El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR)

 - Class of 1947

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El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Q , -- - --. wi. if - ' Pwr-www...-1 A M51 fl S .XA7 Lrg- 'Q I' 'B . - 1 4.+., 5 w .M .4 X . - 1 i i 51 E 1 1 1 V -,Q - ,-.xg V, -- ' '1 4 'fi 1 1 4 X 'l T J , J -41 Y Donald Alspaugh ,,,, ,. ,, ,...............,..,., Editor Carl Garrett ..r.,.,,.. ....,,,. B usiness Manager Margaret Swafford .rrrrrr .r...... A rt Editor Presenting.. 141- UA R if +R ai ig TF EXT in thel947 . f . WILIICAT CC! .Tarago gflqlz Selma! gf QOFHJO, C-72Ql'L!IIlXflS 1- if if if Foreword . . "And belzold fllflif' 11ppz'r11'f'rl a star in the lll'Il7lff'?IS,H has inspired "Hitch Your lVagon to a Star," as the thenie for this 19-I7 XVildcat. In years to come may you turn through its pages with fond recollections, when thoughts ol the past are the sweetest of all. may memory light her fires and show you the old places and the old faces of high school days. The staff has tried to compile an annual that will be welcomed and cher- ished by all who read it. To the student body. to the friends and patrons of our beloved high school. we present this book. THE STAFF if 'iv if 'lr lf ir Dedication.. Sinee we limi cznne lo know her. we hzue allways irslx-fled. admired und loved Mrs. Nlzniizin Wrigln. not only because ni what she has meant to the school. but lvecznise ul the inspirznifm she has been Io the students. Quietly she has worked annung us, adding tu our lives those things that heziutiiy and inspire. Beeznise we have felt her influence and have heneiilled by it. we wi5h to dedi- ezile to her this IEHT Xviilifkll. 'lr 4 nk 'Q 1 NIR. G. .X. SIL'BBI.EIfIIil,ID. SIlfll'I'1-IIIWIIIIVIII , ,... +P-2' ' - E.. v w., A 'I If K 2 3 If - '-331 H . ff .30 if ,LL L'5. z j. ., V ,A . A27 52 xg, I di.. 'f . NIR. IWIOXYXRIJ NI. ELIDER, Prfmi The ,ga mf 5 Q f Tn, . 0. 2: :n.."l ww - A f 1- - Q, . qi-qi' ' Q,-Jil.. .', I who x.o'1'ffl'-'ia f f' feasivwr vig NIR. DUCK B. IICNIENI. Aselslunl Crxxuh. G1-ncrnl Smim-nu-. Algebra I . , . MRS, Rl"IH IJICNNY, Iinglish III. American Hixlorx. K.mnrnrrcignl Art. Somiologx . . . Mlih. RICHARD I-IIHRIIKQIC fixiu. IQIIHIISII I . . . NIRS. EYELYX CLR EER. Biulrxgx. GL-m-r:1I SKICIILX' . . . MRS. FRANK ,Il-.XklNs. IQIIKIINII II. III journulisnl . . . NIR5. W. H. NIcCOl.l.l'XI, Hmnu Iiuumnmins . . . NIR. OTTU NIXIHIS Plain Civolllulrx . . . MISS AXNIL l.I-lli NIOORI-1. linglish II, III M155 MARY EVELYN PACE. Phwiczll l'i1Illl'1IIIOIl. Bzmkulllull Coach . . . MISS ROWFNA l'.XSlII'I.fkl., Algnlnzi I, Solid Cc-mllclrx. Plain Math. 'l'ri,s:. Us LS. ,IIlIYliLL ANTHONY MISS FR.-XXCIS .'XL'I.l3 URS. XIEXVKIH I3ICIKIiRS'I.'XI"l" NIR. EIJXYARII Cl. BOOK English I I.ibrzn'i:1n Algebra I Clxorul llircmlor Algehrzi I SIRS. LILA I5RliW5TLR MRS. VIRGINIA fHARI,F.S H155 NIARIAN COX XIRS. BRUWN CIl'I,I' Spanish I-Il Llixiu fhunixliw B001-llwc-ping English I Phwiu Shurlhzuncl I-II ilxf' II ning I- T, . 'WY WZ? ig I Qu, , .ff if-xx .3 f A I , in "' - E' I Ea? f f ,Q ' :lev i V E! I ir. 4 .ngli:if l. 2 I' fi 4 5 4 I fl , ww f 4 1. , I , A f X I 7, Mmm ,.f lt' fix MISS MARX V. RI1lNlI.KRD'l', I-nghxh IX' . . . NIR. .L II. ROIKIYNOX. Ximrnxm Ilixlrnw, .Xnin-:iran C-riuriiniuil, Wildcat Iimiiicv Nlniingrr . . . HRS. ICNINIII1 II. ROGI-IRS. .Xwislzinl Ihimipul. I-.nglish II . . . Nlr. l'. I. NHORLS Turing I-II. Iluukkrcpiiig. Slmrtliiiml I , . , 'KIISh BI-'NL CLLNIQ SNIIIH, Drgnniltiu. Puhlig Spa-zxking. Dclmtc. Sp:-cali . . . Nil SS I-,l.I.IE IYILWI. Mnrlv Hull Snpnrxi-m . . NIRN. llI'.RXIf'I'. WARI-.. fxlllfklllll' C.uunQclur . . . NIISR EII.l',l'N lX'lLN'I'. Having Izumuliiiu . . . XIR5. XIXRIOX IYRIGHI. lY0rlcl I-li-Imw. Cixiu . , , NIISS I.IYlJX XYUlI5.'YC.R XII. Iilllll I-II. l'huimuI lic-ugrzxpln, gmt ,mp-.., 'WDQ f'K I 4 1 'Ir 'k i' 57' 33 11, M Stars. Q 5, f Soma' of us :md some ot thcm , . . My, what a pretty blonde . . . The lust of thc Mohicans? .... Some of your buddies. Richard? ..... Mr. President . . . . The Big 'I'hrt-Q. Hztrpo. Murxo, and Groucho flop to bottom. of coursej . . . YX'aiti11g for soma-one or just looking pretty? WEE ES... " U1 xxgv r,- --, .,, . wif- tw.. vw- ' .f-.0 -- - R ,. - V' ' ':h.'.- ':'-,',.u ,' .:.,v'1j44--:,Q:ff+1N " --5,,1--iw M-,g"f-- 5 if :qu-1, V f' ,5 ,' 5 -', 'fi 54,172.?"YlA-'u.1:"'J-::1::'?f'Yif?' - ,,,. . . ,-....., .., --.. 'T - - .1 'a X. 1.'5'1l'lZ":' f-.,f,,f1-A2-J-'11 Aff" --1-.1 1-ea. :--.vrnfifff r' '- 'ri A .'-'f 'H 1 P-'J ""'-4-tv-" ".-'..'..'--'- -. I 2 :,' M'-gfa-'...w.1 ' '- J .,,x ',, 'f4.':,,-' - ,w I x-.:'. 4 'Q un 'gif' -3-75l'. f ,f- V" -,r, f-QQ,-,,.-.-7, 4,5 ',,,,,, -. gx. ful.. .:,--...L . ' -'.F..' "f,-f.fv1'J" if . ,- , .,,' 'f-an K ' , ,, . ,. ., -g,.:.-fg,.- mu..-.,'.f.,,'-' '4..--' -, .- .,,a u ,1 1,1 :.'1l, 1X1'G.l,:f.,:efr . f -1 - ' 1 -,1, -.'. 711 Z. Tu.. JJ .WJ 2.24313 , . , 1 5 JPL, I I-','f, 'ml tiling: l,2Z1f'-,l'Jf':." ,4'," . - -.1, -1 ,f:, 'I'-3 ', '.'f f 4, - . '4':'a"'.'lx.Af' 1. 1 0 1- 1 .v, I 1 fic.,-.717-5-:.I:l,fI, 'all' if.: I: 5, V j I ual I., A5 f 7.111 ' 1 4 .. I..-: 1' . f , , 1 N 71 ' 'J .1,'j:"i 1 , , 1 ' , . r , -'3 ' . , .':. ' f ' ' .f' ' 4, .f 4 '1f,:'. ur.. 4- '-I 'f-. f I 1 , ' if Vff.. I 4 ,d K -rzlv ,I , I ' 1- nf' I ' -- , ' 4 .fy 1' A , -, P1 1 I 5 I 5,-gfifli, ' ' ' 'i: 11 1 I 4 ' . ,' 'f fit: Ji?- , f f 1. I -9' . 1 'f iv , ' ." ',v,.f'f ,iff X ' 114' , ff ,' , I -I ' I ' ,I X r I I If ff lf,vI 1 X - nf' 4-I'-1 x JN ml I 4 ',., .,..,-ff., ,' . I -. 1, X. L' -I-71:-. I f - ,.,fH,l, lax 1 '7 ' 'r 1 X ' ,A ' IVV 1 I , , 3 f , .1 'W ' . ' -1 F "" cr: , 1 - ' Y 6 LA A 1 -L' lil 'Ktj ,glial A , . . 45 in 41 x 1 X xx. 1 Q pw, 1,'?,f514,r 'H N ' 'xvvvi-Lv: 02:9 . j 1 Q Nxgxx . . ,. , Q n 5 -Q .f' .A lf Y 'vi , 2 R - ' gf X k A,-.1 K , Y x Q x Q Q -1:5 ' ' M Nl QD - ' xx X , , hx ' A 5 ' X .f i 'nil W I HITBH YDUB LUHBDI1 'ID 'I SIHB . . . So homore... enior... p Junior... Fre hman... l E IOR JIMMY PAT COLEY President LOUIS SANFORD Vice President LaNELL BRILLH.-KRT S ecreta ry Twelve long years, our age is old, Sorrow and joys all flung in one, Yet through torture still we hold Until our battle, triumphantly -won. Books and teachers, but I1 dying ember. Lest we remenzlter Lest we remember!! The tumult and the shouting dies, The wise and the ignorant deport, VVith a shower of tears pouring from the eyes, And students suffering with a broken heart. The seals are empty where the seniors sat, Let's all forget I,et's all forget. EDYVIN HEA D Treasurer l ADA MS, CAROLINE junior Miss ALLEN, JAMES OLIVER Red Iron A LLEN, THOMAS Great Guest ANIJREXVS, LOU ARDEN Writing Poetrv BAILES, RALPH Thr Citizen BANKSTON, IVILLIAM DARREL Anything Can Hllflzlfll BEAVERT. BOBBIE JEAN Our Living II'm'lr1 BEAVERT, JO ELLEN Airways Tonznrmu' BELL, TONIMIE PAYE Hou' To Live BRASHER, JIMMY CITRTIS After Dark BRASHER. PEGGY JEAN The Drivin' Ifnnzian BREAZEALE. JACK 'I'. High Cozzrngff ALLEY, BILLY NV. Bold Dragon ALSIPXVGH, IIOXALI Hun' To l'fe Our ANDERSON. MXRTH II'lIf.YIIf'7'f7IQ Girl BEAIRII. BILLIE JEA Olrl Fashion Girl BEARDEN, JAMES 1.111112 U'0lf BEASLEY, LOUISE AS You Likr' It BLITM, PEGGY The Enrhrmler BLY, REBECCA LEE blfvzvard I3R.XN'l'LEY. .XLSTIN Mm: of Iron I f EE Mmdc A ANINIE N BRI LLHART , LA NELL Angel BRITT. CHARLES BRY,-X N Black A fron' BROWN. CORA JEAN You Dorf! .Say Bl 7 RNS. BARBARA LOUISE That Man ls Mine BURNS. EDWIN BENOID Perilous Seat BYARS, ROBERT WAYNE Call It Courage LjAXY'I'HON, HARRY To Have and 10 Hold CAIVVEY. BILLY CYRITS Wee Willie Winkie CHIIIVOOD, RICHARD I Adrift In An IIT'-P1171 COCKRELL, MARY MARGARET The Restless Wave COGBURN, BILLY JOE Let Me Think COLEY, JIMMY PAT One Foot In Heaven BROWN. MAX RICHARD 5I'l'l'7If!'l'!I Bl'l.l.OfIK. HARWARD JACKSON Insidr' Out Bl'RCLE, HENRIEIUIIA The Perfefl Trihulr' CABINESS, BILLY JOE lfings CALIHVELL, ALBERT The Crisis CARRIITHERS, LLOYD HAROLD f'UIl7I1Ili7l of Love CLARK, JIMMY Lurfl jim CLEVER, A UDREY LOUISE Slim COKIKRELL, BARNEY B., JR My l,vl1kHOZI.'l1 jump COOK, IRENE Cook With Gus CRAWFORD, DAN W. Bzflmve Yourself CRI'I"I'ENDEN. NI. C.. IIR. Boy With A Puck DENHANI. BILLY GENE Dog At His Heels DENOON. MAR! E ELLEN Alone Del'RIES'I', ELEANOR GENE .Srnsff and Swzsilnility DVNLXS. DOYLIC ARNOLD Sung of tha' Lark DLNIAS. MELBX KATHIE College un l'lr1r5c'I1111'k Dl'NI.'XS. THVRNLYN L. l'e'ir1 of Iron ELLIS, ROGER ALLAN I Want Tn Bal An Actor ELY, CHERRY LORRAINE Little and Good ENDEL. JAMES E. Arlzfffnturf lI'nils LIIVIORER, DOROTHY NLXRIE Lassie Cmm' Home DAVIS, WILLIAM THORNTON Drums DIXVIS, ROBERT The Razmfv Edge DIFFIE, HAROLD S. ll's A S6'l'I'f'l DREHER. KIOHN LEYYIS Clziwzlry DUCK, PEGGY LORRAINE liixx and Trll EDWXRDS. DONALD Thr' Cmzqlwrm' EDWARDS, SXRAH LOU Blur' Flnivm' ELLEN, RAY The Hurrif'm1c' EVANS, CLARICE Gold Bug FELSENTHAL. MARTHA ANN Gorgeous Hussey FERNALIJ. JAMES C, Norrr' Shall Look Huck GABRITH. GALE Gay Design GARRETT, CARL Rifh Mon, Poor Man GIBSON. BETTY JO The Lost Horizon GLENN, MYRTLE Rl'TI-I Then Came the Test GOODWIN, ROSEMARY Long Defense GRAVES, THOMAS ED, II The Beloved Vagahoml HALFORIJ, ROBERT L. Am' Slulpe or Form HAfXIlBI.1i'l'0N. DOROTHY Do I1 Yourself HANINIE'l"l', CLYDE BENTON Amen! Amen! FONVLER, JAMES B. The Wrong ,Von FOWLER. ,IOHN BRACKEN All Sail FRY, MYRON J. Liillf' Cllizwl GILES, PATRICIA Here's to Yonder Girl GILLENWATER. SHERROD M. If I Werf' zz River GILMORE, JACK W. Outmst of Poker Flat GREEN. NIANGHABI LEONARD The Grew: Years GRESHANI, IVILLIANI CIANIl'BliLL The Mall Srientist HAILE, CXROLYN ROSE The 1.111l'x' .Ilezuzs lgll.Yi7If'SS HAMMOND, JOHN A. All Over H111 The slllillllllg' HARBOl'R, JAMES HERBERT Los! l.ag'rmn HARRELI.. RIWIH FAYE Ulll fill A l.in1l1 HAYXIE. MARY liI.IZAl3E'l'H Q11f'1'r1's Follx' HAX5. A, B. Thr' Big .Slffffjz HEAD. EDXYIN LAMAR An' Yau A Grnius? HOLMES. JERRY I.. Rnmruzlir Prinrf' HOLT, YYONNE Plmnlnm Lazlv HONEYCIIEIAT. l3E'l"I'Y MITRIEL Tell Alf' A .Slrzrvv HLDSOX. CAROLYN JOY X0 Ilrmfl Ton Lung INGRAM, MARY LOU Dmfolimz JERRY, FERNELI. Mugzlificent Olnsffssirm HARRIS. VIRGINIA LEE Sudrlrn 6110.51 HARRIS, IVANIDA FAY The Ifrnrfr HAYNIE. JAMES ROBERT No HfIlIll?Zlffll'!l C11u'r.sff HIGCS, JAMES LEONARD Treasure Islam! HOIJGES, NORMA DELI. She Walks In limuty HOGG, DONALD I.. Story of A lind Boy HOS'I'E'I'I.ER, VERA Nl-1I.LE Lady or the Tigwr H UAYARIJ. ISETAIA' JEAN Tj'j1lmm1 HLIIIIARII, BE'I"l'Y JEAN Trail of the l.rn1z'.9mr1f' Pine JEWELL, KENNETH MILNEW Thr' Ar! of Logiral Thinking jOH NSON. ROBEY Arcidelzt KELLEY. ROBERT FULTON 131655611 Arr Thr' Mark 1.AAUE1i, mmm' JACK Iiawfrml linux' Wilh Cheek L.