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 - Class of 1951

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El Dorado High School - El Doradoan Yearbook (El Dorado, KS) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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1534115 Rini "A it N ' , 'i j ff! ' fygafffl 53 1 ,fear wx? WI, Q kfLi-'EZ rig-X EVEN D Qi W 5755? WJQQH 04" lkfqf 33 Q3 S f Q 9 55 wg- C7 Sf' id 1' x 'Fir ,gi i , Q .3 fL.42fw-62 Lab W1 ,xg 510 QE 4Mfw,,. f Q, by MW gpcw, Wwffv, i x 'fi wk, gf' 41:21 f w1f,fWgMMM, 6 ' . F A 9 ., ' 3 Q A W GJ If 221 f' uffvf . Eb, 05. E by 5' X X 1 Mrk!! 1fL'Vzf1 . QJWVT, XfQ1 wmMJ A , 3 v M ,J XXf'Y5f6 'M: ffff?fZL cg, if fqwiw V LL, XC . Q Q X iQfWwNfQ . ' A ' X ,f"' X, U y g Y . M .ff A X A N R 4 'N 3 'W 5 X, R3 u Q S ,U,7Jf' A X5 1 V ,.,, x - ow -l jywlib E B N X 5' . A ' Q .-' "" A7 ff .7 5 Ny, X, 'X Yfkgb , S, QS xg MNA LN PD . W! ,H My W f . S N 1' Q, ,Wh , gf U4 ' 3 .Ag ., X 2' 1 N X 9, .. , V W 5 TQ 'b-'Q NW I 'iigggmi ,NLQNQ Xligifijwwwf 'MAJ x lx 3 X- W X, xx .-U, XXQ JA Y E. i 1 45" 1 ,Zi 552225 fl 7' N'--. , ...l . . Y 4 ' A 36.11 V I fs 5 1. .,. ', 4 f " - ' ' , M .. , .' fy f "'.-1- "X rf, .X Q. 0 sa ' 'Zigi Ma! ,- ,Q - V w if , f Q77 M' . 41'- s 5 ' , b , - . i " I X 4 f7fQ9'D ff'A7Q'4 41404 , v U ,bla ,wwfdq N-glam ,dw - . Z 1,!,.. 7 1 fmfjzgiiw ,dn QMWJJQAZ' QMZZWW ZZZM ,anni 06QAJ 5Q'6'f'wq.,Q44fTLf: ' 1 ffffw MW ff M . 1 Q WW qq, It , 5 -xl Es QN X Q QOAJ1 Jwww x Mm JJ ,gf g1 x gm-qw ,.4wW,lAf,a-f-J iff'-ffL"" - W QQ ,9 'wif , WM' W5i'5' wiwf glib' - v-' K. Q' 1-kilt. M., Q 4 ,l 1'. '5',,' Q I5 ,Qf1'jJH A Q, 681 -:ix-.gl ' ' .. ,. .f P QW J 56251654 ilgwv J, 9 :v.yf,fLm-ua, -M . I A ig In 4 , ll 351 fl Domdoan to Uf',,fZZZ:W l 4Z0fA4f1P1z62.,-Z7'0444'f Published by the Senior Class -,lf t ,444-L' 142 El Dorado High School rr, 5 IK' E- ,172 El Dorado, Kansas , ' . -t .-ff-f .4 X ,,,j'.if fwdf. ,T'. E " ' , K r -S' :Q of 1 Y A tl Q . STAFF l ' 1 "N Pi Q, Editor .... .... Leonard Morti 31 I 5, Associate Editor .... .... M ary Beth Tight if it ,Business Manager t .. Jerald Darnold R 13 X" Assistant Manager .. .. Sally Doyle , , , ,ix 'D Photographer .... . . . Jerry Pippig 'il Q 5 ' Art ......... .. Harriet Brown , N Typist . . . . . . Lois Hogoboom ' ' f ' ,X Pat Moore -1 J P I H Copywriter:-1 .. ...... Janet Bigler "' I 1, Donna Adamson Q ' Y l Dorthy Ann Smith -tl , - 'H' Don Parry Y' L , Q Wesley Morris b 5 kg - Mary Louise Phillips I ,I 'W Ann Schoneberg Q5 ' 3 Q Sponsor .................................. Rachel Hoyt t 4' tx 11 tDrawings by Dorothy Lively and Philip Thomasj , l r jj N L Printing' .. The Butler County News i Engraving' .. .. Sun Engraving Company, I Parsons, Kansas L. l 3 I ' Y . I 2 ,ziggy 1, J H V Alq M J M ,. M. ,f,',,0f'--..J-:iff I UL -H - f ' IC. H. S. Our hearts to you, our hands to you! IC. H. S. Our h021l'lS and hands to you! Wo ploclgxo ourselves to your success: Our low for you will m"c1' grow loss IC. H. S. Our Iwarts and hands to you! h X -m 'X f 1- ,- ,ff ' 1 ' wwf? T55 vfQ'j?2f My M W MW PKI, W ,JN ontents Qzcwfi W Mimwwww Adfflllll tl 11,1511 ASV L Afvfai 4,4 I um tx MA C lx ' Ul2,,d.lllldti0llS and Actlxltu Kmgr and Queen Sn ID hots rp... ,., r-'f , . ,K .. DEDICATION To E. E. Snyder, who for thirty-nine years has dedicated his life to teaching and guid- ing the pupils of El Dorado High School, we, the Class of 1951, dedicate our yearbook. Mr. Snyder's congeniality, his keen inter- est in his pupils, and willingness to help them have made him a valued teacher and friend. 4 , X r . HAWKINS S11p1'r'2'nf1'nde11f .Wg 409, R X SEEXSHQ Sm Egsgif BILL STAERKEL Prznczpal D W W ff 426255341 FACULTY First. row: .Ivum-tl.c liilflll-lll', Lillian K. lic-nson, Gladys F. Heuvhat, Helm: lil'?Ulf0l'!l. Bortraiin ll. llrmlallv, llzuolcl llryzui. Sucoml row: Louise M. Cannon, Winifreml Carter, S. H. Coffman, A. H. i'ornw1-ll, Rulwrt G. Douglass, Allwertu Doylv. Tliircl row: .lutuos lCcl'.vz1i'ds, C'hal'l0s C. Fuller, Wm. Grove, Luke B. Hea4ll'ic'k. My1'1'l Houck, Raclwl Hoyt. Fourth row: Marin- I.z1ffci'1y. Hallie Broaclie Leben, Robert H. McCollum, Janws lllc-Dorizilcl, VV. R. lllulllillzm, liurl lVl0i'0y. Fifth, row: Goomzo li. Sl1Zll'l'i'l', IC. E. Snyder. Victor Porter Smith, Riclmrfl Spann, Ralph W. Wall- inprforrl, Daw- Weathcrlwy. 6 N n,L' N X- J UA ,f Y- f J' ' , ff 7 . U 3 : LU! ' H7 I V x " .Q Q I ,N , 5 If 1 il' ,Q 2 F 1 5' X- lf M X 1' A. ax ' 1 X Ir L! xk' X 'H J , ' 1 .1 , , , in A V 'r J' ,' ' f L, ff ,iw W J . LMJQQW, '52 L7M4WM"L7J"M" J .M, 'f,g' N24-1'-'vQ.llA,7'AQ,MA ,lMd ,j,VA'r,y ffxf yi mf Lwlyww rf V' "Jff! 7232 Wf55g 1, ,fm 0Q,...Lo,1 Q, ' O uf 0' of uf? 4 ,.ZZ.,4M-J jf 04,4 ff? , 11 5 4. af4:f"q"' f ,f f" M ' fQfffM, gwww 1 ,fffff f ff fx ,f 'LI74' If J A fffzfgpv f' , ,I l,ff -' . if I Vljrfflfl . Vfwigyf ffl f f , - 1- ff' CP? 1 "fix ' ' 1, 7 ,Xl ,, J f IK J 1,1 ,f 1 VV A J! ffff rA!7!jf f' A '54 Q Wwziigfy lafldd-J ,f awwiaekjfw .Mme f51yAfa+i2 M44 mg, R ff' ,410 , 111g,14.'J6 'fc14df7f.' N? VIIVLJ! ff YFQLCM-rffj , 'ff ,, ' 'X fi' 'Mfg 1 f'J.r!1.1fc' Alia' If af-1" - flffflfs .Q 4.f.fp,:','. gif L64-1f,Q1f . .1.-f ,f,4'4VL,,.- fI,:if11.'tf!1U- - 'av WML! 4,,,5,,,7,,fe way. . X flat! 11.77. J . , f3'4fafVzZl112f1'a.' -+C+44'lL"'V 4"'f ,raw fnewff Q JMU fc-1 246411 aff. :ul Lil WWKLJ l jwcff- 7490 ' Qr21zcu,4f.fsQ vi? fa" jk, Q, ,Mo a41z1lA,scf'fff'f"" kjato .,g. Z4-'fav-so Qfwwu wwe ffwiu W eayfea ggvafcaff ' 6241 LFLQJ V 326 Maile yeah' 0115 OFFICERS-Marlene Moss, treasurer, Lynn Guthrie, 5, 0 ,tif fl ' vice president: Janice Leonard, secretary, Larry McKown, U ' Pijufd ' X president. f M, KM ff 'I V, 'Nj' f,L . , . 7 , , al, 4,7fv"b-WW" Through the years the Class of '51 has been outstanding in the fields of scholarship, agriculture, forensics, athletics, and music. Besides this the seniors have taken an active part in the various youth organizations and clubs. After four years of extensive study in various fields, these students are looking forward with mingled feelings to receiving their diplomas. The students regret leaving E. H. S. yet they anticipate the fulfilling of their dreams. Wilbur says: "You, the class of '51 Can take great pride in work well done! To E. H. S. you'll say goodbyg Before you, great adventures lie." 8 M L YJ, A A' , ,W w -Cl- new Q, Q, ,E J! fi-A F fs QM .Q 1' 5, an -4 'sn Ji' Q 33' SS W awfg ' v an A5 we Q.. ff. 159 LA - K1 k A Q TVN 61 ,-A ,N , .ig fs wiv, ,,. fr? fd hz .1 X-....-. ,ff , wi ,,. NX Eff 2139 9' N51 ,ma HQ W Q 'C .HW .mf V Mr Xu 1 W thulosl : ' G. Smith In-i'1Ii5 .Xllll Smith l,1-wis Smith liii-li:n'il I. Smith Rim Mm' Siu-1-li.-5' .lnmyvo Alilfit' 'l'u5'lnr 1ll'LZ'ill'1'I 'I'lmni:ls .Xlury lim-th 'l'ig:hn- 1-:i1'i'vl NVugnex' lillly li. XYz11lu-1' lillmlin- XVulkL-r llill xV2l!'I'l'll url V1-run Wziyvniri- l.l-mm Fi-rii Wvlim' Alvin ll. XVilsnn Rill XVilSon l"i'nzim' XVnffnrcl 1'liiI'li:Zivi1i:if Nut pictured: Vnrnmi Louis Medcalf ' Ruth Marilyn Myers linrotliy F. Russell Farl Vvillinmsx N Fw f , if , . ,f- 1' A . ' 1 f we 1 1 X f , n ' - . ' . . -4 ' .f Z!! 1' " ' 1 if . 