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' wif' M W L "os" kk-I3,,x Librir J K 5 :- 1 E E 1 E ,, .M Monaljfped and Printed by THE THOMPSON BROTHERS EL Dozmno, KANSAS WW IWW PRESENTED HY THE CLASS OF 1028. IN ELDORADD f QGHIGH Q ELDORADO KANSAS R Z X scueox. 7 X Z X Z X X -:lp-I-. - taeun1- NX If gf' N fb... , T0 MDDEIQN YUIJTHQ IN ALI. ITS ZESTAND JDY OE LIVING, II EIQOWNED IJDUN, BUT IDATTEIQNED AETEI2. THE STUD- ENT DETDDAY, AND CITIZEN OI: TDMUIQ' IQDW, THIS DOCK IS DEIDICATEIL ' X , 12 E gg gr Q9 I f X Wins!!! .L ig X WZ IN THIS, THE MOD- EIQN EDITIDN UI: THE EL DOIQAIDDANQ WE ENDEAVDIQ TD GIVE VCU A DICT- IJIQEOEUIJIQ SCHDDI. Y DOEIQ27-S INA WAY TH AT W I LI. I3 I2 I N I3 T0 Y U IJ I2 M I N D T H E I3 E ST MEMDIDIES DE AN EVENTEIJI. YEAI2. S0 WE IDIQESENT IN THIS BUCK MDDEIQN YDIJTH, INDIVID- IJAI., AGGIQEIIIVE, ALWAYI IN VOIEUE. I XM X A fg Wm ' -Tv iii- ? X 4 ff 1' W Nm Emton DUIIELI. STDA-IFUIQD Bljliglill di MANAGED GEORGE IBACDN Ani Eblron WINIFIQED SANDIFED Z. ? - I I W CDNTENTS X Boon I INDIVIDUALS BUCK ll AEIQEIIIVENEII IBDOIY lll VOGUE -w""' :,f3.+ggie5 aa, ' ' ' 'siiilk VST'-'E e--MQ. 332, .121 my -fn, ln' mf .kr .ff :wig 1 ' Nt gwfs L X 'L N ul: wx r..,ftuN, V 1 ni..-1 w L 7, KHYW YV, - Y YZ .. S 4, - 5 E :soon 1 IVIIDUA I ,L FDI? WHAT II MUIDEIQN YUUTH BUT INDIV IDU- AL, AND WHO WUULD BE LIKE EVEIQY- IDNE ELIE? i X W A W T Q n. , 1 10, f f f f ' Z , f K? . K N u1l!ff,,0 f X , E X 2 wr rlf X ' llilgimn Nl Q iffy .iwmxlr In 3 m'Cg,?Cf8fJ,2vQ ff m--I 'lv . was 5 mm V ., - X, ff 3 NS ZQLL Sx..ssx N. AE-IL D WD Rfk ID QED A N ,fffwwfffffffffn . X! , 3, 4 r l F. HUGHES,, Superintendent C. R. EDWARDS. Principal Wahshbufli COUCQC, A- B- State Teachers College, Warrensburg Unlvefslfl' OfCh1CHg0- B. S., University of Missouri. UIUVCTSHY of Kansas- A. M., University of Chicago. Teachers College of Columbia University. BOARD OF EDUCATION C. O. BOSTON N. L. AXTON H. M. WILLIAMS D. HAMILTON R. T. MCCLUGGAGE C. V. PEERY Zgw I1 'D 2 IB CX , Zh. ,foe mf Z ' I. 1 AXXV X 'x xxi Eighteen x wsX..ssw . Ext ID QD IQ-A ID 0133 N fM Wf,fffW ' il l LOTTIE M. CLARK, B S. Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. fhortbavzd, Typewriting. H. G. LEET State Teachers College of Warrensburg. Manual Arn. HELEN BAKER, A. B. Southwestern College. Latin. O. E. BONECUTTER, Ph. B. University of Chicago. Clnemiftry and Physics. JOHN P. Dlx, B S. Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg. Columbia University. Elzglirh and journalism. RUTH MILFORD, A. B. Q Southwestern College. University of Chicago. Q Englifh l ll 2 IB Z, ffm 2101, ' 'D 5 C-X KS as Nineteen SX.wSXWN . 'Ili ID 0 IPYPE ID DA N .fW Wffff'Z 5, l 1 X C. H. SMITH, A. B. I Southwestern College. Athleticr and Phyfiral Education. MYRRL HoUcK University of Kansas. Library and Study Hall. VIRGINIA SWEENEY, A. B. West Virginia University. Public Speaking and Euglirh. ESTHER CLELAND, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Constitution and Sociology. CHARLOTTE BYRUM Secretary to the Principal. DAVID T. LAWSON, M. B. Baker University. Orcbextra, Baud, Boys' Glee Club. LEONA HERRING, A. B. University of Kansas. Home Economicr. IOAN CASSLER, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. University of Kansas University of Wisconsin. H irtory. 21720. f Za 5 AM ' NxW AXA Twenty Swswsw. -EIL ID 0 RA: ID QA: N .ffwwaaaafag SA Q xg GLADYS FAYE BEUCHAT, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. University of Chicago. b National University of Mexico. Spanirh E. E. SNYDER, M. A. Campbell-Gem City Business College. Commercial C. F. SMITH, B. S. Kansas State Agricultural College. Arristant Principal . Mathematicr. CLARA JBANETTE STAADT, M. B. Baker University. Girlr' Glee Club. junior High Glee Cluhx. LILLIAN BENSON Secretary to the Principal . HELEN JACOBS, A. M. Sterling College. University of Chicago. Hixtor-y. JOSEPHINE WEAVER, B. S. Kansas State Teachers' 'College of Emporia. Normal Training. E. E. FINK Kansas State Teachers' College of Hays. Typewriting, Shorthand. l 255 11926, KS S an , Zz, . ml 1 'fi . ' A xx ' 'X xx xx .. lied... , Twenty-one 1 1 1 1 A SxwNN . Em. ID GD Rik ID CA: N .wwwwfffffw Fl , BZ. 1 TUNIGR HIGH Q FACULTY LORA BOYDSTON CAROLYN BASS LENA MARCUM J. R. DEARMOND LETHA HORN MABEL MCCARTY ALTHEA SIMS G. HAI.DANE CROOKS EVELYN BROWNLEE L. B. WHARTON BERNICE KEHO GLENN DAY GENE SHELDEN GRAYCE DINSNIORE . Icy PURCELL GEORGE BROMELL FRANCES HUTCHISON RUTH LEATHERMAN 1 4 K I N ,fu 11 Qlw firm 20, 'W' ' ' ENN WS Twenty-two Ni, xml IZ W f E ,Q r f. L G :nv E 1 rf' F 2 ' I ' Z Eg xxx xl ffm ., 'YE 1 ' S - Hin, by 'J 4 ' 'c . ik x Hfflf 5 i g U Lulu ' 5 S Qifffqxf-X 2 . 5 S x""' 4 , 5 f., M' af of'- ? , W 5' "bb w f. Q 3 N41 " 1 , Q. X U V ld E If W 1 ! px-f"W fffhlm E H ff ff-eq Q , ' x R52 v fplleffi SXxsNSXXN st 'EIL ID Q IH ID QD 'He N f4Ww W4fffffW 5a Q xx. SENIORS THE history of the class of nineteen twenty-eight is nearly complete and in this short space we want to leave a happy reminder of the many accomplishments of this class of modern youth. It was only three years ago that we first entered the halls of E.H.S. from across the way with one hundred twenty-seven in our ranks. There are only seventy-five of that number still with us, but though some have left, others have taken their place and we have the distinction of being the largest class to graduate from E.H.S. As Sophomores we continued our onward march toward the student goal, doing our part in winning first place in the Arkansas Valley league Scholarship con- test. As Juniors we captured first place in the Valley Constitution contest, also helping E.H.S. win second place in Scholarship in the Valley. Each year has found the honor roll containing its quota of representatives from the class of '2.8. We cannot forget the abilities of the Seniors as speakers, singers, and actors. Our Junior play, "A Pair of Sixes" was the introduction of our out-standing dramatic ability, which was further displayed in our Senior play, "The Whole Town's Talking." In athletics we have always been well represented. Each year we have beautifully and artistically decorated our section of the Auditorium wall, and this year our sign stands supreme. In high school we have always done our bestg however, what positions we as individuals are to hold in life's activities have not been determined as yet, but what- ever they are, we feel that they will be better for our sojourn in the halls of E.H.S. CLASS OFFICERS Max SMILEY, College Prerident "They all had 4 finger In zbe Pie." Red and Black III, IV5 Hi-Y IIIQ Vice-pres. Span- ish club II, Annual Staff IVg Yell Leader II, III, IVg Class Officer II, IVg El Doradoan Staff IV5 Social Science club IV. EDWARD Tama, College. .Yecremry "WlJ0'll take my place?" Red and Blackg Hi-Yg Class Ohicer IVg Officer Social Science Club IVg Class Play IVg Annual Staff IV. EDWARD ELLET, College. Vive-Prerident. "There'J one little girl that Lover Me." T.N.T. IIg Red and Black IVg Class Officer IVg Tennis Hg Football IVg Spanish Club IIg Hi- YII. HADEN Homss, General. Treaxurer "Ga 'Long Mule." Red and Blackg Class Officer IVQ Football II, III, IV. ll Q 2. IB 1- yfn, f1f '4' 5' e SV' S A Q Twenty-four r y - u f Sx.xXx.wuXNBXX x ID O M ID O N' ,ff '1?q ANNE MAE ABRAHAM, Normal Training "Roll Them Eyeff' Senior Play IV, WAYNE ABRAHAM, General "Way out Wen' in Eugene." Latin Clubg Hi-Y. WAYNE ANGLETON, College "I'm runnin' Wild." Track II, III, Basketball III, IVQ Club, D.E.A., Junior Play, Glee Club III, IV, Orchestra III, Red and Black. AMOS LEE ADAMS, Commercial "When Day is Done, I'm all Faggeil Out." Orchestra II, III, IVg Band II, IVg Glee Club IV. GEORGE F. BACON, College "My Sweetie Went Away, hut She Went and Came Bark." Pres.Hi-YIV, Hi-Y Cabinet III,OiIi- Cer Red and Black IV,GO1f II,III,IVg Football II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Glee Club II, III, IV, Class Play III, IV, Quartet IV. HOWARD EARL BAILEY, General "Wait Till I Get Up in the Air. Hi-Y, Class Play IV. H CLYDE D. BAKER, General "In the Spring a Young Man'J Fancy Lightly Turns to-" WILLIAM O. BARNES, General l "Among Our 5'ouoenirJ." ! Hi-Y, Oflicer Math. Club III. 5 Zmifff. fff in 6 -1 AXXX- sxm . Aix I Twenty-five U - is 1Qf'593N5? mxX lim. D GD PC-FR D QR N ,fmfwf ff! ff L I C BEA Bf' WILLIAM BAMFORTH, General K "fm Walking Around in Circleff' Glee Club II, III, IVg Music Club IVQ Hi-Y III, IV. EVA OPAL BECKER, Commercial "Sometime: fm Happy-I wonder Wlnvy. " Glee Clubg Hi-Gr. CARL BECKLEY, Commercial "Wl2oopee' '-K-Yi-Yi-.' Ommercial Club, CHARLES ELMER BEIRD, General ".foineboily'I lfVrong." Orchestra III, IVQ Band IV. DORIS EVELYN BELL, Normal Training Mindin' My Bnfineyf. " Hi-Gr. VICTOR BOELLNER, College D,E.A.g Orchestra II, III, IV5 Band IV5 Class Officer Ilg Officer I-li-Y III3 Debate II, III, IVg Extemporc Speaking II, III, IVg Red and Black Il, III, IVQ Annual StaHIVgOratiOr1 IVg Latin Club II5 Social Science Club IV. TRICE MINNA BONNER, General "foe got a Papa." Hi-Gr. ANNA LOUISE BORGER, College "She Keeps the Library Fires Burning." Hi-Grg Librarian III, IV. ll 'D 2 415 FTX in . wifi' -4. SMA N3 A Twen ty-six xxx wXYiYQ t ml ID 1D lR'iX'llD CIDXHEQQN' f ffff GRACE ELIZABETH BRADY, General "Here Comer flee Bride. " Wichita Conference, Emporia Schol- arship IIIg Music Club' Operetta. EMMETT BREEN , General Football IV, Basketball IV: E-Club IV. ROBERT O. BRITTAIN, Commercial "All Maelalleel Up." Red and Black III, IVg Football II, III, IV, Wrestling III, IV, Glee Club IV. HOMER R. BROWN, College "fart A Little Blt Baal." Red and Black II, IV, Gflieer Club IV, Football II, III, IVgTrack II, III, IV. RUTH CARINDER, General 'fflggraoatin' Papa-D2n't You Try to Twotlme Me. " Hi-Grg Operetta IV, Extempore Speaking IVQ Library Club IIIQ Krazy Kats IVQ Dramatic Club IVQ Paper Stag IV. HELEN ELIZABETH CASE, Normal Train- ing. ' 'Hzrel-Hearted Hannah. " Hi-Gr. II, III, IV, Orchestra III, Conference Newton IV, Officer Normal. WILLIAM ANDREW CATLIN, Commertlal ".S'iele by Side." Hi-Yg Wrestling III, IV: Glee Club III, IV. LLOYD S. CHAPMAN, Commercial "I