El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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VE A A QEK EU AUWD SHOP Q L SHOP BUILDI L ANNE I I HT ' ' I CAFE. 3 I 5 ff' ...J D I CD Nl' MAIN BUILDING Z 8 ,A I-I ' E: U1 IEI U1 f .- if E 0 3 U :: ASHQUQV AVENUE K L WWFWWI l?EVlP.' GYM Q x V i I 5 nnnmwgm-,mix 1 fn ' ,V , f ,Q ML.: . 1-1-,. w 11 av an gum un- fx www- Hum. .1 V,-www van-awwan-msn'... 'vu-nsxruusfmu-.gnu-1 -- uwuwanq- 1 :1- .11 YP'-,11' -'L '11s 1 11. V9 Eli 'M'1fi' vi U yi V, ,WK-A .1 ff ,.. , 7.7, , .. '1e",3tQ-31 "7"-Um . 'T -Eff ' -' 'T f 1 1 f p 1 1 1 3 I 5?3y,M'Q:rfw,1:L1,,,'f:131: e iw' 1- ,, .1 1 1 11 L g?1gg:Hi1.Tsi1?3.f11fu- 1 1 1 L 4 - ' 1 4 A 752: . , I , 1, A 1 1.1 , . L1' 1 1:1 ' 11? : 1 J'- Vi, , 1 .1 ' 1 , 1' 1 . 1, 1 .1 .1 ' ' 'gf :.1:., , 1k ,111 1,1 , .. 2. ,ff -'fx " - 11 Lf A L 133' 1-11 11 1 I 1 ,-1 1 X , 1 , ai 1 1 51 '1 'if'-F".-f-1:11-11: Q A , - 1. .. Z z ! 1 W 1-4 a,,.1-X 1, 11 - '-'V-115.1 15,11 -,SLG.,.-,..' g4g1fe..fi:1-U, 559,117 ,v- -4 '. -,,wa,v1M I -V J! 1 Y Vai.. M 1 H+ J M. F , , EL CAMINO 1955 EL CERRITO HIGH SCHOOL EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA SP Art Advisor Editor Photographer Of! BARBARA HERRMANN BILL LAWTON 5 ,.,,,,,,,,,........ .................. W ARREN BIRD ELLENE REGALIA MR. KEITH MAHAN 2 v 4 2 2 R Ni 13 li' QVL' M if , MF vm., 3 a' 74 if s ly " 'A . f 2 ff ' Ex 1'2" ,Jr 'lm' QQ Q M A 9: -bfi' l!'J " A ,f N 1 , E VW pMfE,,"?t:'47. - Q, f 'ur' jf, M K .' ' ' l ,W f v , M It In If ', ffl, , ff, " lf if C. , .. an 1,1 , 0 A' 'ff , x I I -K FOREWORD Every day for the past year our feet have followed the paths of E1 Cerrito High School. These paths have led to fields of study, activities, and compan- ionship. The footprints left by alumni have molded E1 Cerrito High into the outstanding school that we are so proud of. When we enter as Sophomores, we im- mediately fall into step with what has gone before us. As Juniors we begin to leave definite impressions in these paths. The Seniors, having worn deeply into their footprints, now look back with hope that they shall leave their footprints for other classes to follow. He is liked for his humor and forthrightness. He is respected for his judgment and integrity . . . As a track coach he has built the E1 Cerrito Relays into one of the outstanding athletic events in Northern California. His teams have maintained the highest standards in performance and sportsmanship. It is with pride that We dedicate the 1955 E1 Camino to a man who has done so much for E1 Cerrito, Mr. Hale Roach. 5 I 4 v - I Conn! Photos by BILL LAWTON The photographs that appear in your 1955 E1 Camino are equally the work of Bill Lawton, Staff Photographer. and of Hal Matson Studios, Oak- land. We feel that l3ill's work is professional in Caliber and present these pictures to support our exaluation. xx 'X gi Y N t l - RQM xTx,E1'::sQ Q. Fax?- V-as YF . 1 F 4 'gi K xgrlkgrl i -if 'fifgfif ,Q 'ig X - 1 5 , A K N A K , as K . b KA if t '-lx . 1 - i gtg" at A, wax l Us i 1 Y nfl i .4 A TABLE OF CCNTENTS Faculty ........................ 9 Seniors ........... . . .l5 Student Government .... . . .39 Clubs ....... . . .47 Student Life .... . . .67 Music and Drama. . . . . .77 Sports ........ . . .89 Classes ...... .... l l5 Advertisements. . . . . . .lZ9 eo Ten years from now, when you look back through this book, you will undoubtedly have forgotten what went on in the world this year. So that you can recall these events we are giving you a summary of the news for fall 1954 and spring 1955. About the time school opened, thoughts were turned to the World Series. More than a few people lost some money when the New York Giants swept the series with the Cleveland Indians. The name most often in the headlines was that of Senator McCarthy. The upper house was making history in its vote to censure the junior Senator from Wisconsin. Housewives, businessmen, and teenagers alike turned their attention from Ma Perkins, the fights, and the Hit Parade to hear the ques- tions and replies of the investigating committee and the man being inves- tigated. This was the year that the Mambo hit the nation. HPapa Loves Mambo," and "Mambo Italiano" could be heard coming from almost every jukebox. Anyone who was anyone had to learn this dance from south of the border. As 1954. was an election year, November was quite a hectic month. The Democrats gained control of both the House of Representatives and Senate, leaving the nation wondering about how Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower would get along. Here in California, Goodwin J. Knight defeated Richard Graves for the Governorship, and the state remained Republican. It was a bad New Year's Day for the Pacific Coast football teams. Ohio State played the University of Southern California in the Rose Bowl and romped over the coast team quite soundly. In the East West Shriner game the west was defeated by a very small margin. Gas mask salesmen did a booming business as the public of Los Angeles became increasingly conscious of the smog threat in their city. No one was sure what caused this eye-watering, odoriferous, nuisance to cover up the blue sky, but plenty of people had theories as to refineries, factories, and automobile exhausts. The threat of the United States being dragged into the war between Nationalist and Communist China was alarming. The nation's anxiety was augmented by the development of new atomic weapons, in particular the atomic submarine, The Nautilus. Fortunately, a little man with a shy voice and a perfectly straight face crept into the living rooms of thousands of Americans to relieve the tension. George Gobel's uyou can't hardly find none of them no morel' pretty much sums up how we felt about this year 1954-1955. V9 VICE-PRINCIPALS Mr. John Palmer Miss Margaret Wolleson -new COUNSELORS 1 41' gsll""" DEANS Miss Madeline Whittlesey Mr. Wilbur Hosmer Mr. Edgar Gehrhardt Miss Edythe Crank Mr. Elmer Lagorio Miss Ann Mikesell ,..v x MATHEMATICS Mr. Howard Mackey Mrs. Vivian Weatherhead Miss May Nissen Mr. Hargrave Swift Mrs. Aleece Cebhart Mr. Robert Bolt ENGLISH Mr. Sam Elkind Mr. William Green Mrs. lrma Ledgerwood Mrs. Mabel Clayworth Mr. Walter Dodds Mrs. Marjorie Thomas Mr. Keith Mahan Mrs. Felicia Carson Mr. Arthur Schwenk Mr. Torrey Wuesthoff Absent Miss Marjorie Rose SCIENCE Mr. Robert Etcheverry Mr. Vincent Jacobson Miss Jessie Muir Mr. Ted Beck Mr. James Gok Mr. Fred Luke SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Jack Wilde Mr. Stephen Yoas Miss Mary Flinn Miss Elizabeth True Mr. John Nelson Mr. John Tietjen Mr. Leroy Gustavson Absent Mr. Frank Schofield Mr. John Scharetg 'W LANGUAGES Miss Marjorie Rose Miss Margaret Brunink Miss Keiko Hiramoto Miss Elsie Ferrando i.,15.r. A f' was - .My sf ' 'Af-7,62 0 ' , ', is 5. fi fi . ..i , ., 5. f. 3' uggg -SWT. ar? ' FINE ARTS HOME ECONOMICS Mr. lilavicl Kesler Mrs. lfvclyn lirczw Alisrfnl Mr. john Owrlioltzer Mrs. Mildred Sobey Miss Matilda lionne Mrs. Marjorie York Miss Hoberla McTear BUSINESS EDUCATION l Wi i .-. Q . 'B nn , fb "S First row: Miss Anora Hallinan Mrs. Blossom Rice Mrs. Phyllis Clark Mrs. Virginia Kent Second row: Mr. Patrick Halligan Mrs. Shirley Cam Mrs. Norma Bell Mrs. Amybelle Siler Mr. James Gok . 5321, f,,f, , , 2 . ,i 3 1 PHYSICAL EDUCATION BOYS Mr. Ed Collins Mr. Ken Butler Mr. Richard Lovette Mr. ,lake lVlcKune Mr. Hale Roach Mr. St. John Smith Mr. Richard Hunn GIRLS Miss Delphine Sparks Miss Maxine Peck Mrs. Irene Bertram Mrs. Mary Karp Miss Rae Hewitson SHOPS Mr. Floyd Schwarz Mr. Carleton DeWitt Mr. Merrill Giberson Mr. Marion Thomas Mr. William Clark Mr. Ed Sheldon Mr. William Phillips Mr. Fred Hoffman Twwfx ..s R W nf rv 5 N"'T.IQ,3' ,Ltr Q1 1- x f-- lyi ' r L. .?l..f..1 rv-Y gin! SECRETARIES Mrs. Ida Powell Mrs. Mary Pendleton Miss Mary Fracchia Miss Nada Lora Mrs. Doris Hurst Y'-.,J i Lu .vi ,,,,,-1 w 'i Q fgi'1W,z 5. ,N xiii? 'l.r.c4..4..:.w- "" "Ns-Q " A ff in, ,, 6 ' ,ifiyfig ,. ,SH , My I L. ,.,, f wdfg- 4, 1 .f A,,f, V -,, ,1,-',,, 53, , ,, ' V V ,V E. ,k -M Q f 42, , ggyfifmw, , , V .f V. WI' Eff , 4,,.,fv-1 4 if W5 . . 1 . ., M, 1 , . 15 iii- :O vw- :hw Ling ur-11.-1. if O 'fl 'A' Q W-.N p,i 'Y' "U- : j ' -, .I '. 