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x. 4 Qu sg .V Qu - "vs, k Q - 3 . v X1-4:-if Q X ' ' 249 'Saga- V , 1 .Lili X Y-wi" I I 'Q PIE M , V195 1.1 it Mmm f .gtgiz I xi M. x .9 - .. ' ' . J , '1' ' 'me xl ' Q K , - . Q. X 'ig . ' 3 525 , f h v ' ' . AV pr Q-1152 F1 F ' f 5 , .X :QE fs? 5 , ,' -Ti vx 4 5 I-'X .XJ '.B A I'X"h . 1 5 5 Cfofckx LWQUQXN QMS-4 ww Www NJ wE,Qf HQ Lcwufsl woo? xg-'X?,D9ZXx X-we-1-PQ' D0 GN! Qqsiow Nw ' rw XUQQ Swv? 5 I LDVXPNQXQJNR 'Ricoh Krogg, fav HWIQW K W A AV 7 Gig Xwfylfwb U3 NYSA? KJUB U ,AU EX gm: Q1 Q 4155, , . 9 1 -Q1 gb G Sfaifgfz Q91 QQ BEEF! .X J is .3 ?5D1 MQW' GX N W w Q25 iff ' 9' U 1 QTL WQQV7MfW Xii is 7 : ff ' ,wwf fwfwws EMR? AERIE l965 Qsdb ' s ' 3205 M1555-,fav JEQVQ x5NfXO.ULfgfL?S ,:s gjfb 'Q,QCx,Li QQQL sJX.UJiNdp mib CSI' ' we LQ' XJULQMV gs, gmsfgspmx qkwm an WNMQMQ UWMDQMJD QNVCL CJKOH, E5 QQ, X Q.::l CR, -Qiwwxhb A ,gi kv, ,sg , 360 XEXYNJ3 aiu ww Qihckgk, giswwl, QQJ QKL Q I A -- Nsweu sb Es xg wwqif -F W sf UXQLCXKXK LQALQ WEN x 0 Editor-in-Chief: Patty s D MMS? ff 1 VL' W-Q Suvg Wai PM fx, M 'Dm ,MLA Myth Business Manager: Pam Peasley wg CQQQ LKQWLLQD +f0VQCF, V WQWNCXQVKIQQQ S iummfv- s Rism The easons A season is a period marked by special acTiviTies in some specified direcfion, or more simply, a season is a division of The year. AT El Camino, boTh meanings characTerize The seasons of The school year. Each auarfer is represenTaTive of a season, each season is rep- resenTaTive of a class. AcTiviTies Take on The special spiriT of each parTicular season To con- sTiTuTe an enTire year of rewarding experiences aT El Camino High School. Fall is The beginning of El Camino's school year, for The Freshmen as well as for The enTire sTudenT body. The Class of T968 is in The Fall of Their Years, The sTarTing poinT of Their four years in high school. The acTiviTies of Fall- opening day assemblies foofball games, Home- coming, floaT building, class elecTions, The VarieTy Show-are as varied as The new faces in The halls. The second sTage of school life occurs in The WinTer. Snowed Inn, baskeTball games, Chrisfmas, wresTling, inTer-class rivalry, and The SpagheTTi TwisT are a few of The acTiviTies The sTudenTs parTicipaTed in, especially The Sopho- mores. The Juniors are in The Spring of Their Years aT El Carnino, noT quiTe finished buT almosf. Spring is The season for Twirp, baseball, don- key baskeTball, Junior Prom, Sophomore Picnic, The carnival-and Spring Fever. The final season of The school year is also The final season for The Seniors. Only Their special acTiviTies-Senior Ball, Senior Picnic, Baccalaureafe, Senior Breakfasf, GrUduaTion, and All NiTe Grad-remain To be added To Their memories of El Camino. The Class of T965 is Truly in The Summer of Their Years. Some phases of school life know no seasons Eagle TradiTions and spiriT, scholasfic and aThleTic compeTiTion, and pride in El Camino exTend from season To season, broadening To include The whole year. lTabIe of Contents FALL ....................... . . WINTER SPRING . SUMMER Student Government Activities Sports Freshmen Activities Sports Sophomores Student Government Activities Sports Juniors Senior Activities Seniors ....46 4 80 ,gi 'I22 FACULTY . . . ORGANIZATIONS . ADVERTISING . . . INDEX . . . i Q 0 9Q Mme V ,'j'g Epi, Q 1 X , y W 5,1 QXW K 1 1 - U ' f 1, , 1, ,-1 f U1 1 A 1 1 - 71, .hr ,. V. LL, w In ' L A- fN KN AJ. g j K1 X fyf' K' 4: ' 'G ,Lf 1 9 1. 1 f, nw ., .Af H K. 'N :L-f ' A, ,V rw! 1 , -X H is ' ujlf' i 1 X ,1 ..:.f,'.,i,V .4 ' lib I 1 11 1.- V fu! H fi, ' 'Lf ' 1 0 ' I n 31 ,M x ,lf .fi ' fav' IN' 11' f 1, , War' i 9 Ig I1 . 1 I CE!! V- 1' - :ff f' I J " ' "W ax' I ' 1 f ' ' f f ' - 1 fk ff 1 !.,K-' If .1 01 ' 'X ,1 " 'P ' Q. Q1 c . , r 1, f . K 1 xr! 1 ,XA 11-, 1 ,- l , ,U -' , f wx ,- lv W ' -X 1: . .11 1. 1 Q1 VL 1 ,X JH 1 , 1, 3 1.. R 1 V 1 1 y V 1 11 A L' I I1 I ' 7 n 1 +V ' 1 , U 11 ' 1 x I ,qu '1 U M 1 Y x X z ' X -11 Q1 Q Q- . n 1, N 5 1. 1 -1 1 1 1 1 Don Bean Student Body President I am sure that everyone will have memories of the past year. Nineteen six- ty-four to nineteen sixty-five has been a great and prosperous year at El Camino. Our athletic teams have added an- other championship notch to the athletic history of El Camino. Each class has strongly participated in athletics and for this reason EI Camino produces cham- pionship teams. I would like to thank each and every- one of you for giving me the opportunity of being your Student Body President. The experience I received while in office will always be of value to me. I will always have wonderful memories of be- ing your Student Body President. Next year the Class of T966 will be leading your school. I know they will do an excellent iob and keep El Camino superior to any other school in all phases of school life. The Class of 1967 and the Class of 1968 will be the backbone of the school. All the classes will form to- gether and create the strongest Student Body in the history of EI Camino. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in the future. Sincerely, Don Bean TUDE T BGDY CFFICERS Eric French Boys Vice President Valerie Spooner Girls' Vice President Pat Richter Bob Johnson Judi. BSUTOV1 Secretary Treasurer C0mm'55'0n9" Of Entertainment FALL I 964 i Anna Skalbeck SallY Hmfis Commissioner of C0mmiSSi0"ief of Public Relqfiong Internal Affairs Executive Board-Row 1-Pam Show, Sally Harris, Don Bean, Nancy Widmer, Trish Barkhuysen, Row 2--Paul Costa, Patty Carr, Anna Skalbeck, Pot Richter, Judi Beaton, Valerie Spooner, Fred Teichert, Row,3f-Jim Harper, B05 JOIWUSOVM Ron HUVEVH Cleve Livingston, Eric French, Jon Lampman, Ralph Burch. P V . SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-Mary Crouse, Sally Stroud, Sally Sullivan, Claudia Brown. Row 2-Priscilla Branrhaver John Aliapoulis, Brian Pettigrew, David DeWitt, Nancy Scidy. Row 3-Buzz Nyquist, Tim Taylor, Ron Haven, Tony Ostrowski oun il FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL-Cindy Boyles, Linda Parisi, Barbara Lawson, Laurie Ricksecher. Row 2-Robert Murray, Becky Ervin, Carolynn Emmanuels, Pere Shannon. Row 3-Craig Mackringer, Jim Harper, Robbie Stearns, Bob Harrison. GAYLE JOHNSON PAM SHAW Head C-T-OAR-Y ! Varsity Yell Leaders "Not another picture" J. V. Yell "Give me cz big E." Leaders LYNN ADAMS NANCY WIDMER Head PAM MCCLU RE CRIS CARTER JAN CATE Spirit is inspired of the Encincx rally. JO ANNE LAUSMANN Head Songleuders pose wifh Eagle. Song Leader VICKI SCHMIDT GAY WOODRUFF Victory ahead! Eagle Takes flight 3SCOt -'Were losingfy- . . louder, louder, LOUDER MARGOT STRAND ,gi X is Mklklmlw F I if I ACTI School Begin Again 0 6 0 "What goes up, must . . The heartbeat of E.C. Apache worpcxth cooled. A mandate-WOW! Another rung on our victory ladder. And Activities Are Under Wa No Beatles, lust Beasts. Every vote counts. Flying for the CVC champs. I'd rather do it myself Who's who? lor is it whoml? Car safety check begins. A Cappella goes western for Variety Show. These Teachers really make us appreciafe- The Team. Cnl Yesterday The beginning of a wonderful evening. He's right again. Mike Vax's Bond entertains ai Homecoming. The Royal Line-up. The awaited moment. Homecoming Queen Cris Harvest of Memories Here they come. Q ? gf ? 5 s I 5 Y ,rx 2 1? Q I z 5 s i I 964 arsity Team First Row: Francis Gray, Tom Wunschel, John Bodley, Gary Simpson, Dennis Gannon, Bob Jamison, Bob Rollins. Second Row: Bill Schick, Dave Sanchez, Craig Wilson, Marc Vogel, Greg Wittkop, Wayne Lind, Bob Mann, Jeff Winston. Sophomores Freshmen First Row: Mike McLean, Louis LeFrak, Tony Wight, Phil Scott. Second Row: Jeff First Row: David -lf-1mleS0f1, Mike' KlUYe"f.G0f Evans, Tucker Dove, Scott Mitchell, Gary Hickman, Tom MacBride. don Heldebfunf- 5eC0"'d ROW: GVEQ Wl"'l50n David Martinez, Jim Harper. Harriers in Action El Camino's Two-Time SecTional Champs iusT barely missed overcoming The loss of Tour of iTs Top runners by losing The CVC Championship by one poinT To La Sierra anol Mira Loma, 28-27. The Eagle Freshmen easily won The CVC Championship in uncleTeaTeol fashion. The Frosh-Soph Team won The Folsom InviTaTional and Took Third in The SecTionals. OuTlook for nexT year is excellenT wiTh The loss of only one of The Top six runners plus The excellenT incoming Frosh- Soph Team members. Coach Dick Rowe. The beginning of an EC vicTory. Manager Charlie Heldebrant. Freshmen fighT iT out. Three' Eagles pace The MaTs. f 'iw-i ' QW M f,w..- 4725 I964 Va rslt Q B p ' d i First Row: Conrad Pciul, Re Rogers, Ron Wheatley, ob Shorrock, Tom Phel s, Joy Fischer, Ron Howor , Seve Mike Bozzoroni, Terry Harvey, Hank Eisner. Second Row: Mike Rice, Ben Osfroski, Roger Long, Eric French, Ter y Sh k J h :ll ol I b Jim Ough John Bohm Jim Olson Bill Fculkender B' Hu g'ns, Bo Crouse, E.C. T4 E.C. 12 E.C. O E.C. 28 E.C. 40 E.C. 28 E.C. 20 E.C. 33 E.C. 7 1 1 r ' League Champions . . . GRANT O RENO T2 . . .. JOHNSON 6 .......ENClNA 7 DEL CAMPO 13 . . . BELLA VISTA 7 SAN JUAN O LASIERRA O . .. MIRA LOMA 6 ootb II Team Row: Pat Stone, Rick Johnson, Jeff Taylor, Tom Chase, John Giambruno, Lorry Harris, Rod 'Wotts, Mike Hart, Tom Ferriter, Rich Jim Livermore, Monty Podva. Fourth Row: Steve Applegate, Mike McFarland, Terry Kline, John Sullivan, Ken Beatty. Back Coach-Jim Dimino Head Coach-Hal Athon Line Coach-Skip Davies El Camino 28, Encina 7 French leads The pack. Early in The TirsT quarTer, Fischer inTercepTed a pass on The Encina 45 yard line: A 22 yard pass To McFarland sparked The TirsT Touchdown march. El Camino's second Touchdown play was a 27 yard pass play To French. LaTe in The second quarTer, Encina wenT 66 yards in eighT plays for Their only Touchdown of The game. El Camino's Third scoring play was a 15 yard pass To Milliron. Harvey inTercepTed a pass on The Encina 35 yard line and ran To The 19. El Camino marched Tor iTs final Touchdown, wiTh Shick kicking his TourTh conversion of The game. E. 'V EI Camino 40, Del Campo rl In six plays, El Carnino gained 64 yards Tor iTs firsT Touchdown. A 20 yard pass play and a 20 yard run loy French puT El Camino in pay olirT again. Four Olson passes and a lO yard run by French gave The Eagles seven more poinTs. Harvey inTercepTed and FerriTer ran Tor The Touchdown. Olson passed To French for El Carnino's fifTh Touchdown aTTer Fischer recovered a Del Campo Tumble. El Carnino's final Touchdown came when Crouse passed To Bohm. Del Carnpo made Two Touchdowns in The y TourTh quarTer, boTh on specTacular plays. l Hank Eisner, Junior, bursts forth for extra yardage. EI Camino 28, Bella Vista 7 Bella VisTa Traveled 63 yards in 16 plays To gain a 7'-O lead. El Camino followed wiTh four Touchdowns, all sparked by inTercep- Tions. AfTer Crouse inTercepTed, Olson passed To McFarland for The firsT El Camino Touch- down, four passes gafned The yardage for The second, Bazzaroni inTercepTed a Bronco pass and ran 30 yards for The Third. AfTer Phelps inTercepTed a Bella VisTa Touchdown pass, French ran 64 yards and FerriTer ran 8 yards for The fourTh and final El Camino Touchdown. FerriTer fighTs for The firsT down. EI Camino 20, San Juan 0 Olson heads for pay dirT. San Juan received -The opening kickoff, buT fumbled on iTs firsT play, wiTh Shick lof El Carninol recovering. DespiTe several penalTies, El Camino scored iTs firsT Touchdown. San Juan again fumbled iTs firsT play afTer The kickoff, buT recovered The ball. On The nexT play, HarT recovered The Third Sparian fumble. Again El Camino scored. Following The half, El Camino marched 60 yards in 17 plays for an addiTional 7 poinTs. El Camino 33, La Sierra O Phelps cuTs back for The exTra yard. El Camino received The opening kickoff and marched 83 yards in 7 plays, highlighfed by a 51 yard pass play for a Touchdown. FerriTer ran The second Touchdown play for a 12-O score. French caughT a pass from Olson for The Third score of The nighT. The fourth Touchdown march was sparked by a 39 yard pass To French. The fiffh scoring march was highlighTed by Two passes To Chase wiTh Olson running over for The final six poinTs. EI Camino , Mira Loma 6 French gains yardage around The lefT end. El Camino and Mira Loma came inTo This game evenly mafched To fighT for The league championship. ln The second quarTer, Mira Loma made a Touchdown on a 37 yard pass play, buT failed To make The conversion for The exfra poinT. WiTh 65 seconds IefT in The game, Olson passed shorT To French, who looped back To Olson. Olson Then passed 26 yards To Kline in The end zone for six poinTs. Shick kicked his nineTeenTh conversion of The season for a one-poinT lead. Mira Loma mounTed on final aTTack, buT French inTercepTed an infended Touchdown pass as The final gun sounded. Trainers A coc1cI'u's assistance is appreciated. Alcm Sessorego, Ron BGICIWIF1 II1eGdI, RICIY H I Varsity Statistics TOTAL POINTS .......... TOTAL YARDS GAINED ..... AVERAGE GAIN PER PLAY RUSHING PLAYS ............ YARDS RUSHING ............. .... FIRST DOWNS RUSHING .......... . . . AVG. RUSHING GAIN PER PLAY PASS PLAYS ................. . . . YARDS PASSING ............ FIRST DOWNS PASSING ......... . . . AVG. PASSING GAIN PER PLAY INTERCEPTIONS ............... . CAMINO I82 2389 4.77 37I I336 62 3.88 I29 IO53 43 8.I6 I5 OPPONENTS 44 I 31 9 3.8 298 938 52 3.55 75 381 9 5.08 5 First Row: mgr. Jeff Brady, Jim Tufts, Sil Ferrari, Dan Peck, Greg Bagwell, Roger Harris, Tony Ostroski, Phil Wiese, Stan Kays Ron Haven, Bob Lambert, Tim Taylor. Second Row: Jack Moses, Dennis Wolcott, Jim Silvernail, Cam Schryver, Brad Hudgins, Bruce Johnson, John Subry, Rudy Torresani, Gray Short, Dennis Lantz, Dan Bliss, Gary Ludlow, Jim Steinman, Jay Jordan. Third Row mgr. Dan Davis, Steve Ross, John Alliapoplus, John. Whitaker, Jerry Portman, Doug Rodgers, Eric Bachelor, Rich Russell, Buzz Nyquist Bruce Wlnegardner, Bill Miller, Tim Waller, Steve Murphy, John Jackson, Jim Borsdorf. E.c. 0 E.c. o EC. I2 E.c. 6 E.c. I3 EC. 6 Ec. 6 E.c. o E.c. 6 E.c. 45 . Coaches John Rankin and Lane Ernst . . . GRANT . . . . . RENO . . JOHNSON . . . ENCINA . DEL CAMPO . . . BELLA VISTA SAN JUAN RIO AMERICANO ..... LA SIERRA .. MIRA LOMA The freshman Team is proud of their football season, and well They might be! They captured The league championship and would like To Think This helped spark E.C. l3 -- -.-- ENCINA 6 The sophomore and varsity Teams in Their final wins E-C O ' - - - - DEL CAMPO O over Mira Loma. ln every game our freshmen proved E-C 38 - - - ---- BEI-l-A VlS-l-A 6 Themselves To be The strongest, mosT versatile and most E-C 6 --------- SAN JUAN 6 knowledgeable club in The league. No oTher Team used E-C 14 ---- RIO AMERICANO O as many defensive formations. No other Team blocked EC- T9 - - ------ l-A SIERRA 13 or Tackled as hard. We had a line To pLoTecT our back- E-C- 28 - - - - - NHRA LOMA O field, and a backfield To Take adv-antage of The protec- Tion, a line To rush The other Team's offense and a back- field To pick up The pieces. Watch This Team go-go-go in The years To come! Freshman Football First Row: Greg Spielman, Craig Hollingsworth, Allan Kwong, Michael Mashburn, Bruce Machen, Paul Porter, Dave Zufall, Larry Matarazzi, Jim Leonard, Brent Ransdell, Allen Hughes. Second Row: mgr. David Koepke, Jeff Bryant, Butch Bradbury, Jim Upholt, Jack Faulkender, John Mims, Pete Shannon, John Self, John Schwaner, Tom Collins, Glenn Dickinson, Bob Jameson. Third Row: Coach Daigle, Dave ZenTs, Lou Braafladf, Matt Packard, Tom Strand, Glenn Olson, Ray Fisher, Doug Furneaux, Chris Taylor, Rick Wall, Richard Kohls, Coach Thomas, Head Coach Barba. 1 3' a 5 1 Q Q, In The Fall of Their Years Libby, Carol, cmd Sue practice for J .V. Yell Leader? Freshmen are you with us? Yeo lManl fgmf, ZJPC74! z,UfjC! Slvl XlX'N0x"l' lg Wall, 0x 'Wh D T. Qi TQTIJILL ,Why by 459 GEMM Gerry Abrams Pete Adams Steve Ahern Don Alexander Karen Allan Phyllis Allen Sue Allen Julie Anderson Mary Anderson Dino Arbini Kathy Aubrey Tim Bagwell Laura Bahlhorn Marilyn Ball Art classes can be fun. Sandy Bangs Jim Berry Sue Blaesi Bruoe Bloch Karen Blumgold Cathy Boroski Cindy Boyles Lou Braafladt William Bradbury Sandy Brandt Pat Brewton Jeff Bryant Wendy Buttington Rex Burnett Congratulations, Mark and Jim, for varsity wrestling. Nancy Cady Rick Cahill Bernice Camara Bill Carmichael Alan Carraway Denise Carter Kathleen Carter Alice Casey Celeste Cechetini Linda Chambers Mike Chernich Don Christensen Donna Chrzanowski Pam Ciochetti Oh, come now! Can it be that good? Think hard. Only one hundred more questions. Pam Clay Alanda Clernentsen Carolyn Clewett Paul Cluster Mike Cole Tom Collins Pat Contreras Nancy Coombs Judy Copeland Connie Corby Christine Cowan Rosemar-y Cracchiolo Kathleen Daily Debrah Danforth Diane Davis James Davis Diana Dean Lynn Denney Barbara De Wein Jacqueline Di Clementine Glenn Dickinson Jim Dickinson Mike Diller David Donoghue Maureen Doyle Pennie Duering Bruce Dunlap Carolynn Emanuels James English Colleen Epperson Becky Ervin Debra Essenberg Kathleen Ewing Paul Fairfield Donna Fancher Bob Farnsworth Jack Faulkender Gayla Faustman Dan Fernandez Canstancea Finley Robert Finley Ray Fisher Mark Ford David Forster Linda Foster Scott Frates Tim Frates Bryan Frazier Libby Frye Doug Furneaux Trish Gage Sandy Gahl Susan Gallaher Cindy Garey Victoria Garland Sue Gidley Jackie Gilbreath Mike Gilman Lynne Glade Barbara Glaski Lon Golding Pat Gompertz Gary Greeson Buddy Guion Rod Hackman Margaret Halligan David Hammel Joan Harden Becky Hardy Jim Harper Bob Harrison John Hart Carolyn Hawley Danny Heath Gordon Heldebrandt Jim Helton Marty Hennessy Kathy Herrera Mari Hess Dale Holler Craig Hollingsworth Sharon Howard Arlen Howell Rita Hoy Sheryl Hoy Allen Hughes Becky Hunt Cynthia Hunt Pamela Hunt Suzanne Hurst Geft Irvin Rick Jacobsen Bob Jameson David Jamieson Barbara Janov Catherine Javorski Jill Jennings Judith Jepsen Mike Jobe Jim Johnson Kathy Johnson Kriss Johnson Laura Johnson Marlene Joksch Sue Jones Pete Jones Stephanie Jordan Stephen Joyner Steve Jumel Chris Kagel Koren Kausal Chris Kell David Kellogg Anita Kiel Diane Killam Mike Kloyer Dave Koepke Richard Kohls Gayle Kraushg Sieve Kronick Allen Kruschke Harris Kuhn Alan Kwong Y' Freshmen really move at Snowed-lnn. Lynn and Linda are kepr busy c1fTwirp. Gayleen Lobo Julie Lclbrie Louise Lanclay lclni Lane Dennis Lcmkford Laurie Lorgenr Lynda Largeni' Barbara Lawson Ron Lay Elizabeth Lee Ronda Lee Jim Leonard Sandra Le Valle Larry Matarazzi Frank McCampbell Ron McCampbell Carol McHugh ike McKelvy ill McKnight om McLain ickie McLane aug McLaughlin im McPeak ohn Mead ally Menderson ary Mendonca Freshmen really excel in basketball. Freshmen escape! Barbara Lindblom David Lippman David Lucas Bruce Machen Craig Macktinger Rogene Manas Vicki Mann Ricky Marchand Anita Marquiss Gordon Marshall David Martinez Anne Marzotto Michael Mashburn Alan Mieloach Liz Mikols Ann Miller Jane Miller Lynn Miller John Mims Barbara Moe Ginni Morgan Robert Murray Margaret Mysick Pete Narloch Beverly Neal Laura Nedom Dennis Neil Christine Ng Mel Nicolai Steve Nolley Marty Norbeck Thomas O'Brien Hunter O'Hair Glenn Olson Matt Packard Linda Parisi Everett Parks Lynn Parkyn Terry Partridge Stanley Peck Cheryl Pettitt Ellen Petty Carolyn- Pleines Sharon Plocher Barbara Pollock Paul Porter Ted Powell Richard Proaps Douglas Puls Susan Pursley Brent Ransdell Who says Freshmen never vote? Oh dear! That old bell will ring any second now! Margaret Rauscher Stevon Rawlinson Stuart Rawlinson Doug Reid Constance Reidhammer Carol Reynolds Janet Rezos Colleen Rice Jill Richter Laurie Ricksecker Dana Rite Janet Rivera Karen Robbins Michele Roller Randel Ross Kathy Rowley Marty Schmidt Linda Schneider Dorothy Schutz Janet Schwan John Schwaner Freda Scott Craig Seahury John Self Sherry Settle Pete Shannon Robin Shaw Nanette Sherman Jim Shipley Leslie Shipley Wendy Shoemaker Dennis Shorrock Kathleen Shurtleff Judy Silker Carol Sloan Linda Smith Lynn Smith Ken Sockolov 43 Freshmen eagerly plan for the carnival. Greg Spielman Bill Staack Nancy Stafford James Stanley Robbie Stearns Peg Steinman Greg Stephan Jane Steres Ty Stillman Joel Stinghen Betsy Stokes Sue Stone Tom Strand Mark Stretars Kenneth Sturges Sherrill Summers Dennis Sutcliffe Sue Swedin Gayle Tandeski Dore Tanner Dave Tatlock Chris Taylor Tom Tellez Patty Thompson Sheree Tolman Jacquelin Triplett Cynthia True Greg Tucker Sue Turner Jim Upholt Mike Varney Gary Vian Gary Westerbeck Greg Westerbeck Greg Whitson Dan Wieme Sharon Wilber Brad Wiley Allan Wilhelm Mike Williams Katherine Williamse Jack Wills Jill Wills Glenda Wilson Dave Viscio Randy Vogel Rick Wall Sue Walls Cynthia Washington Chris Webb Darrell 'Webster Jim Weldon Linda Wentz Mike West Jo Ann Anwyl Richard Bigham Jane Bernstein Keith Bowman Gary Brown Sela Burkholder Debra Chambers Deborah Curtis Samuel De Runtz John Dottarar Robert Emerson James Ferreri Rodney Fong Freshmen not pictured: Sundee Fortunati Scott Gudmundson Kevin Hoban Leonard Jamuk Susan Lesher Robert Lunclblad Earlene Markiewitz David Miller James Miller Robert O'Neil Diana Pallas David Payne Gerald Plocher Christopher Popov Karen Winiecke Hazel Wohle Deborah Wolcott Cathy Wright Jon Yenick Larry Young Gene Zaharie Lenore Zambelich Dave Zents Dave Zufall Leland Rice Rodney Royer Robert Sandblom Christine Sawyer Analy Scorsone Stephen Solomon Timothy Sullivan Roger Thompson Pauline Tomkins Debra Tousey Janet Wictorin James Wright Richard Yantis Sheryl Zink z I ' w W 415 - wi!!! A vi Q? . .M Q z , ES .AW ,f ! .M an 3 i 2 a X . -- - -----Y - - Y 'i'- --"'--' -- ----- -'-1- 1 M1 -:N 1----.Mmm awww , Y , fu A Q,L.,g , :mf W , ,m Our stringsters were swingsters. Music We have nice Things To remember The change-over. Drama Then Father was stern. Frosty visits El Camino. Snowed Inn After the game, Snowed lrm. H You gotta have heart With a banio on my knee. Are These Junior men or boys? Friendly service at E.C. Rallie , Dance , Game . . . Srudent government in action. Who s with who'9 Never have so few, fallen so many. Speeches were serious This yeclr. Posters go up. lst El Ccminion Press Conference in ocfion Now we know oll The results. This helps digestion? 