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igiw F 3-fsivm vfgy, g RQQQCQMIX R Eg ggw ,AN ,X 3 7 Our director, Miss Bene Gene Smith, con trdin animals, too, Suzanne Williams, president, Buddy MclNil- licms, second vice-president, Virqinid Roy Dumas, third vice-president, lo Iordcrn, secretczryg ludy Wep. fer, treasurer, Betty Kelly, reporter were officers lor l953-54 Thespidns. Richard Pcole, first vice- president, was absent when the prcrure was made. Thespmns lecrn make-up preparing tor "Arsenic cmd Old Luce," this yeor's major production. Nr 9 VOLUME NO. 10 i - The 1954 Wi EI Dorado Senior Hig ff-i f .Z 41' Mary lo Ware, Mary lane Cobb, Helen Thomas, Rita Weatherford, Iudy Wep- fer, Lynda Ball, Carol Ann Sims, Iohnny Adcox, Madine Ierry and Ann Snipes. ley. Business Manager Dun- Helen Travis, staff, Io Iordan, Melinda Richard- son, Carolyn Anthony and Betty Kelly. Our Record af 54 Page Page Page Page Page Page 6 52 64 Mr Wnlllom S Fuller and Mr Herbert E Cagle I Workmg steadxly behmd the scenes and 1n the spot hqht Wlth therr varxous programs and concerts they set the tempo for thrs record of records The harmony and con chord they promoted w111 echo long through the halls of EHS To them we ded1cate the 1954 Wrldcat Page 4 .3 64" P. V. ,Z fm: ,I ,if ' " -, We ? a , . , ,., ,,,, ,d r I , 1 ,J s 0 ' I Our Feds Were Record We were intent on fun from the tips of our loafers to our duck tails and crew cuts. The places we went to have fun and the people there will always be remembered. We'l1 also remember our "cat talk" which covered everything in our world from discs to dates. ln years to come, our jeans, white bucks, pastel leath- er jackets, and fur collars may seem impractical, our diet of hamburgers, potato chips, and cokes may seem impossible, and our ideas of fun improbable, but in EHS, 1954 we went on record as being typical. Making an 4 Sl reaking 7I, ,mil i mma, A Busy Days Kept Us Spinning A Lin-Ls f,,.,, lomnhqh. 'Wax'-I 0001 Cheerleaders Richard Poole, lo Iordon, Bobby Wal- dron, Melinda Richardson, Buddy McWilliams, Pat Coley, Benjy Stringtellow and Helen Travis kept things popping at pep assembliies and football games. Queen lo reigned over the twenty-fifth homecoming. The football team took in a student council sponsored banquet, and a proposed constitutional change took the spotlight in the tall. Mr. Howard Elder is shown as he introduces the new faculty mem- bers to the student body in an opening assembly. Seated to his right are Mrs. Tom Wadsworth and Coach Garland Gregory. Iohnny McClesky and his piano. President ot the senior class, Iirn Lawrence, CYS U Sfudenfvquide begins his tour for orien- Mary lane Cobb, student guide, conducts a sopho tation with distribution oi schedules. more tour of the second floor. ta rted Like This Mr. William Fuller, choral director, opens the first assembly by directing the students in the singing ot America. At the conclusion ol the tours all students visit the recreation room lor colces. Here Bill Hali- Io lordan and her tour make a visit to one burton, Don Hahn, Edward Arnold, Mary Io ot the sophomore English classes. Ware, and john Moolc drink colces. With A Slight The steering committee headed by the senior class officers guides the activities and projects of the senior class. Composed ot elected representatives, the committee pro- motes school studies along with school fun. The group, formed only one year ago, is constantly busy. They planned for horne- coming, chose the senior play and spon- sored dances. This year they proposed, and, with the cooperation of the entire school, completed an outstanding Christmas project. Remember the stage stacked high with gifts for less fortunate families, the Although not connected with the committee, two important personalities, Miss Marian Cox and Dan Tucker, recorded it all with pictures. Shove , if My Dan Recorded It All Pc RECORD! O the CTI ITIES and ORGANIZATIONS Our clubs and their activities fill in the time between studies, each with its own faculty sponsor, student officers, programs and projects. The year l954 saw the establishment of several new clubs and organiza- tions, among them the Future Teachers club, the Future Tradesmen of America and the Religious Education club. So it is that our music, with band, choral and theory classes, organizations, plays, projects, commit- tees, dances, meetings .... all are an essential part of our '54 recording. A ncil Y T x ln the middle of every student activity stands the student council. Com- posed ot elected representatives, it sponsors such activities as the magazine drive, candy store, recreation room, football banquet, and the sale of score- books. Above all, it promotes school enthusiasm and spirit. This year the EHS council, sponsored by Miss Marian Cox, was host to the state convention in April. Below in the usual order are Miss Cox, Ellen Manasco, Nancy Heard, Kay- del Currie, Ierry McClurg, leanie Mellor, Mary Io Ware, Mary lane Cobb, Lucy loyner, Ronald Anderson, loe Ross, Abbie Terry, Alice Patterson, Nana Bachtel, Ianelle Wynn, Hazel Warren, Georgia McKinney, Suzanne Williams, Virginia Ray Dumas, Mary Ruth Dobie, Shade Marie Rushing, Florence Davis, Ronnie Wells, Buddy McWilliams, lohn McCrary, Bill Haliburton, Charles Nolan, lodie Mahony, Edward Arnold, lere loiner, lohn Henry, lohn Mock and Berlon Brown. Absent when the picture was taken was Martha Williamson. Page 16 .14 was I fl MX Miss Cox and the student coun cil officers john McCrary, treas- U1'6I,' Lucy loyner, S9CI9fG1'Y Martha Williams, vtce-presi- dent and Edward Arnold, presi- dent, discuss plans tor the AASC convention. Fordyce student council met with deleqates from our own council to make plans tor the state convention held here in April. In The Control Room Council president Edward A nold presides dunno all as sembly programs. Nw N 'B 54' 2119 W 'W 'W ' ,gg 553. rg, 1. Vo -' ,-1s '1 Q . gfify 75,4 wrt! 'fb'Ygl -f 'fW1ff1f..?rN?f'5 'ffflt il- f L.. X R2 " 7353 'T gg? if .JTQE A I N - f ni' ' N. 'Y 1 W , -fi' r "Vw wma, ' is 11. M fifgL,,,,'N"t ff hgh 3 1 -1 ai' Wlldca band members are Ronald Anderson Carolyn Anthony Betty Sue Armer Edward Arnold Edward Baker Billy Ball Roger Barr Robert Bates Ronald Bellrzro Warren Bell Iary Bullock Carol Sue Burcham Mary Lee Carr Frances Clark Charlotte Colvm Tom Colvin Larry Combs Alice Faye Dodqen Barbara Io Frke Dlck Franz Larry Freeland lean Green Iay Grlfim Don Hahn Arlen Hall Iohn Hambleton Betty Ann Hrcks Caudrs Hicks Iohn Honevcutt Tommy Hooten Carl Hurst Iere Iomer Barney Iones Terry Keeter Bettv Kelly Kay ' n . H - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 he Band First The leaders in the band activities are Dick Franz, president, Frances Clark, reporter, limmy Lawrence, student director, Mary lo Ware, sec- retary and treasurer, Felix Thomp- son, librarian, Warren Bell, drum major, Suzanne Williams, vice presi- dent, Roger Barr, business manaqer, Pat Prothro, reporter and E. T. Tracy, reporter. j l Q Kinard, Bob Knight, limmy Lawrence, limmy Lybarqer, Richard Mayfield, Marilyn Meadow, Tommy Miers, Anna Pearl Miller, Iames Muller, Sara Miller, Charles Misenheimer, Darlene Molsbee, Betsy Montgomery, Mary Sue McWilliams, Ronald Nerhercutt, Donald Crrell, Pat Prothro, Diana Beaqan, fcrnes Rushing, Carol Anne Simms, Ann Snipes, Sue Swilley, Felix Thompson, E.. l. Tracy, Gail Wale WARREN BELL Drum Mafor ot the Wildcat Band den, Sarah Wallace, Betty Ward, Devona Terrell, Mary lc Ware, Ann Williams, Suzanne Williams, Billy Wolfe and Peqqy Wriqht. T- 159 Q Q k"V , 9 , l ft W. .gi Ee 'fr fa as Fm ffzwvgfi ,Mg , 5 , ,g will gf? Q? gf ,-04 'Wk '11 T' K A . , .. V. El M. K 1 I H QW3 ,,, Big , tv' An .uw - fl ,Q ug vv , M "Yi, Xf ."'3w3if?h1, -f w,.,?E2r . ' as Takes An Encore On the toyer steps, ready to join the basses, are the soprano and alto sec- tions ot the A Cappella choir. Begin- nina Chorus is preparina to step into the shoes ot the senior qirIsfeGtris Glee Club, in addition to dressinq up in purple and white, are ready tor their performance of Debussey's "Blessed Darnozein which they pre- sented in February. wv,,,N T E T Y .