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 - Class of 1948

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El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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IL ,P if . , H , HIL. ,. 'Mg 13 ' QLJ 7, . .. fff ' MZ-Lf ,fn-JIS A 7 pf CMM Baeddl-173 COAL Z ,Q .1 f Q I 4 X H, .f '11 fr M123 21. - Y ?7i'f.,, V ' fl - maig. .P ' Tiff. ai I ,, ffl . Xlklga - f. J, 1, xdfw - W 'Y 5 fora O QCLOOZ gresemis me 1948 ZCjCdi Edit07' .,,,,,,.. .,,.A,.,.......... M ARY JO MARTIN n Business .Manager .A,.v.,. PATRICIA MORGAN AT! Editors ,.....,,,. ...,.,..,,v. ......,.,,,, I' ' REDA HUMBLE YVONNE LeBLANC Declica . 7 . 1 W. ' ET ?wn""EJ-Z J EVE f W lf ! Q ' 4 Q ,gf Wy rf 1 J ' , 'MNKK li,',,Fg, f S XZ, N1 12? , ,, ' gi' tx S W Q' gy Ed ' ,f y 5 Q ' . XX "Q: f1.'Eg.: 'S glue Qomfi O! C2f 77!2aj'esify, me Wicjcai M O O O 1 Cpecjicafion Time stands still. It is we who go. Life is a fleetin tl1in at best, and our school life is the nlost fleetin of all. , S 3 I . , g l'Ve pass th1s way but onceg our stay IS short and 111 a few years we are utterly forgotten. It is not we, tl1en wl1o make the ideals and spirit of the El Dorado high school. XVe cast only flickering shadows o11 the pages of school l1istory. The real a11d lasting impressions are niade by those who stay year after year. To one who has served this school longg and who knows and helps and encourages every studentg who has helped to for111 and uphold the traditions of our schoolg who has maintained order and discipline with all fairnessg and who has won the respect, admiration, and love of the students, tl1is IQ48 XVILDCAT is dedicated. As a token of its esteem and love. tl1e staff offers this yearbook to MR. A. ROBINSON. Loyal Follewers AHC as fs iw- Q z , s b - I -...qi E 'O x J .Mfg 1:41 . gig sg . Q5 5 g Q Q S Q aff' ,ff 1 :fav O P X Q 1' NQLSN Q ' .17- of A ,,,..,...f1-W F ww They FQHQW In King Cat's Train Administration , mf r 1 ' r 'S Y ffl' 1 1- ',' X A , J, ,egg XY it I! ir, ii lx ES,-2-rg Q X 155 .fx i p S i ii f i E 4 6 I iff f'ii X f, f i X431 fii-i f ff Wx 'X A ' ,If X ,' f I fully X X lx 'i 6 ,f ' ' 7732! 2' if 7,9 Y- 1 . 7' ,y ,v,",l I fr ,ff --fp- ' Q f- 4 I' ,ff ,Y X. , Q' 1 - ' ' 1,-, F"A,,iYj'v1,:-L-,j f .i is ,ij - J . ,-"' ' ,- " - H, ..- "' - Z' - ,ff - " .,., "I-" , .f : . Y-f " .-' - 4 ' ' " ---- ' mf .- ,' , -- .f- if , ' 7 if 'V kiffyifl 1' -reid! X .1114 V, 1, I i if, ff '9f',g2 P 14' 1 MR. G. A. STUBBLEFIELD, S1Lp6'?'fI7fI'IIdI'l'If 'K MR. HOYVARD M. ELDER, Principal INIRS. HVGH M'E.X'I'HERI:0RI7 Sr'ir'r:rv' XIISS ,XNNX Ll-LE MOORE Stufiv Hall .SIlf7!'l'l'IXlH' MISS VIRGINIA RUTH LEPINE Vnml .Ilusir MRS. BERNICIC WARE I'or'ati0naI Guirlnnrc' MRS. BROWN CI'LP 'T-Vfliilg MISS .XLMA M.-XE IYARD English MISS MARY EYELYN IEXCE Physical Edumtion MISS BENE GENE SMITH Dramntics . MRS. EMMIE H. ROGERS English MRS. NICIYKIIQ I3IC1KI1RS'l'.XIfF Alllll1!'IIIIlfi!'.Y MRS. FRXNK JENKINS jam rmlism MRS. MORICNIE D. SMIIH ljllrrlrirln FACULTY FAC L'l'Y MISS MARIAN COX Science MR, DOCK B. DIZ MENT Sfiencc'-Coarlz MRS. LI I..-X BREIVSTER Spanish MRS. MIXRION XYRIGHII' History MRS. VIRGINIA CHARLES Civics MRS. RICHARD EIHRIDGI' English MRS. ICYIQIXX GRIZER Mathematics NIR. CORBIN NICKINNON Cnojwnllizfz' Training MRS. IV. I-I. BICC0LI.I7M Home Emnomirs MISS CILXIRIQ BRY.-XNT English MRS. AIEIYIZIJ. B. ANTHONY Mathematics MISS ROWENA PASCHAL Matllzvnatirs MR. A. ROBINSON History MISS ELLIE TATUM Study Hall Slllbf'T1ffS07' MISS EILEEN XVEST Homf Econmnirs MRS. RUTH DENNY Art MISS LINDA XVOZENCRAFT Laiin MR. P. T. SHORES Typing-Bookkeeping MISS VIRGINIA HUFFMAN lfnglfslz MR. CHARLES YV. NORTH Inslrum1'nIaI Music FAC L'l'Y Swinging Into Acftion 031 Lgg , -,..,g ,,:"-if , , tu I' -1. 0 1- 5'---' 4, 5- -t. ,:. 25 .L-P ,. 3 235' fa 'i1i',f":' -f.. .-M1 6 5 if Ji ,L-7--if .1-K ,,:. ....,,.-.lr- J5' ' f--1-fr -- -- E1-If f 14, f 'xEfT'5i?-.--37" 'E -5-1-'Li 511-2-fl-,- "'1'L"E-'l-5:4 l" Q 5'-Qi i 3 - S i?' fl Q, , ' 'LE "'-E Q E f f ff: Y ' -Pi -1: -'D-rfifil' T-f-df. 2 f ' fs E? J - .f 1 , X , QQ gs 1 'fs-ig A . 'ii 522: If rf X sy-hi , V X H I ::: igFQja- f ' - 1 fw' '-2' R J'-' ' -:ll 'V 1, . 'j .Q f 1' U 6 -'T .X .W 1 ,- N. X Q' X 'PRSA X 49 P N X X ' f Qu L X 'J . ,. L ,V L 5 I , X l V 5, X y 1,1 fi A ,Wi W E1 ? li-i 1144 I 7 ,Q ,jg -L ' ' A -E: 0 T-,.,,. :g?'51""" ,.... ,fs ,i.-'EIET1 -.-.-- AJ., -5355 L.. COUPLE BETTY LU PITTMAN DENNY SI-IACKLEFORD 'Ir MUSICIANS JOH NETTE JACKSON BOBBY SMITH dl' HWS UHPHH BEST ALL AROUND HE'I"l'Y LU PITTMAN CARL H,-XMILTON i' Y MOST INTELLIGENT DORIND,-X HARPER JOHN 'IRINIBLE ir ATHLETES CHARLES SMITH RUTH GILLENXVATER 'A' 6449064 WITTIEST BETTY RUSHINC BOBBY SMITH if The Ro al Court I-IOMECOMI thc Queen llillic 'jo l,llI'XClll' prcsiclcml mei' IllllClCClllll Zllllllllll Hu111cm111i11g Ol'lUlJCI' Ill. l'l'lIli'C5SC9 xlllfl Sue Miller. joan Puwlcilgc. l'1l'Cfl2l HllIlllDlC. IA1111 .xllllld Hurley. Hairy .xllllf Xlllllllilill, 111111 Nccnc XvllZlI'l0Il. Qscmlccl hx l'1'i11ccs Carl H11111il1u11. lJz11111y Rawls. Slllllllll Killlllill, Sexton Lewis. Alflllll CI1':1wl'u1'1l 111111 Billx lflixrry' wcrc prcsciitcil i11 l'0lll'llN fushimi to Her Nlujcsty. l'IUllll'l'0llllllg fiillllll l'XL'I'fUllC busy Iilillllllllg lhc l1'z11li1io11:1l lD0llfllC, pow wow, rcvcplioii, ficlml uclixilics. pz11'1x'. l'0I'0ll1lllOll. 111111 clzmce. 'lhc slzlgc llCl'0lillIl0llS wcrc C'l1lllUl'2llL' in gold llllll silvvx. l'hc f2lll'L'lI worc while szllill :1111l hcl' 111z1i1ls wurv gnwiicd i11 green s:11i11 with f0l011i11l lump skirls. l'l0l'2ll'C lllllllllllllll haul 1' of l'l'0Wlllllg Her Xlzajcslx. ml to Sllllll' thc ll0Il0 ' 11 as l'o1'1'c , ' i1111i11g Oster liohhy lllllllxxlilll ' ' motlmll l'llSl0lll1lll 111 xx l11i11o1's with lhv. fc lung 1 lc 1lllllll'llCC. l1s fllblll ll fgill 11611 Billie ,I 0 P11 1"yrf11 Strike Up The Band A life of all "'play" leads the Wildcat Band. Nearing the end of a complete and successful year, the band calendar has been a full one. As the activities pass in review first comes the reminder of the football games. Not only did the XN'ildcat musicians play and perform at all the games played in El Dorado, but they traveled to all sections of Arkansas to be first-hand witnesses at each Wild- cat victory. Each one of the games required a different stunt, and usually an afternoon parade. Soon after football seamn, tables were turned, and no longer a marching band, but a concert band was seen in the annual Christmas concert. El Dorado and the Wildcat Band were host to the South Arkansas band clinic. Fourteen Wildcat band members were selected for the All- State Clinic in Fayetteville. These musicians returned home vic- toriously with three of these making first place, and five placing second. Members of the band attended the first instrumental clinic for clarinets held in Camden. Also. the band has been repre- sented at each of the other clinics of this type. The band participated and received honors in the Magnolia marching clinic. The XVildcat Band was chosen the most out- standing band in parade. Participating in numerous drives the band has been active for civic organizations. The signal drum majors who led the band through this full year were Bobby Smith and Dick Goode. Their prancing