4 - V f' ,I . . I f if ,nf l s'-f , ,- vw" V' fb .' ' A' ' V! f If li, . ' - .. N" ' ,, nay- ' ,J,l,,,.,, ,411-J' ,-4X - I 1240 ' I ' I " .Lfl4,1,.1 5 ' .lplf 0 fin K-, ff' il.. 54,3 ' f,1f -V' lf: , , f x. ' - f . . if'-'.". , .N ,, ..s". .',' ' J 13 V? l ffw Qs L-1 1- 'Y 4 , ., Q. , ' J ' E 8 J T W , Y 4 l, Q i ' - t f ass. f SPM A.,., f--1 51 - ei Q 45' A . ' gl .',' it had - . Q yn , Q ',' Lal? f ., - 4 G Y I . . E 2 Q O . 'l JUNIORS Fourth row: Andrus, Fisk, Faulkner, lflltler, Foster, Garland, Cook, Grit'l'ith, Feller. tl:-ost-Ii, .-Xndcrson. Ilolin, tlox. Third row: lflrznnaii, Grig'g's, llarnes, Dickenson, Hell, Cl'tl'lSlJ6llS, llantrell. Green, llryan, liniley, Feder. Boone, Eckhnrdt, llzivenport, Bruce. Second row: Grant, Franklin, Bacon. Bowyer, Cook, Frist, t'herryholmes. Burns, Binter. tirnlvlv, Coons, Cowley. First. row: Dnnningr, Gipson, Boyce. Farthing', Dale, liiles, t'rnm. Vzinnon, Baker, Davis. Green. Gillis. Fourth row: Kusselmanni, llildelirand, Mt-Comli, Moreland, Lamb, Jackson, Lovern, Hollis, llill, Lynch, Lemzisters, Moriarity. Third row: Kingr, Harvey, Kinney, Harper D., Keith, Miller, Hartnett, Martin, O'l2rien, Hzirvey, Hudson. Nye. Second row: Logan, Hamaker, Hildreth, Mitchell, Lively, Lewis, Kennedy, Myers, llarper, Hamilton. Hznxgxartl, Martin, Mossman, Hill. First row: McKenzie, Kimhall, l.og'an, Oezin, Ittner, Murphy. Norris, Hamlilin, Lehr, Mahan, Mannion, Morgan, Komer, Lehr, Long: Fourth row: Ridgeway, Waldorf, Smith, Kirkman, Robertson, Wall, Wing, Paden, Snook. Reep, Steiner, Thomp- son, Pence, Walls, Schlesinger, Wichers. Third row: Staireck, Unger, Spires, Jester, F-rader. Riggs. Thomas, Sharp, Seeber, Silor, Shomher, Porter, XVentwort.h. Second row: Wall J., Peirce. Stiller, Scholler, Schmidt, West, Thompson, Smith M., Smock, Redburn, Parscal, Zieman, Richey R., Smith I. First row: Van Helier, Thoma- son, Seymour, Pennington, Wisley, Richey, J., Studebaker, Reichart, VVillet, Rolierts, Perry. Scliziffer. Vouelinan. 14 5,47 1-'2' f 5,4-7'r'-' ff f f 2ff"""3' . 'ff' iw! ,f'!. I as' ,fy 9424 1 - I I, A I Af I .-,lj f' .-'V' .J-2' Vu. , ' 4 4 -- pb. " ' f yi if . Jf'7!,1 . . 4' if ' ' '?'iiQ l f "i ,,- Cf. - ft, - L, ,l " if p . W . b'Qwig., Lui 1' If I-fl . i ,f 1' I f ' ' , -'LQ , ' 'V J iaivivil l 4, M i , V , - . ' , 5 Q A. J 1, Jw Lf . ,lj '. 4 Atl. H . I 2: I . ,N 4, A 'j ' K ' 'Y " A I ', " 1 f Q IUNIORS I I ' I, I- I 1 X I , f I. ,. , , .S . f 1 - ' ' f ff V 1 '. ' ' . I X Y- , i U if V 1 ii .7 A 1,12 -, 'X' , , , Q ' ' 1' f 'fb .4 H V JY: I, A rf' A QA. x The progressive juniors arefdoingafiplendid job indhelp- if ing to build an outstanding E. H. S. As the C14fss'pi '514' ,iw f ii moves on into broader fields of endeavor, it can depend' onthe ' 'g Class of '52 to carry on. The Juniors are pushing upward w reat determination to prove themselves wor y of this ' --if . N st. X Q ' ' rp I 11 ys: Mpsmu. ' . ' ' ith u the class of '52 49,0 ,tio X eft the Carry through! . .Q AML V u mu g e to new success 4,4 i of t s e stud , gdy of E. H. S." X e H4 - "7 ' .An i we ' 'vixgx VAS Q xl . i w.. ' NX S 2 ' O Q' iii WE asa OF ICERS Sally Thomason ...,, ....,... S ecretary Jim Walls ........... ..,.,...... P resident Bill Bolin .....,.... ....,.. V ice-President Jack Wichers ,...., ,..... T reasurer f O .. , pf ' ,J ,, -N "'- f ,A .,i .1 15 ' ' h 2 1 L 1 K a .I SCDPHCDMORES ' Q ,f,5' A year ago these students were known to many a "green" freshmen, now they have blossomed into sophomores. 1 f'lwwf,::2f1-'f:f,w MF-.fic w Q Ss it if it it li gli 9 They are participating in many school activities with much pep and enthusiasm. E. H. S. is proud of this class which has contributed much in the fields ol' scholarship, athletics, music, 3 - Wilbur says 2 and dramatics. May they continue to be loyal to E. H. S. X For you the Class of '53 Awaits responsibility. sf il i x '. To keep old E. H. s. alive." " 'KA V X As juniors you will daily strive fwvfr 47" 3 l I I U I 7. fs V ,-""r'- I. ' Xff, s, I4 --1 ',xgL, ' g'4'ff y 'X L 'VI I K 'T' .V f A '-U A 'cufss ohficsn 1 -.1 wsAiq,,,m4 -. 1 fr' Ls- 1. ' ,ff"" 7 ""' Susie Murray Treasurer Polly McGinnis . A Secretary Joyce Sargent Vice-President Marilyn C. Smith , President .,T',,,,. 1, 1 1 1' L-1 'lil - I. f-1 , JJ. Q':',".1L A'-L sg'. 4-4 4-M, ,I 43.1 , 2 -L., sq A ,fax 5 l ' - -'13 L"c:. c t I 16 s.. f ,,.: till.. till.. 1 , ? Af S. K X t. , , ,A . '-5 3-553: X21 vw' 135553 wr 1 u A A 5.. v I O s I "'W Qrw s-. ., V H- SOPHOMORES l"tblll'lll 1'tm': ll1llllbt'l', lk-rstuiti. lCx':1tis, llwtl, lllukc, lhllit-1' V., Hailey, l2.t1't'h. lCzu-p, llLll't'll. llvll. llatrlott, l"ui'ztlwu -Xutlmny, Ulztimi, .-Xhlmtl, t'z11'ltt:11, .-Xmltwsmi, ll2lYlS0ll, llZllllL'l. Vztrstm. l!t'mi.'11. liuiwts, Vriss, 'l'hirtl row: l"im-y Ill-t-wall. l"nstt'l'. l'lZlllll'0Ilt'l', llvili .-Xfh VYilt-y, linker ll., Ash Will. Stwmitl row: lizlvt-litvtwt, .-Xitclt-rsmt, Vult- mam, Fury, lhttriilwzwlx, lllIlliX'2lIl, tltlslwvll. l!l'mx't-i', lillllllilll, lintixi, lifiwzxttls, l'f:1slt'y, Vcmpt-l', lfltlt-1'. t'l't-lly First iwvw: llwirt-, l"t'j.', l'llllll'!', lhtwv. lluziman, i't3l'l'2lll'Z. ilt'lV2llllt'r'. lliggs, Ililos, lhtlv. Atlzinis, lsillllllllg l'lh1'lirh, l'lisvt1lim1t', llztxis. l"uul'tl1 row: l,ul't'u1'ty, Kllliltlilll, llulmm, llzxyvs, l.vwis, lll2ll't'LlIll, llzxyos. Jullittv, lit-ily, lltulstm, lluglivy, lllllililllilll lluzu'zu'h:1, lliltlt-lvmlitl, Nlut'ztt't'rc0. lxtlill'llll, l'll'0OlllZlll, llzuvkiits. llZll'l'lSUll, llIllI'lllUll, llltiftllltitllll Allu-rt llu-'tn ltltlltl, llatrtlvy, llollis, Lotus. 'l'hil'tl Vow: llousvr, lVll'KllllllS. llvlltry. Fllllli, llclmur, Maxis, tll'og'0i'sL-11, illnlohhy, lVlvt1'z1ll', lizxtta. lluplcins, .lot'tlzu1, flZlllll0l', lVlc'Atl0o. Se-com! Vow: Kim-t', .luhitstm V., ixll'lk'2lll- M.. lvlt'lilllY1lS Keith. .Iz1mvs, Mitltlln-tml, I4-wis Ill., Mt-l'ryn1:m, lN'lt'Williz1m, llnttmi, llit-tzliv, llz1i'vL'y. First row: tlatlzuitl llzimmur, lfuwloi' D. ll02ll'l't'll, I,tmg', liicmttm, Kriftt-wii'tli. Fzwwlvl' J.. l.m'kz1i'rl, lwlir, lli""il1S. Julmstm M. . . L xi l ltlt-liz1t't'vy, Imx' s'. l'ltPllI'll1 row: Nyc, Smiuk, llllSSlIlll. ll1'lL'l'SUll, llohins, St'ltlusii1g't-r. Williumf. Xx'2li'l'l'Il, Wilrltm, Wltifzlt-tg Mmwv l'2lt,1'0, Stotts, 'l'lltHH2lS. Sl'lT2ll'ft'l'. l,Zllllll'l', 'l'owm-r, xvlllllN'l'lj', NZll'k'. Siu-t-tit-y, llivltzxlwls, Slit-iwvuutl. Mtmrt- J. Wt-Ish, Smith ll., Sliatvr. Utt. 'Fhiral ww: Parks, Summors, Sims. Srzult-x'. Svxwll, Rulzmtl, Szirgviit, Mm'r:ty Smith lllurilyn, Smith Nlzirgttrvt, liulwhins. Stock, Sutttm. St-vtmtl mw: llttnmit-I. Smith ll., Orr, Svhmitll, Pzxtlx' Sihlvy,Nt-wlrl1t'y,llost,Woslvy. llzuustly, Wisdom, NNZll'l'l'l1. Wt-lty, Silvcis. ltltissxmtn. First ww: Wtwlk Ytmrigg, ltfrt-y, Sl'l'lllltl'l', Rm-lilvy. Skilllltbll, Sullivan, Murphy, Ncwsmii, Nitcliv,t', Scott, Rutlic1't'm'fl, IR-fflcy. 