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fc 53' X x. 1 - 4 Xxx X. K 14 "NM, MVN "W My mvwx L 'x xXx xr K' L, UN 45 4 f -QX x M X xx 'K ,mx ' nf xf ,Q ' N .. if f xl l' sm . vigil, H X 0 We Vg' ,C 'X y Qi, Ar-QA' K' XX mm X53 X, Bk, Q mf Q 5 . 'X x f Ngii Q3 Ni 'X -.1 . !N gwii xxx Xb if . K5 l' ? 4w 3w1 Q XNS ix NJ- ,go KKBCN C QD? K' xf' BO' Q. WXO NL' Q. fy Q1 6' -F AQ f - ' asf 3Qs M .zXL,Ck A ,KO K '5 7 X X. od G, QA N x ,A Q x .ti l1A,N Visa I N 5 '5 'Q MR 5 '35 iegiam S552 vw- ,.. ...,,., ,wnvvi ,, ,,,, , Y W vm YW i X E R 2 2 32.555 2: if W Q3 23333 if 32 cigxbf EMF , X N Q dw G N 4' Q9 NPL B KQV Q Q' SLK ' ' H ' fx OSGWWQQKQQD CH! X6 A GO' flu? N Xl 2109 91,1 m , NL Cx X X A f XX Q95 Ky xv , Nwovbxu A N90 ' ' XQL! MQ 'u QF 1 93' ' C bg 'Sick 5 iff MW f5f'QfQW Q'QQJYV 'QQ xx ,Q Q2 A wg k ,Ee X A Q6 EQOQRQYERQODQ Q Lk ,iii Q QC ini? 5fQZg,biQQgiP92Qqilgv2 232? QfQ?5?Wwg 'Rf M122 E iikin? ,Ragga '22 Yi? GY gk? 1222 '52 W .LiQf9fQQ,i0 Y CQQCQQS? 2.4. v'5.oA Q5 , ??g??ifi2E Awagg 2?QQQ2QQ 92323, 22 53953 Z2 2Xf?Qa2ffTK 515521 fbb?g'?i35Q2Zi??5?2.?f2 wmv N ,M v I . 4 J aw 'bql Fi tlttfl' I' ' 'Q E, M A, if Cneonzs Q M Co Editors: Assistant Editors: Photographers: Cxx Jin chanee can Wylie Melodye Hubbard Linda Youel 1 Phillip Worthington Geoffrey Voss Elaine Miller James Feathersq George 0'Regan taste of Contents Freshmen Athletics Sophomores Campus Life Juniors Honors Seniors ' Organizations Community Life page 4 page 12 page 32 page 48 page 88 page 104 page 126 page 142 page 156 page 186 page 220 'we Oh can't you see the Morning After it's waiting right outside the storm. Why don't we cross the bridge together and find the place that's safe and warm .au .5-i,,. 9 '- ....Qv--hx,-, ' ',-,,. -. 1 Jw 4 .- 5 , LJ M iz' -W, mf f J 4 1.-, of oft W' PQ, ',,,4 , -'f4.,., .-1 "Vim" ,f 1 , I I' k Q :'A1ff,f QW' Q, ' 0" 0 l 5" sim' 'angina ' Il 0 so ov Q Nu 'ik ig s U. I ll -125,5 ' U.., Sing' X :TJ X ' 1. M. 'r -o-V' ' in UK . :Lf C x , X A Qi! WSF Wq5'fff ,Q ij ,fri "QV JW! few -4 3 S X fx J sw' HM Q CL mix-172 3 1, l . Jag 5 W J if ,Wg ' ,, .,H .1 F--x N5 ,f X Ll ,iz t if if fl ff 5 yf' M 'f' ' -w My Fly 75, '- 'if tif 95155 '99 ly if QQ ffj X ' ' ' M f-94 W4 5 V jfihj ix q'7f 7 J Axm . 2 uf -45' nd if n lf' V 'Y Riggs . Q --fl 12,9 J A if JY' Q2 'Q ,7 L V753 PM ipffygiffg ' fi- X qx 4" v 9 if Q -P X J if ff X i X., N Q WTB lt's not to late we should be giving. Only with love can we climb. lt's not to late not while we're living. Let's put our hands out in time. 8 ,.4"" ' '.,t wfx N ' - ll9"" in T f"- 'Fi' -x ST?- ,,..f--""' ......-4-Y pub :vo no 'Q I-is W' 'Q Y' Q Q lx .n ' Q 5 is K P xx . N A 5 .. x . x -1 N . A 1 RW. GTX' X Lvl:-gli we 1 Y X f 'ue-, x: D Y' . ' N.- ao- 'W' .- ICJL NN K C, X M, Q 3 X N L kj -R QD 1 f x L 1 . J r C r ,U X XJ Cybr nb ' 525 I3 V Ga 1 1 .maui fl L ,LU .KL 7 ,JY S KJ e :C W, H K -43 'X ? YJ K0 J 1 an 1!3M ,XT Q V .UVL X x Cfv fxb 1 X J I' L-,L ,Uv f VJ fu xfk' x 1 ,J L, f x r , ff ' J 5 fb' , V '1 lu 'J .Lk r A A F . if Jxfl , 'ex 7 , ef A XAV ' xx 7 fy f' 1 1 , f f f L 4 r 1 L., I7 A V7 , 5 L. 3.1 1 ,! lfbu 'J There's got to be a Morning After we're moving closer to the shore. I know we'lI be there by tomorrow and we'II escape the darkness: we won't be searching any more. Ha Y ., 1 I 4 , , ,im 4 I ' x 45 'Q L. . s ' T l' A - .- 'gh 1 A-A ,- L H .J R even.-I- ,-l-In-' -:-a. Q-,,,,.,,,,w f -- Blum-, -X-Lf: W ,N 1 - "k""il'l: 'VL' n-- L ' H ' -14' I 1 -.4453 ' . xg R A f X -5' , I f-- V 5, 'QFQEH3' ' A ' '1f!W . fb f ifllffffoy if. M --.J , - Q.. 3 I ' F fgq 5, " L 1 X 3 L , . 1 4 . .- .4 N . T" . .'-6-' . - ' 4 livisff N. L . mv. . . X .Q-1' Xa N1 wx,- .x 9,5- . ,L . nw, Q QQ QQ - , . 1:5 . W N- xr K rl. -buf' ' 1 l ' 1 Q ,- . Q. 51-1 W ring , 11.1, 1,4 1. I " ' 5 Stuoem: life GOIIZORS Laurie Ceccarelli Deby Womack homecoming mom: . Homecoming Queen, Deby Womack, escorted by Mark McKinstry itopi reigned over the ceremonies of Homecoming night. The seniors topped off their week of victory by winning the float contest with their masterpiece pictured at bottom right. Our team showed undying effort in their unsuccessful struggle to "WOMP ON THE WARRl0RS" labovel, but our loss was soon forgotten as people boogied away their troubles to the music of Our Joy lleft and top leftl. + D X . ' ff A , '- 5 'xl , ' f ,- w J 1 5 X 'Q L Q 3 Aw Y X 4-' F- .-. S .rf ' v 1 - ' 1 .,Ev' gl. g lf' ii' yy, -Q If 1 'iff : Y Q' 'lst M -,S 'Q Q Y 'S ,5gQ?:3fgg5kg5gf 'ef'L'sxgw .- , . ff 15? 5 lsgfiw ' aff 5 if 'Ury 4 ' ary 1.53543 f ,gb , x,,s.:. 'far 'L ' ,agE?, ewgfi f. . . 5, sg M. ' i g, '- Q- f K X, osor' . , Xb' 1 .. x . . 1 L I -SJ - Y T 43 QW 111' 14 3 -..Q we f 1 Q, I . Q , v Q sr 4 Q44 fg . rx . 'I ' -' 0 ' -r Q- O ' .. V" s A 1 N Q mfs 1, , 4 1 s . 5 QM?-Y i X54 fy? , n A A ,A -r .155 R f fi 37 ,,., uv. 'AJ Q,"- is '45 .Q , ' gan. I xv QA C046- C'0o4ff,, .m ,. M 497 1 Wh. if ...............-...I Class of '74 takes SDIRITI WEEK hOl'lOl2S, AGAIN The Seniors did a repeat performance of their sophomore year by winning the Spirit Week competition. Over all, the week was filled with excitement and mounting tension for the big game. The variety of dress up days. the rally. the parade, the game and the dance all contributed to a week of fun. Below. Larry Parks. "The Stoned Ranger". leads the Thespians in another of their fantastic skits. Darlene Fassett and Denise Cook clown around with Miss Boesch loppositel. While John Mosbacher stuffs his face lmiddle rightl, the songleaders, in their 50's attire. rock on! WF r 'WSJ 'st L13 in is-f , Q qi.. f.,x ,,- 1'--W'---T 1-1... Galt's Homecoming Queen. Donna Mosbacher, depicts the beauty found at his high school labove Ieftl. Paul Floyd and John Riley seem entranced by Peggy Horton's costume loppositei. while the mascots, Linda and Vicki, look petrified as the cameraman captures a surprise shot. labovel. The seniors labovel demonstrate the enthusiasm which made capturing Spirit Week a cinch. ,mx M""?'f'vm , , f ,,:?S?aJj. "ix I 4 1 5 Q59 2 L-'Q K 'wr r,a 15K l K, ly' 9,1 - , 'x tx -gglkw WE! g NN ' fi. 491.4 .Jn A haf' 1-,.k ,, 1 52. YU T Of" 1: ki I' W Q... X 1 i IX N un Inna.. Chom Concept was One to Remcmlsen! The Christmas concert put on by the 1973-74 choir proved to be one of their best efforts. With Mrs. McGauhey as their advisor, the choir made the concert one to remember, Some of the highlights included a solo by our A.F.S. exchange student Florci Esquivel loppositel. r l 'S-ull Above, Mrs. McGauhey gives the choir the "A-Okay" sign, showing her approval. The choir has increased in size tremendously this year, as shown by the group shots of the performance lopposite and above rightl. xr :I is Q ,Q M in M J . A K 4 .1 , ' m, E Q QL" 1 xi ' M ,V sv Q a LAW, Q f A .4 'Qu 1 . 1 . wiv, .W 4 I. u . , . - A 75 X 'Z Q x -i its 45 5 . The roadshow attracted many strange guests, including Monty Whittaker loppositel. who was the bearer of gifts for everyone. Before the performance, Scott Gruwell. Lori Scariot. and Chris Howell "psyche" themselves up and go over their lines lbelowl. The driver of the late. late bus. Jim Feathers, delivers a group just on time for the show. 1 I 4-Y-g' ,gl V Q' v lx. 9 5 21 13' t Q 1 1 Q, f."',4 ,t':'w!!:.,'J H s J ' . , .- 0255 In in-f-fra.- 1 fa 4 v 4. X. .1-, X, -Q, 460 , sf m. gf .ff A f ,313 f K4 l + x X , 'I Q: A I P 'QE g I. iii' S- Z? .. ,E , WSW 5. .Ex 5:5 ,zaa 3' 'Y mm -'lv-P .4 ,. ..,,, C ...F X w, Q ix P gg Mi it -.WM 'W5'fffi Q L :w i f S ' ' f 'W 4 ' slgffiiwf 5 . 1 5 ' -,-Wx-Q: MM TSA sE:E'Hf:'QA"':e.- x . - X K R i W. if Egg wmv N HX . X 1 li is' 5 Y " Q x v I sw, J if m 2: 4 t-ui V '. ' Y Q E"'Q , if g f, :pi A .:-. V., . f! M We ! In . X ' g H 'f wk 4 rv- J X 2 fa 5 x K. -- X A? K Q, Q fe 'K Q X563 x Q W I 5 K Q vi S s R3 N ,f . J fo b X ... . Q n Q A ' ' xi, N 55 X 'M I Q 1 1, 53? y Q 2 4 am "AQ , x .W Q Q: k i 4- I 1 411 :Fw 5 . x P 1 ,Sw 1' K2 X 3559 X A 5 , ii 1 5 .gf .V X Q Qin A-wk 6 'M F A i. ,495 4 X5 Av- N ,Sq ug ' X ' M M N ' Xi. , in . ., 2 'E ' 3 B f N35 x m, ff i mi? 5 f X , iw' Q Neff RY! 'P N 1 mf' 'I QQ f'1""'w I R ' ,',. Ng" k " ,gh garb: in ,P"k..,x nyf. . .Q SL ki kikkk x . fs, ' 5 '- '. ' 'W' 3 1 f'1'. Q X. A L K Q u 'L Ea . .W . h f- V vt 'Q f ,fx I f A 1 ' X Q J , .-- J I, fs M 3 P f- V .,.,. g . 1' ':..,W C A , ffm 4 f 1' of 5 .K I . '? I ,Q o Q 5? f 1. git,-ng-ef gap X 'ia- ,Y .-fx. SADI6 hAWkll1S WAS A WIDGCIHG of mGmORl6S Even though it was held at Markham this year, Sadie Hawkins was a smash. Many couples were "hitched" by Preacher Egor, including Curt Hamady and Helen Peck ltop Ieftl. Murna Murphy and Gary Harp ltop rightl took the best costume prize. and Debbie Botnen was first-runner-up for Miss Sadie Hawkins labovel. The band, White Fire was great and everyone enjoyed them, especially Darien Davis loppositel who seems to be enjoying everything!! S4 54 I' Q' i -.-L12 1 u : V f AAF' 'gil x"T-"I: , I t?'Sx'f4 x A r x ,s t' ' - Klx - .. '- X. 5 , :ff-It 51 X .- Q wx, L .giiiw if 9 fig ' Q 7 X 3 kk Q 1. QQ J' Q' LAM , , 11562 ' A o xr. 1 ,, A 1 ' . - 1- .. , Q':.:v0,. 'u 0 vx'x,' vu u,,v,.l 'D IV". 'X f. 0 , mas. xpx -up C 5 ,','o-, S. U. ' n f vw.. ff-.:'.v - ."' 1"-'..' 'All'-qs' ages' .s"N'.s..'w' 'x Ss ,. xp ...'..o Kolsnf, i'l g s I "x, l!.g,'ilr. ov A '.-'f 'f. 9 9 at s, ln,..'1. Q , - v'.w .0 .K',:l'1's4 l,'a',' og 1.1-s..'.l' gf.. I Q N 1.1 ,K 'QQ ,qli A 'G sl ww--marv-' ffxgrv .. ,. V 1, 0 m,..af'L -qw. L ' 0 X F ,, 5.1, S59 Q 2 5 .... 5? s P' I in ss. - ' . . k ,Q ,si 55 5 Tw' Ai E ' 'L , ' if 1 ' Q.- x ' X 1 1:-'Q . L - 6 Y 'IIN we 4 Wt. 'K We 1 fm if if ,k,, 1- ' ff -. C353 Zi .Y Q . , ,? Ati X ' in-at 1 4 ,' A ' ,Q gn K F , O Q.. Q19 . D is , my fab. - ' r ww .N , W ' 5. Q .. .4 ffm E c B 55? , W, u ' 1 k .- "' Q M y rf- p any Q. m Q 5 F X Rf, N 5' K 5 N V 1 bg Q 1 ., qs ini' vm - ' "6 NQ.,,,k A . x Q x Q1 Mx fi-sl., - . ' YS, 'S 2 Q fs I 3 L 3 9: ,:,1..-:,- ,V 7.-.-,,, N ' Ja'-'. ' M' 'y -' ---15', -fl., J-. - ,, '.- . , w. 4. - RSSNITIAYI GOIIZORI Vicki Ybright 0 homecoming lgniteo at Spank of enthusiasm in llizeshmen Freshmen promoted spirit all through the year, and homecoming was one example of the support inspired by the class of '77. Their second place float lpictured belowl proved that their great effort was well rewarded. CAPTIONS Bottom: Scott Salamy plays a Womped on Warrior for the homecoming parade. Below: Kathy Graf, Denise Bye, and Sally Ceccarelli work on the float. Opposite page: Shawn Netherda. Meredith Riley. Robin Allen, Julie Nichols, Randy Fritzemeier, Sally Ceccarelli, Sue Buckingham, Susan Salamy, Richard Revaz, and Kathy Anderson ride in the truck pulling the float during the parade. F 'N- S ' 1112 i .gifx 1 f Q. . fit 'vt N Jay Aguilar Gary Allen Robin Allen Steve Allensv Georgia Am Kathy Ande vorth rose on Kim Anderson ?. Mike Anderson Daniel Andrews Helen Andrews Kenneth Arnold Leah Arroues Flichard Artrip Joan Ashworth 'R 1 fx Jerry Baker Kathy Baker Erin Bambery Steven Bates Marc Beauchamp Susan Beighley Jennifer Bennett Joe B Steve Janet Brian Steve Gene Tracy erthelot n Berthin B th Il e e Bewley Bishop Blake Blancha ier rd I . .M L N 'N x, :ij gn ,s su' llneshmen Gatheizeo A11 U16 GAITIGS ADO RAHIGS Right: Robin Allen, Marcie Huston, and Sally Carpender along with friends applaud a yardage gain during a football .rs - A game, Kathy Clements Paula Coan Allen Cochran Patricia Coleman Mark Collins Daniel Conlon David Cook Steve Cook Bruce Cooper June Cornelius Kevin Corson Kevin Couch v ,f , ,Misa N 6 ,, v - .F A 1 N'-. W u . f i , .Q,, x q A , A, -si: 1 1. 1 - 5 Peter Cova Pamela Crawford Danny Cray Rod Creason William Crilten Judy Cundall Ronald Darr Greg Davidson X. C I X Tim Davis Robert Delsman Robert Dickson Tarra Diguirco -nav v t x Sue Dilley Cameron Dorman Bill Douglass Lorna Dugan Ralph Eddy Linda Edison Jon Elledge Lynn Ostiguy 'JN .-y I ,fb i" as "N Y N if , v wx , ' Q, . . . aff Q . Q L fi . , 1 W- Jax R . 2 . , Q-F? L- S . 1 A s ' x 1 X A. Q Q x J I 1 R ,...-se f AN. 'Ie ,Q af' 2.-E? 'Ui 431 T 3" ik ye? llneshmen Sell Out Diana Galland Bert Gibber Diana Girardin James Gonzales Don Garrctl Voncile Gibber Darlene Glessman Robert Gonzales Erin Gavin Kathy Gillihan Jose Gonzales Frank Goodwin ..x x. ,f gc. 's w...,.., lla Q S . . 41 X 1' ww fmxfa- Q or 'lbgau-" fat VA?-'3?+Ja1 .. X 1 ef X.. x I S -21555 , .5 sei f 13 i l l exmfafr- ' . -N Above: Joanna Stefanski and lUpper Rightl Peggy Nerwin sell tickets at the football games. - ml, 1 iff? era 5 ,aisles , R, , 1 Y. a . We . sys. 1 e N 1 NE, f gs Q. JV3 In - ggi? l. 2, 45 K ggi.. an-fl ski Q I I W l Jesse Gossner Kathy Graft Brent Grantham ...nw-I 1-5 Pam Grey Pamela Gray Jeff Greb Tammy Griggs Mike Guerreo Dawn Grogan John Gullev Marie Guerin Julie Hall R Q 1 il.. r. A -X vi . l I Tina Ham Jon Hamm Keith Hammonds Cindy Hamp Donald Hanan Pat Hanlon i ' , l Gwyn Hansas Diane Hawkins Denise Hanson Kathy Hayes MHVV Harrison Debbie Heagey Dewey Cast helps a friend sell popcorn. Joe Heberer Chris Hill Scot, House Danny Hum Diana Henderson Terrv Hlll Melody Hovenden Lena Hunt Jennifer Henderson Mike Hokanson Karen Hove, Marcin Huston Steve Herzog Brian Heuser Kathy Highley 41-- a" L. 1, so . 4 i"f W-7 Peggy Horton Carol Howard Valerie Jacobs Andy Houghtaling Kara Howard Curt Jennings Carolyn House Jerry Hugo Ramona Jennison fl 1 llnosh llouno lunch A Gooo time to Gather: with llmenos Patty Jeremiah Lisa Johnson Catherine Karrasch Andy Kenyon Cathy Johnson Shirley Johnson Aaron Kast Pat Kinkade Jeff Johnson Cindy Jones Mike Kemp Elsie Kirkland Kari Johnson Sheri Kaehele Kevin Kenworthy Paul Knutson as 12" ix ..., , . -Q--ff:'.. . L ' . 3 L l .r L " 'fx l YI? KE' in 97? ' "'.?""5Qfgf'l Q "ha, .ix 40 ' el -4 . .fm I . , , me-x-N 'fisktfe fe--' 44 'HX v .Q 1.411 , te.. 4... Kris Krarrer James Lai'd gall Wendel Lumen Crissy Lin David Lid Top: P momen. try some 'ev ZYN 'fF1:f,,,.. 5,5 :'i ,XS at 'gk' K' 'W 1 Steven Lindstrom Katrina Lu dlam Ed Marchini Richard Marks Helen Martin Theresa Martin stron: Sharon Maceiko ula Christianson and Tracy Blanchard at lunch. Left: Gayl Cate, Susan Pratt, a snack bar fare. Paula Maxwell Patty McAfee Cliff McCain Jeri McCcwn enjoy a quite nd Katie Riley ID" 1 A x . -t ,"' 73 ,K lr. . ,L 1,5 I 9' ix K-. J , x ,Q L aw Women's lie tmumpheo Eve Ouellet Terri Patterson Jay Peabody Barbara Peck Denise Paiva Virginia Patterson Jeff Pearson Yvette Perryman Cary Park Lorna Payton Kathy Pease Karen Petersen YQ., I, s E 25 -s . r'ik F ., , .,. I m ilf Fifa : .a A - digg N l l Above: Beauty and brains combine to provide leadership with Kathy Tomlinson, Secretary: Kathy Sharpe. Representative: Susan Pratt. President: Jenny Wright. Vice President: and Roberta Morris, Treasurer. Above right: Subversives Robert Fisher and Robert Delsman ineffectually plot against female leaders in a R.A.T. meeting, 42 n' is Mary Peterson Mickey Pinckle Nancy Pitcher Marc Pollen Michelle Pollen Susan Pratt Steve Posten Randy Pretzer Langley Pratt Vera Prince Sandy Pratt Debby Pryor l ,fd ,f mi ,iff V , 'r Curtis Pugh Chris Putnam Tim Rankin Cris Rasmusse r1 !lfK'N , .W ' Lf-'fifig Y- 1 per' Q., n 2 . K. 