-Kl'NIl'S. WENDELI, ARTHl'R Our Hearts Aff' firmuing lip LEAVITT. VIRGINIA LOU Chifkrn lizferx' Sunrlay Ll'SlLHEN.jEANNI-1 All This and Hl'fl7'I'7l T00 LYLE. DOROTHY Iron lfomarz LYNN, PATSY JANE New L i gh 5 MCHENRY, ANN N0 Plan' For Ann McKINNIE. MARY LOU Imagine My Surprise MCLENDON, MARY FRANCES Laughing Girl KENDRIKZK. QIOE YRFVIYII' My Twilight LALY, ROBERT ERNEST Call of Ihr' U'il1l LANE. CONNIE LOL' Pura' in Heart LIGON. ROSELY N Tenzjuframmztrll Pvople Ll N DSLEY, BETTY JOYCE Tish LLCIKY. JOEL SHEPHERD fflllbiffllll McCII,,A'l'CHEY, HUGH N., JR. Arlvarzrwlzwzi of Learning MCCILLRG. Bl'RYL These Alan Shall Never Die McDOH'ELI.. KATHRYN MARIE I.antern In Her Hand MacKAY, BARBA RA The I'I1fOfFSt'1'!I MAH.-KN, KATHERINE ANN This Sid? of llliIUl'f'71f'I' MANASCO. .KNN LOIS Rebefm RI.-XYO. DOROTHY L. Sinn' Yvstzfrdru' BIELLARD. BVDDY The Ripple' MELLOR. ERNEST HERBERT. JR. Manmis Bank Arrount MODISE'l"I', ROBERT B. Six Lessons From Madnnz I.aCnnga MOON, NINA Then Crime Rnnzanfe MOORE, BE'l"I'YE ESTELLE Wild Lift' XIOSELEY, RICHARD R. Tell My Home MYERS, ROBERT E. Th? Hook of lx'r1nu'lffrlg'f' PARKER, MAN Our Hearts llkfrrf Young and Cav BIQXRLIN, MARY Bl'TI.ER Pridr' mul PH'j1ulif0 NIXRTIN. IHXTTY LO lf lieefmr of the Flame XIX IUIRHEXYS. BE'I"l'Y Tlzirkw' Than Hvllffl' XIIDl'5I.E'l'ON. Gl'l,X BETH PIli7Ilf'li Minx MILLER. T.. EIR. Senlil11c'nlr1I Tmnmy Nll'l'fIHEI.l., KENNETH EUGENE The Varmit MORGXX H1111-Xl' MORGAN Arlimz XIOSELEY Alerrv. , EDITH of Her Ozun QIVLIA KATE Iix Yi ht 'Lu ,A MXCEI. EVEI A'If'TI'Y Maiden KN ,YN PARKS, BE'l1'I'Y JEAN All Eyvs PAR KS, PHYLLIS The 7-KIIIIIFSI PARKS, JULIUS RAY You lx'11mv Me PIR'I'I.E. GEORGE EMNII-1'I"I'. IR. 1X'l'I'!16T of the Kew A PORTER, ILA FAYE Four Years in Pararlhvz' POST. BENNY RAY Slcyscmper RANIICIK, NELIJA CIHARLENE 1,l'l'54'l7IlIII1Y Prz'fr'H'1'rl REESE. TRAVIS Thr' Pvst REEYES. VIRGINIA ffmning nf Age ROBERTSON, CHARLES RAY Wllat C1111 I.ile1'aI1n'r' D0 For AIU? ROBERTSON, S. JAMES Trail of the Hunted ROBINSON, WANDA ANITA 4 Girl for the Agn PATE. NANCY Sl'SAN Frm lc lm PEACOCK. PATRICIA LOUISE Wolf Hunlrr PEl'l'ARID. MARTHA JOYCE Abmfr' Szlspifimz POXVLEIIGE. DAVID jus! Ilrwicl PRICE. All'LIED ERIN Thr Cal and tha' Clzerub R,YINW.'Yl'ER, BETSY Sinn' You I'l'f'nt Away RING. I,l'CIY ANNE Ifhy Ill' Iielunfz' Like Humans RIPLEY, CLAROLYN ROSE Vnnily Fair RIPLEY, MARGARET JEAN Away From It All ROBIRDS, HAROLD Fliglll by Niglll KOGERS. ROBERT I,. Young M1111 ll'ill1 A Hom ROGERS, NIOLLIIC EI.ll,XBE'l'H 51'f'I'f'f Trails S1-1llON. HICLEN firm! .Umlzwzls in l"n'f'flom SHEPPERSON, ROBERI RKNKIX The llrw' SfIlY!'7 SHORT. l'.Yl'RIC1l.X ANNE Lift' lx Um' Thing .-lffwr 4IIflflIl'7' 5Nll'l'H, DOYCIC l'f'r'.xm1z1!ifx' l'HIl'IlIfl!'lf SXOIJGRXSS. XNQXNIDX lvllfllfl' .-1 l.ur'l:x' Star SIHUYR. li. I-'RANK JR. Sflflffllll Y Ewl1,LEx', joux w. JR. Ah! l1'ilrlerm',s',s IAYLOR, BARBARA 'IO Till thx' End of Timr' TERRY. EMILY Little Dixie Sinner ROSS. YV.Xlfl'ER NIR. IVROXCL Ill-H' DUIIIX' ROWEEL, DONALD RAY Thf' f,'U?ll11lf'l'l'lI SXXFORID. LOl'lS l'f1 tllllllfwfl ilu' Devil SIDI-LRS. C.HRIS'lliXIi Twp lxirl: SIIIIDEXS QIXNICI-I ISIEYIQRLY fmm' Il'i1l1 Ihr Wim! SININIS. ROY Xl,I'OX 6.11111 Nun S'l'RlllKl..XXIJ. l'l-IYLLIS Arzgvl lfulr' ' Sl' l"l'ON. DORIS AXRLENI-I lllfifllfillll Tu Lim' SWXI-'FORIL BI.XRG.XRl-fl LF SUlll1lI'I'll Hll7T'I'Sf 'I'Hl'RNION, WAIJQER Man of Destiny VANSICKLE. VIRGINIA FXY Lost in Ilze limzw' I.r1ti!urlr's VOSS, ERNIA IIIIIIFI' '1'u'e'r1lx' XVEST. ACQ LELI NE 111 Cl1lIfid6'IIl'!' IVHITE, ,IANIES M. Taming 1116 Crimirlzll WILLIAMS. FRANCES JO The Human Comedy ZWAHLEN, LEE C. The Great Stone Fare XY.-XLKER. BOBBY Man ilu' Dewi! IJirln't Wan! WA'I'KINS. LILLIAN ELLEN !.i1z".s like Tha! IVEEKS, .XI,NI.X IIERNICE Fortit 11110 WILSON. WALTER -IOE Purlrlin' Head Wilson IVINIJHAM, FORREST Dc'zfil7s Disfiple XVOOD, MARILYN ANNE The Turquoise I U IOR 'PED NIARTI X, PRIVSIIIICN 1' CH XRLIES 5XIl'l'H, Ylrzl Iwriirlml-'xx la. O, l34Xl.LARll. Sli1:k1c1.xRx HOBBY l.I'l l'l.lf, TRP xsl'RHl I lhirzk lllerw shall HI'1'I'I hr. A Xill4Q'lf' rluxx to Prjual thvr. 4 fhuv U'lll'7'f" f'Z'l'7'vY rhilrl I"0rn1s his fun' to u fxlldflllfflg smile. 4 rlnxx that Ihmugh Wllffl fltlkifllg rluv. lrzsjnirm fhz' fI'IlIkllI'IX In stuff ami pray, A rluxs lhut all sr'r1wn max' n'1'11r. A mfs! of l1'u1'lu'H in its hair. ljmn z1'l11m1 nl! Ihr Imuhle' has hwefn Iain Unix' In f7II'IAl'Il5I' in 4QIYll'l'i7Ig fame. The rluxs zuhifh U7'i.Qi7ll1ff'!f ull lhis follv lv Ihr' jurziur rlusx will: Ihr tiflw of jullx ABLE, 11.11155 ACTON, 1111,1.x' Amxfs, I.Ol'ISl-I .1111-ms, RAx1msox1 Ancox, 1mAHNE1.L12 1 nE1.1,. F1.oR1:xc:E ALEXANDER, BOBBY ALEXANDER, HARRY ANTHONY. HENRY ANTHONY, -IOY BABB, GERALDINE ' BVRKE. BOBBY BAKER. 11oN,x1.11 15AL1.,xR1m. 12. o. BARR. 1111.115 1. Bus, oL1v11R BERRYNIAN. .xxx 1' CREW. jou 11R'1'HE1., KA'11HR1'N Bl..-MIK.-YRII. 1'.1LL1n MAE Bmxks. 1'AT'1'1 Sl'E 1a0sw1:1.1,, Rohm' 1sR,x1mH,m. x1.xR 1oR1E f Bxsox. R1c.H.xR1m BRIDGES. BILLIE BRI'l T, Rlwl H BROXYN, BILL 1s1'Rc1uss. 1111111 B1'Rxs. 11.011111 ' FR.-xxR1.1x. 1. Lg. BVRROXY. PE l li Bl"I'I.l-IR. l'.Xl'I. ILXNIERON. GLORIA CI.-YNAIJY. TERRY CANNON, MARION " GRI-QliN. CI. B. CQ.XRRl"l HERS, l.Ol' CARSON. HEI 'IY C1.XR'l ICR. -IININIY C.,-YIRIQS. BONNY CI.UYI.l-QY. CLXROLYN LONXI SER. 'I RXYIS CIONGI-IR. CARLICNIZ COOPER. MARY ANN COSP1-QR. l',-Xl KQOl'L'l'ER. BOBBY CRAIG. FAY CROYY, PATSY C.Rl'MI'LER. CAROLYN CURRY. CHARLENR D.-XYIS. CORKY fp I :IA MH' 'K 41 'ON 1' V3 X ' 1 fx 'I .FQ aa.. 'V' 1 f,,,,.. . r' 4-14 'YQ' Fr 30- -fs 1'6- Fk f Y 5 fi QQ- , ga" 2 . I? .3 f ' I .. I , 5 fi I ffvi :Q ax i' , ,jugg- I 1 I A 5 .' fini 6,1 .' fp ill W 7 .. no R E . :7 ' ' A, I .1 f Qi , Wi i Q32 R fb 0 G, w Q-nv ii . gwgm N I . ,, I if g f ' . A 6- rr 4, fag., J' rb- imfm in mzmxo, SIDNEY IJYICR, ONOLDA ulmixkns. ALENE uluxs. ,IAMES um. Amr: KEITH ' IIXNINIONID, KIOF muxxs. svlxm 1f1.l'Rkx'. n0Ro'1'Hx' FORD. uuR.fx1.n1Nrt Ifl'IjION, QIIM f.XRRIi'I'. I'.X'I'SY + mxm. noun CLII.ISIiR'I. BILLY ROY f.II.IiS. IVINIJSOR GII.I.liNW,YI'IiR, RUTH fLII.I'.I XXI. BOBBY LOOIJIC IIICKIIQ ' XI XRION. XV. F. ILOOIIXIKLIIIQ NI.'XR'I'H,K LOOIJWIX. C.H.XRI.ES IQOOIIIYIX. NIAXINE CGOOIJXYIN. NANNIE Sl'I'1 OOOIHYIN XVILLIAINI " NI.XR'IIN. TED l.0!.X, HXROLII UR XII XXI. FRICIIDIIZ c.R In-is. .Il'.XXI'I'.X f.Iua1ax,w. L. c,lu-11ax1.r1. .xxxni 1. 'I XIQCIIN. EARI. r.Rr.l4.R. Al. R. r.R1acaoRx'. ISE'I"I'Y I-RII"IfI IH. j.xxIr1s c.Rll-'1fl1H. jmx uns H xxx. Ql.. .. Y XI1 KIXXON. NI.-XI 'RIC II XXlII.I'UX. CARI. II XRNIOX, GEORGE II.XRI'ICR. IJORINIJX lI.XRRIiI.I. l'.X'I'RICI.X H XXLOOIJ. I.I'II.I.X HICNIIERIQE. IXNIES HIQNIJRIX, PAUL HICZKS. ROIIERI HOI.I.IiY. BOBBY HOIQI. LIl'.XNITA IIOXliYC1l"I'I , I-XNIES HUl'SI'l. GliR.XI.D IIALKSON., -IOHNETIE IXNIICS. I5II.I.Y BOB KIANIICS. NIARY DELL .IA IENKINS, .xNN1r1 JOHNSON. c:L.xR1s JOHNSON. 1.OL'm1 ,IOHXS1 ON. Rm' JOLLU. E1.1A1s-jr:.xN f x1l'RR.n .m1.1nu1n jONr:s, l3ll.Llli .lli.XN QIONES. DXYIIJ JORDAN. RUTH Nl XRIIQ LE.-XX'I'l'l'. AIININIY LEBIANII. YYONXIQ 1' ROIXLHRS. DWIKLIIT Ll-111 XLXRX l.Ul LICYIXII. ISOIHSX l.llJl3l.li. Kllllihl ICR LI'lg'lgl.lQ. ISOISISX Ll'l ILE. NIXRX IblilAl, Y RUl..XN1J.ll0RSliX LONc.. l5l'.XXli NlL'KIXI,liY. N.xNc:x' MLPHICRSON. lrx 1 xx NIARTIN. xlxlu' ,IO M.x'1'H1aNm'. I'IliRCIli 1 sxmu. nulsm' BIILLXRIJ. Bl-,I IN XIll.l,liR. ISIl.l, BIIl.l.liR. XIXRY Sl'li NlILI.l'IR. VKX!-Ili XlII.l.S. R.XI,l'H 1' SNII'l H. C.ll.XRl.l'.5 XX XIILXICR. 'I HONIXS NIOORIQ. IDONXLIJ MORGAN. I'.X'l RILI X Nll'Rl'Hl-lli, .l.XNll-15 Ml'Rl'HY, lili lg'l'Y B' S'I'l'lBRl,lil"ll-1l,lD. lil,li XXUR NIl'Rl'HX. lal l.X Sl la NIl'RI'HY. kll'Nl-1 NELSON. Nl.XRGl'l-1Rl'l li Nhwux.. NI xRl1.x'N Nl-IXYSOX. lO.xN NIOORHI-QXD. l. XWRIQXKIIC OSBORNI-l. HAROLD IXXRNELL, CA RI, l ON PICSSES, ARNOLD PIERCE, JAMES PITTMAX, BE'l"l'Y LOU PORTER. ClH.XRl.liS POXVLEDGE. jO.-KN PROTHRO, AVDREY PLTRYEAR, BILLIE JO RAINWATER, A. C. S! .ff ,vs df' fw- 4-JPY 'P 410' vlllf AN' '-W lm- 'C 3 Nw W N DG- ,ivy f X ' :L.: QI. ,.. R I ,fi,,f . ,-I Q f.- ..,.. I .,.,.4 ,Vx L.. 1 4 -C3 A 'F' QS? ,Aw If 75" 'Ii :E A an X it It Y r . - .Gai Q. I 1 - 3' I' f , ,. I R , fi ""' 'W , 1 X VT. ,.,,,. . Q 97 in Ia G I .. s -' I s ' "ffm df fr .: 5 M x r ' V. ii :,.- Qeygzw -f.v, M 2 'F' . 33 9' "' - ' Y., ' .yi I I W' 2. Q2 W 4 Lrxsln ' if H 5. ,Q px J v ' . -Nb A H E Q Q C QI Q6 P-'W I ' -.J I. I 'I " fem - ' Na. -if I fe- 'H sq- 1 ff I' 'jx ffm! I L ' ..,.,-. X I -WA' I . W ,I ,O I I ff fi? .V NF' if 3 Q, 1 lla I 3' wi 1 5 ' K if 5 L ww Q I A , - I ,lllz Q I ,f Wig? f . . X 17,3 gf ff 'fe-ag Y Q I 'XJ 3 LW RXYYLS. DANNY R.-YY. PAY RAYIEOVRN. GLORINE RISIXGER. NI.YRY SPE RISXGER. GH.-YRLI-IS I 'IHONI.YS, GORDAN ROBIS. YYILN.-Y ROIIERSON. XIARY RPCIRS. XI.YDO1.YN RPSHIXG. I'mE'I"I Y S.YNIl'l.F. GICORGIC Y YY'.XRIi.I'IiRRl-1I.I. SliYLli. NI.YRY IO SIQSSONIS. .XXX SEYYlil,L, l'.Y'l l'Y I.OIS SH,XClKI.EI-IORD. DIENXY SIYINIOXS. Bll.I,Y ' YY'HI'I'Ii, XLYRQIORIE SIYILS. I'liGGY 5L,Yl'GH'I'liR. RAYMOND SNIIIH. Gl'I.YRl.IiS SMI I H. NI.YR'I'H.Y SXIII H. YQYNGIE " YYINX, D,-YN S'l'.YNSBl'RY. PEGGY SIXTER. XXI' Sl ERRITT, DOROTHY Sl'I.l.IY,-YNI, NANCY SYY.Y'I'llil,I,. GWICX " WOOD. NORNIX Ibxkwik. 