El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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-sc 4. V 1 y 4'-1 ' 2f9".3' 1" C' Ry ', "'5'5"4,,'.,. li 33.7. Alf , N , ,5 1 .A V V 119 I , t i Q 4 V I Kr? .' X M ' ft: lg- Kg' 1 7, ' ff' 'af' 'V I 4 v l A - . V lxhl 1 Y! r 4 1 , - if A VW? 3 ,A .. . . 2 , 'f-1,-5 Tw' ,xi fb 'Ni I x V ' 3 ,i fy , F 4' , 1 af- f f 5 A , V . X ' ' .L G""vq1i v in JJ J W ' 5 ' ' .4 x XX X X gf Q VI , -N ' , EJ X4 qi ' yn A A Q- . ' . X' I ' X 'Q f W A ' pf, Z Xl 5 5 ' , ' . f ' an 5 . A 40 U' jlfj 23 if 5 Q ve d' . Q , LA Ni Xe K rf - L Q vi H X5 'S 3 5 ff+i'2f 'A ' . ' , ""'f' fE ' E ff " , 0 x - Gi , 2 , +.?a.1ff1. l, '3'ib"7? k'f' -Sf" gf.. .-- t X N A A . . VW . Kr , X W It , 3 r n l Ns, H, Civ 4. A .N E . - V , ,,uM .V V- b W ' ', l H ,n : ' 77,n " F4 1 - A. .x '-u N, 'V T 35" .V ' 1 ' 03 A glx' ' K 4 X95 L' . . I V: c I I f W FV r- -YY W ' .- N MW xx. S : n ll xx ' ' 'F' "jfqf -1' 4 .Q' 'I . W. , N . leg?,1i,,i'y.Lx,ri"Y-Nur? Q, , I 4 ', QA X.R N , ,Q Q -, qlhx V J- KJ M ,k,5- 4-N I ggi ,I S Q x-Qui . 1. N , jg , U wx U . b. -X In Abqgcxm- if , Q51 . ihhgk ,vc I ,-. . X , N J? ,f . . 4 . X 'X ' , . X ' ,i ' I NI" ' iff-f...4 if ' M ' xx 'Qi , ' , ' ETX 5? g" ,. ' sg ' -,"I1. '. ' r ' L -L . ' d .E bl! 1 5 3 A " ww? " if , J aff gi JY up Uk '45, fa" ' M, 6, up , z M V yy Af X f' br' fs.. K- A L Af ,., - , 4 . . - A .. ,. . If f , ' at , - aa-' ? , " 's"'l-,, . . 2 :K ' ' A' I ' ' ' 015' .. ' ' 'fax we' ,QW M -f ' ' , , : 1 -W . ix.. WW 4 "" -ffwl , "' "M 1 I V ' 1 E 'GO . X ill ZL fi flfkfiyf, Af vw ffff lfbfriff' ' 4 . I fv 5- yifc Z7b MV UMW ' K 'WV - M 67717321 74 A f , Jclf74,1f,f,, 0' VM 3,1411 ,YK fc6'.,7ff?,, in A I ' JQ' 'ff'ff2'ff9f- -fffw 'fp !c6L..47,,., ,' Wwfxf ffiiwf vx jgwffm fp, x T I XrSJ?wQJVXy5M,?ybw,a,X by wiyy sf YJ NgJsW SAWM NW MVMWWW W Mggyw Wifi' w My K W fb WMM' f A W L A MW fMpfEMMx4 Mgfglifdcakjgjff 'My JC, WW JW M 1.4 ' 1 ,. JMU K i 4-'wwf 'f lf' Q1 . Alfpr 19' . ' ui, K Mfafy f W f ' f M " 5 My A gf , ,Af -. ,H Mwvx ' 1 ff fy f' X cog f ' M f ,fi .QQ ' fsfx , , W- 8 KT - : xi: ijxilg . fx A - if 'N'A if JEVE, ,"A nr, 'n 5 ,Q X gs gi X X W4 l N if -Lib: . -.11r11lfllllldWf ' . X S4 'XN W' Q55 is W A E, kg a Ziilzpff " 'A I-'Ss f' 4551551 LW' L '4 A Ljfkfff -"ii D xv CAMEL' begat xgygo' W ., v A ,the 410 , 0 l.'1, N res I 55 'W I 1 ' I W2 I A 1 . Our. ,7" 0122 QQ J 'W Q S3559 fiwwff r . K KW X, 6 C fgjb JL X" 4 'Q . ,f ff ' Q Q51 MM ' X MM ,,-' VY' I lf, fl ? . ,' V f lf! l H ll f f D 1 f rl SL , 1, 7 1 94" ll f ll N 7 ffemeffeeff O lv ll U .-5 .'m1 7 -Z6 .,zyQ V40 y' 'W Ji' ' 41 F':.','i A'-, y -'G-HA-6 -dee...-,if 'ia . ' we W M115 new Xi 12 Elf XT 744'!,,4ieT5'pg ll 4 1. ' ' if 1 1 fee me ly, J., , ,giiitwg ,Leafs ,dwg ,JZ , ' I f ever . Y ' ,QI gf ' 7, C,'9!4,ve--f - I .b ,, Mfr. jj 1 is e,Y..e2,LeQ6 ijffa, 5 J' 1' gf X T3 XQTSHL X K This school year of 1954-1955 definitely marked a milestone in the history of El Camino. For the first time since the school opened in Sep- tember of 1950, there were almost no cries of "first annual . . ." ln contrast, the year saw many second, third and even fourth annual ac- tivities. The only "first" witnessed was in itself a sign that the long- awaited feeling of establishment and custom was finally becoming prevalent. That event was, of course, the spectacular series of Home- coming events honoring the Class of '54, our first graduating class. The celebrating started on Friday, November 5, with an assembly of the entire Student Body. A parade, game, dinner and dance climaxed the cataclysmic introduction to tradition. El Camino High School, having at last thrown off the necessary ties of its growing pains, has now attained the maturity which accompanies the unity and firm foundation earned in these past years. This has been our eel, end we have reac eol ai. -i J M i J Kiki whfkfp. Sq' fr IJ .vi-effyx 7 W. l'? mx-feJ"'7 - 7 M YCQAA? ef-va' 2113. 'fe ic xfwggf N-www LMNff . , 'A f'1""v.f-,N ,J ag ff ....1"-' fv7P" --4L'..."flW! "1'j::gx':9 , '- H 1 1' ' . '. 1 1 W ,, VCC 1 "'f"'i?b,,', -- , 1,0214 av,-F I -2. V Iflllliv ' f x- x f- . . f 1 . W 1 1 ff, 1 1. .. ,. 'N ' " " ',.,...Z. 1 ' 4' ' Y4 '7 fix' 'rf A 57 ' 1 ' U 1 ' X 74 W A !YVv'f1'0"y01'J 1 'W W , Y, 1 11' X 4 WjWNnZZ?ff9x W fby Wg 1 W wo 5301? 11 1 91111 5115-jj hJwMw, W X 335. 1 Xzmfaboyij Luqclf 111 J' WM fjlw-DEPAR1mW?wTQ MW ACT I VIT fg :?:Mi?1AnZ55153nn2W 1 1 x Z!! ' f, , Www gi I Wifi W if iw LJ 1,6 f -Q ,C hw 5? Q- 1 Q1wvfQ9'W wwf 1 I 1 ., 'X' LS' JQ1 "1,I,,V.1fX QRQA N I 5 11 1 1 I V 1 M M lc gpg! ,. MQ WMA '94 m gig? When sTudenTs arrive The morning, his car is af A ' ready in The parking loT. yyj, The end of The day, afTer ,e f lasT pupil has deparTed, h 35' remains. His name and The-Fxff 95. - name of El Camino High fc? mu School have come To be synonymous in meaning. He has made El Cas Q I , mino whaT iT is, a school of which we are all proud To be a parT. In The course of The day, no maTTer how Trivial our quesTions mighT seem, somewhere, in his maze of unending duTies, he finds Time for Them. MaTerial Things cannoT repay The kindness, undersTanding and sin .T .h h. . . . cerl y WIT w ich he has meT each of our individual problems be- cause This generosi,Ty, wisdom and earnesTness are Themselves prod- ucTs of inTangible qualiTies oT'personaliTy. IT is Therefore The honor of The 1954-1955 Annual STaff To d 'aTe This, The '55 AERIE, To our Principd Mr. HunTer. N milf . XJ-w A YJ X 1 W s l 5 l lk T -Fl: :NggaSQxylx.!f'e,xi ing' T if-si? 4 ylixism, 3 iciysfmsi -575 ll lrxisvf wQx XR Q wil its -piwswi L one We E . q fl 'lvl V A .- - 1 ff T T2 V, Llfof U F' XL. f T , W 4 , 4, I fix ,Q QW twin, .tl X J .1 1 I M if xl , ' ly" f, f , M , . 4 fl - " if ul I -. X Sv ' at I 'ip 6. ' t ,Wai f, I ZW .Q WILLIAM T. MOONEY, SR. District Sup intertdent .V , , L , i. ,I L I . sf ' ll! i xt if I 1 Q ' f I I L I i A 54 ff . jf My congratulations to the members of the Class of l955. You have attained one of the maior goals in your career. Without this goal being achieved, you would be held back in your future endeavors. Behind you lie the portals of EI Camino. Before you lie many golden opportunities. Opportunities in every phase of endeavor are open to young graduates of high schools and colleges today, but you must be prepared. The leaders of our great electrical man- ufacturing concerns tell us that they have more things on their drawing boards today than ever before and that the next ten years will show greater development in electricity than has taken place since Edison invented his famous lamp, What a golden opportunity in iust this one industry for the Graduates of 1955! The high school graduates of 1955 will iust be beginning to get in "stride" ten years from now. All industries, making use of each other's discoveries and developments, will be creating better and more lasting products and in greater quantities than ever before. Have you been preparing yourself for these opportunities? Are you worthy? Are you well-qualified? Like the great discoverers and inventors, do you have vision? Some "wit" has said that he could lie down beside work and it would not bother him. Therein may lie your opportunity. Vision! Action! a better, a faster, a more economical means of accomplishing a task may "open up" to you and to others your hidden talents. From there on you may be on the high road to success. "Nothing succeeds like success." ne t sk well done, one high hurdle overcome, and you are out in front, out in the open es, out where others will have to run hard to beat you to the goal and to the gold of discovery. lf. you discover your talents early, you can then push far out into the many open spac of opportunity, and success will surely be yours. WILLIAM T. MOONEY, SR. 25124 sf OBXQJQY X i . M . ,J Wyffjaitl riff VJVQJ ywppkl 'fy rf.rrf,,,41M f I M . EA, VI, fi 'k 4- . ,f .. - 0 M-'ffl gi? fl ir? 9 f 'gif p . .E fwfh N . Mwwh M My f,5LfAMJ1wfJ? 1 . C5 Q TO ALL STUDENTS OF EL CAMINO . . . Somethin To . Il MR. MouNTAuN ,L+ f VL' ,yffxq Good morning, Mr. Mountain! Go n' g, . U ain V! fl lseeyou're backagain. MP, e sug T hs salt JN MT Last ev'ning when The sun wenfd mg!!! svV!gIs rns4bbi8Q2rWyfNL Eouldnh' see you Then, f I d os e fmt? V Eqgxogtalfxgre 'HiS morning, sa f 1t So -Aqngxfookinwwrf fmep ' rpdf 'hag i iss f HR! Th u all night-fl? ' d' a non gain- 'X gtg!-.Ei dnl n '55 her Q ong. 3 'i QQ aiu S , s s - ouGLAs MALLOCH ax Tag R X A Sincerely, JS X Ng X S W. F. HUNTER X X . ' mx 'nf-X az Ni 1 'H is R Ta H Q13 E W RX X fl SQQQRT- SX ES 5 ' T 'Sv tix ix tEgg?2Q2L?Sjd'iEiQRTX?X ?awzdaf7 EVAN W. DAVIES l l 2 MISS MYRLE MINER-Dist. Curriculum Co-ordinator MISS MINER-Dist. Curriculum Co-ordinator We are happy to welcome Miss Myrle Miner to EI Camino this year. Miss Miner is not new to our district, having spent eighteen years at San Juan High as an English teacher and counselor. Her position is very important to us at El Camino and to the administration, faculty, and student body of San Juan as well. Included in her responsibilities are working with the teachers to better instructional procedures, coordinating curriculum of San Juan district, and supervising testing programs. EDWARD DOLDER RALPH HINSEY W The College Prep courses in English, which have benefited many students, are a product of Miss Miner's efforts. By HELENE FELOS GEORGE W. PALMER Assistant Superintendent R. H. KELSOE ROBERT A. REICHE MR. MOSER Of all the faculty members of El Camino High none was busier than Mr. P. V. Moser, Student Activity Director. It was Mr. Moser's unenviable task to coordinate the various student activities into a smoothly functioning organization. He was the spark plug and student advisor of the many different drives and activities which are an important part of school life. lt was his duty to act as liason between the student body and the school administrators, giving advice where needed. Mr. Moser is to be commended for his wisdom and ingenuity in accomplishing a difficult task. By CAROL MAGNUSON PAUL MOSER-Director of Student Activities ENS! Qi S V! f 'il Sli! ' " I Xk'-MW'-55 lfwiilikimt - is--w A 37g MRS. JEAN M. GOFF Vice Principal of Girls MRS. GOFF Down our main hall in room eleven, there's a very busy person whom we all know and admire, She's Mrs. Jean M. Gott. Being Dean of Girls' Vice Principal is really a iob in itself, but other im- portant responsibilities rest on Mrs. Goff's shoulders. She is Senior Girls' Counselor and supervises scholarships and college applications, Commence- ment and Baccalaureate services, and club nights. Mrs. Goff's maior interests have taken her to many parts of the world, including the Peking American School in Peiping, China, St. Helen's Hall Junior College in Portland, Oregon, Hockaday School for Girls Junior College in Dallas, Texas, and Lower Columbia Junior College in Longview, Washington. We are privileged to have the services of such a respected and outstand- ing person. By HELENE mos MR. NESSETH A well-known person at our school is Mr. Nesseth, our Dean of Boys and Vice Principal. Organizing and supervising the hall monitor and student patrol systems and acting as Senior Boys' Counselor were iust a few of his many iobs this year. His "pep" talks when our Spirit was low and his praise for work well- done helped keep citizenship high. Congratulations to Mr. Nesseth for the fine way he has helped carry on El Camino's traditions. By BARBARA STENZEL .-in HJALMER NESSETH Vice Principal of Boys EVERETT FAULKNER MRS. FRANCES M. SMITH WILLIAM MCFARLAND MRS. WINIFRED SHERROD RICHARD SOWERS MRS. MARGARET YOUNG MRS. LEWIS MRS. HAZEL MRS. TAYLOR Attendance Office MRS. LIPSON-Attendance Office ANN ROGERS-Attendance Office QWF .--4 -f .i lm: w A L- ,I ,qw m:,.1.-mms..-.-P..e,,., . ir- G U60 cf ' G o ff, Nad? M-. xx x N. X . G N Sf ff fa 7019 ,Oi S 4 OU, K' O X Nr YX N X5 S XTX B. MacFarIand, M Downing, H. Hannum, G. Hunnurn, J. Gaffney, L. Watson, R. Clark, K. Harper, D. Miller, D. Laird, J. Maudlin. M. PENNEY-Nurse G. SPARKS-C ll omprro er N T u..l5uf.2 W Q - , -Q M g Q 4' 2 M3 3 Em A 0 . E Z.. MR XSQX 3 Q 3QwQQM 1 Q 7 , xA0Z?'g6,' ' 6f4,0.u.Z.vC,, f? 1 , Q:-v , 6700 fs, l ,. C30 1 '54 ffafv , A A -I 14-9P4:bVL6?A"404 5103! K fr: -0' N 'B ,X fame' .' 