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EX LIBIZIS 1 1 1 AND IS DEDICATED TO Words of Thanks are noT s Trccrf o expre s ur apprecrahon To J c acu TJ 'nr you pr rence and loyaT Tl e Trrsl exanwpe oT our noc crence fas he D r Ly Bas eToa l qarne f he e you rrs your drgnrTy Tor he sake oT .ne sTudenTs enroynwe TT Th Aerre nnad O Toy arfl our laook Thar KC o you The ca rvwls melodrama was anorwer example E F Ta ulTys good spo Tsnwanshrp Trnw was Taken out of your spare hours To rehearse and puT on LrTTl Ne: TlWrQ prougln STTTO c ne c Carnrnran sTaTr These are on y a Te y rnrngs ThaT you have oowe Many never realrze The paTrence you drsplay vvhcn we rnTerrupT your classes Tor a pass To Take plc OTher DeparTn enTs have come from Q0 c' 3 ouTsTandTng b cause of your ef orTs drarna der a Ther s vvn TheaTer now and Tour plays are pur on dur nu y r cac oT he us one The Thanks rs accredrTed here To a Tacc T, rn nwlaer who ha offered hrs Trrne To Thrs devclopnrem The arT deparTnenT has also been undfr ap r re leadershrp and has done all The adverTrsemenT posTers and p og afns Tor our school acTrvrTres The sTagecraTT classes a e led ny an le unselhsh Teacher Thanks also To The people rn The oTTrce ThaT vve have had clos conTacT vw Th durrng he year Our EC TaculTy rs so ouTsTanolTng ThaT vve cannoT szngle ouT ar y ne na Trcular rndrvrdual who deserves all The credn' Our appre craTron l s rv Tl every Teacher Tor hrs endurance For These reasons ve The rnemhcrs OT The sTafT wrsh To dedrcafe The T958 Aerre To e en acu o E rno l-hgh Sc oo X' , . c?'irr,' , 'aso' Tl yor,rh1eT lr,Tc'r r1s,'pc, ' sly, 1 'rc l F Y T 'Q 'Hd we T orkev ku' 5 , H - ' ked r ' ' ' 'T. T' ' ' r . e 4 e S30 w 'c A , T f 11, T , rn' Q' T r T T oT .c. 'cf " c r ' . ' e , e Q T' la 'lf Q' T erTrTf 'l a ' ' '9 l ' V ll V: l S I , ' ' D . .5 X . I " T .. I Tures, and To sell hooks so we can rneeT our deadlines. " 1. N Q , Tr ' Q- - if V. The T I , 3 has lt o , T 'r f The rearg'1sTe' i T T ual . ' ' ' 'a - ' N v e u' s . . . q 'r a' c aa' ' w ' i '- y-K "' . ' r rar f ofa A . . - D f 7 V T'l 'T T, . wx C E F. F. . . .' - .,. he y 1 i . l I y V . . . .,, , ,. , , , , , Th rlre F TT l Carn ' l'T l. ERIE REVIEW LIFE TEEN Activities Seniors Publications Autographs Student Govern- Juniors ment Sophomores Spirit Groups Freshmen TEEN c J- 2 If 5 iq Summary A comparative A look at EC co curricular activities the clubs and organizations awk ii ll wav ? I 6 ' ,,, ,. ., E A E? T 5 tain f 2, 1' , ' I f 4' , A " 5 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED HOT ROD LOOK FORBES . .'s ,F in ,',, f il. I , ,,,Q, ,,,v. , 1 ,Vi Y' 'Q , -132,-, " T ,5gqz ::'gt' s ' if W ' Q .A A Yr. .. S5 x H: gl, 1 if 's e L ri , Thus years staff surveyed the wlshes of you the readers attempting to flt our edltorlal content to your tastes and sug gestnons We retained every strong ponnt of last years book and searched our minds for new and better Ideas Ideas which would not destroy the character of the book yet would lend that extra spark to the Aerue The result ts a yearbook unique an nts content plctorlal and edltorlal coverage and theme TIME magazine opens with the flrst new Idea Incorporated into the T958 Aene a community dlvlsuon whnch was done by Barbara Bunns lts pages are fllled with plctornal souvenirs that wall In years to come brnng back pleasant memories of the many enloyable days spent nn and around our communlty TIME was edited by George Muller who handled the faculty and administration dnvnslons Two new features personnel and parents club were the result of Myrna Hoffners efforts Pat Dennis working on the music dlvnsuon and Bruce Dolder handling cadets both dld a flne lob In roundnng out TIME magazine .',,j . ll 14, . 'I ,.. 42 ' . A 1 o ,ran V' N MY - -'ws-.,, 45, SCHOOL 'L-. .Q ,fb i we-5 giwqvwkv gm:-fm, J 'V --.-,,.,,n,, W ' 1. 4 WSW f. LM ,,, ,, A , Www M. , ' W Mn.,j nga, ....w.wM.,fw:wfffj3g'?15,f W The Music Building an w 'V . f.-f ,,.,.,........... , LQ, i Our " ff' ' 'Q -I Alma Mater a-few 5, ..- . V 'mga W Wai.-3, K -, aww we .., .. , J , E A F f--'.f 75-L1 ',h. -. f ew 4' a ' , gi Q gf' 6 ,.,,,4niv"' fs o A recent addition, the new "S" annexes Drama and Stage Craft classes HI TORY SUMMER T950 The name El Camuno was decided upon by the Board f Trustees for the new hugh school M Wm Foss Hunter was pruncupal SEPTEMBER T950 Two hundred twenty fuve freshmen began school un the 30 s wung and the woodshop School colors were selected the mascot was chosen we were admitted to the Suerra Foothull League and Rucky Martun was the furst Student Body Presudent SEPTEMBER T951 The Cadet Corps began wuth Lt Thomas W Armstrong as Commander FALL T952 More classrooms were added and Eagle Fueld was put to use for the furst tume Almost TOO students sugned up to work on the furst Aerue Gaul Schroeder was the Edutor DECEMBER The A basketball team came up wuth theur furst wun un the hus tory of the school by defeatung El Dorado by a score of 48 45 Eddue Hall was Presudent of the furst Pep Club JANUARY T953 The ball started rollung for stadium lughts thanks to the Parents Club El Camuno was now on the map The school receuved uts charter and was now a member of the Natuonal Assocuatuon of Secondary Schools MARCH Seventy seven students were eluguble to uoun the furst chapter of CSF at EC The schools furst as sembly was held un the multu purpose room The furst session of the Student Court was called to order by Judge Joe Kurz MAY In the furst year that the Suerra Foothull League sponsored sportsmanshup trophy the teams the cheerleaders and the cheerung crowds of El Camuno were proud to say we won ut The furst school un the Sacra mento area to have a chapter of the Natuonal Honor Society was El Camuno Twenty sux students were installed as members JUNE Georguanna Mulbarger reugned as Queen over El Camunos furst Junuor Prom FALL T953 Thus year saw the com pletuon of the gurls gym 50s and 60s wungs more shop buuldungs the offuce wung the Calufornua Cadet Corps buuld ung shower rooms and the cafeterua EC swam over San Juan our old Foothull League contest FEBRUARY T954 ln a sequence of three dazzlung upsets the A bas ketball team swept to the Block P Champuonshup at Auburn APRIL EC s representatives to Gurls and Boys States were Stan Esta brook and Pattu Jo Lulleland MAY The old Roman slave market came to El Camuno as the Latun Club staged theur annual banquet The El Camunuan was presented wuth mem bershup un Quull and Scroll an unterna tuonal honor society of hugh school uournalusts JUNE The furst commencement ex ercuse was held un the Memorual Au dutoruum graduatung a class of 269 JULY El Camuno uouned one of the strongest athletic leagues un Calufornua the Sac Joaquun League FALL T954 Kutty Davus was crowned Queen of our furst Homecom ung celebratuon MAY T955 El Camuno claimed as uts own Muss Sacramento Judu Neuder o JUNE EC s Fearsome Foursome went to the State Track meet un Los Angeles SEPTEMBER T955 New boys gym unutuated Fueld first nught game JANUARY T956 EC won Metro Tourney Sportsmanshup Trophy MARCH Jim Burk Student Body Presudent named candudate for Boy ofthe Year SEPTEMBER T956 Dr A D Abbott was unstated as Pruncupal and Wenke Klungenberg became our furst foreugn exchange student DECEMBER Don Amigo the spurut eagle uouned E O FEBRUARY T957 Donkeys unvaded EC un the Aerue sponsored donkey basketball game - - ' O ' ' a . . . . , ' . r. A , , . ' , - ,, ' II ' 1 ' ' I . , ' . . 1 5 . . I . . H . I . I . . v ' ' , . . . ' I h. . l . . , I ll ll , . Q . . I . . I . I I , I , , . - . . . . . I ' I I ' l I ' ' ' ' . . , ' ' U and worthy rival, in our last Sierra OCTOBER . . . Lights shine on Eagle . , . I - . l . . . , , - , , . . . . . I 1 . . . . . , ' ' ' ' . . . , I , . . I . . 1 - ' I ' ' , . COMMU I ln this section, we wish to acknowledge and show our grati- tude, not only to our school, but to the community in which we live, work, and play. When we leave El Camino, there will be no one big thing that we will re- member from our school days, but a conglomeration of small things like the breathlessness of a ride on the ferris wheel at the State Fair, the cool refreshment ot the waters of'Folsom Lake on a hot summer day, the spiciness of pizza after an exciting toot- ball game, the frostiness ot a wine ter morning while waiting tor the bus, the exhilaration derived from hard study, the "suburban- ism" of shopping in modern shopping centers, and the patriot- ism aroused in us at the sight ot our Capitol Building. This is our home, and we will always ree member Sacramento. ri.. cxmno rm-i sacramental Entering the North Area, Sacramento County population 220,000. The California State Fair-exciting rides, exhibits, anirr-uls, food, and people. ,mm- - Y A wwf f ' 3 . f ,,,, , Jr? , .g3,.., ,a i ff if' gE"fZ1 as i. 24 . if .- olfiiiyasim ' fm 4 -lr '9 5 L i n . - . if t li X ' Nl??5':i V31 it . 5 .al ti-f 'fi . .ti , TF5 Our summertime hangouts must include a swimming pool 1 . ln. .g Vfx: Fl 5 'la' .fevsl f :Sq lr' ,A ilu H Ai, .rf " A. X 9 wa Q 4 xqulfu . ,U rQ eng. Elura' QI , .Ri Q, For summer fun, vvhisking over the blue wafers is hard to beat A campus favorite-- hot pizza - SW xl Q The street where you live. 'Lf' 1 u 'Please get a loaf of bread, some green paint iliE.!-.!.- f'?"' M-aa, hum W , ' Q.- p PM A-vwv-wana, , -f-.W x"'..W Q.. Our busy metropolis N.. gp pf- 5. 11 Us Traffic jams, lwstiing, bustling . , .everyone in a hurry .s ,,,.,..--- . "fl o- FinaHy! EN Camino High, scene of our loys and our sorrows 0 --7",,,1-""' . N, '-s.- A, ,. 4 M - . k Wfffj, . . - , - 3' ' - - 'f ,l"'lg-nv' xg--. "' Levy. 4- - 'A 's""" ,, .. c--- M Ai EMM, f l- ,L abil , - . .. An occasional jaum fo William Land Park S .. ..-A 1 743. Academic pursuits-The key fo the future in a complicated world Historic SuHer's Fort 4 :Q -sn A M ' :INV DMI ISTR TIG Here are several of the di- rectors of our school system-the men who guide the district's faculties and standardize the policies under which our schools operate. 2 5 J C3 Lwmwmmw J. ROLAND INGRAHAM, JR. District Superintendent ci WILLIAM T. MOONEY, SR. ' Assistant Superintendent sys yt.. M . . . U, . n RUSSEL M.. ESVELT GEQRGE W. PALMER Asslslam SUPeV'nleVlCle'Wl of ln' Assistant Superintendent of Busi struction and Personnel- ness and Classified Personnel. .5 -it f My 'kwin' BOARD OF TRUSTEES i 1? 'fx E. W. DAVIES EDWARD F. DOLDER RALPH R. HINSEY 1 C. B. KILPATRICK, JR., MD. 'avi R. H, KELSOE - COYER-'lf,Q-RY There us much evudence to show that pupuls of El Camuno Hugh School have reason to be proud of our school Sunce the openung of El Camuno un September 1950 an all out effort has been made to prepare our pupuls for the hughest type cutuzenshup un Amerucan socuety The records reveal that the large maloruty of our pupuls and practucally all of our graduates respect the worth and dugnuty of other unduvuduals cooperate wuth others toward worthwhule prouects actuvely partucupate un cuvuc school state and natuonal affaurs respect the reluguous beluefs of others and receuve an educa tuonal foundatuon adequate to assume theur responsubulutues as actuve cutuzens of our communuty state and natuon Each year our graduatung classes have become bugger and better Thus year us no exceptuon Our 1958 graduatung class us the largest class ever to be graduated from El Camuno Hugh School It has set many hugh standards whuch wull be very duffucult for other classes along the El Camuno Real to achueve ' 1 I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I J ' 1 1 ' MR. ANTHONY BRAGINETZ AssisTanT Principal --.l ..f""m-' " -' ' W s'-N-...W ,W My sincere Wishes To all El Caminians, especially To The Class of '58, Tor a fuTure Tilled vviTh hope, peace, and prosperiTy. Remember To be Thankful ThaT The days and nighTs are being vvaTched over by someone up above who allows us To know a liTTle bad so we can appreciaTe and sTrive Tor The good. MR. CLIFTON GORDON RegisTrar 'ffx -A3 Y M MR. PAUL PLOWMAN Dean of Boys MRS. JEAN GOFF Dean of Girls COUN ELOR MR. CLIFTON GORDON MR. LAWRENCE WHITE Registrar '15 I ru MRS. ROXILEE TACKETT MR. RICHARD ROWE MISS MARILYN CASSTEVENS Sn MR. DARRELL FREDRICKSON MRS. ENID VVOHLE MR- DONALD ROBARDS PERSONNEL MRS MARJORIE TAYLOR Attendance Secretary fqs wr-9 MRS CLAIRE HICKMAN CSubstrtutel Attendance Secretary K.. MRS JUANITA CLEM Secretary to Regrstrar and Co ordrnator of Guidance 4 MRS NORMA HAZEL Clerk Typrst 4 -ur MRS ALICE HEWER MRS FLORENCE TOMBLIN Attendance Clerk Attendance Clerk w Q C7 Secretary to Pnncrpal MRS MARY WILLS Textbook Clerk CB' L1 MRS AUDREY SPENCER Frnancral Secretary A salute to our Office Workers who keep thrngs going smooth ly, our Custodlans who keep our campus rn perfect order, our Cafeteria Workers who prepare such appetrzlng lunches each clay and a special salute to our Bus Drrvers vvrthout Whom many of us would have a hard tnme get trng to school MRS BARBARA WALKER Nurse r 5 J ' 7' f Q ' Il, A f , i x CT' 5, 'IU' . I 5 f .6 f xr iff' I - MRS. VIOLET BARTHOLOMEW . I 916 wx . - ,. A V' 7 I V ' , X W.. .,-1, .-,, ,4 w we , 5. fg I his H Q .L4.3x.gE,!.V .Y 77.4, 5 W WW. , W .a A 'G' 4 My 45 ra ' 1 I 5 1 2 I , . I . 5 . 1 , r 'r ff' J ,fr ' W Mg 4 .. . a at l- " 'Q Is w '35 I 4- I - ., f , .-,, ' .am - I I CAEETERIA HELPERS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Earl Horne, Mrs. Geneva Colllns, Mrs. Mary Spencer, Mrs, Elsle Keller, Mrs. Mabel Ellen Thompson. BACK ROW Mrs Martha Trask Mr Jay Henry Sparks ICBTSTSFIB Managerl Mr Andrew Makovy ICookl Mrs Irene Crocker Mrs Zella Llvnngston Real efftcrency' CUSTODIANS STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Lester logan Mr Wnlltam Marrtott Mr James M rrts Mr M lla d Snwtrh Mr Henry Lance Mr George Morey Mr Charles Lllly Mr Earl Wumberly Mxss Wanda Wolf CAMERA SHY Mr Herman Devlsh Mr Chares Donaldson Nr Walter Kamp lngston Mr Jesse Martn Mr Ja'nes Ra M o Ru e ge W IS Snnor Mr John Spencer 'Vlr Ot s Volk Mr Ntlllam Watklns if J Q, , K -is . 3 K Y, 4, I I ' ' ' - I ,. o ', . I r ' ,I . ' I lp I , . , . N ' I plla, Mr, Filo Larsen, Mr. Arthur Liv- ' y, f. R y tl a , Mr. Ill' ' , . , I . I , -1 BUS DRIVERS STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Tony Barnett Mr Rnchard Lowe Mr NeuI Brch Mr Vnc Larson Mr Duck Freeman Mr Paul Clark IForemanJ Mr John Porter NOT SHOWN Mr Howard Gordon fe' ffwv .Jb- O I Home James! Eg isln F1-wi, : 2 1 jx.,f3,. , ,qw N, ' -1 any ,nun '2 ffQL ,Q ,, I g, 45,321 ,vfff Y fa 'fri 4 I gslii Q fag? I ,fa ' Ili- 144 . ',,, 3 Q wwf- ,,flv AVQM. jf ,,-.-4, , - -N 9 -f n2'1g4y,,,, 'L- Q-fI,:.,+ --av? '-he 'fir I iff' A-Zaaai .. . nf fri ' , 1 .sf 1 "QL-f1':f...-I,I my-f OCIAL STUDIES Soclal Studies plays an Important role Its goal IS to lnstlll In all students a love and understanding of Amerlca and develop a luvely respect for our nnstututnons Through the Socnal Studnes program the school gives the pupll a fuller understandlng of the problems ot everyday llvnng Members of thus department are close to the extracurricular scene as they sponsor classes clubs and generally work to make student actlvr tres more successful A2555 If .-L. MR PAUL MOSER Department Head we-..v"' BOY' r .Gtr ' elif? MR AL ANTHONY MR DARREL FREDRICKSON Rx? MISS MARCIA HALEY MRS BEATRICE HENDRlCKS MR HARRY LEY g . . . . ' . 5 1 I , x ' I r n U -,V 6, . I . 1 ' Y 1 ro sf R M3 .er ll' 2 ta ll A I M. that -3 Q ftlff' Q-T4 C! A A5553 1'4"-'hir , -f13'2i4-q . X fixgh i 1. , c 2,1 'I' , I f'n 34" gi: S g fx- ', . ,.,'. .5 1 MR. DANIEL MAHER MR. JOSEPH PATITUCCI I if MR. WILLIAM WALKER 'S I fi .ti MR. GALE PHILLIPS MR. DAVE ROBARDS E V ,,,, X MR. LAWRENCE WHITE E ECO OMICS x WM ,uw I MR. JESSE ZIMMERMAN Home Economics introduces girls to the homemaking field. Upon completion of the courses, the students have a well-rounded knowledge ot homemalcing. Outstanding seniors are awarded each year for ex- ceptional work demonstrated during the year. Other contests, sponsored by such companies as Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, encourage students to apply their knowl- edge. The Future Homemalcers ot America presents an opportunity to meet with others interested in the field. fm was GRACE DEAN MRS BEVERLY THIELBAR vis: QQ' 'ik MRS. JULIA REESE Department Head .4' STRIAL ARTS MR. ALVIN COPELAND Radio, electricity Picture not available MR. WALTER KICK Department Head MR. CLYDE SUTFIN, MR. CECIL WATSON MR. MELVIN WINTERS MR. ROBERT FOWLER MR. JOHN GAFFNEY MR. AL MORRIS Industrial Arts is that part of general education con- cerned with satisfying man's innate desire to construct things with tools and materials and with the development of an intelligent understanding of our modern industrial civilization and the problems which have resulted from it. Contacts with a Wide variety of manipulative experiences and industrial products and processes are provided. The course does not attempt to develop the skills needed to earn a livelihood, or to train a student for a specific occupationg industrial Arts trains to live, not to earn a liv- ing. FI E ARTS One of the busiest departments at El Camino is that of Fine Arts. This department provides training and ex- periences tor musicians, vocalists, actors, artists, and pho- tographers. This year Fine Arts put on El Camino's first operetta, DOWN IN THE VALLEY. Other musical activities included a series ot festivals and concerts. THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, the senior play, was only one phase of the drama activities under the direction of Mr. Teel. He also directed the Thanksgiving Assembly and other plays throughout the year. The art department supplied the halls with posters and various paintings and also with murals on the cafeteria windows for Christmas and such activities as the carnival. The photography staff provided pictures for the paper and annual. .xs"' 6 'bv- 'bro MR. EVERETT FAULKNER Department Head Q' .ii-F "?'i MR. JOHN BYBEE Production with a plan! -if MR. LEROY HUGHES MR. JOHN V KANEKO za , 'l . j , ,tl .bi ,. TP. l ,ff yix-X--7-1, jg X x1,,1x,""s,'nx-'Q Q hy' 3- ' ' .pw 5 1 'H s ax sw: ,MIL :Iv Q 9 ' 4 1 5' ff.. lis "1 i ' r , MR. JOSEPH PATlTUCCl MR. lAM ES TEEL CGM ERCE MR. LESLIE CRUICKSHANK MR- BERNARD FRIES MRS. GWENDOLYN SCHMIDT MR. WILLIAM WALKER tl MRS. EILEEN HAWKES Department Head MRS. IRENE O'CONNELL Business Machines, Typing Picture not available MR. SIDNEY GOEPFERT The Commercial Department affords the opportunity for students to become acquainted with the machines and workings of the business world. This year much progress was made. For the first time a course in dupli- cating and business machines was offered. Each year, outstanding seniors receive awards for ex- ceptional work in this field. Throughout the year any student may try for the Gregg typing and shorthand awards. The Business Club, F.B.L.A., encourages stu- dents to further themselves in this field. s - LAN UAGE N. ,ff MISS LOIS HANSON Languages at El Camino offer a choice of French, German, Latin, or Spanish. At the present time, only two year courses are available, but the department is planning for advanced courses in the near future. Language students may participate in various extracurricular activities. A few of these are the Roman Banquet, sponsored an- nually by the Latin Club, the Spanish newspaper, El Eco, and the interlingual club. All of these activities tend to give the student a well-rounded knowledge of their language major. Q MR. 1HoMAs Leomsm MR. EDWARD SMITH MISS JEAN WHITMAN MR. JAMES GARRISON Department Head -- E GLI.H.--.... MRS MAY GLEASON Department Head Handling almost all students, the Eng- lish department is perhaps the largest scholastuc wise at EC Here the student IS given a thorough knowledge ot Eng lush from grammar to literature to publuc Speaking Engllsh IS concerned wlth cornmunlca tnon hence much emphasls IS placed on wrltlng and speaklng Publications are a vntal part of the program and public speaking as encouraged Englush provrdes the student vvnth a background he wall fund useful all through e "Nur MRS BERNADINE BARTON MRS DIANE DAVIDSON MRS BETSY DAVIS -'Q 4' Sf Q:-fr gl MR DANIEL GARCIA MR GEORGE GRIMES MRS FLORENCE KJORLIE lit. A I at 'E' ' . I fits ' sf J' g cl If - 1. IE 4' " , I S ,K NJ , Yr... 1 9 MRS. IRIS NORDBERG MRS. DOROTHY PETTY MISS WINIFRED SHERROD MRS. ALMA SPARKS iw' of If '?s4'i"lJ is " MR. GEORGE STUDLEY MRS. ROXIELEE TACKETT MRS. DOVIE THOMAS Discussing English? K- SCIE C as , R . 5 . 1 55 mr MR. Joi-IN BYBEE MR. RICHARD SOVVERS MR, ROSS CLOVER W. ' Ii f f"'T if-'L MR. FLOYD ILJANA wi 'nr' RXR 'T'--f li ! MR. ROSS FURNEAUX MR. MOREY MILLER DeparTmenT Head The aTmosphere of high crisis enveloping The whole field of science Today has a special meaning for The grad- uaTing seniors and The Teachers in This c:leparTmenT. Un- forTunaTely, There is no science-made-easy formula, no capsule for developing scienTisTs overnighf. ThroughouT our science program from General Science To The Lab :ourses, The basic formula is hard Work and sTudy. The sTudy can'T be carried on exTensively aT The ex- pense of oTher subiecT areas. May we leave This ThoughT vviTh The graduaTing seniors, expressed by Oliver Wendell Holmes in l87O: "Science is a good piece of furniture for a rnan To have in an upper chamber provided he has common sense on The ground floor." MR. HUBERT MEYER General Science, Biology PicTure not available MR. JAMES WHITMARK - - - MATHEMATICS W-- pr--. Q...-........,..........,-..c. ,... . ...-..-. .. . MR. BERNARD PARDEE Department Mathematics at El Camino is certainly among the most important departments. The Mathematics curriculum is designed to meet the needs of almost any student. Pros- pective college students are provided with a solid math- ematical background. This year the Math department added some modern Math to the curriculum, and next year they hope to take a select group of freshmen through a trial Algebra l and Plane Geometry course designed to promote more advanced mathematics. KN L' W. 5 Xl A . - ' ,ta K f 2 V .4 'Y 'Y '. ' 3 Lz. ' ' we ' +G. r,,, .,. :wx 'Nc' - ' P' - '35 Nh: 1" - 241 lf' 'SQQCAQQ Zu, '2.QQ,xfY ?g..Qf,'qe.gis,,a mv, X 4,-g g, QQ., X l MR. WILLIAM HUNTER MR. JOHN OTTER Head 1. -,-:- I ir ' l 1, , . 'Fav in T 4 , V if t ww a 1 Q if K "FE Un l I I 7.01, MR. THOMAS ARMSTRONG 4 29' 5: 1,1 MR. RICHARD ROWE K: MR. HOWARD GORDON lqfig? A rl, 'X 'Egg T MR. DANIEL SAYLAR PHYSICAL EDUCAT MR. FRED KRONSBEIN Department Head MR. GEORGE SOUZA MR. LEROY GEORGES ,Tix . sl , . A' fEE "- W i MR. ROBERT BURCELL M, 4--1 "W, jijf . . I T . . . .,', . tt T 'if f , T y MR. LAYNE ERNST 5 . i ai" l . M yr a If 1."N ' MR. EDWARD GALLAWAY The purpose and general objectives of Boys' P.E. is to pro- vide a basic knowledge of sports, develop body control, assist in improving citizenship and at the same time provide fun and re- laxation for the students. The coucse also seeks to promote proper health habits and safety practices. The course of study during the four years at El Camino includes almost every form of sports and competitive games. Each sport in the regular course of study is carried on in sequence from year to year so that the student will progressively learn more about the activities without repetition. Each activity is begun with a dis- cussion of the history, rules, techniques, and theory ot play. Fundamentals of the activity are practiced by the use ot drills and then practiced in actual playing of the sport. Boys interested in certain sports may enter into the extra- curricular athletic activities provided by the department. iuumvq, . 3 . Q I i ,if i ii MRS. WANDA COCHRAN MISS JEAN FARLEY MISS WANDA ROBINSON Girls' P.E. seeks to develop a useful and desirable skill in activities for use during leisure time. It affords a comprehensive knowledge of rules, techniques, and strategies in activities suit- ably adapted to various age levels. During the first and second year, the emphasis is placed on team sports such as volleyball, basketball, softball, and hockey. ln the upper division the emphasis shifts to individual sports and activities that are more likely to be carried over into the student's after-school life such as the course in Modern Dance. Girls interested in sports may also enter into competition with other schools through the Girls' Athletic Association. MRS. EDYTHE ROGERS Department Head MRS. ENID WOHLE MR. JEROME KAESAR Driver Training Picture not available PARE TS CL To develop greater partlcupa tnon In student parent acttvrtnes and to cultivate a better soclal relatronshrp among nts members are two of the many purposes of this organization Durlng the past year the Parents Club has sponsored many student actlvl tles towards these goals The par trclpatlon of students In ITS regu lar monthly meetings has been of mayor asststance In clevelopnng greater parent rnterest In the BCTIVITIES of the organization, as well as to foster a closer rela tnonshup between the club and the students of El Camlno Hugh School FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Gllbert G Lentz Recordmg Secretary Mrs Wullnam F Klelman Correspondmg Secretary Mrs H Franklm Dully Flrst Vnce Presudent SECOND ROW Mr Mnlton E Lawrence Presndent Mr Edward C Sparrow Treasurer Dr A D Abbott Second Vuce Presndent COMMITTEES FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Wrlllam W Applegate, Publuclty, Mrs Rrchard W Johnson, Membershlp, Mrs Lester N Melnzer, Hospitality SECOND ROW Mrs Walter G Schulz, Junlor Class, Mrs Fred Brooks, Sophomore Class, Mrs Harold Naves, Sensor Class, Mrs Leo Hull, Freshman Class THIRD ROW Mr Walter G Schulz, Junuor Class, Mr Fred Brooks, Sophomore Class, Mr Harold Naves, Sensor Class, Mr Leo Hull, Freshman Class - - r- ft ..-.Awf.,.... . . ., ., 4 - 'V A EJ: " A. ' C" "',., . . ",, -is at ""N . ne, A -nu-Q... uw S , : . . , 7 . . , I , , , . . . , , 7 . . , 5 . . . , - TIEITUDYCNIIS 7 3' L..4nn well as teachers .LL-:J ur' ' " Lxflllllsn ,gnnzlllli D517 Bl Back fo School Nnght as enloyed by parents as ... Students vonce their opnmons at Parents Club panel dnscussron us Ll ,. -1 A 5 , . . KL-.. K, -, V. ..,- SC .L Na ,ar EMMLQAI nc ll QXC N FRONT ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Kathy Goodwald, Jeanie Cox, Karen Brown, Karen Edwards, Linda Cowan, Rosanne Cox, Judy Couch, Marii Johnson, Ruth Hurff, Soe Downing, Suzanne Kellogg, Jeanie Macdonald, Sharon Ripley, Lucretia Pardee, Lynn Kurzenabe. SECOND ROW: Sue Pincltard, Martltalee Jones, Sharon Mullica, Barbara Sanders, Ann Davis, Barbara Diana, Claudia Dale, Rona Meinzer, Peggy Peterson, Bonnie Konvalin, linda Regall, Marsha Bender, .luna Miller, Linda Presley. Carole Cltastain. MR. EVERTT FAULKNER Director QLA Qc 'Q .X', f- 4' D ROW: Carl Wilcox, Gary Karde, Bob Welch, George Jeffries, Toni Rose, Carol Waddell, Ribordy, Phil Lundstrom, Bill Parliman, Roy Ventura, Lowell Thomas, Randy Sautner. 'erry, John Lundblad, Gary Queale. RTH ROW: John Fairfield, Scott Hellings, Frank Baldwin, John Russell, .Jon Kun, Chip rr, Charles Morgan, Jim Kauffroaih, Dave Jenkins, Karl Fowler, Ronald Neel, George ser, Rick Elder, lill Moreland, Marion Sims, Gary Farney. a n-5 ir S IOR BAN by Drum Maior Bob Mayne. The Veterans' Day and the Memorial Day parades were included among this year's public appearances, accompanied by Christ if I--AJ--L -A A J- -Q . mas concerts at Star King Elementary School ning program. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT: Sue Hunt, Judy Selby, Barbara Kleiman, Becky Buller, Nancy McCoy, Evalynn Goodwalcl, Sita Nichols, Judy Malone. SECOND ROW: Dave Niederloh, Bob Mayne, Allen Breckenridge, .lay Crain, Bob Lutz, Robert Herdlabaugh, Jim Larrick, Dave Jenkins, Keith Younger, Joanne Maclaren, Henry Davis, Don Dyste, Janice Moore, Don Wagoner, Paige Harper. Tt-HRD ROW: Danne Melbourne, Judie Scherrel, Bill Housh, Morgan Vail, Jeanne Denny, Penny Boevers, George Gravlee, Fred Geandrot, Priscilla Pfzer, Glenn Nance, Patrick Morrow, George Sautner, Drums rolled, cymbals clashed, and trumpets blared as the E.C.H.S. Senior Band marched at three home football games. Ap proximately seventy members participated in the precision drills and formations led Town and Country Village, and E.C.'s eve Spring brought festivals, and this sym RI GS PRESTIGE TO E.C. phonic band, under the direction of Mr. Hughes, traveled to the ninth annual Pacific Music Clinic at C.O.P., the Golden Empire Music Festival at Sacramento State College, and the Northern State Music Festival at San Jose. Select members participated in a full or- chestra for "Down in the ValIey," the Fine Arts' first operetta. With graduation came the familiar strains of "Pomp and Circumstanceu-the final per- formance for this year's excellent Senior Band. BOB MAYNE Drum Maior X X X X MR. A. L. HUGHES Band Director bfi' 3 .G .rv HS wwf J . 0 P' gf if V p 4 Bob Cox, Bruce Dolder, Don Yost, Rona Meinzer. ' if ' A 'A . 5. ,g-,,,. N .,., M, FOURTH ROW: Nancy De Ville, Bruce Walden, Dick Essenberg, Jirn Callis, Jacque Meinzer, Brenda Bayne, Dick Dobbins, Albert Dimmitt, Gary Nash, Dick Stiehl, Diana Moe, Bill Nelson, Jerry Goodman, Chris Pratt, Jon Hill, Tom Petty, Raymond Klug, Jim King, Frank Slawson, Don Ellison, Laurie Bright, Dave Meffifleld, Linda Beason, Stoner Clark, Jim Kauffroath. FIFTH ROW: Jim Kroske, Art Green,lBill Moreland. E253 9 Q H . 1 T3 f 7312- f I ' Ar: I 7 ' ' 1. 1 , 1 I . , K f -ww ,i,, i:awQ ' ' ' ' ' I ' I ' I 7 fi 'V Z H 'I I .F sf , I ? Y I ' I ,. ,, I-4 , v W. I., In 1 1 I .M r . igggw ' , W I , s I ' 1 A 1 I 1 X-.. A -' . - X Tr' W f' 2 nh K V , . X ,, ij' , .T Aw, I . ' -, T V . A , , . X Af , T. , fy ' - 1 H . i r 3 ,A U , v , I l I , L ' , , 3 f f T 1 n 4 I ORCHESTRA FRONT Rovv, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Babbin, Ellen Gossellnk, Sharlene Holm, Judy Brown- ing. SECOND ROW: Joyce Petersen, Bonnie Well- ner, Jim Galvin, Evelyn Lundgren, Greg Dixon, Jacque Meinzer, Carolyn Strother, Dallas Gerhardt. THIRD ROW: Hazel Browning, Margret Smith, Gail Vagle, Carleen Blaser. I T fra ELEMENTARY GIRLS GLEE FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Joan Ferrari Virginia Heisinger Sarah Davis Bobbie Fontes Marney Crabbe Donna O Ehme Sandy White Donna Peterson Sandy Glover Sandy Stuart Sylvia Newhall Lynda Chenoweth SECOND ROW Susie Tenney Darla Mahaf fey Joan Seibt Judy Baker Diane Ripley Suzie Hill, Amelia Houston, Juanette Crad- duck, Ima Palmer, Nova Cook, Connie Vigor, Jeanette Wilbur, Mary Karanikas. THIRD ROW: Barbara Lewis, Carol Pugh, Joanne Newman, Dana Hilkerbaumer, Sandy Mclntyre, Sandra Hatfield, Karen Norberg, Glenda Petersen, Marlene Popeioy, Marilyn Speegle, Mary Loumelick, Mary Ann Young, Donna Curry. VOICE TRAINING FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sherry Wigton, Diane Darby, Pat Elam, Carol Blecha, Sharon Ripley, Bonnie Konvalin, Karen Tuthill, Marilyn Lane, Janet Shelly. SECOND ROW: Judy Giordano, Kathy Keysor, Marilyn Giordano, Evelyn Lane, Sharon Gib- son, June Miller, Darla Wilson, Linda Regall, Sandy Clem, Diane Drischler, Judith Shelly, Rachel Smith. ADVANCED GIRLS' GLEE FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rita Lein, Margo Hunsicker, Janet Archibald, Elaine Gallagher, Gloria Stewart, Joyce Zimmerman, Virginia Andrew, Gloria Backstrom, Eleanor Trowe, Robin Koepke, Irene Byrne, Judi Klassen, Diane Spencer, Lynne Larrabee, SECOND ROW: Marilyn Doswald, Adrian Pine, Edith Abbott, Deana Athans, Sharon Covey, Lillian Brundage, Linda Derrick, Dar- lene Mosier, Vicky Miller, Kathleen Conant, Sandra Cook, Joann Pingitore, Julie West- over, Margo Dann. 5-'. BOYS' GLEE FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bernie Munns, Bill Eavis, Esther Gustafson, Bruce Coburn, Donald Nelson. SECOND ROW: Dave Hinds, Rodney Pete, Grant Hess, Kirk Taylor, Jim Porter, Bruce Broome. THIRD ROW: Doug Mason, Greg Reed, Gene Hendrix, Don Dougherty, Ron Rist, Tom Cooper, Gary Nelson. ,Z 1 - F .Y X' -I J JUNIOR BAND FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Benii Johnson, Robert Borsdorf, Mike Kemp, Russell Olson, Janice Padovan, Eugene Ehlers, Bob Kimball, Merwin Stapp, Bob Castro, Charles Burgess, Henry Bradanini, Harold Maxwell, Mike Walker. SECOND ROW: Janet Rogers, Don Bunce, Diclc Plesha. ,Q 1. is 996 QQ 4, Q., 7 55:1 'I , I I- AUTOGRAPHS l+l+ l+ll' lf lfiiflfi ?l'1'Y Wilfltltlt if 1+ if w , ' 112 sf ', l ',M ff ...Q----'J ' , ...nuv-'W HM" -' -..W -, DEFE STEVE STORM Battalion Commander GARY QUEALE Adiutant DAVE JENKINS Executive MAJOR ARMSTRONG Commandant of Cadets There are five obiectives of the California Cadet Corps. The ob- jectives deal with leadership, basic military knowledge, teamwork, patriotism, and all-around knowl- edge. With these obiectives in mind, this year's officers and leaders of the loth Battalion, El Camino's Cadet unit, have maintained a balanced and well-rounded program of Cadet activities. These activities include rifle marksmanship, drill field competi- tion, an annual bivouac la three day encampment held in the moun- tainsl, and summer camp CTWO weeks of rigorous military trainingj. Each activity employs the use of all pertinent knowledge and pro- vides many varied worthy experi- ences. El Camino has one of the largest Cadet units in the state, the l6th Battalion rifle team is one of the top in the state, the drill team is repeatedly the northern California champion and attends the finals at summer camp. The name of El Cam- ino, because of such teams, is known and respected throughout the state. This year's battalion main- tained traditional standards and served El Camino well. 49 I ctr ft i BOB MCNAIRN ANDY HELMS TED DENSMORE MORGAN VAIL DICK MILLER Personnel Public Relations Training Supply Ordinance 'b 3 ,Q 1 ,ji MILITARY POLICE Robert Borsdorf Jim Borwn Neal Brune Claude Coss Don Coza Ron Davis Dick Essenberg Vern Iverson Mike McEackern Ken Osborn Barry Stapp Raymond Tucker Morgan Vail Richard Wilson Ron Andrews David Breen Jim Killick Richard Peterson Ralph Schmidt Mervvin Stapp David Veriede Patrick Wasser Cam Wickham COLOR GUARD Jay Crain Jim Killick Pete Wasser Glenn Nance Although the Military Police picture has been lost we want to give this group credit for the fine service they have given EI Carnino at all games and school activities. rlwmi, HEADQUARTERS Roy Abbanat Ron Allard Ed Bender Jim Duncan Mike Euer Jim Herndon Raymond Tucker Pete Wasser ABSENT: Robert Heidlebaugh Kenneth Reid COMPANY COMPANY A Bob Basset Lee Bastren Todd Carter Mtke Chounard Ja Cr an Davud Dyba Raymond Ellrnger Duck Essenberg Don Goza Dave Hrcks Benin Johnson Anthony La Parne Dan McAllnster Ronald McElyea Doug Macheel Clyde Moore Bull Morgan Glenn Nance Ken Osborn Ted Perry Harvey Prrddy Crarg Russr Ralph Schmndt Davnd Sparrow Gar Wheeler Merwnn Stapp Ronald Stone Jum Thompson Wayne Vroman A Aff' ,A S56 'f COMPANY C Pat Armstrong Larry Boeger Paul Booth Neal Brunner Donald Bunce Charles Calebaugh Eugene Canales Claude Coss Russ Cupp Eugene Ehlers Bull Geusmer John Ghrarnn Rnchard Gray Richard Harr Erancus Henter James Luncoln Make McEachers Harold Maxwell John Muller Wullram Muller Gene Morgan Ronald Neel Dennus Neely Kenneth O'Toole Dennus Ruchardson Pat Wasser Rtchard Wtlson Peter Van Steenrs vw' s NIB? Q, 1 me-f me COMPANY Russ Abbott Mrke Anderson Ron Andrews Bull Beacham Ed Bender Robert Boradorf Joe Brandt Davnd Breen Jim Breen John Burch Gary Chnstensen Standley Chnstensen Ron Davrs Bob Ellison Don Ellrson Vern Iverson Jlr'n Krll ck IRG Hia' George Lampman Gary Lynch Korn McKee Trno Manus Robert Mayne Allen Moxley Don Nelson Bull O Neal Rrchard Peterson Al Rendell Davtd Rrckey John Runyan Tad Snrnard Ron Smrth Barry Stapp Gary Trrrnble Davld Vereude '5 I Nfl S 'X ' E' 'ww we H If wi '27 ,T e- ere J ,I 2 ,T 2,2 Y lu 55 Ig! af' M 4.1 A fr. I f ' F fp 2 N- s. T so QP It fn Qs E Y r ' A ' J 'gr Y .. ' V ' Q1"l"'-" xl?-l lt ' T A J e J E be Q A A - ' 7 ' ll.' Ar ' ' .s,, K Q ' K '5 9- . F5 2 3 B lst if gill ?','? Q' i nr HBH V 1 W g .L - ' 4 - E A A as as 'QI' . M Q L- fe If 2: ,, ,, :J 7 S 2 2 , 1' Sq- N-' Q ' V J - s ' t A 4 1 f? r , , ' L ffsg sl V 14, 5 1 'zz' ' "f '- 5 'ly as 'U - ni ' J.V. RIFLE TEAM Bob Borsdorf Joe Brandt Jim Brown John Burch Ron Davis Bob Ellison Don Ellison Vern Iverson George Lampman Tino Manas Clyde Moore Glen Nance Don Nelson 'Q T"22'53 VARSITY RIFLE TEAM Bill Beacham Jay Crain Ted Densmore Jim Duncan Andy Helms Dave Jenkins Jim Killick Bob Mayne Gary Queale Craig Russi Ron Sione Sieve Storm Cam Wickham "B" RIFLE TEAM Bob Basset Paul Booth Mike Chaunard Eugene Ehlers Richard Essenberg John Gramm Bill Miller John Miller Patrick Wasser Don Goza Ron McElyea Military Ball, an evening to remember! Y 'lie 1 I Battalion Revue COP1, my aching feei!J Ready, aim . . . LIFE magazine mirrors the actlons and experiences ot the student body and the communnty From the opening day of the school year to the final farewell of graduation night all the events of the year are presented In an eye catching manner that wall stnr your memories In the tuture Marsha Bender and her assistant Lynette Rhodes have succeeded an producing the most complete actmvutues coverage orlgnnal layouts ot the school splrlt groups exempllfles the qualuty of the entire section Ot course LIFE would not be com plete wlthout government and publications dlvlslons handled capably by Jody Fredncks and Norm Spaulding possible in a high school yearbook. Pat Dennis' clever and 1 ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT SPIRIT GROUPS new-xfzfft 5:52 , - I 1 f 4 11 'Qtr 'iw ""Qf"r Q 'f'l:"'EhA- -vi . 1 ov ' 'mm K if SCHUUL LIFE ever forgets the Homecoming whirl, the rooters buses, the rallies, the Junior Prom, the Senior Play, the Variety Show, the Carnival, and Graduation. All of these are a spoke in the wheel of our life of activitiesef a life that offers entertainment of all types to satisfy many individual tastes. Life i957-1958 is included in the following pages. i ff-3"-M gg, T 263' 1 N 2 Sirlin s photographer Bill Smith starts hectic years work Y z r 3 1 i 5 c f 5 l if at 49 39' ' Q t j' ffm pr n im -'If' f... ff Boxes and boxes of Christmas cards to sell!!! Y Drama department relnearses "Blythe Spirit." Fresh do it again! SIOO from Parents Club. ll? Another trophy for skill in journalism 45 W ,ff X gf: Vi Q. ,sz sf Y? X 1 . M? , A' . 'U' a K Jig 'wa K W A Vw, ',.. ,W IM.: xx- tn' Y gf 9 Y, . 1 W-4 .f YN ,ie Vi ' 'ls 'R'-3 Z 2 ' as-SWAWMA NANCY HORGAN 1957 HOMECOMING QUEEN if ROYAL CGURT The queen and her royal courT, reigning over The Home- coming TesTiviTies, added radiance To The affair and Turned many heads as They passed in Their regal giory. PRINCESS PATTI '95 ky? PRINCESS KAREN K T ,if Q -rr' f ' , I t iq, - I- Q ij, 5 VE? T. " 'S , . J 1 S gy J jg 5. --I Nfl, f . -4 , 5' ' ' -gy , ww E7 PRNCESS CFXRCL PRNCE5 f? 1957 HOMECOMING M, . X 'Q 'I 'if ffjf V 'ni K Last minute preparations for parade n "Unforgettable" Dance h'.'f fVi'?:Qt 3F Alumni set spirit as assembly ti .LL ., sum, mum Band sets snappy pace. Hard at work on floai? Left, rightg left, right N SPUTNK Original!!! swg w + ' . J -.ful --if Senior Teach Day. Aaaaaaaah! The life of a Senior! Snovved Inn. "I could have danced all night!" ff' v-Q fs"W V ,.,. fX Rl? muon C 1-ASS VVIN , ' 0 L: -r2"'2hl 1' Juniors mourn at Senior Burial EI Camino greefs Xmas season with annual program. 2 sffr ,, ,ds Nw- Q, U Christmas vacation-a break in the busy school year. RL D Low o N r L WEEK ff 'x El Camino always does Ts part These are our we-ll-dressed Senior men? 2 5 I , I . f x - " """'fv-. ' 'l'v.l,.w XX ' ' . '? ' .In I ,' ,. ., , ,, M ! - X f - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Lockers are always a problem. Many candidates dream of success . . ie 9' .2 Visirors from Sacramento High strengthen school relations. .45 , Winter! A wonderful season of skiing. Some people are never on Time. Filling fountain pen brings helpful advice? After-game dances are lively and spirited!! ,....-1 ,- vga i Cracking the books during fina's week And than 15were's Valentines Day . . 'I' -1 O . X Pl K A ' .I L u' I Q, ' v',a 1- ,g .O . , - b n' '.' 12.7, " V P 15 4. 'lg -vs . 'Q 7. s, . 'ia mtg 5 , , 'Q ' ,.V ' , I fuxi ! 'E " J ', .' .Q ' Ji D 'S 8? e k A ,gy mg Latin students enioy Roman Banquet! 1 if '11 Opponents score again . . . This is our ambitious Execuiive Board??? ffl' 1- A I "pt 58 I ,f- Sr. Patrick's Day! The day of the lrisln K Ei Camlno delegates leave for Governor's conference. These people insist on having 1heir picture in the Aerie. Watch om! lr's Twerp Season and ihe girls take over. Hold on fo th ose boys .4-f""' Mr. Braglnefz appreciates the luke box, too. The A Cappella always leaves sooo early in the morning. ,ff cause it's Twirp Season. Hold on io those hub caps, girls. Now, now, boys, don'f fight! ,, inf' ' is-'WW Rehearsing for the senior play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner." my .W-'ll .., 'Q-123 ', M .2 4' hgeiarfii g- ,Q f - , A -, ,K Is this our crowded parking lot? gx Q x xx f, "" busty. Study, Study, StudyNthat's what the Library is for! , . Teachers even get Spring fever 714 l fl Q--,,w,...,, ........- -ro-an ,,, .. ........., .., l 'EEE' 3 n Wm fn K 1 ,W-v w 1 Y X . Mf"' 3 If Z to 5 n Remy weather adds gioom to our usually bright faces F me Arts Depanmem presents E C s fwrsf Operettai This is what happens when we leave our lockers I 49 ll 1 1 X X RZ Unlocked . . . Final deadlines cause hectic days in Aerie sfaffl What excuse did you use this 1ime?? nf 2 ,,, rf f Xfg firm Spring vacation brings forgotten books "5 M "M ,M V . f. Q .. ,N "'5"'v ,U A Junior Prom-soft tights and smooth music! !ff"' , -5 i ' 2 g t. 3, f A, Q A xx ,l.-.."' vf , 5 ,. - :l""'-vT"7- ,- 'Q , wf mtigtikgvv' ,tt . !',,.1 f, ' f ,T" . 1? 4, ' f 1 UW' - X W Y I I . I Q DAY if - I .. 7' Q' , Q x' I V K. ' 'ff 4 , ww 4' ' RRG XXI li ,lt --7 . tt T9 ' Q 3 4 M.: - Magazine satcs spark E. Cfs ta out fcr satcswarwship, 3+ 5 4 , I4 El Camino displays hidden talent! Teachers are atways free mth advice . . .vii-7' W 4 Y Vw v 7 . Q-LV -1, 'I fgm, j p L Now, now, boys! Slumber parties are for girls only, Spring fashion show reveals new styles. no 5 1 :A c I Rehearsals result ln a thrtlltng and successful variety show Our exchange student helps entertain vlslttng German glrl. lnvltatlons are sent out for Press Banquet 7 vm them vm trtcse Nast 'rc"u-"te tcgmfvr. Autograph Ntght-writefs crempl QS X V! f .-v 4 Students rehearse for speaking contests. fu 1: dm? Final exams and all nite ierm paper sessions! Many fee-1, rushing to classes, i - 3 E. 5. fl PN 0 ,X Graduation brings tears . . . . . but, with serious faces, the Senior class prepares To leave dear old El Camino High. 0? ar ,fn 3 xr l X. l 4 l "1,. fd, was I r 1,- 'YS' KAREN KI-OTZ PAT DENNIS KAREN EDWARDS JAN LOGAN EANIE COX JODY FREDRICKS Editor Associate AClV9fffSfftQ Assistant Publicity Business Editor EGHYOV Editor Manager Manager The sports section was edited by .John Dickerson with the help of assistants Bruce Dolder and Bob McHugh. The '58 Aerie was edited under the supervision of Mr. George Studley, advisor. Jane Chapman, Joni Richards, Patti Schieck, Judy Brown- ing, and Sue Foreman edited and produced the class sections, 1 I -wg ,-g --23: n l Pubiicity for this year's Aerie was handled by Cox Ccenteri, Patt Dickson, and Sandy Smart. The s eng: zz, 2' ,ft gg , si - E,uC1:' SEZ' C" .B Jeanie The activities section was published by Marsha Bendef left, with the assistance of Lynette Rhoades and Norm Spauidingi The dab section was edted by Loitta Zook tbcnmd type' writori, with thc help of assistant editors Nancy Looe' gahci, ang: Btii McMtlto't 3 '01 S v 5 7 tr ous. rg. Geyg: '.' H "Hr -1: Bwbafa B":'S P tbl , 'Q 4-- - ,-s ,xxs s . Linda Kious, Patt Mahoney, and Valerie Erickson show there is something of interest for everyone in the El Caminian, ,- Kathy Beaglel Lonna Wallace, Ruby Gustafson, and Gary Karde are giving Judy Gordon plenty of help copy-reading an article. iv-l L.. y.,,,,, ,M ia, N. n. Photographers Dick Lesszkeor Phil Holland Betty Degabriel, and Colleen Kennedy look over some of their pictures, The Aerie Staff even had its own Frankenstein to help publi- cize the '57-'58 yearbook. This was one of the many ingenious schemes that the Publicity sec- tion came up with. The in- correct date on the poster was intentional-to draw attention. This year's Fashion Show, co-sponsored by the El Caminian and the Modeling Club, proved frustrating to its sponsors but pro- vided experiences for many. Credit should also be given to Renee Fallai of the Aerie Staff and Dan Hall, Connie Pierce, and Joy Hatton of the EI Caminian Staff, whose pictures were omitted from their re spective staff pages. K y f xv. r' 1 " 'H The Publications float, though it didn't place first, was one of the best in tl-we Homecoming Parade. --...,,,,.,, Another group of the Publications team was the hard-working Publicity Staff. As- sisting Gail Tornblin were: Jon Deason, Carole Draper, Jo Anne Morgan, Mary Neil, Marlene Ott, Judi Richards, and Bar- bara Slwelden. :LT-, a P' f 0- - . , r..-.Q, ,AF .',-- 'Img 'J' . Z l,'N 12 .-,. ,. ., x -. Elf ' xr ?,'- 1 1 -L 1' rf"-f v gl 1 ' qi' 4 ' x 4...-A .,...-- In ' r ,,...QQn WWW 'G .I b ' . . - . -Q W . A - A Y WW I ,n 33,:,,j . l " ,, , - H' , R' 1 in at qv GARY FARNEY Boys Vuce f'-F! .B auf' CAROL ENOS Secretary Fall Semester ,itil LORRAlNE ZUBE G rls Vuce Fall Semester 'Q DICK DONELSON Presudent STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Many tursts were unutuated by thus seventh set ot student body offucers A nevvly organuzed publucuty stall a revused and Improved rally commuttee and such outstandung groups as the Amerucan Fueld Servuce and the tratfuc safety commuttees vvere begun thus year Nineteen hundred and tufty seven marked the year that room Qoa lthe Hole un the Wall D vvas converted unto a Studewt Body Offuce turnushed vvuth desk tule cabunets and a typevvruter Mr Fredruclcson Practucal Government advusor knovvs how hard these people have worked vvhule plannung actuvutues that were rated among the best un El Camunos tremendous hustory 'rin T 7361 T. MARSHA BENDER NIKE MULBARGER CHARLENE GILLIS Counmnssuoner of Internal Comm ssuoner ot Entertaun Commussuorter of Entertaun Affaurs ment Fall Semester ment Sprung Semester IL g 'UA it 1'V""'7 TOM FAT Treasurer 3 'if 1' SUSAN DUTRA Secretary Sprung Semester KAREN EDWARDS G rls Vuce Sprung Semester rv "' GAIL TOMBLIN Commussuorter of Publuc latuons R ' E Q Q 3 fr in Y I t .35 T I , qi I J' V' 5 , if S A- 5-5 ' i ' ff gnu . M A l TN. , ,fr f 1 Elt.l5l'l'4ghl, ,V X g A g wt A-at A! ,, , ,, . I 5 ll l. . I l . ' i , , i , . A "N tg Q 9. ly f , lfk K 7 . - my T Q: Q E if fr H' 'X 6 -'v Q -37.1 . XA Q' 'U ,-. '4'4" as 'Tr 'R """i 'T -"' i f 'A JN lx '1 5 my EXECUTIVE BOARD FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jill Wilson, Carol Enos, Gail Tornblin, Bill McMillon, Marsha Bender, Vir- ginia Young, Marlene OH. SECOND ROW: Joanne Sfonesifer, Sandy Smart, Sandy Smart, Nancy Horgan, Torn Fai, Mike Mulbarger, linda Kious, Jeanie Cox, Lorraine Zube, THIRD ROW: Don Speich, Doug Barin, John Dickerson, Gary Farney, Bob Baker, Bud Applegave, Jim Larick, T 4 ..4Y' i.-ie, DARRELL FREDRICKSON EVALUATION BOARD Acfsor of Sudan' Governvnenf F LEFT TC Dale Coyey. xwfz- 18' 4,4 5 I 5 an fi! xnlul 1' with ,jp-u x , I , I l xi' RIGHT' Ga, 'foplds Barbara Binns "arena Bender 'Claairrvan , and ..f1 L, J: 3 It :R .1 31 . "A" . r 9 , , ""'- j """""' H- sam STUDENT COUNCIL LOWERCLASSMEN FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT JIII Wwson, Candi Sringben, Swefanr Meisrer, CaroII WaIker, Nancy Burgess, Cnriss Hoover, CoIIeen Kennedy, LInCIa Fortier, "A:cIweIe HIIyer, Bette WaITers, Snaron Savage SECOND ROW CWI Tl'rreIkQIcI, BIII Eavws, Bed AppIegaIe, Bud AppIegaIe, Don Spekh, Ted Broediow, Doug SCI1oen,Joe Cangi, THIRD ROW- Pew Kassboorn, BIII Brasher, Bob Montgomery, Richard Moore, Paul LInvIIIe, Dick Beaton, Dean Rhoades. no pq: ,,, af STUDENT COUNCIL UPPERCLASSMEN ERT NT RON LEFT TO RIGHT HPV: rr, Johnson 'Jie 'r'.ha'Qe' Pew .Nasser Tec RQ I" 'fark O'BrIen, BVI 'MV IIo'w. SECOND 9 Iv' 'Q' R V: 'ag Car: I -r r " ."i'nan Raw' re.-fs Nav, frnrne, Leanne Jonosbn Saodf Srv'ar', IWCHQIQ Cz-9sIa Dearfne Ci , '.', ' E ff Sf" e Raw St"::f 6'3" Log-:f:eI'er Krrs E 5 '.'e'go Hmsrcker. THIRD ROW: Lcrreine Zube G 4 " JJ .Tres Le' . "Lf 1 G rife Nancy I-Iorgan Qfnca K 3,5 Joe-nre 1'f'f:rga" 'fam NEW, Cc'Iene Warren Bef Pe:-f, ff.a'Ier1e Ofr EF:-, E'Q-3TEI ROI. Ee r"' Torn Far 5"-fe Rreiobb, 'lcrnan Gwen :EDDIE '.':FeccIerf John DI:Icerson Dae Dufee Don V B53 B'-lv B25 S'r"Io je 1' Loc, Henas 'JU . , 5 FRONT ROW .JOBPPC SYOVWC Cro he Penn, S STUDENT PATROL LEFT TO RTGHT: Sondra Price, Joan Bomcesow, Jody Na3one Luarta Cox Sue Ames sie' Ectth Abbott. SECOND RON: Maron Vogt, Owls Petefsc .Julie Sorenson Bonme Rat Zentz Deavfta Neukavv. T4-IRD RON: Bob Tentw Perttocvoo Ken Jfafcf, Nei! Patterson. 79 'T' 'F -5 .- 17 ., v , y -1 f mtmsama ww- FINANCE COMMITTEE The finance committee, a newly formed organization, con- sists of the Student Body Treasurer and six qualified students. The committee studies carefully the budgets of the various clubs, and organizations and makes necessary revisions before recommending approval. SEATED: Tom Fat, and STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill McConnell, Bob McNairen, Virginia Young, Barbara Babbin, Susan Dutra, John Dickerson. FRIENDSHIP COMMITTEE 1 The friendship committee, led by Chairman Sheron Cullen, is a committee consisting of a number of stua dents from each class assigned to make a new stu- dent welcome to EI Camino. At the beginning of the T957 fall semester three boys and three girls were picked from each class to participate in helping new students. They included the following: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Parshall, Janis Griffin, Barbara Binns, Penny Joslyn, Deanna Neukam. SECOND ROW: Bill Schilling, Jim Kimmel, Joe Morgan, Carl Dolder. THIRD ROW: Gary Long, Dennis McFadden. i .Asda ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The assembly committee planned and co- ordinated the assemblies of the I957-58 school year. The committee was picked be- fore the school year began. The committee was picked on the basis of citizenship and other activities. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Natalie Konvalin, Marlene Ott. SECOND ROW: Karen Hullin, Jack Alberson, Mike Mulbarger, Laurel Bell. M DANCE COMMITTEE From the moment a theme was decided to the final details of clean up the seventeen members of the dance corrmittee strived to present he finest in dances Evidence of the groups success is their record breaking net profit report combined with countless favorable comments from you, the students, The committee consists of the following: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ahlguist, Judi Richards lChairA manl, Mike Mulbarger, Claire McLaughlin, Linda Far- rell. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Huberty, Patti Maples, Penny Joslyn, Joanne Morgan, Kaye Dockter. THIRD ROW: Nancy Horgan, Shirley Ford, Patti Ro-.vIett. X .. 5 . X . 4 .lg lv -E. ,ight 111 Building up Eagle spirit at foofball and baske?- ball games were l-lead Varsity Cheerleader Jeanie Cox, assisted by Chuck Hills and Carol Keema. Tlieir yells and skils lwilglwled preegame rallies and made '58 anollier year lull of Top roolimg section emlwusiasm. az se CHUCK HHL5 CAROL KEEMA qs .Q C7 gamma 'F i wma .9-, '7w FWM "Were ail here to hack you and cheer," these were the familiar words of Head Songieader Nancy Horgan and her assistants Bonnie Konyaiin, Donna Sanders, Judi Richards and Karen Brown. Their routines were new and difterent and the --S ' J 4 Ddlfdd, in a' I Merry Christmas greeting that adorned green wool dresses at the Metropolitan tournament brought many comments of admiration, Their devotion and enthusiasm vviil long he remembered. JILL WILSON iT A BARBARA FISH L.. MELANKE LOUARGAND an cuwl704cte To lead The Green and Wnne vynn ots of Qpwnr he B games were J VVLson ye!! Lea er acconwpanued by MeLanne Louargand and Barbara Fish Tnerr pep and precwsron Truly sparked the rn creased B game attendance and they fnusned a wonderful year vvnn a L05 weLL done' 'I -WC we ,ag ar 'ED' A Susan Dutra Vnrgunla Young Dee Tschopp SECOND ROW Tom Fat Andy Helms John Herron Patrnck Morrow Earl Lacure THIRD ROW John Duckerson Guy Clark Bob McNarrn Bull McConnell .load .let 0m The Honor Servuce Club was organized thus year to relleve the taculty of the ticket selllng duties requnred at athletic events, plays, and dances Membership rn the organuzatuon ns entlrely on a voluntary basus Under the guidance of Mrs Cochran this precision dnll team performed at three home games and In the Home comlng parade These gurls have done a great rob to further school splrlt and enthusiasm Bobble Devmney Chlp Potter Dee Ruttan LEFT TO RIGHT Sue Felrl, Dawna Carlton, Joyce Carter, Sue Dowmng, Sherry Blanchtueld, Shlela Cummungs, Pat Tremaune, Juanette Cradduck, Elodle Corcoran, Nancy Henderson, Nancy Knutsen, Doreena Gant, Judy Trovve, Kathleen Conant, Sarah Davns, Sandy Fanrchuld, Becky Fraser, Dallas Ger hardt, Patrncua Durnln, JoAnn Espenshade, Karen Laeber Brenda Carah, Pat Perkms , , lf Q R 'T cn! f -M.. , I 7 4 xr: ' 'X 43 1 ,. , ,xi 7 FIRST ROW5 Ellen Gosselink, Shirley Ford, Pam Sparrow, Jane Chapman, Linda Trussel, Barbara Babbin, f I 1 'fa' , e IIS, 'f -I ,Q 1, .mu an, A .QQ lun I I- ,WHIP ,vi- A, aff .3- as' RALLY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joy Hatton, Renee Fallai, Pat Dennis, Llnoa Ktous, Linda Farrell, Sharon Llngentelter. SECOND ROW: Judy Brown Ing, .Ian Logan Mary Nell, Sheron Cullen, Sallue Sheehan Pat: Drckson Lynn Kurzenabe, Farrell Hagerty. THIRD ROW: Carl Wilcox, Norman Green, John Fairfreld, George Fugelsang Jon Karz, Jirn Kurtz. he 'me We 5446! ge T957 brought new Ideas added enthusuasrn and two new pep organlzattons, the Rally Commlttee and Honor Pep Club Members were selected by a student faculty cornrnlttee on thelr pep spunt actnvutnes scholarshup and cltrzenshrp Faculty advrsors were Mrss Farley and Mrs Rogers Z RALLY OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT Runge Fallal Vncc Praslclent Lrnda Knous Pres: dent Lrnda Farrell SLcretaryTrea5urer FRONT RON or' I-IONOR REP CLJB I, QC 0 up I tr Bar u TPIRD R Lr a Onan P fat , A V f '7 1 ' V 4, I I I ' Z 3 1 I , X. I , . I . 