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i A 1. Q 1 32 Q 5 Jima iw 'Nm fw'f1AmEiguHLsm,.1.ff' 1, fdsgiaiizmiqigaexe, 1' A ' ' r J 1 a 3 .Au LzHs2'1 if if 4 xii: ' Ff- .f -, , Q .f,,,3,, f1mr ,dkiayeqoledl TAYLO I PUBLISHING COMPANY 744141-made Munymsa Ymzsooxs .L,A .affix .g Q Q M f 41 fv' ,WM ,- N ala qyife Jawa 7952 Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Sf ,Qawzziv fawzfy agciwf of PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA TABLE OF CONTENTS II k Valley .......f....EEE,,E.,.. 6 d EEE,EE E EEEEE,v,E...,,............. 71 mln Qmlbmbfz We of The class of "52" wish To dedicaTe This yearbook To "Coach" Brown, whose service To The school is characTerized by fairness, and by a consTanT willingness To co-operaTe wiTh The sTudenT body and TaculTy. As a Teacher or as a friend, he is looked up To and respecTed as a man of greaT characTer by all who know him. For 26 years he has TaiThTully served our school, and during The 26 years he added someThing To life for all Those wiTh whom he has come in conTacT. CLASS OFFICERS-Left fto right: Representative to Stu- dent Council Allan Allen, Vice President Kate Brown- ing, Secretary Nancy Wempen, President Bruce Veer- We began our game, education, at E. C. H. S. on September 17, 1951, and by the end of the year had rolled up quite a score. We began our year with a brief initiation, which marked the death of the Freshman initiation at E. C. H. S. At the Basketball games we sold cokes and made enough money to present the movie, "The Littlest Angel," to the student body. ln February we gave a very successful Valentine's Dance. ln the annual sales we came in last, but tied with the Juniors for third place in the Student Body Card Sale. We are ardently looking forward to our Sophomore year. kamp, Treasurer Ella Clark, Yell Leaders Betty Sanford and Patty Lacey. L CUZ aria! First row: Peggy Merritt, Carolyn Norrish, Carolyn Lutz, Shirley McCollum, Hazel Lasswell, Patty Lacey, Carol Morehouse, Sandra Panelii, Juanita McGregor, Betty Sanford, Glenda Smart and Sharon Smith. Second row: Shirley Onetti, Jolena Olson, Bar- bara Petty, Shirley Sisemore, Joan Schwartz, Ruth Reynolds, Betty Meader, Dan Mainwaring, Jerry Smith, Fred Phillips, Law- rence Moreland and Janet Mayfield. Third row: Larry Sanders, Don Hartwick, Bert Nobell, Nathan Niebauer, Robert Logan, Orvel Mott, Darlene Ricther, Sammie Martin. Fourth row: Eileen Pruett, Bobby Roberts, Gary Schubin, Gene Ously, John Miller, John M. Miller, Robert Strand, Bob Miranda, Ray Patrick, Darwin Millim and Bob Parks. First row: Alita Tripp, Ellene Willard, Ida Ann Zeek, Martha Veerkamp, Nancy Wunchel, Donna Schieber, Nancy Starr, Coralee Taylor, Linda Lee Smith, Fernada Santarosa, Nancy Todd, Tommie Wiggs and Flame Westfall. Second row: Jack Sweeney, Dolores Wescott, Arvella Wells, Nancy Wempen, Sharon Swenson, Lester Russell, Everett Phillips, Ken Sherrod, Gerald Peterson, Richard White, Bob Wilson and Tommy Thomas. Third row: Dick Wood, Vernon Wing, Jerry Wolf, John Taylor, Dick Van Vleck, Charles Ruckman, Lonnie West, Thomas Plumlee, Bruce Veerkamp, Jerry Sea and Ralph Weldy. Fourth row: Edward Wheeler, Robert Elliott, Bob Pearson, Mike Ronzone, Fames Stephens, Larry Smith, Troy Hess, Clayton Tom, Ronnie Wood, John Shipman, Michael Thomas, Charles Tanko, Andrew Webster and Ben Yeck. First row: Earline Funston, Nancy Egan, Mary Barrett, Do- loris Berthelot, Ann Brewster, Helen Brewster, Thelma Bray, Marilyn Berg, Nancy Barkley, Lottie Billigmier, Jan Bishop, Janice Balderston. Second row: Arlene Dupier, Zoe Ferris, Bar- bara Diehl, Clara Dean, June Boom, Vada Estey, Clarissa Armstrong, Dolores Black, Ella Clark, Ramona Allen. Third row: Betty Chan, Lael Bundy, Opal Davenport, Marlene Dittke, Pa- tricia Burris, Kate Browning, Jill Carter, Ethel Coval, Dorthea Caudie, Mariorie Bacoccini, Bill Benton, Gaymor Bauske, Allan Allen, Ron Baidin, Eddie Bacchi, Lindell Brumley, Ed Berthelot, Mitchael Bruland, Bob Brown, Don Bonewitz, Reggie Bacoc- cine, Harold Binghorn. First row: Gwen Headington, Shirley Hansen, Edith Green- walt, Donna Halcomb, Norma Henderson, Darlene Hennings, Mary Lou Kimsey, Charleen Dammerer, Evelyn Allison, Mar- lene Laam, Helen Harrison, Bar- bara Kleinschmidt. Second row: Jack Davenport, Willis Geller, Lonnie Hendricks, John Choat, Alden Gillihan, Jimmy Condrey, Larry Green, Arthur Holder, Bob Hanger, Wade Garrett, Dan Kendal, Danny Chamberlain. Third row: Richard Dittman, Gilbert Gutenberger, Louis Do- mecci, Johnny Cramer, Bob Faris, Roger Chappell, Bernard Godlove, Richard Carr, Ed Junc- ker, Davy Davidson, Larry Butts, Theodore Johnson. Fourth row: David Muers, Paul Parker, Floyd Olmstead, Jerry Heath, Henry Comer, Karey Gunn, John Chitwood, Eddie Jorgenson, Wesley Hicks, Glen Nethera, D. Colson. In English I we learned to exchange self cons- We began our four-year trek with the secure base ciousness for poise and determination. of the knowledge in world affairs. DEATH OF FRESHMAN INITIATION Friday, October 6, 1951, marked the death of Freshman Initiation. Previous to this year the initiation was an affair in which much energy was expended by both Sophomores and Freshmen. All Freshmen came to school with their clothes on inside out and backwards. The boys were required to wear pincurls in their hair, while the girls donned thirteen braids in their once curly locks. Late in the afternoon they would dress in costume and pa- rade in the auditorium. Many of them entered in contests and races. During the day they were hoaxed by their "superiors." All had lipstick-smeared faces. This year the only action was the hoaxing of a few Freshmen. The main feature was a talent show in which only a few of them participated. It was ob- vious to all that the Freshman Initiation has truly met its death. of 1 sn' o sl in: a use s 4 Ana uv, an use -Q.-vw 4- X v , I 1 Y X 'O 0 - Wfvfsfiarw gba , , I- 51 5, sr I 'W 1 ' bwwf-Wim ? M? Vice president Harold Lawless Vice Principal It is indeed a pleasure to have this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the students of EI Dorado County High School for their thoughtfulness and cooperation in helping me to carry out my administrative duties during the past year. During this time several changes have been made within our school which I feel have been most advantageous to the welfare of the school as a whole. You students have played an important part in main- taining an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation between the administration, faculty and student body, and, with our pre- sent plans, I am certain the future will bring many happy experi- ences of working together in the interest of our educational and social advancement. - Also, at this time, I should like to take this opportunity to con- gratulate the Class of 1952 upon their graduation and to wish them future success and much happiness in everything they do. I ,t.. .ww-,M 1509 RQ Eleanotgllzlthselor 8016-'bcgrf lung 2 Girls' C offfisefor I ffurknf aufzwf ,gan Bill Lesher President kbs If SO,-GC resfkyelgl? J Clan . lf Left To right: Sandra Pick- ard, Yell Leaderg Allan Al- len, Freshman Rep.g Grace Swansborough, Senior Rep.5 Be'rTy Klare,kGirls' Leagueg Lenore Lesher, Sophomore Rep.y Pat West, Junior Rep. G W. Secrefglifefhen 10,9 . fa . Enabcglrsf sob C P 6017 U60 On Da, e '14 rfaziiflef, Sq, 1 I I I I n I I ! I I I I I I I I I i u I I I 1 I i i K I I BILL LESHER-LG. Capfain ' ROD BUTTS-B. . JERRY BENNETT-C. JIM BAUER-RJ. I DON CALLAHAN-L.e. DON 5WARS"'R'G' JIM ALDEA-R.E. BILL MONTGOMERY-Q.B. STAN WELLS-R.E. RONDELL GRAY-L.GQ DON COLSON-B. CHUCK HANSON-Q.B VARSITY-First row, left to right: Jerry Sherrod, Stan Wells, Bill JUNIOR VARSITY-First row, left to right: Robert Brown, Gerald Clark, Dan Kendall, Ralph Weldy, Davy Dezzani, Reggie Bacoc- cini, Butch Martinovitch, George Schwartz, Lincoln Andrew Webster, Montgomery, Don Callahan, Don Swars, Jerry Bennett, Bill Lesher, Ed Thietie, Jim Bauer, Jim Aldea, Chuck Hanson, Joe Buhlert and Carter Hamilton. Second row: John fey, Phil Herzig, Ronnie Huston, ..-ndell Gray, Jack Davidson, Don Colson, Rod Butts, Frank Sorraco, Sheridan Ferriera, Dave Parker and Guy Wentworth. 