El Dorado High School - El Doradoan Yearbook (El Dorado, KS)

 - Class of 1953

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El Dorado High School - El Doradoan Yearbook (El Dorado, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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'I :A . , 'I J fl ora 0 Q i MX J f'15E?7 ' Y 5 I f iw ,X mgdgf I in f . VV f Q 1 I ' ,' 1 rj, 115651, ' 'V L , I V I , . K X J . 'Vt 'Y 1' A .. - , ' 7- - ' 21 - Q , If "" A' , , k, ff A f 5 51 ig 5 w?2E124f+57Ff ' ' QM f'?'7f-J'gf:1f'f fqml' M i 4N5f Nx.4..o-JUNK uc A 4,4Qy1AJ0sfv-A-0-V1-:eo-0-1 E5 Q We-he. '5.1iQi.Qi1hgiJj, Mgifgfimh M 'WM' Yhesee fm, W, . vxwwlew Qjpbyghty worcl WWA X qw' , On the pages of this E1 Dorad M have med to r ecor d in pictures a ' :nz WM , story the events of this you loo mfwww QW It ' W5 the frie ou made as a student in E1 '67, IVV' ' I as 7 Dorado High School in 1952-53. s 5 3 WL 1 Y QW Wm? w , WM SX WQMIQJQM 5333223 Q Whffw If 53 3 1 9--38 uf My Log 31,60 W " Eiswi 2 44397 " 1 ,X figffdq f ff ,Mae ,W , ffl Z f A ,f . ,. 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AA 4 7,...,,4, Q ,7 .Lua L4 . A? A X ?'in,.,,.Jg2Vff7 war! 66 77 wfgur Jaya: ur acu fy id gedt ever. IEANETTE BARBOUR, LILLIAN BENSON, GLADYS BEUCHAT, HELEN BRADFORD, EMMETT BREEN, LOUISE CANNON y I 'r .Q 2 I 3' R.W. CHRISTY, ROBERT CLARK, S. H. COFFMAN, A. H. CORNWELL, DORTHEA DIXON, R. G. DOUGLASS ALBERTA DOYLE, JAMES EDWARDS, VELMA FRANK, CHARLES FULLER, W. M, GROVE, MYRRL HOUCK I L A . RACHAEL HOYT, ROBERT A. LEWIS, R. H. MCCOLLUM, JAMES MCDONALD, W. R. MCMILLAN, L. W. NIXON AJZLAZL I . 3 'Q iv , k , , gr :,....41'41K , I , I A . In .. ,A , 1 .mana -- A girl BUEL ROBINSON, G. E. SHAFFER, VICTOR P. SMITH, RUTH SPANN, WILMET SQUIRE, EDWIN WALBOURN R. W. WALLINGFORD, MILDRED WARREN, LEONA WATKINS, DAVE WEATHERBY , ru-In V ' .W - -:M ' ---f-1 -.23 .. .- 1' L L "'l:lN:. - 4' QQ, l- -. M' I , -- -' AA ' . iw- ME.-V , ' ' L' 1 - 5 M ef, we x l 4 yf-.Sz " Q- me dk ,A , Q V .- . 71' I ,, xi , - . 'M -1 .11 ' 1' 2.' L. .,,.,,.V A ' '- - I ' - - A- ' if 1 ' ' ' ' v :QNQVA " bw .- ""rT.T Q ,' ff' I Rim' n ' gi'-Q V, J - - ,Z , 1 V K 1. , 'x - i A 1, . .-N, :fig if 'if " , ,..A ,K 7 Q N . ,4?. Q. X Y. V' fi!! "Q V Q , ' L'-'1'N?:-- A ai- v 1-' r rf 1"4'r a 1, .g,., , A . . rr v' " , P . iff. ' If 51 ' . , X 1 m. , .fx -f . N 1 . v Lan' " V..--41 ui x lf - . K-IX: , 2 .fi 'rv ,,... .- ,915 ,4 OU... gui ff. emoriea Air fke aaa o 53 i Katy, the Kindergartener crept timidly into school, her eyes filled with tears of fear and wonder. Twelve years later, after having been given a few prods and gentle nudges, she now walks proudly out of her alma mater with stars replacing tears in her eyes. Our Katy is symbolic of the Class of '53. Since they first stepped into school a depression has ended and a World War has been fought and won, but most important of all this class has firmly put its mark on the world. When the newness of school began to wear off, the homework became monotonous and some of those nudges became downright shoves, they were always thinking up some way to make their trek through the realms of education a little easier. Consequently, the parties, pep rallys and other gay times have left a mark on their memories that is never to be forgotten. If you asked any member of the senior class the question of whether this job was worthwhile, I'm sure your answer would be in favor of the affirmative. They have waited patiently for those golden senior days, and now that they are here, it's hard to tell whether their tears are of joy or sadness. The Katies and Billies of this year did not sit and mourn or exclaim over their fate, but took advantage of every opportunity to build for a better school. This they did in athletics, scholarship, forensics, music, agriculture, and every other field. As our seniors of 1952 leave the halls of E. H. S. they can look back on their past with a feeling that t ir class had not only quantity, but a great deal of qual' CLASS OFFICERS: Charles Faulconer, vice-presidentg Joy Cooper, treasurer: Jerry Peterson, president, Shirley Baum secretary. .x'Kr..ff2 I: ' - lj . 'Va 'J 1 ' - I , . , X X I X Q SW ,A 5 , .V o, 1 I :fl V, vu -Y it Q5 3, ,i Xlgsiz W ,Y TQ .... .f Q Democracy C ass. "M fwfffe 5 1 , s , R -Chr, 'ls . w- J Q, fy N, Qqv' N ad 1 'N' , - I 1. ' B - 5 , K' J ,-Qf - , , A 5 B gl war N Virgil Abbott, Marion Anderson, Mary Anderson, Gary Anthony, Jayne Clark Bailey, Jim Bailey. ! , as 'x il Q., N A 'R ,634 A x' VM A. Donald Baker, Kathleen Banks, Charles Barlett, Barbara Barnes, Shirley Baum, Alta Long Beal. to 5 Rf-1 .iff -J' '11-'ff 'Z J Doris bee Beaman, Homer Belk, Samuel R. Bell, Marilyn J. Biggs, Rosemary Biles, Sam Binter. Ih- '77 Fred Blaine, Glenna Bonnel, Noema Braman, Jo Brazil, Joyce Elaine, Brower, Trenton Brown. 40" al" Betty Joy Bruce, Barbara Brumback, Jack Buckner, Marlyn Burch, Richard Burch, Mike Burns, 1-W .-f Jacque Sue Butler, Beverly Caldwell, Robert Carson, Jim Cather, Rachel Cervantes, Connie Cloyes. 'P , J Y7 -5 Joy Kathryn Cooper, Margery Cornwell, Grace H. Corralez, Carol Cory, Barbara Louise Crelly, Eugene Criss. 1 F4 Yr 'rf' Pearl Dale, David O. Daniel, Mary Datin, Leta D. Davenport, Judy Deewall, Robert Lee Derstein. 1: ,, " T-N rg L, ts, C-'13 ' 'A " Jerry Dunivan, Thelma Joan Dwire, Burnette Earp, Connie Jo Easley, Elfrieda Eisenhour, Mary Elder, , v' t fb . ,.- Charles R. Faulconer, Carol Ferguson, Richard Fioretto, Saralie Force, Marian Foster, Juanita Fowler. J -A .A las' 6 L I Jane Funk, Marjorie L. Garland, Jim Gautier, Norma L. Gregersen, George T. Gregory, Dale Hamilton. fx frv- 4' " gt . 1 " , . y . l.... y . C. Cell , ,L -5- l " . f - A , Runh Hammer, Par Ann Harvey, Paul Hawkins Jr. , Jerry Hayes, Jerry Lee Hayes, Lora Helmer. V.. T' , QA' u .QI ef' 1 Ruth Jewell Higgins, Larry Hildebrand, Glenn Lee Hobson, H. Dean Hollis, Peter Hopkins, Raymond E. Houser. wx Glenda Howrey, Richard R. Huaracha, Patrick Hudson, Gary L. Huffman, Jack D. Hughes, Janice Mobley Hunt. X? x, ' il Connie lncontro, Rosalin James, Mary M. Johnson, Dick Jolliffe, Ellsworth Jordon, Sally J. Keith. f N' rf --P .1 I' Fr ' . Hx' Charlene H. Keller, Thurman Kelly, Bill Kirkman, xx X4 Myrna Jean Lewis, Richard Lewis, Marlene Lietzke, Joyce Lockard, Donald Loos, Clifton Marcum. sz W B gtk ' Vernon Martin, Janey Maus, Ken McAdoo, Emylin McCoy, Larry McCully, Polly Pat McGinnis. Jo Ann Kizer, Joanne Krifteworth, Kathy Lehr. S' wif . FN Lg . .1 J 0' 3 X Q H6542 . ., 'Clk ' A f'- 'Q --E? shi I Audrey Mcliinnis, Joan Mcwilliam, Jean Mehaffey, Marcia Metcalf, Nancy Middleton, Gerald Moore. -L. C1 Q7 I '91 sd! Ada Lee Orr, Tom C. Ott, Bob E. Page, Wayne Palmer, Mary Sue Patty, Janet Mae Mossman, Mary Murphy, Susie Murray, Tom Nace, Jean Newsome, Marvin Nye. .-is Cl- Qy i Q-.,, "S Barbara Jean Peffley. ST? Vi ZQQ Jerry Peterson, Doris Ramsey, Dick Robbins, Sally Robbins, Nancy Ann Rost, Barbara J. Rummel. '9 3 Lx, 94.4 Jim Russum Beverly Rutherford Joyce Sargent C Ralph Schaffer Harold Schlesinger. 4 4 ,VF , 'xv it Shirley Schmidt, Wanda Schneider, Myra Nell Scott, Denzle Shafer, Douglas L. Sherwood, Patsy Sibley. ay X , U 1 -ik! 1 NA '1 , ,y y' X l l.4 , l ' Patty Silver, Carol Jean Sims,,,l-lelen B. Smith, Bill Smith, Margaret Smith, Marilyn Smith. t ' 1' t r xt X l www ' 'lam'-15-.f "fl J 1 I L -as QM., t 1 5, G' Q 0 K x J 4 lp Y , . , - R- Lonnie Snook, Mel Srader, Donna Stock, Bob Stotts, Phyllis Sullivan, Charles L. Sweeney. I K' LX 1 , , X t 1 X l V1 x T33 D r Sd 'F if ,gnu if Phillip V. Thomas, Carlene Usrey, Anne Warren, x,-7 Bill Warren, Carolyn Welty, Diane Wentling. 1 1 54 at v 'S J 3 x Y .1 I :J al , vs! P 'x..-.4 Kki: A ' l , . L3h,,N ,-,, TTS' .esfe , Richard ilson, Ronnie Wimberl , Lawana Wisdom, Shirle Woelk, Gloria Youn . Y Y Y , 8 I N Wl ow J Fall' 'W' XS we fa if N .4-W Lu EOYM yous k f V X i , X Xt" x J 1 N 4.P"QX-5 I N' X W- B fr' mv . l lc' S9 J if A Q F ' X -t NJ ' haul' , of E3 Q. -- 13 Cf J H5 . QU in S Q fr- 3 - , T. tow iw ,asv ,ff S f' - Xa X D J Q Q or , w. J- - ' Q ,B wife N la luv N ' ,, xiii- X ,,aa X . Q 'tj-' lt ,aff - Q1-7 of bw ,Iii S X S ll T if ' - ,M ' , Wu ,f JJ X fl . 3 0' J Q Q 1 X l AJ: ,L A W Q37 I lj I ii V H' X1 ,DN F 0 tx X o wt f' ,y - A, 1 - X ,X A , 6. , V, tx ' lp ,' l l 1 V, 4 Bonnie Jean Zang, Ann Zieman. X 5 P .X ' ,fn Q l ,Q Q fi-J t it Q F Q Q Q I A St X ' X H' J . l +V PS5 if S P Q 9 N S 7 W 5 J tx' Nor PICTURED: - Q , fy ,Q el Q RJ 5 , 5 LSL' Charles Baker T P ,. x B I kt X Q w X' '-I g Norma Jean Dettmer Q X, , EY X X, , N HX khkf ' , , x K, XR . - 5. lx g ' f? f if Nonalee Lonzo -, X, 9, - X , X Q' X hx N , y xl I- X , X , t k ft-' 'V , x I ' Larry McCaffreejx If XXX, X- kb :l Q, A F' lf' , f x ' Don Lockamy lk 'J X ,, Q1 ,N N Q, pd ,lj I rr X , , .- , X 'X 5 X J Q : .. xi - -:J Mt ,Xl ,I 1,2 KW IN X Xl U Q P AX kfkvkfl R t I ,VJ N X w tt , - f - f Q . , ' V " - L1 Ng, , N ,-X , I 1 1 Xl, 'f x I X N Y xx B V3 wr K N50 ..-J' ' Qt 3 Ax X C' Q AW, X I, ,WX K L" S X -'Jx kk' s ST. ' 4. AT ,S. -,115 Iwo! Y. L K x J.. '? v l . Z N , N .'1 Mx My 7' Kfaaaea I Mir . f4"'V 7410 Sherry and Paul perform an experiment in chemistry. Ar en s at wor . .Tane and Pat cut out new skirts in Home EC. Looking for microbes in biology class. "You're flat!" says Miss Barbour. Gary and Richard work in physics lab. Tom, turning out one of his fine water colors. Burnette, Pete, and Alan in chemistry. Study' g? i ' 6"""' 'VW V- ai A 1 f' l 'i' 4i X.. M' 'f , 4 it , 5 2 5' 4 EE 'S 045 0 . Cfaaa of '54- P01106 l 75 A L !glql4,,4,.,.f,Za' -334. 44444 - -ov'-4,66 4. fflyew. ' ii2LiZi.'ZoJ.1l1EZifi.ii ll. .an ,.Q,,.,, 1091! A corner of the typ1ng classroom. vm .-1.1, 5 0 , M3-'--41 si- A.,-...Ll -04-'U J J". 'VGA-4.A Jn, Z2 . ' ' OJ 'M'-2' ' Wah ' 66' Z5 -wa Lf. fdlleamag, T ...L CLASS OFFICERS: Jim Fry, vice president: , Beverly Cloyes, secretaryg Muriel Golobay, GV Mxresidentg Faralane Wentling, treasurer, When the seniors leave E. H. S. in the X spring, they always wonder how the jobs of running the school will be carried out- after W they are gone. This year there is little doubt in their minds. The juniors have proved themselves capable and willing to take the reins of the school. The junior year is the best of all, we've been told. That underclassman-feeling is r gone, and yet one year is left for their enjoyment. Our Class of '54 has made the most of these opportunities as we know it will in the future. . 14 ' "1 H-Af' ' . -sl .s Q H-44, lv FRONT ROW: Connie Henderson, Beverly Hence, Kay Jones, Pat Hopkins, Thelma McClurg, Barbara McWilliams, Betty Haskell, Barbara Hummel, Joy Kinny. 2ND ROW: Marilyn Noffsinger, Joyce Klintworth, Karyn Kreeck, Betty Manspeaker, Billy Lively, Anabel Moore, Billie Jo Harms, Virginia Keith, Ruth Lill, Joyce Griggs, Marilyn McKnight, Barbara Nelson, Pat Hughes. 3RD ROW: Tom Newby, Bill Mclntosh, Richard Loban, Forrest Lockard, Winston McMillan, Scotty McFarland, Delmar Hodgens, John Medcalf, Ronald Minard, Vernon Jackson, Paul Kimberly, George Kleckner, James Lohse. BACK ROW: Harold Miller, Marc McLean, George Mott, Bill Mollohan, Ronald Hudson, Lloyd Morgan, George Hurlburt, Victor Lara, Bill Lehr, John Harrison, Jack Jackard, Don Brown, Jerry Mosier, David Nuttle, Keith Martin, Darrell Mitchel, Farrell Mitchel. T 1 x 1 X ix I Nl f FRONT ROW: Pat PCl'lllil1gIOfl, Glenis Young, Charlene Whitton, Sherilyn Zang, La Donna Sidner, Rosa Lee Oldfield, Marcia Richey, Mary Dee Thompson, Beverly Wilke, Joan VanBeber, Roseann Thomas, tMary Lou Wall, Gerry Riggs, Farlcnc Wentling, Barbara Purdom. 