3 . I x , - .1 - ....- v Y , vw We I '., LEFT 'G :IG ' .oar 72-:vi 5 Na' ., ,:,E'gi'o S, Fora' ffl", SQ" Barriara .Z FsI""? I-ITS?" I IWH9 RC55395 Pat , htsclc, .,:: Coz- Caro -1 G rain . -'cza Fo" Lfoa N ' ga- HCC NL, he Lay, Br,-I , 1 I"gc'So't' . "sa LH.-. Fat' Eel.. rnott Pat Balmer C" "ot ' 1 H ' Cfvot Ente Vrrg -K YL' rg In ,- Q Ln - ff' G'f'3'i1" "nuff C 33 it it 9 td C a"r flag: es Ja L-'te F' ,-,cf C' ', 'KC',IlSr,' Nan: ist-'S Ga I TQ" 1, 1- ', gr, Snr ': ,rn Hosp C31-tffr Fin-rr r- -'1 J3's's C13-fear' F fl f fi? -ff F K . fzjfsafefgs fin 1 l s ' 1 .aww 9 nrv-va W Pep rallies were clirnaxed with a clever TV take-oft on "This is Your Life" portraying the life of varsity basket- ball coach Fred Kronsbein. Top attendance, spirit, and loyalty were the goals and gains ot this top pep crew. -,,..x 1 ! A '- Q 'X N, at ' -1. ij' -,. . sh FW! y 3 i , 5313 i f EE ,ew .muh No story IS complete wnthout the characters who play the leadlng roles In our case the sophlstlcated senlors the lubllant gunlors the seasoned sophomores and the frantic freshmen Many Ideas have been Incorporated unto the TEEN sectnon to relueve the monotony and add nnterest to the class dnvnslons The sensor dlvlslon edlted by Judy Browning and her assistant graduating class and more actnvmes have been credlted to the graduates Pattn Schaeck Jon: Richards and Jane Chap man have lnlected some humor into their lunlor sophomore and freshman dlvlslons through the strateglcal placement of pictorial cartoons 'TEEN cover format used wnth the express permusslon of TEEN Magaznne Sue Foreman, features the outstanding boy and girl of the ,... H4 394 .I-.A -sh f.. H+ rms 4-0 'xx E X fi 1 Q I 1 , I A SE IOR LOCK DOUG BARTH President ROSANNE COXE Vrce President PATTI MAPLES Secretary CLAIRE MCLAUGLIN Treasurer HAIL THE CLASS OF 58 A top rated Homecomlng float was lust the flrst In a long llne of successful senlor ventures Hard worklng officers and enthusuastuc students made thus last year at ol E C a truly memorable one Sensor Teach Day was carried off wlth a mlnlmum of confusion and a maximum of fun At carnuval tlme an orlgunal and profitable booth left unspolled a record of successful money maklng ventures The time sped by and almost lmmedlately sux hundred sennors were caught up In a whlrl of year end actlvltles A Sensor Ball that was slmply out of' thus world and a gay plcnlc added to the excltement And then came graduatlon' As we march down the alsle nt IS wnth musty eyes that we recall these four glorious years that have so quickly flown by But our hearts are thrllled wlth the excitement of our hopes our dreams our future I I . . . ' I I TO THE FUT RE 99? ,-9 OUTSTANDING SENIORS DICK DONELSON JUDI RICHARDS Not only rs DICK DONELSON an outstandrng sensor at El Camnno but also outstandrng rn hrs communlty He rs very actlve rn Hu Y and IS Vrce President of Inter Club Councll He attended Model Legtsla ture as an assemblyman Chr Slgma a church or ganrzatuon rs another of has malor actuvrtres Duck was awarded the Bank of Amerrca award rn English named the outstanding student leader rn Sacramento wrnner an Luon s Club Speech con test recerver of Elks Award El Camrnos repre sentatrve to Boys State The lust goes on and on provrng wrthout a doubt hrs servlce to Sacra mento Hrs actrvrtue however do not eno there Here at El Camino he was Sophomore Class President and Presrdent of the Student Body In scholarshrp besides beung In the top one thrrd of has class he as a lufe member of C S F and a member of N H S Upon graduatron he hopes to go to Stanford and study meducrne Active rs the word for El Camunos outstand :ng sensor gurl JUDI RICHARDS Chosen for her outstandrng accomplushrnents In scholarshrp leadershup and servlce to school and communrty Jud: has a lest of servlces as long as your arm A strarght A student rn the top one thurd of her class she us a member of N H S CS F and Quill and Scroll the lournalrsm honor socuety Song Leader for two years servlce on class and student body commrttees the El Camunran and Aerre staffs EI Camrnos reporter for the Unuon Senior Class representatrve to the Metropolitan Inter school Council and Junuor Prom Prrncess are only a few of her accomplushments In servuce to her communrty she rs a Mercy Guuld Peppermrnt member of Tru Hr Y and actuve In a number of socral clubs an the area Her plans for the future also Include Stanford where she vvull maror In Journalrsm X- t . Y sf. s . U . . H - H - . , 1 I ' ' I I ' . - I . , ' - s H H - . I ' - , . . ., . . ., r ' ' . . . . , I I . , A t I I . I . 1 - . . . ' ' ' ' 1 1 T I . . .. F . A 91 r - ' 1 I . . .- .- . I I - I , . . I . . . . ROY A- Abbaflaf Barbara M. Adams Ronald M. Allard Ken J, Allen BARBARA L. ALLUM Pep Club, Typing Award, Shorthand Award. l Honor Rol . BETTY AMIOKA CSF, NHS Vice President, Honor Roll. RAE L. ANDERSON Archery Vice President, Varsity Swimming Team, Honor Roll, Vocational Award, Block EC. RICHARD W. ANDERSON "C" Basketball, "C" Track, Honor Roll, "B" Foot' ball, Home Room Representative, Latin Club. EDWIN J. ANSTED Alternate Student Council Representative. DIANE V. ARCHAMBAULT Bible Club. Jack L, Alberson Shirley R, Allen Barbara L. Allurn Richard W. Anderson gym' -L: ' - V 14 . , 2 ya, .1 ei, ROY A. ABBANAT Scholarship Award, Attendance Award, Typing Award, Honor Roll, CSF, NHS. BARBARA M. ADAMS GAA, Vocational Award, lst Student Council. JACK L. ALBERSON General Activities, RONALD M. ALLARD CSF, Honor Roll, KEN J. ALLEN ski Club, Key Club. SHIRLEY R. ALLEN General Activities. Prize General Arts, Betty Amioka Edwin J. Ansted Rae L. Anderson Diane V. Archambault tl DAVID R. ASHCRAFT "B" Basketball, Student o Block EC, Varsity Basketball, VIRGINIA A. ASHLEY President of FHA. KAREN C. AUSNES Honor Roll. BARBARA J. BABBIN f the week, Hi-Y, Chairman of Honor Service Club, Honor Roll, NHS, CSF, Student of the Candlebearer. SUSAN K. BACK General Activities. LARRY BACON JV Football, Honor Roll, Ski German Club, Varsity Footbal Week, Baccalaureate Club, Cross Country, Raema Jean Baggarly Robert K. Baker Joel Ann Baginski Molli Baldwin - ,Q "-23" David R. Ashcraft Barbara J. Babbin Robert C. Baker Diana Bandy .six fm. 1 33 Virginia A. Ashley Kafen C- AUSUGS Susan K. Back LBVVY BBCOU RAEMA JEAN BAGGARLY Gregg Typing Award. JOEL ANN BAGINSKI FBLA, Christmas Card Sales Award. ROBERT C. BAKER General Activities. ROBERT K. BAKER Swimming Team, CSF, NHS, El Caminian Editor, Student Council, Executive Board. MOLLI BALDWIN Pep Club, Student Council, Modeling Club Fashion Show, FBLA Secretary, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y, GAA. DIANA BAN DY General Activities. s DOUGLAS A. BA RTH "B" Football, "B" Track, Block EC, Senior Class President, Lancers Hi-Y, Varsity Football. DIANNE A. BARTON Latin Club, CSF, NHS, Inter-Lingual Club Vice President. CLAUDIA L. BASSIETT Honor Service Club, Office Worker. BARBARA A. BAXTER Pep Club, Modeling Club, Ski Club, Honor Pep Club Secretary, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. DELORES A. BEACH General Activities. DIANA BEAUMONT GAA Awards. MARSHA L. BENDER Commissioner of Internal Affairs, Beta Chi Tri-Hi- Y, Aerie Staff, Executive Board, NHS, Quill and Scroll. ALAN R. BERRY Ski Team, Drama Club, Ski ciety. ROBERT J. BIANCHI General Activities. BILL E. BISHOP General Activities. JEFF S. BLANCHFIELD General Activities. CARLEEN BLASER Club, Thespian So- French Club, Variety Show, Military Ball Princess, Sophomore Dance Committee, Senior Float Com- mittee. Brenda M. Boeh John M. Bradley Max G. Boiko Andrew J. Braio Ruth A. Bonnickson Eugene R. Borman Jeanne M. Bratton Linda E. Bray Ja, 'lzzr Douglas A. Barth Marsha L. Bender Patricia D. Bowlan Allen Breckenridge 67 fan. ,A Y? Dianne A. Barton Claudia L. Bassett Barbara A. Baxter Del0f9S A- Beach Diana Beaumont Alan R, Berry Robert J, Bianchi Bill E. Bishop Jeff S. Blanchfield Carleen Blaser Donna J. Bradish Ronald W. Bright 1 Q, Y N gl,- BRENDA M. BOEH Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards, Pep Club. MAX G. BOJKO Frosh Football, "B" Basketball, "B" Football. RUTH A. BONNICKSON Perfect Attendance, Ski Club, Modeling Club. EUGENE R. BORMAN General Activities. PATRICIA D. BOWLAN Perfect Attendance, Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards. DONNA J. BRADISH. Y-Teens, GAA, FHA President and Treasurer. JOHN M. BRADLEY General Activities. ANDREW J. BRAIO JV Baseball, Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award Senior Band, Varsity Baseball. JEANNE M. BRATTON GAA, Pep Club, A Cappella Choir. LINDA E. BRAY General Activities. ALLEN BRECKENRIDGE Swimming Team, Math Club, CSF, Pep Band. RONALD W. BRIGHT JV Baseball, Key Club, Varsity Football Manager. E Paul B. Brink Harry H, Brock Tom W. Brockman Gary L. Broughton Karen D. Brown Judy A. Browning Lillian Brundage Ge0f9iH L- Bruns John J. Brunton James A- Bvllied RICHARD L. BYRNE Band, Track. CHARLES B. CALEBAUGH General Activities. CHRISTIE A. CAMPBELL General Activities. MARY CAMPBELL Pep Club, Dance Committee, Modeling Club Secretary. EUGENE F. CANALES General Activities. CLAIRE L. CARMICHAEL GAA, Future Nurses, Pep Club. Lofogo. Tri-Hi-Y, CAROL ANN CHAMBERLAIN Frosh Pep Club, Honor Roll, NHS, Lions Club Trophy, Dramatics Club, Future Nurses. KATHLEEN CAROLE CHASTAIN Pep Club, GAA, A Cappella, FBLA. CAROL A. CHOUINARD General Activities. GAYLENE CHRISTENSEN FBLA, Gregg Typing Award, Pep Club. GUY C. CLARK Art Club, Honor Service Club, CSF, Honor RAY CLAUSSE General Activities. Roll. Richard L. Byrne Carol Ann Chamberlain 41" get Norman E. Brown Jan E. Bullock Charles B. Calebaugh Kathleen Carole Chastain PAUL B. BRINK General Activities. HARRY H. BROCK General Activities. TOM W. BROCKMAN General Activities. GARY L. BROUGHTON General Activities. KAREN D. BROWN Head JV Yell Leader, Executive Board, Junior Prom Princess, Homecoming Princess, Student Ballet Instructor or Drama Department, Song Leader. NORMAN E. BROWN Math Club, NHS, Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award. JUDY A. BROWNING Pep Club Secretary, Rally Committee, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Vice President, Inter-Club Publicity Chairman, Aerie Staff, Model Legislature. LILLIAN BRUNDAGE GAA, Student Council, Alternate. GEORGIA L. BRUNS Honor Roll, Lofogo Tri'Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council, Gregg Typing Award. JOHN J. BRUNTON JV Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football. JAMES A. BULLIED "C" Basketball, "B" Reserve Basketball, "C" Track, "B" Football. JAN E. BULLOCK Latin Club, Pep? Club, Honor Roll. Christie A. Campbell Carol A. Chouinard Mary Campbell Gaylene Christensen Eugene F. Canales Guy C. Clark Ray Clausse Claire L. Carmichael PHILLIP R. COLEMAN KAREN LOIS COLUMBIA I GARY L. COMPTON ROBERTA F. CONWAY General Activities. DENNIS COOK THOMAS U. COOPER General Activities. Swimming Team, Placed in Industrial Arts Fair. Pep Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, Ski Club. I Student Council, Key Club, Industrial Arts Award. First Place Industrial Arts Award, Honor Roll. Phillip R. Coleman Karen Lois Columbia Gary L. Compton Roberta F. Conway Dennis Cook Thomas U. Cooper Kathleen C. Coulters Und-3 L. Cowan Jeanie C. Cox Lu-ina L. Cox KATHLEEN C. COULTERS General Activities. LINDA L. COWAN Diakonia Tri'Hi-Y, Honor Pep Club, Student Coun- cil, A Cappella, Honor Roll, Senior Float Com- mittee, KAREN M. COWPER Baccalaureate Candlebearer, FTA, Pep Club, JEANIE C. COX JV Cheerleader, Executive Board, Diakonia Tri- Hi-Y Chaplain, Aerie Staff Publicity Manager, Head Varsity Cheerleader, A Cappella. LUANA L COX GAA. ROSANNE V. COXE Senior Class Vice President, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Los Hidalgos, Thespian Society, Senior Float Chairman, A Cappella. Karen M. Cowper Rosanne V. Coxe 5 fa JEROME S. CRACCH IOLO General Activities. GWYNNE CRAMER General Activities. BARRY L. CROCKETT JV Baseball. CATHY A. CROKER Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Roll, CSF, NHS Treasurer. LARRY CROWE FBLA. SHERON E. CULLEN FHA President, Honor Friendship Committee Chairman, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y Vice President, Modeling Club Secretary, Rally Committee, Pep Club, Perfect Attendance Award. Lyman C. Culver Priscilla M. Curry xi ed .fx Sf Bill A. Cunningham Roberta S. Cutler Jerome S. Cracchiolo Cathy A. Croker Russell R. Cupp Michele Czesla fn. sq' T77 f-A OW' -3 27 iv C Gwynne Cramer Barry L Crockett Larry Crowe Sharon E Cullen LYMAN C. CULVER Photography Club, Ski Club, Ke BILL A. CUNNINGHAM General Activities. RUSSELL R. CUPP General Activities. PRISCILLA M. CURRY Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y President, Mo tary, El Caminian, Pepsters, Chairman, Honor Roll. ROBERTA S. CUTLER NHS Evaluation Board, Lofo Roll. MICHELE CZESLA NHS, Honor Roll, Student Pa cil. go Tri HiY Honor gms. 1-'lf 4 '7 X Claudia M. Dale Sharon E. Damon Robert L. Dandeneau Sandi E, Dann Bridget R. Davis Judith A, Davis Lynden F. Davis Jqn E, Deason "Watch those roving eyeballs!" NANCY G. DE MASSEY Honor Roll, Pep Club, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Shorthand Award. PAT L. DENNIS Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, Rally Committee, Quill and Scroll President, EI Caminian Staff, CSF, Aerie Staff Associate Editor. BILL A. DENNY Student Council, Lancers Hi-Y Vice President. TED DENSNIORE Rifle Team, Ski Club, California Cadets Corps Second Lieutenant. CAROLYN G. DEVINE Pep Club, Gregg Typing Award, Perfect At- tendance Award, FNA President. MARILYN R. DEVINE Pep Club, Gregg Typing Award, Honor Roll, Gregg Shorthand Award, RICHARD W. DE VVEIN Ski Club, Key Club, Senior Float Committee. JOHN B. DICKERSON Governor's Youth Conference, Aerie Staff, "B" Basketball, NHS, CSF President, Executive Board. CLAUDIA M. DALE Lofogo Tri-Hi.Y, Honor Roll, Honor Pep Club, A Cappella, Fashion Show, Baccalaureate Usherette. SHARON E. DAMON Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Short- hand Award. ROBERT L. DANDENEAU Swimming Team. SANDI E. DANN Pep Club, Student Council, Gregg Typing Award, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. BRIDGET R. DAVIS Student Council Alternate, Pep Club, Vice Presi- dent of Ski Club, Honor Roll. JUDITH A. DAVlS Perfect Attendance Award. LYNDEN F. DAVIS General Activities. JON E. DEASON Student of the Week Committee, Junior States- man, Key Club, Ski Club President, Swimming Team, Publicity Committee. Nancy G. DeMassey Carolyn G. Devine D v 4 S ' , rg ' is If I5 Pat L. Dennis Marilyn R. Devine 'Li F' -ry., 6 YP" o is 01,04 D gnu, W ""l4 S I? fax' i ,sxv.,n 4 - tiv an ., 2 A first-prize Homecoming Float! Bill A. Denny Richard W. DeWein :""' 1 'Y ,Q Ted Densmore John B. Dickerson ..--7 "'-wa' 1' all we-gf ,Eg-43 T227 im..-.ff ii.-H ,f-Q. UQ'- V .fnyr as . xqvl j"feff" 'WV Eddie L. Dickinson Pan H. Dickson Judy A. Dittrieh Richard M- Dobbins KEYS Y- Dockter Geoffrey E. Dolbear Richard K. Donelson Chuck R. Downing Larry A. Drews Drew Dunning susfxu DUTRA Latin Club President, CSF Secretary, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, NHS, District Student Council Asso- ciation Secretary, Student Body Secretary. DON DYSTE General Activities. JOHN E. EARNEST Student Patrol. DAVID K. EDWARDS Varsity Swimming, Block EC, Lancers Hi-Y. - KAREN S. EDWARDS Student Council, Aerie Staff, A Cappella, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Girls' Vice President. CAROLYN J. EISNER Pep Club, Drama Club, Future Medics. PAT A. ELAM Drama Club. ROBERT ENNES Basketball. CAROL A. ENOS Song Leader, Student Body Secretary, NHS, Teen of the Week, Honor Pep Club, Student Council. MARY E. EPPS FHA Parliamentarian. VALERIE A. ERICKSON Student Council, Honor Roll, French Club, El Caminian, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y President, Honor Pep Club. GENE S. ESPEY Freshman Baseball, Student Council. '2- Susan Dutra Pat A. Elam Patricia Durnin Dave H, Durfee Don Dyste Robert Ennes EDDIE L. DICKINSON Audio-Visual Assistant, Radio Club Secretary, Fu- ture Business Leaders of America Vice President JV Football. 1 PATT H. DICKSON Student of the Week, Model Legislature, Rally Committee, Aerie Staff, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y Presi- dent, Honor Roll. JUDY A. DITTRICH Latin Club, Latin Certificate, Drill Team, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Shorthand Award, Honor Roll, RICHARD M. DOBBINS Key Club, "B" Football, "B" Swimming Team, Block EC, JV Football. KAYE Y. DOCKTER Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Modern Dance Club, Bacca- laureate Candlebearer, Honor Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, EI Caminian Staff Editor. PATRICIA DURN l N General Activities. GEOFFREY E. DOLBEAR CARE Package Committee, CSF, Los Hidalgos President, Tennis Team, NHS, Junior Statesman. RICHARD K. DONELSON Sophomore Class President, Key Club Vice Presi- dent, NHS, Boys' State, Model Legislature, Stu- dent Body President. CHUCK R. DOWNING "C" and "D" Basketball, Freshman Baseball, JV Football, "B" Football, Varsity Football. LARRY A. DREWS Honor Roll, "B" Reserve Basketball, Lions Club Speaking Contest, Thanksgiving Play. DREW DUNNING Cross Country, Junior Varsity Baseball. DAVE H. DURFEE Varsity Track, Key Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Varsity Football. John E, Earnest Carol A. Enos David K. Edwards Mary E. Epps Karen S. Edwards Valerie A. Erickson Gene S. Espev t 1:-z' Q5 Carolyn J. Eisner -ati if 'TU' ...Sf 5" fi- Thomas N. Fat Alva Ferrell John Fields Linda Fischer Barbara J. Flanagan Michael M. Foote Stanley G. Ford Shirley A. Ford NGYWCY J- F055 Karl J- Fowler Qf CLIFFORD L. ESTABROOK Cross Country Awards, Junior Statesman Presi- dent, Math Club, Honor Roll. NANCY ESTES Honor Roll, Shakespeare-'s Crew, Senior Float Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll. MICHAEL A. EUER Service Patrol Awards, Perfect Attendance Award, Cross Country, "C" Cadet Company Commander. SANDY L. EVERSOLE Future Nurses of America, FBLA. SPENSER S. EWERT Gregg Typing Award, Ski Club. JOHN S. FAIRFIELD Key Club, Varsity Swimming, Junior Prom Com- mittee, A Cappella, Rally Committee, Student Council. WILLIAM K. FAIT General Activities. RENEE FALLAI Junior Class Treasurer, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Vice President, Aerie Staff, President of Honor Pep Club, NHS, Student of the Week. MARY K. FARMER Pep Club, Ski Club, Ski Team. GARY H. FARNEY Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Foot- ball, Homecoming Committee Chairman, A Cap- pella, Boys' Vice President. LINDA J. FARRELL Pep Club, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, Eaglet Mas- cot, Rally Committee, Dance Committee. RUTH E. FRASER General Activities. Clifford L. Estabrook William K, Fait 46 Beverly Fong Faye Francis Nancy Estes Renee Fallai THOMAS N. FAT Freshman Class Vice President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Body Treasurer, Varsity Base- ball, Student of the Week, Lancers Hi-Y. ALVA FERRELL "C" Track, JV Football, "B" Track, Varsity Track. JOHN FIELDS General Activities. LINDA FISCHER Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Ski Club, Honor Roll, Honor Pep Club, Los Hidalgos, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. BARBARA J. FLANAGAN Pep Club, Drama Club, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Float Committee. BEVERLY FONG General Activities. MICHAEL M. FOOTE Baseball, "B" Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Track. STANLEY G. FORD German Club President, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country. SHIRLEY A. FORD Pep Club, Modern Dance Club, Honor Roll, Dance Committee, Diakonia Tri,Hi-Y, Publicity Staff. NANCY J. FOSS Honor Roll, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, CSF Sec- retary, NHS, Inter-Lingual Club, GAA. KARL J. FOWLER "B" Cross Country, "B" Track Team, Student Service Patrol, A Cappella. FAYE FRANCIS Pep Club, Art Club, Modeling Club, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y Vice President. Spenser S. Ewert Linda J. Farrell Ruth E. Fraser John S. Fairfield Michael A, Euer Sandy L. Eversole Mary K. Farmer Gary H. Farney .rx 5, 'DK Q- r if x 52+ ,X J I br 1 -auf has -av- Ruth Fraser Jim C. Frazelle Jody A. Fredricks Mary Jo Fuchs George N. Fugelsang Gary O. Fuller Karen Freeman Louise Gallman "You crazy woman driver!" HELEN C. GIBSON Drama Club, Future Medics. DOREENA M. GANT Pep Club, Drill Team, Modeling Club, Drama Club. SHARI K. GARRETT CSF, Freshman Dance Committee, Ski Club, Honor Roll. GERALD H. GATES General Activities. BARBARA J. GEISMER National Honor Society, Student Council, Pep Club, Drama Club, French Club, Honor Roll. CHARLES W. GENTRY Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award, Perfect At- tendance Award, Science Club, Radio Club, Math Club. SHARON E. GERDES FBLA. LARRY GIBSON Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award. RUTH FRASER General Activities. JIM C. FRAZELLE General Activities. JODY A. FREDRICKS Aerie Staff, CSF, Beta Chi TriAHi-Y, Quill and Scroll, NHS, Honor Pep Club. MARY JO FUCHS General Activities. GEORGE N. FUGELSANG Junior Class President, Student Council, Student of the Week, Rally Committee, Metropolitan League lnter-School Council, Student of the Week Committee. GARY O. FULLER General Activities. KAREN FREEMAN General Activities. LOUISE GALLMAN Pep Club, GAA, FHA Historian, Shakespeare's Crew. Helen C. Gibson Barbara J. Geismer ' ' --sf-lil i-qui -Juli- -1-,1-'Q-3 1 1' T. X " 5 "But I HAVE to have it for Senior HAT DAY!" Doreena M. Gant Shari K. Garrett Charles W. Gentry Sharon E, Gerdes Gerald H. Gates Larry Gibson JUDITH A. GIORDANO Pep Club, Drill Team, Drama Club, Sophomore Dance Committee. MARILYN J. GIORDANO General Activities. RONALD L. GOESCH Perfect Attendance Award. LEONA R. GOMEZ Pep Club, Drama Club, FHA, Student Council. KATHY L. GOODWALD Sophomore Carnival Committee, German Club Vice President, Pep Club, A Cappella Choir, Drama Club, Tri-Hi-Y. '?""V' JUDY A. GORDON Honor Roll, Ski Club, Quill and Scroll, NHS, El Caminian Staff, Baccalaureate Candlebearer. Judith A. Giordano Marilyn J. Giordano Ronald L. Goesch Leona R. Gomez Kathy L. Goodwald Judy A. Gordon Gordon S. Gore Tom E. Goyne George Gravlee James Grant Richard M. Grant William Graves GORDON S. GORE General Activities. TOM E. GOYNE Honor Roll, Student Coun Club. GEORGE GRAVLEE Pep Band. JAMES GRANT Rod and Gun Club. RICHARD Nl. GRANT Varsity Football, WILLIAM GRAVES General Activities. cil Representative, Ski f ' i PEGGY A. GRAY Latin Club, Future Nurses Club, Student Council Alternate, Betty Crocker Homemaking Award. NORMAN A. GREEN Student Council, Junior Class Vice President, "B" Football, Rally Committee, Ski Club. ROBERT J. GREEN General Activities. JUDY GREENE DONNA GRIMM Pep club, ski Club, Tia-Ha-Y. Future Homemakers of America, Modeling Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll. RENEE GUARIENTE Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Award. Ag 1 ,Z Linda M. Gunckel Ruby E. Gustafson Sharon L. Gundlach Farrell Ann Hagerty 'si-'N 'Q' YJ' ""'T Z 'Nun .ff-fiat ii... 1:7 Peggy A. Gray Judy Greene Carol A. Gurley Charles L. Hagopian pd' Norman A. Green Robert J. Green Donna Grimm Renee Guariente LINDA M. GUNCKEL Student Council Representative. SHARON L. GUNDLACH General Activities. CAROL A. GURLEY Pep Club, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Short- hand Award. RUBY E. GUSTAFSON El Caminian Staff, Quill and Scroll, Twirp Sea- son Committee, Fashion Show Committee, A Cap- pella Choir. FARRELL ANN HAGERTY Pep Club, Ski Club, Honor Roll, Junior Prom Committee, NHS, Rally Committee. CHARLES L. HAGOPIAN Friendship Committee, Varsity Basketball, Honor Roll, Student Council, Swimming Team. H 1 4 DAN L. HALL El Caminian Staff, Quill and Scroll. PAULINE L. HALL Bible Club Devotional Director. ALEXANDER R. HANNIBAL General Activities. BRUCE W. HARMON Key Club, Ski Club, PAIGE L. HARPER JR. Student Council, German Club, Pep Band. RICHARD C. HARR General Activities. Earl Harris Sandra L. Harvey Linda L. Harwood Linda K. Hastings 'sa Y'-fy C89 -auf Dan L. Hall Pauline L. Hall Alexander R. Hannibal Bruce W. Harmon Paige I.. Harper, Jr. Richard C. Harr Joe Harrod Jerry G. Hatton 1 10 Q-11' 3 EARL HARRIS "B" Track SANDRA L. HARVEY Student Service Patrol Secretary, Drama Club. JOE HARROD General Activities. LINDA L. HARVVOOD Pep Club, Baccalaureate Cancllebearer, Quill and Scroll, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, El Caminian Staff Assist- ant Editor, Ski Club. LINDA K. HASTINGS Pep Club, Honor Roll, French Club, High Teen Council, El Caminian Staff, Quill and Scroll. JERRY G. HATTON Swimming Team, Art Club. Joy A. Hatton Lynda M. Heard Robert G. Heidlebaugh Scott Hellinge Andy L. Helms lee Hemminger TERRY P. HENRY General Activities. JOHN A. HERREN General Activities. LYNNE T. HEVVELL Pep Club, FBLA, Art Club, Parliamentarian. GWENETH A. HILDRETH Ski Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Honor Roll, French Club Vice President, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Pep Club Treasurer. GARY D. HILL Drama Club, Senior Band. MICHAEL D. HILL General Activities. Terry P. Henry Gweneth A. Hildreth JOY A. HATTON Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee, Modern Dance Club, Gregg Typing Award, Rally Committee, El Caminian Staff. LYNDA M. HEARD French Club Secretary, Honor Roll, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Honor Pep Club, Graduation Usher, Future Medics. ROBERT G. HEIDLEBAUGH Student Patrol, Ski Club, Pep Band, Scienteeners. SCOTT HELLl NGE General Activities. ANDY L. HELMS French Club, "B" Football, Key Club President, Honor Roll, Honor Service Club, Executive Board. LEE H EMMI NGER General Activities. Lynne T. Hewell Michael D. Hill John A, Herren Gary D. Hill I9- i "" 'J Nancy L. Hill Rich N. Hill David L. Hinds Theola M. Hinshaw Martha L. Hitte Brian G. Hogan Dave Hogge Roberta L. Holbrook Ted Holden Sharlene C. Holm SHARON L, HOPKINS General Activities. NANCY G. HORGAN Pep Club President, Junior Prom Queen, Head Song Leader, Homecoming Queen, Co-Chairman of Homecoming Parade, Executive Board. PAUL HOOGENDORN Honor Roll, FBLA, Gregg Typing Award, Library Honor Club President. DARLENE L. HOUSER General Activities. ALLEN C. HOUSEVVORTH "C" Basketball, "A" Reserve Basketball. DORANNA J. HUARTSON Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Awards, Gregg Short- J hand Awards. MARILYN K. HUBERTY Student Body Dance Committee. PATRICIA A. HUCKABY Pep Club, Perfect Attendance Award, Gregg Typing Award. CHRISTINA R. HUCKABY Spanish Club, Gregg Shorthand Award, Gregg Typing Awards, Drama Club. MARGO A. HUNSICKER Student Council, German Club, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, NHS, Drama Club. JUDITH W. HUNT Pep Club, Honor Roll, Rally Committee, Assembly Committee, CSF, Drama Club. LAREY HUNT Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Basketball. Sharon L. Hopkins Marilyn K. Huberty 5 N I Q Georgia P. Hoffman Dan Hood Nancy G. Horgan Patricia A. Huckabay I 1 l I NANCY L. HILL General Activities. RICH N. HILL JV Football. DAVID L. HINDS French Club, Varsity Golf, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Baseball. THEOLA M. HINSHAW Pep club, HA. MARTHA L. HITTE Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee, FBLA Presi- dent, Tri-Hi-Y. GEORGIA P. HOFFMAN Latin Club, CSF, German Club, Inter-Lingual Club, El Caminian Staff. BRIAN G. HOGAN Freshman Class President. DAVE HOGGE Variety Show, Gregg Typing Aw ROBERTA L. HOLBROOK GAA, "Them." TED HOLDEN General Activities. SHARLENE C. HOLM Pep Club Secretary, Ski Club, FB DAN HOOD General Activities. ard. LA, Music Club, Paula Hooger-,dom Darlene L. Houser Allen C. Houseworth Christina R, Huckaby Margo A. Hunsicker Juditln W. Hunt Doranna J. Huartson Larey Hunt L11 0 fs.