1s11.1,Y '1HONII'SOX. u1m'xR1x IINKLI-l. IIOLLIICI. '1HR1xm1.1-1, JOHN '1'l'RxER. m1,1,Y jxcik ff woouix. mir I Y' YQYRXEII. FLOYD YOSS. SHICPI' XRD YY'.YDDI.Ii. RANIOXX YYALIIS. DORIS YY.YRIfORD. BET I Y -IO YYQYRRRN. I'.YT RIGIX YVEIEII. BETI Y WICLCH. NIARKIORIE WEST. OI.E'I'.Y YY'II,I.E'I"II. GEORGE YYINDH.-XXI. HORXKLFL YYIXDFIELD. .IOYN WRAY. G.-YRI. YYOOD. DONALD NU PICTURE ,4l",4ll-.'113l.1 SOPHGMGRES BARNEY LOVE .1015 HOOK HENRY ANDERSON l'kr.slm:N'r vlllli l'sucs1mtNT SIQCRFTARY HEREHS T0 THE SOPHOMORES HKTf?'.X to the sophie! Bless him! 11's Il rinrh you ran't supress him. He may be brash, and a little "diz," But he's not as green as I1 freshman is, And he's not as smug as the junior tot, And he hasn,t the past that the seniors' got. . . So Ie! the rest make their glasses ring. For the boys that write books and the Indies that sing I'm giving my toast, as I said before For the one thew forge! . . . "HAIL SOPHOIWOREY' OPHOMORES lllllilllll ,xtllllllk Bill Amlcux, liilliu Xllurll. Curl XIlllL'l'5Ull. Kinarll. l'1llwx Klllxlllllll. Clmrlcs Killx-vx, Jenn xmlc"fU"' li'1'H1l X"'h'e"- lfml X""'l"4 lfohllll' VIWN- ,loc Lzuclielll. Curl Lgxilllalu. I.:nc1m' lfuix. 5L'XI!lll I4-mix, gt llMllXIllllllxX. :gl.H1lLXlll.l.lln.xl1ii.lAl-.llsllfj l.1ll1l :3.1lcs. Hclcn I' Lung. Hmmm lima Hmm, llxlmrgclb gilulnmlf ,Ijmjlm 6 -mlm I mgx U' -H ,'H'l,BhmP' lmmm I-'lmml Nlclclml. Llllilll xli'fflllSIl4lll. liulslmic Xllllzmiel. Nlzxrizm . Jgg. l'.l.llIlL Blum. llkllllli' Blu Bulmlmx llllllllllllllll. Nlanx .Xml . . . 3I.mmm,k4 um.-Wk, Blulhinlh H1 LII, BH HW Cl ll, lhnlelx xlllxlllllw. Rellcun xlilxllllllt, lallllkllil xll'lXlllf3,lll. Blulclx xllkxlli' l . I I H lf' H 1. ' ec 'I A 'IL' lmn. Suu Nllilzlllzlll. jglmcx xll'xlllll'lllIN. Nmlm Bl'L1lCLllC. XX. I. lilcwitcly xxlllllll lirlll. Lmcrm- llrmsn. 4 1 ' ' 4 - lllltllllll' limxxn. -IlIllIllX llrumlcx. Illlls Burns Cllgxulle lhnww. Hella- ,Bv'1"1f,l'11'HHv lille Xlilflfllf xl3"l"lC 5lV4l'l'fh'- xl1"l'1"lU9 H-I lgmgm Imm, Lou Bxmxq lout, lhlxlu Hmmm Bunn. Nl-Cllll'I'l I,u1s Xlcllrn: lllUlllll5 NllICll1llll.kl0C Nlnuk.Xurl1mu Xlume. Ruben 'ciuhincsgl llmsx CM,-l,ll' X131-l Kllll fllllwll' lfllhalul Blllx Nlullcn. C1llllL'llllS xllll'IJllI'CC. xl2llNll2lll Nlurphx. Xlurgun l,lllXl'l. Elton Clurx. llCllll2ll f:1lsSlllN.'I1llxL' cllCllll'lllw. Bcllx Llippulal. Hl"'l3hV mul Hl""7'V Hwlllil xlllllill' 'ill1lllCN Colmlx. C.. W. Clank. Pain Knoll. BlHltlX Lulp, Vcggx Culp. llillllllll Xculmm. jm Xiclmls. -low Xllll. RlzlrimlC'11lpcppcl'. l-lcl Ulwcl. xlllllllll Oglcslmx. lncll Orr. .ILIIIILN Ulrcu. Xlxixim- Kiumlln llzuix. Anim llclm. link llcfkurll. Clmrlw lic lu Bra- UXCI'Nll'CCI. ,mmm l,z1u1'z1 llcnllum. liillx llickens. liillx llulnxu. lluuun lllllllllx -lzuncw l'z1llcl's1u1. Palm l'llllL'l'S0ll. Xurnm l'cmllelrm. llurnes lclf lluulmr. l'ClllllIlgl0ll. xllllllllllll Phillipx. YRIIHN I'ickc'I'iHg. Celia lmulcnlge. licllx Elllllblk, liollln lilmoxe. lmnmx l'1lllL'lNUIl. llolmic l'rim'c. Xl.ll'IllC l'1'imc. li. Fick, ll'LlXlIlOllll l'l'CClllIlll. Cllmly Fullcl. Fwclxll R1llll1lllI'l1. clllllllCN Rugluml. l':lll'iLi11 Ru-ml. llalximl Rex- l'I'2llll'Ch fQ2llICII. flllilllCN clll0lNlUll. lummx Clrmlml. llmlmtllx molds. Billy Rlll7li'lll'2lllX. Xliu- Romlgcrs. 'l1lL'1lllCllllL' Rogcrx. Billx Gum klimmic C-om. lfrcllmlic Cirzllmln. licwrlx frl'LlXC5, XVZUIN' RUgCl'S0ll, llruvu Ylllllllll' C-rcsllgllll, llillx Guslallkmx. Rau Szxx11lelN.f.m'u1'gc Sllllllll. Klum Xml Sum, Xllll Qcgllc. Rola- l'1ll1'iLin H1lllllllI'lfIll. Cumlxn Hull. EIIICIX H11m.llulw Hglmllln- CI'l Sl1z1c'LlL'iul'll. Rm Sllllgllll. Douallll Slllllll. Katie Sllllllxlbll, lull. llillllll"l1lllllllCIUll.llL'IlL'HLlllllllllIlN. llclu Hglmpum. lfvrguwn RUNEIIIQIIX Slllllhflll. Helix Slgmglllcl. llnmlllx Spmrncr. Hclen Hllllhlll. D0l'UlllX Hlillllilll, llillx llllllllll. -limmx Hurlcll. llolxlax Sieplwm. Xllllklllll Slmw. H1lI'l'lN. Glen l"l1lYN. Clvrxllmlim' Hczul. l.c11'11inL' HCl'l'lllg. l'1ll Hipk- livxcrlx vllllllill. kCIlIlClll lzlylrrr. Opal IKCIIQIIC, In lillcn lims, mam. .lmmn Hirlu. Louis Higgins. Nlznrx Higlllmmel. Clam Hill. Lulu: lulgmml. Lcmgr lrull, Xluulcll lmkcr. CLllllL'IlIlL'H1lll1DlX2lN.Xl',5. HulL,R1lx llur1pcr.Xl111'x Hmlm1.lF1'cul11 llfwriw Ylllvlll, R. 13. lYzllkcl'. xlmmr xVl1lllK'll. l-lalrl xsllllxllli. Humlmln llorix Hunt. llillllllll Hum. lmllglllllc' Hurlex. Rcx Hunt. ,IUITN lxkllllxllli. lim Wclmlm. lluiglmt lX'cclm. Ninn xslllxllhflll. Surah lulm luuwlms. IL'llllN lgumw. Llxmlc lvllkinx. lkillic lUllllNUll. Rm lvllllilllhllll. Mmm lfllllllllll. Rolzmll XYilsun. Rulmrlt Wullu. Cillzlr- lrlllrlsml. flc-nil lmblcs. llnqxill lrmcw. llulmie luxliw Q lwtts lYoml. Jllllllll Xhrmmlls. xflflllll Wuucls. llickw Wriglxl. llulmlmyc Nliunis Klilllllg. l-Illfzllmlll Kellogg. l'eggX kllllltllllilll. Sgunrnx lLll'lll'UllQ,ll. K-mx lmlree. llullx flllll. FRE HME f BILLY XVAYNIC l5M,LARl1 lJoYI.1c JAMICSON CLlaRM.n LLOODNIIGIVI' Presideni Vive President Sefretary TO A FRESHMAN If you ran keep your books when all around you Are losing theirs and having fun, If you ran like yourself when kids about you Are falling you slupid, green and dumb, lj you mn hear lo hear the word you spoke, Tu'islr'rI by others to make a Imp for you, Or watch your life made a senseless joke, For the delightful pleasure of a selected few. If you ran zvitlzsland all you have received, And never turn and run, Then next year you shall be relieved, For then you will be a sophomore, my son. DAA x Y IWCCLATCPIFX Treasurer FRESHME S 1 if i , E l Lorena Adams. Cliarlent' flltxander, Nluriel Amason. jarkie Anderson. limily Atkinson. Arnold Bal-Ler, Betty Baker. Carolyn Baker. Billx Ballard, Bobhx Banks- ton. Nlarxin Bankston. Klart H, Barnes. j. C. Barr. jimmi Bates, Patss Bates, Charle: Beaslew, j. S, Bt-ebc, Patricia Beebe. lonnny Bell, Ruth Bernard, Billy Bledsoe, Harold Bledsoe, Bessie Brazeale. Francis Bremer. Arlie Bridges. .Xlvis Brown. Drrwood Brown, johnnie Robert Broun, jolm Brumlev. Betty Burson. Ralph Calloway, Ronald Calloway, Mildred Cameron, Nanci Carroll. Mary Ruth Carter. l'ommy' Carter, Manda Cary, Betty Coghurn, johnnx Comer, Georpfia Craft, Lou Craig, jolm Crawford, Fred Culpepper, Mary j. Culpepper. Harold Cummins. Richard Currx. Billy Danielt jimmi Darden, jimmy Delano. jack IJeNoon. Charles N'alter Dobie, joann Dumas, Sannny Dumas, Clifford Dunn, Charles Dnrrett. jo Ann listes. jean Lxans. Helen lflorere. Billx Foster. Donald Franks. jour- Franks, H. li. lirishi. Glynn Uabbert, 'l'ommy Carlington, Nelly Gibson, Patricia Gilchrist. Nelly' Gillenwater, Billy Gilliam, Bettv Glass, Anne Colder. Gerald Goods night, Harrx Goodwin, Marx Goodwin, Xlarv Lvnn Goodwin. Shirlex Grant. Xlaltolm Cranes, Patsx Green. Norma Griffin. Bobby Griffith. llaxitl Harkworth, jfmmi Hale, june Ham, Mary Hammark, Carolyn Hammond. Mary Hansen. Don Hardee, j. B. Harrell, jerry Haughton, Rob- ert Hays, Doris Havnit, Thomas Head, john Hearn. I-'eggs Hinson. lVilliam Holloway. Darnell Holt, Cari Honeycutt, joy' lloneyrutt, Barbara Hoower. William Houldridgc, Boh Huffman. Patty jarkson, Dovlc jameson, Nadine jeter, Buddy johnson, Eugenia johnson, Wallace johnson. Neal johnston, Betty Sue jones, Gordon jones. Helen jones. jerry' jones. Bobby' Kelly, Eunice Kidd. Una Kidd, Frances Kinard, jack Knighten. larma Lanstlale, Beth Leaxill, Bills Leaxitl, Betty l.c-Blanr, Virginia I.indst3', Mary lllflllllllllll, Bobby l.um. Charles Lum. Beltn' Xltbann, james Nlfflants. Dorotln Nlrflarti. llan 3lCfil1lI1QllCY, Mary NlrCord. Bennx NltCurrx, june Nlcflaritx. Nellie Xlt'Henry, Curtis Nic Rinlcy, Doi le Mt K lnnon. june Xlt'Nlalian. Don Haggard, Betts' bllljljl. Mary jane Nlanasro. Bobby Martin, Nluriel Nlattlit-ns Hezen Xlatlotk. Nionzgoinery Billie Don Nlontgoniery. Carolxn Moore, Bobby Klootx, Morgan, Wanda Nlnrplirtfe. jmte Mayo. Henri Miles, joe Miller. Barbara 'lommy Pat Murphy. Betti Miers. Dora Nash, Harold Nash. Patsy Nash, Reita Nash. Doris Nelson, Robert Xuvsotn, Bill Uber. Betrx Oliiei. jean Partain, lla Muriel l'ierte, Betty l'itre, Larry Pletlgcr, Gary Porter, Marv Helen Price, john I 'rimm. janettc Raines, jniins Rainnater. joann Raibonrn. Nlaurite Reid, jerrv Reynolds. Emma Rirketts. Peggy Roberson, David Roe Kay Saffell, Tate Scott. Silliman, Virginia Silliman. Monteene Slaughter, Peggy Billy Riggs, Burrell Ripley, Charles Roberson, he-lle, joe Rowell, janire Rushing, Martha Ruple. jack Sehon, lfeggy Sewell, Carolyn Short. Frances Raxmond Simmons, Donald Sims. Patsy Sims, Smith. Billy Spooner, Carolyn Spooner. Ronald Stedman, Stanley Strickland, Bill Stuart, Richard Swauell. Charlee Tanner, Bills Thorne, Dorothv Thurmon, send, Earl Trull, Abbie jo Tatum. Allen 'l'ay'lor. jean Thompson, Mike Pat Titswortli, Eleanor Tolantl, Peggv Town- Tucker. Earl Underwood, Sylvia Varnell, Richard Waldron, Carol Warren, Wayne Watkins, Evelyn Watt, Robert White, Tommy White, Wanda WVhittington, Gloria Williams, Alite Wi ndham. Doris Woolsey, Louise Woolsey, Caroll VVright, Carolyn Wright, joann Yocum, Wayne Zylks. u ' Aind The Rear Guard aww, It looks like Albert is cluspcrzite . . . Szulie and Nloomliine :irc Olll ztltcr at mam ..., 'Ilia-3 cull these girls scniors? .... Doris, :u'cn't you zilrziitl you will get cold? .... llicsc' guys 1111 up to somctliing . . . Nothing Cam come lxctwecn tltcsc two. 'lr i' ak d' . C 5 ' 'z Q" . Q , - "fir 'L -Vw' , , .. 'if' .. 5 . ,- '-Tk J., - - . ,. 1-'Mfg' . .QQ 4 - I .'f"'d3k I 7 A s 9' .'.0, ,'a', ' q"o., ' -. 'iff ' fb ,241 'iv X 'fn e' 17' J " -- 0-, c ..' FI l:'l, : 5 1 0 ' 1 Q 4. - . .74 5. ' if 1- ,ry ,'-gift i 6' -' gy , N. 0,3 ., v as fix? 