'f STEVE O'MEARA Coach Dod Cambell, Jim Gunn and Paul Yeager. Second row: Jerry Zak, Bob Jones, Bob Cannon, Alvin Geller, Don Hardwick, Jim Arthur, Charles Bishop, James Stevens, John Taylor, Larry Green, Richard Windham, James Ellis, Leslie Hicks, Nathan Niebauer and William Rohlfing. Third row: Dick Harrison, Larry Gillette, Gene Brown, John Hoover, Steuart Morris, Robert Weekly, Ward Wyman, Lester Can- non, Bob Edwards, Glen Metherd, Larry Butts, Dale Steneck, Dennis Conley, Delbert Wood, Dale Col- son and Harold Sherrod. We hai 'if 25"'e7f'h we 21 ' Jaffe? The blue and white Cougars of E.C.H.S. smashed against their opponents stubbornly enough to finish in a tie for second honor spot in league competition. Good condition along with the will to win proved to be a deciding factor in our favor. Boast- ing a one game loss, we entered the final game. ln this game the waves of blue and white Cou- gars were beaten down, but El Dorado gained recognition in league competition. E.C.H.S. ,,,, 6 Elk Grove cc,. 20 E.C.H.S. A... i4 Folsom .,,..... O E.C.H.S. ,... 46 Lincoln c,...... 6 E.C.H.S. e,,, 20 Courtland 6 E.C.H.S. .... 2 Galt ,..,..,.,u,c 33 LODI GRAPE BOWL GAME E.C.H.S. ,,A. 6 Calaveras .... 20 E.C.H.S .s,,. 20 Sutter Creek 0 E.C.H.S. ..., 6 Jackson ,oo,c. 13 fauqals' cf? yfwbfz i Hmm Q 1, -fu., DYKES VANDERBUNT Coach "C" BASKETBALL-Top row to bottom: Gene Ousley, Gary Robinson, Ted Wilcox, Bob Bearson, Bruce Veerkamp, Rob- ert Pike, John Miller, Joe Boll, Clayton Tom, Leo Warren, Burt Nobell, Ronnie Wood, Jack Davenport, Bob Faris, Roger Chappell, Larry Smith, Larry Sanders, John Miller and Nor- man Watkins. "D" BASKETBALL-Top row to bottom: Lee Sanders, Dan Chamberlain, Bermard Godlove, Robert Logan, John Marshall, Don Graham, Willis Geller, Gary Warren, Ronald Cardiff, Ronnie Whitney, Gerald Petersen, Everett Phillips, Alden Gillahan, Leonard Meyers and Bill Ben- ton. "D's" SCHEDULE ECHS .... 16 Amador ....,,,. 17 ECHS .... 27 Amador ........ 26 ECHS e.e. 29 Courtland ,,.... 24 ECHS e,.. 13 Folson .,e......... 20 ECHS-.,-23 Elk Grove ,..... M20 ECHS ,,,, 21 Galt .....ee......... 9 ECHS .... 13 Lincoln ..o,o,e,.. 29 I 77 If yy 6 find l6'11 keihzll The C's, as well as the D's, turned in a good report of themselves as they wound up an exceptionally good season coached by Dykes Vanderbunt. ECHS ..., ECHS ECHS ECHS c,,. ECHS ECHS ECHS "C's" SCHEDULE 55 Amador 30 Amador 23 Courtland 16 Folson -. 33 Elk Grove 34 Galt ,,,.,e 37 Lincoln ,- .,,, I Q. , ,QV .ty V i tlfllafh ti A ,iv :V I 'lb?x 3'JQ I . fi' P" .i 3 if K 'X . 'I on ' aw if .F wwi. M I . . e u ? lgeimaam-Qg?Ww?Z'WW5E ..., ,I - -' - -V I - ' ,,. . . .4 Marilyn Williams Rosie Anderson Barbara Davidson Jackie Casselman Sharon Savoie Secretary Vice President President Finance Entertainment Charlene Green Publicity The Girls' League is an organization consisting of all the girls in school. One of the main functions of the Girls' League is giving a S100 scholarship to a worthy Senior girl. There are various methods the girls use to raise money. This year they auc- tioned off miscellaneous cards, sold book .covers, crepe paper, membership cards. They also sold candy at the Senior Play. At Halloween the Girls' League put on High Jinx, a party iust for girls. The purpose of this is to assist the girls in getting acquainted. In February they put on a Sadie Hawkins Betty Klare Representative Frances Parsons Dance. to Student Council The season came to a successful close with an installation of officers at the Mothers' Day Tea. lgeggd Z!! Music FIRST PRIZE WINNERS OF HI R J I N X COSTUME CONTEST- i Charlene Green and Judy Eaton. 5"r Alyceann Chappell Social Service ADVISORS-Eleanor W i I s o n, Marion Connick, and Helen Johnson. SADIE HAWKINS DANCE RICHARDSON SPRINGS CONFERENCE DELEGATES-Bar row: Barbara Lampert, Elaine Carver, and Barbara Davi son. Front row: Loretta Hirst, Nancy Butterfield, Be Martinovich, and Zoetta Easterly. X 1. in 'P 2 liiizwflsirw-,' fff ,r,-mn W y O F F I C E R S-Back row: Junie Hugo, Nancy Butterfield, Zoe Morgan, Colleen Hugo, and Janet Barkley. Front row: D a r I e n e Bunch, and Marilee Lyons. This year, for the first time at E.C.H.S. the girls formed a Girls' Athletic Association. The purpose of G.A.A. is to provide extracur- ricular sports for girls, and an op- portunity to win awards, al- though no awards were given this year. The various sports in which the girls participated are volley- ball, basketball, badminton, arch- ery, softball, tennis, speedball, and bowling. In April, a group of five girls, selected by the faculty from a group of ten, attended a week- end conference at Hearst Ranch. The purpose of this conference was to develop leadership among girls. Each girl was given the op- portunity to learn to express her- self through small discussion groups and panels. Miss Connick Advisor HEARST RANCH DELEGATES-Left to right: Vivian Boson, Barbara Kam erer, Peggy Billman, Frances Parsons, and Lois Robinson. I g .l QM' Ha!! cgfm uw CEI cgyfaafs 175672 fiaxefz 5777135 . At the Sock Dance held on October 19, Grace Swansborough was elected Miss Riftle for 1951-1952. The contest for Miss Riffle was devisedf as a means of raising money to asist financing this year's Riffle. Candidates for Miss Riftle were selected by the classes and various organizations in school. By purchasing an annual, each per- son was entitled to 10 votes for the candi- date of his choice. Each person who at- tended the dance was alloted 5 more votes. At eleven o'clock on the night of the dance, it was announced that the football squad's candidate, Grace Swansborough had been elected Miss Ritfle. She was crowned by her escort, Stan Wells, who also rewarded her with a kiss. Runners up were Joy Turnidge, sponsored by the Junior class, and Beverly Martinovich, sponsored by the Future Teachers of America. RUNNERS-UP-Joy Turnidge and Beverly Martinovich. MISS RIFFLE and ESCORT STAN WELLS ,1 N, 4, mn. k R. 5 ,A N fx E' ive 51 , all 4 E H531 'a 351115:- 1- X -gt: , K gy 1 , f .x . ,Wai 11 A if 3 .-fl fp e , -"" 5W"ff -'Fi 'Q ,gy K. .2 fl 1 S 1 ' 13 4 M- CLASS OFFICERS-Top row: President Forest Van Vleck, Vice President Walter Weichold, Secretary Gladys- Toomos. Front row: Treasurer Joy Turnridge, Representative to Student Council Pat West. The Junior Class is very proud to state that we have had a most successful year in the game ot education at E. C. H. S. Al- though we placed third in the Student Body Card sales, we placed second in the Annual sales. In May we honored the Seniors with the annual Junior Prom. We also made plans for a Student Directory, which has never been done at E. C. H. S. before. It is with much enthusiasm and pride that we look forward to our Senior year. Ji ee. aww QMXQV Lg A Bottom row: Pat Garrett, Diane Gault, Wilma Dean, Norma Hart, Lora Fowler, Carol Fulwid- er, Zoette Easterley, Judy Eaton, Charlene Green, Janet Daniels, Frances Coval. Middle row: Richard Harrison, Maxine Crock- er, Audra Geyer, Evelyn Has- kew, Bill Carlson, George Co- sens, Chuck Diehl, Stan Atkins, Billy Grahm, Gary Figor, James Gunn, Jim Dodson. Top row: Keith Hodgkin, George DeMille, Glen Herzig, Ray Greenwalt, Jim Johnson, Ray DeNatly, Rolland Dawson, Le- roy Holder, Don Hess, Charles Dunning, Richie lrwin and Wilbur Hill. Bacon, Nancy Butterfield. Mid dle row: George Allen, Carv lyn Carver, Beverly Cooper Pearl Benton, Vivian Bpgpn Ellen Carlson, Violet Cooper Mary Carns, Sue Berlin, Wyne ma Berg. Top row: Gene Brown Lester Cannon, Jerry Bennett Dod Campbell, James Carlyn Tom Armstrong, Pete Brumley Gerald Say, George Baughn Jim Bauer and Don Colson. gr. ,,..i.-wmxwn-,eemwmg a ..-- was.-,- , ...,-,,,.-,.W....i, Bottom row: Linda Brown, La- dell Carpenter, Dorothy Ale' meida, Liz Cruthers, Diane Bur- ton, Violetta Chase, Mavis Bundy, Peggy Billman, Joan First row: Laila Pampe, Dona McKibben, Barbara Kammerer, Nancy Morgan, Frances Parsons, Sally Nico- lls, Loretta Moreland, Louise O'Brien, Shirley Poore and Fern Neff. Second row: Ruthlee Flannery, .loe Ann Padgett, Carol McCarthy, Gloria Lindsay, Helene Lowes, Zoe Ann Morgan, Jack Petty, Richard Kuney, Danny Lewin and Kenny Reeder. Third row: Dan Robinson, Jack Rhodes, Norman Peterson, David Parker, Robert Mehatfy, Don Mense, Don Martin and Dale McFarland. First row: Hazel Sanders, Eva Mae Veerkamp, Bar- bara Smart, Juanita Winkle- man, Marilyn Williams, Lois Robinson, Patty St. Clair, Gladys Toombs, Rose Zan- donella and Joy Turnidge. Second row: Pat West, Bat- bara Wagner, Mary Thomp- son, Sharon Savoie, Marlene Nickell, Jerry Sherrod, Paul Yager, Robert Schneider, Leonard Schmidt, Dick Sea and Leroy Wing. Third row: Forest Van Vleck, Jack Wil- liams, Bob Varozza, Ted Wilcox, Walter Weichold, Jim Veerkamp, Don Walk- er and Jim Schubin. 