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El Dorado High School - El Doradoan Yearbook (El Dorado, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Published by the SENIOR CLASS OF 57 EI Dorado Hugh School EI Dorado Kansas LD RADDAN 7 , I W L M1 f 011 ,. ' . Q 5 i, Q! l i I Ode to the Past, Past, memoryp will last hroughout eternity You are the Present, The llfe and light Within the crescent Beam ot day and night Board of Education itil ROBERT MQCOLLUM JEAN MILLER Semor Hlgh School Pl'll'lC1pa1 Semor I-hgh School Secretary is STANDING Super1nrendenLMax Bxckford George Benson O E woods Ray Cole SEATED Mrs Glenn Tarrant Dr JH Johnson, Dr RJ Metcalf, Glenn Dawon Mrs W W Burchxll 3 .qw Qi 31 4 ' i 9' s g Faculty " x MISS BHJCHAT - Language MR. BREEN - Social Science MISS CASE - Social Science MR, CORNWELL - Social Science v Jv- T ..,.r , 3- 3 1 5 s Q " ' 5 - 542, f '- i 'DY' "' c- MR, FULLER - Science MR, GROVE - Science MR. HIGHT - Mathematics JA ' , MISS HOUCK - Study Hall has si AN. MR. KASPER - Metal shop Miss KIVITT - English MR. KREADY - English MISS KUHLMANN - English MR. LAFORGE - Business MR. MCDONALD - Physical Education js- '?" nfl 'W Q11 MR, MCMILLIAN - Vocational Agriculture MISS MERSHON - Physical Education MR, MOORE - Business X 4 , ' , Kf -' gy' M. , MISS NEWCOMER - Latin MR. RIGGS - Social Science MR. SHAFER - English, Speech MR. STAHL - Drafting MRS. WATKINS - Home Economics 4 1 s s E S OF '57 Graduates Cum Laude "" IC? wa 'si TOP ROW Rex Leforgee Kay Insley Galen Unger Karen Braman THIRD ROW Judy Farrar Marllyn Abraham Becky Boucher Nancy Staples SECOND ROW Janeth Auer Sara Henman, Judy Hoy Eleanor wenthng FIRST ROW Shulene Wentworth Peggy Froretto Rosre Wolfe "Cum Laude," the Latin words meaning "with honor, " is composed of the upper ten percent of the graduating class according to the grades received during the high school years. Based on grade point average of 4.0 none of the students chosen ranked below 3.4848. E.H.S. can especrally be proud of Peggy Fioretto, valedictorian, whose average was 4.0, and Eleanor Wentling, salutatorian, with an average of 3.9411 . Congratulations to the top fifteen students who compose the "Cum Laude" group of 1957. rv , 5 3 , 7 I X as Y 4,3 Q . Q, Y. 4 - 1 3 Q, 1 3 4 a C J Q U CK 4 ' Y www- ,..q , .M f . ' .. ,.- v ,L '- I 1 I v f 5 r I . . : , ' . ' . : f I I Senaor Class IU' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presrclent RICHARD LAWRN BURR Football 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Basketball Intraanurals 4 Tratk 2 Boy s Club 1 Nlrlrtary Dr1ll2 lla Y 3 4 H1 Y Secretary Treasurer 4 Boy s State Band 1 2 Pep Band 1 2 Chorus J 4 Chorus Treasurer 3 Chorus Presadent 4 Speech 3 Junror Class Play Vrce Presrdent LOVICA JEAN WEST Pep Club 2 3 4 Junror Kayettes 1 Kayettes 2 3 4 Kayette Secretary 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Crrer Staff 4 Student Counctl l 2 .3 Student Counttl Treasurer 1 Class Exccutrxt, Board l Class Treasurer 3 Councal l 2 Cla s Secretary '3 Pep Club Secretary 3 Pep Club Busrness Nflanager 4 Treasurer SY LVIA LOU KENNEDY Pep Club2 3 4 Junror Kayettes 1 Kayettes 2 3 4 Chorus 7 4 Chorus Treasurer 4 Football Attendant 4 An old way of late as now enclang forthe I957 Senaors and a new wcay as gust begannang Thas new way of late wall brang hardsnaps and the responsabalaty of beang future leaders but the hardshaos wall never outnumber the rappaness that wall come from beang mothers and fatners Some of the boys wall contanue tlnear schoolang others wall go anto busaness, some anto the Armed Forces A few garls wall go onto col ege, others wall get marraed Senaors hagh school years have been falled wath many memorable experaences that wall remaan wath them throughout tlsear laves Throughout the past year the Senaors of l957 have achaeved an outstandang record for themselves ana wall contanue to do so an future years O J' Secretary: LINDA LOU HARRIS - Pep Club 2, 3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2, 3,45 Chorus l, 15,45 Student . . f . . . . I H I . . I 1 . I . . . I u . - Q I X fa-"7 2 'UB if iffy is 55, -:CX B '17 ,,f,'.-f ' I 1 Q4-W" if ff A A r MARIAN HANSEN ABRAHAM Pep Club2, 3, 45 Kayettes 2, 3, 45 Band I5 Orchestra 3, MARILYN SUE ABRAHAM Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Kayettes 1, Kayettes Board I5 Kaycttes 2, 3,45 All School Play 1,35 ALBERT VERN ALLEN Transferred 25 Hi-Y 25 Field 82 Stream 35Science Club 4. TERRY LEE ALLEN Track 3,45 Basketball Intramurals 1,25 Hi-Y 25 Field 8a Stream 45 Chorus lg Speech 35 Art l. DIXIE DARLENE ANDERSON Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Kayettes I5 Kayettes 2,3,45 Student Council 1, 25 Crier Staff 35 Chorus 1,2, 3, 4. JANETH AUER Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Kayettes 1, Kayettes Board I5 Kayettes 2, 3,45 Chorus 2, 3,4, LINDA IRENE BACHTELL Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Kayettes I5 Kayettes 2, 3, 45 Chorus l,3,45 Crier Staff 35 Speech 2, NORMA JEANNE BAILEY Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2, 3,45 Band 2, 3. DARRELL ALLEN BAKER Baseball 2, 3,45 Basketball Intramurals 1,2, 3,45 Football 1,25 Track I5 Hi-Y 25 Science Club 3,45 Junior Class Play, NANCY LOUISE B XLC1-I Pep Club 2 3 4 Pep Club President I Junior lxayettes l Kayettes 2 3 4 Chorus l 2 3 4 ArtI Freshman Class Play Freshman Class Vice President CAROLYIN SLE BANKS Pep Club 2 3 4 Pep Club Secretary 4 Junior Kayettes I Kayettes 2 3 4 Student Council 3 Basketball Attendant ROBBIE BEAMAN Basketball 1 2 Football I 2 Golf I 2 3 4 Basket ball Intramurals 3 Chorus I 2 3 4 I-li Y I 3 Student Council I DAVID BERNHARDT Cross Country 3- Tennis 3' Basketball Intramurals l5 lli-Y 25 Field 8: Stream 35 Science Club 4. KEN CARD BLAKE Wrestling 35 Basketball Intramurals 35 F, F,A, 45 E-Club l, BARBARA SUE BLOIR Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2, 3, 4: Speech 45 Orchestra I,2, 3, 45 Student Council I, if'-.Y BOICEI Football l,2,3,45 Baslaurball l,25 Iiaslqcbnll luira- uiurals I35l3C1SCb3lll,2,'3,45 '-l.'rwili1if1I3, lil-Y 25 Field 6: btrc:ui1f3: ll-C1ui'4. BEQCKY BOL'Clll5 51 Pcp Club 2,3,45Illl1iOf Kayoiiu l, junior l-Kaya-its Board l, Junior liayfttc Secretary lg Girl's irate: Orchestra 3,-l5B3l1C.i l,2,3,4, Band Secreiriry-Trcav zzrcr l,35 Pup Baud l,2,3g Sr1zde11iCol.ucil l,2,35 juuior Class Play, KAREN BEQAMAN Psp Club 2,3,-15 Juuior liayeucs l5 Kaycucs 2,3,4, Kayctrc Board 3,-lg Girl's Siaie Alicruaiu5 .Xrt l,2, 355lliL.lel1ICOlil1Cll3,45CriCl' Siaff 3,4, Assistant Iiilitor of Crier 45 Auuual Ediror 4, CAROL JEAN BROWN 'lraiisferrcd 35 Pep Club 3,45 Kayerics 3,45 Chorus 3,45 All-School Play 3. LAARY BRYAN Track 25 Military Drill 25 E-Club 3,45 Baud l, 2,3, 45 Chorus 35 Stage Manager l,2,3,-1. MARY CATHLIN BUFFUM Pep Club 2,3,-15 Junior Kayeues lg Kayerres 2,3,4. KAY CARROLL Pup Club Q,3,45 Juuior Kayeiies l, ,luuior Kayctic Prcs-idcru5 Kaycites2,13,45 Kayette Board 2,3,4, KayctiePrcsidc1ii45 Girl's Srateg Debare 2,3,45 Mudcu: Council 45 All-School Play 2,J3, SONJA Lili CIIIUSILNSON Pop Ch.b 2,3,45 Junior Kayeiics lp Kayerles 2,:3,-15 liziud l,2,3,4, T.lA1'l'BL'1'llCLOYES Pep Club 2,3,-lgCllC6l'lC3LlCf45,IL1l1lOl' Kayeiacs l, Jlhior Kayerre Board lg Kaycttes 2,3,-45 Chorus l, 3,-1. CAI-QL Llill COULIQY Ifll-ld J: nircam 2,3,4. f,lAiiY LOUISE COOLIIY Pap Club 2,3,45,l',llliO1' Kayeties l, Kaycries 2,3, 4: CilOl'l.i l. LAii.iY NELSON CORKERY l'rai1sfur"cd 25 Golfi3,45Basketballl1iFr.3i1iur:1l: 25 Suiuucc Club 2,35 liicld ci' Slrcaui -1, JERRY C OU ll Cyobb Louiifry Z: . rack 25 l'.JOllDQli 35 lu-H 2,3,4, Hi-Y Cabiuc. -1. lAF,l?1rw.,lCIllAllJ CUP. l'rau.iLr bd 3: lla-Y 25 lfifld .'