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,a,fwL .1044M,4,Z'-Z'4'a!,4,Zf2,a!,affw4,cvLfvf4ftL JAW- WZ 540 54506 5,,C4.,6,,QLZAJfffLLf'f"-f'f"f""?"' ZZ 9 -72-2 iijdfj!f,,9MwzaZM an L ,LALO . , . fCwff"A" 4 fc+fwfJ,fl4f'Lw0"fd"?0f ,CM Qwfviffi 2- . ,cwwl ,W-4,41 fhugwywffffvad, Z ,,,a,.4,f1, 5 .ffsfwc-.Qfwff . - zf,Q,,.,,,,45 sf 70" dayzw-"5fMLM7NQ?dJ Wagga? Wfbcwwff yJ:Z!Zjr'3'l0A41-K M1ffc4fU,?d4'MJ Z Wgzhfm MWWM, , .4,u-4--LZ ffwwmv- UWM. M, M112 J ,afm wgwf 6,4L,L444ww Mfg fm 2 l f AAA, 4 Ak C53 W f f fag gg! LIi.g.,LK, A NMJXYMJJ fwijwezzfw M WW MW MJ K A - 2 V N :, V W f . ,. A? I ut ,1 . 7' pk ,A 'I' k fu 'L' x ' ' '. " .X " ' Ll' 1 if . , y H .-- A ' ' Ae. P A W ' Q 1" - 'K b ' ,zz-f ' . 5. . F , . , Q . I t k - , - ..- 4 .X Ag, ,W f 1 A ii, ' ' ,VJ N A . . K' L ' N ,F -I' ' 1 ' . ' K Y .- X. Y A - , i .V i A . : -i N W7j26 JJ: fpafffa A . .UA-, V dx if . V A 9 '77 fi 'V 'VKX ' MLM'-uf 7K5 2 ,Mac ? WMWW g ,537 .1 X Qfdaffdff A W 4 . , kr ,fu in aff K J WW ' Z,+2.5L AQZMAMMMWWW-, Z?f6f"44'- 'Q4,.,,"4"f6f Awww? Wwwy ' Md-jmwfmgj I JW WQWWW WMU The f am. AQ, M ' ' In 2,252 ,af DGRAD ?, 1Mf Y W ,mf A, C3 ,. 19 5 2 aww ' BTV: ig ,YW glnorado , , kE1b1iffadi,ifi??Sa s 1 f f gg AM 'LZ "X 5 ' - E km is in 4, .W Us as ...., t2. 20 ,ly gy gh Oggaiiy ifr I,-,gi:Yxf......H,R 31irader 1 , N vox? ...,,...., Qmaciaggfl .A H SQ ,. .g....,,,,,, , . ..,,,.' .,w Sun Engigliso l SS ' -...,,,, 231120223212 H .,,.L, ' wiwfzjq mm if! M Y fi The old Senior lligrh School, izizud to nialw room t'oi' the present ltnilding. t lust-t: lil llon':ulo's t'i1st high school. DEDICATION Within the pages ot' this El lloradoan you will t'ind a pictorial record ot' school life at Iil Dorado High School in 1951-1952. The three buildings pictured on these pages have housed our high school from its beginning' in 1881 to the present year. We. the editors and staff. hope this will recall your hours ot' work and play here. XVe also hope you will recognize and appreciate the increased opportunities in every field-curriculum, activi- ties and athletics-represented by the growth from the six-room native stone building, which was destroyed by tire in 1900, and the red brick structure. which served from 1901 to 19235 when it was razed to make room t'or our time modern school plant of today. To our school, its past growth and achievements and its wonderful prospects for the future, we dedicate our 1952 El lloradoan. May the program and guidance ot't'ered in E. H. S. holp each student find the place where ho may hest serve his community and nation. 'T CONTENTS Page Administration . . . 4 Faculty . . . 5-7 Classes . . . . 8-18 Activities . . . . 19-38 Sports ............ . . . 39-48 High Lights of Year . . . . . . 49-53 EL DORADO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOBS plan year's Work PAUL HAWKINS Superintendent Board of Education: Dr. R. J. Metcalfg Mrs. Ruth Flanagan clerkg Clarence Wilke, presidentg Mr. Hawkinsg Glenn Tar rantg Dr. G. E. Kassebaumg .lack Nobleg and George S. Benson WILLIAM M. STAERKEL Principal 4 gf L FACULTY l l , ,,,, ,,, , Jeanette Barbour Lillian Benson Gladys Beuchat Helen Bradford Harold Bryan Music Office Secretary Language English Geography Louise Cannon VVini Carter S. H. Coffman A. H. Cornwell Dorthea Dixon Asst. Librarian Physical Education Science Geography Mathematics Under the leadership of Principal W. M. Staerkel, our capable faculty has en- deavored to give us the best in leadership. They have been ready to encourage and guide us at all times. To our faculty, we, the students of E. H. S., give our thanks and appreciation for being such a wonderful group of people. Jerry Peterson explains his geometry prob- H010 We see Richard Lewis and Bob Hud- lem to the class as Nancy Rost looks on. son doing one of the many experiments in chemistry. 5 FACULTY iz 2 R. G. Douglass Alberta Doyle James Edwards Fharles Fuller VVilliani Grove Shop History Shop Science Science Myrrl Houck Rachel Hoyt Hallie Lelmen R. H. McCollum .laincs Mc-Donald VV. R. McMillan Librarian English Home lflconomics Constitution Physical Ed. A,Q'riculture Lemasters, Moriarity. and Criss demonstrate how to check the boiling' und freezing points on a thermometer while the rest of the physics class look on. In fifth hour gym Susie Murray and Marilyn Frist go up for a tip-off in basketball. ln shop Severin. Marcum, and Garland are working on one of their projects. .J 'rf' 4' .' F ACULTY L. W. Nixon Ruth Payne Carl Riggs George E. Shaffer Victor P. Smith English Commerce History Speech Art Richard Spann Edwin J. Walhourn R.'W.VValling'l'ord Leona WVatkins Dave Weatherby Milton Whitson Commerce English Music Home Economics Mathematics Drafting l' ,I i V712 ' A In Home EC. Pennington, YVichman Y and W'obber are combining ingredients for some good old-fashioned biscuits. I In biology class Keith Martin is micro- scoping paramecium while his partner Polly McGinnis, writes the description. s The fifth hour junior English is holding a panel discussion. Robert Derstein is chairman and Ells- worth Jordan, Sam Bell, WVanda Schneider, and Juanita Fowler are discussing a question of interest to the class. Officers: Bill Jester, trcasurerg Ken Kassebauni, vice-presidentg Jim Walls, president, Bill Bolin, secretary. CLASS OF 1952 proud of achievements Twelve years ago a group of timid, un- learned youngsters began their tour through the realms of education. Analogous to a sight-seeing tour, it was initiated with all the energy and enthusiasm of youth catching its first glimpse of something new. The various books, the everchanging teachers, the new clothes and certain incidents now thought of as commonplace, such as buying a new pencil, brought effervescent joys to these kids. After a while the newness began to wear off, the never-ending homework and every- day drudgery became monotonous, and all the necessary painstaking efforts of school life revealed themselves. Of course there were the dates and the parties and all the other gay times that helped them survive the trying ordeals and discouraging moments of education. Today these timid, ignorant youngsters are the confident and capable seniors of E. H. S.g and if you asked any one of them, they would be very sure of themselves when they replied that it was well worth their efforts. They would not be so sure of themselves, however, if they were asked to say whether or not they are glad it is over. All these years they have waited patiently to become seniors, and now they are not sure whether they should be glad or sad. At any rate, they were not idle during their last year of high school. In athletics, agriculture, forensics, music, and scholarship, as well as the numerous other activities in which they participated, they received more than an average number of awards and honors. Now, as they are about to graduate, the seniors can look back over their past and have a justifiable sense of achievement and pride in a job well done. Franklin D. Anderson Betsy Bacon Glenn E. Bailey Joan Baker Don L. Barnes Ivan Bass Keith L. Bell Nancy V. Biles Betty Lou Binter Bill Bolin Marjorie Anne Bowyer Jo Ann Boyce S. Weldon Braman Bob Bruce Jim Bryan Kathleen Burns Vivian Cannon Bill Cantrell Tiny Cherryholmes Rollan L. Church Jr. James Jo Cook Jo Ann Cook Eula Elizabeth Coons Mary Ellen Cowley Bill Cox Marilynn Crist Merna Jo Crum Carrie Ellen Dale John D. Davenport Betty Lou Davis Gene A. Dickinson Joan Dunning Ralph Eugene Eckhardt Russell Eugene Elder Ed Faulkner William B. Feder Darwin Feller Anne Fetty Tom Fisk James F. Foster Gerry Franklin Don Garland Eva Ann Gipson Ja Nean Green Jim Green 'Sai' digs.. blur my-. ifsvk tt... --f:- 1 ' t ' fe -. . we R. v ,ref-,. Cf! ,ITP FQ fi. we gb i M' ,, Q. 'x 1 fa.. we 'A aww- X ev vw ..,..i.,3., 'QA J -" fl, wwe' ,gf-M 1 ,ff a . A -:-.. Q? lfllffg " " ijifnff'-WA 15:2if H .... wwf' liege' D .3 . , y, its ,fn gk 'M 1,6 AZN Russell Griffith Don Griggs Fred Grosch Shirley Jean Grubb Helen Haggard Delores Hamaker Ruby Hamilton Dixiele Harper Dotty Lou Harper Jerome H. Hartnett Rhoda Harvey Hill Hildebrand Patricia Hildretli Delores Hill Jonathan M. Hollis Robert Hudson VS'lln1a Marian Ittner George Edward Jackson Nelson fBilll Jester Kenneth Kassebaum Chet Keith Lola Kennedy Wanda Kimball Alta Kinney Mary Komer Alberta Long Knowles Gerald Lamb Joan Lehr Caroline Ruth Lehr Bill R. Lemasters Roma Lewis Dorothy Lively Don Lockamy Patricia Ann Logan Patty June Logan Jim W. Lovern Eugene Lynch Jewell Mahan Margaret Ann Mannion Donald Martin Sidney Martin Mary Ellen McKenzie Hannelore Meier Don Miller Evelyene Nadine Mitchell James H. Moreland Lois Morgan Dan Moriarty Marilyn Mossman Dona Mae Murphy Harriet Ruth Myers Janet Norris Don Nye Danny 0'Brien Kaye Beth Ogan Pat Parscal Ray Peirce Ed Pence Charlene Rae Pennington Marvin L. Pennington Gene Porter Ray Reep Barbara Joan Reichert Jeanne Richey Renetta Dorene Richey Glen Ridgeway Paula Jeannette Riggs Pat Roberts Kenneth Robertson Mary Lou Schaffer E. :W 5.5 ,. Q' ' '+ 4 "-"mi, yn? ..... Suki ,wwf sam .. 1-N , gf A N ., my H , 1 K ,gh ,Saw A HQ fu K 4 wif Q SK, -4.14 V on-is B' S E ., ,. 5' as A ' :ill X 13 r E I.. . . N -. .J 4 -EHEEQW. : W3 L5 A Herman D. Schlesinge Vonnie Schmidt Mary Margaret Schollei DQ-an E. Sceber Mavis Ann Seymour Dorothy Sharp Ronniv Shields Gary Shomlrer Yelvzx Lee Shuman 1 Gary Allen Silor l Imogene Smith Marilyn Sue Smith Elsiv Mae Smock Clzxiinlv Snmila KGIlIll1ill L, Snider licliih Speiiver Vlyflv Murray Spires luis l.u1'eIiu Sradvr Floyml Sleinvr llvverly Stiller .lean Stiuluhaker .lean Rwlburn South Pat 'l'hmnas Sally Tliuinnsmi Riuliurml A. 