9 Sincere study in our United States History gave lt is from hard work and determination ID all us a fine background upon which to base future school work that wisdom comes and good citi interest in our nation. Zeng made, Bottom row: Mariorie Bacoccini, Marilyn Foulkes, Elaine Carver, Dorothy Nobell, Violetta Chase, Jo Anne Padgett, llorine Cosens, Mervilyn Dunning, Judy Roy, Elizabeth Raudio, and Janet Barkeley, Second row: Donna Halcomb, Peggy Merritt, Carol Morehouse, Loretta Moreland, Shirley Rohglfing, Linda Brown, Hazel Lasswell, Jill Carter, Charlene Kammerer, and Barbara Karnmerer. Third row: Janice Englunol, Jerry Garcelon, Laura Ann Able, Everett Phillips, Earline Funston, Don Swars, Dale McFarland, Bob Hancock, Fourth row: Eddie Jorgenson, Ed Hartwick, Don Hartwick, George Killian, David Meyer, Alvin Bennett, Jack Bell, and Robert Strand. We of the choral group added heart warming songs to the game of education Our year was filled with various activities, including a performance for the County Trustees. At Christmas we went caroling at the Sanitorium and downtown. We also sang at the Christmas Festival. Our activities extended to participation in the Music Festival at Roseville High School, and assistance in our one Spring Concert. The climax of a wonderful season came with adding our melodious voices to the memories of the graduates at the Commencement Exercises. Bottom row: Zoe Ferris, Donna Schieber, Barbara Petty, Cora Lee Taylor, Shirley Allen, Jackie Casselman, Janet Mayfield, and Carol McCarthy. Second row: Judy Eaton, Lindalee Smith, Barbara Smart, Alma Andres, Kate Browning, Jean Bishop, Joyce Boom, and Betty Tripp. Third row: Tom Saich, Hazel Sanders, Donna McKibben, Rosemary Anderson, Betty Halcomb, Darlene Richter, Vivian Boson, and Myra Lee Pollitt. Fourth row: Jerry Zak, Jack Petty, Jack Carter, Don Mense, Rex Smith, Bob Pearson, and James Higginson. Ufgllkilflldf Sf 6519106 gfeafzzmf The Christmas Festival, featuring the chorus and orchestra, and assisted by the drama department, was completely different than any previous Christmas Festival. The drama department staged a series of tableaux, consisting of several very effective scenes, ranging from a white Christmas to a cathedral scene. The festival was under the direction of Mr. Whitehead, and the staging assistance was given by Mr. Hays. 0770512 Zfd fmefz 1525! Za! 991 wwf Three nights of showing and over a thousand people were the new records made by the Senior Play this year. To top it oft, the play was a musical. A musical had never before appeared at E.C.H.S. The play, including all stage craft, was under the direction and supervision of Mr. Hays. The Seniors can say with pride, "Our play was a success." Dutch Miller ,,,,...............,..........,.. -- Hunk Hoyt .,.... Gale Joy .,,..........., Jack Haggerty ,,,,,........ .....,.......... Helen Schlessenger Bud Hooper .......... ....,. - ----,-,- Chester Billings ..... .,............ Minerva .....,.,,.... Ethel ,,,,,,,........ SENIOR PLAY CAST Blind Date ,,e.....,....., ,,-, ,,v,-,-.,, Miss Folsom Dam Professor Lloyd --- ..,,,,-,., , Satchel Mayer ,,.,.... .....,,.,.,, -,.,A, Chuck Green .,v... T ...,.,,,. N Dr. Reeber ....., Old Grad .....eee Miss Smith ....,, STAGE CREW Bill Alexander and Wilbur Hill Alma Andres Darlene Bunch Bill Alexander George Killian ---W Odis Hunt Alvin Bennett ---W Dale McFarland Sandra Pickard Bottom row: Darlene Bunch, Grace Swansborcugh, Loretta Collins, Sandra Pickard, Jerry Richardson, Dm Alexander, Kathleen Storz, Alma Andres, and Loretta Hirst. Front row: George Killian, Don Robinson, Odis Hunt, Don Lasswell, Alvin Bennett, Don Swars, and Dale Colson. 7m 74e4pzfm handled The National Thespian troop number 982 was installed on February 7, 1952, by Miss Corabelle Wandry of the Sacramento Chapter. The major project for the Thespians was the sponsorship and production of an all school play, "The Night of January l6th," which was on May 9th, Outstanding Thespians and members of the speech class ioined on a weekend trip to San Francisco in May. S 4-MWSMWE The speech department in its first year has made an enviable record, having entered one interstate contest, The Lions, and one national contest, The American Legion. Ann McGee won the Native Sons contest. The speakers' bureau, made up of members of the speech class, raised 5236 for Tuberculosis Seals, making a series of 78 public appearances. They also were responsible for the promotion of the March of Dimes, and the County inoculation program at school. Bottom row: Bob Wilson, Paul Lengyel, Glenda Smart, George Allen, Jerry Petersen, Bob Cannon, and Leonard Smith. Front row: Jerry Smith, Gerald Clark, Toni Ellis, Carol Bolar, Jerry Heath, Ann McGee, Dorothy Flannery, and Carter Hamilton. vi-ww , , , , ,E W A ., A a,:?5.,5wqg,M hWWf'NW1ii- 4 me M Q f, .f-ga-1 I , ,5'2?,55.1:W:gAQiQ.,,q,,M cf-Wa , f Q gf -W, wa. - , f J K , 33.6-Q-fav-.T. r-is in-+w aff 1 sk 'Wow 5X LQ, 1,, 7 , g9en,r3:g.T,.r-qu,-.f J 2 s A55 of Q. T, N W af Ein T 3 TN ,liwigyif s gi 3 4 ,T or sm T 5,55 S wgiksgfiw S W 5 w gagasfwr' 2 c 3555255 uw? T Wi? -.nh Q1 'I , X ' ffww J, 7? f 1, 1' V ."!1yf5I"'Zf7-'I 2 .. ,T,. ,.,,.,.. ,as S ,535 si w .1 15 3 . CHET CARSTEN Coach , ' flflli J - 2 .- -4, els 1 TT .L', T V wx '63 00 26' NP' 099' XNY: O xfxlox T19 X49 cf' A new challenge in basketball was inTroducecl This year under The TiTle of The 20 club. Two fellows came Through This year breaking The 20 poinT margin, Rod BuTTs and WalTer Whiecholcl. The word exciTemenT isn'T broad enough To cover The True meaning of This season's baskeTball escapades. 60,65 100 A144069 NY, evil 1 -kr.. . ,T COT 009 50 1 29-925 ds 253986, PX oval SCORES ECHS ,...... ,..,... 2 2 GalT e,v,,w,,.. ,,.,,, 2 4 ECHS, .,.... ..,.... 4 l CourTland 48 ECHS 40 Lincoln ,,..,.. ...... 3 6 ECHS o,,v... ...o.,, 3 9 Elk Grove 38 ECHS .,.c... ,.,o,, 3 8 GalT ....,.e.,a, ..... . 42 ECHS 6 Folsom ..,, 20 ECHS 53 Lincoln ..-,... ,..... 4 O ECHS ,,,,,., ..AA,A ECHS s,,,,.. ...,,, ECHS ,,.,... ..,,.. ai ,T 37 Elk Grove 39 CourTland 50 Folsom .,.., ,..... 50 GalT ,..,. 55 42 86 36 YJXSYX . ff The "A" team composed of but 3 Seniors, one first string, will prove to be a double threat next year. Our final standing was low that is true, but the morale of both team and students reached a new peak. ,Q The "B" team will lose three Seniors and 'qlp . . . . 'Y44 like the varsity will be a serious threat next 41? t 'fl' 'T Q 5 st K fri , ea Q M rw fl' T is 5 -so it t '95 3' 1 1 C X Y, ,V , kryk ts at S'-'Sabi rp GMP 1908 INS O41 ECHS .,,........,.,,, ECHS ................ ECHS ................ ECHS ,.,.......,A..,, 22 ECHS ECHS ,.....,.a.,.MAA. ECHS a,.,a,a as ,,a,aaa . ECHS .,..,. .,....,,vv ECHS ................ ECHS ........,,...... ECHS a...,aa.,va.a,aa ECHS 714, year, barring unforeseen difficulties. P lc-174,90 4453, FP . ONT5 l im' t s " f, W . me S, my . Us w w 'Si5l Q,P.l1'V H ' N11-'11ffll if 'iv agsgtlwlfrisgxs '- EPM is 3 424 'Y' fbi' 151 ' , , t.-, '.'k ,'k,.' We l a il l lgi ll it ' , A 76-D W 11604, 0104, scomss Se, Folsom .,..... ,..... 3 5 Elk Grove ,........... T6 Courtland c,,.,.c...., 33 Lincoln .,,,ccc,........ 29 Elk Grove ............ 25 Galt ..........,.. .....cc 3 5 Folsom Ac,, ....,, 3 6 Lincoln ....... ....., 5 2 Elk Grove ....ccc,cccc I8 Courtland ....,......, 34 Folsom ..,,,,, ,,,,,, 4 7 Galt ...,...,c, ..... , 45 15 ,yqeahsfe 5 'l',5-N P56069 STEVE O'MEARA Coach KOA, M 'S J , . Q it W Sy Q V, , Egg, -fs , Si , S.. ,,, , ,r mm K X '53 N ,Q gli , si rg XE ga 'X EDQQ -gl - K I ,MQ ,,,r 5. ,M sw-sffgssz-szggggfggsgfr. 1 fo '14 4 19,146,739 ONC CU, D 6,6417 fr M :W fy -Q film' 526425 Jig WZZKQZIZJJ e The Mad Masquerade moved many to madness. This new masquerade dance, spon- sored by the drama department on January 25, found many weird and unusual beings present at the E.C.H.S. auditorium. Prizes were given for These outstanding costumes, but all costumes were original. The evening dancing was around a beau- tiful seven foot champagne glass made ot various colored crepe paper. OFFICE STAFF-Carvlyn Carver, Janis Miller, Aileen Carver, Darlene Bunch, Mrs. Gaberick, Felice Briew, Juanita Winkleman, Sandra Pickard and Mrs. Weber. Ili LIBRARY STAFF-Back row: Barbara Davidson, Violet Cooper, Lois Weldy, Pat Garrett, Nancy Morgan, Delores Sea, Arlene Hadt and Joanne Thomas. Front row: Shirley Allen, Joyce Smith, JoAnn Bressan, Al- berta Wescott and Jeunene Wood. 30 l 6. pxckaf Saf'Cl'a Pmdws. Alma Parsons' Fra,-,CBS pt Nleelkam . Evamae W. da Bef'emel:l2velYn lnlaske n S1 Fwfpfoi Cosens 8 0 NURSES Btatl' Long we 077201555 ,Www . ,A , L .....,.ss... , .. .V ,,-. cs CAFETERIA STAFF-Mrs. Hazel Prewitt, Mrs. Petersen, Janice Balkerston, Sammie Martin, Beverly Cleland, Lael Bundy, Joe Ann Padgett and Walter Tyler. gig!!! CUSTQ DIANS sMr F . . 