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WW W Wm AW, 7 ffv5Q'!l,Q 'Mgr ffftlyx UWTMVAW yt? W ,NLLVJ 4 W' B 'Qqf ' iff auf' 595 URW -Lf tl Vw Z V, ff' V' M JudithA N 1 s. N 738 Ale d St Livcrmor CA 94 50 ., I E Q I A yn lf.-viz 1' 2:-'-P 'w'f'1-WY' . f 'Q xg Q f 76 0 f y V W Qfflf 'I M 9 5297 Www!! ff My Owgiygvm WN Wg? QV XW by B24 QQK KY R Qjlmizff 'l f' ' ' if CN , by f xx' . W Q 'ir I 4 O9 Q Q fs' J J Q 7 I . . If I Q Z7 ,, 4 ' f 2 ' ,- QW ZW ffif4'f'fMW'ff' y . 1 'z fs 'Q J 4 A I 'vsjf -' ' fp, 'J 4 .. .-. , 5 - ' x. X ,, ar 4, W , . , , v. A .. ., W , -v-- , ' , " , 1 I , , .V , , 4 . , 1 . ' Nw . F T' - , ,1, I Y 1 ' .4 ' ' ' ' ' - 1 J ' A ' i v W ' may b - 4 A- .J .L .. , 1.,- . N Y' :'-74-f..4 ' -1' '-...- i-!'!"i 'V if x "H --. .ggg..,::. my " Vg ' ,glrvylw wi, -fm,-:rn if ' 4.4156 My M ,Q-an K 1: 1--. J mm WS ,wich 1,1 Aww gp '55, ul -1 A-:Ku fk , Q41 ww :iff Wig? A .4 w. 4L n L 11 ., " 215 . lj'-la 1 '1 ' '-:JJ A-gi? ,. -, ' 'W' 4' x N' - L 1 'AJ N . ."" e- X 1 1960 Aerie EL GAIVIINO HIGH SCHOOL Sacramento, Galifomia EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lila Bale- Holland MANAGING EDITOR Melanie Louargand ASSOCIATE EDITOR Dana Hilkerbaumer COVER DESIGN J im Thompson X ,gl n ,e ' if Vi I El Camino f'.4P" I ug! Senior Band at the W inte is r Obfmpics sa?- 'J llu- .llnlgn-Q 'Ilvwvr un thv ,Iumpingg Hill offered mn 1-xvitingx vif-w nf Ihv l960 Olympic' Wil1!c'l' IIIICS, al! ' f ll'5'llUQ A 1 C, M. 4 s", U, sz , v Q 3 4, Q When- 1-ould you find Ll more- beautiful spot? b O " kv E c 1 I 5 n X l .V yf 1 1 v Table of Contents Dedication 6 In Memoriam .... .- .... - 7 Curriculum ..... ..... 8 Classes .... 50 Activities ......... ........ - 136 Delicious Dating ....,... ......... 1 72 Clubs .................. ......... 1 82 Sports ...... ...,..... 2 02 Advertising ................... ......... 2 44 1960 Winter Olympics ..... ......... 2 74 We Dedicate the 1960 Aerie to Mr. Anthony Braginetz for his sterling character and many contributions to El Camino High School as vice principal. 111 if - aiisg ff Q4 , :. :., ,1- Yf - ' 'i VA X, .,1,, A1 VV- :,-1,4S": S 1,5 X is ln IIUIIIUIAVY of Ur. Xlvlvixl Winlcfrs vvhosv da lfll un Uvlwlwr 5. W59. vmlvd u thirty-fivc u II ll'ill'llillP1 mn-M. Ilv haul lwvn am inmlus 11111 arts Ill4lI'lli'lUl' all ICI llzunino sincr' l952 . ig, L, , '.ffIf'flTif-'il .L ,nz--L v" ,. A'sti1i'yN' iv . . fmssiai uhm., 1 n ' I l . xl W- W i ki w I X I . 'Xu A xl 2 1 ' L xl Bi ' Xl K X X N x JK X li ,1 l I xl l, , My if ,X I x , - . 4 gg, Alf? ' Curriculum Teach me, dear creature, how to think and speak. -William Shakespeare Section Editors: Charles Mary Hagexty, Pat Young WY" I F 5, 1 . 3 , iff My V. 1 Ms: I .5 Yfub x v S' . . 5 W .J W- - fm., .9 'f: 1 'i4"'NP k A, Q if , is .7 A. . ' 2 ' Q mx X as-wi SN y , 4. V gixffixg-A . 4 gil, Q 8 ,. b H. ' fm, M M , Q . V' SJ M QM k 1 'Q I Q . ' x T' E kg ga' i A .gg , '- .. :yi ' K' "b- 9 A asf' " QV A " 1. 9' .-ff' 2- ye . .1 17,6 If . W f- H ev' - . " , . L' YL D in A X Q , m 4, B VL, ,gi if ,Qs m 5 'QXQ' f 3 x 4116- 'N 1 X'U"YL I5 ' E 1' 'I 'Q Nl: iff 'L L' ' L 7 A, 3 j F .N i Yi A. ls V 1 AW .N aj x ' E SQA! gi , Q ' K - my M ,M , ,pm A K " . ' IZ 1 ,' . A fl . 4' ,Furla in - ? ,X .. M T. A x .. A1274 A ? R S Q like h s ,A .J v ,i ' ' L. 'A Q, ,mp ff . i . as . -M Q ,, Fx " ,gg W 1 . I 1 P " 4 jf,-ka P . A V his hx mm. if k A , Q-Qxqg QA res- dwg-dff. " 5 m. NM zilfwls District Administrators DR. J. ROLAND INGRAHAM, JR. Superintendent As another school year draws to a close, I would like to express my appreciation to each of you for the way in which you have assumed your respon- sibilities as a high school student, and to offer my best wishes for the years which lie ahead. To those of you who are graduating, please ac- cept my congratulations for completing these re- quirements. If you plan to continue your educa- tion, I am confident that you will be successful if you approach each new situation with the same desire to succeed. If you are going directly into the world of work, remember that your high school stands ready to assist you in any way possible. To those of you who are returning for more education at El Camino next year, I wish you a happy summer and look forward to your return next September. J. RONALD INGRAHAM DR. RUSSELL M. ESVELT Awistant Superintendent MR. GEORGE W. PALMER Assistant Superintendent Board of Trustees 'funny' DR. CHESTER B. KILPATRICK, JR. MRS. ELNA M. TRIMBLE President Clerk ir" Aww" MR. RALPH HINSEY 11 'V .Y MR. F. CLIFFORD THOMPSON MR, COLVIN K, RILENGE O S -53 -"wil A Message From Uur Princmal The school year 1959-60 was a banner year for the E1 Camino Eagles. It will long be remembered among other things because: they participated in the opening of the Olympic Games ceremoniesg the class of 1960 was the largest class in the history of the schoolg the varsity football team defeated Sacramento High, Grant, La Sierra, and Norte Del Riog the sophomore football team won the league cham- pionshipg the freshman football team won all their gamesg Don Amigo was placed in the custody of the Class of 1960 and at the end of the school 'year given to the Class of 1961 for safekeepingg and El Camino High School reached the age of nine years. You, the members of the Class of 1960, have had a rewarding four years at El Camino High School. Now the time has come for you to accept the challenge of the missile age and proceed along the road of life. Please take time to retum to your Alma Mater from time to time. We do hope you succeed in the years to come. A. D. ABBOTT Vice Princzpals Today, tomorrow and the tomorrow following this year's edition of the Aerie will be symbolic of the numerous friendships and pleasant memories associated with El Camino High School for all of us-especially for me. As I depart with this out- standing Senior Class of '60, having come to El Camino High School when they entered as Fresh- men, I wish to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the students for having contributed in making my life richer and fuller during the past four years. I hope that I, too, have been able to repay many of you in some immeasurable way. Best wishes to all El Caminians for continued success in the years ahead. Upon my arrival at El Camino, at mid-year, I was considerably impressed by the productivity of the students, of their ability to cooperate, to follow through on a project, and to act independently. I feel that this indicates a superior group of people. With world politics going through a develop- mental transition, with national survival possible depending upon our military technology, and with world economics constantly changing, the character of the El Camino student is indeed comforting. Each student of El Camino should accept, as an individual, the responsibility to develop to its keen- est degree each of these characteristics. Our great industries in this country are based upon the abil- ity of the American people to produce. World politics, economics, and our Armed Forces must have people who can cooperate. At the same time they would be stagnant without people who can act independently. I see all of these characteristics among the people at El Camino, and it can be reasonably predicted that each of you people will play a significant role in the production, the safety, and the dignity of this country. MR. ANTHONY BRACINETZ Fall Semester Vice Principal MR. WILLIAM BODE Spring Semester Vice Principal Deans MR. LAWRENCE WHITE Fall Semester Dean of Boys All El Caminians can be proud of their spirit and achievements. These ingredients have made our school the envy of many. Our sincere best wishes go with the gradu- ating seniors who have done much to estab- lish this high position. The record of this year's graduating class and the industrious students remaining insure the great future of El Camino High School. MR. FRED KRONSBEIN Spring Semester Dean of Boys MRS. JEAN COFF Dean of Girls Counselors All the students of El Camino have profitted immeasurably from our counselors' aid in program planning and class changes. MR. CLIFTON GORDON Registrar HQ MRS. ROXLELEE LEMMON MISS MARILYN CASSTEVENS MR. DARRELL FREDRICKSON MR. DONALD ROBARDS ,J BOB MONTGOMERY Fall Semester Commissioner of Entertainment LINDA NIGHTENGALE Fall Semester Commissioner of Public Relations I6 tudent Body JIM SHEARER COLLEEN KENNEDY Fall Semester Boys' Fall Semester Girls' Vice President Vice President TIM PATTERSON Fall Semester President JOE' CANGI MARJI JOHNSON Treasurer Fall Semester Secretary jfcers x CHARLES MARY HAGERTY JIM THOMPSON Spring Semester Girls' Spring Semester Boys' Vice President Vice President u JIM SHEARER Spring Semester President JOYCE COOLEY JUDY GREEN Commissioner of Spring Semester Internal Affairs Secretary MERWIN STAPP Spring Semester Commissioner of Entertainment CAROLE ANN DAVIES Spring Semester Commissioner of Public Relations FI N ANI IE IIOMMI'I"l'EE FIRST RONV, Icft to right: Eddie Healton, .I0c Iiungi II:Il1lII'IllllIlI. Emi Ursin. SECOND ROW: Iialrlwural Fish, Kathy Kvysor. A5SI'I'NIIII,Y COMMITTEE FIRST ROW. If-It In right: ,Ioan Beam, Carole IIlllllt'Llll, Sherry Iflunvllficld, Maryu Roland. SECOND RITW: Donna Johnson. Sharon McDCr- mutt. Sully Johnson, ,Indy Crccn. I8 EVALUATION BOARD FIRST ROW. ICI! to right: Dallx- Mcfirvw, ,Ioycv Cooley IChairn1unP, .Ierry Torgcsvn. SECOND ROW: Mary I'IIIIi0l'IJi1lllIN'l'. Linda Slilvs, Karon ParshaII. DANCE COMMIT'l'EE FIRST ROW, Ivft to right: Karen Druffin. Dorothy Jackson, Iillzlrlvs Mary Hugvrty. SEC- OND ROW: Marc Louragand, Judi Martin, ,Ioan Dougery. Dick :Iv Frvitas. Ahsont: Mvluniv Louurgund ICIILIITHIJUI. HUNUR Sl'fRYlfll'l tIl.l?Il and FRlENDSHll' CUMMl'l"l'Elfl -FlH5'l' ROW". I--ft to right: CilI'llll'lLl Costa, Susan Ilan-l, llarlmara KI:-iman, Vvrgt llitnun. Nlariun llultvr. Cora L00 Massey, liulwllic Musto. Suzie' Downing. llr. wYllllI'. SECOND HOW: .lr'am'tln' Wil- lvur. Carol Ill:-vlta, l'atti llnwilillg. Linda Himmvlmaun, Mary Hilkn-rluttitm-t', ,luliv Partlm-. Slanly w'j'k1iff,Jllf'l1llit' Wykuff. Marilyn lam-. THIRD ROW: Kathy Cullivan. .lan Murray, Pat Conpcr, llarlmara llulln-5, Sandc Bowman, Vicki Payton, Sandy lNlclntyr1-, Gail llrt-onwoml. FOURTH ROW: Pam Sparrow, ,lnckic Newton, Dana Hilkerluaumvr. Eilvc-nv Nuttall, Lvtliv Cook, Dali- lNlm'Ur4-w. Crt-gg llixon, l'c'gg:y l'vtf'I'son. "Q W SICRVICIC l'A'l'H0l. FIRST HOW. loft to right: Marion Vogt. Pat 'llrm-inaim-. Iiyllllt' llurlwt, ,ludy Vt-rciclv. Donna llaggv, lin-lynn n ' l,umlgr:-n. SICCOND ROW: lldflij' May, liriv Ycre-idv. Douglas We-lfli. Kirk Tay! r. llraliam l 1-lnlwrtmi. llivk lllll'lll'0W. Tllllill ROW: Nt-il l'm-lm-t'sm1, lRl4'llill'Kl slllvn. .lavlx Savlqritlt-t'. I9 Personnel 1 MRS. VIOLET MRS. MARJORIE BARTHOLOMEW TAYLOR l'rincipal's Attendance Secretary Secretary MRS. NORMA HAZEL Vice-Principal's Secretary c, . , m,.. 14. .... I. MRS. HAZEL MRS. AUDREY HINSHAW SPENCER Attendance FiIlHnCi8-1 Clerk SQCTCIUY l f MRS. .IUANITA MRS. RUTH MRS. FRANCIS MRS. BARBARA W l l. H E LM MORGAN SMITH WALKER flll1lI'lSt'l0I'S, Svr'rctux'y Textbook Librarian NUTS? Clerk Parents, Club Our exchange students talk with the president of Parents' Club. 20 OFFICERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Mary Sabo, Mrs. Constance VanEvery, Mrs. Virginia McKinsey, Mrs. Lillian Vavvello, Pat Cooper. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Sue Dully, Mrs. Ruby Naves, Mrs. Gene Bowden, Mrs. Edna Funder, Mrs. Julia Breckenridge. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Arlene Olson, Dr. A. D. Abbott, Mrs. Mary Sloan, Mrs. Harriett Clark, Mrs. Mary Klieman. School Assistants lk CAFETERIA HELPERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Mrs. Dorothy Haze- wicki, Mrs. Maxine Allen, Mrs. Elsie Keller, Mrs. Lena E. Ceer, Mrs. Olive B. Evans. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ruth Errecart. Mrs. Gertrude Peacock, Mrs. Irene Kregel, Mr. Lloyd Ceer fchefl, Mrs. Mabel Thompson, Mrs. Rosemary Annigoni, Mrs. Isabelle Dorr. PRESS BOX CREW Left lo right: Mike Davidson, spotter and sound technician, Mike Lasich, unnouncerg Rex Dean, spotter. ffl' .7441 ,.,. s S CUSTODIANS FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. Roy Rutledge, Mr. Herman Dcvisli, Mr. Jesse L. Martin, Mr. Glenn Hall. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lester Logan, Mr. George Allison, Mr. James W. Morris, Mr. Floyd Coff. BUS DRIVERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. Paul Clark, Mr. Robert Lillard, Mr. Edward Yeaw, Mr. Milton Abbott. 2I -"f'....i'-f MRS. IRIS NORDBERC Department Head MR. ROBERT BURCELL English English is one of the most important subjects taught at El Camino High School. To challenge the minds -of tomorrowis leaders, to improve present knowledge and skills, and to increase the appreciation for literature are a few of the goals of this department. A well-planned and coordinated program insures every student a sampling of the many facets of the English language arts. This year the English Department introduced several new classes in order to meet the needs of each student according to his own proficiency level. As freshmen, El Camino students read David Copperfield and Johnny Tremain. Besides reading these two semi-classics, the first-year students spend a considerable amount of time on punctuation and grammar. During the sophomore year students are introduced to Shakespeare's writings by reading lulius Caesar. Two other classics, Silas Marner and A Tale of Two Cities, are also read during the year. Junior English consists of studying American literature from its feeble beginnings to its present-day greatness. American folklore, poetry, plays, and short stories are presented to the third-year English student. The lives of America's most outstanding authors and poets are studied briefly, yet giving the student some idea of the motivations that affected these writers. In the all-important senior year, a great emphasis is placed on composition writing and punctuation. For many students this course is a final prepara- tion for college entrance examinations in literature. Senior English students read Macbeth and parts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. School publications such as the El Caminian, the school newspaper, and the Aerie, the yearbook, are part of the English Department. Another feature of this department is a class in journalism for future newspaper staff members. MRS. DIANE DAVIDSON Seniors prepare "original" term paper. MRS. BETSY DAVIS MR. RAYMOND FONG Freshman English classes take part in school elections. fx fa-as it , Department 1 R, h . z.. Q xx- - . . f '1-wn s MR. GEORQE CRIMES, X? "Et tu, Brute?" HENDRICKS xf .V " ' -fl .. +t,1xp..-SJV .L I MRS. RUTH KEEMA MR. GEORGE STUDLEY MISS WINIFRED SHERROD MRS. ALMA SPARKS QWQCII MR. JAMES TEEL MRS. DOVIE THOMAS 23 xr-rtising Nlanagor: Nlarji Johnson. Puhlicity Manager n Gault. Managing Editor MELANIE LOUARCAND ': Car- Aerie l- Curriculum Co-Editors: Charles Mary Hagerty and Pat Young. Associate Editor DANA HILKERBAUMER Editor-in-Chief LILA BALE HOLLAND nn... ,r sit, Sports Editors: Ted Broedlow and Tom LeClaire. Hidden artistic talents are discovered in Aerie staff members when everyone pitches in making publicity posters. Staff Activities Co-Editors: Linda Fortier and Bette Walters. "Delicious Dil' ff" i im, : lfuylf- Vim-. Club Sm-vtion Editor: .loam Livezey MR. MAHER Yearbook Advisor Y Rapidly approaching deadlines for the yearbook are greeted by a bee- hive of activity by staff members. Class Section Editors: Sandi Clem, Hazel Browning, Candi Stinghen, and Chris Hoover. 25 El Caminicm Managing Editor JUDY JORDAN Associate Editor DICK 'DRAPER Editor-in-Chief PAULA CLARK "T SEATED: News Editor Judy johnson, Feature Editor Cliurolvtte- llansvn, STANDING: Business Manager Jeanne Davies Sports Writers: Rocky Wentzel, Brian Christiansen, Larry Brooks. Sports Editor: Greg Walsh ISTANDINGJ. SEATED, left to right: Writers, ,Ioan Scally, Jackie Ellis Marilyn Johnson, Marion Cutler. STANDING: Pam Sparrow Merwin Stapp, Pat Boli. , . 1 Advisor: MR. STUDLEY l'l1ntog1'upl10r: RON SMITH QiC4 Daily misunderstandings bctwcvn stuff lncnilicrs and Mr. Sludlvy arf' always settled easily and quickly. l l , CUB REPOHTEHS-FIRST HOW, loft to right: llLlTOIl1l Builvy, Carolyn Bowmlvn. Chris Martin. Rita QYBFYLIH, Nlnry Hamilton. Georgia Anmlvrsun. SECOND ROW: Tylic Jones, Ann Slwvllznl, Karen PilI'SllLlll. .ln Griswold. H1ll'l'l1'll l'll'iI'S. Mflrilyli Boggvss, Janice Griffin. Murilcnc Burma. ,mass "3 Q.: .ima El Caminian stuff mem- bers enjoy u lxrief moment of leisurv .JD --1 Q35-.fy C C mf 27 Social tudics Department 4 MR. LEROY GEORCES MR. AL ANTHONY MISS MARCIA HALEY BEA MR. PAUL MOSER Q Department Head rfw - -- - U .3 . 7 N In todayls busy world a kno dge of our own country is needed to better under- stand our relationship with other nations. To teach every El Camino student more about America and to instill greater loy- alty and respect is the purpose of the Social Studies Department. This goal is achieved through an offer- ing of history classes such as United States History, Civics, and World History. To further stimulate interest in the internal workings of this country and the United Nations, an examination is given on this subject for all interested students. Last year Jeanne Davies scored high enough on this test to win the regional award. Another feature of this department is a class which enables teenagers to learn more about themselves and the problems they face as adults. MR. LEROY HUGHES MR. HARRY LEY . . A Q , M Q M J 5 'X MR. DANIEL MAHER MR. WILLIAM WALKER MR. JESSE ZIMMERMAN ,fx ., v 7 KA ,Q f bl. XD XTii'QH'Z,L1df'1L,q,1xuMvQiI" Business Department SY' IX . . I 'fly fL-f 'V iw MR. ANTHONY tSIRfLIE3E'Q' MR. LAURENCE DADA CIESI,EWICZ CRUICKS NK The business department offers a wide variety of subjects to the potential busi- ness student. In addition to the usual courses in typing, shorthand, bookkeep- ing, and business machines, the depart- ment also offers a special class which does duplicating for the school. The Stu- dents in this class also learn to use voice machines. Some of the other courses in the department are consumer education, salesmanship, and retailing. lVIany of the students are showing re- markable ability in typing and short- hand. For instance, Julie Pardee, during the first quarter of Typing I, achieved a speed of sixty-nine words per minute on a three-minute test. In her second year Pat Zentz showed exceptional ability by typing seventeen mailable letters in one hour and fifteen minutes. Among the outstanding teachers in this department is Mrs. 0'Connell, who manages to make the deadlines on pro- grams, tests, and various other types of duplicating material. Her exceptional ability in this field is principally respon- sible for the success of these unique classes. 3, . Q 't... MR. WILLIAM WALKER MR. SIDNEY COEPFERT MRS. IRENE O'CONNELL MRS. GWENIXILYN SCHMIDT Department Head . K , f- f , 'mf Wt fm, 'pf x , if f ff LILLL cl? gf 'itll' ff-5314! 'IZ fcfiifxi -1v"""" "On your mark, get set, go!" 29 MR. BERNARD PARDEE Department Head Math Department The El Camino Math Department has made every attempt to provide a course of study that will meet the needs of our ever-changing world. The entire program has been accelerated whereby some of the freshman students are able to complete Algebra I and Plane Geometry in the same year. As sophomores these students may complete Solid Geometry and Algebra II. This will be followed by some advanced topics and Trig- onometry during the junior -year. The senior year of the program will be devoted to Analytical Geometry and Calculus. Last year El Camino was awarded a plaque for having an outstanding math team. Mike Lambert, senior, and Bill James, sophomore, were mem- bers of this team. Judie Schemel also received a high score in the National Mathematics Contest and was one of twenty girls in California to be accepted for a special summer session at Cal Poly. The Math Club is a supplementary part of our math program, and is an aid in stimulating the interest of math students. This club is now affiliated with the national honorary fraternity, Mu Alpha Theta. MR. THOMAS ARMSTRONG MR. DANIEL MAHER MR. HAL ATHON MR. HOWARD GORDON aa tw? Y , ,.., .,,,,,, . MR. JOHN OTTER MR. RICHARD ROWE MR. DANIEL SAYLAR Science Department In this age of Sputniks and moon rockets, science is rapidly becoming an important factor in our lives. Since the future of many El Camino graduates may be affected by this impetus, the science department at this school is initiating a more advanced and extensive program to instruct tomorrow's leaders in the fundamentals of science. The choice of courses is a diversified one with an offering of both physical and chemical sciences. As freshmen all students take a general science class which introduces them to all areas of this field. After the first year, the students are free to follow the particular phase of science which most interests them. A science seminar is available to those students who wish to do additional laboratory work. This special feature of the department is to promote more interest in all the fields of science. ! MR. JOHN BYBEE MR. ROSS FURNEAUX MR. W. F. HUNTER MR. RICHARD OLIVER MR. RICHARD SOWERS Department Head MISS EMILY GLINES MR. GALE PHILLIPS MR. JAMES WHITMARK Industrial Arts Department lndustrial arts is a program designed to stimulate manis natural propensity to construct things with tools and materials. The classes, such as metal shop, wood shop, and mechanical drawing, are of- fered primarily to El Camino male students. The development of manual dexterity and co-ordination are two of the goals of this department. Classes are designed to provide the students an occu- pation or a life-long hobby. Upon completion of this course each student should have an intelligent understanding of our modern industrial civilization and the problems which have resulted from it. his warm personality will be remembered. MR. ROBERT BARKHOUSE Department Head E -'Lf --P .f fe. ' , MR. ROBERT FOWLER 32 . ' zz, ,,,. i 1 w I emi? E45 ii M MR.. CECIL WATSON MR. CLYDE SUTFIN Shop classes in radio and electronics are favorites in the Industrial Arts Department. Although God took Mr. Winters, a teacher in this department, MR. ERNEST SNAPP Fine Arts Department The Fine Arts Department has kept El Camino supplied with musicians, vocalists, actors, artists and photographers. This department is noted for its continual buzz of activity. This year our Senior Band and A Cappella Choir have taken part in numerous music festivals, including the Golden Empire Festival and the College of Pacific Music Clinic. They have provided entertainment for our school in the Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies. The art classes have added color and excitement to El Camino by adver- tising various activities through artistic posters. They have also provided murals for the halls during seasonal holidays. This year our musicians have been given an honor which will be remem- bered at El Camino for many years to come. Our band was invited to play for the 1960 Olympics which was held at Squaw Valley. MR. EVERETT FAULKNER MR. JOHN GAFFNEY MR. JOHN COATES MR. LEROY HUGHES MR. JAMES TEEL I s "Tra, la la" Practice makes perfect for Girls' Chorus classes. A CAI FIRST ROW, lvft tu right: Bulnlviv l"n11lvs. A1111 Hz1r111s. Silllilfil Cook. lfvz1ly1111 Umnlwzllrl. Susie I,0WlliTlQI, Ruth llurff. Mario B1-glvy. 151211117 S111-1111-1'. Slwrry W7ig:t1111. 