El Campo High School - Echo Yearbook (El Campo, TX)

 - Class of 1955

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N2 sf 49 CQ' J W fo 05 qw 6 VOS J 5 N 0 O 00 AZ V 1 1 iv xx ' f 1 f 1 , ff! ff' f If ff! , if ff ,1 fff X 1 ' 1 1 1 W K- , xxgy X XX . X x XX y N X I M N Cf f f 6 gmi S W' ts E4 f f'. XD kink 5 1Q5Mo M UM ici UC Wig M90 3 K F, ,fr A 'xwlpg fx K X Q ' ly 5. QX cW9 X . S Q5 . .419 , ' 4 ix ,la x - x ' 1 ' ' , 3. 5 ' ' - 4 , A . H . -,l,V,A, - fy'ff2"'!5'1f'l-f' Q f mazvr- ay X :Y-.y C54 oe U . 8 'Cdr' o,yO, 'Oo S F M770 079s QQ!! P960 f 0431988 Jf o, s 96 0 . Soo few. 4 ffs 10,7 Cf S fp mx? G Qoreufard The Movmg Finger writes and havrng wrrf Moves on nor all your Prery nor Wn' Shall lure rr back To cancel half a Lme Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of If THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM Wnfh This Thought ln mind we presem The l955 ECH O MARIANNE OWEN Editor 40 S ,, . . . n . I I l l ' -ill f I I f I 475' deep aiieckxon and a XYwanX4iuX aw aveness for aXX Khak he has meam to our sdnooX and our cox'0n'Nurw'xN we NWS vokame NN 'MW Dedication dedxcme S. " Back" NNFXNRY , BR NRS. Q.: l I 1 !Y2T:7T:.S! 1 Q AERIAL VIEW 5-rf-ff? .Up f"q:5SrZT+1' 5- av ,Q Ui-i?l"? "1 4 11321 .- H. a Buzlzhugs ., nib , ,Z 1 '-f"R:r.g'l,,T".- "' K' ' ' , , .Ji . 1 '.- " , 3 X , , ,X , , A Wk W :Kr ll Q, ,X e,Agf"g . A f 1 4, I 1 - 1-r' xv 5.4 '-- QLASSROOM UW CORRKDOR . 4' 'W 3 01- nlll ' 'ff llu-In 4 Zzzculfy all ,, , 1 A " ' A Il 54' IL Tin' Y lu Hu, , .671 7' 77 I ' If n . nl xx ll I l F r D f -S I :nr w, P fr ,,,, , ,W I .Im I f If 1 5 y JM, 1 vs 1 r fm' Q vw ,' ty J 5u,',flA, rf!!! AQ . ' ' M .QCL QNQ1 'QL ,' ' g' V "fr J , 1 ,L 1 KL' , I V ff Af ' . ,' 1 ,Cc 4 Q' ,' Q I7 I Jail' 1 I rg IL. fL,LLLa,f, :L rl V NA-MVV 1.'1L ,-X' Ok, fl- . . ,' .A . CL ' f ,V nb A , ay fb A . , if 15 I x QQ affi 'X 1 " 'L Qlflov + W nz X - - kk 1 I, r I CL ,gctvlcggczbv ' 15 , I V h , f: , I' M' 21' ' Qc Ib lj 7,0 fb lj MJ V fl 4, ,Ap f. .xA 1 - 4 Q17 ' 4 Q HCL. 1541: fLgr V5 ' bi.. , , . ,, . ' y L . I' V ' if 63.541 A A 2 I 6' f. G' C, 7- , , . W K .Z , . ' I I V X '7 ' ' ' 1 X i N y ff! 6, I ., Q-rf. V A V in cf, , x L,LI4h x I a If - W M' ,UL 1 I' L ' K ,M x W -'+,g-M Ya P 4? ---sp' Thus ts my fourth year to be assocnated wtth the El Campo r-hgh School, and they have been the most engoyable years of my professlonal experuence They have been enlqyable because of an outstanding student body and faculty My suncere hope ts that you shall contlnue to show your apprecnatton for the better thtngs of lute, to contunue to stand up for what you belneve rs rrght, to be as courteous and respectful rn your adult lute as you have been rn your school lute, and that you shall conttnue to show the proper attntude toward your work and toward your responstbtln tres, for ut ns through proper attutudes and proper worktng habuts that lute becomes more enloyable and more worthwhtle May you use the years ahead ot you to conttnue buuldtng on the sound foundatuon you have buult whule nn EI Carrpo Hugh School Best wnshes to each one ot you for many happy years ahead GEO E THIGPEN st if r as r t iii? 2wf3E?i'w fr i' , 4 A f - ,et 'T 3:15 "if li? - - f 'Vg' X fi t ' ' "fl3'i?i-. "2 ' ,- - Us x, ' 5 X ' S 3 1 - l 1 g E' ' t K 5 -I' I 6 , 1 . ,353 Y 'Wm It ns a pleasure to work wuth the fnne student body and faculty of EI Campo Htgh School Your splendid cooperatron IS appre cnated Our school as growung faster than ever before Thus years let us continue to work together for the future In the true Rlce bird spurnt Our challenge should be to set our goals hugh and strive to reach them through dllngent work cooperatlon and falr play Only through the proper assumption of lndlvtdual respon snbnlrty can we expect to fund and have real happiness and success The best of luck to you ID all your endeavors for that whlch us good EDWIN DAVIS 1' l ' , fs -1 senior class is the largest ever to graduate from ECHS. As we grow MR. F. P. SANFORD MR. TOM D. HENDERSON Secretary President MR. R H. LONGWOOD Vice President dw Q E. G. GOFF l5'0ard af tkiucatzou These conscientious citizens give unseltishiy of their time to the direction of school af- tairs, and we sincerely appre- ciate their interest in our Weitere. j MR. J. T. GANN MR J S. CARROLL, JR. -'!1"':c. MR J. O. OLSON 0 -"Y MR. LANIER HESTER Business Manager Tax CoIIector and Assessor MRS. RICHARD ROMIG Secretary to the Superintendent H MRS. BILL ST. CLAIR School Nurse MISS WANDA WHITE Dietitian .fm R rf' .Q Q MR. A. J. ISAACSON Clerk f MRS. JULIA PIERCE tn? Secretary MISS FLORENCE DORNAK Secretary CAFETERIA STAFF CUSTODIANS ALPHONSE JURICA FRANCES PERKINS MRS. OLIVIA CANTU MRS. MARY PUSTKA MARY DELoADo ADOLRH RUSTKA JULIUS MACHAC ELINA DELGADO MRS. BENA TLUCEK ALBINA SABLATURA . ! 