'I "ff ' 'W .. ,u-'ijt ' 2 'V ' , s 3 I 2. ,live ll wfgiw '-rzx ,IA ,bs I ,. . -wil xi 'fr' , 13 J 5 w. Aa 'N B Rf X ..J!f 1 43? J Jo-. . o 99, ' ' - J x , mx. . U -I l'-, 5 NF " ".' x - . I . ' xxxxx xv, U. 4 . xxx X. -N 5 . . gs - X '1., A "'. 1 5 .if 'A xt -S.. XJ ,Q E,. . .J DUT UF THIS LUUBLD Takes A Star To P Thcsc nlislinguished-looking gentlemen. CIICSICI' Luuck and Norris Goff. of Lum zuul .Xlmer fame, nerr: the judges of thx' five beauties dmseu hy the seuiur class. SIIICC lllry aut ll2lllVC .Xrkaluszlus thu should rcalilx know Axl'k1lIlS2l9 lwilllh when xhex we ii . . und :lucy sam it. ick A Star. LUM AN AB ER hm 9 -mf 2 B K , , I mrs: 1 11-0 1 Eudfiv -'-Lwf. ' N F-mmm 'am wr 'mu umm' 1500 ac. .mm Y-w E1 Do,-mg ,xrm-uw: Dear Huaw- ' W-:Q x-fer:-al-fn f..r Lenmar nj A am 1 haw ms' '-ww ra:-wx-vm -- u -1 wr' W zu-ls, A11 H-fa 5 .Vu .girls In 'refw crew! ae nad qu Q mr: -1-4 vc.11n3 ,rw 1 wr mem. ,W fxwln ww- wr ,exec 'H are me max-wx. 1 .vlbh xiwdes' 'nerafvml 'wards we :M Y-'rn' 9 lnC9!'1 l'r'1HhdS ' Jim v ' Luv -we AB'-KEY BEAUTIES NORMA DELL I-ICDDGES Q Q Q U1Q Q BEAUTIES MARY MARUN ir FERNELL JERRY ir BEAUTIES I.aNEl.L BRILLI-IAIQT 'lr N MARTHA PEPPARD ir HOMECOMI ' ' l-IEQ MAJ ESTY AND CGUQT October the twenty-liltli was a big day lor Barbara Burns, as this was her day to rule EHS as I-Iontecoining Queen. Her Majestvs court consisted ol senior ntaids Fernell llerrv, tlarkie XYest, and their escorts -linnny Brashier and Donald Hogg: junior niaids Betty Lu Pittman. joan XVingl'ield, with Denny Shackleford and Danny Rawls as escorts: sophomore ntaids jackie Rog- ers and B. Fickg last but not least the freshmen with Jackie Anderson and Billy XVayne Ballard. Looks as if it were a big day for the Alackies, eh? The Coronation of the Queen was followed by the Queens reception given by the senior class in the old gym. Punch and cookies were served. The table dec- orations were story book dolls representing the Queen and Her Court. The XVildcats also kept up their end of the day's activities by winning over the Pine Blull Zebras. BARBARA l5l'RNS GUSHER -:- THESPIANS -:- GLEECLUB -:- Y-TEEN 44 4 . 'af YS C THVI TIM E 'A R -:- BAND STUDENT COUNCIL -:- TENTH LEGION -:- PHOTOGRAPHY -:- CO-OP TRAINING MIXED CHORUS Pictured on each side of the stage is Dorothy Gola and Barbara Bishop. with jonette jackson at the piano. "Come I.et l's .Xdore Him!" was the Cantata presentezl by' the Mixed Chorus on December lil. l946. As can be seen from the aboye picture there was a gaily' decorated stage with Christmas trees and bright lights while in the center a manger scene carried ont the theme of the cantata. 'I his chorns participated in the second animal postwar state choral festiyal held in Little Rock March 2l, 1917. lhcy carrie up in rating oyer last years entry. .X Sllilllk' to these people nho go to prat'lic'e for an hom after school three or four days a week. l.elt to right. first row: Marianne Meinert. Lottie 'Io Higgins, Patty Lois Sewell, Donnie Prince. Geraldine Babb, Patsy Crowe. Mr. C. E. Book, sponsor. Betty Lu l'iltman. Patricia Short, Kathryn Bethel. jean Luschen, Bobby Holly, and .Xudrey Prothro. Second row: Patty' Martin, Lillian Watkins, Virginia Yansiclsle, Ann McHenry. julia Morgan. jean Broyyn. Clark olyn Dayis. Martha Prince, Florence Bell, Mary Dell james. Barbara Burns, and Carolyn Ripley. Third row: jnlied Price, Mary Marlin. Carolyn Adams, Bobbie Boswell, Robert Shepperson. Carl jones. Ken- neth Mitchell, George Pirtle, Denny' Shackleford, Frank Spawr, Bobby yy'alker. Buddy Mellor. George Sample, La Nell Brillhart. Norma Dell Hodges, and Dahnelle Adcox. Fourth row: Emily Terry. Pat Peacock, Barbara 'l'ay'lor. johnny Swilley, Pierce Matheny, Cl. B. Green, W. I.. Green, Doyle Dumas, Billy Simmons, Richard Eason, Donald Moore, Lucy Ring, Audrey Clever, and Virginia Reeves. lfh W5 Student Council jtlli XVI LSON I'n'.yirlf'i1l MAR! HX l'El'l'.XRll Vin' IJl'l'Xidf'Hf BAXRIEXRA BPRXS Sw rrtrtry IOHX XY SWILLEY 'I'i'1'r1s11i'er The Student Council started out the l94tif47 school year with the establishment of the cztieteria as a memorial for those seryicemen from this high school who fought in Xforld XVar II. Niith the help of lust year's senior class anti the 1946 Council, the new lunchroom wa-1 made possible. The Student Association has accomplished much this year hy' presenting free assembly' program-1 and moyies to the students, by' putting a juke hos and a fan in the cafeteria and by sending three delegates to the SASC contention in Florida. El Dorado high school seryed as president of the Arkansas Association of Student Coy'- trnment this year in North Little Rock with seyerztl Council members attending. The asso- ciation also planned the subjects for discussion at the contention. l-li-Gusher Stott ii Twenty' of these iournalists were retotntnended with high aycrziges as candidates for the Quill and Scroll which is xt National Honor Society for high school iournalists. i The task of getting out the paper meant gruelling staff meetings on Saturdays lasting from 1:00 tfclock until about 6:30. Although the staff did a lot of complaining and ree teiyed a lot of complaining they' admit that they' enjoyed eyery' bit of it. Qeading Club At the weekh meetings of Mrs. NVright's reading club the members have been reading fm ' 'i mans oi tht latest best seller hooks. 'lhew haue access to "Coronet," ' .1e. " inte." 2 l i'l.1lLliL'4P' Home journal," und IIHIIN others. Mrs. Wright has said that :ts of ret no student hun been so bold us In bring any funny hn0kS. Discussion Club CLXRI. HANIIIQIUN l'r1'sifl1'11I D XNNY R.UYl,S Vin' I'r1wi1lf'nl BOISBX C1Ol'l.'l l-IR 5H'rf'Iz1r'N Ezich Thursday the flub meets informally. The members choose at subject and euch gixes his opinion with facts concerning it. The club meets once each month at night. 'l'hL-se meetings are held after preparation on the subiect und speeches hate been worked out, An assembly program was given on "Labor l,egisli1tion" in which the facts were pre iented tu thc students. A constitution is being written for the formation nf it permanent club in the sfhool. Art Club BI LLY B,-XNKSTON President HEI TY CASSI XG Vin' Presirlerlt BET IT CL1l'l',-XRD Sefretfzry liI.E,-XXOR STI'BBLEl"I1-1,11 Tl'6'HS1l!'f'7' ELIZABETH KELLOGG Reporter The Art club has had many interesting ztctitities this past year. To start with, paper nmehe masks were mzlde for Halloween. To celebrate Christmas the windows of the library were painted. Surelv evervone saw them. There were hells in the center windows and on the right hand side, a jolly old Santa Claus. The last six weeks of srhool, however, finger painting has heen featured. l l t O-operative Q C . e Training program XVI N STON NRM A I-IAN President A. B. HAYES Vin' Pr1'.s'irIw1t JIMMY ROBERTSON Serreirl ry - TI'I'Il.Y1l7'C'T It is the purpose of this class to eliminate for the student the problems that must stud- ents meet after graduation from high school of "No experience no ioh: No job no experience." The plan protides for zietuzil training on real jobs zifiording the student the opportunity of gaining experience while attending school. Cooperative Trziining students hznu :in excellent opportunity to beeome arqutiinted with business men and business methods. The library' club consists ol twenty-one members who constitute the working staff of the Library and those who are interested in library work and are available for substitute work. The club adopted a constitution and by-laws drawn up by' it special committee in which the purpose of the club is given: to sponsor a greater interest among the students in the use of books and library service: to stimulate reading interests: and to improye the lihrary' service in the school. Under the leadership of a special u.niniittee. a Hobby' Show was sponsored in the library for one week. At this time, hobbies of fatulty members and students were exhibited. Library Club lflizsl 5laXll5llIi 'ION' .XX'l'I-IUNX I'rr'.viz1t'1lf l'.XlSX Nltl'l-IIQRSOX lvltz' l'I'1'ti1lffI1! Xl,XR'I'H.X SNll'l'H New e'mrx'-'IU f'fl,5lU'l'l Stczoxn Sifxil's'lifiz LYNIJA Nld1l'l5'l'lON Presirlwzi XNNE BERRYNIAN Vin' Presirlenl C.-XROIXN HALL Sf'1'reIr11'v- Trwls it rr' 1' Ninth Gracie Music Club ll'l.lliS R.XlNW.X'll1R P7l'.YlIlf'7Il N' Xljl ER l7Ul3ll'i. liiflf IJ1'1'sirle11l JI.XNlCIl'l Rl 'SHINL .S'z'1'I'e'l11VX IARRX l'l,l-IDGI-IR Rejzortev' LEFT TO RIGHT: julius Rainwater. YVanda Chany, Betty' Burson, Jacqueline Ad ams, Janette Raines, ,Janice Rushing, Shirley Grant, Norma Griffith, Betty' Jo Oliver, jerry jones, VYz1lter Dobie, and Mrs. R. E. lithritlge. Members ol' the club not present in tht picture are Margaret Smith, Monteene Slaughter, Patty' jackson, Jimmie Hale, Larry' Pledger and Nelles McHenry. Two! Four. Six! Eight! Eight ol tht pt-ppicst L'ilCL'I'!klldL'I'N this sith nf thv Mi-wie-ippi, and thm bt-lung tn If Ilomdo high scluml! N0 pop Ll1Nt'lllhlX or gainie ix turuplt-tc without then- pvrwrinlitiu Brt'.iking their barks abou- .urcz Dvnm xlinfklcfnrmi, j.mitu Sitidvm, llmmlti .Xieputigh falrnlxn Riplcx, Ulixrr Bgw., ,Iulin Katt- Nlurgniy limmit- BraQhit-r and Burlmm Burnx. .X bert:-r undcrstaintiing and upprt-tiaxtirm of musit for this group. suv Hr. li. il. Book. sponsor. "Music hath tllzxrms' could hc- tht-ir nmttn as thvst- fllll-l'!ll'Sli'K! haritont-4 :md high supranos warblc and trill in perfect rhwthm, But. seriouwlx thu Studs musit for thc Sake of music and haw lots of fun doing it, Lost Chord Club DON H01-C, l'r1'xirlf'11l 1' X I Rll'I.X SHORT 'iff' PH'sl'4lr'ill IQNI I LY 'I li R RY Vr'r'f'l1n'Y XN'h0n lhc' ln-ll riugv lor A period on llnuwdziv morning, il you happen to bc- standing in or around llu' Clicinistrx' lab you will wtf first. scxcrul pm-oplc running in and grnhlmilng lor Stools. tH:nc xou cxcr seen anxliotlx xit on tlircc cn- four stools :it outc? If nol. iuxt go in thc gznnc tluh.l Ihcn sornehodx gets out thc gzuucw. Of :ull thc wiuiiiililcsl Ifinnllx. wlwn on-rxlmotiv hm :i gzniw. tht' :lub wtllu clown to plm. Thr gzuiiw most tonunonlx plznrd :uw tloniinow :uid mln-tkcrx. National l-lonor Society KIJWI N H EAI! l'r'1'.virIr'11I HARRY KHXXVI HON Vit 1' l'n'.s'if1r'r1I ll'LIlil3 PRICE S'rr'1'f'l11Vv- 'l'r1'a.S11rr'r Game Club l'0NI EI! GRXYIQS l'1'f',s!'rlz'11l RXY lil.l.lfN Vin' Przzsirltlll .l,XNIC1li sumtixs .SH I'!'fl1l'X - 'l'l'1'1l.s1lr'1r l. B. I-'OWLI-QR ,Swgrrllzt-11!