'ann ifafif-3-5. as -.., SU PERINTEN DENT'S MESSAGE Charles W. Eliot once said, "Liberal education develops a sense of right, duty and honorg and more in the modern world, large business rests on rectitude and honor as well as on good judgment." Dr. Eliot was right in what he said, but it is my feeling that he did not go far enough. I believe that you, as graduating seniors, will find that small business as well as large business is founded on these principles. As a matter of fact, you will probably find that the Hgood lifef' is founded on these principles. My best advice to you, as you face a new phase of your life, is to practice well the principles of honor and rectitude in all your doings. You will find that this practice will reward you highly. On behalf of the entire staff of' Richmond Schools I wish you every success in all of your future endeavors. George D. Miner Superintendent of Schools I' 1- Judge Joe Martyn Turner Mr. Robert Collins Mr. Dana Murdock Mr. Manuel Mello Mr. Meredith Morgan DR. GEORGE D. MINER Dear Seniors: Footprints in the sands of time are unerasable. As you leave the halls of El Cerrito, I wonder if your footprints of deeds accom- plished and of standards set will be unerasable. It has not been easy for you to travel the path of learning to this point. There have been many side trails which have looked more inviting. There have been hills to climb . . . hills on which many of your footsteps have fal- tered. So, to those of you who have successfully by-passed these side trails and crested the hill of knowledge at El Cerrito High School, I bid you farewell, secure in the thought that the footprints that you are leaving will be guid- ing marks to successive students at El Cerrito High School. Sincerely yours, Cgcordl O CLAUDE D. SAMPLES Principal VICILANTE COMMITTEE - Top row: Art Williams, James Young, Jim Linhart. Gil Citch- ell,,l0n Soutliwick. Bottom row: .lane Barthold, Shirley Marhefka, Donna Stover, Pat Burton and Janet Holmes. FALL OFFICERS l,Il'SFdl'lI1, LZARL CASSAIJY Vice President, DAVE NESS Secretary, CHARMAINE THOMPSON J., -W 3 as Q 114 3, Q Q A , 1 i f 1 '- ' gl i i l f i ff - f I 6 ., V . ...lg I Q, e, ' . v.'. 'J-. ' ,Z Wi V, QV Qui! ., Q, "' x ' i Nxt- 'W if ' in l 1 , A 6 YH' f' if V' J all i I V' , auf ' f .WM it F -V 1 ..f.1n -..f...'. L - ..-.4....... ,wsu CENTRAL COMMITTEE - Boys: Bob Bell, Dave Ness, Carl Cassady, and Art Williams. Girls: Sandra Olson, Barbara Steninger, Nancy Lewis, and Sandra Hammerickson. FALL GRADUATES 'F' .h., BOYD ANDERSON DOTTIE ANDERSON JEANETTE AKERS JANE BARTHOLD MAX BARELLA BOB BELL L. J. BRIGGS GARLAND BURGIE PAT BURTON LEE CALIN CARL CASSADY SHIRLEY CLAYCOMB DONNA CLOE GLORIA CRAYTON FERN CROSSLEY LORNA CROWE CLARA CUNNINGHAM TOM DE MUNK TONI DE REYNIER JEANNIE DOIRON KATHLEEN DREYER ROYCE EASTMAN BOB EVANS ANITA GASTON SHARON CUIDICI DORIS DUNN LOUISE ELSENIUS LEONA FONS GIL GITCHELL MARY HAIL DIANE DECKARD ED ENSOR HERBERT GARDNER CHIC GOODMAN SANDRA HAMMERICKSEN 1 6. 4A If JOE HARRIS JANET HOLMES KENDALL HUDSON ROBERT KING JIM LINHART BOB GRAVES FREDDIE MAE HOLMES EARL JOHNSON J ANICE KOENIG FRED LOPE RAY HOPKINS DOROTHY HOWARD PAT JOHNSON NANCY LEWIS DIANE MANN X f J AMES YOUNG ERROL LAN ELLA ERNEST WALTON ARTIHIER WILLIAMS RUSS WILSON DON WRIGHT ED WRIGHT DOUG YOUNG Hb Ir I uhh Af? ny. , Senior Central Committee Vice President LARRY HAINES ,fr -4: 55 , ,gf--..,, M5-og. J? ' Y, f iw' -, j. -' i Q Q 1445, fi! .J V ?JJff,.,', e, ,if ' ' , ' fw.,. , e ang " - V. f u, ,, H, 7 L V , NWN ,, ., ex eh Secretary J O SNYDER OFFICERS I f , ? fwiyz, ' 'M' .faffme President BUD BACKMAN Fifth Period Lunch SPRING GRADUATES GERALD ALAMEDA ROSEMARY ANCTIL SHIRLEY ATKINS BUD BACKMAN CAROLYN BARBER SHIRLEY ALKIRE NANCY ANDERSEN BILL ATTWATER JOHN BACQUE ARRON BARKER -K ELLA MAE ALLUMS JACKIE ANDREWS CLAUDIA AUCH DENNIS BAILEY LIONEL BATISTE SHARON AMES BARBARA APPLEBY SUE AXELROD HAROLD BAIN JOAN BELL fc 'N , , ,,!, , V if 0 . Mg? , ,, ,M ge-A 3 X 1 ,ga N N x B' Q? W g! 3 , ' im. Q? ,S f, fly Q 1 a nw. Aw: MORLA CAMPBELL DAN CARLEVARO BILL CARMICHAEL GEORGE CARTER LARRY CARVER MONICA CAVALLI BOB CAYLOR HAROLD CHAMBERS NANCY CHEEK RENEE CHENEY BETTY CHRISTENSEN JANIS CINCERA RICHARD CLARK RON COBURN VERNON COE NEOLA COFFEY BILL CONNELLY J ON COSTER CHARLES COTTON RON COVERSTON ED CREER SHIRLEY CREER SHARON CUKALE JOAN CUSICK BOB DANGLES CAROL DAVIDSON GWEN DAVIS JOE DAVIS RICHARD DAVIS MURIEL DENNIS DICK DEGEORGIS ALLAN DELISLE DAVID DEL Rosso RICHARD DEMERCURIO CHARLES DEVERS DON DEv0RE SHIRLEY DOMINGO J. T. DORTCH JOSEPHINE DOZIER KENNETH DROUIN B013 DURFLINGER BEVERLY EARL SUE EBINGER ROBERTA EDMUNDSON ELEANOR EDWARDS MARTHA EIDE BILL ELLEDGE BOB ELLEDGE Jo ANNE ELY LIZ EMMENEGGER RONALD EMONS BETTY ENGLAND BOB EREMIA IVA ERICKSON BILL ERWIN PAULA EVANS 4,2 -inuwxm-suu 1 --.zz-1 1'- ,RVN 1 KAREN F ARLEY JOAN FLORES MARY FORD JOHN GASPARINI SANDY GINDER 28 CAROL GLEASON ANN GREATBANK SIIEILA GRIEP ARLITYA GROVE HECTOR GUTIERREZ Dv- DONNA GORDON BILL GREEN GLENN GRICSBY MAUREEN GUIDICI BILL HAGGERTY If CARRIE GRANT PHYLLIS GREER PAT GROP MARY GULBRANSON LARRY HAINES . Li MILDRED F IGURSKY GRACE F LURY MARY ALICE FORT DON GERMANN JACK GWIN ELISABETH FLACK STANLEY FONO KEN FUJIMOTO ARLENE GIRLIN JIM GIYENS DENNIS HALL JOHN HAMACHI ALLEN HAMILTON Ross PAT TOM HANELT RUTH HANSON JOY HARSCH ALBERT HATA HANSEN DAMON HORNE DAN HART INEZ HAYES HANSEN CHARLOTTE HARRIS FREZELL HART LORETTA HEARSUM f llxw-l1ul ,,-1 . Al .g ED HEGGERTY AVALENE HENNINOSEN GLORIA HERNANDEZ SHIRLEY HIOOS MURRAY HILTY MARILYN HEINKEL JANICE HENSILL BARBARA HERRMANN GEORGE HILL SHIRLEY HINELINE , ., 1 Ayifi Ur , if BERTHA HENDERSON DORSEY HENSLEY KATHLEEN HICKS KEN HILL GLADYS HODGES 29 if ARDIS HOFFMAN JO HOLLINOSHEAIJ JOHNNY HOLMES GERI HONEYCUTT MARGARET HOPKINS PAUL HOUOHTON CLARA HOURANY GARY HUBBARD HUEY J ONES NONA HUGHES ORIL LEE HUNN GERALD HUNTER REBA HURST ELEANOR JACKSON JAMES JACKSON VERDA LEE JACKSON EVELYN J AMBECK RONNIE JAMES SHARRON JAMES HELEN JANZEN MAROY J ARVIS JANET J ENSON DICK JOHNSON MARJORIE JOHNSON MAXINE JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON CLAIRE JOHNSTON LEILA JONES MANETHA FAYE JONES MARTHA JONES THELMA J ONES JIM KELLEY SHERRY KELLY MAX KERN SHARON KERSHAW CLYDE KING DOUG KING DOROTHY KINNARD TED KIRSCH MARY LEE KITTREDGE GLENN KJILSTROM CHARLES KOSCINSKY DON KOTLER MARILYN KOUTZ BERNICE LABRADO DOUG LANs SVEN LANTZ HELEN LARSON HAROLYN LASSON BILL LAWTON VIRGINIA LEACH JOHN LEE GEORGE LEHTO DAWSON LEONARD JIM LESLIE RICHARD LEVIN I GERALD LEWIS MIIRIPIL LEWIS Jo ANN L0sIsIa BILL Low DON LOYA LAUIIENCE LUCAS ixx f f I GERRY LIMBALIGH BARBMA LINAM LOIIELIE LUCAS DAImEI.L Lunwxc NANCY Luuwxc BE'I'I'Y Lusx :iw f nary f -, ,,, ef ' f',i2f ,E an 'BT 'iw Q s.,1.f2f k. - ' ,4-N ,- VI,-Q ...Q .J . W -1,., I .,,,i. GARY NORDINE ART ODERIO CARQROLL OLSON GALIA ONUFRIEFF WAYNE O,REAR DON OSTERHOLT GARY OVERSTREET CONNIE PADILLA NORMAN PARKIN ED PASCOE DAVID PEELER MIKE PENNY DEANNE PERADA JERRY PERDUE ROGER PERELLI JOHN PETSAS THURMAN PHILPOT RAY PIKE Russ PITZER PAT POIRIER LOUIS POWELL VERA PRIDE EARL QUESTAD ALICE QUIRK FRANK RADOSEVICH BARBARA RAUHALA BUD RALEY DAVID REDO SUSAN REED ELLENE REGALIA DORRIE REYNOLDS WILMA RICHARDSON PEGGY RIDGEWAY LYDIA RIVERA WAYNE ROBERSON SHARON ROBERTS JERRY ROBERTSON SHARON ROBINSON VIVIAN ROBINSON STAN RODGERS JERRY ROHLES KENNETH RAY CAROL Ross LARRY Ross KEN RUSSELL MARY RUDD JEI-'ERIE RUI-'FIN ELDON RUMMEL BILL RUPPERT JACKIE RURY DAVE RYNIN BILL SADLER PAT SANDERS JOAN SANTOGROSSI DONNA SANTARELLI JEAN SAUERS L , . PEARL SEALE JO ANN SCHLAJGER JIM SCHRIBER GAIL SHINAGAWA FRANCENE SILVER ,r 9- DONALD SCHAEI-'ER WES KAY SCHEIDEMAN BILL 7 -Us SCHOLTZHAUER KAY SHARPE JEAN SCHULTZ JIMMY SHATES JIM SVHIROMOTO SHIVELY JAMES SKARDA JERRY SKINNER GL xx: CHARLENE SMITH WILLIAM SMITH BARBARA SOUzA LONNEAL SPEER ANN STAPLES ELVIS SMITH LEE SNELL BOB SOUTHWICK RON SPEIGEL DONNA STIMEL VERDELL SMITH JO SNYDER MARCO SORENSON RAYMOND STANLEY ANNA STOLLGER BOB STONE JIM STREET LINDA TAGGART LEROY TAYLOR PAUL THOMPSON V M, f :yy ,fffyg 1. 'fywfmf' -4 TAATAA' HAROLD STONE JUDY STRELECKY RICHARD TAMBELLINI PEARLINE TAYLOR MAROIE THORNTON HOWARD STRATTON SEI SUGIYAMA DIANE TALBOT LOIS THOMASSON JULIE TICK FRANCES TOUSIGNANT SUZANNE TREES DORIS TURNER VIRGINIA VERNON GRANT WEEKS El -we-M fn CHUCK TOWER BOB TROTTER SUE VAN ATTA MARY VILLALOBAS RUTH WELLER W A . DANA TOWER VADA T ULLIS RICARDO VILLANUEVA A. Y. WALLACE MICKEY WENINGER 'w1 W1- 2 ,J ART WRIGHT DARIEN WIEKING SHIRLEY WILKINS BOB WILLIAMS DEE WILLIAMS ANN WILSON KENNETH WIRTH ROXANNE WITHERBEE RAY WOLFE THELMA WOODS ALLEN WHEELER GLORIA WHITAKER VIRGINIA WICKER URSCHEL WICKLIFF NO PICS PAT BYRNE NEIL COREY JANET Cox RICHARD DORESTEIN ALFRED GALLEGOS TOM GREEN JOHN HALLENDER CHARLES HANFORD GLEN HOLMES ED HUNT ELIAS J OJOLA ORIS LOUISVILLE HARRY MOITOZA BILL MOSING ROTRAUD PAMP JACKIE POWELL LYN ROSS DELIA SCHIZZANO DON SEPULVEDA WARREN SWINHART DENNY WRIGHT JOAN WRIGHT VICTOR WROOBEL NIGEL YANDELL HIROKO YOSHIDA HENRY YOUNG WILLIE YOUNG JOHN ZAPPIA KARLYN ZOBEL ma.,nwwn3w,w , f-ff ,mf -,-, ,.,, V ,, 4, '54 4 v ff ,,. ,Q f 'y ff f, '11 , X 'A' af r 1' yiyf, 'ig w fa , WZ' ,M 0, as ,fz A 5,7 2 f-41 4 , ,mv N, Q 1 5 :.5:,,. A V If ., , , my ,MU ffg"i" Ji.