'ff 7,12 All W 747' iff? iff' Lf 'ta 'WJ ij, ifgfjdf'-ff N ,ff 'Y f, .u, ,ff i V www gwwf f Q ff ff ,ff KH . - wa, pf! ff , ,,,, , fd, , . J f f W fi-jf B u f?'a,,,5L,fl"'ff?f-'?44d""M""f , , 7,6444 Vu, My W ,dm KWH ii , 353122 wx ik F is, Q 22 W , fy? xx f TOM SCHILLING Mary Jane Garret Tom Schilling Peggy Wagaman Robert Potter Semin June l7, 1955, Graduation Day for the class of '55. How proud we look as we march down the aisle in the processional, writing the final page in our book of high school. ln looking back over our many wonderful and rewarding experiences during our four years at El Camino we know our Senior Year will always be the year best remembered. As a final tribute, the Class of '55 wishes to thank sincerely each and every person who helped make our Senior Class and Senior Year the "best ever." MARY JANE GARRETT W' S' me We Eddie Spb Zu S' Faye Sim s Judie Niederloh IXX aff.: 3 Bill Zahary Steven Adams Jo Ann Alt Barbara Anderson Joan Bachert Barbara Bailey Herb Bailey Ray Barsdale Qgn ,,,,'-' Roger Berg Bob Burkhart Bob Berry Violet Bianco 'X' Bob' Blood Ginger Borgarine Shirley Bowlan Gailyn Brace ww' Wa- V .0- WVU -41" ,f t' 'Rat' Mary Lou Argante Patricia Austin Bruce Bacchi Barbara Bachtold A it Joan Barth Burton Beamer Jon Paul Beaver Bob Berbles 'C' John Bidwell Jack Biggs D. A. Blankenship George Bliss li C mln tl-r 1 '30 Barbara Bunn Elesia Burns Diane Burton Lois Butterfield ,qw 4 Beverly Cline Lloyd Coatney Peggy Cotter AI Cole Marjie Covington Barbara Cox Sue Culbertson Cathy Culver Virgil Brinkman Pat Brown Janice Bruns Jack Bryant Buttleman Charlene Chambers Mike Chapman Brian Clift Gary Cook Nancy Cook Charlene Cory Glenn Courtney ' S 1 J oe Cracratt FEanchion Cridleloaugh Sue Darr Harriet Davis fl' Kitty Davis Mary Belle Davis Betty Ann Dowdy Art De Kuhn Carol Ann Earnest Al Dutra Betty Snyder Roger Eldredge Judy Foote Donnie Ford Pat Foster DonNFox Nancy Jo Gibbs Harlan Griggs Elaine Gray Patricia Green if-J x Ronald Derobertis Carol De Wein Patt Dickinson Bill Durbrovv George Ellis Joe Enos Bill Fife Sharon Flannery Mary Jane Garrett Chuck Gartung Lois Gosnorn Jim Gibboney -v-5. f nf- 'Qs -4 MF! ig. Judy Harper Bob Hart Carole Heil Bob Himenes A AY .N ML x, ,x Helen Horner Geri Lee Houseworth Ralph Harrick Lola Hubbard Richard Jerue Jim Johnson Donna Jones Bob Jordan Fllqlflll l Beth Greene Yvonne Gray Dick Hagopiam Ed Hall Larry Hinds Nial Holdridge Pat Hollowell Elaine Holm Jackie Jacques BeTTy James Jeff Jeffries ob Jerue 42 Shirley Jordan Larry Kelley Al Kellogg Lester Kiefh 'Gail Koven lJoan Kraetz NDOHFI8 Krumpotic Pat Larnbdin Gail Lincecum Douglas Ling Tom Lionvale Jim Luther Andy Marrin Russell Martinson Milan Matulich Kip Mayne Ken McGraw Allen McKellips Polly Ann McMillan Pat McNulty Barbara Lawson Jerry LeLay Diana Liebel Patti Jo Lilleland Barbara MacAuley Bob Manas Frank Matteson Bob Marks Sharon McAmis Nancy McBee Bill McCurry Edith McGeary Connie Millerborg Mary Jo Miller Paul MacMillan Bob McVickers Bolo Mears Meredith Millar x w-I X Theresa Mirachi 'N Bob Moren r ,. X I ki Edith Moreland Terry Munro Jo Ann Muzzoni Judy Neiderlohly Larry Nelson Dudley Newton Elwood Newton Edna Noah .Nl V! Fred Pervis Fl" Dolores Peterson ' Penny Pelton George Payne Donna Overton Bob Potter Ted Pope Barbara Pinkerton ,Vx J l ' Bob Palmer . Barry Palmer A Arlan Pahl QQ Herm Pahl ll X ii 17 Jean Padovan Larry Parrott Ted Patterson Joe Ramos Yvonne Royal Virginia Royer Peggy Rowlett Jacqueline Russell if Joan Schmith Gail Schroeder Ronald Senneff Howard Seto Mariie Sides Wes Silverthorne Faye Sims Janet Simmons Wu Joan Rea Don Reed Nancy Reynolds Lew Richardson Rosemary Russell Bob Schaeffer Marlene Schieber Judy Scheutz i' Pat Sewell Diana Elaine Shultz Tom Sheehy Leola Shields Barbara Stenzel Eddie Speegle Carole Stadtler Warren Steves Merlyn Tallacksen Janeth Thompson Jim Thompson Perry Timmermans Richard Weber Rosemary Wellner Sylvia White Bob Wilhelm Scott Simpson Wayne Skinner Smart Smith I ll 'lychl Mll Maxine Stone Jerry Straw Bill Subry Claudine Talbot Peggy Wagaman Bill Wagner Betty Waidlich Ann Ward Arlene Williams Dick Wise Carolyn Wismer Vern Wolff Donna Adams Drusilla Bryans Roger Bugbey Carol Carter Jo Anne Cooper Jim Cornelius Dolores Cox Roy Crenshaw fi Stan Estabrook Burt Evans Jim Ferguson Bob Fisher , lu AX Uxllj Aix .1 ,I xx I' Tom Chan Jerry Clark Berdene Comstock Francine Conat Bob Cullen Bob De Merritt Glenn Elam John Erickson l - X l ,Al Archie Harvey Tom Harwood Jim Hastings Charles Bullock Norma Jane Gray Jane Green Bob Hamilton Sandy Hamilton Dick Hughes Bernie Hunt Diane l-lunT Dick Isherwood Ki ul'.Xi X. X9 i x , v ,J .K r 'c 'J . ix , Don Laird Susan Red Marliave Duane Marron Cal Millerborg Ji V X ll We X-Aki Shirley Mitchell Barbara Mlinarich Myrleen Morgan Jim Hill Judy Hollister Paul Hopper Walter Howard Donald .lahnsen Don Johnson Doug King George Kneeland 'GFS' Ll! Mike Maftice ,ff Charlie McCorkle Deanne Meinger Arlene Mickel SJ Q X Ron Morgan John Moulds Cleo Nedwed Leone Oliver Sharon Palmer La Vonne Parrott Faith Phelps Judie Robertson Bernice Burns Chuck Stark George Steres Ronald Swor , X Lito White Betty Lee Wood Le Anna Woodward Elizabeth Young 8'- K. 'bf Skeet Potter Joe Ramsey Tom Schilling Dick Shackeltord Nick Tinling Verna Tucker Darrell Van Vliet Dick Welsh Roger Young Wally Young David Wilkinson Sam Gundletingers QWith eyes closed 746f46'L62g064f04D44t66 TIRED WORKERS AND THE HOLIDAY FOR HEARTS HAD.. . A COMMITTEE-B. Pinkerfon, D. Owens, P. Brovvn, J. Ray, K. Wolff, J. Boloyan, M. J. GarreTT, J. BarTl1, S. Culberlson, J. Ping, S. Kneclwf, M. Manl1arT, D. Enos, F. Cridle- loaugn, G. Borgarine, B. Waidliclw, L. Kel- ley, D. Hughes, L. Nelson, B. MacAulay M. Sfone. AND... DECORATIONS . . . AND . . . AOUEEN... AND... ""'w'-Q-aF"" AND AKING... ROYAL RAZZLE DAZZLE . . . AND... r K f f 1 f ' 4 , x f 1 v 1 ' I - BQ L D' N f XJ Q-7-1-K MJ Y ., ,-,V kwl H I-' Q V, xfbf' I xtxfv C' kr X51-D301 X Q ' W -ff-2 CM - yn X xx X pl' L f A ' Q" 'X A I 'KXS' , X' KTM f 1 Sf ,T . '-.1 J X ' 'ygf' . GUESTS ,S . . Y X , A X.- L 5 ' M 1 , x, ,uf ' I ., " -X x, , . X AJ LIES' M523 . R fy KJ' -- ' 'JN' T I x I S ' L Y 'Yr x y 1 A Q V, K. . T U I X had X Y , ji! . K T K S cf Of' ,. X f , sv' fr X .V Av, 'Q E X w K . X , 1 . AN ORCHESTRA . . . AND. . . I. . AY f fi' lx' I T, , T 1 fuv ww i V, L -jvlqffld 5 lft.'f'-plvl rf," Y , 5 kiffkflf Q l,f"0 X , - - , , , - . S . 1. ,, M., , I 4 V, , , , T - , ., ,, '-- ' . .KT ' 1- ,31,-,- ' fa . 'f' .t",',F,--'T fl,"-'PVW 'iffy V P f ,.1,i!,: .f ,' v, ,y4,ALf.j,'w?.f, ff" G Y ' lf bjffr X y , 1 ,' ,J f. ,. ff -,X ,rg ,cv 1? ,, f, 5 ,. ,, , V' gl K9 .f . f3,4w" ,fl-4.-C, . 'f'fa5"3' f L 'ff-ff E' ""' ' 'T .li "-A .:. ' 177' ' ,N GUESTSG . . ,cf ,Q .' A S 1, T . 4 qi. 5 f a.,z,Jf1.Vc1.fJ,WfO AND if - v I -"W '. if T! 1' 7 415 fl .J .Ll ,fi-' ff, T 4' 1 1 I r GUEXSTS . . , AND, 1 T A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL! LEE LINDMEIER Janice Tomlin Kay Wulff Jo Mulbarger The Junior class was off to a good start this year with the usual exciting, yet exhausting class elections, with the so-called "weaker sex" win- ning all four offices. The always gala Junior Prom drew unusually high praises from everyone, the only complication being the lack of a male officer to kiss the Queen. Our first and most distinguishing triumph, how- ever, was in winning the grand prize for the best float in the homecoming parade. We find it hard to believe that we had such fun and still got an education. We look forward to an even greater Senior year. JO MULBARGER First row: S. Rapozo, D. Linebarger, K. Wulff, J. Mulbarger, M. Channell, N. Gregory, A. L. May, C. Collins, T. Bull, S. Knecht, B. Hart. Second row: J. Kimball, C. Weist, R. Buck, M. Hoffman, M. Man- hart, S. lsenhower, G. Colborn, V. Saeltzer, J. Branscomb. Third row: J. Cusanza, S. Lynch, M. Collins, E Bianchi, B. Maclaren, D. Burby, B. Brown, J. Barry, R. Dahlin, D. Day, C. Thomsen, J. Bvfli, D- KUVk- is W N First row: W. Everrette, B. Jennings, J. Johnson, C. Blake, P. Groth, J. Jessup, R. Fortado, J, Keller, Y. Cross, S. Craig, Second row: G. Draper, D. Meckfessel, M. Haines, J. Clay, S. Chapman, P. Smith, M. Phelps, S. Walsh, N. Studt, J. Griffith. Third row: E. Kallen, J. Abbanat, S. Ketchum, P. Clark, R. Cottrell, L. Thomas, E. Cook, B. De Cuir, R. Fife, J. Calvert, G, Harmon. F. Brazell, al" L P ett J O'Connell N. Catania, K. First row: F. Green, D. Weaver, J. Green, A. Palmateer, L. opp , . , Peterson, E. Velasco. Second row: M. Aguilar, W. Jackson, D. Pollock, M. Lewis, A. Pianezzi, P. Peper, P. lsherwood, C. Magnuson, B. Thomas, J. Williamson, R. Berkan. Third row: G, Lopes, K, Jennings, ' h s S. Martin, L. Royal, F. Hinden, B. Hild, H. Henderson. W. Seto, D. Beeman, P. Keim, S. Step en , we . H. Markel, H. Dietz, B. Eachus, G, Ricketts, l.. Lindmeier, ' T. First row: C. Kessler, C. Bleuel, C. Bishop, W. Parker, J. Erickson, W. Lawson. Second'row: B. Bedegrew, T. Clifford, A. Rackham, D. Rertter, Stetson, B. Churchill, R, Taylor, B. Stevahn, D. Meadows. Third row: B. Dasmann, R. Dorman, J. Cox, J. Nichols, B. Kneeland, G. Rose, B. Lund, C. Sorensen, J. Reed, C. Trow, M. Worton. 1: Af r 'Q A in is 5, 3 ...4 5 First row: S. Hogan, C. Bernardo, S. Schulz, R. Crownover, B. Pratt, B. Rogers, L. Connors J Cavis M.- Matteoli. Second row: L. Green, R. Cole, D. Hammer, A. Reynolds, G. Martin, B. Shepherd, Di Large, D. Bolen, Third row: J. Fletter, D. Sedgwick, K. Smith, P. Whitney, P. Topol, G. Morr, M. Dur- brow, A. Liddle. First row: C. Zimmerman, J. Moore, N. Webber, S Lage, J. Tucker, S. Ford, G. Remkus, C. Yee, A. Field, G. Feese, L. Vaughn, J. Ray. Second row: D. Enos, H. Woodworth, M. Jerde, L. Chatterton. J. Humrich, S. Milton, R. Hayes, D. Nuttall D. Carter, M. Smith, C. McAllister. Third row: G. Moe, F. Andrews, C. Davis, L. Miller, F. Houghton, R, Coffee, C. Sims, D. Munson, W. Beik. 4-...fy Q Q ...A S r L.. .- Q. First row: S. Baker, S. Hooker, N. Brokaw, A. Weicla, S. Walker, J. Schumaker, H. Wurster, J. Lingen- felter, Second row: B. Millar, O. J. Rogers, K. Oquaard, J. Evenson, L. Mitchell, J. Collins, V. Gregory, D. Walker, B. Kelly. Third row: R. McElman, R. Tharp, B. Knab, D. Kanzler, E. Wetcherside, J. Mitchell, J. Lusk, D. Clark, W. Nash, G. Smith, J. Denny, J. Bockover. Q, 1-f-l 7: .V ,l-,1 af H V . 4 , ,.fu21'x , H 0 FUI' Q- 1 5 'vverilgff' W 4' V NJ T XJ AX H nv' F at First row: H. Felos, N. Lyle, P. Bonbrake, D. Bonfiglio, Y. Wunderli, K. Morgan, J. Doty, G. Fong, G Burgess, K. Lefever, J. Wu. Second row: L. Albaugh, G. Godfrey, J. Lewis, B. Hamilton, S. Foster V. Heiskell, J. Ash, G. Cole, L. Clark, S. Kauffroath, W. Hooper, M. Oughton, Y. Detlefsen, S. Grice Third row: D. Heil, D. Deal, T. Brown, C. Canfield, E. Hollowell, G. Patterson, R. Himenes, J. Barns T. Wentworth, D. Heidt. First row: T. Grotf, L. Hennagin, M. Stearns, B. Pugnese, E. Pickens, G. Clark, M. Killey, M. Zube. Second row: G. Hallman, M. Drew, L. Wiley, T. Corbett, D, Lee, M. Bauer, N. Bliss, D. Nylander. Third row: C. Smith, L. Davies, J. Morse, J. Bender, D. Berdahl, R. Manas, R. Stinchfield. Fourth row: J. Fox, R. Lea, R. Robinson, B. Herren, C. Donelson, G, Thomas, D. Mellies, J. Shimer, C. Greene. lg, 5 First row: M. Geer, S. Sandsor, H. Ballenger, S. Cotten, S. Rhoy, D. Stanley, A. Capachi, N. Scott, A. Bauska. Second row: D. Coffins, G. Gomm, L. Siefer, J. Blagg, M. Boman, M. Webb, G. Magures, R. Sahvador, D. Palmquist, A. Watters. Third row: D. McPherson, R. Morse, J. Neil, R. Branstetter, D. Hamilton, B. Harding, J, Nicholls, J. White, G. Chilcott, R, Kellogg. 1 if First row: B. Wilcox, R. George, V. Welch, L. Thomas, V. Davies, J. Brune, G. Moore, D. Nakamura, B, Brown, W. Murdok, P. lsenberg. Second row: R. Schneider, J. Conover, B. Nehus, C. Ohlson, N, Luchen, P. McManus, E. Stoltz, D. Sutherland, B. lsenhauer, J, Hill, G. Saeltzer, B. Hotchkiss Third row- J. Bardley, K. Neil, R. Reiche, M. McMorine, J. Wertenberger, B. Marshall, P. Fraser, JJ Snapp, D: Crewse, B. Beard, B. Jacobs, Q First row: R. Cunningham, B. Lewis, L. Jacklin, M. Norris, G, Moller, S. Karde, M. Baker, G. Isaacson, M. Pacheco, K. Macfadden. Second row: E. Wallace, R. Lynn, L, Forster, B. Snyder, B. Waggoner, C. Kious, D. Braden, R. Smythe, B. Ferell, A. Freeman, J. Curley. Third row: J. Thomas, T. Baker, R, Hild, D. Southern, J. Fraser, B. Bruston, A. Koch, J. White, S, Woodworth, G. Frost, D. Walker. First row: R. Buttler, P. Adams, J. Herzog, G. Gray, E. Self, L. Choy, C. Martin. Second row: J. Sechrest, S, Clark, L. Burger, D. Humphrey, G. Harwood, T. Blake, B. Packard, S. Wright. Third row: J. Ward, R. Ullery, R. Mitchell, E. Nelson, C. Jones, C. Schulze, O. Kilpatrick, D. Strader. .i Y DICK BACH 5 The smilingly successful sophomore class gave everyone all reasons to believe that they are out to break the school's records. They had outstand- ing members of their class represented in sports, activities and academic advances. Above this, the class as a whole participated as a unit in such school functions as the Carnival, the Homecoming activities and the school's many organizations. Best of luck to a great and potentially powerful class of '57, Thanks to their sponsors and their officers for their inspiring leadership. By WANDA HARRINGTON Joanne Zimmerman Dick Bach JoAnne Green Wanda Harrington Q- 'J - ll l First row: W. Van Maarten, B. Noble, J. Parisi, P, Dyer, C. Dobek, P. Bloom, W. Helms, S. Karoly, A. Brown. Second row: R. Herbold, J. Parino, B, Elam, N. Payne, V, McGuire, G. Harris, J. Hack, J. Bolcvyan, S. Chadwick. Third row: D. Park, D. Thomas, D. Channell, D. Giles, D. Lesher, D. Nusbuam, A. Lee, P. Griffin, F. Patterson, J, Wagoner, J. Collins. First row: L. Lathrop, J. Eavis, C. Tucker, J. Knight, L. Murdock, C. Hull, P. Fuller, J. Watson, P. Sims, L. Wagner, R. Winterstein. Second row: J. Effenbeck, A. Boothe, K. Muller, S. Whaley, C. Mauer, E. Williams, P. Watkins, A. Walch, M. McCrystle, M. White. Third row: D. Willis, R. Craner, C. Yhnell, J. Hemp, R. Griswold, L. Wixom, B. Phillips, J. Gedney, H. Corder, F. Wall. First 'rowz A. Cornelius, G. Long, C. Cusic, J. Grant, C. Johnson, C. Sparks, C. Hood, S. Griffith, N Longenfelter, T. Isoard, R. Thomas. Second row: J. Zimmerman, L. Davis, M. Lyle, E. Cohen, B. Seyfer lich, S. Burton, S. Bone, C. Harr, R. Haynes, R. Hart, B. Pishek, J. Stiehl. Third row: J. King, J. Green P. Drew, B. Storm, T. Stone, R. Kohn, R. Pitzer, C. Lacy, G. Pendergast, P. Cordero, L. Hemminger, l. Larsen if-'xx First row: J. Verbeck, P. McCullough, E. Flohr, T. Hardy, G. McNatt, J. Linn, Second row: R. Adams, D. Caspersen, D. Guider, C. Marrin, J. Russell, J. Zimmerman, J. Gregory, L. Faulkner, J. Griggs, D. Clark, L. Schab. Third row: D. Battles, J. Falloon, F. Jones, K. Friedman, P. Koepsell, J. Bilund, S. Magnuson, T. Gans, A. Chambers, S. McDowell, B. Eakins. First row: J. Williams, D, Cox, T. Mitchell, K. Giles, P. Marron, R. Strain, J. Houghton, G. Nelson, J. Keller. Second row: B. O'DelI, T. Smith, R. Priznich, P, Meyers, J. DiDonato, S. Fenner, M. Goodgame. E. Hinds, J. Martin, J. Lewis. Third row: C. Wilson, B. James, D. Barton, P. Saverien, B. Daniels, J. Wilkinson, J. Fanelli, B. Staines, J. Miller, D. Barkhurst.. .QQ .,. First row D Owens S Mason, S. Reiter, D. Sutherland, L. Spargo, L. J. Weinrich, C. Martin, S. Free- man S Mickelson C Reardon. Second row: D. Colbaugh, J. Elam, L. Ledford, W. Shirley, B. Nyrud, A Henderson M Martin B Hanson, K. Young, M. Schumaker, M. LaRue, T. Couch. Third row: T. Sweetman D McMillan G Copelan, J. Lynn, D. Card, B. Bassett, K. Fat, R. Clothier, J. McKee, B. First row: J. Bell, R. Smothers, L. Drisdell, M. Levis, E. Rayburn, D. J. Niessner, A. Fallacksen, C. Maples, J. Withers. Second