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Www.. -m f V '+--"'F'f.f- f - -- f- - 'O El Corazoi1 l969 El Camino Real High School Woodland Hills, California VolumeI The Golden Dawn Of A Strong New School . . . EL CAMINO REAL! If I, ,,,,.. ..,,, ,N ,,.,. ,.o,.,m.,-N......,.............,1 I I Wm-.gun Tlflgmb MQMBQKS A I Tno A 1 Hlghn Sclgxil, A F7714 562106 me in Zin cyl Cn Februory 3, T969 EICo1mino Reol High School opened, A new Almoi Mc1Ter, ITs TrodiTions yeT To be resolved In The Teeming sweep of Time, YeT poroidoxicolly The possessor of ci Rich Sponish heriToge. El Ccimino Reol - The Kings Highwoy - A ndme Tour-hundred yeoirs old - Hos now become The Mdrk oT Cl new high school. And This noime, which hos Served Ccilifornio for Two cenTuries, Will serve oT lec1sT os long As The emblem of A ioloce of lecirning - El Coimino Reol High School. Call Us Conquistadores s ,M v l ii T l V . lb 2 I , li, Tvkyfllils l T' l .IQ Ov: T an M T erm T fi Um ' if T' E is The BoTTle oT The Bondsg The Troin, George VVdshingTon's BirThdoiy The Bosh, Beords ond Rorns ond condy solesg All were porT oT This TirsT yeor. Choosing The colors: Two Blues ond Cornel. And The noime, Los ConquisTodores in English - The Conquerors. These enTered upon our brighT beginning. The confusion ond The choos The rnud ond lolonks ond busTling oicTiviTy The Tomilicir Toces ond The new - Merged To Torrn ci proud new school. . . And Share With Us The Stor Of Gur ibrant Beginnin . ."""--...a-sg... lupnnv' Contents Activities ..... Conquistadores ....... Sports .... .. Faculty .... .. Index ..... .. 8 Activities ,fi f-if ,,""..fi-'9""""""e Activities Activities 9 Dedication Day Huge Succ Dr, Otto Buss, Associate Superinten- dent of Schools, officially Turns over El Camino Real l-liglw School To Prin- cipal Robert Denaliy. Assistant Principal Rosalyn Heyrnan graciously welcomes each guest with an ideniiticaiion Tag, RlGHT: The replica mission bell e already The main emblem of ECR i was generously donated lay the Boosters' Club and by the California State Highway Department, IO Activities ,f an-NNN Assistant Principal Gerald Horowitz ringingly introduces the faculty. March 23, I969 Dedication ceremonies tor El Camino Real l-ligh School were held on Sunday, March 23, T969 The theme ot the program was "The Public SchoolsfFreedom's Foundation Stone." At this time a representative ot City Councilman Thomas Shepard presented the school with a City Council Resolution Scroll. Other guest speakers included Dr. Otto Buss, Associate Superintendent ot Schools, Robert E. Kelly, Deputy Superintendent, and Dr. Ralph Richardson, ot the Board ot Education. The dedication program held in the school gymnasium, began with the tlag salute led by Commander Bain ot the American Legion, followed by an invocation given by Father Richard Murray. A number ot honored guests, among them principals ot neighboring schools and members ot the PTA. naming committee, were then acknowledged by Mr, Denahy. Afterwards, the band presented selections from West Side Story, and the choir sang "The Road Not Taken" by Randall Thompson, A benediction led by Rabbi Morris Hershman concluded the ceremonies. Following the dedication the taculty and statt held an "open house" tor parents who wished to tour the campus and meet with teachers. W Over a thousand invited guests attended the afternoon formalities in the Boys' Gym. Activities II Rams Run Over Game Facult ,:,L,,, I ,. T T. an -'i' , T it Tony Guillory puzzles over play at other end of the court. Basketball Tans, especially those with strong stom- achs, enjoyed The basketball game between the Rams Tootball team and The "Fats" lfacultyl. Ram players Clancy Williams, Tony Guillory, Bruce Gossett, Jack Snow, Dave Pivic, Dave Bass, Myron Pottios Took on Va Va Voom Velez, Rosey Posey Rozadilla, Ruff Rifkind, Adorable Adair, Heavy, Hot-Hands Horriblewitz, Nimble Nani, Mashing Mahalievich, Comet Crockett, Crashing Cashman, Crushing Cromwell, Erupting Erkus, Eager Etezaol, Lovable Looking Land, Ready Reedy, Walloping Walthall, Roaring, Raging Ross, Dribloling, Daredevil, Denahy, Gruesome, Grappling, Gargantuan, Giancanelli, Pugnacious Prigian, Cyclone Crowther, Luscious Lawrence and The deft, defying baton-Twirler Happy Hake. When one of The Taculty players, Sam Rifkind, was asked what The Tinal score was, he put it This way. "Well The score ON THE SCOREBOARD was Rams 63, Faculty oO." Rodger Wright, Don Geuss and Glorra Doty award Mr. Horowitz a most valuable player award. Fats line up Tor opening Tipoff of Faculty vs. Rams game. I2 Activities Q L u ?,mNmWn,.xw-4:1--TN.,x.nWA. ,. ,..,,.M Wa. .,,, ,W,....Q,MN- .. A v ,S lv-5'5.f5j:5f:3Q 5- -will ' ' ,,w,,,N,,.Q.-,.--QM.,W.m..m..W,..:. ,-1 -w-mfs .., ...Q-fQ,:,f,,,,N,,g1 . -ESR, After Dark Turn-on at El Camino Real tivities ---- T ,fl , T Y ,wifi 1L1 .mx .ss fs H - . -ss sg iff? . E1 M .,.. .a.m s:emE:.1:1 frfsg X3 X X XS X39 T F Q SX X TT R ff 1: if ' se Qs: sg, sp. qgsssfss 1:1 im- .f:!!il""-,w:f:s1:-. if ' .fs-.H Nsf.m:..f. --sw ale . ss- I IQQSES. isgbiffk, The STaynes, The Realm, LiTTle Billy and The AsTros, The Union Jacks. STrange names? Maybe, puT all To- geTher They add up To a SporTs NighT, The BaTTle oT The Bands, and six dances as well. They also added up To music, dancing, Tun and noise -all oT iT loud. For example, on March l4Th, The STaynes deTeaTed J. C. Walker, The lce Pack, and The JoinT Session in a hard-ToughT BaTTle of The Bands. And Two monThs laTer, The Realm pere formed aT The Special celebraTing Boy's Week. All of This was noT an easy Task Tor a school only a semesTer old. YeT iT was done, vviTh The aid of many people, Messieurs Dunn, Dun- lap, and l-lorovviTz noT leasT among Them. Also responsible Tor The dances were The Social AcTiviTies ExecuTiVe Board and The Leadership class. Ts . s 7 T l 'J .A 'Sc , 5 V", X is We "5 ,T is is CTT 5 l 'Z fx ffgf Q 1, l FT g l . Q 5. X T Z' E l .5 f S I h '." f 1 3 i Y ,. ,I , L ' -an . Qrators Carr Big Stick 5.1 RIGHT: Speech class caughT with nobody speaking. Dave Supkoff capfured in one of his mom Cll5lln9Ul5lWed momems- PICTURED BELOW are Barry Schlom and Janice Kaylor ECRs finest debate Team Mrs. Clarice Ureda, El Camino's speech teacher, quickly found ThaT her sfudenTs were determined To meef The challenges before Them. As represenTatives of a new school, they did remarkably well. Among The most successful studenfs were Dennis Crawford, Barry Schlom, and Janice Kaylor. The annual State Speech Tournament was held on May 3, i969, at California State College, Dennis Crawford placed in The Sfafe Qualifying Tournamenf in the cafegory of Dramatic lnferprefation. Debate Team members Janice Kaylor and Barry Schlom also placed in The final rounds aT The Sfate Qualifying Tournament. Many students excelled in local tournaments. Ellen Zacks received a trophy for her work in Poefry Reading and also a certificaTe in Imprompfu Speaking. Debate Team members Dave Suphoff and Richard Caplan re- ceived awards for their debafe work. Both studenfs also received certificafes for Oratorical Interpretation in indi- vidual events. 'T Woodfield, Tom Ivaniack, and Nancy Heyfow each received certificates for Original Oratory, Program Reading, and Dramatic lnferpretation, respec- Tively. I6 Speech W7 Mm-ZTLW' Wwe: vi At the time this page was due at the printers, a bare eight weeks after opening day, the clubs and forums of the El Camino Real were in the bore state of for- mation, although numerous and active. Pictured on this page are shots representing the G.A.A. ice Skating Section and Gymnastics Section, as well as the Fan- tasticks cast. Other groups in formation at this time were the Photography Club, the Computer Club, the Scuba Diving Club, the Speech C 'he Bridge, Li- brary, Art, and Math Clubs. Speech I7 3 if -if .. . fi ,-1 few' li J? Lorry RIGHT: The Two fcifliers, portrayed by Larry Holmes cmd Mike Bockmczn are slwovvn playing their good neigh- bor roles, os care their children Muff and Luiso ABOVE RIGHT. I8 Activities Holmes gives some backstage advice To Mike Bockmon. T iiiii 42 9 ,?Y,,' ff' 5 7 'A i i l l Drama Takes On Fantastiek Feat El Camino's TirsT major TheaTrical venTure was The Broadway musical- comedy "FanTasTicks." The play, one of The longesT running produc- Tions in American TheaTrical hisTory was wriTTen by Two young men, Tom Jones and Harvey SchmidT. The Two major characTers, Luisa and MaTT were porTrayed in The El Camino DeparTmenT oT Drama pro- ducTion by Karen Browne and PeTe Goodwin, respecTively. The narraTor of This lighT-hearTed romance, El Gallo, was depicTed by Dan Be-nTon. OTher characTers in The play in- cluded Larry Holmes as 'Hucklebee and Mike Bockman as Bellamy, Two slighTly eccenTric specimens of The older generaTion. Gary MinTz por- Trayed The nosTalgic Shakespearean acTor Henry AlberTson. The MuTe, a kind oT on-sTage prop man, was characTerized by Laurie Fox, Rosanne Abrams was MorTimer, an American Indian wiTh an incongruous Cockney accenT. Much crediT should go To Mr. George Greb, drama Teacher and sponsor, and sTudenT direcTor Nancy CasTenalT Tor Their skillTul direcTion. CrediT should also be given To Those behind The scenes, and of course, To The audience, whose imagination and good-hearTed enThusiasm made The play The greaT success iT was. rss:-sy - lm 1 ABOVE: The singing dueT of MaTT and Luisa porTrayecl by Pete Goodwin a resr OT The production. LEFT: A Tighf and a rescue I W nd Karen Browne seT The scene for The Activities I9 GAA Is Valley's Largest G.A.A. songleaders for Summer 1969 are lleft to righTl Marsha Walker, Diane Gozer, and Carol Crossman 1 1 'E H '-'f " " A W 4 .. , N A .w , m, " 'sa .I V, w , 5 ' Xa 'ef A 3 J 5? k A . , ,X cf , ,-,. Q- V... . -.- .. fgfffr--:rss H Q5 1 R7 ii W -4 ,Jai 2 'xi ,-". 1 ' - ' 'if - N ,N r i "-- -e 1 J - ! . " 'Y' , , f gf? ij . Q52-Q . ., 2-ggi, 5 -. .L,.W,, , , -, 4- A LV.. A 'Q 1 - , ' A , H " -,fp - -Q 5' ws- w - 4 , A mf A , A S i , ".' , ,, , .'.' I I A . -,-,- -A--M ii 2- .. 1 . -- .,,.,, ..- - A S rrk- wr: X , A--mm -'- I N :V rr r . A r. ' A ii A Drill Team marches on: "Left, righfy leff, right." 20 Activities RIGHT: Volleyball players show their skill. .Jaws is G.A.A. gymnast attempts ci handstand. lt's a tact. El Camino Real has the largest number of girls in GAA of all the schools in the Valley at this time. At this time There are eight different activities ottereol to the girls and plans tor more are being maole. The two GAA activities that have the largest member- ship are Drill Team and Songleacling, both sponsored by Mrs. Marlene McMullen. Some ot the other activities are Swimming, Gymnastics, Track, Bowling, Volleyball, and Ice Skating. Mrs. Marie Wallis, Sponsor ot all GAA sports, has chosen a temporary cabinet with whom she is working to encourage greater competition in the girls' athletic program. warm , . S - lll , I . , Win.. A Q..-u Wmwpwfi Ice skaters practice a star group stunt in the Topanga Plaza ice Chalet. 3 , .. if -i Wm ,yy .av "' .W 'Zyl-it .ff .4 M wi Activities ll EL coRAz6 And KI Gs CQLIRIER ive -mini Busy yearbook students work toward final deadline. .in N, X s fix El Camino's first Corazon staff was relatively large and inexperienced. The greatest problem, however, was that El Camino was brand new and fairly unorganized. Working with such odds and only six weeks until the final deadline, the ambitious staff managed to produce a successful yearbook. Richard Dorsey, opening section editor, "does his thing." Bottom to top on rail: Sue Holanov, Terry Rage, Cecelia Brown, Holly Ballurd, Sue Ross, Cindy Beebe, Pat Martinez. Sitting: Floyd Opperman, Rick Eaker, John Pach- eco, Jim Bandy, Bill Bauer. 22 Activities ,K Editor Sue Holanov instructs the staff on page layouts. Staffs Roll First Publications t l BOTTOM ROVV: left to right-Sheri Staub, Marsha Walker, Stevie Kirschner, Rachel Cohen, Rene Miscioni, Ken Mosher, Roberta Cohen, Sharlene Ray, Ron Paquette. SECOND ROW: Sue Futterman, Rosanne Zanicchi, Sue l-lolanov, Vicki Erpelding, Melinda Boyce, Anne Dolan, Cynthia Wasney, Linda Trench, Mr. Browne. THIRD ROW: Mike Srnugor, Joel Parker, Ray Arouesty, Marc Mangano, Ron Anderson, Chuck Alpers. L I A I l if I. I l 0 l l I Q 0 u I I O Q il Winners of Journalism Education Contest FIRST ROW: lSittingl - Sue Futterman, Joel Parker, Mike Smugar. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Wasney, Ron Anderson, Gail Glezerman. El Camino's first newspaper staff set about writing the biweekly publication with very few problems. Per- haps the biggest problem was that the twenty-five stu- dents had never worked together before. This problem was easily ironed out as all the students had had at least one semester of Journalism. The staffs only other real problem according to sponsor, Mr. Earl Browne, was getting interested and experienced students to cover sports events. The various editors of The King's Courier are, Editor- in-chief, Joel Parker, News Editor, Cynthia Wasney, Feature Editor, Rachel Cohen, Editorial Editor, Vicki Erpelding, Sports Editor, Ron Paquette, Managing Editor, Linda Trench, Advertising Editor, Shari Staub. The staff photographer is Marc Mangano, cartoonist, Ellen Soler. Probably the greatest proiect the Journalism Staff had was printing the Dedication Issue of The King's Courier. Five thousand copies of this edition were printed and passed out to parents at the Dedication Ceremony with a message from the Principal and various articles concerning Adult Education, Youth Services and other El Camino facilities. Activities 23 Q Leadership And Administrators Responsible for student body activities, special elec- tions and all other processes involving the initiation ot student government in our new school is Leadership Class, made up ot interested volunteers from contributing schools and sponsored by Mr. Edward Dunn. Conducting elections tor school name, mascot, emblem, colors and alma mater, running such activities as the beard grow- ing contest, special dances, candy sales and serving as guides at the Dedication Ceremonies and Open House has made a busy semester tor this hardworking group. The otticers tor this semester are: Chairman, Barry Schlom, Vice-Chairman Randy Babtkis, Recording Secre- tary, Rhonda Gale, Corresponding Secretary, Pam Mel- ton, Boy's Athletic Director, Glen Knight, Girl's Athletic Director, Debbie Beck, Historian, Stacy Gooch, Social Di- rector, Cheri Marsh, Clubs and Organizations, Anne Harris, Treasurer, Kim Farrar, Assemblies Chairman, Rich- ard Caplan, Publicity, Dennis Fry, Parliamentarian, Andy Willard, Photographer, Bob Ritter, Public Relations, Linda Manor, Spirit Director, Diane Brodsky, Building and Grounds Chairman, Jay Kouba. Harmonize To Start Gut New School Lum Activities 25 e Concert Bond forms in the main quczol days before its opening performance ot the dedication ceremony, M ' What the orchestra locks in size it makes up in spirit. The ensemble takes Q break be-tore practice in the modern, cxir-conditioned Dromo-Music wing. 26 Activities Music Director Al Lawrence takes the bond through the open- ing bars of "Westside Story." The words "Now hedh de words uv de lewd!" resound throughout the Little Theatre os the Concert Chorus sings "Dry Bones," Brin s Qrder To Gur Hectic Air The choir sings "The Road Not Token" ot the Dedication Day ceremonies on Mdrch 23. Activities 27 -vi k SK . 'x s gl 'A x X A S. Q. , Q-3 iwwwqw-awwf' w- U5 if f f x , x -Kwai ,.f.-N -saw if " My fm, Jw MW ..M?i" N.. Q ww I X Q .,f.v. x 1 'W Q21 W ' '3' ff K 5 T We 4 x S A W ,H F .,.'. Y Conquistadores Conquistadores 29 I. - -Q ".1, 3? , , .. :.: .., ... :.. J. ' 11 2'kk N 4. , . We are the student body ' F -, .- L i . 1 ' 'Eff www - ek Q ..,. ' .. B' f .,,i:: . ff' LL"' fl . --VV1 B e . l or - J B 1 . 3' 1 - 72.1 'Qtek A my Q, new 'E 3 f 1. ,,,., Y ,. ff , 7 K Q: ... la C so ' 'G S . r :P Ng , V .. 252311. -W Q L w ,F F P K 3: if 'WY Mfmifmxi Wi?'?yM f r i f ' 5 enle i A ener . :ff . ...W 1 is N- ,1 - 1 A :xg , J ,K "L:W' i M MY? - Q f V W W4 .4 ,KKVI , Y K ...Q 1 K .. , " " ' --g' N ' ' 1. 3OSmnmer Aaron Abrams Adams Alden Alpert Amandus Anocker Anderson Andrews Anthony Arouesty Atkinson Auerbach Austin Bacarella Boch Badovinoc Baerullfz Bain Baker Boll Bundy Bcrdell Barker Barnum Bauer Bayless Bayn Beoufcit Becker Beckman Beebe Bellesiles Benelf Benllz Bennelt Benton Benvenisle Blallck Blckerf .., 1 'BZ f ' Q H kr U i ,ifffgi K Q k . , . ,Q ' if A a L7 5 , ...E k ,, ...E r,,, . f:,.lkhk K B:l" Qil V eel J I ,,, , .,,, . ,,l: M lll r Z 'G' A ' I ,P lnnn I ix. 1 ' elle A A A 0 A ' if. 4 , 1 ' - ...Q ,M-vera 1 . 5 :':L ' , -- ' ' -1f" . J ig or J A- H f ,ll - nee feee A W Q 'A .. leeyy . J y xii was fied lr fr ffff. 1. , ryene L, Bills J L, Blondo D. Boggus M M. Black M. Bockman J. N, Block D. Bodack T, . Blender D, A ' ' .f?5FTP' 1 -Em ix Y.. ..2,:33gr'Lg 'i wr in X qw QE i x 1 xg, if fu Kai rig. Eonelli . Bonswor Boone Boolh R. . JE K ku, 3 U? W r Xu - X Boris Bosfrup Bothwell . Boudrecln M. Boyd M. Boyce G. Bralnard D. Bredesen D C. Brodie B. D, Brodsky C Bronsteln C. Brlgluam K. . Brockrnan J. Brooks Brown Brown Brown . Bunnln Burchlll Burns Who started 23' Q in W.-zrfzrrffrr' -' f f df! 2' J A i fr QQ- Aff: C v,ff err f g,Z,....?,' 5 T7 V,frr 'f I l -f,,,. j . ,VH . If . . : ,,k A If V .V , 'age V ' .gi , ' A, V .. 5 if 493' 1 W in r iff r .iv v ' .. ,, ' rr ,fs '. 2- 3 .,,,, F - W k"I'k' ,. - il A ,kVV,, .-.iv 1 I N. Burrow M. Cameron C. Carlin D. Carllon Cascino D. Cassidy S. Charnberlan K. Chaler B. Clark B. Burl C. Camp T. Carlisle C. Carson Case N. Caslenholz D. Charles M. Childs D. Clarke L. Bustamante D, Carqqqo C. Carlson T. Casagrande Casler P. Chamberlain R. Chase E, Chrislenson R. Claylon J. Coghlan . .. K... , H . B, Cohen 15, 1 K D. Cohen J. Cohen A, ' f M. Cole :VV ' r ,v'l lla' M. Collins .- J. Comee E 3 .1, A L' S. Conslanline ,',,'. ' V D. Contreras A P. Cooke C- Goff J. Craft I '. C' B. Crate f D. Crawford . N. Crockefi 5 VV: W 5, D. Crook zrrkk A in C. Cross wa, f M. Crossrnan i - v 14 7' . L. Culp I ,H 1. 1 V A he C. Cunningham LV V, I K D. Cusick .. l N M 1 I 4 lf' J. Daniel YW T. Darnell lrro . or C Efmmw .. . .. . . 1 ' Vk.VV .,..r ..,. I R. Davidson g- rr. 537 amy' , .. .:' . o J .... fini. G- DM M e . .. J- D- r 1 rr.. .. . J rrrr 1 D. ogy rrrro . P. ' . .. . '1'r ' ' 5 A . V 4 N, .5 Hey you! Come back with the head key!" Summer '70 3l Without supplie OOO 5 . - k'4k""" -V , F. Deoux l , J , ., L- DQUUX K , L , 1' KK S F C. DeBono i 'i,..,L'i?"l - 'iff ' Ei L 'WV' V' Delbel Vcnlx ' F .Q , . - J, Depew '. Fl R. Deigen ' 4 gf. , - K J. Deiious . ' X K F A.Del1mon ' F 5 ' -. if R. Deuisch fr vi --PM D. Downes . J. Dickord ... 4.4 J .i ' Mi Diehl , Q 15? 1 K. K K K be WK iw,-.K M. Dillon . ,KK- .V " ,irqpgi ' K J. Dilmore qi 7 F' ' -- K S. Doerfler lm' F if . - 44 F D f 5 , , ,A 1- D. Doherly G. Dollurhyole J. Donnelly B. Dorfrnon J. Dorn ' R. Dorsey Q fx M. Downs F . is L.Drc1zicl1 iv KK z f L. Drurrnon ,Q B, Dunlop K5 lux-EV . . Now who connected The PA wires To the sprinkling system?" D. Dunne D. Dworsky D. Ebsiein A Ek . Engel D. Eosonio D. Fair J. Felsrnon B. Fish M, Duqoe T Dyior N. Edwards J Fllis . Engleri C Evons K. Fargo D. Ficlen N. Fifzsimmons C. Duqoe R Eciker N. Egelko S Ellis Eroelcling M. Evidon C. Foron D. Finnerty D. Fleck B, Dutton J. Eberle L. Eiler E. Engberg . Elhell R. Evroeis C. Forror T. Firth B. Fleming . - A ,4,..m ... on J 4, ' ,, J -f Q A i J- - Af-Q 1. X .. , , - .. 3 .,,..,.v WH . J., .3 I if or D, J 'ff K - f IKK, , X X .v A K nf yi' . ll' . 5 .ga ' 1. li.. -if I H 'f"2wfi i1 1 Ki""l" ' ' ' ...i " ii. .- 1 f' - E. n 6 I My s-al' gif 1' K : s A -f X F 1 . Kg my - mx' K a 1, Q, Y- vw K 1 0 iso... 32 Summer '7 sm.-+ f wwf., Without a book . . . , Mr. Lookinland demonsfrafes his right hook on a deserving Conquisfador. D. Griffin J. Grote D. Hallas K. Griffifh R. Guravifz K. Holloran J, Grcsher R. Guy G. Holler R. Grossnicklaus R. Hallam T. Hamilton Flucke Fox Frosf Gallenson Ganz Gcraas Gaston Gaies Gearhart Georhori Gira Gllckmcln Gold . Goldman Goldsiein Gordon Golfschalk Gozur Greddy Graff Gray Gray Green Greenberg Gregory J. Harris K. Howdy G. Hechfer E. Hedger f R.. K i. , e " f 4 Q ge. QV? Q 3: . K Q ., F. f ,, .. - if i"' J Q ii'li if . l i l k,:k QF, ' K , J i ,Q Aff K I g , .... ii'- i J .J .. X 1. ' ' D. '-s,,j L 5 9 fi K1 Q "E: ' fi iff J ' fl S. Heller S, Henson G. Hiegerf D. Hochman S. Hoglund T. Henley W. Herfzberg M. Hilfs L. Hoffman L. Holmes R. Henri S. l-iewiff D. Hislop M. Hoffman M. Hull B. Henry N, Heyiow K. Hochenedel P. Hoffman D Hunfsberry 'S ,, -3' -Q , L, ,I M S X . .9 mv- . 'Q i 3 Q - .Q - is .- R. K 'F iw . Q-f fur New 22 W' 3 I 'Q' ' . ff- f . . ,. "M . 1. , f -W4 if . xg-,,, K5 ' .Ew- Q- 1 'Rf V? 3 1 3 .4 h 1 ig l 1 T' . V , gg X ,. J 5 Mg, i I 5 J, z 5' X ' Qvsi Summer '70 33 Without seniors O O X il I-sd., "J" 'mise . ' ' 5 .. sg 'i Ji if fm . sum R -rl kk V f . i . D 1 - so . ' ' K' "K F 'fLi!'5'- - as K I jggfgggggmv f l .- X A' -. Y v X 3 Q -e at 'N' ...- - NYS: " ' 1. .. XA on x X N X, 5 ff - -. em- Me -E P 4- so , nv-r .Nz 1. X L W' f Q, ' U T Q ., .5 .X . T K A.:. L. Hutchins T. lvoniock C. Jefferson J. Johnson M Jordon N. Kenser D Kessler Kielirnun G. Knight L. Inoiomi R. Jockson B. Jensen R. Johnson D. Kcufmon P. Keily S. Kimmel A. Kieinschmidf P. Knox S. Inglis S. Jockson P Jensen S. Johnson W. Kolick S. Keliy N. Kincoid D. Kleinmonn D. Kocsis W. Isooc T. Jorvrs D. Johnson B. Jones J. Kcyior R Kennedy J. Kiellburg Klenischy M. Kohl Q 3, . I , :. ' as fr Af fax H S. Kolsfod B. Londrum A Z. 1 r N f , 1. . P. Korduner D. Londsberg K . 32 ki E s J B. Koss J. Londy ff, 7 S. in r , vfj Q , R ,sw . f "x V A S Q ts -xl. K ff., .. F - Q . J. Koubo C. Longe . kk'- T7 sl, . In j . f- T. Kouremefis L. Longe 'L is - .- . if 'Umar' T D. Kovcl M, Louer ' 1 1 ,e nv. . , . . ' T' - Us .Q --Q J. Krosnoff D. Lovery , ' A. Kritzer G. Lechlenier Q 'TY . S L. Krug D. Leeds l K :, . i .7 il nm L KMA K A K -K NM r B. Kuefher M. Lenoil . . Q Tr : L. Lc1Bier R. Lenox - ' '71 " . K in if if' ' -, D. LoBolle R. Levenson ' . J A T . .. s ' 252 A s-. - is K 1-n- f . M I .as f K xl' 'M i ' 1 . B. LnBree T. Lev: Q AG 5 . , . R. Locoe A. Levine Q A ' L A R. Lofoyeife M. Lewis if if--f f Q any - . - - . ' XM' x l - is f. 'I Fifa- f' mx A ,s: of 34 Summer '70 Without a prom A. Liebert G. Lubow C. Liebscher K. Lupowitz P. Liedblcd T. Luther E. Light G. Madill D. Lippke D. Maeder S. Lloyd G. Magnusen T. Loewenthal R. Maholchic D. Logon C.. Manley B. Lomen S. Mark A. Lopez D. Marks W K. Lopp T. Marks l B. Lothridge C. Marsh S N P. Martinez S. Mozur K. McCurdy J. McMullens S. Mercer G. Mintz L. Marvin M. McAllister D. McKenzie C. McNally D. Meyers L. Mirkin G. Massurella L. McBurney B. McKinney C. Melton S. Migdol M. Mischler J. Matson R. Mcflellcln B. McLendon P. Melton T. Miller R. Misciane D. Maus R. McClung M. McMahon M. Meneses D. Miner J. Mohlenkamp O 9 O . .emi ' if . ...' 1 1: .'.-, A -- .. j - P . 3 i i i ' P .... i.i. .... iii 1 Q -...- 'X ... HZ... , 1 kk,.: Q.. - I : Q T... .... y Li. . - kj. .V 4 ..-Q: . lt Q , N . .351 l il - my ......,f . I ft ' X Qfavsiiff 21:11-111f..-.eeefxzf-et..f...svz.-..:.:sx err.: . -, A ' lii"-'i'i ' " Y - P ' W ...V ' .'i S. Mongrain A. Morrow K. Moser K. Montague K. Morse M. Moss M. Montana R. Morton N. Mostyn B. Moore .ii Y ii' ... ..W :..1,,.'f 3 P ' . L Q 6' U Q,- . 'VVDL., f1 A WWW QA? S37 Q. .J Wx: L N S LE Summer '70 35 Q'-1 Without colors . . . . k"'h lf f' V . L ...M i f . . . 'Lo. .,o" . '- A,.. .. r A , ooooo .r - ' P oooo .3 .. Z A , t bw. V ,1A . P o ' 1 , . 1' i A 15: 1. P ff - W ' I . -. .V . A ' P - ' o,.' r mf gg 1 ' 1-4 sh Q -1 Tir " N A W I f- K,L, . -is: ,s ef P o"o P. . . ' ooo No.. is . - N- sag rm ' f. . ' ' 'Q is , " ffl so-jg. - ..g35..1a':1- :J 'lv 'Q . ' ' Q., .r 1' gr .-Iffff.5.flfff'Fffgfl'-I ooooo P ooooooo oo o " D --' - .. 1 ' ' . if . - ,k k .5 I ' f L'kk -- 5 ...ls kkx 955 s - ' 1 . A . oo,o oooo ' ooooooo N . A P . ,, ,,, 'f'f. . J ' s -- 4 - -,,o, - m Qs -. , Q i Wim 1 f-bb Q K Q f1f-V I . P P 52522. wwf- - .is X . Q Q1 36 Summer '70- NF .Wi r s sf . 'ig . BK A .5-, kxmq Murphy Murray Murray Nelson Neufeld Newcomb Nicholes Nreclzleilco Nosseck Nuernberg Olson Olson O'Neil Ofrs Palmer Pacheco Paquelle Parkinson Parks Parker Paylow Pazurek Pearson Peralta Perolfa Perkins Perock Perry Peters Pele rsen Peterson Plwllrps Polacer Pollf Ferrer Poso Prresfhoff Prince Pudwill Putnam "Whc1ddya mean il moved? Noodles don'1 move P. Quinn A. Oulnones T. Rage E. Raines H. liangel B. Ranslrom C, Raphael C. Roy J. Raymond M. Rea S. Reading P. Redd J. Relchmon P, Rerfz S. Relyea C. Reynolds C. Reynolds S Richards Without a name 'lf iT's bad lock To walk under a ladder watch what happens when you walk over iT." I .guy 5, . In lf V ' K fl I M I S. Richarals ' J a n ' li A 'S R. Richardson W w T. Rlchardson " New? an In ' K .,f, I - P' A WHY M Rlchler V J , .gn .. W Ridder . N Rlcc-lers K ., , I - I W X ll .N . V D, Riggen S aaaa U' "' if ' R, We f.. ,, ' J Rolnlains , f L J ,W l . R V A ' ' yr Robbins fy Q gf V V' as E l Robinson ,' I ' ' I 1 ' L Rohlnson ff-W . wiz, l I .gi ' nf S' Q R X vi., Ll H- 1. 'dm lib. V- :tk L P. Rohlls .www mffliffe fmw w',aa, , 1 f M., VA Roper . .A . L N L L.. M C. Rose R. Rose B. Rowlzcrg T. Rawe K. Rowland S Ruclkin L. Rwvnble C, Rusk L Ryan M. Saffron A. Sager J. Savage B Snhenker B. Sl hlom K Sfhluenz B. Sfhmldf J Sxlfvmlrlf M. Schuloerf M, Srhulmun S. Schul1e L. Seal J. Searls C, Seflirtger J Sesar M. Shaw J. Sherboume S. Svdenberg J. Siegel D Sllverrncin M. Svlversfein F Slrnpson R. Skidmore D Slocum K. Smalley C.. Srnllh CY. Snwllh P. Smrlh R Smllh Nl Srnugcr F Solar OOO A .. -:rr 1 V' :fn El if . ' ffmb if J .2 33. I F ? . um . 