2ND ROW: Sue Wilson, Jessie Sholders, Shirley Pierce, Iona Ray, Barbara Tarrant, Leihl Ogan, Sherry West, Norma Orton, Shirley Welty, Audrey Thomas, Connie Wall, Donna Webber, Theta Sharp. 3RD ROW: Jack Soden, Arliss Owen, Gail Vogclman, Forrest Plummer, Ronald Walz, Nelson Olinger, Dale Potter, Walter Wiley, Ray Robinson, Jack West, Bill Scott, Jim Perry. BACK ROW: Arlan Stackley, Danny Thomas, Joe Trostle, Temple Watkins, Jerry Ratts, Vernon Orndorff, Larre Tarrant, Robert Patterson, Jim Patton, Jim Peffley, Emest White, Ralph Ollenberger, Kenneth Usrey, Bob Wallace. Y FRONT ROW: Lois Clark, Anna Ruth Gleason, Lenea Boucher, Janet Farrar, Julie Fisk, Mary Lynn Deewall, Kathy Bowyer, Beverly Fine, Joyce Demo, Shirley Brlckley, Janice Christy, lane Doombos, Janice Chalfant, Martha Gossett, Shirley Boone. 2ND ROW: Wayne Edgingtou, Albert Blake, Don Bittle, Mary Eaton, Muriel Goloby, Pat Bloir, LaNora Blaine, Ruth Gates, Evelyn Emerich, Linda Belk, Janice Graham, Beverly Cloyes, Ann Cook, Alta Jo Feller, Joyce Graham. 3RD ROW: Joe Coons, Ronald Garman, Gene Cotmtryman, Jim Breese, Bobbie Grant, Don Bates, Terry Gladfelter, Don Boss, Larry Davis, David Dennis, Don Chase, Tom Cour, Edgar Dwire, Paul Gilmore, Jack Crumrine, John Grant. BACK ROW: Bob Gains, Charles Coleman, Richard Faulconer, Roy Buffum, Alan Bullerdick, Dick Abraham, Jim Fry, Jim Cook, Sam Haden, Bill Fuller, Bob Duncan, Raymond Garland, Terry Calkins, Bill Auer, Jack Emerick, Phil Brickley. J mfgur gin!! Cfada 0 '55 a JLJ, .mp v Ul?p 0 ' M My pl cmss omcsasz June Stevenson, . presidentg Ann Moriarty, treasurerg Kay Smith, vice-presidentg Susie Barlett, secretary. Wiifffff fzian s X i vagaywf 254-A JAG!! Liza? The life of a sophomore is a mixture of many things. H feels the wondzr and awe of his upperclassmen, mingled with excitement and anticipation of this new life in high school. Our sophomores have proved emselves able to adapt to this change very well. We k w th y will ac ' m dh in the future as they have in the past. ' X ' '66 XJQJW ood fi he J l M 1' , 0 aj ' 62 fgl fag 6, il 1 5 0+ bl Four members of the woodshop classy measuring a hem in home economicsg art students busy at work. 16 -aewfftmdal Q' Q' I 'ft' ' . -A . 'Q is 1 4.3 X , W, , . ,Lu y ,T 1 5 so 4 ,' " ' " Y, V -j' 'f'L ' Q, A I -... vang xfl ..+AIs j" 1 i FRONT ROW: Virginia Watkins, Selma Webster, Joan Richards, Josephine Requena, Marilyn Stover, Annette Tighe, Carolyn Piper, Shirley Satterthwaite, Martha Schmidt, June Stevenson, Reba Runyon, Lila Sullivan, Margaret Ridgeway. 2ND ROW: Marjorie Schaffer, Gladys Weber, Barbara Weber, Donna Stebbins, Pat White, Carolyn Reaves, Helen Scott, Mary Solomon, Mary Jane Welty Pat Sanstra, Phyllis Spires, Margaret Williams. 3RD ROW: Janice Ratley, Mary Ann Whiteside, Leroy Ray, Joe Schrengohst, Larry Waller, Louis Taliaferro, Terry Sellards, Charles Ruchert, Huey White, Paul Wallace, Kay Smith, Norma Shull. BACK ROW: Larry Taylor, Micky Scanlon, Joe Schlesinger, Melvin Schmit, Gene Wilson, John Smock, Larry Scott, Waldo Schrepfer, Ted Stackley, Aaron Smith, Lloyd Zang, Robert Walls. V .O is ' T-1-.Ll FRONT ROW: Phyllis McMillen, Mary K. Lange, Ann Moriarity, Delores Martinez, Joan Hill, Mary Milbourn, Jane Haught, Helen Norris, Donna Nicholson, Barbara Harris, Janis McMillian, Paula Kirby, Marion Hildebrand, Pat Lee. 2N'D ROW: Janet Fabien, Jane Kobel, Mary Howell, Mooneen Honeymon, Mary Johnston, Joan Lee, Jacqueline Jones, Lucille Kenny, Beverly Johnson, Shirley Morris, Mary Anna Harvey, Lorena Hoffsteader, Waynette McGraw. 3RD ROW: Wendel Nixon, Hubert Pardue, Clifford McKenzie, Frank Frazier, Jackie Meek, Bob Miller, Robert Knowles, Lee Lazarus, Max McLean, Tom Mairs. BACK ROW: T. H. Knolls, Roy Parscal, Bob Johnston, Raymond Lehr, Manley Parsons, Duane Hubert, Dick Orndorff, Duane Knoll, Pat Miller, John Maddux, Bob McCoy. FRONT ROW: Carole Blanck, Dorothy Cook, Marilyn Bell, Sharon Faulkner, Anita Calvert, Lorrita Calvert, Ramonda Gautier, Beverly Beurskens, Mary Ellen Davis, Beverly Church, Elsie Casto, Pat Baker. 2ND ROW: Joy Faulkner, Connie Andrews, Shirley Clark, Susie Barlett, Connie Egan, Helen Fowler, Charlett Fowler, Pat Fudge, Judy Brown, Julie Fetty, Sandra Biles, Mary Ellen Baker, Rita DeWitt, Lila Dale, Lydia Chambers. 3RD ROW: Bob Brian, Lyal Bevan, Angel DeLeon, Lester Hansen, Dale Bozone, Craig Barnes, Larry Gilliland, Tony Godding, J. R. Fitzgerald, Clifford Evans, Norman Daniels, John Cooper, Alan Abraham. BACK ROW: Bob Baulch. Bob Evans, Paul Harper, Frank Hanks, Charles Grisham, Carl Boyer, Bill Bickford, Gary Bracken, Bob Braden, Norman Cullop, .Ronald Green, Stephen Abbott, Alan Diller, Lee Dunning. -, . T "' i f J., S51 it FRONT ROW: Judy Daniels, Alice Arnall, Donna DeWitt, Niva Jo Daniels, Joanne Green, Betty Dennis, Jeanette Fox, Shirley A d R h ' ' n erson, ut Cullop, Ellen Bassett, Billy Blake, John Cervantes, Cliff DeLano, Jerry Fankhouser, Loren Anthony, Jim Butterworth. 2ND ROW: Margaret Chastain, Nancy Bonnell, Susie Beherns Mary Etta Brooks Louise Counter Barbara Criss Mar Lou Brant Y . Merry Gay Bankey, Darlene Biles, Rogene Godding, Sandra C'loyes, Richard Crockett, Ronald Gfllis, Jerald Doornbos, Keith Br ll ' - ' ' ' amwe , Brower Burchill. 3RD ROW. Donna Adams, Sandra Gates, Patricia Fioretto, Esther Brooks Naomi Dodson, Mary Brown, Barbara Cooper, Ruth Bernhardt, Andrew Cervantes, Howard Andrews, Jim Davenport, John Green, Roy Lee Andrews, Bob Graham, Gerald Feller, Kermit Bramwell, Ronald Crumrine, Max Frisby. BACK ROW: Von Dix, Rodger Gregory, Dennis Bachtell, Monty Finey, Jerr Bidwell, Donald Cr ' D ' ' ' y umrine, on Cole, Larry Barley, Billy Bob Anderson, George Boucher, George Dickson, Gary Dickson, Gary Gibson, Donald Cox, DeWayne Clemons, Mike Farrell, H9 Q t Y Hx Bai. -I L-aa FRONT ROW: Donna Jo Locke, Kym Jones, Janice Loos, Dawn Holm, Rita Lewis, Venettia Jacoby, Maxine Harris, Lois Hammer B . . , . etty McClellan, Shirley Nelson, Janette Moomey, Gerald Kiger, Gayle Milligan, Raymond Lara, Don McFarlane, Kenneth Murphy. 2ND ROW: Sue Jean Lilley, Mary Kay McGuire, Emma Higgins, Glenda Johnson Geraldine Meyers Marilyn Johnson Ruth Lon . 1 , S Virginia Martinez, Marian Hansen, Deloris Miller, Judy Higgins, Sandra Hart, Helen Lively, Kathryn Kriftewirth, Karen Hogoboom, Je M' h ll - ' ' ' ' ' an itc e . 3RD ROW. Marilyn Mannion, Judith Hower, Anna Komer, Ellazene McBride, Dorma Herndon, Patricia Hamaker, Janice Hill, Elizabeth Leckliter, Janice McKinney, Sondra Lehr, Connie Hudson, Nancy Cartmell, Sharon Nuttle, Janet Newcomer, Judy Morris, Bill Maus, Nicky Hopkins. BACK ROW: Gene Lewis, Bob Morgan, Bill Hughes, Jim Luce, Paul Mossman, Galen Mears, Gary Hill, Bill Hilyard, Grant Helmer, Billy Myers, Lester Hansen, Larry King, Don Haines, Jerry Loban, Joe Hacker, Ralph Lauterbach, Rupert Hartshorn, Jerry Mehaffey. 'Q g G, Fl U x v H A- ' X -- 3- .1 I iii I Q 5 :LQ ' H qrrv - r mv' I W: FRONT ROW: Lola Thompson, Linda Thompson, Norma Pence, Margie Peffley, Carol Page, Vivian Walters, Marilyn Walsh, Shir Vinson, Patty Jo Parry, Kathleen O'Reilly, Nita Young, Marilyn Wing, Vesta Ruth Richey. 2ND ROW: Barbara Sill, Kitty Warren, Alda Ratu, Emma Swank, Genelda Smith, Ann Stephens, Mary Pickett, Breneda Soder, Margie Tolle, Cynthia Van Meter, Sally Waldorf, Kathryn Ollnger, Donna Wallace. 3RD ROW: Barbara Wege, Joy Zang, Bl1lReh!t0ck, Larry Reed, Raymond Ross, Sidney Smith, Beverly Tarrant, Janice Parry, Marilyn Whelan, Judy Woods, Sharon Wayman, Sara Tarrant, Frank Sarnmons, James Pelrc Robert Tipton. BACK ROW: Jimmy Warren, Clifford Sill, Gary Patterson, Bill Webber, Bob Whitton, Fred Robbins, Dmald Patteraou, Jim Pennington, Robert Smith, Robert Weatherholt, Lewis Shepard, Jack Perry, Terry Tucker, David Templeton, Gerald Snyder. ley eu fr Y J X rt,ff'!J!X6fJ, QfU,fW,J,J,, J, mf, f ' - -'-f K .. '"f""vW,'I"""'Ffff"'fA""'-'-"zfff1" .: -' A-, WW ffm Mffiqm iyfyi pp :mf ' ' 'W " L, , " 'FJ " W if W 1 M fi ic eff 9 ef Y fb SWL W wfff if WD 24.5 ' , 1 LL 7615 ,Q XX 'ey W,L,1a f ffAfp 5 H f' M' - 'ti 0 mi nfzf if fLy,4y4'.i V7 yf yy 4,-if H: cg i in 3. A01 fQ!f4-fuLge gg X V , LL 'ld I Q f QW am 1 M - ' ' Akiva wif! A Map, ,ffm fffem AJ' , 5 .,,Z',,d gjfzvdzfrwftwfl ' L '1LMf- .ff 7fj.,ff ZLL' ,240-JW J V! flfcf I Jfwfglj MZMW fs jf, A l!6 n,nfi,, X ii? S 2333 SME X Q x, fy ,lil WW 4 W Q ffv Vygkw 'Vw M is 3 V' SVWW w"7J 531155 L M iiwiiw 'Wow M mf' .gjfuclenf gounci Lao mfg year I ,n , min. 'f ,- ' 0 Dick Jolliffe, Joyce Graham, Marc McLean. I The El Dorado High School Student Council was extremely busy this year. Among the events sponsored was an open house on November 20 in order to give parents an opportunity to become better acquainted with teachers. Ten representatives were selected to attend the district conference in Augusta, where they gained valuable knowledge concerning students' affairs and projects in school. Constructive action was taken in the establishment of a traffic court and an assembly committee to plan assembly programs. Early in the second semester tentative arrangements were made to sponsor a war orphan, Besides exploring numerous student projects the council continually works for better sportmanship. Student Council was ably led this year by Dick Jolliffe, presidentg Marc lVlcLean, vice-presidentg Joyce Graham, secretary. -5 -,. -f ng AJ., P 1-., f " i 1 V Y 1 A . X. , . be . 1 ' x -+' , B . . .., , - ' . 'X r , - x rl H N A J 'N .v x V -44. A B- .... , Misa - , 11 4 gf, --k".x. 4 ,...r C... .. -N I . - -f FRONT ROW: Tom Cour, lack Emerick, Paul Gilmore, John Grant, Jerry Peterson. 2ND ROW: Karyn Kreek, Mary Kay Lange, Paula Kirby, Elfrieda Eisenhour, Kay Smith, Joyce Graham, Ann Cook, Janice Graham, Polly McGinnis, Julie Fisk. Susie Murray. BACK ROW: George Mott, Mark McLean, Paul Hawkins, Marvin Nye, Dick Robbins, H. C. Ruckert, Terry Sellards, Carl Boyer, Bob Evans, Dick Jolliffe. 1 C9 C7 wail as! 'I -, ,ii v" ',L..' ' A 'ffl --.rl '5 .