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 - Class of 1968

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El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1968 volume:

Y' 1968 D0 0 H I G' H SCHO UL PLACERVILLE . I FORNIA 8, f., .ix R: .3 ,wx x N 5-wx 'Q-fi 1 -. ,ia . 1 'Bmw 'Z 'L .. K If X if Q X ' ' xl-5 . Q g, xi Q V - ,Q--,S-'lf ,- + . .. Xa. A Q ' Q x N S ff gf - 'YU' M 'A ! - , N'3a,:Q, N-sit .x ,- ' A Y' 1 -Q . ' X. , a 3 1 l 15513: X -L,Qxjkf'fK5ii,,f-f Qin A ixgf X., ,, .'? ,Z ,QF ' A-f 1'Sf fi .5 ' slggsszg. V ll 'ing Y ,. Q Q if X y-'53 .' is bln- fx , xx .N Y - .af Q HQE, wi s..f'k,. , Y S-. ' Q 3 -1 A.. 5 X--X-K,, - .3 A ?g,i My x . L 'G-4, f- V aiu 3' 4- -' .Q '1"f3-'Tai f . ,affix-5 'fiiii 6: x . x L' 1 J ." I Www , zu. ,Q ,' 2, -X ., :H v.--ev 3, - . '- u :is X 3.311 'I Y x:'n"':,,, X A i 5 F ' .' j K ' 'JY 'fx ,- JV Y' K is ,.,"'Q2 , ,kt . my " Q , gt K K 'i fi-'X 1 . Q -' , - M W N' sfigf-1 . 'W 4 as at f 4 Ni . ,X Q: X '- Ywi-Q -i '29 ' - f s 'x , iw-Jftfv if5!9+'?SA'M-2 2 'K gs .4 5-..i,?sw'5,5 - N A H , i Al. . fu W E f +"a'T ' - X ' 3 .xx 'fm 2 K ' Q UA, af: x , ..?,-,ff,ew-vfnpunmv-wvvh""U"' ' ' . . lx 'll I v 5 F 1 X :Y W-- , M M.,-4-"" ' - 4 W... M- - N-A+' .JA""Nw ,V . , x K Q Xi. . - ,' S K M -Q! '-:- ' iw, Mgwwk , .M- Q S wwf R .Q--W' x Y ,Q .g,,....- ,Y 'N ,Q Ltr 45- X55 ,- ,gv . .xxwfjf ' ,li , x ,'.. .fx ,th .. .. A ,A 'A X' E' -5 , . -3,4 as fr. "', . , M 1 x Q if, ' X I 4 2 f , 5 f ' w Q 9- 4 ,UN .N 1 . A. , us Q '8, A N 1 , x, . ww I 1 . .IT L.-lbw if Q ii 4 TABLE 0F SENIORS .......... 8 FACULTY AND ADMINIS TRA TION... 36 JUNIORS .......... 52 SOPHOMORES ..66 FRESHMEN ........ 80 i CONTENTS ACTIVITIES ....... 94 ROYALTY ........ 124 SPOR TS ........... 1 38 OR GANIZA TI ONS 1 76 AD VER TI SEMEN TS ...202 APPRECIA I0 i MR. RALPH PERR Y The Rittle Staff at 1968 proudly dedicates This yearbook to Mr. Ralph Perry, our advisor. If it were not for his limitless amount of help this yearbook would not be possible. He is patient yet expects things when they're due. He has been the advisor ot the Rittle tor three years and with each product he is more pleased. On behalf of your 1968 Staff we hope this Rittle will please you even more, as this is a token ot our appreciation for your help and guidance in the production of this Riffle. was -1 7 Y SUE OLSEN, EDITUR .lf -sq - rr 'i ll .qI- "'m:p,,II ,, ,I 1 A .Q A ' , XX ' , I-- 'Og'-'.,31 ,' M 1- ' A I' II -.I 4 ... , I. I ,I . '-.Q 1"' nf. .' " - vnljjfx. ' r f - ..l'4" . " ' R1 "." r 1'-1 -- ' f 'N ' I., I, -41 .j,. Q4 L ,Rx QI I 'l' -- '-X13 ' .- P" - 1 2 - W 7' 'rv 'I' CAI .t v I-I I:II,j week I4 .I I I I I, .,,I- .fr QI. .I 'ij' I f I vI'4.. I .I' -..., ,. I. Hy., I I ' if 1, .-nv, - fd , f , l .'Isq'. 1' 4 . - n. f . Q V 1 1 . I fd ILII 5 ' .' - fy v 'Q 'fx ...' .,f?'f-t f"f3A5' " "C, Q. Q ' . - J " . gn . I -, f '51, JI 4 P . 1 1 I I ' 'I I ,4 ' 1' - -ffm: " 4 - M - '. " ' 'N 1 kg 'fp 5.41.,.f 'fyif , I.."' -" : ., , . ,. -,fn I - , A, - 1' " ...LW W - 5,.:.7jX". -u ' I. rg.. I I., , , .,, g I- . - QI- . 1, 101 1 I . I .. I - - 4 I' -. :Ig V ,It I-it-. vI'IaI,I'H,:I .'I" -1 I J .II ' 2 '55 v .pg "1-,I'..' I', QI QX Ilv jg T :KI .If , II I . .--',.v-. .:vf,,.g. ..'.,,, 3. +P-, fm-f., . . -- 4, -.. .- '. I ' 1 I ' " ' I- 'Q - - - - . 'I vial" 'If L.: 11:2 'Q IW 'AI 'wal I.'0I Ig xv Y. ' ', wr- f JU wif-' 'Eff'-4'-'E ' "1'wn,, Q', i "9 V 'X QR, "QQ,-, 'I QI' II - I'I, I , .II. ,f1.,I"I.1. I 150 . I' ,. . - , -.. .r - .1 I. I.. I, f - L' ,- It.-rt Q . . ,I III I, .,.'f7I. 5 III 9, KI I Ir, ,A A fx I - 'X I .1 Q '. A-' A - ',I,"x 5" ' Is '.' I , I IL' II' l I , , 1 rf II - - . I' .. , I , b 4 1. I . . I .II I-I .11 , ,gag '-7-,,,,--f.-A . .I -' ., 'Y .. - ,I f' H".-' -,if ' 3- " 4' ff ri ., . , 'I ' Q - I 'I NI 'u ' -I'. , .I, 'I. .1 '...,1z TI 1. ' -I 7' ,II ,I I - ' . .4 ' I-- ' 'U ' -3 f'.-fa'-..-'K -iff" . - 4 11. '-4 . - " 1 If -. . " -A I . .43 913. zz.,-s II I...I' I' 'fr Y', , L. I .II,,I-:.bII..I II ' -I: II.I,'II. . .1-as!" 2 27 " 'fi f.-. JW - as' 4' z is ". --mf-. -. Q . . ., .f . w 1- - e nv." M1 A'-+1 f ,K-4: 1.-- Q I .I . HI. . It .I . I. QI.. Q I Q II.I.,:. InII, III I Q . ,LI -JI.. II. 5, IL N . I W ' ':. "g' ' C f 'H' 1 I IQ "iQ ' l,,"44--". ". Wi" -5' . "J AI III., 5 . , Luft Q III UI I,I. .A I h IW- I I , 0 yy , II 4 I . - ' - If - .. :f-- HV ' -' . x A-Q. . '. v ln" ' :M ' - 'L II I I II WI In x .-I, ' 'UI QI I I I 5 IIII'I. ,I.I. -.. ,' .. .I,.,I X5 I,.I .. . I 1 I bmw-Igqy. . I II I ad -II - .III I II .II III , L I II . 4 v. gb: fI . .f ... La -' - - H 4 - :ww .. -- f ..-.. ff iff 1' '- "' 'S'-'U-.f"" X --if-3.02" ' ' "'Y'- - 2" ' ' - L-. 1 'X V." Ur.. ' ,I I I I , , . .I f II., . . . I .. ' ' f - Q ni -, .'rfg1!5'l' I .Auf .Rgi ". ' . ,I ' 1 xi' ! In' -.K.".Q,'-,I ' ' . ' . - s . ' I. ' ..' 4 ' I-Q - ' . 'n' hwq "--s ' . , v77,g'Kj 'Q-7' " ', --fxP'.,7' , -'-' II , V . L: -Jr'--I '55 , 1' N .. x. . ' if f ' .35 -A . - , a......,,Q. . - .2 .. : A -.. - " J . ' v ' , 'M I 'v '-'N Q ' .Q -- A BQIK- 5, .-,'- ' - '- ,- a' 9 fa, - ' ..-4 . - 1-5, . .' - 5 .4 " ,I . I - . 4.7 . ,' - ,q- , '- I I I- .II. x X r Y-it QI, . . . II I, I I .IIII . 1. .l ' ' , I , ' , 'A ' V. I I J mire '. . Y ' + . Ii ', f' Q - I ' x ONE:-3 ' . , H, . - .. -1- I v .' l fl' .- ' : I F ,Q .f .:' "I . . I',n, 5 I wr' ,-1' W 1. .- . ' .' 1 1 ' 4 -4 ' . va -- - - ' ' 2 , .A :ff zq, '- - ' ., .v ' . ,fa '. , , ' 1 ' U' I., 1 ' ,:,I . . .I?"x. I1 I Is- :4 .. , I 'W gd. Im QIGIZIG ' Ii' I I . -' ' IJ: I I I I I ' A I . , gd 'I-. 'I IBIS. - . . o . , - a ' ' -M-' .. ' 1 1--"YS z,.f - V 2 ' ' ' . ini ' ' " Z f url?" II is . ' 4- -.-aw.: I II . - I AI.. II I , .I-V . vI - I - . I ' NI 1"II"'+-3I I ff3r'NqQ,I,HQb4 . I Iii I I:.. ' 1 A ' I' ' w -. . , ' -' 'f. Q ,fx f .eff I " . - i-S, fi I' , I B' II I R II II 'Ia II.. I a IIy"I+I I I IW I I - 9 3, I .I , Iqi .I , -.. - - , ' -v-. . - , , 'mx ,we - 1 Nw . .- -. , ,- , T - - - , . 1. ' , ' ff - ,H I ... I- I III I . , I r I III4 I ,I. , II. I' I .r -I I L I.. Q II I Q I 1, . '. I- ' . II . ,., -x. :Ir Z- v I . -I I - ..... . -- 5 . P.--.. . A. .-:r-5-.wr I I, II 0 I. :I I - I . '-,. . If. .rf-4-s-:..,.aI2.1j4 IJ ,I . II ,. N .lx ,- Iv I . I v. -' I -I ::IdI'JgtId .. ' I - .. -n ' 1' . I. H --' Q. ' fu.. X I. Q I 1-,I If . I Q.. ,, .X U.. ,I - ' " " . A- . . . ' IAI .II S , I -. -I. I .N ,-1-4'-:II 4, I,. -'uv s I I I I 'W' N "' 6,3 sh- ' ' 1, JL' - 5 . .I I . .pl . . N. - N -. W 1- . " . . -4 . ' - . - . . - - .- vu-. ,zv -' f'.:- - 5-' 5- . - I . . lg...-Q ' ,Q 'f, uv U I ' AII. I 'S 45 . - .. I' Q- y-.I.'-- on, - w- ."' . ,, . N I . . sg , . . . Q' , I, - 1 I - . , . R. - I .I V W ' Hi. " . Th ' ' .X I . .4 " 'Q 1:-Q . .' " X' .' ' ' m -'A ' bv , ' , ' ' w ' A . -'p,., ,II A-Q . . , X 0 I. X. I I I , I ,I is -- X. W . - 5.-,, 2 -5, S 5 . ,Lx I. I . . . .ha ' '. vs 5. 5 .. P -Q 1 5 T4 - Mary Adams Sincere Cindy Ahlslrom Merry Paulelle Alaskin Frolicsorne William Aldridge Mischievous GRAD UA TIN G 10 Jn B. Anderson Reserved Leonard Avila Self-composed Richard Anschutz Playful Douglas Baer Donna Baggerman Sagacious Bouncy CLASS OF '68 Patrick Barnett Fun-loving Deboroh Beodle Artistic Connie Boker Cosmopolifon Ko ren Bo ker Twinkle-eyed Lynn Bololersfon Serene Dionne Borineou Expressive Dione Bean Kathy Belloh Ccrsuol Pcafient Mike Blcahner Handsome ll Gary Brown Easy going Timothy Boggs James Boone Gordon Bonser Jolly Amicable Reserved Howard Bow Tranquil Allen Bosch Knowledgeable Jani Brown Mary Buchanan Fashionable Cheery Mauri Briggs Vibrant Elaine Brown Graceful Steve Burgess Oufgoing Charles Burke Kathy Butts John Ca h Calm Z Dependable Pert De De Carter Lively Treva Chambers lnqulslllve Joyce Caswell Enlightening rna an Harvey Carpenter ealous ina ' CIOUS Patty Carver Quiet Judy Cloherty Ettervescent Diane Cobb Donna Coleman Jacque Coney Charles Conklin Flirtatious Talented Serious Handy 13 Kathy Cowper Drarnatist Kerry Crawford Agreeable Janet Dahlgren Fun-loving Margaret Davis Timicl Eric Davenport Unrutflecl La Juana Dawkins Pleasant Brown Docherty Diane Drain Mark Cowles Casual Sweet Persevering Kevin Darr Independent Rose Mary Da rr Reasonable Lynette DeBey Retentive Sruwarr Drake Ba nferer Jenny Drennan Tolerant Deborah Ellis Petite Mark Elliot Suave Marsha Drennan Likeable Don Erickson Merrymaker Pepy Egas Heart-Warming Paula Ewing Airraclive . Vicci Enya rt Mirthful Karen Falkner John Feclerici Donna Fischer Loquacious Tacifurn Happy Mary Fisher Cheerful Eileen Folk Jim Flint Modest Timid Rick Flowers Devilish Janice Fossqti Randy Foster Well-Appcurelled Teosing Lindo Funston Linda Fullerton Pretty Ag reeoble Susc1n'Fredricks Rcmdy Goschler Intelligent Athletic s xx mg, Linda Gilmour lmpish Marilyn Gastaldi s Perfection Curtis Gaylord Charlotte Geist Scholarly Sophisticated px mn James Gossner Judy Goodman Friendly Sportsmanship Linda Gray Kenneth Griggs Witty Dependable Sandy Gray Dean Hanneman Active- Kind l7 Candy Hanson Sweet Art Hardie Nonchalant John Hargis Agreeable Don Hitchman Aftable Jocelyn Henderson Thoughtful Jane Herd Vogue Earl Holle Bob Hord Beverly Howard Fortitude Respected Mischievous Dave Harris Outdoorsman Richard Hay Congenial Kathy Holder Stable Cheri Howard lnd ividualisfic Paddi Howe HUPPY Laura lmbach Vivacious Linda Hunfsman lngenue Leonard Huntsman Roguish Patty Humbircl Sporty Robin Ingles Easy-going John Jackson Merry-maker Carl Irons Benign Kafhy Kelly Dan Kerns Donna Killion Rational Defermined Whimsical Jayne Koszalka Cbarles Krek Sparkling Reasonable Cindy Land Angelic Robert Langford Aspiring Sincere Sue Kurtz Bill Lamprich Responsible Self-Sufficient Lonny Lang Capable Linda Lute Mary Lutner Chic Serious David Martin Bill McGinity Veracious Resourceful Suzanne Miguelgorry Sweet-tempered NN-uf Linda Miller Pat Mills Liberal Sweet-naturecl Pam McGuire Wilma Midkift Gay Peaceful Enthusiastic Chris Miller Vitality Robert Mobley Patient Mike Morrow Mary Mosbacher Enieriaining Sponianeous lx Robin Navarro Loyle Nash Goodness Unsolicifous Kathy Nelson Nonsensical Charles Nicolls Steven Nielsen Conservaiive Mechanical Robert Norris John Norihrop Decisive Skier Sue Olsen William Park Genuine Spiriied Brent Painter Expeditious Mary Orelli Dan O'Sl'1ea Gleeful Deserving Rhonda Patierson Cqfhy Peqrf Genial Optimistic Chris Parker Jenna Parker Skier Well-read Seniors '68 . . . Great Roberf Perry Joviol Tom Petersen Tomfoolery Moi ry Jo Pufhuff Mod Shu rcs Pufhuff Purposeful Terry Reddin Mcmly Karen Reid "Ruby" Gail Peterson HGOY.. Anneffe Pillow Demure Judy Quiberg Colm Williorn Quiberg Unprefenfious Jim Reclclock Unsusp-ecfing Mike Reuter Masculine Gory Rimoldi Imoginoiive Randy Seolerquisf Shy Poiricio Scomoro Delicate Emily Soich Wholesome Gcile Schleclewifz Gentle Charles Sells Bellicose Mike Rhodes Kothy Reynolds Whimsical Dennis Ribordy Likoble Kenneth Rounfree Consideroie Inesfimoble Sieve Rigler Unciffected Elyse gcznne lmpeccoble Christine Shaver Dennis Skibo Avid Friend-Like Dinah Spangle Kathy Spencer Unheard Perf Steven Stubbs Vicki Taylor Thoughtful Petite Sharon Smelser Unrnoved Charles Snake Dramatic David Stangland Exceptional Larry Teach Teaser Robert Springer Dynamic Michael Strupat Level headed ScoTtThomc1s Mike Tierncln Percussionisf Mischief-moker Peggy Word Perky Roy Weotherton Assured Don Watson Noble-minded Don Woison Wel l -doing Sfeve Tyler Randy Vo rozzo Energetic Tenacious Kirk Veirs Kenny Word Invenlive Zcinie Jdnie Webb Leigh Webb Delightful Dciuniless Robert Wells Byron Wescoh' Poulo WicksTrom Sfofely Bubbling Discrefe Cheryl Willicxms Soft-spoken Lois Wiggs Content Chuck Williams Unoffecieol Jim Willioms Lindo Wilson Cciscmovci Cultured 28 ' Robert Wolff Bruce Wright Trustful Confident Romie Bornes Potricio Browning Unchomging Mystifying Russelfl Winje Donna Winton Proiseworthy Light-hearted Nils'- Kenneth Wrzsesinski Dole Young Diligent Adventurous hw-1-u.1f1s,.m .. ' ,Wu X Tr.