El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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W' " I - , 1 . igjy .- . A N ' we :N .4 We E Q5 wig L 5 G' S 7 'ff 'fa T A 1 dg-w 'if ri X .'Nk.'L3i,. 4 Mmm, gpg QQ Xl 34 Q , mWW7!3M Z ff ws 33 W X f W 1? ' ey W5 gggl M523 n V 'xl 4' jg. '. b x M f Q ,iw A W 1 W W 453 W In j X x SV fa img SME Z x D5 QQ jk W f v new N fl. J , . , 1 . I 'EOL gif! A . QS 270 fff2ff4efPf7 A -qw 'Q A f MW mffmwd 2 W W M5 ,501 43167 Q W X A K V' 50 iw 5 , f Q Q iii M .W , , L 9 EXE rpg, E . , , .4 -I 5,3 . 1 ' L 4 ,. X Y x. . Zi Q 1 Nqr I . l Q Q , 1 5, xx . , . n '. 4 ' , 11 1. 7' - x 'C Q we ' ve if 'Afgf1,uf, ',',f-K , , "wi, Huff iff" " -V 2, " A44 hw M flfvl Nw v Q14 JW? in I, -h ,ii My L N. . .,,,,,,,. uf: w if .' W '1 4 A ,,, ' -" 'sf sig? ,, A I,X1,A L' ,fit '..4 ... 1' ".f ufwm e Y amfff ur-rig, , w v ' "" 4 Q P :aug hifi, ggi ' f -"P,-if 1 U N Y ,,"if3.M,- -'tis 4,-K Mwji, ,ag kngi , A 4, U 1 A ' . "is "tl, ' x X ' Wg ,v F4 . ,-,A , 1 5 917 v , 1 'wwi 4 , Q,,,W,, f . N nz Q. H.. , - Q, . D 5 M f z - f ,WM 1, X1-N M -"Au l'z,Q . va' W'-, 4 ,- 1. u3L1LfJ'ix" -13 1 3 -Q1 FE? ,.5 + 5'-1 E 5 A f 'ill A Aifiilm- A ,M - .. 5 L , , 1. Q -v 5 f i I4-R' ,JJ QL f' '54 ,1.Q."a-- -:uf . - -nv , K 'Qu ,v E . 4 , qt .Ahv ,V 9D1ff'1'M4 7 EW WV' 1 X I wx 'JN 1 Hr' T " L 11 ' 3-E if ' 'fJ, 1 f v .M-,.. ... g ,. ,V ..." 4 us, , 4 P 1 EL CAMINO 1951 - ZIEIBIIITW ' nun scrum! I ll 5 - -ff. . ' Aw ' .Q , wr, , .. ,L I 1, rf, f A xfi' ,. ' 11, f"u-A ,wg -,,z 1 E 1 5, . 'I f,, f UN fore word We, fhe s+aff, presenf +o you, fhe reader - EL CAMINO, I95I. We hope fhis book will serve 'ro recall in fufure years +he memories of our lop-nofch foo'rball +eam, dances, rallies, and all 'rhe o+her acfivifies fha? have gone +o make I95l a memorable year in 'rhe annals of EI Cerrifo High. Q -. 4, 34" Qu I f G XXXQ -X X s, X GX if X NC' W5 s ' XXV .Q as M ix rgxbq W X X X lx XXNXQ X3 X :is ii . j 1 X wx .SW s-X X A NN N X Qs R603 SSYN X' ' s xx ei :Nia wwq xo' V X X 3 4 dedication To MISS MARGARET SKINNER, so well-liked and admired by El Cerriio siudenis privileged 'ro be in her classes, whose un+iririq guidance produced ihe many successful "Cams" of Jrhe pasi, ilfme I95I ediiiori of EL CAMINO is aifeciion- arely dedicared. U .5 ,, fl 5, S f0und the campu5 i ,Q 5 1 S i s"q Q 4 ...- ... 5 .. . .. .. 453' : is L ,- , ..' -pf -- ,. ,. , ,. , ,. '3- , , 1 ,L ff- ,- ,.. u f - ,- ,.: ...",,,... --1.1,-- .,.-us-ff 2-f ,Q .Q ,.f,.i ,,..- ,1- NEW WING T5 , , ,WAHM ,515 ' I if 'ww' rf 5. 41 X ' 4 44, 3 3 5372? 5 ,sum W, 0 3 ,.,-A A S L ,L S f 5 ' f F , ai., CWC iflll N AM Eg MEMORIAL FIELD GYM KKA Y 1 Q f'r4xr11.u'1 1 I. J GY Lv lL"i.-',!41'f 1.151 t fx f"'1' X ' C' f " Q' M ' ,ff 7 'bully 6' Z!O44QJE27L', 41' Q-Auf I3 71 S c"kO? bf J l 1' QM V-Q' 'G fizfh I il X 1133 Q, A In faculty DR. GEORGE MINER superintendent' message Congraiulaiions seniors, and may lhis record sland as a guiding lighf ihroughoui your lives. You young people are going ou+ info many fields of endeavor. lndusiry, Jrrades, business. miliiary service, and Jrhe professions will ab- sorb you, in all of which fields opporlunihes are greaier Jrhan ever before For 'rhe people who have +he ambifion and fhe wherewi+hal +o succeed. George D. Miner Cily Superiniendeni' of Schools school board f" 'r ln f S ,A , Mr. Dana Murdock, Dr. Meredifh Morgan, Dr. George Miner, Mr. Manuel Mello Judge Joe Mariyn Turner, and Secreiary Mrs. Suzanne Hinlcley. Prinfipal X fx' GK? 4b ff l w:.'X 7 ep. , ' S " HJ:-ith W gy, D X p M R CLAUDE V GEORGE D, MINER CLAUDE D. SAMPLES CITY suesmrvrsrvoswr PRINCIPAL EL CERRITO. CALIFORNIA Dear Seniors, El Cerrito High School is symbolic of'friend tion, high scholastic standards, efficient many other worthewhile attainments standards set by you and tr Ne, who have worked ' I wish hopes liness, cooperae student government, and . It has been built around the ie classes who have graduated before you. with you, are grateful for these associ I could predict that in the next few ye and ambitions wdll be fulfilled. Eefb can come to pass, however, we must di hovering over the horizon of t and I know that you a out the world hhen th ations. , ars all your re these realizations ssipate the clouds that are omorrow. This is your first job, nd alI the otherfgraduating seniors throughe will attack it with all the zest at your command. e sun has broken through those clouds again, then ma your anticipated desires and ambitions be realized 004449 . J administration ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Miss Marqaref Wolieson Mr. John Palmer Miss Mary McVi+Iie Mr. Elmer Lagorio Miss Ann MiIceseII Miss EcIy'rIWe Crank Mr. Ed Gehrhardf Mr. Richard I-Iunn COUNSELORS Miss Madeline WIwi++Iesey Mr. Wilbur I-Iosmer DEANS -W-ci i 4 Lei' 'Z VCV: Smer, Newman, Wrrghr, Tie-Hen, Schwarz, Thomas. Mahan, Mu7r, Sobey. Dcrre :ee 3:34 Fife, Ercreverry, Kressmam, DeeWey, Sfenrcr, Hawfran, Gber- .,, ,-:: N Q,-. 