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Q 3 :- 1 E 5 E E ,. a r 2 E i E 3 E E ii n E W X ww ,, J' , J 'N ummm-mm,.,xmWmmuM-mv,Wmw,wmw...wWWW-mmmmmm -mlumwmmmmwmnmmwmm W mwwwmmlmmmwmmwwwMm -muw.mm!M.. u,,, W,.ww,.4 UMW-WM ,1!. V ,1 mm if . - if + vm 5 4, v N VA. 1 L 5 'if ,I I v W .f F 3,3 . 11- , , J, QI. v L. 'E ..-my 1, . .H M.,-,:-f. . ,mf fm 1 K J, Y .135 .V .,A,-, , 4 ,. w . ,. , , x I P X 5 5 . 3 xt " ' 'EM 0 L 1 ' I y O , .???4"T'3' L 'az Arr-' F. ' mf gh, M.. . , . ..c s . 4 .T- J Q44 Q Q W W W Q Q Q Q Q W Q Q W 4 W Q Q W W W W W 4 W Q Q Q WW?- '5' ' SSP S THE HEQJDQJTE S ' 9 Cx- L' . n E. Ufzznufzffbr ffze E 1 STUDENTS OF'EI, CAMPO -15+ HIGH SCHOOL S- 3 W "31- QQWQ 4 4 5 Q 'if' 'FP' if 4 Q Q Q Q- -Q' n-1 W we Q N 6- -A Q . Q. -. W Q' 4' Q- 4' 4' Q' Q' 4' 4' SWQQW U W 1 -s--vfswa:-maww-M-spaaa?-wvavw-was-as-QQQQQ-awww H E 73 ,QI T 6 P DENUXTE IB COMM CMH UBBON . whoSG -5AC.l'i1 ices ,NYC MACICD Ol-LT TQCLMS Known onier fhisfafc- Whose locnefdciioni 3 tercsfin duc,Ahon,dTxcX dean gpm-Fam amship Rive done Much 'pr the HKIYAHCG MOT? of B wi EL Qrmpo mm SCHOOL '?"?"3"3"3f'4-'SWK'4"3"?"?'4"S"?'-?'Q"Q"?"8"5'4"5'4-4"3"?"?'4'-5-4-'3' HEQJQQJTS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AUBREY M. WEBB BUSINESS MANAGER RUSSEL L. ZUBER ASSOCIATE EDITOR HELEN BOYD ART EDITOR LEOLA WEBB CLASS EDITOR ELIZABETH HILL ACTIVITIES EDITOR WILMA PAYNE ATHLETIC EDITOR GEORGE XVRIGHT FACTS AND FOLLIES EDITOR FOREST YOAS Page four 4+-vw'sfwwf-awwQM-aw-www-was-sfveavvfw-Q H 13 YD ,CII T8 Page jvc' MNMSNSWNWSSQSWNSWWWNWK orewom' -EN in the dim years that are to come, you get out this first volume of the Hea'!z'ze and glance through its pages you get some cherished memory from the familiar faces, or the lines Written herein, then the efforts We have spent in getting out this book will not have been in vain." -The Staf Hwzwkswhswwwwawhmiwmdk -6'-5'-Q4'f3"?"4?'-i'4"?--4?"31"f31"?--3-'Q"54"S1"S1''51"Q"Sf"?"i1"41"41"52"4f"43f"i?"S"i"4' H E YD ,QI TE Contents Smf Foreword D66ZIZ'Cdl'Z'07Z i13m'la'z'ng.v Fczczzlgy Clan-e.v Qfffhlefzw QAfcz1'fw'fies Qdaks Fa 'v0rz'tz'eJ vfaff Pg 44?41'4''S''Sf'451'431'4-'Q'4'4-'G"i"Q-'S-'i'4-'?"?'4"i"Q'4-'5"S"S"?-4'4"Q"?' Hefzxejffre An Essay to My Classmates Now I have a little message I would tell to each one here, But Ifear you wouldforget it Ere the closing of the year. Now I draw yet closer to you, Ofer you my tembling hands As I realize this parting, Some of us to foreign lands. As I call eaeh name this evening In my essay for the last, They will eeho in thefuture From a long forgotten past. First I have a wishfor Forest, That his lgfe may ever be Crowned with jewels that are brighter Than the pearls within the sea. George, may the hands of angels Guide you in the paths of peace, May no sorrows everfndyou Happy visions ever cease. There is Russel, bright as sunshine, Or thefull moon's gentle beam, May you ride above the billows On lQ'e's turbid angry stream. find I've a wishfor Mr. Carry That I can not bear to pass, Till I see him crowned with honors .els the dewdrops crown the grass. Now I turn to other schoolmates, Wring my hands, the only sign As I stoop to press thesejingers Once more as Q' they were mine. CContinued on page 205 Page eight -?-'?"?"?"3"?"1?"?"5"5"i'-?"5"?'-?"?"?"?"5"?"?''?'-51"3f"lEf'-25f'+5"4f"?"?"?"3"3' H E CID ,QI T5 The Jffaifz Ufppraacfz to lifiowledge 4'4"3'4"5"Q'5'-Q'-5"5"S"Q"is'?"6-'?'-f?"Sf"3"iW+'f? 'M32'-i4"4B2"if"i1"Q"vE2-'6f'+5f'-i-'32"'Ef"4S1"41 'SW'-5 HEYDQQITE The Hzgb Scfzool fuz'la'z'1zg may be that some of us, on entering the school grounds, have felt the desire come over us to do some desperate thing, something that would put the old school house out of our sight forever. How we some- times hate the sight of the building and the thought that we would have to spend many years within its gloomy halls, studying and pondering over some hard subject that maybe we would never have any use for. But remember, boys and girls, that some day you will realize the good that you got from the hard work you put forth to get your daily lessons. You will be thankful that you can make your way in the world Without putting forth the eFforts that the common, uneducated, day laborer has to put forth. Just remember that there are older men and women than you are, and if they did not See the advantage of the school building it would not be there for you. Put forth an honest effort and in later years you will not regret it. Page ten 444444'Q"4?'45f"15I"i"4iI"181"51'Q44-QQQQQQQQQQ-4544444-QQ? HEDQQIT5 ' b. 7 , ' q '94 ufSz'a'e 'Uiew of0la'E. C. H. S. TO OUR TEACHERS Dajxv that are soon drprzrlefl, Hours tlzolj7:r into years Ziff noir your rloparlurr with tomar. Like Ihr' Rvllzezgorm M old, You lzfzvo laugh! 145 tha' Fulure to unfold. lforsfs that are oflrn ropmlefl No! oerauxr wr low llzefn 50, Tlzfir beauty i5 fonfeilm' In the book we .rolriom know. Our knowlfdgo ix like the Springtimf, ily .rfrenfars find ryllzm if slow, our Tlzoughts are centered in Plmfzzre and not on the Pooh of old. Page clvvcn -S"?"452"i1"fEW-'Q?"?"Sf"4?"S"431'431''i5f"fE1"3f"21"5"4?'4"?"4B2''31"?"i1"S1"?'-4?"v3"4?-'5"5'-41-'f3"?"Q"Sf'-41'-i1'4 HECZLQIT6' E' .1 's l l I J l A l A is . l ' o i . him.-"4 fu w w,.:ei1g,W, Q Sourfz Side Ward School Most of us can remember the year that we spent at the "South Side." Hardly a person ever graduates from old E. C. H. S. but who has spent a year or so in the ward school. No professor to catch you in all you dog no men teachers to keep you from having all the fun you wish. This is a year of real pleasure and enjoy- ment and if you ever had such a year of school work in your life? Somehow you can't seem to forget the good old times you once had in going to the old 'KSouth Side." When you get to the High School you must settle down to real work and all the pleasure you get there is the knowledge that you are making the best grades in your class, which after all gives more real satisfaction in the years that are to come. Page luielve , - N fQf1f9R'Y fa. X gk Q I f' I ll, X X Q f O I, M xxx ff I 5 M X X x Q H! M W H X J if J eff, Fazfzzlfjf fs'-M-asfwa-fewe42+Mya--Mwawwfaewffeefeww-wf-wffwvfa H E YD ,QI T8 3 W f J. M. SMITH Superintendent of El Campo Schools Page fourteen Mkiwwfvwaawswwfvwwfvswswwfw-Mf-sfawff-fa-ww H E YD ,Q1 TE C. L. COOPER Principal of El Campo High School I f 'b"?'?"?"?"b"?"?"3"5"6'-?"?"k'?"?"?"5"?'-?"?'-?'-15f"fi4"fSf"I9"?'?'-?"?"?"Sf"?' H E 'D ,QI T5 Mlss MALIIE GOEN, Spanish JOHN A. RATLIFF, Scienfe Miss MAY SMITH, Latin Miss ERNESTINE VVINSTON, Cw077177767'l'itl! Dfparinicnf ORMAND C. CURRY, Hi.fl0713' Miss ETHEL FROMEN, English Page' .vixlfwz 'QI"?'431"i32"i"43f'-43-'3"43"i"f31'4"f?'-5"4?"5''5'-41"5"4?"6"?"5"4Bf"i"?'4S1-4'-151-'Q-'32"?"'-9' H E 'D ,QI T E Miss FLORINE ORRICK, .Mzz.rif, Gmmzizrzr Dt'AIllIl'f7I1L,7lf Miss Hl,o1sE SMITH, Gmnznzfzr lJt'f7ll7'fIl1U7Zl Miss CLARA Iixcsuomvz, Grzzmllzm' lJUf7Il7'fNll'7lf Miss FLORENCE IXICVVILLIAMS, Prinzmiv Dfpfuwznzl Miss Al.IJABELl,E STRUWE, SUf071li Gradv, South Siffv Miss MA'F'FIE W11.1.1AMs, Third Grads South .Vide Page' .VI'Z'!'llfl'!'II fan-we-fawsg-RM-'iffswsf-'RfRswsefw-RRRRRRJRNRRRRRRQRRRRBR H E YD ,QI T 6 Mrss ELIZABETH VVRIGHT, Primailv Dvpartment MISS OLA SPEARS, Prinfipal, South Side MRS. C. L. COOPER, Primary Department Mrss LOLA Bovn, Primmlv Department Miss Bsssuz BARNARD, South Side MRs. VV. H. BARNES, South Sidi' Pugv Uitjllffl' 'J 'Sf"4Bf"Q"i"i4-43''3"i"5"5"5"W3f"f31-'51"?"Q"3"3f"?"5f"9'f3r'31-'3--Qh-?