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A ' , - " t S ' 5 C J b ' ' ' ' , cUy 6ad -Ay Yo-jr K t- » rycv j O o r K r ■f J-r u. •cfc I O l U 0 " f.y Oiy rJ ' . -,- J o r J v V .0 , p is spxclcr i, nope .v jit ■ (Vfel ' " A ■ • 3 ' .sX . « V .NT V 1 " X 1k SO (S 1S0 m 27? m 302 312 J CO El Dorado High School 1651 N. Valencia Placentia. California Volume Nineteen 1984-1985 El Dorado mascot, the Golden hawk, appears center court on the floor of the gym. This painting was f.rst done this year when the gym was renovated. Amanda Pemberton sits alone during lunch and catches up on her reading. Amanda was in the ED choir and also participated actively in the French Club. Before athletic events, spirit posters, such as this one. appeared on campus. These posters were designed to get the athletes and students involved and excited about the upcoming games. Opening I . " . VXV ' » .u % ' ' Z. ' - ' io r o-.. vC ' vAo " : « .e ,v. ' : :.. : " -,.o - A v : «o rf A0 «.V N 6»S o ve p .V ' o r v L ' ■ t!3 t-n :o VX ' .e ' otocN Xvo- V o W ' -.v )0N yJe ° v " ,e a ' o ' vtieX ' ' : 0 .; ' °.; % ve ' ! °%o ' e - °: e» -(Ae V » , r . i !. % of rvv , . s ' . » ' A e ' e V ; Of °!: v o :% v°Tn c !loo ' l. ' r.. ' « ° ; o iv° .Vv ' . O 0 00 )e ,v :vs w .eV ' e - " V :x, ,6e ' cV»;or v t. .: ' ' ' ' ' v sc S ' A,l « l ' ,e .cV , v " :sss 5 ' !S . ' ,o ' ,ce ' ;« ' " =« K ' ' ° - e s !5;- • r, i r6 - » ' - ' t. vv .s« . .K " to Z 6 c f;or ° )V ,e - ' axv -V . ;xv u ° » " » ' A » ' V ' ' c ' ' = ° ' c ° ' - .cX » » ' .« a ' e 2:, N2 ' A« ' .4 ' ' 0 ' . ' ; v° « LooV ' ' a ' v. C) V.,K i , Vf ' V ' , r ,f kf. HUN6tJl STRIKE Singing the Aima Mater. Juniors show their school pride. Pledging the Alma Mater has been a tradition since the school opened in 1965. At the Hello dance, Kristin Ladner. Scott Fairfield, and Kim Arnold dance to the sounds played by a well-liked D.J. Students ususally enjoy the music that is played at dances. Melissa Arnold, in her fashionable neon attire, discusses life with her friend. Wearing bright colored clothing and talking with friends were a popular past time this year. Principal Jerry Jertberg ponders over the changes that occured during the school year. He wondered if the renovations of the 7(X)and Administration Buildings would be completed by the end of the school year. Kevin Barbee, Russ Hughes, and Will Philips discuss the " no eating " lines over lunch. Russ doesn ' t like the lines because it causes him to be tardy to his third period. .Ji s » ' Ps W. " ' e. e, v. ' VS. f f " ' OZ ' Se. ' Or ' Of, ' . V ?p " ? -z fr yr ' :: - ' fh. Se, ' o " , 6 " ' ' " ; :5 e ,; ' o s " " , Of e,y ' ' f ' ' %J ' fi.,°f i ' .. ' ' ' f L ' ' n, ? ' ' W „V r " ' ,: ' - ° . ' " - " -. W , - e, " A ' VAc o,7- . ' e,, ' ' e r ' eTV t)e. ' n f ' i ' .rpfo.P a ' ' ' . . SZ ' :L ' e ;- oo,; c ' e r t -e - " " tT ' ■ ' ;. .yf ,. , Ca Z c .. " fs ' O " •., -- ;i ' o; ;2:- - ' ; o ' : ' ' » u • " ys fine 5 ' iv ' Vf% Z i i 7 « X 6 Summer Summer 7 Ufe Ui t LA 1984 OLYMPICS - WE LOVE L.A. What do thirteen Hawks have to do with Bar- on Pierre de Theodosuis? How were the Gold- en Hawks called by the Olympic Organizing Committee? The Olympic Games thread their way through more than 33 centuries. The games came to serve as a temporary truce between warring factions of Greece, with participants enjoying safe passage through enemy territories and back. Originally, prizes were simple olive wreaths. But as rewards increased in value, the Games became corrupted. Finally, in 393 A.D., the Emperior Theodosuis declared the end of the Olympic Games. The rebirth of the Olympic Games were held in Athens on April 6.1896. Since then, the games have been held every four years with the exception of 1916, 1940, and 1944. In 1984, Los Angeles was selected as the site of the XXIII rd Olympiad Celebration, where American ' s goose pimples and old-fa- shioned patriotism blossomed. Los Angeles was festooned with flags, flowers on lamp posts, banners on the buses, singing in the streets, and music in the heart, a city awash with the costumes and customs of every cul- ture on the planet and the envy of every capi- tol on It. The 1984 Modern Olympic Games not only oc- cured in our own backyard, but many of our own hawks participated. These participants included twelve students from the classes of 1985 and 1986 which arei Kristen Dodd. Beth- Ann Driscoll, Carol Facione, Susan Janicki, Linda LaBorde, Tracy Lester. LeeAnn Miner. Michelle Morey. Anne Pateman. Jennifer Shecter, David Stow, and Donna Snyder. John Mykkanen. a 1984 El Dorado graduate and member of the U.S. Swim Team, won a silver metal in the 800 meter freestyle. David Stow participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Games. By using his gymnastic skills, Dave played a part in history as a fiddler. ISO people tryed out while only 48 lucky people made it. Dodd. Driscoll, Facione. Janicki. La- Borde. Lester. Miner, Morey, Pateman. Shecter. and Snyder were volunteers in both the Open- ing and Closing Ceremonies. These eleven ere part of the Tall Flag Squad that num- o : J 388. Try-outs were held for high schools j:k over California in March. Practices began m May and continued up to the ceremonies. .i !CPk a ot of time and dedication, but I le.t;;: »jverv ' lirsute of it — meeting people froi -■; ; ' ■■- world was an experience I woulu u ajs.. i will always have an over- whelming : ' about The ceremonies, " stat- ed Michelle jgisnik-r Shecter comment- ed, " I was reaiK ivhen tv was over, but the memories will laci ver. " 8 Olympics El Dorado participants in the Olympic Ceremonie; their official participant tee- hirti feM shin made for participant only. Standi|[ proudly in hi uniform, Dave Stow modd vave practiced 5 day a week beginning July Being called the new Nadia, IMary Lou Rciton captivated gymnastic audience with her dazzling performance . Her perfect K on the vault brought her a gold medal. The spectacular card trick in the Opening ceremonies wiH never be forgotten. A record number, 144 nations, partici? pated in the game . 7 Tlie excited Olympic athletes march proudly into the Coli- sc HTi a they are introduc ed. 615 Americans represented the U.S. in the games. A U.S. Ol ic athlete, Steve Lundquist, eagerly awaits the Opening Ceremonies. Lundquist won 3 medaU in swimming Olympic Tall Flag members taloj i-bria(e fore performing before 2 V2 billion people. The girls met at idfyeoX e iety morning to car pool to El Segundo High or the Coliseum. ' OlympicMxer, Henry Tilman, wears hi well earned gold medal. The mysterious torch lighter Rafer Johnson, displays the torch to the anxious Coliseum crowd. Johnson won a gold medal in I960 in the decathlon. The elaborate Opening Ceremonies sparked the beginning of the Xllird Ofympiad. Olympics 9 A frog jumping contest, the Newlywed game, Sweet talking Gal contest, and a semi-formal dance all had one thing in common. They were Homecoming activities that took place during the traditional spirit week. As expected, the seniors won 4 out of 6 events. Scott Fairfield and Gene Tjoa were in charge of preparation for the week of activi- ties and created many of the new ideas, such as the Newlywed game and the Ugly Foot contest. " New traditions have been started and in future years others will be able to build on them, " replied Scott. An exciting end to the festivities of Home- coming week was the semi-formal dance. " Festive atmosphere with lights, balloons, and good music to dance to, " said Jana Flor- entine about the dance. The music was pro- vided by Surge. That night will hold many memories for all the students who attended. The overall im- pression of the evening was extremely posi- tive from the many people who went to the dance. " Almost Paradise " dance was the work of the Senior Class Council. The Homecoming court freshman princess; Kari Probst, senior princess, Jenni White, Queen Colleen O ' HIggins. King, Roger Behle, senior princess, Jennifer Jones, and junior princess, Mika Christy. In the Lake El Dorado races, Mike Tillman pushed Laura Wood- ruff to the finish line to bring the sophomores in third place. •ii- seniors were the overall winners. i fiathered to watch senior, Mike McClosky jump his ' og jumping contest was one of the new ideas for 10 Homecoming Homecoming II c U Xk ' iti Yovi ' V.e ' - v ;■ , Vv ' - et » " A xVxe ▼ t ' v- . f- mi ¥ ■ SS S " ;a r t «i» «-i « t r - » — f — ii» — " — Vi» — v . ' , l i After being crowned the 1984-85 Homecoming Queen. Colleen O ' Higgins was all smiles. Returning to pass down her crown, our 1983-84 Queen Kelly Dresser gives her best wishes to our new Queen. Taking a quick break from the game, starters Rusty Moore, 21, wide receiver and Todd Holt 31. tailback, watch the action from the sidelines. Outrunning the Pacifica defense, senior Frank Ricco gains some yardage for the team. Ricco was a first year quarterback on the varsity team. Preparing the offense for action, quarterback Frank Ricco yells out the next series of plays. Excitement filled the air during half-time as the court was escorted by center stage to await the announcement of the queen. Returning to the Homecoming Game, the alumni cheerleaders offered the football team their support. Taking time out to smile for the camera are varsity cheerleaders Stacie Sloane, Tammy Peckham and returning varsity pepster Mindy Marshall. Homecoming IB Laura Kinley p jtfti n a little i her homeworkHpot of seni4 school at lunc Bo break time to sociai K«r work 0j| Building suppl E|pould be where duringHK first it school. The n Koffice wa ished Novembjj The coun were also moved from the I new. bigger office at the school. II. John naghan. y sit at h. Most |of wait- cember effect. time on at out of Ithe only nework. every- leeks of pally fin- ! offices ly to the of the ?, ' 14 Senior Divisional .1 Jx U S UaJ The ocean-the mystery it holds, the depths which are unexplored, and the thrill of conquering its vastniess-repre- sents our future. As an underclassman, the time in high school are calm and silent. As our junior year rolls around we begin to feel the pull towards an unknown shore, the indercurrent of indecision. Our senior year comes like an unexpect- ,ed wave crashing down, drowning us with career choices, college applications, and SAT ?cores. We struggle to survive the overv helming pressure. Finally the ommotldn dies down. As we drift back Into the immense ocean, we all take dif- ferent ps hs, moving at our pace towards the sun Whose ray ' s shine the light to- ward our future. Foreign exchange student, Astrid Anderson enjoyed student life with her new friends. Astrid is from a small village in Denmark. Staring at the line for the hot dogs, which were sold on camping day. Brian Hoogerbrugge wondered if he should have bought one instead of his sandwich. Kim Hardy and Bobby Cohen shared a hot dog to- gether on camping day. Camping day is a traditional senior quad activity. Senior. Tori Tomazic watched the activities that took place on camping day. Tori is a member of the girls varsity swim team and has gone to CIF. Friends, Lynnetle Ignacek and Carol Rathburn exchange small talk as they walk to class together. At other times Lynnetle can be found on the soccer field or throwing the shot put while Carol can be found preparing for an upcoming dance performance. Wowl Steve Beard already has a V-8. Steve played defensive back on the varsity football team for 2 years. Jamie Braam was an active member in beach day. He along with many other seniors brought lawn chairs, beach towels, and bought snow cones. " - " - - - Seniors 17 1 liVi Your senior year in high school should be the best it can be. That ' s the goal this year ' s senior class officers strived for. Led by this year ' s President Holly Piper, the council was very enthusiastic as well as productive. " We ' ve established new senior privileges, such as a senior lunch line, as well as bring back old traditions like " Seniors Only ' in the senior quad, sen- ior parking, senior dress up days and ac- tivities-, I think we ' ve done a good job of it, " states Commissioner of Publicity Su- san Geer. Chris Saito, Vice President, was the only guy on the council. " I had a good time. We all got along really well together and we got a lot accomplished. " The hard work and dedication put forth by this year ' s council definitely paid off. The last year of high school for the year of 85 will never be forgotten. Camping Day was one of the many activities this year ' s senior class officers sponsored. Students from all grades packed into the senior quad to buy hot dogs and cokes for $1, the money going to senior grad night. The senior class officers are from left to right: commissioner of publicity Susan Geer. secre- tary Jennifer Jones, president Holly Piper, vice president Chris Saito. and treasurer Tracy Taslad. Astrid Andersen Andrew L. Arambula Kimberly A. Arnold Thomas Atkin Christopher R. Bailey LecAnn Baker Chris Banks IVIichelle M. Banks Wendi Bevan: " I ' m ready for the real world. " Joe Dentino: " It feels like it ' s been too long. but I have to admit it ' s been pretty good most of the time. " Mike Smith; " It ' s great to be a senior, but I wish that I could play football. " Susan Sweet: " It is sort of a mixed emotion of happiness and relief, but it also brings a lot of fear and frustration. " Stephen Walker: " I feel like it ' s my last year before parole. I will finally be able to go free! " Tina Contreras: " I can ' t wait to graduate and go to college. " Julie Lee: " It seems like it was just yesterday when I walked into El Dorado as a freshman adoring Craig Rutledge. Now I ' m leaving El Dorado still adoring Craig Rutledge. " Tracey Tastad: " Senior year is well worth the wait! " David Hintz: " Your perspective of the school changes 180 degrees from your freshman year. " t2- lim Soniors Libby Kingseed and Jana Horenlint cat luiuli logeihcr in iho senior quad This years seniors are serious in upholding ihe Iradilion ot the SfcNIOKS ONIV quad. Members ot Ihe volleyball team. Libby and Jana wore their vollevliall outfits on game ilays Stephen J Barish 1|| A Christopher 0. Rayne V n Steven Beard ' M Vicky M. Keardsley M Pavid A. Beasley ,- f :: Shelley M. Beckley Roger N. Behle v i . Sharon Bell Gregory A. Bennett Wendi Bevan eniors 21 i. ' i« Disneyland, for most students at El Dor- ado, was a place to go for enjoyment. This was true for senior Wally Jester, so much so that he decided to make his career there. As a kid I always dreamed of working at 1 Disneyland, but I was not really serious ! until I took an ROP class there at the end of my junior year. Everyone I worked with was so nice, and the people visiting ' were so happy, that it made the whole environment pleasant. " Wally started out as seasonal help and plans to eventually become a supervisor I of one of the seven different lands. Since his job is seasonal, Wally has time ; to keep up his school work and enjoy his hobbies which include: computers, play ing raquetball, and golfing. Although Wally knows there is a lot of money in the computer field he does not : want to become a programer because, " Sitting in front of a computer ail day can j become boring. At Disneyland I get to meet people from all over the world. " wblly ' s Mogic Kingdom ir JS- ' i a program for his Tl computer. Wally plans to work at Disneyland; c 22 Seniors Paul E. Darnbrough Seniors 23 i. LAST. LMl ' w i A rx , t 5i 1 • i w 1 m m 1 j . .. B i J ■ftL B nfl ■ 1 !0 iHfei IBn H ' 1 ik ' ll n» 7 «■ l n K H ft V, C " - lbcAF™ m f 1 L ?f A 9 i - — IH • ... 1 V j j C J :1 i ».j V i 4fe 1, . ' [ t FU ' ' te « V Plonning On The Future As we all know, the decision of what to do after high school can be a tough one. There are many things to choose from. Do you go to college or do you go right out into the working world? When asked what their plans for the future were, these seniors replied, Kevin Ryder- " Enjoy life to the fullestl " Greg Reynolds- " Vm not sure yet. " Steve Beard- " Be a successful business- man. " Sam Pope- " Study physics. " Ed Turhune- ' Do something in the music field. " Greg Christy- " Be filthy rich. " Willie Wright- " Become a child psycholo gist. " Mike Adamson- " Become a computer technician. " Scott Fairfield- " I want to be a stunt man. " Todd Gilpin- ' ' Go to college. " Cliff Alvarez- " Be a cop and bust every kid that drinks! " IMT % «» Kevin Ryder gets amused as he watches Todd Holt chase underclassmen out of the senior quad on beach day. ' a M Patrick Darr Rene M. Davis James J. De Masi Derik C. De Vecchio Robert A. Delaney Mauro J. Dentino Thomas Derrico Kristen D. Dodd Kenny R. Donovan Vernon L. Doose Dorinda Dowdell Debbie Druss Janine Du Val Stacey H. Dude Amy Dukes Tracy L. Eberly Dawn Elliott Steven Embrey Shannon Emrick Doris Endo Donna Era Joanne Escher David W. Evans James N. Eyre Bradley Scott Fairfield Jeff Fergus Bonnie S. Fetter Susan Finncran It4 Seniors 27 v Stephanie Fizzard John Flanagan Brian A.J. Flatley Jana Florentine Regina Flores Lindy P. Fong Armondo Fonseca James Fox Christy L. Frantz Tonya R. Fraser Douglas D. Frate Kevin G. Froning Scott Fujimura Traci Fuller Julie M. Gaffney Shelley Gallagher Jenni White spends time at lunch to talk with friend Kelly Sharp. Jenni was very active in school activi- ties. IS Seniors Renouncing The World sss s What do most students do on a Friday or Saturday night? Party, go out with friends? How about local churches. The Vineyard, or The Door. What for? Con- certs, " Christian Rock " concerts. Seniors Todd Alexander and Richard Howerth spend a good part of their weekend visit- ing these places to see bands such as Undercover, Altar Boys, and The Lifesa- vors. Todd and Rich both say that they listen to this music because " it has a more positive message than the average song on the radio. " Todd strongly feels that " mu sic has a definite influence on the way you act and feel. " Although they both enjoy mainly New Wave music they sometimes listen to Heavy Metal groups such as Stryper and Resurrection Band. Rich feels that even though he sometimes gets strange looks at school that he can ' t let that bother him and sometimes will even draw attention to himself by danc- ing or singing in the halls. Besides their music they both enjoy dancing, church, surfing, and meeting new people. Todd Alexander (left) and Richard J. Howerlh sport their own fashion around school. Many students dressed according to their musical taste. Brian J. Galvin Bretl A. Gambill Patricia A. Gapik Jonathan Garcia Susan Geer Michele Genera Todd Gilpin Barry Glennon Gerald W. Glomboske Tim Goff Maria G. Gomez Ronald Gorman Seniors 29 Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, or Balboa, no - El Dorado ' s own sen- ior quad. That ' s where the sun ' s rays were shining on Friday, Sep- tember 21. The senior class dressed for a casual but relaxing day in their flowered shirts, shorts, and sun- glasses. As the beach crowd lounged on their beachchairs, blan- kets, and towels, radios played the popular tunes of today such as: " Girls Just Want To Have Fun " , " What ' s Love " , " Rebel Yell " , " Hard Habit To Break " , and " Chaka Khan " . " It was fun tossing and throwing the beachball around " , said Linda La- bordc. Vicky Whan and Willie Wright added, " It was neat to see the whole senior class participating and showing their class spirit. " Snow cones were sold to refresh the sun bathing students. Freshmen were cooled off not by the roaring surf but by senior water bottles spraying them as they passed the senior quad. " I wish there could be more days just as fun as that day was " , said Jenni White. Kimberly Hardy Todd Harris Angela Harrod Rick Hawkins Kimberly Heathershaw Alan Herrin Mike Heuser Janine Hilderbrandt Joeseph Hill Lisa Hinderliter Paula Hinderliter David Hintz Rebecca Hoagen Mike Holdeman Todd Holt Brian Hoogerbrugger Rob Horning Ray Hosick James Houllis Stephen Houston Rich Howerth Christopher Hubner Scott Hudson Russell Hughes Mark Humpres Julie Hunsaker Lynelte Ignacek Susan Janicki haith Jarratt Wallace Jester Christy Jinimerson Robin Jinimerson i2 Seniors A Ho wk In HowHs Oorhing t ' N .,..- ,f " w % - T i - -:. aii--, L.r - ' Energetic, intelligent, and talented, that ' s El Dorado ' s own Jennifer Jones. You might have seen her out on the football field cheering on our Hawks as mascot. Jennifer said that she really enjoyed being mascot. " I loved to put little smiles on the kids, and getting the crowd in- volved in the game. " Jennifer also repre- sented the senior class as secretary. " It was hard, but fun. It was neat to be part of making the senior class great! " Out- side of school Jennifer worked at Pacific Sunwear as a sales clerk, and her Satur- days were spent at Japanese school. She plans to continue to learn about the lan- guage and culture of the Japanese. Jenni- fer enjoys meeting people, dancing, art, sewing her own clothes, and eating cheese pizza. She said her dream car is a convertible Austin Healy Sprite, Mark 3. After graduation Jennifer plans to go to college and become a language inter- preter. Jennifer Jones is one of El Dorado ' s niosl talented and spirited seniors. Jeff Jones Jennifer Jones Kenneth Kaldenbach Theresa Kail Roger Kavigan Brian Keane Dave Keil Kai Kendall The last class of the day for seniors has arrived, and the final bell has rung niarking the end of four years of grow- ing and learning at El Dorado. Friend- ships, excitement, enthusiasm, suc- cess, embarassment and pain are all memories of high school that will lin- ger on, never to be forgotten. I will never forget: SUSAN JANICKI: " When I was a fresh- man and the band won 2nd in the All Western Band Review and ranked 6th in the state! " JEANINE SAMSEL: " When I was a freshman trying out for the soccer team, I was staring at Todd Waterman while running a green and ran right into the backstop! " GORDEN BRINDELL: " When the phos- phorous experiment blew up in chemis- try and there was smoke everywhere. " JON PETRILLO: " Being first in line for Ms. Ervin ' s office and hearing " next " . " LYNNETTE IGNACEK: " Acting crazy at football games and having picnics on the grass at lunch — Frogs rule! " AMY DUKES: " My freshman year when I was selling Christmas ornaments for choir around my neighborhood, and was bitten by a dog. " ,iajii;«L;iM»M two year veteran ot Student council. Connie Kenninger David A. Kidder Dong H. Kim Audrey J. King Collen King Sean King Libby A. Kingseed Lindsay D. Kleist ..Tonya Kondouski 1 11 Michael Kruase Scott Krieger Student council, theater, acting, best friend and horses are just a few words used to describe the life of Christy Jimmerson. Theater and acting play a large role in Christy ' s life. " I ' m not sure about college, mainly because acting is a full time job. Theater takes a lot of time and study. " proclaims Christy. She has won a scholarship by SRO (Standing Room Only) at Fullerton. She Is also attending New York with SRO during Christmas. " We will see Broadway plays and the whole jazz. " Christy has received three awards for her por- trayal of Miss Hanigan in Annie. Macy of Cali- fornia presented her with two. one for highest achievement and another for Best Supporting Actress, while El Dorado presented her the award for Best Actress. " Some people think it ' s an overnight success. You have to be born with the ability naturally. Its hard to put out the exact concept of acting, " Christy reveals. Despite her busy schedule. Christy always finds time for her special friend Danny Gray. " He keeps me in line with the Lord and acting. " Christy ' s special interests are reading the Bible, her family, her horses, and collecting roses. When asked what her goal in life is. Christy replied. " I would like to win an Academy Award before I die. " Dromo Ar Its Desr " I have a lot of fun doing what I enjoy best- I hope I Jeffrey Longeuay Kimberly A. Loyd Dana M. Madsen Valentina Manfred! Jim D. Mansfield Eugene E. Martinet Tracey Mauss Cheryl Mc Clard Michael David McCloskey Robert Mc Corkle Carol Mc Elfresh Shawn Mc Cuinnes 36 Seniors Amy K. Mc Kay Rhonda L. Mc Kusick Tim Goff feeds his face with i donuts, nachos with cheese, and salad. This was the first part of the " eating behind the line " contest. After finishing that, he had to eat another donut and milk. Oink. Oink. Ed Mercer Laura Mergotti Michelle Meyer Jeffery Monaghan Carmela M. Montagne Rusty B. Moore Tammy L. Moore William Moore Seniors 37 Campers Camp Ar Comp Quod Tents, fishing poles, sleeping bags, and a barbeque were just a few of the necessities that could be seen. " The many that flocked to this campsite were greeted with burnt hotdogs and warm coke. " stated senior Rob NX ' ojcik. Besides having great food these fearless campers also told many tall tales which had occurred through- out the day. " Many seniors had to hike their way through the rough terrain to get to this campsite. " stated senior Michelle Paoletti, " But it was worth all the effort. " % i,:i y " The day was such a success that no one wanted to go home " stated senior Gracie Stolfi. But when all was said and done the campers packed their gear up and headed back home to the smog. Roger Kavigan takes a break from his fishing effort. Tommy Clau Moran Michelle M. Morey Pamela J. Morgan Tina Morretino Cathy Morris Kelly L. Naito Wayne B. Neal Julie Nelson 38 Seniors Timothy J. Nelson Linh Hai Nguyen Jenelle Nicoletti Michelle D. Norcutt Christine North Bonnie E. O ' Brien David O ' Brien Colleen O ' Higgins Jillian Ojeda Kenneth Osterberg Edward Padilla Karina M. Paoletti Michelle M. Paoletti John B. Patrick Dia B. Patti Christopher Pavelka Tammy A. Packham Kimberly Pelick Amanda S. Pemberton Bradley Peters Seniors 39 ' ■ ■;XWjit --,-.- - ' ■ ' , Future Pdcno divo •f ' % H A FUTURE PRIMADIVA El Dorado has had many talented students, but Chris North has risen above them all. Chris was one of El Dorado ' s most outstanding vocalists. She ' s won many awards outside school for her singing and also (rom our own choir department. Last summer, she won three awards at the Southern Youth Music Fes- tival, and also got a chance to perform with profes- sionals in the children ' s play Treasure Island . The play was performed on the ship Pilgrim II at Dana Point Harbor. Chris portrayed the part of Honey Dew, the pirate wench. This role has been her most favorite. " I really enjoyed doing this production be- cause it was creative. I liked the director and I enjoyed working with professionals! the money wasn ' t bad either, " commented Chris. To add to her talents, Chris has taken 6 years of piano and i years of violin. She also enjoys ceram- ics, reading the Bible, and listening to classical and contemporary Christian music. " Classical music evokes a feeling in me I just can ' t get from other types of music, " she explains. In the future, Chris would like to be accepted at San Francisco Music Conservatory. But, her secret dream is to perform as Lady Macbeth or become a " Primidiva. " Chris North is caught in one of her pensive moments. Another favorite past time that Chris enjoys is back- packing in the High Sierras. Carol Y. Rathbun Jill Redinbo Michael Reed Gregory Reynolds Frank D. Ricco David S. Rice Stephanie D. Richards Karen D. Robert Deborah Rogan Michael T. Rogers Stephen Rogers Daniel W. Rose Seniors 41 Michael J. Rotuna Kevin M. Ryder v Mt Joey Cribari eals a snowcone sold on Beach Day. Th that was made went to Senior Ditch Day and Grad Nite Christopher S. Saito Chris M. Samiiions Jeanine Samsel Paul R. Sanchez Sharon Sanderfield Kisha Sanneman Roxanna Sarrade Kelly Schaaf Kim L. Schluter Cynthia N. Schoner Elyse Schor John Setterlund mm 42 Seniors Oh My Guinnes! . W " It takes me fifteen to twenty mini reveals Shawn McGuinness. iger it gets, the Shawn McGuinnes was often re- ferred to as a " Billy Idol look-alike " because his attitudes and style of dress mimicked those of English rocker Billy Idol. Shawn was always seen wearing his leather jacket, jeans, and short, black, leather boots. He wore his hair spiked. Shawn said he imitated Billy Idol be- cause. " I like his style of dress and attitudes toward modern society. " Billy Idol ' s attitude was that every- thing is a crock and nothing is to be taken too seriously. Shawn strongly believed that everyone has a right to be who they are. For recreation, Shawn has enjoyed snow skiing for many years. He has been skiing in Washington. Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and the local spots in California. Shawn has also en- joyed motorcycling in the desert on his RM05 Suzuki. Brendan J. Sharpe Teri Shea Jennifer S. Shecter William C. Shepherd Karie M. Sherman Scott Shumaker Steven A. Skell Michele E. Skidmore Angela A. Smith Michael J. Smith Annelise Smoyer Steve R. Solomito Seniors 43 u Pamela S. Taks James K. Tamura Tracey M. Tastad Sharon Tate Trent Taylor Edward W. Terhune Amy Thomas 4 44 Seniors On Your MorH-Ger 5er-Go! .,T «t,V 5 | Don ' t blinkl By the time you open your eyes Michelle Banks will have won another race. Winning, howev- er, isn ' t something new for Mi- chelle. She ran Varsity Track all four years and each time making it to C.I.F. Why run? " When 1 don ' t run I go crazy! " replied Michelle, who has run since fifth grade. Being one of the five fastest California girls in the 440 is another reason. Although track practices take up a big portion of her day, Michelle still finds time to hold down a job as a salesperson at Miller ' s Outpost. Mi- chelle also maintained the grades to be a member of N.H.S., in which she was an officer with the title " Ser- vice Chairman " . For the future Michelle would like to continue running if she can find a balance of school and track. As for the ' 88 Olympics, Michelle consid- ers them a " Fantasy goal " . " If I be- lieve in myself and trust in God, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. " m If you have a job, why not work for school credit? The work experience program gives high school seniors the chance to do just that. The pro- gram runs under the guidance of career counselor Mr. Dick Nycum. " The purpose of work experience is to help the student adjust to the world of work and get cred it for it " stated Nycum. Senior Paul Darn- brough agrees. " Since I have the job and spend time at it why not earn something else besides money. " The program may help students gain practical knowledge in a skill or hlep them with the advancement of future career plans. They also gain incentive knowing that they get school credit. " I enjoy the program and it helps me for the future by just doing my normal job. It isn ' t that hard and the credits aren ' t bad either, " stated Darnbrough. Paul Darnbrough relaxes before a hard day at work. The work experience program allows students like Paul to receive credit while doing their jobs. Renee A. Walker Stephen Walker Elizabeth Watson Audra E. Weaser Judith Weber Christopher A. Weis Gary A. Weisenberg Kathleen M. Wells 46 Seniors Michelle J. Wells Vicki Whan Gary R. Whinery Jennifer White Judith Whitehead ph B. Whitney Kimberly A. Whitney Steven P. Wholley Mark E. Williams Roger Wilmovsky Robert G. Wojcik yen P. Wood William Wright Cari Wymer Lisa M. Yackle Richard Yargcr Mitchell and Dori Dowdell think about the e over lunch. Dedicated, innovarive, and spirited are jusr a few of the qualiries this years A5D Srudenr Council possessed Ar rending 7:00 morning meerings, organizing such evenrs as Homecoming, Dig Drorlier Dig Sisrer, rlie Homecoming assembly, and sponsoring various foorball games were Jusr some of the acrlviries rhiey were in- volved ir Rob Ramos, rhis years ASD President, especially liked the auttioriry he was given. " I like to direct student council meetings- I also like always knowing whats going on with the entire school ' ' Libby Kingseed, an active member in El Dorado ' s student govern- ment was this years Commisioner of Pep She was the key to all of our school assemblies, informing us of activities and getting us involved- " Id get nervous when I first got out in front of everyone, but after a few minutes Id relax and have a great rime. " The council agreed that they all got along reasonably well. As always there were conflicring ideas and opinions bur they always came to some sort of compromise. The Difference Is. . .Awarding ri e winner of rtie " Ugly foor conresr " , ASD Treasurer Gene Tjoo ' presents Jimmy Mansfield wirh a cernficare and a ribbon Gene frequenrly announces and describes these compenrions ro rlie srudenr bcxiy Spending nme earing luncii wirh tier lirrle sisrer. Jenni White, ASD Secrerary frequenrly sirs in rlie rliearron Jenni tias been on ocnve member of srudenr council rhtrougiiour tier years in higti sctiool The 1984 85 ASD council ore (rop rowi Wayne 5u. Brad Peters, Craig Olson. Shannon Emericif, Rob Ramos, Roger Kovigan. Jenni White, and Colleen O ' Higgins. tMiddle rov, ' ' Cheri Gould. Libby Kingseed. Karen Robert. Jana Florentine. Tanio Costello. Drian Lee, and Scoll Fairfield. Fronr Rov. Julie Morris. Holly Piper, and Faith Jarrerr. Taking a break from her hecric schedule. Senior Class Presidenr. Holly Piper absorbs rhe sunshine on a srroll rhru rhe senior quod Having been involved in srudenr council far rhree years. Rob Ramos, rhis years ASD Presidenr, keeps striving ro make El Dorado rhe besr 4S ASB Council ASB Council 49 ChfL ' los Jimiois Ki ' lly bl iiro disciissiiijj coin bo. T ho von rn iiilv chips .in .oMier on|oys I tlu " Senior Oikk Ac.iiioinic I mil hmcnt wasoo H inc tc tlimoil cl.isscs lor the firsi V ' ' 1 ll ' " - " yo.ii li W.1S istablished because ot Iho sr.ile requiii ' iiu-nt to extend clas. ' Iiine 15 iniiuiles per ilaytand to provyj .i belter opporlunity lor Kaching in [- ' ' " ■ re ' oil AY STUDY SKILLS STUDY SKILLS THURCUAY 10 4 STUDY SKILLS Uh DMESDAY 10 10 MINIMUM -DAY-INSERVICE ON ' Juniors are traditionally a class that is just coming to be individualistic. They ' ve been at El Dorado long enough to know its inner workings but not long enough to really be in charge. To be led to this individualized state it takes strong leadership. That is one quality the junior class council definitely had, with President Wayne Su. Vice-president Brad Queen. Secretary Liz Perez. Treasurer Jimmy Peng, and Commissioner of Publicity Mi- chelle Casias to lead the way. " We work on everything that has to do with the junior class. " stated President Wayne Su. The activities the class were involved in in- cluded pie auctions, sending flower grams, painting curbs, and the biggest activity of them all, putting on Prom. " Prom is our big- gest money maker and our most popular event, " commented Treasurer Jimmy Peng. All of these events raised money for senior activities next year. How did the leaders feel about being on stu- dent council? " I feel privileged to be on stu- dent council, " stated Wayne Su. Commis- sioner of Publicity Michelle Casias agrees, " Though its a lot of work and it takes time, I still like getting involved. " Only one more year to go for the juniors and with attitudes like that the senior year should be exciting for the class of ' 86. Junior Class Council: Treasurer Jimmy Peng. Presi dent Wayne Su. Vice-President Brad Queen. Secre tary Liz Perez, and Commissioner of Publicity Mi chelle Casias. Lauren Abernethy Amy Adams Nicole Alex Ted Alexander Catia Alwan Michael Amador Shawn Ambrosius David Andruss Scott Angelton David Arguello Lisa Arietta Mark Arnold Doug Ash Tanaka Axberg Dan Bailey Rene Baker Tim Baker Tracy Bandurraga Dalton Bandy Julia Barkley Frank Barraclough Michelle Barron Joan Bates Vincent Baxter Michelle Beauchamp Andrea Beck Allen Berggren Monique Biale Tarina Bice Jennifer Bishop Only One More Year! i s 52 Juniors Shawn Blankenship Michael Blawn Brad Blokzyl Stephen Bolkovatz Michelle Bonanducci Anita Bos Jeff Boucher Melissa Bowles Lisa Bowman Elita Brannon Philip Brown Tyler Bryson Rob O ' Neill gives the camera his " cool " look behind his sunglasses. Sunglasses were popular all year round because of snow skiing. Amy Adams is on the move between classes. Juniors must study hard because college comes up quicker than many think. Juniors 53 Michael (.arrig Jeffery Carson Julie Casdorph Michele Casias Peborah Causley Brenda Cavanaugh Maria Cesaro Richard Chamberlain Hsi Pin Chen William Chen Kathleen Chiechi Suzanne Choate Brian Choi James Chow Teresa Christian Robert Christiano Karl Christiansen Eric Christopher Jim t. ck has played baseball at El Dorado for three years. During lunch he demonstrates his sliding technique. Vic Erwin and Tonya Eraser share thoughts at lunch. These two had developed a special relationship through their years in school. 54 Juniors Sixth " Wo " Man The N.B.A. is filled with top sixth men such as Bobby Jones and Michael Cooper. A sixth man not only fills the shoes of a starter but must add a spark to a teams attack. Jenni Bishop is the sixth " wo " man for the girls Varsity basketball team. This was her second year playing Varsity basketball. " My best as- set to the team is my defense, " said Jenni. " I like making steals. " Jenni had a dual role. Against shorter teams she got a chance to start. Her best game was starting against Pacifica. " My passing was good which triggered some of our players, " she replied. Jenni finished the game with six points, her average, as the Hawks won. " Basketball is the most challenging part of my day. " It isn ' t the only part of her day through. She plays the trumpet in the march- ing band. Jenni is the third chair, first trum- pet section, which is equivalent to the third best trumpet player. She hopes to move up to the number one chair next year. " The trum- pet is something fun for today. " As for the future, " Ten years from now I see myself as a successful business woman. " John Collier Duane Coming Jill Conn Sandra Conner Bradley Cook Mandy Cook Eric Corona Steven Courtier Julie Cresclone Jacquelyn Cnsliano James Crosby Tina Croswell Laurie Crowe Nick Cruz Barry Dahmen Aniiand Daigle Brad Dam Richard Darden Sandra Parnbrough Kellie Davis Relaxing after basketball practice is Jenni Bishop. Jenni also plays on the Softball team. Juniors 55 - Punk: Music With Meaning Often stereotyped as violent or im- moral. Punk Rock is not what it ap- pears to be. • " Often people see punkers as vio- lent, but we just are rebelling against the social standards of our society and war, " commented ju- nior John Douglas. " We just don ' t like being violent, we enjoy the look as well as the music, " replied John. When asked if there is a message in punk music Lisa Apalategui replied, " Why have war when everyone can be united; that is basic message. " With such an understanding of punk, these individuals know what they are talking about. Sure it might just be a fad, but it ' s not to be over- looked. There is something to be gained from this music, whether it be an understanding, or the times or just the style of the music. John Douglas is not a violent and immoral punk, he just dresses to fit the music. Diane Delnay Julie Dennis Deanne Denson Amie Diamond Shawn Dillon Ashley Donath Kristen Donath John Douglas Darin Dresser Bethann Driscoll Brian Dufault Bruce Dufault Randy Dufresne Lawerence Duke Steve Ehrich 56 Juniors Brent Eickhoff Suzanne Ellis Alisha English John Evans Barry Evavold Carol Facione Mike Fairchild Penny Fawcett Vera Ferenc Jim Fife Robert Fischer Jamie Fitzpatrick Anita Flanagan Paul Flatley Richard Flint Tom Fowler Debra Franzone Laverne Frizell Kim Gabourie Jennifer Gaffney Christine Gallegos Robert Galvin Chris Gapik Karen Garberson Laurie Green Karyn Gatt Mike Genera Niki George Mark Geriak Kristine Glomboske Daniel Gomez Dawn Goodrick Martin Goulet Greg Gove Cheryl Graham Juniors 57 u Making use of his talents. Mike Genera, excels in many widespread areas. Presently with a 3.0 grade point aver- age, while pole vaulting for the track team, Mike is dedicated as well as a hard worker. The life ambition of Mike is, " To go to Cal State Long Beach, major in commer- cial arts and possibly become an artist or come back to El Dorado to teach art, " commented Mike, " I feel that this school would be rewarding and very fun to work at. " Besides his hobbies of surfing and ska- teboarding, Mike also enjoys painting, " because it enables me too express my- self in a different manner. " With such a talent and a planned future, there is no question that Mike has the will and desire to succeed in the future. - EL iV.iKMU) SIM I riNJlUMllNK f r (fAtf James Greenwood Chris Greer Shanalynne Greer Heather Gregg Brenda Gregory Micki Gruenbacher Steven Guillelte Brett Gunderson Robert Hagmaier Chris Hall Matt Hallo Robert Hanna Angle Hanson Katherine Harder John Harman Brian Harris Shawn Harris David Hartfelder Michael Hedderig Carol Hembree James Hendra Jeff Heuerman Denlse Hicks John Hoang Mark Hobson Sheri Hodson Laura Horvath Anissa House Patrick Houston Posing for Ins Inaugural visit to El Dorado state prison. Mike Genera dlspUi :; his original hair style. 58 Juniors r Barry Huang Jeff Hudson Rich Hughes Doug Husovsky Meredith Hutcheson Lisa Ignacek Rodney Imai Victor Irwin Todd Jackson Peggy Jamison Dan Jenkins John Jimenez Matthew Johnson Michelle Johnson r Fk ; Richard Kaethler Eric Kelly i ' i % FSI Michelle Kelly Brian King Stephanie King Kalhryn Kleven Jeff Knieling Stacy Kossky Herbert Krapf Karen Kremling Taking a break from basketball. Barry Dahmen and Herb Krapf enjoy there time off the court. These two were a contributing factor in a 10-i record. Juniors 59 Lynn M LaScala Mary Ann Lage Rita Lamb James Lantz Joyce Lauderdale Steve Lawson Carmen LeDoux Ronald Lee Kristen Lenning Tracy Lester Roselynn Limjoco Judy Lin Clowning around during lunch, Meredith Hutcheson ends up on the ground. Meredith was a member of the varsity cheerleading squad. Relaxing during lunch is Brian Choi. Brian was on El Dorado ' s varsity wrestling team. Louis Lin Karin Lindner Raymond Llewellyn Cynthia Lopez Manuel Lopez James Lynch Rimiko MacDonald Brenda Maitlen Kern Malinoski Wayne Mantel James Marasco Casey Marshall mf kA.iwj 60 Juniors Lost In The Crowd Kelly Martin Debra Martinez Ronald Massey Your junior year of high school is often said to be your longest year. Juniors are no longer the center of constant criticsm from the seniors and are not quite seniors yet. In their junior year people usually take all of their required courses and end up with a full schedule. When asked what they were looking forward to about their senior year these juniors replied;: Greg Clark- " Being CIF waterpolo champs. " John Harmon- " Trashcanning the fresh- men " . Steve Eric- " " Getting out of school after lunch " . Sue Choate- " " Ruling the underclassmen " . Scan Page- " " Graduating " . Pete Toman- " " Senior ditch day " . Paul Flatley- " ' Finally winning a class com- petition. " Lorraine McAllister Frank McClatchy Michelle McCorkle Jon McFerson Danielle McGrath Mandi Mclnturff Desiree McKay Renee McKean Cynthia Meade Javier Mepa Tim Melbinger Stuart Mencher Scott Mencken Barbara Mercer Cindy Mether Thomas Middleton Catherine Miller Lee Ann Miner Trisha Mohan Keith Moll Ryan Monette Jane Monk Sheila Montgomery Scott Moore Ron Lee and Scoll Moore enjoy a laugh during lunch. Both Ron and Scott were on the cross country team al El Dorado. Juniors 61 Marching To The Right Beat F,C.F,D,F.F.A + . Oh someone finally got an A. Good job Pat! This is not an unfa- mllar story to junior Pat Houston. Pat has been getting A ' s all the way through high school. In fact, he has not received anything less than an A in a class in the three years he has gone to El Dorado. He has taken all honor classes and has a GPA of over 4.0. Besides schoolwork Pat is also good at playing the drums. " I have been on El Dorado ' s drum line since I was a fresh- man. " This past year Pat was selected to be a section leader of the drum line. As section leader he led the drum line to a first place finish in the California Band Review. On weekends Pat enjoys going out with his friends from the drum line. " I like to take my dad ' s ' 69 Camero out on week- ends whenever he lets me use it. " Pal also enjoys skiing and playing tennis. But when he really wants to relax he always goes straight to his drums. Pal Houston flashes a smrle during lunch. Pal is a section leader of the band ' s drum line. Dawn Morand Maureen Moreno Darrin Morrill Michael Morris Mary Mosley Chris Mueller Sabrina Murphy Patricia Nakamura Megan Nelson Brian Nesbit Bridget Netherton Lynn Newstrom Cathy Newvine Huong Nguyen Nathan Nguyen Aika Nishi John Nowack Elizabeth Oday Lisa Oneill Sharlene Oppie Chrisii Osborn Timothy Ossola Craig Owens Karen Pacaud Angela Pacheco Renee Padilla Sean Page Troy Parsons Denise Pasillas Divya Patel 61 Juniors Anne Pateman Heather Patrick Jinirny Peng Elizabeth Perez Arlene Perry James PesI Jeffrey Petredes Teresa Petry Bryan Pettijohn Carol Pettmgill Giselle Pfltzner Michael Plegel WHi Raquel Posas Gary Pouzar Kathleen Powers Amanda Pringle Bradley Oueen Charity Ouimpo John Raab Working hard. Amanda Pringle practices the band ' s field show. Amanda has been in band since she was a freshman. Junior Mike Amador. Randy Sexton, and Gary Donavon defy tradition by sitting in the senior quad. Juniors 63 tt We Just Listen To A Different Kind Of Music " What do juniors Chris Gapik, Jolynn Butler, and Julie Cas- dorph have in common? Music and a style called Heavy Metal. These Heavy Metalers were often seen wearing leather and long hair that ' s cropped on top. They could be found on the weekends at parties, concerts or just cruis- ing around. ' • ' . gj M ' When asked what they liked about the music Julie said, " I like the sound of the bass, the guitar. " while Jolynn said, " You can get wild to it, " and all agreed by saying, " I like it because it ' s different. " How do parents react to Heavy Metal? " My dad doesn ' t mind because he likes it, " said Julie. Jolynn and Chris said their families put up with it because there are more than one Heavy Metaler in the family. The Heavy Metalers felt that people treat them differently and they don ' t like that aspect. " I ' m not different. I ' m just me, " Julie commented. What do they think? " We ' re not dirt, we just listen to a different kind of music. " Wearing the heavy metal look are Chris Ga- pik. Julie Casdorph, and Jolynn Butler. " I dress more casually at school. " said Jolynn. Julie. Jolynn and Chris like music groups such as The Doors, Metalica. and Judas Priest. 