'l'hn1npson John Unger Lurillv Van Heber .loan Yngclniiziii Willis R. Waldorf Emlwaril FI. Wall Jimmie XValls, Jr. Buddy VVelibQr Richard L. Wentworth Betty Ann West Jack Wichers Karilyn Willvtt YW Front row: John Unpger, lleloies Hill, Betty Binter, Lois lllorgan, Hill Jester. Second row: Betsy Huron, lid Wall, Ken IQHS'-Ulrtllllll, Russell Griffith, Kathleen Hurns Hawk row: llc-ve1'ly Stiller, Ralph Er'lihz:r1li Sharp. Fifteen receive honors as GRADUATES CUM LAUDE Each year the upper ten percent of the graduation class are chosen for Cum Laude. Members of this select group are honored for their good records and high scholastic achievements during their four years in high school. The 'x'2ll0fllCl0l'l?lU ot' the Class of 1952 is Lois Morgang the Saluta- torian, Beverly Stiller. lf? . ,lim Cook, Delores llalnaker, Dorothy O CE beam swell Oegiuci io Elini-or W' 3M.fV'X Uxf5'A toni, tidf, 'udxfxvv QM VNV R592 'il or VAC. 4' i rofxiksir. i'.,.x,Xu,f9. , X440 JUNIOR CLASS is largest in school The Juniors, the class of 19533, will be the seniors and leaders of next year. This class is numerically the 1,,Q5"r 'W 'ffl largest class in El Dorado High gg to School. Flass officers: Susie Murray treasurerg Paul Hawkins, Jr.. vice-presidentg Jerry Peterson, presidentg Joy Cooper, secretary. Juniors are the most fortunate stu- dents in school, in that they do not have to adjust to senior high ways in September, nor will they have to part permanently from their school friends in May. The activities of this class are many and varied. A number rated high in music and forensics events, as well as in scholarship and athletics. The class play, "In Spring the Sap" was presented on March 28 and provided fine entertainment for a large audience. Bringing to a close the activities of the year, the class banquet was held on May 15 at the Masonic Hall and was followed by the "prom" in the school gym. Ut, - .- A ,,, U,bt,.7i,mua, tuu,6,s+82,u2.oy.f-vfuv'-H ,QR -371:-AA' .uraf,,2,.,,J7gf: an-.Q ver' J 7 .PPCIVA game to sm-nior girls. 4 Juniors rehearse for class play. Circle: Mary Johnson, who, be- cause of illness, was absent when all group pictures were made. L The junior girls lose a basketball v ,vw a 1 'iffeeffr ff-""'M-Q IUNIORS Front row: Shirley Baum, Barbara Brumback, Connie Cloyes, Jacque Sue Butler, Margery Cornwell, Jo Brazil, Judy Deewall, Bobbie Crelly, Jayne Clark, Pearl Dale, Gl'21C6 C0l'l'2ll6Z, RHUWI Cervantes, Marilyn Biggs, Betty Bruce. Second row: Beverly Caldwell, Joyce Brower, Barbara Barnes, Kathy Banks, Rosemar ' B'l -5 N ' 5 1 cs, oema Biaman, Joy Looper, Mary Datin, Mary Elder, Elfrieda Eisenhour, Jerry Dunivan. Third row: Thelma Dwire, Anna Mae Edwards, Mary Anderson, Leta Davenport, Ellen Farquer, Duane Dauber, Charles Faulconer, Gene Criss, Marlyn Burch. Daryl Clifton, Trenton Brown. Back row: Don Baker, Dick Burch, Darrell Carlton, Robert Carson, Virgil Abbott, Mike Burns, Burnette Earp, Fred Blaine, Robert Derstein, Homer Belk, Charles Barlett. Front row: Anne VVarren, Tllargfaret Smith, Glenda Howrey, Lydia Newbury, Janet Mossman, Beverly Ruther- ford, Myra Scott, Nancy Rggt, Shirley VVoelk, VVanda Schneider, Glenna Wes-lev Second row' Helen Smith Ann Zieman, Shirley Schmidt, Gloria Young, Phyllis Sullivan, Mary Murphy, Ada Lee Orr, Barbara Peffley, Carol Sims, Lawana VVisdom, Doris Ramsey, Barbara Rummcll. Third row: .Ioan West, Carol Scanlon, Bonny Zang, Sally Robbins, Joyce Sargent, Susie Murray, Marilyn C. Smith, Carlene Usrey, Patsy Sibley, Diane Wentling, Donna Stock. Back row: Jerry Peterson, Lonnie Snook, Denzle Shafer, Bill XVarren, Ralph Schafer, VVayne Palmer, Ron VVimberly, Philip Thomas, Jim VVhisler, Gerald Moore. Front row: Carol Johnson, Ruth Hammer, Norma Greaerson, Carol Ferguson, Sally Keith, Jane Funk, Theta Gentry, Emylin McCoy, Juanita Fowler, Connie lncontro, Kathy Lehr, Joan Kriftewirth, Ruth Higgins, Lora Helmer. Second row: Joan Kizer, Marjorie Garland, Janey Maus, Nancy Middleton, Jean Mahaffey, Myrna Lewis, Janis Mobley, Saralee Force, Pat Harvey, Joyce Lockard, Joan McXVilliams, Marlene Lietzke, Nancy Herrmann, Marian Foster, Marcia Metcalf. Third row: Dick Jolliffe, JC1l'y Hayes, Jerry Hayes, Jack Hughes, Ray Houser, Richard Lewis, Jim Gautier, Paul Hawkins, jr., Glenn Hobson, Dean Hollis, Dale Hamilton, Gary Huffman, Larry Hildebrand. Back row: Vernon Martin, Pat Hudson, Bill Harrison Ken McAdoo Don Lafferty, Bill Kirkman, Pete Hopkins, Ellsworth Jordan. Larry MeCully, Clifton Marcumi, Jiim Forwalder, Richard Hua1'acha, Larry McCaffree, Don Loos. 15 'i 'Nga was 2352, -Sfri ,fs Front row: Lenea Boucher, Janet Farrar, Mary Lynne Deewall, Julie Fisk, Linda Belt, Shirley Brickley, Ann Ruth Gleason, Janice Christy, Martha Gossett, Joyce Griggs, Beverly Fine, Joyce Demo, Ruth Gates, Lois Clark. Second row: Billy Fuller, Janice Graham, Beverly Cloyes, Ann Cook, Kathryn Boyer, Evelyn Emrich, Joyce Graham, Muriel Golobay, Mary Eaton, Vivian Edwards, Jo Feller, Connie Beauregard, Jane Doornbos, Pat Bloir, Shirley Boone, Janice Chalfant. Third row: Jim Cook, Carl Bates, Bob Duncan, Joe Coons, Edgar Dwire, Ronald Garman, Bob Grant, Bob Gaines, David Dennis, Charles Coleman, Larry Davis, Bill Auer, Don Chase, Terry Gladfelter, Bill Bidwell, Roy Buffum, Richard Faul- coner, Gene Countryman, Don Grove, Don Brown. Back row: Alan Bullerdiek, Vtiayne Edgington, John Grant, Jim Fry, Phil Brickley, Albert Blake, Jim Breese, Tom Cour, Jack Crumrine, Paul Gilmore, Don Boss, Jack Emerick, Dick Abraham, Don Biddle, Raymond Garland. ' Front row: Glennis Young, Sherilyn Zang, Ladonna Sidener, Charlene VVhitton, Pat Pennington, Shirley Welty, Pat W'ich- man, Gerry Riggs, Faralane Wentling, Hellena Wallis. Second row: Sherry West, Donna Webber, Connie Walls, Bar- bara Smith, Barbara Tarrant, Sue W'ilsen, Charlene Van Meter, Joan Van Beber, Beverly Wilke, Rose Lee Oldfield, Mary Dee Thompson, Mary Lou Wall. Third row: Jack West, Lewis Stephens, Ray Robinson. Iona Ray, Jesse Sholders, Norma O1'ton, Leihl Ogan, Audrien Thomas, Theda Sharp, Betty Lou Warren, Jim Peffley, Gail Vogelman, Winston McMillan. Back row: Jerry Ratts, Ralph Ollenberger, Frank Owens, Jim Perry, Bob XVallace, Ernest VVhite, Bill Rodgers, Ronnie VValZ, Robert Patterson, Danny Thomas, Arlan Stackley, Dale Potter, Vernon Orndorff, Charles Swank. Front row: Sam Haden, Jim Lohse, Scotty McFarland, Tom Newby, Victor Lara, Joy Kinney, Billie Lively, Joyce Klintworth, Nancy Molter, Pat Hopkins, Barbara McWilliams. Second row: Harry McClintock, John Metcalf, Nelson Ollinger, Ruth Lill, Virginia Keith, Pat Hughes, Annabel Moore, Billie Jo Harms, Barbara Nelson, Marilyn McKnight, Betty Haskel, Connie Henderson. Third row: Billy Mollohan, John Harrison, Jack Kemmerly, Richard Loban, Forrest Loekard, Marc McLean, Delmar Hodgens, Paul Kimbley, Jack Kimball, George Kleckner, Jerry Mosier, Jack Jackard, Larre Tar1'ant, Bob Jones. Back row: Bill Kimball, Bill Lehr, Lloyd Morgan, George Hurlburt, Harold Miller, Arliss Owen, Ronald Hudson, Don Richard, Walter Wiley, Kenneth Usrey, Vernon Jackson, Darrell Mitchell, Farrell Mitchell, Keith Martin, Ronald Minard, David Nuttle. .........,..2 ..,........, SOPHOMORE CLASS upholds school traditions CLASS OFFICERS Marc Mclean, president Vivian Fldwards, treasurer Mary Lynn Dccwall, vice-president Joyce Graham, secretary The Sophomore Class entered Senior High School with many qualms and fears about the classes, the students, and the changes which they would have the first few Weeks. There was a great surge of pride, however, under cover of these fears. The members of this class were proud of the record of E. H. S. They were proud that they were growing older, that now they would have a part in the many activities of the school. These were the days looked forward to and now they were here. After classwork was well begun the Student Council gave the usual announcement that the trophies must be polished and the sign on the hill east of town must be cleaned and white-washed. They donned their old clothes and armed themselves with buckets, hoes, and brooms and did the task in one evening of hard work. The sophomore party on March 23 was a pleasant way to end a successful year. Some of the sophomores hard at work polishing and white-washing. if E A X ' 7 - X 3 if Q s k.',.,,l ,I- Front row: Ann Moriarity, Marian Hildebrand, Waynette McGraw, Paula Kirby, Mary K. Lange, Janis McMillen, Yvonne Lenhart, Phyllis McMillan, Jo Ann Hill, Barbara Harrs, Donna Nicholson, Lucille Kinney. Second row: Lupe Hernandez, Beverly Johnson, Doris Neeley, Mary Howell, Jacqueline Jones, Mooneen Honeyman, Jo Ann Lee, Delores Martinez, Mary Johnson, Pat Lee, Lorena Hofstetter, Mary Milbourn, Jane Kobel, Jane Haught. Third row: John Ingalls, Virgil Lewis, Roger Neeley, Duane Huber, T. H. Knowles, Robert Knowles, Darrell Hansen, Lee Lazarus, Robert Johnston, Tom Mairs, Max McLean. Back row: Jackie Meek, Frank Hanks, Raymond Lehr, Pat Miller, Clifford McKenzie, Bob Hobson, Paul McCullough, Bill Jackson, James Hurst, Truman Honn, Wendell Nixon, Dwaine Noel, Dick Orndorff, John Maddux, Leonard McCoy. Front row: Raymonda Gautier, Connie Andrews, Rita De Witt, Joy