-'eq Nix 'ry-v '27 Gaylord K. Huth Bob D. James Julie A. Johnson Keitha M. Johnson A aim" Gary A. Jansma Franklin David Jenkins Donald G. Jerue Mike J. Johnson Renee J, Johnson Leanne Johnston Carter E. Jones Mark B. Kalenius CARTER E. JONES "B" Football, Sophomore Class President, Varsity Swimming. LOIS JONES Gregg Typing Award, Honor Roll, Library Honor Society Vice President, MARTHALEE JONES Junior Pep Club, A Cappella Choir. JOSEPH R. JUGE Varsity Football, Block EC. CAROLYN M. JUSTICE General Activities. ROBERT L. KAHN General Activities. MARK B. KALENIUS Varsity Golf, Varsity Football, Block EC. GARY G. KARDE Honor Roll, Key Club, Q ui l l and S c r o l I, A Cappella, El Caminian Staff, 5hakespeare's Crew. JACLYN l.. KARR Pep Club, GAA, Spanish Club, FTA JAMES E. KAUEFROATH Senior Band, A Cappella Choir. CAROL R. KEEMA Dial-conia Tri'Hi-Y Treasurer, Varsity Cheerleader, , Homecoming Princess, CSF, Honor Roll, Bacca- I , laureate Candlebearer. xi, . DAVID W. KEEVER , General Activities. K Jerry S. Johnson Leanne Johnston Lois Jones Gary G. Karde GAYLORD K. HUTFI Science Club, Tennis Team, CSF, Honor Roll. BOB D. JAMES General Activities. GARY A. JANSMA Sophomore Dance Comm Award, Varsity Baseball. ittee, Gregg Typing FRANKLIN DAVID JENKINS Rifle Team, A Cappella, Senior Band. DONALD G. JERUE Perfect Attendance Award. JERRY S. JOHNSON Student of the Week, Var ball, Varsity Basketball. sity Golf, Varsity Foot- JULIE A. JOHNSON Honor Roll, Pep Club, Modeling Club Vice Presi- dent, Beta Chi Tri'Hi-Y, KEITHA M. JOHNSON FHA Vice President. MIKE J. JOHNSON Basketball, Baseball, Block EC. PAU L JOHNSON General Activities. RENEE J. JOHNSON Pep Club, Modeling Club, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. LEANNE JOHNSTON I Ski Club Secretary, Student of the Week, Art Club President, CSF, Spanish Club, NHS, A Capella. Marthalee Jones Jaclyn L. Karr Joseph R. Juge James E. Kauffroath Xx S' Carolyn M. Justice Carol R. Keema Robert L. Kahn David W. Keever 1 'ls Cl is-ji 1 'wt Gordon R. Keiser Suzanne L. Kellogg Dennis L. Kelly Ken B- KSIIY Ron Kelly Richard E, Kempster Hope A. Kennedy NIBYQUSYITS Nl. Kent "You JUNIORS better watch your step!" RICHARD L. KENT General Activities. JOAN A. KERR General Activities. JANET KHATOONIAN Pep Club, FTA. JACK D. KINIBRO JV Football, Student Council, Track. NANCY L. KIMMEL Pep Club, Freshman Dance Committee, Student Council. MAX R. KINDALL Les Francophiles, FTA, Inter-Lingual Club. BARBARA KING Honor Roll, FTA. PHILIP KING Varsity Golf. - GORDON R. KEISER General Activities. SUZANNE L. KELLOGG French Club, GAA, CSF, Honor Roll, Honor Service Club, Perfect Attendance Award, DENNIS L. KELLY Honor Roll. KEN B. KELLY "B" Football, Swimming Team. RON KELLY Honor Roll, CSF Treasurer, Varsity Cross Country, French Club Treasurer, NHS, Voice of Democracy Contest School Winner. RICHARD E. KEMPSTER JV Baseball, "B" Basketball, Block EC, Hi-Y, Varsity Baseball. HOPE A. KENNEDY General Activities. MARGUERITE Nl. KENT General Activities. f .l5L:i1f7"""" - s -4 m,,,"ZIf5 Q.. K . . L 'lr f '.3'v H' rl f- E,L ' l at 1" ' I , . .!"""7, ... , .L-N, ,....-v .4 'I as "l wonder where Dennis is" H - z ,A an Richard L. Kent Joan A. Kerr Janet Khatoonian Jack D. Kimbro Nancy L. Kimmel Max R. Kindall Barbara King Philip King g Q5 Q' 'FP s.r"'t if Z YN'-Y SUE E. KING Drill Team, Gregg Typing Awards. LlNDA L. KIOUS Rally Committee Chairman, JV Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council, El Caminian Staff, Student of the Week, Executive Board. PETER KLAGER General Activities. PATRICIA L. KLINE Pep Club, Gregg 'Typing Award, FBLA, Rally Committee, Modeling Club, Honor Roll. KAREN A. KLOTZ Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, Honor Pep Club, Aerie Editor, Executive Board, CSF, Model Legis- lature, CHARLES KLUG General Activities. Dixie V. Knighton Robin S. Koepke Bonnie J. Konvalin Richard D. Kohn Sue E. King Patricia L. Kline Kathryn J. Koepsell Natalie J, Konvalin Linda L. Kious Peter Klager Karen A. Klotz Charles Klug DIXIE V. KNIGHTON Pep Club, GAA, Student Patrol, Fashion Show. ROBIN S. KOEPKE General Activities. KATHRYN J. KOEPSELL Honor Pep Club, Modeling Club, Junior Prom Committee, Honor Roll, Drama Club, Pep Club. BONNIE J. KONVALIN Head Song Leader, Junior Prom Princess, Home- coming Princess, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Vice President, A Cappella, Honor Roll. RICHARD D. KOHN French Club, Ski Club, Drama Club. NATALIE J. KONVALIN FNA, Assembly Committee, Drama Club, Future Medicg, Student Council Alternate, Gregg Typing Award. JE L 'fe' vs' Lana L. Kurk Jim E. Kurtz Jon E. Kurz Nancy B. Knutsen Earl J. Lacure Betty E. Lane EDWARD C. LANGE, JR. Shakespeare's Crew. GEORGE B. LARGE Ski Club, "B" Football, Block EC, Ski Team. HOWARD P. LARSEN Cross Country, Rifle Team. ROBERT D. LA RUE Honor Roll, Varsity Baseball Team, Greg Awards, Perfect Attendance Award. BOB J. LAMOURE General Activities. SHARON K. LAVERENZ General Activities. Q Typing Edward C. Lange, Jr. Robert D. La Rue LANA L. KURK Pep Club, Lofogo Tri-Hi,Y, Drill Team, FBLA. JIM E. KURTZ Junior Float Committee, Junior Carnival Commit- tee, Rally Committee, Rally Committee Float, Gregg Typing Award. JON E. KURZ "B"- Football, "B" Basketball, Student Council, Variety Show, Rally Committee Float Chairman, Junior Prom Committee. I NANCY B. KNUTSEN Pep Club, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Shorthand Award, Drill Team. EARL J. LACURE Honor Roll, Honor Service Club. BETTY E. LANE Drama Club, Ski Club. Howard P. Larsen Sharon K. Laverenz George B. Large Bob J. Lamoure CLYDE E. -LAWRENCE General Activities. JACQULYN E. LEA Future Medics President, Honor Roll, Latin Club, Roman Banquet Chairman, NHS. ROY E. LEE General Activities. NANCY M. LEIGHTER Pep Club, GAA, Gregg Typing Awards, Gregg Shorthand Award. RITA E. LEINEKE GAA, FHA. GIBBY W. LENTZ Honor Roll, Block EC President, Lancers Hi-Y, "B" Football, Model Legislature, Varsity Track. 1 Clyde E. Lawrence Jacqulyn E. Lea Roy E, Lee Nancy M. Leighter Rita E. Leineke Gibby W. Lentz Richard A- LGSSZRSUI' Marlene Lewis Patti G. Lewis Carol Liden Jerry L. Lindell Gayle Lindy-neir RICHARD A. LESSZKEUR Second Place in Industrial Arts Show, El Camin- ian Staff, Aerie Staff. MARLENE LEWIS Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. PATTI G. LEWIS Spanish Club, Pep Club, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council, Junior Float Committee. CAROL LIDEN Latin Club, Scienteeners Treasurer, NHS, Math Club, GAA Recorder-Historian and Sports Man- ager. JERRY L. LlNDELL .IV Football, JV Track, Spanish Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Baseball. GAYLE LINDMEIR American Field Service Exchange Student. JAN C. LOGAN Aerie Assistant Editor, Quill and Scroll Secretary, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y President, Rally Committee, CSF, Inter-Club Council World Service Chairman. ROBERT E. LOUGY General Activities. LINDA J. LUCAS FHA Historian, Ski Club. TOM E. LUCAS General Activities. RUSS J. LUDEKE Track Team. RON W. LUKENBILL First Place Industrial Arts Award. Philip E. Lundstrom Patricia B.'Mahoney Jeanie MacDonald Catherine M. Maiorana FS 'Z YS' -iff Jan C. Logan Tom E. Lucas Theodore A. Magnin Rosalie M. Manas 'q I W' 'IQ I Robert E. Lougy Linda J. Lucas Russ J. Ludeke Ron W. Lukenbill PHILIP E. LUNDSTROM FTA Publicity Director, A Cappella. JEANIE MacDONALD GAA, Pepsters, Modern Dance Club, A Cappella. THEODORE A. MAGNIN Foreign Exchange Student, Homecoming Con- cessions' Co-Chairman, Key Club, Student of the Week. PATRICIA B. MAHONEY Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Honor Roll, EI Caminian Staff, Quill and Scroll, "Snowed Inn" Chairman. CATHERINE M. MAIORANA Pep Club, Drama Club, Hobby Club, FBLA, GAA. ROSALIE M. MA NAS Pep Club President, Modeling Club, Evaluation Board, Pep Club Mascot. 'P' f, N-7 - 47 -4-nsqpve 'tv 1227 x-, 'EZ' Beverly J. Mazzola Velda A. Medcalf Rona D. Meinzer Debbie Meister Dlfane MeYef- George T. Micson Richard L. Miller Richard V. Miller Richard L. Miller MICIWQI G- Millef JOSEPH N. MANLEY General Activities. ESTHER M. MANN Pep Club, GAA. CAROLYN S. MANSELL Honor Roll, Shakespeare's Crew, Honor Roll, FHA. I PATTI A. MAPLES Senior Class Secretary, Honor Pep Club, Home- coming Princess, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y President, Stu- dent Council, Inter-Club Council Treasurer. . DENNIS P. MARINO Evaluation Board, Honor Roll, Second Place IAA Contest. JACQUELINE J. MARLIAVE SANDRA MARQUISS Honor Roll, CSF, NHS Certificate for Scholarship, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Gregg Typing Awards. BARBARA L. MARSHALL French Club Secretary, GAA, Pep Club, Ski Club, Carnival Committee. LINDA E. MARVIN Military Ball Princess, Pep Band, Slci ior Play, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y, Ski Club. GARY D. MATTESON Radio Club. FRED E. MAYBERRY Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football. CURTIS W. MORTON Club, Sen- Joseph N. Manley Sandra Marquiss , -.J W7 Student Council, Pep Club, Fashion Show. General Activities. William Meyers Michael G. Miller Esther M. Mann Barbara L. Marshall BEVERLY J. MAZZOLA Pep Club, Ski Club Treasurer, Ski Team, Senior Float Committee, Lofogo Tri-HieY Secretary, Model Legislature. VELDA A. MEDCALF GAA. RONA D. MEINZER Honor Roll, A Cappella, NHS, CSF, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Inter-Lingual Club. DEBBIE MEISTER Ski Team, Pep Club, Ski Club, Student Council, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. DUANE MEYER Student Council, "B" Football. WILLIAM MEYERS Basketball Team. GEORGE T. MICSAN El Caminian Staff, NHS, CSF, Quill RICHARD L. MILLER "B" Basketball, "A" Ski Team, "A" RICHARD V. MILLER "B" Football, JV Football, "A" ball, Varsity Football Manager, ball Manager. RICHARD L. MILLER General Activities. GEORGE F. MILLER I and Scroll. Football. Reserve Basket- Varsity Basket- CSF North Region Vice Chairman, Latin Club President, Tennis Team, Aerie Staff. MICHAEL G. MILLER IAA Award, Varsity Golf. Carolyn S. Mansell Linda E. Marvin Patti A. Maples Gary D. Matteson Dennis P. Marino Fred E. Mayberry 3 Ji v.-:iv us- V1 X Jacqueline J. Marliave Curtis W. Morton PATTI J. MILLER Gregg Typing Award. DORIS J. MILLER General Activities. CAROL J. MILLER General Activities. JANET L. MINER Honor Roll, Christmas Play, Pep Club, GAA, CSF. DAVE W. MITCHELL JV Football, Baseball Team, El Caminian Staff, Quill and Scroll. HELEN MITCHELL General Activities. DIANA MOE Pepsters, Pep Band, Quill and Scroll, GAA Presi- dent, El Caminian Staff. DORIS M. MONROE Honor Roll, FBLA, Bible Club President, Gradua- tion Usherette. DONALD A. MOORE General Activities. WILLIAM R. MORELAND Pep Band Leader, Student of the Week, A Cap- pella, Student Council, NHS Award, American Field Service Committee. JOE W. MORGAN Friendship Committee. JERRY MORRISON "C" Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Foot- ball, Student Council, Lancers Hi-Y, Gregg Typing Awards. Patrick D. Morrow Sharon R. Mullica Ken E. Morton Larry E. Mullinix Patti J. Miller Diana Moe Darlene E. Mosier Allen B. Moxley Jeanelle A. Muir Grant Murchison Sharon L. Murray Douglas O. MacBricIe vita W , M 'fs ,Y-M 'Yu Ci 'uzzrt 13" lib Su., John H. McConnell Lois McCorkle Ruth A. McCormick John J. McDaniel Dennis McFadden Sue McGrath Robert L. McHugh John K. McKeag t, l. A successful Senior Teach Day! JOHN H. MCCONNELL Honor Roll, Variety Show, Finance Committee, Honor Service Club. LOIS MCCORKLE Ski Club, Gregg Typing Awards, RUTH A. MCCORMICK Pep Club President, Student Body Treasurer, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Modeling Club, Executive Board, JOHN J. MCDANIEL JV Football, Varsity Football, DENNIS MCFADDEN Football Team, Student Council, Friendship Com- mittee, NHS. SUE MCGRATH Pep Club, Ski Club. ROBERT L. McHUGH Student Council, Honor Roll, Aerie Staff, JV Football, Junior Float Committee, Co-Chairman of Publications Float. JOHN K. McKEAG "B" Football, JV Football, Block EC, Lancers Hi-Y, El Caminian Staff, - - - -L BILL R. MCKINLEY Student Patrol, Key Club. ARTHUR A. MCKINNON "C" Basketball, "C" Track, "B" Football, Junior Prom Committee, MARY M. MacKlNNON Latin Club, Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Student Council, Drama Club. CLAIRE E. MCLAUGHLIN Spanish Club, NHS, Honor Roll, Senior Class Treasurer, Dialconia Tri-Hi-Y, Dance Committee. MICHAEL L. MCMULLEN .JV Baseball, President, Lancers Hi-Y, French Club, Honor Roll. ROBERT B. McNAIRN CSF President, NHS President, Los Hidalgos, Honor Service Club Vice President, Evaluation Board, Lions Club Speech Finalist. NEIL H. NAVES General Activities. MARY W. NEIL Rally Committee, Student Council, Publicity Board, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y President, Homecoming Half- time Activities Chairman, Sacramento Bee Corre- sponding Secretary. Bill R. McKinley Michael L. McMullen Ziff, 4- 'bu Arthur A. McKinnon Robert B. McNairn 3 'AY 3 The sober senior breakfast. Mary M. MacKinnon Neil Naves 127 Claire E. McLaughlin Mary W. Neil if 95. sa -J Gloria J. O'Shell Marlene R. Ott Judith L. Palmer Lucretia A. Pardee JOni Parino Sharon A. Paulson Robert B. Peasley Beverlee A. Peck Ellen J. Pendley Donna L. Penfield ERIC T. NELSON Student Patrol, Ski Club, Freshman Dance Com mittee, Sophomore Dance Committee, "C" Base ketball, Fashion Show. MARGARET L. NETHERBY CSF, NHS, Los Hidalgos, Quill and Scroll, El Caminian, Junior Statesman State Editor. FRANK G. NEVVNIAN Hi-Y, Golf Team, Ski Club. JIM NICHOLS Student Council, Varsity Football, A Cappella, Varsity Swimming, SHEILA C. NICHOLS Pep Club, German Club Secretary, A Cappella. DAVID E. NIEDERLOH "Blithe spam." l JOHN NIGHTINGALE General Activities, PATRICIA R. NORMINGTON General Activities. STEVEN D. NORTHRUP Student Council Alternate, JV Basketball, Varsity Track, Lancers Hi-Y Secretary, Varsity Football. LOIS D. OLIVER General Activities. RAYMOND O. OLIVER Track Team, Junior Float Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Ski Club, BARBARA A. OSBORNE FBLA, FBLA Homecoming Float. Q l Eric T. Nelson John Nightingale K 1 Judy R. Pauley Christine Perdis Margaret L. Netherby Patricia R. Normington :SC '1 GLORIA J. O'SHELL Art Club, Pep Club, Drill Team, Student Council Alternate. MARLENE R. OTT Publicity Staff, Student of the Week Chairman, El Caminian Staff, Assembly Committee, Student Body Recorder-Historian, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y Treas- urer. JUDlTH L. PALMER Pep Club, FHA. LUCRETIA A. PARDEE Honor Roll, NHS, Evaluation Board, Math Club Treasurer, Future Medics President, Baccalaureate Candlebearer. JONI PARINO Pep Club, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y. JUDY R. PAULEY FBLA, Honor Library Club. SHARON A. PAULSON GAA, Honor Roll, Pep Club, Future Medics, Lo- fogo Tri-Hi-Y. ROBERT B. PEASLEY "B" Football, Block EC Secretary, "B" Swim- ming, Varsity Football, Lancers Hi-Y, Inter-Club Council President. BEVERLEE A. PECK Pep Club, Modeling Club, Ski Club, Drama Club, Student Council Alternate, Gregg Typing Awards. ELLEN J. PENDLEY FBLA. DONNA L. PENFlELD Pepsters, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. CHRISTINE PERDIS Student Council Alternate, Honor Roll, NHS, Hon- or Pep Club, Shakespeare's Crew. Frank G. Newman Steven D. Northrup Jim Nichols Lois D. Oliver -45'-ff Sheila C. Nichols Raymond O. Oliver 4? JL 'TUV yung. David E. Niederloh Barbara A. Osborne Y:-ef' .pie 'U' Mike E. Peterson Sandfa l-- PITIIIIPS Lawrence L. Pickens Connie Pleffe JOANN A. PINGITORE General Activities. ELAINE D. PISCIOTTA Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Ski Club, Shakespeare's Crew, Modeling Club, Modern Dance Club. MARY M. POOLE Pep Club, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Snowed Inn Queen. SHIRLEY J. POOLE General Activities. WARREN K. POTTER Inter-Lingual Club, Ski Club, Drum Maior. JOANNE POTTER Pep Club, GAA, Homecoming Reception Commit- tee, Variety Show, Modern Dance Club. Donna Pickering Suzanne Pinckard Joann A. Pingitore Shirley J. Poole MIKE E. PETERSON Senior Band. SANDRA L. PHILLIPS Ski Club. DONNA PICKERING GAA. LAWRENCE L. PICKENS General Activities. CONNIE PIERCE Pep Club, Modern Dance Club, EI Caminian Staff, Drama Club. SUZANNE PINCKARD Pep Club, GAA, A Cappella, Tri-Hi-Y. Elaine D. Pisciotta Mary M. Poole Warren K. Potter Joanne Potter fl ?' RALPH OLESEN General Activities. BILL F. POWELL "B" Football, JV Baseball, "B" Basketball, Varsity Football. MARY J. POWERS Gregg Typing Award, CHARLES R. PRECOBB "B" Football, JV Football, "B" Track, Varsity Track, Hi-Y, Varsity Football. CHARLES W. PRESTON Christmas Play, Shakespeare's Crew. WANDA JEAN PRICE GAA, FTA Parliamentarian, FTA. Susan Proctor Shirley A. Raney Gary L. Queale Sydney Rasmussen L' 1:9 Z' Ralph Olesen Charles R. Precobb John A. Ramos Pat J. Reed 1-FY K lg? t' Qs tr! Bill F. Powell Mary J. Powers Charles W. Preston Wanda J. Price SUSAN PROCTOR General Activities. GARY L. QUEALE Student of the week, Battalion Adiutant, Pro- duction-Advertising, Rifle Team. JOHN A. RAMOS Basketball Team, Honor Roll, Track, Gregg Typing Award, SHIRLEY A. RANEY Bible Club Vice President, Gregg Typing Award. SYDNEY RASMUSSEN General Activities. PAT J. REED General Activities. - - Martha D. Reese Kenneth F. Reid Barton W. Reynolds Carol A. Reynolds Jana L. Reynolds Judith A. Richards LESTIA A. RICHMOND Ski Club. LINDA D. RIGALL Honor Roll, A Cappella, Student Council. SHARON M. RIPLEY Honor Roll, A Cappella, Ch JUNE M. RITCHIE GAA, Future Medics Club. JOYCE J. ROACH ram, Bible Club. CARL ROGERS General Activities. ristmas Variety Show. Lestia A. Richmond June M. Ritchie MARTHA D. REESE Junior Class Secretary, Junior Class Float, Sopho- more Class Secretary, Sophomore Dance Com- mittee Chairman, Pep Club, Drama Club. KENNETH E. REID General Activities. BARTON W. REYNOLDS Swimming Team, Honor Roll, CIF Sectional Swim- ming Medal. CAROL A. REYNOLDS Ski Club, Art Club, Modeling Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Mod- ern Dance Club, Gregg Typing Awards. JANA L. REYNOLDS Student Council, Maiorette. JUDITH A. RICHARDS Song Leader, Junior Prom Princess, Student Body Dance Committee Chairman, CSF, NHS, Inter-School Council Representative. Linda D. Rigall Sharon M. Ripley Joyce J. Roach Carl Rogers dl 5 .,.. A All CAROLYN S. ROSE Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Art Club, Perfect Attendance Award. TONI ROSE Student Council, Pep Club, Hi Teen Council, A Cappella. JUDY A. ROSS Honor Roll, Military Ball Princess, Librarian Honor Society Secretary. NICK D. ROSSI JV Football, Art Club. PATTY D. ROWLETT Freshman Class Secreiary, Military Ball Princess, El Caminlan, Quill and Scroll, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll. BONNIE ROTH Modeling Club, Art Club. Eddie L. Roy Charles R. Rundle Donna G. Sanders George F. Saulner Ni' -J Y? Carolyn S. Rose Nick D. Rossi Dianna M. Ruttan Jerry O. Scheff Toni Rose Judy A. Ross Pat D. Rowlette Bonnie L. Roth EDDIE L. ROY Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball, "B" Basket- ball. CHARLES R. RUNDLE General Activities. DIANNA M. RUTTAN FBLA, Sl-iakespeare's Crew, Maiorette, Thespian Society. DONNA G. SANDERS Junior Prom Princess, Student Council, Song Leader, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, Honor Roll, CFSC Delegate. GEORGE F. SAUTNER Football Manager, FTA President, A.Cappella. JERRY O. SCHEFF General Activities. 11" Asn. w-ff' Ku-ff Joann S. Schmidt Jacque F. Schmitt Marilee Schneider Kathleen L. Schoener Sandra J. Schultz Phyllis J. Seeds Gail J. Sellstrom Gary T. Sharp MARY E. SHERBURN NHS, CSF, Pep Club, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Publicity Staff, Student of the Week Comittee. MARION C. SIMS General Actvities. MARLENE A. SISLER Alternate Home Room Representative, Pep Club, Hi-Teen Council, Honor Roll, A Cappella, Junior Prom Decoration Committee. SANDRA C. SMART Aerie Staff, Halls of Ivy Co-Chairman, Publicity Chairman for Operetta, Carnival Committee, Variety Show Scenes. CAROLE J. SMITH French Club, Pep Club, Ski Club, FNA, Shake- speare's Crew, Senior Play. CATHY J. SMITH General Activities HELEN M. SHIRLEY Attendance Award, Quill and Scroll, Typing Award, El Caminian Staff, Drama Club. FRANK L. SMITH General Activities. MARGARET E. SMITH Orchestra. ROBERT H. SMITH General Activities. ROBERT H. SMITH Honor Roll, Pep Band, Key Club, Student Coun- SAM D. SMITH Honor Roll, Pep Band, Key Club, Student Patrol, Gregg Typing Award, Student Council. General Activities Peter N. Schoener Barbara J. Shelden Mary E, Sherburn Helen M. Shirley 'Bw sf- 6 .ai at Donald Shupe Alice M. Simpson Marion C. Sims Frank L. Smith tv? iq' ssc.- L JOANN SCHMIDT Pep Club, Sophomore Dance Committee, Model- ing Club. JACQUE F. SCHMITT Pep Club, Student Council Alternate, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer. MARILEE SCHNEIDER Student Council, Pep Club, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y Corre- sponding Secretary, Homecoming Float Committee. KATHLEEN l.. SCHOENER Pep Club, German Club, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. PETER N. SCHOENER General Activities. DONALD SHUPE JV Basketball, Frosh Baseball, Varsity Football, Gregg Typing Award. SANDRA J. SCHULTZ Honor Roll, Drama Club, FHA, Pep Club, Model- ing Club. PHYLLIS J. SEEDS General Activities. GAIL J. SELLSTROM General Activities. GARY T. SHARP Ski Club. BARBARA J. SHELDEN Modeling Club President, Publicity Staff, Stu- dent of the Week, Lofogo T Princess. ALICE M. SIMPSON FTA, FBLA, Homecoming Float, ri-Hi-Y, Military Ball Typing Awards. Marlene A. Sisler Margaret E. Smith Sandra C. Smart Robert H. Smith f f sf .. v.. V xx 'Q 'X .-yr Carole J. Smith Cathy J. Smith Robert H. Smith Sam D. Smith art. f 1. f ' ' ,Q-. -of ,. riff JOANNE R STONESIFER Pep Club Student Council, Commissioner of Student Service Patrol Teen of the Week, Shake- Honor Cadet Military Ball Chairman. Pep Club Honor Roll Modeling Club, Fashion Show Evaluation Board Gregg Typing Award. WALLACE L STRADER Rod and Gun Club Ski Club. SANDRA SOLIDAY Drama Club President, French Club, "Blithe Spirit." DON STRAW Freshman Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Bas- ketball, Varsity Baseball. WAYNE E. STROTH Perfect Attendance Award. CAROLYN STROTHER Baccalaureate Candlebearer, LYNNE M. STUART Service Patrol. GEORGE SURMEIER Key Club, Ski Club. Elinor Somerville Sharon K. Steenbarger ."f ai no ps " Sandra L. Snyder Sandra Soliday Beverly South Lyle Speegle .Jerry A. Sprague Laura A. Stiney Henry Stinnett Steven H. Stoltz '7 WX- L 7.4-v 1-Q, IU'- 'Z' 5 T7 Joanne R. Stonesifer Barbara Storer Stephen Storme Judy A. Storro Wallace L. Strader Don Straw WHYWC E- Sffolh Carolyn M. Strother Lynne Stuart George Surmeier Joan A. Swanzy Barbara A. Swartz I 1' JOHN F. SOLUSKY Freshman Baseball, KFBK-Sacramento Baseball All- Star, Varsity Baseball, "A" Reserve Basketball, JV Football. ELINOR F. SOMERVILLE Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, CSF, NHS, FHA, Honor Roll, Student Council, Senior Float Com- mittee. BEVERLY SOUTH Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee. LYLE SPEEGLE Honor Roll, NHS, Varsity Football, Lancers Hi-Y President, Block EC, Aerie Staff. JERRY A. SPRAGUE General Activities. JOAN A. SWANZY Dramatic Arts. CRAIG STALKER Varsity Golf. SHARON K. STEENBURGER Pep Club. LAURA A. STINEY Gregg Shorthand Award. HENRY O. STINNETT Honor Roll, "A" Track. STEVEN H. STOLTZ Freshman Baseball, JV Baseball, ball, Lancers Hi-Y, Block EC. BARBARA A. SWARTZ General Activities. Varsity Basket- Ed W. Tabor Loretta M. Talmadge Ralph O. Taylor Sally C. Tawse Cynthia M. Thomas Lowell W. Thomas ARTHUR W. THOMPSON JV Baseball. JIM W. THOMPSON FBLA, Rifle Team, Thespian Honor Society, Stage Production Manager. JAUNITA D. THOMPSON General Activities. GAlL G. TOMBLIN Baccalaureate Candlebearer, Commissioner of Public Relations, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y President, Honor Pep Club, Carnival Committee, Publicity Staff Head. DUANE C. TRAYLOR General Activities. JUDY A. TROWE Pep Club, Art Club, Student Service Patrol, Gregg Typing Award, Gregg Shorthand Award. Arthur W. Thompson Gail G. Tomblin ED W. TABOR Freshman Baseball, Basketball, Varsity Track, Cub Edition Sports Editor, LORETTA M. TALMADGE General Activities. RALPH O. TAYLOR General Activities. SALLY C. TAWSE GAA, Pep Club, Los Hidalgos, laureate Usherette. CYNTHlA M. THOMAS Ski Club, Bacca- Art Club Treasurer, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y President, Friendship Committee, Student Council, Modeling Club, Student Patrol Award. LOWELL VV. THOMAS Key Club, Drama Club, CSF. Jim W, Thompson Duane C. Traylor Jaunita D. Thompson Judy A. Trowe LINDA A. TRUSSEL Latin Club Vice President, NHS, CSF, Baccalau- reate Candlebearer, Student Council, Honor Serv- ice Club. LORALEE D. TUCKER Spanish Club, CSF, Honor Roll, Scienteeners Sec- retary, NHS, Baccalaureate Candlebearer. CHARLOTTE E. TYRRELL Drama Club, Ski Club, Diakonia Tri-Hi-Y, Modeling Club, Shakespeare's Crew, Gregg Typing Award. DELORES J. ULLERY General Activities. DALE E. VAGLE General Activities. DAVID L. VAGLE General Activities. Gail J. Vagle Rosie Valdez Richard O. Viale ,-Q an iw 5-. YS' f. xv 7'f"':p Linda A. Trussel Loralee D. Tucker Charlotte E- Tyrrell Delores J. Ullery Dale E. Vagle David L- Vagle Vicki Vertrees Margaret A. Van Der Volgen Carol Waddell ,awp ae? f'q i YP!-Ir x..a GAIL J. VAGLE FBLA, Gregg Sliorthan ROSIE VALDEZ General Activities, VICKI VERTREES Loiogo Tri-Hi-Y, Pep d Award. Club, Ski Club, GAA Repre- sentative, Junior Prom Cleanup Committee Chair- man, Drama Club. MARGARET A. VAN DER VOLGEN Pep Club, Homecoming Reception Committee, Ski Club. RICHARD O. VIALE Student Council, H Block EC. CAROL WADDEL Pep Club, Junior Stat Club, FTA. onor Roll, Varsity Track, L CSYTIBN, A Cappella, German in 5 DON J. WAGONER Art Club, Pep Band, Ski Club, Bible Club, Track. LESLIE E. WAIGHT Tri'Hi-Y World Service Chairman, Small Props Chairman for Plays. MARSHA D. WALDE Gregg Typing Awards. LEE R. WALLACE Honor Roll, Gregg Typing Awards. LONNA M. WALLACE Pep Club, Modeling Club, Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, El Caminian Staff, Quill and Scroll. MARLIN W. WALLING All-City Basketball, All-Metropolitan Tournament Basketball, All-Conference Track, Varsity Football, Hi-Y, Honor Roll. 