5' Kos kg M f. A . W Ch eral Mr . porfw . fcl-,ard 46' lily BUS DRIVERS-From' row: Mr. Rank, Mr. Flemins, Mr. Sargent, Mr, Busch and Mr. Chappell. Back row: Mr. Barton, Mr. Krueger, Mr. Rosenberger, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cable. :fem cgafzzzfy ZIQNZJZX 0 M w Hz!! Queen Sandra QSandyQ Pickard and her court, Monica Geary, Loretta Hirst, -Alma Andres, and Beverly Martinovich, reigned over the annual Christmas dance, the Snow Ball. The candidates for Queen from many or- ganizations were presented at a student body meeting before the dance. It was re- quired that they be from the Senior class, as the girl chosen Queen would reign over all affairs for the year. At the meeting the judges selected five final candidates. At the dance students cast their votes and at ll o'clock it was announced that Sandy had been chosen as Queen. The dance will never be forgotten for more than one reason. lt happened that the artificial snow used as a "wax" had a powdered soap base, and after an hour of dancing, sneezing students retreated to the hall where they found temporary relief. However the ianitors came to the rescue with brooms. After their mission of mercy was completed, dancing was resumed. The publications staff sponsored the dance and funds collected went to help finance the yearbook. "The Sierra Swingsters," a local band, played for the dance. Bottom row: Beverly Martinovich, Janice Balderston, Vivian Boson, Zoette Easterly, Doris Armstrong, Zoe Ferris, Betty Klare, Alyceann Chappell, Barbara Lampert, and Judy Roy. Top row:' Ellene Williard, Marjorie Bacoccini, Paula Gray, Peggy Billman, Carol Morehouse, Fernanda Santarosa, Paul Lengyel, Ethel Coval, Alita Tripp, Donna Schieber, Ella Clark, Lois Shoenhoff, June Boom, Eleanor Norton, and Susan Albert. 6 The F.T.A. is among the most recently organized clubs in school The Future Teachers of America is to better acquaint members with the teaching profession. President Beverly Martinovich outlined many projects for the group throughout the year. One proiect was the addressing and mailing of requests for donations to the March of Dimes to every registered voter in the county. Another project was selling cokes at basketball games. The main activity of the F.T.A. was a trip to visit one of the F.T.A. groups in the valley. Membership for California Scholarship Federation is acquired by obtaining lO points in curricular studies. Three points are given for an "A" and l for a "B," Points are also given for various offices held and awards won. Not more than 2 points can be earned this way. lf a member belongs to C.S.F. for six semesters one of which must be his Senior year he becomes a life member. His membership is signified by a gold seal on his diploma and all transcripts. Bottom row: Jim Schubin, Dick Sea, Ronald Cardiff, Bill Laddish, Melton Weber, Charles Hanson, Miss Hall, Advisor, Elizabeth Raudio, Carolyn Longstaff, Janet Hill, Janet Daniels, Ellen Carlson, Marie Veerkamp, Paula Gray, Zoette Easterly, and Pat Murray. Top row: Forest Van Vleck, Paul Lengyel, Felice Briw, Nancy Butterfield, Mary Tripp, Janis Miller, Judy Roy, Sally Nicolls, Darlene Bunch, Mr. Wright, Advisory and Ann McGee. 1 C will ill Ann Parmentier, Beverly Cleland, Betty Chan, Marie Veerkamp, Ladelle Carpenter, Pat St. Clair, Charles Ruckman, Louise Prewitt, Fred Phillips, Gary Schubin, and John Shipman. The Camera Club, under the direction of Mr. Brady, took its position in the lineup of new clubs at E.C.H.S. The purpose of the club is to prepare students as yearbook student photographers. The first step was to give students interested in photography the basic training in the construction and use of a camera, During the year members attended various activities and took pictures. Time was also taken to acquaint those interested with portrait photography, and some actual experience was given along this line. The Radio Club was formed this year by Mr. Genochio, to teach students in- terested in radio the code and how to operate a receiving set. At meetings he explained the theory and principal of radio, and the construction of sets to the group. Several members have receiving sets which they have either made or bought. The group is striving to get several licensed operators and set up a station of their own at school. Top row: Ed Wheeler, Bob Strand, Jerry Heath, Melton Weber, Danno Raffetto, Walt Kellian, Gelbert Gulenbarger, Dale Colson, Karey Gunn. Bottom row: Arthur Holder, John Choat, Tom Smith, Richard While, Lester Russel, Marie Veerkamp, Fred Phillips, Ted Johnson, Norman Peterson. egg X Z! 1 Front row, left to right: Joan Schwartz, Betty Klare, Violet Cooper, Rose Zan- donella, President, Alice Klare, Ruthlee Flannery. Back row: Louise Prevvitt, Peggy Merritt, MaryLou Kimsey, Pat Lacy, Pat Garrett Csittingj, Violetta Chase, Lael Bundy. Back row, left to right: Alita Tripp, Joan Posten, Mavis Bundy, Ethel Coval, Carol Morehouse. Front row: Paula Gray Cun- knownj, Vivian Livingston, Marilyn Foulkes, Sharon Kennedy, Ladelle Carpen- ter, Beverly Cleland, Pat St. Clair, Nevada Metherd, Mary Martin Front. Keeping the boys clown on the farm will be no problem for these F.H.A. girls. The purpose of the Future Homemakers of America is to further appreciation of homemaking. Members attain re- sponsibility in regard to home, school, and community. During this year they undertook many projects in accordance with these things. The highlight of this year came when Batty Klare, Violet Cooper, Nevada Metherd, and Miss Sibley, Advisor, attended a conference at Asilomar. The F.H.A. also sponsored a Harvest Dance on November l6, 1952, and sold cokes at the basketball games. The Future Business Leaders of America was organized this year with the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and cooperation of business, industry, labor, the church, and school, among its members. This club wishes to prepare young people for a useful occupation, and to create interest in social, political, and school among its members. Standing on left: Marilee Lyons, Barbara Davidson, Lorrine Richardson, and Junie Hugo. Standing on right: Donna Blank, Evelyn Davis, Janice Strong, Joyce Bissett, Sandra Pickard, and Monica Geary. Third row: Pat West, Jeunene Wood, Toni Ellis, Shirley Faries, Violet Cooper, and Ellen Carlson. Second row Aileen Carver, Marcelyn Fisher, Charlene Green, JoAnn Bressan Mavis Bundy, and Dolores Sea. Front row: Nancy Hammer Judy Eaton, Florence Meader, Lois Weldy, and Joyce Smith F --u L ,1 . 'c 3 . k . I1 Q 'Q iw nv Don Callahan President Grace Swansborough Representative to Student Council Beth Lewis Secretary-Treasurer Joe Buhlert Vice President 0 UAJQWII Our four year high school career has fled into the past, leaving the class of i952 with many happy memories. A few sad moments may be recalled, but for the most part happy remembrances will prevail. We have had a wonderful four years, filled with the excitement that goes with growing up mentally and physically. As Freshmen we were initiated in the manner then traditional. In our last year we have seen the death of that initiation. After we began to relax and adjust ourselves, we entered in more and more activities. In this year we saw the varsity football team take the league championship. As Sophomores we began our year by duly initiating that year's Freshman class. We also became T more interested in school activi- ties. Sophomore representatives popped up everywhere, as yell leaders, on the Student Council, and as representatives to various conferences. As Juniors we reached our goal of becoming upperclassmen with more self assurance in our actions. The Junior Play, "The Importance of Being -Earnest," was truly a success. Looking for- ward to our Senior year, we honored the class of l95l with a successful Junior Prom. Our Senior year was a full one that seemed to pass more rapidly than the rest. We were active in and led most of the school activities. Almost before we can realize it, the Christmas Ball, the Junior Prom, the Senior Ball, our new and success- ful musical play, "Best Foot Forward," and various other activities are now fading into memories. However, during this year, we experienced the