- V .. A X1 ,M ali: a X x ss iv FRONT ROW: Joe Schrengohst, Gary Bracken, Bob Evans, Terry Sellards. SECOND ROW: Dan Thomas, Phil Thomas, Myra Scott, Nancy Rost, Leta Davenport, Muriel Golobay, Paul Hawkins, Clifton Marcum. BACK ROW: Joan Mcwilliam, Ruth Hammer, Lee Lazarus, Norma Orton, Larry McCul1y, Robert Derstein, Mr. G. E. Shaffer, David Nuttle, Arlan Stackley, Joan Lee, Beverly Beurskens, Joann Van Beber, Evelyn Emerich. orenriica The National Forensics League question of 1952-1953 for debate was "Resolved: That the Atlantic Pact Nations Should Form a Federal Union." The El Dorado Debate Squad participated in the following invitational debate tournaments: Winfield, Atchison, Topeka, Shawnee Mission, Wyandotte, Hutchinson, Emporia, and Russell. Philip and Danny Thomas tied for third place in the Winfield tournament. A four speaker team composed of Paul Hawkins, Jr., and Clifton Marcum and Danny and Philip Thomas tied for third place at Atchison. The El Dorado debate squad was also host to sixteen Kansas high schools at their invitational debate tournament on December 12 and 13, 1952. Hutchinson captured first place, with Shawnee Mission winning second. Wyandotte and Russell tied for third. Aside from debating several members of the debate squad participated in the state forensic activities this spring. Mr. George Shaffer is the capable and efficient coach of this fine squad. , X x ng ' 9. sg, w x W FRONT ROW: Marcia Metcalf, Connie Cloyes, Marilyn Smith, Leta Davenport, Margery Cornwell. BACK ROW: Harold Schlesinger, Larry McCully, Robert Derstein, Dave Daniel, Phil Thomas, Miss Falen. aya- Qui" uf all efa Q f H IQAU JMS f fn On March third the Senior Class presented their play, "Dear "Tattletale" was presented by the Junior Class on March 27. Ruth", under the direction of Miss Doris Falen, to an apprec- iative audience. The two-act comedy begins with the letters that Miriam Wilkins, sixteen, had been writing to members of the armed forces. She signed the letters with the name of her older sister Ruth, and unexpected results occur when one of her correspondents returns. Mary Elder and Myra Scott were prompters. In this three-act comedy, Patty, a school girl of sixteen, just has to have a typewriter to type the script of her novel. Tod agrees to borrow one from the school office. Before they can return it, a detective is around investigating the theftl The type writer is accidentally broken and Patty decides to sell her novel to pay for it. However, instead of the novel, Patty's diary is delivered to the newspaper office. This causes a major ex- plosion, for in her diary Patty tells alll BACK ROW: Beverly Wilke, Alan Bullerdiek, Leihl Ogan, Connie Beauregard, Janice Christy, Jim Breese, Robert Patterson. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. L. W. Nixon, Jack Crumrine, John Harrison, FRONT ROW: Barbara Nelson, Billie Jo Harns, Paul Gilmore, Joann VanBeber, Linda Belt, Muriel Golobay, Bill Auer, Sherry West, Terry Gladfelter. tra qv gy Q G F9 ...rf fs SEATED: Joyce Klintworth, Myra Scott, Terry Gladfelter, Marcia Metcalf, Larry McCully, Margery Cornwell, Joann Van Beber, Polly McGinnis. STANDING: Norma Orton, Nancy Rost, Beverly Church, Janice Graham, Dave Daniel, Jane Kobel, Marilyn Smith, Pat Lee, Leta Davenport, Nancy Molter. BACK ROW: Sam Bell, Sue Wilson, Joyce Sargent, Beverly Wilke, Joy Cooper, Mr. George Shaffer fdirectorj. maui' oed fo tA2 3400! Well-cast and well-produced, the all-school play, "Take Care of My Little Girl," proved to be one of the most outstanding and entertaining events of the school year. This three-act production received many fine compliments, not only because of the fine performances given, but also because of the thought- provoking plot which gave every spectator a new and different perspective on college life. It was a heart-warming play of a young girl who, although dazzled at first by the superficial glaniour of sorority life, learned to recognize and appreciate true frie dships. - JCIAJC fl "- -.- gk . f N A ' if, C . -A: IQ4 '. I, J '1 f. ,R I ,,g .-C.-v ',- . ' 'K V 'I 'I ' l " If' il siiliile av lifiiiil f r ,: t , , , K. A 1 :T l J it i I 1 I Z f 1 l I--r . i FRONT ROW, fLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Norma Gregersen, Bill Molahan, Judy Farrar, Marilyn Stover, Bill Bickford, Lois Hammer, Paula Kirby SECOND ROW: Mary Baker, Jim Patton, Lenea Boucher, Patty Jo Perry, Hubert Pardue, Shirley Nelson, Donna Adams. THIRD ROW: Ronald Crurnrine, Frank Hanks, Ellen Bassett, Mary Johnson, Burnett Earp, Max Frisby, Wendell Nixon, Robert Weatherholt, Larry Scott Lee Lazarus. FOURTH ROW: Bill Maus, Mary Ann Whiteside, Cynthia Van Meter, Shirley Vinson, Karolyn Insley, Jack Crumrine, Bob Dcrstcin. BACK ROW: Carolyn Piper, Mary Lynne Deewall, Julie Fisk, Joyce Klintworth, Jacque Sue Butler, Janet Farrar, Joyce Brower Sonny Knowles, Bob Walls, Marion Anderson, Louis Taliaferro, Don Riggs. n 1 , I i 2 , L .+ 3 'ry ., - s 4 r r 3 1 , COLOR GUARD: Robert Derstein, Larre Tarrant, Jim Patton, Bill Mollohan. Qrcdea fra FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Leckliter, Janice Christy, Marilyn Abraham, Barbara Bloir. 2ND ROW: Mary Kay Lange, Helen Fowler, Ruth Cullop, Carol Page, Lois Hammer. BRD ROW: Berry Bruce, Gerald Kiger, Dale Bazone, Don Haines, Janette Moomey, Pat Willis. STANDING: Mr. Wallingford, Marcia Metcalf. The El Dorado High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Ralph Wallingford, made an ex- cellent showing in 1952 and 1953. During the football season the band, for the first time in several years, entertained the crowds with half-time shows. During basketball season, too, the band was on hand to arouse school spirit. At the spring festival and in the annual Band Regalment, our band made a fine showing. Mr. Wallingford has willingly given many hours of hard work for the betterment of this organization. He deserves our warmest apprec- iation. The officers of the band are Norma Gre- gersen, presidentg Tom Nace, vice-presidentg and Jayne Bailey. secretary. . 1. , . l I . V I FIRST ROW, fRIGl-IT TO LEFTJ: Rogene Godding, Judy Daniels, Marilyn Wing, David Daniel. 2ND ROW: Jayne Bailey, Jo Ann Lee, Bill Studebaker. Hugh White, Jim Breese. 3RD ROW: Bill Kimball, Tom Nace, Larre Tarrent, Joe Coons, Sara Sue Tarrent, Don Grove, Mike Farrell. BACK ROW: Mr. Wallingford, Nicky Hopkins, Bill Bidwell, Terry Calkins, Norman Daniels. For twenty -six years the orchestra has been an important part of the El Dorado High School. It is a unit much used by assemblies and special programs and is indispensable at graduation time when it furnishes the traditional "Aida". Each year our orchestra ranks high in the district contest. The orchestra consists of about sixty members, many of whom are also active soloists and ensemble members, playing at various community functions. The group is capably conducted by Ralph Wallingford. FRONT ROW, fLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Marilyn Smith, Connie Cloyes Sarah Henman Judy Christy Donna Stock Glcnna Wesley Beverly Fine, Geri Riggs. 2ND ROW: Paula Kirby, Norma Gregersen, Margery Cornwell, Treva Oliver Janet Marley Tony Godding, Marilyn Johnson, Alice Arnall, Joy Cooper, Beverly Caldwell 5RD ROW Marc McLean Burnette harp Bill lxirn ball, Tom Nace, Larre Tarrant, Julie Fisk, Jacque Butler, Joyce Klintworth Donna Adams Judy Higgins Margarct Tolle BACK ROW, CSTANDINGJ: Dan Thomas, Bill Mclntosh, Leihl Ogan Joyce Sargent NOT PICTURED bhirlcy Woclk Douglas Sherwood, Ruth Hammer, Sam Bell. CAOITCJQZS gonleafa Vf . BOYS' QUARTET: Dick Jolliffe, Sam Bell, XZ ,fm 'ff If ,gif 1 Marlyn Burch, and Ellsworth jordan. ,-I ,ff -1 ." i K . 'XZ ff "5'?"? 'f X I fu' .VLQ ' ' 2 si, 1, 'flfffpl' in . 76 ,lf 'qxxff' K ,J f -,f f1'y' 4,-,,s ,fn ,nj U , I 1' . ' 'f , This year the mixed choruses, girls' choruses, and mixed ensembles were under the capable and efficient direction of Miss Jeanette Barbour. These groups, including several soloists, won high honors for E. H. S. in the district and state music festivals in the spring. I ,ff 1 A , A Y I 4 7 I i - f , f . , , - FRONT ROW: Shirley Sarterthvfaile, Jayne Krlfteworfh, Marty Schmidt, Jayne BaileyC'Helen Fowler, June Stevenson, Lorrita - Calvert, Mary Ellen Dayis, 5haron'Fau1kner, 'Io Ann Vanl?-eber, Sue Iqnes, Anita Calvert, Kathy Lehr, Phyllis Mclviillan, Donna Nicholson, Cariene Usrey, Janice Chalfant, Elsie Casto. 2ND ROW: Lois Clark, Billie Lively, Barbara Weber, Marilyn - Noffsinger, Io Feller, Pat Fudge, Darla Rogers, Waldo Schrepfer, Pat Miller, Jack Meek, Jim Peffley, Don Chase, Larry Gilliland, Lila Sullivan, Joan Hill, Emylin McCoy, Betty Haskell, Barbara Hummel, Mary Elder, Beverly Church. 5RD ROW: Shirley Welty, Shirley Clark, Margie Garland, Pat Sibley, Roseann Thomas, Faralene Wentling, Jim Lohse, Harold Miller, Bill Fuller, Alan Bullerdiek, Paul Harper, Richard Huaracha, Jim Breese, Larry Thompson, Betty Manspeaker, Jane Funk, Janis Hum, Jane Maus, Dolores Martinez, Selma Webster. BACK ROW: Gelnna Wesley, Ioan Kizer, Leta Davenport, Sue Wilson, Norma Derrmer, Virginia Watkins, Ken McAdoo, Paul Hawkins, Dick Loban, Marvin Nye, Vernon Martin, Charles Faulconer, Larry Hildebrand, Pat Hudson, Lucille Kinney, Pat Sanstra, Helen Smith, Nancy Middleton, Margaret Williams, Norma Shull. FRONT ROW: Glenis Young, Pat Hopkins, Charlene Whitton, Marian Foster, Charlene Heller, Pearl Dale, Sherilyn Lang, Shirley Woella, Bobbie Crelly, Connie Incontro, Jaunita Fowler, Lenea Boucher, Shirley Briclrley, Janet Mossman, Shirley Boone, Kathy Boyer, Julie Fisk, Doris Beaman, Alta Long. ZND ROW: Saralie Force, Lawana Wisdom, Marilyn Smith, Jo Brazil, Polly McGinnis, Rosie James, Beverly Cloyes, Connie Easley, Mary Murphy, Jean Mehaffey, Sally Keith, Dona Cleveland, Barbara McWilliams, Connie Beauregard, Wanda Schneider, Carol Ferguson, Joy Kenney, Barbara Peffley, Gloria Young, Joyce Klintworth, Jessie Sholders. 5RD ROW: Donna Stebbins, Joyce Graham, Barbara Tarrant, Billie Jo Harms, Beverly Beurskens, Carolyn Welty, Tony Godding, Ronald Hudson, Don Boss, Burnett Earp, Dave Dennis, George Mott, Vernon Orndorff, Bob Johnson, Jerry Hayes, Carol Cory, Mary Datin, Mary Dee Thonpson, Janice Graham, Joyce Loclxard, Phyllis Sullivan. BACK ROW: Ruth Gates, Doris Ramsey, Glenna Bonnell, Anabel Moore, Joan Mc- Williams, Nocrna Braman, Barbara Nelson, Richard Lewis, Sam Bell, Terry Sellards, Keith Martin, Marlyn Burch, Ronald Walz, Ellsworth Jordan, Raymond Garland, Ed Thompson, Terry Gladfelter, Richard Jolliffe, Leihl Ogan, Sherry West, Mary Lou Wall, Beverly Wilke, Susie Murray, Rosie Oldfield, Pal Harvey. SCENES FROM OUR CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY. 5 , i l -L ,My-vw rj -mr I fv- KE .h W gl 751 V5-J -is -3, 6:9 I 'A if V ss, l' l X 9 xy' iv , J - V Y .xl Y X ' ,lt 5, iy Ax ' 1 QI ' .tshii I 11:11 1-' v" BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Front row: Mary K. Lange, Marilyn Smith, Margery Cornwell, Elfrieda Eisenhour. Second row: Pat White, Connie Cloyes, Rosalin James, Margaret Smith, Pat Hughes, Barbara Barnes, Myra Scott, Joann VanBeber, Mary Lynne Deewall. Back row: Marcia Metcalf, Joyce Klintworth, Julie Fisk, Polly McGinnis, s. Frank. f ,!f1r'V , , , 1 ,y rg I gylfrbf - UWV 'LW lf ff ageffefi ive Ma jo Sfogan Once again the largest organization in E. H. S. and the second largest Kayette club in the state has chalked up a magnificent record for the year. This year was especially full as the annual Kayette Conference was held here. Under the untiring leadership of its advisers, Mrs. Spann and Mrs. Frank, with the help of the Board of Directors and all cooperative members, this club has sponsored many worth causes. A few of these were the supervision of the Red Cross Drive, decoration of the school halls, the March of Dimes campaign, and Kayette Week. This years officers were Polly McGinnis, president, Marcia Metcalf, vice- president, Joyce Klintworth, secretaryg and Julie Fisk, treasurer. Practically every girl in school takes advantage of the opportunity to par- ticipate in this organzation, and all agree that it helps one maintain the slogan of "Laugh, love and lift." Front Row: Judy Brown, Marilyn Bell, Lenea Boucher, Julie Fisk, Mary Lynne Deewall, Pearl Dale, Beverly Caldwell, Jayne Clark, Anita Calvert, Lorrita Calvert, Shirley Brickley, Joyce Demo, Rachel Cervantes, Janice Christy, Betty Jo Bruce, Janice Chalfant. 2nd Row: Lois Clark, Kathy Boyer, Lydia Chambers, Evelyn Emerich, Linda Belt, Beverly Cloyes, Barbara Barnes, Bobbie Lou Crelly, Joyce Brower, Grace Corralez, Pat Bloir, Connie Andrews, Rita DeWitt, Shirley Boone. 3rd row: Ruth Gleason, Beverly Church, Mary Ann Davis, Beverly Beurskens, Susie Bartlett, Shirley Baum, Connie Cloyes, Jo Brazil, Margery Cornwell, Kathy Banks, Jacque Sue Butler, Barbara Brumback, Mary Eaton, Mary Elder, Elfrieda Eisen- horrr, Joy Cooper, Judy Deewall. 