'li I Boyd Walter Carolyn S. Ward Corlene L. Warren Bob B. Welch 2 H9-All 1? Wg E? Don J, Wagoner Lee R. Wallace Shelah E. Ward John L, Wetsel 6'3- K- x--f if Leslie E. Waight Marsha D. Walde Lonna M. Wallace Marlin W. Walling BOYD WALTER "B" Football. CAROLYN S. WARD Pep Club, Art Club. SHELAH E. WARD General Activities. CORLENE L. WARREN Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Float Committee. BOB B. WELCH Gregg Typing Awards, Lions Club Speech Con- test Trophy, "C" Track, "B" Cross Country, Thanksgiving Play. JOHN L. WETSEL Varsity Football, Varsity Swimming. l 1 H - - ig- , 3 fs, ,ng Marilyn J. Wharton John C, Whitaker Marlene D. Whiteman Rita A. Whitespear CAM WICKHAM Varsity Cadet Rifle Team, Varsity Cadet Drill Team, Varsity Cadet Color Guard, Cadet Company Commander. CARL WILCOX I tee. I EARL WILLEY General Activities. I LEDA WILLIAMS - Typing Avvard, Shorthand Award. I DARLA WILSON FTA. ROBERT WILSON General Activities, Variety Show, A Cappella, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Tennis Team, Senior Play, Rally Commit- I Sheila White Carolee Whitman Cam Wickham Leda E. Williams it MARILYN WHARTON GAA, FNA Historian. CURT WHITAKER Basketball Team SHEILA WHITE General Activities. MARLENE WHITEMAN Homeroom Alternate RITA WHITESPEARE GAA. CORALEE WHITMAN General Activities. Earl R. Willey Robert L. Wilson Carl E. Wilcox Darla Jean Wilson rl ,gt W! New sf--ff hu. Joyce R. Winkelman J. Lynn Young Douglas E. Wright Janice F. Yenoukian Dennis J- YGOMBFIS Virginia Young Lolita K. Zook l-Offalne J- Zube JOYCE R. WINKELMAN German Club, Honor Roll, NHS, CSF, FTA, Bacca- laureate Candlebearer. DOUGLAS E. WRIGHT Varsity Swimming, Rod and G Arts Award, Varsity Baseball. JANICE F. YENOUKIAN General Activities. DENNIS .I. YEOIVIANS Froslt Baseball, Swimming. un Club, Industrial JO LYNN YOUNG Student Council, Typing Awards, Lofogo Tri-Hi-Y. VIRGINIA YOUNG President Los Hidalgos, Vice President CSF, NHS, State Librarian CACS, Executive Board, Honor Pep Club. LOLITA K. ZOOK Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, NHS, CSF, Aerie Staff, Latin Club, Baccalaureate Candlebearer. LORRAINE ZUBE Student of the Week, Treasurer Los Hidalgos, Bank of America Awards, Secretary CSF. THE MEMORABLE SE IOR BALL ig, Would you like to go . . . He finally asked me! AQ wiv' I hope I look all right! l Off for a wonderful evenlng. RAPHS RAPHS RAPHS J U ICR CLASS gn af Q? '-Qsx fl BILL McMILLON President JAY HARRIS Vnce President 'lx CAROLE DRAPER Secretary SITA NICHOLS Treasurer Wunnerful Wunnerful ns the word for this ternfrc Junlor year With cam paugns and electrons out of the way the Class of 59 set rnght to work on a float for the Homecomlng parade Their hard work and sxncere efforts were rewarded with third place against some really stuff competutnon Theur next bug gob was the campaign for dues and although they lagged behind at flrst partncupatnon um proved and once agann the Juniors moved ahead Other actuvltles uncluded an after game dance put on In conlunctnon wnth Honor Pep Club and a booth at the Carnival The hxghlnght of the year was the fabulous Junaor Prom With music provlded by the Blackhawks of Davns thus never to be forgotten evening brought a flttlng clnmax to a truly successful year K- 19,5533 , ' I ,M I Q ",. ,. X "' Z K x if .Q X f A Aa f""s 1 0' '51 , r E7 ZS ,, I l,, . . . . . ' . - 1 I I . , I . . I . . , . - ES AHEAD Juniors hard at work for a terrific Junior Prom! Y -ef' ' X m x V, i X .SA-3- Ig JM , A -Y z 'iii ' 7' Q P Juniors piece third in Homecoming Parade! Dues boost their budget! QEERY J L.. Jim Aalgaard Edith Abbott Russ Abbott Mary Ahlquist Nancy Alberson Sue Ames Mary Anderson Sally Anderson Ron Andreasen Darlene Andreotti Richard Andrews Ron Andrews Marolyn Ansted Pete Applegate Pete Arbini Jan Archibald Sabra Atherton Carol Ault Bette Babcock Jim Bartholomew Gloria Backstrom Bill Baker Delmar Baker Patti Baker Richard Banyai Gordon Barkley Brenda Bayne Bill Beachem Kathy Beagle Patt Beaumont That ll take care of the writing-but what if he asks you to take an oral examination? Q 43- 'Q '- ' ,, me if -2 1- ef-J Q, , ,... Y Qu? ks jr 453, I .Nl RM 6 X I 2 X Y l f' '-li 1 ig I ,J 4.6, , ilu a rl J t l 'r' lla . I? 'JJ lx . 5 F: " 7: t ,,, lxX.,Qf,, , . Q A T37 ' .- All 'A' A A A 'I A '1 J 'TAZYA A ' Bit i,, W ' fu 'Q fo-A 't ,Qi IP iw 'gh Z, C' ig g 2 1 - Q , ix ' -, I Q 'J' E r-,YQ J ve- , , 5 uw XXV,-f I x ' 1 J i A P A .1 Q fr' N J 5 t ' NVMY A ,W , A ,5 'W' .fi v. "1 ' J, -3 1' :T - fg A . V- "Q . ivy, , ts Y ,I Q sql, X ' K I :ivy 'T' Ama 1 V , 1, y .4 N :I n 1 fn:?Hf'.' .U , f, H z , ti f ' :fit 7 V N' ' ' ff 4 if Q l wily 5" S 0' as I 1: 4' -rs .- J -Wy, ,. X-,J fc "" l"7'l' ' 'LY V' " ' if X WE? xi? "lf f 1 ff , ' 'Uhr- Tom Beckman Ja 1, , lb V f A J Doug Heh' ,. ' A Ji fa Laurel Bell -i .- , Z Janet Betsey V if , - V, i 1 5 'li 1 f 5 if fizllll tl lit to f' Ed Bender fit, xg 1? 577 'D MCM J: John Bennett , Q 4 M 'f 5' Jon Bernardo MY" , val 1 J fy i s. ' I f x -f its I f - Bob Bertagna ' A Keri Biggs , ff H Barbara Binns if 1 J' "' John Bird I Elaine Blanchard , V ' Lauren Bock X7 N, af ,V ., V' HY' . 7 we 7' 'Us Q ff kv ,,, 1 f 'U li.. :Ur 'V ' 5. ix ,f w-1 Vi J ,U C K ,. .4 'H . " I x .J ' 1 YU' - Q Q . fb ff: f l x I 'ts Y , . X.. K vs 1- J av , fa f x f f' 'X f ani, xx f av 1, 17,5 Y . , I X '5- 4! , f 'lit F 2 I sg,"-'C' nth 11671 f ' ,,, -on T L N.. 4" 22, uw A fr- ' ,f it-... "-.. t ,, ,,. ,E li-i Si' y E M t X sum A ia ff ,i in " , g,z 7 I x 1? ,',",'f. . ...', ja P3 FW -N -,ff -'fx' . 23. 2 an V , my A ' 3 1 'i if A bfi ' ,Q ski? in-A' ar' 5 ,ii 1' X x 'gi nh Dennis Connors 1 Judi Cook I' Janet Coplen . fy ,X ,. Pat Corbett li 's Elodie Corcoran cl Loris Courtney tj J 8' jj Sandra Coyan Juanette Craddu Larry Crews ,. lt J .i ,,. ,Ab 5 'V 51 il J in X . x nf, 'EP Cx 'CD ck A191 , - ,ai :J . iz, , , . ki Kathy Coats Steve Coats Cliris Codorniz Kathie Conant I believe y today! f 4- v- a ,x 2 ,P ig Joan Bondeson Karen Bonnickson 1' Steve Boyers Al Boykin I' Dave Breen f V5 V, . Bill Brown fs: f'i Trish Bryant Bob Bucher Barbara Budack Jim Burforcl Y' " 1 , Bill earner '4 Steve Butterfield 1 if Irene Byrne Mike Callnon A gs 9' 3 Frank Carder lxffi Sandra Carlstrom wtf 79 5 , Clyde Carson Art Carter Joyce Carter Kay Castleberry Norman Cattell Mel Caum it Berneal Cedergren f Blanche Chapman Jane Chapman Lynda Chenoweth Gary Christensen Stoner Clark William Clark Jim Clay ou'Il re member l said we'd have a test Georgianna Crump Margo Dann Leah Darr Jan Darroch Barbara Davis Henry Davis Don De Long Bruce Dolder Carl Dolder Carole Draper Jack Driggs Mike Dully Jim Duncan Tom Eakes Judy Edwards Claude Eisner Rick Elder Kris Ellis Spencer Emerson Bev Evans Carl Evans Mike Evans Kevin Fegley Dick Fenner Frank Ferris Chuck Fisher John Fitzgerald Bobbi Folk Dick Foreman Sue Foreman Gary Forfier Mark Fowler Becky Fraser Audrey Frazelle Sandy Gallagher Mike Galvin Gail Garreit Dallas Gerhard? Carole Gibson Dave Gillelie Charlene Gilliss Henry Glading Carol Gledhill Richard Gonzales Jerry Goodman Joyce Goodman i v , if A ,fzttfa .4 J s, A-"1Wi,5'e , , ,E e C . is. rv- ' mf - ik A 1 1 H '11, x 7 1, I. iylvlif kg, by afiimziriz' QR , X V W A 1 ' A 1 1 i . s iff ,QQ fg H, wif Y in: fi X7 " ' T v'ij'lif A . , I, ' r , fi f,4F.X A . fy fffyff 1 - c . 'i fgkwwf fr rXW,4,lyfi,f, ' life' wi . il 4 'ff' f ' uf- 1 H1 F r---,, if , kr I mf 5 ka A X AV y K f ,:., e j VY.. Sure you remember, it ' was 1he experiment l r i xg , 3 - C' ' ,f X,-f .- , lil C W 1 IT'-C ly , . 0 ,. fr S- nllnkj' :H i 'li WPT.:-1' l 5-is Q7 Z 'v as kg , 241. ' as ,fl I ' 4 ' 9 3 " 'i 5 M .T . fc fl' QE M ,Y J, ' 'C K I 1 - A . ii5k,,- t lg V fa, M 4, wt: ,VM 5 b , , , ,v-.GX .V i ,yr yft-ft nf. 1 av rx, 1 Mak' 3 , I all " X' ff .lffl7.'.Jl.' ' 3 ' ,ff - l fifli ' X ' ! 2 i 4. ii ,'Wi, W X ', A lk, Y 5 9 li' ' ,Z c Us ,ga ,Z 5 4' '-3 , ff V .V ,I Q , U ' 6 f . f ' s-- fl. il l i' Xa' "- l.. ' 5 ff, 4 A' bl 52' F W Q ' , 'avr r if ' r'i?i57f ' " ' 1 5 x 21 - ', V 5' H., I' . ll if A I said you wouldn't need 1 l X 0 ,s, A w. A .7 'Q i' A V X Y 3' ,N YP gs 7 .1 . 4: 'l Qfv is 1 4: . - , P I K s f . Em' ll I ' l to take notes on! ' " ,il K5 Q lf, I e,, 5" 5 .5, x g I 1 .fill B ,f A .. We , .. if -5- aff? J g,L L 7' f I V T: M AV S 'Y AV, 1 -r ' 'liwf is 'Qt J lk ' . tiiif . J rl'-H W K y ll I Q xr S 3 W' fs ' g,,5 'N . :H Ng' gig . ,V Q ' .4 .Ygyl J rf, 1 1- .V J V Q J ml, ' V: I ,' fl J. B v-112 1 1 , yy ' ,Li,Q,ff , ' 4 IV W iii 2 4 I f fe ' Fw, -f r li . 1' it ff, if 4- K' . 4 Q 1.5456- A 0 I 1'-' A f Qx- A if lk' ' f , " J iz' 1, l . f df gr I , Y ,Q , 112.3 M ii .,.1 5' 'EZ X ' .V 1 f 5r 241 Y . ' W L fc .f'4'k. -A Landis Gordon Ellen Gosselink Gene Grant Bill Graves Chris Gray Rich Gray Susan Green Ed Guliclc Sue Halcos Mike Hansen Jo Harding Bob Harger Steve Harley Pete Harms Jay Harris Vera Harvey Georgia Hawn Earline Hazzard Jean Helsel Bill Henderson Francis Henter Carolyn Herbster Diane Herzog Grant Hess Joyce Hietbrink Dona Hill Chuck Hills Theola Hinshaw Barbara Hoegstedt Myrna Hoffner Phil Holland Shirley Houghton Gary Howe Gerri Hubbard Barbara Huffman Karen Hullin Bette Hunt Shellie Hunt Steve Hunt Winnonah Hunt Gary Hunter Elizabeth lngerson Marian Jackson George Jeffries Larry Jenovino Jim Jensen Dave Johnson Ed Johnson Jnrn Johnson Sandra Jones Penny Joslyn Sand: Judd Phnl Kaiser Kay Kearney Wayne Kehler :rn e Ron Kelly urn Kllluck urn Kung nm Klrsfeln Ken Knechr I Knoble um Knoble Pa? Kotrlnk Jo Anne Kramer Lynne Kurzenabe Judy Lamb Bob Larnbdxn Tom Lambclnn Ray Lane Tony La Parne Jim Larlck Barbara Larsen Lnnda Lawrence Lnnda Ledford Ruta Leln Jack Lennlg Dennis Leonettn Cherle Le Roux Bull Leslle Ken Letzler Wayne Lxbbee Sharon Lungenfelfer Erln Llntner Deanna Llnvnlle Nancy Louargand Leroy Luclcart John Luckenblll Marllyn Lunclblad Carolyn Lundgren Robert Lutz Tara McCoIlam Bob Mclzarl Lee McGee Virginia McGee Jackie McManus Bill McNllllOn John Madeira Judy Malone Bart Martin 1-I' "5 T? KJ 'IJ ,- vw .YYY 0, 1- A I., .QI 4,1 --ii gif' px e Wh' , 1 V-L .rj r,..f YI' l- '27 , 1 . wr'- YJ 1- wr! ,N 'U' ,,,..f-I xg! 4 9' ur Q-If is 3 WY..- nl" X :gs 'N Ev 3 1410! kt? ef-...af nw!! 11' Wi?" 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" 2 x .XL'v m..i, 39: my rr 'ia X fi Georgia Stillman Virginia Stombaugh Don Stomsvik Esther Stowe Dud Stone Ron Stone Andy Straden Arlen Sundseth Cyd Tainter Bonnie Tanner Garry Teske Art Trask Eleanor Trowe Dee Tschopp Don Tucker Ray Tucker Ellen Twaddell Morgan Vail Nancy Van Hoose Dennis Van Slavens Roy Ventura David Vereide John Waraas Gary Warner Peter Wasser Bonnie Weaver Bill Weigt Sheila Wells Carolyn Wheeler Analee White FIRST ROW: Don Tucker, Dick DuFrene, Ron Rust Jim Stevahn, Bill Sobkowsky, George Moschke. .. :N - v- J A 4 .- ff ,-v - J ' Q ' ll QA. K X - , j 'I i r L 0 S. V .Z v- , :en ' su ,R P hz twig i-f ,fr of "i ' X. , 117, 5 Ag A . i , T j N ' X ."+' 4' . . ' i' 1? if iff' ' . e ' . ii Q- ir 9? ' Q "' 1 ,S B -M ml, 1:7 .Q ,7 ! I.. 4 ' 5 .i as K K at l . 'W P ' I t Mimi 2. rv- 4"k,i ff-3,4 F .NV g . 1" ' ' e if - 1 - u I ' , 3, 2 - , f 'M T Y - , S I f iv ly, X I "x - : ' ii- Q-? , 33 rn mf ...A o I T' D Gi' 1 ' J.. ii f-w..- X V - J., . .rug H311 r r f ' ' it ' il. V ' I'-v 'g M ,lfq ff J, dz fo- It J- . 3, 2, i K' ' , ' 'CN-7 of lxvf' ll X Ni f .5 , . X W X Q I . A S l iw , , '. 3' A uf? 'iff 3 ' ! - . fi , 'r et if Firma . , f. I at I -H if 4 X231 Jeanne Wilderrnan rr tw, John Wilkening ?' f Q- 'Q 'S 4, up Barry Williams N 1- , ' uf Willy Wixom 1' Sharon Worral x r x-1' X 5-V. X' 'QI Q' Q lf: Betty Yocum V7 5 l Y: 1 T l i I Z Q. . 'N 5 ' 2' - A: .3 "' " . - - if K n.ll Don Yost Keith Younger Nike Zahourek Joe Zimmerman Joyce Zimmerman SECOND ROW: Andy Straden, Gene Hendrix, Bob Carter, Janis Moore, Carolyn Wheeler, Jim Dungen OPHO ORE CLASS Q ' 9-Q 'ml' DON SPEICH Presrdent LARRY BROOKS Vrce President PRISCILLA PITZER Secretary CAROLE AHLQUIST Treasurer The class of l96O took another strtde forward this year but the gotng wasnt easy Co ordlnatlng the deslres and ambltlons of some 600 students ts a tre mendous task' Sophomores rushed unto several actnvttues wuth splrut and enthusiasm The homecomtng float came flrst followed by schemes and plans to Increase the treasury, for Instance, money was made by sellnng coffee at football games to pad the dtsappotntlng returns from class dues On the other hand they walked off wuth top sales nn the student body card clrnve Theur carnival efforts also proved to be prauseworthy A controversy over a flttung climax for the sophomore year was eventually settled ln favor of a delnghtful ptcnuc 1' P fl D or R W , A f r Ar. r f kwgn we , Q ffl. 4 K M q if ' "L" 4.123 I I THE AY Fun and en1l'1usiasm went inio the work of 'QQ . . our Homecoming float Partof1I'1e class dues went towards the successful picnic-a grand finale to our sophomore year. 3 V. V, tw zu: 'Ya Mx C7 'X 3 J O fs mfr? gf 1' 4'- 9 P' if 5 fl' ,,-.,,,, an 5' MM rl f 11 3 47' 1' .9 if fix f LQ ps. 'Q' we j 'Fm YL? 0' Xf' A, abil Josette Agurrre Tom Ahern Carole Ahlqurst Drck Albright Cleve Alexander Marlon Alexander Ruchard Allen Leslie Allgrer Margte Allum Ray Armoka Lee Andersen Make Anderson Jams Appel Jerry Arblnu Deana Athens Joe Atzol Duane Barley Carol Baker Bally Baker Lula Bale Jeanette Banyan Judy Barkhurst Grace Beach Joan Beam Wes Beamer Duck Beaton Chrrs Beaty Lrlnth Begley George Benner Lucnlle Berg Joy Berutlch Jrm Brggs Frank Burch Dave Bushop Carol Blake Sherry Blanchfreld Carol Blecha Penny Boevers Pat Boll Dave Boloyan Robert Borsdorf Jeanne Bowns Bob Boyer John Boykrn Dennls Bralkovnch Joe Brandt Pat Breece Mnke Brethour Laurne Brrght Ted Broedlow Larry Brooks Bruce Broome ' ,, 5 5 2- L" X , ' '- ,qxfy J N 2, M I ' X 'T' ' .1 ' ' J f , Q1 , Q , I . . Q JJ B' 4 Vt A I 9 I , :rf f r "H4""' 1 A V 5 -, I ' I A . My 3 A J, I In :JI QL . ff ,,, 4 1 , 8 t A li 1, ' y 'X r ', 7 '13, J , . t - J Q ' ,J X .,.,--1 V' - J, ,J , V VII M A J ,A y 7,1 v 'J 5 A-' V K 'ax X ' JJ ' 'f fl I J A JJ, ,JA .. A nz- lg , 31 Q 'J - ' J J W , Y , X lp C f h J V QT, 'X ,LQ -W if V- . . fl .,,, RN ff x - J , , J, 2 f x J can A M ' G y 2 7 J A4 wi ki - Q 'L ' J ,xx If W I lg, i J I , ' 4 153' lf ' J "" nl I ' 1 J' ' I Jffli- ' ' .7 ,-- 543 rg,-Perf. Q r f ' J J 1 J " ' 29 ' A J I J K M ' 4 s K I V JJ I l y V T 7 'fm I 'rf fir ' , . J i rw Jr ,J 'lJ- I I .N X 3 47 - J KW' V .-" 1 Ja 4, ff Jf 1, ,Y ,v J X W t Z . - I F1 T ' V 'Q . E v- Lf' - . ' lf 1 A " ll ,z X A A ,X JN J iw ...je "ji, . rl... My V. I Y, ' li . It ,if J ,. . W , 3'-"f.,,gj, J1 ' oi f A ' "4 ll' 1- 2 l J f A .1 ' leaf 1 -'H .4 ' ' 'W 5' . M 4 .ll E I Yi J 4 Q, '39, YS y ' 2 KW L I .I J 'fa ' I f ' W J 9' " Chrrs Brown Jnm Brown Mrckey Bryant Tom Buck Deanna Budack Becky Buller Dorns Burby John Burch Carol Burden Frank Buress Byron Burnett Paul Butler Karen Buxton Kathryn Cady Jnm Calahan Gary Cameron Joe Cangr Lenore Cantrell Brenda Carah John Carlson Dawna Carlton Jared Carter Todd Carter Bob Castro Make Cavros Marylou Chambers Robert Chapman Jeff Chrldress Dottue Chrodo Standley Chrrstensen Brnan Chrustuansen Paula Clark Sandra Clem Ray Cleveland Brll Coleman Brlan Columbta Ruta Comarsh Rrchard Contente Lettre Lee Cook Sandra Cook Patrncra Cooper Sylvta Cooper Judy Couch Sharon Covey Bob Cox JO Ann Cox Ray Cox Jrm Cranford Sharon Crocker Bonme Crowe Katy Cullrvan Shella Cummnngs yi,4 t ,sa fr in aw" O " ,fn 'tif rv aovrr nyc- '3 .B 1 I :F 2 15-' Q r.,r 57' fb an qi 1 qw. 13 gr tw li X-if ,.- 1 I :R 'rf 11- '-,1 T S Cf Rolo l 44s Johanna Deafs Richard DeFrei1as Betiy DeGabriele Kalen deGooyer David DeLong Jeanne Denny Pa? Deremlah Carol Ann Dern Linda Derrick Ron DeValle Nancy DeVille Marleen DeWeese Lois DiDona1o Albert Dammit! Jean Dodds Marilyn Doswald Joan Dougery Don Dougherty Rebecca Davis Ronnie Davis Sarah Rose Davis Sharon Davis Carol Dean Mike Cunningham Perry Cunningham DI ne Darby Joan Dasmann Ann Davies Jeanne Davies Karen Davis 9 Sue Downing Dick Draper Gloria Drew Diane Drischier Marc Dully "0" fw' -iv T' Roxanne Dunaway Douglas Duncan John Duncan '- Suzanne Dunk Marsha Dunning Anne Dupain Nancy Durbrow ,r I' 'A 'I 3 fx, I EW! 1.445- 'Ion f : D R as 1 . sr' ,J i ,J 'fi I 1' Xi ' ar -F xii' :xc af . A, ,g 4 . rx If ' . r ' ' J I K I ' 7 ' 0 ' 2 ' ' 'Y 'F x h 5 , X ,I V g ,- 'L' tr A ' i ' fr 'V , X .. K If 1 Q ff Q' 1 Q , 4 ' ' L ,f I ' I 3 .i , , " , , V' A A L A , an i . r wx, A, . 'A , 4 , K ,-- Z ,- Q 1 ff 9 Y ' we T J ' 1: , 'Hi ' VV' Q., 1, gf' , s V fi: N ,xffilil - if llllll ' Bob Frontz A Susumu Fuiiwara ,, Richard Galindo ,,,1 i t 'rp ,M . 3. ' " ,.p' - . fa A A A J .: ef' "Q ' wg. , Q. arf' ., ., ,. f...,,,. . gf.,:L?2::f '-5. gy-..':,vu.' 79 1. XVA 4 , , fi- 6 14 4 .ma Jim Galvin Bud Gammon g,y,W.r.,u, A f mf, 'J John Edwards Julie Edwards Raymond Ellinger Bob Ellis Don Ellison Robert Ellison Marie Engels Jerry Erb Jo Ann Espenshade Maxine Esfep Jeanne Evans Gene Eversole Sandy Fairchild Terri Farney Gary Faulkenberry Sue Feirl Sandy Fenner Paul Ferrari Terry Fields Barbara Fish Dean Fisher Nancy Fisher Nancy L. Fisher Edward Flanders Paul Flory Jerry Folena Linda Foriier Babs Fosrer Diane Freer Crysral Friedrichs "Ar least we have SOMETHING over the freshmen!" Carmen Gaul? Bob Gentry Jim Giardina Sharon Gibson ' L Wiliy Gilbert Sonny Giles Ed Glllum Jim Godwin Jeanne Gompertz Lindsay Goodell Sunny Goodner Evalynn Goodwald Carol Gore Joe Gordon Hal Granqulst Pam Gray Guy Green Judy Green Ken Green Mary Grussorn Roy Grashong Llnda Gudmundson Linda Guldlcl Esther Gustafson Harrnett Haag Bull Hack Charlue Hagerty John Hagerty Make Hamulton Charlotte Hansen Joe Hansen Jackne Hanson Laurae Hardenburg Mary Harding Carol Harger Mrke Harms Gene Harms Charles Harrod Warren Hart Denms Harvey Davnd Hashke Starlene Hay Paula Hayhurst Eddle Healton Caren Heavnsxde Vnrglma Heusunger Robert Helm Sue Hemminger I'-ft' r' Y get 0 'Q' fi: A4 if '5W .IL '17 .I N .. Q 7 vi' fam- 'T ia. - Y 10" 4 K ' 'I I M 4. gg 'Per : , Yl"!rAlhs. X5 QV Qu YI? HY an 4f.'P'f' of C' ,. aw' Q7 w ,f ff' ii-W ,Q -.3 'KJ I.. Q-.JI ffl W A ,qm- Yo! ,nv sau Mag. ,D ne' f--0 v'-v 1.1 14' ,Q 'P- ' s all Bob Henderson ts, Nancy Henderson .41 ?"' 'QQ -5, 'hu 1-. A -1. 'nf Y Carrle Hensley Jnn Herndon Jon Hull Mnchele Hnllyer Vera Hntoon Reed Holcomb Torn Hollander Barbara Holmes Sandra Holmgren Janet Hooker Make Hopkms Bonnxe Hopper Bull Housh Gary Hoyenga Allen Huckaby Sue Hunt Ruth Hurff Vern Iverson Dorothy Jackson John Jackson Barbara Johnson Benn Johnson Judy Johnson Ken Johnson Marin Johnson Sallne Johnson Sally Johnson Steve Johnson Chrls Jones Mlchael Jones Pat Jones Judy Jordan Sandra Joss: Nancy Joyner Kenneth Jodrnck John Kanzler Charles Karoly Marvln Kash Judy Kekar Judy Kernp Mnchael Kemp .V T 1 Ai F 11 fl I fn. ' !f'g": - , 1 ,A K, J . fflfz- 7 f " 9' V . 'F f A li ' A me . :Y 1 . , . ' ire J J, , J ql. R y Lx 6 lk' in K 3 on-.. F? 1, ,. , -3 ,. X xl .M A ggv ag fl W- . I . J t Q r tr - r .. A A V A Q ' - ,Q ' , t f Q if ,L yy ggi J LL YQ! V nga, 1' 'li' ' ififiiff' ' ' 5' S .. J - is l 1 . . 01,4 , M ii Q. r 5 " Sue Jacobs 6, 7 an W ., 1 Lx M, F ,Q 1' - A W in 1 M l Valli. lx ll :wil ' sill' . ' 1 ' ' K' ' ,, f J 1-X 'VN ly X I ,M-if y 'fl " ' li I' 'af 4 2- , ,l ,Jr,t 2 ' all is I W J ' xx! ,EN 11 ff x - ' A sr li s l sf' . - " 3 , J H ye W . .ff " ' v- J ' 1 - K 537 AJ , 'W Q Mr. I :X ' K f N ' J, X Tm V' ' ' ' gli' . , t I L If, - J A , , -8- J dl , , , , s I, ,, - J 4 AA y ,y , A , " . ,, X il fl 4 'X .af ' , S I , I , 'M' V . . .' l , 1 ,, ., V A A N ff y s, , az , , J J ' , ' if, ..s:::::,-If ,.,. 'Y 'fi 'i W A Q, ., M :W N, I 1' E 2 Y ,,. gg Ei. M A ! lzl 7 Q gy A f avg, X 4' a 5 1,551 2:3 fi, vii X. AT' iff 'Q ' L V,, V4 5, , I' v J J W f, s X 1 V V A,. , rf! A ,4- f. of I f A I N- Cf' J 1,: J i S, 1- X A we ' it A fl ' 1' ll X 'M 'E ,wx , 1 if 9 iffy. 3, uw 1 . ,BX ft- ,2 7 J 1 11 if ' til l 1,5 1 V ' . in 'E an Tom LeClaire Gary Leopold Chuck Leslie Paul Leuenberger Robyn Levis Bonnie Lewendon Barbara Lewis Richard Lind rv af fe- .,.. ' A W Zi , . , K " .af 'L pw" , K ,lf,"',1'!.f41 ,i if ll .kr ,I A ,""ii ef 4 ir 'M ,. 1 J i A . ki EDN exif Gary Larsen Bill Lawlor Kathy Lawrence Nancy Lawrence Rod Lawson ". . . and honestly, that's the whole story-now, will you please PLEASE, accept this day-late paper?" Colleen Kennedy Sharon Kent Ed Kerby Frank Ketcherside Kathy Keysor Jim Kimmel Pat Kirby Judi Klassen Barbara Kleiman Joanne Klein Ray Klug Tony Knapp Ron Knecht Jim Korrison Karen Korrison Merle Krieger Jim Kroske Karen Laeber Chang K. Lak Mike Lambert George Lampman Evelyn Lane Marilyn Lane Mike Lane 'sa fx fa ifwagw ' ff' J Paul Linville 6' ""' 5 Glynn Lively A 17 -. .. Beverly Lockwood Ze- yi- Q 8 7 G V gi ' V.-H 1 gg-' Gary Long ' ' li ' gf 'QQ ff- W t , Lovd Long xi ' x f 3 A " 9 Melanie Louargand jg, ivy K ' i nj v l th 6 ig, ,, ',, , , M .. ,,-3- 5 ' "' Q Rx! - f M ' - V , ,, ,Q ,L , 'G in .4 Grace Lusk tl ll y W f Ronald Lurtrall ,A A ' , . Gary Lynch M "' . n 3 - " B i -' lj . ' a Bruce MacBride if, -5 V", ' i' Ken Mackey Y ' Q f if Joanne MacLaren Y , ft if ff . W W A, X Ili Anita Magure , 4 K D Donna Manning V A ' L My Kyalv Y M Q . ' Tino Manus "' " ,gg A 5 "' H 7 -A E " 9' I Jim Marr ' '35 ' 'Z A pf-fy Chris Martin A, , u ,Y V ' K k 1 Q "S h D M ii . 1 i 'A 1 in i ' K' ' on ar in JAX ,L a wlriwy 1 H v Q Q 7 , H K, I l ' - f-'fl' ' if 31:2 3 lm , - .- . 'if i .ilk ,f V ,J 1? 31 1 r. Judy Martin , Linda Mason gf. 1' 3- Diana McBee K ' 1 0 M? 4' if 'Q I ' K Sharon McCall i , ar 1 ' MelvYn McCollocl'i f A " fa . Nancy McCoy X L J -. ,, Q , -,. Ronald McDaniel V M I A I Sharon McDermof1 'fr In ' in ,E T2 JB Lv di 'fl' J Linda McEachern ' ' as 35, A 1 DA 1 5 Ronald McElyea .- 2 '1W" Z If i - " 3 M 1 if "Easy, now, Duke . . . easy. Hello, I l did on The Test, Easy, Duke!" 7 ihought A l'd drop in and see how ',Lyi at Q A 'Vg -A if , a M ,Q -9 ' iyaz,K,T "Q , "xi2fj'f'r1 ...,..,,-n Gary McFarland Kim McKee Ronald McKinsey Michel McNamara Torn McNerney Willy McTernan Carolyn McVean Bob Mello Ah A Q ,xl f i .X AI' Y M In I 4 , rf' '-,. ivtsj llrx E yai f' D f rrrll fs Y A I f m I Q' -tv' A .-. : b . 5 . V 3 I li lx' 4- lll . I, 5,3 .' 'Q ll 4 . . 1. , I l y .,, Manya Meltzer Lynn Merrlck Dave Merrufteld Bull Meyer John Mtllar Kay Muller Vicky Muller Everett Moody Clyde Moore Rlchard Moore Claudua Morrts Walter Morrls Phtl Morse Randall Moss Gay Moulds Linda llnulrhead Judue Mulltns Jan Murray Glenn Nance Bull Nelson Butch Nelson Donald Nelson Bull Nettell Deanna Neukarn Jackne Newton Sherry Nicholas Robert Nncholson Judy Nrckel Llnda Nlghtrngale Ray Nuxon Gary Noble Joan Nolan Nancy Norman Sally Norrrs Erleene Nuttall Cluff O Brnen Jud: O Connell Judy O Keefe Russell Olson Bull O Neal Januce Padoyan Barbara Page Tom Park PFlSCIll5 Parker Bull Parlrrnan Bull Parrott Tum Patterson Ed Patzwald Pam Pauley Jerry Paulsen Wtlluam Payne Vicky Payton Pat Perkins Theodore Perry fi .wm"'Y -si' f r .pv- fun' as-r .45 I t,'1?f5"' 51,1 rn- ww Q ,fm 1- ji -v-ff 1 ff ny'- 'P ,Aw B40 .J 1--M aw, rv me PV' ew 'Rav' 'S ,- qv ,f e ., f W 9' sa-1' x G Ill f- rv 1 'YZ W 'QQQW i nw 'Lf' mmf 'i ps 4 may AN X227 xo! LW' pm CJ ,vc 7- N I "I see it's about the end of the period . . . and say ld appreciate it if you'd try and cut down on the noise when F , 7' , Charlene Peters F1 7.9. Glenda Petersen if I . ' A me "N. Mgr, 5- Neil Peterson 1-r Iv 7, I Peggy Peterson 5 "" 5 A K I V V0 P5 Sondra Peterson 2 X 33 Jim Pettigrew X nl 1533 I 'xi J . f -" I 1 f Tom Petty I H Q' in fx Sheryll Phillips you gave' J ,f W f' 3, 1 J - K -, 3 Dwight Pilz , if 1' Priscilla Piter nf' 7' H Richard Plesha js ' Thomas Plesha M, 1 ' it may f 'wax ' .. is . pu .D Ig: gf, - , V TZ, 7 Z. ' it 2 - it A N ' ' as 'ta s at fl P I , ' . 4: 3 I ' x r Q I yy: ' f:,,,i iv I 3 ,Lg K y VS , A 1' ' ' 9 A 1 1 .N . V X wg .iff 1 ' is 5: is f-is' 3" . ft , " ' . Yo ' ' I 'Q . v ,, tr' v 1 ,M-' 1 if iq if I' - -A " "' " "fl :ff ,fy 3 My J, Ix . - .... ... .. l .A x V ,X ws, .1 V ,MV 2 ta f iii fv- Af! ' lt., M ,xr ' .. Beverlee Plotner Linda Poole Marlene Popeioy Nicholas Poplawski Jim Porter Sue Portman Chris Pratt Jerry Price Norman Prince Glenn Pruitt Pat Pucci Bill Puccinelli Vaughn Ramsey Bobbie Raney Alexander Reidell Janet Reister Charles Renolds Stephen Richards Maxine Richter David Rickey Jolene Robb Allan Roberts Marvin Roberts Jerry Roe Janet Rogers Paul Rohrer Bobbue Rose Sandra Rosell Twula Roy Bart Rudnuck John Runyan Connue Russell Carol Sacchettu Duck Salton Jum Sarro Barbara Sartore Tom Saul Randy Sautner Sharon Savage Joan Scally Pat Scalzo Sharon Scheter Juduth Scheme! Joan Schuffer Bull Schull ng Elunor Schluter Charlette Schmudt Duck Schmudt Paulette Schmuclt Doug Schoen Susan Schrader Bob Scott Perry Scott Judy Selby Ronnue Semonu Nancy Sharp Jurn Shearer Joanne Shearer Ruch Shellooe Frank Shephard Barbara Shurley John Shoerralcer Tad Sumard James Sunclaur Judson Sloan Charles Srnuth Dale Smuth 4' .vi W ru lf-2"' at -we 'Z T nl ah wr ?"lff ! 'S-W! 6' 'W T 1 5 V' -as' 'M figs visuu an L 'lu Q' Jsix at ..., "' .v- nt QI A-'R' if ! X 2 4' T 19 sl, Q53 - S: ay, fv- Wx fs CD Y? rp- A -YS- A f Q 2" . IV T1 C7 :UI L ,.,A,2 X. - :Nh E' Y' A .vfg mf -5 fl W :T fi 4 L., Gary Smtth Gray Smrth Larry Smnth Mark Smith Rscharcl Smith Ronald Srnuth Edmund Solusky Pat Sopo Jeannne Spargo Donna Sparks Davnd Sparrow Pam Sparrow Don Speuch Daryl Spelbrnng Duane Spencer Ellen Standley Duck Staples Barry Stapp Merwnn Stapp Glorna Stewart Rlchard Strehl Llnda Stntes Sandle Stnth Joyce Stombaugh Carol Stovall Paulene Stowe Fred Strand Lnnda Strlckland Janet Stuto Connue Sumner Dave Sutherland Dan Sutton Ron Sworder Larry Talber Frank Taylor Texie Tenney Mary Thomas Jim Thompson Eddie Tillet Phil Toby Jerry Torgesen Hugh Townsend Jim Trackwell Patricia Tremaine fr' 3,9 an YYY J Mm f 4" , .uu- 2,7 x r I Uv.. 13" nun- -c- I' 'E-' waz! .ps 'h Af 3, fv- 1 G1 ffri 511 Q! ,, '1 bl 411 'vw , ' r v 1 31? f W fwfr Q-14115 A A " X 'fx I' C: t,,rl Sgr l ., 19 ,. nf' vw' fr 1'4- 'G' ,Qs- rf 'P rdf! Qs, ' I 'vw 1 l n', Q- I-1 ' fx, If ul, Judy Trevelhlck Sharon Trnebwasser Gerry Trumble Madelrne Tschopp Tony Tucker Karen Tuthlll Wanda Vallnon Bob Vanderbeck Tom Van Dyke Pleter Van Every Par Van Landnngham Jnrn Van Valkenburch Danny Vehlow Ronald Vsale James Vnebrock Gayle Vine Maman Vogt Wayne Vroman Sharon Wagar Carolyn Wahl Bruce Walden Wayne Wall Greg Walsh Bene Walters Carol Wal1haIl Anurfa Ward Wanda Ward Nlargaretre Wayr Stanley Weaver Sue Webster Wayne Weggers Ma y So Welb I Rocky Vventzel Julre Westover Ann Whncornb 'arnes Whnte Sherryl Wuckens Sherry Wrgron Jeanette Wllbur Leroy Wrlhams Norma Nnllrarns Don Wrlsor' James 'Jrlson Jrll Wl 5 n R err Jus Bonnle vo e Barbara Wrrgh Gif Wrlglwr Y rnmor Jon: Ya'LQ Kalhy Yenofk cl Crarg Yosl Brll Yoang Jeff Zahourek I' ' ' D Q W 1 fi- , nz ' ' V V ' R X- 7, .H ' J of ' r - L35 . if S el' l i lr r J I " f , Z2 ll r , I J f F' ,jf A 5 Y er.r . h rs H ' A - KS gf 5 rx ,f ' , , ---' ' ' . V 2, 4 J N ,Ay .4 , Q , 1 , M , J . V W A " J W 'jf' - J - . T A U A J fel ,., u if ' ' ,ir ' I' 1 J 4 J ,JVM g ,. f i ' f ' 1" , f '-I 3 ' ,. . X ax Q A kxil, S7 , v, Y . rig. M IVV: 'Af' 5 J' ,' 'Y ' I :lwf gli' rj ' . fail 'if-3:2122 f 1 ' , X J, 5321,-55 .5 A H 7 W . K - -'s -5 - 4 C' I 41- ' ,E g 21 , a L , 7 7 . Ov xv- ' 4' Af , ,H y- ' 'J QR? 