-'82"?"41"4?"5"?' HECDQIT5' Miss FRANKIE ALEXANDER, Gmmmm' Dxfpartmcnt MRS. WILBUR WEBB, Elorzfiiozz IN MEMORY OF OUR TEACHERS Some of us are leaving school this year and will never see our teachers again. This may not seem such a hard thing to do, to some, but when you go out into life, you will remember, perhaps with sorrow, the little things we did to annoy our teachers when we were in school, and then we can see that after all, if you met them half way, the teacher was our best friend. We may have an entirely new set of teachers next year and many of us, knowing the friends that we have in the present teachers, will come back feeling that we have lost some of our best friends and we could not appreciate it until they were gone, never to return. FZ fl 'E''K'-Wi''Q'-5''K''Q''Q''5"?"?-?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?'?'?'k'?"5"?"?"5"?'k'?'4"6' Hepsgfre Next I turn to Carl, and fllving You're schoolmates dear to me, Would that I could have you with me, . When I cross beyond the sea. For you, Thelma, I would gladly Heap great honors at your side, And would strew your path with roses, Fill your pass beyond the tide. Bruce, and Cliford, may no thought of sorrow Ever cross your peaceful mind, But the cup of pleasure sparkling In your pathway you mayfnd. Estelle, when evening eloses around you In your home, Mabel, wher'ere you be, Don'tforget to kindly waft me One goodnight across the sea. Countless be the azure heavens O'er the Florenees' busy heads,' May thefuture ages whisper Though they sleep they are not dead. Now, there are two lovely Helens Who shall never be forgotg Will you each within your memory Plant me one forget-me-not? Eliazbeth's name is ever drawing All my thoughts back to the past, As we say adieu this evening, But I hope 'tis not the last. For you, Lillian and 7ocelyn, I am hoping That the sunbeam never dies, That is always gently falling From your dark brown angel eyes. If two angels camefrom heaven W afted by a gentle breeze I would think them but a vision Of my schoolmates, Fay, and Beatryee. CContinued on page 34, Page twenty , Z-di ' if ', ,- W fig x 'if-74 X Z A ' A- x Qvfxl , X Xf-ef 5 w Q ff K "GX v t X7 Nw? -II X ,X W f 4 X 632 xi xi 1 1 ' ' X . K . ' I .f I f. Ah ix AL AIN 7,9 lit an-so 'XQ 0 2 X 'ff fi ggf x' f -www Q 1 A x' F A fc? Q 1, fd , ff ! ' Vis3Fjf2 "A'Mi '. fl J.: ' V X X KN gr:-' i Q! XX 5 ' ffl wkxx X 2 0 7 H55 x X b f Z. ' Q ? 'X b ' of ,ff ,S "' 1 'Fig X HU 1 Efij ,H 6 L ,E gs --L :Q C - Ei C - X --R xi N ,aiu , E if "f-ffifum " V -WL?-.-F '-- iff:- f' Q N C W LLC1 -EQ - .- Skylar WWW?-QQWQQWWQWQQWQWQ-54444-1M+'81-'151'-S-'5"18HBH?' H E YD ,QI TE GEORGE WRIGHT ..... President RUSSEI. L. ZUBER ,.... Vice President ESTELLE PRIESMEYER. . .... Secretary and Treasurer ELIZABETH HILL. . ..,.. Class Editor Page twenty-two '4"3'41-'iii-'?"W3f"41"v?'"?"3f'-6"3f"Q"?"41-'S'4f"S-4?"3'f41"?-"S"5"4?"B1'-3f"'F-'9"i"5"'Q' HEQLQIITS BERNICE BROWN She is just Bennieg always on time and always ready. CARL BENSON He may be bashful, but he is the kind of boy you will hear from in later years. He is always studying and is usually exempt in all his studies. CLARA BROWN Unassuming composed of mind. Her silence impresses us as an indication of intelligence, and "more is there than meets the ear." HELEN BOYD Probably the most studious girl in Senior Class. Ready to try most any- thing, but rather hindred by her blush- ing. FLORENCE BYERLY We predict for Florence a brilliant future. She is bright and full ofthe vim that makes a successful business girl. Some day she will have an office of her own to go to. 4 r 1 1 Page twenty-three A if .1 1 l '?"Bf"f3f"?'-28f"!?'-5f"if"1S"?'-?"2S"?'-?'-?"?'-?"Bf"Sf"?"?"?"4f"?"5"?"?"5"3''?"1?"31"v3f' HEfD,Q17'5' " ul l cl FLORENCE COMSTOCK Tall, stately, gracious, a combination 'of accommodation, eiiiciency and friendly good will. BRUCE GILMER HRed" noted for his hardheadedness. One of First Coronet players in High School Orchestra. JOCELYN DAY Has evoluted with marvelous progress from a meek eyed maiden to a self-con- fident, capable Senior. She bears ac- quaintance and the longer you know her the more you appreciate her. MILDRED DANIELSON Mildred always does her work with a quiet dignity that wins the admiration of everybody. Indeed she is everybody's friend, and she will live a happy life because of her quiet ways. FOREST YOAS When Forest speaks everybody listens. He is the best the school has. Although this is his first and last year, his place will be hard to fill in everything. He will follow the profession of an M. D., and we know he will be the best in the land some day. Page twenty-fozlr -?"?'-?'-?"5"?"?"?'-S"Sf"2?"?"41"5'-?"5f"4f"5f"l?''l3f"fS"3"5"?"H31"Sf'+5I4"18f'-Sf"45f'-f3f"S"?' HEYLQIT8 LETTIE JOHNSTON A fair maiden with dark ttesses. She has rather an adventurous glint in her eye and a frivolous twist to her smile. LILLIAN MILLER She never speaks in class unless she is spoken to. But when the examinations are over she has just as good grades as most of us. ELIZABETH HILL Elizabeth is another one that will be heard from in later years. She is al- ways busy and still she has time to be ll friend to all. FAYE HENSLEY Faye's bashfulness and quiet ways have won her many friends. She is just a good Senior and--well she l'lZlSlI,t bobbed hair either. BEATRYCE MCMAHON Her :ilto voice is well known all over school. Page lwcnly-jive 'MB1"f3"3-'v3"3'-f?"5"f3f'3-'?"181"S''?"S'-?"i"?"5'-?"5f"3"?"31"5"9"Q1"5"?"?"Q"i'4' HEYLQIT8 ESTELLE PRIESMEYER uSis" is a favorite partly for her ability at the pianog assistant leader of High School Orchestra 1923-24, Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class of '22-'23-'24. ALVIN SCHOENFI ELD Two years football. UChink" famed for his originality in geometry class. WILMA PAYNE "Jim" 1923 her first year in E. C. H. S. Social Editor of Annual. A very busy little bodyg the runt of the Senior Girls. LOUELLA PRIESMEYER A "wicked town girl" who joy rides in a Ford. Her specialties are fri- volous frocks and dances. She is not all frivolous tho. For when she starts for lab. she looks very business-like. CLIFFORD SHULT Clifford is a jolly good Senior. He is somewhat inclined to be a woman-hater, -so he says. We notice that he can get caught more than anyone else when he talks. Perhaps in later years he will get over his boyish ways. Page Iwenly-six 'lB1"1S"5'-G"5'-?"?"1l1"IB1'59"5"3"?"1?''fb"?"?"5f"?'-?"?"i4'fif"5"?"2b'-1?"?"?"6"?'-5-'Ib' HEDQITE THELMA SMITH Brown curls, blue eyes and a winsome smile. She has a famous penchant for study and a way of saying little in class but coming up at the end of the term with good grades to her credit. HELEN WELD Wouldn't have bobbed hair, too com- mon for her. LEOLA WEBB She hates Math and Science, but is good in her other subjects. We don't know what she is going to be, but it is a sure thing she will make good. AUBREY WEBB . Three years football "Dobrey" at the head of most every- thing and always busy. Editor-in-Chief of Annual. LINNIE WOLF Her first year in E. C. H. S. in '24. Never much to say. Page lwenty-seven '?"'S2'-Q"?"Q"3f-'i2"S"31"Q-'QW''?"if"5f"41"?"3"6"?"2"?"5"i1"S"5"?"5'4"?"i'4'4' HEDQIT6' RUSSELL ZUBER "Loppin' Roan" or "Spot" our foot- ball starg captain of the team in 19233 a star also in several track events in 1921- 22g Vice-President of Senior Classg Bus- iness Manager on Staff of the Annual. MABELLE DUPREE "Barney." Probably the best dancer in High School. Chairman of Program Committee of Senior Class of '24, GEORGE WRIGHT One year football. " B. S." another football star. His first year out he is a quarter-back. Pres- ident of Senior Class in 1922-23-24. Ath- letic Editor of Annual. Page twenty-eight ra N f fix. ,f 4 1 W . ,,f,a?:iWf?r9 H-f.',' ffl' WW "M .ev f ? I R ' 3 ff v Wx Wf ' qi ' A Mx QV ?1iie' Q Q my Q.