-,apvm,' L Q 1- fy. 2 ' 1' ERNMENT FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS WDIIQ? f V Q JOHN PIEF President BARBARA HERRNIANN Vice President TON! DE REYNIER Secretary 33' N A Ms A WARREN BIRD DIANE DECKARD ALLEN HAMILTON Commissioner of Finance Commissioner. of Entertainment Commissioner of Athletics CHEERLEADERS John Pinkston Judy Muirhead Mary Lee Kittredge Gail Shinagawa Pat Hansen Helen Larson 11.1-v V 1- SPRING LEGISLATURE This semester Legislature voted on and passed a bill granting all club sponsors a reimbursement for their special activities. Each club was placed into a class according to the activity of the sponsor, and the club and Student Association shared the expense. Also during this semester we held a Student Body Dance, had a Student Teacher Day, decided to have pom-pom girls during the football semester, and sent our yell leaders to C.O.P., where they won highest awards in leading cheers. The highlight of the semester was a Slave Day in which We not only raised enough money to pay the expenses of an exchange student but also to assist our choice of exchange on his trip to Europe this summer. . ,,. Q nlv wma-N ,al 1 1.-21.4 iran: WARREN BIRD GAIL SHINAGAWA Vice President Secretary BARBARA HERRMANN President SVEN LANTZ Commissioner of Finance PETE ANDERSEN Comnzissioner of Ifntcrtainnzenz n,0YnMu.f1mH SPRING STU DENT BODY OFFICERS Commissioner of Alhlrflirs Awww, HL. wry- , at Q ., 1'-ff ,. f ' , jp A 7 ' " B- R 'V " Jvi E i qw. T ,gg Q m f eeoi i Z? i.ie ' Q? ,g f A., 1 wp, Helen Larson Pat Hansen Pete Bailey Mary Lee Kittredge CHEERLEADERS SPRING LEGISLATURE During the spring term, legislature was very active. They sponsored a second Student Association dance, a camera day, and in collaboration with the Thespian Society sponsored a playg the proceeds of which went into the Entertainment Fund. Among the bills brought up was a bill putting class elections on a secret ballot basis, and one pertaining to eligibility of class officers, 'S FALL LOWER COURT HELEN ,IANZEN ,.,,, ,, , , , .,,,A , Public Defender LYN ROSS , ..,,,,,,, ,,...,..,..,,7,,,,. ,,,. J u dge SANDRA OLSON ,. . ,. A ,L , ,.... Judge SUZANNE TREES I ,, Attorney General SUPREME COURT MR. PALMER, ELLENE REGALIA, MR. SAMPLES, Associate Justices SUPREME COURT SPRING LOWER COURT A -ai I 44 WZ ,.,H,,,, KQ5 kv. -nm VIRGINIA VERNON ELLENE REGALIA Associate Justices DAVE OWENS ..........,..........,,,,,........,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Judge STAN SCHIFFMAN ..,. Assistant Attorney General SUZANNE TREES ....,,..,....,,,...................,.......,.. Judge PETE LOEB ,......,.,.,I.. ,,.... A ttorney General LARRY HAINES ,,.., ...,,.,,,............, B ailiff 1 I.C.C.C. FALL The purpose of the Inter-Club Coordinating Council is to coordi- nate club activities, because proj- ects are more successful if they are supported by the whole school. This also prevents possible con- flicts in the social schedule. SPRING OFFICERS JOY HARSCH ..........,,....,.........,......,...,.,...,.... Secretary HELEN JANZEN .,,,......, r......., V ice President SUZANNE TREES ,..............,.............,....,..,.. President I I.C.C.C. SPRING p ' Mtv i L g '20, FALL OFFICERS BILL CARMICHAEL ...rl.....,,.........,..,, Vice President CHARMAINE THOMPSON .,.,,,, .,-,,,,,, S ecretary LYN ROSS ....................Y.........., ........ P resident ,p 5- 1. ftf' Wx i. 4. ,7 'ff V Q, A WW S Q MR. WHITE Frank Radosevich, Rally Boy stops two girls in Rally Committee Sponsor ghe hall, RALLY COMMITTEE The Rally Committee un- cler lVlr. Wllite, has clone a good job this year, keeping orcler at games and assem- blies. CAFE BOYS HALL BOYS ' U11 W P " gk- Tony Armas selling milk in the Cafetorium. Left to right: Tom De Munck, Pat Byrne, Dick Johnson l B f B' ff , 1 vi Q L V a I J , , V A v .7 1' 4 , 4 Q I 'X 1 f' 19954 - ' a A If n 13.4 I . f..?,v, In V in , 1 - 'ff 5 i gm, If ,avr ' ' 5 fwf'i'l N A 3 gig ., . rl w an K Q-agua f A- 1- gm., , 1:3 ' , 1 L ' , . 3 x ' ss- - ' , 1 A - uv " ' an . , W4 x f V , . ,,x,4 1 '. ff 1 'hfgfe ' ' Q vvaamnvgww 1 bit. as Las shi ff' rrrfff + Q s 2. 2. Z J' -Q WSN 'TX 5, W ,,. I I K- I 'fn I I A JUDY BOWERS WARREN BIRD ELLENE REGALIA Clubs Sports Arr Editor , BILL LAWTON Photographer 1fJ I I JERRY ROHLES Seniors SYLVIA BUNCE Student Government , 'hex M M ,, W.-. gy., Q 'S+ ,f-ek:f:e42" In Lrrw . -1, Y ' 52, fgf. 1, new .glib BARBARA HERRMANN Editor MR. KEITH MAHAN Advisor RUSS WILSON SANDI MYERS Faculty Advertisements nm. , mv.-.VM . ,TI ,, V BARBARA HARNETT Girls' Sports Advisories CORNELIA HUGHES Music and Drama DIANE DECKARD Top Salesman GAIL SHINAGAWA Top Salesman PETE BAILEY BARBARA GINTER Faculty Girls' Sports Advisories CAM STAFF This is your book! And ours too. It's your book because it records all of your activities ,for the year. It's our book because part of us has gone into every page. We have lost weight, sleep, and finger nails but welve enjoyed every minute. We hope it will give you many hours of pleasure. EL CAMINO STAFF CAM SALESMEN-Back row: Gordon Finn, Sylvia Bunce. Front row: Ruth Showalter, Barbara Herrman, Cornelia Hughes, Ellene Regalia, Diane Deckard. Not pictured: Barbara Harnett, Gail Shinagawa, Char- maine Thompson, Russ Wilson, Warren Bird, Judy Bowers, Jerry Rholes, Barbara Ginter. l 49 Here are the people who gave us our paper last fall. Louise Elsenius was the editor and the page heads were Sandra Olson, Louise Elsenius, Dorsey Hensley, Diane Mann, Syl- via Seltzer, Joan Cusick, and Elaine Newell. I . A Q Jn ,asm Th S18 e never-tiring Mr. Dodds trying to inspire the ff. Shake break. CABBY STAFF Here are the kids who were respon- sible for getting the Cabhys out this spring. The editor was Dorsey Hensely and Dave Rynin, Victor Wrooble, Irv- ing Dunne, Elaine Newell, and Brenda Gibson were the page heads. Advisor, MR. WALTER DODDS Hurrying to meet the Wednesday deadline. 'X J? , X .,,.. l r WS m .W S? Aside from decorating the football field for games, Boosters honored the alumni by sponsoring the annual Homecoming Dance and then started something new by having a 'Sock Hopf' At Christ- mas, some of the mem- bers went down to Per- manente Hospital to cheer up the children. T. ' '-JSI. F maj N 1 cz! 1L 'Q K ii . ' ' ,-'B -ff i if ' l 1 Y .4 Sponsor: MR. VINCENT JACOBSON ,, ,,,, 1 FALL OFFICERS: President, Bill lVleKnigrhlg 'liI'i'11SllI'l'l', Sandy Ginderg Skit Chairman, llyron Larnbivg Vive Prcsimlcnt, Diam- Talbolg Secretary, Rena-0 Chr'- ney. SPRING Ul"FlCl'iRS: Vice Pres- ident, Allcn Halnillong Secre- tary, ,Iumly Muirhcadg Treasurer, jo Snyflc-rg Prffsirlecnt, Sandy Cinder. TERS 'lisa xy, ,..p--" ..f,J We J' i 'li H FALL OFFICERS: President, Judy Stre- leckyg Roll Call Clerk, Abbey Arteagag Secre- tary, Adrienne Fagi- anog Vice President, Phyllis Wells, Treas- urer, Donna Vodjan- sky. Sponsor: MRS. MARJORIE YORK Some of Del Loma's money-making projects this year were a very successful fudge sale and cookie sale. They also had a lot of fun at the spa- ghetti dinner they gave for Del Mar. SPRING OFFICERS: Treasurer, Glenda Crownoverg Secretary, Judy Streleckyg His- torian, Phyllis Wellsg President, Fagianog Vice President, JoAnn Ely, absent. DEL LOMA 1.1-af' ' FALL OFFICERS: President, Liz Emmeneggerg Vice President, Cail Shinagawa: Secretary, Marilyn Heinkleg Treasurer, Claudia Auhlg Social Chairman, Marilyn Koutz. La Doradais two big activities this year were their snow trip to Soda Springs and their Valentine dance, "Sweetheart Swingf' The decorations were very clever and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. The group, under the direction of Mrs. Wild, had a very successful and enjoyable year. LA DO RA DA Sponsor: MRS. MARIE WILD SPRING OFFICERS: President, Marilyn Koutzg Vice President Julie, Joan, Paula, and Joan caught in 'a SHOW- lone Kjelstromg Secretary, Galia Onufrieffg Treasurer, Nancy storm. Cheelgg Social Chairman, Nancy Anderson. :J -Z FALL OFFICERS: President, Diane Deckardg Vice President, Judy Bowers, Secretary, Renee Cheney, Treasurer, Diane Talbotg Social Chairman, Dee Brooks. Sponsor: MRS. MARY KARP LA PLAYA A new and successful idea was put into effect this year as the members of La Playa became "big sisters" to all the new sophomore girls. It,s pretty easy to get lost on the first day of school, and the friendly help seemed to be greatly appreciated. Of course, everyone enjoyed himself at the annual Christ- mas formal, "White Christ- mas." SPRING OFFICERS: President, Dee Brooksg Vice President, Joy Hartschg Secretary, Sue Trees, Treasurer, Barbara Herrmanng Social Chairman, Janice Berthelsen. Sponsor: MR. STEVE YOAS DEL MAR HI-Y Not-one, but two dances were sponsored very successfully by Del Mar this year. A truckload of mistletoe made "Mistletoe Lanei' live up to its name. Again, in the spring, atmosphere was created at the Sadie Hawkins Dance by covering the floor with straw. Besides being the first cotton dance of the year, this was a turn- ahout dance with all the Daisy Maes asking the Li'l Abners. One of the first activities of the year was the beach party at Stinson. A President, Bud P1'6SldCI1t, Bud Backmang Vice President, Albert Backmang Vice President, Warren Hatag Secretary, Warren Birdg Treas- Birdy Secretary, Larry HaiI1CS9 Treas- urer, Bob Bellg Sergeant-at-Arms, Lee urer, Sven Lantzs Sergeant-at-Arms, Cahn. Tom Butler. Cordon, Warren, and Ken get- ting in the spirit of selling tick- ets for .the Sadie Hawkins Dance. FORTY-NINER HI-Y A wet and cold, but thoroughly enjoyable weekend was spent by the 49ers this winter. Obviously, a gay time was had by all. S ectacular unique, and lavish all apply to the 49ers' dance, P 1 c'Cocktails for Twof' The pink and black theme, the tables night club style, and the entertainment provided a topic of conversation for quite a while. SPRING OFFICERS: President, Bill FALL OFFICERS? President, Jack McKnightg Vice President, Jerry Skin- Markleg Vice President, Bill Carmi- chaelg Secretary, Dan Carlevarog Treas- S onsor: MR. FRED LUKE urer, Nigel Yandellg Sergeant-at-Arms, P Doug Muncy. levaro. 