2 .-i. M . ' ' 5 W 4 1, N48 ml M - . , . wma V Sl fr i MwZ. A if I . . E 25" .M V '22 t. 7. f U ' 'f'L' f 4 3- Llln ... gamer -5 H ,W 2 as .,Vl. iywf loor ... Hmm .MMJM J..... .... .. VVVV 1, hd 2 . L .,, , 1, ll lla S 'ff L . L. L L f .' . Jaaf fha ao'lll .,.. H . ' QMS WNWM Q . . , "ll ' "' ? .51 ,. . mov l M, 4 . L lllllll I 4 ' . .. . . . .... 1 4 f . lll S A: R51 5. 'W . in '- -" f- 5 A . no rrl w x fl L V ,, V" "' I . I 'imwlr kk r, llll Weil at . . . ,,,. ll' fm- , . f J we M, W , .A gf .. .. ' fffgll Summer '70 3 38 Summer '70 ithout spirit . . . N. Souden H, Spellman B. Sperd C. Sperry C. Spitzer K. Sprunger M. Starr S. Slaub G. Siefan K. Sreinbrueck G. Slern B. Sferns P. Stokes J. Stolien M, Slormes P. Slroud P. Slunz P. Sfunz R. Sluriale P. Suarez C. Sullivan D. Supkoff S. Swanson C. Tallman S, Tanner M. Tote T. Teel D, Thomas W. Thomas M. Thompson J. Timmerman D. Tollelh M Topol H. Tracewski L, Trench D. Turner J. Tulelman G, Uran M. VanBuren V. Vanden Bossche C. Vanderbush D. Vander Horck K. M D. V. S. D. J. M. J . Vanis Vehige Vignes Vicioso Vlasck Vroman Walker Walker Walsh me ffl,-1 A ,.... T ,s V' eIf.:.'., . , ' Without a mascot "Pay attention, please. Life is now, not tomorrow, ...I'l0W... NOW!" M. Walsh P Walsh K. Wonder C. Wasney S. Wauchope S. Waugh M. Webb R. Webb J. Weiner J. Weisman D. Werkheiser L. Weston S, Wexler P. Whittington R. Wichman M. Widiger A, Willard J. Williby C. 'Willis J. Wilson Ast Q5 io-4 . K I kffif J fs.. K 1' T " I t fe , f It f QQ. 'llef . is .ii 06 V .,.. R ...,,,.. .. -... m .. , its In 2 s i 5 .wr we A rr, , -1 51 5 ,1 1 , t Qgiv- 'Q H A.. A. Bemis C.. Bennett P. Benton W, Blasmari R. Wilson K, Wood R. Zanicchi I-l. Ziiron R, Anderson J. Baker K. Wise S. Woodfield K Ziolko Ahrams M. Arrnbruster L Baker M. Wahl D. Woods G Zimmerman D, Alexander R. Babtkis B, Bamesberger D, Wolf P. Yadlosky L. Zink Ainbrosini L. Baca D. Beck reg i L 1 .5 B F i - . -gg. 4- - I ,:- R I if .WV . 3 .H I , . I X . 53. , -if. - -- - . l- xv K i xt- if L - . Meet . - A' A if - A 'S ... . . ' at 5 W rf A . Q, A... .... 1 k ,N " ' P ' lll "-i fl - . . l A f. ' t ,.. it . lv . 'A - ' ' ' 'Q me eg . L, tg uf l . M- fl . 72" ,V ' "" "-if ":Jl ' A so 5 , H Ei - ,, Q, . sv E ' . N h - 'ff ligfzrff ' E il K - ,- .W f .. ...M X . .K -- A 2 . t V A '- ' f K Ms t 5 . , sf ,L i . ww 5 4, 12.4 ---- P "' s , ,YC :Q 1 :its T. Bostuter Braun T. Brooks Burkette Q- uf 22 of e Q +s- ' 1 ' K. in-ef 3 . K 0-. ..--1 Q .4 C. Butler S. Butler B. Caplan R. Caplan L ' 15 V. : Q- , , T . .ii fu ' f -5 -1, S X-,, .v-F an 1"x Winter '7I 39 ' x lk A , in 'V if But twent weeks lv 7 5 x ,' 1 i ew, wang? HAXEX 31. nl . M ' 1 A Y' '-V xl az' 'J I ws 9- Q Q. ,,. ,, fe .y.. , Y , V - MW of I: ,v ,. L Q. 'W X ' 1 ffm.. .... Hffl 'fi J '92 I Ill V A ll V V lrmyxl y .. . -M.- " " ff' fi- . . K :JE 3 .I-b 3, ,M 2 v 35311, J. Clemens J. Colpitts R. Conner D. CVCIDSYOHS G. Deon R. Downing S. Eichenbclum J. Cobb-Adams R. Combs R. Cowon J. Creekmore J. Delong S. Drummond J. Engelbreit R. Cohen C. Connell D. Crundcll D. Domboch C. Deme D, Eigler C. Eubonks R. Fuqua ,,. 1 J- . rv .' D. Gnlbreofh l " - ' P. Gardener ij J Gensley 5' ' .Q 4, V 1 V. Girl .,- . - I , .P . Q.Q'aLgg, . W. . " ' .'j , . .5 fiinf-t l 4 5 eh P G1 , I , ' ' - 1 . cser I ' G, Glezermun Z' ' ku' -32' V' .' I ,M G. Goldman , Mir! A WB G. Gomez " '41-'b:g,gL:"'f ' ., lj - A J. Goodman V I ,,,ga-.3-y z 1 f I f 'f b ififir gf' N' K l V ...F F' M,,.,.... .ju " y B. Goodwin I ff . L Y A 4. , ' . in Q. K 1 .., h s Gordon r t 4-can-K - J- Grange, . - r , . . B G '- , 'Q ' . A J - WW 1 is.: ,K , A 1 f L Greenleaf .V 'ff' -1. if " ' I J 1.1. fb. M Q ' . L' -.tg ?, su X S. Hobif ?""'y" 'L ' K. Hansen 2 15- f . . R Hmm., ...r f , J -Q 1 1 ' .Q " . ' ' " .V A4 HG""5 , I ll if? in Q P Hoskins 'jill' EY' 4' - fff - . J -V' Q. Allmff-2" . . ll J J " J' 3il'fl'ii. - ' C ..f z-f..-- . f- ,,.. 1 ...,..,...,..-f. i .., "f?5'f' ff A' J' ' if .v ' 6 E4 H0599 ' A K , .af I, YP K. Hayden 2 A T ' .5 if ' K- He"m0n , 145 vw . 4951? .ff-an fs Q P. Heselius "" SU' ,V ,QW ' . K H P. Hickerson J , ,J x 'J ' . . X .4 . T. Hackok J . 2 5-ffiif J B. Hirsch , . . yy' I S. Hogsion I' , , " . o emcn I Hr fi . ...W A . .'ne l" . 40 Winter ' I J. Farber J. Form E. Flores li . RP Jw 'f A I M. Forsyill 5. Fox R. Frory wt- 1 'S ' fi J mv . -ff 'wr ' H 1, .W l4f.11y, . I 5. wr ave passed us b ...M....... ,,' - f,---A ...-.. K ....1,.....- e-.. "And They Told me thot driver troining closses used new cars . . in x M. Hudson Kane Kockler L, Lcwderbcch L. Magee ' Melia D. Houle Koufmon Krouse W Lewis Q. Moglicri B Miclxoels B. lngle Kelley Kupersmiih D. Lieberman M Markowitz D Miller K. Jensen Keyser Koenig R, Linclomood T. Morks P. Moron B. Jensen Klein S. Kurnik B. Lowry T Mnfvhfes E Nichols S. Johnson Kleiriberg Lolferfy K. Lumpkin P. McDonald S Newman J 2 W. . .. f' We K -1 'I f' -. . XTX 2' nb-"l ' " Q. . ,ij . :.. -. ff . - A if 4' tg me I 'Rf' lay as .. so 7 ., ure., KSC: 52, K- -. f X 7 X is H: N MF - f K . i A' Un' ' 3 ' 3 5. Qs i L fi sfef-.. ' A KK A Xie fK ,K ,s .K y K :K ' ,..k . K 'L W . ,ng 4 i,k' K , R Q... .L ' l J' 1 R sk ' ,' "' " f . x L J H ss'-. ' , Thy.. K x J K K ,J ., KK. .1 , my .K KK , KK fa- Q "' L' , . ' ' L, f 5 I , V -. . f 4 KKK ,K K Q-N, is KK R . , K I . X ' A - 'fi 1 -i z. f 1 D Nicolson Cris Peirello 'A Ofrio Pore Pheiieploce J. Oiolo Pochier . Pietrolungo S Old Porcdise Pike L.. Olson Peel Prescott M. Orphan Perry Quointonce eeli - K .Q 'B K ,k'k' K . KK , K. ' KK L,,, f . -i iiir K7 - :..l, 2Kff ' K. K .. K is K KKK K .3 K 'Q '53 - 1 i - K 1 J i, KK . .K - K. ' ---- . K I, i Kg .. . . W Q3 :- .., B 'i. inf .1 1 i if L fy em .K x Rf? "' "" K,.K - K .. g ie., .K " .K Q, Q1 1 ei...... J 5 .K KKK. ,PQ els: . ww- K3V.iK,:K vf,'.:.K3. xg A 5 ' ' ,Lx '77 v GT y 44: -SW u g . - . Winter '7I 4I 1 ,xgme giaip A gfigmH., ia Qfff wm5gi.45 f if . y A I CQMQH ,,,,,h l L 4 Y' '11 " TE :,,f J- S. Reeder D. Rettig R. Rlbail L. Ruckel . QMJVT And now we have a name . . . A ,..,,.. ., . A f .. f MK my rf. f i' f ,. WMV. , . NF J. Rltenour D. Roberts T. Rogers E. Rose B. Rosen S. Ross D. Samuels M. Sanna an '3'i ibgf iq H 111: .V :f' 42 Summer 'Tl . Szhwarlz , Schwartz . Scott . Sherwin D. Wheeler M. Weiner G. Wilhelm B. Winter S, Wright C. Aaron R. Abastado J. Abeles A. Abrahams C. Acrel C. Adams G. Adams L, Adams M. Adams M. Agee L, Shevick J. Sinclair A, Shulman T, Singer L. Silbert S. Skinner L. Simon D. Smiley P, Albrecht T. Allcana D. Allard K. Allen P. Allen C. Anderson J. Anderson K. Anderson M. Anderson S. Anderson .. Aresty K, Arnott v R, Armenoff C. Armiio D. Armstrong . Z' - , qv., - is VZLZ I f 5' , ...... ..,.i . M , nz 1 . f 11 :v . li- '. 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Burl .g r 'mr E,l.... . i f kk,, '- if 5. Q. I r ' K A N I 1 S. Boldercxs 2 . ' . K. sou K H. Ballard V. - ",b.'k 5' .. .,, 1. 5 .K . . . I H L L. Bcrmmer ' -A g Q -'- Q Q Jw' V' B rdweu . - .,11 I .. .X..fii if P. Bfmes K. V ,,,i,,,. L-1L f . ...ll R. Berglwommer R. Bingham S. Bordoncro J. Bruniley lx. Brown C. Bernard J. Blcney D. Borik B Brown M. Brown l. Berncllh M. Boberick M. Bosse C Brown S. Brown J. Belenson L. Bornelburg L. Bouchez K Brown J. Buccell M. Bickel J. Boone L. Boyle K Brown S. Bush om X.-f Nr! M. Banning K. Barker M. Boslone R. Bc1Te: B Beck M. Bcxfer D Beinfeld J. Bellis A. Benedetto D. Benlworn A. Benoy R. Berger E Burgrin B. Burne1te B. Burns V. Burns R. Burrell W X- f. f......:sk 'Y P .1 Bk' K K VE.,L Q... ,:.L A STS Zia: ... Ak ig ma. ...r.a.iN S. Burrow J. Bufcher B. Burwell D. Campbell D. Cameron 'E ...A 54'-M. 1 . . .K x f X Q Q fri .K .K X '- K if .K . . X -R 1 M. Cunning D. Cupcdogli . Corle M, Carlton K. Carmichael X .Q N ' y . f 11 .--gf. -v S ..lJJ, . .,,VV D. Casper M. Casper S. Cather M. Ccutlmnd J. Coylor .Q Summer 7I 43 we Wwe -W: .weep 5 I . as-...gui We have our colors. 1115 wiv ww ..., X 'I S-if I .s Q' X' N ,N ALVL, L.. 44 Summer '7I W M C, R J. D. T, J. R. B. D. M R. D. S. R. C C. D. C D. J. C. T. G. B. V. S. P. R. M. L. D. L.. V, A. D. D D. W .Chalk . Chomlmnd Chavez Chmy Chrisfmcm Coe Coffman Cofsky Cohee Comic! Ln Cooke Cooper Corey Cornel rus Corvvm Costin Cowon Courmgfon Croft Crossmcm Crouse Cunningham DubeI!o Davey Davies Davis Dovis Debiizon DeLLc1Rosso Demb Dccher DeSwmome DwLLner Doc!! Dohezfy Dokm Doiy Dougherty Drermon Dogcrs Le fi .. 5 Q e'o" 1 . ' 'khk K K 1..- I ' . .-' - .. , .K 5 1. ' kt 1. t k Lf f K , ff I. -1 f' ::- A J "V :ES Q 1 I , 5: ,E IIA 'W .,,.... R' .f Q -'f - erm- H- " ' 2 . 'w.11 .:? L sf' 2 no . P Dokmey K Dyer L LL D H115 M. Duque D Dykes C, Elbow A Erzberger D. Durbin 4. Enkcrf H Ulwofr L, Evvmg C. Duuul Fcklomd L HMOTT R. Luur Q oee. ' H ':"" Ty e Y - -.,.. . -'H all I?" . ' , ...... - 2i3f22i1.3ff- 112 ,..f,. 1. . . A I.. . D 1 .... . '31 K -Q eeo ' .R ' eev.. f f m ' i Li NA f V':" .jill K K RC... R R 1, K .,. S. Fojnor L. Feuereisen P Lmen W. Fxsher L. Fcxrb S Vemsfer L Heh! J. FLoher'y K. Furror R. FLQLU R. HCM S. FLc'zher B.Fc1rrc1l D, Fwgmdl D Vmkelsiem R, Flores X B Light blue, dark blue, and camel. --W N. Fogelmon J. Fowler D, Freflrigkson L. Fonfa D Fraker M Freeo D. Fories D, Frank F Freund J Fournier J Frazier J Fuller J.. .. ar .- i . - - ggi.. my - Q . . .,,. F, ,ew ellel ,,.1 erJ J . Fulierrnan S Ganon J. . Fuzzell J, Garcia J. Gale K. Gard 5. .Gallegos D Geal-man P. ue..e..,,, Gelnl Gernora Gerslion Giffen S. Gooch R. Goode E. Goodman T. Gorzynslqi Gillespy J. Gilmore Glasgow Glick X. sq 2... . X.. xc? Ari K : fa i '.. .. iiilfif -x--A' iww-if -- fi l l S K x C. Gockel Gold Goldberg Goldman . Goldman Goldstein Gollz Gonzalez I ,A,f P. Gracie C. Graliam B. Gray J. Gray K, Green K. Green B. Greening J. Grell B. Greie L. Grieve F. Guidi R. Gusiofson P. Hacker L. Haig L. Halperl B. Hamilton 'RW i M. Haniplon ' K. Hanlxins G. Hanna W. Hansen D l-iaroielsen "l got The port." Summer 7l 4 f Q.- .qw r K A fs ff. . "-" , imnnarud ,.,., ,,,.. fig!! f i ,xi me .L Z r ,ff . - ww Z A 5 U V .W-f 1 ,,, ... . Er 'Miz . HKS., ,f s 1. X . If ' J ' J, 46 Summer '7I We have soul S. Harringfon J. Harris J. Hasan P, Hassig R. Hauch S. Havefer L, Hawel M. Haycock K. Hedor K. Heinien H. Henderson R. Henrgrnan R. Herdon G, Hernandez C. High? C. Hoche D. Hochenedef S. Hodges S, Hodgkinson D. Hochn A, Hoffman G. Hoffman N. Hoffman R. Hoffman D. Holden M, Hollander S, Horch A funny Thing happened on The way To school Today. P. Howard H rm A - N. Howe 'af Z" A ff , S. Hriczo J 5 H C. Huffman JW!" ""' 'J il Q A D . H. Hughes H. Husfad Aff? D. Jablonski G, Jackson . ew E WV. L. Jackson K. Jacobs F' 'Q Q S. Jacobs S. Jaffe , ,W D. James T. Jarnba J. Jensen S. Joiner B. Jones B. Jones rms, W J. Jones W. Jones A-w 01 W D. Johnson 5 ' " D, Johnson .1 -. ,,, Lv A M. Johnson kr 1' ' N. Johnson all qv' ' . 1 3. I J. y 'I ' R. Johnson f J ' J . J' " D J'f' J. Jolla rd I .,,, 1. ,. , 7 E I ' T. Ka czmar T Q, ' . Z Q ' ' Q V in mms Y o J . .. 5J'77fw ..,....., W ' ' And inspiration R. Kaplan J. Kapor S. Karp Nl. Kalzman l. Kaufman gk eww ,- -,ff f J ' if rv 15.- 'WM so . . 1, Ji ! E .-' ,,.. H M! - " 1 S. Krasnow E. Krause G. Kravifz J. Kreilzrnan D. Kronenberger G. Kloviak R. Kmss K. Kuellwer E. Kuznelz D. Labolle L. LaFrenoes C. Laflash B. Laidlaw B. Lance S. Langrnger D. La Rasa P. Larsen C. LaRussell D. Lasky C. Launier A, Kay K. Keegan P. Keller J. Kelly P. Kelly S, Kelly M. Kendrick P, Kern E. Key D. Keysan J. Kikendall D. Kinney D. Kinlup G. Kirk S. Kirsclwner D. Klain I. Klamkin B. Klein B. Klern M. Klingaman S. Knighi P, Koger if B. Kolwli ' f B. Korsmd S. Konloff P. Kauremefis L. Kovvallcli wr..- Dodge fever strikes af E.C.R. Su m m er '7I 4 .f 1 'x -4' ,fi 1 il l . , 3 . , .N .L ff in .L , :iv 'AH' l M. Lavery F. Lazio A, Leavy D, Lebow D. Lee And our ideas have a chance vc 1 Q V ' -in fa? Q-'ff . ,Lg- x... L W 1 W Y' it ,Vx .7-"'f I J L L asf 5 ,,,m.y' N-'ff' T-,Q J. Lee Leifjhly M. Lccin J, Lezsng F. Levine Bmns ..v-.-.........-.mN.,-.... "I would go To The Battle of The Bands bu? l'm P against violence on campus." 48 Summer '7I L-fr 46 5 '15 ff Ne yn M Levy C, Lewis Lewis C Li"li'ens'ein K Li:'l:lc-cl i s Lindholm Lind Lindfey Lipson Liille Livingsfan Livingston Lloyd Locke Lowe Lulcetkin Lynch Mack Mackay Maffia Malafesta Malcom Mal ikovvski Malone Maner Mangano Mongian Manley Marcos Mclrlowiiz Marlin ,Mason Mayfield f.' aygloihling Mavolie Mnyle Mazor McAlevey McClinlick Mcfallough McCullough McDonald McElligat7 Mclflraih Mcliibben McKnight Meehles Melcher Melv lle McManus Mendenhall Meneses Messman Mellen Me'zler X . ..ik .. yi m y uv: . - ju in L1 9 K xi , ,,,. M M x L c L lg ,i 1- 6 1 1 P ' Jilin ' Q- .,,.... ? 