- 1 4' X' , ,Y ,iv A f' W ig? Rig! , Q , ' ' 1,, x If . ,iff f -59 Za f gwwxjiilqi, wslif -,g n I ir IV , . gg i"f Qfffg f ' , Sd" ffig. f -- ff' , fd '-f ,T .,+J5Ti "l'1i, Q ' 'g2,k"Ez Y., ' ,- - -V,-,, Ygbwi unfors -E-swawfvf-swf-sf-saws--www-was-E-Eaww-IE-S--M-I ww-sw H E in Q1 T6 JUNIOR OFFICERS CLYDE Sl-IAVER GEORGE WILLIS RAI,PH JOHNSON. . . ISABELLE REEVES SECTION A SECTION B President Secretary President Secretary Page lhirly QM-M:--M-M--we-wvavewf-Q-Q-sfvwf-svwwwvwaef H E in ,QI T6 M-es'-wwwe-sf--effwwwfv-sffaw-wfwfwa-faeefvfefsfewavfawfv H E 79 ,QJ1 T6 P h weefwwvae4-swfvaqw-swf-asf-2-M-awww-4--Q-4+4fwJs H E 19 4,1 T5 1 M'J""""" -fffvr-fhf: Jfllff ,f m S iu , - xx FH 'Q' . w! E f 9 NK fl M if ff X .V if ,f 1 -, , ' IN -X . f!A"lO' , 4g fig! ? 'T , C' H7 5 ' f !4, f-L ' O ll Nw: k 4 lr. - W Xl,Q 1. .i. A r., , N X K , , J . ' - f 5 X ' Q0 AX you Page thirty -111 ree 'Wi'-41-'41-'1e"v?"5"5"5f'-45''?"?"?"?"?"?'4"S"i"Q"Q-4"?"?"5"3"i"?-'?'4"?'4'4' HEDQQJIT6' May you shed no tears, Louella But the tears that eomefrom joy,' May your pleasures he unmingled And your hopes without alloy. And shall Iforget you, Wilma and Lettie, Ha! your names are on my heart,' Future years shall not erase them From my memory when we part. And I am loathe to leave you, Mildred and Bernice, But your smiling, happy faces Shall he pictured in my memory With this dear, familiar place. I amfaint, my heart is aching, All myfeehle strength is gone Since Ijfnd that Clara, and Leola, Can hut leave me here alone. You have lingered long andfaithful While I told the rest good-hye,' May I he thefrst to greet you, Linnie, In that home beyond the sky. I've a thousand little wishes For the teachers unexpressed, And may Heaven ever guide you To the regions ofthe hlest. And now one wishfor you, Prof., May your eyes grow strong with years,' May they he untouched with sorrow, May they he undimmed hy tears,' May your lufe he hathed in sunshine, dndyour crown hefilled with gemsg May the voice we've heard so often, Yet he turnedfor angel hymns. Earth nor Hell can forge no weapon That can deal such deadly pain As the cruel words that echo, "We shall never meet again." CContinued on page 493 Page thirtyjour ., x. g, 1' ' nl, I Mfrs, f". QM ' ef 3. J Wa 1 .. 1 Q xr X , .7 XX X! ' 1 X ff fx F" + W Y in W 1 ? w 'f 'T-1:-'Y ,, ll i s Y V -T5 xx UM' V I:-19 N x Q' ' f N H , X ' lf , 1 X an -. f , 5 2 rf if ' Q -g g " E K 5? gi 1 mffkf- 4' I Q , wx L"'g1?-i 1 m - - l" :if -- 'ri g A ME, ' ii W is ,i iw Soplzomares I gr' lhirlyjizzfv wwaw-sfwfwfwae-Maeva-ww-sffswzwwak-ef-ds,-sf-ef-s'ds-Jaw H E in ,QI TE NINE A SECTION A 7 - I , mmf we ' NINE B SECTION Pagz' llzirly-.fix ,VY A ,,:.,..g i c .., - " Y 0153- H ',4 7 1 511 .- i . 5.1.4-1 if E.c.M,s. J .-iff, T 7 ' W1 tgp v m! " X -i r , k rv 5 H I I W I g W 4 K if, f' X A 3 A w i 'ff z , f?L7'iJF' f ' E3 - I f 131517, f I 1 1 f 5' I f ff ' 1 I ' -" hx Z 'D j XX YW I 1 5 ,ff if X g, f,. Y ,Q gn, f 'lf ,f W X 4 1 - 1M 1 K I til wil' Y 1 I J Xzuw .ml Rn y 1:-F - B , W il 'H M , .., Freshmen Pqhy -'-MMS'-50451--41'4'-S081-'fe'-Q-'Q-4'4'4"?"S'-S"?-'Q''ini'-5"3"5-4"?"32"?"51"QI'-3-'Q' HEYLQITE A Freshmarfs Sweet Bye and Bye Last night as I liy on my pillow, And gazed at the stars in the sky, I wondered ever afreshman Would drft to the sweet bye and bye. Oh, the trail to that bright, Senior land Is narrow and dim, so they say, While the trail that leads to perdition Is posted and blazed all the way. I wonder whosefault that so many Will be lost at that greatfinal sale, When they might have been good and had plenty Had they known U that dim, narrow trail. They say there will be one grand round-up Where thefreshmen like cattle will parade, To be culled by teachers of knowledge, Who are posted and know every grade. Perhaps there will be some stray freshmen, Who in their classes ranked high, To be mavericked by the Teachers of Knowledge, And shipped to the sweet bye and bye. Page thirty-eight f fwfs-fe:--:B+-sfas--Mwsffwaffwfe--an-Q-fs-dsfevwafwfe--M-fs-4-is-wwe H E CD ,U T 5 EIGHT A SECTION EIGHT B SECTION Page lhirly-ni 4'4"?"5"Q'-305-'W31"i"?--S'-?--S"fF"?"5"?"5"3-'S"5"?'4"5"i"?"Q"?"?"5"6'4' H E D ,QI TE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT f 711 Hi- I ff- N ' i ,Tig V. . 1 5 ' Q 'X V giilw., Q x G I X, - V! k .rf 1 1 x E v AJ A ll U .p,"f.4XX Xx SN , K 'Lin i I X X gf' Y ' .5 X I Q3 5 ' I" PX T me 4 ' X' X ' ' 2 ' H XB, I Xl K I Xb Hr, I1 I M lllfl 1 ' Y X C 1 . 1 X ' lx 1 , Q ,h , -I? X . 1 MRP - fi - 4 1f4: X If 5 I Q 5 - ii 1? S 'ii f 'J ' f- ff'f C3 1 ' V P e',' H- Z -- Z' mmmm? S 512001 Q Page forty -Sei'-?'4'4-'41"v?''i"i?"5'-?'-4f"i1"3"41"?"S1"?"451"i'-?'4'42"S-'41'-i'4'-5-'31"?"1i"'?"? HEYLQITE SEVENTH GRADE We see by this picture that the next year's Fresh- man class will be a rather large one, though not as large as some of the former ones. For some reason or other there has always been a rather small number in this class. But they are bright and will in all probabil- ity show us what a small group of Freshmen can do in the High School. Page forty-two '41'-5"3f"i"3-QQ?'?"?'4"?"i"?"?"?'5"?"5'4'9"?"?'?"?"?"S"S"3"3'-?'403' H E D ,QI T E SIXTH GRADE SECTION A SIXTH GRADE SECTION B Page forty-lhrce M--WifMwP-sf-sf-a'Jsf-sf+e-sNwf-swsw-a+fQf-s'4+wf4ffeP-s--sf+awww H E in ,Q1 TE FIFTH CJRADE w N 1+ ou RTH GRADE Pagv forlyifuur 4-wwfwsfw-wave-E-awfsfvwwa-wfws-wfww-EEE--we H E fn ,QI TE 'IQHIRD CQRADE SECOND QJRADE I'41gf'-fflrly-jizu' M-'RQR-Rsvwawwev-awww'R-Rwvwwwfw-we-RR-R H E YD ,Qi T6 ,..... ,..., ,,,, , , , FIRST GRADE l FOURTH GRADE SOUTH SIDE Pugr' foriy-.fix ewfswewwffw-Ewaawfwvvawwawwfwa-vwvvvwfwffsfw H E CID ,QI T 6 FIFTH GR.ADE SOUTH SIDE FISHIRD GRADE SOUTH SIDE Pugr forly-.v."z'1'n M'-M-rwanef-effwwwaaaawa-Mwwf-wwfvvwwf-s-4 H E 73 ,QI T8 1 SECOND GRADE SOUTH SIDE FIRST GRADE SOUTH SIDE Pugvforly-f'igl1! 'i"5"S'-3'-5-'Q-4"?--B-'1?"32"3"?''?"51"6'-?"5"S"f?"?'-?'-?'4"3"1?"?"S'-?"?"4f"5"?' HEDQIT5 Now I leave you weak and weary, But withfuture hopes sustained, Toiling through the partway dreary Till the mountain top is gained. Should Ifail,forgive my hoping, In this world of tears and pain, When I know I'm doomed to failure, I shall never smile again. All these songs we've sung at evening, Still will eeho in my ears, And eaeh face will seem more lovely When viewed through a veil of tears. Never more will all these elassmates Meet to read here one hy one,' May we he a class in Heaven When our earthly task is done. Now I have but one more passage I would utter ere we part, That each day you let the angels Come and purify your heart. Then a thousand leagues may part us Some may eross theforeign plaing Yet within the distantfuture We may hope to meet again. -EDITOR. QApologies to his Aunt.j Page forty-nine fs--:aff-sfM-wwvw-wwsvadawfs-Q-ww-Qfwwvwsfw H E QD ,Qi 7' 6 C11.m:Ll,1'la ,1q,g,N -,Wy fJRCHES'l'R.X -Q"Q"5"3"?"?''SP44444"?"?"?"?'-?-4'-4f'-?"i'-?'-?'-?-'?"?-'?"?"?"?'4-'?-'?' HEYJQQITE BOY SCOUTS This organization, under the guidance of capable scoutmasters, has grown from a mere handful of boys, to one of the best organizations in El Campo, They are developing some wonderful athletes and are doing much to promote the moral welfare of the town and community at large. Recently they brought the Rad- cliff Chatauqua to town, one ofthe best things that they could have done. They live up to the scout motto, " Be Prepared." r jifl-v-on '?'4"P?-44'-S"?"4?"51"4?'4-'QSW'-5"?"4?"?"3'-5"?"?"Q"?"42"51"?"5"v?"?'-5"5"?"