3- , .z...1.. J. "' r 1 'hi i I F - 4 ezi fr, iff ,s, 4 3?'fE,,fEV5Us Le1F+ +9 right Jolwrw Nekorw Jacobson, Bevier, Teechworrlw, James Nelson, Asperger, Nhfeafherhead, Dgggfig, McKerre, Kirwan, Ferramd0,Jol'm17, Edqedon. faculty Y 1 2 2 E il 7 5 , l , in vlldiw f'l4l'i W ,aw if iff? Leif To righlz Beck, Welosler, Smilh, Kinney, Roach, Collins, Nissen, Crank, Wehe. Penningfon, Mullen, Slrewarl, Leach, Slcinner, Gebhart Welch. Leif lo righl: While, Ford, Carson, Peclc, Bush, Lovefle, Bell, Williams, l-lunn, Phillips, Janusch, lvlclear, Brodersen, Sparks, Clark, Flinn, Luke, Gehrhardl, Welch, True, Yosl, Hurley. XWWA X x X- , -,X 'X- , XX X , .Ax X' x X Q' l 'M W9 ,pw ,,,, 'K ' W-X Z seniors g ay George Alcinaga Roberf Anderson Maydell Armas 519' NN Q" Diane Brown Mary Creuse I 7 'i i il if-v fi vi X 'I,E-:xii-,Qi . Ricl1ard'Bowersmi+l1 E ,l 1 is , N4 ' 55, William Aflcinson Billie June Bowie seniors 1951 Velia Delgado if -3? Diana Dubelz Helen Erclelalz i E iff., 'O 5 Carol Del Vecchio Charles Freeman J Maxine Bellfield Linda Byrnes Cassady - fall Lillie Dawson Lena De Marfini Lynn Fi'Sll1OieI' Teruyo Fufuya 'C' Richard Hall Marvin Howe Delores Keisson Edward Lucas William Hardin Gay Johnson Arfhur Kinson Sally Mc Mahan James Hearne Lindburq Jones Joyce Koelifz I- '-3, - A ,H 4.f V Ernesl Madison Aug, Shirley Hendrix I is f Loren Jones Roberl Leslie . - Phyllis Mendoza Thomas Hoadley lb is df' Muriel Jones Manuel Loya Miclcey Mulhern I ' si ., 'Fai Q5 Q Q .q wv . ' ia N.. K i Aw r lx 'Ns .5 if - Y- ' .if ' X 'SA' X ' A , 252- . Q "" Az l-GWFGFICS lVlU'fl'1 Frank Nakamura Richard Nichols ma , . if fy! Ph 0 "'1a 4 R ' Roger Pearl Donald Ross T27 Leon Ranlcins Keilh Salisbury Alfha Raszal Joan Scheinberg Yvonne O'Dell Roberf Rheaulf Roberl Siemons K f""s ' Q Q. Nu Joel Smifh Richard Soclcwell Agnes Sragnaro Jane? S'rein Joan Olney Barbara Romero John Sircable wh. F r A S i x L. Donald Sfewarf Du arf' al.. Donald Slone Ben Sugiyama Willie Joe Wallace Charles Wilcofs SCI-IOO Serlfember II Qcfober 4 November I7 November 23 December I December 7-8 January IO January I8 January 23 Richard Thomssen Eunice Turner Charles Walker SI' I I ' I 1 f M X ll Wir K . A y ' x James Williams Dale Windrem William Lucy l. ACTIVITIES - FALL, I 950 School opens Senior Difch Day Sophomore Hop Berkeley-El Cerrilo Foolball Game La Playa Dance Low Senior Play Senior Banquer , .Senior Ball Graduafion senior class prophecy George Akinaga Roberf Anderson Maydell Armas William Afkinson Maxine Bellfield Richard Bowersmifh Billie Bowie Diane Brown Lynda Byrnes William Cassady Mary Ann Creuse Liffie Dawson Velia Delgado Carol Del Vecchio Lena De Marfini Diana Dubefz Helen Erdelafz Charles Freeman Lynn Freihofer Teruyo Fu ruya Richard Hall William Hardin James Hearne Shirley Hendrix Thomas Hoadley Marvin Howe Gay Johnson Lindburg Jones Loren Jones Muriel Jones Dolores Ann Keisson Arfhur Kinson Joyce Koefifz Roberf Lawrence Roberf Leslie Manuel Loya Edward Lucas William Lucy Ernesf Madison Sally McMahan Phyllis Mendoza Mickey Mulhern Laurence Mufh Frank Nakamura Herberf Neal Donald Nichols Richard Nichols Yvonne O'Dell Joan Olney Roger Pearl Leon Rankin Alfha Raszaf "Gorgeous George," fhe wresfling champ Owner of Sf. Francis Hofel Manager of El Cerrif-o Theafre Head gardener af El Cerrifo High Usher af El Cerrifo Mofor Movies Track coach af Mushy Swamp Tech Miss America of I952 Vice-Presidenf of fhe Unifed Sfafes Dean of Girls af El Cerrifo High Happily married man Happy wife of prospecfor in Alaska Lady flag pole siffer Sfamp collecfor Edifor of ESQUIRE Cook in El Cerrifo High School cafeferia Mrs. John Coofer Edifor of fhe Berkeley Gazeffe Head popcorn salesman for Shrine Circus Horse Trader Ed's new Irma Direcfor of nurses for fhe Unifed Sfafes Wrifer of "Advice fo Lovelorn" column ALL GIRLS Adviser fo Lonely Hearfs Club Errand boy for EI Cerrifo High Soffball champion of Confra Cosfa Counfy Organizer of All Girls Afhlefic League Radio announcer Happy wife of Rick Building inspecfor for California Undersfudy for Hopalong Cassidy Official forfune-feller for Truman Nighf wafchman af EI Cerrifo Museum Discoverer of "The Thing" Tuba player in Bosfon Symphony Pilof on fhe San Ragael Ferry Polifician and newspaper owner Hairdresser in ladies' beaufy salon Salesman in ladies' clofhes High class faxi cab driver Grease monkey Phofographer af EI Cerrifo Mofor Movies Conducfor of Lonely Hearfs Club A busy liffle housewife Second Valenfino in Hollywood World famous pilof Commando leader Floor walker af Hink's Penguin hunfer in fhe Anfarcfic Sfar of Mefropolifan Opera Company All-American sporfs sfar Assisfanf dog cafcher of EI Cerrifo Owner of a used car lof Renowned arfisf in CALLING Roberr Rheaull Joe Rodgers Barbara Romero Donald Ross Keiih Salisbury Joan Schienberg Roberi Siemons John Sircable Joel Smiih Richard Soclcwell Agnes Siagnero Janei Sfein Sam Sievenson Donald Slewarl' Donald Sfone Ben Sugiyama Richard Thomssen Eunice Turner Willie Wallace Charles Wallcer Charles Wilcois James William Dale Windrem Head ianiior al El Cerriio High Model lor Arrow Collar ads Foriune Teller for Jrhe fellows Hisiory 'reacher a+ El Cerrilo High Pin boy ai Albany Bowl Slar on Broadway Waler boy for Berkeley High Fooiball 'ream Wresiling and boxing insirucior Mr. America of i955 All-American bowler of i960 A millionaires wiie Slaie lax colleclor Leader oi El Cerrilo High orchesira Coach of ihe California Bears Sewing Teacher ai El Cerrifo High Owner of EI Cerriio Molor Movies Archaeologisi in darlcesi Brazil lnsiruclor in charm school Sfar hall baclc of The Foriy-Niners Trumpel player Singing dishwasher al Ciro's Nighr Club All-American pool player P.E. insiruclor al EI Cerrilo High f. f ,f 6 5 I 4 ' . wi i f A . '-fs' if - ,Law , , ,fi is T - kv W 1 22 ' ' V if E I 1 - an V4 wg' - ! 