first year of a new administration. We also experienced a great increase in activities, to which we eagerly adapted ourselves. Our graduation was held on the football field, which perhaps gave us a closer feeling of attachment to the big world into which we are now entering. We now face a new world. What does it hold in store for us? Time alone will answer that question but we do know that a great deal depends on our individual efforts. During the years that have rolled by we have gained knowledge, both technical and practical. lf we remember some of the words of our teachers and strive to work hand in hand with our neighbors, we're bound to come out on top. The class of 1952 leaves El Dorado County High School wishing one and all the very best of everything. Someday our paths may cross again. EDWARD P. AKIN Math Major, Santa Clara College. JIM ALDEA Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, Class Vice President l. BILL ALEXANDER Track l, 2, Proiection Club, English and Math Maior, Stockton J. C. SHIRLEY ARLENE ALLEN Thespian Club, Senior Play, Library Attendant. ROSEMARY ANDERSON Chorus 4, Girls' League Officer 4, GAA 4, Art Maior. ALMA ALEDA ANDRES Riffle Staff 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Yell Lead- er 3, Thespian Club. JANET BARKLEY GAA Treasurer, Riffle Staff 4, Ski Club, Chorus. DIANE M. BARR Transfer from Burlingame, GAA, Art Maior, Uni- versity of California at Davis. ALVIN BENNETT Football l, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespian Club, Junior Play, Senior Play. LAWRENCE WAYNE BENTON Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Maior. DAVID EDGAR BERLIN Transfer from Marysville, Baseball Manager, Industrial Arts Maior. JOYCE MARIE BISSETT FBLA Club, FHA, Commercial Maior. LOTA MAE BRADEN Orchestra 'l, 2, 3, 4, Science Maior, Nursing. SHIRLEY Jo BRAY Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Music Maior, GAA, Nursing. DoN CALLAHAN Football 'I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Class President l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council. Boa CANNON Football, Track, Chorus, Student Body Officer. AILEEN CARVER FBLA Club, Commercial Major, Senior Play. JACKIE CASSELMAN Girls' League Officer, Music Major, Band, Chorus. ALYCEANN CHAPPEL Girls' League Officer, FTA, GAA, Art Major, Stanford College. LORETTA COLLlNS Thespian Officer, Senior Play, Junior Play, Or- chestra, Band. LORINE COSENS Nurses Attendant, Chorus, Commercial Major, Sacramento J. C, DONNA BETH BLANK FBLA Club, Library Attendant, Commercial Major. CLEMENT Bom. Football 'l, "A" Basketball, Baseball 2, Industrial Arts Major. Jo ANN CHRISTINE BRESSAN Publication Manager, Bowling Club, GAA, Com- mercial Major. FELICE ANN BRIEW Hangtown Noose, Commercial Major, CSF, Sec- retary Work. CLARENCE E. BUELL Tumbling l, English Major, Placer J. C. JoE BUHLERT Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Officer, English Major DARLENE BUNCH GAA Officer, Senior Play, Office Attendant, Nursing College. aid CHARLES CRAFTON Industrial Ar1s Maior. BARBARA DAVIDSON Tennis Team, Girls' League President, GAA, FBLA Club, Commercial Maior. JAMES DOYLE Football, Track, Industrial Art Maior, Sacramen to J. C. ROBERT C. EDWARDS Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, English Maior College. MARCELYN FISHER FBLA Club, Commercial Maior, Business School DOROTHY ANN FLANNERY Tennis Team, GAA, Social Science Maior. BOB Fox Basketball 1, 2, Track 3, 4, English Maior. KENNETH M. FRAZIER English Maior, Chorus, Junior College. JERRY GARcEI.ON Camera Club Officer, Bowling Club, Tumbling, Chorus. MONICA BE RNICE GEARY Yell Leader, GAA, Band, Commercial Maior, Business College. RAYMOND GEMMET Football, Industrial Arts Maior. CHARLES RONDELL GRAY Football, Baseball, Yell Leader 4, CSF, Math Maior. PAuI.A BARBARA GRAY Riffle Staff, Senior Play, CSF, Tennis Team, GAA BEVERLEE GRENEVELD Chorus, English Maior, College. LORETTA LEE HlRsT Student Council, Junior Class Officer, GAA, Thespian Club, Junior and Senior Play. MARLA LEE HOLBROOK Riffle Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Officer, GAA, Bowling Club I, 2, 3. MONTE HOLT Basketball, Tumbling, Baseball, English Maior, Brigham Young College. COLEEN Huoo GAA, Senior Play, Transfer from Avenal. JUNA LEE HUGO President GAA, Transfer from Avenal, Commer- cial Maior. Ools L. HUNT Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Senior Play, Math Maior, College. 42 ARLENE THERESA HADT FBLA, Hangtown Noose, Commercial Maior, Sacramento J. C. BETTY HALCOMB FHA, Chorus, Transfer from Chico, Home Economics Maior, NANCY HAMNER Student Body Officer, Office Attendant, GAA, Commercial Maior. ROBERT R. HANCOCK Radio Club, Projection Club, Chorus, Industrial Arts Major. CHARLES HANsON Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, CSF l, 2, 3, 4. PHILLIP GLEN HERZIG Football 3, A, Tumbling, Industrial Art Maior. JAMES HIGOINSON Industrial Arts. GEORGE KILLIAN Senior Play English Maior AVAILABLE BETTY KLARE FHA President 2, FTA, Girls' League Officer 4, FHA Section 4 Vice President. DONALD D. LAsswE LL Baseball 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Thespian Club, lndustrial Arts Maior. Lois LAwLEss Commercial Maior, Business College. HAROLD E. LEDFORD Transfer from Edison High, Texas, Senior Play, Math Maior. KENNETH LEIGHTON Chorus, Tumbling, Math Maior. JEROME LENGYEL English Maior. BILL LESHER Student Body President, Football, Vice President Student Body 3. ELIZABETH ANNE LEWIS Senior Class Officer, Girls' League Officer 2, Business Manager of Senior Play, English Maior, Sacramento J. C. SHIRLEY LEWIS GAA, Art Major, Art School. CLARK LoHNER Football, Track, Basketball, Industrial Arts Maior. MARILEE MARGARET LYoNs Girls' League Officer 3, GAA Vice President 4, Commercial Maior. ELMA IRENE MAJOR Orchestra, GAA, Music Maior. BEVERLY MARTINOVICH FTA President, Co-editor Hangtown Noose, Junior Class Officer, GAA, English Maior. RALPH VIvcENT MARTIN Basketball l, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, English Maior, Sacramento State College. ,-Q, DOROTHY NOBELL Chorus, English Maior, Nursing. WILLIS G. PETREE Math Maior, Sacramento J. C. MAURINE PHILIPSEN Ser r Play, FHA, Thespian Club, Commercial Ma' SANDRA PICKARD 5 Queen 4, Yell Leader 2, 4, Senior Play, Gi' League Officer 3, GAA. ZELDA MAE PIKE -' from Modoc Union High, Home Eco- wior. MYRA LEE POLLITT Chorus 4, Band 3, 4, Music Maior, Nursing. MARJORIE PRESBA Orchestra, Commercial Maior. ANN ELIZABETH MCGEE Riffle Staff 3, 4, Hangtown Noose Staff 3, 4, Girls' League Officer 2, CSF 2, 3, 4, GAA. FLORENCE MARIE MEADER GAA, FHA, Commercial Maior, Business College. RICHARD MEYER Basketball, Industrial Arts Major. JANIS L. MILLER Co-Editor Hangtown Noose, GAA, CSF, English Maior, Transfer from Campbell. BILL MONTGOMERY Football, Baseball, Basketball, Band, Sacramen' to J. C. VERN CAMPBELL NEAL Basketball, Baseball,'English Maior. EMILY NEWTON Commercial Maior, College. M JOAN QUIBERG Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Band 4, GAA, Bowling Club, Music Major. DUANE CORWlN Band, Industrial Arts Maior, Transfer. JERRY RICHESON Thespians, Senior Play, Industrial Arts Maior, Transfer from Palm Springs. FRANK RIFFEY Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball, Industrial Arts Maior, Sacramento J. C. DONALD W. ROBINSON Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, Riffle Staff 3, CSF 1, 2, Junior and Senior Play. WILLIAM H. SHEUNER Track 1, 2, 3, 4, English Maior, College. LYLE SCHULTZ Football 3, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Math Maior, Sacra- mento J. C. . I Q A llll A-asm 1-'. , ,IVVL .,,.,,,,,z .I,,. -'... DOLORES ANN SEA GAA, Library Attendant, Commercial Maior, Business College. EARLENE SEATON Bowling Club, Orchestra, Chorus, GAA. JACK D. SHERROD Football 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Industrial Art Maior. JOYCE EVON SMITH Band 1, 2, Riffle 1, FBLA Club, Commercial Art Club. KATHLEEN MAE STORZ Orchestra 1, 3, 4, Band 1, 3, 4, Riffle 1, 4, Girls' League Officer, GAA. GRACE SWANSBOROUGH Snow Queen 50-51, Yell Leader 3, CSF 3, Stu- dent Council 4, Orchestra 2. DONALD A. SWARS Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior,Play, Thespian Club, industrial Arts Maior. i, 46 FRED W. WELLS English Maiorg University of California. STANLEY WELLS Footballp Trackp Bandy Math Maiory Sacramento J. C. ALBERTA WESCOTT Commercial Maior. GLEN WILKINS Football: Trackp Industrial Arts Maior. DELBERT JOE WOOD Footballp Baseballp Industrial Arts Maiorp Trans- fer from Visalia High. JEUNENE ALBERTA WooD Commercial Maiorp Dental Collegeg Transfer from Freemont High, Los Angeles. JERRY ZAK Football: English Maiorp Transfer from Los Angeles. JAMES' EDWARD ZEEK Basketballf Baseballg Orchestrag Tennis Team Tumbling. CHARLES SUTHERLAND English Maiorf Transfer from Chula Vista. A. WAYNE TETRAU LT Basketballp Trackg Orchestrap Baseballg Football Manager. ' JOANNE ADELE THOMAS Library Attendantf Hangtown Noosef FBLA7 Com- mercial Maior. BILL H. TOBIN Art Maior. MARY TRIPP CSF 45 Snow Princess 31 Riffle Staff 2, 35 Hang- town Noose 3, 47 Senior Play. MARIE VEERKAMP CSF Presidentg Radio Clubp Camera Clubp Chorus FRED VOSS Industrial Arts Maior. Lois ARLEEN WELDY FBLA: Library Attendantg Hangtown Noose Commercial Maior. 