El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA)

 - Class of 1975

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El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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E YY, , ,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,, , ,, ,, ,, ,, , , , ,,,,, , W , ,,,,, , ,,, , , ,,,,,, , , , , ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,, 1 19 E QE!! fig 'fd Z , N "VIL ,. QQ V W lk 'J ' 1 , -N fly' vp X2 . .3 ' ? , 1 1,,'m , -r 4 -n 3 f I -' .Nw ' ,,. Y , M uf , ,, Z' ' ,Q 520 N" g , 5' ' 'I .: r ' ,f V' ' J rf mf 1' , ' ,fx , 5 ,Q .3 N ,L ,,,, ,,'h' fb H lrwx' f .sry :mf '72, 'Mi Mi . 1? 3: mf www QSBEWSQJ W My 1 Nxwiwmwvgggw wkgflgwwgwfifw yy S iifw ff?fw .fM WWiQQZyw4yA 'H N H l l i 3P gf SQ Qbym X are V N P bU Q GN if Q xx X 'XS XX R Q .f Y is X- iw, 2 iwima fQEQ QSUQO WX Ew?Sf ki XXX. xxxb' SQ YFQWQQSE QXOQQ QNQ 2" f., l . lily l I 'X 1 l' "0 . :Q 1 50,7 Wwe ll 5474! 221 fjwflmff Avfoledyl 66071f'L?L , 17 Y 66-Lf, fa ci-Qui. well MMM J Qmfq MQ mu Ovbzyuf-Hx-2 045141 ZYJWQAO 3055 Av lflmisw MMM lp ,L ,M QM cvl Muay ofwjfwfhl CSDM - u O E I if JQMX . 5 Qi-6 gm eflectlonsz n ff ZA Q H Last ng 965 4 fi n Q for eterni . 'xx 3 Rmka 1975 EI Dorado High School Placerville, Colifornio Credits: Editors: Gail Wylie. Pam Tuttle Photographers: George O'Regan Brent Granthem Geoffrey Voss ' Kirk Beane Victor Stukalo 1 M, r.,.1 ' 4 sl . J' ' ,N 5000 I OU we :rs 'l 20 ff Q iliid fi V Qi X E L 1. ' ,. ,, .few , - ,I 1 15,4 E - ny, i ui .1113 -v, ' ,ii Q K Q' 1 1 A ' , aw t A . 1 A if J, R, A ,w QV. A S gh . 1 '- , ' 1 fl 'nk' 5 4.4 1' wh ' 'Lg ,M ' ' -, T""',X5uiL.Vf ,, gif? fx? QE A ff 4:4g ,1w ' if , A 4 I., - " ii 1 - Mm 7 ,f QQ x 1 , W ' , fi jig --W "-Mr' N, . L .- Wig, fW z - fiff, y s " '- , X wf 5 - . ,QQ 4' ' Mfggnwfkw' L jf. , A 127555-1 Q 'Q t U W i t - -wi: ' i, f 41, , : 4. 5 s E 5 1 .5 3 wg V . gn yt , ' ' , :MXH 'Qin'-1' , -fi l1Q'1f'5j,,""' .e K If X ' :M , gg .Q . . ' 1'-If 1,-1' r e : ,Q " 1.x " Mae' 1 W ,. ,.,M., Q A: ,g if 353 5" .15 3- V 1 . P , - f , W' - 4-4 ,-59:54-3,1-:ff :: : f51.v,- ,y, gimp. gw 1 1 , N - l .. 24 'ff , 221-1J +5fii'5 w 'ay . , i,i,:q,.,.1L Z1 ,.. In V 1, f y, , ,Qfgi:EL:,,,,?5 Wa uf ' ,uit f ' I . ' K .L :QTQV .al N: 'X . xy, K D, "2-W1 , W y im, - ' l , I 1 . f ' , "' L' T a - I9 ' Q-'ii x - . - - A95 ' , wi J ,n,,....,...- .. , ' . '. ' M. , I ig .. f-- . ' 'if' 1151: Q 1'-gi' A A GP , vm. nik-z m A V ' W: 1 if X .K Q1 X f V ! .A s 4 l XM J! .- ggfirz fJis2 f if if -- .fff 'AVF fi-QQ SEA . . pf -wa , - Y- ' " ' ' ' .2 1. 'Q ' - f M V I M- ' 4 1 Y Q hu' , agw'Er6?3',. fx! .. 42, K . 4, V -vm? " ' ' W --u favs ,Q -W on the scenes around us-- the town, humming in the summer sunlight. the streams. dark in pools of rushing white. where solitude gives birth to dreams the rainbowed freshness following a spring rain. the oak, the evergreen, that tie each meadow to the sky we dedicate this year book. . . -if mug To The Beauty of EI Dorado Country In hopes that in days to come beauty may never be just a reflection. U55 QJLQ ni M WJ Jaya 965900. QLZL' 371361 X ww 6 WL , AMW ,Q1fLf?vU77 " I M vw MA if All 'iiw ffffidif Offfyyjgi 4 wb 5 Eef1"l,Zf9:lfb04"' K-5 U Vim bevff !Q05'3QZYL0PcS Foces external mirrors reflecting moods of inner feelings-- love laughter solitude. 6 W5 1 3 1 QMIIM1-HH 0 hx I V V I .Wi v --.,""' N. is any NX .QHHMQHX t I 1 X , I fu X lr.-i".T L1 7 .5 -hvfvixr ""'Cuu--...,.,. '---1 in , wnyf qt S 'iv :Q . K, 4, sk? A iv X ' V V if 'C , ,1 H. , Q l , -I 'M A ' 1 .S J , , . gy 4 'N A 5 " ei t y 'x 5s f ri 1 1, I w M' 'Q . M, JR :M 'Y 5 'XI M I .1 A 4' e -4 AML M A,.i ', 4 , r Nw 'N-nw, Nkdiilnn- V -fu "-A ' ""'?"r ,H AQ ' M' .V , y ' s 'Q KWyHw,4 3 L fn 5 3.04 ,M i V21 MW Yin' f - W- H - L Q, . lg' Q. 4ue,aq,,,,m,,,l,f,, if ' 1 ' . 'g 4 ' 31:11, X A 'Mmm M, , ,4 L ef? ww 'mm -55 i W V 4 my ,,, . ' ' 1557 M f w., 'Q 4 W! W f 1 Q ' A "' : hy , -g .3 1 riff' 0 P' L -' 3 , R , 'Q ,fri 5 ,-W1 v .. if w w M .A 4 M1 'x' Q W 5 lJNA 4-A" N A V 'ik ' f' 1 'M' A ' 3 ,l 'nw A , 'gg b V X Q MJF l W 3 . Fi in ki E X ' x A 5 1'.'x' ix ? '5 'I ' 3, , 3' T, t M w ' 5 i t' V -3 ig X 55 K I E 9, s x s lg -1 7 ' 1, iw ,ku t n .Nj ' s--N W X-mv, m .-w 'WI QM . ' N: WE " am...-W-.if ..:2ff ,, ,, , '-iii? M +L W A X , f s' 'el' WJQQQ A X ,, Mm I 4 ' i ' Nfwwism'-w1'J' ' Todoy love. reflected in eyes sharing each other. friendship. shared outdoors in a shower of sunshine inquiry. a solitary search or shared with others. fun, sharing a sucker and a parade. happiness. alone, together, shared. today. a reality that becomes a reflection shared with the past. 1 . But mere reflections of days gone by. Q ,. .N v , ,uf us. .,L- -4,'f-1 b irq, 1- .,-. -'x ef" ,pw gf V--.5 "tr L17 . fn-1 'N 'E?f?ff4:jQ" A Qi: ,,r NN E: 'UA ,s ,. D MW MW' ,., X. ii if' 4: A 1, ' ' ' f"-vw-:ea lfdfzcglgg my A.. 4 It s V1.4 Q" 'QW al I J V! lu 1, ,L gl 'h I 'H 45 lgqkx gil C 0 .- 1, ,, V I ++1x,f1'i,,. -K, -1. ax, rg.a:v f, 4 ' 1 :f' . "uf 4 ,, .ix 1. . ff ,Q .fx ., . 'ff' A Student Life Editors: Nancy Wakeman Jerry Roberts ,, 15 vs fa -MBE wx' Q?- vm. SHN 'IEPAFRE MHA 4 Q " Ti - . , .,.. . W . M gd. . , , v I f - gd 5.2 wi-W W5 -.. V . -fx wp i J 3 ,,- -...k lx fy he C' 0' ral' -4-Quaid' 5 1 A ..i - .4-f" 'N Spirit llluminoted Through Homecoming Week TR Xi 41 X, wma X aff Q Llisxiki .,' t X 'Q-35 's 1335! rli' iii 27555 2 Lawn 'N .-qmih, 'L 1 'zwxiw . gp . F ', I-15 5592 w x 1 x x x 53 525' " ,ima 43 Mimks 5 5 f 1 I xx I A 4 'A r - H. 5 1 x P hrs 4vf,,r- 'Ni -it TOP LEFT: Sandy Atkins displays her talent in the hula-hoop contest, as she hulas to first place. BOTTOM LEFT: Sue Dilly examines the glob of marshmallows she managed to get in her mouth at the marshmallow stuffing contest. TOP RIGHT: Marcol Greenlaw guzzles for a first place while Carolee Arundell swallows to second in the chug-a-lug contest. TOP: The freshmen stretch to pass the orange and win first place in the contest. Student Life iff I I K , ,Ax gxgskifg Kin. Yxi Go 4 'Y 1 1 . 1 A fix F X V " . 4 , 'W . X-1555 aw s - Q' K1 . j f' 'A .'4ff.".Tf-1 ' R ,, 4 Vgffjhzf' 111 . w - 53- . E ' 1 j -Iv W .. gk ' i ,, in W 5 J K 1 Q. xifqi- ,K 55515 ' .' 51 35? bg., CSN' L A ' ' 7-Q.-,-f"--x f"4"'-'M ' '55 g' , A 3 f ,-, fig- 1,-ga 5 .gi rf' ,f J f--""'L" .9 "fu .3f.: , , , il Q ,,,,,,-f,.g- .,1.. .5 QA:-E," ' ,, 'Q' if f 3 gg Zig?-..f' 1 5, .xiii A '1 P 4- 'L 4- W, i ,ti fm L 1 s f ' , 4 1 'R 5.5 2 X ga is .L 1- ' Wg Q pf - A1 - 1 y - A fay kgu! , A rj U 'E I L f x 'st' -J . 14 . .. 3 . ,mgix ,pw 3 ' 'X SamL1f.w,fw--"x"'CZ:2' f ,ev M r A tw-'QYQA ,xyyvf ' ., vw , ., y 4 1 H , , ' SN Xi ' J I L, Q.. -va ff ,kj-E54 :QQ 3 'RV f K -1 it :Nu . 3 lg ' :R 93 Aw: f,.,.A -,Q N 1-,. 5, Q K , V1 9 f A f 2' ,Q H iles' 9 1 Na+' ,Mfg ww Q .w A 2 .QS 23655 X W? e ,VL . 1. fy 4 . A , .J , 1 fs. , Y 2 2 A Fw X f-wx f aw .kg -x Ji: fl """ I .X , 1 mt ' x-fvf r - 1, - ev K , A6 ,... ,- I Q 3-A -A'X K wg Y gt 1 -vw ! f 4 w .3 " H, fi 3 A gf f '- 3,54 'iifsf 'Y xl QR L Y ,gf x M . QS, K4 Y M fx we , A L, . w 5 1 x L A X afifws? Iiigfffs' WRX? xii 4 V' un- 5 A k5XXf?jifx"94'!'4' VR X Q k,,f x5'ax .- Q , ,Q Q' Q:'xf.,-HM " X, gl I 'S A355 1 9' . , ' s X XFN' V' N X . X Q A X ,lug Q -. 'QL xp ---44 - V A S, . +1 13.55 ' , J 9 1 by Q -x-,J , V f X , 4:-.xyk 1. S 1. - XX H if .M X 1. .w 'i wt. if - N' flYn35?'X 1 f s -W A -U ' xl X X X K X I 1 9 X . 15 f ,J an y . . X W. f 1 wif K if '12 1 A A MWA Q,,,m,,v WWA, 12'- ff S Fun ond Tolent Combined For A Hoppy BELOW: Kelly Shepard sings "l Honestly Love You". RIGHT: Billy Lee Williams and the advanced Drama and Music department do a shocking skit at the Christmas Assembly. Billy Lee also sang "Cats in the Cradle". BOTTOM LEFT: David Baker skoots along the gym floor for the freshmen class in the ornament roll and receives first place. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sara Klotz sings three original songs while playing the piano. Sara also accompanied Billy Lee and Kelly on the piano. All received a loud applause. , 'V 7'L-, T-1 5 uf ii .Vk- f'ff' J' K -. H. 1 .i,,wi,3i5gsik:!s2:-,-- ff' iw . . 55' We olidoy Assembly X GL- siwhi. R X Q .f 3 NN Aww XA WA wx Wx SSW w WS Psy i:..:.. X-N X ,. X X, X633 11 1 N f Q . . me X . , 'V '4 I X .ik.,:, as , . X -.,. I . 'X sv- ' -A.. Q-5-,X as Q Qysk , Ss Q, S Qiswskgkg Q X A ASA xg Q Sv .xv " N .sr ' Q XQWQXSX -S WS X S SS F pf V . ,fx A XX -xx 5550, 'S Fir ' Q . ' 2. PRA: K A , CAT' ig xy. ww. wg-. Q Q2 if 1. .M ef. 1 K M Je 4 , , 4' f 1iN3'4,5 .. J, W 5 if 'jx Q ' 2 S, S L3 . up '-1, M. i 2 Q5 X fa f6 1' ' MQOIUW' N ' xx , x.OXw,1m, 1 - W' :XXX KN, x xv yi Q H S x s x ' xx .X - 3 X S xi f , ggi? S' -, gh m xx axx ii ig. .Yi S - I 7 l Choir Attrocted Biggest Crowd Ever To The Christmos Coroling Concert Xi' T , bf- ,+- TOP: The advanced Choir performs in perfect voice quality as they sing six Christmas Carols. TOP RIGHT: Joyce Atkinson and others sing each note with great concentration. ABOVE: Randy Fitzmeier waits patiently for his part. RIGHT: Men's Ensemble sings "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." ii ! Sadie Hawkins Dance Created Many Happy Faces This year's Sadie Hawkins, held March 14, was a large success with more couples in attendance than ever before. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jeff LaMattina and Beth Sentell snuggle and cuddle between dances. BOTTOM LEFT: Terry Hicks and Connie Davenport anxiously await their cider and donuts that Dogpatch is so famous for. BELOW: Peggy Graf lbest costumei really "gets down" to the sounds of Crystal Image. while her date Steve Fierrara lrightl converses with Connie Davenport. 'f' . . vb.. , F S. "ff Q Q x A5 .. :KQ f T, z- ,If 'A 7 -. , Q. Y iw A T255-. if Q T5 . .s X , ,Zia .N 5' Qfiwlff wg .ww 45, I iwz' miss: , t Y- ,lf ','- J' 2 f' x . 7? .. aF X u.gs.n ' ' . z, u, .-1 my.-1 ' . . gilt' ny. 5' In K4 ' V Vx AKEN-'.4".fI+ Q W N -' , msgs- PSR LX AV',.g.gS4tYfA'i" Sk ' 52 W? ,Q f- ur "-QE-Zfffizxf Rx ' 2 ' L ll 'J K'NfE-L'i"i.,,,v M ,V , , h 'fm' 4.-.,V,.f. .1 . ' 51 Xb 1-.gif Q ' f wvfffswsv-1-, g'- ,..,,., 'X x 'E Y' as-uq,,SA --...,,Nm X , , g N 5' s AMX YN N 1? N K Q., 'iss W ,n K I A T ff ,W 1' E' ,5 ' yn h . f L mf jf. ,ii 4? W . K , W fr A V-I . K A 2. K 23,2 EF l 2+ Q31 A, A 'W va f 1 , .3 is 1 'Q Q f in H 08,0-v.-V H A . V sk gi .Lxxi gf 4 , ,A 'I 1, 41, 4 Y 5 px 751. A Q f g if f , f 5431 x az Q-il - T fi ' .gl V- ., . . 'M - P .,,, .. ff. :Hb s,.A H1 R 53 From Breakfast to Basketball The First Hoop Homecoming Was A Success OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The sophomore- senior side of the gym stands while singing the Alma Mater during competition with the freshmen-junior side. BOTTOM LEFT: The varsity cheerleaders lead the Big Blue in a cheer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Key Club makes an encore of their exchange rally performance. LEFT: Kurt House and Steve Christof enjoy their french toast at the Seniors to Washington D.C. Breakfast Homecoming morning. BOTTOM LEFT: Allen and Carmen Tuttle are among the supporting parents at the basketball game. RIGHT: The seniors sound out their spirit at the Basketball Homecoming Rally. 'QQLQ' Student Life Our Winning Bosketboll Teom Attrocted Mo ny Spectotors TOP RIGHT: Mr. Steed explains basketball rules early to his daughter. TOP LEFT: Coach Van Brocklin receives the cake presented to the freshmen team by their cheerleaders. BOTTOM LEFT: Tami Miller and Rose Gonzales are among the crowd at the game. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: The cheerleaders take a break and sit down. but are still yelling. TOP: The royalty after being presented with flowers. BOTTOM: Steve Baker announces the basketball game. Fisx -2 2 si A5552 ,yaw- S X X ., 8 Si? - wxaaf X Q X X55 x K ix: aw Mby is '-sm ,E 1 - izl X - iqg. x .gf qw 5 W if an 2 I 9 , N' ' lf- A -fe ' ,Z ,, g . A WW pV'Z,7f Mfg as ii 5 if 45' iffky im ? if A 9 Ui A I 1 ' fl ,gif ' f ' ' 5 N-w1.,l,,,L, 2 1 ' ww l Rollies Cheered On TOP RIGHT: Rick Fritzmeir and Marian Johnson race to the finish in the three-legged race. TOP LEFT: Dru Robinson times Brian Dilts in saying, "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun." Brian, a senior, said it the fastest. ABOVE LEFT: Doug Davis falls asleep as Rudy Beaver introduces the rest of the team first. RIGHT: The crowd roars with laughter during class competition. V 1 r L. X lv- M-,,. ,- 1 2 ,H m Freshmen EditOI': W Lori Veater .W Qligislf QQ Q , M -ii V li 'rn Fl SE ig' is In A :fi ' f4,wg5r11 1 fx gaw- S 35 A ? I Q 4 f' f E. N Q -f 1 iq' ms Q 'Z mm - 1 2A M an uw. x ws if Ei.- gfi k si 1? Sue Bargenholtz Jeff Bert Ron Betts Sandy Bever ,us Marion Binkerd Paul Brunius Cindy Butts Gary Blagg Stephen Burk Marianne Caballero Gary Brown Tina Burkhart Dan Cadle Jill Brown Tom Buster Ela Cannon a Q. .sm 'N-' BOTTOM LEFT: Boo Wier, Craig Drennan, Bill Pierson, Mike Neri, Tim Myers, Brad Carter, Brian Gladwell, and Kris Hurd gather together before a football game. BELOW: Brandy Henderson and Taivnga Schudy with upper classmen Valerie Jacobs look at l.D. cards. Freshmen 'tr mul' X...- Q-ffsg,,,. BELOW: Patty White, Jennifer Ludlam, Rachael Hoover, Terri Elam and Robin McAtee watch as Yolanda Rangel throws her lunch. BOTTOM LEFT: Tom Buster, Bart Logan and Jack Buster found the time to meet with friends during lunch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Billy Garrett and David Pratt seem to be enjoying their lunches. Kevin Carlson Cayce Coan Lynn Damoude Shelly Duncan Colleen Carter Fanny Cordero Terry Davis Lori Earp Colleen Chandler Robert Coval Billy Diltz CYUGY EGYOU Teri Christopherson Jeff Cummings Craig Drennan David Eddy EM l -y la w, 2 if . ' W .. ' JT El 5 it 5 -V .sm 1 C .5 ,,,, , L, . Yr 'Q-br 3 5 x " in l . 1. vw' ,.. -E I giyzgqlgiki V " i f - to ls I Q EW: " rlte 1 5 ,41 1.2 Q:-T' - M '- -,f f .:':.':, , f o. ., K, Y l V25 ,Q j an fi H , , . 7 , I 4,2 - , 5 ?? , ' 'Q 3, gn X .!,,gg. r ' D T ',e- iisf.irse y ir -5' 15 . Mi lr, , 'Tr W' 4 54 B jd M my X 4, ,, f""'lwt, XY: A 1 wr Y 'rv wi '-N' X O s.-1 Q7 vt Y? Q..-v Vesta Edwards Marc Estes Darla Fish Mary Frampton Cynthia Franklin Bill Gann Bryan Elam Don Figor Kevin Ford Dean Francies Ron Fritzemeier Greg Gauthier Nancy Ervin Ron Figor Mary Fowler Pete Francone Gail Gabrielson Sean Gavin Freshmen Sociolized During Lunch LEFT: Freshmen wait patiently for their lunches. BELOW: Todd Gruwell enjoys a delicious sandwich. W ,1 'l ,I f f ly, , YW? H HA Randy Gay Edith Girardin Jeff Gladding N 1 129 J? 1 Karen Glans Karl Goqle Carole Golemon Freshmen f TOP: Frosh show their school spirit. BOTTOM LEFT: Jennifer Lundlam shows her talent. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kelly Kofnovec and Cindy Franklin 'were caught by surprise by the photographer. if - fiffr be ,N Juanita Gonzales Joel Gruwell Tom Hadden Tim Hamilton Paul Goyette , Todd Gruwell Lori Hainsworth Jim Hammonds Keller! Greenlaw Karl Guthzeit Dollie Haley Deborah Hands o Y" x.f-'W Freshmen Showed Skill in Spirit Week Contests Qs Bram Hanson Tina Helm Kelly Henderson Tammi Henning Bill Harris Gordie Helm Cathy Henley John Herzberg Tim Hellwinkel Brandy Henderson Phillip Henke Larry Herzberg +7 q.. 1 x 'mi - 4 R W? rx f 9 X TOP: Mark Tomlinson aims his gun. ABOVE: Jim Barber represents his class in the drinking contest. Freshmen ,L gy, "?-T55 Freshmen Enjoyed Leorning TOP: Fanny Cordero, Stacy Virkin, and David Baker were among many freshmen in P8rT Science. ABOVE: Pam Lahiff stands out in a crowd. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Frosh learn work habits in the library. MIDDLE: Rick Loba, Velma Lumsden and Gail Gabrielson study a chapter of science. BOTTOM: Marc Estes, David Vanbebber and Diane Maxwell sit in English. S f 1 Tv Terri Hill Ron Howard Jeff Ismail Robert Jordan ay Hitch Lisa Howarth Suzanne Jesse Ted Jost achel Hoover , Virgil Hurst Fluss Johnston Pat Karabinus arry Hopkins X Trent Ingles Chris Jones Lawren Keeler "'--..,..L L ,f S.: Henry Laird Jeremy Lamberson Lorna Lane Robin Larson Terry Lee Curt Liddell Folke Lillyquist Torn Lind Eric Lindgren Mark Linhart Gary LittIeJchn Fred Locken Bart Logan Tammy Long Jennifer Ludlarn Robbie MacPherson Gilbert Maggard Michelle Maita Tom Martin Karen Matthews Diane Maxwell 'L-Z' g- V71 W7 63 . f Q i l. r Freshmen Porticipoted ln Homecoming Activities TOP RIGHT: Sandy Beaver, Todd Gruwell, and Kara Williams ride on their float in the Homecoming Parade. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steve Abel and Charlotte Talbot "rock out" at the Homecoming Dance. an-"" "5 Hn : , ' '44 'A Q, A ' T ,. '9' ,, . V EQ ,sgxiifc v Q 5, Q! X Q . .aw 'sv " el V515 V. 'Wi' Z If 'i-'-rcs.. KJ, Hskifa, , f. tr :L ' f v- "2 J '5 , 'L s -A ky, .,,-VV , Q. h 2 'X 1 lr . 5.5 ., r x f x. Q, as r fc 2, ,N A- lmptm 5, , l..., - ' .5 X S at f ,x , T' -1 ,av f" ' ' 'E '- asf Q- i T' . " Jr if as -Z Robin McAtee Matt McCown Teresa Meeks Kevin McCabe Bruce McDowell Kim Meschi Robert McCain Royann McCormick David McKindley David McNeill Lisa Metcalf Kurt Mikkola K c Cinema A x :mmN. rl gm.. Chris Miller John Minchew Steve Mora Dan Morgan Katie Morris Carol Nerwinski Steve 0'Brien Dan Pearcy Philip Mosbacher Melanie Nichols Chris Ostiguy Wayne Pease Bob Mott Adriana Nicolls Donna Owings Kieran Parryman Bryon Moyer Terri Noetzelmann Colleen Painter Mike Pfost Flick Nelson Sam Norgard Steve Pentel Fred Pierson KZ: 'ff . 0,- ,,, A 1 l ? X new " , ,i X, eff s l l T , Q 11' 1 If X H dm one 1- F' i- s 'Q-f, - A I :x v J Q il 11 TOP LEFT: Ed Rickner has problems one morning in class. BOTTOM LEFT: Peggy Wilson was a perfect example of the bubble gum freshman class. Freshmen ,war 5 ai 4-v"1i Top: The Freshman class was represented by President: Sandy Bever: Vice President: Cara Williams: Secratary: Melissa O'Meara: Treasurer: Daphne Tapia: Parent, Teacher, Student Association: Velma Lumsden: Student Council: Representative: Terri Tuttle. Above: Freshmen attend their class meetings faithfully. "li s Qi W X i S ' s X , I wx, --I., ft Leslie Pierson Becky Pippin Lydia Pippin Kevin Posten Perry Potter Yolanda Flangel Teresa Provance Julie Reynolds Georgia Purcell Ed Rickner Patricia Ouintano Donald Robbins -Q, Slater Robbins Linda Roberts Ray Robson Jana Roseveare Linda Shackellord Larry Shinaver George Silva Jerry Silva Chris Sinclair F -Qs.,-f Outstanding Personalities Voted As Class Favorites Jill Brown and Terry Tuttle were chosen favorites by their classmates. 11 A, ng A sy- Freshmen Struggled to Strengthen Their Bodies Below: Steve Cook military presses 80 pounds. Bottom Left: Virgil Hurst works out on the weight machine. Flight: Mark Christof takes a break. rf? 133 Ben Stone Bret Stouffer Kim Stover Fred Taylor J-'gm 'Qui' ' Q 0 ir ff. si..s i T ' Greg Teaseley l Frances Templin Joann Teresi David Thomas Ken Thomas Ron Thompson Mark Tomlinson Judy Treat Scott Turner Tamara Tyler David VanBebber Robert Vogan 5 N Q Q H - 'ff' 432 ,Q 449' K u A as nf, . ., xi. N. I x 1 digg xj-rf rf x :Q .QQ ..' van Q A 583. . xv . Y, ??.1fi"' 3 - 3 gf n Q 5 v 1 I n . 1 I X 1 w x. 5 v Q K 4 v 1 1 I W f A x 1. 'Y N mi: - view I amend wad' 'C Athletics Editors: Joy Fletcher Peggy Mosbacher Debbie Weston . FQ .. A. wg, slr K .,gs. l -fr 1. 'H ., :X' ,, ,Q SX, at NS' f SJ 'cf "'!f5Y, 1 mt fl 'f .uv sly I J ,S f 9 elf J' 53443, 11523 'Pau x J- ,A -v,. 'XV' "S " V 1.1 I ,ce ' , 49 8 1 Mx , x 1 Kia f 'I 4 Q gf TQ ,fe ,. N' H 53 E44 A. W., , ar, 14. - f- r L iw Q .wb ' "' vw' mf ,pa ,M an ia, 'V W -4 iw R Vorsity Footboll Excelled Despite lBACK ROWJ: Coach G. Kenworthy. Fl. West. R. Dyer. D. Bolster, E. Jennings. R. Fritzmeier. M. Dickson, C. House, J. Simerly. Head Coach K. Scanavino. QMIDDLE Fl0Wl: P. Korzan. D. Cate. W. Heuser. K. Pierson. D. O'Halloran. J. Martin. L. Rienhart. E. Peterson. S. Gonzales, B. Dowdel. S. Keller, R :OP A Q -k"4f f xsriat M gm.-esfntsm :gf r Injuries Washabaugh, K. Wright, K. Veater, lFRONT ROWl: Coach J. Myers, M. Shepard, F. Hall. P. Myers. S. Friddle. E. Willey. T. Morris, D. Wetzel, B. Shane, B. Garrett. B. Skibo. V. Whitaker. Manager R. Hosea. v wr' . Q .ET.ii-'ft-r.'-11,4 vagj' . , ,YA-f's5i..V'5 -t-,e,..1t'..'w ' QM ABOVE: Coach Kenworthy watches the game intensely as Cougar Fred Hall gives him a little coaching advice. LEFT: Don Mosbacher dives in for a tackle before his opponent can throw the ball. J.V. Cougors Were 3-2-1 In G.E.L. IBACK ROWIZ Coach Van Brockiin, Coach K, Flickenger, R. Vardanega. A. Cochran, D. Mclntire, J. Gulley. J. Gossner, J. GonzaIes.J. Baker, S. House, M, Guerrero, M. McCoy, P. Cova, J. Moore, Coach Watson, QMIDDLE ROWJ: B, White, C. Jennings, K. Greenlaw, D. Botnen. B. Williams, S, Sherrard. C, Johnson, J. Berthelot, S. Allensworth, J. Shepherd, J. Yurkovic, C. Rassmussin QFRONT ROWD: G. Yapel, M. Thompson, R. Bolten. D. Hunt, B. Heuser. S Todd, D. Garrett. T, Martin, K. Kenworthy, C, Wright, G. Wheeldon, J. Pearson M. Evans. i 1 s I x I I ABOVE: Scott House fakes while other mighty Cougars pull through. RIGHT: John Shepherd hands off to Dave Mclntire with high hopes for obtaining a Cougar first down. '! af' .1 an 4 I . N xy" ,i ,I 0 Q7 S m I I 1 . 'Q A f"'M he , Q KQXQ gi , N vw -- A Ol ,J N7 X. .A 5. QNwW.Q..,: r W. ,- M-,K M ,, ar Ir Of 'T fi ii T, WN W A' S. YW, .N Hz u 1' vb, 0 3 5 y ,I 'Q 5 A 4 N ug, I Freshmen Cougars-No. 1 ln League The 1974 El Dorado Freshmen Cougar's flew into a season of frustration. courage, and finally success. They opened with games against Folsom. Ponderosa, Amador, Marshall and ended against Jesuit, Galt, and Tahoe which were all defeated by us. When we looked upon the score board we saw nothing but winning scores. They weren't only a fantastic team but had a fantastic coach, Mr. Beaver who was most dedicated to them. After all their victories they became number 1 in the league. ABOVE: No. 28, Ken Thomas tries to get the ball to No. 30, Tim Meyers to gain more yardage. RIGHT: Ken Thomas and Tim Meyers block visiting team's defense so Terry Tuttle can break through for another 6 points. 7. hs, .4 hardy, , 6' 23 .. - Z.: . H X .,,-Bigxhl , A it 13 , , , 4 on .- . t-.f fu ,s- afxg: . S2 Qfdii 'X' fl Us NA - ggi 2,-an-S1039 X,5v ,. , ug fm , ,F F L, N N -Wfmfi ri? .i,"V'U4 5 1, 1 5 i is ,u ,. , , Y: . g 9 . , , , , A QT? he 5' I 3314? it l if , A X " '1 gs u -K -2 H' Y v, fits, ., -U.- , K 2 W i-'UJB9' 5 4,Q:,xWq we if ,' Q-I.: K M-.. I 'F- 3 I f -r T I , -l if fl'-X--is..-.. 7 ' jg: 'E 1 'f, f .Q ' . - A X . , - " .:. : ,Q .- - - ABOVE: Even the ref's thought our team was great, especially when Terry Tuttle showed his EDH form. 0 t in-5, YU TOP: T. Tuttle. L. Keeler and C. Yates drive in for another exciting touchdown. ABOVE: Nobody. but nobody messes with the Cougar Machine! X. Athletics I gr -.JA r Team, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Perry, D. Mclntire, W. Heuser, FI. Wilson. C. Cooper, B. Hill, C. Dusek, TOP ROW: G. Gruell, J. Aguliar. T. Davis, M. Williams. K. Mellow, J. Moore. K. Carlson, S. Stroud, C. Moore, Coach Piceno. MIDDLE LEFT: Mark Williams shows some of his net skills. MIDDLE: Gary Gruwell reaches high to slam the ball, MIDDLE RIGHT: Mike Perry shows his sewing form. TOP RIGHT: Ken Mellow serves the ball while Tim Davis prepares for the return. lf! X.. X G x H ,K I' an -E"'l'lli'-l- Girls Tennis Swung Into Action 1. TOP LEFT: Shirley Johnson shows her form as she does the backhand. TOP RIGHT: Coach Pacino relaxes as he watches his team go for another vicotry. BOTTOM LEFT: FRONT ROW: G. Cate. S. Johnson, A. Delfino, K. Framton, J. Ashworth, J. Wright, J. Fletcher. S. Stroud. B. Hill, T. Hill, K. Peterson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bea Hill was chosen most valuable player. Athletics Vorsity Ploced 3rd While Girls Took 1st Varsity K. Hughes, S. Baker. E. Nichols, L. Sharp, C. Lomax. and B. Langford took 3rd place in G.E.L. following behind Jesuit and Tahoe who were numbered 1st and 2nd in Sections. Wonder Bread helped build our bodies 12 ways says Frosh. runners T. Davis, M. McCallen, J. Wunderlic, J. Gruwell. S. Able and G. Gathier. S. York, K. Kerric, M. Cabellero. T. l l G.E.L. l 1 l Christoforlon, L. Foy, M. Reinecke and C. Arrundell had no problems ibuilding their way up to first. Mark Christof the adorable ljreshman runner is on his way to being a man! Most inspired rminner Steve Baker seems to be inspiring himself to be ahead. l l l l iq-1g lim , . r . ., . f ,wt s igsgw 5 ggge ,. ,'N'-asfsx-i"., . iw ,q,.,Y33?'T.y, xg? .xr Q gf ' fW'!,w-7 "'w'f.f - .. F' '. ff 2-ma.-gn Wg-gf " 2 .Qs ' - 4. .,1k"zf-'Liu-'x ,Q --' ' ,'-' 1.-ff . J. x. w.,,.ka4'-uf Q -, EQM1., , . .4 ,',w::, Y . fs!5'+S1+Qv- - f-+4.l.:'.- ' -' 1 4. 4 ia.- , 5 ,but 1.25, be 4 , "v -ft js- fe g?'e'4? gf. f 5 if V s s ,.y3Ll.-Q,iflu..i by an ' 's1'f'5fSfwfw g .Q.q.,.: ,,41J.kV41.,:-x K V ' Yin A 351 S '14 fi .N-Q is 43,6 1 4 Qs -9 ,A ,rn . - J, ff Fi .--Q 4 . A,9".fw N , I4 I f' ,. Ii 'I '- 1 'Se' 3 U ff X Qt A y " 4.42- . 3 i- ,tt " ,jc ,-W mt. fi? a Cougar Power! Coach Steed's closing remarks-"And last of all I'd like to thank my mommy for . . . " Curt Lomax ran his way to 21st place out of 70 places in sections. "Who needs the boys?" ask Lisa Foy and Mimi Reinecke. Athletics Ski Teom Roced On To Victory Toking 8th Over 18 Schools VARSITY TEAM MEMBERS ARE AS FOLLOWS LEFT TO RIGHT: Manager. P. Mosbacher. B. Doodle. S. Pardee. B. Richards. S. Teresi, M. Christoph, G. Wheeldon, D. Jermsted. C. Kennedy, E. Combs, S. Stroud, K. Wheeldon, J. Simerly, J. Harn. N. Schell, L. Howarth. F. Hall, Coach Newell. BOTTOM LEFT: Dave Jermsted races down the slope placing high. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Mark Christoph gives a surprised look at the next gates ahead. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freddy Fast Pants Hall really gets into it for EI Dorado. J.V. Wos Hot This Yeor Toking 1st In "C" Division lr!" v 5-F . --o4v'sf'.- NH- , ... A.,-Q .rs ,f-..-an-M - - - 1 1 g A g E 3 F A - 4 3 E S ei ...r . e.......I1 J.V. TEAM MEMBERS ARE AS FOLLOWS LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Jacobs, A. Delfino, M. Riley, L. Stahl, R. Jennison, Coach Newell, D. Wheeler, R. Revaz, D. Baker, B. Gladwill, K. Thomas, M. Bauchamp, G. Helm, S. Abel, J. Mayfield, R. Bolton, J. Bert, S. Henke. ABOVE: R. Bolton takes a deep breath as he goes through the next gate. TOP LEFT: Kenny Thomas gets down while racing at Heavenly Valley. BOTTOM LEFT: Steve Henke looks puzzled at what is ahead. Athletics Soccer Secured Second In Leogue Team members for the 1975 Soccer Team are D. Mosbacher, J. Pratt, K. Beane, D. Hubbard, L. Rowe, O. Hamp. Coach Gernes. SECOND ROW: G. Fegerio, D. Parks, J. Gossner, R. Allardice, J. Riley. C. Lomax, D. Cate, G. Davis. THIRD ROW: J. Hansen, D. Conitenzel, D. Cornwall, J. Gossner, B. Dilts, D. Newton, B. Deming, E. Marchini. FRONT ROW: M. Stuart. D. Parrish, R. Atkins, P. Roundtree, B. Lane, J. Greb, M. McGee. Not pictured, S. McKinstry. BOTTOM LEFT: Georgio Fergerio passes off to his teammates, Robert Allardice and Bryan Dilts as they dribble down the field. BOTTOM RIGHT: The team gathers for another victory yell. 'A n'bQ,,,4-'3' Y s xi . W -ig "Qs, may 4 1 ,1 Mx E ' F gg X Q 3 W w Qs 'QX sk, .-, N, X X 37' X XELIW if .X 5 A i -i is El Dorodo Cougors Fought For The Top KJ on o 40 XJ Rf' T Team members for the 1975 Varsity basketball team were: Back row, Coach Golomb, R. Fritzmeier, G. Gabrielson, R. Beaver, D. Davis. J. Thornhill, K. House. Front row, S. Christof, P. Korzan, W. Issacs. K. Wright, N. Karrasch. G. Gruwell, D. Bolster. Bottom left: Keith Wright shows his ability for a jump shot. Bottom right: Doug Davis jumps for the ball as Gary Gruwell and Kevin House move in to assist. S NA, A Q 2 .xg xfkkx L- ery X. I .1 W A mt, ,. wt : .if D V N ,Q -.1 I .1QawS2" In A . A, j. x f . V . ' 1 t rye' Top left: Gary Gruwell jogs slowly past our cheerleaders as he is introduced. Bottom left: Kevin House reaches for a basket as Rick Fritzmeyer looks on. Top right. Rudy Beaver shoots over a Jesuit Marauder while Doug Davis sets himself for a rebound. Bottom right: Our team was ffl. after they received their first place trophy in the annual Gold Dust Tournament. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY: PLACERVILLE BODY SHOP PLACERVILLE 1 144 BROADWAY CT. Athletics J.V. Dribbled Into First Ploce In The G.E.L. Basketball is perhaps one of the swiftest. most exciting sports at El Dorado High School. Junior Varsity Cougars proved how much fun this swift game was winning 17 games and only losing 2. J.V. was full of dedication and had. "You gotta want it" as the basic idea linking the minds of the players. Coach Crawford was loyal to the team and led them on to "first" in the Golden Empire League. The 1975 Junior Varsity Basketball team was, lLEFT TO RlGHTl BACK ROW: Coach Crawford, M. Witherow. J. Hamn, M. Pinkley, J. Shepherd, and D. Mclntire. FRONT ROW: J. Van Sant, M. Guerrero, S. House, J. Agular. T. Tuttle and K. Mello. MlDDLE: Van Sant, Tuttle, Mclntire. Hamn, and Shepherd were cheered on by C.S.M.0. and boosters. BOTTOM: Terry Tuttle troubles his Ponderosa opponent with his tricky dribbling. Sicewffei BOTTOM: John Shepherd and Dave Mclntire wait for Scott House to tip the ball to them. '1 'B .. .Jr Je, , f V U S ...M . V 4 -r Q 1 N xg. M 4 f. 1 Q S A ffiggfiia ,Sf it . 1 s 1 34- in via X51 5 X , . 3' N . 3 , mg 1 95.1 .. 'sw X -- ,.- - Us Ex 32. x K . A i 1 ' 4 f . 2 5 FQ F .Hg Ek, 'Qt iff f ,N Q , ,M ga ,W s, f sf A MY Y ,W My Kafuxz win N, J 5. V, .WV W EQ? 1' f . -Haig: . wx 1 ,L A144 J ff 3, M, Freshmon Cogers Tied For Leogue Chompionship TOP LEFT: Fred Pierson dribbles in for the lay-up. TOP RIGHT: Foreground: F. Pierson. FRONT ROW: C. Escobar, R. Witherow, 2ND ROW: J. Growve. D. Garrison, G. Wright, 3RD ROW: Coach Van Brocklin, P. Goyette. M. Penner, K. Greenlaw. BOTTOM RIGHT: Fred Pierson. 330, shoots as Boo Weir. 534. comes in for the rebound. Frosh scores shown below: El Dorado Opponent 62 Amador 47 23 Amador 1 1 55 Folsom 50 26 Ponderosa 28 59 S. Tahoe 29 45 Galt 33 Forfeited by Marshall 63 S. Tahoe 16 34 Folsom 44 55 Galt 46 44 Ponderosa 31 Their best game was against Ponderosa winninq 44-31. This tied them for unofficial League Championship. af is , , .'4 54 galil Vgx .Y k'- Lslf . 1, I1 K ' F xW, i ""f . mls - R -mf., 1 aw 3' Ig 1' S., 2:1 ' ' ' 4 fx ,535 ffbfxiz Q-if nav' Girls' Varsity Won League For The 3rd Straight Year QS J lx . rs. eg.. ",-',,--v- .3 . 2 . N., - TOP RIGHT: Julie McComas shoots over the defending team. TOP LEFT: The starting five set up for the jump. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Vitell gives instructions to the players while our center Janet Bethel 6'3" looks over the team. The first game of the season was with Davis, at the Davis Tournament. Losing by 1 point the cougars came back to win both Rancho Cordova and Yuba City and capture the consolation trophy. The girls won the league for the third straight year as a result of their high scoring. El Dorado Opponent 47 Placer 28 41 Marshall 25 45 Ponderosa 23 72 S. Tahoe 18 57 Colfax 1 1 50 Galt 21 70 S. Tahoe 13 48 Jackson 41 52 Galt 32 45 Ponderosa 20 42 Marshall 28 As league champions they were invited to the tournament of champions, where they placed 4th out of the 8 teams. Athletics Girls' J.V. Bosketboll Dribbled Through A Successful Seoson TOP RIGHT: TEAM PICTURE, FRONT S. Jessen, C. Painter, K. Kofnovac, P. White. Coach - N. Rocha. BACK ROW. K. Henly, J. Foy. K. Gillihan, S. Netherda, M. O'Meara, Not pictured - M. Campini. J. Roseveare. TOP LEFT: Patty White sets herself for a shot. BOTTOM LEFT: Jo Foy shoots a free throw. BOTTOM RIGHT: The team rests during half time. vp up ,N QIRQ "' ik Nh, li I I sv Z! . Thx. ..!u,., J.V. Volleyball Were League Champs I TOP LEFT: "I got it . . . apps" . . . crash- boom-bank. TOP RIGHT: The team gives a yell before they take another victory. BOTTOM LEFT: FRONT ROW, J. Roseveare, J. McCowan, P. Cochran. C. Notzelmann, R. Cocks. MIDDLE ROW. Coach J. Vitell. S. Andis. M. Carnahan, H. Turner, T. Notzelmann, C. Ostogey, Coach B. Pitcher, BACK ROW. K. House. M. Campini, J. Reynolds. M. Hardie, P. Tuttle, L. Hayworth. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jana Roseveare was chosen most valuable player. 'LK' Athletics N lk Ra. Sv QQ? 3: iv Wai V9r"""'I'n'5n'x f"..l'g... HW-ww xamm ffm?-' 3 25 uw in l 'H in Q21 is 1 x fl? i iw f""R fx I 1 U ' M, . , w 5 . f H55 X Q11 if ali' ' P rg. J 1...-.-fs. Af X' 1 , 325' -.13 Q 3 .V 2 Sm Wi .,,.....- - . , X x. K , Y fix X X, ' , H 3 ' Xx' -. 'E gy Ei . l Cougor Wrestlers Stoyed On Top I . r l TOP: Coach G. Kenworthy, R. Vardenega, P. Floyd, B. Turpin. Turnboo,' T. Meyers, A. Cochran, D. Wetzel, M. Hawkins, T. B. Shane, N. Jones. M. Huston. BOTTOM ROW: M. McCown. Martin, Gonzales, M. Turpin, and Coach Beavers. FRONT D. McDavid, J. McKenzie, R. Samaniego, K. Kenworthy, and J. ROW: L.lHerzberg, P. Flucky, J. Herzberg, M. Sanders. D. Hunt. Bertholot. BOTTOM: Assistant coach. K. Flickenger, D. D.Van Bfabber, A. Samaniego and V. Whitaker. SS? 14" X- - ,,..- W -np- - - ll! t . 'I -. 11.2. .5 . TOP LEFT: Bernie Shane and Norm Jones show their style at wrestling. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Kenworthy asks Dean McDavid to give the guy a break. TOP RIGHT: Ron Vardenega forces his Ponderosa opponent to say, "Cougars are tuff." MIDDLE FIIGHT: Paul Floyd and Bob Turpin ask coach. "How is this for a tangle up?" BOTTOM RIGHT: Tom Martin and a Bruin go to shake as they leave the matts. Sports Swimmers TOP LEFT: Leanord Payton does the butterfly. TOP RIGHT: Linda Dezzani awaits for the starting shot. BOTTOM LEFT: Ed Willy executes a forward tuck dive. BOTTOM RIGHT: Curt Lomax and Leanord Payton loosen up for their race. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: Mellisa O'Meara. sets herself for a back dive. BOTTOM LEFT: Scott McKinstry shows his form for the 500 yd. free style. om Their Way To Victory an sl z.isizeWII'9B'f' y I , . . eg I . f ,K iiii I3 1 A 4 1 .J TOP RIGHT: Kathy Thompson was not only a good timer but encouraged the swimmers to victory. BOTTOM RIGHT: Glenn Corson gets ready to push off for the backstroke. Cougar swim team members are as follows. BOTTOM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Coach Kenworthy, S. lCeccarelli. R. Morris, M. Houston, K. Carrie. S. Berthanier, D. Grind, S. Carpenter, L. Payton, D. Thomas. K. Thompson, M. O'Meara. E. Willy, M. Christof, B. Gann, S. Netherda, S. Aires, G. Helm, L. Payton, J. Riley. S. McKinstry, K. Kenworthy, K. Corson, C. Lomax. b. Shane, B. Donahue. J. Mayfield, D. McDavid, G. Corson, N. Jones. T. Donahue, M. Huston, C. Rassmusum, and Lisa Winkler. Golfing Competition BOTTOM: Coach Scanavino, J. Grove, S. Wise, J. Handson, G. Anderson. B. Weir, S. Christof. R. West, B. Weir, G. Wright. BELOW: Coach Scanavino gives instructions to Keith Combellack and Gary Anderson before the tournament. MIDDLE: Brad Visman Putts. RIGHT: Robert West tees off. ff? 'Xi Wos Putting In Our :Honds -...Q V Girls Softboll Cought The Attention Of Mony Girls '71 f f ,gg 1 1 . - V, -is ,- . L ""g, -'Q V .s-1, mu , 9.11. W llll ' Us A 'W' A X 5 A n - . I X 'T X K Eqilftf l gr f l I 7. -1 'v ii' 1 N i'a:?'hh7Q dj 3 41 f -, . K A .3 Gif: X Al tt N tx A l ' M S' i s , . 1 4,l,j.f .wi TOP LEFT: Linda Armstrong shows her pitching ability as she was the no. 1 pitcher. TOP MIDDLE: Brenda Blagg shows how easy it is to catch the ball. TOP RIGHT: Shirley Johnson waits for the ball as Joy Fletcher anticipates the catch. Team, BOTTOM ROW: P. White, P. Cochran, S. Noetzelman, A. Lawson. M. Ruthven, K. Morris, M. Guerrin, D. Hawskins, J. Fletcher, L. Armstrong. S. Johnson, G. Cate, M. Carnahan, M. Esclic, K. Jacobs. B. Blagg, P. Coleman, C. Bye, Manager. K. Shomac. BOTTOM LEFT: Gayle Cate slides safely into third base. Athletics JV Hod A Swinging Seoson ABOVE: Kevin Dunn watches the batter closely. TOP LEFT: Bill Pierson warms up the pitcher. LEFT: Stan Myers shows some of his form. TOP RIGHT: John Shepherd bats while John VanSant catches. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: Peter Cova stops his playing to look at the camera. TOP RIGHT: Our J.V. team had alot of team spirit. BOTTOM: LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Coach Ditman. J. Hamm, B. Pierson, C. Escobar. r. Barnes, J. Herzberg. S. Myers, J. Hugo, B. White, G. Yaple. FRONT ROW: S. Myers. J. Shepherd, C. Drennan. G. Hayworth, K. Dunn, M. Beauchamp, J. Vansant, S. House, P. Cova. T. Tuttle. if 'R 4.3551 if Y' , ...E '---x tl FN 2' 'f 1 1 i . SUR: 5 so Ya fb? f f-., xQ'f,g- ig lg!!! un! 1 .4 NN 9,174 .,-M. R 1 QU f?4d,,., -. " 1 , I ,L W if is-.J Athletics Girls Grew Foster Stronger And Better 0 xai I TOPLEFT: Janet Scott helps break a 440 relay record. BOTTOM LEFT: Linda Harvey lumps to a high 4'9". CENTER RIGHT: lBACK ROWl E. Wilson, M. Hughes. L. Foy. J. Scott, L. Rowe. and P. Gray: lMlDDLE ROWl S. York, P. Ames, D. f-1" . xt K ,ss .S-t,,'. ,K iz.- ,' . J , .ff Ms ,..f. rg:-. -r . , "X ,bf , "".D' re ', P 'N ,, 'nz -b Henderson. L. Harvey, C. Arundell and A. ward: lFRONT Rowl T. Christoferson, D. Weston, R. Jennison, M. Caballero and J. Foy. BOTTOM RIGHT: With speed and skill Lynette Rowe clearsi the hurdle. This page sponsored by: The Fashion Tree 1428 Broadway Placerville 2' JV Showed Strength V, This Yeor 4-LN iw MIDDLE LEFT: lBACK ROW! R. Miller, D. Goyette, P Mosbacher, J. Berthelot, R. Fritzmeire. D. Baker and M McCoy: lMlDDLE ROW! K. Greenlaw, S. Shephard, K Thomas, L. Lane, D. McNeill, M. Penner. S. Burk, and D Garrett: CFRONT ROW! M. Taylor, K. Posten, B. Kofnovick. R. Stebbins, D. Cray, D. Garrison and J. Wunderlick. BOTTOM LEFT: Marty McCoy practices his long jump. Bottom center: Dan Cray takes it easy after winning the mile run. BOTTOM RIGHT: Phil Mosbacher gives all he has to be top JV shotputter. Athletics Spikers Sponned A Successful Seoson Varsity track had a well rounded field of participants with outstanding athletes in each event, adding up to a winning season. LEFT: Coach Meyers gives last minute instructions to trackettes Shirley Johnson and Anita Dixon before a meet. BELOW: LEF T TO RIGHT: David Botnen easily captures first in the 88 relay, Giorgio Frigerio puffs into a first in the 220, Dave Cate drives in for the vault, Bruce Braggington lands with momentum in the long jump. BELOW: Members of the varsity track team were Russell Atkins, manager: Mark Dickson, Stan Pardee, Rick Fritzmeyer, Rudy Beaver, Steve Baker, Don Mosbacher, Marcol Greenlaw, Jerry Baker, Anson House, Brian Lane, David Wetsel. Dan O'Halloran, Larry Morgan. Giorgio Frigerio, Ken Hughes, Bruce Braggington, Richard Lenhart, Steve Breck. Manager: David Cate. Bryan Dilts, David Parrish, David Botnen, Rusty Bolten, Bill Langford, Larry Sharpe. ,H Mi ,. warg., , , A s 1 7 ' , is P! i vw . 4--7 4 f W , f 1, We 1 A Jr -sf t ,, 'N' fnicsvq' i -, Ji.- w , . , 'V .L A .. fa QQ gk , , . . M3 is sv-- This page sponsored by Porky's Deli-Style Restaurant 2740 Highway 50, Placerville Nl . --4-kwv,-. 6 N, .M Wi 'g N WGN , Q X Wfawigg Ml 'ffix -.N . - 'View f ' 1- .... 'S f f i I- .,,1 V , . N "Y h gwaf T Qs 3 Sikh' ""'un vk QI sr Ishii 'lf ffefz- . 'lf '-a"m5.,Jj-an V J X 8' Sophomores EditOl': ' Marla Meadors Sophomores Entered Into Mony BELOW: Sophomore officers led the class of '77 with enthusisam. The officers were Janet Scott, President: Susie Beighley. Secretary: JoAnn Foy, Treasurer: Janet Bethell. Representative: Joan Reynolds, Vice President. i ABOVE: Sophomores show their spirit at a rally. i l i i Focets of School Life i i i i Tom Abbott Daniel Andrews Carolee Arundell Steve Bates Jay Agilar 3 Helen Andrews Joan Ashworth Jennifer Bennett Robyn Allen V Gary Allen Sue Ayres Lynn Bennett Steven Kenny Arnold Jerry Baker Marc Beauchamp 'fl .-, it Q39 5 , -if - 4 . 'Fil Q Yrir' WTI? 5"'Ym 3 . I Paul Allgaieri Leah Arrolies Erin Bamberry Shelly Broughrnan Kathy Anderson Richard Artrip Teresa Barton Robert Ballinger i l l EE? Q f""h' vi' i,n 'EV .1""i Kim Anderson Tina Bell Susie Beighley 5 7 - t , , u .ttf V , . Lynn Bennett Joe Bertelot Steve Berthinier Janet Bethell Steve Bishop Gene Blake su, Tracy Blanchard Dave Bolton Ron Bolton LEFT: Ladelle Murphy shows her talent on the flute. BELOW: Mary Peterson and Jennifer Bennett hurry to class. tra! ant iffy 1 f q ul 1 'Q 1 a 1 Q., ' 'dj' , , , My w Kim Borders Jackie Bryant Cris Brovtn Denise Bye Susan Borem Yvonne Brinkman Sue Buckingham Kathy Caballero David Botnem Chris Brovtn Jack Buster Mark Calanchini Sophomores Nancy Capalety Pam Cassula Cindy Chance 'Em Carpenter Gayl Cate Paula Chris Sally Carpenter Sally Cecarelli Mark Christof Sm s e .. ns on .! W ,Tl 2. 'K . ef v Q t i .1 - ,E i . . . u l l -8 Q if sh L 7 Melanie Christopherson Janet Clanin Kathy Clements B QE 'hz l I i 5 s m i , x Q kb lk, X Qi... XX, ex ps 1 l Sophomores Crommed During Spirit Week 3 an F .,.,: QW., A. TOP LEFT: Sue Dilly was one of the contestants in the - ll . 5-v N YZ of l sew YW Q73 marshmallow contest. ABOVE: Sophomores demonstrated their school spirit during Homecoming Week. Paula Coan Allen Cochran Kathy Cola Pat Coleman Ed Collins June Cornelius Pam Crawford Mark Collins Kevin Corson Dan Cray Steve Cook Pete Cova Richard Creason Bruce Cooper Michelle Cowan Kevin Couch 1 if I Gay Cheney My Cundau Tim Davis Robmoelsman BELOW LEFT: Robyn Allen participates on Roaring 20's Day. Bill Crittenden Ronald Darr Greg Davidson Robert Dickson Jesse GOSSIWSI' has a shootout. Dan Conlon Gene Davis Mike Dewelker Sue Dilley W5 in-Q. y 3 1 v 4.1, 4 . " QU, i 1' I Cameron Dorman Mary Drogshoff Scott Duncan Shelly Duncan I l t Ralph Eddy Linda Edison Jim Eggert David Elam Jon Ellepoe Beth Elliott Perry Ellis Pat Elmer GZ 15 David Eshe Mary Eslick Karen Estes Mike Evans Sophomores Leon Fahey Bobby Flieger Roy Forbes Jesse Framton David Fisher Paul Flucky Mark Forni Randy Fritzemeier Robert Fisher Dixie Fuhrman JoAnne Foy Linda Frost ABOVE RIGHT: Gay and Marty study in library. ABOVE: Terry Thornhill, Joan Reynolds and Janet Bethell enjoy eating lunch on the lawn. ...-p-M , 3 y Erin Gavin Diana Giradin Jose Gonzales Bea Gibber Darlene Glessman Roberta Gonzales Kathy Gilliham James Gonzales Frank Goodwin f ' . ,T SIN Outdoor Life Lured Mony 31:42 'if' - T ' I' i. Y Jesse Gossner Kathy Graf Brent Grantham Theresa Graves Jeff Greb Pam Gray Tammy Griggs Pam Gray Dawn Grogan '25 Mike Guerroro Marie Guerin Julie Hall LEFT: Allen Cochran and Mark Montgomery discuss the growth of a young tree with Mr. Main. BELOW: David Botnen enjoys his lunch conversing with friends. g an S i Q ,ska -wgw ' Q. 4 QW' vv Q' 'sf Q 52 5 Qi Aw he Mis: o r -we . i Tina Ham Don Hanan Mary Harrison Debbie Heagey Jon Hamm Gwyn Hanses Diane Hawkins Hoe Heberer Keith Hammonds Denise Hanson Kathy Hayes Diane Henderson Sophomores Voriety Spiced The Life of Sophomores ,. -'f i, TOP RIGHT: Kathy Graf cuts paper during her free time. ABOVE: Jeff Pearson was one of the mighty J.V. players. W-Z2 N1 ,vt ..-, -af YYY' -- 1 l Jenifer Henderson Steve Herzog Brian Heuser Kathy lilighley Chris Hill Steve Hill Terry Hill Pam Himmel Vicki Hines Salina Hinz Jerry Hugo Michael Hokanson Dan Holder Steve Hord Peggy Horton Carolyn House Scott House Melody Hovendon Karen Hover Carol Howard Kara Howard 'L' w qu.. Kirk Huffman Mary Hughs Shirley Hughs Debbie Hunger Danny Hunt Lena Hunt Leslie Hurst i ss I .s tm- .. -, --:-A 'V si- -2 Yv Marcie Huston Jenny lsitt Susan Isitt I 0lO'N1' NAVI A vu-no -rg NIA! A illll 'M J- .w,? s sw 1 , . . r , x Jenny Jackson Valerie Jacobs Curt Jennings 0 4 'Ab Qi? -Q! Romona Jennison Patti Jeremiah Cathy Johnson . J -.2-ski sys C C yyl, is Kari Johnson Cindy Jones Aaron Kast Pat Kinkade Lisa Johnson Sheri Kaehele Andy Kenyon Elsie Kirkland Shirley Johnson Cathy Karrasch Kevin Kenworthy Kim Knecht fb -..f wwmyzw Mi,,.,,Q, ,tm3,,,..: , i 9 s Wim , , ,, Qt 1:3 ?3W,x..kif:Xt, ., F ,. 5,725 S WIND i 4, Qfmk, Q de I.-ni, ,, 'II i Don Johnson Erik Johnson Jeff Johnson -'F' . ,.- ABOVE LEFT: Erin Bamberry and Kara Howard enjoyed a few quiet moments at lunch. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. McMahon shows students engine of a car. Sophomores Sophomores Always Hod Fun E l 5 z l 2 5 N ,df ABOVE: Jo Ann Foy's and Greg Yaple's wit andlfriendliness made them class favorites. ABOVE: Marie Gurin, Glen Mitchell, Pat Coleman and Terri McOuiIlan stop to have a few laughs between classes. RIGHT: Theresa Martin and Kathy Hays spend their time wisely between classes. Cheryl Murphree Mark Murray Stan Myers Steve Myers Lauri Neff Debbie Neri Dave Neitzel Peggy Nenvvinski Shawn Nexherda Julie Nicols , . Cathy Noblitt Danny North Cut! Terry Olinton Mary Olson Suzanne 0'MaIley QU!! X G 5 Allen O'Neal Pat 0'Reagan Lynn Ostiguy Eve Ouellet Denise Paiva x ' :Q 4 X .., . - s, -A ,Qs-,- X13 Si 3 K S teas.-A x ss lx use X 'X s Uk ,st X x P t fy ,S tg, px V67 L 3 if XA'- i - yi' ' v'-r x Cary Park Richard Parks Peggy Pastiret ,lv LEFT: Kathy Mitchell literally pitched in during "Pitch In . if 1 .t i Q -Gil. Terri Patterson Lorna Payton Jay Peabody Week". BELOW: RAT companions, Robert Fisher and Robert Delsman, gleefully display their airpower, illustrating the sole A 1 fl' output of their energies and capabilities. "' p 'jg 5, X0 xi 2 t Q' i t Ev fn 0 K ' U QR r Jeff Pearson Yvette Peck Mickey Pinckley John Popejoy Langley Pratt Kathy Pease Karen Peterson Nancy Pitcher Steve Posten Sandy Pratt Barbara Peck Mary Peterson A. sr 1 Susan Pratt Vera Prince ,q4,mlnM,... .111 y E Q 3 Curtis Pugh Ron Purcell Tim Rankin Chris Rasmussen Sophomores Mode Closses Count TOP: Instead of studying in Algebra. Bob Kofnovel seems to be in another world. ABOVE: Luke Lucas and Steve Pantell cram for another math test. RIGHT: Jenny lssitt works with her hands in crafts. I Valerie Raed Kirk Regal Tom Reinecks Rich Revaz Joan Reynolds Jeff Rickard David Flicherson si if 3'- k K ,X N M " :R 4 'f ' 332: A' P , I J ' Y l Katia Riley Meredith Riley Rich Robert! Nelida Roohrig .lm Rogan Tim Roth i - s z eg i x Liryl i . . ,.,. . -Q :rs ,Q ,:3'ft'FfYf ,, 1a.,,. - , 1, 131 s,.,l , L M ,7 fl, L, .X 5 zsfgw - tg ' .: - :frm l wif: 255 s e . .+f: i. t. fy n fazg . A ' if - ,-ff" V, - Q.. 1 ji E-. - - Q Q eat' , '. f ii L-M35 rv ' if MS-I : 2 1: all-1 t fi X .. 8 5. Q , Ht, . l W' Q J 5 .i ex 1 1 5:1 " 3 -X X 1 it S NR., X x Q . X X W my X sf N 9 so s XX ss 33' Q 5 E , . 5 Q . n ' sis , f ff 9592 T it is nf. : ., ui 4:3 f. -- L, i My fs , Qugiwifw-e X, Exe- .. A-...MMML ,le1gQfl?e1 'T fiflf ' "MJ ,V A 5' Fred Santens Trina Savage Mike Scariot Polly Schell Chanda Schultz Steve Seal Vonnie Shane Kathy Sharpe Amy Sauls Rickie Scaggs Mary Schamun Lori Schledewitz Janet Scott Diane Shane Russell Sharp John Shepherd TOP LEFT: Leah Arroues pauses a moment between classes. TOP RIGHT: Jay Aguilar. Mr. Wilson, and others study slides inquisitively. 'i Sophomores TOP: Keith Hammonds and Jimmy Hammonds enjoy their favorite period of the day, lunch. MIDDLE LEFT: Sophomores support their projects by eating the profits. BOTTOM LEFT: A sophomore gang meets for lunch. ,Tw A ,t,t ,FrMq, .g ,, . as 5 ,Ji i .5255 R x is 'X 1-, T ' fa: ig E. ,. :- 2 ,L 1323 1 .FE5iaS5"'i3!7E?a -' ' E ' 'H ,:,,E,Q:t: - -. gf viii Q ' " A2 San , fi! 1 i Q, 13 ,,, - wg. ,,. w 'L-, we A' ,- In it sfiib if my L We M , E -wpfii y f . K i n Biff. if' T " 5 -- , 5 WH I 5 4' -,a if -W Wx ,Af Gienn Shumaker James Silva David Sprong Chris Stahl Lisa Stahl Joe Stevens Carie St Clair Duanne Steele Jo Anne Stefanski Mike Sterns David Vogel Jimmie Taylor Frank Todd Kandi Stratton Diana Teague Scott Todd Edith Stukaio Vaalmin Tekce Kathy Tomlinson Ernest Tapia Andy Thomas Tim Trenalone Ivan Taylor Mark Thompson Nanette Urich ip R, st c sl K sim ' X -. -.