-1 M.--Mx-N .wx .F -.-N so .ul -1--Q -Q.. 4 - N- SE 101: CLASS OFFICERS Bob Hord-Representative to Siudenf Council, Doug Borer-President, Bob Langford-Treasurer, John Corndhon-L-Vice President, Chris Miller-Secrefclry 30 'A-3 G wi tx xv k QP N K x 5 S 'X wx xf K F Q 4 1 lfk . Ti A X 4 X X in Sl 44 I J gf, MD f! 3 v'YD.W. 1 5 X wg W 3 S W-.N - fav , :s its .1 " Mali W f s 'F ,Y .ia 5 ? E+ N Ke. RA k KX ,Q V43 X J gk PW21 - cl' 'S va' . W L... ,, Q Q. ,, S' x 8.0 3gQ , i KK M? , Tix ,L.': ' 2 A E gg, 3 kr. M lk -RK 5 . us. nu. ae. ..- Q.. v--.i, Most Intelligent-Doffy Bliss-Gordon Bonser Best Dressed-Mike Bloffner-Lindo Lute 5 Class Flirts-Kenny Word-Sue Olsen 33 Wifriesf-Sue Olsen-Kenny Word Best Looking-Mark Elliott-Marilyn Gc1sTcaldi MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL AROUND Randy Gcischler, Judy Cloherfy Dove Stonglcmcl, Mouri Briggs, John Ccnrncuhcm FRIENDLIEST MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Dove Sfonglond, Mouri Briggs MCJFY MOSIJOCIWGV, STU Drclke JL FA AD UL MA N Y IN! D ST R G 0 fa JS lx .K K 3 1 s ,- E Qs 5 MB. Y X X' Q . , ig 4 Q ui- k f - 2 . Y s E 5 if . A il xi 1 f 1 E wa i S i ' . Q X . ,-,v' f ' - 0 f i f 22513 auf ,SQ . Ng N A R if xr Rx X Ex 'QQ X I Q rf 'ES ,F WYTANFS S 1 ,f gi -if emma... mf "A "" , . X A - , x .X f L A J -' b 1 l M . .- Q - -- wx . . M Q. L- A ex wi-XS sf f--,Nam . . x .K fg X 2- 1 - M QM X Q xx? Q . - . X IQ E. XA ' Qfga v w . wwf- Ax - x S . X' Q1 Q43 Q--s:zmsvSwR "Mx X . NN f -wi gi N -Rig m:.SWL'A :5.z'a1Mg:e+sx- L . Y 4 X 5 X 1 E - 13WT"::--' 'N z - Nix txg 5, -S .. X iii-vs Swim N .f M wi l -f .. rs-:IL-'W-W M'-Mgwzxr.-:.v, ML -W '--nw .ip 5 a, F 3 YI f vffl. af ' X A 3 V N' is .-fm., ff -.-y :1 ... "' "xi-f . 'KQN-f k " " f ' --- mn. . A ' ., , . N.,. , ,. ,gg-3,-gm A .. H -WYH2' Y M , h!!"!L::ls:':.:..f1, P ' 5. f WA' x M sgs Q ' , W- K ,. Mr, Albert A. Schleuter District Superintendent RIFFLE MESSAGE Congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class of 1968, As graduates of El Dorado High School you are going out into this and other communities and into advanced educational institutions. The im- pact that you have on those communities and those institutions will be great, iust as it has been great in El Dorado High School. The problems and the consequent chal- lenges are greater in your day than ever before. lt is the sincere wish of your teachers, your parents, and all of those others who have known you and worked with you dur- ing the past years that you meet those chal- lenges with courage, success, and honor to yourselves, your families, and El Dorado High School. Albert A. Schleuter Superintendent ot Schools l l l l l l l i 5, l 'i ji, Mrs. Emily Dassonville Superintendent's Secretary I1 -V I Y' i Mrs. Viola Hendricks PrincipaI's Secretary .--y ...sf ,A M Mr. John R. Graf Principal RIFFLE The "Riffle" for many years has told the story of a school year at EI Dorado High School in pictures and words. It is my sincere hope that this 1968 edition will tell the story of this year as well as those publications that have preceded it. I believe that the story of our year will reflect our total commitment to excellence in all of our activities. This dedication to excel- lence can only be gained through the efforts of enthusiastic instructors and energetic students. I also believe that our yearbook will con- vey the message that every member of the EI Dorado student body has been offered the opportunity to succeed this year-inside the classroom or out of it. Further I believe that as this book is read and reread it will assist in developing a sense of pride in each person who was a part of the El Dorado High School this year. Dedication to excellence, enthusiasm and energy, opportunity for all students and pride in our work are, therefore, our goals. If this yearbook tells a part of this story we have been successful. ,af sssss Exif' S , Mrs. Lois Farthing John A SCOQQW' Bookkeeper Assistant Superintendent K X '-we s sis eteeeee Mrs. Mangini Mrs. Mary Ann Byers Mrs. Jeannie Peterson BUSINESS MCIIWOQGV Assist. Bookkeeper Assistant Bookkeeper YUUUW Mr. Stephen O'Meorc1 Deon of Boys Miss Helen Johnson Head Counselor Mrs. Muriel Holmes Deon of Girls li? 1 i R X Cal - F r li' C s. K .W .4 Mr. Sid McGouhey H Mrs. .leon Thomas Counselor Counselor 41 ,M . V X.XX, .3 ev e ee . V - Mrs. Vera Kiernovich and Lorraine Bickel, Science Secretary Affendonce Clerk , . CLERI CAL r STAFF Mrs. Raeone Zelle Mrs, Mary Deming Nurse Nurse's Assistant Mrs. Mary Gibbs Mrs. Margaret Meyer Library Secretary Bookroom Clerk Miss Jo Ellen Babb Girls P.E. .. .sv K s Miss Judith McNally State Requirements 84 P.E, Mr. Gary Kenworthy Boys P.E. Si Gen. Science Mrs. Annette Ellithorpe Girls P.E. Mr. William Hickey Mr. Kenneth Scanovino Athletic Director Si Boys P,E. P.E. 81 State Requirements Q .E fx .Ei e sw , 1 Russell Howard Sylvester Nomer Lamar Fairchild English English English, Speech Frank Lambirth Rodger Prengel English English: Creative Writing Ralph Perry Robert Haynes James Garmire Ef19liSl'1: Riffle English English, Drama LANGUAGE AR TS Emily Wiliiams Margaret Frosi Reading Librarian um is-an Philip Waters French: Boys P.E. CAFE TERIA Francis Piceno S I John Hemp? Spanish, Calif. History German, Geography K X 7 sk i "-. -. 1 f ss if . . , - R K , K xL.kk Li ,A L. , SAA ' ' A A Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Rossi, Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Pemeiton, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Sisemare Mrs. Clara Mathis Mrs. Bess Russell Bus. Mclh, Bus. Low, Record Keeping, Typing, Shorthand Geography Mr. Rowland Jones Mr. Wil Bever Heod Of BUSNWGSS Depcflmem Typing, Bus. English, Graphic Arts EDUCATIO 31333352515 Miss Hilda Heeren Typing, Bookkeeping Mr. Bentley Wells Mr, Jon Nelson U.S. History 8i Amer. Gov. U.S. History S. Amer. Gov. 8: Amer. Problems l I Mr. Bruce Ebbe Geography 81 U.S. History 8- P,E. Mr. Word Schwob World History Mr, Robert Schaefer Mr- James Alder, Wofld Hl5T0fY 81 Ge09f0PhY U.S. History 84 American Problems Gale Wilson Gen. Math, Algebra, Geometry Donald Gernes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trig. Geneva Fenno Homemaking MA TH ,,,, ' ,, pi Arthur Stigall Arithmetic, Gen. Math, Algebra, Geometry HOME ECO UMICS 'SJLZ-X Charles Marks Arithmetic, Gen. Math, Algebra Norman Jones Applied Math, Forestry Emily Whalen Homemaking yi S CIE CE Mr. Curtis Bolton . Mrs. Ann Krell Mr. Prokish Join Biology, Chemistry. Physiology Gen. science Gen, science, Physics II Q Mr. Del Wilson Biology SPECIAL ED CA TI 0 Mr. James Granger Mrs. Ann Miller Coordinator of Special Education Special Education x ,ld K Mr. Bergman, Mr. Stotler, Mr. Worih Mr. Cook, Mr. Hord, Mr. Holder, Mr. Smith, Mr. Downer CLASSIFIED PERS 1 NEL '41 mm in EHS D-Sfrffr ff f X 0 A Mr. Bolt, Mr. Gilmour Mrs. Hicks f""'P.ia 5 . 1. "i: K E 1. Mr. Palmer, Mr. Stores, Mr. Walker, Mr, Kennedy Mr. Kodelijcz, Mr. Dinsmoor, Mr. Harper, Mr. Compini K K, , ii .. . Mr. Clarence Rouncltree Mechanical Drawing Sr Shop Fundamentals Mr. Jesse Frampton Metal Shop 8. Shop Fundamentals I DUS TRIAL ART Mr. Keith Smith Vocational Agriculture MUSIC l l Mr. John Terry Chorus 8r Ensemble 81 Band is Mrg Walter Peterson Auto Shop Mr. Ronald Bidstrip Shop Fundamentals St Woodshop Mfg. Mary Floyd Miss Maxine Aaron Arts A Crafts T Arts gc Crafts CA RLA WI CK S TR OM, EDITOR F xg A bk 'NVQ if A .L.. xx X, -mm Q Evie Adler Tim Ahern Mike Alder Gladys Alverson Florine Anderson Laurel Atkinson TeddY Avila Corrine Axfens Bill Bacoccim Ron Baer Sammy Baggerman Class of "69" Officers Secrefaryy Ti no Sieverf 4 Treasurer, Mike Carlson Cathy Bailey l Jeanne Baker Guy Baker Richard Baleria Becky Bales Pam Bali Sue Boll W l l For Barbeau Sian Barber Myrna Barnes Gary Bergman Lynda Berriclge Angie Bigney Bruce Bila l l B Frank Bisagno Marty Bland Vicki Boswell Loren Baiioroff Representative, Paiiy Coan Presiclenh Charlie Thomas Vice Presidenip Bob Payne Pat Brady Ray Bramlel' Judy Bredesen Debbie Briggs David Brink Annette Brosi Jerry Brown Michaelle Carbine Roger Burke Del Carpenter ff? L ft g W, Dana Callison Cyndy Castania Kathy Campini John Caswell Cindy Carlson Terri Cloud lL.- Jorry L Ch ri sie n sen s sf mg x X Mike Carlson A A Loren Carnahan xrir xx ia il fo r V g . ee ee. .C ,,. by ' am Q 15. Patty Coon R lg Q N X A . Xe C L ll ll llll 'R Debbie Collins ,ai Q' Af' A!! , M'Q,!,sf Gayle Conley it 4-lj . -A 'l'-ls -ll. A ' i lly- I ay T - . , . -f ,ktt A 653 3 N ., Reed ' -. Cunningham 56 Kurt Dalgren Kathy Cox Lois Corder ,+- Ai Kent Crawford Susie Crow Linda Dixon Lorraine Dixon Rae Dean Dickerson Kathy Dinsmaor Cathy Dixon Richard Downer Tim Doerr Mary Dunklee Ruth Eggert Elizabeih Eriksson i 1 Rolfe Dixon Debbie Farnsworth Roy Farmer Gary Floyd Sue Foley Tom Ericson an . Car i Phillip rank Steve Glassburn l x. , , A Jff' c- jifiiff ref -see I six R O 5 is ir is aging Jack Fletcher Bev Fraga 'Q X ' wr JS. Q Roseann Gabel W- . X fr nf, Q K .1 'K Rhonda Garret af W- N . wwf-.1f, ,NX L R X Jane Gale 1 i ef , X N 5 'T' 7 ' ,gif in R Steve Garrison N fl. , V Q an GGYY Gill09lY . L K s , yi, S JonniGoff X if Rick Guinn b xrgcwg' K , ' . 