11011113 l,t,'i1'l'S0ll. Dolumllly M1-.Ml11r1. KIIFPII 'l'ull1ill. lniillf' I7IAiSf'hlPI'. Sandy EHQM1111. Put Ticflv- man. SECONILJ ROW: Kamen Nf11'l1c1'g1. Eilf't'!lP Nuttall. ,lac-q111-1511 Ns-wlu11. Carol BIPVEILI, Mlgvlu Heli. Afl1'ia11 Pino. Cw11'g1iL111111' Cuffvy. Marji JOIIIISOII, A1111 Uavies. Marney Cralmbe, Esther Gustafson. Allflftlll Nygzaard. Sandy Mclntyrc, ,IU-Allfl Lynn. THIRD ROW: Bill Grow, Bill lfavis, Kent Bowman. Bruce Busch, Perry Carter, Don Nelson, Carolyn Henry, Frances Blecha, Sharon Gibson, Wil- liam Parliman, Doug Latimer. Ted Perry, Fred Vail. FOURTH ROW: Bob Belsey. Jerry Brown, Bruce Coburn, Greg Reed, Bill Nelson, john Lunrllwlzul. Lane Blanchard, Jack Unden. Dan Stock- ton. Laurie Bright, Randy Sautner. Keith Fife, Don Speich, Kirk Taylor. Kingsley Lunden. MR. EVERETT FAULKNIER Director MR. LEROY HUGHES Director ENIOR FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Tennant, Sue Hunt, Sue Selhy, Barbara Klei- man, Becky Buller, Evalynn Goodwald, Merwin Stapp, Sheri Harder, Bob Burkett. SECOND ROW: Ann Levering, Dick Essenberg, Dan Guting, Bill James, Mike Carr, Ron Linda, Hy Young, Larry Young, Bruce Meredith, Joanne MacLaren. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Denny, Kathy Harris, Penny Boevers, Janet Rustin, Janice Padovan, Marilene Burma, Linda Coza, Laurie Viets, Harold Maxwell, Rich Fer- rario, ,Ioan Devinney, Chris Pratt, Glenn Nance, Priscilla Pitzer, Bob Cox, Charles BAND Burgess, Cary Messick, Eugene Ehlers, Bruce Walden. FOURTH ROW: Bob Hooper, Marie Hendersen, Dave Johnson, Rich Williams, Oral Custer, Gary Voet, Denton Kimball, Sue Hilt, Buzz Keller, John Sessarego, Dick Stiehl, Steve Allen, Cary Senneff, Paul Werblow, Bill Jenkins, Art Green, Gary Haygood, Benji Johnson, Bill Paine, Pat' Armstrong, Steve Thomas, Don Ellison Bob Borsdorf Jim Norton, Mike West, Laurie Bright, Marc Louargand, Linda, Beason, Davicl Merrifield. GLENN N AN CE Drum Major YUIIIIC 'TRAINING t"lttS'l' IIIIW. If-ft to right: Ravllel Smith. Amah-a Houston. .Iudy Klassvn. Ifay Ifdwards, Carolyn Nlartluiss. Myrna Bastion. SEC- OND ROW: Ilarhara Lewis, Boh- hie- Ann Roush, Li-slit: Cushing, 'll-nip Kilker, Carol Km-llison, Mary l'olormo. I'atriria Jones. THIRD ROW: Nanry Burgvss, Sandra Ilutrhinson. Glvnda Petersen, Ruth Ile-nt. .lanit-v Hilton, Cheryl NIoor0. I' 794, 'x ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW, left to right: Alexis St. John, Geri Fuller, Kathy Carter, Carol Bell, Sum: Hurn, Sallie Von-- ide, ,Iennifer Jones, Dennis Weaver. SECOND ROW: Laurae Harden- berg. Evelyn Lungrvn, Carole Comeau, ,Ioan Smith, Dennis Dough- erty, Carmcla Costa, Craig: Christen- sen, .Ioan Oldham. 1 A 6 GIRLS' CHORUS I FIRST ROW, loft to right: .lo Ann Quadros, .Ioyrv tlliainpagzno. Vicki Arbini. Dv Ettt- Bly. Ilotty I.u Mc'- Curry, Nlaurc-on Jepson. .Ivan Hei- singer. Donna Hoffart, Linda Casa-y, Michelle Chmnht-rs, .Io Ann Daily. Susan DeWitt, Lynne- liurkot. SEC- OND ROW: Susan Wixarlii, Corinne Fessia. Cora Massey. Nancy Shows, Kathy Harley, Kathleen Ellis, Ann Hendricks. Rita O'I3ryan She-cry Marquis. Cheryl WlIittt't1, Imnia In- gram, Alaina Alcorn. THIRD ROW: Dorthe-a Dougherty. Ilotsy Stoplit-ns, Rohin Matti-ws, Sandra Hawkins, Toni Dapp. Gale Savc-rif-n, Marilyn Boggess, Janice Harden, Karen Stillman, Bobbie Sarct-ran, Kathleen Buckley, .Iudith Rartholomf-w, Carol Kuhlnian. INIIXICII lIIIURltS FIRST ROW, lm-ft to right: Sharon Sartorv, Mary Colo. ,lill Svgvrstvn, Carol Stovall, Nanvy Elkington. .Indy Rakor, Carol Rlakv. ,Ianv Dt-IIa Santa. Dianc Ililmlvlv, Sun- IIurn. SIN-rry Downs, INIlll'Il'llt' IIe'W1'1-st-. SICCUNIJ RUW': .Ianicv Smith, I.ynm' IIoIIm-y, Kathy Emllrvrton. Carolyn Walling. Marcia Brain- katnp, Diana- Anmlrc-ws, Patricia Bat-Iitohl, Sandi Cru-1-rio, Karon Von- ll4't'Ilk'i1It', Gloria Quick, Mr. E. C. Fanlknm-r. TIIIRII ROW: Ralph Smith, Miko Carcy. I'at Crayon, Gary IIt'lIm'IIit1g1e-r, Rogvr Howard, Dwight Ifvvn, Rolwrt Holm, AIIOn IIuIwIn-rt, Miko Bryant. Sam Wood, ,Ivff Spt-it-lt, Mark Ilakvr. GIRLS' CHORUS II FIRST ROW, In-ft to right: Virginia Klvv, Susan Yr-atc-s, Denise McGar- rity, Linda Whitv, CaroIc Cusanza, Diannv Survltv, Pat 0'Hop, Sandi Swor, Mario D'AnniI1aIc. SECOND RUW: Laura-I Roscn, Betty Dc- Galmriclc, Linda Crandhcrg, Lynn Pm-arcc, Sandi James, .Ianeil Dah- man, Nancy Webb, Vivki Shick. THIRD ROW: Sharon Walsh, SaIIy Tvatvr, Norma McGrath, Connie Finstvr, Dorothy Sims, Sandy Hat- fivld, Carol Twilling, ,Ioycv Brat- ton, Paula Hjehn. The Art llc-partment's Production Advertis- ing Class turned out a record number of posters for games and other school functions this past yt-ar. A campus-wide mural program was initiated this spring and within the next year or two. colorful murals will adorn build- ings on the campus. A new move is under may to refer to the Art Department as the El Camino Art Center. which would offer a high quality of instruction along with other 1JI'0- grams associated with the arts. TOL' CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU, the senior play. was only one phase of the drama Students have fun while pursuing their art abilities activities under the direction of Mr. Teel. He also directed the Christmas play and other plays throughout the YP!! l'. l 1 Art classes were busy all year making posters for many of the school activities. 'lH0w's the weather? " 40 "What do you mean, you're going out tonight." Language Department Because of the emphasis that is placed on world affairs today, lan- guage courses are becoming vital to this countryis development and prog- ress. At El Camino higher and more extensive language courses are being provided. As of this year, French and Spanish are offered in four-year courses and German and Latin are available in three-year gual ability. For example, the three years in which Charolette Hanson took Spanish, she maintained a straight HA" average. In Latin Bill Burkett received an award for his high score on the National Latin Examination. C0l1I'SCS. In this field several students have shown unusual aptitude toward lin- MR. CARL GLISSMEYER MRS. lim ISE A MR. EDWARD SMITH MR. THOMAS LEONETTI 7 It t xy C Department Head t Home Economies Department Home Economics plays an important part in in- troducing girls to the homemaking field. Upon com- pletion of a home economics class, a girl should have a thorough knowledge of domestics and recog- nize the various ways in which she can apply that knowledge. to model clothes they have made in class at Penney's fashion show. A Betty Crocker award is given each year to help some girl further her study in home economics. An example of the excellent work the home eco- nomics students accomplish each year can be seen at El Camino's annual fashion show. Each year several outstanding clothing students are selected MRS. MARJORIE COOPER MRS. GRACE DEAN MRS. JULIA REESE Department Head Boys, P. E. Department MR. LANE ERNST Department Head The purpose of boys' P.E. is to provide a knowledge of sports, improve citizenship and provide fun for the students. The course of study during the four years at El Camino includes almost every sport and competitive game which the department feels will interest the students. Each sport is carried on in sequence from year to year so the student's knowledge and skill will develop without too much repetition. Upon completion of each activity the student will know the history, rules, techniques, and theory of play. This year co-educational badminton was enjoyed by the students. It helped develop the students' skill as well as their social life. If a student is particularly interested in sports he may participate in the extracurricular activities provided by the Physical Education Department. MR HAL ATHON MR. THOMAS ARMSTRONG MR. GEORGE SOUZA MR. FRED KRONSBEIN Just 10,000 more and I get a drink of water!" "Teacher, when we're through with football, can we start Modern Dance?" irlsp P. E. Department Girls' physical education classes seek to improve co-ordination. skill. and techniques. These classes also provide an introduction to many activities that most of ther girls would not have an opportunity to try otherwise. ln the freshman classes. the girls played touch football. Taking part in this sport helped the girls to become better spectators at foothall games. Other sports in which the freshman and sophomore girls par- ticipated were tumbling. hody mechanics and paddle tennis. junior and senior activities emphasized the individual sports of tennis. archery. badminton. folk dancing. and body mechanics. The team sports of lvaskctliall and softball were also included in this program. lVlodcrn dance is a class which girls may select during their junior or senior year instead of PE. This activity seems to be a favorite. It helps ' the girls to develop poise, rhythm, creativeness, and trim figures. 9 E f Q MRS ROGERS Department Head . ' y .y fi MISS JEAN FARLEY MRS. HENRIETTA BARON MRS. WANDA COCHRAN U9 if ' 'W f . fs- . Jlf, ... Lf ' Modern dance classes produce interesting patterns. Beware of the senior girl with a bow and arrow A1 X "A" COMPANY Wayne Ashorn. Bob Bassett, Lu Bastien, Ron Beatly, Bill Bryant, Bruce Clanton, Claude Coss, Mike Davidson, Don Ellison, Lucky Faulkenbury, Frank Figearo, Chuck Fleischer, Phil Frazer, Frank Friedricks, Cary Hay- good, Tom Morgester, Glen Nance, Ron Neal, Dennis Neely, Steve Nelson, B ' R'l Ch k S I ll B b T l e Fred Vail, Jim Williams, and nan icy, uc clo er, o ayo , Pat Wasser. 44 MILITARY POLICE FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Chouinard, Forrest Carleton, Charles Coff- man, Chipper White, Gary Child, David Johnson, Roy Chastain, Neal Brune, Richard Wilson, Dick Essenberg. SECOND ROW, left to right: Ron Neal, Dave Vereide, Bill Proudfoot, Bill Bryant, Bruce Clanton, Chuck Scholler, Claude Coss, Wade Hall, Tom Morgester, Jim Brown, Dennis Weaver, and Vern Iverson. ' Cad HEADQUARTERS Paul Boothe, Roy Chastain, Mike Chounard, Dick Essenberg, Benji John' son, Bill Johnson, Gene Morgan, Ken- ets S A neth O'Tool, David Richey, Jerry Sil- ker, Tad Simard, Roy Smothery, Peter Van Stiennis, and Wayne Vroman. l HB" COMPANY .lerry Ayers, Myron Ball, Karl Berbert, Richard Christopherson, Charles Coffman, Ronald Davis, Robert Ellison, Michael Gadeva, William Gard- ner, Eugene Hisey, Gaylan King, Craig McCoy, Victor Menchaca, Wil- liam Miller, Nicholas Poohar, Ron Smith, Daniel Steinman, Bill Steven- son, Dave Vereide, Dennis Weaver, Chipper White, Richard Wilson, and- Donald Wood. MAJOR ARMSTRONG AR K t 2 Q "A-fm:-2.-4 K Left to right: Ron Davis, "B" Company Commanderg Glenn Nance, "A" Company Commanderg Wayne Vro- mcn, Headquarters Company Commander. 46 Left to right: Robert Borsdorf, Battalion Commander: Merwin Stapp, Battalion Adjutantg Barry Stapp, Bat- talion Executive. Left to right: Ted Perry, Battalion S-1: Jim Hernden Battalion S-2g John Burch, Battalion S-4. VARSITY RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Boothe, Peter Van Stiennis, Neal Brune, Vern Iverson, John Burch, Mer win Stapp, and Dick Essenberg. SECOND ROW: Bill Miller, Bob Bassett, Robert Borsdorf, Jim Brown, Glenn Nance, .Iohn Runyon Don Ellison, Ron Davis. "B" RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Coffman, Jerry Ayers, Chipper White, Myron Ball. SECOND ROW: Nick Poohar, Gene Hisey, Chuck Fleischer, Dan Steinnan, Don Wood, Pat Gardner. THIRD ROW: Richard Christopherson, Gaylan King Dennis Weaver, Wade Hall, David Johnson, Karl Bef rert. 47 tudent ouncil FIRST ROW, left to right: Colleen Kennedy, Michele Bardin, Linda Nizhtengale, Joyce Cooley, liarhara Fish, Candi Sllllgllfll. Suv Ford, Margy Knapp, Donna Franklin, Charles Mary Hagerty. I,ila Holland, Sally Johnson. SECOND ROW: Paula Clark, Paul Stefani. Rollin Fevanson. Miki- Mullen, Stan Marquiss, Bill Eavis, Michele Chambers, Susan Yeates, Susan Moulton, Diane Etheridge, Jackie Bertagna, Judi Black. ROW THREE: Toni Freeman, Joy Folk, Jim Herflon, Dick Kassis, Rusty Ertle, Robert Gunther, Dale McGrew, Eric de Gooyer, Gary Matthews, Bill Jenkins, Meritt Rector, Jo Anne de Freitas. ROW FOUR: Sue Hunt, Carole Ahlquist, Kim Huff, Karen Draffin, John Millar, Gene Harris, Tim Patterson, Jim Shearer, Judy Jordan, Pat Pucci, Carol Dean, Stephanie Meister. ROW FIVE: Sally Prater, Joanie Dougery, Pat Young, Dick de Freitas, Larry Annigoni, Don Speich, Larry Driglieb, Dick Plesha, Ken Stroth, Ken Green, Denis O'Brien, Nikke Van Derheydt. ROW SIX: Marian Vogt, Susan Garrett, Barbara Wahl, Terry Kauffman, Joe Cangi, Dick Stiehl, Dave Merrifield, Jim Kimmel, Larry Brooks, Jerry Brown, John Ghramm, Melanie Louargand, Marji Johnson. ROW SEVEN: Priscella Pitzr-r, Chris Brown, Connie Burris, Mary Thomas, Pat Curran, Rich Moore, Jim Paul, Rita O'Bryan, liill llrasher, Mike Harms and Ted Brocdlow. Executive Board 'Qs l-'HUNT ROW: lim-ft to riglxl: ,loan llnugvry, ,loyvo Cooloy, Nikko Van licrlif-yrlt, Carol Alilqiust, Sullic Jolmson, ,ludy iiliL'l'll. Murji .Inlin- mn. xlklflllll Vogt. SECOND ROW: Lila Holland. .lufly ,l01'd11n. Put Young. Conv llarris, .lorry llrown, Darla lNlf'Crvw, llxml Sll'fillll. ,lim llvrmlon. lAS'l' HOW: l.ilul41 lYljll1ll'IlQQLllt', .lov Cungi, ,lim ,ilil0lllPS0ll, Colle-cn Konncdy, ,lim Sllcnrcr, Tim Patterson, Clmrlcs Mary liilyQt'l'ly. lllvrwin Stalpp. The mcrnhcrs of El Cumino's Executive Board ponder over u The problem is solvvd, winning the approval of rvcryonu, momentous decision. 49 GQ, losses The world is good, and the people are good, and 'lUP,l'6? all good fellows together. V--john 0'KL-cffv Section Editors: Seniors-Sandy Clem, Juniors-Hazel Brownin Sophomores-Candi Stinghen, F reshmen-Chris Hoover ' gm i 11 if 'WS Ay lpssws .-lf' Uiuggxv 0 ww. Ng., Vwss 4 i fx .i qt"-wi wi w..W Wm - , , l f ff' XM EwQy,w I WxI4- gimwh . f Mwwq. . J. , " M-uw. f fl: . PQm,5XMwMmwww fwwmmq 'z ...,, . XL ,, . 'A 'i 52 Seniors - Leaders of Tomorrow PRESIDENT Gene Harris VICE PRESIDENT Melanie Louargand SECRETARY Priscilla Pitzer TREASURER Pat Cooper The officers of the class of 1960 led the way to a bigger and better year than ever before. The year began with a terrific homecoming and ended with a beautiful Senior Ball. Graduation was topped off with a tremendous annual All Nite Grad Party. The year moved so quickly-it was gone almost too soon. CY' 1'-7 fl VJ Josizvn AFZAL General Activities TOM AHERN General Activities CAROLE .l. AHLQUIST Hoarl Songleader, Homecoming Princess, Jr. P cess. Sopli. Class Treas., Honor Roll. RICHARD D. ALBRICHT Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country. CLEVE E. ALEXANDER General Activities. MARION ALEXANDER General Activities. I.Il,l.IAN ALKIRE C.A.A. BLAINE ALLEN General Activities ED ALLEN General Activities RICHARD ALLEN Ceneral Activities LESLIE ALLGIER German Club. RAY AMIOKA B Football, Homecoming Committee. LORE ANDERSON General Activities. MIKE ANDERSON General Activities. SCOTT ANDERSON General Activities. 54 rom Prin- 'Q--..,.,,,,..r Joseph Afzal I :N Tom Ahern . Carole .l. Ahlquist C D 4401.2-J. Richard D. Albright Cleve E. Alexander Marion Alexanrler lutly's going to petition ...G .J sf Wwfif 'D rt Lillian Alkire Blaine Allen Ed Allen Richard Allen Leslie Allgier Ray Ainioku Lore Anderson Mike Anderson Scott Anderson ll! :4nl'I4't' lm'lu'l's. Larry Annigoni Janis Appel ,Ierry Arbini Pat Armstrong Bob Avena Diane Bailey STI Carol Catherine Baker Sally Ann Baker Jim Ballard Ronald Bundza Jeanette Banyai Michele Bardin Judy Barkhurst Marjorie L. Baughman Joan Beam Y? Q57 """"9' fm- LARRY ANNIGONI Varsity Football, Student Council, Block E.C., Owema Hi-Y, A Track. IANIS APPEL Modeling Club, Student Council, Treas. F.B.L.A., Los Hidalgos. JERRY ARBINI Swimming Team, Hi-Y, B Football, Art Football. Club, F rosh PAT ARMSTRONG Pep Band, Ski Team, Sr. Band. BOB AVEN A Track Team. DIANE BAILEY Future Medics, Art Club. CAROL BAKER Honor Roll, Typing Award, Modeling Club, G.A.A., Bible Club. SALLY ANN BAKER Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Soph. Float Comm., Future Medics. JIM BALLARD General Activities. RONALD BANDZA General Activities. .l EAN ETTE BANYAI General Activities. MICHELE BARDIN Foreign Exchange Student, A.F.S. Comm., Student Coun- cil, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll. JUDY BARKHURST Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Decorations Comm., Gregg Typing Award. MARJORIE BAUGHMAN Frosh Pep Club. JOAN BEAM Jr. Prom Comm., Assembly Comm., Dance Comm., Treas. Drama Club, Student Council. 55 Wesley G. Beamer Richard Beaton Lilith Marie Begley Mary I.ou Behrman George J. Benner Joy A. Berutich Frank Birch Sue Bishop Johnney Black Carol Ann Blake Sherry Blanchfield Carol A, Blecha 56 Penelope S. Hof-vers Patricia Holi Dave Bqloyan WESLEY G. BEAMER N.H.S., Los Hidalgos, Science Fiction Club. RICHARD BEATON General Activities. LILITH MARIE BEGLEY Thespian, A Cappella. Drama Club, Sr. Play. MARY LOU BEHRMAN Sr. Play Comm.. Fidelus Vertus Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Comm., N.H.S. GEORGE J. BENNER Hi-Y. JOY A. BERUTICH F.T.A., Intcrlingual Club, G.A.A. FRANK BIRCH General Activities. SUE BISHOP General Activities. .IOHNNEY BLACK Sr. Play, Thespian, Shakespenre's Crew. CAROL ANN BLAKE G.A.A., Drama Club, Bible Club. SHERRY BLANCHFIELD Assembly Comm., Honor Service Club, Sr. Decorations Comm., Drill Team, Tri-Hi-Y. CAROL A. BLECHA Honor Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y, A Cappella, Orchestra, Spring Concert Comm. PENELOPE S. BOEVERS Pep Band, Band, G.A.A., Honor Block, TriAHi-Y. PATRICIA BOLI N.H.S., Sec. of C.S.F., Los Hidalgos, Quill and Scroll, Mu Alpha Theta. DAVE BOLOYAN Faingo Hi-Y, Student Council, Track, B Football. .Z SHARON BONNET C.S.F., Honor Roll, National Thespians, Lot: Hidalgos, Senior Play. DENISE BONTI Studi-nt Council, Gregg Typing Award, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Comms. ROBERT L. BORSDORF JR. Cadet Battalion Commander, Key Club, Varsity Rifle Team, Sr. Band, l't-p Band. KENT BOWMAN K:-y Club, Pup Band, Senior Band, A Cappella, Track. ROBERT M. BOYER General Activities. SUXANNE BRACKETT F.T.A. Vice llrcs., Latin Club, French Club, C.S.F., Ilonor Roll. BARBARA BRADY Drama Club, Fidclus Virtus Tri-Hi-Y, C.S.F., Honor Roll, Student Council. DENNIS BRAJKOVICH General Activities. LAURIE BRIGHT Senior Band. A Cappella, Faingo Hi-Y. TED ALLEN BROEDLOW Varsity Swimming, Avrie Staff, Block E.C., Student Council, Owcma Hi-Y. LARRY BROOKS El Caminian Staff, Varsity Football, Block E.C. MICKEY BRYANT Cf-nc-ral Activities. CHRIS B. BROWN Student Council, Typing Awards, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Home- coming Devorations Comm. JAMES M. BROWN Cade-ls Drill Team, Rifle Team. DEANNA VALERIE BUDACK Sponta Sua Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Activities. 5 Sharon Bonnet Denise Bonti Robert L. Borsdorf J r. Kent Bowman Robert M. Boyer Suzanne Bracket! Barbara Brady Dennis Brajkovich Laurie Bright Ted Allen Broedlow Larry Brooks Mickey Bryant Chris B. Brown James M. Brown Deanna Valerie Budack 57 REBECCA BULLER G.A.A., Homecoming Decoration Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Band, Sr. Band. DORIS BURBY Drill Team. CAROL ANN BURDEN Gregg Typing Award, Honor Roll, Art Club, Cv.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y. JOHN BURCH Math Club, C.S.F., Science Club. FRANK BURESS Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Football, Block E.C., Honor Roll, Student Council. BYRON BURNETT General Activities. CONNIE BURRISS C.S.F., American Legion Award, Student Council, Honor Roll. KAREN BUXTON Fidelus Virtus Tri-Hi-Y. KATHRYN CADY Tri-Hi-Y, Sliakespeards Crew, Sr. Comms. JIM CALAHAN General Activities. GARY L. CAMERON Student Council, Student Patrol, Chess Club. JOSEPH CANCI Student Body Treas., Homecoming Comm., Honor Roll, C.S.F., C Cross Country. LENORE CANTRELL Honor Roll, Homecoming Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club, Frosh Dance Comm. DAWNA CARLTON General Activities. THEODORE CARTEE General Activities. Yt'f'+-- Rebecca Buller Doris Burby Carol Ann' Burden John Burch Frank Buress Byron Burnett Connie Burris Karen Buxton Kathryn Cady J im Calahan Gary L. Cameron Joseph Cangi Lenore Cantrell Dawna Carlton Theodore Cartee K .1 as ' .75 t .1- ,. ,J A .,, , x . I I "Mommy, I want to hold him el T74 -lafed CNW' MH-YY LOU Cha-ITlbCI'S Robert Chapman John Chase Jeff Childress Dottie Chiodo Stan Clll'iS!6I1SPH Brian Christiansen Bob Cima .IARED CARTER Student Council, Ski Club. MARY LOU CHAMBERS General Activities. ROBERT CHAPMAN Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Pres. Los Hidalgos, N.H.S., Semper Deo Hi-Y. JOHN CHASE Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Sec. Block E.C., Owema Hi-Y, Student Council. JEFF CHILDRESS General Activities. DOTTIE CHIODO Student Council, Honor Roll, Gregg Shorthand Award, Gregg Typing Award, Fidelus Vertus Tri-Hi-Y. STANLEY A. CHRISTENSEN Rifle Team. BRIAN CHRISTIANSEN A.F.S., Cormn., El Caminian Staff, All Night Grad Party Comm., Owema Hi-Y, Student Council. BOB CIMA General Activities. PAULA CLARK A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Student to Denmark, Editor- in-Chief of El Caminian, Prw. A.F.S., N.H.S., Quill and Scroll. REA KAY CLARK General Activities. SANDY GAIL CLEM Commissioner of Entertainment, Aerie Staff, Ch. Assem- bly Comm., Ex. Board, N.H.S. RAY CLEVELAND General Activities. WILLIAM COLEMAN Swimming Team, Hi-Y, Frosh Baseball, B Swimming Team. BRIAN N. COLUMBIA Ski Club. Paula Clark Rea Kay Clark Sandy Gail Clem Ray Cleveland William Coleman Brian N. Columbia - Rita Comarsh Richard L. P. J. Contffntc Lffttic Loc Cook QSHIP Sandra M. Cook Joyce C. Cooley Martha Cooper llc-nnir-4 from llm-:iwii'? RITA COMARSH Tri-lli-Y, Crcgg Typing Award. RICHARD L. P. J. CONTENTE General Activities. LETTIE LEE COOK Svc. NHS., Vvna Vi-Iac Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Los Hidalgos, Honor Pep Club. SANDRA M. COOK A Cuppn-llzi. Modvlingr Club, 'l'ri'Hi'Y. JOYCE C. COOLEY Coimnissione-r of lnlr-rnal Affairs, Ch. Evaluation Bd.. Exe-mx Bd., Student Council, Homecoming Comm. MAii'i'iiA cioovizn f i t Future- Mvclivs. Honor Roll, Gregg: Typing Award, C.A.A. . Y ti ng, f PAT COOPER 'lf Sr. Class Treas., Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Student H ' ' Council, Honor Pep Club, Honor Service Club. Q . I V siivm coomi 'l'ri-lli-Y, Crr-gg Typing Award, Girls' Cloc. V"' CAROL COPP Conn-ral Avtivitie-S. HOB N. COX J.V. Baseball, Stuilvnt Council, Hi-Y. JO ANN COX Tri-Hi-Y. Momlvling Club. RAY COX General Activities. V JIM CRANFORD Conf-ral Activities. SHARON CROCKER El Caminian, Art Club, Drama Club, Tri-Hi-Y. J. KATHLEEN CULLIVAN Honor Svrvico Club, Friendship Comm., Honor Roll, P t C S 1 5 C C I C C 2 T ' A . d. a ooper y via .ooper .uro .opt 'W ypmg M' Bob N. Cox JoAnn Cox Ray cox I 60 Jim Cranford Sharon Crocker J. Kathlevn Cullivan Sheila Mae Cummings Mike Cunningham Perry H. Cunningham Patricia M. Curran Diane Darby Ann Davies CS F 'Q-ff, Carol Ann Davies Jean Ellen Davies Ronald Davis Sarah R. Davis Carol Dean Johanna Deats Richard De Freitas Bette Ann De Gabriele Kalen deGooyer E' SHEILA MAE CUMMINGS Student Council. Drill Team. MIKE CUNNINGHAM Production Advertising. PERRY H. CUNNINGHAM Swimming Team, N.H.S., Pres. C.S.F., Mu Alpha Theta, Math Club, B Reserve Basketball. PATRICA M. CURRAN Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. DIANE DARBY C.S.F., N.H.S., A.F.S., Sec. Inter-Club Council, Vena Vitae Tri-Hi-Y. ANN DAVIES Songleader, Frosh Class V. P., Dance Comm., Ch. En- tertainment of 59 Home-coming Dance, A Cappella. CAROL ANN DAVIES Comm. of Public Relations, Homecoming Princess, Dance Comm., Assembly Comm., Heta Pi Lamba Tri-Hi-Y. JEAN ELLEN DAVIES Winner of UN Exam, Business and Ad Manager of E1 Caminian Ch. of Student of the Week Comm., Baccalau- reate Candle Bearer, Quill and Scroll. RONALD DAVIS Rifle Team, Gregg Typing Award, Bible Club. SARAH R. DAVIS G.A.A., Drill Team. CAROL DEAN Los Hidalgos, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Homecoming Comm., Modeling Club. JOHANNA DEATS Friendship Comm., Honor Roll, Honor Service Club, Pres. Future Medios. RICHARD DE FREITAS Jr. Prom Comm., Dance Comm., Publicity Ch. for Home- coming Soph. Float Comm., Sr. Ball Comm. BETTE ANN DE CABRIELE Rally Comm., Tri-Hi4Y Pres., Honor Roll, El Caminian Staff. KALEN deCO0YER Felia Dei Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, Friendship Comm., Future Medios, Sr. Decorations. LI Dave De Long Jeanne Ann Denny Carol Ann Dern Linda L. Derrick Ronald De Valle Nanci Dc Ville Marlene De Weese Lois Di Donato Eugene .I. Dillon Albert Arens Dimmitt Joan Dougery Susie Downing 62 Richard R. Draper Diane K. Drischler Gloria D. Dizwiecki DAVE DE LONG General Activities. JEANNE ANN DENNY Sponte Sun Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award, Sr. Band, Sr. Homecoming Dec. Comm. CAROL ANN DERN Modeling Club, Frosh Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. LINDA L. DERRICK Modeling Club, Student Patrol. RONALD DE VALLE General Activities. NANCI DE VILLE Homecoming Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Shakespe-are's Crew, G.A.A., Sr. Band. MARLENE DE WEESE General Activities. LOIS DI DONATO Aerie Float Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Soplt. Float Comm., Modeling Club. EUGENE J. DILLON General Activities. ALBERT ARENS DIMMITT Sr. Play, Drama Club, Whiskerino King, National Thespians. JOAN DOUGERY Recorder Historian, Rally Comm., Exec. Bd., Student Council, Dance Comm. SUSIE DOWNING Sr. Play, National Thespians, Latin Club, Honor Service Club, A.F.S. RICHARD R. DRAPER Assoct. Editor of El Caminian, Varsity Basketball, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, Honor Roll. DIANE K. DRISCHLER Honor Pep Club, A Cappella, National Thespians, Los Hidalgos, Sponte Sua Tri-Hi-Y. GLORIA D. DRZEWIECKI General Activities. ' MARC DULLY Varsity Swimming, Student Council, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Block E.C., Jr. Prom Comm. JOHN CHARLES DUNCAN 'dv Marc Dully John Charles Duncan Suzanne C. Dunk Marsha Dunning g .3 Anne Du Pain Nancy Durbrow sf. Play. it-3' SUZANNE c. DUNK oy, Honor Candle Bearer, Rally Comm., Honor Pep Club, kv! Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll. MARSHA DUNNING Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y, Publicity Staff, Modeling Club. ANNE DU PAIN Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club, G.A.A. NANCY DURBROW G.A.A., Latin Club, Honor Roll. KEITH DYSON Archery, Wrestling, Track. JOHN EDWARDS Hi-Y. JULIE ANN EDWARDS tw. '27 Tri-Hi-Y, Frosh Pep Club, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Gregg Typing Award. SANDRA L. ELIASON A Cappella, Majoretts. I X YMOND ELLINGER " ,- eral Activities. SARA ANN ELLIOTT N.H.S., Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Homecoming Comm. BOB ELLIS Hi-Y, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Varsity Football, Block ...uv gf' E.C., Carnival Comm. ' BOB ELLISON General Activities. DON ELLISON l General Activities. Keith Dyson John Edwards Julie Ann Edwards Sandra L. Eliason Raymond Ellinger Sara Ann Elliott Bob Ellis Bob Ellison Don Ellison L-1 JERRY ERB General Activities. JO ANN ESPENSHADE Drill Team, Grad. Usher, Home Econ. Fashion Show, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Homecoming Comm. SANDRA FAIRCHILD General Activities. TERRI K. FARNEY Second Place School Art Awards, Tri-Hi-Y, First Place Bruener's Art Show, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Frosh Pep Club. GARY FAULKENBERRY B Swimming Team, B Football, Varsity Swimming Team. SUE FEIRL Modeling Club, Drill Team, Frosh Dance Comm., Tri- Hi-Y, Journalism Confer. SANDI LEE FENNER Ski Club, Dance Comm. TERRY FIELDS General Activities. BARBARA FISH Varsity Yell Leader, Sec. Inter-School Council, Honor Candlebearer, JV Yell Leader, Exec. Bd. DEAN FISHER General Activities. NANCY A. FISHER Modeling Club, Tri-Hi-Y. NANCY L. FISHER Pres. G.A.A., Latin Club, N.H.S., C.S.F., Honor Roll. ED FLANDERS A.F.S., Block E.C., Senior Decoration Comm., Hi-Y, A Blocks for Swimming. PAUL E. FLORY Senior Band, Interlingual Club. JERRY F OLENA JV Baseball, B Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Gregg Typ- ing Awards. "'!lu.4 f fl, Q31 Jerry Erh Jo Ann Espenshade Sandra Fairchild Terri K. Farney Gary Faulkenberry Sue Feirl Sandi Lee Fenner Terry Fields Barbara Fish Y-:1 re- Dean Fisher Nancy A. Fisher Nancy L. Fisher Ed Flanders Paul El Flory Jerry Folena Swim now, avoid the rush LINDA L. FORTIER Rally Comm., Senior Play, Sr. Homecoming Comm., Thespian, Aerie Staff. BARBARA .l. FOSTER Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Candlebearer, Interlingual Club, Los Hidalgos, Homecoming Comm. DIANE M. FREER Tri-Hi-Y. ROBERT L. FRONTZ Olympic Torch Runner, B Basketball, Cross Country, Sr. Teach Day Comm. RICK FUHER General Activities. SUSUMU FUJIWARA General Activities. CHARLES T. FULLER General Activities. JIM CALVIN General Activities. ROBERT L. GAMMON Cross Country. CARMEN GAULT Honor Candlebearer, Aerie Staff, Varie Roll, Grad Party Comm. KATHLEEN GEHRKE General Activities. ROBERT GENTRY General Activities. SHARON I. GIBSON General Activities. EDWARD R. GILLUM B Football, B Track, Hi-Y. Linda L. Fortier Barbara J. Foster Diane Mi?Freer R b . t L. Fr tz Rick Fuher Susumu ujiwara Cliasles T. Fiiller .lim Galvin Robert L. Gammon Honor Pep ClugFAP-Iii? Gpiigdpglffg? J Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. 3 , Yam JV Baseball, B ty Show, Honor r. Homecoming Carmen Gault Kathleen Gehrke Robert D. Gentry Sharon I. Gibson Edward R. Gillum Jeanne Gompertz 'HY LINDSAY GOODELL Varsity Golf, Frosh Baseball, JV Basketball, Honor Roll. SUNNY GOODIER Los Hidalgos, C.S.F., N.H.S., A.F.S., Honor Service Club, Friendship Comm., G.A.A., Honor Roll. EVALYN G. GOODWALD Sr. Band, A Cappella, Pep Band, Art Club, G.A.A. JOE GORDON Faingo Hi-Y, JV Golf, Ski Club, Varsity Golf, B Basket- ball. LARRY J. GORDON Football, Wrestling Team, Block E.C., Swimming Team. CAROL GORE Frosh Class Treas., Tri-Hi-Y, Student Colmcil, Frosh Float and Dance Comm., Soph. Homecoming Float Comm. MARK L. GRAGG General Activities. LINDA GRANBERG General Activities. Transferred from N. J. Track Team, S e Crew, Mixed Chorus. WILLIAM T. GRANGER , U8 PAH GRAY Nlodvling Clult. GUY GREEN B Reserve Basketball, Hi-Y. J UDITH GREEN Student Body Sec., Assembly Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Friend- ship Comm., Frosh Pep Club. KEN GREEN General Activities. MARY E. GRISSOM Rally Comm., Homecoming Dance Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, Honor Roll. LINDA L. GUDMUNSON Frosh Pep Club, Rally Comm., Choreography for Mid- summer Night's Dream, Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club. 66 Lindsay Goodell Sunny Goodier Evalyn G. Goodwald Joe Gordon Larry J. Gordon Carol Gore Speich, giving a speech. 'am' Mark L. Gragg Linda Granberg William T. Granger Pam Gray Guy Green Judy Green Ken Green Mary E. Grissom Linda L. Gudmunson Lmda f.rl1ldlC1 Esther Gustafson Bob Guy Harriet Haag Bill Hack Charles Mary Hagerty Ylif J 'S' 13 John Hagerty Michael Hamilton Charlotte Hansen Joe Hanson .lan-qui-lin llunson Laura R. Hardenburg Mary A. Harding Carrol I.. lizlrgt-r Mike Harms 'Gu DQ 'sr'-y LINDA GUIDICI Honor Pep Club, Honor Roll, N.H.S., Homecoming Dance Comm., Modeling. ESTHER GUSTAFSON A Cappella, Future Medics. BOB GUY General Activities. HARRIET HAGG Senior Teach Day Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, N.H.S. BILL HACK General Activities. CHARLES MARY HAGERTY Aerie Staff, Girls' Veep, Co-Chairman of Sr. Breakfast, Dance Comm., Executive Board. JOHN HAGERTY Varsity Basketball Team, A Reserve Bas., Friendship Comm. J. MICHAEL HAMILTON B Basketball, Art Club. CHARLOTTE HANSEN Feature Editor of El Caminian Staff, Correspondent to Sacramento Union, A.F.S., C.S.F., N.H.S. JOE HANSEN B Football, Hi-Y. IAQUELIN HANSEN G.A.A., Sr. Play, Carnival Queen, SIIHRCSPCHFCIS Crew. LAURA HARDENBURG Gregg Typing Awards, Snowed Inn Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Orchestra, Sr. Musical. MARY HARDING National Thespian, Shakespeards Crew, Variety Show Chairman. CARROL L. HARCER Tri-Hi-Y. MIKE HARM5 Varsity Football, Hi-Y Pres., Block EC, N.H.S., B and Frosh Football, Student Council. L7 Gene Harris Charles Harrod Warren R. Hart Gloria A. Hartwig Dennis J. Harvey Sandra I.. Hatfield ,. 7-! YC' Starlenc Hay Paula Gaye Hayhurst Ed Healton Caren Heaviside Virginia Heisinger Robert Helm 68 Nancy Henderson James Herndon .lon Hill GENE HARRIS Sr. Class Pres., Pres. Sempre Deo Hi-Y, Medical Ex- plorers Unit, Student Council, Executive Board. CHARLES HARROD General Activities. WARREN R. HART Varsity Football, B Basketball, R Track, Baseball, Block E.C. GLORIA A. HARTWIG General Activities. DENNIS .I. HARVEY Varsity Football, Pres, Hi-Y, Jr, Prom Comm.. .l.V. Rase- ball, B Football. SANDRA L. HATFIELD General Activities. STARLENE HAY G.A.A., Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Shorthand Award, PAULA GAYE HAYHURST General Activities. ED HEALTON Varsity Basketball, N.H.S., Block E.C., Hi-Y, Student Council. CAREN HEAVISIDE Drama Club, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. VIRGINIA HEISINGER Silver Pages, F.B.L.A.. Girls' Glee, Fashion Show, Car- nival Comm. ROBERT HELM Drama Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee. NANCY HENDERSON Tri-Hi-Y, N.H.S. JAMES R. HERNDON Executive Board, Student Council, Shakespeare's Crew, Thespian, Drawing Awards. .ION HILL Drama Club, Thespian, Sr. Band. Sr. Play, Christmas Play. NllCllELE lllLLYEll flt'Ilt'I'lll Xctixitim-Q. .IANICE HILTON Voice Training, Tri-Hi-Y, A Cappella. VERA HITOON Honor Candlcbearer, Pres. Quill and Scroll, A.F.S. Comm., El Czuninian, Pros. lntcrlingual Club. BILL HOEFLIN General Activities. LILA BALE HOLLAND Aerie Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll, Executive Bd., Student Council. Fidelus Virtus Tri-Hi-Y. TOM HOLLANDER Hi-Y. BARBARA HOLMES General Activities. SANDRA HOLMGREN Sponte Suzi Tri-Hi-Y, Ski Club, Sliakcspearffs Crew, Sr l'lay Comm. BONNIE HOPPER Cencral Activities. GARY HOYENCA Varsity Football, A and B Reserve Basketball, JV Foot- ball, Frosli Football. ALLEN HUCKABY General Activities. PATTY HULL General Activities. SUSAN HUNT Heta Pi Lambda Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Band, Shakespeare's Crew, Senior Band, Student Council. RUTH L. HURFF A Cappella, Pres. Future Medios, Honor Service Club Latin Club, Homecoming Concessions. VERN W. IVERSON Rifle Team, Battalion Training Officer. Michele Hillyer Janice Hilton Vera Hitoon eaxnajieeg Bill Hoeflin Lila Bale Holland Tom Hollander -J 'T' WN-T Barbara Holmes Sandra Holmgren Bonnie Hopper Cary Hoyenga Allen Huckaby Patty Hull Susan Hunt Ruth L. Hurff Vern W. Iverson 59 DOROTHY JACKSON Song Leader, Homecoming Princess, Heta Pi Lambda Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Class Sec., Honor Pep Club. JOHN P. JACKSON JV Football. KEN JASKALA General Act ivitics. IJENJI JOHNSON General Activities. DENNIS .JOHNSON General Activities. JUDJ .JOHNSON News Editor of El Caminian, Honor Pep, Heta Pi Lambda Tri-Ili-Y, Frosh Pep Club, Honor Roll. KEN JOHNSON Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball. Hi-Y, Cross Coun- try. B Basketball. MARJI JOHNSON , Student Body Sec., Honor Candle-bearer, Aerie Staff, N.H.S., Assembly Comm. SALLIE L. JOHNSON Tri-Hi-Y. Senior Decorations Comm., F.H.A. SALLY JOHNSON Chairman Rally Comm., Student of the Week, Jr. Class Trcas., Executive Bd., Honor Pep Club. STEVE JOHNSON Varsity Football, JV Football, Fmh Football. CHRIS JONES Rally Comm., Homecoming Assembly, Student Council. FORREST JONES General Activities. ips' JERI JONES Tri'Hi-Y. Dorothy Jackson John P. Jackson Ken Jaskala Benji Johnson Dennis Johnson Judi Johnson PAT JONES Ken Johnson Marji Johnson Sallie l.. Johnson General Activities. Sally Johnson Steve Johnson Chris Jones Forrest Jones Jeri Jones Pat Jones Laurie finds tc-uchin u class l'Illllt'l' enjoy JUDY JORDAN Managing Editor of El Caminian, Student of the Week, Executive Bd., Student Council, Quill and Scroll. ROD J ORJ ORIAN General Activities. SANDRA JOSSI Tri-Hi4Y. JOHN KANZLER General Activities. CHUCK KAROLY Key Club. RON KELLER General Activities. COLLEEN KENNEDY Student Body Girls' Veep, Student Council, Executive Bd.. Modeling Club, Latin Club. EDWARD KERBY Hi-Y. FRANK KETCHERSIDE Dolno-ta Hi-Y. KATHY KEYSOR Parliamentarian, Student Council, Executive Bd., N.H.S., Honor Candlebearer. JIM KIMMEL Pres. Frosh Class, Pres. Block E.C., A.F.S. Comm., Var- sity Football, Varsity Baseball. PATRICIA KIRBY Tri-Hi-Y, Model' 5' Club, Honor Pep Club, Student Council, Dance .JUDY KLASSEN Assembly Comm., Shakespeare's Crew, Modeling Club, F.H.A. BARBARA KLEIMAN Rally Comm., Honor Candlebearer, Senior Band, Honor Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y. RAYMOND KLUG Honorable Mention Metal Work, B Rifle Team. Q25 r 'Di T Knapp Knecht Knoke Paul Koehler Jim Korrison Karen Korrison H , A , A l TONY KNAPP Los llitlalgos. Manager of '59 Swimming Team, A Block. RON KNEGHT Varsity Basketball, JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Hi-Y. JOHN KNOKE Ge-ns-ral Activities. -'Z' 1 ' PAUL KOEHLER Los llitlulgoa, Math Club. .HM KORRISON Fainggo lli-Y, ll Track, Future Medios, B Track. KAREN KORRISON Tri-lli-Y, Honor Roll, Sr. llomecoining Comm., Gregg Typing Awurcls. NIERLE KHIEGER Tri-lli-Y, Gregg Shorthand Award, Pep Club. KAREN LAEBER Pop Club, Sen. llonn-coniing Comm., Graduation Usher, Future Nurses, Tri-lli-Y. C 6 MICHAEL LAMBERT NHS., Mu Alpha Thr-ta, Math Club, Latin Club, Student of lllt' WtTk. GEORGE LAMPMAN Los Hitlalgos, Graduation Usher. MARILYN LANE N.H.S., Student Council, Gregg Typing Award.- KATHY LAWRENCE , Drama Club, Los Hiclalgos, lnterlingual Club. NANCY LAWRENCE J 'J s"'7 'Z' Fashion Show. ROD LAWSON General Activities. TOM LeCLAIR'E Ssgitigff' B Basketball' Tenms Team' HLY' B Reserve Merle Krieger Karen Laeber Michael Lambert Q Q George Lampman Marilyn Lane Kathy Luwrenrt- 72 Nancy Lawrence Rod Lawson Tom Lt-Claire nior flus- Gary Leopold Charles Leslie Paul Leuenberger Robyn Levis Sandra Lewis aul lmvillc ew: Q-N ,,,, Glynn Lively Joan Livezey Beverly Gary Leo Long Loyd G. Long Melanie Louargand Grace L. Lusk Gary E. Lynch JoAnn Lynn rf GARY LEOPOLD Varsity Football, Student Council, Hi-Y, Wrestling Team, B Football. CHARLES LESLIE Wrestling Team. B Track, Cross Country, C Track, Ski Club. PAUL LEUENBERGER Hi-Y, Varsity Track, B Track, C Basketball, Key Club. ROBYN LEVIS Honor Service Club, Honor Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Ski Club, Gregg Typing Awards. SANDRA LEWIS General Activities. PAUL LINVILLE Swimming Team, Ski Club, Student Council, Hi-Y. GLYNN LIVELY Wrestling Team, Hi-Y, Track. JOAN LIVEZEY Aerie Staff, Honor Candlcbearer, Quill and Scroll, N.H.S., Tri-Hi-Y. BEVERLY LOCKWOOD Student Council, D r a m a Club. Sopli. Homecoming Comm., Senior Play Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. GARY LEE LONG Varsity Football, Block E.C., Frosh Baseball, Varsity Baseball, B Football. LOYD G. LONG Varsity Wrestling Team, .IV Football, B Football, .IV Wrestling. MELANIE LOUARGAND JV Yell Leader, Chairman Dance Comm., Managing Edi- tor Aerie, Rally Comm., Student Council. GRACE L. LUSK C.S.F., Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll. CARY E. LYNCH General Activities. JOANN LYNN Senior Homecoming Comm., Modeling Club, G.A.A., Tri- Hi-Y, A Cappella. 73 Bruce MacBride .loanne MacLaren Sharon McCall Sharon McDermott Linda McEacbcrn Dave McEwen .i lffffnirzl Eric McGil1ivary Chris McGoughran Kim McKee Ronald McKinsey Carol McMath Michel McNamara 74 Tom McNerney William McTernan Harold Macaw ti' YJ' BRUCE MacBRIDE Hi-Y, Golf Team, B Reserve Basketball, Frosh Baseball, Honor Roll. .IOANNE MacLAREN Senior Band, Pep Band, Honor Candlebearer, Tri-Hi-Y. SHARON MCCALL Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Homecoming Comm. SHARON McDERMOTT Assembly Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Float Comm., Honor Roll. LINDA MCEACHERN General Activities. DAVE MCEWEN General Activities. ERIC McGILLIVARY A Swimming Team, B Swimming Team, Block E.C., Hi-Y, Latin Club. CHRIS MCGOUGHRAN General Activities. KIM McKEE B Rifle Team, Glec Club. RONALD MCKINSEY Basketball, Track, Golf, Math Club. CAROL McM.ATH fTransferl C.S.F. MICHEL MCNAMARA Aerie Staff. TOM MCNERNEY General Activities. WILLIAM McTERNAN General Activities. HAROLD MACAW Los Hidalgos, Honor Roll. dx J. KENNETH MACKEY Student Council, Co-Chairman Sr. Homecoming Decora- tions Comm., Math Club, Ir. Prom Comm. ANITA MAGURES Trcas. Modeling Cluh, Honor Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Shorthand Award. KAY A. MALONE F.H.A. RON MANN t'I't'ansfv1'l, Gcncral Activities. DONNA J. MANNING F.I3.L.A., Silver Pages, Carnival Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Glev. TINO MANUS Hi-Y, Wrestling, JV Football. JEAN MARCH Sr. Band, Majorcttes. Tri-Hi-Y. JAMES R. MARR Pros. Hi-Y. CHRIS A. MARTIN Tlicspian, Modeling Club, Homecoming Comm., Drama Club, Jr. Prom Comm. JUDI A. MARTIN Card 'I'1'ick Chairman, Rally Committee, Chairman of Halftime at Homecoming, Tri4Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Award, Jr. Prom Comm. MARSHALL MARTIN N.H.S. JON MARTINO Hi-Y. BOB MAY General Activities. BOB MELLO General Activities. MANYA MELTZER Frosh Dance Comm., Military Ball Comm. J. Kenneth Mackey Anita Magures Kay A. Malone Ron Mann Donna J. Manning Tino Mantis Jean March James R. Marr Chris A. Manin Judi A. Martin Marshall Martin ,Ion Martino Bob May Bob Mello Manya Meltzer -,f DAVID G. MERRIFIELD Varsity Basketball, N.H.S., C.S.F., Pep Band Dir., Stu- dent Council. Wm WILLIAM MEYER General Activities. ROBERT G. MILES General Activities. COLIN J. MILLAR Varsity Cross Country, A Track, B Cross Country, B Track, Sr. Teach Day Comm. MARIE MIZELLE NHS., Sr. Play Comm. ROGER MONCRIEF General Activities. CLYDE MOORE Germ an Club. RICHARD MOORE General Activities. WALTER MORRIS Wrestling Team, German Club, Frosh Football. GAYLORD MOULDS N.H.S., Evaluation Bd., Los Hidalgos, Gregg Typing Awards, JV Golf, Hi-Y. .Q - LINDA MUIRHEAD Tri-Hi-Y, F.B.L.A., Modeling Club. JAN MURRAY Thespian, Senior Play Comm., Midsummer Night's Dream, Jr. Homecoming Comm., Drama Club. JAMES MUSANTE Football, Hi-Y. GLEN H. NANCE Drum Major Pep Band Company Commander Varsity Rifle Team, gr- Band, , ' David G. Merrifield William Meyer Robert G. Miles Colin J. Millar Marie Mizelle Roger Moncrief BILL W. NELSON Clyde Moore Richard Moore Walter Morris A Cappella, Sr. Band, Football. my 'z "M WA" "':".li4 C gllhhfz Gaylord Moulds P Y jiimi "'lni'!!!!!!! Linda Muirhead ,Ian Murray u James Musante Glen H. Nance Bill W. Nelson Piet likes that feminine touch. I B98 Bad ew 7 Kwai 'UQ Don Nelson Judith Nelson William Nettell Deanna Neukam Jacquelyn Newton Sherry Nicholas Linda Nightengale Ray W. Nixon I Pettit? H! ra lllll rx Gary Noble new ss - .loan Nolan Randall Norheim Nancy Norman Sally Jo Norris Eilecne Nuttall DON NELSON A Cappella, .IUDITH NELSON C.S.F., Gregg Typing Awards, Drama Club, Gregg Short- hand Awards, Nat. Latin Award. WILLIAM NETTELL Varsity Tennis, IV Tennis, Froeh Football, B Football. DEANNA NEUKAM Modeling Club, Honor Service Club, G.A.A. .IACQUELYN NEWTON A Cappella, Honor Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Nurses. SHERRY NICHOLAS Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, F.B.L.A., Gregg Typing Awards, Jr. Carnival Comm. LINDA NIGHTENGALE Commissioner of Public Relations, Student Council, Los Hidalgos, Executive Bd., Homecoming Comm. RAY W. NIXON Frosli Football, Archery, Frosh Baseball. GARY NOBLE General Activities. JOAN NOLAN Student Council. RANDALL NORHEIM General Activities. NANCY NORMAN Senior Play, Thespian, Sponte Sua Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, Shakespeare's Crew, One Act Plays. SALLY .IO NORRIS Homecoming Comm., Thespian, Modeling Club, Tri-Hi-Y, One Act Plays. EILEENE NUTTALL N.H.S., A.F.S., Rally Comm., D.A.R. Good Cit. Award, Honor Candlebearer. Al ., Los Hidalgos, Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y, Shakespeards Crew. Cliff O Britn Judy 0'Ket-fe Russel Olson Bill O Ntal Janice Padovan Barbara Page Time out for a light llllll'll. CLIFF O'BRIEN Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Sopll. Basketball. JUDY O'KEEI"E Majorettcs, Honor Roll. 'N RUSSELL OLSON ww' Senior Play. 'UTY BILL O'NEAL Gregg Typing Award. .I AN CIE PADOVAN Sr. Band, Pep Band, G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y. BARBARA PACE N.II.S., llonor Candlcbearer. TOM .l. PARK Los Ilitlalgos, Math Club. Q PAUL E. PARKER JV Baseball, Sempre Deo Hi-Y. "tr PRISCILLA PARKER WILLIAM F. PARLIMAN A Cappella, Drama Club, Hi-Y. BILL PARROTT Cont-ral Activities. mi. L '11 rj.-Q . TIM PATTERSON Student Body Pros., Rep. Boys' State, Gen. Chairman ,A Homecoming, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Tennis. f DIANE PAULSEN Tltespizm, 'I'ri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Comni., Asst. Dir. Sr. Play, lNIiclsummcr Night! Dream. 'Tl rt'e if T WILLIAM PAYNE Pres. Art Club, Key Club, Interlingual Club. VICTORIA PAYTON V. V- , T -,H--Y, NHS., . P 7 II R H, Tom J. Park Paul E. Parker Priscilla I'nrkt-r Flilltilrc Nltjtlit-all I Jr rom Onor 0 William F. Parliman Bill Parrott lim I'llllt'I'SUll Diane Paulsen William Payne- Victoria Payton 78 9 Patricia A. Perkins Theodore Perry Charlene- M Peters Glenda L. Petersen Nt-il Peterson Peggy S. Peterson ,tr ff! We 'J' Sondra Peterson .Iamcs Pettigrew Ken Phares Slit-ny L. Phillips Juan S. Pierce Dwight Pilz Priscilla Pitzcr Richard E. Plcsha Thomas Plesha 'hu QT? PATRICIA A. PERKINS Gent-ral Activities. THEODORE PERRY Chess Club, Drill Team, Rifle Team, Science Fiction Club. CHARLENE M. PETERS N.H.S.. Honor Roll, Vcna Vitae Tri-Hi-Y, Los Hidalgos, Pres. Future Medios. GLENDA C. PETERSEN Nurse's Asst., Honor Roll, Girls' Glcc, Sec. F.T.A. NEIL PETERSON Student Service Patrol, Gold Pin St. Patrol. PEGGY S. PETERSON Thespians, Honor Service Club, Shakespcards Crew, One Act Plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream. SONDRA PETERSON A.F.S., Honor Roll, Tri-Hi-Y Tri-as., German Club, Gregg Typing and Shortliand Awards. JAMES PETTIGREW General Activities. KEN PHARES Thcspiuns, Senior Play. SHERRY L. PHILLIPS Songleader, Homecoming and Jr. Prom Princess, Pres.- Sec. Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Award, Honor Roll. JEAN S. PIERCE General Activities. DWIGIIT PILZ C.S.I"., Gorman Club. PRISCILLA A. PITZER Froslt. Soplt.. and Sr. Class Sec., Girls' State Rep., Stu- dent of the Week, Star of K'Curious Savage," Honor Roll. RICHARD E. PLESHA Rally Comm., Homecoming Assembly Comm., B Swim- ming Team, Treas. Owema Hi-Y, Homecoming Comm. THOMAS PLESHA Wrestling Team, Semper Deo Hi-Y, Archery Club, Frosh Baseball, Student Council Alt. 