-at-sw Q s . 1,7 is as f ,f Joyce Van den Dungen Bille J hn V Sa o an nt Ron Vardanega Stephanie Varozza Pam Veerkamp : kr.. kk k". ' b Q ,. f f .fo-5 f , t r Y . 1 ,. s- Q .3 A 1, f it Awami! A Closs of '77 Went Bononos Over Luscious Lunches One thing Sophomores didn't have any trouble with was eating. BOTTOM LEFT: A group of students anxiously await the opening of the snack bar. TOP RIGHT: Laurie Chambers. Cindy Minchew, and Peggy Horten sit around and let their food digest before going back to class. BOTTOM RIGHT: Chris Brown, Shelly Andis, Kari Johnson. and Denise Bye take a few moments of their precious lunchtime to order a "Biffle", Sophomores Fla 'iff ,HL yy l 1 l Y7fi?.!-fail? : ieiliiie J: IQNQQQEY - M, , W axxwf ' - Keren Walker :Hr wg.-4, EF K gf? "' S 1- 3,2 ml X 1 J , f . -avi f :fail wi in i s f u ll k -X frz. 1 ' - la .. - 2 My i .k . K 7 F I ' v 1 li ., A N, x 'Q-.mrfl l , HE 'W vc Z Q "1i3',s I Teri Walshaw T,-udi Wa,-H Philip Wanlman Mark Webb Charity Welch l l i l Hope Welch Wynn Welch Matt Welter Chris Whalen Greg Wheeldon Monty Whitaker Cindy White John Whiny ' . 'U 9 Q S ' A f 41 -. SL Q -X 1 . .. P25 'gras' WE. : -:r.'.'.' u '. .5 ff'Sflz- vii-i' -: T .U s 455 1 A . 1. Q- , ju . , fk lj? M ,. 1: w 'Ei ix l Tricia Wiemers Nanette Willey Bill Williams Dera Winje Scott Vlhse Chris Wright Greg Yaple Kari Young Mark Witherow Jenny Wright Dixie Yeiner Darol Youngman Rhonda Wolfe Warren Wutney Stacy York .loo Yurkovic Edward Woolery Teresa Wundarlich Jeff Young Greg Zolllrs wa., X t , 1 Q Xi 1 1 . f I, I Sophs ot Work ond Ploy Reflected Many Moods OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP LEFT: Chris Brown. Tim Teasley, and Scott Salamy hang around on their favorite wall. TOP RIGHT: Chris Casey is caught in a day dream. BELOW: Ed Marquini, Joan Reynolds, and Dixie Yeiser "keep on studying" in the library. THIS PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Enjoying a quiet moment, Sue Aires and Dan Northcut are entranced by the clouds. ABOVE: Randy Fritzmeir freaks at a football game while his companions manage to keep calm. LEFT: Katie Riley enjoys a night of dancing. Sophomores fy K. -. s K M 15:5 -gawk, S5 1' ,fl .Q Ram X -Q----Q Ii 1 '44 -.-. x . , 1 1 N R Q' 'i Y . xLLW2L I i ham is beautiful r F2 rx s ' . CYP, 5 3 1 I I 6. ,515 sf ,ig s M , 11. ii w, ,.x . .. u , ffw'1 4w M. W. J ' 2 X A gr fn fa, if K 41 .,3N!MHgv' 131 isqw The Administrotion Worked Together For A Better Yeor Opposite page, Top: Board members from left: Robert Lung, Margaret Stripe Al Veerkamp lChairmanl, John Gossner and Mike Tarlton. Middle left: Arthur Cate. District Superintendent. Bottom left: Administrative Secretaries from left: Mary Bareuther, Bonnie Pittman Teresa Prouty. Pat Harris. Freddy Clark Cindy Meyers and Mary Ann Metcalfe Not shown, Lila Starkey. Top right: Gary Say. Business Manager. Middle right Robert Kitrell, Curriculum Coordinator Bottom right: Edward Webber Attendance lHookey Copl. This page Top left: Marilyn Caruthers, School Nurse. Middle left: Jack Graf, Principal. Bottom left: Marilyn Caruthers, School Nurse. Middle left: Jack Graf, Principal. Bottom left: The Graf-Aldea Administration governed from the White House. Top middle: Lou Tuttle, District Psychologist. Top right: Jim Aldea, Vice- Principal. Not shown- Arlene Wilkinson. Vice Principal. Campu I ift Stoff Employees Served Unceosingly ,Irf?' ,,,...-,- .. ., I v-'ir , ' my L'- . 2. . I X x Z X wh ' i i up-"" ,pi .1 f' A -. .X w qnw , -.kk- 7 I 3 S to .1 gm .Q K X.. .Ar TOP LEFT: Mrs. Charlton, secretary gets a little help from Yvone Ismail. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Chappel our crosswalk lady helps us make it through the day. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Hardie, our assistant librarian. MIDDLE: Mrs. Comer. secretary for Mr. Graf. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. George. secretary to Mr. Aldea. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Hendrick's attendance. - ..... J I ff xg ' t f 15 it I I f fi 'f 4 Q I fl 'Q 1 XE I S5 . S .XV - I '+L F if ,, V 5. . 533 fri I . 'ji ' ff , ' A i j Q h f 4, . . . K I i I 1 Q ' ffl 1. if ig s ' tg., g f . Q I A G 1 ' f I 'I m 'I' I A2313 is ' A-f 5.5 I I ' 'I e fr f?'f E L' -Wx' W W nbc ' 4 .- if 3 ' , ff? gif. if , wi K. A inf l A ft' 'ig Ll Tm.. ii ff I 1 ev l I I nl + 4 1 X fl . X QA ,f ft' so 'qxmg . b-'ffiinii ' - fa? A. . . 3- fifgl 5. f ft, . ...-art, -A ., Mtqmf.. . ...Mt . L--. I tag. P' Q' .Q vs' 0, ll K gg , .L .... QT V sf? , I V 'I :' L I J I I 'i 4 ' l f. L .: if ses x Q I '1 . 1 its :pi gQ,gsNsaags,ym. . . L... WW ss -. -- L i st,--.LQ ww 5 5 3 . , tiff """ -" V i H. X ,,,, fa wg 5 - L- A TOP LEFT: Mrs. Comer our librarian shows us she has spirit too. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. McGaughey helps student at registration. TOP MIDDLE: Miss Hill, adult education. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Mrs. Fickle is our helpful counseling secretary. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Tamblyn shows a student what to do at registration. TOP RIG HT: Ms. Brown, counselor. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Koskela. registrar. Campus Life Sociol Science United Students With The Outside World ,nf K An .,- vs.: ,... ' I tr I Nl I 5 SAE? OPPOSITE PAGE -- TOP LEFT: Mr. Nelson, State and Local Gov't. Politics. Welfare State and American Studies. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Gautschi. US History, Psychology. American West and Colonial America, glances angrily at the freshmen. TOP MIDDLE: Mrs. Dusek, MGM. American Studies. Fact and Fiction. skims through the American Heritage Book with Debra Brink. TOP RIGHT: Miss Lund. Calif. History and Psychology. looks over the day's assignments. BOTTOM RIGHT: The arena scheduling was a hectic day for the Social Science Dep't. THIS PAGE - TOP LEFT: Mrs. Martin. Man and his Social studies. California History, America vs. ISM, and Civil War. prepares to give the day's lectures. BOTTOM: The three Social Science Stooges. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Parsons. American and Federal Gov't. and Booms and Busts. Ag' si, A 'U Campus Life I y Ill vt .I X : K , , . I I I , 1 I .I I I . ' , I . I I' ., Q TOP LEFT: Freshman sharpen reading skills. ABOVE: Mr. Prengel, Yearbook. Grafic Arts, and English I, attempts to "extinguish" Pat Browne. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Gibson, English I and ll. displays her colgate smile. BOTTOM RIGHT: Miss Berdall, Mythology, English II, American West, and Now Generation. gingerly holds her egg in the Faculty egg toss. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Mr, Perry, English I. ll, Speech and Journalism, shows Marie Welch the I fi i I Li j , . I I I , A , ,I I . Qs? y ' . c gi.. 'ig . steps in organizing a speech. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Lambirth, English Ill, Supernatural, and Science Fiction rests after a hard day. TOP RIGHT: How can Mr. Fairchild, English I, ll, and Sports World, act so cool with Mr. Lambirth escaping? MIDDLE RIGHT: Miss Huffman. Reading I and ll, listens intently to a complaining student. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jolly ol Mr. Purdy, English ll and IV, spreads joy and peace to all. i From "Sex To Sotonism" English Encompossed All 4 -P W F' 'QS 5 jg E " .JD ,ti v xx ll nuns - X TOP LEFT: Mr. Warner safely catches an egg in the faculty egg toss. But with his eyes closed? BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Bolton, our famous Chemistry and Physiology Professor tells Glen Corson. Mary Hardie and Cindy Isitt a thing or two. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Denega, Life Science, General Science. and Biology smiles pretty for the camera. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Van Brooklin, General Science, a rookie to the department. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dale Grind and Brent Stewert play around with a little O2 during a Chemistry experiment. Science Explored Areos Unknown TOP LEFT: Mr. Warner, Physics and P and T Science, discovers balance while students behold his magnificent feat. MIDDLE LEFT: Cool-hand Mike flexes for admirer, Carmen Kennedy. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Wilson, Biology, points out a blank screen to his students. BELOW: Science students look as busy as ever. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Jones, General Science and P and T, demonstrate his fantastic ability for teaching-keeping the student's attention for more than thirty seconds. Campus Life Moth Multiplied Knowledge Below: Mr. Lombard mingles with his students. Bottom: Mr. Marks doesn't seem to hold his Algebra students' attention. Right: Math staff toils through arena scheduling. Bottom right, Top left: Mr. Gernes points out the comparison of pi and a soccer ball. Right: Mr. Glentzer sits patiently. Bottom left: Behind that innocent smile is an Algebra teacher, Mr. G. Wilson. Left: Karen Powell gets help from Mr. Galloway. r ii :V I., s X yt x X , Ri N fx 1 ,S '-53 ij 1 we N. . f - 3 L messes J J, Students Experienced New Cultures Through Foreign Longuoge I if is f X ix tis Y QP-X ij ..,,...S.s L , . . 8 . ,1w:gg....., f ff" O, , if TOP LEFT: Mr. Chapman. French. enjoys speaking with students. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Piceno. Spanish and social studies. helps Greg Nelson and Wendy Dezzani with Spanish verbs. BOTTOM LEFT: Language staff make arrangements for the year. BOTTOM RIGHT: Miss Lawrence, German. helps Bruce Braggington with his "der," "de," and "das's." Campus Life Business Prepored Students For Future Employment QA! TOP LEFT: Now come on you guys, you don't really believe in the Great Pumpkin. TOP RIGHT: Miss Reed. Advanced Typing, Business Orientation, Business Machines helps Leslie Fairclough. MIDDLE RIGHT: Miss Megraw, Shorthand I, Il, Office Practice. chats with her kids. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Pierotti, Beginning Typing. Introduction to Business, shows Bob Walshaw who's boss. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Mr. Millan. Bookkeeping. Personal Typing. Business Typing. Recordkeeping. TOP MIDDLE: Young typists use skill at scheduling. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Wilson. Personal Typing. Man and His World, Middle East. advanced P.E. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. IFanl Fickle, Department Chairman, Beginning Typing, Intermediate Typing, Business Math. BOTTOM RIGHT: Just one of the 1400 hard working students at El Dorado. ,,X. """'0,,., , N. '---ui Z Campus Life BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Kenworthy. remedial PE. co-ed -PE, Advanced PE. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Watson and Mr. Hadley, Boys PE 9,10. and 11. Advanced PE. MIDDLE: Mr. Scanavino. Boys PE 11 and 12. Athletic Director. Advanced PE. BOTTOM RIGHT: "But Miss Vitell, I don't want to play tennis," moans Yasmein Tecke. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Mr. Myers, Boys PE 9 and 10. TOP RIGHT: Try harder, Dave Richerson, you can do it! BOTTOM LEFT: Miss Rocha, Miss Vitell, and Mrs. Ellithorpe, Girls PE 9, 10, 11, and 12. BOTTOM RIGHT: Faculty, led by Mr. Hadley. tries to show us what they got. P p,nN,. A t. 1 nz ,F Aff- X R- yr t , ,Yr , X 1 ff frlfwii? 1. t 'N Q W f. ' , Q., .14 -f W., iff p K., 3,5,k-in , , H. -,J . "fd ,,:4..,'255-Q. igkg , H 1'5" X .-...A .qw ' 4 .- , 'xv AVJ ,, ri ., . --xg --4 ,x, .-. ..t' yi - +- ' '. Tia' X "WTP 593' '-Ulv"E-f1.,.' -' ff' Q t. L A fjffuwt ELL ...kj if ,bs 'tg-'ififlj -' ' 'L 7,185.- jg',g,1, .- 35,55 , x'-5': 'S,,ff N f K ...N -'Li - 2 ' '53, -ft' QM " - iff' 'X 3. .t v 11 5- 3 Q, I 5' 1 44 4 xl.. I 'Y iffy'-'+ f Yu. " fu . ue' f x3,1tML. -in. 4. ,tk , ' 'Q' 1.' , A , 3 v X5 53 "'v!!.r - f -M.S RE, ,, , x S. v , .4 -, I ,M P.E. Departments Strived For Equality ,xg X 1 .7 A I NJ K NS-., , -MMM I W w - , --. I -fl .W .., if 3 'I -1 . . :'. ' . b A M, fk .4 ,. ' " -15 .V V r., I 5 AK, 1 ., H, 4 5 'L 1' " ' '- 5. ',"'Z'gy. 'Aj A , .. . , , - , . Q . , . , Mg!vk'e,5. I, . - . . 13. . 4. Q A151 , 1' ,. ,ff K!! . J '- --' V A , t. -,ite v, 14 , +..,,.m u l-"Ml'tma.- 1 J, ,r,, . R- J t't' ' 1,3 1 I' Q 'NX fs W 'Ci Q 1 "r any My an ,A , 1' ,, 'qv r - rg-,x ' ' i . '-M ff Q +1 , ' X ,, f-2 ' 1' 4 , P 'x ' 4 :G i. I' I' J .T hd - 1' . 5 ' 3 ' .I 'Ny 1' v p 1 . ' U QA 1 'A LXR. ' 1 ' f+ ' 'ga -1.1, ' l "1 'Aff .M-f "Q Ar V 1' I'-X 1, E-.auf W? 4. V If-A , -I .'Q:ff. "N, Q . V L Init A--P .1 ,nl . 3 ' ' r ' . Q 'T -77551 'U . 3 i Y A ' T5 " riff' 5 yea Q1 3 , 'IKM :Ji C Y 1 45 V A ' I- ,Ln ff" .xg 3 "5 I " ""'t Q- 4 'f ' f 52' bf: Aff 1-?4?g?.g Q Q . ' .b 5 ilitr N kiln' Industriol Arts And Agriculture Combined Efforts For Self Improvement 7122 .- , riff' ,v Q, TOP LEFT: Mr. Allen. Gen. Auto. Advanced Auto. and Shop Fundamentals. BOTTOM LEFT: Industrial Arts staff keep busy during Arena scheduling while Mr. Frampton kicks back. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Swenson. Ag. Shop, is engrossed in demonstrating skills to Stan Koop. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jim Tyree carefully planes the side of his wood proiect. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Bidstrup, Machine Wood. and Shop Fundamentals, mingles with hardworking students. . sy. . PS N 1 .H . .-,,,. . it TOP LEFT: Mr. Swenson, Ag Shop 1, 2, 3. and 4. along with Mark Montgomery and Allen Cochran examine a young tree's growth. MIDDLE LEFT: Bob Turpin and Dean Olsen take apart carburetors in Auto Shop. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Mulligan. Forestry. Wildlife. Omamental Hort. and Exploratory Ag. BELOW: Metal Shop experts hard at work on the grinder. MIDDLE BOTTOM: Mr. Roundtree, Drafting. Drawing. Architecture. and Shop Fundamentals. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Frampton. Metal. Machine. and Shop Fundamentals. ,Q ...L .im J Campus Life Students Developed Various Talents In Arts And Homemoking 7? l 5 -nl ' OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Steve Allensworth takes a break from his painting. BOTTOM LEFT: Miss Boesch. Student Government, Child and House Care, Clothing, and Food Fundamentals. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Anderson, Music. Band, and Drama. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. McGaughey. Choir, Jewelry, Crafts. Chorus. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT: Mrs. Tetsell, Ceramics, and Weaving. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Garmire, Jewelry, Crafts, Drama, Music. TOP MIDDLE: Mrs. Whalen. girls and boys Homemaking. TOP RIG HT: Mr. Golomb, Drawing and Painting, Carving Basic Design. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Fenno. ROP, Medical and Health Careers, Homemaking, and Clothing, Campus Life is ie 4 at kxqkggslgiwdiek Hoppy Foces Shown At Hoppy Jobs ,.1L, 1. I k,L, 4 ,., .:: N, sf '5 .,. ," ' ' WNW sag' is 1- 1:52 we fe, Q- L L, .iE5:1':egsg.f - cm-ue, sf., e. A, Jie,-.el .su Y, ,QM 1 f.Q'1'f1-s,' ' my fiiiil Y' i,, t. V. t E, F .rw- H3717 TOP LEFT: Mr. Steed and Mr. Beavers. work together in special Ed. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Luster smiles in one of his happy state requirement classes. TOP RIGHT: Mr. McMahn, state requirements helps some of his students. BOTTOM RIGHT LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Mary Ann Hagen. Ken Hibbard, Malcolm Curtz, FRONT ROW: Beverly Hanson. Vernon Cook. Lilly Haman, Clavidia Shepherd. not shown: Clayton McCoy. ...mv Kitchen Crew, Mointenonce Men, And Custodions Were Some Of Our Helpful Stoff -all TOP LEFT: Mr. Coval, Mr. Fuhrman, Mr. Banta, and Mr. Winn, our maintenance crew, kept things running. MIDDLE LEFT: Custodians Earl Palmer, Forrest Harper, Valerie Kodelja, Bud Shoun, Byron Thomas, Bill Kitchen, Melody Koffman, and George Varanella gather in a rare moment before work. BOTTOM LEFT: Peggy Smith passed out smiles with the food at the snack bar. TOP RIGHT: Peggy Smith and Wilma Hollengsworth plan nutritious menus. ABOVE: The kitchenettes: Nellie Fleddin, Shirley Seal, Beverly Walker, and Ala Parker count their bread. 