'r ' -QA - mu N 2 1, 'X .1 l . My gg. 5 , 'M .W f I 4-r. ' ,J 5 ,V Z I M ek, We Lg, ' MLB I pf , N,.e2! gf l 1,,,?r l , T V ' , r ' Lf N . J 'Hug W it Q :Q 1 vs N .D l fb" Y - E ,V ill I x All ' Q , 'W Qin Q W A ' ' . wr kgyf' J - ., QW la f xxx. 3 x J WM. .,, l , yin V I y J K 9 aw he yt Q v In -.' V. 2 Q 1 X . A ff- "' 3 fl 'T v " fr 1!' 9 ' V' fig 2 gy 4 , , ,V vel, W K r 1 , J 1? -2 gf n' f V J f A J l ' fr 2 1' f , , r , ' 1 0 if 53' ,E Q F lf dm ,, D, X' ' V 'Zur 4 I ob ill in k '- ' f 1' " " 5 " ' , - w - f 'X . ya y 5 - " f r f .ff J ' e w e A, 1 D J h A L , at 115 ' 1 1 l ' V- See arr' H ' John Zeebuyflw - ,. , Jerry Zehnle ' I , Patricia Zemzz - - ' Joseph Zonneveld , 4 if x ,,,- 4 .,' I 'K K, r' 'Q 'ff A1 FRONT ROWQ LEFT TO RIGHT: Tommie Dobbs, Clara Pfarmnstiel. SECOND ROW: Joan Livezey, Denise Bontl, Joyce Cooley, Jayne Bayer, Gloria Harrwig. THIRD ROW: Jeanine Hoffenblum, Kay Snyder, Bobbee Myers, and Sandra Hatfield. XX Sfolwc orc s T I c f I f fir , - I l l'1fl'rE!ll4 FRESHM N CLASS los BUD APPLEGATE President STEVE LENTZ Vrce Presrdent NDF' MARCIA BIKO RQ Secretary BOBBIE FONTES Treasurer The Freshmen proved at the begnnnung of the year that the Class of 1961 IS no ordinary group Many hours spent on bulldnng thelr float helped to make El Camnno s Homecomung actnvntues more successful Thelr enthusiasm became more apparent when they won the one hundred dollar fnrst prsze nn the annual Parents Club Membershrp Drive The hard work and lively splrlt put unto the Freshman Dance whnch cllmaxed the year nnducate that thzs class as headed forthe top .,y gg l ll Till l fil l' T ' , A gd y U ins' M' ng!" g .ll U I un' ES A GGCD START Qi n Frosh capture fzrst prize land SlOO'J an the annual Parents Club Membershrp Drrve Decoratxng for the Freshman Dance 0 gs , 3-3-f"A 3 , ' - 1 5 Q ' 1 ' Xjf t : . .x 5 - I 3 C? 1 I U 7 P 1 in I nv 4,7 "' .......- H '4 , Y . L I a 'lc' V . 5 ' at 1' ', Q- 2 Freshman effort resulted in an outstanding float. V' ' 51 4 . K 14 Q , X , . 5 if l 3 , r ' 5 ' if gs' 5 . -. 9 . . 5 -cl. If ' 3, V 'x XA Q ll " 'L 13? A "For tomorrow, work the next forty-nine problems." Linda Alcorn 'Wk 4 , AI? Q Georgia Anderson , "' y ii M.. L Larry Anderson fi, if xr' I fi Susie Anderson .1 V Bud Applegate 'gr' ,wi - H F John Armstrong I 4, V' 52 L K Jim Aslwcraft 3 'j-- . Q A 'f Larry Assenza 1 Janice Ault sr r VN 0. iv fl K I I C J yr' ,. ,W , 5 ,E-N1 x - v ,X , A r-A B L H we + 71?- V ff? ina ,L' 'fill'- i 5"':5R. 'lvl 1'-' ,,'i1:' 2 ..:srN' -L-if-Q: 1 .5 " -'B 4-., - J A ' 1 ' in ' L. L 1 kg, wx' .- ' like A flair' 5433 gr' s f ' lik. ' IL .7 , Q 'Z f 'fun 1 4 at , V X. .V , fm f ry' 4' A W " X " sr f I .Z- J. X32 A . n fa? sf ly" .V Q. x , it 4 fy 1- l zcf f' i I Judy Balmer Frank Baldwin Michelle Bale Jeane Barrett Charles Barsdale Bob Bassett Lee Bastien .lack Batchelor Rody Bays Linda Beeson Barbara Beckley Ernest Bennett Kay Bennett Cary Berg Pamela Blaclnly Lane Blanclwarcl Bob Blue Linda Blue Greg Boeger Larry Boeger Baroera Bolles Marimyn Boggess D anne Boracci Paol Booflne I l , 0 1' 4 5 xv If A. f ...1. ,' ' I 3 , I , l , . 46' ,J . ,, , ... 0- "' 1 : ' r ' Si ,, Q-tg. HY' f' Q ,r -X if , l K "' H J Q r F' 1 2 f, 7' Q I f V' . f , . 1 V 'cf 7 Q . Y ' Q or C .ff , . 1 y ,Q -T 5 f ' . r ' 3 'I Il M YQ I , fag," 9 A - - I H - :Lia - , ef' , S- 'N ',., M ., fx 'v- ., ik ? la! 9 :Vi 7' fs- ,I 6 no 27 L ' l 5 1 K ' ' .W x q W B , X if ' 4 11 , Ax I QV rf 1 A mil. BEM . ' 1 ' I? "Man, how many times have you flunked this course?" Carolyn Bowden Marrorre Bowles Drck Boyer Henry Bradaninl Don Bradshaw Bruce Brady Bill Brasher Robin Breckenridge Gary Bredrhauer Hazel Browning Gary Brurnley Neal Brune Rick Bruns Nancy Burford Charles Burgess Nancy Burgess Sandy Burkes RUTH Burler Jim Callis Mike Campbell Tim Campell Judy Capra Gary Capshaw Evelyn Carlson Elizabeth Carter Perry Carter Bobbi Chandler Larry Chenowerh Mike Chouinard Gerri Chrisrensen gyanifi- .I 1 cf. - cspp.i. - NA' 'I .SL .i N.: E 'mir fqvlfle - Ng' -2' 1 45. l vs an -sv ,-4 Ci ,. 1 - C .ye HQIHHV 1 5775 'UQ'- ,... ,vw 3- .ut . 1 l fs iv cf 117 'U5 J A., YY' 2 .4-.qw mb. W7 V! Sf 1' ,sd I 'L cl lu u vwywm an I M? an if Tom Chrustopherson Duane Clark Nancy Clark Tom Clark Vonne Combs Gregg Compton Nova Cook Ken Cordero Claude Coss Dale Covey Marney Crabbe Brent Crockett Louuse Cuneo Lynette Cupman Anuta Cupp Hoke Curtus Donna Curry Marlon Cutler Judy Davudson Rex Dean Dan DeLong Bob Deremuah Bobby Devunney Kathleen DeWeun Bowen Duckunson John Duckunson Terry Duckman Greg Duxon Duck Dodelun Bruan Doyle Ruchard Draffun Pat Dunn Sandu Duvall Davud Dyba Jackue Dyer arland Dyke Frankue Eastman Bull Eavus Cathue Edgerton Kathleen Edwards Tom Egan Eugene Ehlers Bart Eusner Jacklyn Ellus Duck Essenberg Bull Estey Davud Etherudge Karen Fanuccu Kathleen Farrell Wulson Farrell Ron Feebeck Joan Ferraru Patrucua Ferrus Carol Fisher Sally Fleharty Shrrley Fllnf Mlchel Lee Fogerty Bobble Fomes Barbara Fox Jack Francls Ronald Funder Elaune Gallagher Loxs Jean Gallagher Dsana Ganfke Walter Ganflce Kxrlc Garanflo Bob Gehre Blll Geusrner Garry Gerlck John Ghramrn Malcom Gales John G Il Arthur Gladung Sandra Glover Carol Gordon Don Goza Arthur Green Janice Griffin Ioana Gropsorean Leah Groth Joseph Guudera Al Gunter Donna Hagge Dennese Haley Daniel Hall John Hamrlfon Mary Hamllton Don Hammut Kathy Harley Fefe Hatton Ken Hayes Morgan Hayes Sherron Hazletr Glenn Hearfsnll Anne Heckman Dave Hucks Joyce Hlcks Susan Hulby Dana Hnlkerbaumer Barbara Hlll Beverly Hull Susie Hull Nlcky Holden Mark Hoelscher Elanne Holeman Barbara Hollander Helen Holt Francls Hoogendoord '71,X 'II' 4 S cv-'vs v-if fs C AGL aq ue, nz fo- 'bfi asp- av, Q., l xfff KY? 'rf ,H ,. ,J rv- 1.7 fa. X-39 f, ff f WSJ if-J Y? if atv- 'UF' -'VM 'Yr M 25' ' Z7 s 10 x 5 14" 1 E' gl I wr' , y 1 l A I , 'v ff . ' '21 I' " f f 4: S 5 l ..- ' x 1 Iv 1 J, A 5 R K 4, .hx J 5 xt 'll l -3 ' tx J I I r If I' .f U . 1 - A , In 4. 3 ' " ' 0' Q 1-A t . A num - . X' ' J X V- fx Q ' ' - J 1 s- J . lj, Z., 4 ' I ' B " isa, 5 ' . li Al X7 ff ' Q if It H " 'V ,. 'Q 7 l N ,.A Q : zu n..- 3 1 -f j K. 'fy-fn' .I - 'lf - an ff , . V N 5 fy , i , I jg A V 7 Q il 4,1 . .N ' x . xx . , Q .' ' it 'l' all I I I 'F ' a. ,:. -gg , pak f A -v - ll Q 1' l:r-' - I 51 ll JK i' lf ' f 1.1 vs 'dr' ,. Y 4 tn, A itll' ll 2 72 ' lf C- ff , 5 A 4' ' 7 'G .4 sr ,1 -1' , Q 3 fy' Y f - L .35 TY I -V' iw? . .. xx , I , A I lywf - - his , gi s ljylkr fl - 9' lr I ,, A .. . A f is W Q, 437 s X - J gf A :P - I W Q if 5 ' A V 2 -.M J, 5-.A 'n. rv Q lt ll 4 f- . ,- , Q I ' X N V has y S 1 K , y 1 kk A fl f, l ge y 'V ' , , 'I 7' . ' , , Q 'G Q Bl gg . XX. , xy, X T x as i Q, h . K ,, . I A lf ll fl e, gg 'J '? 4 L' "' X",,7- -'ai' Q4 4 f D . -1 5 . i ,, '1 ,,g. Chris Hoover Barb Hotchkiss Amelia Houston Patricia Hoyenga Lowell Hubbard Hal Hunt Robert Hutchings Robert Jackson Vincent Jacobs Donna Johnson Karen Johnson Marilyn Johnson Dennis Jones Sharon Jones Eleanor Jordan Gary Kagel Mary Karanikas Pete Kassebaum Mary Kee Carol Kenoyer Tempest Kilker Bob Kinder Virginia Klee Rufus Kline Jack Konvalin Bill Koogle Bonnie Kramer Bob Lach Pat Lane Richard Lange K in V? I I J L gi' ,J L K 'i M :Val L ' x .-' " A M ' - Xggii, fi ,fm 2 if L ' f f ' - '7 , l E V '.. l i 'gg 15 " J, , W M., ' 1 ' ' n ' f4.',N,w, rs' sf V Will. ff'ifl,f' Xl ' . iii' if V, X 234 E Lg V yi 'Lv K, f -L' ze 'QL 'lil' L fill! I A ll :X ,wr 1 l ii V ,I A ,.. V 1 'fl 1 1 , , v - J -7 - , 4 I 1 ' Jr- frm? 1 :L +' ,J ' . .1 ? ,. 1 i - r. ll? ' ' .r V L '. rw F' 1 V V7 ,V , . A l ,-. ,1.o " ver "r la xv u - ,.u,. in Have you found my algebra, science, English, and French books yet?" 'W 'l Lynne Larrabee E! H Georgia Larsen ,M , . f f Larry Larson I -Q .s- Linda Larson CTI P l 'PE' ,4 -,-,.: 3,3 - -- :.,,--..- 1 ,Q 'fx ,Q Y ' f I iv- Q, V r ' 11' QAQ Q S 'T' A 'Q' ,.,,. , fix.. 11 nfl, 2 r I! J' QL Q J-ff-ww-. ,' J A2 1' ical f Vp, ffz A 'f ffl W itil. ! lk Douglas Latimer Jo Ann Lawrence Karen Lazansky Jeanne Le Claire vs in Q' D Q Y., '- 1, 1:1 Y , . 7 I' 2- W L , fr ff A fn S. S. A ,, T ' : ' l ' ig? 'A -, , 3' xt ' -E .fl L 2 iv T' N ' X Q ' . j' 1 f 'a . 1 me OSLQDR. F , , , A , . f if IZ-0 I in Q' o D , I A 4- . Y L ,J ,rrr J 'U 'll .,' S, Y r . 4. 7, 'Q- Q . 465 gl f-:J gl A? 1If'fd. 3? v T "Just because l'1e's a Senior . DESK JK, " 'D ,I or ,K 5 f I . 'fl YQ g f 'l is fc aff ,rf GS J' l- ,1 ,J t , ,, - I ff X' , T7 fs , , 'S o-1 Z9 L f 1' v Y- N :fmt L Q if 1 1 D u Steve Lentz Rachelle Le Roux Barbara Lewis Barbara Lillard Jim Lincoln Dick Little Wayne Lockwood Mary Lord Bernice Lovness d'Alene Lucas John Lundblad Evelyn Lundgren Gilbert Lutz Terry McAdams Marilyn McBride Dan McCallum Doug McClain Bert McCollam Betty Lou McCurry Mike McEacl1ern Pam McFarland Dan McGrew Sandy Mclntyre Gail McMullen Linda McSweeney Gary Mack Darla Malwaffey Mary Frances Malek Stan Marquis Jackie Marr ,f-'. , arg "' ' -r, r rg ' 4 Y in i -I 'Q - M , 127 ffil , , 45, 'jjrfff QQ! , , J ,fy , fi. . H, W I , ,V X ' ,nr ,S i 421 lA 2 I , 1 lx ' iff if 1 .wx KX fx' fx iff 1 x l l 1' U ffff 1 , ,I fri 1 , ,J - A 1 1, i 4-My ,J at VT? 17 .P Pat Martin Doug Mason Harold Maxwell Bill Medlin Stefani Meister Mary Lou Melick ,fl 'ff an 4, so ,pr 1 X B 7 M- , wwf W 49 ' X qv' l if i ffl 2 - ,ig y :gy ef, J, v , J- -,4 'gif A V , ,v , i ' L 5, or ' J W Tw . 'K QW H 1 I . A aa? .J ' bf T JS, ' A M L l v 1' ' J ,A "ff T ' if' V ltr "' x ,, r 1 , W ,.I A ,fr .fs 1 A3 lv i B-it fs r if K ,, ' Q J xx , , X ,P B ,...f xxx A x, if " , fm ' r f' I fit." 4 J' 1 r 4 '34 " F' S za Q ff- y Q X 1. U' D f f ' 45? ff X 1 r .i 1 V v- Q! A 1' I 6 ei 41 I ,LQ --f X67 ' " A - '. 51 l I n -9 4' T 1 4 V. N W Il gr r V. J- .A A G 1.1 - Q ,I Sue Menke John Miller William Miller Bob Montgomery Bill Morgan David Morgan Donald Morris Janet Morton Judy Moslwofsky Bob Moulton Mike Mullen' Bernie Munns Ron Neel Dennis Neely Deanna Nelson Sylvia Newhall Joanne Newman John Nicholson Karen Norberg Donna Northrop Dick Nusbaum Gary Nyman Donna O'Ehme Kenneth O'Toole Shane Owen Barbara Page Pat Palm Susanne Pantages Maureen Parker Karen Parshall Jim Paul Grahm Pemberton Kathleen Perry Ernie Peters Donna Peterson Ricky Peterson Tom Pettigrew Ronald Pfennighausen e!!!" Ray Pierzinski Adrian Pine Dean Price Carol Pugh Ross Rains Jeff Record Greg Reed Gary Reynolds Dean Rhoades Sharon Ribbeck Dennis Richardson Bonnie Richey Toni Riethmueller Diane Ripley Philip Ritchie Patricia Roberts Frank Rogers Don Rosell Leigh Rouse Jeanne Rudig Fred Safford Katie Sanders John Sarro Peter Schlocker Judy Schmidt Don Schoenhoff Kristina Schwartz Karen Scott Bill Seck .loan Seibt Ann Sheehan Betty Sheldon Ken Shepard Ina Shipman Sharon Short Gary Shupe 'J Jackie Pfenning Dan Phillippi A X Q' 1- Ao Sheryl Phillips j Judy Phillipson ' Q' 5 Q 2 1: ' ' ' ,L . I if 'iii tb F . .1 Q I K af . , W' " R, A f ' 4 1 ,- t ,'. 2 ip, if S' f ' f:'71ii,f ,fi i .7 A K - V b z , 2. a-3 0- ,fn- ., . xv? 4 -, , V 4 .2 , A '55 0 A ' ' l , ' 0 aff. , J i. if I I , , W. if flf',+ I ' rx-r.U2": If sy az, J 2 ' f J if ' . of :file ' ' s if a 'iwiqp gy-5: ,553 . N -SAV ,: , rl , S9534 4 , 5 CJ 12-of - pi . Y! P ., ,ev A Q , . 5 t ga 7 , ll A 4, . nw! fl I f N- I I X l 'XX f W ,- 1 L ek.-if ' it , -G fl , flu l o fi 4 4' 'L ichlftsx 40 e, X 11,5 2 V' gi :,, '1 fa , ,- 'Lv 5 F1 R ' .-ng" .- A fi . OW -Q. .f r- ' at " v c-. , ,. ,K A 1' 2 ' dl J "' .W '1 -- -A 1 - I -Q - - G ww: W A ' ' L .Mn 41.4 he, il J -" if L R' ,fr 9 ' K "' Q , Z ,wyf ' 1:3 'iff' if A 5, I Tom Simmons Joann Slavinskas Dennis Smith Judy Smith Rachel Smith Sherron Smith Sharon Snider Marilyn Speegle Douglas Stark Sandy Stetfens Steve Stigall Candi Stinghen Dianne Stoltz Suzanne Stoltz Alvera Stowe Robert Strodel Sandy Stuart Gay Stump Rollin Swanson Joe Swartz Tom Swartz Donna Taylor Gloria Taylor Kirk Taylor Susie Tenney Roger Teske John Thielbahr Dennis Thomas Diane Thompson Roger Thompson Barbara Thomson Ronald Thorne Cliff Threlkeld Pat Tledeman Suzanne Tlllet Cece Tomblin Elgene Tremaine Bob Tribe Jo Anne Twilling Sheila Utz Peter Van Steennis Al Vaughan Connie Vugor Ronnie Vincent Gerald Wadsworth Monte Waggoner Carole Walker Mike Walker Paul Wallace Ken Ward Sam Ware Fred W rner Patrick Wasser Mary Wayt , as , 13 ,., 3 , sl. , R f gy 2' 1 I I' R , S i M51 'ff I., I -40 l.4.,,.nc ,nv '51, ,Jr as s,,.f ,. fvszsg Q""' vw. 1? yr' ' 73 024 :vs -"7 I 4- ? 1 0 1,' . V r Wt Ill? X P' , M ' 1- .J V. Y iffy! C 1 " -an 's I Z' 3 ji YW' IV 4' f' 'ff' 4 Y Q yy V X" ,If I all T ,ll , ff A... 4 -v ,81- lg ' 1 'l ,nf 1 X Yr W4 T " I kr H- ,v 4 as 51? if' V4 5 VV . nv? , Q. L' W I 1. 1 gig. T Z A Y 1 I ' ' i x . 4 A fy " A lf ' x x A , I ., . N iff l t , 'S fl f ali w Nt C , , , x W ,, I ...az 5 ag 5 H f Q s ,, Q T 1 W ' . C' R Il 2 Ella la lt .. L, " 'lr iw: ' A , I jx , K 1 . W S' A wif if . lil 5 Lf f t 1 V H li tu' 5, - Sr mtl Af, 7 at J, 'A V ' Abit. 1 "lik , 1 wi 11 :gm Y ,., I ,,,f, 7.3 :,, V' Y. E ' VA 'L by Q , , 'T' Q , Ji: 3 ,. -P 'Y g fi ' f y N ' S' , V - 5 1 I . , z . H . . 'Q' A W: k"? , ', 'A ' -D fm ' 'W lk? ,.. N , tf N iff fl H Ani 4. R' 2 4+ ll T. 1. ' 1 V l gy .. . V' A 5' . . it - Q. ZZ, 0, T yr . ' I fjxX M: .f ' S W X l ,C ... A I i - li A A l ' Hd- .gslfrl 7 ' T el 9 - S ' f 5 . " I , V 1 li V . . . '.7 .- fp 4 4' ' 1: ' : l' .eu '6- A 4. ' 'Q' ' -. , I H .7 6' Af, I M ,f , fx' . T , T T rl' . 'V' . .. - J' ' . S go 2 1 n-, v,j , 1 .. , Q- KMT ,.- li ,,, ,Q K I X Q 5 Scott Whitten T A: C t K Harold Wickman '. -Q J Q Q g ,Y Marcile Wilbur g., X 1, ik .f Y Tim Wilcox . J. 2 1 , ,z ,nu , H51 .' 9515? , 1' K 1 ' :.....-.-.4191 A . I ,- 5 Carol Wildermuth ff " 'SQ v- lv is ' Richard Wilson t M, it M 327 Rayanne Winterstein W ' 1' G7 A R' QQ, 'nr Allan Wood ,J ' 4-J Judy Wood K fit Al tif, .K f, ,.--' Q K, Q Lee Woodland -- ' f ,ki 3 W Brian Wrenn g. T 4- , Mary Young Ken Zawlocki 1 f 9 l FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Heinrich, Sue Ford, Judy Graves, Geraldine Beckman. SECOND ROW: Janice Cooley, Annette Van Dyke, Donald Bunce, Marcia Biko, Harriet Fries. Bonnie Wellner Bob Wheatly Don Westergren Gar Wheeler Sandy White The masculnne half ot El Camlnos student body land per haps thelr not so masculine counterparts, should enloy the new style ot the sports sectnon Excellent reports on each sport plus honors to outstandung athletes and season summaries all pre sented on a credlt where credit ns due basis In SPORTS ILLUSTRATED John Dickerson edntor has de view ot the athletic year Hts assistant Bob McHugh has come up wnth a unique dlvlslon which IS being trned for the tlrst tme HOT ROD a smashing finish to a tune sports sectnon veloped many new features which add to this appealing re- AE' E, my ,, 'a IFF W J ' A 4 gf ff .Fx fi fj f a n , nf 3' ' Q 3"1'. 'fi ff 'S' 1 va FRED LANE KRONSBEIN ERN51' Head of the b0Y5' PhY5l' Director of Athletics cal education department THE ATHLETIC YEAR The T957-58 athletic year showed marked improvement in all fields of sport. ln the course of the year many new and capable El Camino stars were discovered. These boys should carry on and in some cases better the goals attained by those lost by graduation. Football and basketball again dominated the athletic activities. On the gridiron the Eagles proved to be a stalwart foe in all encounters and El Camino's'cagers turned in a very successful season. The track and baseball seasons again showed the ability of the Eagles to carry on a winning tradition. But, whether winning or losing, each boy who participated on 'any team un- doubtedly furthered his growth toward becoming a responsible' citizen and strong representative of his school and community. JOHN DICKERSON BOB McHUGH Section Editor Assistant we , FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Dodelin, John M. Brunton, Al Schoen, Bill Stone, John Collins SECOND ROW: Frank Boeger, Bill Eavis, Crawford Baker, L. D, Hunt, Sid Wall, Floyd Shupe. LAST ROW Bud Bernardo, Robert Ashcraft, William Merrifield, Russ Clay, Bruce Peasley, and Vic Barth. DADS TAKE I TEREST ST DE TACTIVITIES by JOHN DICKERSON The Eaglesmen Dads' Club, one ot the most active ot our parent organizations, is devoted primarily to the success and im- provement ot athletics at El Camino High School. The club's main activity this year was the construction of sport award boards honoring outstanding Eagle athletes. RIGHT: President AI Schoen dumps Jon Deason as the Eaglesmen defeated the Block EC in the Second An- nual Donkey Basketball game, , DON ROBARDS GEORGE SOUZA Head Coach Line Coach HI-LITES RIGHT: After giving the Roseville Tigers a sporting chance the Eagles slapped their wrists with a 14-6 defeat. The "A's" racked up 317 yards compared to l39 for Rose- ville. The defense held its own under the leadership of Jerry Johnson and Dick Grant. BOTTOM: In the opening game of the new Metropolitan League, the Eagles routed the Norte Del Rio Dons, 19-O. Gary Farney made several fine runs as the Varsity pushed the Dons 253 yards while holding the lat- ter to a mere 47 net. aaxd C FUUTBALL Yi'lE?lEi2liAlS by BOB MCHUGH METRO LEAGUE The Eagles did a fine job on the grid. Complimented by spar- kling individual performances, El Camino fought its way through the season for a 4-5 record. lnexperienced in the Split-T, the team suffered most of its losses because of simple mistakes, the one-TD defeats are evidence of this fact. Mr. Robards summed up the coaches feelings with these words: "l feel that the '57 Varsity team should be highly commended. We played hard, tough ball and tried to keep the Eagle tradi- tions!" SEASON'S RECORD El Dorado . 6 El Camino. San Juan ...... T4 El Camino Roseville .. .... 6 El Camino Grant . 26 El Camino Norte O El Camino McClatchy 6 El Camino Sacramento 7 EI Camino Grant l8 El Camino Woodland .. . 32 El Camino I I 1 L LAREY HUNT-Tackle ' J All-any AIHSBQUE Boa PEASLEY-Guard N All-Inland Empire AIM-eague R 'lf' i R I I I I I 18 I x MIKE FOOTE-Quarterback 'wg PAT MORTON-Quarterback 1 ' 'z Q C ' tv N X - I E x R X I f ix' I I Ik V, I ef I I 13? ' I I Q Q ff' X, Q- I WILLARD WIXOM-Halfback MAX SHUPE-End :I I W All-CIW me SPEEGLEwGuard JIM CLAY-End All-League .li I I Al x in Hg .- , . Y A - f-,'.."'II I ', , .eqv ' A 'w I - 4 J I, 1 gb, A K Mi-V Q I V, , H., F7423 I f 5 , 5 W0 ' 1' I ' - ., 'I X 1 gf' ,I Q M E.. I W 22 f U W 'Pe' ww Q- f I fl I xx Q.. 2 t Y ' i I f . Z X I rQ wif ' vi A 5 DAVE DUPFEEfCGr?ef 5 ICE JUGE-CGMEV if BILI. POWELL-End s MARK KALENIUS AEfd 1 ,,, A +V dfrmwhyj .W fx LARRY BACON Guard ISA N, - A 1,,, , 53' wg. FRED MAYBERRY Guard TOM LAMBDIN Tackle DUDLEY STONE Fullback GRANT NURCHNSON Punfcr 1 JIM PAHLMAN Guard ,P ,W .A+ MIKE R X 'gn v. , 1' yn BING BLAKE Halfback 1 X1 BOB LAMBDIN Center Q --hifi? ECOBB Halfback JOHN BRUNTON Guard DOUG BARTH Guard 1 DICK GRANT Halfback 'Q 3' 'im 'c G 7 AX M vu v G' u R' Q I J 1 b . ,, I vw P .H 1 G kv 'I K ' L, A I , I-iz, E ,ff k nu xg? W V af ark , 4 ' af' G u 426 3 Q 1-"" -'ia JOHN vvewsu Tackle MARUN WALLING End JERRY MORRISON U a ' r-4 pm STEVE NORTHRUP Harfback FRED PALMQUIST Guard W Y- GARY HOWE c e Q no 4 JERRY JOHNSON Halfback AIICr1y The Aerre Staff expresses :ts srnceresf apologres to semor tackle DENNIS MCFAD DEN for the rnevasrble omnssron of hs Varsrry prcfure Mac was an oufstandmg DAVE OROZQO Quamyback flf76fTl6f7 and G fine SPOFYSVTIGVT Q5- LAUREN 1 5. ni JOHN MQDANIEL Tacke 'i:g., GARY FARNEY Fuflba K A L agua N N - 9 X s ' ' D W X , O X . N Q ..,, is - V k X f 1 L s we Y 1 G L 1 2 .ns C O M r B004 rm . f Hhack , - 4 J V ' fy: ' ,- N- X -. 'kv Q Q If - 1 O 4, -. N . win A '- - , Q vzxi K 'li .:., Q-1 " X O x - 3 M Q, V Q . -ga -V - 41 r if ' M 'Ts " - r 4 ' O ? 2 Q 1 -Ta kf , ,rf 25 -fr 55 1 A' A my ilffif 4.3 if VE?" - X, 1' X x f Y X 1 O . . as 4 . . NR O 'V 4 . . . . A ii: 'Gigi' C' FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Solusky Pete Harms Roy Jam Kroske Duane Meyers Jerry Pnce Jlm Glllnam Hank Ventura, Wayne Wall, Fred Geandrot Jerry Goodman Warren Davus Make Dully Wayne Muller Randy Moss Glenn Pruntt Hart, Tom Fat, Jim Burford, Steve Nuttal Don Stomsvlck Make Harms Clutf OBrien Denms Harvey LAST ROW Coach Susumo Fuiiwara. SECOND ROW Bull Schlllmg Gary Leopold Lane Ernst Bull Hack Make Hansen Jack Lenmq Ray Amuoka SEASON'S RECORD El Dorado eleee, O San Juan .... , O Roseville e,,,LeeA 12 Grant ,.7.. ,. 2 Norte ,.a.,,,e E 6 McClatchy ..,,.. 6 Sacramento ,,7, O Grant ooo.,oo.oo E O Woodland o,..,, 20 Camino Camino Camino Camino Camino Camino Camino Camino Camino by BOB MCHUGH HB" FOOTB LL The "B" team proved again that brawn is not necessary to win football games. Perhaps the most persistent team at El Camino, they kept fighting until the end. Evidently Coach Lane Ernst was right when he said, "Up front is where the spectacular runs started. Vicious blocking by experienced linemen opened the holes for fast backs. Everybody did his share to keep the team moving." i We salute a great squad! Keep up the good work and best of luck in the future! Gary Long, Frank Sheppard, Jim Kimmel, Jon Bernardo, Bob Carter, Steve Hunt, Mike Schoen, Jeff Zahourek, Bob Ellis, Larry Brooks, and Coach Ed Gallaway. Coach Ed Gallaway assisted in producing this year's fine l-ine EVUSY WGS head mef1'f0f Of the HWS," Wl'10 Showed 9V9aT "B" football feam, speed and deception. LEFT The Junior Varsity football team was coached by GALE PHILLIPS. SEASON S RECORD We CCF, Long gone . . The Junior Varsity football team is basically a training ground for Varsity players. It consists of those boys who are big enough for Varsity play but lack the necessary ex- perience. Whether winning or losing, the Junior Varsity is an im- portant part of our football program. The team didn't win a game this year, but more important is the fact that the JV's supplied the "Big Team" with boys like Fred Palmquist, Gary Howe, and Jim Pahlman. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Dick Dobbins Allen Roberts, Gary Hunter, Ed Dickinson, Bill McMillon, Wayne Kehler Wayne Libbee Jim VanVallcenburgh. BACK ROW Manager Joe Sarro George Moschke, Bill Nelson, Dick Millar, Gary Hoyenga, Milne Kemp, LeRoy Williams John Jackson Steve Johnson Dick Allen, and Coach Phillips. Q. X FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Phillippi, Dennis Jones, Mike McEchern, Art Green, Jim Cambell, Joe Swartz, Dick Little, Harold Maxwell, Jack Konvalin, Fred Warner, and Tom Pettigrew. SECOND ROW: John Armstrong, Ken Zawlocki, Bob Wheatley, Bob Montgomery, Kirk Taylor, Mike Walker, Gary Shupe, Frank Baldwin, Doug Mason, Dick Dodelin, John Lundblad, Rufus Kline, Bill Estey, and Monte Waggoner, Manager. LAST ROW: Coach LeRoy Georges, Gary Doug Stark, Robbin Breckenridge, Bob Lach, David Morgan, Brent Crockett, Gary Mack, and Jerry Kaeser, Assistant Coach. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL by Boa MCHUGH SEASON'S RECORD San Juan :,,,, 25 El La Sierra T9 El Elk Grove 7 El Marshall O ,111 El La Sierra 7 El RIGHT: The Freshman football squad Georges and Jerry Kaeser. Camino Camino Camino Camino Camino was coached by LeRoy Kagel, Bill Brasher, Dan McGrew, Jim Paul, Dick Draffin, The Freshman football team fought hard for a l-4 record this year. Consisting of boys who really want to play, frosh football offers great training for future Varsity players. Quoting Coach LeRoy Georges, "The team, lacking in size and number, and fighting off the Asiatic Flu, came through. Many of the boys improved greatly and will cer- tainly be fighting for Varsity positions in years to come." 7 O 1 20 l O ' . O 'ls HBH Bob Scott Tom Beckman Dave Burden Bob Welch John Millar Ralph Schmidt B AND C CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW Mike Evans Larry Reynolds Jum Shearer Tom Swartz Paul Wallace BACK ROW Don Goza Duck Lang Henry Gladmg Bull Young Joe Canp Art Gladnng if at KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Ashcraft, Mike Johnson, Manager Gary Plotner, Don Straw, Jerry Johnson. STANDING: Manager Dick Miller, Gary Farney, Bill Baker, Chuck Hagopian, Marlin Walling Larey Hunt, Steve Harley, Bill Powell, John Fitzgerald, Jim Clay, and Manager Dick V. Miller VARMTYCMLERSTAKE1THRDf1ACE AND SET EW METRO SCORI G SEASON'S RECORD Placer Union 39 Roseville 26 San Juan 49 Bishop Armstrong 55 San Juan 32 METROPOLITAN Woodland 57 Grant 38 Norte Del Rio 66 Sacramento 511 Grant 56 Norte Del Rio A3 McClatchy 50 Elk Grove 62 Woodland 47 Elk Grove 37 Sacramento 66 Grant AI Norte Del Rio 37 SSC Freshman 43 McClatchy , 69 Woodland 62 El Camino El Camino EI Camino El Camino El Camino TOURNAMENT EI Camino EI Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino EI Camino RECORD by JOHN DICKERSON The Varsity basketball team termed by Fred Krons bein as one of the best teams he has ever coached compiled a l38 record this year good enough for third place in the Metropolitan League. Combining the necessary assets of skill and team- work, the "A's" scored a record 76 points against Woodland and nearly succeeded on several occasions in upsetting the league leaders, Sacramento and Mc- Clatchy, although the final scores do not show it. Dave Ashcraft, senior guard for the Eagles, proved to be the most effective scorer in EI Camino's short history as he scored 344 points in twenty-one games to capture the individual scoring title for the city. Dave was also named to the Sacramento All-Star team. DAVE ASHCRAFT BILL POWELL JIM CLAY GARY EARNEY MARLIN WALLING I S I 1 I IGF! COACH FRED KRONSBEIN STEVE HARLEY JERRY JOHNSON DON STRAW BILL BAKER In the finale of the Tournament, Dave Ashcraft accepts the Team Participation plaque for El Camino. KFIERCE WAS THE STRUGGLE . . fa by JOHN DICKERSON The Eagles, rated a dark horse in many pre-tourney polls, found the going very rough in the 1957 Metropolitan Invitational Tournament held in the Sacramento High School Pavilion. After dropping the opener to a fast Woodland team, the Varsity regained composure and soundly thumped Grant to qualify for the consolation play-off. Matched against Norte Del Rio for the trophy, the Eagles were downed again, end- ing up in sixth place. Some El Camino pride was recovered, however, when guard Dave Ashcraft set a tournament individual scoring record by hitting for 23 points against Wood- land, 20 against Grant, and 27 against Norte for a total of 70 points. In addition, Dave was also selected for the Metropolitan Tournament All-Star team. Marlin Walling points out a possible weakness in the Grant Don Straw is double-teamed as he fights for a loose ball during Pacer defense. the Norte Del Rio game. Jum Burford scores despite last moment harassment by an opponent Tom Eakes gets off a lump shot that catches a Rosevulle Tlger wnth hus eyes closed thrnllung last second wuns HOD acts as a sa y Tom Fat sneaks in for a tie-breaking bucket one of the EagIe's Steve Nuttal fires from the key as Jim Kimmel ' ' - ' , fet . h t LEROY GEORGES BOB BURCELL "A" Reserves, "B" Reserves Freshman "C" and "C" Reserves X RESER E AND PRE-SEASON TE MS GIVE PLAYERS VALU BLE EXPERIENCE by JOHN DICKERSON The teams plctured on These two pages are perhaps the most Important of all the El Camuno basketball teams It us on these squads that many players learn the valuable lessons basuc techmques and team spurut that will place them among the stars of tomorrow These boys will form the foundation of champuonshup A and B teams that El Camino wlll have un coming years they deserve our respect and admiration "Av RESERVES FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Gary Warner Doug Behl Mnke Walker Lauren Bock John Fntzgerald Gary Howe BACK ROW Manager Bull Brasher Larry Jerovlno John Carlson Rlchard Moore Tum Patter son Gary Hoyenga George Moschke Ruchard Allen Lmdey Goodel ABSENT Richard Smnth John Waraas Gene Hams and Manager Dennus Braden 1 1 1 1 . . . - 11 11 11 11 I . 