-A1fm Senior lIlk'llll!l'l'N ol thc National Honor Sotietx urs- lrmn lrfl lo right: Virginian l,l'llXlll Margurct Sunlfortl. Iitnily 'Iicrru llznirx tizmlhon. juli:-d l't'iu'. .loc XN'il4on, Fcrncll ,lc-nw lidwin l-land. Clzirolxn Hailc. ,Iinum l'zit l'olL'y'. and Nllw. Nlgirizin XYrigl1t, :-poneor. 'lhix fofiely bust-N it- l1li'Illl1f'l'SlllIJ upon tligiinttct. wtxiuy lt'1lCll'l'NlllIJ und scholarship. :incl lhirlx students :tn iniliulcd cinch year. 'l hit yvzirk inc-tnhcrx :irc Bill Clziwu-x. Andrei Cllexrr. lilicxix lilv. Clnriu' lixzins. Nlzlrtha Fclwutliqil. lout Ed C-Nurs. Virginia Harris. Bcttx Hulmlxurd Rose-lvn Ligou. Hugh Xltfilzttclxrx. l'1utx Lou Marlin. Kvnnuth Nlilthcll. Nina Nloou. licttx Parks, Nauru Putt. Nlztrtha Pcppxird, C.t'oi'gu Pirtle. Virginia Rvcxu, Virginia Yztmiaklt-, zuul Fl61'I1l4'l' XY1-Ulu. llulun-ll Adcox. 'lcd Nl:n'liu. l'iL'lti- Mzttlicm, ,login Powledge, Dcnux Shzltklt lord, Clliairlcs, W. Smith, Iilc-anor Stuhhlcticlcl :uid john 'liriul hlv. Tenth Legion i i i . l i , 1 . l i i i . l l 1 i i Maybe you've never heard them speak Latin. but they really know it 'cause the require- ments for entrance are pretty good 'ole grades. The sponsor for the group is Miss Lynda I Wvolencraft and it's through her guidance and instruction in dass that they became smart enough to be Tenth Legionnaires. In the past years the clublhas been known as the Girl Reserves, but this year it has been reorganized as the Y-Teens all mer the United States. The Y-Teen sponsor of El Dorado is Mrs. Heard Williams. The high school leaders are Mrs. Bobbie Moore and Mrs. Aaron T. Morgan. The YWCA is open for the club to haw parties as often as they wish. Of course, the "heart4throbs" are also invited to the parties. Y-Teens JEAN GRIFFITH Pfesidwlf SVU GOOIJXYIN Vim l'rz'sirlz'!1l l'.YI'SY GRl-Il-IN Se1'1'f'lury jANlE LOU BYARS Treasurer The Girls' Glee club has had an active program this year. With over sixty voiees in the chorus, it has been one of the largest organizations in the choral musie de- partment. This glee club has taken part in several activities during the year including the assembly program at Thanksgiving. the Christmas program. and the l"l",-X fathers' night program. lt attended the State Choral Festival in Little Rock and took an active part in the sale of magazines sponsored by the music department. A busy year is the memory of the girls in the girls' glee club. Boys' Glee Club LOI 'IS S XNFORIJ l'rf'.yf1lf'r1l Ill 'DDY NlEI.l.OR Vin' Prffsirlrful ROBERT SHEl'l'l'1RSOX .S Fl rc'lf1rvY KIOHNNY SWlI.l.liY S!'fg'!'Il?I I -11 I -A rms CHARLES SMITH DENNY SHACKI.IiIfORlJ I.iI1rr1rian.s Girls' Glee Club VI RGI NIA VA NSILKLE Przmizlrul IA XELL l!RlLl.HfXRl Vin' l,!'f',S'Ilit7lI1 QIIIIEIJ PRICE .S1'r'rc'It'1rY MARY NIARIJ N VIRGINIA REEYES l,iI1mria11.v The Boys' Glee club consisting of about forty voices is an organization to be proud of. Singing A'Stout Hearted Men," it has thrilled every member of the school. Cooperating with the hand and other musical organizations, it went all out to plll the magazine campaign over the top. It made high ratings at the state festival and also took part on many programs during the year. At the spring festival the Boys' Glee club was one of the highlights of the program. Spanish Club BI-1'l'l Hi RAN RVSHIXCL l'f'f'si'alr'1ll KHIQRRX l'1l.Y Nw Pirwirlwrzl IU XX WIXlLl'Il:l.h Nm IVIIIVN -rl-IIYINIIITI' Nl XR I H 'X l'lil'l'.XRlJ 5t'74QI'!.'7If-Ili-iii mx' l.l'l.Y ANNE RING , I I ' V . , . . . . . hff7ml'7 Ihr sm-nnrztm Lund scnorw nl the Spanish dub hmm- gm sen :utiw xrur hvhind lhcm mg' in Ounbu thx duh h lx h ul 1 Npxmsh lillllltl suxul in the Lila Starting off -with gi In 7. ' term. run plrturc xlnms, und 11 host of pcppx piogruinx during thc xczur. I-huh im-cling, roll Lzlll mm! hm urmiwurul with Ll Spainuh lru.i, tlmvcr or llllillhli. All umm-rsutium :uni progruinx nrt in Spgin.xh. ainzl 11 tins Is iihpuseil on .im numhci' speaking hnglish. The Cauncru duh han held rcglllznr weekli im-clings L-:uh iIihllTSli2lS. .Xe ll SplSl'I1li project. thi duh has purchnsvcl SHI! fer! ot mmiv film. lhc filnki iw being tukvn nf campus urlixitics und Cliffurunl nlubs and rlusxcs. When umlplutvml thc tihm iull he ehmxn to thc NllILiCI'lIS at 3 very rcnsonablc price. Profits will be uscd to buy cqlizplnenl for the d1u'krmxn1. In an rcccnl fonlvwl untercd by thc club, Bobby LcVinc limi Buddy Mellor were two of lhc 100 Scholustim Aclimxuncnt kcy vsznm-rm. 'I'hcir prinis w,ll go on In l,.llSbllTl.Ill for thc national finuis. x I' Photography Club BVIDIJY NIlil.l,OR l'l'e'Sifff'l1l l5Il,l,Y C-l'S'l'Xl'i5OX Vin' Prelsifluil R11-QRRY XYXIKIXS ,Sl'l'7'f'ftlI'X B1-1'l'l'Y HOW XRD Ifrf1r1r!1'r WILDCAT STAFF DONALD ALSPAUCH. Editor-in-Chief: BOB MYERS, Assistant Editor: LA NEIIL llRII.I,HAR'II. Assistant Etlitor: CONNIE LANE, Club Editor: DOROTHY CUTRER, Class Editor: CARL CLARRETT, Business Manager: VIRGINIA YANSICKLE, .Assistant Busint-ss Manager: MARGARET SNVAEEORID, Art Editor: IILIJIDY XIELLOR, Feature Editor: MARY FRANCES MCLENDON, Circulation xIJlI11ljlQ'l'. lfcztturc Writers: GEORGE PIRTLE, KENNETH MITCHELL. AUIJRY CLEVER, PATTY LOU MARTIN. CAROLYN RII'LI-QY: Assistant Art Dirvrtors: ROBERT LACY, AIO XN'II,LIANIS: Boys' Sports: EDXYIN HEAD: Girls' Sports: CHRISTINE SIIIERS: Assistant Cirtulzltionz VIRGINIA HARRIS: Ad Girls: ANN XIANASCO, ANN MKHENRY, MARY MARLIN, CAROLINE ADAMS, LZORA JEAN BROWN, ,ILTLIA KATE MORG- AN. CAROLYN HAILE, MARILYN XVOOD, MELBA IJIIMAS, BETTY MATHEYVS: Faculty Editor. LILLIAN XVATKINS. t s 'M H196-, 1 THESPIANS TROUPE 42 Hfuuu Guvruox EDWIN Hmm IAN!-ILL BRu.I.u,xR'r I,l'l'.Yllll'IIl Vin' Presirlezzl Serrf'l11f'x' STARS AND REASON WI-lY: DAHN ELLE ADCON Slurlenl IJirf'1'lm' DONALD Al.5l'Al'GH "Every I-'rnnilx' Has Our" LOl7 ARDI-IN ANDREWS Mzlsirrll R1'r1rlif1gs OLIVER BASS. QIR. "A11Ii1' SI2I'llIlLfU Lz1NELL BRI Ll .HART Stage XIIIIVIIIQIW' CAROLYN CAWLEY "Cirr'ir'x lilYlI'l'll'ln ROGER ELLIS Dflllllllllf Irllerjneflzllirm XY. L. GREEN 411 Ulrl lx'r'nIu1'lcr Garden" MARY HAYNIE Tqvjzisl CARL GARRE'l"lA T1'r'llni1'al Dirwlrn' EDWIN HEAD 'ATIH' RFl'6lIllf'l"' OH NETTE JACKSON Svlllllflll Tzzlenf MARY AIO MARTIN "'I'lle' Hflll.Yl' of Greer!" l'A'l"l'Y l.Ol7 MARTIN 'AlI'l1Vv ilu' Clzinzes Rang" PIERCE MATHENEY Urntory Bl-1'l"l'YE MOORE Play Writing jl'LIX KATE MORGAN "Lvl .Uv Gmu' Vp" BE'li'l'Y LOI' l'I'l'TMAN 'ln Ulfl Ix'1'11l11r'kx' Garrlc'n" IJORSEY LEE ROWLAND "Yo 71l't'.S'fIllSSl7lgH MSS BENE GENE SMITH. SPONSOR NEW MEMBERS Vnuaixra Y,xxslclu.i: 'I'rffasurf'r FRANK SPAYVR Impersorzation DENNY SHACKLEFORD "l.m'z' in Bloom" BARBARA TAYLOR "ll Pays To Ile A Poogle' VIRGINIA VANSICKLE "Every Family f1l1S fllllfu l'A'l'RICIA XVARREN Radio Plays l.lI,LIAN WATKINS "Flood and Fm'lune" Is, j. WEBB "Amir s'pfmg" IOE WILSON "Galn'if'l" l5E'l'il'Y JOHN XVOOLEX Play 1?FI'll'Il'.S' HARRY CAWTHON l311.si11rxs Manager Billie Barr. Buddy Culp, Ray Ellen, C. B. Green, Bob Halford, W. F. Marion. Earl Mrfluin, june Murphy. George Pirlle, Rosemary Simpson. Rayiuoncl Slaughter, Eleanor Stulwlmle- field. Clllnrlotte Wood. Ydngie Miller. joan Newsom. Bzxrlmra Bishop. Eilulml lllompson. Betsy Rainwater, Bernice Weeks, Virginia Harris and Palsy Nash. , ' ' THESPIA ALL 0 cu' if work fm alll x 1 11113 is promlucerl. Misa Smith mzlclles our "hmi11cw5." T ' CHRISTMAS PLAY O O 'I he Christopher XVRIICS realized too lzllc that their cmirc lives :irc wlappcd up in their son. F2 Ihr "Skc'lL-11111 in UIC RL'1ll'liUll4S :wld dum hm hui in iiiWgl'1lLL' lhcm L Ihc lmczihlc "ln':ii4' Penny :mai l'ci1cl:wpc. C9 Fw . rislophcl' 11010 while his fam Iighls lhc wav. fm ihr Chrixl Cihilcl ' DEBATE 6 O HENRY ANDERSON 'IINI Fl'L'l'ON Kl'lNNl'2'l'H llEXN'EI.I, PIERCE MATHENEY GEORGE PIRTLE IICRRY YY.Yl'KlNS ISERNICE XVI-IEKS 13' C1H.XRl,ES De La 1zRu'l'oxNE DONALD HOGG jon LAc112F1E1.n . 'llTl.IA xrokcmw m:'1"l'x' RAY RVSHING Ll l,l.I.XN XVXILKINS XIISS Bl-QNE G1-IXIQ SMITH Crmflz PUBLIC SPEAKI G President George Pirtle listens as Vice President julia Kate joe is "one up" on the coach in this panel discussion. outlines the programs for the year. "Don't spend too much," Y , ' l ' , , Saw Lillian Watkins' Ireasmer I h I ' Y Stat' curator, Pierce Matheney. wins first in Fri-State meet at ' bhrexeport . . . Resolved: The Federal Government should proxide a ssstem uf complete medical care available to all citizens at public ex- pense .... Wildcat Band First llight 0. stairs. sectmtl, :intl exen to the third, :intl st'll the destination not reached. Punting, wt rontinue our jcnrney, fourth flat. :ind fifth, :md at last we hurt urrixetl ut one of the busiest npots in high Qfhool. For alter OLIY tiling iournex. we haue finally reuclietl thu home ol that Wilclrut Band. After at little lnrcwtigzltion we soon cl scorer that another year of interesting and entertaining exents has hi-en added io the record of this band. Looking back mer the ehzirt of memories we fun refall those ardent hand supporterw Standing :intl yelling for these Wildcat muwiciuns. while they were proudly performing nt all the home games. and most oi the out-of-town ones. Fl hand iourneved to Little Rork, lexzirkunzl amd lfortlvte to spur that fighti Wildtzlt team on to victory, The thrill ot neeing and llezlringg tlrs handy il enteretl the lootbzill field with those old fZlH1ll.Lll' strains ol "Glory to 1 Trumpets." will be one of the therishetl mtmories all seniors might I2 with them. On October H. the band reteixed quite ax surprise for they were given 1 opportunity ot seeing and hearing one of the worltlk linest lnintls. '1'l l AIAJORETTES BE'l'I'Y JOHN XVOOLLEY JACKIE NYEST CONNIE LANE DORIS SLWFTON ELEANOR Sil'L'BBLEFIEl.lJ ETTA SUE MURPHY are led In '.... IW.