-A like Seven senior girls who received GAA sweaters by participation in intramural sports were Sylvia Ward, Flora Kay Hayes, Betty Horne, Io Ann Post, Helen Thomas, Pat Tabor and Nadine Ierry The Religious Education club, spon- sored by Mrs. Evelyn Greer, strives to "promote programs which will give inspiration and information to any per- son interested in Christian worlc, volun- tary or as a vocation." Officers of the club are Delmas Iones, presidentf Rose- mary Gaffney, vice-president, Nadine jerry, secretary-treasurer. Future Teachers of America tries to give information and training to those inter- ested in teaching as a career. Marilyn Moore was president of the club which did practice teaching at the grade schools in the spring. Clubs Have Officers of the Girls Athletic association were Helen Thomas, president,- Nadine jerry, vice- presidentp Burda Kennerly, secretaryg Rita Weatherford, treasurer and Mrs. Flecher Mc- Lane, sponsor. The GAA conducted girls' intra- mural sports and sponsored bake sales, demon- strations and the annual spring picnic for girls who lettered. Allied Youth officers lim Hearin, lim Lawrence, Frankie Taylor and Pat Coley preside over initiation. Also in the picture are Carolyn Vance, Billy Cvaddy, Donald Olfutt, Lynda Ball, Mary Carroll, Mary lane Cobb, William Lyon, Billy Wolfe, loe Ross, Babs Whit- aker and Marilyn Turnage. Allied Youth is an organization designed to promote clean living and lun. Miss Eileen Vfest, sponsor, shows oft her Future Homemakers ol America club. The current membership is 55 with all girls taking home ec being eligible. The purpose is leadership training. ong Term Contract Working in the library is only one ol the Li The Future Tradesmen ot America, headed by brary club's duties. They planned a gay social Mr I W Rowe, received their charter in De- ceml:er FTA members are students in distribu- tive education and diversified occupations. calendar this year what with a Christmas party a spring picnic to say nothing oi the fun they had working on the homecoming float. '-"Ss, 'Ou These Boys Supply The Ke ff'-i ' ,J Key Club officers ond sponsor were elected by the entire groups last spring. They are Bill Halilzurton, presidentp Franklin Taylor, vice-president, Richard Poole, secretary, Edward Arnold, treasurer and Mr. Leroy Pennington, facul- ty sponsor. Another member of the club, Richard Franz, was elected lieutenant gcver' nor of District 7 at the Aransas Key Club convention held in Little Rock, 'Q-our The Key club, meeting in the library every Monday night, enjoy program reading from tishermen's tall stories to state department films. Here a state trooper explains to the group the traffic rules and regulations of Arkansas. Present are David Mook, Dick Franz, Bob Waldron, Mike DuVall, Bill Bruton, lim Hearin, Rodney Dungan, Otis McCroskey, Benjy Stringfellow, Ralph MC- Lean, Bill Toney, Charles Nolan, Dickie Mays, Berle Anthony, E. l. Tracy, George Barnes, Ralph Wilson, Iody Mahony and Sharon Taylor. Otis MCCIOSKY, Ralph McLean, and Ron- ald Anderson, three industrious Key men help fulfill the club's name as a service organization by performing the annual chore of trophy polishing. Q19ha , w 1 , 7 f-fi , Thespian mrjf Q X 5 Q Q x ,, 'ff ,ij C , fb L 164: K Q , , m, , if ,WG k 4 V5 an ,-wrpi , wtf 4,1 tml NHS Sets The Tempo 1 , I ' cfs ' . - , 34 ME 5 I if L ' M.,-15' ' W 'req if - ff - , ' 1" ' IQ A ' - Aa cps. I . X I Aisgir l .- ' . ' " . i , . an , , v I a t , .,.,,. ,. , , H I ,K Members ot NHS pose after the December 17 induction. ln the usual order are Patricia loiner, Rita Weatherford, Lynda Ball, Burda Kennerly, Ramona Phillips, Frances Tolle- son, Dan Tucker, Jeanie Mellor, Lucy loyner, Mary lo Ware, Roxie Greene, Iudy Wepter, ferry McClurq, Bill Haliburton, lohn Mc- Clesky, Warren Bell, Benjy Strinqiellow, Richard Poole, Edward Arnold, Bill Bruton, Suzanne Williams, Marilyn Moore, Virginia Dumas, Martha Williamson, Nadine ferry, Berlon Brown, Mary lane Cobb, jimmy Law- rence, lanelle Wynns and Helen Thomas. This is the National Honor so- ciety's qaily bedeclced entry tor the homecoming parade. National Honor society officers ex- hibit their money-making mater- ials ot paper, pencils and com- passes. The leaders are Helen Thomas, secretary, Berlon Brown, presidentf Virginia Bay Dumas, vice president and Suzanne Wil- liams, treasurer. ' AMW RECORDI G the FACULTY Exciting though life may he, there's still the ever-present spectre ot learning. Yes, along with all sorts of other activities EHS also offers knowledge - at no additional cost. But an excellent faculty and a wide choice of subjects make the pill as easy to take as possible. Art or trigonometry, Latin or shop, chemistry or psychology, they're all offered here ,... a foundation to almost any career you can think of. And so to c1ass-- f-X "3" Mrs Icxmes Pence Socml Sclence A B zXX Di I Us Q 4' 'Y , H., W A :Mn ' W I 2' Qing? N E vi Lg A M , 'rl M g 7. .1 l .X 'A 4 Q 4 1 f 3 Principal and Principles MR GARLAND STUBBLEFIELD Supermtendent HOWARD ELDLR ln the business offlce IS osslsled by Mrs foe Gxvens ond Mrs Bob Prmmpol Mn LEROY Pr-:NN1NsToN Guzdonce Counselor Ccunsellmq wnh sfuden's IS the kmqqest 1ob of Mr Leroy Penmnqton grudcznce dxrec or 4,71 Mrs Momre Elkms 1 Ire perfect prxvofe ecretcxry to Mr Stubblefleld Attendance offxce-where crbsentees and fcrrdy shps are checked Mrs. Morqie Speer, ond Mrs. Merle Cunning- hom, o Yendortce officers, afwoys hove plen y of help. gS 'Q Q-'N 'N A 2 " ' ww mv B WNW If if gs, 1 ' 7 1:,f7f1'1mA if I N L ' ,f 1 , ,, 5 4 1, , R 5 M J' Q?-W we if "W A 5 W' gh YQ- 'Q vi , ' X ' 4 f, , 3 , M 429 www 8 J 7' ' ' Q ' , 47 U-I + 9 1,75 -u Qc Q . W, ,. 'mv l Mug , ,qi . 