row: A. Young, D. Keever, W. Wilcox, S. Wheelis, R. King, J. Pascoe, K. Miller, D. Wilensky, J. Payne, C. Helman. Third rovsf: R. Hall, R. Westburg, R. Hooper, R. Hencken, D. Went- worth, B. Merenda, R. Vinall, G. Tatterson, J. Bell, J. Tanner. NA First row: H. Knutson, T. Morse, L. Martin, J. Blair, C. Galiano, R. M. Taylor, B. Coatney, S. Hellewell, D. McGuffee. Second row: S. Pendergast, W. Zeller, P. McLaughlin, D. Murrill, J. Ping, B. Bird, V. Biggs, S. Myers, C. Hansen, S. Spencer. Third row: P. Lucero, L. Rackham, B. Barrowrnan, L. Linville, M. Murray, T. Costa, T. Gantenbein, D. Malchow, J. Estabrook, J. Argante, G. Nance, L. Studebaker. First row: C. Francis, J. Trowe, T. Williams, L. Gutting, C. Hardin, C. Robertson, J. Monday, C. Mc Cullough, G. Eislter, D. Hunter. Second row: Keith Wilkinson, J. Lorda, E. Long, G. Rogers, G. Gartner K. Smith, D. Ledesma, J. Shankland, C. Adams. First row: J. Smith, S. Hites, L. Franklin, E. Horman, J. Arbini, C. Blackwood, M. Ling, M. Henderson. Second row: Laugenour, J. Scott, Ba. Swinton, L. Davis, B. Kilgore, S. McGowan, R. Berol, M. Cross, E. May, C. Patterson, J. Londsay. Third row: B. Lynch, R. Clark, P. lsenberg, J. Warnoch, W. Alburn, L. Pratt, B. Porter, P. Schamun, J. Black, B. Washburn, D. Marianos, G. Childs. First row: C. Haney, B. Fletcher, D. Dobeck, D. Sutherland, J. Kelley, F. Ricks, G. Foley, B. Czuprynski D. West, J. McWilliams, S. Zimmerman. Second row: M. Curl, G. Cooper, J. Phelps, M. Zoillomaker M. Wilde, B. Corum, J. Windle, A. Collins, K. Lucas, J. Dulgar. Third row: B. Mackintosh, H. Yelverton B. Keyser, G. Hansen, B. Brecht, E. Cerwinsky, G. Curto, J. Lendl, 5. Gerhardt, J. Below, First row: J. Johnson, R. Reynolds, W. Harrington, M. Capachi, M. Wenzel, L. Pratt, J. Butler, C. Boyer, P. Joslyn, M. Hubbard, N. Ravn. Second row: M. Moss, L. Snyder, M. Bianco, R. Lillard, P. Quinio, J. Clerkin, B. Parker, T. Spangler, E. Sellers. Third row: C. Short, R. Evensen, J. Swearinger, D. Russell, R. Eckhardt, H. Meister, B. Hitte, M. Capen, R. Horgan, T. Haag. First row: B. Kerby, L. Langley, B. Gonzales, J. Rieck, B. Walden, D. Gore, S. Selleseth, D. Blackburn A. Nielson, D. Subry, M. Smith. Second row: R. Byrd, J. Nordstrom, R. Robinson, M. Kilbourn, M. Eades J. Capra, T. Baker, D. Fairfield, R. Famer, W. Bockover. Third row: B. Tredinnick, R. Dwyer, P. Mc Mahon, B. Logan, B. Turner. 1 1 tY'Jf First row:fN. Lingenfelter, C. Sparks, G. Grandon, J. Blair. Second row. R. Clark, F. Ekiss, L. Davis, J. Kelley, L. Shellove, C, Cusick, M. Relles, T. Gantenbein. Third row: G. Bell, H. Van Fosser, E. Houser, S. Wilson J. Boloyan, D. Colbaugh, C. Biever, D. Boch, J. Collins. V 9 gmt Fi rlilxll ill, lm if lx xl First row: B. Houston, J. Larson, R. Smith, C. Berg, R. Berol, J. Raymond, J. Silva, J. Bush, T. lsoard Second row: S. Rylei, S. McGowan, S. Fenner. Third row: R. Robinson, J. Shaw, J. Wagoner, J. Miller P. Saverien, D, Bass, R. Kohn, R. Pifzer. First row: C. Depeu, J. Storro, R. Cunningham, B. Gatos, K. Hakari, B. Collins. Second row: J. Groll, E. Jones, C. Drake, E. Pall, R. Brower, B. Beattie, B. Thielbahr. Third row: J. Codorniz, E. Rafferty, S. Schuetz, M. Sorensen, C. White, G. Zumwalt, E. Woodruff,. S. Richardson. BRIAN HOGAN Tom Fat Brian Hogan Linda Moore Pat Rovvlett "Upward and onward, always reaching tor the best" was the motto of the Freshman class. Homecoming Day brought the class' first challenge which was met by raising enough money from dues to create a fine float. The next Freshman success came with the Freshman Dance which, through the help of the class advisors, was a great event, With such an auspicious start the Freshman class hopes to go on to bigger and better things. PAT ROWLETT K r YL? 4 if . ' rf . 3 I i X 1 ,. 1 - K an xl j A V 1 First row: L. Thomas, P. Armstrong, N. Clausen, S. Wayt, M. Davis, J, Marliave. Second row: M. Precobb, D. Staley, S. Harvey, J. Young, J. Schmidt, E. DeWitt, D. Houser, D. Sanders. First row: D. Knighton, E. Brinsfield, L. Ayers, S. Sowell, L. Tucker, S. Steenburger, J. Price, J. Swanzy R. DeWein, S. Ewert. Second row: P. Seeds, H. Shirley, N. Knutsen, C. Bassett, K. Schoener, S. Mar quiss, M. Lewis, J. Schmitt, B. Schepfer, B. Gentry. Third row: R. McCormick, D. Huartson, M. Sherburn L. Carr, J. Herzog, l.. Zook, S. Hopkins, M. Hitte, C. Estabrook, H. Larsen, J. Earnest. Fourth row: G Flohr, D. Burlin, L. Smith, A. Marty, J. Fairfield, E. Smith, B. Smith, B. McConnell, K. Fowler, B. Bishop T. Holden, J. Deason, E. Lendl, R. Laverenz. 1 Fin' TCW. Young B. D. Dunning D ' - Kon v 1- ' ' Pearson stef' F M am' J- Muir ' D' P0fChe T R. ' 5Yberry, ' C- M ' ' - Robb' G Herr, L. Robert M. Reese, C. wargiorana, E. Mccrew' lgs, L. Brundage C AL Kreiss, G, Hidjlfm L. Lucas, C R4 L. Hastings G Gr econd row: G 'Jag Bockma,-,I M Hun e - ' - I ' s ' ' Tr Y, D. Forgyfhe P , J, McFarland klnoids, K, Columbisan, R. L,-,RUGI T M ma, C. Downing Eucker, V. umbull. , . Schoener, R' .fawg Wzgnen Founh BLDC. Strofher Bl:rPhy. Third row' D. Eemp. f w- ' - un 1 . ' ' - Moore N ' C- Mar' 3' B- Mez 'Heh , . Naves K nott, D, Ro k Zola, G. De ' ' McKeag R n ' R- Dand an' . . Lee, A Th eneau, 5, ' ""'PS0f1, J First row: M. Schamun, M. Mulbarger, S. Wong, G. Sharp, P. Rook, T. Henry J Haight C McKay L Moore, J. Pipkin, B. Amioka. Second row: C. Baughman, R. Carter, M. Keck J Plngutore C Miller C, Huckaby, R. Fallai, J. Khatoonian, R. Fraser, M. Giordano, L. Drews, R Willey Third row H Lane J. Yancey, P. Riley, K. Klotz, C. Devine, I. Holmes, M. Van Der Volgen, J. Morrill M Wold K Morton D. Pickering, L. Phipps. First row: M. Giacomo, M. Wharton, M. Baldwin, K. Goodwald, C. Schultze, A. Sernholt, T J. D ' ' avls, P. Gedeon, J, Hatton, P. Reed. Second row: K. Haley, L. Swinton, A. Sedgwick, L. Kurtz, M. Poole, J. Baginski, J. McPherson, P. Maples, C. Culver, D. Straw, G. Lent . Th' d z ir row: J. Flanagan, G. Beckes, J. Winkelman, J. Potter, J. Peck, J. Storro, I. Palmer C Lawrence S Fairchild, Jf Cox, L. Farrell, M. MacKinnon. Fourth row: P. Bowlan, P. Curry,'B. Babbini M. Sims, B. Green, C. Carmichael, J. Titherington, C. Dension, T. Clark, J. Johnson, C. Johnson. Qt, Cantrell Kellogg Kurz, B King, J Bartlett D Marina D' R, MYUS' ' B Monda. h .NLorroW, 'kgom ' I B Fong. 5ecorxddrg:::wPB. South, R, Bonfgi-Dme,-I L. Nalkallacz lmadge' ' fi f 1, MBC 0 ' G, Hoffman' ' . B. Wi es' I Kent, L' Ta NL. Bef' e ' W uerbufv- th 'OW' ch. -l' . row: F. Brown' Mowningf D' Ballonh D. Kimball' aier, S. Gerdes. Fouifl. Brotllf R' Goes Fast M Burton, 3' Br mon J- Leec I rr G. Lmdme ri 5. Pelefson' ksmlfllasel. Third 'Dwi l' ENC. chaS'aln,Q ll 1:5 DonelS0"'f L Bam ' . ,el A, Blazeva ms W, Stra ef. L. McCork i I T. A a . ' .NLcMullen. Rose"-' liz' ELSE... D. Linville, M Spr899' ' 1 Q . A First row: P. Harper, H. Watts, L. Stites, G. Christensen H Engle, E. Mann L Stuart, E. T bo Se d , . , . 3 Y. COD row: R. Stanfill, B. Kiehn, K. Dockter, J. Fredricks, K. Gerdes, F. Green, R. Parker, F. Corbett, E. Calvert, E. Dickinson. Third row: F. Fox, P. Elam, S. Murray, C, Keema, J, Logan, L. Zube L. Pardee 1.1. Tomblin, L. Johnston, L. Gallman, D. Bandy J Finley G Stein D McDaniel N Ros' IF th I , . , . , . , . si. our row: W. Stroth, J. O'Neal, H. Stinnett, H. Holland, G. Becraft, B. Baker, B. Hogan, B. Powell, A. Leeman, P. Greene, S. Lions, H. Gibson, M. Campbell, R. Rhodes, A. Tittel, J. Wetsel. First row- B McKay E Nelson, M. Euer, R. Cupp, R. Lukenbill, H. Hong, C. Smith, P. Lewis. Second row: C. Cisner, P. Dickson, E. Pisciotta, A. McClure, L. Tuttle, J. Smith, L. Williams, D. Hall, G. Gardner, J. Stonesifer, B. Fuller. Third row: M. Boiko, A. Pisi, T. Hinshaw, P. Mahoney, S. Mullica, P. Huckabay, S. Smith, D. Yeomans, B. Welch, C. Smith, B. Grothur, S. Ward, R. Manas, D. Grimm. Fourth row: J. Nightingale, G. Broughton, J. Thompson, M. Czesla, L. Morris, S. Storm, D. Graham, W. Compton, D ' - B h Wagoner, P. Atkinson, T. Weatherford, L. Rackham, L. Carlson, J. Young. Fifth row. R. McNairn, J. us 1 H l D M , D. Mitchell, J. Robinson, J. Grant, L. Speegle, B. Meyers, J. Keffer, B. McKinley, A. ems, . assy D. Costa, -C. McCormick, G. Farney, M. Foote, D. Barth. First row: E L J. Terrell J. Jggd, S. Otto, D, Pentield D M Mackit ' ' "Soni P- John ' - Usfer, B. P k risen nofh, T. Rose, M. Ott Cson' J' Sfaples. Second ec. ' D' KellY, G. Man Betovll 'Faure' row: R. Allafd'C'F?l1amberlain, N Horganovz J. Black, E Kelloggsolz' R- Graves, R Cox Ill, B. Biggs, F- Hutchengesgon, B. Bird, E- Canale Brown, J. Ross, C. Rose russel, J. Lea, S, ' 'Rublef E- Harris. S' D' Anderson, D. Nied 'ID' Gam' M- Gar- eroh, G, Reed, M KSN P' E Lon C Cam bell, C. Gurley, First row: C. Tofanelli, S. McGrath, M. Gee, M. Henderson, C. ierce, . g, . p D. M J. Palmer, J. Keller, G. Milheim, D. Cook, C. Hagopian. Second row: K. Johnson, J. Yenovkian, J. oe, Gordon, S. Ford, M. Blazevic, C. Waddell, J. Fields, J. Hunt, D. Butler, L. Whither, R. Boddy, J. Herren, D. Hinds, T. Gayne, J. Harrod. Third row: R. Baggarly, K. Cowper, S. Holm, C. Whitman, J. 'Trowe, C. Thomas, C. Mansell, J. Johnson, J. Laugenour, M. Morgan, S. Lawse, H. Morgon, G. Fuller, R, Howe, ' ' N. St t L. Hub- J. Ramos, B. Pratt. Fourth row: N. Konvalin, S. Pfennighausen, S. Thomas, S. Smart, ra e, bell, J. Baxter, R. Oliver, T. Fat, M. Walling, N. Green, J. Murchison, C. Espey, A. Housewortt, G Clark, C. Hamilton, S. Ford. First row: G. Brown, D.' MacBride, S. Hinds, 'D. Meyer, M. Miller, M. Neil, J. Greene, C. Enos, J. Miner Second row. L. Marvin, S. Dutra, N. Foss, L. Harwood, B. Marshall, C. Croker, S. Schultz, J. Dykeman, P Murphy, L. Zahn, D. Akey, D. Ullery. Third row: R. Miller, B. James, D. Wright, B. Wagner, D. Viale C. Mehlos, E. Roy, B. Moreland, C. Baird, R. Anderson, P. West, K. Allen, D. Shupe. i,'v N. .ne B Paizs, l- Thomas' - ' C. Ney' M, Devi , Back F, Francis, J 5' V. AS ll, S. ' I N K'rnmel J. Jones, M' Pgwrizliil- FA. Bllgo, R. HOLb"Ogk'K:u:leYe Morrison, -l' Ablahamson First row: ' l Paulsen. SECPT' '- d wa G. Ka' e' ' 1 A Lelglllel' 'li Bullockll. Monroe, 5' Wlxsonl TL'lJl.rJel3e, B. LOUQYI D' Tempe dr , Rial? ciivnPllJCktil2chols, E. Lacure, Br Duncan . r I ' First row: B. Shelden, M. Epps, C. Hemsworth, M. Sisler, L. Cowan, P. Martin, B. Adams, S. Garrison, G. O'Shiell, E. Somerville. Second row: R. Larson, K. Koepsell, Gundlach, J. Kartchner, S. Cullen, C. Liden, E. Edwards, P. Rowlett, A. Fakhouri, L. Green. Third row: M. Johnson, J. Cowan, R. Heidlebaugh, G. McNeely, J. Kauffroath, J. Kimbro, S. Phillips, R. Bright, A. Moxley. Fourth row: A. Ferrell, J. Hall, D. Bass, C. Dickerson, M. Goldfine, J. Alberson, J. Cracchiolo, C. Hornick, G. Morgan, R. Young, C. Jones, E. Lange, B. Crockett, R. Ludeke. 645 0701941 First row: L. Pickens, L. Fischer, V. Erickson, B. Allum, B. Boeh, J. Thomp- son, K, Lehman, P. J. Miller, R. Lovelace, J. Pipkin, J. Morgan. Second row: B. Reynolds, G. Large, L. Kious, L. Heard, J. A, Schmidt, D. Winslow, E. DeWitt, V. L. Verrrees, B. Davis, E. DeBoard, P. King. Third row: J. Field, A. Berry, G. Kefter, J. Solusky, T. Densmore, C. Morton, G. Queole, B Baker, A. McKinnon. MTR- MA 0 'fl 0 Fifsr ,. z :appa'oTY: . Gumrvar e Rdgcappsf S. gmgn' 5ScQfi1Ma"eSon 3 0 rorheerl Dlpgicer, J, Norzw, P.'PC.n:-l,afr0,,I F Ma. en, J. Warkilysfi. Giles. fhllih C-ax, Lioranal E. Th 71464 66:45 , G, MCMUHlrd ,-OW: B. gckmanl C.0l7'l55, C. Sn, L Web Silk, B L Ha,-din Sfer. ' Oflgfenow ' First row: L, Pardee, J. Fredricks, L. Chatterton, B. Thomas. Standing: D. Yeomens, MV- Pafdee, D Thomas, Mr. Sayler, N. Brown. W 20060 iff' .fi JUDIE NIEDERLOH SHIRLEY MITCHELL DEANNE MEINZER fuha GEORGE PATTERSON JOE FANELLI DAVE DEAL 2 Jeff Jeffries, Bob Hild, Curt Carter, Jon Beaverg Pianist Francine Conat. ii "fin Back: J. Drearz, B. L. Wood, Front: M. Migior, D. Hunt, E Young, D. Conat, B. Pinkerton, M. Stone, J.iGreen, K. Davis B. Greene, Upside Down: C.VCar1er, J. Hollisfen, D. Adams. sw? iii. r . J S 551 MQ?'-QS' W.,- ,L.L . V J X xy X ,. , H Y Q, 'X '-.. n X ,,. ,. ' N- X 1 -A ,f JQQWM L I .Il l X Y" x , A yn lx . k m xh V R X , x I fs . A KX rf f ' , , 5 A X X A , Qu 4.8 T JM 4 Y xx umjhvv H Ain FXNX i ' A X X 1 s Y h' . X X. A - ff A- - y 1 1 X V Xu N t N Q1 1 1 W X 1 I ' ,X I I A ' '. WM WLM X f 7 N. ' f x W. + X UN Y J 'A , X S X A W Wd ,l A f Ax. I Nxt NX E fl A f x f j X X D, , P X . ff wk X. - f,6"'w+' , X , . X vlf A X 1- , X N 1 J' 'K If g " X X' . I I , W L ,L""5 4 fffid 'fu X , ' . A 1 f - My Q A fn Jfvl h,n W, Vi! '0 , Z UQ ,Jw M 1 'V . I XXX w X u' 'Y' , X . K X r ' X K ,4- ' f", Qgxh A '- X 11,0 t 1 4 Ax Tv x 1 'I Q 5 Q X Q0 NE T0 YH MOUESTOGHNE N X W 11 N Q1 1 X ' x X A A ' x N SV 5 v qv KI - fx X 3 vb xv 'N fx X, X ' 4X1 'N . Rx RSX N 1 K X 'Xl NX X X . A J I W ,-ifkww 7 lflf' v M syg.-my Auf' Y N' 4 . f , f-ff-A4 M07 you .1 1 ,L '104-fm - J avian in - X ,,, W-L' wmlfwd-ff '- I - YS nj. A 5 l W1 k l W AWWWYMW' 'zaplzf' J ' ' K L ,AJJVHVG J4'7'77V' ff ' - W rfk K , . I 1, ki 'A if , .V ' ' -A ' x . . . ff! .-1 X A " 7 N., - 5 I'-,N .5 ' 1 ,fv f 5:15 rf A E f. 'Y sbt 1-Rl .9 7 N " a , '- ku 5 We ,M 9553 NSSSESQQ N N gb 124 ' r Z' gel army E154 ,Q q CJ QE. ' Wcuzcvzs ' The El Camino Chapter ot the National Honor Society was founded in i952 in recognition ot our outstanding students. The members are chosen on the basis ot outstanding qualities of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and service. Mrs. Sparks sponsored us. By JOHN MOULDS G Sh d r J Hollister L Wiley V Welch C Chambers, C. Bernardo, J. Schmith, G. First row: . c roe e, . , . , . , . Sims, Mrs. Sparks, sponsor. Second row:'J. Mulbarger, K. Wulft, J. Trote, B. Pinkerton, D. Hunt, J. Schultz, H. Dairs, S. Hogan, N. Reynolds, M. Zube, L. Lindmeier, R. Smart. Third row: T. Bull, B. Thomas, E. Young, F. Cridlebaugh, M. Davis, M. McBee, D. Peterson, P. Wagaman, M. Stone, D. Hughes. Fourth ' b k L. Kelle row: G. Thomas, J. Moulds, F. Hinden, M. Chapman, R. Young, S. Ketchum, S. Esta roo , y, T. Schilling, J. Ramsey. Absent: L. Richardson. Seated: G, Schroeder, H. Davis Standing: J. Moulds, R. Young. 