-IIOR BOBBY MODISETT' 3' .47 The Trumpeteers That Ri al Gabriel cars' both 1f1111c1'1- ol 1l11 l'11i1c1l SIIIICQ Nanv Bllllll gi1c'11 Ill Ruslun. 1.11. Yun p1-mul 111 1l11 lltllllll' lmcstmu-rl 11111111 ll1Clll. IllC5l' lil Ilillililll 11111xi1i:111x 1'C1111rc'c! lm' a11o1!11-r trip 10 l.i11lc Rmk. The Wildcat llllllfl wan sc-In-11ml 111 lax lor 1h1' A1k:111N.1f' l'f1l111z11io11 Assfliliillllll in Ihr' RCJlJlllNClll A111li1o1'i11111, 411181 11- 1111111111l 11- sillllll Klluux 111111 CIl1ris1111z1s, ix Illt' 8:11161 fl0llL't'l'I and lll'lNlIll2lN. 'I lie lllllllll 11115 CI1lL'l'l1llIlCCl 111116 11g:1i11 wi1h .1 co11u'r1 of CIl1ris1m:1s 11sr.- plzrxecl 111 1l1c Hiuh 51110111 .-X1uli10ri11111. PHT!! 1,111.5 1111cl vz11111p, 1i111L, :mil 511 after ll hzlrcl and w111c'evl11l Kl'IlR'SKK'l' bw . ,gf the Nllllltlllx 1-liimccl llll'lllNL'lNl'N 1xi1l1 ll hlllxlllfllt' LZlXL'Il bv the Band Parcntw' zluh. .Xl-11. 111 1l1is purlv thex all szlicl flI1'CUl'll to Illllll' Klll'C'lI0l' and friend. "Bmw," FlllliCl'S1lll. SL-coml 111111:-star and 1o111'c1'l 111111. Ihc mhool grculc-cl CllZll'll'N North, the neu' llilllll 1lirc-111012 Sllllfflf 2ll'ICT his Zll'I'lN2ll Il s0l1'c1vd illlllllllll' of thc band 111101161111 11111 LTONSCII ll'Il1ll lllinim, .md 11-nciwcl 11117 llUIlUl'S. Vurx' cxnitecl i11 1h1' lifc of thc XVil1lc:11 Band. LEONARD FVLKERSON C.H.XRLliS XY. NORTH .mtl plea-1-tl with their 111-11' clircflor, 1l1cw 11111sisiz111s Qllll we 11 bright futuru LEISURE MOME TS I Here uc we MRS. ,IKNRINS and her star pupil talking it mer ..... X Iilllc View of Xhe Homecoming lea following lhc COllOll2lliUll .... QPEIQN BARB.XR.X and the junior Court, REED CHARLES, ROBERT 'I'.XlTL BIACLKWOOD .... Well, well. what do we hznc here? Those pretty girls and that ugly boy mean that they are the Maioreltcs .,.. BE'll'l'Y JOHN, JACKIE, COXNIE LOU, DORIS, ELE.-XNOR. 1i'l"l'.-X SITE, and their escort BOBBY four Drum-Majorj .... DENNY, DONALD. IIININIY, OLIVER. BOBBY, CAROLYN, jlTLI,X KATE, and ,LXXICIE represent our Cheer Leaders and, oh boy! .are they good! . MANY if Q 4:1 QA Sffwvri Ar QA' 'ff B g if Wrestling WILDCAT FOOTBALL 'lr V 11' l UEXYEY ISIACIKXYOOIJ Gl'Y B. HAYES DOCK DENIEXT Assistmil fillllfll Henri f.of.1l1 Assislunl Conch .X most successful foothall mason was ISHT for the Willcats, sparked lu two of their former teammates return- ed from the Navi. Ray Parks and Red Parnell. 'l'he xeark record ended with the loss of only one conference game, and the honor of second place in the District l conference. The season opened with a hang and a hard fought contest with the Haxnesxille Tornadoes which ended with a score of 7-7. making it the second consecntixe year El Dorado and the 'lornadoes hase tied. Showing 21 complete rexersal of form displayed in the prexions game. the Lats presented a smooth and fast SEE1 G STARS Q.. Su.. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. N ov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. 29 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Haynesville ........ Fort Smith Hope .......... . Hot Springs ............... North Little Rock ...... Smackover ....,........................... Here Here There Here There Here PINE BLUFF fHfIIII!'FOII1i71gJ Here Little Rock ............................ Fordyce Texarkana ........,....................... Oklahoma City Redskins Camden ....,.................. ............... There There There There Here running attack in their first conference game of the year with the Fort Smith Grizzlies. defeating them I Z8-6. Then playing their first game in hostile territory, the Oilers took the Hope Bobcats to the tune of 32-13. Parks and Sanford were outstanding in moving the ball down the field llOt only in this game but for the en- tire season. Annexing their third consecutive conference victory and showing improved form each time, the Cats RAY PARKS CARI,'I'ON IKXRNELL JIMMY P,-YI' CIOLEY LOIIIE SANFORD Left Half, All Slalf' f2'1lfl7'fl'!' Burl: Full Burk High! Half All S01lllIl'77I Hlmrnwlrlz' .llrrzlirm trznnpled the Hot Springs Trojznis I0-6 in zi one sided hut scrappy gznne. Next came what can well he named the most ragged contest of the period when the El Dorado squad ventured into hostile territorx for their second time. 'llhe Cats took this tilt hy just nosing out the North Little Rock Wildcats 20-19. Drawing one of the largest crowds in El Dorado football history, the Sniziekover Bucs' wisit resulted in their defeat as the home team gained its fifth consecutive conference win hx' setting them hack I9-0. Hopes were surging high as the Homecoming game came around and went even higher when the Cats ran over the Pine Bluff Zehras 32-6. But there is always one hig disappointment in every one's life and El Dorzuloans really received one when RAY SIMS GEORGE HARMON JAMES ENDEL CHARLES SMITH Right End Left Turklf' Right Guard, All State Center Honorable Mention Honorable Mention KIERRY HOLMES CHARLES ROBERTSON HORACE WIXDH.-XM MR. A. J. ROBINSON Righi Tackle Lvfl Guard Left End, All State Business Manager the XVildca!s howed to the powerful Little Rock Tigers, hy a score of 32-0. in a sloshy game played on the lat- ter's home field. Although everyone was let down over the loss of the previous game the morale rose once more when the Oil Citv team came hack with a powerful attack to defeat Fordyce 32-7 on the Redhugs' own grid. The El Dorado lVildcats then jumped to second place hy showing rare form in nosing out the undefeated Texarkana Porkers 26-19. Then came another defeat for the Wildcats hut this was a non-conference game and the first time for either teams to play each other. It was a fast and furious see-sawing contest between the Oklahoma Capitol Hill Eleven and the El Dorado Wildcats. There was one marker after another in the grid mix-up. The game was played before a large crowd which stood' up and cheered for the determined and fighting Wildcats. The Cats then marched over the Camden Panthers in the animal Thanksgiving Turkey Day tilt 38-14, played at Rowland Field, to close a successful and star-studded grid season. These Heavenly Bodies Are The Kittenettes CHRISTINE SIDERS IJOROTHX LYLE 'ION' HVIJSOX RICISIECICA lSl,Y XICLIIA RXXIILR frutw, I-ozuvlrti. .-H! Stair Piafol, furzt'm1I Iifuuvtrd Imruvtrfl FlHIl'fll'll The Kitteuettes' haslsethall team toncluded a successful season after getting off to a late strut. The total iesults showed ten games won. fiye lost and one tie. gxllllilllgll the Kittenettes competed with the hest teams in South Arkansas they were neter defeated hy a margin greater than six points. Nine seniors: Bell, Dumas, lily, Goodwin. Hudson, jerry. Lyle. Ramirly. and Siders, graduate this year, leaving only Gillenwater. Harrell and Mfiylaliati as players for next year's team. Siders was placed on the .Xll District Nine learn. It was the first year for Condi Hogg and Miss Pace. sponsor for the team. ,X lmnquet was seryed for the team at the Garrett Hotel Mairh 14, where the players were the guests of Mr. and M rs Dwayne Smith, of the El Dorado Florists. 'lo the Rittenettes EHS again offers a salute for a team of good Sptbllrl who played eyery game according to the finest traditions of El Dorado. O O O KITTE ETTES lfERNEI.I. ,IERRY TONIXH ICXYE BI-1l.l. ROSENIARY KQOODXYIX XIELBX DVNIAS NIR. HENRX T. HOCLG IQ num' fQlllII'll fi zmrrl C uard Cnaflf KITTENE l"l'E SK.HEIJl'I.E - NIOIN I' HOLLX U 48 , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, HERE NI.Xf.NOLI.X ,,,, 13 4l ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.A, , Nl.XGNOI.l.X SM XCIKOYER ,,,,,, I7 I7 ,,,,,, HERE MACQNOLIX Hi 33 ,,,,,, HERE HERNIIT.XGl-' , ,, , ,MII 32N HERE NORl'Hl.E'l' ,,,,, 2l Ili, ,, SNIACKOYICR jl'XC1'l'IOX CITY , ,,,. 22 28M IINCTION LLITX PARKER CfH.Xl'EI, ,, ,,,,, I5 36, . HERE l'R!3,XX,X , , ,, 22 QUE , jl'NCI'I'lON CZITN l'RI3XX.X , , ,, ,, 32 36, I RBANX STRONG , ,,,,, , ,, 33 39, HERE XORPHLET I3 Hi , HERE -ll'NC.l'IOXl1IlY,, , ll 29, A, HERE OLD l'XIOX , lf? film l'Rli.XXX XORPHLET , , Z7 21 ,, , VRIEANX SNLXKIKOYER ,, .Sl fH,, SXl.XKIKOX'liR WILDCAT BASKETBALL 4 1 1 RAY PARKS I.0l'S SANFORD IININIY PAT LULEY Xl'S'I'IN BRAXTLEY CH.fXRI.IiS SMITH Foruwrrl, All Muir' I-'m'u'11rr1 fillllffl Ciurzrrl Cfrvzlrr Hmmrzllzle illmzlirnz Hmzoralllr' Merzlimz Eleven l-Il lloratlr- high sehuul Wilclcat rangers. including ftllll SCIIIUI platters. receitecl letters in hasltethznll for WIT. Players reeeixing letters inehitlecl Seniors R115 Parks. jimmy Clmlev. Ixruis Szmftml :tml Austin lirzmtley. all of whom serxetl as co-captains this past season. and Charles Smith. james "Whit- ey" Pierce, Billy Boh james. Ilonultl McKnight, Terry Cumrtlv, 'l'etl xillfllll :mtl L, H. 'LClurk5" llznis. The IYlltlC'IllS completecl their ISII7 season with 25 xitlmies :mtl three ltzsses, Of these 28 tilts, ll were conference. with the Cuts whining I2 games to place thirtl in conference stamling. 'lheii only Ulllf-'3l'E!IC'C losses were to the powerful Little Rock TED MARTIN j.