.- mrrbaar. 5. Fllljf IA rl,-K ll.iQfJlQ C QOCQKL l' l' i'ujCi.If11,Al5lxa1.'u'ios2,45Cliori::3,-1. +15 Y S' GT Y 'R 6 'C' NOIDIA LEE DACE Pep Club 2,3,45,IIllllO1' Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3,45 Art l,2,3. RAY KEITH DARLINGTON Basketball lg Track I5 Basketball Intramurals 2,35 Baseball 2,3,45 Boy's State5 Hi-Y 25 Science Club 3,45 Chorus 2,3. IUCHAIID LEROY DARLAND Baseball 2,3,45 Tumbling 25 Intramural Basketball 2,35 ll-Club 3,45 Hi-Y 25 Band 2,35 Art 4. LAIURY FRED DAUSTER Track 15 Basketball Intramurals 1,2,35 Baseball 2, 3,45 Military Drill 25 Field and Stream 45 Band I, 2,3,45 Chorus 3, BOB LEE DAUBER Basketball I5 Basketball Intramurals 2,3,45 Field St Stream 25 Science Club 3,4, Secretary of Science Club 3,45 Student Council l,2. KENT DEVORE Eootball I,2,3,45 Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Science Club 1,2,3,4, Vice -President of Science Club 2,3, President of Science Club 1,45 E-Club 45 Stage Manager 1,2,3,4, JOYCE MARIE DICKSON Pep Club 2,3,4g Kayettes 3,45 Junior Kayettes I. JOHN ELMORE Basketball Intramurals 25 Wrestling 25 Baseball 25 Golf 35 Hi-Y 2,35 Science Club 45 Art 15 Debate 3, 45 Junior Class Play5 All-School Play 1. JOYCE MARIE ERWIN Psp Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes I5 Kayettes 2,3,4. BETTY JEAN EVANS Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,45 Chortzs I5 Librarian 1,2,35 Student Council 1. NANCY CHARLENE PAIRES Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 3,45 Chorus 2,3. IUDITH ANN FARBER Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,35 Speech 45 Annual Staff 4. IUDITH ANN FARRAII Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayetrcs 2,3,45 Girl's State Alternate5 Speech 25 Chorus 1,35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45Band 1,2,3,45 Twirlcr lg Major- ettc 2,3,45 Student Council 1,3,4, Student Council Vice-President lg All-School Play 1, 25 Junior Class Play5 Contest Play 3. VERNON EDWARD FAULCONER Science Club 3,45 Boy's State5 Vice-President Student Council 3, President Student Council 45 Chorus 35 Debate 2,3,4. Jlhi IIARLEN FERGUSON Field 6a Stream 2,35 Science Club 45 Art 4. PIQGLJY Lkllilwll lilO,Il.llO illior .fi l,3g Junior Claw Play. AYIUY flifll Ffliilijil 'i ranliereo 2g Basketball 2g Baseball 2,3,4g ifoorball 2g lliulo and 51TCfllll 2,3,f1, Vice-Presidciil of liield and vreaziz 4. GARY Lili. lfUWLllll Baslcelball l,2,Tl,-lg Football l,2,3,4g Baseball 2 1 ', v.f. --' 3.4, lraan l, rl:-'1 2g l1"C,lllO 3,4g Chorus 1,3 4 JAfllClf 5,lAllGAfLli'l' FOX Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayeitcs lg Kayeiles 2,3, 4g Ari lg Nlllkliilll Council 4. DARRELL ULAX liOXWOR'I'l'lY 'lraiiufurred 3g ili-Y 3g lfield 8- Siream 4. l.l-lgAfJOil JLAN VUDGE Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayeires lg Kayerres 2,3,4- Choriif l,2,3,4g Debaie 2g Crier Slaff 3,-1, Crier ljcliior 4g Srudeni Council -1. LO:UQ'l"l'A LAY GAKMAX Pep Club 3,4g Junior Kayerres lg Kayeues 2,3g Ari l,2,3g Crier Staff 3. GliNljlViQ ROSE GATES J .nior liayeiius lg Kayolcs 2,53,4g Chorus l,2,3,4 BILL GlLl3Llil' Transferred -lg lli-Y 4g Chorus 4. MILLARD LEE GLADFELTER Basketball Intramurals lg Football lg Golf 3,4g Hi-Y 2,4g Field if Sireanz 3g 51'.denr Council 2,-ig Chorus l,2,3,-1. Blf'l"l'E SUE GRAHAM Pep Club 2,3,-ig Junior Kayeites lg Kayeites 2,3,4, BOB GRAHAM 'l'ra11JI'errec.l 4g lfootball l,2g Auto Club 2gArr-1, JUDY G1lAHAI.l Pep Club 2,f5,-ig Junior Kayeues lg Kayene: 2,23,-lg Kayorre Eioaru 13,-4, Kayerie Yiue-lfrcsiuenr -lg Girl's SraicgCl1oru5l,2,3,4gJL1nior Class Vice- Presioeivg rrudcu' Concil Secretary 4g Cheerleaier 4gJ..n1or Class Playg Coniesr Play 3g Senior Claes Treasurer. 2,12-.2'LlLYTI LOL' Grlbfi Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayerres 2,3, 4g Chorus 4, f,iE:U2lLL LEMOY Gllillli Inlilitary Drill 2g Science Club 3g F,F,A, 4, tvs S 3 40- ..,, 4., if ai s.l ts? 'Linn if '-sr'- 'i Sf' Wiz' ,, M if DAVID RICH GRISHAM Basketball Intramurals 2- I-li-Y 2- Science Club 1 2 3 4 Science Club Vice-President 2- Speech 2 Chorus 1,2,35 Boy's State AIternate5 Driving Roa -e -o 2 LEHRIL COVERT GU I HRII. Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 25 Wrestling 35 Track 3 4- Hi-Y 2 3 4- Band 1- Chorus 1 3 4- Speech 4 DICK MAX HADEN Basketball Intramurals 2 3 4- Football 1- Cross Country 2- Track 2- Hi-Y 2 3 4 Hi-Y Board 3 Hi-Y Sertteant-of-Arms 3 I-Ii-Y Vice-President 4 MARSIIA IIARMOIN Pep Club 2,35 Junior Kayettcs 15 Kayettes 2 Ban 1 2 3 BILL HARNEY Transferred IOYCI XNIM: HFDQICK Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2 Chorus 1 2 SARA ANN IIEITNIAN Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayette Board lg Kayettes 2,3,4, Kayette Board 45 Chorus 2,3,4 Debate 2 3 4- Crier Staff 4- Student Council 3 Girl's State Alternate FRED AI ll-IUB HENDERSOIN Basketball Intramurals 1 2 3 4- Football 1 2 3 4 Wrestlinv 2 3 4- Baseball 2 3 4- Track 1- F F A E Club PHYLLIS MARIE HILL Pep Club 2 3 4- Junior Kayettes 1- Kayettes 2 3 -Ctorusl 2 3. Jljlilxl' IIILL Art 1 2 4- Chorus 1 2 3 4- Basketball Intramurals 15 Football lg Baseball 2,3,45 Wrestling 45 Boy's Club 1- Hi-Y 2 3- Field St Stream 4- All-School lla' . IOIIN HILTOY Basketball Intramurals 1- Football 2 4- Baseball 2 3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Field K Stream 2,35 E- Club 4, Sergeant-of-Arms E-Club 45 Chorus 4, ARLENE CLARE HOBSON Junior Kayettcs lg Chorus 1,2,3,4. PEGGY SUE HOWER Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 1, Junior Kayettc Board 1- Kayettes 2 3 4- Orchestra 1 2- Chorus 1 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Freshman Play5 Student Coun- cil 1- Librarian 2. JUDY LEA HOY Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 1, Junior Kayette Board 15 Kayettes 2,3,4, Kayette Board 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Debate 2,35 Speech 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Freshman Play5 All-School Play 2,35 Homecoming Queen 4. TED GEORGE HUBER Basketball Intramurals 25 Boy's Club lg I-li-Y 25 Science Club 3,45 Boy's State5 Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band l,2,35 Orchestra 1,3. LEWI: HUGIIE Y lj-Club 2,35 F,P,A. 45 Chorus l,f5I3al1d 15 P,If,A. Chairiuan of .Recreation 45 Basketball Iiuraupurals 53. Y 5. V, - .- 1, L,.3,45 Baseball 1 , 2,3,45 Wrestling l,Z,.1, KARCLYFJ KAY IIJSLIQY Pep Club 2,3545 Junior Kaycttcs lg Iiayettcs 253, 45 Band 1,25 Pep Band 1,25 Orchestra 155 Chorus 45 Speech 25 Annual mtaff 45 All-School Play 2,35 Con'esi Play 335 Safety Steering Coiuiriiitec 53. JOHN IXJOXBIAN JA5,1Ijw Basketball lnzraninrals lg Football I5 Liiluary Drill 25 Ili-Y 3,45 Chorus 3,45 NORMAN DEAN JANIZ Military Drill lg Field and Slrcani 3,4. BILLY KAY IONES Basketball Intramurals l,2,35 Iiooiball l5 Field and Streain 25 Science Club 3,4, Science Club Vice- President 45 Chorus 1,2,3. BETTY LOU KOMER Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior I-Cayettcs lg Kaycttes 2,S3,4 Chorus 45 Pep Club Treasurer 35 Student Council 3. REX SLOAN LEFORGEE Basketball Intramurals 2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Tennis 1,25 Hi-Y 2,35 Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer 3 E-Club 4, E-Club Vice-President 45 Boys Stateg Ainerican legion Good Citizenship Award lg Student Council l,2,3,4, Student Council President lg Junior Class Play, PATRICIA ANN LEWIS Pep Club 2,3,45,I11l1iOl' Kayettcs lg Kaycttes 2,3, 45 Pcp Band lg Speech 25 Chorus l,2,f3,45 Crier Staff 35 Librarian lg Annual Staff 45 All-School Play lg Junior Class Play. CALISTA ANN LOGUII 'Transferred 35 Pep Club 3,45 Kayeites 3,45 Chorus 3,-1. JERRY WAYNE LIICE Basketball Intramurals 15 lfootball lg Tnnibling 25 Iii-Y 25 l3Oy's Club l5 Band 1,35 Pep Band l,35 Speech 35 Student Council l. GA il' ALVIN LIARTIN Ili-'i' 2,35 Art l,2,4: Chorus 2,35 Crier Staff 45 All-school Play 2. JIJANN IICGRAW Pep Club 2,3,45 Kaycites2,3,45Jni1iorliaycttes 1 5 Chorus l,2,3,4: StudenrCo1:ncil l. :ION JACK XICGILA W Eiasl.ctball1,2,3,45 Tf3Cl'lI.,2,l:IC1x.f- Stream. 