'Q' , Q ', ' x ,B A , ol W " Us 3' Q., 'WV -N il lg fi 1333 gptllflit IJ III? Nancy Burrow, Donnie Ward, james Nelson, Dana Holloway and Pat loiner practice the art ot makeup in dramatics. Elizabeth Phillips and Sallie MCI-lan prepare a treat tor the home econom- ics class as Iudy Hunt Waits tor it. All Busy Wit Be It Food, Frock Ad girls checking over the annual are Io jordan, Linda Gregory, Me- linda Richardson, Helen Travis, Ca- rol Anne Sims and Suzanne Wil- hams. if Mrs. Brewster helps john Freeman with his Spanish verbs as the others study. ' I 8 I Q 'Q A 1 t Q itf F ? , ,, q t Q gi U , ,Y A , J 1 Y ' df , , ,- 8 1.3, b ' Q I' Fl' A in I' 591 W ll lt It P' K tuba? "'A5m,,,x I , f-fa-' its Make-Up Work Faces or Front Page Mrs. William Durrett's junior English class displays an array ol eager laces. Betty McPherson completes her home economics work. .M .4..4.a..... V film' Cls this a dagger which l see before me?D It appears that Richard laces a mass of ex- pectant laces as he recites Mac- beth in Miss Rogers' English class. journalism students, Ieanie Mellor, Harold Mathews and Helen Thomas check copy for Hi Gusher. Strange Things In Science 1 70 gi.. Dissecting seems to be a lavorite pastime of the biology classes. Iohn Mook, A. B. Allen, Judy Wep fer ana' lohri MCCrary put the prin ciples ol physics lo work. Rosemary Gaffney, Charles Cawley, Barbara Whitaker, and Bill Toney learn io use slide rules in chemistry class. It's A Short Step to the Future Senior Ronnie Smith explains the fundamentals of corsaqe malcina to Troy Sinyard in cooperative training class. Ioel Morris tries to convince Hines Cronin that he is a registered voter lor any student council election. The contemporary problems class put on the election. Iohn Perdue carefully works on an industrial arts project, gaining skills that he will use in lite. ' ,Ju--il Donald Oflutt points out the prin- ciples ot solid geometry to T!Varren Bell and jimmy Green. Hanging above Donald and jimmy are their semester solid projects. Bert Shyrock, Tillie Diilie, lodie Ma- hony, ludy Hothe, Elizabeth Suther- land and Rudy DuVall sing Christ- mas carols before the gaily deco- rated library door. Everybody's I And Workin Lee Case explains the mobiles made by the art class to lan Miller, Richard Reuter, Grady Pratt, Ray Wells and Eddie Babcock. , Q , , 1 t Xt fx he Groove ard Lucy Ioyner, Martha Gene Corson and Lynda Ball show oil the purple and white outtits oi the Girls' Glee club. 3 imm Waterson Sallie McHan Ronnie Smith l Y , , ' ' Alice Patterson explains the general journal Lynwood Rowe, and Helen Murphy, complete to filth period bookkeeping class. Christmas decorations in the lunch room. " "'-E 1 5. W 5 ,MN Q-rw '-'W RECORDI G the PERSONALITIES Wit, charm, beauty, brains what our parents called "it" are found in the following pages. These seniors we will remember for simply being themselves. They had their own particular qualities that made them stand out. Homcoming, with its crepe paper, tuxedoes, night vigils over floats, hot cocoa, and the big day itself, with bevies ot excited beauties, was the stellar attraction of fall. The cheerleaders, with unbelievable vitality, we remember at all pep assemblies and athletic contests. They kept us in the winning spirit. All these ...,. will we remember in this, our records of records. Z EDWARD ARNOLD Mr. E.H.S. MARTHA WILLIAMSON M155 E H S Q, W! ,v K Martha Williamson Beautiful Linda Gregory Beautiful But Here Are PEGGY MITCHELL Most Beautiful Frances Clark Marilyn Moore Beautiful Beautiful The Top Ten GLENN DANIELS Most Handsome K .Ajwrx ,L J QVQKJWV Richard Poole Donald Offutt Handsome Handsome U69 Bobby Waldron Handsome Mike Duvall Handsome Q And Off The Recor X , lx X Winners of the senior Buddy McWilliorns, best Brown, best all around H best physique qirl, best figure, cutest girl: ond Richard Poole boy, cutest boy. ' 'Q contest ore Io Iordon ludy Wepfer most Q X rrsosk popular qirl' girl, Berlori friendliest friendliest hey're Tops Too Here ag rest: E qent bo st likely Martha Williarnson, most ' most likely to succeed, most .Loy ' .. ,- 3 . , , 'W- 'Lee Case, best girl danc 4. Iane Cobb, best all around girl, Iimrny Lawrence, most typical boy. Xl' 1 Edward Arnold, most i- i- Homecoming 'N " , .1 4' Queen lo reigned over twenty-filth homecoming with Princesses Lynda Ball, Melinda Richardson and Prin- ces Donald Ollutt and Tommy Lyle serving in her gala court. There was a big parade with floats and bands. The climax came as Queen lo was crowned by Rodney Dunqan and Berlon Brown at Memorial Stadium. LlB9.!13'Y' CLHE: Tradition! Floats In E ,ax x "' 'U X ' : -Q,"-Q-2, 1- "' ii '. -::1Qf:?:?,YL:'y1:kb .Q , 9 ' A N15 5-' , A mere glimpse ot the parade. HIM LLL: ti More fun making . . . And Uurs Made A Record Homecoming attendants Donald Ot- tutt, lack Burson, Lou Lambert, Tom- my Lyle, Sue King, Carleen Harris, Harry Smith, Dickie Dickson, Charles Couch, Diane Dowling, Lynda Ball and Melinda Richardson . . . Chairman of the Senior tloat Dick Franz discusses plans with a helper. Seniors take time out trom tloat work for a little UH f'7ts, I A ,...-.'-r ii! - I' ' ,- Q L Bpfjy , K QJLIT 6 W RECORDI G SPORTS There's something about football -- excited crowds, hoarse cheer- leaders, bright colors, tall air, waving flags, dances after the game . . . all combine to form a colorful, unforgettable part of our high school life. Then came December, and the Wildcat basketball team. The towns- people as well as the school were proud ot them and their fine record. Spring and our track squad both made a good showing, for El Dorado was again rated high among the track elite of Arkansas. Only the boys themselves will remember the long hours ot prac- tice, the week of preparation and work that went into the Friday show. But it was worth it, for EHS had fine teams that could lose gracefully, and win generously--teams to be proud of. . . . 41 - ,sk . , - . ,l , ,. Q f gm, gg-' ,qty .M . w 'S My , .,., tr l954 football squad-l. to r., first row-O. G. Moore, D. Murphree, D. Foster, C. McWilliams, I. Pruitt, G. Morris, Ralph McLean, D. Hogg, M. Carney, G. Hays. Second row-Coach Morrison, D. Iorves. F. Taylor, D. Leverette, G. Spears, C. Nolan, D. Mays, B. McGlothan, l. Floyd, C. Stringer, G. Patterson, B. Beuter. Third row-Coach McLane, S. Wright, D. Little, D. Lewis, F. Gunnels, G. Adams, G. Pratt, G. Barnes, I. Tinnell, C, Buchner, D. Coley, Coach Gregory. Fourth row-T. Grunden, I. Harris, D. Thornton, B. Brown, B, Wells, I. Tones, L. Drum- mond, Ft. Dunqan, I. Mooty, B. Bates, T, DeBruin, R. Fteuter. vftf .t5-.f.5i.a.1'Lg- fa? W'-Nh" 9'-'f'f'1't tsxfz Y 55" t t, t X st Dorado Magnolia Dorado Fort Smith The l953 El Dorado Wildcat football sea- DOYGdO Hope son was marked by the return of Coach Gar- Dorado N' Little Rock land Gregory as head coach and athletic Dorado Pme Bluff dl t d hl I t d tl Nh MII, f Dorado Smaclcover irec or an is in ro uc ion o e orma' Dorqdo Lime Rock tion. The Cats registered a season record of Domdo Hcynesviue six wins and five losses. Dorado Hot Springs Dorado Texarkana Dorado Camden Bobby Bates Charles McWilliams Rodney Dungan DOD Coley Hallback Guard End All State All State Second Tgqm Big 7 Second Team Big 7 Second Team Bio 7 All Southern 5 Y: 5 ' '-me I A. S ' l 4 ,va Q ., ,, Y, sw N 5,-fs. M152-twjt. .1 N 'V .594 GQ... Iames Mooty H aliback Second Team Biq 7 Berlon Brown Fullback Second Team Big 7 wi? A 5 " YI , 1:7 ,f , Head Coach Garland Greqory is seen above with his 1953-54 football coaching stall. They are, r. to l., Coach Gregory, backtield coach Lowell Morrison, line coach Fletcher McLane and junior high coach Leon Turpin. Coach Gregory and Coach Morrison are new in El Dorado this year, coming from Bastrop, La. Wildcats Have A Good Season Richard Reuter Tackle Honorable Mention Donald Hogg Doyan Foster Guard Honorable Mention Don Thornton Guard Tackle Honorable Mention Honorable Mention '31 3 "' V Q . r, 7 4'2" nu' 5 -9 l ...J , u L tl A ,Q ml ,,, A N, 5131?