El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA)

 - Class of 1960

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El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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g., li W W, L 1 , 4 A Y f1,,. 1 A 1 I I 'u VE X X X Y 2 2 4-21 1' ' 950 A NEW DECADE Memories fade qulclxly and fen or frffeen years from now rhe evenfs fhaf occurred durung fhe Fall of I959 and 'I'he Sprung of I960 wall be long forgoffen To prevenf rhns sad loss of memory Cam Sfaff presenfs 'lhls summary of nahonal and world news Soon a'f+er school opened ihe World Series monopollzed our rhoughls lf had been hoped fhaf +he new San Franclsco Gvanfs mnghl be fhe I959 Nahonal League represen'I'a'hve buf fhe Los Angeles Dodgers who lafer became World Champions 'lurned fhe fables In +he las'l' few games of play and cap+ured fhe honor More nmporfanf however fo fhe fu+ure of 'I'he Umfed Srafes were 'l'he achnevemenfs which +ooln place far+her away In space Wlfhln +he nlne monihs fhaf we were In school +he Russians hui' fhe Moon wlfh one roclxef whsle ano+her seni' back ihe flrsl crude plc+ures of +he herefofore unseen opposnfe side +he Unlfed Sfafes sen+ a new planel whlpplng m+o orbrl around +he sun and roclcefed a weafher eye moon Info space recenvmg from If excellenf plcfures of cloud formahons on Earfh However more offen IH ihe headlines were fhe mveshgahon by fhe Orrln Harms CommuH'ee of TV quuz and disc loclcey payola scandals and +he cruhcal one hundred slxfeen day sfeel sfrllre +ha+ was evenfually ended by a Taff Harfley unlunchon Also nn fhe headlines showlng fhai' fhus was a year for rravel were Presldenf Eusenhower s 'traps fo Eurasia and Soufh America Macmlllan s frlps 'lo Africa and fhe Umfed Sfafes and Khrushchev s +rups fo France fhe Umfed Sfafes and Asaa all were In prepara hon for fhe Summlf Conference ln May The only pre requfsufe fo wan an Oscar was fo have worked on Ben Hur fhe mohon pnciure fhaf fool: an unprecedenred eleven Academy Awards Also an 'I'ha'I' parf of Soufhern Calnforma known as LA experfs were preduchng fha+ smog would be ended wlihm sux years because of +he new law requnrmg smog prevenhon devnces on cars Buf 'lhen seeung us belrevmg We Gauchos had a very achve year foo and you can refresh your memorles of EL CERRITO 1960 by readmg +hls EI Cammo I ' I . . . . . . u I I . . . . . I I . . . . . . . - ' I I I , . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . ' I . . I . . . - I - . I I . I . . . . . I I I I . . . . . . . H I. . . ' I . . . ' I ll .4 . . . . . . ., . . . . . . . . . , . I I V I l I II I ll . CONTENTS SENIORS . . STUDENT ASSOCIATION UNDERCLASSMEN . . CLUBS FINE ARTS SPORTS . . . . ADVERTISEMENTS . . IP IV I III' COUNSELOR MR ELMER LAGORIO We all enloy planmng for fhe fufure buf we also have many complamfs and frusfrahons as we fry fo achieve fhese goals Throughoul' 'lhe years af El Cerrnfo a wnse and pahenf guude coun sels and encourages 'fhe s+uden'rs We reserve our graidude for fhe man who has become so much a parf of our school Mr Elmer Lagorlo counselor and friend Mr Lagorlo If IS fo you we cleducafe fhe I960 El Cammo Mr Lagono recenves honorary P T A Lufe Membershup ADMINISTRATION 113 4-asv l i MISS WOLLESON lnsfruciional Vice Principal MISS SHEERAN Girls' Dean 19 MR. SAMPLES Principal MR, TEESE Boys' Dean MR. LOVETTE Adminisfrafive Vice Principal xx'-41' MRS ANDRIAN MR BECK Mafhemahcs Physlc l WWF 114 MR BURRIS HISIOTY 'Xx MISS CRANK Counselor - R MR ELKIND Drama l rq MRS BREZEE Ar MR DeWITT Wood Shop ,nv sp: M MISS BRUNINK Language Z, 'Qu English BL. MR DODDS Blology BOLT Mafhemahcs r MRS BRYAN Englnsh MRS DINNEEN Englush MR ETCHEVERRY Chemusfry .v 4 S? S ' 'e ,I I .N Q- I ,O fi, k --A X L if Q: ' . , K A I I 5 gf: E. ' I . 5 3 5 J 4 , ' ' J II If - Q--2' S I I 1? ' ' 5 "JI in.. I 'T ' + ' - I -u , av lx , "S I S 4, ,h ' , I . R L-ys' A W ' ' 9-IL -. MRS. CLAYWORTH MR. COLLINS ' P. E. f I I l 1 II Ox 47 f , 'I Q, . 13 Lx, I 'u Q ,V 2,1 z!! . I , R I I ,Q 'X I S 3 'fp' I N I. 9 Q if 3 MRS FARIES Busuness MR GIBERSON Mechanical Drawing yv Q and MR HALLIGAN Business .-4 IL... ,,,, Not! MISS HIRAMOTO Language MR MACKEY X . i ... 1 ISS FERRANDO MRS GEBHART GEHRHARDT Language Mafhemahcs 49" MR GREEN MR GRIMM Englnsh Meial Shop MRS JONSSON Language Scnence MR HEADLEY Choral Dlrec+or MR LAGORIO Counselor MR MAGARIAN Science 3 A MR MAHAN U S HW 9"Y Counselor lk I - I A , ' . 1 i ,N ' X . .V , .1 . ! 4 Y A S1 V f. L - Y .12 1 . n . E MR. - . R g, 4 . l . , I 'ii ii ll ' . so , S k no 2' f E 3 f - 4 f fl I . R 1 1- U si' R ' ' . L ' X A V S -. S 'E IQ I Q M 4 K gh n- 1 l ' 1 . ' . ' + ' MR. MANSINNE MR. MCCLELLAND MR. McKUNE 1 MISS McTEAR Social Sfudies U. S. Hisfory P. E. Homemaking T 5 U . Q I ' , Q Q 6 x Q? v a9' ?3.1g i E, Q ""k ,I I ' 0 f yn JN X EV X 'Q-.. MISS MIKESELL MRS NELSON Sceence Librarian MR OVERHOLTZER Orchesira and Band i MR PARKER MR PHILLIPS Applied Arfs MR POWEL Engllsh MR REAVIS Mafhemahcs MR ROACH MRS RICE Commercual H5 MW L ww MISS RONNE I MR RUST MRS RYDBERG Hnsiory Englush L Y. X . I I . R' f 2 I ', y K A R If. P. E. ' ' 4 - 1333 I sim 1 . K I V 414 I 41-4 g 'L . ' B I , -. P. E. M-A K Y 1 ,,A :.4 VRVV , f CWS' .... 4 ' NLT' '- I, P. E. fffylg ' 4 I .4 IQ ' ,' RI X C I v Wk . N, ' MR SCHOFIELD Drlver Trannung LI C3431 st-. MR SILVER Language MR SWIFT Ma+I1emaIncs ups- 1 MR SCHWENK MR SHELDON MR SILER Counselor Aufo Shop Commerclal MRS SOBEY MISS SPARKS Homemalung Z rx,- MR THOMAS MR TIETJEN Mechamcal Drawing Famuly Lnvnn Sclence MRS UPSHAW I EngInsI1 XWWVW- XX. X X , MR TRASON I Socual Sfudnes 1- MR TRAVIS Cnvucs MISS TRUE U S Has ory MR VARGAS ', X 0 ... , I - - r A ' 1 3 v , I . ' Q lil! , I I n . . . s. l I L " C I A 'I ' ' ' P. E. 9 I , I QI I 'f 'pf ,fs ' I , U , I I MI ., I ' I I ' x 1 NS I I MRI ' ,. 1, r A , V . . 'I N 4 ,Q . . . M ,I ' X ,. jr . . . i , 4 f I N H? -I ' ' I ,Qu xx, H , :, . -Q LX: I 'T . IIINIS, I ' . , X-1 N, I I ' 75 I P. E. ll Mrs Wakuda Busuness Mr Wnllmms Mechamcal Drawmg Mr Zeff Commercual ni QW Mrs Weafherhead Mrs Weyand Mr Waldo Mafhemahcs Hlgfqry W4 Ax all Mrs York Homemalung Mr Woodson Englnsh M I S S I N G MRS CARSON MISS FLINN MR GUSTAVSON MISS HALLINAN CUSTODIMIS I Q . f, - 'rr . I R I 77' 'XX 1 VJ . W 1 M o',rr M U I I ' ' ' 'r. E. " ' sf Y , 4 C S 1 ' My iw T I iffij Z- All N X 5 A K k 1' , I 5' A' A 4 Q I' K s -, , Mass Fracchna Mrs Sfedman Mrs Powell Mrs Lenz Mrs Bombarduer OFFICE STAFF CAFETERIA LADIES ' av 5. - Azad'-Q W K A . an ,MG i X. ' , nn, 1 'va . , .L , A - rv, 4 . ' -, -r 4 , .A ...-uui?..........,,,, A , r. , 7 . ,, ff -' -L. Mft., ' 1, . ,f J. 5 ,, 'V Q. 2 ' ,A ' x J? If I ft H Q 5 fffffif 1FE,iWt6 xg MQW AR 44 .fqf Bi A . 2 :..l I P SENIOR SECTION Janis Fielln Sieve Kislner K 'flu S ' d Il en wm e Sally Coleman kffhf 'QQXGQQQ wi? 3' i . '4 A 'Qan-"' Dear Senuors CLAUDE D SAMPLES Pruncupal As your hugh school educahon IS drawung fo a close you have reached 'lhe crossroads of new decusuons decusuons whuch only you can make based upon how well you have performed durung your hugh school days Your hugh school has been a melfung pol' of udeas ambufuons and experuences and from lhus melhng pol' you wull have 'lalcen away proporfuonafely whal' you have confrubufed Your luves 'lhrough fhe nexf 'few decades wull be based upon fhe enfhusuasm wu+h whuch you a'l'+aclx everyday problems and upon The confrubuhons you make +o your counfry communufy 'ob and 'lhe socuely un whuch you luve There are many among you who have con+rubu'l'ed a greaf deal fo your hugh school whefher ur be un sfudenf governmenf afhlehcs achvu 'hes or scholarshup From fhese confrubuhons a greaf many of your are headung fowards new horuzons founded upon your achuevemenfs from your hugh school days The qualuhes of leadershup whuch you dusplay un fhe fu+ure wull have been gauned fhrough your parhcupafuon In your school acfuvufues Your hugh school us proud of you and wushes you success un your chosen fled of endeavor CLAUDE D SAMPLES Q1 'iff , ,. 5, S, . K o"ll,,,v' . . . . I I . . . . . , I . . . . . . . I I . I I I . . . . . . . . . . . I I I . . . . . . . . . . I I I ' . . . . . , . . . . . . - . . . . - . I . . . I . s . . . . . I . . Class of I960 - El Cerriro High School: You gradua+ing seniors have aH'ained a very defini+e and imporl'an+ miles+one in your educarional career. You are fo be congra+ula+ed on 'rhis achieve- menf. Please lceep in mind +haf 'l'here are many, many. oppor+uni+ies for +he capable s+uden+. Sei' your goals high and aim for fhe highesi' sfar. You have been a fine class and your 'ieachers have done a remarkable job in fraining you. I ioin wi+h +he Governing Board of +he Richmond Union High School Dis+ric+ in wishing you success in all of your fuiure endeavors. GEORGE D. MINER. Superin+enden+ of Schools GEORGE D. MINER Superinfendenf of Schools Governing Board Oongralulafes Seniors SCHOOL BOARD -e 1-----1 "f I i Barbara Murdock Vice President i SENIOR CENTRAL COMMITTEE Jim deReynier Presidenf E i fi X l NJ CIT" Sandy Wilson Secrefary SENIUR Senior Sec+io-n Jim Cassil, Dave PraH, Roger Kosel, Gary Silver, Jim McCullough, Milce Flynn, Liz Ven- fer, Debbie Sfarns, Joy Havens, Bev Walson, Dorene Allergi, Carol Macpherson, Diane Sharp, Connie Scoff, Mimi Hobson, Leslie Daum, Heidi Haymoncl, Sandy Hayworllw, Sandy Wilson, Jim deReynier, Barbara Mur- dock. 'W l 5 A TQW' 1 U V Rosemary Ellis Secretary OFFICERS a compeflfion yell. Terry Nord, John Silver, Sieve Carpenfer, Harry Repsfed, John Nicholls, Jim Cas- 2 fi J 3 0 . I . 15 .-Q-vin A Q Q Q.. y: I A I .my ,M at .I a l" 'itgmlzll Eg'-9 ' lf"" 'wiv ,'4-QAM' ..,,i nz. . .QQQI ,U - 'fnOQKc":"lN :flu ' ,u+lMn' an 5' ,nent ff," , f ,ni-H nu 4 , ,nLuU..' Ivgj, tt. .o0"'N' , o q4un,,,, Nffhffftttncst .XUGHOQ Tom Hunler Vice Presideni SENIOR VIGILANTE COMMITTEE sil, Bob Lunghi, Gorden Roberfs. ,,..- "U M SQ 4-Ab ru? -.-2 'C7 'sf' 1 ks r 'Us 'TT' l flu 0' al- ,sf ty XL JAMES ADCOCK OAROLYN ALEXANDER JAMES ALLEN LOU ALTAFFER GEORGE ANDERSON SHERYL ANDERSON JUDY ANDREWS OHARLENE ANTONIO JLM ARKIN BARBARA ARTHUR ENTERED EL CERRITQ 1 SEPTEMBER 7, 1957 DARLENE ASO JUDY ALJOH MARLAN BADDIE DAN BAONES NANCY BAONES DAVID E. BAKER DARROL BANDUCCV LRENE BANDUCCl LOUIS BAPTISTA SANDY BARKER ,-'Ms x iv ? JJ ',X?""? Y. s,1 9- 'ad' Al' -J 0-I9 ..,,-f-nr l 1 1 .4 ur' 'J' 2, 1? Q' 'G ' NA 1-1- fa-1 'gg tl- 1 .5 Yr 7 'Tj' "FT LADELL BARNES JOANNE BARONE SHERRY BARRON SUSAN BECKER BARBARA ANN BELL CARLEE BENTEEN SCPHQMORE HOP 1 "HARVEST MOON" BOB BLISS BERT BLOOM JERVIE BOLDS JOSEPH BONINI EDA BORGFELDT STEVE BOURN Y 5-.if-Us 415 .L Q ,agp -.41 -af' . 'F f U I fr- ' ' WPT ROBERT BAUER VAL BENZ Q if JERRY BEARDEN MERRILL BERLAND - NOVEMBER 8, 1957 BETTY BOMGARDNER CAROL BOWLEY 'wr' tus' JIMMY BONES MICHAEL BOYNOFF 145, 'ls "' 'R fra-,:-.p 'R 'Q' T I 73 ..7' K- ed", K' 5.5 .J .4- fa in .4 F "',IwY"" I 1 , W: I ,, vw ww fl dir ,Q-.-5 JIM BRADLEY MARILYN BRIDDON 5 I I DOUG BRIGHT Y' fi ,inn BENJAMIN BOZMAN JEANNE BROWN RUBY BROWN LINDA BRUCH TOM BUFFUM CONNIE CALLAN IU' .J-4 f'- 10- Q... Who s go+ Ihe Tom? Judy Wafkins Graaf Oaks from Iiffle acorns grow. Brooke Derr SHIRLEY BRYAN KATHY CAMP 1 DAN BRYANT JUDY CAPELLINO I EY? . 3' U41 'Qu "'7 ZX 'ix hiv C7 ,. Q Vx P 5.49- LES BROCK PAUL BUDWISER ANN CAPRON f lin-X CT' , -1 I Q I f I I : STEVE CARPENTER Q w NJ 'X V3 'il L. C. CARTER JIM CASSIL Did you Iose your shoes boys? JEANETTE CLEVELAND SALLY COLEMAN YW mfs T' GEORGE CLIFFORD STEVE CLUFF RENEE CONDON CHARLES COX 'K an I 415 dr.-p ,QE 4' I 1 a ' 1'1- ,Qi NILA CHAPPELL LARRY COE JIM CRAIG It NN ?"'5 gy CAROL CHATTLETON JUDY CHRISTENSEN CLAUDIA COLEMAN CAROLE CURCIO Q-'Z oi! T""7 is T E' g...