2,3 i.-'Qlo 4. :ICHAQD XYAYFJE f.fCIII'CvII Flaskwluall Inirapiiurals 2,35 if i,i- 'mall 1,25 Gol!'1,Q 43,45 Ili-Y 2, Iii-Y Board 25 liTc':l11114:ZlClL1:X Pre-- iceut. GALEN LOY MEARS Basketball liiiraitxurals 25 Tontball lg lficld cl- riream 2,i,4g5rt1. 47. ll rw uqlpr N 'YI,.3' fv- if - 59 Wi""1' ASQ T '15 Y 'flwfjf' -Q-"' S..- agp Yr j' 11- 'f' MORGAN METCALF Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3, 45 Field gl Stream 25 E-Club 354, E-Club President 45 Boys State5 D,A,R, Award lg Student Council 1,45 Sophomore Class President. MARY ROSE MORIARTY Pep Club 2,3545 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3, 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Student Council 1,4. CAROLYN ELIZABETH MOORE Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kaycttes 2,3, 45 Band 1,2535 I'wirler 152,35 Crier Staff 45 Student Council 1,2. DAVID GALE MOSS Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball Intramurals 25 Track 25 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Hi-Y Cabinet 4, Hi-Y Sergeant-oi Arms 45 Band 1,25 Pep Band 1 ,25 Orchestra 35 Chort.s 45 Boy's State. SUE ELLEN MULVANEY Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayeties lg Kayettes 253, 45 Chorus 3,4. KENNETH MURPHY F.F,A, 35 Field SL Stream 2. CATHY MARLENE NEUKIRCH Pep Club 2,3545 Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 253,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4. STELLA CLARE O'DONNELL Pep Club 2,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3,45 Chorus 4. TREVA FERN OLIVER Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 45 Chorus 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,35 Chorus Treasurer 45 Student Council 1. MARVISS LA VONNE OWEN Pep Club 3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3,45 Chorus 4, MARILYN YVONNE OLSON Transferred 25 Pep Club 2,3,45 Kayettes 2,3,45 Chorus 3,4. DONALD LE ROY PATTON Basketball Intramurals 1,25 Football 1,25 Wrestling 15 Tumbling 25 Field SL Stream 2,3,4, Field8L Stream President 45 Boy's Club 15 Band 1,2,35 Pep Band 1,2,35 Student Council 1,2,3. LARRY D. PATTON Field 8: Stream 2,35 F.F.A, 45 Vocational Agri- culture 45 Student Council 3. LARRY M. PATTON Football l,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Hi-Y '2,3,4, Hi-Y Board 35 Boy's State5 Chorus 1,2,3,45 All-School Pray 1. LARRY PECK Football 15 Basketball 15 Baseball 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,45 Track lg Hi-Y 25 E-Club 3,45 Student Council lg Chorus 1. ROY 'l'IlLlF.lA5 PHILLIPS lfli-Y 2,-3,-1, Ili-Y Board 4g Captain of Safety Patrol lg Saftgty Steering Committee l,2,3,-1, Safety Steering Vice-President 3, Safety Steering President 4g Debate 2,3,4g Student Council 4. DARLENE M, PIERCE Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2.3, -1gBandl,2,3,4g Twirler 2,3,4g Student Council 3. IANICE ANN RICHARD Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 4g Chorus 4g Librarian l,2,3. JUDY LINDA RICHARDS Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 4g Art l,2,3,4g Crier Staff 4g Student Council lg Chorus 3. DON RAY RICHARDSON Football lg Wrestling lg Basketball Intramurals lg Tumbling lg Baird l,2,3g Student Council 2. DON RIC HARD RIGGS Basketball Intramurals 3g Basketball 2g Football 3g Hi-Y 2,3,-1, Hi-Y President 4g Boy's Stateg Speech 4g Chorus l,2,3,4g Student Council 3,4g Junior Class Play. SHIRLEY ANN ROBINSON Pep Club 2g Kayettes 4g Chorus 3g Student Council 2. PATRICIA ANN SCHWARTZ Transferred 4g Kayettes 4g Student Council 4. ROBERT LENTON SEGLEM Boys Club lg lf.F.A. Clubg F,F.A, l,2,3,4g Basketball Intramurals 2g Baseball Intramurals 2. DAKLENE NIELBA SHOEMAKE Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3,4g Band lg Student Council l,2g All-School Play 3. DORIS JEAN SIPE Pep Club 2,3,4g1unior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 4g Chorus l,4. SARA KATI-'ILEEN SIIOCKLEE Transferred 4g Chorus -lg Pep Club 4g Kayettes-1. ILA MARIE SNIITH Transferred 3g Pep Club 3,4g Kayettes 3,4g Banu 3,4. BEVERLY KAY SNOW junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3,-lg Pep Club 2,t:, KARILYN KAY S TACKLIZY Pep Club 2,3,4, Pep Club Treasurer 4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3, '25 4' .,, gg-0' 'V' """7 x fy at T iva- NANCY ANN STAPLES Junior Kayettes lg Pep Club 2,3,45 Kayettes 2,3, 4, Kayette Board 45 Cheerleader 3,45 Head Cheer- leader 45 Homecoming Attendant5 Student Council 135 Girl's State Altemate5 All School play 3. BILLY JOE STEPHENS Boys Club lg Field YEL Stream 2,3,4. ELEANOR THOMAS Junior Kayettes l5 Kayettes 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3, 45 Art 1,35 Chorus 1,35 Student Council l,2. SAMUEL GALEN UNGER Transferred 25 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Tennis 25 F,F,A. 2,3,4, President F.F.A, 45 Student Council 4. PHYLLIS WALLS Pep Club 253,45 Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3. SARA BETH WALTERS Pep Club 253,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3, 45 Student Council 25 Chorus 3,45 TERRY WA TKINS Hi-Y 25 Science Club 3,45 Band 15 Speech 2, RONALD WAYNE WHEELER Basketball Intramurals l,25 Hi-Y 25 Field 82 Stream 3,45B3l1d l. PATRICIA ANN WHITESIDE Transferred 25 Pep Club 2,35 Kayettes 2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,4. PATRICIA ANNE WILLHITE Pep Club 2,3,-15 Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 45 Chorus l,2,35 Art l. PATRICIA MAE WILLIS Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes 15 Kayettes 2,3, 45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Chorus 45 Crier Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Librarian 1,25 Junior Class Play5 All-School Play 3. KAREN SUE WHITE Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,4 MELVIN R, WISE Basketball Intramurals lg Boxing l5 Wrestling 1,2, 3,45 F,F,A, 2,3,4, F,F,A. Officer 4. CHARLES WINTERS Transferred 45 Band 45 Chorus 4. ROSEMARY JUNE WOLFE Pep Club 2,3,45 Junior Kayettes l5 Kayettes 2,3, 45 Band l,2,3,45 Twirler 2,3,45 Student Council 35 Crier Staff 4. THOMAS RICHARD WEBSTER Wrestling 2g Baseball 2g Boy's Club lg Hi-Y 2,3,4 Chorus l,2,3,4g Art l,2,3. ELEANOR EULENE WENTLING Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 4, Kayette Treasurer 3g Girl's Stateg American Legion Good Citizenship Award lg D,A,R, Home- making Award lg Sophomore Class Vice-President Student l,3,4, Student Council Secretary lg Cage Board lg Safety Steering Committee 3,4g Chorus l,2,3,4g All School Play 1. SHIRLENE JOYCE WENTWORTH Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes 1, Kayette Board lg Kayettes 2,3,4g Librarian lg Speech 3g Chorus lg Junior Class Play. SHARON LEE WOMACKS Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayetres lg Kayettes 2,3, 4g Sophomore Class Treasurerg Student Council l, 4g Chorus l,2,3,-1. BETTY MAE WRIGHT Pep Club 1'Z,I3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 4g Student Council lg Chorus l,2,3,4. PAT CAROL ZAHM Pep Club 2,3,4g Junior Kayettes lg Kayettes 2,3, 4g Chorus l,2,3,4g