1 1- -1--1 - nerg Secretary, Murry Hiltyg Treasurer, Ed Pascoeg Sergeant-at-Arms, Dan Car- QF, S FALL 0l"l"lCl'lRS: Pre-sidvnl, Pete lam-hp Vice- l'l'1'si1lvnI, Wurrf'n Birdg Secretary, Helm-n Janzcng Trcasu1'cr, Sue- Trccsg Ilurliamcntariant David Rynin. SPRING OFFICERS: President. War- ren Birdg Vice President. Sue Treesg Secretary, Helen Janzeng Treasurer, Doug Lansg Parliamentarian, Stan Shiffman. ' 1 in" ' lsr H' " J' ' an 1 "" 1 11' ' ' union JUNIOR STATESMEN In election year, J.S.A. finds it- self very much involved. Sponsor- ing a heated political rally be- tween Cqongressional Candidates Robert Condon and John Baldwin was the main fall activity. Red hearts and silver silhouettes almost hid the walls of the Lake Temescal Club House at the J.S.A. Valentine Dance. And of course, the chapter sent delegates to all the regional and state conventions. LOS H I DALGOS Speakers, movies, and panel discussions were on the agenda for the Honor Society meetings this year. Under the guidance of the new activity spon- sor, Mr. Mahan, the membership grew to 82. Sylvia, Mr. Mahan, Miss Hiromoto, and Tom who took part in a heated panel discussion on such controversial subjects as outside reader tests and KDO teachers have to give big tests on the same day?" Sponsors MR. KEITH MAI-IAN and MRS. VIVIAN WEATHERHEAD FALL OFFICERS: President, Barbara Herrmanng Vice President, Russ Pit- zerg Secretary-Treasurer, Ellene Re- galia. SPRING OFFICERS: President, War' ren Birdg Vice President, Jim Shivelyg Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Janzen. 4 , FALI, OFFICICRS: 'I'r1-asurz-r, I.iIIy Morilag Secretary. Ian Matsunaglag V i c 1- I1H'5il'Il'l'1I, ,Ir-Iiriv Huffing I'rz-sid:-nl. Iiar- Imura Souzag I,v,u. II:-p.. Sliirlvy Hin:-Iinv. SPRING OIWICICRS: Sm-rr-tary. Mary Alice- Furl: 'I'n-asurm-r. Kun-n Inndquislg Img, H1-p., Elf-mmr ,luvksong Vive- I'rvsi4Ivnl. Pai I' Souza. L0 oirivr: I,rvsi1I1'lit. Barbara 4 e I fi' 1 t A ' 3 - f X ' "ll 1 as y I I F.B.L.A. Lt, fw- Sponsor: MISS MARY JANE SHEERAN 1 L Almost everyone has bought at Ieast one of F.B.L.A.'s sturdy green and white hook covers The Future Business Leaders of Amer ica spent a whole day visltlng different business firms in Wh1Ch they were interested and, in the spring, they sent representatives to the state convention in Long Beach. ANNIE QMARGIED OAKLEY f RIFLE CLUB A very controversial subject this year was the Rifle Club. When the constitution was pre- sented to Legislature for approval, the clause which said uno girlsn immediately brought a big pro- test from-who else?-the girls. This brought a lot of publicity. Of course the girls won out, the constitution was changed and now there are more girls than boys in the club. The sharp shooters are sponsored by representatives of the California Fish and Game Commission. .pa , .4 4" , 64 41755 V 1 OFFICERS: Executive Officer Douglas Bleyersg Sergeant-at Arms, Lanny Anstedg President Reginald Browng Vice President Dwayne Coateg Secretary-Treas urer, Helen Larson. -1 T U N ESCO FALL OFFICERS. President, Sven Lantzg Vice President, Doug Lansg Secretary, John Eagle. SPRING OFFICERS President, Doug Lansg Vice President, Cor- nelia Hughesg Secre tary, Dale Bowman. BAR ASSOCIATION FALL OFFICERS: President. Pete Loebg Vice President. Lyn Rossg Secretary, Suzanne Treesg Examiner, Helen janzen. SPRING OFFICERS: President, Dave Owensg Vice President, Helen janzeng Secretary, Bar- bara Herrmann. LOS FRANCESCADOS FALL OFFICERS: Secretary, Miyako Sugiyamag Vice President, Shirley Wilkins, President, Pearl Sealeg Treas- urer, Harolyn Lassong Leg. Rep., .Ioe Shelfog Publicity Chairman, Carol Iemison. SPRING OFFICERS: Vice President, Sandra Blackwell, President, Shirley Wilkins. Absent: Secretary, Carol Iem- isong Treasurer, Gail Howland. -40 ,.4v""" LOS VIAJEROS FALL OFFICERS: Secretary, Phyllis Wells, President, Jim Streetg Vice President, .lack Repass. Absent: Treasurer, Dick Tinkham. SPRING OFFICERS: President, .lack Repassg Vice President, Dick Tink- hamg Secretary, Phyllis Wellsg Treasurer, Gilbert Rodier. Sponsor: MR, HOWARD MACKEY 2 .--.- 4 wnlwf- Q 1...... LOS HABLADORES The Senior llebate Team, consisting of Doug Lans and Pete Loeb, made the finals in almost every tournament while the ,lunior Debate Team Llloug Henderson and Reginald Brownl has made the semi-finals. Although it is only a year and a half old, the speakers club has won many honors for El Cerrito, participating in tournaments in Oakland and San Fran- cisco. Pearl Scale placed first in Girls' Impromptu and Tom MacMillan won the same honor in Humorous Interpre- tation. Lillie Clark, Pete Anderson, Lyn Ross placed in Dramatic Declamation, Boys' Impromptu, and Girls, Impromp- tu, respectively. Others participating were Barbara Herrmann and Pete Loeb, who placed second in their fields of Original Oratory. Sponsor: MR. WALTER TRAVIS FALL OFFICERS: Secretary, Helen Janzeng Vice President, Liz Revellog President, Pete Loeb. SPRING OFFICERS: President, Doug Larisg Vice President, Pete Loeb. Ab- sent: Secretary, Reginald Brown. Notice that striking stance! At least he is making his point in demonstrating debate technique to Reginald. I . ,, ' A, C JH, , K , H . LOS SABIOS FALL OFFICERS: President, Lewis Linson: Secretary, Sheila Criepg Vice President, Pete Loeb. SPRING OFFICERS: Vice President, Lewis Linsong Pres- ident, Bill Lawtong Secretary, Sheila Griep. Both of these clubs have been very active this year. The science club, sponsored by Mr. Ted Beck, has gone on quite a few field trips and at Christmas, the Home Ec girls, under the guidance of Miss Roberta McTear, stuffed toy animals for under- privileged children. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FALL OFFICERS: Publicity Chairman, Sharon Robinson, Secretary, Mari- Iynn Heinkelg Vice President, Susan Browng President, Barbara Stenninger. Absent: Treasurer, Shirley Hammond. , SPRING OFFICERS: Secretary, Sharon Robinson: Treasurer, Joan Haynesg Vice President, Marilynn Heinkelg President, Susan Brown. wa-M-z.m.A w 'li-. MAINTENANCE CREW Back row: Bill Carmichael, Thurman Philpot. ,lon Southwick, Toni DeMunck. Front row: Derwyn Cugley. Mike Joyce, Bob Durflinger. MIKE CREW Back row: Pete Carter, Don Luis, Tom Robertson. Front row: Ray Berg, Bob Cozzo. ' Nr' PROJ ECTION CREW Back row: Lee Snell, Herb Gardner, Carroll Olson. Middle row: Bob Elledge, Martha Jones, Pat Byrne. Front row: Don Wright, Jeffery Ward, Bob Cambell. 'E'-It .A l1v ff. W M' A 78-an ' " M. r 1 1- : y x ,'Wj' if 'Lv xv -N -Q , ' f -Q5 ' 1 4 'L f. ' -es IU' Y yoj font 419 . , 1 , N , 1 h. , A f C 'X 4 5, R 'R- Wsz Q Q A . A , lv' .- V LJ .Nix - A 'fx K, . n X V qv sill: h 4 an i v - -, - f ' W wx no , ' " ' 4 -4 - Q... a 1 ." , ' 4 , 7 A f , 68 5 I ' A 2 , A lu. g, ,E-.""v,, ---M g 'W 0 4 f1 1 sq' Q, if"'f , 0 all Ko is it no.--1. .4 Q ' 1 f Q ...L I 'WD Q vf ,qqovli Y, Q 9 . Q sg? ' 5 9 c M,y,,-ff! , N In Gsm Ei' P, ? What a variety of activities go on at E.C.H.S.! Bill McKnight and Pat Hansen, Judy Bowers and Gordon Mat- tonen seem to be enjoying each other's company while Warren Bird and Al Hamilton look rather antagonistic. We certainly can find various ways to do homework. Eldon Rummel and Adri- 5 i 'Xl enne Fagiano are excellent examples of this. Bobi Herrmann and Helen Janzen are engaged in a very pleasant extra- curricular activity-restoring their tis- sues at the Cam Staff picnic. it IFR --Q M55 Dt All Although we have had on- ly two Student Teacher Days, it has hecome a tradi- tion at El Cerrito High School. Each class elects one of its members as teacher and the Student Body Officers take over the administrative positions. The Mteacherv makes plans that he hopes will keep the class husy. He Q .fa Q Na, -hs' i Tk r. l ', 133- 'TE c' 11 ' 53, F., , X 1 iz- J. I 1 "' 'I' f I ' ff 5 ', is very liberal with deten- tions until he finds out he must stay with those to whom he has assigned de- tentions. L , 1 Y., " 1 4 - ,, K . pk ani 'f I WH X Y. fig: 5 57 . iff l 1 '7 g f m. 1 , ' -I :ai ' 2 X 1 f pw Mas, 'Q , s' . 