?' HEDQIT5 Football Taekling high, and tackling low, Twelve years old and ready to go, Alnd his mother looked with a wisyul eye At the notfar distant hy and hy,' The dawn of the dangerous morning when, He'll go to thefield with older men. And the mother says, in a motherls way, "When he's older grown he will want to play. And the game is rough and the players fall And they never think of mother at all,' They never think 4 our dreadjust then, And thefears that come when our boys are men." What can I say, and what can I do Time was when Iyearnedfor the scrimmage too, Time was I longed with an ardent soul, To battle my way to afarjiung goal, And I know that I'd have joyed at a hurt hack then just to take my place with the older men. Oh, the game is rough and so are the years, And we all get hart, and we all shed tears, We are all thrown hard hy the hand of fate, And we all do things where the danger's great And a hay must learn, and 'tis well he can- In the game of lye, to play the man. -A MOTHER. Page fifty-two is'aa-asses-we-as-as-we-Mase-M-as-as-as-a-if H E YD .Q1 T8 WHARTON COUNTY MEET The Wharton County lnterscholastic meet was held in El Campo, March 28 and 29. It was the largest meet ever held in the county. The contests were par- ticipated in by boys and girls from every school in the county. El Campo was easily winner of the silver loving cup olffered the best school. The Literary work received its share of attention as did the exhibits. The results of the contests were as follows: 5o yard dash, V. Zuber, E. C. Ist Shaver, E.C. 3rd .... ..... 5 2f5 50 yard dash, Jr., E. Garner, Ist. Turner, E.C. 4th ,... ..... 6 2f5 Ioo yard dash, C. Shaver, Ist Schoenfield, 2nd ..... ....... I o 2X5 loo yard dash, Jr., W. Hill E.C., Ist E. Garner, 3rd ................. I2 Mile Relay, won by El Campo, Schoenlield, Benson, Thomas, and finished by R. Zuber .........................,.............,................... 3:50 440 yard relay, jr., won by E. C. Garner, Turner, Wehrman, and finished by Wm. Hill ,................................................... .... 5 6 Ifz Broad Jump, C. Shaver Ist, R. Zuber 2nd, Yoas 4th .......,.... I7 ft. 7 in. High Jump, Thomas, Wright and Cummings of E. C. left in at 4:10. Chinning Bar, Jr., Rabon of Louise and H. Garner of E.C. znd. 21 times. Shot Put, Glaze, E. C. 3rd. 880 yard dash, Benson, E.C. 3rd. Pole Vault, C. Shaver, E.C. Ist ...................... .... I o ft. 440 yard dash, R. Zuber, E.C., Ist, Benson, E.C. 2nd .....,.... 53 Discus, Glaze, E.C. 2nd, Cummings, E.C. 3rd. 85 feet. 220 yard dash, R. Zuber, Ist, C. Shaver, 3rd, V. Zuber, 4th ..... 242f5 Mile Run, E. Cornett, E.C., Ist .... ........................ 5 :9 220 Low Hurdles, Schoenlield, Ist, Cummings, 2nd ..... .... 3 03,75 120 High Hurdles, Cummings, E.C. Ist ................. ..., I 9 If2 Tennis, E.C.H.S. won by singles and doubles by forfeit. LITERARY Debate, El Campo Girls, Sr., Ist Myra Heard, Jewel Hensley, Neg. Essay, El Campo, Ist. Vasil Heller. Spelling, El Campo, Sr., 2nd. Leola and Henley Webb. School Display, El Campo, Ist. Declamation, El Campo, Sr. Boys, Forest Yoas, ISt. Music, El Campo Sr. Girls, ISt. Page fifty-three 444'41''ini'-Qui''ini''5"i'4'4'4"?"?"Q1'4"5'4"?'-Q-'i"S'4"4P'4"i'4'-5'-i-'?' Hafoqzffe 1. Thou 2. Thou 3. Thou 4. Thou 5. Thou 6. Thou 7. Thou 8. Thou shalt shalt shalt shalt shalt shalt shalt shalt CODE OF A SPORTMAN not quit. not alibi. not gloat over winning. not be a rotten loser. not take unfair advantage. not ask odds thou art unwilling to give. always be ready to give thy opponents the shade. not under-estimate an opponent or over-estimate thy opponent. 9. Remember the game is the thing and he who thinketh otherwise is a mucker, and no sportsm an. Io. Honor the game thou playestg for he who plays the game hard and straight wins even when he loses. -FULLERTON. is . Assistant Conch Cooper Page jqflyifnrrr 4' Q- M Q ' WY' W f fb App' 4 X -N , : ,ge K -XmgxxXAKkkXNx,. wx , no J' I Y' ix I N Q Ai' ,X ylxgi, X x 1,111 JM fffd yy f ,yo 11 1 f f K sa, A A fx F KX XXTZU - a- 3 55 ' - x- ' - Q1 fb fe ffm ,f f fs-ittw-swefwithfe?M--fa'as-Q-wvwfwawwavvw-tam-afoot H E in Q1 T8 S'1'AN1xiNc:, Left to Right: C. A. Hudson, Coachg I.. C, Cooper, Assistant Conch X VM Fromcnq Wrightg R. Zuber, Cuptning Johnsong Dz1ygYVilsongJ. M. Smith, Supermtcndcnt KNEEI.INGZ Muuchg Schoenfieltig C. Pruytorg O'Bierg V. Zuberg E. Praytotg Anthi S1'I"1'lNG: H. Wksbbg Yoaxsg W'hitHcldg Chztrnquistg Shu RECORD beckg CQLIFUCFQ Shultg Cotrell Sept 28fE.C.H.S. O-Bay City O Oct I27E.C.H.S. 35--Bay City O Oct I97E.C.H.S. 2611'ldl'l21 o Oct. 26fE.C.H.S. 24-'PH.l3CiOS I3 Nov 3-E.C.H.S. 12fGoose Creek O Nov I2-E.C.H.S. OfBeaumont IQ Nov 23-l'i.C.H.S. 7'E21gl6 Lake 20 Total E.C.H.S.E.wOpponents .54 l'z14qe'jQfly-x1'.k 4'4445?'i"W3H'Sf"3r'3"5"i"Q'4'-?"?"6'4r-5"3"2"S"i"?"3-'S"5"i"5"?"?' HEfD,QJ1T6 Age R. L. ZUBER CCaptfzinj Weight I3 Hzzbfback 155 f'I.opin" is fast, having made the 440 in SI seconds during track season. He is one of the few three letter men in the school, making football, basketball and trackg in football his playing is of the sensational type, and he always gets a hand from the sidelines. This is Russel's last year and he will be sorely missed. He was chosen for all district halfback and we feel sure he will make good on any football team. Age ScHoENF11a1.o Weight Age FROMEN Weight lg Fullbark 145 "Swede" is a good man, his specialty being off- tackle plays for an average gain of 6 yards. He is very good on defense and makes a practice of covering fumbles. 'fSwedel' has pugilistic inclinations and promptly began to demonstrate his ability along this line when a Goose Creek man twisted his neck. However, Vincent is very docile when treated right, and those who know him pronounce him a capital fellow. End 160 'fLh1nk" is fast and hard-hitting. He is one of the best ends in the history of the school. "Dumping" all plays around his end. He is good at catching passes and many gains have been made by the combination " Wright to Schoeniieldf' This is Alvin's last year and we will miss him a great deal. Pagf willy-srve n 'Kei-'Q'-3-'Q'-5'41'-4S1"?"51"fZ4"5''?"?"?'-i"Q"4f"?"6"Q"?"5"?"?"i'-?'-3"6"6-'Q-'?'4' HEQLQJTS Age V. I6 ln describing this football star our first words would be 'flittle but loud." This boy is good. He is fast and a demon tackler. He has a habit of cleaning up interference and most of the time gets the runner for a loss. He is good on the receiving end of a pass and gets down under punts well. He has another year and will continue to he a terror to all opponents. ,'.'..,vl,f - Age VVRIGHT Weight I6 Quarterback 168 "Papa" was a new man at quarter this year, but his ability to run his team, at this position, was plainly shown in every game. He was a triple threat man, and his punts averaged forty-five yards. He could pass sure and fast. When he started to buck the line he usually went several yards before he was stopped. He was the best safety man we had and always brought the ball back when he received a punt. His position will be hard to fill next year. ZUBER Wleight End I35 Age YoAs VVeighf I7 Halfbark 158 Yoas is another triple threat man. He is the hard- luck member of the squad, hurting his ankle badly in the first game, He got in the third game, and has al- ternated with O'Bier at left half. He is very good at end runs and short bucks. His pass is good, but his ankle now hampers his kicking. l'f1g1'.fff1y-vigil! 'iii'-SI'-41''Q''Q'-432'4'4"5'4'4"3'4"5'-?-4"i"?"5'4"?"