'L , f ' ' , ' ' . Al i 1 A ' wa' K , Q , , dv e - ' z 4-,I J Q rf - TN if K m - , f Q., g v 'rf' x if H Sill N, Bill Reading Joan Reynolds Katie Riley Steve Floblez Scott Salamy Amy Sauls Kirk Regal Jeff Richard Meredith Riley Jill Rogers Ricardo Samaniego Trina Savage Richard Flevaz David Richerson Rich Roberts Timothy Roth Mike Sanders Jeri Scambler 'HE vimzann Densonalities Won llnosh titles Marcie Houston and Peter Cova were voted Favorites by their classmates. c i hifi..-u-.4 A 4's? E ,. pl, l T7 'T' Mike Scariot Mary Schamun Polly Schell Lori Schledewitz Steve Seal Diane Shane DB. helpeo Bullo llneshman Boones Seven Ways Top right: Gay Cheney attempts a straddle on the horse. Middle right: Chris Mikkola and Andy Kenyon look on in awe. Bottom right: Jennifer Bennett seems to be saying "Anda one anda two!" Opposite page clockwise: Jeff Pearson looks tired after a hard period of P.E. Pam Cassula seems to be saying to Sophomore Debbie Jobson "Are you sure Olga Korbitt got started this way?". Freshman girls relax and wait for Miss Rocha. Ricky Carlson blocks Danny Holder from making a basket. XL, S AXE l t Sd x , k t Q, Russell Sharp David Sharpe Kathy Sharpe Julie Sherb David Shiery John Shoemaker Dan Shultz Lisa Stahl Duane Steele Joanna Stefanski W 1 Mike Sterns Ron Stetina Joe Stevens Calvin Stewart Karen Stewart Mark Stewart Harold Still Dawn Stirk Kandi Stratton Edith Stukalo Q W 33-251 xk A A XXX uw ur- Ernest Tapia Lori Taylor E Diane Teague Andrcw Thomas Frank Todd Tim Teasley Diana Thomas Kathy Tomlinson 3 x 1 X: A 61 ki 5, ,fgzjaicvsb , is f 2. 1 I 1 A x i 2 John VanSam Q seiko ff F ., I 'X Q! V '30 - Tim Trenalone Nanette Urich . Tina Trornbeni Joyce van den Dungen Bills e TW . , Q TX I HO 'J 'Q lineshmen Applleo themselves acaoemieally Right: In P8iT Science Elaine Carter and Steve Berthinier sketch microscope slides while Joe Heberer shows Debbie Hunger a cross section of a root tip under his microscope. Middle Right: Greg Wheeldon and Marc Beauchamp check their electrical circuit in Mr. Warner's class. I pl I A 'YA -'HN ut-9l'!'3f.? Q7 Au i 1 i- 'iw 5, f f' f .1 f S Q -we T9 L . Ron VBQCIBYISQB Dave Vogel Jim Watson SIEDNBUIG VNU HH Karen Walker Philip Waxman L3U"3 Veafer Teri Walshaw Mark Webb Pam Veerkamp Trudi Ward Chris Whalen Greg Wheeldon Monty Whitaker A X Matt Welter William White Cindy Whit Warren Whi e John Whitty Nanette Willey Terry Wilson tney Tricia Wiemers Bill Williams Debbie Winje ""' ie. Winters Edward Woolery Dixie Yenser Darol Youngman Wise Chris Wright Stacy York Joe Yurkovic Witherow Jenny Wright Jeff Young Dorothea Zinola Woodside Greg Yaple Kari Young Greg Zollars 1:1 ll il QC 5?Q l ,YI ,i -949-s. f' M X to M, ,. X Top: Lisa Stahl, Jeff Cannon and Theresa Wunderlich are taking observations on a P8iT Science Lab. Above: Dewey Cast and Kara Howard listen to a lecture in Basic Agriculture. Left: Richard Revaz, Cindy Chance and Gwen Hanses carefully perform an experiment in Mr. Bolton's science class. n ' 4. 7' UN" Q 'us ' 4' ,i i"'f35 ' fi, 3 r wb -f v:'X i W JFK' Q if we I '94 W 1 Q QW 1 3 LA t ,QM M axe: , . 'V Q- , g ., 'fo N'- ' JP' 1 5' fgf'-fx 14' J n im- f lg: A9 Q A13hl61ZlCS 6OltOl2S: Darien Davis Janice Maynard "IGOR" 0'Regar Front Row, Left to right: B. Shane. K. Pierson, R. Linson, J. Martin, P. Skibo. D. Grind, M. Greb, W. Heuser. E. Willy, T, Butler, 2nd Row: Coach Sacanvino. T. Lauricella, E. Jennings, L. Reinhart,B. Wilkinson, B. Wier, P. Myers. J. Ballinger imgrj. S. Gruwell, J. Riley. J, Shideler imgr.i, 3rd Row: Coach it Oun mlGhIY m6l1 In ACUON No. 24 Dave O'HaIloran. and No. 34 Keith Wright bound onto the field. as cheerleaders drool over the MEN! iTopi Dave O'HaIIoran makes a mighty effort to escape the clutches of the Jesuit defense. ' , iflg ., , 4 Vanslty Couqans Built Gxpemence pon next yearn rv 'at I ' 4 xl y 2. if - -Ax X --fu!! w""' E.D.H. Varsity shows spirit as they prepare for the season Rick Linson swiftly evades a defensive opponent, iTop righti. opener, iTop Iefti. Coaches Scanavino and Kenworthy Dave O'HaIIoran. this year's outstanding varsity back, runs for anxiously await a crucial play, iBottom lefti. that yardage gaining hole in the Jesuit defense. Front Row: S. Friddle, S. Cooper, M. Ezzell, L. Morgan, D. O'HaIIoran, S. Keeler, S. Teresi, M. Turpin, J. Bergenholtz. T. Lewin, Coach Jim Myers. Second Row: Manager T. Heberer, Coach Pat Wilson, T. Morris. R, Dickson. D, Wetsel, D. Mclntire, M. Greenlaw, D. Cornwall, S Pennett C B. Lee. Mr. Reynolds. Third Row: P. Roundtree, D Wright M House, S. House. K. House, A. House, D. Tavis, E. Peterson ,,-- - ,-4 we 'ig Af D M' '- This years J.V. team was young, ambitous, and hard working. while they gained a great deal of knowledge of football. The first six games averaged a score of 4.5 points per game. A new offense was then installed and the score jumped to an average of 16 points per game. This change sparked the players to a new spirit and confidence. li: ll P ,Alb ,Yin j.V. hao tough Competition this year: in ik . . ,W .A'?l"3,4w'.hSex-4.. -1516, .n '.. ' Smiles 3' so , X vmIc.1?"lW+' gift! new 'WW ms Q' W af, s S' 'Yelp it . X wi. -u ts . -- Quarterback Toni Morris throws a pass through the defending guard, lTop leftl. Ernie Peterson kicks a punt in a pressured 4th down situation, lopposite pagel. Tony Morris keeps the ball while trying to find his receiver, lTop Ieftl, The team gets ready for another play for extra yardage after escaping its defenders. ltop rightl. Tony Morris fakes a running play and hands off to Mark Reynolds as Scott House runs a blocking pattern. labovel. Mark Reynolds plows through the line, lleftl. Freshmen Football: Back Flow. J. Gulley. S. Allensworth, J. Berthalot, S. Delsman, P. Cova, M. Guerro, J. Aguilar, K. Regal,J. Gonzoles, F. Goodwin. J. Yurkovic, G. Allen: 2nd Row: L. Pratt, P. Seale, B. Heuser, A. Thomas D. Botnen, G. Campbell, J. R Moore, M. Bolton, M. Pierson. G. Sanders, M Witherow, J. Richards, W. Whitney. K. Reading, D. Hanan, Fl Calachini: 3rd Rowi S. Wise, F. Todd, D. Garrett, G. Yaple, J Wheeldon, K. Kenworthy. P. Knutson. C. Wright. K. Jennings. M Pollen, J. Frampton: Coaches: Mr. Gautschi and Mr. Pierotti. .-...vig . J- e. . 'I 1 llnosh Ilootisall Showeo Spmn: Pete Cora runs for the touchdown, lAbovel. Ken "Motormouth" Arnold is silenced by team manager Frank Todd, lRightl. If in 'f Y 1 A '5-Qmsfdg.. Ei! 3 x ,WT t ' 5 X ,,.7-I-:Wy I u ct T xi: 3 V .13 , r ig i A E 'QA' " if V gf 4 a f ' f . I . C 4 J Coaches leao Bro Blue On Coaches Gautschi and Scanavino watch intently, fTopl. Coach Meyers gives some sage advice to Tony Morris, IAbove leftl. Coach Kenworthy shows them how it's done. lAbove righti. Coach Watson gets things under control. lLeftl. Members of the team are lbottom rowl Manager Butch Lee Keith Gruwell, Jay Campbell, Pat Korzan, Jim Simerly John Vardenaga Ma rowl Manager Adrienne Lucier, Dave Bolster Jeff Mintgomery Gary Beaver, Douglas G. Davis, Rick Fritzmeyer Spencer Weston and Coach The Boy's Varsity Basketball team did as well as could be expected with the large number of injuries they had. The main injuries were those of Spencer Weston and Rudi Beaver, who both ended their season early. The season finished with a 5-5 league record and 10-11 overall. El Dorado lost to Marshall, Galt, Folsom, Casa Floble, and Davis, within only a few points difference. During the league games, El Dorado lost their first three games to Jesuit, Folsom and Galt before coming out of their slump to beat South Tahoe. The team was then beaten by Ponderosa in a close game followed by another loss to Jesuit. They then won their next three games by overpowering Folsom, Galt. and South Tahoe. The season concluded on a good note by demolishing our cross- town rivals, Ponderosa. Next year's team seems very promising since many Juniors are returning. T ki .QUUWXQG 43 51- 'J' Top left: John Vardenaga, Jeff Montgomery, and Dave Bolster get in position to rebound against Jesuit. Top right: Keith Wright dribbles down court. Bottom: Rudi Beaver shows his rebounding power to onlooking members of the Folsom team. This page sponsored by SCHIRS s is A it s ia 0 ie at L it A N D c Varzsity hunt By INJURIES .,,..,,.,,,,.,, A J, is , 1' 1 JV T 1,4 l , yy- I ' L eff- , t it 5 K ,gif-11 Top: Jeff Montgomery dribbles in for a lay-up. Bottom: Coaches of the basketball teams were Spencer Weston. Isaac Panky. Lamar Fairchild. and Pat Wilson. 0 57 W' r N 4 ' .f ' a Ewwiwevg ff' +554 U1 ' .Bt A. an TS" 1 -Q ' 4 ' b S -1 L x ,Q vii px we 5 yi N argl ix ff -1' ? 'ri ,Q 222 4x -' QZXQ, W' L ff 033 x f . xii X -1 K, ,X avi 2 ' , E ! if ' R4 2 J f- 4 I 3 Gmls' Basketeall Set GI Ooizaoo tizao The Girl's Varsity Basketball Team was undefeated in league action for the second year in a row. They overwhelmingly beat Wheatland, Nevada Union, Placer, Oakmont and East Nicholaus. The games were won by a large margin of points. In tournament action, El Dorado did excellently. They placed second to Edison of Stockton, for their first showing at a tournament in two years. The team played probably their best game of the season against Bishop O'Dowd to get into the finals. The game against Edison was close. with El Dorado losing by only a few points. The second tournament turned out just as well with EI Dorado winning the consolation trophy. They lost to Hiram Johnson, but succeeded in beating Jackson and Burbank for the trophy. This was their second come-from- behind win over Jackson. Cindy Wilkinson sparked the defense and offense all season. She was chosen the most valuable player. t . X . t , . , l . i A I -X XX Top left: Janell Pillow shoots against a tough Placer defense. Top, middle: Cate proved to a good ball handler for the J.V. Top, right: Cindy Wilkinson shows shooting and rebounding skill in one leap. Above: Miss Vitell gives a brief pep talk to the team during a time out. op: LeeAnn Hayworth rebounds as Cheryl Noetzelman atches on. Above: Members of the Varsity team are ltop rowl arien Davis, Cindy Wilkinson, Janet Bethell, Joy Fletcher, oach Vitell, lbottom rowl Kerry Ballard, Darlene Fassett, Gail ansen, Julie McComas and Janelle Pillow. The Junior Varsity Basketball team had a very successful season also. They concluded the season with a 6 wins - 1 loss record. Their only loss was their first game of the season, The game was close with El Dorado losing to Wheatland only two points. Coach Rocha singled out Kim Veerkamp for her high free throw percentage and Celeste Painter for her improvement over previous years. She selected Rhonda Conrad as the most valuable player. Top: Coach Rocha and other members of the JV team contemplate the strategy of the game. Abovei Members of the Junior Varsity team are ltop rowl Coach Rocha, Vicki Lovelace, Denise Bye, Shawn Netherda, Rhonda Conrad, Erin Wilson. lbottom rowl Lisa Stahl, Gayl Cate, Celeste Painter, Kathy Gilihan, Kim Veerkamp, and Cheryl Noetzelman. Below: Members of the soccer team are 11st row! E. Carlson, B. Dilts. K. O'Meara, B. Deming, J. Gossner, Coach Denaga, 12nd row! R. Revas, R. Allardice, B. Niles. D. Cate, J. Rou 43rd rowl E. Marchini, K. Koger, O. Hamp D. Nlosbacher, Coach Gernes, 14th row! E. Tapia. M. Gonzales, K. Beane, and R. Atkins. Ef ,Q I NC vt Ni T , X .v The team peps up before one of the games of the Metro League playoffs. Bryan jubilat Deming, Scott McKinstry, and Preston Rou ee after a game. I 5 1 I B Dowen! Behind the coaching of Mr. Gernes and Mr. Denaga. this year's spirited soccer team overpowered everyone that met them on the field. With number one shining in their eyes. they drove to achieve that goal. Behind some fantastically fast footwork, the team captured number on in the North Metro League. They placed fourth in the Metro Playoffs. Four players received honorable mention in the All-Metro team. They were forward Allardice. halfback Arundell, fullback Sides, and goalie O'Meara. E' -WWII" '-N83 to ' Q i ww . .ai A W ,Zh ,Ulef-5,2 . so 'fl . ' '3' J"f.35:S:Q+X - -Qinf ',. f. 9 ' .CQ Wi .de - v'.. 6' . av'-1-4 s ' - , ,W Q ."'f L Wi ,.-f...,4f.....,"' - N- Q. N -v K , y ng" j' F ,i J." g 3 .9 t ' . sz' Q hgh' '76 i M..-j, f -YL i AAN .ti V' . , A, 1 .' , ..5,4'.m,-A h,..,,, W '.. 'gfrlizf' ' 13- it ' Q 'A if ' 1 Top left: Robert Allardice. Dave Parrish, and Bret Hamilton have victory in their eyes. Top right: Don Mosbacher agilely kicks the ball. Middle left: Dave Parrish and Ed Marchini defend El Dorado's goal. Middle right: Ed Carlson and John Mosbacher forward the ball down the field. At left: Don Mosbacher rips the ball toward the goal. Gnapplens GRABB60 thmo b Coach Kenworthy loppositel demonstrates one of his strategic holds on Dean McDavid. Below, Norman Jones prepares to tally another win for the Big Blue. I .l l D ,wwf i ,Ai 'eyj V l X , This year's wrestling team is ltop rowl Paul Floyd, Frank Sameniego, Bill Wier, lbottom rowl Fred Hall, Pat Meyer Folger, Allan Wetzel, John Martin, Danny Hunt, Ricardo Jones,Jim McKenzie,John RiIey,and Gary King. 3 xi. xx 1... i ' Q -M, .Q 5 f X .s fix fjri , y 33 as . 9 b g. 1: ' , in . 5 'fl' 2 fy , ,aj - -- - . The ski team progressed much this year with the Varsity girls doing exceptionally well. In league results, Kathy Wheeldon placed 4th out of 50 skiers followed by Polly Schell placing 5th and Erin Combs and Carmen Kennedy placing 8th and 12th respectively. The Varsity boys did well also with David Jermstead placing 15th. Freshman Greg Wheeldon was pointed out for having great potential in his future years at El Dorado. Next year's team should do as well if not better. The team has only one senior with all other members returning. dh ggi! x 1 Q' A Top left: Coach Denega perfor displays her form and style l Members of the Junior Varsit Revaz, Jeff Gossner lmiddle r Beauchamp, Ramona Jenniso and Marc Collins. ms a startling feat of courage. Top right: Polly Nhich made her one of the top girl skiers. l team are ltop rowl Bob Richard. Rich Martinez wl Coach Denega, Tony Gauthier, Sam Teresi, lfront rowl Kathy Jacobs. Mark Christof, Ron I Ski team liaceo By many Challenges Top: Carmen Kennedy enjoys racing in the sun. Above: Greg Wheeldon makes friends with one of our cross-town rivals of Ponderosa. Y , I -zu.-4 fl ,A IQ-cv p: Erin Combs displays perfect form that led to her being 8th Jermstead. lfront rowl Greg Wheeldon. Nixa Schell, Carmen the league. Above: The Varsity team consisted of ltop rowl Kennedy and Polly Schell. oach Denega, Jim Simerly. Joe Harn, Ron Revaz. Dave .5" WM . cs. lc. 5' i. 'ia' Q k M-A V,.A Q, . 