4 Y . , 4 ii N .. I I 5f1gHsl1 MRS. GEORGE COLEMAN English I MRS. JERRY KOCUREK ' . .5 English I "Et tu, Brute!" MISS CHLOE ANNA BOWEN English II MR. JOHN RICHTER English III MRS. A. J. ISAACSON English IV Speech Drarnatics T' American Literature the next step! Is this a FACE which I see before me? Ask the Dramatics Class. Spauzsh Spanish provides a varied under- standing of the difference in the world's languages. The students learn 5 how to communicate with our Latin ti 1 American neighbors. MR. J' M. WAKEFIELD ' 5, Spanish I, II General Science Class Studies Light. Science Y Physics class experiment with static electricity. O V 4 gx. o ,Q Mathematics MRS. R. F. WILSON General Science Biology MR. ALFRED ALLEN General Science QR Chemistry A Physics ln mathematics students learn not only the mathematical application ot problems but also the practical ap- plication. Trig students learn to use the Slide Rule T' i MR. B. C. JETT Algebra ll Trigonometry Solid Geometry MRS. J. J. EVANS Plane Geometry MRS. C. W. YOST Algebra I 1' History Hcfmmermzl Department 11 Q Allen Mcnz rep ng a cosiorrer choose MR' ROLAND Hi LUDTKE sorne paris ar Shelf irnplernenf Co. Coordinator Sducafirm Disrriburive Education offers Training in The field of relail, wholesale, and service selling. nfs 1 I N I johflso 1 ai . M siock shelv95 .4 Q re rid Al Stock . Ura 3 vice vallg ' L. Darlene Anderson shows a dress To a Laxbfle key ul - . , Food Mar prospective customer at Robinovvifz 81 Berger Co. f ftvvu Leon Krpec writes our a sal I urchased from Swendsen 8. Diiferl. Fam' es Ticker for mme pans Delores Poncilc rings up a sale as she Works at The x I ox' ewes wp G vom W' MISS MARIE OATMAN I-Iomemaking MISS MARGARET DEFOOR I-Iomemaking ffamcmakiug Homemaking includes food and nuTri- Tion, Textiles and clothing, child deveIop- menT, housing, and home management. Christmas Proiects I-Iomemakmng Tea 3, UIIIKING CONTROL COITIOLLED GMZWC- ga. ,i9.. Ex c ,lv -I ' H ,f Z ' gf. - ' if dv . t!E,.f' r f-, xg:g,g-71:-7:-+L., A ' k i l'4JQWt.G Su, State Fair Exhibit Blue Ribbon Exhibit The obiect of Vocational Agriculture is to teach modern scientific methods and principles ot tarming. Vacaturuul Agriculture MR. ANTON SEVCIK MR. DAVID PRATT Shop Agriculture Mechanical Drawing Judustriul Arts I ff, The Industrial Art Courses include mechanical drawing and wood and metal working. Mechanical Drawing Class Boys learn WOOd working ,Music MR. S. S MANRY JR Band Cho r GIRLS' SEXTET. Barbara Pantei, Margie Maerz. Yvonne Bakeyy Jean Coiiing, Manha Copeland, Pairicia Rioux and Deiia Duson CAccompanis1j, The Girls' Sextet Section Rehearsal The band and choir play a very irnporTanT part in our r school life. They aid sTudenTs in getting a good back- ground in The Fine Arr of Music. Driver is' igdumiian Driver's Students prepare 1oTake test. of . MR. JAci4 isiizcnm ii' . K' r Driver's Ed. Q 9 I IF' N .4 1 I I 'I P. E " ' 'L O 5' -. i Yi-'7 9 " H ' ,ev I l A r ' 1 The driver-educafon Cowie gves irs SU- denvs an improved chance ic: i we ionger on we "1 ghuvays W. I as Physical dlueatian MR. FLOYD ELKlNS Physical Education MR, W. E. DOWDEN Physical Educatlon Vlsiting Teacher MlSS ETHEL ALLEY Phvsical Education Boys learn good sportsmanshlp . f Exerclses are healthy Relays are Un L4 -'sau MR4 J. R PETTY Guwdance Cc-nse'or MRS. W, V ZUBER Regvsvar MRS. C. NN, OVJEN Smdy Ha!! Sepefveor MISS RUTH ANN STEELE Librarian These offxce gwls areaalvvays on The yob Study Hall Shhh Let 5 Whlsper Even The facu!Ty has idle moments! 1 XMI M505 IN E H1396 L Camp? che Student Body Off7oors Vice Pre JEAN COLL ., F' ,National Honor Sooioty f OMPSO f" Kzcebzrd Co Editors L VOORHIES CARO BILL BROWN Busmes Manager PATTI REYNOLDS r"' fch 0 Busfness Manager NANCY TH OM PSON Edlior MARIA NNE OWEN 'Q' 1 ew 4,4 I I -if 4, X O 1 4 .M as 4' 1 A '41 10" 1 ue gn . U' 1 olg' . U5 ., W 3 .- U., I ! , J' .Y :I In - - 8 ev N gy' ik? V . '94 :qw Y 5 f"Tf 1 I - Q 3 K ' - 1 f. pk' L , N. 8 gg. ,-,... '- ,... -1 1 ,. Majoreties -tffigg, 1' tl K3 Q1 QP Q Nr-fi' 1 ,Q 1 Rwfa Watcher, Aegis Barbara Pamel De-Works Wenglar Norma BarTieY1 Jayne Gay Reeo HDV , fl Head Twlrler JEANETTE WEN DT -4 50 Q N -3 1 11 cj 1 ' P nil A vii! Al '1,J.. yfffffbllff Gapfains , M i llmRi"'1Xm x5xxxxx F A 1 X Q .l fp 'N 4' L ,niifiel Head Cheerleader-JEANETTE VACEK X QL Q 6 Peggy Bltmer Senfor Pafrlcia Rsoux--Junsor Mary Jane Mor!-Sophomore Gloria Preis- Freshman ' Q51 N I' vw' Scmbr Zzvorites Hannah ,McZ7am1ald Hilly lick A112 In-nf 'Q- Sophomare Qacforitcs Habbic ,Ann ,Mclvcr Don Howard 41111 Med Hobby Warm yrvshman ydVl7I'ff6'S ff! M4"""f'w... Semar 611155 Ofhcers President JOHNNY BACCN Secretary JEANETTE RICHTER Treasurer HANNAH MQDANNALD Vice Presfdenr MATT BLUNDELL Perfrarvrerwrarraw EILL BROWN ...I 6f!l.S'S of '5 5 ARTHUR ALVARADO Wharton transferg Choir A, DARLENE ANDERSON FHA 2-3, Sergeant-at-Armsp Choir 25 Distributive Education A, Treasurer A, ,4 VICTOR BALCAR Handicraft Club l-25 Rifle Club 25 ln- dustrial Arts 3. KATHERINE BARTA FHA 'I-A, Historian 3, Secretary Ag Music Appreciation 2-35 Choir 35 TALA 2. : LORAINE ANDERSEN Tidebaven transferg FHA A. JOHN BACON Senior Class Presidentg Football 3, 45 Basketball 3, Ag Baseball 3, A5 Student Council Parliamentarian Ag Rod and Reel Club 3. 'i ,. WENDE1. BLANKENBURG MATT BLUNDELL Student Council lf Basketball 3-45 Base- ball 3-Ag FFA 4, Vice President Ag Senior Class Vice Presidentf Auto Club lg Band l-3g Letterr'nan's Club. cmkfrs LAVON BENDER FHA l-3g Junior Garden Club l-3. PEGGY BITTNER Music Appreciation lg Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, Ag Plwoto Club 2g Student Council 35 Annual Staff 3-Ag Junior Class Favoriteg Cheer- leader 4. DOROTHY BOYLE Huntsville transfer. LORRNNE BROSMAN 611155 of '55 ROBERT BROWN Football Manager 1-25 Basketball Man- ager l-25 Track 35 FFA 1-A, District Re' porter 45 Letterman's Club I-3, Wi1.LlAM BROWN Tennis 1,45 Debate5 Senior Class Par- liamentarian5 Pep Committee 45 Ricebird Co-Editor A5 Hi-Y 3. 