17 1 , The Spaghetti Twist They ciidn't get their dinner. Is this The Twist? Confusion of the masses. - ififikfifi ' - '3' :Wil-l5'f5i "'h- ,. ggi: .V ,Q Thafs our Team! X , Els? War Q Rims slwlgn 5 y fa, ' 7 1" Q1 - We .rv f-" - -1 "M-1-H, '-1',-w-fn-:,J:J,. -,f.,.,N--1--we-rf W1 7 . fm :hy 1 Q -3Z-wwf--':gwwgff.ff':,5.J,Wg.,,.Wie.,,,.,.,5,g5,.5J,m7 A fy f - V - k 'L 2,E'fi-fjjxflfzfff:?f...f-f fi! 'v.'.-'Q'-,-U"':5' 'f7FT11JQff3.'QQ--IM-Ar f i -af - ' ' 1 :V ,: .kg S fly F ' 'L '-1 ., M ww-f-zf:+w:fJf:+-a:..fp1-r"-,I-ai., 1 ea K 2 ' V3 'F fi ,A .ffQ: ff,f,-51,-V-f-nm-Lv:.Lff'AS-5,m ,Q 5, 4 ,y , Q ,M y , 3 fig 1 f Q X ,M . . A ,. 1 5,52 K rpg- , .. 1 y ggge 1,1 ' 1 ' 8 44 Q " ' f.5,5LL ,:ap -1' M " m y-,S , 1 v 'iw Q, W S it x X, K7 U H its . ' ' f- ' '- ,W . :Li up 5,1 e Q 'ff 1 Q 55 5 551-5? , -Q ,. . . '- ,' . Y . -' "'. -"' nynn 1 : 'K'yh' . P 'U A . w fl S y y me. -.m aff! 5 -gk fa , 4 iw. -wx? I. 'Q : ' L ,,Qjs:gj'f ' ' f be '- nf 1 gg? W N ..,.L T4 54 'L 51 -N " 1 j 5' .N W t. W-9 .. as 1 Q z x ii? 11 If K , :jimi . 'Q + R in A 5 N 4, 5? f 5 5 L. in ff ,1 91 is f We ore the Seniors . . So long Mr. Anthony . . . We will miss you l?1. And he's off down the runway! Whee! ! fi? e i 2 f 4 Varslty Basketball Scores BISHOP O'DOWD .......... .........GRANT HIGHLANDS STAGG .........PLACER CVC Tournament CORDOVA MIRA LOMA . . . ENCINA CORDOVA Capital Valley Conference .-........ MIRA LOMA . . . ENCINA ,DEL CAMPO BELLA VISTA . LA SIERRA . SAN JUAN MIRA LOMA . . . ENCINA DEL CAMPO BELLA VISTA . LA SIERRA . SAN JUAN Grldley Tournament ....-..-....... HARRY ELLS MIRAMONTE . . . MONTGOMERY First Row: Mike Beers lmgr.l, Coach Morrison, John Anwyl lmgrl. Second Row: Jim Olson, Eric French, Marvin Kelley Wally Cochrane Lyle Callahan, Bob Rossi, Mike McFarland, Greg Norris, Gary Garland, Cleve Livingston, Dion Kerhoulas, Lee Frye Bob Johnson Terry Harvey. This year's VarsiTy exemplified The meaning of The word "Team", .Each boy had a place on The Team and worked unselfishly To fulfill his iob. The Team was blessed wiTh a balance and blend of shoofers and drivers. The baTTle and desire shown by a few always gave The "Green and WhiTe" ThaT exTra liTTle push ThaT was needed To win The close ballgames. Real presTige was gained Through The season as El Camino beaT powerful Teams such as Highlands, The MeTro Champs, and Sfagg, The Camellia Tourney Champs, and Harry Ells of Richmond. The fuTure lies in The hands of reTurning VarsiTy leTTermen and a fine Junior VarsiTy Team. I feel cerfain ThaT nexT year's Eagle fans will be Treafed To The Tenacious husTling and never-say-die spiriT of The 1964- 65 "Team". My Thanks To The sTudenT body, cheerleaders, song- leaders, adminisTraTion, and faculTy for Their supporf and enThusiasm. Coach Morrison "Hey, you 14f?QGh . ffsisifgexgw , ' -. Vq,.fz2waswf'r., ,. ' I a 5 -' 1 3 ,51 ,W M im e, 11 if 3:53 all 1 'N' xl Q?gXi5w5iQk 'K -' 15:1 ,E ' 'Q 53555 W' YL 4 T iffegqw -Fir Yhgfw' A K I 5 E 4 4 5 1 K 1 1 1 Q Q fx Y 1 1 5 i 4 K 4 v Q. Q 1 ,fWL aim , 3332? K 1 Q V 1 o AM 4 1 I 7 1 xx, E.C. 36 ...... Miro Loma 39 E.C. 62 .......... Encino 47 E.C. 42 ....... Del Compo 36 E.C. 33 Rio Americcmo 59 E.C. 51 ....... Bello VisTc1 60 E.C. 50 .. . Lo Sierra 46 E.C. 68 Son Jucm 69 E.C. 41 ....... Miro Loma 58 E.C. 58 ........... Encinol 51 E.C. 4O ....... Del Compo 30 E.C. 41 Rio Americono 58 E.C. 52 ....... Bello Vista 67 E.C. 65 ... ... Lol Sierra 51 E.C. 46 ... ... Son Juan 53 Sophomore Basketball Freshman Basketball First Row: David Koepke lmgr.l, Jock Wills, Chris Kegel, Larry Young, Gene Zcihcx e Scott OI er lmuscofl John Mms Dona Rfe Bruce Mcxchen. Second Row: Couch Oliver, Tom Strand, Rick Wall, Bill McKnight, Roy Fsher Doug F rneoux Chris Taylor Glenn Olson Tim Bagwell, Keith Bowman, Jock Fcxulkender lmgr.l. E.C. 35 E.C. 43 E.C. 42 E.C. 35 E.C. 33 E.C. 44 E.C. 37 E.C. 39 E.C. 49 E.C. 40 E.C. 55 E.C. 46 E.C. 47 E.C. 58 E.C. 62 E.C. 58 .. Jesuii . . . . . Jesuit .. .. Miro Lomci .. . . . Encincl . . Del Compo . Bello Visio Rio Americono Lo Sierra . . Son Jucxn .. Miro Lornci .. . . . Encinot . Del Compo .. Bello: Visio Rio Americono Lo Sierra .. . Son Juan vm N Q 2li W 2Ef:EE I I ,:,, J Q Q., 'Q T2 . 4,5 S55 I EQ W 'v N. Q ,Q .,. V it .. Q X. 7' , . 1 x 1 A . . Haj, 5 ' : :gy 'J' o ff 'If ., X bs Y 5 Q J' o 1 YQ? fff Nm N , ,, "" . , W .zii 451 v V, ,, F 55 ' 253 fi ':.. f' .Eff 51' 7 - 1' QQ : ,g-2' ...fer ' ' ,,f ' .:w,,v.':::fff., im,-s 21. 1, aff, ,.:- W, ,, 1- ,g ,8 ,Mf i Q 1 5 I Q, N" ' K Q - . Q , wgH,Q,,,. .qi MQ , ii, WwQg5W3,,,,g:2,Q, Hia Q 93 , Mg , no A- ' Y ' 'ko- ' ,. ,fl 5 -M5 R9 figs wie! ig We we 3 ik' fEiSsW3wEg:S?5?5Qg74'm 1 -My ,.,1. , o o o , - A ,Q ,f j L "se4ra:azfwww ' '- ' u f ff c , gf Af' ,, , ,IF ' of' . 5 A' L if if , - , - , K , 5 ' I . ,, K :, f . f .K iFiisI Row: ,Ju:LnFIynn, John Giambruno, Jay Fisohorfylqlil Wiese, Monty Podvu.'Second4Row: Joy Youdegis, Jim Walker, Mike Roork, Allen ,Wilden. I-hird Row: More Ford, Don Beers, Mike' Chopman. Fourth Row: Bruce LeVolley, .lim Davis. 1'I ff , f fx f M 63 ,f Junior Varsity Wrestling First Row: Dave Burner, Dennis Beiiencourl, Pete Jones, Fred Lampley. Second Row: Jim Walker, Pete Lionakis, Rick Meyers, Mike Cooper, John Nosler. Third Row: Coach Skip Davies, Jack Lorris lmgr.l, Sieve Herrera, Conrad Paul, Eric Strickholm, Bob Lambert, Coach Hal Athon. 195 lbs. of Giambruno is hard to dispose of. Wiese searches for a break in opponenfs posiiion. Wrestlers ln Action Yaudegis is on Top again. The El Camino VarsiTy WresTling Team This year compiled ci 6 win l loss record, placing second in The CapiTal Valley Conference. This record is The besT ever produced by an El Camino WresTling Team in The CVC. This was The resulT of dedicaTed aThleTes led by seven ouT- sTanding Seniors. These men will be mflssed on The Team nexT year and de- serve special menTiong They are Jay Yau- dugis, Jim Walker, Mike Roark, Allen Wilden, MonTy Podva, Jud Flynn, and Jay Fischer. ReTurning To The VarsiTy nexT year is an excellenT nucleus which will lead El Camino To a brighTer TuTure in wresTling. The Junior Varsify was nor forTunaTe in league compeTiTion buT gained valu able experience and will indeed help The VarsiTy nexT year Fischer Tights for supremacy Monty geTs needed leverage Wilden scores five more points for the Eagles. Roark seTs up his move. l in NorThern California. 3? 5 5 ? I In the Winter of Their Years X 54 ALJ ,Mfg WZQZH' Mywjyp 606,70 IL aff ' 1 ujjr4'jg!ij,,1J'?M Ajay! if Q' of Adi!! H ff Af MG ,JM . . . the winning Class float. 6 Diana Abrams Lyn Adams Ron Albright Terry Allen John Alliapoulos Bill Anderson Geraldine Anderson Mary Anderson Pai Andrews Craig Armstrong Richard Arrlrlsrrong Bill Arnholr - Cindy Arnold Brenda Ashworih Lynn Atkinson Susie Atrebery Lynne Babineau Eric Bachelor Marget Bachelor Dick Bachmann Jeanette Bad'al Sharon Badurina Greg Bagwell Ronnie Bangs Marcia Barsky Bruce Barrels Sharon Barfshe Dick Bass Don Beers Peggy Bergman Jack Berreil Bill Berfsh Dennis Betiencourt Chris Bezouska Linda Biorklund Randy Blaesi Nancy Blain Bonnie Blaine Waller Bliss Eric Blue Renee Blumgold Rosemary Bohmbock study hard. Y Y W Judy Bold Jim Borsdorf Jeff Brady Priscilla Branthaver Pam Briffan Claudia Brown Al Bunch Randy Burghgrave David Burkholder Joe Burlingame Bob Butler Dian Buzzini Michael Cady Ron Caldwell Anne Callahan Mike Callahan Joe Campanelli Sheryl Cantrell Bob Cesario Carol Chrislopherson Rudy Contreras Sheryl Cooper Linda Corin David Corkrum Marilyn Cox Tracy Crandall Andy Crouch Mary Crouse David Cunningham Cathy Davis Dan Davis Vince Devifo David DeWitt Shari Diller Jim Donoghue Tucker Dove Carol Drew James Dublirer Chris Dufalf Ed Durbrow Glen Dyer John Edens Barbie Edlund Pai Eickman Bob Emerson Sue Espenshade Jeff Evans Betty Estes Ann Exstrom Sandi Fain Paf Forney Sharon Faulkender Ralph Fenner Vickie Fenner Kay Ferguson Sil Ferrari Judy Finch Leslie Finch Jeff Finn Craig Fischer Joy Fisk Maria Fitch Linda Flora Richard Fong Gail Freidenfelf Dorene Fritts Robert Fuller Susan Gannon Jack Garrison Nancy Geandrot Peggy Geandrof Nena Geddes Janice Geer Cheryl Georgakakos Nancy Giles Pai Gollaher Laura Gorman Truman Grandy Quick! The scalpei Calm before the Picnic. Gary Gray Debbie Greenberg Joyce Gunn John Hall Susan Halvorsen Britt Hamilton Jeff Hamilton Juleen Hammitt Dennis Hammond Marthalyn Hansen Perry Hansen Jeff Hardesty Roger Harris Jeff Hart Sylvia Hart Tom Hart Ron Haven Joy Helton Roy Helton Irene Herald Jeff Hess Gary Hickman Diana Hilt Pam Hockett Bob Hommon Joe Horner Polly Houghton Robert Hoy Bradford Hudgins Buzzy Huffman Patti Hughes Kim Hunt Sharron Hurst Sherri Hurst Dale Hutson Mari Hutton John Jackson Lindo James Paul Jameson Bruce Johnson Craig Johnson Lynn Johnson Michael Jones Jay Jordon Jeff Jumel Katie Kay Stan Kays Vickie Keegan Sheila Keller Chere Kelley Sherry Kendrick Steve Kimball Susan Klein Janice Knisely Danise Koch Stanley Koepke Beth Koogle Donna Krasnow Skip Krieger Bob Lambert Mona Lambert Fred Lampley Jocelyn Larnpman Dona Lancaster Dennis Lawrence Talented Sophomores David Lay Rich Lee Louis Le Frack Pat Leichel George Lionakis Cathy Lippolol Sharon Logan Janet Long Jerome Lovsness Gary Ludlow Victor Lundberg Richard Lyman Cynthia Lyon Tom MacBride Pattie Maida Susan Mann Terri Marcusen Geoff Marmas Nancy Martin Cheryl Mathews Kerry McClintock Pam McClure Donna McCollor Marguerite McConnell Shirley McCracken Mike McCraw Julie McFarlane Jim McGee Bruce McGuire Ken McLaughlin Mike McLean John McLeod Larry Meador Jim Means Sherry Meier Ricky Mello Curtis Merrill Tenya Middleton Tandy Miksak Mary Mikulo Dorothy Miller Robert Miller Ray Minella Butch Missall Sally Mitchell Scott Mitchell Carmi Moldeven Jo Ann Montich Karen Moore Lorraine Morin Ken Morton Sherrill Morton Larry Mozes Steve Murphy Sandy Murrill Marge Nagel Bob Ng Dennis Nicolai Terry Nipper Claudia Nix Alice Norbeck Nancy Nordyk Kathi Norris Buzz Nyquist David Oliver Kristina Olson B Sherry Oster Tony Ostroski Roselia Overton Donna Parisi Parker Clark Sondra Reno Pat Riley Doug Rodgers Robert Rogers Jerry Rolf Steve Ross Judy Rothborth Don Rounds Charles Rudig Pamela Ruggles Mike Rushford Kim Rushton Rich Russell Don Rutoh Nancy Sody Linda Sanborn Sandy Soraquse Gerald Parks Pat Peasley Dan Peck Gary Peterson Nancy Peterson Brian Pettigrew Sue Pettigrew Colleen Phelps Sherry Pierce Margie Piggott Jerry Pine Fred Eleines Dennis Plooher Diane Podvo Jerry Portman Steve Pounds Ronald Powell Wayne Powell Lucinda Priest John Range John Rauscher Lyn Reed Clint Reese Jan Reiter Bill Sayre David Schnapp Mike Schoemig Tim Schroeter Cam Schryver Phil Scott Scott Seegmiller Susan Sharkody Richard Shatzer Debbie Sheaffer Pat Shorrock Grey Short Jim Silvernail Brad Smith Duane Smith y Karen Smith Kathie Smith Richy Smith Steve Squires Gail Soule Nancy Speakman Sandra Stanley Jim Steinman Soph on J.V Counseling for the next year Walt Steuben Bob Stokes Bill Stone Jerry Stowe Erie Sfrickholm Ann Stroud Sally Stroud John Subry Jim Sullens Sally Sullivan Mike Swedin Barbara Tarr Jana Taylor Tim Taylor Sandra Terrell Lynne Thomas Paul Tobell Richard Tolman Rudy Torresani Sharon Tracy Tim Tracy Greg Trindle Russ Trowbridge .lim Tufts Rodney Tuthill Ann Twaddelk Karolyn Urban Walt Van Buskirk Jay Vader Ken Vigor Dianne Wa-ite Mike Walter Gary Wallace Tim Waller Charlene Walls 'X ' 2+ 'Xi ik 'xl , , , if , t lm if M7 -W L Nancy Wcinner Janis Wantland Judie Weaver Wendy Webster John Whitaker Cherrine White Pamela Whited it X, And brush often with Crest Those Sophomores not Pictured are: Kathy Donoghue Neal Holmes Paul Klembeck Betty Mendoca Dave Mercer John Mitchell Beverly Plotzke Steve Roche David Schlottman Dianne 'Walters Nancy Widmer Phil Wiese Antony Wight Barbara Williams Diana Williams Bruce Winegardner Mark Wiser Michele Wiser Dennis Wolcott Rita Woodland Teppy Wozniak Stephanie Wrenn Angie Wright Ken Wright John Wycoff Marsha Zents M QWQWWMX Urea ,W Qifwgiifif Wffi mf Wwfyfylfgfww W fu M A Kgjigmiwwwjojwa CML DJ MM My LW F 81 Don Bean STudenT Body PresidenT Under The guiding hand oT our Twice- elecTed presidenT, Don Bean, The gov- ernmenT has "liTTed" insTead of "leaned". Don has seen To iT ThaT The governing procedures of The school have TuncTioned in ThelinTeresTs of The enTire sTudenT body. The greaT success and achievemenTs of El Camino This year have been accomplished only Through The greaT parTicipaTion oT The sTudenT body ThaT we have wiTnessed This year. In order Tor a school To receive such supporT from The sTudenTs, iT musT have eTTecTive leaders who will devoTe much Tirne Towards encouraging acTive parTicipaTion from sTudenTs of all Tour classes. For, iT is noT merely one sTudenT, a group of sTudenTs, or even one class ThaT is needed To make a school greaT. On The oTher hand, iT Takes enThusiasTic response from all sTudenTs of all classes in order Tor The sTudenT body acTiviTies To be eTTecTive aT all. TUDE T BODY CFFICERS Jeff Taylor Boys Vice PresidenT Valerie Spooner Girls' Vice President N Sue Runkin Bob Johnson Pm Stone SGCYGTGVY Treasurer Commissioner of Enferioinmenf SPRI G I965 Anna Skolbeck Sully Harris Commissivner of Commission-er of Public Relations Inferno! Affairs mfg? S +V The com toss for A.F.S, Dancing for A.F.S. A portrclit of Trish is presented to the Student Body The End Draws Near A show of strength for E.C. We tried. Skill! Donkey Basket Ball U.C.L.A. I?J The Hook Shot Good Throw, friend. Round ond round we go l Twilight Twirpin' How nice we look! Mr. cmd Miss Irresistible. T irp Happiness is dancing. Junior Prom Time out from dancing. Off To on enioyoble evening. i "My Hero" Sendai - Sakut 1? 54 .1 i 5 F 'C ? 3 v 3 1 I 96 Tenni 15 -Love 30-Love 40-Love J.V. Vic Lundberg, Jeff Evans, Kim Rushton, Mike Williams. Game! 1 92 Pole Vault: Randy Martin, Tom Cross. First Row: Bob Taylor, Dennis Gannon, Bob Jamieson, Terry Bryant, Reg Rogers, Ron Bruce Thomson, Gary Simpson. Second Row: Bob Grix, John Bodley, Frank Covey, Roy Dave Bainbridge, Roy Petty, Carl Ludwig. Third Row: Eric Berger, Kent Lacin, Joe Marty, Wilson, Greg Wittkop, Gary Garland. Shot Put: Carl Ludwig. f Student coaches: Mike Pollock and Mike Doyle. Coach Davies, Head Coach Rowe, Coach Morrison. High Jump: Gary Garland. Sprinters: Reg Rogers, Rick Exstrom, Ron Howard. Va rsi rack Row: Gary Thompson, Randy MarTin, SeTh Aicklen, Chris Zotalis, Tom Cross, Tom Wunschel, Wickum. Second Row: Bill Schick, Dan WhiTlock, Wilson Koehler, Jon Fuller, Doug Kaufman, LeVaIley. Third Row: Rick Johnson, Tom FerriTer, Jeff Taylor, Doug Wallace, Frank Jamieson, Mann. On The basis of The TirsT Two meeTs, Eagle Track Teams appear To be Tor a successful season. AT The Relays The overall scores gave The a Third place Trophy. AgainsT Encina, The varsiTy came from To score a sTirrlng 59 54 vlcTory on The lasT evenT, The relay. varsiTy will l:JaTTle Mira Loma and Sierra Tor The championship. The sophomores appear To be ready have a winning season aTTer easily Enema. 440. Jon Fuller. The small, buT TalenTed Freshmen, losT Managers. Row One: Eric Nordberg, hearTbreaker To Encina, buT will make Mickey Pork' ROW TWO: Harry Kuhn' felT before The season ends. Ralph Fenner. Disfahce: BC-Tb JGVTNSSOH, GUVY Thompson, Greg Wlllkop, Bob Underclassman Distance: Tom MacBride and Jim Grix, Gary Simpson. Hqrper, "B" Pole Vault: Jeff HardesTy. Sophomore Track -111 First Row: Scott Mitchell, Jim Tufts, Bruce Johnson, Robert Hoy, Jeff Hordesty, Bob Miller, Ricky Mells, Ed Durbrow, Tom MocBride Second Row: Bob Butler, Greg Bagwell, Sil Ferreri, Tim Toylor, Tony Ostroski, Buzz Nyquist, Steve Murphy, Pot Farney, Perry Hansen Tucker Dove, Gory Hickman. Freshman Track First Row: Craig Mocktinger, Donny Heoth, David Jamieson, Allen Carrawoy, Allan Kwong, Mike Klover, Ty Stillman. Second Jim Horper, John Mims, Chris Taylor, Richard Kohls, Dovid Mortinez, Greg Whitson, Jeff Bryont, Paul Cluster. ' Varsity Swimming First Row: Jim Parkinson, Pat Shorrock, Tony Pederson, Mike Burton, Jim Rhinehart. Second Row: Jim Olson, Roger Lang, Jack Smith, Bill Pearson. Third Row: Rod Watts, Pat Stone, Jay Fischer, Don Thompson, John Curtis. Frosh-Soph Swimming Coach Pegram First Row: Dick Yantis, Bruce Winegardner, Dennis Shorrock, Ken Wright, Steve Roche. Secon Row: Pete Shannon, Dove Tatlock, Bob Fuller, John Schwaner, Rick Wall. Freestyle: Jim Parkinson, Mike Burton, Jim Rhinehart. Second Row: Don Thompson, Roger Long, Tony Pederson. Frosh-Soph Medley Relay. Row One: Bruce Winegardner, Pete Shannon. Row Freestyle Relay. Row One: Don Thomp- son, Pat Shorrock. Row Two: Jay Fischer, Jim Olson. Frosh-Soph Freestyle. Row One: Rick Wall, Bob Fuller, John Schwaner. Row Two: Dennis Shorrock, Dick Ycantis, Ken Wright. Two: Dave Toflock, Steve Roche. Divers: Mike Chernich, Cleve Livingston, Larry Young. Medley Relay. Row One: Bill Pearson, John Curtis. Row Two: Jay Fischer, PaTSTor1e, Rod Watts. Aqua-Action Fischer butterflies tower d the finish line. Breast stroke specialist Bill Pearson heads for u victorv The crawl. Look out, woter, here I come-Obchl l OUT 9095 'he bvd Ulf- - -l Cleve Livingston icickknives. W Strike! lst-John Lunden, John MacKinnon, John Staack, Gary Hartwig, H Eisner, Bob Crouse, Rick Yenovkian, Jeff Schrader, John Bickford, French. I 96 Baseball Pitchers and Catchers. lst-John MacKinnon, Rick Williams, John Lunden. 