Faulkner, Patti Fudge, Marilyn Bell, Beverly Church, Lorrita Calvert, Annita Calvert, Helen Fowler, Janet Curry, Elsie Casto, Mary Ellen Baker. Second row: Shirley Ellis, Lila Dale, Shirley Clark, Judy Brown, Sharon Faulkner, Dorothy Cook, Janet Fabian, Annette Chilton, Connie Egan, Lydia Chambers, Susie Barlett, Edith Force, Mary Ellen Davis, Beverly Beurskins, Sandra Biles. Third row: Darrell Edwards, John Cooper, Norman Daniels, Allan Abraham, Charles Graham, Bob Evans, Bob Braden, Carl Boyer, Bob Brian, Dean Adams, Ronald Green, Gary Bracken, Tony Godding. Back row: Clifford Evans, Glen Bellew, Stephen Abbott, Craig Barnes, Larry Gilliland, Bob Balch, Bill Bckford, Norman Cullop, Lee Dunning, Angel De Leon, Frank Frazier, Curtis George. Front row: Virginia VVatkins, Selma W6bSt61', Margaret Ridgway, Marjo1'ie Scott, Lila Sullivan, Mary Ann Whiteside, Jaunita Weber, Joan Richards, Josie Requena, Annette Tighe, Shirley Satterthwaite, Carolyn Piper, Marilyn Stover, Patricia White, Barbara Weber. Sccond row: Kay Smith, Gladys Weber, Norma Shull, Margaret Williams, Arbadella Roderick, Patty Sanstra, Reba Runyon, Phyllis Spires, Marjorie Schaffer, Donna Stebbins, June Stevenson, Janis Ratley, Maxine Scott, Martha Schmidt. Third row: Mary Jane Welty, LeRoy Ray, Roger Simon, Terry Sellards, Aaron Smith, Mickey Scanlon, Larry Waller, Ted Stackley, Louis Taliaferro, Jimmie Page, R. C. Ruckert, Bob Walls, Carolyn Reaves. Back row: Melvin Schmidt, Edwin Thompson, Hugh White, Manley Parsons, Larry Taylor, Joe Schlesinger, Malcolm Wentlin,Qg, Joe Schrengohst, John S-mock, Bill Studebaker, Larry Thompson, Don Silvers, Larry Scott, Waldo Schrepfer. Majoiettes piante down the basketball court. A scene fi om the all-school play. ACTIVITIES and clubs of our school help students learn to live and Work together. Their programs include drama, music, speech, and science. Kayettes and Hi-Y are character-building organizations. The Wildcat Yowls and El Doradoan offer opportunities for experience in Writing. Social and recreational events help develop personality so that students are better equipped to take their places in the life of the community and state. 19 Front row: Marc Mc-Lean, Dick Robbins, Jim Fry, Jim Patterson, Dean Seeber, Arlan Stackley, Dick Jolliffe. Second row: Betty Binter, Sally Thomason, Lois Srader, Lois Morgan, Dottie Harper, Paula Riggs, Elfrieda Eisenhour, Don Nye. Third row: Joan West, Patty J. Logan, Delores Hill, Ann Cooke, Bill Auer, Ray Houser, John Unger. Back row: Gary Silor, Floyd Steiner, Janice Graham, Paul Hawkins, Lonnie Snook, Virgil Abbott, Jack Hughes, Mr. Staerkel. Inset: President Gene Elder. O ,adv Y f . 445061 fm, QU, ,dcwvwfnw ' wwf M: Wcffgvffazii. !f,QJ7-g72,.9v"w ,f f STUDENT ooUNc1Lp.gff.fsftfgaf- 5 ffagfz- 2361, 2, . . f f f - f ' - . sponsors many projects ,ppm A W.,,..fga-K ,f u 1 uid D t 'FJ Jig? .,,. Under the capable leadership of its president, Gene Elderg its vice-president, Dick Jolliffeg its secretary, Dean Seeberg and its sponsor, Mr. Staerkelg the Student Council worked diligently for the betterment of our school. The council planned many school parties, a highlight of which was the successful school carnival. Sufficient funds were raised to begin the furnishing of the recreational reading center in the library. Other activities included concessions at games, an apportionment of funds to heip with the work of UNESCO, and the sponsoring of W. P. A. week. VVith this successful record behind it, the last meeting of the 1951-1952 Student Council was adjourned. Left: Students casting their votes for viCe-presi- dent of Student Council. Right: Campaign shenan- igans. ,WMM ,wt rraslcs C Cast of One-Act Play, "The Balcony Scene." Seated: Harriet Myers, Polly McGinnis, Gene Elder, Ken Kassehaum, Kathy Burns, Bill Jester. Standing: Mr. Shaffer, directorg Jim Walls, Betty Binter. The El Dorado debaters attended tournaments at Pittsburg, Topeka, Atchison, Newton, Hutchinson, Russell, Southwestern, Wyandotte, Emporia, Haven, and the dis- trict at Wichita University. Dean Seeberand Ed lVall won a second place trophy at Hutchinson: these two, Beverly Stiller, and Jim Lovern won third place at Emporia, and Myra Scott, Ralph Eckhardt, Leta Davenport, and Jim Cook won the first place trophy at the Haven tournament. The flu-stricken debaters, with Myra Scott, Ralph Eck- hardt, Dean Seeber, and Jim Cook as their representatives, attended the district meet at Wichita. Speakers at the district speech festival who received highly superiors and thus qualified for the state festival were Paul Hawkins, Jr., in two events, Muriel Golobay, Leta Davenport, and the one-act play, 'tThe Balcony Scenef' El Dorado tied for sec- ond place in the Ark Valley speech festival, missing first by only two points. Top row: Bill Molohan, Dav'd Nuttle, Arlan Stacklcy, Sherry West, Johnny Towner, Muriel Golobay, Danny Thomas, Bill Auer, and Richard Lohan. Middle row: Ruth Hammer, Norma Orton, Joy Cooper, Joan McNVillian1s, Nancy Rost, Myra Scott, Ralph Eckhardt, Paul Hawkins, Jr., Philip Thomas, Clifton Marcum, Velva Shuman, and Wilma Ittne1'. Seated: Leta Daven- port, Jim Cook, Ed VVall, Dean Seeber, Beverly Stiller, and Jim Lovern. .5 s si 4 l 'ii' ' L Q .. L 21 PLAYS presented by seniors and juniors The senior class play, "Charley's Aunt," was very capably presented by the pictured cast and prompters. This riotous comedy in three acts was di- rected by Principal William Staerkel and involved some beautiful scenery changes. The uproariously funny comedy points the involvements that college Back row: Jerry Hartnett, Bob Hudson, Ji1n Foster, Betty Hinter, Tiny Cherryholmes, Lucille Van Belmer, Jo Anne VVisley. Front row: Gene Elder, Harriet Myers, Jewell Mahan, Lois Morgan, Jim XValls, Kathy Burns, Don Nye. boys can get into over girls. A fine job of acting was turned in by the entire cast. "In Spring the Sap," a three act comedy, was presented by the junior Class under the direction of Mr. Wal- bourn. The action revolves around an elder- ly Justice of the Peace, who is too busy with his invention to marry people. Three romantic couples, a female foot- ball player, a poet, an interfering Woman who runs a soda shop next door, her daughter and several others all add complications to the plot. Back row: Mary Elder, Joyce Sargent, Mary Sue Patty, Ann Zieman, Jerry Peterson, Dave Daniel, Harold Schlesinger, Ray Houser, Philip Thomas, and Diane VVentling. Front row: Nancy Rost, Ruth Hammer, Johnny Towner, Connie Cloyes, Polly McGinnis, El- frieda Eisenhour and Mr. Walbourn. f 5 Erin S? L 55555 , N by gwgg -5, Front row: Beverly Cloyes, Mary Lynn Deewall, Jo Ann Van Beber, Clifton Marcum, Bill Auer, and Richard Lewis. Second row: Joyce Klintworth, Marjorie Cornwell, Polly McGinnis, Harriet Myers, Sherry VVest, Lois Srader, Carolyn Welty, Muriel Golobay, and Betsy Bacon. Third row: Mr. George Shaffer, Gene Elder, Dick Robbins, Bob Hudson, Larry McCully, David Dennis, and Terry Gladtelter. ALL-SCHOOL PLAY makes a 'lhit" The All-School play, "Henrietta, the Eighth," concerned the hilarious trials and tribulations of the eighth secretary to Mrs. Sutton, the busy mother of two spoiled "brats." These two girls, when they discover that their fun is being ruined, start plotting to get rid of this newcomer in their home. These antics are further compli- cated by the frequent appearances of the "Coke Setf' This play directed by Mr. Shaf- fer was enjoyed by all those attending. A scene from "Henrietta, the Eighth" Clarinet: Sharon Anderson, Mary Ellen Baker, Bill Bickford, La No1'a Blain, Lenora Boucher, Janis Chalfant, Mary Lynne Deewall, Judy Farr ar, Paul Gilmore, Norma Gregerson, Bill Mollohan, Patty Jo Parry, Jim Patton, Carolyn Piper, Marilyn Stover, Charlene Van Meter. Saxaphone: Joyce Brower, Jayne Clark, Janet Farrar, Jack Hughes, Wanda Kimball, Joan Krifteworth, Philip Thomas, Bill Feder. Baritone: Jim Breece, Alan Bullerdick, Vv'illis Waldorf. Bass horn: Marion Anderson, Bill Jackson, Gary Patterson, Robert Patterson, Louis Taliaferro. Trombone: Joe Coons, Jack Crumrine, Jim Fry, Don Grove, Bill Kimball, Larre Tarrant. Cornet: Dick Abraham, Robert Derstein, Burnette Earp, Terry Gladfelter, Jerry Hayes, Ronald Hudson, George Hurlburt, Marc McLean, Wendell Nixon, Bill Rodgers, Earnest White, Jack Wichers. Drum: Bill Bidwell, Norman Daniels, Dick Jolliffe, Dwaine Noel, Charles Sweeney. Oboe: Nancy Biles, Tony Godding. Flute: Judy Deewall, Rogene Godding, Lois Hamme1', Ruth Hammer, Paula Kirby, Marilyn VVing. French horn: Julie Fisk, Robert Hudson, Joyce Klintworth. Tympuni: Sidney Martin. X24- I V It 5. , 0 ' H f W 'V' J A , ff- ff ' , ,1 , BAND serves school and community It's a cold winter night, but the rousing strains of "On, You Wildcats" can be heard distinctly from the football stadium, played with the characteristic pep and en- thusiasm of our Senior High band. This is the band that also is on hand from the tip- off to the last whistle of all the basketball games, and that provides enjoyment at the Band Regalement and other functions. It takes a lot of work to have a good musical group, but there is fun too, and the band and orchestra banquets are always remembered. We pay tribute to Mr. Wallingford and the fine band of 1951-1952. Those serv- ing as officers this year were Wanda Kimball, president, Joyce Brower, vice-presidentg and Sidney Martin, secretary-treasurer. THE COLOR GUARD is composed of Bill Mollohan, Willis Waldorf, Bill Feder, and Robert Derstein. :ix V fi ia if I On the graduate, dipl ,W . ww, We if Q 11. 