wonder Hour I Look When I'm Arleep. " Commercial Clubg Hi-Y, Orches- tra II. ,, ,, WU, We NS Q Twenty seven ,kzerxi-iTNXEaXgENXx EH. ID Q PX1Ze"'i:lD CIDTTEE Nl ffAe:f7z3,yf'if:I' G 9 M' A-STK I SL 0' 1 ' ZMCMI DENZIL LEON CLAYPOOLE, College "California Here I Come." Journalism Club IVg El Doradoan Staff IV, Golf IV. VERLEY CLEAVER, Normal Training "Little Reel .Sleloool Home." Hi-Grg Tennis III, IV5 Normal Training Club IV. CHELSEA K. COOK, General I've neoer Jeen a Jtraiglat Banana." Hi-Y IIIg Science Club III5 Glec Club IV. HUBERT COOK, General "Ian a .vtern Batbelorf' THELMA COWEN, General Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown." Operetta IVg Glee Club IV. ROBERT F. CROMMETT, General 'AI'1n Looking Over a Four Page Paper." E1Doracloan Editor IVg OHicer Commercial Club IV. JOHN DENNY, General "Papa'.r Baby Boy." I-Ii-Y. LOLA MARY DICKSON, General 'AS'n2llef." 5 Glee Club III, IVg Hi-Gr. If? 114926 CR ,WW lp, U W 4 n ' AXM- Xxm Ixgx 4 Twenty-:ight S1kxxsmkXX xt E TD ID qbqlsg N Mffgwfffff, X016 Xl Y. XZ I I I U' LEROY DOYLE, General 3 "I Ain't Heard Notlain' Yet." , Hi-Y II, III, Latin Club II. E CLYDE C. DUDLEY, General "High, Wide, and Handsome." Science Club III, Hi-Y, Wrestling IV. BETTY EDWARDS, College "Me and My Boy Friend." Class Play III, IV, Hi-Gr,Krazy Kat, D.E.A., Tennis III, IV, Ofliccr Dramatics Club, Annual Staff IV, Declamation II. ORAMAY EVANS, Normal Training "Baby Face." I-Ii-Gr, Normal Training Club IV. NOLTON FOWLER, General "I Airft Nobodgfs Darlin'." Hi-Y, Eldoradoan Staff IV. OPAL MARIE FRISBY, Normal Training "Falling in Love. " Hi-Gr. HARRY FUHRMAN, General "Here Am I Broken Hearted." Basketball IV, Red and Black IV, E-Club IV. ETHEL IRENE GEYMAN, Cornfnerria! "WlaiJperin,g." Hi-Gr, Eldoracloan Staff IV, Boolc- Q store, Commercial Club, Journal- ism Club IV. R E 2 I E 'Jgl 255 I1 '9 2 'B fix Zn, f ,,,'h' 2111, 'fa' 9 U 'GXXV sxm -CAS ff Twenty-nine Sxtssxxxxxwc 3E-at ED QD Raw D GD fm N ,fWW0wffffe Z .5 :xg I N CARITA BELLE GIBBONS, Conzfnereial 1 9u.Sl07723ddhjl .fufeetbeafftf Hi-Gr II, III, IV, Glee Club IV Commercial Club II. l I FRANCES ISABELL GIBSON, Normal Train ing ana' College Ulnnotent Ever." Orchestra, Hi-Gr. ESTELLA KIUANITA GRANGE, Coznfnereial "Wanifa Wanna Eat." Club II, Library IV, Eldoradoan Staff IV. LAWRENCE H. GREINER, College "Wa.rl9-tal' BlZl6.f.H Hi-YQ Glee Club II. III, IV, Arks Valley Soloist III, IV. LAWRENCE M. HAMBY, General "Napoleon'J Lan' Charge." Band IV, Orchestra IV. HARRY LYNN HASLER, General "Thanh For The Buggy Ride." Football II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Club III, IV, Class Play III,IVgTe1mis II, III, IVg Red and Black III, IV, T.N.T. II. ESTHER ISABELLE HEISE, Commercial A'Angel Child." I-Ii-Gr Cabinet IV, Commercial Club IV, Camp Lutheran IV,Dra- matics Club IV. LYNN I-I1cKs, General "Prince of Wailr. " I-Ii-Y II, Dramatics Club III. E . 'U ll 'D 2 IB C-X ab, iff, fb, + QS Thirty HiGr II, III, IV, Mathematics N x SlRXXXxxAkYXX X D C -ID ID ,ffffiwffvnffffa N l , 1 tl IOHN HIGGINS, College i "Be.fide A Balzlfling Brook." Class Play III, Glee Clubg BOy's ' Quartet IV, Officer Spanish Club IV, Opererta IV l'lAROLD HONN. College "That Reel Hearlea' Gal." Football II, IIIQ E-Club. HOWARD JOHNSON, College "Lazy " Hi-Y. ROscOE JOHNSON, College "Blaek-Eyed Blau." Red and Black IV: Basketball IV, Hi-Y, Tennis II, III. EVA KEESLER, General "Fair One." Hi-Grg Officer Home Economics Club IV. CHARLES KELLY, Collecgz "No One Can Knoek the "L" Out of Kelly." Hi-Y II, III, IV, Glee Club IVQ Red and Black IV, Operetta IVg LUTHER KISER, General "Yer Sir, Tlaaff My No-Jir. " Football II, IVQ Wrestling IV, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Science Club III. RAYMOND KNOX, General "Ma-Slae'5 Making Eyex at Mei" Glee Club IVQ Orchestra III, IV, I Hi-Y, Band IV. N 2,5 ,,,,, QM, ' O' AM' iss Thirty-one i SMNNNNNQQQ4EMDmgmEmDfRNaaWWWwMa Z I I KATHERINE LANKFORD, General I "Oar Wild Irish Rare. " Spanish Club II, Ohicer Krazy Kats IV, Hi-Gr, D.E.A.g Debate III, Expression Club. HERBERT LAss, College "I Don't Believe It, Bat .Slay It Again." Orchestra II, IV, Latin Club III, Band II, IV. EVERETT T. LEONARD, General " 'Came I Ain't Got Nohoelyf' Emporia Scholarship III, Hi-Yg Red and Black IV, Social Science Club. H RUTH LEONARD, College "Home, .fzeeet Horne. " ZILPHA LOVITT, College "Sweet Child." Hi-Gr., Orchestra IV, Dramatic Club IV, Commercial Club IV. ZELLAH MAE MANSFIELD, Normal Train- ing. "That'J A Good Girl." Hi-Gr., Class Play III. DOROTHY M. MARTIN, College "The Sweetheart of Pi. K. A." Krazy Kats IV, Tennis III, Orches- tra II, III, IV, Band IV, Glee C1ubII. BLANCHE MASON, Normal Training "fart the Same." 4 Hi-Gr. III, IV. ,,Kw mole fxfx bf.. wh, QM 'we 0- ANN- six? -sm.S Thirty-two ' Swssxwxw. IETIL ID 0 Rafi: ID DA Nfmwenfffn 4 Ze, , Z1 JOHN MCMILLAN, College X xfM5-X it ' af' ALTA FLORENCE MCCALL, College "Sl1e': Not ll Flower From an Old Bon- quelf' befznre Jl1e'J not that type. Crlee Club III, IV, Eldoradoan Staff IV, Librarian II, Officer jurnalism Club IV, Hi-Gr. II, III, IV, Krazy r Kats IV. RICHARD L. MCCULLY, Commercial Glee Club IV, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Cab- inet IV, Red and Black IV, Com- mercial Club III, IV, Operetta V, Class Play III. NILE D. MCGREGOR, Genenzl "They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me. " Red and Black IV, Band IV, Or- chestra IV, Glee Club IV, Basket- ball III, IV, Tennis III, Football IV "Fm Afmlel to go Home ln the Dlnlzf' Class Play IV, Extempore Speaking III, D.E.A. Eldoradoan Staff IV, Ofhcer Hi-Y III, IV. HOWARD MICK, College "Wind On The Hill." Orchestra II, III, IV, Eldoradoan Staff IV, Dramatics Club IV. WINNIE MONTGOMERY, College Hi-Gr, Eltloradoan Staff IVQ Social Science Club IV. RUTH MULLIN, College I-1,116 Lined, fue Loveelffm mtirfeelf' Krazy Kats IV, Annual Staff IV, Class Play IV, Glee Club IV, Op- eretta IV, Wellington Conference III, Eldoradoan Staff IV, Ofhcer Dramatics Club IV, Hi-Gr Summer Camp IV, Ofhcer Hi-Gr IV. MARJORIE MUSICK, College "Marjorie, I'nz nlwezyr thinking of You Nlezrjorief' Glee Club III, IV, Orchestra III, IV, Class Play III, IV, D.E.A., Operetta IV, Music Club IV, Krazy Kats IV, Spanish Club II, Ofhcer Hi-Gr. III, IV. X5 1192.85 CX 210, fn 9 - ANN- sxm Wigs Thirty-three Sxssswkws. ,EIL ID ID RA ID DA: N fffewwffeffffffe N Q fi HELEN NACE, Gerierezl eeml Commereiezl ".S'l9e'J just it Corn-feel Ketmor Girl." Glee Club IV, Operetta IV, Or- , chestra II, III, Hi-Gr. EARL NEELEY, General "Who Weitere ez Bezel Boy?" Orchestra II, III, IV, Hi-Y. JACK NOBLE, College "fm Seztirjieel With My Girl." Football II, III, IV, Glee Club II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Orchestra Il, Class Cffcer III, Red and Black III, IV, E-Club II, III, IV, Class Play III, Operetta II, Commercial Club. LELAND OPPERMAN, College "He'Jfieft ee Horn Tootiri' Fool." Science Club II, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Orchestra II, Latin Club II. FAYE PALMER, College "Hitt He'J Mine, All Mine." Library II, III, IV, Orchestra II, III, IV, Dramatics Club IV, Band IV, Wellington Conference III,So- cial Science Club IV. Doius PAULSON, College "When My .Yiegeer Weller Down the Street-I Pink Him Up." Class Ollicer II, Class Play III, IV, Annual Staff IV, Eldoradoan Staff IV, Glee Club II, IV, Mixed Quar- tet IV, Contralto Solo IV, Cflicer Hi-Gr, Estes Camp III, Nevvtcn Conference III, Officer journalism. Club IV, Krazy Kats IV, D.E.A III, IV, Operetta IV, Girl's Quar- tet IV. MARY MARGARET RAMSEY, College "Fm fmt ez Little Prairie Flower." Growing Wilder Every Hour," Krazy Kats IV, Hi-Gr, D.E.A. II, IV, Debate II, Tennis II, Emporia Contest II, Class Officer II, Dr:- matic Reading IV, Officer Spanish Club IV, Latin Club IV. LUCILLE G. RICH, College "She Knowr Her Oniom. " Orchestra III, IV, Social Science . Club IV. E 155 11 '9 15 CX wa. a ZZ, f A Ae Ns WN Thirty-four xix giwsfwwm. EIL ID CD R-Af ID Offse,N-..fmWeefffffa 4 X Sl O XZ i BYRON RICHEY, College l "A Lztfle Blf of Nothing." i-I-Y, GleeCluh IV,Operetta II, IV, Hi-Y Cabinet III, Music Club IV, Science Club III. LEAH RUssELI., Normal Training "Forget-MeQNot." Hi-Gr, D.E.A. CURTIS RUTH, General "How Come You Da Me Like You DE' CLARENCE SALISBURY, College "Arla Me Another." Hi-Y Cabinet IV, I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, Glee Club IV, Debate IV, Dramatics Club IV. WINIFRED SANDIFER, General I A'No Wonder fm Happy." I-li-Gr. II, III, IV, Annual Staff III, IV, Glee Club III, IV, Hi-Gr. Cabinet III, Class Officer II, Class Play III, IV, Officerilournalism Club IV, Officer Home Economics Club IV, Krazy Kats, El Doradoan Staff. PAULINE SAYRE, General "The D1llDmrf." Hi4Gr., D.E.A., Class Play IV, Operetta IV, Ark-Valley Contest IV, Glee Club II, III, IV. MILDRED SERAFIN, College Krazy Kats IV, Orchestra II, III, Annual Staff IV, Hi-Gr. II, III, IV LOUISE SHEETS, College 'flmilln' Through." Orchestra III, IV: Spanish Club IV, Girlfs Quartet III, IV,G1ee Club III, IV, Operetta II, IV, Band IV, Wellington Conference III, Hi-Gr Cabinet IV: Krazy Kats IV, Pres. Foreign Interest Group IV. 11 'D 2 IB . QM, 4 WS -A 21, , Zn N Thirty-five NXNNNNNNEW.Ilcnmdmuncwmwvaaawwawa 51 sf' ELLERY SISSON, Norinal Training 'Wake Up Little Girl." Normal Training Club. AUDINE SMITH, College 'Tired Hanoff. " Orchestra H, III5 Glee Club HI, IV5 Ark-Valley Contest H, HI5Hi- Gr. Cabinet III5 Krazy Kats IV. IsABELL SMITH, College 'Inn Going to Dance With flee Gay What Brnng Me," if he learnsto Dance. Officer Music Club5 Officers Art Club5 Emporia Contest IH5 Glee Club II, IH, lV5Operetta H, HI, IV Krazy Kats IV5 Music Club IV. NAN SMTTH, College 'Sweet Little Yon." Estes Park5 Cab. Hi-Gr. IV5 OHicer Social Science Club IV5 Krazy Kats IV5 Newton Conference. FRANCES STANTON, Conzmereial 'Bonney Wee Thing." DONALD STOLTZ. College Wloofe Wloo TJ Yon?" Hi-Y II, III, IV. RL SSELL STRATFORD, College Calm AJ' The Night. " Hi-Y H, IH, IV5 Hi-Y Cabinet III5 Operetta IV5 Class Play H15 Music Club IV5 Spanish Club IV5 Orches- tra IH, IV5 Glee Club