51 -N--mt Heiilo -f ass R 'L 5557 QQ K Q Q7 M-MES 'PRIZE Y DQJDC6 35' - So' W. In-, .ei-.A B 1, 1' ..f"" ff" ,sam L , Q-Y" K s L. it oct 'q O ' l "" Q School dances, shanghai breakfasts, Christmas parties, and stag get- togethers, are only a few of the special activities that attract E.C.H.S. students. Here are a few of them in all stages from preparation to the final minute. ve-4' a if jfl, L 'Q 4, Bi V r aygvp I' iw- ff: 1 f 1 4, , 0 4 'f V -X 1 , R 5 , f?',22'5 ifxi A IX ' f From the picture at the lower right you can see that we had Seniors in mind when we made up this page. The Christmas post- er which first appeared when they were sophomores won't he forgotten . . . Neither will the conversations on the front steps, the truck meets, and the junior and sophomore friends. 5 E Nl ORS. Silllllli llillllll SCHEDULE MAYII N lllllill HAY Q .Jurizx - Qgfljlgglgw .tm in HSENIOD HALL FAHEWELL dum: 13 ' DANCE- Jssiaafttltttltt ' ,Q , , . ' B V -, A ,K , 4 X, 95 1 N f 3 ,V , , , 5 , , 5 VH V f , ,. H fs JWBS aim? ,, -.fx , 5 's i Q in Z , 1' AV ,, f ., 1, , ,',, , "Li K Qi , 'F if al. A GH SQ, 'Q sf IQ... A CAPPELLA Mi' 32133. 'Z'?ifk,?R One of A Cappellais proudest achievements 'this vear was the paying of their debt of two hundred Q dollars to the band. The A Cappella has also brought great recognition to our school with such activities as a radio broadcast over station KTllVl Q in December, and representing us at the State ,FQ Music Festival at San Jose State and the Music nm W Festival a-t Berkeley. They sang at the Christmas Q ' program and at both the February and June grad- 1 uations, and for the Kensington PTA, the Scout 'ii I f, Y Mothers, and the Community Church of the Breth- 1 is ren in San Francisco. 'A y - .Ma .K . l Below are the A Cappella officers. At left, fall officers: Pat Hansen, Social Chairman, and Jack Markle, President. Absent are Dee Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Steninger, Robe Mistress' and Charmaine Thompson, Vice President. Spring officers: Pat Hansen, Social Chairman, Gwen Davis, Vice President, Renee Cheney, Secretary-Treasurerg Johnny Holmes, President, Carlene Freisendorf, Program Chairman, and Nancy Barkes, Robe Mistress. gl ii: P 19 Q' B A CAPPELLA Below is the Los Coralistas, the select group made up of members of the A Cappella. They have done most of the outside activities in which a group smaller than the A Cappella was needed. At times they gave up Friday evenings and Sunday mornings to sing. The picture at the right shows part of the A Cappella choir singing at the Christmas program, where they presented several numbers in their usual polished style. Above is the A Cappella during a class period enjoying a moment of relaxation from their exertions. At right, fall executive committee: Allan Wheeler, Gerry Lim- baugh, Dawson Leon- ard, President, and Richard Levin. At right, spring execu- tive committee, top row: Allan Wheeler, Doug McGill, Doug De Carmo, and Keith Whiting. Bottom row: Richard Levin, Presi- dent, Gerry Limbaugh, Janice Hensill, and Tom MacMillan. BAND Pictured below is the band that has contributed so much spirit to our rallies and football games Its usual active self the band presented the L'Caucho Slrkus w1th sluts booths and music in the evening presented a dance went to the San Jose State Music Festival and Band Day at College of the P8ClflC and presented a concert at Roosevelt Junior High -If , . 7 vu..- nn .l THE MERRY WI DOW Wllhe Merry Wid- owi' was presented this spring, a gay musi- comedy taking place at a summer resort. Garry Jones, Art Wright, Ken Hill and Kathy Bailey are bus- ily concentrating on posters at the far left, and next are Jack Markle and Nancy Barkes, the leads. THE CAST Top row, left to right: Renee Cheney as Colette, Garry lones as Hartley, ,lo Hollingshead as Ethel, Ken Hill as Iefferson, Pat Morgan as Jeannette, Dee -Brooks as Fleur- ette, Barbara Gordon as Beatrice, and Marian More as Mistinguette. Middle row: Gwen Davis as Stephanie, Art Wright as Carlo Berghoff, Elaine Pape as Mrs. Van Orden, and Monte Knight as Monty. Bottom row: Kathy Bailey as Elsie, Jack Markle as Prince Nikolas, Nancy Barkes as Adele, 'Jack Barbee as Berton, and Sandra Blackwell as Mrs. Randolph. Absent is Jolene Isom as Zlarissa. Below are the can-can girls, Mistinguette, Jeannette, Fleurette, and Colette. At the right, the cast is rehearsing for the big day. 'l l sf .., x7K -4 ,Ji T7 ORCHESTRA Under the direction of Mr. Overholtzer, at right, our ex- cellent land indispensablel orchestra performed at many school functions. Amid balloons, confetti, and streamers, the orchestra presented their night-club type show, Mardi Gras. Left. fall officers: Donna Stover, Vice Presidentg Rich- ard Levin, Presidentg and Janice Hensill, Secretary. Spring officers: Ilene Mann, Vice Presidentg Wydonna Bodily, Secretaryg and Rich- ard Levin, President. Absent from both pictures is Donna Mann, Librarian. rrfr'-' i tm HI-STEPPERS The majorettes became a school club this year and now are known as the Hi-Steppers. They presented a dance, '6Idiot's Delite," and sent members to the twirling competition at College of the Pacific. They plan to repeat this activity next summer. At right, fall officers: Ardis Hoffman, Secre- taryg Janet Holmes, Vice Presidentg and Phyllis Greer, Secretary. Below, spring offi- cers: Ardis Hoffman, Secretaryg Beverly Bar- ba, Vice Presidentg and Phyllis Greer, Pres- ident. SENIOR PLAY i'The Importance of Being Earnestf' a Victorian comedy involving two.,ro- mances, a kidnapped baby, and assort- ed other situations, was the fall play. Here are a few scenes from the play. Two proposals are being made at upper right and to the left, while tea is being served to two young ladies at right center. At the lower right, Mr. Worthing is being consoled on the death of his brother, who is neither dead nor his brother. At the right are Mr. Elkind, the director, and Joann Braun, student di- rector. iiiiiil iiiifliiv. if p u - lin Q iff! D944 THE CAST Below, left to right: The butler, Merriman, played by Tom Butlerg Miss Prism, the governess, Annette lVIcCheeg Dr. Chasuble, Pete Anderson, The Honorable Gwendolyn Fairfax, Diane Talbot, Mr. Ernest Worthing, Byron Lambieg Lady Bracknell, Diane Deckardg Mr. Algernon Moncrieff, Tom MacMillan, Cecily Cardew, Judy Bowers, and the butler, -Lane, Larry Haines. MR. ELKIND The Director NONA HUGHES Student Director Abby waits while the family says Grace. A Christopher Bean painting is admired. Abby disapproves the blossoming romance of Warren and Susie. ly discovered to be very valuable. Student Association Play The play presented this spring was 4'The Late Christopher Beanf, , a comedy-mystery involving a dead painter whose works are sudden- The actors are pictured below. Top row: Diane Talbot as Mrs. Haggett, Virginia Vernon as Abby, Pete Ander- son as Mr. Rosen, Judy Cummins as Susie, and Bruce Tinkham as Warren. Bottom row: Doug Muncy as Mr. Dav- enport, Tom Butler as Dr. Haggett, and Tom MacMillan as Mr. Tallant. At left is the. production crew. Left to right: Gary Nixon, Stage Craft Techniciang Sandy Cinder, Business Managerg Barbara Gordon, Costumes and Properties Chiefg Allan Caruso, Publicity Managerg and ,lo Ann Braun, Stage Manager. Above are snaps of the cast in rehearsal. Ai N- 1 95 aff' bf Hes! Arlrvss, DIANE TALBOT DRAMATIC AWARDS For her performance as the sophisti- cated, spoiled, young Gwendolyn Fair- fax, Diane Talbot received the Best Actress Award. Diane is a veteran actress here at El Cerrito, having acted previously in "Those Skinner Boys" and "Jenny Kissed Mef, Tom lVlaclVlillan,s award-winning role was that of Alger- non Moncrieff, a witty man-about-town. He has also had stage experience acting last year in "Best Foot Forwardf Best Actor, TOM MacMILLAN TH ESPIANS Above are the fall officers: Treasurer, Diane Talbot and Social Chairman, Tom MacMillan. Absent are President, Byron Lambieg Vice President, Diane Deckardg and Secre- tary, Pat Burton. At the right are the spring officers, Up- per row: Secretary, Virginia Vernong Social Chairman, Renee Cheneyg and Treasurer, Gloria Hernandez. Lower row: President, Diane Talbot and Vice President, Judy Bowers. The Thespian Society held their first initiation this year and presented the Spring Student Association Play and the dramatic awards. The Thespians are members of the national dramatic honor society 'of the same name. Above is Diane Deckard, who won the award for the best supporting actress. 87 A M""Fi W if W it 5 " at I., s . , 3 r v l li tl 1 ,quar- ,..Y ' LTL I X I x I Y X "5 xt., Here are a few scenes from programs presented at El Cerrito during the past year. The three pictures at the left show the modern dancers presenting their Christmas program dance "The Juggler of Notre Damef' Upper right the band is enjoying a program during a rest from their music-making. The east bleacher seems rather intent, too. Above, some of the stalwart youths of our student body are spoofing one of our rival teams. an 5 N-., P i F f 0 .7 Q by M. Mi? ,,,,3 . I A , , A af 3 7 - 1 vt- 07,7 3,5 ,ZW W ,, ,,,..,. ,, ig- ----f N :,,g, ,.,,,-efw..::g:h,.