64 Juniors Robert Sporrer Deidre Stanton Carl Steele David Stephens Lisa Renaud Suzette Reneau Christine Rennwald Marlene Reyes Paul Richardson Pavid Riggins Chris Ritchie John Robinson Robert Robitaille Michelle Rosenthal Derek Rowe James Saninion Christopher Sanatar Robert Sanford Irene Sarrade Erin Sauber Shelly Sauce Stacey Sawyer Kenneth Schmidt Tammy Schofield Jeffrey Schwab David Schweitzer Trisha Scott kristina Sekido Carl Serlin Anissa Sharp kelley Sharp Scott Sh edlock Laura Sheriff Michael Shinedling Christopher Sibley John Simpson Douglas Sipple Stacie Sloane Bruce Smith Caria Smith Michael Smith Donna Snyder Leo Song Helen Soto Juniors 65 Rob Stephenson Vickie Stewart Lisa Stitt Bill Stolfi Erik Stromberg Michael Stragey Andrea Straziuso Brian Stwertnik Jack Su Wayne Su Daniel Sutherland Karen Svoboda Wendy Swearingen Joan Szynaiski John Tatum John Thatcher Craig Tillman Peter Toman Belinda Torres Marc Traylor Sanh Truong Wei Tsai Michael Ugalde Lisa Underwood Darlene Urene Kimberly Utter Sherilyn Vaughan David Wade Robert Wagner Steven Walczy Julie Walker Louise Walter Sabrina Waterman Laura Waterworth Kelly Weirich David Weis Roy Wells Todd Wheeler Kenneth White Krista Whited 66 Juniors Future Paramedic Keeping busy has never been a problem for junior Todd Jackson. Todd was a member of the J.V. wrestling and football teams his freshman and sophomore years and played fullback and defensive end on the varsity football team his junior year. When he ' s not playing school sports, Todd can be found surfing at Newport or Trestles with his friends Rob Sporrer, Brett Clark, and Mike Genera. If not on the waves, Todd is on the slopes snow skiing, a sport he ' s been practicing for eight years. Todd drives a blue V.W. bug and on week- ends he likes to go to the movies with friends. He keeps a 3.0-3.5 grade point aver- age and his favorite class is physiology, " It ' s easy for me, " he said. Todd wants to be a paramedic to help people but when asked wha his goal is he said, " To be rich. I ' m not going to just be a paramedic. I ' m going to be rich, too. " Michael Wilhelmi DAnn Williams John Wirkus Jeanine Wood Sitting on the wall of the senior quad with his friends is where Todd could often be found at lunch. Jeff Woodward Lee Wunsch John Yarter Amy Yoder Lisa York Kaneez Zaidi Rehab Zayid Stuart Zysman Juniors 67 Just when tht?ymHP|IHHHiad Iht? sclioiiulo down! After Acadeii B bnrich mom was elimiiratgdclue to conflicling ideas, another ' ■HHfe schedule went into efleet on N ] k06. Fiv minutes was added to Inst and third plHod con. tusing teachers . u - 10:10 - 11:15 - 12:15 12:15 - 12:45 12:50 - 1:45 1:50 - 2:45 Clear Cut Goals Sponsoring the Valentine ' s Day dance, selling basketball con- cessions, painting curbs, and handing out flyers for the Brea Theater Department are just a few of the activities that the Sophomore Class Cabinet has been involved in this year. In addition, the cabinet sponsored a Sophomore Appreciation Day on December 21st. On this day, each sophomore re- ceived a Christmas card from the members of the cabinet. Craig Olson, Sophomore Class President, commented on the idea, " The Appreciation Day was important because the stu- dents felt like someone out there recognized them and ap- preciated them. " One of the goals that the cabinet established was to raise $600 by the end of the school year. This money would be the down payment for Prom, which the sophomore class will sponsor next year. It was planned that the money would be raised by selling flower grams, selling basketball concessions, and sponsoring dances. The Sophomore Class Cabinet consists of Craig Olson as President, Joan Pes! as Vice President, Mandy Webb as Com- missioner of Publicity, Sharri Weisenberg as Secretary, and Stephanie Manley as Treasurer. 70 Sophomores Painting signs to alert fellow sophomores of upcom- ing events is one of the responsibilities of cabinet members. Stephanie Manley, Mandy Webb, and Sharri Weisenberg design signs for the Valentine ' s Day dance. Cabinet members take active roles in the planning and presenting of school assemblies. In the Christ- mas assembly. Craig Olson represented the sopho- more class while dancing to disco music of the 91Cfs. ' .mTfrnk w: ! ' Jl John Micha Alexa Tiffany Alexander Julie Allen Virginia L. Allen Davrd B. Allevato Devon L. Ames Leslie Ann Andersen Sharilyn P. Anderson Steven Anderson Lori A. Anger Lisa M. Apalategui Mary L. Arambula Melissa Arnold Elaina Avila Leila Babcock Chris C. Bachand Mark Badstuebner Brian G. Baker Angela Bakken Shannon L. Beckley William F, Behan Curt D. Behle Bennett D. Bellot Wesley K. Bemis Robert Benson Leslie Berman Holli Sevan Kevin R. Bingaman Renae Blazynek Matthew Blinn Kirsten Blum Susan Blum Robert D. BonanduccI Jody L. Bonaventura Bret B. Boone Erik Borgeson Robert D. Botha Steven P. Bouy Kristina M. Boveia Rick E. Bowen Nicole N. Bowles Ellen J. Bowman Susan L. Bradach Cristin Brady Michelle Braginton Lawrence A. Brannon Stacy Breffle Dee Briggs Marcl M. Brooks Eric W. Brown Sophomores 71 L The Bonds Of Friendship Ten years is a long time, but Susan Gor- don and Angela Bakken have managed to remain best friends for that long. Su- san and Angela live down the street from each other and went to kindergar- ten together. They enjoy the same mu- sic, style of clothes, and look for the same qualities in people for friends. Al- though they are similar in many ways. Susan and Angela have many obvious differences. Angela enjoys sports. She plays on the tennis team and has played soccer for six years. Susan does not enjoy participating in sports as much as Angela does, but she enjoys being a ' spectator. Their plans after high school are different, also. Susan plans to go Into business while Angela is interested in pre-med. Angela likes Susan because, " She is al- ways there for me when I need to talk with someone. " Susan commented on the friendship, " I ' m happy that we ' ve remained friends for so long. " Wearing sailor hats at Knott ' s Berry Farm are Susan Cordon and Angela Bakken. In their spare time, Susan and Angela enjoy waterskling and going to the beach. Karen J. Brown Patrick K. Brown Gary Scott Brummond Jason G. Buck D. Scott Bullock Patrick J. Bunce Charla Bunton Paul Burgoon Stacle R. Burnett Eric Campuzano Brian S. Cardenas Patrick M. Carney Roberto Carranza Kerry A. Carson Anna M. Cauwel Rebecca Cervantes Chlen Yu Chan Mark C. Chaput Anissa Ann Chavez Rosie Chavez 72 Sophomores Grace Cheng Stacey Cheredko Erie Y. Chu Kimberly A. Clarence Andrea T. Clark Corinn M. Clark Darin Clark Kristina M. Clark Craig H. Clifford Meredith R. Cline Robert J. Cogswell Jonathon D. Cohen Catherine Conger Sean P. Connelly Tracy L. Conrad Jackie Cooper Julie M. Cooper Renee L. Cooper Traci L. Cooper Lourdes Coronel Pamela J. Coursey Richard A. Covarrubias Daniel Cozzo Anthony Crawford Romney D ' Antuono Darren W. Dannelley Jacqueline David Sandra Lee Davies Henry A. Davis James Deakin Relaxing during lunch time are Ali- cia Moone and Jackie Cooper. Lunch time provides a chance to rest and visit with friends. Sophomores 73 Involvement With Meet a student council member, cheerleader and an energetic member of the community. Active. Mandy Webb states. " Being a cheer- leader, working with student council, and getting Involved is what makes high school the best years. " As a cheerleader, Mandy participated on freshmen cheer and varsity cheer. " It ' s great to be a cheerleader, be- cause I get to go to all the games. The crowd gets involved; you become closer to the squad, meet new people, and best of all. you go to camp. " Besides getting involved on campus. Mandy also does many things out- side of school. " I ' m involved with Young Life and Campaigners. Both these groups consist of learning more about my religion and of the Bible. We sing songs and enjoy ourselves. I ' m with my peers so I can learn more being together with them. I also am able to speak openly and feel confident, " she stated. Mandy also likes to spend time with herself. " I enjoy artwork. Drawing people is some- thing that interests me very much. With my ability I will be an interior decorator or a fashion designer. " she predicted. One thing Mandy will remember about her sophomore year is the time she went skiing. " I love to ski. I have gone only twice and enjoyed both times. My only trouble is I can ' t seem to stop. " she commented. Of course the best thing about school is friends. " Michelle Bra- ginton and Kerri Carson are two of my best friends. They are open, trustworthy, and fun to be with. " They are everything a person could want in friends, " she concluded. Meeting new people and getting involved is what Mandy Webb does best. Mandy is a cheerleader and serves on student Council. Jeffrey Decker Nick Detturre Elizabeth Devine Lisa Dickerson Eric Dietrich Gina Digeorge Jennifer Dilli Jodi Dodd Mary Doherty Keith Dolnick Karen Donovan Dana Dorius Tisha Dowdell Laura Downey Mark Drummond Mitzi Druss Todd Du Coing Kathleen Edwards k 74 Sophomores Byron Endo Dean Euauold Christine Faeth Robert Fernandez Christine Fitkin Terry Flanagan Felipe Flores Brian Foote Katy Foster Kristine Fouchey Darrel Frank James Frank Susan Franz Natalie Freeman Steven Froning Timothy Frydenlund Sandra Fukushima Lisa Galland Stacey Garnet Diane Garn Roy Garner Kathleen Geriak Steven Gill Eric Glade Eric Goings lllyse Goldbaum Todd Goldman Susan Gordon Davrn Gothard Linda Grabowski Alison Blum enjoys a moment to speak to friends, while Karen Brown found something worth commenting about. Alison is a member of the German Club. Sophomores 75 I Love El Dorado As the school bell rings, over 1600 students move In separate directions. Each has a separate life, one that is different from any other. Of these students, one leads a life which has it ' s own unique pattern. Sophomore Leslie Anderson, for the past O years, has spent most of her weekends at either Snow Summit or Mammoth. " I like everything about skiing, it ' s the one thing that makes me different. " Everytime I go n a hill. I feel like I have accomplished something, " nted Leslie. Besides winter sports she also likes the - -. " . " My favorite season is summer because there ' s no school and there ' s a ht of things to do. I love to and go to the beach. " she pointed out. As another activity iside of school, Leslie takes voice lessons. She has been ' I like taking , . p has inspired in many ways. " Even though Leslie has many outside .ivities, she also enjoys school ones. " I like to go to school .tivities. My favorite is the football games because every- " " " ' « « »nd has a good time. " she commented and con- . .ove El Dorado because most of the, people are really outgoing. I hope the rest of my high school ye as good as this onel " " I love El Dorado because most of the people are really outgoing. I hope the rest of my high school years are as good as this one! " comments Leslie Anderson. Matthew Graeff Kathy Graham Steven Gray Tammi Green Glen Greenberg Mark Greenlund Diane Greiner Brian Guest Laura Gutman Ricardo Guzman Say Finine Hackett Sha Marie Hackett Wendy Hakeman Erm Hall Jackie Halverson Fred Hand Kathy Jo Hardesty Jennifer Hardy Wendy Ann Harrington Tammy Harris Mark Haskell Heather Halstad Jill Hassel Richard Hebert Shelley Hedlund Charlene Herrera Karen Hill Joseph Hoffman Michael Holtorf Serena Hsieh fmr fM 16 Sophomores Laureen Hurlbut James Ignacek Bill Ingebrigtsen Douglas Ireland Kyle Iwanaga Dave Jack Jim Jackman Robert Jackson Ravi Jain Yvette Jaramillo Yvette Jenkins William Jennings Kathleen Johnson Neal Johnson Debra Ann Jones Douglas Jones Stephen Kampa Lisa Kauble These men. Nick Vlaslnic and Don Rice, are practic- ing their poses for GO magazine. Both Nick and Don keep in shape by participating in school athlet- ics. Best friends. Erin Hall and Cindy Willc! share their lunch time together. Both Erin and Cindy participate with the performmg arts department. Sophomores 77 Comfortable But Enthusiastic No pressure and no hassles is the best way to describe life as a sopho- more. As a tenth grader there is no more running to class or panic when the locker doesn ' t open. By the time a kid has reached his second year of high school, he has found his place in the school envi- ronment. This is what has made be- ing a sophomore so comfortable. A sophomore tended to show a lot of school spirit and enthusiasm about the different activities that took place on campus. In class com- petitions they always came in sec- ond, right after the seniors, who were always the most spirited. As a student has gone through his sophomore year he has made many changes and has grown up quite a bit. But they never seem to lose their childish quality, they just don ' t expose it as much as fresh- men do. Tara Villavicencio is distracted from her conversa lion by breakdancing in the theatron. Many activi ties took place during lunch for entertainment. Randy Keeler Keith Keil Kirk Keller Lynne Kelly Sondra Kelly Renata Kendall Helen Kim Susan Kim Stewart Kimura Scott King Terri Kinnear Martin Klassen Jennifer Koch David Krall John Kupsh Johnny Laguna Robert Lancey Marc Lange Keli Larick Michele Lehner Kimberly Lewis Robert Liess Mike Lin Tracy Litt 78 Sophomores Christopher Llewellyn Jenny Lo Cameron Locey Ricky Louie Kerry Mac Anally Mccabe Macon Mitsuo Maeda Nicole Maher Michael Mahon Julis Maisonet Jolene Malloy Stephanie Manley Christopher Marshall Leslie Martin Phillip Martin Donna Mason Jeffrey Mauss Dawn Mc Bride Jeffrey Mc Clard Jayd Mc Person Karia Mc Gill Julie Mc Knight Cathy Mc Laughlin Sandie Mc Laughlin Tracy Lilt shares her winter formal picture with a friend. Dance pictures were a great success with students. Sophomores 79 Richard Medina Jennifer Melbinger Suzanne Membrez Jennifer Menken Jeffrey Middlemiss Anthony Miller Julie Miller Chris Minier Tracey Mitchell Mitsutaka Miya Michael Modica Alicia Moon Shelli Moore Melissa Moyer Christine Moyle Jay Myers Jill Mykkanen John Nelson Whitney Nelson Brad New Chuck Newvine Hang Nguyen Susan Nilson Patricia Nixon Rene Norman Jorri Northrop Joelle Noss Janis Nowack Mark Nulty Mandy Odum Belh Rosipajla is amused at one of Roy Garners jokes. Lunch and break were great times to relax from a hectic schedule. Cindy Willel has been involved with dance for many years. She is also active in many school activities. " F " ' ffmrm I 80 Sophomores An Angel ' s Son His dad is the starting catcher for the Cali- fornia Angel ' s Baseball team. Rod Carew came to watch him play basketball. People always ask him for tickets. He has gone to many different cities on road trips. Bret Boone, despite his well-known dad, tried to be just a normal new student at E.D. He hung out with his friends and got involved in sports. Bret was in the starting five of the JV basketball team and averaged 10 points a game. He also plays baseball. " I like both bas- ketball and baseball, but I feel I ' m better at baseball, " said Bret. He has played baseball for 9 years. His dad got him into his first little league. Bret came here from New Jersey, where he had lived for the past 8 years. " My family came to California every summer so we could be near my dad, and this year we de- cided to stay here, " replied Bret. He has had to get used to his dad being away a lot. Most boys have their dads home every night, but then most boys don ' t have a dad who is a professional baseball player. " I have gone on some road trips with my dad, but the best was when we went to Hawaii. " Brett Boone, new to El Dorado after moving from New Jersey, made many new friends and was in volved in basketball and baseball. Gordon Oelkers Michael O ' Higglns Scott Olsen Craig Olsen David ONeel Sherrlll Orr Henry Ortega Jon Overland Mark Palmer Lisa Passafiume Victoria Pavia John Pellegrino Melissa Pederson Irene Perez Joan PesI Daniel Petalas Cheryl Peterson Dan Petry Krislen Philp David Pierce Sherry Pike Andrew Pomeroy Kendra Porter Marc Posner Sophomores SI A Class With Class! " You ' re not a freshman anymore, but you ' re not an upperclassman ei- ther; so your teachers don ' t expect alot out of you. It is a time to grow up. " Shannon Rathbun is giving her opinion on just what exactly a soph- omore is. The sophomore class is probably the most overlooked and unnoticed class on campus. You don ' t get the attention that goes with being a freshman, and you ' re not a big junior that has become an upperclassman, and you certainly lack the authority and presteige that the seniors obtain. So what ' s left? Sophomores are special, not because of what they do, but be- cause of who they are. Your sopho- more year is like a year for chang- ing; you get your drivers license and with that comes a lot of respon- sibility. It ' s a time to reflect on the past, and a time to make goals and to look toward the future. " I look forward to being one of the upper- classmen and being able to partici- pate in water-polo CIF finals, " com- mented Mike Maclear. Todd Pope and Meredith Cline turn jusi in time to catch the camera. Meredith is involved in many sports, and Todd is planning a trip to Mexico over Easter vacation with his church. Keith Poutney Ross Probst John Puentes Jacques Quimpo Shannon Rathbun Kellie Rector James Redman Scott Remenar Kimberly Ressler Eric Reynolds Bret Reynoso Donald Rice Devin Riley Cynthia Robichaud Corinne Rodriguez Kristen Rolapp Michael Rowan Melissa Runyon Brenda Russell Kerri Rutledge Jeffrey Ruzicka Mark Rylance David Rytych Jenny Sadoski 82 Sophomores Joelle Samsel Stacy Sauber Amy Saunders Angela Schaefer Jodi Schindler Klmberly Schmidt Sara Schmunk Klmberly Schienberg Scott Schienberg Donna Selbert Michael Schaffer Sean Shedlock Encouraged by the Sophomore class. Beth Rosipajla competes in an all-out eating class competition. Sophomores Justin Sweet and Mitch Maeda discuss the pros and cons of being sophomores. Both look forward to their next two years at E.D. Sophomores 83 ' « ' Successful Sophomore Many students felt that getting in- volved in activities was the key to suc- cess in high school. But with all the demands that school places on students today, it ' s hard to believe that anybody can find time to participate in extra-curricular activi- ties. Sophomore Steve Froning has defi- nitely found the secret. As a freshman, he played on the basketball, football, and tennis teams. This year he played basketball, water-polo, and he swam. Al- though Steve has been playing basketball for over six years, his favorite sport of the year was water-polo. " It was great for my first year playing, " commented Steve. " We were 21 and I overall and we won league. " With all the time Steve spends in sports and keeping his grades up to a B aver- age, he finds little time to ' relax and have fun. " 1 spend my weekends going out with my friends and going to par- ties, " stated Froning. " I also enjoy doing yardwork and gardening around my house. " Steve Froning takes time to relax and enjoy his lunch. Steve spends most of his time playing sports throughout the year. Steven Stoddart GIgl Stolfi Andrea Storm Gregory Stout Kelli Sutton Justin Sweet Seiji Tamura Rodney Tarlton David Ten Berge Judy Thomason Andrew Thompson Todd Tomazic Myrna Trejo Michael Tucker Christina Van Dieren Eric Vassar Julie Vendes Julianne Vesper Tara Villavicencio Nicholas Vlastnik Alicia Wagner Marleen Wagner James Whal Jami Walberg 84 Sophomores Doug Ireland takes a moment alone to glare into the senior quad. He wonders what senior life is really like. ink lkd«. " fe Jason Wall Judith Wallace Wendy Watkins Timothy Watson Karen Weaver Mandy Webb Jon Weber Matt Wedemeyer Sharri Weisenberg William Whalen Brad White Scott Whited John Wilkie Cynthia Wiliett Robert Williams Gina Willis Craig Wilson Kelh Wilson Michelle Witchey Roxanne Wong Heather Wood Laura Woodruff Michelle Wooten Stephanie Worley Todd Wunsch Brian Wyatt Wilham Yackle II Douglas Yales Carmen Zone Naomi Zysman Sophomores 85 ivP hroslimcii Andy Flint. Duane BWecchio. eviii Riller. ,ind keithKish oir|iP Odtmg unch logclluT mljl fcatron. Since ihe 110 online " linoi Kgiablishcii. stu h .1 V I HH HHi I c L- crowded ii B l ' ' ' ich Siiidonis bid on p dor yol 10 do u.iichint: the pic |SWr £iw CI cood w.i 10 gel back r kcquiieiiienls Ic school ,iie gctlii e ci ve»ir. The t •ike XI eredils c Mus Ihe re iiliir i ©6 Freshmen % k Leadership For The Future The purpose of student council is to lead. So with this in mind the freshmen student coun- cil served this purpose accordingly. Presi- dent Julie Morris. Vice-President Michelle King. Treasurer Tonf Crisp, Secretary Tina Zummo. and Commissioner of Publicity Den- nis Shea, led the way. " Student Council gives us a chance to get involved and meet differ- ent people. " stated president Julie Morris. Some ways of involvement were to have fund raisers such as putting on a fashion show, selling class T-shirts and sending " greeny grams. " They met and worked with other people by working with other class cabinets.. They planned a dance with the sophomores and coordinated the Big Brother-Little Sister activities with the seniors. What do these-officers get out of all this? Vice-president Michelle King states, " It is neat in the fact that you get to know what is going on behind the scenes and I like getting involved. " Treasurer Tom Crisp agrees, " I en- joyed it and I will run for office again. " The freshmen student council. Back row, Dennis Shea. Tom Crisp, Michelle King. Tina Zummo. and Julie Morris try standing in the senior quad when no one is around. Jason Abraham Carri Abrahms Shani Acevedo Carlos Acosta Judy Adair Kelly Adan.son Lynn Agracewicz Jade Alderman Devon Alexander Jeffrey Allec Gilberto Alvarado Jeremy Amarillas Eric Ambrosius Pricilla Andruss Julie Anger Tina Apalategui Kirsten Arnold Rene Ayala Kara Bailey Laura Baker Jo Ann Ballaron Chris Barr Rick Barrios Shannon Barry SS Freshmen F $1 r s iik iPii a1 Brent Bartel Joseph Bates Kelly Bauer Mark Beauchamp Behzad Behruzfard Jason Bell Ronald Benner Brad Berson Kevin Blller Cathi Blackburn John Blokzyl Alison Blum Craig Blum Todd Boatright Greg Boehlert Oliver Bohlman Chad Bolken Katherine Bolton Patrick Bolton Mike Bonanducci Jason Bone Salvatore Bonnello Bobby Bowen Eric Bowen Richard Bowman Kelley Brazeel Joalee Brink Misty Brock Herbert Brooks Steven Bryant Michele Burgess Michele Butler Gloria Caballero Tiffany Calvin Thomas Capriotti Steven Caron Freshmen 89 Being a freshman can be one of the hardest things to go through in high school, but getting involved can help make the transition from junior high a lot easier. That is exactly what Brent Lantz did. Brent has been playing the drums for over four years and is on the EDHS drumline. " I enjoy playing, " comments Brent. " I plan on continuing for a long time. " Along with being a drummer. Brent plans on joining the water polo and swim teams. Other of Brent ' s hobbies include bike riding, skateboarding, going to the beach, and being with friends. As far as school and academics go, there could be some improvements. " Being a freshman isn ' t as bad as it ' s made out to be, " says Brent. " I like the people, but not the work. " Drumming His Way To Success While sitting with his friends. Brent Lantz smiles at the surprise treat that he found in his lunch today. Jennifer Carrig Brandi Carrigan Ted Carson Cameron Carter Alyson Casias Kimberly Castillo Marian Chamberlain Tom Chen Eleanore Chen Darren Christiansen Merritt Claudin Timothy Clement Mary Cline Douglas Clinton Kevin Closson Teresa Coffman Christopher Coldiron Maureen Connelly Barbara Connolly Adrienne Cooper Shane Cooper Chris Cordova David Cornelius Brian Corona Kimberly Cortopassi Matthew Cote Cynthia Courter John Cribari Nannette Crippen Thomas Crisp n rt ' iPi! •1 90 Freshmen Ramona Croasdaile Kenneth Crompton Tracey Croom Anna Lisa Cruz Michelle Cusick Jennifer Dam Lisa Hudson. Denise Padilla and Tina Apalalegui casually stroll by the senior quad hoping they ' ll go unnoticed by preying seniors. Brian Dolnick Cheryl Poose Jennifer Douglas Donald Doveatt Christine Du Rocher Alexander Dude Rebecca Dukes Stephen Dunk Gary Dunnavant Shannon Early Randy Eickhoff Alicia Ernst Freshmen 91 Freshmen Phobia Being a freshman is something everyone has to face during high school. Although age is the only difference, freshmen are judged more critically than the upperclassmen be- cause freshmen don ' t know what to expect and those who are no longer freshmen, like the chance to tease them as freshmen al- ways are. Probably the biggest fear a fresh- man has would be the first day of school. Worries about getting trash canned, forget- ting the locker combination, or getting lost, enter the minds of all 9th graders. When asked about her first day of high school. Jill Dinnebier replied. " I was excited and a little scared. " " Surprise " was what Shelly Piper felt. She added. " It wasn ' t even as bad as I thought it would be. " Dave Coley. on the other hand, was just plain embarrased. " Ev- eryone just stared and gave me dirty looks. " Deven Kelly wonders what Tiffany Laubie finds so amusing. The theatron is the most common place for freshmen to eat lunch. Elisabeth Evanshine Nichole Eyre Christopher Facione Robin Fallowfield Stacy Anne Farkas Luma Fattohy Daniel Felsenfeld Stephanie Fleming Doreen Fletcher Andrew Flint Carolina Flores Gabriela Flores Marcus Flores Anthony Fonseca Dean Ford Elaine Frank Elizabeth Frate Eric Fredrickson Scott Fryer Simon Funge Lori Galvan Jennifer Gandin Mike Gapik Jennifer Garcia Dana Gardner Karrie Garrett Dennis Geer Jacqueline Genow Mary Gerace Candy Giffin smmm 92 Freshmen Conrad Gilbert Jamie Sue Gilliland Paula Glade William Glennan Thomas Godfrey Stephen Goff Steven Goff Cecelia Golden Holly Goodhue Jenee Goodman Deena Gothard Noa Gottlieb James Gould Jeffrey Gove Daniel Goyette Brian Graham Tiffany Gray Bert Grunseth Heather Gugat Tamara Gulzow Christopher Hagedorn Christopher Hall Lynn Hall Dena Haller Suzanne Hand Michael Hanna Jeff Hansen Paul Hathaway Joseph Hayes Shannon Heathershaw I Sieve Schule can ' t believe we want a picture of a " Freshman. " At lunch. Steve can be seen with some of his good friends Mall Cote. Tom Crisp, and Wendy White tries to convince Calhy Blackburn and Michelle Butler not to i.- eat so close to the Senior Ouad. Freshmen were only admitted into the Senior Ouad on Big BrolFier Big Sister days. Freshmen 93 Scon Hellesto Becky Hendrickson Brian Hendrix Dina Hernandez Jason Herrin Taiiiara Herron Darin Hicks Matthew Hill Hollie Hirschbein Alison Holman Susan Holt Krista Hoover Broderick Hoyt Lisa Hudson Charles Hung Cindy Hung Kimberly Hustad Mike Ingram Amy Jackson Claudia Janes Michael Janes Shannon Jeffries Brian Johnson Sean Johnson Matt Jones Robert Julian Pamela Katkus Sharon Keane Erin Kearney Edward Keller Deven Kelly Shawn Kelly Seemien Khan Steven Kidder Kent Kleffer Coreen Kimble Michelle King Amy Kinnear Earl Kintzle Bob Kirk Christian Kirk Michael Kleven m mmw ' ' ' ' r w Freshman Kathy Bolton shares her Winter Formal pictures with her friend Gayle Pero. This year ' s Winter Formal " Changing Sea- sons " was the first big formal for freshmen. 94 Freshmen Well On Her Way Some people believe that getting in- ' volved and meeting a lot of difference people is a top survival requirement in order to make it through high school happily. If this is true, then freshman Michelle Weisenberg is well on her way. As a freshman. Michelle is taking all required classes such as World History, math and English. She is also taking an art class as her elective. After school, Michelle can usually be found on the soccer field because she is on the Jr. Varsity team. " I really like soccer a lot and I ' ve been playing for 10 years. " Mi- chelle is also involved in the Big Broth- er Little Sister program and she says of her Big Brother Roger Behle. " He ' s nice. " Some of Michelle ' s hobbies in- clude playing soccer, going to parties on the weekends with friends, water skiing and going to the beach. coming in from the ram, Michelle Weisenberg flashes her never endmg smile. James Koizumi David Konie Pave Krueckel Justin La Valley Michael Lage Cynthia Lance Brent Lantz Tiffany Laubie Jessica Lawson Scott Leal Stacy Leal Kristopaul Lee Jeffrey Leinen Nicole Leitner Brian Leone Jeff Lewis Sc ' itt Linnborn John Little Freshmen 95 . If You Think Your Seeing Double • • You don ' t have to blink twice, if you think you ' re seeing double, because you are. You ' re probably looking at Sar- elle and Sarrette Stowe. They came to El Dorado as freshmen after attending South High. Both girls were involved in the M.E.S.A. and also B.S.U.P. programs at their former school. Sarrelle stated that she and her sister are like the odd couple. Sarrelle has a messy but com- fortable room and loves junk food. Sar- ette. on the other hand, is neat and loves mexican food. Sarrelle and Sar- rette agreed that being twins isn ' t much fun. Even though they may ap- pear to be alike, they are definitely individuals in their behavior and be- liefs. The sisters Stowe don ' t look like the odd couple. Odd or not they made El Dorado a more unique school. Julie Lloyd Jerry Logue Todd Love Richard Loyd Catherine Lussier Michael Mac Cuish Jennifer Macias Cynthia Madsen Kristie Magnuson Paul Maguire r rr Maomi Mayeda Dorothy Mc Alister Christine Mc Clelland Kellie Mc Guire Alicia Mc Inturff Graig Meek Lisa Maher Aycin Manisa Mark Mansfield Wendy Margolias Sheila Martin 96 Freshmen Michael Mehall Brett Melstad Alexander Mejia Jennifer Menzie Phyllis Meritt Scott Mether Adrienne Miller Julie Miller Keith Millsap Steven Mitchell Waller Moguel Kelly Morgan Julie Morris Regina Mueller Dale Mulford Megan Murdy Wesley Murphy Gary Naito Shawn Neher Tracy Newhouse Hang Nguyen Khang Nguyen Trung Nguyen Ian NIckus Angelina Nikclovski Teboho Nteso Stephanie Ohanesian Joseph Ojeda William Olsen Karen Ontiveros James Orten Debbie Orullian Christie Oshiro George Ouellette Elizabeth Paddock Denise Padilla Todd Pakulski Tamara Palmer Bonnie Park Jana Parker Freshmen 97 Nataline Pasillas Michelle Patras Brandon Paul Shannon Paulson Robert Payne Renee Peck Jennifer Pelton Gayle Pero David Phelps Jon Phillips Rosa Pill Gregory Piner Michele Piper Trina Porter Todd Portugal Liza Posas Glen Powers Jennifer Powers Tony Prado Kari Probst Michael Quails Frederick Ouimpo Mary Raab Claudia Ramirez Marc Ramsey Douglas Raymond Bridgitte Renteria Todd Riley Brian Robertson Elizabeth Robertson Anita Robichaud Joshua Roche Steven Rogers Sharon Ronen Lisa Rosenthal Mark Rudyk Judith Ruebusch Cindy Russell S.C ' f ' f Dave Coley tells Craig Blum another one of his amusing jokes. If Dave was a Senior he would probably be nominated for " Most amusing. " 98 Freshman Making The Switch r- ' :Y Arriving to El Dorado from a catho- lic school, Jenni Garcia stated, " I wasn ' t sure about coming to a new school but when I got here, I real- ized I was going to have a blast. " Jenni enjoys her schedule. " Spanish with Mr. Tebay is my favorite class, because he makes it fun while you learn, " commented Jenni. With a 3.4 grade point average Jenni is without a doubt a super stu- dent. Schoolwork is a big part of her life, but Jenni is not a one sided girl. She participates on the girls varsity cross country and track team. Although Jenni can be seen sitting in the library or running, she also enjoys her weekends. " I like to go dancing and bum around with my friends, " said Jenni. Having a good attitude is a big part of her success in high school, and she has certainly gotten herself off. to a good start. Jennifer Garcia enjoys her time spent on the El Dorado campus. Paulette Sachse Lon Salisbury Julie Sammons Rebecca Sanchez Janet Sanford Suzanne Sanghvi Theenda Sarabia Maricela Sarrade Laurie Schoner Aimee Schor Kevin Schula Steven Schule Nancy Schwalje Lisa Schweitzer kenneth Scott Patricia Scott Shannon Scott Claudine Scotti Daniel Scrafield Jason Setterlund Michelle Shanks Freshman 99 Dennis Shea Ronald Sherman Jeff Sheltler Angela Shoho Gregory Shumway Dana Sigley Jon Simanton MIchaeleen Simonian Lisa Sipe Trent Skinner Deanna Sloggett Amy Smika Chez Smith Jeffrey Smith George Smoot Angela Snyder Catherine Sobieski Beverly Sosa Bob Spicer Stephanie Stankovich Deanna Stanley Scott Stephenson Charles Stevens Jenny Stevens Kim Stewart Catherine Stinger Karia Storm Barbara Slwertnik John Suess Gina Susaeta Sheri Sutterfield Eric Swanson Kris Szewczyk June Talamoni Armando Tarin Christi Taul 100 Freshmen Fiendishly Treated Freshmen A coininonly asked question among freshmen is . Why are Ihey treated differently by the rest of the school? The most obvious reason they are treated so fiendishly is the fact that they are " Freshmen " and that in itself is a good reason. But how do freshmen think they should be treated? Here are some responses to that question. Steve Kidder " Like a king, cause we are the future of this school! " Tarnie Herron " Like the low man on the to- tem pole, but yet still treated fairly. " Teboho Nteso ' We should be treated as overgrown eighth graders. " Maureen Connelly " We should be treated just the same as everybody else. " Brad Berson " Treated just like we are be- cause if you deserve to be harassed, it will come. If you don ' t deserve it. it won ' t. " Nicole Eyre " Like tourists at Disneyland be- Anthony Thompson Senior Mike McCloskey typifies a Freshmen on Hal- Heather Thompson loween. Matthew Traylor Kevin Treadway Jay Trimberger Dao Truong Taunia Turner Eric Ullerich Kaylee Underwood Kelly Underwood Christina Utt Sheryl Utter Ariella Vaccarino Stephanie Valdez Ronnie Varner Marni Vasquez Heather Vaughan Landon Vinyard Michael Wakefield Mark Warner Charles Waterworth Jennifer Waughop Stacey Weidner Rachelle Weir Vicki Weir Freshmen 101 Jason Bell wonders why he is letting Karina Paoletti take one of his tootsie rolls. Appearing as though they are marching in step. Chris Rodriguez and Garrett Yoshlna walk to their next class. Spencer Weisel Michele Weisenberg Michele Wentworth Jill Wesley Dena White Wendy White Eric Wilcox Julie Wilhelmi Enka Willis Paul Wilson Cynthia Wolf Garrett Yoshina Christina M. Zummo Brooke Wilkes Alan Williams Michael Williams Tamara Williams 102 Freshmen Take Each Day As It Comes The philosophy Shelley Piper uses to tackle life. Corny? Her accomplishineiils prove not. She came to El Dorado after capturing the Iron Woman Award at Tuffree and started where she left off. She has played volleyball and soccer and ran track. As a freshman, she started at center-forward on the varsity soc- cer team. " I found it challenging " said Shel- ley. Her interests aren ' t limited to just sports, she also enjoys music. Her taste varies from Depeche Mode to Prince. Shelley also finds time to do aerobics and dance. How is it having an older sister at the school? " I like having a sister who is a senior when I ' m a freshman. We get along well. " Since . Holly, her sister, is the Senior Class Presi- dent, " She keeps me updated on activities, gives me money for lunch and drives me everywhere " . Shelley Piper smiles after picking up her wmter formal pictures. This years winter formal " Changing Seasons " was held in Newport Beach. Beth Frate looks over her shoulder to make sure her older brother slays in line. Tina Zummo and Lisa Rosenthal enjoy their trip back to their lockers be- tween classes. Freshmen 103 talk to- . Thoy ;itv Vol- J Partez Vous Francois? me Fien " " " paled ■ " ° , ' f ,encn Mod. planned to p o Europe. acVwi- about c ' ? ,dYonherpart cP d that ° ' out new V. t). At the club ' s Christmas party members Anita Fiona gan, Lisa O ' Neil, Jennifer Koch and Eric Goings enJo traditional French cuisine. These activities help mem- bers learn about culture and activities of France. Club advisor Ms. Susanne Scliick cuts a loaf of Frencti bread. Ms. Schick has traveled woridvi ide and enjoys this kind of activity. The El Dorado French Club. Bottom Row; Ms. Schick, J. Whitehead, K. Kremling, C. Alwan, S. Fukushlma. Middle Row; E. Goings, A. Thompson, C. Hung, J. Monk, A. Flanagan, L. O ' Neill, J. Koch, T. Nguyen. Top Row; B. Cohen, C. Hall, K. Hardy, A. Pemberton, C. Quimpo, E. Chu, K. Hill, L. KInley, J. Parker !06 French Club An Honorable Club Service, leadership, character, and scholarship are the four main purpos es of the National Honor Society. Accord- ing to Donna Alexander, the club con- sists of " people with similar interests who like to get together and have a good time, " Some of the activities the mem- bers participated in were curb painting, broomball, beach parties, and study nights. The most successful event, the canned food drive, this year brought in more food than ever; over 3,000 cans. Donna felt that " This year was great because there were good turn outs at activities and a lot of volunteers to help with service activities. " Not only did NHS members do work, but they had fun! And the winners of the car rally are . , John Pellegrino, Karen Robert, and Sandy Con- nor. The winners were determined by who drove the least amount of miles. Karen Guse volunteers to help with the canned food drive. NHS contributed many cans to needy families during the winter holi- days. Car rally losers, Bill Wholen and Leon Mo- berg, still smile after their tough defeat. They drove the most miles to find the clues for the rally. One of the NHS fundraisers was curb painting for the city of Placentia, Craig Olson and Judy Whitehead show how it ' s done. The National Honors Society of 1984-1985. SENIORS Donna Alexander, Michelle Banks, Wendi Bevin, Judith Bishop, Gordon Brindell, Paul Darnbrough, Kristen Dodd, Dori Dowdell, Amy Dukes, Shannon Emrick, Doris Endo, Jana Florentine, Jim Fox, Christy Frantz, Cheri Gould, Karen Guse, Kim Hardy, Steve Houston, Susan Janicki, Faith Jorratt, Jennifer Jones, Dong Kim, Lynda Kim, Julie Lee, Mike Lo, Kimberly Lloyd, Dana Modsen, Leon Moberg, Linh Nguyen, Amanda Pemberton, Holly Piper, Gina Plantamura, Robert Ramos, Karen Robert, Steven Skeil, Susan Sweet, Jennifer Shecter, Tracy Tastad, Judith Whitehead, Jenni White JUNIORS Lauri Abernathy, Ted Alexander, David Andruss, Tracy Bandurroga, Michelle Beauchamp, Jennifer Bishop, Aaron Cargile, Kathleen Chiechi, Teresa Christian, Mark Chuberko, Sandy Connor, Rick Dorden, Troy Dean, Alisho English, Robert Galvin, Meredith Hutcheson, Pat Houston, Jane Monk, Lisa O ' Neill, Jim Peng, Amanda Pringle, Charity Quimpo, Ken Raskin, Lisa Renaud, Derek Rowe, Deirdre Stanton, Don Sutherland, Louise Walter, Katrina Yee SOPHOMORES Rick Bowen, Eric Chu, Dana Dorius, Robert Lancey, Jayd Mc Ferson, Craig Olson, Sherri Orr, Lisa Passafiume, John Pellegrino, Jim Redman, Mike Rowan, James Wahl, Bill Whalen, Bob Williams NHS 107 Movin ' ' Em With The Music " Concert Choir is a big family, reaching for the same goal, which is to move people with their music ■■ commented singer, Andy Flint. John Tebay, director of the group, stresses the importance of relationships in order to help the studer.is achieve their goal. One very popular and successful technique was a retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains at the beginning of the year. This " living and singing together " at- mosphere facilitated friendships and a feeling of " unity. " To make the retreat a success, Mr. Tebay need- ed the help of the council. The council were a few people who were selected by the choir. They had many responsibilities to the groups and to Mr. Tebay. They picl ed out the outfits, planned fund raisers and were in charge of so- cial events, such as retreat. Concert Choir participated in many festivals, in- cluding the Biolo Invitational, hosted by El Dor- ado. The group ended the year with a " bong " with the recording of their album and Take 3. This popular music concert has become the highlight of the year and featured up-beat popular se- lections and solo spots. Mr. Tebay summarized, " These were a great bunch of kids and they sounded awesome. " -, i- T%. ; -j -i - 3 N. Performing at their Christmas Concert, Concert Choir sings " Come Let Us Worship the King. " A few choir members show their enthusi- asm after the Annual Choir Relay at Camp O-Ongo. Missy Crippen, Tammy Peckham and Ji|. lian Ojeda enjoy building relationships while on retreat. At ihe Christmas Concert, Becky VanBib. ber teaches a man from the audience how to dance like a snowman. 108 Concert Choir K ' m T T - W B m} v2 fi? fj 1 ' " " M 1 1 1 1984 85 Concert Choir front row left to fight Jllllan OJeda, Christie Willis, Kim Castillo, Becky VanBlbber, Corin Rodriguez, Anlsso Ctiovez, Darrell Frank, MIcliael Hedderig, Jules Malsonet, Mando Fonseca, Jerri Norllirop, Trislta Motion, Merrit Claudln, Rita Lamb, Terry Flanagan, Karen Weaver. 2nd row Leila Babcock, Jeanle Cllne, Claudlne ScottI, Lisa Rosenthol, Carrie Abratims, Katliy Sraliam, Bruce Smitli, Mark Hobson, RIelile Flint, Keltli KIsh, Andy Flint, MIndy Claudln, Renee Padllla, Vicky Beardsley, Amy Dukes, Judy Clougli. 3rd row Prlsclllo Andruss, Clirlstle Osborn, Steptianie Valdez, Anita Roblcliaud, Kara Bally, Brian Keone, Casey Marsliall, Pat Oarr, Gregg Bennett, Joey OJeda, Tammy Pecktiam, Brooke Wilkes, Cindy Lance, Ramona Croosdile, Cheryl Peterson, Carol Hembree. 4th row Jennifer Rayo, Chris North, Arlella Vaccarino, Missy Crippen, Allyson Caslas, Tim Melblnger, David Bullock, Robert Trummeter, Mark Beouchamp, Shown Dillon, Anthony Fonseca, Sharon Sanderfleld, Kim Whitney, Kathy Powers, Kelly Welrlch. 