17 7- K Y llxi l ' 1 , 455 5" . I E 'tsx . 3. 'WWW .,3?z QQL- -- NINTH GRADE Fourth row: Grunt ll., Grunt J., Ilzmvis, Dennis, Uliase, Fuller, Garnian, Uruinrine, Boss, llarlunml, llziuer. llrzun well, Alirziliuni. 'l'hirml row: flour, llreese, Grove, Fry, limerick, Cook, Dunuzin, Giiignicli. llwire, linker, Gil rnorv, llullermliek, Foons, fl0lL'IllilIl, Gaines. Second row: Emlgington, Brickley, t'ountryn1z1n, Faulconvr, Ilonny lilnke, lloornlvos, Boyer, l'l4lXV2ll'1lN, lflmrich, Fino, Boone,lTlialf:1nt,llixon,Eaton,lilziine. First row: llllllflllll liiilmlle. Farrar. lim-wall, Fisk, Houelwr, Vlzirk, lirickley, Demo, lieulllw-gz1l'rl, llloir, Vloyes, Belt, Feller, Vook Vlirisly. Fourth row: I'zxtt1-rson, Yopfellnzui, Stackley, Pi-ffley, Paul, Wullave, Potter, Ollenberger, Newby, Owen, West. Robinson, Wiley, Toews, 'l'zirr:int, Patton. Thircl row: Thomas, Nuttle, R. Welty, Ornclorff, Swank, ll. Welty Rivlmrfls, White. Williznns, Walz, Soils-n. Second row: Ulingrer, Usrey, Vllalls, Ray, Sharp. Nelson, Oggan, West Thonipson, XVvntlingr, VVeliy, l'ezu'niun, Whitaker. First row: Wilkv, Van Helier, VVhitton, Pennington. Orlon Riggs, Sidi-ner, Young, Pierce, Noel, Smith, Tarrant, Van Meter. Fourth row: llnrllwurl, Mosier, Lara, Jackson, Kleckner, Harrison, Jackarcl, Mitchell F.. Mitchell ll., lloflgm-ns Minnril, Hudson, lmvkzirrl, Jackson, Hallen. Third row: Hunt, McClinto0k, Kimherly, Lohse, Mn-Millzin, Moorc- Millur, Iiillion, Loluun, In-hr, Martin, Morgan, Mollohan,Gladfelter,lNlcl,ez1n. Second row: Kinilvull ll., Kiln linll J., Kinsinsrer, Mc-Inlosh, Keith, Moore, Hughes, McGuire, Lill, McKnight, Graham J., Golobay, Grahaiin J. Lively. First, row: llonn, Grigxirs, Gates, Gossett, Harms, Hopkins, Hollis, Morris, HL-nclerSon, Kinney, McWil hams, M4-f'lurg, lluskvll, Moller. Klintworth. 18 4 1 1 ' 1 u , y I ll! 4 Il ',II 1 1 ' fyjfv STUDENT COUNCIL Front row: Johnson P., Post, Grant, Funk, Larkin, Phillips. Second row: Shafer, Moss Smith D Morgan, Schmidt, Smith M., Burns. Third row: Gautier, Wichers, Mcflully, Wilson, Rzcp Jollifie Johnson B., Morti, Darnold, Walls, Nye, Chase, Elder. Standing: Hill Staerkel. Kasstlraum Rm lings. The 1950-51 Student Council has successfully carried out its duties under the able direction of its president, Bill John- son, and its sponsor, Mr. Staerkel. Gene Elder was the vice president, Dorothy Schmidt, the secretary: and Jack Wichers, the treasurer. The Council planned numerous student activities, such as all-school square dances, concession stands at some of the football and basketball games, projects for raising money for the library redecoration fund, affiliation with the Butler County UNESCO, and the management of a W.P.A. Week. The new method of electing the vice president was per- haps the most important governmental change made during the year. This new method requires student registration and provides election booths for voting. Wilbur says: "The Student Council is the school's Governing body. It makes the rules, Suggests new projects, plans for fun- Thanks, Council, for a job well done." 211 - 'N d 5' iff : - - I ,cm K 6 'W gr Homoa le! STUDENT + ll i It f L? M fi Q Qc- cv? ' X Ojfcux. u U v . " N I P O V ' O in 12 f 'f' x C 9 -00 Q M P, I lf' 1 X f , X . C X ,: Flarinets: Jolliffe, Gregfersen, Biles, Logan, Hammer, Lemasters, Maus, Gilmore, Patton, Hearrel. Loekamy, Boucher, Mollolian, Baker, Adams, Gladfelter. Cornets: McLean, Seelrer. Hayes, Earp. Rogers, Nixon, Whitaker, Hill, Moore, Russum. Flutes: Stiller, Deewall and Rost. Saxophones: Kimball, Clark, Kriftewirth, Hughes, Thomas and Feder. Baritones: Waldorf, Hullerdeik and Thoma- son. French Horns: Klintworth and Butler. Bass: Daniel, Anderson, and Hunt. Twirlers: Doyle. Deewall, Fisk, Farrar, Moore and Brower. Drums: Jolliffe, Sweeney R., Sweeney C.. Noel and Daniels. Director: R. W. Wallingford. Trombones: Nace, Smith, Kimball, Patty, Scott, Lynch and Coons. Deaf -Xjongqw -l lXVNOvJ ullaaxk Figfrl -K, n BAND ew-QCA M 4. om., SK. Lf 3644 dxb Gallon.:-, P Here's to the hand of E.H.S. Linn-J x , Urging the teams to win success. , The spring Regalement, too, is grand: Uongratulations to our band! f Drum lVlajorelteW -Sally Doyle Twirlers lleft to rightl- .loyee Brown Pat Moon Second seinester-Pat Moore ll Mary Lynn lbeewall Janet Furrzu ' Julie Fisl Drum lllujorellc 4- L yi Q ,. X I, C "L I f Y First Violins: Rigler. Cloyes, Smith, Schoneberg, Christy, Morgan, Levkliter, Sracier, Lange, and Force. Second Violins: Church, Warren, Churchill, Sherwood, Fowler, Abbott, Mc-Millen. Violas: Grant, Elder. Franklin, Woelk, and Stock. Bassoons: Anderson, Smith. Clarinets: Cornwell and Jolliffe. Flutes: Smith and Stiller. Oboe: Leonard and Godding. Saxophones: Feder, Brower, Clark and Kimball. Trombones: Nace, Smith, and Kimball. Cornets: Wichers, Thompson, and Hayes. Sousa- phone. Daniel Basses Bass, Richey, Ogan, and McIntosh. Drum: Jolliffe, Daniels, Sweeney, Noel and R. Swe ney. Cen S1 Riggs, Caldwell, Fine, and cooper. F1-nncn Horns: Hudson, Butler, Fisk, and Klint v 'th. jr I , 1' C2 ie.-,ir 5, ,.fjQ, one ESTRA .. . . cf i 9, J' !.,ifAf 1' orchestra, with brass and strings, bm eviln-.' Q03 wtf Drums and Woodwinds-music brings. ' IAM, ' , , 'A R. W., wielding his baton, ' of llrgros the young musicians on. . i fi ' ' i le-'J 15Zf'J7i 1 "ff""'f 1 l I QA' -yd V!! - 4, ,5 , X ,E m .ssgttyl YQ-SU . Vrxgj --lxffx . "7-f"Q ,nd -, lk J Qt-' .o'.",O'-'yi-t'f -aff' ' .. ...I .,.., fi-- 'l'op row: Dick .lwllifnxgwgxeyfgrdei son, Waldorf, Kimball, 'emieiy X ,' 2 '- We X. -'N I 5'f'Qlf43f Bottom row: Gregelsen, Shockley, Daxalid Jolliffe, Seeber, McLean, Naco, B. Kimball. J ' 1 ' 1 r if . V j ffl G I 1 . uf - K , , , . . ,Z .. ffl if f nz "A 4 "' ,-Q. I ' , A ,ip 11,1 .1 f '-4 14' I " f . '..:'vl V - A4 ,v 2 -.' " 1123 First row: Lively, Ilogoluoonl, Frum, Easley, Hefty, Glzlclfeller, Rolneitson. Seymour, Thomason i'herl'yholmes, Richey, Adnnlson. Seeond row: Gipson, Bowyer, lliggs, Dale. Lehi' -I.. Hughes, .lenk ins, Hilrlreth, Schmidt, Grulilv, Ugen, Van Heber. VVesIey, Silor, Jones, Slliihfikll. 'l'l1il'4l row: Iiinter Srzuler, Mitehell, Vook, llollzicluy, Pippig, Hzirrison, Mzlllzlffey, lihier, Mi-Ailoo. Del.:-on. Pieree Pyle, Leach, i,2ll!j.fliUlI, Serilmor, lVlahun. i"0LIl'i,i1 row: Sc-hmimlt. Ramsey, Kinsingger. Green, Kelly O'Iil'iQll, Iiigget, Nye, Hudson, Fcller, MeAdoo H., Johnson P., Bryan, Mefziuley, Bailey. Burns, Lehi R.. Miss Bill'iW0lll'. g, HORUS i ,X Do .5 " io chorus sings with might and main. Honors for our school to gain. Thanks, Miss Barbour, for our chorus " And the programs they gave us. , Xx X. S Q-.x ll Q ii ix f First row: Usrey, He:n'i'el, Ilumlrlin. Dale. l'I:1l'k, Pursezxl, Smith, Keith. l'ei'l'Iey. liuslvy, Summers Mossmzin, Fry. Sec-ond row: Lewis, Smiih, l,oekal'4l, Moss, Iiiehey, i'i21l'Ii1iIl,f Il.. i'Ineontl'o, Smoeli Reiehert, Simms, lirzxzil, Meliinnis, Iieillmrn. Ifarlhins If., Young. 