5. A kb D y y . L N My- - L i Tl flk g- K y R17 M 1 iii L ,yyyy -ll 5. uf- if L. :L X .EW W.. we w J .-e Q ay F1 . ,, ,lx IRR 1 a 9 'bis ,. . F? .A , ...S 'Ng Q H L ,... . , K Ny A,-R: Q ,F4 V . .-.J-.Aj L iii L icccc fi, M... , ....... Qw. , 3-1 Q . L .. --. L -n' W . ' 1 av '- fax A . ,L 'Y' My M , ' y 5, .aw 4 i 1 ,. fri. .... in Q L 'Y' ...ai K l Lh- . .. ,., Q , fi ' L e - ill e IX na, , y 4 . i E -i ff. . We ,' 5 .. 3 'f N I LVA ,ge N u an Rx Hx , 5 , W . :Q Q ',AA L H Hif E22 ,,LLL V L' 1 lj? out 1 '90 if ,WGN 5' J , W ff A ' an .. J W i me .L W. X , , ff A I ' W, iff 2 To become tradition. .,,,., A , ,UMQ ,, .., , 4 . 1 af K . w ifi g , 1, 9'f'f'rw U ..,, .., J J K t i ' P it . if 22? film.. AX ei J :Eff ' "1 "" ' A -- , M. . ffluuv 5 y M V yy . Q is P 5' - L13 ,,,::-, I 21, , V. - .f. -- ,E I an "f ,e lf V' , zvrr f :'k I n , 15 1 I Z AL , .-.,,L " if L25 L. Vz ., V- as ,,,, . ran .sth .. ,ls 1.5 gk ' .. ggy , . ttt . .,.. q t ,, 4 ,E , ..,, 5, i ' , . . rf 1:V fi, :, A I' L' V A ' V' f,. ff Vm' ' I . ,,.. ,,,,.,,,,...,,, , Ill ,,,, I 2 -" L , ,gg y + ea ' i ', ii 'Wfll :Sir ' .: ' V I., rV,, .,.. , . zz' -:?v'i . f 'W -e 'V V,..54,f1efm.'2l iii.. '. if f 'W ff 7' M y L. ' .9 AI l 3' 1 , -':', . wir 'f' Alyi R. B. M N D. R. C. D. D. B. K. P. J. M K, L. S. N. L. B. S. D. K. V. J. J. D. R. D. D. D. D. B. G. M T. A J. N N M. F. J. K. J. G. L. F. M L. Meyer Miller Miller Miller Millington Mills Minnick Minson Mintz Mischel Mitchell Molitcr Moller Monheim Montana Montenegro Montgomery Morgan Morgon Moody Morris Morrison Morse Moyer Mulligan Namson Nate Nation Naugle Nebeker Neber Neider Nelson Nelson Newkoff Newsom Neymark Nicklas Nobis Norton O'Berman O'Brien O'Connell O'Connor Ollenburg Olsen Openlander Opperrnon . O'Rourke Owens "We've got to stop meeting like this of -sm., ,Q 5 1 W Q42 .. 424 I S. Owens C. Palmer T. Pantano M. Paden B. Parker Z ww .. , . Z hu- fri' 4 . w ffm., t'i y 1 'V y... P ..,, , at ' .. .I iff : 2 2 Q y, ,,,, .iiittt it f L. Parks J. Parsons D. Peakoe D. Pean D. Perkins L. Perlmutter W. Perrinello A. Perry K. Perry J. Peters Summer 7I 4 it .4-.. .W , K p .f I Q vs I b' K. , 'Q J sc r . M- f R so V. A .- .. wi iX,,1,,,5, I fl 1 . 5' ' ' -lt . he A , 'v ff, f , "' ' J .G V , K l V. an J V Q X , H,,. M- -m ' nl i ' M M. -1' . . . I .K W -2 'lf J. Pefersen J. Pefiibone S. Piccoi M. Peierson G. Pfeiffer S. Pierce C. Petlak M. Phielan D. Pinter Cell Block B 50 Summer 7l We've started fi s. lbs' is J nb ww yi. 'G' ' fi i ai I - im- .S 'xr . G. Piper K. Plank M. Poellot C. Piscilello K. Planz J. Porter S. Piszczor S. Plough S. Priesihoff R, Regan , I E. Reirz I n I V . J. Reh . M- R-'fm , T. Richards L. 'Y a K lk K 1 5 D. Rippel M. Rivas B. Robbins E. Roch . L. K N. Rodriguez FTA" 5' . l x C, Rogers C. Remo L. Rose A. Rosen sf. 4 A -1. J. Rosenberg J 4' N. Rosenthal J. Rubin ,fm C. Ruehr B. Ruggieri 'X J. Russo KK? we R. waz f' V D. Ryckmon M V P. Sabatine 'V J I I Yqff B. Sachanko " V ' D. Sacks Ik l " A" 2. kiyy. I .. ., C. Saez A. s. some . L. Salvay ' 7- . , D. Sanchez ' ' V .5 5 i' H' G G. Sands -' 3. W Q. v ' x ! i A l sbs' if. ,J- G. :L . ... rv- 'gh - 15 .V in " . D. Pualwill J, Raes J. K. Quisi Rand E. Radon J. Rangel P. 3 ,Q"'w 1 4 'Q Q ii i . -. it 2 f .. is . R ' V QR, l s.- '3- , K 3 K 'Wk J ., . -QW, l Q- ' 5 rf 'Y . . V I a .I In U . R. is f-'N V' -f +0 "' 5 . , 4 " 'M""g5?i'if'!.' ff I I .4 , s ' -'l ' l "W . K L k' ig f-f. 1 I J.: :cs 'Fif "'l 'li 2' as 9 . , V1 Rasmussen Reaver Reed . 42' i if . HQ.. v f .-.' I g ' n Q we 34", by lv, sh' I is-.M ' 5 ., fs., Y-su At the bottom . . O P. Santa Mona B. Satinsky D, Savulak S. Schawb T. Schoeny B. Schulte L -'K 2 , S 'I 31's R Q? 8 . in its . . rf... WWW: Mi ". . .S Mr The intramural Physical Education program at El Camino Real is already well developed. K. Schwartz S. Sechrist . Sellers A. Seltzer S. Seltzer . Shepp if X Q " S 9 'ww ' ' ii li wk N 1' Sherbourne Sherman Shirey Shirley Shoemaker Sidenberg r Y G. Siegrist D. Silver . Silverman Simmons Smith D. Smith r Sf f fn if iw. . Q --.,. W, .. . 1 G, Smith A. Smutz D. Snyder N. Snyder J. Soler S. Solomen Speer D, Speer . Spelman R. Spielman Spilak Sprunger . Staff Steadman J. Steinberg Srcnner . Sterling Stevens R. Stopcl L. Stratford P. Stoddard N. Stuart W. Stoller G. Sullentrop D. Stone C. Summers L. Stone D. Summers S. Stevens B. Stockwell K y . V? ,I N M5 X S P ,... Fi . -'55 gs-1 'Stra- YK X X .. .,.. . . . N ,-- i . z ..,. . K . S. S .sii sr.. S A dw N S Q.. eg., . . K Y N 4 ...... :LL I I 1--I .. J W ... ... Emi In M A 1- K " X S .... . ..:' I 5- . V. . ll 0 . - ..... ., . f . ' 6 ' ..rr Q A .wiv S i n A Q . f Ai . ' t"' -- . -ff... . . ,... .5 , I A A Ai r y 2' .L .... rx 1 f"N. lit- T if 'HS r Sz i - '.rk- f. .L S K 1 ll r S khh h i L .-as N - .... A he 1 "'i Q s S .. S ": 3 A , -A-3 ., ,, S lroors ... it S . 'Sli S53 .fi SS V .fifx-ir .,.. V- 2 P . S S QQ . 3 h "' S. : ' E Qs- S - - 2' Sk S P. S S fi ,, M 'fY'33l'2gT':i. 4 S S. V ' ' P- t r SS , ,S S S -. ' ' x 3 S-' S f S A . r -- S - Y ef' . r-' l S- S : S . , r 'N' rSSl .SS. -S S . . S S M ':::"i Fel .S ii' . 'I .- . 'i VSS r' 5 SH- 'r'--S '1 ' W - . : .T 1,-. .-rL ,g . .Q . ,Q S' -. . 52' S' XX Summer '7l 5I :Hn f .. Q if -nf rf, ' I' l J rr L li J ' :ll I I V' . ,,, .V., V' .L ,Af ," ' N, xi 57 Y L ,V .ill L J 5 p. 51-4 J-vw , SE ll' T ae ,,r t I i why M I :Z .Q xg.. f' A . , 52 Summer '7l A I L Q ' fir - , J We're heading T f ,r Eg I . A bi i t Wiz, Z Lsr. Q Q. , . .4 X E Y i 2' . f K1,, Y l hivf.-if-qw, 1 4 . ET itz, I ., f,.. M r "L w 4.1 W . L ff f' , K ,M Q . 7-efqg . ,M-A . ,WIT ". .. f 5 1 :,, ' 1 ,, -' . V L Ji Q in if R. Sullon J. Swartz T. Swee1 C. Swensen S. Taaffe T. Taggart S. Talur S. Tanner S. Tanawifz D. Taylor T, Taylor P. Teel J. Telford H. Thayer G. Thomson M. Thor T. Todd D. Trendc l. Trevino L. Tunick D. Vcri Cleave M. Vander M. Von Glooion J. Vanis M. VanKlauereri D. VanLclningham M. Van Loon M. Venarde J. Veres L. Vickers C. Vlasak N. Von Ladau J. Waldman L. Walker L. Walker D. Wallace J. Wallace B. Walsh C. Walsh M. Walimire H Ward V. Wntmore R. Weaver P. Webster L. Wedner H. Weirsheink E. Wersh R. Welson B. Whi1e R. Whitney T. Whitney J. Wlchert A. Wike C. Wilcox J. Wilcox M, Wilkinson J. Williams J. Wilson 5 KA. "Wha1's a sol id?" W f f AJ l ! r . is 4. A ol ... r .rr . .. , M... r W J f . 7 KV H . 'sn kv ,MI f,4-. , f 8 x the . is 1. l 1 .Mg . 'v- ' Q K l . . 'J L l ,L Hi ..., T . . Q4 .. , V ,vb Q ,fx f f ig xx, 4, 4. 1' at W 'br . Towards the top. ,...-f- Violence for a iust and reasonable cause . . .? W x, f ' if I 4-,SF Nan ans N., if' 'fr' ai' f .. I N I l K, .,j1 'g 1.1- 6" . " Z rs swwi V X -P' 1 . A!! was R 'vif . . .a,.z, I e V 2 1 Q.-,Q 2 . I L , fl J' S. WlmSGTf M. Winick R. Wise R, Wolf D. Wanamoker J. Woodfield B. Woods D. Waolbright J. Wright W. Wright T. Wynns J. Yarbee R. Yosim L. Yuruk E. Zacks Zacks Zerro Zimmerman Zink Zissa Zaber Zukiri Alanis Albertson Alliston Alani Antaky Aasman Baker Bal ikov Bautista Beilesiles Bcrinstein Bial iek Bieler Bischoff Boggus Boinus Borden Barts Bastrop Brislin Brown Burowick Burr Calkins Carlberg Carle Carpenter Co riobiano Carter Cass Chadwick Charles Chaiow O O ai.-W. W ! 513, we 3. -- X Q.. Q -2, 4 br 4 R: ,, AM K iw f-r 7 fb' F f i, '-M . Z 55 1 . 1' . . ww! V I i gg 'V' lf' -4 . KX lk Wm. .V HL, AzV,.k.J.. , In ' K' 1 iii? i " it if? 1 I J . -W i." , rif f 5 .W e. ,..a Je..ai. ., T A C M, I i L 13 A . V' 'Q' LTQT, E., J ...if . ::: . J' '5 . ' T M.. . i mf, it is. is ' '+V' - '5Eif' t , as ...s.. ,if iv i Winter '72 53 K: M we rf .2 It will take . . . C . J ff i VVL' I ',k' i '1'i,, L"11, ' Avn- T , ,, T ' 'T J :Ei J . "1' 1 .. wi,, ' f ':QIii,'IIi' ff . .J f ' A Vfllgwffl '3 ' ifv E in i ii' v j . if K ' v . .7 -fr? M. W V ...J 'vu vi Z 1 f. f. if 44. - ff . iil ,I 2 5 V' J :,,, . LI J X r F, Z" ' J .15 we is 1 . my A VV ' I xx 2:12512 . 5 ' ' " 1 X . A ' ' L, Fineman G. Fox K. Fink N. Fox J. Frank S. Flolh A. Fox V. Fries D. Fry L. Getz J, Goldwasser M. Gray M Green D, Greenfield R. Guerrero W. Gulell if - , -, . . A L ww., .f 1932 ' 5 '-,' Ze' '-,,,. ...ill ' 1 - 5' ,,,,.,, ' . ' ' , rrrr , riii . iv H J . "-. 'f,, i A W ' yr ,,.,, . ' i ' 41" 2 1 V ' i ,,, ..',, . . V :A r'r, :W . j .f..y ' . I Qt: W K .i .1 vega n ,:, -sfzf ,.,,,, 4 Winter '72 f W sci! 4 4 , . ... . Avi! r, f D. Hallas T. Handel D. Hanson R, Harless i Q m.. W... 5' if .. W . ...... G. Circa J. Coffman J. Coleman A. Combs S. Comerchero S. Cordce M. Corner J. Cucura E. Cunha S. Caller P. Davis D. Davison W. Day A, Decker T. DeLaFrance D. DeMario J. Demoresf V. Dickinson J. Dumenigo J, Eberle T. Edwards T. Ehrlich C. Farber P. Feldman T. Fiore R. Harrington D. Hemenway C. Henderson M. Hennessy . V V . . Z 4 , wi :H S in We .f 4-, in One way to blow the extra Ten minutes. . Heyes Heyman . 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Kwosigroch J. Landeen R. Leauitf A. Lenoil D. Leviisky M. Lewis R. Lewis G. Line T. Logan D. Lokuam A. Lucas B. Mabe Winter '72 55 Y D. Rosenbloom D. Rosenthal K. Rosenthal J. Rothstein G. Rudolf But nothing can make us stop. . .. .mo . ,,.. ilk E ,, .. .. f l KA Q if .. M X lf' 2 .Q A M. Russetf C. Samuelson T. Sanders J. Savlan C. Schmidt' . "5 -2, ' 56 Winter '72 Vi .,, f 'tw - . ei l QM, .W K D. Pedretti T. Reeve ' I ' H K T. Perel R. Reeves ' J J. Perlsweig T. Reiley .tee ' - .:',, L . J. Perry B. Ressegger J. Plah L. Rheaume G. Poche F. Rhoades R P. Poloski J. Rhoades K D. Powel D. Rieders 1, ...M 1 , P. Raisor B. Ritter 'Nu .,.. . R. Ramaige R. Rizzo . Q R. Raeder M. Roberson I I J. Reback S. Robinson . EW 'NSN Y C. Schmidt Silverberg Sparacio N. Stepansky K. Thompson S. Tydeman Winzeles J. Schubert . Sloan Stader R. Stoolmon S. Tingler Ulis Winkler J. SchwarTZ Slocum J, Stahlheber J. Takorian M. Troll Wagner Wolfe R. Severen . Snoeck Stetfensen J. Tholen J. Tube! Wetherbee Zawel E. Shapiro . Soroky Steinman R. Thomas E. Tutor Whitehead ' ki 5 "-- ' N 1 3 U ' 'l - ' . ' 5 . 'l-. J .l.w rr' ... . J. ' . iil ' J ' -K+ 3 Q - wi: S liiiill 1 . s" - 1 T. R ' - . 1.. nsrrr '... 2 - - ---1 11" K, iih ,,. , .. 5- . ,... ..., , . .el . ... . rllle 555 ' Q T in 2 'fi' Q :AA ix A. W J "l' - fixes . 2- -.... . je -. "' rrr 'EEN A HMV ei -:- -- I - 2' "i A W f M N ,V KVLL I N K U T V,kLLk . . ,.. ... .. .... f . --ll - T . ., ..... ml T - 2--' J .-.. J ' 1, . -1 fs' - - f . -.. -ll. . ' lls ' s ... . -i f - - Lyhh A... Elf . . ' l-s- - --ss iiiii i J... M . 'Ji J J - L ' ...V T wh-arf -up-f 5 -N1 Emggfyfgigi S N 5 ,fl wx ,QQ + -Q --fm: M, H, . A. M - , x.x: BS' R '- 555. 4, 'g ,fi fi j P i. 1 'Nl w .r""Dm. IVF x 5 E Q Conquistadores 59 3 all 60 Sports K 1 1 X ""'1 ,wi - 'R 'ea -... , K . . 1 N w o -'M' .' Y . V5.4 . . -A W' ,L f . . .,. .J '4'9K. 5 ' Q, ! 1 t ' f N . M . -X . 4 - . - , FNQ-5 9 : ,,.. . A , 'E' X I 'M .Q-5? -f-3' I . 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K K K Q.. x K 7 9 Q I-glam . . - - Q6 ' . uf K 'j 14 Q 5. Q',r'-Iv ,v 9 '- . +- , wp vw., mfs ' si f F ff- ' ' Q S . 'Q 'Mf""? x,-fff?2 SWT' 1, ' ,Q .N Q 1+ I5 K" 'Q X V K 6 Q f .F Q! , if x ,L N .ggfig , fs S- ., AL xiyxgi KyKK2x..,X:gK,.i viii, , .EQXK , K K ffwta 3 Q' id'.'i,.yf,N Kbf'f5u.fm ff'-1 ff. mug. - W W any Q hy 11, A ,:,-. . Q ' 1 .L-. 1 frm: I if-1-QV-,K.x, kj, -... K Nf-: uf- ibnga slfl N M1533 f ff,-W- iff. Iimfisal' W J. E ' 4:1-.1 8 ri Sports Sports 6l Batmen Build For Future .'f - -xr " ., , ..2.45g,f, ' N "Agv""' . ,, M JA" in by U .iq ... "" m uff I A .x . Y I aaa' ' W '0 fi' ,f-rKf9 : I Axfaa f, Q ' Ie 'V gl. Dennis Kelley serves up a pitch as Randy Barker pounds his glove. Q si , 4 gf' e if rx X .,, 13 'V .4 6" ff F2 , If I 'ir ' sr i ,. Craig Ryan sneaks into third base at The Verdugo Hills game . . . - -I 62 Sports RIGHT: . . . and scores on a Verdugo error. '-Q. V ,Al "EF lf ff, N ww: ,l., ae l -Q916 E c While somewhaT shorT on manpower, our VarsiTy Base- ball Team is cerTainly long on spiriT and enThusiasm. Though our record is O-5 To daTe, The Team has shown a Tremendous compeTiTive spiriT, or as Coach Rozadilla puTs iT, "For a TirsT- year school This is a Tremendous eTTorT." In our TirsT league game The E.C.R. ConauisTadores were deTeaTed 3-1 by Hollywood High. In a laTer game againsT Canoga Park, shorTsTop Randy Barker smashed C1 game-Tying Triple in The sevenfh. While noT having a winning Team This year, we do have a spirifed and TalenTed Team ThaT can look forward To greaT success. Top men on The Team This year are Randy Barker, aT shorTsTop, Dennis Kelley, piTching, Craig Ryan, TirsT baseman, and Chris Cross, slugging righT fielder. T s cn 'J f 5.95 FIRST ROW C Alpers J Tholen J Soler J WrighT R Barker H Ward, T. Schoeny, D. Vroman. SECOND ROW: C. Ryon, D. Dykes, C. Cross, D. Kelley G Zissa 63 Sports Ja Vee's Sho Promis 3 5L'HlIUl. This year our iunior varsity baseball team has had a really successful season, a sign point- ing to a bright future for ECR baseball, consid- ering the newness of our school and the youth of our teams. So far the team has a .500 average for the non-league schedule, and is presently one and two in league play. Some of the better players returning next season listed by Coach Giancanelli are Pete Larson, Bob Lane, Kevin Rowland, and Chuck Aaron. El Camino has luck- ily been blessed with the talents of such fine athletes and hopes for real success to come. RIGHT: Number one J.V. player llater put up to Varsityl Rocky Goode, at bat. 64 Sports 9 j. J.V. baseball team boarding the bus for one of their games. A l F lg J ,NY Mr. Giancanelli The Lincoln High. baseball coach, formerly was football coach from ,.,k. .