1984- 85 Choir Council, Presdent- Mando Fonseca, Vice-President- Bruce Smith, Secretary- Jillian Ojeda, Sociol Chairman - Michelle Crippen, Business Man- ager- Amy Dukes, Properties Chairmen- Gregg Ben- nett and Casey Marshall, Photography- Kim Whitney, Representatives- Chris North, Robert Trummeter and Becky VanBibber. Mr. Tebay ponders on how to get his idea across to his students, " I must be able to communicate with my students so they understand how I want them to sing the music, and what style to use. " Concert Choir 109 MM " We learn the fundamentals of sigtit reading choral music, but more importantly we learn to sing with enthusiasm, " notes Becky Hen- drickson. Women ' s Chorus is the group of young, ama- teur girls who work diligently with Mr. Tebay in preparation for the advanced performing groups. Women ' s Chorus sponsored a car wash to help pay for their dresses that they had made. They also carolled at Villa De Palma Convelescent Home during the holiday sea- son, " It was so nice. The people seemed so grateful that we cared enough to visit and entertain them, " recalled Becky Hendrick- son. The two biggest concerts for Women ' s Cho- rus were the Christmas Concert and Take 3 which were shared with Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir, 1984- 85 Women ' s Chorus, front row. left to right. Uso Kau. bl«, Cofherlne Lussler, ChrlstI Taul, Becky Hendrlckson, Gaylo Pero, Julie Sammons, Amy Saunders, Karen Ontl. veros, Jessica Lawson, Rosa Pill, 2nd row. Stephanie Stan- kovlch, Claudia Janes, JoAnn Ballaron, SherrI Utter, Cece Golden, Cindy Russell, Kaylee Underwood, Alicia Ernst and Angle Jackson. Not pictured Teresa Coffman, Carol Delaney and Lynn Yrure. Jessica Lawson practices her vowels for a mature sounding voice Karen Ontlveros sings her solo of Christmas past. Since the choir room is under construction, the choirs re- hearse in the teachers lounge With Voices Biending .T tJ no Women ' s Chorus In Perfect Harmony " It is a privilege io be a part of the Vocol Ensemble Mr. Teboy says that the best singers m the school are in the Vocal Ensemble, " commented Kim Whitney. " The singers in Voca! Ensemble have earned their privileges. Everything they have received in the vi oy of av« ards and recognition, they have deserved, " Mr. Tebay notes proudly Since the size of the group is so small, it is easier for the building of strong relationships Kathy Powers reveals. " I feel so close to the people in Vocal Ensemble They help me to become more disciplined in my music while having fun. " The ensemble entertained the student body in mony assem- blies this year They sang at the Homecoming Assembly pined by members of Vocal Ensemble from prior years The group also participated in a number of mvitotionols and competitions. They were one of the ten schools chosen from oil high schools in California to perform at Chapman College Thetr biggest competition was of Park Newport, where they took second place receiving three-hundred dollars. Mr. Tebay states, " I ' ve never worked with a greater group. They had a terrific attitude and exceptional talent " 1984- 85 Vocal Ensemble, front row, left to right. Mika Christy, Gregg Bennett, Becky VanBib ber, Stiawn Dillon, Cyndi Willett, Mando Fon- seca, Jjllian Ojeda, Bruce Smith. 2nd row Mi- chelle Crippen, Kim Whitney, Mark Hobson, Kathy Powers, Damon Cooke, Amanda Pem berton, Christy Clawson. 3rcl row Richie Flint, Amy Dukes, David Bullock, Erin Hall, Robert Trummeter, Amber Poulton, Casey Marshall, Chris North. Performing for a full audience. Vocal Ensemble follows Mr. Tebay ' s directing. Robert Trummeter and Chris North take their music seriously, " Thinking of You This Christmas " sung by Vocal Ensemble was accompanied by a dancing don- key, This was also performed for the Christmas Assembly. Vocal Ensemble III real W y Of life! U ■P: ' . . -; When thinkin the Air Force Junior Reserve OMrcers Training Corps (or A.F.J.R. rC.) the first thing that comes to mjj ffis dark blue uniforms, short hair, jroud stances, but there is alot more The California 25th unit at El Dorado is involved in many service oriented pro- jects in the school and community. They take time out to do special assembly pre- sentations and parades. The color guard won second place in the Piacentia Heri- tage Parade this year. " Service is a big part of our class, " says John Petrillo. They have done everything from Christ- mas Caroling at St. Jude Hospital to the Toys-for-Tots program. There are 5 periods of the R.O.T.C. All participants are looking for the three things out of the program; Leadership ex- perience, management, and discipline. David Hintz commented, " I got in the R.O.T.C. initially because I am planning on a military career and it teaches me good responsibility which will help me in any career. " AIM Their trips to McDonnel-Douglas Corpo- ration, U.C.L.A., and Air Force bases made the QO member R.O.T.C. of El Dor- ado High School- A Great Way of Life! HIGH R.O.T.C 113 A Fun And Exciting Experience Cheerleading can be hectic, exhausting, dif- ficult and even embarrassing at times. How- ever, for the most part, it is a fun and exciting experience. Aside from cheering at school sporting events, the 1984-85 Varsity cheer- leading squad attended a USA Spirit camp where they received all superior ribbons in competition, they performed a number of assemblies, held numerous fundraisers and performed football and basketball halftime routines, " Camp was really alot of fun " , stat- ed senior Tammy Peckam. " Our squad got along great and we really learned alot. " Senior TerrI Kalt agreed. She also added that football was her favorite sport to cheer for. " There were so many people there and it was really easy to get the crowd involved " , commented Terri. Most girls on the squad would agree that cheerleading gave them the chance to meet new people and build long lasting friendships. Koran Robert has been a part of the pepsters since her freshman year. As " head of doss " , she has organized the pepster activities and performances. The 1984-es Varsity Cheerleaders from ieff to right (bot- tom row) DeMre Stanfon, Robin Brooks. Uz Porez, (middle row) Paula HInderlHer, Carolyn VInoyard, Ka- ron Robert, Stocle Sloone, (top row) Tammy Peckam and Mascot Jennifer Jones, (not shown-Terri Koit). At halt-time, Robin (rooks, Uz Perez arxj Deldre Stan- ton talk to some " cheerleaders to be " . The girls joined the ctieerieaders at every game. Carolyn VIneyord and Jennifer Jones wait patiently for their pictures to get taken. The girls went to Tri City to get their team pictures taken. I iS4 tt, let ' s Go Crazy The 1984-85 Songleaders were faced with an interesting dilemma. For the first time, there wouid be no returning songleaders from the pre- vious squad. This situation however did not make the slightest bit of difference. The squad of three seniors and four juniors combined their creativity and leadership qualities to make their year very successful. They did one of many outstanding performances at camp, they livened up an as- sembly with a dance to " Let ' s Go Crazy " and they entertained spectators with a basketball halftime routine, " Songleading gave me the chance to get involved with all the sports and in different activities " , commented senior Jenni White. As a whole, the squad got along fairly well. There was a difference of opinion on some matters, but of course, that is expected. " If we were closer friends, our squad would of gotten along better. We had alot of fun though " , stat- ed senior Karle Sherman. The 1964-85 Varsity Song squad from left to rigtit (bot- tom row) Laurto Green, (middie row) Trisha Nakamura, JoanI Hampton, Jenn) White, MIka Christy, (top row) Sandy Connor, (not shown-Kerrl Sherman.) Waiting to order some squad pictures, MIka Christy tiasties us tier triendly smile. After tinlstiing o routine, KerrI Sherman giances up at the crowd KerrI has been involved in he pepster orga- nization sjhce her freshman year Sandy Connor practices a routine t efore a gome be- gins " E,D, " was painted on tier face to help promote spirit. Varsity Song 115 Never Ending Memories " Nha was the funnest thing about being a cheerleader this year? " Kathleen Chiechi: " Cheering at football games and making up songs with Deirdre and Liz. " Angie Harrod: " Going to U.S.A. camp during the summer. On the last night, we had the most fun. " Lisa Hinderliter: " The funnest part for me was just being with the others on my squad. We all got along great and we had a lot of fun together. " Anissa House: " Cruising around in the Rolls Royce with everyone was probably the best time I had. I had a fun first-year as a cheer- leader. " Mereditli Hutcheson: " I had a great year in flag cheering, going to U.S.A. camp, riding in the Rolls and painting stools at 4 in the morn- ing for football season. " Donna Snyder: " Camp was really fun be- cause we won a lot of " superior " ribbons and we met a lot of people. Also, the people on my squad were a lot of fun to be with, never forget when we went in the Rolls Royce and cruised around the football field. " The 1984-85 Varsity flag squad from left to right - Meredith Hutcheson, Lisa Hinderliter, Angle Harrod, Anlssa House, Kath- leen ChlechI, and Donna Snyder. I his year, during a half-time performance at o football game, the flog squad rented a Rolls Royce which drove them around and let them off on the football field The squad performed a rqutine that, they learned at cheer camp during the summer Before being driven to Brodford Stodium for a football gome. Anissa House, Kathleen ChlechI. and Meredith Hutcheson toke a minute to have tun in their rented Rolls Royce The chouffeured Rolls drove the squad around for two fiours before the game 1!6 Varsity Flag Superior Unity And Performance " What was the most memorable experience you hod this year as a cheerleader? " Kathy Geriak: " My squad was really fun, I liked meeting all the guys on the teams. Camp was a blast! Summer ' 84 and all the practices for camp, Irene, Kathy, Susan, II- lyse, and Tammy, Thanks! " Illyse Goldbaum: " Becoming closer to my squad, cheering at football games, and hav- ing a great time. But most of all, listening to Kathy and Irene ' s stupid jokes, " Kathy Johnson: " I thought camp was the best part. That ' s when we all become really close and got our ribbons, " Susan Kim: " I think camp was the best port of cheerleading. We all got our " superior " ribbons and trophies and we got to meet new friends from other schools, " Irene Perez: " It was fun how we all got along and had our stupid Jokes, I also liked our prac- tices with a break-time every five minutes, " During summet. the J V cheerleaders attended o U S A camp Theif performance and unily earned them many first place blue ribbons, and a spirit trophy lr«n« P r«z, Kathy G rlak. Tammy Harrif , and Susan Kim show their support at one ol the alter school football gorries The 1Q8J-6.J J V cheerleodiriQ squa :! from left to right - Tammy Harris, Susan Kim, Kathy Johnson, IDyse Goldbaum, lr«n« Perez, and Kathy Geriak. J.V. Cheer 117 u When the Freshmen cheerleaders were asked what their favorite ac- tivity during the year was, all six girls agreed the answer was going to canrip. Claudlne Scotti comment- ed, " I liked USA camp because I got to get to know people better and I made a lot of new friends! " Besides making new friends, these girls earned six superior ribbons from their daily competitions. After camp the girls focused their attention on promoting spirit for their football, wrestling, soccer, bas- ketball and baseball teams. Squad member Angela Shoho said, " I en- joyed cheering at the games and promoting school spirit and other activities. Our teams were great and I liked watching them win. " Head of Squad, Wend! White com- mented, " This year was a new ex- perience, fun, and best of all we became united as friends as well as spiritleaders. " United As Friends The 1984-1985 Freshmen Cheer Squad- Naomi Mayeda, CathI Blackburn, Wendi White, Claudine Scotti, Jlil Dinnebier, and Angela Shotio. Proudly displaying their trophy are Angela Shoho, Naomi Mayeda, Jill Dinnebier, Wendi White, and Claudine Scotti. The freshmen squad earned six superior rib- bons during daily competitions. Naomi Mayeda cheers " Go Big Gold! " The Freshmen cheerleaders cheered for both the freshmen and sophomore bas- ketball teams. Jump: ' ig because her team just made a basket, Angela , voho displays her spirit. ' ' MS Freshmen Cheer " Symbol Of Spirit And Enthusiasm II The 1984-1985 mascot Jennifer Jones. The Golden Hawk stands still to pledge the olma-mater. Jennifer incorporated many different props into her routines. Since the very first year that El Dor- ado opened the school has had a mascot known as the Golden Hawk. Traditionally, the Golden Hawk helped spread school spirit, pro- mote enthusiasm, and support the other spiritleaders. Finally the Gold- en Hawk was the symbol of the school. Every year try-outs are held to select a new mascot, this year Senior Jennifer Jones was select- ed. Once in costume, Jennifer set aside her individuality to become the character and physical representa- tive of the school. She spent a week at USA camp and brought home many superior ribbons and a medal. At the Heritage Day Parade in Oc- tober, Jennifer represented the pepsters dancing joyfully alongside their float. Besides going to many sports activities, she also porticipat- ed in assemblies doing skits, such as the Empire Busters. i Embossed as the central figure of the pepster organization, Jennifer Jones proudly represents the person behind the Hawk. Mascot 119 We Wanted To Getcha Priscilla Andruss. Cathy Conger. Faith Jarratt. Sheri Hodson, Karen Lidner. Tcbo- Cheryl Doose. Tammy Dearen. Stacy Weidner. Tori Tomazic. Debbie Franzone, Alicia Ernst. Sheri Utter. Carrie Carson. Bob Botha. Rob Sporrer. Christi Clawson.l Sweet. Kaneez Zaidi. Mary Douherty. Troy Parsons Tanaka Axberg. Julie Mcknight. Whitney Nelson. Derik De Vecchio. Mike Tillm Gregg Bennett. Rob McCorkle. Steve Rogers 120 Gotcha nd We QcXM f3,S I Nteso. Ted Carson. Simon Funge. Karina Paoletti. Marc Posner. Brad Queen, ristin Donath nnette Ignacek. Ed Mercer, John Patrick, Mary Mosley. Mr. Mosley, Jason m V Barbara Mercer, Karen Gusc, Michelle Morey. Melanie Stoll. Ryan Monette. Gotcha 121 Up Up And Olel The Spanish club. The name speaks for itself. There is no requirement to join, just be interested i n the lan- guage and the country ' s culture The club ' s advisor each year is Ms. Blanchard. She organizes many ac- tivities including broomball against the French club, Halloween and Christmas parties, bake soles, and their annual trip to Olivera Street in Los Angeles. This year the club is looking forward to the International banquet with the French and Ger- man clubs. " It ' s on interesting cultur- al experience " claims sophomore Craig Olson. This years president is Cheri Gould, vice-president is Shannon Emrick who helps organize activities and run meetings. " It ' s fun " , comments Shannon. " We hove a good time and its a great place to meet peo- ple " . Club member Sara Schmunk tries to figure out what Erika Riker ' s pictures have to do with the Spanish club Club member David Arguello enjoys the food at the Spanish club ' s special Christmas fiesta The 1984-85 Spanish club. Top row Jenny Lo, Jill Maytuch, Kathy Nuvine, Lisa Passafiume. Sherri Orr, Craig Olson, Hang Nguyne, Kim Ressler, Kim Schoner, Karen Weaver, Ms. Blanchard. Bottom Row Trung Nguyen, Cheri Gould, David Arguello, Dawn McBride, Susan Gordon, Stdcy Sauber, Sara Schmunk, John Flannagan. Club president Cheri Gould carefully inspects the new shipment of Spanish club T-shirts. 122 Spanish Club 6.(642) + (395), + . 64(29)+ (301)3.6 If you are interested in ctiaiienging your mind, improving your mathematical abil- ity, and competing in national contests then the Moth Team would be a perfect club to join. The Math Team, which con- sists of 16 members, participated in a contest known as the Atlanta Pacific where they compete against schools from all over the nation. They also com- peted in contests at Orange Coast Col- lege and Pomona College, When the Math Team is not participating in con- tests, they get together and organize a gome of " Math Jeopardy " , Jack Su, President of the team, commented, " The game is just like TV Jeopardy but all of our problems deal with math, " The team had quite a few more members than in the post years which gave them an advantage in competition, Mike Lo, a member of the Math Team, stated, " You learn with experience, " Tackling a series of math problems, Gordie Brindell finds the solution At iunch meetings, the team discusses upcoming contests- and practice equations The 1984-85 Math Team from left to right (top row) Steve Skell, Mike Heuser, Gordie Brindeil, James Chow, Wayne Su, Nathan Nguyen, Derik Delvechio, Mike Lo, Chien-Yu Chan, and Mrs. Appleby, (bottom row) Jenny Lo, Jack Su, Jim Penge, Charity Quimpo, Sereno Gsieh, Cindy Hung, and Hsi Pin Chen. After looking over Jack Su ' s work, Mrs. Appieby gives a smile of approval Mrs. Appleby is this years Math Team advisor Joking over a careless mistake Nathan Nguyen and Chien-Yu Chan work to figure out trie correct answers Math Club 123 m i )Xlt l n zuUc U M )A iX lil t t 124 For You! M iXlc WuZc U MZ- i Not Just A Club: A Culture After its third year, the German club headed by Mr. Walton was still as strong as ever. This year, the German club had about 40 members and they met every Thursday to discuss up and coming events such as trips to Switzerland, Ger- many, and Austria, When asked what their main purpose was. President Roger Kavjgan said, " Different German clubs from all over Orange County get to- gether and just have fun. " Some activi- ties the club has been involved in are the annual Octoberfest, the November- test in Diamond Bar, and a Carnival in which all German clubs attend. The Ger- man club was the richest foreign lan- guage club on campus due to its Gummi Bear sale, Valentines Day pastry sale, and concession stands at our soc- cer games. This year, the President was Roger Kavigan, Vice President was Christy Frantz, Treasurer was Mike Grotti, and the Secretary was Angela Bakken. JhQ 1984-85 German club members ore: (top row) Richard Flint, Rogar Kavigan, MIk Groth, Trent Sklnnar, Andy Ponrwroy, Mark Arnold (second row) Borry Glannon, Elita Brannon, Staphanle King, David Andruss, John Patrick, Alan Ho, Paul D ' Alo, Kim Utter, Mr. Walton (ttiird row) TomI Gul- zow, Priscllla Andrutt, Angela Bakken, Karen Brown, KIrsten Blum ond Stierrl Utter. Surprised at riow well their candy houses turned out. Roger Kavigan ond Angela Bokaan look on with pleased smiles This year, Roger is the president and Angela is the secretary. Looking on a mop of Germany. Jett Shettler looks forward to his trip in the summer to Austria, Switzer- land, and Germany. 126 German Club Giving A Hoot p 1 flHi HblP ' H HRr " 411 kiMMMMilillHIBp! ' . n Kot H Hfe t ' ' ' " H r - % [ ■1 ffe 9IIB 1 - S?S i ' ' K " -. . t T- W .- Shoveling dirt. The Ecology Club has much more to it than that. The Club mixes landscaping with other nature re- lated activities. Horse bock riding, whale watching, picnicking, hiking and biking are some of the activities, " The Ecology Club offers a lot of involvement and ac- tivities, " said President Wayne Su. This is all done by raising money by collecting papers, " Our major goal is to clean up the na- ture center and then to branch out over the school, " said Jack Su, who has been a member for four years. They have been working on the nature cen- ter and planting around the science building. The Club also donated the Christmas tree found in the science building. Is getting into the Ecology Club worth it? Charity Quimpo said, " Absolutely! " Jenny Lo tires of rolling out the barrel. She fills the barrel with twigs from the Nature Center, No job is too small for the Ecology Club, Roxanne Wong rakes leaves out of dirt in the Nature Center Even the leader of the Ecology Club, Mr. Pence pitches in on the cleaning up. Derik DeVecchio cracks a smile. Who said repair work isn ' t fun? B Ecology Club 127 Working For The Future VICA, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, is a class where " all of tfie class time is devoted to working in tfie shop " according to senior Russ Hughes. Students are required to make a pro ject. but other than that they have no written work VICA includes the workshop, metalshop. auto shop, electricity shop, and me- chanical drawing All of these classes prepared students for an occupation after completion of high school. " I took the class to get myself ready to be a mochinist after I graduate " stated Steve Beard. The 1984-85 VICA members Using great precision, Henry Ortega cuts fiis board to a perfect fit. Being careful to moke sure his drawing is as accurate as possible, Aaron Cargile lines up his terr In the newly-rebuilt auto shop, Chris Hockett and Steve Baristi go right to the source oi the pic 128 VICA style Of Their Own " Illegible; rewrite " is one mark not hoped for on assignments. Having your handwriting compared to chicken-scratch isn ' t ego build- ing either. To work on penmenship, a Calligrophy Club was formed. " I ' ve been interested since sixth grade and this was an opportunity for me to express my skill and interest, " said Bobby Co- hen President of the Club. The Club teaches how to write in Calligraphy. " We made name place cards for the student council, " said Secretary of Correspondence Laurie Green. The Calligraphy Club would write ' or anyone who asked. " We also had contests for best lettering. " said Karen Weaver. ' It ' s one of the easiest clubs to join; all you need is a pen and paper, " said Bobby Co- hen. river Ip ' bcuL , 1 cr ' Hu)ciu-v« Top row Ms. Payne, H. Nguyen, J. Lo, T. Gulzow, J. Overland, B. Stwertnik. Bottom row L. Green, B. Cohen, K. Weaver. A little role reversal Bobby Cohen supervises Ms. Payne while she writes The Calligraphy Clubs work is displayed by the name cards they made for Student Council Jenny Lo and Laurie Green pay full attention to learning how to write letters in calligraphy Calligraphy Club 129 Graffiti The art work came alive as the dancers presented their annual dance show " Graffiti " , It tool a lot of finne and effort to make the dance show a success. The dancers practiced at 7:15 in the morning, dur- ing 2nd period and even added a few otter school rehearsals, and some night rehearsals. " We had to pick the music and choreograph all the dances ourseif, except the 3 dances that Mel choreo- graphed. They are always the most fun, " stated Ta- mmy Peckham. Melanie Alexander, or Mel as her dancers call her, held try outs in January, Sabrlna Waterman com- ments, " it was tough competition. There was a lot of talent and only 1 1 out 30 girls were chosen. The dancers may have worked hard but they had fun doing it. Many close relationships had devel- oped, " We ' re ail like sisters in a big family and Mel ' s our mom, " reveals Teresa Pefry. One of the dances that the girls enjoyed the most was " I ' m free " choreographed by Kim Gregory. Kim has been in dance for the last two years, " To be a good dancer, you must be creative, outgoing, and dedicated. Teresa Retry is a good example. She ' s creative and contributes a lot to the group, " Mel concludes, " I wasn ' t at all prepared for the dance show this year but the girls took care of everything. They are amazing! " Tammy Peckham. -.KIfn ' t WltK abrina ' Wai«rfn n, — Brenda Gregbry, Kt Oregory, VfM ead, Carol ttdttibun, Jull ) a Jiidy Whitehead poses while dancing to Barry ManI r - low ' s - ' ie v York City Rhythm, " After donee work out, Kim Lewis stretches otrt her mus cles so that ti-----v will not tighten up. I Teresa Petry staY klove to perfornn and dancing is the best way to do it. " Rewards For Success ' f ■ |t ' " ? H V J j The California Scholarsl ip Federation, C.S.F. for sfiort, is a club whose members must maintain certain academic standards. In order to be a member, a student must obtain ten C.S.F. points. Three C.S.F. points are awarded for an A grade, and one C.S.F point is awarded for a B grade. One change from previous years is that two points are now awarded for a B grade in an honors class. According to C.S.F, President Gor- don Brindell, the redson for the change is that. " An honors class is more difficult than a regular class. Honors classes take twice the effort. " The main goal of the club is to reward students for doing well in school. The activities include lunchtime pizza and ice cream parties, progres- sive dinners, and a C.S.F, night at Disneyland. In addition to the fun that C,S F provides, the club also awards scholarships to seniors who are C.S.F, lifetime members. The money for these scholarships is raised by the members ' candy sales. t » " m r % k Senlofs Donna Alwxandw Chris Bayn Joml iraam Oordon IrindftO St v»n ChfMit Carrl Cttn Paul Dambrough D r1k DwVAcehIo Xmy Duk«a DavW Evans John Fkinogon Jano nor nt1n« Chrttty hanta MIcho ! Oreth K w»n Oium KNiHwdv Mlcho ! Hti—T Josoph Hffl St«v« Houston Dong Kim Draw Long Jt o Loo MHioLo Klmborty Loyd Amy McKay Dana Modson Edward Morcor Tdsha NahcBTiura CoHowi O ' Htggbts [ onls« Pholp HoRyNpor Konnoth Raskbi Jonnltor Shoelor Stovofl SkoH SUKHI Swoot Ju4fith WhHohood Juniofs Lawi Abomothy David Andrusi Trocy Banduraga MIchollo •oouchamp JonnI Bishop Wchool Blown Pt Brotvn Bick Burgor Aaron Cargtio Wcholo Castas HsIPIn Chon Kothlowi Chtoch) J«n«s Chow Mark Chuborka Sandy Cormor RtckDardon t Hidra Dombrough Doonno Donson AHsha Enc lsh John Evcms Antta Ronogan SCHKtea fukushbna Bobort Oalvln Lourio Oroon Robort Hogmalor Davkl Hartfoldof Chris Wognor Louis W dtor Roy Wolls MIchoot Wtlhotml Kahino Yo Dwils Hicks Pot Houston Usa Ignocok Richard Xoothior Rosatyn Lbnjoco Jomos Lynch ion McForson Scott Monckon JcRM Mofric Nottran N yon LJsoO ' NoUl An Pong Artono Poiry Kathioon Powors Amanda Prlnglo Cltartty Qulmpo John Qubnpo Koft Raskin Lisa Ronoud Chris Rttchto RoboriRobHfM Vlcklo Stowart Bill StoM MclKiol Strogoy Jock Su WaynoSu Wondy Swoarfrtgon Poto Toman Sophomofes Mark Bodstuobnor Angela Bokkon Kirston Bliun Stovo Bouy Rick Bowon Und Brodach Kwon Brown Jason Buck Brian Cordonos Matlt Chaput Oroco Choi g CrteChu Soon Connolly Chflstino Htkon Susan From San o Rdcushlnra Erk: Oolngt Jim Jockmon Rovl Join Holon Kim Stowort Klmuro TofTi Kbmoor JonnHor Koch Jofm Logurra Bob Lancoy Jormy Lo Stophonto Monloy Hong Hguyon Scon Olson Cf dg Olson Shorrt Ott Jon Ovortond Usa Patsoflumo John PoliogrirK) John Quimpo SiKHinon Rathbun Jim Rodman MIchool Rowan Eric Snydor Dan Stockhouso Ar drow Thompson MIchool TUman Jamos Wohl Karon Woovor Mondy Wobb Wiitfam Wholon Robort WUHams Roxonrko Wortg Doug Yotos Freshmen CwtI Abrohms Devon AloxorKtor Alison Blum Bobby Bowon Tod Corson Camoron Carter EI n ore Clwn Motthew Cote Jill Dlnnobler Jenny Douj ss EHzabeth Evonshlne Shano Frank Simon Fungo JnmHor Gondln Mory Oorace Tamara Oulzow Brian Hendrix Darin Hicks Matt Hill Soemkin Khan Tiffany Louble Krostopoul Loo Cottiorine Lussler CIrtdy Modsen JuUe Morris Hortg Nguyen Trung Nguyen TobohoNteso StoptKstIo Otiorteslon Debbie Orulllon Bonnie Pork Todd Portugal Tony l rado Both Robertson Suzarme Sanghvl Steven Schule Jeff Smltt) Carolyn Toman ErtcUllerich Kelly Underwood Stacy Weldner Tommy WDIkims Cynthia WoM VIckl Wefr Pictured are the members of C.S.F. This club boasts the greatest number of members than any other club on campus The C.S.F. officers are President Gordon BrlndvM, Trea- surer Don Kim, Commissioner of Publicity laurl Aber nethy, Secretary Jennifer Shecter, and Commissioner of Activities Tracy Bondurroga. The progressive dinner held in December moved to three different locations in the course of the evening. Enjoying the party are Christy Frantz, Karen Guse, Donna Alexander, and Dong Kim. C.S.F. 131 Taking A Shortcut The Future Business Leaders of America, commonly called FBLA, is a club consisting of students in be- ginning and advanced shorthand classes, Their primary responsibility is to run the student store. FBLA re- ceives 40% of the profits, and the remaining 60% of the profits go to the student council. Ms. Stanger teaches the shorthand classes and is the teacher advisor for the club. Kristen Lenning commented on the student store, " It ' s fun to w ork in the student store because some of my friends do " Catherine Powers ad- ded, " It ' s a great way to earn extra money and help the student coun- cil ' s fund. " Transcribing letters is one of the skills F.B.L.A. members acquire. Kelly Sutton concentrates on her work in order to improve. The FBLA members pictured are as follows: Pam Morgan, Priscilla Cooley, Helen Soto, Erin Sauber, Mary Graves, Christine Renn- wald, Dana Simmons, Kristina Seicido, Judy Whitehead, Karen Garberson, Cynthia Ro- bichaud, Julie Crescione, Julie Hunsaker, Stacy Sauber, Lisa Yorl«, Ayn Hackett, Jan- elle Aulick, Kathy Kleven, Sandra Darn- brough, Laurie Crowe, Catherine Powers, Kelli Sutton, Mary Ann Lage, Lori Lebo, Tonya Fraser, Michelle Johnson. Practicing their typing are Dana Simmons and Christine Rennwald. They manage to keep a good sense of humor in spite of the hard work. 132 FBLA Future Leaders Wmi m Debate And Mock Trial I3B 134 Tall Flags And Rifles i v J AuxUcay ToAres The Lead Dedication and success appropriatly describe the auxil- iary units for 1984-1985. Ttie Flag, Rifle, and Banner Squads devoted approximately 13 hours o week to bring their routines to perfection. The squods strived for unity and developed lasting friendships in the process. They have perfornned at an assembly and at football games to delight the student body. Routines created by captain Jennifer Shecter and co- captain Gina Plantamura led the rifle squad to cap- ture first place aw ards in every competition attended. All of the hard work contributed by Andrea Clark, Sue Janicki, Michelle Kelly, Linda LaBorde, LeeAnn Miner, Vickie Pavia, Gina Plantamura, and Jennifer Shecter pdid off when they scored a 98 out of 100 at the Savanna Field Tournament. Led by Kristen Dodd and Anne Pateman, the tall flags twirled their way to victory The squad demonstrated winning qualities that awarded them 6 trophies from 7 competitions, a feat they accomplished without the did of on instructor. When asked why she enjoyed the flag squod, BethAnn Driscoll stated, " All the flags are like one big family because we all talk about problems and we care about each other. " Tracy Lester says she ' s been a flag for 3 years " Because the raspy du- fuss ' s are in it and I enjoy the competition. IJ ' s a lot of work but it ' s a lot of fun to win and meet many other people in other bands " Street flogs include Lynn Agra- ceurcy, Kim Amero, Kristlna Bovia, Kris Clarence, BethAnn Driscoll, Julie Cresclone, Carol F aclone, Gina Gomez, Tracy Lester, Kelly Morgan, Michelle Morey, dnd Anne Pateman. Field flags include the dbove street flags as well as Brandi Carrigan, Jodi Dodd, Kristen Dodd, Jenni Douglass, Yvette Reta, Angela Snyder, Donna Snyder, and Heather Vaughn. The banners led the wdy for the marching Hawks in parades, their bdnners spelling out El Dorado They car- ried their letters with pride dnd snapped their routine " We really have come a long way since we first start- ed. Ail of the underclassmen gave it their best and did a really good job, " stated captain Donna Snyder. The units members are Brandi Carrigan, co-captain Jodi Dodd, Jenni Douglass, Julie Lloyd, Angela Snyder, Susan Nllson, Donna Snyder, and Heather Vaughn. Although the banners had only one individual competition, they always help the bands overall score. These flag members carry " the look of determi- nation " while marching down Main Street The band went on a December Disneyland trip to have fun while earning money by performing. Being an auxiliary member requires many hours of practice as well as a talent. Junior, Michelle Kelly knows she must practice to perfect her double-time. Tall Flags And Rifles 135 w Marching To The Top Neither rain, sleet, or snow keeps the Marching Band from performing. World ' s Largest Metronome. The percussion squad waits for the start of their routine. Left to right bottom row D. Snyder. Y. Rett, S. Nilson. J. Dodd. H. Vaughn. A. Snyder, B. Carrigan. J. Douglas. J. Lloyd. 2nd row: A. Clark. K. Clarence. J. Shecter, C. Plantamura. S. Frank, E. Devine. J. Suess. M. Runyon. B. Jackson. J. Monk. G. Cheng. S. Pike. C. Hung, B. Lantz. T. Williams. V. Pavia. S. Janicki. M. Kelly. 3rd row: K. Dodd. C. Agracewicz. A. Nikolovski, D. Stanley. S. Frantz. A. Thomas. S. Smith. K. Utter. S. Garnet. E. Wilcox. B. Bowen. J. Gould. J. Brink. M. Smith. L. Miner, L. LaBorde. 4th row: B. Driscoll. T. Bandurraga. M. Wooten. B. Dukes. E. Ambrosius. J. Bishop, S. Rathbun, J. Melbinger. J. Adair. D. Morrill. L. Schweitzer, A. Cooper, N. Zysman. K. Morgan. 5th row: C. Facione. H. Patrick. P. 136 Marching Band Nixon. D. Briggs. C. Clark. J. Halverson, J. Snyder. J. Vesper. D. Schweitzer. J. Abraham. D. Rowe. A. Pringle. A. Wagner. J. Crescione. 6th row: K. Clarence. K. Barbee. J. Hoang. D. Gardener. M. Plegel. R. Guzman. R. DeMasi. J. Samsel. J. Poutney. P. Sachse. K. Poutney. S. Keane. J. Pelton. T. Lester. 7th row, M. Morey. R. Gorman. R. Llewellyn. P. Houston. J. Fox. D. Wade. J. Knieling. R. Wells. J. DeMasi. B. Shepherd. S. Cooper. S. Olsen. W. Phillips. G. Gomez. Top row: K. Boveia. E. Stromberg. E. Schneider. E. Chu. M. Lounge. T. Grodin. E. Terhune. S. Zysman. M. Arnold. G. Brindall. S. Rogers. J. Hill. C. Llewellyn. A. Pateman. The band practices one more time before kick-off. Lisa Schweitzer starts each morning off with a march around the field. Marching Band 137 1 emus: Firm Fmish Extra! Extra! By Marc Posner Deadlines, reporters, editors, and inter- views were all part of the school news- paper. Changes were also a big part of the paper. A noticeable change was the title of the paper itself. " We changed the name just so people would understand it, " replied reporter Marc Posner. The title of last year ' s paper was The El Galvalin, but it changed to The Golden Hawk. For each new edition, a p lanning ses- sion took place. This was where bad stories were thrown out and good ones were followed up on. Reporters were given the ideas and had to come up with an interesting story to be read by all the students, se Putting together a paper was new wrto most of the staff. Many of the re- pi ' porters were inexperienced. " Due to our inexperience we encountered g many challenges, but we met all of Hethem, " said Willie Wright. Usually each to member of the staff has gone through guone year of journalism to prepare for ' the paper. fe ' from wK ue, more so than i.n ■.•■ ' would. A idCR CI commitmen! (lects on trie taems ' attitude as well. ■ " must show up for practice and well as possible to establish :ies. " It IS im- am concept icK ot commitment can be cannot. " g vvan commitment, leadership is a key par ihi pOi " bec prr to the be a ' •Tf try to snip had t Wi ; ;iia. ■ K ■■■; bi this 1 Thi t. ' thi c " ).3n li ns wni oe very comp inq reg The Golden Hawk newspaper staff as follows: Willie Wright, Steve Prancevick, Jon.-, a Petrillo, Brian Harris, John Yarder, Marc Posner, (not shown) Tania Costello, Dave Hintz, Kristen Dodd, Charkes Titus (Advisor), Tami Portugal, and Sean Shedlock. Brian Harris goes over his story before the deadline. The whole staff works very hard tQ,T,c put out their paper. Reporter Willie Wright tries to come up with a good story for his article. This is Willie ' s first year on the paper. ivj Ddii i n.J3is ;o| lu Oils. Lee fi oi 138 Newspaper per student 3 means less 111 CJM3 luyicjiM -aa al •are jne art ot nis time to noer a required class ' las declined q. either the ellmlna- Tie iment problem persists. I m 9 junior Jai ment was useless rictof ;f •• I the new ' sjed schedules. " ■ .lO. " Academic en: and boring. I ' m glad we got tain ot ■• band ; ciety. J- participant in wnich she attended " er. Oheri Gould was named as Sem Month for ' T 0th ' - partmental basis, keep " You could lose s teachers, " Jertberg stated. Designing a layout is part of Steve Prancevick ' s job. Layouts are the starting point of the newspa- per. Editor-in-chief Kristen Dodd decides on the best pictures to put in the paper Kristen has been on the news staff for three years. Concentrating on his worl , John Yarder writes his ideas down for a story. John is one of the new members on the staff. Preparing for a deadline, Tania Costello wc rl s on her paste ups. This is the final step before printing the newspaper. to Newspaper 139 Drama Goes Back To The 30 ' s The fall production, " Our Hearts Were Young. " took place in the I930 ' s. Two girls, Cornelia Skinner, played by Becky VanBlbber. and Emily Kimbrough. played by Jill Westphal. take a cruise to France to seek their fortune while indulging in many mishaps. Not only did the cast have to study their lines, but they also learned to speak some French and translate French lines to English with the help of Ms. Shick. They also had to research the time era of the I930 ' s to help with the costumes. The cast also got to go on the Prin- cess Line Cruise in San Pedro for the exper- ience of being on a ship. Casey Marshall played the part of the famous French actor. Monsieur de LaCroix. " I liked this role because he was foreign and conceit- ed. I could make him as flamboyant as possible and I would still be in character. " The play was a long three act play. Casey Marshall commented, " After all the long hours of rehearsal and hard work, the end product was well worth it. " Monsieur de LaCroiux and Mr. Skinner exchange theater stories. Mr. Skinner was portrayed by Shawn Dillon. It looks as though Becky VanBlbber had had a long day. The cost had many late night rehears- als for perfection. Robert Trummeter questions Jill Westphal about the object that he found. " ?»? MM» i ' F ' ! 140 Drama Are We In Kansas Yet? v ' - ,i r- - 7 ' -C-(i; ' .- ' - Giving Doroth:jLih%flgsQLC ryby slippers is the Sorceress ol the Nortbrlffm Whitne3( - Becky VOnBlbBerT Bruce Smith, Mand Fonseca and Mike Hedderig are looking tor the Great Oz in f meraid City, The Munchkins welcome Dorothy to Munchkin land. Merrit Claudin, Lisa O ' Neil and Lisa Maher represent the Lolli- pop Guild The Drama Department broke through the fourth dimension in presenting " The Wizard of Oz. " The whole auditorium became the stage, and when the characters spoke, they involved the audience. Becky VanBibber, who played the role of Dorothy, stated, " It has been the best show by far because it was a Children ' s Theater. The audience as well as the cost got emo- tionally involved. At the last performance, there was not a dry eye in tfie house, " The music added color to the play and took part in the plays success. " The cost seemed confident with their music, thanks to Mr. Te- bay, " commented Becky. Mike Hedderig, who portrayed the part of the Tinman, concluded, " The cast was so neat. We have never had a cast that worked so well together, " Drama 141 Lights, Camera, Action! For involvement with play productions, look to the Drama Club They hold meetings at lunch, run by Mrs. Jones and the Thespian Officers, which inform drama club members of upcoming plays and activities. At these meetings, they also sign up for crews and ore informed about audi- tions. One of the biggest activities of the Drama Club is selling Singing Valentines. This activity always proves to be very profitable Trisha Mohan cortimented, " I always like to do Singing Valen- tines. It ' s fun to express what other people think. " Being involved with drama has many benefits, weekend festivals, acting on stage in front of an audience, cast parties and discounts on the shows. Cyndie Stevens, President of the Drama Club, concluded. " Drama is like a huge family. The love, respect and support that is given to you is from everyone. " In the field of Improvization, Shawn Dillon, Jill Conn, Becky VanBlbber and Cyndie Stevens placed 8th in Southern California Tammy Herron, Eleanor Chen, Carol Delaney and not pictured Chris Hagedorn were trophy winners in the category of Group Improvization. This was the first year El Dorado entered this tough competition and placed 1 1 out of 26 schools. Christy Jimmerson took 8th place in the category of Individual Serious with her scene from " W lngs. " At the festival. El Dorado placed 9th overall out of 60 schools " ub members for the 1984-85 season 142 Drama The Drama Club Officers of 1984-85: Cyndie Stevens, President, Jill Westphal, Vice-President; Jill Conn, Secretary. Elyse Schor, Treasurer, Mandy Cook and Teresa Christian, Clerks Piacing 5th in Southern California for their collage of children ' s literature were Carol Hembree, JorrI Northrop, Trisha Mohan, lllyse Gold- baum, Jody Bonaventura and not pictured Julie Walker. Mary Gerace, Sal Bonnello, Aimee Schor, Jennifer Carrig, Shannon Jetferies and Shano Frank placed 7th out of 25 entries with o cutting from " The Girl in the Mirror. " El Dorado was the only school from Orange County which placed in the top 15. Thespians Troupe 199: M. Cook, J. Conn, R. VanBlbber, C. Clark, J. Westphal, M. Fonseca, K. Whitney, M. Hedderig, B. Bellot, R. Lamb, T. Christian, S. Dillon, E. Schor, T. Scott, C. Stevens, T. Mohan, T. Allen, S. Schmunk, T. Bandurraga, K. Dolnick, T. Petry, A. Dukes, C. Mar- shall, S. King, J. Walker, J. Northrop, L. O ' Neli. ,ST ! ' ' ■W M TMW 1 Troop 42515 When you think of San Diego, what ' s the first thing that comes to your mind? Sun, sand, surf, and fun? That ' s not what five members of the yearbook staff thought about. Their main concern was how they were going to sit through six classes a day, for a week, without going crazy. " I didn ' t really mind the classes. I think I spent most of the time dreaming of what our book was going to look like. It had to be the perfect creation, especially if I didn ' t want to hide out during the last week of school when the books came out, " said editor Lauren Calvert. Students, Ken Kaldenbach, Lisa Larick, Jill Ojeda, Stuart Mencher, and Lauren Calvert attended the annual SCSPA at UC San Diego during the month of August. This camp is held every summer to help train yearbook staffs all over the state for the year ahead. " We had a lot of free time to go to the beach or sleep. To top that, there were fifty water polo play- ers on the two floors above mine, " said Lauren. " I hod a lot of fun because of the new friends that I made, " commented Jill Ojeda. " There is so much I could say. I could talk about climbing three flights of stairs with my robe on because I got locked out of my room. I could tell you about the naked men doing Yoga on Black ' s Beach, and even letting Lauren find out I ' m not a nerd after all, " remembered Lisa Larick. I remember when we all hiked down this steep cliff to Black ' s Beach. I was running down the path when my thong broke. I rolled about five feet and landed in a bush, " laughed Ken Kaldenbach. When school started, so did we I The year got off to a slow start with only six returning students. The real task was to teach the rookies the ropes. Training ses- sions were held for the first two weeks, but the rest was going to have to come with practice. " At first it was hard, but everyone helped me learn what to do. Now it ' s easy, and it ' s fun working with people, " stated Lisa Hinderliter. " In yearbook, you learned something new everyday. Even though it got a little hectic, it was fun, " said David Evans. The theme of the book was " Changes " , To carry out the theme we used a lot of wild backgrounds and colors to add excite- ment, and to get away from the traditional styles. This added a lot of confusion. We were really happy when it turned out so great, but most people were just happy that we finished with it. " I was especially glad that it was finished. I didn ' t know what the heck I was doing until we started to cut and paste. That ' s easy! I think the color pages turned out great! " said Karen Rob- ert. " Being photo-editor is a lot of work, but when it comes to deadlines, working with my photographers is fun, " said Stuart Mencher. The remainder of the year would be a breeze. Deadlines were sprinkled with pizza parties, " Eating pizza was my favorite part of yearbook, " said Kim Lewis. Six foot sub- marine sandwiches, " Bunch-a-Lunch " , and cookies during the weeks that followed the Winter Formal, " I liked when deadlines were finished because we always had a party afterward, " said Kenny Donovan. " Chonging Sesons, " the 1985 Winter For- mal, was organized by Carrie Cline. For two months no one knew if Carrie was alive or not. She was always out phoning 144 Yearbook orders or arranging and buying something for the dance. " Winter Formal was a lot of work. I was really happy when it was fin- ished. I loved watching everything run so smoothly, " sighed Carrie. Around finals time, when everyone else was sweating through their fourth period final, we were out stuffing our faces at Her- shels, " I wasn ' t stuffing my face. My choco- late shake ended up on Phil ' s back, " laughed Doug Frate. " I had a great time at Hershels, until I felt something cold dripping down my back, " remembered Phil Middle- ton. One activity that helped put a little fun into the class was " Nerd of the Deadline. " " Through all the hard times, being in year- book has been a great experience. I met great friends and had a lot of fun times. Most of all I liked being in charge of ' Nerd of the Deadline ' , " said Michelle Paoletti. No one knew who was selected until after the deadline. Sometimes they were selected because of their hard work, and sometimes it was just to tease someone about some layout, or stupid copy. " It was an honor to be nominated as " Nerd of the Deadline " I love my super-banana award! " said Greg Clark. " When I got my award we were at Bunch-a-Lunch; they announced it in front of anyone. I was so embarrassed, " stated Kristin Ladner. Field trips were also one of the nice bene- fits of being on the staff. Brian Lee, Phil Middleton, Lisa Larick, Carrie Cline, Lauren Clavert, and Mr. Leonard took a nice, leisurely, five-hour drive up to Visalia, California, to tour the Josten Yearbook Printing Company. " Well, there ' s only one way you can go in Visalia, and we went the wrong way. We dined, swam, cruised the town, watched movies until dawn, and the Josten tour was just an added attrac- tion to our action packed, super-deluxe, fun-filled, one-of-a-kind, vacation to Visa- lia, " exclaimed Brian Lee. Through all of the fun times, there was a lot of hardwork and hardtimes. Deadlines were a hassle and sometimes weekend crams were a necessary part of being on time. " I ' ll never forget working on a dead- line the night of Winter Formal. We stayed up until 3:00 a.m. trying to put everything together. The worst part was finding out the dates were mixed up and it wasn ' t due for another week! " yelled Lisa Larick. " Be- ing a photographer takes most of my free time. I have to put off my layouts until the last possible minute when I throw it togeth- er, " said Dave Stow. New friendships were a special part of be- ing a member of the staff, " It was fun get- ting to meet new people, " said Paula Hin- derliter. " A special part of being on the yearbook staff was the new friendships that I made, " commented Karen Guse. We ourselves will not only remember all the changes we shared, but El Dorado will also remember. The yearbook staff of 1985 made changes in traaition. We started a new tradition of senior class pictures, " Blowing up balloons for the senior picture was fun; we got to be pros at talking with helium, I liked the senior picture this year because it was different. It was a change of tradition that our class started, " said Mi- chelle Morey. Most important of all we started a new tradition of yearbooks at El Dorado. " This was the easiest and best year of production, which must mean that this is the most creative staff ever, " said Mr. Leonard. " Being on yearbook was spe- cial to me because I helped to put my senior year in print, " said Susan Geer. Special THANKS to: Mr. Wright for all the help and encouragement (and supplies) Rusty Moore for all the front cover and extra artv ork Shelly Skidmore for all her typing Brian and Phil for all their ex- tra v» ork Mr. Rod for all his help Mr. Sonnenburg for all his encouragement and poems Mr. Chappell for his time and encouragement Hoot Gibson for letting us try Mr. Ladner for the artworks and Mr. Leonard for EVERY- THING!! The members of the Yearbook staff of 1985: Lisa Hinderliter, Greg Clark, Karen Guse, David Evans, Brian Lee, Paula Hinderliter, Susan Geer, Doug Frate, Michelle PaoiettI, Alan Leonard, Kenny Donovan, MicKielle IMorey, Ken KaldenbacKi, Kristin Ladner, Kim Lewis, Stuart Mencher, Phil MIddieton, David Stow, Lisa Larlcic, Karen Robert, Jill Ojeda, Carrie Cline, and Lauren Calvert. Yearbook 145 The String Quartet The last bastion of classical music at El Dorado was Orchestra. The sounds of Bach and Bee- thoven were heard when class convened third period. The Orchestra thr year was actually a " String Quartet. " It was tK ? srtiallest class taught by Mr. Watson. The vlass consisted of two basses. Jim Wahl and Eddie Terhune. and two violinists. Jane Moa ' k there are a lot of aav Martha Monzt small class becausit tion and it teaches vs Because of the small gi the Orchestra felt closi The highlight of the year was tfieir perfor mance in the school musical, " The Wizard of Oz. " fddif Iffhunr fimli 4 «uit pilch a he play hi ba . 