4th Row: Shirley Clark, Lila Dale, Elsie Casto, Pat Baker, Carol Blank, Dotty Lou Cook, Sandy Biles, Mary Baker, l,eNora Blaine, Rosemary Biles, Carol Cory, Mary Datin, Leta Davenport, Jerry Dunivan, Mary Anderson, Jane Doornbos, Thelma Dwire. M YYY T lt Z. ,fi 4 'l 'Lit-IYQ ii m1- "k. l lr- L. -Ll 'l.1 ll li 4. Judy Deewall, Carol Ferguson, Marilyn McKnight, Mrs. Spann, gf F than f:4i""- Q. 4 ff sg Front Row: Charlotte Fowler, Patty Fudge, Joan Hill, Helen Fowler, Beverly Fine, Barbara Harris, Jane Haught, Connie Incontro, Juanita Fowler, Charlene Keller, Doris Beaman, Pat Hopkins, Martha Gossett, Barbara Hummel, Ruth Higgins. 2nd Row: Ruth Hammer, Mooneen Honeymoon, Mary Howe, Joanne Krifteworth, Norma Gregerson, Paula Kirby, Marian Hildebrand, Raymonda Gautier, Jane Kobel, Mary Johnson, Lucille Kinney, Joy Faulconer, Beverly Johnson, Betty Haskell, Joyce Griggs, Mary M. Johnson. 3rd Row: Connie Henderson, Noema Braman, Lora Helmer, Jane Funk, Sharon Faulkner, Julia Fetty, Mary Ann Harvey, Lorena Hofstetter, Sally Keith, Rosalin James, Marian Foster, Janet Fabian, Joy Kinney, Jackie Jones. 4th Row: Glenda Howrey, Jo Ann Kizer, Muriel Golobay, Pat Hughes, Carol Ferguson, Janet Farrar, Alta Jo Feller, Joyce Klintworth, Janice Graham, Billie Jo Harms, Joyce Graham, Pat Harvey, Saralie Force, Karyn Kreeck, Beverly Hence. AG 1-1: Front Row: Marcia Richey, Carolyn Piper, Waynette McGraw, Joan Richards, Helen Morris, Phyllis Mclvfillan, Janice McMillan, Ann Moriarity, Delores Martinez, Shirley Pierce, Pat Pennington, Olive Jean Newsome, Kathryn Lehr, Donna Nicholson, Josie Requena. 2nd Row: Nancy Molter, Jo Ann Lee, Janice Ratley, N'orma Orton, Janet Mossman, Polly McGinnis, Anabel Moore, Marilyn Noffsinger, Betty Manspeaker, Billie Lively, Barbara McWilliams, Ada Lee Orr, Mary Murphy, Pat Lee, Barbara Rumrnel, Beverly Rutherford. 3rd Row: Nancy Rost, Iona Ray, Rose Lee Oldfield, Doris Ramsey, Glenna Bonnell, Geraldine Riggs, Marilyn McKnight, Barbara Nelson, Sally Robbins, Joan McWilliams, Ruth Lill, Myrna Lewis, Janice Mobley, Marcia Metcalf. 4th Row: Mary Milbourn, Reba Jean Runyon, Margaret Ridgeway, Barbara Peffley, Jean Mehaffey, Mary Sue Patty, Leihl Ogan, Carolyn Reaves, Joyce Lockard, Alta Long, Lydia Newbury, Audrey McKinr1is, Marlene Lietzke, Janey Maus, Nancy Middleton, Barbara Purdom. I ,f I , , Front Row: Glenis Young, Charlene Whitton, Sherilyn Zang, LaDonna Sidner, Marilyn Stover, Shirley Satterthwaite, Annette Tighe, Myra Scott, Pat Sibley, Wanda Schneider, Phyllis Sullivan, Shirley Woelk, Phyllis Spires, June Stevenson, Pat White. 2nd Row: Faralane Wentling, Mary Lou Wall, Beverly Wilke, Joann VanBeber, Rosanne Thomas, Jessie Shoulders, Gloria Young, Marjorie Shaffer, Mary Ann Whiteside, Pat Sanstra, Donna Stebbins, Barbara Weber, Connie Walls, Lila Sullivan, Helen Scott. 3rd Row: Margaret Smith, Sherry West, Carolyn Welty, Shirley Schmidt, Ann Zieman, Barbara Tarrant, Mary Solomon, Norma Shull, Margaret Williams, Selma Webster, Virginia Watkins, Mary Jane Welty, Donna Weber, Shirley Welty, 4th Row: Marilyn Smith, Donna Stock, Helen Smith, Sue Wilson, Ann Warren, Carol Sims, Joyce Sargent, Lawana Wisdom, Carlene Usrey, Glenna Wesley, Bonny Zang, Gladys Weber, Pat Silver, Carol Scanlon. i 1 llif' Front Row: Tony Godding, Dick Abraham, Darrell Hansen, George Hulburt, Raymond Lehr, Dale Bozone, Richard Lewis, Burnette Earp, Ray Houser, Thurman Kelly, Bill Bickford, Jerry Hayes, Norman Cullop, Jim Lohse. 2nd Row: Frank Frazier, Jim Breese, Jim Gauntier, Lee Lazarus, Bob Evans, CarlBoyer, Dick Jolliffe, Jim Cather, Paul Harper, Don Biddle, Richard Faulconer, David Dennis, Fred Bernhardt, Charles Faulconer, Gene Criss. 3rd Row: Ronald Hudson, Gary Anthony, Dean Hollis, Alan Bullerdiek, Forrest Lockard, Richard Loban, Bill Auer, Tom Cour, Don Boss, Bill Fuller, John Cooper, Stephen Abbott, Lyal Bevan, Raymond Garland. Back Row: Allen Diller, Robert Derstein, Paul Hawkins, Marlyn Burch, Jack Buckner, Norman Daniels, Jack Emerick, Keith Martin, Jim Cook, Bob Duncan, Bob Grant, Larry Hildebrand. x i Front.Row: Waldo Schrepfer, Max McLean, Gail Vogelman, Ken McAdoo, Don Baker, Jim Peffley, Richard Wilson, Pat Miller, Keith Nixon, Aaron Smith, Robert Patterson, Bill McIntosh, Jerry Peterson, Joe Schlesinger. 2nd Row: Leroy Ray, Gene Wilson, Roger Simon, Larry Tarrant, Ernest White, H. C. Ruckert, Ted Stackley, Marc McLean, Terry Sellards, Huey White, Bill Studebaker, Charles Sweeney, Benny Plummer, Bill Bidwell, Arlis Owen. 3rd Row: Bill Mollohan, Jim Patton, Louis Taliaferro, Lonnie Snook, Trenton Brown, Tom Ott, John Harrison, Terry Gladfelter, Bob Balch, Paul Wallace, John Mattox, Dick Robbins, Harold Miller, Dave Weatherby, Ronald Minard, Buel Robinson. The Hi-Y of E. H. S. under the presi- l ur 0l'Yll'l'l2l'l 6 dency of Dick Robbins, the first boy to serve two terms as president in a number of years, has had a successful year. One lj- hundred and twenty-eight boys have been members this year. The club was ably guided by its two new sponsors, Mr. Dave .24 A Weatherby and Mr. Buel Robinson. ' The social hi hli hts of the year were or C Leuelnenfg the hayrack ride in tie fall and the annual banquet near the close of the school year. Other officers for the year were Rich- ard Wilson, vice-president, Larry McCully. secretary-treasurer, Jerry Peterson, program chairman, Lonnie Snook, devotions chairman. Hi-Y Cabinet: Larry McCu1ly, Lonnie Snook, Dick Robbins, Richard Wilson, Jerry Peterson. TTT I KW, J, lf' FRONT ROW: Jerry Peterson, Farrell Mitchell, Dick Jolliffe, Pat Hudson, Ray Houser, Charles Faulconer, Jerry Hayes, Arlan Stackley, Jack Crumrine. Vernon Jackson. 2ND ROW: Dick Orndorff, Jim Russum, Bill Kirkman, Dick Wilson, Bumette Earp, Lee Lazarus, Dave Nuttle. 3RD'ROW: Jim McDonald, Larry McCul1y, Keith Martin, Dick Burch, Mark McLean, Jim Breeze. BACK ROW: Vernorl Orndorff. Doane Huber, Bob Evans, Louis Taliaferro, Jack Jackard, Ken McAdoo. A r I V V 'xx 'X ' , A "rf H. N 1 i 3, I' 1 1 1 I 53 if , r M- f' 0 'if' , W 5 Ni ,J , ., lf f 0' W L - , A . X Under the leadership of Ray Houser, pres- identg Charles Faulconer, vice-presidentg Dick Iolliffe, secretaryg and Pat Hudson, sergeant- at-arms, the E-Club has had a successful year. The sponsor of the group is .Tim McDonald. Among the highlights of the year were the square dance, the E-Club banquet, and the annual E-Club-Faculty basketball game. Students of E. H. S. will not soon forget those handsome lettermen running about the halls at initiation time in their strange garb, with painted noses and ears and that novel hairdo! nl, v 1 xxx 'I'-,," :.f' wc."-1-. , . ,tl , Q Fil. fx gfqjqif' dk- R e R fl if ' - 1 ' k,.' n ' LA X, ' ,gf 1 nl Q, 1, D' A-' A iff'--ff' .' L " fl ,af I , .lil -1' if r fries fr nf' ,V ul 'K -N El' I 0 0 0 f500fb?f'iY"dhr'7T t , L .Ah FRONT ROW: Shirley Satterthwaite, Susie Murray, Marty Schmidt, Jean Newsom, Glenna Wesley, Patsy Sibley, Wanda Schneider, Mary Murphy, Ada Orr, Ann Warren, Marcia Metcalf, Polly McGinnis, Marilyn Smith, Diane Wentling, Myra Scott, Nancy Rost, Beverly Rutherford, Emylin McCoy, Sally Robbins, Ann Zieman, Lawana Wisdom, Doris Ramsey, Barbara Peffley. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Welty, Joan McWilliams, Barbara Rummell, Pat Silver, Helen Smith, Janey Mans, Margaret Smith, Joyce Sargent, Shirley Woellr, Audrey Mclriinnis, Joyce Lockard, Marlene Lietzke, Shirley Schmidt, Kathy Lehr, Carol Scanlon, Phyllis Sullivan, Jean Mehaffey, Sally Keith, Carlcnc Usrey, Janet Mossrnan, Connie Walls, Mrs. Warren. THIRD ROW: Donna Stock, Myrna Lewis, Nancy Middleton, Faralene Wentling, Geri Riggs, Sherry West, Mary Lou Wall, Marcia Richey, Roseann Thomas, Barbara Nelson, Nancy Molter, Anabel Moore, Marilyn Noff- singer, LaDonna Sidncr, Rosie Oldfield, Shirley Pierce, Pat Pennington, Donna Weber. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Welty, Leihl Ogan, Norma Orton, Helen Norris, Joan Richards, Margaret Williams, Norma Shull, Mary Solomon, Barbara Purdom, Annette Tighe, Janice McMillen, Marilyn Stover, Carolyn Piper, June Stevens, Ann Moriarty, Kay Smith, Sue Wilson, Barbara Tarrant, Virginia Watkins, Donna Nicholson, Pat Sanstra, Shcrilyn Lang. BACK ROW: Theda Sharp, Janice Ratley, Charlene Whitton, Ruth I,i1l, Phyllis Spires, Deloris Martinez, Waynett McGraw, Phyllis McMillan, Josie Requena, Barbara Weber, Gladys Weber, Pat Lee, Lila Sullivan, Mary Welty, Joan Lee, Carolyn Rcavcs, Pat White, Donna Stebbins, Mary Milbourn. Wed peldldelw pep . No one in school needs to be told about that organization of E. H. S. known as the Pep Club. lf one ever attended an athletic contest in our high school, he has heard and seen this club which has a state-wide reputation for its spirit and support of our teams. As usual, the annual hilarious initiation started the year off with a "bang" and brought in enough girls to make the club the biggest ever. The highlight of the year and something all looked forward to was the annual Christmas Dance sponsored by this club. Our gym was fl' "' , , sf?74 .6 ttf!-4 , ,-,-1 N , Y, 2:-rfrft' '-"- 'CHEERLEADERSJ " A' " Harold Schlesinger A Shirley Satterthwaite Susie Murray Elfrieda Eisenhour, Y Marty Schmidt I Terry Gladfelter. , ' -' I r . I , 511 1' fiw . 7 , ,-,ga - - .-.......m-.x.-:Azz-1... M'H'IEu.ggQtWt : I 1 I 1 as 4 FRONT ROW: Sadie Force, Bobbie Lou Crelly, Pat Harvey, Glenna Bonnell, Joyce Brower, Jayne Bailey, Beverly Caldwell, Jane Funk, Barbara Barnes, Shirley Baum, Connie Cloyes, Marian Foster, Rosalin James, Jo Brazil, Leta Davenport, Ruth Hammer, Carol Ferguson, Noema Braman, Jaunita Fowler, Connie Incontro, Charlene Keller, Mary Elder, Elfreida Eisenhour. SECOND ROW: Norma Gregerson, Joan Kriftewirth, Lora Helmer, Rosemary Biles, Rachel Cervantes, Mary Johnson, Carol Cory, Mary Anderson, Ruth Higgins, Grace Corralez, Doris Beaman, Joy Cooper, Betty Bruce, Kathy Banks, Margery Cornwell, Judy Deewall, Jacque Sue Butler, LaNora Blain, Joyce Griggs, Beverly Hence, Helen Fowler, Charlotte Fowler. THIRD ROW: Margie Garland, Lois Clark, Billie Lively, Betty Man- speaker, Ann Cook, Evelyn Emrich, Alta Jo Feller, Karen Kreeck, Marilyn McKnight, Kathy Boyer, Janice Graham, Linda Belt, Julie Fisk, Mary Lynn Deewall, Beverly Cloyes, Janet Farrar, Lenea Boucher, Joyce Graham, Billie Jo Harms, Pat Hughes, Muriel Golobay, Mary Eaton, Janet Fabian. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Clark, Sharon Faulkner, Julia Fetty, Ruth Gates, Shirley Brickley, Barbara McWilliams Connie Beauregard, Janis Hollis, Carole Blanck, Beverly Fine, Janice Christy, Jane Doornbos, Betty Haskell, Pat Bloir, Pat Hopkins, Martha Gossett, Janice Chalfant. Shirley Boone, Jackie Jones, Judy Brown, Connie Andrews, Patty Fudge. BACK ROW: Connie Egan, Joan Hill, Annita Calvert, Lorrita Calvert, Mary Davis, Beverly Beurskens, Raymonda Gautier, Jane Kobel, Marian Hildebrand, Susie Barlett, Paula Kirby, Marilyn Bell, Mary Ellen Baker, Sandra Biles, Mary Harvey, Beverly Snodgrass, Beverly Church, Jane Haught, Barbara Harris, Mary Kay Lange, Lydia Chambers, Elsie Casto, Mooneen Honeyman, Joy Faulkner. transformed into a beautiful silver and-blue winter heaven. All seniors agree that nothing has really seemed so bad and final to them as the Pep Club Banquet at the end of the year. Always they will remember being a part of this group, the very best Pep Club in the state. It is a pleasure to know that the duties and spirit of this organization will be carried on in the future by able girls. The officers this year were Marilyn C. Smith, president, Shirley Baum, vice-president, Geri Riggs, secretary, and Jo Fellcr, treasurer. 