'S If Z mfg Sim., we K3 'im -V, hy, .5 5 it . 'S' T, 4 Qi' ,rg if 13114, Instrumental Soloists-Front row: Julihe Fisk, Marilyn C. Smith, Beverly Fine, Ruth Hammer. Back' row: Willis VValdorf, Marcia Metcalf, Bill Kinrhall, Geraldine Riggs, Larre Tarrarrt. ORCHESTRA plays for graduation I job until the last minute, our orchestra .ends its successful year as the last oma in hand, leaves the auditorium. Then the many sheets of music are filed away until the next school bell rings. A This year's officers were Jack Wichers, president, Marilyn C. Smith, yice-presi- dent, and Judy Deewall, secretary-treasurer. Much recognition and thanks are .due to this fine orchestra and its director, Mr. Ralph Wallingford, for a job well-done.f Violin: Merry Donald Haines, Bankey, Betty Bruce, Janice Christy, Judy Christy, Connie Cloyes, Ruth Cullop, Sarah Heitrnan, Gerald Kigger, Janice McMillen, Carol Page, Douglass Sherwood. Marilyn C. Smith, Ann VVarren, Lois Morgan, Mary Kay Lange, lilizalmetlr Leckliter, Helen Fowler, Janette Mooney. Viola: Gene Elder, Geraldine Franklin, Marilyn Johnson, Glenna VVesely, Shirley S , Y I , ' . . v v , . , y . ' , . ' YVoelk, Donna girrs, lVIar5g'aret Joyce Sargent. Hudson. Tr om Son. Clarinet: Judy Deewall, Lean, Dean See totk. Cclro. Beverly Caldwell, Joy Cooper, Beverly Fine, Rhoda Harvey, Judy Hig- Tolle, Geraldine Riggs. Bass yioin: Sam Bell, Bill Mclntosh, Renetta Richey, French horn: Donna Adams, Jacque Butler, Julie Fisk, Joyce Klintworth, Rohert hone: Hill Kimball, Marilyn Sue Smith, Larre Tarrant, Bass horn: Marion Ander- Margrery Cornwell, Norma Greger-son. Oboe: Tony Godding, Nancy Biles. Flute: Ruth Hammer, Beverly Stiller, Rogene Godding. Cornet: Jack VVichers, Marc Mc- lrer. Bassoon: Mary Anderson. lmvrw'-M ww 1-W wang Front roxy: Vailene tlsrey, Fharlene Hearrell, Barbara Mc-YVillianis, Alta Long, Pearl Dale, Hohliy Crelly. Margaret sniitn, Varol Johnson, Mei na Vruni, Katherine Boyer, Mary Murphy, Ada Orr, Barbara Peffley, Sally Thomason. Tiny . , , . t'hc'1ryholines. Janet Mossnian, Marlene Lietzlie. Second roxy: Shirley Grtilib, Joann Yap Helier. Dorothy Lively. lo llrazil. Polly MtGinnis. Dixie Day. Sarale Force, Lawana VVisdom, Joyce Loekard,. Hetlyk Binter, Sue Wilson, Janey Maus. Rofalin James. Jo Ann Boyce, Sally Keith, Nancy Herrmann, Juanita Fowler, Marilyn S. Sniith. Connie Easley. Pat Silvt-is, Mary liltler, Gloria Young, Lucy Van Belmer, Barbara Reichert, Jessie Shoiders. Third roxy: Miss Harbour. Lois Starter. Paula Riggs, Yelva Shuman, Marjorie Howyer, Eva Gipson. Jo Ann Vooli, Nadine Mitchell. Ronnie Zane. .loan MeYYillains. lfilen lfarquer. Yvonne Sehinidt, Joan Kizer, Kaye Ogan, Kathy Burns, Glenna Honnell, t'arol Sininis. .login West, Varol Vory, Noenia Hrainan, Nancy Middleton, Susie Murray, Ata Kinney. Marty Seholler. laNe:tn Grten. Helen Smith. liarlq row: Hill Jester. Glen Ridgeway, Raymond Garland, Hill Harrison. Sain llell. Ken M1-Adoo. Mar'lyr: liurt-li. .llnrvin Nye. Hay Reep. Don Nye, Rob Hudson, llill Klllilllilll, Vhestei Keith. Danny t7'l1iien. t'lit't' Maieuin. t'harlie Fauleoner. Richard Hualaeha, Richard Lewis. .lim Vooli. Melvin Sradei. Russell Grit I it h. lfront roxy: Glennis Young, t'harlene Whitton, Jayne Clark, Jean Neyvsoin, Sherilyn Zangz, Shirley Woelk, XYandzt Selineidei, Joyce lleino. 'X ivian lidxvaids, Marian Foster, Shirley Briekley. Lenea lloueher, Shirley Boone. Joy Kinney. Margaret Ann Mannion. Mavis Seynn ur, lloris lieaman. Second row: Carrie Dale. Karilyn XVillett. lletty llavis. .Ioan llalier. Glenna M1-:lt-y. Marilyn Tiioinpson, Barbara Tarrant. Beverly Vloyes, lloris Ramsey, Kay Breecli. Phyllis I Sullivan. t'arol lfeigusoii. Mary McKenzie, Pat Harvey, Barbara Smith, Iat VVielnnan, Jean Mehatfey, Julie Fisk. Joyce Klintxvoith. Tliird roxy: l-luth Gates. Billie .lo Harms, Leta Davenport, Pat Roberts, Gerry llunivan. Sherry XYest, Barbara Nelson. Lehil Ogan. Vernon Orndorff, Ronald Hudson. Gerald Moore. Jerry Hayes, Don lloos, lleverly Willie, Mary Lou Wall. .loyee Giahani, Analiel Moore, Ruby Hamilton, Rose Oldfield, .Ianiee Graham. Miss Jeanette llarhour. lhttk roxy: .Iiin Forxxalder. Jack Kenimerly, David Dennis. Winston McMillan, Don Sewell, .lini Green. llicli Jollilife. ,lohnnv 'l'oxvner, .liin Gautier. lillsyvorth Jordan, Vernon Martin, Larry Hildebrand, Kenneth Robertson, 'l'errv Gladteltt-r. I-Zill Feder. Vlvde Spires. Thurman Kelly, Keith Martin, Elmo Bailey. liurnette Earp. ff' ,riff IQQCCAKLTQSJ7 M S- M-,md QMIQ5 AAS 57.511 fbin firki-T iiuklyfrx'-5'I HA A-LJ ff' 1:1117 f-V351 ,U sfn, X ff' 'W A A-S f-fx' f 'ef CHORUSES . A .- , 1 - " .1 i. ' w l, ' . - ,jffqlid VNf'5rN'r'jA KWAR '5'f"""' 1 rift.. hy:- , get top rating -'lf " ' f . -.4.!.i 9111.1 AAf2'Zlrf,l5I fn f,Lk:I,:v'At. IJ Jlnlq Under the able direction of Miss Jeanette Barbour our choruses, ensembles, and soloists once again made an excellent showing in the spring contests. They gave their annual concert and appeared in assembly many times. These students have chosen music as an elective and get much enjoyment from their work. W' , sun .l--1' 'f J 'ff M'cig1f',,'.f'l' At the left are the students who represented our school in the solo events at the Music Festival in VVichita. Front row: Russell Griffith, Merna Crum, Connie Easley, Betty Binter, Lucille Van Belmer, Richard Huaracha. Back row: Sain Bell, Rob Hudson. Paula Riggs, Gene Elder, Hill Harrison. . ljknfi ,J ' ,XJ-Lfxyy x 'I -1 i-JQQA. fs s I - t EM, ,AM- -G c,gNU5 ,bv s T A Left to rig . cH yc1Q Q iusie Crist. gt ll' L Q A A . . , le it gil SQ' ' . . l N xref, Ot. I ' L Paula Riggs, Jo Ann Cook, BOYS' STATE Top row: Don Nye, Bill Jes- te1', Jim Cook, Jack Wichers, Gene Elder. Bottom row: Dick Thompson, Bill Hildebrand, Dean Seeber. Each year the civic clubs of El Dorado send a selected group of high school students to Boys' and Girls' State. There. for a full week these students learn how our government is run. Richard Thompson was elected lieutenant governor of Boys' State. All ofthe others were active in campaigns and elections. GROVEYS GREMLINS The science club, under the direction of Mr. Grove, met for the first time this year and drew up a constitution, choosing GroVe's Gremlins for its name. The purpose . D- . . . . of the club is to learn more about science and to work on Various projects. Top row: Bill Bidwell, Gene Criss, Tom Fisk, Bill Hilde- brand, Jim Walls, Weldon Braman, Jack Wichers. Front row: Mr. Grove, Kaye Ogan, Delores Hamaker, Lois Srader, Lois Morgan, Jim Foster. tithe' to ' M,.a..4.J .4i,5if.vl15--.' , ' WMI! fi," gf .sid A fu- Q., ,ffLto4,..g3l,.',. fu ,,,, . I" Seated: Bob Bruce, sports editor fsecon ,ucy VanBeber, editor-in-chief: an ,fi .,,. ff . . V 'fi H A v' ' ,Aff -,Ram 2-' 0 swf' ' M' ' 9 fi 'Ai ' " 1 ' j ' . I V' ,- - 5 If Q., A ff' ,f ML, if- 4, , .1 yy I if ,f ,A,,-- .Q .Q it I - ,A-J' l P d. semesteijg Ken Soder, assistant editor, nf , . ' sf Lelores Hamaker, business manager fsee- 1 Q fi ond semesterl g Eva Gipson, feature editorg ' ' and Bill Jester, assistant editor. Standing: .,,,.j!gf,4 d " M' A, George Shaffer, faculty advisor. if . , ' .- ,fe 4, up , ef-dl: -3 6 ,E Q, 1 i I Lab fGL:1gf,.s94"x'4"1' f fw.,..,i, f fe ' J. f'- i it J 3 frfiiefrwf at 134- fy Dfkii' Q, J' 1PL"24f,,i:J J 'infill igk,-gist' mlnafhx . k ' , F i ft? ,inf ,wht ,Q ,lla 1 -if ' 4 .V ' x A - 'Lf . W d If ' V i .L i- 4x,,,,,. ' Q, ff 5 ' ' k:"'f' ef ' v 0. V, ' faire Mai The journalism class is responsible , W W, A, for the publication of our school paper, 3 5 ' "Wildcat Yowlsf' The staff and spon- A ,.,,Q iff, infgymg Students and faculty sor, Mr. Shaffer, have tried hard to r make the paper interpret the life and MQ". M activities of the school and to make the' ,, 5 t 'J news interesting and reliable. 4-4 . , 4 0 M, W . 4. rl., I 'N-, fill 'JK M '- P 'A- ?'i,'-.- -0 .Mini .xgfz Seated: Vivian Cannon, typistg . Don Nye, sports writerg Dotty Lou 1' X 1 3 Harper, business manager ffirst 5' , ' semesterlg .loan Dunning, Mailing , X editor, and Helen Haggard, typist. Seated: Charlene Hearrcll Barbara Reichert, lleverly Cald- well, Donna Stock, z Ridgexxay, copywriters. Stand- ing: Charles Sweeney, Hill Kirkman, and Alberta Knowles. copywriters. 28 ' P Standing: Jim Lovern, sports editor ffirst semesterjg and Jim Cook, chief copyreader. I 7 if if I :LJ lf""X.,,Q ? 3" A 5 . 2 wt 1 J if to . af!5"'f4'f'A-' 4' r gi 1 ,Q . .. V.- ..,4,, p if-t M Helen Haggard, business manager, Miss Hoyt, adviserg Lois Srader and Don Nye, co-editors, Ed Wall, business manager. 1., , 4 'll' I ,. fr L 4, A tfnigy 1 if 7' 'fl Jef i . f lj " ,, I ig X X WA 'Q ,wk at Y ' . N' H it 1.1. V I A ,i A W V X Q., X r . 4 X1 b lx mi , fi If 4 Y.. Y 1 L' - 'L K: 3 LLL! ,V l Q' Y Ll Each member of the El Doradoan . 'X - f N: ' 91. - h I, 'iq staff had an important part in making 1 , ' FF . this year's El Doradoan, whether in A l planning, selling, photography, copy "im, , tp of has busy Veal' Vx +, ' writing, typing, or other necessary ' 4, ,G x' '1',,, we work. They sincerely hope that you ' , A 'Q Will enjoy the book as much as they Le ' we-., J have enjoyed working on it. fl 0 ' , , . ""1-'L K. '-A .wks -. Q Bill Jester, photographerg Viv- ian Cannon, typistg Marty Scholler, Joan Baker, and Dorothy Lively, art, Shirley Grubb Knot picturerlj. Bill Hildebrand and Jim Lovern, sports writers, JoAnne Wisley, Los Morgan, Marjorie Bowyer, copy writers. 