146 String Quartet ' ' Win or lose we always had fun ' ' If you were loo ng for football, you would not yard line. That was Crow . The Loud Crowdii-job " J " to be enlh astic, show school pki4f arid spirit at sporting events, " state - raig Olsen. Brad Peler and Rob K»mo aid the cheerleaderf in iheir prefentations. The Loud Crowd •old buttons at the football games which went to their fund. The pre-season game against South Hills was the most motivating game for the Loud Crowd. The people in the stadium were really excited and the Loud Crowd started a " mini wave. " Supporting their team. Tammy Portugal and Craig Olsen stand up for the kick-off. Craig comments. " Next year we ' d like to concentrate on getting the younger members to the away games. " Loud Crowd 147 New Friendships When a hundred seniors and a hundred freshmen signed up to participate in the Big Brother Sister Little Brother Sister program, the student council knew the activity would be a success. At the begin- ning of the year students signed up for the program. The students could request their little brother or sister, if they didn ' t they were matched up randomly. Every month there was an activity for the sis- ters and brothers to participate in, in- cluding! bringing lunch for one another, the foam head contest, and a Christmas gift exchange. Senior Brad Peters said, " It has been very successful this year. There has been a great turn out on all events and everyone is very enthusiastic to do things with their brothers and sisters. " Faith Jarratt builds a mountain of shaving cream on her little brother. Dennis Shea ' s head. Faith and Dennis went on to win this contest for having the highest mountain. Regina Flores kindly shares her lunch with three little brothers. Seniors were repaid though, when in a later activity, the little sisters and brothers brought lunches for them. One of the activities for Big Brother Little Sister was lunch day. Here, a group of seniors share their lunches with their sisters and brothers. Senior Tim Green sits with his Little Sister Paula Clade. The Big Brother Little Sister club became very popular since its start last year and many stu- dents became involved. Gene Tjoa. Tim Goff, Roger Behle. and Linh Nguyen try to build the highest foam mountains on their little sisters ' heads. A popular activity for the Big Brother Little Sister club was the Foam Head Con- test. Big Brother Ed Padilla and Little Sister Kristin Arnold were tough competitors in the Foam Head Contest. The shaving cream mound eventually fell off Kris- tin ' s head. 148 Big Brother Little Sister ■■ Big Brother Little Sister 149 k Darrel Mansfield was one of our concert assetiiblles. Ho sang and talked to tlie students about the idolistic lives of rock- stars and their involvement with drugs. " The concert was cool because I like hard rock. Getting out of class was great loo. " said Tim Behan. Big brothers Roger Behle. Linh Nquyen. and unseen Brian Flalley are really enjoy- ing the " Freshmen Foam Head " competi- tion. This was jusi one of the activities for the Big Brother Little Sister program. Freshmen Lori Salsburry. Alison Blum, and Amy Jackson cant wait until tFieyre sen- One goal of the ASB officers was to as many new and fun competition! activities as they could come up The " Ugly. Feet " contest was one o class competitions during Spirit Week. 150 Student Life w . 0 a t5 o a.AjeS-X? Vi 1V do j KKtfHtfHtf . ...,.. il Ghosts, Goblins, And Gizmo 1 •N Ghosts, goblins, and witches were not un- usual to find roaming the campus on Octo- ber 31st. Many students participated in the annual Halloween dress-up day disguised as clowns, ' 50 ' s girls. Hippies, and Nerds. Dur- in g lunch, a contest was held for the Best Group, Scariest, and Most Original Cos- tumes. The Nerds won in the category of Best Group. A pumpkin full of candy was awarded to Tracey Borowski for the Scariest Costume. Paul Flatlcy won the Most Original Costume award with his table setting cos- tume. " No nuclear WarsI " Halloween hippies Jeanine Samsel. Brian Lee and Beth Green plead. Most of their sixties attire was purchased at The Goodwill or borrowed from parents. Pleased with their progress in dressing themselves, Brian Gal- vin. Todd Holt. Wes Porter, and Scott Fairfield smile during the " dress-up " parade. Many of the upper classmen dressed as nerds making it the most popular costume. What would be more appropriate on Halloween than a pumpkin costume thought senior Tammy Moore. Upon request Tammy kneels to the ground to fully demonstrate her costume. 152 Halloween Gizmo, made by Susan Sweet, is bemg very careful to stay away from any water. Gizmo is from the popular movie " Gremlins " . Someone is expected to engage themselves in a candlelight meal at the expense of Paul Flately. Paul was the winner of the most original costume. Dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West. Mrs. Crays shows her school spirit. Originally, a contest was to be held for teachers as well as the students. Halloween 153 »»iMa a »r iS National Velvet ( ' 44) The Yearling ( ' 46) Lili ( ' 53) Blackboard Jungle ( ' 55) Gidget ( ' 59) To Kill A Mockingbird i ' 62) Help! ( ' 65) The Graduate ( ' 67) Easy Rider ( ' 69) The Exorcist ( ' 73) Jaws ( ' 75) Star Wars ( ' 77) Saturday Night Fever ( ' 77) E.T. ( ' 82) Flashdance ( ' 83) I Changes Through Time Imagine the surprise and bewilderment a teenager from 1944 would feel if they stepped into a time machine and landed today. How would he feel about blacks and whites attending the same school, french-cut bikinis, a policewoman walking the beat, television with a set in almost every living room - to say nothing of personal computers? Each generation has its own goals and hopes, fashions and fads. 1984 is the generation of freedom, responsibility, and realism. Teens are no longer as innocent as they were In the ' 40 ' s and ' SCs, nor as disen- chanted as they were In the ' 60 ' s and ' 70 ' s. Today they have both ambition and knowledge. Things are no longer as easy as they used to be. Compared with those of the last two decades, teenagers today are more traditional, less experimental, more cautious, more home-orient- ed, and less rebellious. An appreciation of the business world is grow- ing again. Today, 20 percent of all new college freshmen say they are thinking about careers in business. That ' s twice as many as in 1964. The greatest advancement in 1984 is the fact that the generation gap is being bridged for the first time since 1944. The issues concerning teens are also upsetting parents. Both worry about the peril of nuclear war. Both generations want to make it easier for women to work out conflicts between career and family. Both worry about drug use, preg- nant unmarried teens, and teenage suicide. A change today ' s teen has made is that they ' ve learned how to leave their parents and also how to join them. But what the time traveler would find most impressive would be the independence of the 1984 teenager. Teens didn ' t win this indepen- dence overnight. The change occurred slowly, year after year. In the early SCs James Dean serves as a male sex-symbol, heart throb. The picture above, from the 1955 movie, " Rebel Without A Cause " , was released after Dean ' s death at the age of 24. Star of the popular T.V. show Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck serves 7 as a male sex-symbol. Magnum, P.I. is already on it ' s third mt PRICES THEN AND NOW product 1944 1984 Coca-Cola 5e 50t Hamburger 20 t $3.50 Record (single) 50(t $1.50 Basic Haircut $1.50 $12.00 Movie Ticket 35 t $3.50 Braces $700 $2,000 Sneakers $2.00 $19.00 Class Ring (10 K) $20.00 $120.00 Car (four-door) $740 $8,500 A well-known sex symbol of the igSOs is Brooke Shields. Sheilds is known for her acting and modeling. Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest female sex-symbols to ever hit movies. Monroe is seen above in her 1955 movie " The Seven Year Itch. " Candids 155 Forever Changing SLANGUAGE bobby-soxer soda jerk, zoot suit, snafu . Often called the " King of Rock ' n ' Roll. " Elvis Presley was a singer, actor, and teenage heart-throb of the ISSffs. Known for his long concerts, Bruce Springsteen was a favorite rock star of recent years. His last tour was entitled " Born In The U.S.A. " and lasted around four and a half hours. A populai ong artist of 1984 was Boy George. He was recognized n ' t only for his music, but also for his bizarre style of di ess. 156 Candids : ' .J-. y fv- " , C ' u iLK ' -K u v - ' U v 1 v - • • LKAVKITTOHKAVI.H -u ' .- 1 ' i ' One of America ' s favorite T. V. shows during the OJCs was " Leave It To Beaver. " Much of the suc- cess of the show was due to child stars. Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow. Star of the hit T.V. show " Silver Spoons " is Ricky Schroeder. Ricky is one of today ' s most popular young T.V. actors. Candids 157 Enter At Own Risk!! Th« bedroom of Andy Arambuta shows ihc s u ri tuosi iikt-tl l»v him. (urf ing. Mia. hit dog. doesn ' t care much for turfing, but liket chewing on Andy ' t tockt. Angela Pachco relaxes m iin i omforlable bedroom with a hamburger from Carl ' t. Angela enjoyt tpending much of her tpare time there. I 358 Student Life g a ding-dingl SCHOOLS OUT! You W jump in your car, drive home, fumble for your house key, open the door, and the first thing you do is . . . escape to YOUR room. Having your own room has lots of advan- tages . . . Doug Ellison: " I enjoy sleeping in the comfort of my room. What I love most is shooting pellets out of my window with my pellet gun. " Deanne Denson: " Sharing my room with my sister may seem like a disadvantage, but it keeps us closer together. " Greg Snell: " I love not sharing my room. I can put anything in my room that I please. My parents don ' t make me clean it up. " Lisa Rosenthal: " I like my room because ! me. Even though I don ' t like the way it been built, I still enjoyed decorating The laleni ol (peaking on the phone and doing homework it portrayed by Aliion Holman. Her room »how» the comfort of livmg. In her potle« bedroom. Kelli Urick takes »ome time out to re»t. One of Keili ' t hobbies is collecting spoons. Student Life 159 w Working For A Living We all know, in order to get something we have to work for it. So, what do we do? We get a JOB! For most of us our job is something we want to do and enjoy. We may get frus- trated at times and just want to quit, but most of us have the ability to stick with the job through the hard times. One of the reasons we work is for the money. We can use the money to buy a car or save for our future. Buying something with the money we earn, makes us feel proud, since we earned it. Gina Plantamura: " I work at Disneyland only on holidays. My job does not get in the way of things, because I don ' t work very much. " Rhonda McKusick: " I hate it. 1 do not enjoy working, but I enjoy the money. " Scott Mencken: " Its better working at In-n- Out than McDonalds or Carl ' s. You get raises every two or three months, and a week ' s va- cation. The manager is also nice. " ■8=r !l I I II For the past two months. Kevin Froning. has worked at Millers Outpost. Kevin is an impressive employee. When working for a chiropractor. Trisha Nakamuras main job is filing. Hard work is what Trisha puts out. After football season. Chris Hubner was hired at Gemco. He has been working there for two weeks, and | obviously enjoys his work. 160 Student Life Disrupted by her tedious work, Debbie Campo is caught by surprise. Debbie, like many others, works at the Brea Mall. At the register, Aaron Cargile helps out a customer. Aaron is employed at Gemco. For this Christmas season, Kristcn Clements was hired at the Gap. Kristen enjoys her work and especially buying her clothes there. Caught redhanded, David Hartfelder was trying to steal a fish. Actually. Dave works at a pet shop in Fullerlon. Student life 161 The Dating Game o ' IVv o I ' ' ev .H • tuntt " What is your idea of a perfect date? " Sophomore Jeff Middlemiss sayS: " Going out to dinner and having a fun time with someone you like to be with. It doesn ' t have to be a for- mal date, just casual. " Freshman Tina Zummo says: " A per- feet date to me would be with the guy I really like at a totally romantic place. " .., -i , ' « Sharing their lunch Aoore and Julie Agosta talk about their day ' s events. Surprised at what she ' s hearing, Michelle Banks lis- tens to Bart Hakeman. Both Bart and Michelle are exceptional athletes as well as outstanding stu- dents. 162 Dating " What do your parents think you dating someone older than you? " Sophomore Andrea Clark says: " They don ' t care. It doesn ' t mat- ter to them. I like it better too. " Senior Michelle Morcy saysi " My parents don ' t mind that he is older because he is trustworthy, and they get along great. " Taking time out to catch up on what ' s happening, Mindy Claudin and Chris Crow share a friendly mo- ment together. Friends are always there to listen to your problems and offer advice. Steve Courtier and Andrea Storm value each other ' s friendship. Sitting on her boyfriend ' s lap. Kim Amero and Doug Stanely take advantage of lunch time in order to talk and build their relationship. Aside from going out together, seniors Chris Banks and Suzie Finneran are the best of friends. How do you feel about girls ask- ing guys out? " Freshman Brent Lantz says: " I wouldn ' t mind it at all. In fact, it would probably be better. It would take a lot of pressure off of the guy. " Senior Dave Rice feels: " I think girls should ask guys out if they really like him because then the guy realizes this girl has been checking him out. Overall, I think it would be all right for girls to ask. " Dating 163 Life On The Move Predicting where you will be and what you will be doing 10 years from now is almost next to impossible, being that the future is so unpredictable. Most under- classmen in high school possess the atti- tude that " these are the years to have fun. " because graduation and college seem a long way off. To a point this out- look is true, but it ' s also crucial not to take it too seriously or you could risk the chance of spoiling your future before it even gets started. Upperclassmen take school more seriously only because their futures will be affected sooner than oth- ers. High school gives you the chance to " prepare " for college and after that, you build your future. If you already know what you want to do with your life, then you have a head start, but there is no way of telling where you ' ll end up in 10 years. Hopefully, you ' ll be exactly where you want to be. y Ofa ;[JPa f f m t2mmlmimSmtmm ' ' t ' We .110 dofiriiiely proud of our I9S4-S5 Varsity Water Polo team for having such a sensational season this year. They finished second in the C.I.F. Linh Nguyen might look forward to a career in ntedicinf once he gets out of high school. Or Linh could go into politics because of his involvement with student council. future yet, it ' s only lunch. ® ' i " 164 Candids Pal Houston and Rill Shepherd Kike pl.iying the di ' iims very seriously. Both have been on the driiiti liiie for more than two years. Rich Hughes is still thinking of what he would like to be doing later in life. Rich is a member o the Varsity wrestling team. Rrandi Carrigan practices every morning with the band in order lo perfect all her flag routines. Is there a future here for Rrandi? Candids 165 I Hold On To Your Dreams Hold on to your dreams don ' t ever give in. If you keep trying You ' re going to win. Hold on to your dreams. Though sometimes it ' s hard Just hold your head up And reach for the stars. Hold on to your dreams Though they seem faraway. And those dreams will come Somehow-Somewayl Troy Dean reads an N.H.S. activity questionnaire. He is a member of the soccer team, the football team, and the National Honors Society. Being captain of the rifle squad, Jennifer Shecter led the squad lo a successful season. Besides being involved with the band. Jennifer is a top student. Dedication and determination are two factors that will get Craig Olson through the three-mile race. Craig is also involved with many leadership activi- ties. Chris Ames was one of the many talented and ad- mired students at El Dorado. He was not only an exceptional water-polo player but also received a senior of the month award. Chris is a caring individ- ual who always seems to have time for others. 166 Candids It - , Candids 167 i. On The Way Up I ' m excited, Not winning a lot of money excited, Not going to Disneyland excited. Not Christmas morning excited when I watch the time tick away to open all my presents excited. But excited to graduate with all my special friends and celebrate our last years of high school together. Excited to go off to college and be- gin a different life. Excited to learn and begin a suc- cessful career. Excited that I ' m alive, and well, and want nothing but the best. by Carolyn Vinyard I6S Student Art As well as being a great artist. Rusty Moore is also active in school activities an l sports. Rusty drew the Coat of Arms for the cover of the yearbook. Charles Hung shows a graphic enlargement of a Japanese comic strip. Jeff Monaghan displays one of his creative drawings. Jeff is a very talented artist who plans to continue his education in art at Cal State Fullerton. Displaymg her artistic ability, Liz Watson with her drawing of " Wait for the worth, digging the earth " Kristy Ahrens shows off her drawing " The race is on " Kristy has been taking art at high school and also at college on Saturdays. Student Art 169 Are We Having Fun Yet? The bell rang at 12:15 p.m., the favorite part of the day . . . lunch time. Students always enjoyed lunch for various reasons. There were special quad days for seniors, Big Brother Little Sister activities, and then class competition. Besides ail of the activities students also used the time to socialize and just take a well deserved break. Even though many went out to lunch to places such as Straw Hat, The Hot Dog Co., and Del Taco there was always some- thing exciting going on back at school. Rarely was there a day without guys and girls chasing, somebody getting in trouble or 200 students running for cover when the seagulls approached. Never the less lunch time will always be the best part of the day. 170 Candids Traci Cooper flashes a smile while talking to friend Gene Tjoa. Traci was a nominee for Soph. Winter Formal Princess. Senior Jennifer Jones catches up on homework during lunch. Many stu- dents did homework at lunch to leave more free time in the evenings. Greg Bennett discuses an essay problem with friends. Lunch was often used to casually talk about class projects. Donna Alexander relaxes with friends at lunch with a bouquet of balloons. Donna was the 1984 Winter Formal Queen. Craig Tillman tries to tall to friend John Setterlund while John seems more interested in something in the Senior Quad. There was always something to attract attention around the campus. Kyle Iwanaga doesn ' t seem too excited about his ' " friends new wrestling technique. Sports was a popu- ' lar subject at lunch. Candids 171 If You Don t Like The Way I Drive PROM«tE WlLDLIF rj, Q Cflll NlflT 1 NELLE ?fgnOTn FOR " ■ " ' WGASA CARLO VW OALISHA 20d-- S3- 515 CfvRL 1 Qlk ■ IM I L i S " 85..; ,, nnTTOiff ns WATER SKIERS 1 ' C JLfi vUi I E eBCflLlfORNIfl " .j DABBL IF he Golden Siuiu 172 Candids A car is probably the most " in " thing to have and most necessary these days. One of a freshmen ' s dreams is to have and own a car. Many of the kids that own cars have either worked for them, re- ceived them as birthday or Christmas presents, or they were lucky enough to have parents with a generous pocket- book. Larry Russel got his car as a Christ- mas present. " I like my car because it ' s blue, and it gets me where I wanna go " , he said. Tim Nelson worked for three years in an auto shop for his car. He said that he likes to take his Bronco out and play in the mud with it. " I go anywhere possible " , he replied. Here are a few cars we found in our El Dorado parking lot. . . Renee McKean with a friend ' s car, waits to go out to lunch. Junior. Larry Duke leaves the senior parking area. Seniors had to have a senior parking permit to park in the front. Joking around, Chris Saito tells us he got his car as a present, because he ' s such a great guy. Kim Arnold says. " I like my car be- cause it ' s fun, and it ' s gotcha green! " Personalized license plates and frames with sayings are " the most! " Angie Smith poses for a picture before going out to lunch. On special occasions some kids even take the family car to school. Mark Williams drives his family Cadillac when his T bird is in the shop. Robbie Sporrer and his party van. Candjds 173 Time To Face s «w e : .c ° ' ' e V ' ! .00 ;; .cx- Changes TuXL ' dos were a comnion sight on campus near for inal season Rick Hawkins and many others wore Heavy Metaler. Giselle Pfilzner. wears llie latest in the Heavy Melel look leather jackets were a neces sily to make the outfit complete LaYered;socks and nylons were an important acces sory to the many 1984 85 fashions GO. shirts and large V neck sweaters ' were among the popular girls fashions Wearing the popular guys fashions. Jason Bell man ages to look nice yet comfortable Short hair is still a-favorite The new style in short hair this year was the A line cut with or without a peril). Fads And Fashions 175 Focusing On The News Baby Fae became nationally known when she was the fifth human and first infant to receive a cross-species heart transplant. When Baby Fae was born on October 14. it was discovered that she had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This occurs when the left side of the heart is underdeveloped. Less than two weeks later, Baby Fae ' s heart was trans- planted with the heart of a 7 month-old baboon at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. Baby Fae died on No- vember 15 after living an unprecedented three weeks with the heart of a baboon. The infants real name and those of her parents were never revealed by the hos- pital during her struggle for life, al- though it was reported that Fae was her middle name. Animal rights activists be- came outraged at the use of the baboon heart in the transplant because they did not believe that an animal should have to be sacrificed to save the life of an infant. For a few years, the African continent, in particular Ethiopia, has been hit by a devastating drought which has led to a famine. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cries of the people for help have awareness canie when the dramatic film footage shot by a BBC team was aired in the United States by NBC. This caused increased donations to Ethiopia by private citizens. In addition, the United States government added $10 million in aid to Ethiopia. It has been estimated that the death toll in Ethiopia alone may reach 900.000 by the end of the year. The 1984 Presidential election will be re membered for years to come because for the first time in the history of the United States, a woman ran for the of- fice of Vice President. The woman was Geraldine Ferraro, a congresswoman from New York. Walter Mondale. the Democratic candidate, chose Ferraro as his running mate after considering oth er women for the job. The running mate of the Republican incumbent. Ronald Reagan, was Vore President George Bush. The Democratic convention took place in San Francisco, and the Republi can convention was held in Dallas. The campaign included televised debates between Ferraro and Bush and between Mondale and Reagan. Some of the im portant issues of the campaign were taxes, nuclear weapons, abortion, and prayer in public schools. As the day of the election approached, the polls showed that Reagan was considerably ahead. As predicted. Reagan beat Mon dale in the election. Mondale only won the popular vote in Minnesota, his home Stete, and Washington, D.C. Numerous musical tours highlighted the year. The Jackson ' s Victory tour was billed by promoters as the tour of the century, f-lowover, the tour got off to a rocky start when problems arose with ticket distribution. Jackson fans were upset when they learned that tickets would sell for iiO apiece and only in sets of four. The Jacksons played their last shows at the Dodger Stadium. Bruce Springsteens tour. Born in the U.S.A., was unique because of the unusu- ally long concerts. One of Springsteen ' s concerts at the Los Angeles Sports Are- na was four hours long. Doug Frate at- tended the concert and commented, " Springsteen is a great performer, and the whole crowd got into the show. " Animal-rights activists picket the Loma Linda Uni- versity Medical Center in protest of the use of the baboon heart in Baby Fae ' s transplant. This man and his child are among the 35 million men, women, and children starving in Africa due to the drought. The prolonged drought has caused di- sastrous crops which have led to a famine. 176 Current Events « V ' Current Events 177 Changing Seasons Held at the Plaza de Cafes in Newport Beach for the third year in a row, the Winter Formal provided one more occas- sion for dress up and eat out. Yearbook put on the dance that over 5CX3 students attended. The music was provided by the band, " Head First. " who were innovative and played songs by different popular groups. " I had a good time, " commented sopho- more Meredith Cline, " dressing up and limousines are alot of funl " The band, " Head First, " plays another song for the many couples to dance to. " Changing Seasons, " the Winter Formal theme, re- flected the many things that were different during the 84-85 school year. Gary Weisenberg smiles as he holds his date Su- zanne Ellis. Gary was a nominee for king. Acting crazy, Jeff Petredes, Doug Sipple, Jim Buck and Todd Holt dance circles around everyone while having loads of fun. King and Queen, Chris Ames, and Donna Alexander, smile as they take time out for a royal picture. Through the entire evening, students laughed, danced and had fun with dates and friends. The 1984-85 Winter Formal Court. 178 Winter Formal Winter Formal 179 bo is c : XVK ' -r t- 3 " ' r,. ' V e ro P ,;ds co t ' ' and Singing (o the audience is ScotI Fairfield portraying Elvis. Scott is an avid Elvis fan. Performing a song from his favorite band is Rich Howerlh. The band. U2. took third place with the songs " Sunday Bloody Sunday " and " Pride m the Name of Love " . The members of the second place band are Phil Middleton. Mike Connor. Steve Beard, Troy Dean, and Jason Sweet. The band used dance steps from the twist, the jitterbug, and the hop in their routine. ISO Airband Porlraying Cyndi Lauper is Kim Lewis. Kim was in an airband competition at Confetti ' s and plans to go on " Puttin ' on the Hits " . Getting involved, this all-senior group sings " Song for a Future Generation " by the 852 ' s. The B52 ' s made it into the finals. Damon Cooke demonstrates " the bird " . The Time plans to go on ' Puttin ' on the Hits " . " I pledge allegiance to The Time " . The Time consists of Damon Cooke. William Wright. Rob Carringlon. and not shown are Mondo Fonseca and Jamie Braam. The group practiced every day for two weeks. Airband ISI u Assemblies are a rraditional activity at El Dor- ado. They are held at different times of the year for different reasons. There are pep as- semblies, an annual Christmas assembly, slide show and guest speaker assemblies, a student government elections assembly, class compe- tition lunch assemblies and assemblies for Homecoming, Winter Formal and Prom. " The Homecoming Assembly was very special to me because I escorted King Nominee Roger Behle. stated Lori Lebo. Assemblies are also held to inform students of upcoming events and to honor outstanding athletes and schol- ars. Glenn Greenberg is one who doesn ' t like ■ ' boring " assemblies. " I like the class competi- tions especially when the people get out their and dance " , commented Glenn. Craig Olson and Beth Rosipajla dancing to disco vs. Gene Tjoa. Scott Fairfield. Chris Saito. and Rusty Moore creating the ir own style of reggae was one of the assemblies enjoyed most by the school. That was just part of the famous Christmas Assembly. Among other events that took place at that assembly was singing not only from our school choir but also from the children from Town and Country pre- school. Not to be forgotten was the ever so popular visit from everyone ' s favorite Santa Claus, Mr. Woy. Announcing all the assemblies was Commissioner of Pep. Libby Kingsced. " Everyone was always in a great mood, and that made me feel really comfortable out there. I really had fun " , stated Libby. The Crowd Goes Wild! Ending an assembly with the Alma Mater, a group of juniors enthusiastically get involved. At the Christmas Assembly, we heard the " Three Wise Men " from town and Country prescliool sing a Christmas carol. One of the favorite pasttimes at El Dorado is hearing the little kids sing. Crowd pieasers Doug Sipple. Jeff Pctrcdes and Jim Buck perform one of their sexy routines. rii 182 Assemblies At a lunch assembly. Mr. Bowman gets a pie in the face. Students with the highest bid got to do the honors. " A Star is Born " thinks this enthusiastically young- ster from Town and Country preschool. Creating his own " Reggae " Christmas is Gene Tjoa. His band competed against other classes in a class competition. Santa Claus Mr. Woy. not Superman! Mr. Woy is highly favored among the student body because he is so easy going and cheerful. Perfection describes Cliff Alvarez ' s portrayal of rock star Prince. The bands performance definately made the crowd " Go Crazy. " Assemblies ISB A Country Jamboree! The tradition of Sadie Hawkins at El Dor- ado is still going strong. This year Sadie Hawkins was a big success with 125 cou- ples attending. The theme of this " girl ask guy " dance was A Country Jamboree. " I liked the dance because I didn ' t have to do the asking " , stated Brian Galvin whose date was Amie Diamond. " We really had fun. " Sponsored by NHS. Sadie Hawkins is one of their major fund raisers for the year. Members of NHS headed different com- mittees such as tickets, decorations, pub- licity and activity booths. The booths were then run by the different clubs on campus which sponsered them. " Hiring a DJ. a photographer, and organizing the decorations committee with Doris Endo were some of the things I was in charge of " , commented President of NHS Jenni- fer Shecter. Attending the dance with her boyfriend Brian, Karen Robert said, " Brian and I really had a great time together at the dance. " 184 Sadie Hawkins HR 3 1 jS B jA sr- ' ?T - ' " %r 1 f Mfc " LJ ■ f K P ■%£ HI H ,.,.,..• J ■ ' Sadie Hawkins 185 A Band In A Foreign Land Directing a band or an ensemble can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating job, but for Mr. Watson, the hard work and dedication brought him and the groups the highest ratings possible. Concert Band is the nucleus for next years marching band and the future Wind Ensemble. The group did outstanding at Festival this year and walked away with all superior ratings. The Wind Ensemble is made up of the top musicians at our school and they per- formed at the highest level possible at Festival, where they played classical band literature and were judged, or adjudicat- ed, on how well they played the piece. Jazz Ensemble (not pictured) is a revived group back on campus after a couple years lay off. " They made a lot of positive strides in the field of jazz music " , said Mr. Watson. These groups traveled to San Diego on May 17 to compete at another Festival in which all rated superior, as usual, in the ultimate form of competition. The 1984-85 Concert Band. The 1984-85 Wind Ensemble. Sigrid Ruby stayed with the Hicks family while she visited California. All the way from West Germany, Sigrid will return in April. Claudia Heydenreich was impressed with the moun- tains she got to see in California. She returns to Germany April 22 and will miss all her friends she has made here. Claudia Gross from Germany would like to come back to California again, but doesn ' t know is she wants to move and stay here permanently. Aslrid Andersen, from Denmark really enjoyed the people, the weather, and our school. She will return to her family, whom she misses very much, on July 5. Disneyland was one of the fun places Paul D ' Alo visited during his slay from Italy. Here, Paul and good friend Missy Crippen play around with Pluto. 186 Band What do Astrid Andersen, Paul D ' Alo, Claudia Gross, Claudia Heydenreich, and Sigrid Ruby have in common? All five of these outgoing individuals were foreign exchange students who visited California for a short time this year. Their visits may have been short, but their memories will last a lifetime. Astrid Andersen is from Denmark, a little country she thinks everyone should go and visit. She re- turned the 5th of July and will miss " the most beau- tiful and friendly family in California. Mr. and Mrs. Black and their two nice children Carrie and Spen- cer. " Astrid hopes to come back and visit all her friends and family and travel around in all America. Claudia Gross came from Germany and lived with the Bakken family. Claudia enjoyed the beach, the sunshine, the people, the school. Disneyland. Knotts Berry Farm, and Universal Studios and will miss all the people she has made friends with. Sigrid Ruby is from a little town at the border of the Rhine River in West Germany. She stayed with the Hicks family and developed friendships with many people. " In Germany, we don ' t have as many social activities and we have a different schedule every day which is interesting. " Sigrid enjoyed the weath- er, the people, the sports activities and the frozen yogurt shops. All the way from Italy came Paul D ' Alo who stayed with the Flanagan family. " One of the most evident changes I ' ve been through during my stay was the way I perceive people and things. " Paul returned to Italy the last week of June and he " already knows I will miss many many of the friends Ive made here because of the beautiful relationships I have with them. " Claudia Heydenreich traveled from Germany to stay with the Utter family. Claudia enjoyed " the beach- es, the weather, the people, and to see the moun- tains. " She returned to Germany April 22 but is " thinking of coming back when I have money and time. Then 111 stay longer. " Foreign Exchange Students 187 Sitting in the senior quad with her friends is Jennifer Shecter. She is pictured with fellow rifle squad members. Rob Ramos and Freshman Class President Ju- lie Morris speak to fellow students encourag- ing them to run for a class office. Saluting the flag are Bill Moore and Dana Madsen. Raising the flag is a job done by ROTC members each morning. tSS Winners Head And Shoulders Above The Rest Just take a look around you as you walk the campus, and you will see some people who have made contri- butions to the school and community and who have been successful in their undertakings. These people are considered winners because of their determina- tion and accomplishments. One such person is Rob Ramos. Rob served as ASB President this year. He was also named Senior of the Month for January. As point guard on the basketball team. Rob was awarded the 110% Hustle award by Coach Conlcy. In addition, he was selected to the all-tournament team of the Garden Grove Basketball Tournament. Rob has been accepted at USC and will attend school there in the fall. He stated, " A winner has a desire to do something and makes a commit- ment to it. " Karen Robert was named Pepster of the Year for her contributions to the pepsters. This year Karen was the head of the pepsters and represented them on student council. Karen was also named Senior of the Month for December. She is on the yearbook staff and is also a member of NHS and CSF. Karen com- mented. " I believe dedication, confidence, and a willingness to try are characteristics of a winner. " One of Dana Madsen ' s accomplishments is his 4.0 GPA obtained while taking such classes as chemis- try, physics, trigonometry, and honors English. Dana is a member of Air Force ROTC and has been offered a full scholarship to the Air Force Academy. Last summer Dana participated in the Air Force Academy Summer Scientific Seminar. He attended seminars in the area of science. Dana believes that personal attributes such as honesty and compassion make a person a winner. Brooke Wilkes ' talent is singing. The gym was packed for a school concert she gave during lunch. At fourteen, Brooke is a professional who has been perform- ing since the age of three. While living in Alaska, she opened for the Pointer Sisters and Doc Severinsen. She received airplay in Alaska and was also fea- tured on television. In addition. Brooke holds the Teen Talent Alaska Award and opened the Miss Alaska Pageant. Locally, Brooke has performed at Madame Won ' s West in Santa Monica. Most recently she was one of the four finalists selected by Star Search in a nationwide talent hunt out of thousands of young artists. Jennifer Shecler was the recipient of the Soroptimist Youth Citizenship Award. This award was presented to a senior in the area who demonstrated good citizenship. Jennifer was also the recipient of the UCLA alumni scholarship She was accepted at UCLA and plans to attend there in the fall. " Determination, dedication, and keeping an open mind make a person a winner, " state Jennifer. Bill Moore was another winner among us. Bill has been in AFSROTC for four years. He was the outstanding cadet for two years and also won the Air Force Association medal. He has been accepted to West Point where he will go next fall. Bill ' s personal goal is to become a general officer in the U.S. army and serve his country to the best of his ability. Colonel Tussey. Coach Morales, and Coach Jacobs have made a tremendous difference in Bill ' s life. " A winner is someone who has pride in what he is doing and is constantly doing something to improve himself. " said Bill. The Academic Lettermen program was started this year to reward students who achieve academic success. To receive a letter, a student must obtain twenty points. Points are obtained through participating in academic competi- tions involving other schools. Examples of competitions counting towards an academic letter are mock trial. Academic Decathalon. and the American chemi- cal Society competition According to Mr. Disbennett, " The academic letter is a chance for a person to get a letter for a competition which is academic rather than athletic. " The first year Academic Lettermen were James Chow. Cathy Powers. Susan Sweet. James Tamura. Eugene Martinet, and Steve Skell. John Mykkanen. a 1984 graduate, participated in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. John won a silver medal in the 400 meter freestyle with a time of 3i5l.49. John was the youngest member of the United States ' men ' s Olympic swim team, being only seventeen. In addition, John set an American record of 7:58.24 in the 800 meter freestyle. John ranks as the third fastest high schooler in history with his 1983 time of 449.46 in the 500 yard freestyle, his personal record. John wishes to thank all of the teachers and students for their support. The first year Academic Lettermen are (from left to right) James Chow, Cathy Powers, Susan Sweet. James Tamura. Eugene Martinet, and Steve Skell. Receiving his Olympic medal is John Mykkanen. John won a silver medal in the 400 meter freestyle. Winners 189 Malady At E.D. Senior-itis! Senior Jamie Braalfi) shows bisjbverwhali raalin shows his pverwhalrnbig excj tfemamfliivi in ' Gen Tljoa: Tyniclj senioys out ofljfetesAd losrwitidly »d i senio -itV JptJffliKis dispiayed nic by MiilJe ' ' Keed. ' Scoll Fairfiel(l a The mi 190 Senior-itis The El Dorado Ailment II 3 1 re 3-ZjD DATES - " " Ex.: c The year before caught it. the year after will catch it, and the 1985 Senior Class didn ' t escape it. What is it? Senior-itis, of course. The malady at El Dorado has grown, as it has at every other high school, but that is not always bad. When senior- itis hits it starts to work on your brain, effecting the social part of your life. From there it goes to work on the physical part of your life, changing the iron in your blood to lead in your buns. Last of all, it sets you up for a rude awakening to the real world outside of high school. For most people, senior-itis is just something of an excuse for lazi- ness, but watch out. This ailment, most likely, will continue to plague students for years to come. Pe4Tfn-f oO Aft fv,...