1,441 ' UM - w,.JM Dov . f ,M 404142- FRONT ROW: Phil Thomas, Ellsworth Jordan, Joyce Sargent, beta Davenport, Joy Cooper, Mr. Grove. BACK ROW: Gary Anthony, Charles Barlett, Ray Houser, Rich- ar Lewis, BillBidwell, Wendel1Nixqn,x Rox rlgersteinmfohn Cooper. x xi x ' . Y s X N ,R t ' if X Q 3 N lt , Qt: XR N xt Q X , 1 ng N ' 1 3. X' ' W N V'- , o .QQ X? X Xl ' 3 X -- r P000 5 F2111 U15 X, Q N -y lr , N is 'O r X N Grove's Gremlins, high school science club, chose the following officers for the N S ' . Q ,I X year: Ellsworth Jordan, presidentg Ray Houser, vice-president, Joy Cooper, secretary- R i X ' ' , X treasurer, Ric Lewis, laboratory assistantg and librarian, Robert Derstein, reporter, k ' . a d Mr. Gr ve, onsor. , , , A qi ll ,aff is v" of W -- I , T -r 1 .-, ' T'-ffk'-' . ,,fC,-,,f , .ff - d A t , . . N K -' f f ,-- I 4 X' xx V 1 ,fry nf," rf' .4 ' "W .. .A - '- 4, " 1... ,,.f',.5'V 5 I K K X 1 fl 1' 0 0 , - 4. l ' - , ,,' ., L , I' , 1 ,. , 5 -fe ,f , e...,.1fea41dQ,, 1 f . f ' ,. I I 1 ' - , 2: :,', , P lihrhy, ' ' rrl ' assistedvLyM 'H' ' C non and ,. .V fe ollowing gddent librarians:-,V ATEDJ Mary Eaton, R llnotnbos, 3 '.,P 3 A , .-Rachelfx " INGf . K 'cffffrf-ff -f' L yn, Mrs. Cannon, Miss Houck. lj - 1 1 C. s, X ' , ,Af . ' ' if ' . Lg, x ' - ff- - we Q ,- ,..4.ff- ' , Q if-. if - aw . Af as s 1 wp - X ' av, -,fp '.- - ,' " P ' f - if . , 1 aff? ' " I ' ' , -Q3 . ,Q ' X ,Z ff 1 I --.1 if , N, ,if u ' K ,fy . ,Q '-,f-7-f zHff'.'S""'. "' Siu ferr! , t .1 mv K , Re presenting El Dorado at Girls' State in the summer of 1952 were Polly McGinnis, Margaret Smith, Leta Davenport, and Connie Cloyes. Attending Boys' State were Dick Iolliffe, Ken McAdoo, Paul Hawkins, Marlyn Burch, Burnette Earp, Jerry Peterson, and Richard Lewis. Jerry Peterson was chosen an alternate to attend Boys' Nation in Washington, D. C. f , .. Tit' .5357 BACK ROW: Ken McAdoo, Jerry Peterson, Dick Jolliffe, Burnette Earp, Richard Lewis, Marlyn Burch. FRONT ROW: Paul Hawkins, Leta Davenport, Connie Cloyes. Polly McGinnis, Margaret Smith. , wlLocAr Yowls EL DORADO HIGH SCHOOL lllll8ll Der- steln , ature Editor-Late Davenport orta Editors-Bill Kirhnan, Bill Bidwell Elle:-Norma Gregersen, Pat ey, Nancy Holter rtera-Ianice Graham, Harl- gr HaK.ni,1ht, Role Lee OR! olds, Shir ey Welty, Richard. Floretto Charles Sweeney, Don Baker, Ann Zieman culty Adviser-George U'-after TIME IS FLEE' Second semestf OUD IDEAL SOPHOMORE GIRL Hair-Margaret Williams Eyes-Connie Egan Teeth-Kay Smith Figure-Carolyn Piper Complexion-Mary Ellen Davis Personality--Ann Moriarty Leadership-J une Stevenson Scholarship-Lydia Chambers Vovabulary-Carolyn Reeves Athletic Ability-Annette Tighe Clothes-Julia Fatty Pep-Marty Schmidt Cute-Pat Lee OUR IDEAL SOPHOMORE BOY Hair-Larry Taylor Eyes-Louis Taliaferro Teeth--Mickey Scanlon Physique-Bob Evans Personality+Toe Schlesinger Leadership--Max McLean Scholarship-Gary Bracken Vocabulary-Aaron Smith Athletic Ability-Bob Brian Clothes-Terry Sallards Pep-Dick Orndorff Handsome-Duane Huber "HERB" IN THE HALLS Diane Wentlingz "I can hardly wait until "'r ten year class re- union " Janice Christy-"Giggles" Keith Martin-"Mahe" Melvin Srader-"Sharkie" Barbara Nelson-"Nellie" John Grant--"Toddy" Faralane Wentling-"Fary" Ann Cook-"Harvey" CAT MATMEN DOWN TROJANS 29-16 The Cat grapplers journeyed to Topeka Tuesday to win their sixth straight match over Topeka's Tro- jans. The Cats won 7 matches, tied one and lost 4. Winning for El Dorado were Lara, Jackson, Usrey, Wilson, McFarland, Shaf- er, and Watkins. Hayes drew with Hicks. DeLeon, Baker, Kirkman, and Martin lost. Lara, Jackson, and Watkins pinned. Jackson was team captain for El Dorado while Pointer was Topeka's captain. Let's keep winning fellowsl SNIFFLES BY TWO SNEEZES Dear Sniffles, As you know, grade cards came out last week and I'm afraid to even take them home to my folks. When they find out what I made in band Pm sunk. I've made straight A's except in band, and I 'nade tan,A - Pl- 'Natl " fl wash. It seems good to see Bob Stotts back among us again. Welcome back, Bob! Who is the blonde that Pete Hokins has been seen with a lot lately? This sounds serious, eh, Pete? Has everyone seen Jerry Duni- van's picture in Sloan's display window? Say, Jerry, how do you rate this? Diane Wentling seems to have received some good news. She'll all smiles because Charlye Rem- mert is coming home next week. The "three ring circus" consist- ing of Marilyn N. and Vernon 0.3 Julie F. and Dick J.g Mary Lynne D. and Dave Dennis, is on exhibi- tion for all to see by the chemistry lab. Tell us kids, who is the star performer? Why was Lu Wisdom dra ging around the halls last week? It seems that Don had just left for the army. Marlyn Burch seemed to be hav- ing fun last week describing one of his girl friends. We musn't be catty, Marlyn. Carolyn Welty was about to cry talking about graduation. Caro- lyn, just remember that everyone has to go ometime. Richard Burch seemed to be having a little car trouble the other night. That was a bad night for such things, Dick. HERE WE GO AGAIN Poor Mary Lynne! After a long, drawn-out explanation, Dav- " 'f---"- -vnlainarl to her a few V, ll many of an weeks 0' look P ve sr acia' Pr' VP -ff K I -' at Kathy Ann. l f , a vi -. 'nel'- Joann .ve quite l' "Leapin :ordl it willlvpevgr . gear. ay e Pep . ' .uffer you could iii R X , girls. I t t ow " - ' ,KSOII-U wan o we were to tours, . 0' ' 3 ass. All that teacher d many, many more "f-"'-' Smffles does IS talk, talk, talk. rpraise or thank you was never al: There L . .aa onlnles, Mr. Staegkel-"What does she argl :Ve have only seventeen goesnour ..--- ,,...emment ln ac- V h --- t I iust tallcl about? qh d t H B e t so make yo ... l-.. , - a:,... va mm so worn ou . nrnnn.-". a oesn' say, rl felt b f th was innocently rom, e are e BACK ROW: Nancy Molter. Marilyn McKnight, Janice Graham. Bill Bidwell, Richard Flnrcnc, 2 Window Of the Charles Sweeney, Don Baker, Shirley Welty, Connie Beauregard. FRONT ROW: Leta Daven- gdhgggngnlgggg gRNAl-ISM S-I-AF port, Paul Hawkins, Beverly Caldwell, Ann Zieman, Myra Scott, Bob Derstein, Norma Gre- e dashied lpriqrg in RESSES APPRE gersen. NOT PICTURED: Bill Kirkman. mime 1 ur' llny prgiggg K0 1: y replied uD0ll't ' . . d ht I" isrlguxgsflgg 2? Wildcat Yowls, published weekly in the Butler County News, has provided one of each vrlgll 3 a Ellis attending a week's highlights to the students of E. H. S. The paper is produced by the Journalism class, Ivins wnm' the nzfnsinguzglgzlmg capably sponsored by Mr. George Shaffer. Without the faithfulness of each member of our Pye hu,-4 nm. ltllghornrggtign, excellent staff, the paper could not have been a success. l111Lbl03d boil-Q y ou e proud en W 0 F111 . forth by each an ,vu-y .gl-1 'rne questions were rumen, "CU.l'UIII"lll. para. .. ......... ...... - W .,., .... ..... W., put an ad ln the get to the game on time, to BY the ffeichel' with Cin: W01'k, 110911118 Wlll- paper which read as follows: angg thgggglyeg in oh- AS llYlY5v "For Sale: A bull dog two years mp, and to lrehp the ng , .hope that the students, Snlfflei old. Will eat anything. Very right. The guccegg gf the Re At least would do fair. Du S an ---- fond of children." . :pore 'ls the result f 1' ll 99 -n -nal al.- ........--- o-ac?iggE 'Flag lnunmlaflsn wma nnlflnrl, . I' 'Inst nlnlt think Of ADV IBI- The hero came staggering out nf' the adware fn fall nv anatnrl at out ol were I will a El Do: third four I fourth losses. from ' side o feated Uni Coffeg sides tendirl Shafff Murie Nancy Thema MR. C TEN Ass led bg Lean tender turn mer ss that rl The impor discus tion c riots, polio 4 then 1 GROW INTEI The weekl1 Presid the nil was e secret meetil tanied set of Gary 'ollov ournc Llear I you tl Just i vw You n tr ' You'll W nl First, pr Alway o. Treat fi With 1 a There' ca Put th bl 1 Inl E.H.S. membt sophon othervl of this June i celebra 12. The who rl 824 W movie a Song it didn June A ford. is the the col Crosby illfllll lil 1 'i fr SEATED: Mr. McMillan, Richard Burch, Richard Wilson, Dale Hamilton, Ronnie Wimherly, Bob Carson, Melvin Schmidt. 2ND ROW: Loyd Ross, Lester Hansen, Bob Morgan, Jerry Doornbos, David Templeton, Don Loos, Jim Bailey, Paul Mossman, Lewis Shepard, James Pierce, BillB1ake. 3RD ROW: Jack West, Gail Vogelman, Carl Boyer, LeRoy Ray, H. C. Ruckert, Wayne Edgington, Gene Wilson, Bob Johnston, Kenneth Usrey. BACK ROW: Arlan Stackley, David Nuttle, Gene Countryman, Jerry Mosier, Ray Robinson, Dale Potter, Nelson Olinger, Richard Faulconer, Walter Wiley, Roy Buffum. . Lad inferefifing gear The thirty-six members of the El Dorado F. F. A. Chapter have had an interesting year under the leadership of President Richard Wilson. The other officers are Dale Hamilton, vice-president, Bob Carson, secretary, Ronnie Wimberly, treasurer, Richard Burch, reporter, and Melvin Schmidt, sentinel. The winning of second place in the F. F. A. machinery exhibit at the Kansas State Fair shared top place with the winning of the gold emblem in the F. F. A. information contest at Buhler, Kansas, as outstanding awards won by the chapter. The chapter also received a bronze emblem in a ritual contest at Buhler. Such events as skating parties, hay rack rides, and square dances were enjoyed by the members, along with exchange meetings with other chapters. Three seniors and two juniors have applied for the degree of State Farmer. They are Richard Wilson, Dale Hamilton, and Richard Burch, seniors: Arlan Stackley and Dave Nuttle, juniors. The chapter is sponsored by William McMillan. 36 TOP LEFT: Farm Mechanics Team--Hamilton and Wison. TOP RIGHT: Mr. McMillan explains a wood work- ing problem to Dick Wilson and Dale Hamilton. CENTER: F. F. A. Initiation at the Annual Dad's Night Chili Feed. LOWER LEFT: Crops Judging Team: Carson, Wim- blerly, and Burch. LOWER RIGHT: Winners of F. F. A. emblem jackets in magazine subscription contest--West, Ruckert, Schmidt, Johnson. .i' Polly McGinnis, Oueen Jo Brazil, and Marcia Metcalf 0lflt50I" l'0lllI'I,f5 M0811 0 Pwasketlmll Queen Susie Mi1rray was crowned by Trenton Brown at a dance following the Newton game. Ma rilyn Srnith and Marcia Metcalf, attendants, were escorted hy Thurman Kelly and Jim Russum. Honorary game captain, Ray House-r, crown- ed Jo Brazil as 1952 Football Queen at za dance following the East High game. Attendants lvlztrcix Metcalf and Polly McGinnis were escorted by Jim Russum and Thurman Kelly. uziie roufneaf Quc2c2l-iz g e renf Marilyn Smith, Queen Susie Murray, and Marcia Metcalf. ' Mya, 'U -' U I 6 W. ,J Q-Q 'Y M " ' ' ' ' " n' . "' "Al 'K 'W' Q- v ' . A J --..-.,, . - ., " 'N - 1' iff' 'N ,. f:'f."e .7-,WF 'Tv .5 fsfzit-K, fxffwr qfqgff ,-y 5,-'iff 'ffsfp x ' ' ' xx 3. A N V- 1 1 3' ui 5 ' ', rx' -I N 'l 1 ' ' 1 X, . Ax 8-,F I h-Axxn -l.v.'.1f.. N'xI5 ...X 'lit . 'nl' -. In 'I' ' V- 'h 1 -J' '- ' Q-N' V ' UL'-'N' x' Y ' ' "1 "N" ' X 'f -NJ'-.vu A 1 1: , 'V ' - ' 'l 1 Y I1 'I'-,--I 1,7 5 , v, ,.' X-rt H' 'V ,l J H v g 5 ' '. . I . , "f , ,' - . . , : :Lax Q .1 N kv n' H 1' ' ',X' ' N", ' X lx I- Q2 305-fLW I - .X . , X 1 , - V ax. f:Ng x"""q..'s fx -x- 1 ti ...N t-' . -l'l jx N . 