0 a Q 9 G3 First row: Miss Sherrod, sponsor, V. Welch, H. Davis, T. Grotf, E. Young, M. Davis, B. Pinkerton, D. Hunt, N. Reynolds, C. Chambers. Second row: L. Wiley, L. Chatterton, J. Clay, B. Thomas, P. Wagaman, N. McBee, D. Peterson, F. Cridlebaugh, G. Schroder. Third row: R. Young, J. Moulds, F, Hinden, W. Larick, E. Cerwinsky, G. Thomas. C.S.F. is an organization for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who have earned ten grade points in the previous semester. These grades are based on solid subjects. Under their sponsor, Miss Sherrod, the club had a very successful cake sale early in the fall. There were other money-making projects during the year to finance a scholarship given to a deserving member at the end of the year. The members also attended a regional conference at Grant in the spring. By TAM GROFF I Junior statesmen stimulates students to take part in learning about the govern- ment of the United States and to discuss and debate its problems. It encourages the practice of parliamentary procedure. The El Camino Chapter of Junior Statesmen was organized in the spring ot 1954. The sponsors this year were Mr. Yelvington and Mr. Moser. This past year we formed debating teams and participated in conventions with other Junior Statesmen organizations from California. A main event of the year was the first annual banquet. By MARILYN MATTEOLI and BARBARA MacAULAY - J - A First row: M. Argante, P. Foster, C, Chambers, F. Conat, B. Wood, S, Palmer, B. Pinkerton, D. Hunt, C. Millerborg, K. Davis. Second row: D. Cox, B. Waidlich, D. Jones, E. Young, D. Adams, M. Davis, B. MacAulay, B. Greene, C. Carter, S. Hogan, C. Bernardo. Third row: J. Hollister, J. Barth, B. Snyder, T. ,N Bull, G. Borganine, F. Cridlebaugh, R. Smart, M. Miller, J. Niederloh, J. Williamson, K. Macfadclen, J. Schumaker. Fourth row: E. Hall, S. Estabrook, A. Dutra, D. Beeman, J, Moulds, G. Kneeland, E. Speegle, T. Schilling, D. Hughes, J. Ramsey, Mr. P, Moser, sponsor. l Camino de Amigos, organized in 1950, was sponsored again this year by Miss Lois Hanson. This past Christmas we had our annual Christmas fiesta. .After breaking the colorful pinata, we play.ed Spanish games. Spanish Club combined with the German and French clubs to give a dance. lt proved to be a huge success. We closed the year by inviting the Spanish Club from another high school to a fiesta here at El Camino. The purpose of the club is to bring the students of El Camino closer to Spanish speaking countries. All meetings are conducted in Spanish. By PRISCILLA JOSLYN and BARBARA MacAULAY X -.J First row: J. Smith, C. Sparks, R. Fallai, B. Eachus, V. Young, M. Hoffman, J. Mulbarger, K. Wulff, J. Ray, P. Groth, B. Wiley, J. Brune, A. Cornelius. Second row: K, Lucas, T. Corbett, J. Boloyan, B. Corum, L. Pratt, M. Sedgwick, E. Young, V. Heiskell, J. Martin, C. Isaacson, S. Lage, J. Bender, K, Peterson, L. Marvin, Miss Hanson, sponsor. Third row: J. Ping, M. Drew, L. Chatterton, M. Martin, L. Woodward, J. Butler, J. Donato, R. Haynes, K. Young, S, Whaley, S. Spencer, B. Hanson, E. Cohen, B. Collins, M. Relles. Fourth row: J. Williamson, B. Thomas, J. Clay, J, Warnock, D. Sedgwick, R. Branstetter, G. Hansen, M. Miller, M. Stone, D. Hughes, S. Darr, B. Wood N. Payne, B. MacAulay, S. Zimmerman. OFFICERS-S. Whaley, Historian B. MacAulay, President, J. Clay Secretary, J. Williamson, Treasurer D. Sedgwick, Vice President, G stetter,'Sergeant-at-Arms, D. Hughes No Arms. Twivizi-WW-Rliwfsifsxa L.sris'T114wvwr-wwfAwzqsxmx1'zpaw,musmssokw..fiek - , Hansen, Sergeanteat-Arms, B. Bran- Zoe W' Los Hidalgos, El Camino's Spanish Honor Society, means the nobles or honored ones. The society was organized in T951 to develop an understanding and an appreciation of Spanish people, their language, and their culture. lt is a chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society. Membership is limited to outstanding students in second, third, and fourth year Spanish. Miss Jean Whitman has been the sponsor of Los Hidalgos for the past year and under her able leadership the club has doubled its membership. Headlining the club's activities during the year was the annual trip to the Spanish section of Sacramento. Members of the club also attended recitals by Spanish singers, dancers, and musicians. A fiesta featuring all Mexican food high- lighted their list of activities. At the carnival Los Hidalgos served delicious tacos and tortillas con hot dogs. 'By suE DARR First row: D. Hunt, J. Bruns, B. Wood, C. Carter, C. Davis. Second row: E. Young, B. MacAuley, L. Wiley, J. Clay, M. Miller, S. Darr, M. Stone, Miss Whitman, sponsor. OFFICERS-C. Davis, Secretary, E. Young, Vice President, S. Darr, President, M. Miller, Historian, Bea- ver, Sergeant-at-Arms, Tomas, Treas- urer, labsentl. 414' First row: A. Bauska, J. Brune, President, S. Karde, S. Zimmerman, Secretary. Second row: J. Humrich, Parliamentarianf J. Butler, Treasurer, L. Pratt, Historian, Mrs, Smith, Sponsor. Absent: C. Cusick. The William T. Mooney Chapter of the F.T.A. at El Camino is an active club whose purpose is to acquaint the members with all aspects of teaching. Anyone interested in teaching as a profession may belong to F.T.A. Among the main activities of F.T.A. this year were the visits to local grammar school classes and to the college where requirements for a teaching credential were explained. The highlight of this year was the picnic to which prospective members were invited. The club was sponsored by Mrs. F. M. Smith. By TAM GROFF ?. 20414. First row: Mr. Fries, Sponsor, R. Wellner, L. Perrett, S. McAmis, B. Pratt, D. Clark, S. Freeman, R. Cun' ningham, P. Fuller, R. Williams, Mr. Walker, Sponsor. Second row: D. Leebel, P. Green, L. Howell, S. Holm, B. Fuller, M. Hitte, S. Mickelson, E. Ladd, L. Eckman, D. Stanley. Third row: H. Henderson, R. Himenes, D. Kurk, R. Himenes, R. Haynes, J. Bachert, C. McAllister, B. Marshall, L. Childs. Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization composed of per- sons interested in economic and business aspects of our way of life. Highlights in our activities were attending a business convention in Manteca and visiting some corporations in San Francisco. We enjoyed speakers and busi- ness films at our meetings. Our club of approximately fifty members was sponsored by Mr. Fries and Mr. Walker. By VALERIE ERICKSON The Future Nurses Club is an organization for girls vvho have indicated their desire to become nurses. The clulo is open to any student at EI Camino. Among our many activities for the year were Christmas and Thanksgiving pro- jects, cake sales, the Mother and Daughter Tea, and trips to schools of nursing. Our club functioned under the supervision of Mrs. Penney and Miss McGranahan. By NANCY COOK liking. First row- L Shellooe B Sivinton D Pallock S Ch . . , . , . , , apman, C. Collins, B. Collins, C, Yee, D, Niessner. Second row! N. Konvalin, C. DeWein, B. Barley, N. Millar, P. Austin, C. Talbat, P. Reed, J, Padoran. Third row: J. Bruns P Coffer P Rowlett N Gray C Culver J McP , . , . , . , . , . herson, D. Ullery, C. Hansen, N. Cook, Mrs. Penney, sponsor. FIRST SEMESTER OFHCERS-D. Pol- lock, Treasurer, V. Royer, Vice Presi- dent, J. Bruns, President, C. Col- lins, Secretary, fabsentl. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-P. Rowlett, President, B. Bailey, Vice President, C. Culver, Secretary, S. Chapman, Treasurer. 66 The purpose of Ski Club is to promote interest in skiing and to help members in- crease their skill by going on ski trips. This purpose was fulfilled when excursions to various ski resorts in the Sierras were taken. A fashion show which illustrated the latest ski fashions highlighted the on- campus activities. Ski Club was fortunate to have Dr. Maissen and Mr. Cutler as sponsors. . First row- S McGratn C Martin, L. McCorkle, V. Vertrees, S. Lag Second row: A. Berry, M. Gibson, D. Neister, S. Smart, J. Yenoukian, J. Bush, L. Wenns, B. Marshall, B. Davis, P. Vandernalgen, S. Holm, F. Cloffee, L. Miller, Dr. Maissen, Sponsor. Third row: J. Cusanza, M ' A. M E Manhart, A Pianzzi, N. Luckan, D. Adams, B. Millar, M. Millar, C. Culver, S. McGowan, anu, Ma M. Cross, B. Crenshaw, C. McCorkle. Fourth row: W. Young, J. Moulds, R. Clark, M. Chapman Yr B. Storm, F, Hinden, A. Reynolds, P. Peim, M. Webb, R. Kohn, J. Evenson, J. Gnbboney, J. Beaver A. Young. K t , M. Tallacksen, M. Argante First row: C. Chambers, P. Foster, J. Davis, Y. Wunderli, V. Davies, J. rea z C. Carter, D. Creuese, C. Kious, G, Remlsus, C. Bernardo, M. Norris, Mr. Cutler, sponsor. Second row L. Poppett, N. Studt, H. Davis, N. Reynolds, B. Greene, D. Cox, E. Young, J. Harper, D. Hunt, C. Miller borg, S. Braden, R. Weist, P. lsherwood, D. Braden. Third row: H. Wurster, J. Fields, D. Houser, M Wilde, M. Stone, S. Palmer, M. Davis, B. MacAulay, M. Miller, C, Mauer, J. Watson, S, Hamilton, R ' ' E. H ll ell, L. Thomas Smart. Fourth row: L. White, P. Keim, M, Murray, M. McCrystle, J. Effenbeck, o ow G. Colborn, B. Zahary, R. Smith, S. Gdlfingers, J'. Cook, D. Bolen, A. Reynolds. e, C. Isaacson, N. Scott, L. Marvin. 71 nga' The name, Future Homemakers of America, expresses the purpose of our organization-learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. 'To be eligible for membership, one must have had one year in the Homemaking Department or currently be enrolled in a homemaking class. ' This spring, F.H.A. sponsored the annual Fashion Show and Tea honoring the El Camino Mothers. The girls modeled clothing made during the year, the girls who took Foods, planned, prepared, served, and decorated for the tea. We had three advisors: Mother Sponsor, Mrs. V. Wulff, and faculty members, Mrs. G. Dean and Mrs. J. Reese. By KAY WU LFF First row: J. Hatton, D. Grimm, J. Kartchner, B. Kon Valin, V, Young, K. Morgan, B. Schepfer. Second row: C., P. Maples, J. Palmer, E. Somerville, C. Croker, M. Rawson, K. Wulff, S. Griffith. Third row: S. Schultz, L. Carr, L. Lucas, S. Murray, S. Kauffroath, N. Noble. ,.,,, OFFICERS-First row: E. Somerville, Historian, B. Kon Valin, Song Lea- der, S. Murray, Parliamentarian, C. Croker, Treasurer. Second row: K. Wulff, President, M. Relles, Vice President, S. Kauffroath, President, D. Grimm, Secretary. l yv If-W UMM. ,, ,, . bsenrl- Vlelrns, G, Queale' la bbirvif a. T- R0 carlafl Nxt. NW hnsgfh a B- lo G. we Q-. Wolfe The Hobby Club was organized to give students an opportunity to use the crafts shop facilities in pursuit of their hobbies. Social gatherings were also in- cluded inthe year's activities. The Club sponsored "Operation Santa Claus" again this year, collecting and re- conditioning toys to be distributed to needy children in the area at Christmas. Plastics, leather, copper tooling, models, and art metal were typical hobbies pursued. Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Ley acted as our sponsors. By suE vviLsoN First row: L. Childs, P. Fuller, S. Wilson, R. Barsdale, G Remkus S Crewse S Ford Mr G ff . , . , . , . a ney, sponsor. Second row: C. Bullock, J. Griffith. Third row: D. Van Vliet, F. Pervis, D. Jessee, P. Schamun, B. Z ll ' ' ' ' e er, S. Simpson, J. Titherington, C. Wilson. rig ' si - - OFFICERS Secretary, H. Wood worth Historian, J, Wertenberger, President L Woodward, Vice Presil dent S Culbertson. Aw The Art Club has come a long way since it was tirst organized last year by a few interested art students. With Mr. Kaneko's help, our membership has grown with every meeting. The club's purpose is to further the interest of art among the students of El- Camino. An art course is not required to loin, but interest in art is very necessary. Our first proiect was decorating the halls for Halloween. Students passed from hall to hall while witches glared at every passerby. The posters were such a suc- cess last year that we continued making them for school functions this year. Our trip to Crocker Art Gallery was very interesting, and many more tours and sketching trips are being planned for next year. By HILARY WOODWORTH First row: F. Francis, J. Robertson, R. Bonnicrson, J. Thompson, S. Culbertson, M. Baker, L. Johnston, M. Schumaker, M. Wilde, P. Watkins, G, Tomblin, V. Welch. Second row: H. Woodworth, C. Rose, K. Morgan, V. Davies, Y. Wunderli, J. Wertenberger, L. Forster, S. Wacsh, C. Stadtler, P. Smith, P. Meyers, S. Smart, N. Foss, L. Woodward. Third row: D. Hugbes, L. Pratt, R. Prizinich, D. Cox, G. Tatterson, W. Sims, L. Davis, J. Eavis, C. Mauer, S. Whaley, N. DeMassey, H. DanFosser, F. Patterson, Mr. Kaneko, Sponsor. 4336 El Camino's Latin Club dates back to A.D. MDCCCCL. Membership is open to first and second year Latin students receiving a grade of "B" or better, and to all third and fourth year Latin students. Mr. Edward A. Smith is the club's sponsor. The club meetings afforded members an opportunity to present and discuss various aspects of Roman history. ln the spring, the annual Roman Banquet was held in coniunction with the Latin Club of San Juan High School. The banquet was presided over by Caesar, a student selected by San Juan, and Calpurnia, a student chosen by El Camino. By ROSE MARIE TAYLOR OFFICERS-J. Bell, Treasurer, J. Bell Vice President, C. Sims, President R. Taylor, Secretary. First row: G. Pendergast, G. Tong, R. Taylor, J. King, D. Blackburn, S. Myers, Mr. Smith, sponsor. Second row: A. Satfield, L. Paxtony J. Bell, D. Murrill, J. Bell, B. Dubrow, C. Sims. The main purpose of German Club is to promote interest in the culture and language of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. One guest speaker, Dr. Fletcher, gave a speech on "Today's Use of German." The initiation of the new members of the club' had a "William Tell and 5on" theme. At Christmas a large party featuring an old fashioned Santa was held. At meetings the club members sang German songs, saw slides and movies, and heard speakers and music. Our sponsor, Mr. Maissen, helped in making the club's activities a great success. By is LARSON OFFICERS-B. Thielbahr, Refresh- ments, B. Brecht, Public Relations, J. Blag, President, J. Pascoe, Sec- retary, A. Gumnor, Treasurer, E. Horman, Vice President, labsentl. First row: Mr. Maissen, D. Niessner, E: Flohr, A. Gumnor, A. Sernholt, J. Winkelman, F. Ekiss, J. Muir M. Hunsecker. Second row: J. Pascoe, V. Biggs, C. Cusick, G. Moller, B. Brecht, L. Bacon, S. Culbertson Third row: S. Ford, D. Palmquist, J. Blagg, I. Larson, P. Saverien, B. Harper, W. Van Maanen. 