1151. i I z' : ' Y ' - A, z1i'+.Af'42" -Q'..ftpn ' , wx ,Q Q Q ,QA-.ef Top left: Several members of the swim team wait for their next race. Top right: Denise Bye cheers for another swimmer. Bottom left: Jody Ezzell shows her form in the race. Bottom right: Several members watch as ,two swimmers change for the relay. Opposite page: Top left: Coach Rocha waits with some of the team. Sonya Collins, Celeste Painter, and Cindy Wilkinson show their form in leaving the starting blocks. ew as ,ay . ,.'5A1f'f'tm fi gtg. spew me Swim team emenqeo no. 1 This year's girl's swim team defeated four other teams to end the season victoriously. Their first victory came easily, a forfeit from Del Oro. The next two meets were won almost as easily with wins of 96 to 72 over Oakmont and 102 to 47 over our rival, Ponderosa. The swim team barely squeaked by Roseville at the relays. At the final meet EI Dorado had 210 points compared to Oakmont's 94, Ponderosa's 54, and Del Oro's 44. Many individual and relay records were set. Seven records were set for the J.V. team, 2 of them relay. Seven records were also set for the Varsity, 2 of them relay. An outstanding performance was given by Shawn Netherda setting three individual records and participating in the 200 yd. freestyle relay to set another record. The team should do very well next year with only two seniors on this year's team. . i Swlmmens1Splasheo to A Supen Season x gg. ' The swimming-and diving team did-aa great job this year. The team was you ng and full . K . , . m of the winning spirit. This was-the first year the girls were allowed to co they helped the teama greatdeal. Coach Kenworthy expects a good return. '. ' s ' pete, and Dean McDavid ltop Ieftl reveals his secret in getting off the blocks first: he pretends he's Superman! Marvin Sides ltop Ieftl did a great job for the diving team this year and his skill will be missed next year. Leonard Payton loppositel impatiently awaits for his race to start. and some of the younger members of the team labovei cling desperately to the side. Could they be afraid of the water? of this year's swimming and diving team were ltop im Young, John Riley, Bob Buist, Leonard Peyton, Scott Glen Corson. Dale Gring, Chris Rasmussen, Kevin Richard Martinez, lmiddle rowi Dean McDavid, Kevin Kenworthy, Curt Lomax. Ed Willy, Brian Donahue, Jim McKenzie, David Botnen, Steve Berthanier, lbottom rowl Mark Christoff. Merideth Riley, Debbie Johnson, Shawn Natherda, Kris Bolton, Lisa Winkler, and Janet Riley. This year. the girls were a great help to the diving team. Janet Riley lmiddle lefti demonstrates her style and grace. Scott McKinstry labovel swims to the lead and two of the butterfliers, Lisa Winkler and Jim Young loppositel battle for first place. The team was young this year and Coach Kenworthy expects an even better team next year. Mr. Tamblyn. the diving coach, regrets the loss of Marvin Sides next year, but looks towards a good season in the fall. 'Wu .mf 51. iz -V df +L , an r '1!:xT-1- X A, , v-" , ,h x ,isiiwld ll E " r l, A 1 NN. ' wffkyl - ,W 7 4 .L 1 gg' 0 5" A i -- 'W . ' pf A :Q t'hh f9fgs.KQ .sw - '- , ., A 5 '-1 ' ' A ' 3 , -A ' H fff'.f N ' g"'a,, . y K 24, U, ,xl I ',,' lb A ' K ' if 'n , v Q 4 Q , Q.,r' ' 614 I K ,J 1 , 't , 'JP Jr , " ' " -, f ' ' 1 'K ' A ' Q- , , ,sk , ' ,rv I nfl,- Jw ' e" X 'Fai f. vi Vx. . H L". - -K ,'f".":.6. 1 . 4s . , In. h ' ' Q Y' . 'af-'Q j..,'Q K. 0 'lrlq' v' ' 'I' 41 ' ' 4 1 .I I A I 'f,-24' ., .' xg fs ' - . we g.N.- . , . fi 4, ,o A 5 .V rl 4: I 1 F. I.. ' S V , , .. , 5 , X U22 I 4 . ' '.'. ", . I , fx ,A QQ. x . I xi T L 'RSX , .Nw AxAA -mmm h I ' .. .J 4 gf. ' . ' fi- Y ,L V 3 "ex ' 1 1 - 'QM' Riagg? Q34 -. i ' L ' mx - -X KQQYN ' L Y . eg E r ' 2 4 -' "F 1 1 XXX' h if' ' -.Aj - Q ' ' "" rg J 5, . 4 k - x .W , ff fix f .X "Nu, n .x ' '. XY' , 1 i fl 4 I R ff W .-1. 5 ..1'fS11"' Q., Y... ::...v'.!-Y3'5Mi"'s ' X n Q , ,A 4 i-N1 A 6 1 'Q lil JF' tl f Q '- -0 -rn 'fdlpfs M' ' ' V , 1.-" . . , . 'P , , rf ' ws lx. '. -, ' , ff :'x.-r A5 ,fa-R '- ' 3 - '.I Q , Y if jf' z!f1"f':l 'r . I , 1 PM 77' i Q ' x K D is x ' I . v . ..-.x ' " sv-,ar ,GPN xv J.V. hao A Stizono Showing In pre-league action the JV Baseball team had a record of 2 wins and 1 loss, defeating Amador twice and losing to Vanden. They had a good solid infield with Scott House at first base. Jim Cumbra at second, Kevin House at third. and Tony Morris at shortstop. The pitching staff was headed by Bob Worthey. Will lsaacs, Curt House. and Steve Myers. They had good speed and some very good hitters. ln pre-season play. Dave Cornwall, Kevin House. and Tony Morris did outstanding jobs offensively. Above: Tony Morris bats against Amador. Above right: Scott House watches a drill during practice. Opposite: Kevin House is a part of the good infield team. turf' 'fl 'ij , 5 J' 4f',, f l. rw. "M 8 se ' Ig -1 7291 52.5 Q A A 4. op left: Members of the team wait for the hit to run bases uring practice. Top right: Marc Beauchamp hurls the ball. ottom left: The team consisted of ltop rowl Kevin House, ohn Van Sant, Jim Cumbra, Ted Korzan, Joe Johnson, Will saacs, Jeff Myers, Bill Williams, lmiddle rowl Coach Fox, Rick Washabaugh, Dave Cornwall, John Martin, Grant Campbell, Marc Ezzel, Marc Beauchamp, Dave Jermstead. ibottom rowl Rod Creason, Tony Morris, Kurt House, Scott House. Mark Nigh, Don Hanan, Jerry Hugo. and Stan Myers. Bottom right: Coach Fox scrutinizes the game. Q Gmls Omlleo lion Softisall wins The girls' softball team had the best prospects for the team in years, and ended their season victorious. Belowg Joy Fletcher slams one of h as always. r famous homeruns. Right: Kerry Ballard displays her defensive skills during practfce. Below right: Vicky Lovelace prepares to throw to first base for the out. Below Lef t: ltop row. left to rightl members of the team are: V. Lovelace, K. Ballard, D. Fasset. J, Fletcher. P. Riffey, L. Armstrong, and Coach Jan Vitell, Middle row. lleft to rightl 'MK X 2.5 X X' MX -1 + c .t gps... fkkuwi' ,sara Y-, X, tw. ' ,," ,ls tt ,. " + 'wx .was " K 'MAX .s,.ff,, , . ,vt Y x sd . . . X . ."",. .3 K Q4- O if-0 , , -.s val' ,gs ,A s "5" J. Pillow. G. Cate, S. Strout, S. Broughman, N. Nance, and Manager Kirsty Tosh. Bottom row lleft to rightl C. Noetzelman, C. Bye, A. Lawaon, and S. Salamy. ' n -Js-. a-.tits - ,a""l . ttfgi .': "RI: Golfens Cnove lion wins Left: Gary Anderson putts the ball during one of the matches at Cold Springs Country Club. Below Left: Keith Combellack hits a long drive down the faraway. Below: Mr. Scanavino gives his expert advise to Robert West and Gary Anderson. Below Right: Members of the team are lleft to rightl Brad Visman, Jeff Crosswell, Chris Wright, Robert Miller, Gary Anderson. L Keith Combellack, Steve Christof, Bill Weir. Harold Still, and Robert Seal. if .-M The team did very well practicing at Cold Springs Country Club. They were very young, but experienced. Next year they should do well against the other teams in the league. The team was coached by Mr. Scanavino. Below: Ed Nicholson and Mark Christof relaxing after a race. Below right: The Frosh!Soph team consisted of lfrom left to rightl: Gene Davis, Ed Nicholson, Larry Sharpe, Curtis Lomax, Mark Christof, Karl Koger, Dan Cray, Mike Holkanson lnot visiblel. and Steve Cook. Bottom Left: Curtis Lomax on his way to a first place finish. Bottom Middle Left: Steve Baker showing his winning form. Bottom Middle right: Dave Cate on his way to the finish line. ff' '4 f ' ' T , Cnoss Countny 1973 tniumpheo This year's Cougar Cross Country team was a pleasant surprise to new head coach Kerry Steed. The Frosh!Soph scored 2nd place finishes at both the Marysville and Rio Linda lnvitationals. They also won a 3rd place finish at the Maria Duncan Invitational. Ed Nicholson, Curtis Lomax. and Larry Sharpe were the outstanding soph runners. Steve Cook and Mark Christof led the freshman. Curtis Lomax won four 1st place finishes during the season. Lomax. Nicholson, Sharpe and Cook won medals at the Sub - Section meet. Nicholson and Cook repeated with medals at the Section finals. The Junior team won the 2nd place honors at the Marysville Invitational. This team was paced by Steve Baker who won two first place finishes during the season and also medaled at Sub - Sections and Section finals. Running without a full complement were Varsity runners Lloyd Peterson. Steve Grogan and Rich Hubbell. This squad brought home 57 individual medals and exhibited a great deal of pride and stamina. A I S . ,, ' ' Pu' ' A " K :W"'s9,.' tnack Spmnteo thizouqh Season .LLKLL 1 Top left: Dave Bolster threw the discus for the varsity team. 1 Top right: Don Mosbacher vaults for a record. Above: John f Mosbacher shot puts with vigor Right' Rudy Beaver is one of ' N ' . . D-?,,,-' V Q. 'WW-Qu-.. . the top high jumpers in the area. - ' k5f' , 'fvxgpv YI vm s v' -. vs 7 1 ws' 1 ' S S 15 Q59 M ' like " . ' l ' Top left: Pete Cassula continues the race for the relay team. Top middle: Ed Nicholson warms up before the race. Top right: Bill Langford out-distances the other runners. Bottom left: Jerry Hansen waits for the beginning of a relay race. Bottom right: Lloyd Peterson calmly awaits to finish the relay. The members of the Varsity Track Team are lleft to rightl Doug Davis Beaver, Steve Baker, Don Mosbacher, Rick Fritzimeier, Dave Bolster, Jerry Bernie jf Shane, Rich Hubbell, John Mosbacher, and Dave Cate, Ernie ioppositel shows his expert skill in putting the shot. -. .4 s , - .ff n T- is if-, T' .., Members of the J.V. Track Team are lleft to rightl Jerry Baker, Wi-ight, Mark Dickinson, Steve Sheppard, Larry Morgan Tim Ellis, Mark Greenlowe, Anson House, Mike Guerrero, Ernie Nicholson, and Bill Langford. Peterson, Dan O'HalIoran, David Neitzel, Marty McCoy, Dean t'5lQl.f 5 , nn- , y f N n , A .iv GIRLS QAC60 AHGAO The girls' track team was very successful this year. Lisa and Joanne Foy loppositel were dedicated and proved to be two of the team's valuable runners. The freshmen on the team. Kathy Gillihan. Shirley Johnson. and Karen Peterson lbelowl were hard working and eager. -4 A 'K 5 V. vi r .luztdw . 5 .K elqgf' " - 'SN an " K- 'WN fx'-P ,f, 54,-, . "g."K"" .K . . - Ax- : 1 K. 2 - L. '12 'ie girls competing on the track team were lbottom rowl Lynette Rowe, Linda Harvey, Gail Hansen. Karen Peterson. onnie McLaskey, Carol Howard. Kathy Gillihan. Carol Lee Janet BethelI.Janet Scott, and Nancy O'Brien. rundell, Shirley Johnson, Lisa Stahl, ltop rowl Coach Rocha, 'IVA tennis team Aces to Victony The tennis teams succeeded in acing out their opponents during the season. The girls concluded their season by winning five matches and losing two matches to the experienced Nevada Union and Wheatland teams. The girls progressed in practice to end with a victorious record. This is only the second year for a girls team. The boys team did not do as well. but in the forthcoming years they should do excellent playing. They were plagued by lost players and injuries. The team does have much potential and coach Piceno thinks they will surprise some of the league teams next year. He thinks this will be a year of experimenting. The team is lead by senior Willie Fiupley and juniors Gary Gruwell, Scott Gruwell, Don Beadle, Mike Perry and Mark Williams. Top left: Members of the boy' steam BFG ltop rowl Scott Gruwell, Jay Aguilar. Mark Williams, Gary Gruwell, Tim Davis, Jeff Moore, Don Beadle ib ttom rowl Bryan Veerkamp, Jim Ow ns, David Mclntire, Mike Perry, Willie' xupley, Ken Mello. and John Hamm. A bove left: Lorna Dilts and Darien Davis wait the match. Top right: Willie Rupley a forehand stroke. Above middle: Deming attempts to ace the opt Above right: Jennifer Teague her overhand smash. un-pg J Top left: The seniors of the girls' team enjoyed themselves after a winning match. Top right: Gary and Scott Gruwell were some of the leading Juniors on the team. The coach of the team was Mr. Piceno. Jeff Moore and David Mclntire were a helpful surprise for the team. Members of the girls' team are ltop rowl Gail Hansen, Karen Nicholson, Vicki Johnson, Lorna Dilts, Darien Davis, Coach Piceno. lbottom rowl Jenny Wright, Joy Fletcher, Terry Searle, Shirley Johnson, and Shannon Stroud. 1 Vanslty 16-AGUG CNAITIDIOUS Janelle Pillow Jody Ezzoii ooy Bradshaw, Joyce condaii, Kerry Ballard, Lovelace Denise Cook Darle e Fassett. lBack rowl Lorna Sambocetti, Gailey, Wilkinson, Julie Welter lVar. co-capt.l Carolyn House, Jayann Pitcher, Riff. Peck, Dawn Estes lVar. co- pt.l, Jamie Richerson lJV capt.l, Lupe Sanchez, Karen Estes. Below right: Members of the team are: iFront rowl Coach Jan Vitell, Kirsty T ca XA ! 'TV The Varsity volleyball team ended up with a six wins--no losses record to become league champions. They lost one non-league match to a Stockton team and another to Sacramento High School. The Junior Varsity did almost as well. They placed second place in the league with a five win and one loss record. Their overall record was seven wins--tvvo losses. as fl k , x ll X N 'X Q5 .gf . O EE Yi if, 3 . E 5 - 'A '. 'N + Q nf ,f 9 ' xv . M Z, - L' ,. . .W . .Q KL 5 .if Q -wi ' XL 'ix Q . f KM 41' X W N PF 3? ,jk f 'Y Q 3 3 , vw? 5 nf' iz? 55 79 .fix ,Q ' . ' A f - . I 9 . I x. if Ks 'L'L k wi 4 x Q. , A .. 'D :--M My x . . k M X? i kL.' Www.. . x Cr' 1 Q. sr' ., U, ,. ..Iy.. J SODYIGITIORE Gbltom Pam Cdchran Linda Dezzani and David Jermstad were among the many sophomores who inspired the spirit for the class of "76" Rendy Grahan Jill Granthem Greg Green Cl. A v yi -A, ,Q A .s ,fk Marcol Greenlaw Kurt Haas Tanya Halvorson Dale Grind Ron Haas Jeannie Hammcnds Kelly Gross Maria Hainsworth Ricky Hammonds L4 Glenn Harloi. Mary Harris Mary Hays Leann Haywi Gail Heagek Tom Hebere ll DI' ...- Steve Henke Susan Henley Lisa Herman Teresa Herzog Steve Hill Chris Hoover ?- s.- I rox, FV! '1 vm.-Q lvvi. ' Henry Horton Robert Hosea Kara Houghtaling Ansos House Curt House Kevin House Ruth Hunt Mark Huston Orrin Hutchingson William Isaacs Deborah Ismail Richard James SODHOITIORGS YIAO mAny money RAISIHG ACIIIVIUGS Jon Johnson Rolf Johnson Charles Jordan Mark Johnson KelIl1IemrJoncs J.C. Dog A Joluson Tummy Johnson Mrku Jones Chuck Kawba Midge Ruthman and Joy Fletcher help out at 3 bake gale, ,.,. . . sb.- V v Q-9 ll" 'Je K 'wi s I X' ii A -sL-,.,, H R my 2 4? -1 1' pin... V-v '17 , l"i Stan Keeler Carmen Kennedy Mark Kenney Doreen Klrmovuch Ferol Kendreck Thom Ksnkade Gino Klare Flick Klrmovrch Left: Brian Springer "rocks out" at Homecoming. Sophomorzes HAO 1Ih6ll2 way of Goofmo opp Janet Payne, a Sophomore basketdette, smules . in . 'hy N, A Torn Koerber Karl Koger Rodney Konrad Kevin Koppina Ted Korzan Lance Kramer Karen Krause Dana Krystofet John Laier Flay Laird Sabra Lamberson Howard Lane uma -1 in?- iuull ' Bill Langford Henry Lee Robert Lee Richard Lenhart Peggy Mosbacher Jeff Myers Jim Nelson Jim Nelson Linda Nelson Dave Newton Dean Olson Dawn Owings Celesle Paumer Rick Palen Candy Palkman Lisa Park 17-. Y .i a M' 43.