'ld Bcverlee Plotner Crystal M. Polk Linda Ann Poole Nicholas R. Poplawski Barbara Poppe James Porter BEVERLEE PLOTNER Senior Band, G.A,A., Modeling Club. CRYSTAL M. POLK Los Hidalgos. LINDA ANNE POOLE Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Comm. NICHOLAS R. POPLAWSKI Variety Show. Exchange Assemblies. BARBARA POPPE Future Mcclics. .IAMES PORTER General Activities, SUE PORTMAN Publicity Staff, Frosh Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Homecoming Decorations Comm., Soph. Carnival Comm., Honor Roll. CHRIS PRATT Pep Band, Senior Band, Senior Activities. JERRY PRICE B Football, Varsity Football, B Track, Varsity Track, Captain B Football. NORMAN PRINCE General Activities. GLEN PRUITT Frosh Football, A.. B., C. Track. B Football, Block E.C. Faingo Hi-Y. PATRICIA J. PUCCI N.H.S., C.S.F., Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Honor Pep Club, Student Council. BILL PUCCINELLI General Activities. VAUGHN RAMSEY Thespian Socicty, Senior Play, Shakc.speare's Crew. BOBBIE RANEY Honor Roll, Honor Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Gregg Sue Portman Chris Pratt Jerry Price Shorthand Awards, Assembly Comm., Modeling Club. Norman Prince Glen Pruitt Patricia J. Pucci 80 Bill Puccinelli Vaughn Ramsey Bobbie Raney JANET JOAN REISTER Future Medios, Interlingual Club. CHARLES REYNOLDS General Activities. STEPHEN L. RICHARDS General Activities. MAXINE RICHTER General Activities. DAVID RICKEY Cadet Corps, Athletics, Radio Club. VIRGINIA RIEDE General Activities. JOLENE ROBB Honor Service Club, Drama Club, Modeling Club. ALLAN J. ROBERTS Varsity Football, J.V. Football, Frosh Football. JERRY ROE General Activities. JANET G. ROGERS Tri-Hi-Y. PAUL ROHRER Cross Country, Track, Faingo Hi-Y. SANDIE ROSELL Tri-Hi-Y, Variety Show Comm., Homecoming Comm. Dec- orations, Publicity for Senior Play. DON ROSEN General Activities. LAUREL ROSEN G.A.A.. Gym Leader. JOHN RUNYAN General Activities. Janet Joan Reister Charles Reynolds Stephen L. Richards Maxine Richter David Rickey Virginia Riede Jolene Robb Allan J. Roberts Jerry Roe Janet G. Rogers Paul Rohrer Sandie Rosell Don Rosen Laurel Rosen John Runyan Q. CAROL M. SACCHETTI N.H.S., Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Los Hidalgos, Fu- ture M1-dics. RICHARD SALTON Track Team. ALEXANDER SANDER V. P. Los Hidalgos, Math Club. JAMES V. SARRO Hi-Y. BARBARA A. SARTORE Tri-Hi-Y, C.A.A., Modeling Club. THOMAS A. SAUL General Activities. RANDY J. SAUTNER A Cappella. Honor Pep Club, Treas. Hi-Y, Student Council. SHARON SAVAGE Honn-cmning Queen, Jr. Prom Queen, Songleader, Home- coniing Dance Comm., jr. Prom Dance Comm. DIANE SAVERIEN Frosh Pep Club. JOAN E. SCALLY El Caminian Staff. Los Hidalgos, Thespians, Typing Awards, Sl'l3kt'Sllt'3I't'.S Crew. SHARON E. SCHEFER Sl1akespeare's Crew. JUDIE SCHEMEL N.ll.S., Summer Science Program, C.S.F. Vice President, Vice President Mu Alpha Theta, Tri-Hi-Y Pres. and Chaplain. CHARLETTE SCHMIDT Ve-na Vitae Tri-Hi-Y Sec., Ski Club, N.H.S., Honor Candlebearer, Gregg Typing Award. RICHARD D. SCHMIDT Student Council. Magazine Sales, Radio Club. DOUGLAS SCHOEN Student Council, Crt-gg Typing Awards, Honor Roll. Carol M. Sacchetti Richard Salton Alexander Sander James V. Sarro Barbara A. Sartnrf- Thomas A. Saul Randy J. Sautner Sharon Savage Diane Saw-ri:-ii l ffl l ill t . ,loan E. Scally Sharon E. Schefcr Judie Schemel Charlettc Schmidt Richard D. Schmidt Douglas Schoen A 'W ut, Nlisf llalt HQ -veg IU! My Kam . .M Susan Schrader Bob Scott Perry Scott Carolin Scay .ludy L. Selby Ronald A. Semoni Nancy Sharp David Sharrock .lim Sbffarvf SUSAN SCHRADER Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, N.H,S., C.S.F., Honor Roll, Treas. F.T.A. BOB SCOTT Treas. Faingo Hi-Y, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country. PERRY SCOTT General Activities. CAROLIN SEAY Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club. JUDY L. SELBY Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Senior Band, Girls' As- sembly. RONALD A. SEMONI General Activities. NANCY SHARP Heta Pi Lambda Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, Future Medios. DAVID SHARROCK General Activities. .llM SHEARER Student Body Pres., Boys' V. P., Exec. Board, St. Council, N.H.S. JOANNE SHEARER Library Club. RICHARD D. SHELLOE Hi-Y, ,l.V. Baseball. FRANK SHEPARD Metro-League Inter-School Council Pres., Varsity Foot- ball, Block E.C., Hi-Y, B Football. BARBARA SHIRLEY Usherette for Graduation. JOHN SHOEMAKER Hi-Y, Baseball. CAROL ANN SHOWS General Activities. Joanne Shearer Richard D. Shelloc Frank Shepard WL- ! 571' Barbara Shirley John Shoemaker Ii.-llfl' aku Carol Ann Shows Sa .Y O T37 "S -'U CAROL SILVERSTEIN General Activities. TAD SIMARD Lightman for Senior Play, General Activities. JAMES L. SINCLAIR Varsity Swimming, Basketball. .IUDSON SLOAN General Activities. CHARLES M. SMITH Wrestling Team. DALE SMITH Varsity Baseball, ,l.V. Baseball, Pres. Domoto Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council. GARY LESTER SMITH Student Council, Student Patrol, Senior Play, Christmas Assembly. LARRY F. SMITH Senior Band. LINDA SMITH Transferred from Portland, Oregon, General Activities. RONALD W. SMITH Senior Play, Shakespeare's Crew, Thespians, Photography Club. SALLY M. SMITHEE Trans. from Oxnard, General Activities. KAY SNYDER General Activities. LON NIE SOLE Baseball. PAT SOPO General Activities. JEANNIE SPARGO Sec.-Treas. Rally Comm., Frosh Dance Comm., Home- coming Dance Comm., Frosh Float Comm., Student 43-M Carol Silverstein Tad Simard James L. Sinclair Judson Sloan Charles M. Smith Dale Smith Co-ed P.E.g folk dancing that is. COUYICH RQP- Gary Lester Smith Larry F. Smith Linda Smith Ronald W. Smith Sally M. Smithee Kay Snyder Lonnie S019 Pat Sopo Jeannie Spargo 84 I Donna Sparks . Pamela S. Sparrow Don F. Speich Daryl C. Spelbring Diane Jo Spencer Ellen Standley Dick Staples Barry A. Stapp Merwin A. Stapp Paul Stefani Gloria Stewart Richard B. Stiehl Linda Stitos Sandi Stith Alexis St. John DONNA SPARKS Tri-Hi-Y. PAMELA S. SPARROW Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Quill and Scroll, Honor Service Club, El Caminian Staff, Modeling Club. DON F. SPEICH Soph. Class Pres., Rally Comm., Student Council, Home- coming Dance Comm., All Night Grad Party Comm. DARYL C. SPELBRING Varsity Tennis, Los Hidalgos, Football Concession Ch., B Cross Country, Hi-Y. DIANE JO SPENSER A Cappella, F.T,A., Senior Musical. ELLEN STANDLEY C.S.F. Treas., Latin Club, N.H.S., Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Tri-Hi-Y. DICK STAPLES .I.V. Baseball. BARRY A. STAPP Thespians, Drama Club, Key Club. MERWIN A. STAPP Comm. of Entertainment, Drama Club Pres., Thespian Pres., Senior Play, Senior Band. PAUL STEFANI Foreign Exchange Student From Italy. GLORIA K. STEWART Baccalaureate Ca.ndle Bearer, Honor Roll, Fidelus Virtus Tri-Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Awards. RICHARD B. STIEHL Head Varsity Yell Leader, Exec. Board, Student Coun- cil, Senior Band, Pep Band. LINDA STITES Evaluation Board, Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Honor Roll, Homecoming Dec. Comm., Jr. Homecoming Bld. Comm. SANDI STITH General Activities. f V, I Auzxls sr. lOHN L V ff Concert-Mistress for E.CI Orchestral! fl ' 85 Joyce Stombaugh Carol Faye Stovall Fred Strand Jan Stubbs Jan E. Stuto Dave Sutherland Dan F. Sutton Ron Sworder Kathryn Taylor David H. Tennant Mary R. Thomas James E. Thompson 6 Gerald W. Torgeson Hugh Townsend J im Trackwell SH' JOYCE STOMBOUGH General Activities. CAROL FAYE STOVALL Future Medios, Bible Club, Tri-Hi-Y. FRED STRAND Varsity Wrestling, B Track Team, C Track Team. JAN STUBBS Honor Roll. JAN E. STUTO Honor Roll, Sponte Sua Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Senior Play, Homecoming Dec. Comm. DAVE SUTHERLAND General Activities. DAN F. SUTTON, JR. Hi-Y, Manager Frosh Football Team. RON SWORDER General Activities. KATHRYN TAYLOR Majorettes, Modeling Club. DAVID H. TENNANT Student Council. MARY R. THOMAS Tri-Hi-Y Vice Pres., Student Ootmcil, Thespians, A Midsummer Night'a Dream. JAMES E. THOMPSON Student Body Boys' Vice Pres., N.H.S., Jr. Rep. Evalu- ation Board, C.S.F., Ch. Senior Camival. GERALD W. TORGENSEN Evaluation Board, Wrestling Team, Mu Alph: Theta, N.H.S., Math Club. HUGH TOWNSEND General Activities. JIM TRACKWELL Swimming. PATRICIA A EN ,. . TR .IAINE Student Patrol, Modeling Club, Drill Team, F.H.A., Scielltcvrs, Wardrobe Mist ress. GERRY TRIMBLE Semper Deo Hi-Y. BOB TULL General Activities. LA VOYNNE R. TURNER A Cappella, G.A.A. KAREN TUTHILL General Activities. Patricia A. Tremaine Gerry Trimble Bob Tull La Voynne R. Turner Karen Tuthill Ken R. Upchurch KEN R. UPCHURCH General Activities. DOUGLAS URIE General Activities. ED URSIN Student Council, Varsity Tennis, Honor Roll, Finance lloard, Owema Hi-Y, TOM VAN DYKE General Activities. PIETER VAN EVERY A.F.S., Varsity Swimming. Inter-Lingual Club V. P., Frosh Baseball. JIM VAN YALKENBURCH Frosll Football, .l.V. Football, Faingo Hi-Y. RONALD VIALE Varsity Wrestling, J.V. Tennis, Faingo Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Key Club. JIM VIEBROOK Tennis Team. GAYLE P. VINE Frosli Dance Comm., Art Club Soc., Fidelus Virtue Tri- lli-Y Sec.-Chaplain, Modeling Club, Jr. Class Home- coming Comm. any Douglas Urie Ed Ursin Tmn Van Dyke Pieter Van Every Jim Van Valkenburgli Ronald Viale Jim Viebrock Gayle P. Vine Q., 4 MARION E. VOCT Exec. Board, Comm. of Student Service Patrol, N.H.S., Los llidalgos. ERNEST W. VROMAN Stage Mgr. Senior Play, Thespians, Company Commander "HQ" Company. GEOFFREY WADE Band Pres., Basketball, Biology Club, Baseball, Foot- ball. DICK WAGEMAN .l.V. Golf. CAROLYN R. WAHL Fidclus Virtus Tri-Hi-Y Pres., Jr. Prom Comm., G.A.A., Senior Homecoming Comm., Gregg Typing Award. BRUCE WALDEN Senior Band. Student Council, Photography Club. WAYNE WALL Varsity Football, B Football, Champion ,l.V. Football, Block E.C. Ili-Y. GREG WALSH El Caminian Sports Editor, Donkey Basketball Co-Ch., Snowed lnn Comm. BETTE WALTERS Jr. Prom Princess, Aerie Staff, Student Council, Jr. Prom Comm., Homecoming Comm. ANITA WARD General Activities. WANDA L. WARD Student of the Week, A.F.S. Sec., Prod. Advertising Ht-ad Homecoming Bids, Senior Dec. Homecoming Pro- grams, Student Handbook lllustrations. MARGARET L. WAYT Pep Club, Nurses Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, Senior Ball Comm. STAN WEAVER General Activities. HOLLY WEBBER General Activities. MARY SUE WEIBEL Senior Teach Day Ch., Baccalaureate Candle Bearer, Los Hidalgos, C.S.F., N.H.S., Tri-Hi-Y. Marion E. Vogt Ernest W. Vroman Geoffrey Wade Dick Wagelnan Ca.rolyn R. Wahl Bruce Walden Wayne Wall Greg Walsh Bette Walters Anita Ward Wanda L. Ward Margaret Wayt Stan Weaver Holly Webber Mary Sue Weibel Mr. Most-r's pretty hand 1 Rocky J. WCDIZHI Julie L. Westover James T. White H - Sherry Wigton Jeanette L. Wilbur Sherry Williams Comm., Onor ROM' Dan Wilson Don Wilson James Wilson ROCKY J. WENTZEL Varsity Track, Variety Shows, El Caminian Staff, Pep Club, Friendship Comm. JULIE L. WESTOVER Modeling Club, Pep Club, Drama Club. JAMES T. WHITE General Activities SHERRY WIGTON Student Patrol, Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award, Model- ing Club, A Cappella. JEANETTE L. WILBUR F.H.A. V. P., Sponte Sua Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award, Honor Service Club. SHERRY WILLIAMS General Activities. DAN WILSON General Activities. DON WILSON Varsity Golf Team, J.V. Golf, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Thespian, Drama Club. JAMES WILSON Varsity Golf, Varsity Baseball, Key Club, Block E.C. JILL WILSON Head B Yell Leader, Senior Play, Student of the Week, Jr. Class Pres., Student Council Rep. BONNIE WOLFE Silver Pages, Inter-Lingual Club. LARRY WOOD General Activities. GARLAND G. WRIGHT B Cross Country, World Service Hi-Y. SUSAN M. YARRINGTON Co-Ch. Senior Homecoming Decoration Comm., Treas. Fidelus Virtus Tri Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Bids Comm., Camival KATHY YENOVKIAN Senior Play, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Medics. J1JJ Wilson Bonnie Wolfe Larry Wood tlll lllall iIIl'JxlII'Y rlll'lx. L Garland G. Wright Susan M. Yarrington Kathy Yenovkian ,A Iiil I A J. CRAIG YOST Key Club. PATRICIA YOUNG Student Body Parliamentarian, Exec. Board, Student Council, Aerie Staff, Co-Ch. Senior Breakfast. WILLIAM C. YOUNG N.H.S., Los Hidalgos, Mu Alpha Theta, Cross Country, Hi-Y. WILLIAM I. YOUNG Cross Country, Sempre Deo Hi-Y. .IEF F ZAHOUREK General Activities. JOHN ZEEBUYTH V . B PAT ZENTZ Service Patrol, Modeling Club, Usher for Grad., Gregg Typing Award, Drama Club. Our Senior Class has seen the last Of high school days for e'er. No longer are we Eaglesg Our nest is made of air. The day will come when we'll retu I-Iomecoming's the occasion. But until then we're going to try A different situation. We'll work harder to succeed And make our alma mater proud That we, the Class of '60, Are far above the crowd. So good-bye now, Farewell 'til then. We'll see you in the future. 90 Tn? William C. Young .Iohn Zeebuyth Pat Zentz In Memory of. . RICHARD W. LIND As the class of '60 marches solemnly forward to receive their diplomas, one smil- ing face will not be there. The missing smile will be that of Rich Lind, for on January 17, 1960, Rich passed quietly from this world. To those who knew him, Rich was one of El Camino's most talented actors. He will be remembered for his great performance in last year's Spring play, "Mid- summer Night's Dream." As a member of the National Thespian Society, Rich participated in a never ending line of plays, variety shows, and assemblies. This year Rich was given a lead in the Senior Play, but he became ill and was unable to play the part. Even though the Almighty saw fit to take his body and laughter from us, Rich's spirit will linger forever in our hearts. .fYet Love will dream, and Faith will trust La That somehow, somewhere, meet we must." ' Seniors on Parade E.. iw 5 Q "Who hid ma hoss?" 2 5 5 The Figtree Follies-Starring John Chase. Smile pretty now. After all, Keysor, it does belong to the duck. Dig Kleiman's keen bikini Senior Class campaigns show variety in taste. El Camino's answer to Frankenstein. Now we know what a restaurant means when it says the food is imported. "Which way's the elevator?" 93 gzntzqvf S si- 1' Paul and Diane leave for a lovely evening at the Senior Ball. Senior Ball fs 1 I , Q X x .X Xl, l:lEalwlli wm sk Get those puppy dog looks. On arriving home, Diane discovers somebody is awake-to be specific, her father. -....L.... Thank goodness for little boys. Duh, which way's the goal post?" Sherry and Gayle test drive the latest model. KH. "What do you mean come take a nap? The Senior Picnic brings food, fun, and a sufficient amount of ants. "Down by the old mill stream . . Hail, hail, the Grad Party's off to a grand start. Meanwhile, the boys catch forty winksg that's a man for you. X 1 'wx ,lx ,V 7 1 I, Nl l ! K X K1 in X Who caught whom? Well dressed Seniors on Senior hat day E. C.'s top gun. "Davy, Davy Crockett . . ." J il' pect it to be heated "Sure it's cold, did you ex- -gn Ah, winter. Carole may cost Mr. Moser his job. 1 ff, X If I Seems there's a disagreement Senior enthusiasm. over who phones first. The Senior Breakfast served its purpose-F OOD. The long awaited moment. l 1 Hi-ho, Lettie "Come on, girls, we must support our football players." Juniors STEVIE MEISTER Secretary BILL BRASHER Treasurer JIM PAUL TIM CAMPBELL President Vice President THE CLASS OF '61 demonstrated a never ceasing spirit. Their enthusiasm gained momentum through out the year. The Juniors had the largest number of candidates running for class offices. After the class election the new officers wasted no time in beginning plans for Homecoming decorations of the Boys'.Gym The ideas and originality shown in the decorations will some day set this class apart. To make more money for their treasury the Juniors managed the concessions at many home basketball games. Planning for the Junior Prom began early in January and the dance was an enchanting evening for everyone. It was an exciting climax to a wonderful year. The class of 1961 wishes to thank Mrs. Beatrice Hendricks for taking her valuable time to sponsor the class in its activities. Class of 1961 94" REMEN9' An outstanding Homecoming- Juniors decorating the Boys' Gym. AU!-IE' Junjor Prom- A moment to remember Junior participation - Football. vp- 1 JL Nu one HAS Alan Baron .le-anv liarrvtl Cllarlvs llarsdalc lloll llaSsvlt IM- llllslien .lack llzllvllrllor Rudy Hays. l,indzl llQ'IISOH Curly l5f'Cl'iIllZiIl lirnil- llQ'IlIlf?ll Kay llI'llIll'll Marilyn lll-rlsch Marcia llikn Hon lljorklund Pain lllavllly Lani- lilancllard Sandy Block llinda lllllv llill llllln Fug line-g,f'r Marilyn Boggess Burllara liollvs Dianf- Bonacci l alll lltbibllll' Carolyn Bowden lVl'1rjorlc Bowles Sande Bowman Dirk Bova r Hvnmry Ilradanlnl Ile nnls Braden 1 r l f l 4 .1 to pay their class dues. Linda Alcorn Dan Alkirv Beverly Allen Susan Allen Gvorgia Anderson Hap Anderson Larry Anderson Susie Anderson Bud Applvgate .lim Asllcraft Janice Ault George Bablnin Judy Baker ' af 4:-ar' 1. Ili ff" x U' T7 1 vp 'V if Q1 v ax N M P 9 . K I , Q 4 A 6 r Rf' lo'l A 1 . f I-f Aga... L ,,W. ,.Kw QL? A 3 F' l QQ 9 . M ' sf Michelle Bale A 'C L Sheila Barber 7 K, ' 'A ,KJ wi 3 If all - f i kr - i' ' K 'Q Yi., " ' fix ' - -- ' . - " ' gi ' '.iA"" r ', " ' ' , l i For l.V,, . H K. Ei - . , H - .a l.l. - 4 A' o A ' 'dia cl A ' A f A l '-l" ' '--- I 1 il: ylll l if l F u i l f Allo lola or alnl - W 2' 'A Ji iml A 535' ii .l Q 'A 3 6: ,- , l 151, ,,,, K , 9 My 5. , ,l,,,,fjHfi if 1 3"i'l 5 if - L -ll' 8 .+V 72 1 , . 01.5 .,f5,,Q1Q,gxfl,, -K ' K . l Y-Mir' 'af 'Da 'Mp f, , vw KA., 7:5 41 at Q 4 . 1' A W, ,5 Uk .. 'sa ' V , " lallu A 5 K L If N ,W 4. 7 4' pf f X ,,..,f V ,,,, ' Vnwavl it 7 1. l 9 ' 1 L34 f ig' l in l i I 1 . ldil A1 C . .X x 1 h'. V Vigo, ,fif A ,- ff? iiilii liii 2 A ' A J l, 1 f I' l02 J 1 or 1 3 I T 'Q ia. Navi. v Nl A e T ' + i 55:5 5:5 f HST J 1 fn- I An ' 7 .Q 10 lY"7ii,,,i y 1:-i , W 1 ik Q K ,-' f 1 . x . X - Z at I .Mug fb- 5. ,QQ J QW". yy- ,p girl! N. X' ' - . fri .-. 5 i S Q .. iw?- 4' :S i -2' . S - - Saks' 1' , :Q wg ,f liiii i W' r B 133, fl .V 4 .ef 2 K j .,-- 1 ii! , bZm Lg. . asa 1 3. ' F, ,.., it "c i 1 lX X X X X Bs or NR 1 r- em, ' Q16 3, t if 'Ir egg E to ' off ' . . fx Q-- i. - 'feiffvfo' - Sag-..L .P .v Q -. r- qilwm.m:,:1..1 5 W Don Bradshaw Bill Brasher .loyce Bratton Robin Breckenridge C-ary Bredthauer Larry Brigleb Hazel Browning Neal Brune Cary Brumley Nancy Burforcl Charles Burgess Nancy Burgess Bob Burket Marilenc Burma Ron Burris wr wwf it Tr' The day after the night before. .1EK"', '9 it ,vw--. -SCSB' - lv i? ci? Michael Busch Ruth Butler .lames Callis Mike Campbell Tim Campbell William Campbell Judy Capra Evelyn Carlson Elizabeth Carter Perry Carter Bobbi Chandler Linda Chapman Larry Chenowelh Mike Chouinard Jerri Christensen Tom Christopherson Nancy Cima Diane Clark Bruce Coburn Gregg Compton Janice Cook Janice Cooley- Ken Cordero Claude Goss Dale Covey Marney Crabbe Pat Craven Brent Crockett Ruth Crowell Louise Cuneo I 03 l,ynn Cupman Anita Cupp Donna Curry V k,,. w ,. 'ii ' ky Q. 4,4 e i 'fm l"l0lit' Cllt'llS K, X . ,A .L I ,V ' 1 L'kL' " i V Marion CuLler Ng? VV 'li-ie ,F , A' x V .ludi Davidson wtf V? -. T1 4' Kathy De Wein A V V A l Rt-x Dean V V ' , Dolil1iDevinney M. F fa: ii i t We ff' "-2' 3 .ft llfiwvrt Dirkinson 0 A F M l " ill Q i 'A V , .loltn Dickinson fkfi, ff? W ,FV Y ' tt' T -fi ,fqtrry Divkman ag 'N x N MM if wi N rift v lil L i Suv Dillon ., f ,.:. CIW Dixon it it K f l' mfr md--lin K i it iiiii K F we i F .t t Brian Dnylf- V A 'F ' aL" V,V F, ' P A if.. Qi' Pl Richard Draffin , L' 1 " . V A "ii l ' ,, 1' ' john Drislanc' L V My t 'M f . " N i 5- mf ' ' A Ii. Fr:-cl Dum-rnes A V Pat Dunn - - Sandi DuVall ' - V V ' ,,, - . .lurkie Dyer l -- h ,V . A 'rf if. - QV li J a Garland Dyke 'ftff E V H. V, wif' ' ' V Frankie' Eastman ' V, ,T ' V 7' Q. V, , ii I in i"- N f 1154 2 4 A Q -. M .4.. ' - flf: i w 'X 'X ' we -.', ' ' M if ' - Bill Eavis VV f V VV +, 'lj Catllie Edgerton "i' ' D T A Katrin-fn Edwards ' if V, is 1 ip wr ti i 5 I .1 V :N , I3 9 Toni Egan b , J .X -f- V, ', V Vi . ' Gene Ehlers 4 ttf my Y' :W ' 9 .luvkiv Ellis 'EV f bw? A VV I ' - v v ' F F . A , f .rf Dennis Emberton K f M Q Dick Essenberg A - 1 ' 2 ' Bill Estey lgwb V , -.f ' V U Early preparations for the Junior Prom. V5 f I V Dave Etheridge R ,A Karen Fanucci 'avg Kathy Farrell M. V 4 Q 4, ' ' ft' ' r Vii 5 relief! K ' 4 ' Willy Farrell Q " 'QV I Ron Feebeck ' Y! - :- Claire Ferguson 'Q f V Xi? V, V rx ew Al D x . f Joan Ferrari Rich Ferrario Pat Ferris Carol Fisher Deanna Fitch Bobbi Fontes 4-Q. ff I . ', qs y N- if 1 9 F V. '-4, Q, 'Y -M f at 57" F . Q 5, sei 454 fa' if 3. 2' 1 'JA ,,. Qfr' ,Q .ik wwf- 5 , , 46" 'r ,J F' . Q 0 va -,FQ X r 3 K by... Ita? N . I ax' vim y -P 'Q i- .JM A F 7 4. G :ff ' if G V i 1 f N R 9 fail? Iwi? Q sk? ai 2 y 9 G , , sf X Z . 4635? lui 'A' 'x 5 I f N' ki Q . V ,X fs -.fe xi SQ 'Q' N ns. s QM ,. v .Q A s ., H fff ! ' i ' , . iff Q L . G ,. Q , vi i f G G y in xl G A l ii Q- -i G Q A A .I 9. b -N, F .mfg ,, I - .w155'."9 is A ,A Q Q G v -ff F' N . ,. 1 f - K 14 ,IFF x . 4-Q r , . G m f " ' , ,uh sg: mf 'S was L In ' 4 3 Dennese Haley .lohn Hamilton Mary Hamilton .4 Sue Ford Barbara Fox Marilee France Harriette Fries Mike Fry Ron F under Lois Gallaher Diana Gantke Walter Gantke John Georgakakos Garry Gerick John Ghramm Dennis Gilbert Mal Giles John Gill Art Glading Sandy Glover Carol Gordon Don Goza Judith Graves Art Green Pauline Green Corinne Greffrath ,lan Griffin Iona Gropsorean Leah Groth Joe Guidera Al Gunter Donna Hagge Ron Haines The War of the Chopsticks. Don Hammitt Aileen Hanson Gary Harhinson Kathy Harley Charlotte Hart Rod Hass Sandra Hawkins Morgan Hayes Sharon Hazlett Anne Heckman Dean Heffelfinger Jeanie Heinrich LM... We'w- got the spirit that never dies." Barbara Hotchkiss Mike Hause Amelia Houston Roger Howard Pal Hoy:-nga John Hubbard Lowell Hubbard Joann Hucke Robert Jackson Robert Jackson Vinm-nt Jacobs Joy .lanov Donna Johnson Karen Johnson Marilyn Johnson Bob Jones Dennis Jones Larry Jones Sharon Jones Ellie Jordan Cary Kagel Blaine Kammerer Mary Karanikas Pete Kassebaum Marty Kassis Mary Kee Carol Kenoyer Ginny Klee Rufus Kline Jack Konvalin IO6 Mark Henderson Sue Hilby llana Hilkerbaumer Barbara Hill Beverly Hill Suzie Hill Betsy Holden Nick Holden Elaine Holeman Barbara Hollander Pamela Holm Helen Holt Mary Ann Holt Hoogy Hogendoorn Chris Hoover iii V sy, fi? ff A5 if K ni' N W' if in 34' Sw age 5' "' 'W--W ' QW 14 i ,,o.k. fs, M. f 1 A - '- f"4'f .- ' qu-Q I r . fa: gf 1 ' - 4 ff 1 Q fi g A4 N - , 'Q X A X 5 ' R 'ia ' .af il As Q ' , fi. 1, M as ,waist 5 ' 5. 5, 4 X ' Kiki i,'.- l ' .f my we arli spa e on si, o i ye y -'A A- J rx I 2 za Q , fi ' 1, , Ai 3 ws' 1' r vi l lg .1 - J H V li ,B if aer, Q Q' ass , a- N' , ri , K a 4.- ""' J if fy. ' fi'-f 5- an " .,k, R L K J . ' . ey' I 5 i 3 I J 'J E, 2 M ,--, X .ev ' ".:v: ,. - 1'w-' :. f V V -an Agtigl: 4 .. ' .,:. J ' .Q , y l J 'r 9 P' 1' ' L43 2, x'q'?x N we y P A J X ff N A Q 4.1 ' as Q, A ll A' J' , . . 0' ,7 K M' I .rf A , ,, O, -vs X 1. 