6046 The French Club is beginning to get a reputation for having the zaniest in- itiations at El Camino. This year they did it again! Around initiation time artists could be seen roaming the halls with their paints and palettes. They were closely followed by their landladies, trying, often in vain, to speak only in French. Yes, the club started with a bang and carried the spirit on all through the year. There was the Carnival booth and of course, the International Banquet, in the spring. Mr. Leonetti was the sponsor. TAM GROFF OFFICERS-First row: L. Snyder Secretary, M. Wilde, Vice President G. Morr, President, C. Johnson Treasurer. Second row: L. Davis Historian, M. Rawson, Reporter, P Dyer, Sergeant-at-Arms. YI First row: M. Gibson, L. Franklin, J. Blair, B. Kilgore, M. Rawson, E. May, D. Owens, S. Mason. Second row: B. Hamilton, C. Tucker, A. Nielson, L. Wagner, C. Johnson, M. Wilde, L. Lathrop, P. Dyer, N. Lingenfelter, J. Grant, J. O'Connell. Third row: S. Palmer, M. Davis, V. Biggs, K. Ogaard, J. Barth, B. Pinkerton, L. Schab, L. Snyder, L. Davis. Fourth row: J. Green, E. Speegle, G. Thomas, M. Boman, A. Kellogg, D. Thomas, G. Morr, I. Larson, Mr. Leonetti. 1 r OFFICERS-P. Tirnmermans, Presi- dent, R. Heidlebaugh, Vice Presi- dent, E. McGrew, Secretary, fab, Senf I The Scienteeners was first organized in l95O. The aims of the club are to increase our knowledge of science, to prefect our skills in science, to give service in our community and nation, to understand the importance of science in our lives, and to help carry out the program of the Science Clubs of America. The club enjoyed many social activities. One of the club's field trips was to Spreckles Sugar Company at Woodland, where members inspected the processes of sugar refining. Mr. Furneaux and Miss McKean, the club's sponsors, did a fine job in helping the club by stimulating interest and maintaining its high standards. By PERRY TIMMERMANS its I., 'N X' a . A 'Q 'tv 5 at K 3: . 'L - f ' R if ff. R l 2 . if . 4. . xi if Rt f l First row: Miss McKean, sponsor, P. Timrnermans, R. Morgan, L. Drews, C. Denison, B. Baker, B. Subry Mr. Furneaux, sponsor. Second row: G. Steres, G. Cook, A. Dutra, T. Pope, R. Smith, B. Manas, B. Zahary. I ze- 716- Z Forming a Triangle with God as- the center and with the Lord's Prayer on their lips, young women are installed in Tri-Hi-Y. Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian fellowship open to any girl regardless of race, color, or creed. lts colors are red, white, and blue depicting sacrifice, purity and loyalty. This past year so many new members ioined that the group functioned with both a Senior and a Junior section. A few of the activities that Tri-Hi-Y members participated in during the year were the Stanford Conference, a Thanksgiving project of food and clothing for a needy family, Inter-Club, during the Christman Holidays, and Model Legislature. Our sponsor was Miss McGranahan. By MARIANNE MANHART OFFICERS-Seated: J. Lingenfelter, J. Moore, C. Zimmerman, C. Miller- borg, M. Davis, R. Russell. Stand- ing: K. Macfadden, L. Davis, L. Jacklin, S. Palmer, N. Gray, K. Davis, N. Reynolds. . me - CMPLW 296 5900 First row: Miss McGranahan, sponsor, S. Palmer, K. Davis, N. Reynolds, H. Ballenger, B. Bachtold, C. Zimmerman, J. Moore, P. lsherwood, C. Millerborg, K. Macfadden, Miss Canepa, sponsor. Second row: A. Bauska, B. Waidlich, C. Collins, K. Wulff, M. Davis, M. Hoffman, S. Knecht, J. Schuetz, B. Stenzel, J. Foote, S. Davies. Third row: M. Argante, P. Foster, M. Lewis, B. Thomas, J. Lingenfelter, T. Bull, N. Webber, M. Manhart, S. Chapman, J. Schmith, B. Cox, P. McNulty, N. Cook. Fourth row: B. Green, J. Green, D. Adams, L. Jacklin, J. Humrick, R. Smart, N. Gray, C. Culver, 'C. Heil, D. Peterson, N. McBee, P. Wagaman, R. Russell. 715- 2 Hi-Y is a club for junior and senior boys. The advisor is Mr. J. Whitmark. ln order to qualify for membership a boy must: be asked by a member, state his reason for wanting to join, and be voted upon by the club members. He must also participate in a formal induction ceremony. Hi-Y took part in the following activities. the annual El Camino Carnival, the annual Stanford Conference, San Francisco Training Session, Model Legislature, Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Congress, Winter Camp, Inter-Club Council, and the World Service Program. The club also competed in the Hi-Y Sports League. By ALAN DUTRA X .C Xt J' OFFICERS-W, Young, A. Dufra, J. Reese, J. Burk, S. Ketchum. First row: Whitmark, B. Jennings, A. Dutra, A. Reynolds, R. Dahlin, P. Keim, G Saeltzer D Coffery Second row: G. Steres, W. Young, B. Zahary, J. Jeffries, R. Morgan, D, Burby, D.-Sedgwick. Third rows J. Hastings, T. Pope, R. Smith, G. Cook, B. Mauer, B. Subry, S. Ketchum, J. Reed, J. Burk. 20465. . ' g ' g The highlight of The year for the Block E.C.-"A" and "B" ath- f A Qt. letes who have earned their blocks-was The Father and Son Ban- X , Q , A quet. IT was held tor the tirst Time in our own cafeteria. The track QE 3 , Team was honored. The Block had many other activities pertaining X to sports. Among these were The grammar school basketball tour- i"T 'F nament and track meet. The Block also sponsored the Trip to San , N i . Francisco for the baseball and Track teams to play Lincoln High School. Tfiif T The sponsors were F. Kronsbein, J. Fox, R. Schultz, E. Gallavvay, . and R. Burcell. - By LARRY KELLEY HERMAN PAHL President OFFICERS-President, Herman Pahl, Secretary, Jim Hastings, Treasurer, Howard Henderson, Sergeant-an Arms, Joe Cracratt. 4' - fpfxt 9, First row: T. Schilling, R. Schultz, E. Gallaway, J. Fox, F. Krousbin, H, Pahl, J. Ramsey. Second row: T. Gantenbein, E. Hollowell, M. Kelbourn, P. Clark, R. Smith, J. Collins, R. Manae, B, Potter, J. Denney, B. Subry, D. Large, G. Huckaby. Third row: M. Matulich, B. Kelley, R. Fairchild, R. Westburg, B. Brecht, H. Henderson, A. Nicholls, D. Cracraft, D. Ford, H. Seto, R. Hornicks, D. Burby, K. McKeag, B. Waggoner. Fourth row: J. Hastings, D. Cotfing, M. Mattice, B. Schaffer, S. Estabrook, C. Jones, D, Heil, B. Hamilton, F. Brazell, R. Pitzeo, F. Wall, M. Bartlett. Fifth row: L. Kelley, G. Patterson, J. Fox, D. Barth, B. Manas, B. Lund, J. Beaver, G. Hansen, G. Cook, G. Farney, L. Nelson, M. White, J. Lorda, S. Wheelis. l.l..l.i ?4zde-L and Sm Zmguz 1 K Ex, ll ,A 4 ' f ' EMIXK G.A. r girls interested in improving their skills in athletics. This year the group was happy to have Mrs. Rogers and Miss Farley as advisors. Each girl had tive awards to work toward. These were a shield block pin and , , , guard for the pin. Also, a trophy was awarded to the outstanding senior girl athlete. The girls participated in such sports as speed- ball, softball, basketball, tennis, badminton, horse- shoes and volleyball. Other activities were playdays, sports days and parties. A. is an organization to By CARLA BLEUEL JUDIE sci-4uEtz OFFICERS+Barbara Millar, Treasurer, Pat McNulty, President Inter Clubg J di ' u ie Schuetz, President, Meredith Millar, Recorder. I First row: C. Nedwed, B. Cox, D. Hunt, C. Millerborg, P. McNulty, J. Schutz, B. James, P. Pelton, S. Darr. Second row: B. Bunn, R. Smart, B. Pinkerton, E. Young, G. Elam, D. Lieb l M. Millar, B. Bailey. e, N. Gray, S. McAmis, '-as ,... Q15 First row: B. Millar, B. Ferrell, B. Eachus, J. Ray, W. Murdock, M. Bauer, B. Smythe. Second row: S, Kauff' roath, B. Rogers, A. Anderson, J. Humrick, N. Webber, M. Hoffman, S. Chapman, t L -F -. Hamid First row: J. Elam, S. Kellogg, C. Boyer, D. McGuffee, J, Arbini, C. Berg, J. Macdonald, E. Long, M. Sisler, L. Murdock, D. Dobek, E. Williams, K Von Rotz. Second row: S. Paulsen, J. Smith, S. Reiter, C. Patterson, M. Goodgame, J, Gregory, C. Drake, D. Blackburn, M. Wenzel, E. Cohen, G. McNatt, L. Schab, B. Elam. Third row: P, Martin, K. Miller, G. Brazil, P. Meyers, B. Czuprynski, W, Harrington, J. Green, G, Hakari, C. Martin, B. Kilgore, C. Carmichael, S. Pinckard, C. Dale, "" First row: B. Paizs, B. Grotheer, R. McCormick, L. Robertson, P. Mapus, L. Grimm, V. Young, D. Akey, L. Farrell, G. Bruns, C. Strother. Second row: K. Klotz, N. Konvalin, J. Smith, J. Miner, C. Keema, L Swinton, V. Vertrees, K. Kaepsell, H. Shirley. Third row: R. Wolbrook, M. Gee, B, Marshall, D. Houser D, Moe, N. Foss, B. Adams, R. Bonniokson, T. Hinshaw, S. Back, N. Leighter. Fourth row: R. Curry, J, Bul' lock, G. Dean, J. Potter, S. Smart, N. Strate, R. Meinzer, L. Tucker, C. Waddell, S. Tavvse, A. Sernhott. BETTY SNYDER ' of This year, the Pep Club was divided into four groups according to grade level, with "School Spirit" as its main objective. Each group had a sponsor, chairman, secretary, and treasurer, a general chairman helped guide the activities of all four groups. The Freshmen kept the football field and basketball courts clean, the Sophomores worked on decorations, the Juniors handled publicity, and the Seniors coordi- nated Drill Team activities, ushered at games, and pro- vided incentive for additional school "pep." The whole group, composed of cheerleaders, song leaders, rally committee, and various other student groups, worked with the Pep Band to provide school spirit, By CAROLEEN BISHOP OFFICERS-First row: L. Poppett, S. Holm, L. Kious, M. Capache, S. Mc- Gowan, J. Bush. Second row: N. Studt, B. Snyder, B. Wardlich, D. Peterson, D. Adams, T. lsoard. Y' ,f iw s if-f. Lg 42. IX W! ul vu. . A x ' s ' ,f A ., .- 2. ...Mg T . sf' Y -of P 52 3 W 'ff Alun J? 3 "fafg'1V Az!! Qdawfdfwfl-Q47 -1 6 ' cz! bffadgfja. 1 ,4 k '-Q MQW!! M W Naam' ' FW .QWW . gy f OK R5- .! f J ffm fA2f,g!Wff'5"'1 ,MXPX v f5l"go umxv-as 'ff ' t Wg --'BURP KVOIEQ 2 X af Q fi 4 lwgiii ii 53 gi iii? H X 4., fb A Q .0 s. ,K 'f W. ,W V1 da? D I I I ,H r .,N.L:gg'3f1,1,zgLfslf3, - '. 4:5 I.'.4f'2 . . - V , .. wr V' - A A nk ' www, M' V , ,P M- , ' ' ng 5 ' ' wwf f ' ff "1 -' L. ff A .Mm mffwgxggfi ,wgjwfg 1,1 ill ' 3 fivfsfh 1, M.. M fiiwigii . " "dw -1,5 X A:wg,ai1Tq,, ff,1g-fa " , L , '51, 7?figf:f4N,23',Vgg 'Qin ff! , , H 4 f 11 7 y.'5I"?ffj'4Y " ' W 1 WT Q ps 21 -- VL, R V qfg-Vs., Sf: Q ffig' Q 71585 : I 1'-',':' ,' f u v' 1' wk 1 v A 4 ...,,m,, , Egfr'-w sf Q . 'qw W-A my Nc, X H, g,,,g,.f.,!,.- .1 I , . Q .,,, W. ,M ... 1 '11 ' Q M P J." ff ".'5'5-,, K' 'L ' -"3flfff QfW'E M124 T Wi if U , X 528 1' 5 ' 'i 'N I' ' a - ' ' 1 ,V .UNH 7 Q ,QM 7 ,- ww' ' I U A Es!! Iv -, ,sm J ' x,. '. ' ' I Awful 1 1 J A w V ' 1 ,' .Mw'- new F z .5 Vw. H . SKI 'N' 'NP' Q i F. BOLLA M, DAVIDSON E. GILLESPIE in H. iw J Q A I 4 A. W , .1 f""' L if ,F ,A ,H A 5 ' 5 'v 'f . 1 V J, D ,h ns ' 1, NQRDBERG W. SHERROD B, SIMMS Nix Qf'rc,X.XI'L W Mfr. X1 W 'Q' M. GLEASON G, GRIMES E. JENKS A6 intl A, SPARKS D. THOMAS M. YOUNG ,K C 1 215 Xi, Q'-1', .I, WHITMAN B. WILLIAMS F. SMITH ,L 5511: , H Fl' , 5 ff I, rj Q V nf' XM nfl' Ln , PL ,DAN ff?L t -E 4. L V, , ' P- ff V C- Q-40 J. GARRISON L. HANSEN T. LEONETTI mv' V X i . A. MAISSEN E. SMITH ,ff S. GOEPFERT E. HAWKES ., ,r G. SMITH W. WALKER B. FRIES I. O'CONNELL S54 B. HENDRICKS A. YELVINGTON J. ZIMMERMAN P. MOSER 'Me 741310: Sex li. 'C' ' '?" 'Qi' I . --Wh v 516 exe.: J. FARLEY E. ROGERS MS. ILL MSON E. WHOLE Zag! 39.5. J. FOX E. GALLOWAY R. BURCELL F. KRONSBEIN R. SCHULTZ 0086 L, CARR G. DEAN 1 .. I J 2,-N W7 J VW , 5 ,YN T-I Y 5 kg I 59 Sify 1, I "" v 44 P X339 x fx Y 1 , 4 CN '55 . fi 1 37 f ' 'Q 4 af .Q fy' 19 gf xv Agf- .'Y' Q, , LN-j .J LN Fi 'JK XJ xy", N . w "W J. 13 Y LV 5' Gy 7 -5, ,fx ' ,x" ,JY ,X -f V :Q J! ' X V 'H .,QN""" A , 534 x ' 'X NI bf A I -1-q -"' f - X XX I Q3 L 'ff ,II N341 sw , f Kgs mb ' 1.1 1 ,Q f x . F? .V ,W F' fj Y f! . - kt, 7 5 J f .. sv 'if' I J M , , - Q, wil, J' 39, If P' . 6 , . 27" :src 4' ov -X 'EV ff :JJ va f--v5 x Jwf ,AN L. ,07 gh' r N.. ,vs I, XX L ff! M..M' T "" ""l 'x .1 .' I. 5 to .V ,I SX X x: " C, 5' qv, f.,- B Qgip 3 'fx L, , 4,5 . ---X' I I u R. CLOVER E. CUTLER R. FURNEAUX gf -wx F. ILJANI M. MCGRANAHAN M. MCKEAN J. WHITMARK 3,155 W. PEART T. ARMSTRONG P. CANEPA H, GORDON G. KONDOS W. MacFARLAND J. OTTER B. PARDEE R. ROWE D. SAYLAR R. SOWERS 5' J. KANEKO up ffl ,AN X Qdff MH W lj 0 if AXKLIYLA 1 F V1 I , I X . C. Q, f, r .'f I' I f any 40 Wi '4' U I1 AL x ibfw 4, A I V . 1 J , fr! ,f VW fx .W Q ff 'Q-1 A lx ,Ab V, Q ' W 5, L71 ,lx ' f' DY flfjk lf ff N 129 H 1 NNI ' 'W' 1 . 94411- 'A l9i'Hl5H?hsff :::.'