3 Linda Grice Becky Hardwick Pete Gastaldi Billy Harper Cheryl Harwell Marie Hoseley Scott Hctleli John Heney Q ie Pom Hibbard .Jerry Hicks Steve Higgins Gene Hinds Sully Hocking Susie Holland Robin Hollingsworth Marcia Hord John Hunter Susan Huthinson 5- Janet Huntsman Gary James Murchetc Jennison Bruce Johnson Kathy Johnson Karen Johnson Cheryl Jones Neil Jones Karen Keep Candy Keller Peggy Kelly Nancy Kennedy Sandy Kimbal Dole Korzon Katy Kinkade Sue Koski Melvin Knight Del Langner Alon Mohon Steve Kodelia Rich Koerber Steve LePeIbeit Jackie Lowmon Mike Langley Jim Leffman Randy Ludwig Rick Luther Debbie Matson Lynn McComas Ira Moyboum Kathy Moyr Kevin McCain Steve McGlo'rhen Vicky McCofferty Shirley McCollum Terry Martin Grace McGregor Meriin McGuire David McKee Gary McKenzie Scott McCoy Steve Mello Karen Mellow 60 Robert McKIaskey Jim Mense Michelle Meyer Tino Middleton Richard Miller Bob Montgomery Gloria Moreland Chris Morley Vicky Morris Dqnny Musick Wqlf Neeley Joy Nielson l Glenda Morris Mike Mosbccher Sandy Nomer Sharon Northrop Doll Nunoly Brenda Painter Jeff Parks Jim Parker Kathy Pettit Jeff Phillips Gene Peterson Kathy Peterson Mark Poivc Dove Pickard Ann Pickering Virginia Pillow Bill Pimentol Anno Peugh Bob Potter Linda Pinto Annette Porini David Potts Mark Prevo Phyllis Prunty Coral Quiberg Jim Randolf Rick Radoff Linda Record Lana Reynolds John Rhodes Lynn Rigler Judy Rogers Janice Ross Rich Rowe Lynie Royce -'lk sc . ' - , K, ws. Phillip Rudy Dan Sale Representatives L to R Bruce Bila, Doug Wilson, Debbie Collins, Karen Mellow, Virginia Pillow, Vicky Simmons, Sandy Kimball, Mitch Samboceti, Dave Brink George Sanders Hilde Schweitzer Tina Sievert Ron Sa ich l l i l Mitch Samboceti Pat Skibo Slater Pete Sloniker Mike Small Camille Smith Judy Smith Lyle Smith Margret Smith Rosemary Smith I . so , if ' .. ,.,... K I My Q . J T - f N Larry Spangle Marcia Spence t Jeanette Springer Bill Stills Mr. Rowland Jones Class Advisor Terry Strait Chris Stolmeyer Peg Stoddard Susie Stubbs Cindy Sullivan Steve Sutton Cathy Swansbourough Vicky Symonds Sue Taylor JoAnn Teifel Charlie Thomas Cindy Thompson Cathy Tieman Mike Tilander 63 Brenda Waisner Elaine Tombs Gary Veerkamp Darlene Walker Cathy Walsh Marla Visman Jan Volz Leona Voyer Gary Walker Linda Walker Steve Webb Chris Wehrlie David West Carol Wells Pat Westphal Terry Ward Randy Webb Randy Whitmore Rebecca Whitmore Carol Weston Ricky Whitmore Carla Wickstrom Glorio Williams Marcella Williamson M. Doug Wilson Jeff Wilson Kevin Wilson John Wilson PatWin1on Keith Woodside Madeline Woo Pot Worthy Tom Worthy Jack Worthy Mark Wren David Wren Jaree Wyatt Mike Wunderlich Gwen Wylie W J-. X W x. ,-tiene: P L 'lf' A 'fi .X v QF rf!.x3'?1 K 'A Q' wk 'KEN '53 M. 1. x iwvvqf' . X 1:2 A' N' l1,.5'i'J'7:'i3fiv'5 2 ,, ,fp xgl, Y NsffH1gQ'j" Q QS x -h Y Qxfiff- 'QQ -ff .Q , X , ff ,fx 1' ,IQ-'K 3 l.f?ff'x V . SAMKPQX, W 219 1 ylklxf wwf .. .Y ,--i 3 -Y-sf 4 , , A. A Y, Q-,fy xr- f Q. .nys MN. .A . WV, 1 4 ' ff .v , -.3 vm .-4 in A . ,, V Xl ,,,. W 5 ' 1 " ,Pi 'F-"f.,'a'g1','V' fxqzv- 21-533.5 W'-1' 'Jil X47-4, A 5 fwfsfflrfi A115 New f avi wg, fl 5,.,,,c Q X X W, vga-SQ':'SL V Alf' S OPH OM ORE CLA S S OF I CER Gordon Mott Krusty Ross: President Don Payne i t i Donna Holcomb Connee Frost I t N Treasurer Representative to Student t t Council 9 68 t do do uuuuu S J if . vs? A John Albusche Greg Allison Chris Anderson Ed Arterbury Eva Atkins Don Alexander Thersa Allison Gary Archibald Arlene Ashworth Kathy Backman Sharlott Barnes Bob Barrett Craig Bauske Bob Berridge Mary Bozarth Mark Blattner Robert Branscomb Susan Bolster Linda Brennman Belinda Brewer Connie Briggs Paul Brock Coral Brown Ed Brown Rick Brown Mary Balmain Stephanie Banda Linda Browning Marv Buchingham Gwenda Burgess Mary Bannister Brian Barber David Bariheou Gary Burlson Lunett Burkhart Audrey Butts Brett Byers Debbie Cain Rene Cameron Marion Carpender Tommee Carpender Shannon Casebeer Dan Chaffin Mark Chase Edno Cheever Jeff Clyma Adeline Clyme Larry Coon Denise Cola Ari Collins Alvin Cooper Mike Cornwall Jerry Cowell Charles Crombaugh Amalie Culver Harold Cunningham Denise Dalton Eileene Darr Ann Dorr 70 Sophomore Class Advisor Miss McNally 'Oh, what did my kids do now?" Standing: Dave Wil- son, Steve Heuser, Dean Garrison, and Kim Jorgensen. Sit- ting: Denise Cola, Michele Morris, Ga- zelle Pierce, GiGi Ronzone, Debbie Cain, and Sharlott Barnes. Homeroom Representatives Bruce Davenport Karen Davenport Diane Dawkins Karen Dickerson Ann Dittmar Candy Drury E i Joyce Dye Mark Duncan " QE , ' Peter Eghoian Larry Enyart ' 4 Laverne Eshbaugh Cindy Falkner 'C age Ricci Feclerici Bill Ferrell Kris Fleming Charles Frey Connie Frost' Tina Fullerton Larry Fullerton Priscilla Garcia Dean Garrison Charles Gay Elliott Gilbert Rick Gilpatrick 71 Aaron Glassburn Rose Gomes Verne Gore B G d David Hair me 'Un Y Ted Holi '+ve Jody Gossner Alice Hump Mitch Glazner Joyce Green Laurie Griggs Gaile' Gruwell Dorrene Hanks Ken Honneman . Q' XS. . T FT, -, . p 'r -H 'Q i f . f4f: .gq.,-g -, . 0 - ' 'lf' -'.' '. -'. ' ' YP5 guna, .g.'3'.,k 0 .'-AJ . gi-FV -an ' -flu Laurie ' Q . . Harrington ' . Q 1 , Jeanie " ' Harris Dicne Harp Ken Harris Greg Houge Sandi Hcys Donna Heinricks AI Herzig Steve Heuser 72 Karl Hein Pam Higgins Mike Hill Donna Holcomb Cynthia Honn Darrell Hopkins La Vonne Ingles Laurel Mf g Ruth Hutchinson Hutchinson L -bi b L: Will Hahn Larry Howe Kathy Humbird Rusty Kearns Beverly Jones P1191 in V Kim Jorgensen . 3 4 ts Q , Q . , K X V.. Rosemunde K n h i' . , . e e er Rickie Keep Josephine Kohn Tim Kinyon Karla Kirchner Guy La Mattina I: In Betty Kearns , Kathy Kensy Bill Kephart Tami Koskelc John Krek Toni Laubscher ,- Q- Tom Lehr Potty Lewis Mike Mergen Kathy Mergen Robby Merrill Shirley Lewis Carol Lumley Candy Molaspino Terry Morlin Cathy Maul Dave McClure Steve Lindberg Edith Mabry John Molospino Jeff Martin Alice McBride Mike McGee Dave Long Sheldon Madsen Kim Mangini Corlottu Moriorano Phyllis McCallister Mike McGinity Ronnie Merrill Pam Miller Sandi Moore Chris Morris Gordon Mott Pan Neilson Donna Miller Jeff Moore Anna Moron Michele Morris Mike Murphy Kris Nelson Mary Perze Danette Pflieger Tony Nelson Rita Norwood Jeanne Oliver Eugene Packmore Chris Parrish Don Payne Diane Nilsen Steve Obsf Kathy O'Meara Carolyn Painter Jim Parrish Don Pearson Christie Northrop Dan Oliver Donna Ott Paul Parker Teresa Pavia Dan Partain Robyn Piceno Paula Riola Lynda Roberts rx-'lik S . Terrie Robinson Jim Rogers Janice Rogers Pom Rogers Nadine Rohrer Mike Roney Gu Gu Ronzone Wally Schweitzer Danny Scamaro Renee Sanford Bill Searle Steve Schluefer Susie Slater Margo Samaniego Joe Sanne Randy Schultz Nancy Roper James Rudi Susan Sampson Doris Sawyer Kristy Rossi Joe Solos Allen Sanders Becky Sloan Connie Sloan Debbie Sloan Shirley Slocum Ron Smelser Roy Smith Steven Smith Denny Smith Karen Stangland Pam Stephens Terry Sterling Dave Stikeleather Susan Strupat Mike Taylor Jack Thomas Mary Torres Brian Waugh Sylvia Townzend Dale Weldy David Traver Nancy West Lynn Waldron Craig Wheaton Tim Walker Leslie White Barbara Walsh Richard Whitlock 77 Harold Whitmire Kathy Whitmore Virgil Whitten Bryan Wilkinson Karole Williams Terry Williams Diane Wills Chet Wilson Ann Adams John Beighley Ken Chute Pam Dinnell Mike Fanning Roseann Gabel Tom Hord Albert Johnson Diane Wren Cindi Wrzesinski Adele Wyant Phil Young Dave Wilson Richard Winn Joan Winton Anne Wong Debby Butler Ral Gauthier David Hanson David McComas SOPHOMORES NOT PICTU RED Gary Jordon Richard Melrose Dean Newman Tony Pope Linda Price Sandy Schultz Bruce Smart Bill Stills Nancy Stone Clifford Taylor Larry Van Buren Marilyn Volz Ray Westphal John Worthey Gwen Wylie l 1 4 l l CA DIDS "Gosh, 11's the sophomore bake sole." 'What a bunch of hams?" TIOFB. fe 5 "Dorff any of you smile ony- D.. "Diane, don'f cry!" 5 Q x gi, M 'Mi'- iA,,,..,+-'-:gee '14- A ki W? My :SSE Q ax X.. iifz ,, A ii me gf'f'1,.l rg' .2933 g, ff, .L A Y' 525295 wr .i , X4 Qgiaig sf .5 S 5- . :iff X35 xii Nf 2 2 X51 2? Q wir? 5 we 2 1 r , 3 5 1 'ag E I iff ' 5 E ' 1 I x I 1 Q 1 li , Q F 5 if 1 f X 'ZR , 1-nf Y -4 ,Y w s al 6 we ,v mf 5 xg' FRESH CLASS OFFICERS I President-Mike Logon Vice-Presidenf-Lindo Coin Treasurer-Gail WesTrUp Secretary-Luono Byers Representative-Blair Combelicmck Steve Avila Elizabeth Adkins Debbie Ahlstrorn Debra Axtens Ward Anderson Evelyn Bacoccini Lowell Baker Greg Andrus Jeanne Baer Diane Ball Mae Baty Terry Archibald Jerry Baggerman Richard Balling Martin Baumann 1,48 an.. alll? ' l Kim' 3' . - ' 'V fir X. Terry Baggerman Betty Baker Sharon Barnett Mark Beiglwley Danny Bishop Donald Barbeau Opal Barnes Luther Beaver Tony Bishop Cindy Bauske Bobby Beard Albert Birch Laurie Bickel Gene Billings Jim Bergman Linda Bosworth Sandra Brown Eve Boring Audrey Buell Robert Bow Richard Brandt Patricia Bredesen Bobby Bunch Holly Burnett Mary Burrows Patricia Bonser Barbara Briggs Mary Bush Linda Cain Debbie Chandler Richard Cloud Danny Clifton Ruth Collins Gay'e Combellack Bl- fCombellack Bill Corder John Cowper Dotty Cox Janet Cuddy Mark Cunningham Scott Dahlgren 84 Kathryn Boswell Kenny Campini James Briggs Luono Byers Dawn Casebeer Carol Casner Connie Casner Keith Cassell Charles Castle Dan Carpender Glenda Carpenter Yolanda Carranza MQ s...-mae Victoria D'Agastini Barbara Davenport David Docherty Debra Dowdle Mike Davis Jimmie Drennan Gordon Decker Amber Dellangana Catherine Duerksen David Dugger .ii John Falk Betty Farnsworth Dale Fisher Patricia Fisher Barbara Dixon Janice Duncan Ronald Eggert Linda Flowers Renee Fossum Mary Franchi Christine Gabel Elizabeth Gale Mike Dinnell Beverly Dunklee Carl Ericksson Kenneth Flickinger Beverly Gardner Richard Gardner Donna Garrett Star Gaschler Nancy Gauthier Bob Gillette. Sharon Gillogly David Goodwin John Gossner Floyd Graves Kevin Greer Ronald Guinn 85 Robert Hall Bruce Hamilton Tony Hull Jeff Hamilton Jane Harris Potty Heuser Chuck Hinton Tanya McCoy in A i , arol Hmzman Debbie Axtens Head if lqnnq 'it ti Q - , Janet Harper Mike Heney Katrin Hinrichs Rach Schledewltz Sherry Howe Timothy Hunsaker- Joe lrwin ' ' s i? it-S" Randy lmmer Martin James Bill James Dennis Kelly Tom Johnson Rodney Kerns . N. Q .S W-' Q' Geri Inama Rosemunde Kelleher fi Wig SN at 'fs 8 1 lx tu . J X NK Danny Kirkland K .mage Michael Kennedy 'gi Joe Koclella , Carol Lahmann gf Barbara Robin LaGrange Krabbenhoft Bob Langley Lauren Laier John Lambirth Julie Kelly Stanett Kiar Steve Kimble Randy Kramer Katrina Krek Tim Land Richard Langford Ron Laycock Katherine Lear Mike Leeson Doug Leins Chris Lepeilbet Bm Lewis Jon Lim-lgen Mike Logan Wiley Lowe David Lowman Leonard Maddack John Maxey Keith Maxwell Wilma Mabry Hal McClintock Dennis McClure Debra McCluskey Tanya McCoy Pete McDivitt Vern Miller VlCCl Mlllel' Colleen McDonough Judith McGinity John McGuire Ken McFarland 88 Nancy McGregor Patty Mergen Greg McKinney Michael Miguelgorry Dan Logan Mike Milton Kent Moore Carolin Moormon Shelia Moorman Mark Morton Lauralyn Murphy Paul Neilsen Kenneth Mosbacher Nancy Mushrush Cheryl Neitzel Debby Mott Nancy Musick Debbie Nelson Gary Muir Dana Nafus Kathie Nelson fl fs - X 1 es., - .. , L L Ei ,ap ' QW-"sf .3 ,s me Loya Paxton Bill Perry Robbin Pierson Val Nichols Lynette Nunaly William Nyman Forrest Offield Susie Orelli Nancy Palkmon Ben Parker Merlyn Patterson Dale Peters Kim Petersen