- I sein . F i ' ' " ' U - '- A , ' S l.la,, or be 'l'll ..ll ,,.. D Aiwa E, H V A Q aaaa N. , llll Lame h a , aaa N Third baseman Pele Larson fielding the ball. A 3 1 4 'Q -4-q FIRST ROW: David Coe, Tom De La France, John Savage, Dan Galbreirh, Bob Lane, Rocky Goode, Pete Larson, Joe Guerrero. SECOND ROW: Pat Manley lmanagerj, Chuck Aaron, Ian Melville, Rick Meehleys, Gregory Piper, Paul Hassig, Steve Haueter, Mah Klein. THIRD ROW: Kevin Rowland, Barry Cohen, Jeff Frazier, Jim Gilmore, Dennis James, Tom Carlisle, Gary Krouse, Mike Miller, Dennis Wolf, Ron Kaplan. Sports 65 66 Sports 1 -,,. "5 , -, 1 'NCI FIRST ROW: T. Todd, R. Henri, R. Lenox, L. Mirkin, R. Wise, C. Mittry. SECOND ROW. B, Hansen, E. Hays, B. Smith, B. Mclilroth, G. Knighi, R Webb, J. Kopor, J. Searls, S. Kimmel. THIRD ROW: L. Walker, T, Borden, S. Hoyes, K. Gold, D. Smiley, L. Deoux, D, Borisoff, G, Wales, J. Lind- sey, B. Riifer, D. Hochenedel, G. Hiegert, C. Carlson, T. Coffman. FIRST ROW: I. Mulligan, R. Johnson, J. Rilli, B. Ivaniack, D. Borik, B. Lomen, F. Deaux, R. Fields, J. Demorest. SECOND ROW: K. Fink, K. Thompson, B. Kuebler, R. Hoffman, D. Rosenbloom, R. Halter. Cindermen Vie For Honors m I 1 An E.C.R. iumper stretches to clear the bar. S Our Varsity is small in numbers, but shows great talent and enthusiasm. We have a good middle distance runner in Tim Booth, and promising sprinters in Doug Gray and Craig Olson. Joining them are Kevin Ball, Jim Porter, Richard Combs, and Mike Jordon who will form a nucleus for next year's Varsity Track Squad. The Bee and Cee squads are doing quite well this year, and Coach Cromwell feels that the Bees may end up second or third in the league. Stand- outs on the Bee squad are Ed Hayes, a fine long distance runner and Jim Searles in the middle distances. Cee squad members Rand Hoffman and Fred Deaux show great poten- tial tor future track squads at E.C.R. In short, our track teams are showing excellent progress for a first-year school. Steve Constantine straddles the bar at the Hollywood meet. Glen Knight and Rod Lenox compete in the hurdles at the Canoga Meet. FIRST ROW: J. Porter, C. Olson, K. Ball, D. Hemenway, J. Lieber, D. Gray, E. Rose, T. Booth. SECOND ROW: Head Coach Cromwell, D. Alexander, S. Constantine R Combs R. Watson, D. Mackey, M. Jordan, B. Rosen, Assistant Coach Crowther. Sports 67 GYMNASTICS "Our gymnastics Team is sorry To have had a losing season This year, but seems very promising Tor the years to come, The Team is very small and has a lot of growing to do," were some of The words from gymnastics coach Ralph Stam. He was also proud to claim his best all around gymnast Gary Uran who con- Tinuously won many events Throughout The whole year. Some of his other fine athletes he told of were Mike Lavery, Jay Dumineys, Gary Rudolf, and Mark Klingamen. The Team lacked depth and didn'T have enough all around gymnasts to have a winning team This season. Jeff Markowitz attempts to win on one of his better rope climbs. - T T , , . if Q - T l 4 Our Number One gymnast Gary Uran shows his grace in free exercise. RIGHT: John Boone performs his Giant on the high bar. 68 Sports . Q i Jeff Blonder shows how a handstand on the still rings can be done. G mnasts Develop For Future Mr. Stam is doing a great job in his first year as Gymnastics coach. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Klain, Jeff Blonder, Bill Pazwok, Steve Constantine, Gary Uran, Mark Klingaman, Bob Mischel, Dan Charles. SECOND ROW: Craig Eubanks, Randy Raeder, Mike Lavery, Gary Rudolph, Mike Diehl, Jeff Markowitz, Jay Dumenigo. THIRD ROW: Robert Berghammer, John Boone, Mike Pavelka, Richard Beck- man, Gordon Carle, Terry Inglis, Tim Kazzmar. FOURTH ROW: Leslie Halpert lmanagerl, Dan Green, Monte Markowitz, Jon Woolever, Paul Gardner, Sfeve Krasnow lmanagerl, Norman Stepansky. Sports 69 70 Sports k .,,,,.J,, xx., - ...,.- Q..-M... . ww..-L FIRST ROW: M. Carneron, D. Mintz, C. Livingston, M. Cooper, D. Contreras, J. Wallace, D. Powers, D. Adair iCoachi. SECOND ROW: J. Kouba, D. Tolletn, D. Bruckrnan, A. Erzberger, K. Lumpkin, J, Gensley, M. Wilkinson. 1-an ...of FIRST ROW: C. LaFiasi'1, J. Clwristrnan, K. Jacobs, M. Levin, J. Brantley, T. Whitney, D. Barnum, E. Caikins, S. Arizco, D. Adair lCoachi. SECOND ROW: R. Severe-n, M. Descher, T Edwards, M. Mandigo, M. Canning, A. Leavy, P. Hacker, E. Krause, D. Finnerty, P. Rand, D. Allard. EI Camino Swimmers Take Plun mf! .. v. Q Q. fs., ' - -- . 1 Qc! Dave Contreras competing in the butterfly. Kevin Lumpkin doing a back-flip. Although representing a tirst year school, El Camino Real swim teams did better than ex' pected. The strongest swimmers tor Varsity were Malcolm Cameron, John Genley, Mark Cooper, Dave Tolleth, Dan Bruckman and Jay Kouba, all of whom have won in some ot the meets. Bee swim team is the largest in number with many Bee's eventually being moved up to Var- sity. Strong performers in this group were Chris La Flash, Tom Severen, Mike Descher lone ot the top diversl, Mike Levin and Mark Canning. The strongest team this year is the Cee swim team which is currently in second place and is expected to remain there tor the balance ol the season, Cee swimmers are led by Doug Haroldf sen, Steve Eichenbaum, Scott Burrow, and Ralph Ausman, who are probably the strangest medley team in the league. All lettered in their tirst se- mester. The swim teams are constantly getting stronger and better, and next year's Varsity, Bee, and Cee teams should all be number one. FlRST ROW: D, Fry, D. Holden, S. Canon, R. Evreots, S. Eichenbaum, T. Alkana, D. Haroldsen, J. Mayberry. SECOND RCW: A. Bantista, S, Burrow, R Ausman A Lucas, T. Davis, T. Gorzynski, R. Cowan, G. Adonis Sports 7I T Tennis Is Their Racquet 5 af' ,lQIlf','. 9" . T 'WM ,j':f:fif1f?FTf315' -J . 1 . U ' , m y ff. '.'.? ,', . Y' ',.. A-.1 1' ' -: 1 ,, 11.1, A ,.,w,1 1. '? U 9b , 1 1 4 1' - 1' ' ' ' ', ' 13 H ,511 1 ,wk 1a -A W - '1'1'1 '1 ' i fi , 1 1 1 1t..1.1q'.'...,,, I .4 A ,, 11. ,.,,. , ,.1.1.1 , air- 'R-19.1. -,mi-1' 1 1: 1 . -' H. 1'i!.,,11f,1.11y 11...',.'.'.,.' I 1 1 ,,.,, ..11- -f1i1.i,1.... 11 11 nu i Q 1 1141, H - I - 19' 1 . in 1 iii x J., H- , ' " 1' 1,11 1 1,11 , ' ' I ' 1. - ,. 1 , T 1 H' I 1 11111 1 I 4n'1!vHf 1,161 11 I, J, 7 1 n1r,1,1 ,ffgy 1,1 ',,t, ,ia , , ui 11 n 11,1110 ,,,,, .1 J' lr y ,1n,o,4,',j,Q',,', 115911 opinifsvq 1 f , n I 141 n111'15fQ'.11 11 v I l I ' 1'1'1i 1' . ',' 1'1'1'n v,H,',', V1 '1 C"v is l j 111 1 111111 v 1: 'J Y 1 , !l1'1,v 11 ,, 1 ,ta 1, - -, " I ,.-,.,, . T1 Steve Langinqer reTurns with a backhnnri "Tennis is a greaT sporT because unlike Baseball or Track, you can play iT all your life regardless of age," commenTed coach Earl Browne. We can be sure Thar our Tennis Team feels The same way, as evidenced by Their spiriTed mafches. CerTain players 'have disTinguished Themselves so far. The number one man is STeve Tangin- ger, who has yet To lose in seven maTches. OTher Top players are Jeff CraTT, Randy SmiTh, especially againsT TaTT, which is raTed No. T in Tennis. Though El Camino "whiTe-washed" Canoga 7-O, The Tables were Turned againsT TaTT - 6-1. Concluded Coach Browne, "I am proud To be The sponsor of This Tine group. They have a good aTTiTude and a loT of husTle and enThusiasm." H 'eg X E' ' 'C' R: iStandingi Jeff Krinsky, Alan Klcimkin, Randy Smith, John Felsmcin, David Cooke, Frank Bain, Peter Kosky, Coach Earl Browne. lSit- Tingl Steve Laninger, Marc Levy, John Tokoricn, Jeff Match, Dal Miller, Ron Lacoe, Robert Downing, Richard Rutiz, Terry Reiley. 72 Sports Dan Logan lets one rip es.- Golfers On Par Golf is noT as popular aT ECR as oTher sporfs, buT sTill The golfers spend much of Their own Time practicing aTTer school and on weekends in order To give our school cz respecTalole TirsT-year record. Coach Henry E. Noni feels The Team should do fairly well for a TirsT year school wiTh no seniors. The golfers ThaT seem To show The besT poTenTial are Dan Logar, Kevin Rowland, Rick Casler, STeve Mongraing all shooT in mid and low 80's and are expecTed To leTTer This year. 9 'Q' FIRST ROW: Sfeve Pace, STeven Mongroin, Greg Siem, Rick Casler, Dcin Logan. SECOND ROW: Mr, Ncini lcoachl, Sieve Macclougall, Deon Perkins, Jim Ollenberg Richard Cohee, Rick Rose. Sports 73 Camino Songleaders Spark Spirit ,f 1 f, Seven enthusiastic songleoders perch atop MG sportscar. .NNNQ 'xmsismntiffw .. Melindcfs finine friend whispers sweet nothings in her ear. RIGHT: Yell Queen Porn Hickerson enters schooi bus. 74 Sports 1155 For the first halt of the school's opening semester ECR's songleaders and cheerleaders Wore, what To them is the equiva- lent of football practice uniforms. After what seemed inter- minable delays, The Leadership class finally conducted elections for school mascot and colors, and Within a week the spirited group was sporting its new light blue, dark blue and camel uniforms. ----.........., Yell King demonstrates Conquistador spirit lump. Yell Queen, Parn Hickerson, is given a lift by Yell King Rick Caplan. .wg ww, Jw 135' Songleaders llett to rightlz Qick Caplan, Patti Della Rossa, Melinda Boyce, Pam Hiclcerson, Kathy Fargo, Vanessa Peters, and Randy Babtkis model new school-color outfits in "B" wing Annex. Sports 75 'I fi? wmv' Sm ,mx -5-,gg ,we .9 if A f 1 Faculty Faculty 77 fi? wif' 78 Faculty l2oberTDenal1y, Principal Gerald l-lorovviiz, Boys' Vice Principal ""-A, N .avi Rosalyn l-leyman, Girls' Vice Principal 0-6 1 i ml his .F NX .1- Q.. 2 f ? E .,1. . Mk'xNww-aww. ' I ' Q PC1Tl'iCiCI ROTIW- DGCID OfGiI'lS. Mr, Denohy accompanies swdems on ir1iTic1I Tour of EI Comlno Real campus. Paul Lookinlcmd - Deon of Boys Faculty 79 Counselors ComeT R cue ,nv-K ,Ar- MW Liu..-R W in we Counselors' office - Tomi Fujii, Elleen Williams, Willioirn Dunlop, Eve Boyce, Tom Crockefl. 2 gh in.-........, .,. 'uf-'-' kia:--'M - H Tomi Fuiii - Counselors' Office Secretory. 'xx A . Lf' 9, liAV,,-A gg? Williom O'Rec:r- Heocl Counselor SO Faculty H we c We Arlene Wefel: School Secretory, .,,-ai""" Moin Office Clerks:Jc1ne Burroughs, Claudio Frosf. Cressie With Affenolonce Office, Faculty SI Robert Allen, Head of Foreign Language Department. 82 Faculty . -fwfr pl It f Pat Cashman, Head ot Mathematics Department. , , rtet T ' ,rrr ..,, , . . gig: LEM .1 ,, ---" x ,L Y xx M ink. tw it ll DANE ADAIR B.A., Valley state c., P.E. SONJA CARTER A.B., UCLA, Mathematics ROBERT ALLEN B.A., U. of Iowa Spanish PAT 'CASHMAN U. of Oklahoma M.A., LA. State Mathematics rf EVE BOYCE EARL BROWNE DUANE CARTER B.B.A., U. of Minnq B.A., UCLAg M.A., PhD., B.A., LA. State C.5 M.S., USC, Guidance USC, English, Tennis Photo WINSTON CLEMENS DORIS COOLE GORDON COOPER M.Ed., UCLAg B.S., UCLA, B.A., Texas Women's U.g Ph,D., UCLAg Social Studies M.A., Valley State C., Social Studies Department Chairman. Mathematics WN wwwr T. L. CROCKETT CHARLES CROMWELL CHARLES CROSSMAN CHARLES DOHERTY WILLIAM DUNLAP B.A., Occidental C., B.S., USC, P.E. A.B., UCLA, Mathematics A.B., U. of Notre Dame, B.S., Calif. State C., M.A., Valley State C., Department Chairman M.A., UCLA, Guidance Guidance Social Studies EDWARD DUNN ROBERT ELLIS RICHARD ERKUS EDDIE ETEZAD LEON FENWICK B.A., U. of Mich, A.B., U. of Chicago, B.A., Brooklyn C., M.S., USC, B.A., Idaho State U., M.A., U. of Mich, Social Studies M.A., Columbia U., French M.A., Idaho State U., Social Studies Health Mathematics -up " i S ' ilii S ' Junne Jensen - Head of Business Department. NORMA FENWICK B.A., Idaho State U., P.E. HARVEY GREEN B.S., New York U. Mathematics :il .... HAROLD GIANCANELLI B.S., U. of Loyola, P.E., Social Studies CATHERINE GREGORY B.A., USC, ,English Faculty 83 pu., l 3 V V,:LZ , . V. I Q., I 'H 'Q N. H. A AUDREY HAKE B,A., M.A., U..of lll. Social Studies AL LAWRENCE B.A., Occidental C., M.A., Valley State C., Music NENAD MlHAl.JEVlCH B.A,, U. of Wis., M,A., Cal State, History, English 84 Faculty . ax L ll lk "Nmap,-H' wr' MARIA HARRIS A.M., USC: P.E. BENJAMlN LEE B S., LA, State C., Business HENRY NANI PLA., UCLA, Science James Meyer ,323 Wmww px , fe. ', gs- in 2 tm.. 1 Wiz: ff" i"'lt?1:i1w ' JUNNE JENSEN M.A., SJSC: Business LAVAUN MARSHALL B,Ed., Wis. State U., Chemistry MARlA NORBURY M.A., UCLA, Art. Department Chairman Head of Science Department. RICHARD JOHNSON B.S., Kent State U., M.S., U.S.C., Social Studies CAROLYN MASON B.A., UCLA: Spanish FRED OBRECHT B.A., UCLA, M.A,, Valley State C., English, Yearbook Adv. Department Chairman NRQQ f f .f 'k: i lk' R . J 7 ' ' eriffss- ' .L,...