-Q fi OU' G-LENDA DANIEL LESLIE DAUM DICK DAVIS JOHN DEAN LARRY DeBROECK DAVE DeGARMO BROOKE DERR PAT DONOVAN vfl' 1151? md -.7 'QF F4 A. +P.: 'n 'J -W4-"' Q., "' :I DONALD DAVIS TOM DENNIS 17, 1958 SPIKE DOBBINS GERALD DREI-IER 'Z 1 "N Nl' 5' ,. bu ,- Q . 'Y 'gf fy 'VS NF ,srf T.-77 .A 6-5. sg W- r- ANN EBINGER DIANE EDWARDS GARY EDWARDS PAM ELLISON BARBARA ELSENIUS FRANK EMMETT PATSY EU BANKS JANIS FIEHN RECEIVED SENIOR RINGS 1 REID EUBANKS JOHN FINCH 41" . 1 0--5 'TF' 'S' JOHN EW4NG PETER FIO ' i' '1 'ala ' '7"1P ffl JOY EKENBERG PHILLF' ENSOR MAY 28, I RONALC FENOLIO .OHN F TZGERALD OJ' X :r 959 ROSEMARY ELLIS ERLC ERICKSON LARRY FERGUSON MARGARET FLAWS 4 T5 4'-'K fir Q.,-J RENATO FLORES Having ALLEN FOSTER JANET FRIESENDORF K' TMC? E' JIM FLYNN MIKE FLYNN JOAN FOLGER frouble, Jim? ff KAREN FRAG-A JUDY FRYKLUND G' QL! Y CT -5 JIM 5.44 ID- fa? QI' f GELHAUS JOEL GEORGES JERRY GERMANN EMMY GILL CAMILLE GREEN RUDOLF HAGELEIT CHARLOTTE GREEN BILL I-IAMBERLIN WI'1a' do you mean, I'II have fo go +o school some day? NELSON GREEN SALLY I-IAMBERLIN 3' ,pang A15 emi hy., ., S! XT? P' CLARE GRIFFITI-IS EDDIE I-IAMEL 11, ffk in 1-"V gv '1 vf--7 JOHN GIVOGRI MIKE GORMAN TERRY GRIMM PATRICK HANNON , Q1 Q C5 4"'? i-7 yx -E-fp JOHN HANSEN KEITH HANSON JIMMIE HAVLIN KAREN HAWKINS JUNIOR PROM MARILYN HOBBS ROGER HOWE Xi' ff- A4-4 C7 in ,'-at 'Q ANNIE HART HEIDI HAYMOND "SAKURA" MIMI HOBSON JIM HUGEL "fix I I f Q MARILYN HATCHER JOY HAVENS ALICE HEDDINGHAUS SUSAN HEMSATH 1 APRIL 17, 1959 ROGER HOLMAN JUDY HUGEL '15 I 1- Jul 11' if 'Q' XI? 1'5- QF ,Q 11" if ,ot 10 .f-if 2 'V -E'-if fc-7 -' T7 .lv K MARY HUNTLEY JIM HDRD TOM HLJTOHINSON JANIOE IWAIHARA DONNA JAOOBSON J1MMY JAMES DENNIS JETT DALE JOHNSON EVELYN JOHNSON LEONA JOHNSON SENIOR PLAY - "OUR TOWN" - NOVEMBER 6-7, 1959 STEVEN JOHNSON JOHN KACSMARYK .f"l'.5 ROSCOE JONES PAMELA KAISER iff swf 'I'-7 UQ GEORGE JORGENSEN MARVA KARSTAD 'Q-'41 MARY ANNE JORSENSEN JULIE JOUTHAS JEANNE KAT SHARON KIKUGAWA C7 2 J J Ema il fa' 6 sf' ff? 'Ut J- fN--Q ROBERT KIMBERLING DENNIS KRENTZ SHELLY LACY DON LIEBERT Q 4455, vw fi' -1' if-L. Q , fx,-1 v-'vo DAVID KING BOB KINNEY STEVE KISTNER GERD LANGKAU JOAN LIMAS an-, 'R wr-1' How abouf fhai curly hair? Q Y Sieve Kisiner ROBERT LATHE GARY LINDSTEDT F a gp, It -L Q w-' 17 Lf I A V I 1 , 1G1E Q ' ,I Z if KJ IK K4 JUDY LAUENROTH DIANE LOCATELLI lf' W1 of-4-Q ROGER KOSEL STEPHEN LAWTON JIM LOFTHUS 4 1 fi Q.-,1 f I 'uPv Rv' 2-E21 X 43- rf' . 1' rv "" , .1 If", v Q' 'YN Yr? 5-.77 DOLORES LOTTA NIILO LLJND JOHN LUNDG-REN BOB LUNG,-HI ANITA MARCH 'S IANNE MacKlNNON CAROL MacPHERSON MARGARET MARTIN ,fdg :QT Well, lef's ge+ if over wifh. Pam Ellison CARL MAGLIA BARBARA MASINl 91" qfvi BARBARA MANN ARTHUR MATSUSHINO -1 -414 7 fs S QI' qrv' 55' 'J'- il'-f Q.,-D 'Q' 'TSS JIMMY LUSK CHARIS LYTTINEN BARRY MANN JOYCE MAUDLIN sa' if-'ti -A T7 iv if s f l' n I ff! Ti lair X FRANK McAFEE STEVE McLAUGHLlN GARY MOHR BARBARA MURDOCK l 1 Y -5 -1'-"1 4 0-5 Q3 ,l 3, JANE MCCLOSKY DOUG MCCLURE JIM McCULLOUG-H JIM MCLEAN JOANNE MELLO JEFFREY MIDDLEKAUFF SENIOR DITCH DAY 1 JUNE 1, 1960 ARLEEN MOLINO JIM MURRAY 45 49 'J si 1'-r ff-Q. fl' "'1' -125: -Q.. JOY MONTANO NANCY MURRAY f"f""'A Q 'eq MIRIAM MUEDEKING LEONA MUSGRAVE F"N, 'Q-5 .,U,f' 4-f-:O -4 -NJ ? CLARICE McGILL IRENE MIKELENS LARRY MUELLER AL NAWATA QQ Q I .. li A wtf '-737 . 'D cf., gb 43 . I 1 06 I .IJ 'Y""?f if -fv if fi 'Vi .-'Q 'UQ wr' A "" xk,-a ,,4-4? A I ' Q--of 4 v' 2,5 ,. JUDY NEHIRA VIRGINIA NEILL JEWEL NELSEN STANLEY NELSON DAVID NEWLIN BRYAN NEMY JOHN NICHOLLS TERRY NORD DAVE NORDAHL RON NORMAN SENIOR BANQUET 1 MAY 25, 1960 ELLEN NORTON JOE NOZZOLILLO RONNIE NUZMAN ALLAN OLSON LAURA OVERSTREET GARY PALMER JACK PALMIERI PATT PARKER VIRGINIA PARRIS CAOLYN PATTERSON '23 .vs T is-of f-Q A .qx W1 49 l 4--1 A fb "u 4 gi--71 wb' T117 Nr ff" fvs sf' E 1 tr-7 JOYE PATTERSON LAURA PHILLIPS MARILYN PHILLIPS PHIL PLAYLE 'Pin ffm 'ik RUTHIE PATTERSON SALLY PAUL PETE PAULSEN AUDREY PEARSON PAUL PHILLIPS PAT POINSETT 41' s. fy, .1 BETTY PIANTANIDA BOYD POLKINGHORN 64: 1+-7 .gk 2 ""'? 'J If 'X uv-T415 0545, STEVE POULIOT DAVE PRATT HARRIET PRYDE RALPH RADER I didn'+ accepf payola! Leona Musgrave PETE REITER S . -1 A - Q nm- ffm. K X ,Q - w Who fakes care o'FwI1o,Janis? Janis Fiehn ELIZABETH REED FLORENCE REEVE GRETCHEN REINHART HARRY REPSTAD RAY RICHARDSON GORDON ROBERTS lx? 4 ,fa fix ff' Q47 -J. V", I A5 '?""'1'7 ...xv 'TT'fP Y '72 PAUL RODGERS . A -J ,,,-I I arf I I 5 Q fi fi' , 40' JN uf' ff' 0' JUDY RAMEY DALE REAMER TIM REPASS PETE ROMO 3 1"" w-1 fv- '91 R K w. BILL ROSE SANDRA ROSE SAM ROSSON RON RUEB GARY Ruiz MARIETTA RUSCITTI ALLEN RYTKONEN AL SANBORN SENIOR BALL 1 JUNE '11, 1960 THOMAS SCATCHARD SHEILA SCHAEFER CECILIA SERB .R A? 2? ' 4 1 -'X A Wav JANICE SCHLATTER CAROL SERGEK ff-1 4' wa' uT"TvV fi Na- l ,-A '77 I I 7.45 DIANE SHARP INKERI SIIRILA GARY SILVER JANA SLEZIN NOEL SMITH PAT SMITH LEE SOPWITH SHARON SPENCER lk pygm- COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES PAUL SORENSON DEBORAH STARNS CAROLE SPAINHOWER JOHN STEBBINS Lay , 'Bl nfviix' 'Noi 'TLS' 1?"1'5 . -fy E-J no "" Xl' fi 'iv '-'19 fx JOHN SILVER PENNIE SMITH -A - .1 ' , gs-ff? GARY SKEE ROD SMITH JUNE 14, 1960 JAMES SPEARMAN FRANK STEWART I ,, 3 V - . I MARY ELLEN SPENCER BRAD STOCKING 'TT gf.. x -Q 'Ag' of ff? vol f"? CP ELIZABETH VENTER JOAN VERNON TOMMY VICENCIO EVELYN WARES DIANE WELDEN EARLINE WATKINS GREG WELLINGTON Hold fha? line! Roger Holman 'f"N '23 foe fT"7 NANCY WALL BEVERLY WATSON DANNY WATT KENNETH WELLS MIKE WELLS .2 1. 115 IU- sf' Q--9 4"w, '-J fq,-17 1, f 01 Vi 9111 BILLIE JO WALTHALL JO ANN WALLIN BONNIE WEEKS SUE WEST ful 'J in Q 'T v Q S.: I' A . if -Q , s PT Q49 .- I 4+ I U34 . Qi, . 1 If-J , T? A 3.55 P I , .I wr' ' diff? XS-I JAMES WHITE MIKE wI-IITESIDE GRACE WILLIAMS EDDIE WOJINSKI GAIL YOSHINO KENNETH YOUNKEN SUSAN YOUNG STEVE ZLILAICA SENIOR ALL NIGHT PARTY - JUNE 14, 1960 DORENE ALLEGRI VIRGIL CLIFTON in-9 ?""? u 'WZ l"'Dg CAROL BETTEGE NICK BOLLA JILL CUSHMAN DIANE DAVENPORT IL. Q, - ' fr W- , 13? I ......-f 1 I frii - I :aff 'I ,-' 7 kQ5f'f"1f'ff..7f.V 'ff"9!ff. I " if .:.'If'S-142 ul.--I I ' - ,xggix-7-Azf,--.QI , - 1-A .4 if J CF' CRAIG BOSTARD DAVE DeMONTE Yi -A3 f"'I'.P CAROL YARN ELL RONALD BROWN JACOUE DIXON QQ 5 'Q 3 ' a 'CS NJ QQ41 DAVE GUIDICI JOAN KENNERLY DEANA MARNOFSKY CAROLYN MORREY x'5.A 045 f fS IU! Q-Q' C' 1--yr Sf' SANDY HAYWORTH ALAN KOENIG JACOUE MAYER BOB NEILSON 1-5 If 'fx' Ji suv r"'?b If AD JUDY HEDBERG NANCY LIMBAUGH BARBARA MAYNARD JESS! E OCHOA 4'?"2 BILL HUSA JUDY MAIER MARGARET McCLURE - GEORGE PARKER Cf, S-..-nr as 415 DON JAGEMAN BARBARA MANN ANN McMILLAN JAMES PARSONS ZS f-9 'ol '77 -- " -A15 'fl A meehng of fhe mlnds .-Jil Hey beauhful Jenny Parrns 'L ala i' X fx 8? as. ua- an 1 .-,lt The Vlgnlanie sfrnlces age: if Two headed Janus The Sensor Class nfs lasl assembly Aren 1' you glad fha? you use Dual' Lale lo Class 595m JW-l'e7 CAM BRINGS YOU Y"'f SENIOR SNAPS mf VZ 'Q Now where s fhe spaghe'fh7 X Ffbllf Row: Margaref Marfin, Sue Wesi, Margare? McClure, Judy Wallcins, Shirley Bryan, Jeannine Fuller. lack Row: Sieve Lawfon, John Kacsmaryk, Ron Brown, Carol Macpherson. BANK 0F AMERICA AWARDS Sue Wesi, Liberal Aris Margarei' McClure, Vocaiional Ar+s l 2 1 Jeannine Fuller, Fine Arfs Margarel Marlin, Mafh and Science Banlr of America candidafes are originally recommended by EI Cerrifo's +en subieci' deparfmenfs. These siudenfs, represenfing fields which range 'From mafhemafics fo music, are inferviewed and in+er- roga+ed on 'lheir subiecfs. Four are selecfed +o represenl +he fine ar+s, liberal ar+s, vocafional ar+s, and mafh and science 'Fields in zone compefifion. If successful ihey receive SIOO plus fhe opporluniry 'lo compefe as Bank of America finalis+s. This year I had lhe wonderful opporfunify of spending fwo semesfers sfudying American cusfoms and learning English wifh my hosf family, fhe Morreys, and af school. The beginning of my American life wasn'f exacfly glorious. We arrived af San Francisco airporf al' 3:30 A.M., cold and sleepy. During fhe following weeks I fried fo gef used 'lo fhe faci fhaf everyone spoke English and fhai I needed a larger vocabulary lhan "Sorry" and "Thank you." School sfarled. If was a Iiffle shocking for me fo go fo El Cerrifo, because my school af home had only 450 sfudenfs-all girls. If was a wonderful feeling fo sif in Iegislafure -we have no sfudenl' governmenl in Finland. ' When I refurn home I'Il be glad fo see my family again, buf I'II be sorry fo leave my American family and all my friends here af EI Cerrifo. Coming all lhe way from New Zealand fo ihe Unifed Sfafes does nof consfilufe as big a iump as one mighl fhink. Admifledly, fhere are many fhousands of miles befween lhe 'Iwo counfries and a greaf difference in populafion, buf fhe Bay Area is much like my home cify of Auckland. If would be ridiculous fo compare populafions, of course. Auck- land has abouf 400,000 people: fhe Bay Area has more people fhan fhe whole of New Zealand: however, bofh are sfrikingly similar. ln spife of fhe facf fhar our seasons are reversed, femperafures are abouf fhe same. Back home if rains a liffle more 'lhan here. In New Zealand, I wenf fo a co-ed public school wifh a sfudenf body of abouf eleven hundred, run on much 'lhe same lines as EI Cerrifo. There were fwo imporfanf differences, however. The firsf was fhal all of us, both boys and girls, had io wear uniforms, and fhis is in force all over New Zealand, even in privafe schools. Secondly, we have no form of esfablished sfudenf governmenf as you know il. lnsfead, 'lhe faculfy and adminisfralion handle mosf maffers concerning fha sfudenfs. During fhe lasf year, I have been very happy here in fha U.S. I am ' grafeful, bofh fo fhe sfudenls of El Cerrifo and 'lo fhe Baker family for fheir generosify and fo fhe American Field Service for making V fhis all possible. ll' has been an experience I shall never forgef. Inkeri Siirila EXCHANGE STUDENTS I represenfed EI Cerrifo as an exchange sfudenf fo Finland on fhe summer program. I spenf fhe summer af fhe counlry home of Professor Niilo Hallman, his wife, and five children. The children were Anna-Krisfiina, lb, fhree boys, I5, I4, and 8, and a liffle girl, 2. We all led a very acfive life, swim- ming, hiking, wafer-skiing, playing badminfon, bicycling Il2 V1 miles one dayll, working in 'lhe garden, raking leaves, and faking fhe Finnish sfeam bafh, 'lhe sauna. Many of fhe mem- 4 bers spoke good English, and as I learned some Finnish, we ' all could undersfand each ofher quife well. I learned a greal deal abouf fhe cusfoms and way of life of fhe Finnish people, which I am now able fo pass on fo ofhers, and made many I z lifelong friends. ii I Ken Freedman Barbara Maynard Twanfy-fwo exchange sfudenfs, including myself, arrived in Oslo, Norway, on fha 3Isf of July. During fhe ensuing week, we were isolafed and insfrucfed in Norwegian cusfoms, man- ners, hislory, and folk dancing. We were fhen ready fo meal our new families. Immediafely, I noficed fha nafive polifeness of fha Norwegian people: fhey were confin- ully saying "fhank you" and shaking hands. My Norwegian school was co-ad, wifh abou? nine hundred fiffy in affendance. Mos? of fha girls and boys were slacks fo school, buf some boys wore ieans or sporf coafs. In fhe affernoons and on Sundays, Norwegian families usually fake shorf sfrolls. We were no exceplion. These sfrolls ofien amounfed fo fan-mile hikes, marked by enioyable feasing and games. The American Field Service made all fhis possible for me. Wifhouf fheir scholarship I would nof have had fhe pleasure of fhaf wonderful experience in Norway, fha counfry I am sure I will never forgef. 5 .S Eu Q fm ITT Q XXX X3 Qlyb -I 1-n R55 M' A , , STUDENT ASSOCIATION SECTION Sandy Williams Rosie Ellis Carol Armshonq Mike Osfrov 9 1 if ,, T F , 'f- u s ' 1, is Brook Derr Sfudenf Body Prosidonf Sfop chaffering and pay aifenfion, girls. 