Jim Peterson Lora Pierce Dean Pillow Clyde Pittman John Philips Tina Pope Don Posten Donna Posten N, V F li Y 3 - L egg, What- Sheri Potter Susan Potter Chris Poulos David Provence Linnea Quiberg Pam Radoff l Kathy Reichard Cynthia Reddin Ed Redmond , Sandy Reed 1 Alyson Reid i Randy Reynolds l 4 Lowell Richardsonl Douglas Ridolfi Nick Ridout Dennis Riffey Harley Roberts Les Russell 1 -:Fi LSUOYG RUNWVEU Tima Roshdy Jim Saigeon Henrigtfq Kathy Samboceti Samaniego s wark??? Linda Searle Mike Shaver Bud Shinkle Craig Sherlund Dan Shumaker Gail Silva t Bob Sloan Connie Smith , Katherine Smith Perry Smith Bill Snyder 1 Howard Sorensen l Seldon Spear Scott Springer i Edward Stancil George Stapleton Georgie Stapleton Roberta Steele Joe Sanchez Debbie Sander Sue Scott Raeona Scalzi David Schroth Terry Sch roth awp my .JL - itil M S iii K I it fd eg 343 .,. ' X4 gg-Ii! Ron Stoddard Christine Storz John Swayze Kathy Swayze Alan Tasto .ij me Q, VN!! N IF Freshmen Homeroom Representatives Left to Right, Roberta Steele, Sandy Brown, Mike Milton, Darrel Halterman, Doug Lions, Gail Combellack, Chuck Hinton, Lee Watkins Tim Taylor Ramona Teifel Carolyn Theodosi Craig Thomas Karen Thomas Leslie Thomas Sherrie Thompson Ricky Tilander Flodeane Tisdale Lester Tombs Mike Toombs Grant Tueller George Turnboo Shauna Tuttle Debbie Van Sant Jill Wadsworth Ronald Wagner Sherry Wagner l Janie Waisner 1 Jo: Walker l l l Susan Wdll Dolly Ward Lee Watkins Sara Webb Roy Wehe Gail Westrup Dave White Rod White Dave Whitlock Ernest Wisdom Sherry Wilbur Deborah Williams Mark Williamson Mike Wilson iludy Winge eil Winstead Ehris Wright tally Wright 'atricia Wunderlich jiebra Young .irendo Youngblood 'Vilfried Von Niessen i 7 Freshmen Class Advisor No pictures available forthe following freshmen Angelique Fullerton Shirley Henderson George Irwin Dianna Kingler Randolph Kinyon Peggy McDaniel Daniel Meyer William Nyman Paul Odlin Fatima Roshdy David Schneider Bonnie Springston Karen Taylor Marilyn Theodosis Mr. Kenworihy RN X ,X-.L mv 'uv -1 Lb? Paula Ewing Assist. editor RIPPLE Dee Dee Carter Assist. Art Editor Donna Coleman Art editor sam Kathy Dixon Photographer Karen Falkner Literary editor Nd PK? Sue Kurtz Editor Eric Davenport Sports editor Cathy Butts Business manager x . . - Sandy Gray Faculty 84 Administration and assist. sports editor Mary Dunklee . J Business manager " TAF Janie Webb Assist. Editor Mr. Perry Advisor Peggy Ward Activities Ruth Eggarf Organizations Janice Fossati Faculty 84 Administration Chris Miller Sophomore Class Annette Pillow Freshman Class Karen Reid Royalty Carla Wicksirom Junior Class Sue Olsen Senior Class OUSE S TAFF X Dotty Bliss Mrs. Williams Editor Advisor Marcheta Jennison Bertha Hughes Kirk Veirs Feature Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Darlene Nunaly Patty Brady David Odlin Jeannie Baker Sports Editor Business Manager Sports Feature Editor F N - M... 6 Ly VX-xf HARD A T WORK 1 A RQ., , ex Q mm. i vKY.X,.k .. Y X- Qs- :X ...bf N-.NX . . rg Msg. jf . Queen Candidates and escorts Attendants and escorts H0 Homecoming Queen Class of '71 float Qgmgwi fiimxuwt' 1 Class of '70 float C t 1 I nrng 1967 The Queen touring the field Winning Float Class of '68 Announcing of queen Class of '69 float Crowd at Homecoming , '-v 'X f www' ,H5 " 5. 1 www Nay' ' .a X N K ,559-, .. , .WX-,-.,..,,,,,..xw.. xuwf . - 1 'J ' 'L Av-,y - . 'fi f S X xxx - -J. ' x rw- ,1 , 1? 1 za E ,if . .. .QNX x 5 3215.155 gh. ff I X, 1g 1. fx ff 1 1: Ei . X N W' ,Q 3 ', ' - i N ff' x - was x .- N. Q ' gv"w A - - '.'IE?S5fQIxS.N QQQYQQZ' g' . X NL " -Q X fifxii iii 5- kaXM.fN'5!?A1Sii L. X sw iw mi M1 - .. '- ,xf-QENQQ gf-J Y:-ew.Aw.Mg?.e v a fwv, 1 . N si Q . H25: X g k leaders X JUIHOP Ta A S l t Karole Williams Susie Slater lHecdl I5 YQLEAD ,Q Mcuri Briggs lheadl Sue Olsen Jani Brown Janie Webb Mcl ry Mosbccher Patty Mills Mary Jo Pufhuff Peggy Stoddard P' I 1 Around ladder, left to right: Dee Dee Carter, Dorothy Minnick, Cheryl Williams, Linda Cain, Tami Koskela, Lynette Nunaly. On top of goal post, left to right: Mike Miquelgorry, Debbie Briggs. Far right, left to right: Debbie Cain, Joyce Caswell, Sue Kurtz. V Joyce Caswell Miss Babb Comm. of Entertainment Advisor P Ken Ward im Mongini Honnible .. .... Ken Word e ..... . . . Robert Wells Florence ......... Patty Heuser Ferry Moe . . .Marion Corpencler Titus .... .... C horlie Snoke Samuel .. .... Don Linville Lilli Belle .. .... Karen Mellow Ethe ........... Kim Mongini Miss Wilhelmincz . . . Bev Howord Dr. Emmett ...... Tom Peterson Mrs. Paddy ..... Kathy Cowper Robert Wells GX Marion Carpender CURIOUS SAVAGE My m e My x A in f N , .5 .. . , ,. Tom Peterson Karen Mellow - V QQ, K ny, l T1 it Kcthy Cowper Bev Howard ,air Left to right: Ken Word, Marion Curpender, Putty Heuser, Kim Mcngini, Kathy Cowper, Robert Wells. FOREIGN EXCHANGE S T UDEN TS Last summer I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Austria as our Foreign Exchange Student. I lived in a small village in the Alps, not far from the borders of Italy and Yugoslavia. Since I lived on a farm, I was luckily presented with a completely different situa- tion to which I am normally accustomed. My generous family made it possible for me to see many European countries and to take part in numerous typically Austrian activities, but that which l felt was most rewarding was the opportunity that I had to meet the friendly Austrians and to learn more about their cus- toms and culture. Even though the "tall red-headed American who spoke German with such a funny accent" was strange to the people at first, I knew that a friend- ship with an Austrian would last forever. I only wish that more high school students could take part in this program, for only through mutual under- standing between nations may we obtain peace. fwfr Understanding, friendship and love were fused mir- aculously this year, one of the best years of my life. But truthfully without your help this would not have taken place. l can't find words to express my love and my gratitude to you, you will always be in my heart the rest of my life. Thank you-to my family, to my teachers, to my classmates, to everybody for helping me to understand and to love the United States. My thoughts and my heart always will be here, this beautiful place on earth. 05Cfl'n.ng as AMERICA FIELD SER VICE Judyflohedy yi?Qf,,3s'S55sif Debbw Beodk President Kathy Mcyr Co-Chairman Secretory Morris Ruth Egggrf FiI'iGllST Kathy O'Mec1rci Finalist Publicity First row, Mark Elliot, Dem Kerns, Debbie Coll.ins, Bob Langford, Peter Gcxstoldi, second row, Vicki Morris, Randy Gczshler, Jocelyn Henderson, Kathy Moyr, Mczrchet Jennison, Pepy Egcs, third row, Dothy Bliss, Debbie Beudle, Judy Chlorety, Ruth Eggort, Bev Howard, Brett Byers. lO9 UNI OR 1 ' 1 JUNIOR PROM KING xc QUEEN DEBBIE MA TS ON .Q JEFF WILS ON 110 PR OM Q THE SPIRIT I A N L Qs -' ' :ff "f Q i-A SSW - - S ., f:,,,ff:, 55 'RA .SS N3 Y .. W R: T T: W ,':-'isQ::f:'f5'5f R QRS, S A -... L .. S FOOTBALL! GUESS WHO? W SYMPHQ IC BA l W Left to right: Chris Parrish, Rene Cameron, Carol Lumley, Gary Veerkamp, Byron Wescott, Donna Miller, Jocie Henderson, Kathy O'Mearo, Sue Crow, Margaret Smith, Second row: Roby Piceno, Brett Byers, Tammee Carpender, Randy Varroza, Linda Wilson, Debbie Cain, Linda Record, Annette Brosi, Mr. Terry, Third row: Gordon Bonser, Mark Cowles, Bryan Wilkinson, Pete Eghoian, Mike Small, Charles Krek, Dean Garrison, Mark Paiva, Randy Ludwig, Mike Wunderlich, Ricci Federici, Donna Alderman, Dove Potts, Bob Potter, Last row: Neil Jones, Darlene Nunaly, Rick Radoff, Gordon Mott, Rick Luther, Mike Rhodes. WI D EN SEMBLE Left to right: Chris Parrish, Rene Cameron, Carol Lumley, Gary Veerkamp, Byron Wescott, Donna Miller, Jocie Henderson, Kathy O'Meara, Sue Crow, Margaret Smith, Second row: Robyn Piceno, Brett Byers, Tommee Carpender, Randy Varroza, Linda Wilson, Debbie Cain, Linda Record, Annette Brosig Third row: Gordon Bonser, Marl Cowles, Bryan Wilkinson, Pete Eghoian, Mike Small, Mike Wunderlich, Ricci Federici, Donna Alderman, Dave Potts, Bob Potter, Mr. Terry, Last row: Gordon Mott, Darlene Nunaly, Neil Jones, Rick Radoff, Mike Heney, Rick Luther, Mike Rhodes. STAGE BA Left to right: Mike Rhodes, Margaret Smith, Robyn Piceno, Susie Crow, Brett Byers, Second row: Pete Eghoicn, Bryan Wilkinson, Gordon Bonser, Rick Luther, Third row: Neil Jones, Linda Wilson, Cindy Castonic, Dave Potts, Bob Potter, Mike Wunderlick, Ricci Federici, Mike Heney. UN 1 4 Left to right: Gary Veerkomp, Carol Lumley, Randy Varroza, Byron Wescott, Margaret Smith. H4 , CLARI ET CHOIR Left to right: Debbie Cain, Annette Brosi, Linda Record, Jocie Henderson, Donna Miller, Kathy O'Meara, Susie "Crow, Margaret Smith. BRASS CHOIR Left to right: Gordon Bonser, Mark Cowles, Rick Luther, Randy Varroza, Linda Wilson! Dave Potts, Bob Potter CHOIR Atkins, Second rovll: Mr. Terry, Kdren Johnson, Donna Alderrndn, Kathy Mayr, Sherry Mercado, Sandy Childs, Peggy Stoddard, Third row: Kathy Preston, Lauri Griggs, Geri lmanu, Barbara Krabbenhoft, Emily Saige, Brenda Painter, Donna Baggermdn, N SEMBLE Left to riqht: Mike Rhodes, Sue Koskela, Randy Foster, Susie Orellig Second row: Annette Brosi, Treva Chambers, Darlene Nunclyg Third row: Gloria Williams, Cindy Sulliyan, Fam Miller. A g ww. .. W, az' X Q g I ,If , Q V3 .S - K bl F K F Q .Q - 1 "f ' x + " X, X v gm, 1 ,. i ., . Y .1 as Q 1 K Q 4 2 P 1 , A 4 I ' Q : , 'x 2 Q K "- 2 Q f f'L'2'3fE5'ifS ' 5 V ., 'E M5-9 v Q x is .. i 2 , 'E .. i X . . vi Q-1 we r o x 1 4' kff. k-,kf " fx f X ZR 72 . f R? af: - f ' 5' a lk ' ggw X Q swf ,gg-'fr J J' A LITTLE BIT W X 5 X H, A 1 Q - fy.. ff OF ' E VER YTHING 119 SENIORS R ULE I L I. ll. Ill. llll. llielll Ill Ill 1 5su+9'g'f"ii'i7w'Q" 41h lg!!! I I Y-In '--I 'll 'll, - K ll In A.. llllf' 1-i 121 We fm Qk i SADIE HA WKIN S Honorary Boy Member Crowns Miss Sodie Hawkins D s U. ' , .' 'x,"r",-'I 'r, 0 . .0 . .I Ja Q1 0 5 0 ' 0 'v ' I , - ' . - .wk , X K i i f.. Q on., .1 :L ib'O ' .Q .HL J.. I 'ig'-'..a,' O' " J 0. ,.' ' Q- - ' A - 1' -- if A -ss i V W Miss Sadie Hawkins, Mary Mosbcxcher Best Costume, Terry Reddin and Ann Adams J Best Beard, Gary Romoldi Phrygericn Mode GA S TA LDI Q UEENS C 0 UR T M 4 4' w I R. 4 "' 'W' , -1 . f" QQ Q X M. 3 Q if PEGGY ST6DDARD GAIL C0 44 CK JUNIOR FRESHMEN SOPHO In JUNIOR PROM FFA S WEE T HEAR T MARIL YN GA S T ALDI 128 KING sc Q UEEN JEFF WILSON :Q DEBBIE MA TS ON f:M- mg, '-" 1 WILLIAMS HAR VEST QUEEN :fit L 4 RUNNERS UP NET H UN TSMAN LORNA RONZ UNE LINDA FLO WERS ,I UNI UR SOPH OM ORE FRESHMAN A S .3 S Q 1 Q 1 is Z xii fl 5 Q Sf 5 A Q, ff 5 'gl F 5:5--PM ,,,. ,T 1 ,x ,sd LX 5 , -1 5 Q Q Q4 gi ..-k S Q f' A . 5' QKXY 1 E5 :T Q-'V' -3. 