major- ettes were Etta Sue Murphy, Mary jo Martin, jo Ann Newsom, Patsy Nash, Frances Smith, Helen jones. and Madolyn Rucks. May 7 was set aside for the Spring Music Festival. This was a combination concert with the high school chorus. The climax of this busy season was the animal band concert with the crowning of the Band Queen as the highlight of this event on May 17. The Wildcat Band is always on the go, and ready to go. Glory Be! gi A QA It's Glory To The Trumpets Again "W, s g 5 .N v Q gf Drum And Bugle Corps Color was added to the football games when these high stepping lztssies performed before the game. The Hungry Five Five. They are: Bobby Smith. Malcolm Crimes, Dick Goode, Sznntny Kinztrd, 'l'rzu'is Clonzttser, :md XVindsor Giles. Something sad, something guy, is in- cluded in the repertoire of the Hungry These, Too, May Pass All linecl up to show off those purple and white iackets. Il vou don't think these senior bun ' ' V ' I- 1 - ' lvl I earned them and are proud ol them just look .nt those smiles, Anotlzer Cal Tmirzei' M11.s1'1' Mix-1112 ma. f:HAxR1.1cs , A , A b Librrzrians d members have W NORTH INK KYIGIIT HXRRY sxnm Paying Homage To The King 4 A . S X F Eg 1? in M, e . Athletics A l - A 1' A " ' ' 'K -Q 4 ' 4 A ' f - - -'Y -4-1 -- -A' f "' -- ifI.-,-'- Y-F' -M 1, MH'-W Vg,- 5 O O ' if Ni?-L. 3144 if-'I 5 Q.-T--.- iff X ' il 1- -Ti 'fwi-Sal X ......, f iii.. ., X f 'T 1'Z.: 'l E - - 1 T' 'S lf? F 9 , Q ' 7 '-:if-. 7 ' O "ra A ' 1? -'Inf N9 4, S Y ' X 7 N-. -Ng F 6 ' -1 Aq av Q -1 Q gi? 'k Dcdicutccl to thc :ld- Y2il1C'ClIlClll ol our nziliml through thc KICYCIUIJIIICIII oi health :md ilu' glory ol' mzmly sports, this Stadium stands in im-niory ol' thc licroic' clczlcl ol lfnicm Cllllllly in XVm'lcl Xvill' II, :ind in lirmm' ol tllosc' in thc zlrmccl lorc-cs who wi-rc privilcgcd to rclurn lo lhlcii' IIOIIICS and to thc joy of living. 'A' Memorial ! ir Lair of the Indoor Sports 'lr Itaclium In M6ll1i07'fIllll ' f 1 L' Q. ---' 1- : 'ii'-i if W"A' 11" V 'li' 5 t -..'-'.f 'Pffi S- J Q X x I i -t..l - LL-- if L--- F3 x ' :yt Leu Alston X wx 'tk X josh Askew X U lllllllll Ballard ' 2 . ' .. L4'- L3Q:'f7.jQg X . X jack Llntwoocl I ' Morley -joe Colvin - Powell Cloinpere jznnes Cl'awfm'tl Roy Day' Coy Dumas 'A' l'Vl1ere EI Domrlo Fights, Fights Fights ir Harold Ellen Clifton Gerald Can' Nolan lintlsley john Evans Charles livers james Gllllllllilll Porter Gannnill R. N, Garrett Xlilllllllll Hickman lhnnlas Hntlson .lnhn Kassos Billy Bull King George NltNl:n1t1s I D. Melton XYZIIICI' Miles NI il let' fJSl30lillC Harlin l'it'kel'ing Chester Ponle l Roy Joseph Sinnns Ned Slilllgllllfl' 'Terrell Smith Ralph Stockemer Martel Sttnxlixanl John Tallpnl Kenneth tlmkittgttm Billy lloh 'l'I1tn't1lun Prince 'l'hot'nton Steve 'l'neker Ralph xvlllC'llCSlCli Those F ightin' Wildcats A rkzzrzszis' Big Three COACHES HAYES. BIACKYVOOD, DEMENT Running neck and neck with the best in the State until late November. the 1948 N'ildcats just missed the pay-off by the skin of their teeth. svillClh2llllvS broken leg, sustained in the Fordyce game, no doubt. made the difference between third place and championship honors. Rough luck camped on the Cats' trail all season-in the first game against Blytheville Henry Anthony, who gave promise as a great blocking back, was taken out with a dislocated knee. He saw little service after that. Blytheville. Hope and Hot Springs went down l-2-3 before the Cats in rapid order but unpredictable North Little Rock furnished the first blot on the scutcheon with a I3-l3 tie. Smaekover was an easy prey with a 2Gf0 score but Pine Bluff was another story. Only a last second touchdown pass from james to YVintlham saved the day. . TED MARTIN ROY JOHNSTON Right End Y: Taj ., 1 as 1 . at TOXINIY CIH.XRl,liS G.'XRl,INfL'l'UY RISINGER 'l'11fl:l1' llzzlflmrk Clowning in the baekfielcl are .laines Orren, Aloe Mook, Tonnny Carlington, and XVil- liain Goodwin. Hometoming came and the unbeaten Cats met the ,nl1eaten, nnlietl Tigers of I.ittle Rock. The finish muntl hoth teams still unbeaten. The Ifortlire Recl- fngs fame south to make the Cats hustle for a lfl-ll ietorv. It was a eostlx one. ll0WCVCl', with the loss of heir 'star end. 'ircmskiitm lost with their 2 against the lats l-I. The Pine Bluff playoff was a victory with a 5-ti. Camtlen's Panthers dropped the highly touted Iats on 'Thanksgiving Dax. li-0, for their first loss. The .ittle Rock Tigers met The Oilers in the semi-finals of ne State play-off antl iron mer the locals with a thrilling ll-li to atlrante lo the finals. Q - .Q A, . . N t ..-1 W. HORACQF TERRY XYIXDHANT C,-XNXTDY . . . 19,4 7-,,,.k1,, .-Xtleox goes in lor tackle while -XII Slillf' Canady comes in with help. GEORGE l'l2'l'li HARNION BVRROW lmfl lmarrl High! Glmrfl ,Xll State .Xll State 'k 'A' 'k Smith hzmcls ball buck to referee after receiving pass for CXLFZI point after toucltclown in the Little Rock playoff game. X . "'I3vl:F. 1.-X .11 . riifiiav 2 fi, ,ze-..m 44' 'Q 3,4-VFHFSN 'gg-w1,jg:L3.,g xi I ws f . wt . .- - .Q '-,..1f-N-if., Stk Q W 1047 -- Schedule -- 14148 Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oet. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nm' Nov. Dec. Blythcville Fort Smith Hope Hot Springs North Little Rock Stnzlctkovet' Pine Bluff Little Rock Fortly fc 'l'ex:tt'kzma Pine Bluff. Playoff Camden Little Roek, Sflllilfiilllf Playoff 1 ' 5 0 I . fm. t .tx - HENRY O ANTHONY B-XLL XRD Qll1ll'fP7'fl1lf'k Fullbmk E. O. Bzlllzlrcl plmvs Ibm X V"Adi'gC HS "Vl""""' mm czllmxlzlmllis sxum l9ll,l.Y uma ,IXNIICS ful' ILICIRIC. ffrrzlrr lf!! Ilulflmflc ., A X Slnlc' XII Sllllt' Ali DONALD BILLY XYXYNIC fNIcKNIGH'l' ll,XI,I,.'XRlD Fulllmfk f1IlIlI'H'I'Il!I!'k IU-IN IV1lr1r'11l Sc'l1f'd11le 1949 Sept, Bly IIICX illc 'I hull' Supl lfml Smith llcrc Scpl Hope l'l1Cl'C Oct. Hm Springs Hen' Orl. Nnrllx Lilllc Ruck V'-hl'l'C Url. Slmlckmcl' Hvrc Oct. Vim' Bluff , HUI1' Ufl. Lilllc Rock Hvrc Nm lfonlycc lhcrv Nm 'l'cx:n'kzn1n l'hcrc Nm' fnxl2lh0lll1l llilx Hcrc Nm' fiAlIlldt'll , Hcrc Kittens Grow lnto Cats Ready l'0f2lCllOI1 arc: Doyle llazncsoim, right end: Cary Porter, right tackle: Jack Schon. right guard: Hlaync XValkins, ccntcr: Monroe Taylor. left guard: Donald Gun ncls, lcll tacklcg ,llll0lll2iS Hcad, lcfl ond: Tonnny Carter, quarterback: Howard LeBlanc Flglll llallbackg Billy Mitchell, lulllmafkg Norman Eason, left halflmack. f l A ' 1 4 FUTURE WILDCATS KITTE ETTES Twelve Maids and a Man Tlzeir Lucky Thirteen COACH H ENRY H OGG 'k 'k 'A' Schedule -lan. 2-I l'arkcr's Chapel jan. 27 Sinackovcr -lan, fll Magnolia lfch. fl l'arkcr's Chapel Fclm. G Magnolia Feb. I3 Hullig Feb. lvl SI1l2ll'li0VCIA Fell. l7 Hullig Fell. 21 Old llnion Fclm. 24 Old Union Fclm. 27 junction City Mar. l Strong Mar. 9 Magnolia Mar, ll Stephens Mar. l2 Okalona 'k 'A' 'A' Kittenettes Individuals for: Pat Harrell, guard: Mary jo Seale, guard: Betty Mellard, forward: Billie Barr, guard: Betty Smith, forward: Ruth Gilleuwater, forward: Nellie Rose Gillenwater, for- ward: IlaVonne Brashier, forward: Freddie Bly, guard: Rada Sue MaMahan, guard: Faye Mar- tin, guard: Patricia Dunbar, forward. - BA KETBALL 'Gfe Sport of Cats COACH D1-IWEY lll..XCKXVOOD L.....Q,.