IV5Annual Stafflll, Editor ofAnnual IV5 Hi-Y Conference IH5 Red and-Black HI, IV5 Band IV5 Mixed Chorus IV5 Em- poria Scholarship HI5 Officer Red and Black III. KENNETH SUTTON 5 General A New Kind of Man. " Boys' Glee Club IV5 C.M.T.C. II, HI, IV. moan a 42x aifw CVVRT NSN - x Sx.sN . IEEIL ID 11:3 RA ID 0 +R N .fawwffffffffff Sl , BZ ROBERT TALIAFERRO, College "Crazy Word, Crazy Tune." Red and Black II, IVQ Hi-Y II, IV, Annual Staff IV, Oflicer Latin Club IVg Social Science Club IV, Eldo- radoan Staff IVQ Officer D.E.A. II, IV. CHARLES TETER . , General i "Clap Handf, Here Corner Charlie." ' NED THOMPSON, General "Lift Up Thy Voire In Song." Glee Club III, IV: Ark-Valley Con- test IV, Boys' and Mixed Quartets IV, OPCfCtfa IV. HOWARD VANDOREN, General "I Want to be the Leader of the Band. " Orchestra II, III, IV, Class Play III, Band II, IV, OHicer Music Club IV, D.E.A. CAROL WALL, General and Commercial "There'.r a Trick in Piekin' a Cbirkenf' , Hi-Yg Dramatics Club IV, Glee Club IV. THOMAS WALL, General ' 'One-Two-Tlaree--Caoort. " Class Play IV, Glee Club IV. CLARICE WARREN, General "Ain't Sbe Sweet?" Hi-Gr, Music Club IV, Library IV. DOROTHY WELSH, College "For Shelf A folly Good Fellow." Hi-Gr., Glee Club III, Eldoradoan Staff IV, Library II, IV. fb H926 CX ,,,,, Zn, 44' 0- AM' sx AAC I Thirty-seven ...AL- swwwxmi EL ID 0 EQ-iS: ID 0 EN fwwWWffff'Z N u x 1 ARTHUR WENTWORTH, General "Here Comer The Sbowboaf. " Music Club IVQ Band Il, III, IVg Orchestra II, III, IVQ Glee Club IV, Basketball II, III, lVg Golf IV. HAROLD WIDNER, General "M3f Girl Hen Eye Trouble." Hi-Y Ill,IVg Mathematics Club Ill. EVELYN WILLTAMS, Commercial "Five Foot Two, Eyer Of Blue." Lois MCKEAN, General "All Alone By Tlae Telephone." O HARRY YOUNG , Generezl "Dorff Be Sure. " Hi-Yg Commercial Club. FRANK WILSON, General T "Wheat Wm I To Do?" X Hi-Y lllg Commercial Club III. fi 1192.15 Cx wh. O75 We ' AX" w -R5 Thirty-:ight A- NX sMN . 1E'1L ID ID IR-Af ID D A N .ffwwfffffff l . 5-K IUNIGRS IT was the Christening-feast of the Junior Class of 1917-7.8. Mother E.H.S' was very proud of her offspring, for she didn't have such a fine child to Christen every year. At the feast were seven good fairies, and they had each brought a gift to bestow upon the child. The first fairy spoke: "I give to you, Junior Class of 1918, the gift of brilliance. Your honor roll shall be long, and your grades high. In the Emporia and Arkansas Valley tests, you will do your part in upholding the standards of your school." "I give you," said the second fairy, "the gift of music. You shall form a large percent of the musical organizations of the school, and you shall always do your best to aid your school in musical feats." "I," said the little fairy sparkling with fun and enthusiasm, "I give you pep. Two of your members shall be school cheer leaders, and you shall never be listless and dull. The fourth fairy spoke, "I bestow upon you dramatic and public speaking ability. You shall make a huge success of your Class Play, 'The New Poor', and you shall have a part: in forensics. Yes, one of your members shall win third in the district constitution oration contest." "From me," spoke up a lively little fairy, "You shall have athletic ability. Your girls shall be the school's basketball champions, and your boys shall play a large part in the other athletic pursuits of the school." "My gift," said a fairy who carried a palette and brush, "is the gift of art. You shall have a sign which will show this ability. Your Junior-Senior banquet will be a 'thing of beauty'. The last fairy spoke. "I give you the ability to be a good senior class in I97.8'l9. You will do greater things than have been done before, and your graduation will leave a space that no other class can quite fill." Mother E.H.S. gazed at her child. "What alot of talents you have," she said tenderly. "I shall never be ashamed of you. You will be my pride and joy." BOYD BEDWELL Prerident DAN ELAINE VIRGINIA BENSON gecremm, Ant. Secretary M?j'TH'Z,A1?50LD WALTER JONES zce- ref: ent Trmmm, X5 ll Q 2 6 Cx W, ,, Zap 'fi' 4 AM' sQ - QQ Thirty-nine , X I L A, , ,,,, W , 1 A - - ' f . .X , V . , LL... f X' X I . W , , , , ,. 1 , .f M, -.S-,S-.ff-Xikxxx ,.I.,: JL L-l-.,' ':.,,f O--L, .. ,I . ,,,,. ' . 1, 1 ' ' fy .' - , ffv---.L K gfgn. ,,.......-,xX aka Wgwiwrwk A in Y v 4 V YVVV ,,--f----E -I A D. A .XA,O,-M,L...-.M,,-,f,,,- , Mir..-.A K,-' ST- 'X if I GERALD JACKSON BESSIF HEA'FH HELEN BRADLEY HELEN SCRIBNER HAROLD XVENTLING FRED CASENBURG MARTHA ARNOLD BERNICE WEBER PHILIP BALL MARY ESTHER BLACK FRANCES CALDWELL HENRIETTA WELLS CLIFFORD POWELL RUTH BARTLETT DAN GOODWIN WALTER JONES DOVE GIENEY CURTIS WYMAN GEORGIA FLOWERS MILDERD HESS MINNIE HAMIL'1'ON NADINE RAMSE1' KENNETH LICHTY IDA MAY BUCHANAN IRVING MARLER BETTY LOU SEYMOUR ELOISE UMBARGER CLIFFORD PEERY IMO INSLEY CAPITOLA SCOBEE EUGENE SMITH DOROTHEA GORDON BERNICE HUDSON AUDINE MULNIX RUSSELL HOLEM 4 L - - -A 1 EN.. ,ff W. ,Ai A fi f"'--w- , mwvf-ff.X,.,,,.L W, ,,.. ..,L,.-,,.... H- ,I-,ML L..- --.M ,.-Y---,-x .5 Iv -awp"-A. 'T'-'S-I f-' ix ZS.,i4Zy::,wMusE.'CQQ,L,1f.,, ,'-ME-"""-"' ' ffm . I --A- f-I--ff --'f -v-A---M--ff'-M w---'--H'-A'-T'-"'T ' AR ' SxQX'.:. U--H-A - L -.H-:fbi K X X EDT ff HM Xxfx Q X ,Rt In gxxxxs f -A ,-A. G EORGE BENSON JEANETTE KING JULIA LEVINSON V OLETIA POULK BILL EDGECOME MARGARET hrfLCLEARY DORYS NORVAL ENNIS SANDBERG NORMA FINNEY MARY BREEN MERLE SMITH DOROTHY LEWIS BEULAH CROSS THELMA KENNEDY LEONARD NOELLER FLOYD TURNER JACK CONNELL BESSIE FREDERICK EDWARD CROZIER JOHN B. ADAMS LORRAINE SCI-IWEDER EARL LAWRENCE XVEBB JOHNSON LEONARD WHITLOCK HAZEL GIBSON BOYD BEDWELL VIRGINIA BENSON PAULINE WRIGHT RUTH SNYDER WAYNE FANSLER HERBERT IVES PEARL SUTTON GERALD LOCKE MILDRED WAGNER PAUL HOCKEY 'TD Pi: SLLJ Tiff 1.0, X ' 1- Y :DDDQL D, L,,,,,,,,:.,VvnY?g xffff ' L, li Q ll IB VND .L M J , 43523- L.... .,D,-.L.,-D-f,-.A-DT21,:lJ3XA.x .ALEX Igfs Forty-one T - H fifw-1f1fNNNwI TTER. ID QD RAE RJ QA IN XJ 1149285 EDGAR LETTS ,IOSEPHINE WALDORII JOHN SUTTON VIRGINIA GRAHAM IVAN PATTERSON FRANCES CLEAVER NATHAN AXTON MARY ELIZABETH XVHEELER HAROLD CONDIT RUTH KITzELMAN LOGAN JARNAGIN ELIZABETH HUNN CHESTER HULBERT FERN DEARMOND MINNIE HAYWARD VIRGINIA MONTE1 DEAN TIDBALL JESSIE BRUMIIACK FRANZ NEUMANN MARJORIE JACKSON EVERETT HART ANNA XVILDA HOVIS ROSA OLIN GRACE HILL EARL BIDWELL FLORENCE WENTWORTH DOROTHY KNIGHT PAUL COOPER MABEL KNUST ELIZABETH MOELLER FRANK KISER ORVILLE SINGLETON PANSY DOWERS FRANK SMITH JOHN TEMPLETON Zh' jyfn, Mx' 7? ' Q ' AXXX' ' K5 xx Forcy-:wo JOHN SKINNER KTRETTA WILMA GRIFFIS MARGARET SMILEY BETHEL AUSTIN JAKK MONTEI BETTY ZELLERS LORENZO DAILEY GLADYS SCHRADER IRVIN LAYTON MILDRED BOSS BASIL HENRY ALLEN OWEN MARGARET BAKER DONOVAN ROGERS JOE MARCUM MAYEELL JOHNSON EVA HOLLODAY BERNICE MILLER DORIS PATTERSON LILLIAN MORRIS BRENT BOLIN GLADYS LUNDEN IVA BILES LOIS HARSH LOUISE Rucx DELLA DAVEY ALMA CARTER RUDY RATLEY DOROTHY MOUNT ' ELVA FERNALD Forty-three X ss ssvwmr Eli. ID 0 IRAC ID OAKN ffmwrfffffffff N . xg SOPHOMORES A sophomore class with more life than this one is seldom found-everyone admits it. We have been successful in everything We have attempted-including the argument after the Wichita game. There was the electric class emblem in the auditorium, but it disappeared, leaving nothing behind except blue and white ribbons, mystery and a bare spot on the wall. And then there was the mask party in the Junior High Gym. There were pierrots and pierrettes, colonial "tlappers" and "sh1eks", ghosts, goblins, and Witches, boys in short trousers, bare knees and windsor ties, girls and boys in rompersg Chinamen and dainty little Chinese girls. There was the confetti, the ser entine, the corn husks on the floor, the cider and the pie-also on the floor-Oh! Ilqever shall we forget hovv foolish we felt as We combed that delicious pumpkin pie cut out of our golden locks. But aside from the battle in which pumpkin pie and corn cobs figured largely, a good time was had by all. ' f The class has been Well represented in athletics and scholastic activities. Five Sophomores : were among the sixteen football letter men: jay Porter, Ralph Graham, Herman Tarrant, Carroll Honn and our "all-Valley" center, Lynn Mynatt. Although Ralph Graham was the only sophomore to vvin his basketball letter, the reserves, who vvon the Butler County league Championship and the Butler County Tournament, were almost entirely made up of sophomores. Glen Johnson, Kenneth Parry, and Lynn Mynatt won their on the mats. Helen Lietzke and Virginia Burch helped El Dorado bring home many debate victories. Max Tompkins and Ralph Graham, both sophomores, represented El Dorado High in Tennis last year, when they were freshmen. Coach "Red" Smith expects a number of sophomores to win their letters in track and field events this spring. The class has been well represented in the music organizations and on the honor roll also. . CLASS OFFICERS HAROLD Moss Prerident LEAH GUINTY DOROTHY Asn Secretary-rreafur r Vin-president X7 ll 'D 2 B fx Zn. mix' Z ' Q ANG. x ' ' Ax Forty-four N NXNNNWY EIL ID ID 111-Af ID QD A N .fwwwfffffffffw l Q sf LAWRENCE MCKINNEY FRANCES MCINTIRE BURNETT STRATEORD MARJORIE KILGORE J PARKS HASLER RUTH RICH RALPH OLIN LUCILLE CRIST JACK KUHNS LIUANITA FARRAR CECIL SCOTT EDNA FAYE LONG JOSEIII-IINE NORRIS ROY HUFF EDNA DICKIERSUN BILL GRAHAM ERNESTINE TRUMAN WAI.TER ELDER LOLA BURTON KIT HOCKADAY 4 LUIS HIELMAN . PAUL WILSON MARY STEWART HALL XYAUDAU PIERCE BARBARA EDWARDS CAROL HONN LUCILLE ARNALL WILEUR NEELY MARGARET EARL OWEN MILLER ROBERTA KENT JOHNSON PAUL KEMMERLY INA HEILMAN ROY PIERCE WILLETTA RUE X d . I H4926 yi If mf I fw 6 AM' w ASS Fortyffivc xlx . , I . I I. A f-VA, N x --S .S I. , A x r, I K., f , S I, I M I J 1 ff? . L A'L7,,..,.I . .,... .V :Q QNQTNA ,Ilrli-MJ. 4 3 -4,1 "W f ' ., X' V' F Alf 'I li Q 22, Forty-six , . x,.fV, HAROLD HANSEN TOM EVANS FRANCES HAYWARD CAROL CUNNINQH IM JOE LEWELLEN MARIE PARRISH ROSEMARY MCCAFFREY PAUL LIERLE EMMA DAVIS CHARLES SHORT HENRY YOUNG MAX TOMPKINS ELDA CIIOENS HAROLD ERWIN SYLVIA BURNHAM LOUIS DARNOLD DORA GRIGSBY JACK GREELEY MAEEL CUTTSINGER GARRETT RUSH VIRGINIA BURCI-I LUCILE WEST FOREST ADAMS NEVA FRANCISCO MONZELLE BODKINS MENELAUS LITRES KATHERINE HOLLADAY RUBY BASSETT JIM HUBBARD EBBA SANDBERG HELEN TETER IRIS KING MARTHA Lou BRUWRIGHT CLYDE SH UMAN PAULINE AUSTIN xx , , ,Y..L,,,,,,....r-f ,,,g ,, ,L , ,L ,,,. ,,.,,, L , ,,,,,,,, L, ,WELL ..,-...,,-- , . , , .. 