.::- '- "' M M-an--'A .4 8- by ' 'Y ' I - I I H I ' VR ' c IFE SW J. GAFFNEY W. KICK H. LEY R. SLICTON M. WINTERS Y' Q 1 Am Sm 70nd S4056 ,I9 DMWW7 KW 1 ll ,,,,, :.,.. ,,,, 2 dl ffl 'Q' r N ,F 2' The A Cappella Choir, in its fifth year under the direction of Mr. Everett Faulk- ner, has won statewide recognition for its many fine performances. The sixty-one voice group has participated during the past year in the annual festival on the College Campus in Berkeley, on Tenn Review over KOVR, caroled in the Christmas program and at the courthouse and capitol, in the bi-county choral festival at Grant, in the Sierra Foothill League festival, and in the state contest at San Jose. In February, members traveled to Stockton for the C.O.P. music clinic, in April, they performed in the spring concert. By CAROL DONELSON 1 - ' ' , Front row: A. Anderson, V. McGuire, N. Gray, P. Lilleland, J. Johnson, M. Henderson, D. Weaver, M. Gibson, E. Pickens, L. Goshorn, V. Borgarine, J. Jessup, D. Niessner, B. Hart. Second row: C. Donelson, J. Bender, B. Waidlich, C. Drake, K. Young, J. Niederloh, J. Tucker, M. Manhart, T. lsoard, F. Sims, F. Conat, E. Hinds, S. Foster, J. Martin, Mr. E. Faulkner, director. Third row: M. Hoffman, P. Hollowell, N Gibbs P. Rowlett, B. Harding, P. Clark, L. Robinson, L. Rackham, A. Rackham, J. Bruns, S. Long fallow J., Houseworth. Fourth row: M. Mattice, D. Clark, S. Lynch, S. Ford, J. Dulgar, T. Schilling, K. Vaughn, R. Branstetter, B. Lund, M. McMorine, L. Rackham, J. Hasting, J Jeffries, B. Hild, H. Henderson, B. DeCuir. Absent: D. Meinzer, R. Prizrnich. ' Zend .FN First row: M. Czesle, J. Johnson, D. Niederloh, J. McPherson, J. Baginski, R. Harr, B. Pratt. Second row M. Henderson, N. Leighter, L. Morris, B. Marshall, B. Swinton, R. Byrd, J. Cauffroeth, E. Harris. Third row: Mr. E. Lunden, sponsor, M. Moe, J, Trumbull, R. Waterbury, J, Collins, A. Brais, M. Bowman, B Moreland. Zo-ye' if' P--...W First row: M. Eades, G. Miesan, S. Smith, ing, R. Russ, P. White, R. Lavereny, Mr. F J. Kurz, R. Bright, J. Morrison, R. Koraus Porche, A. Houseworth, D. Wilkinson, J. F. Wall, E. Nelson, W. Tuman, T. Clifford. M. Bertlett, J. Juke, J. Mastelotto, B. M B. Rayburn. S. Wright, G. Kardl, T. Holden, R. Burger, F. Jones, C. Down aulkner, sponsor. Second row: K. Fowler, R. Miller, F. Corbett h, T. Baker, J. Didion, E. Houser, R. Sahrador. Third row: D Earnest, C. Carter, L. Baker, L. Thomas, C. Poppa, R. Vinall Fourth row: B. O'Dell, D. Shupe, M. Sims, L. Kinds, E. Sellers, ears, D. Hopper, B. Cleft, S. Wheely, J. Nichols, D. Russell, 'gamut J FLUTES-First row: K. Lucas, C. Kema,, B. Kilgore, S. Karde, A. Liddle, B. Bunn, J. Johnson. Second row: l. Larson, P. .los- lyn, B. Waldon, D. Kimball. Absent: S. Hamilton. SAXOPHONES-First row: A. Reynolds, L. Pratt, P. Harper, G. Korde, B. Lougy. Sec- ond row: G. Sharp, D. Wagoner, C. Hago- pian. Q BRASS-First row: J. Schuetz, A. Henderson, L. Rackham, C. Rogers, D. Channell, M. Martin, M. Chapman. l B F T. Rubble, D. Hiel, B. Cullen, D. Beeman. Second row: M. Capen, B. Durbrow, C. Size ove, ' Ofemafl, Q: 1-7 t I -s CLARINETS-First row: S. Mullica, L. Par- dee, J. Terrill, N. Scott, P. Bonbrake, L Bachmeier, J. King.-Second row: W. Lar rick, E. Woodruff, B. Graves, R, Eckhardt K. Mayne, A. Kellogg. PERCUSSION-G. Colbarn, L. Thomas, P. MacMillan, A. Inman, B. Green. Absent: M. Shelton. Q, fm CORNETS-First row: S. Richardson, R. Horgan, F. Smith, B. Farrell, P. Morrow, P. Rook, B. Wagner. Sec ond row: V. Gregory, V. Wolff, D. Lesher, L. Martin, T. Stetson, C. Carter, G. Martin, R. Reitter. Absent B. Beamer. li. fav! Emma! First row: M. Martin, FE MacMillan, A. Kellogg, B. Green, M. Chapman. Second row: P. Morrow, L- Martin, C- Hagopian, B. Lougy, A. Henderson, J. King, R. Eckhardt, N. Scott, P. Bonbrake. Third row: Mr. Earnest ' ' k B. Fo eman, L. London, instructor, D. Beeman Chtding behind tubal, T. Stetson, C. Carter, W. Larric , r B. Graves, P. Joslyn, K. Mayne, J. Jirhnson. Maiorettes: J. Houghton, J. Kraetz, S. Rapozo. L1 jj? fl A . L C .IU . l .LV T lil J . Stiff 4571 r'r' J ltr - si :" r w J EW JW. 5 ' , A . . N.. k 1 , .Wy f . r , ...g , 5 65 ' J' . was 'S 5 4' s First row: J. Lewis, T. Martin, L. Weinrich, R. Crawnover, L. Spurgess, J. Zimmerman, S. Karde, J Gregory. Second row: S. Braden, F. Frances, S. Schulz, D. Braden, W. Harrington, K. Schoner, L. Shields V. Graves, E. Rayburn, J. Russell, J. Storro. Third row: V. Heiskell, J. Harper, T. Grotf, V. Davies, S Schultz, M. Sorenson, D. Crewse, K. Robertson, J. Mazzoni, C. Limebarger. Fourth row: J. Zimmerman G. Hakari, K. Von Rotz, M, Wenzel, W. Hooper, J. Wertenberger, B. Corum, J. Pascoe, D. McGuttee. ' I , .4 A l First row: Mr. E. Lunden, P. Gedeon, C. Pierce, E. Long, M. Sisler, C. Mansell, J. Davis, S. Garrison, J. Khatoonian, J. Pipkin, K. Brown, C. Miller, J. Pingatore, S. Marquiss, A. Brown, M. Smith, S. Jack- son. Second row: M. Sides, M. Garrison, C. Whitman, B. Paizs, J, Thompson, P. Elam, M. Epps, J. Roos, J. Storro, L. Stites, W. Dunham, M. Gee, K. Edwards, T. Rose, K. Goodwald, L. Cowan, P. Martin. Third row: L. Wright, K, Dockter, M. Bender, J. MacDonald, N, l-lorgan, C. Chamberlain, L. Gallman, J, Trowe, D. Monroe, S. Mickelson, E. Ladd, S. Thomas, M. Blazevic, A. Blazeyic, L. Heard, E. Holm, J. Lea. Fourth row: K. Johnson, C. Richter, L. Hewell, J. Jones, J. Marliave, J, Bullock, B. Flanagan, N. Strate, S. Pinckard, R. Holbrook, C. Ohlson, S. Damon, N. Knutson, C. Carmichael, .l. Winkelman, A. Sernholt, S. Kellogg, Accompanist. , I Q Ah Q .- First row: Mr. E. Lunden, S. McGrath, G. Bruns, P. Lewis, L. Stuart, D. Knighten, D. Grimm, J. Fredricks, G. Eister, S. Rylee, E. Mann, B. Monda, L. Foltz, J. Haight. Second row: L. Farrell, G. Gardner, S. Ripley, J. Potter, S. Ford, C. Tofanelli, M. VanDerVoIgen, L. Hubbell, R. Frazer, B. McKay, S. Mack- intosh, A. Pisi, J. Giordano, C. Hemsworth, C. Waddell. Third row: M. Giordano, C. Talbot, K. Koep- sell, D. Gant, N. Ravn, S. Moore, G. Foley, P. Rowlett, S. Phillips, S. Flannery, G. Brazil, C. Chastain S. Goodman, L. Hastings, S. Tawse, J. Kelley, L. Trussel, Accompanist. 1 ,Zia 2541 , up VA' ., M SK X Q ff N wp ,ff lllilll .iv I . B f W TEENS- qigia M J. , J My L J W My 1 Elm KD 'MQIJJ 4 lg! 2, N Mx L 8 f MMA QVIIJ I MIJ A ir! ld, M fi if v f.f'flL.l V S 3 . iff? s x iii? MMMWMA5, gf I7 , C,,,J75 9, 16404 ,MQ F bf Q 7A44Q'gLV ' S ,ALJ Q 7 2 dx 0 W sfwm Q 51QJIQfwf'35 5 ,Q-fwfzyy Spmu Wa- au Berbles and Patterson Turlock -in X A ., In V ' -tg, Q -xc """f'1'l,X . Bob stretches out Mft 1 .g ' C :Ay-...Y -Uivvfgf-J. , I 'A 14 h l w .41 N 'Ji 1 -- Q . 4 .r,,., , . P ' ILL'-Z" 'Q J--f?hA, A . sf - e "V?W+:-, ., A . " 'F x, - . f"g'3f31,1g,. , , ' Ziff 'Z' , "1' 7 ' .fhfftff ' y , , g 4,,'2'.gt,, A-1-w ' 'if-f , , . 'V flu-A , ,g : - V , , Elisha! GtL.r.Q "v-If-1-'A d .gf Q i A I , u -a 5- ,QV . ti- Smitty up for two down the home stretch 4 l Kelley stops 5-V, Y K' I N' 'M-fl" g , AL ",' 5 v- Double play Theres a hole In this racket' MR. KRONSBEIN Varsity Basketball Assistant Football Junior Varsity Baseball MR. BURCELL J.V. Football Varsity Golf MR. SCHULTZ MR. CLOVER Varsity Football Varsity Track Assistant Track Cross Country MR. MAISSEN Ski Team MR. GALLAWAY J.V. Basketball Assistant Football MR. FOX Director of Athletics Varsity Baseball ' ' W we rh.. 'll A iil. fs, 1, s . Q : .X MR. Anivismomo MR. MacFARl.ANE MR, FURNEAUX MR. KONDOS Varsity Golf "C" and "D" Basketball Varsity Tennis Assistant Ski Team I' Front row: B. Subry, J. Hastings, G. Cook, L. Robinson, B. Nehus, B. Parker, J. Nichols, J. Green, H. Pahl, B. Waggoner, G. Hanson, D. Kirchberger. Second row. Larry Green, Manager, E. Hall, R. Manas, J, Lusk, M. Aguilar, T. Spangler, B. Lillard, L. Kelley, R. Silk, R. Bugbey, F. Brazell, D. Ford, K. Vaughn, W. Skinner. Back row: Coach Ray Schultz, C. Jones, J. Beaver, B. Westburg, L. Richardson, D. fCarter, J. Cracraft, B. Manas, B. Lund, W. Silverthorne, B. Clift, P. Clark, J. Collins, Coach Fred Kronsbein. d44dq?aoz'Ka!6' The El Camino Varsity Football Team finished seventh in a field of eight in Sac Joaquin Conference standings. The disastrous season start- ed off fairly well when the team looked good in practice games against Gridley and Sacramento High Schools. The pattern for the season was set by the initial league contest scheduled against Tur- lock on October l. The team rode the doldrums until they gained their first Conference win at the expense of the Woodland Wolves at Grant Stadium. The score of that game was T9-6. Jim Hastings snared an Ed Hall pass and battled his way to the end zone for the first TD of that game and the second ofthe entire season. That game provided the hi-point of the schedule. The pandemonium that broke loose in the stands was terrific. E.C. had finally tasted blood under Conference pressure. JON BEAVER-I ............ ....... R H Ex JERRY STRAW-20 ...... Boa LUND-3 .....,.,....,...... ...... R E CN X MIKE AGUILAR-21 WES SILVERTHORNE-4 ..... ........ L E TX, JACK BRYANT-22 .... Boa NEHUS-5 .,.......,..,. .... c gf, B? FRANK BRAZELL-23 .. Bos LILLARD-6 ........ ........ L E . A- wi -r GARY COOK-24 ..... . D, KIRCHBERGER-7 ....... ....... R H ,H 5 HERNIAN PAHL-25 JIM coLLINs-a .......... ....... Q B 'H QI BOB NIANAS-26 ..... BILL SUBRY-9 ,..,..,.....,. .,,..,. L o CLIFF JONES-27 ,..... GENE COPELAND-Io RH , -: TONY SPANOLER-28 LON ROBINSON-I1 ....,. ..... E f. BILL WAGGONER-29 . RANDY ADAMS-I2 ...... ........ E WAYNE SKINNER-30 JIM HASTINGS-I3 ..,..... ....... F B 0 JIM NIcHOLs-31 ...... KURT VADGI-IN-i4 ......, ,..,,., R H BOB PARKER-32 ....... DON FORD-I5 ........,,. LH BARRY WESTBURG-34 PHIL CLARK-14, ,,,......, ....... L EW RICHARDSON-35 LARRY KELLEY-17 .......... ....... L G iy, DAVE CARTER-36 ..... ROGER BUGBEY-T 8 ...... ....... """'-4' SPANGLER mm VAUGHN Nx VA! f 5 Q 5 'N 1 ge t , 5 , I .9 7 1 4 ,h :lv , Y WESTBURG R Q Captain EI Camino 14 , El Camino O EI Camino 7 EI Camino O El Camino 7 El Camino 19 El Camino 12 EI Camino O VARSITY -'LJ i , M . 'U-aff CARTER tm 1 EI Camino O 'xl Y., L I 5 s RON MANAS PARKER ,gi ,- W -R f'-. 132925: 'frw y r mv ,Mi W 1 ' , 9. - 3 uk "' L, '-u, 354' . PAHL BRAZELL NICHOLS Q . .Nh U, X P 'R "':4F:sfK5 05 -Q K . 1 -"J, "s ,JT if A Jo! BEAVER RICHARDSON Grtdley Turlock McClatchy Grant Modesto Woodland Sacramento Stockton Downey 'Hmm si? t ' W'-M rf 1 K 1-0 6:1 .nm:J5..,:g EQLNNER ,M N -Q-.Q .M . .favs 53 1- 'G'?!'Su-.I ,xv 3 .L '- f-455' 'R' 'W' ...iqlw-F-fe.t I as Y' mir 'ft' 'TA' v. UNK- 'wif 4-A BUGBEY 1" SILVERTHORNE QW M"T-V r fi X S" A w""fd'3 I 1-9'-'R P5 ?MfWg" Hard driving Beaver penetrates Turlock sec- R. Manas bucks for another E.C. first down. ondary. Manas streaks for big gain against Sacramento. Richardson and Kelly high-low Turlock runner. CaP'i0" S bY CORN Euus tack Hall racks-up Grant ball carrier with bruising l E Crushing E. C. tackling stops Knight of McClatchy NAME Auburn ,.,,,..... Barth .,7.. Bach 7,..., .. Bartlett .,.,...,., Burk ......V...,,. Canfield .,.,,,., Chamberlain Coffee ,...,,...,.. Dolder ...,.,...,,. Farney .. Y..7,.,. .. Gans . ....,,,,.. . Ga nterbien Grote ,....,7...,. Haag .,....,A....., Heil .. . vY..,,. Hollowell .,..,v,. Kelly ,,...,,,.,. Kempster ......,. Killbourn ...,,.., Large .,... Lorda . . First row: Coach R. Burcell, L. Pratt, D. Heil, S. Wheelis, T. Gans, D. Sedgewick, S. Rich- ardson, M. Bartlett, W. Album. Second row: Greene, manager, H. Seto, J. Barth, R. West- burg, D. Dolder, K. McKeag, J. Burk, D. Morton, R. Bach. Third row: J. Lorda, W. Seto, D. Large, D. Walker, G. Farney, B. Silk, B. Brecht, D. Kempster. Fourth row: Short, K. Nail, C. Canfield, T. Gantenbien, B. Kelly, E. Hollowell, R. Coffee, M. Kilbourn, D. Robinson. Hg!! ? M The "Eagletts" got their first taste of Sac Joaquin Competition this year. They found it a rough row to hoe. Although the team didn't win any games, many of the boys showed promise for the future. Coach Burcell came up with a smooth passing combination with Jim Burk at quarter and Wayne Alburn doing the receiving. Bartlett and Coffee strengthend a dependable forward wall. The boys from the "B" squad will brighten our hopes for a winning team next year. ' ROSTER Ht. Wt. Class Pos. NAME Ht. Wt. Class Pos 5'11" 140 Soph. -. ....... E. Martin ........... . 9 137 Jr. ...G 5' 7" 155 Fr. ...,., ..,,,,... . G. McReag ...,,,.. 7 160 Fr. G 5' 7" 150 Soph. -.. ....... l'l.B. Meister ,,,,,,,.. 6 124 Soph. .... ..... . .-.H.B 5' 9" 155 Fr, ..,,. ...... G . Mitchell ......,.,. 9 140 Fr. ..G 5' 9" 135 Jr. .... ,...... Q .B. Morton ......,..... 8" 150 SOpl1. 5' 7" 130 Jr, ,.,,,.. ...,,. Q .B. Nail ......,.,,...... 8 150 Soph. 5' 7" 130 Soph. ....... H.B. Paxton ..,.,,...,,, 9 139 Soph. 5' 8" 144 Jr. ,..... G. Pitzer ........,... 5 150 Soph. .... ......F.B 5' 7" 142 Jr. ...,. ....... C - Pratt ..... .. ....,... 5" 125 SOPl'1. .. 5' 9" 146 Fr. ..,. ....... E . Robinson '11 146 Soph. .. 5' 8" 151 Soph. .- .- .....- C. Sedgwick ' 8 120 Jr. .. ..-.- .........E 5' 5" 125 Soph. ..- ....,.. Q.B. Seto .....,.......... ' 6 120 Jr. . l'l.B. 5' 6" 135 SOpl1. ..- ....... H-B Silk .......,.,,..... ' 8" 145 SOPl'1. .--..-WE 5' 9" 143 Soph. .-- .......... T Snyder ..........,. '10 131 Jr. E 5' 6" 144 Jr. ........ F.B Walker ............ ' 7" 129 Jr. ........ .... . ....l'l.B 5' 6" 129 Jr. ,,.. ....... H .B Wall ...,,,,....,.. '11 134 SOpl1. ... ...-..-...T. 5' 8" 140 Jr. ....... H-B Westburg ........ '11 153 Soph. 5' 8" 142 Fr. ....... ....... H .B Wheelis .......... ' 9" 150 SOPl1. 5'11" 145 SOpl'1. . ..-.------ E Young ............ ' 8" 149 FF. ........- ...... . HE- 5' 5" 130 Jr. ...... ....... H .B Brecht ............ ' 7 154 5OPl'1- ---- 5' 4" 144 Soph. ..... -----.- G - Richardson ' 5 133 50Pl'1- First row: B. Berbles, G. Patterson, M. Collins, W. Howard, P. Cordero, L. Racham. Second row: J. Estabrook, P. Griffin, B. Potter, R. Reiche, C. McCorkle, C. Garton. Third row: R. Hornick, B. Scheaffer, W. Nash, J. Lusk, Coach Ross Clover. ,, 14, Z The El Camino harriers piloted by Ross Clover charged into the 54 season with high hopes and exuberant spirits. Mr. Clover had a tremendous rebuilding iob to do this year because three of his first men graduated from last year's team. He came through with flying colors with the squad in posting a 4 won 3 lost record while taking 'second place in both the Sac Joaquin Conference and Section meets. The young squad gained the valuable experience and seasoning so essential for a championship Team. Coach Clover turns to next year with great anticipation. fn.. s "--.und 4 O First row: B. Hencken, B. Foreman, B. James, J. Herrod, C. Murrill, R. Young. Second row: C. Kanezler, Mgr., F. Patterson, G. Gumm, B. Staines, F. Reiche, P. McMillan, Coach Ross Clover. If fl Z Mr. Clover fielded a well balanced set of "B" charges built around a nucleus of both seniors and underclassmen. The squad started slow and finished with a powerful thrust to.take the Sac Joaquin Conference Championship. Many underclassmen from this outstanding team will supplement next year's squad as well. Congratulations are in order for the team and especially for Coach Clover for presenting El Camino with its fifth cross country champion- ship in five years. "A" "B" C NAME-CLASS HT WT. NAME-CLASS HT WT. NAME-CLASS B. Berbles, Sr. ............ 