'ik Q 'QL ""'Y, i 4 Juniors Demonstroted Spirit For 1974 Homecoming BELOW: Tom Kinkade exibits his superb marshmallow stuffing style to win a major victory for his class. RIGHT: Junior girls sparkle with enthusiasm for parade onlookers. ' fl4f'ffii'f it ififfi A Q .at . N. . -V r,,, ..s W is Y . .... '15 5 'ET lt, 9 N ffxfi' I s, .J 9' x Jeannie Akin Pierre Allen Russell Atkins Laura Albini Flene Alvarado Sandra Atkins Robert Allardice Sharon Anderson Joyce Atkinson Brian Balla Linda Banfill Jennie Barney Robert Barrentine Jeff Baskins Susan Baumann Kirk Beane Scott Bennett Flay Bernd Ken Behrns Steve Bennett Flon Betts Jim Bennett Jim Bergenholtz Randy Bishop BOTTOM LEFT: Carmen Kennedy appears to be saying "This must be the line for the snack bar." BOTTOM RIGHT: Kathy Brand and Terry Durrett don Gatsby apparel for 20's day. BELOW: Don Wren, Rick Palen, Jim Mayfield, and Jim Bennett look on as Jack Barber competes in the hula-hoop contest. M.: am- Brenda Blagg Barry Bozarth Elizabeth Branscomb Debra Brink Terry Blanchard Bruce Bragington Rick Branson Steve Brinkman Elizabeth Blood Kathy Brand Pam Brenneman Craig Buchanan 1 2 i V I . l 1 .Q-fifiiil F . 1 i Juniors Closs Officers Disployed Sober Devotion For Student Government ' 21:.iww K , f,-yi ,, vj., so-.-at 4 ' -rev -"H'F:,.,..-i"""f, N x e Christie Bye Lorraine Cordoza Don Carter Pam Cochran Margie Caballero Rick Carlson Kathy Chandler Renee Cocks Robert Cannon Myrna Carnahan Rusty Charnock Sandy Cody David Carbine Kevin Carpenter Steve Christof Erin Combs W'--4' C K, 1 775 or Ur' W it i i qf'5rj7 Joy's ond Tony's Bright Personolities Coptured Closs Fovorites Right: This year the Junior class used discretion in choosing the vibrant personalities of Tony Morris and Joy Fletcher for their class favorites. Opposite page top: Junior class officers itop to bottomi Robert Allardice-president, Nancy Richards-treasurer, Sue Bau- mann--secretary. Linda Dezzani-vice president, Tom Kinkade-PTSA representative. and Barbra Dunbar-student council representative. Bottom: Robert Allardice, Linda Dezzani. Tom Kinkade. Barbra Dunbar. Sue Baumann, and Nancy Richards all clown for the camera. va' fc-ri Lee Comer David Cornwall Kathy Dauksavage Annette Deifino Rhonda Conrad Jim Cumbra Nlatt Davis Kathy Devorss Sieve Cooper Joyce Cundall Debbie DeMarco Linda Dezzan '7'Y Mark Dickson Curt Dilley Brian Dondhue Ron Doslurt Teri Dillard Anita Dixon Bruce Dorman Cammy Douglas x juniors Juniors Took Advontoge of Lunchtime to Converse With Friends BOTTOM: Juniors Carmen Kennedy. Marcol Greenlaw, Brian Lane, Mark Dickson, and lforegroundl Cammy Douglas and Carol Rounds enjoy a sunny day by eating lunch on the lawn. BELOW: Joe Harn, Tim Fulton, Dave Jermstad, Sophomore- Mark Christof and Ernie Peterson display mixed expressions during lunch. , A-. i i Robert Dowdle Tim Ellis Terri Farris Jennifer Fleming Barbara Dunbar , Marc Ezzell Cindy Figur Joyce Fletcher Susan Duncan Patty Fahey Terri Fish LeeAnn Flickinge Katy Ehlman Barbara Falk Tanya Fisher Fran Floyd f r i i i i Nancy Frampton Scot! Friddle Tim Fulxon Glen Gabrielson Sue Gallo " .'.E! gi. Jane Gemmel Steve Gladwill Susan Goleman Jeff Gossner Randy Graham gf A .- a i x 2 KS . X ,A 5 1 K .X my . 1 Bret Graveline Marcol Greenlaw Dale Grind Kelly Gross Kurt Haas Ron Haas Tanya Halvorson Jeannie Hammonds Rickey Hammonds Joe Harn X.. .V nv ir. , X , x 'fv ew , f r N I ,H , vi Y X S S4 v F .M I ! 5.1 A, N. 75 . TOP: Cindy Palkman, Sherry McClellan and Debra Brink exhibit solemn faces during their lunch period. ABOVE: Bill Langford tries to coax Joyce Cundall from her Seat. LEFT: Dawn Grogan. Madge Ruthven and Ava Lawson provide a good audience for David Parrlsh's words of wisdom. Juniors Mode Acodemics lmportont Port of the Yeor BOTTOM LEFT: Nancy Frampton quietly studies her Chemistry. LOWER LEFT: Lynette Rowe contemplates a thought in Advanced Biology. BELOW: Jill Granthem and Erin Combs listen intently as Mr. Bolton demonstrates the use of the balance. ea? Eau--I .ywyl Mary Harris Gail Heagey Lisa Herman Henry Horton Karen Hayes Steve Henke Teresa Herzog Robert Hosea Leann Hayworth Susan Henley Chris Hoover Kara Houghtaling Anson House Curt House Kevin House Sue Hughes Teresa Hunt Mark Huston Orrin Hutchinson Will Lsaacs Deborah Ismail Debbie Jobson Diane Jamison Joe Johnson Victor Jensen Mark Johnson David Jermstad Tammy Johnson xox 1 1 45 Elizabeth Johnson Rolf Johnson Kathleen Jones Mike Jones 's if X , J . A . 'f' 47 ' 'N--Q , X ,. x x 'f BOTTOM LEFT: Kim Morgan and Preston Roundtree concentrate on setting up their Chemistry experiment. BOTTOM RIGHT: Juniors assemble to hear political debate. BELOW: Senior Gloria Walker operates physics apparatus while Dean McDavid smilingly looks on. li a Juniors Juniors Found Rollies Exciting RIGHT: Students find rallies a good time to sit and talk with friends. BELOW: Juniors look on, tired and unconcerned, during 50's rally. 1 in ies 'ff 'i ,r 0 i ,, :EI hbizir' ' .- -' ' , 3 4, if 1 Q 1- , . h i Avon, ' -' .1 , 1. sv fi , we K 1 . ' 1. . 'iii' Chuck Katleba W Stan Keeler Feral Kendrick Carmen Kennedy K, 'i N N ie A' v . A A A "Jia Q - i :glen i "J . 51 51' 'X C' -fg V , , in S so V K Tom Kinkade Gino Klare Doreen Kiimovich Rick Klimovich si: ' ig 51 I, I , fig, wgsmf. r f N we.,- in fc 2 fix Q R f I X A K :i!j7!fF 1a.1 Tj ff Agfa. K 51 6 'V in . if 5 K R K f U k '-.. f .t , t 1 i Q, X A Tom Koerber Ted Korzan Tom Koerner Lance Kramer Kari Koger Karen Krause Kevin Kopping Dana Krystofek Q X fm gf?- mf Q5 x .. V.,4,U1.-' f f., A A I, wg Sm S 4, my F 5' ,,, 3 W Wt R s ' M , 1- W ' I Xt Q is A, I 5 wx 'T X x 4 s. ,Mp 5 W Q, wx V lu .S A-mp, i-f0Ow Bom. uoufre 6 -Fwm Beclcgf Lim glock Tad' +o HN+Qf'CS"i"i6 frwrsoq. H1621 S12 sqm neil' Beer. Bed :OF lurk euuoqs Q m,,+ "ip0f+w be it , Legg Q. Juniors Excelleofhise Physicolly H"'3"7t FAR RIGHT: Jeff Myers. "Hey fellas is she looking this way? Fellasl Hey you guysl Somebody please is she Iooking?" RIGHT: Tom Koerber, "UhhhhgI" BELOW: Elizabeth Blood, Nancy Richards. and Nancy Wakeman . . . a hair raising experience. . . isa D P MkP Stan Pardee Payne Ernie Peterson Cari Potts L Park eonard Payton Colin Peto Jean Potts k N-uf , X im ia ac ra HI P k J P J kP D P y JoyceP d FiickPu ll I 8 Ron Purcell John Rash Linda Redmond Peggy Puthuff Becky Ratcliffe Russ Fleed Cindy Randolph Becky Rauch Glenn Reicharcl Maria Rangel Laura Redmond Jean Reinhardt Tim Rhodes Nancy Richard Janet Riley Pam Robbins BELOW: Melanie Schroth and Sue Isitt look on as Fran Floyd demonstrates her perfect form on the horse vault. BOTTOM LEFT: Tony Gauthier spots the camera "Boy. my big chance fel - ,J gotta look good." gs xt ? mfs X , - 'W' is fx It X x is x meg s X S X x s N 5 Nr ei' 2 f. . ,gp e X it i gy 'ig if if we 5 D is -'Il L 'f lf" 'ws W um Cory Roehrig Liz Rogers Marie Rosauer Carol Rounds vu? ff' , -fv- A .I . - ' '1 . -1 ., .iii - V. Z, . ' Preston Roundtree Lynette Rowe Cheryl Rushing Madge Ruthven 5 il ,. Y., ,WZ ,K,. 2 1 M5 I ' W, if 1 gig ' Q ,, ' QQ 9 rl ga .., P vi 5,3 K x V- V ' Si ' 4 1 ini as l '1 5' Bob Sager Abby Sauls Melanie Schroth Sue Schultz Shirley Scott Terry Searle Kris Semell Tracy Shafer Juniors Juniors Proved Thot Closses Provide Light Moments As Well As Serious Ones RIGHT: Jill Granthem and Peggy Puthuff seem caught up in some very deep thoughts. BELOW: Gail Heagey listens intently to a fellow classmate while Marcol Greenlaw concentrates on an interesting book and Jeff Gossner as usual cuts up with a friend. Larry Sharpe Kelly Shepard Pam Shepard 5Stan Silva 'Judy Smith Q Don Spe l 4 'X A. U tm! R Brian Springer Shannon Stroud Becky Stefanski Danny Tavis Kenny Stone James Taylor 11' ill I W 'lm ,f"'T'lt l l f Fran! s 1 LEFT Nancy Frampton, Ted Korzan, Tom Kinkade, Mirna Carnahan. Mimi Remecke, Celeste Painter, Linda Nelson and Sue Baumann all appear to be enjoying their English class. Sam Teresi Boa Thomas John Thompson Donna Tombs 4 45 5 K A l Anita Trahan Lori Veater Rick Turner Brian Springer Cathy Valdez Geoffrey Voss Mira van der Hoeven Rick Washabaugh David Waxman Patty Wehe Marie Welch Robert West 461 Lai ,W . f V t 1 J David Wetsel Teresa Wheeler Lisa Winkler Vicki Ybright Debbie Wheeler Victor Whitaker Tom Wong Jim Young Debbie Wheeler Robert Williamson Donald Wren Chuck Zollars Leslie Wheeler Erin Wilson Dean Wright Juniors .-Q, M5155 -- wg 'URW-.. if .f 3 L S ,N . ! 1Fi?ffX xi , ,XY 7, . X QQTTT 5 AQ! I H.. :Q Q R Q .. . xg I n Pom Chosen to Reign Over Homecoming ,Z A A V to vii.,7'W , wget ' y 'S K Kei . X W 1 iff? 2 nf' , 'L r X " f,, , ggi I Z 1 .,. , Z j n V g ,,ooV . , Q WN sam -3 , k gg, .x fa: 11 Q f 433' 3 , A N Ni 'Q if . z- 3 x b . -E' 3. B X -S 3255, 3. ,. J w 5 ' . 224 N 113 , Qin QV N. Egg? E L s f u A Y f ' s , Lk ' 'W -" ',i?'2'! , ., ' . ff mfr? Afriligi ld 1 . XX F 4 f 1' ' ' ' " m ,gfi F ' ' A 'SYL 5 'Q """"' "W 14,1 wf'y",1,E 5 W5 X: "s P- . ' f A f , f, mm Vi 'ffl A -ms, X- if' W' ' U' . - 'Vi Nj K L G - fff 451 -9 J. "W" 1 ug, " -A f' - - ' - . 2 I 3 JM-21 5 .L 3 QT.. mlm' i ,gilllizx Q im.. . Q Hn-1: Hgynlawe .g ,M 'Z' 3 H ' I 2' 5 1 -N .. '23 fl E E35 2 151, gig 'f fgfw fl dura' 'lsfiviigrznxs I wig A ' A - L2 Q ann-A 1- W,-,gm , ,Q ' K: s i h. Q ' . " if c . "-W 5 Aim 55-.gi 5 X Ay K - gf-'V Y, 151821 -qr-'f :wg Mm' 5 ig-.f ' '72 ' f S. X P ' l::3'3'.fff5,5 gf ' A j 1 WH 1 kilmig I' film " s. -' ..,, l-'Il ' 'f ix if f 1 -Q , .. H11-3 1 s V " f-if' 'W 3 ff: E if i !5,:. i X "' fm Nw I1 mm i ,UM ,5 A, .fum in Tm Q ' Ulu' - 'wwf - 4' ,E , f Q nrqpgf M ,it V 5 355 5' s . 'i jjj vi:-new 5 aim x-1, 51 :gmc 1 gm, mf, - lil 'iz ' 7 . , li M . L :.:, Q 1 , if , f I ..: . iz: .- 2: ii: P-f I is X 'fs' K is I . E' 55 5 K ,831 w A ,N f. - . 9 . ii, 5 l Q - X, -I . 7? Y-.M , X x Q. X 1 , V ....:, it f K A A xkiag. .HMV v lx A-. A 1: 48 I' X , . 'l ' . , ' Q ' , x , ' mx in ' ' K5 'Aff Y r, , wx, if Va .x 1 93, ssglf Amy Souls Rodiated Happiness After Capturing Harvest Queen Title FFA triumphed again with a terrific Harvest Dance held in the boys gym. RIGHT: Amy Sauls looks like she is having a good time after winning Harvest Queen. Below: candidates. Amy Sauls - sophomore, Kelly Gross - junior, and Jamie Sambocetti - senior. seem pleased with the judges choice for Harvest Queen, Donna Owings, the freshmen candidate was not present for picture. 1' ff r i f R www, : 'Will' 8 43 'F 3. It -12 NE .J 'l N.. vw g Ad? Q.. 've :T 'N' .. ,at ,X 'VF r l x ,WN dr 'W F1 .- , . , .pw 4. sf -, . ,..-r x A 1' ,ii K If.. X M 's 11- ,W TP' ' 'L' ff z,, A , . sv, fm -.Qi -sw' 'Ns . . ...Y 5? . 1-is V rw Ed And Moribeth Captured Riffle Titles Ed Willey and Maribeth Wakeley, both seniors, were voted Riffle King and Queen for their bright spirits and congenial personalities. Y' 'Wi i f"RR"s: .L 'tgtlnu MW- if ' W in .ggi 1- K ..,,, i f 1 W - 1 V A .' 1 ' if:?.+ap,t 1'1" . - A - ,E M r- A ' , V., .D MK A' .- " Honors F.F.A. Picked Their Sweetheort From the Gorden of Life Joanna Stefanski. a sophomore, was chosen by the Future Farmers of America as their sweetheart because of her interest and abilities in agriculture. For her project Joanna is working with chickens. As her hobbies Joanna loves swimming. horseback riding, and fishing. RIGHT: Joanna is seen talking with Greg Zollars and Stan Kopp. MIDDLE RIGHT: The group is discussing plans for the Harvest Dance. BOTTOM RIGHT: The group watches as president Chuck Zollars cuts metal with the cutting torch. 'asf 3. il: 1 I i - 4 s A i r 1 . g I I Q i ii i .im ffi'.',. C "fri f1'1'4 .1 K K .gg 0 ,.:-2. ego j .,f.:w7ai:4f.b f . fa.7?n4rfs. f QA m.,L mm' ' f"'S '43 xx if f I ,, ,uv I 5 ff it ti! ear . 'Q 'QQ e Q X QQEN A i at ' t S W 1, it A5 Qi 'r 'N qs , bd' it Q 5 Cheri Won Key Club Kitten The 1974-75 Key Club selected Cheri Humphrey, a junior, as Key Club Kitten. In her first year at El Dorado High Cheri has already made many friends and has won the admiration of all. Cheri moved to Placerville from Newbury where she spent most of her life. 'Via Ati' Q .w' '. , I Honors as 4' af? W 1 X , Q Y :fx if ,QL ,' ww Q5 'K 5 sa '4 3, 1- 71 A. ,, Q.: 'X' I . X fr ,. -I' x as I f 'av B is 4 W f, 4 .4523 fl yi .W ,il ff -,Qi ' TW gf -793. x N iff- S. +5 -,sw +L. .TW ,, .Qf , Q 5 , 'Qi ': W J .ng Y J, P ,Hu ,Q Fwy, RIGHT: The Soroptomist Youth Citizenship Award Winners were: 1st- Bryan Deming, 2nd Steve Baker and Pam Tuttle tied, and 3rd-Marian Johnson. After receiving their cash awards they stop to show off their earnings while Pam played photographer. BOTTOM LEFT: For their writing skill, Jim McKenzie, Sherry Moore, and Pam Tuttle won the American Legion Essay Contest. Pam is also recognized for winning the district 1st place Elks National LeadershiplScholarship contest, and also for receiving a leadership scholarship from BYU where she plans to enter this fall. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Faith Lumsden won-the Betty Crocker Award, and the Gemco Scholarship for her ability to speak in a group discussion. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mike McGee was accepted to the Air Force Academy in Colorado. This is an honor because he had to be recommended by a Congressman to apply. OPPOSITE PAGE: Shocking ? Steve Baker won the PG8iE Scholarship for his skill in writing. and his impressive interview. he will enter UCD this fall. MIDDLE: Celeste Painter, a junior, was selected to represent E. Dorado this summer at California Girls State. RIGHT: Glen Cain was selected as a member of the All- State Honor Band, and the Northern Calif. Honor Choir. He also won the local Lions Club speech contest. Q eg. qs tg. Ella 'N :QR ,sow ,Q ml Q Scholarships, Contests, And New Progroms Recognized lndividuols' Needs And Tolents .51 53, :if I I f I APPLE- the Alternative Program for a Positive Learning Experience. Although this is not an honor group the students felt honored to be chosen to be in it. BOTTOM ROW. LEFT: Terry Toole, Chris Putnam, Robert McCain, and Doug Taylor. MIDDLE ROW: Michelle Corva, Cory Reeves, Sandy Pratt, Mark Webb. Tina Burkhart. TOP ROW: Kathy Shaver, Dawn Stirk, Karen Estes, Susan Depew, Pat O'Regan, and Mr. Pat Wilson. BELOW RIGHT: EI Dorado was honored to have two young men accepted to the Air Force Academy, Bryan Deming was also selected to attend. 36" 1 ML If I ,S If K, 1,1 xxx , 'vis Honors if ,f ' it H? j Athletes Received Recognition For Loborous Efforts This year's outstanding athletes were rewarded at the Awards Banquet for their many long hours of practice. TOP LEFT: Jim McKenzie receives Most Valuable Wrestler having most pins. TOP RIGHT: Kathleen Wheeldon receives Best Girl Skier and Most Valuable Skier. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bernie Shane receives a perpetual as well as a small trophy for Most Improved Wrestler. ,1 lf ii X I, i 46--3 if V 2 'xilas Bug, 5-'-if -...gui i 'V-D . .w ."f, 63? X X ' 1 J, I kv ff , ' ' f, ll K ,Y fl ff' ,Qx , " x' 9 " 1, X' -' I ,'f' fxxxx, fghw N 'n 'ix wk Rx v ax ww yy xl ' ,xy , x , ., . .N 9 AX K M A .y A W .5 XX NH' SX w' xx . V-.. 2 - N -s 4 X fi x Q -W 1, ' Ya f - a ,M x kwgyqs"',-X. Y fr' ,QQ , . M5 'w flllw lift gm. ' .iff vs. . 'iflgx 1 5 Q' , 2 45 523 W , 1 . XQ-K '55, ' w E N, 4 Se noio rS EditOI'S: Linda Youel Cheryl Lillie f"" . N TOP LEFT: Steve Williams. Kathy Parlier and Bryan Deming stopped between classes to smile for the photographer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Leslie Sheinberg calmly worked on the calculator while giving someone a warning glance. Yi Q, A s 9 ' XX tif . , 'K 8' 4 Tricia Allardice Linda Armstrong Gary Anderson Rebekah Arroues Seniors Distinguished Themselves Carmel Arundell Steve Baker Judy Ault David Baskins Anders Backlund Donald Beadle J!" 