-i Shelley Gallagher has the right Idea- Taking it easy! This piece of paper is common place among all seniors. Senior-itis 191 Sports Divisio c The Agony Defeat H t U iA!M£iii ■ -J V and hours of exhausting, hot summer practices, the I pulled together to show team spirit and determinatio team put alot of hard work into this year and despite 1. a record of two wins and five losses, they still had what takes to be true winners. " The team was close and we ; believe that we should have had a much better recof " commented senior linebacker Scott Fairfield. " The only- e lacked was enthusiasm throughout the entire gan -J -f CI t — - ' 194 Varsity Football Looking for a clear opening on the field, Frank Ricco gets ready to make a quick pass. Senior Rusty Moore shows Brian Calvin and Andy Arambula where to go for their next play. Sieve Beard explodes through the opening sign, re- leasing the balloons at this years Homecoming game. Scott Fairfield and Brian Calvin run to help tackle the opponent. Varsity Football 195 Hawk Pride Shines Through ih ,.- k:jt r - . " Come on ref. ihat ' s not the right calll " thinks Coach Carl Sweet as he looks onto the field with amazement. The 1984 varsity football team from left to right- bottom row; J. Boucher. M. Rotuna. G. Weisenberg. T. Dean, M. Genera. G. Christy. A. Arambula. C. Ritchie. D. Ash. second row: D. Dresser. D. Sutherland. S. Fairfield. C. Hubner. T. Parsons. C. Hawn, E. Padilla. T. Holt. D. Sipple. T. Jackson, third row; S. Beard, J. Lantz. L. Moberg. Coach Reitz. Coach Sweet. Coach Jacobs, Coach Leavilt. W. Porter. T. Melbinger. E. Martinet, fourth row: F. Ricco. D. Bullock, R. Chamberlain. M. Blawn. R. Sporrer. T. Tomazic, A. Vlastnik, R. Behle. L. Song, fifth row; S. Price. C. Saito. B. Dahmen. S. Schullz, J. Buck, J. Petredes, B. Moore, T. Alexander. F. Rytch. sixth row: B. Clarke. M. McCioskey, B. Galvin. R. Moore. S. Hoffman, S. Erich. C. Walker, T. Green. G. Whinery. The team huddles together on the sidelines with coach Sweet, planning the strategy for their next play. 196 Varsity Football Todd Holl t.ikos .1 rest on ihe sidelines as lie w.iiches Ills leani sirive tor perleclion Todd was one ot itie players to make all league lirsi team. Ouarlerbaek Frank Ricco looks lor an opening on the tield. 10 either pass ihe ball or run willi il. hrank was the leading quarterback on the team this year. Eddie Padiila gives his all lo help laekle lour other players. Varsity Football 197 " Dedication And Determination At It ' s Finest El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado Ei Dorado El Dorado El Dorado 7 38 31 7 3! 14 20 38 31 3 Canyon 14 Sonora 14 Katella 33 Loara 37 Esperanza 31 Cypress 17 Pacifica 14 Los Alamitos 16 Kennedy I rd O f ,1 f -fWP 1- - M«t:| Ouarierback Doug Yales calmly looks down the field for an open receiver. Slocking Ihe defensive line, the offense gave Doug the extra lime to look for those touchdown passes. Tackling Ihe opposition are tight end Pat Carney and linebacker Clen Greenbcrg. The defensive line helped hold many rival touchdowns. The 1984-85 Sophomore football team from left to right - bottom row: Kirk Keller. Scott Whited. Felipe Fores. Mark Badstuebner, Lawrence Brannon. and Rich Bonnello. Second Row: Dan Pelalas. Doug Montgomery. Richard Hebert. Mike Modica. Jeff Mauss. Rick Alvarez, and Mike O ' Higgins. Third Rowt Todd Emrick. Scott Remenar. Todd Wunsch. Coach Orloff. Coach Conley, Coach Pinckney. Darrin Clark. Glen Greenberg. and Justin Sweet. Fourth Row: Pat Carney. Rick Bowen. Milcuo Maeda. Bob Lancey. Jeff Decker. Doug Yates, and Nick Vlastnik. Fifth Row: Darren Dannelley. Phillip Martin. Ed Lemoine. John Jaime. Doug Jones. McCabe Macon. Bill Whalen, and Dave Ten Berge. . ; 198 Sophomore Football El Dorado 28 Mater Dei El Dorado 27 20 Sonora El Dorado 27 20 Katella El Dorado 13 7 Loara El Dorado 13 3 Esperanza El Dorado 20 9 Cypress El Dorado 34 13 Pacifica El Dorado 13 21 Los Alamitos El Dorado 18 15 Kennedy Freshmen Maintain The Winning Spirit the n, , ' ' ' de.Z n - ' P ' ce ' th " " " ce en " ' o : eZf ' " the 7 " ' r f ' n- ' de ' ce,;, " ' c ' -:s ' , -Ce,.,W..,-- ' esp ■ ' ■e « " oo. " V ' .W " ' --- ' ' " •rf i ' " 3- fie,.. ' «few ' ' ' ey ' o„ fo 0|i Handing the ball off lo Chris Olson. Quarterback Kevin Schula watches the yardage Chris covers with the help of running-back Mike James. t M, ' Wailing for Bob Kirk lo snap the ball. Kevin Schula anticipates the next play. The Freshmen football team ' went on to clinch a first place tie in the Empire League- The 1984-85 Freshman football team from left lo right- Bottom row. John Blokzyl- Sieve Caron. Alex Mejia. ' ••■■ ' ' ' Keilh Millsap. Todd Riley. Scoll Keller. Brain Robertson, and Mike Brooks. Second Row; Cameron Carter. Chad Grunselh. Mali Hill. Jim Dodd. Ron Benner. Marc Ramsey. Jackson Choi, and Conrad Gilbert. Third Row: Rene Ayala. Sieve Rogers. Mike Kremling. Coach Gullolli. Coach Foy. Mike James. Oliver Bohlman. and Joe Hayes. Fourth Row; Anthony Fonseca. Ron Varner. Greg Boehlert. Todd Pakulski. Dale Mulford. John Cribari. Bill Glennan. and Christian Ulrich. Fifth Rowr Eddie Keller. Brett Meislad. Chris Barr. Ken Cromplon. Robert Payne. Chris Olson. Robeert Coons and Bob Kirk. Sixth Rowi Kevin Schula. Jeff Shelller. Chris Fascione. Jeff Altec. Taff Kintzle. Billy Hicks. Chris Hall, and Sieve Goff. Not pictured Coach Gonzales. Freshmen Football 199 ts%% Senior Kim Hardy sacrifices herself to return the ball. Team members Joan PesI and Libby Kingseed are ready to assist her. Colleen O ' Higgins returns the ball to one of their many tough opponents. The girls ended with a league record of nine wins and five losses. Waiting for the ball to come over the net. Shelley Gallagher and Kim Hardy jump up for the block. Shelley was named to the All Empire League team. ' As one of the better servers on the team, Jill Matyuch starts off the game. Jill has been on varsity for three years. The girls had a fast, action paced season. Shelley Gallagher and her teammates spike on Pacifica to win. 200 Girls Volleyball Pays Off " We practiced a lot. played tough, and it paid off, " replied Joan Pesl about the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. The team placed 3rd in league and made it to the first round of CIF playoffs. The team participated in a summer league to gain experience and give them an extra advantage over their op- ponents. Two of the girls on the team were cho- sen for the All Empire League team. They were senior Shelley Gallagher and junior Jill Malyuch. Both girls were re- turning varsity starters ' " . " The turning point in our season was in the second round of league, when we lost to Esperanza by only four points, ' said senior Holly Piper. The Girls Varsity volleyball team. Joan Pe«l. Jana Flor- entine. Shelley Gallagher, Colleen O ' Higgins, Jill Ma- tyuch. Lisa Renaud, Shannon Emrick, Holly Piper, Libby KIngseed, and Kim Hardy. j, t y J (}( J Varsity player Shelley Gallagher does what she does best. With her help the Hawks put away the Mariners. GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL El Dorado Won Loara El Dorado Won Katella El Dorado Lost Esperanza El Dorado Lost Cypress El Dorado Won Pacifica El Dorado Won Los Alamitos El Dorado Won Kennedy El Dorado Won Loara El Dorado Lost Katella El Dorado Lost Esperanza El Dorado Lost Cypress El Dorado Won Los Alamitos El Dorado Won Kennedy El Dorado Won Pacifica Unity Brings Victory " All for one and one for all. On the vol- leyball court, we ' re the six musketeers. We played with a team concept not in- dividuals doing their own thing, " said Co-Captain Sherri Orr. This resulted in a 9-5 season and a second place finish in league. At the beginning of every game, howev- er, it took awhile for all to start playing as one. " We were a comeback team, " said Wendi Malone. " Not until we found ourselves behind in the second game after having already lost the first did we pull ourselves together. " The peak of the year came in the mid- season Los Amigos Tournament. " That is when we played our best. " said Tammy Harris. The team won 4 games, lost .2. missing the playoffs by three points. Sherri. Wendi. and Tammy all felt " The season was fun, we learned a lot and it was a great preparation for Varsity. " El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado Top row (I to R)- W. Hakeman, K. Donovan. K. Russler. J. David K. Hoover. T. Porter. Bottom row (I to R)- W. Nelson, N, David W. Malone. S. Orr. J. Gilland. ayers are encouraged to talk to each other on the court. Karen Donovan talks while passing the ball to the front row. Dwight Stones isn ' t the only person who can jump high. Tammy Harris springs over the net for a block. w I Frosh Soph Struggle Through Success. Something that has to be measured by oneself. Although the Freshmen team only managed six victories, the season had posi- tive aspects. " We improved our skills. " said Gina Susaeta. most valuable player of the team. " We did better as the season progressed and got to know each other better. " " Everybody got a chance to play, making the game fun, " said Shari Anderson. Improve- ment comes with playing time. Playing gives one a feel for the game and its pressures. The morale of the team was never hindered by their record. It is easy to start pointing fingers during a losing season. The Frosh- Soph players realized blaming each other for losses only creates a longer season. " We nev- er had that problem, the team got along. " commented Shari Anderson. The knees take a pounding in volleyball. Meredith Cline goes to hers to bump the ball as Gina Susaeta and Tina Zummo watch. Michelle Wentworth goes off balance returning a shot. Looks don ' t count, only the end result matters. Frosh Soph Volleyball 203 They ' re Champioif Anyway The winning tradition continued as waterpolo were tlie tinpire League champions and were ranked number one in C.I.F. the entire season. They made it to the C.I.F. finals but were upset in overtime. They finished with a record of 21 wins and 7 losses. The varsity team had six seniors who provided leadership for the younger players. Chris Ames, John Bell. David Evans. Rick Hawkins. John Kwilman. and Steve Walker and though they didn ' t win it all they felt it was all still worth ii. " The season was ful- filling and we accomplished everything but one goal. " stated Chris Ames. John Bell agrees, " It was all worth it. we played together as a team and had fun. " The whole starting team was selected to the all- league teams. The most valuable player was John Kwilman who commented. " The season was long but our coaching staff made it worthwhile. " Chris Ames and Rick Hawkins made first team all C.I.F. while John Bell. David Evans, John kwilman. and Craig and Mike Tillman made second and third teams respec- tively. Junior starter Greg Clark was an honorable mention to the C.I.F. team also. " My senior year was great and though we didn ' t win. it was still success- ful. " concluded senior Rick Hawkins. It was success- ful and with attitudes like that it will always be successful. El Dorado 33 3 Loara El Dorado 18 1 L.B. Millikan El Dorado • 9 A Mission Viejo El Dorado 5 8 Newport Harbor El Dorado 8 7 Villa Park El Dorado 8 7 Foothill El Dorado 32 3 Katella El Dorado II 8 Tustin El Dorado 21 8 Esperanza El Dorado n 10 Cypress El Dorado 8 9 Foothill El Dorado 7 6 H.H. Wilson El Dorado 31 Pacifica El Dorado 10 9 Los Alamitos fcl Dorado 4 11 Corona Del Mar El Dorado 10 9 Bellermine El Dorado 5 7 Corona Del Mar El Dorado 13 11 Ascalances El Dorado 11 3 Lynbrook El Dorado 7 9 L.B. Wilson El Dorado 26 II Kennedy El Dorado 3 12 Newport Harbor EI Dorado 21 4 Los Altos EI Dorado II 5 Loyola EI Dorado 13 11 Muir ' El Dorado II 8 El Toro EI Dorado 8 9 H.H. Wilson ' " nilti ' 204 Water Polo All C.I.F. goalie David Evans prepares to stop a shot against Esperanza. First team all C.I.F. player Rick Hawkins concentrates on catching the ball against Pacifica. t J- The El Dorado Varsity Waterpolo team, (top row), David Evans. Steve Walker. Cra ig Tillman. Mike Eairchild. John Kwilman. Tom Alkin. (Middle Row), Greg Clark. John Evans. Mike Tillman. Chris Ames. Mike Maclear. Eric Corona. (Bottom row). Rick Hawkins, John Bell Empire League most valuable player John Kwilman feeds the fast break offense. All-American Chris Ames passes the ball back in on set offense. Varsity H O Polo 205 They Finally Earned Respect A successful season usually means abun- dant publicity. The El Dorado Varsity Waterpolo team received ample supply of it this year. Their winning season was recognized throughout Orange County and the student body. This was obvious when over I.CXX) spectators from El Dor- ado alone watched the C.I.F. final match. " I like watching waterpolo be- cause it has a lot of action, " stated sen- ior Carrie Cline. The waterpolo players themselves en- joyed having all the publicity. " I enjoyed having the publicity and all the excite- ment helped us during playoff tiine. " commented John Evans. Goalie David Evans agrees. " The publicity was great and really appreciated. " The players hope this attention will continue into the future because the waterpolo team will always be winners. 206 Waterpolo fiv ' -«im 4 % 4i All C.I.F, goalie John Bdl shows strong determination In blocking a shot. This sign proves that support is needed all year. Coach Tom Milich gets a point across during a C.I.F. playoff game. Sophomore Mike Tillman cocks his arm in preparation for a shot on goal. Junior John Evans looks for the open man to receive his pass and score a goal. Varsity H.O Polo 207 Winning Tradition Continues -Another year has gone by for Frosh Soph water polo and the teams seem to get better. This years team was no exception. " Combining good coaching along with unity among the team, that was the com- bination that made this year a successful year, " stated sophomore Most Valuable Player Mike Maclear. Continuing the winning tradition here de- mands a lot of hard work as well as dedi- cation, and this team had both. When asked what helped the success. Sopho- more Sieve Froning said, " being able to practice with varsity gave us confi- dence. " The Frosh Soph team went undefeated in league and only lost one game in twenty outings. Team captain Greg Stout com- mented, " Never giving up when down in a trench, thanks to great coaching from Mr. Bowman, " " This was the main ingre- dient for a successful season, " added Sophomore Sean Connelly. Frosh Soph M.V.P.. Mike Maclear wrestles for the ball and another goal. Freshman Mike Williams makes a brilliant play. " r c C C From L to R. J. Conlreas. M. Palmer. D. Coley. D. Ames. B. Williams. J Bowman. S. Kidder, S. Limeborn. B. Dolnick. A. Thompson. D. Dekvecchio. B. Froning. F. Hand Mr. Bowman directs the Frosh Soph practice. Showing no fear of the ball. Sean Connelly racks up another save. F S Hp Polo 209 Inspirational The Stan oi a new season brought on many changes for the crosscountry team. The biggest change was the addition of a new coach, Dan Henshall. who comment- ed. " We got off to a late start. " That late start pro- duced other changes. The first time in seven years the boys varsity did not win the League Championship or qualify for CIF. Even though these changes took place, Coach Henshall slated, " Because I was late, I still feel successful for what had happened. " The most inspiring point of this season was tor runner. Craig Olson. Craig out kicked Katella ' s fourth rnan en abling the team to win the meet by one potni Craig commented, " It takes a lot out of you and requires much patience. And 1 love it, " " Scott Moore was the most valuable runner this season and Ron Lee was the most mspiraiional and ntosi im- proved. " comm ?nted Coach Henshall 210 Boys Varsity Cross Country h 4 ° ' %. Mike Connors, begins the long run up the hill at Mt. Sac. Mike has been running cross-country for four years. Ahead of the other runners is Jim Marasco. Jim is showing his ability of three years on the cross-country team. Scott Moore, starts to pull away from the pack. Scoll has been running varsity for two years. . 11 ' " El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado 35 21 25 2;} 154 16 21 NS 37 237 252 108 21 34 36 33 6th 47 29 IS 18th 5th 4th Cypress Los Alamitos Loara Kennedy Esperanza Inv. Pacifica Katella Bells Garden Inv. Esperanza Orange County Inv. Mt. Sac Inv. League Finals Boys Varsity Cross-Country 211 4 , ' ' W Climbing a tough hill at Mt. SAC. Roy Gar- ner has the eye of the tiger ' . EL DORADO 35 20 CYPRUS EL DORADO 16 43 LOS ALAMITOS EL DORADO 15 40 LOARA EL DORADO 23 34 KENNEDY EL DORADO 30 36 PACIFICA EL DORADO 15 50 KATELLA EL DORADO n 28 ESPERANZA 0 The Sole Brothers The Frosh-Soph team showed a lot of potential this season as they ran to a co-championship with Cyprus High SchooL Trung Nguyen . Brian Corona, and Roy Garner led the team, but depth is what hurled the team to victory. " We couldn ' t have done it without teamwork. " Comments Roy Garner on the first place victory at league finals. " We can antici- pate a talented varsity squad next year. " Stated Head Coach Henshall. 212 Boys Frosh-Soph Cross Country Brian Corona fights his way to the lead, a lead he will not relinquish. I Wi Younger, Faster, Stronger • • The girls cross country team kicked off the season with six wins to only one loss. Led by Coach Henshall and Coach Titus, the girls ran away with a respectable sec- ond place finish in league. " We couldn ' t have done better with the young and in- experienced team we had this year. " Henshall said. " We ' re a growing team and next year we ' ll be even stronger. " Sophomores Julie Cooper and Beth Rosi- pajla led the girls to a second place finish in league as the two took first and second respectively at finals, and thirteenth and fourteenth in the state. " It takes a lot of hard work to be successful. " Said Cooper. " But it eventually pays off in the long run. " Holding a strong lead, Julie Cooper runs with confi- dence. Fighting for position, Julie Copper and Beth Rosi- pajla stay out in front. The 1984 Girl ' s Cross Country Team: Head Coach Henshall. (top row) Tammy Dearen, Martha Manzo, Liz Walson, Jenny Garcia, (bottom row) Julie Coo- per. Beth Rosipajla, Vicki Weir, Sheri Hodson, Carie Lawson. Assl. Coach Titus 214 Girls V. Cross Country m In the midst of deep concentration. Tammy Dearen pours it on. Martha Manzo, Sheri Hodson. and. Jenny Garcia help each other out when the going gets tough. r Sophomores Julie Cooper and Beth Rosipajla led the girls to a second place finish in league as the two took first and second respectively at finals, and thirteenth and four- teenth in the state! EL DORADO 18 37 CYPRUS EL DORADO 21 38 LOS ALAMITOS EL DORADO 22 37 LOARA EL DORADO 15 50 KENNEDY EL DORADO 19 i9 PACIFICA EL DORADO 20 40 KATELLA EL DORADO 33 26 ESPERANZA EL DORADO 58 2nd place LEAGUE Girls V. Cross Country 215 Game Though iheir overall record did not show it. the girls varsity tennis team was still sue cessful. They were young, having only four seniors (Robin Jimmerson. Donna Alexander. Julie Lee. Kim Loyd) to provide leadership. " I feel the season was successful because even though we didn ' t win a lot we all improved. " commented senior Kim Loyd. Junior Katrina Yee agrees. " We worked as a team and learned in the process. " This learning came in the form of the coach Ms. Brennan. Coach Brennan was a favorite among the players, as a person and as a coach. " Ms. Brennan cares about each indi- vidual and she really helped us out. " stated junior Angle Hanson. Kim Loyd agrees. " She was an inspirational factor and helped us play well. " Since the girls finished sixth in league they really didn ' t experience winning a whole lot but they had the experience of being part of a team. " I played tennis to have school spirit and I like working on a team to get results. " commented Katrina Yee. Angic Hanson feels the same way. " Playing tennis gave me ex- perience and I got to meet new people and make new friends. ' " With attitudes like that the girls tennis team will always be success- ful, no matter if they win or not. Laying out and improving your tan makes a relaxing summer. However, the girls J.V. ten- nis team, for three weeks of the summer practiced four hours a day. The practice in- cluded two hours of conditioning. The hard work brought a 6-8. fifth place finish in league and a 7-9 overall record. " Our record didnt matter because we were out there to have fun, " said doubles player Lisa Ignacek. " It taught me about self-disci- pline because the pressure was on me " " The season was a learning experience, " said number one seeded singles player Karen Hill. " It was a chance for everyone to get court time. " Racheal Simonton typified that. She started at 10 seed and improved to where she was challenging the 1 player. She was named most improved from both J.V. and Varsity. Six of the eleven players on the team were freshmen. This makes for a lot of people re- turning next year. Lienor Chen replied, " Next year well have a strong team. " 216 Girls Tennis The girls Varsity and Junior Varsity tennis teams get it all together. Devon Alexander Donna Alexander Angela Bakken Eleanore Chen ■ Paula Glade Angle Hanson Karen Hill Lisa Ignacek Robin Jimmerson Tiffany Laubie Julie Lee Kim Loyd Stephanie Manley Lisa Passafiume Janet Sanford Laurie Schoner Patly Scott Rachel Simanton Heather Thompson Sheri Vaughan Louise Walter Kalrina Yee S w-3 - s « ' -♦i " ' »• iy: ' ♦ ;• »♦♦!♦ " ♦ .; ' H U,», " S, nr X,j, S Sr Girls Tennis 217 i. ' Just When You Least ( ' 4y W h WA »;,» 218 Gotcha r ) Devon Ames, Crislin Brady. Shelli Moore. Dana Simmons. Christine Renwald. Jc Richard Loyd. Joe Overland. Damon Cooke. f Mike Roluna, Lisa Rosenthal, Stacy Sauber. Kelly Jacobs. Darin Clark. Chris Bailey. Scott Remenar. Richard Hebert w Javier Mejia. Gary Whinery. Gene Tjoa. Shana Frank. Shawn Ambrosius. Dale Ban Brian Lee Expected It We Q XcjU wl Wilkie. Sieve Walker, Jim Fife, Greg Stoul, Julie Nelson. Laureen Hurlbert, m Koizumi. Danny Felsenfeld, Joe Whitney. Sara Schmunk. Jennifer Mencken. K I V V dy. Phil Middleton, Kristine Clements, Scott Fairfield, Brian Galvin, John Jimenez. Gotcha 219 kji Nothing Less than theBest Throughout the season, the varsity wrestlers succeeded in keeping up their winning tradi- tion. Some outstanding wrestlers who contributed to the winning spirit were Steve Lawson. Chuck Cauwel, Todd Tomazic. Doug Ash, and Kyle Iwanaga. The team finished as league champs in the Empire League as well as sending Steve Lawson to state championships this year. The team was fortunate enough to have an excellent, supportive coaching staff headed by Frank Gonzales. " Our coaching staff was the best possible anywhere, " commented Steve Lawson. To sum everything up. Chuck Cauwel said, " Being on the wrestling team was a great ex- perience. I wish I could do it all over again. " High expectations are held by all returning wrestlers for next year ' s season. Jim Jackman predicts. " Most everyone is returning. We ' re going to do very well next year. " And if tradition holds out, we can expect an- other championship wrestling team next year to add to El Dorado ' s winning success. Fighting his way to the top, Kyle Iwanaga struggles to take control. Rick Darden in an attempt to pin his opponent. Breaking his opponent down. Sophomore Todd Tomazic has obvious control over his opponent. 220 Varsity Wrestling El Dorado El Dorado ,. El Dorado 55 39 41 57 19 47 26 9 26 22 Esperanza Cypress Los Alamitos El Dorado El Dorado 20 33 Kennedy Loara El Dorado El Dorado 17 24 Pacifica Katella In a stand-off with his competitor. Rick Darden fights to maneuver his opponent for a take-down. Evidence of intensity is on Todd Tomazic ' s face as he concentrates on bringing his opponent down to the mat. w HH| Trying to gain control over his opponent. Doug Ash is determined to win this match. Varsity Wrestling 221 i.«p k 11 0 Jf ' -J 222 Varsity Wrestling Facing off with his opponent, Jim Jackman prepares to take control and score points for the team. Varsity wrestler Brian Choi holds his opponent in a defenseless position. His opponent struggles to gain power but remains helpless. Doug Ash bears down and uses all his strength to pin his competitor. Doug wrestled consistently for the varsity team and finished with a successful season. Looking Back When asked what he liked most about his season this year, Jim Jackman said, " Being League champs in the Empire League for my first time. " Being a sophomore, Jim will have two more years to excell and reach his own personal best in the sport if he chooses to continue. " T This year. Steve Lawson, a junior ort the varsity team, went to the State Championships in Stockton California. Steve successfully finished 3rd in the state and says, " It was a great experience that I won ' t ever forget. " And when asked about his ex- pectations for next year. Steve thinks that, " the team and myself have the potential to win state championships next year. " With that positive atti- tude, they will go far. Duel matches were a favorite for senior Chuck Cauwel. " It was real exciting knowing that everyone was watching. Everyone on our team would get real- ly up for the matches. " With this show of support. Chuck won many matches and had a lot of fun. Getting along with the other members on the team is very important for everyone. They can offer their support as well as being great friends. Senior Brian Ueno commented that he got along with the others and " at least they stopped beating me up. " Another match is won by Steve Lawson as the refer- ee raises his arm in victory. Steve went on to finish 3rd at the state championships this year. The 1984-85 Varsity wrestling team: Top row (L to R) Dave Pliska. Chuck Cauwel, Brett Clark, Steve Law- son, Todd Tomazic, Brian Ueno. Bottom row (L to R) Jim Jackman. Kyle Iwananga. Dave Stephens. Doug Ash. Rick Darden. Brian Choi. Eric Vassar. Varsity Wrestling 223 iJ Going for a corkscrew. Rich Hughes has the advantage over the opposing wrestler. Pleased with his performance, Mike Morris shows his satisfaction. J.V. wrestling team Top L-R: J. Jacobs. R. Sexton. M. Amador. J. Ochoa. B. Queen. J. Robinson. K. Kendall. E. Martinet. R. Sanford. C. Bishop. Bottom: J. Flangan. S. Whited. G. Singleton. M. Morris. L. Nguyen, P. Flatley. R. Hughes. 224 J.V. Frosh Soph Wrestling T- - Junior V ' arsity El Dorado 71 6 Kennedy El Dorado II Pacifica EI Dorado 36 34 Cypress El Dorado 58 15 Esperanza El Dorado 50 26 Los Alamitos El Dorado 35 32 Loara EI Dorado 36 27 Katella t]„ friP ■i TJ Frosh Soph 1 El Dorado 49 16 Esperanza El Dorado 60 12 Cypress El Dorado 66 12 Los Ala mitos El Dorado 46 IS Kennedy El Dorado 20 46 Loara El Dorado 20 45 Katella r jii|imnR Sticking Together " To go out and wrestle every match offensively and to try our hardest, " said junior John Robinson, was the main goal of each match. Having that in mind the J.V. team finished first in league, with a perfect 7-0 record. Winning such tournaments as the Edison 8-Way, Buena Park, and El Dorado tournaments this team has a bright future ahead of them. " Great coaching, which created talent among us, was the key ingredient that made this year a success, " commented fresh- man George Singleton. The team was led by John Robinson, Mike Morris, Mike O ' Hig- gins and George Singleton Each won league in their own weight division. Working n Hard Hard work and dedication led the Frosh Soph wrestling team to a successful year. The whole team practiced hard having 2-3 hour practices everyday, sometimes even on weekends. During practice they worked hard to perfect their moves and techniques. The team learned quickly thanks to the Hawks new coach Mr. Bishop. " Mr. Bishop was a great coach. He explained everything well and he really knows his wrestling, " commented Mike Modika. The team did well in tournament matches, win- ning one of the biggest tournaments of the year, the Valencia 8-Way. The team was led by, Brian Robertson, Mike Mo- dika, Bob Lancy, and Justin Sweet. Maintaining his advantage over the Katella wrestler, Joey Ochoa works hard for a victory. The Frosh Soph wrestling team: Coach Bishop. C. Barr. J. Sweet. M. Badstubner. B. Lancy. M. Modica. J. Stevens. B. Robertson and Coach Jacobs. K. Kish. R. Eickhoff. J. Ochoa. and J. Choi. J.V. Frosh Soph Wrestling 225 .° 3 0 « .° ' ! ° 0- Trying to retain possession from the Paclfica player, Todd Holt shows off his talent. Giving their all. Gene Tjoa and Todd Holt sky for the ball. 226 Varsity Soccer i».- ' -»iA»i« . With key positioning. Rich Yarger heads the ball away from the Esperanza defender. Sticking Together " With some key injuries, things didn ' t go as planned. " stated lunior Jeff Boucher. This year ' s varsity soccer team knew what it meant when the saying " injuries can kill you " came up. With injuries to such players as Jeff Boucher. Bob Bunce. Rich Yarger and Gene Tjoa the group tried to but could not overcome these obstacles. Playing such powerhouse teams as Esperanza. Cypress, and Brea Olinda. the team had their share of bad breaks. " The season starting off with a bang and entering league play with an umblemished record is when things fell apart, " com- mented |unior Vic Irwin. The season ended with a record of 4 wins 9 losses and 6 ties which placed them a respectable fifth in league. " The most important thing is to have fun and we did that, but It would have been nice to win a couple more games. " concluded junior Darren Mathews. Boys varsity soccer from L-R top row, T. Portugal. M. Holdeman, R. Yarger. B. Peters. V. Doose. M. Rowen. R. Galvin. D.Mathews, bottom M. Connors, T. Dean. B. Butice, J. Boucher. K. Osterberg, V. Irwin. G. Tjoa. T. Holt, J. Eyer. ut-jumping the opposing player. Gene Tjoa keeps his Heading the ball. Darren Malhews lakes another shot on goal, ye on the ball. Varsity Soccer 227 J.V. Soccer Undergoes Frustrating Season Although endrng the season with a 7-40 record, the boys JV soccer teatn underwent a frustrating time. Under first year coach Jeff Herrara. there were a few team problems and rough edges. " We had good team spirit but alot of players didn ' t get along with each other. This caused some problems in a few of our games. " stated Mark Chapul. " Also, our practices were unorganized and more fun than work. " commented Jamie Lynch who continued. " It was hard sticking out the season with a team of only 4 juniors and the rest under- classmen. " Despite the downfalls, the team members did have fun. " The coach was fun to joke around with and I really enjoyed the team. We just never seemed to get a decent break. " explained Nick Cruz. El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado El Dorado EI Dorado 3 I I I I 2 I 3 I 2 3 2 I 3 2 I Loara Esperanza Cypress Pacifica Los Alamitos Kennedy Loara Katella Cypress Esperanza Los Alamitos Pacifica Kennedy The boys J.V. Soccer Team; J. Herrera (coach), J. Redman. N. Cruz. M. Chaput. C. Herrera. B. Stwernik. K. Scott. R. Massey. M. Warner. D. Petalas. J. Lynch, R. Debest, C. Rodriguez, D. Shea. C. Waterworth. G. Ouellette OMver Bohlman gets yellow carded for unnecessary roughness. Sophomore Rick Bowen attempts to head the ball into the goal. 228 Boys J.V. Soccer ■ ' iJu Jason Setterland dribbles the ball away from the defender and drives for the shot. Goalkeeper Neal Johnson makes a great save. It was plays like this one that made the Frosh Soph boys season so successful. The boys Frosh Soph team; K. Schula. S. Gray. R. Bowen. G. Powers. D. Ford. T. Emrick. J. Cohen. J. Ruzicka. S. Bullock. T. Waterman (coach). O. Bohlman. D. Doveatt. J. Setterland. N. Johnson. B. Grunselh. P. Buncc. D. Hicks. A Year To Remember By working together as a team and playing every game hard the boys frosh soph soccer team was successful. They com- piled a record of II wins, I loss, and 2 ties, finishing second in league play, a half game behind the winners, Los Alamitos. The team was strong and though there were some individual standouts, every member of the team contributed to its success. The team was coached by former EI Dorado soccer star Todd Waterman. According to his players he was the perfect coach. " Todd was a good coach and he really helped us with our skills, " commented sophomore P.J. Bunce: Freshmen Darin Hicks agreed, " He was very knowledgeable about the game and really contributed to our success. " They played their best game against Los Alamitos and beat them by a score of 4-0 but they lost the league championship the last game of the season by tying Kennedy. Since all the players will be returning next year the team will virtually be the same. According to Darin Hicks " We will dominate next year. " El Dorado 4 3 Katella El Dorado 7 Loara El Dorado 2 2 Esperanza El Dorado 3 1 Cypress El Dorado 5 2 Pacifica El Dorado 2 Los Alamitos El Dorado 4 2 Kennedy EI Dorado S Loara El Dorado I Katella El Dorado 2 1 Cypress El Dorado 2 1 Esperanza El Dorado 3 Los Alamitos El Dorado 4 1 Pacifica El Dorado 1 1 Kennedy Boys Frosh Soph Soccer 229 El Dorado 2 1 Loara El Dorado 1 Esperanza El Dorado 1 1 Katella El Dorado 2 3 Cypress El Dorado 1 1 Pacifica El Dorado 1 Los Alamitos El Dorado 3 3 Kennedy El Dorado 1 1 Katella El Dorado 6 1 Loara El Dorado 2 1 Esperanza El Dorado 1 Cypress El Dorado 2 Pacifica El Dorado 3 Los Alamitos El Dorado 2 Kennedy 230 Girls Varsity Soccer Shelley Piper prepares to pass off to Donna Eva in the course of driving for a shot. Nicole Alex passes off to her goalie Kristin Glomboske. Kelly Weirich steals the ball away from a Pacifica player. So Close But Yet So Far The saying " so close but yet so far " could be applied to the girls Varsity soccer team. Their final record was 5 wins, 7 losses and 4 lies. Though seven games were lost the scores were very close. The team tied Pacifica. which was the first place team, and according to lunior Denisc Hicks " We played excellent, " The team had six seniorsi Carrie Black. Shannon Emrick. Donna Era. Libby Kingseed. Colleen OHiggins. and T;acy Tastad. " The season. " stated senior Shannon Emrick. " was belter than the last two years because the coaching was better. Even though we finished 5th in league, we played much better. ' The varsity team was coached by Ms. Leiia McLaughlin and Mrs. Carolyn Waller " The coaches stuck up for us. " stated Denise Hicks. What Denise was referring was a game that the girls played under protest because of a bad |udgement call by the referee Shannon Emrick agreed. " They were very supportive and helped us a lot. " Though the season was disappointing for the players the enthusiasm was not lost. " We played well together and everybody got along great. " commented Denise Hicks At the awards banquet junior Me- gan Nelson was voted the best offensive player, senior Libby King- seed was voted the best defensive player, and senior Shannon Emrick was voted the most inspirational player. |W The girls Varsity soccer team: A. Hanson. S. Sawyer. S. Emrick. T. Tastad. N. Alex. K. Glomboske. J. Malloy. M. Nelson, Ms McLaughlin. Mrs. X aller, K. Weirich. S. Bradach, W. Nelson, D. Hicks, S. Piper. D. Era, C. Black. L. Kingseed, C. OHiggins. The players celebrate after a goal is scored. Teamwork and good efforts like this made the girls season worthwhile. Donna Era and Kelly Weirich help an injured teammate up after being knocked down in the course of the game. Girls Varsity Soccer 231 It ' s A Kick! . Teamwork was the key to winning for the girls J.V. soccer team. They kicked their way to first place with an overall record of 11-0-3. Their season includ- ed 9 shut outs and only one team, Los Alamitos. was able to score more than one goal against them. " Our best game was at Katella when the goalie, Gina Suseala, was switched to forward and she scored i goals. " commented Debbie Pliska. This along with 4 other goals scored by her team members resulted in a 7-0 shut out. The year started off a little rough and it took a little while for the team to develop a sense of unity. " It was hard in the beginning, but we quickly came together as a team in order to win, " stated fresh- man Rcnee Peck. The team consisted mostly of freshmen, two of which were Chris Fauchey and Karyn Onliveros. Debbie Pliska said. " Chris and Karyn were outstand- ing contributors to the team. Their energy and en- thusiasm provided a motivation for the entire team. " ' V ' iStaJliMMl« i . I- Playing a great defense, Julie Cooper blocks the kick. 232 JV Soccer Renee Peck. Karyn Onliveros. Chris Van Buren. Julie Anger. Devon Alexander. Amy Jackson. Trin Porter. Chris Fauchey. Coach Tracey Aycr. Gina Suseata. Michelle Wcisenberg, Nicole Eyr« Annissa House, Kendra Porter, Paula Glade. Wendy Walkins. and Debbie Pliska. Not pictured Juli Cooper. Renee Peck dribbles the ball down the field to lead her team to victory. The Aztec goalie tries to keep Julie Anger from scoring. Michelle Weisenberg kicks the ball past the Aztecs to prevent them from scoring. After scoring another goal, the girls congratulate each other on their teamwork. Nicole Eyre races with her opponent for the ball. Skills like this were learned in practice. El Dorado 1 Loara Ei Dorado 1 1 Esperanza El Dorado 1 Los Alamitos El Dorado 4 Kennedy Ei Dorado 4 Cypress El Dorado 1 1 Pacifica El Dorado 4 Katella El Dorado 1 Loara El Dorado 2 1 Esperanza El Dorado 5 2 Los Alamitos El Dorado 7 Kennedy El Dorado i Cypress El Dorado Pacifica El Dorado 7 Katella JV Soccer 233 Jim Sammon pulls up to get a jump shot off over the Kennedy defenders. Teammate Damon Cooke is prepared to get the rebound. An Esperanza defender is prepared to steal the ball from point guard Rob F inos. Rob led the team in assists. Co 1 -sin Jim Mansfield brings the ball down the court. This was Jim ' s third year i. arsity. 234 Boys Varsity Basketball Damon Cooke shoots another freethrow. Damon had the highest shooting percentage from the line on the varsity team. Old Time Basketball ' s Back Crowds roared as the Hawks drove past all their competition this past year. Every gym they played in was packed. The fans really showed their support at the last league game against Ken- nedy, when the Hawks walked away with the title of co-league champs. " We brought the kind of basketball back to E.D. that people like to see, " commented Tim Green. The Hawks were known for their fast-break style of play. This was proven when the Hawks broke the record for the most points scored in the Brea Tournament, when they defeated Schurr High School 104-103. The season was like a reunion for all the seniors on the team. They finally got to play together again. It hasn ' t happened since their days at Tuffree, " As a team we played good together, and the timing was almost always there, " replied Damon Cooke. Over the season, the Hawks demonstrated their own brand of showmanship play. Fancy playing came as easy to them as it does to the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. faiJM Juniors Dan Bailey and Jim Sammon get in the way of an oncoming opponent. The team worked hard on their defensive game. The crowd waits in anticipation as Bart Halcetnan forces his way past a Kennedy defender. Kennedy proved to be the Hawl s toughest competition in league. The 84-85 Varsity basl etball team: Sean Page. Roger Behlc. Bart Halceman. Rob Hanna. Tim Green. Jim Sam- mon. Herb Krapf. Jim Mansfield. Clele Walker, Damon Cooke, Barry Dahmen. Rob Ramos, and Dan Bailey. Boys Varsity Basketball 235 It ' s Showtime The Hawks may have been noted for three main- players; Barl Hakeman. Jim Mansfield and Jim Sammon. but the whole team contributed to its successful season. " We were a good team, but it was hard to get pumped up for every game, " commented Bart Ha- keman. " For the important games, especially the Kennedy games, we were motivated, thats why we wore those green sweatbands. " said junior Jim Sammon. Crowds followed the Hawks all over Orange Coun- ty to watch a team that knew how to put on a show. Their famous three-corner play always left people on the edge of their seats. " People should remember that at one time during the season we were ranked third in the County and first in CIF. " stated Jim Mansfield. The season ended on a sad note when the Hawks lost to Ganesha in the second round of CIF. " I really thought we could have gone all the way to the Long Beach Arena, " commented Damon Cooke. That thought will continue to linger on in the minds of the players after the great season that they had. Senior Roger Behle fakes out his opponent to find his open teammate. Barry Dahmen. The Hawks were well noted for their offense. An Aztec gets in Rob Hanna ' s way. so he decides to pass the ball. This was Robs second year on the varsity team. Driving past a Kennedy player, Jim Mansfield goes for one of his many layups. Jim was the second leading scorer on the team. 236 Boys Varsity Basketball Forward Ban Hakeman pulls the ball out as the Hawks run their 3-corner play. Guard Rob Ramos waits for the pass from Bart. Crowd pleaser. Barry Dahmen prepares to sink a freethrow. Barry is one of the seven returning varsi- ty players. Katella ' s defense is no match for the Hawks leading scorer. Bart Hakeman. Jim Sammon watches his teammates score another easy basket. El Dorado 76 57 Fullerton EI Dorado 72 66 Laguna Hills El Dorado 93 82 Garden Grove El Dorado 71 47 Palmdale El Dorado 83 76 Bonita El Dorado 63 70 Bell Jeff El Dorado 73 61 Katella El Dorado 51 33 Loara El Dorado 104 102 Schurr El Dorado 96 69 Sunny Hills El Dorado 68 62 Brea El Dorado 68 56 H.H. Wilson El Dorado 72 58 Esperanza El Dorado 67 58 Cypress El Dorado 62 55 Pacifica El Dorado 58 61 Los Alamitos El Dorado 72 74 Kennedy El Dorado 51 47 Loara El Dorado 69 64 Katella El Dorado 77 63 Cypress El Dorado 78 65 Esperanza El Dorado 70 50 Los Alamitos El Dorado 64 58 Pacifica El Dorado 85 82 Kennedy El Dorado 64 59 Fullerton El Dorado 66 72 Ganesha Boys Varsity Basketball 237 Freshman Top Row (left to right) The freshmeri basketball team consists of: E. Ulrich, D. Corneluis, E. Keller. M. Mans- field. C. Facione. C. Hall. B. Grahm. D. Raymond, K. Clossen. S. Tomko. 