5154 4' Y 4.1! A ,V . .,,,y , Q f f LM ff apr' , E hi "- 4 ' lm-L hm-A Q ,' v ,f, wx' ' f- '- 2. IA ii? ' Q S , - lm ' 02423 ,sry Z, 2 we . M A 'W l z 5 ' A ,LIE 1 rss 'fi mf g,,.M ' Q in I s x r V X X1 4 ,.. V 4. 1 4' Q , r 2 , 1 SMI 'yi " 5 J '- M F ll ll K T ,Q f la , 4. i , We Rober+ Alcuff Barbara Anderson Janice Andersen Clarence Balch Roberf Beeman ,244 Miriam Benjamin Be++y Bosloclc 1 W 'fx Richard Biagi John Bodenhamer seniors 1951 - Ollie Bradley Charles Brayfield vffl , f W in ., wi' V N an J ll I A1 ij 1 Roberf Byrd Nafalie Calce Ronald Cameron W I ,... . 1 ff' X raw , av ,W R Joyce Boersma O spring Carol Broyles "W BRS I X Mn Edgar Boreen Daryl Bucciarelli nv ,A 'J' ul . " 4 Glen Cafmindii Ronald Carpenler f R x, MW' FK B C 4' Y my Ly .Vi B XA. Leland Case Rulli Ch ff Alice Colevas Gerald Cox A ,.-4' Paul Cyril Belly Lou Calloway William Croclfeff "C," Dee Davis Ji GPVTWGD Glenda Cliism Maudie Coals Carol Conlclin Janel Crowell Elizabefh Davis 1 Nancy Cordell Johnnie Cuba Florence De Camp Doris Coleman Callnerine Col"ron Arline Curlis i Jerrie Declcer 1 " 2 g f g f f f ,G 9 1 fi, ,I 'f y , 4 f 5 241 if ff Julie De Haven Suzanne de Jong Jack Derricofr Wilma Dorey Pafricia Doyle Flora May Earon John Ferguson Si Frazier Mildred Ford Belly Franklin Q3 E Rufh Foresfer Carl Freeman lk 's " ix, ji- Qi 1 PK f 5 R N f Massimo De Simoni SYdf"eY Diehl William Edwards Evelyn ESCGIGCL3 William Fowells Virginia Freeman John Fowler Nancy Gabeau wtf James Gaines Joyce Greenlee Daisy Handy Donald Henry Eleanor Gleason 'Q Q Maurice Griliilhe George Harsch , . .fx 'ff' Al ir Mary Ann Hinshaw Eleanor Golll Mary Lou Gordon '75 K! , Q Richard Grinols Manuel Gulierrez Roberf Haffield Sue Hayes Merrill Herring Doris Hilly af' ,-0 C17 Julia Granada favs-F"f J M "-7 il James Haas Hillon Hempy Delrner Herrera David Hoff Aloha Hopper Frances l-lumphrey Maggie Jaclcson Larry Judd W Q'--9 Ann Jellen Donald Johnson Palricia Judd iff Charlolle Killam Mildred Koslci Nuleen Knighl Karl Kresge lfiailfwli 'L 45" Wanda l-lursl Eloise l-lyafl' lv Lillian Johnson Jerome Kelly .... , ,1,,, J- X.. ---uf . .,. 'lf 25,2 -5535 5: - Q " W' asf - ii - L- . e-fi Vincenl Landof if 4' William Johnslon Roberl Kinloclc William Larks Ei James Laveder Jaan Liedholm QW ,Q ix, 4? ' I ' NL' Alice Luclcadue Riclward Meelc Dwain Malnan Carol Marlfs 'Qtr '- G9 if r vii? ii 1' "shi wi 'E . 253323 5i,',,xq v Y Delvan Lipscomb Margo Ludwig Mary Marlin 4. ,'0, ""'7 Darlene McFall Yvonne McFarland Rowena McKenzie 4? Darlene Lloyd 43 Dorolliy Loclce Cleo Macon Jean Malsumofo Wayne McLaughlin f"7 ,S 1. -we , Q .J Wa unela Madison Be+'ry McCauley Q 'G' Richard Medinas .041 , P' 5 Charles Mendoza James Miller RU'l'l'1 Milligan David Miscovich -l5me5 Mllchell fib- i""'k Gilberf Moore Ben Narasaki I . 'Q ci if-' ' J v- ,,, lii .7 i Rurlw Parsons Irene Moore May Morila Jim Navarre "N ,wk 9 . -A l ff! in 1 Marjorie Perrelli Y Lillian Olsen John Peyovich . u A 'X b W Q ,: 'A 1 1 J""' ual' P X. . k Jim Moriyama Harold Orr Yr Qx William Phillips -ft. 2 , if. i I I A Koji Nakano Marilyn Paddock Berlinda Pinnerelli fi Q Dwighl' Posl Eugene Prince Beafrice Reed Carlee Richardson Evelyn Rouse Lee Selvy P I fu' b X7 fflzkiffm Peler Sarnmel l . is Ds F. L. Shepherd A Willie Pryor F , ...Q Joseph Rodgers Pearl Sanders Waller Sherman f x Q- Ji Delmonl Quinn Marguerire Randle was Mary Lou Rodini Delores Russell Erma Saylor Nona Scrudder 6 5 .4 ' Roberl Shinney Roberla Shinney Wu, Joan Show ,J , if fy U X 1 ! X 9 IO 1 1 4. fy? 1 dller William Siebold Ronald Silviera James Simmons wa ' 1 mf , , r P 5 x , 7 xg, Irene Sfeele Morene Sfeele Gerald Slurges Yasulco Suyeyasu i, f 2 fm? if" A it I -I Ru+l1 Sfevenson Jean Templelon 5, 17 Pelrus Townsend Annabelle Treese Lorne Troan ww -44 yi' Av, F 9- a I , r y Q Arlliur Sl'ileS Anloineffe Tezzi Donald Troupe Shirlee Sorolca Pafricia Sfrand Clyde Thomas Donald Turner 'IL' Donald Turner William Tyrol Sumi Urusliibala Richard Varone Leon Veal Ru+h Villarreal Joanne Vi++i'r0w Connie Vizcarra Joanne Worflwley Bruce Young Joan Wiegmann Ernesl Hufsclmmidf Joan Williams 3 I I'-'H FALL H- I 2 CLASS OFFICERS Leif lo rigliiz Marvin Howe, Vice Presidenlf Helen Erdelarz, Secre- Iary: Don Ross, President senior activities - fall FALL CENTRAL COMMITTEE 'ww' 'Q mmm, Lell 'ro riqlwlz AI+Iwa Reszel, Bill Cessady, Helen Erdelaiz, Janel Sie-in, Don Ross, Cargl Del Vecclnio, Marvin Howe, Bob Anderson. -'li l 4, A.-Ln., .-W 9? NYJ, C. ..-JN X S SPRING I-I-I2 SENIOR OFFICERS I.eI+ Io rIgIw+: Ben Nara- saki, President Joan Lled- Imolm, Secre-Iary: George I-Iarsch, Vice President senior activities - spring I-I-I2 CENTRAL COMMITTEE 36 '31 lawns SG: '59 T M '+L- ini Tgp row: Bob Shirmey, Ben Nerasaki, George I-Iersch, Bob KInIock. Bofrom row: Mary Marin, Joan l.Iedl'1oIm, Joan Wiegmann, Tonie TezzI. .Jif gli ti ,6,, will .4 KE' 149 x tx U As' .funn rc 1950 WI 5. W.. 5 I 1 - 4, A"' ' V! f 1 fy .Jw wg 9 X !.i 1 f A , if! -N-K Y. Q-XXX wi! 51 as Q ...K .I V. 1 ,,l'Q.i-.Nm I F 200 x09N ax ,ur-IE' 5 W., I A ,,,,- Vgf H - X" ' M A'!llf,f,,,f' , A, ,A . .,w'f' X. gf fy, 'SQDUMN 'W' ""' " ' r, C,Xow-W , ZF. Q ' M N V ,. Q f V ' I .Q X M"' . xi" wwf gf-fuix .4 XX X4 X! X ,. .V X ' X kv X " A A. N ' U57 nvrv-'UV' . X X x .N ' X ,M - fb . X X X - - - , X. I .X X X " X MM, ,W ,,,-,-,,1,,,--,. X X ,MW 1 X , X X X nf-ff-f M , :X . , 'Q 1 I I . " V' f X .N + YR! X K, hx ' s XX XX xx ' ' fx' X . Y .Junky - X NX X X - V X H , XXXNX -, 4 X 1. . X ,X X, f.,,,X 74 f . X 2 H QW ff' X f " N X Q .x X , , V gl ' ' , ' 5 N X ' ' A... -.. ff: ' ri. 4 X V ,KX X 1 h w Q X X 'Xi .X . . 