2nd -Mike McFarland, Eliot Ross, Tom Schauer, Tim Buckley. Infield. lst-Dun Scott, Hank Eisner, Jeff Schrader, Rick Outfield. lst-Gary Hartwig, Bob Crouse, Yenovki-an. 2nd-Lyle Callahan, Bob Rossi, Terry Schmitgal, John Bickford. 2nd-Dan Segalas, Eric Terry Klein. French, John Smack. Scott, Tom Schauer, Lyle Callahan, Rick Williams, Dan Terry Klein, Eliot Ross, Mike McFarland, Terry Schmitgal, Bob Tim Buckley, Mark Tillman. Safe! Strike Three! coach-Mark Tillman, Manager-Doug Coach Dimino Sophomore Baseball ist. K. McLaughlin, J. Sullen, M. Callahan, M. Wiser, J. Hart, B. Stone, D. ZuFall. Znd. G. Heldebrant, J. Minis, J. McGee, D. Schnap, E. Bachelor, J. Jackson, J. Roll, J. Subry. Grd. Coach Pendergast, K. Bowman, B. Anderson, R. Haven, R. Armstrong, A. Crouch, R. Bachmann, R. Harris. Infield Freshman Ba eball 102 Outfield Pitchers and Catchers lst. Ken Sockol-ov. lmgr.l, Jack Wills, Jim Stanley, Everett Parks, Rick Jacobsen, Mark Ronnie Lay. 2nd. Greg S ielman lmgr.l, Allan Wilhelm, Chris Kagel, Brent Ransdell, Zents, Jim Berry, Allen ilughes, Craig Hollingsworth. 3rd, Paul Porter, Dave Forster, Peck, Ray Fisher, Glenn Olson, Rod Royer, Tom Strand, Coach Thomas. ...za QW' w W? QM fi' 1 4545 44, Hx My 7' fi W 79 kr: Q If' y A ..,,, w V Qifblwmisi 1 5 QL 1' he 12 ,... , . , Muller 5 i' In the Spring of Their Years Originality plus. In Memory of Roberta Neilan Lynette Adler Seth Aiklen Carol Alexander Gary Allan John Anwyl Steve Applegate Beth Arnold Debi Avellar Roseann Ayon John Babbin Renee Babineau Suzanne Badal Dennis Baer David Bainbridge Allan Baker Ron Baldwin Stephen Bangs Margie Barnes Barbara Barnett Donnell Bartmann Donald Baum Mike Bazzaroni Dinah Beasley Ken Beatty Bob Beaumont Wayne Beck Nancy Becka Mark Bedford Mike Beers Rick Bell Mike Benn Rich Bennett Eric Berger Dave Berner Carol Bernstein George Berry 11 ,t I-x, C ,uf fifwfrfmi ' i it Ci ii 2 fi , f 5 yffxfxf ig, v l. t f M- A- t, L .N l Junior spirit. ., , Q , C1--t he ffifz, lf Q5 X1 if 1 C'-X' RQ Q53 Robby Goose and the Ganders . . . swing it up in the Variety Show. Robin Bertsch John Bickford Teresa Bickle Corki Biko Jim Blackford Laurie Blackman Tom Bliss Jim Board John Bodley John.Bohm Jim Bold Marc Bole Diana Booth Carol Boroski Virginia Boyd Valerie Brackney Bill Brady Laurence Brink Sue Bristow Penny Brittan Debra Britton Susan Browne Karen Buchanan Marc Burgraff Bruce Burket Diane Burlingame Nancy Busocca Virginia Cady Phil Callis Dan Campbell Kathie Capachi Edward Carder Bob Carlton Steve Carmichael Marc Carpenter Annette Carrillo 107 Carolyn Carsten Faye Carter Mike Catino Catherine Catlin Lowell Cattell Barbie Celoni Jackie Chamberlain Carol Chance Mike Chapman Cathy Chapo Lucie Chastain Joe Cheek Mary Chernich Kent Christiansen Missy Clancy Barbi Clark Mary Clark Steve Clark John Clift Bonnie Cluster Bruce Colburn Sheilah Collins Linda Compton Liz Conner Jean Cook Mike Cooper Jo Cotton Fran-k Covey Becky Coy Martin Crooks Bob Crouse Nedra Crowe Joan Dahlstrom Kathy Danforth Rich Davis Phyllis De La Garza Carl De Verter Mike De Weese Doug Dern Sheila Devine Bill Devisscher Steve Dexter 108 EWU Rosemary Di Clementine Gigi Di Orio George Dibble Merri Dickson Doyle Judy Driggs Janet Duensing George Dufault Duggan Duncan Dunk Rusty Dunn Rhonda Dunsten Durand Durand Durgin Junior speeches prove to be original. A moment of tenseness. lHenry Eisner Sally Elkington Ken Emerick Jennifer Emerick Bill Emerson n Emmick Epperson Evans Fairfield Faughnan Faustman Ferguson Fial Finley Float olk 109 Gordon Folsom Jo Ann Foote Carol Forester Meryl Fortune Greg Frantz Lee Frye Bonnie Fuller Mary Furneaux Gayle Fuson Dave Gack David Gerhardt John Giombruno Dale Gibson Jeff Gibson Carol Gidley Kathy Gilmartin Natalie Goff Terry Gornrn Janene Gordon Walter Grace Julie Graham Dan Gralian Cindy Gravelle Cynthia Gray Francis Gray Gary Grech Bill Green Judie Grier Mary Lou Griffith Cathy Griggs Linda Grosz Olivia Guebara Steve Gunn Garrett Gunther Bonnie Gutierrez Jackie Hackard IO Our trip to Germany was lots of fun! ?l Pigeon-happy in Spain An American in Paris . . .Jon Hooper style. Donna Hackett Liz Hackett Sharon Hadley Jane Hagerty Bill Haines Mike Hammond Hal Hanefield Anita Hansen Ann Harris Leeanne Harris Marc Harris Brian Hart Grant Hart Rick Hart Mike Hartman Gary Hartwig Lynda House Steve Heitmann Judi Helton Laurie Henderson Kathy Hendrick Adrienne Hennessy Bruce Henry Jim Henry Cathy Herd Hallie Herndon Steve Herrera Patricia Herrilson Mary Hickerson Bob Hilby Becky Hildebrandt Joan Hill Kathy Holman Randy Holme Heidi Holmes Rick Holmes A We V, Judy Holtz Jon Hooper Jacqui Horn Carol Howard Ron Howarcl Bill Hudgins Elizabeth Hughes Bob Hullin Dennis Hulse John Humphrey Richard Hunt Carol Hunter Peggy Hutchison Susan lrey Ed Jackson Joy Jackson Charlene Jaffee Randy James Bob Jamieson Stephanie Jarchow Bob Jeffrey Jan Jeffries Kent Jensen Gregg Jerue Gary Johnson Ginny Johnson Jane Johnson Larry Johnson Lincoln, Johnson Lois Johnson Sharon Johnson Michelle Jones Steve Jones Marilu Jordan Roger Joslyn Mike Jougonatos John Kamuf Phyllis Kappmeyer Gayle Kelberlau Marv Kelley 12 Who says iuniors aren't industrious? Kathy Kelliher Chris Kelly Richard Keys James Kidney Sue Killam Greg Kirkwood Terry Kline Wilson Koehler Mike Koepke Paul Kohler Kim Korich David Krake Linda Kreici Louise Kronick Janis 'Kwong Vicki La Duke Kent Lacin Pere Lagomarsino Marilyn ,Langlois Doris Larsen An-nell Larson Lincla Larimer Mike Lavelle Jill Lawson Judy Lay Donna Lazier ' . ' . . 1 ' -' l , N- . ' -K ' C, O My J lx-Ngzul lr: Q, fi c. yi "KTM 'N fl 'X R! 5 , fi Q- X i l AL 1 iv -fi..-all i5JCfxf1'., R in in Uffl' QW'-Q -L '55 U " 'rl lm' A x . K . ' . 'J flfflifl x l. VN, -lfllxi l-'ly '3 WJ- Wi? he 'C O n.-.- C - P .,l L L l Xi ,-Q., x X fl 0 . P, Pit We don f' J si x Eifbl fdfl' Nil E 4 : B xxx ,x. Ky X 5 'Z fx .T Lew L, 31 C'xKNx' ,, C -4- ' vl 'X , f - Q, 'mkixlv weed Q 1 Y --' , X" Q jl"Jih Lynda Le Frak Bruce Le Valley Debby Lee Gary Leonetfi Don Leverty Don Liedikelie Marie Lima Buck Linder Dave Lininger Tom Linn Peter Lionakis Mary Lippolcl Kathy Irishman Dean Litfleiohn 113 ..i..f v. ,X .Q T L Nc ., cg, Q 'v Cx bw. i X! J 'Qt X i , 'QQ ' x X -.V. ,Q N M c Xi ki, xi LW fl K 5 l XM D X3 2. x A , ci f tix LJ Q '. .XJ fQJ 'i fi? Ei A it vm A at jf if Rs ' ii it N t X. wg J Q YB wt? Lx ,J NJ Jim Livermore Mike Livingston Ann Lofgren Jack Loris Joan Lotta Dino Lowrey Carl Ludwig Bill Lund Don Lyons ' athy Lyons Sandy Lyons Scott Maass John MacKinnon Stu MacLean Dee MacMurdo Tom MacRostie Pete Macbride Mark Machado Kathy Mackey Sara Maddox I Nancy Mahin Mike 'Manier Jim Mansour Randy March Michelle Marenger Roy Marks Kitty Marquiss Carolyn Marr Judi Martin Rae Maryi Martin Doris Mathews Georgene Matranga Steve Mazza Melissa McBrid ester McDaniel Carol McDonald Keith McGary ' Larry McGlade Bill Mercer Mark Merrill Steve Michael Brian Miller Rob Miller Sharon Miller Sue Miller Bob Mitchell Barbara Moffett Mike Monroe Teri Montgomery Jack Morgan Margaret Morgan Zack Morgan ' Pat Morrow Dick Morton Judy Murch Tracy Murden Tom MCG-ouran Donna McGrew Jim McHar1 Sue McHugh Bruce McKay Dale McKeag Carol McLain Daveen McLain Ken McLane Ann McMorine Sharon Medlin John Meeks Linda Mefforc! Tim Meier Terry Meinzer Kathy Mello Bonnie Melnick Paul Menconi Sue Menderson John Mendosa Rick Myers Bobbi Neilan Pat Neufeld Ron Niemeyer Ted Nordyke Don Norwood Mike rO'Brien Pat OLBrien Cathie Olson Jim Olson Ron Oster Ben Ostroski Rusty Otto Jim Ough Larry Owen Sue Owens Pam Packard Rich Packard Five minutes before the English tinal. Sharon Packard Donny Painter Pam Pankey Alexander Park Nancy Parker Paula Parshall Dovid Parvin Frank Payne Diana Pearce Bill Pearson Ann Pease Tony Pedersen Put Penfield Inez Peper Debbie Perkins Debbie Perry Mike Peters Carol Peterson Juniors on the Tommy Petras Marie Phillips Linda Pommier Richard Porter Henry Powell Whitney Powell David Pratt Denise Probasco Christine Ralphs Sue Rankin Bob Relot Steve Ress Tina Reynolds Larry Ribbeck Mike Rice Pat Richter Sandi Ridenour Reg Rogers Let s see what to blow up next? Tom Rogers Bob Rollins Carin Rosenquist Elliott Ross Karen Rothhaupt Jean Rouhier Bill Rounds Ronald Royer Sharie. Rudnick David Sanchez Susan Sanders Cheryl Sarro Lorraine Sava Vickie Schaefer Tom Schauer Bill Schemel Bill Schick Brian Schleicher Kathy Schmidt Pam Schmitgal Rick Schneider Steve Schoemig Trudy! Schoenborn Brian Schonlank Jeff Schrader Pete Schreiter Fred Schroeder Bob Schultz Paul Schwan Janet Scott Bill Seabury Jim Seiten Linda Selby Marcia Serpa Alan Sessarego Jan Shafer Linda Shannon Carol Shaw Suzanine Sherman Toni Shiurba Bill Shuping Steve Shurtleff Dennis Sienkiewicz Mary Silvernail f lla Diane Simmons Nancy Simmons Eric Sirnoni Gary Simpson Brook Skillman Bruce Smith Carolyn Smith Greg Smith Jeanne Smith Jeff Smith Patty Smith Mark Snyder Nancy Snyder Steve Sockolov H8 There's nothing like Paris! T X Diane Spalding John Staack Kathie Stanton Dennis Stearns Richard Sterger Pam Stillwell Don Stinghen Kathy Stoecker Del Story Linda Strickland Karen Strumillo John Sullivan Cheryl Summers Shari Taillefer Joe Tanner Manlyn Tcitlock Dave Taxara Bill Taylor You say you have a problem, Teresa? Bob Taylor Criss Taylor Geralynn Taylor Fred Teichert Juniors and other classmen enioy Snowed inn and Santa. Maureen Terry Pat Thomas Sharon Thomas Heidi Thompson Randi Thompson Shirley Thompson Bruce Thomsen Sally Thomson Jim Trainor Walter Tucker Les Tussing Gary Tuthill Judy Van Dyke Eric Vance Chris Vunciel Rick Vanderschaegen Sue Varney Glen Veclera Linda Vincent Carol Vlahos Dianne Voet Karen Vorous Greg Wagner Jordon Walker Susie Walker Wes 'Walker Doug Wallis Ann Walsh Craig Ward Frank Ward Steve Warren Karen Watts Marcella Weaver Paul Weber Betty Wegsteen Mark Weidenman Carol Weigand Ron Wheatley Brent White Nicki White Pam White Dan Whitlock 120 Bruce Barton Jim Brown Lynda Bryant Tim Buckle-y Koll Buer Karen Cady Bill Chatham Bill Cheesebrough Dennis Coffee Barbara Cozzens Sharon Curry Lori Fahn Bruce Falconer Bill Faulkender Janice Fuller Jim Holland Paul James Rick Johnson Linda Joseph Linn Kell Juniors not pictured: Judy Widmer Pat Wiese Sandy Wilkes Pat Williamson Craig Wilson Kathy Wilson Tomi Wilson Jeff Winston Lynn Winston Greg Wittkop Mar Jim Kelly Colleen Lawrence Ray Lee Ben Lev Don Lundberg Michele Margolis Roger Mason Linda Mathisen Barry McGowan Greg Orme Ron Palmer Gary Powell Marshall Riddell Sue Schwartz Barry Smith Jack Smith Therese Smyth Mark Sturges Dan Webber Bill Wright k Wohlford .lim Woliver Michael Wood Nancy Worthen John Wozniak Don Wright Herb Wright Tom Wunschel Rick Yenovkian Susan Younger Ned Zoller ey' fa Mfr fall 'fl W K 4, ly 4 ,U U' X x .m F, 1 Vx I rf 1 I, wx 1' .1 XA w W ., 1, I v U 1 . V' L Az 2 ,Je .w li , K1 9 . I f. X I ,I 'J AM ,a 1 ., f A v -144 , 1? W ' WH lv. f fs J. My A W. Lf JY nv r , . Q 17 Q' I ' ,fb V Ky I 1 ,V , I ' V Hy! A' ,, :H K , V f ' I H N111 ' . Y ' nj F L ' ' f ,lv ' QW, fu a Rf in . ' w 1 ' 9 4 M - A 1,2 .V , . IV ' v '.f ., XJ A 1 ,n- ue U. H X, L1 , , 9 . ii pk! 7 Hifi Q 'HJ Md X ! X q Mi jj J lj ,J x f F 4 rw ff! 1 31 w W jifjd ijt jg qljlliilrlj 1 L Y I' k A A aww M M492 r U J We W, if if I ji' NVJ JLJL ff 5 A ' 1951? 1' I by H .V Lv ,, .1 32 U1 N , ,Jy ! V ,v 2 5 .VE 31' 9, ,:' ,M f u ' '1 .I 1 ,Q 1 ,, if Q ,f J J , f r H W, , 'A .." W 'jf' 1 I A v '1 ,F w FVJ If fifpfly Pix! 19 UW WV J V UH! ! ,J JI J I fi J fl asf Milf? X 1 " NM! 1 J e . sa w W ,M 'NJ FW 1 r f w J ,Il . my M ,qu j T A if fx 1- , QJCNTXQ 5 f gfjokbqx '3q- KQQQQJQ. CQCDSQLJVLQQ QWXQL- UQ, ,XSL QQAQ., Qoex. NBQ 3c.1J4kQ,? JLK, gb QL, CJQQQ-,Z S Ngkxxlk I YXQKZQV - QE:-42. ivy?-Q, 'WCC 'fbiixgx lTYL4L., LBJXVL-Q. ., . hu, k'3qQ5'fjK1lZNf" Yfi. KVLQX ivy?-AXC5 05' XA Kxh Lgix - Qfbf-ECL A Qigmv Z, VQQQL AFR, Q5' M V X, I ' I FE x QQKXQ X5 40' - C47 c-D -- Z3 fiyfilfff W Wx ibm X A .as we '21, QI., .:s.,..,, M 11, V, Mi 7 M: f . fsigibs 'wx ' . A1 X M 'iss QQ Us. .y .nm -1,52-gpg,-.g..,, x ,S X ue rg W im .GP wig HW, 4 ,W .SH F . fri' Si. ' 5123+ Y Mg "gi55i7':.,, X .V., - 4' ff ' - ml N M 'li' Nik wg, X, sr -Q,-xv E3 YS Senior Hot Day "I ccm't believe if." Such class spirit Seniors Cheer! Vofing for The lusf Time. Going my way? W E S S 1 5 I W- Y Y 7-f wm,wm mmmm 5 N4 In the Summer X Vxwbixkx of Their Years CAROL ARBINI Sr Float Comm Pres F B LA A E S El Camino Anns RENEE AYON Tri Hi Y JANICE BACKER Sr Float Comm AFS ROBERTA BADAL-Transfer Student ROBERT BAlNBRlDGE-MU Alplt Theta, C.S.F., Math Club, Honor Roll. SUSAN BALDWIN-A.F.S., Sr. Float Comm., Spanish Club. JANE BALL-Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Honor Roll, Sr. Float Comm. PATRICIA BARKHUYSEN-Foreign Exchange Student, A.F.S., Rally Comm., Mu Alpha Theta. PAM BARTON-Art Club, A.F.S. MELODY AGRUSO-Los Hidalgos, A.F.S., Tri- Hi'-Y, Honor Roll. STEVEN AHRENS-Varsity Cross-Country, Vclr- sity Track, German Club, Honor Roll. BARBARA AMBROSE-Modeling Club, Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Award. CONNIE ANDERSON-General Activities. ANN ANGELI-Sec. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Jr. Float Comm. I KAREN ANSELMO-Student Council, Jr. Pr Comm., Sr. Float Comm., Honor Roll. GWENNE BATES-Aerie, Rally Comm., N.H.S., Baccalaureate Honor Candle-Bearer. SUE BAYNE-Latin Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Jr. Float Comm. DON BEAN-Student Body Pres., Jr, Class Pres., Frosh Class Pres., Varsity Wrestling. JUDI BEATON-Comm. of Entertainment, N.H.S., Rally Comm., Pres. Tri-Hi-Y. FRANK BEDFORD-General Activities. BELL-Variety Show, A Cappella. RICHARD BENNETT Latin Club Radio Cub BONNIE BERGMANN Frosh Float Comm Latin Club Sr Float Comm Honor Roll LINDA BETTENCOURT General Activities REBECCA BEUTLER El cummmn Gregg Typ mg Award JERRY BIRNBERG Golf Team Student Council Math Club STEPHEN BLACKSHER-General Activities. ROBERT BLAIR-Varsity Swimming, Block E.C. ERIC BLAU-Pres. Mu Alpha Theta, Vice-Pres. Math Club, National Science Scholarship. DONNA Briss-Aerrfe, Quill and Scroll, Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y. MELINDA BRIGGS- Honor Roll, A.F.S. ANN BRITTON-C.S,F., N.H.S. BEVERLY BROWN-Serv ior Bond, Honor Roll. MARCIE BROWN--Trb Hi-Y. TERRY BRYANT-Vursity Track. BARBARA B U C H L E R- Closs Council. RALPH BU RCH-Execu- five Boo rd. LENI BURDMAN-El Cc- miniun, N.H.S. 132 TOM CHASE4Class Council, Block E.C., Var- sity Football. BOB CHRISTENSON-Honor Roll, Jr. Prom Comm., San Juan Ski Team. STEVE CLANTON-Transfer Student CLAUDIA CLAYTON4Art Club, Variety Show, Art Award, Honor Roll. CATHY CLEMENTS-Aerie, Quill and Scroll, Honor! Roll, Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLES CLEMMENSON-N.H.S., Mu Alpha Theta, Latin Club. WALTER COCHRANE-Varsity Basketball, J.V. Basketball. ADELE COE-Soph. Dance Comm., Jr. Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Productions. LINDA COGLEY-Honor Roll. KATHY COLANGELO-General Activities CONNIE COLLINS-Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Home coming Float, Tri-Hi-Y. SANDY COLLMAN-Comm. of Entertainment Business Manager El Caminian, Executiv Board, Hi-Set Fashion Advisor. DEBORAH CONSTANTINE-N.H.S., Honor The pians, Latin Cl-ub, Student Director Fall Play. ELENA CONTRERAS-General Activities. LYNDA COPELAND-A.F.S., A Cappella, Tr Hi-Y. CAROL CORBY-Sr. Float Comm., Gregg Short- hand Awards, Honor Pep. GERRY CORLISS-Frosh. Class Treas., Sr. Class Treas., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Float Comm. DENNIS CORRASA-A and B Swimming, Latin Club, Student Council. PAUL COSTA-Sr. Class Pres., Executive Board, Student Council, Honor Thespians. DAVID COTTLE-Frosh Baseball. BILL COYAN-General Activities. OM CROSS-Block E.C., Latin Club, Varsity rack, N.H.S. ERYL CRUMP-General Activities. UlDA CULP-Transfer Student. OHN CURTIS-Varsity Swimming, Math Club, odel U.N. Delegate. ZETTE CURTIS-Student Council, Jr. Prom mm. TSY CUTLER-Finance Comm., Homecoming mm., Jr. Prom Comm. ERYL LYNN DAVIS-Jr. Prom Princess, Honor ll, Honor Thespians, Tri-Hi-Y RRY DE ROO-Concert Band, A Cappella, rsity Tennis. NNETE DE VILLE-Sr. Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. STANLEY DECKWA-Sr. Homecoming Float, Hi-Y. LAURA DEVINE-Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Queens Float Comm. KATHY DI ORIO-Modeling Club, Gregg Shorthand Aword, Tri-I-li-Y. LINDA DICKMAN-Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Float Comm., Frosh. Float Comm. DONNA DIGHERO-General Activities. CRAIG DILLINGHAM-General Activities. CAROL DIMOCK-Treas. Los Hildalgos, Gold Torch, Honor Roll, Bciccaloureote Honor Candle- bearer. JOHN DIOGUARDI-Sr. Float Comm. GAIL DODELIN-Honor Roll, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Award. SHARON DOTTARAR-Generol Activities. SHARON DOUGHERTY-Tri-HiY. TERRI DOVE-Treas. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm. Frosh Float Comm. KATHY DOYLE4Honor Thespians, Mu Alph Theta, N.H.S., Boccalaureate Honor Condl Bearer. DENNIS DRENNAN-Frosh Baseball, Hi-Y. DAVID DRENNAN-Frosh Baseball, Soph. Foot boll. ELDRIDGE-Home Economics Club, Achievement. ELLENSON-Mu Alpha Theta, Varsity Team, N.H.S. ELMAS-Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm., Carnival Comm. EMANUELS-Student Council, J.V. Football, Float Comm., Homecoming Comm. EVANS-Bank of America Achievement Whiskerino King. EWING-General Activities. DENNIS DRESSLER-Intramural Football, Swim- ming. RICHARD DUNK-C.S.F., N.H.S., N.M.S.Q.T. Semi-Finalist, Honor Roll. JUDY DU RAND-Honor Roll. GARY EBERT-Sr. Float Comm., Frosh. Float Comm. JANIS EDENS-Transfer Student. STEPHEN EGAN-Jr. Floot Comm., Sr. Float Comm. JAMES EISENHART-General Activities. DOUG EISLER--B Swimming, Wrestling. JEANNE EISLER-General Activities. RICK EXTROM-Varsity Track, Class Council. HILLARD FAHN-Gem eral Activities. STEVE FALLAI-Varsity Football, Student Coun- cil. JENNIFER FANELLI- General Activities. KATHLEEN FARACLAS- Los Hildolgos, A.F.S. JAMES FAULKNER- C,S.F., Key Club. JULIE FERGUSON-Gen man Club, A.F.S. MARGARET FERGu- soN-u.N. Comm., A.F.S. JOAN Roll, Pres. Tri-Hi- TOM FERRITER Football, Block i:.x. KATHY FIFE-MO Club, Art Award. JAY FISCHER-V Football, Class Co JUSTIN FLYNN- Wrestling, Golf. INA FORTNER-T Art Club. LA R RY PSS- Activities. REBECCA FOSTER eral Activities. ANN Activities E R I C F R E N C H Vice-Pres., Varsi letics. JANELLE RITT pians, Variety S JON Student Council. DIANE FUNDER-Thes- pions, N.H.S. JOHN FURNEAUX- Block E.C,, C.S.F. DENNIS GANNON- Cross Country, Pres. N.H,S. GARY GARLAND-VCIP sity Basketball, Blqck E.C. SUZANNE GARLAND- Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y. JEFF GIDLEY-Varsity Track, German Club. GLADING-Gem GOLJLD-General GRABERT-Honor Honor Roll. G RA D Y GRAY-Student Honor Roll. GRAY-Home A.F.S. E GREENBERG- Mu Alph Thefa. GREER-Concert Los Hildalgos. GRIX-Varsity C.S.F. Float Comm. A Cappella. GUIDICI-Jr GROPSOREAN- G R U S H-Tl1es- Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. GERRY G'lLL-Sludenf Council, Variety Show. ANN GlLLHAM-Thes- pions, N.H.S. LARRY HALL-Vorsity Tennis, Block E.C., STU- dent Council, Voriety Show. PAT HALL-Honor Roll, Art Club, Closs Coun- cil, Dance Committee. MARIE HALLIGAN-Trl-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Honor Roll. BOB HALVORSEN-General Activities. CATHY HAMMEL-A cappella, Vice--Pres. Modeling Clubg Honor Roll, F.B.L.A. DONNA HARBISON-Generol Activities. JANICE HARDEN-Frosh, Jr. Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. JERRY HARDENBURG-Los Hildolgos, Sr. Floot Comm. STEVEN HARDESTY-El Cuminiun, Quill ond Scroll, N.H.S., C.S.F. JIM HACK-Vorsity Trock, Sr. Floot Comm. GARY HACKMAN-Vice Pres. Thespions, Foll ond Spring Plays. ROBERT HADLEY-Vorsify Boseboll, Frosh, Soph. Boseboll, Block E.C. SUSAN HALCOMB-A.F.S. Fincilist, Jr. Class Sec., N.H.S., Student Council. LIZ HALEY-Honor Roll, A.F.S., Los Hildulgos, A Coppello. GROVER HALL-General Activities. MIKE HARDY-Varsity Track, Hi-Y, Student Council. CAROLYN HARRIS-Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award. JANELLE HARRIS-Tri-Hi-Y, Assembly Comm. LARRY HARRIS-Varsity Football, Block E.C. SALLY HARRIS-Comm. of Internal Affairs, Student Council, Executive Board. HEATHER HART-Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Art Award, Honor Roll. JIM HART-Hi-Y, J.V. Wrestling, Frosh Foot- ball. LINDA HART-General Activities. 'MICHAEL HART-Boy's Vice-Pres., Lcltin Club, Varsity Football, Debate Club. TERRY HARVEY-Vice-Pres. Sr. Class, Block E.C., Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. DAVID HASH-A Cappella, Concert Band, Honor Thespians, Fall Musical. BARBARA HASS-Tri-Hi-Y, German Club, Honor Roll, Baccalaureate Honor Usherette. FRED HAWLEY-Track Manager. KENNETH HEIDT-General Activities. BROCK HELANDER-General Activities. DEAN HICKMAN-Block E.C., Pep Band, C.S.F., N.H.S. DENNIS EARLE HOCKETT-General Activities. BARRY HOLMES-Frosh Float Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Homecoming Comm. WAYNE HOLSINGER-General Activities. FRED HOTCHSKISS-General Activities. CHERYL HOULTON-Varsity Yell Leader, Honor Roll, Jr. Prom Comm, CHARLES HELDEBRANT-N.H.S., Block E.C., Honor Roll. DIANNE HELTON-F.B.L.A., Home Economics Club. JACK HENDRICK-Track, Frosh Basketball, Soph. Football, Honor Roll. PAULA HENDRICKS-Rally Comm., Mu Alph Theta, N.H.S., Baccalaureate Honor Candle- bearer. PAT HENRY-General Activities. JAY HEON-General Activities. FREDERICK HERMAN-Frosh Football, German Club. DOREEN HERRILSON-Honor Pep, Honor Concert Band. AL HERSH-General Activities. 'fwrffaffle MARILYN HOUSE-A.F.S., C.S.F. STEPHEN HOVENDEN-General Activities. RON HOWELL-Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track. HUFFMAN-F.B.L.A., Art Club. HUNT-J.V. Football, Wrestling, Con- Band. HUTCHINSON-tra-H1-Y, A.F.s., Honor German Club. THY INDERKUM-C.S.F., A.F.S., Tri-Hi-Y. ISON-Variety Show, Fall Play, Program. YLE JACKSON-Honor Thespians, Music Los Hildolgos, A Cappella. RALPH JAGGARD-Frosln Football, Frosh Bas- ketball. NANCY JAMES-Honor Roll, Gregg Awards, Tri-Hi-Y. WAYNE JAMIESON-Pres. Key Club, Varsity Track, B Cross Country. LINDA JAMTGAARD--A Cappella, German Club. KATHY .IOBE-Frosh Float Comm., Trl-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm. CHRISTINE JOHNSON-Rally Comm., N.H.S., A.F.S., Jr. Prom Comm. I4 GAYLE JOHNSON-Varsity Yell Leader, Tri- Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm., Homecoming Dance Comm. BOB JOHNSON-Student Body Treas., Varsity Basketball, Honor Cane Bearer, N.H.S. MICHAEL JOHNSTON-Frosh Baseball, Soph. Baseball. BILL JONES-General Activities. BONNIE JONES-A Cappella. JEAN JUVIK-Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Awar Jr. Prom Comm., Frosh Float Comm. CYNTHIA KANE-G.A.A., Girls Intrqamurals. MARCIA KAPPMEYER-Transfer srbdem. DOUG KAUFMAN--Varsity Track, N.H.S., Span ish Club, B Track. MICHAEL KAYS-Varsity Baseball, Wrestlin ELIZABETH KELLEY-Honor Roll, Student Cou cil, Assembly Comm., Sr. Float Comm. JUDY KELLEY-Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm. DIANE KEPFORD-Jr. Float Comm., Art Awar Queen's Float Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. SHARON KERDUS-Baccalaureate Hon Candle-Bearer, N.H.S., C.S.F., A.F.S. DION KERHOULES-Varsity Basketball, Class Vice-Pres., Student Council, Block E. RUSSELL KIDD-Frosh Baseball, Student Coun- cil, German Club, Soph. Baseball. KANDY KILEN-'Ifransfer Student. BARBARA KIMMEL-General Activities. AYNELL KIRBY--Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Float omm,, Tri-Hi-Y. ALT KIRBY-Sr, Float Comm. TEPHEN KNIGHT-General Activities. OBERT KOCH-Hi-Y, B Track, U.N. Comm., ransfer Student. ATRICIA KOETTING-Math Club, Honor Serv- ce Club, Honor Roll. CEN KOTYLUK-General Activities. ON KRUEGER-Hi-Y. lNDA KRUMWIEDE-General Activities. NE KWONG-Art Club, C.S.F., Baccalaureate onor Candle-bearer. VID LAKS-Radio Club, Science Seminar, tin Club. N LAMPMAN-Editor EI Caminiun, N.H.S., uill and Scroll. ARILYN LANDAY-Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Produc- ns. ROGER LANG-Varsity Football, Varsity Swim- ming, Block E.C. JANET LAR RIEU-Baccalaureate Honor Candle- bearer, N.H.S., Honor Roll, Los Hildalgos. JIM LARSEN-Jr. and Sr. Float Comm. JOANNE LAUSMANN-Head Songleader, Head J.V. Yell Leader, Jrf Prom Queen, Student Body Sec. JAMES LAWRENCE-General Activities. KENNETH LAY-General Activities. BARBARA LEE-Baccalaureate Honor Candle- bearer, G.A.A., Trackette. GERALD LEE-General Activities. JOHN LEMIEUX-General Activities. LINDA LEMON-Sr. Float Comm., ., Float, Honor Roll, Jr. Prom Comm. YOLANDA LEYVA-Sr. Float Comm. WAYNE LIND-Varsity Cross Country, Var Track. JAN LINDBLOM-Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Da Comm., Honor Roll. ROGER LIPPMAN-Mu Alpha Theta, N. Math Club. BETH LIVEZEY-Baccalaureate Honor Can bearer, N.H.S., Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y. LOWER-Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Comrn. LUDLOW-.l.V. Basketball, N.H.S., Latin Student Council. LUNDEN-Varsity Baseball, Concert Pep Band, A Cappella, LUNDSTROM El Comlnlan, Bacca Honor Candle-bearer, N.H,S., C.S.F. LUNGREN-Honor Thespians, Fall Play, Variety Show, LYMAN General Activities E 5 CLEVE LIVINGSTON--VarsityBasketball, Hon- or Cane-Bearer, N.H.S., Pres. C.S.F. CAM LOCKWOOD-Sr. Float Comrn., Student Council. GERRY LOGAN-Sr. Band. TERRY LOOPER-Thespian Honor Society, Aerie, EI Caminiun, Quill and Scroll. WALT LORD-General Activities. BOB LARUSSO-Frosh Football, Soph. Basket- ball, J.V. Basketball. JUDY LOVELL-Honor Thespians, Variety Show. JEANNE LOVERING-Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Honor Roll. MARK LOWE-A Cappella, Fall Play. NANCY LYONS-General Activities. EVAN MocBRIDEdGolf Teom, Hi-Y. HAROLD MACK-General Activities. HOWARD MACK-Radio Club. WAYNE MACKTINGER-Drum Major, Sr. Bcmd, Pep Bond. STEVEN MADEIRA--General Activities. LANCE MADER-General Activities. GINGER MAGEE-General Activities. JACKIE MAHIN-Sr. Fiocxf Comm. LARRY MALCHOW-Latin Club. TERRY MALONE-Jr. Bond. ROBERT MANN-Cross-Country, Pep Concert Bond. DONNA MARKS-General Activities. GREG MJARMAS-Hi-Y, Math Club. RANDY MARTIN-Varsity Truck, B Truck. Ban MCCARTY-Rifle Team, El Caminian. MCCONNELL-General Activities. MCDONALD-Student Council, Latin Latin Club. MCDONALD-German Club, U.N. Club, Band. MCFARLAND-Varsity Football, Varsity Varsity Baseball, Transfer Student. MCGUIRE-Varsity Swimming, Class Water f'olo. MCKENZIE-Rally Comm., Aerie, Honor Latin Club. MCQUILLAN-Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Jr. Comm. MEANS-German Club. VERNE MARTIN General Activities JOE MARTY Varsity Track Hi Y JUDY MATTEOLI General Activities SCOTT MATTHEWS-German Club Sr Float Comm Radio Club BILL MAYNARD U N Club Honor Roll Hi Y DALE MCATEE Soph Football Latin Club ANNE Ml LLER-General Activities. RICHARD MILLIRON-Varsity Football, Stu- dent Council, I-li-Y, Wrestling. MARCIA MOBERLY-Tri-I-li-Y, Honor Roll, Frosh Float Comm. MARGIE MOEiN.H.S., Baccalaureate Honor Candle-Bearer, Latin Club, Concert Band. PATRICIA MONTICH-Latin Club, Hondr Pep., A.F.S., Homecoming Dance Comm. ARTHUR MOORE-Frosh Float Comm., Intra- mural Basketball. MARTY MORGAN-Honor Thespians, Honor Roll, Variety Show. CAROL MORRISON-A Cappella, Sr. Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. MARY LOU MOULTON-Rally Comm., Los Hildalgos, Honor Pep, A.F.S. LYNNE MECKFESSEL-Sr. Class Sec., N.H.S., Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Rally Comm. PATSY MELTON-Pres. Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Awards, Jr. Float Comm. SUE MENDONCA-Sr. Float Comm. Transfer Student. HANK MEYER-Ski Team. JEAN MEYER-Transfer Student. LESLYN MEYERS-Tri-Hi-Y, Frosh. Float Comm., Soph. Float Comm., Youth and Gov't. KATHY MULLEN-Student Council, A.F.S., Hon- or Roll. PRISCILLA MEYERS-Tri-Hi-Y, Soph and Sr. Float Comm. BARBARA MYSICKA-Honor Roll, Gregg Short- hand Awards. NELLE Transfer Student NEWSUM General Activities AN NG Modeling Club FBLA French ERIC NORDBERG-Honor Thespians, Drama Productions. GREG NORRIS-Varsity Basketball, Student Council, Honor Cane Bearer, Jr. Prom Comm. JOHN NOSLER-Wrestling. BILL NOVELLI-General Activities. BARBARA NUGENT-Soph Class Treas., Honor Pep, Los Hildalgos, Sr. Float Comm. PATRlClA O'BRlEN-Homecoming Dance Comm., Transfer Student. MAXINE O'CONNOR-Concert Band, Pep Band, Latin Club. KATHIE O'LEARY-Aerie, Evaluation Board, N.H.S., Quill and Scroll. PAUL O'NElLL-General Activities. JAMES PARKINSON-Pres. Block E.C., Student Council, Varsity Swimming, Concert Band. LEXY PARKYN-General Activities. MARGIE PARSHALL-Queens Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. CONRAD PAUL-Varsity Football, N.H.S., Wrestling, Gold Torch. JANE PAUL-Baccalaureate Honor Candle- Bearer, Pres. A.F.S., Los Hildalgos, N.H.S. STAN PEA RCE-General Activities. JOY OEDER-G.A.A. JAMES OLSON-Varsity Athletics, Soph Class Pres., N.H.S., Block E.C. LINDA OLSON-Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. RICHARD ORANGE-Block E.C., Honor Roll, Varsity Cross-Country, Varsity Tennis. JODY OXLEY-A Cappella, Tri'Hi-Y, Variety Show. CLAUDIA PADILLA-Baccalaureate Honor Can- dle-Bearer, Rally Comm., Aerie, N.H.S. TOM PAGE-Vice Pres. Hi-Y, Soph Football, Los Hildalgos. DUSTY PALMER-General Activities. LOU PARELL-Varsity Football, Varsity Wres- tling, Hi-Y, German Club. STEVE PEARCE-General Activities. PAM PEASLEY-Baccalaureate Honor Candle- Bearer, A.F.S. Finalist, D.A.R. Award, Business Mgr. Aerie. ELIZABETH PEMBERTON-G.A.A., Drama Club. ROY PEMBERTON-Sr. Float Comm., Pres. Hi-Y. LYNETTE PETERSEN-A 'CappeIIa, Tri-Hi-Y, Va- riety Show. BRUCE PETTIGREW-General Activities. MICHAEL PETTY-Track, Cross Country. ROY PETTY-El Caiminian, N.H.S., National Merit Semitinalist. TOM PHELPS-Varsity Football, Vice-Pres. Block E.C., Student Council, Ffosh Class Vice- Pres. GEORGE PHILLIPS-General Activities. JOYCE PHILLIPS-N.H.S., C.S.F., Honor Roll Graduation Usher. MONTY .PODVA-Varsity Wrestling, N.H.S. Varsity Football, Mu Alpha Theta. CHRIS POLK-N.H.S., Golf.Team, Block E.C. Spanish Club. ROGER POLLOCK-German Club, Honor Roll Sr. Float Comm. FAYE PORTMAN-Tri-Hi-Y. NANCY POTTS-Jr. Prom Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. ROXIE POWELL-General Activities. RICHARD ALLAN PRATER-Wrestling, Jr. Float Comm., Carnival Comm., Sr. Float Comm. TERRY PRATT-Track Mgr., Key Club, A.F.S., U.N. Club. TOM PRESNALL--General Activities. ELLEN PRICE-Art club, c.s.F., A.F.s., French Club. SUSAN PRIMM-A.F.S:, Los Hilclolgos, Honor Pep, Concert Band. RENATE PRYSKALLA-Frosh Float Comm., Tri- Hi-Y. JOE RALLO-Varsity Track. DARYL RANQUIST-General Activities. GAIL RAMSEY-A.F.S., MaTl'1 Club, French Club. BILL RASMUSSEN-Wrestling, Honor Roll, Hi-Y. an BILL RATCLLFFE-General Acravafies. DENNIS REED4Honor Roll. BARBARA REEDY-Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Dance Comm., Jr. Float Comm. LINDA.REISCHMANN-Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Pep, Soph. Homecoming Float Comm. CHARLES REMY--Transfer Student. JANA REYNOLDS-Arr Club, Jr. Float comm. Sr. Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. JOHN REYNOLDS-General Activities. INDA RICHARDSON-General Activities. ARLENE RICHTER-Frosh. Float Comm., Frosh ance Comm. INDA RIEDEL-C.S.F., N.H.S., Gold Torch mblem, Nation-wide Latin test Merit Certifi- ate. ICHAEL RIETHMUELLER-General Activities. ULIA RIETSCHLIN-Honor Roll. NDA ANN RILEY-Tri-Hi-Y. MES RlNEHART-J.V. Football, Math Club, . Float Comm. HN T. RIVERA-General Activities. ICHAEL JAMES ROARK-J.V. Wrestling, ph. Football, Varsity Wrestling, Hi-Y. NDRA ROBINSON-Art Club, Sr. Float mm., Soph. Float Comm., Breuner's Art ard. ICHELLE ROBISON-El Caminiang N.H.S., ill and Scroll, Baccalaureate Honor Candle- arer. GREG RODEBERG-Soph. Baseball, Frosh Base- ball. ROBERT L. RODGERS-German Club, J.V, Wrestling. BARBARA ROESSER-General Activities. JEFF ROSEN-Sr. Float Comm., Band, Honor Band. Honor Roll. DAVID ROSS-Radio Club. SUSAN LYNN ROSS-Queen's Float Comm., Soph. Float Comm., Homecoming Refreshments Comm., Alt. Student Council Rep. BOB ROSSI-Varsity Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, Block E.C., Student Council Rep. BOBBIE ROUHIER-German Club, Sr. Float Comm. BARB ROYER-Tri-Hi-Y. JANIS RUFFATTO-Honor Pep, Baccalaureate Honor Cancllebearer, Transfer Student. DIANE RUSSELL-Tri-Hi-Y, Frosh. Float Comm., Soph. Float Comm. HILDA SANCHEZ-Spanish Club. JOE SARIVA-Varsity Baseball, Student Coun cil Rep., Art Club, Soph. Basketball. CAMILLE SARTORE-Home Economics Club Transfer Student. STEVE SCARICH-Varsity Track, Block E.C. Honor Roll, Varsity Cross Country. W SEIPLE Sr Class Council N H S to Model U N National Merit Scho semi finalist N ANN SEVERLY FBLA Club Stu Council Rep SHARICK General Activities THOMAS SHATZER-General Activities. SHAW-.J.V. Yell Leader, Head Varsity Leader, Homecoming Princess, Executive JELINE JANE SHEARER A Cappella Hildalgos, Sr. Float Comm., Variety Show. VIRGlNlA SCATENA-Student Council Rep., Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Sr. Float Comm. LARRY SCHEIGER-Hi-Y, German Club. VICKI SCHMIDT-J.V. Yell Leader, Song Lead- er, Homecoming Princess, Student Rep. TERRY SCHMITGAL-Varsity Baseball, J.V. Basketball, Soph. Baseball, Frosh Basketball. ROY SCHNEIDER-General Activities. CRAIG SCHRIEFER-Art Club. STEVE SCHWARTZ-Block E.C., Varsity Golf, Math Club, Student Council Rep. DANNY SCOTT-General Activities. DAN C. SEGALAS-Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Block E.C. CASEY Sl-lEEHAN-Hi-Y. ED SHEEHY-Frosb Football. ROBERT C. SHELTON-Varsity Golf, Water Polo, Future Medics. JOHN SHERBURN-General Activities. TERRY SHICK-Varsity Football, Track, Block E.C. DONNA SHIPMAN-General Activities. BOB SHORROCK-Varsity Football, Ski CAROL LYNN SHORT-E.C. Concert Band Marching Bond. KENTON SHOTlGlAN-Sophomore Football Varsity Football, Varsity Swimming, Block E.C SANDRA LE SHULTS-Rally Comm., Boccalour ate Honor Cancllebearer, Tri-Hi-Y, Stude Council Rep. PEGGY ANN SIDEBOTHAM-A Cappella, Float Comm. LYNNE SIEFER-Rally Comm., Aerie, Wor Affairs Club, Tri-Hi-Y. ANNA SKALBECK-Comm. of Public Relatio Tri-Hi-Y, A.F.S., Jr. Prom Comm. JERRY SKOU-Transfer Student. MARY SUE SLAGLE-Student Council, Ho Roll, Variety Show, A Cappella. BARBARA SMITH-Evaluation Board, Bacca- laureate Honor Condlebeorer, N.H.S., C.S.F JUDY ANN SMITH-Sr. Float Comm. MARCY SMITH-Honor Pep, A.F.S., Los Hil- dolgos, Sr. Floot Comm. RICK SMITH-Honor Roll. TERRY SMITH--Jr. Prom Comm., Honor Roll. TERRY LEE SMITH-General Activities. PAULA SNYDER-World Affairs Club Los Hil dalgos, Freshman Float Comm.,,Sr. Floot Comm JOHN SPIVAK-General Activities. VALERIE JAYNE SPOONER-Girl's Vice-Pres: dent, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Forensic Fesfi val. JAMES L. SPRIGGS-Varsity Swimming, Honor Roll, Sr. Float Comm., Art Club. BETH STAIGER-Boccolaureote Honor Candle earer. HOMAS STANFI ELD-General Activities CK STANSFIELD-Jr.-Latin Club, Sophomore seboll Team, Honor Roll. EPHEN STAUSS-Freshman Football, Student uncil Rep., J.V. Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling ONDA STEARNS-Jr. Float Comm., Sr, Float mm., Tri-Hi-Y. PAT STONE-Varsity Football, Varsity Swim- ming, Comm. of Entertainment. MARGOT STRAND-Mascot, Pres. Art Club, Honor Roll, Chairman Homecoming Dance. SUSAN STREETER-Girl's State Rep., Student Council, Honor Roll, Mid-term Commencement Speaker. PAUL STRICKHOLM-General Activities. PEGGY SULLENS-Transfer Student, Class Coun- cil, C.S.F. INGRID SWANBERG-Art Awards. DAVE TALBOT4Wrestling. BETTY TANNER-Honor Thespians, Honor Pep, Sr. Float Comm., Honor Roll. JEFF TAYLOR-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Boy's Vice-Pres., Honor Roll. JEANETTE STEDMAN-Honor Roll, N.H.S., Rally Comm., Baccalaureate Honor Candlebearer. DON STEINMAN-Sr. Float Comm. RICHARD STEPHENS-Ski Team, A.F.S. ROBERT STEPHAN-Pres. Art Club, Future Medics, German Club, Art Award. KATHY STERES-Baccalaureate Honor Ca bearer, N.H.S., Rally Comm., German GLENDA STEWART-A Cappella. ndle- Club KAREN THATCHER-Gener-:xl Activities. BEVERLY THOMAS-General Activities. DONALD THOMPSON-Varsity Swimming, Block E.C. GARY THOMPSON-Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country, Honor Roll, Soph. Football. JAMES THOMPSON-General Activities. LINDA THOMPSON-C.S.F., Drama Productions, Usher, Tri-Hi-Y. STEVE THOMPSON-General Activities. SUZANNE THOMSEN-N.H.S., Transfer'Student. MARK TILLMAN-Sr. Homecoming Comm. DOUG TOMKA-Moth Club, Jr. Float Comm., Sr. Float Comm. EDGAR TONN-J.V. Rifle Team, Varsify Rifle Team, German Club. WILFRIED TONN--Varsity Rifle Team, German Club. JENNIFER TOWNSEND-Art Awarcl, Honor Roll. JACQUELINE TRANSTRUM-Treas. Tri-Hi-Y, Frosh. Homecoming Comm., Jr. Float Comm. MARILYN TRAVIS-Pres. Honor Pep, Honor Roll, Los Hildolgos, Variety Show. DALIA VISGIRDA-Art Club, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Art Awards, Tri-Hi-Y. MARC VOGEL-Varsity Track, Block E.C., Sr. Float Comm., Honor Roll. DENNIS WAGONER-Frosb Float Comm., Sr. Float Comm., Honor Roll. JIM WALKER-Wrestling, Track, Latin Club. JIM WALT-Wrestling, Vice-Pres. Hi-Y. .IO ANN WATSON-General Activities. KENNETH TUCKER-Vice-Pres. Radio Club, Honor Roll, Latin Club. KERRY TUCKER-Frosli-Soph. Baseball, Honor Roll, Latin Club. MIKE TUCKER-Block E.C., Wrestling, Soph. Basketball. FELIX USIS-Student Council, IBM Explorers, Safety Council. RICH VAN DER VOLGEN-General Activities. LINDA VANDERBEEK-Soph. Homecoming Comm., Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards. GREG VERVAIS-Block E.C., Student Council, Varsity Tennis, Math Club. TOM VIGOR-General Activities. STEVE VINCENT-Hi-Y. ROD WATTS-Varsity Football, Varsity Swim- ming, Block E.C., Mu Alplfia Theta. DONNA WEBSTER-Frosh. and Soplt. Float Comm. KElTH WERBLOW-Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Soplt. Football. ELLEN WESTON-Pres. German Club, Explorers, Baccalaureate Honor WETZEL-N.H.S., Gregg Typing Awards, Roll. WICKUN-Varsity Track, Block E.C. WILCOXEN-Transfer Student. WILKES-General Activities. WILKIE-Honor Roll, N.H.S., J.V. Basket- Varsity Tennis. ALAN WILLDEN-Varsity Wrestling, Block E.C., Varsity Football. LARRY WILLIAMS-Sr. Float Comm., Hi-Y, Soph. Float Comm. RICHARD WILLIAMS-Varsity Baseball, Block E.C., Student Council, Honor Roll. RUSS WILLIAMS-Varsity Swimming, Block E.C., Plymouth Trouble-Shooting Contest. SANDI WILLIAMS-Pres. Honor Thespians, Music Award, A Cappella, Drama Produc- tions. CI-NDY WILLIS-General Activities. DANNIE WILSON-Sr. Float Comm., Transfer Student. GREG WI LSON-General Activities. GUY WINDREM-Shakespearean Festival, Frosh. and Soph. Football, C Track. SUSAN WINEGARDNER-Honor Pep, Aerie, Quill and Scroll, Homecoming Comm. ROBERT WINIEKE-Debating Team, C.S.F., N.H.S., Variety Show. WILLIAM WINTER-Sr. Band, Pep Band, Var- sity Rifle Team, Radio Club. LANA WOODLAND-Baccalaureate Hono Candlebearer, Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y, Greg Awards. GAY WOODRUFF-Student Council, C.V.C Student Council, Songleader, Homecomin Princess. SUSAN WOODWARD-Pres. A.F.S., A'Cappella N.H.S., Baccalaureate Honor Candlebearer. JAY YAUDE Varsity Wr Student Counc KAREN ' WRE General Activi JOHN VURST General Activ MARY YEN - A.F.S. Sr Comm. BOB eral MARIAN - Rally N.H.S,. Gold MARILYN -General CHRIS Varsity Hi-Y. iii M944 . l 1 X M A ii. 7 4 if E I 5 ff ls , , Web, A 5m ,Ji W 3 zzn wg 1 y ' ww -iw Q? V 34 wg H: , if ....K J y. f ,,., 'Z' , K 332- 5 .f-: I ,. A , Q, V7 f , 166 FAC U LTY Principal Dr. A. D. Abboff Dean of Boys Mr. A. L. Hughes Vice Principal Mr. Fred Kronsbein Dean of Girls Mrs. .leon Goff English Department Mrs. Iris Nord-berg Mr. Robert Currie Mrs. Almo Sparks Chairman of Department Mrs. Jeanne Moulron Mrs. Diane Davidson Mr. Horold Noosz Miss Jeanne Thomas 51M o EVE M ! E5?EQ Mr. Eugene Simon Mr. Paul Lathrop 2 'va WWW H Mr. George Studley Mrs. Albertinu Holohcm also ,EoE Q Qin E Q H s 5 a 2 1 x E 5 i E 5 , 5 m S , 5 ..... f Y E Math Department Mrs. John Offer Mr. Bernard Pardee Chairman of Departmem Mr Thomas Pendergasr Mrs Margaret Burk Mr. Dan Saylar Mr Thomas Armstrong Mr. Richard Rowe Language Department Mr. Thomas Leonetti Miss Geraldine Wiemcn Mr. Heinz Workus Choirmon of Department Miss Connie Conroy Mrs. Ruth Keemo Mrs. Elly Rogers Science Department Mr. Ga l 1 2 ' - W' 1235516 wa ai i , , ' ff , 1 5 35' 5 " " "'A':1 :,, "",,:2i. .AA: .1-1 N M , , "f"' gf,.,- . ,. W ,.... :,:. ' 1, 5 H,,3LsJgk, Be S ai 5 W , a X E 5 N T5 55 af! 3 ' s 1 5 W 5 15 s 'l ef -122,22 1 S 5 W . W 5 .12f,,: 2:-: E s Mr- 'Ward Sowefs 5 Chairman Of MVN ,zllr : 11' 'f'.. M . -"11'l-f :--'.,,: 'I':,." 5 .aaa 5 I ":e::ff --fb "W"' :1, if --e'. '.:,.:fs. ,:12s,.,': E :.g:e': : -iiff ' f E 2 Q B Q .E ' l Mr, Richard Oliver ysical Ed Department e Y 5 5 Are s f i , ,X f Y ff e .. V , ,s . ' 54, fm-Afyfffyff waiffflz, - mm-W , sh wrs we '1 .. , -is .f s ' ' ' - ' :V :V ' rf:-I -,qw"k''4.:+iifH-fygfzu " 'ffm 2 -2,-L' 'Xk"' f'-'fQ1' f" - L' The co-ed p.e. class Mr. Hal Afhon receives o handshake fo: the champs. Mrs, .lo Anne Austin 3' 3 Social Science Department ,2-,, kj .,f,g ,."ZE.' 'V.12:: Q f:f,: f215.: ' as ::.f:f -'ffQ"ff1: SII- 2 '-:'s:-:1',f"f .:'.:::-2 Veagi , .:Ef, 3 fiz. g,,Q.. :-,,. 1 ,::,:ff5 2 1 ' '.,, 1:, ,,,,.: f 5 iii zf- -1- :'E:, ff' -2'1' -2l :.'1:-, i ,K gigs Eza sa Q zzqq gbnq -lcef E 55 .2 gg cQ F ,2.1 A H .:?c 5 :cc A E gags!! ms it E 5 if I is 3 ii B35 EERE izirfg 1-: in gan in c c cc4 ce c ,ec 5 cc F W cccc is '11"' e IZE f i g 1:: ' ii ,, X J A , , xx 1 Mrs. Beatrice Hendricks sf? A Mr. D G r I 79 W Industrial Arts S A . 4 Hbnlemaking Mr. Dale Gilbert Chairman of Department Industrial Arts Mr. Eugene Tolbert M ,Q V' 5 iii -wif M12 WQKAX' c WMF Q fwyfivig? C' wp W ML? Mi M fy Mr. Cecil Watson 35 :M Pm W porfmenf Mrs. Barbara Walker, school nurse. Stenzel, Mrs. Tremaine, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. Drzewiecki, Geer. staff, front row, Mrs, Boker, Mrs. Cundiff, Mrs. Cusfodiansp top to bottom, Mr. Hall, Mr. Hamby, Mr. Monnier, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Kregel. Back row, Mrs. Keller, Mr. Flowers, Mr. Randall, Mr. Rubin. Personnel Counselors: far left Mrs. Katherine Stew art and Mr. Paul Pe Terson. Right, Mrs Betsy Davis and Mr Jack Vaughf. Secretaries, sitting, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Drew, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Bartholomew. Standing, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Kellison. 183 , X L . V -gmmwm' w "M ' W' Mff lyf L " wwf!-2::'.M - '--- - V- 1 , ' W ibm? ggi- W-Nl., - W M , - Y 4 A ig! " g X ? J K H X1 I , ,W . 5,,Afyf.L.,gby54w1 , 4 V L, ,gr lg kw X 4k.L1,g,f-25. my ., , 19if .Xf5:M, ,4wL.W,w,,k, ,Elg.ys55.Wgi3gSl,fgf5L,i:wiv -i iq, ,.5g33f wiirfff ,-it vs 1' few f ,mi-,, 3 M, amgwfigw A wz3,,.,,,,,kim W, ,. K, 1 4 .M ., fy. , .W ., . ' I1 :ay 121 wi K g ' f ' -"" Q ' K " r, K 1 'W ' 1217+ t m sk 5113 s"'l:wpjf"i121vf QL-932532: Lfffiivbf' . 13 . HF fi 115 ie: S Tlsxgfw':T2Z5??k:Qfl,.-ifzkf ' Y 3 A , 15 - "I Xin ,L 'K' XS ' J R f. 9 fix Km. ,pf W Wi Q -v 4 ,- V YQ 5 , 5 A is 52 ' Vwmhwm Q ai W., , .E wav" EQ n 3 , it '.,, 4, Q1 L f M 'fi 5, .,, , B, ,. f . ,A.:.mQi.xW in, ,Q mug., ,,,,,g,,-H dw ,, W , YA ,Y A ,, , W ,,,,Y,.g, W up ' w I fffwj f v MMUQ jzfgf Q?W3ffg W4 'ff'-M , , iggkgig fav 42'-f Q fflfffdgw. ' 1 ,Q Z3 'gif N 47 2:-ff+l'ZZ.fwy 4 N . ZAZL-. 53345-'Ck if 4-9522! TOO GANIZATIONSi W W ff MMM WWMEW MW QQ W M PATTY CARR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Aerie Staff MR. PAUL LATH ROP ADVISOR BUCK LINDER PHOTOGRAPHER U3 a 292 E3 CD X 1,2 sz 73 u-sq, B 3 9 ixf? I 1 U L Q-Q S 1 Aerie Staff Visits Fairytale Town. CLASS EDITORS: top row: Cathy Clemmenrs and Lindo Mc Kenzie, Sen- iors: center: Gwenne Bates, Juniors: bofrom row: Mary Clark, Freshmen: and Claudio Padilla, Sophomores. SPORTS EDITORS: Jon Hooper ond Tom Mac Rosfie. ACTIVITIES EDITORS: Sue Winegcxrclner and Donncl Bliss. 7 EI Caminia EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jon Lampman Mr. George Sfudley, ADVISOR. MANAGING EDITOR, Steve Hardesfy, BUSINESS MANAGER, Sandy Collman. FEATURE EDITOR, Debby Lee, ASSISTANT FEATURE EDITOR, Nancy Parker. SPORTS EDITORS: Mike Rice, Jeff Taylor, and Craig REWRITE EDITOR, Pclul Kohler. Wilson. I88 CIRCULATION MANAGER: Michele Robison, PUBLICITY MANAGER: Leni Burdman. NEWS EDITOR: Roy Petty. REPORTERS: Randi Thompson, Nedra Crowe, and Becky Beufler CORRESPONDENTS, Standing: Charyl Lundsfrom, To The Unionp Kaihie Stanfon, fo the Bee. Seaied: Shar- on Hadley, to The Courriery Liz Conner, To The Times. ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR: Kathy Lyons. I J L - -'-Li' 5 'ziismzr PHOTOGRAPHER: Charles McCa rfv. Debate Club T Q It Z Ulla 9 , 5 A , 'D 1: v 1 'I 'UNI ' - , ', 'nga i , 'uf Q1 :: , ' S v fl 1 i O K 1 XX! A.lL I xl Row l: Ginni Morgan, Mary Chernick, Sue Walls, Lois Johnson, Carol Weigond. Row 2: Bill Shuping, Jim Olson, Beth Staiger, Larry Seiple, Peter Braun. Row 3: Bob Winiecke, John Furneaux, Eric Berger, Ken McLaughlin, Mike Hart, Bob Shorrock. , .' ' A INVERNAUONAL 190 Quill and Scroll Row 1: Kathie Stanton, Debby Lee, Donna Bliss, Patty Carr. Row 2: Laurie Blackman, Kothie O'Leary Michele Robison, Pam Peasley, Gwenne Bates. Row 3: Jon Lampman, Roy Petty. K? Row I. Kathy Danforth, Jackie Gilbreath, Terry Allen, Claudia Clayton Doris Mathews, Karolyn Urban, Cathie Javorski. Row 2. Susan Mann, Gigi Di Orio, Gerry Abrams, Claudie Nix, Acnn T acldell, Marilyn Cox, Dottie Schutz, Diana Abrams, -f Susan Klein. Row 3. Bob Stephan, Pres. Margot Strand, Tom, t n Lemieux, Barb Smith, Lynn Johnson, Maureen fi Terry, Jeanette Stedman. ' K, N UMMYTU llll f 1 lg u X J Qly sly' , W X ll l What would Picasso think? IT ve "' Q5 -""'4 1 Q 'V -it IHS' Self Portraits or Self Expression? 19-l A Z Row l. Paula Hendricks, Claudia Padilla, Linda McKenzie, Trish Barkhuysen, Judy Widmer, Lynne Siefer, Sandy Shults. Row 2. Karen Watts, Debby Lee, Joan Dahlstrom, Mary Anne Hickerson, Pat Richter, Judi Beaton. Row 3, Patty Carr, Kathy Steres, Gwenne Bates, Tina Cosenza, Marian Zambelich, Chris Johnson, Mary Molton. Rally Committee "Have they got The old E.C. spirit?" "l SAID flipl' Club President Paula Hendricks Honor Pep Row l: Nancy Geandrot, Olivia Gueberra, Marilyn Travis, Barbara Tarr, Claudia Brown, Sharon Tracy, Sharon Hadley, Anne Extrom Trudy Schoenborn, Pat Montich, Peggy Geondrot. Row 2: Wendy Webster, Julie Graham, Kathy Stacker, Kathy Lyons, Elizabeth Hughes Marcella Weaver, Carol Bernstein, Betty Tanner, Kathie Stanton, Diane Simmons, Liz Conner. Row 3: Sue Killam, Donna Lazier, Dor othy Miller, Sally Stroud, Pat Herrilson, Nancee Becka, Anne Twadclell, Nancy Martin, Louise Kronick, Corolyn Smith, Nancy Parker Row 4: Sherie Hurst, Rosemary Bohrnbach, Janice Ruffato, Pat Peasley, Carol Christopherson, Maureen Terry, Jane Paul, Ann Stroud Nancy Sady, Marcy Smith, Doreen Herrilson, Susan Primm. Four Pep ers prepare the field for an Eagle victory. Tension on the bench. 194 Block EC Row 1. Don Bean, Bruce Le Valley, Chris Polk, Ron Baldwin, John Giambruno, Dennis Gannon, Bill Rounds, Charlie Hildebrandt, John Anwyl. Row 2. Mike Beers, Larry Hall, Greg Vervais, Jay Fischer, Tom Phelps, Jim Olson, Terry Harvey, Mike Bazzaroni, Tom Cross. Row 3. Dean Hickman, Mike Burton, Steve Schwartz, Rich Yenovkian, Rob Crouse, Bob Johnson, Jim Parkinson, Jon Fuller, Bob Hullin, Bill Pearson, Bob Grix, Don Thompson, Sponsor: Stan Morrison. Row 4. Red Shick, Larry Harris, Red Milliron, Tom Chase, Roger Lang, Carl Ludwig, Mike Hart, Joe Marty, Rod Watts, Alan Willden, Steve Scarich, Dan Segalas, Eric French. Row 5. Jeff Taylor, Rich Orange, Cleve Livingston, Ken Shotigczn, Dion Kerhoulas, Gary Garland, Bob Rossi, Matt Evans, b Miller, John Sullivan, John Vogel, Danxf f Scott, Tony -Pedersen, John Furneaux, Sponsor: Mr. John Rankin. SF L! Anlq i - " . ff 3 F Eff xl my I ff xl! r- A , ' , ' V s V LJ ul 'fl if fb rye P ty ju i of l ,wi igx,' sk' 4, l l I'- l I L I J L. Are you guarding the Gym floor, or frightening the photographer? Los Hidalgos Janet LaRieu Carol Dimock Michele Robison President Treasurer Secretary i l: Marilyn Travis, Virginia Boyd, Carol Dimmock, Kathy Fraclas, Jo Anne Lausmann, Hilde Sanchez, Sharon Kerdus, Jackie Shearer, t LaRieu, Susan Sanders. Row 2: Betty Tanner, Jo Anne Foote, Elizabeth Hughes, Barb Nugent, DeAnne MacMurdo, Carolyn Smith, Polk, Melody Agruso, Kathy Lyons, Gayle Jackson, Nancy Geandrot. Row 3: Cheryl Davis, Sue Baldwin, Patty Carr, Dean Hickman, Snyder, Steve Scarich, Gerry Greer, Tam Phelps, Michele Robison, Chris Johnson, Paula Snyder, Liz Haley, Jane Paul. 195 German Club Row l. Donna Krasnow, Cathy Lippold, Julie Ferguson, Kathy Bloch, Heidi Thompson, Jon Hooper, Sue Rankin, Sharon Tracy, Betty Estes, Craig Johnson. Row 2. Renee Blumgold, Linda Jamtgaard, Liz Conner, Joan Dahlstrom, Mary Lippold, Pat Ruggles, Kathy Mackey, Pat Ricter, Judith von Widmer, Jean Rouheir. Row 3. Vince Kohler, Melissa McBride, Judi Finch, Susan Sharkody, James Dublirer, Sharon Johnson, Donald Baum, Chris Bezouska, Don Liedike, Dave Berner, Dorothy Miller. Row 4: Heidi Holmes, Don Lundberg, Mary Ellen Weston, Frank Payne, Steve Gunn, Russ Kidd, Bob Rodgers, Dean Wilkie, John Kamut, Duane Smith, Buck Linder, Jim Board, Ginny Cady, Gracie McDonald. Row 5: John Float, Jeff Gibson, Scott Mathews, Brian Schleicher, Kent Christiansen, John Sullivan, Randy March, Bob Emerson, John Furneaux, Jim Livermore, Bob Beaumont, Heil Ludwig, Wilson Koehler. ln diesem Jahr war der Deutchklub labendiger als in frijheren Jahren. Wir haben Aclventskrauie gemacht. Eine Kun- staustellung im College wurde besucht. Wir haben viele Dias von Deutschland gesehen, Austauschbijcher geschidst, lm Fruhiahr werden wir wie immer beim Karnevcll mit wirkem. Der Klubpresident Herbst-Mary Ellen Weston, der Vize President Herbst-Jon K. Hooper, Sekre- tarin Herbst-Kathy Bloch, und oler Be- rater-Herr Warkus. Some German Club members took part in a summer trip to Europe. Latin Club Row l. Olivia Guebara, Pat Monlich, Michele Wiser, Sue Woodward, John Anwyl, Greg Ludlow, Judi Beafon, Judy Widmer, Barbara Tarr, Nancy Wiolmer. Row.'2. Pat Williamson, Tracy Murden, Roger Joslyn, Deborah Constantine, Nancy Busacca, Margie Moe, Mike Cafino, Nancy Martin, Toni Shiurba, Kathy Sioecker, Bonnie Fuller. Row 3. Marsha Zenfs, Debbie Greenberg, Rick Yenovkian, Moose Tucker, Igor Cross, Charles McDonald, Ellice Greenburg, Nancee Becka, Sherry Oster, Jean Smith, Mary Clark. Row 4. Jack Sfansfield, Peter Braun, Tom Wilson, Allan Baker, Larry Malchow, Greg Winsop, Brian Miller, Walter Grace, Ken Tucker, Charles Clemensen, Dennis Plocher. IBM Explorer Group Row l. Larry Ellenson, Dave Lininger, Roger Lippman, Dennis Gannon, Bill Schemel, George Berry. Row 2. John Curtis, Felix Usis, John Furneaux, Paul Menconi, Rick Blau, Dean Hickman. l97 , KL ,, ,",t X I JE, fl' 42, 'lflrl Q 'C , N CX Q U U ll X 'r' S l' I f- N. V X , C' ' 1 r V X , UN YQ Al-by - ,X KJ f 1 t I ,, , T . ,f T .f' 1" of ,Y T fy J if , 'f ,T L , 5' T 1 4? ' ' , ry, , A 5 , k t f 1 l , f ., , , , . i . ' ' . fi if " ,I K' t wg, . - 1 -, 1 ,Q ' , T, Jr 1. 'N t IQ ,it . , , 1 ,J , X ff , 41 ' , Z 5, J I u, 'lb fl la fl I If l mflv i , fl! lik rl f 1 1 , , 1 IL l if 'l fhflk A 'K XL, fb ul' 'V' 1' .fr V 1 Ur , , T I tw fir 4 J I . .J 1 W A blk 1 y ' T' t Cv" lf vid it 'Sf A l. 1 . T , ,fwfr J y 'T 1- if r I, J ff- I V V V Jai f' ,, rr W-T Q 'fmt ,,,, , W U my is J I , U 1, H ,- Biff!! Q T l k' , rw N' ' A L , lx, l H DCF ' t 'fi , I it we lek ' tv 'rw 1 Q " " K or I, J J l! ,. K ,N W f rl V , ff-,,f,l,ff fy l:i,A-' by lxlwvl ,W fl ' l rff'-Q 1 IJ". 1 jr fl K gj Y ,V.L 0131+ 0 :,xJ- Y VIC, :Xiu AMI- v X1 - - 'J H ,I ' ,. ,f ,f r lu f V ' l 1' M' AL' 198 Row 1: Mr. Maher, Bob Jamieson, Terry Pratt, Stephen Knight, Jim Faulkner, Bruce Le Valley, Craig Johnson. Row Il, Gary Simpson, Charles Rudig, John Bodley, Francis Gray, Mike Beers, Bruce Thomson, Tom Wunschel, Bob Taylor, Tom Mac Bride. Row lll: Bill Hudgins, Jim Kidney, Rick Johnson, Greg Wittkop, Wayne Jamieson, Terry Meinger, Bill Shuping, Craig Wilson, Mr. Watson. Row l. Jon Hooper, Beth Livezey, Chris Vanciel, Suzanne Thomsen, Randi Thompson, Sue Woodward, Claudia Paclillag Leni Burdman, Janet Lar Rieu. Row 2. Marcella Weaver, Kathie Stanton, Karen Buchanan, Jackie Hackard, Nancy Parker, Lynne Meckfessel, Sue Hal- comb, Sharon Packard, Mary Anne Hickerson, Kathy Lyons, Elizabeth Hughes, Bruce Smith. Row 3. Bill Hudgins, Steve Jones, Kathie O'Leary, Chris Polk, Ellice Greenberg, Seth Aicklen, Larry Ellenson, Jim Faulkner, Diane Spalding, Patty Carr, Pam Peasley, Dennis Gan- non. Row 4. Tom MacRostie, Peter Braun, Jeanette Stedman, Marian Zambelich, Kathy Steres, Roy Petty, Barb Smith, David Bainbridge, Michelle Robison, Chris Johnson. ational Honor Society Row 1. Lynda House, Judy Widmer, Ann Gillham, Jo Ann Foote, Janene Gordon, Kathy Doyle, Diana Pearce, Paula Hendricks, Su- san Sanders. Row 2. Trish Barkhuysen, Judi Beaton, Ann Harris, Mona Conner, Debby Lee, Betty Tanner, Don Stinghen, Jill Lawson, Karen Watts, Sharon Kerdus. Row 3. Roger Joslyn, Peggy Hutchison, Pat Richter, Charlene Jaftee, Susie Walker, Margie Moe, Jim Faulkner, Rich Dunk, Roger Lippman, Fred Teichert, Cheryl Lundstrom, Deborah Constantine, Carol Bernstein, Mary Clark. Row 4 Jim Seiten, Joe Cate, Ann Britton, Diane Funder, Joyce Phillips, Laurie Blackman, Larry Seiple, Jane Paul, Bob Winiecke, Beth Brant- haver, Dean Wilkie, Jim Board, Carin Rosenquist, Liz Hackett, Gwenne Bates, Sue Schwartz. Row 5. Greg Ludlow, Dean Hickman, Rick Blau, Cleve Livingston, Bob Johnson, Jim Olson, Doug Kauffman, Kent Christiansen, John Furneaux, Jon Lampman, Mike Hart, Brian Miller, Mike Livingston, Monty Podva, Eric Berger. alifornia Scholarship Federation Row i. Barbara Tarr, Judy Widmer, Kathy Doyle, Sara Maddox, Sharon Kerdus, Ann Gillham, Claudia Padilla, Susan Sanders. Row 2. Wendy Webster, Marcella Weaver, Toni Shiurba, Larry Seiple, John Range, Karen Buchanan, Penny Brittan, Don Stlnghen. Row 3. Nacy Snyder, Cheryl Davis, Marilyn House, Carmi Moldeven, Inez Peper, Tom MacRostie, Jim Henry, Bob Rollins, Jackie Hackard, Susan Sharkody, Kathie O'Leary. Row 4. Tim Schroeter, Michelle Robison, Beth Branthaver, Phil Callis, Chick Clemmensen, Cleve Livingston, Rick Blau, Bob Bainbridge, Ann Stroud, Liz Hackett, Gwenne Bates. Row i. Virginia Boyd, Paula Hendricks, Jon Hooper, Judi Beaton, Randi Thompson, Diana Pearce, JoAnn Foote, Chris Vanciel. Row 2. Debby Lee, Mary Clark, Roger Joslyn, Chris Polk, Kathy Lyons, Karen Watts, Roger Lippman, Kathie Stanton, Cheryl Lundstrom, Jim Faulkner, Sharon Packard, Pat Richter. Row 3. Diane Spalding, Margie Barnes, Seth Aicklen, Nancy Parker, Ann Britton, Kathy Steres, Joyce Phillips, Linda Biorklund, Lauraine Blackman, Jim Board, Ellice Greenberg, Chris Bezouska. Row 4. Patty Carr, Pat Peasley, Steve Jones, Peter Braun, Barb Smith, Bob Winiecke, John Furneaux, Mike Livingston, Jane Paul, Eric Bachelor, Jim Seiten, Pam Peasley. 200 Gold Torch Mrs. Birk, Gold Torch advisor, meets with Mrs. Nordberg. Calculus presents problems to Rick Blau and Dennis Gannon. Established two years ago by Mrs. Nordberg, Gold Torch has set a precedent in the San Juan District. The purpose ofthe club is to give recognition and honor to scholars, a goal which is carried out by the awarding of emblems and Roman numeral pins, denoting the number of semesters of eligibility. Gold Torch meets during the second semester and has a meeting in coniunction with C.S.F. and N.H.S. for the presentation of awards. ! X X 1 xi Membership in Gold Torch requires plenty of studying, using the library to advantage are Claudia Padilla, Sharon Kerdus, Ellice Greenberg, Jackie Chamberlain and Randi Thompson. 201 World Affairs Club CLUB OFFICERS: standing: Melinda Briggs, treasurer, Marilyn Langlois, U.N. Comm chairman, and Margaret Ferguson, secretary. Seated: Susan Woodward, president Sue Primm, AFS Comm. chairman: Chris Johnson, vice-president: and lnez Peper, publicity director. l The World Affairs Club was founded to develop a greater interest in the inter- national events of our present-day world. This worthwhile purpose has drawn great response from the El Camino student body, making the club one of the largest organizations on cam- pus. To carry out its initial aim, the World Affairs Club is divided into two working bodies: the AFS Committee is responsible for arousing interest in the Foreign Exchange Student program, while the U.N. Committee studies the functioning of the United Nations and sends student delegates -to the Model United Nations at Berkeley. This year's club sponsor was Mr. Anthony. United Nations Committee Row I. Susan Sanders, Terry Pratt, Sue Woodward, Bruce Smith, Marilyn Langlois, Mary Yenovkian, Linda Corin, Ken Sockolov. Row 2. Bob Relat, Jeanette Stedman, Chris Johnson, Marguerite McConnell, Tom. Mac Rostie, Pat O'Brien, Kathie Stanton, Larry Seiple, Paul Costa. Row 3. Carol Weigand, Bob Koch, John Curtis, Mark Snyder, Gwenne Bates, Bob Rollins, John McLeod, Susan Browne. Row 4. Tom Hart, Bill Maynard, Stan Koepke, Barb Smith, Bob Winiecke, Bob Emerson, Herb Wright, Peter Braun. 