-vi ' " M .., M. .. '.,.,, -.N..T 1 fr 7 SY 7548? Pictured above are: LeVerne Lewis, Donald N ewman, James Pierce, Billy Bob xlznnes, Billy Hliyne Ballard, Terry Cillllldy, Charles Smith. '1'hmnas Head, Ted Martin. Coach Dewey Blackwood and Mzumger Billy Bridges. Basketball I.-XNIES "XYHl'l'EY" PIERCE 'IEHONIAS lHI.I.Y WAYNE HE.-XI! 11.t1.1..tR11 In the Basket X CHARLES SMITH fllffllllill lz111. lllll. .1 I. Zlll 1111 -Illll Ifclv Ifclx I-'ch Ifelm .l l Felm. lfelm. Feb. Feb. Fclm. -ltlll. Qlilll. 2111. llll, 33 .l.111. ll El IJu1'z1cl11's XVilclc'z1ls rippccl l 1 9 g2lI1lL'S :tml 0:11110 out 011 top i11 ll1 ol t 1 Ill thc 235 Sl21l'IS thc XVilclc'z1ts l11t tht ll for 767 points while thc 0111105111 1 s tlosv l1Lrl1i11tl with T'7l LEVERNE t LEXYIS 1047 -V Schedule Formlx rc 3 5 I,lIlC Bltllf YN fl2lIIlilCll f'2 FOl'llfl'C 22 l.ittlc Rock il Hope 24 H:11!'csvillc 22 S111z1c'l4c11c1' 35 Xc11'tl1 Little Rock 38 xlilgllflllll li? North Little Rock 342 Nlilglltlllli 29 I,iill6 Ruflt Ill fl2Ill1llCIl .ll NI0111't1c 33 S111ac'kow:1' 24 Nl0lIl'06 lil Hope 2'i l7illC Bluff 25 DONALD RU NEXYMAN I 9-I S El Domclo lil l7'11'z1tlo l'l Dzvrzxtlo El l,tlI'1ltl0 El l7f11':11lo lfl lJc11':1tlc1 I-'l ll0l2ltl'l El lDo1'z1cl'w .ttlo El Din" El Dm" El Dfw' .1110 .1110 l'l Dillxlltltl El I1o1"1'lf1 1 El IJf1rz1tlt1 Fl D'-1"1tl'1 1 El Ilmmlo El Dorzlilo Fl Dm El Dol' mln :ulo TO CHEER THE CATS iff ' Billx' Don Il0lJil'llCllllX. Ixlllillllll H2ll'IDL'l'. .Xnnc BCl'l'f'Ill1lll. c:H.xRl,1-Ls sxl1 l'H - N-.xx 1s11Am' non Ayxmis TERRX KIXXAIJY In thc I6 QZIIIICS won In thc Calls thc smrc was ncvcr v-" AIilCll2lill. Miss B. C. Smith. Bcvcrlx' 'C1'11vcs. Pnl Morgzul. Paul Hcndrix, Holm lilnlorc, 'rtbllllllf 'l'lill Nl XRTIX ., . Lu fzu' apart llllflllg the wlmlc CUIIICSI :md zu ll l'L'SllIl thc will IU' U points ol ilu- opposition :md thc C2115 wcrc close IOQCIIICII XIOUK CIN DER ARTISTS Track Season LeVerne Lewis, Thomas Head, and Donald Ray Newman are getting set just before going. "That -Iudd was always just one step ahead of me," that just about described Don and summed up the season. The squad advanced to the State meet but not on through. The juniors showed great promise and next THREE T0 GO! Men Gf lron . . NVith the sttmmer vacation nearing. El Dorado's wrestling team pttt away tights lor another year. Even though the team trophy wasn't won. El Dorado had a stteeesslttl season. The team made their hid lor the trophy with three AAU Champions, two second plaee champions and a total ol 25 points. Ralph "Pee Head" Calloway, Herbert Hussey and David Reynolds won championships. Sefond place championships were re- tained hy Bill .-Xdfox and Cary "NIust'les" Porter. Other hors on the team were Raymond Simmons. David hlones, Pete and Bill Burrow. james Lonadier and 'liommy Carlington. El Dorado was second, hested only by the college wrestlers who won the trophy with a total ol' F57 points. This team was a mixture ol Jonesboro College and .Xrkansas leeh.. so you Can see that it was a rough grind. Other teams that t competed were Little Rock, Arkansas School for thc ljwllq Al-kanszw S4-11001 fm- YOl"Rli 0l"l'! In the- att of losing to Hampshire ol New Otltrns ls thc ' Blind and Scycrul contcsmnls Herbert llussex. Referee l'iI'ltl1lL' gixes the verdict and thats all tot Buss wrestling tree lance. that is they weren't representing any team. This was EI llo- rado's third year and perhaps the lourth time will be the eharm. The "hunk" of muscles ahove are: Pete Burrow, Herbert lhtssey, Charles Stevens. David jones. Ralph Callowax tn lorter Curtis lfirk I B Fi 'k 'I' mm C' l' tt Raymond Simmons, David Revnolds, Billy .Io Adeox. Cz ' Dr. Garland Murphy. jr. it . Ol V' vlll' lllg' lll. Zlllt Happiness In Groups . 'Q is! -.5 A3 RR 'X PROJECTS PUT TCD USE The Student Members of the Council include two representatives from each senior home- room. one representative from each of the other homerooms, a Hi'Gusher repre- sentative. an Annual representative, and the presidents of the four classes. Miss Marian Cox is sponsor of the group. Chief money-making schemes of the group for the past year have been: the sale ol ads for the football score booksg sale of score books at football games: sale ol ads for basketball score books: operation of a store across from the cafe- teria: and the magazine drive. sponsored by the Curtis Publishing Company. A special connnittee within the Council took on the task of revising the old constitution and turned out a new one which was approved by the whole school. The group has actively supported plans for a new Youth Center here. Another outstanding project has been the presentation of five free assembly programs to the Student body. Many new facilities which add beauty and convenience to the school have been presented by the Council. First of these were the loudspeakers placed in the Junior College classrooms, so that the -IC could hear thc announcements from the main office. New mirrors have been placed in each rest room. while the atmosphere of the cafeteria has been improved by the new shades and valances added by the group. Another project was the placement and rental of towels in the shower rooms ol the gym for the Physical Education classes. Aid has been given to various departments in the high school at several times. DFNINY SHACKLEFORD BE'l"l'Y Ll' PITTMAN PATSY MCPHERSON BOBBY LeVIlNl: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1 ouncil Bill Mlfox, Dzihnclle Mlcox. .lop Anthony. Billy Wayne Bzillzml. Nlzirion Billingsley. Kioxlt-nc Bncluicr, Nlnry .Knn Carson. Betty Clipparcl. Georgia Craft. Billy lflnrry. ,lim Fulton. l.xnn Goodwin, Bill Condi, Curl Hamilton. Carolyn Hznntnontl, Robert Hicks. qlllllllllll Holt. l,onzn1nt' Hurley. jolinette jackson. Doyle Jznneson. Bobby l.cYinc, Bolxliilenc Lewis, lsznlicllc luvis. Virginia Lindsey. Mary -Io Martin. led Martin, Pierce Nlzitheney. june Nlfxiilllilll. l':1tsx Mc'- Plierson, vllllllllllf' Mitt-haxn, Pat Morgan. Nlzirilyn Newell, .lzinice Ogden. Betty Ln Pittnmn. .loan lmwletlge, Ann Seal. Denny Sharklcforcl, Bobby Smith, Charles Sniitli. Frznu'is Silliinznn. Dorotln Spoonei, Gwen Swntlell, Francillel Sewell, A. Wilson. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB I 1 I I PHOTOGR APHY CLUB KIiNNIi'I'H ROIIIRIDS l'w'.vi1lw1I NIXRY K.-XY SCHNIIIYI IYIf'I'-Pl'l'.YIIll'IIf BOBBILENIE LFIYIS .sf'l'l'l'fIll'Y CHliS'I'IiR l'HII.I,II'S Trf'11.w1:n'r 1 , .x - -n--1:14 nxx1 1u.1 n PHOTOGR APHY CLUB 1,U'I'I'Ili ,IO HIGGINS Prwsizifffzl C1H.XRI.IiS THOMAS I'ir'r-I'r1'si1I1'11I UI. S. IIEIEISE SUz'r'c'lnr'x'-'I'1w1s1n'f'r' BETTY LOI' GREGORY PHlg'l'!Illl Clmirnmn GUIDANCE CLUB JOHN 'ICRIXIIIIIIC lJI'l',YiIil'iIl IPX I NIORG XX Srn'1'l11H' BOB GII.III XXI 'IV 011.9111 rv' ,Km ilu l.el3 Xlci NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Dalrnelle Mlcox. Kathryn Bellrel. Gloria i.anreron, Carolyn liawlc-3. llellr lllipparil. Xi1llX I Cooper. Faye Craig. Ruth Ciillemraler. Iiexerly Ciraxes. Carolyn Hall. Carl Hamilluii. rimla Harper. l,elia Haygoml. l-'remla Humble. c1i2ll'iSAl0illlSUll. Sammy Kinarml, Yumne lam. llolrlmy l.eYine. Bobby Little, Mary ,jo Nlartin. Teil Marlin, Pierce Nlalirenex, Lymla illiSli0ll. Palsy Mcl'herson. Ella Sue Nlurplry, Norman Moore, Harold Osborne. llellx 1,11 Prtlmair, .loan Pmrlemlge. Charles Ragland. jackie Rogers. Marx .Kim Sm-ml, Denim Slram'klefm'il. fiil2ll'iCS Slllllil. Dorothy Spooner. Peggy Slanslmury. Eleanor Sllrlmhlefield. -lnlm lrimlmle. ,Imran Xliirgfielil. Belly john XYUUICX. Y-TEENS FRA N131-is KINXRD l'r'z'.rirl1'll! I' YI CQll,C1HRlS'li I'i1'r'fl'n'xirlr'l1l lk' XXHX Nll"ll'lll I V1 rrlrzri YORK! X l.RIl"l'l'I H 'I'rr'm11rr'1 CRAFT CLUB SCRIBBLERS' CLUB ll'.XXl'I'.X Hfllfl I,l'l'.YiIlI'Ilf liE'lC'l'Y HAI LEX l'if'1'-Prrsirlwll BILLY 'I .XRYHR Sl'l'!'l'fIl?'Y e L- .