'Hur Rudolph Beaver Robert Biust Carolyn Berger Barbara Blagg Mark Blankensop KriSti Bolton David Bolster Susan Boyer TOP LEFT: Lori Frye shows off her western attire that she wore on Cowboys and Indians Day during Spirit Week. ABOVE: Something has caught the attention of the Seniors other than the assembly that's going on. Iggy K, .7 L Seniors Taking yearbook orders during registration kept Wendy Seniors Kept Occupied In Closs Flieger hard at work the first day of school. ROSS BUFUETT Jean BY9 Thomas Butler Steve Bye Sandra Butts Glen Cain Y ic Judy Bradshaw Karen Brown Ronald Briggs Mary Burleson -:V If-vm , N L ' C xslt f Qx , y i 1 . ' new X S S SX :i we Mr A..- Francean Carpenter Russell Clingman David Cate Cynthia Cody Nancy Chattin Sonya Collins 1.9.9 Keith Combellack Craig Cooper Frederick Cook Glen Corson Q""fP an W?""? g x wi a r i l. r , i r - fav . A ,A . --Y.--f - ' W , My V - hr 4i ' i qf? l"' ll 1 g ...i I l,,i. al ' 'i Wir. il ABOVE: Steve Baker and Bill Garrett ponder over the paper cutter, deciding which papers need to be cut. LEFT: Nancy Wakeman, Russ Clingman and Anders Backlund kept themselves busy studying in American Government. ABOVE LEFT: Faith Lumsden, Yvonne Ismail and Nixa Schell happily work on their class assignments. Seniors Connie Davenport David Decker Debbie Davis Bryan Deming Doug Davis Wendy Dezzani Dottie Dawes Bryan Dilts X gf., 7- X ,'LL fs s 5f i L we Is- . "' f ' Linda Cross Jeff Crosswell Sadie Hawkins lifted spirits for Lori Escobar and Doug Veercamp. -Ju -4--gr x "Arbuckle Doys" Disployed Greot Sounds Colleen Douglas Mary Dugan Lera Dresselhaus Brian Dunbar Stacey Duncan Richard Dyer Q Seniors TOP LEFT: Jeff Lamattina holds up a smiling little friend to get a better view of the school. BOTTOM RIGHT: Darrell Hover and Dave O'HaIloran discuss tests they were given for Senior testing. -'Q ,gp-asv Isabella Eaton Laurie Edgmon Steven Eddy Mary Ehlman Seniors Took Eoch Doy As It Come Wendy Flieger Paul Floyd Deborah Flint Mary Foley Keith Maxam is getting strange looks from his friends. Andy Guthrie. Judy Bradshaw, and Steve Willey, as he stands in the i sun daydreaming at Bennett Park. l ' it A its ,' I Q fi rx . 3 N u 'r 'if' A I l ,. 151 5 X I Igor O'Regan is found with his thoughts lost deep into a Lisa Foy Georgio Frigerio book-a typical pastime of his. Brian Frazier Rick Fritzmeier r e tif r QLA N Seniors Seniors TOP LEFT: COED P.E. students observing the paddle ball game joined in on the action whenever the ball came flying their way. CENTER RIGHT: Senior boys came jogging through the parking lot as they ran the "great circIe". OPPOSITE PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Flint shows her form of paddle tennis. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP RIGHT: Celine Pierre concentrated on the serve. while Debbie Flint stood by and waited for the game to get into action. ,135 r Lori Frye William Garrett Karen Glans Rose Gonzales Cindy Fuhrman Monica Gaschler Janet Golden Steve Gonzales Tim Fulton Martin Gibbs iiggiogfjlves SjgZt221?N2,', Seniors Exerted Themselves Physicolly Michael Greb Laurie Halcos ,sfsezzpji vw gf 'ls 9' i is Y Ai, gvaf fi "l 48 Q ,lf J A814 g isgiilwi -Q-1-fe' Fred Hall Owen Hamp Larry Hamilton Jerry Hansen Seniors Seniors Cindy Isitt Debbie Jacobs We J gg? 4 . . M, If Yvonne Ismail Kathy Jacobs rw, VL Eric Jennings Michael Jensen Dennette Jensen Debie Jobson N Seniorsi Hod The Spotlight All Yeor P TOP LEFT: Bryan Dilts kept everybody under control with his trusty squirtgun. CENTER LEFT: Chris Howell continued stuffing her mouth in the Marshmallow Stuffing Contest as the crowd cheered her on. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP: Seniors are their regular happy selves at a 75 rally. BOTTOM: "Three's a crowd" --Q ,f is N fx XNQYSSR K , "l: Q Norman Jones Josephine Keenen Terri Jones Karie Kenworthy GUY Johnson Marian Johnson Nicholas Karrasch Patrick Korzan l Q egg ' 1 L 'f' . .tx , . i W if '1 .-'lu l .W S X S f S, Q 'F' if L 1 w jf 1 L 1 : t Zig " S 5. 51 K f . Mk . L kk.: vm' iii Mike Lees Dale Lingstrom Kathy Lenhart Steve Linson Constance Lurza Vickie Lovelace Jeff LaManttina Teri Lamb Cheryl Lillie Faith Lumsden Homecoming Lifted Spirits As far as a building, there wasn't much to come home to, but students and alumni all joined together to make the 1974 homecoming one of the best ever. Friends mingled and our not so successful football game, was soon forgotten. Scott McKinstry Pat Meyer Richard McLaughlin Robert Miller Mike Meschi Tammra Miller Seniors Seniors Took No Guff Bud Stems won't let anyone get the better of him . . . but he's not unreasonable! Sheri Moore Carol Nlorrisey Don Mosbacher Ann Murphy K ,i,f ,gf Pete Nerwinski Leann Dorthy Nunely Doug Newkirk V Mike Perry Becky Petersen Paul Piasente no more out of you! iw X . "bar en, at . asm 'Uh School Wosn't All Work TOP LEFT: Giorgio Frigerio, our foreign exchange student. holds still while Jeff Gossner adds a beautifying touch. BELOW: The great class of '75 proves to outrule '74 even on a sign. OPPOSITE PAGE: Doug Newkirk checks out the parking lot, and RIGHT: No one really knows what Cheri Savage is up 10. Celine Pierre James Price Ken Pierson Sherrel Rash Jayann Pitcher Becky Ratcliff Karen Powell Robert Ream - x 40" B-1 , .xQ., X . dvd.. 1, , ,S .1 A X. . .,-. V .M .L K. . gtg Jackie Reed Lloyd Reinhard Paula Rickner Taryn Riffey Karen Reed Vickie Riccobuono Brenda Riffey Jerry Roberts Wendy Reeves Bob Richard pn S4-niors Seniors Dru Robinson Kathy Robinson Jamie Samboceti Lorna Samboceti i Lupe Sanchez Lori Scariot Cheri Savage Nixa Sdhell ii- hh-wx Ann Scott Charley Sept Kathie Sentell Barbara Shakleford f if3fs'EiBgi P - sigma ' Foces Are the Best Reflections of People LEFT: Dave Cate leads cheers at an El Dorado Basketball game. OPPOSITE PAGE: Jim Mayfield. Steve Baker, Marian Johnson, and Nancy Wakeman ham it up for the photographer. Lori Frye gets a kick out of getting her picture taken. ICP 4? JUV 'T Bernie Shane Pam Shepard Mickie Sheehan Terry Sherb Leslie Sheinberg Jim Simerly Seniors Hord Work Hod Some Reword Ann Murphy looks pleased with her fall report card. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Jean Bye is recording stats for the basketball coach. BOTTOM: Brian Fraizer awaits a speedy return of the tennis ball in his co-ed P.E. class. 'iff' 1:7 Phil Skibo Stacey Smith Bill Snyder Sheryl Stermer Patti Speir William Sterns Eric Stahl Clarise Stetina Diane Steele Brent Stewart Kathy Strickland Victor Stukolo Denyse Stymeist Stacey Thompson Laura Tindel Patricia Toombs Sandy Tosh Jane Treat Tim Tugaeff Holly Turner in Y' 4""!h fn A '1 'Q i s X i ,- ,. 'Q S I , . wi 0 1,1-j 4, W ...nw-4, Ak. . Seniors We l l r W v 7?7E'f' ' Robert Turpin Pam Tuttle Don Mosbacher seems happy after a Cougar victory. Jim 'lfyree Maribeth Wakeley Keviq Vester Nancy Wakeman Brad Misman Gloria Walker Craigl Vreekan Bob Walshaw l l l Laurie Walton Bill Weir Edith Wehe Julie Welter James Weidman Kathleen Wheeldon Happiness Was Being o Senior Cindy Wheeler Nlarie Wilbur Craig White Cindy Wilkinson .-.a-'ru-1 Vh.L LKNIV l J , I V iv, T7 Above: Craig Cooper, Guy Charleton, and Terry Roy stop to rap after cruisin' the parking lot. Left: Senior class officers, Kathy Wheeldon, Lorna Samboceti, Mark Williams. Bryan Deming, and Steve Williams lno relationl demonstrate unique talent in attempting a pyramid. Sr-nior Outstanding Seniors Recognized This years Senior Standouts were nominated by the Student Council and later voted on by the Senior Class. BELOW: Due to their good taste, Lori Escobar and Bucky Skibo were voted Best Dressed. RIGHT: The honor of Most Intelligent was handed to Ken Hughes and Wendy Dezzani for their of good books. OPPOSITE PAGE. LEFT: Because of their flirtatious personalities, Lori Frye and Bryan Deming won the title, Class Flirts. RIGHT: Even though weather was often bad, and we didn't always win, Pam Tuttle and Steve Baker had cheers and a smile and deserve the title. Most Spirited. 1 F 4 T rri' ' Q. .- . - -73 it - Ed Willey Mark Williams -ft' I .. ,Q f Steve Williams Brenda Wolfe Mike Wilson Julia Woolman Ph il Worthington Keith Wright 4 Marty Wrzesinski Gail Wylie Janet Wunderlich Linda Youel ii .f- '3 ,M .,.t1f.v,,,g V' if in ,fqgquk -nd! A f - - 9 ,,i. .t , W, S-A ,A 4 Q f5ua?m?"1 - , Q A .,-:fr ' 3. 44.4 M'-'j -,L ., Qui. . 1, W .', f ' ,id 1 - fwnnf' 'Nr V-. N if . . .MJ A A ., ,tg - ,-.1 ..'.' ' wx . 3. "?w.a-v- Jams- , ,K 'S-'f'.?' ,f- ...., , J " ,e..4:v-41 ,A .M .: if- ,fwwk 1, Q Q . .4..-f -ff' 'UAW uf .r if Craig Zangari Seniors There Were Mony Different Aspects To Senior Life ....l .3 l TOP LEFT: Due to their interest and success in sports. Don Mosbacher and Cindy Wilkenson were awarded Most Athletic. TOP RIGHT: Because of' their Squirrelly personalities, Nancy Wakeman and Steve Williams made Wittiest. BOTTOM RIGHT: Someone once said. "Legs are a person's most noted trait." Maybe that's why Rudy Beaver and Mary Hardie won the honors of Best Legs. Change. A constant rebuilding of lives and environments. As adults, the Class of 75 will be reflections of a time when nothing was settled, everything was changing. Ismail. tg.,-. t . -J" . 'H xnxx --.0 "'. X-X Q' S Ag X E3 .,... X 3 1 W as is gm ,. X '3 X TR s im A K. .5 X Ei Sl L, A :W k is N ' M1 . Q 5 We 53351. M. 'X -Fla-: iw- H' A , . . ,G ' ab V5 I I N xx W - K n gm if W H I K A' ,-.gfxlii ' H+ A 11,.ff .-ew W 'S-39 K K ' fax. w- x K f:.A:,"k: -' sf-ff-ff ' ' 1- ':?' " mf V ,SQ ix t Ak. . A ,. . ,fi A, N nw ' f A f.f'V x , .,., .hx x . A ,, ,AQ W A f' 'K Q - f -fi,-f I f - BF +NQ::'.g,'QK ff - kv K, -gjggfgxf sa A K 1 ,f -1 -2' ' Q A . fig.- . x . g 1 A Q 1 A kr MWA' . '-WYQM-,," 'W' ffjfj .dz if , fffwu, . - M"-+802 Ae K-,ggiiazf fi filf. '?115?'?'71xfQW" ,yew Y, f ':, -W ..'Zf . e. nw? f , ff ' .FA Q M A fx R' ' -,.: ' 1 46 v . ,vm V , 6 ,1 X 32143475 M. 4-Qgiey A , v . . . . Y f- K- -552,5 11 -1 ' , P k ,mf -w x, - -mfg:-V j,,,.g V .. - ,ff ,K-in fi . Q .Q 2 mm f 11- - 5. , ,. Q 'ff k 'fL1"'x..., . x, lugf ffx - ,NEWT 'ES ': " "H, '-25 111'-' ff-1ffLzfL'.gw NE 7 ,K wwf ff-,v t 2 f ' - " I A - '-W-rks.-: f y ,, Q 'Q ' 7, W , .ASA .- F. ,I .1 ,. f - , .R ' ? Q' v .zrzwemw-X,,M 1 -5 6 Am R 4 . 5 A 8 4 qu 'Ny Q Ska fn ,A qqkm If . : :ff ' , vw LW! ' 5, . I ,V x ,wif '- ' Y . Lf f x . 1 TJ L 'M if? " i ff , 5? i L '- A L - L f i - :A W Q , . - ky g 55, f. V X - yn gg-, Nga, 3:5 X, A x D In I .ik gag!! ,th 755545. ' v - -. 1:1 - A zu. 515: . , ' T- fl K .lf ' w 'X ' v 3?-1 x X R I 7 bf --1 , , , Q, six ,M www +1 La .. . ' 5 SSW M if 2 A W' I 7 TSW? fig 1' - f. xv X Q fy, Y Q If 1,2 if J 'if uf 1 K, 'A 45: 3, 5 OA ma. Q 1 ,V , .Q 5 k Q: , 2 K- ' . S . 'f W. A V ,' 3 ,fr ,f V , . 1 .f 1 ,W -AS ' 1 .. ' ' ,.: H fig, -. 3' : ggi ggggfi -- 51.0, , Q L, F 5,5 -yy L, h -12. -gl 'L - ff" N nf: , fl. 'KVL EA Q' Q - ' ,AH - i k ' -X W .rv ' . ':'fw. Q . - V- -, - ' 1' ,fu - lm " . ,wx-. S 1 -1 'Lk QQ -' N A lg axsg2Q f , J -v 1 5 ff A5 J J .ff .2-nf? x- ' -.i3+E,f?f xv K V:-11. ,N .WS rig. wi kai' M" -f lx A , . . F' :Q Qfwfif K -- , ' nf ' K., ,N LJ? g YN 'Q f fl, 5- ' K N ' -K J N-f 6 9 ' A K ' ' . 1. . . . .i . A . , gg. -f' .g , W A ,f - A ff fr ., , f - A 235971 fy xe X, 'wx y Sky.. ' vgfgxg fa 5 -Si' 431.5 w Q h ,- , L, g 'f f ' -. Q .ig .L K ' K 'X . gg M' bv? MW I ,- Q :ff i . 1 J . ' K . t -'ix' v K... -. K - -U gi i, f - . ' ' A X-:Q , if I ' , , M1 Q, : 5 X tqgggr. my I-kg--ggfjp 5, q -, k xxx K .. - 2,5--., . I if K T 1. ww' I F' 1 2 , , i 1. N . . , 'Q 5,6-Wm 1-31 '? ,gif- 5,1 Y b A , f -. ff. V W2 ffgx' 'Q , We 1 i .42 Q . ,. ,. 1 ff if I ,xdx . L. 2 Fi? R. 3... i S. ' .ig V' i g . 1 . N., -, mnibn' if fy a , , . ,bbw -f "' " - .N 3 .L . . . I .K Ns... A 1 . QHKSN5 ik- if an +1 R , 'iff K 1 X . x il .. L I 4 PWHAA: RHP ,. ., EW , "a,LfwE, A f', f A Orgonizcitiongs Ed itOl': Pam Cochran 1 Q ' r i ' " Q . ,. fy.. ,W ,A X 4 'P ' V Wikgx A 9' , 'X 53: "-,uni M x ..,f,s, YZ ww N, f . :iq A QQ Q 1 me-V 5.5 1 x 5 AE Y-'W' gi N' L' T .Chu -A253 ,Q , . f a ff", 'L 5 1' f "4 19 i .ak .L 4'af134 - i bv' ,. Q f wi ' 'W yi, ,Wh . X, i ik gs wif' 1 vi r if ., , av "' Q, -,f'f"'..sa1 My - 'f ivy, I , ' , Q M ' f Hy- '3 fig? ,, 'L-A 3 1 A x Ns' Q C.S.M.O. Inspired BELOW: Mascots Terri Searle and Drew ,'-e, 4 Robinson showed their spirit by promoting enthusiasm at games and ' ' r Ili s. BOTTOM: Freshmen cheerleaders Jill Brown and Terri School Spirit LN wg- 258 3 6 rj rg., Edwards did a fantastic job encouraging freshmen envolvement at school throughout the year. A r wi .1 x w S Q s X ' . Q, 3 W. -. , Q fx ' fe .x Nxt fit ' f F? 5 I v X I ' 4 ci? I S35 f Q s Q k 5 3, V he .ff kr ,mxwfss v "AM f , gf mf' Q-5 rf, Q A ia He H- ' . ffk xzsjsmcz swf! 3 '.,-3,1 2 . 1 IWTH7 X ' x gl Y g N, "5 ff 3A K ir Fx , I , X , . f 5 .X nze- X, 1 'NV' Q5 ' Ly? K - ' y K 1 - N':'? 3 Q Y , 'S Qzefff 1 E ,ag A , Student Reps. Achieved Mony Gools Student Council showed progressive success on many projects this year. Members were, TOP ROW: Don Mosbacher iDirector of Athleticsl. Gail Wylie lCommissioner of Financel. Steve Baker lPresidentl, Nancy Wakeman lCommissioner of Publicity and Entertainmentl, SECOND ROW: Brian Deming iSenior Class Presidentl, Erin Combs lAss. Commissioner of Financel, Margie Caballero lC.S.M.0. Rep.l BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Wheeldon iSenior Class Rep.l, Steve Williams iSenior Class V.P.l, and Pam Tuttle Nice Presidentl. BOTTOM RIGHT: Student council has problems. BOTTOM LEFT: Members go out to see the sights at Gold Rush. . ky' - 'wr - . D M.. , kg. " t .,..j ' v' " if. .4'.fx.a. fixwr-W Presidentiol Jurisdiction Went Unquestioned TOP LEFT: Steve Baker as the President of the Student Body,looks into the working of our county's government. BOTTOM LEFT: lnterclub Council worked toward better communication between clubs. Members were, TOP ROW: Robert Allardice iJuniorsl, Gail Wylie iRifflel, Brian Deming iSenior Classl. Steve Baker lA.S.B.i, Ray Heberer lBandl, Bea Hill iA.F.S.i. Glen Cain iYoung Republicans. Forensicsl, Richard Lenhart lThespiansl, Jean Bye lBasketettesl. Faith Lumsden iGerman Clubl. BOTTOM ROW: Steve Williams lSeniorsl, Barbara Dunbar lCSMOl, Pam Tuttle iPres.l. RIGHT BOTTOM: Steve Baker and Bryan Deming are apprehended and searched by PlacervilIe's ever-watchful officer Jim Hagan. Our own President? -I El, 'rj , cf 3 , f i 'ww w...,,Mw.f ,L l Organizations Academic Clubs Achieved Mony Successes TOP: Susan Pratt and Ralph Eslisk were active participants in C.S.F. Members were, TOP ROW: Brian Frazier: President, Glen Corson, Bruce Braginton, Jeff Gossner. Rick Fritzemier. David Brant, Jay Aquiar, Steve Baker, Curt Haas, Bill Wier. Robert Allardice, Mary Hardy, Robert Hosea and Tom Kincade, SECOND ROW: Joan Ashworth. Sue Pratt, Lisa Johnson, Liz Brancomb, Myna Carnahan. Brian Deming, Mike McGee. Jesse Gossner. Ron Vardenega, Larry Hamilton, Roel Creason, Lisa Foy, Mary Harris, Nancy Brown, Diane Teaque. THIRD ROW: Carmel Arundell, Wendy Dezzani, Vicki Ybright, Rose Gonzales, Jeanne Akin, Kim Morgan, Joe Yurkivic, Chris Wright, Terry Shera, Pat Kincade, Nancy O'Brian, Marcie Houston, Celeste Painter, Janice Joplin, Jan Peabody. e....f""'w 4 A--, .,,,............,,.. Young Republicons ond P.T.S.A. Were Government Oriented TOP: A new club formed this year was the Young Republicans. Members were: TOP ROW: Glen Cain, Robert Allardice, Jan Bethel, Brian Deming. Terry Jones. Jesse Gosner, BOTTOM ROW: Meredith Riley, Polly Schell, Celeste Painter, Mimi Reineke, Janet Scott, Pam Tuttle. and Nixa Schell. The Parent Teacher Student Association was a great asset to the school again this year with students Glen Cain. Marian Johnson. Tom Kinkade. Shawn Netherda, and teachers Ms. Brown and Mr. Hadley. if l Organizations ju--.