-XMFS PIERCE JOE MOOK DONALD Mc'KNIGH'l' TERRY CANADX Forward . Forruarrl Gunn! Guard Comer Tigers, who placed first. Only other Cat loss of the entire season was to Emerson in the AAA Tournament in Little Rock. In conference play, the Cats scored a total of 697 points to their opponents' 450 with Ray Parks. high-flying Cat forward, holding the highest scoring average of the conference with 221 points scored in 14 encounters or an axernge of 15.7 points per game. Yeternn Parks led the Cats in indixiclual scoring for the ena tire season which saw thc fleet El Dorado team racking up 1.354 I DEWEX BL.-XCZIUVOUD fjourlr points to tlieir OIJIJUIICIIISQ total ol 826, :ln average Of 4l8.-l points per game tm- their uppzments average ol' 29.5 points. Parks was named forward on the All4C0llf6lCIlCC first team wiLll jimmy Coley and Charles Smith named guard and center, respectively. on the third All-Conference team. The Cats. in addition to their outstanding conference rec- SANFORD, BRANTLEY AND PARKS TAKE TIME OUT ord, have other outstanding performances to their credit. They were awarded the first place trophy in the recent District Nine AAA basketball tournament here and have defeated two of the top teams of Louisiana, the Haynesville Golden Tornadoes and the Baton Rouge high school cagers, by large scores. FOOTBALL f- TEAM Starting out with inexperienced men at the first of football season, Coach Dock DeMent and his group of B5l'eam boys had 2 successful season. winning four of six games played. The B-Team was made up of hoys from the sophomore and freshman classes, although most of the team were freshmen. In the first game with Camden, the Kittens won by the score of 14-li. joe Mook caught a pass for the first tottchdown and johr jacolrs, left guard. covered a blocked punt for the second. The second game with the junction City team was the closest of the season. 'lihe Kittens lmarely edged Ultl the junction City eleven, l3-l2. With about a minute and one-half to play, score 12-7, Billy' Wayne Ballard. freshman halflmack, sailed over for the winning touchdown. The next game was with Magnolia, with the Kittens coming out on the IOIJ, 7-6. lt was raining C1115 and dogs this particular night and costly fumhles were made. joe Mook ran 20 yards for the touchdown and Ralph Callaway accounted for the extra point. ln the second game with Camden, at Camden, the Kittens had their field day. They heat the Camden Midgets 27-6. The Kitten: were really' hot that night, with Tate Scott making two touchdowns, the last heing a 59-yard dash on a fttmbled hall with a minute tc Plar- ' 'Fhen came the Smackover Buckaroos' second team which gave the Kittens their first defeat of the season. The score was I9-12 anc the Kittens really' put up a stiff fight. Four days later, the Kittens played another, and the last, game with the Bttcs. This time the Bucs won 1950. And if you don't think this game was rough, just ask any' of the hoys who played that night. With that, the Kittens ended their season. .ynd a very good one. at that. Some of the lmoys who really' deserye mentioning are Tom my' Carlington. l'etie Burrow, jim Fulton and l'at Titsworth. who made up the defensiye line. Ed Uber and Henry Anderson also played fine hall for the Kittens. Back row, left to right: Billy Dumas, Billy yy'ay'ne Ballard. B. Harrell, Doyle jameson. Tommy' Garlington, XV, 'll Brewster, jolm Crawford. Sam Dumas, David Reynolds, Laverne Lewis. Middle row. left to right: Kenny 'laylor. Dan McClatchy, Donald Ray' Newman, Roy' johnson, Barney Love. james l'atterson. jim Fulton, Pete Burrow. late Scott. Ed Oher, Don- ald Sims, Bill Adcox. Front row. left to right: Hugh McClatchy, Henry' Anderson, johnny' Beelxe, joe Mook, Robert Shackleford. john jacolys. Norman Moore, Pat Titsworth, Cette l'artain, Ralph Callaway: jack Sehon, Coach Dock DeMent. BASKETBALL - WILD KITTE S 1 'Considering the bad start they had at the first of the season, the El Dorado Wildkittens came through with a fairly successful one, vinning five games and losing eight. This team was coached by Dock DeMent, new coach at EHS. w Sparkplugs of the team were Billy Wayne Ballard, Tommy Carter, and Thomas Head. These boys really burned up the baskets with 'ome spectacular shooting. Also they have proven that they are prospects for future Wildcat teams. One advantage the Kittens have had over the past is their height, because this is one of the tallest junior teams EHS has had. It eally helped in some of their toughest games. Now for a reyiew of the games played by the Kittens: At the first of the season we find the Kittens winning their first game with Camden, 2l-18. This was mostly a give-and-take game vecause it was the first for both teams. Next week, the Kittens were defeated by a superior Smackover quintet, 15-5. Fordyce beat the Kittens in both the afternoon and night games. The score of the first was -19-27 and the second 24-22. Fordyce cally had to put on the steam to win the last one. Then the Kittens were defeated by the Magnolia juniors, 32-18 in a game at Magnolia. In a second game with Smackover, the Kittens were again defeated by the Baby Bucs, 33-22. The Camden Midgets defeated the Kittens in the second game, 44-22. Seems like that game was played for revenge. The Magnolia junior quintet again defeated the Kittens 2-l-21 in a fast, hard fought game. This was the last game of the season. Top row: Tate Scott, AI. B. Harrell, Alvis Brown, Pat Titsworth, Billy lvayne Ball- ard and Donald Simms. Second row: Coach Dock DeMent, Doyle jameson, KI. Baker, john Hearn, Tommy Carter, and john Crawford. RESTLERS Reading irorn right to left. iront row: ,-Xlbert Caldwell. Rob- Both pictures show these boys in action but lhex ert Shackletord, Ralph Clallowax, Robert Hats: back row: Rube :uc especiallx proud oi' the liiing pxramicl. Xwahlen. llill Mlcox. 'lommx Ciarlingtnn. llaxicl Rc-xnolds. and .lint Fulton. These big strong he-men, sans shirts. but with much muscle showing, make up the wrestling squad of lil Dorado high. Thev havent had such an active schedule this year, but haxe kept in trim just in case. 'I hey met the deaf bow of the Deaf School in Little Rock, as well as the squad from New Orleans. Dr. Garland Murphy has coached the El Dorado high school wrestling team this rear. He is a former student of this school and has had much experience with college wrestling. D1'. Murphy started the season with twelve boys. The number haf' increased to twenty-five during the year. "We want to in- crease the interest in wrestling among the boys so that it will become one of the main activities in the school athletics," stated Dr, Murphy. "The requirements to be on the team do not call for weight or physical build. lt is a sport for any boy. Success depends on skill and much is learned that will help in later life," explained D1'. Murphy. ' The wrestlers have a high rank in the state and their toughest competition comes from the Deaf and Dumb School. These wrestlers have been champions for several years and it is the aim of the El Dorado team to break that record. ""? E M Unforgettable Lights lhe lliologx micpurtmcnt. Osuu' must gel ll laugh out uf these studying lllllllillb wan' uftel' yczn' . . , . Ross llllll some of thc hand "puck up" thc Ims fm' tn little joumcx. " luke Nlc Out To 'lhc llull Gallic." ..,. 'l l1is pitture l'Cll'CiCllli a l'l1lSi that this l fellow uhm: is diving this cupx uork shoultl llllellil Nlrs. CZulp's typing class . . . . Nliss Cox and :hc people in thc Physics class uhm- want tu hmm uhx this lluppcus iustcutl ul that. .Xuclrcy looks ll little lltlXXllllC2llli.'Ll. They Make The Sky A Little Brighte 41 ll' 'lr A part of the library showing thc proof that students study when they get library slips. What about the teachers tho is that Gazette good. Miss Moore? ..., Fay Craig: t'Nz1me twr pronouns." Bobbi: "XVho, me? '.... Here is our vocationa. director, Mrs. Ware who wonders why it takes so many years fon an student cnot mentioning any namesj to get througl' school ..... Mn time ci the day you can probably sec 21 scene like this around the gym. Right now we see a thrilling game oh xolley ball. Hit the ball, Carolyn! wx. 4: if 'K V And Twinkle Always ln Memor W Mrs. jenkins' fifth pvriotl English class. It seems l ue. if un olcl fricntl is in it too, for it looks us if wc see john .... It looks :is if we arc to get zi new dress or something. for this is the sewing tlziss nntl they nic clown to business. that is. all CXKUPI Put who mints het' lllllllll' taken .,.. Its Clhristnigts l zu: you tztn tcll ln thc picture in thc llllllsglhlllltl l X tnutlc ln thc :nt tlziss, :intl Miss joe and Xlis. Elkins nish ugith other ti happy Yttletitlc ..., NIV. Hogg guts tlonn to liusincss on some prolmlvni of ti YClCl'2:ll . . . Oni office where Mrs. Spun' is using the tclcphonc :intl nhcrc Mrs. Gixens, hcttci' known :ts lcwcll. zislxs Nlollx Rodgers about llCl' CX- CNSC. 2119 will HR A B' HEI BOOSTERS Donald Alspaugh Helen Sehon Marilyn and Ray Roselyn Ligon Carolyn and joe Emily and XValter Marlin and Cawthon julia and jo Ring and Price Marjy Miears Margie and Swilley Norman Terry Mr. and Mrs. Arden D. Andrews Mary Dell and Bob Betty Lu and Denny Dahnelle and Dorinda Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Vansickle james P. Harper George Morgan Pontiac Company Otto Mathis WVorld Book Le Vine and Martin O. E. Greer Scottie and Kellogg Hugh McClatchey Watson's Dress Shop Lottie jo and Sarah Bettye and Patty Lou Lillian WVatkins Tommie Bell Attaway Realty Company Carl Garrett Patty Lou Martin Cox Grocery Betty' Brown Dr. Haas Myrtle Bryson Brashier! Spawr! Andrews and Lindsley Pattv Mae and j. E. Mr. and Mrs. George G. Moore Bib Menea Pat and B. Dollie and jimmie Alan and Edwin Alderson Nancy Lee and Benjie Stringfellow Nelson Eddie Huey Harold and Virginia Matson Mrs. C. D. justiss Model Grocery Marie and johnny Ablis David and Tommy justiss Glendenne Powledge Electric Service Company Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. C. Offutt Mrs. Howard Carlton jane and Truman Nishet Marie and Rowell Davis Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Brassler Gracie Lindsey Mac jenkins joy and Ransom Morgan and Ruth Davis B. W. Reeves and Co. Mr. and Mrs. A. Reeves joy Nichols Warren, Bailey, Sewell and Newsom Betty jo Slaughter Lawrence Morehead Dc La Bretonne and Lacefield Dorothy and jimmie Gola Cobb and Love Summers and Smith Truck Lines Thurman Dumas jenny and Satnmie jo Frances Garrett Marv Ellen Horton Patsy and jo Anna Lea and Mary Ann Curtis and Danny Electric Bottling Works R. R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Murphy XVilliam C. Gresham Ouachita Navy Lacy' and Shepperson Speer and Givens Freddy and Martha Mrs. Sallie Chambers Mr. and Mrs. j. A. XVest john Lee Dreher THANKS A MILLION TO THE MERCHANTS IVHO MADE POSSIBLE THIS PUBLICATION OF THE 'WVILDCAT COMPLIMENTS OF E. B. Garrett Company Furniture and Appliances 2054209 XVEST MAIN STREET II? Main' Your Hmm' lion' l.i:'1111If"' DODGE PLYMOUTH HEARD MOTOR COMPANY 425 NORTHXVEST AVENUE PHONE H301 DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS Seniors... REMEAIBER: 1. Every person has two educations . . one, which he receives from others and the one, more important, which he gives to himself. 