'l'liiu-.I row: Ilonnell. Scanlon, ligim sey, Sutton, liirlgewziy, Mm'C'omh, Srzuler, Mans, Jolliffe, 'I'owner, 1l1'it'!'ell1, Hupihes, Jester, lireen Wall, Vory, Butler, Hk'l'l'l1l2lIl, West. Ifourih row: Kizer, Mewillizim, llnnivun. Hilzlruelizl, Spires Burch, Ilarvey, Hell, Nye, Phase, Riley, Reap, F'auleone1', Mc-Arioo, Lewis, Sewell. Overton. Smith Miss B:u'laoui'. in-sm pon P' WAGGING TON GUES The debate squad of E. H. S. has been building better speakers and better thinkers of its members, while debating the proposition-"Resolved : That the American People Should Reject the Welfare State." Many times during the season, Coach Shaffer, with his debate squad and their overnight bags packed into his roomy Hudson, left to attend the various tournaments in which the members participated. El Dorado held one of these tournaments here, inviting many schools throughout the state. The debate squad was represented in the State Tournament by Dorthy Smith, Bernice Daniel, Wilma Larkin, and Beverly Stiller. El Dorado won second in the district and ranked sixth in the state meet. .A ij ff iff Wilbur says: T 1014! ' ly If ' i "Here's to those who take debateg Q f J' 'ly ' Their success we now relate. " S I 1' I I, .Q if fl f f Mr. Shaffer guides the team ,-ff I. -ff 1 I .J My X , To honors earned and high esteem." Q ,-' K xl, i " 5, Xl A , ' I ir i 1 ' ,ly 'AA' 19 by I " U . . 'fy 'Yr f Rack row: C. Shaffer fCoachj, Cooper, lVlcAdoo, Davenport, Darnold, Hartnett. Thoiras, llarvey, Jolliffe. Middle row: Hammer. Ferguson, Eckhardt, Hawkins, Sec-ber, Wall, Cook, lnvn-rn, Mar- tin, Marcuni, Brower. Front row: Ittner, Wesley, Larkin, Stiller, Smith, Daniel, Scott, Rost. A L l ALL-SCHOGL PLAY The all-school play, t'Halfway to Heaven," directed by George E. Shaffer, was a great success. This comedy in three acts received many compliments on the moral it presented. The plot revolves around Mr. King, who was poor in worldly goods but rich in spiritual values. He inspires all those with whom he comes in contact to live unselfish lives. The characters Cin the order shown in the pictureb were capably por- trayed by Barbara Betty, Gene Elder, Jean McWilliams, Ralph Eckhardt, Jerald Darnold, Gary Huffman, Harriet Myers, Trenton Brown, Connie Cloyes, Bill Bright, Carolyn Welty, Mr. Shaffer Cdirectorj, Sam Bell. Leland Harvey, Marilyn Chloe Smith, Don Nye, Mary Sue Patty, Johnny Towner, Paul Hawkins, Sally Doyle, Beverly Stiller. 136 SENIOR PLAY "Meet lVle In St. Louis," the Senior Class l'lay, proved to be a highly entertaining comedy in three acts. The setting and cos- tumes dated back to 1904. The play was directed by George E. Shaffer. The well-chosen cast was composed of these seniors: Jerald Darnold, Dorothy Schmidt, llorthy Ann Smith, Phyllis Robert- son, lVlary Beth Tighe, Donna Adamson, Frazier Wofford, Barbara Betty, David Jollit'l'e, Nellie Rost, Ann Schoneberg, Larry lVIaus, Bill Johnson, Richard Kennedy, Wilma Larkin, Bill Kelly, Joe Pat McAdoo, and Wilbur CThe catb. CURTAIN TIME JUNIOR PLA Y "Mother is a Freshman," a story oi' the problems ef a mother who enters Pointer College as a freshman to make it possible for her daughter, a sophomore, to finish her schooling, was directed by George Shaffer. The rivalry between the mother and daugrh- ter for the affections of the zoologist pro- lessor provided a delightful comedy. The cast for this outstanding comedy in- cluded Harriet Myers, Betty Binter, Joan Baker, Dodie Ramsey, Lois Morgan, Jeanne Richey, Jewell Mahan, Beverly Stiller, Lucille Van Beber, Gene Elder, Don Nye, Ken Kassebaum, Jim Cook, Bill Jester, and Bill Feder, Jim Lovern, Loyetta Cherry- holmes, Betsy Bacon, and Ed Wall were assistants. J 1?"!W ln! WILDCAT YQWLS 'it' EL DoRADo HIGH SCHOOL Wildcat Yowls, published weekly in the Butler County News, has kept stu- dents informed and entertained. Since space was limited, the staff has tried to stress "behind the scenes" shots, per- sonalities, feature articles, and, of course, sports. The purpose of the course in journal- ism is to teach students to write news and also to read news with understand- ing. STAFF First Semester Editor-in-Chief ..,....,....,................. Bill Bright Assistant Editor ,..,.. ....., Barbara Betty Copy Reader ....,... ..,,. J oan Crowley Sports Editor ,.,..,. ,.,.........,.. La rry Maus Society Editor ,,... ,.... J oycelyn Glaidfelter Feature Editor ....,..,.,,.,.,.....,. Joanne Greiner Reporters .....,,....,,..... ,... M ary Faye Hamblin, Merna Crum, Lucille Van Beber, Homer Belk, Wesley Morris, Betty Davis, and Alherta Long' Second Semester First Nine Weeks Editor-in-Chief .....,......,...,......, Barbara. Betty Assistant Editors ....,,......... Joan Crowley and Joycelyn Gladfelter Co-Sports Editors .........,...... Paul Dennis and Larry Maus Society Editor .,..... .,..... J oanne Greiner Feature Editor ...,.. ....., W esley Morris Bill Bright Student Advisor ...,.. . Exchange Editor .....,,......... Lucy Van Beber Reporters .,.,.........., ....., M erna Crum, Homer Belk, Betty Davis, Alberta Long, Bar- bara Reed, Mary Faye Hamblin, Harriet Brown, and Joe McAdoo Second Nine Weeks ,f'P0'Edit01'S .........,... ...l... .,,. J o an Crowley and " Joycelyn Gladfelter Assistant Editor .,.,..... ........., J oanne Greiner Co-Sports Editors ..,.. ..... P aul Dennis and Larry Maus Society Editor ..,,,. . Lucy Van Beber Feature Editor ,..... ,...,. W esley Morris Student Advisors ,..,..., ..... B .ill Bright and Barbara Betty Exchange Editor .......,, .........,..,. M erna Crum Reporters ......,,.... Homer Belk, Betty Davis, Alberta Long, Barbara Reed, Mary Faye Hamblin, Harriet Brown, and Joe Mc- Adoo. fl HH ni' N, A Q A Q.. if L ASW, .. v . rm"yqjV' ,av . M vw , Win inks.: 'f P 3 2, :N DUATES CUM LAUDE First, row: llorthy Ann Smith, Mary Bc-th Tigglie, Sally lloylc. Wilma Larkin. Sec'- 7 I . ond row: Nellie host, Mary Louisa- lhillips, .lzxnett liigler, Nlzirlemf Moss. Third row. lllarilvn Shafer. lin-omirml lylorti, Ann Svliom-luerg'. l"ourth row: Dorothy Svlmiidt, Shircly Schmidt. The highest scholastic honor to be acquired by an El Dorado High School student is to graduate "Cum Laude." To he-come 21 member of the Cum Laude group, at student must rank in the upper ten per cent ot' his graduating: class. This group of ten per cent is obtained by zu'erz1g'i11g students' grrades for all four years ot' their high school record. Congrzitulutions to Dorthy Ann Smith, valedictorian and Dorothy Schmidt. S21lUl,2ll0l'l2l.ll, and to all other members of this group. Wilhur says: "These wise young' persons merit praisog 'l'hey've proved that honest effort pays. In scholarship, they lead their classes- Best wishes to the lad and lasses