1 Waiting to see The birdie Back To The realm of educaiior' Don'T let The serious expressions fool you Wm S752 flags "SZ" iw-'Mums fieiiw H. B. WELLS BLAINE WISHART ROBERT LUNG ELEANOR WILSON History Sr. Problems, History, Civics Social Studies Social Studies CD52 Wefexzees KARL FANNING MALCOM WRIGHT BETTY DONKER FERN BUSCH Chemistry, Biology, Algebra Gen. Math, Popular Science, General Science, Health Nurse Physics and Hygiene MARGARET KASTE FRANK GENOCHIO HELEN JOHNSON Algebra, Geometry, Math, Algebra Girls' P.E. Solid Geom. and Trig. ROBERT RAMSEY FRANK BRADY HELEN D. CRYSTAL L. A. BROWN English English, Journalism English English, Com. Law CHET CARSTEN STEVE O'MEARA RAY KRING DYKES VANDERBUNT Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E., Social Studies Boys' P.E., Driver's Boys' P.E., Mechanical Education Drawing cc , j, 'ic' CHARLES LeFEBRE DEWEY GIRARD HENRY N. T. SCHULTZ LILA SIBLEY Library Woodshop Farm Mechanics Homemaking MARIQN ,CONN'CK ELSIE KAIN Kittv Russeu Girls P-5 Typing, Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, Secretarial Training Business Fundamentals C. BELLE ALEXANDER HAYS DON WHlTEHEAD JEANNE HALL SWANSBOROUGH Public Speaking, Drama, Band, Orchestra, Chorus Latin, Spanish Art, Crafts, Clothing English SPARE TIRES-Back row: Shirley Onetti, Karen Curtis, Lincoln Fry. Front row: Charles Ruckman, and Richie lrwin, Captain. TURKEY OUT-Back row: Louise Prewitt, Beverly Cleland, Ladelle Carpen- ter. Front row: Bruce Johnson, Captain Jo Ann Bressan. and Bill Alexander, Captain. TRIPLE X-Back row: Barbara David- son, Jerry Garcelon, Nancy Butter- field, Captain. Front row: Jean Bishop, and Earlene Seaton. awfmy M MAC'S QUINTET-Back row: Ruthlee Flannery, Marilyn Williams, Cap- tain, Marlene Nichols. Front row: Jim Veer- kamp. George Schwartz, missing. Chappell, and Pat St. Clair. 515015 The Ski Club was formed this year with the purpose of bring- ing those interested in skiing to- gether, that they might visit lodges on weekends and ski. Later on the club hopes to organize a team to enter into in- terscholastic skiing. The group was assisted in its organization by Miss Connick and Mr. Whitehead. Council-Janet Hill, Bob Edwards, Barbara Lampert, Frank Soracco, and Dale Colson. ALLEY CATS-Back row: Kenneth Frazier, Evelyn Davis, Rhonda Ben emelis. Front row: Richard Dittman LUCKY STRIKES-Back row: Alyce ann Chappell, Eleanor Norton Verna Struthers. Front row: Roger BLOC BLOCK E SOCIETY-Jim Aldea, Tom Armstrong, Jim Bauer, Jerry Bennett, Alvin Blank, Clem Boll, Gene Brown, Joe Buh- lert, Rodney Butts, Bob Cannon, Don Colson, Jack Davidson, Sheridan Ferriera, Rondell Gray, Carter Hamilton, Charles Hanson, Philip Herzig, Wilber Hill, Don Lasswell, Bill Lesher, Glenn Metherd, Bill Montgomery, Jack Petty, Kenneth Reeder, Frank Riffy, John Riffy, Don Robinson, Bill Scheuner, Jim Schubin, Lyle Schultz, Frank Soracco, Don Swars, Ed Thietie, Don Walker, Walter Weichold, Stanley Wells, Guy Wentworth, Lee Westbrook, and Ted Wilcox. Back row: Wilber Hill, Manager, Don Colson, Rodney Butts, Dick Kuney, Lyle Schultz, Don Colson, and Joe Buhlert. Middle row: Frank Riffey, Bill Montgomery, Don Lasswell, Rondell Gray, Clem Boll, and Ed Thietie. Front row: James Dodson, Monte Holt, and Den Reeder. 5552621 mm :mm may msafz Fourth row: Gary Tanko, Larry Butts, Andrew Webster, Jack Davidson, Guy Wentworth, John Riffey, Lee Westbrook, Ken Mace, Ward Wyman, Glenn Metherd. Third row: Reg Bacoccini, Paul Parker, Dave Davidson, Dick Wood, James Stevens, Ken Leighton, John Chitwood, Bob Brown, Larry Gillett. Second row: Coach Vanderbundt, Bob Pearson, Natha Niebauer, Elwyn Freshour, Clyde Leavitt, Dick Wood, Bruce Johnson, Lindell Brumley, Joe Stroud, James Vick, Dale Colson. Front row: Tom Saich, Ronald Houston, Bernard Godlove, Dan Chamberlain, Bruce Veerkamp, Gene Ousley, Ronald Cardiff, Capt., George Schwarz, Evertt Phillips, Gerald Peterson, Leo Warren, Manager. ' l. .wl lt, 1 2 GYM Q0 PRO LW f a KMC vi PRO 5 K 0 SANDY llc 4 GWR NCP MO wwflllsoll -Sill will cgi 32172 3 mm Standing: Louise Prewitt, James Carlyon, Dick Sea, Paula Gray, Jim Schubin, Ted Wilcox, Jim Zeek, Nevada Metherd, and Roger Chappel. Front row: Miss Connick, Advisor, Barbara Davidson, Monica Geary, Janet Hill, Peggy Billman, Marie Veerkamp, Dot Flannery, Paul Lengyel, and Gary Schubin, Mr. Ramsey, Instructor. 'Z 3 3 S S i "A" TRACK-Back row: Gene Brown, Bill Alexander, Jim Aldea, Alvin Blank, Ernest Bishop, Al Hamilton, Bill Scheuner, and Carter Hamilton. Second row: Bob Cannon, Delbert Wood, Carol Gunn, Don Walker, George Bond, Clark Lohener. First row: Bob Edwards, Stan Wells, Leonard Smith, Wayne Benton, Wayne dd? 325772 65 M0255 uf 5655071 "B" TRACK-Back row: Bob Fox, Danno Raffetfo, Bob Jones, Richie Irwin, Richard Meyer, Charles fanko, and Alvin Geller. Second row: Harold Rieff, Charles Bishop, David Dezzani, Tom Dominques, Don Boone, and Ken Nielsson. Third row: Richa ard Byers, Richard Harrison, Dod Campbell, and Bill Graham. RAY KRING Coach "C" TRACK-Back row: Bob Logan, Clayton Tom, Ed Bacchi, Larry Smith, Bob Pike, larry Sanders, Joe Boll, Second row: Lee Sanders, Bert Nobell, Ronnie Wood, John Marshall, Ralph Weldy, Fred Thomas, Mike Ronzone. Third row: Don Graham, Bill Benton, Dan Mainwaring, and Milo Mar- tinovich. N, 1 - ,dl-. fc? cg? J . 1 - .SM it Q' f ' if s ts. 62 RR .EF ., Jia' Umtesflzz We ot the Orchestra kept the game rolling by adding music to various activities in the year. During the season the Orchestra helped make the Christmas Festival a success, and provided incidental music tor school plays. We also participated in the Music Festival at Roseville High School. As a part of the musical team we contributed our talent to the Spring Concert, which was held on April 18th. However, our main performance was given at Baccalaureate, when we provided a fine selection of classical music. Um Qifusvbaf mm Em' Mr. Whitehead called the signals, which we of The band carried out to perfection. Our activities for This year were many. We began The season by playing pep songs at The football games, which helped lift The school spirit. AT half Time we marched on The field and put on fine performances displaying good Timing and coordination. We also played for The basketball games that were held at home. We also marched in The Halloween Parade. Some of the band members participated in The Six County Band Festival at Roseville High School. In April we attended The field day at Davis and displayed our abilities. One of the highlights of the season was our participation in the Spring Concert, held on April 18, which is a musical performance staged by The entire musical department. We concluded a perfect season by adding music to the Commence- ment Exercises. .X .M gk .1 xp i t 1 1 'I 1 T- 57 N CLASS OFFICERS-Back row: President Clyde Leavitt, Judy Roy, Pat Lawless, Mary Martin, Eddie Thietje. Front row: Elaine Carver, Marilyn Foulkes and Lenore gl 146 ffecefkfeftx Lesher. .. L First row: Shirley Houston, Sally Imes, Kay Domecq, Janice England, Janet Hill, Mary Gillespe, Loretta Head- ington, Pat Eddison, Marviln Dunning, Alice Klare. Sec- on row: Verna Hayes, Char- lotte Grover, Lincoln Fry, Marilyn Foulkes, Pat Egan, Sharon Kennedy, Toni Ellis, Shirley Faries, Dennis Giu- dici. Third row: John Hoo- ver, Sheridan Ferriera, Ed Hartwick, Raymond Haw- kins, Don Graham, Ronald Houston, Larry Gillett, Bruce Johnson, Rudy Gardner, Joe Fernandez and Jim Ellis. Fourth row: Carl Dowdell, Elwyn Freshour, Alvin Gel- ler, Carter Hamilton, Bob Jones, Carroll Gunn, Al- bert Gastaldi, Tommy Do- menguis and Tom Faist. We of the Sophomore Class played a winning game in our second year of