Art 2,3,4, Q-T6-" I NOT PICTURED THOMAS DEAN EDWARDS SANDRA JONES ALBERT MATTHEW KIDDOO KEITH R. MCCAFFREE I7 PRESIDENT Nancy Brckford SECRETARY Ann Deschner VICE PRESIDENT June Mason TREAS URER Larry Borger In the fme arts and forensic events as well as athletics It is evident that these future graduates of 1958 will have no difficulty adding more stars to E H S s crown of honors J . . E.H.S. has reason to be proud ofthe T957 Junior Class. They show unusual ability and talent ra PRESIDENT Bull Zimmerman SECRETARY Annette Adams VICE PRESIDENT Karen Ellls TREASURER Jon Day The T957 sophomores have proven themselves loyal to El Dorado Hugh School At the b In of the ear they whltewashed the E H S letters and polished the trophies A per eglnn g y severmg and determined class, they have dnsplayed outstanding work In scholarshlps, sports, music, and dramatic GCfIVlfleS May the best of luck go with these teenagers as they strive to achleve a well rounded display of honors for our school Wm, wily' SECRETARY Susan HI Idreth TREASURER Jo Pat Johnson was VICE PRESIDENT Margie Keefer PRESIDENT Nell Ann Loban Just beginning the long climb up the first series of steps to future success are the freshmen of I957 Together they are a well rounded personality of sportsman like spirit In the first year of struggle they accumulated an honorable record, rating high in scholastics, fine arts, and sports. With the aid of this fine record there is no doubt that these ambitious students will reach the top ffl ff F W H - 1, Z M ' r E I N I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Snapshots See, Hear, nor speck no evil of the Seniors. MMMMMMMMMM mmmm n Soy Whis-s-s-key Mode of rubber? Line Forms of The reor. "Look, I cc1nFly." "You'refoofc1ll, I'll fix thot!" "The Wild One" 14 Xxx . X r H r-ag' ,S . W 1, W f--HT' wx V N--V ,ai I eq P 41 v xA. ' Q 1' 'J x 5 9+ S, of .EK ,L X ii r I J V i ,. ii ,niggas-us' 1, : 9. "Just coll me Annie 'V 'L IO Queenie V va N ii ii . Cough? in the ccf. I ,L K qui VL4VV ,,. L K ' . '. jr, ' ,ir - V x ye X ,.i,:. , . ff! o 1 Q ,. fe ,W yw-U Q? QW W A Lm ii oifr 2 . Q' ' s ' , EHS . 'XL STANDING: J. Sellards, E. Martin, S. Schwenker, T. Huber. F.IRST ROW: S. Dauster, O. Wentworth, P. Watkins, M. Gaines, SECOND ROW: V. Poole, K. Kerns, D. Covert, R. Utermoehlen, W. Edgington, B. Weathers, C. Auer, C. Hartnett. THIRD ROW: V. Walbourn, S. Cloyes, K. Gugler, J. Wall, P. Wise, M. Edwards. FOURTH ROW: C. Payer, B. Blair, S.- Richardson, S. Whitacre, T. Whitehead, B. Myers. FIFTH ROW: M. Faulconer, D. Werts, S. Noffsinger, M. Nolan, K. White. The 1957 orchestra has added musical variety, talent, and honor to E.H.S.'S hall of fine arts. At the annual district musical contest the orchestra received superior ratings. The members who performed solo or trio returned with more superior ratings than any other group participating in the contest. Having also performed exceptionally well during school assemblies, concerts, and at Baccalaureate and Senior Class Commencement Exercises, each and every member proved his unusual abilities under the able direction of their respected director, Ralph Wallingford. 26 I B G 'I ,Qi if l' 8 if 'QD 4, ' an f- ' 1, E 1 5 f v 5, , ' M figs. G if? G rv A f 2 83 Q I lf f ' 'B 1, 1 '51 S IA sa QE, I ,, .1 .330 if iff ,X -gf K 3453, W , Q. L9 7 fX , 1 f. va If Ig Q 45" D 1 ,Q A A, ,, it u On Wmgs CHORUb OFFICERS LLFT TO RIGHT Ann Deschner Secretary lreva Olrver Treasurer Sylvla Kennedy Treasurer Judy Krrby Sccruary Rrck Burr Prcsruent Snaron Xtonmcks bccrerary Don R1ggS Presrdent Larry Patton Alternate Judy Graham Represen atrvc. Chrrstmas was nearly here and there was a cheerfulness of brotherhood rn the our From the chorus room at ElDorado Hugh School melodnous Chrlstmas carols room nook and corner untrl everyone felt the glow of the Chrrstmas splrrt, untrl E l-' S b amealrve wrth J y To The World At the Chrustmas assemble the chorus sang love Into the hearts of every student present Chrrstmas rs the happrest tame of the year for the Chorus followed secondly by the Annual Drstrrct Muslcal Talent Contest As always In past years the chorus students returned home wrth smules on their faces and superror ratrngs and honors to add to the school s past record Chorus vocalists have been honored to smg at assemblies and concerts contests and recrtals for clubs dances parties and programs of many varretres At Commencement the I957 Chorus In all rt s glory sang the Battle Hymn of The Republrc as they had never sung before, endrng a most successful year wnth thanks to their patnent and perseverrng dnrector Mrss Janette Barbour who was drrectly responsible for therr success 28 O i' 1 . - N 'Q " 3 ' . , 9 ' . : ' 1 1 v. ' J 'l . 'l 7 s - ' ,X . ' ' . . ' I I 1 X k 'I 1 I I I 1 , I ' '. swelled from the students' voices and echoed down the halls: drifting into every I I . . rc C ec ' ' " o ." I I ' I I I I I , I I . - - I u ' ll l n U . . I . I of Song TOP ROW: T. Oliver, J. Mason, B. Zahm, M. Jordan, G, Hearrell, C. Miller, J. Hilyard, J. Hilton, N. James, D. Riggs, R. Green, L. Cogswell, R. Cox, J. Soden, F. Sharping, L. Nye, I. Wege, M. Greenwell, P. Walls, J. Richards. THIRD ROW. N. Evans, C, Stokes, E. Wentling, J. DeTienne, A. Muth, G. Ludwick, J. Hill, L. Guthrie W. Johnson, R, Boice, G, Swank, C. Cervantes, R. Olson, H. Cervantes, C. Shocklee, S. Robinson, A. Wege, C. Auer, N. Bickford. SECOND ROW: B. Knowland, C. Hartnett, V. Warren, G, Faulconer, J. Kirby, D. Blair, N. Church, M. Moore, K. Crum, J. Ross, M. Auer, D, Anderson, J. Webster, S. Schlesinger, G. Benfer, A. McKready, S. Wheeler, R. Lara, FIRST ROW: E. Casto, M. Baker, S, Womacks, M. Owens, M. Bilbert, C, Womacks, S. Richey G. Farthing, B, Wright, M. Biddle, D. Barb, N. Crockett, A. Cody, B. Biles, P. Ward, B, Anderson. TOP ROW. M. Hartshorn, M. Abraham, A. Jackard, R. Burr, D. Foster, J. Love, D. McCoy, T. Cloyes, J, Hill, S. Parker, R. Burr, H. Tomlin, E. Oursler, D, Moss, B. Bailey, J. Watkins, G, Fowler, P, Poole, V. West, J. Smith, N. Bowan. THIRD ROW: B. Johnson, K. Gaines, C. Logue, J. Hedrick, J. Fudge, C. Lively, J. Jacoby, D. Willis, P. Johnson, W. Wilson, D. Elder, B. Gilbert, K. White, P. Zahm, C. Franklin, M. Houston, P. Lewis, G. Countryman, SECOND ROW: P. Pierce, G. Gates, C. Hofstetter, S. Borger, S. Sawyer, C. Holter, G. Lee, J. Richard, C. Brown, C. Johnson, P. Whiteside, W. Moore, C, Neukirch, M. Deschner, C. Hemdon, J. Tomlin, A. Hobson, B, Komer, L, Harris, G. Shoemake. FIRST ROW: S. Dailey, J. Sellards, C, Faires, P. Hill, J. Auer, S. Kennedy, P. Hower, S. Sxevenson, K. Fabian, C. Biles, J. Graham, J. McGraw, L. Gallagher, A. Deschner, J. Jackson, S. Prior. 