?'4"3-'5"?"5-'i'4-4-4' HECDQCIIT6' Age PETTY Weight zo Guard 168 This big fellow is a real football player. This was his first year, but he made the team with little dilfi- culty. His most outstanding stunt was in the Palacios game when he picked up a fumble and ran 45 yards to a touchdown. Petty has two more years, keep your Age XVEBB Weight 20 Tackle l6o "Dobrey" is a steady and consistent player. He never quits but just keeps on working. He had no trouble whatever making the team. He hits hard and always gets his man. He is a good tackler and breaks through continually getting the man with the ball for a loss. This is Aubrey's last year and it will be hard to End another as good as he. Age Wirsox Weight I7 Tackle 180 "Big" is a "GO-GE'I"l'l'iR," and is a tower of strength in the line. He handles himself well and also handles his opponent. He is always trying and suc- ceeds in tearing up the opposing line every time he tries. He has two more years and--well, JUST WATCH HIM!! Pugr -frffy-11 eaww-we-ea-as--eve-sw-aeeeeaaeeaaaaeaa-a-ea--if H E in ,QI T6 Age DAY Weight I9 Ckntw' 1 5 5 Hartson has played some good games this season. Especially is his work on defensive good. He hacks up the line mighty well, and is a hard and sure taekler. He is a worker and never gives up. Age OYBIER Weght I 5 Ilalfbark ixgo Here is a man who will bear watching. He is fast, and is a hard tackler. When Yoas was hurt in the First game, Ray was sent in, and has stayed in, alternating with Yoas at left half. Although light, Ray is a fast man and hard as nails. He has two more years and should develop into a fine football palyer. Age PRAvToR NVeight I7 Guard 160 H Bully" is known as one of the hardest workers on the squad. He gets in every play. His tackling is a feature. ln the Goose Creek game he Covered two Goose Creek fumbles which proved to be of much value to us. He is always at the right place at the right time, and can always be depended upon to sf' L, make 11 hole in the opposing line. B Pugv .rixly 'B-'Q'-i1"6'-4'-5'-Q'-Kei'QWQQWQQWHQQQQQQQQ-4444444 HEiD.Q17'6 Review 0 f Football When Coach Hudson sounded the call for the football candidates to fall in, the majority of the answers came from rookies. The old men that answered the call were Zuber, Schoenfield, Webb, Wilson and Day. But the new men went to work with a will that soon made them into real fighters. The first big event came when we met Bay City in a hard battle. Neither team profited from the mix-up as far as scoring goes, but our new men found their places and when we again met the same team, we gave them a sound trouncing. This gave our team new hopes and they began the climb. Palacios and Edna went down in our march upward and we came to the place where we must meet teams larger and better picked. Goose Creek came over to puncture our swelling pride, but they were on the re- ceiving end ofthe defeat. They had a good team, but we outfought them, and placed our team among the four contestants for district championship Beaumont, Ball High of Galveston, and Heights High of Houston. lt fell our lot to play Beaumont. The team came over and with greater weight, greater knowledge, and more experience, eliminated us from the race. But only after a hard fight against great odds did our team go down. The story of the terrific fight our team made when they were so out- classed, the unconquerable spirit of the men will be a current story in the annals of our school. The team leaves to the future team a standard of courage, and clean sportsmanship that will serve them in their football battles for El Campo High School. The regulars that we lose this year are Wright, Zuber, Webb, Schoen- field, Yoas and Day. Their places will be hard to fill but we hope El Campo High has a better team next year than she has had in several years. Page sixty-one 'G''Sf''?"?"i1'-?"i"S"5"f?'-4S1"51"?"f?"8"'?"?"41"i--?"?"Q-'431'-S2'-?'-4"?'-?-'?"4?--'31"4?-'?' H E 'D ,QI T6 -ww-ww-awis'-sfwwwffs-JefM-was-fs-wwwwfwfwmwwf-Q W H E fo ,Q1 T8 'K-'K'-?"5"6-'4f"?"f?"?'31"?"f32''9"3"5f"?'-6"5"?"6"9"4f"?"5-'?'-?'-?"5"Q"6'-?'4"?' HEDQIT5 BOYS, BASKET BALL I There is not much to say for the boys' basket ball team, for they were eliminated from the county after playing three games. We did not have very good material to pick from and had to make the most of what we had. The seven who made regular places on the team were, Fromen, Wright, Glaze, Schoenfield, Webb, Yoas and Holt. We had a team that would work together well but we had no goal shooters. In every game we outplayed our opponents but not one could loop a goal when he had a chance. In our second game with Louise We played them down, but could not win because of poor goal shooting. In the second half of the game we came out and made more points than they did, but the first lead gave them the game. In the game with Danevang we knew we must come from under some time so we put forth every effort we had and in the end we had outplayed and also outscored them, making us the winner of our third game. Next came Hahn and although they had men on the team that did not attend school and had played basket ball for years, we came out on the big end of the score. We are getting some men next year that have had some experience in.basket ball and with the material that We have already we should have a winning team in every respect. Page sixty-four 'fS"?"5"1?"3f"?"?"1?'-?"?"3"3f"?"f3"?"2?'-3f"?"?"?"l?"?"8f"?'-2?"?"5'481'-151'-S"1'31"1Sr'2S1' HICYLQITE E GI RI ,Sl BASKET BALI, The girls did not organize a basket ball team until the season was nearly over. They had the material in Hill, Comstock, V. Iihman, B. Hhman, l7uPree, john- stone, Payne, Kainer, lfromen, Heard, Cochran, O'Bier and Anthis, the coach is Miss Fromen, but they did not have time for practice before their lirst game and consequently they lost. They were almost heartbroken, but they soon cheered up and went ahead more determined than ever. They had some practice and went into their second game and, alas, they were again defeated. They still practiced and worked in hopes of getting another game and evening up the score but they were to be disappointed, because they could not get a game with anyone because it was so late, and they had to play among themselves and be content, because they could not even up the score with their opponents. We have much good material for next year and with what new material that comes in and an early start in working out we should have a good winning team next year. Then the girls can even up the score with their opponents and go their way rejoicing. Page .vi.i'l,i'-gliiw 4'4'4"?"?'4'4'4"S'4"51"5"i"?"5"Q"?"?'4'-SN?-'6'-5"?'-W?-'51"4f'-94'-FB1"3'-Q' HEDQITE Refviefw 0 Track When the call came for track men this year there were only a few answered, as there was only one old track man left this year, Zuber. Finally they were able to get enough men out to make a good team. Those answering the call were, Zuber, Wright, Fromen, Schoenfield, V. Zuber, Shaver, Webb, Thomas, Benson, Glaze, Cummings and Yoas. From this small squad Mr. Cooper had to pick eight men to take to the district meet. As El Campo is the only Class A school in the county, we did not have to compete with the other schools, but to make the county meet more interesting, we held the meet here and competed with the other smaller schools. It was easily a walk-over, El Campo winning fourteen out of a possible twenty first places. We could use as many men in the county meet as we wished, but from these there were to be picked eight to go to the district.. Of these men, Zuber, Schoenlield, Thomas, and Benson ran the relay, and easily won it. Zuber, Benson and Webb, ran the quarter, Benson, Webb, and Fromen ran the half, Cornett ran the mile, Shaver pole vaulted, Wright, Thomas, Cummings were in the High jump, Zuber, Shaver, Yoas, in broad jump, Cummings and Schoenfield ran the hurdlesg R. Zuber, V. Zuber and Shaver ran the 220, Shaver, Schoenfield and V. Zuber ran the century, V. Zuber and Shaver ran the fifty, Wright, Glaze, and Cummings handled the weights. Mr. Corry had charge of the Junior track men and put out a very good team. Those answering the junior call were Hill, H. Garner, E. Garner, Wehrman, Turner. They took several first places in the county meet, and showed that we will have a fine Senior track team in the future. Those Senior men that are leaving us this year are, R. Zuber, Wright, Schoenfield, VVebb, Benson and Yoas. But we have some promising mate- rial in the men that are staying for next year. Some of them are new and in- experienced but they will find their places next year and we will again have a winning track team. There will be several new men come to El Campo from other schools to help us keep the loving cup that we, this year, won from their school. Page sixty-six -41"?'