- ff f 9 J' j 5 'E F 1 1 7 A K4, 'R Meadows and Sue Henley at the telephone, "But mom, I Erin Wilson, Jim Bennett, and Leonard Payton were among my socks." many sophomores who attended basketball games. 2 be ... , sysl xml ' s I , . -S. 1- ,S , wb-1 4. Wt' reston Roundtree narrating an assembly. Janet Riley Liz Rogers Preston Rmmaifee Madge Ruthven Pam Robbins Marie Rosauer Lynette Rowe Bob Sager Christa Rodney Carol Rounds Cheryl Rushing Gene Sargent 99 Gveny Booy heeos 9.6. 'Wx 5 .lf if QU . l if Ll 6 Of! Abbt1Sauls Shirley Scott Yuunne Shane Roxann Shipherd fha "N Nlelax ie Schroth Terry Searle Larry Sharpe Brain Shively Sue Gole n hangs on the parallel bar' XJ K Susan Schultz Chris Sentell Mark Shepard David Sides Helen Peck gets a helping hand on the vaulting horse. 5: va? 'cf' Tx:- 5 , . Xf' , I xg: .5 Q 6, Qtrm' S 'Qi 5? , , X X v lyx iii x X x K x K kv X , . J ix Dunbar takes her time on the balance beam. Sides Becky Stefanski Danny Tra 's Donna To bs ' ' ' Smith Kmvsme samwesiv' Amamggn Tony Morrus trys hrs best to catch the attention of the Spear Shannon Stroud John Thomson Mark Turpin Camefaman. I, ' A fa 1 Nix ,.. X K yifwmi- ' xt 5 . , I an 1 , , 1 .,.- , .. -.Ns-.od of 1 f' evin House shows a happy expression after a basket. Marcol Greenlaw. "Hey, what about me?" SODHOITIORGS WERE ACUV6 'UHROUGHOUE the y Tony Archuleta and Jim Bennett, "Have some milk Jim." N 4 A -, 0.4 ' Q , ' ' 4 nQ i' ein 'YEWW D 4 be 1- xx. We Q David Wetsel and Matt Davis eat and talk during lunch. Kennedy and Debbie Jobson enjoy thei .rflf wxlri . Mira Van er Hoeven Kim Veerkamp Patricia Wehe David Wetsel Lori Veat r Jeff Voss Robert West Debbie Wheeler Brian Ve kamp Rick Washabauah Debbie Weston Debbie Wheeler i -as oyce Cundall and Cindy Palkman discuss a class assignment. 5 .J t. 4 I 4 fn iill Granthem and Rusty Charnock were spirited and creative :lass favorites. -A' J Mark Houston and LeAnn Hayworth help out at the class car wash. vm - 'C' K4 Q...- . I 1, .Ib ., .W XX ,gf Erin Wilson Bob Worthey Vicki Ybright Lisa Winkler Don Wren James Young Tom Wong Dean Wright Chuck Zcllars Victor Whitaker Syvanina White Brenda Whitmire Robert Williamson 103 Campus lllie SCWO!!! - U N!!-,tg I . ws ,K Wh . ww . ' ,I i I , Q wi- .::. , ...K . P.-sf Q m v' -' 5 .f' u 1 is A 4 S 5, X I' 1 A . ,. . ., N., .h ,K V ,-' , 1 'W Q I, 5 vrfrgf-V552 L, 5: agua- H P ' , R .wi in-e.QP we-M '- 4 1 1, Q - .,Lf...q 5. 1 fm.,-v 'H - ,Q - is, , mm. . w:,..,1 .S , if ,fe.'L,.,r,.. ,,-,kg ,QM '- .f,s,..4.1f,g,-..y-.- - f -f A: yi , " fp' 5g W., fi ii' M . ' i ff ff I-1' w X K ' . ff . NH Siigigf kwa -, , - - " 1 F53 ?fwg,H,3Y4'4S1 f f. gp- .. 5 S.. H 2-:iw-X ' AZ fl 4' S if if 5:4 -. s2f'2 :::i?YfE 3 ww 1 ' Qu a l. " ' 2 1,1 1,. I 2,3 r K it a ff . i4 ., l fy" M ,ar A K ,, W V q :ow . - W- ' k'0Sw.f. T 'f 7' f. H., ,, i .qgh , ,kv-.QQ . . X 54 Xu f- ., 4. , 44 fin' SSW, "A--N-,.4, v-1-ww -'fs :T PNN-.-IT' f E 'N -fe., Wpgg-f f kws' A + sw .51'f! : . I ski Q yi, Y 5 SX XX wg. 4 5 fx Counselons hanmomzeo school pnoslems Right: Someone told a good joke. Bottom Left: Mr. Sid McGauhey, soph. counselor. He was good at dishing out sage advise. Bottom Middle: Mr. Bart Tamblyn, Junior counselor, made a good cry towel, always ready to listen. Bottom Right: Miss Helen Johnson, junior counselor. Her experience added a necessary stability to the staff. The counseling department concentrated on getting students in the right niche where they could succeed and lending a sympathetic ear to student woes. .. 4 iufidr' ' ff- . ki .ix . ,,,. 1 ,er XX 95, X B isp -S Q. . SGCRGIIARIGS DROVIOGO Backup Top Left: Mrs. Nancy Needham, counseling and data processing. Top Middle: Mrs. Bonnie George, secretary to Mr. O'Meara. Top Right: Mrs. Phyliss Comer, secretary to Mrs. Graf. Left: Mrs. Vi Hendrix, Attendence Clerk. Above: Mrs. Marie Koskela, registrar. The secretaries provided a necessary backup force for teachers, counselors and the administration. Without them we would have no history. 1 s 1 f ,ff -iff' 10 ZR l t l E 1 9 i md! 110 Boys phYSlCAl GOUCAIIIOI1 Bllllll m6n Wllih m6l1 Coaches Myers, and Watson, help Mike Koszalka off the field, lbelow leftl. Gary Kenworthy cools it in sailing class, lbottom leftl. Right hand column top to bottom: Ken Skanavino, Athletic Director, varsity football: Gary Kenworthy, swimming, wrestling, varsity football, coed P.E: James Myers, J.V. football, J.V. basketball, baseball. The P.E. program emphasized "something for everybody," with a variety of sports and physical recreation offered. C U' W i i i Q LX W a nw, 1 lv , 5 M" . ni:-5' ,- , rw hiyy Ns. NL. ,555 F , . W., 344 Epi' Q., x QQ R V9 -warg 'E 5. 515' S Q -A AX 'S 2 WS c ,LM is 'ES Y x. -' , Q . ,- 1 ,fm 4 W W , 3 -, Q:.V 5, f if fx? , Q 'xl ggi 33 553, V. V ,, ,, I Af 'bf film , , , ww H ,Jw , JI 9 6 Lg! :MVK 4. 'mwyghf -5 . ' fi ' ., ' Li iw . 15 ' ff' 'fi 5 f . x 5, R 1 f 'fm W Q lnoustmal Ants Built Skills Kenneth Allen, auto shop, lrightl. Clarence Roundtree, mechanical drawing, drafting, architectural design, lfar rightl. Ronald Bidstrup, wood shop. instructs Bryan Deming, lbottom rightl. Jesse Frampton, metal and machine shop, lbottoml. Industrial Arts focused on building manual dexterity and introducing students to vocational possibilities in various trades. Q l we Vocational Aqmcultune Gxploneo Wonk Ano play Mr. Swenson "feels the heat." lleftl. Mr, Mulligan and Mr. Vosburgh cook up a storm at an FFA party, lleft middlel. Mr. Swenson observes students at work in Ag. shop. lbottom leftl. Below: Nlilt Milligan, forestry, agriculture. Bottom right: Russell Swenson, Ag. shop, and Arnold Vosburgh, P.E., Ag. skills, and auto electronics. l J lime ants Buizqeoneo Wlth tAl6l1II Mrs. Linda Tetsell, crafts and art. irightl Mrs. Mary Grace Floyd. art, crafts, and design, ifar rightl. James Garmire, crafts, and drama, ibelowl. Larry Anderson, band and music history, ibelow righti. The fine arts department capitalized on student creativity and teaches know- how. Larry Anderson, new to the department brought new ideas and improvement to the music department at EHS. home economics Gncouizaqeo homemaking, leaoenshlp Mrs. Emily Whalen, girls and boys homemaking, ltop Ieftl. Mrs. Geneva Fenno, ROP medical and health careers, homemaking, clothing, ltop rightl. Miss Joyce Boesch, girl, and boys homemaking, student activities, newspaper, student council, checks activity calendar, "You've got to be kidding!" lleftl. The homemaking department provided girls, and boys with homemaking skills and good examples. Special Goucatlon met Special neeos Right-Mr. Kerry Steed. Below Left-Mr. Ty Hadley ponders his next move. Below-Mrs. Barbara McGauhey. Bottom left-Mr. James Granger entertains the class. Bottom Right-Mrs. Anne Miller helps some students, ROD EQAIDGO Stuoents pon WORK Regional Occupational Program gave students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Mr. Vince Rucobo. ileftl specialized in marketing and business occupations. Harry Armstrong. lbelowi talks to Toni Wilson. lianany Aimee at Senvice The library began the year undertaking the mammoth job of moving voluminous material into two temporary classrooms. In spite of cramped, awkward conditions, the staff provided full library services. -as , 1? lima.. "aan, it "AL I "skilled --,v-v,f,. SCIENCE SDURIZGO 51110611115 120 Gxplone The science department focused on a variety of courses to introduce students to the wide world of science. Michael Denega. life science. irighti confers with Debbie DeMarco. Curtis Bolton, chemistry. physiology. P8iT science. ibottom Iefti help two seniors. Norman Jones. general science. P8iT science. ibottom middlei. X. it e X S . K, ' X M- .. W., t, iff t :xg 1 Y ,t X . ' ai"-'H . ss ,' if t 'Q sf 1-Fifgg -' xg- f QMS wif' math Oepantment in. Our math department provides more than square roots and inverse properties. The teachers try to give a well rounded selection of math courses ranging from General Math to courses for the Whiz Kid. Mr. Glentzer. Algebra 2, Arithmetic, General Math, 2 year Algebra, ltop leftl. Mr. Lombard, shown here, teaching math to support his old bag. He teaches General Math. Algebra 2, Geometry, lmiddle leftl. Mr. Wilson. 2 year Algebra, General Math. Math Analysis, tbottom leftl. Mr. Gernes, Algebra I. General Math, Geometry, labove rightl. Mr. Marks: General Math. Geometry. Algebra I, labove rightl. lcan you spot the camel smoker.l f gg, 'N K -K ""Wni 1 K 2 ' "i 'W-gf Y ' ,Q H f.53vZ ..,,,.fnv- I ,f +ff'g , . . K ,, 4 5 -Q 5 H2 lffffr Q , ' U9 .As 3 K , , if "'f H eff-Q n tx, K N-v if C ,Q . ,. , fi TP . gkgzigl xv ff' AEM V 'Q f gi' L' '11 , L 9 e . 'W X eif- W K .lrgxfii ,. -- , A Q UAIEQQ if L af ii' E.. x h 324 ww S ga -QQ , . V ii E? , ag ' if ' 1 is 4 i' -paula 3 1 . ..,H,.l 11 - pf M J: , A , , vi fs wi. ' Tig 411 'Sv '4 J 3 i 5 I , s ' ff 5 A K . lk, VM ' A 'Wo' 1 is AI' 'I Tn--'V Q 0 'Milam W... ov To live in the present, we must understand the past. The History Department offered a wide variety of courses ranging from Ancient Civilizations to Modern Man, to provide a full view of the past in our lifetime. Mr. Wilson, Man and His World, Middle East, Sports. ltop leftl. Mrs. Dusek, U.S. History, Mini Courses. lbottoml. Mrs. Lemenager, shown with Margaret Horn, California History. Crafts, Shaping Western Society, ltop rightl. the english Oepa ITIACG GUGUSI1 ITIAJORS O US All IIQk3'gf Q g IQ ' I f xi ""'I . I I 4 I -I ? I A - , f'I7liI5 Iig I I! - , ,eig , If I Q , A I fl' J ak 2 i. I Q ' . f K. E I 1...-tt nfs- ,- x - 'Y - ' f' -.I .- If EV . M1..5.W.l g . A With ourLanguage, such as it is, we really need an interpreter. The English Department works hard to make English as interesting and understandable as humanly possible. And that is a job and a half. Top left: Miss Berdal, English I, Reading. Middle left: Mr. Perry. English ll, English lll, Bottom left: Mr, Fairchild, English l, English ll. Supernatural, Sports World. Top Middle: Miss . 6"k fr, Reading Improvement l, Intermediate Reading ll Improvement ll. Top right: Mr. Prengel. Yearbook I, Graphic Arts. Above: Mr. Ax: Now Generation English ll. American West. Opposite page, middle left Charleton, English Department Aid, Middle: Mr Lambirih, Science Fiction, Detective Fiction, English ll Super atural. I I I I I I I I I I wr' J?-.f ,A f Ni. L W5 , ,.. the lioneign language Oepantment Bmogeo the Communication GAP So much can be learned from people of other countries and other social settings, but to learn from them, we must understand the language. Along with an understanding of the language. some students are fortunate to visit these countries with the help of many different foreign exchange plans. Top Left: Mr. Piceno instructs a class of enthusiastic Spanish students. He taught Spanish and California History. Top Right: The German classes thrived under the instruction of Mr. Hempt. Bottom Right: Mr. Chapman illustrates the many faces of Paris. He taught French. and Modern World. Above Left: Mr. Gordon Purdy, English I and English IV. 4 BUSINESS 0GDAl2lIm6l1II DRGDARGO Stuoents IIOR A WOl2l0 of Wonk ,ff f N Hi Q K' X' 4 -' .il I ,gs w-..,,,bNh When you walk into an office and the sound of ticking typewriters drives you straight up the wall, the blame falls on the Business Department. Thanks to them, young men and women can get typing and other skills to help them find a really good job in the world of business. Top left: Miss Megraw. shorthand. intermediate typing. secretarial practice. Above: Mr. Fickle, beginning typing, business math. Top right: Miss Reed. work experience. advanced typing, business machines. Middle right: Mr. Millan, bookkeeping, record keeping, merchandizing, ROP. Bottom right: Mr. Pierotti. beginning typing, introduction to business. f S . . . t Hi PL.. A s ' +' 'Mp ,QI .v K I A t -rsh, M N.. ,.,,,,, . ..:X ctw 5 'S-M. , NM sk.. ...f-Q , .... ,-f-' ffl ,Tw 'rx in -1 if V 9 A G K5 5,65 i '.s, Smiling faces lunkeo Behino the Scenes V403 Everything from the energy crunch to teachers with misplanned fieldtrips, fell upon the bus drivers this year. We wish to thank Chester Cross, Randy Duncan, Kenith Hibbard, Bud Cook, Roy Riley, Clatten McCoy, Lilly Hammond, Mallcom Curtz, Perry Smith, and Bill Watson for their outstanding job, ltop rightl. All the destruction around made the job of the custodians much harder. But Earl Palmer, Jim Troval, Head, Forest Harper, Walt Campini, Byran Thomas, and the cat did a fantastic job, lmiddle, bottom leftl. Mrs. Curathers, our school nurse, did the mending during the school year, ltop rightl. The kitchen staff does a bang up job every. and this year was no exception. Beverly Walker, Peggy Smith. Nelly Fledden, Olive Putney, Vickie Channel, Ola Parker, Wilma Holingsworth. and not shown, Sherly Seal, labovel. 1 WVNEA, ,xt fi v 1'-'s M A t . v C K 3 ' .wx ,'.Jr .J .- 'if' 5? 'ff 'ii rf V3 jill? .. I, ,A 1' -,N ,- A .Q . 3 ,A :xt l-. y N Q X' r ' W 'A' cn,-4 1 mv V 0 ,mx fx -' 'PS' ,q 5 X v .s N ' . Q "sf N- X v- - C-'H 4 54.4 ' v ' S 5 ,. pw. N, 1 W- A , ' mfw ,, fy. ,-- ' . wi K 5" ' 'Q if L. 1qk.f s x , If u ,x ,X KV Q- 1 - s. 54 V A K., w Q ,- 1 w ,-1. mfr,-QM F , R, Q, , ' if as ,f 'fx K 5 Y G- T JA ,V . 3 11 ":'5fF .I .. .. N-if-om Jumon eonzon, Ann Murphy Toombs doing the "Big Spender" routine of the Drill Team, lBelow Ieftl. Stephanie Sam Don Bearlle Rudy Bel Carolynn Mark Bug Why don cha come down and see me sometime f,'f xx l Tom Biggs Walter Blackburn Ed Blair Mark Blankensop Kevin Brown Mike Browne Tim Brice Bob Buist Q- werie Savage and Kathy Sentell were among the juniors wging the Alma Mater. elow: Scott Francies helped with the Riffle rally. 3' . 5 5... arl Anne Burleson ss Burnun n Burton y Butler 5 t I ' 5 'L' fm .sir 1 os, ! , A.. Qtr- 1, Tom Butler Jean Bye Steve Bye Glen Cain David Cate Tim Christensen Rusty Clingman Cindy cody Y" Au :mf ,f F ff :ff ' . f qu., A lf' Debara D Doug Da' Scott Da' Dave Dec fis Wendy Dezzani vis Bryan Dilts I Mary Dugan Bnan Dunbar Carrie Dunn Rick Dyer Isabella Eaton Steve Eddy Laurie Edgern Mary Ehlman Y f 77 'W . gems- av- -. e. w-. Q-'tr un. ff so Flalph Eslick Dawn Estes Jody Ezzell Jim Feathers Left: Rose Gonzales played the captured Warrior adding personality to the junior float. Below: The junior float stands completed and ready for the parade. u ,,. 1 ' , . , Pk ix t Q ?y?T?5Zrf , , R F4Sxf,3:g..'f' ' -M491 , - , A, .,,, . -sim? H "fi Q-"1 -"wi-J: we .-.'-'Ayw ll-iii". M-'fl -A '1.7'Szg wg, -e.,,1w,1: ' .. -5-A i 1 :pkg-.---A gi- ,lfag k . .' sg' 52,2 5.:f,.:?4':lWfQ5x.9W, fi. ,...,: V?" X Qmlfs gi -ff 'l ' EQ'-.,. X: 7 ' ,. A-,,'-zaefflr. f'.ff'A mfr" E'-' ' . N 3 wi:-.z .. Wy' .mf .