45 me .fr J 'i . , .x ,Q ,'s LAMON CASTLE GUSTAV CERNOCH FFA 1-2, Radio 3. l I I In l 4 V04 ' VLASTA BUBELA FHA 25 Garden Club 25 Journalism Re- porter 35 Ricebird Staff 1-3. Z- ELIZABETH BURTON Junior Garden Club li Band 1-35 Choir I5 Book Club President 35 TALA 3-A5 President A5 Tennis 35 Ricebird Staff -4. W BLANCHE CONE Stockdale transfer, Volleyball 4, Bas- ketball 4. if Smzbrs JEAN COLEMAN Band l-4, National Honor Society 3-4 Treasurer 4, Basketball l, FTA 3, Music Appreciation 2, Tennis l. SALLY ANN COLLINS Basketball l-A Volleyball l-4, Tri'Hi Y l-2, Music Appreciation l-2, Choir A FTA 3. CAROLE COPELAND """"' Munich, Germany, transfer, Homecoming Princess 4, Choir 4. 1 'Pj 'X .I F" MARTHA COPELAND Munich, Germany, transfer, Debate 4, Choir A. DOROTHY JO CORY Photo Club 2, Garden Club l-3, Secre- tary l, President 3, Recreation Club l, TriYHi-Y 2-4, Junior Class Treasurer. 611155 of 55 HiLi.ARiA Cov FHA lg Book Club 25 Garden Club 2. 3g Cltoir l, LIONEL COY Handicraft Club 153, Cltoir 3-A, Rifle Club 25 Photo Club 1.2, N-al ri HENRY DRASTATA Rifle I-2g Shop l'3p Handicraft 1-3. 1 A GILBERT DRAB Rifle Club 1-25 Sportsman Club 37 Ra- dio Club 37 Auto Club Secretary lg Han- dicraft 1. Q V BETTY Jo Cmic Basketball l-35 Debate 3-45 FHA l vice President 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, vice ident 3g Garden Club Reporter 3. RAYMOND DORNAK Radio Club 243. S- A ll- LEONA GANN Music Appreciation I-3 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3. GENE GLAZE FFA l-A, Treasurer 2, Sentinel 35 Radio li Auto 25 Football 3-A, Tri-Captain Seniors DOROTHY Eizfviis Wharton transfer, Junior Class Parlia- rnentariang FHA 2-45 Basketball 2-Ag Vol- leyball 2-4. JEANiE FOTHERGILL Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Secretary 35 Student Coun- cil l-2, Secretary 25 Junior Garden Club President 35 Distributive Education 45 DE Club Ag Choir Ag Music Appreciation l. '5 v-- 'Cl 'F1 X" i X ALBERT GREGUREK Handicraft Club l-3g FFA 2-45 Photo club lg DE Club 341. JOHN HANSEN elm of 55 JAMES HARRIS JOHN CALVIN HENDERSON Rifle Club l-25 Camera Club l-35 Radio Club 35 Ricebird 3. an l KENNETH HENDERSON FFA l-3, Reporter I5 Rifle Club 2nd Vice President 25 Letterman's Club President 35 Football 3-45 Baseball 2-45 Choir 4. KENNETH Hoon . N DELORES HUBENAK FHA 1-45 FTA 35 Junior Garden Club ly Volleyball 1-45 Basketball 1-4, Captain 3. Jo ANN JANSKY NE' Distributive Education 45 DE Club 45 wi Garden Club 2-35 FHA l-35 Volleyball 3. Q.-1 Il JOYCE JONES FHA lg Garden Club I, Art Club 2, TALA 27 Ricebird Staff 35 FHA 3, DE Club 4. LUCY KACAL FHA 1-3, Garden Club 2, Choir 3, Mu- sic Appreciation 3, Distributive Education Club 4, Secretary 4. t0""'i .fi- M2 -ng- E Senivrs BETTY Jo JOHNSON Band 1-3, Twirler 35 Student Council 35 Photo Club Ig Garden Club l, Reporter, Tri-HLY 2-4, Reporter 3, Secretary A, GENE JOHNSON LESTER LuTRrNoER Choir 3-4, Football 2-A, Track 2-3, Radio Club 2, Distributive Education 4. HANNAH MCDANNALD Student Council 1-4, Secretary 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2'-4, Vice President 4, Music Appre- ciation lg Photo Club Secretary 2: Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, Vice President Ag Garden Club Vice President 35 Prom Co-Chairman 3, Class Treasurer Ag Class Fa- vorite 4, Ricebird Staff A, Homecoming Princess 4. 611155 of '55 ROBERT MCMAHON Foovball I-45 Baske?ball 2--15 Track Rifle Club lg AuTO Club 1-2g Hi-Y 2, Le?- YEVVYIBVIIS Club 3. CLIFTON MACI-IAC Handicrah Club lg Radio Club lg Club 25 DE Reporrer 3, DE A. FFA ,..cn IU! 1 X,.,W WARREN MARTIN Jo ANN MEISMER Art Club 2g Camera Clubg FHA TreasA urer Ag Choir 4g Ricebird 3. 1 ,Xl N ...xl MARVIN MACI-IART Track lg Football lj DE Ag FFA 1-3 AUTO Club 3. KATHERINE MARTIN Garden Club 1-35 Reporter 35 FHA 1 Basketball 4. 33 Q MARY KAY MYERS Band 2-Ag Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Treasurer 3g Siu- dent Council 25 Harmony Club 3g Music Appreciaiion Ig NHS 4. GEORGIA NAnsER FHA lj FTA 2-Ag Music Appreciation 25 Garden Club 31 Choir 3. -0 6 'Y 7 mivrs SOPHIE MERTA ALLEN MUNZ I1 HELEN NELSON FHA 135 Camera Club 1, Junior Garden Club 2, Choir 35 Music Appreciavion 3 BETTY NIELSEN Tri-Hi-Y l-47 Music Appreclailon lg Jun- ior Garden Club 2g FTA 3. 1 611155 af '5 5 IRENE YOCKEY Noi-iAviTzA Garden Club l-2g Music Appreciation lg Recreation Club l-2g DE Ag FTA 3g Choir 4. ROBERT NOLEN i- i l 1 l ? EDWARD O'BRiANT FFA l-A, Reporter 25 Science Club Sec retary lg Handicraft Club 2g Rifle Club Secretary 2. DOROTHY OLSEN FTAg Ricebird Staff 3. T ERNEST OPELLA CHARLES ORSAK . NHS 3-45 Sportsman Club 3g Letter- man's Club 2g Class President l-2: Class Favorite l-2g Football 2-A, Tri-Captain Ai Basketball I-Ag Baseball l-A5 Track 3-Ag Boys' State 35 Cboir 4. 'li 1 ,, f l H if -. 'lg' Q 311: ,I , cnior MARIANNE OWEN Annual Staff 2-4, Editor A5 TriAHi-Y 1, 3, 4, Photo Club 2, Debate 3, Music Appreciation 1, 3g Pep Committee I, 4, NHS 3-45 Choir 2. BARBARA PANTEL Band IAA, Secretary 4, Maio'ette 3-4, Choir I-A, Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, HLY Sweetheart lg Music Appreciation l-2, Reporter 2, Harmony Club 3. 1- 6 JEANETTE PETTER Class Secretarv lg Junior Garden Club 1, Secretary lg Student Council 35 Choir A, Annual A, Recreation Club lg Tennis 3-4- Volleyball 2, dy Basketball A. SUE PFEFFER Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Garden Club 2-3, Choir A. 6111.95 of 16' J. P. PUSTEJOVSKY , Football 2-35 FFA 2-4, Vice President 25 Lettermarfs Club. , B RiTA JANE RAMIREZ Book Club 25 Junior Garden Club 2, Senior Garden Club 35 Choir 3-Ag Camera Club l. P lf! BILLY JACK ROBBINS Student Council Ag Radio Club President- Plrioto Club lp Football 1, 3, A, Tri-Cap- tain 4, Basketball l, 3, 45 Choir 3-4. n JEANETTE RUMLEY Garden Club l-3, Vice President 3- 1 FHA 45 Basketball 1-A, Captain 3, Volley- ball 3-A. ..