48 Room II4 wanls beHer Cam piciures. FAll SEMESTER STUDENT BODY OFFICERS The fall semesler of I959 was one flwaf will be long remembered. Nigl1+ foofball re+urned +o El Cerrilo. The annual Slave Day esiablisbed a record breaking amoun+ of SI.I36. The old and meaningful 1'radi+ion of repre- senling school clubs and classes on +l1e walls of flie Siu- den+ Union was broughl back +o life. ln addifion, fhe Hall of Fame finally began +o funcfion. Many precedenls were eslablislwed and many records se'l'. Leona Musgrave Rosie Ellis Commissioner of Finance Secrefary "1 a5 Up againsf fha wall again, Bill? YELL LEADERS Rod Harms Camulle Green Carol BeHega Marneffa Ruscufh Jana Slezun Carol Curcno ,ww ,M How sfudlous you look Leona .4 Luz Vonier Bob Lunghl COMMISSION' of PUbl'C'fY Commnssuoner of Afhlehcs Bob Nenlson Commussaoner of Enferfalnmenf ,.,,,,.--"""""""'i.' GW Jvasiilv A Bull Hamberlm Vice Presudenf 49 . ' 2 .1 V 1 U. w a. T ' 3" I U' . s' t 5 r Y 5 L.n,V, , f, M f 45 . rw " fi, E f f wg .4 by fgiq ',"" . V 1 ! . , Y I f , ' 'Q 3. - L f A ' I fifx f fn 3 - - pf W -Y ' ' Bill Hamberlin, Sludenf Body Presidenl SPRIII6 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS The spring semesler began wifh an assembly fealuring 'lhe Treasure Island Navy Band. This was followed by Iwo exchange assemblies wilh San Leandro and Albany. A Cappella presenled an opere+'l'a, "The Lowland Sea." The highlighls of fhe semesler were Sludenl Teacher Day, held March 9lh, and lhe El Cerrilo Relays in April. f --l Tl -Q54 Why so surprised Carol? Alan Koenng Commuss oner of Publuclly Dean Barnelf Commnssnoner of Enferlaunmenl Carol Macpherson Commnss oner of Fnnance ..f"" I f: 2 1 I S f - . 4 .1 lr X 4 . I . I . . A M V . E . l I . l N ,ixrwna X l .f , 'X ,' I . Ltgwi Tha+'s+l1e spiri+, Yell Leaders. John Neclaolls Commussnoner of A+l'1lEl'ICS i Brooke Derr Vnce Presedenl My' lsn 1 leguslaiure excnhng Darlene Aso Secrefary I i . . I , . ' k if , , , ? 1, l l Y l I Ka. . ffl' FALL LEGISLATURE COMMITTEE HEADS The phrase This wnll be looked Info was lushhed by fhe busy fall commuffees Much of +he credlf for The work done be longs fo +he Bunldlngs and Grounds Com mlH'ee However fhe ofher comml'Hees deserve much credu+ Whnle Correspond ence Commu++ee was workmg on fhe school scrapbook Safely Commnffee was busy wafchlng for hazards around 'rhe school grounds Rules Comml'Hee s respon snbulufy lay nn recons+ruc+mg bulls We sa lufe fhe I959 fall legnsIa'I'ure for nfs fine o DF"""L RALLY OFFICERS .,,.y.,- .. V Eugene Maheuccn Laura Oversfreef Bunldung and Grounds Cafe RALLY Rally CommlHee ns fhe law enforcemenf orgamzahon of EI Cer rl+o Hugh School The new sponsor Mr Rnchard Grimm has es +abIcshed a rank sys+em sumular 'Io 'I'ha+ of fhe U S Navy Cap+aln CharloHe Green Furs? Lleu+enan+ Dean Barneff and Sergean+s af Arms Helen Vnscarra and Charles Cox form +he execuhve com mn++ee Rally Commn'Hee and Bar Assoclahon work hand ln hand when dealing wrlh s+udenf offenders 'Pa' HIT' " 'IW few, .M was 5 A P 'W' mf? Charlofle Green Presndenf Dean Barneff L r A 25 I5 Vnce Presndenl Helen Vscarra 2nd Ser geanf af Arms Charles Cox Isf Sergeani' a+ Arms Camulle Green Secrefary .QQ Third Row Mr Grnmm Sponsor N Bolla Dnckenson L Dones P Eubanks R Harrls D Ba rneff Cox T McGill Adams Baddne Oakley Second Row S Young D Huneke S Roach Wllnams M ams C Jones J Fai rson v Wafknns C Green Flrsf Row H Vnscarra S Van an D bellml Green Moore. Buskurk P Bry Yafes J Tam B Walhall C D. Edwards E Tum Repass Luz Venfer Jnm McCullough Safely Correspondence Rules The Bar ASSOCId+IOf'l of our schools governmenf has fhe responsebullly of 'rrynng cases hearnng ap peals m+erpre'nng laws and solvnng conhoversues The lower courf performs as a crummal courf The presldmg 'udge and four assocuafe lushces compose fhe body whuch frles cases according fo courf procedures The Supreme Cour+ us composed of Mr Samples +hree s+uden+ Iushces and a member of ihe faculfy Theur 'ob ns +o ln+erpre+ fhe Conshluhon and fhe Juduclal Code fo solve confro versles +0 gran+ lnlunchons and fo +ry cases of +reason In confrasl fo nfs weakness one year ago Bar Assocuahon as now exfremely achve nn our school s governmenf N? Sfdlldlng Roger Howe Alan Koenug Carolyn Morrey Earlnne Wai kms Duane Weldon Neal Frnedman Mark Whde slfflllg Crang Swan Ron Brown Dean Barnerf Rod Harrus Sndney Smllh Jem Craug CAFE BOYS Joe Nouolullo John Sllver Terry Gramm Jerry Flemung Clay Pamphlon Judy Boofh Marian Baddue Held: Haymond Karen Hawkins Head POM P08 GIRLS KICK UP A STORM Judy Waflxins Barbara Dubravac Leona Dones Karen Fraga Bev Waison SPRING LEGISLATURE ORGANIZES Q- U' Ji Tum Repass Safely John Lundgren Rules K l 4 rf , X nuff' ,,,......-4-v Brooke and Akiko, bolh serving +he sludenl body well. s.., all John Sllver Building and Grounds Sprung Legnslalure Commrlfee Heads Keep El Cerrnfo nn Top Shape Leona Musgrave Cafe Renee Condon Leguslalure Clerk Shirley Bryan Legnslafure Clerlc GUM 91 M SLAVERY HITS El CERRITO ' W age Hifi' E 1'A 'N 'I I Q' , . , ,A f-bi: ' Q 'XJ' THE LINE-UP - lBaClU - Jana Slezin, Bill Hamberlin, Bob Neilson, Broolre Derr, Bob Lunghi, Rod Harris, Jim Craig, and Camille Green. lFY0llf, - Marieffa Ruscilfi, Carole Beffega, Leona Musgrave, Liz Venfer, lnlceri Siirila, Carole Curcio, ancl Rosie Ellis. ' The excifemenf of ip Jim needs dancing lessons. X..- X - Slave Day. Y' 1 M l M: Xl'9M,.4? Ci Our Vice Principal? 9.4 1 I Hara hare! 1 -lv Q ....,- gif, LJ... Come on Jana lels sung CarnPa'qmnq a 4-1. 'Q esn b 1 RQ ll Qs A No fanr pushnng, Mnlxe' p-J' There s only one of fhese' Slavery7 A+ leas+ for one day al' El Cerru+o Hugh School S+uden'r Body officers exchange s+uden+s and +wo surprnse packages were auchoned +o 'l'he various clubs and classes The purpose was 'lo rause money +0 help Hnance nex'I' years exchange sfudenls Even our auchoneer Mr Love++e was sold whuch helped lo make a record brealung Slave Day ralsung Sl I36 78 You won'f be smnlmg for long, Bob L--.. -1 'fgf Q ., , M I fl 1 ' , 'I Y. lf ' '4"1', l --'A -' W A A Q T l i g K, we-51 ,s 5 , A . M..-TZ . ' 1 ' 1 f if W- lx W., I , . ,- t ' A an p." ,K K is f . 3. .- 4. f ' sy ' "' l Q3 N ' H , YP. . l 4 , Q . . D ' 1, l 'PJ - ll do 'R Ri g'xrlS7 . - p YS 0 ' '-as . 73 Q 1, uf. - ' 1 r r Q: -o E V X A' ' gi. ' ' X . wb I . , Y l ' - 9 lx X , - - - , - X ' my U l Q I I lx , My 1 H I lx Af A H Y' " 1 1 ' 1: 'ef , U' A 14: l ' sk VY 's .0 V , - so t 1 g K l :X X y Q , V A V5 - Thus IS a dance noi' a dmner La Playa Formal Thaf's H, smile for ihe camera. :U N, Hey' No chanrs? Jusi a good ol counfry gal Nune nervous funalusfs Thus year over one hundred gurls aspured +o fhe posuhon of El Cerrufo Relay Queen Nune semu funalusfs were chos en by local prep wrufers On fhe nughl' of fhe funals fhese gurls were 'laluen fo dunner un order 'ro meer fhe new judges. Afrer dunner nune nervous girls refurned 'lo 'I'he gym where fhey modeled in fronl' of fhe audience. The judges chose fhe queen and 'lhree a'Hendan+s +o preside over rhe Relays. Queen Donna receiving her crown. RELAY QUEEN PRDGRAM Anne seems fo spof a friend. ueen Donna and her rhree beaming affendanis Carol is really concen+ra+ing. ELECTIONS JANUARY 1960 Leona Musgrave 1 Bob Nellson Hall John Nicholls gnvmg has accep+ance speech Dave Guudlcl Carol Macpherson Jim McCullough , ffl '-Y Wm.. Dum Davenpor? Alan Koenig Carole Beilega Sfudenls vohng for new o flcers an ihe gyrnnasnum CAROL W ' .zkgno During elechon week E C H S halls sproul unusual wall paper posfers cleclarnng allegnance fo a candndafe s program prom :sung 'lo snshgaie fl'1e +wo parly sysfem lone Friday and one Saiurday mghfl or callnng upon flue democrahc splruf of our sfudeni body ln spufe of shlf compehhon anolher elec hon fnrs? was sef our oulgoung presndenl and vnce presudenf exchanged offices and remamed an our servuce anofher semesfer Elechons over lhe wnnners losers and vo? ers refurned lo fha busnness of school oncs agann BIN Rosemary Ellns handung her offuce over fo Darlene Aso Chnef Jushce McCullough gnvmg fhe oafh of offuce fo fhe newly eleded offlcers -5 . ti: ' " lm a 'T A - A I 4' -4 " .V . t . f. . . I . . B I Y Pl B ' ' l r " Q l ,t,'. 1 ' v , ?I.50eV I ' ' . . l ' . ' ' .... 1 1, ' 5 . ,xy , 5 .y , A r .. . ., , ., ,f . . - .e ' -Q , Q me -' 'M The forfunafe Nob Hill Trio had lwo of our besl musicians helping +hem - Leilani and Erlaine. - x' 1 4 3 -5,1 " -xy, PROGRAMS One usually finds a serene a+mosphere during our many programs. The excellenl' enierfain- mem' capfivales +he audience. Highlighfing our programs fhis year were fhe Nob Hill Trio and Earl "Fa+ha" Hines. We also heard fhe Navy Band, had an exchange assembly, and enioyed a s+uden1' assembly. T 1 The fremandous spirii of El Cerrilo High . 4 .my X are aku aqa QW' 5 m'9on 6 EW, 90 MO' -4. 'I ,J i .FA ' ' f K The annual lug- .Z . of-war belween La Playa and La " Y' Q Dorada shows La - Dorada sfrug- gling lo win. qv' .an li's noi as bad AND RALLIES Yelling, screaming, whis+ling, and noise mak- ing resound +hroughou+ fhe gym a+ our rallies as confrasfed wifh our behavior a+ programs. The pom-pon girls are beHer fhan ever wiih +heir lively roufines. The yell leaders arouse an unbelievable amounf of spirii' when ihey s+ep in froni of fhe sfudenf body. The viva- cious music of fhe pep band pufs fhe final 'touches on our rallies. Can EI Cerri+o help bu+ have such fine spiri+7 we ev-"' .-if School siudenfs can easily be seen here. The pep band, a volunfary group, is always ready, willing, and able . fo help us cheer ' our ieams io vic- fory. Q. as all thai, Joe. f-- G lidqla y SP! 9 v 4-bf' rl "Fa+ha" Hines is puHing his whole hearl in+o our program. 'N ,. O x N- 'Sf A Q 4 . ,,-nf ' 1 f lf '-QQ' ,fs sr fr If ,ar 3 1 Jim Craig Infernafional Problems nmhm, STUDENT Physics X 5 , 1555 ,ww TEACHER DAY A feacher's job is more complicafed 'l'han il' seems, as many sfudenls learned during El Cerri+o's annual S+uden+ Teacher Day. On 'ihis day, Sfuden+ Associafion officers fill ihe school adminisfrafive posifions, and qualified s+uden'fs become subiecf feachers for one period. They are responsible for presen+ing a lesson and wearing appropriafe dress. Affer experiencing +he responsibili'I'ies of feaching, s+uden+s are generally willing fo re+urn 'I'o fhe job of being s+uden+s. 'Tauri ell sin X ...-... Q3-1 :' um dvn-O f John Nicholls - P.E. Glen Gabel - English 3 7 gps, ffg LW" ,,,,.61 W? al" rr, K ' g ,M ' , W fb' -wx N 'X:?.mi'Rqix:1:f s sw, W s, X X'Q+1'335:k. ,-ang., .3 - A if f ' K we . ' 5 'K . .f,tsw,iQ:?s Ky . 4 E . 5 I i s 1 -1 -4 K . . I 5 V115 .