l" 30 SUN FLCDWER STATERS f --4... f - N. Girls: Shaffer, Brown, Moss, Leonard. Not pictured: Norniu June Sullivan. lloys: S6illl'll--lxll'AflllIl. lVlorti, Dalton, Morris, .lolliffm-. Al, right: Johnson, l':u'ry, Newcomer. Eight boys represented El Dorado at the 1950 Sunflower Boys' State. Don Parry was elected Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Others held offices as follows: Newcomer, county commis- sioner: lVIcAdoo, county superintendentg Jolliffe, county attorney: Morti, asses- sor: Morris, Board of Regents: Dalton, Board ot' Barber Examiners: Johnson. District Judge. Governor ol' Sunflower Girls' State for 1950 was Marlene Moss, one of the five girls who represented El Dorado at that g'athering'. Others who attended were Marilyn Shaffer, Harriet Brown, Janice Leonard, and Norma June Sul- livan. a ' . ' V to 4 f JT same' 3 L L5 'ii Q , A A 'Qi 4 ig , ef Huck row: Williams, Carlton, Burch, Wilson, Hass, Wilnherly, Kirkman, Volnli, Wagner, Welty tlhrispens, Dickinson, Nletlully, Welsh. Middle row: Blaeke, lllet'at'free, ll. llogolioon, Unger Hamilton, Olinger, Welty, Kropf, A. Hogoboon, Carson, Andrus, Brooks, Loos, Finey, Jackson. Hot: tom row: Vogelman, Buffurn, Nuttle, Stackley, Potter, Swank, Ifoxvler, Robinson, f'ountryman, Fauleoner, Edgington, West, Blake. Standing: Mr. Staerkel and Mr. McMillan. Seated: llrainun, Chase, Salmans, Schmidt, Patty. The El Dorado F.F.A. Chaper really "went to town" in the past year. First among the many honors that the local boys won was the National Dairy Judging Con- tests held at Waterloo, Iowa, in the fall. In this they won the Gold Emblem Award, the highest award possible. Members also took high honors in individual ratings: Clif- ton Patty, Gold: Bill Salmans, Bronze: and Ed Chase, Honorable ltlention. The officers also took first place in the information contest held at Beuhler. Officers for this year are Ed Chase, president: Bill Salmans, vice-president: Ken Schmidt, secretary: Clifton Patty, treasurer: VVeldon Bramman, reporter: and lVlr. Mclklillan, adviser. The Chapter Co-operative was a huge success with members receiving 50 per cent interest on money invested. The boys enjoyed their school year with barn warmers, hayrack rides, skat- ing parties. and other forms of recreation. The club is proud of four members-Ed Chase. Clifton Patty, Ken Schmidt, and Bill Salmans-who have been elected to the degree of State Eafnier. A Q btw 5. Wilbur says: K R A u v ' 1 1 X' Tx l "Here s to the boys ol If .P .A. Q V 'A X Who carry on in a great way. ix: dl Q: it X . X . . And in the future you will see i Q A ' 0 ' 'N . Y V What super farmers they will be." sv F. --Q X' h x 'K s- - v iv- J ' Q in . 1 --1 N :ft at as . si' vs ' S47 32 ' ' ' s., ,N . 'E-C, ' ff' Fun 1'ig'hL: Dairy Judging tcznn-Chzxsv, Sulnnidl, Patty, Szxllnans, Mr. McMillan. Midillvz Farm Mun-hzuiics i0ZlIll+'iVIl'. McMillan, Carlton, Patty, Brennan, Winilwrly Unger, Carson. l'irclv: Patty, public speaking contestant. I.mwr rig-ht: Livestock and Crops tezun: Mr. M1-Millun, i'zu'lton, Ungror, Pau-sun Schmidt, Brennan. Dickinson. 11 ll KAYETTES llzu-lc row: lllilllllll, J, l,0hr liozicli, l.1-hr, tllzulfcltur, .lone-s, N. lNIutli1111is, llLlg'l1L'S. l,t'Ull2ll'll, fil'l'llll'l', 'l'ig'I1u 18th row: l'. lmxvis, lli1:gQ'i11s,y l'lll'Sl'ill, Ittnrr, Kimhall, Grunt. R. llzarvcy, K111111-V, .l:11111-sl. lirith, llog'oI1oo111 Mitrlic-ll, llilwlrvth. 17th row: R. l.t-wis, Hill, P. Harvey. Gl'Ci.flll'S0ll, lli1lllllll'l', Moorv, Imng, ll2ll'llt'l', llilIll2llil'l' .l1og11n, llzxmlulin, Grovv, Miss l,z1t'f01'ty. ltith row: H0r1'man11, Kim-r, llm-lmcr. tlololmy, Kisrr, ll2ll'lH'l'. Gipson llzimilton, llz1g'gz11'd, l.:1ndon, Grulilm, Jenkins, R. l.ehr. 15th l'0XX'ZSl'21tl0l', S. Schmidt. St'l'lllllt'l', Sihlvy. llsroy Sims, Silver, VV0lty, wY0Q.fCllllllll. 1-1th row: J. Lewis, Knohloch. K1'i1'tc-wortli, lnrontro. llL'2l.l'l'l'll, l,o111g', l,oclu11'd ldvtzliv, K. livhr, Gl't'0Il, Johnson, M. lmwis, Larkin, 13th row: Sutton, Wayiiiirv. Thonizis, NV1-st. Ylllllljl. Wovlk Stiller, Tlioinzison, Seymour, Scliollur, Smock, Willett, P. ZlQlN3ll. 12th row: SXYt'Clll'j', 341111111111-y, Smith. 'l'l1omp son, Scott, W1-slcy. Sz11'1,fu11t, Smith. lviil'l'0ll, Sranlon, Sullivan, Schzift-r. Sharp. llth 11111-2 Wesley, V1111l!1-111-1 wvl'lTl'l', Silor, D. Svhmidt, S. Schmidt. SC'll0l10lI0l'g', Y. Sc-hinidt, Si,Lltl0lJZlli9l'. Sl12lllCl', Taylor, ll, Smith. Sl1z1I'1-1' 10th row: lllcliziffcy, l'c1111i11y,rto11, Rost, Mc-Willizxms, Patty, lVIcKe11zi1-, Ruinnicl, 031111, Ritrliy, llllll'Ill1y, l':11's1'z1l I I ! Mossmzin, Moss. Sith row: ltivlivy, Riggs, Ramsey, Mo1'11'an, Reed, lorry. Rt'llllLll'Il, ilX't'l'l0ll, l111't1-r, Nl2ll'llll Nihisor. l,L'Zll'l1liUl, Mattox. Nth row: MQ'KllllllS, Mc-Coy, Maus, Rutl1o1'l'o1'1l, IcUliliill5, Midilloton, lxlt'l'l'ylll2llI, Roh stock, ll. Myers, Mzinnion, llolwrts, Rocklvy, Norris. 7th row: Rosl, Phillips. lvlllljllly, Orr, Rzlliisvy. l'1-l't'l1-5' .ltll1I1S0ll, R11-hvy, N1-wsonm, M1-11-alf, M111-1-ay, M1-Gi1111is. Myvrs. 'ith www: A11d1'1'so11. t'olv111:111. J. li:-tty. Il lfunlc, l"ud1.!0, Adzuns, l"2ll'llllllf.f, Vook, Boyce, Caldwell, Brower. Ulurli. 5th 1ow: fliillllllll, fll'lllll. Smith, t'oo11s liilcs, Funk, Dalr, t'ox1'l1-y, Dale, tTl1cr1'yhol'm0s, Burns, Binter, Crist. 'ith row: Dunninigr, l"orristz1ll, liiglvi l'ltlStt'l'. Hanks. 'fl0l'IlWi'll, Cloycs, Brazil, Deewall, Coopcr, Fergusoii, Brut-Q, He-a111a11. 23rd row: liigtggs, ill'I'Vllllll'N Davis. ll2llit'l', J. lVlossmz111, Cantrell, Gentry, Franklin, Thomas, Bacon, llzivmiport, l'llSt'llll0lll'. 2111! row: li lit-tty, lboylt-, Daniel, Brown, Adamson, Datin, Fowler, Cory, Dwire, Adams, l':KlNV21l'llS, lgl'llll1l12ll'li, l!il1-s. lst row lllllllVllll. Stock, Smith, lfllirlicli, liutlvr, Easlvy, Davis, Crelly, Wisdom, Bonncl, lilmlor. 234 .awww - arm -l ' W .Rwjf KAYETTES X DM . lqffzgp Ofpd H year 256 girls joined Kayettes to make it bigger than ever before X W and also to make it the largest organization in E.H.S. and second largest ga N1 Y X Kayette organization in the state. T X A All during the year there was evidence of Kayette activities as the T l girls all worked together to meet the goals and requirements for the 3,000 ' l point award. This is the most difficult award to obtain and the most 3 xt coveted one. 5 ' ll . . . . - K ' R They achieved their goal under the excellent guidance of the!! spon- XR sors, Miss Marie Lafferty and Mrs. Hallie Leben, along with the outstand- 1 K to X ing leadership of a co-operative and capable Board of Directors. . b x The highlight of this successful year was Kayette Week, climaxed by ' xx the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. . K X . Because the Kayettes have made notable contributions to our school, ' W l , X community, country, and world, they deserve our thanks and hearty con- J X . , , ' x I ly' N X, '., l gratulations. They have had many good times and, on several occasions, have provided entertainment for all E. H. S. x .A V X X Wilbur says: X X . . 