-50?-'li'-'Q''?'4'4?--3'-Q'-?'4'4--4-'?"?'4"Q'4"?'446-444444444 HEQLQJTE Sociezjf A LEAP YEAR PARTY The Junior boys of E.C.H.S. royally entertained the junior girls with a leap year party Friday, February 29, at the home of Mrs. Boone. After all the guests had arrived the boys rendered an entertaining musical program, then various interesting games were played, including proposals written by the young ladies to the young men, who in turn had the liberty, as it was leap year, of accepting or refusing the proposal. Delightful refreshments of cake, ice cream, and candy were served. SENIOR-FRESHMEN PARTY On Thursday, February 28, the Seniors gave the Freshmen a party at the City Auditorium. The Freshmen all came dressed as old men and women, while the Seniors, and the teachers that came, were dressed as small boys and girls. When everybody had arrived we began playing old-fashioned country games. Before we could get tired of one game, by a well planned program, we would begin something new, and anyone who did not have a good time had better go to a good doctor. At a late hour the girls were asked to find their partners and we were served on sandwiches, soda water and candy. FOOTBALL ENTERTAI NM EN TS When our boys began the upward climb in' football, the good people of El Campo began to want to show their appreciation of a winning team. After we had defeated Edna, we were royally entertained, the Edna boys included, at the home of Mrs. B. S. Wright. Many games were played, including get acquainted games. This made our boys realize that the town was backing them up and they put forth a greater effort to show what they were made of. The next surprise came when we had defeated Goose Creek. The girls gave us a dance and party at the Mack Webb Hall. The Goose Creek players were present and we tried to show them the code of a good sportsman. They left El Campo with a feeling that even though they were defeated, they had left friends behind. Beaumont came over to play us for the district finals and we were defeated. But still the town people were behind us,and we were again entertained at the City Auditorium. This time we were feeling blue over our first defeat, but we made the most of it and most of us went home feeling that folks understood and did not hold the blame on us for losing the game. Page .rixiy-sewn Wei?4"?"?"4f"?'4"5-'5'-Q"?"?"3"5'-?"5"?"5"?"5"5"i"5"Q"?'4-'3"i"?'4' HEfD.QIT5 S 612001 A6tz'wi'z'eJ LYCEUM COURSE THE KELLEM DUO VVe were delightfully entertained the first night by the Kellem Duo. Mr. Kel- lem was a reader and imitator as well as a singer. Tlt young lady was a line musi- cian and singer. She introduced us to the piano-accordion which was something new to us. DR. CHURCH The second number was given by Dr. Frank Church, who spoke on New Ameri- ca. He told us of the morals that must be used to preserve this nation. He was an ex-service man and knew the conditions existing today. We left much wiser than we came. THE MOLLUSC The third was even better than the first two. This was a three act play show- ing the result of a life that has been spent in luxury and idleness. The mind func- tions improperly and this kind of people usually call on some one else to do every thing for them. This should be enough to open our eyes. i IRENE BEWLEY lV1iss Bewley was an imitator and reader. She had the kind of voice that en- abled her to play several different parts in one play, and make them seem real. THE SCOTTS Mr. and Mrs. Scott were just another example of the Scotch and Irish com- bination. He was a full hlooded Scotchman and could not help it. She was Irish and did not want to help it. They gave an excellent show, besides some fine music on the Scotch Bagpipes. THERESA SHEENAN COMPANY The Theresa Sheenan Company consisted of three young ladies all of different nationalities. One was American, one French and Miss Sheenan herself was Irish. This was a fine musical program and we heard some wonderful music. Miss Shee- nan herself was a good imitator of birds and could make a frog ashamed of himself when it came to croaking. Page .vixty-r'ighl '4?"3f"41-'82-'31-'B1"B1'-QW'4'4'4"S"?"?"3'4-'3'-B'4'-Q"?"3'4"S"3'4"?"5"?'4'4"6- HEDQIT5 PENROD The Junior class gave an excellent account of themselves when they staged one of Booth Tarkington's best plays,"Penrod." The first night it rained and still we got a good house. They called for the play again and it was put on a second time and we had an almost full house. The Juniors were interested in the play and went at it determined to put over a good comedy and they succeeded nobly. THE PENNANT March 27, 1923 The football boys under the direction of Miss Orrick and Mrs. Wright and with the assistance of the High School girls, presented a musical production "The Pennant," to one of the largest audiences ever assembled in the High School Auditorium. The play was well received and announced a success. The theme is a story ofa millionaire's daughter, Doris Bond, and a football player, Jack Lawson. Doris's foster mother tries to marry her off to a bankrupt English lord, the lord being financed by a Jew, Levi Lender. Levi expects his money with interest the day of the marriage. Verdant Green a freshman discovers the plot and tells Jack and Doris. They elope and the lord and Jew lose. The parts were played well and the singing was a surprise to everyone. The play was later carried to Edna and was a success there also. CLARENCE The next play to be on will be our last. The material will be picked from the entire High School. It is also one of Booth Tarkington's plays and is considered his best production. The theme is that ofa soldier boy, who has been a college professor, has now returned from service and not wanting to beat the man, who now has his old place, out of a job. Clarence, who can do anything he tries finds a job with a Mr. VVheeler, who has many family troubles. At last Clarence helps to straighten them out and all are happy. ' Page sixty-nine 4-'6"61'4"41-'42"?"4?"?"?"?''5"5"5"5"?'-?'-?"b"?"?'i'-S"?"4"?-'?"5"5-'5"b'9"?' HEQLQJITS THE FAVORITE CONTEST When the time came to elect candidates for the favorites for our annual, there was manifest a spirit of competition among the High School grades. Each grade elected their own candidates and they were to try to put these over. The Fresh- men combined with the Seniors the first day and were to help put over their can- didates. The Juniors heard of this and at once asked the Sophomores to help them elect their favorites. The Freshmen and Seniors had candy sales, and sold hamburgers on the streets, anything to raise money to buy votes. They raised more money to use than we had expected and thought that surely they would win without a doubt. But the Juniors and Sophomores did the same thing, but were not as good sales- men as the others and did not raise as much money. But when the last day came they had put over their candidates. We had not remembered the play they had put on and had received half of the proceeds. They had also sacriiced some of the little luxuries that they had been accustomed to and brought their pennies and nickles to school to buy votes for their favorites and they won, by electing three of their own candidates. The other side elected one of theirs. We know that the Seniors and Freshmen worked hard and earnestly, but the Juniors and Sophomores worked harder and went over the top. We must hand it to them for being workers and stickers. THE LITERARY WORK When school opened this year we were notified that we were to have a High School Literary Society. Each grade elected a president, secretary, and what other officers they needed, and started to work. This society met every Thurs- day afternoon and demonstrated to the school and public what they could do. Each class took its turn about conducting the meetings and we had some great times. We had debates, short plays and readings. Some of the plays were original and were full of comedy and laughs. They might be written about another class that was supposed to conduct the exercises the next time. Especially the Juniors and Seniors would hit at each other in every way possible. Another new organization is the Glee Club. It is made up of the best material from the High School and has furnished some wonderful music under the direc- tion of Miss Orrick. Page seventy , -wa:-fa-4+49-sf-2'-efwvaas-eww-weMSM?