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uk N xl N , I 9 Lf 1 .Y Y , vV N 1 rl "' J J XJ 'J T, ,U Xxx X J . Qi ' uf A L XJ, fxxf -J r J J AX X , M X - 4-f 'XX' X 'XJ XVA X V11 W z f JIU U K ' f ' A ' iv -A 1 -QF Rf N f Y' X, f 'V 1 XJR X N 1 .1 J 'N Q Q X H f , L X A' KLA AX y' 'j jf-'X LQ ?Xi.'X.X X , XXX L, I 'x 5 -, L I :Q ,I JL- X , . X X xx" XXX J, XF' Jn 'X' X' 'Ax MIM A X ,Xx-. 4 XXX my fb X,yXX A f. fl gl 9 5143 f A L 5 g J rv' ' M .lxlbfwx x Q H ff' . 1 f-f A ., H Q' ,M . X QX , f CX y ,XLJJXX 5, xv: ' ,. wg-img. A A F I V01 lx. OJ .- rm 'X XX Xie., - .X XX ,,. 1 ,Q 'Q' Eff if ,Tw ' I f"N'1:' - S" Qs L f- . we ....... 1 1 " 'ip us ' ""'f1'f, "- X , ' . ,. 5 .7,.. h : P , A2292 H , X ' L11 hx' ' -.. '- ! 1 , 'gn -7 'M ' Www ef. , 'N f .,, x L LM - We , 'Wclw '-75"-JV ' ," ' .. ' P -V 'IXHC' it LJ -J' rf P' , , 1 . - 3 - ' 5 IS:"'sn-rj" ff ,X 1 X I an ' ' Emil xv in 3' ff- 1 ' -H Q if f ,,, X ' -"X ' ' .' 4 " .Aj-1..a1.L4fA V. XX 7, Vggwt X ,XX A X X Ji 113' X1 I 3 XA 5 f :1?1 ,X i X X , X . - X Yi A ,. L , " " yuan N I J 5 ' f' f 5 lily X Li '. 'A,1'f.?'5 S! ....Is"" X . I - H yr, M3 .4513-li, Ni ,At A , ,,, ,,, , W-, ,, Y . Y, , . V ,.. --ff' C0000 RRRFU4VVN! f HOP-Q X400 GLFLG 1-K gomi Q-C my C'C165Q-3 NQyT xjflqfl- gow QMXLOUJIINS VQYUMQ5. Hpqve 0.,Lij0O6x 6 N153 E X QSM N X Q f i Z b Fffgg wzfyf 5 6? ULfjM,xDpQF6H5k JZX5 Q .J Qbfxfkvsf- gi, L45 'XR x'N"Lo""' 4. 'XC' Q R C. Y WX, Q 2 -K' To Y ee -'J its 0 + 'f'fQ,, ,gx bags J g th X35 , L.-X . xXfX-39 1 Y Xflf-v 5?5 LQW GTZ- . ,O ,fb Q QW J 000, MMM .3 fm EL CAMINO HIGH SCHOOL Patti Hunter, Editor-in-Chief Sacramento, California Charlene Craver, Associate Editor June 1963 Carol Cusanza, Managing Editor Dedicated to he Sayid WhaT is an Eagle? To some iT may seem simply anoTher aThleTic nick- name, perhaps a more noble one Than mosT, buT sTill anoTher nickname. IT may be iusT ThaT-buf To The sTudenTs of El Camino iT is a symbol of The ideals we cherish. IT is a name of honor and inTegriTy, a code of behavior, a Thing of wonder and awe, mafchless sTrengTh, fierce pride and undying IoyalTy. The Eagle symbolizes honesTy and fairness in all Things, friend- ships, fun, exciTemenT, laughfer, hopes, dreams, Tears, unforgeTTable good Times, sTuolies, exhilaraTing vicTories, ioy, opporTuniTy, knowledge, memories and companion- ship. To El Camino iT is a way of life. We are inTensely proud To be Eagles. Always presenT are The many faces of The Eagle wiThin El Camino iTs4elf. Perhaps The favoriTe of all sTudenTs is Don Amigo. He is a funny looking bird ThaT can cause wild cheering and exciTemenT, He is a symbol of leadership and sporTsmanship To every El Caminian. The new mosaic Eagle adds beauTy To The school, The Eagle in The foyer of The boys' gym siTs amid The many Trophies won in his honor. The newesT and mosT beaufiful Eagle is The Bald Eagle, presenfed To El Camino by Mr. Robert MonTgomery, iT will help M To perpeTuaTe The pride and spiriT of The El Camino STuolenT Body. The Eagle and iTs high ideals have lefT and will confinue To leave Their imprinT upon every sTudenT coming To and leaving El Camino. RighTly This book is dedicafed To The Eagle, iTs many faces and Their meaning To every El Caminian. , District Administration FERD. J. KIESEL LESLIE M. CHASE Superinrendenr of Schools AssisTc1n1'Superinfendeniof Eolucorionol Services Division WM. L. CUNNINGHAM JAMES R. COWEN AssisTc1nTSuperinTenclenT of Assisfonr Superinrenoleni of Personnel Services Division Business Services Division Board of fdumiizw SEATED: Mr. Ralph R. Hinsey Mr. John H. Fcxbreffi, Mr. Harold W. Wrenn. STANDING: Mr. Hernley L, Modeiro, Mr. Kenneth E. Overholt, M.D, Zfrincipal EL CAMINO EAGLES, we are proud of your achievements in scholarship, athletics, music, drama, art, cadets, clubs, leadership, and student affairs. You have built a tradition aptly depicted by Don Amigo, Don Amigo, Jr., and the American bald eagle presented to us by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery in memory of Stephen Lentz. We challenge the El Camino Eagles of the future to live up to the traditions set by the class of 1963 and alumni. Yes, El Camino Eagles are strong fliers, powerful, courageous, and freedom-loving Americans who respect the worth and dignity of others, like to participate in desirable activities, work well as team mem- bers, constantly seek knowledge and information, and'respect the beliefs and opinions of others. The Eagles are a powerful and courageous lot. They thrive on Apaches, Broncos, Longhorns, Mata- dors, Spartans, Dragons, Lions, Pacers, and other mammals, reptiles, birds, and beasts who challenge their status. This is evidenced by the large number of championship trophies' and certificates of achieve- ment displayed inthe Eagles' nest. All true El Camino Eagles hold the American bald eagle in high esteem because it represents the American way of life as well as the high traditions of El Camino High School. We expect the great eagle to protect us always and to fly forever above America and El Camino High School. Dr. A. D. Abbott After three wonderful years at El Camino, I leave with mixed feelings of pride and sorrow. I am proud to have 'been a part of this great school and to have watched and participated in El Camino's steady prog- ress always upward to ever higher standards of achievement, both in the classroom and in athletics. I am proud to have had the privilege of working with the fine young men and women of El Camino. I am proud to have worked with your distinguished Principal, Dr. A. D. Abbott. It is notable that each vice principal that has served at El 'Camino under his guidance has become a principal of a new high school. i It is with a touch of sorrow that I leave behind all of you wonderful people, students, faculty, and staff alike, but I proudly take with me many traditions, ideals, and feelings of the unbounded spirit and enthusiasm of El Camino High School. I take with me a fervent desire to create a new school that will one day match the achievements of El Camino High School. William T. Bode Vice Principal IO Vice - Principal Mr. Bode greets Toro with a helping hand. , g.:Q Vlalgli l E F T 5 E3 HJ. This book is El Camino, its pulse, its ioys, its ioods, its present, in a land of freedom and op- ortunity for each individual. For the moment, it ops the reel and lets us look at ourselves, where fe are, what goals we have attained, how well we :uve spent our years. The challenge of the future tces us all. Will all Aeries to come feature such moments from life in a democracy as we know it, r through our apathy will another more aggressive leology blot out our way of life? A famous philoso- her has said, "lf enough good men do nothing, berty vanishes from that homeland." Jean Goff Dean of Girls Deans This T963 Aerie is a memento of another milestone in the fabulous history and accom- plishments of El Camino High School. You, the graduating seniors, have been a part of making this history for the past four years. Your loyalty, industriousness, spirit, and accomplishments have done much to build on to the established reputation of our school just as the iuniors, sophomores, and freshmen are doing and will do in future years. Congratulations on a job well done. ln the future you will be able to state with pride: "l attended El Camino High School." Mr. Fred A. Kronsbein Dean of Boys ll We live Today in a socieTy of rapid change. A TesT of The value of our educaTion is how we are To meeT, accepT, and cope wiTh The changes ThaT affecT our lives. If we have developed The aTTribuTes of friendship, loyalTy, and inTegriTy, and The respecT for The dignify and worTh of oTher individuals, we will be more adequaTely prepared for life's challenges. I believe ThaT The spiriT and aTTiTudes of The El Camino sTudenT body exemplify These aTTribuTes and I am proud of The opporTuniTy To be associafed wiTh sTudenTs of such high caliber. My sincere wishes To The graduaTes of 1963. May you ever look wiTh fondness and respecT upon your Alma MaTer. To Those of you who will be reTurning may you accepT and uphold The high sfandards of your predecessors in all phases of your school acTiviTies. A. L. Hughes Dean of Boys Second Semesfer Hrs! Semester 514dMerke Administration Sheff Over The pasf Thirfeen years sTudenTs passing Through The doors of El Camino High School have builT a Tradifion of academic achievemenf, school spiriT, and pride in Their school ThaT is The envy of many. As you graduaTing seniors go inTo higher edu- caTion or inTo your chosen vocaTional fields, The friendships and educafion gained aT El Camino will become an imporTanT and memorable parT of your life. To you The underclassmen falls The responsibilify of achieving To your own individual maximum To prepare yourself for The fuTure and The responsi- biliTy for perpeTuaTing and building upon The char- acTer of The El Camino Eagle. Fred A. Kronsbein Vice Principal Second semesTer 1671 incss Department The business department offers courses for the vocational and the college preparatory stu- dents. The department seeks to provide the vo- cational student with the skill and knowledge necessary to obtain a position in the varied lines of business, and it also seeks to aid the college preparatory student by giving him a skill which will save him valuable time in college. Skill subiects offered in El Camino's business depart- ment are typing, shorthand, and business ma- chines. Theory courses cover business mathe- matics, accounting, record keeping, and clerical practice. lt is the aim of the teachers in this depart- ment to encourage a broadened understanding of the business world and its numerous intrica- cies. BETTY JOHNSON Shorthand i. Arizona State College, B.A. IRENE O'CONNELL Clerical Practice, Advance Business Train- ing. University of California at Berkeley, B.A. WILLIAM WALKER Q Typing 'I, Personal Typing, Beginning Bus- , iness, Business Arithmetic. San Jose State College, A.B. GWEN SCHMIDT Department Head, Business Ma chines, Shorthand 'l, 2. University of Idaho, B.A., Sac ramento State College, M.A. LESLIE CRUICKSHANK Bookkeeping, Record Keeping, Typing 2. Armstrong College, B.S., B.B.A. SIDNEY GOEPFERT Clerical Practice, Typing 1, Business Eng- lish. San Jose State College, A.B. Euglisl IRIS NORDBERG English 1xL, 4XL. University of California af Berkeley, A.B. IT is The philosophy of The English Depa rnenT ThaT each sTudenT should be able To loen fiT personally from The Time he spends in Engli classes. Performance, abiliTy, and aTTiTude c considered in placing a sTudenT in one of T four achievemenT groups which are offered each grade level. Each group employs rnefhoc PUb,,CTss3l,E5OCK acTiviTies, and TesTs which mosf profiT sTudei UniversiTy of Nevada, B.A. in The parTicular level. MARIE DAVIDSON English 2X, 2XL, 4X UniversiTy of California aT Berkeley, A.B., SacramenTo STaTe College, M.A, BETSY DAVIS Reading, English. Eastern Michigan College of EducaTion, A.B. ALBERTINA HOLOHAN English 2, 2X, AX. Mary Washington College of The Univer- siTy of Virginia, B.A. PAUL LATHROP English 1X, 3, 3X, Aerie. Chico STaTe College, B.A. CAROL MARTINEZ English 1, lX. UniversiTy of Michigan, B.A. HAROLD NAASZ English 2, QX, 4. Central Washingfon STaTe College, B.A., M.A. JEANNE MOULTON English 1, 2, 2X. SacramenTo STaTe College, A.B. DOROTHY PETTY English 3, SX, 3XL, Central Missouri STaTe College, B.S., Sacra- menTo STaTe College, M.A. FRANCES SMITH Librarian. Findlay College, A.B., Bowling Green STaTe UniversiTy, M.A., UniversiTy of Mich- igan, A.B.L.S. Dzparfmm! All The phases of language arTs are covered Thin The scope of The deparTmenT. PracTical nplicaTion of learned skills is offered in iour- ilism, publicaTions, speech, and drama. Publi- Tions issued by The sTudenTs under The direc- in of The English DeparTmenT are The "Senior ribbler," The "El Caminian," and The Aerie. The English DeparTmenT hopes To broaden offerings To include developmenTal reading aid college bound sTudenTs in speed and rnprehension, and world liTeraTure To sTreng- an The liTerary background of poTenTial English Jiors. ALMA SPARKS English 1, 4. Universify of KenTucky, A.B. ROSE MARIE SPEER English 1, IX, 4. Mills College, B.A. GEORGE STUDLEY English 2, Journalism, El Caminian. UniversiTy of California aT Berkeley, LARRY SWAN English 3. UniversiTy of The Pacific, A.B. Sing along wifh Granny Davidson! JAMES TEEL Public Speaking. SacramenTo 5TaTe College, A.B., M.A. JEANNE THOMAS English 1, 1X,4, 4X. UniversiTy of Washington, B.A., M.A.g WesTern Washingfon College of Education, A.B. ELIZABETH WOLFE English 3. University of California, A.B. Sfimf Arts EVERETT FAULKNER Department Head, Girls' Chorus, A. Cap- D pella, Voice Training. 6 Westminster Choir College, B.M., San Francisco State College, A.B., M.A. This year's Fine Arts Department at E.C. includes several facets of activity: Art, Drama, and Music. The nature of these sections bring them together for many productions and occasions. For example, the Variety Show, the Christmas Program, and the Fine Arts Awards Night are awaited eagerly by interested students. The work of this department is outstanding at school and in the community. The Art section has numerous displays which bring recognition to our students and our school. Their posters, paintings, murals, and color- tul sets do much to grace our campus with beauty and originality. Drama presentations are looked forward to with excitement each year. Productions such as the Variety Show, the Christmas Play, the Senior Play, and the spring plays are not soon to be forgotten. In music, the A Cappella Choir and the Symphonic Band have received Superior honors for years. TRUDY BROCK Drama. University of Nevada, B.A. JOHN COATES Commercial Art, Art 2, Drawing and Painting. Sacramento State College, A.B., M.A. "Altogether now, 'I . . . 2 . . . 3 . . CALLISTA DAVIES Ceramics, Art Workshop, Art 1. University ot Colorado, B.A. LEROY HUGHES Concert and Intermediate Band. Sacramento State College, A.B. JAMES TEEL Drama. Sacramento State College, A.B., M.A. J-fame ionamin RUTH STUART 6 Department Head, Homemaking l, 2, 37 Family Living. Oregon State University, B.A. Through life-like experiences, the homemaking program tries to equip students with a democratic understanding and atti- tude of family life. These experiences are planned to meet the students' present needs and interests as home members as well as their future family responsibilities. BEATRICE ALLEN Homemaking i. Cedarville College, A.B. Industrial ,4 rfs Depar mmf Twentieth century America is dominated by industry. The educated man of today must be informed regarding the effect of this and all elements of his environment. Industrial Arts is that part of the total educational program which provides opportunity for the study of man and industry through partici- pation in typical experiences in industrial processes and tech- niques. JAN COLLINS Radio 84 Electronics, Mechanical Drawing . 'l. DALE Gll-BERT Chico State College, A.B. Department Head, Wood Sl'1OP: Metal i, 2, 3. Chico State College, A.B. C. KEITH DIEHL Wood Shop 1, Crafts l, 2. Long Beach State College, B.A., M.A. VENOID TOLBERT Auto 1, Auto Shop 2. Fresno State College, B.A. CECIL WATSON Mechanical Drawing 1, 2, 3, 4. Chico State College, B.A., M.A. RICHARD SOWERS Svim c' Department Department Head, Physics, Physical Scis ence. Otterbein College, B.S. MARGARET Bl RK General Science. Wesleyan College, A.B., University of Georgia, M.Ed. This year El Camino has added to its science program a course which enables freshmen to learn a basis for science laboratory procedures. Each of the teachers in EI Camino's science department is continually experimenting with new ideas in instruction in order to present to students new and challenging conceptions about our physical world and to increase awareness, curiosity, and ingenuity in the minds of El Camino students. It is not, however, the intent of the department to try to make scientists of all students, instead its purpose is to present the sciences in such a form that students may have the opportunity to realize within themselves that science is a fascinating subject to pursue. JOHN EASTERBROOK Biology. University of Pacific, B.A. ROSS FURNEAUX Chemistry. San Francisco State College, A.B., Mexico Highlands University, M.S. New MARGARET GARRETT Biology. Southwestern State College, B.S., Colorado State College, M.A. JACKIE KELLEY Biology. Buena Vista College, B.S. RICHARD OLIVER Biology, Zoology. Humbolt State College, A.B. ROBERT TOWERS General Science Chemistry, Colorado State College A.B., Syracuse University MS JAMES WHITMARK General and Life Science Sacramento State College, A.B. Not Pictured GALE 'PHILLIPS Biology, Physiology. Chico State College, A.B. language Deparfmcnf C'est la Vie . . . ! El Camino's foreign language department has experienced great change in its appearance and curriculum by the acquisi- on of a language laboratory. All the modern language classes re participating in this newest addition to the foreign language epartment program by making consistent usage of the labora- ary. First and second year course students use it to the greatest xtent because the department has received a fuller program f books and tapes in the first and second levels of languages. Although with the advent of the language laboratory a reater emphasis has been placed on conversation and correct ronunciation, the skill of composing in and reading a foreign xnguage is never overlooked. Students are encouraged to take at least three, and if pos- 'ble four, years of the same language. lt has been found that Fudy in depth is necessary to become fluent in a language. KAY CARNINE Spanish l. Western State Colleg Colorado, A.B. RUTH KEEMA French 2, 3. E University of California at Berkeley, A.B. EDWARD SMITH Latin 1, 2, 3, 4. Stanford University, A.B., M.A. HEINZ WARKUS German l, 2, 3, 4. University of Wyoming, B.A. . MARTHA WHITE French 'l. University of Washington, B.A THOMAS LEONETTI Department Head, Spanish 2, 3 4. University of California at Ber keley, A.B., M.A. MAY CARNIGLA Spanish 2. New Mexico State Univer- sity, B.A., University of New Mexico, M. A, BERNARD PARDEE Department Head, Math AXL, Algebra 2, Plane Geometry. Simpson College, B.A.p Drake University, M.A. ,flflrzthcmaih l BEATRICE ALLEN General Math. 20 Cedarville College, A.B. Algebra 2 works on a big scale. THOMAS ARMSTRONG Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigonometry. Sacramento State College, B.A. MARGARET BIRK Algebra 1, General Science. Wesleyan College, A.B., University of Georgia, M.Ed. HOWARD GORDON Plane Geometry, Math 3XL. Chico State College, A.B., M.A. HELENE MASON General Math, Algebra lp Plane Geom- etry. University of California at Berkeley, A.B. Department As our world becomes more achnical and scientific, the need Jr trained minds rapidly in- 'eases. This need has caused a reat deal of emphasis to be laced on mathematics. El Camino offers an accel- rated math program. Some of ur students begin studying al- ebra in the eighth grade. lf iey continue their study of math throughout their high :hool years, they will complete ie regular math courses by the nd of the iunior year. They will 'udy topics of modern math the acond semester of the iunior ear. Analytic Geometry and alculus are offered during the enior year. Students passing ie Advance Placement Tests in alculus at the end of the senior ear will be awarded one year fcollege credit. Our high school offers a com- lete program to fulfill the needs f all college bound students as 'ell as students who are inter- sted in the minimum amount F math. This new emphasis in ie field of math is a challenge i the math teacher as well as v the students. T JOHN OTTER Plane Geometry, Algebra 1. Sacramento State College, A.B. RICHARD ROWE Algebra 1. University of Colorado, B.S. DANIEL SAYLAR Plane and Solid Geometry, Algebra 2, 2XL. University of California at Berkeley, A.B. ANDREW SIMON Algebra 1. Colorado State University, B.S., Colo- rado State College, M.A. KING STEVENS Senior and General Math, Algebra 1. Son Jose State College, A.B., Sacra- mento State College, M.A. ROBERT WARREN Basic and General Math, Algebra 1. San Francisco State College, B.A. JESSE ZIMMERMAN General Math. University of Nebraska, B.A., M.A 5 .lfiiffltlfl -vwner, gf tl tp, ri mg ww? x Witt l at sw 5,539 l sl h R ff 9 M- fauna, :terrain n fluent' ll ll r Ein lx 5 ur rl 'irlgfli M Q :W .vQifti.v,flff,i.a.'i 'l'f'Hllli'irff52Y'Ag9? rr l 9 it f?,5r.g,xy.t.1lHw .,,,x.....,,Qq',,4,n . W X35 I, -- f .tl,rt,, .,,. , rm., I r ,tgp s ffrrvfiwf . - -ir-ea-..g.r.-.., sfgwt- ,rx ,ga t I is.?:'zia,, ' W-tl'r l' .i gizqtzff ' r agga? 3- ' .' 'kiwi' .al W ..r........-r-gr--- 3 s, 3 at e '- T' 4' it ' Q .,,lf!.ir.,rim1gt56'tt.,d, , f 7, , zt, . ,,- ,..L .- -, , . ' 1 3- li .2 'Q all " ftgg . .r V- z wap ., -lliiagage M. aw fr- i ' 'X la ,,, h tml .M -- mglfiut gf ,fl i,.f,J.A,f" , ' '.'fMf'Qf .ztl53x:zH,llA . , tr., Q tl M X 167151 ' P. 8. Department LANE ERNST Department Head, Boys' P.E. 