29 E.H.S. is very proud of its fine band, which symbolizes the constant beat of success ringing throughout the school. The band has created a peppy and vigorous atmosphere during the football and basketball games this year with bouncing tunes and lively marches. At the official opening of the Kansas Turnpike the band received an invitation to demonstrate its unusual talents at the head of a large parade. ln the spring the band gathered up the drums, cymbals, and brass, climbed aboard a chartered bus, and headed for the district contest. Late in the evening a bus load of highly superior ratings retumed home with the students. The trip had proven worthy of their efforts. To top off an outstanding year of success and honor the band presented an exceptionally fine concert. E.H.S. is well aware that the band's success is the result of the headaches and tireless efforts of that never failing "little man of great wonders," Director Mr. Wallingford . The Lilt STANDING: T. Huber, E. Martin, R. Ward, P. Hower, S. Schwenker, T. Bailey. FIRST ROW: M. Collins, S. Wheeler, P. Flowers, V. Walters, J. Lohse. SECOND ROW: J. Hughes, S. Jones, K. Richardson, B. Stephens, K. Russum, J. Farber, L. Duaster, J. Butler, K. Willhite, J. Gaston, G, Wayman, R. Wimrner. THIRD ROW: J. Dombaugh, J. Boucher, J. Emerick, E. Beiber, L. Gaines, B. Brian, R. Jantz, D..l. Bell. FOURTH ROW: P, Poe, J, Biglow, C. McConnell M. Fee, L. Londeen. ga i l .i l I VF.. f Rhythm COLOR GUARDS Eddie Ousler Larry Dauster Charles Winters Larry Brian BAND OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer . Rosy Wolfe President . . . . Becky Boucher Vice-President . . .Dick Willis FIRST ROW: B. Boucher, M. Volk, P. Utz, S. Christensen, T. Rice. SECOND ROW: B. Buckner K Shaw B Ramsey B. Wimmer, M. Foster, C. Winters, I. Smith, D. Waite, E. Ousler. THIRD ROW: G. Hanks D Willis G Oliver L Bryan, N. Banks, L. Long, S. Tomlin, R. Snyder. FOURTH ROW: P. Norris, K. Day, G. Ludwlck E Grosh S Remsberg, J. McCarthy, J. Berens, E. Lofgren, FIFTH ROW: J. Farrar, C. Lipscomb, S. Lewellen A Adams D Pierce, R. Wolfe, B. Patterson, Mr. Wallingford. It 32 ti f Charlotte Lipscomb Sharon Lewellan Annette Adams Darlene Pierce Rosemary Wolfe Barbara Patterson TWIRLERS DRUM MAJORETTE JUDY FARRAR Marching across the page are the l957 twirlers of E.H. S. Under the leadership of Judy Farrar, drum maiorette, the twirlers have displayed their ability as marchers at football and basketball games. They marched in the parades held for the Democratic and Republican Conventions in El Dorado. The Kansas Turnpike Authority honored the twirlers by asking them to march at the head of a large parade, officially opening the turnpike. Judy and the twirlers have worked hard and deserve a vote of appreciation from E.H. S I . i A 9 , k . 9 ' - ' I 5 lx V+ lf- T12 n ,A ,fmx ',,. 5-1-.zfznxx . Q 1 as A' iq V I' , -at 2 ff X ff A 4 an fi R NX-b N R 1 X X , , PEP CLUB SENIORS TOP ROW: J. Erwin, D. Sipe, E. Wentling, B. Wright, S. Kennedy, S. Mulvaney, D. Shoemake, P. Hower, P. Zahm. S. Womacks, M. Harmon, C. Moore. SECOND ROW: K. Carroll, L. Garman, M. Green, B. Snow, I. Smith, C. Faires, C. Logue, B. Komer, P. Hill, J. Farber, J. Dickson, M. Buffum, P. Whiteside. THIRD ROW: M. Olson, C, Neukirch, J. Richards, E. Thomas, M. Owen, P. Wilhire, M. Abraham, S. Wentworth, J. Richard, D. Pierce, L. Harris, J. Fox, B. Evans. FOURTH ROW: M. Cooley, N. Dace, J. Auer, J. Farrar, R. Wolfe M Abraham B Boucher J McGraw T Oliver C Brown P Lewis P Willis N Baile FIFTH ROW J Mershon N Balch r I r - 1 f I 0 a a n - 0 - l v y- : - I ' ' C. Banks, L. Bachtell, I. Hedrick, K. Brarnan, V. West, B. Graham, K. lnsley, M. Moriarty, S. Walters, D. Anderson, K. Stackley. Spirited Sprites The 1957 Pep Club has once again received recognition as one of the outstanding Pep Clubs in the sstate of. Kansas, for keeping the school 's interest and enthusiasm in sports activities alive. ln the Kansas tate High School Activities Journal E.H.S. won recognition as having A ratings on the field and playing facilities, and the attitude ofthe spectators, player, coach, principal and superintendent. Under the supervision of President Nancy Balch and Sponsor Miss Jane Mershon the Pep Club marched at the Football and Basketball homecomings. Above all, the Pep Club has always been loyal to E H S backed the teams, and stood for the qualities which will assure them a permanent place at the top oil the honor roll for outstanding Pep Clubs. PEP CLUB OFFICERS Jane Mershon . . Sponsor Carolyn Banks . . . Secretary Nancy Balch .... President Linda Harris . . Business Manager Dixie Anderson .... Reporter Kay Stackley .... Treasurer Frankie Lilley .... Publicity Betty- Smith fnot picturedQ.Publicity Al 34 E-CLUB OFFICERS Morgan Metcalf . . . President Rex Leforgee . . Vice-President John Hilton . . Sergeant-at-Arms Ray Boice . .Secretary-Treasurer if The E-Club consists of boy athletes who, having participated in sports activites, have earned their letters. Besides selling school items such as personalized book covers, stickers, and hats, the E-Club sponsored a basketball game in which they played the faculty. Under the guidance of sponsor Mr. McDonald, the club had a very successful year. A banquet with all the trimmings loved by the lettermen wound up a fine year of fun and success. E-Club TOP ROW: R. Ramsey, R. Beauregard, R. McGraw, S. Nobel, L. Bryan, H. Tomlin, K, Hamilton, D. J. Bell, J. Carpenter, R. Green, G. Fowler, D. Kuttler, B. Thompson, Mr. McDonald. SECOND ROW: D. Elder, G. Fox, D. Darland, J. Hilton, R, Boice, M, Metcalf, R, Leforgee, D. Andrews, R, Smith, M. Fox, B. Parry, G. Davis, J. Soden. FIRST ROW: B. Carver, J, Allen, D. Biddle, E. Martin, C, Lively, B. McWilliams, B. Brian, B. Compton, M. Stewart, L. Peck. FFA F F A OFFICERS Richard Chase Assistant Advisor STATE FARMERS Ralph Unger Reporter Bob Seglem Vice-President Galen Unger President Keith McCaffree Secretary Gary Jones Treasurer Robert Hunn Sentinel Bob Seglem and Galen Unger The El Dorado Future Farmers of America Chapter enloyed an Interesting year under the leadership of President Galen Unger, Advisor Mr McMillan, and Assistant Advisor Richard Chase The local chapter was proud to present two well qualified boys for application as the State Farmer of 1957 They are Galen Unger and Bob Seglem The program was recreational as well as educational Hayrack rides, parties, trips to life and light to the social side of this worthwhile organization l TOP ROW Jerry Hartgrove Merr11Green, Bob Keplar Larry Patton, Larry Adams John Condell Tommy Stokes J B Welty Vlctor Hull THLRD ROW Marlon Carson, Lewu Hughey Larry Foxworthy Fred Weber Gary Doornbos Larry Carson Eldon Teter Elton Roblnson Tlm Krnney Elwood Lewellen SECOND ROW Phll Hughey Ray Zang Ted Locke Jlmmy Doornbos Glenn Sprague John Scnbner Rlley Walters Stephen Howard, Jerry Demo FIRST ROW Rlchard Chase Ralph Unger Bob Seglem Galen Unger Kelth McCaffree Gary Jones Robert Hunn A neighboring F.F.A. Chapters, and a banquet to tie the year's successes together provided Hi-Y HI-Y OFFICERS Y Tom Phillips . . Program Chairman Jerry Palmer. . Program Chairman Don Riggs ..... President David Moss . . Sergeant-at-Arms Jerry Cour ..... Chaplain Rick Burr . . Secretary-Treasurer Dick Haden . . . Vice-President The El Dorado Hi Y Club as an affiliate of the National Orgamzatnon, a branch of the Y M C A The purpose IS to create, mamtam, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character The Hr Y is a school service group, assisting In school assemblies and promoting a Christian like attitude in the classroom and outside of school Parties and dances added color and life to the year s achvltles Briefly summing up the year s worth, one Hr Y member replied, This year s actlvltles IH HI Y have meant three things to me These are fellowship, knowledge, and hope for a brighter tomorrow Guthrre T Barlett E Grosh THLRD ROW D Krle J Love L Borger J Palmer D Rtggs E Ousler D W1111s D Moss T Cloyes D Waite R Ward SECOND ROW W Skmner G West J Graham E Davts S Remsberg K Abbott M Gladfelter R Beamafl T Ph1111PS FIRST ROW J Day W Johnson G Hearrell B Zrmmerman J Watkms L Patton, B G11bert,R Newby I 0 I 0 0.0 . . , .- . ,, . , . . . . .