5' 4 i s V' M 1 Bill Koogle Bonnie Kramer 3 'L l .lean Kwong ,I H D W L ,,. A Pat Lane L n- L Richard Lange 3. V L di Li Lynne Larrabee if 7 2 - f wg- J' lil! L h ' 7: is L5 Ii- , Georgia Larsen 1 W' -4 Doug Latimer Y M.. ' y K tw L Karen Lazansky - in M X I 5 I Ml.. , Jeanne Le Claire 7 9' 3 e . Rachelle Le Roux J- Y V f X x. Jeriy Lee - ,, A J D in ii N . . . Fight on to victory, on green and white . . . ix 1' V S' 0 :B K- M X .limmy Lee . 3, , Steve Lentz Y' B , A W .L , Barbara Lewis Q 1, lx x L f X Barbara Lillard 4. B Peter Lima ,. 7: , 'QT' - , ' 'v75i,i 3 Jim Lincoln f , . 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M: g i ., N .W,,h,MX . ,VA Does anyone want a ride home? 962 Leads the Wa JERRY BROWN SUE MOULTON President Vice President JO ANN DE FRIETAS Secretary The class of '62 truly led the way this year. They began to show their terrific spirit by win- ning the Parents Club member- ship drive for the second year. The Sophomores placed first in the Homecoming decorations and their football team won the Metro- politan League championship cup. They were top salesmen in the Christmas wrap sale and bought more student body cards than any other class. The Sophomore pic- nic was a day to remember. In fact, every day of this triumphant and spirit-filled year will be re- membered as they climb the lad- der towards success. TERRY KAUFFMAN Treasurer iarr S., M' While the l1and's away, Sophomores play. v Q fi 'li Sophumore representative brings spirit Sophomore Cycling Team. to the games. Why must we have a middle man? Food, fun. and Soplioniorvs ut the picnic. ,,' I ! .ws-f "Viva IIE .lavk Allvfll john Alllflllhl K1-n Akins Barlwara Albright SIPPIIPII Alle-n .loc .Nlward Lynn Ames Diana' Andrvvvs Bob ,'XlldH'VVS Jofhxrle- Antlrony Boba-rt Ashworth W'arrvn Mtelwrry Bat Bavhlolul Susan Baggzarly DIIITIIH Bail:-y Ann Baldwin Han Barb:-r C4-orgy' Burl-wr Nclwyn Barkhurs! Mark Barnett Bill Baron .lanv Barra-It ,Ioan Bartholomew .lurly Bartholomew David Barton ,Ioan Bauman Jann-s Baynr' .lim Bvam ,loAnm- Bm-ason .lohn Behrmun Angn-lu B1-ll Bulb Bolsvy Frank B1-nm-It JoAnn B4-ntlvy jackie- Bcrtagna Boll Biko Franvis Blu-vlla .Illlly Blavk Lorna Blackford Um- Bly Karon Bovgvr Ne-ml Borlang NPL Borlang, Birhard Bowon john Bowmvr Clliil'll'llt' Bowns Anmlrva Bradish Miko Bradshaw Marvia Bramkamp Cln-ryl Brarnlc-tt Susan Brashear 'Nlary Br:-vkenridge .lanws Brvwton Mark Briflnan Jim Brom-mllow Me-rrilve Broohan Murcia Brooks Barlxaru Brown K1-n Brown Connie- Brown llb 2' 'Q' ff .Rh W , V J: is 4 . -,fi A U - .. , , " - 3 ., . 5:1 1' W if , , ' D , - J A . ,.., ,M 'I' an 1.-'rf Ev ' . . i fi- 4 A Ax v K ' Q1 B 4 S','J if X 'Q sr ' N -rw' - 1 n A A W, ,. v k M421 an an. C 10 vs J 5. 8. 5 f, I ,J 1 gl A V2 k , V, lx J l' C . ' Af . 'wwf ff' V " J B 'f f A 14-ff' K 1 K I Q A cg , 4 Us ', 3 Q .lar - 4 - p 2- V yt A I r , - N 2, gf-K Wa. 73' gf fv. Va? 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Butler Dick Butler Bob Butler Ruth Butler Mickey Buttleman Susan Caldwell Carole Carney Kathleen Carter Sharon K. Carter Linda Casey Shelley Chambers Susan Charles Marliss Childs 2 ,wf . g V ,,, - . 2' Craig Christensen ' 7 L ' 'C A Q X ,. Carole Christian ' Q-sf... Q 'H f Harold Christiansen U X X if Bruce Clanton ' . .lack Clarke 5, 3 V K. C. Clawson V fi ..-Q Q. 6 f A V: ,lim Coe X" ' A 'C or is A ,V V Georgianne Coffey V. fl New "' 7 Q Mary Cole . ' f . 'ZLL A V ,gas Carole Collette so Q- .Q L2 .L ol - - Carole Comeau .. - ' George Cooley 1 r - 2 .lay Corby .1 'f Stephen Cox - ,. ' 5 ,V Alana Coyan V Elden Crews ... Carolyn Culcasi , .C Dorothy Cuneo A ' VV Mary Curtis , C X Vrgzni fe' - J Leslie Cushing A 1- Oral Custer A e N' ' John Cutler V V . , . ,, . , . ,V-Q Marie D Anmbale And lf Im elected, I promise . . 'Q , - JoAnn Daily R Michael Davidson X iv' II7 Odorable sophomores! Susie Dolgonas Bobbi Dougery l'atti Downing Christie Dunbar Michael Dnnlavey Patricia Dunlavey Richard Dvrbrow Gene Edwards Suv Eliason Nancy Elkington John Elnias ,lc-ffrvy Einanucls Roy Enibertson Tom Eres Barbara Espey Douglas Essary Jeanette Evans Larry Evans lfdward lin-r'm'lt Dennis Fannrchi Mal-an-l l'iarat'lus Kathy Fargn l,m'ky l"aullwnbnry Nitin-y l"t'lfllIllllQl'll Bob Ferguson Carolyn Ferris Keith Fife Frank Figearo Margaret Fingerson Darlene Fischer Tom Fischer Tim Fish Steve Fisher Charles Fleischer Mike Flo Kathleen Foster II8 Lynette Davis ii, 'w- if 1 4. Q., . Norman Davis - - ' FA AL D Richard Davis in if 'i Q .. "'??"J-2 X V 21. ' 44 Q x. 9 X K JoAnne DeFreitas 5:31 Margaret Dekker V , ,.: ig 0- Ceorgia Delgado if C? ,, .' A--f r-fp Mgt tb . ...- ly 75 Jane De11aSa.nta A L A 3 .IL Richard E. Dern 'il l if , 'Y ' John Dcvinney if kg - P I . A, 4' 1, " f 4 ,"f'21" Diane Dibble QQ -,,, Ed Dickerson K .ix -nr Joyce Dickinson e' - ,L V . Q ff 2 A fn tr- i ,Q,i1 4 I p N ' . I gi .' K Y 7 'V ' he i it t . ' K 'Q' x 5: , 3 V S5 ' , I -, si' K ii. K ii K ii . J XF f' lJ','4Xf3 at ,i.,.1 I V . ' - ff? M X tj U Z 1' I l . 7 L if Wmiitx Q 1 K K iv, ' ' 'S 'W A fvfirr 5 ' 'Wit' ' V - F. , .. ,,ii' F a - tm' iw ' li ,D """ xl vs 'CA or , , ,Q fn we ,Mwfflfkx 1 tr f any ' ' 'J , L- V - y sg Zvi' ii '+ ' t are sT'il W 'f 3 i , i i F4 - A Q , EM ' xl is gl - a 'Q 15' .f55ifW fi' - 'fl' V I 1 A L 1.4 ' 'Q ' ll v to W l ffm .,... r .- 1 K Q - . 0 k fggg Vr iw . K 5. I Q 12-i QA 3 ,N Y Q r AV . R - N K -A Q f 1 cg- at l' F LfXL, , A an or a a 5' , '- s 1- ,, , ' , ff M b ,T fwv- f gf- k e F X fi: 'X , A t ' ' . , SQ: f if -gf K K Q t 1 my i x , , X ' N 'Q -. ' l N L ' 5 r F , F F 1 A 6 - yeie F it ey l t Q . .. . x F - i . ,M f 1 r . .. fi? A - fary " ,i A -sim f : X n MM ,,,,S!sX: 4 - L . ' v . - . K l g,l Z r 3 I l C' an A ', .gx 5. 1 v vi, K . G 'N F' G-J 2 Ai 3 G g , x?" L, f ' , L sf? A A -. as g t 0 v 2- x, .L 524 .. 11-2" -7 A J. me ..:, ,Q 5 . slr .. 'x wt mm,- N ff G Il 'kk Rh NS 2.k I deff . K 1 7 ' M Fit, ii' G J if :-k - Give I '- xx i t , 3 y 'Sli y .nf 1. 1 :. V' x t' "" t 1ff""1 I " M ,mia , ,r ek F. E' 1 i X Q4 V I - ' X' " .. -Nr K ,"' Q X ,!f,: 2f3+ NN J M A A .:,. 2. Q 'f gg Q' 'We W ti! F .Wil t, in G t i, . 15' X, eeee F l -ra if k wraff, S K fun S, A +35 m It Qgfv- in Sgr" ' G t Q' ,lm . .. 4 3 me ,ga ,,-JK .Zn I 'Ng' .1553 31353, - K2 1:1 0? v ., X if ! if A l . 1---v . , All . ' is 'Ov - .4 'Q 1 LQ ,TQ gg. t .,, .. in 1' ' Q J' y Ramona Foster Steve Foster Gale Francis Donna Franklin Stephen Frantz Phillip Frazier Henry Fredricks Steven French Les Friedrichs John Fry Bobbi Fuller Norma Gallman Terry Gantcnbein Susan Garrett Phillip Gary Steve Gay Danny Gibson Dianne Gier Karen Gilbertson .lames Gillette Diane Glisan Ray Goodgame Gary Gordon Linda Goza Ken Green Gail Greenwood Sharon Grimmesey .lo Griswold Bill Grow Vic Guidera Gary Gutherie Vicki Hall Carol Hall David Hall Katha Halverstadt Russ Hansen April Harbinson Sherri Harder Ane C. Harms Kathy Harris JoAnn Harshbarger Dianne Hartman Tom Hasbrouck Gary Haygood Ray Hazelwood Tammy Hazen Cary Heffelfinger Juli Hegy Mike Helsel Marie Henderson Ann Hendricks Sandra Herman Mary Hemdon Pat Hess Mary Ililkz-rlraurner Suv Ilill lllurlene lliina-nes l,inalu llimim-lmunn ,lanivs Hirst ,lim llnlulvs llolm lloffmzln Ron llnffnizin Vivian llnlr-:nun l.ynnc Hnllt-y lin-ntlu Holmes Ann Howurtl Igl'Vl'l'lf'y llnws- Irwin Ilnwton filll'TI'll' lltulwn David llttdsmi Run llugginf Katliy llnnt Suv llurn Suv lnlcs llivk lnmnn Sztnrlrzt .lanizw Bill ,lzunf-s ,lay ,lnlinwn Terri jnlinston l'a1t1'in'iu ,lunvs Tylit- ,loin-N ,lcriv ,lorrltui ,lim ,luxirk john Kuniinerer Tm-riy Kauffman Matin-vii Kvlly Kart-n Ks-trip:-r Skip Ke-llvy llm-tty Kininiffl ,lolin Kluw- Kzty Knvlilu' Sylvia Koltl john Ktmglz' Rztnmly Lursmi Milu- limit-li Guy l.uwrenve- Rivlizml l.:-at Sunrlra lm- llivli lmtiioti Ann l.t'v1-rim: liiunnv l,ir'dilw Ron l.incla Atlvlr' ,lt-:tn Litltlstavflt Gary lAtt1gZVVil'll Slizirmi l,ori:+ Kingsley l.undcn Mikc- I,ynvli Lawrvtive Nlzwkenzir: Cathy Mavlu-nziv Patti fVlt'Kinn0n Daw- Mac'NIurdn lliannc' Nlultus Gary Mauilig l'ltil Marvin Sliaron Marquiss Linda Martin llatrivia Martin Stvvc Mason .lill Matllisvn Parlay May I20 , my W 2 , 1 K ' I s "V Q fm , ,. . , xv-, ,, Q, ia- ' , L 3? 5 ' - - r all' mt f, E ""'f , , O -as -n. 1 f K' 6 . 5, K' x, 'fi 1 Y is 1 my J 33? 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A . 514' Q 'is X ,0- . .Fe 5 fv.' :- a + . fil l ti N I 5 'fl-if N. , Monterey McCall t 3' ., . ,,,,. U W ' . viii: ' J' ,X W ' . Bill McCray ev X fa N Q v fr: rg 1 Chorylec McClung Charles McConnell Roberta McCurry Carole McDonald Barry McFadden W' Rick McFarlane ff ' Sue McGinnis 1' '53 4 Q ,V . 3 N gk ,.,. ESX -, -K ,Afj ' 53 in X. -Q y j :gz.3S".:2'z S "1 . X f'f2C'f. tb 1 K V Q iileifi A V. 4. 5? .- Q " l , ,gf . 1 Kms: ' 1' f,yi55ggs5 X f Q ,H l7' " f? .. W, f 5322. A at 435 N . - iffy fa L L X!" L .. 'hw' . 52 1 - fi Q' QQ. xv .S 219- IF fxii-it - f- ep- - 1 .,g'-Rnfgfa-.:.f k L- . 5 ly' jig, 7 n f .4 - H W 4 fa--If A ., 4- r sw in . V YM - XS r ' . or FQ: N .X g N .. , fa.. . . .tQQ,fiU ,Q if 1 fj 4- J iv W it K A - A .. by fy, . ffff or a . W 'Z 2 If r 4. -. ' . Y, " ,- Q faxjfgsfi' "3 K ,,,.M 1 ll 3 . -' X 9: Q, K, get A . 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" an fed? s -X 4 xx' if 3 .ffwi 'Q' S .a aw ,. .wif-1' f ' 'S' s H , A 5 Q t ,gnu I fe f if .. .mgv sgrrfw I 1 Diana McTcrnan Pam Mullin Dorothy Merrick Bob Michael Fred Miller Kon Millor john Mistlor Chuck Mizclle Beverly Mock Bill Montandon William Moonvy Chris Mooro ,luliv Moori- Kat hy Monro ,lorry Moran Dave Morgan Doug Morgan Thomas Morgestc Fran Morissctte Susan Moulton Don Munn:-1 LcVonnc Murray Tony Mysicka Nancy Navos Ron Neal Lonna Nelson Steve Nelson J im Norton Cary Noslcr Kon Nunes Andrea Nygaard Dennis 0'Brien Edna Odum ,loan Oldham Robby Olson Sue Ondrejcka Wayne Osborn Steve Ott Ken Uvvrton ,lame-s Pachl Bc-tty Packard Mary Palermo .luliv l'arrlt-0 Jimmy Parkffr .lint l,ill'SllLlll Elizabeth Patino Charlet-n Pearce Claire Pearce Barbara Peck Barbara Perotti Beverly P1-rson Carl Peterson Joanne Peterson Carole l'ic-rw Frank Pierce Elmer Ping Robert Platt David Post Sandy Powell Sally Prater Karen Primm Bill Proudfoot Larry Puccinelli JoAnn Quadros Gloria Quirk Ruth Ann Quick is lasik ,5- .a if JA .. 4 I' 1 .J ,Ek na.. W -rw V 11 Q . 4 t A424 1., Q, L, First prizes from art to football! I-N 1 e ,, , 1 X iv., I itz 4 X,.k f . W: t ,P Q29 'W' w, K i J 1 ,Q A ' - ix rf, ' it , lf ' gl ' x ,A f -... , vt 9. ' f W -Q-4 w. L so on .W , ff' -T ll K r. 1 .il V i'i, i ' gigfiirg F 1 ' ' 7 'm-fff 5" I 3. , ' , Vi if R W to wh it ' , i 'Qi' f e 5 R iffe ' 5 ' 4? Hi . . 5 , qw' 1 15 ,1 I t, ff , ! 5 ,Al if f fi! 'li ,iii fx Joyce Quinones Denny Reed Sherry Reynolds Karen Ribordy Doyle Richardson Ronald Richardson Lynnae Richter Judy Rieck Susan Riederer Brian Riley Bill Rivet! Karen Rogers Maiya Roland Michael Rose Bobbi Roush Yue. o 9 S 1-4' +A-4 1 . 55 S , 57 fl 3' .Q' 3 'ti' ff '-L Q 1' . 51 , if 4- ' Q I P Q 4 Q , ,,,1 P , t gt , ,D I t ' af fl ' 1 ' . 3 v '?' 'C"3 N 'A 5 .11 V Q at 7 tl 7 - a as 1' f mga 51 ' ,B br - , 'sf .. :rj T' ..',, i ' t -if W Q Q stiff 4 "'S"' Stuff, ' its S - is m mggg, - f 5 S "I , - T' a S at 'S 1 Jr? . A S, m A lm. 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X ' Sheri Runyon .lanot Rus-tin John Sabo Jerri Sarkisian Sharon Sartore Gale Savvricn Carl Scnndclla Jerry Scelzi Carol Scharnweber Charles Schoeller Steve Schrader Susan Schroeder Mary Schuler Pete Schweigert Gary Scott Deanne Segalas Jill Segersten Ken Selby JoAnn Scros .lohn Sessarcgo Jerry Shanks Bob Shepard Theresa Shipman Sherilyn Shirley Judy Shomate .lane-I Simmons .lohn Skalbeck Duane Skarlric Bill Slaglc Cathleen Sloan Phil Smith Susan Snider Peggy Snyder Bob Spalding Karen Sparks Donna Spitz Maureen Stapler Tim Stark Tom Stark Lynn Steiner Ronnie Stenzel Kurt Stillman .loan Stillwell Dan Stockton John Stone Tommy Stone Larry Strickland Kenny Stroth Nick Stubbs Dave Stuto Ann Sutherland Kathy Swartz Sandi Swor Judie Tawse Richard Taylor Bob Taylor Sally Teater Ken Thomas Richard Thomas Betty Thompson l.an1'v Tliuiiipxoii l"f'nlf-y 'lihruwvr Nlilu- Tiffany flarolv Tignor ,luv 'liUl'gf'S0l'l Sunny Trainnwll llill liumlm-ll tililllllili Tull llill Twumlxlvll ffaiml Twilling Carolyn 'l'ylvi' Ili-lmlmie llnderwood lfnwl Vail joan Vulim- Nikka- Yailllvrlivyilt lloh Vamlviwwulgl-n lfrlmliv Yurvm-llo jnlmny Vim-1-nt Kart-n Vomlc-rl14'i4lv Rich Wagznvr Patricia W'ugnnvr llarharu Wahl liarulyn W'alling1 Dun Wullrivll Pat Walsh Sharon Walsh Mary Ward l,aiurie Welrli llnrlmarai W1-lrslvr Shvri W4-mlgff ,lim Wlwc-li Randa We-lls Dun Wvniz Paul W1-rhlow Cllcryl Whitton Hnlwrt Wicderholrl Christine- Wilcox Dun Wilkcning Dave Wilkerson .lanu-s Williams Bill Williams Wvnily Wilson I24 1 's ' gg9g:nz f Q lf - W 4 3 f W, . 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SECOND ROW: Forest Carleton, William Dyson, Sam Wood, Gary Child. Sophomores step up. Sophomore originality proves fatal to competitors. IQ! Freshmen I DALE McGREW President The freshman class began their four years at El Camino by show- ing a large amount of spirit and enthusiasm. The football team placed first in their field, show- ing their desire to step ahead, and the homecoming decorations placed second in class competi- tion. The freshman danoe was a big success, as was their carnival ERIC de COOYER Vice President booth, through the cooperation and spirit of everybody. From all indications the class of '63 will contribute a great deal to El Camino High School. MARGY KNAPP JOY FOLK SGCYCUBTY Treasurer Step Ahead Campaigning soon is in full swing. Ambitious freshmen! I I Decorations bring second place. An enjoyable evening at the freshman dance. The big switch! ! ,lim Bale Myron Ball Karen Bangs Myrna Bastien Sue Bazzaroni Mike Beaeham Barbara Bell Carol Bell Ruth Bent Karl Berbert Mike Belz Carol Birch Sandy Bjorklund Norman Blackshcr Christy Blake Roland Bowns .loel Boyd Elaine Bramlett Norma Bredthauer Dennis Britton Jerry Broekman Bob Brooks Steve Buchanan Donna Buck Kit Buekley Lynne Burket Bruce Busch Paul Butler Carol Caldwell Chris Callis Rusty Canlpbcll Sandy Campos Wesley Cantrell John Carder Daniel Carlton ' -:.v:i'+sf Alaina Alcorn Barbara Alpert Li V. 'K ' vu fa Kathy Anderson ,xg i V' his 9' 9 2, W Kathy Anderson m- Lynn Anderson Tim Anderson J ,. r, P, 1 " ' .' 41' xl l ' V J f I , A Vicki Arbini , A Laura Lee Arthur M5 'D , Carolyn Ashcraft ,wa , 34:33 5 L " 1 A .lerry Ayers Sue Babbin q ul? ' il 3 x, ' Mark Baker fwfj? A 4 5 1 5, 4 V. h y A 2? - ii gs ,1"' eta l A i A B A i-fe of 'M .. gy , ,. ' T: :K - A , it i fx if aaa,a if wr' A A me A "LQ " 5' I y - 5,5 , fm 5 B. 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I Q Xa' 'r' r fs M rx N it R we t t C' 1 .5 X .lohn Cartwright Joyce Champagne Marilyn Chapman Roy Chastain Linn Chatham .leanne Cheek Stan Christensen Richard Christopherson Connie Clark Mike Claussen Chuck Coffman Sue Colhaugh Daniel Cole ,lim Collins Chris Collman Laurie Constantine .lim Corkrum Carmela Costa John Countryman Ralph Craig Charlene Cravcr Linda Cripe Mike Cripe Cary Crossley Joyce Curly Carole Cusanza Mike Cussen Allan Dahlquist laniel Dahman Toni Dapp .lan Davidson Eric de Cooycr Margie De Verter Sue De Witt Mitzi Dean Warren Dean Michael Dottarar Dennis Dougherty Dorothy Dougherty llill Doughty Karen Draffin Cary Duerner Virginia Ebberts Ron Elzert Fay Edwards Ned Eldredge Fred Elias Kitty Ellis Rusty Ertle Lily Estep Diane Etheridge Dwight Even Ronald Fallat .ludi Farrell .lutly Fenner Corinne Fessia Connie Finster ,lim Fisher Joy Folk Diane lfratieesconi I af! Toni Frm-:nan ,lovl Fritts G1-rnlainv Fuller Micllavl Gudwa linda Callaher Pat llardnvr Carole llwklc-r Frank Cvddefs Slow- llillson ,Ioyvv Covh Elainz' Goldstein Suv Uompvrtz Michael Cordon Sht-llt-y Cragg: Cr:-g Cray Sandy Greene' Ellvn Grecson Ht-rt Crvffrath Susan Cuion Roln-rt Gunthc-r Dun Hamilton ,lunicv Hardy Mrluniv Harris Vivian Hartman .lovannv Harm-y llan Hayes Susan Hazvl .le-an llvisingvr Susan Heisinger llill Highfic-ld Cent- His:-y Paula Hjolm Donna Hoffart Al Holland Rick Hollandvr Pa! Hornvr John Houston llvverlvy Howell Sharon Hoycnga Michael Huey Kim Huff Barham Huntt-r Cathryn lngram David lngraham Kathy ,lambs Martha .lavohsvn llurhara Janws l'et1-r ,lalnt-s Dim-k .lame-s Rohn-rt .lames Bill ,lvnkins Anna- jc-nsf-n Shirlvy Jonson Maurvvn Jepsvn llzivid Johnson Larry johnson Susan Johnson ,lvnny Jones Palm-lu ,lone-s Kathie Jordan Wt' I Q f . , . W tm 2.21 it t lx.s3f ' X7 '-vr :,f 0 jk ,S 4 I 5 'W XJ: yd!-fx .A l X' A .2 S' ...U Lf -4' A '-':'--' ' .- .. F'. ' '- 45 - Sark? thi" 5' ,, Lt 3 a F -6 64? ' QI- 1 ,4 . I A vb . L lt ll ' . jg, 4 ir I . U 5 . , 4 PT . 3 . . ' sl J., 'Eg + y 'sffrxi iin . ,,. W, , V if fi. L 2242? 1 -0 5 '17 W f W A .. i ' . . ,,.' a:. A . 5 J. " ' ts .: .g iz: 5 .Ms , V 1-. - , -1. . ' , :iii ' . 3 -wig? VZ. ,:-, . . 3- 35 'ii :wi 't" f "" Exif if, ' I E: W 'Liv fe: A H kt, of pi It 1 . 1-lt N 0 N' 51, , -. ' 'J ':Pg:'?l5gqjS-A-j xv -,,,p" Q. ,, , H . A . V Vw, . , A ,V K I vm' . K ft S . - .. 5 rv ' ' r aft ,L . - t ' 'fiiff 1 " A ,iv ' Q' A , , e ' MW W . wr Q 25554 A W , ll , 555 ' E. ,-1, 2-V A .s . f 'E :, I " I - :.- f f - f"a.1S'l2, .fb-"'-'P-4 ' ln: I. :Lf ' -'-'t' - 1 ft 1. -f ' " A t ' ' . - .ie . Q3-QQ.-: V' 'tp--sys. - F ulk, , A ,. . 1212747 . 'A In kg, 923: - , gk 1 .,f-.f 2 'gym , x-W M a 'W' t '- it r ff i,t'- K gi --'- -My , P ' -ti X -" I ga.. L L9 . 4 .- ' ,ff 'L Y " gf-' W E M . '. W ,Lg...,.a i , . ., t , e f at if . t..., t S .mm " 14. . if t tn, .,,,,:,, Jam ,,,r. .f-, I , , . - - ' . -ur, rv , If A If t 1 . I ,, .1 38,1 if-1.145 1' x -f .Fist . QC: - it -- ,W ,... N, . K - If .amy r x, 'lg' 'Y' 1 nk fe- ig fu 1. ,tr,. an i Si,- ,--we Q 'tl' Wi gn 'gt Yin L ' . , 4 -3' 5 5 if r ' Q wp' .Y 'Q F' L 74. .4 ' ,,.. . Lu R ,rl ' ,. .w 1 .-., -vv go 1 1 O v 1- . ,f xg ., 'Q A .. R ,Sli fi fi. .Q , Q- :- L Q' W- f , S . LL .Q ll My A' Hs. nb-Q. if f,? . x :v S ,, 'If' -'Irv .- -. Q-'1'alL,",:f20' Richard Kassis, Mary Ann Keith Lamont Keller Carol Ke-llison .bs , :fL K ,Q Largs L A' Karen Kennedy 1 v ,f if Ll Denton Kimball J iq l L' i L s I L Caylan King H 3 L 'L ' Sheri Kinnvll " L ' LL Margy Knapp A 5 ll' L llravticing for Senior Hal Dayll fl xxx-ttf ESSEX is W ' all pt Tom Knolrle Q - QL L Kevin Kruiisgrill ' 5 L 'L ' Diana Krvjvi L' we-QF' Carol Kuhlnian , A L LL f L 1 Pain Lam- A t -1 A - A Barlnaru Lunglvy A 1 Q., X T ' . " '73 rv-. A ,fi L Robert Larson 1 S 5? , it .Q - Li L L, Lf g .3 M Ls-X .- .lnhn Lev 'T .. ,fir ,S L, SLLLLV 5 :, L L L Joe Loinckt. in f- t viy. L I L L I MW Boll I.l55llCl' K f L . L --ri , L .. . L ,. L Q L Margur'm't L1-wicki f , .2 LL ' - . Carol I.:-wis 'Fl K I K' 1 t 1 W K i t 11 - Pa' LMS K --3 ey, ' K L L 1 :-:' 759 j Frank Lima L ' A ' XL?" LI Bill Lindsay X ' QW' ' Jacque Livaicli 1 A ,P K " . - S tit f 5 f,ffjy,'3'Q,i- C .A . :gy ,. ,li L35 AQ , W , LL .,., - L L L MLu1'v Lonurgzlnd 3 T, : L LLi L ' L L Ricluircl Lougry A : L .,L.- 4 - W- f l I VL llvnnls l,u4lvkm' f, 1 L ' t I 1' A llianc- l.utlm-lu' , ' x ' H' .lm-rry Lundlwlznl gt. L iff: ' Chip Mavkcnzic M f M tiii if-Q ' A A L iiii I Conniu Malilln-rg ,Q , ' A C' ' M' l 'l 2 5 Q 'D M LL psig llliiiolllw L LL,-1 3 L px 1 3 Jerry Marks-l -mf XL L. it-flkf ' Carol Murquiss , Cora Massey .Q X' ix 'I A ' f in N t, ps! .WALL L GL ate, f. 6 H 4255135 an . X RK LJ lk 3 Pb A 5 , X .Li l :,L . , . ,P 5 I- I - Y 1 511 1 ' K SL ..L . QA gi .fn .tx . -.f-,E L. Q L. Richard Mullcoli Boli Math-oli Cary Matthews Rollin Matthews x."'X"' Q K L Roger Mm'i,larIy John McClain 1 K rnnnrf r Q ,',,2 H Anne lllcllonvll L M I fi Michclo McEwen Q L.,,, 'L Dcnisv Mvllarrity A Lili t F Norma McGrath i ' - 3' H,I'A1'iQ llalc Mvllrew Rick M4-dvr ,if - E l mf Victor Menchaca Cary Messick Michael Metcalf Karen Michael Lawrence Miller Colleen Mitchell .lim Mitchell Phil Moncrief Cheryl Moore Mike Moore Phillip Moos John Morton Sandra Morton Holi Moulds Dave Moulton James Murden llolmhiv Musto Linda Nader Mclaniv Nagel Richard Neal Dan Nix Tom Nokes Don Nonini Virginia Nott Ct-orgo Nungersen Alcxia 0'Ehmc Patricia O'Hop Joe Oltis ,lack Palmer Holi Palmer Penny Paronte Carrol Parker llon Parvin Pfarry Pearson ,lim P1-arson Stew Pedro of I N . f,t,,. Av ff, 1 'fv Q We .f XSL' 2 G' u e - fy I xwi- 1 W' P 'X if Linda Peek Phyllis Person Melvin Peters Barbara Pettigrew Which twin has the toni??? '27 Betty Phelps Nick Poohar janet Preis Susan Press Ed Prorok Sandra Pryor Georgia Ramsdale Glenn Raney Bob Rasmussen vu- , 2 1 . ri " .Q , ,gif -J Q TW 1 f' A if Q 'N lr ,Til A, i SAM, z -1 ,,"-X film 9 is Q , v . AJS ,aE'lgb . kg v.... Qtkgezfgenl f . iwffi-3:55 . t 554 x In 80,993 A ti' Q on it of fi ,iw S? t . ,. 'i i Z S SP'- ,L it ' if 'L , ", fs' Q .QQ X , t,1""" " 0' , -tt Q ' , WH , Rf Dan Steinman Betsy Stephens Jerry Stevenson Karen Still.man Kenneth Stillman Michael Stinson Wayrie Stokes Dianne Surette Eric Swedberg Toni Switzer Daniel Terry Steve Thomas Meritt Rector Richard Rt-ed Pat Roark Susan Robbins Dorothy Robertson .lenny Rossi Dorrie Ruttan Alix Sanlmurg Don Sander Gary San-t-rtnn Sandy Sawyer llevcrly Sayre Boll Schauer Michael Schiavo Carol Schultz Steven Schumaker Cary Sa-nnvff Ken Sltannon Connie Shaw John Shepard Vicki Shick Nancy Shows Linda Shupe Kathy Sienkiewivz Jerry Silker Steve Simard Dorothy Sims Pete Skillman Carol Small Dianne Smith Janice Smith Jean Smith Ralph Smith Jeff Speich Gayle Stanley Now, now . . . girls and boys! I33 in 'tl " Or if to it 2 N or Typical El Camino propaganda! ll Tenny Wilson Tom Wilton David Wise Susie Wixom William Wohle Donald Wood Donald Wood Jacquie Wykoff Henry Young Robert Young Tom Young Sherry Yule I34 Donna West Cheryl Wharton Linda White Richard White Richard Whitlock Meridee Whitten Kathy Wiederhold Eldon Williams Richard Williams Tim Williams .sf ' Wg.. A Mike Wagenhals Scott Walker Sheila Walsh Marilee Walton Elizabeth Warner Rich Waters Dennis Weaver Nancy Webb Daniel Transtrum Gary Ullery Bill Vale Jerry Van Slavens Virginia Varney Judy Vereide Laurie Viets Gary Voet Roy Vogel Roy Thompson Dorinda Towne ,. 3 fu .. lm, , I' tx f ff-- at 5 is ,, Z r t Xu, Q mga- to W ' li I l, f 4, A 5 .W is 'Q' 1 .fv- Y 4 'E In iii-'va l W .M 9 1 1, ,, 3 - ,iw .f J . L , ,hgh ff , ii -1 f rf . v . '11 I 1 f 1 Ha ifa , ,,.?m...'4 1 vt :tj i ll J if 1 F? .. 1 '1 E ' ft? . 53 . 1 , A Swann e at -1 Q ,L as 5 .Q-v . i., ,Q ,ii .h gh ,A fn . In -. Q t if 'ill 5 ii V Q if J Q v 1 5? -H to 4 1 A .pw .f .ln FIRST ROW, left to right: Scarlette Kessler, Jean Barrett, Ann Howard. SECOND ROW: Gary Upchurch, Ron Shaw, Ernie Alexander. Another day . . . another A! 'L ,,-vyi- ' For vu, I- Fishing anyone? ? QQ, Activities I am a great friend of public amusemenisg for they keep people from vice. -Samuel Johnson Section Editors: Linda Fortier, Bette Walters WPA, 'S' hm' 5 1- 1 1 A vi 75 4 I I vp- ! Q qL.,L , ,X,- fi'-N. Wg," '- b- .ST V Several- events in the year 1959- 60 will stand out as the most im- portant. Enchantment, charm, and excitement prevailed over the Homecoming festivities. The Don- key Basketball game and the Car- nival added laughter and gaiety to the lives of many students. Pre- parations and decorations for the Junior Prom and Senior Ball re- The Carnival was greeted with much enthusiasm. Seniors presented the final dance of the year . . . the 1960 Senior Ball. Take a deep breath, Uncle LeRoy. suited in two mem0rable dances. Last, but by no means least. came graduation. Seniors who long awaited this moment finally passed out of high school to what- ever awaits them. Thus, the 1959- 60 scho ol year was extremely suc- vessful. -fe--sig qi . V 'i ask., if-sffw 'M 1 'li' We made it! Diffe rent aspects of Homecoming are brought out by this montage 'L The Junior Prom highlights the year for the lower upperclassmen. I39 September I 'lb fX.W.0.L. percentage is high during the State nir. Is there room for one more? l40 A Friendships were renewed and new ones made as El Camino opened its doors for the 1959-60 school year. Our foreign exchange stufients. Miehele Hardin and Paul Stefani. were introciueeci to the stufient body at the first day assembly. which hegan a year Of unforget- tahie aetivilies. Once again students enter the hulls of E.C. Some for the first time -others, the last. ."ltll1A:1i JQWW, fi: You don't know what you are getting into! vlion pn-vuils as tlu- BC. Varsity refuses to quit. .