5 ' S Y 3 5. lfiw m ' X I x ix ' W gy Q. tx T B N 1 is ,X 1 . . X Eli xfJ5i,Q i Q I 5 41 - 1 ' 5 Qi: if K. Q .. W is-5 . I , g S X I . X at 4- 5 - -1 Q 4 : QQ 7 I .6 ' 'S 3 S .I x V f ' X s ' 3 I' ' ' -. Q + a. Q W Lfx 3 5 . gy , ' X if E ffdi 5+ ,. ,.3 2 Sf 4.3 a ?l ,Ugl- Q ix S ' mwwxvwswdx, T. 130 SENIOR CLASSF VORITES . NNETT PILLOW SCOTT THOMAS Si s S 1 X ,- N A f -'NC L tb 5 . Q. M. K4 if x -1 X 5 -fig K A .i 1 g S155 . N Name WXx XQX X1 K X X R X N Nix xx xx .Q.1.X,x l , ww 5 zz sg BME if A ' - Q X, :W fig-k..?'5 . k 5 V 2 A A A -M A V K, . , , Q "' f Q ,. Aw ,M X m H 1 Y K . W. A - A S Q xg SW f ,MK f K v' SX. K x .1-,X S OPHUMORE CLA SS FA VURI TES DENISE COLA MARK DUNCAN 132 , - iihq, g 1 gg, ' 3 ., ga- .. . gf eg 'll . K 2 1 - lyk Qixix N N S if ' ' - 3 F M Q , Q' 'vf as Q H' 'if,.:b1s:Q . - Q-fx W i , jig. K." if QW .gy , I Q f KA- x N 5 . 0 gyfzg 23 with Qs s ' ww 4 Erxgtl A ti: is 5 ff ii, . V5 A QM xx 1 B .1 Wi F' .A . Q ah t ,,-,,,.Q,,, S, um.. 55 S S35 5, .x X J, X -v'Nx F, x .Q w " ,J W: N A , 'Xp . ig as Q x 5 via. Jxlx fm ' K 25 f-Q 1 + W , si v f . .. X tj K iwqpvsfg.. .za - i , .L wk 1 L V .x s , Q JW.. 3 if Q ,A 5 .. K Q 71 1 vi N W .f f wif '11 J SP u- gy it . X ' , i ,.1 ,Q ,k 3 L X - . gx S gf Ex .. Q 4 E35 Q -s 'Q if I ' 2 .L g Sie w 3, ,5 , , . . . AY' 'K 5 E ,fi K . A 2- J. sf LQ A L X QQ Qlg' 3. - gx'I'f3fxi'w,x1',j'L:l vi if - ff j K.-L' fm, , , .fmiff .L W1 .k . x .Q MM rig .fL, , Q TW X R A i, Q ,5, .L :. xg www ., M 1 Q X - .-2 ' EI' gx 4 xi' i x Q Eli :A vx ,g I s xxg,Bi. . fx551g.f.h 2 ...fx RIFFLE KING R OBER T LA N GF ORD kg-J RIFFLE Q UEEN PA ULA WI CK S TR OM MISS SADIE HA WKINS MAR YMOSBA CHER BASKETBALL QUEEN ANNETTE PILLOW Y EDITOR : ERIK DA VENPUR T iw 'Wk ' .5 Ii X fx .E My Q Qs S ,fr R Q Mx 11 X Q X3 N X Q X xx X? x Q E x X X s X . sk +2 . .R xiii Q Q 4. R. X 51 ix A X X X Siu N Q Q 6 Y, ' J' , . . X Q ' fi , . b Q : Ei ALL C UNF EREN CE RAND Y GA SHLER BOB LAN GF ORD TERR Y REDDIN VARSI T Y Goschler und Langford lead team onto field N 1 F Y 1 n Y n 4 Front row: Mike Alder, mgr., Bob Hard, Dennis Skibo, Don Watson, Dan Kerns, Mark Elliot, Bob Payne, Dan Musik, Jerry Hicks, Bob Slater. Second row: Bob Repharf, mgr., Gary Walker, Steve Tyler, Terry Reddin, Bob Springer, Dave West, Gary Herd, lra Maybaum, Jeff Wilson, Coy Rhoades, John Carnahan. Third row: Jack Worthey, mgr., Mike McGee, Randy Gaschler, Art Hardie, Mike Reuter, Doug Wilson, John Rhodes, Jim Mense, Rick Flowers, Bob Langford, Don Watson, Dave Stangland. O0 TBALL Coach Scanavnno Coach Waters Coach James l Dan Musick Robert Payne Bob Langford NON LEA GUE Art Hardie Dorado Ga 1' Gary Herd Dorado J F K Jerry Hicks Dorado Calaveras . Bob Hom' LEA CUE Dorado .... Ponderosa Dorado 1 .... Cordova Dorado 2 .... S. Tahoe Dorado , . .. . Jesuil' BOX SCORE EI 39 .... 17 I El 27 .... 7 . . . El Dorado 28 .... 18 Placer El I9 .... 20 El 27 6 El 6 24 El I O El 20 23 El Dorado 5 .... 9 Folsom Randy Gaschler Dan Kerns David West .. 2 EE ,I Mike McGee Doug Wilson Don Watson John Rhodes Mr. Scuncvino giving last minute instructions Bob Springer Terry Reddin Ira Muybcum Steve Tyler Rick Flowers Mike Reuter COY Rh0GdeS John Carnahan Dove Sfonglond Mflrk Elliot Gary Walker Dan Watson Dennis Skibo THE MANA GERS Jqck Wonhey ,Bob Rephcrt Mike Alder Coach Ebbe Coach Bolton i l l Front Row Left to Right, Larry VanBuren, Tim Walker, Len Maddox, Ed Arterbury, Bob Gillett, Mitch Glazner, Don Payne, Art Collins Brion Reecl and Larry Howe. Back Row Left to Right, Coach Ebbe, Ed Brown, Mark Duncan, Chester Wilson, Ken Chute, Larry Fullerton Rusty Kearns, Steve Heuser, Don Pearson, John Krek and Jeff Clfyma. Larry VanBuren mgr. We lust mode a touchdown l First row: Ken Mosbacher, Scott Dahlgren, Peter Miller, Kevin Greer, Chris Poulos, Gilbert Beaver, Greg Andrus, Dale Peters, Dave Dacherty, John McGuire, Chuck Castle, Second row: Jim Briggs, Ed Stancil, Robert Hall, Mike Logan, Bill Lewis, Tim Land, Terry Baggerman, Jim Saigeon, Kent Moore, Rod Kerns, Dan Logan, Steve Hays, Third row: Coach Hickey, David Goodwon, David Whitlock, Terry Archibald, Mark Morton, Lee Watkins, Ed Redmond, Danny Meyer, Ron Eggert, Ken Fliickenger, Bob Langly, Rondy Kramer, Coach Kenworthy. l Coach Kenworthy Coach Hickey l 147 Kneeling: Jim Flint, Bob Norris. Standing: Breni Painter, Bob Montgomery, COU TR 48 Jim Gossner 102' Y ,. Vk,? X s sl ' T .im lf .5 ' Coach Marks Coach Hamilion ME ORIA Jim wasn'T wiTh us very long, buT in The short Time ThaT he was, The friends he made were innumerable and his spirit--irispiraiional. He always had ra joke or a laugh To share, and his fellow class-maTes looked up To him. His memory will be cherished by Those who knew him, and will be in The Thoughis of Those who didn'T, and we will miss him. Kneeiing: Mark Wheaton, Jim Sorenson, Bret Byers, Bruce Smart, Dean Newman Standing: Selden Spear, John Lambirth, Dana Nafus, Jeff Hamilton, Ben Parker, Mark Cunningham, Randy Kinyon L Brent Painter Bob Momgomery Jim Flint Bob McClasky Bob Norris 14 l' l' fiwvi Stu Drake Mark Elliott Bob Langford Randy Gaschler Art Hardie Mike Morrow Doug Baer Scott Thomas VARSITY ASKE T B LL Charles Krek Bob Payne Mark Paivcx Bob Slater Doug Wilson Mike Stephens Mitch Samboceti Dave Brink Back Row, Coach Fairchild, Art Hardie, Mitch Sambocetti, Doug Boer, Doug Wilson, Mike Morrow, Mark Elliot, Steve Brink, Bob Payne, Scott Thomas, Larry Howe, Mgr. Front Row, Mark Poiva, Mike Stephens, Stu Drake, Ken Slater, Randy Gaschler, Bob Langford, Charles Krek. I fx in 'lk l 1 Two more for El Dorado! K 13 I Longford on a rebound! 8 'iw X 9-JM ALL CUNFERENCE VARSITY S CUREBOARD RANDY GASCHLER lSENIORl BOB PAYNE UUNIOR1 El Dorado 63 ....................... Placer 65 El Dorado 89 ....................... ARJC 51 El Dorado 57 ....................... Courtland 42 El Dorado 62 ....................... Amador 70 El Dorado 70 ....................... Clarksburg 62 El Dorado 49 ....................... Jackson 45 El Dorado 81 ....................... S. Tahoe 49 El Dorado 69 ....................... Lincoln 51 El Dorado 66 ....................... Ponderosa 68 El Dorado'47 ....................... Cordova 67 El Dorado 46 ....................... Jesuir 79 El Dorado 56 ..........,............ Folsom 51 El Dorado 52 ....................... S. Tahoe 37 El Dorado 75 ....................... Ponderosa 55 El Dorado 55 ....................... Cordova 53 El Dorado 72 ....................... Colfax 80 El Dorado 35 ....................... Jesuit 66 El Dorado 82 ....................... Folsom 53 Clarksburg .................... ........ T hird Place Placer ...................... ' .......... Third Place 152 Larry Howe, Nick Rydout: Mgrs. Dczve Wilson John Bagley Rich Gilpotrick Rusty Kearns Don Payne Bruce Grundy Mitch Glozner Gordon Mott UNI OR VARSITY BA KE TBALL Bob Barrett Coach Aldecr Brett Byers Tom Leher Bock Row, Left to Right, Dove Wilson, Bruce Grundy, Mitch Glozner, John Bagley, Bob Borret. Front Row, Brett Byers, Gordon Mott Rich Gilpotrick, Don Payne. ACTIO 154 Q Q3 if is 1 . W- w ff' ., S V -1 if L W5 5 , we ,Q Q Qx mx? ,XSS ,gif 5 5 : Q 4' fx S 5 Aa f iifif N if Q, ,W ' in Y K Q ' . X if 1 6 ' Nii Q --f X sv Xxkx A .:gALk. v ' F . , K N Steve Harp Jeff Park Dan Oliver Bill Park Brown DOCHEHY Steve Jorgensen Dave Odlin Don Watson Rick Flowers Gary Walker '6 7- '68 WRES TLERS VARSITY X hitr H A A litii , ' 'N 45 Wm N1 fx t is A 55 5? Front row: L. to R. Steve Harp, Jeff Park, Dan Oliver, Bill Park, Brown Docherty, Steve Jorgensen. Back row: L. to R. Dove Odlin, Don Watson, Rick Flowers, Gary Walker, Terry Reddin, Coy Rhodes, Mike Reuter, Coach Bill Hickey. "A SE Y OLIVER MEMORIAL A WARD MIKE RE U TER Awarded each year to the E.H.S. Varsity Wrestler who shows the most inspiration to his team. WRE S TLER A C TI 0 UNI OR i r VARSITY SS ' , Q U we 3 3--'S iss 122 .nv Front Row: Left to Right: Larry VgnBuren, Al Herzig, Rick Racloff, Terry Mccky, David Docherty, Ronnie Merrill. Bock Row: Left to Right: Kim Jorgensen, Mike Roney, Ken Flickenger, Joe Solos, John Krek, Steve Mellow, Greg Shively, Ted Avilu Couch Norman Jones FRU H- OPH ,,,-, em... WN....Ma.., -....,...M.aw-W-kw.,, x N, A 4 - en- A Front Row: Coach Norman Jones, David Lowman, Ron Stoddard, Mike Kennedy, Rob Shinkle, Dan Chaffin, Rich Langford, Blair Cornbellack. Second Row: George Stapleton, Mark Prevo, Larry VanBuren, Al Herzig, Rick Radoff, Terry Mackey, David Docheriy, Ron Merril. Third Row: Dean Garrison, Kim Jorgensan, Mike Roney, Ken Flickenger, Jae Salas, John Krek, Sieve Mellow, Greg Shively, Ted Avila, Chuck Castle. Back Row: Don Barbeau, Sieve Avila, Mike Hibbard, Dan Scamara, Paul Odlin, Lee Watkins, Ted Hall, Craig Thomas, Marv Buckingham, Mike Leisen, Mike Davis, Chris Lepeilbei, Mike Logan, Bob Hall, Coach Bill Hickey WRES TLERS INACTIU Q, A May the best man win. VICTORYI GO! FIGHTL WIN TONIGHTL 3 is VARSITY-Standing: Dennis Kelly, Tim Doerr, Mike Mosbcicher, Bruce Bilo, Leonard Huntsmon. Seated: Pete Sloniker, John Rhodes, Steve Rigler, Gordon Bonser. 68' SWIM l e n eee Coach Kenworthy JUNIOR VARSITY-Front row: Don Choffin, Allan Roberson, lorry Fullerton, Ed Brown, Don Tyler, Ken Chute, Brian Wough, Middle row: Tim Lond, Bob Hull, Mark Beighley, Ted l-loll, Jim Peterson, Steve Lindberg, Ed Stoncil. Bock row: Ed Redmond, Greg Andros, Mork Blutner, Joe irwin, Steve Smith, Hol McClintock, Mike Hibbord, Jon Lindgren, Bob Morino. i r I I s s . 3 . r 'K ax ,hike--xarg ., Lf .. X, G0-O-0-0-0-O! si- Front Row: Annette Porini, Kris Rossi, Debbie Matson, Kathy Stinchfield, Karen Stangland, Peggy Stoddard. Second Row: Hildie Schweitzer Sanford, Nancy West, Carol Weston, Karole Williams, Marcheta Jennison, Marianne Carpenter. Third Row: Doug Briggs, Wall-y,Schweutzer Sue Pete Gastaldi, Brian Waugh, Ben Parker. Back Row: Ed Stancil, Romie Barnes, Chris Parker, Dave Stangland. 162 N Best Boy Skier-Dove Stcmglond Best Girl Skier-Chris Rossi A 3 I gl a '1 e ' 2 Q , 3' 3 5 Z ' 5 2 f E s 2 i ss' sf? F-2 SKIT AM ACTIO gm. x ,W ws N Nia 1 sNM,wf'm, .4 N, Wk 'sy' vis Kneeling: Robyn Piceno, Lynn McComas, Karen Davenport, Mike McGinity. Standing: Coach Piceno, Craig Bauske, Mike Shaver, Marty Bland Charlie Thomas, 164 ENN S TEAM Robyn Piceno Lynn McComas ,W- arg MRSA were vw 'fm- 4'-A ,M- fa' mm ,n ln-4" gaze, WW A e R55 Tfmf. -Q -sw .,. .,:-E-af, rw-.Srl-,-H ,5,T5v..v'-. .M-1: , 1.,..1, . -'Q-hx: -,H-1' fi--" H vsrsifah--.A nf.. if E,,...M.,j.' 'EEN' , ,Ee .':i?fA . 13 gr New -.bf ma:-54-i . . 'Q-11vX'QmwW! f .fi e.-...W W! ...warn fwdim-':Q'aH W ' 'A ' ' ,,. 3 4. .r '--- ' 1-f" - ,, 1 r ,kiwi .E X onyx ' rr if a if-m,.,:f . - V K -, 1- , ,-Q. : Q-.A 1 rf L waiafu we P it K A Q gi M 2, 'Q lb' me A Y, .f ,, , . X vegan , X ,. ,ei is in win' 'R' F I SX .Q 121 fl i"'4f"-' ,:'3?5il.1x'C:s5-.Y WS' 4 ' Karen Davenport Y ii ,fs .X S-,gym if :fi i i 1' -Jim".