- Charles Nolan Quarterback Honorable Mention Mike Duvall H aliback 1. J- , ' fff"'f1 w ,, ,K 4 , A U2 El Q A ,,' Iearl Morris Haliback Delmas Iones H aliback l NH V 4 lf , x. s P la R , This year's El Dorado Wildcat team placed l2 boys on the All-Big Seven squad. Bobby Bates, top scorer in Big Seven play, and Charles McWilliams, a fine guard, were named to the first team of the mythical ll. Rodney Dungan and lames Mooty received second team berths on the offensive squad while Berlon Brown, Buddy Reuter and Don Coley were listed on the defensive second team. Don Thornton, Richard Reuter, Doyan Foster, Donald Hogg, and Charlie Nolan received honorable mention. Twenty-seven received letter awards and graduation will take l3. All these boys carried a big load for the Wildcats this year and will be difficult to replace. Dickie Mays Stacy Wright Chester Stringer Ralph McLean End Tackle Guard Center Tommy DeBruin Iohnny Floyd Franklin Taylor George Hayes End Guard Center Hallback fi f X TNQ : gh ,,, ., Managers Ed Zimmerman Harry Steffen, and David Mook look on as head manager Otis McCroslcey dem onstrates the first aid Im if lt Y Y wie, frq o!"' I V 5 .gf Kg 4 , v A jggiff wwf. 'FV 'nf fi ,, ,. .rl-15, 'y,,q,?.5f,..,- 'Y 9- is A, ' .Aw 1 'Q 3 -i .df- 0 0 4 . -v If , I 'ip ' Q ' ' M, f 0 .4 ,Q EF- . fi Brown plunges for TD against Smackover 'v' 4. sw -lr f in Q, gig eww, Nr ag W -L. X, s 5.3 ' -Q . . .p I rx X ' "S lv ' :zz ,.g1.- ,- 1-w - f V , jf' . ' fi' . ,V, A ,E Sxger, ' X' v x Q , R 5 4 w 13,524 5 W wif K wif ' if ff S ff hm ,1,, " M u f .,l, 4, ' N-xU1C4f, Wnc"' 'XL G cdmrf 23 'Q 35 32 '275 ,m:4, 2 2 yi f amvaagw S555? Ss,-:..-1-gl, 'lxcsgg - - 1 3, , Q, W ? Zgzfi ' A :df V ,J- ,fwj . zu. , ,W V 'R . , "2 , -is-im? mb ui H222 gmg I S' 5 3 4 ,' 1, 'E X., ' 'P'-Mm who-w,swvr,.mw-.+,, nal -1-n-uw. Sa Del Hodges, jimmy Gaston, Ross jenkins, lack Owens, Mike Carney, line up on the back row while Larry Kinard, Iohnny Howard, George Adams, Elvey Mooty and Huey Havard kneel in front. These boys who make up the B team had an outstanding record this year. The El Dorado Waldcats finished the season with an l8-ll season record, In their home games the Cats lost only two encounters and in the Big'Seven conference the boys from El Dorado beat every team at least once, excluding Little Rock, Heres how the season went: Wildcats 66, Smackover 38, Cans 65, Neville 29, Cats 66, Linville 43, Cats 37, Marion 27, Cats 4l, Camden 31, Cats 49, Monticello 47, Cats 46, Crossett 55, Cats 47, Smackover 42, Cats 55, Lakeside 46, Cats 60 North Little Rock 66, Cats 60, Hot Springs 55, Cats 42, Fort Smith 46, Cats 54, Fort Smith 47, Cats 49, North Little Rcck 62, Cats 54, Little Rock 78, Cats 5l, Hot Springs 42, Cats 46, Smackover 57, Cats 52, Camden 47, Cats 59, Pine Bluff 50, Cats 57, Texarkana 47, Cats 54, Little Rock 73: Cats 64, Magnolia 50, Cats 45, North Little Rock 37, Cats 57, Texarkana 52, Cats 5l, Pine Bluff 68, Cats 39, Hot Springs 50, Cats 65, Magnolia 53, Cats 75, Crossett 56, Cats 54, Texarkana 57. Lamar Drummond, Harold Matthews, Fred Trull and Ioe Donnelly watch Harold Ains- A V worth jump center as the second half of the Amswoflh 9095 up for U lump Shot Gnd foe Nofgh Ljffle Rock game starts, Donnelly is ready for the rebound. lduff, " ' I 51: f' H ya W N ia fig, mffdgf ifi "fx 1 V Q ffkw Mfiwfzf ' Q21 my , vim A E193 W Y WLM rw W inf f 4 Q , , '5'i5Ti: H MW wflff' mem' I wif" 1 WW 4 A 5 M ,Biff 1' KQV y f " n ,,, , Q" g y , 5 1:1 I ' M W' 1 1,7 fvf' w iw ..,, Af fififi?-4 f , A M O , mm, .. 'z,.,..... ,,,,mgk N, We A V 4 1 YY' 3:35 8 wanna,- ,Qh yd 4 we H5f Talking shopwfe zen to fiqmz Johnny Floyd, ' 880: Glenn Daniels, discusf lames Tinnell, 8801 Coach Lowell Morrison, Iohnny Ghutzman, ati? .x 440- and lames Mooty, 100. The tennis team played such schools as Ark- adelphia, Camden, Hot Springs, Byrd High, Little Rock, and Texarkana. Bob Phelps, Wil- liam Lyons, Leon Bradem, Hines Crowin, Hobertn Nash, Buzzy Hale, Del Hodges, and Lynwood Goodwin discuss plans how they can improve- their game. Fore' Limbering up lor the course are leit to right lan Miller Mike Sheehan Diana Dowling Bert Cones Georgia McKinney Daphan Daniels Sandra Coley Bill Camp bell Indy Hothe and Gloria Brooks RECORDI G the CLASSES We learned early that the whole is only as qreat as the sum of its parts. So it is with any school, and EHS is no exception. Sophomore, junior, senior, all three classes considered as one unit comprise our school. The sophomore, with hair in his face and butterflies in his stomach, the junior, who now knows one iloor from another, and that twelve-month wonder, the high school senior, now at the very pinnacle of human en- deavor, without any one of them our annual would never be complete. Y A At 'QI 1 'Q?"""V 4. 5' I I M fi if w . 1.11911 X- if 5' Sv' vm-rv 435 Adcox, lohnny Basketball 2-4: HR Allen, A. B. FTA 4, track 2 Allen, Kay Fleliqious education Anthony, Carolyn Band 2-4, who's w Antoon, larnes Football 2, FTA 4 Armer, Betty Sue president 2-3 S E 47 A Cappella choir 4 ho 3 Majorette 4g steering committee Arnold, Edward SC president, Thespian 2-4 Arnold, Harold Band 37 FTA 4 Avery, Catherine GAA 2-4: FHA 4 Ayers, June GAA 47 FHA 2-4 Babcock, Eddie Band 27 AY 3 Ball, Lynda NHS 47 beauty candidate 4 4-no Senior class officers are Working over their minutes. They are Jim Lawrence, presi- dentf Berlon Brown, vice-president: Fran- ces Tolleson, treasurerg and Mary lane , Cobb, secretary. - if Barr, Roger Allen Band 2-4, Thespian Beasley, George Intramural sports 45 cooperative training 4 ,Wx as X x RS Bell, Warren Boys State 3: band 2-4 Bock, Rosalee Mixed Chorus 45 health unit 4 Bly, Mary Nell CAA 2-45 intramural sports 2-4 Bradham, Leon Intramural sports 35 tennis team 4 Bransfefter, Mary Library Club 2-35 FTA 4 Brown, Berlon NHS president 45 football 2-4 Brown, Georqe Intramural sports 2-4: dramatics play Bruton, Bill Boys' State 35 A Cappella choir 3-4 Burroughs, David Track 2-45 football 2-3 Burrow, Nancy A Cappella choir 35 Gusher staff 4 Burton, Wendell Intramural sports 3-45 Leqion baseball 4 Calaway, LeRoy AY 2-45 intramural sports 4 Carol Anne's backyard serves as a barbe cue site for the girls. 1.4 5 J -te? 4 -Q' gl Clark, Frances Clever, Mary Ann Coley, Don Football 2-45 track 2-4 Ma QQ -ui x, '-3 -. ! 3 if Cobb, Mary Iane NHS 3-4, DAR Good Cm Carson, Martha Gene GGC 2-47 Thespian 3-4 Cranston, Caroline A Cappella Choir 3-47 G Cronin, Hines AY 3-47 tennis 3-4 Daniels, Glenn Davis, Ann GGC 47 Mixed chorus 2 Dumont, Faith GGC 3-4: FHA 4 Dunqan, Rodney HR president 4, football 2-4 Dodqen, Alice Faye Band 2-45 AY 3 Donahue, Billy Ray FTA 45 intramural sports Dumas, Virginia Ray NHS 3-47 Thespian 3-4 Band 3-4: beauty candidate 4 Thespian 3-4, steering committee 4 zen 4 usher Staff 4 A Cappella choir 4, track 2-3 -3 3 Edward and William consider the situation R H SE DuVall, Mike Boys' State 35 steering committee 4 Elia, lack Football 2-3 Evans, Morris lntramural sports 2-4 Fike, Barbara Io Band 2-4, 'lhespian 4 Finney, Gracie GAA 3-4, intramural sports 3-4 Franks, Sue FTA 47 service club 4 Franz, Dick Boys' State 35 band president 4 Frisby, Annie FHA 4: GAA 2-4 Gaddy, Billy AY 3-4: intramural sports 2-4 Gideon, Carolyn AY 4: Mixed chorus 4 Gilmore, Charles HB treasurer 23 intramural sports 2-4 Green, Iimmy lntramural sports 2-35 HR treasurer Our lettermen, David Burroughs, Delmas lones, Dennis Murphree, Charles McWil- liams, Franklin Taylor, Rod Dunqan, Grady Pratt, Don Thornton, Bobby Bates, Tommy DeBruin, Ray Wells, Don Coley, Chester Strinqer, Berlon Brown, Richard lu' if V-'-f N.. . Q vu ,,.,, far Heuter. 