- 14 PATTI REYNOLDS Music Appreciation l, 35 Photo 2g Tri- Hi-Y l-4, Debate Ag Ricebird Business Manager 45 NHS 4, Choir I-3. JEANETTE RICHTER Camera Club lf Music Appreciation lp Ready Writers President 25 FTA Historian 35 Teen Age Book Club Secretary 35 FHA Ag NHS 45 Sophomore Class Treasurerp Senior Class Secretary, Girls State. 'su 'Q V ' 33 1 .S DONALD SCHOENFIELD Handicraft l-25 Rifle Club l-35 Radio 7 Club 2g Photo Club 3. ROBERT SCHULZE Handicraft l-27 Photo lg Rifle Club 'S l-35 Sportsman 35 Class President 3g Bas- ketball Manager 3g Boys' State 35 Foot- ball Manager 4, Choir 4. G 25.3. 7 af'- 'N enivrs CARL SANDERS Football 3-Af FFA 2-3g Hi'Y za, Rifle Club 'l, BOBBY SAUERS Baseball l-4, Football l-25 Photo lg Han- dicraft 2, Sportsman Club lg Freshman Class Parliarnentarian. ALBIN SELLERS KAREN SIMANK Tri-Hi-Y l-A, President Ag Photo lr MU5lC Appreciation 2g Miss Color Day 2g Choir 3: NHS A, Garden Club Treasurer 31 WCS- bird 4, elm of 55 Rifle l-35 Science lg Rod and Reel 3 Football A. JOYCE SOCHA Garden Club l-35 FHA l-3. it 'ic AL STOCK Basketball l-2, Manager lg Photo Club lg DE Club 3-dy Handicraft 2. LEROY STRNADEL l'l LAWRENCE SOCHA .pf Football 3-4g Science Club lg Handicraft Club I-25 Rifle Club 35 Photo Clu Industrial Arts Award Winner 3. ALBERT SRALLA Rifle Club l-3, President 35 Rod b3g and Reel Club l-35 Handicraft Clubp DE Club I-A, Vice President 4g Science Club. 'M Seniors GEORGE SvoBopA Handicraft Clubg Camera Club, Photo 1-45 Rifle Club 2-31 Choirp Band l-47 Baseball 2. GEORGE SYKORA an 96' ELLEN THOMPSON Tri-Hi-Y l-4, Chaplain 45 Music Appre- ciation l-3g Photo 2g National Honor So- ciety 45 Choir 3. NANCY THOMPSON Class Vice President lg Student Coun- cil Secretary 35 National Honor Society 3-4, President A, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 4g Photography lClub 25 Music Appreciation 29 Volleyball 2-35 Choir 3g Homecoming Princess: An- nual Staff 3-4, Business Manager 4. elm of '55 JOHN L. THRASH DAVID TREYBIG Band l-45 Band Captain Ag Harmony Club 2-35 Science Club l, LAWRENCE VALIGURA Drivers Education lg Camera Clubg FFA l-2g Distributive Education 3-45 Handicraft Band l-2. BILLY Vicic FFA l-4, Historian 2, President 45 Let- terman's Club President 3g Football 3-Ag Track 2-45 Choir 4g Auto Club Vice Pres- ident 2g Senior Favorite. M4 , Qwwg .1 'ln- DALTON USTYNIK FFA 2-4g Rifle Club 27 Photo Club lg Band 2. JEANETTE VACEK Garden Club 2-Ap Recreation Club lg Photo Club 2g Volleyball 35 National Honor Society 3-45 Class Secretary 3g Cheerleader 2-4, Head Cheerleader Ag Girls' Stateg Homecoming Queen. if-' l -ni 1 :N 1 hi LQ' -:GY ' DEi.oRis WENGLAR Band 2-Ag Twirier Ag Plnoto Club 2g Tri-Hi-Y I-4, Secretary Ag Music Apprecia- tion, ANN WHEELER Music Appreciation lg Choir i-2, Tri-Hi- Y 2-4, District Hi-Y President Ag Student Council 1-A, Vice President 3, President Ag NHS 3-4. emlfrs CAROL ANN VOORHIES Rtcebird Staff 354, Co-Editor Ag TALA Ag Voileybail 3. BEN VRANA Music Appreciation ig Camera Ciub i-2g Rtfie Ciub 2-3: Rod and Reei Ciub 37 Junior Ciass Vice President. RAY Wii.CoxEN FFA Paritarnentartan i Represevett-ve 2 3 Secretar, 2 "Qastuer 3q Lsrer, 2.1, Rttie Club 3 TALA 3--15 Handicraft Ciub. JEAN WITCHER Pncto Club i, FHA i4 Vice Preston-iv -1- Music Appreziation fig Choir 24 Photo Ciub I Art Club 2g FHA i-3g i ,J-fi l 6111.95 of 55 RITA WITCHER Band 1-4, Maiorette 2, Head Maiorette 3, Assistant Maiorette 4, Cheerleader l, FFA Sweetheart 4, FHA l-4, Vice President. 2, Secretary 3, Parliamentarian 4, Cam- era Club l. JOHNELLE WOLTERS Band 2-4, Choir 4, FHA l-3, Garden Club 'l. 3 7,- TOMMY YEOMAN Football 1-2, Manager 3-4 Baseball 2-4 Basketball 4-5, Junior Class Favorite, Stu dent Council 4, Photo Club l-3, Sports man Club 3, Handicraft 2. GERALDINE ZIMMERMAN FHA l-4, Vice President 2. Q9 .Q rf' junior Glass Ofkcers President JOHN PAUL APPLING Treasyrer C!-XRCLYN MATHIS ViCe Presidervf MERRILL SWANSON Pdf mwenrdrfam HENRY DORNAK Secretary JOYCE FRELS Re-power BEVERLY FRANKE Jane Anderson Frankie Anderson John Paul Appling Chris Aschenbeck Yvonne Baker Narcisco Barrera Norma Bartlett George Bauer Bryan Bergstrom Bobby Brady Raymond Bram Renda Brinkman T! 15 lf .ff ,pm N .in Av f illilg gi- 11: w 212 ,.,A- ' fr X .xi 0 J, , XZ? 'H gg g' Q , , z 5, yfg g ix , '9 4 .-, 1 ..'. lf 2? ,a J al? 1 'A I H49 rv . I l 4, ff l l 6' u Ei ,cx.L, LaVerne Budd Lavon Bucanek Bobby Bullard Dorothy Capak John Castillo Edna Cervenka Nancy Chamblee Jean Collins Wilbert Cosby Dobie Craig Bobby Denton Harold Denton ll 5 5 0 5 6 James Dornak Henry Dornak David Drapela Delia Duson John Edmondson Gilbert Englehart Elo Foy! Beverly Franke Joyce Frels Roy Giesalhari Goldye Glidden Kathryn Goldsum Betty Janak Lawrence Jensen Hubert Kaiser Roderick Kasper Vernon Kelly Cecil Kinard Bobby Klimple Mae Beth Knapp J. C. Kocurek Robert Koranek Jerome Korenek William Kresta .1 Q N A ",' V I' 'ii r K X J 1 ' v , I ft 4 in.. 7 r 3 . Lf 43 t g ,, J Lean Krpec Patricia Kunz Eugene Labay Jo Ann LaRue J as Z7 Bernt Larson Jo Ann Lee Johnnie Lukas Betty McCown Benny McKinney Donald McMahan Mildred Machart Betty Maloch if 1-roxy '19 G. Z7 -K I ,Rr Lydia Osina Ralph Petersen Joyce Plant Delores Poncik Franklin Prasek Alvin Rainosek Esther Reber Patricia Rioux Anton Rod Albert Rucka Sue Sanford Delmuth Schulz r s Margie Maerz Nancy Marek Carolyn Mathis La Verl Melton Gene Miller Bedford Mitchell Shirley Morton Tommy Morton Darrell Motal Leandro Munoz Jo Ann Naiser Jimmie Carol O'Neal l' ,ff x li 'F - ' X 0 l QW' Jeanette Schumaker Cecil Sellers Harry Sharp Laura Sims Leonerd Simmons James Skrovan Peggy Slavik Edward Smith Freddie Smith Jeanette Socha Marilyn Socha Lee Roy Staff -Q. 