29 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Front row: Eddie Jackson, Weldon Braman, Gene Dickinson, John Unger, Richard Wilson, Jerry Mosier. Second row: Kenneth Usrey, Ronald Carlton, Leroy Ray, Carl Boyer, H. C. Ruckert, Melvin Schmidt, Gene VVilson, Bob Johnston, Albert Blake, W. R. McMillan. Third row: Vernon Jackson, Gail Vogelman, Roy Buffum, David Nuttle, Richard Faulconer, Arlan Stackley, Wayne Edgington, Walter Wiley, Jack West. Fourth row: Dale Potter, Donald Welty, Ray Robinson, Nelson Olinger, Ronald Welty, Jack Kimball, Charles Swank, LeRoy Williams, Gene Countryman. Top row: Jim Finey, Robert Carson, Don Loos, Dale Hamilton, Larry McCully, Darrell Carlton, Dick Burch, Larry McCaffree. The El Dorado F. F. A. chapter has had one of its most successful years in the history of the club. First in line for honors the local boys won a silver emblem award in the National Dairy Judging Contest held at Waterloo, Iowa, on October 1, 1951. Individual ratings in this contest were Weldon Braman, silver, Kenneth Schmidt, silver, John Unger, silver, and Gene Dickinson, gold in showmanship. In qualifying for this national con- test, the judging team took first in the state in dairy judging and ranked second in the entire state judging contest, which is the best record ever established by an El Dorado F. F. A. team. During the year the El Dorado Chapter was entertained by skating parties, a hayrack ride, a dance, and other forms of recreation. The officers for the year were John Unger president, Gene Dickinson vice- presidentg Eddie Jackson, secretary, Weldon Braman, treasurerg Richard Wilson, re- porter, Mr. McMillan adviser. The degree of State Farmer has been awarded to John Unger, Weldon Braman and Gene Dickinson. 30 win silver emblem in national dairy judging 1 . . . . Live stork and vi-mph Jurlgivig team. 2. Shop tvam--Jolm Unger aml Weldon Brnmmi. ZZ. A vocational Ag' class on El field trip. 4. Public speaking' c'on1.estaiit:'+Arlaii Stucliley, Richard Burch, David Nuttle. 5. Dairy juclgiiig' team, winners ol' Silver emblem in imtioiial dairy judging' contest at Watorloo, Iowa. 6, Sopliomores on a field trip, inspecting F. F. A. Grain Sorghum field. 31 Bottom row: Kathy Buins, Dorothy Harper, Mary Margaret Scheller, Lois Morgan, Harriet Myers, Betsy Bacon, Marilyn C. Smith, Paula Riggs, Betty Binter. Top row: Margery Cornwell, Polly Mc-Ginnis, Judy lies-wall, Sherry West, Betty Davis, Myra Scott, Mary Lynn Deewall, Carol Ferguson. The Kayettes Win Award For Achievement The Kayettes is an organization of which E. H. S. is very proud. During the year 1951-1952 it boasted a membership of 275 girls, making it the largest Kayette club in Kansas. This year the most difficult award to earn, the coveted 3000-point plaque, was presented to the El Dorado Kayettes during the annnual conference, held this year at Haven, Kansas. Back row: Mary L. Deewall, Lenea Boucher. Kathryn Boyer, Betty Davis, Jo Ann Cook, Marjorie Bowyer, Merna Crum Nancy Biles, Betsy Bacon, Joan Baker, Carol Cory, Mary Datin. Jerry Dunivan. Judy Deewall. Zlrd row: Iieta Davenport, Ann Cook, Beverly Cloyes, Connie Cloyes, Jo Brazil, Tiny eherryholmes, Kathy Burns, Betty Binter, Glenna Bonnell, Joyce Brower, Mary Anderson, Pat Bloir, LeNora Blain, Eula Coons, Carrie Dale, Barliara Brumliaek. Kathy Banks. 2nd row: Barhara Smith. Thelma Dwire. Mary Ann Eaton. Rosemary Biles, Noema Braman, Joy Cooper, Mary Elder, El- frieda Eisenhour, Bohhie Crellv, Barbara Barnes Jael ue Butler Connie Beauregard. Shirley Bricl-zley, Janice Chalfant, U K '. y r l y Y. n . V . . w 1 Lois Clark, Grace foiralez. Shirley Baum. l'ront row: La Donna Sidner, Linda Belt. Xivian lndwards. Beverly Caldwell Jayne Clark Janice Christv, Rachel Cervantes Marilyn Biaes Pearl Dale, Vivian Cannon. Helen Haggard, Connie Eas- . ' v M I . v . Z- v I ley, Phyllis Sullivan. Doris Beaman, Betty Bruce, Margery xornwell. Joan Dunning. Back row: Jane Funk, Lora llelnier. Kay Kreeck, Janice Giahani. Patricia liildrelh. Shirley Gruhh, Charlene Hearrell, Alberta Knowles, Delores llainaker, Dixiele llarper, Joyce Graham, Jo Feller, Joan Lehr, lflva Gipson, Rulmy lianiilton. 3rd row: Myrna Lewis, Jannis Hollis, Iona Ray, Virginia Keith, Beverly Fine, Evelyn Fmrich, Billie Jo Harms, XVanda Kimball, Norma Gl'QQ'l'l:f0l1, Rhoda Harvey, Gerry Franklin, Marjorie Garland, Roma Lewis, Alta Kinney. Betty Haskell. 2nd row: Janet Farrar, Julie Fisk, Carol Ferguson, Muriel Golohay, Pat Hughes, Billie Lively. Glenda Howrey, Nancy Herrmann, Marlene Lietzkc, Ja Nean Green, Sally Keith,Huth Gates, Kathy Lehr, Theta Gentry, Arvilla Fetrow. Front row: Dottie Harper. Mary Komer, Joyce Griggs. Ruth Hammer, Joy Kinney, Juanita Fowler, Connie Incontro, Roselyn James, Pat Harvey, Marian Foster, Connie Henderson, Pat Hopkins, Martha Gossett, Ruth Hiegns. Q,-,M-MMM.,-s.-Wv .,-,. .a.,..... ... -. M .. ,, L im. 2 , , Q Qvausn-un-J NN ' M -Y"--'W gil g- i we r 1 Ei 1 . Y ffi . , K M. S.. N. X. M. L- Lon D t, T1-lUl5SlilAV fgfofv our all SponsorsfMiss Ruth Payne and Mrs. Hallie Lcben. Kayette lVeek poster. Dressed for the Kayette "Grab Your Man" party. Under the excellent, untiring guidance of its sponsors, Miss Ruth Payne and Mrs. Hallie Leben, and with the help of the officers and a cooperative Board of Direc- tors, the club carried on many worthy projects. Among these were the supervision of the Red Cross Drive and the March of Dimes campaign which included a house-to-house coverage of the town. This year's officers were Harriet Myers, president, Betsy Bacon, vice-president, Lois Morgan, secretary, and Marilyn C. Smith, treasurer. Providing opportunities for participation by all and enjoying fun and fellow- ship, the Kayettes are wholeheartedly carrying out their slogan of "Laugh, love and lift." The climax of activities is reached during Kayette Week with the Mother-Daugh- ter banquet as the outstanding event. Back row: Lore Meier, Mary Ellen McKenzie, Donna Murphy, Sally Robbins, Beverly Rutherford, Marilyn McKnight, Emylin McCoy, Joyce Lockard, Janet Norris, Patty Ann Logan, Barbara Reichert, Dorothy Lively, Audrey McKinnis. Third row: Annabel Moore, Sidney, Martin, Carol Scanlon, Janey Maus, Joan McWilliams, Harriet Myers, Marty Scholler, Leihl Ogan, Kaye Ogan, Nadine Mitchell, Nancy Rost, Sue Patty, Joyce Sargent, Patty June Logan. Second row: Rose Lee Oldfield, Pat VVichman. Marcia Metcalf, Polly McGinnis, Susie Murray, Doris Ramsey, Barbara Peffley, Nancy Molter, Dimpy Mannion, Jewell Mahan, Paula Riggs, Geraldine Riggs, Rennetta Richey, Barbara Nelson, Norma Orton, Marlene Patty, Nancy Middleton. Front row: Alta Long, Mary Murphy, Ada Orr, Marcia Richey, Shirley Pierce, Patty Pennington, Jeanne Richey, Lois Morgan, lVanda Schneider, Charlene Pennington, Jean Mehaffey, Thelma lN1cClurg, Jessie Sboldcrs, Janet Mossman. Janis Mobley. Back row: Beverly Stiller, Lois Srader, Lucy Van Beber, Joan VVisley, Sally Thomason, Jean Studebaker, Karilyn Willett, Pat Sibley, Carlene Usrey, Sue Wilson, Charlene Van Meter, Donna Stock, Joan West, Betty Warren. Third row: Helen Smith, Vonnie Schmidt, Bonny Zang, Gloria Young, Betty West, Myra Scott, Glenna Wesley, Shirley Welty, Shirley Schmidt, Ann Zieman, Connie Walls, Donna Webber, Dorothy Sharp. Second row: Margaret Smith, Pat Silvers, Barbara Rummel, Phyllis Sullivan, Carol Sims, Lawana Wisdom, Carolyn Welty, Shirley Woelk, Pat Zieman, Barbara Tarrant, Audrian Thomas, Theda Sharp. Front row: Glenis Young, Charlene Whitton, Sherilyn Zang, Beverly Wilke, Joan Van Beber, Marilyn Thompson, Faralene VVentling', Mary Lou YVall, Marilyn C. Smith, Diane NVentling, Elsie Svnock, Imogene Smith. 'l' iff, 1 W"""""lU'H" Q5X" "' "" ""Q YY' '71 ,fif 4,2 Front row: Clifton Marcum, Richard Lewis, Larry McCully, Jack Crumrine, John Grant, Arlan Stackley, Bill Fuller, Jack Emerick, Bob Duncan, Don Boss, Tom Cour, Jim Gautier, Jim Green, Paul Hawkins, Franklin Anderson, Bill Feder, Harold Miller, Jim Peffley. Second row: Tom Ott, Gary Anthony, Marvin Nye, Ray Peirce, Bill Lelnasters, Don Garland, Bob Hudson, Alan Buller- diek, Dean Hollis, Terry Gladfelter, Don Martin, Bill Jester, Ken Kassebauin, Ken McAdoo, Raymond Garland, Ronald Minard. Back row: Melvin Srader, Keith Martin. Bill Auer, Jim Cook, Ronald Walz, George Hurlburt, Jack Kimberly, Dave Dennis, Burnette Earp, Vernon Martin, Ed Faulkner, Ferrell Mitchell, Darrell Mitchell, Don Chase, Bill Mclntosh, Lloyd Morgan, Elmo Bailey, Jerry Peterson. Front row: Paul Gilmore, Dick Robbins, Bill Bidwell, Bob Jones, John Unger, Virgil Abott, Jim Forwalder, Dick Wilson, Gene Porter, Jim Breese, Marc McLean, Thurman Kelly, Vernon Orndorff, Dick Loban, Bill Mollohan, Dick Abraham. Second row: VVeldon Braman, Gene Dick- inson, Clyde Spires, NVinston McMillan, Jim Lohse, Bill Rogers, Charles Sweeney, Russell Griffith, Marlyn Burch, Bob Dei-stein, Ellsworth Jordan, Jerry Hayes, Ronad Hudson, Mr. Walbourn. Back row: Mr. Whitson, Harold Schlesinger, Denzle Shafer, Dave Daniel, Larry Hildebrand, Dick Jolliffe, Charles Faulconer, Bob Grant, Delmar Hodgens, Don Baker, Larre Tarrant, Earnest WVhite, Jim Fry, Jim Patton, Trenton Brown, Bob Bruce, Jack Jackard, David Nuttle. HI-Y CLUB shows growth The Hi-Y organization this year was capably