'l, 4. Sacramento State College, B.A. HAL ATHON Boys' P.E. 2. San Francisco State College, A.B. DICK EDWARDS Athletic Director. Culver-Stockton College, B.S., Claremont Graduate School, M.A. ED PEGRAM Boys' P.E. 2, 3. Sacramento State College, B.A., M.A. JAMES TRAINOR Boys' P.E. l. University of California at Davis, A.B., Sacramento State College, M.A. The Boys' Physical Education department provides tor the male students of El Camino a variety ot activities. These activities include both team and individual sports. While rules and skills are taught diligently, physical fitness and sportsman-like conduct are an important part at the total program ot this department. Water polo and iudo are two of the newest additions to the department, and they are the most popular of the many and varied activities provided at each level of Boys' Physical Educa- tion. 22 Our Future Va rsity? EDYTHE ROGERS P.E. 3. University of Oregon, B.S. MARYGRACE COLBY Girls' P.E. i. University of Arizona, B.S. JEAN VFARLEY Girls' P.E. l, 3, 4 Sacramento State College, A.B. The basic aim of Girls' Physical Education is to help each girl become more capable of tak- ing her place in society. Physical Education con- tributes to the education of the individual through the unique medium of movement. Physical Education, through motor activity provides opportunities for eachgirl to attain the following obiectives, lil To develop and maintain the highest possible level ,of fitness and physical efficiency, l2l to develop profici- ency and enioyrnent in sports, dance stunts, and swimming, l3l to develop socially accepted ways of behaving as an individual and as a member of a social group, l4l To develop interest and proficiency in worth-while recreational activities. The Girls' Physical Education program is planned to offer the freshmen and sophomore girls a variety of team sports, individual activi- ties, and body mechanics. .ln the junior and' senior years, emphasis is placed on advanced techniques, team sports, individual sports and modern dance. Physical fitness tests are given each year. Girl ' P. 8. Dcparfm uf CAROL MEREDITH Girls' P.E. 2. University of Oregon, B.S. ,,......,.,cw,.s ,..., ,.-,, ..,. ...H "You've got three minutes to run out to the fence and back. Then show ers everyone!" 23 DANIEL MAHER Department Head, Sociology, World History. College of ldaho, B.A,, Wash- ington State University, M.A. AL ANTHONY U.S. History, Civics. Central Connecticut Teachers College, B.S.y University of the Pacific, M.A. DICK EDWARDS U.S, and World History. Culver-Stockton College, BS., Claremont Graduate School, M.A. EVERETT FAULKNER World History. Westminster Choir College, B.M., Francisco State College, A.B., M.A. San American Problems. Sacramento State College, A.B. MARGARET GARETT Civics, American Problems. Southwestern State College, B.S., Colorado State College, M.A. Swirl The Social Science department at El Camino Hig School is in constant search for better teaching proci dures and techniques which will enable it to enlighte the young people of their historical, economical, ar sociological heritage. The department attempts to col vey to its students an awareness of the complexity 4 the problems confronting the society of today, therefor the numerous responsibilities of citizenship are taugr lt is the responsibility of the teacher to acquaint tl student with nearly imperceptible facets of an ideolog which threatens the American way of life. BEATRICE HENDRICKS U.S. and World History. University of California at Berkeley, A.B. ' s l li LEROY HUGHES Hence Department BETTY JOHNSON Economics. Arizona State College, B.A. HARRY LEY U.S. History, Economic Geography. Uinversity of California at Santa Barbara B.A. ROBERT SPRINGER World History. San Francisco State College, B.A. Oh no, here it comes, the one I can't answer. t i l l l l LARRY SWAN Economics, U.S. History. T University ofthe Pacific, A.B. ELIZABETH WOLFE U.S. History. University of California, A.B. JESSE ZIMMERMAN World and U.S. History. University of Nebraska, B.A., M.A. VIOLET BARTHOLOMEW Principal's Secretary. CATHERINE GRIX Secreta ry. Farcufs ' 61116 Zfvrsrwnel ZOE KELLISON Staff Secreta ry. RUTH MORGAN Counselor's Secretary. LUCY MORRIS Vice-PrincipoI's Secretary. AUDREY SPENCER Business Office, Financial Secretary. JUANITA VEACH Chief Attendance. CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS Attendance Clerk. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Jerry McClure, Mrs. James Rudig, Mr. Fred Brooks Mrs Jean Goff Mr Robert Montgomery, Sr., Mrs. Don Kinnell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Benedict Adams Mr Don Kinnell, Mrs. Henry Upholt, Mrs. Fred Speich, Mr's. Joseph Lausmann Mrs Merle Krulish Mrs. R. H. Little, Mr. Richard N. Little. chan! ssismuts - Irene Ebert, Joyce Marks. ELEANOR NAVE Nurse LEFT to RIGHT: Mr. Frank Williams, Mr. Herman Devish, Mr, Robert LEFT to RIGHT: Paul Parker, Jack Jeffcoat, Pauline Stanfill, Don Clic- Kilpdfrifh- kard, Frank McGraw. Exodus. 27 FIRST ROW: Irene Kregel, Sally Baker, Isabelle Dorr, Dorothy Orzewiecki, Mabel Thompson, Eva Wallak, Elsie Keller. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Geer, I Gladys Tarclie, Ethel Lyle, Lela Morris, Gertrude Peacock, Hazel Moore, l i :B MARILYN CASSTEVENS IRENE KHATOONIAN Senior Counselor Junior Counselor Son Jose Store College, B.A. Universiry of Colifornicl, A.B. Solcromenro Store College, M.A. vuusclzfrs Our fine counselors do much To oid our srudenrs in The proper selecfion of courses ond guiding our sruclenrs' futures with regords 'ro college ond coreers. DAVID MARTINEZ JACK VAUGHT Sophomore Counselor Freshrnon Counselor Universiry ofColorc1do, BA., M.A. R0Cl4Y Mowrfroin COHGQ9, B-A- gllff As president of The student body this fall, I was afforded many valuable experiences. These experi- ences came to me Through the many activities in which I represented EI Camino. Because I was president, and The head representative of The school, I received too much credit for The work done during my term. This credit belongs almost entirely to The other student body officers. As president, I merely made decisions, and delegated The actual work to The other officers. The class officers and room repre- sentatives were also instrumental in achieving a successful year. Also, without The willing aid of The administration and faculty, The actual functioning of our government would have been useless. AT This Time, I would like to Thank with all my sincerity, all the people I have mentioned. I cannot express how much l appreciate the aid, backing, and support which l received from you all this year. I would also like to thank you-The student body-for the support and interest which you displayed dur- ing my term. While l was in office, my main goals were to bring the government to all the students and to help in starting some new traditions. Of course, everything which I had hoped To do could not be accom- plished. Because of this, it is my sincere wish that those who follow me will pick up where I left off, and pursue similar goals. I will always remember my years at EI Camino fondly and to me, E. C. will always be the best. I feel that we have something here at this school that no other schools have. It is for this reason that I hope you underclassmen will continue to be proud to be EAGLES, and will continue to strive To further the reputation and name of El Camino in years to come. I would like to wish all the underclassmen the best of luck. And to my own senior class-I extend a special wish for success to all of you. Once again, thank you all for a wonderful year. Dick Kassis Fall Student Body President fader IKM Vcsidcufs pring A school is only os sTrong os iTs sTudenT body, ond The El Comino sTudenT body hos given our school The disTincTion ond posiTion of leoldership we enjoy omong The mony schools of The oreo Todoy. Becouse of undefec1Tc1ble school spiriT ond pride, rich ond meaningful TrcxdiTions, ond sTrong sTudenT governmenT, El Comino hos ochieved boTh odmirc1Tion ond respecT in o1ThleTic, cicodemic, ond sociol ocTiviTies. Few people ore given The privilege of represenTing os fine o school os EI Comino, ond for This honor which you hove besTowed upon me, I cam sincerely grofeful. I would like To Thonk The sTudenT body officers, The closs officers, The sTudenT body, oncl The o1oIrninisTroTion for oll Their help ond pc1rTici- poTion, wiThouT This, The sTudenT governmenT could noT hove funcTioned onol fulfilled iTs purpose. To The clclss of '63, I wish God speed, good luck, cind success olwoys, To The closses which follow us, I give CI chollenge-keep El Cc1mino's honor brighT, her sTonolords high, her record unblernishecll Doug MonTgomery Spring STudenT Body PresidenT 31 l6'rfy lice Presidents As Boys' Vice President, l have been privileged in representing El Camino in many activities. I thoroughly enioyed being in office, and my work was made very simple due to the tremendous support and spirit ot the entire student body. The spirit and determination ot El Camino in scho- lastic and athletic events is so superior to other schools, that no one can begin to compare themselves with us. Let us continue our fine record in the years to come. Bob Krulish Boys' Vice President, Fall lt has been a great privilege and honor to be Boys Vice President this past semester. I recall in my firs three years at El Camino the respect and aolmiratioi l had for the officers of the student body. l respectei them not just because they were officers, but becaus ot the excellent iob they did. I realize now that the could not have done this iob without the complete co is K, operation of all the students. It is the enthusiasm an 5 Q interest of the students that make the leaders seer iii great. lt is my hope that El Camino will continue thi Z fine tradition of backing their student government Mel Peters Boys' Vice President, Spring Girls lice Z7rc'.s'ide14!s UnTil I had The opporTuniTy and The honor To serve as a STudenT Body Officer, I ThoughT ThaT STudenT Body Officers confrolled The STudenT GovernmenT. Through ex- perience, I have found ThaT quife The opposife is True. STudenT Body Officers are more dependenf upon The members of The STudenT Body Than mosT sTudenTs real- ize, If iT weren'T for The co-operafion of The sTudenTs and Their council represenTaTives, The school leaders would be virTuaIly helpless, and acTiviTies such as Home- coming, The Carnival, and The eIecTions would noT be possible. Our STudenT GovernmenT is much like our na- Tional governmenT wiTh an execuTive deparTmenT, The STudenT Body Officers, a legislafive body, The STudenT Council, and a judicial deparTmenT, The adminisTraTion. The privileges, freedoms, and opporTuniTies we enioy under our nafional governmenT have come To us Through fighTing for our righTs and being aware of whaT our righTs are so ThaT we may keep our freedom. In STTu- denT Governmenf The siTuaTion is much The same. If we don'T respecf or even realize The righTs we have aT This fine school, we are apT To leT These righTs slip Through our fingers and before we know iT, They will be gone. IT is my hope ThaT in fuTure years aT El Camino, The STU- denT Body will become even more aware ThaT They are The basis of STudenT Governmenf and work even harder so ThaT our school will conTinue To be The besT school in The area. EI Camino is a Truly fine high school ThaT is well- known and respecTed ThroughouT The wesT coasT. The graduafes of El Camino are held in high esTeem by col- leges which They aTTend as well as by The employers for which They work. We are all a necessary parT of El Camino and musT work To mainfain This ouTsTanding repuTaTion. In The four years ThaT I have aTTended El Camino I have wifnessed many changes. The school has grown in size and The STudenT Body has increased in aTTend- ance, however, This increase has noT alTered The aTmos- phere of fun and exciTemenT. There are many wonder- ful TradiTions To uphold, They are good Tradifions ThaT are a parT of our school. There are courses To be sTudied. There are Teams To supporT. BuT mosT inQporTanT of all is The facT ThaT none of These iobs may be accomplished unless each and every one of us does his iob. We musT all do our share and do iT well. In This way we may confinue To be proud of El Camino and iTs wonderful spiriT. Thank you for giving me The opporTuniTy To parTici- paTe in The many wonderful acTiviTies of our STudenT Body. I hope Thar The fuTure years aT EI Camino will bring as much success as in The pasT. The besT of luck To each and every one of you! Vlckl Shick Girls' Vice PresidenT, Spring Denise McGarriTy Girls' Vice PresidenT, Fall JERRY LUNDBLAD Treasurer BARB RANGE Commissioner Entertainment SUE DeWlTT. Secretary KlT BUCKLEY Commissioner of Public Relations fur! I4 167144 ?all Any school which gains a reputation in the field of scholarship, athletics, and sportsmanship, as has El Camino, must depend upon its entire student body whether it has an enrollment of two hundred or two thousand. However, the student leaders must meet many varied requirements if they are to rep- resent the best interests of the student body and maintain a good student-administration-faculty re- lationship. Each officer must display his shore of responsi- bility, for the student organization cannot effective- ly function with the contributions and efforts of only one person. Yet responsibility alone does not make a leader., Student government can succeed only if each of the individual officers shows initiative in formulat- ing new and better policies and enthusiasm in implimenting these innovations. Perseverance is still another requirement for the successful leader. Sensing what is considered best for the student body, the officer rnust continually strive to meet these needs, he must not allow a potential proiect to fail because of one obstacle ort disappointment. JOAN RANKIN Commissioner of Internal Affairs 7fHcers Spring However, responsibility, initiative, enthusiasm and perseverence do not make a leader. A person must gain school-wide acceptance in order to suc- ceed. He must display such qualities as school spirit, integrity, friendliness, and sincerity to be voted into office by the students. President, girls' and boys' vice president, secre- tary, treasurer, commissioner of public relations, commissioner of internal affairs, and commissioner of entertainment-each of these officers have shown that they as individuals meet the requirements for a good leader and, even more important, they have worked together to form a smoothly working unit which continually strived to represent the best in- terests of the student body. Other than leadership on the student level, no school can reach its ultimate goals without a co- operative and knowledgeable administration and faculty which not only provide the basic essentials of learning but also furnish inspiration which per- haps is even more essential to a vital school pro- gram. JOAN RANKIN Commissioner of internal Affairs Ml NDY MYERS Secreta ry DICK UPHOLT Commissioner of Public Relations Bl LL JENKINS Commissioner of Entertainment UU JERRY LUNDBLAD Treasurer l l iff 5211! Swcufiw 1671 rd FIRST ROW: Sue DeWiti, Denise McGarriTy, Lyn Burket, JoAnn Lausrnann, Joan Rankin. SECOND ROW: Bob Moulds, Roy Chastain, Jan Hardy, Kit Buckley, Sue Guion, Barbara Range. THIRD ROW: Eric deGooyer, Kent Lacin, Dick Bohmbach, Sue Press Sp ing Afccufiw 150 rd FIRST ROW: Roy Chastain, Pai Hunter, Vicki Shick, Sue Guion, Denise McGarriTy, JoAnn Lausmann. SECOND ROW: Bob Brooks, Lyn Burker, Jan Hardy, Joan Rankin, Eric deGooyer, Mindy Myers, Mar- gery Knapp, Bob Krulish. THIRD ROW: Dick Uphoit, Bill Jenkins, Kent Lacin, Doug Montgomery, Soe Toro, Dick Kassis, Sue Press 37 Yr uri! SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: ROW ONE: Sandy Collman, Gay Woodruff, Barbara Nugent, Joyce Holm. ROW TWO: David Lungren, Gerry Corliss, Jan Cate, Pat Hall, Jeff Taylor. l i , W, FRESHMAN COUNCIL: ROW ONE: Pete Schreiter, Rob Miller, Bcirby Celoni, Debby Lee, Pat Richter, Henry Eisner. ROW TWO: Bill Stokes, Reg Rogers, John Bohm, Kent Lacin, Bunky Collis, Zack Morgan. In 1cmT spiriT! Varsity yclllfazders SUE PRESS Head ANN WHITE VANESSA GLOOR Yeo Team! I If Zfelllmders Cmwqmpw WEGA! WJ WACMW ,OG NULL www QM dx M OWU , - Q M WC is UO MD Nw M53 P If 'm v' , " x . . 'I5di?-'I "ffl g.V,,.b A .I ,W ,, 5 i F ' ' .3 ffy,g19?xfi5z,simw?sf1,12i,?5P2 sw, :: fffsw,sm?ii2 Mm , . K M in, , is ,, K Q if M ,M 7 X 5 N fl ' Q fe ,c T X 1, ' mil wfz-aria' 5 Q A - U 45522 3? - '1i3s5i f23?sa?' A-zi?xbsl5fsis1 J 54325555--fl? , "L .I-W.. 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The Committee also authorizes such expenditures as the new organ purchased last year, and the new victory bell to be initiated next fall. Jerry Lundblad, Student Body Treasurer, headed the Finance Committee. LEFT to RIGHT: Jim Rudig, Jerry Lundblad, Jim Collins, Linda Smith. ,L Autographs Student Body Ofhcers W""'N"-M..,...,,.,..,.,..,........... - ' X if 1' if i N tt ff ,A . ,LW ' , J G Lf! 0 Ltkw ' f' , ,l ,, g L. ,qv K rr I A, ,N f-,Y,f5YL . . J X,-X, ! VM J x ' f Lf ! Y . I , 1 1 N , 1 X3 I5 X 7 k L Lint M K 1 'J -'J , K sr? Q 1 W Q f Jw ff L 5 1.1 X, A IN 1' . 'f , ,V 27' I Wt t 1 A JL? .V - I4 4,6 L7 K I !f fff j' J 'B ,rzif " If ! f4,fA" L f f 'A ,fkqwx 5,1 ' !fN ! S-ff? Lf W W' Q "MGM- M-QA ww! V S, ,E ff , ..,.. ,, ,. , W M VV- V. VL: V - V ...., A-Ju ' .txt Qs g S Ugg - ,-P' sw 'Aw vm' 'Q V .V V -ff v Ve E: EVE V J V M! irzz ,.,. A A - ' " E Y V :X 5 sq V? s V , ,- i 5115 i I X E V- EV 5 .V Q5 A .... 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Vw W Q5 wffsrp-V if vgwiiff W f 'i"'I?AAb VV. 533 ww VA-awk .V ,V-V my ,Q 'af?i'TgE5fff'fi6?af Wy A. 1 KV A -ef 1 555' -ff 1 ff Q15-gw'f?1 'ff' 5,33 5355? 551. , , avg, 3? Afffiisffi . ' ?zQw1gpg1' 4 mg Ai! xq gqkflgf -5 ar -V-YM? Qffvggiii 4 4- L, sf ' V.irEf..Ai.Q1?f-534 Gary Matthews Vice-President Bob Moulds President Melanie Harris Secretary The determination and spirit of the class of '63 will remain a constant inspiration to all the future graclu- ating classes of EI Camino High School. Dan Cole Treasurer Alaina Alcorn Barbara Alpert Kathy Anderson Kathryn Anderson Linda Anders: Tim Anderson Bill Anderson' Vicki Arbini Carolyn Ashcraft Jerry Ayers Those Science teachers are always trying to prove something! 50 ALAINA ALCORN. Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Honor Pep Club, A 'Cappella. BARBARA ALPERT Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Ball Comm., Honor Roll, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Honor Pep Club, Jr. Prom Comm. KATHY ANDERSON Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Ball Comm., Honor Roll, Jr. Home- coming Comm., Sr. Homecoming Comm. KATHRYN ANDERSON Sr. Ball Comm., Jr. Homecoming Float, Sr. Homecoming Float, Sr. Picnic Comm., Soph. Homecoming Decoration, Publicity Comm., Chairman. LINDA ANDERSON Honor Roll, Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Student Council, Homecoming Comm. TIM ANDERSON General Activities. BILL ANDERSON Rally Comm., Varsity Football, Student Council. VICKI ARBINF Honor Roll, Sr. Ball Comm., Gregg Shorthand Award, G.A.A., Homecoming Comm CAROLYN ASHCRAFT Song Leader, Rally Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Pep Club, Jr. Class Secretary. JERRY AYERS Varsity Rifle Team. "Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . Susan Babbin James Bale Myron Bgll lichael Beacbam Carol Bell Ruth Bent' SUSAN BABBIN Honor Pep Club, Eagle Art Club Pres., C.S.F., N.H.S., Art Awards. JAMES BALE Honor Roll, German Club, Key Club. MYRON BALL General Activities. MYRNA BASTIEN Honor Roll. SUSAN BAZZARONI Eagle Art Club, Frosh. Dance Comm., Soph. Picnic Comm., Student Council, Jr. Prom Comm. MICHAEL BEACHAM Hi-Y, Swim Team, Baseball. CAROL BELL General Activities. RUTH BENT General Activities. MIKE BETZ General Activities. CAROL BIRCH General Activities. Myrna Bastien Susan Bazzaroni Mike Betz Carol Birch TOM BIRD Math Club, "B" Swimming, German Club. SANDY BJORKLUND Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Ball Comm., Jr. Prom Princess, Jr. Prom Comm., Jr. Homecoming Float, Frosh Dance Comm. NORMAN BLACKSHER General Activities. CHRISTY BLAKE Sr. Ball Comm., Homecoming Comm. JOHN BLANCHARD Aerie Staff, JV Basketball, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Student Council, All Night Grad. Comm. SHARON BLOMQUIST General Activities. JOEL 'BOYD Math Club, Honor Roll, N.H.S., Miu Alpha Theta Pres. NORMA BREDTHAUER Aerie Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Pep Club, Rally Comm., German Club, Carnival Comm. BECKY BRIDGEMAN General Activities. JERRY BROCKMAN General Activities. BOB BROOKS Eiditor-in-Chief EI Caminian, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Executive Board, Quill and Scroll, Block E.C. DONNNA BUCK Tri-Hi-Y, Eagle Art Club, Honor Roll, Sr. Float Comm. Norman Blacksher Christy Blake John Blanchard Sharon Blomquist Joel Boyd Norma Bredthauer Becky Bridgeman Jerry Brockman Tom Bird Sandy Biorklunc Bob Brooks Donna Buck Buckley Campbell Carlton pagne l-Ynne Burket Bruce Busch 50ndY CGFUPOS Wesley Cantrell Paul Butler Chris Collis John Carder Forrest Carleton KATHLEEN BUCKLEY Student Council, Honor Roll, Commissioner Public Relations, Executive Board, Homecoming Publicity Chairman, Jr. Float Comm. LYNNE BURKET Tri-Hi-Y, Student Service Commissioner, Execu- tive Board, F.T.A. BRUCE BUSCH General Activities. PAUL BUTLER General Activities. CHRIS 'CALLIS Varsity Driving Team, Hi-Y, Senior Band. RUSTY CAMPBELL C.S.F., N.H.S., Los Hidalgos, Eagle Radio Club, Honor Roll, NMSQT-Letter of Commendation, SANDY CAMPOS General Activities. WESLEY CANTRELL Hi-Y. JOHN CARDER General Activities. FORREST CARLETON General Activities. DANNY CARLTON General Activities. JOYCE CHAMPAGNE Sr. Ball Comm., Carnival Comm Gregg Awards, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr Float Comm Marilyn Chapman Roy Chastain Linda Chatham Billie Cheek Gary Child Stan Christensen Richard Christopherson Connie Clark Steve Coffey Sue Colbaugh MARILYN CHAPMAN General Activities. ROY CHASTAIN Student Council, Sr. Teach Day Chairman, Sr. Gift Comm., Battalion Adiutant, Executive Board, Cadet Commissioner. LINDA CHATHAM General Activities. BILLIE CHEEK Sec. Silver Pages, Service Patrol, Gregg Typing Awards. GARY CHILD Drum Maior, Sr. Band, Pep Band, Variety Show, Sr. Picnic Comm. STAN CHRISTENSEN Rally Comm., World Affairs Club, Radio Club. RICHARD CHRISTOPHERSON General Activities. CONNIE CLARK Honor Roll, Eagle Art Club, Art Awards, G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Ball Comm. STEVE COFFEY Varsity Swimming. SUE COLBAUGH Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Float Comm., Tioga. DAN COLE Sr. Class Treasurer, Student Council, Hi-Y, Los Hildalgos, Homecoming Comm. JIM COLLINS Student Council, Los Hildalgos, Jr. Class Vice Pres., Quill and Scroll, El Caminian, Tioga. Dan 'Cole Jim Collins' Robert Collman Jim 'Connolly ROBERT COLLMAN Latin Club, "A" Swimming, Water Polo. JIM CONINOLLY Transfer student, Hi-Y. LAURIE CONSTANTINE N.H.S.