-sf-sffs-wfavawswrf-ef H E 79 ,Qi T6 721,66 zz Twp we 2726 Nami Tzzge fs--M-sffwawwwww-M-snefysfdwwf-vwffs-www-s-Ma-Mews? H E CID ,Q1 T 5 731-effzefr Q17-I JANE WEBB ds?-sf-wafae-wawaa-ww-Q'wuswa-dwg--M-Qvw-Mwews- H E fn QQ! T 5 M M-N Hfllzdfomeft Bqy IIARTSON DAY I I we-sfwfeewsabehfe-4-efwwfwavfs-ww4+M-Q-raw-fs-ef-Maw H E CD ,Q1 T5 iam V411 YQzmd gm VASIL HELLER 1 f 'GS'405'iii?45''i"?"5'-?'4-'?"5"?'4"?"5'4"Q'4"?4"Q-Q"?"Q'Q'4"?'4-4' H E :D ,QI TE Bef! uf!! Rqulzd Way IQLMER CORN!-E'I"1' 4--a-M--r-M-saw-aw-rfswf-as-safws-wamfsass H E fD ,QI T 5 Mr. Cooper was putting the names of those who were exempt on the board, and he wrote B-E-N-S-O-N, C-A-R-L. Then Florence said, "I wish my name was Bensonf' And then she wondered why they all laughed. Pk if if One dark day Forest and Bernice were the only ones in the room. Prof. came in and turned off the lights. "Turn on those lights." Bernice said. Prof.-i'Oh, excuse me, I thought you wanted them out." Pl! SF FF Lillian thought she would like to be a commercial teacher until she graded a couple of papers. If if FW Our last hope is that the present Senior Class will let us have about ten acres to live in. They ought to be satisfied with the rest. lk il' if WANTED-Rules of etiquette. I have just started out in society.-Earl Shackleford. FK lk wk New Scholar--Will someone give me the recipe for telling Seniors from Fresh- men? lk lk Sk VVe VVonder How is the best way to spend Sunday night? What is the best cure for the blues? If you love your teachers? How many girls wash their ears? How many go to sleep in chapel? How many Seniors study their Math? VVhy the Seniors got red in deportment? wk Bk as We wonder if Jewel Wilson, alias Lord VVoodby Rich, has found a job as counterman yet? ik lk 44 VVe have always wanted to see the teachers cringe. VVe saw 'em once,iwhen the State Inspector came. Page seventy-six .H ,. K . X N9 fi- GY? 'fix QMYJQ, X KN A ln d -5-1-4 A W - Q Q I N W Q35 X 14:11 - ix 'L - ie K - J ,Mn WX Q I 1 x , -' in by ag' D I m:l?i ':S1- W ' WM 'L .Koddks 5 1 N awww-Q-'zwwvw-s-wav:-New-fwfwafs-wwfw-eww H E 79 ,Q1 T8 4--ww-sf'sf-Q-aww-was-2-ef-Q-sawfef-2--M-ww-M-vwfaya-sfwe-M H fn ,Q1 T8 A 11 .-..-., , ' . '3"?"S"Sf"?"5f"?"4?"i"i"i'4"?"3'-?"4?"5"?"Q"S''?"lS1"1?-'1?'-1?"5f"2SW"5"5"2Sf"?"5' H E D ,QI T5 we-ww?-sfvv-wsfvQ-evwf-wfwwfwwfwvvww-s-QM-Q H E FD ,QI TE Qfwfve-aaa-wwaavw-Mwwva-ef?fshwfusf-M--aw-sb H E 79 QI TE 'S'-4i2"481"S"31"49W"41"?"?"i''?"?'?"?"i'-?"5"?"S'-?"i4"?'-S'5"?"?"?"SP'3"?"b'5' H E CD ,QI 'TS I I QQQQM-4-was-QM-waQ-sfuwffw-awewf-sfa-2-Q-Mwfzwf H E in ,QI T8 I f -f31"61"4f"31'-52"?"3"?"S"-F"S2"43"32"i1"6'-5f''?"?"5"4?"i1"l9"1i1-'f?"?'-6f'431"61-'5'-?-'6l"43"B1- HECDQIT5 EXAMINATION PSALM Yea, it was the time for examinations, for headscratching and think- ing. But Mr. Cooper spake unto us, saying, "learn your lessons each day and fear ye not your exams." So it came to pass that on the third day, of the third week, of the third month, of that term, we walked forward unto our Geometry tomb. And for the second time Mr. Cooper spake unto our class, saying, "hear me, all ye good people, write what is within your knowledge and borrow nothing from your neighbor for your neighbor is deceitful." And the following day it came to pass, that we diligently marched to our English class. Yea, we had met our second Waterloo. Likewise Miss Fromen spake unto the class, saying, "hear ye me, pupils, ask no questions, for I am stricken with forgetfulness on exam days." And on the first day of the next week we studied for a Spanish exam, and bear ye in mind our thoughts were in confusion, for we knew not what we were doing. And it came to pass that Miss Goen put ten questions on the board and spake to the class saying, "pupils, give ye ear unto my words, answer eight and ask ye no questions." Likewise our Chemistry came due. Yea, the subject of our fears. Then Mr. Ratclifl' spake saying, "fear ye not this exam for it is easy! Remember ye not the work we have gone over?'l And on the third day, of the fourth week of that term, we moved slowly to the History room, for we knew not whether to fear or to rejoice. And it happened that on this day we rejoiced, for, bear ye in mind, Mr. Corry spake nothing unto us, but made our last exam. easy. G. FERGUSON. Page eighty five as-aaawfaaaaa-a-was-MawMfa-a-a-as-as-aaa H 13 fn .QJ1 T 6 We learned that Russel was going into the razor business. Vincent is his banker. 'F FF ll Didja ever notice Jewel VVilson walking? Someone tell him about the ad- vantages of rubber heels. all ak 'll Hartson has just fininished a new book, "A MAN WITHOUT A CLASS." JY if WK Correct this sentence: None of the El Campo girls like bobbed-hair or chewing gum. Pl' 'lf ll' Miss Orrick Corganizing the orchestral: Clyde, don't you play anything? Clyde: Yes'm, I used to play on the linoleum. 1 8 FY Elmer: My uncle has a parrot that can sing "Home, Sweet Home" so sweet tears run down its bill. Bruce: That's nothing, my uncle has a parrot that recites "The Village Blacksmith" so well sparks Hy from its tail. if Ik X Encouragement: He was poor but honest, and he got his pick of the chorus girls. FF 1' ill The General Science pupils think Venus is like living before a fireplace. Freezing on one side. fl' 1 Sli Miss Orrick kept complaining about the acoustics bothering her until Russel said if she would show him one he would try to make it stop. ik BF if The hammer flew up and hit Hartson on the head while he was cracking walnuts. Mable thinks it was a case of mistaken identity. 14 IK Ik A'VVhy does Elbert wear glasses?l' "To improve his looks." 'tVVhy doesn't he wear colored ones?" Bk lk Pk VVe wonder who taught Mr. Corry to play Mah Jong. FF Pk lk Mr. Cooper's wife is like a baseball umpire. She never thinks he is safe when he is out. Pk lk Ik The men of the Faculty spent Hallowe'en Night on the various corners of the school ground. ik if Hazel and Jane walked home again. Page riglily-.tix aaa-aaaaaaaw-aaaws-aaa-aaa-aaaaaaa-as-aa H E FD .Q1 T5 This is leap year. Some of the females are taking advantage of it,-and weak minded boys. ik Ik Ik Mr. Ratlif: WVhy in the deuce do I struggle with teaching school? ' Miss Goan: Don't be discouragedg think of the mighty oak. It was once a nut like you. ll' ll' wk NOVEMBER 3, 1923 Fifteen rah's for Mr. Corry. He is going to get the girl's basket hall court l Fixed up. Hip Hurrah. ill if ik DEDICATED TO THE SENIORS Gazing at one's self in the mirror is by no means an indication of vanity. In many cases it is humor. Fl' 11 HK Miss Smillz: Ho! Hum!! Forest: VVhat's the matter? Miss S.: I wish the report that Mr. Smith heard was true, that I was going home Christmas. Forest: VVell, you are going home on a vacation aren't you? Miss S.: Oh, yes, but he heard that some ofthe teachers were going to get married Christmas. Forest: OOOOOoooooooooo!ll! ll' ill Dk Miss INright was gazing wistfully at the Science room when Zuher came in. Zuber: Whatcha lookin' at? Miss Wrighl.' O-er-a-er-why, I was just looking at that palm. Zuber Clooking out the windowl: What that palm sitting over there in the Science room window? Huh? if Sk wk Miss Fromen: Have a Hot Dog, Aubrey? Aubrey Csticking his hand into the bagjz Hot Dawg! Miss Fromen: What's the matter? .4ubrey: The darn pup bit mel Pk PK PF Wanted.' A girl in El Campo who can overlook this bashfulness of mine in consideration of my winning ways.