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , . 5 , 1 1 . r -"'G"e1"'e 'Y C AND C RESERVES FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Paul Boorhe Ken Codera John Duckunson John Thuelbar Bob Jackson Duck Plesha BACK ROW Larry Assenga Greg Boeger Bob Kinder Duck Galundo Robert Fronfz Gay Moulds Bull Eavus and Jum Ashcraft :N V B RESERVES FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Bo Frontz Duck Nelson Joe Cangu Gay Moulds Muke Harms Joe Gordon Duck Gal undo BACK ROW Manager Bull Brasher Ken Green Guy Green Gary Long Duck Draper Larry Brooks Ken Johnson Wayne Wall Jerry Folena and Rocky Wentzel t I nun Pill' llll Illl :lil llll 4, 32 'e FRESHMEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Manager Dennis Braden John Dickinson Paul Wallace Steve Lentz Robbin Breckenridge Larry Assenga Bob Kinder, Greg Reed Dennis Thomas Doug Mason Dean Rhoads Dick Dodelin Frank Baldwin, Gary Kagel, Gary Shupe, Jim Paul, Dan McGrew, Mike Walker, and John Hamilton. THE SPRINT MEN Steve Northrup, Rich Viale, Dudley Stone, Mike Precobb. TRACKSTERS HCLD THEIR OW by JOHN DICKERSON The Varsity track team embarked on the 1958 season with hopes of bettering the records of previous years. Although they lost many fine athletes to gradua- tion, new personnel were available and capable of holding their own. Gibbie Lentz in the pole vault and high iumper Marlin Walling insured record- breaking performances. .lr ' DICK ROWE DON ROBARDS Head Coach Assistant THE DISTANCE MEN DOU9 Slieafef, 5TeV9 Sheafefi Dave OfOZC0i Lyndon Davis, and Dick Jerry Goodman, Wayne Kaiser, Bill Powell, Bill Baker, and Pat Borton Albright. It 3 H, r"?"'f THE SHOT-PUT Larey Hunt puts the shot before the critical gazes of Lauren Bock and Fred Palmquist Ckneelingl, and Dave Durfee and Tom Lambdin Cstandingl. X..-l ..- THE HIGH JUMP Marlin Walling iumps six feet as Mike Foote and Steve Stoltz look on. tv L " 4 ' fl ff . tw 7- ,I If ' I THE POLE VAULT Jerry Personius flefty and Gibbie Lentz held their own in the pole vault event. ,Q- -A-. Ei ?' ,' , Jvgj -A www .. J.. A av, -mm-3' 4' 'K 'Q' fe. S-in ,H s new Q-ff ,sg , . ' s, A . ui. 1-W- ' 'O W .R I , -I .-.-- mn.- .N ,Q K '? ' - ' ' 'fs f " ,, 5 1-f-, if Q.: - A-1- A A' ' .f . , A5 ., 1 " 5 'f '9"f""' - 3: . , . 'A '----'-,.. 1,,. y,,.fY-f -v'j',:' 4, V 1- 14 , A V- , J W M. - -M is " ,,- jffu-gh-.Lx , . ' 49 Vi": n THE BROAD JUMP Willie Wixom was the Eagle's only entry in the broad lump event. "Hof Rod" Jennings cou1dn'T quite gg. I -of--""""" ' kr - ,f out-iump Willie. 2 'ui' -UP an Bill Baker fries his hand at high iumping beiween races, Gibbie Lenrz soars over the bar at Twelve feet displaying fine form. ,i ,,,, ,M V, 0' 2 X i 'Q HCS" SHOW PROMISE by JOHN DICKERSON Gaining valuable experience at every meet, the "C" cindermen headed the list in determination and desire. This was the first introduction to the sport of Track for many ot the boys, and they showed latent abilities that will shovv up in future squads. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RlGt-lT Tom Swartz Ron McKinsey Bruce Brady, Greg Boeger, Jim Pettigrew. SECOND ROW Torn Jackson Paul Wallace Ernie Peters Bob Blue, Paul Ferrari, Bob Avena, Ronnie Semoni THIRD ROW Chuck Leslie Ken Cordero Jim Shearer Dick Moss, Dick Galinclo, Gay Moulds, Al McCulIun Larry Reynolds BACK ROW Manager Paul Rohrer Jim Korrison, Ray Cox, Fred Strand, and 1 ""9"-.V , F-. 4 ,. -M , 4, 4 M- .r . - KM- , ,. , .-,, .. N, - - -... N, M' ' L". - "' ' J. -"if" A L , T' " E- - . ' G '. ' 1 'V -. QPY"7"' E1 ' 1- VR' - - 3, -. C 'fs -Wu V H - . - -'frat n . K - --f 'H W. V-,se-AJ '- - ' "'f-' 'si 3 K . a -,--'N 1. ' I . .nj R, - Q , " 4-"' -- -A f en" lf., - - , A - -WM 1 A 'TJ F., --,Y fysfaql. f " E ' 'Q' "" - Ti t f' M4 W 1 fp: -.-. . , . --- - 1- . . ., ..- 1 - I Q ,V . A H T . ,V I ...k .. , c m ,. . -. , ,MLK .s Q W X it ,,, , ' fy' ,, . Q ' ,kt x is "a if - , M -A, J- . in M. . . ,sf M .M . 5 ' N Lg-eg." 3.55 R .age N: + .. E .- -'Kiss J ,W i ., A . . M- e.....,T,. 'Yaris E Q- 'J-:fm-"'....-g it ef - , k ., ,. ,, .. s 5 . , N fi t .. 4 -fs--A .: A , 1 1, W?aa..,.-L - , . V , 1 gag: " 'Y ,ui b M . Q ,Vx R , ,A 3 5 ja-Yfsk V -- - E' . . . ., frwatx ww +V ff 'A fs ...W . is r Af -1 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Johnson, Eddie Roy, Steve Nuttal, Mike Hanson, Gene Hendricks, John Solusky, Ron Kelly, Don Tucker, Doug Behl, Dave Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Manager Dick Miller, Don Straw, Richard Smith, Dick Kempster, Tom Fat, Mike Hohnson, John Abrahamson, Jerry Morrison, Andy Braio, Jim Clay, Gary Farney, and Jerry Johnson. TOP VARSITY NINE EXPECTED by BOB MCHUGH "This year's Varsity baseball team promises to be a good one," says coach George Souza. "The pitching staff is bound to make or break us, but I can't comment on our hitting strength yet, as it is too early in the season." Equipped with many versatile players, Mr. Sousa should have no trouble keeping nine top men on the diamond this year. Many of the Varsity players such as John Abrahamson, Jerry Morrison, Eddie Roy, John Solusky, Mike Johnson, Gary Farney, and Andy Braio are returnees from last year's fine squad. Although this article will be at press long before the season is completed, everyone feels assured that the Eagles will come through in '58. I COACH GEORGE SOUZA A' 1' y V , M. .-1 ..zu M, -vu ,173 it 'Nt' ww will 4' 35,45 . . :xv ,, awww W, ,J wwaf w45 f .som "" ..w:.,..,,....u- REM ' - 'Q' , . I -., H- 4 -va-B+ is yu'-K t s W A . ' , I 'y 1 V ,M M, a A ,U . A 7 -, U f va: - N ' ' .5 MA- . A 'J' , . .15 H W 'A' ,,,,, fp rw . -' - 2:2-V Poised and ready, Farney is at bat. Where's the Coach? I Look, Coach, my eyes are shut! l ,jx .an-.1 Yer out! -X 'Q.,..a:w Q , Fw-- .arg the base. Run anyway, Gene! FW 15051 -wtf' You're up next, Jerry Stretch, but keep your foot on Base hit? pu -f Q. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL PROSPECTS LOOK GOOD by Boa MCHUGH Junior Varsiiy baseball should prove to be as good as if has been in The pasf. Led by coach Lane Ernsf, This Team is easily recognized by its spirit and vvill lo win. Many Top varsity players have corne up from the J.V. leam in The past and will certainly continue to do so in order to help El Carnino reign over The Mefropoliian League. COACH LANE ERNST FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Sarro, Don Spiech, Bob Casfro, Mike Poiier, Butch Nelson, Rich Schelloe, Dennis Braiavich, Jim Burford, Ken Biggs, Jerry Folena, Fred Jeandrof. SECOND ROW: Jim Kimmel, Mike Perry, John Shoemaker, Bob Cox, Sumo Fugiwara, Dale Smith, Gary Long, Ron Knech, Mike Hopkins, Cliff O'Brian, Frank Ferris, LAST ROW: Bill Schilling, Don Moore, Wayne Wall, Ken Johnson, J. Brisfroch, Bob Chapman, John Zeebuth, Phil Toby, Lionel Rapozo, Cliff Shultz, Bill Leslie, and Bob Fronfz. Q. I 32' Q 4 W.. Ma- W "' sf!- 'lffq . ' - , Q A A .l TENNIS' TEAM , - --0--nf--A i --...-......-.... MW, c,m,,, S ! 1 -Qt' l 2, J ' T' Q? FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Reynolds, Bob Bertagna, Coach Ross Furneaux, Stan Marquiss, Jay Harris. BACK ROW: Dick Donelson, George Miller, Tim Patterson, John Ghramm, Chip Potter, and Ron Stone. fl Jay Harris lleftj and Ed Gulick ready themselves for action. MI GR Under the capable coaching of Ross Fur- neaux, the netsters started the tennis season successfully with a win over Placer Union High School in the first match of the year. The Varsity, strengthened by boys up from last year's JV squad, was expected to finish near the top in the Metropolitan League race. During the course of the sea- son they met such notables as Sacramento, McClatchy, and American River Junior Col- lege. I4 I! STANDING George Large Arr Trask Dick Miller Aian Berry Coach Jerry Kaeser ABSENT Wayne Miller John Graham Gene Ehlers Paf Armstrong SKI TEAM PORTS ICKERSON As in The pasT, The Ski and Golf Teams displayed The fine sporTsmanship and de- TerminaTion ThaT is characTerisTic of EI Cam- ino aThIeTes. BoTh squads opened Their seasons WiTh decisive vicTories over sTrong opponems. The Ski Team scored Two sTraighT deTeaTs against San Juan and The Golf Team Trounced Bishop ArmsTrong in sound fashion. ,ww , 'Sf x A GOLF TEAM is xx Craig Sfalker, Frank Newman, Gram Murchison, and Mike Miller. LQ 'ff' I lf my 41 ,,,,. 1 g I as fig g'mt, Ag-cfiiiafw , gag w '? 7fQa9f?ff 20,5 we , , W, . 19' j gf sm A f K4 2 3. ,,f L,f QV ' I , A Ii 3 ig. 552324441 1 417 S, x .M ,.,, E If - 5 :Aw I 5 Q fmggxx MW M 2 'Z A egg, Q Q. if 5 NM' 45 1 if 4 W8 ,wud '5 2 'if 'Si qi? A22 2 ,QTQ1 , 'i I, 5553 , N-H x 415' 1, l :lg A V' 5 iv K 2 'ff 4, 5 +L?-fa 4 1 i 5 3 1 , y A . f 1944!-7514 fx ff ' 5 513' Wah R.- A Mm K7 a ' mv., - if EC. REVIEWS CUSTOMS MA A I sf 3. 5. r Azfff George Fuglesang is the owner of this '50 Chevvy. Under the hood, two Strom- berg carburetors and a split manifold may be seen adorning the 216 cubic inch six. A nice rake, a quiet pair of pipes, and a white synthetic paint iob give George's Chevvy the typical-El Camino look. A 306 cubic inch flathead makes Mark Kalenius' Ford frantic from the word go. Three Carburetors and a potvin super cam iamb the fuel into cylinders sporting a 10:1 compression ratio. ignited by a Mallory ignition, this mill pulls the Ford through the traps at 86 m.p.h. causing people to wonder if flatheads are as l TILT REIGNS AT E.C. by BOB MCHUGH The current trend of tilt- ing cars is unchallenged at El Camino this year. El Camino autos are easily recognized by looking for a low front end. This trick along with racing disks, molding, striping, and fast engines proves that El Caminians are not behind other schools in automotive improvement. slow as they're said to be. A very low '40 Ford convertible is the reason for Ed Calvert's recent pride. Powered by a '52 Cad engine, this rag- top has no trouble keeping up with the new cars. Rolled and pleated naugahyde and chrome nerf bars help make Ed's Ford an unusual '4O. A '57 Chevvy hardtop with the usual modifications is John Prater's set of wheels. John believes that his Chev is fast enough stock, so that's the way the driving mechanism remains. A louvred hood, Corvette hubcaps, a rake, and pipes are John's addition to this sanitary hard- top. 2 gf' lf' Gene Espey is the owner of this '50 Chevvy tudor. The engine in this bomb is aided by two Strombergs mounted on a Fenton manifold, Fenton headers, and an aluminum valve cover. Horsepower is transmitted to the stock rear end by a '38 Chevvy floor box. The car's appear- ance has been altered by the installation of a '47 Olds grille and a lowering job utilizing chopped coils and two inch low- ering blocks. When finished, this car will sport a canary yellow lacquer job compli- mented by gold scallops. This '54 Olds convertible is proudly owned by Jon Bernardo. A black lacquer paint job sets off the flawless body and louvres in the hood give the car its radical touch. Striped by Espey, Jon's Olds is powered by a stock engine at present, but future plans include supercharging by Mca Culloh, John Brunton's 'AO Ford coupe sports a stock '51 Olds mill which turns the gears in a Cad stick transmission. Axll gears in the stock rear end allow the coupe to get that lump which Fords are noted for. The upholstery, done in red and white naugahyde, is complimented by chrome garnish moldings. Striping is by Espey. WLM F :fl-'9'b'H 7.14:- "All show with stock go" describes Jim Kurtz's '54 Ford Victoria. Painted black and white, the car has that clean look. '55 Olds taillights, a nose and deck iob, and a radical rake sum up the looks de- partment. The powerful drone is pro- duced by a pair of headers and two 30" glasspacks. A '57 Ford tudor is often seen tooling the streets around EC. This car, blown by McCulloh, is owned and operated by John Titherington, Quad headlights and a casual tilt complete the outside appearance of this unusually fast Ford. S 2' fairer i' In LOOK Lolnta Zook and her assistants Bull McMnllon and Nancy Louargand have favored every El Camino club and organization with a comprehensive report about their actlvutnes and accomplishments throughout the year Moreover they have succeeded In obtarnung luvely action prctures Instead of throughout the section and clulo lnslgnlas were reproduced adding the final spark to LOOK magazine LOOK logotype format and registered trademark used with the express permrsslon of Cowles Magazanes Inc publrshers of LOOK Magaznne I I - I the usual monotonous group shots. Some spot color was used I I 'I 7 CAPITOL ,x .1 s , - s Y "' H E I 5 K L. E 5 'fl ' vnu' 'inf M N' , ,..-4 1 ' . w ' lb 1-"'7fi ,.J,,..JM-wN"""N"A""'M- M. w.--"1 v"" .v"'.', . K W ' L u 1 . ,. , ? .I - V , 'Q X V K LA , 1- ! ' if T ' I' Q Q I i 5, W, e K Z' 3 Y b . , ' f L ia MQW" nv, ' P fe," 6.9! ' A+- "' . . nw ' A.. Y V , ,sJ,k'5,.,,., 4.1, qpfvbrhiamgn K ,ww -4 ' FD v N, ... 9 .,,i,.v-f-- F W- 0. -W.,-Y.. M ww..-A F' in ' " '!!!!!!!!!! ,ww ,W . ,V,, M... , A,M. ,, M ' - . vmff A-ww-4-ul-I nw.-msn wt- wun,p-u-nmpmw-.n -A ,Q mo. ,..w,.fu -4 .--. , H1 I A k.'Q V A .1 ,I 2 -- AM. .. A 1 , v Q: CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Miss Sherrod an inspiration to everyone Trip to the State Legislature W The purpose of California Scholarship Federation is to recognize superior scholarship Students must receive and maintain a grade average of ten points to belong to the honor society Points, based on solid sublects, are received as follows As three points, Bs one point If a student is able to maintain this high average for four semesters, he becomes a life member receiving a gold seal on his diploma CSF is an important and worthwhile part of high school, as it makes students aware of the need for study C S F members traveled to Eureka this year for the annual Region al Convention At this convention important topics of our time were discussed Each person had the opportunity to stafe his views on such problems as Integration, Juvenile Delinquency, and World Peace Indeed this meeting of the intellects was highly enlightening ,..,..-ws-:iii-v X. ,J L mltdl' 1. 51'- ""l . Q' OFFICERS John Dickerson President Virginia Young Vice President Nancy Foss Secretary and Ron Kelly Treasurer SENIOR MEMBERS Roy Abbanat Ronald Allard Betty Amioka Barbara Babbin Larry Bacon Allen Brecken ridge Cathy Crocker Pat Dennis Larry Drews Susan Dutra Jody Fredricks Judy Gordon Judi Hunt Carol Keema Jan Logan Margaret Netherby Sandra Marquis Ann McClure Bob McNanrn Rona Meinzer George Mic san Karen Klotz Jan Mmer Judi Richards Mary Sher burn Carolyn Strother Linda Trussel Loralee Tucker Lolita Zook Lorraine Zube Study Study Study JUNIOR MEMBERS Laurel Bell Edward Bender Barbara Binns Jane Chapman Barbara Davis Carole Draper Ellen Gosselunk Edward Gullick Marian Jackson Lynne Kurzenabe Jim Larrick Nancy Louargand Charlotte Newhall Ken Osborn Joyce Peterson Sharon Raynor Patti Schieck Dudley Stone Ellen Twaddell Keith Younger Joseph Harris SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Paula Clark Diane Darby Marilyn Doswald Barbara Fish Sunny Goodier Charlotte Hanson Marin Johnson Grace Lusk Judy Schemel Ellen Standley Jim Thompson Meanwhile, across from the Capitol . . . Peyton Place in our library? Honor Librarians strive to help both students and faculty to gain a better understanding of the uses of the library Becoming familiar with the many func tions which the library performs is a great asset in reading for enloyment as well as in classwork. With Mrs. Smith sponsor giving hints on eti- quette the girls put on a Tea for the faculty. OFFICERS: Paula Hoogendom President- Lois Jones Vice President- .ludy Ross Secretary- Judy Pauley, Historian. MEMBERS: Kathy White and Linda Farrell, it 'ttyl f 1' . . . and in spare time? SILVER PAGES HONOR SOCIETY FOR LIBRARIANS y - ' A lt' E 272 Ig! Emma Waflnv Lx Iglmuaf Marx -qua ,ul ruby ya: ei mr mr ll mam if llr ll rv ymbf ll ,all nw 1 udfuufj arf why? nnf rlfnn f 1 An invitation was received by each new member OFFICERS 'N CHINA-I-OWN LEFT To RIGHT FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Johnson Edward Bender Norman Brown Gaylord Huth Gustave Steinacher Kirk Parry Bob Mayne Gary Nash George Micsan Larry Gibson. SECOND ROW: Carol Keema Leanne Johns- ton Georgia Hoffman, Judi Hunt Sandy Mar- quis, Lucretia Pardee Linda Trussel Paula Hoogendorn, Renee Fallai, Ellis Sommerville, Judy Gordon, Karen Koltz. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Sparks, sponsor: Claire McLaughlin, Michelle Czecla, Jacque Lea, Linda Lawrence, Sharri Garret, Laurel Bell, Barbara Binns, Betty Amioka, Christine Perdis, Joyce Winkleman, Margo Hunsicker. FOURTH ROW: Loralee Tuck- er, Rona Meinzer, Gail Vagle, Barbara Babbin, Mary Sherburn, Carol Chamberlain, Sharon Pfennighausen, Ann McClure, Cathy Crocker. FIFTH ROW: Lyle Speegle, Dennis McFadden. Bob McNairn President Betty Amioka Vice President Ann McClure Secretary Cathy Crocker Treasurer FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Marian .Jack son Barbara Davis Nancy Alberson Ellen Twaddell Jody Fredrlcks Lynne Kurzenabe charon Raynor Carole Draper Patti Schieck Jane Chapman Patti Maples Kathy Koep sell SECOND ROW Ken Osborn Raymond Tucker Ron Kelly Larry Drews Jeff Dolbear Earl Lacure Dan Thomas Gary Fortier Dennis Yeomans Jim Burforcl THIRD ROW Jay Har ris Ed Gullick Max Kindall Roy Abbanat Barton Reynolds Steve Harley Larry Bacon Dave Mitchell John Heron Frank Ferris 'kj . NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY xflfef ' ' ' 'I 'fr I I W' I 'If It I' ll I ' K 99 F QUH " gli T S 'US' 'Wm QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organized by a group of high school advisors for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in iournal- ism and allied fields. The Society had always taken an active part in raising standards in its field and in directing the course of high school journalism. The purpose of Quill and Scroll is to instill in the students the ideals of scholarship, to advance the standards of the profession of iournalism by developing better journalists, and to promote exact and dispassionate thinking and clear and forceful writing. According to the constitution, members must meet the following require- ments: They must be at least a iunior. They must be in the upper third of their class. They must have clone superior work in some phase of journalistic endeavor. They must be recommended by the publications' advisor. They rnust be approved by the executive secretary of Quill and Scroll. No one in Quill and Scroll or on the Aerie or El Caminian Staffs could have accomplished a thing without the patient efforts and wonderful sense of humor of our sponsor, Mr. Studley. I simply must remember to ask the boss for a raise. E 356 My picture must be in here somewhere FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Georgia Hoffman, News Writer, Linda Kious, El Caminian Ad Manager, Judi Richards, News Writer, Jan Logan, Aerie Assistant Edi- tor, Lynda Harwood, El Caminian Assistant Editor, Judy Gordon, El Caminian Staff Artist, Jody Fredricks, Aerie Business Manager, Ruby Gustafson, El Caminian Busi- ness Manager. SECOND ROW: Patty Rowlett, El Camin- ian Feature Editor, Kaye Dockter, El Caminian Editor, Dave Mitchell, Sports Writer, John Dickerson, Aerie Sports Editor, Gary Karde, El Caminian Associate Edi- tor, George Micsan, El Caminian Sports Writer, Meg Netherby, News Editor. ABSENT: Pat Dennis, President, Karen Klotz, Aerie Editor. LOS HIDALGOS FURTHERS KNOWLEDGE OF SPANISH CUSTOMS 3 4... gg., K-W., -3' nd, -aah... -1-Ji I 8 11 A Jill Q, Gay Senors and Seno itas' Los Hidalgos the Spanish Honor Society is named tor the l-lidalgan Padres, the main group of priests responsible tor the settling ot the Southwest. The purpose of Los l-lidalgos is to advance the niernbers knowledge ot the Spanish language and custonrs. The club endeavors to reach this goal by t- tending Spanish dinners and going to rnovies in which the actors speak entirely in Spanish. Members speak only Spanish at all ot the meetings, iss Whitman h ponsor is . - ' " aclfi ies ot the c - she has traveled extensively in Spanish-speaking countries. lCERS' Jeff Dolbea ri-,:::,g .-rl:' ic. fro" S. sr oe: eirrq y YN' t ma - 1E ERS: Barbara v, oie D ,ar r ef.. c cr: . ar, a - , ' Nc os, Ken Osborn V' g'n'a Yoa. L. ,Ma INTERLINGUAL CLUB ACQUAINTS STUDENTS Look our below' 1 f Mad scramble '10 4: Mr Garrnson serves punch Spamsh Chrnstmas party r' 'Mw- cg,- 1 I I 5 4 'R .1-x' . I U 2 1.x Ah- x -"o e fi . , l x N U' ' g'W'sU xx s . 11 l l'H"W" ni", , N ' V Q ,qt 'K ' ' ' 1:5 . X.. : A,- WITH THE CULTURE OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES Spam' France! Denmark' 'Z .r,, -.Mx X FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Kathy Cady Bernlce Loveness Sunny Gooduer Sue Jacobs Jane Chapman Jan Darrouch Joy Berutlch Sandy Clem SECOND ROW Blanche Chap man Janet Ruestro Karen Fanusshl Sylvna Newhall Vnrgmna McGee Carole Draper Pam Sparrow Rona Meunzer Bonme Wolfe THIRD ROW Jay Hams Chnp Potter Max Kundall Hawau' Canada' Interllngual Club IS composed of all stu dents Interested In the culture socnal cus toms and language of foreugn countrles The club heard the experiences of speak ers who had traveled tn Europe and South Amerlca The Spanish Chrustmas Party and Inter natvonal Banquet were club actuvmes enloy ed durlng the year Mr Garrtson was the sponsor OFFICERS Rnck Schultz Presldent Dsanne Barton Vlce Presudent Sue Jacobs Secretary Bonme Hopper Trees urer LATIN CLUB PROMOTES INTEREST IN ROMAN CULTURE What am I lard" On the Ides of March Latln Students don Togas and gunny sacks and reluve the glorious era of the Roman Empire Caesar and Calpurnua relgn over the regal banquet The Nobles are served exotlc trusts and dellcacles by theur Students ID thelr first year of Latln are requlred to wear gunny sacks and perform all dutles asked of them by their masters Second year Latm Students bud for slaves at the auctnon wuth the number of lunes of translation they have earned In class Latln Club puts on thus colorful event with the advrce of Mr Edward Smlth sponsor OFFICERS Darlene Andruottu Presndent Eddie Healton Vlce President Jlm Thompson Secretary Jlm Shearer Treasurer MEMBERS Carol Ault Joe Cangu Duane Darby Johanna Deats Manlyn Doswald Duck Draper Nancy Durbrow Gary Farsen Barbara Fish Ernc McGalIrvary Ruth Hurff Chns Jones Colleen Kennedy Mlke Lambert Grace Lusk Judy OKeefe Joyce Peterson Pat Scalzo Judy Scheme! Ellen Standley Janet Stuto Pat Young Rebelluon' The Noetul lnfe of a slave . "2 - A l , sy, rf 2 I - 2 5 X X ' s ,,,f"A K f .' . 1 A f 1' r 4 s.. 5 Q I t ,f ,.,1 rf ' , . . obedient slaves. . . . 9 l I I an .I x Z I 'I l I I I I , I I I I SCIFIC - SCIENCE FICTION CLUB At the beginning of the year a member of Scific went to the ad- ministration with a plan for a space satellite. No!! it's not going to work! was the only reply this inventive student received. Then Sputnik went up, much to the chagrin of the administration. The main project of Scific has been adding books on Science Fiction to the school library. The goal of the club is to pro- mote Science Fiction and Rocket- ry. Head of "Them" was Mrs. Davidson Tfeasl-'fel' SCVOUUQ'-95 for fl-lnds Avid science fiction fan' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Carder Patrick Wasser Larry Drews Norman Cattell, Secretaryg Gary Christiansen SECOND ROW Jeff Dol Perry, Kirk Granflo, Treasurerg .lim Kirstein. BARBARA SHELDON Presudent PAM GRAY Sergeant at Arms MODELING CLUB DEVELOPS In the the last few years Modelung Club has become a favorute wuth the young ladues at EI Camuno Startung out wuth a handful of enthusuastuc gurls, the club has not only grown to be one of the most actuve at El Camuno but has spread to other schools as well The purpose of Modelung Club us to traun gurls un pouse make up dress, posture groomung and the basucs of modelung on stage and off As sponsors Mrs Reese and Mrs Thuelbar have helped the gurls un attaunung these goals Semuformal fashuon shows a Mother Daughter Tea speakers and the annual swummung party were the hughlughts of the club year MEMBERS ARE Joyce Allen Janus Appel Sue Back Karen Bonnuckson Ruth Bonnuckson Irene Byrne Kathue Conant Sheron Cullen Prusculla Curry Joan Dasmann Carole Draper Sue Fuerl Doreena Gant Carole Gubson Lunda Guuducu Shurley Houghton Sandu Jones Judy Klassen Joanne Kramer Pat Klune Kay Muller Muchel McNamara Deanna Neukam Sherry Nughton Nancy Norman Sally Jo Norrus Nancy Sharp Judy Storro Connue Sumner Glorua Taylor Bev Peck Cynthua Thomas Pat Tremaune Ellen Twaddell Anutta Ward Bette Walters and Joyce Zummerman MYRNA HOFFNER Vuce Presudent lllllm JONI RICHARDS Secretary JOANNE SCHMIDT Chaurman of Evaluatuon Board l KATHY BEAGLE Treasurer 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 '- ' 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , l' 'tm 7' y 31 , 3, L I Q -6 K., Z .'fu X 5 5, 1, 2 S ' Y , r I ff 0 55 l fl ' u I 1 OISE AND SELF-ASSURANCE CYTISFTI ef B 4 as "Fire and Ice"-El Caminian Modeling Club Fashion Show W. I ll! X 1 W fri in X 954' V Xl WI d the world nn fashuon! YQEV LU9 KEY CLUB SERVES 'W-,X I il-- f.. Where s the Key? Executrve Board meets a representatrve from the Krvvanrs Key Club deducated to the Ideals of the Kr wants serves the school and communrty Their mann service to the school IS sponsoring the exchange student each year Programs are sold at the football and basketball games to help frnance thus worthwhile prolect The old Western Saloon at the Carnuval put on by Key Club was a great success and a favorrte vvrth everyone Mr Maher encouraged and supervused the actnvrtres of thrs outstandzng club Zia l Q. R N Q llt u fl x C' ' IH T fall V 2 I an , sm' ! : V . X . f'-f X .f L -f .... 