-Q.. Women's Libbers Enjoyed Athletic Fullfillment Through G.A.A. Girls Athletic Association had a large membership this year. They held various activities which let the girls experience new friends and fun. RIGHT: Linda Harvey tries for a goal in soccer. G.A.A. members were, TOP ROW: Kathy Highey, Kim Stover, Darla Fish. Sandy Tosh, Sally Ceccarelli, Sue Scott, Marian Johnson, Lynette Rowe, Janet Scott, and Thelma Lumsden SECOND ROW: J. Nichols, Erin Wilson, Myrna Carnahan, Joyce Cundall. Kathy Jones, Jill Brown, Karen Carrick. C. Willaims, Dru Robinson, Meridith Riley. Melisa Graf, Erin Combs. Lisa Howarth. Linda Dezzani, Marcie Houston. Renee Cocks, and Helen Andrews, THIRD ROW: S. Amstutz. Tammy Grigs, Kathy Anderson, Kathy Jacobs, Yoland Rangel, Tammy Stotler, Coleen Carter. Nanatte Urich, G. Cheney, Lorna Payton. Bea Hill. Linda Harvey, and Polly Schell, FOURTH ROW: Kieran Perryman, Patty White, Jenny Ludlan, D. Willaims, J. Waldrow, Susan Isitt, C.. Stahe, Robin Larson. Corrinne Ross, Mea Campini, Gayl Cate, Nannette Willey, and Kathy Graf. BOTTOM ROW: Trisha Voudy, Dolly Haley, Ladel Murphy. Marianne Caballero, Kelly Kofnovec, Teresa Martin, Laurie Chambers, Jeri McCowen, Sue Bergenholtz, Linda Shakleford, Celeste Painter. and Lisa Stahl. VT- Ls-J Longuoge Clubs Grew Culturally French and German club explored cultural differences through visiting foreign exhibits and restaurants and even making their own dinners to share. RIGHT: French club members, TOP ROW: Jeff Gossner, Steve Baker. Jesse Gossner, and Cindy Isitt. BOTTOM ROW: Celeste Painter, Maria Gonalaz and Terri Jones. BELOW: German club members, TOP ROW: Bruce Braginton, Robert Allardice, Velma Lumsden, Steve Williams, Mary Hardie. Robert Hosea. Lynette Rowe. Janet Bethell, and Renee Shafter. SECOND ROW: Janice Gove. Tina Homer, Lorna Payton, Lisa Johnson, Marian Johnson, Mark Shoemaker, Vickie Ybright, Faith Lumdsen, Kim Morgan, Susan Beighley, Kathy Jones. Linda Dezzani. BOTTOM ROW: Jesse Gossner, Jeff Gossner, Brian Deming, Mynra Carnahan, Larry Hamilton, Dean McDavid. Bill Garrett. and Brent Steward. Organizations V4 fiiikgiiii vi 2 ,,,,.,.,.......-.,.- Forensics Forged Fluency Forensics worked hard together to learn to relay valuable information to other peopele, BELOW LEFT: Anders Backlund and Mike McGee go over their debate speeches. RIGHT: Glen Caine recites his speech to his fellow members for opinions. Forensic members were, Bea Hill, Pam Tuttle, Anders Backlund, Glen Caine, Mr. Perry ladvisorl, Mike McGee. Joe Harn. and Carmen Kennedy. . r Q i 6 1 . s 1 - A . r Q 1.1 'li .1i,,wri.y f fl' l il .XM .wlfff X 121 'Nw 'QP "' iff' 1 B, 'T 1 PV hd Q 'N 'W 3 W I 45 ., 1 fix 1 r Students Sought Personol Fullfillment Bible and Supernatural Clubs sought different approaches to seek forms of Communication between people. Candy Stripers and the AIV members volunteered their services for the hospital and school. RIGHT: New Candy Striper, Mary Schamun, receives her uniform while Sue Henley and others look on. AN members were Dave O'HaIIoran, Debbie Weston and Randy Fritzmier. Candy Stripers were TOP ROW Mary Schamun Marla Meadors Susan Henley Lisa Herman and Janet Riley BOTTOM ROW Jeanne Akin Sue Bauman and Nancy Richards Bible Club members were, TOP ROW: Jim Harty, Jack Lennis. Larry Hamilton, Allan Cahan. Ralph Eslick and Mike McGee. Reinecke, and Peggy Puthuff. BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Isetts, SECOND ROW: Bill Langford, Steve Willaims, Sue Pratt, Joyce Cundall, Kathy Jones, Leah Arrowes, Judy Cundall, and Myrna Carnahan, Lisa Schwitzer, Vickie Ybright, Mimi Celeste Painter. Supernatural Club members were, TOP ROW: Marty Mathews, Gary Gruwell, Jim Thornhill, Tom Heberer, Russ Atkins, Peggy Mosbacher. and Leann Hayworth, SECOND ROW: Sue Schultz, Laura Redmond, Steve Gladwell, Mike Greb, Fred Hall, Connie Hoover, Alice Ax, Holly Turner, JulieAnn Loving, Linda Redmond. Lori Veater, Linda Harvey, Terri Sherb, and Pam Cochran, BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Croswell, Walter Heuser, Bob Washaw, Paul Crawford, Janet Riley, Jim Weedmon, and Brian Deming. Organizations f'Seniors To Washington." government students, raised funds for a trip to D.C. to see our nation's government in action. Bottom right: Members were: Rose Gonzales. Nancy Wakeman. Steve Baker, Steve Williams. Jean Bye. Lorna Samboceti. Pam Tuttle. Kathy Strickland, Tim Fulton. Clarise Elite Seniors Trucked On To Washington D C Stetina. and Mary Hardie. Not shown is Mike McGee. Top right: Becky Arroues. Tamra Miller. and Mary Hardie cook french toast at a fund raising breakfast. Bottom left: Also helping are Steve Williams, Clarise Stetina, and Terri Jones. 'Y 9' ...www www. ' ws' .X T- Y I 1 .wfii l 3' 4 f I ' fffsisfi Afiifiqf' . . , . 1 .. 'T-.f,,yg1w.y,3g . Choir members were. Bottom row: Micky Sheehan, Chris Sental, Sara Klotz, Second row: Maribeth Wakely. Celeste Painter. Penny McGuire, Steve O'Brian, Mike Frost. Mary Foley, Sharon Anderson, Kelly Moore. Third row: Joyce Atkinson, Kathy Jones, Margaret Honn, Luke Howery, Wendy Flieger. Marcie Houston, Top row: Jnaet Scott. Julie Nichols. Nancy Chattin, Jim Nelson, Randy Fritzmier. Ralph Eslick. Cindy lsitt. and Melody Hoveland. Choir Hit The High Note of Success Choir performed in many concerts this year. They held a Christmas and a Spring Concert along with various concerts held at elementary schools. Left: Choir practices for an upcoming concert. Top right: Choir members Wendy Flieger. Sharon Andersson, Nancy Chattin, and Kelly Moore perform with deep concentration. Bottom right: Joyce Atkinson reflecting over a song. Organizations The Riffle Staff , T ......f Prevoiled Amid Challenges Riffle staff struggled hard this year to create a yearbook that would consume the memories of our everyday lives. BOTTOM LEFT: Anne Delfino crops a picture. BOTTOM RIGHT: Linda Youel prepares to attack the photographer. BELOW: Julie Welter helps Jerry Roberts find some pictures. RIGHT: Riffle staff explores the scenery at Lumsden Pond. 1 1 45 ' S T' ZX-Q 'if 4 .Q- A Lyla, 'QV FW F 'Xia' .. ME 4 1 I K- 1 xg kg 1 Q.-fl 5,5 LEFT: Riffle staff members were lSittingI: Nancy Wakeman, Sue Baueman, Debbie Weston, Marla Meadors, and Mr. Prengel iAdvisorI, SECOND ROW: Vicki Ybright. Gail Wylie, Sheri McClellan, Lori Veater, Pam Cochran, Cheryl Lillie, Linda Youel, Peggy Mosbacher, and Pam Tuttle, THIRD ROW: Kathy Valdez, Ann Murphy, Igor O'Regan, Julie Welter, Joy Fetcher, Victor Stakalo, Curt Beane, and Brent Granthem. Not shown: Jennifer Bennett, Annette Delfino, Jeff Voss, and Vicky Hines. MIDDLE LEFT: Joy Fetcher and Sherri McClellan discuss some copy. BOTTOM LEFT: Peggy Mosbacher and Sue Baueman sell Yearbooks. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cheryl Lillie decides on a layout. BELOW: Lori Veater and Pam Cochran identify a picture. --pq. Organizations Bond Performed ln Style Marching and Symphonic Band were devoted to their music. TOP RIGHT: Jennifer Henderson, Kim McVicar and Stefanie Varozza play solemnly during a football rally. MIDDLE RIGHT: Percussion instrument players were. TOP ROW: Ron Buster, Steve Burk. Jennifer Henderson, Jane Albusche. Lisa Johnson. Kirk Beame, Dave Sharpe, Marty McCoy, MIDDLE ROW: Durk Benson, Terri Edwards. Dave Pratt, Joe Heberer, Mary Harris, Kevin Posten, Mike Gonzales, Chris Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Craig Vreeken, Ken Mello. Ray Heberer, Rick Fritzmier, Jack Buster, Lee Comer, Susan Henley. BELOW: Rest of band members were. BACK ROW: Charlene Corder, Jennifer Posten, George Moyer. Brian Moyer. Gayl Cate, Sally Carpenter, Velma Lumsden, Robert Hosea. Lorna Payton, Kevin Corson, Cindy Wheeler, Cheryl Stermer, Glen Cain, MIDDLE ROW: Peggy Putnoff, Stefanie Varozza, Liz Branscomb, Bruce Bragington, Kim McVicar, Bev Hines, Kathy Highly. Susan Henley, Lee Comer. Stacey Vreeken, Ray Burn, BOTTOM ROW: Jan Peabody, Faith Lumsden, Susan Pratt. Cindt Palkman, Meg Campini. LaDel Murphy, and Lisa Schwietzer. C. 'XX . -1 A-. c e- A " .il J Aa- Qi wfgf.-... K to , - r' .Ni P' r' - Q 1 X "H A F -fa .A if wx H I mx 5. . I Q , . 7 1, S x X 0 X. Y 'X-Qu ,. ,r Q . AV ig? ix ,sf ' ' 'N rf , X 'MQ 'wel' K, V' W ca h M f-, S .id X f' Q , mf A L, .? AM ' kTjw?'Q f. Q Q N 1 a Qi?NYMi153S . fp ':.-mJg , ,I f--T j xl' , I ' I f " f -' 'L' 'V R 'J I 1 N' f',,! gfwi ', L, x --w -1 A ' ,gk ' S 'YK Qs: Y ---1 .9'1..-35' 1-53 I fgmwq .s vf?'?f'9 'li xx 335, ' K 9 W x ' XY 32533 ' my ,x . 4,25 . E . - g k::2f"fXFf5f'1'LT X x"f!fff'f57 1-'mf "ff"L ' Q kr f . Qi . f 'K ' X x 2 W, 5. r fgqxx I - 2 3 i i'3 g--- 1 A ,, 5 Q -x.g -If ...M in-.......v....-....,- , , Q id M' - fuss ' X x 1 NW, , 4 T-:,, ve'-f .1351 Q ' 5, K A Wifi , v ,-,vi , w ki Wx .J Q4 Qu- y ha 4 2-'fx ,pi My A, ig' 1 18 QM vi I is ' I u im ' 4. 15,1 -- ww" Q 1 +3-W-2 6 4171 1- -, , 'vi' N 11' L- f .Qs . -.1 wx-fwqgje y QA gk 5 55 i Y ,I ,si 5 ii gf? '34 ,-48 2, iii X K agar I 4. 'Y' 8 Lk .H 5 M Sl' 17? 153 fa 4 Soccerettes, Bosketettes, Trockettes, And Cross- Countryettes, Kept Stotistics For Cougor Athletes Soccerettes traveled with the soccer team to inspire and keep statistics for them. LEFT: Soccerettes were standing: Diane Teaque and Lisa Johnson, SITTING: Jean Bye, Ann Murphy, Sue Pratt, Linda Dezzani, Lisa Herman, and Janet Riley. Trackettes kept statistics for the track team and cheered team members to victory. BELOW: Trackettes were. BOTTOM ROW: Mira Van Der Hoven, Judy Cundal. Diane Smith, and Janet Riley. SECOND ROW: Carmel Arundel. Drew Robinson. Ann Murphy, Marian Johnson, Angie Long. Sandy Briggs, and 'Melissa Wier. TOP ROW: Terry Searle, Sandy Tosh. Jean Bye. Marta Zangary, Carol Young, Anita Dixon, and Lisa Herman. '- 'w .fi :, . 43 X it :rf 555, . TM L35 ' .. . 4 . fc , f., wwf' Mlm' "wx, V, -:wif .f , 'H fn ,AS , pf ' ' L' J . f.g-:far:s. s- ' ' V Organizations may .Q FFA Grew People Future Farmers of America sought to improve their individual abilities in the areas of livestock, vegetation and soil. F.F.A. started their year with a get- together picnic. They continued club activities with the Harvest Dance. working in the concession stand during games, and holding regular meetings to discuss more involvement of F.F.A. in more school activities. TOP RIGHT: Tammy Stotler discusses an upcoming event at a meeting. BOTTOM RIGHT: Joan Stefanski prepares to do some repairing. BELOW: F.F.A. members were, BOTTOM ROW: Ben Lichfield, Danny Salisbury, Amy Sauls, Cylie Mac. Brian Deming, Donna Owings, Steve Williams, Bob Wingy, Jeremy Cameton. Stan Cop, and Greg Zollars, SECOND ROW: Mr. Mulligan, ladvisorl, Abby Sauls, Cindy White, Barbara Falk, Susan Knigge, Robin Spear, John Popjoy, Rick Percel, Joyce Van Dan, Duncan Billy. and Mr. Swenson, ladvisorl. THIRD ROW: Georgia Percel, Jack Pratt. Richard McLaughIan, Cindy Wheeler. Sabra Lamberson. Kelly Gross, Vesta Edwards, Karl Goble. Allen Cochran. Dawn Owings, TOP ROW: Chuck Zollars, Ray Brand, Smiley Houston. Bud Sterns, Mike Ellis, Jim Laird, Chris Hoover, Russ Atkins, Dan Andrews, and Victor Whitaker. -Wt" O " 4. 130 4230 gisgi fnvra. Q.. rw. ...X eg is O ' 'E 5 E W wgesfi' -, . .r- ef .sullfi '. nwfmv. ' 'f . f--:arm-Q., QMWMWV Q. fp' 1, kv.-ra ES VT N . .G .,,. er. ff fl. X., 3 V. 1 41 or 1s :gi ig: ai- - . L 1 A 5 .1 iv L it . . M L-.-- Q X is -8,29-is ' x 1 K is O7'i"- fi! ' ' 1, 3 ' T K, . ,, .,,.. V N- 5 t 3: 1 3 A Q K 'k S , . L . ,S4,,,. Q , : , 5 f : r , Q is : -We . ,S t f'X Sw ift. fjq. m , , gh ig 5, i- g -,- - L ff ef. :Lf 1-:sg A f + F 1 : : . - ' -, ' K ,Q : 'P' ' XRS!-5 T f i S : iii" 5 .M 55 7 ,:c.y"9' FQ, ' ."XTNQi'i.' f J, H-it - xafi ig ww., 1191: 1-M! . 1,4 Q K 'yep' xii? -911, ,' ,Mir LEFT: Harvest Oueen. Amy Sauls, poses with friends after the Harvest Dance. TOP RIGHT: Kelly Gross examines a plant in the F.F.A. greenhouse. BOTTOM LEFT: Mark Houston, Greg Zollars, Ray Brand, and Jim Laird look to see if bad weather has affected the brush. BOTTOM RIGHT: Greg Davidson smiles while he's welding with Richard McGuatin. , t ,wr 3 so K we , ., Q , f , L- , f ' te. , 35" P f is L an " V j 'I ,ne , , i lv? V4 ' I W., y f fiir , QW f 5 l "Q, - ,TQQ 4 'St Vai: 3215, L Q, v 1 ,JY iiflvftfif if: 1 ' r Organizations Block "E" Members Were Sports Block E was a dedicated group trying to improve the athletic standard and maintain the sportsmanship of the cougars. Composed of Varsity Cougars, this group continued its role of athletic leaders in school. Under the leadership of Coach Meyer, Block E worked in the concession stand during some games and attended several Basketball games in the Bay Area. Block E members were, BOTTOM ROW: Walter Hueser, Mike Greb, Greg Wheeldon, Brian Delts, Brian Deming, Steve Williams, Kenny Hugh, Karie Kenworthy. Kevin Corson. and Danny Hunt, SECOND ROW: Celeste Painter, Polly Schell, Erin Combs, Bucky Skibo, David Cate, Bill Garrett, Scott Gruwell, Scott McKinstry, Keith Campbell. THIRD ROW: Shawn Netherda, Lisa Foy, Janet Scott, Mimi Reineki, Kathy Wheeldon, Linda Harvey, Nixa Schell, Rick Fritzmeir, Don Mosbacher,rDennis Hubbard, Eric Jennings, and Randy Gonzales, TOP ROW: Janet Bethel, Dave O'Halloren, Bill Weir, Ed Willy, Gary Gruwell, Steve Baker, Doug Davis, Robert Allardice, Norman Jones, Jeff Gossner, and Darell Hoover. M.G.M. Reoched For The World Mentally Gifted Minors experienced many new surroundings this year. They went to a Renaissance Fair, San Francisco, and some plays and concerts in Davis. LEFT: Sue Henley, Tom Kincade, and Richard Lenhart try some food at the Renaissance Fair, ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Dusek and Gwynn Hanses sample a taste of Chinese food in Chinatown, San Francisco. BELOW: M.G.M. members were, TOP ROW: Robert Allardice, Tom Kincade, Jim Young, MIDDLE ROW: Ross Wilson, Mike McGee, Ed Willey, Bob Fisher. Steve O'Brian, Mark Stewart, Jeff Bert, BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Greb, Robert Ream, Rick Nelson, David Sharpe, Lora Tindel, Kathy Henley. Nanette Willey, Tom Lynn, and Brian Moyer. 'il-7 r Wd X-N Q A new-.4 ff J Q' Burl! U -ltr wg Q1 i X . ,xg .x X, .x f. gi, his X Nix Qu mfs? November Morked Community Elections The Wenger-Pacileo race for County Sheriff roused controversy at El Dorado High School: Supporters of both men discussed issues, kept up on the news. and campaigned for their man on campus. The Wenger-Pacileo Debate proved to be Exciting to the parents as well as the students attending. BELOW: Mr. Jerry Wenger discussed his goals as sheriff if elected. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Dick Parsons, government teacher, introduces the two candidates. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Dick Pacileo contemplates his words of rebuttle. We. the students of El Dorado, would like to congratulate Dick Pacileo for his new title as "El Dorado County Sheriff" and extend to him our full support. i RtC wfnoencv My EXIT A-J' TOP LEFT: MCCOY REALTY personnel. 72 Main St., Placerville, look over the new listings. MIDDLE LEFT: Jeff Voss receives an important letter from one of Placerville's friendly mailmen. BOTTOM LEFT: A group of students gather downtown for an informal chat after cruisin' Main. ABOVE: Mark Williams and fellow employee, take a break from a busy day of work at BEN FRANKLIN, 398 Main St., Placerville. Community Life 3 i ff' S Q- ff , R jf X x, Q L, xi . an ' A L, . L,,. 5 1'1' + "N , X, L. 'Q W.: " " X Y ' 'fi I ""f D A A i :VZ Q. 8. A .. . D A f, 3 , ,kn if gf., S 6 N V kq w i hmmm! A -- I .av 1 1 bin' A, Q. y XX y ,M I 1 I I I 1 3 1 ,.......,m,,,,,m,,....... , !""4"""E li sffb'-:fQ"Qi?f5 2 Food, Fobrics, And Friends Proved To Be An Essentiol Port Of Community Life OPPOSITE PAGE: Cathy Valdez and Lori Veater wine and dine at the delicious FIFTY GRAND. P.O. Box 188, Pollock Pines. TOP LEFT: A proud new owner of a Datsun 2402 at MOUNTAIN MOTORS, 3033 Sacramento St., Placerville. BOTTOM: PLACERVILLE LUMBER COMPANY, Smith Flat demonstrates its faithful service. BELOW: Cindy Isitt displays a bolt of colorful fabric at the FRONT PORCH, 1297 Broadway Placerville. xi , . l ' 2151 -i fa 3 'Ne 2 Si-235 5 : 5 QN E: Q tw its e i it 1... 