-. sz GEORGE JORJORIAN B.A., M. ED., UCLA Mathematics MARLENE McMULLEN BS., U. ofNo. Dali., PE. ROBERT ORTIZ B.A., Ariz. State U., Math 3 WARREN KNOWLES B.V.E., Cal State industrial Education JAMES MEYER M A., Valley State C Science ROBERT PESTANA BA., UCSB, Drafting, Wood. W,llllllll""""'l Warren Knowles - Head of Industrial Arts Department. Jock Krassner, BVE, UCLA, LA State. WV 1, 'irq-,r ARA PRIGIAN B.A., Valley State C4 History JEANNE ROBERTS B.A., Oregon Stote U4 Clothing. Department Cltalrrnan GERALD REEDY M.A., UCBg M.A., LA. State C.: Mathematics RAYMOND ROSS BAN Hofstra College Silence SAM RIFKIND BA., USCp Enqllsh GILBERT ROZADILLA B.A , OCC4 MS., USC PE., Var. Baseball Faculty 85 1 . .k,. v--f .W.YL,-N,-,.M,.-Wyw,-,M-.,...,,,'7 ,E Y.-,,,,.....,-,...,,,,.., A , W . sw .. .... ., . . - - ' ' mxwfm K Marie Wallis-Head of P.E. Deporimeni Bloine Crowther-Boy's P.E., Trock Cooch. 86 Faculty GERTRUDE SEGAL B.A., Brooklyn C., English ROBERT SMITH M,A., Boll Store U., Mofhemmics PETER SWANSON A.B., UCLA, English CLARICE UREDA B.A., M.A., Valley Slot English 6 '-..,, , ANN SINGER B.A., UCLA, English RALPH STAM B.A., Col Sfcfe U., P.E. CAROLINE TUPPER B.A., UCLA, An FRED vELEz M.A., Pepperdine C Spanish George Greb B.A., Wagner C., 'M.A., Columbia U., Head of Music Department. HJ 5' 1 eere My Je J 'R ey' 3 U fa .,,...p-,ee 2 Y-,Z Norma Zaring B.S., C.M.S.T.C, Warrensburg Teacher' making. - ""A Qn 3 vel s College, Home- we ,. Wxy ?,'f, f':4- 5 ' .I PHILIP WALKER MARIE WALLIS EARL WALTHALL EDMUND WANNER B-Sr, M5-, UCLA: B.S., Indiana, UCLA, Cal State U., B.S., Kent State U., Health, Department M.A., Colorado State C., Industrial Arts Ohio U., Chairman Science RICHARD WATTS NANCY WILLETT ELLEEN WILLIAMS BRONSLAW ZEBALA B.A., UCB, B.A., UCLA, B.A,, UCLA, Pharm. D., USC, M.A,, U. of Wash. Business Education MA., Valley State C., Chemistry French Guidance Faculty 87 .. ,k:,h KKKKV Hi! 'sim-si ,d.,,s,, VincenTSTewc1rf, Fincincicil Monoger, Alvo Coshion, School Nurse, W "T" if WN f M . V aim ..ixfi?Wf,, VA M 2 V V M V L Morgery Goldberg-School Doctor, ond Alvc: Coshion discuss cz pofienfs 88 Faculty recovery. A"'S, Jean Arneff-Vice PrincipaI's Secretary. Deane Shahinian-Librarian O W SK i f , ik i wr J , X ,KF ,D 1, ' ' S if 1 i N? ffifiw 'X i in ' E P J: " 'H .f . , -z- .K ei 7 1 , :- - ... . Vi' ' X f Q '-' . -. H . - Q X ' --" -iff ' --,eQG:f'f'-- - - Hi- i X - ww ..,, A , ,. " 1 N O. Q' qi i .1 -- ,f , M. ':1,, a ' A , - 1-f Y fi, ,. ' '- 'TN is x " Q i if i, O 7, 5 1 krkh . . N if - 4-k A .- , ,. O e i ' -- 1 .., v i K ff K 4, ,..., 5 - .,,.. z 1 J N S ' :aim- -fr s-sszaxf gi i.5ae'--:ig .J If GI D n Cox Ben Borneo, SECOND ROW: Sirnona Gisf, Sabina Sinclair, Mildred Benson, Mabel Wilkison, HRST ROW: Louise Beskwifh, Alma Bice, Shirley ass, o a , y Randy Geniry Facult 89 1'-" f J' p 5 30 Y ji .4 A 'N-time-1 l BELOW: Our "Fantastic" drama students display their talents. I-X+TI i 5 mf lf x l .fi ' sv? BELOW: Where else, at El Camino, but in the Boys' Vice-Principals office could one find haircuts like these? I , soon cnoomme i ,f -msc -, 'fr BRI , if v . iv, - , ,.,, ,,,, N g fx f: h ' 1' ' 5 ? 'C' Z? 6 Q, 1 75' 1 A X use Q " if W 1 ' 0 fv e fr 49 ' 15 il Q' 1 "Mr. Horriblewitzu recuperates after the Rams-Fats basketball game. LEFT: Would you believe Social Studies Department Chairman W. D. Clemens, passing out protest literature? Closing 9l Try To remember, of growing Togerber ond lecirning of life, in new surroundings, Try To remember, of growing 'rogerber Of feeling The priole, Their occompiisbmenr brings, T Try To remember, of growing Togerner In meering new probiems, in fignring onol winning, Try To remember, oind if you remember, Tben follow . . . Yes, wirb gffecrion so Tenoler we'II ofren remember, And follow. .. I iz y 1 1 if re F ir f 1 'er f ir fi f K, , egg? 5 S S E W 1 Exif X 5 X mlb F 5. lf' X 7 wi VVon'T you leT in cmofher shaggy ConquisTcaclor'?" Closing 93 Administration Bond-27 Baseball Varsity-62 J.V.-64 Choir-26 Aakhus, Judy Aaron, Chuck-42,65 Abastado, Reena-42 Abeles, Janet-42 Abrahams, Arlene-42 Abrams, Rosanne-30 Acret, Clayton-42 Adams, Claudine-42 Adams, Glenn-42,71 Adams, Laura-42 Adams, Mike-42 Adams, Vickie+3O Agee, Mauryq42 Alanis, Claudio-53 Albertson, Christy-53 Albrecht, Patra-42 Alden, Debra-30 Alexander, Dean-39,67 Alkana, Terryi42,7t Allard, Dennis-42,70 Allen, Ken-42 Allen, Patricia-42 Alliston, Sandy-53 Alpers, Charles-23,63 Alpert, Liryzla-30 Amandus, Jim-30 Ambrusini, Tony--39 Anacker, Craig-30 Anani, Gerald-53 Andersen, Kevin-42 Anderson, Christopher-42 Anderson, Jim-42 Anderson, Mark-42 Anderson, Rachelle-39 Anderson, Ronald-30,23 Anderson, Steve-42 Andrews, Nancy-30 Antaky, Mitchell-53 Anthony, Doug-30 Aresty, Jetfrey+42 Ariczo, Steve-70 Armbuster, Mike-39 Armenoff, Ron-42 Armiia, Concetta-42 Armstrong, Diana-42,5 Arnott, Kathy-42 Arouesty, Ray-30,23 Artz, Jeffrey-43 Arvizo, Bruce-43 Atkinson, Les-30 Auerbach, Helene-30 Aurich, Sherri-43 Ausman, Ralph-53,71 Austin, Sydney-30 Autenrieth, Robert Baca, Larry-39,24 Bacarella, Gary-30 Bach, John-30 Bachelis, Jay--43 Badger, Debbie-43 Badovinac, Dan-30 Baerwitz, Lee-30 Babtkis, Randy-39,75,74,24 Bail, Alan-43 Bain, Frank-30,72 Bakef, Joette-39 Baker, Linda-39 Boker, Teresa-30 Balderas, Suzanne-43 Bolikov, Jolie-53 Ball, Kevin-43,67 Ball, Roger-30 Ballard, Hollace-43,22 Bammer, Lisa-43 Bandy, James-30,22 Bones, Rebecca-43 Banning, Mark-43 Bardell, Vicky-30 Bardwell, Vance-43 Barker, Karen-43 Barker, Randy-3O,63,o2,92 Barnum, Bruce-30,70 Bastone, Michelle-43 Bates, Richard-43 Bauer, Bill-30,22 Bautista, Albert-53,71 Baxter, Mark-43 Bayless, Jim-30 Bayn, Beverly-30 Beaufait, Lynda-30 Beck, Barbara-43 Beck, Deborah-39,24 Becker, Patti-30 Beckman, Richard-30,69 Beebe, Cindy-30,22 Beinfield, Danna-43 Bellesiles, Mark-30 Bellesiles, Michael-53 Bellis, Juli-43 Bemis, Alann-39 Benedetto, Allan-43 Benett, Jill-30 Benham, Debi--43 Benitz, Ralph-30 Bennett, Joan-30 Benton, Dan-30 Benton, Prudence-39 Benveniste, Debbw3O Berger, Ronald-43 Berghammer, Robert--43,69 -78 Index Organizations Conquistadores-28 Drama-l 8 El Corazon Staff-22 Faculty-76 Girls' Athletic Association-20 Berinstein, Bonnie.-53 Bernard, Claire-43 Bernath, Leslie-43 Betenson, Julie-43 Bialick, Lisa-53 Bialick, Richard-30 Bickel, Melinda-43 Bickert, Madelyn-30 Bieler, Sandra-53 Bills, Linda-30 Bingham, Renee-43 Biondo, Mary-30 Bischoff, Susan-53 Black, Mike-30 Blaney, John--43 Blasman, Wayne-39 Block, Nancy-30 Blumenkron, Dave Blonder, Jeff-30,69 Boberick, Mark-A3 Bockman, Michael-30,18 Bodack, Darlene-30 Boggus, Debi-30 Boggus, Patricia-53 Boinus, Alan-53 Bomelburg, Lu-43 Bouchez, Marcel-43 Bonelli, Dominic-30 Bonswor, Mary-30 Boone, James-30 Boone, John-43,69,68 Booth, Tim-30,67 Borden, Thomas-53,66 Bordonaro, Sue-43 Borik, David-43,66 Borisoff, Dave-66 Borts, Leonard-30 Barts, Sandra-53 Bosse, Marianne-43 Bostoter, Terri-39 Bostrup, Gary-53 Sostrup, J. Renee-30 Bothwell, Suzanne-30 Boudreau, L. Alon-30 Boyce, Melinda-3O,23,5,75, 74,92 Boyd, Melinda-30 Boyle, Lorraine-43 Brainard, Gary-30 Brantley, John-43,70 Braun, Ellen-39 Brigham, Candle-30 Brislin, Sharon-53 Brodie, Charles-30 Brodsky, Diane-30,24 Bronstein, Cheryl-30 Brooks, Jennifer-30 Brooks, Terry Ann-39 Brown Beverly-30 Brown, Brad--43 Brown, Cecelia-30,22 Brown, Cynthia-43 Brown, Karen-43,18 Brown, Kaye-43 Brown Mary Ann-43 Brown: Gail-53 Brown Kristina-43 Brown: Scott-43 Bruckman , Don-70 Buccelli, John-43 Burnin, Denise-30 Burchill, Roy-30 Burgin, Eric-43 Burkette, Garyk39 Burhette, Bill-43 Burns, Barbara-43 Burns, Kathy-30 Burns, Vivian-43 Burowick, Nancee-53 Burr, James-53 Burrell, Richard-43 Burrow, Neil-31 Burrow, Scott-43,71 Burt, Bill-.31 Burwell, Brooke-43 Bush, Sue-43 Bustamante, Linda-31 Butcher, Janice-43 Butler, Sue-39 Calkins, Edward-53,70 Cameron , Dave-43 Cameron, Malcolm-31,70 Camp, Corey-31 Campbell, Dennis-43 Canning, Mark-43,70 Capadagli, Debby-43 Caplan, Barry-39 Caplan, Richard-39,75,74,2 Caraco, Daryl-3l Corlot, Theodore Carlberg, Neil-53 Carle, Gordon-43,69 Carlin, Cathy-31 Carlisle, Tom-31,65 Carlson, Craig-31,66 Carlton, Dave-31 Carlton, Magaret-43 Carmichael, Karen-43 Carpenter, Robert-53 Carson, Clinton--31 Cartabiano, Beth-53 A Golf--73 Gymnastics-68 Kings Courier-23 Leadership-24 Orchestra-26 General Index Cortabiano, Jeanne Carter, Candy-53 Casagrande, Tim-31 Case, Sherry-3l Casler, Richard-31,73 Casper, Dorina-43 Casper, Mike-43 Cass, Paul-53 Cassidy, Diane-31 Castenholz, Nancy-31 ,lB Castonguay, Pam Cather, Steven-43 Catland, Maureen-A3 Caylor, Jodi-43 Chalk, Wendy-44 Chamberlain, Penny-3l Chamberlan , Scott-31 Chantland, Marguerite-44 Charles, Daniel-53,69 Charles, Dave-31 Chase , Robertilil Chater, Karel-31 Chatow, Phil-53 Chave z, CarolineN44 Childs, Mike-31 Chitty , RobertH44 Christenson, Earl-31 Christman, John-44,70 Circo, Gary-54 Clark, Bruce-31 Clarke, Dean-31 Clayton, Richard-31 Cleme Cobb- ns, Jan-40 Adams, John-40 Coe, David-A4,65 Coffman, Joseph-54 Coffman, Tim-44,66 Cofsky, Judi-44 Coghian, James-31 Cohee, Richard-44,73 Cohen Cohen Cohen , Barry-3i ,65 , Debraafil , Judy-31 Cohen, Rachel-4O,23,5 Cohen Cole, Colem Roberta-23 ark-31 an, Jim-54 M Collins, Mark-31 Colpit ts, Jeanne-40 Combs, Richard-40,67 Comerchero, Scott-54 Conkli n, Bob-44 Connell, Casey-AO Conner, Rick-40 Constantine, Steve-31 ,67,6 Confreras, David-3l ,70,7l Cook, Cook, Sherry-31 Vaughn--31 Cooke, David-44,72 Cooke, Pete-31 Cooper, Mark-44,70 Cornelius, David-44 Corey, Rose Anne-44 Corner, Michael-54 Corwin, Susan-44 Costin, Richard-44 Courington, Cherylf44 Cowan, Connie-44 Cowan, Richard-7l Cowan, Robert-40 Craft, Chris-'31 Craft, Dave-44 Craft, Jeff-31 Crandall, Debra-40 Cranstone, Debbie-40 Crate, Bobbie-31 Crawford, Denisi3l Creekmore, Jayne-40 Crockett, Nancy-31 Crook David-31 Cross, Chris-31,63 Crossrnan, Carol-44,20 Crossrnan, Michael-31 Crouse, David-44 Cucura, John-54 Culp, Leslie-31 Cunha, Eileen-54 Cunningham, Cheryl-3 Cunningham, Jim-44 I Cusick, Doug-31 Cutler, Sheri-54 Dambach, Debbie-40 Dapel Darne lo, Cheryll-44 ll, Thomas-31 Davey, Trish-44 David son, Rick-31 Davies, Gary-44 Davis, Beverleieriri Davis, Georgia-31 Davis, Phil-54 Davis, Tim-71 Davis, Vicki-44 Davison, Debi-54 Day, Douglas-31 Day, William-54 Dean, Pa tty-31 Deaux, Fred-32 Deaux, Louis-32,66 Debilzan, Sheryl-44 De Bono, Carl-32 Decke r, Amy-54 9 Deibel, Vikki-32 De La France, Tom-54,65 De Lang, Jennifer-40 Della Rossa, Patricia-44,5, 75,74 De Mario, Deborah-54 Demb, Robert-44 Deme, Cheryl-40 Demorest, Jon-54,66 Depew, Janice-32 Descher, Mike-44,70 De Simone, Lillian-44 Detgen, Randy-32 Dettaas, Juliette-32 Dettman, Anne-32 Deutsch, Roberta-32 Dickard, Jim-32 Dickinson, Vikki-54 Diehl, Mike-32,69 Dillner, Douglas-44 Dillon, Mark-32 Dilmore, John-32 Doell, Christina-44 Doerfler, Steve--32 Doherty, Debbie+'32 Doherty, Valerie-44 Dolan, Anne-44,23 Dollarhyde, Greg-32 Donnelly, James-32 Dorfman, Barry-32 Dorn, Jeanne-32 Dorsey, Richard-32 Doty, Debbie-44 Dougherty, Dave-44 Downing, Robert-40,72 Downs, Michele-32 Drazich, Elizabeth-32 Drennan, Debra-44 Drummond, Scott-40 Drutrnan, Linda-32 Dugas, Wendy-44 Dulaney, Phil-44 Dumenigo, Jay-54,69 Duque, Martha-32,44 Dunlop, Bryan-32 Duque, Carol-32 Dunne, David-32 Durbin, Dan-44 Dutton, Bill-32 Duval, Clark-44 Dworsky, Daria-32 Dyer, Kathy-44 Dyior, Thomas-32 Dykes, David-44,63 Eaker, Rick--32,22 Eberle, Jan-54 Eberle, Judith-32,24 Eckert, Carol-44 Eckland, Nina-44 Edwards, Tim-54,70 Egelko, Nancy-32 Ehrlich, Timothy-54 Eichenbaum, Steve-40,71 Eifer, Laurie-32 Eigler, Donald-40 Ek, Alex-32 Elliott, Cheryl-44 Elliott, Heather-44 Elliott, Laura-44 Ellis, David-44 Ellis, Judith-32 Ellis, Susan-32 Engberg, Eric-32 Engel, Ellery-32 Engelbreit, Johnna-40 Englert, Colette-32 Erpelding, Vicki-32,2390 Ethell, Leslie-32,90 Eubanks, Craig-40,69 Eusanio, Debbe--32 Evans, Charlotte-32 Evidon, Mark-32 Evreats, Roger--32,71 Ewing, Lesley-44 Fair, Denise-32 Fair, Ron-44 Fainor, Scott-44 Farb, Leslie-44 Farber, Chuck-54 Farber, Janice-40 Fargo, Kathleenh32,4,5,28, 74 Farm, Jeff-40 Faron, Cher-32 Farrar, Chris-32,24 Farrar, Kim-44 Farrell, Brian-44 Feiereisen, Leo-44 Feldman, Patricia-54 Felsrnan, John-32,72 Fiala, Ronald-44 Fiden, David-H32 Fiden, Patty-44 Fields, Lorraine-44 Fields, Renny-44,66 Fineman, Larry-54 Fink, Ken-54,66 Finkelstein, David-44 Ficucell, David-44 Finnerty, Don-32,70 Fiore, Terry-54 75, Song Leaders-74 Speech-I 6 Swimming-71 Tennis-72 Track-67 Firth, Tom-32 Fish, Robert-32 Fisher, Wendy-44 Fitzsimmons, Neale-32 Flaherty, Jeanne-44 Fleck, David-32 Fleming, Rebecca-32 Fletcher, Scott-44 Flores, Edward-40 Flares, Rick-44 Floth, Sue-54 Flucke, Gerald-33 Fogelman, Nancy-45 Fonfa, Lynn-45 Forbes, Duncan-45 Forsyth, Mike-AO Fournier, Jan-45 Fowler, Julie-45 Fox, Andy-54 Fox, Gary-54 Fox, Laurie-33,18 Fox, Nancy-54 Fax, Stuart-40 Froker, Dan-45 Frank, Dave-45 Frank, Jay-54 Frary, Robin-40 Frazier, Jeff-45,65 Fredrickson, Doyle-45 Freed, Mark-45 Freund, Ellen-45 Frost, Richard-33 Fry, Dennis-54,71,24 Fuller, Jayne-45 Futterrnan, Sue-45,23 Fuqua, Rob-40 Fuzzell, Pamela-45 Galbreath, Dan-40,65 Gale, Rhonda-45,24 Gallegos, Pat-45 Ganon, Steve-45,71 Ganz, Janet-33 Garaas, Phil-33 Gard, Karen-45 Gardner, Paul-40,69 Gaston, Steve-33 Gates, Debbie-33 Gearhart, Bruce-33 Gearhart, Ginger-33 Gediman, Denise-45 Gehl, Jeff-45 Gemorr , Johanna-45 Gensl' f, John-40,70 Gers' Jn, Sheri-45 Get , Linda-54 Gitten, Peggy-45 Gillespy, Gordon-45 Gilmore, Jim-45,65 Gira, Nancy-33 Girl, Vickie-40 Glaser, Pat-40 Glasgow, Dana-45 Glezerman, Gail-40,23 Glick, Bob-45 Glickman, Beth-33 Gockel, Chris-45 Gold, Kerry-45,66 Gold, Scott-33 Goldberg, Mark-45 Goldman, Gerald-40 Goldman, Mark H.