-Pres., Honor Thespians, A.F.S., French Club Sec., Fall Play Student Director. SUE COPELAND C.S.F. Sec., N.H.S., U.N. Comm., A.F.S., Los Hildalgos. JIM CORKRUM Frosh. Football, Frosh Baseball, El Camininn, Varsity Basketball Statistician, All Night Grad. Comm. CARMELA COSTA General Activities. JOHN COUNTRYMAN Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Block E.C., Soph. Football, Hi-Y. CHARLENE CRAVER Associate Editor Aerie, C.S.Fi Vice-Pres., N.H.S. Sec., El Caminian, Rally Comm., Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer. LINDA CRIPE Modeling Club, World Affairs Club, A.F.S. MICHAEL CRIPE Hi-Y, Water Polo, Sr. Ball Comm., Student Council, World Affairs Club Pres., Carnival Comm. CAROLE CUSANZA Songleader, Managing Editor Aerie, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Jr. Float Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. MICHAEL CUSSEN Aerie Staff, Varsity Football, Block E.C., Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Varsity Tennis. ourie Constantine Sue Copeland Jim Corkrum Carmela Costa John Countryman Charlene Craver L' d ' ' ' in a Cripe Michael Cripe Carol Cusanza Michael 'Cussen The Seniors Worked Diligently On The Senior Float. Janerl Dahman Kathleen Daniels Toni Dapp Warren Dean Eric De Nancy Deselms Margie De Verter Jo Ann De Ville Susan De Witt Michael D JANEIL DAHMAN Sr. Ball Comm., Honor Pep Club, A Cappella., Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Baccalaureate Honor Can- dle Bearer. KATHLEEN DANIELS General Activities. TONI DAPP General Activities. WARREN DEAN General Activities. ERIC DE GOOYER Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Jr. Class Pres., Frosh. Class Vice-Pres., C.S.F., Boys' State Rep. NANCY DESELMS Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Rally Comm., C.S.F., N.H.S., Managing Editor EI Cclminian. MARGIE DE VERTER Modeling Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Float Comm. JO ANN DE VILLE General Activities. SUSAN DE WITT Student Body Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, Executive Board, Activities Board, Eagle Art Club Vari- ety Show. MICHAEL DOTTARAR Photographer Aerie Staff, EI Caminian, Art Award, Thespians, Shakespeare's Crew, Sr. Ball Comm. Goo Ol'l'G fl YE DENNIS DOUGHERTY General Activities. DO ROTH EA DOUGHERTY General Activities. BILL DOUGHTY A.F.S., Wrestling. PAUL DOUGLAS General Activities. KAREN DRAFFIN Head JV Yell Leader, Jr. Prom Princess, Home- coming Princess, Executive Board, Honor Pep Vice-Pres., Rally Comm. ROBERT D'RlTZ Varsity Tennis, N.H.S., Mu Alpha Theta, Tellu- ride Scholar. GARY DUERNEIR Sr. Band, Block E.C., Latin Club, Soph. Foot- ball, Varsity Football, "B" Basketball. VIRGINIA EBBERTS General Activities. RONIALD EBERT General Activities' Week Ends mean Time For Leisure. TONY EISENHOWER Variety Show, Fall Play, Transfer Student. ennis Dougherty Dorothea Dougherty Bill Doughty Paul Douglas Karen Drdffin Robert Dritz Gary Duerner Virginia Ebberts Ronald Ebert Tony Eisenhower FRED ELIAS 2 "C" Track Team. CONNIE ELKUS I Sr. Float Comm., Sr. Ball X I KATHLEEN ELLIS A Cappella. RUSTY ERTLE Varsity Football, Varsity C.S.F., Honor Cane Bearer DIANE ETHERIDGE General Activities. DWIGHT EVEN General Activities. JUDI FARRELL LAUREL FELDER Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm., JUDY FENNER General Activities. CORININE FESSIA MARIE FIAL Transfer Student. TERRY FILLIMAN Varsity Football, Variety Carnival Comm. Comm., Eagle Art Club, Dance Comm. Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Block E.C., Sr. Float Comm., Sr. Ball Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm. A.F.S. Variety Show, French Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm. Show, Sr. Hat Day 'Comm., Block E.C., French Club, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, National Merit Letter ll Night Grad., Jr. Float Comm., Carnival Fred Elias Connie Elkus RICHARD FININ Kathleen Ellis Rusty Ertle of Commendation. JIM FIISCHER Jr. Prom Comm., Hi-Y, A Comm. Diane Etheridge Dwight Even Judi Farrell Corinne Fessia Marie Fial Terry Fiilimqn Laurel Felder Judy Fenner Richard Finn Jim Fischer JOY FOLK Frosh. Class Sec., JV Yell Leader, Varsity Yell Leader, Jr. Prom Princess, Homecoming Princess, Art Awards. MAC FOREMAN Transfer Student. DIANE FRANICESCONI Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Float Comm., Gregg Award, Homecoming Decorations Comm. TONI FREEMAN Rally Comm., Honor Pep, Student Council, N.H.S., Tri-Hi-Y, Bac- calaureate Honor Candle Bearer. JOEL FRITIS JV Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling. DANIEL FUCHS Sr. Band, German Club, Pep Band, NMSQT Letter of Commendation. GERI FULLER N.H.S., C.S.F., A Cappella, Model U.N., Foreign Exchange Student Comm. LINDA GALLAHER EI Caminian, Quill and Scroll Pres., Honor Roll, N.H.S., Tri-Hi-Y, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer. CAROLE GECKLER Homecoming Princess, Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Homecoming Dance Comm. FRANIK GEDDES N.H.S., Sr. Band, Future Medics, Honor Roll, Latin Club, National Merit Letter of Commendation. STEVE GIBSON Frosh. Basketball, Hi-Y, Varsity and JV Basketball. VANESSA GLOOR Varsity Yell Leader, Fall Play, Variety Show, Student Council. SUZANINE GOMPERTZ Sr. Ball Comm., All Night Grad. Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Float Joy Foik Mac Foreman Comm., Student Council, Jr. Prom Comm. Diane Fmncescong Toni F,-een-,cn MIKE GORDON Homecoming Float Comm. Joel Fritts Daniel Fuchs Geri Fuller Linda Gallaher CGfOlS Geckler ,Frank Geddes Steve Gibson Vanessa Gloor Suzanne Gompertz Mike Gordon SHELLEY GRAGG Student Council, Homecoming Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Carnival Comm., Dance Comm. MLICHAEL GRALIAN General Activities. SANiDE GREENE Modeling Club, G.A.A., Gregg Awards. ELLEN GREESON General Activities. BERT GREFFRATH General Activities. KAREN GREGG Variety Show, Fall Play, Sr. Float Comm. GREG GRAY General Activities. LESLIE GRIFFITH Transfer Student. SUE GUION Head Songleader, Homecoming Princess, Exec- utive Board, Student Council, Aerie Staff, Tri- Hi-Y. ROBERT GUNTHER Latin Club N HS IBM Research Club Stu dent Council Hi Y Honor Roll JEAN HAGELIN N H S C S F Los Hrdalgos Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer Model U N Tri H1 Y BERT HALL Wrestling Sande Greene Ellen Greeson Leslie Griffith Sue Guion Bert Greffrath Karen Gregg Robert Gunther Jean Hagelin Shelley Gragt Michael Grali 'Greg Gray Bert Hall K Hamilton Hartman Hildebrandt Pam Hill Linda Hanson Janice Hardy Melanie Harris George Hart Jovanne Harvey Janet Hawkins Sue Hazel Bill Highfield DAN HAMILTON General Activities. LINIDA HANSON Transfer Student. JANICE HARDY Recorder-Historian, Executive Board, Student Council, Sr. Float Comm., A Cappella, Gregg Awards. MELANIE HARRIS Sr. Class Sec., Sr. Ball Comm., Sr. Breakfast Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm. GEORGE HART Rally Comm., Bank of America Club. VIVIAN HARTMAN Sr. Ball Comm., F.B.L.A., Modeling Club, F.H.A. Treas. JOVANNE HARVEY Honor Pep, Dance Comm., Tri'Hi-Y, Student Council, Jr. Prom Comm., Homecoming Dance Chairman. JANET HAWKINS Drama Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Honor Roll, Transfer Student. SUE HAZEL Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Honor Roll, Honor Pep, Honor Service, Student of the Week Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm. BILL HIGHFIELD Varsity Track, B and C TFGCIQ. VIRGINIA HILDEBRANDT Thespians, Honor Roll, Fall Play, Spring Play, Sr. Float' Comm. PAM HILL Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Dance Comm., Inaugural Ball Comm., Finance Comm., Home- coming Decorations Comm. DONNA HOFFART General Activities. KENNETH HOFFMAN Cross Country, Track. JAN HOGSHEAD Songleader, Honor Pep, Jr. Float Comm., Sr Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Transfer Student. JEFF HOLMES General Activities. MARK HOLMES General Activities. PATRICIA HORNLER All Night Grad. Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Dance Comm., Soph. Float Comm. JOHN HOUSTON General Activities. BEVERLY HOWELL Tri-Hi-Y, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Sr. Float Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. ALLEN HUBBERT Thespians, Jr. Prom Comm., Hi-Y, Sr. Ball Comm., Student Council, All Night Gradi Comm. MICHAEL HUEY General Activities. Sing Along With Marge! Donna Hoffart Kenneth Hoffman Jan Hogshead Jeff Holmes Mark Holm Patricia Horner John Houston Beverly Howell Allen Hubbert Michael Hu E E O Om-Ml KlM HUFF Songleader, Rally Comm., Honor Pep, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer. BARBARA HUNTER General Activities. PATRICIA HUNTER Aerie Editor-in-Chief, Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Float Comm., Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll. KATHY JACOBS Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Awards, Honor Roll, Jr. Float Comm. MARTI JACOBSEN General Activities. BARBARA JAMES Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Thespians, Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Comm., National Merit Scholarship semifinalist. PETER JAMES Mu Alpha Theta Pres., Math 'Club Pres.. C.S.F., Vice-Pres., Chemistry Team, Honor Roll. RICHARD JAMES Track, Cross Country, Frosh Football, Key Club. ROBERT JAMQES Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Block E'.C., F.B.L.A., Honor Roll, B Track. BILL JENKINS Commissioner of Entertainment, Student Coun- cil, Mu Alpha Theta, Honor Roll, Radio Club. "We're the mighty Seniors. We're all right Kim Hutt Barbara Hunter Patricia Hunter Kathy Jacobs Marti Jacobsen arbara James Peter James Richard James Robert James Bill Jenkins ANNE JENSEN Aerie Staff, Student of the Week, Honor Pep Pres., Student Council Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Ball Comm. SHIRLEY JENSEN Honor Pep, Rally Comm., Baccalaureate Honor 'Candle Bearer, Tri- Hi-Y, Honor Roll. MAUREEN JEPSEN Silver Pages Vice Pres., Tri-Hi-Y, Fall Play, Variety Show, Gregg Awards. DAVID JOHNSON Sr. Band, Rifle Team, Key Club Pres., Cadet Battalion Commander. SCOTT JOHNSON Sr. Float Comm., Sr. Ball Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm., Transfer Student, Sr. Picnic Comm. SUE JOHNSON Jr. Prom Princess, C.S.F., N.H.S. Treas., Honor Roll, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer. JENNY JONES Honor Pep, Latin Club, Variety Show, Tri-Hi-Y. KATHLEEN JORDAN Honor Pep, Rally Chairman, Tri-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, EI Caminian. DICK KASSIS Student Body Pres., Soph. Class Pres., Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, C.V.C. Student Council Pres., Sacto Optimist Club "Boy of the Month." JOAN KEEGAN Transfer Student. MARY KEEGAN Transfer Student. LAMONTT KELLER Pep Band. CAROL KELLISON Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y, A Cappella, Honor Roll, French Club. Anne Jensen Shirley Jensen KAREN KENNEDY Maureen Jepsen David Johnson Honor Pep, Honor Roll, Los Hidalgos, N.H.S., Tri-Hi-Y, Baccalaure- ate Honor Candle Bearer. Scott Johnson Sue Johnson Jenny Jones Kathleen Jordon Dick Kossis Joan Keegan Mary Keegan Lamont Keller Carol Kellison Karen Kenned DENTON KIMBALL General Activities. GAYLAN KING General Activities. SHERIE KINNELL Rally Comm., All Night Grad. Comm., Honor Pep, Sr. Ball Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Sr. Float Comm. MARGERY KNAPP C.S.F. Pres., N.H.S., Frosth. Class Treas., Latin Club, Aerie Manag- ing Editor, C.V.C. Student Council Sec. THOMAS KNOBLE Soph. Football, "C" Track, Sr. Float Comm. KEVIN KRAUSGRILL Soph. Football, JV Basketball, Latin Club, Jr. Prom Comm., JV Golf, Nlath Club. DIANA KREJCI Sr. Band, Pep Band, Latin Club. KATHLEEN KRIEGER Sr. Float Comm., Carnival Comm., Sr. Ball Comm., Homecoming Comm. ROBERT KRULISH Varsity Basketball, Block E.C., Boy's Vice Pres., Executive Board, Transfer Student, Honor Roll. CAROL KUHLMAN Honor Pep, Student Council, Soph. Float Comm. CATHERINE LAGOMARSINO Eagle Art Club, French Club. JOHN LAMBERT Hi-Y. V? PAM LANE JV Yell Leader, Aerie Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Pep Sec., Art Demon Kimball Gqylcn King Award, SF. Ball COITIITI. Sherie Kinnell Mgrgery Knqpp BOB LARSON Frosh. Football, Soph. Football, Jr. Prom Comm. Thomas Knoble Kevin Krausgrill Diana Kreici Kathleen Krieger Robert Krullsll 'arol Kuhlman Catherine Lagomarsina John Lambert -Pamella Lane Robert l-GFSOH ROBERT LAWSON MARGARET LEWICKI Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Honor G.A.A., N.H.S., Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Cane Bearer. C.S.F., Latin Club, Block E.C. Los Hidalgos, Baccalaureate Honor 'Candle Pres. Bearer, JOHN LEE General Activities. CAROL LEWIS Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, N.H.S., C.S.F., Honor Pep, Sr. Float Comm., Los Hi- dalgos Treas. susAN LEEDS EAT LEYVLS . .,. General Activities. enero Cllv' les' FRANK LIMA BOB LESHER Varsity Football, Soph. Football. Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Block E.C., JACQUELIN LIVAICH Varsity Wrestling, Soph. Football, Soph. Bas- General Acfivifiesi ketball. MARC LOUARGAND Honor Roll, Hi-Y, Swimming, Sr. Boll Comm., VERNON LEVERTY Dance Comm, World Affairs Pres., Homecoming Comm., Sr. Picnic Comm., All Night Grad. Comm., Sr. Ball DICK LOUGY Comm., French Club. Frosh. Basketball, Frosh. Baseball. Susan Leeds Bob Lesher Vernon Leverty Margaret Lewicki Pot Lewis Frank Lima Jacquelin Livaich Marc Louargand Ro bert La wso John Lee Carol Lewis Dick Lougy Lovering McDonell Mackenzie Malchow it Diane Ludeke Gerald Lundblad Elaine Lungren John McClain Michele McEwen Denise McGarrity Elizabeth MfcGowan Dale McGrew ROBERT LOVERI NG General Activities. DIANE LUDEKE Art Club, Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y, Soph. Home- coming Comm. GERALD LUN'DBLAD Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Block E.C., C.S.F., Student Body Treas., Latin Club Pres. ELAINE LUN-GREN Senior Band, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Latin Club, German Club. JOHN McCLAlN Varsity Wrestling, Frosh. Football, JV Wrest- ling, Sr. Ball Comm., Senior Band, Hi-Y. ANNE MICDONELL General Activiites. MICHELE McEWEN Homecoming Dance Comm., Gregg Typing Award. DENISE MCGARRITY Girl's Vice Pres., Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Evaluation Board, N.H.S., C.V.C. Rep- resentative, Activities Board Member. ELIZABETH MCGOWAN General Activities. DALE MCGREW Frosh, Class Pres., Evaluation Board, Execu- tive Board, Friendship Comm., Block E.C., N.H.S. CHARLES MACKENZIE Radio Club Pres., Honor Roll, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Gregg Typing Award. GARY MALCHOW General Activities. Walter Mann Pamela Marco Jerry Markel Carolyn Marquiss Michele Martin Corkey Massey Richard Matteoli Robert Matteoli Gary Matthews Robin Matthew Summer Means 'Time for Leisure. .3 WALTER MANN Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, N.H.S., Chess Club, Photograph Club. PAMELA MARCO General Activities. JERRY MARKEL Block E.C., Varsity Swimming, Student Coun- cil, Hi-Y. CAROLYN MARQUISS Future Medics Pres., Latin 'Club, A Cappella. MilCHELE MARTIN Transfer Student. CORKY MASSEY Jr. Prom Comm., Homecoming Comm., Assem- bly Comm., Senior Ball Comm., Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. RICHARD MATTEOLI General Activities. ROBERT MATTEOLI Rally Comm. V GARY MATTHEWS Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Sr. Class Vice Pres., Student Council, Hi-Y, Finance Comm. ROBIN MATTHEWS Homecoming Comm., Sr. Ball Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. These Girls Sadly Wave Good-By To Their Fathers As They Start A Week's Vacation At Tahoe! RICHARD MEDER General Activities. JAMES MELTON General Activities. VlCTOR MENCHACA General Activities. GARY MESSICK Senior Band, Sr. Play, MICHAEL METCALF General Activities. KAREN MICHAEL Honor Roll, Trri-Hi-Y, Carnival Comm. LARRY MILLER General Activities, MARCIA MISSALL Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll. COLLEEN IWITCHELL Sr. Hat Day Comm., Sr. Picnic Comm. JAMES MITCHELL General Activities. Variety Show. Jr. Homecoming Float, Soph Sr. Carnival Comm., N.H.S., Richard Meder James Melton Victor Menchaca Gary Messick Michael Metcalf Karen Michael Larry Miller Marcia Missal 'Colleen Mitchell James Mitchell f INV Soetoro Moestadial Phil Moncrief Doug Montgomery Michael Moore Phil Moos John Morton Bob Moulds David Moulton James Murden Mindy Myers Linda Nader Melanie Nagel Richard Neal SOETORO lTOROl MOESTADJAL Rally Comm., A.F.S. Club, A.F.S. Assembly Comm. PHlL MONCRIEF EI Caminian, Varsity Swimming, Frosh. Basketball, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Y. DOUG MONTGOMERY Student Body President, Jr. Class Treasurer, Model U.N. Delegate, Varsity Football, N.H.S., C.S.F. PHIL MOOS General Activities. JOHN MORTON Organist, A.F.S., All Night Grad. Comm. BOB MOULDS Senior Class President, Soph. Class Vice Pres., Art Club, "B" Basketball, Variety Show, Student Council. DAVID MOULTON "B" Varsity Swimming, Varsity Wrestling, Block E.C., "C" Cross Country. MICHAEL MOORE General Activities. JAMES MURDEN Pres. of Latin Club, Student Council, Soph. Football, "B" Track, Homecoming Float Comm. MINDY MYERS Student Body Secretary, Chairman of Model U.N. Assembly Comm., Student Evaluation Comm., Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Honor Roll. LINDA NADER General Activities. M-ELANIE NAGEL General Activities. RICHARD NEAL General Activities. Dan Nix Bob Noah Tom Nokes Don Nomm George Nungesser Patricia OHop Barbara Palermo Jack Palmer Gary Nichols Genie Nott GARY NICHOLS General Activities. DAN NIX Mefh Club, N.H.S., Mu Alpha Theta, Rally Comm., C.S.F. BOB NOAH Varsity Rifle Team. TOM NOKES Frosh. Baseball, "C" Track, JV Basketball. DON NONINI Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Los Hiclalgos, Hi-Y, C.S.F. GENIE NOTI' Assembly Comm., A.F.S., Honor Roll, Homecoming Comm., Sr Picnic Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. GEORGE NUNIGESSER "B" Cross Country PATRICIA O'HOP , Math Club. N.H.S., Honor Roll, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Hanoi Pep, Sr. Gift Comm., Sr. Homecoming Float. BARBARA PALERMO Honor Roll, Sr. Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. JACK PALMER Wrestling Team. ROBERT PALMER General Activities. PENNY PARENTE F.H.A., Art Club. CARROL ,PARKER Baccalaureate Hon or Candle Bearer, C.S.F., Honor Roll, Aerie Staff. DON PARVIN ' Block E.C., Varsity Football, Hi-Y, Varsity Baseball, Soph. Football. JOHN PAYNE N.H.S., Honor Roll. LYNDA PEEK General Activities. SUSAN PERKINS Homecoming Comm., All Night Grad. Comm., Trl-HI-Y, Aerie Staff. PHYLLIS PERSON Rally Comm., Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Pep, Gregg Awards. MELVIN PETERS Boys Vice Pres., Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Student Council, Block E.C. BARBARA PETTIGREW General Activities. CONNIE PHILLIPS General Activities. MICHAEL PLANT Transfer Student. MICHAEL POLLOCK Student Council, Varsity Track, Soph. Football, Varsity Cross Country. JANET PREIS Honor Pep, Tri-Hi-Y. SUE PRESS El Cuminian, Student Council, Executive Board, Jr. Prom Queen, Head Varsity Yell Leader, Homecoming Queen. Lynda Peek Susan Perkins Phyllis Person Melvin Peters Connie Phillips Michael Plant Michael Pollock Janet Preis Don John Barbara Sue Parvin Payne Pettigr Press Primm Reed Rushton Ruttan Edmund Prorok Sandi Pryor Carol Ann Rink Patricia Roark .Glenn Raney Meritt Rector Susan Robbins Dorothy Robertson MARGARET PRIMM Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, N.H.S., C.S.F., A.F.S., Tri-Hi-Y. EDMUND PROROK N.H'.S., Radio Club, Bell Telephone Group. SANDI PRYOR Honor Roll, Sr. Float Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm. GLENN RANEY Student Council, Vars-ity Basketball, Jarsity Track, Homecoming Comm., Hi-Y. MERITT RECTOR World Affairs Club, French Club, Honor Roll. RlCHARD REED "B" Basketball, JV Basketball, Hi-Y, Soph. Carnival Comm. CAROL ANN RINK Transfer Student. PATRICIA ROARK Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Float Comm., Sr. Ball Comm. , SUSAN ROBBINS General Activities. DOROTHY ROBERTSON Honor Candle Bearer, N.H.S., Honor Roll, Latin Club. MICHAEL RUSHTON Transfer Student, Varsity Basketball. DORRIE RUTTAN Rally Comm., Card Trick Chairman, Honor Pep, C.S.F., El Caminian, Quill and Scroll. ALIX SANBURG Rally Comm., Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y, Evaluation Comm. DON SAN'DER General Activities. JOE SANIFORD l General Activities. GARY SAREERAM Varsity Football, JV Basketball, Frosh Base- ball. SANDE SAWYER Assembly Comm., Homecoming Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. BEVERLY SAYRE Homecoming Comm., Sr. Float Comm. BOB SCHAUER Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Frosh Bas- ketball, Honor Roll, Student Council, Senior Band. MICHAEL SCHIAVO Mu Alpha Theta, Los Hildagos, C.S,F., Varsity Basketball Manager, "B" Reserve Basketball Math Club. STEPHEN SCHUMAKER Frosh Football, JV Track, Soph. Football, Var- sity Football. This is the Senior GIRLS Sleepout! LARRY SCOTT Student Council. l Allx 5U"'l3U"9 Don Sander Joe Sanford Gary Sareeram Sancle Sowye Beverly Sayre Bob Schauer Michael Schiavo Stephen Schumaker Larry Scott CONNIE SHAW General Activities. VICKI SHICK Student Body Girls Vice Pres., D.A.R. Finalist, Rally Comm., Soph. Class Sec., N.H.S., Sr. Ball Comm. ' NANCY SHOWS Sr. Ball Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float 'Comm. Mascot, Jr. Prom Comm., Assembly Comm. LINDA SHUPE General Activities. KATHY SIENKIEWICZ Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer, Honor Pep, Honor Roll, All Night Grad. Comm., G.A.A. JERRY SlLKER Block E.C., Frosh Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Student Council. STEVE SIMARD Diving Team, Frosh Baseball. DOROTHY SIMS General Activities. PETER SKIU-MAN "The El Camino Follies." General Activities. CAROL SMALL Future Medics, Latin Club, Science Seminar. Connie Shaw Vicki Shick Nancy Shows Linda Shupe Kathy Sienkiewicz Jerry Silker Steve Simard Dorothy Sims Peter Skillman Carol Small Diane Smith Janice Smith Kevin Smith Ralph Smith Roy Smother Jett Speich Jean Staack Daniel Steinman Betsy Stephens Georgene Steul DIANNE SMITH Sec. of Los Hidalgos, A.F.S. Club, Tri-HiY, Honor Baccalaureate Usher, Honor Roll, Art Club. JANICE SMITH A Cappella, Student Council, Honor Roll, Honor Pep, Rally Comm., Chairman of Sr. Picnic. JEAN SMITH Pres. of F.B.L.A., Variety Show. KEVIN SMITH General Activities. RALPH SMITH Pres. of Honor Thespian Club, Best Actor's Award, Varsity Wrestling. ROY SMOTHERS General Activities. JEFF SPEICH JV Baseball, Honor Cane Bearer, Evaluation Comm., Pres. of Math Club, All Night Grad. Comm., C.S.F. JEAN STAACK A Cappella, Homecoming Comm., Green Lan- tern Dance Comm., Aerie Staff. DANIEL STEINIMAN Soph. Football, Student Council. BETSY STEPHENS I Honor Pep, Honor Roll, A.F.S,, Sr. Ball Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm., Tri-Hi-Y Pres. GEQRGENE STEUBEN Transfer Student, Sr. Carnival Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. Jean Smith 'bert Steward chael Stinson l I ayne Stokes oy Thompson ROBERT STEWARD Soph. Football, JV Baseball, JV Basketball, STEPHEN THOMAS Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Fall Play Varsity Basketball. Pep Band Director, Senior Band. MICHAEL STINSON Rally Comm., Thespian Society, German Club, ROY THOMPSON Sfudenf Council' General Activities. WAYNE STOKES Soph. Football, JV Basketball, Bell Telephone Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm., A.F.S. DORINDA TOWNE Future Medics. DAN 'FRANSTRUM Hi-Y, Frosh Baseball. DIANNE SURETTE Head Maiorette, Sr. Ball Comm. ERIC SWEDBERG Honor Roll, Cross Country Team. DANIEL TERRY GARY ULLERY General Activities. N.H.S., C.S.F., Los Hidalgos, Sr. Band, Honor DICK ULRICH RON- Varsity Diving Team, Student Council. Dianne Surette Eric Sweclberg Daniel Terry Stephen Thomas Dorinda Towne Dan Transtrum Gary Ullery Dick Ulrich DICK UPHOLT A.F.S. Student to Norway, Commissioner of Public Relations, Varsity Tennis, World Affairs Club. BILL VALE Varsity Baseball, Soph. Basketball. GINNY VARNEY Tri-Hi-Y, Variety Show. JUDITH VEREIDE Honor Service, F.B.L.A., Student Service Club. LAURIE VIETS U. N. 'Comm., A.F.S., C.F.S., Pep Band, Bac- calaureate Honor Candle Bearer. GARY VOET Senior Band, Latin Club, JV Tennis, Hi-Y, JV Basketball, Varsity Baseball. ROY VOGEL Vursity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Calif. State Track Meet "62", Block E.C., Holder of Halt-Mile Record-Roseville Invitational Track Meet. MICHAEL WAGENIHALS Frosh Baseball, Sr. Teach Day Comm. LINDA WAITE Homecoming Comm., Maiorette, Modeling Club. MARY WALLER Transfer Student, Homecoming Comm., Sr. Carnival Comm., Honor Roll. Dick Upholt Bill Vale Gary Voet Roy Vogel 5 J.........,.. Ll Bottoms Upl i I Ginny Varney Judith Vereide Laurie Vie Linda Waite Michael Wagenhals Mary Wall ,indq ner Richard Waters Dennis Weaver inda Weber Cheryl Wharton Carol Ann White Chip White I-IHCIG WIHTE Walls Marilee Walton Elizabeth War LINDA WALLS World Affairs Club, Los Hidalgos Pres., C.S.F., N.H.S., U.N. Delegate. MARILEE WALTON W T Honor Roll, Baccalaureate Honor Candle Bearer. ELIZABETH WARNER Honor Pep Club, Rally Comm., Sr. Ball Comm., Jr. Float Comm., T '-H ate Honor Candle Bearer. RICHARD WATERS Varsity Wrestling. DENNIS WEAVER C.S.F., N.H.S., Cadet BN. Executive Officer Concert Band, Math Club, National Merif Semi Finalist. LINDA WEBER Transfer Student, World Affairs Club, Student Council. ri i-Y, Baccalaure- 'CHERML WHARTON General Activities. CAROL ANN WHITE Varsity Yell Leader, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Float Comm., Jr. Prom Dance Comm., Honor Roll. CHIP WHITE Aerie Photographer, Shakespeare's Crew, Quill and Scroll. .INDA WHITE SJ.H.S., Silver Pages Pres., Tri-Hi-Y, Baccalaure- g :te Honor Candle Bearer. I "In The Meadow..." 79 Richard Whitlock Sue Wixom Henry Young Robert Young Meridee Whitten Ri William Wohle chard Williams Timothy Williams Donald Wood 'Sam Wood RICHARD WHITLOCK Frosh Football, Soph. Basketball, Frosh Bas- ketball, Varsity Football. MERIDEE WHITTEN General Activities. RICHARD WILLIAMS Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Block E.C., Honor Roll, Sr. Band, Student Council. TIMOTHY WILLIAMS Rally Club, Art Club, Jr. Homecoming Comm. RANDY WILLS General Activities. SUE WIXOM Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIAM WOHLE Varsity Football, Block E.C., Hi-Y, Soph. Foot- ball, Frosh Football, JV Baseball. DONALD WOOD General Activities. SAM WOOD Thespian Society, A Cappella, C.S.F., Honor Roll, Variety Show. JACQUIE WYKOFF Sr. Band, Pep Band, Variety Show, World Affairs Club, Music Award. HENRY YOUNG Sr. Band, Math Club, Pep Band, Variety Show. ROBERT YOUNG Student of the Week Comm., Frosh Basket- ball, Hi-Y, Student Council. Randy Wills .Iacquie Wykof The Fifty Mile Hikes The Twilight Zone? Kemember How Tall The Seniors Look To Freshmen? The Morning After The Night Before? X 1 Our Freshman Class Vice-Pres? . .- 1 N ,4 lljV1yl1t Grad I I I I S ' ll yllllgfvlyllf Grad Hlfllffl' Ka NMa Graduation Graduation lgacculaureafc Oh No-Here She Comes! So What If Everybody Else Got Baseball Suits! ga You'll Never Ge? Away Nowl And Sl'1e's Only One and Cl Halfl And Never Come Backl So Who's Loafing? Hurry Up! I Can'1' Smile Much Longer. And Who Took My Bowl Of Porridge? Will Somebody Take These Things Away From Mei 8 Hass af I 964 5 DICK BOHMBACH BRUCE KAHL President Vice President Off to a bouncy start was the Class of '64. With rousing spirits, they cheered teams on to victory and participated, with much vitality, in school activities. Proud Juniors worked furiously on a colorful Homecoming float and, with fiery zeal, created a unique Carnival booth. The Junior Prom brought a memorable climax to an outstanding year of action. VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!! It was like this . . . N0 Step . . . l6'ackufa d ANDE ADAMS FRANKIE PARISI Secretory Treasurer Oops-forgot the brooms. Got him-well, almost!! Expecting mosquitoes? Chris Bachtold Stephanie Bagwell Kathy Baldwin Chris Bangs Julie Barber Jim Barner Becky Barron Bill Batchelder David Beckes Diane Beers Robert Bernstein David Bezouska Cheryl Bickle Phyllis Bishoff Bob Black Marie Blecha Ann Blue Art Board Susie Boggess Jan Bold Laura Bolles Jim Bondeson Roberta Bonner Tina Bornstein David Boroski John Borsdorf Judy Boyles Pat Brady Sandy Bruener David Brifman Christy Brokenshire Bob Brown Jeff Brown Kathi Bryant Jan Buller Jim Burkhardt Warren Ackerman Anale Adams Tom Aguirre Susan Alward Jim Anderson Bonnie Andrews Pam Andrews Richard Andrews Lynn Annigoni Jim Anwyl John Appleton Linda Ashworth Vivian Burnett Suzanne Burnharm Dan Busch Ray Buttacavoli Barbara Buzzini Sandi Carlino Roger Carlton Burke Cartwright Nancy Chandler Nancy Chapman Karen Chatham Lynette Chute Andy Clark Karen Clements Jerry Clifford Chuck Colburn Dan Cole Pat Cole Colleen Collette Brian Connell Kathy Cook Bill Coombs Gary Cowan Candy Cross John Crouse Jim Cunningham Bea Custer Claire Daugherty Jim Davidson Gary Cowan Kathy De Gallery Cheryl De Vissche Daniel Del Priore Jim Delehanty Marva Denna Charles Depp J im Dev ito Jeff Dexter l' Jo Ann Di Clementine Cheryl Dickinson Bob Dollar Steve Drew Beth Durgin Pinky Eavis Joyce Ehlers Anita Eickman Larry Elkins Pat Elmore Pam Ervin Tim Eskel Mike Evans Holly Ewert George Ewins Linda Fagot Frank Fasola Donna Faucett Olivia Falkenberry Richard Faulkner Elona Faustman Steven Fenton Jim Ferguson Lynn Ferguson Carol Finnstrom Jerry Fischer Carolyn Flanery Marilyn Flanery Lynn Fletcher Roberta Foster Frank Fowler Suzanne Gage Barbara Gahl Christine Gardner Richard Gaskin Bob Geondrot Dick Geer Andy Geisler Annette Georgokakas Jim Giambruno Patsy Gibbs Bill Gibson Paula Gilbert Janet Gill Nancy Gill Glen Gilmore Karen Girard Thomas Glaski Dick Gomm Joan Gonzales Lona Gooclgame Dick Goodwill Randy Graham Mimi Gramotky Bonnie Graves Jennifer Gray Raymond Green George Greene Anyone else need a ride??? Sue Grendon Ginny Griffin Betty Grizzelle Bolo Grow Pam Guion Steve Gulick William Haak Gail Hackett Kathy Halligan Chi Hamilton Linda Hamilton Mike Hamilton Larry Hammit Dave Hansen Joyce Hansen Jeanene Harder Don Harley Linda Harshloarger John Hart Sharon Hawkins Terry Hay Judy Hays Diane Hazel Tammy Healey Alan Heath Trudi Heffelfinger Don Heidlebaugh Kathi Helm Karen Herrlin Kenneth Herrlin Carolyn Herrman Paul Herron Mike Hess Marilyn Hewitt Bonnie Highfield Candi Hill Janet Hill Alan Himenes Don Himenes Mike Himmelman Kathy Hoban Larry Hoffman Sue Holden Bruce Hollander Edward Holler Jeanne Holtz Camille Hottinger Mary Houston Mon-nie Huggins Jean Hulse Andy Hunt Ross Hunt Gary Jacobs Charlie Jensen Kelly Jensen Lila Jessup Janet Johnson Marybeth Johnson Varney Johnson Linda Joksch Terry Jones Richard Kagel Bruce Kahl Bruce Kaiser Stan Kalmbach Steve Kalmloach Maryanne Kammerer Robert Kamuf Bessie Karanikas Diane Kazangi William Keas Jim Keil junivrs lvzzrticzp iv. Homecoming Danny Kelly Susie Kerwick George Kidney Dale Kimball John King Pafricia Klayer Dick Klingmon Fred Kohls Terri Kolfun Karen Krauss Dan Krueckemeier Richard Kwong Stu any Scl1wl,4 cfizfif ks Craig Lamar Chris Lamb Sreele Lanphier Paul Lasich Roy Lasich Terry Lafhclm Kathy Lathrop Ronald Le Valley Vickie Leaviif John Lemieux Jeff Leon Rondee Lesher Variety Show Bob Levering Andrea Lillelond Roger Linolernonn Bolo Lindstaedr Claudia Linn Sieve Lishman Barbara Liflle Jerry Littlejohn Sharon Lively Ann Long Connie Long Sharon Long Paul Lonnquist Bill Loris Diane Lougy Steve Lucia John Lucich Ken Lyons Linda Lyons Andrea Machen Harry Machen Ken Mack Theresa Malek Pat Manger Pat Marks Tom Martin John Mathis Daryl McBride Daniel McCarty Norman McClung Lanette McClure Cynthia McCluskey Laurie McCullough Keith McCune Jean McDonell Bill McFarland Richard McFarland Steve McGee Mary Jean McKelvy Joanne McLain Joyce McLoughlin Marren McPeak Fred McWilliams Larry Medlin Kelly Medlock Claudia Mellin Pete Menconi Terry Merrick Thomas Miller Ed Moe Kathy Mohr Danny Monroe Marilynne Mooney Floyd Moore Sandy Moore Trudi Moore Vicki Moore Rick Morello Michelle Morris Tom Morris Harvey Morriss Bobby Morton Jack Mozes Gail Mullins Gary Myers Nancy Nader Dale Nedom Sandra Neeley Tom Nettell Betty Nicholson Roger Noonan Joyce Norris Rich Nyquist Shirley Odom Carol Ohlemacher Bob Olberg Richard Oldham Cheryl Olson Lynn Olson Shirley Oram James Ostrenga Kathy Otten Brian Palumbo Jon Pantages Frankie Parisi Terry Patterson Leigh Pattison Charles Pearce Delores Peck Paul Perotti Judy Petenbrink Paul Peterson Steve Pettigrew Larry Pettitt Eilleen Piggott Cheryl Pintar Cherie Podva Michael Poe John Pommier LaVonne Portman Bill Pottorf Jim Powers Leland Pratt Robert Pratt Wolfgang Pyrskalla John Raleigh Randy Rall Donna Ramirez We've got the spirit . . . Penny Richter James Rieff Dale Robbins Cheryl Robinson Sherry Robinson Greg Rodgers Louis Rodriguez Diana Rogers Rosemary Rolfe Connie Romero Larry Rothhaupt Mardelle Rowe Jim Rudig Jim Rushtord Alan Sclbo Cindi Scarlett Pat Sheer Jim Schlottman Corlinda Schneider Claudia Schoen Steve Schroeter Rick Schultz Charles Schumaker Karen Schwaner Sandy Schwenk Ross Scott George Separovich Cynthia Shafer Paul Sherman Bob Shiurba Bob Shoff Steven Short Richard Shukle Karen Simard Bob Simmons Jo Anne Simms Neil Ramquist Pete Ramseth Barbie Range Joan Rankin Charles Ransdell Gerald Rauscher Thomas Ravellette Connie Rector Dennis Rector Bob Reedy Gayle Reiter Pam Richter Lois Utterback Susan Vagle Sandra Van Amburg John Vance Carol Vian Bobby Viets Joy Walkup Mary Walsh Barbara Walter John Walton Carol Wann Larry Wantlancl Patti Sleep Claudia Smith Judy Smith Linda Smith Mearna Smith Diane Snider Helene Solomon Leah Soltar Clifford Spencer Lorraine Spenhoff Dolve Spitz Terry Spriggs Eddie Stafford Ann Staples Jill Stluka Gary Stoecker Joan Subry Pat Sutcliffe Robert Tcimblyn Guylene Taylor Janet Taylor Mary Jo Taylor Michael Teefy Frances Ternus Tom Thomas Delores Thompson Ed Tidwell Ed Tippets Pat Torresani Connie Tracy Terry Tribe Terril Triplett Nancy Trowbridge Don Troyan Cheryl True Henry Twilling that never dies! Pam Wafson Gail Webster Joe Weems Tom Wenizell Terry While Deborah Widmer Berry Wilhelm Larry Williams Dawn Wilson Jim Wilson Dick Wittkop Kathy Wohle Sherron Woliver John Wood James Wooten Richard Wright Ginny Yaniis Millie Young Andrea Zaharie Par Zcihourek Linda Bruno Ray Threlkeld junivrs Cake ta the W0 ds 'IOO I juuizfr Prom- llrzfrfrgeffablc An exciting beginning . . . . . . a wo 611155 af '6 l , T ll l JIM OLSON JEFF TAYLOR PresidenT Vice Presidem' As wos expecTed, The Closs of '65 confribufed much To El Camino High School This yeor. They sTc1rTed The yecir off righT by electing compeTenT officers whose leadership proved To be oll iT wcis promised. Their ouTsTonding homecoming floof, o life-sized fooTbdll pldyer, Took sec- ond in The compeTiTion. Their cdrnivdl loooTh received prdise, noT only from Their own clciss, buf from The uppercldssmen os well. A successful cind fun-filled sophomore picnic finished The yeor on cz high noTe. The Class of '65 hos reoched on imporTonT milesfone df El Ccimino, ond now os upperclossmen They con do noThing louTc1dd To Their cilreody excellenf record. The sophomore floor was sparked by ingenuity ond originaliTy. urge Ahead i JANICE CATE Secrefo ry N w W , BARBARA NUGENT Treasurer Many talented sophomores were in The variety show. Officers plan for the comin ear 9 Y - Sophomores show spirii' and enthusiasm or The games Mrs Davidson s classes start the year off right. Renee Ayon Janice Backer Susan Baldwin .lane Ball Pamela Barton Kathy Boss Gwenne Bates Susan Bayne Donald Bean Judi Beaton Franklin Bedford Richard Bennett Bonnie Bergmann Linda Bettencourt Becky Beutler Jerry Birnberg Stephen Blacksher Eric Blau Donna Bliss Kathy Bloch Bill Bowen Marilyn Bowers Maile Bowman Joe Boyd Robert Boyd Linda Bradanini Larry Bramblett Beth Branthaver Peter Broun William Bray Richard Breedweld Sherrie Brewton Melinda Briggs Beverly Brown Terry Bryant Barbara Buchler Ralph Burch Lenore Burdrnan Nancy Burlrs Linda Burt Lyle Callahan Linda Cameron Barbara Ambrose Connie Anderson Ann Angeli Karen Anselmo Carol Arbini David Armstrong Cheryl Davis Stanley Deckwa Larry DeRoo Monnete De Ville Kathleen Diorio Linda Dickman Jim Campbell Nancy Campbell Patricia Campbell Carla Cantrell Raymond Carder Shirley Carlton Bruce Carmichael Patty Carr Cathleen Carter Cristen Carter Lynn Carter Tina Cosenza Janice Cate Karen Chamberlain David Chambers Robert Chambers Stephen Chambers Steven Chance Tom Chase Robert Christenson Steven Clanton Claudia Clayton Cathy Clements Charles Clemmensen Walter Cochrane Adele Coe Linda Cogley Kathy Colangelo Connie Collins Sandra Collman Deborah Constantine William Corbin Carol Corby Gerry Corliss Dennis Corrasa Paul Costa David Cottle Bill Coyan Tommy Cross John Curtis Suzette Curtis Betsy Cutler ls this a slumber party or a shower? How would YOU like to be Teacher for a Day? Theresa Donnellan Sharon Dottarar Sharon Dougherty Teri Dove Kathy Doyle David Drennan Dennis Drennan Dennis Dressler Merrilee Dugan Richard Dunk Gary Ebert Doug Eisler Jeanne Eisler Larry Ellenson Candy Ellis Mary Elmas Eddie Emanuels Matt Evans Kent Ewing Ricky Extrom Hillard Fahn Steve Fallai Jennifer Fanelli Kathleen Faraclas James Faulkner Julie Ferguson Margaret Ferguson Joan Ferris Tom Ferriter Kathy Fife Jay Fischer Gloria Flint Justin Flynn lna Raye Fortner Larry Foss Rebecca Foster Ann Fraser Janelle Fritts Jon Fuller Diane Funder John Furneaux Dennis Gannon Donna Dighero Carol Ann Dimock John Dioguardi Gail Doolelin Larry Dodson Gary Donnellan Gary Garland Suzanne Garland Dale Gehres Stephanie Gerick Jeff Gidley Geraldine Gill Oh no! It looks as if Pam and Gay are late again' Ann Gillham Bruce Gladden Sarah Glacling Gary Goodpaster Judy Grabert Cliff Grady Sharon Gray Sheryl Gray Ellice Greenberg Gerald Greer Robert Grix Sorita Gropsorean John Gross Allen Grush Vicki Guidici James Hack Robert Hadley Susan Halcomb Liz Haley Grover Hall Larry Hall Pat Hall Marie Halligan Robert Halvorsen Cathy Hammel Donna Harbison Janice Harden Gerald Hardenburg Steven Hardesty Mike Hardy Carolyn Harris Janelle Harris Jonathan Harris Larry Harris Sally Harris Heather Hart James Hart Linda Hart Mike Hart Penny Harvey Terry Harvey David Hash Barbara Hass Fred Hawley Kenneth Heidt Charles Hildebrandt Jack Hendrick Paula Hendricks Patricia Henry Jay I-leon Fred Herman Doreen Herrilson Dean Hickman Christine Hoban David Hobbs Dennis Hockett Steve Holeman Richard Ho-lland Joyce Holm Barry Holmes Lynne Holsinger Wayne Holsinger Lawrence Horton Fredrick Hotchkiss Cheryl Houlton Marilyn House Rebecca Houston Sandy Howard Ronald Howell Frank Hubbell Gary Huffman Sandra Huffman Dennis Hunt Nanci Hurst Ellen Hutchinson Carolyn lson Gayle Jackson Ralph Jaggarcl Nancy James Wayne Jamieson Linda Jamtgaard Kathy Jobe Bob Johnson Christine Johnson In one minute this hall will be filled with confusion. Gayle Johnson Loren Johnson Michael Johnston Bill Jones Bonnie Jones Jean Juvik Cynthia Kane Doug Kauffman Michael Kays Elizabeth Kelley Judy Kelley Dianne Kepford Sophomores make good use of their lunch time Bill Kercher Sharon Kerdus Dion Kerhoulas Russ Kidd Barbara Kimmel Gaynell Kirby Walter Kirby Alex Klahm Richard Klotz Stephen Knight Robert Koch Patricia Koetting James Koltun Ken Kotyluk Rosharon- Koyle Sherry Kraushar Fred Krueckemeier Ron Krueger Jane Kwong Dennis Kyler David Laks Jon Lampman Marilyn Landay