4 , ' , X X X' X NN 'XX X ' 7, NR '-X 'X fgvr 'M -,,4X,,, qv, Jlv, ,Q ,V U h X K Xu xx A ,X f'f' ff, X X- d1-- X 9 :X.-X X, -U,-M f.,b4Mf X. XXX X v XX- xX X -,,A,, Y A ,., Jizff ' ' X , x X X, . xx , V' . ,V ' XJ X X Q x --W.,-r - ' Inf,-'-'-Y' ' , 5 X X - f . 1' V Y ' uf" 'M Xa' X 5 X - Xfv 1 A ,M ,, ,", .ff 'ff A ' x Zfff-f'j", N X -X , X K, NX X xx Y , -'kv -Y 'P' K 4 Af -' Xu X X t J, xx N. X ..,.4f---' "' ' bi.- ' ' Q, - fm' xi . .1 4. , f - ' wx' ,,,,,,,,,ff-ff' kfxifggi ,.v ,F V M QX .X -W ' ' A ' ' +LL'JX 4 gf - ' w,,Z"k 'V' X , ff! ., X, ,N , -V ' ,ff -Ln 'xx Y U Y ff' 'v'. .,,,,,ffff'! L11 X. , XX N , X 2 ffzf' ' ' IZ! K ff f' , 4? ,Z X, -X 31, X X f ,f f y but um. spring Term co 'I ii Q5 V-an low seniors LOW SENIORS of Jrhe Proving lhemselves an aclive and progressive group, l'he nlribuled much 'ro school spirit The members of l'he class look an aclive perl in school organizafions and sel an example for 'rhe younger classes +o follow. 76 ac. ag. .K S-.P vw -JS. if juniors 46 Fur Q4 T' l TN: Sew' a': :re rg go, Yes, llwe JUNIORS will soon be er1l'ering+l'xeirlas+ year af E Cerrrc. Ps we Um back flwe pages of +l'1e years, we begin +o realize more fully raw emi' :Jr 'fbrz Ha re cordribuled 'ro H19 progress of llwe sclwool. I r n A las if -Q-5 N, juniors gr-u 'IZA -bg, 33- ,. 133- -15' 'bf if ,l 3 "J No Q-, -if' L6- Lf-ff Inf IH1 1,71 'Eff 'f ii -36- up, -16" .JL Nr vf all is. 'ac 4.35 W 69 juniors Q6 C3 3: TJ 413 34 v ? ? 3,5 Q 2 Q9 Nm, -Y 3 . A., JL. l 54 at 0 1: :l? A"x-1 . 1 5' .32 , wx lg di 'f ' Q t 4' Vvvg if , 39 v.',Ql 46 you 414- Qw sophomores Here are fhe SOPHOMORES! Talenfed and peppy, +hey are fhe newesr addirioris +o Jrhe upper division. They cerrainly deserve a lof of credif for ihe wonderful success 'rhey made of 'i'heir Sophomore Hop. 98 XX X-i ,gf 1 I ,f,, 7 M I sophomores is 1 as 26 9.2: ig. 'Q' Q9 Xxx 1 if Rx Wa QO- i' F5 qs sophomores an ug, 'W' f, 3 41.4 5? ,,qw uk?- 'Y' My '1xUUUf an 3- freshmen Eege' i'3 'ee':,f :Z We Jrhree years +0 come, flwe PRES!-IMAN class faced Hs re- ESC"E-CA 'Hee efa Cie: wkh an enldwsiasm 'rypical of a youflwful group. As a group ff-ey C'ED'E,.9C 'fe de Q fefidicz necessary for schooi leadership in Wafer years. freshmen 'Zi 2 I eighth grade 4, Q QZFDE Q azz confribufed many acfive members 'ro junior fegislerure and fC24E+j, Hard working and Friendly, Huey were a welcome parr of ,- A,--' l'+'C, eighth grade six N S A 1- seventh grade F- We :H acer enrerinq Hue confusing worid of E.C.H.S., rlwe SEVENTH graders EQQ' gegan-9 gift CiECi'1OCii life. Furnishing a lor of spirir af ail fine games and rallies. Yref IJA ce rrfzzec by everyone when 'rlwey move 'ro Hue beaurifui new Porioie Junior r- f-r Cfrff 1' Qezrefnber 4' -1- JJ V Q- f .1 . Q 1 a Q seventh grade Y 'rx Q. III' '11 1 , I X 6- X l . 'Q .' 'I' 1f'f 1 X nh., " ',f . l 5, ' 5, -Q X , 1 ,fd 9 D 1 y f ,qlpxxl -' .J-I 4-X, W - vo1a"' eel eff? , . 1 "1 , , Oat Bee C65-953'-"3 A aar""',,' 5 Yfife Y, tc faf"" etfj ,soft J .4 Q01 9 f.. Q 9'2fN.'v Kwik .xxce v feb" X 'iof,c.eo'2-' f , 5rcnxfr"' if A .Q on . 9e,c','L2"v'3'fJ X ' A ' ' otfffffv' I JQSOL- J yi ,Y :Y rw-0.x-"5QT"' ,099 -JH' ff x-, ' 4' "", 'Q-Offs VQLFIIL' I ,ff Qs Qxwvia do AO.-v"' 1' I v ewf:fQ0"" 66 '3O0Qz" ff 6016 Q9 1 ov-9, ?'3X'l'Os ring 1, 23 59' 'Gsm on 'e095QG",, FQ., J 'L X9 OW ot J 5 V 0 al' 9f.'JN"" Qxfvb' 'Loi'-' 60 gifs gk 'Q fix X-. yn I Cc hvghes f.'1x ,fish . 4 O ' Q6 fc fx student body fall senior officers Top row, leTT To righT: Ron Taylor, Yell Leader: Shauna Murphy, Yell Leader: Joan Wiegman, SecreTaryg Harvey Dougan, Commissioner OT ATh- leficsq Toni Tezzi, Yell Leaderg Tom Hoadley, President Lower row: Manuel Carvalho, Com- missioner of enTerTainrnenTg JaneT STein, Treasurer: Ted Haring, Yell Leader: Joyce Bucciarelli, Yell Leaderg Eunice Turner. Vice PresidenT. TOM HOADLEY STudenT Body PresidenT Jain -I.. ff' I would like To Take This opporTuniTy To express my sincere apprecia- Tion To The sTudenTs and TaculTy Tor whaT I believe has been a mosT successTul Term of sTudenT governmenT. My special Thanks To Mr. Palmer and all The officers Tor Their help and cooperaTion in making iT possible. Now, wiTh The compleTion of The new building, our long soughT STu- denT Union has become a realiTy. Our school in Ten shorT years oT exisTence has become known ThroughouT The sTaTe as an ouTsTanding example oT sTudenT governmenT, and I know iT will conTinue To im- prove over The years To come. This Term as PresidenT of El CerriTo High School has been a wonder- Tul experience Tor me and one which I shall never TorgeT. Tom l-loadley 'x Y 1I"7 TT Ag 1 fi XX .