1' 'vQl K1 JW" nfs?" i'- V..-, Rx J ., F' - - Qu fl.. . X -, N . Q, 'hy 5 . : ,- ' ' . -' I ' . . - x 5 if 4 ,,y. x P, -1 .x, N Ll xi' Ayyn .'- 'lx vl',' x'.N x.',vg' its .I ' I N 4 . , , xlw 5' 'Q . L XIX ' -I X ' ,A l' I x -If 'Q , du n , Y-L tb - Q ,,'." 2. ' X . .M Wx- - . , f ,4 X .-In ' ' , ' ' f. ' ' ' 'N ' 1 , - -A l ' ? "'l Q' ,Q V , X ' rl x5 xt ,,-xv 4-' K, QQQ .I si I 'A' I A I 1 ,' -' ' - ., r' .I M, : Y Q 2: Qxx ly : N '., H 'YQ U I 4 Ah - VIOI. x qshdk - .' 'X .' "".". 4. ' L- '. x 14551, xff'--,xy X, ,' aifhx '1 ,xv , , X,N x qI'u X ' ', S J- vm . N r ,.. Q X fx I , , --1 . . ' 40 4' . ., . , V 1 fn. ,N ,HN N x, mo: ' 5 9 , ,,..,.", fl, . l 5 fxx. sf,-7' -0 r 'lk Hu NA xX5 Y no '-- - uw f' - X. .:' - - -- - ff ' K " 'A I 1 2 1".1n'M 'S 1 1' - .,,- - -0-4 . . 5. jqib' f1g.. , Rt,,,:q"FQ: . v ' 1 1- , . , '.p 's ' 4 ,L ' xts liz C' .U I X I I xi' U 1 'I --'-1- -fan - --NVQ- "' .x ' V - --'nl' V W. ' X ".!s 5 . . .. , . , . , , i a X. xl , h H, . - . .04 1 ' I ' Q I ' 4 rg. -'. ' Q ,"A -' 1 - 'g u 5 N . - I 0 'v g 1 A rl' .fvr ' 5 f IAQN X' ' ,fs, - K.-ifrs, .x "fx x". 'sh' x ,I XC' iw ,p., - , N VXI Xn,. g,.h .UQ 1 " ' x as, ,qi C"' ' ' -v f 1 ,PO ,,, ,X ' q 1 . .9 NNIM. . U ,. gh.- . is 4- , ,Q -1, - , ..,. -,. 3: 92 ,M . fx N . 1 . , 1 f .K 4 IW' V' K! . SN., fs' ', 'glxx ffm, : qx, .," V, 1 'xqxli' xii I -F.. 'xl -qiuxl xl s' Irv. u'x1 .Q I -,i,' Km., ' U , X M., QI' 51, xx! ,S lx l if lvfxn . A' , g 1 ' f' - '. J, -K. 'yv,,x'-, ?'1N"9,'A 'f .Y ', .h, s -"J .A I',j.':'xVl K "1.' ',r.'ir-4'.'.o. X P , , .., 5 .l .. 's r 'Z-xnwt'-'lg' N , 8' a I .I Ext, -- J-:Vp -'I fl, -'X 3 - 5 I N ' . 5 " Xa. ff' yi 5 'b r -1 .mJ.QB y , ,4' X,-5 .A 3 Q . . ,E N ' '. X..-1' 'Q' li "'lL , ,', Q. Ml lk: F N . , - -6 . ' . Q , .. . r 4' '4! . .., Q , A A1 ' 1.1.5 - . 9 I , J' ' ,.Q- 'f.- , .'A.f' . ' 1 . Q . .1 - ,. . 5g?fH -1 If ' ', , lg' ' -.-- .f -asf? ,. --, . - 'dk-9-if NO Y' 4 W1 f '. ..-.! fx: Q' , , - , v . N .L I x .Ne ' 1 , 1. . ,n fq Q -- .1 ..- .U . ' , ' -' -v Y . 1, -I 1 . 1 ' 5-1 1 ", ,14- - , v'4 u .GQ .L f X 1 ,'i v - 3 - - .,, . ,' , , ii ' , - ,- , . 1 . , 4 ' ,., ' l " -, "..,1,-- ,I 3.' "1 lf' .f fn- ' 'Ls rw- ., .f3p,..,4 - .1 1 gpg! -f..5.- ..-lr.-.-P... I U-222' X . Y I ,.-A, A mfgul' KCICL5 ULU' goofgaf ian! lrlzl' l I . Q fl .l..!,3!.1.-!.i!.. i.!,S.,!,.l.,m.n..n..r l., np. at Q n FRONT ROW: Pat Hudson, Charles Faulconer, Ray 1-louser, Thurman Kelly, Jim Russum, Denzle Shafer, Larry Hildebrand, George Kleckner, Darrell Mitchel, Farrell Mitchel. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hayes, Keith Martin, Charles Barlett, Richard Lewis, yernon Orndorff, Ronnie Wimberly, Marc McLean, Dave Dennis, John Harrison, Larry Davis. THIRD ROW: Ronald Hudson, Bill Warren, Qmanagersy, Ted Stackley, Pat Miller, Bob Evans, Bill Bickford, Duane Huber, Bill Kimball, Dwaine Noel, Dick Orndorff, Don Chase, BACK ROW: Coaches--Jim McDonald, Emmett Breen, Bob McCollum. SCHEDULE I I 31 Emporia 7 The ElDorado H1gh School Wildcats 12 Hutchinson 13 enjoyed another excellent season of 13 Ark City 0 football in one of the hardest-fought 6 East O Ark Valley races in several years. 0 North 6 Mr. McCollum was assisted in Z1 Winfield Z3 coaching by Emmett Breen and Jim Z6 Augusta 19 McDonald' zo weiungmon Z1 6 Newton 35 4 v . I I 1 I 'N ,N .X ja"?- xv O .-.- sf 6'0 Lats Trirw mph ,Highs Trip Ark City By I3-0 Cou t .' nf El Dorcdo's Piuy ls F ea! 1' by Repeated Gow 5 w tandsi f Qi' Q 000, 944 mf -'bf 'off 9010 lblsaoqcr Jgf ' 'SWA 5, 065. V1 N ,XJ X Q fm I K- ,, in 'im Z' , , ,,,.,4 - It 'v 5,0 inns .1 , H X it X N K r' - as-ff 1 is A FRONT ROW: Larry Taylor, Ralph Olenberger, Burnett Earp, Jim Gautier, Bill Kirkman, Richard Wilson, Arlan Stackley, Jack Crumrine, Micheal Schrepfer, TOP ROW: Galen Blackmore, Bob Carson, Don Baker, Ken McAdoo, Jack Jackard, Allen Abraham, Richard Huaracha, Darrel Hansen, Lee Lazarus. The Cross Country team had a successful 1952. season. The scores in meets enter ed follow: 10 E1Dorado East 29 E1Dorado 18 Newton 18 Newton 16 E1Dorado Z0 East 45 Newton Z0 ElDorado Z1 East 43 Emporia 67 Newton 20 E1Dorado Z7 Emporia 47 East 52 State Meet 5th place The "B" second year in a row that the "B" team has been unbeaten. team had an undefeated season with 5 straight wins. This is the Under the coaching of Jim McDonald, the tumbling team of E. H. S. has again had a successful year, both as a tumbling team and in representing our school with performances before eighteen groups. Of the twenty-five boys participating, fifteen are lettermen. FRONT ROW: Larry Scott, Vernon Jackson, Tom Newby, Lee Dunning. 2ND ROW: Phll Brickley, Bill Kimball, Jack Kemmerly, Jimmy Patton, Bill Lehr, John Smock. 3RD ROW: Bill Klnsinger, Jack Soden, Raymond Lehr, Gary Bracken Charles Barlett, John Harrison, Jimmy Fry. BACK ROW: Mr. McDonald, Cliff Marcum, Lloyd Morgan, Ken McAdoo, Phil Thomas, Dan Thomas, George Kleckner, Darrell Hansen. 1 5 I il s- . -5 limi L45 Q Ns fr E S Q EC Q : .R V5 Q E B E pm! B H j Q J j gf-f217?7' A! ' we f ' fu In the third year of wrestling in El Dorado High School, Coahsh MeDonald's proteges have shown what bnsy years they have beeh-qt f 'Twelve boys represented E. H. S. in ten matches, winning nine of them. In the Regional Tonrnament where El Dorado placed third, five boys qualified for the State meet. 'Three of these boys placed to tie El Dorado with Atwood for sixth place in the state. The five boys who went to the state were Vie Lara, Ken Usrey, Richard Wilson, Denzle Shafer and Bill Kirkman. Vic Lara emerged state champion in the 95-pottnd class. Bill Warren was student manager of the team. The resttlrs of the various matches are as follows: SEATEIJ: Vie l,a1'a, Denzle Shafer, Ken Usrey. STANDING: Mr. lxlelbonald, Bill Kirkrnan, Dick Wilso El Dorado 25 Chilocco ll El Dorado 54 Douglas I4 El Dorado 50 Donyrlas IQ El Dorado 57 Topeka Il El Dorado 58 Winfield l4 El Dorado 28 Topeka 16 El Dorado 27 Winfield Zl El Dorado 51 Newton 5 El Dorado l5 East ZQ El Dorado 2h North 13 Regionals 5rd 25 points State Oth ll points BACK ROW: Coach McDonald, Earp, Alter, Patterson, Kirkman, Shafer, Fanleoner, Robinson, Hayes, Knowles. ,RD ROW: Wilson, McFarland, Melylillan, Boss, Carson, Baker, Maddnx, Cont, Chase, Martin. 2ND1tOW: Gilmore, N.rttle, Davis, Hanson, Cttllop, lJel,eon, Andrews. FRONT ROW: Blake, Jackson, Usrey, Scott, Schlesinger, Lara, Manager Bill Warren. AVA Q l t 1 t ,A 1 . usp 9 5 ., ""-+ " 'Lg .J L ' A A 1' nf 'M " Qfiriktxt e ' ,mg 1 .1 5 1-1 ... ULV1 , ,L V 124 Pild- , if L' ' fit: fd, me ,gy ,Q- . 1 Z QE will fb" 1 914 1 V 1 -'I ,. 4-nf' Maw!" .11 W, .. ' U' in ' .Kala E5 ' -1 ..L- 9 ds. 1. W7 FRONT ROW: Mickey Scanlon, Dick Orndorff, Duane Huber, Ronald Green, Carl Boyer, Tom Mairs. 2ND ROW: Darrell Mitchel, Farrell Mitchel, Vernon Orndorff, Jerry Peterson, Thurman Kelly, Jim Russum, Jack Jackard, Vernon Martin, Sam Binter, Dick Loban, David Dennis, BACK ROW: Coach McCollum, Larry Hildebrand, Dwaine Noels, Marc McLean, Louis Taliaferro, Bob Brian, Wendell Nixon, Ray Houser, Coach Breen. mfgur Clzeero fke gaalvfgaff jeam SCHEDULE El Dorado 51 Independence 45 El Dorado 55 Winfield 63 El Dorado 65 Emporia 57 El Dorado 54 Augusta 89 El Dorado 60 Ottawa 55 El Dorado 41 Hutchinson 51 El Dorado 37 Wichita North 65 E1 Dorado 49 Ark City 58 El Dorado 49 Winfield 52 El Dorado 54 Newton 68 El Dorado 45 Hutchinson 48 El Dorado 49 Augusta 65 El Dorado 54 Wichita East 67 El Dorado 55 Wellington 56 El Dorado 37 Newton 59 El Dorado 63 Wichita East 66 El Dorado 51 Ark City 42 Emporia Tournament El Dorado 47 Wellington 44 E1 Dorado 32 Ark City 58 El Dorado 40 Wichita North 59 E1 Dorado 50 Columbus 60 B . rown Brian Omdorff Peterson Binter Russum U A ' I 5, x g l r Q W . 4 J ' n ' 1 " 1! K' . rl 3 3 E I: I , rx i7 1, ' . gb . I .4 I ' , - ' . ,,. W ' in ia: X Q X D h x ' VI 1 ' -' '-. .4 W x . , , I , " ' I ' 1. -v I, .. 4, MF' Er 9 4 Kullb' , Mile el DCIlIll5 hlrilllll Jaclard Ta lia ferro Lohan F. Mitchell McLean If If , ,-. OMJQPZ5 eam ind agnframura A ' Ray I-Iouser'S team of the National League and Jerry Hayes' team ofthe American League were victors in intramural play. In the championship game I-Iouser's teani downed Hayes' to become the 1953 intramural champions. Bill Bickford, Jack Crurnrine, Jack Meek, Keith Martin, Ray Houser, Terry Gladfelter, Denzlc Shafer, Coach Jim McDonald L' . Q4 I ,-.. ul 1 , V I 'aa .bcwegaf CSZAQLJLL ffgfwwl M N U WE! ,W , .l?'Tw-Qiabr, .5-' .fu AR?-TY' 74-Q'1f:'1" -.-X v-'34, ' - FRONT ROW: Raymond Lara, Larry Tyler, George Hurlburt, Alan Bullerdiek, Victor Lara, Tom Cour, Joe Schlesinger, Larre Tarrant, Rupert Hartshorn, Johnny Cervantes, Albert Cervantes. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Weatherholt, Allan Schrenghost, Bob Walls, Bill ,-mer, Ernie White, Ronald Garman, Joe Coons, Douglas Sherwood, Raymond Ross, Ben Plummer, Bill Rebstock, Terry Calkins, Jim Breese. BACK ROW: Jerry Hayes, Vernon Jackson, Dickie Orndorff, Darrell Mitchell, Ralph Ollenberger, Bob Page, Vernon Orndorff, Carl Boyer, Max McLean, Terry Andrews, Larry Walter, Sammy Binter, Homer Belk, Sonny Noel, Duane Huber, Gary Huffman, Bill Dennis, Louis Taliaferro, Bill Warren, Coach-Jim McDonald. , 4. ' -- jk vw ' I 1 I 4 fi -.4 , I I f ' , 4 W I I X X With seven lettermen back from the 1952 state 1 1' , runner-up team, Coach McDonald expects a success 4 ful season in baseball. The 1953 schedule lists nine games for the Wildcats: 4 - . Q March March April April April April April April April April May 4 K x. 'X 46 Winfield Chilocco East Wellington Newton Clearwater St. Mary's North Chilocco Regionals State j'acL pI'06l92Ct6 QOOCJ FRONT ROW: Stephen Abbott, Waldo Schrepfer, Pat Miller, John Cooper, Jack Crumrine, Jack Emerick, Lee Lazarus, Tom Newby. SECOND ROW: David Nuttle, Arlan Stackley. Richard Wilson. Jim Russum, Dave Dennis. Farrell Mitchel. Burnette Earp, Bob Carson, Fred Blaine, Jim Cather, Jack Kimball. BACK ROW: Keith Martin, Ken McAdoo, Marc McLean, Don Chase. Mike Burns. Ted Stackley, Larry Hildebrand, Denzle Shafer, Bob Evans, Alan Abraham, Ronald Green, Leonard McCoy, Coach Galen Blackmore. I I 1 1 1 ' Q ,L ,, ,-.-. Under the direction of Coach Galen Black- more, the Wildcat "thin clads" expect to turn in a good performance in track and field events in the 1953 season. The full schedule of meets follows: March Z7 Emporia April 3 Ark City 9 Wichita U. In- vitational 17 K. U. Relays 23 Coffeyville Relays May 1 Ark Valley Meet at East 8 Regional 15,16 State 47 r J :-:vq.':: X it X 1 l XJ ,ix st, 3 r ,Q " T. W 0 efllllff Xi J? . Y The golf and tennis enthusiasts look forward eagerly each year to the beginning of these spring sports. Fx 1 E Golf events scheduled or tentatively arranged are attendance at the Arkansas City tournament on March gtg x 4 a tournament at Hutchinson on April 245 matches with Newton, Arkansas City, and Wellington, the Wichita K F' 4 I - Invitational, and the Salina Invitational. These will be followed by the Ark Valley and State meets. ,M sl l t it x X 4 The following boys are GUI for golf. QBACK ROWJ: Bob Brian, Paul Wallace, Trenton Brown, Richard Q. bl-xt XX, Lohan, Torn Mairsg Bill Hill, coach. KFRONT ROWJ: Larry Scott, Ierry Loban, John Maddux, Paul Gil- t-4. 'X X l more, Frank Frazier. J N X' 4--- - -1 i' N I I . T X' N t K 1 ' x U XX XA: ' x S I i N X' d it B T N - 'X I' ri is r 21 t W 'sf X , 1 W . . n A, N r N 5 tr Xl ' Y YS l ,. 