- 3135-Llfizxz f-"fi" 1M . " - A 5 ,- . Y 5f15?ff':?if-fvlfkf' iff f ' . . Q-5'45,w'2:,-.g-,gf5?S,,y,t2-41'L' "-,PL-f'.f,-fisfiz' 1 ' ,- goff gif.,-fgwxiy, -'inlhm -: ..ff,,,, f -5 ,.:, 40- :',l"'.1.Q J- -A 1 Vg., . ' i fx, C., Y? cz '-Tr 'P Cam' pimnzi Vmkie Flin, James Folger John Fox Scott Francies Rick Fritzmeier Teri Fleenor Maude Floyd Jeanne Fox Lisa FOV Hua" Pwnc' Lo" Frve Wendy Fiieger Paul Floyd Debbie Flint Mary Foley Junlorzs jolneo the 'ZRIVOIIIIIGS rv , l '-" is X, s 3 Y ,', xx... .f Lulu Fuhrrnan David Garnett Bill Garrett Karen Glans 132 of After: Game Canoes it V' """ Janet Golden Steven Gonzalles Scott Gruwell Lorraine Gomes PSQQV Graf Bob Guerrero Rose Gonzales Mike Greb Andrew Guthrie Sherrie Gonzales Gary Gruwell Linda Hainsworth Jerry Hansen Mary Henter Linda Harvey Walter Heuser Carl Henderson Marchelle Harris Hamilton Ray Heberer Greg Hempt Karen Harris Hamp Richard Herzog Rusty Hauge Mary Hardie 'Q- Y-sv ' 4 I. Sambocetti and Lisa Foy listening intently as whispers secrets. Cain rocks out to the music of Our Joy at Dance. A A , , W ya ' A1 S 3 rv. fi I ' 4: I 5 .Xxx v W - ."' y x. ' WN y V. in , ' ' G 'f , Q 5 N 3 A A f' Ewfffjy f V 5 Q 4 I Q XS' Q' 'T qi , 1 ew i the Class of '75 Really Ouq Spmlt week Above Wendy Dezzani presides over the class meeting during spirit week. Below: The Junior class officers were iright to Iefti Wendy Dezzani-President. Lisa Foy-Secretary, Jody Ezzel- Representative, Stacy Smith-Vice President, and Lorna Sambocetti-Treasurer. 4 Alien Jo Norman Teresa J Nick Ka Karie Ks TS nes Jones nes rasch nworthy o V Josephine Keenen C Robert! enyon Gary King Larry King Margaret Klotz Vicki Knight Pat Korzan Dean Kulp Tracy Ladner Valerie Laier Jeff Lamattina Kathy Lenhart Lorinda Lewis Cheryl time Dale Lindstrom Steve Linson Tv Vickie Lovelace Faith Lumsden Sue Nlanske Heidi Marks Keith Maxam Tyrone Mazur Julie McComas 1 attendance office. parade. l '57 . s , X- H.. i 1 i . 1 lr ' Q., y t t S 'j , r ' N - 4 P5 2 3 it .,,. x K In 'li x 3' 5' 45' ' i P Qt 1 tw ' Q' R 1 I as s, , . 1 ' at - landy McDaniel Jim McKenzie Mike Meschi Flobert Miller Donald Mosbacher Ann Murphy ill McGee Scott Mcliinstry Pat Meyer Tamra Miller Renee Murchison Mike Murray like McGee Richard McLaughlin Kathy Meeks Sheri Moore Laura Murphree Kevin Neff Left: Debbie Davis helps out the administration at the Juniors display their corny enthusiasm in the homecoming 5 LP my Linda Neri Pete Nerwinski Doug Newkirk LeAnn Nichols Phyllis Nichols Valerie Nomer 2 4 Ken Hughes finishes an experiemnt in Chemistry. Below: Rose Gonzales and Nancy Wakeman fill in a worksheet for Biology. + ...N f Q35 w iz. 4 ' 'ik-3 'js ' x, me LJ., x Q Nun f w...- Dave O'Halioran Jan Peabody Celine Pierre Iey Diane Paiva Mike Perry Ken Pierson Kathy Parlier Becki Peterson .layann Pitcher David Parrish Paul Porter Michael Pollan h J .- 'fsvlfiu . - - V s 'Q 1 1 ,,f4""' W, , L. Zi, JK gs xx is Q' fx X, X ,,. x ' A X . , . 'Y ' V 'P 'r 'J X 'aux MU. Q? ily 01 sf' . w .W 1 SS Q.. dv A ' -xfgiffil , V 5, ,Q , 'Q . J' . V '-. ' -' -WM i- 4,3 .0 'gg r X 4 Z I ft ff' W1 'W' - A nl wx vs-m:r S w. Junions 010 them thmq Right: Bryan Deming and Jan Maynard caught in the act! Below: Embroidering at lunchtime is Julie Welter's favorite pastime. .1 as Q. , A I. 'tif is f . ' . I Nixa Schell Roger Scripoch Barbara Shsckelford Mickey Sheehan Ann Scott Charles Sept Bernie Shane Leslie Sheinberg H Scott Terry in Q ,N gl, 'N xg q. . X g ift ! . ' ,Q 1 5 , Cxtfj Q. Paul Shack Phil Skibo Sherry Smith Jim Simerly David Smith Stacey Smith Kim Skelton George Smith Bill Snyder v'-. xr hx c if fr .1 ,DDM 4 A . K K I , 1,53 if TQ. . w f , su 5 Q' .X . I, 'Q S 5- 'S .. - "SSS Q 1 x Below: Carmel Arundel studies over her paper in biology. Top Right: Igor O'Regan once again freaks out. Below. Right: lt's easy to see why Igor O'Regan and Pam Tuttle were chosen as class favorites. 40 . - 4 . . , Z t z "N 'X Q Q ' Oi "sh . f 1 5. 3+ F 's i x fvw get 1 ,, x i A i f Laurie Walton Annette Ward Nansi Weger Edith Wehe Craig Vreeken Nlaribeth Wakeley Nancy Wakeman Bob Walshaw I . 'fu MK,w ,, V .we ,i 'R 1,4 James Weidman Bill Weir Julie Welter Craig White William Whiteside Cindy Wilkinson Kathleen Wheeldon Ed Willey 110 ci-- U-ug L 'Z Q - su. il v - ' " K . mm X' X 'gm X ' 2. bk 25' x 'rx X 'a 'E Q 6 . afwiig. .-ni 4:63 ' i , .... . N 1-x G5 'Ulf I .z' 'V ' , . .:' Az' - ff ' . , ,rg 75 3 X-. 5 in X . 74 DC 3 X 'f ' gg gi: J-Q rv If N : . f H f' , 'sv ' " 1 . QW Q A Eiffl 'f.:'4'f' '- ., , . W, ,,..,. b . . 1 Vg j v If f ,WN if 4 7 A w ,, I .g.,e,- 1 Mm -:-- W ig,--13 '- 5?+'2Qsr"1:'i:?f1?3gX Q' ' mx 'mcg - , P i ? ,T T J r -K 3 Q Fm 1 ' 3 A., ' ' 9 , Q, , 2 2 , Q , ,di 4 S'- 34, 'Ku 1 W 5 , 5 x 'xxx ms f, 32.5 4 M Lu 33 . ,ww- 'M x 1 5 . honons eonzon, Sonia Gastaldi .,, ,. u 'x .AK 0 1 71 X: W. X: s 4 2' , r , ' f que. .N H Senior Princess: Denise Cook Senior Princess: Janelle Pillow , H5 ,, 92? ,, :Q '1 'r,f-9,4 1 Junior Princess: Jamie Richarson Sophomore Princess: Kim Veercamp Freshman Princess: Joan Reynolds 46 ffl sv Oue n by Lee Howard, President of FFA. Her kana howano Rules Oven hanvest Dance The contestants were nominated by the FFA and voted upon by the student body by placing pennies in the Jug representing the girl of their choice. below from left to right, include Senior Gail Carrie Dunn, and Sophomore Laura Albini, Kara seems enchanted by the dance. The exciting announcement was made on November 16. during intermission at the Harvest Dance. Kara Howard, a freshman, pictured at far right, was announced 1973 Harvest 4' 5. 1' ' 1 ,Tl-9 ,Ni-, .Ji- ! lac Q Q.. Q. f f fafk'-r'5',1 32 ff vw- for K -Q'u . - Q .. ,, .M ,lf x As.. .3 Q, Q K w fri 4? - . 2. xg-QQS 3 . , sg. K :whip -. ?1-. 5 Q5 '45 K "V - L 1 . ' .m'5-13" Rx h': '- I', 1 Je ' : 1 'p If a . 1 f 1 kathy Ano Oon eiecreo mme kinc, ano queen This year the riffle staff unanimously chose Kathy Brown and Don Arundell as its Riffle Queen and King. Both Kathy and Don proudly represent our schooI's spirit and warmth. They are known school-wide for their squirrely personalities, friendlienss. and high acedemic achievements. Kathy enjoys sewing. snow-skiing and bike riding. Don is one of the track and soccer men of our school. lLeftl Kathy and Don reveal their winning smiles. that help win them their titles. iBeIowl Kathy and Don play peek-a-boo with our photographer. I ,kiaf y 5 lg, ,. v i .I . IH 'S-v I 4 I Q . 9 1 'ag S11 it X,t i 1 ,. -p i ut 2 . . ,V ,, ' 2 " f . 1. K- 1-' p ,e 5 tiff- J' msn V J. me ,J ,A . ,L l kk P , G sr' :1 it 1-. TQ' -ln ng",-r",!4 QI fx. X gi ,LI 5 . , ,. , 'Saas '- W f 5.5 X , 4 if fi gix ' ' w' . ' R M :'1'7iQ3g A K' ,7 A15 L , - '. o RE- 7 .n'!FYf I-1' A 'ef' Q XKVK QV qffsg- tim kaptuizes key kluts kitten kuoos ,V I i SL l X- av- ' 'G '17 3 wr l , 1 5 3 i , mi we L., at N, .5 to 591 'ffl ii. ' :gy i ,A.L , T2 wt? Y i s rl 6 i C , - 5 i 3 U S li' 1 X5 U Yay X 1 . ,r Kim Veercamp. a sophomore, was selected by the Key Club members to be the only girl in the all boy organization. Kim was very active throughout her sophomore year. She was a member of G.A.A., and proved successful on the girl's swimming team and J.V, basketball team. Kim also did extremely well academically, managing to be in C.S.F., and on the principal's honor roll. Above: Kim is shown at Homecoming night as Sophomore Class Princess. escorted by Steve Christoph. Above left: Though Kim is a hard worker in class, she always manages to shine through with a smile. Left: Key Club Members discuss over the club's activities with Kim. 14 4, ii' Y 4.5,- v x fx fs ff? R x 'Q A 'U Y, a " m if 'S , . Q. E s Mfrz5 ,JM I, W. H....,, if H, it . fl., ,f wi I pf? vt. ,. .gt 452 s 1 4 1 55' .'?fQWfL5f5f V .A ,.. .f4.y, -W1 Q Alf' 133359. ... t. AQ, .Lf Q5 "4-2,5 ,.,,.i:6v3' -A Q-5 :" Hi ' 2' -Q -fgwfeob, .:a' yy 'agaf Sm! - . ,Q .X A, " ,gnif 5 ufft - a Hy.. 1-w-.f., f.f:x rf 'nf s. F, Y I it '. ' 6 ,QA v ,Qi W M 3 , S NW N Y , 4 Janae Stowe is A Semi-finalist on the national memt The semi-finalists are the highest scorers on the PSATXNMSOT in each of the 50 states. Only semi-finalists can advance to finalist status and can be considered for Merit Scholorships. About 15,000 semi-finalists are named in each annual Merit Scholarship program. This number is approximately a half of one percent of the nations total graduating high school Seniors. Bottom Left: Janae Stowe has shown high academic abilities throughout her high school career, and is very deserving of this high honor. Despite her hard studying Janae still manages to "keep on smiling". Bottom Right: Also honored in the National Merit tests were Top lleft to rightl Richard Hubbel and Jay Winklerg Bottom, Sarah Blair and Janie Carpenter. These four will recieve Letters of Commendation. Top Right: Janie Carpenter performs one of the more complicated experiments in Physiology. Ns gi 'Q Bank of AITIGRICA AWARCGO OUIZSIADOIHG SEUOGFIIZS The Bank of America's Achievement Award has developed into one of the most highly respected student awards in the nation. A faculty committee selects twelve outstanding students in twelve specific academic fields, to receive certificates of achievement. Then the committee chooses its top students in each of four general study fields: Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Science and Mathematics, and Vocational Arts. Students receive plaques and become eligible for zone events. Top Right: The plaque winners are fleft to rightl Jay Winkler, Science and Mathematics: Sarah Blair. Liberal Arts: Holly Shannon, Fine Arts: and Jeff Schimki, Vocational Arts. Bottom Right: Kathy Brown, English Department Winner, selects only books of a high classical background. Bottom Left: The certificate winners are first row lleft to rightl Kevin Sorbello. Music: Denise Cook, Business: Judy Freeman, Agriculture: Janie Carpenter, Lab Sciences: second row: Debbie Chambers, Home Economics: Kathy Brown, English: Janae Stowe, Math: third row: Hilary Atwood, Foreign Languages: John Vardanega, Social Studies: and Jim Feathers, Drama. Not pictured are Rod Nerwinski. Trades and lndustry: and George Yurkovick, Art. Top Left: Bank of America Award Winners have a wide variety of interests. "Mafia" John prepares a deadly solution to get rid of his dishonest employee, "The Laughing Killer". Jeff Bethell. X. This year Elaine lVliIIer was chosen 1974 Miss Sadie Hawkins. Elaine reigned over the best darn shindig dance. The two princesses were Debbie Botnen and Sue Evans. Throughout her high school years, Elaine was in clubs such as G.A.A.. Drill Team, Yearbook, and Senior Class representative. EIaine's hobbies are cooking and photography. Top Right: Queen Elaine and Debbie are shown after the exciting announcement, during the dance, Bottom Right: Yearbook co-editor Gail Wylie and Elaine, Editor of Organizations, work diligently on yearbook layouts. Below: Elaine shows her spirit as a clown during Spirit Week. if ,,f Sw GIAIDG m F' shines as miss Saloie hawkin I Outstanoinq athletes Awaizoeo at Banquets Many athletes were awarded at the fall and winter sports banquet this year. The outstanding athletes were singled out for their superior performance in sports. Because of the vast number of students and coaches awarded, pictured are only a few of those awarded. Top Left: Bucky Skibo receives his plaque for his participation in football. Middle Left: Dave O'Halloran receives a plaque and trophy for Outstanding Back. Bottom Left: Jim Schiedler is awarded for his outstanding managing and organizing of the football team. Bottom Bight: Coach Meyers receives a cake from the C.S.M.O. for the athletes in fall sports. Middle Right: Mr. Graf gladly presents John Mosbacher with an award for football. Q, we-sfh., Q . ,- 'H 'lv ' A ig.-gQ,L,4f?f.. .X : -A . ,..,fg.3" 5 A gl vs fy 'Z' N,-2 M , A. Qs- nf. fi , QQ? waz' X , x fgw'+vz':Qfw-gm1.,' - We -A . if H . . . I 4W53y0- f J., ' ...N -.,.-1., . 52-. M J, ,gf 3 W .5 A V .1 KW ' - ' 7' ' fi' .Q ,-, , I fpgqkgwg 'fr -., ' ', - .f!q.Q1' - -'- 2 ' , p fx fp - . A My Yew' may ' , ,K 5 im 1 , - 1-2, Xi W 5-fwgg A Wi. ' il, Q v J 4 kv .2 'r,M,. if 5 its Sai my si . K ' , M ik.-A ' fy " - 1 'iw f 4, f'--'ff 'T' ' ...X - XL5i,5.Q 2 ag ef? .agp .32 T - ' QT .I '49 5' S' " A Y ? 5 A ff, . J A- '- df ' ' 'Q 5 A ff 152- V 1-5.55 wflw aj? - q- A 'F K yu 'I . . 4' Y- i - 291' k E nt .5' A , " 4. 'v K'-:ff -Lg - 3 5 ,qv ax glen. . Y j , f, X .1 1. Y k ..,f .J 1 Q vi , 5 . 4 E. ' x ' X J X? K f G- . X A Q QV . 31:53, M i' f . fl J iv V K NK. 5 . h X F I 5 ,ii K :ig K 8- url., S, 5: AQHA, : ' 5 Q 5 '--T .- K 55 , Vi.. TE. Q L' -' ' SJ A 5 ' A A '- . .wviivif ff? .gg xv .- ' L f H is K' . Y mf' v s - A in M 1, , ,. 4 w. . f .-ws..-fn k f i, K Zififzxii-Sffi. .. , K. . K! A if. iii . , K was ,W w , J .L .V . fq J.1.Y.,..A .lf-l... ' -Q. i f M- 2111 5 F . . , WQQM 45 'T fflif' ' Mira? -,PJ-511' 'Eff 'L P 'K -'iii-lit ' 2. fair., - - ' QQ:-F3331 ' - f11"ifZ.PH-Flfifil 5 - DRY f . 1 . ffixi in Q-.X - 'YL in S k'fQT?i'?'glWf EW. 9 if . in If -' F fiwgiglfg-f.k.g,,f...,X,.sg wg, - f - . . A a x A 4' fin" T152 . . 43 i--.'iQi'?"?2'3 - A ,5:5iNYQ'?ii,95 :f ?f5c?" ,g .1e. ' :fw,.gg 'g5.,",w-,A -, A K. a - 'A .. wQf" + w -2 .?ew'mgM iw..!:f' we H .Q aa-Qmfw ' K' mf 1-fff g -2 .J X, u 'wifi F .f - . 1. ' v.,gp5'gg ,. 5 --1+ A 47 A " L. .uiz'LL-a g ' - M - H1 -' . -- .fn -- .M f . wi ' . , 'e-NS ' via YW . ff - M51 'Wh 1 1 ,Jf H " 'J 'psi-k.A T359 '7f.4.4:fH 'M 1 -'--'N-.w X .mx ,, N.. .A.., 1 . U Nw Q .M , ,Q L ., ,... A , LLLL . A. .L V ,. Q iw f'f-Ifimug .g.1'..gta 1, , 5 U17-lx,-3' 18 ight". W -,yi -z.,-N., JN3- A 1 9, 1 , ,.,.. ., ,.,...xw- Senior: GGIAEQRS: Sue Garretf Jody Tompkms Kathee Parrish and Karen Holkenson sailed their boat out as Gayle Albini Michele Amo ' - - - - Brad Amen Carol Anderson Lori Johnson and Lynn Robinson sail theirs into shore. . f J f gjp-:gg I - 1 4 Qa9??T'??iT5fa3iiaQe i if a-ff' 73 'H' 11: .ibm-find ' ' 'f - if f if f if flinf " gm: gm, L V K Q-1' V v ' iff ' ' X 1 . , : Don Cindy Atkins Don Hilary Atwood 158 ottom: Captain Kenworthy brings his crew in after a long at Browns Ravine. Ballard Debbie Barnes ,wif 'ri , ffga . J-'13-fLA'Af Center: Sarah Blair and Jenae Stow pushed off from the dock in their sunflower. Kevin Barnett Peggy Barnhaff is .SI i ,Z-'fgff 1' f'1'?.23 x ., A 4, ip--.., 41 Letty Barrentine Dotty Beadle "Sailing, Sarlmo maoe llun-Lllleo fall Days 159 Senlons Ollifeneo In them Activities We caught Karen Reynolds putting her cougar sticker on her CHF. SX x , waxy if Ou? .WAX PU! if ft' vu- ,- I . -ug .. , 1' 4.75.9 Keith Beane Kurt Berger Sue Steve Beauchamp Susie Berger Jeff Vi Sara Mike Boren Cliff Borem I ckham Debbie Botnen John Bosch Bradley Diane Brown Bradshaw Kathy Brown Briggs Jeff Bunch Broussear Art Burkhart 6? QP" Y-:wi ns Ni sw Nr' , .4 W,-7 If I ---0 'T Bottom: Hilary Atwood and Lorie Carpenter enjoy their daily lunch in the cafeteria. Pau! Calanchini Janie Carpenter Diana Card Lorie Carpenter Ed Carlson Carol Carter ef 'fig' l"x '16 If i ' 'ww ll l 4 jfs! U Q I 161 I xx .X - -Si SGHIORS mAO6 Gooo Bench WAIIITIGRS typical activity for Kurtis Hamady - taking it easy. IT ,ar Kim Colweil Denise Cook Combellack Robin Cornwall Kathy Crittenden Darien Davis Irma Cruz Lorna Dilts Minerva Cruz Sue Drennan Norm Davenport Carrie Dunn Bott m: Jan the flieshmen Evans Sue Tina v -5? HQX K H ff1Q,.:xQ F f . - It if Q X as Q57 k MQ ,111 ....