- . . . ,, G. I li P I I V 'T 4 F TOP ROW: J. Cour, J. Butler, D. Foster, M. Canada, T. Webster, J, Scribner, R. Burr, N. James, L. Cogswell, D. Haden, L, 1 1 . at - I n l , . , . g - I, . , . , . , ' 9 ' ' 3 - I n , . . . ' 9 I A u 1 n I . X KAYETTES KAYETTE BOARD FIRST ROW Vrce Presrdent Judy Graham Treasurer June Mason Secretary V1ck1West Presrdent Kay Carroll Judy Smrth Rosle Burr Martha Condell Mary Jordan Nancy Staples Marrlyn Abraham Darlene Shoemake Watklns Eleanor Wentlmg THIRD ROW Karen Ellrs Gylame Faulconer Ethne Wentllng The Kayettes of 1957 have lrved up to therr motto Laugh Love and Luft by rendermg theur servrces an prolects desrgned to help others Playung hostess to one hundred frfty frve Kays and Kayettes and forty four sponsors at the Annual Kayette Convention was therr largest prolect this year Among therr other actrvntres were food sales the concessrons durung the games tray favors for the Valley Vrew convalescents a party for the St Johns orphans a carolrng party a basket of food for a needy famnly a Hose for Japan Campargn a CARE Dance March of Drmes Drive and a Stunt Nnght Kayettes as a very worth whale orgamzatlon and wrll always be remembered by l957 Sensor gurls as one of therr most memorable actrvrtres 39 f lj I r A X X lg 7 ' SECOND ROW: Karen Braman, Sponsor, Miss Doyleg Sara Heitman, Becky Boucher, Nancy Bickford, Sponsor, Mrs ' ' II ' Il I I I I . . . . I . . I I ' I I I I I G ' ' I Il - . n TOP ROW: C. Banks, N. Balch, M. Cooley, N. Dace, J. Beck, D. Ballinger, E. Bieber, M. Condell, K. Braman, B. Boucher, M. Abraham, B. Beckley, D. Brickley, B. Brumback, N. Bowen, N. Bailey. THIRD ROW: M. Cloyes, K. Crum, M. Auer, M. Deschner, S. Borger, A. Cody, B. Anderson, J. DeTienne, G. Countryman, M. Buffum, J. Auer, C. Brown, N. Church, D. Bateson, A. Adams. SECOND ROW: B. Bloir, S. Dailey, M. Baker, B. Bacon, M. Abraham, D. Barb, A. Deschner, N. Bickford, M. Breen, B. Biles, M. Carson, S. Carpenter, N. Barker. FIRST ROW: E. Casro, M. Biddle, C. Auer, L. Bachtell, D. Anderson, D. Byers, G. Benfer, S. Blake, S. Anderson, N. Crockett, J. Boucher, M. Collins, W. Currie. TOP ROW: J. George, M. Green, M. Foster, M. Hoard, M. Doornbos, S. Gatewood, A. Jackard, M. Jordon, S. Jones, J. Farber, K. Insley, B. Graham, J. Hedrick, L. Harris, J. Fudge, M. Hartshorn, K Ehrlich. THIRD ROW: K. Ellis, L. Gaines, C. Hutchison, J. Dombaugh, J. Dickson, J. Erwin, S. Dunbar, S. Jones, M. Houston, M. Faulconer, C. Hofstetter, C. Holter, B. Johnson, K. Gaines, B. Evans, J. Farrar. SECOND ROW: R. Jones, C. Herndon, N. Faires, M. Fee, C, Franklin, G. Gares, J. Governski, E. Jones, P. Hummel, C. Faires, K. Fabian, M. Harmon, P, Hill, I. Hoy. FIRST ROW: J. Graham, S. Heirman, C. Jones, M. Gean, G. Faulconer, C. Hartnett, P. Hower, S. Kennedy, L. Gallagher, B.G, Johnson, J. Jackson. J. Fox. 40 A l TOP ROW: C. Logue, J. Richards, M. Moriarty, M. Olson, K. Meis, S. Owen, M. Moore, R. Manspeaker, K. Pierce, B. Lietzke, P. Poole, J. Mason, B. Myers, B. Morris, P. Lewis, T. Oliver, THIRD ROW: S Robinson, F. Lilley, G. Lee, J. Kirby, J. Ross, N. Kerschner, S. Krouse, A. Muth, L.A. Long, C. Lipscomb, S. Lewellen, J. Richard, D. Pierce, C. Moore, B. Komer. SECOND ROW: W. Moore, M. Love, G. Rice, M. Pennington, C. Neukirck, C. McConnell, M. Moore, S. Milligan, P. Pierce, J. Rickard, K. Ross, V. Page, J. McGraw, C. McMillan. FIRST ROW: M. Owen, S. Pryer, L. Londeen, S. Locke, B. Patterson, C. Payer, V. Lyman, P. Love, L. Long, J. Miller, T. Rice, S. Mulvaney, A. McCurdy, B. Nolan. lig u-A 1'-:N TOP ROW: M. Troll, L. Warren, P. Scribner, B. Stephenson, V, West, B, Zahm, C. Wagner, S. Smith, M. Zimmerman, S. Young, J. Smith, K. White, S. Wheeler. THIRD ROW: E. Wentling, D. Shoemake, I. Sibley, P. Willhite, P. Whiteside, P. Zahm, G. Shoemake, S, Stephenson, B. Smith, P. Walls, K, Shockley, S. Sawyer, B. Rupe, C. Stokes, S. Ziegler. SECOND ROW: G. Trekell, A. Silor, B. Snow, B. Wright, J. Tomlin, P. Willis, E. Thomas, S. Scott, L. Shafer, N. Staples, S. Walters, K. Stackley, D. Sipe, I. Smith. FIRST ROW: V. Walters, S. Wentworth, S. Womacks, S. Schlesinger, S. Schwenker, J. Webster, P. Utz, J. Sellards, C. Womacks, R. Wolfe, B. White, E. Wentling, S. Wheeler. 41 X O Bob LaForge, Sponsorg Vernon Faulconer, President: Judy Graham, Secretary, Mike Canada, Vice-President. Student Council Student Council is the intermediary for the students and faculty. The purpose of this organization is to encourage better practices in student activities and to promote a democratic atmosphere throughout E. H.S. The representatives to Student Council under the leadership of Vernon Faulconer, President, Mike Canada, Vice-President, Judy Graham, Secretary, and Bob LaForge, Sponsor dedicated untiring efforts to fulfill the responsibility placed in them. This year has been especially active. As a result of our humble contributions and friendly letters, our war orphan, Josiane Kloufi found new hope and happiness in her life. The Student Council successfully sponsored the election of Student Council Vice-President and class officers, the school carnival, and the annual signing party. After extensive debating among the students and faculty, E.H.S. acquired a milk vendor. Having helped to create co-operation and sportsmanship, the Student Council of l957 adjourned. STANDING: Terry Watkins, Jerry Harms, Bill Zimmerman, Mike Canada, John Love, Jerry Palmer, Melva Zimmerman, Larry Borger, Jim Courtright, Stanley Remsberg, Margarette Huston, Mr. Shaffer, Cherly Payer SEATEDg Kay Carroll, Vernon Faulconer, Sara Heitman, John Elmore, Tom Phillips. Debate The debate squad completed another successful season this year, winning third place at the District Tournament at Wichita, second place in the Salina Tournament, second place and a second place speaker at the Derby Toumament, third place in the Emporia Debate, third place in the Haven Tournament, and a best speaker rating in the Wyandotte Tournament. The six seniors, Tom Phillips, Kay Carroll, John Elmore, Sara Heitman, Vernon Faulconer, and Terry Watkins are retiring this year after winning many honors for El Dorado High School. They have done an exceptional job and are to be congratulated for their excellent work and persistance. 43 'P-7 SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Cyrus Miller, Sergeant-ar -Armsg Bill Jones, Vice-President, David Canada. l-abmafofy ASSiSI3I1I: Kent DeVore, Presidentg Keith Darlington, Laboratory Assistant, Bob Dauber, Secretary-Treasurerg David Grisham, Reporter. Science Club The Science Club celebrated nts third year of success No priceless theories evolved, nor dld these curious scientists invent a space shrp They delved into the nature of science dlscovermg unbelievable characteristics about the world and the umverse During an assembly members of the Scrence Club from the physics class shared their fmdlngs with the entire school Everything from smoking dummies to human llve wares were demonstrated The true success of the club Iles In the success of Its members as they put their talents to use as future American leaders Grove THIRD ROW L Corkery T Edwards C Miller S Foster B Wimmer R Jantz D Grisham V Faulconer K DeVore SECOND ROW L Harms R Sregnst B White D Zimmerman G Swank T Watkms J Chapman FIRST ROW C BIOWD. G SUH011 J H111 D Dawson J Harms G Ludewrck T Ivy TOP ROW: D. Bernhardt, T. Huber, J. Courtright, A. Allan, D. Canada, B. Bailey, E. Crist, B. Dauber, K. Darlington, Mr . : . , , , , ' , , , , ' , , , . ' , . , . . : . . . ' ' , . ' , , ' , . . . ' . - - - . , . ' , . , . , . l , . . TOP ROW: J. Long, C. Brown, J. Carpenter, R. Stewart, D. Foxworthy, L. Dauster, C. Cobel, R. Smith, J. Barnes, Mr. Kasper. THIRD ROW: G. Warford, M. Rohrbaugh, R. Hudson, B. Thomas, H. Sharping, L. Middleton, W. Wilson