'Z' T he f i x tim it 4 iw Beatrice Stepan Rosalie Stewart Merrill Swanson Donna Taylor Douglas Thiltgen Frankie Trlicek Donald Vaclcar Ronny Vance Thurston Webb Jeanette Wendt Norman Wilson Jan Yenawine ., Mi 'ff ,,...,---naw Q 5 ' whiff? 'S' -Z .AY ,ww 4 'F . J 5 'KAW 1 p v f 'M 'Q , v ,, I AC! 0- 233. ,J M A , W' I ., - . , , A .. 'il 4 . I V., .ll A , I ,' f , nl' x -4 .pk ,J , 1,24 K Irx JVXQ 'J . .M -, 5 Y". '-gxj, H, ll ,M . , . - x . ,,, , f,,l,'xfi'1,D . K xyaiyx ,W 'SL V . -a'.'v,,f:: 7' 1' H' v - af? ,-wh AL, 'V' L ' ! . Q - f ' Y ,N fy., I fn' ff 'f'v 1f M W, gaiiari gi, ,gg 'A QU-fb A 1 Billy Alford Donald Amman Andrew Alvarado Ruby Adams Janice Anderson Joyce Anderson Mary Anderson Jesse Appling John Arnold Barbara Baca James Bacak Winston Baker 2 X 'lk "Qi ra I ilu A Qs A .4 5 'rj ,W A -2' my A in ' +0 l'.', A J f F" "rf- ' I f F Q., ' . :fast ..f'.rf2 ,an G5 D 3 5 1 I if ,J si, A 'ich Charles Bauer Eleanor Baumstark Neils Berndt Archie Bernhausen Glenda Blair Lynn Blankenburg Kathryn Borak Juliann Burton Mary Castillo Walter Chambles Mary Cisneros Mary Kay Craig 0 f ' lf' 4 i L 3 1 1 l xl N. .eri5"4"" l it yi E -J xl Q D X 2, f ,. va" f ,fl it S fl Q 'llx'll't Q , 'Q 1 l sf :xi 3653, Yvonne Harris Shirley Hartsfield Thomas Hendry Shirley Herrmansen Bonita Hester Patricia Holub Don Howard Frances Howard Jeriel Howard Dell Rose Hubenak Herman Hyatt Gwen January an Howard Drab Gene Dusek Lee Fox Leland Fox Clarence Fucik Louis Gaidos Bruce Gann Donald Gann Pauline Gann Gilbert Goerig Velma Gossett Alfred Gutierrez G QQ NX , I Y . I Duchess Jett Connie Lou Jones Mildred Kacal Georgia Karsfedt Virginia Kelly Judy Koenig Charlie Kofron Bennie Labay Jeanette Labay Robert Lesak Wesley Luco Karen McCann X 7: V f"f'P V J P R , Qu ,... X l I' vs ll' J 0 WI 0 Vonie Petersen Bill Priesmeyer Larry Putman Jayne Gay Reed .loan Rich Ronnie Ripple Clifford Ritter Robert Robbins Pete Rodriguez Velma Romero Gloria Schoelman Alfred Schulze TRW vs! il ,l X, 'F ft, ni? if 1? Y V4-nr ,AQ i 9 , X11 J - QR 1-.Tk X brit dl. 2.'!E.:.:u :?:12x1:E - as 1 PM all -3 'S Dorothy Mynar Alice Nielsen Patrick Nitsch Clyde Orsak John Orsak Eugene Osina Nancy Overman Grace Owen Norman Parker Pamela Penny Patricia Perry Elwin Petersen J 46, r I X ' 1 X itfx u I X, Q lx' ,G ' di if V do 2' fu., Dennls Schulz Shendan Scott Bobble Sheffneld Gladys Shnmek Marshall Simmons Lenora Skow Theodore Slansky Theresa Sllva Ross Smudt Ann Marne Smith Dolores Staff Kathy Staff Robert Staff Norma Starr Betty Stepan Geraldine Stepan Gayle Stovall Davnd Stock Patsy Stock Annue Supak Marne Svoboda Jeanne Swendsen Kay Thompson Carol Tull N A Q.: "'-'gk .id ' 'HY -A ev R'-gh.. X-4 . 'Q Gene Wier Bruce Willis Paul Wilson Larry Woodyard 1 in al! v 4- .sf l Charles Tlucek Anton Tvrdik Mary Ann Urbenovsky Annie Vasquez Valda Ventress Delores Vernon Cora Lee Webb Mary Sue Webb Gary Wehrman Peggy Welch Robert Whitley Johnnie Wied f as ii lg' -5 ,.,, .45 at ,' Patricia Zapalac Charlene Zgarba i --0" Hreshman 611155 Ofivvrs Presfden' PETE KIMMEY Vvce P'e51JeH RALPH ALFORD Treasurer GABLE OBRIANT Secremryf MARTHA WXLSON Pdfffamemaflvaf CAROL JEAN EOTHERGILL 3 ' B9 xx 4 'F' QQ C J t " s, '17 fi, I K V . l 1:35 'A I ,, ' 7 A I d . D 325322. 4 3 Gayle Brinkman Clarence Bubela Roberta Burch Eugene Burger John Bush Freddie Canfu Emil Carlson Sherry Chambers Betty Chaney Zava Chappel David Christa Roger Collins Mary Cormier Norman Cervenka Helen DeLaO Norma Lee Dornak Johnny Dorotik Carolyn Drab 4 . 9 A B Ralph Alford Morris Azbill Ona Baker Ora Baker Elma Barrera Cary James Barton Norman Bauer Kenneth Beal Alline Bender Alvin Bender Paul Benitz Marilyn Berglund David Bernhausen Charles Blair Kathryn Blankenburg up I, X Q. 1' . 3 .3 K if Joyce Duncan Thane Dutton Ronnie Edelstein Bill Edmundson Calvin Engelhart Elmer Ermis Katherine Ermis Carol Fothergill Nina Fothergill Karen Franke Betty Frazier Gloria Frels Richard Fry James Fluitt Georgia Fucik J J -csv l.' x H 'll I X din Y it 4 I A x J JXJ J li fl!! MX J All 2 5 X si, - Q .4 , J, 3 W gr C , W lx X 7 4 2 at J Q at l J 1 mv' , , , -J xg, fu Jesse Garcia Joe Garcia James Giesalhart Deanna Green Morelen Hansen Joe Pat Hardman Mary Ann Hermis Criselda Hernandez Darrell Hoot Evelyn Howard Richard Howard George Hynes Noille Janak Diane Johnson Norvilen Johnson Ralph Johnson Pete Kimmey J. V. Korenek Betty Kreici Rosie Kreici Q 0 "' ' sv F I f ff 'V ll Q M Y k A X N4 James Means Evelyn Melton Annie Merta Gilbert Mican Kay Michaelson LaVon Michaelson Robert Michaelcik Bernice Miller Vernon Miller Jane Moebes Jesse Moore Robert Moore Vada Morton Virgil Musslewhite Willie Mynar Ann Neeley Ethelene Niemeier Gable O'Briant Vonnie O'Briant James Odom vu!! vial k Patricia Labay Allen Lauritsen Donald Lauritsen Merle Lauritsen Alice Livanic Brenda Lundy Betty Ann McClure Joe McCown Sammy McDonald Josephine McKinney Pat McNabb Patricia Maden Lucas Maerz Rosalie Malek Sue Martin A c -:gp ' - ' .l 4 I ' 1 V f.,, , T, Q.. 5 -v Kilt -, "Sig, W lf 'ff v X 1 Lawrence Orsak George Osina Rosalie Osina Edward Pafik Judy Payne Pa? Peninger Ray Pilgrim Adeline Ponsik Gus Popp Joan Popp Bernice Pusfeiovsky Ruben Rameriz Larry Ramsey Brenda Reece Ann Reed 4 .3 , .J v. a 1 E f . A fs.. P' X M Eine' gl-12 ug M A a - ' NA. ' 'ik xx Y ww 2 I ,Q ff Q .,-" 4, 6 - , Lee Roy Roddy Abram Rosenburg Michael Roy Wanda Sanders Dale Schnurple Emil Sellers Claudette Shakelford Wanda Shilling George Sharp John Shula Roy Show Edmund Socha Emil Socha Johnnie Spacek Gayle Spencer Emil Sfepan Mary Supak Homer Taylor Jack Taylor Norman Thaysen ' ' " " Q39 I 5 - , . +L fm, 'Q' . . .