202 Row I. Marcia Barsky, Pat Montich, Sue Woodward, Rita Woodland, Julie Labrie, Kathy Shurtleff, Terry Pratt, Linda Bradanini, Linda Joseph. Row 2. Chris Webb, Carol Drew, Lynda Copeland, Julie McFarlane, Patty Houghton, Renne Blumgold, Karen Vorous, Pot Leichel, Becky Ervin. Row 3. Kathy Mullen, Randi Thompson, Diane Spalding, Lynnete Adler, Nancy Speakman, Chris Johnson, Susan Walker, Nancy Parker, Sheryl Cantrell, Gail Ramsey, Mary Anne Hickerson, Sue Miller, Jeanette Stedman. Row 4. Donna Fancher, Laurie Blackman, Michele 'Margulis, Tom Hart, Anita Hansen, Bill Emerson, Bob Hilby, Jane Paul, Maureen Terry, Kathy Gilmartin, Paula Snyder, Marcy Smith. AFS Committee Row 1. Nedra Crow, Ann Gillham, Paula Hendricks, Judi Beaton, Mari Hess, Lynne Glade, Sharon Kerdus, Trish Barkhuysen, Claudila Padilla, Julie Ferguson, Terry Allen. Row 2. Michele Wiser, Stephanie Wrenn, Carol Arbini, Mary Yenovkian, Sharon Hadley, Liz Conner, Sara Maddox, Karen Watts, Margaret Ferguson, Sally Mitchell, Chris Dufault. Row 3. Debby Lee, Kathy Lyons, Cathie Olson, Joan Dahlstrom, Leni Burdman, Melody Agruso, Cathie Inderkum, Beth Livezey, Kathie Stanton, Linda Strickland, Louise Kronick, Pat Peasley. Row 4. Sue .Winegardner, Anna Skalbeck, Jill Lawson, Janet Scott, Sue Schwartz, Carol Weigand, Sue Primm, Inez Peper, Kim Hunt, Sharon Johnson, Charlene Jaffee, Sue Halcomb, Pat O'Brien. Row 5. Mary Moulton, Marian Zambelich, Sheila Devine, Meryle Fortune, Peter Braun, Herb Wright, John Furneaux, Bob Emerson, Barb Smith, Jane Hagerty, Nancy Snyder, Sue Duggan, Marilyn House, Carol Bernstein. 203 TRISH BARKHUYSEN AFS Exchange Student from the Republic of South Africa. Trish points out the location of her homeland to Sue Holcomb, left, 1964 AFS Finalist, and Pat Richter, right, this year's Americans abroad Semi-finalist. Missing is Jane Hagerty, also a Semi-finalist for 1965. This year at El Camino has been a year which I will not easily forget, El Camino anol everything that goes with it-games, rallies, and the songs and yells lall of which were very new to mel, fun, work, and most important oflall, the student body, have become part of my life-and it will be with some regret that I' will return home to South Africa. There will be so many friends l will be leaving behind-however, I'll say as l would at home: "Totsiens, en alles van die beste"- everything of the best to all of you until we meet again. O4 Study hard Trish! Trish is always proud to display the South African flag. California Cadet Corps During its fourteenth year at El Camino, the l6th Battalion has greatly expanded its range of activities, while continuing to work toward its goal-the development of leadership and self- discipline in the individual cmd the establishment ot the ability to work as a team, A Cadet activities include snow survival and loivouac at Camp Arcade, a county wide drill meet, summer camp, the regional leadership school, and a trip to Beale Air Force Base to take part in a Weapons Qualification Course. J l 7 glfoffb I Colonel Thomas Armstrong K Q! Qs! Color Guard: Paul Menconi, Paul Kohler, and Clinton Reese. rc Lf x lip!! J Battalion Heads: Mickey Park, Steve Hardesty, John Furneaux Battalion Staff: Paul Kohler, Edgar Tonn, Ralph Burch, Charles McCarty and Jeff Wickun. Cadet Platoons FIRST PLATOON Row 1: Larry Ellenson, Bryan Frazier, Dino Arbini, Ralph Fenner. Row 2: Paul Menconi, Gordon Marshall, John Dotfarar. SECOND PLATOON Row I: Deon Hickman, Jerry Plocher Mark Ford, David Kellogg. Row 3: Pau Kohler, Keith Bowman, Dennis Neil, Den nis Sufcliff. THIRD PLATOON Row 1: Bill Winter, Jim blirer, Truman Grandy, Rauscher. Row 2: Michael Bob Miller, Clint Reese, Tonn. Cadet Rifle Teams VARSITY RIFLE TEAM Row l: Wilfred Tonn, Larry Ellenson, Paul Kohler, Edgar Tonn. Row 2: Charles McCarty, Paul Menconi, John Furneaux, Bill Winter, Mike Benn, Dean Hickman. JUNIOR VARSITY RIFLE TEAM I. John Rauscher, Truman Grundy. 2: Clinton Reese, Robert Miller, Ralph r, Jim Dubirer. "B" RIFLE TEAM w 1: David Kellogg, Bryan zier. Row 2: Keith Bowman, hn Doitaror, Dennis Sufcliff, nnis Neil. 2 Row l. Natalie Goff, Sara Maddox, Paula Sharick, Wendy Webster, Larry Ribbeck, Paula Hendricks, David Lippman. Row, 2. Bruce Smith, Carol Weigand, Susan Sharkady, Susan Schwartz, Roger Lippman, Sharon Packard, Roger Joslyn, Bob Relat, Row 3. Larry Selple, Bill Schemel, Jim Seller, Greg Marmas, Doug Tonka, Jane Paul, Steve Jones, Carin Rosenquist. Row 4. Larry Ellenson, Felix Usis, Rick Blau, Herb Wright, Bill Emerson, Eric Berger, Wilson Koeler, Bruce Colburn. Math Club Row l. Virginia Boyd, Trish Barkhuysen, Kathy Doyle, Marcella Weaver, Jon Hooper, Donna Krasnow. Row 2. Elizabeth Hughes, Chris Bezouska, Barbara Glaski, Dean Wilkie, Jim Henry, Hallie Herndon, Karen Kausal. Row 3. Seth Aicklen, Dave Lininger, Tom Mac Rostie, Mark Snyder, Bob Bainbridge, Dean Hickman, Dennis Gannon, John Curtis, Row 4. Jim Rinehart, Charles Clemmensen, Jim Kidney, John Furneaux, Bob Emerson, Paul Menconi, David Bainbridge, Monty Podva. 208 Mu Alpha Theta Row l. Paula Hendricks, Leni Burdman, Judi Beaton, Don Stringhen, Elizabeth Hughes, Larry Ellenson, Sharon Kerdus, Kathy Doyle, Trish Barkhuysen. Row 2. Virginia Boyd, Marcella Weaver, Seth Aicklin, Ellice Greenberg, Corin Rose-nquist, Roger Lippman, Diane Funder, Gvvenne Bates, Chris Bozouska, Sharon Packard, Penny Brittan. Row 3. Bill Schemel, Dean Hickman, Rick Blau, Monty Podua, John Fur- neaux, Kent Christiansen, David Bainbridge, Jim Seiten, Tom Mackostie, Dennis Gannon, Fred Teichert. Radio Club Row I, George Berry, Bill Schemel, Don Lundberg, Ken Tucker, Eric Strickholm, Jim Seiten Bob Miller Dave Lininger Bill Bertsch. Raw 2. Paul Menconi, Rich Bennett, Steve Heitmann, William Winter, Randi Thompson, Dan Davis, Garrett Gun- ther, Bruce Colburn, David Oliver. 209 210 Row lr Roger Joslyn, Beverly Brown, Pat Herrilson, Richard Lee, Barbara Tarr, Mary Anderson, Nancy Peterson, Kitt Marquis, Claudia Brown, Phillip Collis. Row 2: Carl Ludwig, Carol Chance, Susan Primm, Doreen Herrilson, Gerry Greer, Sand Saraquse, David DeWitt, Jerome Lovesness, Bob Relat, Gracie McDonald, Bill Green, Richard Keys, Larry DeRoo. Row 3 Craig Seabury, Mary Chernich, Craig Mactinger, Randy Blaesi, Grover Hall, Lynn Rogers, Dennis Plocher, Roy Marks, Wayn Beck, Dennis Stearns, Jeff Rosen, Bill Anderson, Scott Durgin, Dan Campbell, Maxine O'Conner, Bob Mann, Dean Hickman Row 4: Truman Grandy, Mike Walker, Carol Short, Russ Kidd, Bill Cheesebrough, Kent Lacin, Bruce Burket, John Lunden, .li Mansour, Pete Schreiter, Mr. Charles Perkins, Wayne Macktinger, drum maior. Concert Band I 7 l 5 wi, i , 3 1 1 1 ikho Row 1: Sandy Murrill, Linda Selby, Carol Morrison, Sue Slagle, Barbara Cozzens, Sandi Williams, Jane Shearer, Nancy Geandrot. Row 2: Sue Woodward, Martha Hansen, Rosemary Bohmbach, Jane Paul, Linda Copeland, Donna McCollar, Janice Knisely. Soprano Row 1: Gayle Jackson, Liz Haley, Teresa Bell, Lynette Peterson. Row 2: Gay Woodruff, Betty Tanner, Carla Canlrell, Linda Jamfgaard. Row 3: Cathy Hammel, Par Peasley, Cathy 'Herd, Jody Oxley, Glenda Stewart. Bassand Tenor Row l: Rick Jacobsen, Charles Remy, Dennis Tobell, Verne Marlin, Steve Schoemig, Ralph Fairfield, Rick Bell. Row 2: Mark Lowe, Frank 'Ward, Bob Hilby, Dave Hash, Richard Keys, John Lunden. 213 Pep Band Row I: Kent Lacin, Rich Lee, Roger Joslyn, Craig Mackfinger, Gerry Greer, Phil Callis, Sandy Saraquse, Carl Ludwig, David DeWitt, Bruce Burkef. Row 2: John Lunden, Jim Mansour, Dan Campbell, Jeff Rosen, Bill Anderson, Dean Hickman, Bob Mann, Dennis Plocher, Wayne Macklinger, Ray Marks. Majorettes Hallie Herndon Diana Pearce 4 Judy Holtz Intermediate Band Row iz Mark Ford, Bob Harrison, John Dottarar. Row 2: John Yenick, Ralph Fenner, Lauri Largent, Sue Duggan, Wayne Macktinger, Mr. Charles Perkins. Row 3: Mary Anne Anderson, Mark Strelars, Donna Fancher, Robert Famsworth, Mike Williams, Arlen Howell. Row 4: Jim Sullens, Stan Pearce, Greg Whitson, Tony Pederson, Allen Kruschke, Geoffrey Irvin, Sam DeRuntz. Row 5: Gordon Heldebrandt, Bryan Frazier, David Krake, Keith Bowman, Robert Fuller, Grey Short, Gerald Plocher, Greg Stephan. Dance Band Row I: Carl Ludwig, .Craig Macktinger, Gerry Greer, Sandy Saraquse, David DeWitt, Steve Kimball. Row 2: Jeff Rosen, Dennis Stearns, Maxine O'Canner, Bill Anderson, Kent Lacin. Raw 3: Dennis Plocher, Wayne Macktinger, Groover Hall, Roy Marks, Greg Stephan, Bob Harrison, Gordon Heldebrandt. Mixed Chorus Row i. Kathi Mello, Carolyn Clewett, Louise Landay, Sue Turner, Debby Wolcott, Wendy Shoemaker, Denie Petty, Barb Lindblom, Carol Howard, Beth Staiger. Row 2. Anne Marzotto, Laura Johnson, Kathy Aubrey, Carole McHugh, Kathy Herrera, Becky Ervin, Pat Gompertz, Kathy Shurtletf, Elizabeth Lee. Row 3. Betty Wegsteen, Michael Klayer, Janis Wantland, Sandy Bangs, Jane Miller, Lucinda Priest, Peggy Bergmann, Salli Menderson, Debbie Danforth, Annette Carrillo. Row 4. Donna McGrew, Rosella Overton, Steve Kimball, Bill Schick, Gary Wallace, Clyde Glifsky, Gordon Folsom, .lim Walker, Lynn At- kinson, Alice Norbeck. Girls' Chorus Row i. Sue Walls, Barbara Mysicka, Sherry Pierce, Ann Pease, Heidi Thompson, Ginni Morgan, Marilyn Cox, Nancy Wan- ner, Sherry Meier, Linda Latimer, Lilliane Ng. Row 2. Sharon Plocher, Linda Compton, Shaaron Severy, Karen Cady, Ann Miller, Nena Geddes, Sharon Medlin, Kathy Mullen, Norma Eldridge, Camille Sartore, Diane Davis. Row 3. Renee Ayon, Stephanie Jarchow, Denise Probasco, Carol Christopherson, Juleen Harnmitt, Phyllis Allen, Rhonda Dunstan, Kathy Ewing, Judy Murch, Laura Devine, Barbara Glaski, Lois Johnson. I Future Homemakers of America Row l. Irene Herald, Celeste Cechetini, Linda Corin, Carol Dimock, Gigi DiOrio, Karin Blumgald, Janet Lar Rieu, Leslie Shipley, Robin Bertsch, Liz Mikols. Row 2: Sandy Fain, Jody Anwyl, Pat Gallaher, Laura Johnson, Gayle Tandeski, Sandy Brandt, Jill Wills, Lois Johnson, Maria Fitch, Cathy Davis. Row 3. Kathy Donoghue, Karen Winiecke, Sherrill, Morton, Kathy Williamse, Vicki Buffington, Valerie Brackney, Judi Finch, Pat Gampertz, Kathy Henera, Norma Eldridge-. Row 4. Pat Neu- feld, Carol Gidley, Anita Kiel, Libby Frye, Wende Mann, Phyllis Allen, Michele Roller, Kris Olson, Pamela Whited, Margie Future Business Leaders of America Piggott. Row i: Marilu Jordan, Judy Grier, Carol Arbini, Mickie Jones, Judi Helton, Wayne Beck. Row 2: Joan Rotta, Dianne Voet, Daveen McLain, Linda Compton, Trudy Schoenborn, Sue McHud, Linda Mifford. Row 3. Roberta Badal, Barbara Moffett, Pat Penfield, Nancy Mahen, Joyce Gunn, Marie Lima. 2 Row 1: Terry Looper, Sandi Williams, Judy Lovell, Janelle Fritts, Deborah Constantine, Betty Tonner, Gayle Jackson, Sue Miller. Row 2: Ann Gillham, Marty Morgan, Diane Funder, Paul James, Dave Hash, Walter Grace, Nancy Snyder, Cherly Davis, Kathy Doyle. Row 3: Paul Costa, Barry Smith, Gary Hackman, Richard Porter, David Lungren, Allen Grush, Mark Merrill, Mike Hart. 1 , f ' , ,R 4 ml. ,XGA N 'ti fl, l ,fl-' f ll? M .S mv Q, fp X it if f rt it to f XX I-Li F ge fi! fix lgxxfl lb ff J 't S' ' , fs V fav rc, A , r y K ty, ,lthe ofiplan it we tx it mf J of-t ' ls l f it ll fx lil fx-Y! hl,f l X-SSL' 'J . X lvf 'I 3 iv V H I l lil ff I' ,fl l'-'l X S" A 1 J ,xl L! f ,rf in XX X lv ,X 1' It 4, Q 5 ,X l , tk Xxxl if 'AN ,V Exp lL , lf V ll, , g . If X V tk, U, f ,f X! x,- n,, , , ,Qs -r so 1 lx. ' l S lx!!! , l l ,fxy J. G. mf A ,Xt X lax' xqyl ,Lv li, l , ,f , X: t X ,y A 5, Q il l" u V AX ,N N ff GLY' 218 CELL Carla Cantrell and Lynette Adler prepare Goil Ramsey for her part in "Lite with Father." Drama Production O ',q5M X AW 6 gjfw? ffQlCEgl'iL wiwifinjk ADVERTISI Gl Jig X E W4 Kiyjgwgmwx f?4Q,QfffM7'W,QeQ21Qf Q, f fV5J!U U0 if VQWJQWUZZQ WQQQM SUTTON MOTOR SALES 2211 FulTon Avenue - IV 3-1301 BRALEY 8: GRAHAM BUICK 12111 81 North B Fulton Avenue - 444-6740 B 8: T AUTO SUPPLY 2680 FuI1'on Avenue - 483-7358 CARNATION 222 3518 Marconi Avenue - 482-1480 EAGl.ESON'S 3436 EI Camino Avenue - IV 3-3411 PENNEY'S KID-E-KORRAI. 3430 ElCo1mino Avenue - 483-7331 3400 ElCc1mino Avenue - IV 9-7661 JACK'S HOUSE OF MAGIC 2528 Yorkfown Avenue - IV 7-8654 223 CONGRATULATIONS! Graduation is one sign of maturity. . .a good banking connection is another. Whether you're off to college or enter- ing the business world, now is a good time to discover the convenience of your own checking account, the security of savings. Come in and see us soon. BANKING OFFICES THROUGHOUT NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WELLS FARGO BANK FORMERLY WELLS FARGO BANK AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY EMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE C -SX 415 WELL'S FARGO BANK 3380 EI Comino Avenue - IV 3-1381 G 8: E PHARMACY 2416 Mission Avenue - IV 3-2715 224 CARDINAL HOMES 6101 Fdir Odks Blvd 482 0770 CHARLES' SALON OF BEAUTY 4359 Arden Woy - 483-9051 ANSELMO AND WEIDMAN GENERAL CONTRACTORS GOSSLlNG'S 4333 Arden Woy - 487-9022 770 Coronado Blvd. - 489-6185 E HALE'S 9Th 8g K, Arden Fciir - HI 4-8686 225 i if E 5 Q HOW MANY "OOOD.BYs" WILL BECOME PART OF YOUR GRADUATION? 9 D 0 0 IM DOWNTOWN ' g You might say the whole of Life consists of saying 1 "good-hy" . . . but never more so I T":"' "G 4 ' A' than when we actually jinish high school! For this is the time we put away "the things of a child" RC CLUB PLAZT' and 'choose our place in this constantly changing world.' May we ojer our wishes for success . . . and may we remind you, -here is one "good-hy" you need never make . . . for hoth W-L's will continue to-serve you, through the years, in the same jine tradition since 1874! 1 RON Mll.l.O'S CHEVRON KCLASS OF '57l 3481 Fair Ooks Blvd. - 489-7210 W NOBLE RAPID DRY CLEANERS 2508 Wolff Avenue - 489-4381 1 ACCENT ON BEAUTY. , 2732 M rconi Av we - 4 - 1 O New K 5 55 5 My ' 4 QW 1 Q Q sung Zfgwea ' R is RICK'S SALON ARDEN 3535 Fair oaks Blvd. - 489-5497 3515 Fair Oaks Blvd. - IV 9-4262 227 CARMICHAEL FLOWERS 6221 Fair Oaks BIvd. - IV 3-8511 WAGNER'S NIEN'S 8: BOY'S SHOES 2517 Yorktown Avenue - IV 9-7875 THE BOB SHOP 6420-4 Fair Oaks Blvd. - 487-6371, 487-8339 CROCKER CITIZEN NATIONAL BANK 4391 Arden Way - IV 3-5046 Never too busy 228 4 to be helpful! x 1 . :5 ' " E: CROCKER - CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporal o fix ii- 1' um "Home of Sacramenz'o's mos! affordable Fords" M 3 2 MAGIC FINGER BEAUTY SALON 31 I4 Arden Wczy - IV 3-4656 5480 Dewey Drive - 967-8227 2724 Zinfandel Drive - 363-6548 229 PHYLLIS FASHIONS 29I2 Pusofiempo Lone - 487-4473 BARBER JOE'S 4227 Arden Woy - IV 7-8023 MERKSAMER'S DE VONS JEWELERS Country Club Plcuzcx 2420 WQTT Avenue GOURMET LANE INC. 2312 WQTT Avenue - IV 9-9679 2 ARDEN TOWN PHARMACY WQTT Ave. 84 Fair Ocuks - 489-7607 AUTO SUPPLY CENTER 3347 EICc1mino Avenue - IV 7-5608 THE BAZAAR 4307 Arden Wcny - IV 9-5803 KAHL'S PHARMACY Bufono Drive - 483-6088 I HEINZ BAKERY COTTAGE BAKERY 6350 Fc1irOoks BIvcI. - IV 7-0731 DR. SHEARER, OPTOMETRIST 1013 - 9111 Street - GI 2-4927 EUGENE DEMPSEY JEWELERS 2608 EI Paseo Lorne - IV 9-7261 3422 EI Camino Avenue - IV 7-2665 I E s 3 E r 1 K 5 Seniors Agruso, Melody: 130,195,203. Ahrsgns, Steven: 130. Ambrose, Barbara: 130. Andeirson, Connie: 130. Angelli, Ann: 130. Arbi i, Carol: 130,203,217 Arm ,trong, David Ayon, Renee: 130,216. Bac mer, Janice: 130. Ba' al, Roberta: 130,217. Br inbridge, Bob: 130,200,208. aldwin, Sue: 130,195. Ball, Jane: 130. Barkhuysen, Trish: 7,B5,13O, 192,199,203,204,208,209. Barton, Pam: 130. Bates, Gwenne: 131,186,187, 190,192,199,200,202,209. Bayne, Susan: 131. Bean, Don: 2,6,7,15,16,54,82, 83,i23,131,194. Beaton, Judi: 2,7-,52,123,T31, 192,197,199,200,203,209. Bedford, Frank: 131. Bell, Teresa: 49,131,165,212, 213,219. Bennett, Richard: 131,209. Bergmann, Bonnie: 131. Bettencourt, Linda: 131. Beutler, Becky: 131,1B9. Birnberg, Jerry: 103,131. Blacksher, Stephen: 131. Blair, Bob: 126,131. Blau, Rick: 131 ,197,199,200, '201,208,209. Bliss, Donna: 131,186,1B7, ' 19O,225. Bloch, Kathy: 132,196. owers, Marilyn: 132. oyd, Joe: 132. oyd, Bob: 132. rachman, Ken: 54,126,132, 181. radanini, Linda: 132,203. ramblett, Larry: 132. ranthaver, Beth: 132,199, Anse mo, Karen: 130,225. M5 200. raun, Peter: 132,190,197, 199,200,202,203. ay, Bill: 132. eedveld, Richard: 132. .wton, Sherri: 132. ggs, Melinda: 132,202. ton, Ann: 132,i99,200. fvn, Bev: 5O,132,210. n, Marcia: 132. t, Terry: 92,132. ler, Barbara: 132. ch, Ralph: 7,82,132,205. rdman, Leni: 80,132,189, 199,203,209. rton, Mike: 17,19,86,96,97, 133,194. llahan, Lyle: 57,59,100,133. meron, Linda: 133. mpbell, Patty: 133. mpbell, Jim: 133. rttrell, Carla: 49,133,212, 213,219. rder, Raymond: 133. rlton, Shirley: 133. rmichael, Bruce: 133. rr, Patty: 7,126,133,' 3 I DEX 186,190,192,195,199,200, 221,223. Carter, Cathy: 133. Carter, Cris: 12,18,19,20,51, 127,133. Carter, Lynn: 133,223. Casenza, Tina: 133,192. Cate, Jan: 10,12,18,19,21, 127,133,199. hamberlain, Karen: 133. ber, David: 133. a be , Bob: 133. ham er , teve: 133. Chance, tven: 133. Chase, T m: 16,26,134,194. Chri on, :46,126,134. 1 Eldridge, Norma: 137. Ellenson, Larry: 8,126,137, 197,199,205,206,207,208, 209. Elmas, Mary: 137. Emanuels, Ed: 126,137. Evans, Matt: 54,137,194. Ewing, Kent: 137. Exstrom, Rick: 8,126,138. Fahn, Hillard: 138. Fallai, Steve: 138. Fanelli, Jenni: 138. Faraclas, Kathy: 138,195. Harbison, Donna: 140. Harden, Jan: 140. Hardenburg, Gerald: 140. Hardesty, Steve: 140,188,205. Hardy, Mike: 141. Harris, Carolyn: 14.1. Harris, Janelle: 141. Harris, Larry: 26,141,194. Harris, Sally: 7,82,141. Hart, Heather: 141. Hart, Jim: 141. Hart, Linda: 141. Hart, Mike: 27,50,52,82,141, Faulkner, Jim: 138,198,199 i9o,i94,i99,2ia. 200. Ha vey, Terry: 8,19,27,57,128, F rguson, Julie: 138,19 ,203. 41,194. la a 4 .,.- us Ma -1 1: ,2 8 , Dave: 49,141,212,213, IQ Q lui. ,19i,2 in 1 SU.: 19,22 f FCI-emertts, Cathy: 13 ,16g86, iQ EZ ri .--gi : . L H s edd:114411. l e, es: 113 , 7, l Fifg!" . . et,Alan lt l 208 , isc er ,fi A 16 v3 lg 4 t, Ken: 141. Co e, l ,1 4. - 1-1 ,1 ally? , Brock: 141. o , A ei , lynn, Jud: 6 ,13 . Heldebrant, Charlie: 24,52,142 ? ge,id:13. Fo'ner,I':5 . f4 . I n e Kathy: 34 V Fo , l. 3 H lC1I'1l'16: 142. o ' nni6:13 ter, R b c . Ll endrick, Jack: 142. Collma , Sandy:134,188. Fra er Ann: 138. endricks, Paula: 142,192, ' , lap , , ,J Fr E c ,7, ji ,1'w 199,200,203,208,209. 1 grjl 19. .j I 0, I at 9 , A' , enry, Pat: 142. ont r s, Elena: 34. 138 94. H Jay: 142. C elqndl y du, 49, I2 i I riend, ay - , X n, Fred: 142. c i , nell 3 65 2 r ilson, Doreen: 142,193, 1 :J f -fi 35. 219. 