-li . gif Q 3 s af 5 Ma '14 HH. tsl rw do you do. My uumv is vh 1-h " IA October "W if 779, w L, ' OFTOBE be A if.-A-',,'. .-it " .: , 2 1 5 rPmc'mber : Taj excitin tball 5 XffL 1:3'lf2Z:! Names awgiiafter-'Tame 1' 'T' ma lzl LHIY'll '5'g displayed asm plus ey lJart1c1+ Ef?i 1n varfl trlvksi 1' ells, e Ulnff a c t 0 team to Due to luck of funds . . Our team fought c losing hope. ,pw- ontinuously throughout the season-never ,Nz V i iii , wqz. .,. f is . G ti if . tw 5 1 Dick's enthusiasm puts an extra spark in the rooting section. Lose something? ns., KN, M Pep talk inspires team. Hard work is rewarded by Student Body co-operation. ovember The 1959 Homecoming proved en- chanting. Sharon Savage reigned as queen ofthe event and both the Sopho- more and Varsity football teams were victorious. The dance, "Frivolity." was attended by hundreds of celebrating stu- dents and an unforgetlable time was had by all. Who will reign ? N96 . do Y' s 19 . . . . ggvbio Sophomore boy tries in vain to outdo a Senior man. 59 Q06 95 W5 The old grads are pleased at the rally in their honor. The princesses begin the dance. We-'rv all in-rv In buck you and clict-r." "Frivoiity" vlimuxvs lim 1959 Home- vmning. The tt-um is out to win and they do. Artistic abilities ure freely expressed as competition arises K. - ' I45 'ix . A fs- ,M ' AH0rnf0rf0171,ir1,g Quecrz SHARON SA VA G E Carol Ann Davies Carole Ahlqulst Dorothy Jackson na gig v u Sherry Phillips December 4R The Christmas season and va- cation Were given a warm wel- come iby E. C. students. The as- semblyand evening program cadd- ed to the Christmas spirit. At the Metro-Tourney the team and rootersiboth received second place honor! Lia! their class. Team provides tough competition at Metro Tourney. Rooting section is invaded by little green men. Y Decorations for Snowed Inn during preliminary stages-very preliminary! This is what makes the rooters root. Pep Band is peachy keen! Action .1 . , a it out of the ordinary. in the Senior Pl1v Qeems b' The cast of "You Can't Take It With You." 6 'f Assembly brings out assorted talent. M39 Senior Band provides serious moments at Christmas Assembly. I Ji, , 1 5 Starting your vacation early, girls? January Long awaited pool is finally completed. y" - '-.' -.' wmv, A The month of January started off with Student- body elections. Deserv- ing candidates were chosen to fill the offices. The basketball se a s o n proceeded with excite- ment as the Varsity and NB" teams remained near the top of the ladder. Candidates express various emotions as post time nears ,NM WW' V F' JMLJM.,,,...s-LN ,.4.,. EJQFURNIA nsruai El Caminmfs ROTC displays fine form. I ,.-'Il-Taxi' W What! No comic books? -:W Another victory is mirrored in smiling faces IEA F february With the Metropolitan League Championship safely tucked under the Eagle's wing. our victorious basketball team was invited to the Ackcr Tournament. Donkey Bas- ketball and V8l6IlllHC,S Day also aclclecl their special enchantment to the month of February. Love blooms on Vale-ntine's Day. Whafs this! The charge of the Light Brigade? s Buffalo Bill Bode bags Bob! . I sec the alumni ure still wearing their tennis shoes. ,ww Now boys, you don't really cnjoy seeing your favorite teacher get stomped on, do you? What are you doing wearing your Sunday best on Thursday? I March Hello Out There" was presented as the only drama of the three one-act plays. During March, girls could literally be seen chasing boys, and Freshmen could be seen enjoying their dance. The one-act-plays were enjoyed by many and gay people could be ob- served at the Carnival. tg, IRL "Pl1oenix Too Frequent" represented El Camino at the Lenea Festival. Q 1 i eff.. . ,V . ecxk. R . Jr., f ', J ' ' 'L-. , ,.-t ' -. L .J i A fine performance was presented in "The Lesson." X W ., ,W M, .N-M, mg, 3 Wi f-V .-,W---N, . - The Freshman Dance was a swinging affair. Quit goofing off-you should be decorating. It's a glorious good day fer the Irish! IR7 That's one way to get your man for Twirp Season! My! ,-f" ,.f"" He must be the only one left. I lost -ulvsiM"'lM, g.vv""' " suv' Whew, we met all the Aerie deadlines! IC sportsmanship trophy was won at the Acker Tournament. This is a cute Carnival picture, but how do you caption it? April The Sophomores enjoyed the new pool at their annual picnic. I60 What are rabbits fer? April was a fun filled month for the Sophomores as they held their annual picnic. The ROTC unit held their annual Military Ball. The spring sports were popular with the students andthe Ccmmunity because of added seating facilities. Jolly good game, old chap. K 4 1 it -' 111 7 M , fi . " Friends chat us the hand takes an break. The Military Bull lightens hearts .99 Qi" Paul and Michele enjoy American hot dogs. ILI Q r i ' E X u-u um O luv 050105 son!! F . if I U O 1-n - Q 1 1 . -5 x ..hw,q 5 JUNIOR PROM ROYAL COURT J une Hopeful lp if . me Press xt year's Aerie 5135 emo? for HC fospecls 'bf Banquet' ,Iune was the most welcome month of all. Seniors at last have completed twelve years of educa- tion and celebrawd accordingly. The Press Banquet was held and final report cards received. A long awaited summer vacation was just beginning. At last we're off the bottom! 73 We are upperclassmen, now! What a time to be caught without a pen! all!! d e take? We an ours. houl W scweu, what S Xt , .X . " .4 wgygffy It's been a long four years .4 .1 ., K! K, A ,ff A formal way of ending four fabulous years. L 1 Decorations are in the making. "A little learning is a dangerous thing '91 ., .. N l P Hey! Senior Cut Day is legal . . . you don't have to sneak. l f-v BSCCHXHHTCRXC 21100565 56130115 xhoughx. f ily, A do-it-yoursdi Senior Breakiast. ' a l'l'f 4 'Q wi aug ,M Q QA pu 1 A little get-together before the All Night Grad Party. The beginning of a wonderful evening! ,vf 9 ' if .K ' Ps!.alQQh'V , 4 M' . W -' l 1 N . x ng r' fx af f i W , my ' 04" . e 41 W 9 gk, f i , , 4 A ,. 1.2 Z Q , Q51 4 , , ,, y -X QWA M' Qf . ' ' I Nagy 01 X X v J! , V xA 'LI h xil, . I , f ow, x"' ' -K M,f, 5 "l A, If Q A mf ,,.gu 4 052, Delicious Dating Take think vase, eat, drink, and be merry. -Luke XII, 19 Section Editor: Gayle Vine I N clwwq 4 ' Q I I 9 i ,1- I Ax, I 7.90. ia" fffia 1 V3 A 553 5 'fha RESTAURANT Al n Q s 0 0 l l Green Salad .85 Che lad ...................... ..... . 95 Chic Stuffed with ' A Shri: en or Tuna ...................... 1.10 Cral Sreen Salad lSidel..' .......... .35 Frui and Tomato .............. ..... . 70 Crea rab Louie ...........,... ........ 1 .35 lPineapple, Pea ,,Or5mnyf'W you Wm Clgubgyf, Large Shrimp Louie ....... ........ 1 .35 SEAIFOODS French Fried Louisiana Prawns ...... 1.50 Filet of Sole and Tartar Sauce ...... 1.35 Deep Fried Scallops and Crab or Shrimp Cocktail Supreme 1.00 Tartar Sauce... 1.50 Ovster Stew a.,. . ..,.,...,,...i............ .75 Halibut Steak, L1 acon .... l.5C Tomato Juice lLai Drange .25 Tomato Juice lSn ........... .15 Fresh Orange Ju ........... .15 Fresh Orange Jul ........... .15 Grapefruit Juice ........... .15 Grapefruit Juice ,.......... .15 Hot Apple Pie .... .ic,. .. 5C Cream Pie lDu ....i. .25 Strawberry Short .i..i..... .QC Ice Cream or She . .. .QC El Camino students' second hom C. 4 1 H . W , .,., 5 i,. . N - ' f- xiii i , , g Y Yf s x 1216 X f Q Q x ,nk Ar + - 7.59 A M5354 2... X ,.f,wX. iv K X x ., :Ai 'eg' M xy , r Qleaii' , flgfsyfxpf ,ug if 2 ,gg 5 5 gf ff ., -fiwf .fLL- A ' wi1sf1,v1L-:.2f1f-eww I L L- L. 1, if , 'M,1fg7f'S . K br fat., 2 gg, Yi xg, . Q' I, i' ig' b W , - . L' ' ' -1 . f ' - i 2. Q- 7 - .. ,sf .155 , ' ' W' 'ia' 1 -ff I fag -f ww . H1 Six .Ns Ai k f15,gy,:m.,f , . M. .lf - N4 ' ' X I1 X i 1 F' igg, .,. .WA .QWN-. X - -K 'X'-kfixifi' Q 9,5 'fllifi-, "L'f"EugX .ails .wlijgk xx "-U7 Ah ,... love! 3 .. . . "Do you fhink I oughf To?" V vw., J - MS: L' W ' Y 4 ,..- A is A A ,iw W ,- Ummmm...qood,bufOH1'l'1e calories! Q is' ssh c " .-TT x Nw 'li 0 e r X E 1, nf M E3 'Q f x ,Y. . ix. -Q 55 I, ff 'K -Qs' f 1 W5 Jr 5 if i f f 1 X ,, ' - ' , ,xx V' f f -- I wi ,dl f,,,kk . , ' ',.' ",: 155. , t ' 1. gr Qsyfa It :Y ,mg jg6Wv,.ig 3 i .f Q .-, 1 , I . K it , 5 A 61.5.1 and M ,fi X lll fl 2 1 Qx W i 'W ff fit? 4f'4?'fMf.490a'9".i' g5.1 9f .MT 2 KS 233,35 s 1 MQ rr, 'W fgir jj, 2 3 Q,f2?'I: 3,35 fg igS ' 2.35 gif? 2.35 ? 245 3 KHI if before if gefs cold. A fi if fm , ,gi ,gi 'fs 3 2 ' 9 , f ,.- ni 1 " 'M 3 4 f -, ig .J LL. 'Q- ffiml .Mg if l 3 Q , is 31: f w 'K ' .,,,,, be 2 an I , . ,,,, 'V 4 5 15 V S hawls, 'Q , 1 'if s , fi G3 .zz . . 1 , 1 ', vf 4""Q P C in . L , 5 555 5 v 515:35 3 Semin ff'f.3M4.6 4 ig fi mffz asf WKKA X r 4 I ,J K --My f 'Y "fMmf+'M'Q""'W ,W M. 2 ', 3i ae't'J:'RfEP,lj 1 rn, pk., 4 1. V , No. 1 as .1 sh tt' iff MX, V f 1 O9 Terrific Honky Tonk Mmosphere. I76 Wai? Q AQ 5 raw B t ., q X was gm 5 , F 9.3. -. L,,, , 1' L x v mia 'f .. M 4' X f M2217 Q W E at gy Here we are! ' .', ., , 1, "The pizza here is beffer Hman we have in Hcly 'Q W lzvh Y ,Q . LW M? ETRLMXN 5 ww!,E? UQNMQRZ W Q? QQ afxffs f3ew'Wr's!2 9:25?Fiag.W ff X K? yifzllbfifffgg. , MW-,I ,gy ,QW95 f 5 f Such chivalry! 'iifiiiw 79 SWS , vw- 5 .15 13321-QT Q 2 ,. ' 'Q fgw., -:gy 1 . ,Jn if An enloy-able dinner before fhe dance. SQ in ,t Sf 2 YY :ST ffl Q . :Tipsy 2 ,.,. 'L -in 33757, l .Q i, f"x2 'VSV aklvs , 5 Q , if , ., x.3,.,i if I we H 5 3132! 2 aj I, 0N?'xi...m 1'-,iv WIS Si2f:2fX2'i'f FM' igfiiswiflfg QLs3s0s'2bi:sx3n?Eimw . 1 M ?':fw S K gm 11 x V, . R If , ggiirsgmfiieii iivjig 8 dw' N U ,xy 0 wif . f 9 1 5 A For tim-as fm. Q-ixmiiiizr with az Mx"ii: vm 4 - "Wonder if I'lI K- s 51 i if 5 5 K, ., 'wg 4? V 5 have enough money." M . , 'D 'Sun 4 5 , ,,-. ' A , 7115, 1 ' " ai ' 7 A Wggf,g?v?Yg HQ: - L LL,L U Q .f 'P 511, A ff" , . -A ' ' K' I If Y We J L P-f N 'n n wb fy! , km ' , '43 951 + Esigxzgl N? Q 3 X 3 ivy fi . X Q1 "4 r' Q' f f ,f , S my W X 4 Q if 1 X 9 i 1--... gx , Q S2243 A romanfic Polynesian seffing for an evening ouf. 53 Ak Q.,1..,.,,M,,...i.,,,.M. .,.,4,,,. . X, :A ., L,, x , .2 -C .' , 1' 1 ff .,-2 NWS? QQ, , . .,g1..,.., g zfg, igl Lk? 0 NI '31, . ,e,,, ,y Y Mr Q5- lj 5 X. nw +2 fe' gn n n 6 I!! IH 5 I ' x wx -. M, TX ff ,.,. ' 7' 1:5 flifffi, Unix 4 if w - ' -- . 99626 from or ?cz1f f 4 Sm gg ,M 'Q ns Mamdur-rw ibn Luci Spsw if bi Ckvffl AEM: "nj 5' 4 - WSG VPS D055 lx? 0 A foung iw- 5 5 -C I N ,M F . .Lu .MA 'J 'T 0 V T? asf ifQ:asffafgfff12ffLf:ff.,1.,,M ZW., , ,,v,, n W i iff Q ff' fn , as e o a 1 I. f- F' , . X f H H , wa . Q 4 ' , f ' V ll-I. ' N 5: V - ' ' n I X, wg ' Q , Iwikgz ,, P 3, ,.W.,i'v A A 4 2 ,f K , 6 A NF V 3 we 56 :QM ,Q vw-MQA Q fi za, f W P' I A A4 V. N -. Q Q Q - a ' I , ' Q ,G 2 ' ' -A ' R 1 Q h H1 Please don? sfep on my foes!" s ,W .W ,M , ., . '::.Ls::.a.::1 'E ' ' "MA2i:a::fi Such delicious food! O Q ' K X r s ff "This is a wonderful evening." if' Q M- ,, 'P . ,v X-' A perfect climax fo a gala affair. Q X 5 A iifziigzs iriiii , Here af lasll xx 1 3' -. , x r l l l l l wb 41. E l V s l 1 l 06363 labs Society is wholesome for the character. -James Russell Lowell Section Editor: Joan Livezey M55 , X.- ' 3 T - , 4 ,V nf ,W , ,Lzk Q 2 'Xi 1 I .,.,. WEN x rx , QW? , .iijk 1 M 1. I 5' .Q , V . I J 1 ' ' lu . 4- 3 , ,. 'A f ,I f ' mlb I K .JACK r I ' . 1 -1' . .4 :ff '?' Qn Q 8 ' Q t 'J vcff Q 1 x. . QM , - j'y!l?Y N rin' " 1 . ' q ' f 'Kp Y ." ,gui 1 1, I if 5.4 ' fig: y nw--'E E ' M .', A Q' . ' , ' t ' X '- K L- ,he s. . , - M Ng ,C A '- Y ,J f s-5 , QB' gm, CY? A 'M jd' V-. A ' wus.. K - -M - as M ' , 1, fm A 'eff ' N' .M Q W 9"k" N ' .Vx -. .., f-law-,Q Q- L M- W- Q 'fu 0 L.-N Lf Q' -A , m ' 'M Xa A 4' H.. fu H A ' I kb . ,LM . ' ' M, -,NN 'X-5' ' if N' ,fn M Qi-x ,nn 1 ur' " " "- I A wg 'VY - '84-Uni., x W- ' ""' 'N ww, , ' nun. is . ' an , X fx ,, A 4, Z x S X' 2 aa' M if 'Il' 7 1v,,,f.. NR V.- if 5' KX 4 XX J, ' ,iv A p K K M L. . . , MY d MW lava' K F 'N' " "W Na-Q. ,KL, M . 'kk , x 'V' "NM" W-.M iw . ' india 'lux Y Q K A-il, Lq. W "WMA, ,W "cnas....,,,,,J- V 7. QT, 'mm' 'N K V an Q ' A X mm M ,,' W , X S, , N5 A iwwnmgm W M , f as if W f S' fy Susan X ww . M , K .. ' rv 1' i L' Wx., f Rh. ,, , K . M W k Mx NS . ,M ,W A W As X X ff, 4 Q? W .Q,,.,,, f M sw , x- ka R V .ww M . x fm . A 'M 1' ' fi., mai. :-.ap Y N V :is wr , , X k "wf'0"' fini 'K JIM KIMMEL Block EC. Block EC. was composed of boys holding block letters. The Club promoted athletics. raised the standards of true sportsmanship, and created an organization for the general interest of the athletes who had received block letters. The highlights of their many activities were the initiation of new members and the third annual donkey basketball game in which the liiaglesmen challenged the faculty. The Dunking Booth at the Carnival was a favorite among all. A Father and Son Banquet was held as in the past years. The initiation was an exciting part of the activities. President -1 1. 1 ff . '2v.:wf5 ' . iWwy5s' , .. . . -- V.,-tyf,t.1.g:t:1ig'1, - 1 .. 3. ,. 4'?'if2r?1Sf..g,i.,," iff-ax? 'FULL -of 'E AM, Yi U, -fkggv-'if:",zll1'gs,-"f -- B f ' :'f,gz'3ggf,, .Lr.'Qiff?:i"iwQx'f3lv?iLi .. - 5 , .2 - f .YQ V .nth-is..', at f -g1,ew,a',zf: f-was 32 11 r ' J ' I ' - . - Y we 'f:aitiifSm11:'5f5l-H . "if -5, 19.11 ' - .. .1aw,.,of.w.- A -7.!r,...,.,..,..1 's.,.,gm1...1 rv i., xy- WPS... H24 '2:1 -:. - fri 1 'ov Yf K 2. so mf' ' f 93:26 4 Zi 4 374: " " " Q-V - ' .k -ey. .. V-f. ' ,,f,.1f,.::- fi :15.w,.Wf1- J Sag?-1ff'2!?-'ww 'i'v+f"'f3's1N's.!'W 'f s 'f f 1" 5' -va ' 1 s5...1mt'2 1-gfufzf 5311 H.. yr- 1 wg,-e des sf ef 1 ' 2'-ff ww' 435 of mvm2gH?i2f327g4' rf T 1 :ef f 'A f 'WW ' ' asm za ff 2 my W1 .,. .tfcfjfr ? ...f . .. ROW ONE, left to right: Eric McGillivary, Bill Brasher, Larry Brooks, John Chase, Don Speich, Frank Shepard, Ed Healton John Z1-vlmuylli. SECOND ROW: ,lack Batchelor, Jim Wilson, Bob Wheatley, Steve Lentz, Ernie Peters, Dennis Harvey, Tom Van Dyke THIRD ROW: Jerry Arbini, Bob Montgomery, Marc Dully, Tim Patterson, John Hamilton, Frank Buress, Cary Leopold. BACK ROW Larry Annigoni. Dave Merrifield, Dick Dodelin, Bud Applegate, Wayne Wall, Gary Long, Warren Hart, Bob Ellis. I84 halcespeareis Crew Shakespeare's Crew worked for the advancement of dramatics in El Camino High School, and pro- vided varied social activities for those interested in dramatics. The members of Shakespeareis Crew gained practical experience in the interpretation and pro- duction of many outstanding plays. The club sup- ported dramatic activities and encouraged the read- ing and witnessing of better plays. As their sponsor, Mr. Teel taught the casts the Mins and outs" of acting. MERWIN STAPP President "ry-is 2 4 f I-1 l w 4. f54,.5g1.gf,q::, r f Ig, ying. - , . -"w b i ini" rr" Fzsiklff. lil ' I--zf:5iiY:', fi ,M 2 ' - .CE .4 R " wfmQ-11. ' :fnfr xr 'U ,fs-H - - 'ra 2 :Ss fa -i E51 ai'frKiL fifii- A ., ' 'X - - waifw.:i5:i5WIf' . ' 'vw ffpr'wfawzgfifsrsw 3 qw . Q.. A . ,i 3 l"lliS'l' ROW, lr-ft In right: Nlonlm-rvy Nlr'Cnll, Um-zulu-etc Evans, Sandy lllulrltyrc, Kathy Curly, Limlu Forticr, .ludy Knasscn, Barry Stalpp, Nl:-rwin Stamp, l"rQ'cl Vail, Carolyn Aslu-raft. SHCUNIJ ROW: Linda Wilton. Sum- Press, .loan Scully, Sue Hunt, Sandy Rosell, I Y llvvm-rly lmvkwnml, ,lan Nlurraly, Linda illllllllllilll, .lirli-rw Rolmlw, Sylxin Nvwliull. leggy len-rson. THIRD RCJW: Carole McD0nu ilRlIi1'll Keulvisirlv. Marie' ll'Annilmlq-, Sue Downing, Inu Shipman, ,Ioan lla-um. Cm-cv vlllblllllllll, Priscilla Pitzer, Jill Wilson, Racllc Ile lm Roux, Mario lim-gley, Slmrun Bonnet, Pat Zontz, Sharon Smith. BACK ROW: Pat Wusscr, John Black, Karen Norlncrg. Gfillltllll I lf-mlwrlon. Nancy Norman. .lon Hill, Nancy Cima. Sandra Homgren, Vaughn Rulnsvy, ,lac-kic Hanson, , ' f ' i Who said Latin was a dead language? Latin Club The Latin Club's purpose was to further the knowledge of Roman culture and pro- vide a background of the Latin language. In March, Latin students donned togas and gunny sacks to relive the glorious era of the Roman Empire. Caesar and Cal- purnia reigned over the regal banquet, while first-year Latin students performed the duties requested by their masters, who were second and third year students. Slaves were auctioned off, adding atmosphere to the occasion. Latin Club put on this colorful event with the help of Mr. Smith, their sponsor. ., I 'Ii GEORGIA ANDERSON President I FRONT ROW, left to right: Georgianne Coffey, Pain Mellin, Chris Moorez, Linda Alcorn, Grace Lusk, Gary Reynolds, Mary Hilkerbaumer. SECOND ROW: Mike House, Dick Little, Sue Menke, Greg Dixon, Judy Schmidt, Jeanne Rudig, Kathy Fargo, Angela Bell, Diane Spencer. BACK ROW: Paul Boothe, Judy Wood, John Lundblad, Jim Callis, Judy Moshofsky, Bob Burket, John Thielbuhr, Bill Eavis. IB6 v ROBERT CHAPMAN President FRONT ROW, left to rlght Sunny G0Odl6f Diane Drlschler Robert Chapman Sharon Bonnet Carol Dean. SECOND ROW Alexander Sander Pat Boll Pat Pucci Marian Vogt Joan Scally BACK ROW Bill Young, Robyn Levis Mary Sue Welhel Carol Sacchettl Charlotte Hansen Los H idalgos Los Hidalgos, the Spanish honor society, was named for the. Hidalgan Padres, the group of priests responsible for settlement of the southwest. The purpose of Los Hidalgos was to advance the members' knowledge of the Spanish language and customs. The club endeavored to reach this goal by attending Spanish dinners and going to movies in which the actors spoke entirely in Spanish. The club functioned under the super- vision of Mr. Glissmeyer. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mrs. Dean, Judy Shomate, Penny Parente, Donna Hoffert, Diane Etheridse, Mrs. Cooper. SECOND ROW: Kay Malone, Mary Ellen Curtis, Claudia Tull, Kathy Foster, Sandi James. BACK ROW: Janet Rustin, Francis Blecka, Sunny Trammell, Mary Herndon, Dorothy Dougherty. HILDA TRAMMEL. President Future H omemakers of America. The Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca Club placed emphasis upon the im- portance of the home in our American way of life. It provided a chance for them to learn the responsibilities they will assume as wives and mothers in the future. While basic cooking and sewing were part of the program. the club also undertook other projects such as field trips and guest speakers. Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Cooper were sponsors of the club during an active and eventful year. ilver Pages The Silver Pages served to improve the knowledge of El Camino High School students in the uses of the library. This knowledge. which was gained by many. will be a great asset in later years. Their assistance was greatly appreciated by the faculty and the stu- dent body. These honor librarians were under the sponsorship of Mrs. Smith. FRONT ROW, left to right: Geri Fuller, Linda White, Maureen Jupsen, Jeanne Cheek, Andrea Nygaard, Jackie Dyer. SECOND ROW, left to right: Sue Brackett, Sharon Walsh, Susie Dolganas, Carolyn Walling, Barbara Page, Sue Robbins, Bonnie Wolfe, Mrs. Smith. Future Business Leaders 0 America The Future Business Leaders of America had as their main purpose the development of business leadership which is so important in today's complex world. A more thorough understanding and a better knowledge of how to deal most effectively with today,s business problems were achieved through discussions, movies, and interesting speakers. The club helped its members to develop a stable foun- dation for their choice of a business occupation. Sponsoring the F.B.L.A. Club this year was Mr. Dada. FRONT ROW, left toright: Wayne Osborn, Mike Davidson Mike Lasich Rex Dean BACK ROW Mike Metcalf, Bab James, Tenny McCurry, Marihss Childs 'N-. T' fs 171 84" 1 exe an in p y i y .Z ?4f i cu i ex, . 'l, -',' 'Q 'rz' xl Girls Athletic Association The Girls, Athletic Association had as its purposes the development of an interest in sports and the promotion of 'food sportsmansliip among the girls at El Camino. The ffirls participated in many different sports for enjoy- ment, better co-ordination, and learning new skills. Four of these pleasurable sports are pictured at the left. Sports days, ffames between schools. and weekly bowling were a few of the cluh's activities. The sponsors for G.A.A. this year were Miss Farley and Mrs. Rovers. NANCY FISHER President l V A 1 . F . ,. ' 1 1 K 9 V I 4 7' , 1, ' 1 3 1 ' 'E ... L. , ...... M.. rr, . if Voll -jxlmll R' F ' Auf- A 'f 'Xqxixx ' D ' , V: ff . if ,, I' ...ii .,, 'N V I , W 1 5"eLL X' M xi 'X I V K' by V , V ' ' . .fg 4 1 E' ' X , git. F' i I f W- W N A 4 lj -P J '39, sf AM M' 4 T Agp 'I ,r Q, i . at y I 5 5-I lf 1 X :EW I ' V I bfws, it We A rchi-ry liasketball I90 ' .L 1 14 1 14 at a C5 -.,,', ' -v ,Aa P FRONT ROW, left to right: Sharon Rilxbeck, Nancy L. Fisher, Carol'Bluke, Darla Mahaffey. SECOND ROW: Lillian Alkire, Sharon Wtxld, Becky Buller, Carol McLaughlin. BACK ROW: Alaina Alcorn. Joanne Twilling, Sallie Vereide, 'flu-rosa Shipman. Jeane Barrett. r W Future Medios fix ' L MARTHA COOPER President FRONT ROW, left to right: Jenny Jones, Mary Ann Keith, Steve Thomas, Bill Busacca, Sharon Foster, Anitta Ward, Dorina Towne. SECOND ROW: Susan Hazel, Marilyn Chapman, Kalen deCooyer, Jacque Wykoff, Janet Reister, Barbara Poppe. BACK ROW: Manha Cooper, Vicki Payton, Sue Downing, Lettie Cook, Sharon Gibson, Shirley Jensen, Mrs. R. Lemmon. The goal of Future Medios was to encourage interest in all fields of medicine. The club attempted to acquaint its members with the requirements and responsibilities of the medical profession. In addition to taking many interesting field trips and hearing guest speakers, the Future Medios learned the basic requirements which will enable them to enter their chosen fields of medicine with more confidence and knowledge. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Lemmon, the club had a very successful year. One of our former patients! 