- l 2 if f x 5 1. 3 ' Y? 3 S' L 3 7 u -::' .5 155 M W is . s o f,. if w 2 Martha Sue Wilson Arthur Yenawine Helen York Joe Zapalac -,l s Z-'exon -5' L Dianne Treadaway Ina Treybig Thomas Treybig Edward Valleio Gilbert Vasquez Joe Lee Vavrecka Charles Vernon Perry Lee Vernon Bobby Waters Joann Watson Larry Weaver Jimmie Welch Susan West Carol Wheeler Ruthie Williams I 1 fy fs ,Q i fudmt Hound! The Student Council has a number of activities designed to help develop school spirit, and provide some of the responsi- bilities and privileges of derno- cratic living. They have charge of assem- blies, publish a student directory, give weekly devotional programs and vvork vvith civic organi7a- tions in their various proiects. The traditional tea given by thern to honor the Administra- tion, Faculty and Board ot Edu- cation vvas held on VaIentine's Day. OFFICERS Pfftiifl fxfi' ANN WHFHEP Vire PfPSlClf?Ul JEAN FOHINS S'Vf"i6VV HANNDH IVKDANNALD Treasurer JOYCE H2515 Parliarne tw a JOHNNY BACON Sponsor MPS, FZ, F WILSON f One of the Nafiohal Honor Society proiecrs was The donaTior1 of a ser of chimes To The school. OFFICERS Presidem NANCY THOMPSON Vice Presfden! HANNAH "MDI-XNNALD Secrevary DELIA DUSON Treasurer JEAN COLEMAN Parhamenfarian HENRY DORNAK National Honor Soviet NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X Character X SQVVICS EL xx 'f I Scholarship W WN KX? - Leadership - PATRICIA RIOUX Snapshot Editor JOYCE FRELS Subscription Editor CLARENCE HALAMICEK Sports Editor JERIEL HOWARD Sophomore Editor MRS R. E, WILSON Sponsor .MQ ALFRED ALXEN Faculty Photographer i-.LA -.....-..-.... '4 U16 Srh-0 Staff 'VXARIANNE OWEN Editor NANCY THOMPSON Business Manager PEGGY BVFTNER Assofiate Editor JEANETTE PETTER Art Editor KIRBY PERRY Photographer f Co-Edfrors CAROL VOORHIES BILL BROWN U16 Rice l6'ird Staff PATTI REYNOLDS KAREN SIMANK BETTY BURTON Sponsor MR. JOHN RICHTER A. -uv- L. fr, ,f if 'fs'-46' 'iv gf , 0 'ul Q Ts., 441.4- fft 1.4 N, 'f'5s. WL it Pine. 6 Y , A ""'Quu. f :L Q. , . 'L-.' :ffl- " C" "in fl.: ' - .I 9 ul- ,Ui .. 1- , vb ' " ' -. 3 . 4' 5 N sf .4 15 f , ' , H. 9 . E'-fi A ' - A N .,, . A .wx 5 , X 11.5 N 'Q ff , ' U 'S ' 5 S LN lp X 4 S 5 K wx-if ,Ht vs, -1'--.. Q A K 4 ' b 5 A,'T'x- . 4.-A-43-.vt , L. - - 1.Vk , '1-aff ,pa hifi' --f . Ez, M. T" ,MQ .. " ' " -M'--W ' A A' sf., A , "' A " -f 3' u.-fx -W" W 'jeg V. ff' M A ' - 4 ,gi ' .- wx, 5 Liz' K an Vw. 4? 1- N f-'-r!""' ,V lr 4, W". ' A ' , ,A it , , I 4 ,S x tl, Q 'fp ek V' . .,. . A 'S' 1 v -3 M f V I . ' , , - 2 .,, L ' A "SKIP" SHARP-Drum Major .-ff DAVID TREYBIG-Band Captain BARBARA PANTELwBand Secretary ALVIN RAINOSEK-Quarrermasrer Q 1 ' K 9 Y y ' , - ry a Q - xp . 5. s. MANRY, JR.-Dffecrof , n Q 'Q n ,U f 1 1 - fi 21-Q, ,P ef 4 ' f 1' ' 5. 'K I , 4 U Q N 4 I R . mf' M ' . Q . ,r . 4 , O i F -x , A ,. VI.- ea 1 ' ' 4 ' 5 Q f , ' - Q ' Q .,.-P if 1, f f 1 ka pf -,L J ' ...ara 1 . .6 ,,,,-'f X Q "' " ,- ..-sd" I , -e,,... I h ' .411 4, -n 3 X . i. I 8' 5 1 . .ao-'- Q, Q 5 . ' it -yi? ' L -ci" ., ' W 1 ...- . ...- ..,,., 1 ' A .4 6 Q il . X 9 - ' w fs 'F f s f 032' V9 C C! U S P Lufo uslvy W ES OMBON TR nk ET CORN 'A' XOPHONES SA LTO fix UTES -kF.L ARINETS CL ir CL va fc 1 U .1 u C CK Burnt Larson Baker Yvonne y Ba ton Car Shar Skip David Treybig Ja E E 'G Lu gc O .E E 7:1 I 5 fc r Cl Ora Bake Donald Ammann Jeraldine Stepan HS an Col Je ank Prasuk F Ra ph Petersen I lTi O Car I1 Wi so Paul Margie Maerz Pat McNabb V iiyle Sllovallb ltllarlha Vglilson wk TENOR SAXOPHONES Jolhnny DO Olly iTl1nFllleMWulll-:rs ik BARHONES ram Osen arg Jna my lg d Goldye Glidden Wllberl Cosby ld Li ails L Frankie Trilicclc Margaret Hunter eanette tNcn t Darla Hamm Eugene Labay Qeorge Oslna lynn Blankcnlm Ona Baker Renda Brinkman Frankle Anderson Jeanette Labay BlllEdn1undson rhaync Dullon Y C Rita Witchef if FRENCH HORNS Kalherlrw Ermls Ernest Orsak -A' BASS CLARINHS Q JOYCC A'Tde'50" Alvin Rainosek Bill Clmmbles Kay Thompson t PERCUSSON JUll'3 Ann B'-mo" David Bernshausen lk BARHONE SAXOPHONES Ronnie Rlpplc Johnnie Lukas lmvis Mocbcs Arm Reed Ba bam pamel C. J. Halovslcy Mickey ROY Jayne Gay Rmlll Ron tic Vance Darlene Bodungen Qora lee Webb l-Ce FOX Tommy Treybiq t BASSOONS MMV SU Webb PH' Zapalaf Jane Andersen -k M55 SAXQPHQNE RiCkY FVY leer, Coleman Dcloms Wcllgla Claudette Shackelford Bryan Bcrgslrorn Merrlll Swanson Jero me Kor nek King Slmrp MMY Kat' Nlvurs Norma Domak Norma Barllell Mae Belll Knapp A Ramona Harton Gilbert Goerig Bobby Brady ik OBQES Jesse Moore lk BASSB Jn' lm Andclso' Katherine Blankenburg Della Duson Leland FOX George Svoborda Belly Frazler Nancy Chamblee Arthur Yenavvunc Robert Moore I Kampv Jfzyh Salma! Hhoir Sopranos Margie Maerz Nancy