-,' - COMMERCIAL CLUB ' l'I'I"l.X Sl'li NIl'Rl'HY P 1'r'. V ffl r'11 I MAR l'H.X GOODNIKQHT l'ir'r"l'n'xirl1'r1l I'.X'l' CZOSPICR Sr'Crf'lu rv- 'l'rf'11.vllr01' FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB SXNINIII-1 GRESHXM Pr1'xi1I1'nI ISARBX RA IAN li l'ir'1'-l'n'.vidc'11I IRENE HAMMONS Sf'r'1'1'fur'x'-'I'r1'as1nw 6 GAME CLUB SPANISH CLUB li. l"R,XXKI.IX l'n'.sirl4'r1I DORIXIJX H XRl'l'1R f'i1'r'-I'r1'si1lf'r1I S XNINIY KINXRID ,NI'I'l'!'1lll'X QXRY HUXICYCZI' I, I' 'I'r'1'us1z r M aww- ff-1 mir! .mf -'Qs ,V . Y A Hs e I R ' - .. W , . www ,S . if is lLl,Q5Ll!i!L ff! H35 3 ' V A f , L- P n 5 f K .1 4 S S4 Q 7', - x Y 5 Lx' s5f'?i"f' S Q if 3 ' ' 595 ai ,mfr ",Q , 2 4 f , gf as d , L -f Q: a H Q Z W' v Q N N A i 3 I . LV Q ,N vi' 'k Q , ' f' 'H' -K, -N Q YY -L , 1 Ps ' 5 Q ff' v W . 1 Q , 'Q FQ YQK' -A ' V7 P e, Ty fi' I' ,b ,Aj S W Q V N AV ,A QWTWK T K al - , .. V Q- . X , A - 1:3 g 5927" if!L 4, .wr I -nr ' 'inf nh, gf in Q lllnlllllnunll Q 1 X if xgxwg 2 g.W. 11111 CURTAI TIME 112l11ll1'111' .X111111 11i11i1- 112111 17111111 131111 1111181 XQISI1 ,XIIII 1111111111111 111 11111 YU1111111 N111111 1'11111'1111U 111111121111 1311111111 1l11'11'1 1111111111 1 A h 111111 1.11 1'1l11111111 1.111'11'111' 111111121 rs ,xlI111'1'X 1'1'11111111 111111111 1111111 1. 11. 1:l'1'l'1l 1ll1'1x1L' R11g1'1s 11111's1'1 1111111111111 W. I., 1-1'1'1-11 111-11111 S111111111'I::111 R11x1'111111'1 51111 111111 1.11111 13111111111 111111111111 H2l1'IJL'l 1 110111 111 S111lIg11I1'l -l111lll1'll1' ,1111Ls1111 RSIXIIH .'1 1 1 lll1' 111111111 1,1 1'11gg1 Sl1111s11111'1 l'i1'1'1'1' x11ll1l1'11C1 x1lll'X 111 xllllgllll X111111' Sll111X2lll 11'11 x1l1ll11l 1i1111'111'11 I1111111ps1111 Y1111g'1' Xli111'1 1I11111'111ll1' 11111111 11111111111 '1111111111 N 1190111 ,I1l11I1 11111111-1 THESPIANS ALL .Sj11111.1111', 11155 HEXIQ 1LllX1i S311 1'H XM1' .1II'HIll!'1'.Y 1J1cl11 11111. 111111 R1111i1'111'1111x. 5111110 111111. 131711111 1Li11i11111, 1'11l N11111111111. 151111 1'11Ill1ll1'. 1'1.lll1'lN 1 1 11111111 1xl1111 111 1111118115 S111 1 X 1111111 X1IlX 1111111 N111 111 111111 1111111 RIl.'1 " 1. .,. 11 1 ..1 1 1. .M 11 flllll 1' 11l'1111'I11 11'1111l1'11. x111l'N 111111 11111111111. 111111 H11111i1l1111, 1.11111 1L11111l11'i11. 116111 lS:1iIc1. K1ll1ll'Xll lgl'111l'1. I'l1U1l1 l'1'sscs..1111111 Wi11gfic1111. 111111111 l1i11g1111111. x12l111lI1llC x11T1I11'l11. 1.11111111111' Hlll11'1. 8111111 l11111s. 19111111111 ,11111cs. 11111111111 1'1'i1111c 11111151011 N1'Y1l11, 111111 -lil1'1x V1'l11'111'l'. 1111111111 Os11111'111'. 11111111 R111111-llc, 11111111111 1L11111111'i11, H1'l1'11 4l1f1111s. 1i11111'11-1 R2lg'12lll11, 1'1'gg1 11ll1lJ. 1"l'L'111l 11lllll1311', 111i1- 1L11111, R1111s11111 .Xl1ZlIlli. ACT ONE vlllC9lIi2l!' UffiC'l'IkS2ll'1'I I'l'cwidc'l1l. Ilzllmcllc ,Xrlruxl Yicc- B I - I 7-j I. I - 'resiclcni Czllnlyll Czrwlgwz ScL'l'Qlzlx'x. lilcullux' Slulxlmlc- K 'HH IF 'HV ffl"-N' Hold: 'll'cnsllw1'. tl. IS. tncvlx. and RL-pm'lcr Yungc Miller. f , il, . .,A, A f ofii 5 E o Jig Z A V Y'-X ff . Wm-L A ' KI o J , L o 1 Al 23,1 A' ' Q - . ii fm 3? LY, A . 'i -f N 1 F- f i U o Stars of Tomorrow ACT TWO Scene II , .AI Cl1ri.s'lnm.s Sl'll0I'flIl in Alexzlo. Tin' Xfflgtl' is pr4'p1n'f'1I for "Thr llozzsff of fizw'1l." "II'11x' flu' Clzimws Rllilgu. "Il'x Spring f1ga1'n." P7'l11'ffl'I' nmkvs perfect! Srene I il. C. 23 grls II urn' slr N Tllzlspimls fry Il urn' lwlfl jmml um! lu fl 1 nwzu spurs. .4 Iffsson III nmlfw-zip. 1Jl'lUlIlIfff'.Y in 1'r'rffr'n'. ACT THREE get V' and Tllinl pw'fm1spf'f'fl1 film' has Il Im! in .vlngw pnsflfml F period tests nmlm-up under Iiglzis Sixth period has stage craft li une! on luwfnile lJf1I1'11q1u'm'y, lt's Causf' and Curr Dcbatff tffam in action PUBLIB i3PEi1iSlIlB DAHNELLE ADCOX CAROLYN CAYVLEY BILLY ROY GILBERT BOBBY GILLIQXM YVILLI.-XM GOODXVIN CARL HAMILTON CLARIS IIOHNSTON XVINSTON NESBIT HAROLD OSBORNE DONNIE PRINCE CHARLES RAGI..-XND KXY SAXFFEI. ROSE MARY SIMPSON SYLVIA VARNELI. DYVIGHT YVEEKS MISS BENE GENE SMITH King Cafs Crew Two by Two X' Classes R .. .ggi ---Y -Ti, TS' '- 1-- --- Z-,...,....-. L45 Y 1 :ner F 1 " ..,.-.- +?--.-----.- R774 :ffm ,.. , , -, ..-f-1-1' 1-----ii " 'W' ...Y Q f- , ,Y ..-i--'-"l?- 4..- :: - i,..--i- - S., , """""T4 i- 1--"" -S """' -1-as --a O Q: 2 L f - ll ,.-.- S ED Nl.XR'l'IN C'fH.XRI,ES SMITH CH.-XRIJQS RISINGER E. O. B.-XLLA-XRD PI'f'.Vffff'llI l'ir'f'4P1'r'sifImI Sf'l'I'I'fI1l'j' TI'l'1lXIl rw' In M4 IIIIHIIIIII B. WEBB DONALD BAKER Silmzrr is g11I1i1'n E. 0. BfXI,l.:XRD Sflfllkillg of feel BILLIE BARR I Izmir' a pair JAMES ABLES Fun and fanry fVl'1' BILLY RAY ACTON I'm II big Imlx' mm' LOUISE ,XIJAXNIS Too gum! In 171' 'VIII' Illv IIl'f'H fun but I'1l hair' ill III' a fI'I'.Y,IIlIIlll OLIYER, BASS BERT ARXUXNIS '.Y11ry ll IH'IliII I.if1' is a lllarry-gf:-r1111H11 FLOREXCIIC BELL IJAHNELLE ,XDCOX lI'llI'l'1' fll!'l'l'A.Y full---ll11'1'1f'x' "'l'i11l:" I'1I 1'lin1l1 II11' fIiglIf'.Yl lllllllllillfil ,iv Class of 1 9 4 t 'A' ak ANN BERRYMAN Women are enlitlvd to life, Iibfrly, and the pursuit of man KATHRYN BETHEL Personality in song BOBBY BINGHABI . Tall, dark, 111111 rmllx' lI11n1I.s01n1' BILLIE INIAE BLACK.-XRD Sentimental mood PATTI SITE BLANKS Disposition tops BOBBY A LEXAN DER Our HSIIIIIIIY Di.vf111siIi1n1" girl HARRY .-XLEX.-YNDER Thr' man Ilfifll flu' Imrn HENRY .YN'I'I'lONY I"1111Il1aIl'X his lIll.YiIll'.Y.X. loan lrix lIIf'!l.YllI'f' joy Axx'l'HoNx' I 1lar1' noi lrusl llll'.Yt' 1'Vv1'.v, llley 1lar1f1' in misfx and 1!a::I1' with Slll'p!'i.Yl' GERALDINE BABB Effort IFIIIIS to 111'I1i1'1fen1w1t v BILL BROWN 'Jus' marking time till May AIIMMIE BURGESS The perfect rejrutation BOBBIE BURKE I get around BOBBIE BURNS A likeable gal PETE BURROW Wildcat guards-'nuff said BOBBY BOSWELL GLORIA CAMERON One foot in heaven, the other in Still water often iuns deep his mouth ROYCE BREWER TERRY CAINADH Master of T1lIIlIj', the Tuba Has the art of putting it in the basket BILL BRIDGES MARION CANNON My mind is an open book Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning RUTH BRITT LOU CARRLTHERS Efficiency is her motto D0n't mind zf I do ELLA BROIVDER BETTY CARSON Louisiana Tech has everything Haven lianrls of fun 'A' if 'A' Class of 1 9 4 8 uk if 'Ir BONNIE CATES Il's a big world CAROLYN CAYVLEY Hitch your wagon you may be one TRAVIS CONATSER The man who tools CARLEENE CONC-ER Little but mighty MARY ANN COOPER It's a mystery to me to a star and the horn IANIES IELKINS PAT COSPER What was I made fer anylmzv Let no man deceive you with vain words IOE EIX BOBBY COULTER Slurly later. plax' mm' Try to keep me from laughing SYLVIA EVANS FAYE CRAIG Has a sturliuus appearanre, Ira! we Beauty and brains are vel Io he 1'o11z'i111'c'rI HIEANE FARRIQR ,IOSEPH CREXV Easy on the eyes I rlunrm mari: about it GI'1R.'XI,DINl-1 FORD PATSY CROXV Qzlielness reigns SIl!H'l'Hll' A sfvle of her uzrn 'A' if 'k Class of 1 9 4 'A' 'A' if J. E. FRANKLIN .IINI Fl'I,'l'0N just fall 25I1?1I and l'll Im l5lI,I.Y RUY ClI,RI'1R'l' Love ain't so blind XVINDSOR GILES I IlflI'I .Yllfh a lilllr' angel RUTH GILLENYVATER Essential to the lx'iIlenerIes No! I refuse to leave H.S. fllf'V1' CQXROIXX lIRl'Xll'l.liI-1 link' lllll glarl In llral I um In' flll' 11111 ClH.XRl.liNE i1l'RRY KXIII-1 IJIQXRNI.