1 ' 1-ww ! i ll RUTH CROWELL President l92 Left to right: Ruth Crowell, Carol MacKenzie, Bobby Devinney, Carolyn Tyler. Future Teachers 0 America The F.T.A. Club was for those stu- dents interested in becoming teachers. Members of the Future Teachers learned about many fields of the teaching pro- fession. They discussed the opportunities and responsibilities of this important work. In America our population is ever increasing and education is extremely important. The teaching profession is becoming more and more necessary to Americais future. The F.T.A. tried to stress this necessity and prepare its members for the future in the best pos- sible way. Mrs. Keema, F.T.A. sponsor, was an ever-present example to the club of those qualities of character and per- sonality which they were seeking to cultivate in themselves. Practice makes perfect-so the saying goes. ational , ff Honor Society ' "f The National Honor Society recognized students with high scholastic achievement, character. and leadership within the school. Scholarships were awarded to members on the basis of their academic standing as well as their participation in school activities and their demonstration of good citizenship quali- ties, The club raised money at the carnival with its annual Marriage Booth. The booth, as in past years. was a great success. N.H.S. truly added prestige to El Camino this year. A great deal of its success was due to the helping hand of its sponsor, Mrs. Sparks. FRONT ROW, left to right: Vicki Payton. Wes Beamer, Joan livtuy laula Clark Mrs Sparks Nanty Henderson, Joe Cangi. .ludy Jordon, Charlotte Hanstn Pat Pucci SEC OND ROW Su an 51 hrader, Linda Guiclici, Sara Ann Elliott, Ellen Standley, Charlene Peters Eileene Nuttall hindy lla in, Judie Scheinel, Sunny Coodier, Diane Darby, Barbara FlSll BACK ROW Lettie look Jim llioinpson, Mike Harms, Dave Merrifield, Ed Healton, Inn Patterson Rohm rt Chipman Jern lor eson, Marian Vogt. Carol Sacclietti, Perry Cunningham Pat Boll J ,imjt . W Q .gr . , The El Camino Key Club, ex- clusively for boys, was dedicated to the ideals of Kiwanis, and sought to provide service to the school and community while en- couraging initiative, good citizen- ship, and leadership ability in its members. Its main service to the school this year as in the past was help- ing to sponsor the foreign ex- change students. Mr. Maher encouraged and su- pervised the activities of this out- standing club. KENT BOWMAN, President The purpose of the Science Seminar was to promote an in- terest in all fields of science. It was a new club this year but has received much recognition. We wish it the best of luck. The sponsors for the club were Mr. Phillips and Mr. Oliver. -'env Brown JOHN SESSAREGO President California r oholarship if Federation The purpose of the California Scholar- ship Federation was to recognize superior scholarship. Students had to maintain a grade average of ten points, based on grades received in solid subjects, to belong to the honor society. If a student was able to maintain this high average for four semesters, he became a life member, re- ceiving a gold seal on his diploma. C.S.F., an important and worthwhile part of high school, made students aware of the need for study. Miss Sherrod was the sponsor of the club this year. "I do solemnly swear . . PERRY CUNNINCHAM President FIRST ROW, left to right: Kathy Harris, Pat Boli, Jim Thompson, Perry Cunningham, Jeanne Rudig, Lyn Brown, Jim Shearer, Ed Ursin, Kathy Fargo. SECOND ROW: Sharon Bonnet, Darena Bailey, Mary Hilkerbaumer, Georgianne Coffey, Barbara Fish, Susan Schrader, Julie Pardee, Carolyn Ferris, Dorothy McAdoo. THIRD ROW: Carol McMath, John Thielbahr, Lee Woodland, Dave Merrifield, Karen Norbery, Paul Boothe, John Burch, Jeanne Davies. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Hansen, Diane Darby, Joan Winston, Sunny Goodier, Jo Anne Anthony, Angela Bell, Ellen Standley, Grace Lusk, Judie Schemel. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lyn Brown, John Burch, Bill Popendorf, Bill Young, .l0e Cangi, Pat Pucci, Jeanne Davies, Perry Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Julie Pardee, Karen Parshall, Diane Darby, Alex- ander Sander, Claude Coss, Pat Boli, Linda Parshall, Judie Schemel, Ona Winterberger. THIRD ROW: Bill James, Lee Woodland, Dave Merrifield, Ken Mackey, Anthony Callis, Brian Doyle, Bill Rogers, Tony Knapp, Bob Burket, Jerry Torgesen. LEE WOODLAND, President BILL ROGERS, President FIRST ROW, left to right: Judie Schemel, Pat Boli, Judie Pardee. SECOND ROW: Lee Woodland, Bill James, Bill Rogers, Jerry Torgesen, Perry Cunningham. Math Club The Math Club was organized for the purpose of showing the relationship of mathematics to some of the various vocations. It also helped to create more in- terest and better understanding of mathematics in general. The purpose was accomplished by the use of movies, solving puzzles, and by having projects, field trips, and guest speakers from related fields. The club had a great deal of fun in plan- ning their carnival booth, their chief fund raising activity. The club, under sponsorship of Mr. Pardee and Mr. Saylar, had a terrific year. Honor Math Club The Honor Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, was formed for students who excelled in math. It was a new honorary club this year and its purpose was to de- velop sound scholarship and to give recognition to those stu- dents who were seriously inter- ested in mathematics. The sponsors for this new club at El Camino were Mr. Pardee and Mr. Saylar. Q Q l ,7- T514 il 1 vxllllll xl1IQlll'l'N, l'.un 1.l':lv. anll llt'llllll.l Nvlllxalll ll4'lllUIl4lI'illt' lll0ll0llIlQ -Ilillx llllllllil llll'0ll"llt'll1llIl'll'lit'lIlilll Modeling club F llic- purpose- of Ilia- Nlmlvling Club was to lllullvlillg in fashion slums was ilu' main ll un girls ill puisv. lnakv-up. llrc-ss. llUSlllI't'. plpjvvt of lliv vlulm. Guest Speakers gave' the- I XNHQX NMVUM k iltltilllillg. null llii- lwasivs ul' Illilillxllllgl'--'till girls lips on gioml s1I'00l11lIlQ.'f anll fashion 5,Lin,Sili'V.,,li Nllw aull ull. All girls who llilll llll' llersirl' Illtltlvlillg. lu ll ll'll llle- Illlbilvlillgl plwifvssiml ur Wt'Iit' just Mrs. lim-sv svlwwl as ilu' sponsor for thi sh-ll in Sl'lll-lI!lPI'UYl'IIll'lll iwrv inxill-ll vlulv. I4 lllt'll4l. l"liHN" ' I NNN ll-lt In Vlglllli flllllt' xt'l't'l4ll', Clalwnwla Lmla. l'at ll'1'IIlllllN'. Afllfll NIJIQIIIITS. lvilll l-lt'l'llW0lHl. livauna Nl'lllx1llll. xl1llll'1l'I1 Kc-lly. nllI'lhlI'1l lisa-y, Mrs. lil'l'sn'. SEQIOND ROW: Sugall l l..ll'l'vll, l'alll llUWllill,2. Susiv Caldwi-ll, .ln Annl' ill- I'wI'l'illlQ, ,lo .Mui Daily. Lynn AIIIVS, l3al'lull'a Jxlllflgllll. l'al fe-ulz. fiilflll lll'I'll, llllllfil' l:UIlSllIIlliIll'. 'l'I'llRIJ ROW: Mvg Nvv, liarliara AlllQ'l'l. Karl-u 'Nlil-ll.u-I, Xl.lliQl4' Ill- YQ-rtvr. Sal1llyMul'lnl1, llianl- Illisan, xl1'lLlllll' Ilarrisl Carol Imwis, Marx' Wait. Slllllll llulks. I3-XCR HOYV: Rilllilll Wllls, Hara lm- Massvy, BUlJlJlQ' Musto, Sul' lxllfiillllig. Ill-lly KllIlIll1'l, .Xlana lfuyall. xli1'lll'll' Blllll4'Illilll. Nlllltw' l"1'lllllllllSi'Il. Hvlly l,ill'lxilI'il. loana Grup- Nlllvllll. Slll' llillu N - ll! ll. ,..-4 7 ii 1f B I97 FIRST ROW, left to right: Melanie Louargand, Sally Johnson, Jeannie Spargo, Mary Grissom. SECOND ROW: Judi Martin, Kathy Farrell, Karen Ijarshall, Candi Stinghen, Barbara Hill, Betty De Gabriele. THIRD ROW: Dick Plesha, Don Spiech, FOURTH ROW: Dana Hil- kerbaumer. Barbara Lillard, Eileen Nutt.al. Joan Dougery, Linda Gud- mundson, Cece Tomblin, Judy Mosllofsky. Honor Pep Club Rall Committee SALLY JOHNSON Chairman The Honor Pep Club promoted enthusiasm and spirit for the athletic teams. This club was represented at all games and was based on a point system. For each game and rally in which a member participated she received points. These points helped evaluate members to see whether they qualified for next year,s Honor Pep. Honor Pep was an honorary organization and served its school well. Miss Haley. Mrs. Cochran and Mrs. Raron sponsored this club. The Rally Committee's main purpose was to pro- mote enthusiasm and spirit for the athletic teams. They were in charge of planning all rallies and other pep- r a i s i Il g activities. They wore their outfits on game days and to all games, in order to be easily recog- nized. They were also re- sponsible fo r organizing the rooting section. The members were se- lected by a student-faculty committee for their pep, spirit, participation in ac- tivities, scholarship, and citizenship. Their sponsors this year were Miss Haley. Mrs. Cochran, and Mrs. Baron. y If Q I ' 1 r w, Y - -X 5 W. - . Fi, , V . Ah P I ,Y . M - 1 , , 6 V ,W Q I I J A F- X ,f 'ii' F I if ' I 't l -I Y., . Z A , 'T 'Y f I a., J - W t . I ', ' f' 'kt gg ' -at t ' J 1, so i f ite by f x e, .. f T ' ,V , V . 5 X 3 V V A . fig. ., ZF , V ' ' I I -A GAYLE VINE - f I 5 est , " President ' f J . . 1.1 L aa 'Q . A .s .1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Joanne Anthony, Georgianne Coffey, Anne Hamts, Linda Alcorn, Gayle Vine, Jackie Ellis, Hazel Browning, Suzanne Stoltz, Carole Walker, Dianne Stoltz. SECOND ROW: Chris Hoover, Joan Winston, Wendy Wilson, Suzan Charles, Nancy Naves, Gail Greenwood, Anne Levering, Marilyn Johnson, Carole Carney, Julie Pardee. THIRD ROW: Carole Comeau, Karen Vonderheide, Diane An- drews, Judy Tawse, Jo Anne de Freitas, Nancy Elkington, Susan Baggarly, Jo Ann Bentley, Linda Guidici, Pat Cooper. FOURTH ROW: Da.rina Baily, Marcia Brooks, Judy Schmidt, Katie Sanders, Betty Kimmel, Ellie Jordan, Pat Lane, Pat Pucci, Diane Drischler. FIFTH ROW: Christie Dunbar, Pat Ferris, Mary Lou Melick, Sue Woodworth, Donna Franklin, Judy Jordan, Pat Young, Kathy Harris, Karen Laeber. I98 Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll, international honorary society for high school journalists, was organized to en- courage and reward individual achievement in journalism and al- lied fields. The society had been active in raising standards and di- recting the course of high school journalism. The Purposes of Quill and Scroll were to instill the ideals of scholar- ship: to advance the standards of the journalism profession: and to promote clearer thinking and writ- mg. Members must have been juniors or seniors in the upper third of their class and have done superior work in some phase of joumalism. Mr. Studley was the sponsor. ational Tlwspians The National Thespiaus was an honorary society composed of those who had earned enough points to be admitted to membership. The points were gained by being a mem- ber of a cast in one of El Camino's productions or helping out in some other way while a member of Shakespeare's Crew, another drama organization of El Camino. The members had a great deal of fun and learned new techniques and styles during the year. The sponsor of this club, to which it was an honor to belong, was Mr. Teel. -gf-"'f' HOOD: .loan Livezey, Pam Sparrow. FRONT SEAT: Pat Boli, driving, Marilyn Johnson, Charlotte Hansen. BACK SEAT: Jeanne Davies, Dana Hilkerbaumer, Pat Young TRUNK: Vera Hitoon, Paula Clark, Judy Jordan. STAND- ING BEHIND: Dick Draper. VERA HITOON, President MERWIN STAPP, President HOOD: Linda Fortier, Nancy Norman. FRONT SEAT: Merwin Stapp, driving, Sharon Bonnet, Priscilla Pitzer. BACK SEAT: Graham Pemberton, Joan Scally, Marie Beg- ley. TRUNK: Berry Stapp, Peggy Peterson, Sue Downing, Diane Drischler, Joan Beam, Janet Murray. STANDING BEHIND: Wayne Vroman, Jon Hill. f -f . .r lf' 5:1 Michele Hardin of France Paul Stefani of Italy h-S zoo .I ,.r From the heart of Dijon, France, came pretty Michele Bardin. She brought with her spirit, en- thusiasm, and a warm smile for all. Michele found friendliness and understanding wherever she went. She was very surprised by the student body organiza- tion and school activities, so different from her former school life. When asked her "favorites," she replied that the American way of life was It! Micheleis impression of the American people is best expressed in her own words: "When you meet the people, when you learn to know them, you cannot hate them or despise them. For every man has some- thing interesting in him and young people are basically the same all over the world. This sentence could ex- press my thought: 'Adolescence is not an age, it is a climate of the earthf Yes, everywhere it is the same climatef' From Venice, Italy, Paul Stefani shared the posi- tion of exchange student. Paul found our schools quite different from those in Italy. He felt there was much more social life here and the teachers were more friendly. Paul will attend one more year of high school when he returns to Italy where he plans to become a physicist. El Camino was very proud to have had this hand- some exchange student on its "A" Cross Country team. Paul did an excellent job. Among his favorites, Paul enjoys skiing, sailing, Italian lasagna and girls. Paul and Michele will be long remembered and we wish them the very best of luck for a successful future. American Field ervice The American Field Service is an organiza- al tion devoted to helping promote world-wide fellowship. This is shown by the A.F.S. slogan: Walk together. talk together, O' ye people of the earth. Then and only then shall ye have peace. A.F.S. worked with the Key Club in spon- soring a foreign exchange student. Once again A.F.S. cookbooks were sold to the student hody as a means of raising money. This money was used to help send a student abroad. Everyone was very proud of our foreign exchange students and our A.F.S. This is a portrait of Paula Clark's Danish l'family" taken this past summer during her stay in Denmark, as El Camino High Schoo1's own A.F.S. exchange student. PAULA CLARK President FRONT ROW, left to right: Kathy Harris, Linda Alcorn, Pat Pucci, Michele Bardin, Paul Stefani, Paula Clark, Sally Johnson. SECOND ROW: Pat Dunn, Diane Darby, Sunny Coodier, Vera Hitoon, Ann Hendricks, Marji Johnson, Sue Downing. BACK ROW: Charlotte Hansen, Eileene Nuttal, Wanda Ward, Lettie Cook, Pieter Van Every, Daryl Spelbring, Sondra Peterson, Katie Sanders. 'NSI GCC Sports Play up! play up! and play the game. -Sir Henry Newbolt Section Editors: Ted Broedlow, Tom LeClaire 4 'ff fa. 'f-', ,uf U , W i . 4 , W ., s 'Nl' f i f 'K 4, ' xif' ' "" .4 ta- .Q-unpcullf nun.. H M ' W ,: L -H' wg-v .-.............--- .....nv""""""' , , Ong Leaders The enthusiasm of this year's songleaders will long be remem at El Camino. bered fx CAROLE AHLQUIST head I .. '5 M J DOROTHY JACKSON SHERRY PHILLIPS fl SHARON SAVAGE Our so ngleaders added spirit to the games and ralli OS. ANN DAVIES 'IRE 3 Varsity Yell Leaders DICK STIEHL head 1 'Ia 1. JILL WILSON M gee". W Lk YV: i A KK ki BARBARA FISII 206 A-Jag. I 1 "' "'-+....,..g 1 Q.. , -1-.QQ i - rad 1 , . ,- Q-ff-----fag "" L-J me N 1. ...........l'.,,.J .........J I, I . ,ij - fe iwvjwf' f A peppy combination sparked rooting section this year. r 1 'C' Precise yell leading created spirit among rooters and team members. funior Varsity Yell Leaders NIKKE VAN DERHEYDT head LYNNAE RICHTER BOBBIE DOUGERY LEROY GEORGES "B" Basketball Freshman Football lib' ! Ross FURNEAUX Tennis 208 Coaches A FRED KRONSBEIN Varsity Basketball DON ROBARDS Director of Athletics Head Football Coach GEORGE SOUZA Assistant Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Freshman Basketball LANE ERNST Chairman of the P.E. De artment Assistant Track Coach P Sophomore Football GALE PHILLIPS Assistant Sophomore Football .l .V. Baseball HAROLD ATHON J.V. Football Varsity and J.V. Wrestling RICHARD OLIVER "A" and "B" Reserve Basketball V si: ,K RICHARD ROWE Cross Country Head Track Coach Varsity Football Once again the Varsity Football Team of El Camino High School furthered the three main principles on which the school's athletics are based: desire, spirit, and good sportsmanship. Although they were one of the smallest teams in the Metro- politan League they made up for size through their hard hitting line and their fast, deceptive backfield. One of the biggest upsets of the season was when the Eagles defeated the highly favored Sacramento Dragons by a score of 12-6. This was one of the highlights of the year and from there the Eagles went on to beat their arch rivals, La Sierra 25-0, to win the Homecoming game against Grant 12-7 and to defeat Norte Del Rio 14-12 to wind up a successful season. 33 19 0 25 6 19 38 El Camino., . 7 Stagg El Camino , , , 6 San Juan El Camino H25 La Sierra ,ss,t,v. El Camino. . 14 Hiram Johnson El Camino., ,,,,, 12 Sacramento El Camino. e.,.. , , 12 C. K. McClatchy El Camino... ,t.,. 7 Woodland .,.,. El Camino ,,,t,,,t,, .12 Grant . ,,,,,,,,, El Camino e,c.st,,e,,t 14 Norte Del Rio rtst El Camino ,,,,,,,,,, .12 Highlands ,,,,,,,,,, Mighty Eagles prepare. Those victory smiles. A tense moment. 7 12 13 9 .ul FRONT ROW, left to right: Rudy Bays. Tim McGrath, ,lim Kimmel, Frank Shepard, Dennis Harvey, Gary Long, Larry Annigoni, Cary Leopold. Bob Montgome1'Y, John Ceorgakakos, Walter Gantke, .lc-ny Brown, Manager. SECOND ROW, left to right: John Sessarcgo, Man- agerg Loyd Long, Gary Reynolds, Steve Lentz, Glenn Pruitt. Cary Hoyenga, Wayne Wall, Larry Brooks, John Chase, Tom Van Dyke, Mike Walker, Bob Ellis, Susumu Fujiwara, Cary Kagel. John Sarro, Coach Don Robards, Russ Hanson, Manager. THIRD ROW. loft to t .- - 1 Steve Lentz making a tackle. . Football often requires the use of one's head. I' P5 .. ... right: Coach George Souza. Jack Sackrider, Bi.ll Esty, Rollin Brecken- ridge, Dick Dodelin, Ernie Peters. Doug Mason, Jim Ashcraft, Gary Sllllp0, Jerry Price, Bill Smith, Bob Wheatley, Mike Harms, Larry Gordon, Mike House, Bob Hutchings, Coach Hal Athens. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Doug Stark, Gary Crouch, Blaine Kammerer, Rufus Kline, Frank Buress, Dan McGrew, Allen Roberts, Brent Crockett, John Lundbald, Bill Brasher, Warren Hart, ,lim Wilson, Gary Mann, Tom Pettigrew. l The big chase. All-City Harms on the run 2lI "' . . 1, Q ' ',... 2, -1"". nw.. -M' QT 5' , '.., 'A -HIL. W' fl? '-.ll 4 , . W ,,. ..,I' .. .-,,,q . 'ff v . U 14-353' ' 3, f .-,,,u'sY-J'.'- 'wwif' f'5'-QA -5 .-,,,,.'., . P---fn f 1044- '.. ff' ,fr yin I 'I f ,VL Alt?-A 73' 1 E 'J 5 Q r Z"V-'N.-- I is-L ..2n.'1'-,.JAalLlA!'v0F'LW 33 gf , I 4, Mk.. M ' i y 135 J I 'QM J? 124 I7 ff '5 N ,V ga 1 ' ' , :Q V 'ze """'f2-f .m..x.,, 'R OM. - W. ' Nmiifgy. 5, QW.. M .,,, a ...-..nol'-"' K my 5 x KW, 5 A '5 ' MF . liiqv 4 A f .qi X Vi .,jg..,:i 'fer H.. W 1 .K 1 . , . . yi. , W as X '74 3" A . Q-1' V W ,V K, " 1 :asf i Ls 5-Qtlulw 11,67 ' A J' 'I 1 1 ENN MIKE HARMS Fullback 5'8", 168 lb., Sr. All-City All-League WARREN HART Halfback 5'11", 152 lb., Sr. Honorable Mention All-League LARRY BROOKS Quarterback 5'11", 164 lb., Sr. SUSUMA FUJIWARA Halfback 5'6", 147 lb., Sr. JIM KIMMEL End 5'11", 174 lb., Sr. ,411-city All-League WAYNE WALL Guard 5'10", 168 lb., Sr. BOB ELLIS Halfback 5'9", 152 lb., Sr. GARY LONG Center 5'10", 158 lb., Sr. FRANK SHEPARD Tackle 5'11", 160 lb., Sr. All-City All-League TOM VAN DYKE Guard 5'10", 161 lb., Sr. DENNIS HARVEY Guard 5'10", 171 lb., Sr. JOHN CHASE Center 6'0", 167 lb., Sr. Honorable Mention All-League LARRY ANNIGONI GARY LEOPOLD Guard Tackle 5'9", 152 lb., Sr. 6'0", 175 lb., Sr. Honorable Mention All-League .,- fu L- , fix 3? Y 1J LARRY BROOKS BOB ELLIS MIKE HARMS d, FRANK SHEPARD ,... T ' 'Q s I ' WAYNE WALL DENNIS HARVEY 1: f A X 11 A A GARY LONG JOHN CHASE LARRY ANNIGONI ZI4 1 JIM KIMMEL Qi W " J I WARREN HART lx- Q, X I TOM VAN DYKE SUSUMA FUJIWARA GARY LEOPOLD ALLEN ROBERTS MIKE WALKER JIM ASHCRAFT DOUG STARK DICK DODELIN BOB MONTGOMERY A + . . 'K' I ' . GARY HOYENGA DOUG MASON GLENN PRUITT DAN McGREW 4 u f BOB WHEATLEY GARY SHUPE GARY KACEL STEVE LENTZ ALLEN ROBERTS BILL BRASHER ROBIN BRECKENRIDGE DICK DODELIN BOB WHEATLEY End Halfback Tackle 5' 11", 175 lb., Sr. GARY KAGEL End 6' 0, 170 lb. Jr. GARY SHUPE Quarterback 5' 11, 155 lb., Jr. GARY HOYENGA Tackle 6' O", 176 lb., Sr. DOUG STARK Guard 5' 11", 175 lb., Jr. DAN McGREW End 6' 2", 1601b., Jr. 5' 10", 170 lb., Jr. MIKE WALKER Tackle 6' 1", 184 lb. Jr. STEVE LENTZ Halfback 5' 7", 145 lb. Jr. BILL BRASHER Fullback 5' 11, 1741h., Jr. DOUG MASON Center 5' 11", 180 lb., Jr. 5' 10", 154 lb. Jr. BOB MONTGOMERY End 5' 11", 175 lb., Jr. .JIM ASHCRAFT Quarterback 5' 9", 148 Ib., Jr. ROBIN BRECKENRIDGE Guard 5' 7", 142 Ib., Jr. GLENN PRUITT Halfhack 5' 10", 158 lb., Sr. 7IR FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Walsh, Lance Thompson, Larry Evens, Robbie Olson, Ron Huggins, Skip Kelly, John Sabo, Keith Fife, K+-n Miller, Ron Harvey, Gary Heffelfinger, Doug Nelson, Barry McFadden. SECOND ROW: Tom Hasbrouk, Ed Varvello, Paul Wer- blnw, Dick Thomas, Gary Gordon, Harold Christianson, Ken Green, John Ahlquist, Dick Dern, Dick Brown, Tom Fischer, Elmer Ping, Steve Mason, Jerry Scelzi. THIRD ROW: Coach Lane Ernst, Doug Morgan, Vic Guidera, Bob Belsey, Frank Bennett, Terry Gantt-nbein, Dick Lea, Henery Fredricks, Kay Koepke, Bob Hoffman, Jim Parshall, Chuck Schoeller, Bob Furgeson, Frank Figearo, Coat-li Gale Phillips. Sophomore Football The sophomores of El Camino will never forget the football season of 1959. Their class with the help of two fine coaches molded together a championship squad. The sophomores were undefeated in all their league games. The team had a combination of a big hard-hitting line with a fast backfield. This team not only proved invaluable this year but will add to the potentiality of a fine varsity team next year. This looks bad. Curdera and Harvey on their way to help. ' 4u Wweixxwls, junior Varsit Football This year's Junior Varsity football team, although not undefeated, displayed the desire and ability to play good aggressive football essential to the game. The Junior Varsity is a training ground for the Varsity and this year's J.V. team will add greatly to the Varsity potential next year. El El El El El Camino Camino, 7 Camino, Camino t,,,tt ,,,t,,tt Camino ,,,,, , ,,,,, W Hiram Johnson Sacramento ,O , Woodland .,tt, San Juan Highlands ,,,v. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Coredro, Gary Reynolds, Robin Breckenridge, Brent Crockett, Bill Esty, Emie Peters, Pat Craven SECOND ROW: John Sarro, Dean Heffelfinger, Paul Wallace, Loyd Long, Mike House, Jerry Price, Jim Ashcraft, Susumu Fujiwara Walter Cantke. THIRD ROW: Don Hammitt, Cary Mann, Blaine Krammerer, Gene Harris, John Lundblad, Frank Burress, Dan Mc Crew, Tom Pettigrew, Coach Hal Athens. 'II7 9.5 FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Wood, Dan Cole, Dan Hays, Gary Seniff, Bruce Busch, Joe Otis, Kurt Stillman, Gary Crosley Mike Cusson. SECOND ROW, left to right: ,lim Corkrum, .lim Collins, Bob Lesher, Ned Eldrich, Melvin Peters, Bob Brooks, Steve Pedro Tom Young, Marc Louargand, John Shepard, Rich Witlock, Rusty Ertle. THIRD ROW, left to right: Rich Williams, Pat Gardner, Bob Showers, .lim Mallrow, Steve Schoemaker, Scott Walker, Gary Sareeram Eric deGooyer, .lerry Lundblad, Dale McGrew, Rick Wohle, John Countryman, Dick Kassis, Coach Leroy Georges. Freshman Team, Four years ago Mr. Georges produced an undefeated Freshman football team. This sea- son we had a repeat performance. Mr. Georges and his frosh team went undefeated. El Camino certainly can be proud of the way these underclassmen showed their desire to win by defeating six rival schools. Their ,. i - potentiality should prove beneficial to next year's Sophomore team. El El El El El El 7I9 Camino Camino Camino Camino Camlno .... -. ,.... .. Camino Encina ..... 6 San Juan .... ..... 7 Sacramento 0 Woodland ............ 6 La Sierra .,.......... 0 Roseville ...,........ 13 Hand-off to McGrew while line holds them back un wwww- TIM PATTERSON A Team PAUL STEFANI A Team IIASKE'l'lIAI.I. SCORES lil. IIANIINO EI. CAMINO EI. IIAMINO EI. CAMINO "ICI, CAMINO 'EL CAMINO 'EL CAMINO Varsity Basketball - "ChampsM 32 ROSEVILLE , 15 SAI SAN .IUAN , 4-9 55 PLACER , 60 48 I,A SIERRA , , 46 47 SACIRAINIENTO , 48 52 GRANT , , ,,7,, 40 33 NORTE DEI, RIO 31 EI. ci.-UMNO :is I,A SIERRA L 40 EL CAMINO.. 65 GRANT . 63 EL CAMINO 54 NORTE L L 48 x1E'1'1zOPOL1'rAN1.E4r:UEc:AMEs EL CAMINO 53 JOHNSON 48 , , , , , EL CAMINO, 61 SACRAMENTO L 58 EL f:A5"N2 iff IQRANI 41 EL CAMINOL ,44 MQCLATCHY L 57 l:L f:W'Nf 50 WRU' e- e EEEEE 29 EL CAMINO oo WOODLAND L L 46 IEV QAWNU '18 H- JOHNWN e- 45 EL CAMINO ,SI I-IIGHLANDS 45 Iul. LAMINO si mc.RAMENTO so EL c:,u11NO as MQOLATCHY . 