5' 6" 119 Durbrow, Sr. 5' 7' 129 R. Ludeke, Fr. .. G. Patterson, Jr. ........ 5'll" 150 Young, Sr. ....,..... 5' 7" T31 W. Everette, Jr. W. Howard, Sr. ........ 5'll" 132 James, Soph. 5'l0' T35 L. Bacon, Fr. .- C. McCorkle, Sr. ........ 6' 1" T55 Gomm, Jr. ,........... 5' 8' T25 D. Porche, Fr. .- B. Potter, Sr. ............ 5'iO" 'I45 Blagg, Soph. ........ 5' 8" 130 C. Estabrook, Fr R. Hornick, Sr. ........ 5' 8" T56 Murrill, Soph. 5' 9' T25 M.. Curl, Fr. .. C. Gartens, Sr. ........ 5' 8' T48 Foreman, Soph. ...... 5' 7" T31 H. Larson, Fr. -. M Collins Jr. ............ 5'l0" 140 Reiche, Soph. 5' 7" l4Q D. Dunning, Fr. R. Reiche, Jr. ........,... 5' 9" 150 Hencken,Soph. ...... 5'lO" T45 P. Cordero, Soph. .... 5' 9' T28 Patterson, Soph. ...... 5'lO" T35 J. Estabrook, Soph ...... 5'l0' 142 Staines, Soph. 5' 7" l45 L. Rackam, Soph. ,....,,. 5'lO" T54 Herrod, Fr. ............ 5' 8" T33 P. Griffin, Soph. ........ 5'1 l" T48 First row: C. Estabrook, M. Curl, W. Everrett, R. Ludeke, D. Porche. Second row: D. Kan- ezler, Mgr., L. Bacon, H. Larson, D. Dunning, unidentifiable, Coach Ross Clover. ' Z This year's "C" Cross CounTry Team was composed of mosTly Fresh- men. The squad lacked experience, buT showed The spirit ThaT is Typi- cal of El Camino Teams and managed To Take second place in The Sac Joaquin Conference Meef. AT Times many of The runners showed flashes of sTrong poTenTial TalenT ThaT will undoubTedly sTrengThen nexT year's "A" and "B" Teams. We would like very much To see These boys confinuing To run on E.C.'s Teams. Time will Tell as These aThleTes develop. Good luck, fellows. Kneeling: T. Schilling, R. Smith, J. Cracraft, J. Bryant, E. Hall, D. Ford, R. Manas, T. Ward, Standing: J. Parino, manager, J. McFessel A. Nic,hols,!D. Dorman, J. Nicholls, B. Manas, Coach Jack Fox, Coach Fred Kronsbein. Lf,5,Qfc.64- ' fl If-ff ff1,2,f1.,,3, "fi" 8' This year's varsity basketball team didn't have a winning season. Since this was our first year in Sac-Joaquin Conference competition, however, they didn't do badly at all. The first part of the season looked optimistic. The boys won all but two of their practice games, and made a very good showing in the pre-season tournament played at the Sac- ramento Pavilion. They won their first game against Downey, but dropped out of the tournement as they bowed to a powerful Woodland Five. One high point of the season came in the game against the hard- fighting Grant Union Pacers, Conference leaders, in the March of Dimes Tournament. Even though we did not have an entirely successful season in the won-lost department, the scores were respectable against sometimes very strong opponents. Thanks go to Coach Kronsbein and his boys for their tireless effort. -slUNUI-F-"LulUl-' J R. J J I U B D O O 0 O ' w NcFessel Manas Dorman Cracraft Mamas Nichols Fox Jg Bryant . D. Carter 10. H. Smith 11. T. Schilling 5 12, E. Hall I 13. D. Ford lu. J. Ward A. 5 3' W W 565 .- HW 5,53 VK i 'iv 5 ses gf JS " 1' 6 L 1 f we .. vp 2. Q 23" 3 :.-:Er R xy R- S mf X E7 A 'K -: X i'fiN 5 A 54 f i ,f . N L5 x I? SL I' xx N? .0 5,5 g1'.k Q , ' ma xi QNA, 1 I 3 X ' P ir 'e wal i b?5f?' X Q1 f 5 H., AM ":: ' , ...Q H , J .Zkk i 'G N' Th af wsgi ff 'mf g"qFQ3 1' iffl 5 5 ,Q'Q: Q . 15 1 V if , ,,LL i ., + XMB Q5 YM I' Wir: as ' PRACTICE GAMES IIAII IIE El Camino ......,... 40 Elk Grove ...... 38 El Camino .,...,..., 33 Elk Grove ,A---,,,,.,4 31 El Camino .......... 34 Folsom ........,...,... 24 El Camino. ,A..,.... 23 Folsom , 7,,,A,,,,7,, 29 El Camino .......... 33 Nevada Union 32 El Camino. .....,.,. 25 Nevada Union .,,. 15 El Camino .......... 34 Nevada Union 35 El Camino ...i.,..,. 33 Nevada Union .,7, 27 El Camino ........,. 28 San Juan ............ 43 El Camino .....,..., 33 San Juan ,,,,,,,,,.,, 37 El Camino .,........ 57 Elk Grove .....,...... 53 El Camino. .,,.,..,. 36 Elk Grove ,, ,w,A,,,,, 46 El Camino ........,. 47 San Juan ..,... 54 El Camino ......,,A. 40 San Juan ,,,. ,.... 4 5 SAC JOAQUIN TOURNAMENT El Camino .....,....., 26 Downey ............,..... 18 El Camino ............ 26 Grant ....,............a 33 PLACER TOURNAMENT El Camino .......... 20 Placer ............ 24 El Camino .......... 18 Roseville ..... 30 LEAGUE GAMES El C3ff1l1'10 .......... TUl'lOClC ...........,.... El Camino Y--,,V,A- 5 32 Turlgck V YYm-'Yv fm El Camino ......A... 40 McClatchy ......,...., 53 El Camino -,,,,,---- 40 McCla1Chy -.,----,--4- 53 El Camino ........,. 37 Sacramento ,....,.... 51 El Camino ..,.....,. 29 Sacramento ......,.., 39 El Camino --,------- 46 Lodi ......-.,..- 50 El Camino .....,,... 29 Lodi ,,,,,,,,,,,, w,,,A 3 3 El Camino .......... 36 Stockton ....,. 64 El Camino. ....,,.,. 32 Stockton 54 El Camino ....,...., 37 Grant ........., 52 EI Camino ,,,,,-,,oo 36 Grant ,4,,,oA,,. ,,.,. 3 5 El Camino .......... 31 Modesto .............e 63 El Camino oo,,A,.ooo 60 Mgdegto Voo,7,,,oA,--- 29 El Camino ,......,.. 37 Woodland .....,...... 41 El Camino -,,,-,,oo, 40 Woodland ,.Y,,.,,,,,, 31 EI Camino .......... 18 Grant .......... 56 El Camino .....,.. -. 42 Grant , 39 El Camino .......... 53 McClatchy .....,...... 56 El Camino ,o...,o.o. 56 Mcclafchy ,,o, ,,,o, 5 a El Camino .......... 40 Woodland ............ 51 El Camino ,,,,,7V,,. 31 Woodland -'7o,V7,,1,, 54 El Camino .......... 31 Sacramento .......... 38 El Camino Y4-,-,A.M 1 39 Sacramento -,,,,,,7,v 45 El Camino .,...,.... 47 Downey ,..... 54 El Camino -,A,,--,-Y 53 Downey ,----v --,- 3 9 TOTAL ..............., S44 TOTAL ..... ,.,..... 'l O60 TOTAL ,--,V,---V,A--V, 642 TOTAL v,M-- ,,A-- 7 70 ROSTER NO. NAME-CLASS Post. Pts. NO. NAME-CLASS Post, Ht, J. Cracratt-Sr. ..,, ,.....,,, G 5' 9 101 22 W. Alburn-Soph. 7,..,., C 5'11" E. Hall-Sr. ....,....,. ...,..... G 5' 8 125 19 D. Back-Soph. ...... .,,..,, G 5' 6" T. Schilling-Sr. .,,,.. ....., F 5'11 82 20 G. Bell-Sopl't. .....,.... ,,..,.,, F 5' 7" J. Ward-Jr. ., ,.... ,...... F 5'11 122 21 J. Burk-Jr. ..............,,. .,,o,. G 5' 7" B. Manas-Sr. .,,.. ,...,. C 6' O 119 R. Cunningham-Jr. ..., .,...,, G 5' 0" D. Dorman-Jr. ........,, F 6' 1 89 12 J. Denny-Jr. ........... .,...,. G 5'10" ,D Cargo-JL ,,,,,,,,, ,,,...,, LG SLLO 51,7 24. B. Eakins-Soph. ....,o....,,,,.,.,,, F 5' 9" fSmith-Sr.i ,,.,. ,....,,.. G 5'10" 77 13 G. Farney-Frosh ,..,.,..,...,,,,., c 5' 9" R. Manas-Jr. ..,.,. ,........ G 5' 8 22 T. Gantienbien-Soph. .,....., G 5' O" J. Bryant-Sr. ....,. ......... G 5' 8 17 15 T. Gans-Soph. .................... G 5' 6" D. Ford-Sr. ..,.,... .,...,.. G 5' 7 12 B. Green-Frosh .......... ....,.. C 6' 1" J. Nicholls-Jr. ...... C 6' 2 45 23 D. Kempster-Frosh .... ...... G 5' 6" J. Fox--Jr. ,..,,....,,. ,,..,. F 5'lO" 3 10 B. Lewis-Jr. .....,..... ,..,.. G 5' 3" D. Meckfessel-Jr ...,.. ,F 5'11 13 T. Lionvale-Sr. .... ...... G 5' 6" J. Nichols-St. ..... ...... , F 5'10" 3 G. Martin-Jr. ...... .G 5' 9" 11 G. Nance-Soph. ....... F 5' 7" 16 D. O'Neil-Soph. ...... ....,.. F 5' 7" 18 F. Wall-Soph. .......... ......, F 5' 6" 14 M. Walling-Frosh .,..,. ....... C 6' 0" 17 M. White-Soph. .....,. ..,.,.. F 5' 5" Kneeling: D. Bach, M. White, G. Nance, F. Wall, T. Gantenbein, B. Lewis, D. Kempster, J. Denny. Standing: J. Burk, W. Alburn, J, Farney, T. Gans, R. Cunningham, M. Walling, B. Eakins, Coach Ed Gallaway. Absent: G. Bell. "Z" Z The "B" Basketballers had a comparatively successful season. They looked good in pre-season practice games and did far better than aver- age in Conference competition. They had many team members whose services will be valuable in coming years under pressure of varsity com- petition. The "B" Team won such creditable contests as the games against Turlock, the season opener, the Grant Union game and several others of not quite so rnuch significance. We are truthful and sincere in saying that we look forward with high hopes and extreme anticipation for the varsity in years to come. Thanks and congratulations are in order for the players and for their coach, Ed Gallaway, in this, his first year as a basketball coach. We'll see your charges in "A" competition in the next few years. Morrison, McCrystle, Cerwinsky, Ketchum, Coach Wm. MacFarland, Stein, Mgr., Foote, Fat, Anderson, Cunningham. F! If 3 El Camino's class "C" cagers Turned in a fine record of six wins and five losses while Taking 3rd place in the Sac Joaquin Conference. Smitty Ketchum took high scoring honors with 97 points. He was fol- lowed in this department by Cunningham and Aguilar with 52 and 37 respectively. The Eagles turned back Sacramento twice and tripped McClatchy with a fine display of hustle and determination. Coach MacFarIand did a fine job and he looks for many of his boys to turn up on E.C.'s class "A" and "B" rosters this year or next. il f V - C, MCA, cs f X , , , , , , . M I , 4 4- ' 3 f L cf .L , A An, 'L"1,v ' .1 pfy?4.AJ'L1'J r", 1 ILOG I--AJ' y I , 1 , , IN- - - ' f. 1,00 4x-'of 'A.c,.,-., "Wi 41411 ' ,J-C Av 'lf' D -o G1 I '7 . Mani ff- if ' awe.- .. rg, 1, 1 4.4 n -I ' A, W V AMG' Ml 4945 ,x-mfr A,-1 F X .Q ' ,,. - - 4 . '1 ,I , , f A- , 'LR lj 7' "thc"-nfvf 0.1 f.....i- fl,-JC11 "L-""rA'L'7.XK4""'!' I ATV .I , .,., , , I I -o fi ' .1 ' ' ' " ,A ,J ,V I f . J,,J'w 13 eff -yk frm f t A - - ,,- - YA-1-' . AJ ,Q .- . ' - 1 I N ' f 1, , if ' 1 CLI' lL"bV ' 'l",f,-of '7 ff"V"' lift 'F ""'- l 'I ' Q--1 rl 711' 4- ,,,A I i, ,, f. A 1 wp- , A: ff .-,C ' r y J' f " 1 ' f. J", Y' " 'Q .. ' L ' f 1 1' f 'VT ' I . I, n i,, 'vi '-tc. lfvff'-.J f'-X' f '----Jax. Pi... . lL. ' ' - 1 ,IL I J , I' ,L-vvfx,-Q., N s 1-,' ' ., -' L ' "5 ,,'+,y y EL CAMINO .,,,, ,, EL CAMINO.. ., D? ff 7' Z If If Pzaodce Qamec SAN JUAN .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 2 O EL CAMINO ,...,,,, SAN JUAN .................. 20 EL CAMINO Yf.YYff, SAN JUAN ..,............... 22 EL CANllNO ,.,,,,,, EL CAMINO ,..... EL CAMINO.. ,, EL CAMINO ,,,,,, EL CAMINO ,,,,,, EL CAMINO ..,,., EL CAMINO ,...,, EL CAMINO ..,.,, EL CAMINO ....., EL CAMINO ,..,.. PLAYER-CLASS Agilar, Fr. ,,,,.,., . Anderson, Fr. ....,,.., , Cerwinsky, Soph. Cunningham, Jr. ., Didion, Soph. ,,7, . Fat, Soph. .,,,., .. Foote, Fr. ,.,,...,, , Houghton, Jr. ,,,, . Kohn, Soph. .,L,, . Ketchum, Jr. ,....,..,.. , McCrystle, Soph. , McMullen, Fr. . Houseworth, Fr. Morrison, Fr. ..,, . GRANT JAMES MARSHALL ,.,... 36 EL CAMINO ,,,,,,,, MCCLATCHY ,..., ,,,,,,., 2 3 SACRAMENTO ..,,,.,..,.. 24 WOODLAND ..,,.. D29 GRANT SACRAMENTO .,,..,,,.,., 36 3 O Pl I- as ll ill! -4 :::5l:i:::ll5l3 Q iaifsiiiaswei- 4 ro-o ui-vow Z Aww-Nimmo-Amroxloxl 54, 4 , 'fzv:v:U:5aU:U:U:U:f-1U:U-U:U- 5 Qoeqvfqfrvfebewfslsw E 3 ffff 20410: AFT q"'4 uni'-iv Q' 9 R Q X 3 EL CAMINO ....,,,, EL CAMINO .,....,. EL CAMINO .,...... EL CAMINO .,,,,,,, EL CAMINO ,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,, EL CAMINO ........ EL CAMINO ..,....,. . ,,,,, PLAYER-CLASS Abrahamson, Fr. .,.,, , Downing, Fr. . Espey, Fr. ....,... . Fat, Fr. .,..,, George, Jr. ,,,, , Hal-l, Fr. . ,.,...,..,,, .. Haney, Soph. . Johnson, Fr. ,,.,, Kurz, Fr. ,,,,,,,., Lentz, Fr. ., .,,,,,,,,, ..,. . . Magnuson, Soph. .,,.. , McKinnon, Fr. ..,, Mulbarger, Fr. ,,,, Miller, Fr. ....,... . Noble, Soph. , Powell, Er. ..,. . Straw, Fr. ..... . Tabor, Fr. ..,.. , i Y f . X I ' Ji .1 SAN JUAN .,.,, ,..,...T5 ELK GROVE ..,.,....,,..,.. 23 SAN JUAN ..,,.,,,.. JAMES MARSHALL GRANT ,....,...,,.,, MCCLATCHY ,,,.,, 8 ,,,.,.l2 ,,,,,,,2O 8 SACRAMENTO ............ 22 WOODLAND .,,. .,,,,,,46 GRANT ..,. ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,. 3 9 SACRAMENTO ,,.. MCCLATCHY ,,..,, POINTS ., ..... 6 2 ,,,-,..49 ,...,.l3 .,,,,,7O ,......T9 29 2 4 ,,,,,,66 ,,..-..TO 4 .,,,....27 ,,,.,..28 HT. 5'5" 5'6" 5'5" 5'3" 5'2" 5'8" 5'1" 5'4" 5'3" 5'5" 5'5" 5'5" 4'1 1" 4'1 1" 5'4" 5'7" 5'4" 5'1" FirsT row, kneeling: Kurz, George, Straw, Stein, Mgr., Johnson, Tabor, Mulbarger, Haney. Standing: Magnuson, McKinnon, Espey, Abrahamson, Hall, Coach Wm. MacFarland, Powell, Lentz, Downing, Fat, Miller. HD ,, 2 Coach MacFarland's banTam hoopsTers Threw Their weighT around This year To posT a record of nine wins and Two losses and Take The Sac Joaquin Conference TiTle. High poinT man for The season was Jimmy Hall wiTh 70 poinTs, followed by Powell and FaT wiTh 66 and 40 poinTs respecTively. The Team consisTed of 18 fine TlyweighTs from which Mr. MacFarland had a hard Time choosing his sTarTing line-ups all season. Among The Eagles' vicTims were SacramenTo, McClaTchy and GranT. CongraTulaTions go To Mr. MacFarland and his squad for a iob well done. First row: A. Maissen, Coach, Ron Clark, Jim Gibboney, Mike Chapman, Charles Mc- Corkle, Russ Coffee, Bob Lund, Roy Crenshaw, Wes Silverthorne. Second row: Joe Cusanza, Howard Meister, Rich Kohn, Jerry Etfenbeck, Don Barkhurst, Everett Paul, Mike McCrystle, Bill Storm, Leonard Miller, Wally Young. f fl f w s f-W if Q X X Se 'fm 'III n- ff El Camino's Ski Team entered its second season of racing this year by establishing several more "tirsts." Coach Dr. Augustine Maissen, organizer of the team, established a new ski league for our team. This league is called the "Delta High School Ski League," This in- cludes all high schools in the tlatland areas-San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Stockton, etc. In late March ot this season the league had its first combined meet. It was sponsored by El Camino. Another first was the creation of not iust a racing team, but a three squad team. These are an "A" fracingj squad, a "B" flearning racing techniquej squad, and a "C" fintermediate skiers having better ski techniquesl squad. The team members, outside of league racing, entered individually in the Junior Silver Ski race, Team Silver Ski race, and Willey Burgin Swiss style races. The Ski Team has grown considerably from an eight man squad last year to an T8 man squad this year with all of last year's veterans re- turning. Waudq ecard: The Tennis Team this year found itself in the rough Sac Joaquin