- - L, Q ,,y3,.: . iw. - , f - W I 25, K A ' V ,4 3, 52 ' Y! ' I NDERCUISS EN ...., CLASS OF 1961 if y -an Ron Nicoli Vice Presldenf 3' S+eve Schaffran Presudenf Leslae Cooper Secrelary Jumor Cen'fral worlung hard? CENTRAL COMMITTEE Front Row Sue Przce Karen Cheney Judy Booflw Kaflny Grnffdhs D arcy Allacl-ner Barbara Marhnu cc: Duane Eruckson Second Row Lmda Perry Bea Courfwnghf Leslre Cooper Karen Gaunce Pam Sendenspnnner Carolyn 68 Cooper Lmda Miller lock Row Bob Bradley Sfeve Schaffran Mnlre Osfrov Dean Barneif Ron Nncolu Floyd Smlfh John Lowe . l i s, . , 1 u. L? 2 'H .' ' z 1 ln' I .i , 4 fi X 2 . A'4f , V 'lf ff, . ' , , , Y . . . . . " 5 - . . . . ' .I . . I : . I . I . ' I . . I . . : . . . ' . . . - Room 64 CBI Chai Mrs Upshaw 54. Room bb KA Bnl Mrs Jonsson Room SOI KChe Dual Mr Rus? Room A S lLeo McKJ Mr Sheldon Room 4l I IK-Len? Mr. Dodds 'of' J Room 4I4 CMCL Par? Mr Megaman Room 204 CPas-Ro+J Mrs Dinneen R om IIB fsfe Val Mr Hallngan Room 3l5 lRow Sfal Mrs Ruce R, Sy' 11" iii Room bl I lVo-Zi Miss Flinn 'I Hui em agann hlfem agaun harder harder' 1 f i Jumor Cenfrai plans ihe Jr Varuehes wdh Mr Elkund 4 I Jumors Homecomunq Floaf Decorahng for Lupercalna A Roman Holiday CLASS OF 1962 f '49, l "' as 's-n Jeff Weinerman Vice Presidenf Kirlr Weaver Presidenr We'll now hear from +he pen- M-ifilYf1 Flm' cil sharpening commillee. SecrefarY ' ,vi-Q---bk ' CENTRAL COMMITTEE - Fronf Row: Don Johns, Bill Shear, Kirlc Weaver, Jim Marsh, Diclc Cunningham, Jeff Weinerman. Second Row: John Rossi, Lynn Chapman, Ann Polkinghorn, June Fleming, Jan McLaughlin, Barbara Valenfino, Linda Boofh, Marilyn Finn. Back Row: Judy McBride, Berry Dubravac, Virginia Muzinich, Mary-Ka+e Higgins, Judy Bally, Sue Pemperfon, Barbara Clark, Jeanne Blonslri. SS'Rl?it3:f't3et::. Room 3 I 8 B Cal Mrs Waknda Room 509 IA Be? Mr Tlefgen 44" Room 3I7 iCal Cos? Mnss Ferrando VIC' 'L Mn K, E 7 M QKIDQEQQQB lijiigi Q ku: x ,Q 'ew X 'K V64 K bfuxv 4' Room M S fLan Magi Mr Grumm Room 2I7 fPas Pri Mrs Bryan Room 604 KPW RJ Mr Reavns Room 316 CSa-Sm! Miss Hiramofo 'pq-upng11 -fx CQ Room 2I5 KT: Wa? Mr Wilde Room 63 lSn Thi Mr Beck Room 504 fDr Fol Mass Mnkesell Room 208 lWe Z7 Mrs Brezee The undefea+ed Bee feam Sue and Bob presenf flue Sophomore floaf '1 v,, um mfr CUSS 0F 1963 9 Jan Hollingslwead Secreiary Larry Owens Presidenl Pam Auch Vice Presidenf Freshmen al' work on fheir homecoming floaf. ...QL-N-r---v " FRESHMAN CENTRAL - Frollf Row: Larry Owens, Fred Enos. Second ROW: Pam Auclw, Gayle Elvin, Jan Hollingslsead, Penny Sirong, Nancy Polkinghorn, Noreen Comoflo, Jan Pezzaglia, Chico Nehira, Karen Chrisiian, Jan Cushman, Melanie Swansfrom. 'x ,, t ' tw V A W f X5 J - T3 , .Q x 3 1 QX L J J K1 x J 0- AJS x . W fi? . .4 E x .K . 4 N 'M W xx X. 1 , f ix ' ws ' -. J - X5 X nf 4 f 6' J K. Q, 4 if K' 3 A 'Q ,, W A M is S, L45 D 5 Xu ,X .J N If 5 4.27 .fav W3 jx XJ N I 5 u ,gil 1 f' i..-N: x If J K X, , X in X 'S 'W K Caihy Vailine VK b Diana Lee , j 'f 3 fi.. 7 x if , ,Vi 3, C.- '49 4 ' ir 'R 3 Nina Eggeif Sue Wes? lf PUBl.ICATIONS RECORD . J xt' Back Row: Carol Armsfrong, Sue Wes+, Roberla Gladslone, Margarer Flaws, Claudia Wilson, Leona Musgrave, Rosie Ellis, and Jim While. Middle Row: Bob Nord, Cafhy Valline, Nina Eggeif, Diana Lee, Sleve Kislner, Sandie Williams, Mike Oslrov, John Finch, and Keifh Swindell. Front Row: Sieve Lawfon, Carol Yarnell, Boyd Polkinghorn, Janis Fiehn, Sally Coleman, Jim Gelhaus. EL CAMINO - Many feverish hours were spenf by "Cam s+aFF" members who rushed +o meer deadlines on +ime. EL CAMINO members pu+ our 'I'he yearbook. O+her jobs of "Cam s+aff" include selling ads, yearbooks, and yearboolr covers. Frequenfly screams can be heard coming from wifhin +he "Cam" room when some member finds himself siH'ing in rubber cemenl or discovers 'lhaf some of his piclures have mysferiously disappeared. This year "Cam s+aff" held a Chrislmas parly which was a huge success. Mr. McClel- land, our sponsor, laughs af our jokes, gives valuable advice, censors pages, and provides a handy wailing wall for all "Cam s+aff" members. Sieve Law+on, Edifor Carol Yarnell Mr. McClelland 84 Assisfanl Edifor Sponsor STUDENT LIFE EL CABALLERO - Sighs of pleasure or squeals of anguish can be heard every Friday from s'ruden'I's and "Cabby" members who are busily reading El Cerri+o's newspaper, EL CABALLERO. Members of "Cabby s+aff" devofe much fime +o pulling ouf a good weekly newspaper. "Cabby" repor+ers are always on +he loolcouf for a scoop which will make +he paper more in+eres'I'ing. This year +he paper has been a 'rremendous success and all will agree +ha+ spor+s fans, social bu'Her'Flies, and guys and gals wifh hear+ problems have been +horoughly covered by "Cabby" under 'lhe direciion of Mr. Woodson. .v- v'W"1,.-1 'sa V' 1. as '7 51 7,114 1v3 ' Hey Luz, you leff our a comma. Fall Page Heads - Top Row: Ken Wa++, Craig Swan, Alan Koenig. Boffom Row! Diana Healy, Barbara Mann. Q , ll Spring Page Heads - Top Row:Jim McCul- lough, Evelyn Wares, Janeife Cabby's page Pirie. Boffom five sfaff. Row: Craig Swan, Dave Balmforfh. aoosrens lf' ., e1 'V f ,.. ew f-'Mae' f' L K Y' :via-' - 1' W, 9.4-1r"fnv' 1' Booslers pulled 'I'hrough pom pons wnfh fly ang colors +hns year! They sold pom pons roo+er puns and decoraled for fhe foofball games Orgamzmg fhe card sechon and decorahng for +he baslre+ball games were some of lhelr o+her accornplushmen+s Kangaroo Courf and sluis af rallies were puf on by Booslers Their annual dance was also a huge success as was 'lhelr sem: annual house parhes Boosfers has had a brughl' year and has helped fo lceep fhe spurur hugh af El Cerrnfo Mr Schoheld fhenr sponsor has been BOOSTERS HOMECOMING FLOAT Deanna and Dave B 1 f H g lung and queen keP+ busy wdh HMS group Hpeoys zxgnlnomanees or omecomvn Tn!-f --1 FALL OFFICERS Carol Curclo Treasurer Laura Oversfreef Secrefary Fred Sleuerwald Vrce Presudenf Terry Gramm Presudenf SPRING OFFICERS Karen Fraga Secrefary Laura Overs+ree+ Pres: den+ Sandy Hayworfh Vrce Presndenf MISSIIIQ Deanna Covrngfon Treasurer ll I r ,r A -"Y L 1 J M Q, . X x l -i HEKEUE Ili ll Il i - ' , 5 T V- M H W , , 4, ff, - I, W . 7 9 5 1 ' . K , A 3 ,gg U va 6 My -,. ev -L My ' SPRING OFFIC 5U...,l f,h.url.1Jx HMI- Rurur, Shu fx Irby, Su Lumd Pvfuagmu FALL OFFICERS Bc Row I is Frxklunj Smruarv. Mdrxlrt A l-A DORADA LL FALL OFFICERS Back Row Barbara Bell Secrelary Florence Reeves Treasurer Shurley Bryan Secrelary Frcllf Row Judy alluns Husforuan hely Lacy Socua Chaurlady Sue Frecleruclrs Presuden+ -kisx K 1- ,. ,,. u-...- -1 cg . .T Q ,, 'A -- ..-' ' ' ' K - , .. -I - 4 Z . . ... -tk C ,F LQ? 'f:f'f'L. L. La Dorada gurls +ry 'fo mux socualuzung wulh servuce prolecfs Thus year La Dorada has puf on 'Phe Homecomung Dance boughf a slave on Slave Day held a slumber parfy sold calces a+ a calue sale and sold s+uden+ ielephone durec+orues Thus gurls club won a 'lug of war agauns+ La Playa gurls club The sponsor of fhus group us Mrs Rydberg SPRING OFFICERS Januce Iwauhara Husfo u n Sue Frede uc Presudenl' Nancy Bag nes Socual Chaur ady Mussung Barbara Bell Vuce Presudenf Lorefla Fuccullo Secreiary and Claudua Wulson Trees Ufef' Shurley don? sfuclc your funger un 'fhe cake fl ...Q- W1-Jxsvfd I u u u . . . . . . . . . . ,N M T3 r'a 2 r' lcs, , ' ' I . .. : . i I S ' ' ' . W ' , ' ' 1 S I , 'u ,f ' 'u ' La Dorada members seem fo be enioyirug fhemse'ves. S . i S u v ' T ,X ' ., g 1.1 K ... .lik , X1 'A nu, ' I e 4' l A CALIFORNIA SCI-IOI-ARSIIIP FEDERATION E-3 rn McC llo gh reas R n Bro n res I Missing Se Wes? Secrefary Roger G SC fhls us Io cerhfy fha? IS c member of ins iinrlalgus iiunur Samui V ce Pres den? S+uden+s wn+h a balance of As are ehguble for membershlp an Calnforma Scholarship Federahon EI Cern+o s honor socuefy Thus honor soc4e'ry as a branch of +he nahonal orgamzahon CSF members duscuss scholarships and have guesf lec+urers Mrs Weafherhead devo+es much of her spare fame +o fhls club Members of CSF ara pay ng close :Noni on Io fha g es! speaker Jeann no I si made a baske? JUNIOR STATESMEN If you wanl' +o ioin a club +ha+ has a serious goal bul' I'ha'I' slill manages +o have a lo+ of fun, Junior Sfafesmen is 'rhe club for you. This year EI Cerri+o's chapfer of +he nafional Junior S+aI'es- men organizalion held a regional conveniion a+ El Cerrilo. Junior Slalesmen also had a shanghai brealrfasl, a progressive dinner, a liclr Richmond suclcer sale, and regular Monday nigh+ meelings. The goal of lhis group, "Making Democracy Work," is cer'I'ainly worlhy of a++en'lion. You can see ihal' Ihis is a club wi+h a purpose worlh remembering. Mr. Trason and Mr. Burris have clevofed much lime fo making fhis club lhe success il is. :pg SPRING OFFICERS - Back Row: Ron Fenolio, Sergeanl a+ Arms: Sfeve Schaffran, Presidenlg Craig Swan, Vice Presidenf. Fronf Row: Margie Bewley, Hisforiang Josh Diamond, Parliamen- Iariang Caroline Tyndall, Secrelary. V -xc P I il 7 FALL OFFICERS - Back Row: Sieve Schaffran, if Whaf was Ihaf bill again? Parliamenfariang Glen Gable, Hisloriang' Craig Swan, Vice Presidenf. Frou? Row: Josh Diamond, Treasurerg Barbara Mann, Presidenl. I ml 7 RAIN DANCE - Junior Sfalesmen became concerned when rain failed fo fall in California for several weeks. Conse- quenfly, Ihey ioined a group sfarled by Bill Logan. This group pu+ on a rain dance and because of Ihis dance fhey received coverage in local newspapers and on felevision. i " Caroline cafches a flea. FALL OFFICERS: Janice lwaihara, His- foriani Karen Forsyihe, Presidenii Gloria Young, Secrerary. Missing: Heidi Hay- mond, Vice President Jackie Mayer, Treasurer. SPRING OFFICERS: Audrey Pearson, Sergeani-af-Arms: Harrief Pryde Treasurer' Janei Friesendorf Secrefar ' IA MEDICINA S'ruden+s planning 'fo go info +he field of medicine sfaried 'lhis club. Many La Medicina members plan fo become nurses. For ihis reason many of fhe members of +his club can be found in local hospi+als working as nurses' aids. This club is no+ limifed fo girls inferesfed only in nursing, buf il' is also open +o girls who plan +o become den+is+s or den+al assis1an+s. Many gues+ speakers come +o speak on +he various professions menrioned above. Miss Crank, fhe sponsor of fhis club, musi be ready for any+hing from pracficing bandaging broken arms +o looking a+ a se+ of bicuspids. i i . Yi Janice lwaihara, Vice Presidenfg Karen Forsyfhe, Presi- denf. . a s Y -. . rv , FUTURE TEACHERS s " ff a . 4, " N., f ri. 3251 1-.,, , Eg, - . N. Q7 . . .. ' " w V J. Fu+ure Teachers lake many 'irips and plan numerous achvrhes. 'M . Win' - -4, , ... wg, Some of fhe proiec+s of +his club were fo have guesl' speakers, sb- . W N . visi+ an elemen+ary school for a day, work as feacher aids, and re plan exchange programs wirh ofher schools. All of fhe members are in+eres+ed in enrering +he field of educa+ion. Mrs. Sobey sponsors ihis group. FALL OFFICERS: Anifa March, Sec- refaryg Nina EggeH, Treasurer. Frolll' Row: Judy Knowles, Vice Presidenlg Carol Sergek, President 4 r, , K SPRING OFFICERS: Dorofhy AI- brech+, Secre+aryg Diane Sharp, President Carol Johnson, Treasurer. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Z SPRING OFFICERS: Ann McMillan, Secrelaryg Joan Lunderville, Treasurer: Eda Borgfeldl, His+orian. Missing: John Lundgren, President Diane Welden, Vice Presidenf. I 23 SPRING OFFICERS Back Row: Sieve Lawfon, Sergeanl ai Arms Neal Friedman, Secrefary-Treasurer Front Row: A new club was sfarI'- ed a+ EI Cerri+o 'Ihis year. The name of if is Modern Music Masfers, and if is par+ of a nafional honor socie+y for school musicians. The require- men+s for admiH'ance are "preHy s'riH," as appli- canls mus+ have 'Ihree se- mes+er grades of A in a FALL OFFICERS - Back Row: Eda Borgfeldf, Hisioriang John Lundgren, Vice Presidenl. Fronf Row! Jeannine Fuller, Secrefaryi Barbara Maynard, President music course, pass a wriHen +es+, and perform a solo in fronl of +he old members of 'rhe club. The sponsors of fhis Ialenfed group are Mr. Overholfzer and Mr. Headley. LOS SABIOS Scienrisfs and ma'I'hemaIicians, Los Sabios is calling you! Los Sabios has had acfivifies which have included guesf lecfures, movies and general discussions. "The Par+icle" is a ma+h-science magazine 'ro which +he members of 'rhe Science club subscribe. Mr. Beck, 'lhe sponsor, musf be lcepf preHy busy wifh fhis eager group. FALL OFFICERS Back Row: Margaref Marlin, Secrefary Ron Brown, Presiden+ Front Row: Neal Friedman, Vice Presidenf Margare+ Marfin, Presidenl Ron Brown, Vice Presidenl A J" X W MAINTENANCE MIKE CREW PROJECTIDNISTS Have you ever wondered who sef up fhe scenery for assemblnes and plays7 Have you ever won derecl who ran fhe prolec+ors and who lcepf Them worlung7 Have you ever wondered who saw fo nl lhaf dnfferenl lnghhng e'Ffec+s were pro duced IH plays and assemblue-57 Have you ever wondered who se+ up +he mncrophones7 The answer fo fhese queshons ns very simple Mnlce Maunfenance Prolechoms+s and S+agecraf+ workers do ihese 'obs The members of ihese groups can always be coun+ed on fo come fhrough In a punch Thankyou for a lob well done' STAGECRAFT T s rN4E, LOS CGSMOPOLITANOS I . s I FALL OFFICERS: Marilyn Willey, Secre- laryg Rulh Taylor, co-program chairman: Grace Williams, Presidenlg Jeannine Fuller, Treasurer. Missing: Glen Gable. lv c g xg A l , W., fem. 4 The purpose of lhis club is lo sfudy fhe languages and culfures of olher counlries. This club has carried oul Hs purpose lhrough lhe aclivi- lies il held during lhe pasl year. A+ Chrislmas lime lhis group wenl caroling and sang carols in French, Spanish and German. This group has also seen foreign movies. Before one of lhese movies lhey wenl fo lhe LiHle lndia Resfauranl' in San Francisco. Los Cosmopolilanos is having lnlci as a guesl spealrer and she will fell 'them aboul Finland and leach fhem a few Finnish words. Mrs. Jonsson, lhe sponsor of lhis group, is also a language leacher, and for fhis reason she is able lo help a greal deal with lhe weekly meefings. SPRING OFFICERS 4 Bacli Row: Rulh Taylor, assgsmnf pwgram chairman: Glen Gable' Members of "Los Cos" are allempling lo pronounce Presidenl, Marilyn Willey, Secrelary. FYOIIY some Very 'nferesilng Spamsh words' Row: Jaclc Jobe, Treasurer, Roberla Glad- slone, Vice Presidenlg Gloria Lum, Program Chairman, CAMERA CLUB This highly seleclive group llhree membersl emphasizes qualify ralher lhan quanlily. The members of lhis club have lalren many line piclures of fheir classmales. Noi only do lhe lhree members of lhis club lalre piclures, bul fhey develop lhem. This club deserves high praise for worlx above and beyond lhe call of duly, Sieve Lawlon, Presiclenl: Bob Lalhe, Vice Presidenl. ' Missing: Sieve Johnson, Secrelary-Treasurer. I Tl-IPPA KEY SPRING OFFICERS: Dave Guidici, Presldenl Israel Lawrence, Vice Presidenlg Les Brock Sergeanl al Arms. A j ,W 5 5 K6JVX is fhe call number of I Tappa Key's amaleur radio sfa+ion. N - r This club views picfures on elecfronics, and lhis year fhey donaled an I Q is amafeur radio +ransmi++er and receiver lo a blind boy who was infer- - eslecl in radios. Members of fhis club look a field Irip +o IBM where gy' , fhey saw compulers being made. Mr. Thomas, an elecfronics Ieacher, if A -m I sponsors Ihis group. I? r L I I ni I I FALL OFFICERS: Bill Fosfer Sergeanl af Arms: Dave Guidici Presidenf wwf-- if qs, " 0 C If you are in fhe lop len percenl of fhe French enrollmen+, Ihe chances are Ihaf you are a member of La Sociefe Honoraire De Francaise. Members of Ihis club are inleresfed in conlinuing fheir sfudy of French and fheir sponsor, Miss Bruniclc, helps fhem Iremendously. This year French Honor Sociely saw Maurice Chevalier and fhey sold coffee and cake af "Back Io School Night" SPRING OFFICERS: Margarel Marlin, Treasurer, Vice Presidenlg Ann McMillan, Presidenl. FALL OFFICER pherson, Vice P Brown, Presiden+ Secre+ary. 3 5 - 4 -r WHITE C im!!! 5. ill Ili 5 WHITE C SENl-CSRS Don l gel exciled Gordon s boys and shl more boys can be found al' Whale C meellngs While C is fhe largesl' club a+ EI Cerrilo l+s mem bers are leHer winners in swimming 'fraclx foolball baslcelball, b seball, cross counlry. Aclivilies +I-iis year have included sales, dances, and weelcly meelings. Coach Collins sponsors lhis enormous club. R El! QP, QB' G'0"d0f1 R0lJ8I'lS E' Sleve Carpenler Vice Presudenl President Jesse Ochoa Phil Playle Treasurer Serqeanf al Arms S+r1lce lhree' FALL OFFICERS: Leona Dones, Treasurer: Ladell Barnes, Secrefary: Evelyn Johnson, Vice Presi- denfg Margaref Marlin, Hisforiang Marian Baddie, Presideni. 2 ' . 8 4 SPRING OFFICERS: Carol Yarnell, Hislorian, Janice lwaihara, Secrelaryp Ladell Barnes, Presi- denfg Marian Baddie, Vice President Leona Dones, Treasurer. BLOCK 'C' ,"Sy Block "C" is G.A.A.'s honor sociefy and is one of EI Cer- ri+o's main service clubs. This year some of Block "C's" ac+ivi+ies have been calce sales, a +rip 'ro fhe ice rinlc, and a service project The service proiecf was a frip fo Cameron School where +he girls cul ou+ piclures and pur +hem on sandpaper baclcing. Block "C's" code is "Clean speech, clean living, and clean +hinlcing," and +hey have lived up +o +his in every way. DEL LOMA Snow frips, cake sales, slumber parlies, and car washes are some of +he ac+ivi+ies in which fhe girls in Del Loma falxe parf. Del Loma is a social service club of EI Cerrifo. The purpose of fhe club is +o serve fhe school and fo provide a weelcly gel-'logelher for infer- esled girls. Aside from fhe above acfivifies Del Loma decorafes 'lhe halls af Chris+mas. The sponsor is Mrs. Faries. FALL OFFICERS: Karen Sulsfon, Hisforianq Mary Lou Tyler, Presi- denfg Nina Eggeff, Secrefaryg Judy Lauenrofh, Vice Presidenfg Marianne MacKinnon, Treasurer. N srnme omcsns: Karen sumon, L Secrefaryg Gail Larson, Hisforiang Mary Erickson, Roll Clerk. Missing, Mary Lou Tyler, President HLSTEPPERS i a iff Bond Muioreffes: Sandy Karns, Lynn Cornish, Judi Ramey, Joane Pinarcilc. 5,5 T"'5x?'?v' FALL OFFICERS: Jerry Dreyer, President Craig Swan, Treasurer: Margare+ McClure, Secrefaryg Gloria Lum, Vice Presiden+. 'if ' SPRING OFFICERS: Gloria Lum, Secrelaryg Nadya Connelly, Vice President Margarel McClure, President -,.gF,,d"l'5". ' i LJ ,- -TIJ . Y 0 ...Z EI Cerrilo High's Maiorefles This is +wirling7 UNESCO Furfhering infernalional relalions by learning abouf o+her coun+ries helps lhe members of UNESCO become aware of world problems. During l959 UNESCO had a Chrislmas par+y and fools a 'rrip fo San Francisco in order +o familiarize our exchange s+uden+s wi'I'h fhe cify. ln I960 fhis group represenled Laos and Fin- land in fhe model U. N. held al +he Universify of California. Miss True sponsors 'rhis club and has given 'rirelessly of her lime and energy. is , Er siee VEFT. li A i vl rf" ,- Maiorefies perform af baslrefball game. School spiri+ and fhe abili+y +o worlx are +wo qualiiicafions required of Hi-S'I'eppers of EI Cerriio. These girls add color and spirif fo 'lhe games. They have had +he honor of march- ing in parades, a+ 'lhe Cal-Sfanford game, and a+ +he sfafe fair. Hi-Sieppers meef sevenfh period every day. This live- ly group is sponsored by Mr. Elkind. FALL OFFICERS: Joan Vernon, Secreiaryg Carlee Benieen, Treas- urer: Ed McCar1hy, presideni 'Hx' iflillil if im' A V f - A S , . ,cf A , u f J ' 7 may is and he i 4 :slr 5.43 vu ?., Wy , - Q SPRING OFFICERS: Sally Hamberlin, Sec- 'I 'ii , l X X f 1 Joane Pinarcik - Head Maiore+fe TIIESPIANS Thespians fake pride in iheir drama produc'I'ions and pu+ on some each year. Thespians have had many planned ac+ivi+ies. They wen+ +o see dress rehearsal of "Kiss Me Kale" and "The Poor of San Francisco." Mr. Elkind is fhe sponsor of ihis acfive group. X refaryg Berry Mann, Treasurer: Miriam Muedelcing, Vice Presi- denig Tim Rapass, Social Chairman. "1 2 "' CLASSICS CLUB Every Thursday during fhe brunch or 3A period, members of Classics Club mel in Room 5OI and were enlferfained by music provided by Mr. Rus+, 'I'he club's sponsor. Classics Club had a large lurnouf when a slring quarlel' came +o play for club members affer school. Ou+side ac+ivi+ies included concerls and lecfures. Ofien 'rhese oufside acfivifies were held af 'lhe Universify of California. As a new, added 'l'ouch, Mrs. Brezee and a Bay Area arfisl' spoke on arf. Anyone in+eres+ed in Classical music and arl' should plan fo become a member. CLASSES AND SHOPS Sprung Officers - Roberfa Gladslone, Secrefaryg Grace Williams, Presidenl: Jim McCullough, Vice President my Nu' Fall Officers - Grace Williams Secrelary: Roger Howe, Presi denl: Emmy Gill, Vice Presidenf Wha+'s wrong, Diana, don'+ you like Roger's singing? Nancy and Kafhy Griffilhs seem lo be enioying This class. silk, D The undefealed Bee leam. A fifth period French 2 class. Leona, are liclcels in your CLASSES AND SHOPS Those delicious odors which floaf along +he upper halls of 'rhe main building origina+e in +he cooking classes. There, girls experimenf wi+h boih American and 'foreign dishes. A s+eady fap-lap-'rap comes from fhe busy home economic sewing machines. These girls make parfy and school clo+hesg of+en 'rhey are called upon fo hem cur- +ains for school plays or do ofher lasf minufe rush iobs. 3 ,gr Aufo, melal, and machine shops offer +raining fo boys con- '-, sidering +hese fields as vocafions. Some boys disassemble and +hen reassemble cars, while o'rhers work wi'rh differenf fypes of machines. El Cerri+o's driver lraining and sfeno ' classes have high enrollmenfs. The following fhree pages Q' include candid sfuden'r snaps and sho+s of various EI Cer- fi - - ri'I'o classes. -A-.. Q Mike is on The warpaih. ,sx-SK A driver framing car gels ready fo blasf off. Melal Shop Mr. Bolf's general mafh class. X ffl Au+g Shop Jus? look af Mrs. Claywor+h's English 3 class +haf balance! George, please don? fhinlr of lhal. I clon'+ lcnow why I said i The Senior Class of 1960 Presents "OUR TOWN" PRINCIPAL PLAYERS - Sfcrlding: Jeff Coclrrell, Schaifran, Tim Repass, Grefchen Reinharf, Barry M Berland, Sitting: Adele Gordon, Carlee Benfeen, J Xa .2 A,PW A All ii v . , .1 F! Sue Fredriclcs, David Jageman, Nancy Bagnes, Joy Havens, Sieve ann, Tom Hunrer, Miriam Mudelcing, Bill Logan, .laclx Jobe, Merrill une Fleming. Missing: Riclr Douse. f, ll's no? lr U9. The Senior Class of l96O presenled one of fhe finesf producfions in 'l'he drama+ic hisfory of El Cerrifo High School. "OUR TOWN", under ihe direclion of Mr. Sam Ellcind, was an ar'risl'ic delighf. The play by Thornfon Wilder is ihe slory of life from The cradle lo +he grave. Tal:- ing place in Grover's Corners, New Hamp- shire, fhe play revolves around 'lhe lives and dea+hs of The fownspeople. The provocafive and moving play was performed on a bare s+age, bu+ skillful lechniques and inspired acfing crealed an V unforgeffable lhealrical experience. The warm glow of "OUR TOWN" will pervade our lives forever. Carlee Benfeen S+uden+ Direcror X X Ow loolc ere every o y Musnc came mfo f e worl glve pleasure So er' Solfer' Good by good by world good by Grovers Corners Do you oeorge falce lhrs woman muy o your we e w e o have 'The fnrsl acl shows a day IN our +own The day as May 7 I9OI The fume ns 'usl before dawn '05 l l i Q . ' ,- X 1' 4 fx I 5 1 -'N H h, ba. ' ' h dfo' ,ff. e'l,+'gel ' aaa-af,+' "Bobby Sha'f+o's gone fo sea . . ." "THE LOWLAND SEA": The com- bined +alen+s of fhe choral, orchesfral, dramalic and modern dance deparf- menis of EI Cerrilo broughl us fhe fouching opereHa, "The Lowland Sea." Thwar+ed romance, 'lhe loneli- ness of 'l'he sea, and fender songs made up ihis ar'fis+ic produc+ion. "Oh, fafher dear, wha? shall we do?" A vampire always wears a vampish gown. A hpsy dance IDIECTS a momeni of humor. The crew of fhe Searle? Sail on fhe lonely sea. FINE ARTS PRODUCTIONS "THE POT BOlLER": For +he annual P.T.A. Found- ers Day meefing, Mr. Sam Ellrind and an all-Thespian casl sfaged "The Pof Boiler," a +ypical melodrama. Miss lvory, 'I'he heroine, musf marry fhe villain, Mr. lnlrwell, or her fafher will lose his business. A Vam- pire and +he inevi+able hero add +0 'lhe general hilari'l'y. "Cu+! I los? my place!" "Boris, shew fhe guesfs few fhe cellar . JUNIOR VARIETIES Cornpone, Tennessee, complefe wifh rafflesnalre sfealrs and rusfy rifle, descends upon fhe EI Cerrifo gym during fhe Junior Variefies. An awkward sifuafion is creafed when a mounfain family visifs relafives in San Francisco, especially when fhe relafives fhemselves are only pseudo- arisfocraficg however, fhe accompanying folk music and variefy acfs lend a cohesive, colorful afmosphere fo fhe evening's enferfainmenf. "Oh, if's hard, ain'f if hard . . ." Modern dancers Rod and Nancy inferpref fhe "Wesf Side Sfory , . 