6. Clennen. M. Beauchamp. M. Hawna. J. Little. C. Carter. W. Maguel. B. Hendrix, S. Wiezel. K. Keifer. M. Brooks. M. Hill. B. Neavel, B. Corona. S. Mitchel. J. Koisumi. J. Dodd. Sophomor e Back Row (left to right) The sophomore basket- ball team consists of; T. Stitt. R. Alvarez. J. McFerso. C. Stevens. M. Heuigney. D. Pierce. D. Dannelly. R. Carrington. C. Bachand. B. Banan. J. Puentes. Front Row (left to right) C. Newvine. J. Hoffman. G. Rayer (coach), O. Pickney (coach). K. Keller. G. Brummond. JV Team Left to Right The J.V. basketball consists of.- P. Richardson, E. Glade. J. Lance, P. Martin, J. Byers. R. Jain, S. Froning. S. Shedlock. B. Cardinas. C. Behle. R. Cogswell. B. Boone. Coach: Johny Johnson. 238 Frosh Soph JV Basketball Striving Ahead " The highlight of our season was our last game against Kennedy. We were undefeated. The whole team was really intense both on offense and defense. We came out ready to win and that ' s exactly what we did! " Freshman Chris Facione commented on what he thought was the greatest moment for the freshman basketball team this year. That wasn ' t the only good thing about the team this year. They had five excellent starting players who led the team to a record of 8 and 6. These players included: Scott Tomko. Chris Facione, Cameron Carter, Eddie Keller, and Michael Flanna. The team also felt that the coaching staff, led by Tom Hays and Mel Hudson, did an excellent job. " They were great. " stated Cameron Carter, " They were more like friends than coaches. " The team learned alot this year about working together and playing as a team. They also have much to look forward to in the future. Freshman Scott Tomko commented, " I look forward to playing varsity and winning a league championship. " Reaching Goals At the end of a disappointing season, the boys Sophomore basketball team posted a record of 3-11 in league and 6-15 overall. Although feelings among players were mixed, they agreed that the season as an entirety was a let down. " We were beaten by 40 points at least 5 times. I think if we would have played with more intensity, we could have at least been a .500 team, " commented Chuck Newvine. " It was frustrat- ing not being able to win as many games as we had hoped, " added Todd Still. Also, the Sophomore team acquired two new coaches this sea- son, Gary Raya and Dave Pickney. This may have contributed a small part to the team ' s misfortune. " Even though our record was below our expectations, we still had a very good team. Hopefully, a lot of the guys will continue to play because there was a lot of talent on our team. Offensive- ly, we were led by Dave Pierce and Charlie Stevens, Defensively, Rob Carrington gave us a lot of key steals and forced a good amount of turnovers, " concluded Stitt, Looking Toward The Future Beginning the season with a slow start was one thing that temporarily held back the JV basketball team this year. As freshmen, the team went undefeated, so losing their first game was a dissappointing setback that caused the team ' s record to be 2 and 5 at the start. Through much determination, hard work, and alot of practice, the team made and outstanding comeback to win the last 5 out of 7 games, " The team started off slow, " commented sophomore Curt Behle, " we expected too much because of our record last year, " Another asset to help the team was their ability to work well together. " At first everyone wanted to be a superstar and we didn ' t work well with each other, but at the end of the season we came together. " stated sophomore James Byers. All of the players have a positive attitude and have many goals for the next seasons. Sophomore Sean Shedlock commented " I look forward to making varsity and winning GIF " , The team this year was led by coach Johnny Johnson and assistant coach Marvin Therman. " Our coach related to us well and we love him " , added Behle, " we were one bonzai team! " El Dorado 59 55 Katella El Dorado 54 31 Loara El Dorado 65 68 Esperanza El Dorado 63 70 Cypress El Dorado 76 37 Pacifica El Dorado 55 66 Los Alamitos El Dorado 45 62 Kennedy El Dorado 75 36 Loara El Dorado 57 82 Katella El Dorado 56 47 Cypress El Dorado 61 52 Esperanza El Dorado 69 76 Los Alamitos El Dorado 79 65 Pacifica El Dorado 68 51 Kennedy El Dorado 50 62 Katella El Dorado 46 24 Loara El Dorado 33 57 Cypress El Dorado 38 73 Pacifica El Dorado 51 93 Los Alamitos El Dorado 32 73 Kennedy El Dorado 51 46 Loara El Dorado 42 59 Katella El Dorado 35 53 Cypress El Dorado 57 66 Esperanza El Dorado 49 74 Los Alamitos El Dorado 57 68 Pacifica El Dorado 42 64 Kennedy El Dorado 35 64 Katella El Dorado 51 29 Loara El Dorado 60 34 Esperanza El Dorado 54 72 Cypress El Dorado 46 58 Pacifica El Dorado 34 73 Los Alamitos El Dorado 57 62 Kennedy El Dorado 52 49 Katella El Dorado 63 52 Cypress El Dorado 60 46 Loara El Dorado 61 44 Esperanza El Dorado 71 62 Los Alamitos El Dorado 61 70 Pacifica El Dorado 53 58 Kennedy Frosh Soph JV Basketball 239 At The Buzzer 10, 9 Jill Malyuch drives the lane with the Hawks down by a point to Katella. S. 7 Her shot misses but she draws the foul. 6 seconds remain on the clock as she goes to the line. Jill sinks both free throws and the girls ' varsity basketball team holds on to win by I. Clutch playing by Jill Malyuch led the team to a 12 10 overall record. Their 9-5 finish in league tied them for third. If a basket was needed. Jill Malyuch was looked upon. Three times, twice against Katella and once against Alta Loma. she scored the game winning basket. " I play my best in close situations " , replied Jill. Her big plays and all around performances won her Empire Leagues most valuable player award. Kalhy Ncwvine. the starting center, was also named to the all Empire League team. Strength was added to the team by Joanne Popala. an exchange student from New Zealand. " My role was to take people out. " said Joanne. Her rough style always put her in foul trouble. " I think the referees here (in America) are ticky-tacky. " she said. " The adjustment was hard because I had to learn new teammates and plays, plus the competi- tion here (in U.S.A.) is tougher, " Injuries are the most dreaded aspect of sports. All the hard work put into a season can go for not. Such bad luck befell point guard Laurie Abernethy. She went down with a knee injury in the Esperanza game. " It hurt us a lot. " said Jill Malyuch. " Laurie controlled the flow of the game. At mid-season, we had to change all of our offense positioning " . The team started slow losing 4 of their first 6 games. " Things turned around when we learned how each other played and started playing togeth- er. " said Joan Pcsl. " We always kept a positive attitude. We played hard to prove ourselves and to have others take notice. " EL DORADO VARSITY GAME RESULTS Non-League El Dorado 52 54 La Habra El Dorado 49 59 Wilson El Dorado 57 60 Wilson El Dorado 42 46 Valencia Brea Tournament (winner-consolation) El Dorado 50 60 La Habra El Dorado 65 13 University El Dorado 53 43 Tustin El Dorado 54 53 Alta Loma League (Empire } El Dorado 47 46 Katella El Dorado 35 45 Loara El Dorado 54 69 Esperanza El Dorado 59 39 Cypress El Dorado 77 44 Pacifica El Dorado 45 38 Los Alamitos El Dorado 74 61 Kennedy El Dorado 51 49 Katella El Dorado 36 52 Loara El Dorado 59 11 Esperanza El Dorado 56 41 Cypress El Dorado 65 36 Pacifica El Dorado 62 43 Los Alamitos El Dorado 54 59 Kennedy t ' iavoff Game El Do. lAc 40 45 Kennedy Non Leagi.. 3 5 League 9-5 Overall Q 10 Playoffs ai FINAL STANDINGS TIED FOR THIRD Top row (L to R)- Jill Matyuch. Joanne Popota. Coach Rasmussen. Sheri Orr. and Kathy Newvine Bottom rov (L to R)- Jenni Bishop. Joan Pesl. and Laurie Abernethy. Filling the lanes keys a fastbreak. Joanne Popota does her job of filling a lane while Laurie Abernethy bring the ball up the court, Jill Matyuch looks for an open teammate to pop open for a shot. She led the team with 100 assists. 240 Girls Varsity Basketball Girls Varsity Basketball 241 Teammates are told to talk to each other on the court. Joan PesI talks even when she scoots her tree throws. Looking to g roast to coast, Laurie Abernethy has one destination in mind, the basket. 242 Girls Varsity Basketball Outnumbered one to three Kathy Newvine decides to bring the ball back out and wait for reinforcements. Total concentration and pure form aid Jill Matyuch ' s free throws. In the Brea Tournament Jill made the All Tournament Team. Driving as a sophomore? Joan PesI drives the open lane. Jenni Bishop just stands watching because she has complete confidence in Kathy Newvine ' s shooting ability. You take it. I don ' t want it. Laurie Abernethy and Joan PesI play hot potato as they brmg the ball up the court. Girls Varsity Basketball 243 A Team With Unity Finishing the season with a record of 6 wins and 8 losses, the girls JV Basketball team grasped a fourth place victory in the Empire League. Eleanore Chen, a guard and a forward, stated that their season was rather " disappointing. " The team was young and the bench was small, six members to be exact. " We did rather well considering the circumstances, " stated Chen. As a first year coach, Lisa Spicer did a great job. She made prac- tices fun and she got close to each team member. One advantage the team had was that they were friends on and off the court. Since they were so close, it helped improve their games on the court. The 1984-85 Girls J.V. Basl(etball team are from left to right: Janet Sanford. Laurie Schoner. Karric Garret. Holly Goodhue, Eleanore Chen, Shannon Paulson and front. Coach Lisa Spicer. As the Hawks offense moves in for another two points. Laurie Schoner shoots for the basket. With Kennedy ' s defense putting the pressure on. Shannon Pualson calmly shoots for a basket. 244 Girls JV Basketball El Dorado J.V. Game Results Pre-Season WE THEY Wilson 15 33 La Habra Kateila League 20 14 Loara 20 39 Esperanza Cypress Pacifica 16 28 35 43 51 39 Los Alamitos 32 41 Kennedy Kateila 25 25 21 20 Loara 25 30 Esperanza Cypress Pacifica 28 26 24 32 65 28 Los Alamitos 14 67 Kennedy Pre-Season 0-2 League 3-11 Overall 3-13 14 35 After receiving the ball. Eleanore Chen breaks away from the defense. Elcanore was a guard and a forward on the team. Opening the game, Karrie Garret tips the ball to the Hawks. Fighting for control over the ball is Shannon Paulson and a Kennedy rival. Kennedy was one of the toughest teams the Hawks had to face. Girls J.V. Basketball 245 ;i El Dorado 118 38 Tustin El Dorado lOS • 47 Katella El Dorado 130 II Loara El Dorado III 50 Esperanza El Dorado 123 32 Cypress El Dorado 122 32 Pacifica El Dorado 95 61 Los Alamitos El Dorado 110 41 Kennedy . Junior Mike Fairchild exhibits perfect form during a backstroke event. Backstroke was Mike ' s best event and he swam it in C.I.F. Senior 5!eve Walker pulls ahead of the pack during the 100 yard butterfly. Even the s iimers get to play around sometimes. This is illustrated as they pose for the .nderwater camera. 246 Boys Varsity Swimming Hard Wor " 1 believe our year was successful because of our superior dedication, " staled senior swim- mer Steve Walker. The Varsity swim team captured league for the third straight year. A combination of hard work and good coaching helped the swimmers win CIF I43V2 to I40 ' ' 2 over Loyola. With the loss of Olympic silver-medalist John Mykkanen the team had to function together as a unit more. " We have more depth but no greatness, " stated junior Mike Fairchild. Ju- nior Greg Clark agreed, " We were united more as a group and therefore our team was better. " The team won all but one of its league meets by over 100 points with the exception being Los Alamitos. The standout swimmers includ- ed, Chris Ames, Mike Fairchild. John Evans, Rick Hawkins, Steve Walker. Craig Tillman and Mike Tillman. The swimmers were coached by Tom Milich. whose teams have not lost a league swim meet in the three years he has been at El Dorado, He got nothing but praise from his swimmers. " Mr. Milich is the best coach in C.i.F., " stated sophomore Mike Tillman. Steve Walker agreed, " He takes time to help and he cares about us. " The varsity swim learn, L Lin. A. Cargile. T. Alkin, E. Corona, R. Hawkins. G. Clark. J. Evans. S. Walker, C. Ames. M. Tillman. J. Kwilman. C. Tillman. M. Chu- berka. J. Meyers. M, Fairchild. This sign typifies the success El Dorado swimmers have had. -,c EL DORADO HIGH SCHOOL SYI MMERS HOT LOST The Tho Frosh, Soph learn cruised through the league teams one after another. With the exception of Los Alamitos. El Dorado defeated it ' s opponents by an average of 89 points. " Our toughest meet was against Los Alamitos, which was for the league championship " commented sophomore Bob Williams. Sounds of splashing water and tired guys breathing hard can be heard before and after school. " The re- wards in the end were worth every minute of the work. " stated sophomore Mark Palmer. " Having coaches who were able to blend hard work with some fun created a good atmosphere for the team, " stated Steve Froning. " Before every meet Mr. Bowman was there giving us inspiration to go out and try our hardest. If we won the race that was great, but he was also striving for im- provement, " said Devon Ames. Second year coach John Bowman led the team to it ' s second straight league title. He also taught there is more to swimming than just winning. 4Mili :-v- This year ' s Frosh Soph swim team from bottom L to Ri B, Dolnick. A. Thompson. J. Pellagrino. K. Teadway, J. Blokzyl (middle) C. Bachand. M. Cole. R. Jain. S. Cooper. B. Williams (top) S. Johnson, T. Crisp. T. Nteso. S. Goff, D. Ames. S. Funge, M. Palmer. S. Connelly. K. Poutney. J. Bell, F. Hand. Stan, Steve Froning, lis way to victory Pulling his w sthrough the water, Sean Connelly, exhibits his determination . ' 248 Boys Frosh Soph Swimm The frosh soph girls swim team, E. Demaggio., M, Cusick. D. McBride. L. Coronel. J. Sadoski. E. Evanshine. S. Gamel. J. Vesper. J. Wilhemi. K. Sobieski. M. Shanks. S. Orr, ks Passafiume. E. Gandin. K. Powers, S. Hcalhershaw. S. Sullerfield Young Fish Come On Strong The girls frosh soph swim team had another successful season. The team was the biggest ever, with 25 swimmers. According to freshman Elisabeth Evanshine " Because we have a lot of swimmers we have a lot of depth, so we fill all the races. " With this depth comes some standout swimmers. These swimmers include. Michele Burgess. Michele Shanks. Elisabeth Evanshine and Shannon Heathershaw. They hac ' a perfect record in league. Their toughest competition came from Los Alamitos but the girls pulled it out in the end. The teams coach was Mr. Bowman, who was given nothing but high compliments by his swimmers. According to Elizabeth DeMaggio " He ' s cool. " Sophomore Sherri Orr agrees. " He tries to make us think he ' s mean but he ' s really not. he ' s one of the best. " For most of the girls this was their first experience with school athletics. " It gives me a chance to be with my friends and its good exercise, " stated Elizabeth DeMaggio. Sherri Orr says she swims because " It gives me the satis- faction of winning races. " and Elisabeth Evanshine swims because " Its good discipline and you really feel good about yourself. " Sctically swimming all alone. Shannon Heathershaw knows w eels like to be annon Heathershaw concentrates on her backstroke form during a race. Passafiume glances over to the nt see where her competition is. Girls Frosh Soph Swimming 249 i. Girls Varsity Swimming Lacking experience, the girls ' varsity swim team had it tough this year but managed to place second in league. " We had three people in every race, but most of the swimmers experienced their first competition on the varsity level, " stated sophomore Jill Mykkanen. During the season, they had the maxi- mum number fo swimmers in each race. " We had our share of first places in meets, but most of the time we had more people in each race which helped score us ahead of most of our opponents, " stated sophomore Patti Nixon. Finishing second in league behind power- house Los Alamitos and sixth out of 20 teams, in the reputable Foothill Invita- tional gives these swimmers plenty to be proud of. ' 0 % Tori Tomazic not only swims breaststroke, but also displays her technic and talent in the backstroke. Relieved after finishing the 500 yard freestyle. Kim Ressler. looks for the coaches approval. 250 Girls Varsity Swimming Taking a breath before returning to the water, sen- ior Tori Tomazic, displays the correct way of doing breaststroke. Tori is a veteran of the team as well as a contributing factor. This year girls varsity swim team front L to R: J. Mykkanen. M. Burgess (middle) R. Kendall. K. Chie- chi, L, Woodruff. S. Waterman. T. Tomazic. P. Nixon (top) K. Sobieski. M. Shanks. K. Ressler, S. Hudson. ICim Ressler explodes off the blocks as she begins lie 5CX) yard freestyle. Girls Varsity Swimming 251 Shawn Blankenship makes sure to get the third out to cut short Loaras rally. Sh junior, was on the varsity team for his second season. Beating down on his target, Jeff Petredes delivers a pitch against Loara. Jeff was thei Rob Wojcik rips a base hit. Rob was a consistent right fielder for the team Ihroughoil - fl% L Baseball Has Slow Start Fast Finish You only improve when you play someone better than you. Unfortunantly, this has meant a long season for the guy ' s Varsity baseball team. They possessed a 300 re- cord of 11-8 overall but a 3-6 league re- cord. The Empire League was filled with quality opponents, three of which were ranked in the top ten in Orange County. " This season was a good learning exper- ience because it taught me how to handle frustration, " said centerfielder Steve Whoolcy. " We had bad breaks and wer- en ' t able to put everthing together at once. " The season had it ' s positive aspects. " The team ' s strength was our defense. " replied Brett Boone. Brett was one of only two sophomores to make the Varsity Team. Also he earned himself the starting position at second base. " We always kept a good attitude and never gave up, " he added. El Dorado 22 7 San Clemente El Dorado 6 La Quinta El Dorado 16 1 Brea El Dorado 12 8 Brea El Dorado 4 6 Magnolia El Dorado 15 6 Garden Grove El Dorado 4 3 Servite El Dorado 1 2 Katella El Dorado 2 13 Loara El Dorado 1 3 Esperanza El Dorado 4 12 Cypress El Dorado 6 5 Troy El Dorado 7 6 Troy El Dorado 2 1 Pacifica El Dorado 8 9 Loa Alamitos El Dorado 5 8 Kennedy El Dorado 3 2 Loara El Dorado 7 1 Katella rett Boone races around third base trying to score on a hit by Todd Holt. Brett I one of the two sophomores that made the varsity team. teve Wholley and the rest of the team await Rob Sporrer at home plate after ob hit a home run. The home run was Robs second game winning home run in s many games. Varsity Baseball 253 .- - •4 , rflbilt • ' ' s ife sitting L-R) S. Fairfield. S. Wholley, S. Blankenship, B. Boone, and R. Wojcik (knee ing) S. Shedlock. F. Ricco. A, Vlastnik. C. Saito. J. Cribari. D. Sipple. and I. Holt, (standing) S. Leavitt. S. Holcomb. R. Sporrer. D. Rice. T Goff J Petredes. J. Buck, and S. Gullolti. Frank Ricco congratulates Scott Holcomb after Scott beat undefeated Katella Scott joined the team in the middle of the season after moving from Missou- " Vs l § - " i - X Taking his best cut at the ball is Tim Goff. Tim. the season. a senior, was DH throughout Third baseman Joe Cribari slides into second base safely. The team had people who could steal bases up and down th eir lineup. 254 Varsity Baseball oun Like Nolan Ryan, D his fastball. " My curve is also good when it works, " said Dave. Dave is one of the members of the Varsity pitching staff. He has played baseball all four years at El Dorado. He culminated his years as a Hawk pitcher on the starting rotation. " The biggest game for me came against Servile, " replied Dave. " Three pitchers were competing for the 2 spot on the rotation. I had a lot of luck on my side that day and got the 2 job. " " This year our team has had some tough luck. We find ourselves in one of the most difficult leagues in the county. As for my- self, I have improved about S0% in my pitching, and still improving, but I still have to work on my hitting. " W I Todd Holt puts on the brakes on command of Coach Gullotti. Todd in his first season on the varsity team started in left field. Doug Sipple beats the throw into second base. Doug was a good defensive player behind the plate. Varsity Baseball 255 7th Inning Stretch Yes we can. This motto carried the Cali- fornia Angels to a winning season and also the playoffs. The boys J.V. baseball team kept such a positive attitude. The result was a 10-5 overall record and a 3-4 mark in league. " I learned how to treat each game with a positive attitude, " said centerf ielder Rick Bowen. " Plus I managed to cope with slumps. " " The team did O.K., " said shortstop Rich- ard Medina. " It was good for me because I got more practice and improved. " " The team never reached its potential. I know we were capable of playing better, " said pitcher Steve Gill. However this didn ' t keep the team from maintaining a loose atmosphere. " It seemed someone was always putting Bengay on Mike Mo- dika ' s hat. " «««s, si !i:i ;. ■ ' ' • ' ' ' « ' rtv » 1 , tl Dorado 14 1. buniiY Hills :l Dorado i 2 Brea El Dorado 7 15 Biea :l Dorado 4 Diaiiiond Ba tl Dorado II 7 Servite El Dorado 10 s El Modena :1 Dorado 7 1 Katclla :1 Dorado 3 Loara ■1 Dorado J 6 Esperanza 11 Dorado 8 1 Troy El Dorado 6 5 Troy- El Dorado 2 Cypress El Dorado 5 7 Pacifica £1 Dorado 3 Los Alamitot El Dorado 6 . Kennedy Top row (L to R; • M. klassen, ! Giii, R. Hanna. Coach Novick. Mi die row (L to R) - T. Wunsch. I Rice. R. Bowen, D. Yates. C. Ritch Bottom row (L to R) - D. Ireland. Medina, F. Flores. M. Modica. . As if squatting all game isn " t touj enough, catcher Chris Ritch fields a bunt and makes the play . first. Batting cleanup and being a- hitter. Doug Yates swings for t. fence. S;ife„ Rearing back and putting all his power into the pitch. Rob Hanna blows down the a 256 J.V. Baseball Transition Period " The High School level is much tougher than little league, " said first baseman Charlie Stevens. The Frosh-Soph baseball team had to make the jump to high school competition. The result was a 30-2 re- cord in league. Benefit of the rule that one tie goes to the win column and the other to the loss, the team possessed a 4- 3 mark. " Our hitting and fielding were our team ' s strengths. The problem was we couldn ' t put both together for one game, " said Chris Facione. " Throughout the year, we had a good attitude towards the coaching and everyone helped each other out. " What goes through your mind when you come up to bat? " If I have men on base I ' m batting to score or advance them, " re- plied Charlie Stevens. " I don ' t worry about being hit. If I do get hit, I get the base and it only hurts for a minute. " 2 8 Katella El Dorado 9 9 Loara El Dorado 7 7 Esperanza El Dorado 4 5 Cypress El Dorado 9 6 Los Alamitos El Dorado 8 3 Kennedy El Dorado 4 2 Loara Chris Facione swings level and punches through a basehit. He watches to see if it has any extra base potential. First baseman Charlie Stevens gets down and ready for anything hit his way while Kent Kieffer delivers the pitch, Chris Olsen has a front row seat for every game as the team ' s catcher. He starts the ball around the horn after a strikeout. F S Baseball Pg 257 First baseman Kclli Weirich decides to make the out at first by herself. Holly Piper comes over to help. Waiting for their opponents to plan their strategy. Stephanie Richards. Jill Matyuch. and Holly Piper throw a few warm up balls. Lisa Ignacek steps up to the plate to take her best swing. Lisa is the team ' s rightfielder. 258 Softball Domg what she does best. Suzi Bradach pitches to another unfortunate batter. This was Suzi ' s first year on varsity. Suzi pitched two consecutive no- hitters against Katella and Esperanza. Makin ' It Work • : ' a ' s •k Thirteen very skilled girls and two willing coaches made up the E.D. varsity Softball team. Their talent showed up when the lady Hawks took second place in the Woodbridge Softball tournament over spring vacation. " One of our best games was against Woodbridge in the tourna- ment. We displayed teamwork and a posi- tive attitude, " commented pitcher Suzi Bradach. The team worked long and hard to make themselves the best. It was up to three uniors and two seniors to cover the in- field and keep their opponents from tak- ing a trip around the bases. " It was Holly who kept our team on the ball with her constant cheerleading, " remarked short- stop Jill Matyuch. Doing her part to help her team. Kris Glomboske stops a ball. Kris also helped her team with her great batting. Shortstop Jill Matyuch comes home to score a run. The Hawks defeated Katella with some help from Jill. The varsity Softball team: Coach Brennan, Jill Ma- tyuch. Shannon Emrick. Jamie Filzpatrick. Leisel Smoyer. Coach Waller, (row 2) Lisa Ignacek. Suzi Bradach. Lisa Renaud. Louise Waller, (row 3) Steph- anie Richards. Holly Piper. Shelley Gallagher, Kris Glomboske. Softball 259 Thinking Back Some of the seniors had a few comments about their playing days as an E.D. soft- ball player and what their teammates meant to them. " I ' ve had my share of injuries and I ' m just glad that I was able to play again during my last year. " said outfielder Liesel Smoyer. " With all the hard work I ' ve put into Softball, it finally paid off for me. I would never have made it if it hadn ' t been for all my special friends on the team, " stated third baseman Stephanie Richards. " Softball was the biggest and the best part of my life at E.D. I wouldn ' t have been able to do it without my par- ents and friends to support me, " replied pitcher Tammy Moore. Tm just glad that I had my friends there to help me through it all. I ' ll really miss them, " commented outfielder Shelley Gallagher. Shelley Gallagher takes a hard swing at her turn at bat. Shelley has been on varsity for 3 years. With some coaching from Coach Brennan. Jill Ma- tyuch rounds third base on her way to home plate. " Keeping the bench warm was my most important job. I was the best cheerleader out there. " said Shannon Emrick. ! 260 Softball Varsity softball El Dorado 1 Valencia El Dorado 1 Magnolia El Dorado 5 2 La Habra El Dorado 3 La Habra El Dorado 7 1 Troy El Dorado 2 2 Troy El Dorado 3 4 Loara El Dorado 6 Katella El Dorado 5 3 Esperanza El Dorado 2 Woodbridge El Dorado 1 Capo Valley El Dorado 7 El Toro El Dorado 2 4 Westminister El Dorado 1 Pacifica El Dorado 1 Cypress El Dorado 6 Los Alamitos El Dorado 1 2 Kennedy El Dorado 2 Loara Leisel Smoyer beats the throw to first base. Leisel came back from a knee injury to play left field. Suzi Bradach warms up to pitch another game. Suzi was the only pitche on the team. Pitcher Suii Bradach ducks out of the way so Stephanie Richards can make the throw to first base. Softball 261 ' " ■ " - « " ■■ ! El Dorado 16 6 Loara El Dorado 6 1 Katella El Dorado 10 6 Esperanza El Dorado II 1 Pacifica El Dorado 1 3 Cypress El Dorado 16 5 Los Alamitos El Dorado 1 4 Kennedy El Dorado 5 2 Loara Wendi Malone gives her all when she ' s up to bat in hopes for another win. After a fierce wind up. Nickie David pitches the ball with accuracy and consistency. While trying to steal 3rd base, a Cypress player Is caught by Gina Susaeta who ' s going for the tag. 262 JV Softball The Come Back Team Junior Varsity Softball- 1st row- Wendy Hakeman. Elenor Chen. Tina Zummo. Kris Fouchey. Jenni Bishop. 2nd row- Devon Alexander. Jamie Gilliland. Wendi Malone, Amy Jackson. Kelly Wetrich. Cathy Newvine. 3rd row- Wendy Watkins. Nickie David, Tara Villavicencio. Trina Porter. Coach McLaughlin. Coach Simons. Gina Susaeta. Krista Hoover. Jackie David. Jackie David is using her hitting techniques she learned in practice. The team cheers as Wendi Maione scores on a home run against Cypress. Jackie David slaps a tag on a player from Los Alamitos who tried to stretch her double to a triple. The " Conie Back Team " was the nickname given to the El Dorado Junior Varsity Softball team this year. After watching one of their femes for the first few innings you may begin worry, but none to fear. This powerhouse continued to explode during the closing in- nings of almost every game. Ihe girls new style of leading off bases com- lined with great fielding and hitting made the 84-85 J.V. Softball team something to watch. " We had a strong team this year. " comments Jenni Bishop, ' but Wendi Malone stood out among the rest. " The team had the opportunity of playing in the Woodbridge Tournament and came away with the fifth place award of " conselation champs " out of 17 other schools. Their goal was to be in good shape and win League Championships. Although they prac- tice hard every Monday, Wednesday and Fri- day for 2 ' 2 hours, these girls love what they do and they do it so well. " This years team has a lot of talent and will go far, " said Wendy Hakeman and we all believe her. JV Softball 263 Love Means Nothing To A Tennis Player The tension mounts as the last point is award- ed. It ' s another victory for the El Dorado Boys Varsity tennis team. Why does the team per- form so well as a whole? " I think It ' s because everyone on the team encourages each other. We ' re all good kids and everyone if friendly. " stated Palo D ' Alo. The Varsity team consists of 8 players and all of them considers each an equal, none better than the others. Coach Johnson helped his team to victory by stressing that the players practice on their own and improve individually. When asked what the hardest part of the sport is. Casey Marshall replied. " Playing in the wind because you can ' t control the ball. " Tactics is also a big part of El Dorados secret. Learning special tactics in and out of practice is what makes this team different than the rest. Good job guys and Congrats on a great season. ... ml WiO i iii»»ii» ' ii1»|imn|H« " i«rfli " ' ,- « Varsity Tennis Team- Sean Page. Casey Marshall, Dong Kim. Joey Laubie. Jim Fife. Jim Sammons. Palo D ' Alo. Coach Johnson and Eric Glade. Concentrating on his backhand, is Joey Laubie. Jim Sammons demonstrates excellent form as he hits a slice backhand. 264 Boys Varsity Tennis IKfMr A . -l? - - - ' - ' Eric Glade watches the ball as he hits a forehand drive. The Varsity Tennis tean developed their skills by playing each other. Following through on an offensive backhand is Dong Kim. Casey Marshall adds the winning stroke. Scan Page returns the ball with ease. El Dorado 22 6 Pacifica El Dorado 26 2 Kennedy Ei Dorado S 1 2 19 1 2 Los Alamitos El Dorado 17 Vi 8 1 2 Cypress El Dorado 21 8 Esperanza El Dorado 28 Loara El Dorado 18 10 Katella El Dorado 20 8 Pacifica El Dorado 25 3 Kennedy Ei Dorado 27 1 Loara El Dorado 15 V, 12 Katella Boys Varsity Tennis 265 ill For The Love Of Tennis ll El Dorado 5 1 2 7 Servile ? El Dorado 9 V2 14 Sonora 1 - — " El Dorado 31 7 Orange llpiiiljSg El Dorado 17 ' 2 10 1 2 La Habra El Dorado II 17 Pacifica „rr: — " Z- El Dorado El Dorado 20 1 2 7 1 2 8 V2 19 1 2 Kennedy ii " ' " !!-— — ' Katella L-p " «- . El Dorado II 17 Loara Kl , El Dorado 10 V2 17 1 2 Esperanza ■k El Dorado 8 1 2 19 1 2 Cypress Ew El Dorado 16 1 2 II 1 2 Pacifica K El Dorado 8 20 Alamitos Hmii El Dorado 13 1 2 14 1 2 Kennedy Hbte El Dorado 19 9 Loara H El Dorado 13 15 Katella " We were always the underdog and we always tried to surprise the rest of the teams by beating them. We had a good attitude and tried our hardest. " Sopho- more Bob Botha describes what he thought was the best thing about being on the JV tennis team this year. The overall team record was not as good as they hoped, but they were able to learn about working as a team, and striving forth as individuals. The coach this year was Don Smith. Sophomore Darin Hicks comment- ed. " I felt it was kind of disorganized at the start, but everything seemed to really come together during the season. " Tennis coach Don Smith pursues his favorite pas- time, the sport of fishing. John Yarter reaches up for an easy backhand. " Ready, aim, fire! " exclaims Herb Kraft as he creeps up on an unsuspectmg ball. Boys J.V. Tennis 267 Being on a track team offers something that no other sports team does. It offers choices. A variety of events make it pos- sible for individuals to strive, not only for themselves, but for the entire team. Sen- ior Brian Galvin commented, " I love track, but I don ' t like the physical abuse. My favorite thing is being able to participate in CIF as an individual. " But winning as an individual is only half; being in track means that you are on a team. Senior Steve Beard, team MVP, added, " ' It is alot of team effort. When the team works well, everyone wins the meet. " Junior Mike Genera, in his second year of track as a pole vaulter, stated, " It is an intense sport. It requires complete unif cation of body and mind. " High Jumper, Mitsuvo Meada commented, " I like high jumping because it enables you to feel free, to set different goals for yourself and to excel. " On the team this year, there are as many different coaches, as there are events, the coaches include Mr. Titus. Mr. Leon- ard. Mr. HenshalJ. Mr. Bishop. Mr. Morn- ing, and Eric Olson. Persona Leaping over the hurdles with great speed, Jason Sweet set a new school record in the 330 yard intermediate hurdles. His time was 39.6 seconds. The 1985 boys track team. Making it look so easy is high jumper Curt Behle as he glides over the bar. Sophomore Bill Whalen shows determination and pride as he carefully calculates the last remaining strides to the finish. 268 Boys Track bt ' ' cM. W i , hc n -PkiA i»-(.v j • J A W. v« ■ ' aI ' - ' s- -Xs IllPJIIIgHir j-ijW ' g During a relay. Rusty Moore makes a quick and easy hand-off to Bob Cohen before he slows down. Discus thrower Mike Rogers has turned in circles for so long that he is not sure when is the best time to let go. The multi-talented Rich Howerth manages to show off one of his surfing maneuvers while making a long jump. This is Rich ' s first year long jumping in high school. 8 $ ' tKKKMKM 58 S8 . ' " fefu f06 78 " a 74 J7 0 f " -ess 69 { 56 ' ' " ' l " " ' " ' Boys Track 269 Arching over the bar in the high jump event is Amy Kinnear. This is Amy ' s first year with the team. Discus thrower. Tracey Tastad. gets ready to throw with skill. Tracey has been a team member for the past four years. Determined Excellence The team was young this season, but they all worked to be number one. Throughout the season, everybody helped each other in order to improve their skills. " The prac tices are hard but they were always fun, " commented shot put and discus thrower, Tracey Tastad. The runners had their hard times with injuries this season. Michelle Banks added, " At the Esper- anza meet this year I pulled my hamstring muscle running the last leg of the 440 yard relay. " The injury did not setback the recovery. " A tempo- rary setback doesn ' t have to be completely disa- bilitating if you keep the proper attitude, " Mi- chelle concluded. Audra Weaser a high jumper for four years added " Throughout my career, I ' ve met the goals I put forth. I tried to contribute the most possible points for the team. " That is what track is all about, setting goals, meeting them and winning points for the team. Lynnctte Ignacek concludes, " The past four years have been a great experience. I ' ve always consid- ered the track team to be a huge family. I would just like to say thanks for ail the good times and good memories. " During a 440 relay handoff. Whitney Nelson and Sheryi Utler both show technique. Whitney and Sheryl are known to be " Spirit stars of the Future. " 1985 Girls Track Runners: Kirsten Arnold. Kara Bailey, Michelle Banks, Christi Clawson. Maureen Connelly. Julie Cooper. Tamara Dearen. Kristen Donath. Jana Florentine. Jennifer Garcia. Lynnette Ignacek. Colleen King, Amy Kinnear. Carolyn Lawson. Karin Lindner. Kristie Magnuson. Christi McClelland. Sheila Montgom- ery. Martha Monzo, Megan Nelson. Whitney Nelson. Colleen O ' Higgins. Christi Osborn. Karen Pacaud. Michelle Patras. Kari Probst. Elizabeth Rosipajla. Stacey Sawyer, Tracey Tastad. Kelly Underwood. Sheryl Utter, Audra Weaser. and Vicki Weir. Girl ' s Track 271 Golfers Enjoy Unexpected Success During the practice matches o( this season, the teams vision of league play was blurred- With only one senior, two juniors, and four sophomores not much w i? expected from these players. The coach. Dennis Hakeman definitely (ell as if this year would be a stepping stone for next year He was given a pleasant surprise. With only two losses the team captured an unpredicted second place in the Empire League- When asked about the impressive standing. Mr. Hakeman felt that the players and their willingness to be competitive made the differ- ence. He explained that their success had to do with the improve- ment of Dan Coiio. the transfer of Jimmy Lloyd from Brea. and the consistent play ot Mark Rylance. Chris Sanatar. and Rodney Tarllon, Most of the players have known Mr. Hakeman for more than one year. " Mr. Hakeman takes responsibility for the team and manages it welt, " staled junior Chris Sanatar. The team had already been assured of a spot in the CIF team play, and hopes to send some team members to the CIF individuals. " Mark Rylance and Chris Sanatar are m ost likely to reach the CIF indivi- duals, " stated sophomore Dan Cozzo. These golfers are obviously ready for the playoffs, and definitely a coach ' s dream (or the next couple of years. El Dorado 195 222 Pacifica El Dorado 192 215 Cypress El Dorado 395 460 Loara El Dorado 390 450 Kennedy El Dorado 390 413 Los Al El Dorado 196 199 Esperanza El Dorado 388 489 Kennedy El Dorado 401 415 Los Al El Dorado 400 397 Esperanza H 1 The 1985 Varsity Golf Team, Back Row, Mark Ry- lance, Jason Buck, Jamie Lynch, Dan Cozzo. Front Row: Steve Prancevic, Rodney Tarlton. Chris Sanatar, (Not Shown: Jimmy Lloyd) Chris Sanatar prepares for approach to the green. Deafness in this aspect is essential to a complete game. 272 Varsity Golf . «»J!llf5 ' f Prancevic displays great form on the tee. Proper weight is one of the keys to Sieve ' s success. Birdie putts are no problem for Mark Rylance. His firm stroke and steady nerves combine for consistent low scoring. Rodney Tarlton shows what " keeping your eye on the ball " really means. |f Good body turn and follow through are basics to good driving. Being long off the tee helps Jamie Lynch bring any course down to size. » Long lag putts are no challenge to Dan Cozio. Tom Watson and Johnny Miller favor upright stances. Varsity Golf 273 After a long tee shot Todd Pakulski hits a short iron to the par-4 green. Ouite often, birdies and pars are a result of short irons to the green. Putting for a two, Scott Schweitzer is in deep concentration. While the bail rolls towards the hole, he is ajlomatically thinking birdie. As Kevin Biller finishes his swing he prepares to see the ball fly long and straight. Moving Upward And Onward wlflir With the help of Coach Carl Sweet the junior varsity golfers are learning what has to be done to play varsity golf. Hard work and a skill for the game are two factors needed to become good players. Junior varsity golf programs have been dismissed from some Empire League schools as well as other schools throughout California. For some reason it ' s been a hard program to budget, but El Dorado has successfully continued to have two golf teams. " Be- ing a sophomore and not able to make the varsity team, I appreciate the opportunity to be able to play, " stated Scott Schweitzer. The team had 16 matches against non-league and league schools. They ranked second in league be- hind Esperanza. " The strongest team in our league was definitely Esperanza, " explained- John Marsh, " because they have guys playing junior varity that could make varsity at other schools. ' " The key players on this team were Scott Schweitzer. Kevin Biller. and Eric Reynolds. Other team mem- bers included John Marsh. Todd Pakulski, Steven Milcbell. and John Overland. The nicest part of the junior varsity program is most of these play varsity golf with top players in Southern California. El Dorado 242 263 Loara El Dorado 247 254 Cypress El Dorado 240 245 Pacifica El Dorado 240 203 Esperanza Completing his drive is Eric Reynolds. Good drives are necessary on par 4 and 5 holes. The 1985 Junior Varsity Golf Team. Back Row: John Overland. Todd Pakulski. Johm Marsh. Front Row: Eric Reynolds. Scott Shweitzer. Kevin Biller. With a good chip and putt. John Marsh will save par. Getting up and down is a necessity in the game of golf. J.V. Golf 275 v Showing perfect backhand form. Jim Sammons trys to outsmart his opponent. Jim was an outstanding doubles player. In the CIF finals, Chris Ames sets up for the score. The waterpolo team took a tough loss to Newport Harbor in the finals. Jim Mansfield watches as he puts two more points on the scoreboard. The basketball team was co-champions of the Empire League. Playing all out as usual. Gene Tjoa ends up on the ground. Genes hard work enabled him to lead the team in goals scored. 