1 Mm .MMI 'W . -t -4 i Ill 'Q f :YH we X63 Greene, Ftoxie A Cappella choir 3-45 Thespian 3-4 Greqory, Linda Fair Queen candidate 4, beauty Candi date4 Griffin, Louise Girls' State 3: GAA 24 Groff, Sharon GAA 2-4, intramural sports 24 Hadden, Laura GAA 2-4: FHA 2-4 Haliburton, Bill Boys' State 3, Key rlub president 4 all, Arlen Band 2-47 Fair Queen Candidate 4 GAA 24, intramural sports 34 X' ' Hayes, Flora Kay Hayes, George Bay Travk 2-4, football 2,4 Hearn, Robert Efrnd fly cltioir 4 Henderson, Alice Band 3: GGC 4 Herbert, Bobby Transfer from Stronq 4 l-licks, Betty Ann Majorette 4, Fair Queen candidate 4 Hoag, Donald Football 2-4, HB president 4 This makes duck huntinq worth while' RS Horne, Betty 5 GAA 2-4, FHA 2-4 Hunt, Iudith . Intramural sports 2-45 guidance secretary V M Ierry, Nadine . NHS 3-4, GAA vice-president f ' 1 P ln C' , ., Ioiner, Iere Band 2-45 student council 4 loiner, Patricia NHS 45 steering committee Iones, Delmas HB vice president 4, football 2-4 Iordan, Io Cheerleader 4, Thespion 3-4 Ioyner, Lucy Lee SC secretary 45 NHS 4 Keeton, Clyde B. FTA reporter 4, track 2 bas- IR., vu 5-qi' 1 Kelly, Betty Blanche Band 47 Wildcat staff 4 Ke-nnerly, Burda NHS 45 Girls' State 3 Knight, Bolo All-State hand 3, hand 2-4 Tommy, Bob, Bill and David run the movie projector. Q5 fs x , X! Lawrence, Iirnrny NHS 3-4, president s nior class Lewis, Tornrny Projector cpcrfrcr 43 sports 2-3 K 1 "K ,K 5? v 4-3 115 Wg. tv- if Q72 1'-1 X! -- x nn.. 6 .8 tg, ' f A S-4' Q5 -I Q-0' 5 J 5 1 Little, Iackie Girls Glee club 45 FHA 2-3 Lonidier, Wilbert Track 45 intramural sports 3 Luschen, Marlene Real Life club 45 GAA 2-4 Lybarqer, Iimrny Band 2-45 Latin play 2 Lyle, Tommy SE HH president 45 homecoming attendant 3 4 Lyon, William Thespian 45 tennis 3-4 McCleskey, lohn Fire marshall 2-45 A Cappella McClurq, lerry Girls State 35 NHS 4 Mccrary, Iohn SC treasurer 4 McGauql'1, Royce Intramural sports 25 FTA 4 McGowen, Eugene Boys chorus 3g basketball 3-4 McHan, Sallie FHA 25 Allied Youth 3-4 choir 3-4 Oh, that annual! Editors can't waste time. .1 Mclnnis, Earl Allied Youth 45 chorus 4 McKinnie, Villa Gale Intramural sports 3-4: Wildcat staff 'lv it 'KJ 1521 RS McPherson, Betty Intramural sports 2-47 GAA 2-4 McWilliams, Buddy Cheerleader 47 Bays Saito 3 McWilliams, Charles HR president 4: fill state foo 1-- McWilliams, Carol Ann Girls Glee rluh 4 McWilliams, Mary Sue Band 2-4g Real Lite club 2-4 Matthews, Harold Basketball 2-4g Library club 3-4 Mayo, lohn Trcck team 2-47 intramural spo Mellor, leanie Thespian 45 Gusher statt 4 Miller, Ian Ray Intramural sports 45 transfer 3 Mitchell, Peqqy Candidate senior beautyg senior proarorn Molshee, Darlene Band 2-4g Allied Youth 3-4 Mook, lohn Boys State 3, student Council 24 We seniors eat ton S Qu-"" ii ,snag Morris, Iearl Football 2-4, track 2-4 Moseley, Billy Mac Band 2-3, FTA 4 Murphree, Dennis Football 2-4: HR presiden Murphy, Helen FHA 47 GAA 4 Murray, Nancy Girls State 35 GGC 4 Nelson, Iames Track 2, Allied Youth 3-4 Nethercutt, Ronald Bcmd 2-45 Allied Youth 3 ton, Mariana A Cappella choir 3-47 intramural sports 2 Offutt, Donald Homecoming attendant 4, handsomest se nioi candidate 4 Oliver, Bernice Girls Glee club 45 GAA 2 Olson, Catherine Wildcat staff 4, Thespian 4 Orr, Ierome Band 3: senior program Remember the good old days X , I O RS up irff' M,., - f 1 N L: m I ti Patterson, Martha ,jr -1' Mixed chorus 25 GGC 3-4 l' Pennington, lames FTA 4: proqram committee Phillips, Elizabeth FHA 47 lntramural sports 2-4 Phillips, Rornona Student council 33 A Cappella choir 3-4 f.- Poole, Richard Governor of Boys State 37 cheerleader 3-4 'T' Post, Ioann HR president 45 Thespian 4 Pratt, Grady Football 2-4: FTA 4 A Proctor, Carolyn Transfer from Shreveport 4 4 'ts Prothro, Pat Band 2-45 Reliqious Education 2-4 'iiiii Ig L:- 44 -QP- Rankin, Iimmy Ll Intramural sports 25 baseball 3-4 Reagan, Diana ,J G Band 2-4, majorette 3-4 XL . ' 5. bf Reuter, Richard as V .......... Who's who 4: football 3-4 5 "'l Time for a rest after the journalism con- ference in Maqnolia. " Y Richardson, Melinda Louise Cheerleader 45 Thespian 3-4 Robertson, Billy Don Football 25 intramural track 3 gl i 1+ 'Q Q 245 5- N ' Rowe, Lynwood S E N Allied Youth 4: fire marshall 2 Ruddell, Betty Ruth FHA 4: Girls Glee club 2-4 . 4 "ff" 4 I-eff' Sanderson, Gloria ' "" Band 2, GAA 2-4 Shirey, Charles Transfer from Hampton : -4 Staples, David - " A Cappella choir 2-45 Thespian 2-4 4 Simpson, Vernauqhn A Cappella choir 45 Allied Youth 3-4 'ei Z ' Q W f'l ,mvJfi:4 'lb QQ., Sims, Carol Anile A Senior beauty candidate, majoretie 3,4 Smith, Ronnie X Speech meet 37 intramural sports 2-4 tb' fy.. Q:-3" " Snipes, Ann L Band 4: Wildcat staff 4 ,Q 45 1 V ' Pa R5 Stiles, Mary GGC 2-4, health unit 4 Stringfellow, Benjy Homecoming attendant 3: cheerleader 4 Spooner, Sue Cheerleader 37 homecoming attendant 2-3 Stanley, Iames FTA 4, finance committee 4 Starritt, Patricia Girls State 3, Mixed Chorus 4 Why seniors get q1'aY- uf G RS Stringer, Chester Football 2-4: dramatirfs play 4 Summerhill, Edgar lntramural sports 23 Tabor, Pat Allied Youth 3-47 FHA 4 Talley, Ray Track 3, intramural sports 3-4 Taylor, Franklin Football 244, Boys State 3 Thomas, Helen NHS secretary 4: GAA president Thompson, Felix Band 244g Thespian 4 Thornton, Don Football 2-47 FTA 4 Tomlinson, loyce Allied Youth 3-4: CGC 4 Tolleson, Frances NHS 45 senior class treasurer Travis, Helen Cheerleader 3-4: Thespian 3-4 Trull, Fred Basketball 2-45 Allied Youth 4 1 iv' , Afi- 4 1' 4 if t E .D fl . O ' o .,:b. . s .-,sn n-- .' f xv J. V 15 4 5, X26 ""' bf M , ,, , , N -3...-1' TN i 'Q ff' x ,i The make-up department. xi err' Tucker, Dan Allied Youth 3-47 schcol photographer 4 Turnaqe, Marilyn Thespian 4g Library Club 2-4 J 4.-:P 31" X . Vines, Gurvis Track 2-4g movie operator 2-4 Waldron, Bob Cheerleader 3-45 who's who Walker, Barbara FHA 2, Girls Glee club 3-4 Wallace, Sarah Girls State 3: maiorette 3-4 VVard, Sylvia Y-teens 4, GAA 2-4 Ward, Donnis 2-4 A Cappella choir 3-4g Thespian 4 Ware, Mary Io Girls State 43 Wildcat editor Warren, Hazel Girls Glee club 3-4g FHA pres Waterston, Iimmy FTA 4, band 2-3 Weatherford, Rita GAA treasurer 41 NHS 4 Webb, Ray Basketball 4: transfer '53 Wells, G-arland Ray Football 2-4g Allied Youth 3-4 4 ident 4 Wepier, Iudy Thespian treasurer 3, NHS 4 Wheatley, Edward Wildcat staff 4, Allied Youth 4 , i f ,st Intelliqence at its best. O Whitaker, Barbara Transfer from Alexandria '53 Willett, Linda Girls Glee club 4: Cwusher sta Williams, Suzanne Thespian president 45 NHS Williarnson, Martha NHS 3-47 SC vice-president 4 Willis, G. W. Cooperative traininq 3, FTA 3 Womack, De Wanna 3-4 Cfiice qirl 3, Girls Glee club 2-4 Glenn and his sideburns. Wynns, lanell NHS 3-47 student Council 4 Wike, Paul Transfer from Parkers Chapel No pictures available lor Beryl lacobs and Ted Beavert GJ. 'I'-5 Jimi, wg-'Y li 'J' fe-F Parks, Charlotte Band 2, 3 4 Ainsworth, Harold Adams, George Allen, Marjorie llllcy, Diane Alpuente, Claire '3 ,. ' 1 8 ,-6 A nd rews, Iean Anderson, Ronald Armstrong, Bobby I ' 1. 0.15. Bachtel, Nana Baqqett, Barbara Ball, Billy Barker, Donald Bates, Bobby Bates, Robert Bauman, Ierry Bishop, Nancy Blanks, Kay Boone, Addie Lee l I 5 Branstetter, Iohn l Brewer, Paula Burroughs, Ierry Burson, lack Burson, Troy Carney, Ianell I wt '+A ,,,t f A Muff Y P M 1 A if 1' 4, an Q J it t t I These good looking juniors are Peqqy Thompson, Shade Marie Flushing, Suz- anne Wilson and Mary Carroll. Y za he 0 tg A, 'i 6 fn' OR :iw 'D' 'T in S Darden Wallac Davns Vrankle Dean Carolyn DeBru1n Tommy Denham ob Dennmq Mary Dettenhelm ulorla re ll 1 DOLlE Mary Ruth Donnelly loe- Do.