-X , Qi JiL'i' ft'x' '. gg , Q5 Kirk Viers Charlie Thomas Ken Sluver N Marty Blond Craig Bcuske N Mike Shave: Mike McGinity Coach Piceno Standing, Left To Right: Blair Combellack, Darrell Hopkins, Del Carpenter, Steve Sclwleuter, Dave McKee, John Albusche, Rick Schledewitz, Perry Smith, and Craig Sherlund. Seated: Mike Morrow and Kevin Wilson. GOLF TTES l -'66 Left To Right: Gigi Ronzone, Chris Fleming, Connie Frost, Coach Howard, Carol Lumley, Kathy Srinchfield and Nancy Wesi. Mike Morrow Kevin Wilson wifi ,- X E. ink .WEE V Q.. has :ll-XJ L w PM wk 1 Q 5592 -:Q if : 2' ,r"i'?1:':',t4fEei5-. i Q x , A . S ' .tif ve W gfa . , Leg ': if'::1.fr'S Q . Qigliifl i aaa - Nm B nv er ef , . 'E Y.. s 0 x Q X A 'X ' 2. .. -sr 1' ft f Q x ' su' "' N' Y Agw 41 s EQ, W 5 N . i XX f REQ wg! F Y-5 Q 1 , 'bn 5 K S S N ,-.zxfv 4 ' XWL.: k. Q I 4 . 1 a. A-,. 3 .NW , ixame.-,sffwe ,lfd 1, . -fx .grip-Q f,jg'yE-rv-Xgffxfe.-J. Qiiwg X., .-i.l..g X X ...sf Perry Smith Dove McKee -'I Blcir Combellcck G Sieve Schleurer AM . "' --Q Q 3 fi'31'5"7,1 E.H.S. i A Q f Rick Schledewitz , jk. L A A 5 3' 9 F -6.54 ' , ' z' ii ir . 'J . - f ' ' .E - i kii. Ex e.. AxL K We, ' 'vm gru- , K A f ive? . . 53,5 i.,f7' Q55 . fx is . , ' feng, ,mffq M Ki W we :RX 1 5 - ea.-nQ.1 .- ,. 4 . - w H - f . -sg---45, ,. igx ns..-., .f"s3TZYi ':k:Ef:f.rw3' rf ' i ev- f fxfrrfiw - . - ' W- 'fix Del Carpenter Darrell Hopkins John Albl-1SChB ,h as ,-: w -Q Craig Sherlund -'67 . if VAR ITY ,Q ig 1 ii 7 , Kai N FH i is 5 N RQ eg Sitting: Mike Reuter, Bob Montgomery, Doug Wilson, Ron Saich, Mike Blctttner, Stan Barber, Brett Byers. Standing: Terry Thomas, Mark Paiva, Brent Painter, Don Watson, Randy Gaschler, Bob Payne, Mike Korzan. TRA CK FR OSH -S OPH rw-of ' Q es S 1 , iff. N ,fax fi ,y - SQ it jg rf, 3 X o g if 9 1, N Q i ,, S e Q o i Front Row: Roy Wehe, Ron Eggert, Rick Longford, Bruce Smart, Rich Hill, Gordon Mott, Mike Leisen, Danny Myers, Jim Saigon, David Docherty. Middle Row: Dave While, Ken Flichenger, Jim Briggs, Ken Mosbacher, Pete Eghoian, Mike Miguelgory, Bruce Davenport, Seldon Spear, Kent Moore, Jeff Hamilton. Back Row: Greg Hauge, Chester Wilson, Dave Whitlock, Dove Wilson, John Bagely, Randy Kramer, Kevin Greer, Gilbert Beaver, Don Pearsen, Gregg Hazel. l68 Mike Blczttner .6X Q5 it ' 'SX 1 ff kyig XX Pro x Bob Poyne Don Watson Randy Gaschler w tf M rrrr Q re- - t rf ff M Q 11 fr -YXP C mmhh FY J' N . M . Mike Korzcn Don Kearns Stan Barber Brett Byers Terry Thomas Mark Poiva Mark Prevo exft-Q EF: Bob Montgomery Doug Wilson Mme Renter 'Q Q I .J Q. KL 1 l ,X 'B X S ll Q' I Rf 1 V 1- , X filnktk X -f fQ:.W,.RV fx 1 . Q' 5 Q 1 .1...,.3X in 2 X 1 ., ,f fi . if ,X -.-. t:., , W 5228 Natl? A gl- .. my Gwwvaf' yffw " f K, ,k,. . K full? 212 I' '. H + s f- A ..x: , .,- i i if S x, S 4 an X X .,,..is1l' NY- Must' A Front Row: Jim Mense, Dan Musick, Terry Mackey, Bob Langford, Art Hardie, Dennis Skibo. Middle Row: Stu Drake, Rif:k-Flowers, Mitch Samboceti, Mike Stephens, Joe Scott, Mike Carlson. Back Row: Art Collins, Tom Erickson, Dave Harris, Greg Shively, Tom Bacagaluppi, Chris Poulas, and Coach Bolton. VARSI T YBA SEBALL l lllloa M :ste-W . X Art Hardie Mark Elliott Rlfik lFlbW9fS- 171 . A. . Rc. - 9 ,K 1. , X 1' K ' XS' - K mr if 'W -' , cc? - f x Bob Langford Q. X in S1 flos- S 2 Greg Sh ively -'72 Mike Carlson A - ---ie -W 3 X 'W-c fr-M Q Dove Harris Stu Druke Dennis Skibo Wi , av . S' K ew 7 Y Q .X ..,, M ef gkw 35" Q. g, if Terry Mackey Mike Stephens W We few- P M . f . Q . 1 :-. Qeiee S S SQ ' 'S :ee X 3 My . 'Ke- 1. e 11 I--af i. Joe Scott Art Collins Mitch Sombocetti ' S ms.: S -ff,5gq,g -f ffl wr . igisk , S S ii: K xi lm IW , "fb ' 1 iw 22 i Tom Bgqqggluppi Don Musick Jim Mense X i i l Front row, left to right: Dave Cullison, Bert Frey, Mike Cornwall, Len Madclock, Marv Buckingham, Don Poster, Rick Gilpatrick, and Bob Barrett. Back row, from left: Coach Scanavino, Chuck Castle, Mark Morton, Mike Williams, Bob Gillett, Ron Williams, Lee Watkins, Jack Worthy, Don Payne, Mitch Glazner, and Manager Mike Murphy. J. V. BASEBALL 5 s Us N 2- Q S 4 x.,lX X we , QN X it X a ix ---9-9 - . 'Y' Practice makes perfect 173 SPORTS STA DO UTS FOOTBALL ALL CONFERENCE - Randy Gaschler, Rob Langford, Terry Reddin WRES TLING OUTSTANDING WRESTLER Brown Docherty MOST IMPROVED MOST PINS Don Watson Rick Flowers CASEY OLIVER MEMORIAL AWARD Mike Reuter BA SK E TBA LL OUTSTANDING - Bob Payne, Randy Gaschler GOLD STAR INSPIRATIONAL Mark Elliot Stu Drake FLOOR LEADER MOST IMPROVED Rob Langford Mike Morrow BEST PRACTICE PLAYER - Art Hardie, Scott Thomas SKIING BEST BOY SKIER - Dave Strangland BEST GIRL SKIER - Chris Rossi MOST IMPROVED - Chris Parker SOCCER ALL CONFERENCE - Steve Tyler, Don Watson, Sam Sanchez MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Sam Sanchez CROSS COUNTRY ' MOST VALUABLE RUNNER - Bruce Smart JIM GOSSNER MEMORIAL TROPHY- Bob Montgomery MOST IMPROVED RUNNER - Brent Painter Vw' a- 6' 5 eg 'u L ...gg Fr as Q i ,R ri X I 'N Q wygfiigv W , 29 www, a 5 wwe! .,,-af 'HN 0 .Q lx , ' w W GSK Q X. QS x, "s,,,,,a Ram '5 '.. 4 x fv .. Y, 1.5- vmwwmmmnnw Dun Kerns President 11" xv' Our Government at Work i X X! Vicky Morris Pete Gcstcldi Gail Schledewitz Secretory Vice President Commissioner of Finance Bob Slater Assistant Commissioner of Finance l 4 Connie Frost Sophomore Representative Dotty Bliss Karen Falkner Commissioner Parliamentarian of Publicity Randy Gaschler Director of Athletics Bob l"lOi'd Coqn Senior Junior Repfesenlcflve Representative F' We Joyce Caswell Commissioner of Entertainment I a X 0 537 . ! 0 R1 A , .. 3 s . yysssss F of Blair Combellack Freshman Representative 179 ART C LUB President--Scott Thomas and not shown Vicki Enygurt, Secretary-treasurer--Deb Briggs, Vice President-Kevin McCain. , y ': - K 2 ' 1-If? 'O' ' ' 'I q '- X' r ,wssimssssiii The art club, pictured in front on right side advisor Miss Aaron. I Front row lup the stoirsl: Linda Record, Chris Pnrrish, Doll Nunaly, Byron Wescott, Pam Higgins, Tommi Carpenter, Renee Cameron, Carol Lumly, Debbi Cain, Mark Cowles, Brett Byers, Pete Eghoian, Neil Jones. Second row Iup the stciirsj: Annette Brosi, Kothy O'Meara, Denny Smith, Linda Wilson, Gordon Bonser, Mike Small, Randy Varozzo, Donna Miller, Robyn Piceno, Dave Potts, Joice Henderson, Mike Heney. Clumped on Ramp: Gordon Mott, Mike Langley, Bob Potter, Susie Crow, Mike Wunderlick, Ro ndy Ludwig, Richard Fenderici, Deon Garrison, Gary Veercarnp. Presidenf Advisor Vice-President Lindo Wilson Mr. John Terry Dave Potts S Q 13' Secretary Treasurer Publicity Co-Chairman Publicity Co-Chairman Jocie Henderson Denny Smith Gordon Bonser Kathy O'Meqrg BLDC el E .-W , SQSX l n.. i . l . X... "lk-, K .. gzrwsiwx My N 'M Nsg- .ssl Treasurer-Bill Park, President-Rob Langford, Vice President-Brown Docherty Sgt, at arms-John Carnhan, Secretary-Steve Tyler. x . .rt s - .pr 'L' W , fe -.- V. -,,, T . r . 5 T , , . . 2. S gm,--'M-'vw-K - Seated: Bill Park, John Carnahan, Rob Langford, Brown Docherty, Steve Tyler. Front row, standing: Mike McGee, Ken Ward, Steve Schleuter, J. B. Anderson, Jeff Wilson, Kirk Viers, Jerry Hicks, Dan Musick, Gene Peterson, Ira Maybaum, Chuck Williams, Bob Slater, Steve LaPeilbet, Bob Payne, Randy Gaschler, Mike Morrow, Larry Van Buren, Bob Springer, Mike- McGinity. Second row: David Stangland, Lee Webb, Roger Matthews, Art Hardie, Kevin Wilson, Dennis Skibo, Bob Hard, Doug Baer, Danny Kerns, Marty Bland, Steve Rigler, Gordon Bonser, Scott Thomas, Dan Watson. ,Chris Parker, Bob Norris, Jim Mense, Pete Gastaldi, Rick Flowers, Doug Wilson, Mark Elliott, Dave Harris, Dale Young, Larry Teach, Dave West, Bob Mobley, Coy Rhodes, Gary Archibald, Don Watson, Terry Reddin. 182 WQSRHI GTI, UB Bock Row: Verne Gore, Jim Flint, Gordon Bonser, Mark Elliot, Doug Boer, Dove McKee, Erik Davenport, Curtis Goylord, Middle Row Debbie Matson, John Horgis, Morchetcx Jennison, Joe Scott. Front Row: Kathy Moyr, Janice Ross, Judy Cloherty. President -1--:Q Vice-Presrdent Secretory-Treasurer , J g A I Mark Elliott M iJJ:" ij ' 4 ' A I WMM X Ji ' l S5 f 'f,:. Q . f i .. D E QM N? 5 Q Gordon Bonser fi Judy Cloherty Mr. John Hempt, Advisor -'83 is Officers at time picture was 'fakenz Mark Elliott, Vice-President Bettyi Kearns, Treasurer, Art Hardy, President, Hilde Schweitzer, Secretary: Pete Gastaldi, Historian. LIFE MEMBERS Dofiy Bliss Mark Elliott Gordon Bonser Linda Wilson Susan Fredericks Dave Stanglancl CALIFORNIA S CHOLARSHIP F EDERA TIO Seated: Patty Brady, Susan Fredericks, Leslie White, Coral Brown. Standing: Gordon Bonser, Bob Langford, Bob Slater Steve Tyler Kurt Viers, Randy Gaschler, Mr, Nomer-Advisor. I8-4 Standing: Joe Scott, Dave Stangland, Mark Elliott, Art Hardie, Karen Davenport, Lyn Waldron. Pete Gastaldi. Seated: Sharon Northrop, Hilde Schweitler, Dottie Bliss 45' '-P." Q7 ow 'br S fs. Q! 1 P319 3' 4 S 3 D o r, P . , 5 .X .k., - - - 1 S - W 11. - Standing: Gordon Mott, Don Payne, Gary Veerkamp, David Po Wong, Karen Stanglancl, Jean Winton, Cathy O'Mearci. tts, David McKee, Bob Potter. Seated: Pam Higgins, Sue Strupat, Ann 185 REATIVE WRITERS President Bertha Hughes Vice- President Dave Wren Scott Thomas .uc-'SP Secretary-Treasurer The Dream Ship It was made of silver wood. IWith ropes of twisted gold,l The Timbers sure cmd good. lWith treasure in the hold.l The railings set with jeweled delight, lThe sails of purple silk,l The deck was filled with golden light, lWith ivory pure as milk.l I set my course on the shimmering sea, lThe soft wind filled my sails,l I sailed forth boundless and free, lAs I lent upon the rails.l I passed the Misty Islands in thought, lUpon my dreaming way,l All the wonders ever wrought, lAre vested in me this day.l iz JIT P f 2 i 5 riirtrrtir 1 1+ , .st X . Seated: Tricia Vierra, Cindy Carlson, Laurie Harrington, Kathy Cowper. Standing: Kathy Mergen, Susie Sampson, Qathy Butts, Dan O'Sheo, Mary Dunkles, Tino Siviert, Sharlott Barnes, Sue Scott, Tim Boggs, Steve Rigler, Deb Briggs, Scott Thomas, Jerry Hicks. Second Row, Stand- ing: J. B. Anderson, Larry Teach, Pat Barnett, Jim Williams. 