- iunior officers LeTT To righT: Nancy Lewis S'SC"Sl'dry: Nick Kinsman, Jun- ior Vice Pre-sidenT: Sharon Finn, Commissioner of enTerTain- ment LH ' rv ff s er 1 52 i as 4 N .iii I nw O le glslafure - fall 1951 l.EQlSgF.7'JDE waz readed during llwe FALL semesler by Eunice Turner, anq by Don Jcr'::' ' E'-"T, fanning llwe many bills and amendmenls passed by leqislalure 'FT' f- 7, "til lmpcrlanl lo llne sludenls was llne bill lo converl' llwe old Q e 3 'fg napedior Sludenl Union. senior junior QFD: V Judenf body spring officers Top row, lei? io riqhfg Tom Wild, Commissioner of Alh- lericsz Suzanne de Jong, Trea- surer: Don Pryde, Presidenf. Boiiornz Joan Wieqmann, Yell Leader: Marcia Marcos, Yell Leader: Shirlee Sorolra, Com. missioner ol enferiainrnenlg Toni Tezzi, Secrefary. Abseni: Don Johnson, Vice Presidenfg Waldo Lowry, Yell Leaderg Shauna Murphy, Yell Leader, av--, DON PRYDE Siudenr Body Presidenf senior I would like lo express my sincere appreciarion ro +he sludenls of El Cerrifo l-ligh School, who made my ierm of office possible and l have Jrruly enjoyed worlcing side by side wi+h +he s+uden+ body and faculiy. Qur school is now larger ihan ever and lhe iradirions, siandards, and school spirif rhai EI Cerriio has aliained in such a shorl lime, will always be remembered. l lhinlc 'rhis has been a successful ferm, buf i+ could nor have been wirhoul' Jrhe fine cooperaiion of lhe whole sfudenr body and iaculry. l would lilce 'ro wish my successor Jrhe besf of everyfhing. Don Pryde '38 f' 9' We A V' Atv X V V lim! g X nv l iunior Leif fo righf: Nancy Lewis Secreraryr Charloife Wood Vice President: Elizaberh Davy Commissioner of enrerrainmenf 95 ,,, senior I FL.. legislature - spring 25 Din Jonfwin, Wie Presldflmiq The SPRING LEGISLATURE, 'i'er3'fwqif efiVilem+ and keplr Hwe sfudenf body affairs running junior fe. upreme, ,pa 5 court Qc: Q IR ,.... wif' r -WW MQ v Qing., Yiictmv ve. , f'-nL!"gf ,ch-,qw-M '41 41' .gh 95 -x , fy, Mr Pafmer, Mr. Samples, Bob Leslie, Marvin Howe and Dean McMurray student courts Mr. Pelnmr, Don Johnson, Walter Plqrm Frances Humphrey Duck Thomssen, Gerry Sturges and Bob Anderson, W., ra., no 'T' rg xx 'f',,.,,N M 'rg PM-Q Reef t lower court .JI- YT senior honor societies 31 11:9 T nl Q Q -la 'DS ,QL ,ab- 4 4. 41120 'C' Ia playa I ri -y's la dorada li-V 22 F4 niner it CAROL DEL VECCHIO and HELEN ERDELATZ Co-Edilors-Fall f j ' Y ll' fn.. l ...1'9f'q'f 5, ll GERRY STU PGES Edlror-Spfirg Under lhe conlinued able direclion of Mr. Waller lcliml Dodds, HCABBYH mainlained ils usual high slandard of sludenl journalism. Carol Del Vecchio, Helen Erdelalz, I b and Gerry Slurges held The edllor posilions, and for 'rhe e a lirsl 'rime lhe newspaper was issued free To sludenl body card holders. R. Biaqi, J. Ellioll, C. Elledqe, M. Slurges, G. Tessurn, B. Lewin, G. Sturges, M. Yuraslco, K. Thompggn E. Subloerra, M. Camp, R. l-lall, L. Vaughan, E. Turner, l-l. Erdelafz, C. Del Vecchio, B. Leslie, Sl Edwards. el camino Y C3 Belly Bosloclc, Edilorp Sue Hayes, Assislanl Eclilorg Don Johnson, Business Manager: Gerry Srurges, Assislanr Busi- ness Manager- Sydney Diehl, Shelf Arrisfp Kirlc Thompson, Pholographeri Sfali, Janel Srein, Diane Brown, Bob Sell- gren, Dennie Coiiel, Marilyn Jacks, Bob Alkinson. ff fi Fsz'E'eo by a' able srail of Janel Srein, Diane Brown, Bob Sellgren, Dennie Colfer. Var' J' Jada a'd Bob Arlfinson, 'rhe EL CAMINO STAFF of I95l broke all previous 'eC:'3f 'f f95'b'LQB sales in a shorl, one-weelc campaign. Among Jrhe new iealures 'he E'i': ""'a'ed were oadded covers, bigger piclures, lower division class piclures, 'e' more Sig-ei and PED covers! For lhe lirsl lime, El Cerriro sludenis saw lheir El Cirrrj grgg-33353 DY lhe new lilhogfaph rT1elhOd, as .. FA M ew M F' s 2 5-X if y ,J B, Allinson, G. Srurges, M. Jacks, D. Collet R. Graham, D. Johnson, K, Thompson, Mrs. DuBois, D, Brow, S, Hayes, J. Srein, B. Sellgren. HX , ws. ,Q W Elf cam salesmen ln a selling period of only one weelc, lliis group of energelic, enllwusiaslic SALESMEN brolce all previous records for subscriplions lo EI Camino. The l95l sales campaign was bolslered by lwiglfily original and allenlion-gelling publicily, including live displays in llie sliowcase depicling morlicians, morons, bubble dancers, baby sillers, lady denlisls, lwo-beaded women and siamese lwins-all laillnful subscribers lo Cam. Tlwe real credil lor a successful sales campaign, liowever, goes lo our salesmen, wlwo gol llrie El Camino ol l95l oil 'ro a good slarl. top salesmen JOAN VWEGMANN 'l in gil- MANUEL cARvALHo S-V "F-s.,v"' senior home Nec!! -,P boosters CCETEPS c-qf3'e'wzolfl1e+famo,: E1CeffE+o 'ei :ine 5: ve sei ewer, one ofezeoheo We ,Qfff WPC made Spf 'C VIVVWE' PEJQEW 4 T su +5 T7 SET 1 5' .A fi ek: W 45 .31 W , 1. x, 1 if ' . pro iecfion crew maintenance crew french club l'4"5, Wiz: S35- 9144 SQM SDUOD +J A16 CD 3 5. Z? O 3' 3 O 3 O. I 6. :J- IOOLPS DQ OUP 1 C 3 -0- 3' CD : . O- CD DJ I'1'.I,H.I'1 U91 +59 6. F' O -v-1 gsmu uog4QnpQJEJ QW A0 O 3 CD O -01 -9- :- CD 3- LO I K-5. D- -+- m O -4-. -o- 3' CD -+- CD w 3 3' CD O1 2. 3 L9 3 01 O. O. 1 O :S -o- O -O- 'J' CD 2. CO 1 KD DJ 1 N-4 CD 3 E. s93uQJQeddQ psA Sq -05 'o 7 CD -O- 3' CD lf? -Q- C O. CD 3 -v- O- O CL N4 DJ 3 O. SQ EJugpuQ,L5J,nO AQM Q ' s H 5041193 HC C HiS3H MV SQ u Q69 SLH JQQA M H9 OM 'HJ 3- nv . 1 Q Q.: fix Qi WF v ' Q X-1:43, Sv , ": 55 3 -35:4 Z.: Q-W-A 1 .- O TJ U 'O C fU E DN UN GJ .C -4- in S ie e ral re-gem To Hwe p .4- L CL Lf, 'O C fC Q CD O. HO- o To Q1 'O -+- VU GD L OW VO Ox C L5 'O fi 'U C fC .Q -6- L GJ U C O U fU ur fU -5- C .02 .2 '+- L+- CD Z fo D O' an U7 fU 3 Q Z SBA O If V F Id, E1Ce +0 Hue confesfs on fhe fie ab I. Q 3 3 3 O .C un rx 4- an 'C VU P .Q U CD Q Ln successfu highly January. a In 4. C 3 OW 4: march 6 GS and +- O O LL 7 -+- L 5 ..- -O il? 4. ll PX CD .C -0- SN 3 Q O E I I Q 3 L o t 'O 3 fD 0 .E 'O L fD I LD .C 4- E 'O C YU .Q U3 .C -0- 7 .D T CJ '5- C ID mn rk. Awo Q?-A Q Q-P' , '7 AZV4 I ir-f I X ms 1559? u W G f fv' . 