35 . 1 .f L :riff 1 f el 1 ' H , HL , W if ff ? :K , , 3 The "Frisco Fiasco's" finale. K. 4 ., "I enioy being a girl!" "l'm in love wifh Herbie." A Cappella songs Sllenf Nughf CHRISTMAS PAGEANT The Angels Heard on Hngh The narralors Davud Jageman and Joan Vernon The Chrns+mas Pageanl was beauhfully done and a delngh+ +o 'lhe emohons One could feel all 'rhe warmlh of fhe fTrs+ Chrlsfmas when fhe na+uvu+y scene was re crea+ed by 'rhe modern dance classes wnlh a laaclcground of sung mg and muslc 'fr m 'Phe A Cap pella and orcheslra The perform ance ended wnfh an awe Inspiring renduhon of Hanclels Hallelulah Chorus The mood flo s from fhe orchesfra Follow ng Yonder Sur IOB I .fi '15 5 Q ilk 1 :'?m f, . I 57" A f MW , a.-.f,z . 1 ,., f A ? x k as t 49 ay X +4 ' f , 5 ,wg ' infix? ,. 4 X 3,-Q ya 'Q Eiffng wx 2 Jaw' . If , z , f 2 I P2552 i 5, , ff f Lg l 'Pa 1 M W QQ H 'S' 1 J ,H ' km, K, 4 . A i - in ,, - 4 HK ' r as ' if if EY 5' L , Q 4 ' ' l if w ,V 1 1 2 5 igfn 5 1 ygvwf f if S. Q x 4' ' , I n W 22154 ' KX . A 2 Z mx I, ,QQ N315 4 ' :I W' Q M. 's.,..X ia , f 9 5 E 4 i . QQ, .4 K- 32 ,, , . f gf' -Q., , . ,! ,,A b f . Sf X,:'f'.Lfs1"'p Expt' ZX' 1 fp f H Q? J 1 N53 O U 3 w L 3 , I " X F 'FL' i' Q E-4' 'F' ' 'N 35'-1 Q- wg. 3 'X qw 9: f ' g mi .gi 3 Vw 'iw' " ,f 1 n X ' " .gi ?'V ':'PN ,K Q' 4Y' , 1 I 'S 1 am M ,Q ,be ,, K In a V , Y l - . Y fi'1.,,r K' PQFEV Q . 5 72 'L if , A-U: 13, ' an 'Q f W ,M A Q, . 1'A "1,il3'5 " ,JI f5'!"5'?6'4f"' ?-.-M,-l..5.4114: f'fzf?g?if?g ' J df. , wt, yf.m2 n M fini, , ,L . , 5 5 Q Qtr, ,f. 9'1fQ,L4 ., , 4K'Lv in.u ' ' .. , Luls'dS-.JfBK"A.'!+ ' W- I U fn-M ' , 2-.. , MARCIIING BAND 2 ORCHESTRA iiivvvvvw 1- Qgii JY .. ff In f . ' Y? 5 E . 1. 'Q ' X wx ' 'Z' .. . ,.- J x A 5, f" A 1, - 'lf' 4' -f'- '2 'iff 6 5 . 1 A . A - '-f A M, 5 .fl-, ff X ' 'gtwi' 'F . ' Rf' .M ., pf-,qs ' Xgigwsgf, PM I by gn: N -,W ,, V' K . L Y A, ,. . , .,. M A . . ,f . f 3 iww""""" iv ,, 2-if?" 'W W' 1 , ww x Z: 1 S i 9 R wmv susename BAND AND ORCHESTRA We can claim anofher firsf. El Cerri+o's wind ensemble class is ihe only group of i+s lxind in +he Unifed Sfafes. The lovely sfringed insfrumenis of our orchesira added a special 'Touch +o our Chris+mas Pageani and fhe E.C.H.S. opere'Ha, "The Lowland Sea." Con+ribu+ing fo Gaucho spirif a+ game fime are fhe all-boy march- ing band and our volunieer pep band. Thanks +o +he able direc+ion of John Overholher, fhe concer+ band confinues 'io be one of fhe finesf in California. CONCERT BAND ' z ...QA- -S 3 n Y . Q' ,""5Lt'iA" , 'Y , D, - , MM' ' Q ' ,M 1 4-4 y. u . . . . - Q 1 k 4 X . Y. , '. 4 ' ' .1 , Q "" " ""'-""--1--'H"......., M 4' " ,., -1-M . g , .1 ' ",, " 4 f , '- iw ff' 2 -X r 1 ' S N4 ' ' A A 'D ' L' 2' M1 - bk ' - Sfv1:f'i'fi fa " Ha: "mJ:-f.'!1'+',1- f A - ' u 1 ' "Rf-rn Q A' - . N. Y, NM my f, I 4 h A1 ' ' , L -i E ' -- - ,., ' , V . , Q' '-51. ,1', fl V - 1 N U xr' 5 5 -3-Q., 1 5 ' , ' A 1- K- .A 4 t,,,.,,,,,,n A Ne. , ..., g.. I I I J A , A 1 f 1- .,....... . , , -...,. ,N,, .khyqx ,1- -,- , FSF 5054.11.- f :V ?'- --.-,. L' Ewx' ' . 0, x .s. - W, " ,m f 'K . x.,.., ,,,. .,, , Q w- 1-- X . 9, ,,v- U 7. 1-n....,,..,,4-sglhs-Q 3-4 .. ,UTM - ' I :Q , "V . " . 'W-"--fx- w zffsfz A " f f M F, 3' I ... , 1 FOOTBALL 5: ?'f',"'.,"' V 'T VARSITY FO0TBALl ii- X A f"'ff FYOIIY Row F acy G Muedelung A Cordner J Flemnng J Slrong B Hamberlnn J Nuc ols N Lund Coach E Co uns Second Row R Kayfes J Gnvogrn G Sasalu B Lunghu H Repsfad T Nord M Frndclle Third Row Coach J McKune B ss J Cassul W Aarmokoskn M Doyle B Landslra J G-luebe Fourfh Row G Roberls M Mallory P Playl M Fynn J Sn ver Coach E Collnns ACAL STANDINGS Teams Alameda Rlchmond Berkeley Encunal EI Cerrxlo Harry Ells De Anza Won Lost Coach J McKune X I "7 MSW Z 'Hi f , fy was M5253-ff" 've . John Givogri 1 Bob Bliss if 'M - iv, '--so-1 -Q-1 SCORES El Cerriio ..,.,....,.. I4 El Cerrifo ............ I3 El Cerrifo ..,,.....,., I6 EI Cerrifo .,..,.,...,, 27 EI Cerrifo ,,,..,...... I3 EI Cerriio ..,....,..,. 0 EI Cerrifo ............ 6 EI Cerrifo ............ 34 EI Cerrifo ....,.,.,,.. 0 F, A lar, I qv .I . IQ Richard Frank OF 1959 S+. Mary's . Albany .,.,.., Encinal .....,. San Lorenzo Berkeley ...,. DeAnza .,... Richmond Ells ............. Alameda I -1 lb I Sieve Carpenfer 2 M,..., 7 .-Wm. 5 K b L , -Jai -ML. -" ff F: Touchdown! Ells vs. El Cerrifo. fi X Q if Q tk 5-.422 C Harry Repsiad J, .uf-ir . Human pyramid - Encinal vs. EI Cerri+o. . Vg-,K H 4'-el' 6' ' K v , 4 XA f 44:4 1, K 1 ,...'-r:'. . ""' . 1.5, y ,nr Y .-, V Terry Nord Bill Hamberlin ann' - 1 vs' r?,..5-guns: 20 Jerry Fleming Nnulo und Bob Lungh+ Z N0 ce' X Wa- Rnchmond vs El Cerrn+o wif' Jnm Cassnl Mike Flynn George Sasakn I 1-3 Qian? .HEEL wwf' Q 2.-Y' :gin gap, 'X P1 934' -imlroz"iAP'VQF'5 Gordon Roberfs John Nichols Phul THE TOE Playle +rnes agaun Richmond rushes 64 Phll Playle as he aH'emp+s +he conversnon from +he hnger 'nps of 40 Jerry Flemung Phul was consudered one of +he besi' conversvon knckers nn +he ACAL buf he could noi have been so ou+s+andmg wn+hou+ fhe suppori' of +he mlgh+y Gaucho hne ,i gal Phul Playle John Snlver Muke Frsddle 2 , ...wal ' - - K I, , ' J' -... Y ' - , Q . - Q M- wa,-.-H' . Vr,V,,A, 7' .5 A-,lw':...,. +P?" ' ' a' A' 'arf ' e 2 - ,. fy '- I ' a , Ji, .2-ia Q, ff WSF-, I - Jaw fi wyfeaa 3, a A--Hung-. ff ' KV 'Q 'Tmza L 4441212 - M, J-.A.,,,,ikL A , X. 'Y 5 V , I More I' sf'5'DLJW Xi -'15, 1 V me .,. . v .Q H' 'Q ' " 'fig 9 i f M b n ' a ',5f"LA'N'."'i " ur." ' I 4'1" ,e ., ,i . A . 4. , W . , . ..- --- , -.v if R-sz www +A ,.w.: Fronf Row G Erwun G Ferrull J McCorduck J Wulson J Marsh B Akers G Guslafson T Plan+z T Russell B Rne had Coach Vargas Second Row D Bruckner J Johnson J Welron B Bradfueld R Krrkon W Brown D Lambrechf adfaeld J afelle B Polley grl Third Row D Emeld L Pe++ersen B Pugh G DuMaruno A Tnnbrunk S Smulh D Sievenson J Mendonca D Kelly K Ernckson R Marfunez lMgrl Fourth Row J Gnllugan J Lawson A Copher Elloff ern Ba erua lssoway D Sfewarf G Courschene D Cook S Nnno Coach Mansunne UNDEFEATED BEES The Bees belfed sux sfrangh+ opponenls for a combined I8I pomls as agamsf I8 Only Ruch mond and Ells were able +o score agams+ fhem El Cerrnfo El Cerrdo El Cerrulo El Cerrdo EI Cerrn+o EI Cerrnlo SCORES San Lorenzo Berkeley De Anza Richmond s Alameda 5, : as me Coach Vargas Mr Samples and Mr Mansunne af fhe see foofball b anqu el Boffom Row R Gagnon G Kay D Earl E McCar+hy R Cosfa J Car+er B Cryderman G Leonard J Klnmson Sec ond Row M Muraoka K Frank G Palmnern J Rury L WaHy D Demercuruo A Moore Third Row L Munkelf R erson R Keflansku D Faccnnl D Gagnon l lMgrl Fourfh Row Coach Powell K Alameda B McKee R coll R Dowlmg Mgrl B Kunney KM u Q 810 LY 4 1 'af 'STK 1 ' " Io 114 'll XV' 4 1- ffl "- 'sr-1 el i ,.1.'M' '+, G. ll'.,G.L". , .' ' . . U, . " , ' ' " .' ' y fl .. ' as ,..,,. I9 ,cc,c,,, ,. o A ' ,. ..,la 7 ,,,,.,,cc ,,.,,. o v : ' . ,,,,3I .ac,cc....a.. A o ' ' A H39 ' ,c.,c..a,ca, J, 6 , ' E so as E11 E. so ,nz , '-.s -H ' .. .c,c H47 ,,... ,a.,..c. o - '-f- ' 5 4. s ' rsry me , X A - 'W ,ff And :, 1 ' '. " . I ' ', Hui. ' .f ' : ' ' ', . 1. '. '. I Ni ', . ' l ., . ' gr.l. If I f ,. N ,, w is V - . V -L L V I -- zJ"""' " 'E 47" f ,' 1' WI M H ' ff L - - I V I x A ,, v ll Qs: ,H i A ' In A 4 1' - .E + .4 L' 4 ' f - , ., p J , M , A J J ,Y ,JA , K X, 4 rms! ,U ---l 4 VA X1 H . A ' g 'I -A' ' I I . I-K . Q-' f ' .ax ' ' 4 - f . " 'V ' 1 X13 L X I " A E I . , X"' fs , l' 1 ' V ' gy' . Q W f fi r' 'X K an ag of ' ' ' , ,, 4 I M A 1 n 'S V c I , A K ' ' 5 , , l ,K 1, jg A Aw FA Q ' , ,A 1 , ' I ' r 'ii Q I .. 1 - , Q ,N Ei -I M15 A i vt Q , l I - ' 'V A ' A 5-, '- , 3 A . A I, r 1, 1 Jesse Ochoa Leff fo Rlgllf S Srmfh lMgrl R Glasspool J O hoa K Bousfneld C Cox A Courchesne S Van Campen VARSITY Affer a years layol? Cross Coun+ry was resumed The brlghf spof of fhe season was +he runmng of Jesse Ochoa who placed nnnfh nn +he NCS finals af+er wun nmg hrs duvlslon champlonshnp Thnngs loolc brughl' fhe fufure as +he baby Gauchos were undefea+ed In dual mee+s and placed second m +he ACAL 5,-9 Ee l ww Coach H Roach 4. L Left fo Rlghf J Booih M Morgan D Sanford C McNeal F Enos E Shepherd J Haicher P Mason L Cashllo D Dowling L Pefh B Moore A,,,Q X X a A . ,- ' : . ' . . . , . c , . ' , . . . Lg! ! l . . . . - 'Q J J J' Q I o u 1 n u 1 . - n - h K ' '- A "gg4,L,, - Fnosu sovu ,..- .. 1, Y, I M f-f3,"+f'f?" . . , -A 0 9 'X K' 'Maw 1 'us -, - A a- J",- it 'S ' W g . I f x X' Q . 9 , i ' 1 1 lk- - . . I , 'ae 95 N f BASKETBALI. I i' XXX .tl hr If QI! kfk it ith VARSITY sfdlldlllq F Lacy E Cam C Anderson J Lowe N Olson J Mern+ D Carpenler Kneeling J Poshard L Holmes R Rnchardson J Spearman J Dean ACAL STANDINGS GAUCHOS LEAGUE GAMES 69 5I Cerrsfo Enclnal Won Lost Rrchmond Berkeley EL CERRITO s Encunal Alameda De Anza 4l 46 46 37 25 32 Cerrl+o 43 46 s 60 73 Berkeley De Anxa Rnclvnond Cerrlfo Cerrnfo Cerrufo Cerrllo Alameda Coach Paul Parker STARTING FIVE FOR 60 K F Lacy,J Posl'1ard,R Ruchardson, L Holmes,J Dean 57 42 54 49 0 8 If A - , Q 1 - - ' " vu Tin ' 'Q Q , H la ,, N L if , X.. .. 9 Rx I ,- N I2 l N 7 ' 3 4 7 . '3 x I7 5 s lay 'lf 'fq lv J R We is J E I 2 ':? - I Q IIW' , Q . I I I EI ' . vs. ' - ' I2 0 I Q EI ' - VS. - 7 5 I " ' EI ' - vs. 39-32 6 6 EI ' - VS. ' 46-46 EH 6 6 EI ' - VS. EII 35-62 ' 5 7 EI ' - vs. 44-75 4 8 2 I0 l ' Q , 'X yy 4 S I - ,nr frw i 'fgww' - ff-W . an A EL CER GAUCI' xi-1--.1 2 0' 'WWW ' it LT T15 il"5..T'fs Q .. 0 x ivaipmag 425. Xiu ft. f' 's'l+1'g9L' ", ,lg sfiar 'Ari FQV My S f""'s ,qf 1.,-vx , 'v 4- A 45, gf f X as -0 Q an rg' Lg. ' px 'W H- . 1,Q+f'f ,' .""' -0 " NAS ' - "'WU"5"c"X'7"',' fi "un . tlf5A4flr'N'1lw M AM ' .viii an E '0lli.'fl.1llfv..E -5 tsl. dnl lv' am' P,Q'W'1K9QYu'!, '. ' e a -4- Q : L ,- 1 2 ' - ' , , N A5 J, 0 -, Fai 1, 1 M 1 :H A AX A " Q-A3 QKQ 31 V,,, 0:32 ', P' ' " 4 ' Q4 mfg, . 1 6'-,d 14" " no f H:.u,- 15 , ' C mf ,.- ' ' X 1 'W H' D ' x " " f ' gf. , "'Q H -- V ff Az A 1 6 n ' ,AA, Y A , ifL ' --"" if 9-0- " HW as I .., sf dawg fig I f "m 11 Lg! A 'J El Cerriro vs. De Anza Ray Richardson Ray Richardson goes up 'For fwo poinfs againsf ihe Alameda Hornels in +he firsf round of A.C.A.L. play. Ray is one of fhe fop five scorers in rhe league, bul he could nof have done rhis wlfhouf +he supporl' of lhe resf of +he MIGHTY Gaucho ieam and rheir coach Paul Parker. This is Mr. Parker's firsf year as a baske+ball coach, and he is doing a ferrific fob. Jam Spearman xi EI Cernfo vs Alameda John Dean gy' f Y 1 Z' EW 9 1 J....., Buell Row Gene Tdsworfh Ben Bo er Al Simon Bob Slraughier Harold Wallace Alan Taylor Ron Balmer Dave Seylsclf Coach Joe Vargus Front Row Charles Boofh Don Cook Gene Peschelfe Scoff Smulh Gary Baleria 3 S JV's Buck Row: Tom Russell, Karl Frank, John Mccorduclc, Tom Thomas, Tom Knight Bob Reinhardt George Muedelcing, Don Slevenson, Coach Ed Collins. Frollf ROW: Al Cordier, Derrick Quon, Doug Hauser, Dave Thurm, Randy Kellinslci, Jerry Sfrong, Jack Tuiff. lvlunnnnuu-L., Almost home CROSS COUNTRY Off and runmng SWIM SNAPS I+'s wet, isn'9 if? The Long ru Racing dive ,.1,-0 Q ms N W 5510 lvl f li PTT? Buck Row K Freedman M Mallory L Holmes J Bolds G Edwards S Smllh J Chrus+ensen D Balmforlh T Kmghi Third Row A Courschene J Ochoa J Knnmson J Marsh L Sopwrfh C Glasspool K Bousfneld D Shllman V Benz Second Row S Van Campen J Glllugan T Black D uon R Ruchardson C Cox N Lund B Blnss I Lawrence Fronf Row A Copher C Boofh G Ander son J Holmes J Spearman J Nicholls S Johnson S Schaffran R Kosel VARSITY Coach Hale Roach B Bock Row P Jimenez P Sorensen P Manson A Copher J McNuel V Prmcenpe L Cashllo L Owens C Boolh Third Row B Siraughfer R Wugglngfon C Maye J Baranlung S Nuno J Monger G Edwards B BeHencour+ S Van Campen Second Row J Duamond B Polley D Sanford J Anderson D Hanley J Owens C Elven S Mvlchell J Weunerman Ffbllf Row R Baker J Field J Oakley D Sievenson A Sumons M Morgan A LaPor+e D Thurm S Sco++ 'WJ u o u d Sfeve Van Campen i Jervne Bolds Charles Co 'ni IP' v -ru LAI James Spearman x Don Shllman and Gary Edwards 'Ml-"s wif Val Benz qu Roger Kosel and Bob Bluss 5... -I' John Nncholls 1960 Jesse Ochoa YC? 