headed by Dick Robbins. So well has Dick served that he has been elected by popular acclaim to hold the office of president again next year. The club was ably assisted by its two new and well-liked sponsors, Mr. Wal- bourn and Mr. Whitson. The club had the largest number on its roll in several years. The program chairman, Bob Hud- son, planned well-organized meetings throughout the year. The diversified programs were spiritual, educational and entertaining. Highlighting the year Was the in- auguration of the new officers at the annual Hi-Y banquet, held on March 25 at the Methodist church. HI-Y CABINET Bob Hudson. program chairman, Dick Robbins, president, Bill Jester, secretary-treasurer5 Don Garland, vice-president, Mr. Whit- son and Mr. XN3lbOLl1'I'l, advisers. Front row: Jerry Hayes, Don Garland, Floyd Steiner, Kenneth Kassebaum, Bill Hildebrand, Danny O'Brien, Richard Thompson, Dean Seeber, Gary Silor, Jack Ciumrine, Vernon Jackson, Kenneth Usrey. Second row: Pat Hudson, Charles Faulconer, Dick Robbins, Jim Walls, Claude Snook, Jim Moreland, Jack Wichers, Bill Bolin, Denzle Shafer, Jerry Hartnett, Jim Breese, Arlan Stackley. Third row: Jerry Peterson, Vernon Orndorff, Eddie Jackson, Dick Burch, Gene Elder, Bill Harrison, Gene Porter, Kenneth McAdoo, Ray Reep, Keith Bell, Jim Gautier, Gerald Lamb, Ed Faulkner, Burn- ette Earp, Jim Forwalder. Back row: Harold Bryan, Jim McDonald, Russell Griffith, Danny Moriarty, Don Miller, Willis Waldorf, Ray Houser, Thurman Kelly, Jim Russum, Larry Hilde- brand, Dick Wentworth, John Davenport, Bill Kirkman, Larry McCully, Dick Jolliffe, Richard Wilson, Billy Warren. Under the rule of Gary Silor, presi- dentg Dean Seeber, vice-president, Richard Thompson, secretaryg and Dan O'Brien, sergeant-at-arms, the E-Club has had a very successful year. No one can forget the initiation With the painted ears and noses and hair oil streaming down perspiring faces, giving to the air a smel of roses and sweat falmost as bad as Blue Waltz and green peppersj. Then there was the E-Club - Faculty basketball game, in which the faculty emerged bruised and sore but Victorious. Highlighting E-CLUB initiates 29 members the year was the traditional E-Club banquet, in which the lettermen dress up Cfor oncel and bring their dates for an evening of dining and dancing. The year Was also successful in that 52 boys were members, more than ever before. Initiates with painted ears and noses, obeying the or- ders of the actives. Front row: Margaret' A. Mannion, Wini Carter. Rhoda Harvey, Geraldine Franklin, Mary Ellen Fowley, .loan Dun- ning, .lo Ann Boyce, .loan Baker, Pat Log-an, Helen Haggard, Vivian flannon, Ruth Lehr. Marilyn Crist. Joan Lehr, Loyetta Cherryholnies, Betsy Bacon, Ruhr Hamilton, Eva Gipson, Dotty Lou Harper, Marjorie Bowyer, Mary Komer. Second row: Leta Davenport, Dorothy Lively. Delores Hill. Delores Hainaker, Betty Davis, .lo Ann Cook, YVanda Kinihall. Alherta Knowles, Mt-rna Crum. Dixile Harper. Nancy Hiles, Carrie Dale, Beverly Valdxvell, Jayne Clark, Doris Beanian. Betty Bruce, Joy Vooper. Kathleen Burns. Betty llinter. Third row: Pai llarvey. Saralie Force, Norma Gregrerson, Ruth Hannner, Jane Funk, Mary Elder, Elfiieda lfisenhour. Connie lflasely. Jacqueline Butler, Joyce llroxver, Robbie Lou Crelly, Glenna Honnell, Barbara Barnes, Mary Anderson. .loan Kizer. C'arol Ferguson. Noenia Branian, Charlene Hearrell. Fourth row: Lois Clark. Marjorie Garland, Grace Corralz, Sally Keith, Thelma Dxvire. Judy lleewall, ,lo Brazil, Maz'g'ery Fornwell, Kathy Ranks. Rosie James. Vonnic Vloyes. Marian Foster, Shirley Haunt. Joan Kriftexvirth, Connie Incontro, Juanita Fowler, Mary Datin, Theda Gentry. Ruth Hig'g'ins, Filth row: Joyce Grahani, Ann Hook, Julie Fisk, Mary Lynn lleewall, Beverly Cloves, Lenea Boucher, Janice Graham. llillie Jo Harms, Linda Belt, lflvelyn Flniriek, Kathryn Hover. Rosemary Biles. Lora Heliner, Nancy Herrmann. Carol Tory. Beverly Fine, Janice Cliristy, .lane Doornlios. Flack row: Connie RQZlLll'C'Q'2U'1l, -lanet Farrar. La Nora Blain, Alta -lo Feller, Vivian lflllwards. Muriel Gollohay, Pat Hughes. Mary Eaton, Janice Hollis, Shirley Boone, .Lxnice Vhalfant. Connie Hen- derson, Ruth Gates, Joyce Griggfs, Betty Haskell, Shirley Brickley, Joyce Demo, Pat llloir, Martha Gossett, Pat Hopkins. RED PEPPERS cheer teams on This year the largest group of Red Peppers E.H.S. has ever had succeeded once more in achieving its goal of promoting good sportsmanship and in boosting and sup- porting our various school activities, athletics in particular. Our annual hilarious initiation started the year oti' with a "hairy" and brought in many new girls. These snaps show a few of the activities in which Pep Club takes part-the initiation that everybody dreads hut loves, our en- ergetic cheerleaders, and our girls' Pep Club at a basketball game. s ikvlis Front row: Beverly Stiller, Jewell Mahan, Mavis Seymour, Sally Thomason, Marty Scholler, Harriet Myers, Wilma Ittner, Elsie Smock, Pat Roberts, Lucille Van Beber, Jeanne Richey, Lois Morgan, Jean Studebaker, Lore Meier, Susie Murray, Jo Anne W'isley. Second row: Yvonne Schimdt, Rosetta Wiley, Joan Vogelman, Dorothy Sharp, Karilyn Willett, Kaye Ogan, Marilynn Sue Smith, Marilyn Mossman, Charlene Pennington, Janet Norris, Imogene Smith, Carlene Usery, Pat Sibley, Kathy Lehr, Wanda Schneider, Jean Mehaffey, Donna Stock. Third row: Barbara Peffley, Carol Sims, Lawana Wisdom, Doris Ramsey, Phyllis Sullivan, Bonnie Zang, Joyce Lockard, Emylin McCoy, Ann Zieman, Bobbie Ruminel, Beverly Rutherford, Sally Robbins, Carolyn Welty, Joan McWilliams, Marlene Lietzke, Glenna Wesley, Shirley Woelk. Fourth row: Shirley Schmidt, Nancy Rost, Myra Scott, Mary Murphy, Ada Lee Orr, Marlene Patty, Mary Sue Patty, Marilyn Cloe Smith, Jane Maus, Pat Silvers, Helen Smith, Nancy Middleton, Myrna Lewis, Joan West, Janice Mobley, Carol Scanlon, Jean Newsom, Connie Walls. Fifth row: Theda Sharp, Billie Lively, Barbara Smith, Leihl Ogan, Barbara McWilliams, Thelma McClure, Shirley Welty, Ann Warren, Marcia Metcalf, Polly McGinnis, Joyce Sargent, Rosie Oldfield, LaDonna Sidener, Marcia Richey, Charlene Van Meter, Sue WVilson, Barbara Tarrant, Mary Lou Wall, Audrey McKinnis, Audrian Thomas. Back row: Norma Orton, Betty Warren, Sherry West, Gerry Riggs, Nancy Molter, Joyce Klintworth, Marilyn McKnight, Barbara Nelson, Faralene Wentling, Mary Dee Thompson, Joan Van Beber, Beverly Wilke, Anabel Moore, Helena Wallis, Charlene Whitton, Sherilyn Zang, Shirley Peirce, Patty Pennington, Donna Webber. As usual the high light of the year was the annual Christmas Dance at which the huge tree and other colorful decorations made the gym a "Winter wonderland." The year was brought to a close with the Pep Club Banquet, Where emotions varied from the joy of the sophomores and juniors to the tears of the departing seniors. The fact that consoles the seniors is that next year another wonderful group of girls will carry on the traditions and continue to make our Red Peppers the very best Pep Club in the whole "Sunflower" state. The officers this year were Sally Thomason, president, Joyce Sargent, vice-presi- dent, Elfrieda Eisenhour, secretary: Ann Cook, treasurer: Lucille Van Beber, manager, and Wini Carter, adviser. CHEERLEADERS Dan Moriarity Susie Murray Bill Hildebrand Margaret Ann Mannion Bill Harrison Jo Anne Wisley ll 11111111111 11111 1 1 111111111111 11117 1 1 1. 1111 A1111 31211111 e 111111 111111 111 11 1111111 111 1111 11111111111N111 1111 11111111111 1111111 1111111101111 11 ' 1 1111111 111111 1111111 111 11111111 111111111 111111111 IIN 1 11111 L111l1I1. SNOW QUEEN Re1gns Over Commumty Parade 1111 111 1- 11 l1L'L'1k111Q 11 111 1 1 1 111 141111, 11111 XY1111 1111 WF' 11:1 Ill 11111 Down and to the right: An exciting' moment at a football game. Check boys-Darwin Feller and Jim Breese. Girls' tumbling team. VVrestlers battle it out. Faulkner tries for a set-up. ATHLETICS play an important role in the life of the student and of the community. Our teams competed in football, basketball, track, golf, tennis, base- ball, and Wrestling, In addition, 135 boys participated in the 1951-52 sea- son in intramural basketball. About 155 boys and 170 girls were enrolled in gym classes Where exercises and games help to develop healthy, poised citizens. WILDCAT FOOTBALL eleven finish second in Valley The El Dorado High School Wildcats com- pleted an outstanding football season this year. Finishing in a tie for second place with Wellington for the second straight year, the Wildcats compiled 8 wins and 2 losses for the 1951 season. El Doradols only two losses came at the hands of East and New- ton. The Wildcats sent both of the tradi- tional non-league foes, Augusta and Eureka down to defeat this year. tNorth High of Wichita, had to forfeit all the games in which an ineligible player appearedj The WiQdcats, coached by Bob McCollum and Harold Bryan not only won the games W Q in the scoring column but also in the statis- tics ol' the game. Q- X' 3 is Floyd Steiner, Bud Webber, Ed Pence. f 5 f Russell Griffith, .lei-ry Hayes, riri ifaurimer. L f ."' Tgifffi' Slang. Delbert Brooks, Larry Hildebrand, Gary Silor. A' .g..,.f5,.y Jim Russum, Jerry Hartnett, Bill Bolin. 