5 sill XX Yr, . Ni' -t 4 f l Al ' ' i N X -,Nl X 4 x, X ,X xo xfv l x. , ri s xx X r 'SN x 'X X, . tl 'K lk l t 9 N ' . K x 'X 5 5 ri s it :X s, 'T i X , X V35-.B vt tx i i X Nt ,I 3 .y cl 5 X, . S i x fr fc ' ,ie XX Nt N FRONT ROW: Jerry Peterson, Harold Schlesinger, Dick lolliffe, Virgil Abbott, Clifton Marcum, Sam X '95 X' Blnter. BACK ROW: John Harrison, Terry Gladfelter. Jack Hughes, Gary Anthony, Bob Balch, Malcolm Wentllng, Coach- -Emmett Breen. ' Q L' --Ig l'V"f V If , QR gl Wx V 51 " .qua ,tffwfiru ,. , f 1 mf 19 El 1. Sf Nyr' 1' , , ij. 9 . A ig In Hina. ,J .sk - A Xb J . .ga Qi?-f Q PI ' r - War J BH -and I -P! jx ' ' 1 f , 1 I , 1 l , , X f 4 " I C' ' . ' f 1 1 N ff ' ..- , ff, jf A I 7 I 1 ' ' ' I - ,, f " - ul' ,, . 1 ,.. ' 's I K I I , , f 2 ' 4. , 1 Y N I f n 4 1 1 . I I 1 .m - 3 1 -0" D ' sv ' 5 I f I Y ,t .M ' I , ,- .V Z V - .J .-h ' , ,CZLQJ .Wk ,.- - M, f -Z' f -' .f X I . I " ' " 'NP' 'iff' ' 'JK'-1' N ' '- .Q 'N -f "' ' ' . . I V V 'L vt 0 1' 'L ' 'I v ' O41-'Zum 'f K '7! ' 6- . . ' A w - 'tn 51 .4 , I ' S ' ,ZLXAL gi if, v f .. f' .lc ' Aff ' 1, . 4 1 l QM, , lr f LARR Y HILDEBRAND , WM Y H0 KING USER L ggi'-ADOAN E JERRY PETERSCN 52 GLENNA BONNELL K .,0"" -1. ROSE EL nongiifiizggs n h EN ZZ ffl -A all .1604-fff,Z-'AZ .4,fff.sy, JIPQQM-- C d Z' yduf Cf, L64 04.4 JUL-1 'fzfdf ,QQPQQ 1: 42 fgfic-Alf SHIRLEY BAUM 'lx-A i-ff X - X 4'-x.Eq,?, llf' -' ' X ' 'ek' 'avg A L- N . .lv '--' , , x ' 7319, rs: ' 'If F., ' I .J I 8 K . Q rw 453, Y' ' 1 , au' nh- H E igg gwbg :L15, ,LAALE Q V LLW, f1Q g1L . N V H 'A ', ., 1. 71 is fs fi P1 fm .yu ,A '1i..,1.'fil'-iii. is H . 5 H li H It xx .fi bf' .qi 1 L? Y Z al, J. 1 1 1- uf. -.J ll ! D il if S I , , -I if 'Y sf? 5' 41' we ,bn H M tu ll ll ax 'A x 'Ply -1- --1 545,11 'la H VXA x ai 'I ill lgii zx-1.r.,- wwe. ,ai F. W5 O Virgil Abbott: Duck! I he's driving this way. . .salesman to hold up that rock on her left hand. . .lucky girl. . .Bev' be. . . sportsman. f specialty is talking, as we all know. ' Marlon Anderson: We all know Andy. . . welder someday. . . U Robert Carson: Bob's ambition is to be a civil engineer. . . for now he's Mr. Wallingford's prize tuba. U16 time being hiS Specially is Wrestling. Mary Anderson: Marions's twin. . . ambition is to be a house- Jim Cather: Why doesn't Wellington ship in more boys like wife, , , she loves to swim, Jimi. . . they'd certainly be welcomel Gary Anthony: He'll sell you a shirt at Hab's. . . an electrical Rachel Cervantes: Here's one of the sweetest girls in school engineer to be. . . specialty--amateur radio. . . . "Katie" wants to be a stenographer. Jayne Clark Bailey: "Jaynie" is now Mrs. G. E. Bailey. . . . Connie Cloyes: 'Con' is headed for K. U. and medical tech- she's accomplished her ambition. . . a musician too. nology. . . her favorites are chemistry. golf, and bowling. Jim Bailey: "PeeWee". . . hopes to fly jets. . . he's a whiz at Joy Cooper: Mr. Staerkel has charmed Joy Kath into being a loafing. psychologist. . .she's on the way as her specialty is day- Charles Baker: His nickname is "Chuck" but his ambition is dreaming. secret, Margery Cornwell: If she's in the crowd, you can't miss Donald Baker: We call him 'Baker". . . he "ain't got no am- "Mlg"- . .her specialty, need we tell you, is Hutch... 1-,mon--, feel sick, boys, --she's going to be a nurse. Kathleen Banks: Her ambition is to go to college. . . Kathy Grace Corralez: 'Gracie' is another ambitious nurse. . .we will make it we predict. . . she'll bowl 200 yetl I all know that her specialty is being sweet. Charles Barlett: What an ambition, Charley! . . . don't you Carol Cory: She's ashamed of her nickname. . .she'll make know that moonshining is illegal? S an eligible secretary for someone someday. Barbara Barnes: Bab's is a big help around school.y,,..ambltion sxhrbara Crelly: What Bobbie Lou finds so interesting in teeth, ls to be happy. . . specialty is Lonnie. we don't know, but that's her ambition. . . specialty is Shirley Baum: Petey calls her "Bubbles". . . hopes to be a chorus. steno. . . takes down his original jokes now. . .a pro at Eugene Criss: Gene's not a very ambitious chap, but with a bowling and golf. specialty like hot-rodding, anything can happen. Alta Long Beal: "Birdie" is a wifey now. . . her specialty i Pearl Dale: Teaching, sewing, and acting ukg g clqwn ue babysitting. but not with her own--yet. quite a combination. . .good luckl Doris Beaman: "Smoky" hopes to be a singer. . .she's a good David Daniel: Our local yokel, alias -Yoke-', , , his gmbiuqn cook, boysll is to be a success. . . with girls as a specialty. who could Homer Belk: The man of changing hobbies. . . photography. . . miss: cars. . . music. . . specialty ls Anne. Mary Datin: It looks like being a secretary for Dick would Sam Bell: 'Singing Sam" or "Chester". . . take your choice please her. . . .his specialty is cake and he wants to teach music Leta Davenport: Known to all as llester. . .come to see Doc- someday. tor Leter in ten years. . .het specialty is debating. . . fin Marilyn Biggs: "Ginger" is a popular music specialist. . . her pink ones, size 460 ambition is commercial art. Judy Deewall: This future housewife is ber own boss. when Rosemary Biles: "Rosy" hopes to become a good secretary. . . Larry isn't around. she likes to play the piano. Robert Derstein: This debater will be teaching your kids their Sam Binter: This tennis champ is trying to keep out of the "R's' in the years to come. Army . . do you think that he will succeed? Jerry Dunivan: She wants to be a housewife. . .she'll be a Fred Blaine: Here's another hot-rodder. . . look for him at the glamorous one. . . specialty is Bill. E 2 swimming pool next summer. Glenna Bonnell: Glenna "B" is a barrel of fun. . . stenographer . . .her specialty could be no other than " Hilde". Noema Braman: A housewife and secretary, someday she'll be . . . . . . swimming and iceskating fill her with glee. Jo Brazil: Her specialty, be it know to all, is blowing things up in chemistry, including herself. . . perhaps it's best that Josie wants to be a linguist instead of a chemist. Joyce Brower: "Brow" is our tall drum majorette. . .her spec- ialty is Pat, no less. . .need a steno, anyone? Trenton Brown: We all know "Tweet". . . who could miss this guyl. . . a sportsman now and always, says this future golf pro. Betty Bruce: B. J. wants to be a medical missionary. . . specialty is children. Barbara Brumback: A real swell kid with lots of potential ability. Jack Buckner: With a specialty that is girls--girls--girls. mechanic. Marlyn Burch: Need a new joker. . . "Marilyn" will supply one for youl . . .his ambition is to get rid of his nickname. Richard Burch: "Stage-crew Dick" wants to be a farmer. . . do you ever read "Rural Ramblings" 7. . . he's an author to Mike Burns: "Greasy" has quite a tale behind his nickname who could 80 wrongl. . . "Bashful" here wants to be a ' Thelma Dwlre: 'Thelmer' wants to get married to a certain someone in 1955. . .specialties are skating and secretarial work. Burnette Earp: Trackman "Bunny" wants to stay out of the X army. . . we're afraid there's not much hope for you, fellal Connie Jo Easley: Jo wants to be a music teacher. . . we all know what a pretty voice she has so its logical that her specialty is singing. Elfrieda Eisenhour: Ike is our girl athlete. . .likes to swim best. . . wants to teach someday. Mary Elder: She hasn't yet decided whether to be a house- wife or a secretary. . .guess time will decide that for her. . .specialty is dating Chet. Charles Faulconer: Charlie wants to be a farmer. . . going to raise milk cows, Charlier, ,He's an essential to our foot- ball team. Carol Ferguson: "Fergie" wants to be a business woman and she will be a success, we bet. . .specialty is arguing! Richard Fioretto: Dick wants to own a shoe store someday. . . now his specialty is driving or taking care of cars. Saralie Force: "Sadie", as we all know her, wants to be a housewife. . . she likes music. Marian Foster: She would like to be a secretary but we think that Don will change that. . . she likes music too. . . . teachers wish he'd cut class so order might be main- Juanita Fowler: "Ginger" wants to be a housewife. . .her tained. specialty is Harold. Jacque Sue Butler: This cute little twirler says that her spec- Jane Funk: She'soon her way to being Mrs. Ozzie.. .of lalty is mmm-m-m. . . now what could that be? course, you've seen that sparkler she's wearing! Beverly Caldwell: She has to eat extra calories every day to Z Marjorie Garland: "Vonnie" wants to be a typist. . .she lists ,- I I . - F ' 7 -Q C .. W A IM' v,q,4.. -.1 muslc as her specialty. Jim Gautier: 'Swabble' wants to be a jeweler. . . will you give the class of '53 discountsi. . . hls specialty is just havlng a good time. Norma Gregersen: "Greg's" ambition ls to be a secretary. . . she likes both kinds of mall--male. George Gregory: This "Gregg" likes to be a sports spectator and sportsman both. . . his ambition ls to have a future without restrictions politically. Dale Hamilton: A future farmer of America who lists basket- ball as his specialty. Ruth Hammer: "Ruthie" hopes to become a Home Ec. teacher . . . you're apt to find her busy making friends. Pat Ann Harvey: Who doesn't know "Pot"?. . . we can certain- , ly understand her wanting to look like Mrs. Spann, but who ever heard of cauliflower as a specialty? Paul Hawkins Jr.: Yes. that person down the hall talking endlessly ls "Willie Paul". . . a perfect person for govern- ment servlce. huh? Jerry Hayes: "Jupe" will certainly leave a gap in El Dorado's sports department. . .he hopes to be a success and he's well on his way. Jerry lee Hayes: Confusln' ain't itl. . . this time he's a wrestler with a secret ambition. Lora Helmet: With the ambition to get married and a spec- lalty like Earl, lt looks like Lora will be a housewife soonl Ruth Higgins: " Shorty", here, hopes to be a secretary. . . specialty--swimming and eating. Larry Hildebrand: "Hllde's" a track man and plenty good too. . .doesn't seem so lazy as some of us know him when he states his desire to own a store someday. Glenn Hobson: We'll not forget this guy's blonde head. . . he's a basketball fan. Dean Hollis: Up ln the air for him. . .builds model airplanes . . .hopes to be in the Naval Air Reserve. Peter Hopkins: "Pete" hopes to be a flyer. . .for the time being he ls content to monkey with cars. Ray Houser: This athlete played a big part ln i952 football success for E. H. S .... he hopes to be a radio announcer. Glenda Howrey: "Pa1lle" hopes to be and interior decorator . . . what a speclaltyl whitrllng. . . say are you a member of the "splt and whlttle club"7 Richard Huaracha: The girls all swoon when "l-luarachee" sings. . .his ambition is to continue to wow them, Big- Time style. Pat Hudson: Sllckest car ln town, don't you agreet. . . wish I had a purple convertible. . . look for him at Brower's. Gary Huffman: "Huffy" wants to play pro baseball... good start with sports as a specialty. Jack Hughes: He'll fix your radio. . . put more faith in his fixin' ability several years from now but he's on his way. Janice Hunt: "Janie" lsn't Mobley any longer. . . maybe she and her husband wlll realize their ambition and get rich . . .feed her strawberry shortcake to make her happy. Connie lncontro: Have you ever seen a dancing nursel. . . you will if you come see Connie in several years. . . not doing both at once, of coursel Rosalln