1- ? t . 9' 5 43 ' 5 y 4 'Off ur' f i W "' 1 E .,X . 3 .r ' i E.- BETTY BOSTOC K GERRY' STURGES SUZANNE de QD'-.G -- -- 1 - -- ' O lumor states men JSAS Hvee S+a+e cg-Cer Ei Cerriro, home chaprer of ihe Governor, Secreiary, and Treasurer of ihe JUNIOR STATE has been one of rhe mosr infiuenrial chapiers in rhe srare during rhe pasi year Ce egarez were senr ro boih The Long Beach and Sacramenro Siaie Conveniions Fa oiiiceraz Don Johnson, Berry Bosrock, Sue Hayes, Virginia Freeman. Spring officers ree de Jong, Bob Beeman, Virginia Freeman, Merrir Herring. sl As unesco During The pasr year, 1? UNESCO has cenrered ijrs Z acriviries around a book and Comic book drive, some in- ieresiing speakers, foreign dinners, and a four of Confra . Cosia J. C, iunior red cro ss 'Y' an 94 I A 'C' CWA' 'HV' senior dramafics hx 1 is A f'9!' F .JC Z 1 6 . ffl ll T L Y 5 ,i g 5? Aw 9, Q gi ! if if X rg mmW'9L"4 Egg 5 X... 5 ffii fx Q R - .5 RQs'5'Qg,g,-1 6 A o x,, . . , Q M 1' w K+? 'VX F Yr kwin X , is? : v n Wg 'QS ggi, Gif L Q-xv 'K -Qi, Rig W W 'F LV-. nk E25-zgwkxil K W tw A wg, 5 H 'T ' 1 x T' A 4 Q Hy, , ..v, .1 J Q I': , .mf P 4 ri . WW' 'Q K mm'5g!'-- 'Yi Q I , 1 -qv me A Q I 1 i 1 Z' 551 3, WWW on LL SW A "'54. ze, XJ PM 4 1' '43 I J. -mv , 4-13? football I Acalanes Alhambra Albany Piedmonl Mission Hayward Richmond 1 ii 1,1 Alameda ' Berkeley SU lvl MARY 7 Gauchos 20 Gauchos . O Gauchos 6 Gauchos I9 Gauchos 6 Gauchos I2 Gauchos 6 Gauchos I4 Gauchos .5 ,, 4 :Lg 9ll'.lM' -.-.,,,. ., .N ,S 'Ll' - iii ,"'i"'hk in ig V' ,gs ,.....- . ,.,, X U 4745 S , Q-an arf vm-, Q , figiffmw V .... wmww' N a. . . ce, , G Harsclw, Narasalri, Smillw, Fowler, Smillw, MacDonald, Allen, Lewis, Mulli, Slewarl, Mahan, Holmes King, Lovefle Wills Troupe, Morris, Doug n, Tyrol, Salisbury Peyovlclw, Allxinson Fernando. Walla Gi c: :x 5.4 U 2 Q Q -I- 5h L 'un V5 L T: .cz L o o 'll- f 4 basketball een BarreTT, Simmons, Calvin, Johnson, Prvde, T-le-mpi. aah Collins, Franz, Lewis, Moore, Thomas, Gr FINAL STANDINGS W L PiedmonT 8 2 Richmond 7 3 EI CerriTo 5 5 Berkeley 5 5 l-layward 4 6 Alameda 2 B EI GerriTo Tinished The l95O-BI BASKETBALL season Tied Tor Third place in ACAL sTandings, sporTing a Tive-won, TiveflosT record. The Gauchos were Tied Tor TirsT place aT The end oT The TirsT round oT league play, buT losT The TirsT Tour games oT The second round and Thereloy sank To Third place, Qnly league-winning PiedmonT Topped The Gauchos during The TirsT round, edging ' ' ' Th G 'T ns won The oTher Tour The green and whiTe clad guinTeT by Two poinTs, e erri a conTesTs by scores oT 59-34 over Berkeley, 50448 over Richmond, 49-46 over Alameda, and 47-44 over I-layward. T Ha ward, Berkeley, PiedmonT, and Rich. Th Gauchos succumbed, in succession, o y e mond in The second halT oT play, winning only over Alameda. CenTer B. L, Moore led EI CerriTo scorers This season, wiTh Don Pryde, John Thomas, and Pumpsey Green all among The Top AGAL scorers. The 59 poinTs Tallied during ' El C- 'T hi h Tor a league TilT. The TirsT round slaughTer oT Berkeley are an erri o g iff ri dm '-Q Q6 fm 35155 .. ,, .F ig. kd' A f L ,ex Q Wi! Y . ,Q in iayvee q , ' -3-' 13? .Nw basketball fm egff " fl f ,aw frm .,-K "MW ' C99 .,, mf.. 1,-Q frm ,1 lpn" ,. , ,,...,,,. 71 Q J E ' . :' 2 3 A, I 'x i Q , ,479 Wk ,W,1 A 1 I- I f , H 4. f ,f'b.4zGv Z! f dm ,," yf I f x i H sk, NX' 1? varsity track A+ lhis early March wrifing, lhe oulloolc on EI Cerrilo TRACK was nol as brighl as lasl year's. Only a small remnanl ol I95O's ACAI. runner-up +racl4 group was presenl lor Coach Hale Roach To worlc wifh. Allhough indicalions were lhal fhere was a considerable amounl of unlried lalenl slill lo be lapped, if was fell unlikely lhal lhe Gauchos would again lead The field in lhe EI Cerrilo Relays, scheduled for March 31. General consensus Throughoul lhe league was Thai EI Cerrilo had permanenlly es- lablished ifseli as an ACAL power, a laclor lo be feared in any olher schools ambi- Tions for Qhe Track crown. The following were squad slandoulsz Joe Charles, 8801 R. B. Holmes, 4403 Barrel Easl- man, hurdles: Bill Campbell and John Armslrong, IOO. fu- VM, bee track -5 EEE TPPCKSTEPS mmed om for Coaches Hale Roach f K X' f'?6' 2223 fear for We younger Hack and field mem was varsity baseball 45 "3 s.,-H T3 1? J .A 1 A I As we go lo press 'rhe oulloolc on a BASEBALL championship lor fhe Gauchos is good. An early deadline for our copy does noi pernnil us lo reporl lhe resulls of any Gaucho praciice games, bul The green and while nine is favored +o win ils iirsl ACAL cham- pionship. A+ Jrhis wriling, 'rhe final squad has nol been delerrnined, and lhere are slill many boys Compeling lor The various leam berlhs. Allhough 'rhere are only Three varsily holdovers from lasl spring! runner-up ACAL aqqreqalion, The qualify of The unlesfed- in-league-play malerial hinls lhal a successful season is in lhe ofling. .nf fl' , . i K R 4 4 ij' i I , E- W lf' ee baseball 18 f 'A 1 w s. A 'J' illuix -ill- NVHITE C and BLOCK C are me Ve++er socrelries for boys and qIrls. AHIHQUQP1 me membership requlremems for the Jrwo clubs differ, me members of each are oL,+s+aearg in sporfs and acfive m scrmoof affairs. 