33 ff denotes the ME'rROPOI,1'rAN LEAGUI' EI. IIANIINO 58 WOODLAND , , , 44 TOURNAMENT which was held in the Sac El. CAMINO 62 lIIOllI.ANDS ,, 5I ramento High Svlmul I'z1viliOn. FRED KRONSBEIN Coach of the Year. This yt-urls Varsity 'lieam was ratecl as the uIJ3I'kl'lOI'S6., before the Season got under way. however it emerged from the Metropolitan League in first place. Because of the splenrlicl playing clemonstratecl in the clutch, the team was invited to the Acker Tournament he-lcl in Rerlcling. California. There the Eagles playecl well enough to gain secoml place in the tournament. lleraft llrives. Merrifield slips urouml Lilllv. I M... g Iwo mmm pomtx Klggl gpg Ont m 1 n one N In Kmmcllt ulmuuncl -an 1 -1' S GREG REED RON McKENZIE BILL SMITH 201 SIHIIS thi' lwllf Patterson after u rebound 'N Pt' 99 Basketball - Metropolztan - League Co- Champs - GAME SCORES Camino 38 Roseville , Camino Wocmdland Camino San Juan ,, . . Camino Highlands Camino 50 Placer Camino Grant , Camino 1147 La Sierra Camino Norte Camino 33 La Sierra , Camino Johnson Camino 66 Grant H ,. . Camino Sacramento Camino A16 Norte , H , Camino McClatchy Camino 37 Johnson , , , , Camino Woodland . Camino N15 Sacramento Camino Highlands , Camino -'12 McClatchy , 1 l This year, the HBH Team showed they had the stuff to produce a championship team. This was due in part to the tremendous competition among the players, and the outstanding team effort and sportsmanship exhibited by all. The "Triangle," the type of offense used by the team. proved almost unbeatable in league play. The team lost 3 crucial games by 1 point, twice to Sacramento and the final game to Highlands. Thus it can be seen by the record. that this year's H1357 Team was one of the best basketball teams El Camino has ever produced. Next year's Varsity Team should be a constant threat to all of its opponents. l hnson and T'll'tlI'llll'dQ,l'1i out. Olson, Kelly, and Tliiclhahr. lo lying f I Ill l ill gm J' .LJ 1' ..ig5'. it X K 4 1' 1 , .YQ 'ffl 'R Y . af 4 9 N9 A Q' 5 . F . 0' if , " me A' na 3 s 3 , , ww .i ff Q ,S 7. x , . . fig f im , . ,, ,af IA- ljil'kl'IlSllIl, Johnson, Torgeson, MvCrcw rc-bound. I 11 w sw 111 In N NYIIHQ' Pm-tvrs lap mn- in. Thivllmhr I'f'llUllIldF. Thielhallr llustling while Kvlly of fcrs moral support. Frontz, McCre-w, und Olson after ball. KCHY SNS f0lJ0l1Hd- "' 'Q Reserve Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Crow, Bob Brooks, Melvin Peters, Jim Beam, Scott Walker. SECOND ROW: Cmwli Ricllurd W. Oliver, Bob Butler, Cary Surccram, Randy Larson und Dick Butler. 551 "A M Reserve Team l"IR5'l' ROW. lvl! lo right: Walter Sll0CIl1L1lil'I', .lim Norson, Dick Kassis, Mike Busch, Coach Richard W. Oliver. SECOND ROXV: Waller Canlkc, Ed Varvcllo, Rich Taylor, Bruce Coburn, Mike Lynch. Freshman Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Steve Gibson, Glenn Rancy, Dick Lougy, Cary Ducrncr, Cary Malchow, Gary Senncff, Roh Moulds. SECOND ROW: Mike Cussen, Roger McCarty, Rich Wohle, Cary lNIz1tthcws, Richard Whitlock, John 8 lhlUl'l0ll, Bob SCllfll1f?1', Don Parvin, Phil Moncricf, CoachGeorgcSouza,Buzz Young. FIRST ROW, left to right: David Post, Dennis Fannucchi, Doug McClain, Ken Shepard, Sam Ware, ,lerry Torgeson Frank Buress, Jerry Scelzi, Gary Scott. SECOND ROW, left to right: Dan Wilton, Dennis Gilbert, Bill Rivet, Dennis Jones, Wilson Farrell, Perry Cun ninglizun, Cary Gordon, Loyd Long, Kietli Dyson. Varsity Wrestling Although this is the second year El Camino has had a wrestling team. they had a very successful season. The team captured first place in the Northern California lndependent Novice Tournament and had a season duel meet record of 5 wins and 3 losses. El Camino's wrestling team wound up the season taking fifth place in the Northern California Independent Championship Tournament and receiving three medals. The medal winners were: first place ,lohn Alquisht U35 lb. divisionl and Frank Buress 1168 lb. divisionl. Jerry Torgeson received a second place medal in the 1-148 lb. division. Keith Fife and his opponent. EL CAMINO ROSEVILLE EL CAMINO WOODLAND EL CAMINO LA SIERRA EL CAMINO ENCINA EL CAMINO ROSEVILLE EL CAMINO LA SIERRA EL CAMINO HIGHLANDS EL CAMINO SAN JUAN 7. My L:,. A , Wilson Farrell and Kc-n Shepard Keith Dyson and ,lc-rry Scclzi W w, -1 -.. A N- 1. V A --N A - .,,- ' ' Richard Draffin und John Ahlquist Jerry Torgeson und Gary Gurdon Dennis Jones und Hill Rivet Frank Burcss and Loyd Long "" 9' Track FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Ellis, Bob Frontz, Warren Hart, .lorry Price, Greg Boeger, Rocky Wentzel, Wayne Wall, Glenn Pruitt. SECOND ROW: Kay Koepke, Paul Leuenberger, Larry Annigoni, Tom Hasbrouck, Fred Strand, Larry Gordon, Frank Buress. THIRD ROW: Harold Christiansen, Barry McFadden, Bob Hoffman. ""f-s., HURDLERS Left to right: .Icrry Price, Glenn Pruitt, Rocky Wentzel, Kay Koepkc. Q' r . Mi x , 'Q A ff 5 n 4' N 'St 9 I Q 4, t , I 1 , K .1 X. i K 1 r 5, 'E ' ,M , y ,, . W ' S ' 6 , K' 1 3 ' ' , . t fc. I 7 nj , I . I W T A A I. 4, ,, 4 E I D A 4 A. 4 ' -a.,.r.:.' P -N 'ta DISTANCE MEN Left to right: Bob Frontz, Frank Buress, Paul Leuenbergcr, Larry 232 Gordon, Tom Hasbrouck. SPRINTERS Left to right: Bob Ellis, Bob Lesher, Greg Boeger, Rocky Wentzel, Warren Hart, Wayne Wall, Glenn Pruitt POLE VAULTER Jerry Erb HIGH JUMP Kay Koepke 1 WUJ 'Sm 'o H 'TJ G' if CJ O 'J' m Q 2 a SD wr: UU D2 H P1 '4 Z O "fi 91 D.. D.. FD 5' : D "1 2. Q- FJ 5' H E. E. F flfif ,S Y 3' G P in-W Qi' BROAD JUMP Jerry Price Track l'lRS'1 ROW left to right Dcnny Reed Bob Lceher Frank Roge-rs Bob Blue, Cary Nosler, Larry MacKenzie. SECOND ROW lhll Mooney Sklp Kelly Ed Varvello Kelth Flfe Dlck Llttle Doug Essary THIRD ROW: Paul Rohrer, .lim Shearer Jerry Head HIGH HURDLERS Ed Varvello Tom Schwartz, Keith Fife. . . V iw. V.. 5 HIGH JUMP: Jerry Head. "CM Track Team i FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry Lundblad, Don Wentz, Vic Guidern, George Cooley, .lim Beam, Tom Knoble. SECOND ROW: Roh Jruncs, Tyke McConnell, Tim Fish, Rich Waters, Steve Allan, Barry Pearson. THIRD ROW: Jim Murden, Glenn Raney, Roy Vogel, llerry Carter. E z E 4 I 4 f lr I Y' l S N , . w - 1- of 3 T . 5 :- i xg fi T' -" a X' v- 'I " p . 'T " Q -, W Jjfpg'-,i lf" F' A 1 - M :Z .. gf'-qui' Q g M . , V. I V M. 0-"""W ,. ,wAm.W,,....,..- ffm' " .. ,,-- f A it A -'Q y 1.1-v f K or.. Nb -f , ,. Nw A T I 51266 "inf I Q A Awww V f N W f X ' 14'ef-,Q-'M' -' qv ,f' ' .,- Mafia' 'S -f : , -bfi To--r ii' ' ,aw ff' " A3451 tw i , ' CE -'f A ' + . vw- Q J 4. 4 V i:f"'-'Ce - RMB? George Cooley on the high jump. ,lim Beam demonstrates thc pole vault. 235 i Nl we FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Ed Pegram, Robby Olson, Bob Moulton, Alfred Holland, Ken Cordero, Richard Draffin, Jerry Nlnrkcl, Fred Miller. SECOND ROW: left to right: Cary Gordon, Paul Stefani, ,Iohu Hamilton. Ted Broccllow. Marc' Dully, Bud Applegate. Pieter Van Every. Mike Mullin. Larry Anderson, Elms-r Ping Mgr. Varsit Swimming DIVERS Dennis Gilbert, Chuck Leslie, and Joe Trahan. This year's Varsity swimming team followed in the footsteps of the El Camino Metropolitan League champions of last year. Under the direction of Coach Ed Pegram the team again proved to be the finest in the league. Mike Mullin, Mark Dully, Robby Olson, Richard Draffin, and John Hamilton. ff -A..- ..--, -'-- -Y- 236 Ill! 3-- J. , at 'Yi 5 k j- -sf , . 4 i "' FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Ed Pegram, Dennis Gilben, Dave Moulton, Steve Wetmore, Marc Louargand, Perry Cunningham, Fred Warner. SECOND ROW, left to right: Tom Stone, Bill Willetts, David Wilkerson, Bill Grow, John Knoke, Elmer Ping Mgr. The "B" team is extremely important in forming the nucleus of the Varsity team of the following year. Valuable experience is gained through partici- pation. This year's team had the task of living up to the reputation gained by El Camino's '59 "B's" in the Metropolitan League. Mike Mullin, Cary Cordon, and Rich Draffin. X w,.., ,f J, if 'pr ,, K' 1 i fl ,,,.T K X . s-,, at tslg e l K' K' 9 9 Swimming Chuck Leslie, Diver 3. . 'R ol- N M uv da., Q, 511 ,xx Q-: .X . if Tennis Team . w X l 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Le Claire, James Viebrock, Daryl Spellbring, Bill Busacca, David Post, Dennis Fanucchi. SECOND ROW: John Ghramm, Jim Barnett, Randy Larson, Tim Patterson, Stan Marquis, Ed Ursin, Coach Ross Furneaux. The tennis team of El Camino High School is progressively gaining wide acclaim. Under the guidance of Mr. Ross Furneaux the team improved throughout the season. Natural skills and superb coaching helped the team achieve its standing. 238 :QW :fig gvvfkf .e Q-' " 1 Q, .Y W WMVH .'. 5' V fag BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Joe Gordon, Lonnie Sole, Steve Lentz, Ken Johnson, Gary Long, John Chase, Bill Brasher, Susumu Fuji- wara. TOP ROW, left to right: Coach George Souza, Don Speich, John Zeebuyth, Bob Chapman, Paul Parks, Jerry Folena, Ron Knect, Richard Smith, Cliff O'Brien, Jim Kimmel, Coach Allan Antinetti. Varsity Baseball Headed by a superior pitching staff and an outstanding defensive infield the Varsity Team played both quality and enthusiastic baseball. The positions were played by the following: Don Spiech and Doug Mason, catchers, Bill Brasher, Ronald Smith, John Zeebyuth, Jerry Folena and Bob Chapman, pitchers, Cary Long and Gene Har- ris, first base, John Chase and Ron Knecht, second base, Jim Kimmel, shortstopg Susumu Fujiwara and Paul Parker, third baseg Ken Johnson and Steve Lentz, out- fielders. HEAD COACH GEORGE SOUZA ASST. COACH ALLAN ANTINETTI '1 IE-L'3Q.,2a fx ,S IW! 1 7 R' 'au- K -H-fr N. I' ,E .W s"""""--1 q "Wr- s Q A f Q, il, 3 I '5-. , V ' 'M Qs f K .L X. Q . N."'Qr- A W' 1 4 'B-wg, M vi .L I S Q A Y -.,. .am maaheli X, my 5' 3 :if 'KT 1-1 L . 'Rv en. 2. W. 4993 Jil. A W 'Fw ff w. QP 1 ww +'F"1Qr 5 til- .. fb 1. 41. N, l 'QQEA 3 aka 'Q 12 f"'-' 4. M51 Y'4l".l FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Thomas, Bob Belsey, Gene Edwards, Dennis Braden, Brent Crockett, Mike Busch .lim Aslicraft Sandy Lund. SECOND ROW, left to right: Jim Parker, Don Bush, Cary Shupe, Bill Estey, Ron Huggins, Mike Lasich, Don Hammitt Doug Welch THIRD ROW, left to right: Tim Campbell, Dick Lea, Bill Slagle, John Saho, Blaine Kammerer. Junior Varsity Baseball This year the Junior Varsity Baseball Team has proved its ability and fine sportsmanship. The boys have all worked together for the common goal of achieving an outstanding team record. The Junior Varsity Team was again coached by Lane Ernst, who played a great part in keeping up the team's desire to win and play fairly. Nice Pitch? ? ? You'reee Out! ! I . - ...fn I 'ln- FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Claussens, Mike Moore, Jeff Speich, Dick Lougy, Gary Voet, Wayne Stokes, Gary Senneff, John McClain. SECOND ROW: Don Parvin, Rich Williams, Bob Brooks, Bob Schauer, Melvin Peters, Steve Pedro, Cary Durner, Mike Wagenhals, Jerry Silker. THIRD ROW: Ned Eldredge, Tom Young, Rick Wohle, Eric De Gooyer, Dale McGrew, Cary Sareeram, Rusty Ertle, John Countryman, Coach Jim Trainer. Freshman Baseball The Freshman Team has shown potential and a fine spirit throughout their first year in high school baseball. Determination and hustle were demonstrated in all their games. Under the guidance of the new coach, Jim Train- er, these boys exhibited a lot of promise. 741 QQ4 1 ,1 f -if gf A fy! vj LU ,jkf Mff ff! x. 1 ,J of V A 44' df!!! JP LJ VW LJ PJ MV W My V ff V , ' if - ,Ve F I ' f, , Nj fb, X LVA ff IV! f' Ljlf! ' lj if , 3 DLA 1 lj 679' W! XA WL ,Q ,f-V Q Mfw A HQ My! XJ f b MjA fbjx QWX Qlf!Mk57 J YV JP7a!QLb ,JVWX Advertising I x lt You mn tell the ideals of a nmtion by i z nt 111 Iver iseme s. -George Norman D I sl Hr Mjjh- 8 9 x A "-,-K, .v 3' Nxv ll. X 37 CARMICHAEL ARDEN CARMICHAEL NURSERY 3632 Fair Oaks Blvd. Wanhoe 9-4036 5 -y...,' Av , 4, 1 MacBRIDE REALTY CO. 2729 Fair Oaks Blvd. Wanhoe 9-7666 BOB'S FAIRLANE REALTY RADIATOR AND PAINT SHOP 25l0 Fail' Oaks Blvd. 3l2I Fair Oaks Blvd. lV6l'll'l0e 7-8637 IVanl1oe 9-I032 ff 9 THE COUNTRYMAN DEPARTMENT STORE 290I Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanhoe 9-8395 CARMICHAEL HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. Corner of Fair Oaks and Marconi lVanl1oe 7-7879 CARMICHAEL INSURANCE SERVICE 3945 Manzanifa Avenue lVanhoe 7-7763 THE CARMICHAEL COURlER 3045 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 9-2337 A. J. ARGANTE, Realfor 3744 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanl1oe 3-4626 BRATTON'S FROSTIE 2832 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanl1oe 9-l49O CARMICHAEL BARBER SHOP 29I7 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 9-2l73 CARMICHAEL FLOOR COVERING 28l7 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanl1oe 7-9l74 l1IA lam-A FlSI'IER'S DOUGLAS SERVICE GREEN ACRES 2700 Fair Oaks Blvd. MINIATURE GOLF COURSE IVBFIIWOG 7-58l9 39II Fair Oaks Blvd. CARMICHAEL LAUNDROMAT 574I V2 Marconi Avenue IVanl1oe 3-2368 IVanhoe 7-4282 CHAMPION GARRETT'S NURSERY 3330 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanl1oe 7-6700 . ' I LAND INVESTMENT CO., INC. 7020 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanhoe 3-4968 'fi' if 'Ph THE DAIRY BAR 5809 Marconi Avenue IVanI1oe 7-I08I 5809 Marconi Avenue IVanI1oe 9-068I 1m.1 COLONY CLEANERS FLETCI'IER'S PHARMACY Fair Oaks a+ Marconi IVanhoe 9-222I I I I 4.4 VI'S VITAL FOODS 2379 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 9-0852 P. S. DYER COMPANY, REALTOR 5I I2 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 7-86I3 HACIENDA HOMES 3340 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 3-5I79 HUSSEY'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 3I29 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 3-0I70 VALLEY OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY 3927 Wayside Lane IVanhoe 7-0205 W. F. FARISS 594l Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanl1oe 7-5362 CARMICHAEL DRUG AND HARDWARE 2945 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 9-3724 w Zli Al.l' I HILL'S PHARMACY 6I2I Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 3-4926 KINZEL'S GLASS SHOP 3800 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 9-87II or IVanI1oe 9-7806 PETE'S PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC 3944 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 7-6675 R. J. SEITHER-DESIGNER 3232 Fair Oaks Blvd. Ivanhoe 9-2755 GENERAL FURNITURE COMPANY 3I43 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 7-7895 SHAKEY'S PIZZA KITCHEN TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION 38I3 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 3-5I76 FRONTIER SHELL STATION 2500 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 7-98I7 3949 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 7-30I9 JULIE'S RESTAURANT AND FOUNTAIN 2909 Fair Oaks Blvd. IVanI1oe 9-6355 CORNER DRUG 380l Fair Oaks Blvd. Wanhoe 3-290I BECKES AND ANDERSON PLUMBING 2825 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanl1oe 7-78I6 CARMICHAEL REALTY 2942 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanhoe 9-7664 LARsoN's TONSORIAL PARLOR lx . 2946 Fair Oaks Blvd. riii 'Q I lVanl1oe 7-8522 if VALLEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 62I6 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanl1oe 9-0539 WESTERN AUTO STORE RICKS DRIVE IN 282l Fair Oaks Blvd. 3833 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanl1oe 7-2392 939l Greenback Lane-Orangevale CARMICHAEL FARM CENTER 'Vanhoe 9'504" 6225 Fair Oaks Blvd. SATHRE JEWELERS Ivanhoe 9-5654 2938 Fair Oaks Blvd. lVanl1oe 9-8 I 83 . , . 1 n--TPL. Q ,-x, ,,,,A, . i 'Al ,Ri-. 1 Q.. 42341, zPLL,L',.L.2 'li DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO SPORTPNG GOODS 920 J S+ree+ GIlber+ 2-7298 We're wai+ing for +he opening of ihe new Gallen Kamps a+ ARDEN FAIR qsearsy Opening soon! 'QP' u C7 E 1 N F 1 was FV? Northern CoIitornio's Foremost Photographers OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS Negatives ot portraits ot all Seniors appearing in this annual are Icept on tile. Duplicate prints can be ordered tor personal use. WRITE OR PHONE I327 J Street Hlckory 4-8464 Sacramento N 'QQ' iff! YUFID kunrimf x ' f D, .E 'IIT 'ID' 7 X if . 17 Ill 1133 I.. B 4 ' If J Z' I na. X. I ffm , M Egg. . EVEN A STORE CAN BE AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR LIFE GRADUATION FROM HIGH SCHOOL MEANS MUCH MORE THAN COMPLETION OF 12 YEARS' ACADEMIC STUDY, MOST SIGNIFICANTLY. IT MEANS YOUR EMERGENCE AS YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN READY TO TAKE YOUR PLACES IN A WORLD WHERE SUDDEN AND DRASTIC CHANGES HAVE BECOME COMMONPLACE. IN SUCH A WORLD. SECURITY DEPENDS UPON STAUNCH. UNCHANGING THINGS: LANDMARKS. TRADITIONS. PERHAPS EVEN A STORE WHICH HAS SERVED YOUR FAMILY FOR THREE GENERATIONS. TO MOST OF YOU. THE BIG. FRIENDLY STORE AT 12TH AND K IS AS FAMILIAR AS SUTTER'S FORT. BUT. OUR CITY IS GROWING. YOU ARE GROWING. AND SO IS W-LI SOON. A NEW W-L WILL OPEN ITS DOORS IN COUNTRY CLUB CENTER. AT WATT AVENU-E AND EL CAMINO. IN ITS TWO LOCATIONS. "SACRAMENTO'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE." ESTABLISHED IN 1874. HOPES TO CONTINUE AS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR DAILY LIFE. ,xl v., its-1-5-fr M121 f .l Z aw 234 fgpfxfgig, ,. 1 1-A Q, Q 1' y A 'L 54 w-'E.,k W 1 . 'f V L! 1.5,--,1.,, 'M W .-0.4 :mu L-9100-YF , , , HALE'S 91'h and K S+ree+s Gllberi' 2-787I MARTYR 8: SHINE IO24 J S+ree1' Hlckory 6-760l MMWM. Mgwvwbb I wrff ,,.-,...,..,.,...,...W,..,,..,.v.-. 5 r '- hu Locaied af Ilih and K Gllberi' 3-l335 GUILD HOUSE OF SACRAMENTO I030 K S+ree+ GIIber+ 3-4503 DEL PASO MANOR McCOY'S CHEVRON GERHART'S QUALITY MEATS 4I28 El Camino Avenue 2444 MGFYBI Drive Ivanhoe 9-4713 IVanhoe 7-6223 BONNY B SPORTSTORE LYONS ICE CREAM 2428 Maryal Drive AND DONUT HOUSE IVanhoe 9-7260 2442 Maryal Drive Wanhoe 9-5588 DAN'S NECCHI SEWING CENTER CHUCICS HOBBY SHOP 4IO0 Block-EI Camino Avenue 2422 Maryal Drive IVanhoe 7-32I5 IVanhoe 7-0I34 258 TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE GROTH'S BOOTERY 2605 EI Paseo Lane IVanI1oe 9-5423 JACKSOHN'S HAT SHOP Pasafiempo Lane IVanI1oe 9-6332 I MAY GIM HAWAIIAN AND ORIENTAL SHOP 28 Adobe Couri- IVanI1oe 9-852I CHARLOTTE GREEN FASHIONS 2625 Marconi Ave. IVanI1oe 9-0856 BOB'S TOYLAND 2633 Marconi Ave. IVanI1oe 9-6363 PHYLLIS FASHIONS 2909 Pasafiempo Lane lVanhoe 7-4473 KENDALLS 26l7 Marconi Avenue Wanhoe 9-6065 A. J. AFFLECK I . MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY 2740 Fulion Avenue Wanhoe 9-3608 0 fe x - 0 EJARNINGAL DF FASHIONS Q i' M ' A . lva::o3n9-7353rcon' ve if u W o no 5 Q FviacB.RIDE Florsheim Shoes 29I0 FuH'on Ave. lVanhoe 9-60l9 VILLAGE FLOWER SHOP 2629 Marconi Ave. Wanhoe 9-5287 ANDERSON BROS. PHARMACY Wanhoe 9-3639 P 2'- v H ! H I 1 L COUNTRY CLUB CENTRE RHODES Counlry Club Cenler lVanl1oe 9-765l EAGLESON'S 80l K S+ree+ and Counlry Club Cenfer lVanhoe 3-344l and Hlckory 7-9I7I HEINTZ BAKERY 3422 EI Camino Ave. Sacramenlo 2I lVanl'1oe 7-2665 CASUAL CORNER 3374 El Camino Ave. IVanl1oe 7-42l3 W. T. GRANT CO. 3444 EI Camino Ave. lVanl1oe 7-0267 AUTO SUPPLY CENTER 3347 El Camino IV. 7-5608 Sacramenfo 2I, Calif. EMIGH HARDWARE CO. 3450 EI Camino Ave. IVanI1oe 9-76I I ' 5 ..' I . .l 5 ROYAL JERSEY DAIRY 2535 WaI'+ Ave. IVanI1oe 7-306I JACK'S HOUSE OF MUSIC 2528 Yorlcfown Avenue IVanI1oe 7-8654 lunar! GARDEN RUSTIC 81 NURSERY 2520 Yorldown Ave. IVanhoe 7-0026 IVICCOYS CHEVRON 4l28 EI Camino Ave. IVanI1oe 9-47I3 'I 'Hallie' I m!lMlm'alJ',l1. Ll? A DR. JACK SHEARER IOI3 9'I'I1 S+ree+ GIIberI' 2-4927 GENERAL SAVINGS AND PALQMINQ RQQM LOAN ASSOCIATION 3405 El Camino Avenue 34-2I EI Camino Avenue Ivanhoe 3,3554 Sacramen'I'o 2I, Calif. IVanI1oe 3-43I7 WEST COAST SAVINGS AND J. c. PENNEY COMPANY LOAN ASSOCIATION Couniry Club CenI'er 2540 Wa+I Avenue Ivanhoe 9-766I Ivanhoe 9-3635 I FULTON AVENUE FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP I724 Fulfon Avenue lVanhoe 9-3677 DON STEPHENS REAL ESTATE Ful+on and Edison Avenue Ivanhoe 9-7323 STYLE-RITE BARBER SHOP 3l I4 Fulfon Avenue lVanhoe 9-3789 jfwl-E4 TZXTG Sf,-TPS C v "' 7 A-v-'i K'-STK X . XA'-wi 0 "f'x'Wv0- Vlmbf- 'wvf-gunv'F xl STYLE'-RTE BARBER 3-IOP ED wuuuam.. 4 sun KICKEYYS 3nq Fuu.1'oN Av: IV 'I-3784 1. 53,55 . QF 1'owNfCwNTRf 'v 'J'--ff l I .. , ug s w M--Q... ,,,' . 'Q Q W? ' e ,Z X x :W K Q1 wi, W fa.. h W . 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The 1966 A panommim' view of thu- 1960 Winn-r flallin-5 site-. ,A an 4.- fin- ' ' '-" -, 3..- 1 l.J-Qhu-'hl'lnta:.:Vn.,. A 1 ,.ll!21 Winter Olympics An architect's model of the Olympic grounds at Squaw Valley. It has the largest concentration of artificially frozen rinks in the world. LAL: The test of a true skier is at the finish line Y' 1613? "Um Ql'lllllIilli1lI1!4. pul. 'Hunt was gl'f'ilI Skiing: H U x X mt il pvrfz-vt clay for W I it ww. tllalt wus 1- ll hill' 4A I thi 47 On your mark, get set . . . CO! The swcepcr did its part of the preparation by putting the finishing touches on the 4400-meter speed skating oval. 278 A lot of work went into getting ready for the Olympics , . 1 Q . 1 3, 4 .,. +"'Qgyrf-gm ,,, i CQ' Q WU x p , ..4, J? ug, W, U. 4 I,-195 . ' , .jf , ' x,f'jA,Q,, K 'VAN' gg: , I. 'f' 'QS' K " -,uv , . '- 1:2 . Q, 2 W, .' I . 1. zipljg . Q .L ' x " ' I. TSM . f Y A . ' v vff . Q-' 1 TQ ' .S E. 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Q. , ,., .L - ' 3 33., ' x- ii ' en- " if-E1-r , . 4 -. .L A- .-H 'Qi ,qu-, 5: , gtg 4. ffl?-1 .. .A '.. 5 . 1 . ' Qi? 2: ,Jw In Y A wp . 2,-2 'sau , ,Af-e fy 1- 1:5-. ,mf ' '- ' ' if: ' - ei? " -K' 'MJ V, L, 351 - .rr-I . TWU . . 1,3 : J:?,Y' " iii .I fifibl' ' lx wid ,, 5. A . . ,, V . J.,'-- ,.'.'f'-' an ' Qf' 'ef wf . ,- 1 ' v 9"',' M! ,L .L Q! ..- "' 'Mx' fn, ' L-:rf-. f "I V qu.-. , -Q' ' ' ,IH ' fn 1' '23 1" W , -fir 41 ' . '.'2:, .W V'k. .1 W , -im W- -Q LA ,.- fx - ' i N- i 3' agg - . fam :'- . - 1 , A- ' , ' J 1 , '- MW A Ph WSW? W ff up Wfiaflggaf ,pwymy W W ' inf is ' if ...M -1... ,W '.- F FSE . A .F W . , 5, ,af ,gf 'u . 'ljfr ,Q WI: A, .Ja- . ,m , U. al., 1 1' ,qq 1-hi +L Zh' . 1 ,K 4 1 L I A 'Fl ' 'Alf' , My ., s ..-4-. .Iliff ' 54 .gain ..v?". . 'vii 2- 1 . - '55 "W, rig! 0 , yin VW our fm M lifdlw WF tiff 0 Ol l W aq- ' I 6!On behalf of myself and my staff I wish to express sincere thanks to the following and many others for their help and cooperation in putting out this book. The Administration The Faculty The Student Body Mrs. Spencer Mrs. Hazel Sirlin Studios Local Businessmen The El Caminian and Mr. Studley The 1960 Winter Olympic Commission Tom LeClaire, photographer Mr. Maher, advisor Lila Holland EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 1 1 ,. A, 4. ,. -A R A - . MM 2 A'.L ' 5-5 .zu WA ,GFCQA pi,-c?1' J 9 4.4, ' jay sf.. 1 H . 'S Ji. All - , A ,f,u'4,41 'A'A "' b " . 4 1- Zia f rf pil! - H E V W . ' .P l -L' 1 , ' '12, -L . ,. . . -' 3' -,-."g-'1'1."gfl'F ' - - - e' .. , L Q .. - - ' .fx111..f'ff7f7-'Q f fif:".L . A. gn"'lnrfA'.1:.-SEi?'.11nl fa ff ix- X 1' +3 5' 1 'U xl 515. .V I H 1 T." .fl A? -ffflx I. .irq 'gi'- W35.. -753 1. ' . 12543 vu. JW' I W V, 6o W rf - , A 4 ,,AQ A , A My SW W jf N! 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Suggestions in the El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) collection:

El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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