'IL Ray Rnchardson dh. - ll George Anderson 4 -gs-,"f""'3 T T"'35 ""'Ze JH. I35 F- ' . 0 ' J' A ' zu.: 1 ' , V J flow A 'c"" if ml.. A - E..- -43 - 1- . , A U1 , ' 3' ,V . , ' , f . v th-1 y ,. . n I . W, . jf i W ' U . H - " ' ' I, .y .v v -i A kk L A. . , -""""""' ,,W.g... " f"',....4..-- 4: ' '----- ' 'Q 12391. "' ' ' A .."...' I .1 .-caan' " A "'7'7'1 ' ' 'f' ..l'I": A I fE- .....5..... 1- ,, 1 AA :I L Q I ' ' ' I 1 - I , 1 2- A 1' ' I' ' r. f QP sy ' 9- P ' a 5 . '4"7'f7'-fx' .fu-g-N-:WN ,Y W, fi f- ' ,f F' J ff Rosemary Ellis-Firsf AHendanf RELAY QUEEN Joye Pa+ferson-Finalisf Sally Hamberlin-Finalisf A 4 V J, if Judy Wiflilni-SeC0h!Il Allendanl Ann Polldnghorn-Third Aifendanf FINALIST JN CTBT' Donna Jacobson-Relay Queen Carole Curcio--Finalis? Carol Macpherson-Fina lis+ Caroline Woolworfh-Finalisf ,, 4:- og!! Q3 wwixfr' . C7 'lr' Y Champnons of fhe l96O Relays fhe Casllemonf Knlghis Q " ' ELEVENTH ANNUAL EL CERRITO RELAYS i Sanford lakes over from Jimenez fhe m le and a half re ay Broadgumpers .. Ray Richardson -3,59 4, four+h lun... The EI Cerrulo Relays were an excellen+ achuevemenl G. The Relay Commulfee headed by Mr Roach planned care y s re li all evenfs were on lame Unplanne '1 however was fhe sha++ermg of seven relay records Four 'rhousand fans and afhlefes enloyed fhe show fhe queen and her affendanls ..,n v .qv 'r 'V' .... af 'Yi ni?" 139 Van Campen goes on fo fnnnsh second On your marks Gel get Go' ew -s R- r P Q4 e A " of I 'fm 4 Tfj , I -M' cl Fil X lr . I . . Q ' Q 8 ,A- rfffl 5 in I - Q- X . 2 - - . Y 5 ' in . sv I , - A I. l -L M , - - --. Q. .sn 'Bl avi... ,, I U.. La Porfe fakes over from Sanford. "" f JT . . . 'N I - . IQ , F ll 7 , ' , , 5 u By a su . U d J V N 6 . I I 4. l -if . x , V. f I S , A wxf K . 1' . J 7 1 ii -lfw 'ali V ' 4 A, I J' . , , Ii Ak - ' - . V U V , Q .1 L . 0 1 Nj V- R' iq' 35"-,"'Q'1. E S 3 Q- ' - - ' -' lf E9s?Q-:...5'1Q.si'e- . BASEBML .nn-.,Nx a,,r,,.--5 fl. My JSM 9 Q W-,og 4 'M Independent Photo I5 Q ' W U m Q X -as 4 N x in ig ir A x :'L ' -.. xx 1 if , ... x , V ' . 4 QI" ., - A av , sim 'l ,ffm - , .V ' I 1 ff? 41 E u , sw, , I ,- T- ww: dbg 'gn :-, 4. x' iz, V ' fmf JW, Q' 15' " M' 4, Q gym X H V V A V x ,K ,W I?" 'WV V 2' ' , ' I ay , I V 1 - ,L , - is , 5 511. ,,,,,,,,, , H . 3 I if -an 'iw 'S 1 .naggi- sf PM gin..- Coach Joe Vargas Frank Lacy Jimmy James VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Buck Row: Ken Alameda Gene Tiisworfh Richard Schmidf Dave Drow- ley Bill Landsfra Jim Carier. Middle Row: Gene Pescheffe Jim Hess John Meriif Tom Russell Gary Hafzell Mike Flavin. Fronf Row: Tom Carlevaro Mike Cadoo John Welfon Tom Hoover Perl Carras. Back Row Ell Cam R y Turnipseed Jim Poschard Al Corcller Coach Joe Vargas Middle Row Phil Playle Dave Sfrong S+eve Carpenfer Rich Kayfes George Muede kung Frollf Row Randy K 'lllnski Larry Suble++ Norman Olson Dennis Guldicr Coach Paul Parker .nv- v R VA- 11- . - -.. ' x :if sl As if Safe' Randy Keflnnslu a+ second base Sieve Carpenfer X 0 g I 8 Phnl Playle 1960 Dave Sfrong K D xXx' ' ' " H a -it - 45 - v -. ' A f ' "'Vs- "'.."",'-' I A "'s:q. -' Q-.-LMA., , - "i f .. 5-'1:'y',,-I.. - . fx- , ,, -- ,' g n,....b ' .. :1f'f ,.fgj 'W . A V b' .lp f A' L 2 3k'f":-'1 '. r' T, "' if an H ' ,,,, ,,.- ma 3 L .. i'2s,,,,gf,3igg- I 1 h, AM., ' - 5.1-2,15 ' Lg' -- F izff, Ac ,, .- -f--L 1 " 1 1 A , '.A A Nr.'., 'ff L ww ifir-553213-,',r f"3'?6firF,,ZQgS5,:'k.a,'f:. ' P V- " 24,13 H 'ZW .. 'M el 'H H fr-'--L. . .'f1:1f:.1eew4.-pf-A , M:"'3f-4.45. - , ui-451' I Larry SubloH Jimmy James JUNIOR VARSITY lock Row C Corbnff M Weaver Turner K lwanhara M Bell Wullnams Front Row F Glaser McKune B Shufe J Baranlung Smlfh K Weaver 1 -af-' 'F' - FALL PRESIDENT va 'A , , -a?"r v 1. , ,gn A"" l l Ladell Barnes 1 L I "ZA Lv 6. A A , gig! Vw. SPRING COUNCIL Vice Presldenf, Carol Douglas: Treasurer. Joanne Fri+z: Hisforian Gloria Lum: General Manager, Nancy Hurd. Missing: Barbara Mann Secrefary. ' ' Vnce Presudenl Leona Dones Secrefary Nancy Wall Treasurer Nan Hopkins: Hisfornan Helen Vnscara -4 JL is-' Wish 0' 3K G-J ni" Xi' u3L.JiI lil-J H TENNIS Top Left Wednesday N1gh+ gg we T Rlghf I 2 3 O' Middle Left Graceful Mann? " 2 25' mule mgm Ballerina M55 xl ig-M :,. 4.,.V- Bottom Left: Ca+ching flies? I N ' S- 2 ,, , ,, V , . .,.V 21 ,, .V Boffom Rlgllh Thursday. X ' -1, -Q" ':"L." ' , , qza: :":: yr fy' 4 O5 ,emi . V ...wi LEADERS IN P E Leaders have The responsubllrly of falung roll om cnahng and maunfammg order They are io be de pendable nea+ and have some knowledge of fhe Gym rules and regulahons Acfually leaders are 'leachers assls'ran+s ln addlhon fo various achvlhes ln class and G A A leaders have formed a Leaders Club The officers are as 'follows Presudenl' Vnce Presndenf Secreiary Alfernafe Leaders Leader Leaders Leader 'll Janef Fruesendorf Barbara Gansen Duane Weldon Sandne Wulllams Evelyn Johnson Gloria Lum l -lk 1 1 . rg L F 4 , I' , .. I r A f A . , y' . LEADERS IN ! TRAINING M Sl1arpslwoo+er7 No' No' Over Ihe nel' 1 Candndafes for +l'1e leaders class are selec'l'ed an 'Ihe 9'rl1 grade The qualuflcahons are a neaf appearance pleasan+ manners dependabululy self assurance wlllnngness fo work cooperahon mrhahve knowledge of rules and abnllly +o offucnafe Absences musi' be 'Few and special excuses lxep+ fo a mlnlmum If gurls pass +l1ese requlremenfs +l1ey earn an award a wl1us+le and are quallfled fo be leaders - .WW ,,,....,.-M-w-..-4 .5 E , 1, ' n 5, ,f mx ' M55 TRAMPOLINE ?w. -,M tl, l x I gs vf X H Y? ? 7, fl, .' .cg , A ' I " - 0 ,fi .VI2 ,., FENCING N, 1- 'J T! V L.. p44-vu.-v--., 4 "' Iii" ,.. , Gln ' .Q ,. ,f , -,,..-f ,sy SWIMMING BOWLING GAA Donna Thompson fl. f Lv 'Q ,X f A X TP I' B A X A X if X! D M I N T A if Q Q l'i"? E I S T N N RW'-N, 1'-v Virginia Neill .gi SPR 'gy 3 'Q i , ua? y Q39 4 , O N K 36 s was I f ,.,....-.-..-- Q ,fa 9 A B X X 'ff ,NV 17 ' Y Y ' . ' . Roberfa Gladsfone SPORTS f Lynda Shaffer B 0 W I. I N G BASKETBALL PQ 1-5, . W Jw. gag fg-F-3 flu' ww m 'Pisa Swv? Q 1 YW , .4- ,iv vu aa 1 W mn rx, 3 LL ,gmwpr -Vgfwg 7 2 N-sg? , , gg,.A ,,Y Qu ww gl ,M Nm ,Q A , f wa nn- ,,, . . '24 7"9'HMfQ5' , 5, 1313" ' f , 'Wi ' 'ENS' ,ILM . W I ,V,, ,MW ,VFA M ADVERTISEMENT SECTION: Roberta Gladsfone Leona Musgrave W E . ' -1 h i' HN' A 1 T fm' zf ,A W wa f. ,ws me ,Q ,R at ,, mf 4'9" 10" 5 ' Q Q. ' 'un x w 3 S-g v l'0f46a61440f60 433453 IF YOU ARE UNDECIDED ON A CAREER AS YET YOU MIGHT CONSIDER PHARMACY IT OFFERS PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS ADEOUATE INCOME AND THE SATIS SERVICES InI'eresI'ed graduaI'es may ob+am lnformahon on Pharmacy as a career aI' IJUIUSH CIRCLE PHHIIIIIHCU Phone LAndscape 4 588I 379 COLUSA AVENUE BERKELEY CALIF FACTION OF PERFORMING ONE OF THE VITAL HEALTH E --f"" JJ 5 FFL ws -gl?-'Q ...U-1 JE sf. Q I3 ill fmiailg g g T.2F,-,FL E, -.gp-qx'97 -G! 0urs lS ,jg nf f A Friendly , ff ,,, Serv lee K ' X Z I K K TSERVING THE COMMUNITY OR OVER A ,QUARTER OF A CENTURY Elks Cblsonw MORTUARY 727 SAN DABLO AVENUE LANDSCAPE 5 O246 " MEMBER THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN RULE 'WLM' 1 v t - 7 I vac: sum 5 1 P ' L 2.,'?'h"' 'CHEF' X ww 4 D ww 1. 1 ILIIV IUTIV 1 23209: ml I 'qi Ulf 1 IULI Au' X 1 .1 ,, fT,' 1 I53 K ,, " 17 f N . , -- 11,9 H f - n f 13- -f 'wi - " " ' " wx, 1" V ' Ni- ' .H E 45.5 ' 'i""::"f 'avg' 4' .. J I -L ' 3, .2 E, E' i s 1' , E-" '7 E ',..."'iT',,1,j4..:-fl--J" 'H X"' . ' lr rl' W . 1 'mx' . ,-A : , .. , . I T - ff 1 ....-' .- vm- M- -1 -' -5 41-mf' eff ' ' '35 U lf- Wd? ' '-'W' ' ' 1' -Y gl Lf, .,,, fy! i g Yqff',24 Qfx.,...,4!lI'wii,,1fM',,.,C..1,,.'QN,fs, F ' . 1N' ' ' -0-NN u fu ' v- . V.-,A--Lu-. -L--. .N " f A M 25? 1. 4 Q U, , , . ,T E. , , ,gmffff -ww-, . .. 7 - F ' K Y! 'X ,Q I"1,,'1 ,jf -' E 4, ., E. 4 . ., , 14' q P- J I. I Q g f - 6 C ,jf . V 93' I K - f 1 I ' f ." - 'cb 'C 'V .f 'L' 5-6 'nl ' . . -I , ,' .f -K f-'Y .J-,2..f,T, 6C -f,'ffr.l.6 I J Cf xc .. ff- 5 L - I Hgrwwt , .f - f' 1-1. -E , V K . . . fs gl! Judy Andrews Charlene Anfonino Darlene Aso Judie Capellino Sally Coleman Sharon DeGarmo Pam Ellison Janis Fiehn Jane? Friesendorf Judy Frylclund Jeannine Fuller LA PLAYA Graduahng Seniors Sally Hamberlin Mary Ann Jorgensen Pam Kaiser Joan Kennerley Sharon Kikugawa Carol Macpherson Anifa March Judy Maier Jacque Mayer Miriam Muedeking Leona Musgrave Audrey Pearson Linda Prinf Grefchen Reinhard+ Elaine Ruefer Marieiia RusciHi Carol Sergek Mary Ellen Spencer Cafhy Valline Liz Venler Joan Vernon 'X 'M Ilfjfjlfyflygl ,ffl SMI Mig iiflysrljori self P F PICIQUP AN 7DEL1VER n T Yup 00, nf If l,If:,,,f, I I BERNAR Is. ELLIOT HAIRSITI LE Ms J- EEN AGE H CUTTING 5I6Hp LAd p 5 42 LA dvoap oss 670 F HILLTOP FOOD CENTER -Q 7022 STOCKTON AVENUE EL CERRITO CALIFORNIA ROBERT KERR CO Alg A L pb 3 y7 PAYN S PEN SERVICE AND STATIONERY PENS REPAIRED WHILE You WAIT 'A' I755 Solano Avenue Berlreley, California AMERIO DRUG "ln Business for 'Your I0387 San Pablo Ave R Healt EI Cerrif C If YW I. ! H I ,' I , ' , ggm., - C pjIIf,l,a.ff I ,X I t I HIV Y 'A I , t, 1 I M 'I , I L ,X I 1, VV A H i, I 'If W Q I , I 'IN Aj Br s Relilied ' unl U I Q, NN A ll! V I I 1 I xx 149 Ijoc 'Av . ' lj I I o, Calif. If f ,ff rv If I I I I , M 'I II I-fl I I L V r lpbivly I I V L. V I, I V ' l fb ff f I , l' N 'K . VY 41, ' ,Q i i ' ii l , ..,.-.-.--al' A V jew J, V 1 L .AJ In If I I II k I J ' gf If I ,X df' A 'ffl' , t I :Q I i o his al' Sacramenfo I' Q I ' n sca e -62 ' I n Ks eg I Berkeley, Calif. f I ' I airmounf Avenue El Cerrifo, C If vi I K I , if ' R e a I f o r s - ' I n s u r a n c e ' Loans 267 rin 'Ion ve. Ands I Berlxele , California ,I l55 V 4 r I Gy , .V Q Q , , W uj .xr , 'w L . . xr' Jacque Sorgeani Sandy Wilson Barbara Murdock Fall Presidenf KAPPA 'NC 4 ' 4,5 M' Joan Vernon Leona Musgrave Donna Jacobson if f"'P' Debbie Siarns Spring Presidenf presen'rs Hs any Judy Fryklund Carol Macpherson GraduaHng Seniors Liz Venfer af-'f'-,X Joy Havens fi 3 zz," our-0 Marilyn Hobbs Judy Wafkins sos surrn sneer sm rnnclsco Q' "u3 Q, SIGMA Sl Presen'rs v s Graduahng Sen ors '33 'Q' gms- " ,.' Q , 'vrff E? fi' , ,Q pg, . M, y. 'PFD f' Carole Beffega Pennle Smlfh 1 Q X5 Connie Scoff Held: Haymond Fall Presldenf Sprung Presndenf Bonnne Weeks Mum: Hobson Beverly Wafson -as -dx PS Q PM W? Thjjf J jc IW I LM PQI Il ,L J M W W JM WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRIN6 wwjfw I ffjpf I LARRY S JEWELERS D 46528 3S P b k COUNTY LINE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS ThL psssa 9 SPEA dPI Fe+ S b Bbs GERLETTI NURSERY 5Sn bo I62 ve BEacon 4 545 eff O 6 OHIB MAXWELL STATIONERS SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING GIFTS OREETINO CARDS LAndscape 5 7504 B con 5 5 2 San Pabo venue erri o, ai ornia PASTTMELCHAPDWARE 1 M' JEN AND SPORTING- Qooos l80 EI Cerrvlo Plaza Elecfrlcal Supplies x El Cerrrlo Caluforma LAndscape 6 66I 5 LAndscape 4 I747 IOOS7 San Pablo EI Cerrrlo Calif MOORE S REXALL DRUG PAGLIACCI s PlzzERuA escrlpi' on Sfore l2l2 Macdonald Ave Rnchmond Caluforma lI275 San Pablo 8: Pofrero El Cerru+o Callf Phones LA 5 345I and BE 4684I BEacon 49725 HOWARD'S SIMCA SALES 969 San Pablo Avenue O Albany. California Q LAndscape 5 8586 f X ,P . M .. In W ' r fi . K K A fk 4 Q T o ' s f - ' A -0- K . x.,Q .6 A . Boysen Painfs ' Plumbingfand . . JJ. I ' . f ." I I I I C . -' Y VV ! n fl 1 I I P r ' i t . I . . t ,,-it 41" Jim Gellwaus Jim Murray Jim Whife Chuck Clifford Jim McLean D E L G R A D M U A A R T E S Bill Hamberlin Dave Slrong Fall Presidenf Niilo Lund 'fl""N' vw 'W' , nag 6 1' luv , 'H fl Dwighf Horne 3er+ Bfuom Jim Craig Boyd Polkinghorn +9 5 i li J J F J f Jim Arkin John Taylor Bob Bauer Don Davis Spring Presideni S+eve Pouliof Al Nawaia MERIT CLEANERS Solano Avenue's Only Plan+ 4-HOUR SERVICE 'A' I779 SOLANO AVENUE LAndscape 6-I390 Berkeley, California OLIVERO PLUMBING 81 HARDWARE CO., INC. i' BEacon 2-2824 I I448 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California V A U G H N ' S STUDENT CLOTHING UNION 3570 discount to all students and faculty. A complete selection of ivy league clothing and sportswear. Located at the University of Calif' ornia. 