'C' CI l YET' modern dance " 5 f gy MODERN DANCE Presidewf, Toni Tezzig Secfegaf Pa Hail: Vice President Liz Dads: H + Carol Chappel: Treasufef, Jo' U f F 7553193 ' G' ,sf V 3 D Q A M m f 1 x ,H .4375 lf Ulu-A65 UF 55" NW , ' 2 '2 e 3 5 i 'D Xi Sl K, X, K 1 I Q 1 Wa o ' up-wif -Q1 1- iT' -Q 5 x71 4. -vi' 'Y , r qw: M 'Q' 'if , ff 7 , ,.g ,,g . W sr.q-l" X 3, f y D If 2 S 5 41, ' k A I -1 IA., X, ,Q Lb lv, , ki gal? 4-N mf! ' .5 1 x Q Q an-...L If 5 7 A I J ,gi I I W, 'av P.fl famous gauchos DON JOHNSON ALTHA Rf-XSZAT .-sph ,K f '51 415' Wesringlwouse science Arf scholarship winner falenl search winner IRE 'O T' f f JANET STEIN V Oulslandinq senior girl 'X January I95I ,Q " J . '12 , , A 1 ,gi ' -l 5 V' BOB LESLIE I 1 J , BILL TYROL ,r ' f '. , . -. - fi - 1 c . ca 5' L a s if ii M i ,Q we- 'f ffsi . J L L V ' 'J fin -L L qi E :H --!. ,wiuit IT, I f.-KA Q' Oulslandinq senior boy January I95I 'ie 'Q if 5 Oufsfancling logfball player of I95I "GIVE A LANE CEDAR CHEST" All gracluaiing senior girls receive a minialure ceclar cl1esI' wifh our complimenfs. . ' Qmdeway gfoked-2 Complele Home Furnishings BE 2-2263 LA 5-2379 l230 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California W! all I , ll THE PLACE OF " f ,- 3 GRAND WATERF ,p I ALLS AND GARDENS I 7:3 Q X A f:z,'f4,?, I I I I SUNSET vwavv fl, fs I ll . .ur , f I new il ,f , I f I l l ' I I' w mum- A I 4 1 1 , ' ' I Y 1 I ' I M ,,:,I1I,I w ere I A all I I II? I f' I I Ci 552 emefeiy IOI Colusa Avenue Berkeley, California Landscape 5-SI I I Wnjafwefcf 5-I-A-I-lC3lNlE'l25 School Supplies 0 Gills Prinling Pens and Pencils 908 San Pablo Avenue El Cerri+o LA 5-7504 BE 5-1395 Zmekcb TUIQLJGEI CID. "ln Business for HeaII'l1" FREE DELIVERY LAndscape 6-4022 75I So. San Pablo Avenue El Cerrifo Corner of Sfocldon Avenue TO THE SENIORS CF 1951: Our hopes for +he fufure are bound up in you: And wherever you go, fhe wide world fhrough, We'll be wafching and cheering and hoping we can Somefime lend a helping hand. Here's a wish for your happiness every day From your Alma Ma+er's P.T.A.! EI Cerrito High Parent-Teacher Ass'n ALWAYS THE BEST FOR LESS O 9 mffmb "Where Kash Is King" Five Complefe Food Markefs EL CERRITO O ALBANY O BERKELEY gf gowceio- Aida Compiimenfs of I N N Agneg 8, Ted Jensen Breaicfasi' Lunch S-I'QcH'Qn Avenue Sdn Pablo Avenue El Cerrifo. California AILJGHY. Cdiif0l'fliB Congralulalions and Besl' Wishes lo Ihe Gracluales of l95I from JOE IVIARTYN TURNER Juslice of lhe Peace REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 904 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrifo, California BUILD YOUR OWN HOME WITH AN F.H.A. LOAN We Con Help You Arrange the Loon ond Save You Money! Phone BE 7-46I l Phone ' BE 4-4028 BUILDERS ENIPORIUIVI A+ lhe Junc+ion of San Pablo and Easl Shore Highway -.JORDAN ' S AI.. HOPKINS PHARMACY numbing and Heaiing Phone L,:ncl+scape 5-7847 ea urmg Wafer Healers and Floor Furnaces Repairing and Moclernizafion Tel. LAndscape 5-5880 762 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrilo Complefe Prescrip+ion Service Free Prescriplion Delivery Max Facfor, DuBarry, Cory Colonial Dame Cosmelics 428 San Pablo Avenue LA 5-7504 Congrafulafions fo flwe Graduafes of I95I fgzsfffaoffne HARDWARE 81 SPORTING GOODS LAndscape 5-l202 4l9 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California EMMA a MARY? gig? Ladies' and Cl1ildren's Wear 428 San Pablo Avenue LAndscape 5-9I3I Emma Aspesi Mary Rosano 09, gnfah BAKERY Cakes for All Occasions 406 San Pablo Avenue LAndscape 5-I800 56 gekizofo- HARDWARE Edward T. Dawling Propriefor 4I7 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California MARY nuff 'JCE S DEPT STORE Rough Rider Slacks Helen Harper Sweafers LAndscape 5-I597 9l3 San Pablo, Albany Complimenfs of STOCKTON VARIETY 69l9 Sfoclcfon Avenue EI Cerrifo, California Mildred and Ray Severs LAndscape 5-0l52 "A Friendly Newspaper in a Friendly Town" EL CERRITO JOURNAL LAndscape 5-0880 El Cerrifo 906 San Pablo Avenue Norberf Cormier, Edifor Maxine Menzies, Sociefy Edifor Phone LA 5-5357 NURSERY AND GARDEN SUPPLIES General Nursery Sfoclr Annual Planfs 9I8 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrifo QZXWAQM if-1 Famous lce Cream and Donu+s Milk Shakes and Sundaes Open fill I0 P.M. 752i Fairmouni' Avenue EI Cerrifo Gef Thai' Boogie Ai' . . . BERT'S BARBER SHOP We Need Your Head In Our Business 75I9 Fairmouni' Avenue EI Cerrifo, California Berl' Playle Marv Soofer Greefings +o fhe Class of '5I Gradua+es Today Home Buyers Tomorrow EX E. LlNTl"llCUM REALTOR 352 San Pablo El Cerrifo COUNTY LINE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Worlcmanship Our Specially 3I9 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo Phone LAndscape 5-0838 NATIONAL FOOD CENTER Quali+y Meal' and Comple+e Grocery Free Delivery I fo 4 GRANTER JEWELRY 474 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrifo, California Telephone LAndscape 5-9I44 Guaranfeed Warch 432 Sag lgaglgyfvenue Jewe'?yndRepair Phone Landscape 44335 ELGIN, LONtE3lrN:E,f3PlTTNAUER WATCHES Complimenfs Complimenfs of a of 6 Friend Friend M. R. MARCOS JR. FRANK CADOO Complimenls of ewan cs MORTUARIES 6I6 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrilo, California For Over Thirly Years This Area's Leading Funeral Direclors Nix JACK VEIRS SERVICE LUBRICATION SPECIALISTS 400 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California JACK VEIRS 5' FIGONE'S SIX BELLS Ifalian Dinners LUNCHEON SERVED i Q Cocklail Lounge ls 507 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, Calif. Vic Figone Mel and Tony Piombo