2 "" V VVayne Palmer, Keith Bell, Charles Kleckner. ' in 2 K . my g Front row: Billy Joe Warren tmanagerl, Ray Houser, Delbert Brooks, Charles Fauluonei. Jim Walls, Hill Ilolin, Keith Bell, Ed Pence, Ed Faulkner, Ken Kassebaum, Bud Wiebher, Danny O'Brien, Ivan Hass, Don Miller, Gary Silor. Second row: Jim Breese fmanagerl, Jack Kemmerly, Jim Russum. Thruman Kelly, .lark Vook, John Davenport, Bob Hudson, Richard Thompson, Don Garland, Russell Griffith, Jerry Hartnett, Floyd Steiner. Jim lfoster, Jerry Hayes, Vernon Orndorff, Darwin Feller tmanagerj. Third row: Harold Bryan. fassistant eoaelil. Ferrell Mitchell, Darrell Mitchell, Larry Hildebrand, Don Lafferty, Charles Harlett, .lim Forwalder. Ds-nzle Shafer, Andy Severn, Pat Hudson, Gerald Lamb, Terry Gladfelter, Don Chase. Jim Moreland. Tom Nexxby, Fred Blaine. Hob McCollum tcoaehl. Fourth row: Keith Martin, David Daniel, Harold Schlesinger, Uurnette Earp. Gene Elder, Richard Lewis, John Harrison, Bill Kimball, Marc McLean, Ronald Wimberly, Hill Kirkman. George Kleelqner, .lack Kimball, Larry Davis, David Dennis. """ '-"'- " "2' 5 1I" --'f -"', 'fi-iff zrz ,.. : r'.. .,,, ,,,. ,..,,,,.,, ,,,: -,-,-, 3 ,.. 5:55 ,,. ,,- ,-,, I I ,,,,, i" ,:.: :'- , Q .:": 5 ----f' 1 ,Q ,-,:,:, ": 2 ,-. .--.-.-- V Egjgigiiiifigg, VVVVVI : : ' :5:ff5i:gsgs5a:sIs 'Ii' -:.r. .,.,., ,., ..4. "' ,..,. 4 r-,,, :.:. I 'rc 'trc trt'r'i' f , ,.,, L 2 '-. , .'., A -,---5 r-: "":' Q Q .,- "TVff.,flj. ,-,. filfif lzlj w .,r. ":. 5 V,-'1."-- 21252 i'. ,- "'-' 1 r'-' 'Q--1' ".- " f Efff'55f X T ' :"" i".g 'I "tr.. 1 ,""'eri '-rfV 1 i isfzi Q. Ir- 1 W'-5 5 -QM ""' W- i11'i iff :" if .'.,., Qfffif Ii' "" --" i""i1-'l' ,,,r J -'tr ..i'. 4 , T H ,.c.: ,,,,,. ...ar "": 1 "-.. e 7:3122 ':"" 2 ffl- .,..,i....,, Q,Q.:3I:'i' "" :,... ,," :pr -1--.:. :'i'E f-'FE' ii ,1,, - f-2-: -ee- -1e, "" '-22 ,,,, ""' '3 'Z ':"2. 3 5 r'llr 1. r:.', .. 'l'- i ii '11' 3 l"i ' .'i"' i "", i..", 'r" 'l':i'- ,.:. 3 ,,, f J .--r ':4- .... , ,,. - " ,,,. .J .., :QQ "-i"t iizi' "': i'i'i 'G VITZ ..,.3 : ---:: :::1:2-2 " ,.,2' :r:f:e fi '-1: Izrzf I ' ,"'1"'i':' ' ' , 1"'i 1 " ' " "" ' Z.: ' -rf ":'r , 'Dj -, 5. 1 5 . - 5 "" ' N, f f 'E if .-' 5 5 ':1:. 9 ' 1 ii . .. f .9 ,.,' Q ,1', 2.1.3, ,-""" i' - :V , Q, H21 L, ..:, ,.:A - ,,, .A,,A. ugug., I QQP ,l :AI ,4,, I '--:- .,,,,,, "i- f . rz- :f1': ""I '1" r "" 1"1 " -"' "f t r ' ,,,,,, , " - " " ' .:. 'N , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,' ,,,, ,,., ,,,,. ' e 1 " .,Vi.h, .?,.q, :,:- , an ,- M uf A M, .aff f .. 23" . .Z ,,mm1 'K . r ', " '52 ,W " f Danny carries the lmall in the Ark City game. An exciting moment in the Eureka game on Thanksgiving Day. ti. A may X 1 .. 'H . , ' X 4 "-' ivi, i ' :sz-J ' -,M Y 1 1 291 9- 4 E4 8 A '.,' -Q, M so 'ii' E.. V - am- ,I Wie , V i ii Q of EL DORADO OPPONENTS 103 ..,. .. first downs .,...,,....,.. 80 1572 yards from scrimmage 1160 299 yards lost scrimmage 226 109 passes attempted . 76 51 ,. passes completed 33 543 ...., yards passed .,,.. 489 44 ..,,., ,. , kicks .. , 56 1200 .,... , yards kicked ....... 1315 32 , fumbles , 43 SCHEDULE '7 Emporia ,... .. 0 28 .,..,.. Hutchinson .... 6 43 A1'kansas City 2 6 ., ..,..,.. East ..,i...... 34 ..,. North ....... . 25 .. Winfield ...... 0 13 .... Augusta ..,... 6 33 ., A Wellington 0 0 A ,.., . Newton ,,... 7 26 Eureka 0 :f'Forfeited Larry Davis, Don Miller, Bob Hudson. Charles Faulconer, Jim Walls, Don Garland. Ken Kassebaum, Thurman Kelley, Jim Foster. Danny O'Brien, Ivan Bass, Ray Houser. John Davenport, Richard Thompson, Vernon Orn- dorff. 41 Front row: Jeriy Hayes, Farrell Mitchell, Darrell Mitchell, Larry Hildebrand, Jack Jackard, Richard Lohan, Ralph Olinbnrger, Jerry Peterson. Second row: Thurman Kelly, Danny U'l'3iien, .lim Russuin, Ronnie Shields, Dick Thompson, Jack Wichers, Ed Faulkner, Ken Kassebaum, Vernon Martin. Hack row: Harold Bryan, Darwin Feller, Vernon Orndorff, Marc McLean, Trenton lhown. David Dennis. Floyd Steiner. Conch Mcf'ollum. BASKETBALL FIVE Win third in regional Finishing "hot," the E. H. S. Wildcat basket- eers turned in a rather poor season. The Wildcats were plagued with bad luck and injuries all year. Winning four games and losing fifteen, the Wild- cats finished in the Ark Va.ley cellar but took third place in the Regional Tournament at New- ton. North High of Wichita forfeited both games to El Dorado because of an ineligible player. The schedule was as follows: El Dorado 1 1 . 'S 5 38 39 36 Q . 28 35 if., 34 32 , 2937 ., 39 53 34 49 36 ., 41 . 31 . 37 ,. 43 Schedule Emporia Augusta VVelling'ton North XVinficld . Hutchinson Ark City Fast .. . Newton North Plainview VVinfield , Augusta . Hutchinson Ark City VVelling'ton Newton North .,.. St. Maryls Opposition . , 49 52 'SG ,. 63 . 56 ., 50 .. 40 .. 62 52 .. ..,.. 62 48 . 72 48 56 ,, 55 .. 40 ., ,.,. 67 41 41 Dick Thompson Jack Wicliers lid Faulkner Ken Kasselmauin fForfr-ited Danny O'Brien Mr. McCollum 'Ms 577 Ji df Ray Reep, taking' an entirely new team, again captured the school intra- mural crown. His team was undefeated during the regular season, won the National League playoffs, and Went on to defeat Garland's team in the cham- pionship frame. Vernon Martin Thurman Kelly Marc McLean Vernon Urndorff Jim Russum Ron Shields f 9 5 s I - , nr , Trenton f31'owvn"' I H David Dennis Mr. Bryan IN TRAMURALS won by Reep's team TNTRAMURAL WINNERS-Mr. McDonald, John Grant, Harold Schlesingex Tack Hughes, Ray Heep, Elmo Bailey, Ed Wall, Jim Bailey. 1 n x .4 , T I-0,4 X s ce 4 ,s U 4 J 6 Front row: John Grant, Richard Wilson, Dean Seelrer, Gene Porter Jack VViehers, Bill Hilde- brand, Eddie Jackson, Dick Robbins, Jack Crunirine. Second row: Laire Tarrant, Arlan Stack- ley, Mike Burns, Delmar Hodgens, Coach Galen Blackmore, Don Baker, Dick Burch, Tom Fisk, Don Boss. CROSS COUNTRY WINS STATE MEET The VVildcat's two-mile team, consisting of five experienced seniors, this year finally succeeded in bringing home for El Dorado a state championship. Both "A" and "B" teams were undefeated during the regular season, downing XVichita East, Topeka, Haskell, Highland Park, Newton, and Nortonyille by wide margins. In the state meet they scored thirty-eight points, five ahead of their nearest rival. Cross-country is fast becoming a major sport, not only in El Dorado, but through- out the state. El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado 14 10 1-1 ., ,.,.. 14 14 16 first place in State Meet East ,. Newton Topeka East .. . . . Haskell THE SEASON'S RECORD Newton ,-11 East .,,, 47 Newton 56 Highland Park 69 "A" TEAM Jack Wichers Bill Hildebrand Gene Porter Dean Sceber Ed Jackson swag! f' . 'M - 1 'ML' 1 Front row: Toni Newby, Kenneth Usrey, Larry Davis, Victor Lara, Vernon Jackson. f Second row: Jim Breesc, Winston McMillan, Burnette Earp, Bob Jones, Russell 'ff Griffith, Dick Jolliffe, Don Baker, Ed Jackson, Bill Warren. Third row: Ernest ' White, Delmar Hodges, Bill Auer, Keith Martin, Jack Buckner, Charles Faulconer, Ray Houser, George Kleckner, Richard Wilson, Elmo Bailey. Back row: Jim Moreland, Pat Hudson, Denzle Shafer, Ron YVimberly, John Davenport, Bill Kirkman, Jerald Mosier, Buddy Webber, Front row: Victor Lara, Eddie Jack- Second row: son, Kenneth Usrey. Buddy VVebber, John Davenport, Jim Kirkman. Back row: Denzle Shafer, Mr. McDonald. coach iwicnonaid. WILDCAT wafsriaksgfffgity place high in state mee C'-as 5 Zifrq ' W'restling, a sport comparatively new i our ' school, has again proved that E. H. S. can more than hold her own with other more experienced , schools. When last years' stalwarts failed to re-96. port because of various reasons, Coach McDonald had to rebuild almost the entire squad. Proof of his success is the fine showing which was made during the regular season and in the state meet, . Where they tied with Wichita East for fifth place. TUMBLING TEAM 1. E. H. S. has reason to be proud of its tumbling team this year. The team has performed before many county high schools, as well as before our assembly. It looks as if Mr. lVIcDonald's boys have definitely installed tumbling as a recognized school sport. Hats off to the tumbling team! Back row: Dan Moriarity, Lloyd Morgan, Ken Mc- Adoo, Marion Anderson, Don Wilson, Mr. Mc- Donald. Second row: Bill Kinsinger, John Harrison, Gene Elder, Jim Fry, Clifton Marcum, B i ll Kimball. F r o n t row: Vernon Jackson, Jim Pat- terson, Bill Harrison, Jack Crumrine, Tom Newby. i J f C hief' 2'-M1 Coach McDonald, Dick Orndorff, Jerry Hayes, John Unger, Lonnie Snook, Vern Orndorff, Russell Griffith, Bob Page, Thurman Kelly, Homer Belk, Jim Moreland, Gerald Lamb, Floyd Steiner, Ray Houser, Claude Snook, Ed Faulkner, Ron Shields, Bill Bolin, Louis Taliaferro. Dick Wentworth and Bill Warren, checkboys. one game. Their only defeat was to Wichita East by the narrow margin of shows fme form 2-0. The VVildcats wins included Clear-- water and the Chilocco Indians. As The El Dorado Wildcats baseball the yearbook goes to press there are squad started off a good season with a . . seven games remaining on our schedule Show of baseball prowess for the ap- in addition to the regionals. These are proval of Coach Jim McDonald' with Newton, Topeka, Winfield, Clear- In the season thus far, the Wildcats water, Chilocco, North High and St. have defeated two teams and lost only Mary's. i Q i , 3 Q ,:. , sl iii, El' fiizizssz T .,.,.,, E1 Dorado's Pitching Staff i . it li , Q Wi, , 'M if 5 - 1 -", ' a s .T r - f """' as T it T " 1, , -"-'- W ff' M Q ,S Q T S i 4. it rl s 3, ,j A W V ,F ,fi .1 gg, 5'.,...t-'AVLQZ 'Edie W. , , J - at E Front row: Don Baker, John Grant, Ed Jackson, Larre Tarrant, Larry Davis, Burnette Earp, Arlan Stackley, Jack Crumrine, Jack Emerick, Tom Fisk. Second row: Ken McAdoo, Richard Wilson, Fred Blaine, Bill Jackson, Gary Silor, Danny O'Brien, Jim Russum, Denzle Shafer, Gene Porter, Dale Potter, Keith Martin, Bob Jones. Third row: Coach Blackmore, Ray Reep, Bob Hudson, Delmer Hodgens, Bill Hildebrand, Ronald Hudson, Lewis Stephens, Jack Kimball, David Denns, Mike Burns, Dick Robbins, Don Garland. Back row: Don Chase, Darrell Mitchell, Farrell , Mitchell, Dean Seeber, Terry Gladfelter, Richard Thompson, Larry Hildebrand, Marc McLean, Ronnie Wimberly, Jim Gautier, John Davenport, Coach Bryan. ' Z ., M, , fvrfl'-K x x . -. vi fit ri -l 2 V J, , 4 4. 