-33 Goldman, Stephen-45 Goldstein, David-33 Goldstein, Leslie-45 Goldwasser, Joan-54 Goltz, Beverly-45 Gomez, Gary-40 Gonzalez, Pat-45 Gooch, Stacey-45,24 Goode, Rocky-45,65,64 Goodman, Edra-45 Goodman, Jeri-40 Goodwin, Beth-40 Goodwin, Peter-I8 Gordon, Sandra-40 Gorzynski, Tom-45,71 Gottschalk, Mariorie-33 Gozur, Diana-33,20 Gracie, Paul-45 Graff, Larry-33 Graham, Curtis-45,24 Granger, Janice-40 Gray, Bob-40 Gray, Doug-33,67 Gray, GeorgrP33 Gray, Judy-45 Gray, Mark-54 Gray, Robert-45 Green, Dan-33,69 Green, Kathleen-45 Green, Keith-45 Green, Michelle--54 Greenberg, Lenare-33 Greenfield, Diane-54 Greening, Elizabeth--45 Greenleaf, Lynne-40 Gregory, Barb-33 Grell, Jeff-45 Grieve, Lesli-45 Griffin, Donald-33 Reeder, Steven-42 Griffith, Kevin Lynn-33 Grosher, Juli-33 Grossnickiaus, Randy-33 Grote, Jeannette-33 Grote, William-45 Guerroro, Ray-54 Guida, Frank-45 Gallenson, Steve-33 Guravitz, Robin-33,24 Gustafson, Randy-45 Gutell, Wayne-54 Guy, Rick-33 Habif, Stephanie-40 Hacker, Paul-45,70 Haig, Laurie-45 Hallam, Roberta-33 Hallas, Dave-54 Hallas, Diane-33 Halloran, Kathi-33 Halpert, Lesliew45,69 Halter, Gary-33 Halter, Richard-66 Hamilton, Brad-45 Hamilton, Tom-33 Hampton, Manica-45 Handel, Ted-54 Hankins, Kelly-45 Hanna, Gary-45 Hansen, Kris-40 Hansen, William-45,66 Hanson, Dale-54 Harless, Robert-54 Harma, Robert-40 Haroldsen, Douglas-45,7l Harrington, Roy-54 Harrington, Sherry-46 Harris, Anne-40,24 Harris, Jill-33 Harris, Jordan-46 Hasan, Jerry-46 Haskins, Phil-40 Hassig, Ellen-40 Hassig, Paul-46,65 Hauch, Randy-46 Haveter, Steve-46,65 Hawel, Leo-46 Haycock, Mark-46 Hayden, Keith-40 Hayes, Ed-66 Hechter, Gary-33 Hector, Kim-46 Hedger, Eric-33 Heinlen, Kirk-46 Heitman, Kathy-40 Heller, Sherry-33 Hemenway, David-54,67 Henderson, Chuck-54 Henderson, Heidi-46 Henigman, Robin-A6 Henley, Terri-33 Hennessy, Mike-54 Henri, Richard-33,66 Henson, Sue-33 Herdan, Robyn-46 Hernandez, George-46 Hertzberg, Wendy-33 Heselius, Paul-40 Hewitt, Suzanne-33 Heyes, Steve-54 Heyman, Faith-54 Heytow, Nancy-33 Hickerson, Pamela-40,4,5,28, 75,74 Hiegert, Gary-33,66 Hight, Christine-46 Hirsch, Bruce-40 Hislop, David-33 Hoche, Carolyn-46 Hochenedel, David-46,66 Hochenedel, Kathleen-33 Hochman, Deborah-33 Hodges, Sydney-46 Hodgkinson, Susan-46 Hoehn, Diana-46 Hoffman, Ann-46 Hoffman, George-46 Hoffman, Jo Anne-54 Hoffman, Larry-33 Hoffman, Neil-46 Hoffman, Peggy--33 Hoglund, Steve-33 Hogston, Sue--40 Holanov, Susan-40,2223 Holdeman, Sue-40 Hollander, Mitchell-46 Holmes, Lawrence-33,18 Horch, Suzanne-46 Houle, Debbie-4l Howard, Patrice-46 Howe, Nancy-46 Hudson, Marilyn-Al Hughes, Holly-46 Hughes, Steven-54 Huffman, Clyde-46 Hulen, Scott-54 Hull, Mark-33 Huntsberry, Debra-33 Hustad, Holly-46 Hutchins, Lee--34 lnotomi, Linda-34,24 Ingle, Bob-41 lnglis, Steve-34 Inglis, Terry-54,69 Isaac, Wesley-34 Isbell, Joni-54 lvaniack, Bob-54,66 lvaniack, Tom-34 Jablonski, Debra-46 Jackson, Greg-46 Jackson, Lynda-46 Jackson, Rick-34 Jackson, Sarah-34 Jacobs, Kerry-46,70 Jacobs, Steve-46 Jaffe, Steve-46 Jamba, Terry-46 James, Dennis-46,65 Jamieson, Sandra-54 Jarvis, Tony-34 Jefferson, Cheri-34 Jensen, Bill-34 Jensen, Janie-46 Jensen, Karla-Al Jensen, Pete-34 Jessen, Brian-41 Johnson, Deborah-46 Johnson, Diane-46 Johnson, Donna-34 Johnson, Janet--34 Johnson, Matt-46 Johnson, Nancy-'46 Johnson, Richard-34,66 Johnson, Royal-46 Johnson, Sherlyn-41 Johnson, Shirley-34 Lange, Chuck-34 Lange, Leonard-34 Langiner, Steve-47,72 La Rosa, Donna-47 Larsen, Pete-47,65 La Russell, Christie-47 Lasky, Debbie-47 Louderback, Laurie-4l Lauer, Michelle-34 Lavery, Don--34 Launier, Carol-47 Lavery, Mike-48,69 Meyer, Richard-49 Meyers, Diane-35 Michaels, Bob-41 Migdol, Steve-35 Miller, Betty-49 Miller, Dave-4l ,72 Miller, Linda-55 Miller, Michael-49,65 Miller, Miller, Norma-49 Todd-35 Millington, Chris-55 Millington, Deborah-49 Packer, Louis-55 Paden, Mark-49 Palmer, Jim-36 Palmer, Larry-55 Pandola, Phyllis Pontano, TheresaA-49 Paradise, David-41 Parker, Brad-49 Parker, Joel-36,23 Parkinson, Sue-36 Parks, Laura--49 Parks, Robert-36 Joiner, Cassandra-46 Jones, Barbara-46 Jones, Bob-34 Jones, Jeri-46 Jones, Robert--46 Jones, Wendy-do Jordan, Mike-34,67 Juillard, Jan-46 Kaae, Kenneth-54 Kalick, Wayne-34 Kaczmar, Tim-46 Kaminsky, Diane-46 Kane, Robin-41 Kaplan, Ronald-47,65 Kapor, Jeffrey-47,66 Kapp, Howard-54 Karp, Sharon-47 Katzman, Marlene-47 Kaufman, Debbie-34 Kaufman, Jay-Al Kaufman, Lisa-A7 Kay, Ami-47 Kaylor, Janice-34,24,lo Kaylor, Wendy-54 Keegan, Kathy-47 Keegan, Pat-55 Keiser, Nancyh34 Keller, Paul-47 Kelley, Dennisv-41 ,63,62 Kelly, Joanne-A7 Kelly, Pat Michel-34 Kelly, Patricia-47 Kelly, Steve-34 Kelly, Sue-47 Kendrick, Mike-47 Kendrick, Lorinda-55 Kennedy, Rick-34 Kern, Paul-47 Kessler, Dave-34 Ketchum, Carol-55 Key, Eileenf47 Keyser, Val-41 Keyson, Debbie--47 Kikendall, Janek47 Kikka, Chris-55 Kimmel, Steve-34,66 Kincaid, Nicki-34 Kinney, Debra-47 Kirk, Greg-47 Kirschner, Stevie-47,23 Kiellburg, Judy-34 Kiellman, Barbara-34 Klain, Dennis-47,69 Klamkin, Ilona-47,72 Klein, Bonniei-47 Klein, Janice--55 Klein, Matt-4l ,65 Klein, Wayne-55 Kleinberg, Marian-Al Kleinmann, Diane-34 Kleinschmidt, Elizabeth-34 Klem, Betsy-47 Klentschy, Mary--34 Kline, Lori-55 Klingamen, Mark-47,69 Knight, Glen-34,24,66,67 Knight, ScottA47 Kockler, Ronald-41 Kocsis, Dan-34 Koenig, Eric-M41 Koger, Patti-47 Kohl, Martin-34 Kohli, Lois-47 Kolstad, Sheila-34 Kalsted, Bruce-47 Kontoff, Steve-47 Konigsberg, Janet-55 Korduner, Pam-34 Kosky, Peter-55,72 Koss, Robert-34 Kouba, Jay--34,7O,24 Kouremetis, Kalotina-34 Kouremetis, Poppie-47 Koval, Deborahv34 Kowalick, Larry-47 Koznetz, Eileen-47 Krasnoff, Jacqueline-34 Krasnow, Steve-47,69 Krasnow, Lori-55 Krause, Edward-47,70 Kruss, Randy-47 Kreitzman, JackieY47 Krinsky, Jeff-55,72 Kritzer, Ami-34 Kronenberger, Dawn-47 Krause, Gary--Al ,65 Koviak, Geraldine-47 Krug, Linda-34 Kuebler, Bob'-55,66 Kuether, Bonnie--34 Kuether, Kim-47 Kupersmith, Dan-41 Kurnick, Steve-41 Kwadd, Art-A55 Kwasigroch, Lois-55 La Bree, Barbara-34 La Bier, Linda-34 La Bolle, David-34 La Bolle, Diane-47 Lacoe, Ronald-34,72 LaFayette, Richard-34 Lafferty, Tom-41 Laflash, Chris-47,70 La Frenais, Elizabeth-47 Laidlaw, Bruce-47 Landeen, Jeff-55 Landrum, Brian-34 Landsberg, Debbi-34 Landy, Joe-34 Lane, Robert-47,65 Lane, Sandie Lazio, Frankg48 Leavitt, Ron-55 Leavy, Alan-48,70 Lebow, Dennis-48 Lechleiter, Gay-34 Lee, Doug-48 Lee, John-48 Leeds, Diane--34 Lerghty, Lorettas48 Lenoil, Alexis--55 Lenoil, Mitchell-34 Lenox, Rodney-34,6o,67 Lessing, Jim-48 Levenson, Robert-34 Levi, Tonya-34 Levin, Mike-48,70 Levine, AbbeY3A Levine, Francine-48 Levitsky, DebraA55 Levy, Marc-48,72 Lewis Cheryl-48 Lewis Mark-48 Lewis Michel-34 Lewis, Mona-55 Lewis, Roberta-55 Lewis Wa ne 41 , Y '- Lichtenstein, Cindy-48 Leiberman, Dori-Al Liebert, Alan-35 Liebscher, Cynthia-35 Liedblad, Charles-48 Liedblacl, Philip-35 Light, Elliot-35 Lind, Mike-AB Lindholm, Karenf48 Lindsey, Jim-48,66 Line, Gary-55 Lipson, Jef-48 Little, Donna-48 Livingston, Craig-48,7O,7l Lloyd, Sharon--35 Lloyd, Janet-48 Locke, Karen-48 Loewenthal, Terry--35 Logan, Dan-35,73 Logan, Thomas-55 Lokvam, Doug-55 Lomen, Blaine-35,66 Lopez, Alfred-35 Lopo, Kenv35 Lothridge, Brucea35 Lowe, Bob-48 Lowry, Betty-Al Lubetkin, Jeff-48 Lubow, Gary-35 Lupowitz, Keith-35 Lucas, Arti55,7l Lumpkin, Kevin-Al ,7O Luther, Teri-35 Lynch, Cindy-48 Mabe, William-55 Mack, Keith-48 MacDougall, Steve-73 Mackay, Randall-48 Madill, Gary-35 Maeder, Don-35 Maginusin, Gary-35 Maffia, Doreen-48 Magee, Lindagztl Maglieri, Chris-4l Maier, Barbara-55 Maki, Markk55 Malatesta, Don-48 Malcolm, Kathleen-48 Malek, Jeffrey-55 Malikowski, Ken.-48 Malillo, Neil-55 Malone, Donald-48 Mandigo, Charles-70 Maner, Linda-48,24 Mangano, Marc-48,23 Mangion, Linda-48 Manley, Catherine-35 Manley, Cathy-35 Manley, Pat-418,65 Marder, Andrew-55 Mari, Diana-55 Mark, Sharon-35 Marks, Ted-41 Markowitz, Barry-48,63 Markowitz, Jeff-55,69,68 Markowitz, Monte-41,69 Marks, Debbie-35 Marks, Tom-35 Marsh, Cheri-35,24 Martinez, Pat-35,22 Marvin, Linda-35 Mason, Fay-48 Massarella, Allyn-35 Match, leff-55,72 Matson, Jeff-35 Matteson, Gary-55 Matthies, Tere-4l Maus, Debbie-35 Mayberry, Steven-55,71 Mayfield, KeithA48 Mayle, Diane-48 Mazur, Sherri-35 Meettheis, Rick-48,65 Meiia, Cristina-Al Melcher, Karen-48 Melton, Chris-35 Melton, Pam-35,24 Melville, lan-48,65 Mendenhall, Charles-48 Meneses, Myrna-35 Meneses, Sandi-48 Mercer, Sue-35 Messman, Judy-48 Metzler, Paul-48 Mills, RobertM49 Miner, David-35 Minnick, Claudia-49 Minson, David-49 Mintz, David-49,70 Mintz, Gary-35 Mirkin, Lance-35,66 Mischel, Robert-49,69 Mischler, Marilyn-35 Miscione, Rene-35,23 Mitchell, Kathy-49 Mittry, Craig--66 Mohlenkamp, Julie-35 Montague, Karen--35 Molitor, Patty-49 Moller, Janf49 Montgomery, Suzannef49 Mongrain, Steve-35,73 Monheim, Marty-49 Montague, Karen-35 Montalva, William-55 Montana, Kim-49 Montana, Mark-35 Monteleone, Charlene-55 Montenegro, Lisa-49 Moody, Barbara-49 Moore, Melodi-55 Moore, Barbara-35 Moran, Pat-Al Morgan, Norris-49 Morgan, Laurent-A9 Morrison, Diane-49 Morrow, Ann-35 Morse, Karen-35 Morse, Kathi-49 Morton, Roger-35 Morton, Suzanne-55 Moser, Kenneth-35,23 Moss, Monique-35 Mostyn, Nina-35 Moyer, Virginia-49 Muhleman, Douglas-55 Mulligan, Joan-49 Mullis, Melodyv55 Mumert, Melinda-55 Murphy, Carol-36 Murray, Breena-36 Murray, Jo-36 McAlevey, David-48 McBurney, Leslie-35 McClellan, Robert-35 McClintick, Suzanne-48 McClung, Robin-35 McCullough, Loretta-48 McCullough, Marianne-48 McDonald, Don-48 McDonald, Robert-41 McDonough, John-55 McElligott, Kathleen-48 McElrath, Robert-48,66 McKenzie, Dana-35 McKercha r, June-55 McKibban, Thomas-48 McKnight, Kimella-48 McLendon, Bruce-35 McMahon, Mike-35 McManus, Sharon-48 Mcivlullens, Jeff--35 McNally, Bill-55 McNally, Cathy-35 Nate, Debbie-49 Nation, Robert-49 Naugle, Debra-49 Nebeker, Debbie-49 Neider, Dennis-49 Neill, Barbara Nelson, Bruce-49 Nelson, Gary-49 Nelson, Glen-36 Neufeld, Vickie-36 Newcomb, Marsha-36 Newkoff, Marcie-49 Newman, Stephanie-41 Neymark, Allan-49 Nichols, Erica-41 Nicklas, Janice-49 Nicolas, Monica-55 Niedzieiko, David--55 Niedzieiko, Linda-36 Nielson, Diana-55 Norton, Nanci--49 Nosseck, Debra-55 Nosseck, Sheryl-36 Novak, Howard-55 Nuernberg, lngrid-36 O'Berman, Mike-49 O'Brien, Frank-49 O'Brien, Maureen-55 O'Connell, Jim-49 O'Connor, Kathleen-49 Ofria, Marie-41 O'Gara, Kathy-55 Oiala, Jon-41 Old, Sue-41 Ollenburg, James-49,73 Olsen, Gary-49 Olson, Craig-41,67 Olson, Kim-36 Olson, Sue-36 O'Neil, Nancy-36 Openlander, Lori-49 Opperman, Floyd-49,22 O'Rourke, Maureen-49 Orphan, Madge-41 Otis, Patti-36 Otis, Sue-41 Owens, Lynn-49 Owens, Sharon-49 Pace, Steven-4l ,73 Pacheco, John-36,22 Pachter, Nancy-41 Parsons, Jim-49 Paquette, Ron-36,23 Pavelka, Michael-55,69 Paylow, Dennis-36 Pazurek, William-36,69 Peacock, Debbie-55 Pearce, Diana-49 Pearson, Denise-36 Pearson, Richard-55 Pedretti, Don-56 Peel, Bob-4l Peralta, Anne-36 Peralta, Joe-36 Perel, Trudy-56 Perkins, Debbie-49 Perkins, Dean-36,73 Perlmutter, Linda-49 Perlsweig, Jeanne-56 Perock, Bob-36 Perry, Alan-49 Perry, Diane-4l Perry, Janis-56 Perry, Karen-4 Perry, L. Katherine-49 Perry, Robert-36 Peters, Deborah-36 