-XX Dear lilllr' girl IXIJIA DINN lil CIIPVIJU RICHARD EASON lfine, zunnzen, an A man ix a n'rn'ri.mnuf llziu d song BOBBY GILLIXM DICK GOODE just in l1'111l Il Imnfl. llI1ll'.S my 1l1f5ire Nl.XR'l'H.X GOODNIGHT Good night! JI11r1l111.' MXXIXE COODXYI N Sl'E GOODWIN l.r11Ix' of l,ri,x'111'1' if ir 'Ir Class of 1 9 4 i' i' if H'l11'r1' llIf'I'1'.S will 1l11'r1" C. B. GREEN He would fwnzfe the 1'11rll1 is ll 1'11l11'! .S'il1f1'r-lin1'd 1106111 rl1m'r1.v NV. L. GREEN D11 otlwrs l11'f1n'1' ll11'y 110 you ANNIE GREliNI.1-ll-1 S11g11r' 111111 Spire 111111 1f1f1'rVvIl1i11g' 111111 ,11'1,11's 1111131114 .S Il z1'11y I Fflllvl lu' l111ll11'r1'1l 11'iIh xrlmol lll'1Vl"l'Y I,Ol' GREGORY 1111Y11l In III1' 1'111l XVll.I,l.XNI GOODWIN .IDI URlFl'xl'1H ' I mzlx' llll'VlU!'Ill 1:11111-.vii1'1l joln 17111111 l11'11rf Ill',l'?' 11'1n1 jun' l111lX' DOROTHY UOLX MIAMI-lS HAM Buy 11,,, lpn,-nylly , , , Ii'l11'n 1112 figlzlx ifs fasl 111111 lmrd HAROLD GOXX Takinx lifc' 1'115.Y IXIXIIE COYX 'III1' lresl lllIlIg'.Y ll'.'XNI'l'.-X GRAYICS Tan, inn, 1fi1'in1' CARI, HAXNIIIIVON Clmrm for llll' f11ir1P1' s1'x AIOE HAMMOND Ill' in jmim I'-7l6lIdSl1iIl is 111111111116 BOZO HARNION I 12111 mv z1'l11'11tirs! 1oHxr:'1"1'1a uyxcixsox Q111f1'11 nf the izfurivs BILLY BOB JXNIES f1lIl'llJ'.Y IIII Ihr' 111111 MARY DELI. JAMES A glass of 111.s'11i1n1 111111 II11' 1111111111 of fllflll ,xxxlrz jrzxklxs lxmkizzg 111110 1ll1'f1lI111'1' CLARIS JOHNSON fill II11' XIIIIIIJ' si1I1' of 1l11' .S'f1'l'I'f UORINDA HARPER I just love r"7J!'!'J'flIfllQ l'.X'l' HARRELI. ,S'1111'kr'd for 1'111l111si11.s'111 I.liI.IfX HAYCLOOD N11 .w1n11'1' mid 1111111 1lf1111' XXII? DON XI D HFNIBRYIC 1 W111111111, l11111'1'? H1'11r1' II .vl P,-Xl'I, HENDRIX Vflllf Nj Vigrnp' ffj l'i1111i.v 'A' nk 'A' Class of 1 9 4 'k ir 'A' I,Ol'ISE JOHNSON .Nl11' s111111l.9 11l11111' IIIIIPIV' 11111 1 Rm' ,1oHNs'1'oN 111l1'111 '111I1'11' ll'l111's .sz1'1'1'1 n'11.x'! Iirffrf 1:1 11x '11111'Y .XNNIE JOHNSTON l.nVx'11l Sflifif r1'111g11i:1'1I EI.l,IS'JE,XN JOI.I.liY I I 11151 111111 z1'1r1'k z1'1111 1111' 1 l5II,I,lli JEAN JONES I1 z1'1111'1 be lang Nou' 111011 1111 ROl4liR'I' HICKS 1za'1'1v rlrlx' IX lrlrlvx 1l"Y Tl'l 11 1111 ISOBISIIC HOl.l,liY Yqlll' 11111111-111111 1"11' Jl' XNl'I'.X HOlflA .-I 1i11g1'1 in 1'1'1'1'vx' ,Iii GliR.Xl.l3 HOl'Sli l'll III' tflflflg A111111 FRlil3.X Hl'NIl3l,li H'l11'r1' l1111'1' Y1111 l11'1 I DAVID JONES DUANE LONG I Never has a serious thought Counts achievements by three RUTH JORDAN EARL MCCUIN Cupid plays mean tricks Oemsinnally wise-usually otherwise DELORES LANE NANCY MCKINLEY Rates first in friendliness Her thoughts refleet in her eyes JIMMY LEAVLIVI' INIAVRICE NICKINNON One in II million Life would he zvonderful zvithout sehool YVONNE LE BLANC, PATSY MCPHERSON There's nrt in everytlzing A mood for every occasion ir 'A' if Class of 1 9 4 'A' ir 'A' MARY LOU LEE MARY JO MARTIN Makes the most of ezfery sitzl':tion The gal what gits the blame for this hook BOBBY LEVINE TED MARTIN A Caesar of tonmrrozt' Tis' hut a l71lIt'l'S world CHESTER LIDDLE PIERCE MATHENEY The same old line Greater men than I nun' lmzw' lived, but I douht it BOBBY LITTLE BETTY MELLARD Better late than rzeifer Likeahle, it's true Q MARY DELL LITTLE BILL MILLER Her tonffue o nzarhine of Interested in . . . , well, school 6 perpettml motion IO ANN NEWSONI Theres n Fora' in ymn' fzzlzire IAMES RAY ORREX I nin't sffarrd of IIOIHHIY HAROLD OSBORNIQ Knnzulwfge plus ARNOLD PESSES Life' is just one big rush JAMES l'IIiRClI-1 But me mumis .x'1c'Il1'11 II'-lr-i-I-ff-v VARGE MILLER Charming, I'n1 sure MARY SUE MILLER Has the kind of eyes that makes Il Wildmt wild RALPH MILLS A real 711117119 man IAWRENCE MOREHI-IA D Mischief nnfensoren' PAT MORGAN If The demon of Ihr' IIIIYIIY' floor Class of BETTY LU PITTNIAN A prettier smilr' vou'II mfzfei su josxx POWLEDCLE Puppy love soon leads to ll dogs life AUDRY PROTHRO A lillle girl hut sonz1'I10a"v's darling BILLIE JO PIVRYEAR Ivlen don? go for brains A. G. RAINWATER My tale is told lSE'l"l4Y MURPHY Sfands hy her 1'u111fif'Iim1.s ETTA SITE MURPHY A sussrv lussir' ivilh u r'lns.sx' MARCUERITE NELSON Snnzrlmriy tvll a joke WINSTON NESBIT No holding hands in the hull, please MARILYN NEIYELL Redhead minus hvnjwr fllmsix YVILMA ROBB MARY ROBERSON ' DANNY RAWLS Likfs his 11'111111'11 with 1111 s1'11111g.x 111111111111 FAYE RAY S1111 11113 Illlli 111011 ll1i11ks CLORINE RAYBVRN 15111111 nirer CHARLES RISINGER A 11'11n111n's ll Iwo f111'1'11, ll Il'0l'I'YSUlIII? Ihing! MARY RISINGER 3'ou'II Ilf'7'I'V k1111u' 'A' i' 'A' Class of 1 9 4 t 'A' 'A' 11120111 SIYILS "Okl11l11111111,' is l11'1' 111111114 .mug Age of i111111111'1111' RAYMOND SLAI'GH'I'ER 111111-hf:lf 11111 !i1111' Short in st11I11r1f-.-l1111g 111 bluff 1'111 right 111 l1'11.sI GEORGE SAMPLE Tllf' 1111551151 111155 1u1"1 MA RY jo SEALE 11' 1'z11'r 111211 rd just 1I1'il1l1l111g 11111111111 P.-XTTY LOIS SEWELI, SIIFIS lll'I'5l'lf, 11111111 1111 you 11111111 DENNY SHACIKLEFORD M1111 Illlflllf 11111111 BILLY SIMMONS 11'1' 111 ll ld Plf'11sr1l 111' 1IispI1'11.s'1'1l-. II'Ilk6 me up Zl'I1!'7l lim bell rings DORSEY ROYYIANII G11111l IIFCII 111111114 MA DOLYN Rl'CKS BOBBY SMITH just II surker ffll' Il lif111'11'1' slirk CH ARLES SMITH 8111110 111131 l11"II 11111111 11l1111g Sly 1111 the r11urts-1'11111'lx 1111 tl11' .sly BETTY RUSHING MARTHA SMITH I get ll kirk out of life Kern smzse, 1111111111111 senscf, H0 1710771 f0T IIIUTQ I EDXYARD THOMPSON Perfrfrlly lmrnllzfss HOLLIEL TINKLE A711111 jinglv, jinglr, -IOHN 'l'RINIBLI-I Noni there arf' tzm l'Il!'T1Y qzwslion BILLY JACK 'ITRXI-1R just give me limi' FLOYD YARNELL jinglr .virlfav VANCE SMITH The things I'll miss when Fm gunz' PEGGY STANSBURY Shnrl hut szvzfvi NAT STATER Wmznzi go for ll riflr' in my lmal DOROTHY STERRET She knrzv zvhat shi' zuarilvrl ELI-LXNOR S'l'I'BI3I,EFII'fI,IJ A good nmn is hnrll In fini! In Ihx' flrlrlf f'Yf'5 II pozwr likf' light rlnlh lie' i' al' 'A' Class of 1 9 4 'Ir 'A' ir SHEPP.-XRD YOSS Knnzvs fill, tells nothing R.