'X x , , "Their slogan is 'Laugh, love and lift..' mi Their fellowship's a priceless gift. - ' -e Sponsored by Miss Lafferty, N 'l'hey're tops: to that you'll all agree." l P A . . K X . S ,"s5t PEP CLUB Front row: Murray, Wisley, Moss, Carter, Shafer, McGinnis, Tighe, Weber, Martin, Nihiser, Mattox, Shocklcy, Moore, Sweeney, Rebstock, Shancr, Taylor, Schoneberg, S. Schmidt, Phillips, Rost, D. Schmidt, Porter. Second row: Robertson, Reed, M. Myers, D. Smith, M. Smith, Ogan, Ramsey, Riggs, Srader, Siior, Pcarnian, M. Moss- nian, Norris, Pennington, Redburn, McKenzie, Perry, Thomas, Willett, Smock, Roberts, Overton. Third row' Studebaker, Martin, Morgan, Richey, VanBeber, Thomason, Seymour, Mahan, Stiller, Mannion, Scholler, ll Myers, Parscal, Schafer, I. Smith, Sharp, Rutherford, Robbins, Sargent, M. Smith. Fourth row: Orr, Usrcy, Mc- Kinnis, Sibley, H. Smith, Maus, Rummell, Mitchell, Y. Schmidt, Lively, McCoy, Murphy, Ritchey, Scott, Rockly, Warren. Wisdom, Mehaffey, Scanlon, Sullivan. Back row: Rost, Wesley, M. Smith, Ramsey, Pcffley, Silver Scribner, Merrynian, Middleton, West, Woelk, Stock, Ga1'land, S. Schmidt, Patty, Newsom. Summers, Sims, .l Mossnian. v Once again the Red Peppers of E.H.S. have fulfilled their purpost-H to promote good sportsmanship and to boost and support all school activi- ties, especially athletics. The year was off to a "rip-roaring" start in the fall when so many girls went through the hilarious initiation that they brought the total membership to 233, making the Pep Club larger than it has ever been before. Under the direction of their sponsor, Wini Carter, and the leadership of their offficers-Marilyn Shafer, president, Fern Grant, vice-president: Lucy VanBeber, secretaryg Phyllis Davis, treasurer: Donna Adamson, business manager, and Jo Brazil, reporter-every girl in Pep Club thoroughly enjoyed the varied activities, such as the bon-fire and pep rally, and marching at football and basketball games. Blum.-u Jim-,'e,Q,' . N UU Q1 ' u 6' fl'C. f34llTfl,Tl7g3 11,64-J 3' 1-VL l-BINULQ, iikptu 'J '-' UL 'KL --ff il. x. 1-SX W -'Tw ilwt-'t -is-Uivuij'-L-h"NL Mori ht'-U-J - il-CY TAL, 155, ,I ',, thniglz, yk 2-'N?L1.,A..l. Q: 3 4 U 'll ffl!! V141 . 'rfri 'Nix .7 1-.5-+A-.J-5-Av 'J 1 HL f.rsfi'1' 'V' .Nh V 11,1 -' fy, la., V..-.g'A.'Ja li? fi 2.-M i!?"". lf J ' Vhecrlcadei. : L -.el lr. "W-" 'R-Qfl V Top: Murray, Daniel, Moss, Fisk. N , ' Bottom: R. Lchr, Wisley, J. Lehr. S '- le: f.' I" 1 1 1 Fw - X ,kit 13,0 -4. ' 1 ,gx kj", K I . ,vi MAFYIJ. LI W... u in X Front. row: Doyle, Larkin, Brown, Leonard, Hughes, Greiner, Daniel, Leach, J. Lehr, Jones, Adamson, Gladfelter li. Betty, lligler, Forristall, Fudge, J. Lewis, Crowley, Hogohoom, J. Betty, R. Lehr, J. Lehr, Second row: Bacon llarper, Gipson, Hamilton, Komer, Bowyer, Baker, Cook, Boyce, Caldwell, Landon, Crist, Binter, Cherry holmes, Burns, IJ. Funk, Grove, R. Harvey, Grant, Franklin, Dunning, Easley. Third row: Hill, Hildreth, Kim hall, B. Davis, Clark, Brower, Gregerson, Gentry, Cantrell, Hamaker, Long, Harper, Crum, N. Biles, Crowley Farthingr, Green, Logan, Hamhlin, Hearrell, Long. Fourth row: Kizer, Lietzke, K. Lehr, Butler, J. Funk llelmer, Foster, P. McGinnis, Cloyes, Crelly, Elder, P. Davis, Force, Eisenhour, Coons, Grubb, Haggard, Cannon llcri-mann, Big-gs, I.ockard, Ehrlich, Brazil. Back row: Adams, Kieth, James, Cornwell, Banks, Golohay, Cole nmn, Anderson, M. Johnson, Beaman, P. Harvey, Bonnell, Cory, M. Lewis, Dwire, Fowler, Incontro, Datin liriftewortli, llzsminer, Davenport, Ferguson, Coope1', Deewall. ,Q -x l W ' Of course the high-light of the year was the Christmas Dance at T N' ', Bvhich the huge tree and other colorful decorations made the gym a scene 4- got' unforgetable winter beauty. F7 J Things were brought to a close with the annual Pep Club Banquet, ., where emotions varied from the joy of sophomores and juniors to the tear.: of the departing seniors. The fact which consoles the seniors is that next . ...X year another group of wonderful girls will carry on the traditions and in , .continue to make our Red Peppers the best Pep Club in the state of Kan- , ,V ,sas l If ,f Wilbur says: 3 ' I "Herr-'s to those who cheer with zest, y Our Red Peppers are the best. ' In bright red sweaters g'aily clad, , They make the heart of Wini glad." F. l l' N ' i x I 1' 1 "M ,ffl f,Jf.Jf.J m""""'x i it 13 K -X 'xk."Xk. Fifth row: Robbins, Barlett, Daniels, Towner, Davenport, Darnold, Sibley, Hawkins, Burch, Jordan. D. Martin, Wall. Fourth row: Snyder fsponsorl, Belk, Boone, Burch, J. Green, Lewis, Schlesinger. Marcuin, Mctlully, Hopkins, Brown, Anthony, Shaffer, Hildebrand. Iiiggett. Third row: P. Johnson, Morti, B. Johnson, R. Wilson, Ott, Gautier, K. McAdoo, Criss, Huyghey, Hayes, Earp, C. Fauleoner. McKown, B. Green. Second row: Jester, Maus, Derstein, Barnes, XValls, Bruce, Peterson. Garland. Porter, M. Ridgway, Hudson, B. Wilson, Duncan. First row: J. MeAdoo, Ung-er, Braman, F. Ridge- way, R. Jolliffe. Sweeney, Headrick fsponsorj, Dennis. HI-Y Under the sponsorship of Mr. E. E. Snyder and Mr. Luke B. Headrick the Hi-Y had another fine year of activities. Following the purpose of the Hi-Y, "To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christ- ian characterf' the local group sponsored an all-school dance, and in cooperation with the Kayettes were in charge of the Christmas assembly and the assembly on World Day of Prayer. The Hi-Y also had a joint meeting with the Kayettes with a panel discussion about boy-girl problems. The highlight of the year was the Hi-Y banquet which was served by the mothers of Hi-Y members. The cabinet of Hi-Y was composed ot' the followin1.5 boys and sponsors: fseatedj Leonard lVlorti, vice-presi- dent: .Ioe Pat lVlcAdoo, program chairman: Lynn Guthrie, secretary, Ren Dalton, president: Jim Liggett, devotion chairman: tstandingb Mr. Hendrick and Mr. Snyder, sponsors. ZEN Back row: Griffith, Fitzgerald, C. Smith, Reep, Walls, Miller, Bolin, Snook, Porter, Harvey, P. Johnson, J. McAdoo Third row: Mcliown, Wentworth. Hildebrand, O'Brien, R. Smith, Thompson, Wichers, Hudson, Faulkner Kassebanm, Seeher, Silor, Mt-Donald fSponso1-J. Second row: B. McAdoo, Newcomer, Liggett, Guthrie, Hart shorn, Fuller, Dennis, Parry, Dalton, B. Johnson, Wilson, Darnold. First row: Hayes, Faulconer, Russum, War l'l'll. g,',,,,.v4dJ L E-CLUB 44,1 u ' , imwfw .tern rule of its fame. - llub has continued al ng paths of merriment. These letter winners o E.H.S. are sponsored by Coaches Jim McDonald, Robert McCollum and Harold Bryan. The activities of the E-Club have brought such highlights as the E-Club hay- rack ride, the Fl-Club banquet, and the annnual li-Club - Faculty basketball game, which incidentally, was won by the E-Club, 70-46. Officers for this year are Lynn Guthrie, president: Larry Hartshorn, vice-president: Paul Dennis, secretary-treasurer1 and Don Feller, sergeant at-arms. Wilbur says: "llere's to those who earned an 'E' As proof of their ability. To earn their 'E' they gave their best And grained the praise of lC.H.S." Il!! DS., HE 3,1 4' .fs 8 . .TW M 95 SV' wN,f,x-4, V V A K.. N b 'aw' w lu Soi X26 Cats BowIMQ1kEa12d 2 Y . f9"Aio5Xi,w 2:81. Ark For Crown 'L B MQQQYYXQQNAZT 9 gg O E ca lricax? A Yxice' mm yxumea of Q S 1 'YXHXY x NWC0 um New an ,E B E3 'N 'Koumeq C0059 , if Q Lu E LQ xg W 67 Wildcats Cross L 5 O v W OUP rv qw I- : iv E 6X 6, Fpofaggang D5wnsdEu: P - . I U 59 Xlmflela ls aafaqgafedm A 'X nowed By Wswzm ay 0, 2 x Q P '15 'WP Q05 'X5 0 5' Laffy Harrsho. -6 COUTASXSQXM govxww 0 jg Lfglggwned p,ep sms, xo new 0 af? on of Week 0 ' 1 ' C. 5 Wy dwg! 55:36. , 'aff ,414 Lwefems ENPONG 340, P lj C AZ ow if a M fn., 7 QP? 1' Jr , . 