210. . C rlis , err - I 81 Ful , Jo 9 , '194 Hersh, Al: 142. c , De z is wi Fu er, w,19f2 , Xl'llClil'T1Cl'i, Deen: 5i,53,i42, 'T C , GUI, I Q 2 I 2 8. ' 1 194,195,199,205,206,207, ,135,202,2 , Fur aux, John: 139,165 90, 208,209,211,214,228. Come, David: 13 194 197, 9 t ES, a0 it Dennis: 142. Coyan, Bill: 135, 20 08 20 . e , Steve Cross, Tom: 93,1 1 ann nis. , , 3 ,' olme2nBarry: 142. Crump, Meryl: 13 , 194 197 99 2 208 09. Holsinger, Wayne: 142. Culp, Ouida: 135. Curtis, John: 96,97,135,197, 202,208. . Curtis, Suzette: 8,135. Cutler, Betsy: 127,135. Davis, Cheryl: 17,135,195, 200,218,219 De Roo, Larry: 90,135,211. De Ville, Monnete: 127,135. De Visser, Ray ' Deckwa, Stan: 136,231. Devine, Laura: 136,203,216, 227. Di Orio, Kathy: 136. Dickman, Linda: 136. Dighero, Donna: 136. Dillingham, Craig: 136. Dimock, Carol: 136,195,217. Dioguardi, John: 54,136. Dodelin, Gail: 136. Dottarar, Sharon: 136. Dougherty, Sharon: 136. Dove, Terri: 136. Doyle, Kathy: 136.199,200, 208,209,218,222. Drennan, David: 136. Drennan, Dennis: 136. Dressler,'Dennis: 137. Dunk, Rich: 137,174,199. Durand, Judy: 137. Ebert, Gary: 119,137. Edens, Janis: 137. Egan, Steve: 137. Eisenhart, Jim: 137. Eisler, Doug: 137. Eisler, Jeanne: 137. ,139, . H lift 'il ftiifiiiiiii rla , a ne: 13 . Gdle Jff 1 Glading, S rah: 139. Gould, Lind : 139. Grabert, Judy: 139. Grady, Cliff: 139. Gray, Sharon: 139. Gray, Sheryl: 139. Greenberg, Ellice: 139,197, 199,200,201,209. Greer, Gerald: 139,195,210, 214,215. Grix, Bob: 8,92,139,194. Gropsorean, Sorita: 139. om, .fi Q Gillha ' ,1 r 19 O , , 18, 9. Grush, Allen: 53,139,218,219. Guidici, Vicki: 139. Hack, Jim: 140. Hackman, Gary: 49,14O,177, 218. Hadley, Bob: 140. Halcomb, Sue: 52,140,199, 203,204. Haley, Liz: 49,140,195,212, ' 213. Hall, Grover: 140,210,215. Hall, Larry: 17,86,9O,140,194 Hall, Pat: 140. Halligan, Marie: 140. Halvorsen, Bob: 140. Hammel, Cathy: 49,140,212, 213. Hotchkiss, Fred: 126,142. Houlton, Cheryl: 10,15,142. House, Marilyn: 143,200,203. Houston, Rebecca . Hovenden, Steve: 143,219.' Howell, Ron: 143. Huffman, Sandra: 143. Hunt, Dennis: 143,228. Hutchinson, Ellen: 143,203. Inderkum, Cathy: 143,203. lson, Carolyn: 143. Jackson, Gayle: 49,143,195, 2i2,213,218,219. Jaggard, Ralph: 143. James, Nancy: 52,143. Jamieson, Wayne: 93,143,198. Jamtgaard, Linda: 49,126,143 196,212,213. Jabe, Kathy: 143. Johnson, Bob: 7,16,51,57,82, 126,127,144,194,199. Johnson, Chris: 143,192,195, 199,202,203. Johnson, Gayle: 10,15,144. Johnson, Loren Johnston, Michael: 144. Jones, Bill: 144. Jones, Bonnie: 144,230. Juvik, Jean: 144. Kane, Cindy: 144. Kappmeyer, Marcia: 144. Kauffman, Doug: 93,144,199. Kays, Mike: 144. Kelley, Judy: 144. Kelley, Liz: 8,144. Kepford, Diane: 144. 1 Kerdus, Sharon: 144,195,199, 200,201,203,209. Kerhoulas, Dion: 8,18,57,85, 127,144,194. Kidd, Russell: 8,145,196,210. Kilen, Kandy: 145. Kimmel, Barbara: 145. Kirby, Gay: 145. Kirby, Walt: 145. Knight, Stephen: 145,198. Koch, Bob: 145,202,222. Koetting, Pat: 145. Koltun, Jim Koytluk, Ken: 145. Kraushar, Sherry Krueger, Ron: 145. Krumwiede, Linda: 145. Kwong, Jane: 145. Laks, David: 145. Lampman, Jon: 7,126,145,188, 190,199. Landay, Marilyn: 52,145. Lang, Roger: 26,9o,97,146, 165,194. Lantis, Nancy Lar Rieu, Janet: 146,195,199, 217. Larsen, Jim: 146. Lausmann, JoAnne: 1O,12,82, 146,195. Lawrence, Jim: 146. Lay, Ken: 146. Lee, Barbara: 146. Lee, Gerald: 146. Lemieux, John: 146,191. Lemon, Linda: 146. Leyva, Yolanda: 146. Lind, Wayne: 23,146. Lindblom, Jan: 146. Lippman, Roger: 146,197,199, 200,208,209 Livezey, Beth: 146,199,203 Livingston, Cleve: 7,52,53,57, 82,86,97,98,122,126,147, 194,199,200. Lo Russo, Bob: 147. Lockwood, Cam: 147. Logan, Gerald: 147. Looper, Terry: 147,186,187, 218, Lord, Walt: 147. Lovell, Judy: 147,218,222. Lovering, Jeanne: 147. Lowe, Mark: 49,147,212,213. Lower, Mary: 147,177,225. Ludlow, Greg: 46,126,147, 197,199. Lunden, John: 49,100,101 ,147, 210,212,213,214. Lundstrom, Cheryl: 80,147,189, 199,200. Lungren, David: 49,53,147, 165,177,218,219. Lyman, Sharon: 147. Lyons, Nancy: 148. MacBride, Evan: 148. Mack, Harold: 148. Mack, Howard: 148. Macktinger, Wayne: 148,211, 214,215. Madeira, Steven: 126,148. Mader, Lance: 148. Magee, Ginger: 148. Mahin, Jackie: 148. Malchow, Larry: 148,197. Malone, Terry: 148. Mann, Bob: 23,93,148,211, 214. Marks, Donna: 148. Marmas, Greg: 148,208. Martin, Randy: 93,14S. Martin, Verne: 49,149,212, 213. Merry, Joe: 54,92,149,194. 234 Matteoli, Judy: 149. Matthews, Scott: 149,196. Maynard, Bill: 149,202. McAtee, Dale: 149. McCarty, Charles: 149,189, 205,207. McConnell, Vernon: 149. McDonald, Charlie: 149,197, 227. S McDonald, Gracie: 149,196, 211. McDonald, Ted: 149. McFarland, Mike: 26,57,101, 149. McGuire, Doug: 149. McKenzie, Linda: 149,186, 187,192. MCQuillan, Janet: 149. McTernan, Tom Means, John: 149. Mecktessel, Lynne: 8,126,128 150,199. Melton, Patsy: 150. Mendonca, Sue: 150. Meyer, Gloria Meyer, Henry: 150. Meyer, Jean: 150. Meyer, Jett Meyers, Leslyn: 150. Miller, Anne: 15O,216. Milliron, Rich: 25,27,150,194. Minor, Richard Moberly, Marcia: 150. Moe, Margie: 8,150,197,199 M0m1:1:,P:::: 150,165,191 197,203,223 Moore, Art: 150. Morgan, Marty: 150,218. Morrison, Carol: 49,150,212, 213. Moulton, Mary: 150,192,203 Mullen, Kathy: 151,203,216. Myers, Priscilla: 151. Mysicka, Barbara: 151,216. Nelle, Steve: 54,151. Newsum, Gail: 151. Ng, Lillian: 151,216. Nordberg, Eric: 93,151. Norris, Greg: 57,58,151. Nosler, John: 64,151. Novelli, Bill: 151. Nugent, Barb: 50,52,117,151, 195. O'Brien, Pat: 151 ,202,203,223. O'Connor, Maxine: 151,211, 215. O'Leary, Kathie: 51,52,151, 186,187,190,199,200. O'Neill, Paul: 151. O'Rourke, Laurie Oeder, Joy: 152. Olson, Jim: 8,18,27,29,30,57, 58,90,96,97,127,152,190, 194,l99. Olson, Linda: 152. Orange, Rich: 152,194. Oxley, Jody: 49,152,212,213. Padilla, Claudia: 15,52,152, 186,187,l92,199,200,201, 2o3,225. Page, Tom: 116,152. Palmer, Dusty: 152. Parell, Louis: 152. ' Parkinson, Jim: 17,86,96,97, 152,l94. Parkyn, Lexy: 152. Parshall, Margie: 152. Paul Conrad: 26,64,152,. Paul, Jane: 49,e2,152,193, 4195,199,200,2O3,2O8,212, 213. Pearce, Stan: 152. Pearce, Steve: 153. Peasley, Pam: 3,52,153,166, 173,186,187,190,199,200, 203. Pemberton, Elizabeth: 153. Pemberton, Roy: 153,231. Petersen, Lynette: 49,153,212, 213. Pettigrew, Bruce: 153. Petty, Michael: 153. Petty, Roy: 92,153,189,190, 199. Phelps, Tom: 18,26,3O,54,153 194,195. Phillips, George: 153. Phillips, Joyce: 153,199,200 Podva, Monty: 27,63,65,153, 199,208,209 Polk, Chris: 103,153,165,194, 195,199,200. Pollock, Roger: 153. Portman, Faye: 153. Post, Randy Potts, Nancy: 154. Powell, Roxie: 154.. Prater, Dick: 154. , Pratt, Terry: 154,202,203 Presnall, Tom: 1:54. Price, Ellen: 154. Primm, Susan: 154-,193,202, 203,210. Pyrskalla, Renate: 154. Radovich, Bob Rallo, Joe: 154. Ramquist, Daryl: 154. Ramsey, Alice Ramsey, Gail: 154,203,219. Rasmussen, Bill: 154. Ratclifte, Bill: 154. Reed, Dennis: 154. Reedy, Barbara: 154. Reischmann, Lida: 155. Remy, Charles: 17,49,155,212 213,222. Reynolds, Jana: 155,227. Reynolds, John: 126,155. Richardson, Linda: 155. Richter, Darlene: 155. Riedel, Linda: 155. Riethmueller, Michael: 155. Rietschlin, Julia: 155. Riley, Linda: 155. Rinehart, Jim: 96,97,155,208. Rivera, John: 155. Rourk, Mike: 63,65,155. Robinson, Sandra: 155, Robison, Michelle: 155,189, 19o,195,199,2oo. Rodeberg, Greg: 156. Rodgers, Bob: 156,196. Roesser, Barbara: 156. Rogers, Lynn: 210. Rosen, Jeff: 156,211,214,215 Ross, David: 156. Ross, Sue: 156. Rossi, Bob: 57,100,101,127, 156,194. Rouhier, Bobbie: 156. Royer, Barbara: 156. Royer, Ken Ruttatto, Janis: 156,193. Russell, Diane: 156. Sanchez, Hilde: 156,195. Sariva, Joe: 8,126,156. Sartore, Camille: 156,216. Sawyer Ken Scarich, Steve: 86,156,194,195. Scatena, Virginia: 157. Schleiger, Larry: 157. Schmidt, vicki: 10,12,18,19. 21,157. Schmitgal, Terry: 100,101,157. Schneider, Roy: 157. Schriefer, Craig: 157. Schwartz, Steve: 103,157,194 Scott, Barbara Scott, Danny: 100,157,194. Scott, Don Segalas, Dan: 16,100,157,194 Seiple, Larry: 8,126,157,190, 199,200,202,208. Severy, Shaaron: 157,216. Sharick, Paula: 157,208. Shatzer, Tom: 157. Shaw, Pam: 2,7,10,15,18,19, 21,123,127,157. Shearer, Jackie: 49,5O,157, 195,212,213 ,' Sheehan, Casey: 158. Sheehy, Ed: 158. 1 Shelton, Bob: 158. l Sherburn, John: 158. Shick, Terry: 16,18,28,29,84, 86,158,190 Shipman, Donna: 158. Shorrock, Bob: 26,51,87,15 , 190. Short, Carol: 158,210. Shotigian, Ken: 158,194. Shults, Sandy: 18,158,192. Sidebotham, Peg: 158,212. Siefer, Lynne: 158,174,192. Skalbeck, Anna: 7,82,122,126, 158,203. Skou, Jerry: 126,158. Slagle, Mari Sue: 17,49,125, 158,212,213,229. Smith, Barb: 125,159,19l,199 200,202,203. Smith, Judy: 159. Smith, Marcy: 159,193,203 Smith, Rick: 159. Smith, Terry: 159. Smith, Terry Lee: 159. Snyder, Paula: 159,195,203. Spivak, John: 159. Spooner, Val: 6,7,52,82,83, 159,165. Spriggs, Jim: 159,165. Staiger, Beth: 159,19O,216. Stantield, Tom: 159. Stansfield, Jack: 159,197. Stauss, Stephen: 159. Stearns, Rhonda: 159. Stedman, Jeanette: 160,191 199,202,203,225. Steinman, Don: 160. Stephan, Bob: 160,191. Stephens, Dick: 160. Steres, Kathy: 110,16O,173, 192,199,200. Stevens, Dianne Stewart, Glenda: 49,160,212 Stone, Pat: 26,82,96,97,160. Strand, Margo: 13,15,160,1 Streeter, Sue: 160,229. Strickholm, Paul: 160. Sullens, Peggy: 160. Swanberg, Ingrid: 160,177 Talbot, David: 160. Tanner, Betty: 49,160,19 199,212,213,2l8. Taylor, Jeff: 26,46,52,54,8 83,93,122,160,188,194. Thatcher, Karen: 161. Thomas, Bev: 161. Thompson, Don: 96,97,161, 194. Thompson, Gary: 93,161. Thompson, Jim: 161. Thompson, Linda: 161,219, 223. Thompson, Steve: 161. Thomsen, Suzanne: 161,199. Tillman, Mark: 46,80,101,12 161. Tomka, Doug: 161,208. Tonn, Edgar: 161,205,207. 1 onn, Wilfried: 161,206,207. Jennifer: 161. Jackie: 161. Marilyn: 5o,161,193, Ken: 162,197,209. , Kerry: 162,197. ucker, Mike: 162. Felix: 8,162,197,208 Van Der Volgen, Richard: 162. Vance, Nancy Linda: 162. Greg: 90,162,194. Vigor, Steve: 162. vrsgiiar , Dalia: 162. Vogel, Marc: 23,162,194. Wagon er, Dennis: 162. Walke , Jim: 63,64,162,216. Walt, Jim: 162. Wat on, JoAnn: 162. Watts, Rod: 27,96,97,163,194. We oster, Donna: 163. Vlfflmiow, Keith: 163. 133 gcyhrv: 163,196. 17,9 Sig feces. S-s, , , 0:,g,g9g6-k..:2O5. 'i 'DISgR436R'C ICUAXOB Wilkes, R13 Wilkie, Dear.. Dkoj 'N Skt 208. 4' wiliden, Alan: 51,63,u- 'SQ 19 . 4 Williams, Larry: 163. Ric: 19,100,101,163. Russell: 163. Sandi: 49,163,212, 13,218,219. Cindy: 163. Dannie: 164. Greg: 164. Judy Guy: 54,164. , Sue: 164,186, Bob: 164,190,199, , William: 164,205,206, 209. 1 I, Lana: 164. Gay: 12,18,21,49, 164 212,213. Sue: 49,164,165, 94,199,202,203,212,213. Karen: 164. .lO11I'1: , Jay: 8,63,65,164. n, Mary: 164,203. John Bob: 164. Marian: 15,164, 199,203. Marilyn: 164. David Chris: 54,93,164. Carol: 106. Gary: 106. John: 57,194,197. Steve: 26,106. Beth: 106. Debi: 106. Roseann: 106. John: 106. Renee: 106. Suzanne: 106. Baer, Dennis: 106. Bainbridge, David: 92,106, 199,208,209 Baker, Allan: 106,197. Baldwin, Ron: 31,106,108, 194. Bangs, Stephen: 106. Barnes, Margie: 106,200. Barnett, Barb: 4,B9,106. Bartmann, Donnell: 106. Barton, Bruce Baum, Don: 106,196. Bazzaroni, Mike: 27,106,194 Beasley, Dinah: 106. Beatty, Ken: 27,31,106. Beaumont, Bob: 106,196. Beck, Wayne: 106,210,217. Becka, Nancy: 106,193,197. Bedford, Mark: 106. Beers, Mike: 57,106,194,198. Bell, Rick: 49,106,212,213. Benn, Mike: 106. Bennett, Rich: 106,206,207. Berger, Eric: 8,51,52,54,92, 106,190,199,208. Berner, Dave: 64,106,196. Bernstein, Carol: 106,193,199, 203. Berry, George: 106,197,209. Bertsch, Robin: 107,217. Bickford, John: 100,101,107. Bickle, Teresa: 107,1 19." Biko, Corki: 107. '-lackford, Jim: 107. Blackman, Laurie: 52,107,186, 187,190,199,200,203,230. Bliss, Tom: 107. Board, Jim: 107,196,199, 200. Bodley, John: 23,92,107,198. Bohm, John: 17,27,90,107, 219. Bold, Jim: 107. Bole, Marc: 107. Booth, Diana: 107. Boroski, Carol: 107. Boyd, Virginia: 107,200,208, 209. Brackney, Valerie:- 107,217. Brady, Bill: 107. Brink, Laurence: '107. Bristow, Sue: 107. Brittan, Penny: 107,200,209. Britton, Debra: 107. Brown, Jim Browne, Susan: 107,202 Bryant, Lynda Buchanan, Karen: 107,199, 200. Buckley, Tim: 101. Buer, Koll Burgraff, Marc: 103,107. Burket, Bruce: 107,210,214. Burlingame, Diane: 107,219. Busacca, Nancy: 107,197. Cady, Karen: 216. Cady, Virginia: 107,196. Collis, Phil: 107,200,211,214. Campbell, Dan: 107,211,214. Capachi, Kathie: 107. Carder, Edward: 107. Carlton, Bob: 107. Carmichael, Steve: 107. Carpenter, Marc: 60,107. Carrillo, Annette: 107,216. Carsten, Carolyn: 108. Carter, Faye: 108. Catino, Mike: 108,197. Catlin, Catherine: 108. Cattell, Lowell: 108. Celoni, Barbie: 108. Chamberlain, Jackie: 108,201. Chance, Carol: 108,210. Chapman, Mike: 63,108. Chapo, Cathy: 108. Chastain, Lucie: 108. Chatham, Bill: 103. Cheek, Joe: 108. Cheesebrough, Bill: 210. Chernich, Mary: 108,190,210. Christiansen, Kent: 8,108,196, 199,209. Clancy, Missy: 108. Clark, Barbi: 108. Clark, Mary: 8,108,186,187, 197,199,200. Clark, Steve: 108. Clift, John: 108. Cluster, Bonnie: 108. Coffee, Dennis Colburn, Bruce: 108,208,209 Collins, Sheilah: 108. Compton, Linda: 108,216 217 comer, Liz: 1os,11o,1e9',193', 196,199,203 Cook, Jean: 108. Cooper, Mike: 64,108. Cotton, Jo: 108. Covey, Frank: 92,108. Coy, Becky: 108. Cozzens, Barbara: 49,212,213 Crooks, Martin: 108. Crouse, Bob: 27,60,100,101, 108,194. Crowe, Nedra: 108,189,203. Curry, Sharon Dahlstrom, Joan: 108,192,196 203. Danforth, Kathy: 108,191. Davis, Rich: 108. ' De La Garza, Phyllis: 108. De Verter, Carl: 108. De Weese, Mike: 108. Dern, Doug: 108. Devine, Sheila: 108,118. Devisscher, Bill: 108. Dexter, Steve: 108. Di Clementine, Rosemary: 109. Di Orio, Gigi: 109,191,2177. Dibble, George: 109. ' Dickson, Merri: 109. Doyle, Jim: 109. Driggs, Judy: 109. , Duensing, Janet: 109. Dufault, George: 109. Duggan, Susan: 109,203,215. Dumcan, Dennis: 109. Dunk, Eddie: 109. Dunn, Rusty: 8,109. 1 Dunstan, Rhonda: 109,216. Durand, Connie: 109. Durand, Pete: 8,lO9,l77. Durgin, Scott: 109,211. Eisner, Hank: 27,2B,100,109. Elkington, Sally: 109. Emerick, Jennifer: 109. Emerick, Ken: 109. Emerson, Bill: 60,103,109,203, 208. Emmick, Sharyn: 109. Epperson, Diane: 109,219. Evans, Hadyn: ,109. Fahn, Lorene Fairfield, Ralph: 49,109,212, 213. Falconer, Bruce Faughnan, Pam: 109. Faulkender, Bill: 27. Faustman, Franece: 109. Ferguson, Phil: 109. Fial, Valerie: 109. Finley, Bob: 109. Float, John: 109,196. Folk, Lee:' B9,109,176. Folsom, Gordon: 110,216. Foote, JoAnn: 110,195,199, 200. Forester, Carol: 110. Fortune, Meryl: 110,119,203, 227. Frantz, Greg: 8,110. Frye, Lee: 57,58,110. Fuller, Bonnie: 110,197. Fuller, Janice Furneaux, Mary: 110. Fuson, Gayle: 110. Gack, Dave: ,1,,1,,0.,, ar t, David: 10. Gram uno, ohn: 26,63,64, 108,110,194. Gibson, Dale: 110. Gibson, Jeff: 110,196. Gidley, Carol: 110,217. Gilmartin, Kathy: 110,118,203. Goff, Natalie: 110,208. Gomm, Terry: 110. Gordon, Janene: 110,199. Grace, Walter: 49,11O,194,218 219. Graham, Julie: 110,193. Gralian, Dan: 110. Gravelle, Cindy: 110. Gray, Cynthia: 110. Gray, Francis: 23,11O,198. Grech, Gary: 110. Green, Bill: 110,211. Grier, Judie: 110,217. Griffith, Mary Lou: 110. Griggs, Cathy: 110. Grosz, Linda: 110. Guebara, Olivia: 110,193,197.. Gunn, Steve: 110,196. Gunther, Garrett: 110,209. Gutierrez, Bonnie: 110. Hackard, Jackie: 88,11O,199, 200. Hackett, Donna: 111. Hackett, Liz: 111,199,200. Hadley, Sharon: 111,189,193, 203,223. Hagerty, Jane: 111. Haines, Bill: 111. Hammond, Mike: 111. hanefield, Hal: 111. Hansen, Anita: 111,203. Harris, Ann: 111,199. Harris, Leeanne: 111,118. Harris, Marc: 111. Hart, Brian: 111. Hart, Grant: 111. Hart, Rick: 88,111. Hartman, Mike: 111. Hartwig, Gary: 100,111. Hause, Lynda: 88,l11,199. Heitmann, Steve: 1J1,209. Helton, Judi: 111,217. Henderson, Laurie: 111. Hendrick, Kathy: 111. Hennessy, Adrienne: 111. Henry, Bruce: 111. Henry, Jim: 111,200,208. Herd, Cathy: 49,111,212,213. Herndon, Hallie: 111,208,214 Herrera, Steve: 27,64,111. Herrilson, Pat: 111,193,210. Hickerson, Mary: 8,104,111, 113,126,192,199,203. Hilby, Bob: 49,111,203,212, 213. Hildebrandt, Becky: 111. Hill, Joan: 111. Holland, Jim Holman, Kathy: 111. Holme, Randy: 60,88,111,222. Holmes, Heidi: 111,196. Holmes, Rick: 31,111. Holtz, Judy:'112,214. Hooper, Jon: 111,112,186,187, 196,199,200,208. Horn, Jacqui: 112. Howard, Carol: 112,216. Howard, Ron: 27,92,112. 235 1 Hudgins, Bill: 27,112,198,199. Hughes, Elizabeth:112,193, 195,199,208,209. Hullin, Bob: 9O,112,194. Hulse, Dennis: 112. Humphrey, John: 112. Hunt, Richard: 112. Hunter, Carol: 112. Hutchison, Peggy: 112,199. Irey, Susan: 112. Jackson, Ed: 112. Jackson, Joy: 112. Jaffee, Charlene: 112,199,203 James, Paul: 218. James, Randy: 112. Jamieson, Bob: 22,23,92,112, 198. Jarchow, Stephanie: 112,216. Jefferies, Jan: 112. Jeffrey, Bob: 112. Jensen, Kept: 112. Jerue, Gregg: 112. Johnson, Gary: 112. Johnson, Ginny: 112. Johnson, Jane: 88,112. Johnson, Larry: 103,112. Johnson, Lincoln: 112. Johnson, Lois: 112,19O,216, 217. Johnson, Rick: 26,93,198. Johnson, Sharon: 112,196,203. Jones, Michelle: 112. Jones, Steve: 112,199,200, 208. Jordan, Marilu: 8,112,217. Joseph, Linda: 203. Joslyn, Roger: 112,197,199, 200,208,210,214,228. Jouganatos, Mike: 112. Kamuf, John: 112,196. Kappmeyer, Phyllis: 112. Kelberlau, Gayle: 112. Kell, Linn Kelley, Marv: 57,112. Kelliher, Kathy: 113. Kelly, Chris: 113. Kelly, James Keys, Rich: 49,113,211,212, 213. Kidney, Jim: 113,198,208. Killam, Sue: 113,193. Kirkwood, Greg: 113. Kline, Terry: 27,100,113. Koehler, Wilson: 93,113,196, 208. Koepke, Mike: 60,113. Kohler, Paul: 113,188,196, 205,206,207. ' Korich, Kim: 113. Krake, David: 113,215. Kreici, Linda: 113. Kronick, Louise: 87,113,116, 193,203,222. Kwong, Janis: 113. Lo Duke, Vicki: 113. Lacin, Kent: 92,107,109,113, 21O,214,215.' Lagomarsino, Pete: 113. Langlois, Marilyn: 113,202. Larsen, Doris: 113. Larson, Annell: 113. , Latimer, Linda: 113,216. Lavelle, Mike: 113. Lawrence, Colleen Lawson, Jill: 113,117,119,199, 203. Lay, Judy: 113. Lazier, Donna: 113,193. Le Frak, Lynda: 113. Le Valley, Bruce: 63,93,108, 113,194,198. Lee, Debby: 15,109,113,188, 190,192,199,200,203. Lee, Ray 236 Leonetti, Gary: 16,113. Lev, Ben Leverty, Don: 113. Liedike, Don: 113,196. Lima, Marie: 113,217. Linder, Buck: 113,186,l'96, 240. Lininger, Dave: 113,197,208, 209. ' Linn, Tom: 1'13. Lionakis, Pete: 64,113. Lippold, Mary: 113,196. Lishman, Kathy: 113. Littleiohn, Dean: 113. Livermore, Jim: 17,114,196. Livingston, Mike: 114,199,200. Lofgren, Ann: 114. Loris, Jack: 64,114. Lotta, Joan: 114. Lowrey, Dino: 88,114. Ludwig, Carl: 92,107,1 14,194, 196,210,214,215. Lund, Bill: 114. Lundberg, Don: 196,209. Lyons, Don: 114. ' Lyons, Kathy: 109,114,116, 189,193,195,200,203. Lyons, Sandy: 114. Maass, Scott: 103,114. MacKinnon, John: 100,101,114 MacLean, Stu: 114. MacMurdo, Deann:114,195, 228. MacRostie, Tom: 16,88,114, 186,187,199,200,202,208, 209. Macbride, Pete: 88,11O,114, 1 17. Machado, Mark: 114. Mackey, Kathy: 114,196. Maddox, Sara: 114,200,203, 208. Mahin, Nancy: 114,217. Manier, Mike: 114. Mansour, Jim: 114,211,214. March, Randy: 114,196. Marenger, Michelle: 114. Margulis, Michele: 8,203. Marks, Roy: 92,114,21O,214, 215. Marquiss, Kitty: 114,211. Marr, Carolyn: 88,89,114. Martin, Judi: 114. Martin, Rae Mary: 114,174. Mason, Roger Mathews, Doris: 114,191. Mathisen, Linda Matranga, Georgene: 114. Mazza, Steve: 114. McBride, Melissa: 114,196. McDaniel, Lester: 114. McDonald, Carol: 114. McGary, Keith: 114. McGlade, Larry: 114. McGouran, Tom: 115. McGowan, Barry McGrew, Donna: 115,216. McHan, Jim: 115. McHugh, Sue: 115,217. McKay, Bruce: 115. McKeag, Dale: 115. McLain, Carol: 115. McLain, Daveen: 115,217. McLane, Ken: 115. McMorine, Ann: 115. Medlin, Sharon: 115,216. Meeks, John: 115. Mefford, Linda: 115,217. Meier, Tim: 115. Meinzer, Terry: 115,198. Mello, Kathy: 115,216. Melnick, Bonnie: 115. Menconi, Paul: 115,197,205, 206,207,208,209. Menderson, Sue: 115. Mendosa, John: 115. Mercer, Bill:115. , Merrill, Mark: 8,17,104,113, 115,218,219. Michael, Steve: 115. Miller, Brian: 115,197,199. Miller, Rob: 8,60,90,104,107, 113,115,194. Miller, Sharon: 115. Miller, Sue: 115,203,218. Mitchell, Bob: 115. Moffett, Barbara: 115,217. Monroe, Mike: 115. Montgomery, Teri: 115. Morgan, Jack: 8,115. Morgan, Margaret: 115. Morgan, Zack: 109,112,115. Morrow, Pat: 115. Morton, Dick: 115. Murch, Judy: 115. Murden, Tracy: 115,197. Myers, Rick: 53,64,116. Neilan, Bobbi: 105,116,181. Neufeld, Pat: 116,2l7. Niemeyer, Ron: 116. Nordyke, Ted: 116. Norwood, Don: 116. O'Brien, Mike: 116. O'Brien, Pat: 116. Olson, Cathie: 116,203. Olson, Jim: 116. Orme, Greg Oster, Ron: 116. Ostroski, Ben: 26,116. Otto, Rusty: 116. Ough,'Jim: 27,60,116. Owen, Larry: 116. Owens, Sue: 116. Packard, Pam: 116. Packard, Rich: 116. Packard, Sharon: 116,199, 200,208,209. Pointer, Danny: 116. Palmer, Ron Pankey, Pam: 116. Park, Mickey: 93,116,205. Parker, Nancy: 116,188,193, 199,200,203. Parshall, Paula: 116. Parvin, David: 116. Payne, Frank: 116,196. Pearce, Diana: 116,199,200, 214. Pearson, Bill: 88,96,97,98, 116,194. Pease, Ann: 116,216. Pedersen, Tony: 96,97,116, 194,215. Penfied, Pat: 116,2l7. Peper, Inez: 116,200,202,203. Perkins, Debbie: 116. Perry, Debbie: 116. Peters, Mike: 116. Peterson, Carol: 116. Petras, Tommy: 117. Phillips, Marie: 117. Pommier, Lindo: 117. Porter, Richard: 117,218. Powell, Gary Powell, Henry: 117. Powell, Whitney: 117. Pratt, David: 117,198. Probasco, Denise: 117,216. Ralphs, Christine: 117,219. Rankin, Sue: 82,117,196. Relat, Bob: 90,117,202,208, 211. Ress, Steve: 117. Reynolds, Tina: 117. Ribbeck, Larry: 117,208. Rice, Mike: 26,1 i7,188. Richter, Pat: 7,16,88,11O,117, 192,196,199,200,204. Riddell, Marshall Ridenour, Sandi: 117. Rogers, Reg: 26,92,117. Rogers, Tom: 117. Rollins, Bob: 8,23,117,200, 202. Rosenquist, Corin: 1l7,i99, 208,209. Ross, Elliott: 88,101,117. Rothhaupt, Karen: 117,219. Rouhier, Jean: 117,196. Rounds, Bill: 117,194. z Royer, Ron: 117. ' Rudnick, Sharie: 117. l Sanchez, Dave: 23,117,1f98. Sanders, Susan: 117,195,199, 200,202. Sarro, Cheryl: 117. Sava, Lorraine: 117. Schaefer, Vickie: 117. Schauer, Tom: 60,100,101,: 17 Schemel, Bill: 1i7,197,208, 209. Schick, Bill: 23,93,117,216. Schleicher, Brian: 116,196. Q5 o Schmidt, Kathy: 118. af, Schmitgal, Pam: 118. 