2. Knowing half your subject doesn't help much . . . it is always the other half you need. 3. Happiness comes from within . . . more we share, the more we have. 4. Concentrate on something toward which YO UR life may contribute, concerning yourself not too much about the place you fill, but rather are in that place. 5. To be one who can carry "A Message To Garcia." 6. I am proud of you and shall love you eternally, no matter what you do. May I always live in your heart, I humbly pray. I salute you, my children. I know you will carry on! the what YOU Ida Ruth Reeves "Congratulations GRADUATES 1" XX INXESINIENT IX KNOX! LLDCF -XLXK -XSS PAXS IHE BEVI INIERILST F11 II Luo N on L CCMPANY EL DORADO, ARKANSAS Cm. T. H. BARTON. Pre: SEE YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER FOR ALL TRANSPORTATION NEEDS F5 F V E nllll1lll"":l' ' ' ' ,, I "" l -:'2'1j"jg,'g,'E'22fs1ua91!1S15Il'.' .1 .-I .K -P :rfb --: ff, 52 ,.,-f:f-' qu' . . .,-L V A ,,-.ff""'f'Qa"Q' ' 1 :fu V. . 4 ,,- -- 1 - v.. s 'Q '- 'g , ,n Uwi,i..i-i.,'.,:QgOa0 E HI vm.. - g,.,.v::-fi IP' , 4 L , .-,1.aa-.-1--",-na"-2,M'-ywv.,, 1, ff., . 55-l'g:.u Q" zgwia-1,,,.-.a-i- - lnglz 'qjjl 1:1-,rg., :H if j T. . f gil!! '-"W" nv4,','.'v'l"".'i'e':"ef" 2- 3' . . "'f-.-Q: O '12 Q? t. L V -.a-A ,,..faw.',,my,'.' N- M . 4--iii-mn.,g5fi, V ' 12- h. . , H, S - ' if ff,-.'.'.,-." ':gr.':.-L .' -35" il I-,,'-vtgf..-. L: A.: -,, .., ?,,..'A..:qw j,L 1+ H--1, ivy- .,. . .L .-:-5 ITF:-"4.H 1 ' ' 'P' H::'a":-E3'?',j.e,tg..!.- .JT ' . -ww ir emm A513 .Eg wh , ' A' - A A ,- a"v,a.w1"' '1"' " 71 ' ' 'fi -A 132 " -l4- ' Iii "hai: 4 Ei 22 rm, 21,1 'MV' If, :a':::ii if I '?K5"!! i7 -R,-t,,' :lin ' A , 111' ' "W Sd' H. i:",iIL . , ,T . A , 1 ,, Wt. : , ,- -"',. , Ely . F, 1-V-'-" -1 1... ..... -lair' 'T--. far -A jf -. tialtm s. 5, GRIFFIN AUTO COMPANY PHONE 1500 XVE NEVER CLOSE COMPLIMENTS OF STAR CLOTHING HOUSE KAVANAUGH MWPURS, Inc. LINCOLN MERCURY SALES AND SFRVICE il XX M S L El D 1 X L CONIPLIMEXTS OF When the hunch drops in W ior lunch, serve- X XIAIONALLY .VXIJYERTISEU MI2RClH.'XNDISE B. W. Reeves SL Co Department Store Established 1879 El llorudo. Arkznnsas HOME OF GOOD FOOD HOLLYWOOD GRILL ON THE SQUARE W1 XIIIR F1081 T. P. ARK CUMPAY FORD ' ' FERGUSON TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS EI DOR XDO ARK XNSAS PHONE 2100 THIS BOOK PRODUCED IN THE PLANT OF TONEY PRINTING 8z STATIONERY CO. EXCHANGE BUILDING EI. DORADO, ARKANSAS CONGRATULATIONS! TO x'OU,'1'HE SENIOR CL.-XSS OF 1947 FOR ISA CH OI" YOU IVE CUVET GENUINE H."1PPI.VESS THlfRl'f CAN BE NU TRUE SUCCI-QSS WITHOUT IT The J. F. Sample Company Eslubllslxcd m I899 NUI OI LRA I INK IHRICI2 LOC XL S I ORF? THE i'Zfff.f 50m Plf-A .UR CIONDITIOXEIJ CIOFFICE SHOP GARRETT HOTEL 100 ROOMS "THE HUAIE 01" FINE Fl"lfNlTI'RE" HANNA 8: COMPANY El, DORADO SM.-XCZROYICR ll! South Xvllqlillglfill I-Il Domclo, Ark. S593 PHONE S7 E1.G1.X' WATCHES HAMILTON COA4PLIJVIENTS OF TERRY THE J EWELER A. D. CAndyD ANDREWS EL DORADO o ARKANSAS Established 1876 FINE DIAMONDS National Bank of Commerce El Dorado, Arkansas COURTEOUS BANKING SERVICE ME.lI13ER Ol" I"1'rl1'rf1l Defmsil I1zs11r11r11'1' Corjmrntimz R. R. BRONVN RUTH A. YVILSON H. XV. Nlcl-l E NRY United Insurance Agency Buscnien: First National Bunk Building All Kinds ol' Iiisurancc Except Life JONES 8: ROCHELLE THE f1.x'15xT IX CLEANING AND TAILORING CORNER Ol" CEDAR AND JACKSON THE EXCHANGE BANK and TRUST COMPANY CONll'l,E'l'E BANKING SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE MEMIIER OF F. D. I, C. George Morgan Pontiac Co. EL PONTIAC and CADILLAC CARS QUALITY CENTER G- M. C- TRUCKS 211 EAST ELM STREET 209 EAST MAIN STREEI' Telephone 149 HOME FINANCE CO., INC. HOLLYWOOD CLEANERS LOANS ON THE BESCI AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS, in . y . d A . REAL ESTATE, FURNITURE Cleamng Pressmg an lteratxons 208 NORTH WASHINGTON PHQNE 1230 COAIPLIMENTS OF WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE FAMILY DRESS SHOPPE OX .SECOND FLOOR RITCHIE GROCER CO. XVholesale Distributors IN FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES EI. DORADO 0 ARKANSAS PHONE 380 When you think of Flowers Kikwik Tire and Appliance PHONE and Service Station GOODYEAR TIRES AND BATTERIES Phones 188 and 1343 El Dorzulo, Arkansas Howl asa THE HOl'SE OF FINE ROSES Fau1kner's Appliance Sales and Service General Electric, Stromherg-Carlson, Emerson, and Motorola Radios YOUR I-IOTPOINT DEALER Refrigerators, Complete Kitchens, Deep Freezers and XVashers Lights and Wiring 113 W. lfllll Street Phone 331 UNITED CREDIT .IEWELERS 202 S. Washington Phone 199 HERE TO SERVE YOI' BETTER Home of Hallmark Cards THE BIG GROCERY CARTER BOOK STORE fWUlYOGHAtW1WED STATIONERY tones 130 - 131 213 East Main St. 1: IQ B DOIAIAAS - 1:11-'TAS RANDOLPH HOTEL EI. DORADO'S LEADING PHOTOGRAPHERS' and 1 COFFEE SHOP EL DORADO 0 ARKANSAS QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS BY SIMS STUDIO ' Um Lewis l. iE 1 New York Store U11 I 5 Thr' Home Of ROTHNIOOR CIOATS AND Sl'I'l'S 'Q me 0. .XIOKLIIISHS NF YOFK ' I1 llo 1 C OAIPLIMEXTS 01" Art Mode Beauty Salon 209 N. jEIfFERSOX PHONE 1018 CO.XIPl.l.UliXTS O If A Sz L WHOLESALE CO. Phcmc' 3-136 The Home of Hospitality XYc1cmncs You "Cats" Southside Fountain Service I1'l1f'1c' All Gum! Frirrzrlx Mrvt PHONE 260 1.1: Center and Washington RXND Shoes for Young Ninn DUGGAR'S SHOE STORE POLLY DEIVS For l'hf: Nloilern Miss COAIl'l.1.IIlfXTS 01" HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 328 S. XYXSHIXG ION STREET .S11ff'cf.S.Sm'S To sH1L1.1xcL 1fL:Rx1'1'UR1-3 uoxlpsxx' WELL'S SERVICE STATION t BOB ELLIQTT 35 SQN -IEFFERSON AND CEDAR STREETS JEXVELERS PHONE 3071 EI, DORADO M.'XGNOI.I.-X CO,11PLl.KIliNTS OF El Dorado Pharmacy PHONE 601 PHONE 602 CO.'SIPLI.UlfN TS OF Z A VELO' S R.'I'.ELK1NS YUl'1.Ilx'1ilT, . . T IT IJKFS WUI! A , 0 HALL DRUG COMPANY g Electric Bottling . ,' PHONES 70 - 71 . Works , J ' 0 llI0 East Main El Dorado Lumber Company COAIPILNIENTS OF "Ask Arzwmrzz' II"r' Sf'rw"' ' MOTOR CGMPANY Phone No. 1 Phone No. 2 NASH REO COAIPLIAIEN TS OF Timmins Hardware and Furniture Co. PHONE H8 H3-115 CLEVELAND YOUR wxzsnxcsnousia DEALER COMPLIAIENTS 014' T H E C A S T L E COAIPLIIWENTS OF PETER'S DRUG STORE PRQMPY' AND EFI"1CIE.X'T .s'ER1'1C1i PHONE 227 M. 'l'. GREEN F I R E S T O N E Home and Auto Supplies NI XIX AND SOUTHXYESI AYENPE THE WILDCAT 321 SOI"l'HlVliS'IA .WENVE PHONE 971 GRIFFIN PH ARMACY Prescription Specialists ffrnrllizirte' Limf Drugs. Cosnzrftirw and Sulm'r'ic's CL.XRRE'I"l' HOIEI. BLDG, PHONE 65 ESCOUBAS Cleaners and Dyers Phone 142 310 N. XYQSL Ave. COXGRA TULA TIOXS TO THE SENIOR CLASS PARKER MUSIC COMPANY 213 N. WASHINGTON PHONE 259 E1 llornclo. ATIQZIIISZIS CENTRAL CLEANERS PHONE 31 217 N. JACKSON CIEIXNING PRESSING AND AIQIIERATIONS COMPLIMEXTS OF NORTH SIDE PHARMACY IV. Roland Gila, Prop. PHONE 399 El, DORADO, ARK. ENGRAVING BY SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING COMPANY "AS STARS IN A DARK XVORLDH The sky' is darkg But it is in our power to make it light again. For we are entering a great firlnanient to take our place As stars in a dark world. Many' of the old lights haye dulled, dinnned and disappeared, l'ntil they' have been lost completely' To the sight of tnan. And here is tnan endlessly' wandering, and looking to the heavens For guidance: Looking, searching, praying - - - For one small light to help hitn on his way. And here are we - V- hright. glowing. Filled with the light of knowledge Longing for the heights which are rightfully ours As the new stars of totnorrow - -- Ready to teach. diseoyer, plan, ready' to guide those helow. And so to you I say: "Co forth, young star, and shine - - - Take your rightful place in the starry' firtnainent of success. Go forth. young star. and shine - - - Not only' for yourself, hut glow lirightly so that others may see your Light and follow. Co forth. young star, and shine - - - llut relnetulmei' this your glow need not he .X hlinding light that daules Non inay' he only a tiny twinkling sperk. Only' he sine. that eyen in your stnallness. you shine Only' lie sure that you giye your light. still. tiny as it may lie. Go forth. young slilll and shine - - - For heaven and earth are yours - -- And if you light the sky with the transcendent glow Of truth. right, and progress. You will know. eyen as the hosts in heaven. 'I'hat your glow will light the earth long after your Still. itself, Has perished." LO! ' ARIJEN ,-1XDRliIl'S'

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