3111 VAQ' 6 I'101e fp S 10 'bb y b . ve X e 29 . M SQ, mllwxv CSSDONAOWQ Qiercrt V76 " X fx U' "' ' 1 QQGQ, WIHS 2' 0 N GQ- Ain Fllnililhc X FOOTBALL. "A" GAMES EI Dorado 13 'f1Emporia 43 Hutchinson 26 Ark City ei East 27 North 35 Winfield 52 'Augusta 6 Wellington 53 Newton 33 fzlflureku 'EE 4' Non Conference "B" GAMES El Dorado 20 North 45 Winfield 14 East 32 Augusta 4X Planevicw 47 Hutchinson 27 Newton 233 Opponent 12 7 6 ti 6 ti 0 12 0 0 '35 Opponent 7 0 19 0 ti 0 18 50 The Wildcats enjoyed their most success- ful gridiron season in years-a season in which they were rated second best in the state. In the conference, a loss to Welling- ton and a tie with East gave the El Dora- doans second place. Don Feller and Larry Hartshorn were placed on the mythical All-State team. Don was also given honor- able mention on the Little All-American team. On the Ark Valley first team were Don Parry and Ben Dalton in addition to Feller and Hartshorn. The third Ark Valley team had McKown 1359, Guthrie 1375, Bass 1531, and Smith 1491. Honorable men- tion went to Wilson 1283 and Faulkner 1395. ALL-ARK VALLEY Don Parry Ben Dalton ALL-STATE And ALL-ARK VALLE Y Don Feller Larry Hartshorn l"OO'l'BAl.L SQUAD-'Bultimi :mi-.': Russuni, T. Kelly, R. Hudson. Miller, VV:1lls, U'Rrii-n. Guthriv, llallon, MOKown, B. Johnson, P. Jnlnisnn, Fzlillcmiiw, McAdoo, Rilo.-y, Silnr. Sccond row: Hays. Dennis, Holludaay, Wilson, Bass, Hartshorn, R. Smith, Thompson, Parry. 1f'ullui', Kassebunrri, Faulkner, Newcomer, Kelley, Garland, McCauley. Thiril row: Mclloiialcl and Bryan lAssist.anl. Cozwlis-sl. liriiuv. Bulk, Lewis, Ferguson, Kirkman. Brown, B. McAdoo, Sliaffvr, Hell, Duncan, Griffith. Fitz- gerald, Stciinvr, I,4ii'i'e:'ty, C. Smith, McCollum fffoaclij, Fourth row: Feller, Moore, Blaiiney Houser, Barlett, Robbins, Hilde- brand, llzivcnpm-t, Liggrett, Weiiwx-ii, Ifnstcr, P. Hudson. Earp, Stotts and B. J. Warren. QSM NZ'S!iS2!"R.i. 5953 'fx ....,t,::: i., - K :tj V 'I Q ' , " is ' Q 1.4439 my .f', W Wi.?V 'W -6 A-rr i, ,,, x A , W - L 1 1 , - 9n..M,. A . v--rf 2"-'5 5 + 3, ,, 'Q If M. ,QL 4 Q, ,Av xxglgnf is i x l' N E is M 153, 'kiwi I S, ii.. 1 F 5 25 . 9 Y iz Ay . ,m- , , , wt . a 25? gig . Xnq ih '5 - 5 I 2 : , I X il f 'sq I L 400 fu 8955135123 J 1 A .f, 43 - ' .ry 1 5 la- ST SA Sri? g . 'he ,I N, 2 f .51 .5 ' aww, .X- ELQ- A S, RW, gf' BASKETBALL El Dorado Opponent 52 Planeview 24 Q 60 N01-th 51 032, 20 Winfield 35 4.3, 42 Wellington 48 'Q V 245 Hutchinson 50 4 IJ4 me Ark City 4:1 4? g 50 East 80 0 gf " 40 Newton 65 -Sb ., 5- 54 Augusta 41 50 Wellington 52 hi ly 60 Kiowa 36 48 Kingman 36 llodgx- Uity Tournament 43 Liberal 44 f0.T.J 'l'h,ird l"lacu 4 62 P1-etty P1-Ellrifg 40 . RQ p r44-fk' 453 Winfield 51 J J A 57 Hutchinson 40 M, . ' lj, 61 Augusta 41 f Lf ,IA , ' f ' Q ' 91 Ark city 4:1 "'1'74'f 56 Emporia 40 ' ' I I- , . mm East, so C- 5 J f ' J 71 North 44 , 5, , 327 Newton 56 f - I , ,K 1 I X ' 50 St. Mary's 232 I Regional Touranment 37 Newton 57 1 Second Place 51 Parsons 55 fO.T.J State Tournament .1 .T i. , .. - , 1275 1199 "'C,, ., "4 Average Points Per Game El Dorado 51g Opponents 47.96 N I, JA The Wildcats played twenty-five games in the 1950-1951 season, winningithir- teen of them and losing twelve. These included the games played in the three tourna- ments entered-Dodge City, in which they won third placeg the regional, second: and the state, in which they were defeated by Parsons in an overtime period. The selections for the All-Ark Valley teams included three El Doradoans-Don Parry Csecond high scorer in the Valleyj Dick Smith, and Larry Hartshorn. Honorable Mention was given Graham Newcomer. ' 1 CROSS COUNTRY .np lk IS 4 -N,-N Back row: Smith, Hildebrand, Wilson, Blackmore fCoachJ, Wichers, Hughey, Lamb, Moreland. Front row: Shomber, Porter, Seelmer, Jackson. CROSS-COUNTRY MEETS El Dorado Opponents 15 flstj East 22 11 flstj Emporia 26 f2nclj Topeka East 1 14 flstj Haskell Emporia 16 flstj East 20 : Fifth in State Meet 1 ,M ,MM INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS I if 39,44 Reeifs team of the National League and Porter's team of the American League emerged victorious in their respective six-team leagues. Reep's team went on to down Porter's 36-28 in the play-off game and became the new champions. lilc-Donald, Church, Rolin, Reap, Warren, Hollis, Cook, Bailey, Hughey. .gg-li WRESTLING The "grunt and groan" boys turned in several fine performances including wins over East "B" and Winfield twice while losing to East "A," Topeka, and North. The Wildcats improved as the season went along and qualified seven boys for the State meet, Miller winning 2nd, Lara 4th, and DeLeon 4th in their respective weights. With 13 returning WRESTLING - TUMBLING letter men, next year's season promises to be even better. TUMBLING The Wildcat tumblers provided fine entertainment throughout the year, giv- ing exhibitions between halves of high school basketball games, for assembly, and at Rosalia, Towanda, Potwin, Eureka, the Vanora Grange, and Oil Hill. Back row: McDonald fffoachj, Miller, Nacc, Foster, Bass, Walls, Ligget, Patty, Kelly, Schmidt Hudson, Pence, Stackley QAssistantJ. Second row: Anderson, Barlett, Brooks, Erp, Wilson, Dun can, Schlesinger, Salmans, Baker, Baker fCheckboyJ, Latta, Steiner, Mulvaney, DeI,eon. First row Fisk, Moore, Davison, Wall, La1'a, Freeman, Blake, Neighbors, Warren 1CheckboyJ. Buck row: McDonald fCoachJ, McCully, Schmidt, Patty, Hollis, McAdoo, and Birch. Second row: Moriarity, Garland, Warren, Gautier, Wilson, Elder, Harrison, Pyle, DeLeon, Moore, Waldorf and Hayes. ff if W J ll? gi ni BASEBALL 1 Staff El Dorado Pitching Ben Dalton Richard Smith Charles Smith Vernon Orndorff 1 - K YW. ,. f , , 1 N14 U l.L With forty boys out for baseball, the prospects for a successful sea- 's are very good. El Dorado has made a good start by defeating Plane- v , 11-33 Chilocco, 5-03 Winfield, 4-Og and Wellington, 8-0. Charles season, while Ben Dalton has also pitched a one-hitter. The remainder jkwith and Richard Smith have both pitched no-hit, no-run games this of the schedule is as follows: East, Wellington, Hutchinson, Topeka, North, the Regional Tournament, and the State Tournament. First row: Freeman, Earp, Hayes, Stotts, Griffith, Moore, Sweeney, Braman, Unger, Green. Second row: Wentworth, Kelly, Guthrie, Duncan, Moreland, Houser, Lamb, L. Snook, Page, Crist, Warren. Third row: McKown, Fitzgerald, Newcomer, Hart- shorn, Harvey, C. Snook, L. Smith, Shaffer, Cantrell, Moriarity, Bruce, Baker. Fourth row: Orndorff C. Smith, Huffman, Bolin, Dalton, R. Smith, Anthony, Sherwood, Stiener, Feller, Nace, McDonald. 