-v' G -vw' Left: John Mosbacher - he's a mighty Cougar! 15' Stan Flickinger Judy Freemann Sonia Gastaidi Louis Flieger Frank Folger Sue Garrett Greg Fluckey Mark Fulton Cindy Gillihan Peggy Golemon Kathy Gray Laurie Gray Ken Grogan Steve Grogan Ax Q 1 QL., w V. Q 4 X. x '4 r ,gfifff NX - -1 sk ,Ii xi ,Vs N. ' f if , x 5 it 1 '95 .ii ,W I . 1 ' I K 4g -9' .f fi 5 5' . a ' -si! A I-A L l5g2LL.l, 5, - f f N 1 if ir' - I A 44. fx- 'fsfr -J' Q- J: 1, . N' k 5, K '- K 'jf mf N K- U Q ENR I E kj:..,,i,gi -.Nw y Q . g we -' wifi., aff wg, ' ji Hr, f , f"'f .nf A I ' at X, L! 1 V My .. 5 6 4222. HG' 1 I .N iglx.-nov' 1 , 2 eft: Frank Folgers spends his last year with his friends in the Iiffice. ren Hatheway Terry Hicks anne Hayes Eric Hill nnis Hermann Debbie Hilligas H.. ..,... .,... nf. A 3-,,,, T.. 'Wy' ref.. Nfh Bottom: Judy Huntsman and Dottie Beadle chat and eat lunch on the warm lawn. Rick Hitch Cindy Hoover Karen Holkanson John Horton Lori Honea Melodye Hubbard -A .,'-J nl 1: fn- . 'xi f '--' v'-2f"'!f i at-N.,--.ff c .4 , f - xt. ,ff '41-i,gdOQ. . x 't'0f if, fu . , x J-3. -. 4,0-.fha -t-.3 l Q ,. -- .y-, "-T13-ig" 4- - N' ':5'1i'E,'w.. r:",1'f',"5A! .4,.. . - . . M ,QN.,tf. .sl A, Y ' QT' 5. vxj-Q. 4vwWVf " .. .- ,,, WITH." ' . v 5 - A -, A .. W mag- N vi my . 5: , X Q. , Q.. Nh mv' I V. H' Hubbell Lori Johnson Huntsman Vicki Johnson Ingram Karen Katleba Johnson Holly Kennedy Semorzs took All In Spmlt Week The gang got ready for a cruz to the soda parlor after a great day of the 50's during spirit week. Bottom: Karen Nicholson helps the Seniors win clown day. , 1'6" an y . X. 'UW tw J' ,jx haf? inf W3 - ' r ,3.,bft. Q ' KN QgfqP3..:p'j w , - . -,,. ,Y 54.11 A -. J' Y ,gf , NL3,.T,L:'f4,'i W wwf. -s Q 5 .M- b, 4 K x3 Tix A ' Q, M 'rr'-v ,vii L PM ' . is Q z Left: Gail Albini came to school with a Below: Laurie Gray shows an little birdie on her head. underclassman who's boss. Wk? i 5' , C7 an , ot ' .J Anne Kenyon Michael Koszalka Greg LfddiC03f Wi" Little Janis Kitchen Marcia Leins Flick Linson Randv Lovelace 170 GAITIGS ANC RAIUGS KGDII SGHIORS AITIUSGO Bottom Left: As Junior Sheri Smith bursts of too many marshmallows: Carol Minchew does all she can to hold hers in while the Seniors yell in triumph for their champion marshmallow stuffer. Bottom Right: Lloyd Peterson and Steve Grogan sell tickets for a basketball game. Guy Lowe Adriane Lucier F red Janise Maynard Martin Debbie lVlcAlister cf! op Right: John Riley rushes to the game. Bottom: Right: hree of our loudest Seniors Cheer at the basketball ournament. y McBride Rudy Mendoza ce McCormick Steve Mercer McKenzie Diane Meyer McLaskey Elaine Miller Jolynne Miller Suzie Miller i .58 R C we-0'9" Afli fi mimi' QT. ,. are .J 12 Spimt Week mam event was the llloat The proud Senior float paraded down Canal Street. Mike Yurkovich works on the Cougar. 'f 'K t x ' . if ' P ggi ..,4 to . . K as r Carole Minchew John Mosbacher Dana Mitchell Lindy Mott Jeff Montgomery David Muir Cathy Moritz Gurla Murphy f T"--Q ., J K l 1 'yfzzztf , 12:5 ffl, ., Q rf lhx- NUAVW. Q4 'I ak ,. r 0 ,-,r ' - ,dx ' JD' 1 ' ' ' ' ,. lv - V ix 5 X fe ' L-3 '31 I' vc i Alf K' V fri ,f'ii.,,"' M l ', " , .. at ,5 ,tr- f 1 ' ' 'l K-'45 ,f jf' K ivy The rest of the Seniors built the float for homecoming night when the stands ASQ if were filled with anxious Seniors who rejoiced when they were rewarded Most Spirited, and Best Float. iggilt' HJ t ,ff QYPA v M' 6 . pw.,-i , l X , 6a,?:?2'q" -23.6 ,ch AE "xr -F 1' .. 4 H 'ff L , , , , "-rim --:gf'1F- ' l J t l 'fri' t . rg ,1,g,uf1- - vXj,.'..N,. Y H f "' ..?5"'fi'f.v r"' .tu +. M.. -.'....uf'2u4:-3' s v ,ae . x i f f' , .... I 3' 1 Y gm 'an 4.51 -f 1' ,,...,. AYYFIS MUVDNV Gay Musick Paula Nelson Rod Nerwinski 4 SENIOR SIIAFIOOUIIS Deby Womack and Phil Chandler's activities in school and out made them Best All Around. The styles worn by Mark Spindler and Rebecca Raine won them Best Dressed. Gail Bob Newton Nicholson Mike O'Halloran Kevin O'Meara Linda Ouellet Patricia Pardee 1? ..Q- " 'Sv' is , iffvlld v'-"7 1 X! Left: Class Favorites Jinx Hall and Bill Patterson. Center Left: Florsi and Fred Vogt were Friendliest. Below: A kiss to Janet West and John Vardenega for being Class Flirts. 1 y Park Magaret Parker Kathee Parrish John Partain 'Q Oesenvmc Gnaouates wane electeo Senior: Stanoouts Bottom Left: Fall leaves became a place for Diane Meyer and Joe Whitty to be themselves-the Wittiest. AAe.a ., o fi Y 1' .L P ll fi ' '-E is M 3 0. N' v"1 Bill Patterson Rachel Perry Joyce Padrone Lloyd Peterson Bill Perry Janelle Pillow Center Left: To be the Most Athletic takes time and energy, but Spencer Weston and Gail Hansen had the most. Left: Vicki Johnson as a Mascot and Jim Shideler being Football Manager gave them the Most Spirited. Below: The Most Intelligent minds of Janie Carpenter and Jay Winkler made it easy for them to gain acknowledgement of their efforts. Bottom: Eager Semors awaut gettnng theur flnlshed protralts Top: Mark Fulton and Soma Gastaldu get ready for their picture. Karen Reynolds Ron Fievaz A ttom: The Senior class listens with excitement as they await final nominations of their standouts. Roy Gerry Sauls Jiff Schimke Peggy Scott Rupley Richard Schlesinger Cynthia SC-3995 David Sedefquest 1""" i X 'ali' 1 180 Master chef-Robin Cornwall sifts the flour to make a recipe he Senlons VAQIGISI created for a jello salad. I . ex ik 'NO ' .H-,.' ,eg , 3 H 777 X i i Holly Shanon Judi Shultz Sides Kevin Sorbello Jim Shideler Heidi Sievert Eula Stan Spell Jean Mark Spindler Smith Dennice Stearns Bottom Left: Mrs. stop sign c Ily Shannon could always be found using her many talents. escape. 'dis at.t. S115 ,S A , ,N x , . ,, 'v S vw -M vw-if if X P e .A -.sap -av X x 2' .5 ..1 D it EN, Tj K '5iv Susan Steele Rich Stephenson Charles Stermer Frances Stevens aught another senior trying to .4-at uv' . i X Jia' W ,Q , 'or if tgir- Janae Stow Jean ne Strait James Stroud Tim Tappan L.. ,Z 1 'CTI' 49 J AQQEQ, 8- 1 ttom: lTop to Bottom, Left to Rightl Senior Class Officers: urie Ceccarelli, Vice Pres: Kerry Ballard, Director of Ath: ebbie York, Senior Rep.: Janae Stowe, Treas. 1 Elaine Miller. Vogt Jackie Weldy tte Webber Janet West S,C. Rep.: Jill Chance, Senior Spokesman: Darien Davis. Sec.: Mark Spindler. Pres.: Jeff Bethel, Refreshments and entertainment: Sonia Gastaldi, Sunshine Girl. Spencer Weston Dale White Philip Whalen Joe Whitty April Wheeler Eddie Wilbur Dona Wheeler Barry Wilkinson Zi. 'Q 'WN QMS' .4 X Noel Goursole passes Karen Holkenson while joke. Anne Evans and Sue Evans choose their proofs. an '. Senions Cnosseo the Bmoqe to them moiznmo After: in June 1974 "A morning after" proved itself at different times and ways for the many interesting and unusual personalities of each of the 280 graduates in the class of 1974. Although they say the last year of high school is a breeze. it still called for much time, effort, amd study. But there was always time for the class of 74 to stop and dream of their "Morning After"- graduation night. Left: Richard Hubbel fills out forms for his picture. Bottom: George Cocks tries to be serious even though Noel forces him to smile. -Sys ft' ,pup oi Debbie York George Yurkovich Vicki Young Mike Yurkovich f., . , ' A L av in ,gmt W , E X . A Q Q W, 1 W' f an A x sk' 1 .g,z. 4 1:3 2? L.-E81 1' if I ' w Q ?. mx md A ld' 9 N Q as 2- 4 Q axz,f'S., Wm in 'Ay ,,,..-Q..-....pfw dig 5. - f 1 W z Q . Qfwi N, A gffggfi H 3 5. QQIKQ A x ygvgzii-y1ggQgQ5gf1,,,N:iwlSi i hr w s '- -"' k jr A f ., ,- V ,Aw Y F4 W ., ,. .1 xg XV ,W 4' A Hi' si' 1 Z.:-.N w + 1 . CRGANIZAEIODS eomonsg Elaine Miller ' Lisa Pgrks , V -'fi F' 'v :,X.- Asif: ur.,- n..x,, 'n ls, ,, In num, , 'ln u "1 a.." 21.9.42 1-'f ' 9 I Q I 'A ,sw ES' . xf , , Q 3 w . , ug. 5 1 1. ' 3 X ff , L M - gwiYffqqWmQ . 34 fi Vs2f151aff,Sf Qs fu al ff "., rig: .Ai N Zifig if Q A j.Zff5.fi" F 5,105-2 ?g' TW in -X J My .w if P , 'rims V f ? iigisiiigiig K , . 5 U J w Hx ,Q f aw I , t Q pgkx A-Iii yang if 9 yy M 1 ,gil ,-, , 5 lyk Q Y l z Q 1 ' fc Q . K fx U, - ill In nu.-L lk 'U nl Lg? tv . ,. N-we . ' -1 ,Annum ' . x , Il: X: m3 . -4-nlQi"" F" 1 1 W. 3 5 . Q 5 QL q I S l,LgAI'A,' in fe ' X A li' 31 3 .55 R Jay!-',. It PY' 'M 9 W il -1 " ' if 1 Q, i ,ff P ...I i "'f -v f S V fig", W- 4 . IIWYA I .1 'v Aw P ... I 9, sa, ff N' gl x .1 ui f'i ..',, .1!5,a!.,' an ' J . 'A X- , ': n:. x sg a" ' !l:":. 5 S gffi' '1Q',h. 5x Q 33:55 .xl ,s . Gml Statisticians Backeo team with Reconos Carmel Arrundell, Ann Delfino, Linda Harvey, Linda Redmond, Laurie Halcos, Barbara Dunbar, Anita Dixon. Marion Johnson, and Terry Searle did a fine job as crosscountry-ettes this year: lT0p Rightl. Baskedettes Margie Caballaro, Sue Duncan, Jean Potts, Rhonda Conrad, Laurie Campbell, Marion Johnson, Linda Youel, Jean Bye, Lori Rosen. Pam Cochran, Janet Payne, and Joyce Pineda. lDarien Davis is not picturedl, had a good year of their own, Margie Caballero says "ALL RIGHT!" lTopl lTop Leftl Lee Howard, F.F.A.'s President presides over a monthly meeting. lTop Rightl Dawn Owings, Scott Pardee, Curt House, Mike Butterfield dress up their hamburgers at F.F.A.'s fall picnic and swim party. D 'M' 1'W-.JSELai'-:""fTf?iEFFff?Tt""f'7f'w1w- , . -Q:dsasasit-,.,.s11.g-,gif 'pf , ,Tw . '- ..,Jl'.,...Mw. ,s. Iiutune Ilanmens Cultlvateo liun Ano Serzvlce lTop Row, Left to Rightl Mike Smith, Lee Howard. Steve Linson, Joan Reynolds. Ed Ingram, Fred Lumen, Russ Atkins, Mike Butterfield, Vic Whitaker. Ken Stone. Bob Carter, l2nd rowl Ed Marchini, Dave Cook, Mark Huston. Kelly Gross, Laura Albini, Marty Wrzesinski, Gayle Albini, Greg Fluckey. Mira Van Der Hoeven, Stan Pardee, Kinzie Girardin, Mike Pastoret. l3rd rowl Charles Jordan. Rick Purcell, John Showmaker, Trudi Ward, Joyce Van Den Dungen Billie, Johana Stepjanske, Kathy Braud, Terri Dillard, Terry Dureet, Rusty Clingman, Peggy Goleman. Rachel Perry, Steve Mack. l4th rowl Junior Mings, Kara Howard, Sue Buckingham, Ray Franklin, Greg Zollars. Judy Freeman, Marla Meadors, Cari Potter, Dawn Owings lvice-presidentl, Kim Anderson, Sandy Pratt, Sharon Anderson. lBottom rowl Mr. Swenson. Steve Bishop. Mike Jensen, Jack Barber, Chuck Zollars. Ron Stelina. Dewey Kast, Mr. Vosburgh, Mr. Mulligan. 'X 'F x K .FK fUpper Left! Curt Hamady, Janine Turnboo, Randy Grebb. Glen Harlow. CTop Rightb "Happy Painters" IBottom Leftl "Ahh!" CBottom Right! Dawn Owings QV. Presj, and Lee Howard 1Pres.D the Onlll team Spankeo Rallies Ano -time Activities Top:Ueh ubnghd Ann Murphy,Laune Halcos, Linda Redmond lco-captainl, Cheryl Lillie, Jan Treat, Cindy Randolph lcaptainl, Lisa Park lcaptainl, Laura Redmond lco-captainl, Laurie Walton, Marian Johnson. Stephanie Hubbard. Cindy Randolph and Laurie Halcos head toward Canal Street to line up for the H1973uHomecmnmgPamde ir.,- K rf-r.,e 1-vi? 5- .ms . Q -, '!!'4"f3 ', ,Q Sify' 11253 in 'avg if Q :ill Ill 'Q A 'I IB' 4 Q . , L 'Ar fr i V, L04 1 ff, A uixk 1 ,N ngrfzfgiqj, If - Omll team Really Showeo them Stuff Drill Team lines up at goal post while waiting for their name to be announced for their first performance. lTop leftl. Drill Team at practice. lTop righti. Drill Team marching down town during Homecoming, lBottom leftl. the 1973-74 yeamsook Staff humzieo to meet Oeaolmes Rhonda Conrad and George O'Regan concentrate on writing body copy for the sports section, iAbovei. The yearbook staff clowns around as one of their daily activities, iTop righti. Laurie Walton. Lisa Park, and Elaine Miller discuss layout situations. iRighti. Pam Cochran types out body copy for a lay out, lTop Leftl. Editors: Jill Chance and Gail Wylie, checking over layouts. lBottom Leftl. Darien Davis and Sonia Gastaldi sell yearbooks in front of the boy's gym. lTop Rightl. Joni Edison keeps track of yearbook sales, lBottom Rightl. f 7 iq 2 ff 41 -1-' 1- hw .1-' - 0 9 .s ' ,y, li' Y N' , ', - 'ra-V , "'Q,.--511' f MJ" 3 "'-A , M' 2- A ,vqfp ' " .uv 15 Y A YQ? 9 nv i i . r J " , XX M 9 K fy ,, S Qc' K W ,fp if -a X -xx 3 N. ,xf1Q.1,g,N ff ?i'.5Yi:Pf. m Xe R Xswz -. x .mx , .-3 , gig dbg, EV CIUB GAVE VAIUABIE SERVICE A-.1""J in BIBIE ClUB SOUGHE Spmitual Refneshment Top: llst row: left to rightl David Dwyer, John Riley lV. Pres.l', Kevin O'Meara lPres.l, Dave Parrish, Willie Rupley. John Mosbacher, Rod Newrinski. l2nd rowl David Cate. Glen Corson, Bryan Deming, Bob Niles. Gary Gruwell, Steve Baker. llst row: left to rightl Jim Eggert. Brent Stewart, Phillip Mielke, Ken Hughes, Bill Langford. Larry Hamilton, Glen Cain. Norman Jones, Curt Lomax, Randy Fritzmeier. Bryan Deming, Jim Nelson, Ralph Eslick. l2nd rowl Laurie Walton, Joni Edison, Peggy Puthuff, Judy Cundal, Joyce Cundal, Kathleen Jones. Myrna Carnahan. AIIS Bnouqht the Worzlo toqethen Top: A.F.S. Officers lleft to rightl Jinx Hall lPres.l, Sue Hanan lV. Pres.l, Beatrice Hill lSec. Treas.l, Florci Esquivel llst row: left to rightl "The Gang" Richard Lenhart, Kathy Brown. Kirsty Tosh, Jennifer Henderson, Kathy Highley, Sue Henley. Julie Nichols, Lisa Johnson, Jennifer Bennett, Susan Pratt, Glen Cain, Janie Carpenter, Brent Stewart, Diane Piava, Ray Heberer, Ken Hughes. l2nd rowl Linda Nelson, Sue Hanan, Laurie Ceccareli, Jinx Hall, Florci Esquivel. Beatrice Hill, Mr. Warner ladvisorl. IZIORCI Brzouqht AIHGRICADS CIOSGR lTop Leftl Florci talks at A.F.S. assembly. lUpper Rightl Florci with friends lrma Cruz and Minerva Cruz. lLower Leftl Florci talking with Irma Cruz in the cafeteria. "KL My year as one of the El Dorado High school students has added and taught much to me, Since the first day here the friendliness and sympathy of all members of the school helped me to feel self confidence and security, Maybe nobody can understand the great meaning of an A.F.S. Scholarship until they live it, but one of the best things of that experience is that you learn so much about yourself and about the people. I can say, in my case. the AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE has achieved one of its main purposes: that is, give to the student the best f educational experience possible. I am X' really grateful to it for this wonderful opportunity. My American family is just marvelous: they have given me a year full of happiness, love and joy. while l don't have words to thank them so much for everything, the same as my wonderful family back in Costa Flica: and the Lord Our God, that made real my golden dream. From now on, the beautiful memories of my time at El f Dorado. at the small city of Placerville and at our country of Cedar Grove will live forever in my mind and in my heart. QS ,LQCK XUQLVYQIAX 02 tnackettes kept Beautiful Stats Top: lleft to rightl Carmel Arundell. Annie Delfino, Linda Harvey. Linda Redmond, Laurie Halcos, Barbara Dunbar, Anita Dixon, Marian Johnson. Terry Searle. Canoystmpens Gave SERVICE WHERE UEECEO lLeft to rightl Susan Henley, Janet Riley. Jeanie Aiken. Terri Jones. Jane Treat. Mary Ehlman, Darlene Glessman, Mary Schamoon. Laurie Ealton, Marla Meadors, Marian Johnson, Cindy Randolph, Lisa Parks. 