1 ' fi "il it n G R4 A N .XJ 4 A If Lffdfflq L, L fn KQCL 'ij i I ,kv g I lyk JC! 'fi . I,L P3 l4.."'3Hl'L'Mfxi 'EJ l ,V f I X Aazbg . l , A 1, 1 ff, "' f ,. cf U f g',',,Q , ' ' C hG 1 tk, J - 'thtI114'ameU"' 'J K 1' U""1 -oac x aQ ,eng3llaC. YPPJLQ flvl . C i A , H, iv If w 7 1 asslstance ofa Harol4jxBrgy,a1g, 1af,a MIB Q if Y ,,, , 1 J , f- w..-gl X . :A I 2 ,. ' " G i 1, 7 building one of the school'?traditio ff,if,,cg,g'l rj 5 'o IL' , Qffcal-'dfu'7C M1 'ff 4 "li , ,, A powerful track teams.. some of ,e ,. , Q, gp' Lf gk J L J - fxk If f Lxl' 1.1, r L' J - 7 meets in Whfclijdfir "thin clads" repre- If g1Ofl3l and State , eets- Jlldgmggl' Ink, , 1 f 0' if "f 1 I- - 1 sent us are the Wichita and Hutchinson the results of,,, l13 ,ye invitationals, K. U. Relays, a night meet are eXp9C'CiD8' gfeaf jiJhiHgS f1'0fff1i OUT at Newton, several duals, and the re- track team this year. Larry Hildebrand and Dave Dennis in the dual meet with Planeview. Farrell Mitchell, Danny O'Brien, and Gary Silor in the 100-yard dash. kg. 47 Tennis-Golf Interest Grows GULF-Rack row: Keith Bell, Richard Thompson, Trenton Brown, .lack VVlCll6l'S. Front row: Tom Mairs, Paul Wallace, Don Martin, Hill Auer, Coach Bill Hill. TENNIS-Fi'ont row: Dick Jolliffe, Bill Harrison, Jerry Peterson, Harold Schlesinger, Bill Rodgers. Back row: Virgil Alshotl, Jim Foster, Jack lVlCll01'S, Kc-n Kassehaum. Tennis has shown progress as a sport in E. H. S. In its second year as a school sport, tennis has attracted many boys. Playing under numerous hard- ships, such as no regular coach, the team is working diligently toward per- fection. VVe can be justly proud of our tennis team. Our Hlinkl' squad has been practic- ing hard for several weeks preparing for the coming season. Under the direction of Coach Bill Hill, golf is gaining en- thusiasm among the boys. There are several excellent prospects on the golf team, and E. H. S. is confident of an excellent season. Our thanks to the golf team for their work. Highlights of the 1951-52 Year Top row: Scenes from bonfire and pep rally. Second row: Parade and rally at corner of Main and Central. Pep Club initiation. Lower row: Football boys in the parade. Sophoniores hard at work. September -1 School begins. 5 Teachers hold picnic-indoors, on account rain. 7 Principal Staerkel speaks at first as- sembly. 10 Classes elect officers. 14 Beverly Stiller tells of her 'tGood-VVill" trip to Canada, sponsored by the V.F.VV. 17 F.F.A. attends fair at Hutchinson. 18 Band takes trip to the Fair. 21 First football game is at limporia. 26 Student Council holds first meeting of year. 28 Lore Meier, exchange student from 29 Germany, gives her impressions of America. Regional Yearbook -Journalism Con- ference held here. About 180 students from about 15 schools attend. October 1 Sophomorc-s polish trophies. 2 Sophs whitvwash the letters on the hill. 5 Pep Club initiation. First homc game. 10 District Student Council Fonference meets in lC.ll.S. 19 Coronation of Football Queen at dance following North game. 20 E-Club enjoys hayrack ride. November 1-2 No school. Teachers attend meeting of State Teacliers' Association. 5 First community concert. 5-7 Dr. Scliwegiler holds conferences with students. 9 VVellington ganie is followed by E-Club dance. 10 Cross Country squad wins first place in state at K. U. meet. 22-123 rlil18.I1kSglVll'l1f vacation. Game with Eu- reka here. Top: Pep Club Formal. Bottom: Coronation of Queen Patty June Logang escort, Don Nyeg crownbearer, Lois Sraderg Attendantsg Lois Morgan, escorted by Bill Jesterg .loan Wisley, Richard Thompson. December 3-4 All-School play, "Henrietta the Eighth," presented. 16 Kayettes go caroling. 21 Christmas pageant is given in assembly. Home Room Christmas parties are held. Vacation begins. 22 Pep Club formal held in gym. January 2 Vacation ends. 4 Mr. R. A. Clymer gives his news sum- mary of 1951 in assembly. 7 Try-outs for Senior play are held. 10 Tumbling team performs in assembly. 11 Hi-Y sponsors a dance following the East game. Debaters go to Wyandotte. 18 Semester ends--with tests! February 1 Miss Vinson visits Kayettes. Community Concert. Kayettes canvass town for March of Dimes School carnival is success. Seniors present skit to advertise "Charley's Aunt." Bill Cox's Western Playboys entertain in assembly. Senior play makes a "hit." Square Dance proves popular school party. Gladys Swarthuot gives concert. Yearbook sponsors a movie. Coronation of El Dorado King and Queen. King Bud Webber missed his corona- tion because of state wrestling meet. March 13 21 26 28 April 1 2 4-5 9 10 15 Top: Between acts at the All-School play, Bob Hudson presents gift to Linda Belt, winner of queen contestg Bill Cox ancl his VVestern Playboysg The girls, tumbling team performs. Middle: F.F.A. Chili feedg Un trianglel Tom Fisk, E-Club initiateg Sophomore party and Julie Fisk and Vernon Orndorff, chosen King' and Queen. Bottom: Cheerleaders for seniors in game between senior and junior girlsg Kayette Mother-Daughter banquetg Gathering for the final event-Commencement. Cum Laude members are announced. Sophomores hold party in library. Hi-Y Banquet. The Junior play, "In Spring the Sap," is good comedy. Concert given by blind students for Braille benefit. Concert by high school music groups. El Dorado is host to Ark Valley Speech Festival. Music groups receive high ratings in district contest. Fifth term ends. No school on Good Friday. Dinner honors Cum Laude and college M 17 19 24 25 28 29 ay 3 5 15 16 18 22 23 Order of the Purple. Pep Club holds annual banquet. Music students attend state contest at Emporia. Scholarship contest is held. Band Regalement. State F.F.A. contest at Manhattan. E-Club banquet. Ark Valley Track meet. Chorus Banquet. Seniors and juniors hold banquets and prom. Senior Class Day. Baccalaureate. Awards assembly. Commencement. 5 Q ii HVDIJY WICBHICR El IJm'zldoa11 King' Richard Thompscm 0-,au ,nal no-VJ Jack Wichers - MM EAA- MWQEXMWM PATTY JUNE LOGAN El Doradoan Queen , Lois Morgan Q-MA! ""'-'Vf FN ' af. ' N' F EMM ,f 5:,vv Jo Anne Wisley ,- f"' f 1 ' N N x XA 814-220. LLU2. -4-U.A.Q. Q, . S-X a.Q!.4,tutrJ ul, W page Z A-4 nA:4fa.A.:f.SActixfities .: .... 19 5 2 LJ A ,I "vi, 49401 55 igrnggzsstration . . 33 '92 ,Aman 2 ,,ff.f-5 so 0 ?'M'+RA"""3'w0kMu'gw5M"Band ........ 24,Zfvffi'?,1f,' itfiffff M ff A-. ak. CQ.. n, 4- . . 42 65,0 'LQ an K. ri I -Q ft A wa,- e a . . . . . . - . 4 HfQ0--0Q4.- Qh.'OQA. " vaeqlnflqkoys' State ..... 27 ff" 'ff' '7"""" 89-M-626 ZW 2, -0 Siziazigdffi . 1 1 1. Simms if ff fm Alrvv -4 ' " 5j,W'R...K.,,, Class Officers 6 " -"' Aid..- wf--wf-rlv-iidwf-ae-' 323585 333551: ...,. 13 -ft' FWCL7' J"M'f- 37.64 ,,,,g,,,f,,.,,,g,5 INLLQQ sophomore 17 ,VI , V,-27, f I S' ' lass Room Activities 5-7 on ' . , "'uU'4- . -Mau... Color Guard ......... 25 j0.f.J- X- , U-ciurf-1 -J - C C t ..... 44 , . RTLTNTZM wblwmfglib ........ 35 -f'f"'y 'fffQ""""Qf .ul i El Doradoan Staff .... 29 X ' ' X f "f'9"wF.F.A. ........... 3- -Sixsm Faculty ......... - gg- 5 Nxs S Football ....... 40-4 Q J X5 V 'Xi K K ff- , ciisii.. 3575 S i ,QMQX Girls' state ......... 2 ' S so s sh k Ego-sk? Golf ................ 48 X is 5- FE ls, X ll' T- Graduates Cum Laude 1338 63 if N: 3 ' Highlights ........... 49-51NQf" X, N, NN X fx 6 Hi-Y ................ .. stasis gg X , law XZ , Intramural Champs .. . .. 43 3 YE . N x Ng, 5 5 27, Junior Class ........ 1 K NAS 'Xi , V ,. V Kayettes ........... 32-33 V 5- 33 lv - -3 'e"""'f joifjb-'fff-' King-E1 Doradoan .. 52Q sf - -ii i7Zf"f""""'."""f-""f"f,fLlQ, Orchestra .......... 2592 ciks 9- 's KN l -'-L -jf -ff-j,747-filing? Pep Club ........ 36-37? gg Yi ST six E N, My J .zrcfl-f Jpeg- A V - C 00 , ' l Q x. X f' 'P ri. rnf Q'-1147: . - ' ' "'MJ'.f L." Junior ...... 2 -X22 l """H"' "U" Senior ........ ,W Nm ' i R N 4,.-,.L.-f-...QM-W1 , Queens Q Q ' ' , .flaky -',q55,.--1,ff.f El Doradoan . . . 53' X, . X Isis -its ' Football . .i .... 38 , 3 Q X 4 if M Snow ......... X . E ,faq Science Club .... 27 8 :X We we I enior Class ...... 8-12 , fy -Q v 1 bfflmf Wfgophomore Class .... 16? X li' K 3 . I . i ' Sports ........... 39sS N ' 1 .., V076 mStudent Council . . . 20ilk J 'Q E 3 g- . N.. Tigglrs ........... Tex ' , . N v - M5565 Tumblinglfeam. 11111 4512? ,' 1 " i .Wildcat Yowl Staff . . 284 , l - j ,, f ' ' Wrestling Team ..... 45Q f 4 7 3 1 . ie, ' Q31 ' T' A S N. J J Joao cezmf R is xii i , , 2410! :NIJ fy 3 L ' . l ff J :X J . 54 i: ll K Q QW 2 Wd? 84,,,,,,,9,7fv.,v--f gj4,6Q 2L-ff-f-y,3-Lv-vx4,KJL4olf2ff,fr-Af""'-"' W if LZLWM-MHJM AM zzfgfwfw LMT Q -M,,.Jv9fwf7:72'Le,f1,,Ag Z3"VQf"Q4M-QJM ff?-'f"-Goff-AMJ- .1 MWKLQQ Mal 'EM'-J WWQ 45 my MQ. 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