-Ixw: Iv 'L-iz: I, - If-M '. '4 1 M, . . , I, ,PIG 1 , , ,W rv A W ' AH. W" ' fe 'M' fl ,. f- f. 4 , I ,,,,, , w 1, . I I , In A W U? ,, M v Q' -ww? V ' . ,Q If ,ff 9 1 +,, I rf , , Q ' . , K, ' '69, Q t " 6 nn Wg,,Iw. I W X, 4 :II I.. , .f , - , II 2' -' ,' 5' I+' ' A! Q?" " he " . '... ' ' ' nf, U 'R I I' , I. I. ef ' k A , 1. we M f ' I . N , I - M4 ., 'I' ' '.I- 'j ff' ,fa 1 If , 1' "Q" My N V , V IM , wwf, Q , I -NI? ' ,n I K , ,, H ' ,LI A - 'I ,j I K I, I AI -'31 , ,V f' - ' ' I A I " ' " y ,Q LV W N ,4 ,ic I .W 5' Kvff. 5 wg ' iw, ,Z J r' I - ' 4 M. ,L Q G.. h J it . x I Mp , Y W , 4, I , ,K L- A I . , I . V, ' , ,+I .. ' Q A J H IIJWQI-fa . 2- , I - - i 4"l',44!!B f i N asifiifste it it Top row: Stevenson, Dennis, Burke, Creer, Jefferson, Bell, Roberson, Merit, Semien, Ratelle, Hoshi, Feldman, Clark. Middle row: Hunt, Backman, Kinnamon, Pitzer, Pascoe, Markle, Woods, Hart, Finn, Ecasley, Penarelli, Mclieth. Bottom row: Binkley, Ness, Carmichael, Del Rosso, Wallace, Co-Captain Sugiyama, Co-Captain Peeler, Williams, Schaeffer, Young, Hata, Shively. VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach ,lack McKune's Gauchos gained only one win and three ties, but their triumph over Bellarmine was El Cerrito's first victory since 1952. Although finishing last in the A.C.A.L., Lefty Peeler made the All-A.C.A.L. team and quarterback Bud Backman ranked as one of the leagueis leading passers. Head Coach, Jack McKune and Assistant Coach, St. John Smith. i fx -L , 1 fr ,, gi I' I SCORES Napa -..-.....,,...,..... 13 El Cerrito San Leandro ..,..,.. 13 El Cerrito Hayward .....a,....,., 31 El Cerrito RiChIT10I1d -.-......... 18 El Cerrito Alameda --.-. ...... 3 9 El Cerrito San Lorenzo ........ 6 El Cerrito Piedmont ...... 32 El Cerrito Bellarmine ............ 20 El Cerriro Berkeley ,.., ...... 2 0 El Cerrito 'V 'T' 2 if by A 5 !X,. ff .gyy , ,fx 25 124 if ' 1 f - if, pf' Q ' , F vp! r'? A if ' 1 X t 331 ,, 6 fv X lx' ,ff i V fir? , , , . ff, i 1. " . A+ ' f , A WM 'A 7 2 'M HMM , I WW, VT A., M 1 M. -4 Ifyvfy I V Vx , 'Q 1 , V 1 QC X5 wa "N mf' 3 N hw Y""!.""s f A F P n 4 ,, 1 J figs 2 X .1 , Wg x S fi H f W, N.. f , 4" V1 QE Ny A19 A ku yi, 'xr ,xx 2 Q. W, t I' m my , 7:,yA.x , vxJ:1:.,i?',fX ' r 'QL I ' M . ,I N ' 1 xx- xx A . K I ,, , ws.. f fjgw a 5 , ,E A' vw' Qwf is ,xi in fra Rf' M K 1 r A. 1. 3 . - ,ff 4 "Q: x if Ki Q? an 'H f nga 2, Q i , ry, ,,:,fz',,f, ' 39 A J , 1, -- , A Q' ff? 5 , , M Q ' A 4 i ali. Buck Williams circles wide around left end as he tries to avoid San.Leandro tacklers and one of his own fallen teammates. DAN HART Q 7 S ' ' -4-'-if-253315. - I BILL CARMICHAEL up I 41. DAVE DEL ROSSO . - - ,. ,sc E ,jail b. XM f li K , ,Qi Ki' K , .4 ', 455 7'-'if Fi Q I BUD BACKMAN gl fe 92 1 I AL HATA JACK BIARKLE A. Y. Wallace gathers in a long pass from Bud Backrnan despite the ef- forts of a San Leandro back to break up the play. Lefty Peeler draws a bead on a Piedmont ballfcarrier rac- ing down the sidelines. Julius Jefferson eludes the grasp of one Hayward back only to run head-on into another. Jack Markle comes up to lend as- sistance. 5 . P,-' Q -i f if J L l lorl g f RUSS PITZER BILL SCHAEFFER Lefty Peeler clings tenaciously to the foot- ball he has just delivered into the Hay- ward end zone. A Berkeley halfback ploughs through the mud and rain for six points. Gauchos identifiable are A. Y, Wallace 1335, Willie Young 1533, Ed Pascoe f64J, and Julius Jefferson i4-21. DAVE NESS ,,.g',m ' Iggy ,, 55' ' ' ff' X " 5 is ffzillfsx f VS, ' ' Qi iigfizir FE . ' - N ' ' Q. ,Egpi ' , V ,Q , , f iiii fiftg , s X ng, ,ji X ED PAscoE DAVE QLEFTYJ PEELER 7, '-qs,N,..,,s' 5, fbi' AT-' 'fs rf,,:,1-""" - w A. Y. Wallace strides around right end against San Leandro. SEI SUGIYAMA ARTHER WILLIAMS WILLIE YOUNG A. Y. WALLACE Lefty Peeler churns up the dust as he tries to dodge a San Leandro linebacker. A San Leandro end stretches full length, but the pass still eludes his fingertips. Top row: Kinnamon, Houston, Salas, McKenzie, Jorgenson, Ratelle, Rodriguez. Middle row: Hunt, Skundberg, McBeth, Easley, Finn, Penarelli, Clark. Bottom row: Ogle, Bridges, Johnston, Clifton, Feldman, Molica, Green. JAYVEE AND BEE FOOTBALL DICK LOVETTE Top row: Burke, Largarda, Marshall, Lawrence, Kading, Bokeros, May, de Martini, Lloyd, Villanueva, Carpenter, Johnson, Chance. Middle row: Milligan, W. Cunningham, Louisville, A. Cunningham, Barker, Staples, Hutcherson, Webster, Peat, Jorgenson, Hutchinson, Guida, Coach Luke, Coach Cathcart. Bottom row: Smith, Ansted, Hernandez, Violet, H. Adams, Redic, Co-Captain Knox, Co-Captain Mora, R. H. Adams, Honda, Brown, Earl, Velasquez, Kinnard. 'Wmff f B A A' G' i . ww. X, :rf v 'M A k1 V W 'l ' 'Q 5. :X ik ear Left Peeler soars through two Alameda Frezell Hart pivots around the Alameda y center and puts up- a shot. players for a layup. William Smith jumps high to snare a rebound against Alameda. Bud Backman breaks past an Albany man and heads for the basket. 97 Bill Farr slips through a pair of frustrated Berkeley DAN CARLEVARO players for a layup. Sophomore forward C 0 r n e ll Green dribbles bythe out- stretched arms of a Richmond defender. JOHN HOLMES Richmond's All-A.C.A.L. forward, Babe Ruth Williams, displays the form that carried his team through the regular season undefeated. Bud Backman and All-A.C.A.L. center Tyler Wilbon watch the flying Oiler. BILL HAGGERTY I4 1 Back row, left to right: Byassee, Hunt, Jefferson, Farr, Treadway, Merit, Boehme, Semien, Havens. Front row: Coach Collins, Burgie, Trotter, Purcell, Green, Handy, Perkins, Coach McKune. JAYVEE AND BEE BASKETBALL For the first time, both the ,layvees and Bees reigned as A.C.A.L. champions. Led by Bill Farr, Travis Green, Mike Purcell, John Perkins, Jim Handy, and Bill Merit, the ,layvees swept to victory in all fourteen league games. Two victories over Richmond, by one and two points, were the wins that put the Gauchos over the top. The Bees shared their title with Richmond as both teams suffered two losses in A.C.A.L. play. Back row, left to right: Goodbeer, Raley, Belcher, Webster, Schwingler, Bell, 'Redic, Harris Kinnard, Richmond. Front row: Piantanida, Fujimoto, Narasaki, Knox, Kabat, Carlevaro, Leone Mora, Coach Hunn. Leonard Patterson serves as Hugh Davy watches his opponents' movements. Tennis, only in its second year at El Cer- rito, is steadily gaining a place for itself in the schoolis athletic program. Tennis Coach John Scharetg says he is still in the process of building a team with enough depth to he strong in both singles and doubles. IOO Roy Pike watches Dave Redo return a St. Mary's serve. TENNIS Top to bottom, left to right: Coach Scharetg, Pike, Redo Schroeder, Ketlinski, Patterson Dunn, Caruso, Kinsman, Davy Schiffman. Back row: Delisle, Mythen, Voerge, Bridges, Maertins, Hall, Needham, Haines, Boland, Salas Munoz, Coach Collins. Front row: McCarthy, Farris, Kern, Tinkham, Alameda, Seybolt, Graham O'Brien, Hanelt, Ruppert. VARSITY AND JAYVEE SWIMMING Back row: Coach Collins, Johnson, Curtis, Bryant, Houston, Cochran, Kern, Joyce, Ansted, Finnegan. Lawler, Ketlinski, Dillon. Front row: Franz, Southwick, Knott, Nixon, Coate, Earl, Rush, Szucs, Cartner, Bradley. -' 25 i ' ln g I fa 5 1 1 ' , . K u N V X lt Q35 fi' " 4 ' '1 nf HYIP! ' x 7 r- 'E ,' vt,- 1 'Rx Huck row: Lonestar, Woods, Farr, Smith, Spiegel, Green, McAuley, Coach Smith. Middle row: Muvllonald, Villanueva, Handy, Ed Creer, Lee, Bob Creer, Ciaramita, Minor. Bottom row: Ray, Ellis, Holmes, Pc-1-ler, Carlevaro, Penarelli, Morrissee. aww? 16' gf., COACH ST. JOHN SMITH VARSITY BASEBALL Coach St. John Smith, in his first year as baseball coach, took over one of the favorites for the A.C.A.L. title. With all of the pitching staff and a number of other veterans back from last season's runner-up squad, the Gauchos presented a formidable threat. Standouts were expected to be Lefty Peeler, Rick Villanueva, ,lim Handy, Sam Ellis, Ed Creer, Mike Mc- Auley, and Johnnie Holmes. BOB LONESTAR LEFTY PEI LER ELVIS SMITH JOHN LEE RON SPIEGEL 1 111.1 JAYVEE BASEBALL Top row: Bucklin, Zeiss, Webster, Boehme, Suhlett, Esquibel, Villanueva. Middle row: Gans, Harris, Mason, Stone, Ginn, Redic, Smith, Coach Hunn. Bottom row: Piantanida, Souza, Violil, Kinnard, McCoy, Clark, Coodbeer, Merritt. -M Q 1 " W"r WWW PM Uh u UWA J ll of-im it Er, tx Liipqv if QQEFPI it f- 'T Wu N Mk 2' A' BOB BOSTOCK WILLIE YOUNG JULIUS JEFFERSON VARSITY TRACK Although not regarded as contenders for the A.C.A.L. crown, Coach Hale Roach's trackmen still displayed some outstanding talent. Julius Jefferson, only a junior, established himself as one of the nation,s top high school high jumpers when he leaped 6 feet 4- inches in the first meet of the season. Bob Bostock threatened school records in both the broad jump and pole vault. Willie Young was one of the league's best weightmen, and John Perkins stood out in the 880. Top row: Ray, J. Botelho, Young, Havens, Chance, Cannon, Whitman, Pitzer, N. Botelho. Third row: Lans, Dennis, Jojola, King, Skundberg, Campbell, Clifton, Richardson, Hansen, J. Gutierrez, K. Hansen. Second row: Clark, Nix, Williams, Jefferson, Finn, Perkins, Yandell, McKnight, Miller, Reiswig, Askins. Bottom row: Adams, Linson, Tower, Krieger, Peat, H. Gutierrez, Shively, Hamilton, Bostock, Narasaki, Buffalo. NIGEL YANDELL-Sprints ALLEN HAMILTON-Hurdles HECTOR GUITIERREZ-440 JOHN PERKINS-880 uw-mer -,.nn..z.