-Jntam udy Drummond Lamar Drummond Lxllxe Faye Dumas Ernest Dunbar Betty Durlo C Jrolyn ,,v y I A 'Q . X-J f7"" Carroll, Mary Cawley, Charles Close, Margot Cole, Mary Ann Coley, Pat Coley, Sandra Coleman Wayne Colvln Charlotte Colvm Tom Cone Bert Catrell Madre-y ralq Vernon Cross Llnda Sue Cunmnqham Gal Damel Daphna Ann Danrels Charles be- Evans, Mary lane Evans, Nancy Eikms, Buddy 6 QQ Ellis, Dora Lee Ewing, Ieanie Farinqer, Mary lane Foster, Doyan Freeman, Iohn Ed Freeman, Tommy Freeman, Sue A 2 ' Q Q' Frisby, Leonard Gaffney, Rosemary 4. Galbraith, Gary Gates, Bobby ll ,fa Ghutzman, lohnny Glaclney, Sammy Goodwin, Lynwood Gunnels, Fred Hahn, Don Hale, Buzzy Hambleton, John Hamilton, Margaret Hand, Mary Ann Harbour, Voncylle v-3 Si. V . f Ii I l X JU Ioan Parker hides as Ralph Sloan Wilson, E. I. Tracy, Carmen Newsorz and Bert Lee Ccne really try lor a front spot, x ai Z ,D Honeycutt Marqre Hudson Don Hudson Dwayne Hunt Charles Hurst Carl Hux Austln Iacobs Martha lenkrns Ross lohnson Walter Iones Carolyn lones Mary Iones Ronald Kennedy Delores Krnq lane Kmq Gene Knq l B ,y 33 .fa 1? Page 83 mlb 4 Hanna, Ioy Harqett, Iimmie Harris Bobby Harrrs Carleen Harrrs loe Harrrs Ilmmy Harper Dudley Hawkrns Howard Heard Nancy Hearm lrm Henry Iohn Hrll Ioe Hrnes Clarrce Hodqes Del Hoffman Carolyn Holloway Danna J' i 15- , - . A l .-we t' . 1 t' ,' Q Ai . , A , r h I. 'A ' Q Av , 9 l 4 ' .J 5. ' . H y vw 5 t' 3 C I ' I , in ' t 'X r - I " yy A , A A I Ll , . f 1 A 5 l sf W C? iw. '- 1 4 57 M - E ' ' x t ., y . 1 'H - H all A5 gf ' M I Q I A A ' . 3' 5, ,' y 1 , 5 ' C' C D ' ,J ' C i , . . ll Z-A Lacy, Iuanitc Lambert, Lou Lecky, Paul .7- Lee, Dorothy Leverette, Donnie ' Lewis, Neal . , Q! '4' Little, David ' I Long, Bobby Ray , Lord, Sharon MCCants Ric ard 3 . , ' h McCord, Robert Y V McCroskcy, Otis ,,i' X' A McCullor, Virginia McDondld, Patsy McDowell, Nancy McLean, Ralph t l Mabry, Pot ps? Mays, Dickie Marsh, Neill Meczders, Betty V Miller, Anna Pearl ,ir , -- Mitchell, Terry , Mook, David A Moore, Carolyn '7 N In n -G 1 1, 1,45 I . Looks like fun for Liz Owens, Del Hodges cmd Paul Lecky. N05 Nia ,-o OR l S Phrllrps Katherrne Pledqer Lynn Ponder lrmmy Pritchard Bob Proctor Marcelyne Pyle lerry Pyron Roney Reeves Betty Ann Reld Shelby Reuter Buddy Reynolds Beverly Roqers Ronald Rushmq Shade M Sample Gary Sheehan Mrke Srnyard Troy GHG -Q .-, Moore Marolyn Moore Mattre Moore O Murdock Sam Nash Robert Newsom Carmen Nolan Charlie Owens Elizabeth Owens lack Parker Io Ann Patterson Alyce Patterson Gerald Perdue Clyde Perdue lerolyn Phelps Bob Phrlllps Bobby 9 ef rf Page 85 X i Slaughter, Glenna Slayton, Linda Smith, l-larry Smith, Marketa Southall, Ronald Spears, Glenn Spooner, Sara Sprague, Roger Steffen, Harry Stephens, lirnmy Stevens, Nona Pye Strickland, lanelle Stueart, Imogene Swilley, Bob Tabor, Gary Taylor, Helen 4 1 I I -I 1 I 'M l . a V4 .W 'S V ff' A . 19 it H! .4 . ,Wg , Q Taylor, Nancy Tea'er, Dwayne Tallerit, lerry Tatum, Pat Templeton, lohnny Terry, Evelyn Irv, -M 'Z ,Q 1? T L 0 ,. ,Ii vii if YQ JU lim Herrin looks pleased to be surrounded by Sarah Spooner, Alice Patterson ludy Downtain, and Ellen Manasco Thompson, Barbara Thompson, Peggy Tinnell, Iames Ed Tolbert, Virginia Toney, Bill Tracy, E, I, 2, as ii, , Truitt, Barbara Trull, Don Turner, Sybil Ward, Claudia 2 fi. lv , 6, 'J J, S -A it ,nur Webb, Donald Weedman, Charles West, Barbara Whatley, Martha White, Floyd Willett, Anne Williams, Ann Williams, Douq This group which leads the junior class is Williams, Ieanne Wilson, Ralph Vfilson, Suzanne Wolfe. Billy Sarah Spooner, secretaryg Shade Mane Wong' hm Wright' Stacy Rushing, treasurerg Charles Nolan, presi- dentp and Iim Wonq, vice-president. 'V'--. ... Zinn, Grover Wright, Noel Zimmerman. Edward SChult2. lames t Q I ,Y L F 'L Q' 4131? . ,f 1 , A i . , 'l ' 1- a No pictures available for Bobby Holman, and Ierry Anderson Iames Schultz member of the junior class was killed November '53 -1. , wt. N. 'fl Q, fx' , - "7 li 1 E 1 i D y I p l I", 4 Brown Robert Buchner Clark Bullock lary Burcham Carol Bush Albert Byrne Barbara Campbell Bill Campbell Dallas Carney John Carner Deanna UZ' W ,, Q '13 , 1 A , "WK Ables, Mack ' ' Adair, Eddie Adams, Clara Sue Adcox, Sara V F Andress, Willie 5 . Anthony, Beryl Baker, Edward Barker Christine ,f 'th Ashbrook, Patsy .X , t , i ls. KJ Barry, Patricia Beene, Don Mac Bellizio Ronald Bevllle Peggy Bock Donald Boyce Ierry Barnes George SQPH Bramlett Nita Brooks Gloria Brown Ann Brown Mary Lucy I xX.' A. Page 88 'At Cb er r A I 49 .n ' I ,. , ,. . ,, A ,- tx D 1 I ' A X . , y Y ' si H ' A ' - t,, ' : A w QV sbt 74 -- 4 ,. 'ly 1 V, . ,N A ti Q, -'1 .1 Q 4. -A fl, ,M 'L A Carr, Mary Lee Carter, Eloise Childs, Nellie .. 1 Clawson, Io Combs, Larry I L L ' .4 . 75 Couch, Charles Crook, Mollie ,Q " 2 'Q Currie, Kaydell 'I 'lg at ' Davis, Florence Dempsey, Martha V CRES 35 '-I I , I' A 6 , '7 Dickens, Carroll Dickson, Dickie Donnelly, Ann Doty, Betty Dowdell, Carole Dowdell, Trudie Alf- ' Q Dowling, Diane Dowdy, Sherman 3 Drummond, Dewyair' 5' Durio, Donnee . Lv X La , - V U 9 ,, -K 4 ' , ,4 'F' ' f 'ffgfj A 1 I 0 ! , L 4 7 . Y 1.-it ' L Page 89 2 tt- ' 1 NI , it it Q y N ,JQ lb. I Du Vall, Rudy Elders, Ieannette Floyd, Franci Ellen, Adair Feldman, I. W. Floyd, Iohnny Neal s, Marilyn Freeland, Larry Frisby, Willard Gardner, Ierry , 4 , , J f f xfify 4253, 1- , A . X 'I-Lkixj Hill, Proctor Hines, lack Honeycutt, Iohn Hooten, Tommy Howard, Earl Howard, Ianet Howard, Iohnny Huey, Nelson Hughes, Evelyn Iacobs, Ioe Dan 5 qi I no.- Greer, Dorothy Griffin, Iay Grunden, Tommy Hammond, Margaret Haney, Iames Hanry, Oma Sue ', t f if ' Q 6 . - 1 Q, , . Q, if Y, Page 90 Gaston, Iimmy Gaston, Mary Gilmore, Goolsby, Iames Gordon, Billy Gathriqht, Connie Gilkey, Mary Alice Frances Graves, Susannah Greene. Gene Graves, Millard SG Havard, Huey Hayes, Melrose PHO l Q Q l Q. As '- 'Y' f u EQ f Q f J Y 9 Herring, Lonnie 3 Hicks, Claudis 1 E K ' y ' W , , 'li Q . t ,au x 5 ff l, il RL " ,f I 5 if , G 1 H rg., Q , I ff A "V U 1 y 15- 5 1- I , 1 , l . 4 . 4 plz Qwglb A ll: v , N , if f ' V YI: I fi . - r -W Q Ienning, Dorothy Iohnson, Iames Iones, Barney Iones, Billy Iones, lesse Keeler, Terry Kellam, Bobby Kelly, Robert Kerr, Marian Kinard, Kay .. 111. L. f 4 y f .X I ' 1 'L . y I fr L Q ll 1 , .II L M L val? - if 0:0 , Kinard, Larrffjqflyt 3 L Kinq, Sue f, . ' 1 3 Lees, Tommy L , R IE 5 f 't Leiqh, Russell I Q, k 1 Liddle, Stanley Little, Glenda if 4 if 1' Z5 Zz? ' ' 5 A 'f V , Lonqinq, Barton Love, Iames ' 4 L if 1 ' '--P Xin. V an 1? ., 25, L J V if- J - 3' , Lewis, Don Lewis, Wanda ii 5 5 f , 41' , VL X Page 91 Y, ,1 V Q 5' ' 1 Lowery, Lanora McCarty, Bill McCoy, Frances McCrary, David McGlotlf1lin, Billy MCGowen, Woody McHenry, Carroll McKinnon. Iosephine McKinney, Georgia McKnight, Marqaret 1-l rs- V if .M Murray, Wanda Newson, David Nimpfer, Nita Norris, Shelby Nutt, Don O'Barr, Carolyn Odom, Ioanne Oliver, Woody Oswalt, Ianice Overstreet, Sybil Q Miller, Sara Misenheimer, Charles Misenheimer, Ierry Mitcham, Tony Montgomery, Betsy Mooty. lames in-S' ' if 1 . lt! ., McRae, Tom Mahony, Iodie Malone, Iewel Manasco, Ellen Martin, Patsy Mason, Mayline Mayfield, Richard Meador, Marilyn Meeks, Bobby Miears, Tommy S0 Morgan, Betty E, , , Morgan, Nelda , A Morrison, Patricia Murray, Betty I t 1... 