1 s f . t W , ls i 1 yum u , 5 1' Q mi I . , . Pl , V l I l ' , SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY Coming from Leuven, Belgium, this year's foreign exchange student, Theodore Magnin, ar- rived in New York on a ship infested with Asiatic Flu. Before starting school at El Camino, he saw the sights of New York and also visited Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. Ted has been kept very busy with student activities this year. He is a member of Student Council and Executive Board. Much of his time has been spent talking to various organizations about his native country. Raw Hamburger! heads the list of Ted's favorite foods which also includes french fries and beer. What are Ted's impressions of our country? The food is good, but too spicy, the people are very religious, and the scenery is wonderfull Everyone at El Camino wishes Ted the best of everything as he returns to his home in Belgium. Ted. We'll miss you! Vaarwel! ,,. Key Club sponsored the sale of Student Directories 4 i I S l - l Q. 'f'ifQ,- , l,,-,.,,,..,.a l l ...., - . ' I l v - ' l F . L.. W H 1 ., Ted Magnin, our exchange student from Belgium KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Andy Helms, Presidentg Gary Queale, Vice Presi- dent, Ted Magnin, Honorary Secretary, Bob Smith, Treasurer, Bob Lougy, Business Secretary. MEMBERS: Jim Bartholomew, Chris Beatty, Gary Compton, Dick Dob- bins, Dick Donelson, Ken Letzler, Barclay Martin, Bill McKinley, Larry Northrop, George Surmier, Lowell Thomas, Craig Yost, Don Yost. 'Er Thespuans hard at work The members of Shakespeares Crew galn practical experuence In the lnterpre tation and production of outstanding plays The club promotes Interest nn the dra matic BCTIVITIES of the school and encourages the reading and wltnesslng of better plays The members of Shakespeares Crew gain practical experlence In the lnterpre helped produce four frne plays Bllthe Spirit Modern Mfracle The Man Who Came to Dmner and The Doctor In Splte of Himself These energetic students also helped to bulld Studio 5 the new Arena Theater Mr Teel taught the casts the In s and out s of actung Mr PGTITUCCI directed the students In making the sets for the plays FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Alan Berry Gary Karde Carl Wrlcox Jon Kurz Chap Potter Lowell Thomas SECOND ROW JoAnne Schmrdt Patt Dsckson Kathy Goodwald Davud Nned ard fTreasurerJ Sandy Solnday CPFESI dentl Ltnda Marvm Catherme Mano rana lSecretaryl Bev Peck Carolyn Mansell Marguerne Kent THIRD ROW Kay Kearny Kathy Koepsell Carole Draper Carolyn Elsner Jud: Hunt Helen Gnbson Christ: Campbell Mary McKmnon Margo Hunsucker Chrustme Perdns Helen Shurley FOURTH ROW Juamta Thompson Pat Reed Pat Row lett Rosemary Smuth Doreena Gant Make Hull Jan Mmer Natalre Konvalm Pam Sparrow Chuck Preston Erm Lnnt ner 5. X V I I 'n. I , I I I . ' I . I ' I l , . I I . . - erloh CVice Presidentj, Carole Chouin- I . I . . I . . Q , , , ' . : , , I . I . I . I . . I . I . I . . . I . l : . I r - I . I I . . I . I . . I , I . . - D RAMA IN ALL ITS PHASES A scene from Bllfhe Spnrnt X If Ill bgqll-I0 Advertising for the Senior Play 1- The Man Who Came to Dnnner and an eccentric susfer when I Say wmp lump' says The Man Who Came to Dunner W , 1 ri I ,MAN n ' 'Qu V I , , a," R ' I +4,,l .N ,ll f n 'ff 'ffm , v. fri" . 'gh -.. L. W 1 I x - X Q f X., . " V '4 'K N 'V -f K A s - rv J r v- f g "' ., I X I Y JA . Salt, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA WW' ,nf , lnlld l' s....,4-uf' 4 lnspared lntle group' A turkey for Chnstmas dmner More and more gurls have become Interested an a club which prepares them for the very Important role of TTOUSSWITS The Future Homemakers of America One of the most vital prolects undertaken was the Instruction of members In the preparation of 'food for a large number of people handy lnformatlon un case of a dnsaster During the holndays the members contrlbuted to a Chnstmas basket tor a needy famlly Toss Up an after game dance was another successful event nn the actnvltles of thns up and coming club FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Lounse Gallman Sandy Schultz Jeanne Le Claure Donna Brad sh Presudent Jeanette Wnlbur Vnce Presl dent Muchelle Bale Joan Ferrara Mrs Dean Sponsor SECOND ROW Ruta Lemke Susan Kane Karen Scott Eluzabeth Carter Lettue Cooke Rna Lean Kay Malone 'Sr OFFICERS ABSENT Joyce Goodman Secretary and Saunclra Jones Treasurer Winnie, +0 ff--'Cao' c , v Q . lx 3, 9,Q . .f S N 1 " - 'fly ' 9:1 A X. ' LT 1 :-N " ,bf f 5 0 - -NTT: ,T v,l"s"l K, X10 ' ' . 'r gk o G a , , K, ,, . ww v-0 C 4 . ,,.- ji ' h I D M A,,, fa .N K, : 2 1: 3 L ll N 4 A 1 x:- ir . '- I 11 11 ' ' ' ' I ' I ' 'X' 'if '-5 1 , 1 , 1 - V ' ' ' ' ' 1 .- "',l - 4 ' N I 1 ' f w i , . I . , . .- i , 1 . , . 1 , T ' f , 1 r f 1 , . FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 1 An Armadullo us a burrownng chnefly nocturnal edentate mammal Members of Future Teachers Investigate all fnelds of the teachnng professuon They learn the opportunities and responslbllltles of thxs nmportant work The money from the actuvutues of the club cake sales sellung pnckles at toot ball games and their carnival booth go toward a scholarshnp Thus fnfty dollar scholarship IS awarded to the most deservung sensor on the basls of scholarshup service to the club and financial need Miss Haley FTA sponsor IS an ever present example to the club of those qualntles of character and personality vvhlch they are seekung to cultnvate an them selves OFFICERS Carolyn Strother Presudent Audrey Jerke Vuce Presudent Loralee Tucker Secretary Susan Schrader Treasurer and Joyce Wunkleman Labraruan Hnstornan MEMBERS Joy Berutuch Anna Cupp Max Kundall Ronald Neel Joyce Peterson Elgene Tremam ....-.-- -Q, -- ..4.'. e . , I Y .- 'v vc Qk .0 Q 'x. I - A 'FA . . . fx ,, . . . . H 1 1 . . . - I - 1 'T - ' 1 1 , . , . . . , ' : 1 i 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 ' ' 7 1 1 1 1 I ' QUIET' MATHEMATICIANS AT WORK L lt. The purpose of Math Club IS to show the relatlonshrp of mathematucs to vo a tions and to promote an Interest In thus sclence The club assembled an Electronic Computer and worked out problems wuth at at the meetings A held trap to McClellan and a speaker from Aerolet were among the many actnvutres enloyed by the members Furtherlng the knowledge of mathematlcs were Mr Pardee and Mr Saylar OFFICERS Edward Bender President Kenneth Osborn Vnce Presrdent Judy Schemel Secretary Lucretra Pardee Treasurer MEMBERS John Burch Clnff Esfabrook Ball Gentry Hank Gladrng Bob Herdlebaugh Mlke Lambert Pat Morrow Joyce Peterson The study of calculus makes algebra a snap' . 'J 4' J ,X . ,J ,AW sv, , K :ish Geometry is fun!? C - : , ' 1 , ' ' 1 , : ' , . 1 f ' , ' f ' , ' , ' f , . 355 ffmzv- P .- 4 BUSINESS CLUB .. Q ' ' A . an ' 'T' -n - . . I .. - init fl U ' I ' ' 5 l Q . f t . T 7 . ' ' X .. ' I N "F" s, A . ' S h . sk? Y Q I N - l 8 ' S," ' - ' ' f "v . , X 1 f N 4 Q44 T' " 1' ' .am W , Good boss secretary relattons FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Shelah Ward, Eddue Dlckmson, Vrce Presrdent, Nancy Mc Coy, Helen Mttchell, Gall Vagle SECOND ROW Sue Back, Pat Klrne, Catherrne Manor ana, Helen Shrrley OFFICERS ABSENT Martha Hrtte, Presrdent, Moll: Baldwrn, Secretary, Janus Appel, Trees urer, Deana Athans, Reporter wp- Robot symboltzes the future The Busmess Club started oft the year with the en trance of a float ID the Homecornnng Parade The theme was Look Ahead to the Future Members went on a field trap through the Ford Plant, and attended two conventnons At Hayseed Heaven' at the Carnlval, hamburgers and soft drunks were sold Thus concession, sponsored by Business Club, was a great success Mr Frtes was the sponsor OFFICERS Martha Hrtte Presrdent Eddre Drckmson Vrce Presndent Moll: Baldwrn Secretary Janus Appel Treasurer Deana Athans Re porter FUTURE MEDICS The goal of Future Meducs ns to encourage In terest an all fields of meducnne The club attempts to acquaint members with the requlrements and responslbulltues of the medlcal protessnon The director of Sacramento State College s new school of Nurssng spoke to the club on nurslng as a career Cake sales, movies and fueld trnps went to gether to make an excntung year for Future Medlcs Mrs Tackett held the group together with her determxnatnon to help the club Meducs attend to a tragedy of our crowded halls '- 4 Instruments are sternlnzed sen Paula Clark Ruth Hurtf Charlette Schmudt Secretary Robyn Levus Correspond :ng Secretary Jackne Lea Presmdent Lynda Heard Lucretua Pardee Saundra Pnce Carol Strovall SECOND ROW Sharon Gnbson Helen Gubson Joanne Kline Chrnstue Campbell Chrns tune Peters Johanna Deats Carolyn Elsner Natalne Kunvalm Carol Copp THIRD ROW Cynthna Resell Barbara Brnght Kathy Yenov kuan Mary Sue Weubel Sylvua Newhall Joan Ferrarn Judy Schmndt Elizabeth Carter Carol Sacchettn Mrs Tackett Sponsor OFFICERS ABSENT Bob Bertagna Vuce Pres: dent Manlyn Nungesser Treasurer Janet Copeland Hlstonan ' may O' .I l FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Han- - - - . . . CALLING RADIO CLUB and at thus potnt you bypass rt to ground Would you like to talk to someone tn Alaska or Japan? Members of Radio Club are able to accomplish thus through Morse Code Under the leadership ot Mr Copeland their sponsor the boys met weekly for code practice sessions ftndung great satisfaction In worknng wath radio sets Through the club amateur radio ts promoted and members are helped to obtaun an amateur Incense ln Aprul members attended the Electrontcs Farr held as part ot the lnternatlonal Geophystcal Year Commerctal equtpment was dns played and the boys enloyed a four day conference OFFICERS Doug Macheel Prestdent Jtm Herndon Vtce President George Benner Secretary and Larry Mullunux Treasurer MEMBERS John Ashton Neal Brune Eddte Dnclcnnson Duck Essenberg Btll Gentry Charles Klug Stephen Puckel and Dean Rhoades Turn on the current Dedncateol member No tts th knob' 11 . . . 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 - t . q W 5 1 I 1 F 1 I 1 - ' 1 1 - 4. t '.'j-gigI-I- N Q If-I-F ' 15 Sctenteeners Promote an rnterest tn all ttelds of Sctence Demonstrattons and held trtps were matnly their actnvtttes thus year Mr Morey Muller renowned Physt ology teacher gave has tnme and ef fort to help the club un all tts protects OFFICERS Peter Schlocker Prestdent Pat Waste Secretary Joyce Peterson Treasurer MEMBERS Edward Bender John Burch Sharon Gtbson Robert Hetdlebaugh Joanne Kletn Mtke McEachern Rona Melnzer Mtke Mullen Ken Os born Tenny Pemberton Robert Strodel Krrk Tay lor Don Westergren Chrtstme s organs are replaced A Shygmomanometer measures blood pressure SCIENTEENERS Dtnner wtth Drak TALE OF THE LUXATED HYOID The ttme was January T958 From our story we shall not devtate The ltteless skeleton on the wall Told a story that sho ked us all She had married a man one nlght tn June Under the lnght of the stlyery moon Her tavonte subgect was cooktng and such While he enloyed Physiology much They got along for a year or so But he wtth Phystology she wtth doug Could not get along anymore Because to htm she was a boney bore So one ntght nn late December Scalpel In hand he began to drsmember He hut her Hyotd with sudden force Thus yantshed the problem of dtvorce Years went by not a word was spoken But now at last the mystery ts broken For years she has hung tn room 61 And no one has known the guilty one It ts a very tragtc story For who would belteve tt of our dear Morey? Gutless Gertte or Mrs Miller? BIBLE CLUB M Newly organtzed thus year Buble Club has accomplrshed a great deal The Club drafted a constttutron and wtth Mrs Goff as sponsor began a rewardrng year The purpose of Brble Club rs to make the teachrngs ofthe Buble known to the students The club had speakers and saw movres to supplement the meetrngs FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Glorra Hartwtg Lorraine Zube Jan Coplen Joyce Roach Shrrley Raney Judy Shelly Janet Shelly Carol Stovall Mrs Goff SECOND ROW Dcttre Raupp Marrlyn Nungesser Dons Monroe Paulrne Hall Renee Guarrentr Roberta Holbrook THIRD ROW Bob McFarland Wayne Kehler Ron Kelly Jm Larrck Bull Moreland .,,..,-.1-.- ,Hi .AN af' A vu Meetrng held at Carmrchael Community Church Songs are a regular part of meetrngs SPRING OFFICERS FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Goff Spon sor Jrm Larrck Presrdent Lorratne Zube Vrce Presrdent Gloria Hartwtg Secretary Bob McFarland Chaplaln Renee Guarlentr Reporter Bull Moreland Mustcran FALL OFFICERS SECOND ROW Dons Monroe Presrdent Shrrley Raney Vrce Presrdent Pauline Hall Chaplarn Dottt Raupp Reporter Joyce Roach Musrcran in It . A ' -fr Yr ., 'T' 'V 1.3 f 'a 4. , 4 I ' 444' , - 1 ,K . . Us -, , r - - 1, '. . . 1 . . I . - vi: Q. ,,,.--, .--f -A 9 . . . f Na Q " - ,. G ' , ' it . . ., 7 ll l ' . N. ' 2 ,T ' EL- A A ' A 'nl . I . . . 5 V , J ,, r 1 I v ' . . 'X . . Y 3 ,A s. - . , x x ,h . X v. ' t , I 'W . W.- T .V x 4 - ., , 9 'if 6-V . ly L 9 - , : . , - T r ' ' r ' z ' , ' ' 1 ' ' gtg ' , - : H , ' r ' 'r , I , , . - : . I . I . , ' : ' , 1 ' r 2 . , ' t -'nw H ..,,........ L 'Ar ,Q s' A ' I r 1 ' ' , ' l' r I I I I ' I I I ' ' . -' h 1 I If - ' " 1 I , , r i 3 . . r Gay spnrlts prevatl as members are off for a day of fun Members of Sk: Club enloyed another fun packed year The greater part of theur tnme was spent skung down the sunny slopes ofthe Sterra Nevada Mountalns The goal of the club ns to glve members the opportunnty to ska and to Improve thelr form and style Mr Jerry Kaesar sponsor provuded syrup and cups companled members on all the sk: trnps SKI CLUB SPENDS A ""f The hrll looks so oo steep' x ,f Skung as great' 91' XM4 '-6 r' Q gl L ,y ,l H lr lil " ' . . . -' sf gs, ' ll- mire T . . . '52 ' ' ' wi . . . I . k 'mx' si. for the Snow-cone ,booth at the Carnival, and ac- "I keep strppingf' f- f . if 1' -Q T Q , Q T T I I 2 ' l ' 4' V 5 4 T W' - J ' l ' M ,, ff' yy Y ' . -fp AY IN THE SNOW A snack is enloyed by tired skiers A memorable day in the snow has ended FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chris Jones, Jared Carter, Dale Covey, Dick Beaton, Larry Bacon, Ray Oliver, Alan Berry, Chip Potter, Stan Marquis, John Ghramm. SECOND ROW: Kay Snider, Kathy Yenovkian, Karen Davis, Blanche Chapman, Bridger Davis, Secretary, Jon Deason, Presidentg Judy Greene, Treasurer, Renee Johnson, Vice Presidentg Barbara Baxter, Sandy Snyder, Bev Peck, Lynda Harwood. THIRD ROW: Sally Tawse, Karen Columbia, Mary Neil, Elaine Pisciotta, Vickie Verfrees, Gwyneth Hildreth, Pat Zelz, Smiley Tschopp, Marylin Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Virginia McGee, Lestia Richmond, Donna Bradish, Lois McCorkle, Sandra Phillips, Robyn Levis, June Sherry, Beverly Evans, Mary Sue Weibel, Sue Hemminger, Tara McCUllam, Karen Parshall, Carole Walker. Snowball fight Tobogganing -,A-,..?........, GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A senior shows the lowerclassmen howl Play your positions' Sports days, games between schools, weekly bowling and an overnight camp mg Trip have been the activities of G A A Playing for enloymenl The girls have participated in many different sports learned and old Techniques improved ACTIVE MEMBERS INCLUDED Linda Beason Penny Boavers Becky Buller Carol Burden Martha Cooper Snookle Cooper Nancy Foss Sunny Goodier Jackie Hanson Mary Mellck Janice Padovan Charlene Pe1ers Chris PeYerson Judy Phlllupson Bev Plotner Nancy Rogers Bobble Shirley Carolyn Wahl Carol Walthall and Ruta Whnespeare si I - Under The guidance of Mrs. Whole and Miss Robinson, new skills have been ENCOURAGES GOOD SPORTSMAN SHIP Eek, can she make if? QW! "XS fb KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Mrs. Whole passes the ball Rogers, Secrefaryg Diana Moe, Presi- dent SECOND ROW L C . : uana ox, Vice Presidenfg Carol Liden, Treas Ufef OUTSTA DI G ATHLETIC ABILITY yr, ' BLGCK EC, IN RECOG ITIO OF P93 Zi .il 91? OFFICERS-LEFT TO RlGl"lT: Fred Palmqoist, Treasurerg Bob Peasley, 4 Secretaryg Gibbie Lentz, Presidentp L i Lyle Speegle, Vice President. ,1 New members are sworn in Aw garwslt Dont take my picture' MEMBERS Dick Anderson Dave Aslrxcratt Larry Bacon Doug Barth Lauren Bock Larry Brooks .lim Clay Jon Deason Dave Durfee Dick Dobbins Dave Edwards Bob Ellis Gary Farney Tom Fat John Fitzgerald Mike Foote Jerry oo man orm Dick Kempster Jim Kimmel Bob Lambdin Tom Lambdin George Large Gary Long Bill Myers Jerry Morrison Mike Mulbarger Steve Northrop Tum Patterson Jerry Personius Frank Shepard .lolnn Solusky Steve Stoltz Dodley Stone Dick Viale and Marlin Walling ' , ' , G d , N an Green, Dennis Harvey, Gary Howe, Mark Kalenius, Block Ec and donkeys star in bas ketball game. All boys who have earned thenr B letter are able to IOIU Block EC The Block sold popcorn at the football games In the tall and as the seasons changed they contunued to sell popcorn atthe basketball games Basketball game was played agalnst the Eaglesmen and the Faculty The Dunkung Booth at the Carnuval was another event enloyed by EI Camnno un whuch Block EC partncupated Coach Kronsbenn was sponsor ofthe club Entertainment was furnished for the Student Body as the second annual Donkey It is a long standing tradition at El Camino that our advertis- ing section gives as much enioyment to the reader as the regu- lar context ot the Aerie. This year is no exception. The geometri- cal color designs and original presentations by Karen Edwards and her assistant, Renee Fallai, add interest and attractiveness to FGRBES magazine. All the pictures in this section, as well as the rest ot the book, were photographed by Dick Lesszkeur and Phil Holland As we approach the end ot the book we feel that one per son in particular deserves special credit tor the fine work she did Sandy Smart was the statt artist who gave her time to do the division pages spot color designs and autograph pages all of which add attractiveness and interest to this year s Aerie 'S I .. I I I . . . . , . 'H 1 ,Q .1 ai.,-I .-L - V .- w L v .. 'iw ' 5' M..- rf I, M---r r ,. FORBE BUSINESS AND FINANCE poo- -' C , .a N XX SX Y s. ' A 'viii . 'lr .'-- 'Q I I J ' 1 'Q 14, . 'lfffix .Dm fs? -s,"' 5'-4 ' ' sig , 4, . Uv-1 ' , f 1 '- , .,.- 'Q LA -- N-Q. - 'T '-f ef . , L, ' .S -'f'.g,,-,--w 'Q .2 A, - ., 5, S Q- - Wy is fs E . - 1-- Av, M H: M xx iq I ., as 'V . , ' ' .'1fY'f"fa2+- " S - -655' T' W Bn x- :SL 54 fgffaf 1, 1 FULTCN AVENUE :f'k,,,w Q D. L. MURCHISON MARTYR 8: SHINE 2721 Fulion Avenue IVANHOE 3-345I and l024 J Sfreef GILBERT 3-259I A-:S 100 GENERAL ,al . coNTRAcToRs .1 pj h INC. ' f 2233 FuH'on Avenue IVANHOE 7-I844 2 ig- I, at ,A V. 5 - 1 gr' . K + E f 1 1 . , , , f i A 5 2, E 2 A fl 'W gfw ffig , u Q-:R,l?2 , .A , x - !....M P X' 5" .-gh, nw, , 1 .3 Y-1.-""' 4 X , 3 2 t,QgN":l. 4 . l,- 2 4".',' .iv " L INTERNATIONAL MOTORS LIMITED 2405 Fulfon Avenue IVANHOE 3-276I v3 '5' SQ 9 LEW WILLIAMS CHEVROLET CENTER EI Camino Avenue and FuII'on Avenue IVANHOE 7-788I SUTTON MOTOR SALES 22II FuI+on Avenue IVANHOE 3-I30I MILES N' MILES I984 FuH'on Avenue IVANHOE 9-I350 it, , . Lg. x xfl 4 'f ' x l . -- i "Q ...Q ? ' IRENE'S DRAPERIES AND INTERIORS 2l63 Ful'I'on Avenue IVANHOE 7-7574 lj fy' 4--Q 'i 'tg OK L-if -,yvu-ss- ANN BABCOCKS BEAUTY SHOP 3352 FuH'on Avenue IVANHOE 9-0l42 Tl T Y 5 THE OAKS RESTAURANT 500 Fulfon Avenue IVANHOE 9-2026 STURGILL AUTO SALES 3407 Fulfon Avenue IVANHOE 7-784l nun STEPHENS Fr cu. TOWN 81 COUNTRY BOB'S TOYLAND 2633 Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 9-6363 DON STEPHENS REAL ESTATE COMPANY 2850 FuH'on Avenue IVANHOE 9-3632 AND COUNTRY BOWL 2032 Fulfon Avenue IVANHOE 3-0804 VILLAGE DOUGHNUT SHOP 2628 El Paseo Lane IVANHOE 9-l475 ANDERSON BROTHERS PHARMACY Fulfon and Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 9-3639 R. J. MCBRIDE VILLAGE FLOWER SHOP Gen+lemen's Fine Shoes 2629 Marconi Avenue 29I0 Fulfon Avenue IVANHOE 9-5287 IVANHOE 9-60I9 JOHN PARDEE GREBITUS 8: SON IIO8 J Sfreef GILBERT 2-908l and Fulfon Avenue and Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 7-7853 2922 Fulion Avenue IVANHOE 3-3435 SHARP'S SPORTS DEN 2634 Marconi Avenu IVANHOE 9-5855 PHYLLIS FASHIONS Fulfon Avenue and Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 7-4473 MARCONI AVENUE THE HOBBY HOUSE IVANHOE 9-239I 26I0 Marconi A Eh W A ,,.',p ,M .My-mf'-f' N., , c,f.au-Q33-fff Y' n,- LL X, ff-,:kMf F' ., DANA MOTORS 2444 Marconi Ave. IVANHOE 7-7803 JET CAR WASH 2545 Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 7-6745 TAYLOR'S DAIRY 27I2 Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 9-769I v Q PM I 'N TOWN 81 COUNTRY AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR 2545 Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 3-4460 VILLAGE FURNITURE MART 250I Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 9-3273 JACK'S HOUSE OF MUSIC 2528 Yorkfown Ave. IVANHOE 7-9620 aka, I 1 "LE: you O!.UMnxAl s COD fi I' 1 WlN'S DRIVE UP 2525 WaH Ave IV-9-8760 F CARMICHAEL SALON D' ELLEN 5743 Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 9-0947 CARMICHAEL FURNITURE MART 3I43 Fair Oaks Boulevard IVANHOE 7-7895 CARMICHAEL PRINTING COMPANY 59I9 Palm Drive IVANHOE 7-I654 1 N4 G 8: E PHARMACY THE COUNTRYMAN 24l6 Mission Avenue 290I Fair Oaks Boulevard IVANHOE 3-27l5 IVANHOE 9-8395 4' aff ,se 5, mia: 1 tp5.,MQ 'Tai' 'Q-4 wma GREEN ACRES MacBRIDE REALTY COMPANY 2729 Fair Oaks Boulevard 39ll Fair Oaks Boulevard 'VANHOE 9'-,666 IVANHOE 3-2368 SACRAMENTO SACRAMENTO SPORTING GOODS 920 J Sfreei' GILBERT 2-7298 HALE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 9+I1 and K Sheefs GILBERT 2-787I SIRLIN STUDIOS I327 J S+ree+ GILBERT 3-7263 or GILBERT 3-7570 HAGGI N GRAVEL COMPANY Operaied by J. R. and L. A. REEVES Crushed Rock, AsphaI+ic Planl' Mixes, Concrefe Ma+eriaIs, Transii'-Mix Concrefe PIan+ Address: Fair Oaks Boulevard and Arden Way on American River Phone: Ivanhoe 9-3675 Mailing Address: P.O. Box I072 Office: l6+h Sfreef a+ American River Bridge Phone: Wabash 5-2707 SACRAMENTO. CALIFORNIA N P Lovely new 'Fashions I0l4 II+h Sfreei GILBERT 8-3703 designed fo fil' info a busy schedule 'for 'I'l1e modern California "way of life." COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 2200 Siocldon Boulevard GLADSTONE 6-6464 DE VONS JEWELERS 8l6 K S1-reef GILBERT 3-57I9 iffe., XX SAN JUAN EL CAMINO LA SIERRA ENCINA Q if j.. 32. 1 X- fl N fi I , I 1 I-4" 1,4 pw f 5 xv ,, M, KM, ,,,, -,fn if ., ,. , .2 ,, .. -I f. -I 1 1 A wi? V vin? SATTERLEE AND TOMICH ARCHITECTS I52I I Sheef GILBERT I-2574 OR IVANHOE 7-3275 L-4 CARDINAL 81 LUCKY STORE I4 and Norfh B S+ree+s GILBERT 8-8583 ww PC VIDDLES WARREN G. BENDER INSURANCE 908 2Is+ S+ree+ GILBERT I-3097 EMIGH HARDWARE 3450 EI Camino Avenue IVANHOE 9-76I I 3'-. TRI-CITY ELECTRONICS 3337 EI Camino Avenue IVANHOE 7-6028 COUNTRY CLU J. C. PENNEY COMPANY EI Camino Avenue and Wa+'I' Avenue IVANHOE 9-766I and 630 K S+ree'I' GILBERT I-507I ENTRE BURNETT 8. HARRIS 34I3 EI Camino Avenue IVANHOE 3-3836 and I5I0 I6I'I1 Sfreef GILBERT I-485I 5' ii I 1313 ,v , 7 3 fl -9, H 1 I I I I I , --1-114, I EAGLESON'S 3436 EI Camino Avenue IVANHOE 9-92I7 KAHL'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP 3430 Balmoral Drive IVANHOE 9-8798 if IM .L FRED A. SEIMEARS Realtor 29l6 Wa'H' Avenue a+ L Marconi Avenue 7 IVANHOE 7-9664 EARSL EELT'-M fe w-7'9ee4 COLONY CLEANERS 5809 Marconi Avenue IVANHOE 9-92I7 f 1 .K ARDEN PLAZA X WORLD OF SOUND 4359 Arden Way IVANHOE 3-I932 O'NEIL BROS. UNION SERVICE Arden Way and Eas'l'ern Avenue IVAN HOE 9-8446 SHORROCK'S HARDWARE 4303 Arden Way IVANHOE 7-789I ,Ji T1 rum HEAVENLY CANDIES 4 A d W IVANHOE 3 0923 W' CHARLES SALON OF BEAUTY 436l Ad W IVANHOE 7 998I J DEL PASO MANOR DAN'S NECCHI 81 ELNA SEWING CENTER 2422 Maryal Drive IVANHOE 7-32l5 COLLEGE-HI SHOP Eas+ern Avenue and Arden Way IVANHOE 3-076l Af: 1' .Q i ELLIS KUSHIN SHOES 2436 Maryal Drive IVANHOE 9-78I2 fwqmwm BONNIE B SPORTS STORE 2428 Maryal Drive IVANHOE 9-7260 FAIR OAKS BOULEVARD Y I JOHN MOULDS INTERIORS Ii fm I 3 2994 Fair oaks Blvd. If .I E WANHOE 9-6115 I 3 I In I I I I Q 1 EL CAMING AVENUE 7 .. ,- , .. I 4 ' ' , - .. f'1 'l'5. ' J Q!! '- of , 3 . .,- X . L If ' x' L . "bk ' -Mi .sl G. A. "AL" PUTNAM INSURANCE AGENCY we EL CAMINO AVENUE IVANHOE 7-8663 s -..,..,,., --,,,,, , , ' X Q4 3 . waitin 3 Z JACK HOLLOWAY REALTOR Ill if 'ill if 2929 El Camino Ave. IVANHOE 9-3695 ARDEN TOWN KEN V'NE'S ELLEN's ARDEN FAS:-noNs SHELL SERVICE F Oaks Blvd. a+ WaH IVANHOE 9-9936 546 La Sierra Drive IVANHOE 9-0533 SALON ARDEN 81 ARDEN TOWN BARBER SHOP 3I5 Fair Oaks Blvd. 577 Arden+own Courf IVANHOE 9-4262 SEARS ROEBUCK 81 CO. I60l Arden Way WA2-62I I "BeH'er Business +hrough Adver1'ising"-fhis siafemenf holds hue in all phases of business. Our Aerie is buili +hrough ad- verfising. We wish 'lo express our appreciafion +o all 'I'hose who helped us build our annual. Thank You, THE AERIE STAFF GILLIG BROTHERS P.o. Box 330 HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA LUCERNE I-7II2 N CASTEC MARKET 81 WARREN'S MEATS Il5I Eas'l'ern Avenue IVANHOE 7-3769 ,I : A. 39, 'U ixsgf ii - 5' 4- 1 UISTRICT PETITE PAREE SALON Indlvldual COITPSUFS IV7 0476 I640 CASTEC DRIVE Jusi' Off Easfern Beiween Arden and Farr Oaks Blvd CARMICHAEL SIERRA PACIFIC PAINT SUPPLY INSURANCE AGENCY 3000 Norfh Farr 2926 Fa" Oaks BMI NORTH CITY WESTERNER Oaks BM' JEWELERS DRIVE IN IV 7 6863 IV 9 7609 2I05 DEL PASO BLVD 400I MANZANITA AVE WA 5 3404 IV 9 I200 CORAL REEF JOHNSON 81 FEIGE JEWELERS l9I6 D l P BI d COUNTRY 28II Ful'I'on Avenue 9 550 V KIDDIES CLUB TV KINGDOM ES APPUANC IV 9 6352 WA 5 2885 IVANHOE 7 4708 IVANHOE 7 8096 3335 El Cam no Avenue 3333 Balmoral Drnve GERHARTS LARSON S QUALITY MEAT5 TONSORIAL PARLOR 2444 Maryal Drive GLOBE AUTO MOTORS 2946 Fair Oalcs Blvd SUPPLY HAINES WABASH 2 I7I8 lv 7 6223 WABASH 5 3536 IO0 Dar na Avenue ai I6l5 Del Paso Boulevard 2206'f2 Del Paso Boulevard I AMERICAN SIGN COMPANY HILLS PHARMACY ALICE S ARDEN SALON I9I ammo venue alr a s v RIC BEAUTY 7 El C A 6I2l F O Ir BI cl TOWN H FIELD WA 5 5732 IV 9 4I2I WABASH 5 3:43 'VANHOE 9 '9'5 Bd clWaH e PAYLESS WATCH REPAIR SENATOR PAYLESS DRUG STORE ROLLER DROME ELMER RILEY S MOTOR 5 no 3. 25C Couniry Club Cenfre SALES S-I-CRE l03l Del Paso Blvd IV 3 3414 WA 5 7077 WABASH 5 7209 IVANHOE 3 I280 I70I D le 344-I WH A I Fair Oaks lv . an Av . 2I26 Del Paso Boulevard el Paso Bou vard a venue PANDORA HOBBY CORRAL GIFT BOX HOUSE LEES 3390 EI Cammo Ave KITCHEN FABRICS 58II Marconi Avenue IV 7 2I I8 IVANHOE 3-4I62 IVANHOE 3 0596 IV 9 657I 2440 Maryal Dr ve 3320 EI Cam no Avenue WESTERN AUTO SALES FLYING A SERVICE JAMES 282I F O I: EI C d HA V HURST alr a s Blvd am no an R EYS REALTY Wal 'I Avenues DRIVE IN IVANHOE 9 3603 IV 7 2392 IV 749I5 IVANHOE 3 0227 I 2733 Farr Oaks Boulevard 2630 FuI'Io A enue I OTTERSON'S GOSSLINGS DEL PASO MANOR VARIETY PHARMACY GLENNS DON S SHOE PAINT 4307 Arden Way STORE STORE 4I00 EI Camino Ave GILBERT 8 6639 IV 9 5803 WABASH 5 4495 WABASH 5 4487 IV 9 7I I7 2623 J SI' ee+ 20I6 Del P s BouIe ard 2202 Del P Boule ard CARLTON S AUTO SUPPLY RICHFIELD SERVICE CENTER DEI- 4224 Marcom Avenue 3347 El Camino Ave CAPITAL PASO MANOR BEAUTY SHOP COSTUMES IV 9 l480 IV 7 5608 GILBERT 80528 IVANHOE 7 I46l 2432 M ryal Drve 8I3V2 J Sfreei I r a o v aso v I a I CHARCQAL nnonsn PALOMINO ROOM WAN:-foe 3-3564 3405 EI Camino Avenue , YE MUSIC SHOPPE TOWN 8: COUNTRY VILLAGE IVANHOE 7-2563 IOI8 J S'I'reef WESTERN GILBERT 3-4629 CARMICHAEL HARDWARE SUPER MARKET NANHOE 9-4l35 NANHOE 9-3277 2945 Fair Oaks Blvd. 2955 Norfh Fair Oaks Blvd.

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