-XMONA WADDLE I'ln in the mood DORIS IVALLIS One at I1 time please FERRELL IVARE TlIl1l'S his hair. no! fire BETTY YVARFORD Always on her toes 4 NANCY SULI.IY.XN'l' flrnrllf A anrl liz' r GIVEN SXVATllil.l. A nosf' fm' nvzm BILLY 'IDARVER All things to lhnx why hurry CHARLES THOMAS md Iii' and H1 4' zwhn wail lt's so noisy in hvre GORDON THOMAS Sheep in w0lf's r lolhing MARGIE IVHITE IVhere do :re go from here JAMES WILLIAMS just mindin' my ozmz HORACE WVINDHAINI 'Dat wild Wilzlral BOBBY WARREN JOAN WINGFIELD just countin' the days Hello dream girl PATRICIA WARREN .DAN WINN Yet never a word she spake VVhatever it is, I'm for it! OLETA WEST Where there's a man, there's hope I tirkle me DONALD XVOOD 'lr 'A' 'A' Class of 1 9 4 8 'A' ir 'Ir BETTY WOOLLEY Never tired, never cross, just miraculous CARL WRAY Little said 15 sooner mended BOBBYE YARBROUGH Sweet as the candy she makes JU ICR CLASS OFFICERS BILL ADCOX LAVERNE LEXVIS President V ice-President KENNETH TAYLOR SAMMY KINARD Secretary Treasurer , Bobbie Askew, Betty Bailey, Ifzrst Row Dorothy Adams, Bill Adcox, Jimmy Andress Mabel Barbaree, Eddie Bates Second Row Helen Joyce Bauman, Marion Billingsley, Barbara Bishop, Elaine Blum, Freddie Bly, Mary Ann Braddock, Martha Bradley Third Row Cledra Brazeale, Nedra Brazeale. XV. T. Brewster, lVilma Britt, Tommy ' Brown, Jack Burns, Janie Byars Fourth Row Joyce Byrd, Robert Cabiness, Patricia Carroll, Mary Ann Carson, Edward Carver, Elton Cary, Delmar Cassidy I.. d . ,TT ' I A , Fifth Row A Q XX, ll s Joy Cheatham, Jake Clements, Betty Clippard, Charles Cobb, G. YV. Cook, X l A l"' '. Buddy Culp, Peggy Culp J Sixth Row ' eg K Marion Culpepper, Carolyn Davis, Joel Ray Davis, Charles De la I i Bretonne, Laura Denham, Billie Dickens, Billy Dumas ' J, ' , XVaymon Freeman, Seventh Row Joann Dumas, Betty Elmore, Tommy Emerson Frances Garrett, Charles Gholston, Tommy Gordon Eighth Row Freddy Graham, Beverly Graves, lllayne Green, Sammie Jo Gresham, Billy Gustafson, Patricia Haliburton, Carolyn Hall Ninth Row Emery Ham, Bob Hambleton, Betty Hampton, Ferguson Hansen, Dorothy Harbour, Billy Hardin, Paul Hargett I 5 ,em Agp 5 Qgg P UID!!! ' L L4 tl , M l in xiktk gt og' if 'I sg U J mf- f , 9 ,jg Ili 1 ' fl U Hays Geraldine I-lead, Lorraine Tenth Row ' ' -ll Bobby Harris, Glen I , ' ' Hicks Jimmy Hatrc , Herring, Pat Hickman, Joan L,-.4 X u x 1,?,'f:' ' wx, . ,vw ww gxeb an- J' ex 37 :Wi 7vUv-' V ff- 3 '95 "'. --uv-, 'wr was Q., oft Qs .j if U" 'X fa F' ' Q. . 'fp P .- 6 4 A , 5 JM l,x ' ff' A ff. f. Hr r' 7 fx- ,gf Q V fig ' gb if iw 4 :J A 3 K . . ,. lrk K I 'ffl' . 'S 'R 'T 8 ff, li 29 'F' ' M ,.. C, Sr Gr 'js ,.,? . N3 if ' ' I ' A -fl . A 5 ' ' ,? ahw? ,, bl?-E f ,r 'KW f v1g 1 -Q' Q ' Q , V C' N-E ef AKA . . 1 f L ' fl -f 111.gif ' Aiwa 44"- 3 V' y , .fx ' ,,-v' C! r'l" 'l'v Q- vs! 3 5:1 ,I 'iv' , kk v L , :sg ,A QM, 'Wi' 1 Q fs' 4 gg : a6 ah- 'N A 'R f f' "' , W- ,iv 1 2 i 43143 3 , Anti f. Jas X . yy - dl K I First Row i Lottie Jo Higgins, Mary Hightower, Johnny Hiles, Cleta Faye Hill, Catherine Holloway, 'W. S. Holt, Mary Ellen Horton Second Row Doris Hunt, Dorothy Hunt, Louanne Hurley, Clyde Jenkins, Billy Johnson, joe johnson, Roy Johnson Third Row Bonnie Sue Justiss, Elizabeth Kellogg, Peggy Kihneman, Sammy Kinard, Patsy Kirkland, Charles Kirksey, Gloria Lenhardt Fourth Row LeVerne Lewis, Sexton Lewis, Buddy Lybarger, Lynda McCuiston, Bobbie McDaniel, Marion McKinley, Rebecca McKinnie r.. 4 . ll x A I ii at l, , . I V , , K ' Fzfth Row t M ---. .4 Rada Sue McMahan, james Mclhfilliams, Bennie Jean Manor, Fay x Xl X' n Martin, Maurice Meadows, Marianne Meinert, Lois Anne Mellor uh V 'M cl 1' . -- , AW L.. S- QL' 3-if Sixth Row l X x j ts Tommy Mitcham, Norman Moore, Catherine Murphree, Marshall it' Y - 'X Murphy, Billie Ruth Murray, Thelda Murray, Donald Newman y , X 4 R , L! ' , 1 vu Seventh Row , ' jesse Nutt, Martha Oglesby, james Patterson, Patsy Patterson, Norma " 2 Pendleton, Jacquita Phillips, Nancy Pickering ig Q 1 4 4 s A Eighth Row , skit' Celia Powledge, Donnie Prince, Marthe Prince, Evelyn Raborn, Charles A A-t' Ragland, Patricia Reid, David Reynolds 1 Ninth Row J Billy Robicheaux, Alice Rodgers, jackie Rogers, Billy Rogcrson, Mary f LT Ann Scott, Ann Seale, Robert Shackleford fe' 84 Truth Row Ray Shugart, Katie Simpson, Rosemary Simpson, Bettv Slaughter, Emma ' L w . J X'-b?-J'-if-'- Slaughter, Dorothy Spooner, Jimmy Stakem J J 9 what Y Q . A "' ' .W ' - PQ .5 xt U' fu- LL :M , .. -M f '75 Q5 , av. J 1, 1' F' " " X "E 5' ff? F1 Q ,.,,. . q ,- -,- M fx W T' wk T' . j ,xf'eE1N 2 Z, F 1 5 xx Ltqwv N-3 7' 'X ', fi 41? 1,5 V 45' . faiffs was F,,.,4- 4 ' V 8 3 X 1231 . Q' x 49' ,,, k...J .af nn! . If , . 1" ,n , .pe .--, .,. K Q . ,E nw If V Q Y.: 1-wi M 1 " . f an K I - rj- f my 'N L fi'-7 x .QI 3 'V' wr 2. nf X "' 5' A 'Z F 4 rf- ' I I W F7 , 5' as L53 . gall T f,,, Leg. ' if 1. Fx' -sr! f G- " ' "" E5 'fx Q3 ' . xx, N Q F 6 11, A+ 'ff W f A .R t 1,01 ' ,,,. K 5' .xsx h ' g.j 'W' x,f,'g,? 3 53 Q JSR ,AQ ix -Q S. QQ Fl '99 415 L9 ,V ' A A L KN ",1i '1 . ...N-,: -L m y L i,i:?w, ,E , ,SR Q: - L QB. x 'A Q Q gg , L K In t .Q as is XX fy :sy lv' 'QT I 3,-QF , ENV' F irsl Row Helen Stephens Martha Stone Beverly Taylor Swfmzd Row Kenneth Taylor Opal Teague Jo Ellen Tinls Third Row Lester Toland Maydell Tucker R. D. Hfalker I'vfl1l'l'ffI Row Earl YVatkins jerry Hlatkins Dwight TVeeks lfiftll Row Mary XVilkinson L. T. XVillian1s Sarah XVilliamson Sixlll Row Roland Hlilson Robert NVolfe Charlotte XVood Srfzfentlz Row Norma -lean Hloods Dickey XVright Gary Youree BACK THROUGH THE YEARS S ,Xi SOPHOMQRE CLASS In September, l94fi, a group of green freshmen steered dizzily through the halls of E. H. S. constantly gazing at their new schedules, wondering what would be next on this, one of the most important days in their life. Choosing Billy Wayne Ballard, Doyle Jameson, Gerald Goodnight and Danny McClotchey to lead them through their first year, these freshmen proved to be one of the best classes ever. Returning in 1947 as silly sophomores, this class, proved to be quite unusual by re-electing Billy Wayne Ballard and Doyle jameson as president and vice-president respectively. This also proved that these "fellas" are great favorites of their fellow classmen. For secretary of the class, the sopho- mores chose Virginia Lindsey and honored John Crawford by electing him as treasurer. x These officers led their class through "thick and thin' but came through their sophomore year with flying colorsg winning places in various contests and campaigns and rank- ing at the top in some honor roll counts. The sophomore class was represented in the extra- curricular activities of E. H. S. A great number of sopho- mores were in the lVildcat band, boys and girls glee clubs, mixed chorus and other activities. One member of the cast of the Thespian play was a sophomore. lvildcats hailed from this class while the "B" team was made up largely of sophomores. Four of the "B" team cheer leaders were from this group. , This class has proved to be very outstanding and these "silly sophomores" are eagerly looking forward to next year when they'll tread the halls as "jolly juniors." CLASS OF 195Q Cl lzlr le llc' Alexander jo Ann Dumas Billie Alford Carl Anderson jackie Anderson Emily' Atkinson Betty' Baker Carolyn Baker Billy' W. Ballard Marvin Bankston Mary' Barnes j. C. Barr jimmy' Bates Patsy' Bates Charles Beasley' j. S. Beebe Patrieia Beebe Tommy' Bell Ruth Bernard Tommy' Blagg Harold Bledsoe Charley' Branham Bessie Brazeale Frances Brewer Arlie Bridges Alyis Brown Derwood Brown johnnie Brown Betty' Bnrson Herbert Hussey' Billy' Butler Ralph Calayvay Ronald Callaway Nanty' Carroll Mary' Ruth Carter Tommy' Carter Wanda Cary' Betty' Cogbttrn johnny' Comer Georgia Craft Lou Craig john Crawford Fred Culpepper Nary' Culpepper Harold Cummins Riehard Ctn'ry jimmy' Darden Sallie Lou Dearman jimmy' Delano jack De-Noon Walter Dobie Bill Dumas Patty Dumas Sammy Dumas Clifford Dunn Charles Durrett Bobby Elmore jo Ann Estes jean Evans Ruth Farrior john I-'ick Bill Foster Donald Franks H. E. Frisby Glyn