'vff eff iw?-Jn 4 8 0 0 .glim- . O 0 -139: fQ'i,.l!,.f,5-H3112 15',3.g'.,'if 5-. , j- ff, ., .A ig, ' . f-:fgmj '-3 ,Ln"Y-jfigbt 1 Q, 9 tame Qs 9 . 1 , . I ' Q Q2 I if .wi l :gt First row: Thompson, Blake, Baker, Brooks, Ott, Hughey, Eisenhour, Burns, Russum, Hildebrand, R. Wilson, Chase, P. Johnson, B. Johnson, B. Wilson, Seeber, Porter. Second row: Bryan, Wofford, Feller, K. McAdoo, Bass, Hudson, Garland, B. Hilde- brand, Faulkner, Silor, Shomber, Jackson. Third row: Robbins, Davenport, Kelly, Liggett, B. McAdoo, Hartnett, Reep, Belk, Lewis, Martin, Fisk. TRACK With the coming of spring a large number of boys turned out for track. So far this season the boys have made a good showing, under the able coaching of Galen Blackmore and Harold Bryan. They placed third in the Wichita University Invita- tional Meet and first in the quadrangular meet held here. At Wichita Don Feller set a new record in pole vault. Additional meets which the track boys will cuter are the K.U. Relays, Hutchinson Invitational, Ark Valley, Regionals, and State. BQQAYYL' 2Zi.'i"J .. ' V A -t 'l l' ""5x'ev ..,g 'S 'K S . f" , if t V-f-if . .Jf5?f if1' Q-R ,nal 49 N.. ! 'MA K ,g, Nm-f1'a, ,Q . ,it ' .yin ,ig ' yy qi, , 1 3 t , , Q A an ,n a ' 1 4028 as-41 lqls Of 3006 - fe'-h Q 4. 5-uefl Ir! Slum TENNIS GOLF ob mi ,Wm Lei' 4M TENNIS For the first time in several years, El Dorado has increased its spring sports curriculum to include tennis. Naturally, since this is comparatively new on the sports agenda, the netters are not expected to make an outstand- ing showing their first year, but it is believed that the boys will, neverthe- less, give a good account for themselves and at the same time gain valuable experience. As we go to press, the "racketeers" have not competed in any matches, but a tentative schedule in- cludes matches with Augusta, Newton, Emporia, Winfield, Arkansas City, and the Ark Valley, Regional, and State meets. GOLF For the first time in a number of years El Dorado is represented on the golf links. Although only six boys turned out for the team, all six will be back next year. Under Coach Bill Hill the golfers practice daily at the Amer- ican Legion and Country Club courses and hold their meets at the latter place. The Wildcats entered meets at Ark City, and Wichita. the Ark-Valley tour- nament, and others. Standing: Hill, Coachg Wichers, Brown, Thompson. Front: Bell, Martin. Not pictured: O'lSrien. 'ft l W A l H , n Dennis, Wall, Foster, Kassebaum, Darnolrl, Jolliffv, M3l'l'llI1l, Peterson: l,l-wis. t"oacli. 1-?g!Al','K yyfxllf I N4 I I I A ' I A I I v I ' WW k""'W ff' " d"0' Mf'V""J ' 'T'ff"04 fic Q My 'X 1.4, I X 4 ' , M! f72' '21 41.9 ,f ,J P , Mful, ,f f, N , X 1k,z 1, L., 'f,' IQ., I ,f JCI, 'lf X7 -If ' 4 it f f, 4-,AL 4,7 ,, , , X , 57 ,LZ27 ffifx IXMOV, 1 ff Lf' N54 by ' GL Aiiffff, QL 1 V, ff , 1 , Diff' .fhff Xl 11,7 ff ,Z .jf ,. I X If J A 4 i'0' 7 f fffC!ff f iii!! 1' 1 7,6- ff. wdvgfuc xg-J if af fp 'l1y7f yff fflfx f' f 7521!-A ,fyfdfzn 1 f , - U-" .UWM ff ' 'X ?7K4'6'4 ff' 4' f n' rv, 0-52, fy. fu- ff f , "' If ' f 0, ff 7112 ' ' V1 J ,LU X 'V f- A - , 54 , - fggf, KJ. 'f .L 'f" f fx "Lf ,J 7' 3' 1. I 2 ' .ff f A, f ,f 1 x. . ff X L6 ' f 7 KL 1 f 1 I Ck., f . 1 L, Xffr, 1 . , ' f ff 44 .V If 111 ', X!-I ft- Q!! I , ,, fgrj jx ,1 ffiff. ,7 ,L f L4 fffgz, J,f,LL lf' I W'-c ff Cf if .'ff!fl,f 22 ' A, f -1, , .1 NAA-fQ,14fy .Z?2ff -!f -L4y1,f' lm 4gg,,,4f ., ,ff l 0 A, IVI::rlvx1v Moss. vluclml lmy thv mn-nllwrs ul im' :eqxlaul we lfbnlb -,541 Mjff ,J -' I"m:1l1::ll QMUUII, NY2lSil'10lllil'1i by Ilurnicv lJ::u'ol :uni Ihwtlmy 1 x ff f - L . . l . 'dj A-'jf "if 4' BZ" L L' A J 'xllll Slllllll. Al :1 1l:1m'v trvllwwlng' ilu- East lllgrh gyzxnw. - ' K - . ' Lf 2 .V A, ' 7 f"f!' ,fdlfv f If iXIZll'll'llL' was vl'wxvr1wi ll1il'l'll lay 17011 Fa-lln-1', llUIlUl'Qll'j' QIIIHH' ' jj - ' U' 5L . ' 7 k jfff"QfZ'-ZJXEI yifg JXQVOL Lf' yL?fifg,Q2jA,1.QCX,f,f, V021 7 J f f f A - - ffif f 6 La f AM 27',L Q, MOVA carp!! fML' f 694 6- 1 x" X LA", 5 I Cf I I Lbfufbbd-OLMC ffl!! QQ, . H v pi- . , J I ,f . . r. ,X 'I' I M N if 'ff,- ,,f" '77 "4-. ff ' 'f if, 3, 1 fl ' ' - x , , 'XO-vc, ' Aj f 4 ll f V 45444. Ll'V'1-. 'i+-.Q 11, f ff' X - 'f-f f ,f K- I " fur, . x I s Ll . 1,4 -.w""" RICHARD I. SMITH JERALD L. DARNOLD El Doradoan King pf-. LARRY MCKOWN DORTHY ANN SMITH El Doradoan Queen MARLENE MOSS BARBARA KAY REED X if 'XX W fi" .M 5 llll QIIIL 4 A ll!! my me 'Ill cms mf u am 551 K '-Y ,ls Al, ' x F, ' ..1':' N ai -2. M . V J" D, , i., EMA s 5 194 ,ta -1 ", 'W 4. fb-- if - 4, GVQQ-5QL9jJ0,f.,.A,0 ,,wa,Jt0w-gili tb QQLLQPQ Owl iw, WM' Qe wMW- 'fwzjil , u V' hp Q,,.g Q W1 ww,Mw EW fl Q M, 4.m,f,a, -N gwwbww J ,Q .Q M Q ZZ, Q , vgwofww F 56.0-ou ,' E "A, We . 5. A.. f'W lm 5: eyears '- ' ' . .a , rem with fgegretfgl-sigh. I . '11 f'qgf7f"P"'?7V7Zf7j'2'zcf0:ff7"inQ h ydu. Oni' schodl, we I 'nwfa-wwfp' Oar hsiivfiigas. 0U1':'fO1'tUl'!8,'8Dd o1iq,fame.'?'I if-wry-.1f2'3"+f.v7-.fw,vm,q I ,fm 1 , 'A A x ', ' x ' ' . ' E h -may -. --.. ,, K :vu ' , . W , '9 f"' x , .' . . - ' ' .af Y. ,. , s. , " - - ' ibffrvfly x v . - . , 4, , 'll fwH.- ff ff MI3' M-'+L ff'A""1j!SLf'f7"""'DA"'S1'9' 07P'0'19g 1'P-vrzyffffrfrf-yfrvrfwfffv-fvrv' 70-07 -f' fifff j 1 ' :El ' 'HHQl9A1'A7"-FILL , 'fy , VA .YD an 2 7 ZW V If we fb l M f f ' 2' t5'.,n"'. ' ,V is ', " " -I ' -- B , 'gay' 2952- . vwfkfffffjzm 1 film ai, M WWW LMZMM Mfwm fffw 'Tiff if iilzj MW, Q4 A 3 MMM 'f4iLmaf,MUw Wff W iff? gywlfmyppw UM, UW wwe ew? ' wwf! ' I gg 4, CZ-AQMMM My ' JLL4,Z9f4LL4LL04 ' . . '. , . A,-W if , if ,, fl-, Zdfuiw Aw!! -Q yr A h ' 51 : ' ' V .,. JL" ' Q ' 321 . . . 141 , +-if T - my-, 3633" ' .4 Ai' 5 ' 'fgfnl . ' :EL 1'-.g , . I , lag? P L '35 .L qt! ' .-Gulf? . " E- 1.4" F ' I 1-+4 il v - AQMWQWM Q' ALf9L,Qw2fffM4r4f!1 EWITLJ K-f44-f K E if MWJM R' QWQMWX f774f,ff',,,4,,,,wj if-Q. A 'ZVZ 6 , W gal fait' f , japan' 75M '?6W "' ' 5 i by I ,az-u!44.M,!f9f E lkw 24W7fzffwxzQ,,Mwa,o mwywwwyfp Ofywff- Lvabw fmfzffmewllfiwmo 47ZWy574w1,A20A4fzafb?Q,d40u.A444,4,4,xQ,tZ2a6 Zhffffwf-f,7eaf w7,L,,w6.-0,A4,ee7fumfLZ4Mm Z0 4wd67Qw. za,64fm440.Q,ww2Qz,0 WWW QMDHWLJLZA ww 1 ,S I' Wm 1 'MJ47' 0544 mei W7 fiafifvfi?

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