James: "Rosy" will make some man a good SIGMO- grapher. . . that is lf Dave doesn't get her first. Mary Johnson: "Joni" hopes to be a nurse. . . her favorite leisure tlme activity is skating. Dlck Jolllffe: Where did he get that nickname of "De-do"1 . . . well, his ambition ls to lose it. . . tennis is his spec- ialty, spelled J-. Ellsworth Jordan: "Harry", they call hlm. . . millionaire somedayl. . . his specialty ls wrecking cars. . . want yours wrecked? Sally Keith: 'Skeets' hopes to be a Phys Ed. teacher. . . she'll make a good one. . . how'd you guessl. . . her specialty is sports. Charlene Keller: Well, she's on her way to that goal of be- ing a mother and housewife. . . "Irish" hooked Dick Keller on December 2l. Thurman Kelly: "Ace" is certainly an ace at football but not at spelling for he wants to be a "bussiness man". . . a real swell guy. Bill Kirkman: A definite help to our wrestling teams ptow- ess. . .he hopes to be either a journalist or a delsel engineer. Jo Ann Kizer: "Jo's" another senior with nursing ambitions . . . her specialty is roller skating. Joanne Kriftewlrth: This "Jo" wants to be a secretary. . . her specialty is a certain 'Lewis". . . she'll gladly tell you more. Kathy Lehr: "Kathy" hopes to be a telephone operator... you'l1 probably be rattling numbers off to her in the years to come. Myrna Lewis: "Louie" has a very understandable specialty-- don't you like chiliburgers toot. . . her ambition is to travel. Richard Lewis: Another "Loule". . . this guy ls quite the one to tinker with cars. . . need yours out of running orderz. . .Joyce can tell you lots about him. Marlene Lietzke: This hopeful nurse has a specialty of oil painting. . . we hear that she's good. Don Lockamy: This nicknameless fellow has his specialty for his ambition. . . all he will give with ls "Ha" . Joyce Lockard: Here's a real good kid. . .she wants to be a cook. . . is a waitress at the Legion now. Nonalee Lonzo: 'Bonzo' here hopes to learn to cook. . .her specialty is her husband, of course. . . she has supplied many E. H. S. girls with awfully pretty crocheted purses Donald Loos: This future farmer's specialty is the farm. . . logical, huh? Clifton Marcum: Cliff hopes to be a succes ln life. . . lsn't it funny how he is always absent on special hunting days. . . can't guess the reason whyl Vernon Martin: A valuable member of our basketball team . . . will undoubtedly become another member of the Martin Motor.Co. Janey Maus: lt takes typing to make a good secretary and Janey ought to make one, with typing as a specialty. Ken McAdoo: He hopes to climb the ladder to success. . . sweeps the Sear's floor now, hopes to be manager some day. . . specialty ls Pat, of course. Larry McCaffree: Need a few calves ropedt. . . come see this future farmer. Emylin McCoy: Emmy will make the perfect housewife with a specialty of cooking. Larry McCully: Mac hopes to be a successful rancher. . . his specialty ls keeping out of trouble. . . a relative of Houdini's, no doubt. Polly Pat McGinnis: This gal's a hard worker. . . she's showed us as Kayette president. . .hopes to be a nurse . . . specialty is singing. Audrey McKinnls: "Little Audrey" tsurely she lsn't that badj hopes to be a missionary nurse. . . an expert loafer ln P. O. D. Joan McWilliams Brave girl. . .she admitted her specialty, which, if the truth were known, would probably be like many other glrl's. . . MEN. . . she hopes to become a Christian Music Leader. Jean Mehaffey: It takes two to tango and a sleeper to be a professional sleeper. . . that's Jean, all rlghtl Marcia Metcalf: "Mish' ought to make her ambition be overcoming her specialty which is perennial tardlness . . . a good student. Nancy Middleton: 'Nance' says that her specialty ls short- hand. . . or did she say Vernon! Gerald Moore: Corky, as he ls better known, hopes only to i ' as become a tlddly-winks champion. . .his specialty is blondes. . . Wha' hoppened?. . .O. J. isn't a blonde. Janet Mossman: She's a skater. . . wants to be a telephone operator. Mary Murphy: "Murph's" specialty is cooking and sewing . . . wants to be a home economist. Susie Murray: This little barrel of pep hopes to be a golfer's wife. . . now which golfer could she ITIBBIIP. . .specialty is cheerleading. Tom Nace: "Butch", as they call him, hopes to be a forest ranger. . . it's logical that his specialty ls camping. Jean Newsome: You're apt to find this gal with Corky Moore. . . her specialty is movies. Marvin Nye: "Marv" will grow up to be a fine businessman we think. As he has no ambition stated, we wonder whether our supposition will be correct. Ada bee Orr: "Lee" wants to be a housewife. . .for Vern? Tom Ott: 'Turkey' is one of the "Fella's". . . he'll be a top notch artist someday, we predict. Bob Page: Already has a good start towards his ambition which is to be a baseball pitcher. . .specialty is skipping school. Wayne Palmer: Need we ask where he got the nickname "Speed" ?. . .another athlete. . .hopes to go to college. Mary Sue Patty: Suzie is going to be a stenographer. . . her specialty is driving. . . see that blue Dodge going "that- away". Barbara Peffley: Looking for "Peff". . . you're apt to find her with Darwin. . . ambition-housewife. Jerry Peterson: Nuf-sed about Pete before we even start. . . he'll cure your blues with a joke or two. . . prospective businessman. Doris Ramsey: "Dar" will make some man a pretty, red- headed stano. . . her specialty--Gary. Dick Robbins: The most likely to succeed in our book. .. he's going into the ministry. . . a barrel of fun with good sense too. Sally Robbins: She hopes to be a nurse. . . remember that long hairl Nancy Rost: "Nancer" must like bugs, she's going to be a- biologist. . . specialty- philosophizlng. . . phew-got that one outl I Barbara Rummel: We'll all know that Bobble's specialty is Johnny. . . she's going into secretarial work. Jim Russum: Another terrific football player, etc. . .see where he gets the name "Crusher". . . ambition is to go to college. Beverly Rutherford: Bev's specialty is dating Bill. . . she's a librarian now, but has secretarial desires. Joyce Sargent: Joyce hopes to teach school. . .on hot days, look for her at the swimming pool. . . most beautiful hair in school, don't you agree? Carol Scanlon: Casey just wants to get married. . .she's a nurses' aid now. ..speclalty "Muskrar'. . . have her dec- ipher that for you. Ralph Schaffer: Chemistry is definitely this guy's specialty . . . some day he hopes to fly a plane. . . maybe Uncle Sam will fix that for him P. D. Q. Harold Schlesinger: Best sign-maker ln school. . . of course his specialty is drawing. . . hopes to be an architect. Shirley Schmidt: "Squirley" hopes to be a secretary. . . where do you suppose she got that nickname? Wanda Schneider: This gal hopes to be a teacher. . .lists music as her specialty--going to teach it. Wanda? Myra Scott: "Nellie" is noted for her talking ability so she will do well as a receptionist in a doctor's office. . . her specialties are talking and reading. Denzle Shafer: 'Big Cheese" here wants to go to college more than anything. . . his specialty is sports. . .a nifty dancer! , l ,,..:-, Douglas Sherwood: We've all heard him play his violin and sing with Bill Cox's hillbilly band. . .looks like this rival of Jack Benny is headed for the musical career he wants. Patsy Sibley: She wants only to get married, so Roy is her specialty too. . . did you ever notice that ring she's wear- ing? Pat Silver: Here's another engaged girl. . . likes the movies. . . wants to do office work. Carol Sims: Our loss was Fredonla's gain when Carol moved . . . wants to be a dental technician. . .loves to dance. . . fdon't we all?l Helen Smith: A nut if there ever was one. . .guaranteed fun when she's around with Bev. Mouse. etc .... future tele- phone operator. . . likes music. Bill Smith: He'll get his ambition fulfilled, mark our words, ' it's the army. . . he'll spend his spare time watching tele- vision. Margaret Smith: "Maggi" wants to be a fashion illustrator. . . she's a terrific artist, as we all know. Marilyn Smith: "Mitt" wants to graduate from college. . . after that, who knows. . . take her to a musical to make her happy! Lonnie Snook: "Tub" or "Santa Claus" either one fits this guy, but disliking to shave certainly hasn't hurt his ability to make friends.. . often seen with Babs. Melvin Srader: "Shaky" wants to see the world. . . specialty is to decorate and work on cars. Donna Stock: Hopes to be an airline hostess. . . dancing seems to be her specialty, but we notice that she is never with- out a date. Phyllis Sullivan: "Phil" wants to get married. . .likes to skate. . . specialty is Frank. Charles Sweeney: Charlie is destined to get what he wants when he lists his desire as the navy. . .another guy who likes to work on cars. Philip Thomas: "Phil" had better like music, and he says he does, because his specialty is to master all musical instruments. Carlene Usrey: She says she is going to be a nurse. . . likes to dance. Anne Warren: She'll make a glamorous nurse. . . Homer is her specialty. as we well know. Bill Warren: We had to look at this twice. but it does say that he wants to be a teacher. . . good luck. Bill. . . specialty is serving as trainer for football. Carolyn Welty: Carol wants to be a missionary. . .she likes to ride horses or sew. . .a real sweet girl. Diane Wentling: "Tillie" says she is going to be a secre- tary, but we have our doubts, if you know what we mean. . . specialty is traveling--to a certain someone. Di? Glenna Wesley: She says she wants to be a teacher, but girls have been known to change their minds. . . an aw- fully good musician--piano. Richard Wilson: "Dick" wants to be a farmer which is logi- cal. . . his specialty is sports. Ronald Wimberly: "Ronnie" lists roller skating as his spec- ialty. . .a future farmer. Lawana Wisdom: Lou says that she is headed for college, but we bet that Don has the last word. . .she likes to dance. Shirley Woelk: With music as her specialty, she'l1 be sure to achieve the title of music teacher which she wants. Gloria Young: Take this gal to the picture show to make her happy. . .she wants to be a housewife. Bonny Zang: Looks like she is cut our to be a cowgirl. . . specialty is riding horses, and she wants to raise them after she becomes a housewife. Ann Zieman: Ann is destined to become another housewife . . .her specialty is writing poems. I . A A ft 'W' 2213! C K Qi? Y xxx qs' 'Q ,R Q , X fo W ., ' :Ll Vi- 375 , 1 ' 1 x 1,3 X, X LY 1 X 'w ll 'Q' in iii .x. VTX fi.-f' - - L,- 5 X, ff . J 1-A A Y Lv-7Y1'ql' ?a5"'vxN I '. ?' 'urn' F' 1 u AW :' ,fps Ku! T ' 1 :qv " 1, - v h fl.-lv" I N ,Har K " 1+ L M jg, . ,jivuxx wr ,, -,W 'ul . ' ,D V f A'si,lL"1 1 P -W , w a h .. a 1- r -my g 'mm-,-f'f-j'g:. - -QA-' 1 Y' fff-J13.:- ,Q P-"'1 ", -s - nf.-Q e ' - mf-'fA.wQ H 'f MH - , "- by 'A x T--!b.'-ya' vF,,X!w.5j'sF rg' - ., b k' 2 " -I -1 , 'mlhl y,'lYe-T F' 1 35 . L 'wiv' XJ FWQQXN -1 Y fix, j 'I- ,,1k1,4AP"x,x! N, 5 fyif. , , . .55 A gy! il X i' v 51 ' 1 "Y ' 1. lfvv- - ti 'K rs - ,- 11 ,:. ,., .','.,1. .-Q gWp..y.,, 'I ff'f?.,'-:Wir-1-13-f.v' 4 EJ 'A 4 55 Q 2 it N Y- . ' .,. I, gi, ' '-1. i 'Q , 5 3- , pai-gp ,gi MSPY' .k'xY,:. his 3 4, L 2 X. 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Suggestions in the El Dorado High School - El Doradoan Yearbook (El Dorado, KS) collection:

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