1 , J Page 92 ORE 41 ji Owen, Betty Park, Pfeffer, Ioe Ponder, Iackie S we My ,. . we N . Vim is 5 Q V , 2 Edwin , T Q gy . ur h Patterson, Bill WJ A ' V Perdue, lohn 5 if "---- Perkins, Reba -1 L F i' . I D ue . :K 5 I E --a af mg- I Q - Y it . 1. Pyle, David V K Q' Y P i .- Pyle, Charles E' I "-S3 A X Rainwater, Gene fb.. A' ref? ., V- , A i t .A tl Reed, Mona - , 4 Reeder, Glenn A Y Rhodes, Carolyn Q f 1 1' 4 - , 'Rf' 7 . Rhodes, Charles , jr ' Robert, Nancie ,K Q' Roderibauqh, Lillian -5 V it ' A' K -. i ' Q I Rogers, Sandra Ross. Ioe Rothe, Iudith Roundtree, Margie ii QQ X, . Q , fi B ., Pflqe 93 Ruhlman, Rosalinda Rushing, Iimmy Russell, Sara Sands, Irma Savory, Evedna Schaub, Barbara Shankle, Mary Shyrock, Bert Silliman, Wanda ' Sims, Iames 71 Thomas Iulle Thompson Pat Thornton Mxllle Tolbert Ierry Trxmble Bllly Tucker, Tommy Turnaqe Wxllxam Vance, Carolyn Vmes, Murtxe Walden Gall ,Z Summervxlle Dewam Summervxlle Pal Sutherlm Ellzabelh Swxlley Sue Tallenl Vlrqlma Slade Nellle Lou Smnh Aylma Smxth Tommy Spry Eddxe Stephens Kelly Stevens Mxckey Slxnnetl Chester Simson Iva Strmger Lydla Summerville Howellen S O P H Taylor Sherron IQ Terral Devona Terry Abbie Thomas Iames 5 E-Jil 1:1 A Page 94 V Q T, Q 3? MW l al' 4 . g 3' W M V is V ,I . .V ui lil l l A s 'VKQ 61 L, ' ,t I' ' A lv 1. ' 1 f ' C. ' . i 1 I V Q 3 1 'I ' I I . lf ' 1 f A A n - Q Walthall, Nancy Ward, Betty K Ward, Walter Q? Webb, Shirley W f.: ' ,ps A Wells, Ronnie f - r Williams, Patsy 1' Q Willoughby, Melba ' T f . ' 5 Wilson, Audrey 1.4! X 1, - No pictures available for: Barry Gentry, Tommy Heffinqton, Iames Miller, Iames McLeod, Ice Dempsey, Iimmy Mendenhall, Ann Morgan, and Guy Faust. CRES Margaret Hammond treasurer Abbze Terry president Berle Anthony vice-president, and Ronnie Wells secretary serve as officers of thzs years sophomore group Wilson Ioyce Witherington Iqrvis Wood Thalia Wright Bruce Wnght Peggy Wynns lamye Lou Yates Irm Young Lucy Ann Page 95 l . , A 1 ' ' K A 4 Y? , E H Zia ' . '- Ma w0'W W x Axinxlyw 5-S-wiv fjvk, SCN plea. where qualify uni 5: lies are 'mquestioned QDORADO HOUSI- t0 spring f ashlon and 1 vonomy P1396 4 I I . .5 Q x. ' 'R 6 ' cliff: R' -l' I sfo: 4.::.l' 5 n' "::'l le' l::'l 1: :lx:: l:'l::':n KX ::--rf." 1-::-.::-:-- -- :.,:ln.. lr." .Hr T'-' PII: x -11:7-'::f X J: filihilff fi' ::"4:"f 3:-.':l::::'i F:::-I-1 ff , ln., I.. .v '5f1:: 2::5! -' - -"n"':-n f:5s:,?5::s: - 1- 1:2 7 l. 1 I X W ' I -:,:. X I D N W X ,H -- l 1 dv X 51: "" l- f f if H ,, X , , H m 1 4 L 1' 1 O O l I X . X 1 K. , Y cx Q Io IS wmtmq for Buddy to imzsh h1s yell she can tell em bout 1tf Weof lle s CONGRATULATIONS y SENIORS Extend our if Best WlShCS To The Senior Cl N ass ,tx lo HH Q I..- ' 1 0550 bg Q53 xiii' nl' Pqe 97 Hollywood Cleaners 81 Tallors EXPERT SHIRT LAUNDRY 106 S jefferson 930 S Washmgton The Gift House Teen Age Headquarters or School Books and SUPPIICS Gzfts For All Occaszons Thls IS the bunch that does the run ning such as errands messages and phone calls These offxce curls are Helen Travls Alma Sm1th Rlta Weath erford Ianelle Stnckland Sarah Spoon er Iudy Downta1n Io Ann Parker Mel1nda Rlchardson Pat Coley Arlen Hall Dana Holloway Mathe Moore Cather1ne Olson Mary Nell Bly Martha Carson and Roxxe Greene Not present at pxcture l1I'I'19 were Marllyn Moore Lynda Ball Ann Smpes Nana Bachtel Mary Ann Clever and Io Iordan Congratulatxons Semors Dlxle Dress Shop ll3 N Jefferson Phone 3 6810 Dorado Arkansas Giles Hospltal Pharmacy Faulkner 8. Thompson 0 Ol The Coffee Cup Famous For Fme Food Open 91 Hours a Day Seven Days a Week 1: Cedar Phone 39781 North Slde Pharmacy Regxstered Pharmaclst on Duty at All Tnmes Grove 8a N West Phone 3 7l0l Page 98 f , . D ' , , Jewelry - Stationery '- ' E1 ' n Q. 1 ' ' - Congratulations Seniors Bo Peep SANDXNICH SHOP Smallest in Town Can feed thousands eight at a time Congratulations Seniors El Dorado Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Fountain Service Phone - UNion 3-8101 UNion 3-8102 Best VV1shes Randolph Cleaners CONGRATULATIONS Rialto 81 Majestic Theaters Movzes are Better Than Ever Say it xvlfh Flowers Adams Florist Phone 38136 ualzty Need Not Be Expenszve Sterling Department Store 109111 West Main St Here is where you can find every thing for men women children E B Garrett Company e Make Your Home More I zvable The Home of Finer Furniture and APPIIHHCCS Kmq and Queen of Hearts Martha W11 Iramson and Bobby Waldron were E1 Dorado Smackover crowned at the Journalism dance Feb- ruary 12 !! ' 21 ' ' at . , , . 6 A Page 99 Mi les Feed Comporiy Wholesale and Retail Distributors Telephone UNion 3-4626 607 S. Washington El Dorado Arkansas Brooks ond Jeon Lumber ond Supply Compony EI Dorodo Lumber Compony Lumber uality Building Material El Dorado Arkansas Phone UNion 3-4131 You Like It' It Likes You 01517, Electric Bottling Works El Dorodo Pipe ond Supply 726 South Washington Drilling and Producing El Dorado Arkansas Congratulations Seniors Coley s Food Service Featuring a Parade of F me Foods At Reasonable Prices Congratulations Seniors Next Door to Northside Pharmacy El Dorado Arkansas A 81 L Sheet Metol Works 1093 East Main Street El Dorado Arkansas Phone UN1on 3 5688 Pcxq 100 Q 3 ' ' U O Scoft Furniture Tummms Hardware 81 Furruture Co 113115 N Cleveland Phone 3 7104 Your Westinghouse Dealer E1 Dorado Arkansas Carter Book Store Your Headquarters School Books and Supplles Teen Age ewelry Gxfts and Statlonery Pl'0T0'1zAPlee - w- Homecommqs not Homecommq wlth out the cheerleaders j LIAPLC Qfllffe S11ks Woolens Cottons Rayons Patterns Dress Tr1mrn1ngs Laces 307 East Mam Street E1 Dorado -Xrkansas Randolph Hotel E1 Dorados Largest Home of the Magnolza Room Congratulatlons Semors Wa'rson's Dress Shop El Dorado Arkansas KDMS 1290 on your dlal Volce of the Mld South Page 101 - . 0 +1'i"Ii - . , -.. 1 . ""i.a,f.S." 'X ' I M V ' .V ' a ': l . , , , 1 9 3 -,,:.+ N ' Q "' 1 I I ' A . J 2 1 . . , r 1 rr ' u A Congratulations Sensors STAR CLCDTHING HCDUSE EI Dorado Arkansas McWilliams Hardware Murphy 81 Furnlture Co Corporoflon Is the Home of DEVELOPERS FW FWWW NAI URAL RESOURCES Pg 2 ' 4 -k wk ir 'I' i' 'k n r 10 Rex ond Bob s Ture Servuce 1515 E Hlllsboro PO Box 1408 Phone UN1on 39497 E1 Dorado Arkansas Headquarters for the C eneral Dre Porker Muslc Co 213 N YVash1ngton Phone UN1on 3 3700 E1 Dorado Arkansas Everythzng zn Music and Applzances Congratulatlons Senxors Som M Rlchordson Drlllxng Contractor Producer 317 318 Murphy Bulldmg E1 Dolado Arkansas EI Dorodo Monument Works We Buzld for Those We Love and Remember or 3 9404 E1 Dorado Arkansas Congratulatlons EI Dorodo Furniture ond Corpet Co TNVO STORES TO SERVE YOU A good place to go for Brands you know Congratulatxons Senlors Peters Drug Phone UN1on 3512 317 North efferson Dorado Arkansas SERVICE ALL MAKES the motto of McDc1vld Bulck Co Located at 420 N West Ave Phone UN1on 3 8154 IS THE HOME OF NEW AND USED CARS I . K - ' - Phone UNion 3-8420 i i! ' - 7 J E1 . P 9 103 RADIO ENTERPRISES, INC. TfTIT'D .ff!iTlQ'i1ff1QI'lIs .LLlI .I.I.U El Dorado, Ark. Rol low Shop Women's and junior Wear 110 East Elm Street Mrd term exams and the recreatron room turns mto a study hall as Ellen Man aseo trres hard to solve that problem Berlon Brown confers wrth james Nelson and Iearl Moms whrle Lrnda Slayton and Mona Reed take therr studymg wrth comfort lclmny Floyd and Melrose Hayes Just s1t and wagt Yes good WVEIICI' SCT! ICC 1S SO CCO fort and convemence for happy carefree l1VlX1g EI Dorado Water Co 501 