2333 Telegraph Avenue - Berkeley sHoP AT EL NIDO MARKET ak I0367 San Pablo Avenue i' EL Cerrilo - LAndscape 5-99I7 ALBANY TIRE SERVICE 'A' LAndscape 5-6427 742 San Pablo Ave. Albany, California ADACHI FLORIST AND NURSERY "Nothing but the fnest at Adacliis' I I939 San Pablo Ave. EI Cerriio, Calif. BEacon 5-4666 BUD RHINE'S SHELL SERVICE Dealer Shell Pefroleum Producfs SERVICE Is MY BUSINESS -gi G. C. Rhines - Phone LA 4- 5733 Fairmonf 8: Carmel Avenues El Cerrifo, Calif. LOUIS-GORDON MUSIC 570 EL Cerrifo Plaza PORTABLE PHONOGRAPHS - Music ACCESSORIES BoNoos ' DRUMS ' CoNoos Strings, Reeds, Drum Sticks, Pitch Pipes, Metronomes THE LEXICON STORE We Specialize in Authentic Maple Furniture Milk Glass ibn 6I9 San Pablo Avenue Albany 6, Calif LA 5-56l5 MARV'S BARBER SHOP 374 Colusa Avenue U Berkeley, California RlCHARD'S JEWELERS LAndscape 4-6860 Trophies ' Watch Repairing ' Diamond Rings i Engraving ' Oriental Imports I-Andscape 6-9858 Engagement ' Wedding i' 285 Arlingfon Ave. Berkeley, California l272 Solano Avenue Albany 6, California Xi J- IQ 5""t1 X .J 1 Y-Lf UN. BOOSTERS Presen'rs l+s Graduahng ROGER KOSEL DAVE PRATT CLAY PAMPHILON BOB LUNGHI GORDON ROBERTS DAVE GUIDICI JOHN NTCHOLLS JANA SLEZIN CONNIE SCOTT ANA RICCI KAREN HAWKINS CAROLE BETTEGA NJ ff' 'i x WK Seniors ROSIE ELLIS BROOKE DERR KAREN FRAGA LAURA OVERSTREET SANDY HAYWORTH DAVE STRONG 1 'CY' pf 2 DQ Ili .,. 'C' Ji. .J Sa ndy Hayworfh f vw Diane Sharp Gradualing Seniors , h al' .qi Sandy Rose Sue Hemsafh Fall Presidenf MARQUETTA KI ff . Karen Fraga Joye Palferson fwfr 'W Jacque MBYGV Dolores Loffa Q' 11 4 fi 'VB if-J P- Connie Callen Nancy Limbaugh Karen Hawkins Spring Presidenf 6' 41 - -'-'f1f E 1 Carol Curcio Janice Slaughfer Joy Mon+ano NA 'Bu f Nov' 5? 'WX N. IJ Glands Daniels Judy Auch Ana Ricci X FORTY NINERS 1960 GRADUATES R l 2 9 'Is 0 Jw I Q Ii J Q ' iw fi l 'Q J ... . Mike Flynn Sieve Carpenier Roger Kosel Phil Playle Fall Presideni Spring Presideni . U Y"'xpEi,?' P if ' 4 Ksl 7 wut' 3' Q iq,-s iq " f 1 ' A- if 5 1 1 5 John Nicholls John Givogri Bob Neilson Bob Lunghi Clay Pamphilon f.: 'S'-3, nga '35 V' -Q 13 'Q 1717 5 l J in L Tom Vincenc' Jim DeReyneir John Silver Gordon Roberis Terry Grimm , V if f rl iz' A ff 4. ...J 1 QD ' , 1 , - --f 5 .. , 4 V ':'+ 4 e 1 P, I W' i , JC , V, dv! 4. ,V V 2 y 5 I 1 -5 f g k f , Frank Emmef Terry Nord Larry Subleff Brooke Derr Mike Friddle Real Esfafe ' Consfruciion ' Insurance HARRY JAMES COMPANY Harry James, Jr. - Res. THornwall 5-85I I Bus. LAndscape 4-6255 388 Colusa Avenue Berkeley 7, Calif. TRADEWAY FURNITURE "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" F' H ur 'fur W1-, FAIRMOUNT BEAUTY SHOP MARJORIE WOOD - Owner ELLA WAGGONER - Operator t HYLA THOMSON - Operator l0860 San Pablo Ave. El Cerrifo, Calif. 7523 Fairmouni' Ave. El Cerriio, Calif Phone LA 5-45l4 1 ,K Q, BYRON'S RICH FIELD SERVICE 'A' ANGELO'S PIZZA ir nuzzs SAN PABLO ai' EL CERRITO. CALIF. EL CERRITO ELECTRIC CO. Fixfures - Wiring - Appliances "You Phone Us - We'll Wire You" Vicfor C. Perend, Pres. Edward P. Canera, Vice Pres. 400 Colusa Avenue Colusa Circle l0330 San Pablo Ave El Cerriio, Calif. LAndscape 4-080I Berlreley, California LAndscape 5-3266 FAIRMOUNT LAUNDROMAT Marshall Sfeel Dry Cleaning ancl Launclerers COTTON Russ WASHED AND FLUFF DRIED All Sizes LAndscape 5-54I I 7509 Falrmounf Ave EI Cerrufo Calif TIENSON ENGRAVING CO. 4.0, FINE DIE ENGRAVING OUR SPECIALTY 2808 San Pablo Ave Berkeley 2 Caluf CONTRA COSTA FLORIST FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION BEacon 4 2 I48 l0848 San Pablo Ave EI Cernfo Calif YOUR DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST VERN S PHARMACY STOCKTON AVENUE EL CERRITO CALIE BERKEY LEE VOLKSWAGEN na san Pablo Ave Albany Calrfornla I.Anascape 6 2942 GIANOTTI FURNITURE enry V Hnldebran Interiors Planned and Completely Fwrmslied LAnclscape 4 4060 BEAUTIFUL HEAVY OILS IN WALL FRAMES LAndscape 4 6734 I0293 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrlfo Calef 563 San Pablo Ave Albany Callf GORDON ROBERTS TIM REPASS BARRY MANN ANN CAPRON SALLY HAMBERLIN JOY HAVENS MIRIAM MUEDEKING TH ESPIAN S Graduahng Senlo FS GRETCHEN REINHARDT KAREN FRAGA CARLEE SUE BENTEEN SUE FREDERICKS NANCY BAGNES JOAN VERNON .X ff-5, A . .fww-wr.c1" .v gl, if .2??:iif?'f fx' K M , a A-5 is ,S 1 .Q . 'Biff we . .. '- .1 A ww? , X I . f L Wi J, lx PAULS CYCLERY AND HOBBIES Complefe Lune of Archery II285 San Pablo Avenue EI Cern+o Callfornua Telephone LAndscape 42000 DICK S TEXACO SERVICE Tune Up ' BraIueServlce ' Wheel Balancung Lubrlcahon ' Delco BaH'erues ' Blue Chap Slamps Phone LAndscape 4 I202 I0439 San Pablo Ave EI Cerrufo California MADEMOISELLE II5 Berkeley Square THornwaII 3 I2-16 Gucscru DISTINCTIVE F ASH IONS Graduates of El Cerrzto Hzgh School we congratulate you' We are proud o you and the fue school you represent 'Yours rs the future and 1 zt rs to be a happy one you must assume the responslbllmes that go wrth educatzon The comrnumty the whole world needs mtelhgent leadershrp. Do not ail. we can be helpful please feel free to come to us at any time. You are welcome. THE MECHANICS BANK Richmond Civic Cenler San Pablo EI Cerrifo Albany EI Sobranfe EI Cerrifo Plaza Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion EL CERRITO JOURNAL Growlng Paper ln a Growlng Commumty DAN HURLEY Edltor Phone LA 5-0880 EI Cerrlfo 26 CBllf0ThI6 STOCKTON VARIETY 'k STOCKTON 8: NORVELL i' EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA ALBANY BOWL , I CONGRATULATIONSXASENIORSI I xg- "'! H, EL CERRI PAJSTRY SHOP J -. pv4f2Pi4LIS'TS V91 FINjSf'i3A!CING ' lj ,, . ,f- 1 fy ff I if - I0368 i!azYab?hAvei1ue' 'V El,Cerrifo,?iUfornia i W ,J J I ll. f , ,fi onfxs FLoRlsT 4 VIROIL- Biiyiju ' A' FOR THE FINEST IN' CORSAGES AND WEDOINGS , I .k . Res. LNiiJscape 4,l'782 - Bus. LAndspape 6-l955 540 San Pablo Ave' 1857 Solano Avenue Berkeley, California 1, LAndscape 6-88I8 Albany, California ff 4 r I L fl ' X ff yi C O R E Y ' S Hot Water Heaters f Hardware f Appliances Garden Supplies f Patio Furnishing - Plumbing i' 828 San Pablo Avenue Opposite Fire Department LAndscape 5-2722 Albany 6, California AUTO PARTS CO. 'k II9l6 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrifo, California ,Pl Z 2 fl XII! uiufe r I Vou In ba nklng Every ar morefand nfore hugh school graduates look to bankmg for sudcessful busmess careers At Bank of Amerlca your abnlsty IS recognuzed and re warded through promotnons and salary Increases Among the many other advantages you wall fund Bank of Amenca offers are O Good starhng salarles f l O Permanent posltlons it , 0 Opportunmes for advancement f O Insurance beneflts Wlfh premuums pald by bank 2 Q Fnve day work week -' F01 nddzllomrl III omnzllozz 01120117 anew nz bauinzg ml! on om Pezfozmel Depmlmenf 300 Moufgomery Slfeel 052111 I-IKIIIIIJCO Calf 0111111 Bank nf IIIBYIKZI NATIONAL 2213, ,LG , ASSOCIATION ID 0 El Cerrlto Branch O G Battershlll Manager , ff -rhefe 5 3 of 1 M26 Vw , I IJ . VU7! ,ff O O ,..Q , 1 g Q? 'AM 'l Q - 1 I I, 1 X, I ' X , rl X X L O f ' 4' . 1 z ! In Y Q, ' ' cl ,fx M1 r ' ' -'W ' ff' ,, , , . . A if . - if Z . .. t . '... . . , l l U . , ' . 1 O S ANQ UINIII Y Kill. OIPDSIV INSUWANCI C RPOUAUUN l O . I AlleA:cHollS M f' ff M WW wwf? M QMWKMWJAMQLMLM LA VALS GARDENS M pp VA! Q7 P1zzAs TO GO M LJ! 0 II 3 6I7 Cf gwmy I c h 7 S C f 25I43 LLY A RT C pl + f THE GAUCHO PET SHOP If ,ap Picture Framing ' Prints ' Artists Supplies ART STUDIO 8: FRAME SHOP T. SOULE, JR. Opposite Moeser Lane Next to Court of Flags Motel LAndscape 6-9283 I0585 San Pablo Ave. EI Cerrifo, Calif. Telephone LAndscape 6-84l4 ARLINGTON BEAUTY SHOPPE GYE WOOD, Owner 289 Arlingfon Avenue Berlzeley, California Renfals - Repairs - Garden Supplies Plumbing Supplies COLUSA CIRCLE HARDWARE OPEN SUNDAYS ' ROBERT PROUTY, Owner LAndscape 6-8960 389 Colusa Ave. Berkeley, Calif. TW Phone: LAndscape 5-0463 FAIRMOUNT PHARMACY LAndsca pe 5-7200 THOUSAND OAKS FRENCH LAUNDRY E. L. PORTAL, Prop. Curtains f Blankets f Linens and Fancy Pieces A Specialty, Hand Done Albany-Berkeley l309 Solano Ave. Albany, California ERNIE BRENSEL WM. H. ATWELL Emergency Night Phone LA 5-9322 '500 Fairmounf Avenue El Cerrifo. California ff fa J vlgyyi. x '15 fvweq JAY VEE MOTOR SALES Phone LAndscape 6-7025 l048I San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California f FRANK'S MOBILE STATION , I if if l0945 SAN PABLO AVENUE EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA 1 JOHNNY'S New Shoes 8: Repairing II347 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California Sfeve Kisfner is shown in our Tux Shop, modeling a smarf Hopsaclt Weave Confinenfal Suif in fhe new Burnished IL - Y ' Green. A mosf popular sfyle by famous C pus Craff af S45.00. Call THornwaII I - l 955 for Tux Renfals We feafure fhe new Confi- nenfal and lvy s+yIes in suifs, suifs wifh vesfs, sporf- coafs, slaclrs, shoes, hafs, furnishings. Harris is famous for Famous Name Brands. Oldest and Most Complete T U X RENTAL SHOP Wc've serviced EI Cerrito High since it opened. S,,a,,,c, si-IURFINE MARKET af UnlVe"sl+Y The Shur Way fo Fine Food 385 Colusa Ave. Berlreley 7, Calif lv , N' . 1 ' 1 Q 4 'I .,:iw5! '- ', v, Q nl' A ,nf """' firm lk X ' ' ' Q . A f yqifv ' gs," ' ' - S- - , ff. xg! 23' 5' ' L , 4" - , J- v K Q 9 G 'T' ,-f , - vs n , V , . 1" ' - 'JG ' ' f' ,H 4 5, lf? 1Q,f ,gi 1,1 ,f I 5 bv U au n I ' N rr ' :A M 'fly 53-218' - A-, ,..-.gan f- .-'rg-v ' x - e 'f' ' .F -if 21' f' 'if 'V ,,"E"sf-A . .H grim-ar fi2'N-f,f -vf f A A f .X ' H 'NJA kt x ' 5 K. givffk J? P Q19 A 9, 5 .- Y .M I C . J. Mx: 5-,V 'N I LAT. A I jf 'I hz I W- . . ,rig . 'S "1 A " . 5,0-W '," , N' A' Y. '. ,fy ,v A .-w ?'1 M- .- + - ..4"'i' - f-:nf 3"f""w1v' -'S , ., .ff .. -in ,X X-.A. Q' 5 A ,1 ,,,u-wif:-ln Q: b, ,,- by . :Q -H 'win "-" ' ." -- 'fu " -- x- ' .-1. 'dip ig .J ' 'EAP' V if in 'AAL' V V' !'."g can A .J If LL , . ,-L 7' U 'nf K ' l' . 4- ' . ' gg .-f . 'F 1 .Tn I X 1 , ,,,a"!',"'f!"ffa'rfl if - - ' v ' V- xx nf' N :gf 5 . - ,x .AJ-if 'X' "3'f:.'1'fw 4'2" P-32 M f :W ff' 5 2 ' 7 ' 1 vt. 1' X .lx . 4 , K. -1 45 5 J . I ,Gs Q, .-us 'LQ' 1' -X-as 6 H f A-Q, 'r 9' Q A x '- - " X Q 1 , A . f 1, x If - ' ,Q Y iii QW fn. K Xi- ,N 'TQ w fitlha fm I W .ng f g A ' sfag., - ' x 'nxt' I K 1,1 ,I - .p,9"f 9 Fx . . , ' f 1 'Ck vm H 1 3. 1 , ' ' 5,5 L fg3i3':'-,f5gr1"'lP -. . J -.f"9""'. -' 't' .gm 'gls 2 ' s"?6.'. ' PM all- J'- 121- . '55 W. ,fri ,y 5 ...,. , A ., ,W W . , Y if F ivvx Dx , 1, W 1, 'nw' 4. Wm ...M . ----'K'--su-....,.. - ..,,,,1,,,,, rv CAM STAFF SIGNS OFF . Q I+ would seem rom 'thus page fhaf 'lhe year bool: was creafed by a good nafured siaff Thai' us exacily The pressuon we wan+ +o leavel PHOTO CREDITS Kee Coleman Seniors and Advlsornes Sfeve Lawton Head Phoiographer John Funch Assf Phofographer Sieve Johnson Dances Rnchmond lndependenf Baseball Adclnhonal assnsfance from Pam Ellnson Phnl Cnchon

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1960, pg 104

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