Marek Barbara Pantel Geraldine Stepan Geraldine Murphy Gladys Shimek Pat Perry Jeanette Petter Peggy Slavik Carole Copeland Sophie Merta Jo Ann Lee Jean Witcher Geraldine Zimmerman Sally Collins Mae Beth Knapp Karen Franke Ruthie Williams Dorothy Capak Yvonne Baker Zfvnars Lawrence Jensen Darrel Motal Richard Moers Lionel Coy Arthur Yenavvine C. J. Haiovsky Bobby Brady Altos Beatrice Stepan Johnelle Wolters Sue Sanford Kathryn Goldsum Jo Ann Meisrner Sue Pfeffer Jane Ramerez Wanda Morris Judy Koenig Martha Copeland Betty Neilsen Kathy Staff Delia Duson Jean Collins Pat Rioux Joyce Frels Kasses Raymond Dornak Lester Lutringer Erling Thaysen George Svoboda Charles Orsak Billy Robbins Carl Sanders Robert Schulze J. P. Pusteiovsky Arthur Alvarado Kenneth Henderson Billy Vick Disfribufivc .fS'ducativr1 61116 Keen-Age fibrary 61116 2 .41 Huture , if: f rx 051' O Zzrmers af ,L 7 an .nl-'S TZ? 45' I if-X 5 . i F ' ,f f - ' O 'll' Amerzca 4-,C-Un., gunna-W X OFFICERS Pres1den1 BILLY VICK Vfce Presrderr MATT BLUNDELL Secrerary CHRIS ASCHENBECK Tre-as DONALD CANN Regon DONALD IVY el LARRY PUT .MAN AJ s MR DAVID PRATT Hulurc flamemakers if America win :nw "'mII10" gs .031 Tin I',,E ,l-1 "I f f' S. .7 I'-S' Oficers CLARA PAUSEWANG First Vice President .,,,,, Second Vice President Secrefary A ,, W Treasurer ,,,,, Reporfer Historian ,,,,,,,., Parliamenrarian Sergeant-af-Arms Song Leader .. Pianist .,,.,,. Advisors ,,,,, ,, JEAN WITCHER JEANETTE LABAY KATHERINE BARTA , JO ANN MEISMER ANN MARIE SMITH ROSALIE STEWART RITA WITCHER BETTY STEPHAN JOYCE ANDERSON JEANNE SWENSEN MISS MARIE OATMAN MISS MARGARET DEFOOR "Toward new horizons" COLORS Red and White FLOWER Rose , W ,wr W , ,.,,, Uri-fl!-If SENIOR JUNIOR President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ,,,,, Chaplain BETTY .IO CRAIG MARTHA COPELAND DUCHESS JETT PATTI REYNOLDS JERIEL HOWARD KAREN SIMANK HANNAH MCDANNALD BETTY JO JOHNSON DELORIS WENGLAR ELLEN THOMPSON President Vice President Secrerary Treasurer Chaplain Debate KAY THOMPSON GAYLE STOVALL NINA FOTHERGILL BOBBIE MCIVER VIRGINIA KELLY i WS, Q if 5 ...Wk H If ""ffC' Me' 1 V QXQ-. .. mauve---v , , , v 1:1 'Z y' if-5 jf- .!' ' 'H Full' ' x A 5 5 v-. , Q G j 1', 4 ff,- f' Scaiar Girls Working Hara .I Kaaislraiiaa Hrashmaa- "What Shall J Da Nana?" J-lm? We Ga ,flaaia .J ...gil , XX '.o ' o . ,Q5 s, W.. Q- bp .xr-,,.,'.k ..' 1 Q o'., ' -. ' n'a 5 . -I v' 1 , ., Q .. l , -- 4 1 I .n1., , v -New year- New Prmiripal- Sam' Jarallyf 5 IQ T ,A X, 6 9 A X l ' I l. fr 'ff If-EBRD gli fg ,- ef 'I f5 EL I IT Kick-Off Dance EL CAMPO RICEBIRDS September 2, 1954 Community Center 7 30 I k tl IO OO I k EDLUMBUS flomecamiuy EL CAMPO VS. BAY CITY November 19, T954 Homecorfing Queen crowned at half-time-JAN VACEK. Homecoming Pfimfcsssfs W NANCY THOMPSON, HANNAH MCD!-XNNAlD, CAROLE COPEIAND A Bonfire Pep Rally before the game hefped pvomme School Spirit x What d d S bfi g y I J ' ?""7f ' 9 nun: Please B M Holiday Happenings Valentina Dance 1. S g I I Love You Courtes y of Ei Campo Citizen ati s gs X ,GO f S funizfr- Semkrr Prom I 954 Under the Big Top was the biggest event of the year!! The Juniors, Seniors, and their dates enioyed dancing to the music of Ed Gerlach surrounded by animals in their unique cages, circus tents, and concessions. Courtesy of EI Campo Citizen , . . 1 , I - in . - X '!- ' i L Al. I. mosh ff-93 1 -, .,4. 16. Award JEANETTE VACEK . . . was chosen as D.A.R. repre- sentatlve on tlwe following merits: Dependabillty ftrutlwfulrtess, loyalty, purtctuallty, Servlce-co- operation, courtesy, consideration of otltersg Leadershlpepersomallty, self-control, ability to as- sume responsibllity, Patriotismfurtselfislw interest irwtarrtily, scl1ool,community,ar1cl natlortg Scholar- sltlp fcreclltable grades in all subjects. 572146 OH HG-.4..-Jjf X in .4f'f',' ,. .,,v 1 'X 'A ! L' ..- N. 2 , V ,V ti , f ,z vr X I 'i ei 2' x -- 1 ,.. Af--i i fy -fy ,lif at P :M K xx :fix 1 f 4 f O V 4 f ,, -5 I rgzsifgsq f 'M 32 fu! 'f ir . x in lt :BBW Q -we s 'Jw Z ,ww ,U f f 44 'W Qt, A n Q-4 .- 9 .4 5 1 LW -. a x , . L. Top row, left to right: Dowden, Coach, McKinney, lvy, Putnam, Craig, Appling, McMahon, B. J. Robbins, Bob Robbins, Fucik, Socha, Elkins, Coach, Center row: Schulze, Mgr., Glaze, Howard, Skow, Rodriguez, Murrah, Korenek, Sanders, Sykora, Wilson, Bottom row: Jensen, Mgr., Vick, O'Briant, Lutringer, Bacon, Henderson, Orsak, Morton, Gann, Yeoman, Mgr. ?0afIuzll Zmms Top row, left to right: Garcia, Welch, Osina, Petersen, Shula, Miller, Stock, Smidt, Nitsch, Dusek, Kimrney, Alford, Vackar. Center row: Taylor, McCowen, Castillo, Willis, Schulz, Guiterrez, Christa, Berger, Ramero, Hoot, Hynes, Azbill. Bottom row: Maerz, Blair, Waters, Howard, Woodyard, Whitley, Wier, Bauer, Fry, Treybig, Wehrman, Roy, A 473 H 5-' it ,.f,..A. .n . ft- . ,. ' ..4- . V- ' K g-Q. ,-gl . -.. ,..- t I, 1 - 1 - . . , r, , l , A.,' I . I i k .- R , -,'.. Xian: f I I . Q: dh if!-. 4' V,,,.t.f., . , S 1 s . 'Y N Hrs! Offensive Back row: Vick, Orsak, Korenek, Craig, Front row: F u C I k, Applmg, Murrah, Henderson, Sand- ers, Sykora, Robbins. , ,I " v f S f Hrs! Defensive Back row: Orsak, Koren- ek, Craig, Appling, Rob' bins. Front row: Robbins Murrah, Glaze, Sanders, Sykora, McMahon. -7 I ' Q Hrs! Offensive fine Appl g, Rodrigu M h H d B Syk R bb .5 1 Seeend Offensive ,Cine F lc Socha,W11ss F G Howard ' MQK I Y 1 Seeend Defensive ack row: Lqtring V k H d B JV-4 F F km 9 4 R ff 9 Sk OB MK y ly 1 1 s ' ' F . , A , 1. , f 1 I W. '. N55 . W- A f n 1 - , G ' 'X .Q L R 1 A I fx' Lax! NN-345 2-3. W 5' . . N62 A .!z"!x. It G f E ! 