educa- tion. We started the year by placing second in the Student Body Card sales, and third in the Annual sales. ln December we shipped up an amusing skit for the Student-Body. We sold cokes at the basketball games in hopes of securing enough money' to pur- chase a popcorn popper for use at games. We conclude this year with our eyes on the prospect of becoming upper classmen. First row: Patricia Austin, Beverly Cleland, Ronda Benemelis, Mary Condrey, Janet Burkhart, Anna Allen- dale, Laura Ann Abel, Betty Joe Bishop, Doris Anderson, Gloria Bressan, Elaine Car- ver, Susan Albert. Second row: Ronald Cardiff, Gary Gimbel, Richard Byers, Ger- ald Cladc, Evelyn Davis, Louis Davenport, Juanita DeLong, Karen Curtis, Corine Bauer, Mildred Anderson, Marcia Blodgett. Third row: Don Culler, Leroy Delk, David Dezzani, Bob Dixon, George Coval, Darrell Ca- purro, Jack Daniels, Donald Boone, Joe Boll, Gary Bauske, Charles Bishop, Leo Chavez. Fourth row: Spike Brewster, Ernest Bishop, Ernest Brown, Don Buhlert, Jack Davidson, Rodney Butts, Jack Bell, Dennis Conley and Alvin Blank. First row: Elizabeth Raudio, Ann Parmentier, Loranine Richardson, Judy Roy, Bar- bara Lampert, Mary Martin, Doris Petree, Eleanor Nor- ton, Pat Murray and Rae Martin. Second row: .loan Posten, Betty Sanders, Myr- na Miller, Nevada Metherd, Carolyn Longstaff, Pat Law- less, Freddie Reynolds, Viv- ian Livingston, Lenore Lesh- er and Betty Ross. Third row: Nancy Jo Mekemson, Shirley Rohlfing, Louise Prewitt, Bill Rohlfing, Milo Martinovich, Gary Robinson, John Marshall, Leonard Meyer, Ted Leonhardt, Leonard Potter. Fourth row: Gregory Martin, Lee San- ders, John Riffey, Clyde Leavitt, Stewart Morris, Tom Saich, Kenny Nilsson, Bob Ross, Bill Laddish, Robert Pike, Buckey Miles and Danno Raffetto. With devout attention we absorbed much wis- dom from a film lesson. First row: Barbara Williams, Verna Strutchers, Wanda Sohrwide, Rae Shanks, Jan- ice Strong, Eileen Share, Dolores Stancil, Bertha White, Lois Schoenhoff and Janice Skeans. Second row: Shirley Sweeney, Shirley Smith, Faye Self, Rosie Va- rozza, George Schwartz, Leo Warren, Gary Warren and Eddie Thietie. Third row: James Vick, Robert Weitzell, Melton Weber, Richard Windham, Norman Watkins, Don Waal, Rex Smith, David Stancil, Gary Tanko and 'Joe Stroud. Fourth row: Harold Sher- rod, Walter Tyler, Bob Stot- fal, Ward Wyman, Robert Weekley, Guy Wentworth, Lee Westbrook, Bill Shadle, Westley Williams and Al Wahl. Many new thoughts may be transferred and created in class discussion. PAULA GRAY Literary Editor ANN MCGEE Editor MW CONFERENCE DELEGATES-Bev Martinovich, Lois Mary Tripp, Janis Miller, and Ann McGee, Robinson, E! STAFF-Left to right: Marla Holbrook, Lois Robinson, Mary Tripp, Dale McFarland, Ann McGee, Janet Barkeley, Ruthlee Flannery, Paula Gray, and Kathleen Storz. The publishing of the Riffle was the part of the game played by those who were on the Riffle staff. The l952 Riffle has been compiled in an en- tirely different style from the annuals to which you have been accustomed. Many hours of thought and effort have been put into the book with the goal of making the Riffle bigger and better than ever. lt was through the cooperation of the staff members, advisors, faculty, advertisers, and sponsors that this book was made possible. Publications also sponsored the Sock Dance at which Grace Swansborough was elected "Miss Riffle." Through the purchase of an annual, ten votes were alloted to the choice of the favorite candidate. On October 27, l95l, five girls attended the Publications Conference at Palo Alto. All day was spent at the Stanford University where those who attended went to classes which were to help solve the publications problems. The Riffle staff and its advisors have constantly striven to make the book a happy remembrance of your school days, one to which you could turn with pride and say, "This is my 1952 Riffle." We hope that we have not failed. STAFF-Left to right: Maxine Crocker, Evelyn Haskew, Barbara Smart, Janis Miller, Beverly Martinovich, Beverly Cooper, Joan Bacon, JoAnn Bressan, Lois Weldy, Arlene Hadt, Joanne Thomas, Felice Briw, Shirley Allen, and Harold Ledford. We added to the game of education by keeping the school informed of all activities. Through the tireless effort of the Co-Editors and the staff a newspaper was put out every two weeks, with a few exceptions. Due to the increase in activi- ties and faithful backing of advertisers, the staff was able to put out a larger paper than last year. Three special editions were put out during 1952: The Christmas, the Leap Year, and the Senior editions. Not only did we present information to the school, but publications also sponsored the Christmas Ball and the Sock Dance. With the ever growing efforts of the Journalism class, the paper will continue to grow and im- prove. Jig ffafzyfaw as JANIS MILLER Co-Editor BEVERLY MARTINOVICH C o-Ed itor MARLA HOLBROOK Advertising Manager JO ANN BRESSAN Publications Business Manager Yiw u -63 ,gm f - , ww, 1 2' V .fa ,A x ff Q M L md 5 1 5 w. ,swf 4 I .N S ,, lg, f1lfeyl.,,, WYE Q K , wQA:g,i, 31 v.-, ,, , M5225 f ifszsfiwgfami wif, my It I I , l I J , 'L , 4 1 . 1 J ' 1 Jxfffn 5 'nf 5 3. 1' F ' fo , .. 1 gl.. , : ff f . , ' I I 4 I 1' Q ff 1,1 2 44 ,f 41 I Q j -Q. fs... r, Q .., ,,, aye "' we Q i L Nl 9 "' 1 s if : Y sr , an -gl oh - , I .5 ffl , 34" M U I s 'L' J:-1' mimi J. 1 L. R. POOL 'i 3' 'Tm-1 isis . . f fm 5 ' T ,, Principal, Boys' P.E., General 5 5 -ig-1 Mathematics, Algebra I, Plane . G ' J - ,,.a eomelry' . f aaa at a i ,, k 1 gaifieeeatz Vs 'V ., , 1 f f ' My x g,i1gggAfflfvzi-:Sw-fe..'.,s1. y aa T e ,L .5 t s s it . e ?sjT.,s.q.a., 4 .f 2 in f i'frL.f4'1?E'5Sif ' . . ,, .. , V .. - ' - +1.2.PPQ. Qi'ax:41s .Q .4 MARY K. KLAUSNER , . , Mffifytiypf ,1,-SPHLHezferw-fffii,fgglwiy. . . . V f1dX1i?g4ft SOSIG' Stvdles, English I, ll, Ill, F:iE:":Y:i5?' J:-.53.j.7f5g3 Home Economics, Girls' P.E. ' .. .,. .L ,TLZ , .,..f.s, .. NX. 1 sr , 2 ' J 1-"7 " . 1 as Kiwi, 1 wr'-if: . ,Q . ,:'11 ' HL.. Q1 If ykjg , . 5 in 1' 1' M 3. 3 l THE cox-xcHl G STAFF ESTHER B. HUGHES Vocal and Instrumental, Music, X World History, Spanish l, U.S. History. HAROLD l. BOVERMAN General Science, Biology, Phy- sics, Arts and Crafts, Health and Hygiene. THE TLIDE T REFEREE Back row: Kay Wager, President, Reid Watson, Vice President. Front row: Corlien Corwin, Secretary, and Ray Reeves, Treasurer. 7-s. This year, 1951-1952, was The first year Tor a Junior class at Tahoe. Previously all Juniors aTtended E.C.H.S. In November, the class puT on an enter- taining play, "Joe White and His Muddy Truckee Boys." In October they sponsored a dance and in December ChrisTmas caroling. A consTituTion for Tahoe High School was drawn up by The Junior Class and accepted by The Student Body. May 10 was the daTe for The Junior Prom, which has all The earmarks of success. JUNIORS E TERTAIN CLASS OFFICERS-Left To right: Rose Marie Bonham, Secretary-Treasurer, Reid WaTson, President, Frances NemeTh, Vice PresidenT. THEIR FIRST YEAR AT TAHOE Back row, left To right: Ray Reeves, Reid Watson, Rudy Woolery, Fred St. Angelo, and Frances Nemeth. Front row: Rose Marie Bonham, Kay Wager, Barbara Brochez, Shirley Hasty, and Mary Ann Palady. i The Sophomores began the fall season by duly initiating their inferiors, who, by the way, were very good sports. D ln December they sponsored a dance, which was closely followed by a semester dance in January. Both dances were successful. Leap year was officially recognized with a Twirp Dance in March. All boys will verify the success of this dance. The Sophomores also presented various skits for the Student Body during the year. SOPHCJMCRE ADD TO THE ACTIVITY Ll T CLASS OFFICERS-Left to right: Barbara Beecher, President, Linda Perry, Secretary- Treasurer, Corlien Corwin, Vice President. Back row: Don Bray, Dick Hughes, Jerry Johnson, Jim Hill, Len St. Angelo, and John Eplett. Second row: Eddie Mae Baback, Jeanne Perry, Barbara Beecher, Cecil Gayner, and Ann Nelson. Front row: Janet Robertson, Corlien Corwin, Frances Young, and Linda Perry. The initiation lasted for what seemed to be eternity to the Freshmen, but was only a week in reality. Their reception consisted of wearing stiffly starched clothes backwards, walking bare tooted on wet noodles, breaking water filled balloons, crawling in and out of the bus, polishing upperclassmen's shoes, bowing to the super- iors, and carrying dolls and baby bottles. As if this wasn't enough the boys donned fingernail polish and lipstick, while the girls came to school with no makeup and straight hair. But good sports always come smiling through and now the prospect of revenge is close to reality. The Freshmen sponsored a Valentine's Dance in February, and also presented skits at Student Body meetings. FRESH MAN URVIVE LO G I ITIATIC CLASS OFFICERS-Left to right: Harry Joe Hein, Secretary ot Attendance, Donna Tonzi, Secretary of Assignments, Carolyn Doyle, President. Back row: Jack Hasty, Edward Fuhrman, Jerry Daum. Second row: Harry Joe Hein, Bill Fullerton, Kent Bailey, Arlyn Crago, Stanley Martin. Front row: Donna Tonzi, Sharon True, Leora Woolery, Carolyn Doyle, Marilyn Frahm. BASEBALL-Back row, left to right: Jerry Johnson, Edward Fuhrman, Rudy Woolery, Reid Watson, John Robinson, Fred St. Angelo, Ray Reeves. Front row: Len St. Angelo, Harry Joe Hein, Stanley Martin. BASEBALL SAW SHORT BUT S CCESSFLIL SEASON A THE TEAM BEAT TRUCKEE 5-4 GIRLS' BA KETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL-Marilyn Fraum, Anne Nelson, Linda Perry, Barbara Beecher, Frances Nemefh, Carolyn Doyle, Donna Tonzi. ' K 442,551 f S A wi- . 