276 Sports Closing Most Valuable People Three year varsity starter ScotI Fairfield prepares for the tackle. ScotI proved his excellence by being in almost every defensive play all year. Shannon Emerick passes the ball up field. Shannon, besides playing soccer, also played volleyball and Softball. Steve Wholley races down the line to beat out the throw. Sieve was an important member of the team. controling centerfield. Another year has come and gone and, as usual, El Dorado had another fun and suc- cessful sports year. The following ath- letes were elected as being the most valu- able player in their sport. Football-Scott Fairfield and Todd Holt Volleyball-Shelley Gallagher and Jill Ma- tyuch Waterpolo-Rick Hawkins and Chris Ames Boys Cross Country-Scott Moore Girls Cross Country-J ulie Cooper and Beth Rosipajla Girls Tennis-Louise Walters and Kim Loyd Boys Soccer-Gene Tjoa and Ken Osterberg Girls Soccer-Megan Nelson and Shannon Emerick Wrestling-Todd Tomazic and Steve Law- son Boys Basketball-Bart Hakeman and Jim Mansfield Girls Basketball-Jill Matyuch and Cathy Newvinc Boys Swimming-Rick Hawkins and Chris Ames Girls Swimming-Jill Mykkanen Baseball-Steve Wholley and Jeff Petredes Boys Tennis- Joe Laubie and Jim Sammons Boys Track-Steve Beard Girls Track-Beth Rosipajla. Julie Cooper and Whitney Nelson Golf-Mark Rylance and Chris Sanatar Sports Closing 277 A common sighi it lunch wa aH|inisira ' tors nad faculty i ' patrolliiig ' " aHjs. Test, Mrs. Crays. Sgl. l-fntz, and Mr;flH|is make sure srudcnis ollserve the IffiBcating " Mr. Smith looks i told him he couU eating lines. Mr hiologv tor more • desk without . lessening numhi about by the de Administrative Clerical Special Twenty-two year teaching veteran, Jack Koenig. enjoys his job. ■ ' Teaching is always an exciting challenge and very rewarding when you see the positive progress made by students. The icing on the cake is the occasional return of grateful students who thank me for any help I gave them, " says Mr. Koeing. School nurse, Barbara Mori, sits at her desk during one of the days f is at El Dorado. A Participant " When I was in third grade, I had an aunt who taught. I really looked up to her. so 1 decided that is what I would do. " Mrs. Crays has been teaching for six years. She has just finished her 3rd year at El Dorado, where she had classes in general math, computer program- ming 1 and II and Algebra II which happens to be her favorite subject to teach. " I really enjoyed high school so I guess that is why I like teaching high school. Most of all. I like getting to know the students. I like the interaction with people, not just sitting at a desk. " Because of this, Mrs. Crays became very involved with the school. This was her first year as the advisor to the National Honor Society whom she feels " are a very special group of students. " Mrs. Crays could also be found supporting the sports teams at their games. Mr. Jim Disbennet! arrives at the school via chauf- feured limousine. Disbennett was named Teacher of the Year. Suzanne Hoff Jerry Jertberg Debbie Jezik I Naomi Lerner Mjmi Kathy IMarrow Pat Pasley Ron Rodriguez Ruth Sampson Richard Seybold Rob Snyder Shirley Teachenor Ann Test 281 Faculty ucation nie Alexander Joy Appleby Charles Bishop b 282 Faculty Woy Wor For 10 years, Mr. Woy has been teacher students math. He has taught from pre- algebra to algebra II. Mr. Woy prefers to teach any class but freshmen, and he likes to get to know each of his students even though he never seems to have enough time. When asked what he likes most about teaching, Mr. Woy put it sim- ply, " the summers. " In his spare time, Mr. Woy likes to ski, dive, and travel. Mr. Woy has been to over 50 countries and he says, " there ' s too many interesting places to pick a fa- vorite. " This summer, Mr. Woy and his family will travel the South Pacific: Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Figi, and Hawaii. The ever-popuiar Jack Woy sits in front of one of his math classes, Woy has traveled to places all over the world. David Clark Alice Cole Kay Constant Laura Crays Barbara D ' Arcy Jim Disbennett Steve Dulcher Larry Eynon 283 Faculty mi an any Talents Dr. Morris earned his PhD. in science education at Florida State University. Following that, he taught at the university and also did research to improve science teaching. He later worked at a medical school as the assistant dean. In addition, Dr. Morris taught high school in northern California. Before Dr. Morris came to El Dorado, he owned a business that dealt with new inventions in the field of technology. FHe made enough money in his busi- ness that he could afford to return to teacliing. According to Dr. Morris. " ' My business was not as much fun as ucation. " Dr. Morris has authored and co-authored thirty-six books. The topics are diverse and include medicine. computer education, bio-chemistry, and travel. He enjoys books and averages three hours a day of reading. Dr. Morris raises horses on his ranch wfiich is locat- ed in the Black Hills of South Dakota just outside of Rapid City. His nearest neighbor is several miles away. He enjoys the quietness and privacy of the area. Being a pilot. Dr. Morris has owned two different planes. He has flown across the United States, into Canada, and also in the Grand Canyon. " Working with people who want to learn is the most fun that I ' ve ever had, " stated Dr. Morris. The things that Dr. Morris most enjoys about teaching are the constant interaction with people and the challenges that teaching presents. New to El Dorado, math and science teacher Dr. Morris prefers to teach. " My business was not as much fun as education. " Dan Henshall Richard Garcia Connie Grosse I Mary Ford I j . , Sara Hall David Hasson Ralph Hepp Eileen Hooper ,i v Alan Leonard Laurie Lewinson Tom Milich Debbie Payne A senior prank from a few years ago shows two painted, life-like mannequins of Mr. Davis and Ms. Ervin on a table in the senior quad. The senior prank is one that makes teachers and administrators a little nervous. Alan Leonard, with lunch, thermos, and briefcase in hand is equipped and ready for another eventful day of teaching. 285 Faculty eachers Mr. Disbennett has been a social studies teacher at El Dorado for the past nine years. Ho is currently serving as the Social Studies Department Chairman. In his spare time, Mr, Disbennett enjoys at- tending athletic events, playing his drums, and listening to music. He likes all types of music and has all of the Beatles and Rolling Stones albums. Mr. Disbennett also plays bas- ketball, runs, and fishes. Mr. Disbennett considers teaching to be act- ing. In other words, he Is playing the role of teacher. In addition, he believes that a teach- er must be outgoing to be effective. Although Mr. Disbennett enjoys his job, he becomes frustrated when he has students that he can ' t reach. Mr. Disbennett stated that most stu- dents do not consider their teachers to be people. He concluded. " Most students feel that their teachers crawl up in their desks and sleep at night. " Mr. Jim Disbfnnett arrives at the school via chauf- feured limousine. Disbennett was named Teacher of the Year. Sharon Turner Harriet Vaugeois MHdred Walls Preparing some class work, Mrs. Stanger gets the feel of student life while sitting behind a student desk. 287 Faculty Playing in the Airband Contest as Rush, are Tim Watson and Mark Drummond. Not shown is lead singer Chris Bailey. The SENIOR quad was converted into a beach without the sand and surf, but the fun was still there. Robin Brooks looks COOL as she " kicks back " on El Dorado Beach. 1 , 1 Barry Dahmen gets caught looking at the camera. Barry was a key member to the s uccess of the Varsity Basketball team. Kim Loyd and Julie Lee study the choices for their " Little Brothers ' . Julie and Kim have been best buddies all through high school. i.i ys 290 Ads Comt Out AndS t RAY ERNST, D.D.S. General Oenfis+ry Tu itijhi Stdaildn avaiUi f r all phases of Otrttisfry Buena PorK OcntQl center 64€2 CommonuocQlth. 6uena Park, 739 - 2051 11 or ah aflpcinfmmt Little Professor BOOK CENTER 148 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. Placentia, CA 92670 714-528-6666 Ads 291 i (|CS THE BASKET PEDLARS 1878 Placentia Ave. Placentia 92670 Silk Flower Arrangements for Corsages and Boutineers Wedding Arrangements Seasonal Gift Baskets THC HOT DOG BUILDinO Fullerton Crossroads Center JIM JUDY DYERLY 3354 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. (714) 993-2661 Fullerton, Calif. 1041 EAST YORBA LINDA BOULEVARD PLACENTIA, CALIFORNIA 92670 FOTO-HALL. INC t rrupet-S yne i::re- ot -cf e- (714) 528-5313 2741 Saturn Street, Brea, California 92621 3220 Yorba Linda Blvd.. (714) 996-1330 516 East 1st Street, Tustin, CA (714) 544-0523 575 S. Knott Ave.. Anaheim. CA (714) 821-0630 292 Ads li: ' f r: JusI 1 ' ; Miles Easi ol Ihe 57 Freewaj. or 4 Miles Norlh ol the |9l|Ri»ersiae Freeway in Brea ODATSUN SALEStSERVICEtLEASING SEflVlCEDEPT OPEN MONDAY IMj fRiOAY »W " U t. 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PLACENTIA Palnt«r ' a Equlpmont ladders paint sprayers S " - all paper steamers Lawn Gardan Toola lawn rollers aenfiers lawn sweepers spreaders mowers edgers C tillers power rakes Flow Cara Equlpmant floor polishers rug shampooers Sanders - ' vacuum cleaners 294 Ads (■714) 1B93-6730 -Jxojihij Si E-nqxaxjitiQ PLAQUES • Gifts • Awards CUNIC INC. o INNA NUNES - DIANE HOYT 4) 529-8864 — - (7 A) 928-8294 2781 SATURN St.. unit D. BrEA. CA 02621 WILLIAM A, RALSTON, D.D.S., INC PRACTICE LIMITED TO ORTHODONTICS (714) 528-4540 (714) 526-3331 1275 N. ROSE DR., STE. 138 3610 N. HARBOR, STE. 6 PLACENTIA, CA 92670 FULLERTON, CA 92635 528-7800 JACK HOFFMAN JEAN HOFFMAN FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED THICK CRUST PIZZA SALAD BAR SANDWICHES SPAGHETTI BEER WINE 1850 N. PlacentiaAve Placentia CA 92670 Ads 295 296 Gotcha! % s:;sgjp»;s«;;jj ; :;. l V u 4BBI| ' 09 M SBv v.j.t-i ' K ' i J Gotcha! 297 3 " ir M 1 -OTCV . .1 ' r- ' - ' x ,. ' C PAQUET ARY MONNIG MIM ILAWIM T(m mmm( fSJiriimmm " COMPLETE REPAIR SHOP ON THE PREMISES " (714) 996-5490 533 E. Palm Drive Placentia. CA 92670 ood luck HBWMS in 85 wf. MscouNT ant. HS- SlwewV WITH SaWL lb. AT LAMPPOST PltlA 7145242414 ROSE MUNOZ OWNER i i-mai MEN AND WOMENS STYLING 1222 E.YORBA LINDA BLVD. PLACENTIA, CA. 92670 A FULL ' SERVICE SALON Come Out And See RAY ERNST, D.D.S. V%. " V S402 COMMONWEALTH AVE. 8UENA PARK Cad for an Appointment 739-2051 298 Ads ioger Benie anu r 9i v tai i Subsidiary of Pacific Transactions inc. I (714) 996-5281 Roger Behle P.E. 1868 N. Placentia Ave. Placentia, CA 92670 (714) 996-3243 TUES.-SAT. 10-6 SUN. 13-5 CLOSED MON. (NEAR PANTRY MARKET) 2854 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea, California 92621 WE ' VE ONLY JUST BEGUN Lyric by PAUL WILLIAMS Music by ROGER NICHOi !« Michelle Wells and Chrissy Pratte share an ice tea dur- ing break. Michelle and Chrissy have played soccer for El Dorado in the past years. Gordon Brindell practices with the Marching Band. In addition to band, Cordon is a member of the math team, and is president of CSF. Mike Rotuna and JoAnne Escher stop on their way to class for a picture. Most seniors got out after lunch, during the second semester. -Danny Bakowski. Stephanie Richards, Carolyn Vinyard. " and Brian Galvin take time out at the Homecommg Dance to smile for the camera. Doug Casdorph and Brad Cooke display their original costumes at the Halloween Costume Contest. Ed Terhune practices his bass. Ed has been playing the bass for the past two years. Mike Adamson is all fired up and ready for creative writing. This was a popular elective for seniors. Doug Sorensen doesn ' t dress like this everyday. This was his " hippie " costume for the Halloween Contest. Shar-ing hor - i - zons that are js: 3ltl -6 - new to us. te fe I±M 300 Seniors Watch-ing ; r ■ i L i f S- ' " VV ..X V -■ ft ' i y fe ' fjf; -il. zszzm — i jiifl c -l$l We ' ve only just begun to live. White lace and promises. A kiss for luck and we ' re on our way. And yes, we ' ve just begun. ADAMSON, MIKE I ' ll always rerneinbor ihe teachers who helped (lie in those subjects. And I remeniber cruising with rny best tnendSi Paul. Thanv Paul, tor all the great times. Afiibition: study lawi gel richi and buy a decent car AMERO. kIMBERLY J Prill Team banners " R " " O " flags san diego Si u know dnk kiddnappings put yr hnds on car thnks Susan A beng there frnds; ss kn t$ gt me DG Goal to do the best t can never let thmgs get nie down most oi all MDG I wtll always love you! TN whip a dip Ambition UTi, dealership my own shop .mbition: study lawi gel richi and buy a decent car. best t can e never let thmgs get me down — AGOSTA. JULIE Canyon HS 10-11 student council academic decathlon drill team (HAWAII) 630 ampbul tp donuts fun the hill billy dont jill fcOHS SRYR will be an engineer of future minds. dCo 1 «ss: AHRENS. KRISTY Remembering all the good times with friends P.M.. T.M.. K.M.. C.B.. C.J, Pam never 4get those Angels. Ambition in lite is to play in a sfarring role on the benny hill show! J K thanx mom dad 4 support ALASKA. JEFF Not a day lo soon thanks mom dad ACC forever lowB, Bowhng. beach. Mich. Sped ihks to D.L.-T.K.- J.T- all my friends at the already forgotten EDHS Hey Whi- tey VAN HALEN-the jig is up-Mr. Wang-CinderRellAStory AMES. CHRIS H20 Plo CIF 3 Scrub run knolls parlies lop scorer pound in molel Imperial Steal w DO GOOD scams W Jk JB SW RH patch Rosary favorils Thanks mom dad for being cool I love Julie Chris n Julie forever CTM ANDERSEN. ASTRID EX Student DK Lille Pige Blev Stor What a greai hot different year in usa thanks 4 love friendshop fun thanks CSPJ B love u Great lime w tm cj r| vf % you too!!! Live strong die young miss you-bye AKAMBULA. ANDREW LAWRENCE surfingw DF GC MG Michelle N. I Luv U. Palmsprings w Ihe boys SFCHBGRMGCMM San Clement dub mobile UB40 photo w ch shjck Spanish els Jesus Thanks mom dad free NELSON MANDELA surf till I die BEARD, STEVE KO. VDedfbiSO, 25. TrackmelstlegrlyRusty, Brian, Mark, darni Wer lguysll 43.6CIFFNLSThnksTITUS. 8- Ballgames )h,bd,vern7 corzhtthcprty. GrmpsEHHSteve, dnlesmconr|sweeteggmrgoliaz-j evryllmetthnks, urallawes um, bye BEARDSLEY. VICKY WC2. WC4 best buds Kris. Pam Kristen memories moves, creep es. summerSI w Pam GD83-r Reno 84 amb newscaster writer, teach my cat french! never 4get Steven my special friend Thanx mom I Luv LJII U AJCtx AAQJ -fnXOUlU , SsOJrJsU BECKLEY. SHELLEY-We made it! Memories: weekends and partying. Lunches w CM, LA. AND DM. RC and Ihe Good Times we had. Prom w KH and RT. All ihe Punks ABMS. BB. SH, JB. AND TRAC. Ambition go to csf and get my ba in art. Bye Mr. Davis - .: x a " ' ' ' ALEXANDER, DONNA cremes! ILove youl JL, KL, UPYERZ JF! CF-Summer-83-5hrs dayl JF ' Istskil tennis? allfun Ras Rell- special I luv u pevi M6D-thanksl Amy-Enfpcacer tatEsp Bdff ILUV YA Thanks KC % BP-for malfuni UCLAi Amb: MAKEA- JOYFULNOISE P . yna OXtJicoynoCey i ALEXANDER, TODD-aka-TODDLESgTODDlEE whats shakin Im-nOGod UJLive CYRISE + TODD + CHRIST =4ever GOD RULES! PLEASE TRY HIMI Don! get sekSserve GOD HE IS LUV Y SETTLE 4Less " JESUS " can sav uSu cango to heaven 6 know talk 3-GODl ARNOLD, KIM-memorabi e times w Morrlsl Thanx MO! Tr6, cruzin, key s, d-lan, beach, mt, ma, David P, " neck % beaver " ! JU-thanx 4 bein my best bud ever! Steve, Scott, John, Dave-Luv u guys! Especially " The O " ! FG I ' M waitlngi Luv u mom and dad! ATKIN, THOMAS Water Polo swimming CIF Gordo!! " AL " comp. club Prex. SB who is next? Industry Hills aquatics Club BAILEY, CHRIS: US S3, Rush in 84 tour. You guys in corona have made the past 4 years the best. Special thanks 1 mom and dad, BB, DB, GP, CW, ANDTW. Lookout Plant Earth, here come Ihe star of the eighties!! ALLEN. CHERYL I love Jeff 4ever dis. des. sw. vones. Nov l ' %i tilt 4ever Partys at Dells ssrw dtcn vicki my best bud 4ever TT We made it Vic MDDT Elise BCH! SS GBED YA! Cycles rule taverd 2oos keep it in redline BAKER. LEEANN-Yea! Fr. yr JM N. 2! Dances. GrnBugar. Cemetary! kel CampShamp P.S. Jacuzzi LuvU! Grtx sw brad prom ' SJ. SeaWorld. concerts EVRYTHNGI ILOVEYOU BD. JM, LB. SIS. JA. LM. JH. MC. KP! SKI ThanxMADADILUVUI Amb. IS. JBHappy. SMILE! TM! BEHLE. ROGER-Summer ua what? GTHDS Freakshowl New yrs eve ratt fest feb 3 eddie van halen neal schon skii 3 frks how? Get caught at em ho4se miami Beach HKRCKKSC Quad RA RNDHS EPDP MBB boys success zu and zme God 1 BELL. JOHN H: CIF wp swm. Times w bf. rh. jk. ca. sw. Nickle-dime. Score. Dafeway. My coarches. Stanford. Dance. Pounding. Times w Rick. Thanx mom-n-dad ur t he greatest. Mybesi bro Tony. It was fun Ambition; College- married, be happy! BISHOP. JUDITH Basically iluvu Cyn wsis 4 buglis a party at Cyndis our men Ihe myth dodododo apples brenda limp tipyak accesories thank u God Mom Dad all my ambi- tion: 2 always bhappyl Stefush: Kiss them for me Europe 85 Cfl- custom ? fin UuxUifu SLoKoio) , , . „ .... . - . . ■ --CL L y J M t V BLACK. CARRIE soccer and softball 1-4. the softball ■ ALLEN. TIFFANY Drma 3-3-4. Bsi frds Trsha. Jri. Sal. Dl TCO-xtrachs. Bbs. Tris-srta-bt-nl-rly. Annie. GrI. hrts. wxrd. Prnce! Prpirn CNCRTI prm ' 84 RdRd Wne. I o mylfe- ghappmes 3 drma. ThnxMrs. J! Mando l will always love you!! ALLEVATO. DEAN Memories w JT and everybody 3 many 3 list, you know who you are. Ilth grade Valencia meetings my I and only. HOLLY 1 LOVE YOU. Ambition to be successful financially secure thanx mom dad marriage my dream ALVAREZ. CLIFF friends FRDCWWMHandothers + u3. fvntimes-lagteamkids takinturnsorkingit. Thankumom- dadrm4i!, lhopevallLive3c your goal. GODwillowiihvand- methanks4thethrillsedns .ambition 3stand tall wabadgel nablack whitecar. tears 4u all ivTb. Ah ' arc ' BANKS. CHRISTORPHER LEE Leon, Prty Nites N Neon Lights, we hit the flors we hit Ihe hiles, goodies v beer, M. Peach. Push plates. DBLS. Gumbo. My blu VW. BN FN: RR BAMBI RH WJ DF mosly Kev. Kere. But I Win. off to USAF, damiluve- 3mate BANKS, MICHELLE 1-4 V. Track, CIF. THNX-MR. T 364 NHS, Ofer. DE, mnky, JL. pupy. sk kn, frd, LFquet, CO, blond, kp, ex. be. bud Thnx 4 the luv-MOM. DAD Albert Hawii 83. 85? BSF-ball games, hmcomg 83684!! My luv-, frndfeevrylhng- BART God BlessUALL BARBE. KEVIN. DRUMLINE 85 1st at ca. r.w. and w.p. come- dians get them! Ha get away Car! D + D. football, k.t., twin SIS. CM350. Gemco strikers, camping and water skiing with r.h. Ambition: lo be a nuclear warhead engineer! BARISH. STEVE 14 the wall JH TS BS charge Ihe hill boys RR BL DP Lk PB FRIENDS FOREVER thanxs for Ihe memories BLACK. CARRIE soccer and softball 1-4, the softball gang playing quarters. Germany I wont forget you. Louise and Aslried my sister The paddy wagon Troy my red head Vagas Mrs Carrie Holt Am. Watch my great grandkids grow w Troy BLANCHARD. CHRISTINE Besix. sw bst. frds TB. DR. MAMA! YA. BABY? Sumr83w bg. |t. lb, iamHiwhatrudoin? Good!s. pistols shafers. baboa 8l-85|e. Ic. cplO 36Cops- Robbrs! Hiz sb-daysw drcolrador. s, bush50 sdnccw jn wsky84jtthanxmomiluvu C e IST W E " B LA C i A E D BONNELLO. My bst buds HE SS TF CP MW DB TB CAX Bennaingd ay pu r evr ngis w kw quir moses ht s lonlely ski xrp w ascpnwiaan andy bsc fevr CP n bshs lyps allin- goapxsg betty grams mom dad poo concerts shpng freknw ss all prxys BORGES. JEFF on : the park J.H. s boat rides to M.M. T.S. B.S. parties Inghr. z ep frk. summer£m.a. Us Fest. w i.c.k.c. c.c. the song KOREAN EXPERIENCE chemical va- cationsgrgsta meetings Amb.: lo break on thru w out fall- ing. BORO. BRIAN partyinw th B.J. B.J. PJF RD DC BC PV GB DS. disruplionatluncholdBigBrotherbowlinwithMr. B. US Festi- val sun. 83shroomsaifedtherly Iron Maiden Judas Priest DH 303 Senior Index S bubble Bath the big shauingcreamfighlfreedayoee and ylives BOROWSKI. TRACEY: Cheer 2- i Great, sw my 3bestfrndsCB + DR mama? Ya Baby? CopsnroberslO 36 Hiz Sb53sprom84chrcampw dr jwka sumerSS w bgcb|l wnlrfrmtw DAVID. iluvlimosi Alwysluvudsmybug4tra- cibthnx mom + dadiluvuamb: 3bfamushappy + richi BRAAM. JAMES C ThanxDons IOyrFriendshop 34hrtuto KenWill " Friends HowManyofushavethem? " Must. Cold- ScrubEarls; AmbitionOLeaveUBrokei Goal-DiscovrMeanin- gOfLifei Have$. NeedHouse? IIIDes: gh l FuclaAiumsBwar- eUSCTrojanaAiwaysconquestl J . . BRADLEY. TIM Fast cars forever v-8-chevy ' s only party life mommoth crue BRADSTAD, KRISTIN-bffMissy Crippen Beth Jordan. Sh + Ho-sspreading n. co-honstudon i clouds, pupleramsb- ilu. Willardl bye Ron K + L + S + RfeMts wr. ja. Iludad. mom J Fall! g.l. wend, m.aid thx BobI B.N.S.P. The Rose Rally hitt come BRINDELL. G. Band 1-4. NHSi-4CSFi-4. MlhTm " 4 the squard JWKWEH UCSDSThe Roof sweeps esp CBR3 NHSSCSF aclivilies Citric Acid. Magic Beans. HCSTHE original 13 Thefingerincident Mopar thnXi Prnts lchrs goah Todo rs rch play trpt. 85 BROOKS. ROBIN luv 3 my famly bst frnd charis cool Ml Sac infs-MCD. Purp Prom hid. in wst wood Purple Ram Prince limo K.G. Darn Paul Luvl Music Skatng Dancng V Cheer Camp elevt. Luv frnds at Ed so mny memros DE Oil Sidiyhj- BROWN. RICHARD Mislitmc 70 mach i goes 160 px mph on 55 mts w MB JM CG BLK sab ozzy accept metalic led zep midningts W. JM GR 4by$ in union 76 oil fields partyables stang del taco special thanks 3 w love mom and dad mb )m eg Dentist Marrage w o misti BUNCE. ROBERT soccer 14 years of hellweek the zoo. cheat brigade best friends Andy. DC, DH. SS. BS. Handyman. Friday night swim team at Bills VWsquareback and AV soval Thanks mom and dad Gtng Arstd new car. doa. CALVERT. LAUREN ' My IstLuvDav ElCap CP ' BALBOABUD S " Our lOGuys " Mike Jackson HiOBallons Proms B53 ' s SR JE ' Svideos 35 lbs Bikinis edilorVSY Betty luvCH nerds at camp MissP Mexico 6 ' 5 " ski3death honda ITuv MaandPa Rhoda Friends cX: CitL Liu ' l L. .iULi ' cr CAMPO. DC Clad to be getting out finally! Best Friend Deanna dies but will always be rembered. Thanx to CCD for all your luv! Thanx .3 Titus i Parker 4 helping my bodybuild- ing career. Muscle is the FuturellG.C. CASDORPH. DOUG: Lateredhs. remember him whenyou look into the night sky. the gelded member, black sabbath, maiden, GM, scorpions. PartymgwDOOGAL. brad chns, PTO 33. the " Corruptor " . Robeast. cnobsiih. ambitonTo be the member. p C: Llf, A. OM CAUWELL. CHUCK 4yrs. wrestingwasalotoffun. thanksfor beingtherelibby iloveyou. buds4everrtc, |b. Ik. m. I, e. best- PalsTc. Jb. Lk. fav. grau PAC DCIdollBans, Tc. JBThanks- 4beingtherewhenlneeded you. LKWI IIBelc. CHOATE. STEVE wezz. four yeas wwve passed and now I have only great memories and friends hids to remember them by! But tnis is enough Good Bye ST. X ( -c r C ' A-ii - - C CRISTY. GREG 4 years went by fast. I got friends that are too much B.I.B. Remeber times in the van. Palm Springs. GonnaGelBigw R T. My girl is somtin else, thanx for help- ing me out Lon I love L.A. e.srty CLARENCE. KRIST T.F. 1-4 CSF 3 Chem. Study Niles That ' s enoug, off to Mc ' UCSD The RoofI VB ■Hello VF SF 4ever GP A true friendl D. PM MM PAT " First love " KA ' BBeach. thanx Mom and dad! I will go to csuf and live a christian life. CLAWSON. CHRISTI thanks mom and dad for all the support through the years! Wonderful memories with Jim Good Luck next year Jim! Three fun years in Track! (throwing discus not the shotput) CLINE. CARRIE Yearbook 3«4 winter Formal senior class pic Balloons! My Darling Mr. Davis crazy Mr, Koenig-Miss you! Betty! LCJWMM FUN -YSY! Darren- my honey I love you!- DJC N ' ME=happy! 4 ever? Thanks mom n dad 4 all good luk meredith! COCHRAN. SHARON Chiour I ears Bearp Best firends Dbl. Dating Boyfriends Darnell! yr Happy time sad time Chris- tian singer Jesus marry dan pl988 1 kids thanks to my family for alot of support God Bless you all K.C. 4 yr. COHEN. BOB; PresC4TRACkl-41 Have been Titusized! Kim H. Wow! DancesChezCarylstlove; xs. Always. Somethmgth- ere ILuvUI CaringFriends MBDA KSJJJFJE KENJBDKPD TheGuys7-ll. Tahoe CampswigMarksiborthodontistorg odel-lluvmy family! l6 o6 Coficn CONNOR. MIKE XC track, soccer league champs idyll wild- obondo mo wompin rods h furger trio-duo wars kite staing- ing XC S. other buds PM BP TR lOll. c|. |S. sloth JuLIt AND BETH (THANKS) hn 5 -- COOK. TERRY my best friends Chuck and Jett the Mt. Mf Gangtsi h|ccc)bus83with cc |b kc tc rastax meelings cc|bpeke|r comforlly numb parties times withafip Jimmy Page Daze and Confused Ambition: to be very wealthy COOKE. DAMON bbI343got caught whand m |ar so i sat for 18 weeks then she came someone who means alot Lynda Jimbohakeboo9ergreenerdgrheboys now the bigdeal bealsgsttingsnaqqed7eb3i luv her the king of the orient buddhacaww. COOLEY. PRISCILLA (ya te heh!) may our paths cross once again! Amb byu. mission, and back to the. sh l-dictation, student store, and parties, thank you Laura mc. jh, k)k, clr, sm. jp. th. lb. lb. kc. al. 5yrs plcmnt(s, k, r )ty Broblair! gb COOPER. SCOTT band 1-4 track 4 eddl l laguan swap vk beach dance limos rw gregs mikes coppass robinhood ski convbug smash skaway. gootimeswith JeannineGolloGoa- gain? Queen towers hono brich pubrel wch houseluvmo- mand dad Ah Gc ' CORTOPASSI. TRACY LEE B.I.H.E.D! Finally out of this hole! Buds, metal u Party buds good luck! my one and only Steven I luv U! Star nrsg4-ever dance 83-84 I wish ya the best kd, be. kc to do what i do best and make it. COSTELLO. TANIA-beslbud LK Cricle temony cba 334d? KROO John Danny Tracy bp s4ever twins clones did you have a fun time? He w! EA LK buds: JKLL Thanx mom and dad I luve U! Effen. I luve u babes! VHS Cobra Ambition: latimesand abc! COTE. DAVE goodys Qrtrs w r G,A. H,D.M ETC Bst frnd Rob H, Low Niscruz (weakes and trendies stay grls! Where Parties and friends hndymn for money carry on matt and good luck. Thanks for support mom going to Colo. w RobH to skiforevr CRIBARI. JOE Baseball l-4 3 where did the 4 yrs og 81-85 best times crvising: Dan, tank, corona striper Party parties Quarters beach, gosipw Psuedos! TG GT SW CS JN TC? RMCytin gas skiing yah right! Wideos thanx mom and dad DANTUONO. KEITH thanx to my good buds I mad it out. party in w. serdsp. tcrxtdjbshmlrlpvdbetc. Concerlswith best friends. SD£RfeR trip to havasojosguatreethebeueroom. All my bad experiences to Mr. Fisher. %t - CRIPPEN, MICHELLE Music cc34yrs. ve3yrs. lours piano. Best Friend Kris. Jill SSfingers. T.G.-Dec 13. a-apr35. 83. Ron Bear. Moose! Thank you so much mom. dad. and Nanny Nov 5-1 love you Jeffrey. MUSIC " CROW. CHRIS Luv that rqb al •the Club " . 67 ghia. luv ill Prl Dgt MOTORCYCLES Yeah, sure tthing officer bst fnds. mcrnlt. Mmdy. Gina. Tina, Skipper and Stan the man. Hers to all those good limes, us just beginning. dim bifur Senior Index 303 OARNBKOUGH. PAUL; Thanks for ihe great years 8a85l all tneruls. teachers, and esp. hainily the best through outi l-ulurel UCLA? EtMSTB = overkill toys, hot machines, and over y easy i tesiytel PUKES. AMY PUKtS WCCCVW lornpoc retreat tour busMngr Okia Crease Annie(MPw.Tc) lhespians l qq leg end camping w (wedy gb(LB) kPtTM(RICK.)slrawhal ada niadd love thanks: cs inaa Iw |b cf aelH heres ithetimes- JJcome ' Zjl e . OA M XP J - — DARR. PAT, MC. teaching m %0 VWBC, CW. JB. TA. CR. HOLLYWOOD, ksy. incwilhmc. be. hni goingio maidenwilh Jim working at Grazi with Russ partyswilh ic. rh. be. rm. me. hm. |h the beaehwilhme wl 84 Ambitioniouamal life liveit wilh Moniea Cotiom Oimiu J)ufe EBERLY. TRACY B F.kim. amber, michelle. steph. wednes day nighi excursions, car with no driver and hooch. Hawaii with steph this summerll love karl 4 ever Ambilion-enjoy life, college, marry darl be happy and successful. ■ 0»-- dm ' dUAjj DAVIS. RENE bsl bds Lor Ton Rrac Pla Kris Lis Nel Greta MyJons kL " S radpartys lust4CT B53s3 dc cry pswthks Beach wthfish nwy rs84 llalwy sihere Normsornes MM Tonidolby wthkk wantn w mh i wish u were here with mel! anw ' .l EDWARDS. STACY cruise to mexico look m to my eyes Party at beach and TB house sneakmg to La with sw good- luck in the future TB and watch out for bigboy and those Italians brain and chris watch out for the parting f)lM6ciAMd 9toL QJuu axmU DEMASI. JIM Friends jfcwsbshgbjpmkspcbjdph. eddrumline stale Champs my sundeck my 65 chevy malibu-unofficjal olympics-Angelo ' s auto it with " the dog ' " - " Light me Jonny " thank God after all these years it is finally over! ELLIOTT. DAWN Sr. Ouad my best bud s ch. kj. crys. mh. kw. Ox! how rad! Thanx .2 ms. constant 4 aly your help love ya! hpy V Day love ya lot Carol. I wuv u mom! live 4 wkend. Bob. Whatta trip! Gerti wood die 4 u class 85! O - a Q Ijj ; DeVEACHIO. DERIK To connie, chuck, ken. victor, al. (Su san) and (Gary)- I respect you all very much and thank you for the time we spent together. You taught me many things, but above all. you taught me to be myself. DENTINO. JOSE " DNTO KILLER " lives! Alias, cripple, slop py. dewey. seae4 Deslroy. Always remeer: nasa st.. kight me lohnyl! the killer coon and ange ios. The unofficial artolyp.h.o.p.atsun! Thedentinooragowannabe4wd. Jdcwtf. As tmcm DODD. KRISTEN Band 4. dm. fc. bm. news 2-4edinch. f. n. thanx Mr. Titus. UCSD. 1983. 1 love you Rm. Your the best PM! Kc Jd Jf BC. Thanx Jodi for putting up with me. God Bless Ambition To live for and please God throughout my life. DONOVAN. KENNY JOAN PESL BEST OF FRIENDS: JC. DK. WW AND " THE " gang phoneboy coach! Bus in to LA 4 PCAA(RUNNING). H30 polo cold pools! B ball(l-3) ■■jce " . Greatwestern tail light oops. 1 sister, lunch " THE BUSH " " cpa. Hrve vnui a yy yuvLn DOOSE. VERNON soccer I. 2. 4. years. Rem Lon, awbsibroke stik shift: s.b. 7 corzs at party; rem lake trips rem river rafting; thanks to dl sb and the byrd we had fun! Ambition: go to college be come a cop I luv u mom and dad DRUSS. DEBRA A rmbe bes t buds ICDPAHMA good xs w tband ca prts m hb rvr w |k ss w dia! FF! my III sis hiand dry forever mime billy idol!!! cpks " hey " " foha The li- brary Again Cruuzininthe subiehawaii thanxmomsand- I ' npiluvu DUDE. STACEY bf; k d,;, tb. mmb. andmlbl Mem ones; vbl-3. mrc and IMrsb. c ' ae 8i-83; rs- " " choices " ; chem. labs, almost drowning ml ih lunches; bSmbml-Goat: tobe a nurse and make everyone proud of me (esp u mlb!) EMRICK. SHANNON: vsoccerl-4vbl-4sbl-4nhs 3-4chemiis- counil! I luv mrbbaewmjpoawkd! chapmacollege! waterskis- nowskibb! I luv Teddy Bears! gg red! Thankstbcgdm hc84 mnwf85sksh85 mbprom85mrb mcd " s thanks mom and dad i love you ENDO, DORISnhs 3. 4 vpSL T 20F U N I buds. KNBCHHAWAIIRMBRROTBL? McDVs! MB hmcmgwkdfun! promwmy — zzzbutnotonSSbsktblgmslfcnftti 5 ftble Swwood|smusbrosevrythngnofyscs|lchmprjlpg! sdsprglda- music relx — grwtalflyspcshptovisitGODLUVVAMO- MAND DAD! ERA. DONNA 3years rosary, 3yearse. d. var. soccer: I. 2. 4track: I. 2 trip to germany: C donna and carrle walk, bromberry 6 red generva forget soccer my Christoper Lar son forever! Collectcallsproambulwinkle thanx to all my friends ESCHER. J-rem: mybstfrndMM ' JLSI iheRiverSI 84stickr bushs ' sumSJ w GC5MM Utah83-83 Balboa8uds4e ierl ThanxGrandaddy! H.30baloons BonnySCIyde ' SpecialMo- mentsw Mikemysweeti! ThanxQT! ThanxmomSdad 4my- values. GoodLuckSS! Ambition; tolaughreally hard! EVANS. DAVID varsity HiOpolo 1-4 swimming I 3 csf trench european trip morning workouts with MilichandBowman CIF finals aimostbutnotcioseenough! Amaition: Study law and be happy! thanks for everthing mom and dad luv you. )aMtdi tWriuL jQjr EYRE. JIM 3yres. vsty soccerfriends: R.R DR. A.V. V.D. Ihe girls M.N. N.A. SS. L.R. great time with DaveSCars talks with friends soccer memories with VicSJeff Ambitions: To make money, have a cool car. Chow! FAIRFIELD. SCOTT footballcptboysnbtack Jake youwillne- verbeforegot. Thanxasmi I h wrestling 33palmspringsbyth. Sclementefvgitives. Mts85. Airbandchaarmbgrowthcocc. Thanxmomdadrorbubbailuvuambiiion makemalpaproud- beasluntmar gelnch! caxrytt jfuJil FERGLJS. JE FF my senior year is what I have been wiling I am going to college for electrical, and then into my I ambition fo being skipper for my own fishing yatch Austria. Thais were the fish are and also Ihe ladies. I " h ive there for a tew years. FETTER. BONNIE Best buds, crysc. Iracl. feefeejoujoulou 4nbe achproni84gp. om. da. doalbb. purphaz. hawaj84w dr. ohnice, ken. ts. js, si. camw Brad. TLWildprtyVW. r porche, cc meal waysntrougle wbk amb. 2bhappyquitmi clandididit Ihanxmom dadiluvyou FINNERAN. SUSIE TRACK I-3PALS M.H., J.S., R.M., C.B. 4- i1 LEO " VOU ARE " PROM! OCT!. I984CHRISI I LUV U IN! RATION DANCES XMAS PROMISE? WWVRANUT NOV NO OIL? CHRIS ILU UCRIBOIDO! AMB CHRIS BANKS! JES LUV U MtD FIZZARD. S Rio. Ihd 1 mch fn! Nitrape!! eloy rps rp bent Ikn gd! Balboa apt 3 Party? where! Bst Bud: Chris than evrything-lluv U!!l Chryls punk partys wr inlrbl now! Bu T.e.S.I.B.s. M.r. I leave my whips 1 Landon. I luv U stev Frank!!! FLATLEY. BRIAN Priy at my MS met Michelle Gt Darw Prty wntr 4mal was ih bst wally N I Knrd alol Jo Milr trend W " N " " T ski alt dd ko me n mchi g fir biy bardys f tm us ok frnds ths yr nt gd. Brian Fl t ' lciA I FLORENTINE. JANA v.b.-l-4mi3 trackl-4mvp3 nhs, scf. a dstbclr; V club, my pals: LK, CO, DA-yr the best! My b kev; b-ball guyS; bh, jm. dc-yee! Joy-lou: Thnx ma, pa, Jc will my cow to rick: ambition serve god and enjoy life K CKjauztiMJ FLORES. REGINA; choir 1-3; b.b.statsl-3; bus 7X S BieseL I n.b. Jan. 6th 84 andre | ruseitto 92 S 40 v.h.s. McDonal. Parties beach huse 84 thank you mom and dad: I made Amition to marry andrew and make him happy I love hi FONG. LINDY TL! DEDIand negs KNP osters sdpengvi mbweslwood jkfekl 3 makeovers gun? Whoo hoo sfno kl 5k2006 sscow or lion lionel fe J6 glemo I luv u! Amb: 45osl. | dreamhouse. Pageline, england. FONSECA. ARMANDO Frenzo34-per. tg, py, be, mn, pu. ca stofwiz, lluv u Dvn. Mresvecci-4drama3-4, pbsutdTui oxy. prty. scarcrow. Scare crow, tu dy. grw Looko brdwy! Ngwyork! Benalngdy. ThnxloMrsJSMr. Dontfrgtme! 4yrsgone! Heres to that. FOX. JIM ROP gang " THE DOG " first engine 289 mustan Kick Band 1-4 Band wagon 84-85 no less than the be friends JKCWCBJK TNJPSHSBCHSPKDJDATSSGBMRBF. sun deck quarter Olympics " SILVER BULLETS " " YES. I Wl GRADUATE " ft- c i FRANTZ. CHRISTY tennis 1-2 MVP CSF NHS Germ VP SPA FUN with JF CP DA SK i trip8384 Bobby Warhausin my be bud Jen 1:30 Am Sb DriveftsI LAHON Mr. DD KG LI loveyou momand alievrope windemupsierra Ambitio VcsB foreverspontandeuus ERASER. TONYA BF RD LL Sngn Bif Snf rd hts bech TlS2 prm 84 The p mst Imprint I ' m sory Vic I luv u n alwys w spcl X w Vi socr 0 Isl dance prk spa prkn lot prg scai cndo mtl hid me now Ihr. fun time river conan. FRATE. DOUGLAS D YRBOOK 2-4 good limes in Walh snIrdSson truk fun timesw kenny ' L " HILTON I did wha 304 Senior Index lockeyand the bestlife possible! Thanx mom. dad. sisterS: DeanneandBigTinyBaby!! hvn " fun " grgem = lv obysil thnks |ane 6 Key cn iuv mom and dad friends forever dng ,d seeyalaterdadyo wO...«U» i. I - « - " f uAri cTT AVNi 1 O rliih new NissanS; m£d-Eurc RONING. KEVIN stress! after 4 yrs it ' s over. Going to be ut of here, now I ' ve got nothing to fear. Hasn ' t been good, t sometimes fun: Ray Keith Steve Roms Mike Slime Sciefi ish devo spock oingo 70-215 I succed Cz- c UJIMURA. SCOTT-Love to surf, party and make the best of aturdays. the only day I ' m off work. Dislike people wreck- ng my vehicals. like B.A. and K.C. thanks alot ULLER. TRACI-TotI go! Parties w. TWeakies! new yrs eve- ioaking wet. side. snap, slep olds greta. crying over dc. kk ?rite Ights. balons. rose greenthe red lips! Idol Madonna! 5Elly. KK Dans. Late nts luv frnds-ss. rd. db! Yaz. GAFFNEY. JULIE special friends-CM AND CS. Special equine friends s l. S l. and ocs. Having fun working at TE, No car keys! Ambition graduate from E.D. and college and make lots of money. 1 4t4 GALLAGHER. SHELLEY LEE Hey BABE Cole our J ' s!! Volley ball ' ! spike(theCamp-theCLUB)SOFTBALLW my ' Buds- " manhunts-the Wild life-l 4 ' s-trendhead ' DepecneMo- de ' PwdrpufSprty! NYs84? Honor Students dont? Ambition! avoid them flames GALVIN. BRIAN VarFootball3track3 Jocksrule palmspings Slmovies " Beatles " notrendles GC van thelenMRTH- CHAWMMSFAARMGCBGin memory of my mother Im glad she was with as long as she was my love for her continues. Skiing 1 GAMBILL. BRETT president of the ACC. Cat hunting on friday nights. Crusing the lean-mean hondamachine. Dances with Stacy. Becky, and Shannon. Al-Hes my pal! Big dogs are rad. Brain dammage. people are people. I want GOMEZ. GINA Rifles flags band MDHS. honor roll Hawaii. Grad. friends TL. BD. MK. LM. Ill miss u! LL. SJ. MM. JS. GPMJP MONA-VMDEPOPEY. QUARTERS. GOONEY GOO GOO I luv u mom dad and BG! my ambition is success GOY. ROSEANN winter formal w toddl chers britl. t. 4th per nit rding in corona w- frnds drvlns fun % Gms at Work w hsa 123 Ann ect. NewSold frnds wild prtys midntvisitor 1st time Aunt baby lenna rose stay happy skool GRAUES. MARY Byfrd Joe Lechman. frds CR. DS. ES. DC. SS. Membr stationglshotdgslanditichngprkcookyscame- lot82-85: 8 28-84i 9-2 84tfgetout thann mom-n dadiluvu! modleinciaz spending dazw |ow amb: BeingMrs. Lechman. I love you Joe. GREEN TIM BBI 4FBI-4TRACK " X2. 4-pinebrp there-good- times with JM. BH. CW. RR. RB AND SF late night driving JailBail Girls-RB. WH, JKM. JN. JO ' Library Nights Mr. Know 11 all-living my life for Jesus Hm ' Ajj v — pizza! i ,S«aM GAPIK. TRISH memories of parties, beach, dancing, with my friends. Ambition to be a private investigator friends cd, sw. rb. SS. |s. mk. remember Big D. Thanx Dad. GREENE. BETH swim 2 4 love catsNoBozos to the best friend ever thankyou Jeanine Kathy. only 3left to go Mom best of luck Cathy. Sharon. Robme. Stark. Rosy. Julie. Joelle. Ambition live i, walk with God Neet Micholas Cage. Hi Sean, GREGORY. KIM DANCE 24 memories-special BF Jen Gweedo Blue forever my horse prowler and mel who made me better but most of all S.W. Ilu Ambitions a career in dance make m and d always remember sw forever GROTH MICHAEL personal momenio for 50 years in the future I came. I experienced. I moved on. Senior wilL I. Mike Groth leave my leaderholen to my buddy Joe Walton. Auf wiedersehen! HACKETT. AYN 730 club, new Nissans, mSd Europ-RadPty; NewYear 2k-rad. Saunders- JDJonson. faxcars. silver Bullet 1, MP ply. bar hops, sat-JA. DU. CHRIS. JEFF. ROBERT. suprcross-JAhospilal scarfacejel camino died, cont. to Chris buds- HACKETT. CHRIS 1-4 Partys. plasms-locars. hitrucks-sumer- Jeani. roldtruck. devling kegs, scorps. V-halen. auto shop- the dog. ABI93. the gang sp. mp. ka. jc. gh. mk. jf. |d. Amb-, Money-Luvandthanx mom. dad HALL. STACY I 2coccer The Van 2 canyon runner Burn " em cruism JP concert KISS. too. Acct.w SM. DD. KK. dimples us gov with happy Hason breakfas of champions, land of the lost lunch fun w JB. RG. MJ. andTD 4s hell6 and puke HAMPTON. JOANI Vson 4 advdnc2. 3JR. CLS SEC. 3 memo- ries! ccttheheights. Kane 1 Love You! T.K.M.N.L.K.CVJW the best! Big Bear BBboys smnhee hee skip I Love You! Forest home rw tnxs B.G.R.M.S.F.?? Ambition, Please my parents and God always! HARDY. KIM, VB 14 NHS 4 CSF 2-4 Rem, Best times ever w Bob 3,10 83 Thnx4yrluv, VB camp 2 CO. LK. SG. JF, HP ow. It hurts! 3muskater5, Kish. Chns Kim. Pre B Bparly w. ' pa Is.PSW CH. COSSF oh wow! Thanx 4 support mom- Sdad I luv U! HARROD. ANGELA, v. peplag83-85, ma kinemacsotwithbb, nyel999. knle. ss. funyeannpep Great squadkcmhahlhds. wedidnlgettheBLURib bon, lluv YouMike, Ambition, Ac- countant, hveinagreenand whitehouse. own agreenproshe, Thanksmomanddad HAWKINS. RICK polo2-4 swimi 4 CIF Finalsists HHSsCHARTER oak can penny! Stanford-blasti nedd more shampoo! Polo was great THANX JB, CA JK partying w. ' JB scamn nickel dime get a dollar time for a safeway run rbSv claw HEATHERSHAW. KIM-md2. prfriends. Denie Jowy JA MG LM ME AS BC LB Beige rabbit ambitions-Airlin S PsychiLife IS a beach) ST. TR. feBeach 1 kim Heathershaw leave Denise Phelps my free spirit and non-commitment life GL 2 DSBS BC in life " " V .totliu-iofiat ■ T«ii5H (j P.K flMi Mr GEER. SUSAN sr pub yrbk B-Ball stat lunch times in quad favors w Mel hc-84 wf-84 w sb sat ngt videos w guys firt w is mcd " s w sd dp kr rf cc 2 fun yrs at ED pp-84 pp-85 kb good luck Amb, lawyer marry kids luvu GURSKE. KENT Basketball 13 times w P.V. B.O.(go birds )S H S K C,(OTF)K,D,K,aide for Mr. N huey concerts US suzuke mud football Ion hours at carls and 3I(STF) 80 to yota am ys snow valley thanks mom and dad FJC. jA- o tu tiU«u. - au t " l Ji GLENNON, BARRY Being of semi-sound mind body I leave all my diet plan to Herr Wacton, Tsch us to all my good friends-thanx ROTC (YES INDEFDY!) USCG-here I come!! AFs pals! so now I bid a fond farewell!!! B if AAjiM jtSL ji Uij»% n GIOMBOSKE. JERRY Vtrack 3 4 funandsurfingw MR MRE- DRULES Don Chadexwillalways be the best! URULES Bon- oeds eadamlarry 85escort! Ambitions bea famouse disc GUSE KAREN Its Guse ' sllente 11-18 H20skiyog " red lights, socre Markprobs, cf-Pa, Bud. Icabods. goingwild, mb fairmont. notetocg. b n-b. pa, h25l5, Albuddy, ftr, when?! lookoutslo! YMCA muchluv tomom. dad. twendy amb-findtrumeamngoffts HAAGEN. BECKY unicorns! Divertido! best buds-JL. BH. JG. JG. BC. PF. BG-MY SIS • SO DNCIN " musicll cmplrs % ! » I HEUSER, MIKE Astrophysics, space exploration, tachyons. superluminal speeds, and light blue cords with over-stuffed pockets are the keys to the universe. HILDEBRANDT. JANINE LITL RED CORVETTE dont b laggn " party animals head quarters " val the BF ever! Good times w KP LH GGER beer 4 laggers only LITL GIRL LITL RO1.KR SCOTT I LUV U! Amb have944 like JM w him in it! HILL. JOSEPH M Band 14 CSF3. 4 kim H. MFF ap sr at I n-O JW " Trouble " friends RB ' GB diplomacy swivel with KHERH LA w,Ray. no more |oyous days HM LH. TC, HH scare " Green MACHINE " oil sorry summer 84 w ' Cindy rides home. HOA (joe ) Senior Index 305 HINDERIIIER, USA: BFF-JN. LL. Kl. RC. SM. TC, LA. RP. TJ. SSI nneinbr: Prom 84w ' SSOJ. CC. Jeievou. alwys 4evr lluvu Scotll iiay84. psS-1 easir, ghi,i. UA, PAPA Todd urs pecialimel Thxl L6L wcluvrkmn. bjbel, anw, lluvUnil ;}, thanx MSD urthebesti HINPERLITER. PAULA. Anw never cnougiihe va. (I II. kl. Ih. |n. rd. ic. la. sniferc. troubles w ghia. autistic. Pavid P, special 3 me. bchbum hotel parties, big bro-ss. 17 bday at bch. " dork " , bdithanx 4 everything PC. lluvu M6P. OH. PSP-3 3 85 HINIZ. PAVIP-ROTC. news, photo, andtrack. Happymc inories with RS. YS. KW. MB, Thanks (or turning to me and letting me advise you. All laughter and tears we shared together. Ambition; A. L, security HOLOEMAN. MIKE J V soccer3yrs SCIFI. JF. BOWLING H.H. ROLL4yrs. Ambilion lo live my life to the fullest friendS: kt rh sc sh jf th cc rc , , U ' s over swivels class gramps pcirs. In tuxes bruisers burial physics drop out HOLT. TODD5AndreaCrtny, Tylr mifrndsngrplO- BGCHRWGCMRMMRMAASF-SanClemFugitvs Tn- Spnngstwice. Fooiball85. HavasuMemsspapyrmds. bch bnsfrm(sipbowch)ARF-waterski. MXCOGC-getbig. Amb. LongBeachST. Phys. therpy. keepfrnds love 594733333l457IO Burt, Ambilion Tobeapolicemanliiohave- myfricnds4ever C iij 4i nM HUGHES. RUSS friends.bc.pd.kb.ssSHeavy metal shop friends metal85. Ratt6LiIa. overnight at music plus, we rock old girl triend nielony. see ya dough CParlies with JHPDSEtracy imlbclsothers. wastedSS.ninJA.Hotforthe teacher HUNSAKER. JULIE Buddies TM PC BH PM KA JP MdnnaP Puran.campkk. lb. lb. lb. en. cd. kc. Lds dances kk. lb. Wint. For- mal-PaulLrl. Pres.w laura Mc. vidiomovies Ind. C Pcool dist. scholrPSNB 78 f iaty.AdltPnces Ambitions- :byu.tmplMrgKids IGNACEK. LYNETTE Soccer I. track 4. frogs, hacky sac 6 Pigmania RULESI on of a nun Picnic w MRTATACKVWTT friends and new I LOVE YOU TEPI ps23S Philip443 AMB: get married, have a family. Live for God. s T tW- " o- fetr hjfyy rMjL KJUfT CtX HOOGERBRUGGE. BRIAN comptrs corVus-mirror-lab evr day smgr -mess Rop-Camp OC, TD-l-3 Beamer 4the- friends-LAHONORSfecqbhall else. Srta. Liv. gradmucho. Hola. CQ-never forget, muslsay. wellnext yr UCI BYE GOD RULES-PTL HORNING. ROBERT Anarchy bfrend DC music-PUNK VWS- brkdowns rags aft school, quarters: ED swim team Dan- Steve ' s apt no tweakies girls! Where? (CW)blnd Dates w DC WHY? Ambition: ski my life away thnks mom and dad for caring HOSICK. RAY KF-MH-SE-TCkD VB ss-DM. Swampland, bruiser, the mutant, slime mold, scientific experiements. SCI Fl. thanks Mr Titus. DEVO. Fronmg! pignocious pg my crossing. AL? explodo-mo-btll. Styro-ware. sugarlumps HOULLIS. JIM all the times I never had. Maiden with pat freewneel burning in the parking lot lasumz byebbe strug- gling senior year thank God where done see you freshmen soon palmers gone but Im not my parents are the best thanks Bye JANICK. SUSAN Flagl-3co3Bannercap -I- 3orchl.3NHS 4Rifles4savana Sweeps IBestbudLindaohmygod! LAMMMGGJVJSGPMK GBroJuanThanx UCSDwfPiepar- tyalldancesOklahomaAnneOlympicsopencioSeBeACHS- Kiingm MoaAMBJotsam ney8 l9 84llove youBry. JARRATT, FAITH " FOOT ' .O ' lugs.pg erols- " Conch " my fav shell-Kolby the hab-snivler, Crdlpuf-Police " 83-choco + my kids-frosties at del-beigewhale- " l luv Rocnrol " (we know what It means)Carmtget-AMB: to master TRIGONOMETRY. JESTER. WALLY My Friends.DF.AV.AA. CSJC.SW.GT.TG. JN.TC.BCBG.CB.KR. Rem $ movies, parties.molels.Mr. Pence, the BOSS Ambition Be electrical contractor and stay in touch with my friends. hanks Bye t - — » :bye edhelloberk, Stan, mit.o ' JIMMFRSON CHRISTY drama I 4 V F 7 3 S r I 4 Annii. Its . , . . JONES. JENNIFER FRIENPS KIS H JB SG KT KL CV KS TK JH SR,Wfprin3ihcprin4imascot4,sec4ivbl i,NHS4iVega$;Ca- talina Balboa. depechemode.Pac. Sunidanccs,luvMYFAM »Papa.Mom.Jeff LriCiAmb:La guage interpretor % find dream mani KALPENBACH. KEN Thanx friends JeffM Julie W MA TA RP CA LL JMS Mono spots Hmcing w Juhe. Piza w LL Polby Concw RD seal beach Krmth tv people mo mo Prude JW luvs hair sav onw JM CC is Rw Scooter JM likes wtching tipr. KALT. TERRI Cheer 1.3.4 BBBSJVS -ski.hioski- tp.lss.sunbthing RL.HIiday-in-lat.nites-u-pointed-bkwards- loilel NM-HAVA U Akb-5i ' sbff-Michelle vry special 12 meallihe grt times w my friendsALTHSET. ParlieslLUVU- MOMANPPAP KAVIGAN. ROGER SHORTS! jpetitions.hvy-metal friends. CWDCRDGPRLfeETC My buds just kinda kicking back pret- tymuchso. KMET concerts Jump-Rita nikcuf giselle School is stressful! B.T. ' s luv ya g-ma-pa mom dad whoo-ya. KEANE. BRIAN To the section eaghts of F Trop isnip here by decneth the leadershop of this important office to who evers crazy enogh to take controll it is emperative to keep the reputation fo this psycotic funny farm alive. KENNINGER. CONIE Hi Lori, Lis, Jennifer, Regi, Christina, Luma, Connie, Gracey. Kim. Connie, Rie, April. Slefanie, Mrs. Stolfi. Gigi, Gigi, Gigi, and Virginia Marie Solfi. Gigi-I hope you don ' t have to go to summer school. Foxy legs. KIDDER. DAVID School waste girls rad jocks think rad but not football funny buy ris workout parents complaiw want to move out no money army take me away get out of here party this summer cast summer of my life. KIM. DONG nhs3-4icsf3-4;mtm3-4.l0s3-4:beingjcsmechanic, tu t or, coach. etc.kd.pd,ww.de,gb. shut up mike gogunLin- eifrnds-evry onehasem:cldscrbs,glfng.mustngpwf. chem bye edhelloberk, Stan, mit.or?;ambition ' yes:goal-lwantitall. Hjun HOUSTON. STEVE: I hadfunhere. Soccer-3yrs. Hellweek. Garcia, friends thanks mom and dad never make it w out: Teachersgreat. Phihanks. NHS. CSF: MH, DE. DR. DK. KH. BM. UA. MH. BC. JF. ANDOTHERS. Drummers: getacarthat beatsDadt Think I goloucla!) HOWERTH. R.J. I don ' t want to be religious. I don ' t want to hurl lives. I don ' t want to come off like MR. KNOW IT ALL. I know how that is, what it comes down to is unconditional Love |ust like Jesus would 1 CoriathianslO:5 AfeO HUBBARD. NICOLE 3 yrs choir drma. uh yeah, T.F.C.R.C.B. all my loves in order: S.H.. jim.cc.MR. Milich. yummo ! summer school ROP was fun loo-goto meet Karl 216917. Am bit marry karl Mcallister lots of kids and money HUBNER. CHRIS FTB: 1-4. the boys in black. Senior ftb shouldve been the year. The Van. PartiesSParting w ihe boys PImSpr. Buck horn 250. SanClemete. To all my friends JIMMERSON. CHRISTY drama 14 V.E. 1. 