'E P' fum ,Li ,ix Q R. :W .1 I A ri-' . 'Q ,- 1-.,, 4' lf 1 y W s if SX manchmq Bano penfonmeo Wlth "Style" Hilary Atwood leads the Marching Band down Canal Street in the Homecoming Parade. ltopi. Left to right the Marching Band plays for a rally in their colorful hats, lbottoml. The Trumpet Section: lfront rowi Randy Cray, Harvey Hamilton. Kevin Sorbello. lback rowl Robbie Cannon, Mike Gonzales, Joe Heberer, Mike Jones, Mary Harris. and Laurel Neff. gg, 'Je X 4 1 l l i l The drums, bells, and symbols section: lfront rowl Bill Barineau, David Sharpe, Kirk Beane, Lee Ann Flickinger, and ltop leftl The tuba and trombone section: lleft to rlghtl Leonard Payton, Jack Buster, Craig Vreeken, Andy Thomas, Mark McGee, Jeff Cannon, Ken Mello, Ray Heberer. ltop rightl The french horn section: Lee Comer, Karen Cassel. Greg McLaskey. lbottom leftl The clarinet section: lfront rowl Kathy Highley, Bruce Bragington, Bob Hosea, Tim Rankin. Michelle Pollak. lmiddle rowl Kim McVicar, Liz Branscomb, Jennifer Fleming. Kathy DeVorss, Dana Krystofek. lback rowl Gayle Cate, Kathy Strickland, Peggy Putoff, and Stephanie Varozza. 1 Julie McComas. lmiddle rowl Lisa Johnson, Marty McCoy, Diane Teague, lback rowl Jennifer Henderson, Mary Dugan. 2 6 iTop: left to rightl saxophones: Flay Burns, Linda Nelson, Glen Cain, Sheryl Sterner. l2nd rowl Kevin Corson, Lorna Payton, Tom Heberer. Hilary Atwood stands at attention before directing the Marching Band. lBottom: left to rightl Cindy Paulkman, Sue Pratt. Kathy Johnson, Joan Reynolds, Janet Scott. l2nd rowl Faith Lumsden, Jean Potts, Karen Glands, and Jan Peabody. Q if fi 0. uk N' k f, 3,-f"i.f-'Q-I IT X K ,J 45 Qs: e wr .1 55.3 K .F Q J 2 4 71' gg -X 1" V , 1 .fi f U1 if 1 :Sis V 'K Y J sf' Q Q if A if: .Ag-I4 Ii 'W r , r 351'-.': , 6 K J , 'Q M. "lm" A 'F n'N'.," Fi, 1 , .4513 s' ...HC AJ W N y. A ,x?.4 Q 1: Eel- in 'I . .T-g.. ,N .. 'Q ...K , Q mat' ,tn rift ' 3-. ' 'f -'I 4 f. .I ':Lap4.s-- kglxf, I 1 V k.K. ,fbsig-' Q, s . V r , 5 "Agn 'yn ' ' 'f K '. ' a -N -. 1 'W ,, E tr Q s Q X V 3 'ix fir If F .41 W ' , -'5 - Vx? 'Q' L L am ' . 6 f 1: ' ' ' XM! 5- ish : 3 fn Y ' :tr , Q, - 4' X Q ' ' I 1" ww, 'gf' 5 P-gg ,, Q S ,Lx X sl . I v if ' A 1 ' A ff . ig .A . e 5 '. V. , 'Q , w.. s,, O8 Jazz Bano exceeos All Jazz Band placed first in the AA division at Oakmont Jazz Festival and will represent the Western U.S. on a tour of Europe from June 17 through July lst playing in London, England: Paris, France: Salzburg, Innsbruck, Austria: and Munich, Germany. This year they also participated in the Reno Jazz Festival and the C.M.E.A. Jazz Festival in Sacramento. lTopl, John Bosch kept the beat going on through the year. lBottoml, Left to Right, Hilary Atwood, Janae Stowe, Jacquie Reed, John Bosch. and Larry Parks. l2nd Rowl, Mike Jones, Joe Heberer, Kevin Sorbello, Andy Thomas, Ken Mello, Ray Heberer, Craig Vreeken. lBottom Rowl, David Muir, Cheryl Stermer, Glen Cain, Tom Heberer, Charles Stermer. lOpposite page: Top Leftl, Larry Parks concentrated on getting the chords right. lTop Flightl, Kevin Sorbello and Joe Heberer practiced early every morning. lBottom Leftl, David Muir and Cheryl Stermer played their saxophones with much skill. lBottom Rightl, Flay Heberer was the Herb Alpert of the band. I 4 , ,....n,,-..,..,:.,,..X....:,,,,,. S Ngwmm-m Xu., .S 3 sp- 45" 3. --ui., X 49""f" ' PX, """"1 r, 1 x :KKK '!ll"s: x""'Pl lsa!'in 1l1,9'u' uvvxw "?"'?-H' Wl1!!:f" uimqifl vofgvi' if Eff . gs .W if 4 I fa 5 135' jg,-'QQ' . T Y .1 'ii ,... :AW ' X1 , .X Q if 1 V 5'f, i 1, u 'i - - v . 5-5 f .M 72,714 iv gf sfg+f r w W 35 X 0:1-:?,g , . rfwxk- amz eff 4- f- f T3 715 if Q sg .iv Q 'QSM if w 1 , Y? f Y 1 :im . . if if fi?- il I n ' a fl-' I yum. nhl. . Aft, .k-, i cf'4,,f QA Aw Legg! , ' 1 ' 'W . S I 2 ' , Q VN .f,.,1,.-,gg X riff,--i,. ' yvfiu . i - A 5 X 41 - V ' Tlwf 9' . FT' , Q -15" ar 9 " 'U' e Fi . . 1 . -y Q' Q ' V 1 8. . , F9 Qxx ,Q , by . jg. ZS, Jai Q A ! , if I Q - if 6 X 'K ' X .- iw Q 1 Q"' g Q 'T 121 kj' Li L . L51 L x ,J ,V 3 E - H i Q 1 :Q M, i '4 j 'Q X . ' ' .' v ,i i V . .. lk, gi Q is Mi ,A Sq, gg' ii 15 . aff gs sh ,- . ', if X' S , N f b ' ::'. ' J, ' . J 3 as x. Bxwfi , , I Q a1,,. Q zz 1 X A - . ', 1 Lg, 2 M , . ,V ig Q' ,,' I 5 fi ' ' f . 'ig Q ' if ig, . - X gig , 0' if if , K.: A, 1 4? 11 wx Q - f 3 3 F 1 fi Q' ix ' , l 2 Choir: Gizew with them Concents Top Right: The concert was a success when the choir contributed their songs. Top Left: The choir warms up before a performance. Bottom, Left to Right: lTop Flowl, Margo Klotz, Julianna Harn, Margaret Hohn. Julie Nichols, Barbara Blagg, Wendy Flieger, Penny McGuire, Shirley Johnson, Margie Caballero, Tara DiGuirco, Mrs. McGauhey. lCenter Rowl, Julie Sherb, Maribeth Wakeley. Gail Heagey, Kathy Sharpe, Celeste Painter, Ramona Jennison. Kathy Anderson, Kellie Moore, Suzanne O'Malley. lBottom Rowl, Joyce Atkinson, Casey Morris, Luke Lowery, Wayne Von Flunnen, Joe Harn, Louie Flieger, Rick Hernandez, Junior Mings, Florci Esquivel. 212 l X59 lKCCOmDllShmEnT1 WAS Stuoents COl1l1Cll,S Goal tudent Council lTopg Left to Rightl Vicki Johnson lC.S.M.O. p.l, Erin Combs lsophomore rep.l. Miss Boesch lAdvisorl, Indy Ezzel lJunior rep.l. and Jeff Montgomery lDirecotr of thleticsl lBottom rowl Mark Spindler lSenior Class Pres.l, orna Dilts lCommissioner of Publicity and Entertainmentl, arlene Fassett lSecretaryl. Spencer Weston lPresidentl. Steve Baker iVice-Pres.l. Gail Wylie lAsst. Commissioner of Financel, Denise Cook lCommissioner of Financel, and Elaine Miller iSenior class rep.l. This year's Student Council revised the constitution. They also created an election board in order to help elections of officers go more smoothly. newspaper: Staff "the Way they werze" most of the time The newspaper staff worked to publish a school newspaper. on a regular basis, to inform and entertain students, and with the hope of a school newpaper becoming part of the curriculum. They worked to make the newspaper interesting to students by changing the name of it on every issue and dedicating it to school life. THE SUNSHINE TIMES, GOOD NOOSE-BAD NOOSE, and COUGAR TAILS were some of the names tried, As a result a journalism course was added to the class offerings for next year. lTopi Newspaper did their usual thing during class. lBottom3 Left to Righti Debbie .York, Greg Fluckey, Gail Albini, Paul Bauske, Judy Freeman. Mike Jenson, Linda Edison. Jane Gemmett, Ron Biggs, Pam Shepherd, Judy Bradshaw, Dawn Ests. lFront row: Left to Flighti Kara Houghtaling, Elizabeth Blood, Margaret Parker, and Paula Coan. 5 1 k ix. IA.. -1-H, f .V - ,Vg -Q-QZXZFN i Gmls' league motto was "happiness is Shaping" iTop Lefti Honorary Boy member of Girls League, Jim Shidier, President Debbie York, and Jean Potts contribute toys to the Sheriffs Office for Christmas. iBottom Iefti President Debbie York and Janet Payne having an interesting discussion with their Advisor Mrs. Dusek. iBottom Fiighti At a meeting, Jean Potts, Valerie Jacobs, and Debbie Jacobs do a lot of planning with Mrs. Dusek. i .-4 13 ..,vf'4"" ww- K ? . if .,, ' 'yifii M l 521,1- 'iig Qr Qt 1. "" Qi X, 5'5g ie- '. x' 'ii " 4. , 'Q up A ' 1 4, , E .: .,, .., 'lp . J, . W7 f rx 4 Q- u X ,, H, , . ip , , ig Ziy- Vu I" -Q. 14 1' l if fi' . 3 3 I Q fin if 3 we i 4 H ? Q . .,.. Q, A . Z4 K ,,. Q 552 9 552 . ,kx,,sig:5f i ks K4 f5t1vgg,fi,,,,-,Qgmi I -all Ly 7' L "si k5i"5Q.i.S- If L2 I Y- A 'L if Us ' i 5,5 '. L1 A K Lf KWSN'-S?smxEEmgLM :. 'W L 7 . 337735 .xx , k - iw - -" Ti 1 N' -' - K -d l , '-'- .W I . .M ,e x Q X ,weft -' ' -AL ' f. g vw A in 5 H , ,- , x E m , gy ff. K , 5:-1,'v?f Q 2'-nv .L Q. fffx vqxf ,,W,.sa.pA ' " f n :fy ,.f..:i:', - . . V bg ll i wi, 'jk , . Alain, ' ?t5:'.13,..,', "TSI-1 ,. Tri I . V Q L' I' ' A X , . It 5, .. 1. -A ,Abm --W-X , W' A' jQ1'N-A-QQZ1' . l X -f gf--'f'--ff' v if L ' an:- "f , !.Nt.wl,'i1I'v K'1' " ' W S w -X -- .. Q c.s.f. BROAOGDGO BDAIHS C.S.F. earned approximately S100 by operating the concession stand during the first football game of the season. They also contributed to the toy drive headed by the Sheriff's Department. Top lleft to rightl Class officers: Janae Stowe lTreas.l, Lori Rosen lSec.l, Mike Koszalka lHistorianl, Diana Card lV.P.l, and Jay Winkler lPresidentl. Bottom lleft to rightl Mary Harris, Liz Branscomb, Steve Baker, and Jeanie Akens. lmiddle rowl Diana Card, Lori Rosen, Laurie Gray, Glen Cain, Larry Hamilton, Andy Thomas. and Pat Kinkaid. lRight rowl Sarah Blair, Janae Stowe, Linda Nelson, Jay Winkler, Mike Kozalka, Joe Yurkovic, Jeff Grebb, and Sue Hanan. lstanding: left to rightl Bryan Deming, Faith Lumsden, Robert Alerdice and Tom Kenka. i f l pnesioents pnesioeo Oumno Oemolmlon yeaiz Spimlller: Senior: Lorna Dilts. Girls' League: Linda Mot C.S.lVl.O.1 Don Mosbacher, Block "E": and President's Clu Kevin O'Meara, Key Club: Gail Wylie, Rifle: Diana Car Frenohg wall behind, plans for new school. i2-V its i l ni- l!",.,', 'ini '- Pk 3 15- ' . , lv IP4-'QQQQ ',,Vl's:-in L, Q ' "rn 1 4 ' . ay ' ' ' -. . . V ffzghtfi' ft .' .'r ,. J y. in-f'.'."." " f v I f' , ,v O Q1 ., f . fn X. Q 3 x . 3, . 36' " Q-A53 A xi , at nfgff- . nifdl. -'diff 1' wa' ',,:,41.-, .- n,?Lj . -aa' KW '. 2' ..,,,. .4 .'t'u." ' .-'L ,Elf .r4.2 - .gp , L.. ,u-'T 'J . . , fi 1, : Atv 9 1 4' I ', 'Vr ' -F. Elf? r f',QQ L q -C 4 ,e .+.+,3g vrvaayg. .I .L , A'- R. Q' -4,5549 : ,' -fg- .. . 'J ' el. "- ,1-.. , . 11.44 '. 01 4 ny, Q 3 . 'wfli J ' 'f 'K '-4 Jr'-V '55 2- N .fff Wifi 21'-222' 5 .ln L :A-1fx,,5.'-?f,l,L yt, ., .M .,'7:fAV.'-,N Y 0 - rv ,la-g,'z-4951" '. 'rg 14-x.frmf: f ' 1 ' :Q v.,q.g-nj If r". ebay' iff? K. '3- Y . N. " Q f gift far-.U W I-1--aff-, .9 .1 'W .,-A, J ' .--,," L 1,--Xi' if - . 'Y ' '?:2'Xk 153 ": ' N ""fs 'fbi ' '. J" 7" ':-1 MY' ."' . , . 'fi' r . ,q n ,J '- 1' worn .- W' '3.." 'vt'-1 ' . n,of ,. .511-, -JI H C44 1' 'ITN .41 Q 0 '.35v'V Ile! 4 - A ,'. I., -. ."4s r Q -. 1 ' il-4 0 I 1 -0 ,:. ,'1', . Q, f ,Af .fr'5P'fi g.':'."' '12 X . -Jx. 'F 4., I' 1 4,."r.,' 0 a- !4 54" C '.-,,.:1?jf ,-I-U .z rf' ' ,qs If C ., ,v,. .NU-. ' ,Y , 4 st. 3 o 1' -'V A x v' k. M kv If 1 'Dix .NP-1 W' M 4,- fi., f if H 4-wi s 5 -., A -1 ,V 1 rig.. . A- J: Q, 'f' 3 ,ln w .f55'5" K 1 r. K 1- s ' 1 Af' li va Community life GOIIZORS ' Lill Charpentier Laurie Walton Joni Edison the tnam tnansfonmeo to Ricky Ano the R60 Stneaks at Community Canes -71 ftlllill rniscmriiois fa I iv 'W P505 'nL,l 5 ni ' fl. Opposite: The Train provided some exciting local entertainment at the fair grounds. Then with the help of "A- lotta Lard Pomeade". they became "Ricky and the Redstreaks". This page upper left: Dear Rhonda Conrad is selling programs at the Homecoming Game. Upper right: Galland's Pastry 1307 Broadway and 444 Main Street in Placerville. a sweet place to eat. Lower left: Robinson's Pharmacy comes through for El Dorado again. 395 Main St.. Placerville. Wally Behrens Realtors Safeway Shopping Center Pollock Pines, CA 644-1466 Coiffure Beauty Salon Pony Express Village. Pollock Pines Congratulations Class of 1974 Ace Hardware of Pollock Pines Welcomes all El Dorado Graduates Wish Luck to all '74 Graduates Clint and Kathy's Pizza Joint 6042 Pony Express Trail--644-2356 Pollock Pines 224 iff. 'Xa gg Q I ,42f42feff SL , ,4- ,Aff -9' P 44' .CL -Q v ,,,f . 'U' ,ff , .iff The Medical Arts Prescription Shop 3191 Turner Street Placerville, Calif. Robert's Christmas Tree Farm Gilmore Road. Pollock Pines 644-1743 Congratulations to the class of '74 Placerville Realty 674 Main St. 622-2700 "Serving you as you should be served." lOpposite page: Top, left to rightl Faculty and parents enjoy a laugh together at the Sophomore football game. Dillingers Furniture, 262 Main Street, Placerville Ca. lBottom left to rightl Health and Diet Center. 1492 Broadway, Placerville, Ca. Hangtown Paint Spot, 1263 Broadway. Placerville. Ca. lThis page--Topl Montgomery Ward. Catalog and automotive, "We service what we sell". lCenterl El Dorado students enjoy going to fairground dances. lBottoml The Navy provides information to many students. Congratulations. Lill from Mom and Dad. Good-Luck. Placerville Realty 674 Main St. 622-2700 "Serving you as you should be served." Ponderosa Park, General Store and Camp Ground Coloma, California --......,. mx v ' -x 5- 1 I ' 1'-,K A 1 rf-A A s . I A 1 I M, ,..4 . , 'v .4 Q," f A A' 1' "- 4 I 1 af m I , ' v 'r Q 'Y :'g'vL1hV," -- 4A T. 'AA 'iw gy ' 1 'f ,ff . f- fx A' "n W J' r JA QI' " I' 5 v".,n 'bg J1:'w'4 Q,A I v,,'vv'g',. 5, xAJA,L"LA1t' V4 A J- 4,1 A L A.,r'A 4 hi 'd ' W Ff- fn! - .: HS i 5 V3 5 'si iz I 1 ' v ' ' 'J ,? ,, h wx 1 I gy, f,,A:.v ,X y tp' Q " ' ' 44 f if ,--Af N- gg - M , . . , N , 4 , x 6,4 L an , N ,. 1 . k 1: Q A .- 5 . 1 - Q rl' 4 ' , 4 X 'Q f x 5 , xx ' 'K' V' -XXX' -., y 8 . K , S Y ' 1 f, XIX I ,ff X ' 'Rx K , L il .X . t 1 5' 1 , f I ,A J' , 'I 'X X Q, A '- f s' 4 f. '+A I fr ' 1 V- , I. :Q V ., I fi. ' 7 f 9 K l. h . X l, 1, FC L ' ' ', ' JL' 4: A . .ff W -J-'Q mu' Y 4pX A6- X .V xx, 'x ,C s 'af Y 'i ,. '?Q4'sQ.L. gg ri lOpposite pagei Top: left to right- Swansboro Realty, 345 Placerville Dr. Placerville. Curry's Factory Homes. 345 Placerville Dr. Placerville. Bottom: Diamond National Company, 150 Forni Road, Placerville. lThis pagei Top: left to right- Broadway Florist, 1349 Broadway, Placerville. Snowline Engineering. 2965 Gatlin Road. Placerville. Bottom: Memory Chapel, 675 Bee Street, Placerville. Mother Lode Salvage Home of ElegantJunque We buy 84 sell Smith Flat, CA 622-2240 "Go Cougars" Clint 81 Kathy's Pizza Joint 6042 Pony Express Trail 644-2356 Pollock Pines Hokanson's Upholstery 615 Placerville Drive Placerville, California Vi's Beauty Shoppe 611 Placerville Drive Placerville. California 3 : fx, ' 4l,iV4 I hs "X 1 f' V9 f ' ,'I:, s in . X1 .-' 'i. s, ,,...-v...-- ....-,,,.-- +..,,,, --....,.,, Q--in ny.: 1-' ...I K V , ' , . . ' .1 .92-X L1 A f: H v f f.., 'bw V-.1-1.-wa-2:-va?5?!". 31 V " RM 1, W v ,.,.,.1,g,,vr . fx 11, RQ .,. ,Q-,,.. ,, , ,,a- ', if - -1 . -X W .-,,v'F,.,q.g.Q:.a. . . , V .,, Q, H+ .. H - ,W '- ,... -f.-,- - w vp,qg,f,f f 1 V I, ,W MA., ,. 1 - "'f'1""5'-iw -rl..., h '- .-Nfl I K" -' 2""v,5-J7'm:?"?'!a,-VW-':" ' V 1'1.9q5g.,2ffnl?f 'Q Q35 - i,"f?'7:5fi,:3?'1' I ' - H - an-4"0s.f "flZ:."f 'J '- W-- ,g-qw." .'.:4L' 7,1-.Y .4 5" A ' 1 ig, gf .-,-gg'-213371 ., 3.2 2, '?"5wjf:qTQf,1'f , 1 Lf :j'7'1A'7?'f,5'!L' V, V ' 7' j7':'.4: 'l?1?:Q,E7Q.a Z' jjifg 3-1 L' ', , V . g ' 'QL' "- 'X A Qt.,-Q.: v. .!J.'r-13,,,.'-g-w1.- Jw. 