Roger Lang Janet LarRieu Jim Larsen JoAnne Lausmann Barbara Lee Gerald Lee Judith Leeds, Linda Lemon Yolanda Leyva Corky Lewis Wayne Lind Janis Lindblom Beth Livezey Cleve Livingston Robert LoRusso Cam Lockwood Gerald Logan John Long Terry Looper Walter Lord Phillip Lotta Judy Lovell Jeanne Lovering Mark Lowe Mary Lower Gregory Ludlow John Lunden Cheryl Lundstrolm David Lungren Nancy Lyons Evan MacBride Harold Mack Howard Mack Wayne Mactinger Steven Madeira Lance Mader Ginger 'Magee Jacalyn Mahin Larry Malchow Terry Malone Robert Mann Donna Marks Gregory Marmas Bill Marques Chris Martin Randall Martin Verne Martin Joe Marty Scott Matthews Bill Maynard Dale McAtee Charles McCarty Vernon McConnell Charles McDonald Gracie McDonald Ted McDonald Douglas McGuire Linda McKenzie Linda McKenzie Janet McQuillan Tom McTernan These sophomores have an organized Tri Hi Y meeting. John Means Lynne Meckfessel Gregory Mello Patsy Melton Henery Meyer Jeffrey Meyer Lynette Petersen Bruce Pettigrew Michael Petty Roy Petty Tom Phelps Patricia Philipsen John Meyer Leslyn Meyers Anne Miller Rich Milliron Linda Mingo Marcia Moberly Margie Moe Arthur Moore Marty Morgan Carol Morrison Mary Moulton Kathy Mullen Priscilla Myers Barbara Mysicka Gail Newsum Lillian Ng Linda Nielson Eric Nordberg Greg Norris John Nosler Bill Novelli Barbara Nugent Maxine O'Connor Paul O'Neil Joy Oecler Jim Olson Linda Olson Richard Orange Sandra Oster Jolincla Oxley Claudia Padilla Tom Page Jim Parkinson Lexy Parkyn Margaret Parshall Conrad Paul Jane Paul Stanley Pearce Pam Peasley James Peet Elizabeth Pemberton Roy Pemberton Eager sophomores endeavor to improve their grades George Phillips Steve Plant Monty Podva Chris Polk Roger Pollock Wanda Portman Randy Post Nancy Potts Roxanna Powell Merrill Powers Richard Prater Terrance Pratt Thomas Presnall Susan Primm Renate Pyrskalla Dean Rainbolt Joe Rallo Daryl Ramquist Twirp Season . . . the chase- Jana Reynolds John Reynolds Linda Richardson Darlene Richter Linda Riedel Mike Riethmueller Julia Rietschlin Linda Riley Jim Rinehart Mike Roark Sandra Robinson Michelle Robison Gregory Roaleberg Robert Rodgers Barbara Roesser Jeff Rosen Susan Ross Robert Rossi Barbara Royer Kenneth Royer Janis Ruffatto Diane Russell Rita Rutledge Joe Sariva Gail Ramsey Bill Rasmussen Dennis Reed Barbara Reedy Diane Reichard Linda Reischmann ert Shelton Rob John Sherburn Terry Shick Donna Shipman Carol Short Kenton Shortgian Camille Sartore Kenneth Sawyer Steve ,Scarich Virgina Scatena Larry Schleiger Vicki Schmidt Terry Schmitgal Craig Schriefer Steve Schwartz Barbara Scott Dan Scott Daniel Segalas Shaaron Severy Paula Sharick Pamela Shaw Jacqueline Shearer Casey Sheehan Ed Sheehy . . a sophomore gi Sandra Shults Peg Sidebotham Lynne Siefer Anna Skalbeck Sue Slagle Barbara Smith Bob Smith Marcelle Smith Ricky Smith Terry Smith Therese Smyth Paula Snyder Judy Spaniel John Spivak Valerie Spooner Jim Spriggs Thomas Stanfield Jack Stansfield Stephen Strauss Rhonda Stearns Jeanette Stedman Donald Steinman Bob Stephan Richard Stephens rl always get her man! 4 This pair is a favorite with the sophomores as well as the upperclassmen. Susan Streeter David Talbot Janice Tatman Jeff Taylor John Ternus Karen Thatcher Beverly Thomas Doug Thomas Don Thompson Gary Thompson James Thompson Steven Thompson Michael Thurman Mickey Tigner Mark Tillman Douglas Tomka Edgar Tonn Wilfriecl Tonn Ellen Tourville Jennifer Townsend Jackie Transtrum Marilyn Travis Sharon Trost Kenneth Tucker Kerry Tucker Michael Tucker Felix Usis Nancy Vance Richard VanDer Volgen Linda Vanderbeek Susan Vaughn Gregory Vervais Thomas Vigor Steve Vincent Dalia Visgirda Kathy Steres Dianne Stevens Glenda Stewart Patrick Stone Bob Stonehouse Margo Strand Q s Marion Zambelich Marilyn Zawlocki Ned Zoller Chris Zotolis Marc Vogel Dennis Wagoner James Walker James Walt JoAnn Watson Rod Watts Donna Webster Steven Weems Susan Weiss Keith Werblow Mary Weston Calvin Wetzel Geoffrey Wickun Clifford Wictorin Warren Wilkes Dean Wilkie Alan Willden Donna Williams Larry Williams Richard Williams Russell Williams Sandi Williams Kathleen Wilson Stanley Windrem Susan Winegardner Robert Wirriecke William Winter Lana Woodland Gay Woodruff Susan Woodward Karen Wrenn John Wurster Jay Yaudegis Mary Yenovkian John Yost Bob Johnson proves his tennis skill by playing on the Varsity Sophomoreg prove Varsity caliber. Sophorzfmrc Antics Many Important matters are declded upon at class council meetings. The Sophomore Team was excellent this year .alll Where the boys clren'1! s Homecoming ended-The sophomores didn'T! Snowed-Inn proves to be romantic Hass of '66 l l T 5 , 5 Ili I KENT LAClN PAT RICHTER PresidenT Vice PresidenT The Class of '66 sTc1rTed Their climb To The Top wiTh high spirifs cmd higher hopes. WiTh The newly elecTed officers, The Freshmen began Their flodT cmd proved Thc1T "everyone comes back for Homecoming." They enfered inTo The oTher c1cTiviTies wiTh os much enThusidsm cmd They hold Cl successful cornivdl booTh. The Clolss of '66 ended The yeor wiTh The Trddifiondl Freshmon Ddnce. Shadows of SToTesmen. Mayes Llp BARBY CELONI PAULA PARSHALL Secrefory Treasurer Freshmen sure do need help. Freshman skill, huh, boys? Seth Aicklen Gary Allan Diane Albright John Anderson John Anwyl Steve Applegate Nancy, Arnholt Beth Arnold Debi Avellar Roseann Ayon John Bobbin Renee Babineau Dennis Baer- Allan Baker Susan Balafoutis Ron Baldwin Steve Bangs Barbara Barnett Donnell Bartmann Bruce Barton Marcia Bass Mike Bazzaroni Dinah Beasley Ken Beatty Bob Beaumont Nancy Becka Gerald Becka Mark Bedford Mike Beers Stephanie Beeson Rick Bell Curt Belts Eric Berger David Berner Carol Bernstein George Berry Freshmen live it up in English. Qrvshmeu Freya Robin Bertsch John Bickford Teresa Bickle Corki Biko Jim Blackford Laurie Blackman 0 the your fllzezzd Mike Catino Catherine Catlin Tom Bliss Jim Board John Bodley John Bohm Jim Bold Mark Bole Carter Bomberger Diana Booth Carol Boroski Virginia Boyd Valerie Brackney Bill Brady Jim Breiling Lawerence Brink Sue Bristow Penny Brittan Jim Brown Susan Browne Lynda Bryant Tim Buckley Koll Buer Marc Burgraff Bruce Burket Diane Burlingame Bonnie Burfner Nancy Busacca Virginia Cady Phil Callis Dan Campbell RayAnn Cannon Kathie Capachi Ed Carder Bob Carlton Steve Carmichael Marc Carpenter Faye Carter Freshman counselor helps iron out difficulties Lowell Cattell Barby Celoni Carol Chance Mike Chapman Cathy Chapo Susan Charles Lucie Chastain Bill Chatham Joe Cheek Mary Chernich Jim Childers Kent Christiansen Missy Clancy Barbi Clark Steve Clark Mary Clark John Cliftv Bonnie Cluster Dennis Coffee Bruce Colburn Sheilah Collins Linda Compton Elizabeth Conner Jean Cook Mike Cooper Jodee Cotton Frank Covey Pat Cowen Rebecca Coy Barbara Cozzens Roger Crandall Charita Crow Kathy Danforth Joan Dahlstrom Richard Davis Phyllis de la Garza Carl DeVerter Mike DeWeese Doug Dern Sheila Devine Steve Dexter Rosemary DiClementine Gigi DiOrio George Dibble Merri Dickson Susan Draper Such industrious class officers! Judi Driggs Janet Duensing George Dufault Sue Duggan Dennis Duncan Ed Dunk Rusty Dunn Peter Durand Scott Durgin Henry Eisner Sally Elkington Jim Ellis Look at all those bright smiling faces' Bill Emerson Dan Enroth Diane Epperson Joann Etheridge Hadyn Evans Lori Fahn Ralph Fairfield Pam Faughnan Bill Faulkender Franece Faustman Phil Fischer John Float Lee Folk Carol Forester Meryl Fortune Greg Franz Lee Frye Bonnie Fuller Mary Furneaux Gayle Fuson David Gack JoAnn Gann Bill Garland Brad Gay Mark Gearing John Giambruno Dale Gibson Jeff Gibson Carol Gidley Kathy Gilmartin Natalie Goff Terry Gomm Janene Gordon Walter Grace Dan Gralian Cynthia Gray Francis Gray Gary Grech Bill Green Cheryl Green Mary Lou Griffith Linda Grosz Art I plus 2 Chris Gualmundson Olivia Guebara Steve Gunn Garrett Gunther Jackie Hackard Donna Hackett Liz Hackett Sharon Hadley Jane Hagerty Bill Haines Sharon Hall Mike Hammond Anita Hansen Harold Hanefield Ann Harris Leeanne Harris Marc Harris Rick Hart Mike Hartman Gary Hartwig Lynda Hause Steve Heitmann Frank Henderson Laurie Henderson Kathy Hendrick Adrienne Hennessy Jim Henry Cathy Herd Hallie Herndon Steve Herrera Patricia Herrilson Jeff Hess Mary Hickerson Rebecca Hildebrandt Joan Hill Bill Hoffman Jim Holland Kathy Holman Randy Holme Heidi Holmes Judy Holtz Jon Hooper sophsl Jacqueline Horn Carol Howard Ron Howard Malinda Howell Elizabeth Hughes Dennis Hulse Vicki La Duke Dick Hunt Carol Hunter Peggy Hutchison Susan lrey Ed Jackson Gordon Jackson Joyce Jackson Charlene Jaffee Paul James Randy James Bob Jamieson Bob Jeffrey Kent Jensen Ginny Johnson Jane Johnson Larry Johnson Lincoln Johnson Lois Johnson Rick Johnson Sharon Johnson Steve Jones Linda Joseph Roger Joslyn Mike Jouganotos John Kamuf Elaine Kates Gayle Kelberlau Marvin Kelley Chris Kelly Richard Keys Jim Kidney Susan Killam Randy King Greg Kirkwood Terry Kline Wilson Koehler Vince Kohler Carol Krausgrill Linda Kreici Louise Kronick Janice Kwong Kent Lacin P T L ' E e Ggommsmo What a wild party' Steve Lambert Marilyn Langlois Doris Larsen Annell Larson Lindo Lofimer Mike Lovell! il Low Donno Lozier Deborah Lee Roy Lee X. Lyndo LeFrock Bruce LeVolley Ben Lev Don Leverry Dionne Lewicki Steve Lewis Mark Leyvo Don Liedike Kris Liedike Morie Limo Buck Linder Shelley Lindgren x fl X i MJUV ff QL ' xc' , Q, . LUV MW , L, 7 A I nywoy you. I 'em-still F165 n. NJ 1 l f M ll iff if Z M Q' i r x xx J I A Y Allie? lf My Xl SJ 05 Q L, HF JJ A W My Q A Dovid Lininger Tom Linn Mary Lippold Kathy Lisnmon Deon Liltleiohn Jim Livermore Mike Livingsion Ann Lofgren Jock Lorig Joon Lotto Diono Lowrey Carl Ludwig Bill Lund Don Lundberg Don Lyons Kcnhy Lyons Sandy Lyons Scot? Mooss Pete MacBride Mark Machado Kathy Mackey Sydney Mackey John MacKinnon Stewart MacLean Deann MacMurdo Tom MacRostie Sara Maddox Nancy Mahin Cherilyn Mandeles Randy March Agnes Marchmont Michelle Marenger Michele Margulis Roy Marks Carolyn Marr Judy Martin 2 .X V X L Decorating for the Freshman Dance. MQ, 94 te vegas Gt Rae Mary Martin Q Roger Mason Larry Massa Doris Mathews Linda Mathlsen Georgene Matranga Steve Mazza Melissa McBride Lester McDaniel Keith McGary Larry MCG-lade Tom McGouran Barry McGowan Jim Mci-ian Susan McHugh Donna ' McGrew Brucp McKay Dale McKeag XL, 1 Q5 We Freshman girls' Carol McLain Daveen McLain Ken McLane Ann McMorine Sharon Medlin John Meeks Linda Mefforcl Terry Meinzer Kathy Mello Paul Menconi Sue Menclerson John Mendosa Mark Merrill Steve Michael Brian Miller Glenn Miller Rob Miller Sharon Miller Sue Miller Jack Mingo Robert Mitchell Barbara Moffett Mike Monroe Teri Montgomery .lack Morgan Zack Morgan Patricia Morrow Dick Morton Judy Murch Tracy Murclen Angus Murray Rick Myers Pat Neufielcl Ron Niemeyer Don Noonan Ted Nordyke camp-out? grcshm lfl End U Mike O'Brien Paula O'Hop Kenyon Oliver Cathie Olson Clarence Olson Jim Olson leclawfiv Sue Rankin Bob Relat Steve Ress Tina Reynolds Larry Ribbeck Mike Rice Ron Oster Ben Ostroski Rusty Otto Jim Ough Larry Owen Sue Owens Pam Packard Sharon Packard Dan Painter June Palermo Ron Palmer Pam Pankey Nancy Parker Paula Parshall David Parvin Frank Payne Bill Pearson Ann Pease Anthony Pedersen Patricia Pentielcl Deborah Perkins Debbie Perry Mike Peters Carol Peterson Christine Phillips Marie Phillips Barney Picard Carter Pierce Linda Pommier Dick Porter Gary Powell Henry Powell Whitney Powell David Pratt Denise Probasco Christine Ralphs Looks like fun! X-' Let there be music, Elliott Ross Karen Rothhaupt Bill Rounds Canda Roush Sharie Rudnick David Sanchez Susan Sanders John Sarabale Cheryl Sarro Lorraine Sava Vicki Schaefer Tom Schauer Bill Schemel Brian Schleicher Kathy Schmidt Pam Schmitgal Steve Schoemig Trudy Schoenborn Brian Schonlank Jeff Schrader Peter Schreiter Fred Schroeder Bob Schultz Paul Schwan Susan Schwartz Briant Scott Diane Scott Janet Scott William Seabury Linda Selby Marcia Serpa Janice Shafer Linda Shannon Carol Shaw Suzanne Sherman Toni Shiurba Sunnee Shaft Steve Shurtleff Dennis Sienlciewicz Mary Silvernail Diane Simmons Nancy Simmons Pat Richter Sandra Ridenour Alvah Rogers Reg Rogers Bob Rollins- Carin Rosenquist Sally Thomson Terrie Tiegs Jacqueline Torre Jim Trainor Joanne Trowbridge Walter Tucker Eric Simoni Gary Simpson Brook Skillman Bruce Smith Carolyn Smith Jack Smith Jeff Smith Patty Smith Mark Snyder Nancy Snyder Gary Sobotka Steve Sockolov Diane Spalding Rene Spuller John Staak Kathie Stanton Roy Stenzel Pam Stillwell Don Stinghen Kristen Stinson Kathy Stoeker Bill Stokes Gary Stonehouse Susan Storla Del Story Linda Strickland Karen Strumillo Mark Sturges Shari Taillefer Marilyn Tatlock David Taxara Bob Taylor Criss Taylor Geralynn Taylor Fred Teichert Maureen Terry Pat Thomas Sharon Thomas Heidi Thompson Randie Thompson Shirley Thompson Bruce Thomsen This is the way we go to school- so early Monday morning! B---Q Sue Varney Glen Vedera Gaye Venables Linda Vincent Carole Vlahos Dianne Voet Karen Vorous Jordan Walker Sue Walker Doug Wallis Ann Walsh Craig Ward Steve Warren Karen Watts Marcella Weaver Dan Webber Paul Weber Mark Weidenman Carol Weigand Ron Wheatley Brent White Nicki White Porn White Dan Whitlock Judy Widmer Pat Wiese Sandy Wilkes Sandra Williams Patricia Williamson Craig Wilson Rusty Wilson Tom Wilson Jeff Winston Lynn Winston Greg Wittkop Mark Wohlfard Jim Woliver Mike Wood Nancy Worthen John Wozniak Bill Wright Don Wright Freshmen reach for new goals. Les Tussing Gary Tuthill Eric Vance Christine Vanciel Judy Vc1nDyke Rick Vanclerscheagen .wg h h Kathy Johnson KI. Carol McDonald Wy' ' Q " Inez Peper Tom Wunschelt Richard Yenovkian Susan Younger Larry Zeh Jo Ann Foote Janice Fuller Julie Graham Cathy Griggs Grant Hart Randy Hess Richard Holmes Stephanie Jarbow Freshmen . . . out of their tree? And finally the Big step up H Dr. if? ill? law 7 xl 5 s 3 his ' 3 l l . r l 1 l t, l gifs v i K 3 or Sli The pressing problems of The first clay of school. 138 Abbo H wel comes The closs of '66 To El Comino. .Sl Kami to if Mr. Bode gives Toro cr tour ofthe campus. me gain " . . .cznol with this team, how can we lose?" They're off and running at EI Camino The Wynners entertain at the first offer-game dance. Block E.C. operates concession stand. Transporting oneself from one intellectual session to another is invigorating, "lf elected. I promise . Chris Collis, Phil Moos, George Nungesser, onol John Vonce compete for the title of Whiskerino King. Nancy, Ann, Lynnoe, ond Kofhy bring buck mem cries of 1962. Mr. Montgomery presents to the El Comino student booly o bold eogle, o symbol of our school. 141 Sue Press proclaimed Queen of Ei Cominds 1962 Homecoming. ffomewwzing '62 The Queen cmd her court were presented with silver engraved bracele Our mon on The scene . , A couple enters the realm of "Golden Autumn." Refreshments were served The intermission entertainment was enioyed by ull, DeDe Thompson, our tocistmislress. Barbie gels made up for the Variety Show. Che 15' y Cap A real, live, dancing doll! 146 El Camincfs own prima ballerina. 1611 al Kaur! Presented 4 K i Princess Sue Guion Princess Carole Geckler Queen Sue Press Princess JOYFOH4 Princess Kczren Draffin Bobleslfaer runs for o first down. Eagles emerge from the locker-room ready to win. l48 Students eagerly await beginning ofthe game El Znnzino is' Cenfn ,llnnnnl ffornmnning Spectators congratulate the victorious team. U15 Qroufirzg "V J The Countrymen sing can original song for the Thanksgiving Assembly. Julie Barber looks on as Toro opens, ca gift. l52 A'Cc1ppellc1 sings ot the Christmas Assembly. Wafer Ente fainmcuf Everyone had cz present under the tree at the A.F.S. Ch party. ristl Jdents danced, awaiting the appearance of nta Claus. www! Jun Sandy and Jim take a turn around the dance floor Christmas tree, complete with lights, ornaments, and presents, was the center ttraction. - This year, a new idea was em- ployed for pictures. 153 Borbie Ronge ond Joon Ronkin work hard correcting ihe constitution iesfs. Jim Murden, Mike Rushton, Bob Moulds, Bob Sfewon, Don Cole, ond Bob compoign for Dick Upholf. fudcnf Eddy Hecfivrzs Brob i Doug Montgomery delivers his speech. 154 "President Kennedy's" bodyguords escort him to The do Jean Sfaack opens the door for Bob Krulish on "Be-Kind-to-Basket ball-Players Day." Sammi Our ,Mascot gives candy to deserving rooters. 'lima-v section suc as this is what helped EI Camino Award. Li 1161 lfaskefball Zvurmzmenf Songieaders show anxiety in cn tense moment. X 4- r Seniors pose in their "Sunday-go-To-meefin' Clothes." Scninr each Day r 5 m . . . others were more Informal. some Seniors dr T 157 N ww, ,, fi- M2 QW , 'MV 1 ' 'illiivke xc ,..g,44 W Q AE 'A ' 1 agua f . ig 1 'fl egg i ,QM -wa F nf? mar' '- I W mg- N' f X . ,Qiggwwsig 'Y'9fiQ1 - . 1 . . fa? ,M W ft 4-sw .K ui ' ' 1 2. L ws. fl 5 1 1, .5 'f 5 k we I S ,gf Q x g 1 w V 2 B 3 Q 11 I g ,, MX V ,dw K 'Le Leverty, Gwen Bates, Betsy Stephens, and Marin McPecik are the new Niels Hansen tens about Denmark ers for A.F.S. dl. Sf 52 Week Girls carry the blanket around for the traditional blanket-toss. , Toro talks about his country. i i Visitor from abroad. X., ww.-F 1. :S V .W X mg Sue Holden and Bob Lawson go for c jounf. D0 key Rick Wohle gullops in for cz Icy-up Alley-oop. ls this that new dance, the Jockossonova? There is a hush over the crowd and the contestants as they eagerly await the iudges' decision. Which one's the girl? Spring Antics EI Cc1mino's Representative in the contest takes o turn - . Twirp-bouno-we hope????? Ground the floor- 163 r 290144 Some Juniors get Together after The dance. ly ' "Oh no, not him again! The beginning of an unforgettable evening. Juniors swing again. in Seniors gather in the foyer of the El Dorado before dinner. Senivr 167111 Seniors recoil mony post memories os they owoif dinner. l i Cvjvurs !L411f1w1r 166 Seniors enioy on enchanting Senior Boll. Seniors enioy their last night together. Bill and Phyl arrive in great style Twisting the night away. 'U Urns: bring bnrk tnrrsc rnidnignts and tnrrse friends Chose glittering rnanncnts tnnt n spirit lends. " ,Yann ,flflnsrnrnt 'W Q .X W, ,QQ ,. ?f'fi-A J' if ., ,, fwiiiw S fh M 1 f 7???"?f?W MJD 1,53 .. :dn X -qw:-1 A w1f,,'figf:xf,-- My 1--Q.Mz,:x,, 1- .Q- 171 is 11 W' 1, if 1' Q" I , U fm .Ly Charlene Craver Patti Hunter Carole Cusanza ASSOCIATE EDITOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MANAGING EDITOR Special Feature Editor: Sue Perkins. Sports Editors: John Blanchard and Mike Cussens. Class Section Editors: Sitting: Norma Bredthauer and Anne Jensen, Seniors: Standing: Sue Guion, Sophornores: Linda Smith, Juniors: ond Patty Carr, Freshmen. ff Mr. Paul Lathrop Photographer: Chip White. ADVISOR Activities Editors: Jeanne Staack and Pam Guion. Advertising Editors: Carol Parker and Frances Ternus and Organization Editors: Julie Barber and Curriculum Editors: Joan Bauer and Linda Ashworth. Rowe. 51 Zamiuh Bob BFOOIKS Marilynne Mooney Nancy Deselms EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER MANAGING EDITOR The El Caminian, El Camino's newspaper, was established in 1950 as a mimeographed news sheet. lt soon graduated to its present form, a tour page I letter press tabloid. EI Caminian staffs have been leaders in the Central Valley Scholastic Jour- nalism Association and have been noted for their interest and active participa- tion at all conferences. Whenever the EI Caminian has ventured into the realm of competition, it has received recognition. Two recent awards were presented early this past year, both national in nature. The newspaper received a Second Place Editorial Excel- lence Award and S150 from the Kemper Insurance Company and an International First Place Award with the Quill and Scroll "A" for achievement from the Quill and Scroll Association. ln its thirteenth year of publication the El Caminian has continued to print , a praise-worthy paper for the student body. L Publicity Manager: Sue Press. News Editor: Kathy Jordan. Circulation Manager: Linda Gallaher. Feature Editor: Chris Lamb. Mr, George Studley ADVISOR Toriie Dopp, Cheryl Bickle. Sitting: Morilyn Chopmon, Phil Moncrief, Joon Rankin. The thinkers. Correspondent to the Bee: Dorrie Rutton Correspondent to the Union: Mimi Gro- motkv. Sports Editor: Jim Collins. Assistants: Jon Lompman, Jim Corkrum, Bob Huff. Ph : 'k ofogropher Mi e Dottoror. ,4 'dzppvlla ., ne 15 33 A'Cappella Choir, under The direcTion of Mr. EvereTT Faulkner, gained recogniTion as one of The To choirs of The area and was received by boTh The sTudenT body and The public wiTh greaT enThusiasm. The choir parTicipaTed in The Golden Empire Music FesTival and The Berkeley Singing FesTival Tor ac iudicaTion, The group also parTicipaTed in The UniversiTy of The Pacific Music Clinic, The VarieTy Show, Tl' Spring ConcerT, and numerous school assemblies. ChrisTmas caroling and singing for The ChrisTmas prc gram were Two oTher acTiviTies of A'Cappella. Membership in The organizaTion was limiTed To TiTTy-seven sTudenTs and was based on an audiTic held laTe In The spring. Maybe we'll like This music. ,Alto ROW: Bonnie Jones, Geri Fuller, Glenda Stewart, Sue Wixorn, Woodward, Sandi Williams. SECOND ROW: Carol Morrison, Cutler, Claudia Smith, Judy Petenbrink, Jan Smith. THIRD Betsy Stephens, Jeannie Staack, Lona Goodgame, Tommie Barbara Little, Mearna Smith. Hass Ccuar FIRST ROW: Mike Hess, Don Zufall, Vern Martin, Allen Grush. SEC- OND ROW: Stan Kalmbach, Steve Kalmbach, Jim Rudig, Dick Bohm- bach, Robert Bernstein. THIRD ROW: Dave Hansen, Bob Hilley, Jim Wilson, Sam Wood, Bruce Busch. opraua ROW: Ralph Fairfield, Kerry Tucker, Charles Hilde- FIRST ROW: Carolyn Marquis, Linda Jamtgaard, Carla Cantrell, Liz Haley, SECOND ROW: Mike Reithmueller, Bob Grow, Diane Hazel, Andrea Lilleland. SECOND ROW: Lynette Petersen, Gay Wood- Colburn, Dan Busch. ruff, Ande Adams, Kitty Ellis, Vicki Shick, Alaina Alcorn. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Landois, JoLinda Oxley, Jan Hardy, Dorothy Sims, Lila Jessup, Carol Kellison. I77 60 ce Drum Major: Gary Child. FLUTES Beverly Brown Chris Callis Divid Hash Roger Joslyn Pat Marks Tom Nettell Pat Richter Cheryl True OBOE Phil Callis BASSOON David Johnson CLARINETS Carol Chance Gerald Hardenburg Barbara Hass Doreen Herrilson Andy Hunt Denton Kimball Diana Kreici Elaine Lungren Joyce McLaughlin Margie Moe James Parkinson Leland Pratt Susan Primm Gerald Raucher Nancy Trowbridge Gary Voet Rich Williams Kathy Wohle ALTO CLARINETS Dale Mike BASS Ga ry Ga ry l Char Kimball Moore CLARINETS Goodpaster Messick es Jensen CONTRA BASS CLARINET James Bonseson SAXO PHONES Ricky Extrom Gerald Greer Steele Lamphier Steve Lishman Hy Young FRENCH HORNS Bruce Burket Larry Jack DeRoo McClain Robert Schauer Jay Yaudegis CORNETS 8- TRUMPETS Ga ry Ga ry Child Duerner Grover Hall and Perotti s Powers Ramseth l Short Smothers e Viets BONES Borsdorf Hickman Lungren Mann O'Connor Thomas Vance Weaver Black Clark Lunden 8- STRING BASS Carlton Gaskin McFarland Walton PERCUSSION Mac Foreman Dun Fuchs Lamont Keller William Winter Jacquie Wykoff DIRECTOR A, L. Hughes Ana Lax Q IT' Maiorettes: Diane Surette, Candy Cross, Susie Kerwick Voice Zfrainiug FIRST ROW: Beth Staiger, Eileen Piggot, Ellen Greeson, Lois Johnson, Cathy Hammel, Myrna Bastien. SECOND ROW: Alvah Rogers, Karen Herlin, Debby Lee, Sue Slagle, Geralynn Taylor, Cathy Carter. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Cheek, Teresa Bell, Joanne McLain, Barbara Cozzens, Jan Tatman, Susi Boggess. FOURTH ROW: Judy Leeds, Lorraine Apenhoff, Susan Streeter, Scarlette Williams, Ruth Bent, Peggy Sidlbatham. Girl ' Elzoru FIRST ROW: Olivia Guebara, Carol Howard, Bunny Burt, June Palermo, Donna Hoffart, Carol Hunter, Janene Gordon, Sherri Brewton Vicki LoDuke, Jane Johnson, Nancy Campbell, Teresa Bickle, Gail Ramsey, Ellen Tourville. SECOND ROW: Canda Lee Roush, Merrie An Blecha, Shari Taellefer, Marilyn Landay, Marcia Seupa, Linda Selby, Nancy Lyons, Gayle Jackson, Sharon Medlen, Teresa Bell, Camill Sartoy, Marie Phillips, Janet Hill. THIRD ROW: Cindy Shafer, Cheryl Robinson, Stephanie Beeson, Sheila Devine, Stephanie Jarchore Carol Wann, Karen Strumillo, Nancy Burks, Ann Pease, Sherry Kraushar, Sandy Lyons. FOURTH ROW: Donna Webster, Cheryl Green Cynthia Gray, Lynn Winston, Faye Portman, Darlene Richter, Dorthea Dougherty, Cathy Herd, Susan Browne, Nancy Worthen, Bonni Burtner, Lynne Holsinger, Carol Bernstein, Margaret Ferguson. Pop 1671 d FIRST ROW: Jim Bondeson, Larry Williams, Steve Lishmann, Gerald Greer. ROW TWO: Steven Thomas, director, Dennis Weaver, Bob Mann, Grover Call, Dean Hickman, Jackie Wycoff, John Walton. ROW THREE: Jim'Powers, Paul Perotti, Wayne Mactinger, Gary Childs, Lamont Keller. Jufcrmed Zzfe l6'a d FIRST ROW: Larry Williams, Patricia Herrilson, Carl Ludwig, Barry Holmes, Rick Meyers, Bob Miller, Terry Malone, Kathy Mackey, Ginger Magee, Mary Chernich, Nancy Simmons, David Hobbs, Terry Meinzer. ROW TWO: Wayne Mactinger, Roy Marks, Bruce Pettigrew, Mark Snyder, Dennis Hunt, Terry Latham, Phillip Fischer, Barney Pickard, Gerry Logan, Jim Rinehart, Bruce Thompsen, Pete Shreiter, Douglas Thomas, John Sarabale, Al Sessarego, Jim Trainer, Gordon Jackson. ROW THREE: Gracie McDonald, Barb Clark, Bob Relat, Bill Hoffman, Bruce Le Valley, Richard Keys, Bill Green, Dick Goodwill, Gerry Becker, Sieve Clark, Jeff Rosen, Steve Vincent, Jeff Meyer, John Clift, Scott Durgin, Dan Cambell, Frank Henderson, Dennis Hunt. Kzzlyornia Katie! 601,17 . The l6TH Battalion of the California Cadet Corps was established at El Camino to develop leadership and discipline. This organization which is divided into three training groups, Company "A", Company "B" and "Head Quarters" was unique because all drills and instruction were lead by the students participating in the program. The areas emphasized by the Cadet Corps included rifle marksmanship and safety, lead- ership, administration, physical training, map read- ing, and Military Police training. California Cadet Corps contributed a valuable service to the school by patroling traffic at all school functions, presenting the colors at football games, Colonel Thomas Armstrong Battalion Heads: Roy Chastain, Batt. Adi.: Dave Johnson, Batt. CO.: Dennis Weaver, Batt. Ex. Officer. Military Police, Kneeling: Floyd Moore, Larry Ellenson, Larry Zeh, Chuck McCarty, Wilfred Tonn, Steven Hardesty. Standing: Bob Noah, Gary Davis, Donald Wood, Thomas Carrato, Charles Depp, John Pommier, George Phillips, Patrick Sutcliffe, Commander, .. ,., and representing El Camino in regional competition. Color Guard: Thomas Carrato, Patrick Sutcliffe, Ste hen Drew, and Steven Hardesty. i ' T ..:-:ti-til, - it . tri- ii. into 1: :::f.i,.:,f,t.i:tim f ig. iw Mill i: fill it :itil t'l,lliS:tff2tiiti' i ffrlirfisfwiitsiifdtl . gzrlhfilfiift r X ll lelillli 2 ,Y r .255 i ,' '-,jz?V "Nil g : 'Til' A ,, lfflz i' r, . . A ti gt : :i0 J if R mfr sf. 9 it :fl fr 4 c if tg: ' - t ggiitiiiriiji i .i,-sat, 4 ,, ' w siiffii? f l irt , 15i!ag'f""'ii1 .3ifvlz,,, i T i if itliii .tt:2fffg, ri, - ' it V- - ' 'J We 4 45,5 turf: ,., 5 ,, -,.., -I s v- ,e,::t,,gi f. 4' ie t. A' ,t .iz kW "W1ff3it-,iiilv fi 3ii1E2Sli3Sgit :, 'll ilFliZ5,1f.giigii is " :5tA:IrfQZfi,S t : .tit tf5?fi'l? :" If," gh' .. i S Q , it U l tif M X r R : S Battalion Staff: Gary Davis, Terry Hay, Donald Wood, Sutcliffe, Gayland King. SECOND ROW: Ray Goodgame, Smothers, John Pommier, VARSITY RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW: Jerry Ayers, Steve Drew, Pat Sutt- cliffe, Larry Medlin, Gary Davis. SECOND ROW: Victor Menchaca, John Pommier, Floyd Moore, Dave Johnson, Bob Noah, Dennis Weaver, and Don Wood. JUNIOR VARSITY RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW: Wilfried Tonn, Larry Ellenson, Tom Carrato, Dean Hickman, Edgar Tonn, SECOND ROW: WiII Winter, Steve Hardesty, Steve Weems, Frank Hubbell, Allen Grush, Howard Mack, John Spivak. "B" RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW: Randy Hess, Seth Aicklin, Paul Kohler, Richard Davis. SECOND ROW: Pqul Lonnquisr, Larry Zeh, Rick Bell, Dave Lininger, Chuck McCarty, James Kidney, Steve Heitmann. dzdcts COMPANY COMMANDERS Victor Menchaca, Gary Davis, Jerry Ayers. i l "A" COMPANY Company Commander: Victor Menchaca. Gui- don Bearer: Seth Aicklin. First Squacf: Steve Lewis, Dave Berner, Rick Bell, Paul Lonnquist: Second Squad: Larry Medlin, Chuck McCarty, Richard Davis, Larry Zeh. Third Squad: Paul Koehler, Dave Lininger, Steve Heitmann, Bill Hoak. Fourth Squad: Bob Noah, Randy Hess, Bruce Burket, James Kidney. "B" COMPANY Company Commander: Jerry Ayers, Guidon Bearer: Will Winter. First Squad: Jeff Wickum, Allen Grush, Mike Tucker, John Spivak. Second Squad: George Kidney, Gerry Greer, Wilfried Tonn, Dean Hickman. Third Squad: Tom Car- rato, Howard Mack, George Phillips, Edgar Tonn, Steve Drew. Fourth Squad: Bob Brown, Steve Harciesty, Frank Hubbell, Larry Ellenson, Steve Weems. Krzdiv 51110 The promotion of the understanding of electronics was the main function ofthe Radio Club. As a money making proiect, the organization repaired radios. The members' other activities included building radios, and learning Morse Code in order to quality for their Amateur Radio Operators licenses. Membership in the group, led by president Charles MacKenzie, was open to all students interested in electronics. :IRST ROW: Bill Jenkins, Paul Menconi, Rusty Campbell, Kent Ewing, Jim Delehanty, Larry Hoffman, Tom Martin, Ed Prorok, Ken Tucker. SECOND ROW: Bill Schemel, Dan Enroth, Gerald Becker, Steve Knight, Steve Chance, Jim Livermore, Charles Mackenzie, Bruce Colburn, Rick Blau, Larry DeRoo, Steve Sockoloo, Dave Fimgi, Richard Davis. 185 ffrzgle ,Artists 0 0 Participation in art workshops cmd art seminars, several field trips and student art exhibits were the high points of the Eagle Artists' year. V Requisite for membership in this organization was a year of art, the recommendation of an art instructor, and ya "B" I average in art classes. f Q 5- The Eagle Artists' president was Susan Bobbin, who -T L,i,l. constantly helped. to further the club's main function of Q5 advancing the appreciation of artistic endeavor. C' Q, c, FIRST ROW: Kathy Danforth, Kathy Mohr, Cheryl Lundstrom, Paula Sharick, JoAnne Lausmann, Judi Beaton, Pam Shaw, Nanci Potts, Looper, Sandy Huffman. SECOND ROW: Gigi DiOrio, Andrea Machen, Susan Bobbin, Tim Williams, Jan Hogshead, Lynn Annigoni Meckfessel, Cheryle Wharton, Joan Bauer, Jana Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Merrie Blecha, Karen Anselmo, Millie Young, Betty Grizzelle, Strand, Barbara Buchler, Chris Phillips, Patty Carr, Cathy Logomarsino, Sue Bazzaroni. FOURTH ROW: Bob Stephan, Ann Long, Clark, Dick Geer, Bill Coombs, Greg Gray, Barbara Smith, Jan Hardy, Sherie Kinnell, Jim Spriggs, Pam Barton. 186 1670 k 86 Block EC, El Camino's varsity let- terman's club, was established pri- marily as a service organization to further improve the school's sport program. The Fall-dinner-initiation banquet, a trip to see an outstanding sports event, and the Spring picnic were the highlights of the club's year. The group elected Bob Lawson to be this year's president. The Block EC concession booth was a busy place. FIRST ROW: Mike Evans, Dave Moulton, Greg Vervais, Russ Williams, Jeff Brown, Terry White, George Sepavovich, Dan Busch, Bob Johnson, Steve Kalmbach, Jim Powers, Bill Anderson. SECOND ROW: Jerry Lundblad, Bob Lesher, Don Parvin, Roger Lang, Jerry Markel, Ray Threlkeld, Jim Parkinson, Robert Grix, Chuck Colburn, Fred Kohls, Mel Peters, Bruce Kahl. THIRD ROW: Bob Lawson, Jim Rudig, Randy Graham, Mike Pollock, Larry Hoffman, Jon Countryman, Jerry Silker, Doug Montgomery, Gary Duerner, Rich Williams Dick Kassis Jim Olson. FOURTH ROW: Rusty Ertle, Bob Brooks, Mike Cussen, Roy Vogel Bill Coombs, Eric DeGooyer, Bob Krulish, Terry Patterson, Bob James, Chris Collis, Dan Kelly. 18 7 "Now hear This!" Kelly dfmmiff c Membership in The Rally CommiTTee was open Ti any iunior or senior who earned adequaTe poinTs ii Honor Pep Club or who had an applicaTion approver by The presiding Rally officers and advisors. Rally worked To promoTe school spiriT aT games rallies, and aT school. The members planned and par TicipaTed in The rallies, wore Their ouTfiTs on game days Took charge of TournamenTs, and assisTed The cheer leaders wiTh The roofing secTion. The organizaTion was limifed To TwenTy persons anc The foreign exchange sTudenT and was enThusiasTicallj led by chairman KaThie Jordon. FIRST ROW: Kathie Jordan, Nancy Deselms, Karen Draffin, Jan SmiTh, Joy Walkup, Marren McPeak, SherieAKinnell, Vicki Shick, Charle Craver, Tina Bernstein, Phyllis Person, Dorrie Ru1Tan. SECOND ROWE Tim Williams, George HarT, Bill Anderson, Dan Mix, Stan ChrisTense Michael Stinson, Soeforo, Bob Maffeoli. the advisors and presiding officers of Rally. H0 ar 29,11 Klub , C The Honor Pep Cub was a spirit and service organ- ization limited to fifty girls. The members were selected on the basis of an application which was evaluated by The club's activities included helping with card tricks and tournaments, decorating goal posts, selling pom-poms, and increasing school spirit by wearing their outfits on game days. This year the club was led by Anne Jensen, presi- ent. Aw come on, take twol L l ST ROW: Carol Corby, Bonnie Andrews, Paula Hendricks, Kathy Faraclas, Patty O'Hop, Judi Beaton, Leni Burdman, Melinda Briggs, Linda Kenzie, Sandy Shults. SECOND ROW: Barbara Little, Mardie Rowe, Andrea Machen, Linda Ashworth, JoAnn Di Clementine, Barbara rnel, Judy Boyles, Lynne Meckfessel, Barbara Nugent, Sue Hazel, Karen Schwaner. THIRD ROW: Jenny Jones, Kathy Cook, Linda Fagot, e Adams, DeDe Thompson, Cheryl Bickle, Mary Moulton, Anne Jensen, Christy Brokenshire, Carol Finnstrom, Jan Cate, Jeanette Sted- n, Carol Kellison, FOURTH ROW: Kathy Steres, Carol Lewis, Patty Carr, Gwenne Bates, Patti Hunter, Shirley Odom, Betsy Stephens, bara Smith, Linda Reischmann, Michelle Robison, Suzette Curtis, Kathy Sienkiewiez. Zalzforuia Sclmlzzrslzzjv 9 dc afivu Members of the California Scholarship Federation. an organization which recognizes the superior student, were required to maintain a grade average of ten points. New members were inducted at a Fall coffee hour and at a Spring banquet. This year's organization, led by president Margy Knapp, consisted of ap- proximately sixty-five members. The members tutored other students, and had concession booths at the carnival and at the basketball games. The club partici- pated in the regional conference for C.F.S. and was greatly assisted in all activities by their advisors, Miss Thomas and Mrs. Nordberg. FIRST ROW: Laurie Viets, Sue Copeland, Sharon Kerdus, Leni Burdman, Nancy Deselms, Barb Range, Kathy Doule, Sandy Howard, S Grendon, JoAnne Lausmann, Claudia Padillo, Paula Hendricks, Karen Girard. SECOND ROW: Judi Beaton, Peggy Primm, Cheryl Tru Rich Dunk, Barbara Taylor, MaryJean McKelvy, Margy Knapp, Vicki Shick, Susan Bobbin, Jeffrey Leon, Karen Clements, Charlene Crav Linda Walls, Geri Fuller. THIRD ROW: Patty Carr, Carol Lewis, Gwenne Bates, Dan Nix, Robert Dritz, Sam Wood, Charles Clemmense Mike Moore, Nan Trowbridge, Jean Haglin, Diane Funder, Claudia Smith. FOURTH ROW: Rusty Campbell, Bob Lawson, Rusty Ertl Peter James, Tom Morris, Randy Graham, Bruce Kahl, Greg Rodgers, Lindsay Blackman, Doug Montgomery, Jeff Speich, Bob Shiurb Dick Bohmboch, Dick Kassis. afiamzl Jin ar Sncicfy The El Camino chapter of the National Honor Society was established ten years ago. Since that time, membership has become a much sought after goal. Invitation to the organization was on a point basis with points given for scholastic standing, leadership qualities, and outstanding citizenship. The club, led by president Laurie Constantine, raised enough money to provide the annual SIOO scholarship to one of its deserving members. This past school year has been a very successful one for the National Honor Society. RST ROW: Toni Freeman, Karen Girard, Sue Johnson, N D I , , ancy ese ms Leah Soltar, Laurie Constantine, Margaret Lewicki, Sue Copeland da White, Laurie Viets. SECOND ROW: Barbara James, Joyce McLaughlin, Carmela Costa, Karen Clements, Susan Babbin, Geri Fuller, Ann Di Clementine, Judy Boyles, Kathy Cook, Joan Bauer, Patty O'Hop, Barb Range, Denise McGarrity. THIRD ROW: Linda Walls, eryl True, Vicki Shick, Jenny Jones, Sandy Schwenk, Carol Lewis, Jean Haglin, Tammie Healey, Karen Kennedy, Peggy Primm, Connie cy, Joy Walkup, Margy Knapp, Charlene Craver. FOURTH ROW: Nan Trowbridge, Shirley Jensen, Jeffrey Leon, Mike Moore, Dan Nix, bert Gunther, Dennis We v D W d b ' ' ' ' ' a er, on oo , Bo Dritz, Rusty Campbell, Joel Boyd, Pat Sutcliffe, Mimi Gramatky. FIFTI-I ROW: Lindsay ckman, Peter James, Randy Rall, Dan Terry, Dale McGrew, Doug Montgomery, Jeff Speich, Bruce Kahl, Greg Rodgers, Frank Geddes. erman 61116 The German Club was formed for The sTudenT enrolled in German who was eager and inTeresTed in developing a greaTer undersTanding of The German culTure and language. A ChrisTmas party fashioned aTTer German TradiTion, films and special speakers were highlights of The club's year. Among The club's acTiviTies was The annual carnival booTh. President Bob Olberg contributed greaTly To The organizaTion's success. FIRST ROW: George Berry, Don Liedike, Kathy Bloch, Pam Richter, Jack Morgan, Don Lundberg, Penny Richter, Barbara Hass, Debbie Perkins, George Dibble. SECOND ROW: Kathy Mackey, Wilfried Tonn, Bob Byers, Karen Wrenn, Kathy Steres, Mary Ellen Weston, John Karmuf, Gracie McDonald, Edgar Tonn, Liz Conner, Jon Hooper. THIRD ROW: Mike Hamilton, Robert Kamuf, Gary Goodpaster, Dennis Gannon, Bruce Colburn, Michael Stinson, Jeff Gibson, Rick Johnson, Larry RothhaupT, Fred Teichert. FOURTH ROW: Randy March, Dan Fucjis, Norman McClung, Jim Wilson, Randy Graham, Bill Coombs, Dick Geer, Jim Bale, Cliff Mathis, Kelly Jensen, Ken Armstrong, Tom Bir . 192 ,Cafiu Klub The main activity of The Latin Club was The Roman Banquet held on the ldes of March. AT This activity first year Latin students were lowered to the station of slaves. The organization also participated in The AFSL Latin Exam, which was given throughout The nation. President Jim Murden led The club which consisted of The Latin II students who maintained a class grade of "B" or better and all third and fourth year Latin students. 1 1 -..i,...... FIRST ROW: Charles Hildebrant, Paula Hendricks, Pam Ervin, MarvJean McKelvy, Judi Beaton, Beth Livezey, Joan Subry, Kathy Doyle, Barb Range, Andi Greisler, Candi Ellis, Karen Girard. SECOND ROW: Margy Knapp, Cheryl True, Rich Dunk, Sue Halconb, Alice Green- berg, Gwenne Bates, Jenny Jones, Jan Cate, Dan Busch, Ande Adams, Bonnie Bergmann, Edward Smith-Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Bob Huff, Conrad Paul, Bob Chambers, Carol Small, Jim Ferguson, Pete Braun, Ed Moe, Gary Cowan, Charles Clemmensen, Marren McPeak Steve Ch b G - ' ' am ers, ary Vos-T. FOURTH ROW. Steve Lucia, Gary Duerner, Jim Murden, Kevin Krausgrill, Don Wood, Jim Ballard, Bob Lovering, Dan McCarty, Chris Collman, Dick Bohmbach. 193 .Quill and Sc all STudenTs who were eiTher iuniors or seniors in The Top Third of Their class and who had done superior work in some phase of iournalism were eligible for membership in The El Camino chapTer f'NYE"NW0NAL of Quill and Scroll, inTernaTional iournalism socieTy. The main TuncTion of The organizaTion was The recogniTion of J ouTsTanding sTudenT iournalisTs, however, The club, Through var- ious money making proiecfs, provided summer Training scholar- ships Tor The eoliTors of The El Caminian and Aerie. The leadership of presidenf Linda Gallaher conTribuTed grec1Tly To The club's success. FIRST ROW: Bob Brooks, Jim Collins, Mike Cussen, Chris Lamb, Mimi GramaTky, Cheryl Bickle, Patti Hunfer, SECOND ROW: Carole Cuscnza Karhie Jordon, Sue Press, Marilynne Mooney, Morgy Knapp, Nancy Deselems, Dorrie RuTTon. 194 l l Hee. J Sf' 130 Hidalgo Los Hidalgos, national Spanish honor society, derived its name from the word "hidalgos" which means nobleman. Membership was open to any third and fourth year Spanish student and, by invitation, to outstanding Spanish Il students. The g'roup's activities included a Christmas party fashioned after a Spanish fiesta, participation in the carnival, and informa- tive meetings held entirely in Spanish. Linda White was the club's president. IRST ROW: Margaret Lewicki, Karen Kennedy, Barb Alpert, Dianne Smith, Carol Lewis, Linda Walls, Barbie Buzzinl Sue Copeland Linda ilh't . SECOND RO : ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ie W Richard Nyquist, Don Nomni, Dan Cole, Dan Terry, Jim Collins, Rusty Campbell, Dan Nix, Mike Moore The day before. Production Class prepares advertisements for Fall play. Drama Z7 rfducfim FIRST ROW: Connie Phillips, Terry Looper, Laurie McCullough, Kathy Doyle, Sandy Howard, Laurie Constantine, Sandi Williams, Mer Powers. SECOND ROW: Barbara James, Marty Morgan, Colleen Mitchell, Rebecca Barron, Daniel DelPriore, Diane Funder, Virginia Hilal brandt, Maureen Jepsen, Merridee Whitten. THIRD ROW: Ralph Smith, Stephen McGee, Melanie Harris, Michael Dottarar, Ros Scott, Micha Hess, Allen Hubbert, Mike Stinson, Corkey Massey, Paul Costa. 