45 I -5 P .t U " 4 ' A 18 Q , X Jr E . 7 . K' ,Q W I lv if Q A v s Q Q V 3 A A, ' gl, ,fm 1 3' f Wi' -w U ' I. xv 43 W LJ S .sal 'f5E, E L ,nn vyll K 1. K. 11,411 Gam Top row, left to right: R, Brown, G. Johnson, B. J, Robbins, D. Craig, J. Appllng, B. Robbins, A. Rainosek. Bottom row. M. Blundetl, L. Woodyard, C. Grsak, J. Bacon, B. Mitchell. Haskelball Ceams Top row, left to right: J. P. Hardman, T. Dutton, J. V, Korenek, B. Labay, V. Miller, G. Wehrrnan, L. Putman, Manager Bottom row: R, Fry, Manager, L. Fox, L. Fox, T. Treybtg, R. Johnson, B. Edmondson. B. Waters. Ccam 1.2 aj 30 Basketball 'NON LOST SEASON RECORD 24 8 CONFERENCE RECORD 9 I El Campo scored T925 points tor a 6O.l game average. Their opponents scored l,578 points for a 119.3 game average. El Campo played in three tournaments, receiving one third place and two second places. They won third place in the El Campo Tournament by defeating West Columbia 67-56. They took second place in the Lamar Lions Club Tourna- ment vvhen they lost to Lamar by a score ot 5l-50, They took second place in the Minden, Louisiana, Christmas Holiday Double Header. They fell to Evergreen, Louisiana, by 113-37. ln an election by team members, John Bacon was elected honorary captain and Robert McMahon was named most valuable player. , -,nn gf?2N1f',Kj lvlllfig " 'I J W 0 u :.. ,g I f' is i 1 I I ,If ,I P, an -T' non, ,00- , , "' ,iilf " HIGH HURDLE5 Ducek Appling Guiferrez 440 DASH Orsak Putnam DISCUS McMahon I 9511 Regional Champs fb ' 'Qf UQ? ' - V 1.5 .op -QU OO LOW HURDLES HIGH JUMP Orsak Sharp Vackar Appling Guuterrez MILE RUN 380 DASH Bernshaussen Hajovsky Garcia Bmw BROAD JUMP Craig Vacker Courtesy Crack ,Q ' ini MILE RELAY Orsak ApplIng Putnam POLE VAULT Berger Guiterrez SHOT PUT Gann Murran Run, CI'1arIieI 8? fx, 'g 1:14 11 Left to right: Dorothy Ermis, Delores Hubenak, Blanche Cone, Jeanette Rumley, Rosalie Stewart, Captaing Sally Collins, Co-Captain, Kathryr1AQoldsum, Betty Janak, Patricia Perry, Jeanette Petter. The team entered three tournaments winning the trophy at the Wharton County Junior College Tournament. Girls' Haskefball 73" Umm Top row, left to right: Judy Koenig, Betty McCowen, Del Rose Hubenak, Vonnie Petersen, Jo Ann Naiser, Joyce Frels. Bottom row: Jimmie Carol O'Neal, Nancy Marek, Blanche Cone, Co-Captain, Kathryn Goldsum, Captain, Norma Starr, Gloria Frels. ' 1 , 7 ,,,,,, 4 I 3 ' u r Zfmnis Gam 2- ' 3 C , T. ' V X. iv f ' xx 3, gs x 1 4714 jlflewzrfry - Mary Arm flermzb Dzed ,Nmfcmber 29 1974 1 K , E 'Q - 1 - U 0 c""L.f""T w 1 - v 1 X flftrfsfly jlfl1scc'llauwus.f OO GO IH fff-f R 'L ef. GE ,"f 'lv' f " .4 Y- Jlflanry if Musical Maniacs 4 .,-1xgAX1-1 , .1 5,43 1 All at A vc! - uvxl V -,X V " 'H- 'wf nxxs x ,un A f Pxixc ,Vx ,- 'VVX Kylix, fxxkv W4 IW' 'W P ' If-4-v-,, X Py,xy i u-,.x... X .,..... v..,.1 .. "bw - x' W-ph 1J...w. ... .s x ..u.-.- ,.-.,.., Hx'rv.,::'1: -,.. , ,.,.. 1 1--.f.. ... ' ""u Y M. 'U-5 --fx -- '---1 --w .-1 XYNY ur-,Q F. Divsss ' ' -xs.1 lax, ' Q ' ' xv- E' 18- , "' ---- t. "- :sm Nx - .-.. 1 - ,Yiwu xvAavxv. f n vw' 5. 3. Sl? X Xl'-xY5X,'! G E vnvu-xxxxpau 0,1 3wJN?lxvxY . XKQQ Q' x vat .fn-xnq xf- s x.,f-X0 If S .,...'..wxnq-. ff' .f" , 'V 'villlfffi' vd' xcbeaxlk ' "" M ' 7' ,Q kvvixs H I 'r V 15 T 5 ' gf . 5 X K' l'-' 6 s-xs 2- X xf.s,',54- ?,7 fxruv, '4' 8" 4 ou' S 1...uAXq flwvv-pXn 'Ai bkty-X H DHA Suu.. 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I V 1 1 I I , . 3 .1 5 1 , 4 O f . e - V Y f' BAL ri 75, o a 11 2 S -XV. 0 NOTEBOOK 'X I gqfafm -4 - truth:-:Q-gi-l 0' ' Q ,,. nl 4? ., . Whoelver you are whatever you do EL CAMPO COCA COLA BOTTLING CO HELLER GADEKE AND CONNIE S STUDIO Everyfhmg PI1o'rograpI'1lc VASIL GADEKE C F M CANN I I2 W I-I Ile PHONE 908 ' o I ..C .?' CompIlmen'rs of TEXAS GULF SULPHUR COMPANY NEWGULF, TEXAS 5 I I ' Member F.5J.I1XC, -Adv: FIRST NATIONAL BANK 3 '35 Q O K? 5 L SAAALI. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT 69 b , Sfrong 4, ,NL fbi Friendly ,J y Jw H3 L C W l nivpb F8 UU' , r f K X r N 1 1 L, x . X A m , 1 " M S10 ooo COMMERCIAL STATE s Y RAL!!! uv-xvugd OF EL CAMPO MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM DIRALRLS RV! ' s ' x I ff AQ. Q nxxmum Q .4 . 7 2 Insurance 3 nz'-tn ga For Each E ea Deposxter SYSTEM 5 0 MEMBEV' , 'Q zgiga J f 0 o 0 o 0 . 'Q 'ELL V by O " X A ' if FS' K YN" ZX L, . -1 ,XL f L wiv x L , E Ly K, blip M ' 'J l LU -Q - I Lx, A by v IVA , W Aj ,I N 5 , L ' ELJAJ F ,' , Y, .N Q 4 Lv ' . - xi X W ,V7 . L 2 u ' U 1 L ,' fb - -f 'VL' l in 'U UMM .V,, fx 1 4 Q A , J' ff Wx L WV eff M A L P ivflfbwf. VASJL lyk, if I V J fy LL , "P ,ffb ' 'J fb ' 5 f -V' 5 'V W 4 ' J Y Of if M Lf' N Aufagraphs 7 YE RBOOK AJ ff Y- A LITHOGRAPHED - 'X I 1 P fl DALLAS - TEXAS 6644.1 ff wif? f?gj:gf3,w ,Wk 244.264-Jf feb, 'ZW Zagiffi , ffggvvwjfdyzm W fffw fffzfffq Wff j . ! . O - n A NM .1 ' A!..PGf K 4 fff' ff' f AQ LAd,ZZ2J . - :Z ! - 5 f X 3 W . .J f ' aaa ' . I M , - , . . M 'I f 'K nV V. . If 1 J I! f, .N n I . l 1 f f M I 10 fm X961 Q Ox XX GJ xx NCQ QV X fif Oh xp Qivoiw 0 Jw G95 0 O wg J I ffff x 5 X V 'Q . XXX Wy AX X xX'X YM' x X x X X XX' XX XXX xv X x X5 X X X X X x X xx X X 1 v KN' "x XFX X XXXxxXx M W XXV" S Wwxxlkxlxr 1 x v, . f lv yf f iff I ff 7 ,Zyl .M 1 px fy A5 ff f ' ,if f I f , r V f f

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