NEW MOESER LANE MARKET 943 San Pablo Avenue Richmond Manor Complele Food CenI'er Free Delivery LAndscape 5-9985 LA PLAYA TRI-Y CONGRATULATES ITS GRADUATING SENIORS Belly Boslock Diane Brown Nalalie Cake Leland Case Carol Conklin Suzanne de Jong Sydney Diehl Sue Hayes Ann JeI+en Maggie Jackson Joan Liedholm Mary Marlin Rowena McKenzie Sally MacMahan Shauna Murphy Lillian Olsen Margie Perrelli AI+I-ia Raszal Barbara Romero Joan Showaller Jane? Sfein Toni Teui Eunice Turner Joan Wiegmann C9617 AVENUE THE SHURFINE MARKET 0 4 DRESS SHOP "The Shur Way +o Fine Foods" Ladies' and Misses Summer 385 Colusa Avenue Berkeley, California Phone LAndsca pe 5-9946 44 IF' A 0 'I Q A+ Suils and Dresses Reasonable Prices 405 San Pablo Landscape 5-9830 THE '49ER HI-Y ' 1 if' QQQQL Q 91 X L Qs fl " L if i N 3 if YARN 81 FABRIC SHOP fi X J yfxij J KZVQ fx Phone BEacon 2-9973 M504 BAIT a14dfTACKl.E l H- Q 348 San Pablo Avenue SHOD U Q Ji Cerrifg l726 San Pablo Ave. 'L l-Andscape 4-6302 El Cerrilo, Calif. John Hanson LA DORADA SENIORS presenrs i+s GRADUATING SENIORS OF l95l FALL Richard Hall Tom Hoadley Bob Leslie Lawrence Mulh SPRING Barrefl Eas+man Bill Edwards Hillon Hempy Donald Johnson Bob Kinloclr Gil Moore Bill Phillips Pere Samme+ Ronald Silveira Jim Simmons Jessie Cole Liz Davis JoAnn ViHi+ow Nona Scrudder Rulh Foresier Eleanor Golrl Doris Hilly Frances Humphrey Nuleen Knighf Mildred Koski Darlene Lloyd Wauneia Madison Carol Marks Belly McCauley Darlene McFall Joan Olney Jean Templeron Erma Saylor Flora Mae Ealon Aloha Hopper S.S. CLUB presenrs ifs GRADUATING SENIORS OF l95I Naialie Calce Leland Case Carol Conklin Sue de Jong Carol Del Vecchio Helen Erdelah Joan Liedholm Mary Marlin Rowena McKenzie Sally McMahan Phyllis Mendoza Shauna Murphy Joan Showaller Agnes Siagnaro Jane? Slein Eunice Turner amfbi si-:OE STORE - xv P'u'P" D UGLAS PHARMACY I546 San Pablo Ave. Landscape 5-48lI Olin Douglas El Cerrilo, Calif. "Shoes for +he En+ire Family" 862 San Pablo Avenue Albany. California Own One of America's I 0 Finesl' Trailer Coaches for l95l Pan American Viking Terra Cruiser Cofsages They Are Truly Homes on Wheels Florall Decorarions DON L. KIMBALL Wedd'nI9S l600 San Pablo Beacon 3-l25l Funera 5 El Ceffllo 2325 San Pablo El Cerrilv l5900 Easl ggzh Lelgicllilgaven 2-l7l4 Phone Beacon 5-0752 , 1 956364. EL CEM, EL cenmro PHARMACY BUILDING MATERIAL COMPANY Films Developed and Prinled S'l'al'ionery-Candy-Sundaes Rock Sancl-Cemenl Prescriplions Carefully Prepared Concreive Mix 420 San Pablo El Cerrilo Plasler-Lime-Wallboarcl Phone LAnclscape 5-l l27 Rein-forcing Si-eel EL CERRITO ELECTRIC 670l Fairmonl' El Cerrilo Elechical V Phone LAndscape 5-6242 Conlraclors 4 E " 'I' "in Lighling Fixlures 'f ' ELC 'lflll ,,Y U 'Md-Z,-. ,lm - U 54-jf, and NZlle'll wie lou" HZ LA 5-3256 'll A 730 San Pablo El Cerrll'0 DAY L.E S 5 Z , ieanefkof- 67 6 6 Men's Suifs, Overcoafs Laclies' Dresses, Suil's 796 NURSERY 81 Jackeh skids BEGONIA GARDEN ' 44 slacks' Swealers C l23l San Pablo Avenue Cleaned and pressed El Cerrilo, California San Pablo 8: Solano Albany BFG'-7o"' 4-2545 FAIRMOUNT PHARMACY Prescriplion Pl'1armacisI's 7500 Fairmounl Avenue EI Cerri+o, California Prescriplions Delivered Founlain Service Cosmelics Phone LAndscape 5-0463 Congralulalions +o I'l1e Graduafing Seniors from I'l'1e KENSINGTON VOLUNTEER FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS from ZZQWQZZQ-n PHARMACY L. L. Sfein, Jr., Proprielor FOUNTAIN SCHOOL SUPPLIES FILM SUPPLIES POST OFFICE LAndscape 6-64 I 4 PORTRAIT STUDIO CHILDREN 0 CANDID 0 FORMAL Cameras and Supplies Viewmasler Dealer Experl Pluofofinishing fickafegf CAMERA SI-IOP 299 Arun mn 802 San Pablo LA 5-8796 Berkelegl Cel'I"l+O Congraiulafions Q Zeenzce +o DRE55 SHOPPE The Senior Classes of Z .950-'qs' X Ladies' Suils and Dresses CMG' Nr, . Reasonable Prices if Q7 0 I il I -1- ' I 405 San Pablo Avenue I 745 san Pablo LA 5-2004 . LA 57474 I Complimenfs of qfe Zkcfchgfkn VAIQIETY STORE Everyfhing for fhe House and fhe Garden 295 Arlingfon Avenue Nfl Q KEE' 5x I-IAsIN!1IL.'l'O IXI MACHINE woRKs Specialisfs in Planf Mainfenance and Repiair LAndscape 5-8220 3200 Easfshore Blvd. Richmond, California Berlceley 7 Phone BE 30995 UK Q P I Tl-4 A jjzygi mg CALL ERC? ER., E E 'Z Q, EW 6202 y- SI-ICTE 5'I"Q'I'2-E Wafches Shoes for fhe Enfire Family Dlzlalfenrifare Guaranfeed Shoe Repairing bl I7 Pofrero Ave. EI Cerrifo, California l6l9 San Pablo Avenue EI Cerrifo, California GRIFFIN LUMBER CO. Lumber- l?oors ,- Scjgligllge l627 San Pablo Avenue . . I EI Ce 'fo, C I'fo ' Plumbing SuPPlles Begzon 2,ElI43rma A! Clofhing for All fhe Family l322 560 Pablo El Cefflio Nafionally Adverfised Brands I-A 53272 BE 24739 We Give S 8: H Green Sfamps vi Good Luck and Happiness CLEANERS Qgk GM, 'X' 5? 2? 387 Colusa Avenue I Special Affenfion Given fo Formals 'Ji Z, l X X. I 'XX , If I -W I I 1: A-t 1 LAndscape 5-9782 7000 Sfocldon Avenue El Cerrifo, California Studwta t thou Hundreds o wut t the notion Yearbooks tor m Thous tors welcome o nccessory retotions pro We orc proud to ho ' ditions ond ochievem the memo the schoo onds ot tcochers o -,nada Annuots os Zumqwfew '.f, 5 f 1 son ents throughout ' 74,ql01',nAJ4 reosure therr e. 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Suggestions in the El Cerrito High School - El Camino Yearbook (El Cerrito, CA) collection:

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