'y '.v 1, " X '. if wg ' uf -amy' " I if cf .:. f ww ,V . 9733 'k":Ji" " - ." 54' 1l1J?"4v"' -4 f .M :W -.1 'fr I ft- . ,wx-,N - -. My ,,gg'4f.:A.- -xf ,ft-'."..' ,c w'w.,.'., , ' ., 1 wx: .wfs:2'fv -- -.,-s 'H gr? '-' - ,Q QFL C12?:'Q'3Qf2"',i1mih?i1':'Qmf- p.t.w, Q. -'W -wi EQQQ-? 'A 1R1ri':.R, .h . vai::,,,,:EN.'g-Q.1:gJ A, V, 1,05-11W,.,MLj,,A' Mari I ,. A ,, Y vt -' -A fat jv- Qu 116'--,:g.g','.. mf . Q-,v.y V 11 .:,f,.5 ,T'fxrfh-1 f K' 2' 1"',,'-1 , .. ' i,,"X. fc... ., -1' V. Q I , "J .u-...ua un UEIWRY 2 Last Christmas-was full of many exciting activities. Top Left: Many people bought Christmas trees at Santa's acres. Bottom Left: Santa treats kids to candy canes. ' Opposite page Top Left: Decorating a Christmas tree at the courthouse. Opposite page Top Right: Santa gives out presents. Opposite page Bottom Left: At Bank of America a "big baby" sits on Santa's knee. Opposite page Bottom Right: City of Placerville employees enjoy Christmas party. t 5 1 - 3 Chl2lS1ImAS In DIACGRVIUG 'UN a 4 e Q x 5 Y' f x UA LM, ,uf . Ln ' , '-v. . fr 4: x J f ,IA 1 is I 0 - s '5- N-.JN 115' 'f1i'?Y. - Xia f1 Ki? .7 lopposite pagel Top: left to right- Hangtown Hardware 1309 Broadway, Placerville, Ca. Mother Lode Bank 447 Main Street. Placerville, Ca. Bottom: Michigan California Lumber Company Camino, Cal. 95709. lThis pagel Top: left to right-Sanitex Cleaners, 369 Main street, Placerville. El Dorado Tractor 3400 Carson Ct. Placerville. Bottom: left to right- Murray's Stationery, 311 Main Street, Placerville. Combellack's, 339 Main Street. Placerville. Ace Hardware of Pollock Pines Welcomes all El Dorado Graduates Wish luck to All "74" Graduates. Dr. Paul L. Washburn, O.D. 1077 MarshallWay "Congratulations Class of "74". , -Q, 4 F' C- -s. X - lf . f l - is -mv: X f r J - ' 'V 'X' YQ-' 6?-' x E , ff, , 1 ww! Q x X, 1 lopposite pagel: Top--Patterson Motors P.O. Box 351 Placerville Drive. Bottom left to right- Hangtown Bowl P.O. Box 787 Placerville Drive. Wheldon Realty 6410 Pony Express Trail Box 608. lThis pagel Top: Dillinger's Furniture 262 Main Street. Bottom: left to right- Dawson's floor fashions 352 Main Street. Al Hinds Automotive 640 Main Street. Bradford Power Tools 2950 Paul Bunyan Road. Hedrick and Duncan Chain Saws 6407 Pony Express Pollock Pines, California Ponderosa Park Box 49 Coloma, California Western Auto PO Box 206 Pollock Pines. California save, , , as jJifyQ"'OQW Q gait fifigiiff 3' ,Gig Q diff jigiigfifae Top: Lumsden Real Estate: 3184 Center Street: Placerville, Cal. Bottom Left: Mountain Nlotors: 3033 Sacramento Street: Placerville, Cal. Bottom Right: Elaine Miller draws a cold draft of old fashioned root beer at A8iW Root Beer, 1365 Broadway. Placerville. a favorite spot for El Dorado students to meet and eat. BUSINESSES met neeos Top left: Laurie Walton and Lisa Park try one of the big tires on for size at the Tire Exchange, 1540 Broadway, Placerville. CA. Bottom left: Joni Edison and Lil Charpentier look over some work savers at Collins Auto Parts, 327 Main Street, Placerville. CA. Below: Memory Chapel, 675 Bee Street. Placerville, CA. The Medical Prescription Shop 3191 Turner St. Placerville, Calif. 95667 Pmisinnms APPLHWCES Petrolane 5060 Pony Express Trail Camino, Calif. 95709 Cedar Grove Grocery P.0. Box 157 Camino, Calif. 95708 Jean W. Babcock, M.D. 1069 Marshall Way Placerville, Calif. 95667 Douglas Tustin, M.D. 1085 Marshall Way Best of Luck to class of '74 ,, M, A Top left: The Beauty Boutique-1301 Broadway, Placerville. CA. Right: Donut Corral: PO Box 668, Pollock Pines, Ca., "Best Donuts in Pollock Pines". Bottom left: Williams Auto Parts: 107 Placerville Dr., Placerville, CA. Right: Raley's Drug Center: 160 Placerville Dr., Placerville, CA. Opposite page: Sierra Nevada House, PO Box 568, Coloma, CA. 95613. . -.11 g ui. ,, ffsf ,.A,,,,,,qfqfqfsvqrsreli Q' 5sf't'rn'1 rx ll ' O Q I 'D ,wmgl . fx! lug Mg' 1,1 X XS , ff, WLM Nik TN 1 , ,U ffcffuf X N, 'f f '. x ' ,ff ff ,ff 1-3, R5 il 1 X 3 n r.Mfyr.t lilf If ffl- iff' N ,i ' , ' lt' ,iff lt! lllililifcfi ,wygfilqli -waobsxxxeemmm ' , fwynnri 0 '. if fy x 1 ,,',wxfxT: w 1 Q d',i'm'I 'n qs LA" s ' ' 'Q' 'of 0, Q, ff xW t'1 in 1 w Y: Ill I q1qf1f1 ri II 4I1'II'II', s': x'a Ya xW Ya u , qf1ry11QiI.!QI Y ' I, .8 3, ff 3: x 1 x 4 n A i '. t 19'xf- 1 wf1fir1rwriQ!Ql x ix 'x I ' .- ,f.,1,,',,',t',t'1 3: if :Wuxi .SiN"Kl1 Yi 'r 94 xi' x'1 uf: i'1lQ1'lIi 7 if l'I fa if i QW QI QW 9 l 238 1 x' 'n'n 'xnsnxa 'lI1rtrxrn1!Q1 X-yiylili N1 tw ff If EU In l,I l.4 31 Y: Ya x 1 11 fn fy rn lllili Y: x': x'a 0 xg 34 lOl rw rw fu vu rs n Il 5,4 31 Fa 3: 34 xfv fn ki 'A IA ra la rn an 16 I6 16 16 S S 1.1 S 3: ze fa 34 Q4 Q1 33333233380 ressezesssssss 33333333333 33333353333 33333333333 3163383168333 SSSSSSSSSSS n nn 11 In lil! Ill! lil! 22229999006 Mf K sig 7 ""' 'E 4, ri 7'---Q '4 I 'f 240 'Ay 1- 1- lThis page: Top Leftl The Gold Palette: 460 Main St.: Placerville, Ca, lTop Flightl Zollars Chevron: 1361 Broadway: Good Luck Class of '74'. lBottom Leftl Pan American Air Ways: San Francisco, Ca. lBottom Rightl The Front Porch: 1247 Broadway: "Fabric 84 FriIls." lOpposite Page: Top Leftl Beno's for Levis since 1849. lTop Rightl El Dorado Van Gas: 621 Placerville Dr.: Placerville, Ca. lBottom Leftl Western Paint and Wallpaper: 175 Placerville Drive: Placerville, Ca. lBottom Rightl Cash Mercantile: 406 Nlain St.: Placerville, Ca. -fl xx i- -.B . xffnrxyq A f m , -,.--. .. 4 -,,,f 153 5 . lrllfulullsnllnuu , 'J - luv! .3 wwe ,?::,fsf,. ---.V xi' World's Most Experienced Airlines .-3 A DAM is-' Amemcan " Amways ll ,Q . l O 1. A X, ,.. ff be ll ce new Stones lncizeaseo Shopping potential 1-1-.- I i s .uf 5 4 ,5 9f. ,5 f' 4' 'K Z 3 W, X MXN ' five C . 7 , !A,' s l,. . ,.. e5'f6FMW PAIN "---...,,,m-mwsm GA T e fx: hi lThis Page Top Leftl C 81 H Parts Inc.: 610 Main St.: Placer- ville, Ca. lRightl Jim's Building Supply: 660 Placerville Dr: Placerville. Ca. lBottom Leftl Ben Franklin Store: 398 Main St.: Placerville, Ca. iRightl Eagle Scouts-Rick Loser of Ponderosa, Mark lVlcKinstry and Randy Cray of El Dorado receive their Eagle Scout rank from Charles Copeland. and El Dorado alumnus. Left of the boys are George and Rose Loser who were instrumental in qualifying the boys to receive scouting's highest rank. lOpposite Page Top Lefti Whelan's Home Furnishings: Pony Express Village: Pollock Pines, Ca. 644-3071. lMiddlei Bradford Power Tools: Paul Bunyon St.: Hyway 50. lRightl Denny's Restaurant: 232 Main St.: Placerville. Ca. lBottom Leftl G 84 O Body Shop: 750 Green Valley Rd.: Placerville, Ca. lRightl Sportsman's Hall: Rt. 1 Box 101: Camino, Ca. Sierra Habitat Quality Homes by Richard L. Kitowski Construction Pollock Pines-644-2058 x I ,wp 9 A LH . :5 , H 3. , 5.4 ,V , . ru vw - ,. . sw, f -JW, 5 -iff P er' ' n 9,5 LA , 1 5' nv 'A 'nm "', - .lf 4 T ', ,x-335:55 if !.,!'31m5' ,.e f"cli wh" . J .M ., . A 71. y. .- , A , N- 'tvxk , K fq. iff! 5 flfff ' qs . 'Qin I f, , -,. . Q -X,-A , K , . ' Q '., 1 fx- , .. , fi Q 4 X f .142'ch, . 'Q .""fr J 5.. 2 4 n I -r,,,., . ' v .- H7 'I S X 111+ grep ,fa 4, 4, 5 "Hifi . ,xvin Y , , 'li lin! .lg V! Th N. 4 ggi: his I ning.. 'umsmr sn- u t:L,'73L."l.'?" 'i"!55:"54':-' 3-QEFEPV ' 55553 "' X Lg, D.W. Lund. M.D. Mr. and Mirs. Charles Charpentier 1120 Corker Street Corvallis, Oregon Placerville, Ca 95667 Congratulations Lill, from mom and dad. I 4 l Opposite Page-Sue Ebbert and Giselle Pierce working hard at EI Dorado Savings, 310 Center Street, Placerville. This page: Top, Placerville Lumber Co., Smith Flat, Placerville. Bottom: Placer Finance, 76 Main St., Placerville. Friday House, P.O, Box 98, Coloma. Sly Park Resort 4782 Sly Park Road Good luck to the class of '74 agnlclfllz M02 4'-N. 'Writ x, "" vi, 41 6ou PM'll . ig Z' , , 1 ,f s-' 'T' H L .. K A I -gsm ,fi lto's Food Hut 2740 Highway 50 East Placerville, Ca. 95667 Vi's Beauty and Boutique 611 Placerville Drive Placerville, Ca. 95667 w viSlT liimeiieigt GEORGEIVVNTH is l-llSlOl2lCAL PRNTS ORiGiNAL4' Phone 622- 6q7g x 5 , Po-Bot 98 Coloma v '., .Ni- file . ff 1 5vf!leviSawmill 392 ,AA CO'-O 15135 x. . JLLERVILLE i -. . --V ,i 24 46 DRYCLEANIIG WASHING 1 MACHINES MAClllllES lzxf lTop Leftl Golden Cleaning Center: 1331 Broadway: Placerville, Ca. lFlightl Pargas: P.O. Box 5293 Placerville Drive: Placerville, Ca. lBottom Leftl Students enjoy dance at fair- grounds. lRightl Broadway Florist: 1349 Broadway: Placer- ville, Ca. Big O Tires 85 Placerville Dr. Placerville, Ca. Fl. Wesley Carter D.D.S. General Dentistry 2080 Broadway Placerville, Ca. Phone 622-4082 Best Wishes Class of '74 el TENT CAFE lTopl Fred Vogt shows Florci Esquivel, A.F.S. exchange student from Cosga Rica, around Placerville. lBottoml Hangtown Pharmacy: 1341 Broadway: Congratulations to class of ..74.. Mr. and Mrs. George Visman High Hill Ranch 2860 High Hill Rd. Placerville, Ca. Strout Realty of Placerville 2920 Highway 50 East Placerville "For your future home." C.M. Berridge D.D.S. 1 1 12 Corker St. Placerville, Ca. Randolph Jewelers Class Rings 375 Main St. Placerville, Ca. The Hobby Hut 364 Main St. Placerville, Ca. Coca-Cola P.O. Box 31 1 Placerville, Ca. Robert's Christmas Tree Farm Gilmore Road, Pollock Pines, 644-1743 Congratulations to the Class of '74 Bradley Jeweler 138 A Main St. Placerville, Ca. Clifton and Warren 574 Placerville Dr. Placerville, Ca. Mother Lode Communications 261 Placerville Dr. Placerville, Ca. Terri Finney-District Attorney 259 Placerville Dr. Congratulations Class of '74 Custom Colors 137 Placerville Dr. Placerville, Ca. Congratulations and Good Luck for the Future. Placerville Bicycle Shop 362 Placerville Dr. Placerville, Ca. Sales, repairs, parts and accessories. 622-301 5 Opposite Page-Round Table Pizza. This Page-Top right: Ken Collins Motors, 1412 Broadway, Placerville. Top left: Foothill Disposal Service, P.O. Box 327, Diamond Springs. Bottom: Diamond National Co. 150 Forni Fload, Placerville. X PHILLIPS Nn..Nf...aw SSW! smmemalv A l zffxxj. .ll Ni-1. 4 ft. + '.. :Q ji- n It. I .1 41. ' 1 - 4 . .-gl .f, ., .- :fivfs ,,,r. Q-TXQ'Nci Tg:?'i N Q53 QNX , N M o , 'X 'N W 'Q ?fNNQX fa Uffw3E ? om S1195 Qing QECDAY e e +1930 VWQ5 vQfXT,-.EQQJNKX X Q? Xa ' :Av LQQDQXQQNOWQQ XQQJN 'EQ GSW 3543 gil Vx , v QkTQ3!D XfNSC?Q,f 13 fQQgR -QQQQ. I ACD SQSXQYNXONQQ gud QQ KN X Nkb ,MX oe T1-Ie memgbm QX W NN K' Qixilxix W - xg gg Y7 N NQQ 22 NQNNQAR xx x Q xii , , KX X QS Xl xk yx , TQ Qu WN Q ., ko 9: 55535 Qxfx RFS ' , A ' 5 -my l WNQ QQ' QA N f io. Ht QQSWQB U ' lk' ' Q -" W -'Q - fe . 3 ke Q x 5 x fe +39 QXXX QA X0kJQ " - f i i az on fx Q QKXXQX ' .F f ' 1 - , 1 o if ev . : .iS ' me fm. , 1 v U xo X X! ew X Aw ' Q40 XAQX n ' 'V ka ,ixx , If " Qgg -QXQAS K Q1 ff A. ,H - Uhr plan when families mn! " 512 main Street at Bedford Flaceruille, Ealifornia ...ii- fall HSI B22-2259 your Host - mike Nolan 249 ,Q 0' Q A x KK' fgtx ,IL -:af ' Community mankeo Gno oli Giza In liunenal Sienvice February 8,1974. the main building of El Dorado High School was laid to rest in a solemn funeral ceremony marking its demise. The funeral began with' a procession up Canal Street to the front lawn of the school, where Jone Edison gave the invocation. Miss Johnson gave remarks and Preston Roundtree gave the committal. Spencer Weston presented a plaque to be placed in the new school in commemoration of the old building. The El Dorado Choir ltop rightl sang "There's Got To Be a Morning After", and Mr. Lung. a Board member and former principal lbottom Ieftl, gave the eulogy. The school band culminated the ceremony with a stirring rendition of the "Alma Mater" ltop rightl. Father Bob Hasseries lent an air of religious fervor to the gathering with his benediction loppositel. The funeral was organized and publicized by the Funeral Committee headed by Jody Tompkins and Sue Garrett. Other members included Janice Williams, Spencer Weston. Linda and Laura Redmond. The committee planned the funeral and designed a plaque in dedication to the old building. . V A g :J 3.5 ki 5 Ltjgla Ri-1 I F ' 1 U ? 1 ' 'vi A 'iff 5' 'lf ki x, jg,fig,"+X 8 .lk:..,v' -xx 1. ri A . 7 K 3, T - -YL' 1 ff Q " , Uf4fg..Ht4jf"- 4,1 'xffvpwp-SD' f . h ' ,xjxxi A' gif ,L ' . 1 X 4 6,4 xv! , N f , Q ,rs lv Irv' M, in J 7:7 ., I S dn-W"-ff.. '53 A A -ag 5. 4 ',, . 1' ' , ff .' ., ,f f K ,Q f 1 'nj' K5 " .. 1 , 1 I . , ' xv - .5 . ,-Q ,. . ' h . 'ibfigwi f WIl'l1"L - '-'N ' l ' A-M-Q-. 'J v 1 . ff. -A ,,, W., A : n 9 JL f .JJ . 'V R 1' 4 p Y ...4 ,A ,wi K! xi k I 'Wi ' Q Lu I N75 w 'W "C ' X- , ' Q-ti-XiS,x.5kT..1, "' K 4 1 W.. in K, :F ,.-...i.-.. ,,,---'N 5 U, tw.. ..,...4.,-v. S X,-X,..,,,,.-...- 2 wwi.-W-N R ...- : "" , Q36 . 1,833 1 ,Q-1 Q-tif-mm a A - -Mx 'nvwoN,.5,,k,k i 7' 'Q 1 U Q x T' 1 v-. - . 1 4 'ur' ,H .sf v . Q Q. fxzgv QE, .. . f -Q- A , Q S x Q, . .. 9523 Sis' I K -K iw y U X l 5 1 , xr , ,, 54 v -. if ir' . , ' YN? ' ' -V p- K .qi-qgmmr 1 il , 4 I. j V, L Xxx I 5 N X . . N V4 4 H, 4 I 'RTA 48321 a .ai e-Rt' .' N144 " . , 'a ' 'fig L,Wt'Q,sgx.,., , M -:V V- -, mth W v , v. - , 4 Y x K xx x I. A , X X 5- X .- X, Q N V K K N I 4 N Y- E x ' f Y fA , i M ' - x - I , R, t. ft: , -s ffl" ,. .., ,. , LUN I ,rf 595- ' A Q ,. r iz. I.- ' , I ,-I .. . I p -, ': Qi, i i. ,. .."s i, . -s-4 6 gif: I, :Q fl .21 '73 . ".'x'f ' x 'FW Qi Fi L" if , v A ...AL Jr.. . 41 X, l :Yi-A. ,,.- . 4 F , UIIVV' i 7:-it' M . gh ' . it 'v L ji Y l l 1 ,. f ,.r ,I g. H., t There's got to be a Morning After if we can hold on through the night. We have a chance to find the sunshine lets keep on looking for the light. Oh can't you see the Morning After it's waiting right outside the storm. Why don't we cross the bridge together and find the place thats safe and warm. lt's not too late we should be giving. Only with love can we climb. lt's not too late not while were living Lets put our hands out in time. There's got to be a Morning After were moving closer to the shore. I know we'll be there by tomorrow and we'll escape the darkness: We won't be searching anymore. ' Theres got to be a Morning After lMaureen McGoveinl X ,N.,.- 2,541 .9 5' , , , rg Autoqnap s Hi we-ea A- M L We Buds J wif! 7574 my JM M ffl' QM WE n..A14uw,..wy unveils Ju,1lv..uf3Lm-,,,uA . dun, , , 1 ifwmwgwogwgmfyvw gm if olon'+ V is mowdhm Jmyfvr? Io- UQ X - Ziff?-" TQ--Qi j I FIBCHEL YEAHBDUKR INC N " ' ' I-' .. W. "" " A -fx-QM-,.. dwky, x . Sfiizbfnrx ,mfg Md Wm 0 D, gh Q , 1,lJ'f'10Jf'- 0-+L A ' E .jpg Z . Y YOU' Hx a W + ww- QA dbg 1- A EW GUS-1' 0-fu. 6 ffju Jive,-dl Egz42,,,g4Q wi 1 dw -wb ,Lad wx femfdewav Mwfd. we Qw,Q0QJl0,w2 QMM MLLQJJQ ' M WWWHLIM Q4 wfwcufib flww -Q0 A0 'Z 01705 -wmv J.n2 ' ' mmf Lf Qmwfwgffil ,MJMKQM gow My fegwcffmgww JM bww Q13-CC, L I mJVL?5zj7'Lj,u6gUt4,U5,4"'f-if2av1rrl1w.cLn,,10,N,,,0 LLJJLQIQ, be -UND ,.g,,wf-.fvfwll i ,fclve-as Dfykok OL,-Mg WM? 'QQ Quijiwi Jww . lgwjyg Nm Jw 4 Y , , kr , R y.?f.J ' , 45. . S ' 1 N567 f f is if. Q 1, ,. ,ff . 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