- COACH If HERB CLOE ,, , M M , ,Z EURAEL BELL BEE TRACK Heralded as perhaps the greatest Bee track team in A.C.A.L. history, El Cerrito's defending champions started the season by burying San Lorenzo and Alameda by scores of 9215-20V2 and 103W-915. Eurael Bell ignited a mass assault on the record books 'by high-jumping 6 feet, Jasper Edwards flashed to 7.8 and 15.3 second times in the 75 and 150 yard dashes, Curt Reiswig threw the discus 117 feet 7 inches, and Carl Wright broad-jumped 20 feet 5 inches. Other marks in danger were the 1320, Dan Bluth and Herb Cloeg shot put, Willie Mallory, and 330, Charles Belcher. Top row: Pollard, Rogers, Knutson, Shute, Armas, Blanford, Thomas, Weaver, Walz, Watson, Chavez, Velasquez, lngram. Middle row: Mallory, Wolfe, Bailey, Armas, Ackeret, Fish, Robinson, Jackson, Knox, Cloe, Edwards, Wright, Fujimoto. Bottom row: Osborne, Henderson, Bell, Bradford, Belcher, Lent, Lavezzi, Bluth, Clemons, Pool, Liedholm, Hoskins, Carver. WILLIE MALLORY N? ' in '- w.'7,1 W ' ,fmv FALL OFFICERS: Rick Villanueva, President, Dan Carlevarog Don Hoshi. ,,.f"S-4 YJ SPRING OFFICERS: Lefty Peeler, President, Bud Backmang William Smith. WHITE C Under the sponsorship of Mr. Ed Collins, White "Cv engaged in many activities this year. Besides sponsoring a dance, the members sold refreshments at our home basketball games and held their annual barbeque. ysannmau.w.-,.Y-- 9 ,V , l 1 BLOCK C This termis officers of Block 'LCM who made it such a success were Deanne Perada, Jackie Rury, Margie Johnson, Gail Shinagawa, and Evelyn Jarnheck in the fall and Maxine Johnson, Ellene Regalia, and Deanne Perada in the spring. .nv 4537 . 'N x pn.-u funn- f,.-.. ,, KM fs 5 au? su- 'Q we 4 ,. ,sv In G.A.A. C-P Fall President, BARBARA APPELBY Spring President, DORTHA KINNARD ' 39 -..-,.I.QQ2'i' 0 .. N -L '-'vszf if YH L SPRING COUNCIL-Wanda Morris, Dortha Kin nard, Eileen Gregovich, lone Kjelstrom. A new C.A.A. sport this spring was archery. FALL COUNCIL and MANAGERS-Back row: Wanda Morris, Clara Hourany, Carol Rasmussen, ,Ian Holmes, Marilyn Heinkle, Jackie Rury, Dortha Kinnard. Front row: Deanne Perada, Mary Alice Fort, lone Kjel- strom, Barbara Appleby, Phyllis Wells, Bar- bara Souza. 1 l l l l 1 l When the warm weather rolls around young girls' minds turn to thoughts of softball. 4 Mirror, mirror, on the wall, H ' L 5 E Who will catch me when I fall! One, two, three, jump! The seventh period modern dance class is put through their paces. f afar You say girls don't mix it up on the basketball court? Look again. I , 'f J' If these athletes look as good on the badminton court as they do here, they make real compe tition. A bitof coeducational tennis. Our apologies to Bev Wright for cutting off her head. Shown on this page are just a few of the activities in which girls at El Cerrito High School may participate. Tournaments of all kinds are planned. Girls who are interested in sports may join G.A.A. and become leaders if they wish. G.A.A. has the largest membership of all school clubs. Some baseball players bare their feet to support our theme. Sports offered by G.A.A. are archery, tennis, bowling, modern dance, volleyball, basketball, soft- ball, and badminton. s Peck officiates at fifth period basketball. 'if ,mt f 1, ,,,,,i,,, also ,.., eg ' ' 'f . Q ' F , , , ll r ,gk Susan Clayton brushes up her shoes, and Gail Wolfe brushes up her hair. Beverly Bishop fails to put Sandy Grosso out. 44 .4 'Q wwf 4 K P M S139 , W f 4 f 'vqwk ,, 5 Mg, .,,, ,W 2 af ex 3 4 K if 2 yn 1 x 4 is . f 4 f 4 We ' f My .ffm v X ,Y Q 3 y 9 nf ,, In 1 4 Q W' gig Y ' ,, +5 if B48 gg, nf if ' , X 1 I J, 1 119 V, rv W I , UQ A 5 9 W 1 Z , . 2 2 3:71 sv Us 'Q , 'iw if y - 'V .M wa- Swim , , I," ,Q yawn?-1... an 'QA KL In if ,K wk ,VA xii A I 2.1 , v.. if' I Q J 3 xk.k is : xxfix 1 I JERRY ACKERET TED DAY WCC PVC-Sideni Vice President EUREL BELL President FLOYD MCBETH President ADRIENNE FAGIANO Secretary RUTH SHOWALTER Secretary if 'K l SOPHOMORE CENTRAL COMMITTEE-Front: Carol MacGregor, Sally Brown, Eileen Grego- vich, Rosemary Pfau, Linda Widershiem, Henrietta Delveccio, Judy Strong, Sue Hall, Pat Skcllenger, Nancy Dougary, Carol Cheney, Darlene Sousa, Carol Jamison, Ruth Showalter, Hannah Matheson, Jerry Chubb, Fred Bauer, Keith Whiting, Eurel Bell, Doug De Carmo, Jerry Ackcrel, Richard Craig, Tim Southwiek, Mike Kinsman. JUNIOR CENTRAL COMMITTEE-Front row: Carol Marshall, Lynn Boerlin, Nancy Barkus, Adrienne Fagiano, Norma Wiggins. Center row: Peter Bailey, Janice West, Joan Zellers, Fern Hooper, Judy Cummins. Back row: Floyd Mclieth, Bob Easley, Peter Anderson, Ed Broglio, Joe Carlevaro, Ted Day. Y 11-54 A-Ben MR. KESLER NN. 11-608 Bru-Cl MR. GIBERSON RX. ,C A 9 K' 11-114 Beo-Bro MRS. BERTRAM 'Q v -D1 Aqfvl 1 S 11-411 Co-Do . ETCHEVERRY 11-511 Dr-F0 MISS TRUE 1 fu- 1 Z 11-308 Fr-C MISS HALLINAN 11-55 Ha-Hop MR. SCHOFIELD V pa 11-67 Jor-Le MR. SMITH ' A :ny , X , -,, 'z ,,.,,,,.,.,,f-- 11-505 Hor-J on MR. YOAS 'T' an 'I A '1 4-I 1' i 3' 1 , ,X N.. SJ Q 11-217 Mc C-My MRS. LEDCERWOOD .Cf 01 'sa-...Q I a 11-68 Li-Mc F MISS PECK 11-69 N-Pen MR. GREEN .,..-.ua 11-316 Peo-Roso MISS ROSE D-kv'-,,,...4 Q,-'af'-,.,,. 11-315 Sm-To MRS. RICE JI-HY-br., 11-604 Ross4S1 MR. SCHARETG 11-317 Wcj-Z MISS HIRAMOTO in 5, . Here we see a variety of junior and sophomore activities involving Sue Clayton, someone of unknown name and face, and Carol Tick and Doug Young. 11-M.S. Tr-Wei MR. SCHWARZ 4- 7 ' f7W'f7', , , ,, ,, ,, - ' ' I M 4 V ,MMI , VVV, ,V Ve mi, W v 'W , ,,.,cMw,W.wff,f-ff: , ,, ' 'f 1 V ,,W,,,5,:,4-fjy , , V V f' r , . Q qfffg",g?l, auf- .,. ,. - w f -nf 'rxh . i.1!"?w....uL 10-215 A-Ba MR. WILDE 10-501 Bru-C1 MR. WUESTHOFF 10-503 Be-Bro MRS. CARSON 1414 10-63 lyi-1:0 JACOBSON 104507 H-Hor MISS NISSEN 10-GS K-Les MR. DEWITT 10-AS Hos-J MR. SHELDON ML-4 x F5 FZ 10-118 MC-My MRS. KENT X-Qk 10-611 Let-Ma MR. BOLT Q . 10-601 N-Pa MR. WHITE 10-304 Pe-Re MRS. SILER 10-51 Sh-Su MRS. JANUSCH fix' fa 10-117 Rh-Se HOFFMAN 'fy ,AIKRK :igwiik 10-TC Sw-VO MR. LACORIO 10-62 Vi-Wllilu MR. GliHRHARD'I' 1'1- 10-606 Whith-Z MR. CLARK I 5 was A VERTISEMENTS 129 F.B.L.A. Presenls Gradualing Seniors HIGH SENIOR Akers, Jeane'H'e LOW SENIORS Bokros, Beverly Forf, Mary Alice Jackson, Eleanor Keels, Gloria Mafsunaga, Jan Mori+a, Lilly Ruffin, Jeffrie Poirier, Pal' Slniromofo, Jean Souza, Barbara Appleby, Barbara Hineline, Shirley Robinson, Vivian Williams, Dee Van A++a, Sue M SSIN6 wer. 38, 842 SAN BE' n scpbhptzane- i f d 5 'I OUUMH1 ALBANY CLEANERS LAUNDRY SERVICE PAsLo Ave. ALBANY cAur CONGRATULATION, SENIORS from ANGvELO'S MARKET IO979 San Pablo Ave. EL CERRITO Phone Be-2-9869 COMMERCIAL Office: BEacon 4-0846 INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL IRHE. OTT 4 0 Pai' "I-F I+'s Painling . . .We Do I+" II288 San Pablo Avenue SATISFIED L OO73 CUSIUMERS 4 OO74 an OU' sb ALBANY HOME FREEZER FOODS 421 SAN PAELO AVE. ALBANY, CAL.IF. SPECIALIZING IN DEEP FREEZER PROCESSING AND S JAMES BAREERO PETER M. VOTA l30 -S- if ,mf 1 5' 2 A 1. :ici - W, Comphmenfs ANY W r-mf-W frm ALBANY BOWL Eas'rbay's Only 26 Lane House Feafuring Around 1'l1e Clock Bowling wi1'l1 Fully Auiomaiic Pin SpoHers 540 SAU PABLO AVENUE ALBANY LA 6-88I8 Where +he Gauchos Bowl AMERIO DRUG CO. Un Business for Your Healfhl EL CERRITO ALBANY I0387 San Pablo 847 San Pablo ALB'ERT'S Y y E MARKET A X I 995 El Doraclo Compliments of Berkeley 7 Qualify Groceries y ls Aus SHOE REPAIR Congralularions, Seniors F from FARMERS INSURANCE 9976 San Pablo Ave. GROUP EL CERRITO ROBERT BENNETT-Local Ageni IOSI6 San Pablo Avenue EL CERRlTO I 3 A.-'1QlS Phone La. 5-5357 ALBERT'S NURSERY AND GARDEN SUPPLIES General Nursery Sloclz Annual PlanI's General Landscaping I0534 SAN PABLO AVENUE EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA Block "C" Gradua+ing Seniors FALL '54 Janei' Holmes Sandra Olson Diane Mann SPRING '55 Q..