186 1 , r- - . . K ,S , ... ,ev 'K 5--Ee eps is fil Jgis sei: 1 , M as f i ' i il N S i A ,, . Y i . ,nl i ef K ., ,. :,, i .1 M gk - N we K' - , ,A . M mh..1 5 H Q i M LQL, K t Q 1 it X X T i X Q 4 ,X wi? l I it is is is . . x Nj-is , l-..,.. xx' ,f xx! fl L Front row: Tina Sievert, Brenda Painter, Merlin McGuire, Tumi Koskela, Donna Winton, Adeline Clymo, Chris Miller Mary Grell, Ken Ward, Janet Huntsman. Bock row: Brown Docherty, Randy Foster, Mark Cunmnghum, Rodney Kems, Kent Moore, Pete ICS N19 ! Gostcildi, Dan Kerns, Kevin Wilson. Curt Gaylord Chris Miller Randy Foster President Secretary Vice-President Janet Huntsman Mr. Fairchild Treasurer Advisor I 87 l ,Y ,,,, ,,,,, , l I' sv A X f President Kerry Crawford Secretory Bill Searle fffiifli. l 5 I Reporter .Y - Bob Rekstad Front row: Steve LePeilbet, Kenny Campini, Wes Harwell, Dean Pillow. Second row: Paul Odlin, Chris LePeilbet, Bill Searle, Jirn Parrish, Third row: Kerry Crawford, Ron Merrill, Shannon Casebeer, Leigh Webb. Fourth row: Don Watson, Dale Young, Larry Teach, John Hunter. Fifth row: Bob Perry, Jerry Brown, John Wilson. Sixth row. Steve Webb, Steve Smith, Dennis Rhibordy. Seventh row: Gary Bergman, Teddy Avila, Mark Visman, Joe Sanne. Eighth row: Jim Bergman, Mr. Keith Smith-Advisor, Jim Sorenson. l Vice President Leigh Webb ' -..M- Treasurer Jim Parrish Sentinel Lorry Teach ' f'f. Hr.,.,,r.,n me NATIONAL sruovmc vocAnoNAr. Chaplain Bob Peffv onGANrzA'noN Fon aovs AGRICULTURE Shannon Cmebee' ras 6 Presiclenf S Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Quia ,L,. ., - - Linda Wilson K V1 i s k if 1.x Dotty Bliss Sue Fredriclcs Left to right, first row: Bev Howard, Sharon Northrop, Terry Ward, Sally Hocking, Mary Dunklee. Second row: Debbi Ellis, Bertha Hughes, Dottie Bliss. Third row: Linda Wilson, Sue Fredricks, Randy Gaschler, Steve Tyler. Linda Record, President, Peggy Kelly, Treasurer, Donna Coleman, Secretary, Judy Brede- Mrs, Ellithorpe son, Vice-President, Elaine Brown, Points Manager. Advisor E. Fl. Fl. Front Row: Diane Wells, Cindy Ahlstrom, Judy Cloherty, Lynette DeBay, Elaine Brown, Jenny Drennen, Pam McGuire. Second Row: Hilde Schweitzer, Barbara Walsh, Kathy Stinchfield, Kim Mangini, Chris Parrish, Karen Dickerson, Tina Fullerton, Judy McGinty, Angelique Fullerton, Georgie Ann Stapleton, Carol Hunt, Donna Hendricks. Third Row: Diane Harp, Debbi Ellis, Camele Smith, Peggy Kelly, Susie Slater, Karen Stangland, Kris Rossi, Nancy West, .loan Winton, Robyn Piceno, Judy Bredeson, Kathy Humburg, Fourth Row: Nancy McGregor, Donna Winton, Pom Rogers, Pat Leppert, Sue Stubbs, Tami Koskelo, Laurel Hutchinson, Hanora Darr, Grace McGregor. Fifth Row: Sherri Howe, Elizabeth Gale, Cindy Land, Paty Bredeson, Wilma Mabry, Debbie VcrnSGnf, Patty Bonser, Debbie Cain, Kathy Preston. Sixth Row: Connie Smith, Denise Dalton, Laurie Harrington, Eileen Darr, Linda Record, Lynn McComas, Jane Gale, Lynn Rigler, Seventh Row: Rene Cameron, Cindy Bauske, Kathy Rechard, Caren Keep, Terry Ward, Cindy Sullivan, Leona Voyer. l 'Gif Vice- President .lon ice Fossoti President Debbie Beodle Coren Keep t 9 Secretory Commissioner of Finance Annette Pillow ,. 1 Q .,.,. Q, Advisor Mrs. Whalen Honorary Boy Member Stu Drake 'ITB' ,C Commissioner of Entertainment Kathy Moyr Commissioner of Sociol Service Commissioner of Publicity Cindy Ahlstrom Judy Cloherty Advisor Miss Johnson Representative to Student Council Donno Coleman MATH CLU 1, Q'-1 W xffivj .Qw- ag Standing: Gary Archibald, Dorrell Hopkins, Lindo Coin, Mr. Gale Wilson, Debbie Coin, Pom Stephens, Sue Strupot, Pom Rogers, Honore Dcirr. Seated: Ricci Federici, Peier Gcisioldi, Dove McKee, Ann Adams, Bob Springer, Brett Byers. Dcxvid Brink Br-eff Byers Pf9SlCl0HT Vice-President Advisor --I. i ' 're Mr. Gale Wilson Suson Fredericks Darrel Hopkins S9CreTGry Treasurer 192 A U TOGRAPHS LU? Chris Parker Presrdenf 39 6 . ,, ' f ia U .Sue Olfen Q I Q E Sharon Northrop Vlce-Presrdent l Secretory K 9 Deb Matson Treasurer Dove Stcnglcnd Sgt. at Arms l l , ee Front Row: Debbi Cain, Karen Thomas, Mary Mosbacher, Terry Ward, Pat Hamilton, Sharon Gillogly, Ken Ward, Ann Pickering, Bruce Wright, Linda Cain. Second Row: Bill Park, Linda Record, Carol Weston, Karole Williams, Chris Parker, Caren Keep, Dave Stangland, Nancy West, Dan Musick, Charlie Burke. Third Row: Cindy Sullivan, Bruce Smart, Peggy Stoddard, Wally Schweitzer, Joe Scott, Kathy Stinchfield, Karen Stangland, Sue Scott, Kathy Walsh, Chuck Williams. Fourth Row: Ruth Eggert, Annette Brosi, Chris Rossi, Rene Sanford, Sue Orelli, Suzanna Miguelgorryi, Tanya McCoy, Karen Mellow, Debi Matson, Ed Stancil, Nancy Musick, Marchita zlennison. Fifth Row: Tommi Carpender, Denise Cola, Gale Combellack, Carol Lumley, Sandy Brown, Lois Corder, Nancy Kennedy, Connie Frost, Janet Huntsman, Susan Fredricks, Annette Porini. Sixth Row: Ben Parker, Steve Rigler, Chris Northrop! Kathy O'Meara, Ricci Federicci, Dan Kerns, Pete Gastaldi, Gale Gruwell, Kim Jorgenson, Sue Foley. Anderson, J. B. Baer, Douglas Barnes, Sharlotte Baumann, Mary Bishop, Tony Borning, Eve Briggs, Eve Briggs, Debbie Brown, Coral Buckingham, Buck Burke, Roger Carbine, Michelle Carlson, Cindy Carpender, Marion Carranza, Yolanda Casull, John Coan, Patty Collins, Debbie Crawford, Kerry Culver, Amely Dixon, Loraine Davenport, Erik Dixon, Linda Drake, Stu Davenport, Karen Dunklee, Beverly Dunklee-, Marv Egas, Pepy Eggert, Ron Eghoian, Pete Elliot, Mark Folkner, Cindi Foley, Sue Fossati, Janice Fullerton, Linda Fullerton, Tina Gillogly, Gary Gomes, Rose Gray, Linda Hamilton, Pat Hardie, Art Harrington. Laurie Harris, Jane Hatleli, Scott Herd, Jane -leuser, Steve rlibbard, Mike Hicks, Jerry Hinds, Gene Hord, Toni Howard, Bev Hughes, Jeff James, Willie Jorgensen, Steve Kelly, Peggy Kerns, Dan Kinyon, Randy Kluge, Jennifer Kodelja, Joe Langley., Mike Leffmann, Jake Lindgren, Don Logan, Dan Mangini, Kim McClintock, Hal McFarland, Ken Mosbacher, Michael Newman, Dean Northrop, Sharon Nunes, B. Paiva, T. Palkman, Nancy Park, Jeff Parker, Jenna Prevo, Mark Petersen, Kim Rekstod, Bob Ridout, Nick Rossi, Kris Roundtree, Kenneth Schendel, Jon Schendel, Kent Schimke, Greg Schweitzer, Hilde Schroth, Terry Searle, Linda Slater, Susie Smith, Camille Stangland, Dave Steele, Roberta Stoddar, Ran Avila, Leonard Thomas, Terry Walsh, Barbara Wall, Tom Ward, Terry West, David Westrup, Gail White, R. White, Leslie Williams, Jim Ski Club Officers Pres., Parker, Chris V.P., Olsen, Sue Secr., Northrop, Sharon Treas., Matson, Debbie Adv., Mr. Marks Sgt. at Arms, Stangland Dave Suzanne Miguelgorry NIGI-ITINGALE PLEDGE "I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those com- mitted to my care." fi First Row: Cindy Carlson, Pepe Benavicles, Debbi Ellis, Jenny Drennan, Linda Berridge, Linda Cain, Becky Whitmore, Back Row: Jacque Coney, Donna Winton, Elaine Brown, Grace McGregor, Sue Hutchinson, Sharon Gillogly, Joan Winton, Virginia Pillow. Seated in front, Mrs. Demming, Nurse's assistant. .L 5 . 14' 'K -if 2 .- 's Sidi TURB N SES ...--9 ws.-Q N,-PF president Treasurer Becky Whitmore Jenny Dfennan Vice-President Secretory Linda Berridge D4-Q -4-3 Kathy Moyr President Potty Brody Secretary-Treasurer FU URE F x 1 5 5 i f - ' S' . vw Sected, left to right: Tino Siviert, Kczthy Mayr, Rene Cameron, Eggert. were ", t "'-m-and X .ix Hilde Schweitzer i Vice President Ruth Eggert Publicity Choriman ..i. . "f-Rl? Qkg-S522 , .-fm,--:Q 1 5 n ie, in 4 L' it s-Q. Hilde Schweitzer. Standing: Putty Brady, Leona Voyer, Ruth Advisor HPS' Mrs. Krell -'97 THESPIAN Officers Karen Mellow, secretary-treasurer, Ken Ward, president, Debby Briggs, vice-president Back Row: Reed Cunningham, Ken Ward. Middle Row: Don Linville, Bertha Hughes, Tina Sievert, Karen Mellow, Front Row: Tricia Vierra, Cindy Carlson, Kim Mangini, Deb Briggs Tl? XLI lI"l"'l"II.." First row: Debbie McClusky, Jenny Drennan, Donna Coleman, Kathie Spencer, Pat Winton, Caren Keep, Terry Ward, Judy McGinity, Deb Ellis. Second row: not a member, not ci member, Wilma Mabry, Kathy O'Meara, Linda Record, Lorri Hutchinson, Joan Winton, Diane Wills, Diane Harp, Patty Heuser. Third row: not a member, Mary Mosbacher, Gale Schledewitz, Joyce Caswell, Kathy Humbird, Parn McGuire, Pam Hibbard, Lois Corder. PI'GSiCl9f1'f Vice President YV' Kalhle Spence' Annette Pillow Secretary Treasurer A . f-iff 5 :ffl if L -". K 5 , A -X .ge , mc. J l . Q I fl ri. J R' PUGlCli Howe Donna Coleman 'Y -as 200 sl. 'ws adsl: I The Class of "68" Travel Club was the first of its kind at El Dorado, starting with twenty members they 'cleaned kitchens, win- dows, garbage dumps and yards, took in- ventories, washed dishes, had a dunking booth at the county fair, took a paint sur- vey, sold Christmas cards, had a bake sale, picked figs, held an after game dance and concession stands. The results of their efforts were . . . three days in San Francisco, a week in Hawaii and a trip to Yosemite. TRAVEL 1' of -x s K 3. ..,. , .. as s .N . .. 1 . CL it 3" .cs Q.. Left to right: Rob Langford, Carl Irons, Chris Neilson, Mary Orelli, Sue Fredricks, Jenny Drennon, Annette Pillow, Janice Fossoti, Debbi Ellis, Alon Bosch. Not pictured: Cindy Ahlstrom, Paddi Howe, Bob Springer, and Kirk Veers, A UTOGRAPHS A D V E RT I S E M CA T H Y BUTTS MARY DUNKLEE BUSINESS MANAGERS 'pf' X ,x.Q. it 1...-A M Em Qs MOTHER LODE BANK Main Street Placerville , sxxxe. A I., 3' 3,- New I l, ' A ...- w -fl xl: Q5 -' emi RFQ Xiu. 1 lee X r ll Your savings will grow with 5.00'M: interest at EL DORADO SAVINGS X l!! ' Q 'lug iggzzzii I 5:35551 fi 3llp":l .... rr.rr. fe- t...t, -W " X r fere -at l"' .... .. .... .,,...l . l l l .Q 'itfilf 1 rr.., ...,, .3 W' H A V 'Q+r ffl 9' N' A ww, iff Egan -rrr " 'Y ""T:"r'i1l' .f ' 55, M ,.,. MQ We-1 --r-'tt- 1 'ff' - , A S Q we A t tt A iw i ' ' x'i',2:-egE-g- Qyrrggfg-L:::.q'1:::i 3 3 T X' tw -1 Xxx Efl fllllfxk tftflsgllll l lx N U ! Ir Dil Y A - X A BX w 1 A XX Xxxx- K ,f L Xe . 'T ee2.ex ,Q SX X N . L ' lqlluu 1 X Y NH X xx l .M i r N . ' , I , -l in .J I - .K -,ET ..... W . 9 nvk. .. - . 4 .l ...... VAUGHT, WRIGHT 8. BOND INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Main Street swf ,e.r- ' W-ww flflewszrw iiusf RALEY'S DRUG CENTER Placerville Drive I ig FFL acl X f N xv . I You con find olmost anything A? you need cat BEN FRANKLIN STORE K I if H 3 .Xxx , 65" C and H MOTORS has the most complete selection of motor ports in town JIM'S BUILDING SUPPLY Placerville Drive L-g?"'-1-L UK 5 I -QI ROBINSON'S PHARMACY Moiin Street Placerville Prescriptions, candy, cosmetics ! W'-"Lg s Q . . ,. ,wx ,if sill' C0303 saga- isnt 322. Q"'X-. ML' KN' Q x ,,,,,,, gs'5 W X N rx Y --J - . i - i W 4 i. sw E AME. Si i 1 5 4 Iii ,il .. ww Q i i ., X , X fel - wa H AVL S 5 g ti is Q f W s C "Ford has a better idea" DAVIS-DEEMER FORD Highway 50 Wes? They are always ready to serve you aT HENNINGSEN and SONS 600 Placerville Drive We PATTERSON MOTORS Placerville Drive THE TIRE EXCHANGE Broadway Bargains can always be found at CASH MERCANTILE 400 Main i e XWNMT X yy . X 1 311f'fm"' Everyone's "Favorite Flame" is VAN GAS u 1521 Placerville Drive PAR GAS Placerville Drive For the best in footwear, buy at the BOOTERY Main Street For floral gifts, see Placerville FLCWER AND GIFT Main Street ls the real estate you are buying QQ free and clear? See Q1 INTER-COUNTY TITLE COMPANY Placerville 'lf You can find all your sporting needs at PLACERVILLE MARINE 1383 Placerville Drive 31 K QQ my r g I. I- ,. mf it J . :w wk,' , I T , I , Y' N X2 "You'll get a better deal in Hangtown" at KEN COLLINS MOTORS on Sacramento cmd Main Streets Z You'Il find everything for the seamstress I mfg-S sc . f swf A is 'Ibex 4: sg sts ' For hobby supplies go to if ROY BOOM'S 1 is on Sacramento Street L N Xfzzrzt ieseewrg ' - - - cnescemg. 