'SMR ,,P--fi .X-X K L 4 X I X X Sf X , I , ' T , I f X7 "' xx ,110-. 14,17--...VM-f' ,,q,- f f ' f """"""""1"- '-""""'T"3 """'i"" " " 'TWT' A ' V-.xg qqxjx - - ---gm.,-KN QXSQ' fi NX NuXXXB C Elm. ID 1D RA ID QD A N ,ffffwWff0ffffff4 HELEN GALLOUP WALT STEIGER DOROTHY BUEFUM ALVIN GLADEELTER DORIS RICH FRED BRAMBLE ' HELEN BONNER FINICE STOCK ELIZABETH TRUMAN CHARLES RUSSELL ALBERTA MONTGOMERY HAROLD MCADO0 FRANCES DOORNBOS ROBERT BUCK SYLVIA FRAME KENNETH PARIIY BESSIE THOMSON KENNETH HARTER BARBARA BOSTON MILO WEST THELMA BELT HAROLD CROMMETT ALENE LAYTON DAIL COOPER ESTI-IER HOVk'ARD LOREN BEATTY FLORENCE BURRIGHT FRANK BAILEY FREDA CAVENY ROLAND MILLER JUANITA BOLINGER NOBLE PALMER NINA MECKLING VIVIAN COFFMAN ALINE MILLER g SL Q' x I CJ 1149215 lf ff ,N Ziff, ,M A 4 - mv- Sx g HKS Forty-seven SNNXWXXXNRQNE EE ID QD Rik ID 413451 NY ffm 0wffffW X X 11492115 LELAND NEWTON MARIANNA RUTH RALPH DOORNBOS HELEN LTETZKE LESTER NEEDIIAM ROBERTA BRIGGS BERNICE HAMILTON WILBER BEIRD BEULAH PIPER RUTH MORGAN JAY PORTER MAE KEITH MINNIE WILLIAMS BLANC!-IE MARSH LORETTA HICKEY VVTARA PAUL DOROTHY SAMES AVIS DAvmsoN RUBY SWISHER THELMA TRUMAN LEAI-I GUINTY HAROLD Moss DOROTHY Asn VELDA RINKER 2,0 jfh, M111 ' ' 'Q QXNA x mb Forty-eIght , KX I ME, K9 A W f f w.Cf5? J f'ff ffm f ,X 'ff QNX I I3 ,JL ' Y ,, 1 lflffh 'X Q N A 5 ff Q fn' 9? ' . SRV 5 J i ' Q- X, I 'X 423 f Higwg . Mmmgl GWR Md B CDL1 T J I e 2 I F . g lo X I 4 l --e-1 --'num 11-1 X I -MQ ...-Q ...1-U gi. .--gun vii- .1,,, yi- 111: f . gi-1 - .-. Boon 1, EIIIV NEI! 3.6 2 S MCDEIQN YDUTH--CLEAIQ EYED ITIQAIIEHTFDIQWAIQD, AND AGGIQEIIIVE 6 1 Q Y 9 V if H2 Q 1 LA f 1 1 , 'N I' ht Q , Q E3 KE, Xxxylllffffl I 1 S Ill, 2 will Hlflf 9 Q X 9 Y Q 2 X X , X I Ufiil Em Y. 1 Q NX s v l 1.. f I j Q 'lilo' 9 ffff, 2. 4, I x , x l' lfr 1 Uvam25Q f SXXsWDXXiNX1 m'll'?IL ID ID R-Ae ID Orme N .wawffrafffra 5,4 ' sf 4 BAND AND ORCHESTRA THERE was an entirely different phase put on the delpartment of music in E.H.S. when Mr. D. T. Lawson and Miss Clara Staadt arrive this year to take charge of the music division. There are more than ninety pieces in the orchestra which played all year repre- senting El Dorado High School. Several members of the orchestra were students ofthe ninth grade ofjunior High, who excelled injunior High orchestra. An orches- tra of about thirty-two pieces played at out-of-town entertainments where it was impossible for the entire orchestra to go. The entire orchestra represented the school in the Arkansas Valley Music Contest. Several new instruments were bought by the school and added to the orchestra during the year. The high school band carried its work during the year in a fine way. ln snappy uniform, the band attended the more important athletic games, instilling pep and enthusiasm in the students, and appearing at any affair at which it was needed. Pictures on the succeeding page are: 1. The Senior High Orchestra. 1. Woodwind section of the orchestra. 3. String bass section of the orchestra. 4. String ensemble. This organization met twice a week, practicing both on its own parts of the orchestra selections, and on music entirely for it. 5. Brass section of the orchestra. 6. El Dorado High School Band. Orchestra Members are: Amos Adams? Kenneth Derstein Mable Knust Lucille Rich Roy Angle? Barbara Edwards? Herbert Lass? Zelma Robinson? Fern De Armond? Virginia Elsgn Joseph Lewellen? Doris Sheets Martha Arnold Tom Fatoutak Zilpha Lovitt Louise Sheets? Marion Axton? Harlan pisker Robert McCully? Edgar Lewis? Bethel Austin - Frances Mclnt re Sol Lindenbaum Lynn Barnes? iii? iiiggiltir Nile McGregoi,? Alva Shelden? Elmer Berrdt S ,Vi Frame Dorothy Marnnr Eugene snnrnr Virginia Benson Eyrl Fr ,, Nina Meenirng Haroiei srnrrnr Victor Boellner Oi. FYR Howard Mick Mildred Smith Barbara Boston 1? U CU , Violet Mick Rnrn snyderr Fred Bramble? Alvin Gladfeltff Owen Miller? Carol Steiger Roberta Briggs Howard Good Roland Miller? Walter Steiger? Virginia Burch Dorothea Gordon Howard Mitchell? Russell Stratford? Carl Canada? Rfibeff Gfahamx Jack Montei? John Templeton? Charles Canada? LZIWFCHCC Hamby Marjorie Musick Bessie Thompson Jack Canada Everett Hart? Earl Neeley Mary Louise Tietz Lorraine Canada Ina Heilman Ralph Olin Darwin Titus? Pauline Carter Lois Heilman Faye Palmer? Howard VanDoren? Jack Connell? lone Hofstetter Edwin Parcell? Josephine Waldorf? O. J. Connell? Elizabeth Hunn? Paul Peffley? Arthur Wentworth? Harry Cooper? Harold lrwin Howand Peil Milo West? Paul Cooper Max Jones? Vaudau Pierce? Henry Young? Lorenzo Dailey? Raymond Knox? Boyd Poffinbarger? Donald York Ruby Dace ?These members also belong to the school band. ll 2 IB 20, y,,,, ff, Q Q ' sxA - Fifry-eight Nixs Fifty-Nine QSNWNNNEHLHDQH Awocwamawwwmfmf Q N -Q. Bf N SENIOR HIGH VOCAL DEPARTMENT GIRLS, GLEE CLUB. The Girls' Glee Club was directed by Miss Clara Staadt. This club gave some of the most beautiful music of the year. Although they did not place in the Ark- Valley contest, they placed first in the meet at Winfield, showing that they were really of the stuff of which winners are made. The contest numder used at Wichita was "Children of the Moon", and at Winfield, "Good-bye". El Dorado feels that they have never had another glee club like this one, and only hope that we can have another as fine next year. The first appearence of the group was at the Christmas Home Coming chapel. It was at this time that the harmony and melody produced by the sixty voices brought out the appreciation of the school for the club. Accompanists or the Glee Club were Mary Elizabeth Wheeler and Robert Graham. BOYS' QUARTETS. Many boys' quartets were formed this year in competition for the elimination tryouts here. However, the judge of the contest decided to make up one of his own liking, and chose Ned Thompson, Lawrence Greiner, john Higgins, and Tom Fatout. This one took third place in both the Wichita and Winfield contests. Boys in the boys' quartet picture are: Buell Mount, George Bacon, Amos Adams, Lawrence Greiner Leonard Whitlock, Tom Fatout, Lawrence McKinney, John Higgins, Boyd Bedwell, Everett Hart, Ned Thompson, Kenneth Lichty, Max Tompkins, Walter Elder and Paul Kemmerley. GIRLS, QUARTETS. The girls quartets were under the direction of Miss Staadt, and did some very fine work this year. One girls' quartet was taken to Wichita, and with but one change was taken to Winfield. The girls worked hard this year, and the effort was rewarded in the best kind of music. Girls in the girls' quartet picture are: Louise Sheets, Josephine Waldorf,Lois Harsh, Helen lone Scribner, Pauline Sayre, Mary Stewart Hall, Mary Elizabeth Wheeler, and Doris Paulson. BOYS' GLEE CLUB. The student body thoroughly regrets that the boys' glee fclub did not appear in chapel more often. When the sixty boys made their first appearance at the Home Coming Chapel the Students began to think that the Music department was nothing to be laughed at. The glee clubs can not be easily thought of as separate, as they worked so hard together to make the Musical Comedy the success it was. The glee club made Several trips out of town, but in times when the whole club of sixty could not be used, smaller clubs were taken. The boys have been under the direction of David T. Lawson, who has made them one ofthe best in this part of the country, with the same kind of improvement that he has made in all other parts of the music department. He and Miss Staadt have been a great success in the E1 Dorado schools, and we expect a better music depart- ment than ever. fp noae fxwx A-4 inf -- W, -5+ ' GXXS' Sxm X Sixty HULDA OF H Presented by Senior High School Glee Clubs k +'4"MV"1l' TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20'-' 8 P. M. Senior High School Auditorium vfwo-Q Directed by-Clara J. Staadt-rDavid T. Lawson- G. Huldane Crooks 4- -rw-be C ll A R A C T E R S As We Naot Thvm Peter Cats. u rlcscenzlsvnn of lke great Jacob Cats. Clmis Ruth Jacob Hoogronbects, P0tvr's neighbnr and bosom friend. .M .,.o ....,, ,,,,.. . .. ,. .. ,.., ..., ,,,., , . .Paul Hookoy Hulda, Peter? daughter. ,.., ..,. ..,.. . . .....,,....,.W. . .Pauline Sayre Katrina. Jucolfsa daughter nr-l Hulduls best friend, ., . Doris Paulson 1.vf1h5i15i3Kj ffk2R5A5r k2LiFiii5'5S35'11xqldQi,A'.'ffQf-Rm 'Mullin Jerry Haydon, an American, tmve-ling abroad. Ned Thommon V W Cati Pet-rl' pod wife Helen Nacc mu .. f 5 ,U . ..,, .., ....,, W.. . Jan Steen, an Artist from Ami-rica. ...,,,, ,....,. ..... . ...Gem Bacon Jimmy Stone, an American, Jerry'-:f pal, .. ...,.. Laurence Greincr Dix-ck, man of all work tone of 'dm chorusj ,..,. Max Tompkins Albert ions of the chorusy , .... , ....., ..., . ..,,.. L.,.Kenneth Lichty Adrian Steen, Jaxfs father from America. ...... Kenneth Hartcr Cornelius Heyden, Jen-y'a father from America. ....,......... D..-f-. --A. -f-A-A----V --..--A- A. ,---,f...-.,.......,,.... WN... . ..r.,... Ch aries Kelley SYNOPSIS All three acts take lace in the gmumls of Peter Cats' residnnce ' P at Scheveningen Holland ACT I. A summer afternoon ACT II. A few days later ACT III. A week later Sixty-one SwNX s,iE1i. ID 0 R4-if ID QA N .fwffftwfff 'Thr' Si . f THE TUNIOR PLAY THE junior play, "The New Poor", was exceptionally line for the first class play to ever have been given by the Juniors. The cast was excellent and the way they handled their parts would have done credit to a much more experienced group of actors. The players were coached by Miss Weaver, teacher of Normal Training, in a most efficient way. THE SENIOR PLAY The Seniors gave as their class play, the comedy in three acts, "The Whole Town's Talking," and the whole town was talking of their line work before the second night of the play. The Senior class got behind the ticket sale in a way that made the seats disappear A Hne audience was present both nights of the play, and got their money's worth of entertainment in interesting plots and laughs. The play was given under the direction of Miss Sweeney, with the aid of Ruth Mullin. The Seniors will have reason to remember this, their last play, with pride, for they couldn't have given one any better. ,fu mole rxx , fff 'W is ' ANN- WAS , Sixty-two I l sk, Xullffff ' A Pj :Q -,sy A Q ! 