51 Erzmimr Zflzespiau The VarieTy Show, The Late Christopher Bean, and The Crucible were all presenTed Through The eTTorTs of The ProducTion Class which consisTed of advanced drama sTudenTs. Members of This group also parTicipaTed in The Chico Shakespear- ian FesTival, and The SacramenTo STaTe College Lenaea FesTivaI. The El Camino NaTional Thespian SocieTy was a drama socieTy for The drama sTudenTs who had gained enough poinTs by working on one of El Camino's maior producTions or iTs equivalent Spring Time saw The inducfion of many producfion class members To The socieTy. This year's presidenT was Ralph SmiTh. FIRST ROW: Terry Looper, Laurie ConsTanTine, Merry Powers, Paul CosTa. SECOND ROW: Barbara James, Laurie McCul- lough, Gail Mullins, Virginia HildebrandT, Merridee WhiTTen, David Lungren. THIRD ROW: STephen McGee, Ralph SmiTh, S W d ' ' ' am oo , Ross ScoTT, Michael Hess, Allen Hubberf, Michael Stinson, Steve Thomas. .197 ,Mu ,Mvlza Zflzem Mu Alpha TheTa, naTional maThemoTics honor socieTy, was formed To recog- nize The sTudenT who had a "B" in all subiecTs as well as in maThemaTic courses and who had been a member of The MaTh Club for a semesTer. Under The leadership of presidenT Joel Boyd, The club's carnival booTh and sporT concession sfands proved To be greaT money makers. The club concluded iTs year wiTh a special awards meeTing. FIRST ROW: Dan Nix, Joel Boyd, Charlene Craver, Don Nonini, Lindsay Blackman, Charles MacKenzie, Bob Dufz. SECOND ROW: Pat SuTcliffe Don Wood, Mike Derania, Bill Jenkins, Hy Young, Ray Buttoccivoli, Geri Fuller. Math 61116 One of The largest clubs aT El Camino This year was The MaTh Club wiTh abouT forty members in atTendance aT each meeting. Any sTudent who was inTeresTed in maThemaTics and who aTTended Three consecuTive meefings could become a member. The club parTicipaTed in local maThemaTics conTesTs as well as in naTional compeTiTion. AT The special awards meeTing Two 375.00 scholarships were given To The Two senior members who were judged The mosT acTive in The organiza- ion's acTiviTies. Jeff Speich led The club Through iTs many Tuncfions. FIRST ROW: Dennis Gannon, Tom Bird, Robert Bernstein, Pat Sutcliffe, Charles Depp, Ray Buttacavoli, Frank Fasolo, Bob Byers, Charles Clemmense. SECOND ROW: Joel Boyd, Charles MacKenzie, Steve Lucia, Eddy Stafford, Lindsay Blackman, Chi Hamilton, John Vance, Kevin krausgrill, Jeff Speich, Dan Nix, Bob Shiurba, Steve Gulick, Dick Gomm. THIRD ROW: Grant Hart, Jim Livermore, Jeff Leon, Diane Funder, Swenne Bates, Ellice Greenberg, Cherie Podva, James Bondeson, Ralph Burch, STeve Drew, Tim Williams. FOURTH ROW: Mark Snyder, Sharon Kerdus, Terry Looper, Kathy Doyle, Paula Sharick, Geri Fuller, Charlene Craver, Gail Ramsey, Sandy Howard, Paula Hendricks, nalrgalget Lewicki, Bob Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Bob Dufz, Peter James, Don Wood, Greg Rodgers, Randy Rall, Bill Coombs, George Nungesser, i e eran' T M ' ' ' ' ' ' ia, om orns, Bill Jenkins, Dennis Weaver, Don Nonini, Walt Mann. 5'uture Kusincss Leaders of America Any sTuclenT who had Taken Two years of busi- ness Training was elig- ible Tor membership in This club. The club's goal was To inTeresT sTudenTs in The pursuiT of a business ca- reer. To achieve This goal, The members Took field Trips and inviTed leading businessmen of The communiTy To speak To The group. Jean SmiTh, presidenT, led The organizaTion in iTs various TuncTions. indent erfficc Orgrznizativu The STudenT Service OrganizaTion was Torm- ed To promoTe school spiriT as well as To con- TribuTe a valuable serv- ice To The school. Mem- bership was IimiTed To TifTeen sTudenTs who had a "C" scholasTic average and a "B" ciTizenship average. Helping wiTh The man- agemenT 'of a smooTh running caTeTeria was The main TuncTion of The organizaTion. Lyn BurkeTT was The commissioner and was a non-voTing member of The ExecuTive Board. 200 FIRST ROW: Jane Pemberton, CaThy Hammel, Eileen Piggoff, Mary Jo Taylor, Judy Vereude Jean Smith SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Hughes, Pat Scheer, Barbara I-lunTer, Carol Arbini, Whitney Powel Lillian Nq Valerie Brackney, Lynne Burkef, Diana Booth, and Karen Strumillo 81 Krzmimf - jllfllfl is' The EI Camino-Ann's was established This year To Train girls in poise, make- up, dress, posture, grooming, and The basics of modeling. This organization also placed an emphasis on The proiect "Strengthening Our Education For Future Roles." Carmela Costa, president, helped To set a firm foundation Tor The club's future. Membership was open To any girl who was interested in self-improvement. FIRST ROW: Linda Grosz, Canda Lee Roush Kathi Helm, Cath Hamm I C l , y e, armea Costa, Lois Utterback, Snaron Thomas, Jonene Gordon, Karen Buchanan, Dianne Voet. SECOND ROW: Linda Waite, Kathy Halman, Gigi DiOrio, Nancy Corrura, Linda McKenzie, Jeanne Lovering, Nancy Lyons, Cathy Chapo,' Patti Campbell, Natalie Goff, Kristen Stinson. THIRD ROW: Connie Long, Becky Coy, Mary Moulton, Ann McMoind, Patsy Metton, Barbara Ambrose, Sandi Williams, Mary Ellen Weston, Inez Peper, Judy VanDyIie, Sharon Gray, Diane Kazangi. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Carlton, Bonnie Burtner, Jeanne Holtz, Barbara' Scott, Nancy Worthen, Pat Scheer, Gwenne Bates, Cindy Shafer, Heidi Holmes, Betty Grizzelle, Carol Arbini, Mary Silvermail. .201 ff "-. fl X CLUQI FIRST ROW: Rich Kirkpatrick, Bud Twilling, Greg Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Chris Bangs, Thomas Glaski, Frank Fasolo, David Johnson. Key 61116 The EI Camino Key Club, sponsored by the Suburban Kiwanis Club, was open to any boy who wished to provide a service to his school and community without compensation. In the past years the Key Club has helped to sponsor the foreign exchange student. This year the club, under the leadership of David Johnson, continued this contribution by selling programs at all home football games and donating the profits to the Foreign Exchange Student Program. ,ff"w E fx Q S E X l N L X il X X4:,1f" .f GG QS FIRST ROW: Ellice Greenberg, Greg Rodgers, Mike Cripe, Wayne Sfokes W -31,0 E E ui A Science Seminar Science Seminar consisied of srudenis who wanied To gain advanced Training in laborafory techniques or who desired To do individual re- search. Leukemia, cancer, ageing faciors, bacieriol- ogy, and genetics were The Topics ground which the organizaTion's acrivifies were centered. Membership was by invirafion only and was based entirely on a ieacher's recommendaTion. 203 4 wma Affair ew The World Affairs Club was one of El Ca- mino's largest organizations. The club, under The direction of a special committee, was divided into Tvvo working bodies, the A.F.S. Group and the U.N. Group. The World Affairs,Club was founded to develop a greater interest in the present world conditions. The work was carried out in The A.F.S. Exchange program and The Model United Nations at Berkeley. A Christmas party, a birthday party for Toro, A.F.S. week, The annual A.F.S. assembly and dance highlighted The past club year. A cookie and coffee concession during night school along with booths at games helped the members raise Their necessary funds. FRONT: Gwenne Bates, Sec. of World Affairs Club: Mike Cripe,! Pres. of World Affairs Club, Mindy Myers, Chairman of U.N.l Committee. BACK: Geri Fuller, Chairman of Foreign Student Committee, Chris Johnson,'Tres. World Affairs Julie Barber, Vice Pres. World Affairs Club. Oi Q FIRST ROW: Joy Walkup, Anna Skalbeck, Suzette Curtis, Patty Carr, Lynn Winston, Jackie Chamberlain, Pam Pankey, Karen Chamber lain, Cheryl, Bickle, Dolores Peck, Debbie Widmer, SECOND ROW: Carol Finnstrom, Claudia Smith, Cathy Herd, Lana Woodland, Kath Steres, Dianne Smith, Pam Peasley, Chris Bachtolt, Karen Anselmo, Connie Tracy, Laurie Henderson. THIRD ROW: ,Terri Danellan, Janic Backer, Mimi Gramatky, Pete Braun, Clebe Livinston, Doug Thomas, Bill Doughty, Roy Chastain, Terry Hay, Doug Kauffman, Tin Cosenza, Betsy Stephens. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Stokes, Steve Lucia, Ross Scott, Bob Heley, Gene Leverty, Bill Coombs, Linda Crip Stanley Christensen, Michael Hess, Jim Rudig, Terry Filliman. , Night school concession income helps promote purpose of World Affairs Club. he interesting dress of Indonesia was shown n Toro's pictures. 450 O IRST ROW- Debbie Perkind Laurie Constant'n K' t . , i e, rms en Stinson, Beth Arnold, Sue Grendon, Louise Kronick, Teresa Bickle, Terry Looper, ue Co eland Fr e F p , an ce austman. SECOND ROW: Carol Parker, Joan Bauer, Maryiean McKelvy, Annette Georgakakos, Connie Rector, aren Clements, Kandy Hoban Mearna Smith Marren McPeak Lan tt M Cl l , , , e e c ure, Paua Sharick, Patty O'Hop. THIRD ROW: Nancy hamdler, Vicki Schaefer, Kathy Lishman, Pot Richter, Nancy Parker, Cheryl Houlton, Guylene Taylor, Sandy Lyons, Peggy Hutchison, inda Ashworth, Lynne Siefer. FOURTH ROW: Betsy Cutler, Colleen Mitchell, Jacquie Wykoft, Genie Nott, Barb Alpert, Mary Moulton, arbara Kimmel, Kathy Jacobs, Vicki Shtck, Phylis Person, Jana Reynolds, Jan Harris, Jan Vayder. Erchan e fudenfs I came across The Pacific Ocean from The Far EasT counTry of Indonesia and I found my communiTy and family To be very friendly and warm. AT EI Camino I was very surprised aT STudenT GovernmenT, school spiriT, and acTiviTies of sTudenTs making Their school an ouTsTanding one. ExciTing fooTbalI and baseball games are sporTs you cannoT find in my counTry. These Things will re- main in my mind long afTer I have reTurned home. I am very Thankful I was chosen an A.F.S. Exchange STudenTg The opporTun- iTy has made me realize ThaT The Things we find differenT in oTher counTries and people come noT from The hearT buT from The cul- Ture, hisTory and TradiTion of The land. SoeToro Dick Upholf Toro and Dick discuss school problems. IT has been said ThaT There are only Two Types of people in This world: Those ThaT you like and Those ThaT you don'T know. From my experiences in Norway as an American Field Serv- ice STudenT Abroad, I can hearTily agree wiTh ThaT TruTh. IT is The purpose of The American Field Service To help promoTe world peace Through undersTanding. I feel very forTunaTe To have been able To Take parT in This program, and I am very graTeful To El Camino High School for giving me The wonderful opporTuniTy. G.f4.,4. Any girl at El Camino who had a "C" or above in Physical Education and h h w o s owed an interest in participation in sports was eligible tor membership in the Girls' Athletic Association. Bowling, tennis, and swim the group which was led by Margaret Lewicki this year. The group took part in y the intramural competition as well as in athletic contest ming were among the sports participated in by s with other schools. FIRST ROW: Sally Elkington, Kathy Sienkiewig, Peggy Siclebotham, Rosharon Koyle, Pat Elmore, Sandy Breuner, Carol Weigand, Cindy Kane, Kathy Wohle. SECOND ROW: Kathy Stoecker, Sue Woodward, Mary Lippold, Diana Lourey, Sharon Gray, Barbara Lee, Deann MacMurdo, Margaret Lewicki, Canda Lee Roush, Laurie Viets. . . Evmmiff 6 IRST ROW: Laurie Viets, Paula Hendricks L ' B d , en: ur man, Judi Beaton, Joyce McLaughlin, Cindy McCluskey, Sue Copeland, Denise cGarrity. SECOND ROW: Ann Gillam, Carol Bernstein, Margaret Ferguson, Linda Walls, Bob Rollins, Grace McDonald, Margy Knapp, inda Weber. THIRD ROW: Gail Ramsey, Alice Greenberg, Cleve Livingston, Don Wood, Wayne Stokes, Terry Filliman, Jean Hagelin, Iarmela Costa. Q 5 2 i 1 1 if 1 - . ,, ,,:,X,.,,,,v f,,.- , ,k,. .,,,. A ,1 A ..,,V,, . Vkt. .,-, VV., M V. , 3 ,, f,.,,,,,- :,,,,y ,..,, ,L.f .Q L,k.,k,V..- , -,3,,,-L,-fm... 3 1 S256 Q5 SZ B1 'Q 'f432'Q3'1QS5 .ag , q Q q i Il ik ,, ' .1 Z5 V'jz ?i V A,,, 6 QF if Bs HAL ATHON Head Coach BOB SPRINGER Backfield Coach mf BOB TOWERS Line Coach if-,M Harry Machen kicks an extra point against La Sierra in The Iasf game of The year. 212 RUSTY ERTLE TERRY FILLIMAN Senior, Quarterback, Senior, Halfback Captain, All-League Eagles - 34 Pacers - I4 The mighty Eagles of El Camino began their 1962 Football Season in style, by defeating The Grant Union Pacers 34 To 14. El Camino was led bythe brilliant running of halfback Bob Lesher, and wingback Mel Peters on offense and by The aggressive attitude of linebacker iBob Lawson on defense. El Camino gained a ToTal of 326 net yards with The fleet footed Lesher and Peters packing The ball for 240 yards. The Eagles rugged defense contained The Metropolitan League Champions to 101 yards. A Twelve yard Harry Machen To Dale MacGrew pass started The Eagle scoring early in The first quarter. In The second quarter Lawson recovered a Grant fumble on The Pacer eighteen yard line. Mel Peters then was able To streak over for The second score. Machen also carried The ball over on a bootleg in The second quarter. The Eagles went score- less in The Third period but Grant had one breakaway run which tallied a score for Them. ln The fourth quarter Rusty Ertle raced for a forty-Three yard TD, The final score was made by Lesher who ran in from seven yards out. BOB LAWSON Senior, Center, Captain, All-City, All-League, All Northern California JIM RUDIG Junior, Guard, All-League Bob Lesher, Eagle halfback, being liTerally dragged down by a Grant player. MEL PETERS RICK WOHLE HARRY MACHEN 59f1i0l', VV1HQbGCk Senior, Tackle Junior, Quarterback FRANK LIMA Senior, Guard faglcs - O Huskies - O For The second year in a row The Eagles and The Reno High School Huskies have baTTled Two games inTo Ties. ln 1961 .iT was a 19-19 dead- lock and This year iT had a O-O ouTcome. The Huskies were able To conTain The powerful Eagle running aTTack To only 150 yards. On The oTher hand The defending Nevada STaTe Cham- pions, who could go nowhere on The ground due To The immovable Eagle defense, Took To The air and Tallied up 98 yards passing To The Eagle's eighfeen yards Through The air. The Eagles made several ThreaTening drives inTo Huskie TerriTory before having The door slammed in fronT of Them. A combinaTion of Reno passers and pass receivers were The cause of almosf all of The Nevadan's drives. The Eagle's sTouT defense only yielded 102 yards on The ground buT Reno's All-STaTe end carried for 91 of Their 98 passing yards. Against Reno, Bob Lesher is able To pick up a few more yards because of a nice block Thrown by John Countryman. 213 DALE MGCGREW Senior, Halfback BOB DOLLAR Junior, CenTer 4 . ALLEN SABO Junior, Fullback s . 1 is ,L,, Lrrr . -. ,,,L T ,,., ,,', Q 'B " . 1' ,rg ' 'liYlSff7l"".'l'il-l2lilff':-if . 'li' .T 'aifirwxi ','A . ' -, -,,'. ' . f -1 ' ,. f53'f f' i xfggg ' -'-r f: 2 . T . l T la - Q BOB SCHAUER ERIC DeGOOYER Senior, Guard Senior End, All-Lea ue , Honorable Mention, All-CiTy zzglcs - 9 9alcv11s - I7 The Bishop ArmsTrong Falcons, The number one raTed Team ir Norfhern California found, as previous Teams had, ThaT iT is almosi impossible To run againsT The sTouT El Camino defense, They were forced To Take To The air. Six Thousand fans waTched The game which was To decide who was To be number one in NorThern California, and by a field goal They saw The Falcons reTain The TiTle. i The Falcons Took To The air immediaTely and scored The firs1 Touchdown on a pass play. The Eagles came back on a 76 yard by wingback Mel PeTers buT were unable To push The ball over for score. As soon as The Falcons goT The ball The Eagle line bursT Thi and goT a safeTy making The score 2 To 7. An ErTle To Lesher aerial was good for 31 yards and a T down puTTing The Eagles in The lead 9 To 7. The all-imporTanT goal was kicked in The Third period and ThaT puT The Falcons on for good. This made The firsT defeaT of The season for The Eagles, bu iT also marked The lasT, for The Eagles came on To win The next six. Bob Lesher streaks for yardage. MIKE CUSSEN JIM RIEFF Senior End Junior, Guard .Sayles - 26 Ifellvufjuckets - 6 The El Camino Eagles swamped Franklin of Stockton in a non- league football game by a score of 26 to 6. After a scoreless first quarter, Harry Machen side-stepped around right end for a touch- down putting the Eagles in front, 7 to O. Rusty Ertle and Bob Brooks teamed for a 22 yard touchdown pass play which gave the Eagles a 13 to O halftime edge. In the third quarter, Machen sneaked through the Franklin line for i7 yards and the third El Camino touchdown. Bob Lesher, Eagle halfback, broke through the center of the Yellow- jackets' line from his own 24 and scooted 76 yards for the final El Camino touchdown. Machen's extra point was good. Franklins' only touchdown came from an intercepted pass in the final three minutes of the game. ic DeGooyer slides over a Franklin ball carrier as Bob Lawson and Bob Brooks come to offer assistance. BOB LESHER- Senior, Halfback, All-City All-League, All-Superior California BOB LEVERING Junior, Center GARY DUERNER Senior, Fullback All-League Honorable Mention 215 f gl! " , ' " ' E I 'I I ' 4 '. , , -.2-- I new su,rMf'rZ?ifEf r n. w e - fr. 121-,wgf?fQig.'Sfife? 2: 4 - fi: .2 ' . . 32121 G A li X- .-,S-E: 'Y ,ur ,gr mr i.f'ffg,.1 f .scgee - - .e I 5 . 1 ' I-R1..""W 'F"T:i1:""4A.i4.?5f ll- f :gif -' f ,'fiiLI', -- -' 75 , .YQZZN I' ' . . .,.,. DOLVE SPITZ HARVEY MORISS Junior, Wingbock Junior, End RICH WILLIAMS Senior, Guard Eric DeGooyer Throws a key block while Bob Brooks leads Rusty Errle around lefr end for a subsTanTial gain against Mira Loma faglcs - 6 Mafadvrs - A big defense made up for a spuTTering offense as The El Camino Eagles Turned back The Mira Loma MaTadors 6-O. End, Eric deGooyer, and Tackle, Rick Wohle, combined To defIecT a MaTador punT and The ball wenT ouT of bounds aT The Mira Loma TwenTy-one yard line. El Camino needed nine plays To score To make The one and only Touchdown of The game. If The Eagles spuTTered, Lesher was The excepTion. He rushed for 'one hundred and sixTeen yards of The Eagles ToTal neT yardage of one hundred and sixTy-six yards. The only serious Mira Loma ThreaT came in' The Third quarTer when The MaTadors recovered an Eagle Tumble. They peneTraTed To The El Camino Twelve only To fumble and John CounTryman, Eagle Tackle, recovered. Thus The Eagles began Their second league sea- son, undeTeaTed. 216 JIM WILSON Junior, End 4 DlCK GOODWILL GEORGE KIDNEY Junior End Junior, Tackle Junior, Tackle The Eagles once again stop the highly rated Encina offense, bhgles - I9 Aparhes - O The big green defense held The SacramenTo CounTy ToTal yardage leaders from Encina High School To only 49 yards on The ground and no poinrs To chalk up Their 7Th sTraighT Conference win. Bob Lesher ran away for 86 yards and Two Touchdowns while Junior Quarferback Harry Machen was able To kick 2 ouT of 3 exTra poinTs. Mel PeTers carried The ball over for The final score laTe in The 4Th quarTer and ThaT puT The cap on one of The besT prep games in The area for The season. The Apaches had been averaging over 350 yards a game for ToTal offense, buT The average dropped due To The hard charging El Camino line which allowed only 165 yards neT. Encina was able To go inside The Eagle 30 yard line only Twice and The Tough defense held Encina's backs To no gains aT all. This imporTanT win over The rival Apaches kepT The Eagles in The firsT place spoT in C.V.C. and puT Them Third in The counTy defense. 217 xv Y Y DOUG MONTGOMERY Senior, End DICK KASSIS Senior, Fullback George Kidney breaks Bob Lesher loose wiTh a nice block. Sayles - 21 l6'r0uws - 6 The Bella VisTa Broncos would have had a ball iT Bob Lesher had noT arrived. The Bella VisTa gridders looked sharp buT Their performance Took a back seaT To The Eagle halfloack who scored Three Times on sensaTional runs To give The Eagles a 21 To 6 Capifal Valley Conference TooTball vicTory aT San Juan. Lesher, who has ieT like speed, broke away on Touchdown runs of 59, 65, and 58 yards, To give The Eagles Their eighTh con- secuTive C.V.C. win in Two years. The vicTory assured Them of a TirsT place Tie This year. Bella VisTa became The second league Team in Two seasons of compeTiTion To score on The Eagles. They compleTed a 15 yard pass for The score which proved To be The only one againsf E.C. This season. GARY MATTHEWS GARY MALCHOW Senior, End Senior, Tackle Harry Machen tries to elude a Son Juan tackler while Eric DeG::oyer comes back To block for him. Sayles - I3 Spartans - O The Capital Valley Conference still is looking for a method to defeat The El Camino High School Eagles. The Eagles -unbeaten in the conference's first Two years of Tootloall, scored over San Juan T3 To O to win Their second straight Title. San Juan learned it was not its night on Their first play from scrimmage. After Taking an Eagle punt on Their i6 yard line, The Spartans' fullback Tumbled and Don Parvin recovered for The Eagles. Three plays later Gary Duerner bulled across for The score to put The Eagles in front 6 to O. Again in The second period, El Camino took possession on The San Juan 36 and The Eagles crossed The final stripe in seven plays. JOHN COUNTRYMAN JERRY LUNDBLAD Senior, Tackle, All-League Senior, Guard, All-League ll City, All-Superior California All-Inland-Empire STEVE SCHUMAKER Senior, End BOB BROOKS Senior, End and Halfback 27 ' 2 fl li Q S . - T 'iii f w if 4 x 5' 1 gf T ,ii 1 ,wi 3, A C X F? W , ,age is 5 . ,, ,,.. S? . i Qi T f fr Twiefiii gl T 5 K hifi as S " if T55 WE , dia is We T' T ff TS 'T 'S i ,fa-r 3 4 si T, W Wei 52,559 K 'T' ll' f EQ ,M we , if ' f if i.: Tl' -fgifsif y '-h., 523516 Lgg' "::' . T ssres I A ,Te ,,,. 1 .: - fi a . . gf' ',f' "A' BILL ANDERSON Senior, Wingback Tiff l s f T A ' E X5-T. l s i " ff1'w ' gf- ff My-iz' J T Q : guy 53 i3i,,'2Te,m,,,., 'Qs ri , . Q ii is was i 5 T 2 rifgiffff if 5 Q T X ,KT Q mst Q. im,.i.,,ag5,, ,, ' , 'sf-5. eiffiiiiizmifsv.ywwfmqggz 7,3 .T - 'fqggifiLgi,gi:,E,fegx ilk, 3355353 .T gggglegielxiffifffikglilTlliigifi "'kk f ,: evfffm, . , i wig? T A 3 wzwxfxziifkfeios T, A - if' - if f ' .V - M g,,,.?s: 2g3!i i , ,,i,. 