3. S.C 1.4 Annie its been along day. New York was great thanks mom and dad. Wizard driving dave cook I never will for get you. D.C. in class Ambition; To be come very succfull in DRAMA. Wc-ce ■ ,7 f rr ii- fi d JIMMERSON. ROBIN MISS BB1.2.Tennis 3.4 Calvin Klein re- presentative 4. Student rep I ua employee. Bus andrew. Ambition; Marry Ivan Lendl. Friends RF.CC.AA. Rem; glass cutters nHO.Thank you Christy, Amy and MSP LAFFIC. ' Pt Pb4i: JuvyrJU» rO JONES. JEFF Suprized you did ' nt I mom! See ya later E.D. BURNEM Placentia ' s finest on your tail. Parties. B.L.O.,F.I- ,V.,UPO. gnob stih, 4-speed in deed. Hey you! Get back here. KIM. L cheer l-3nhs3-4stdntchcls3 DCmmry grady .czzng- PROM84 thnx goodluck! BIGBEAR-tplssnbthng ihPwnstnits Pmpn!lttrbgclb donutluvrswldprtyngw tkmjktSscammin! beachhouse85whofarted? oohbaby th- at sbadll want adivorce!! KING. COLLEEN BFA-GinalLuv2-JM RB TG U2JVI boys of ' 82 AJHboys vhs. jv ml km carls dingy friniteflings- CrunchlRU2IHenrys plez goladime spapartysl Spot li- ve!2mgs 4me I luv u MrPrz dragn ' holcars 821 RHPS!!Amb;nxtweek urAJtd KING, SEAN Long live deeppurple! Life is amusing though- wearelosingOSuspendeanimation dr.damyou. sanfranlh- ankslo dr m cscjsgdrkbgb bro Icnjsembbiamarockjivman- nettebeverl y Hove you Ambitiondr fo polisceprezusaand- pope. KINGSEED, LIBBY Q34sccr, sb-334vb=34stdt cncljr.h.c.jr yr best 4 evyr. love CHUCK CAUWLL jf hp ks tt 4 ever buds- 306 Senior Index TC JB Rasl Club, TJ 222C . our drms col me mres luv ya family all my love Chuck thnx 4 evrytng good times ahead. KINLEY. I. lewiGGLESGODOWN. FRENCH CLUB MLLE. ou m. Ray 4too PROM and Raids Europe. Tours. Tongue Jealosys. B.D.C.. C.R..des-hommes RINGS MtckBud et duvin The Conn Pour vous Annie. To the real world we go a Raymuscelesl- LuvU. KITZMILLER. GINA Luv 3 CK.JM.R8,Boys of ' SJiVHS AJH- boys kM.MT.JV; SpaPartySiRocky; woodleaf w MB.MW.WESIURA Crunch FriNile.Flings-RU2l?Henrys PleZiMr PepiBB Dougy. I LUV Hot Cars of Dk.JS.TB.JH- .DABBLAR AMBLive. Love. Laugh. lAUBIE. JOE lO. Van TNS I 4.MVP,OHAI. CIR Doubs w JS.Get tntense. fun in my wagon. concerts w SP and RM. Many GrStimes w best friends Steve oGreg. Thanks to my family. Ambition: To make it to the top.be rich Happy. iS r ' vuJuijC KLEIST. LINDSAY Thanx TC 4 all the fun. Circle S ALL R TRENDIES R BLOCK BURITO 33rdSKROO Funk Times w LRL bus Los Cacos 43-1 Doritos Bean Dip broken wrist BP4evr 3dark cba hcq vpl Mom DAD Amb:bhappy fil mylif w. ' dmsr. kONDOVSKI. TONYA Alex xlg Memphis Buzz! San Cyn. kirby ' s BOP! Marines! Dawn Dallas!! Nas.Drn ' Tenn.OOAH .Bopcarl You know! J OOAH.TOOHAOTIZ.bopI Base.Localsl Do I look OK? Navy. Marines? Music. Keep on sing ' Buz. orvfa i ewilfiujii - kRAUSE. MIKE My girl DC friends JP SS Mk MC CH memo- ries Jacuzzi parlies w DC RL the after dance motels. Horse camping w DC waterskiing w DC CH Ambitions to become a diesel machanic Thanx Mom Dad TO MARRY DIANE! kWILMAN. JOHN Polo swim l Champs B F CARHJBSWJMTA MEMO score at knotts fence CA s- cams = $l Penny ante scrub runs Stanford shampo Crip Thanks Coachs TM JB also mom dad the best Future score big, successful career best timesjd. LEBO. BFF rd.ph,ln.kl.ti.dork tnx4evythg flrt infat w BG RAWF84limo is tluvsal pr84-mtl rbet yea4lis£me orgftfwy I luv kmart 5 J9 84pp anw ua glabrkdns EStrh 47 Ibut chaps prtys hi TJ iluvmymom dad Amb:3bcrzy go4itall. LEE. BRIAN Cat L,Photo m Yrbk.Dude Shmer, " AL ' .Phil, Cha- d,4yrs-l4 Camps. Thanks LARICkS.BYU Hopefully, mter-depl a ward. Faith. Payne. Brian. Todd. Bill. Helicopter s,lw illmycar- 3Chad Phil. Ambition; To fly chp. " iS Uo W Voii , LEE. JULIE tennis 11 . track Q.nhs34-sec.csf34.Craig Ru;,s- weet l6iSummerw Stan,Pr84.3Namon4 borderline " untouch- ables " B games The Gang-KA MB.JM, BH. TG. JF. DE. BP, RR. DC. KimBest Frnd Amb to follow the path HE sets for me. LEINEN. LISA b, f Lindsay goodtimes w KL.TC.LM.LL.DJ.KK. kncns CC.JP.JSf.bp ' s- Chordaia?P.C.A.A.V.D.M. lens. 33nd.4-3-l! Cris Jr. Tahoe ' 84.pwdrpf ' 84ILUVTED II 3! Wone- ly Mom.Dad. Jeff thnx lIuvUIAmb; 3alwaysbhappy. LO. MIKE Best of time: 830 kYL. H.Chem, Physics. All the happy time. All the sa d time. Remember my friends were the proud ones! Let our spirits and intelegents show! Enjoy the " LO " life, the only way of life. LOMBARDO. TRACI crysc.bonie.purphz.gp.boat.bb- wildprts-loulou|oujoufee4everOjs.trnity tx9x84-r3luvs- ScolB. AS. SL-lyr. Sophy rcam-4x4w |b.rs. cc.jf. Prom84- gp.om.da.ambs. To live my life to the fullest thanx Ididit ' lluvu. ft A ,1 Ididit-lluvu. LABORDE. LINDA Rifles. Flags. Orch. Allthefun dances. Olympics ' 84 my best buds: SJ.GG.MM.JS.GPhvfnnxtyrlm. JBILoveVouAII!toehalwysn4-everskiingw the- gangnawaiiw GG. MHThnxMomandDadAmbition.Tolive- lonandhappy. LOYD. KIM Tn 14 sbl-3 est nhs jrpub BestBud4ever JULIE RUTLBS ' OURS ' the GANG JM.JL.DC.RR.CW.DA.BP.MB.BH.JF.DE.TG ROBERT UR I 4ever! wf84 " CFTF " gigs AGUNA AMBbe married, be a teacher, live my life 4 the LORD! MATTI9 36. oncfcu y cu i c JCurnLftnJUj, ct LADNER. K.BSTFRNZPH.LH.RD.LA.LLTimzw Nikl-utah. Balboa. cnpyrdcf " J J " BriansB-daySumr84Npb " Ot rmts " vpruns,c-n-bJuly4sncimnle33lwf83L JPN.WF84limou aGiacaog.MFURSPCL.GRTAGSihlywda-n-WRnelwdmk ' Pr lynatmyha.ThanksLuvumomanddad. LANE. MICHELLE Hootchiel best friends with Lisa Jensen. Kristy Pettingill Tracy Eberly Ratt concert skiing all the good times with LJ.TE.KP.CACKLE |ones te. Beach new at 6:00 party all night!!!live!Lovel LaughlBHTYD. LARICK. LISA BL KG CF LC FJ LL AM DD KR Gelta llo velt!Nerds Retards4ever When?l8cBoBProbSFTR! RosParad WGASA?h30SKIDude4everHappyCamper!Bri ShrlyTmples MuitisisR l SD KelMamacita TheOldManlLoveYou To Loo- kUp Laugh iLove SLift. MADSEN. M. DANA I hereby bequeath niy bookbags and many books to whomever whenever if ever. MANFREDI. VAL LitI red coruette don ' t b laggn Fredl In AM w FD- party animals ' head ' quarters ' Janine I ' ll never forget u B.F.F, tolken w my lup. Lagger beer 4 laggrs only! r wild- men! Fred I love you still! Hey girl. MARTINET. EUGENE Message from JP Loen my Peon.FbalD- 4.wrst.4. trk? NDS LIVES! The world at la. future unknown. Titan 4 sure Bird betterbe running! GDB food! Raid Kai Eric= 3 bad. AL my pal. 38s m lo gbye ED hello CSUF! MAUSS. TRACEY Never 4gottenJulie.Pam.Kris. Thanx 4 ev erything you guys! (xtra 1 u- Julie) 6-83S9-84(PK up) white lime-fun(Jerome-dk)3 P. Cath. CCA.PS-J.Love. 5x talk- .$1. movies Mag Raks(DZ -RT-4evr!)Amb: Go 4 moneySfun ■JilL LiUaikxi - W McCLARD. CHERYL Staying out all nite w JR SS MK going out w um guys BD Motel Summer 84 having punk party LK mead on HB going to beach and all the great times w bf JR SB TB Thannsx mom dad I luv you. McCLOUSKEY. MIKE FB4iBBI allmypals(unknowwhour)The BunhuggerSi Jackson5; lv84allovertheroom; PS83heyLucy- 3eachHouse 83iGettingsloschoediMR(DB)JE-Special.inmy- face.!!. Luv YaFoxl 3MyBuds.Goodluck!ThanxMom Dad- IGoaL To Make It Big McCORKLE. ROB Disney w ken watching Arthur and meet- ing girls Going dancng w Willie and Damon at GCA. JVB- Ball Fav, tch Jwcy sum W MB.AB iwar. So.sf.sj.esp. Dk.AW.ILUVDC trin ko and JM knky tids CF and JSat nght pkrgms McELFRESH. CAROL Special thanks to my parents who put up with me all these years and to my rad friends JD SS TF Goals; To live my life as Jesus Christ lived his. And to make my parents even more proud of me. McGUISNNESS. SHAWN Death of Dad Mohawds.WH hair urban assault vehicle Rolng rabitnew Toy4x4 mudwinoubg. no tweakiesrml25.3muchhonors who cares?POPoget rptoff Itr ED!hllosummr!Shriemonsun BB earngsdittok Arndrk u- goodridence MckAY. AMY lluvuguys! TP(Joe mama!) VW{mgmotu!) JW WS(stkyfngrs!) APokS snow camp skiing Mexicali flapping Sdotting! JO " morning " Thanx LLfeLC! RG I4yrs! Gor sum- mer APU feabove all love the Lord (Phil. 3:15-16) Fight on! 5 mt m icui McKUSICK. RHONDA L Tenn is 81.83.83 Klutz 83. MVP 83 " V " Jan 36!ce sp W CB. cruzn in dad ' s car w DP CC TP.Camp ' 8l red BMW ' s VP budS;CBSGLGCSDADP W e Thank X Mrs.Tesl;tothebest MomSDad-lluvUIGoaLBea PT. Happy, w redconvrabt llh ndd yiVk iu x ol McMANUS. GARY Llew.Ho!Tahw wonk T ' nod I. si Melborp. Efil VM Nl Egnahc a edam yllaer Sah Sraey elohw ruof rof Loohgs ot gnio g taht knight l?Gnigtemos wonk uoy. MEEHAN, JOHN Chasing girls for 4 years was fun but I wont miss It! MemL.M.V.l.T.S.O.E.G.W.R.I.FI lleavelfreepasses- zaushwitsDeath CampMr.Thomasandallmyblocktogigi. cu- zlluvher!Amb:3Mltgdon ' t wif cocaine, no bongs (Xu y h MERCER. ED So long EDHS Hello Life! Thanks to Grosse Payne Mosley Dutcher and Walton, Memories of ML SS KK EM DM GB H-Chem. St. Sus. MH PD DK and most of all. Lynette. I ' ll remember you all. And I wouldnt forget SK MERGOTTI. LAURIE Parly w MD Buds, cruizen in my little Honda; Good times w ST.CS.KL. and DS. The Cars. Prince Senior Index 307 PH; Powder puff ' 84 ' summer fun w JT Best friends 4 ever Friday nights n the party mobile. MIPPIETON. PHIL V TracklOV xlO 4SophXC Camp = " Doil ■JNii.VbHH ' CIf SH, RA.FZ.MW. DSSRN " Walles " iN dyr. MopedSSchadezSRN.DS.MC.TS.RL.GM-mob LSL ' s Beachhouse " weak " S.L.O, " Thecaue " idywild lhe " Bon domo " feTriolYb. W Brispur " Press " l MITCHEL. CHAD 1985 Mantis Byu Laura. Brian. Lisa. Jim- .Phil.Kyle. Mike. Gary.Mark Kmal green 1970 f-85 VH MOBERG. LEON FB 1-4 Golf 3-4 ROTC 1-4 BF ' s spunk.snoot.s lime. booger, Brown- " our office " Pups-Gunny J-lhrashed MT.MF gang DM-slow downl BM " Take me to the potty " Spunk-crawling, Im fine Snoot B-day USNA USMC F-18 -314 MONAGHAN. JEFF ScoringwJohnandChris, Theyshoudme- how.Srvildances. 4for4atKnott ' s.Flrdbybcrdi, Borrow ingK ' shs4lstf,Ken ' slegs? " Ifellsick " Tina, Cam- ping wKnsJulMel.JulewmySr.Yr.lalwayskne wit! Lateniteson- kermaihwkjandm, Thanks MOREY. MICHELLE Fig cmoslUCSD Kimkdnp sHaw83.85IKriWhls w LL BstBud Michelle gning awy prt frst carlhnr people Lndsy cryl ' Zappa " Chemistry. pr)ct Pr td laf ISB-Day ski dncs Prom84 bst summr 83 cmps falln in luv DH hX ) ski WF prncl.nom3 OLYMPIC84l " swn circle " Wzrd of Oz Thnks MomDadfeDav 4yr luv! Amb: God To He p When It Hursts Most MORGAN. PAM Never 4get the great times with K.D. K.A. J,P- T.C. I luv u guys. Thanx 1 Eric 4 making my year p rfctll Ambitionr 1 live my life as a Christian. Jesus loves ul Thanx 1 mom and Duane 4 everything NATIO. KELLY Best Buddies SD.DE.LF,TB,MB,DC Memories Laguna, Huntington Beach almost drowning Lorermyfnends my ' cat and my family Amb Become a Marine Biologist and live in Hawaii Grad Pres Hawaii w my2buddies I made it NELSON. JLJLI Growing up w Jennifer after school cun 3- QChrissys bdaysa Newpor JJJS Alibaba lives, Bendover P J pies sickMonster! I loveyou KEASCPKSJJ Never forget you CB myl J Lets give her the ticket and jamlLAPAT r " -TisU n NGUYEN. LINH ASB Vice President w RR.BR.JR Vice PRez w EF.GT,Wre slling:ll4 2 4,NHS 3 .4PThe old gang.KD.JB.DS.DKPB.BB.GB. Goal Doctor. Teacher. Be hap- py. Ambition. Save the world. Thenks for everyting 85. THE BESTI ,; :S:. 6 - MONK. SARA Ecology club 83-84 Mr. Mosley is a reallyhip fellow. Congrat. Mrs. Turner French-Schick Bonvoyage Joanne P. Good luck Sean K. Love you sis. Be good Mickie. See you Roseanne NICOLETTI, JENELLE Thanx familyl BudsLL.KL.RD.TF.KR.TJ.FT Best bud Traci. My twins L PI Jap-youll b n BigslMemobsbai.PS.SD.SF . NYe- ve83. " wewantW " Dlo3IDates, Aprl6,Sep3I.Novl4.Dec8 ' 84l AmbiOwn a Targa Hove you Timf! :£(Ua}i JV c tjrWLbL 1 . ftmicuxj MONTAGNE. CARMELA AJQHA WORLD with Classy.spe- cial friend JG and BS. working at DT.AB graduate from college, make lots of money, be happy. and own a 450SL. I love you A.R. MOORE. RUSTY FootballBoyslNBIackl 4 Trackl-4 BGAAMMSFMRCHGCRWTHy our33much Palm SprmgsBuf- fylgumby! GC ' SVAN SanClemFugiTives Ski Barstow 82-83 BuckhorniSOl Havasu84 Hulking Oulw GST ' ILuvFm- ly Frnds Destination: Long Beach MOORE. TAMMY Bf Holly Softball w mybuds Rito usum IspecialPartys ICM muchl Alniters hapiNewYr83 ditchW- mom Bigbear?traden boys small huh? Dances Im el wrest- stats scammy thanx dad mom I luv u Imsucha GeeklByED MOORE. BILL Vrsty Ftbl Byrs JROTC 14 The Boogateers mo spunk snoot Mel MoralesD J good luck love you guys Boys state 84 MostPisbob SS LJncle D CG Col T. Thanks so much Ambition To tj-r-come a successful AFofficer marryJA NORCUTT. MICHELLE Cheer 3:Best Bud TerriBrg B Boys; BkWRDS Toilet: Topis roof split skiingTex.B sultsThe Moblbch partys Lgr u r grt! Andy: 1 luv ul IO-l4-80.best daylWere so bad ' b like mom ring frm A.L.A.: Redmerc -pZctkx (l6. llix cU tt ' NORTH. CHRIS Jesus.MomDad.ErikJimLeilaJ.K.M. Paolo. Scrabble.real videos. mud pie raids. music!! San Francisco! Vivaldi. Treasure Tsland. ENFP.VE.CC. RO.I II 25.4 clouers- IMeltdown.Prima Diva.PDO bach.Hollywood Bowlll O ' BRIEN. BONNIE Gnob siih 4 everyonel Memories: Koch- park the cops Kurt ' s house, DioJul zo 84 Ratt Jan 31 84. Special Memories: Kurt Deyle my I only guy. thanx 4 everything! I luv u a lot. Texas here we comel OHIGGINS. COLLEEN VB24VarSoc.Trkl3 HC84Spclmmtthnx MrWoynispclfndsshelbelnrj ' sluvya LibthnxJCFFaithNRtimescolbhabpgKish Khnpsrmbrvpslyb- jiwniutomtheclub honorstudentsdonrshelnvbcmpbabe pea- cocksfnrspcllimesmybuddyRRIuvya VdUa Ox cL T hux d Su " ff " OJEDA. JULIAN CC2-4VE3-4(sec) " Annie " (magic man)88 Fngrs TP SPNTNE US rck Crk CN 4verOtion 42 RT LgnaBch BeFri kC ' Princess " Can I help my dad?Ambition-Sing w Barry.DZneAmbasdor in 89. (aith in God always £ marry MR.DHM OSTERBERG, KEN Vsoccer 3yr.CSF.Relfect.Hell wk4yrs.Th ezoo.cheat brigade.Goal runs. w. formal w MeganlB.B.My Body-guardrFavrit tchrSiDutcher and GrosselAmb.-wald w God. Be successful in lile.Wrk .marriage lvUMSDIOIyl988 PAPILLA. EPPIE Good times ED football great friends LC GB VV KL AA DD RB VP MOU 5 Val sking party beach house great work outs w LL SRED Dances track Utah LC GB Office great Bro PP Power lifting Thanks God SDSU bound 4 PAOLETTI. KARINA M Track 1-3 x-Country 2-3 (IF " tfLeague 83) Mom % Dad TwinSis Michelle friends Mary TT CV SG MN TK LC " The Spy " Liz Monty-TV beach w MA " No permission " wst mm mil skt brd ' n DK LSI PAOLETTI. MICHELLE M Squirt 62. 4II " 5I " ? DRFTRSWJO RMBLSTWTF % PPNWibs CNIHLOPRXPE Frnds: CSw MRSHLLS 84. TTUMKMLGH. MN4BBThanx. MA4Th BCH % STHGDX ' s. Thanx everybody. ThanxMMDDKV- DILU AM ZBTHBSTDMRN PATRICK. JOHN 4Yrs. Bando Germany 1983. Japan 1984. Germany 1985. German Club, original member-German camp. Father ' s store Patrick ' s musician all 4 years. Own Band-Price tags started this year bad sounding PATTI. DIA Good XS w DG SR.DRJTDKRDKWSH VP Best- Bud RM CCSTP w F JT Scamn w RM Thanx M. Test xw APBMHSCFDDCSAPHB wrk w CSSRSTRFKRSGLMWM Sarj mac partys Feb9w E NTW7TV NY84RES85DR Red BMW AMB;2 make parents happy luv u2 PECKHAM. TAMMY H.C.D.W?Paul JO. ST.M. abc WFDW Davin lckw AYN.Page23Cheer.2yrs.Relax J.L.ST.P. litl bro ' s J.O. Spontneous.GOmenI T.O.Hey scum! Friend- sPamBFFJ.O.A.H.A.M.W.S.B.P.T.O.Thenx luv ya always AMB: Pro cosmetologist O rru i PELICK. KIMBERLY Best Friends KD.CPJH.DE.Cruisin w KEL Homcoming 83 Prom 83 Matthew-ILoveUandwIsh the best for you always! 7-.26-84 Ambition; To please my son and to live 4 the Lord. Thank you God for a special babyll PETERS. BRAD B-Ball I Soccer 3 4 Track4i Leadership 4. T- ping KD %1 Prkning WFI. KS.Farm.Dances Promlll Lies wknds. Flirting all my friends RRKLJLDAKRMCJSMB Danal Dating B-Ball Games After.Cops girls no more lies PETRILLO. JON News ROTC Ervins off. Friends CB Trendy JF JD Nam Buds TC Kern: Next time we gel the rabbiti Thanks you guys r the best! Del Taco 5-QI US Army airborne paratroopers " Death from above " ! Qm 7 IlI 30S Senior Index PHELPS, DENISE NHS.CSF.Band.Spanish club-Friends. I luv Blake 4 everl. Denise Phelps. leave my promisedring a future husband to my friend.Kim Heathershaw-to become a great physical therapist o marry Blake. About tym ' 85 PHIILIPS. WILL Member of 1 Drumline in Cal. Hangin with my 1 best friends Chris C Kevin B.68Ghia What, another leak? Tahoe 85 UCSD83 Cruisin to where teenagers die. Had fun but here comes life gotta go. PIPER. HOLLY ASB.NHS.CSF.VB.SCR.SB- ' Buds ' esp Tarn WF 84 Honors students Don ' t PPA fly like an eagle Happy New Year Heiny backrow forever The club " Party at Shell ' s " limes w Joey-Love you! Amb Be happy and suc- cessful PLANTAMURA. GINA Band NHS Rifles I- Savannah sweeps! Europe UCSD-roof Dances. Friends 4ever- Jennifer Kris " sewing circle " . SL{Duncan)-Iluvulots! 4yrs of great memo- ries w JS. Amb Happiness always stay close to friends PORTER. WES FJV Baseball 4V Football whos who MEMr Anissa my sw eatheart GW dates % vac great limes parties dance skiing cabin Ambition; To grow up and bee a Phys Thear to marry live happily and become a Repblican " 4 PORTUGAL. TAMI LoudCrowd3-4, V.Soc.Stats3-4. Mock- Trial4, Newspaper4. Mem:FreshmanPE-Moni, Lori. Mee- han. Swimming. " The Worm " operamusic w Gumby g t he- beach. beachbummin ' w SV. meeting Brent fef ailing in love. Ambrto frndanambition POULTON. AMBER Choir 9-l3.0aklahomaplay,HonorRoll.Par- ypl, Nothing ' s forever-The summerknew! Thewall- TE.SC.GS.DS.AMY.SCOTT D.RBW.UA.TNIockers.RebSree- tripping.DONUTSIFOODI-Tllus. Car84.Cosmetologist mar- rymyman.3babes POWERS. CATHERINE Reflections swimteam.camp. " Wsis- ters ' Aud.Jud.Cyn.Lisa.ZansParty. VW4-Whldrlvm.Whtl mow Jerome. N e w p t B e a c h . E U R O P E 8 5 I wm.ES.CR.LW.SR.VRGinaBer Ginal Jrdw Mr.T.CA.PSSTra- cey. Rcuningham.Thnks ED4thehappydays. PRATTE, CHRIS Balboa JE CB-LC-EL-Captain-River-Ange-l- Luv-u-sking- van-part y-mich-youre- the-besl-Donha so-glad- were-lriends-Buds-forever-concers-Sanclement-Troy-Bow- ie-JullN U3 Mom-and-Dad-l-Luv Vou-Thanxl-Prom-841 i RAMOS. ROB ASB Pres.; Junior Prez Basketballd 4).Track(34);Tennis(l), FriendsBP. LNJM.BH.TG.DC.RBCO.and " Boog " , Wint.Formar84 w you know who! KIMBERLV: Laguna. gigles. scares. Kay? Thanks mom and dad for your love work to my sister. Love. Health, success, happiness, dance forever! REDINBO. JILL BF Cheryl Remember D G that flat tire! Wow! What a night!Summer " 84 ' " w umguy s parties con- certs beach motelw CMSBPA Prom ■■84 " W Aruthur 4yrs Amb-to be happy and successful Thanx mom£dadl!l lov you! REYNOLDS. GREG Basketball-3. League champs. Joes wag- on. Cig. Mark. Steve ' s van. My trans Am. Big Hipp. Dude Ranch Horse Woman. The coach! Tje Charger. RICE. DAVID Baseball 4 Jim 6 Chris Losing all the tme in Basketball. The bird on the weekends playing cards. Mr. Trendy with his clothes and cars. Porsche there is no subtilute. Buddy Dan and winter formal w Limo RICHARDS. STEPHANIE Softball 14 w my buds Remem bering GREAT times w my friends-l love you guys! Bch house w C.G.-N-Hamma River Skiing Parties- N- meeting Guysss! Ambition: Be wealthy-Healthy N-Happy w G.L.W. BoingoAmb: TF.glrch.havfn TF.ThnxMomfeDadfefrds4your- faith. TlkDrty2me.TamNKevtSprky!PrtyNakd!l RYTYCH. FRANK Im a simi good football player I like to thank Mr. Moralas for being a great coach. I Frank Rytych leave my dirty foodball uniform to coach Sweet. I love you mom and dad. Im glad to graduate from EDHS Hawk SAITO. CHRIS Football Baseball ClassVP Pals Gene Tim Joe Steve Dave Mems: P-Pariy at Rices stripper boy was she tan! Bevhills.fake I.D. Extinguisher.gtintheslammer.Don- getssick. Summit, Battleroyal. The Dart Amb: Own Vegas$$ C Vw- 1 2 ? .A] SAMMONS. CHRIS Styin Parties w TG.TA.CA.BS. etc. MammoihPizzaScamageD.O.A.Wompin ' w ? Ampin ' Beach- Days BadHabitsGumbyland The Zone Nosouids-Horndog- gers(maybe)ConcertS:Crank-YZ350 Chevy350Soccer3Cal- PolyGrad:EDImgoneLaler 0 ' ' ■ LIL) .xj-a L ZLC-TlO SANDERFIELD. SHARON L Choir 1-4 Being with friends Jl KM KM MJ JA Parties choir tours I leave all my belongings and my locker to Jimmy Ambition is to become an accoun- tant and to get married SANNEMAN. KISHA VBI-3 HCPrincesI nmee24 Jetaimeme- saimies! SG. CO, HP. FJ. JW.femestroissoereSTKim.Chris- oJen!ILU! 3JJJ:Thanx 4 1 ' v special yrs. Beach. partys.4yr- sofJack! Luv ya-ma.pa.EBAmbition:3 be happy n my life w.Ran! ROBERT. KAREN X C.I.2MV3,JV.VCheerl-4NHS3-4SC3 4SoHD 84BFJN.BN,AH,LE.BP.LLD 28 83BSH Spike ' it ' .S- leeping?, 1 1 85, HC ' 84.knees.golf:HSF-DB.RF.EO.KL.DR:ln fatuations!NYEI999!Thavks. ILuvU.FIash,EltonSGrotonbro!l- VY.Success joy! ROGAN. DEBORAH JVCheerSJ 83Bestxswmy 2Best FriendsCBSTBCheer CampQ334HlghxswalibabaVD£0- JOC + 36 playncopSrobbersBdaywCBI8Jan983 Daddvsgirl- mamayababy?JanQMBConv BugJPRSGirloct3784lmissLISLu- vulotsDad-ltwasalldone4u-lluvu2Jimy A c i f Lvw A - ' . ,,. L, ; ROGERS. MIKE Soccerl-J Track2-4 Fridaynighlpartiesbur- nouts in66MustangSurfNewportDana point HolidaysatDis- neylandMRED!! 289PowerU2 eneralPublic-FriendsJGJPCMJ- F Ambit ion; BeaNetWorkExecutive4CBSandliveinaMansion- inBeverlyHills 4Cin-7y2 ' ??7a SARRADE.ROXANNE Will never forget Drill Team 83-83 Color guard-all 4 years III never forget all my friends Sha- Marie Hackett Cathy McLaughlin Christine Fitkin AD BW BG EH RS TC OC P I Love U All SCHAAF. KELLY best times in P.S.w R.D. Dulling motercycle man over Policeman lecture And won ' forget Lori LibAnd the boyfriend I ' ve had for VmthsAnd hopefully longer, Kevin D.Nitesof Rad Parties. bestlimes. I Love You Kevin!! SCHLUTER. KIM Thanks Brenan softball ll Gals!Never for- get JMSJSP party Aminals it was fun! My " 67 " VW-Var- oom!Thanks mom dad I love ya! Jpre I will always love you Sept 4 ' 83 ' !JSP Drive in WOW!Ambition-Have fun-n-the sun! jtA scshoJj Mudbi ROGERS. STEVE Bnd I 4,Trck I -H 4.Crss-x 1 + 4.Socc I.Comtr — 3.Ski-4. " Sloth " . " AI " Gross ' DriverEd. Seagull raids- (3kills),Leave " sw-land " to trio. To be first man on Mars or get Al for 4 comsequtive semesters!No More run skyline fS tS ryAj $MJ %j itn JIT ROTUNA. MIKE PalmSprings833TKtsJackson 5Air Band84Newyrseve8!}-83Chris ' s golf cIubMike ' s messin Ve- gas Rob ' s messat Angel game Sr yr Football 10 Twoyr Basketball PalmSprings 84, Todd go home 8TH grade with SH I LuvOur Gang SCHONER. CYNDI Aud n ceen 4-everl4xnBugBangMyParty- WhichNvrWas!Me N Rhonda ' sJacuzziParty " 84 " The w.sis- terSiCPAWLYJB NPmetle-Kowabunga Limo85 Amb:Marry- Jay fe be Happy!lluvuMfeD It feels good to be the Oueen SCHOR. ELYSE Drama Best GJ thes.Treas.l love KC always Best Buds TC.TS.OId KM.TN.JL.PV.MH.Sis-as. Cat-AJ.Dog- Ares. Mom. Dad. Everybody I miss ED! MorplllAlways love SB!!!AndTH!IGet Happy!! and dad tor your love. v ' - .y ■ — % US Z- - r 5 tUm) IjufiC %uuL a tA RATHBUN. CAROL Dance 2-4 Drama 3-4 Best friends.Lyn- nette.Mando. Vickie Fun!l leave all of my books and home- RYDER. KEVIN ILoveTammyFlemingl Future4ever! Sept:!l.84WdingDec2l.873kid5. TFCBRH DFWJJBJMRSRRBBAMSmemories. FtblSwghllftmg Oingo SHARPS. BRENDAN No honors or activifies.Not a Jock.Buz- zin at school. Watch the tweekies puke. Let my hair grow- Senior Index 309 .Corvairs rule. Goin lawnskaling.whal tun. Well so long cruel school I ' ll never miss you. Byee SHECTER. JENNIFER Bandl 4 Rifle CaptA sweeps Savanna! UCSD Campi NHS2 4 Pres4i CSH 4 Pub3 Sec4i Remember: Girls stale Olympic tall dag sewingcircle TC DE-mauvis- bros4ever AC-my " tenderness " Gina-lluv uli Reach4thes tars! SHEPHERD. BILL Fleetwood Suzy drumline No. I swim team I luv brick walls watch for x mas lights best friend Scott Party 7 4 Ambitions To go to college and become success- ful tn lite and marriage C.B.A. Have a nice carl 4. J v-t? V L. rough the course. Hey who ' s amp is ihal? Hove my guitar Hey Jon got a quarter? Musicians rulcll Thanks Mr, Wright BTs SPENCER, ERIN HeycowboyneverXIIUknowRHSfriendr4us BAUHAUS NICKAVE best limesw LVAWLWCMSmybes testfriendCAROL oohhALLENIprtytimealDemi sw LISA hey AUD,nowhiteness cheers CYNIA ohLIZO.Iwillseeuinlhepuh soflondonlPeaceLuvSF SHERMAN, KARIE I 4.Chr.Flg.Sng CV ull alwys be spcl ILu- vU7TKJHAkMNKTTMSRJJ TAFFY HC 84 w Scott 6pnce- hibrntn hts big bear6|us H26 ski hidyin w RM i;30 sknydpw CVJHBG SMR82 w AK snwski-GD-byED 4f SHUMAKER Lowered cars.sud runs, Dan Steve ' s apt ' qtrs ' ED swimteam. no Twkis.my twin, Tracy Cawel 4th. Em Hal HC84. Des McKay WF84.Le5 Mrtn.BFrenz DC.RH.BS.LM- .GizmO;Amb:Europe.mve 2 apl.prty.bcom fre fitr U L 4 V SKELL. STEVEN CSF i-4. NHS 3-4. MT 2-4. AD 3-4 4.0T, NMS 85. Jets.Acs. cyclo westing Nef. 1. HR.PL. (ode idio)TicSi Big Bear, " TP " , Hchem calc 1. 1 leave my thanks to CG. Joy. Dutch. Mose. RS; SS Ambition SPRAGUE. JUIIE Were finally out! I plan to be rich married [O Cliff Oswald and live happily ever afterl Thanks Kum for being my best bud fudgecake Hal I have big dreams but hope to make them all come true. STARK. ROBERT FB 13 Track 13 ROTC 1-4 BFs Spunk Moe Slime Booger Brown " our offlve " gunny J DM slow down! BM " take me to the potty spunk crawling Im line my B day bag gifts USMC semper fidec 36 every year campRamah STEPHENS. PAULA BBslat3.3gtennis2-lst slgoodieswkkty- lenolcamel jockeysatworktstluvmrpidcocosc cscoreQ- clit! ByetoboatrichMatrOlivta lluvueakkptcasomuchtoremem berAmb: B a wealthy housewife. Thanx momSdad I luv u! -n C 1 J Mjii I cma! riMi MA " ; w SKIDMORE. MICHELLE Tom Pety Ew KW-Micle-LN DS-BF- CL-DC-RH-ME-E-Dich-Lorne-w-mo.-my-VW ' s-auto-with- schaner Sera- Vista- 190- prf -raket-ball-room n-baky ard- motr cros-nit-al-scol wth-RK-DE-Cocos-wth-Conie-Marisa- be-butition SMITH, ANGIE Concerts w Chris.Bowie ' 83. TroyBoy.Aliba baw Juli.Rivertrips w scottF Partysw M. Wells. 2-Huh- !Liesallies,YaYaYa w colts.Prom -I- Formalw AI Adorablelll B.F.:CP..JN,KW.Pie for DA and JT. How now brown cow!!! SMITH, MIKE Varsity 2yr hunting trips firing line south coast GC Bear 6 deer85 Cyot S EB too. WR we all hale reitz. Willie boog HW HK. SSW BATFS FDEA Lcrule.FJC A- cadamy Ins. Sgt IT Cap Cheif future for me. c ' rfU SMOYER. ANNELIES (who?) Liesell SBI-4 (ow!).BBI-2.Pow- derPuff!-SpazOB-Crash(DUH).Strangepartees.Otrs lsheugly?,BestBud Taz-LuvU Tracey! Awesome Dad.SB Buds-Amb: Become someone my mom wouldve likediWha- talife EHTaz? STEVENS. CYNDIE Drama!. Thes.Prcz. Best times, Ceen. disco. Adam. AD. LW; Best bud es-sleeze KM, fun: DY. JS. J6J. MH. JH.TN.TS.TC AT. CSLB! Europe-TS. Love you: MA- .PA.Jcnabeep, I ' ll miss the fun God Bless America!! ' S Xk %}Mlkl%Q STOLFI, GRACE Thanks DadSMomfefamily I luv ul Memos- Mahverv. lcar. long days.gdfriends.EDHS Thanks! I want to tell all ucm enjoy uself, The gm of life is about to begin soon! I love u Jay 4ever STOLL. MELANIE Basketball stat 3.3.4 Remember: Beach house Palm Springs F reshman locker Dances fun limes w friends HEY Susan! B ball games favors Thanks Dan- you ' re special! Ambition; Be happy and live a good life. STOUT. JOHN PHIL Waterpolo Ambition to work for a mjor film Co as an editor. STOW. DAVE YB 1-4 RefOpenIng Ceremonies LA ' 84 Wallys red truck carbon canyon Brian ' s 3 in a row! Ivan how the bush buddays WJ DF BF the gang A: Olympics 88-92? Do my best thanks mom dad J S I luv ya! Col l-.li CSUF KAmero Ski Q ' 84 Thanks Mom ' Dad i Bill-poems MCCBJC true friend is the best possession summer ' 83 TAKS. PAMELA Cocosc -f cbyetotheboat matlolivia + Richl- luvuKerrypscaca yaskacm. Nonas c66kdba.pstr. Bchpar- tiesmemwk. HondamustvantrifounditI Arcade. PDhmlPar- dewkhjvjsmzwimchell ThanxMomDad + Deb.lLuvUI Ambi- tion: To Marry -f havekidsl TAMURA. JAMES KEIFI ROTC f, CAP C Officer. Orcheslra- San Diego La Jolla. pool party at Mr. Watsons and Musi- cals. Thanks to all my friends for being your- selfs GmcM.CS.CP.BP.ES.SDH. I Love you Malissa VanD.I UCLA ' 90 - ■c-va t yx.J. f - - ' ' 2 TASTAD. TRACEY Treasurer4.Soccer3.4,Track3.4,NHS2- 4 " Spaz£Taz ' H Hawkins ' 83-TWSDT.SH " 84w MF.spazbike- OuchlPP-Crunch! PoorTazmobile;Homecoming ' 84w DS6LS;My bud LS % allmyfriends-luvU Ambition: Be happy and fly to the moon! TATE. SHARON Dances with Scott FBgames and Parties afterwards Friends with JRSCM 4yrs Parties withLMRe- memberDSwow!Prom " 83 " SHoon noo Villanova beach par- tiesin Laguna January 6 ' l98i " ambition Cosmotolgist Ju- l386ILuvUMgD TERHUNE. ED Bandl-4.UCSD 3.0rchestra 3-4 with Jim ' Da- vid Bowie " wahl.English3-4 with mickey mouse. serious moonlight. zowie.Bruce ' s tour. Annie and The Wizard Of Oz.The Dregs of Humanity,Richard D. Calahaun for Pres. THOMAS. AMY Bndl 4 WE:3-4 HB:4 PTA commen:4 Se- c. Leader 4. Bannana TRK.KK Best friends. JM.SS.TB.HP.KU.SF.JH.NZ.ED.SG.KMIBuds 4ever.Hot Fudge Ck!AH syndromelFGTH:Relaxlll leave JS no rides! A produ- cer. Thanks mom.Hi.Bri TJOA. GENE RefleciSkiing without gloves-the dart-Jack Daniels-WWF-Pornos-my red face-LA-Hotels-Silverwood- Videos-Mission viejo-Lass iter-str Ipper party- •CS TG JC SW TC JN-I luv you Tammyl- Amb,Sing with Sting!- I4 - ff- TOMAZIC. TORI Swmgl 4w JS.TB.LC.swmprty FR- w DowSBbros-Pupluv Frnds,MP,KP-GldlmetU.SG.PT, AR.LC.BT.RE.IkintJSRm3366CV WhocrswerfsrsSgtngdk- kthxby!LuvYa-tla-re-lluf thnmom dad6bros!Amb:Succeed- .marry bHappy-GoodByeEDI VF ' ?t Nnv.1 Hitrhino nn r-ari-hi hu h.tliH m:sn SOLOMITO. STEVE l Nova ditching no catch by bold man in car krispykremeBoBHuffFree DonutsNoJobJewishPeo- pleBagelTime $350AWeekGasMoneySwensens grazi ' s SK long live rock fe roll Moiley-u Rait concert exactlysameas- rog SWEET. JASON Mud whomping living for weekends E.D. soccer 4 animal zoo crew good by garcia. hello coaching job. Gumby lives on! Living dangerously. Park memories. Cop interference. Thanx mom and dad! TOTTEN. KIM Fresh Cheer 1 all my buds I luv ull B.B. Cabin parties skiing Bch house cnt ' wt. Summer 84 ' R.S R.T It. night munchies Carls ' good x w my bst of frnds Im sure C.K. A.L. someone special K.B. M 4 Si hrynXG f SOt SoJCET dz t(PyU SORENSEN. DOUG The future is now remember Spoack- IParty with Doogal. Chris and Brad. Night time treks the 310 Senior Index SWEET. SUE DTQ. CSF234,NHS34,AcDecath4, hchem-Ihe fish angel-z!38 black dance-Disneyland college as a senior ?- TRUMMETER. 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RICH Soccer 3-4 Memories ED Dances Jason Sweetas Mr. Garcia never making it to CIF Getting knocked out in indoor only remembering Waterbuffalo get Billy The vacant houses Best Friendsr The boys from ELMO!!ll y ' a fgt Senior Index 311 ABERNETHY, L. 131 1 ABRAHAM, J. 137 ABRAHMS, C. 109 ADAIR, J. 137 ADAMS. A. 53 ADAMSON. E.I8 ADAMSON, M.I8 ADAMSON, M. 300 AGOSTA, J. 18 AGRACEWICS, G. 137 AHRENS, K. 169 ALASKA, J. 18 ALEX, N. 230 ALEXANDER, D. 18, 131, 171, 178, 216 ALEXANDER, T. 29 ALLEC, J. 199 ALLEN. T. 143 ALVAREZ, R. 198 ALVEREZ, C. 183 ALWAN, C. 106 AMADOR, M,3 " , AMBROSIUS. E.I17 ? AMBROSIUS, S. 317 AMERO, K. 163 AMES, C. 14, 18, 166 ANDERSON, A. 14, 19 ANDERSON, L. 76 ANDERSON, S. 203 ANDERSON, A. 186 ANDRUSS, P. 109, 120, ANDRUSS, D. 126 ANGER, J.232 APALATEGUI, T. 91 ARAMBULA, A. 196 ARAMBULA, A. 158. 195 ARGUELLO, D. 122 ARNOLD, K. 4. 19. 173 ARNOLD. M. 4 ARNOLD, M. 126 ARNOLD, K. 148 ARNOLD, K. 271 ASH, D. 196 ATKIN. T. 164 AULICK, J. 133 AXBER6, T. 121 AYALA, R. 199 B BABCOCK, L. 109 BACHAND, C. 238 BADSTUBNER, M. 225 BAILEY, K. 203, 109, 271 BAILEY, C. 217 BAILEY, D. 235 ? BAKKEN, A. 72. 216 BAKOWSKI, D. iOO BALLARON, J. 110 BANAN, B. 238 BANDURRAGA, T. 131. 137, 143 BANDY, D. 217 BANKS, M. 45, 162, 271 BANKS. C. 163 BARBEE, K. 4, 20. 137 BARISH, S. 20, 128 ' ' BARR, C. 199 BAYNE, C. 20 BEARD, S. 14, 20, 26 BEARDSLEY. V. 20. 109 BEASLEY. D. 20 BEAUCHAMP. M.l BEAUCHAMP, M. 238 BECKLEY, sX2Ar ' BEHLE. R. lb; if, 13 | BELL, J. 92, 102 ,«k BELL, J. 205 Ph BELLOT, B. 143 - . BENNER, R. 199 BENNETT, G. 109. Ill BEVAN, W. 20 BILLER, K. 86 BINGAMAN, K. 266 BISHOP. J. 137, 240, 243, 263 BISHOP, C. 224 BLACK, C. 231 BLACKBURN, C. 118. 92 BLAWN, M. 196 BLOKZYL, J. 199 BLUM, A. 75. 150 BLUM, K. 126 BOEHLERT. G. 199 BOHLMAN, O. 199 BOLKOVATZ, S. 266 BOLTON. K. 94 BONE. J. 6 " " .--•■C BONNELLO. R. 198 BOONE, B. 81 BOTHA, B. 120 BOUCHER, J. 196 BOVEIA, K. 137 BOWEN, B. 137 BOWEN. R. 198 BOWMAN. J. 209 , BRAAM. J.I4 BRADACH. S. 231 BRADY, C, 217 BRANNON. E. 126 BRANNON. L. 198 , « BRIGGS, D. 137 BRINDELL. G. 137 BRINK, J. 137 BROOKS, R. 114, 90 BROOKS, M. 199 s ?BROWN. K. 75 " 8RUMMUND, 6. 238 BROWN, K. 1 26 l CK,i.% BiltLO K, 0. K59, III BULLOCK. S. 229 %UNCE. B. 227 BUNCE. P. 229 BUTLER. J. 64 BUTLER. M. 92 BYERS. J. 238 CAETANO, K. 130 CALVIN, T. II CAMPO, D. 161 CARDINAS, B. 238 CARGILE, A. 128 CARNEY. P. 198 CARON. S. 199 CARRIGAN. B. 137 CARRINGTON. R. 181 CARSON. T. CARSON. C. 120 CARTER, C. 199 CARTER. C. 238 CASAUS. C. 7 CASDORPH. J. 64 CASDORPH. D. 300 » CASIAS. M. 52 ' CASIAS. A. 109 tASTILLO. K. 109 CAUWEL. C. 223 CHAMBERLAIN, R. 196 CHAN, C. 123 CHAPUT, M. 213 cHavez:! CHEN, H. 123 ' CHEN, E. mf . CHENG. sG 137 ,„|cHIECHr, K. 116 CHOI. B. 60 CHOI. J. 199 CHOI. B. 223 CHOI. J. 225 CHOW, J. 123 CHRISTIAN, T. 143 , CHRISTY. G. 7. 196: CHRISTY. M. 10. II. 13 CHU, E. 106 CHUBERKA, M. 247 CLARENCE. K. 137 CLARENCE, K. 137 CLARK. B. 67, 223 CLARK, A. 137 CLARK. C. 137, 143 CLARK, D. 198 CLARK, G. 205. 247 m t BI3 Index CLARK, D. 217 CLARKE, B. 196 CLAUDIN, M. 109 CLAUDIN, M. 109 CLAUDIN, M. 141 CLAUDIN, M. 163 CLAWSON, C. Ill CLEMENT, B. 266 CLEMENTS, K. 161 CLINE, J. 109 CLINE, M. 203. 82 CLOSSEN, K. 238 CLOUGH, J. 109 COGSWELL, R. 238 COHEN, B. 14. 23, 269 COHEN, J. 229 COLEY, D. 98, 209 COLLIER, J. 50 CONGER, C. 120 CONN, J. 142. H43 - CONNELLY, S. 209 CONNELLY, M. 271 CONNOR, S. 107, 115 CONNORS, M. 180 CONTREAS, J. 209 CONTRERAS, T. 20 COOK, M. 143 COOK, B. 300 COOKE, D. Ill fCOOLEY, P. c I ICOONS. R. 199 icOOPER, J. 73 pOOPER, S. 104. 137 jCOOPER. A. 137 COOPER. T. 170 COOPER. J. 214 T CORNELUIS. D. 238 ' f ' CORONA, E. 205 CORONA. B. 212 CORONA, B. 213 CORONA, E. 247 COSTELLO. T. 48, 139 COTE. M. 92 COURTIER. S. 163 CRESCIONE. J. 137 CRIBARI. J. 42 CRIBARI. J. 199 CRIPPEN. M. 108. 109 CRISP. T. S8, 92 CROASDILE. R. 109 CROMPTON, K. 199 CROW. C. 21 CROWE, L 133 CRUZ. N. 228 D ' ALO. P. 126 DAHMEN. B. 59 DANNELLEY. D. 198 . DANNELLY. D. 238 DARDEN. R. 220 DARNBROUGH. P. 46 DARNBROUGH, S. Ii3 DARR. P. 109 DAVID, J. 202, 262. 263 DAVID, N. 202 DEAN, T. 166 DEAREN, T. 120 DEAREN, T. 271 DEBEST, R. 228 DECKER, J. 198 DEHMEN, B. 236 DELANEY. C. 142 DEMASI, J. 104. 137 DEMASI, R. 137 DENTION. J. 20 DEVECHIO. D. 86 DEVECHIO, D. 121. 209, 123 DEVINE, E. 137 DILLON. S. 109. ill DINNEBIER. J. 118 DODD. K. 8, 26 DODD. J. 199 DOLNICK. K. 143 DOLNICK. B. 209 DOLNICK. K. 213 DONATH, K, 120 DONAVON, G. 63 DONOVAN. K. 202 DOOSE, C. 120 DOOSE, V. 227 DOUGLAS. J. 56 DOUGLAS, J. 137 DOUHERTY, M. 120 DOVEATT, D. 229 DOWDELL, D. 47 DREMLING. M. 199 DRESSER. D. 196 DRIMMOND, M. 290 DRISCOLL, B. 8 DUFAULT. B. 266 DUKE, L 173 DUKES, A. 18, 34 DUKES. A. 109, III, 143 DUKES. B. 137 ELLIS, S. 178 EMRICK, S. 48, 201. 231 EMRICK, T. 198 ERA, D. 230 ERICH, S. 196 ERNEST, A. 120 ERWIN, V. c 54 ESCHER, J. 300 EVANS. D. 204 feVANS J. 205 EYER. J. 227 EYRE. N. 232 FACIONE. C. 8. 137 FAIRCHILD. M. 205 FAIRFIELD. S. 4, 10. 23 FAIRFIELD. S. 27. 48, 180. 195. 194 FAIRFIELD, R. 152 FAIRFIELD, S. c 217 FASCIONE, C. 199 FAU£HEY, C. 232 H FELSENFELD. D. 217 FETTER, B. 7. 27 FIFE. J. 217 FINNERAN. S. 163 f FITE. J. 264 ' FLANAGAN. A. 106 FLANAGAN. T.I09 FLANAGAN. J. 224 FLATELY, B. 150. 14. 28 FLATELY. P. 152 FLINT, A. 86. 109 FLINT. R. 109. Ill FLORENTINE. J. 20, 28. 48 FLORES. R. 148 FONSECA. M. 109. Ill, 141 143. 183 FONSECA. A. 109 FORD. D. 229 FORES. F. 198 FOUCHEY. K. 263 FOX. J. 28 FRANK. D. 109 FRANK. S. 137 FRANTZ. A. 28, 131 FRANTZ. C. 28 FRANTZ. S. 137 FRANZONE, D. 120 ERASER, T. 28, 54 FRATE, D. 28 FRATE, B. 103 FRONING, K. 28, 160 FRONING. S. 84 FUJIMURA, S. c 28 FUKISHIMA. S. 13. 106 FULLER, T. 28 FUNGE, S. 120 GAFFNEY. J. 28 GALLAGHER, S. 28 GALVIN, B. 13, 29. 195 GALVIN. R. 227 GAMET. S. 137 IkoBawii Index 313 GAPIK, C. 64 GAPIK, P. 2 GARBERSON. K. 133 GARCIA. J. 99 GARDENER. D. 137 GARNER. R. 2 2 GARRET. K. 244 GEER, S. 19. 29 GENERA. M. 7. 58. 67 GERISK. K. 117 GILBERT, C. 199 GILLAND. J. 202 GLADE, P. 148. 216 GLADE. E. 238 GLEMSEN, J. 130 GLENNAN. B. 199 GLENNON, B. 126 GLOMBOSKE. K. 230 GOFF. T. 37, 148 GOFF. S. 199 GOINGS. E. 106 GOLDBAUM. I. 117 GOLDEN. C. 110 GOMEZ. G. 134, 137 GOODHUE. H. 244 GORDEN. S. 122 GORMAN. R. 137 GOULD, C. 48. 122 GOULD. J. 137 GRAHAM. K. 109 GRAHM. B. 238 GRAVES. ' M. 133 GRAY. S. 229 GREEN, T. 196, 148. 235 GREEN, L 129 GREEN, B. 152 GREENBERG. G. 198 GREENE, L. 115 GREGORY, B. 130 GREGORY. K. 130 GRODIN. T. 137 GROSS. C. 186 GROTH. M. 126 GRUNSETH. C. 199 GRUNSETH. B. 229 GSIEH. S. 123 GULZOW. T. 126 GUSE, K. 107 GUZMAN, R. H HACKETT. C. 128 HACKETT. A. 133 HAKEMAN. W. 202 HAKEMAN, B. 235 HAKEMAN, W. 263 HALL. E. 77. Ill HALL. C. 106 HALVERSON. J. 137 HAMPTON. J. 115 HAND. F. 209 HANNA. R. 235 HANSON. A. 216 HARDY. K. 14 HARRIS. T. 117, 202 HARRIS. B. 138 HARROD, A. 116 HARTFELDER. D. 161 HAWKINS, R. 175 HAWN. C. 196 HAWNA. M. 238 HAYES, J. 199 HEBERT. R. 217 HEDDERIG, M. c 109 HEMBREE. C. 109 HENDRICKSON. B. 110 HENDRIX. B. 238 HERRERA. C. 228 HERRON, T. 100 HEUIGNEY. M. 238 HEYDENREITH. C. 186 HICKS. B. 199 HICKS. D. 229 HILL. K. 106 HILL. J. 137 HILL. M. 199, 238 HILL. K. 216 HINDERLITER. L 116 HINDERLITER. P. 114 HINTZ. D. 20 HOANG. J. 137 HOBSON, M. 109. Ill HODSON. S. 120 HODSON. S. 214 HOEGERBURGER, B. 14 HOFFMAN, S. 196 HOFFMAN, J. 238 HOLDMAN. M. 227 HOLMEAND. A. 159 HOLT, T. 26. 197 HOOVER, K. 202 HOUSE, A. 116 HOUSER. M. 123 HOUSTON. P. 62 HOWERTH, R. 29 HUBNER. C. 160 HUDSON. L 91 HUGHES. R. 4 HUGHES, R. c 165 HUNG. C. 106 HUNG. C. 123 HUNG, C. 169 HUNG, C. 266, 137 HUNSAKER, J. 133 HURLBERT, L. 217 HUTCHESON, M. 60, 116 I IGNACEK, L. 14, 120. 271 IGNACEK, L 216 IMAI, R. 210 IRELAND, D. 85 IRWIN. V. 227 ITO. A. 126 IWANAGA, K. 171 IWANAGA. K. 220 JACKMAN, J. 223 JACKSON. T. 67. 196 JACKSON. A. 110 JACKSON. B. 137 JACKSON. A. 150 JACOBS. K. 217 JACOBS. J. 224 JAIME, J. 198 JAIN, R. 238 JAMES, M. 199 JANES, c. no JANICKI, S. 8. 137 JARRATT, F. 120, 148 JENKINS. D. 100 JENNINGS. B. 213 JESTER. W. 22 JIMENEZ. J. 217 JIMMERSON, C. 36, 142 JIMMERSON, R. 216 JOHNSON, K. 117 JOHNSON. M. 133 JOHNSON. N. 229 JONES. J. 10, 13. 19 JONES. J. 198 K KALDENBACH. K. 14 KAMPA. S. 68 KAUBLE. L no KAVIGAN. R. 3, 38, 48 KAYMOND. D. 238 KEANE. B. 109 KEANE. S. 137 KEIFER. K. 238 KELLER. K. 198 KELLER. S. 199 KELLER. E. 199 KELLER. E. 238 KELLERY. K. 238 KELLEY. M. 137 KELLY, D. 92 KELLY, M. 135 KENDALL, K. 224 KIDDER, S. 209 KIM. S. 117 KIM. D. 131 KING. M. S8, 203 KING. S. 126 " ' BI4 Index KING, C. 271 KINGSEED, L. 20, 34. 48 KINLEY, L 14, 106 KINNEAR, A. 270, 271 KINTZLE, T. 199 KIRK, B. 199 KISH. K. 86. 109 KLEVEN. K. 133 KNIELING, J. 137 KOCK, J. 106 KOISUMI, J. 238 KRAPF, H. 266 KREMUNG, K. 106 KWILMAN, J. 6. 14 LABORDE, L 8. 35 LADNER, K. 4 LAGE, M. 133 LAMB, R. 10 LANCE. C. 109 LANCE, J. 238 LANCY, B. 198 LANTZ. B. 90 LANTZ. J. 196 LARICK, K. 159 LAUBIE, T. 92 LAUBIE, J. 264 LAWSON, J. 6 LAWSON, J. 110 LAWSON, C. 214 LAWSON, S. 223 LAWSON, C. 27! LEBO, L. 133 LEE, B. 48, 152. 217, 314 LEE, R. 61. 210 LEE, J. 20, 216, 290 LEMOINE, E. 198 LESTER, T. 8 LEWIS, K. 130 LIA, L. 247 LIDNER, K. 120 UNEBORN, S. 209 LINH, N. 150 LITT, T. 79 LITTLE, J. 238 LLEWELLYN, R. 137 LLEWELLYN, C. 137 LLOYD, J. 137 LO. J. 122. 123, 127, 179 LO, M. 123 LOMBARDO. T. 7 LOUNGE, M. 137 LOYD. K. 216, 290 LOYD. R. 217 LUSSIER, C. 110 LYNCH, J. 228 M MACLEAR. M. 208 MACON, M. 198 MADSEN, D. 188 MAEDA, M. 83 MAGNUSON, K. 203 MAGNUSON, K. 271 MAGUEL. W. 238 MAHER, L. 141 MAISONET, J. 109 MALLOY, J. 23! MALONE, W. 192 MANLEY, S. 216 MANSFIELD, J. 48, 49 MANSFIELD. M.238 MANZO. M. 214 MARASCO, J. 210 MARSH, J. 275 MARSHALL, C. 109. Ill MARSHALL, C. 143 MARTIN, P. 198 MARTINET, E. 16 MASSEY, R. 228 MATHEWS, D. 227 MATYUCH, J. 200 MAUSS, J. 198 MAYEDA, N. 118 MAYTUCH, J. 122 MCBRIDE. D. 122 MCCLEAR, M. 205 MCCLELLAND. C. 271 MCCLOSKEY, M. 101 MCCORKLE, R. 121 MCFERSO, J. 238 MCGUINNES, S. 43 MCLAUGHLIN, S. 68 MCNIGHT, J. 121 MEISTAD. B. 199 MEJIA, A. 199 MEJIA. J. 217 MELBINGER, T. 109, 196 MENCKEN, J. 217 MERCER. E. 120 MERCER, B. 121 MEYERS, J. 247 MIDDLETON. P. 180 MILLSAP. K. 199 MINER. L 8 MITCHEL, S. 238 MITCHELL, C. 47 MIYA, M. 6 MOBERG, L. 107 MODICA, M. 198 MOHAN, T. 109 MONAGHAN, J. 14 MONETTE. R. 12! MONK, J. 106 MONTGOMERY, D. 198 MONTGOMERY, S. 271 MONZO, M. 146 MOONE, A. 73 MOORE, S. 61. 210, 211 MOORE, R. 196 MOORE, T. 152 MOORE, B. 162. 196. 188 MOORE. R. 169, 269 MOORE, S. 217 MOORE, R. 269 MOORIZ, J. 48 MOREY, M. 8, 35 MORGAN, K. 137 MORGAN, P. 133 MORRILL, D. 137 MORRIS, J. 88 MORRIS, M. 224 MORRIS. J. 188 MOSLEY, M. 120 MULFORD, D. 199 N NAKAMURA, T. 115 NEAL. W. II NEAVEL, B. 238 NELSON, W. 121 NELSON, J. 217 NELSON. M. 231. 271 NEWINE. C. 238 NEWVINE, K. 240 NEWVINE. C. 263 NGUYEN, T. 106 NGUYEN, N. 123 NGUYEN, H. 129 NGUYEN. L. 148, 224 NGUYEN. T. 213 NGUYNE, H. 122 NIKOLOVSKI, A. 137 NILSON, S. 137 NIXON, P. 137 NLEY. S. 70 NORTH. C. 41. 109, III NORTHROP. J. 109 NTESO, T. 120 NUVINE. K. 122 O ' BRIEN, D. V 14 O ' HIGGINS, C. 10, II, 13. 200. 231. 271 O ' HIGGINS, M. 198 O ' NEIL, L. 106 O ' NEILL, B. 53 OCHOA, J. 224 OJEDA, J. 108. 109. Ill OJEDA. J. 109 OLLENNAN, T. 266 OLSEN, S. 137 OLSEN, C. 147, 210 ONTIVEROS, K. 110 ORR, S. 122 Index ai5 ORTK OSBORN, C. 109 OSTERBERG. K. 227 OUELLETTE, G. 228 OVERLAND. J. 129 OVERLAND. J. 275 PACAUD. K. 271 PACHEO. A. 158 PADILLA. D. 91 PADILLA. R. 109 PADILLA. E. 196, 197 PADILLA. D. 148 PAGE. S. 235 PAKULSKI. T. I99» , PALMER. M. 209 PAOLETTI. K. 102 PAOLETTI. M. 188 PARKER. J. 106 PARSONS. T. 196 PASSAFIUME. L 122 PATEMAN. A. 8 PATRAS. M. 271 PATRICK, J. 120 PATRICK, H. 137 PAULSON, S. 244 PAULSON. S. 245 PAVIA. V. 137 PAYNE. R. 199 PECK. R. 232 PECKHAM, T. 108 PELLEGRINO J. 107 PELTON, J. 137 PEMBERTON. A. Ill, 106 PENG. J. 52 PEREZ, I. 117 PEREZ, L 52 PERO, G. 94, 110 PESL. J. 70, 20! PETALAS. D. 198 PETERS. B. 48 PETERSON. C. 109 PETREDES. J. 182 PETRY, T. 130 PFITZNER, G. 175 PHELPS. D. 86 PHELPS. D. 214 PHILLIPS, W. 137 PIERCE, D. 2iS PIKE, S. 137 PILL, R. 68. no PIPER, H. 19. 48, 201 PIPER. S. 103. 230. 231 PLAINER, G. II PLANTAMURA, G. 137 PLEGEL, M. 137 PLISKA, D. 223 PLISKA, D. 232 POMEROY. A. 126 POPE, T. 82 POPOTA, J. 240 PORTER, W. 152. 196 PORTER. T. 202. 232. 263 PORTER. K. 232 PORTUGAL. T. 137 POSNER, M. 120 POULTON. A. Ill POUTNEY, J. 137 POWERS. C. 189 POWERS. J. 203 POWERS. G. 229 PRANCEVIC. S. 273. 272 PRATTE. C. 300 PRICE, S. 196 PRINGLE. A. 663 PROBST. K. 10. 13 PROBST, K. 27! PUENTES, J. 238 PUSAR, G. II QUEEN, B. 52 QUIMPO, C. 106 QUIMPO. C. 123 316 Index R RYDER. K. ; 26 ... .ma RYLANCE. M. 273, 272 RAMOS. R. 49 RYTCH, F. 196 RAMSEY. M. c 199 s RATHBUN. C. 130, 14 RATHBUN. S. 137 SACHSE, P. 137 RAYA. J. 109 SAITO, C. 19 RAYER. G. 238 SALSBURRY. L. 150 REDMAN. J. 213 SAMMON. J. 234 REMENAR. S. 198 SAMMONS. J. no RENAUD, L. 201 SAMSEL. J. 137 RENNWALD, C. 132 SANATAR, C. 272 RESSLER, K. 122 SANDERFIELD, S. 109 RETT. Y. 137 SANDERS, A. 68 REYNOLDS. 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Suggestions in the El Dorado High School - El Dorado Yearbook (Placentia, CA) collection:

El Dorado High School - El Dorado Yearbook (Placentia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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El Dorado High School - El Dorado Yearbook (Placentia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 264

1985, pg 264

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1985, pg 311

El Dorado High School - El Dorado Yearbook (Placentia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 222

1985, pg 222

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