-li, Barbara Appleby Anna Berns+ine Muriel Dennis Grace Flury Mary Alice Fori' Carrie Gran? Carol Cleason Marilynn Heinlcel Kaihleen Hicks Clara Hourany Jane'I' Jenson Margy Jarvis Evelyn Jambeclr Margy Johnson E Maxine Johnson Dor'l'hea Kinnard Harolyn Lasson Deanne Perada Barbara Rauhala Ellene Regalia Dorrie Reynolds Sharon Robinson Jackie Rury Barbara Souza Jean Shiromolo Gail Shinagawa Judy Sfreleclry Sue Van AH-n Akikllxlw Ill-C Q lf1ll1l S-fir 1 all ACORN I PAIN: Complimenls Io +he Seniors from CONTRA COSTA FLORISTS I0848 San Pablo Avenue Be. 4-2I48 Congraiulafions, Seniors C l S l ' S Clo+hing for Men, Women and Children II337 SAN PABLO AVE. EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA Be. 2-5l43 We Give S8:H Green SI'amps NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS COLUSA CIRCLE HARDWARE 389 Colusa Ave. Berlzeley, Calif. EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE I La. 6-8960 "49ers" Presenf Their 0 Gradualing Seniors IL , ff FALL fy TEXCLUSIVS COSTUIIIE lf' JSIUSIBY Carl Cassacly Davicg Niss k I i II J ul i G' Gm on O we Be. 3-3739 346 lo+h S+ SPRING Bob Blagborne Dan Carlevaro Bill Carmicheal Allan Delisle Bob Durflinger Allen Hamillon Murry Hilfy Jim Leslie Jaclr Marlcle Bill McKnighI' Bob Soufhwicln Bob Johnson Doug Muncy Gary Overslreel Ed Pascoe Roger Perelli Eldon Rummel Jerry Skinner Ron Spiegel Rich Villanueva Nigel Yandell RICHMOND. CALIFORNIA MAXWELL STATIONERS School Supplies, Gills Prinling, Pens and Pencils I05lZ San Pablo Ave. La 5 7504 EL CERRITO, CALIF. BE 5 l395 GIANOTTI FURNITURE Carpels and Drapes I0293 SAN PABLO AVE EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA Decoraling Service COUNTY LINE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 9955 'San Pablo Ave. EI Cerrifo, California Telephone Landscape 5-0838 ADACHI FLORIST AND NURSERY II939 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo 6, California Be 5-4666 BARBER'S AUTO PARTS I0408 San Pablo Ave. El Cerrifo, Calif. Landscape 5-7I2I LORAN L. BARBER Owner Painfs Glass EL CERRITO HARDWARE Edward T. Dowling HOUSEHOLD GOODS PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES I005I SAN PABLO AV-E. EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA 398 Colusa Ave. Berkeley 7, Calif. EL CERRITO JOURNAL Phone La. 5-0880 I0508 San Pablo Avenue EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA BEA GAINES, Edifor FRAN CASTER, Social Edifor A Growing Paper In A Growing Communify Congrafulafions, Seniors! EL CERRITO 5 81 l0c STORE I0052 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California I BIG BEEF BURGERS HOME MADE PIES Cafering and Parfy Service 2 LOCATIONS I540 Oalcview l0669 SGH Pablo Colusa Circle El CGYFIIO Berkeley Plz. I-A 6-5256 LA 6-5257 ,,,- . T513 EL CERRITO BUILDING MATERIAL CO. Roclc, Sand. Gravel, Cemenf Plasfer, Lime, Ready-Mix Concrefe Phone LA 5-6242 3250 EASTSHORE HIGHWAY EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA f x .-Q., OAKS FLORIST I857 Solano Avenue Berkeley 7, California CORSAGES OR WRIST BANDS OF Orchids Baby Orchids Camellias Carnafions Made Up +o Enhance Her Gown OAKS 'FLORIST I857 Solano Avenue Phone LA 5-0463 FAIRMOUNT PHARMACY 7500 Fairmounf Avenue El Cerrifo, California Free Prescripfion Founfain . Service D9IWe"Y ERNIE BRENSEL AND WM. H. ATWELL Emergency Nighf Phone LA 5-9322 QL NEW MOESER LANE MARKET I0579 'San Pablo Ave. El Cerrifo, Calif. 'FREE DELIVERY Phone LA 5-9958 or 4-I884 FRED'S QUALITY MEATS Your Friendly Bufcher FREE PARKING Gi-ee+ing5 from Use Our Lay-A-Way Plan OTTO ZEUS-BUD CHEEK STOCKTON INSURANCE VARIETY 8: HARDWARE I89I Solano Avenue OPe"' SUnd'3Y5 Berkeley 7, California LAndscape 5-0l52 Phone: LAndscape 6-8728 69,9 STOCKTON AVENUE EL CERRITO, CALIF. RELIANCE RADIO 81 TELEVISION SERVICE I I II267 San Pablo Ave. X I ' Phone BE.-4-3141 X T awixoq :T E' Q7 Packard Bell 8: RCA Z! N X Television I Repairs and Service AII Makes of Television and Radio Sels ALL WORK GUARANTEED JAY-vEE MOTOR sALEs JACK 'jl'LIfI:Z7Z8ERVICE Fine Auromobiles Bough? and Sold Phone I-Andscape 6-7025 Lubricalion Specialisls I048I SAN PABLO 7524 Fairmounl' Avenue EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA EI Cerrifol California JACK VEIRS Congrafulalions TOY CHEST 63I8 Fairmounl' Ave. EI Cerrifo PHONE LAndscape 5-28I I NEW CITY MARKET Corner of San Pablo and Polrero Oualily Meals and Poullry GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN FRESH FRUITS - VEGETABLES Free Delivery on Grocery Order of 55.00 or More BE 4-9977 lI3II SAN PABLO AVE. JACOBSONS Oualily Shoes for Men Women and Children 92l MacDONALD AVENUE RICHMOND 5, CALIFORNIA Telephone Be 3-08 I 3 CompIimen'Is 'From MOORE'S REXALL DRUGS II275 San Pablo Near Polrero Be 4-684 I FAIRMOUNT DRESS SHOP 752lV2 Fairmounl Avenue EI Cerrilo, California La 4-50 I 2 Visif Also MIRA VISTA APPAREL I2276 San Pablo Avenue Richmond, California Be 5-602 I ORTMAN'S Famous ICE CREAM AND 'DO'NUTS MILK 'SHAKES ANID 'SUNIDAES Open 'Til I0 PLM. 752I FAIRMOUINVI' AVENUE Congralulalions, Seniors OLIVERO PLUMBING AND HARDWARE CO Be 2-2824 H448 SAN PABLO AVENUE EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA Congra+ula+ions and Bes+ Wishes +o +he Gradua'res From JOE MARTYN TURNER Judge of +he Jusiice Courl TAYLOR'S-Since I89I 22l3 SHATTUCK AVENUE BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Luggage and Leafher Goods THornwall 3-3385 Be Classy-Buy SASTSY Skirfs Creaied for You by Dona+h-And Approved by +he Na+ion's Mosf Glamorous "Prival'e Secre+ary" Ann Sofhern See 'lhem on Your CBS-TV S+a+ion Exclusively al SASSY'S 825 MacDonald Ave., Richmond OPEN FRIDAYS 'TILL 9 P.M. OAKS POULTRY Fryers-Turlceys-Eggs-Jumbo Eggs Guaranieed Fresh Daily Firsl' Qualify SOUATBS ON ORDER "We Specialize in Chicken Paris" I773 Solano Avenue LA 5-70l5 Special Price on Freezing Orders 4 Complimen+s of THE STORE WITHOUT A NAME To +he Graduafing Seniors of '55 BEacon 4-30 I 0 El Cerriio High 'School graduafes fhe bes+! El Cerriio gradua+es pass in life's sfern 1'es+! Your P.T.A. salufes you, Class of '55! May +ha+ 'Flash of grea+ness in each one sfay alive! LA PLAYA PRESENTS ITS GRADUATING SENIORS Janice Ber+helsen Marcia Blankenship Judy Bowers Dee Brooks Renee Cheney Sandy Ginder Barbara Grinols Donna Gordon Pai' Hansen Joy Harsch Gloria Hernandez Barbara Herrmann Helen Janzen Margie Johnson Mary Lee Ki'Hredge Helen Larson Pai' Morgan Judy Muirhead Jean Sauers Francene Silver Jo Snyder Marco Sorensen Donna Sfimel Diane Talbof Lois Thomasson Margie Thornion Sue Trees Ruih Weller Virginia Vernon Karlyn Zobel '39 '34 ,lv Y" l rI'- A , 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55! May each and every one go far in his life's work. YOUNC-3'S MARKET 285 Arling'l'on Ave. Kensingion "'lIlIilt'YI , , -:-:- ,ZZ :.,,.1A:fQ1.,..,L..21.:, , EI Cerrlto s Best EL CERRITO Telephone 3II Tenth Street Biocon 3-I7l4 O I Richmond, California I0368 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrito, California LA 6-4436 I ei -A I if X61 xx 99 , - if x ff, ,If LAndScape 4-4141 Res. BEacon 4-2932 R. H. MYERS 644 S. I4tI1 Street 'Richmond 3. California I COLUSA CIRCLE PHARMACY 379 Colusa Avenue I I Berkeley 7, Calit. MORRIS BOYNOFF Bus. LAndscape 4-588I Res. LAndscape 6-9260 Congratulations BEGQNIA GARDEN GRIFFIN LUMBER CO Shrubs, Potted PIan+s Bedding Plants Nursery Supplies I0944 San Pablo Avenue I0855 SAN PAM-O AVENUE EI Cerrito, California EL OERRITO, CALIFORNIA LA 5-3272 BE 3-4833 BE 4-2545 General Contractor- Housemov Congralulalions +o Graclualing Seniors From MARLENES ? JORDAN'S DRUGS Gives Bes+ Wishes +o 'lhe Gradua'ring Seniors of '55 TT A Q. -k.k., K . . K K K'-sm su lv .2 5 , H, , T, Aa : G3 x 5 STAR SHOE STORE Wishes +o Congralulale +he Gradualing Seniors i ARLINGTON PHARMACY Founfain School Supplies Film Supplies Pos+ Office 299 Arlingfon Berkeley, Calif LA 6-64l4 LA DORADA Presenis Hs Graclua+ing Seniors FALL Jan Holmes SPRING Nancy Anderson Claudia Aucl1 Joan Bell Susan Brown Nancy Cheek Joan Cusick Liz Emminegger Iva Erickson Paula Evans Arlene Giblin Marilyn Heinkel Mary Mazzie Ka+l1leen Hicks Arclis Hoffman Evelyn Jambeck Marilyn Koulz Galia Onufrieff Rofraucl Pamp Sharon Robinson Gail Shinagawa Linda Taggeri' Julie Tick Joan Wrighf I-'AYNS rl:N Scxvluz AND STATIONERY l755 SOLANO AVE. BERKELEY, CALIF. Facfory Aufhorized Pen Repair Service School and Office Supplies Hallmark Gree+ing Cards Congra+ula+ions +o 'rhe Graduafing SENIORS! 'From THE RED BARN I742 Solano Avenue 4 I uni xnilmhif L.. lei v:mmff" ,af . x , 4 . m-nazi:-l 1 lr Y Xi 'W iq if Gd 3 -'G W 'ii 54 'MG '4 , Q 1 XX' Q5 I 1 G9 QW' 1 wvfkx M s 0 42 rf I g.,5K,M , . gl f . V ' wa. A22?f'2wff .1- Upper left Comy workmg early in Upper rlght Bohbx glVCS Bu-d the Q n s 4 2? 2 ' wx E ? N le EJ H 5 Z E Fi 4 1 2 F i ,. ii 42 Q ki 11 2 Q 4 E k..w ,,mm,,m.m.m-my ww .Ei.,Q.-. .N uw .,,, Q.-.. ,.,J....-1..,,..w...m..p A LITHOGRAPHED 744flofL'w4a'e YEARBOOK h DALLAS 0 TEXAS num-uv wnruaf-5--:f:..1' :vm-mums: m- mm. -4- V' . ww xn.,..q,- .4, -mmm 4 fm" , mme: AVE. REKA EU AUKD SHQP 9409 BUHII L1 UI MINE I I I Q I II: cms 0 2 'ff-:I 5 f-ff' :I D EEA MAWJ EUHINNG Z 8 fl 1-I I CI C621 is TE jf, E03 U ASHEUQY AVENUE TEN. TEVI. L T I A limfffffm U'?E,lVlP.l GYM RANDY LANSA

Suggestions in the El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) collection:

El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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1955, pg 69

El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 116

1955, pg 116

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