J. Trekell, C. Cervantes. SECOND ROW: R. Johnson, J. Gaston, B. Buckner, J. Scribner, J. Brown, G. Zieman, J. Patterson. FIRST ROW: R. Charles, D. Sanstra, J. Hacker, R. Ford, J. Burns, D. Montei. Field and Stream The Military Drill Club of the past years united with the Field and Stream Club under the careful guidance of sponsors Mr. Breen and Mr. Kasper. Almost one hundred members enioyed such activities as field trips, films, V talks with business men and game wardens, contests with other clubs, and parties. This year's activities have been both educational and recreational. The sponsors and members have experienced a very successful and worth- while year. I The officers tPictured Rightl were David McCoy, Z Secretary, Don Patton, President, Andy Forest, Vice- Presiclent, and Orbie Taylor, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Mr. Breen, G. Mears, S. Parker, J. Hill, A. Forrest, B. Stephens, R. Cox, J, Mead, D. Ramsey, L. Luce, G. Smith, N. Jantz. THIRD ROW: H. Gugler, D. McCoy, C. Cooley, O. Taylor, H. Lauterback, J. Hilyard, T. Edwards, M. Green, B. Hamey, P. Johnson, J. Jacoby, P. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. McCarthy, L. McEachern, R. Adams, R. Snyder, R. Wheeler. J. Smith, F. Sharping, J, Partridge, N. Kier, F. Diaz. FIRST ROW: C. Johnson, F. Range, D. McDauiels, C. Barber, M. Zigman, R. Olson, H. Cerevantes, P. Klontz, R. Young. CRIER STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT Eleanor Thomas Anna Lou Jackard Rosy Wolfe Karen Braman Jean Fudge Sandra Jones Judy Rxchards PatW1l11s Lmda Warren, Carolyn Moore Sara Henman NOT PICTURED Anrta Srlor Nancy Kershner Erhne Wemlmg LEFT TO RIGHT Marlon Breen Gary Martm Judy Jackson Judy Ross Ida Wege Marilyn Carson Jackxe Tomlin Davrd Grisham Merla Kxverr Gladys Rice Vrcki West The Crier staff has done an exceptional 'ob this year with the Introduction of an entirely different paper filled with new and Interesting features Wlth the purchase of a multllnth machine the Crier was printed cheaper, an less time, and much more efficiently These conveniences made lt easier for the Crier staff to publish longer and better articles, making the 1957 Crler superior to those In the past A six page paper, eleven mches hugh and eight and one half mches wlde, allowed plenty of space for E H S S eye catchlng news, attractive editorials, colorful features, llvely sports and lust for fun articles Having found the Crier so full of fun, thrills, Interest, and color as well as educational literature, E H S students pay tribute to the Crier staff of 1957 for a paper well published Merla Kivett. Sponsor Jean Fudge . . Editor Karen Braman . . . Assistant Editor I Y I 1 V o o I n a I I I 5 . . . Q i' " ' . ' , 1 . : r A4 A . , I - . ' r -5 4, ," V , Y' 54 J R. , '-A "' 2 I iw" 1 a I I I . , . . ' , , I I I Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q . I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q . O Q Q . . Q Q I - Q Q Q Q Q 0 n Q I ll' ll I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q u . 'K .F We, the annual staff of 1957, have worked hard and dlllgently to glve you a better annual than those of the past For the flrst time nn the El Doradoan s hlstory, personality pages were added Other Improve ments on this year s annual lnclude more pages, colorful copy, larger pactures, well orgamzed snapshot pages wrth quups, orlgmal dlvlder pages which Include plctures of personal Interest, and andlvldual plctures of the football and basketball sweethearts Late hours and countless headaches later, we saw the numerous pages of copy transformed unto an annual based on the prmclples of modern abstract, whnch IS carried throughout the book an modern shapes and designs The snapshots pictured here reveal that despite the hard work, troubles, and headaches which go into the constructuon of a yearbook, there was stall time for us to relax and enloy common Interests, such as food, lokes, laughter, and more food Under the able dlrectlon of the annual editor, Karen Braman, we successfully planned a fmanclal program and carrned out the Annual Coronatlon Ball Mr Moore served as our sponsor The other members of the annual staff are Vlckr West, Kay lnsley, Pat Lewls, Pat Wlllls, Peggy Hower, and Judy Farber Annual Staff 1 1 Peggy Hower Pat Lewls Kay Insley Judy Farber Karen Braman Mr Moore Vlckl West Pat Wlllls Junior Class Play TOP ROW Kent DeVore L1ght1ng John Love Sid Huntington Don Foster Stage Bob Thompson Stage Steve Noble Stage Dav1dKutt1er Stage Jerry Palmer Horat1oP Honeywell David Canada Man M.r Kready Sponsor SECOND ROW Barbara Bacon Walola Breckenridge Martha Condell Gus Gustavesky Pam Poole Woman Gayla Huntington Mlckey Zreman Newsboy FIRST ROW Nancy Bickford Caroline Blakesly Judy Jackson Joan Wood June Mason, Grace Schoenbeck Marcia Collins Amelia Dennis Cheryl Payer Therese Brown Ann Deschner Martha Huntmgton Mike Canada Mark Bradford The Little Dog Lough d "l FOUND MY PEAKl" : . ' ' a . ' ' : . : . a . : . : . . : . : . . Shoemake, Laurie Huntingtong Nancy Kerschner, Lillian Woodg Dick Willis, Ted Woodg Larry Borger, Wally b S l ' , . : 4 , ' S 4 1 Z : ' ' . ' ' : . : . . G . I n 5 5 ' e 7 7 Senior Class Play I TOP ROW Tom Phrllrps Tommy Prmce Jlrn Ferguson Bert Hendricks Bill Grlbert, Bill McGinnis Kent DeVore, Pamter Lrghtrng John Elmore Dr Caldwell Vernon Faulconer Joey Rogers Darrell Baker Mr Kovalesky SECOND ROW Pat Lewrs Properties Janeth Auer Mrs Rogers Larry Parton Bob MCGIDIUS David Grisham, Mr Rogers Tom Webster Mr Wrxghr Larry Bryan, Lrghtrng Rick Burr Mr Prmce Gary Martrn, Mr McG1nr1is Don Rxggs Mr Woodbndge V1ckxWest Mrs McG1nn1s Programs D1xreAnderson, Madge FIRST ROW Merla Krvett Drrector Judy Farrar Mrs Wnght Judy Hoy Susan Caldwell Sara Heitman, Alice Woodbrrdge Judy Graham Mrs Caldwell Kay Insley Mrs Prmce Sara Beth Walters Janet Kay Carroll, Mlss Frank lla Smrth, Carol NOT PICTURED Rosemary Wolfe Ellzabeth Wrrght Pat Wrllrs Mrs Woodbridge Norma Barley Prompter The Rem rkobl In lcl nt Af C r n Corn SUSIE SUSIE CALDWELL YOU COME HERE NOW SWEARI SWEARI " " o e c' e o so ers" THIS MINUTEl" V ,,:V f g ' Y ' I I ' fe GIRL STATERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Rick Burr, Rex leforgee, Larry Patton, Don Riggs, Keith Darlington, Morgan Metcalf, - Ted Huber, Vernon Faulconer. David Moss. nov STATERS LEFT T0 RIGHT, ALTERNATE-ZS: Karen Braman, Nancy Staples, Judy Farrar, Sara Heirman. REPRESENTATIVES: Becky Boucher, Kay Carroll, Judy Graham wentling. I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Snapshots Paiama Twins? Buddies ! "How's The view?" Roman Holiday Follow The leader. Egg shampoo The sfudious Type EEEEEEEEEKKK !! there s something in my bed l AAAAAAAA -C Hooooooooo IO. HELLO-o-o-o-babe y of 1957 fr L Y .V-a s .kg Eff TOP ROW: Coach Williams, W. Skinner, T. Ivy, W. Wilson, F. Weber, R. Olson, L. McEachem, B. White, M. Rohrbaugh, B. Zimmerman, L. Cogswell, Assistant Coach Hight. THIRD ROW: J. Day, C. Abbott, D. Andrews, T. Edwards, G. Hearrell, D. Waite, G. Zieman, R. Newby, J. Watkins. J. Brown. SECOND ROW: I. Hartgrove, V. Hull, B. Parry, H. Tomlin, R. Beauregard, K. Hamilton, D. Elder, D. Kuttler, D. Foster, T. Cloyes, B. Thompson. FIRST ROW: R, Unger, C. Lively, L. Patton, G. Fowler, M. Metcalf, R. Lefoi-gee, D. Moss, R. Boice, J. Hilton, F. Henderson. 