , 1 , , - . I . . . . 2 : a I ' . . V . 1 n -' I - - 1 . I 9 V I . ' ,g 2 . . Y - -' 4 a J . 1 QUALITY SHOES Duggor s Shoe Store RAND POLLY DEB POLL PARROTT North Sade of Square Umon Investment Compo ny, Inc MUTUAL FIRE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Gllllom Bros, Inc READY MIXED CONCRETE COMPANY EI Dorado Arkansas Telephone UNion 3-4344 Heard Motor Company DODGE O PLYMOUTH Reed s Body Shop 24-HOUR WRECKING SERVICE USED PARTS Phone UNion 3-405I or 3-7847 I40I Quaker EI Dorado, Arlr. Shop A L L E Y S EL DORADO S PREFERRED FOOD STORE SUREST SIGN OF SERVICE IN THE SOUTH I supfn Efmil PAN AM SOUTHERN CORPORATION GENERAL OFFICE REFINERIES N OI L EID d A D + h ' I Models - Ni+a Bramleff and MoIIie Crook 's and save! I 1 I I A f - 'lf--'A' , 4 , I .imp -W, . u 0 T 0 . 5 , L ! ew reans a ora 0 rk L Latimer's Northside Pharmacy REGISTERED DRUGGIST PROMPT DELIVERY Phone UNion 3 7IOI Hospital Pharmacy Phone UNion 3-8I03 500 W. Faulkner EI Dorado. Arkansas W ROLAND GILES Hall Drug Company PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS BABY GOODS COSMETICS CANDIES On the Square Phone UNIon 3 8I7I EI Dorado Harper s Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION CENTER Y"1 Qvfi Murphy Bldg EI Dorado Ark Phone UNIon 3 6I74 Gflfflfl Pharmacy PEESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone UNion 3 6I55 2420 Junction City Road CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Peter s Drug Phone UNIon 3 5I27 3I7 North Jefferson EI Dorado Arkansas R tale y PQI I . - :- an U ,Q I. I I I I -TWT.-'WW' P-MZ? . ' , . I I 5 o - '. x I "'i I I 'A I I' Y 1 ' f Wi , 4 I ' 1.95 I., si . M' e i r - Jerr Pyle Drug merchandising - Tommy Smith G G I7 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS THE HOME OF FINER DAIRY PRODUCTS DDJ' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS i X W Parnell Llon Servlce Statlon aney s Body Shop A H LANEY Owner AUTO BODY REPAIRING PAINTING WELDING 9I6 E H1IIsboro Phone UNlon 36842 Kava naugh Motors YOUR YOU LIKE IT' IT LIKES YOU' ,l I - EL DORADO ARKANSAS Electruc Bottlmg Works EVERYTHING ELECTRIC APPLIANCES REFRIGERATOR SERVICE MIIGS Feed COINPGHY MOTOR REPAIRS CONSTUCTION AIR CONDITIONING WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Fagan Electrlc Co , Inc I205 W HlIIsboro DISTRIBUTORS Telephone UNlon 3 4626 607 S Washington Phone UNIon 3 SIS8 EI Dorado Arkansas Page 118 NT ol i 4 V ll ' FQ O I l L I t u 4 g, I 1' I I A :az V A .,: I ,, .,..-I I I C O o Q Wright-King Olds I 20 Rowell Street El Dorado, Arkansas ' ,' Dial UNion 3-5 I 48 Hammond Brothers 46 TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE II7 Locust Street Dial UNion 3-4646 OPEN 24 HOURS Schaaf Clothing Co. "CATERING TO MEN WHO CARE FOR QUARTER CENTURY" 208 South Washington El Dorado Ark Radio Enterprises, Inc ,.lCIII.,TsJT.,i EL DORADO ARKANSAS E B Garrett Co WE MAKE YOUR HOME MORE LIVABLE THE HOME OF FINER FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES EI Dorado Smackover BEST WISHES Randolph Cleaners EL DORADO ARKANSAS M Je ell Teag C a es Ha b Page 119 . llUBllllll.lIKlllSlS . . . 5 .. .4 il . f ' U I i ' 1 M Parlsman - Donald Bock looks up a parts number for 1 r. w ue Electrician - In rl r our Escoubos Cleaners ,L 4 Modei - Loo Ann Snodgrass EL DORADO. ARKANSAS KDMS NEWS MUSIC SPORTS I 290 KC I I 000 WATTS Brown Motors CHRYSLER I PLYMOUTH 4I0 N Wesf Avenue Dual UNlon 3 8l8l DAIRYETTE BEST OBTAINABLE IN HICKORY BAR B O dh FROZEN DESSERTS 2005 N Wes? Avenue EI Dorado Arkansas Terry, The Jeweler ESTABLISHED I876 ELGIN WATCHES HAMILTON EI Dorado Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS Wlldcot Snack Bor MRS E H LINDSEY MRS L O GLADDER MRS C E BISHOP - I O CI I W A Salesgirl - Jo McKinnon and pump repairman Y- Duane " Summerville Cub reporfer -- Jay Griffin Pcxqe IZO Hollingsworth FEED - SEEDS - GROCERIES FERTILIZER 304 Soulh Jaclzson Phone UNion 3-5295 EL DORADO ARKANSAS 7- These eIeven lan are Iook Lanny because they Iv I I I d V N I S ly P 1 fi th 1 n 'n'V'a e In o a one! ode , lc me. S. H . 'f lq I are, John G Mer! JIm'ny W AH: I A rule Caf' Zin WIN on My Ross Nursery BRING YOUR LANDSCAPING PROBLEMS TO US I50I Norfh College UNlon 3 BI49 Hollywood Cleaners 8' Tailors EXPERT SHIRT LAUNDRY I06 S Jefferson 930 S Washlnglon Martin Cleaners pICk Up and Delivery IT COSTS NO MORE TO GET THE BEST 3I4 W Cedar UNlon 3 4670 BAILEY S PAINT AND VARNISH MANUFACTURERS DECORATING CONSULTANTS 3I3 Soufh Lee Phone UNlon 2 3456 El 'Wei Yv- 1!P..IA-i4Nl1' CI Y . J H Y I M 'e. -I , L we Mar A Ann Dearhh B D I-Ifd,Dk L I d, nd Jdy Pm .M7 q MI B d B'II N Ien. o I I I ':'7732i3i'L+l?f ful. 14.52-SLT' W ' I-1 imlifl " , 'Ml-1fQ if L 22 ff'-f?:'5".?w...-"' -Ergo - I l T .. SF 'H-mf A-'-'-was e eu.-42. 1' " ,A - ' A. ' I Nl... n e 121 Wi? ' Q FQ Q , 'A A , ,X I A. A R- W A X 5 Q 1 4 A 1 gf xx - I 1 A II,v. u ,,l,,:. . ,', WLM, ?"' I . V d. H . .A rf,- " Mr. Cage sn' Q as an wer", ws- perfn-.mm L8 ' ' :f -' 9' ff. .Q A, ,411 ,A -nn V "fa wif Q E.. 1 .gf W

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