'S' I Schneider, Rick: 118. Schoemig, Steve: 49,118,212, 213. Schoenborn, Trudy: 118,193, 217. Schonlank, Brian: 118. Schrader, Jeff: 100,101,118. Schreiter, Pete: 118,211. Schroeder, Fred: 8,103,118. Schultz, Bob: 118. Schwan, Paul: 24,1i8. Schwartz, Sue: 199,03,208. Scott, Janet: 118,203. Seabury, Bill: 118. Seiten, Jim: l18,199,200,208 209. Selby, Linda: 49,118,212,213 Serpa, Marcia: 8,89,118. Sessarego, Alan: 31, 188. Shafer, Jan: 118,228. Shannon, Linda: 118. Shaw, Carol: 118. Sherman, Suzanne: 118. Shiurba, Toni: 11B,197,200. Shuping, Bill: 118,190,19 Shurtleff, Steve: 118,119. Sienkiewicz, Dennis: 118. Silvernail, Mary: 118. Simmons, Diane: 118,193. Simmons, Nancy: 118. Simoni, Eric: 118. Simpson, Gary: 23,24,92,i1 198. Skillman, Brook: 118,119. Smith, Barry: 4,218,219. Smith, Bruce: 16,118,199, 208. Smith, Carolyn: 118,193, Smith, Greg: 118. Smith, Jack: 96,97. Smith, Jeanne: 118,197. Smith, Jeff: 118. Smith, Patty: 118. Smyth, Therese Snyder, Mark: 118,195,202 208. Snyder, Nancy: 118,123,20 203,218. Sockolov, Steve: 118. Soule, Judy Spalding, Diane: 119,176,1 200,203. Staack, John: 100,119. Stanton, Kathie: 119,189,1 193,199,200,202,203. Stearns, Dennis: 119. Sterger, Richard: 119. , Tr, illwell, Pam: 119. inghen, Don: 119,199,200, 209. ecker, Kathy: 119,193,197 ry, Del: 119. ckland, Linda: 119,203. nillo, Karen: 119. ':ies, Mark tm, John: 8,27,60,109, 194,196, rs, Cheryl: 119. ,r, Shari: 119. Joe: 119. Marilyn: 119. Dave: 119. Bill: 119. 1 Bob: 119,198. Criss: 119,219. Geralynn: 119. , Fred: 7,8,82,88,104 110,113,119,199,209. A POT: 119. , Sharon: 119. on, Heidi: 89,119,196 l99,200,201,203,209. an, Shirley: 119. 1, Bruce: 6O,92,119, 1, Sally: 119. Jim: 119. Walter: 119. Les: 119. Gary: 119. ce, Judy: 119,219. Eric: 1 19. Chris: 120,199,200, 1 Rick: 120. Sue: 1 Glen: 120. Linda: 120. Carol: 120. anne: 120,217. Karen: 120,203. Greg: 120. - Jordan: 120. Susie: 120,199,203. Wes: 120. Doug: 93,117,120. Xnn: 120. raig: 120. 'ank: 49,12O,212,213 Steve: 120. aren: 120,192,199, 03. Marcella: 12O,193, 00,208,209. Dan 'aul: 120. 1, Betty: 12O,216. ian, Mark: 120. , Carol: 120,190,202 38. 1, Ron: 8,26,51,60, ent: 120. icki: 120. am: 120. u 15121 92 7,199,200. Ill: 121. andy: 121. in, Pat: 121,197. Dan: 93,120. J dy: , ,1 , 9 lathy: 121. 'o'm: 121,197. Jeff: 23,121. Lynn: 121. aureen: 119,191,193, an, Randi: 52,109,119, Iraig: 23,92,121,188, S Wittkop, Greg: 23,24,92,121 197,198. Wohlford, Mark: 103,121. Woliver, Jim: 121. Wood, Michael: 121. Worthen, Nancy: 8,121,219. Wozniak, John: 26,121. Wright, Don: 121,174. Wright, Herb: 121,202,203, 208. Wright, Bill: 121. Wunschel, Tom: 23,93,121, 1 198. Yenovkian, Rick: 27,100,108, 121 ,1 94,1 97. Younger, Susan: 121. Zoller, Ned: 121. Callahan, Mike: 69,102, Campanelli, Joe: '69. Cantrell, Sheryl: 69,203. Cesario, Bob: 69. Christopherson, Carol: 69,193, 216. Contreras, Rudy: 69. Cooper, Sheryl: 69. Corin, Linda: 69,202,217. Corkrum, David: 69. Cox, Marilyn: 69,191,216. Crandall, Tracy: 69. Crouch, Andrew: 69,102. Crouse, Mary: 9,69,72. Cunningham, David: 69. Davis, Cathy: 69,217. Davis, Dan: 32,6.9,209. De Witt, David: 9 69 210 214 oPhomores::ff1iw: A A Abrams, Diana: 68,191. Adams, Lynn: 11,54,68. Albright, Ron: 68. Allen, Terry: 68,191,203. Alliapoulos, John: 9,32,68. Anderson, Bill:'68,102,211, 214,215. Anderson, Geraldine: 68, Anderson, Mary: 68. Anderson, Mary: 68. Andrews, Pat: 68. Armstrong, Craig: 68,103. Armstrong, Richard: 61 ,68,1 02. Arnholt, Bill: 68. Arnold, Cindy: 68. Ashworth, Brenda: 68. Atkinson, Lynn: 68,216. Attebery, Susie: 68. Babineau, Lynne: 68. Bachelor, Eric: 32,61,68,102, 200. Bachelor, Marget: 68. Bachmann, Dick: 68,102. Badal, Jeanette: 68. Badurina, Sharon: 68. Bagwell, Greg: 32,6B,94. Bangs, Ronnie: 68. Barsky, Marcia: 68,203. Bartels, Bruce: 68. Bartshe, Sharon: 68. Bass, Dick: 68. Beers, Don: 63,68. Bergmann, Peggy: 68,216. Berrett, Jack: 68. Bertsch, Bill: 68,209. Bettencourt, Dennis 64,68. Bezouska, Chris: 68,196,200, 208,209. Biorkland, Linda: 68,200. Blaesi, Randy: 68,210. Blain, Nancy: ,68. Blaines, Bonnie: 68. Bliss, Walter: 32,68. Blue, Eric: 68. Blumgold, Renee: 68,196,203. Bohmbach, Rosemary: 49,68, 193,212,213. Bold, Judy: 69. Borsdorf, Jim: 32,69. Brady, Jeff: 32,60,69. Branthaver, Priscilla: 9,66,69. Britton, Pam: 69. Brown, Claudia: 9,69,193,211. Bunch, Al: 69. Burghgrave, Randy: 69. Burkholder, David: 69. Burlingame, Joe: 69. Butler, Bob: 61,69,94. Buzzini, Diane: 69. Cady, Michael: 69. Caldwell, Ron: 69. Callahan, Anne: 69. Diller, Shari: 69. Donoghue, Jim: 69. Donoghue, Kathy: 217. Dove, Tucker: 23,69,94. Drew, Carol: 69,203. Dublirer, Jim: 69,l96,206, 207. Dufault, Chris: 69,203. Durbrow, Ed: 69,94. Dyer, Glen: 69. Edens, Harvey: 69. Edlund, Barbie: 70. Eickman, Pat: 70. Emerson, Bob: 7O,119,196, 202,203,208. Espenshade, Sue: 70. Estes, Betty: 7O,196. Evans, Jeff: 23,70,90. Exstrom, Ann: 7O,193. Fain, Sandi: 70,217. Farney, Pat: 61,7O,94. Faulkender, Sharon: 70. Fenner, Ralph: 70,93,206,207, 215. Fenner, Vickie: 70. Ferguson, Kay: 70. Ferrari, Sil: 32,7O,94. Finch, Judy: 70,196,217. Finch, Leslie: 70. Finn, Jeff: 70. Fischer, Craig: 70. Fisk, Joy: 70.- Fitch, Maria: 70. Flora, Linda: 70. Fong, Richard: 70. Friedinfelt, Gail: 70. Fritts, Dorene: 70. Fuller, Bob: 70,96,97,215. Gannon, Susan: 70. Garrison, Jack: 70. Geandrot, Nancy: 49,7O,73, 'I93,195,212,213. Geandrot, Peggy: 7O,73,193. Geddes, Nina: 7O,216,224. Geer, Janice: 70. Georgakakos, Cheryl: 70. Giles, Nancy: 70. Gollaher, Pat: 70. Gorman, Laura: 70. Grandy, Truman: 70,206,207, 210. Gray, Gary: 71. Greenberg, Debbie: 71 ,1 97. Gunn, Joyce: 71,217. Hall, John: 71. Halvorsen, Susan: 71. Hamilton, Britt: 71. Hamilton, Jeff: 71. . Hammitt, Juleen: 71 ,216. Hammond, Dennis: 71. Hansen, Martha: 49,71,212, 213. Hansen, Perry: 71,94. Hardesty, Jeff: 71,94. 1 Harris, Roger: 32,7l,102. Hart, Jeff: 61,71,102. Hart, Sylvia: 71. Hart, Tom: 71,191,202,203. Haven, Ron: 7,9,32,61,66,71, 82,102. Helton, Joy: 71. Helton, Roy: 71. Henderson, Heidi Herald, Irene: 71,217. Hess, Jeff: 71. Hickman, Gary: 23,71,94. Hilt, Diana: 71. Hackett, Pam: 71. Holmes, Neal Hommon, Bob: 71. Horner, Joe: 71. Houghton, Polly: 71. Hoy, Robert: 71,94. Hudgins, Brad: 32,71. Huffman, Buzzy: 71. Hughes, Patti: 71. Humphreys, Charles Hunt, Kim: 71,203. Hurst, Sharron: 71. Hurst, Sherri: 71. Hurston, Dale: 71. Hutton, Mary Ann: 71. Jackson, John: 32,40,72,102. James, Linda: 72. Jameson, Paul: 72. Johnson, Bruce: 32,72,94. Johnson, Craig: 72,196,198. Johnson, Lynn: 72,191. Jones, Michael: 72,217. Jordan, Jay: 32,72. Jumel, Jeff: 72. Kay, Katie: 72. Kays, Stan: 32,72. Keegan, Vickie: 72. Keller, Shelia: 72. Kelley, Chere: 72. Kendrick, Sherry: 72. Kimball, Steve: 72,215,216. Klein,-Susan: 72,191. Klembeck, Paul Knisely, Janice: 49,72,2l'2,213 Koch, Danise: 72 Koepke, Stan: 72,202. Koogle, Beth: 72. Krasnow, Donna: 72,196,208. Krieger, Skip: 61,72,77. Lambert, Bob: 32,64,72. Lambert, Mona: 72. Lampley, Fred: 64,72. Lampman, Joscelyn: 72. Lancaster, Dona: 72. Lawrence, Dennis: 72. Lawrence, Dennis: 72. Lay, David: 73. Le Frak, Louis: 23,73. Lee, Rich: 49,73,116,21,0,214. Leichel, Pat: 73,203. Lionakis, George: 73. Lippold, Cathy: 73,196. Logan, Sharon: 73. Long, Janet: 73. Lovsness, Jerome: 70,73,211. Ludlow, Gary: 32,61,73. Lundberg, Vic: 73,9O. Lyman, Richard: 73. Lyon, Cynthia: 73. Lyons, Douglas MacBride, Tom: 23,73,94,198. Maida, Patty: 73. Mann, Susan: 73,191. Marcusen, Terri: 73. Marmas, Jeff: 73. Martin, Nancy: 73,193,197. Mathews, Cheryl: 73. - McClintock, Kerry: 73. McClure, Pam: 11,54,73. McCollor, Donna: 49,73,212, 213. ' 237 McConnell, Marguerite: 73,202. 9420400116 V Reiter, J :'75. 1 lVVGI'1llC11'1Cl, 1611161 78,216 Contreras, Pat: 37. .. Helton, Jim: 29. McCracken, Shirley: 73. ho, Sa ra: 75. W, ,Sf,"'llUdy1 73. ' C0OmbS, NCIFICY: 37. McCraw, Mike1 73,103, , P011 'A 1 1 ter, endy: 78,193,20B. Copeland, Judy: 37. MCF6116166, 161161 73,203. 6 V61 9697. 'token 1111: 3278- Corby. Connie: 37- McGee, Jim: 73,110 , Ro ers, uglas: 32,75. 'L "" hite, C., 1- e: 78. Cowan, Christine: 37. 30931 9 picas Qifon ,,., Rage 5, Rdlgerf, 75., ' Whited,,,' ame 78,217. Cracchiolo, Rosemary McGuire, Bruce: 73. wolf, Jerry11775,1O2, - Widqier, any :7,1v ,52,54,79, Daily, Kathleen: 37 McKee, Sheral -M... oss, Steve: 32,75 gm, '82, 9 . Gnfdfflt M6L6661111r1, 146111 61,73, ' 2, R6r11b61111, J661y1 6, A 11111 32,6 ,, 1 . 1 ' vis. 190, Q Rounds, , 7.x J. 4 TN ht, Tony: 23,7 . - is, Jim McLean, Mike: 1 ,74. 1 Rudig, Ch '-les: A 98. lv "w116m1, BOflUGfG1 79- W, S McLeod, Joh - 7 .,202. Ruggle' f am: 75,196. A ' IlliGmS, Di HG579- -- l WGlf11 Meador, . .,74, R1j1,shtord,' L: 75, ' Wi gardner, Bruc 1 32,79, I ', 1. 11. ie he 1 4,216, K uss , RiCh1 3425: , ' 1 Wise ar -79,102. ' Di C mentine Me Ri ky: 74,94. 1' u an, Don:175L Wiser, ic le: 79,, ' Q D' ks , Glenn: e o a, Betty ' ' ady, Narf1cy:,.,D-g75,Q19 X Wolcott, nnis: 32, 91' X' ' 1' 'n on, Jim: 38. er, Dave Sanborn, in a 17512 , ' Woodland, Ri : 79, , D1 , Mike: 384-1 Merrill, Curtis: 7 ,M Saraquse, 2l0.2-14, WOZl'1l0k1TePP ' 7 1 A D0 Qlwew DGvid1 38 Michel, Mik ,gn 21 , l Wrenn, Stephan ,-'79,203. ottarar, John: Middleton ena : 74. Sayre, 76,103. , Wri ht1Al'1Qle1 J Dqyle, MGUVGSIWI Miks , R ndy: 74. 6f'11rg,Schlottman avid Wri t, Ken: 79,96,97. M Duering, Pennie: 38 1.,: M 74. Schnapp, 'av : 7 74.02. ft, John: 79,. 1 . - Dunlap, Bruce: 38,..' ' ' 'orothy: 74,193,19 fiumrifhoemig, ' 'ii' -L. 7' , Zents Marsha: -2,Q,, ', -Emanuels, Caroly il r, Bob: 74,94f2 ,207, Schroeter, Tim: 76, . lf' 7 EmerSOr1, Robert l 2 9. 116 M.. ' Schryver, m: 32,76,224. 1 l EI'1QllSh1 JGITNES: Minella, Ray: f Scott, Phil: - '. Epperson, Collee .,41. Miss l, But" 1 eegmiller, ott: 76. 1 Ervin, BeClCY 9, 1 .427203 Mitch I, Jollllk . Sharkody, Susan: 76,196 ' I . 5 ' 216. l' ' . Mitchel' ly: 74,203. ' . Abram' ' erry: 6. Essenberg, 115 '," 1 b: 38. 1 Mitchell, Scott: 23,74,94. er, Richard: 76. A a J ete: 36. Ewi 4 ', athle " . 38. ,,, oldeven, Carmi: 74 2 . X Sheatfer, D bie: 76. . 5 n, : 36. , air : aul: '.., ' 1 ontich, JoAnn: 74. GQ-j Shorrock, P. t,1g76,96,97. 11 'fe' nder, Don: 36. 111 Ml Donna: 38,44,203, oore, Karen: 74. 1 Short, Gr P5317 ,215. .61 ' llan, Kare ,V A 15. 1... 1111, 161211, 1 74. s11 611111 . 2,76, 1-111611, 36,2 ,217. 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Beatrice Hendricks: 178. A. Leroy Hughes: 168. 1 r. s s. Albertina Holohan: 170. gi rs Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs M Mr. r. r. Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. Mrs. .Georgiann ireland: 175. . Mariorie Jenkins: 173. . Betty Johnson: 182. Steve Johnson George Johnston: 173. . Ruth Keema: 172. Jack Kelley: 86,173. ed Kronsbein: 166,168. P ul Lathrop: 167,170. erett Lee: 180. Thomas Leonetti: 172. Harry Ley: 178. Dan Mahler: 1.78. Henry Malone: 169. Stan Morrison: 57,92,178. Paul Moser: 179. f ' Jeanne1Moulton: 169. Mr. rHarold Naasz: 169. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. lris Nordberg: 169,201. Irene O'Connell: 182. Richard Oliver: 62,174. Joan Olson: 170. Richard Otness: 1829112 ' Mr. John Otter: 171. Mr. fi Bernard Pardee: 171. Reid, Doug: 43. Wilbe i ,Sharon: 45. MF- Ed PGQFGHW: 96,1-76.1 Reidhammer, Constance: 43. Wiley, i d: 45. ' MV- Thom'-N P9"'9le1'QUSf-1251, Reynolds, Carol: 43. Wilhelm, Allan: 45,102. . l02,171. Rezos, Janet: 41,43. Williams, Mike: 45,9O,215. Mr. Charles Perkins: 177,211, Rice, Colleen: 43. " Williamse, Kathy: 45,217. 215. ,g 4 Rice, Leland Wills, Jack: 45,62,102 Mr. Pc1uI,Peterson: 183. Richter, Jill: 43.' Wills' Jill: 45,217, .1 Mr. Gale"Phillips: 173: Ricksecker, Laurie: 9,43. Wilsgn, GI da: r:1., Walter Quinny l V-5.4 Rite, Dana: 43,62 wmieeke, e : , 1 1 ir. Qhphn Rankin: 32,6O,1,75.- , Rivera, Janet: 43. Wohle, ,Haz - li- :, -Y Q W ' r:.,J'oel Reber: 177. f A Robbins, ,Karen: 43. .4 Wolcotii' b , 5,215 ' U rs. Edythe Rogers: 176. Roller, Michele: 43, 7. Wright i, : 45. 1' Mrs. Elly Rogers: 172,i Ross, Randy: 41,4 it W' hr 5 1 Mrs. Patricia" Rowe: 11177. Rowley, .43. ' ,Y 's, ic :'9g6,97. Mr. Richard Rowe: 24,92,171. Royer, Rodf ' 1 'Y, Ck, Joh, 51215, ' . Miss Ruth Sackreiter: 182. Schmidt, 43,1 . Q Siawoung, Larry. LM?-J2,97. Mr. Dan Saylor: 171. Schneider, L 11511.43-' 3 will ZOl1Qpie,'G6F16 45,62 Mr. Gerald Sfiiroeder: 180. Schutz, Dottie 43,191 . 1 : Zambelich, Len e: 45. Mr.,Eugene simeng 170. Schwan, Janet: 43.' ' ' ' Zents, Q1 : 3 , 5,102. Q Mr. Edward Smith: 172. . Schwaner, John: 33,4 f 97. Zufall, A 331451101 ' ' Mrs. Frances Mary :Smith::1'83. K Scott, Freda:- 43. A ' . " ,' Mr. -Richard Sowers ' L 1' ' Selabury, Craig: 43,21O. " ' Mrs. Alma Sparks: 169. Self, John: 33,43. g C Mrs. Katherine Stewart: 183. Settle, Sherry: 43. by 1 . K. 1 - Mr. George Studley: 17O,188. Shannon, Pete: 9,33,43,96,97. - Shaw, Robin: 43. Sherman, Nanette: 43. Shipley, Jim: 43. Shipley, 'Leslie: 43,217. g Shoemaker, Wendy: 43,216. Shorrock,"De'nnis: 43,96,97. Shurtleff, Kathy: 43,203,216. Silker, Judy: 43. ,- Sloan, Carol: 43. Smith, Linda: 43. l Smith, Lynn: 43. 1 Sockolov, Ken: 43,102,202. Spielman, Greg:'33,44,102. s 'Q A. D. A1::L-y,:ef?'1os,175. Mrs. Hazel Amen: 181. - Mr. Al1,Antho'ny: 54,179. Mr. Thomas' Armstrong: 171, ' -, 201. Mr. Hal Athon: 18,27,64,84, 86,175. Mrs. JoAnne Austin: 175. Mrs. Margaret Birk: 171 ,201. Mrs. Patricia Bolinger Mr. John Coates: 177. Mrs. Janeene Coleman: 179. Miss Connie Conroy: 172. Mr. Robert Currie: 169. 'Miss Jeanne Thomas: J,69:i1f ' Mr. Eugehe Tolbert: 180. Wt I Mr. Jack Vaught: 183. Mrs. BarbarafWalker: 183. Mr. William Walker: 182. Mr. 'Heinz Warkus: 172. Mrsm Kathleen Warrick Mrf Cecil Watsoni 1811. 1 I Mrs. Geraldine Wells: 172. . Mr. Frank Weil ,1 Mr. Authur Weisberg: 1811. Mrs. Joyce Weitemier: 181. Mr. J Mr. J ames Whitrnark: 174. esse Zimmerman: 179. 239 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Cv:ii4hf9Qgw- , XYCYS-A Et 55 chess. ' " lu - QA- KN, Cj,L.NX Q, TY 3.2 ,ISK , Y3s,fL.b FQ-fbegsfi, o. cxxs-X 'xxx QD X, X,H:c is V M F 4 l X X f X ,. Tjgchool has ended for another year. Each season of the past "5k'1UrcQj, ETX X V Y K T u . 1 , Fwd' X :T " year holds special memories for every member ofthe El Camino ,f. ,,X,, ' HSYX My 5 ipiydent Body. The 1965 AERIE Staff has sought to create a year- QJBJ Ai I iwwqlffbook that will reflect all phases ot this school lite. As the Falls, H X P, F " if Kyiv , Winters, Springs, and Summers ot the future pass loy, we hope lrfliifll VM ' ' Y C-NNE' '-Xxxgf i X' ,3'JfN A-li-all-X this yearbook will revive memories of El Camino 1965. I ,V DHEA ilfqfy 1 ,N WXWCQJJ The AERIE Staff would like to express its appreciation to T WEM 1 E' X xref' fixlplhpse peopleix tho halve c opegaied to help complete this year- 4 F Cfljllcfk KNQQT milf booty W3 T T ill lkl i J il D l l W ,X-" iX 'X N X - il ix V' ,,t, I . X f' ' ,, ,MS ftp ,f Y k ,gl -- XXX! ,NN D, 'BJ ix! ml ix l Mr. Lathro L Advlsor 1 K mlfwfrvt mx Eswifigjlv K, XX Lil, .Q 'D VJ 1 W i X fy A Peter Durand, Artwork -of i f J M s', - ixiils i it 1 T l, F4 - A ,, . me ' sf' ic is fl i ' A if Bill Smith, Photography 0 i by w Xfqlkp -- QXNX 'f mill M Yr K it Q13 ,VN M- 1, t is XJJ if X X XNJT ' W X W Eff f l ' Q 5 X , wijgp, QSBQJ Y Qs fli,N'ts T ft YXNXCJMQS ' A A is 1 ' T X Haiti' rxQXX'X,i A E A N ,J A pq X, I S it it, x U lil l Ll -xwfiy hr R X l MN 11 Silglkl Mil f ,ilk X Ui? Gigi X33 fix, L 1 . N E .- , ,XJ Xxx' ,l!The lengths qhat cm photogrw will go to to getfailggd bgbegf Qjx , H Ts ll T, ll XTX' 'i V i, X ' K ,E SY, N X-Tig' N, il wits A ssirli ,iw Us s hw mst ,ir X ' And we espe 'ftmgwish tq acknoilifleolge the time, ettortmxf c x XX is- had skill pf Sump Lgitograplltefr Vuckikinder. 'Q ffl fx T ,X " ' lx c L ' t X V G I TX Kfisfgm K, lv lm if themes Asgsxsfgf- Km iii ,i?,, 240 l , 3 i, i 4' Qlx of H ,X ' nfl- 'lf' L 0? ' . .. fzffjdvcj A MM -WP' AMWWZL J ,U off M! , f , , '-Awww? m6CffW.f45 fe! W, jfpzlffl L, fWL,gvc,4,f ififjfinlgmg " LMI! rj Z2 A -f4JfP'L,i7, ,4 x 'D-45-J Cf fffffwfi- !A w M I Y!-Kfvkyf JVUNQI QJUJVXV if , ,f f -D rg, JA! QQ AM, Q52 I 7? 7 Xp Jrfyfjxajzl 5 . f0r,fw-gli? ,gli ff 75A',4fL f f LJ NCQ ' f L5fj nf-,Ab ,Q,Q,n,Uf,fLQf? A H M I f -JXVX' jbdxvlqx-7wfJf5 177 lmwg 90 CSM' E s g? CSSVEX fig,:IXQ mf?MQGfa6 si?gQTiQ55?i ?Ei?g? fgggkgg QM wgqigwwvggffwg SEQ EQ5gQwKiii 5?fSif ASNE SQ N5 wzify Wigs 'Arg I, mx , Q Risk R ASS gig .,ZifM,LM in-:HW :gfffifffd 1.4 fy 7 f f f? fffpffffj 'gif ff L L Aff W f th fkfsfff Lv- 'ff f lfwpi -L. 1-A -.. TN 5 L.. gg, .XJPI5 an .4-'-C' D .0-0'1' 4. 'L I ib-4 E' un-LQ'-'R nf ff f gg of Wwffz -4 ,,r -L W ff 0. ""9 X. st l .gp- Uhummmm 4 N mfllmm 'llnm mm Ellm Bam ,I Wmmmxz I fnri ix " -'ff QP". L, L -Li' 's lf fail L. 'S A... YJ.. -s. -It .. t 4 A-L-5-rx ft' xx 4 -

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