3, ,ff ".:.. V , gin A 1 U Q S H T T vTaf..1fw fairs- welnfis i MS. L 'TTL :C .,igki,Js.,,i ,. ,Q,fii:'F1' 49 "ggi fx i vim f ,ii - f wg g cfgsfg'-iv , T 55 K T 'WT if me " QT X, ,W my 'L iqffffifbrm 2, :T H -' mf, . . A I RICH WHITLOCK Senior, Tackle-End DON PARVIN JAKE FERGUSON Senior, Holfback Junior, Tackle Eagles - 34 lfmglzvru - Early in The second quarTer a RusTy ErTle To Eric DeGooyer pass Tor nine yards puT El Camino ouT in TronT 7 To O. LaTer in The same quarTer DeGooyer inTercepTed a La Sierra pass and had no Trouble going The 13 yards for The second Touchdown. LaTer wiTh El Camino having The ball on The La Sierra 9 yard line Gary Duerner made all The yardage on runs of eighT and one yards. Harry Machen's 33 yard broken field run was The highlighT of an 80 yard El Camino drive in The 4Th quo1rTer To make The score 27 To O. The Eagles added sTill anoTher on The final play of The game, ErTle piTching and Brooks caTching and running for 45 yards. All-CiTy cenTer Bob Lawson'Took a spoT in The bcickfield and ron for The lasT poinT. 20 The Tough El Camino defense sTands ready for a Lo Sierra play. . ,,. . ' V SYM'-nr? - 1:4 51:-Q , it ' .,.- 51,53 'i , ff-. 1112 i . 5 1 Y is if 4 i ii ! if rw W f. ' V . , 4. N FZ ,, Q 7' . ,3.3,555.w5g55L WIA... . - , - RICK MORELLO Junior Tackle Trainer: Bill Gibson. Managers: Jerry Silker and Gary Sareeram. Nor Shown: Manager 1962 Statistics El Camino Opponenls El Camino Opponenls 1661 ..... nel yardage rushing ..... 469 184.5 .... average yards rushing .... 52.1 461 ..... nel yardage passing ..... 533 51.3 .... average yards passing .... 59.2 2122... . . Tofal ner yardage .. . . .1224 235.8 .... average Toral yardage . . . . 147.1 348. .. . . . yards penalized . . . . . . 271 43.5 ...average yards penalized . .. 33.9 The end of a winning season, climaxed by a 34-O victory over La Sierra. The 1962 El Camino Sophomore fooTball Team finished Their season wiTh Cl respecTable 5-4 record. ln non-league compeTiTion They compiled a 4-O record againsT several of The area's besT sophomore Teams. This year's Team was again under The fine guidance of coaches Lane ErnsT and Gale Phillips. 'he sophomores learned many of The fundamen- Tals of fooTball This year and They should make a real good conTribuTion To The 1963 VarsiTy. 601' 65' E.C. 19... ...6 GranT E.C. 31... O Reno E.C. 32. . . . . . O ChrisTian Brofhers E.C. 21... . . . .13 Franklin E.C. 13... ...2O Mira Loma E.C. 7. .. . . .13 Encina E.C. O. . . . . . 7 Bella VisTa E.C. 25... ...O San Juan E.C. 7. . . . . .13 La Sierra Eagles prepare To stop a Franklin ball carrier Sophomores make anoTher goal line sTand Soplzama FIRST ROW: Jeff Wickum, Terry Harvey, Jerry Phelps, Jim Campbell, Mike Bazzaroni, Bob Boyd, Jay gis. SECOND ROW: Gary Thompson, Bob Grouse, Jim Tom Chase, Bob Grix, Al Drischer, John WursTer, Dave Chambers, Jay Fischer. THIRD ROW: Jim KI Page, Rich Williams, Terry Schick, Dan Segalis, Lyle Guy Windrem, Ed Emanuals, Mike Roark, Allen Ufffbdlf Z FOURTH ROW: Cliff Wickun, Louie Parell, Keith Wer- Coach Lane Ernst Coach Gale Phillips Larry Harris Roger Long Eric French Tom Ferritte , , , r, Steve li- Rod Watts, Steve Scarich. FIFTH ROW: Coach Ernst , aylor, John Sullivan, Chris Martin, Matt Evans, Dave Irong, Rich Miliron, Mike Hart, Mark Tillman, Coach s, Manager Eat Stone. Another pass is intercepted by the Sophs. Apaches unsuccessfully attempt to score Sfreslzmau gzmfb ll s i FIRST ROW: Mgr. Frank Pain, Don Norwood, Bruce LeValley, Paul Webster, Jim Hainfield, Sam Johnson, Brad Gay, Jim Olsen, Mark Harris, Henry Eisener, Jim Trainor, SECOND ROW: Steve Fischer, Bruce Falconer, Mark Carpender, Rick Hart, Jordon Wallter, Mike Cooper, Randy King, John Float, Reg Rodgers, Stu Macplaen, Marv Kelley, Jeff Gibson. THIRD ROW: Randy James, Steve Herrera, Jim Ellis, Ron Howard, John Bickford,- Bill Chatam, Frank Covey, Rusty Otto, Roger Mason, Rick Myers, Joe Cheek. FOURTH ROW: Jim Bold, Jim Kidney, Bruce McKay, Steve Resse, Pete Lagomarsino, Jim Ough, Don Noonan, John Wozniak, John Giabruno, Terry Kliney. FIFTH ROW: Ben Ostroski, John Bohm, Randy Holme, Steve Applegate, Ken Beatty, Elliot Ross, Gary Stonehouse, Thom Schauer, Coach Jim Trainor. Qreshmrzn cores E.C. 20... . .. O La Sierra E.C. 6... . .. 7 Mira Loma E.C. O. . . . . .19 Encino E.C. 13... . . . 7 Bella Vista E.C. 7. . . . . .13 San Juan 4 R if L S il Lfross Cfrfurzfry Varsity-FRONT ROW: C. Colburn, B. Lindstaedf, J. Borsdorf, L, Hoff- man. BACK ROW: M. Pollock, S. Thomas, R. Vogel, E. Swedberg, Coach Rowe- Roy Vogel at the Sub-Sectional. Team-FRONT ROW: K. Hoffman, L. Rodriguez, G. Sroeker. C Team-FRONT ROW: J. Giclley, B. Hoffman, R. Howell, B BACK ROW: T, Glaski, Fasolo, B. Twilling, D. Bezouska. Jamieson. SECOND ROW: R. LeValley, J. Winston, B. Keas M. Riefhmuller. BACK ROW: F. Kohls, K. Heidfy, W. Wildes G. Wiftkop, F. Jamieson. Bob Lindstaedi, finishes third in the Sub-Sectional at Folsom. 225 'LIE , ak f f ' r if If W , .Q s WW N ,, Q- V? , uf qw 2 5 - . ja? iii? 0 If S, . , I 963, Varsity 15,11 kcfb ll Cram FRONT ROW: Dick Matteoli fmgr.l, Jeff Brown, Harry Machen, Dick Kassis, Bob Brooks, Rusty Ertle, Ray Threlkeld, Mel Peters, Larry Hoffman fmgr.l. BACK ROW: Dale McGrew, Mike Rushton, Bob James, Bob Krulish, Eric cleGooyer, Tex Stewart, Andy Clark, Coach Dick Edwards. 7 Bob Krulish, 6' sv," Senior, Forwcird Dick Kossis, 5' 1 Senior, Guord Bob Steworf, 6' 2", Senior, Forword Rusty Errle, 5' IO" Senior Guard I or 4, my sift l 5 gk' x Ks Ji Q "F Dole McGrew, 6' I", Senior, Forward Eric deGooyer, 6' 6" Senior, Center 9 'K 5 AQ if ax Ma ,fd W fav 4-fa Nw M5 f "-.VK w.,,,. 0 Q , W Q pw :U fn, gffazx' ,jim M' I P' Qfjr' 1,5 Q 55,1 ,Z '2- il ,: wil fm: . wg, W 'F , s 5 ff' mfg., 'M'-nun-svn Hmm, ,,....-...,, QW-W ,x.v ,W- vi. , 1 3 TW g ..., Q3 Bob Brooks, 5'11" Senior, Guard Bob James, 6'1 Senior, Forward Ray Threlheld, 5"I1" Junior, Forward Big D fries for two, againsf San Juan. Actions Bob Krulish starts his drive against Mira Loma in The CVC Tourney. Dol McGrew lumps around a Folsom Bulldog defender. 43 ,391 if 4 x Y Q 3 Q -""" , ..,,. 5 ,ya .fc ,.., ,..., iunivr Var ity 15,11 kffb ll This year's .l.V. basketball team was comprised of all Jun- iors. The team did not have much height, but with good outside shooting they more than made up for this lack. .Coach Bob Towers, in his first year at El Camino, built a fine team with many players destined for future varsity play. FIRST ROW: Don Harley, Greg Ludlow, Terry White, Bob Geandrot, Rich Nyquist. SECOND RC Ray Threlkeld, Don Kelly, Dolve Spitz, Glen Gilmore, Bill Coombs. THIRD ROW: Mike Deral Kelly Jensen, Jim Keil, Steve Pettigrew, Randy Graham. Bob Geandrot starts to drive. 234 Tip-off! Soplzomnre Haskefball FIRST ROW: Tom Phelps, Dion Kerhoulos, Eric French, Bob Johnson, Greg Norris, Bob Rossi, John Anwyllmgnl. SECOND ROW: Frank Payne Bob LaRusso, Jim Olson, Lyle Callahan, Mike Tucker, Gary Garland, Tom Ferrifer, Cleve LivingsTon, Coach Simon. The 1963 Sophomore Baskefball Team was The besi Sophomore Team produced in The hisTory of The school. They became The firsT Eagle Sophs To become league champions. They compiled a very good 15-3 record and suffered only one deTeaT in league compeTiTion. Lead by Dion Kerhoulos and an impressive array of Tall base line men They were able To impose some Terribly one-sided deTeaTs on several Teams. SCORES E.C.. .43 Sragg ........ .... 4 8 E.C...49 NorTe Del Rio ....31 E.C.. .42 O'Dowd .... .... 5 O E.C.. .36 Franklin .... .... 3 5 E.C...51 Encina ....35 E.C.. .67 GranT ...... .... 3 9 E.C.. .57 Bella VisTa . . .. . .23 E.C.. .77 La Sierra ... .. . .32 E.C.. .47 Mira Loma .. . . . .38 E.C...62 San Juan .. ....51 E.C.. .55 ST. lgnaTius .. . . . .37 E.C.. .61 ArmsTrong .. .. . .38 E.C.. .62 Encina ..... .... 3 3 E.C.. .49 Bella VisTa . . . . . .33 E.C...5O La Sierra ....31 E.C.. .34 Mira Loma . . .. . .39 E.C...52 San Juan ....42 Kerhoulos jumps for ball against Mira Loma. 235 A PN wx 5442 is ' 5 Jim Olson Tom Ferrirer Cleve Livingston Saphs lump high against San Juan. Y The end of a championship season. 1 O ?resl1uf1a14 lgaskefball FIRST ROW: Scott Oliver lmoscotl, Don Liedike, Hal Hauefield, Jim Ough, Harry Eisner, Randy James, Marc Carpenter. ROW TWO: Mike Beers lmanagerl, Lee Frey, Bob Crouse, Mill Stokes, Jim Ellis, Fred Schroeder, Bob Hullin, Jeff Winston, ROW THREE: Dick Oliver lcoachl, Scott Durgin, Rob Miller, John Sullivan, Randy Holme, Terry Kline, John Bohm. An Eagle fights for a shof. 238 John Bohem drives for cu layup. X, , . W, dm, 15, far A R I ,,,,, y A V Q Q ,k J A 4 s ,-Q. Jj iir ,zgfwaw f T24 , ' v 'E 2 Eff! f af Q JA 1 J 1:3 , e 'W , , Q ,f 5 A i We View 'X W- gk A f..,,k -. 29 Y , sf ,L ig ' JZ ,5 34, . ig? W , 34 Q K "' fa Nw A 4 -i f mu K, " r vw K5 X is f v me 513 ss' f 3 fm . '? "' Q? ,',,, . Q4 ,A M A- M"W"-g.- .WN . .wi .ak N 0 -41' 4 'ENE -I' W , AAL.. S6 'Q i' GS! ' in -., Var i I Bob James, High iumper. FIRST ROW, left to right: Terry Tribe, Burt Greffrot Highfield, Dove Hansen, Terry Schick, Rusty Otto, Scorich. Bolo Lindstcledf, Allan Sobo. SECOND ROW: Pollock, Bud Twilling, John Borsdorf, Don Zufnll, Steve 42 Bob Lesher and Steve Shumaker, sprinfers. Roy Vogel, mile. Scott Johnson, Kent Lacin, Don Harley, Roy Vogel. Bud Twilling, pole vaulfer. ROW: Rick Kirkpatrick, John Sullivan, Bob Lesher, Bob Bob James, Randy Rall, Mat Evens, Tom Ferrifer, Sieve Coach Rowe. Mike Pollack, Chuck Lindstaedf, distance runners. Allan Sabo, shofput. 4 '76"' Crack A 2 S Joe Rollo and Tom Glasski, shot put. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Glasski, Steel Lanphier, Fred Elias, Joe Cheek, Rane Martin, Bob Koch, Gary Stoecker, Bob Brown, Mike Bazzaroni, Terry Harvey, Ro Howard. SECOND ROW: Carl Ludwig, Dean Wilkie, Joe Rollo, Frank Fasolo, Chuc Colburn, Gary Thompson, Bob Grix, Louie Rodriguez, Tom Crows, Conrad Paul, Ja Hendricks, THIRD ROW: Jon Fuller, Chris Bangs, Steve Fallai, Zack Morgan, Gary Ga land, Mike Teefy, Marc Vogel, Rick Clotz, Larry Hoffman, Bob Mann, Coach Springer. Chuck Colburn, 880. l 4 Jon Fuller, Bob Brown, Fred Elias, Gary Stoecker, B relay. Gary Garland, Highiump. 'ZW' Crack ROW: Dennis Gannon lmgr.l, Jim Walker, Steve Gunn, Ron LeValley, Fred Kohls, Wilkes, Greg Witfkop, Wayne Jamieson, Dennis Baer, Mike Hart lmgr.l. ROW: Fred Hawley lmgr.l, Terry Bryant, Mike Coalino, Jim Brown, Jay Jeff Wickum, Jeff Gidley, Rick Exsirom. THIRD ROW: Charlie Heldebranf l, Mike Mireur, Tom Wurschel, Bob Jamieson, Ron Howell. Fred Kohls, pole vault. Jay Yaudegis, shorpuf. 24 ufimmn Varsity Timm FIRST ROW, left to right: Jay Fischer, Russ Williams, Dan Thompson, Sieve Schroeter, J Parkinson, Chi Hamilton, Pete Durrcin. SECOND ROW: Mike Hamilton, Bob Shiruba, Rodger Lai Tony Pedersen, Dan Caylor, Paul Herron, Rod Waits, Dennis Corrasci, Jim Olson, Jerry Marki Butterfly-Jerry Markel, Jay Fischer, Jim Olson. Steve Schroeter, Jim V46 Backstroke-Paul Herron, Mike Hamilton, Tony Pederson, Rod Waits. ,HIIWLQ I I J I Calm IRST ROW: Bill Rounds, Cliff Grady, Gary Powell, Bob Chrisfenson, Bill Pearsen, John Curtis, Angus Murry. SECOND ROW: Bob Crow, Mike Stinson, John Rhinehart, Randy James, teve Applegate, Doug McGuire, Robert Mitchell, Doug Dern. PGCJSFSSI1, Jerry Merkel- Freestyle-Russ Williams, Dennis Corrosa, Dan Thompson, Jim Olson, Rodger Lang Chi Hamilton, Paul Herron, Dan Caylor, Pete Durran. Divers, left to right: Cleve Livingston, Steve Kalmbach, Dick Ulrich, Chris Collis. 247 Varsity Zfenni W Bob Olberg FIRST ROW: Larry Hall, Jeff Brown, Greg Vervais, John Anwyl lmgr.l. SEC- OND ROW: Bob Olberg, Rob M'iller, Rick Holland, Jim Powers. 24 Larry Hall Varsity GW Rob Miller Jeff Brown FIRST ROW: Marc Burgroft, Hal Hanefield, Steve Schwartz, Jerry Hogshed, Ric Johnson. SECOND ROW: George Separovich, Evan Macbride, Chris Zotglis, Er Kemper, Chris Pollis, Jud Flynn. THIRD ROW: Randy Graham, Jeff Taylor, Bru Gladder, Dick Wittkop, Bill Emerson, Coach Ernst. ophvmvrc l6'ase!1 ll i I i FIRST ROW: Ron Baldwin, Kerry Tucker, Bob Johnson, Jack Stansfield, Bob Hadley, Tom Chose. SECOND ROW: Dion Kerhoulas, Tom Schauer, Mike Kays, Rus Kidd, Dan Segalis. THIRD ROW: Rick Williams, Dan Scott, Mike Johnston, Bob Rossi, Lyle Callahan, Joe Sariva, Coach Andy Simon. Hrvslzmau Baseball FIRST ROW: Rusty Dunn, Don Liedike, Bill Lund, Fred Teichert, Don Stinghen, Dave Berner. SECOND ROW: Walter Grace lmgr.ll John Bodley, Jim Olson, John Staack, Rick Yenovkian, Jeff Schrader, Brad Gay, Hank Eisner, Jim Trainor, Richard Davis. THIRD ROW: Bill Chatham, Bruce McKay, Bob Crouse, Kent Christiansan, Gary Hortuig, Dick Hunt, Jim Ellis, Roger Mason, John Bickford, John MacKinnon. FOURTH ROW: Wilson Koehler, Tim Buckley, Ken Beaffey, Elliott Ross, John Sullivan, Scott Durgin, Eric Berger Imgr.l, Less McDanial, Steve Ress, Coach Bob Towers. 4 Var 1 3 s 3 5 5 Q 5 5 3 1 i i 5 5 FIRST ROW: Mike Monroe lmgr.l, Kevin Smith, Bob Ge Bob Schouer catches o sure double , . . John Hurt, Rich Williams, Bob Block, John Lunden, White, Don Monroe, Ken Armstrong lmgr.l. SECOND Mel Peters, John Crouse, Gary Matthews, Roy Thr ond turns it into an easy double ploy. asebal! ilmore, Rusty Erfle, Dick Gomm. THIRD ROW: Coach , Tom Morris, Dale McGrew, Bill Vale, Mike Rushton, eronic, Bob Schauer, Eric French. Bob Geandrof rops out o hit. ' You're Scfel 251 f tfiwwvr 1- f f , zzz'-.-,ffm , 1 I V ,--wi fu: ' 11 5. '::, -f K, ,QL , v 1 - iz' f' - - J v .V .an-uf -ye A K " ' L ' . X71-. I lfpri'-T107 Qi i f K. .. , f f ' 1: g.f1'4-.gg-:f nm-,1--"wa1.Q if A1 ji K V . 1 Q Q . A , ' W .,,,. A gy ,X ,K Yi ' .WW ,Q .W 71 f W A 5 ..m.,,Y, W V Z 5 1 ' H , Lrrk x. X ...nf Ternqs COTTAGE BAKERY SNC-WHITE DRIVE IN 6350 Fair Oaks Blvd. 5900 Fair Oaks Blvd. IV 7-0731 Carmichael Carmichael IV 9-8524 z i l r il i i RUDY THOMPSON FAIRLANE REALTY lv 7'86l3 6010 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael lV 7-B637 CARMICHAEL DRUG CARMICHAEI. BARBER SHOP 6443 Fair Oaks Blvd. 6419-A Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael Carmichael lV 2-l'l36 lV 9-2l73 4 I ' KINZEL'S GLASS SHOP CARMICHAEL TOY STORE 7304 Fair Oaks Blvd. 6404 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael Carmichael IV 3-3841 or IV 9-7806 483-7460 l 5112 Fair Oaks Blvd. I at Carmichael CARMICHAEL FLOOR COVERING 6420 Fair Oaks Blvd. I Carmichael IV 3-5079 COLONY CLEANERS MCDANIEL PRINTING SERVICE 5809 Marconi Avenue 5741 Marconi Avenue IV 9-0681 Carmichael Carmichael IV 3-6841 255 2 CORNER DRUG 7301 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael lV 3-2901 CUSTOM CRAFTS COLLEGE OWL CLEANERS 5008 El Camino Avenue 6420 Fair Oaks Blvd. 489-7849 IV 9-0944 56 "and we sell Speedo suiis, Tool" G and E PHARMACY BREIT'S TOWN Und CASUAL APPAREL 2416 Mission Avenue 6305 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael Near The Corner of Fair Oaks Blvdf and Marconi IV 3-2715 Carmichael IV 3-2423 I NICICBRIDE REALTY HILL'S PHARMACY 6227 Fair Oaks Blvd. 772i Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael Carmichael IV 2-5050 IV 3-4926 7 GALLENKAMP SHOES 3328 EI Camino Ave. IV 3-5349 J. C. PENNEY CO. 3400 'EI Camino Avenue IV 9-7661 AUTO SUPPLY CENTRE 3347 EI Camino Avenue IV 7-5608 EAGLESON'S 3436 El Camino Avenue IV 3-341 l " ,f Kr 3 K HEINTZ BAKERY ii. lf J Wu I 3422 El Camino Avenue . ma A If T-Cl' df I v IV 7-2665 ffff, " " ' f X X Cbun!gC'lulrPlu 2312 Wai! Av Ho1rTs' Clyde Keller T 8: T BURGER Mexicofessen Fronk FclT's Former Joe's FrcJnk's Fisl'1ermc1n's 9l1Ue BAR Whorf EMIGH HARDWARE 3450 El Camino Avenue IV 2-1900 FOREMAN AND CLARK 3360 El Camino Avenue Counfry Club Center 260 IV 3-9461 COUNTRY CLUB BEAUTY COLLEGE 2526 Wolff Avenue SUPPCRT CUR ADVERTISERS 483-3257 Country Club Plaza DEVON'S JEWELERS 408 Roseville Square IV 3-8483 816 Kay STFS-GT GI 3-579l MW E 'T' WWW, NV, . - X W ' ff ' ' ' 'm-: L f Q A. . R '1 ' L , Y ',"- W 'fin l qQ,,,,i A, . 1 if ,'?i..Qf,-wi Q Gi :ww Qevvtx ,A M ,M M W M, UkWJf5wWwWMwMwQWy,wQMMMJwpwgwka g,?m, sk K. f,,, z A I KL aww -vm K,,'k , 4 AVVV ,, 1 X ' .- P 1 ' Q W? 1 1 1 l 1 N 4 1 STRICKLEY'S MEN'S SHOP 4341 Arden Way IV 3-5625 4 CHARLES SALON OF BEAUTY ARDEN BOOTERY 4361 Arden Wcly 4373 Arden Wcly IV 3-9051 IV 3-2346 I I I BARBER JOE'S ARDEN PLAZA UNION 4227 Arden Woy 4301 Arden Wcly IV 7-8023 IV 3-6251 SCOTTY'S MOBILE JASPER'S 4230 Arden Way 4325 Arden Wcxy IV 3-0900 487-5932 E MUJ CAMBRIDGE MOTO 2545 Mclrconi Ave. IV 3-0464 "We sell and service Alfa-Romeo, Renault, und Peugeot." EUGENE DEMPSEY JEWELERS 2608 El Paseo Lone IV 9-7261 l 1 CITY OF RAMBLERS 2600 FulTon Ave. IV 3-8491 JACKSOHN'S TOWN AND COUNTRY HAT SHOP 2905 Pcuscxfiempo Lone IV 9-6332 -M 53 N"""" W.. ,W55225 hifi Www f 4...-gp NMW... f w w SIMPSON JEWELERS 921 K Street Sacramento GI 8-9341 N70 SHERMAN CLAY 1312 K Street Sacramento 270 GI 2-6911 MAY GIM 28 Adobe Court Town and Country Village IV 9-8521 HAl.E'S 9th and K Street Arden Fair HI 4-8686 I I I I MARTIN'S HARDWARE COMPANY I l KENDAl.l.'S 2617 Marconi Avenue Town and Country Village 'IV 9-6065 CLAUDE GORDON 2645 El Paseo Lane Town and Country Village IV 9-4843 DR. JACK SHEARER 101,39th Street 555 La Sierra Drive Socramehfo 483-2951 GI 2-4927 CQMPANY MYSICKA CHEVRON SERVICE 1208 Jay Street 2544 Arden Way at Fulton Sacramento 14 lv 3-4572 SACRAMENTO OFFICE EQUIPMENT GI 2-9029 SKEEL'S WALK-OVER SHOE STORE 11 10 K Street Sacramento GI 3-6221 Capezio Dance - Theatrical Footwear Off-stage - Ballet Fashions 7 THE CLOCK SHOP 1204 J STree1' HI 6-2424 MADEMOISELLE 1024 K Sfreef G1 3-4515 El.l.EN'S ARDEN FASHION 546 Lo Sierra Drive IV 9-0533 GINO'S 630 WQTT Avenue IV 3-7389 2 ARDEN TOWN RICHFIELD Fair Oaks and Walt Avenue IV 9-1915 RlCK'S SALON ARDEN 3515 Fair Oaks Blvd. IV 9-4262 f 'I 3535 Fair Oaks Blvd. IV 9-2009 2,5 b SIERRA GARDENS NURSERY , is X- . u WAX. 3080 Fair Oaks Blvcl. Gy INA l iv 9-5360 PS-f ANSELMO and WIEDMAN General Contractors 770 Coronado Blvd. ARDEN TOWN PHARMACY IV 9-6185 520 La Sierra Drive IV 9-7607 74 MAGIC FINGER BEAUTY SALON 3114 Arden Way at Morse IV 3-4656 BETTY'S DRESS SHOP 4333 Arden Way IV 7-9022 ROB ROY BARBER SHOP 3116 Arden Way Arden-Mayfair IV 9-8369 WILYUM'S WAFFLE SHOP and SODA FOUNTAIN Arden Way at Morse IV 3-2286 27 7 And now The year of 1962-1963 comes To a close. Many will embark upon The road of life and many oThers will reTurn, buT all will remember. As The years pass and The memories grow dim, we hope This book will bring back The joyous evenTs and Trying momenTs boTh in The classroom and on The playing field. On behalf of The sTaTT l would likeTTo Thank Those people whose help and eTforT have made This book possible. The STudenT Body Mr. LaThrop-advisor K Dan STeinman-arTwork P UJNX Dick Geer-arTwork Q Cis- Chip WhiTe-phoTographer B'Il S 'Th Ph T h i mi oograp y Wwdid X045 'YAP wfvnmfl lefwg 03' MMD CNN TW .fc X cry W ,QL PaTTi HunTer EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MMR Aufvgraphs New ?i3,i'iQmQ:.rM Wizwfiw W wwf Os-C9 gb XZZQXQ 4 MSE SSW s9wumA QXpx.O0lb QQJJJSMQILLQX AWSEQEKJ M Q fififlfmMQ, WMM WWj?Qf0j fQf?jpL1LiZ5ffM W7 wpffjf ff SV! df Ka Jy Vzllffffgfdgjllg MAQJQ fx I Mk 0 sgyfgfsigmmyqym y fjffjbiy QQ3,Jal!iQvOdg9KW M Q7 , M yf?5Nf y MH if Wg M fxiy JW WW JW Q43 QQSV yf wVwf:WMWnZw fl? MW , J mm W Egfr gi www M M gmgjgqw N J WE? Q, N M m ve 5 S Q5 ,ff X XX XI 1 1' gk v4l1f0grapl1s f,ii..v1fZg Zfff" M I5 , yW03iLjcLLfH Q WJ, Mjjjwjjfw f 1 f 1,05 5- C Cf ,- JM WMQSV gi W fffmgbfjfv 1 Ja My , My A ' Q , 0' wwf UZVAMMJ W ,W M My Z gm gy S M J 0 M Jw Y f if W WW f W , SM K WW W ,QM iJiQwj9QbgWy Mwf LCR ,yi WG N W wZf2Q 7-5 W5 C1500 f QQ b'3Q5fwp 55Lf?5H?L3e ,M wciffef mu V Auivgraphs M ,ff W if Q QFWW yvwjwf AYMLMWMWV W J Mgfmff MWWQM WWW fTAYLOR PUBLISHING CO "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Ta vnuoois 7 1 Q W W ffffff wiW??M r ,MW W4 29 QQ,d3,Wi UQ fiwgyjww QWM jack W f W , l fQ ff W5 ' 'Q W i,Q,y:'Qx,. , f.4... , A A ,WI V QC J.. "- 57" U 'X ,-, x, AXJL., Vr . x QJUQ VXA 5? HMV , W P xfgoxn q OCP JM1' VJX- KV MU, ,f xQd x X 'x ,f f Y , X, X2 yi N: XXI J :Xi , xx 4 M . I W . v :,,,. ' ik' 71 fp,-H I Q -w ' 1 K Q . X I. J V x X " I t ' M . .V A U i- : J g F gx ,gy , ,1 W QT-5.5.4 ' f. 'H 11? 3 f ,mr M A gm! 35' Q , 3 f3f.?f':' " 75 l 'F ik X75 5 Q4 , t tk-j il K xg xt r ,ix 1' K u-.,-.- ko X' , ,Q kip- ' 32:19 Mfr! 1, i I A Af 'Q:?j.1 ""' , 4 .. Y n ' iff. i ,I .. . '- f W 'gig -5- . . l Y , T-L i V ,bl- J ,Q ,.,5,. :u I , - n - 1 , ,Exif 5 -1,1 L' ki xl . , -- . , - 1 . ,gt ylfLkxV.Cj gtg' Q-'X"U'Ll! L-QCLX. IHCULLS xlflff tu l y,M,u,J'3.5j JMX LQQ1 V flirfjmlf 1 +0 LQ 1 f 1 X, . n Ik vpn 1 'KKK MI' -aug' ,-,J Q 'P u tifgnxm' 'Law CVM EU'-'K CLZMXU' U X QM P UNM' WKUBJ X ffl-C24 Zuttfi I , I X w L MolYLf7Lx,.w N L 04' NU ' ' ' lg - .V+ V B' , B".H,,h,, i, , mm' W ' ? -U 'MJ Va .. aft Q 171 1 ' u ,,. 1 1 9 ASPH

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