-Carl Benson. ik Pl' Ik Hist! The faculty are exponents of evolution, Mr. Cooper wiggles his ears. Sli 'lf if Miss Struwe says she wishes she had taken a course on how to relieve children that had been choked on cold sweet potatoes. Page righly-.rf'v n 'Sr'Q''?"1i4"?"'?"1if"Bf"?"41"5"5"2?"31"IS1"9'-Bf"l?"5''f?"5'+Sf"?"?"2S1"5"?''?"?"1S1"?"f-SW' HEDQIT5 The Staff wishes to thank all those who made this book possible, both for your moral or financial support. When we had started we were warned that failure was inevitable, but with the assistance of those whose interests are not wholly self-centered, we have been able to publish this book, such as it is. Cherish it, not for what it contains alone, but for what it represents. Value it, for what is herein contained can never be reproduced. Page eighty-eighl 'WEP481''E'-?"?"?"4?'-S"?"45I"v32"31''5"?"3P'?"3f"3"if"Q"5"3"?'-?"4?"Q"?"?"?"?-'?"Q' H E in ,Q1 fr 6 A D S Tafronzke T 12056 Wim Tafrofezze Us Quantlty S P HILL 85 ISAACSON GROCERS Cfean Fooafvfor Cfean Cpeopfe EIC p T Ph MAKE IT A REAL HOME By buyzkzg your furnzfuro, rugf, bed! 'fouzftfor fleelow and bedroom furmfure from Hefner Douglas Furniture Store fs-4+-we-Jef'swf-2-wf-sffsfaf-sfuwwfwf-wwf-wwfwfs-avafsw-M HE fD ,Q1 T6 EAT AT Cozy Ca 6 V. RICKMAN, PROP. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Capita! and Surplur .Z'200,000.00 YOUR ACCOUNT WILI, BE APPRECIATED Davidson Bray. Coafacfioaefyf Home made and imported candies Ice cream and cold drinks We specialize on serving parties in our parlor Tame 244 LINCOLN FORD FORDSON WHITESIDE MOTOR CO. Ufafaorizea' Sales ana' Serfuice .Qaafizfy gr0c'erz'e.v, Fruifs, Uegefaales, Ca7za'z'es, Mis Phone 300 E. E. are here to serve you tfgYTw-ZQ better, ifpossible, than we have any time in .the past. The little men and women of' school days to-day are the consumers and customers of tomorrow. It shall be our aim to meet this condition bearing in mind that a new cycle requires new meth- ods ofmerchandising. 259 Sporting Goods, Hardware, Farm Implements, Garden and Field Fences, Auto Accessories and anything in a General Hardware Store. YOURS FOR SERVICE MACK WEBB HARDWARE CO. fThe Pioneers of E1 Campoj in El THINK IT OVER "No non-interest bearing and unsecured depositor has ever lost a single dollar depos- ited in a Guaranty Fund Bank in Texasf, Crm you rzjird to be william' Tflld' Trotecfzbfz? 05473259630 COMMERCIAL STATE BANK A GUARANTY FUND BANK EL CAMPO PHARMACY Prescription Druggists Huffman 1Qz!akJm1a' Elms ...QW Svfzool Supplies Qfflzlefjv Qoody ...W Cold Drz'f1k5 Confbdiom Telephone 45 F, W, P UL A nusmfss Enu nn u I TO YS BUSINESS COLLEGE clnmnzu, 550,000.00 cmm Waco, Tens The High Grade S c h ool For High Grade Students R Bookkeeping, Bank- ing, Shorthand, Type- writing, Telegraphy, Penmans hip and Academic1dDepa Posting, A ing a.- .A chimes, Calculator, l Mimeograph and all Modern Office Appli- ances Taught Prac- tically. T I N N E R H3102 PIBB EIIIBI MY Tilllb . 5 -- Open All the Year WE TEACH BY MAIL Bgokkeeping, Shorthand, Touch Typewrit- ing, Penmanship, Business Arithmetic, English and Business Letter VVriting. Phone 259 mmm' 'ljrfzgfzwir and JI'Gznuj21cfurer.r gf O. CLASS PINS, RINGS AND EXCLUSIVE COMMENCEMENT STATIONERY QiM9llCN7J INQUIRIES GIVEN PROMPT A'1'rENT10N 5509233 IACCARD JEWELRY CO. 1017--1019 Walnut Street KANSAS CITY, MO. FRASIER'S RAOKET STORE For a line ofgoods that satisfy at prices that will make you smile 46'-99 COME ONCE You will come again-So come one 4650 .Qualzbf am! Servzke wzflz Courtefy If FRASIER'S RAOKET STORE 3137216172 -Neyer 639 0. FOR YOUR DRY GOODS Slzoef, Hair and Readyio- Wear YOU MUST BE SATISFIED You'll Find All the Styles Worn by smart dressers among College Young Men at gg-Iggwitz Q5 HOUSTON, TEXAS M117 Orderr Trompfy Fdfed El Campo Mercantile Company, Inc. Successors to I-IEFNER-FRICKE CO. 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Sh ult-Stalworth Co. Automobiles, Trucks, Tractors Tires and Accessories P 81 O and International Farm Machinery i D0 It Eleefrz'eez!Q1 Central Service Station E. B. NOYES, Mgr. P. C. OWEN GENERAL INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE EL CAMPO, TEXAS ISAAC WEAVER Dealer in all kindf qfked RICE STORAGE Q Phone 1 I "THE ARMY STORE" The Home qf Jbfany 9?zzrgaz'n.r SOMETHING FOR EVERY ONE Come and see and be convinced Good Goods'- Service - Treatment IS Oul' l'l'l0tt0 Yours for Service C. H. RUDDELL, Prop. HANSARDS Srizool Supplief HOSIERY FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 82 5 ,000 in improfuememir Kidd-Key College and Conservatory -A Bzgger, Finer Kidd-Key if readyjbr iff 54172 year E. L. Spurlock, the new President, and a renew- ed and throughly modernized Kidd-Key backed by a past of glorious traditions and achievements will greet you this year. THE SCHOOL OF ECONOMY The finest Fine Arts Department in the Southwest and a Literary Department unexcelled give Kidd- Key a standing equal to far distant schools. Close to your home and with very low rates, its costs are far less. Sendfor a Calalog Now! E. L. SPURLOCK, B. A. President SHERMAN, TEXAS 54119 term begim September 10112 COMPLIMENTS OF The Temple Lumber Company EL CAMPO, TEXAS E' EI 7726 El Campo Citizen:- An eight to sixteen page paper, all HOME PRINT. We publish all the news fit to print and cover West Wharton County like a blanket. The Test QfYa'fUen'z'sz'ng QZ'fea'z'zmz in Wharton Coumjf Subscription price 32.00 per annum strictly in advance. Advertising rates reasonable. Made known upon application. W. L. BALLEW, Editor and general Jifgr. THE RICE HOTEL Rgomf -:- Jlffealf Centrally located El Campo, Texas The El Campo Record 6? Louise News -jlforf complefely fguzlbpedjob rfzop and flze fz'fue.fr rzewfpaper in ffze cify EL CAMPO TEXAS STAR ENGRAVING CO. HOME OF TEXAS' ONLY EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURER OF Yjzflomar ufffilefic' yfwardr Clair Hngr ylffzlefic jewelry Clan 'Pins' Clam I nfvifaiiom' f'aflz'ng Cardr IfVrz'fing Sfafionery TEXAS COLLEGES WE ARE SERVING Baylor College Wesley College Rice Institute Meridian College Burleson College Simmons College Dallas University Kidd-Key College Trinity University University of Texas Thorp Springs Christian Westminster College john Tarleton College Texas A. :Sz M. College Baylor Medical College Texas Woman's College Wayland Baptist College College of Industrial Arts Texas Christian University Baptist Theological Seminary Sam Houston Teachers College College ?SV2W-4?WW?W9?6?N'i9u-455fffu2S5'u29'4i?V9f6NV6?FM9u-6?W6 WE, the staff, Wish to take th is means of thanking Mr. RATLI FF for the great interest he has taken in the Herllz'te and for the many little services he has ren- dered us during the year. S2'nsaQS2'sSaQS?ArnS2S9aaQShsaQ3S2sSaQ29wwShSaQ3ShSaQS2w2d3 We -1 lf, L 1. 4 1 1 1 :5..,:4,.j L . IE uf J,- w!Ff'!"'1"4' 'Q' W ,pa F5151 . u, , Q 'Q x Tl-,, ,-.1 'mm' ' , ,I-1 if: 2-W3 . -1 Y X. Ffh gg. ,-.4-' 7 .14 -F. f,.v.g .1 X , ,, , mg, 5,2 QQ-yt N, 24 , U af " tri' -1' I' " ' , - , 1.w.xe. , -- .5,. v-, ,V ' - A 1. -- H .4-1.1 - 5 ,- . ...Xl .-M -1 X ...4 1 r I 1 fi '5' 51 4 ., 2 '..' .N 1. 1,- A ',',-Q W . 1 VH ,.s', 1 s . L." L , ,- 4. ,2 , I 5-Y ,3- r , . x 1 . m w11wmmunrniinwwm'wwwwn1nm1m1 n1m a ! ! i L i 5 E I m I m i F 5 l I 5 s 5 L ! 5 I I 7 2 ! i . s E 1 1 n X2 1b2.nIB25'H 5071: mwou . larger' - gli?-52141-H-Lnirmi-h ,,aff:,nL-Rr Elf. I,-mi :uw-s 5.'rMn-32:71. S111 HFS 2131- .1f:': I' :wwf alefvw' v'g1c1,-Vsnizmfxas-.' ' N

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