4-Q..-. Building ci house? Go to 3 DIAMOND NATIONAL " 598 Main Street "fl sa ffm I .avi 11? For the best in fashion, go to I at the QuAuTY sl-lov T McKEE's ROUND TENT stone 379 Main Street l i ,, 2 384 Main Street 3 S PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIERRA STUDIO Complete Wedding Coverage Commercial - Publicity P.O. Box 706 Camino 622-0831 644-1856 SENIORS' SPECIAL Present your RIFFLE and receive a 1070 discount on all wedding orders ,i... ' Q --11 91 :mee-ry .X .,-f , ,I ,, Z. . me , 1 - A s ' ' - -flaw? ii iti. - .Aw ' f S is x 8 .. . , X 'J Q..-.. X Q Q 'Eh msc A A . ,. L a m . 'W Q .sh Fcgrithe best in breads, donuts, and 'pastries. go to WRIGHT'S PASTRY SHOP 1' on Broadway fri fir 'l 'E ing? gs. Q S sxX,.5,3-- . 0 ll Cones, shakes, burgers and fries are at CHUCK'S FROSTIE on Broadway if my M , ' f"ssM.:p-,...,,,1, .-1 51' W, , - - tiff: The deal is always the best at STANCIL'S MOTORS Main Street 111: '-sc-.C J S SAVE MART TOTUM TOWN POLLOCK PINES BROADWAY FLORIST Broadway 1 Q, , ,Q f A , eff-4' HANGTOWN PHARMACY Your health is our business r is W fi S' i 'S ls X Q 3' hh Your dining will always be R A a pleasure af the A CHATEAU SIERRA 1 They specialize in Levi-Sta-Pressed shirts and iackefs at THE WORKINGMAN'S STORE Q X f , fa ' r 'H HANGTOWN HARDWARE Broadway EL DORADO TRACTOR Comino W Sr L xxx i NR. in 4 A S A ,... 5 ,S lRR T RR, s, i If you ore looking for something good To A eo? ond refreshing To drink go To A s. w Roof BEER W..-f - 'rm 'VVK WH X L For The rest of your life MOTHER LODE MOTEL IF YOU HAVE ENJOYED THE '68 RIFFLE PLEASE PATRONIZE THE ADVERTISERS ON THESE PAGES The finest quality lumber is mode at BLAIR BROTHERS LUNIBER CO. If you wont your floors to look their best, go to DAWSON'S TILE and LINOLEUM E3 3 You ccm't beot the deol ot MOUNTAIN MOTORS Sacramento Street J.-el ., Time for ci tosty treat? Go to SIERRA NEVADA HOUSE cmd enioy the best in Coloma . . . 25808 ' 'F CREAM DMRY F005 x Our Trucks are always ready to deliver delicious Foremost Milk to your store from The PLACERVILLE CREAMERY on Cedar Ravine Road in Placerville 5 E N ' J Ari esiablushmerif wlih fine stock and friendly service. KURT'S APPLIANCES Main Street All your musical needs can be found at EBERLE'S MUSIC CENTER on Broadway '34 I K MEDICAI. ARTS PHARMACY Turner Street - Placerville 1 Iifi fl DlLLlNGER'S FURNITURE 'ggi Since 1916 Howard C. Wentworth 262 Main it Marion Wentworth Placerville Need wiring for your home? PALMER'S ELECTRIC on Sacramento Street has everything you will need. i ..1.A.r. , .. ... CONGRAT LA TIO Congratulations to the Class of 1968 VUKOVICH INSURANCE AGENCY Best Wishes CARROLLS JEWELERS, 466 Main Congratulations Class of 1968 PIONEER PRESS, 651 Main Good Luck to the Class of 1968 HEALTH FOOD STORE Cong ratu lations CAMINO FOOD CENTER JOHN T. WARD, D.D.S. 107 Turner Street Good Luck in your future years SEARS ROEBUCK, 1327 Broadway Congratulations HANGTOWN COIN SHOP, 464 Main JOHN SULLIVAN, M.D. 103 Marshall Way Best Wishes JACK'S HANGTOWN MARKET Congratulations NORMAN C. HEADLY, M.D. Good Luck CREST RADIO AND T.V. Congratulations, Class of '68 BILL'S RANCH MARKET Pleasant Valley Road Good Luck, in the future THE FIX-IT SHOP Congratulations HANGTOWN MOTEL Broadway Best Wishes PLACERVILLE PINES CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL Good Luck MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY JAMES W. ELLIOTT, M.D. - HOWARD BLISS, M.D. 7 A . M . QS . . . 5. . Q is T0 , 4 ww-X 4lKiQf'2'lT7'55. Y x 45, QA . 14165 ,wwf-71 .Wy D Nw-QQQQW af: 3 X X ,. , ' FK M K X W Wx X "'L K 5 - N K . , x wfgazili Q 4 Q . K K K Q . - , -as - x j -u--.....g 5' A UTOGRAPHS THE MAKINGS 3 vi EDEN TF UL fig!! YEAR SENIOR I DEX Adams, Mary. . .10 Ahlstrom, Cindy. . .5,10,32,200,191 Alaskin, Paulette. . .10 Aldridge, William. . .10 Anderson, J.B.. . . 10,182 Anschulz, Richard. . .10,31 Avila, Leonard. . . 10,21 Baer, Douglas. . .5,1O,30,31,32,117,119,122, 139,150,151,182 Baggerman, Donna. . .10,116 Baker, Connie. . .11 Baker, Karen. . . 11,31 Balderston, Lynn. . . 11 Barineau, Diane.. .11,21 Barnes, Romie. . .29,162 Barnette, Pat. . . 11 . Beadle, Deborah.. .5,11,21,109,191 Bean, Diane. . .11 Bellah, Kathy. . .11 Blattner, Mike. . .4,5,9,11,20,33,139,168,169 Bliss, Dottie. . .12,33,98,lO9,99,179,185,189 Boggs, Tim. . .12 Boone, Jim. . .12 Bonser, Gordon. . .12,33,115,114,113,161,182, 181 Bosch, Allan. . .12,2OO Bow, Howard. . .12 Briggs, Maureen. . .5,12,35,104 Brown, Elaine. . . 12 Brown, Gary. . .12 1 Brown, Janie. . .5,12,21,32,94,119 Brown, Pat. . .29 Buchannan, Mary. . .12 Burgess, Steve. . . 12,311,121 Burke, Charles. . . 13 Butts, Kathy. . . 13,96,97,220 Carnahan, John. . .13,17,3O,32,35,139,141,144, 175,182 Carpenter, Harvey. . .13 Carter, DeDe. . .13,31,96,106,120,220 Carver, Pat. . . 13 Chambers, Treva. . .13,1l6 A Caswell, Joyce. . .13,106,178,179,199 Cloherty, Judy.. .5,13,31,35,108,109,191 Cobb, Diane. . .13 Coleman, Donna. . .5,13,31,96,199,191 Coney, Jacquw. . . 13,196 Conklin, Charles. . . 13 Cowles, Mark. . .14,113,115,181 Cowper, Kathy. . .14,107 Crawford, Kerry. . .14,31,188 Dahlgren, Janet. . .14 Darr, Kevin. . .14 Darr, Rose. . .14 Davenport, Erik. . .14,96,97,121,117,220,221 Dawkins, La Juana. . .14 Davis, Margaret. . .14 DeBey, Lynette. . . 14,31 Docherty, Brown. . .5,14,23,31,32,139,156,187, 117,157,182,174 Drain, Diane. . . 14 Drake, Stu. . .15,23,35,101,121,l50,151,117, 119,123,l75,174,171,172,191 Drennan, Jenny. . .15,31,199,120,196,200,201 Drennan, Marsha. . . 15,31 Egas, Pepy. . .15,108,109,120,196,181 Elliott, Mark. . .15,34,109,141,144,150,151,175 185,182,174 Ellis, Debbie. . .15,189,199,120,196,200,201 Enyart, Vicki. . .15,3l,18O Erikson, Don. . . 15,100,101 Ewing, Paula. . .5,15,23,31,95,96,97,120,102, 121,119,220,221 Falkner, Karen .21 ,96,179,220,221 Federici, John. . .15 Fischer, Donna. . .15 Falk, Eileen. . .16 Flint, Jim. . .16,148,149 Orelli, Mary. . .23,187,200,201 O'Shea, Dan. . .23 Painter, Brent. . .5,23,139,148,149,174 Park, Bill. . .23,156,117,157,182 Parker, Chris. . .5,23,139,162,163,182,194,174 Parker, Jenna. . .23,12O Patterson, Rhonda. . .23 Peart, Cathy. . .23 Perry, Bob. . .24,188 Petersen, Tom . . .24,107 Petersen, Gail. . .24,21 Pillow, Amerie. . .5,21,24,96,130,137,199,200, 191 , Puthuff, Mary Jo. . .5,21,22,24,95,104,105,120 206 Puthuff, Shara. . .23,24,12O,121 Quiberg, Bill. . .24 Quiberg, Judy. . .24 Reddin, Terry. . .24131,14O,141,143,156,157, 123,182,174 Reddock, James. . .24 Reid, Karen. . .24,31,97,220,221 Reuter, Michael. . .21,24,31,141,144,156,157, 165,170,174 Reynolds, Kathy. . .25 Rhodes, Mike. . .25,31,117,114,116,113 Ribordy, Dennis. . .24,188 Rigler, Steve.. .25,161,11O,182 Rimoldi, Gary. . .25,123 Roundtree, Kenneth . . .25 Saich, Emily. . .25 Sanne, Elyse. . .25,32 Scamara, Pat. . .25 Schledewitz, Gale. . .25,178,199 Shaver, Christine. .26 Sells, Charles. . .25 Skibo Dennis. . .26,141,145,182,171,172 Smelser, Sharon . . . 23,26 Snoke, Charles. . .26,118 Spencer, Kathy. . . 26,199 Springer, Bob. . .26,141,143,192,182,2OO Stangland, David. . .26,35,141,144,162,163, 185,182,174,194 Spangle, Dinah. . .26 Strupat, Michael. . .26,119 Stubbs, Steven . . .26 Taylor, Vivki. . .26,99 Teach, Larry. . .21,23,26,31,188,182 Thomas, Scott. . .21 ,27,130,150,151 ,182,18O, 174 Tieman, Mike. . .27 Tyler, Steve. . .21,27,141,144,189,182,174 Varroza, Randy. . .27,98,115,114,113,181 1 Veirs, Kirk. . .27,98,165,182,200,201 1 l Ward, Kenneth. . .21,27,33,34,107,187,182 ward, Peggy. . .5,23,27,31,95,100,102,97,127, 178,179,119,221,120 V Watson, Daniel. . . 174,141 ,145,27,175,182 Watson, Donald. . .169,27,141,143,168,156,183, 157,188,174 Weatherton, Roy. . .27 Webb, Leigh. . .27,152,188,182 1 Webb, Janie. . .5,27,31,95,97,105,111,119,220, 221,120 Wells, Robert. . .31,107 Wescott, Byron. . .31,114,113,181 Wickstrom, Paula. . .23,31,135,12O i Wiggs, Lois. . .31 Williams, Charles. . .31,118,182,116 Williams, Cheryl. . .31,106,121,129,119 Williams, Jim. . .21,22,31,32 Wilson, Linda. . .31,189,115,114,113,181 Winton, Donna. . .29,31,187,196 Winji, Russ. . .29 Wolff, Robert. . .29 H vl Wright, Bruce. . .29 Wresesinski, Kenny. . .29 l 1 l Young, Dale. . .29,188,182 4 l TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY i "IM WMU I lol Vqprbooh Am hylov mud' l Fisher, Mary. . .16 Flowers, Rick. . .9,16,141,144,156,157,175,182, 171,174 Fossati, Janice. . .5,16,96,117,220,120,200,201 191 Foster, Randy. . .16,121,187,116 Fredericks, Susan. . . 16,189,200,201 , Funston, Linda. . .16 Fullerton, Linda. . .16 Gqschler, Randy. . .16,35,109,140,141,142,150 151,178,179,189,175,169,182,168,17O,174 Gastaldi, Marilyn. . .17,21,34,100,101,126,128 Gaylord, Curtis. . . 17,187 Geist, Charlotte. . . 17,31 Gilmour, Linda. . .17,119 Goodman, Judy. . . 17,31 Gossner, James. . . 17 Gray, Linda. . . 17 Gray, Sandy. . .17,23,31,96 Griggs, Ken. . . 17,23 Hanneman, Dean. . .17 Hanson, Candy. . .18 Hardie, Art. . .19,23,141,142,150,151,185,182, 171,174 Hargis, John. . .18 Harris, Dave. . .5,18,139,182,171,172 l-lay, Richard. . .18,31 Henderson, Joycelyn. . .18,109,115,113,181 Herd, Jane. . . 18 Hitchman, Donald.. . 18 Holder, Kathy. . .18 Holle, Earl. . . 18 Hord, Bob. . .18,30,32,141,142,178,179,182 Howard, Bev.. . .18,32,107,109,189 Howard, Cheri. . .19,23,31 Howe, Daddi. . .19,199,200,201 Hughes, Bertha. . .98,99,189,118 Humbird, Patty. . .19,31 Huntsman, Leonard. . .19,21,23,161 Huntsman, Linda. . .4,9,19,20 lmbach, Laura.. .19 Ingles, Robin. . .19 Irons, Carl. . .19,200 Jackson, John.. .19,31,121 Kelly, Kathy. . .19,31,32 Kehr, Karen. . .20 Kerns, Dan. . .19,23,109,141,142,178,182,187, 169,175 Killion, Donna. . .19 Koszalka, Jayne. . .20,23,32 Krek, Charles. . .2O,15O,151,113 Kurtz, Sue. . .106,20,96,121,110,119,221,120 Lamprich, Bill. . . 20 Land, Cindy. . .20,31,117 Lang, Lonny. . .20 m Langford, Robert. . .20,30,32,109,140,171,172, 141,142,150,151,134,175,182,174,200,201 Lute, Linda. . .2O,21,33 Lutner, Mary. . .20 Martin, David. . .21 McGinty, Bill. . .21 McQuire, Pamela. . .21,199,208 Miguelgorry, Suzanne. . .21,31,120 Miller, Linda. . .21 Miller, Chris. . .21,3O,31,187 Mills, Pat. . .5,9,21,31,100,101,104,105,121,127 Midkiff, Wilma. . .21 , Minnick, Dorothy. . .21,23,31,106,121,120,206 Mobley, Robert. . .21,182 Morrow, Mike.. .5,21,22,119,139,150,151,166, 182,167,174 Mosbacher, Mary. . .5,22,35,95,105,111,120, 119,123,136,199 Nash, Loyle. . .22 Navarro, Robin. . .22 Nelson, Kathy, .'.22 Nicolls, Charles. . .22 Nielson, Steve. . .22 Norris, Bob. . .22,148,149,182 Northrop, John. . .22 Olsen, Sue. . .5,21,23,31,33,34,95,97,104,162, 119,220,194 223

Suggestions in the El Dorado High School - Riffle Yearbook (Placerville, CA) collection:

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