Peters, Venessa-49,4,5,28,75 74 Petersen, Jay-50 Petersen, Jeffrey-36 Peterson, Bill-36 Peterson, Mark-50 Petrella, Richard-41 Petiat, Chuck-50 Pettibone, John-50 Pfeiffer, Gary-50 Phetteplace, Debbie-41 Phillips, Linda-36 Piccot, Steve-50 Peirce, Sherrill-50 Pietrolungo, Peter-41 Pike, Susan-41 Pinter, Diane-50 Piper, Gregory-50,65 Piscitello, Cynthia-50 Piszor, Sue-50 Phelan, Michael-50 Plank, Kathie-50 Planz, Kathy-50 Plough, Steffani-50 Poche, Gloria-56 Poellot, Maraleen-50 Polacek, Gary-36 Polk, Ken-36 Porter, Arlene-36 Porter, Jim-50,67 Posa, Thomas-36 Power, Dan-70 Prescott, Larry-4l Priesthoff, Steve-50 Priesthoff, Victoria-36 Prince, Valerie-436 Pudwill, Diane-50 Pudwill, Judy-36 Putnam, Robert-36 Quaintance, Stacey-Al Quinn, Patric-36 Quinodes, Albert-36 Quist, Karen-50 Radon, Ellen-50 Raeder, Randall-56,69 Raes, Jill-50 Rago, Theresa-36,22 Raines, Elizabeth-36 Roisor, Patricia-56 Ramage, Randy-56 Rangel, Helene-36 Rangel, Joanna-50 Ranstrom, Bob-36 Raphael, Cyril-36 Rasmussen, Julie-50 Ray, Charlene-436,23 Raymond, John-36 Rea, Mary-36 Reading, A. Scott-36 Reaver, Gayle-50 Reback, Judi-56 Redd, Reed, Patricia-36,19 Pamela-50 Reeve, Trisha-56 Reeves, Randall-56 Regan, R on-50 Reichman, Jeff--36 Reiley, Terence-56,72 Reitz, Eri Reitz, Pa c-5 O mela-36 Relyea, Steve-36 Ressegge Rettig, D r, William-56 ebra-42 Reynolds, Caprice--36 Reynolds , Cathie-36 Reza, Ma rk-50 Rheaume, Laura-56 Rhoades, Frank-56 Rhoades, John-56 Ribail, Richard-42 Richards, Sally-36 Richards, Sandie-37 Ricnards, Thomas-50 Richardson, R. Steven-37 Richardson, Tom-37 Richter, Mark-37 Ridder, Wilhelmina-37 Rieders, Dan-56 Rieders, Nancy-37 Riggen, Dave-37 Rike, Randy-37 Rippel, Denise-50 Ritenour, Jan-42 Ritter, Bob-56,2-4,66 Rivos, Marilyn--50 Rizzo, Rita-56 Robbins, Barbara-50 Robbins, Jim-37 Robbins, Ron-37 Roberson, Michele-56 Robinson, Jamie-37 Robinson, Laurie-37 Robinson, Sharonk56 Roch, Eilleen-50 Rogers, Charlet-50 Rohlfs, Pam-37 Romo, Charlene-50 Rooney, Colleen-37 Roper, Vicki-37 Rose, Cathiei37 Rose, Ed-42,67 Rose, Leslieg5O Rose, Rick-37,73 Rosen, Alan-50 Rosen, Bruce-42,24 Rosenberg, Joel-50 Rosenbloom, Don-56,66 Rosenthal, Davida-56 Rosenthal, Karen+5o Rosenthal, Neal-50 Ross, Susana42,22 Rowberg, Brian--37 Rowe, Terry-37 Rowland, Kevin-37,65 Rubin, Janice-50 Ruckel, Laura-42 Rudkin, Sue-37 Rudolf, Garyg5o,69 Ruehr, Carol-50 Ruggieri, Bob-50 Rusk, Cynthia-'37 Russo, John-50 Rutiz, Richard-50,72 Russett, Markf5o Ryan, Craig-37,62 Ryckman, David-50 Sabaline, Paul-50 Sachanko, Barbara--50 Sacks, David-SO Saez, Carols-50 Saffron, Michael-37 Salke, Steve-50 Solvay, Lynda-50 Samuels, Dave-42 Samuelson, Cynthia-56 Sanchez, Debbie-50 Sands, Gary-50 Sanna, Marcia-42 Santo Maria, Pattyf5l Savage, Johnv37,65 Savlan, Jack-56 Savvlok, Andrew-Sl Schaub, Sandy-5l Schenker, Barbara-'37 Schlom, Barry--37,l6 Schulte, Barbara-51 Schulte, Sue-37 Schwartz, Jacqueline-56 Schwartz, Larry-42 Schwartz, Susan-WA? Seal, Linda-37 Searls, Jamesf37,66 Sechrist, Steve-51,24 Seflinger, Carolh37 Sellers, Paulo-Sl Seltzer, Andrea-51 Seltzer, Stephanie-5l Sesar, Jeffrey-37 Seversen, Randi56,7O Shapiro, Elenf5o Shaw, Marco-37 Shepp, Ed-Sl Sherbourne, Cheri-5l Sherbourne, Janetf37 Sherman, Lee-5l Sherwin, Susana-42 Shevrck, Larry-42 Shirley, Richard-Sl Shirley, Robing5l Shoemaker, Debra-51 Schulman, Andy-42 Sidenberg, Nancyf5l Sidenberg, Sheila-37 Siegel, Jody-37 Siegrist, Gail-5l Silbert, Lucy-42 Silver, DianeA5l Silverberg, Jeff-56 Silverman, Don-37 Silverman, Merle-51 Silverstein, Mona-37 Simmons, Lindaf42,5l Simpson, Cindy-37 Sinclair, Jim-42 Singer, Tina-42 Skidmore, Raymond-37 Skinner, Sally-42 Sloan, Ronaldf56 Slocum, Debra-37 Slocum, Stephanie-56 Smalley, Karen-37 Smiley, Don-42,66 Smith, Bill-66 Smith, Carl-51 Smith, Cathy-37 Smith, Cynthia-37 Smith, Dana-Sl Smith, Garyi5l Smith, Randi-37,72 Smith, Rebecca-A2 Smugor, Mikei37,23 Snoeck, Bonnie-56 Snyder, David-5l Snyder, Nancy-Sl Soler, Ellen-37 Soler, Jeff-5l ,63 Solomon, Joel-42 Spelman, Marti-Sl Sperd, Robert-38 Sperry, Craig-38 Spielman, Roger-5l Spilak, Pam+5l Spitzer, Corine-38 Sprunger, Kirk-38 Sprunger, Patricia-51 Staot, Barbara-5l Stader, Peter-56 Stahlheber, John-56 Starr, Mark-38 Staub, Shari-38,23 Steadman, Diane-51 Steen, Johna42 Stefan, Garryi38 Steffensen, Scottf56 Steinberg, Jeff-51 Steinbrueck, Karen-38 Steinman, Aaron-So Sreponsky, Normangfio Sterling, Bob-51 Stern, Greg-38,73 Sterner, Davei5l Sterns, Barbara-38 Stevens, Chris-Sl Stevens, Sharon-5l Stockwell, Bettye-51 Stoddard, Patricia-Sl Stokes, Patrice-38 Stone, Diane-5l Stone, Laura-5l Stoolman, Ron-56 Stopol, Richardvfil Stormes, Mark-38 Stott, Aranea-42 Stratford, LindaA5l Storud, Pam-38 Stunz, Pamela-38 Stunz, Paula-38 Stuart, Nancy-Sl Sturiole, Rrta--38 Suarez, Paula-38 Sullentrop, Glennf5l Sullivan, Candy-38 Summers, Cynthia-Sl Summers, Dan-51 Sutton, Ron-52 Swanson, Steve'-38 Swartz, Jule-52 Sweet, Terri-52 Swenserr, Charlotte-52 Toaffe, Susan-52 Taber, Steve--52 Taggart, Tom-52 Takorran, John-56,72 Tollman, Cyndee-38 Tanowitz, Jack-52 Tate, Marcus-38 Tate, Steven-42 Taylor, Debbie-52 Taylor, Laurie-42 ,eo Thomas, Doug-38 Thomas, Wendy-38 Thompson, Ken-56,66 Thompson, Marianne-38 Th5mpson, Gareth-52 Thor, Mike-52 Timmerman, John-38 Todd, Tim-52,66 Tolleth, David-38,70 Topol, Marilyn-38 Tracewski, Henry-38 Trench, Linda-38,23 Trent, Denise-52 Trevina, lsidrof-52 Troll, Marcus-56 Tuber, Janice-56 Tunick, Lawrence-52 Turner, Dennis-38 Tutelman, John-38 Tutor, Ellen-56 Tydeman, Stuart-56 Ulis, Caryn-56 Uran, Gary-38,69,68 Van Buren, Marcia-38 Van Cleave, Danaf52 Vandea Bossche, Valerie-38 Vanderbush, Cheri-38,7 Vander Horck, Don-38 Vander Horck, Montelf52 Vanderputten, Willem Vander Veer, Greg-42 Vanis, John-52 Vanis, Kathleen-38 Van Klaveren, Mary-52 Van Laningham, Debbie-52 Van Loon, Mario-52 Van Glooten, Mike-52 Vaughan, Mike-42 Vehige, Mary-38 Venarde, Mike-52 Veres, Jim-52 Vicioso, Victoria-38 Vickers, Lisa-52 Vignes, Deborah-38 Vlasak, Chris-52 Vlasak, Steve-38 Von Ladav, Nancie-52 Vroman, Dan-38 Wagner, Carol-56 Wales, Gary-42,66 Walker, Jean-3B Walker, Larry-52,66 Walker, Laura-52 Walker, Marcia-38,2320 Wallace, Debbie-52 Wallace, John-32,70 Walsh, Barbara-52 Walsh, Cynthia-52 Walsh, John-38 Waltmire, Melanie-52 Wanamaker, Debbie-53 Ward, Harry-52,63 Webster, Debra-52 Wedner, Laurie-52 Weiner, Michelle-42 Weinsheink, Helene-52 Weiser, Joycef39 Weisman, Jane-39 Wersh, Elyse-52 Werkheisser, Deborah-39 Weston, Laurie-39 Wetherbee, David-56 Wexler, Stuart.-39 Wheeler, Davei42 White, R, Bruce-52 Whitehead, Buffie-56 Whitney, Ron-52 Whitney, Theodore-52,70 Whittington, Paula-39 Wichert, Janet-52 Wichman, Richard-39 Widiger, Mark-39 Wike, Anne-52 Wilcox, Cecelia-52 Wilcox, .ludyw52 Wilhelm, George-42 Wilkinson, Michael-52,70 Willard, Andy-39,24 Williams, Joe-52 Williby, Janet-39 Willis, Carol Ann-39 Wilson, Janise-52 Wilson, Jennifer-39 Wilson, Richard-39 W msatt, Sue-53 Winick, Mike-53 Winkler, Sharon-56 Winter, Blair-42 Winzeles, Roberta-56 Wise, Kevin-39 Wise, Rick-53,66 Wohl, Marshall-39 Wolf, Dennis-39,65 Wolf, Robert-53 Wolff, David-56,24 Wood, Kathy-39 Woodfield, Jerry-53 Woodfield, Scott-39 Woods, David-39 Woods, Robert-53 Woolbright, Debi-53 Wbolever, Jon-69 Wright, Jeff-53,63 Wright, Sondra-42 Wright, Wendy-53 Wynns, Tom453 Yadlosky, Paula-39 Yorber, Jennifer-53 Yosim, Robin-53 Yurick, Lisanne-53 Zacks, Ellen-53 Zacks, Steve-53 Zawell, Clifford-56 Zimmerman, Garry-39 Zimmerman, W.-53 Schluenz, Ken--37 Schmidt, Biarne-37 Schmidt, Claire-56 Schmidt, Jan-37 Schaeny, Timothy--51,63 Schubert, Julie-56 Schubert, Michael-37 Schulman, Melinda---37 Activities Editors: Holly Ballard Cecelia Brown Conquistadores Editor: Larry Shevick Index Editor: Cindy Beebe Sports Editor: Randy Barker Staff Writers: Solomon, Susan-51 Soroky, Deborah-56 Sorrell, Candy-42 Souden, Nedrah38 Sparocio, Roger-56 Speer, Cynthia-51 Speer, Dennis--Sl Spellman, Howardh38 l969 El Corazon Staff Editor-ln-Chief Sue Hol Rick Eaker, Barbara Moore, Floyd Opperman, Terri Rago, Susan Ross Sponsor: Fred Obrecht CIFTOV Closing Editor: Jim Bandy Faculty Editor: Bill Bauer Opening Editor: File Clerk: Holly Ballard Photographers: Wasney, Cynthia-39,23 Watmore, Vicki-52 Watson, Roger-67 Wouchope, Susan-39 Waugh, Susan-39 Weaver. Rick--52 Webb. Monica-39 Webb, Russell-39,66 Taylor, Roger-A2 Taylor, Tarona-52 Teel, PotA52 Teel, Tom-38 Telford, James-52 Thayer, Heidi-52 Thiele, Art-42 Tholen, Jim-56,63 zank, Lyrewso Zrnk, Sara-53 Ziolko, Karen-39 Zisscr, Goylon-53,63 Zitron, Harvey-39 Zanachi, Roseanne-23 Zuber, Phill--53 Zukin, Robin-53 Acknowledgements El Camino Real's 1969 El Corazon staff would like to express its deep appreciation to the many people who made publishing a yearbook this semester possible: Mr. Ralph .lessen and the Taylor Publishing Company, White's Studio photographer Mr. Jerry Magalian, nom- yearbook writers Sue Futterman, Gail Glezerman, Debra Kinney and Ken Polk: non-yearbook photographers Larry Baca, Larry Graff and Marc Mangano. Head-Howard Spellman, Rick Ea ker, Floyd Opperman, John Pacheco Special Mention: The Chicken Delight Branch of Woodland Hills -1 I I ,I I 4 X 1 l 'fu , "fr 'Iv 8 J. X I 4 I - 2 , I , I A' - V 1 . I I . ' Z 1 00 I 4 X "Fa -'-'xv ffzoixoxd 95 -- C . - f X ,iff-" - ' f . -"' ,X AAL! 'J X, 1 kkfr gun-v - Y ' ' A ,f H "' I ,- A X X 35664: W fI 44 . 1, ' I I I 2 ..-. . ff! pf' IX ,I I , ff I N f' 'CJ f'fQ :fy 4 5 4 4-5 , fggigff M594 xx - , Z ' 1 W f X X 4 I. J I Up. X 4 4 ,wf f ' ,O I Q N4 11 4 - ,V ' 940 xx Q L . I ,Y V, I K xv ff vreef- Q iff ,f I yr! , ,I ow, 'E' I b fy J I . 45? . 5' 9- I . ff , 1 I 4 Vfjgf If XI 4' ' XX XX 1 ,ff 1 ' M N 4 4 B qoofff' I X I f X, ' I 4 L v X, X II . Na 1. I -3, if I1 . XB: E' ' I ,GL I B. f'.,s91 5 I N J - ,W ,Q ffnc NX 4 I ' , jf V ' XX XII EX 4 4 QQ- Mwxd 53, ' 'QM W. I I 4X 'I YI - X ,Q-4 'B fi I Xxx It X I .aj . 43 ,yy xxygfnn 4x Q Q I X X xx ,0 , 4 4 . I I FtfX4::fA. I ,f"T XXW-I N 4' NLP? 940 eye Ji g 4, I , X H: if -.I I- I , +x - N I xslt? I ,I II I XX 0 ,I v tj - -M I XXX f X 'RI xx px 01. I , ,. M I 1 Iyfvkvl 4 mLr5N I 3 I 1 ' I "' . 'I I '1Q54l?rFaAP-4'fA N Xxx n 10:5 4,49 Aff' ' I I I I I I I +I 'X xx XI III Iv-' 2 13", ,Z -- I I I . . , W, - - V T I ' I ' ' I XX N ' . . 2' -1- -' . 4 1 I ' 'I 4 . 5 N.. "ul l---4--1 E 4-'J' k1o'cLP 4 ' j .. C4 . . - 4 ' fFIACiI50J- 5' ,H--"' af 5. - ' ' 1 4 ' . - vor- Abu-Q Cr-499 If .,,,. ff f I I I , I I I' I """T'5 ,--Ui? G ' ii.: L. ., V- ' I I I- -T' '1 5 V' I I A I ,l:,:,.,.p.r.-o-o-o-IQ-v-' Y '--' ' AG- HNQIi4.ua .ll K, g , ,. I I I I U ' ,J . .. -' , , ' I I I -A S I I I '12 I V f 1 V 14 I - .,..,. bf NTT I .r mg . I 1 ! L,J--1 D L4 I , I 'T I -MW' I I I 'ESvcn1PIagm:I35.- 7 I Wi T , 4 ' I I 4 I ' 5 4 O4 4 ' ' I ' I 4 . . 1 I f Q I I IN i - :'b""' ,gc I 'T Iiiizlnwerybrn '---- ---Y zo Fi I 'Q Qmocm, , z g -If I . wc 1 I , .4 , ...1 ' 5 I II 553 ff- ' I 0 I Uffhlbli-W7-I 2 'ov f ------i- ff ' 4: 59-,f ' PAVED I s 'E f - 4 ' I I I TENNIS I ,RI ,I iz I QAM? can-re, I I - ,-il' I Q 3 .I .6 I I ' 1 C.0uP-Te I ' 0 ' , ,,,,---,,-..J I -5 . I U J - . -' I I ' ' - .----t- . , I - fl Q - 9 -W I '- . ., - I - ' L. ,o'-Q-,wg EL ,,,, xww J I , Q' Q1 , ,Lu I, "x g, HI' ' 1 I .I I A I .,.,.,-....,- vu-Q-. vf f ' - 'I . I It E 0 I las-1 ' I J I "W ':':I"+w I I ,Qi-:VL W1 I ua -I ' . 4 .I , v I Q4 4 Am -Y V-A 'iv' vm --I -4 4'---i- 'l ' 114133 4 U UI ll' 4 4 4 4 L,--- I f Fi ' T' fi 5 S nm , I H-4 I fa .4 H- 4 .5 f r--+'-+ ii! - I ,f"L5.i:l,:3,fifI I 3,--'F In PV' UXIINCU I . 1 ' ' I ' I ' I ,fF'L"?f'T?1V1': I ', f IX - sex .2 Q, Y , 4 5 4. 5 1- '4,:wlP.' ' 4 ' u I A-54-W7-4 -4'--1-44 75 -'T 41 I I I . .- ar I -I . . ' '. - .-..f- I I If-W-f I 2' I 4i'LLI" . I --Agni. I PN I any ,ms 5 H' -7 'Ny c I . ., ' mg .1-113'----.---' -IIUIz,x,:4' Aggp, 0994 - ' '4 ' A' 4. L7 6 :QLQL-:'1r Q W 34 1 x""""'L 1 - IL N 'I A ' I Q - f L-Tffxfgff . V 11 ' ' ' 1 l' I . I I Y F ' gf 5353" Q- W! ufo'au 54 ' I ' ' I 'I I I 4 R2 I' U Z! . 2 E 1 I I 1 gg :A +" ' Ii E I SI I I-+1 2 . . fo - 'W S! ' ' ' , - I """ ' 4' ,I 5 4 dp I I, -A 5. L Jqcplbl-Y ' I - G 'LI-an P' I - '-.- - - ' I' K. l I aa P Al-E-A ' Qggpgm ' . I , . I ' L I 'G' " I 55 . yceexyfci ,YH- A I ' 44 I I ' - -. I1 l I I ' 11 r ' 4 . V H ' I- - 1 .C - "' - Q A A T " ' 4 I , I - I-L, V3 '. I :Ii 1 1 'f 1,4--I,i-:I1,Q'k'-if if ff. ,. 1 I 4,4 ' , Q 74 Y v -.fpowv ' J 4' Q' "4"4l' ' 4 T44 "R," 4 'VI' G44 ' F 'Swv I , Q -, l1g.' ' L I . . -LQ-v.-. ..,- N 4 4i ,. J

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1969, pg 94

El Camino Real High School - El Corazon Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 91

1969, pg 91

El Camino Real High School - El Corazon Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 52

1969, pg 52

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