2 x 1 : M ,tj X 6 5 : K SX 106 mx 5 -n lui I f N E so .fffffffm V Q L Hlflfllla' Wi N -f K A3 3 5 x ZA . A 2 1 Q 5 Wx ,,, fNXWXsg xX E-IL ID atb RH ID QA N .fmwffeffffw SL , xx, HPGR. THE Girl Reserves Club of El Dorado High School has always seemed to mean a great deal to the girls, but this year it has meant more than it ever did in the past. The organization this year functioned on an entirely different plan. ln order not to overwork the program chairman, and the other students who make the plans for carry- ing on the Hi-Gr work, the club has been run on a schedule known as the "Individual Club Interest Groups." There were six groups: Bible Group, sponsored by Miss Cleland. Esther Heise, president. Music and Art Group, Mrs. Schide, Mrs. Lawson, and Mrs. Deillinger. Audine Smith, president. Home Arts Group, Miss Herring, Miss Cassler. Frances Caldwell and Ebba Sandberg presidents. Foreign Interest Group, Miss Beuchat, Miss Houck. Nan Smith and Louise Sheets, presidents. Health Group, Miss Weaver, Miss Condell. Helen Teter, president. Service Group, Miss Clark. Martha Arnold, president. Every girl in E.H.S. was a member of Hi-Gr this year. This is a fact to be proud of Two hundred and seventy-four girls in school and every one of them belonging to XJ the club. Prexidefzl ......,. ..... D oRIs PAULSON Vice Prerieienr. . . . . .FRANCES CALDWELL Secretary ....., .... N AN SMITH Treezrurer .... . . . . . . , , . .FRANCES CLEAVER Advifor ...........,.....,.......... MISS HELEN JACOBS The other members of the cabinet are: Serial ............................. RUTH MULLIN Social Service .... ..... L oUIsE SHEETs Boelzrrore ...... ..,.. E STHER HEISE Marie ............................. MARY ELIZABETH WHEELER FRANCES CLEAVER LOUISE SHEETS MARJORIE MUSICK ESTHER HEISE FRANCES CALDWELL , MARY E. WHEELER RUTH MULLINS DORIS PAULsoN NAN SMITH HELEN JACOBS, Adeis er 410 f all 1 -B '. - QW ' X em Sixty-four X NNXXWX ER. D 0 Rams ID 0 A N .ff4WW0ffffff W x Xl , V, HI'Y THE Hi-Y Chapter of E.H.S. in the past year has been an organization of rapid development both in size and interest. It has been a success in the years past and this year is no exception. The boys who are members of the Hi-Y are those who enjoy thinking of the serious and earnest side of life for the short forty minutes once a Week. All the time of their meetings was not spent in seriousness, for the boys enjoyed may good times as vvell. A In the bi-monthly meetings the boys have a chance to discuss their problems and give each other advice, While at their other meetings a Bible study is held. Reverend Condit, Reverend Wentworth, Reverend Young, or Reverend McFarland were on the program for Bible study. Reverend F. W. Condit of the Christian Church has given a series of Bible lessons for the boys. A regular event of the season for the club has been the sponsorship of the Father- Son Banquet. This is always one of the more outstanding points of interest for the boys of the Hi-Y. The club sold pop, hot-dogs and candy bars at the football games all during the football season. This served the dual purpose of helping the club's finances and easing the appetite of the spectators. Officers of the club are: Prerident ........., ..., G EORGE BACON Vice Preridem' .... . . .FLOYD TURNER Secretary ....... .,.. , .... . GEORGE BENSON Treamrcr ...................,...,. ...,. . . .JACK CONNELL The program Committee chairmen are John McMillan and Boyd Bedvvell. Mr. E. E. Snyder and Mr. O. E. Bonecutter are the sponsors of the club. FRANK BAILEY BOYD BEDWELL, JACK CoNNELL JOHN MCMILLAN, GEORGE BENSON, E. E. SNYDER, Advirer GEORGE BACON O. E. BONECUTTER, Advirer jfs 1119245 CSX ,, M., A 1- NN Sixty-live SxsssSXNN . EIL ID 0 RA ID DAC N.,fmWWfffffZ 5: af 1 RED ANDHBLACK CLUB THE purpose of the Red and Black Club this year was the same as it was the preceeding year. The club members are to create and promote enthusiasm of good school spirit and pep among the students. The members cf the club are chosen from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Each member niet the qualifications ofleadership and scholarship before he was admitted to the organization. The club has stimulated pep in activities of the regular school curiculum during the entire year. The annual dinner given by the club, the Red and Black Banquet,is eagerly awaited by the members and those fortunate persons who may be invited. The ofhcers of the club were: FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Preaident ........ .... G EORCE BACON ...... GEORGE BENSON Vice Prefident .... .... W AYNE ANGLETON. . .FLOYD TURNER Secretmfv ...... ..., R UssELL STRATFORD . .HUGH THOMPSON Treamrer ............................ HARRY HASLER ...... HAROLD CONDIT The pep Organizations of the school could not have gotten along without the most lively people in town, our cheer leaders, Max, Mag, and Bill. They were always on the job, ready to the lead the students and audience of every event in en- couraging the teams. We know that in many cases a game has been won because of the backing given under the leadership of Max Smiley, Margaret McCleary, and William Edgecomb. R ,gs 11926 c5x Z.. wh. Zn, 'W Q AM. ,x -NAS Sixty-six Ssxssswssxwsa. E-it E iD 13425: ID DA N .fffwwffwfffffe X, X, KRAZY KATS L, THE Krazy Kats, Senior High Pep Club, was first organized in 1917. Its purpose was to create pep and good school spirit in all school activities. The Krazy Kats reached their goal many times during the past year of their activity in E.H.S. Eight members ofthe club were chosen by the senior girls Pep club of '16 as charter members of the Kitten organizations. The other sixteen members were chosen from the Junior and Senior classes. Each member was required to qualify in leadership, scholarship, or pep before she was admitted to the club. One feature of the club was the snappy costumes worn by the members. The black sweaters with the red Kats identified the girls of the club as far as they could be seen. Two honorary members of the club are Shirley Brown and Rowena Whitvx ang who are both living in Newton, Kansas at present. The oflicers of the club, who have done so much to keep the Krazy Kats peppy, are Prerident .... . . . .... RUTH MULLIN Vice Pmaridem' ..... .... K ATHERINE LANGFORD Secretary ....... ..,, R OWENA WHITWAN Trmrzzrer ..... . . ..... .... ..., A U DINE SMITH The Krazy Kats put on many good stunts, in chapel, at basketball and football games, and anywhere encouragement and good cheer was needed. They have con- tributed much to the general enthusiasm of the school, and a great deal is expected of them for the next year. ' I i l w 4 2f, , ,4 , . Q AXXV x om Sixty-seven NNwXXX X,fiEa ED Q ED QED Ht N .fmwrrffffw X XL'-ee '1 ,fy ---- -------' -7 -X ANNUAL STAFF After looking at the many fine annuals which had been published by the students of this school before theirs, the members of the Annual Staff felt that they must work with all their might to have a book that could be termed a little better. This would have been entirely impossible Without the cooperation of the stu- dents, faculty, and organizations of E.H.S., in both financial and literary ways. The staff takes this opportunity to thank those who have given their help in the making of this book, the Modern Edition of the El Doradoan. At the end of the school term of 197.6-7.7, the Juniors, or Seniors-elect, chose the members around whom their staff would be built. The Editor and Art Editor worked the following summer on the plan of the book, that it might have at least the advantage of an early start. Now, as the end of our last school term approaches, they feel that their work has not been entirely in vain. Members of the staff are: Editor ............. Eminem Manager. . , Arriftdnt Bm. Mdngr Art Editor. ....... . . Activity Editor ..,.. Athletic Editor ..,., Clan' Editor ..... Kodak Editorr ..., RUSSELL STRATFORD . . . . .GEORGE BACON . . . . .BOBBY TALIAFERRO WINIERED SANDIFER DORIS PAULSON VICTOR BOELLNER MAX SMILEY RUTH MULLIN BETTY EDWARDS EDWARD TABB Typiyt ......,.. ..... M ILDRED SERAFIN fr. Reprefentative. . . . . , . .GEORGE BENSON . . . , ,Miss BEUCHAT Advirer ......... GEORGE BACON VICTOR BOELLNER GEORGE BENSON, WTNIERED SANDIFER, RUTH' MULLIN, BETTY EDWARDS, MAX SMILEY,MILDRED SERAFIN,RUSSELL STRATFORD,M1ss BEUCHAT,ROBERT TALIAFERR O 'QU ll Q 2. IB CX A 20' ffm 1ff 0 ' SV- s -Aw Six ty-eight gSKNxssxkXX s. ID ID IPC-Pie ID N 4 THE EL DORADOAN STAFF THE EL DORADOAN, the Official paper of the El Dorado City Schools, was published by the Journalism Class of the Senior High School. This four-page paper, appearing semi-monthly, gave the news of all the schools in the city, as well as articles of interest from other papers. The Journalism Class was composed entirely of Seniors with the exception of two juniors who entered the class later in the year. The class worked under diffi- culty during the year as none of the students had ever studied this subject before. They learned theory and practice together. One handicap of the class was the change of instructors. Mr. Curl started the class and published two issues of the El Doradoan, then Mr. P. Dix took charge Of it. The eagerness of the students to get their papers when they were published was proof of the popularity of the E1 Doradoan. Q The staff is as follows: Editar-in-chief ........ ,,i. B OB CROMMETT Auociate Ealitorf .... .... J OHN MCMILLAN and RUTH MULLIN Managing Editorr. . . .... DORIS PAULSON and GUMBY CURRY Newr Editor .... .... A LTA MCCALL Department Editors: Sport: ............,.. MAX SMILEY and Business Department: HUGH THOMPSON Burinerr Manaigcr ........ HOWARD MICK Humor ......... WINNIE MONTGOMERY Advertifinlg ......... EARL LAWRENCE ana' Literary. . . ..... WINIFRED SANDIFER DENZIL CLAYPOOL Clary .... ...... E THEL GEYMANN Cirralafion Manager ..... NOLTON FOWLER Pep ...,... ..... D OROTHY WELSH Exchange .....,..... JUANITA GRANC E l HUGH THOMPSON, DENZIL CLAYPOOL, EARL LAWRENCE MAX SMILEY, DORIS PAULSON, ALTA MCCALL, WINIFRED SANDIFER ETHEL GEYMAN,RUTH MULLIN, ROBERT CROMMETT, JOHN MCMILLAN,.IUANITAGRANGE X7 ll 'D 2 B C-X . yn, Ziff' 'We 4 -i - sxss H is AKS Sixty-nine M A N NMNWX. EQ! ID 0 agile ID 0 A N fffwawfff WW f DEBATE AND PUBLIC SPEAKING WHEN the call for debaters was heard in El Dorado High at the first of the year in order to get ample preparation before the arrival of the debate seascn a large num- ber of students answered the call for study and practice. After several eliminaticns and tryouts six students were chosen to represent the schcol for debate. These students were: Ajj'irmafive. ..... VIRGINIA BURCH and VICTOR BOELLNER Negative. ....... FRANCES CLEAVER and HELEN LIETZKE Alternater .................. AUDINE MULNIX and CLARENCE SALISBURY These teams met those of the Arkansas Valley which p they were scheduled to meet. The reward they received after their season of hard work was third place in the Arkansas Valley League. The teams well deserve credit for their hard and strenuous hours of toil. Miss Sweeney spent time and patience instructing the debaters, while Miss Milford coached extempore speaking and oratory. The public speaking department, coached by Miss Sweeney, had an active part in the inter-scholastic contests. ln the Arkansas Valley extempore contest held at Arkansas City, El Dorado was represented by Ruth Carinder and Victor Boellner. El Dorado placed third. Victor Bcellner represented El Dorado in oratory with "Tumble Weeds", the oration he Composed and delivered. Victor placed third in the Arkansas Valley Contest, and first in the contest at Winfield. Helen lone Scribner represented El Dorado in the interpretive reading contest at Newton, but was unable to place for El Dorado. Old E.H.S. has reason to be proud of the students who have so willingly strived to represent the school in a way that would bring honor to it, and who have helped make this year one of the most eventful in the history of El Dorado Senior High, FRANCES CLEAVER, CLARENCE SALISBURY, HELEN LIETZKE, Miss SWEENEY AUDINE MULNIX, VICTOR BOELLNER, VIRGINIA BURCH 255 111926 CX Z , 2101 'K ' 5 ' AV' XNV xxx Seventy 11,7 1 I C- X' 7 9 f-N T S 1 I' LE y 2 XUU Nflffff. K Q lil ! M. ,C Y 5 Iliff! f I Il Q UNH, : X "f, 2 S ' Z f I If ' In Q , 1 IH 1 fag E l ' ' Q D 1 01,0 N 8 ,E 1 ! , 1 5 xx. Z N f i Z f A fI.'S:2 Y as 1' ffl!! 1 KWLQ Jfmf S N sNXN . ig! ID atb IFE-1-af D 0 A N ,ffawwfffffffw . ,f FOOTBALL FROM the time the El Dorado Wildcats opened the season against Kingman High here on a dreary, rainy day, until they closed the season with a brilliant 7.7. to o victory over the Newton Railroaders on Thanksgiving Day, the local eleven enjoyed uniform success. The only real setback was the Wichita game, when the team that later vvon the Valley championship defeated the Wildcats, Il to o. El Dorado held the powerful Marion team to a scoreless tie, and, late in the season, defeated the old rival, Augusta, by a big score. El Dorado finished in a tie for second place in the Arkansas Valley League. The Wildcats met Arkansas City in a game which Was to determine the runner-up position, but the final score-of the contest was knotted, 6 to 6, so the Wildcats and the Arks remained in a tie for second. The team this year was almost wholly different than the one which brought the Valley championship to El Dorado last year, and the players and Coach "Red" Smith must be given credit for accomplishing so rnuch. SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE E1 Dorado 6 Kingman ..... o El Dorado o Marion .... .... o El Dorado o Wichita ..... .... 1 1 El Dorado 17. Wellington .... ,... o El Dorado 18 Eureka .......... ,... 6 El Dorado 6 Arkansas City ..... .... 6 El Dodaro 17. Augusta ....,.., . .... 7. El Dorado 7.5 Hutchinson .... .,.. o El Dorado 7.7. o Nevvtonw. if , . 210, 'W' 9 'ANN' sxm ,xx Seventy-two SXXNWNXWN 'EIL ID 0 Rfk ID C 'FR N ,WWWM X N Q f N "RED SMITHH His real name is Carroll H. Smith, but everybody calls him "Red" for obvious reasons. He came to El Dorado this year from Marion, and he speedily earned a place as one of the best liked members of the faculty. "Red" is a skilled athletic coach, an expert gymnasium instructor, and a real friend to the boys who work for him. The best thing Marion High School ever did for El Dorado was to give us their coach, "Red" Smith. p HARRY HASLER ONE characteristic distinguishes Hasler more than any other. That is his everlasting pep and fight. No matter how discouraging things appear to be "light- horse Harry" is bound to be shouting encouragement to his teammates. Hasler shared the captaincy of the eleven with Noble. He alternated at quarterback and halfback and played equally well in either position. His puntinfg ability many times saved the day for the Wildcats. Hasler was named captain o the All-Valley second team. JACK NOBLE Jack Noble, one of the two captains of this year's eleven, is another steady and dependable player. His regular position was at right guard, where he served faithfully against all kinds of opposition. Noble could always be counted on to give his very best, and El Dorado High will lose a good gridiron man when Noble graduates this year. Jack was given one of the guard positions on the Second All- Valley team. HARRY HAsLER C. H. SMITH JACK NOBLE .I ,,,,, Zn, f We 4 Axe' wi Q Seventy-three s XxXNNk x Q! ID ID Rfk ID 0115! N ,fffaweffffffw HERMAN TARRANT Tarrant, a sophomore, played like a veteran for the Wild- cats this year, at fullback. He charges the opposing line with a force that is almost irresistable, and, when necessary, he can punt and drop-kick accurately. He particularly distinguished himself this season in the Thanksgiving Day game with Newton, when he made a pair of touchdowns and a long drop-kick. JAY PORTER Porter is a backfield man. He played at full and at half and handled both positions well. Never a brilliant or sensa- tional player, Porter is one of those players who keeps plugging along until he eventually gets farther than many of the would- be stars. Porter will be back next year. Vmou. TuoMsPoN "Speed" is his nickname and speed is his chief claim to fame. Thompson was sent into the line up at many times when a fast play around end was sure to bring El Dorado a touchdown. And "Speed" always lived up to his name. His playing was consistently good, although not brilliant, and he will be re- membered for his fast footwork, which at times was inde- spensible to an El Dorado victory. LYNN MYNATT Steady, dependable, and powerful, Mynatt, another sopho- more, held down his position at center so well that he earned a place on the All-Valley eleven, Mynatt seldom made a bad pass from center, and he always held like a stone wall against the onslaught of the opposing linesmen. His playing helped greatly in giving the El Dorado eleven one o the strongest lines in the whole Ark-Valley League. HUGH TI-ioMsPoN "Tuba" is the player elected to serve az captain next year. His regular position is at right tackle. Thompson is one of tne heavyweigl-its of the team, but at that he managed to get around rapidly enough to lay low many an opposing player who appeared to be headed for a big gain. "Tuba" claims his football skill is du: to the fact that he walks a couple of miles to school evzry day, but nevertheless he is always willing to accept a ride. 1149283 1- if ww Z 5 AXXX- QQ AW Seventy-four l E . Sy xwxXNXN s 'Eli ID QD lpxdlisf ID GD will .ff jZWfm, f EMMETT BREEN Breen is a cowboy from the wild, wild West. He came here this year from New Mexico. Evidently bronc busting and stee r roping make good football layers, for Breen is an excellent batktield man, and he playedla good part of the time at right half on the Wildcat team. NILE MCGREGOR A'CY" is built on the order of a telephone pole. Conse- quently, he made a great player at left end on the Wildcat team. His height and his long arms served him well when it came to snagging forward passes, and his long legs always carried him far down the Held when the quarterback barked "Punt Forma- tion". McGregor is ordinarily rather quiet and peaceable, but on the gridiron he is a raging Wildcat. Ronsnr BRITTAIN Perfect proof that the bigger they are, the harder the other fellow falls. When Bob Brittian tackled a man, that man went down and stayed down for a vvhile. Bob played left tackle and his ability to tear through the opposing line and break up back- field plays, or to hold his own line with unshakeable strength, were great assets to the Wildcat eleven. Brittain was named All-Valley tackle in the ofhcial selections, he is a senior this year. HOMER BROWN "Brownie" is another speed merchant, whose fast gait often brought big gains around end. One of the most thrilling sights of a game was to see Brown, from his place at halfback, begin a sweeping run around end. He was seldom thrown for a serious loss, and many times a five ot ten-yard gain was cred- ited to "Brownie". He was given honorable mention by the ofhcials who selected the All-Valley eleven. Brown graduates this year. CARROLL HoNN Another sophomore and another good player. Honn's regular position was at left half, where he displayed lots of skill. If he continues to play as well, it is likely that Honn will be holding down a berth on the All-Valley eleven within the next year or two. One of the best games he played this season was the one at Newton, where he contributed a touchdown to El Dorado's 2.7. to o victory, which gave the Wildcats a tie for second in the All-Valley League. 