'Val Wu- 3' sf , - is 5.5 3 . i ii A FOOTBALL 1 ,,, ,yi ' -.1 - The El Dorado Wildcats were sometimes down, but never outl The boys practiced and played football as a team, fighting for instead of against each other, putting forth their greatest efforts to win. Though the final score to two wins and seven loses looks dim, the fact still remains that the Wildcats were victorious in team work, effort, and sportsmanship. lt is these qualities which make a truly fine team of athletes. El Dorado Senior High salutes the foot- ball victors of l957. Special congratulations and Don Hight for a job well done. Football Coaches: Jim McDonald, Clarence Williams, and Don Hight. 54 to coaches: Jim McDonald, Clarence Williams, Bvxw THE STARTING LINE UP, STANDING: Ralph Unger, Ray Boice, Morgan Metcalf, Gary Fowler, Charlie Lively. IN THE FOREGROUND: Galen Unger, Rex Leforgee, Rodney Beauregard, King Hamilton, Larry Patton, David Moss. HIT 'EM AGAINI HIT 'EM AGAINI HARDERI HARDERI WE WANT ANOTHER ONEI JUST LIKE THE OTHER ONEI Go, MAN, GOI 55 Sylvia Kennedy NQWCY SlUPle5 Judy Hoy Football Sweethearts By vote of the i957 football squad, Judy Hoy was chosen to reign over the El Dorado- Winfield homecoming game. Her attendants were Nancy Staples and Sylvia Kennedy. Escorts at the game were Student Council President, Vernon Faulconerp Student Council Vice-President, Mike Canada, and Senior Class President, Rick Burr. A dance was held after the game during which honorary game captain, Morgan Metcalf crowned the queen. John Hilton and Rex LeForgee crowned the attendants. Queen Judy glows as she rides around the football stadium FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: John Hilton and Sylvia Kennedy in a 1957 sports car driven by Student Council President, honorary game captain, Morgan Metcalf and football queen, Vernon Faulconer. Judy l-Ioyg Nancy Staples and Rex Leforgee. 56 1 Tumbling and Wrestling The tumbling and wrestling teams are instructed by Mr. McDonald, who has proved his worthiness many times this year as his "boys" brought in the honors. The tumbling team performed stunts of grace and skill at the half of basketball games and during tumbling exhibitions throughout the year. They lived through many a tumble, but always returned until the feat was accomplished The same is true for the wrestling team. Bump and bruise ignored, these he-men captured many crowns in return for their efforts. May each succeeding year be as healthfull TOP ROW: Ralph Green, Dick Biddle, Jerry Soden. SECOND ROW: Bob Hunn, Raymond Smith, Bill McWilliams FIRST ROW: Bill Thomas, Tommy Solomon, Earl Dean Martin. Gary Fowler Morgan Metcalf Ron McGraw Galen Unger BASKETBALL The Wildcats posted a record ot three wins and five loses with ten games left to play as this annual went to press. As always the Wildcats showed unusual adaptability, swiftness, effort, team work, and sportsmanship. lt was these qualities which enabled the Wildcats to win second place in the West High Invitational Tournament, January 18 and l9. Downing Kapaun 58 to 55 the Wildcats returned to challenge the Wichita West Pioneers for the crown. The boys fought well and hard, leading in the first half by one point. The lead in the second half was unsteady with one team, then the other leading by a few points. The Wildcats raced across the court .... the score was tied with a minute to go. In the last seven seconds of the game the Wildcats fouled twice. Making three free throws out of a possible four, the Pioneers won the game with a three point lead of 66 to 63. However, a new trophy was added to E.H. S. 'S show case of sports honors for winning second place in the tournament. Outstanding senior players on the Wildcat line-up included: Morgan Metcalf, high point man, Gary Fowler, an exceptional rebounder, Galen Unger, an A-l shot, and Ron McGraw, the Wildcat's most capable passer. E.H.S. is proud of its athletes and appreciates the tireless efforts of Coach Emmett Breen and Assistant Coach John Reed. Coach Emmett Breen 58 Assistant Coach John Reed ' 1 7 K .Inf I ., S . fp - gi it cn. x K 1 K ,W xt 'U' 1' Judy Graham Carolyn Banks Nancy Staples Basketball Royalty Nancy Staples was elected by the T957 basketball team to rengn over the El Dorado Wellmgton homecomlng game Queen Nancy s attendants were Prlncess Judy Graham and Princess Carolyn Banks Actmg as town crrers, Marybeth Cloyes, Judy Hoy, Gayla Shoemake, Judy Smlth, and Teresa Beal lead the Pep Club an a salute to the queen and her attendants The hlghllght of the evening blossomed when honorary basketball captain, Morgan Metcalf crowned the queen at the royal ball which followed the game The attendants were crowned by Galen Unger and Gary Fowler The Royal Fam: ly Galen Unger Judy Graham Morgan Metcalf Nancy Staples Carolyn Banks Gary Fowler Her Malesty, The Queen 60 Lovely To Look At Mr Breen Steve Nobel Robb1eBeaman, DJ Bell Dxck Mcl-Iugh Jrm Graham Tennrs E H S as well represented by thrs year s tennrs team, whrch was coached by Mr Stahl Gof Under the drrectron of Mr Breen the 1957 golfers enjoyed a frne season of relaxatron skrll and rmprovement TOP ROW Davrd Moss Krng Hamrlton Jerry Palmer Ralph Green Mr Stahl FIRST ROW Monte Stewart B1l1Br1an, Bob Compton Earl Martrn, Davld Bernhard! 61 Intramural Champs Bob Carver Robert Ward, Mtke Fox Don Elder Tom Edwards Don Rrchardson, Bob Dauber Don Foster After four quarters of hard play, Don Elder s team defeated Ray Bolce s team an a close vlctory of 28 27 to become the l957 basketball Intramural champlons Track TOP ROW Mr Blackmore Jerry l-hlyard, Rrchard Olson, Ell1otCru: Davrd Waite Larry McEachern, Rrchard Adams Rodney Beauregard Terry Cloyes David Kuttler Robert Parry Fred Weber FIRST ROW Tom Edwards Jrm Courtnght Gilbert Swank Davrd Zrmmerman, B111 Whrte Tom Barlett Ion Day Bob Thompson Gary Hearrell Johnny Watkrns Gary DeVore Caleb Abbott The track team displayed skull, stamlna, and good sportsmanshlp throughout the l957 track season Through faithful partlclpat on In the struct trammg schedule enforced by their coach, Mr Blackmore, the boys gained valuable expenence, co-ordmatlon, and healthier bodies Next year s track season promrses to be even better as a result of undnvrdual Improvement o o 1 r g . al Q a - n a o i ,, K 1 ,o, -t 1. :' I I ' n n 1 n - 5 0 l I 1 I I 0 4 . . of . Q 0 1 . . , Q . n o . . p . I ll 0 0 I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Snapshots "You oin'T nothin' but o lwouncl-clog . " "Down boy, clown." "Hail mighfy Seniors." Slumber-less Temptation How-dy I Thor dirty bird l QYou figure if out! Successful hunt. 10. Definitely Hollywood. 3 OF 1957 DELIGHTFUL COMPANY Judy Graham Don Rnggs ,,,1,,.f,-vw'-f"""""" K..-4-1-""""""' By These They AMBITION HAS NO REST Karen Bramon Vernon Fcxulconer H WHAT NOW, LITTLE MAN?" Kay Sfockley Jim Ferguson Shall Be Known FLARE FOR FASHION" Vicki West Rick Burr Galen Unger ,M-4-lk af" QI: Eleanor Wenfhng EQ: azz, x MW Karen Braman Judy Graham Vicki West Rlck Burr Don Riggs Vernon Faulconer CD- "9" hm Ferguson Q Y, 1 - ' Kay Sfackley PQ fe, Girl Citizen is' i I 'J Vicki West Boy Citizen Vernon Faulconer Princess Judy Graham Prince Don Riggs Prince Rick Burr Princess Karen Braman 'M--f alen Unger Queen Eleanor Wentling ,un wb fn. -u,,gL.- .v . -gd.-. fi 3 Q in Seniors' Dedication We hereby dedicate, And truly consecrate Our strength, our time, Our hands, and our minds To God and to our country, Gur lives for hummityp That tomorrow's land May thrive beneath the hand Of a Youth who seek to find The good in all mankind, And share with all the nations Our blessings and creations, That faith, hope, and light may grow Within the heart of tomorrow. T T l 1 'V 0 - , , , ,LA f4,,,.z,.,

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