Gabbert Tommy' Garlington Nellie Gibson Patricia Gilrhrist Nellie Gillenwater Billy' Gilliam Ann Golder Gerald Goodnight Lynn Goodyrin Mary' Goodwin Shirley' Grant illaleolm Grayes Patsy' Green Bobbie j. Griffith Norma Griffith David Haekyrurth jimmy' Hale Nlarv Hammaek Carolyn Hammond Mary' Hansen Don Hardee j. B. Harrell lingerie Hawley' 'Fhotnas llead john Hearn Peggy' Hinson Melba Hoguc William Holloway' Gary' Iloneycntt joynelle lloneytutt Barbara Hooyer Patty' jackson Doyle jameson Wallaee johnson Neal johnston Frank jones Helen jones jerry' jones Minnie Keating Bobby' Kelly' Eunice Kidd l'na Kidd Frances Kinard jaek Knighten lirma Lansdale Betty' l.eay'itt Billy' Leayilt Virginia Lindsey' Mary' Loehbaum ,l- 'll Long Bobby' Lum Floyd MeAdoo Betty' MeC:mn james Meilants Dorothy' McCarty' Dan MeClatel1ey Marv NIeCord Benny' IyltCurry' james MeGarity' Nellie Mt'Henry' Curtis Meliinley' june Mtalahau Mary' Nlanaseo Bobby' Martin Helen Matloek Beverly' jo Nleisstter Henry' Miles Barbara Montgomery Billie Montgomery' David Mooney' Carolyn Moore Bobbie Nlooty' lonnny' Morgan Wanda Nlurphree Pat Murphy' Betty' Myers Dora Mae Nash Patsy' Nash Doris jean Nelson Robert Neyrsotn Betty' Oliyer Barnes Pennington Betty' Pitltering Gary' Porter Patsy' Powell Marv Helen l'riee Patsy Prinnn jane Raines jnlius Rainwater pw joan Raybonrn jerry' .-Xnn Reynolds Flnnna Rirketts Burrelle Ripley' Charles Roberson l'et!gy' Roberson David Roeltelle Martha Sue Ruples janiee Rushing Kay' Saffell 'late Scott jack Sehon l'egp,y' Sewell Frances Silliman Virginia Silliman Raymond Sinnnons Donald Sitnms Patsy' Sitns Monteene Slaughter Billy Spooner Carolvn Spooner Charles Stephens Stanley' Stritkland Bill Stuart Rlt'll1ll'ilSW1llll'll I Gay' Tanner Allen 'l'ay'lor Deloris 'lihotnas Don l.. 'l'lnn'man Dorothy' 'l'ltnrman Pat 'l'itsyy'ortb lileanor 'Foland Peggy 'l on nsend George l'rull Farl l'nderyy'ood Sylyta Yarnell Billy' Walden Rithard Waldron Carol .-tnn XYarren Wayne Watkins Frelvn Watt jatqueline Watts lionnny Xylyite Gloria Williams .-Kline Windham Doris lYoolsey l.onise lVoolsey' Carolyn Wright Carroll Wrigltt loan Yorutn - V3 'fs FRESHMA CLASS On that September Monday of 1947 the only "footsteps on the sands of time" the frightened freshman wanted to make was a good, clear trail back to their safe, familiar, grade schools. That being impossible, they did the next best thing-huddled in four distinct groups, quite like motherless chickens at night. Little did they believe that in a matter of weeks "fences" would be down and they would be scurry- ing here and yon at will. As an unfeeling upper classman put it, they were those same chickens, but with their heads cut off. Shortly, those "freshies" started their royal road to learn- ing by selecting a top-notch bunch of class officers, Billy Goudy as president, Howard LeBlanc as vice-president, Melanie Scott as secretary, Kneelon Teague as treasurer, proved to be excellent color bearers and lead the class through a successful year of activities. Fourteen of El Dorado's crack lvildcat Band are fresh- man. To "sing as the angels" the freshman gave the chorus thirteen members. On the football field the big' "Es" went to sixteen freshman. To cheer these on were three freshman as junior cheer leaders. The freshman have already hopefully spotted their seats on the south side of the auditorium, and unless heartless quality points get in their way, they are on the mark and getting set toward being "stars" of the show in 1951. B o if CLASS OF 1951 junior Allen Muriel Atnason Bobby Andrews Palsy' Anthony jinnny' Atkinson jinnny Ayres Helen Bailey Gracie Ballard Bobby BZIHRSIOII Harold Barker Barbara Barton llarlene Bates Billy Ruth Bennett lferrell Beyer flora Billingsley Bobby' Black jattlueliue Blagg Verna llell Bootie lhonias Boyyntan l'na Boyle Mary' Bradshaw Charles Brantley l.aX'onne Brasher Ray Brewer Pal Bridges l.ayy'rente Briggs lloris Brown Iltltlley' Brown john Brown Cloylene Butkner .larnes Burgess Billie john Burns Bobby' Burnside Margie Bttller Mildred Cameron lloyte Calloway janite Carney Betty Chappell Adolph Chandler Gloria Cheathani Nanny' Llark Lharlene Clements Io Belh Clolyin Norma Colyin Winston Comer Gary' Cooper janette Clrayen Bert Clroyy' llenry' llaniels Glenda llatden Helen llayis Yyonne llayis Benny llutnas joe llutnas Nlarthalene llunias Patricia llunbar Patti Sue Dunbar lot l.oyy'ery Dunn rs.. Norntan liason Bob lillley' Belly' lipley joyee liudy' Billy lflurry joyee Franks Nlelyalene lfultlon Lynda Garrett 'lfrauk Gaston josephine fi00llWlll Layrrente Goodwin Bill Goutly Dorothy' Graham Roy' Crayes Charles Gray Bobbie Green john Griffey Aryis Griggs llonald Gunnels llorintla llale Billy' Harber janell Harber Phil llarher Chester Harbor Naotnie llarris O. ll. Harlsell johnny' Hastings Carolyn llayyleius jiunny Hays Bohhy' lleard Irene lleffner llollie Hill j. W. llogue 'lolntnie Hogtle llelen llollingshead Virginia lloltnes Darnell Holt jatues Hood Marjorie Houser Roehelle Hudson Billy Hughes Louis llttrley Palritia jelks Ruby jenkins Douglas jinlas Bohhy' johnson lleloris johnson jerrie johnson lolut johnson Roy johnson Crawford jones llana jones Dupree Kenley johnny' Kinarti Chester Kirkland Raytnoud Kirksey' lke l.aeel'it-ld jatnes l.aunius Louise l,eay'ell Howard l,eBlant Wade l,ee Bohbilenc Lewis lsabelle I.eyy'is Lena Ruth Lewis Ronnie 1.1.-wis Carol l,ust'hen Ronnie I.ust'hen loan Kleflrary lfrances McKinnon Mary' Ann Iyltkinnion Barbara NIePherson 'Xlarion NleWillianis Patsy Massey' Bobbie Slay jatnie Lou Middleton Billy Nlitehell Rich-ard Nlitehell johnny Xlolsbee George Morgan Betty' Nlurph Sarah Nlnrphy' Nlary Nell Nelson Beyerly Newsom Byrd Norris .lanette Ogden janite Ogden l. XY, Ogden Carolyn Osborne j, H, Page Pat Parker Rnclolplt Patterson Billy Palton lully' Pennington Chester Phillips liunny Phillips john Phillips Nlarianne Phillips Billy Porter jalues Powell Nlyrtlene Pouell janirc Powledgc Carl Prentiee George Pernlite Belly' Pritntn lfred Proll Randall Rainwater XVilliam Read Xlauriee Reed Horatte Reibe Billy Riggs RK'lllli'lll Robirds Nlary' Ann Rodenbaugh Bobby' Rogers Billy Rneks Mary Kay' Sthtuitll Nlelanie Stott john Seale lfraneille Sewell Wendell Seyrell Glen Shatlsleford Belly' Stnilh lfranees Sntilh Harry Siuith jean Stnilh Ola Slllllil Paul Sutith Peggy' Smith Margaret Speer Richard Sprague Nlelba Staples Ronta Lou Staples l.ayelle Stanley Xlary Ann Steele l.eonartl Stephens Xlelha Sttnuuerhill Billy 'lalutn Charles 'l'aylot loe 'lelfortl Kneelon league -loan lhotnpson Xlike Thorne Larol l'oyyles liarl l'rull Xhbie jo lutlser Ralph l'ull Klallierine Yarnell Billie joyte Watldle Xlary Belh lyatle .Krlen Waldrup Nlary Wallace Williatn Ward loe Warren Ilene Washburn Charles Watkins lloua Sue Webb Neene Wharton Dorothy Xyhalley' liilIIlllClll Whitten Nlilan joe Williams ,L ll. Wilson Klharlolle Wilson lg-rry Wolfe Roberl lYootlall Nlary ,Kun lYoodul Barbara Wright lYill lVrighl Leslie lvylit' Patty Yarbrough I-iugeuia Yotutu Wayne lyllles Wi BOCDSTEIQS La Vogue ' Mr. and Mrs. M. E. jones Holliel Tinkle Travis and Patsy Cosper and Puryear Bob and Ella Joan, Tricia, and Dollie Bert and Richard Mr. Perry A. Long Watson's Dress Shop Mr. E. C. Collum Charlie and Biddy Raymond Watley Lloyd Evans Miss Ellie Tatum Claire Bryant Ward and Pace Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Goodwin Mrs. H. C. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Carey E. Clark Mr. Merle Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Buck Mrs. Brutus Harrell and Pat Randolph James joan and Henry -Ioan and Little jim Denny and Betty Lu Marilyn and Ray Happy and Evelyn Mrs. L. C. Zwahlen and Betty Lee Jimmie Carroll . Joe june White Sanders Cleaners El Dorado Pipe and Supply Michael Trull Rex Jorginson Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Carruthers Beebe and Spooner Tommy Blagg Sid Goza O. E. Bishop H. H. Higgs I Frank H. Thompson' Nancy and Termite Dahnelle and Bingham Charlotte and Oliver Jo Ann and Tate Frances and Gerald Bickerstaff and Paschall W. T. Wallis Frank Robert, Jr.-Class '45 Thomas Duffy-Class '45 Mrs. Edna E. Wallis Eleanor Wyss George H. Wallis Yvonne LeBlanc Grady VVooley Pete McCall Fergus Mahoney, jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Methvin H. E. Summers Dub and Jo Walker and A. V. Windham's Furniture Store. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Miller Mr. and.Mrs. H. L.Puryear W. H. Jameson H i Jo Ann 'and Earl Gillie and Sammy Mary Ruth and Billy VVayne Pete Shores Pete Burrow Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. North THANKS AGAIN TO THE MERCHANTS WHO MADE THE 1948 WILDCAT POSSIBLE WW we You'x'e reall about the new Paris Fashions. You've talked about them. But have you ever worn ll1e1n?w-lVl1y not? Come in and let us give you the PARIS Sam plea HOME OF GOOD FOOD Hollywood Grill ON THE SQUARE li JI We N ever Close NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE El Dorado, Arkansas Courteous Bankzng .Serrfzce Member of Federal Deposit lnsuranc Corporation GEORGE MORGAN PONTIAC COMPANY PONTIAC AND CADILLAC CARS 300 South Madison E1 Dorado, Ark. We Specialize in OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT EL DORADO PIPE AND SUPPLY COMPANY JONES 8: ROCHELLE The Finest in CLEANING STUART TYPEWRITER and TAILORING ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Corner of Cedar and jackson 212 East Elm El Dorado, Ark. Elgin - XVATCHES - Hzunilton MUSIC COMPANY 213 N. Mlashington Phone 259 El Dorado, Arkansas TERRY THE JEWELER Established 1876 FINE DIAMONDS Kikwik Tire and Appliance and Service Station EL DORADO A PHARMACY GOODYEAR TIRES AND BATTERIES Phones Phones ISS and H343 601 - 602 El Dorado, Ark. Compliments of NORTH SIDE PHARMACY YV. Roland Giles, Prop. Phone 399 El Dorado, Ark. MOTHER MAC'S KITCHEN 544 IVest Hillsboro El Dorado, Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS A FRIEND SOUTH SIDE PHARMACY Louis IV. Ella - Louis XV. Ella, Jr. Phone 260 IVashington and Center W e Delinafr' Compliments of HARRIS-TRIMBLE MOTOR COMPANY RANDOLPH COFFEE SHOP Your NASH ' REO 1 Dealer El Dorado, Arkansas HOME HOLLYWOOD FINANCE CO., INC. CLEANERS L O A N S THE BEST On Automobiles, Trucks, in Real Estate, Furniture 208 North Washington CLEANING, PRESSING AND ALTERATIONS Phone 1280 POLLY DEBS for school prom DUGGAR'S SHOE STORE RAND'S for rampus strolls HALL DRUG COMPANY Preseription Specialists Complete Line of MAX FACTOR COSMETICS Phone 70 - 71 McQUADE'S Home of RHYTHM STEP SHOES CHILDREN'S SHOP 4'Toys For Tow" Campus Queens DA NCE, BALLERINA, DANCE Ifmu- SHOES lfmm f" f' SPRING FORMAL ZAVELO'S from Paris Ifzasllirnl, -lKIl'Il1ll'llIIf', 1-i-1 C"'m"' New YORK New York Store STORE Firestone Home 8z Auto Supply Claud Cook I Hugh Weatherford Main and South Mlest Phone 316 EL DORADO, ARKANSAS BOB ELLIOTT 8z SON jewelers E1 Dorado 0 Magnolia Crossett. Ark. Go to SIMS STUDIO for GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHS 'A' 'A' if Photographers for 1948 WVildcat East Side of Square Over New York Store RITCHIE GROCER CO. Wholesale Distributors in FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES El Dorado, Arkansas Phone 380 Langston Metal Shop Established 1908 Phone 84 Compliments of Virginia Lepine MEET THE GANG at THE CASTLE For Latest Things in WESTINGHOUSE g0 to Timmins Hardware and Furniture Co. ALL WELL DRESSED MEN BUY THEIR CLOTHES at the Star Clothing House The MrJst Mczderrz Alerfs Store in Arlmfzszls Kavanaugh Llotors, Inc. LINCOLN MERCURY Sales and Service 312 XVest Main Street El Dorado, Arkansas THIS BOOK PRODUCED IN THE PLANT OF ffmey pfbmimq Z 80 Lion Oil Building EL DORADO, ARKANSAS Newell's Trucking BOB NEYVELL WHEELIN G PIPE LINE DODGE PLYMOUTH Heard Motor Company 425 North West Avenue Phone 1001 DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS THE EXCHANGE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Complete Bankzng Serwzrie MhFllR NI! fFlIC EL DORADO HOUSE l'ashzon Center of El Dorado 209 East Main St See Your Chevrolet Dealer For THE NEWEST LINE THE GREATEST FEATURES THE BIGGEST VALUES fur Economical Transportation .4 L.. Griffin Auto Company Phone 1500 We Never Close Sterling's Dept. Store 109-lll West Main Street E1 Dorado, Ark. "Everything for Men, Women and Children at a Saving" Fagan Electric Company Electrical Service Engineering and Contracting NVHEN YOU THINK OF FLOWERS Phone 3585 FOR LATEST HAIR STYLES go to I l I 0 I I O I Art Mode Beauty Salon PHONE S585 209 N. Jefferson Phone l0l8 The House of Fine Roses United Credit Jewelers 202 S. Mlashington Phone 199 FOR ALL KINDS OF GIFTS go to Carter Book Store Home of Hallmark Cards IF YOU YVANT THAT VOGUE LOOK Shop at Morris 8z Company Timmins Hardware and Furniture Co. Invites You to Come In and See Their YVESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC AUTO PARTS CO. "Your N.A.P.A. llobbef' PHONE 2870 MCDAVID BUICK CO. We Service All Makes and Models PHONES 1075 - 3580 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY "Everything for the H 3282 Vkfashington St. E1 Dorado, Ark Congratulations UNION INVESTMENT COMPANY El Dorado, Ark. "The Home of Fine Furniture" HANNA 8a COMPANY EID orado ' Smack 393 Phone 87 WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE Everything for the Family Dress Shoppe on Second Floor 'EER' MOTOR STEPHENS COMPANY HUDSON Authorized Sales and Service MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS Phone 3762 1310 N. YVest Ave. EL DORADO, ARK. R. R. Brown 0 Ruth A. YVilson S. W. McHenry UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Basement First National Bunk All Kinds of llIS1lVlHl!'l' Exrfpt Life M. T. Phone Green A. W. Moulon GREEN -MOUTON MOTOR CO. Sales and Service 376 505 N. YV EL DORADO, ARK. est Ave. Compliinenls of RIALTO and MAJESTIC Theaters -s ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. El Dorado, Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS MR. AND MRS. BRUCE ANTHONY B. W. Reeves SL Company DEPARTMENT STORE Established 1879 Fl Dorado Arkansas T. P. Marks Uompany THE FINEST IN SERVICE E1 Dorado Arkansas Phone 9100 "Congratulations GRADUATES!" AIX INVESTMEIXFI IN KNIOXN LEDGE ALM AYS PAYS THE BEST INTEREQT --F kl' LION GIL COMPANY iff: , 3525.1 , . . 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Suggestions in the El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) collection:

El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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