7 X bf, pw I ' R W ' - - W 'i ff .W , wiifwfy S18fr:2v'H1?G'1,'Y' ' '?'fsg':v wg: ' 2 sf' A i ' 4 S ., if Q., - L 1 i , ' w ' . ,,,,g,,....., ,L if . ,. ,, 114.317 9? jf. wgxifavl gf., " VA A -of wr 1 41,3 Zi .ds Q ' , ww :ffu . V , n A - mf ,l"" gf V, .Q .,l gg 25 . V' A sf Ei?E?f?g":', 5 , 1 W-v M 1 1, .' Lf 4 1, -. " ' vw un wr KR i'?ffl'?lJa'l m nw.. s f a: X V -.ga 115 if ia 5, 6' Qi, Ai m z 5 Q 15?-?U2:?lfT557fSf GET' Whit fvl k f Q1 xw - ' flsfia, - PW. - - Zffniglkzfxf 1' V, ' LQ . if A ,W- I G, - : ev il ' V' Q . X M: '. ' ' fi ?Ei21IQiTii?ElZsi.'1. Q? ggggxfsgiizsfs -' 41 .qw ' , . ,, ,,LX. na,-X, .l'k 1- np X 1 'syv . 4 'f,U, s , N, ,as N x 9 eq .pr His? N F 4 R M, X, xl. W XX xxx 2 X. V LM, 'sm Z- 1 f, xx f, N 9 X ' if x I K tn P s rf G V f' X A ix N 1 N -- 1 V Q xx X 7 f Y ' 5 , AN S W ,M ,NNN-in. 'N xx W gf, 5 W wl i , ' 1 Q ef I' V343 FLORENCE'S DRESS SHOP SIMON'S QUALITY SHOP Lingerie-Dresses-Hosiery-BIouses 379 Main Phone 799J FLORENCE SWEENEY AI-BERT SIMON SIERRA MOTORS 580 Main PI'1one 282 CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL DEALERS if I W- K T - Yfwr '1 Fox BROTHERS PHARMACY WSANTA RITA BEAUTY SALON I60 Main S+. Phone 48 440 Main Phone 785 PRESCRIPTIONS SPECIAL LAVERA GARNEY S T FEDERATED CHURCH MERRY GO ROUND Me1'hodis'r and Presby+erian 459 Main S+. Phone 73 YOUHT Fe"0WSh'P 7:00 P-m' FOR THE BEST CLOTHES IN TOWN A GOOD PLACE TO GQ SHOP AT THE MERRY OO ROUND TOWER FOUNTAIN Founfain of Youfh Come In Any Time LINDBERGH MURPHY PLAXIEQVQQLQ 'QMOOVXER PETERSON'S GEM SHOP 248 Main S+ Phone 487 Congra+ula'rions To The Class of l952 JIM and ESTHER ORR PETE and MARJ' f 'lfqn ,na . ' Wg: ' ' f x' :vig if M Y -1 , wg .. , E. fp .-wi y M.. X -F' 1 4 A 9 n V 2, - ' W- V ,V -1 'lf' 5,6 3 www 1 'wv ww 38 4? x J 2 ,N ,S . Z .:L3:,Z. Q L' 25315 5 " r S -k .:1: E ii r u 'mn C. S. COLLINS I7 Sacramenio S+. STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS Telephone 350 COLLINS AUTO PARTS There Is No Subs+i+u+e for FRIGIDAIRE Appliances and Service Buick Sales and Service "KEN" CCLLINS 232 Main SI. Phone I2I BARRETT AND MEYER MODERN CLEANERS 659 Main S+. Pl1one I026 456 Main S+. Phone 73 MERCURY SALES and SERVICE WELL PRESSED IS WELL DRESSED McKEE'S ROUND TENT Men Young Men GEORGE 81 RUTH McKEE BUTCHS QUAUTY MARKETS vAueHT INSURANCE AGENC Y P. 8: M. Markef, L. 8: M. Markef-Tahoe , Placerville Drive-In 596 Mem S+' Phone 427 us Main s+. H. H. HoLBRooK. owner COMP'-ETE 'NSURANCE SERWCE I EDWARD'S ELECTRICAL TRACY-S SHQE STORE APPLIANCES Ph 53 Shoes for 'rhe Whole Family 7 Coioma one GLENN a. THAMA MORRIS WIRING AND APPLIANCES ANDRE'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Shingle Springs PHONE 23I I I BOOM AND SNOW 450 Main Phone 467 HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES 438 Mam Phone 472 HUNSAKER'S FURN TURE STORE E Z qi SUCCESS TO ALL IN THE CLASS OF "52" The House Shop Floor Coverings 0 Radios 0 Television O Records I Appliances Placerville Lumber Company HIGHEST QUALITY LUMBER . l .L 4 Hatch Chevrolet Company CHEVROLET Q OLDSMOBILE Q CADILLAC 235 Main S+. Phone I53 BEN FRANKLIN 5c and IOC Variefy Sfore BUD GARLICK, Owner Patronize Our Advertisers POLLOCK MILLS Lumber and Building Maferials WHOLESALE 81 RETAIL PLUHBING wf --Nw-V "7 V Q f.-, S W1 KKHW' f , 5 L ' 'S' W wifi -,,,,.,.n-Q' M' Q K 5 .,...,. .ww- "" Jw ?""" ffl ,-M ww l QQ , A In gsm Y ,ggiwmfk .135 Qu 4 Ea. , 1 'Mui-vases:-....., Q w F 1 'ff ' W.. -fy- KARUS SHOE STORES' L-I-D. PLACERVILLE SANITORIUM 3 . . Drs. A. A. McKinnon, Chas. V. Soracco, 64 Main Placerville L. E. Shades M-Djs MEN'S. WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S SHOES 35 Coloma Phone Sm-SH DILLINGER'S FURNITURE STORE Furnifure, Appliances and PainI's jo CASH MERCANTILE STORES CO. MOTOR CITY SKATING RINK Dry Goods, Ready-'ro-Wear, Nofions Phone 5J3 Hiway 50 Easi' Men's and Boys' Furnishings LE-FS Go SKA1-'NG WE MAKE SHOES A SPECIALTY GOODRICH BROTHERS ROBINSON'S PHARMACY I Spor+sman's Shop Empire Bldg. Phone 392 I 4l3 MAIN PHONE I49 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS T I STO FFER REAL ESTATE I 68 Main I Phone :ooo T GLENN STOFFER I MODE O'DAY DRESS SHOP FRED HANNAFORD--CONTRACTOR 442 Main S+. Phone 205 R+. I. Box 275 Phone 9J2 MRS. EDWARD ZEEK ANY TYPE CONSTRUCTION MOUNTAIN DEMOCRAT EI Dorado Coun'I'y's Leading Newspaper PHONE 9I The Besf In V Commercial Prinfing E. C. H. FlSHER'S HARDWARE STORE II7 Main Phone 944 A. L. fred, Fisher LEWIS AND LEWIS PLUMBING CO. 553 Main Phone 35 Plumbing Hea+ing COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 54I Main Placerville Coca-Cola Squiri' Orange Crush DIAMOND MATCH LUMBER CO. 598 Main Phone II3 Lumber 8: Building Maferials . EMPIRE BEAUTY SALON S. BOOSTERS PLACERVILLE NEWS .COMPANY 409 Main Phone I74 School Supplies A+hle+ic Equipmenf PLACERVILLE HARDWARE STORE 44I Main Phone 6 Besi' Wishes 'Io fhe Class of '52 BANK OF AMERICA Nafional S. 8: T. Association Placerville, California C. 8: H. MOTOR PARTS 265 Main Phone 758 A. R. Howe A. C. OLSON-JEWELER Empire Bldg. Phone 389 496 Main Placerville Ann Grove Wafches-Diamonds-Jewelry EDY'S DRESS SHOP 3l8 Main Phone 944 P Edifh Killian Page N 1 .......... L ....... 2 .... 3 ..A. 4-5 .... 6 .... 7 ........ 8 ....,.. 9 ....... 10-13 14 ..... 15 ..... 16 ..... 17 ..... 18 .... 19 ..... 20-21 .,..... o. Fall Divider --------- ----------------- Title Page --., ........ --- -... - .... Dedication ----- Freshman Class Freshman Initiation --- ............. Principal's Message ---- Vice Principal's Message and Board 'Members - ........ ..,... S tudent Council Football - ....... ...... C and D Basketball ------- Girls' League ------ Girls' P.E. G.A.A. ------- Miss Riffle ----- Winter Divider Junior Class 22-23 ....... ....... C horus and Christmas Festival 24 ..... 2 5 ........ ---- 26-28 29 ........ ......... - ...................... 30 ............ 31 .... 32-33 34 ....,., ----------------,-------,----------- Senior Play Speech Department and Thespians ,----- -------------------------------------- Basketball Mad Masquerade Office, Nurse, and Library Attendants ----- Janitors, Bus Drivers, and Cafeteria workers ----------- Snow Ball ----- C.S.F. and F.T.A., INDEX Page No. 35 ..... 36 ...... 37 ...... 38 .A,. ,- 39-47 48-49 50 ...... 51 ..... 52 .,... 53 ...... 54-55 56-57 58-59 60-61 62 ..... 63 ..,,.. 64 ...... 4 65 ...... 66 ...... 67 ....... 68 .......... ----- Camera and Radio Clubs ------- F.H.A. and F.B.L.A. Clubs ----------------- Spring Divider ------ Senior Class History -------- Seniors -------------------------- Faculty -------- Bowling and Ski Clubs Block E ------------------------ Baseball -------- Yell Leaders and Tennis ------------------- Track Team .. .......... Music Department ------- Sophomore Class -------- Publications ------ Sadie Hawkins -------------------------- Tahoe Divider Faculty and Student Officers -------- Junior Class -,---- Sophomore Class Freshman Class ------- Baseball and Basketball 69 ----- - ------ss- ....... C horus and Publications 70 ...... 71 .,......A. 72-84 ------,-, Snaps ---Lu Ad Divider ------ Advertisements 51 T W. 41 H MQ iff 31 31 , L ,, . E ' 1 . , ,4 4 J v V , ik ig :iQ Tk :ig rf Ti 25 K 'i V V2 4 A g. ,M ,,.. .,., ,.-,v . .. .M . ..., -M .M .,,,.....,.,.,. -. .... ,M,..,, A..,. . . . ,. ,. ., . .. ., U..- , ,. W, M , .V . Wm. , l

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