1 Q t is 1, Si .nf if L Y 1: 5-w,,+. ,t-idb . ' "l: 1l 1-.. fs-l ffQ'.'I1'.'vi,Qg'xr it .rs s. D Us ' A Ks-'.'si . ' ' Community Life -qu- 3.1 TOP LEFT: "We Do Not Diagnose, Treat or Prescribe" is the motto of PLACERVILLE HEALTH AND DIET CENTER. 1492 Broadway, Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: The VAN GAS girls. 621 Placerville Drive display a new electric range. TOP RIGHT: The Lumber Jack in action at NEILSEN AND FERRARI LUMBER CO., P.O. Box 426, Placerville. BOTTOM RIGHT: Here's Cathy demonstrating the electric drill at C8iH MOTOR PARTS, 610 Main Street. is..i:3Eni-kkfx , - K ll , - x K - 1 -' ', 51,5-A I S T , qi wi 504131 mscxmmnxtnmm 3 "W 3 , s IC: A A - "" A Sin .t,s.s.. s..,. 4 G M . C - i t i t ---""- W , . .,- K iwzti S , ., . .. in at , ,, -' A F J M nil It L . J : "-- K7 EM' 1 1 S t M' ""' - . .U , fm """" F 's .. 1 Sr: I " - U . 3 4- . -T if 4 VL , 4' . Q ,wgq -. is i , ykkk A . w s:.s...., 4 I .A A ' '::-- fr . . g 1 N: Q: 3 1: W ., K' ,L ,,,TFT5'gz,:i'7 M, - fr "" iit, A "' 'v.f?fg::-iI"l" ' ' ,.,. - :Vik ii... ' i 7' 1 A H I e..,. lf Furniture, Flowers, And Household Fixtures Added A Touch Of Comfort LA VERNE'S BEAUTY SALON Safeway Shopping Center, Pollock Pines Congratulations Class of "75" EL DORADO NORTHERN LUMBER P.O. Box 409 Placerville, California lfif' 'i' will Black H Decker' F--l . k C MR. PEGG'S RUG AND WOOL SHOP Hiway 49, Diamond Springs T BIG O TIRES 85 Placerville Drive Placerville HOKANSON'S UPHOLSTERY 615 Placerville Drive Placerville TOP LEFT: Elegant furniture at DILLINGERS, 262 Main Street, Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: Lori Frye gives a beautiful flower arrangement at the PLACERVILLE FLORIST. 248 Main Street, Placerville. BELOW: Our wild TAXIDERMIST. Bob Swendsen, 175 Placerville Drive, Placerville. t . d 0 , PONDEROSA PARK P.O. Box 49 Coloma BEA'S 428 Main Street Congratulations Class of "75" U-GUYS PIZZA Diamond Springs, Calif. Good Luck Class of "75" DISCOVERY HOUSE Box 57. Hwy. 49. Coloma Antiques, Arts Community Life People, Plants, Plates, Prints, And Pants Peppered Placerville '- A 1' TOP: "Welcome to Diamond" greets employees of DIAMOND NATIONAL, 150 Forni Road, Placerville. ABOVE: The WILLIAMS AUTO PARTS crew, 107 Placerville Drive, take a little break to poise for a picture. RIGHT: Cathy Valdez gets professional plant advice from the owner of SLEEPY HOLLOW NURSERY, 171 Middletown Road, Placerville. TOP LEFT: Marian Johnson, employee. shows Nancy Frampton the latest tapestry arrival at the QUALITY SHOP, 379 Main St. Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: Pauline Bullard and Mike Milton examine their new spring fashions at the BRICK SHIRT HOUSE, 460 Main St. Placerville. BELOW: THE HOUSE SHOP, 320 Main St. Placerville displays beautiful china and household wares. BOTTOM: Original prints from George Mathis at the FRIDAY HOUSE, P.O..Box 98,-Coloma. T is T ll.rly w r- .i gi V iw 15,-,gg -1.-M, . r i , ,qt v ,fu ., f 5 x v v ,F f F T yyut "i'if T st slieseziizgv ,, as 1 ' ir F i,M,,,QW,Lf,L-,4,,,,l,u,,,L L, L4 4- f faith Ta 5. Wi- Q 197-if 5 Mix Q N A 'ijt Ili" xr . E 3,5564 5 MQ, S S .,,lt M ' H - WW., ,V i I fi. V ll, W wwimf-e visif My 6 t r QACOLDMAAS K q- Gfomrllviiwie Q5 f HISTORICAL PRINTS ORlGlNAL4fFH-i'i1APf49 ?lvone6ZZ 6473 X595 PoBmc98Coloma Gousw EPMI! X 14 ,F-iff: ' ' A - ,- fe Cowan: LL fiih of-' - li M i: is 55, 'ei If if SM-M .ia u O Till , f MMO ,A ffm vying' :I P 'A . l lg Ut. " dj 'l ' 1 ... - n .1 ' H A ,V .' L .s. Q 3' - ' T P 5 I - 1 . , , i ml - l 9 I. . it il L , . v ,. F , i, X 1 ' - .,l 1 ' A - ' XX Y x ' an i ' . , ,. , I u - AM I, 2 I ,-.117 ug' 55. W i MP MA In I ilvi- hw, 'lf 1 X 29 I p I vu J ' .. ,J t I r Q' ,, jx T ' , 4 f - .ce A 1 K , Q X X u Community Life Student Employees Enjoyed Their Role As Loborers ln The Business World BELOW: Barbara Dunbar and Cindy Chance giggle over a refreshing A 8: W ROOTBEER, 1365 Broadway, Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: The new Frigidaire dishwasher is soldl At COLLINS AUTO PARTS, 327 MAIN STREET, PLACERVILLE. TOP RIGHT: The Cowgirls saddle-up at CLIFFTON 8m WARREN, 574 Placerville Drive, Placerville. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sue Baumann tries on a pair of nifty tennis shoes at CASH MERCANTILE, 400 Main Street, Placerville. . 4 X X 'i A ,4f,1I'- ,. fr iofsx '31 ' 4. . ,l x-gf rs-KN-.L 4: A6 fg , s . N. Yuki, 4 5 I xnxx Q ,Cu Br, . Q F 1 K-,gg ' aj? 3 r T ef A L- xc . 'xo i :t"':Hsf ' f lx Q 4'W'!'CNlKJf- X if +fi'4 TMJ, :Y 4 .x rv r is 1 if He- L .K 1 . f ' l i U f A l l A g s , 'L I i' , S ir, , i rx g Nix. . E Q . ,,...--e-0-""""""" TOP LEFT: Lorna Samboceti holds a pitcher exemplifying the numerous house-hold wares at HANGTOWN HARDWARE, 1309 Broadway, Placerville. MIDDLE LEFT: Where would we be without PARGAS, P.O. Box 529, Placerville? BOTTOM LEFT: A good cup of coffee is evidence of Leann Hayworth's friendly service at PLACER STATION. 480 Main St., Placerville. Also DIAMOND STATION, Hwy. 49. ABOVE: "The GOLD PALETTE, 460 Main St.. Placerville. is a great place to buy art material of all kinds, says student Sue Baumann. VI'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 611 Placerville Dr. Placerville JOHN A. NERWINSKI D.D.S, EI Dorado Medical Offices Placerville. Calif. 95667 HANGTOWN PHARMACY 1480 Broadway Placerville Community Life From Hoppy Times to Grove Situotions Locol Services Abounded SHELL SHELL fi . :Lek MASTERPLAN INCORPORATED NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS LOW-COST DEA TH PROTECTION Floyd E. Weston President Douglas C. Shepherd Executive Vice President 3050 Sly Pork Rood, Pollock Pines, Colif. 95726 644-2068 TOP: VREEKEN SHELL, 151 Main Street, Placerville, provides 24 hour towing service. BOTTOM LEFT: Rick Lobaugh prepares to bowl a strike at HANGTOWN LANES, 399 Placerville Drive, Placerville. BOTTOM RIGHT: MASTERPLAN INCORPORATED, 3050 Sly Park Road, Pollock Pines. i XXANNM WN.,-Y 5 ,, CH.,'ivf ,L lt, H A J. , . Q N PRE. K 'EU -Q -.maui-'f., .V 3 is sg 5 , I Q y OG - f,l.,1.ML,f ' ws. - Q N A 1 - .. in H ' K Q, i' X 'Sgr r 5. if W zvE,'fQ l :Tb-.. " ' 'i 51 U?" X 'fs7i""'r3 l , TOP LEFT: Lori Veater pays a visit to 7- DAY AUTO SUPPLY, 694 Placerville Drive, Placerville. MIDDLE LEFT: Friendly Pharmacist, Jerry Bennett, peeks over the counter to keep a watchful eye on his employees at FlOBlNSON'S PHARMACY, 359 Main Street, Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: The Sacramento Bee, KXTV and the Associated Press were among the news personnel represented at El Dorado High's debate-"The Press-Fair or Foul?" TOP RIGHT: Old timer. "Blackrock" the miner demonstrates the traditional way of gold mining at CAMP COLOMA, P.O. Box 11, Coloma. ABOVE: A community is just not complete without the wanderings of a straydog. From Clothes And Hoir Styles To Cors And Applionces Plocerville Kept Up With The Modern World is ,um ,np l i 3. l i t l 5 2 ...,, I OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: A 8: A TOWING 81 GARAGE, P.O. Box 665, Pollock Pines. Have Tow Will Travell BOTTOM LEFT: Sold! To the man in the plaid shirt, at JIM'S BUILDING SUPPLY, 660 PLACERVILLE DRIVE, PLACERVILLE. BOTTOM RIGHT: THE TOUCH OF BEAUTY, 470 Main St.. Placerville. Keeps customers looking their best. This page: TOP LEFT: "How about a shiny, new Buick, says Cathy Valdez at KEN COLLINS MOTORS, 1412 BROADWAY, PLACERVILLE. BOTTOM LEFT: B 8: J AUTO BODY. 1600 Broadway, Placerville. ABOVE: PAULlNE'S SPORTSWEAR, 460 Main Street, Placerville, kept customers satisfied with super low prices. THE MEDICINE CHEST Safeway Shopping Center, Pollock Pines Good Luck Class of "75" ROSETTA'S DRY CLEANING SERVICE AND ALTERATIONS Pony Express Village Pollock Pines, California PIONEER PRESS 651 Main Street PIACERVILLE LA COIFFU RE BEAUTI A49 Pony Express Village, Pollock Pines Congratulations Class of "75" Community Life Businesses Met Needs l KF FQ A . sw-f - - f, . -haf fr - . 4, fsrwtir, .fx-:,1. M imma x I ii 5 1 ,,..fvf" if i ll-li. TOP LEFT: Nancy Frampton and Sue Baumann look at the classes. ABOVE Cathy Valdez and Lori Ve :ter enjoy the wide variety of ties at COMBELLACK'S, 399 Main Street, western environment of GOLD RUC!! """" . P,O.Box 149, Placerville, TOP RIGHT: Maria Nicholas from KCRA News. one Coloma. l of four panelists that debated for the American Government LEFT: Julie Welter scoops up an ice cream cone for Sue Baumann from CLAYLAND'S ICE CREAM FACTORY. 476 Main Street. Placerville, BELOW: COOPER SHELL SERVICE, 1373 Broadway. Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: Sue Baumann listens to a stereo at RALEY'S DRUG CENTER. 160 Placerville Drive. Placerville, BOTTOM RIGHT: Working on the new building has had many delays. one of the many was a snow storm in March. THE VILLAGE CASUALS, 644-3882 12 Pony Express Village Pollock Pines, California THE VILLAGE SHOP For fine fabrics Pollock Pines. California Community Life Sodos, Stotionery, Stereos, And Supermorkets Served Plocervllle , ,K nd? C., 0 ke gdb TOP: Lori Veater and Cathy Valdez watch while the waitress makes a sundae at the SIERRA NEVEDA HOUSE. Coloma, ABOVE LEFT: The senior citizens of our community enjoy shopping too, MURRAY'S STATIONERY, 311 Main Street. Placerville. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Rising shows us his great display and variety of stereo equipment from RISING SOUNDS. 460 Main Street, Placerville. RANDOLPH JEWELERS 375 Main Street Placerville, California Congratulations-Class of "75" SIERRA SECRETARIAL SERVICE Placerville. California M 13 ::1-.gr I . f.l. TOP LEFT: Congratulations to the class of "75" , STOFFER REALTY, 68 Main Street. Placerville, ABOVE: Mr. Ray Wakeman demonstrates his machinery at the BUCKHORN MACHINE SHOP, 737 Forni Road. Placerville, MIDDLE LEFT: RALEY'S SUPER MARKET. 166 Placerville Drive. Placerville. BOTTOM LEFT: Students enjoy their trip to Lake Arlene. JlM'S ARCO SERVICE Expert Front End Alignment Official Smog Control Station 103 Main Street Placerville, California 622-1619 HARRY WALSH MOBIL SERVICE 118 Main Street Placerville. California THE HOBBY HUT 364 Main Street Placerville. California ACE HARDWARE OF POLLOCK PINES Welcomes all El Dorado Graduates. Luck to all "75" Graduates. NORGE LAUNDRY Safeway Shopping Center Pollock Pines, California. Community Life HE w PLUSE A SEM? - wx yi- . , L S e 2 ,E lt, . , ,g y . F ' tw V 1' If 'M Sl?-if yvff-f ' if OPPOSITE PAGE: Sue Baumann asks about opening an account at EL DORADO SAVINGS AND LOAN, 310 Center Street. Placerville, TOP LEFT: Cathy Valdez buys some flowers from BROADWAY FLORIST, 1349 Broadway, Placerville. TOP RIGHT: Come to LUMSDEN REAL ESTATE, 163 Placerville Drive, Placerville, They can make it happen. ABOVE LEFT: Dine out at the BEAN HUT, Pony Express Shopping Center. Pollock Pines, ABOVE RIGHT: Buy your next car at SUBARU- DEGELMAN MOTORS. 583 Placerville Drive, Placerville. In W Mr'- -QM , s, N UMSDEN ,. C K I ---, Y . DEGELMAN Mo TORS 1 ,. AQ. THE BACK ROOM 43 Main Street Placerville. California B8iW SERVICE Phillips 66 Pines, California Community Life '35 K 1 sd 'f ' f.L:Y:'L-- wiwf' 1-'TS' 52: LEFT: Sue Baumann looks over the broad selection of carpets from DAWSONS FLOOR COVERINGS, 312 Main Street, Placerville, BELOW: Randy Prengel frolics in the snow, BOTTOM LEFT: Sue Baumann looks at the motorcycles at REEDERS' HANGTOWN 'WHEELS, 677 Placerville Drive. Placerville, MIDDLE: The HOUSE DOCTOR, 310 Main Street, Placerville, :supplies all of your painting and house decorating needs, BOTTOM: SILVERADO TITLE COMPANY, 50 Main Street, Placerville. ,Z ,. BUS. C9165 622-7762 P. O. BOX 1447 58 MAIN STREET PLACERVILLE CA 95667 Silverado Title UDI'111J8I'lY Q QOR A OD' O5 ook N255 SSXWOCDJIX Vp 0 P we Egasgl qoh - , 9940 X' 691' 885 oeglrfaif X eg W I C ICOXD XIX? QED O 90 'TJ if Q LP , G ca A ,oczjxjgoo or gb L10 0 K 9 '53 if - JO! D O71 A x w Of: me xp U ef? Q CJNEZPX QJ15 0 7 . . yyfviusiness Feotured Student Discounts RIGHT: Mr. Mclntire shows Sue Baumann the display of Goodyear tires at GOODYEAR TIRE CENTER, 1415 Broadway, Placerville. BELOW: For engine rebuilding come to AL HINDS AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP, 640 Main Street, Placerville. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sue Baumann gazes at the Cougar cologne bottle and the'many varieties of trophies at ARNOLDS FOR AWARDS, 535 Placerville Drive. Placerville. BOTTOM RIGHT: Enjoy a pizza at Chuck Fenenbock's U- GUYS PIZZA, Main Street Diamond Springs. I . - 5595? Ll f VS if, I5 : S 1 fl f g o ., W 'E l'.EQ,x- fffi' E mi TOP LEFT: MOTHER LODE BANK, P.O.Box 306, Placerville. TOP RIGHT: DENNY'S, 232 Main Street, Placerville. LEFT: Delicious apples from WALLY THOMAS' APPLE TREE RANCH, Camino, ABOVE: Buy your paint at the PAINT SPOT. 1263 Broadway. Placerville. POLLOCK PINES REALTY. 644-1527 6373 Pony Express Trail Lots, Homes and Acreage WALLY BEHRENS, REALTORS Serving the Area Since 1960 Pollock Pines, California Community Life El Dorodo County Provides Mony Services " .,, I OPPOSITE PAGE: Come to ROUND TABLE PIZZA, 512 Main Street, Placerville. THIS PAGE, TOP RIGHT: LEE ROHRE FREIGHT TERMINAL P.O. Box 52, Smith Flat. TOP LEFT: Have some delicious donuts at the DONUT CORRAL, P.O. Box 668, Pollock Pines. MIDDLE RIGHT: lf you need decorations, homemade candy, or cards, then come to HANGTOWN SWEETS SHOPPE, 440 Main Street. ABOVE: One of the many signs for tourists. BOTTOM RIGHT: DON L. STORER 81 SON, 2071 Union Ridge Road, Placerville. W, f u-TTYQMQHA xv Q 458 oo 313' fgifxo A Q C, 0 Q Q Q, cr 9 9, po Q, ,xii Q' 29 Q Q- 03009 O50 C Q- szx, Sfvcg gpg' ,fgf Y Q, , 0 og . O6 csgx QQ XQX Q8 O' Q, A oefqp Gao Q A550 QNFDXXNP 91: be A X x ' 2 , - 95,95 oo -H, ' I 16411 . S ALC' Q ir'iV-mx '1 as 1 I I ,,, +1 IILVI ge'.Q!:"lw In v , E E K' fc nk-qs, ., fig. k 'fav' 1, 0 gg If P c , Q L EQQ 1 ae ..-.1 -.,g, -.-- N - f e 1 '? e f r .ff ' eeee fp E ,Cf . h x XX, xx - ! A: 4 e e elif A 'f fr X . f ' i i X' F-1 . X b , grin AVv,, Q -Q 'Z'-,VN-' 'SQ e FJ r' A - 'fir W, V ,., ,,, '1'f-' ' .,,.,. .i:E': ' 4, ' wgag-garggf " .. J?3:i5':'? 7-ii 'er - ej2i51:f5f ffl! I-. . .-. ,e , my-, ' f ' "'a1'f:', 1 'VJ--Q . -Q .,-K . -f .'.f.:,5 ., ,L . .. hy... f QV5' 4 2, K J ..., afrgql P ,K ef -f" U Y - "Ku:-:-.2 X' if:-1-. x rf-'1w:':!'- "Ag" , A r - -X 1 .Q'X"X lf V -- - 1 - ,. "Xx".':-7 - ...1..-.wx '- ' -. fs --. A ,- fn' P1226 Eire plan' urhrrr families mrrt " 512 main Street at Bedford Placerville, California fall Hs: B22-2259 ty Lfe 1. '.. 1. v. -N ,.. . , , . 'd "-' "Z .Wil ,' - ,, Mm,--No.0 a l: A -. 1 n -Q - U 4 4 I I 1 . 1 i Nj, . K A 1 ' xy, A . t' 5 ,.f X, I Q-,--N' 1 V 1 W 1 1 l N 1 I I Y 1 i i a 1 I i 3 l Reflections of a year gone by- The happy U The sad: All are lost and gone forever Except in the mind As reflections. M ' r G"1LfWJ?' , rifsfm-:wp ' , ,, 'Alf , ' 325.34 - 1' . M Personalities Were Reflected l n Our Feds And Foshions 1 N 1 i w J 1 9 S 4 f S f' x ,X , -15395-, gk - gfgfliiiii-2 .X ' , eq F , fx X ' L ,' Qi Q Q- p K K x KR :N N ' QS' .-x. ,Qi .M UE, S Qi?-5 '-Zvi ' Q, S 3 x . S ' Sfwvif. Sri' 'S' X - x Y il 1' .NS x .fzf wa H f - A 3 x S??'FQif 5 1 fi Q . fi I , ii- in L F' , 'S F---,Q wp , ..,, ,S X i.,..f..a-g,k,, Xs- f X if K K ,t,,,N.N,a-f , k N.-.V-'ff X.- 1 .r ' 'Q 'vm- If. A .n I .. N ,M CLOSING N as ,sw N-6? 'qui M fx x - , -X x., ,- ... 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Suggestions in the El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) collection:

El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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