4 H926 ,Y if f- Ziff f 'fi' ' 5 Sm' 4xm A Q Seventy-five SXxNNmxX s Ext ID 0 trails: ID offs N fffff L DAN BLAINE Perhaps gentlemen prefer blondes, but football teams prefer red-haired lighters, and Dan Blaine is the why of it. A speedy and dependable player, he gained renown in the First game of the season, with Kingman, when, after the two teams had fought for three scoreless quarters in the rain and mud, he caught a forward pass late in the game and romped over the goal. All season Blaine played well at his end position, so well that when the oHicial All-Valley selections appeared,Blaine was placed at right end on the first team, He will be back for another season. DONOVAN Rooms Football is generally conceded to be a game for those who are either tall, or heavy, or both together. Rogers is none of these, but he is game a little lighter and his hard work and brainy playing helped the wildcats immeasurably. Roger's generalship and headwork at quarterback were respansible for much of the success of the team, and "Donny" deserves special credit because he overcame the disadvantage of being small in stature. LEONARD Wu1'rLocK Regular left guard on the Wildcat eleven, Whitlock helped make the El Dorado line a veritable rock wall. Big and husky as he is, he was able to stand up under the hardest of attacks and he never flinched when it came to holding the line at an important moment. He will be back next season, to bolster up the Wildcats of next season. RALPH GRAHAM "Snags" is an all-around athlete. He plays tennis and bzs- ketball, as well as football. His speed and size make him an excellent backfield man in football, and his playing at halfback on the Wildcat team this season was worth much to the team. Graham is just a sophomore, so he will be back for two years more of play with the Wildcats. . 5 ff aff. I 134 .- f 1 "'2amE.a. 11439185 1- 20, kb, wif' Z' Seventy-six ' GXXV sxm A A twwmwwN??a EDcDEhmJDtDfxNtWM4Z24QZ CN , -, BASKETBALL TH11 Wildcats were only moderately successful in the basketball campaign this year. W ith the team that won the Ark. Valley championship last season lost through graduation, Coach Smith had to develop an entirely new squad, with two or three exceptions. El Dorado show ed good form in many of its practice games with non- league schools, but the Wildcats could do little against the fast competition in the Valley League, and El Dorado finished in seventh place in the league. 'lhere were, however, a number of outstanding performances by the team. One was the brillitnt victory which El Dorado won over Wichita, in a game here early in the season. Another was the fact that El Dorado managed to defeat its old rival Augusta High. The local team went to the district tournament at Wichita and de- feated Cathedral High, of Wichita, in the first round, only to be eliminated by the Winfield team, which later won the state championship. Still another redeeming feature of the basketball season was the record made by the Reserve team. This team went through the Butler County League schedule with io straight victories, and climaxed the season by winning the Butler County High School Tournament. Eenefitting greatly by the experience which this seasons competititn has given them, the Reserx es, most of whom are sure to be back next year, will form an experienced squad from which to select a regular first team. With several members of this year's first string back next year, and with the Reserves in addition, El Dorado should have a team which will make up for the hard luck the team sugered this season. Schedule of games was: El Dorado Winfield .... .... 4 o El Dorado Kingman. . El Dorado Wellington ..,..... 2.8 El Dorado Winfield. . . El Dorado Wichita ..... , . .13 El Dorado Ark. City . El Dorado Wellington. ......, 7.9 El Dorado Hutchinson El Dorado Hutchinson ........ 34 El Dorado Newton. , . El Dorado Newton ..... .... 4 1 El Dorado Ark. City . El Dorado Wichita. , . .... 31 El Dorado Kingman. . fi ll 'D 2 IB C-ik ina fff 'Q ' 5 ' Sxxx' xXV i Seventy-seven WNW R it ID Q RA E Q-ilik isis f x N 0 HARRY HASLER Hasler played one of the regular guard positions. He proved to be one of the most valuable men on the team, chiefly because of his splendid defensive work, and his ability to break up the opposing attack. Then too, whenever the occasion demanded it, he could come through with a long shot for a field goal. He was one of the hardest fighters on the squad, and he will be greatly missed when he graduates this year. Niue MCGREGOR Captain McGregor played center on the Wildcat quintet. His height and his long arms enabled him to get the tip-off a majority of the time. His floor- work was good and consistent and he could be counted on to carry the ball down the court for an easy shot, or a pass to one of his team mates. Nile is ordinarily a good shot at the basket, but sometimes he was off form and had trouble in locating the goal. He made a good leader for the Wildcat five. EMMETT BREBN Tall, tangy, and fast, Breen has all the require- ments ofa good court man. His playing at forward was of great value to the team. A good shot most of the time, he was, in many games, among the lead- ing scorers. His defensive playing was likewise good, and his skill at blocking passes or breaking up a long dribbling-attack stopped many of the oppo- sition's tries at the goal. GEORGE BizNsoN, JR. For all his small size, Benson was one of the best players on the Wildcat live. He is a good shot, and his dribbling and fast floor-work made him especially valuable. Often "June" had to play against players that appeared to be twice as tall as he was, but he never minded that, and often, because of his small size and speed, he managed to elude opposing guards. Benson will be back next year, to serve again with the Wildcats. LEONARD WHITLQCK Whitlock, guard, was one of the huskies of the team. His height and his long reach made him a splendid man on defense. He often played at center, also, and here his size hel ed him all the more. He was a steady player, a goodlshot most of the time, and above all, he fought with the all spirit ofa dyed-in- the-wool Wildcat. ll Q 2 JB . if W Z 9 - SM- sxm -egg Seventy-eight sxxxssmXNX xs El E QD 1312155 113 QA N ,f W, if is ,IACK Nouns l Noble is a guard, and a good one. His playing contributed a great deal towards making the Wildcats a strong defensive team. The El Lorado defense was the team's strongest point, and Nobles steady playing helped lots. Jack many times broke up iciup plays and trder-the-l'asket shots by opposing forwards. His ability to block a :hot without foul- ing was worth much to the Wildcat team. Noble graduat:: this year. WAYNE ANt,LEToN Angleton generally played a guard position, although he sometimes shi ted to forward. He played slowly and deliberately, yet he often managed to outwit a speedier opponent. One of the steadiest players on the team, it was often his calmness that kept the other players from becoming erratic. Angle- ton graduates this year. RALPH GRAllAM v Graham is only a sophomore, but he played this year like a veteran member of the High School team. He generally played forward, and his skill at hitting the basket brought many points to the Wildcats. His defensive work was good, and his speed and ability to outguess the opposing team helped him immeasur- ably. Two more years of basketball will surely make Ralph an excellent player. HARRY FUHRMAN Fuhrman, who played forward, was one of the speediesr men on the Wildcat team. His speed often enabled him to dribble around the opposing guards, for a shot from under the basket. On defense he covered his man well, and he was tireless at following the ball. His inability to hit the basket is easily his greatest weakness. His pep and fight added a great deal to the team spirit of the Wildcat players. GUMBY CURRY Curry kept improving as the season progressed. Starting as a member of the Reserve squad, he was soon promoted to a first-team berth, and later he began playing one of the regular positions at forward. Probably hs best quality in basketball is his speed and shiftiness, which makes him almost impossible to stop. He is a game fighter, and his red-thatched head could be seen in nearly every play of the games in which he took part. He is a good shot. 11928 ffm 42, fw 4 N Seventv nine .sfsNx , ,EIL ID QD PRA ID 4ID'Fie N f l WRESTLING EL DORADOYS successful wrestling teams during the last two vears should assure the continuance of the sport in the local school. Interest in wrestling grew con- siderably during the last year, and a fairly big squad of would-be Tarzans, reported for the team at the beginning of the mat season. When the Ark Valley Meet was held here, a large crowd attended, and much interest was shown in the contests. While wrestling is not as thrilling or exciting as basketball and football are to most fans, it is, nevertheless, interesting enough to attract many. The El Dorado team had hoped to go to some of the big inter-school meets during the latter part of the season, but this hope was fruitless. lt is significant of the locals' strength, however, that Douglass High, whom El Dorado defeated, won the big inter-school meet held at Pittsburg. The El Dorado High Wrestling Squad this year was one of the best the school has ever had. The Wildcat wrestlers won a number of dual matches with other schools, and climaxed the season by taking second place in the Arkansas Valley League Tournament, which was held in El Dorado. The Wichita matmen managed to defeat the local squad in the Hnals, just as they did last season,but El Dorado battled hard and the Wichita grapplers found things not too easy. Bob Brittain won the Arkansas Valley heavyweight title for El Dorado, in the last match of the tournament. Others who wrestled in the Ark Valley Meet, representing El Dorado were: PARRY, SHARP, SMITH, JOHNSTON, TURNER, MYNATT, amd THOMPSON. l -if +++ +i++++ + + 4+ +++++++++ +9 + +9 +++++ +34 I 1 i Ks mole, CEX 400. 