NOIIII IN ashmglon Hammond Brothers Fmest m Seruzce OPEN 24 HOURS Phone UN1on 3 4646 C Hammond YV A Hammond H H Hammond P ge 104 , V. . n nomical, yet brings you the com- 46 Tiff? 86 BHUCTY Service S F. Q Y . An 4 7 u 4 u G Schoof Clothmg Co Catermg to Men Who Care For uarter Century 208 South Washmgton Ave El Dorado Arkansas Woody s Grlll Best Hamburgers m Town VISIT US ANYTIME EI Dorado Florist Phone I N lon 3 7185 or 2 2303 El Dorado Arkansas QUALITY SHOES Duggor s Shoe Store Rand Polly Deb Poll Parrot North Slde of Square Horper s Phormocy Prescrzptzon Center Phone UN1on 3 6174 Murphy Bldg El Dorado Ark Seller Jeweler Murphy Blllldlflg COATS SUITS HOME OF SWANSDOWN FASHIONS Morrns ond Company Corroll Dovns Cofe 208 East Elm Phone UNION 3 9719 Q . , , - Q " ' I ' I 316 west oak - Murphy Bldg. ' ' I . . I C! 6 National Bank of Commerce E1 Dorado, Arkansas Courteous Banklng Servrce Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon Bob Elliott 81 Son jewelers El Dorado - Crossett Arkansas Holl Drug Company In El Dorado Slnce 1916 Excluslve Agent of Fortunes A11 Cream Ice Cream Prescrlptlon DfUgg1SlS Prompt Dellvery 190 F. Elm Phone UN1on 3 8171 Latm students presented a play last year wxth Helen Taylor V1rq1n1a Ray Dumas and Rosemary Gaffney actmg as the Roman moderators B W Reeves and Company Establlshed ln 1879 Department Store House of Good Clothes Nat1ona11y Advertrsed Brands Featured g 6 United Credit BEST WISHES Jewelers SENIQRS Randolph Hotel Bulldmg El Dorado Arkansas E I k I n S Arkansas Largest Credlt Jewelers 7 Druve In Theater NVI-IERE YOU SEE MOVIES FROM YOUR CAR and Mrs Thomas Bruton Vlanagers Phone UN1on 3 3609 I' Flaq pole srttmg seems to be a Iavorrte wzth the Jumors Io Ann Parker looks questronmqly at the photographer as Shade Mane Rushmq and Charles Nolan take m the sunshme Everythmg Electrlcal Appllances TCICVISIOH Motor Repalrs Constructxon Arr Condltronmg Fagan Electrlc Co , nc l 16 W Elm Phone UN1on 3 5158 Congratulatlons West Brothers Home of Better Values El Dorado Arkansas Grlftm Pharmacy Prescrzptzon Speczalzsts Phone UN1on 3 6155 Garrett Hotel Bldg Pg 107 7 - .ull ' l A 'Y ' ' Y! Mr. . ' ' ' ' A I CI B Band Notes llllllllm-QIll"'ll!Ml'-T-"""l'l fi" if M . ' THE EXCHANGE BANK AND TRUST C0 4-4 K2 Y BANK N J- ,am ri x XISIIIJQD ' 3 F z E X 1' 'G A ' 5 .r s . 'f.' md -1 509655 T H E H F A R I E N D L Congratulations Seniors The Spudnut Shoppe Mr and Mrs Howard Stringfellow Owners 320 West Oak St Phone UN1on 5 9914 El Dorado Arkansas Wheeling Pipe Line, Inc. Transportation of Petroleum Products Phone UNION 34163 P O Box 270 Reed s Body Sho 24 Hour Wreckmg Servxce USED PARTS Phone UNION 3 4051 or 3 7847 1401 Quaker El Dorado Ark Boss Clark Lumber Company To Serve Your Lumber Needs Pg 110 Pat Melmda Mzke Carol Anne and Iohn Ed are caught by cr sxdewalk photographer rn Hot Sptmqs ' 4 I p , . 1 If , u I - -V 1 A 1 1 1 G S STOP 1 rh PAN AM S Permalube MOTOR OIL skf ,E-. if MOTOR MUCK Y. PERMALUBI5 pr p is d dly p pe P ts Pan Am Southern Corporation EI Dorado Rehnery CURTIS KINARD OIL OPERATOR BEST WISHES TO SENIOR CLASS '54 Page 111 X.. '---1x4- ..As,.' r7:'! A-11x.,:1N,1-Mx, .' I I . X Q wi - ' ..-...Q C. - L A is in evpry cur engine-a mixture of road dirt,-can bon, rust and other gmt aruclgs. - Pan-Am's 1 s o s -1 ea "sand a ractlon nenglne a -sgves you rnoney ev y mlle g , ll and repairs. I I - Go rrett Hotel AND Coffee Shop Congratulations 1 The Home of ... ' Rothmoor Coats i f , I. I E j Seniors IU g I 1 5 1111 STORE N? Yo-is and Suits Congratulations McCrory s 5 10 25 Your Varlety Store In El Dorado 101 North efferson B F Goodrich Fzrst an Rubber 214 N jefferson Jones 81 Rochelle The Fmest ln Clemzzng and Tailoring Lmnu ol Ceclai and ackson Best Wishes Seniors John A Jockson Photographer Phone 2 2192 110 North ackson E1 Dorado Arkansas Everythmg m Sportmg Goods Pat Reynolds Mgr Goods Inc 109 Last Cedar Phone UNION 3 5650 Dorado Arkansas Moc s Servuce Stotlon Otto McPherson Manager Washing Polishing Lubrication lel 30813 Main and H111 St E1 Dorado Arkansas J . , , ,, 1 3 , J J H. 81 V. Sporting Q Q . ' U U E1 - , 1 Page 112 McQuode s Shoes for the Entire Famxl El Dorado Magnolia The First Notlonol Bunk or EL DORADO ARKANSAS Y Capital and Surplus 551 500 000.00 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Pave 113 Loney s Body Shop A H Ianey Owner Auto Body Repalrlng Pamtmg Weldmg Q16 E I-Irllsboro Phone UNION 3 5842 Roberts Mochune Works Smce 23 Doyle s Pharmacy 1210 N West A e Phone UNxon 2 3451 Helena Rubenstem Cosmetrcs Comette Nylon Hose Guerlam Perfumes QUICK DELIVERY Rrchard Poole Drana Dowlrnq Georqra McKmney and Barbara Byrne watch a prcture show Brown Motors Chrysler and Plymouth 418 North West Phone UN1on 38181 Southern Wood Preservatron of Posts Poles Lumber Trmbers from Decay and Ternute Attack E1 Dorado Arkansas P O Box 211 Phone UN1on 3 7979 People s Furniture Co Smackover Hrghway Phone UN1on 3 4528 Old Hickory Famous for Fme Bar B Phone UNION 3 8302 Smackover I-Ilghway P qe 114 I I 1 A y , Treoters, Inc. I ' I . . --Q Congratulatxons Senlors George Morgan Company The American Supply Corp Wholesale DlStf1bUIOT Industrlal M111 and Plumbmg SUPPIICS 1304 East Hlllsboro E1 Dorado Arkansas P O Box 1071 Phone UN1on 23406 Easy to Carry Home Gilliam Bros Ready Mlxed Concrete Company E1 Dorado Arkansas Coca Cola Bottlmg Works Telephone UN10n 3 4344 of Southwest Arkansas Page 115 Pontiac ' I SIGN yf . , . , H0415 FWK5 llllll 0Il BUFIPHIIU 0 F ,X i ll Il .a , El Dorado. Arkansas laters at llatmluln llntur Uil ' Knix-Km and Ethyl ' imllm - that lulstin lubricants - Goy Drive-In Phone UN1on 34943 Hwy 167 South El Dorados Newest and Largest Screen Ropxng 1n the Best of Movles eng, NWN- TROPICAL PLANTS ORCHIDS GARDENIAS EL DORADO ARKANSAS MRS STEVENS CANDY PHONE 2 2682 l800 BLOCK IOFF N WEST AVE 1 Whatewoy Grocery Quallty Grocerxes at Quahty Prlces Phone UN1on 36134 810 W Faulkner Honno Furniture Company uahty Merchandxse at PTICCS You Can Afford to Pay 112 W Maln D1al UN1on 36193 Boosters oe Keeton Famlly Lynda and Donald Bob and Martha Bee Hrve F1ve Lucy Lynda Mary ane and Marxlyn T Speer and Cunnmgham Kalu and Martha Gene Rxta and Helen Gene and Frances oyce and Thad Pete and ack The Mob Nancy Pat and Ann Pat and Red Sharon and Ralph Sue and Harry Dlana and Donald Tac House jo Melmda Fame and Kelly udy Suzle Va Ray and Smpes Mr and Mrs Herbert Cagle Anthony Martha Sxms and Choo Choo Cornet Sectlon W11dC8l Band Mlller Orrell omer Nether cutt The Crum Edward Baker and Gene Green Mlsenhelmer Lybarger Colvm and MICTS Wlldcat Drum Sectlon Hotshot Herb1e and the Band Mary Jo and Ronald Betty Ann and Larry Choo Choo and Rlchard Jo Melmda Pat and Choo Choo Benjy Rlchard Bobby and Buddy Nana oy Pat Helen and Ann Mrs O T Brewster Dr and Mrs D E Whlte Mr and Mrs O C Balley Senlor Class Offxcers 54 I mda and Thomas PQ - Q IK Y ,Y F. 0. .CXO . , . . . ,, . . . . H . . . . ,, uQ ' ' ' IT 1 Q o ll 71 7 1 9 J 1 ' 1 , , J ' 1 1 'J 1 ll YP ' ' IK 77 7 x 1 . . 1 1 1 : 1 J 1 Q . . . . . . . l ! u Q n o . . . . , 1 1 - , - v . . ,, cz e 117 .. .,, . ,--., A -...., .M ,-..y A .:su'1,j ' N, '5 gfif' WW ' M fifffvffbj? Kfgqjdu ,WJ fx, Lad !j!14y'Mfu2f 721' Wffff"97 at 7wfwj57M Ziff ,647 fm jkjvifyx :fn jjxf J 7 'v VV , 2 f L ' fl' ' V JJIQLX4' Z' rdf 'l 1 ,Q J, , .f , ' V 1 ,, A-'fn 1 'M' I MJ, ,af - , -5 INT' I 1 ff. Cfif J I

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