422Zof VZ2' A SNA' sssfis Yix Eighty SXXxXxSNXXXXXwNx ID .D TD C ,ffffQ ffffnjfff?? g N . E oLuB ,, THE E-Club is an organization of hoys who have wcn an as a reward for proficiency in athletics. The club fosters athletic contests, and strives to keep uppermost among El Dorado High students a feeling of good sportsmanship, as well as intense interest in the various branches of sport. The club is a perpetual organization, as its constitution provides that enough juniors must lee elected each year to keep the organization alive until the next term, so that all memhers will not he lost through graduation. The membership of the E-Club is obtained hy the long and strenuous hours of work on one or more athletic teams with the recommendation of the coach, and thus far for lfeing awarded the symbol ofthe letter "E", which is the known sign of pro- ficiency in athletics. The boys in the cluh are the ones who have given their hest to and for the school, played the game squarely, heen faithful to fellow men, coach, and the practices. Ofiicers of the club are: Prefident. . , i .HOMER BROWN Vice Preijdent. . , .WAYNE ANGLETON Secretmiv. . , s . i i . ,HAROLD CONDIT Gther members are Leonard Whitlock, George Benson Jr., Emmett Breen, Harry Fuhrman, Harry Hasler, jack Noble, Nile McGregor, Ralph Graham, Wayne Fansler, Kenneth Parry, Virgil Thompson, ,lay Porter, Hugh Thompson, Floyd Turner, Robert Brittain, Bill Edgecomh, Herman Tarrant, Carol Honn,Gumhy Curry, Kenneth Sharp, Harold Honn, Dan Blaine, Gerald Locke, Arthur Wentworth, and George Bacon The sponsor of the club is coach "Red" Smith, I l gf 4 ll Q 2 B gt ' ffif' 4 'exert eXk xsxax , Eighty-one X HNNNXNWN. ED QD 112415: ID DAQ N .wwwewfw f lUNlOR HIGH FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL ELDON GRIGGS, Capmzn DURING his three -years in Junior High School, Griggs has accomplished the utmost in athletics. He has earned nine letters, in football, basketball, and track, served this year as the captain of both the football and basketball team, and since his first year at ,junior High, has been one of the most de- pendable athletes that Junior High has ever claimed. His graduation this year from Junior High will be a great loss to the Jun- icrs, but will help Senior High teams im- measurably. Above everything else, Griggs is a modest winner and a good, though sel- dom loser. , GEORGE BROMELL, Coach Coach Bromell conducts the El Dorado kindergarten school in athletics. That is, he turns out the athletes, who gain exper- ience and practice which enable them to "star" on the Senior High teams. The Wildcats have won many athletic champion- . , ships in the last few years, and Coach Bro- mell had a great share in all, for the training he gives his "Kitties" is the thing that finally produces real roaring Wildcats. Every year Coach Bromell has to start all over again, for he annually loses his team just when it is becoming a world beater. Despite that, Coach Bromell consistently develops winning teams, in all athletic lines, and his services as athletic coach make him valuable to the El Dorado High Schools. JUNIOR HIGH ATHLETICS With "Red" Smith, Coach Bromell, and Miss Evelyn Brownlee as instructors, the physical education department at the junior High School flourished this year. The department presented a big gymnasium carnival on April 7.5 and 7.6, and the work displayed at the carnival was excellent in every respectf The gym classes spent much time preparing the drills and dances which were a part of the carnival, and their hard work was rewarded by the excellence of the performance. Another feature of the gym work this year, both in junior and Senior High, was the Intra-Mural Basketball League, which functioned according to a regular schedule during the court season, and which gave many students a chance to play on organized teams. Gymnasium, although a required subject in Junior High, is by far the most popular of all non-academic subjects, and its popularity is due in no small measure to the fact that the three capable instructors have made the work so interesting and varied. if ff f, , 'Z C . aXxx- QR Q Eigh ty-two W .,...,,,,,,mA ,- 2 Sxassxxxxmx. Ea D QD RAY ID :DA N .fffwwfffffffffv x X1 ' 1 if 4 A "green" team untried and inexperienced, opened football season for the junior High School. At the close of that season, the team emerged as the most successful football eleven ever to represent the local school, El Dorado played eight hard games during the season, and won or tied every one of them. Not once did an opposing team cross the local's goal, and the Kitties managed to score 2.19 oints during the season, an average of more than 7.7 points per contest. El Dorado broke all records for high scoring, when they made IO7. points against the Matfield Green High School, in a game here late in the season. The football record: El Dorado I3 Hutchinson CShermanj o El Dorado S9 Marion o El Dorado 6 Arkansas City o El Dorado I4 Kingmano El Dorado o Arkansas City o El Dorado 18 Fredonia o El Dorado IO7. Matfield Green o El Dorado 7 Newton o Total 9.19 Opponents o ll 'D 2 IB f B 5 x 1 Ei ghty-th ree s N NXxawNNNX sx EIL ID ID Ili-Pk ID 41317-S: N -fm Wfff"Z . X! 3, TUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Undaunted by its inexperience, the Junior High School basketball team got away to a flying start in the first game of the season by defeating the state champion Wellington five, 16 to 14, in a thrilling game here. The Kitties won two more games then dropped one to Blackwell. Continuing to win most of its games with fairly great ease, the El Dorado team finished the season in second place in the OK League standings, certainly a commendable record in view of the fact that it was the local school's first year in the League. The season's record: El Dorado 16 Wellington.. I4 E1 Dorado Winfield .,.,. El Dorado Chilocco .... El Dorado Blackwell .... El Dorado Arkansas City El Dorado Ponca City. . . El Dorado Winfield ..... El Dorado Wellington. . , El Dorado Arkansas City El Dorado Chilocco .... 4a ffm' 42, ' B - AM- ss AXA Ei gh ty-four Books VDCIJE Z S .ann ,. --na -- ..,-1 gn- ,-l 7-... -ni ---1 -is ,1-.. t-,- U-fl. 1--. ,--- .- - -.-..-- 1 f 4 ' x 35? 4 S WHO SETI THEVOGIJE BUT MDDEIQN YDIJTH 5 1 4 W 4 2 t2 Q :J 0 . MO O fs ii? 5 fgf my ,f F ,,,,,7, N , . . L L I 1 W 2 ' L , , N L , W K Y Y -.-un.--M' 7 I 3 1 in Y A m AA W ' SSsNN cli3IL ID 0 Rik ID 413-Af Nrfmwmffw 21- , iff ,l ' Q' sg' CLUBS SPANISH CLUB. The Spanish Club this year studied Spanish subjects, such as native customs, songs, art, etc. Oflicers of the club were: President, JOHN HIGGINS, Vice-President, LOGAN JARNAGIN, Secretary, MARY MARGARET RAMSEY. Sponsor was Miss BEAUCHAT, teacher of Spanish. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB. Sponsored by Miss CLELAND and Miss CAssLER, the Social Science Club met every two weeks this year. Ofhcers of the club were: President, EDWARD TABB, Vice- president, NAN SMITH, Secretary-treasurer, GEORGE BENSON. COMMERCIAL CLUB. Ofiicers of the Commercial Club were: President, GEORGIA LEE HUDSON, Vice-pres- ident, Bon CROMMETTQ Secretary-treasurer, J. PARKS HASLER. The club confined its work to commercial subjects. The sponsor was E. E. SNYDER, teacher of bookkeep- ing and banking. DRAMATICS CLUB. ' The Dramatics Club was sponsored by Miss SWEENEY, who has coached debate, the Senior play, and other events this year. The club was formed to take up dra- matic studies. Oflicers were: President, BETTY EDWARDSQ Vice-president, RUTH MULLIN, Secretary-treasurer, HELEN TETER. LATIN CLUB The work of the Latin Club during the year concerned those subjects relating to the study of Latin. The club was sponsored by Miss BAKER. Cfhcers were: President, Bois TALIAFERROQ Vice-president, JEANETTE KING, Secretary-trczstier, Iois HEILMAN. AGRICULTURE CLUB. ' The Argiculture Club was sponsored by MR. CORNWELL this year. Cflicers for the first semester were: President, DENZIL CLAYPOOLQ Vice-president, FREDA CALI- NEY, Secretary-treasurer, Bon BRITTAIN. 'For the second semester: President, FREDA CALINEY, Vice-president, DENZIL CLAYPOOL, Secretary-treasurer, Boa BRITTIAN. JOURNALISM CLUB. This club took up the theory of newspaper work, leaving the practice to the journalism class. MR. Dlx was spcnscr. Cfiicers were: President, ALTA McCALLg Vice-president, WINIFRED SANDIFERQYSCCFCIHFY-tI'C2Sl1I'CI', DORIS PAULECN. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB. Miss HERRING, teacher of Home Econcmics was the sponsor of this club. It was organized both for entertainment and for the study of Home Economics. Ofhc- cers of the Club were: President, EVA KIESLER, Vice-president, MARY ANNA RUTH, Secretary-treasurer, FLORENCE WENTWORTH. ll Q 2 IB CX Ziff' 4 - AN- I- -xx A Ninety-three N SXXcxvWNXXXX xx ID 0 D Q A S' ff WAw,fffQ xf' A STUDY IN CONTRASTS Yesterday: Readin' vvritin' and 'rith1netic. i :Y Today. School begins. , ' I di " xx , il . 019 . l l 1 O X' I f T -Y . ffxw Jqfjqix Football season opens. ff ,t V U ' f' ln AQ? W Sl ally T I T X Y Q USO". Basketball season . f , TYV T A l in 1 as M. "Hit the goal." ,. li J N A1 5 3 f 'C 1 Operetm 2' W? fk T? The Concert. f l D s K lf, Q ax Tff Golf, tennis. track. V 1 Athletics forladies and E5 .0 , . 4- gentlemen. l ll he we Ml. -T' L Junior Play- 2 3' The orator. 13 4 '- k V H ll bffdfT.lM3+la H aff? I Af ' 21 cY tests- 'ill .. 5' The spelling bee. .ta All 7 , J, ,zu 111926 fgx Zh, Zn- 415, f ' Q V 5Xx' X KN Ninety-four 4 SXx+skXxKX s. EIL ID 113 112-PE: ID CCD 415: N 1f 1 4 il V sf' A STUDY IN CONTRASTS O? ,MSB Today. Senior play. kj" jr -'1' " V xi' DJ Tixl , f LX lr U' Tacky day. QRS ff . Tfllflvl We if . il Qaffx x, 3 xjw W 'Q wif-I . . I t "N L Q Junior-Senior banquet. as Q-.4 0 G N '40 ' BH 5'l4,i.S,:.X!Xl?7c ' rf ' Q 'CA' Ng' 'CJ lcil 7 7' Bfii fi .,. X X 'fi ,,.,, . ,Y Senior banquet. f He sa Y , DT LQ :GX Of' N , '42 ee. ' -"Si Senior picnic. 5 Q- ff ' ' lf ,. lg 252 , J J ' -Ll ' 5 x Class day. Commencement. Z,,,y,,,, Zap if . mf 1145- T .a l C . Ax. Q v V-1 S -We ir' -1 f K img g . R X me-5+ -51 Yesterday. A program Seniors. by the "Let's dress up." Her Junior friend. The upperclassmen dine. "Will you lunch?" The essay. Graduation exercises. 1191215 W 4 S x Ninety-live

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