Conference with a rather green team. There were only two athletes back from last year's regular team. The toughest competition came in the contest against Sacramento High. The team had a successful year, all in all, and hopes look good for the squad next year with almost all of the boys returning to action. Last 'year and the year before were the first and successful seasons of tennis. Let's continue to make tennis a winning sport at El Camino. Mr. Furneaux has been the tennis coach since the organization of the team and has led the team to two very near championships. Con- gratulations, Mr. Furneaux! First row: B. Palmer D. Barton H. Seto B. Schieck Second row: M. Murray S. Estabrook R. Bugbey R. Moren T. Haag B. Beattie Coach R. Furneaux rig. '- Fi?t'l ,If T "Salk fffn 355555555 l'Y35555?9i gil 'fissssfff gf K 51 P3900 Sl AN gapialn First row: D. Fife, T. Lionvale, B. Schaffer, B. Wagoner, D. Kirchberger, D. Palmquist, L. Racham, R. Silk, B. Potter. Second row: L. Richardson, F. Bergstrom, M. Collins, Kilbourn, T. Spangler, B. Hamilton, R. Reich, P. Cordero, R. Cottrell, J. Hastings, J. Estabrook. Third row: T. Whitton, J. Fox, P. Griffin, G. Dasmann, B. Lund, J.,Beaver, J. Fallon, C. Soren- son, A. Kellogg, C. McCorkle, D. Burby, D. Snyder, M. McMorin, Coach Ross Clover. If fl 7 "It's not too late to ioin the track team." This is the call that has cir- culated around El Camino for the past few years. This is also the call that brought El Camino the Sierra Foothill League "A" Track Champion- ship last year. This year's "A" team, which is composed mostly of last' year's champions, is springing into the Sac-Joaquin Conference this year with their eyes fixed again on a championship. lt's a long hard pull but Mr. Clover is an "old-head" at getting the most from his teams and his hopes are high. A high point of the practice season was a trip to San Francisco for a meet with Lincoln High at Kesar Stadium. The trip was sponsored by the Block E.C. Our thanks to Mr. Clover and the team for their fine season. ' users-wif-'--mv-N-Q M-,vm- First row: J. Blagg, D. Cox, T. Tabor, D. Richardson, Biggs, Johnson, Oden, H. Meister R. Ludeke. Second row: F. Reiche, Barkherst, M. Curl, Wagner, R. Viale, D. Anderson, B McCurry, G. Lentz, Marty, E. Pahl, W. Seto, B. Staines. Third row: B. Silk, B. James, D Murril, G. Martin, W. Kimbrow, D. Walker, B. Foreman, R. Westburg, M. Walling, W Larick, D. Bahrt, D. Robinson, Coach Ross Clover. This year's "B" and "C" teams lacked experience and depth as is quite common with the lower classes, however, many of the boys showed great potential. With a little seasoning these Eaglettes will become the champions of tomorrow. As the season progressed the teams strengthened and Mr. Clover found that he had many fine athletes on the squads. He expects them to help greatly on next year's "A" team. ,, ,P i l 5 ' lil' K ' .ulcn--"1" J Sllf , XX? WIP 5 Z , 'Z YB, J 1,0 .4 Q 7 W0 Q t , xl First row: B. Berbles, S. Ketchum, M. White, J. Ramsey, B. Coffing, R. Cunningham, Coach Jack Fox. Second row: B. Green, Manager, B. Ferrari, R. McFessel, G. Bell, L. Kelley, B. Jacobs, J. Denny, T. Schilling. Third row: E. Kallen, Manager, T. O'Neil, Manager, J. Nicholls, D. Ford, B. Manas, R. Manas, B. Subry. 'V genie!! The Varsity Baseball Team started its first season in the Sac-Joaquin Conference this year and our hopes for a winning season are strong. Many of the boys on the squad have varsity experience and the team plans on making a good account of itself in the conference. They started off the practice season with a 5-3 win over Nevada Union. A high point in the season was an overnigghj trip tgf Lincoln High in San Fran- cisco for a non-league contest. X 1 'ia .4 -, . , . ,, V . I is. 1 l! ' ' Hats off to Coach Fox and hi?Q,55gquad foil their fine' owing! Nl rf J U--T 'A N 5-Y s . ,J Q- 'g 1-., lf' .Q xy' Y .X nd J, X. . N , K -Q . ff - -'af tit Q tl .A , va A .T - N im .o 5 v ft on . rc v N J ts sf .fx fx K 'T ' J 'G -J its xi T 4 K -. . , JA H i ' . "f' ' 'f f-.il . A k ' ' I le - ,xy T sy Q . A ,, M s W Jig ,, vi Q--it -fx 'J X X .J Xl . x, -- 'V 2 , -X X XJ if x s .V r, fs. '. x x ,. ' J -v -Q4 . - . X, q ,x , . l . 2 ' 4 X, l 1-, V , ' XX i -1 hx X X 1 ' -so U . J Xi 3, R- V , , Q, NC HX, ls - 5 -1 " 'f ' '-J I f ': -sg i A N V Q ' X, M gf ' 'Tw W 'V Q. ll! r XX3 A R. vs T sa Q Yr iv My i . y. 5, .. has to H lf . , . . '. .f R3 f uv if :Q XX, :J l V XJ, V3 ' .V 1.4, -.Q ll J .il ,I Y .X xx ry X3 " xv Y i A I' I' " .1 Y . x " 'Ni' N., 1 f J ., auf-..-If J EX 'X Xxfil I N X xc, , Az- f .R :V A X -.N K' -i .N XJ - It .bw ,N K K N f was X, f 'ss is sd v X X Q X' N x, 'gg' A ' X, . 1 A 'll ,K 'tfjcx kj J xl .N ,. y-X is Ky 'X iw X s. is . N .J fxs T. .4 X R, i., as all Ox 4 -L' yy W t ,X xi B . 'Ci X X 'JN 'U ' M ' 1 x 1 " V - - ' f D. v- YY,Q', . .J xl s .N X Fi A U ia v-' '. - at r xy- i 'S il x o f X3 , X K: , 4 xl lx XA, v txt S' X r J X - -. 1 l T3 x, ' X4 .JJ ,ga Q N - ' ,i U Xxx xv lv A' X, X' 'xx Nc, xi RQ fa v , x ' xr X . ' . ,Ng 'x iff -, x. .4 as N T I , -X, ex My -4' 1 RU .. .,., ..x, . C T f 5 Z 226413 It's alive! Crazy mixed up kid! GOT if! Q X xfff N f"i!f1 MX I Q. N ,M if , - ff X. I Y f AX I H 'I "Yi" ' 'az-J lf- A' Hi 'X ' " . . . Q ' 1 au o --w f' -K if gg! 4,-,Q " W- fb' :gui ,FM ! - W X an f M 5 f Y! o ff o' V B- L gala'-""' ?I La' . Jr , . , 'X qi.. M """"!' W . Q. ,Q . lg I J Y i W - N 7' I F J,-K: , Q--1 -. W N I 'K 3,11 'A 2 M , A K ' K " Ri" Wk fxfji il- V f . -' " ,i L.' TOM SPENCER ED HALL CHUCK CANFIELD BILL SUBRY RON MANAS DAVE COFFING ' 1 4 5 'Mid -1 3:41 ,,1. . . page-an---q 1' , N' 1- Q5-'Lg ' iksfp I if -- lO Bombs away! .......' U ,, '1,, X 1- 5 . ! K M , ye W. 1 -- L-ff' .- ' ' 3-fu K ,,. . . g' W E. lag fiqgpr. H f.2,fi,5M,w1.'U : 7.Q,gfg.A 5 Q- ..', ' , "B-M' , Mo' 'ff g .,,, T ' - ' f-4 -- 1 f- "1" vf' -ff? as r, 4 .. .-Lu Q N 1 v..a-gf ' 4 1 N "'- "'rm5f.,- s.,. .,, - PQ, i 1 qw X affix . V J! - by 3,4-as .Q a- y F' ., 3' f! - l . arf, 533, ,-.f - ,'-M4 "0"-'N - ' ., , 4, L V ,S 2 .. , fn-fy. -'EE' . . .. '--. vc, ' A I -. fs. .M mf: an . 'T .',-f.:Jf'-32.13.45 5' 2, N' . Q .,,,j'af45Q'v3l. ' 'L 3 . Jjfj. 'Ts-'iffi' R , ' C- A L -W'?'1f, v"'4v'f ' A ..' --,EV , A ' 4-.. H ,-,. ,--Wg A. ,, t-.I ' . -z. ' , Q , f' gfg,,k'.' f QP- 51' I 'S-' ff'-'.2 J ' f,,..f-, - ' -:pm h ng-,,. - ,-41-area, :SQL 3,1 . Ii-:IQW5-,Z-w,3,ff.-, 5415. X " vrfzx Q' - -. , L' A " " -'Q '?i"4f21-.TS "i41. ,,.E " u:"f', - Ya shooda stood in bed! Low and inside! Fooled ya! NY Zoom' First row: T. Gantenbein, J. Didion, J. Collins, D. Bach, W. Alburn, J. Capra, F. Wall, Coach Fred Kronsbein. Second row. G. Patterson, B. Noble, D. King, G. Copelan, G, Farney, J. Morrison, R. Clothier, P. McLaughlin. Third row: R. Coffee, K. Friedman, L. Robertson, D. Kempster, S. Magnuson, R. George, T. Costa, D. Bass, Manager R. Byrd. Fourth row: W. Wilcox, T. Stetson, D. Tharp, P. Quinio, G. Scott, R. Vinall. "2" Z This year saw the largest turn-out for "B" Baseball in our school's history. This great enthusiasm enabled Mr. Kronsbein to field a fine squad with great depth. In their first practice game against Nevada Union they won by a decisive score of T4-O on a no-hit vvhitevvash. El Camino rooters had their eyes on the Eaglettes as they charged off into the season and the Sac-Joaquin Conference. Congratulations go to Mr. Kronsbein and the team for their fine job. MN, LEW RICHARDSON Fall President LEW RICHARDSON Spring President l First row: Patti Jo Lilleland, Girls' Vice Presidentg Diane Hunt, Secretary. Sec- ond row: Lew Richardson, President, Larry Kelley, Boys' Vice Presidentg Joe Ramsey, Commissioner of Entertainment. First row: Janice Lingentelter, Girls' Vice President, Connie Millerborg, Secre- taryg Larry Kelley, Boys' Vice President. Second row: Ron Morgan, Commissioner fl Q Q. . ' "-. E of Entertainment, Lew Richardson, President. fl AMQQ1, 'KqJL,i..1k N " B , x.-Q. 96,2319 NI L,,g-ill. Ea KX t C QM QW QJQQQ, ,ltr-JSlLx.l3fS9+4 ,Medi Q EZEM- ll LA 4,7252-V0 X1 .. Q Win Q A An ns .. .A--. . f N J . K J .gn 1 1-V i First row: P. Harper, R. George, J. Shankland, R. Viallie, K. Fat, L. Davis. Second row: E. Speegle, R. Morgan, K. Lucas, D. Thielbahr, C. DeWein, P. Dickinson, J. Foote, S. Miltau, J. Kraetz, C. Isaacson, S. Lage, K. Morgan, Y. Cross, C. Heiskill, P. Maples, P. Adams, D. Niessner. Third row: W. Alburn, B. Kelly, D. Reed, E. Hall, D. Dolder, N. Cook, S. Hamilton, M. Stone, B. L. Wood, C. Mauer, J. Marliave, K. Brown, G. Kreiss, D. Neider- loh, R. Stantill, M. Bartlett. Fourth row: B. Brunton, A. DeKuhn, A. Cole, J. Niel, S. Simpson, J. Gedney, D. Munson, J. Green, D. Hughes, B. Zahary, B. Westburg, C. Hago- piam, J. Nichols, N. Green, T. Schilling, K. Morton, D. Kurk, B. Parker. First row. J. Ramsey, P. J. Lilleland, J. Hollister, D. Hunt C. Millerborg, N. Lingenfelter. Second row: Mr. Moser P. Wagaman, L. Lindmeier, J. Lingentelter, S. Hogan, J Schmith, D. Bach, H. Henderson. Third row: L. Richard- son, B. Hogan, R. Morgan, T. Pope, T. Schilling, M. Chap- man, D. Hughes, L. Kelley. First row: M. Mulbarger, V. Welch, B. Davis, C. Camp bell, G. Bruns, B. Pugliese. Second row: T. Gantenbein J. Collins, P. Bonbrake, F. Conat, Ci-Garter, C. Millerborg C. Klaus, S. Knecht, C. Enos. Third row: T. Gans, G. Lentz J. Ash, J. Payne, R. Berol, A. Collins, D. Winslow, S Rhoy. Fourth row: G. Curto, B. Ferrari, G. Hansen, L White, P. Clark, F. Hinden, J. Bidwell, W. Larick. First row. S. Hogan, J. Hollister, N. Lingentelter, J. Schmith. Second row: M. Chapman, D. Hughes, T. Pope, H. Henderson, Year-long Student Body Officers. ' mndDfuZZ eam , . ink GEORGIA MOORE PAM GROTH MARY JANE GARRETT JEAN HOUGHTON l JOAN KBEA Z SHARON RAPOZA of J 5 wwf!! W3 ? , . Ivy 6 Q First row: G Moore Drill Master D N k . , , . a amura, R. Fortado, C. Zimmerman, H. Markel, P. Groth, E. Self, E. McGeary, G. Teese, M. Garrett, Captain. Second row: S. Sandsor, J. Moore, P. lshervvood, E. Stoltz, B. Stenzel, Mrs. Wohle, Sponsor. Third row: D. Overton, Y. Royal, B. Pinkerton, N. Webber, L. Ol' ' ' iver, P. Fraser, S. Flannery, B, Mlinarxch. J 'HM V JUDY HOLLISTER JAME GREEN JUDY HOLLISTER BETTY LEE WOOD 4--'-up 2 Ibn .-n4"A'N NANCY LINGENFELTER ,1 LYNN WAGNER JANICE BLAIR NANCY LINGENFELTER ,fn ' 41' First row: P. J, Lilleland, F. Sims, S. Schultz, J. Boloyan, C. Bishop, B. Pugliese, D. Haney. Second row: H. Davis, C, DeWein, P. Brown, C. Bleuel, P. Dickinson, M. Manhart. Third row: P, Joslyn, J. Green, B. L. Wood, A, Collins, S. Culbertson, B. MacAulay. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ......... .. .. ............ .. ....... L Joe Ramsey J ,,'m,. , yy ixx, Associate Editor - . .- Jo Nlulbarger Copy Editor . .. . E .. Barbara Cox f':Vf3i9354'V171ll?M Associate Copy Editor . . . . Pat Brown JOE RAMSEY-Edlm' Art Editor . .... . . . Larry Nelson Associate Art Editor Sue Culbertson Sports Editor . .... . ..... -. - Bob Potter Associate Sports Editor ..... . . Don Haney Photography Editor - ..... . John Moulds Associate Photography Editor . . . Bill Washburn Layout Editor .... . .. . , Faye Sims Associate Layout Editor - . .. . - Patt'.,LeJ Lilleland fl Q! V s if , ,u JM , , U l"' 7 S' ltfr .i 0 7 fu D Boa POTTER-sports Editor ij I , I7 Wytvff Vfiflyl I ' l y X , 1 . IWOVM ill WW 1 Jo umxxgtfl V 7 fl Asso a if .t r I -77 'WZ7 f LARRY NELSON-Art Editor 92 ,,,,..,, llgyf il mark , ttf ,ffpwii 6513! t W , 'Me 240262 Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Secretary-Treasurer Sales Manager Advertisement Sales Advertisement Sales Advertisement Sales Advertisement Sales Advertisement Sales Advertisement Sales Advertisement Sales Book Sales Publicity Snapshots Advertisement Copy BUSINESS STAFF Dick Hughes Kitty Davis Mary Jane Garrett Donna Enos Tom Schilling Bill Zahary Pat Smith Marianne Manhart Barbara MacAulay Helen Ballenger Kay Wultf Larry Kelley Fanchion Cridleloaugh Patt Dickinson Harriet Davis DONNA ENOS-Sales Manager DICK HUGHES-Business Manager BILL WASHBURN JOHN MOULDS Photography First row: B, Pinkerton, J. Hollister, P, Dickinson, S, Schuetz, M. Norris, J. Tomlin, P. Smith. Second row: M. Garrett, K. Davis, N. McBee, D, Enos, J. Williamson, K. Wulff, H. Ballenger, M. Manhart, Third row: F. Cridlebaugh, D. Hughes, B. Hunt, S. Dutra, T. Schilling, J. Green, B. Wood, B. MacAulay, B. Zahary. I Ji' fc- r..:- J i'.i1 First row- N Re . . ynolds, J. Schmith, G. Clark, C Bernard D. Braden, Mrs. Young advis William . o, A. Capachi, S. Schulz, N. Studt, , or. Second row: M. Morgan, B. Snyder, M. Manhart, J. son, C. Donelson, Y. Detlefson, P. Peper, C. Collins, A. L. May. Third ro 1 B. Hamilton, F. Brazell, F. Hinden, L. Robinson, R. Berg, B. S w C. Kraus, mythe, B. Stenzel. FRA NCHION CIUDLEBAUGH Assistant Editor .J Qi il 'J PATT DICKINSON B . usiness Manager ,... D. BRYANS Advertising Manager A. PALMATEER Assistent Advertising Manager ai J. MOULDS Photography Editor B. WASHBURN Assistant Photography Editor J. SCHMITH Distribution N. REYNOLDS Distribution B. L. WOOD Exchange C. NEDWED Typing PEGGY WAGAMAN Editor K M. J. GARRETT Features K. DAVIS Special Features DAVID FARMER Sports Editor s ,Li 'J'- vrff Z As El Camino has been moving forward, the "El Caminian" has been moving with her. The paper's tribute to the first Homecoming was a six-page edition that highlighted the feature events of the day. Christ- mas, also, was marked by another enlarged paper. Students and clubs purchased ads wishing their friends, teachers, and the student body holiday greetings. The staff and iournalism class established a scholarship fund for future journalists by selling the student directory and presenting their first dance "Snowed Inn," along with the Block E. C. lt has been the aim of the "El Caminian" to print the news, features, and sports in an informative manner with a youthful outlook. The staff has made every effort to preserve the ideals of all good newspapers by presenting the news truthfully. By Peggy Wagaman I I MAJOR ARMSTRONG FIRST LT. KONDOS l . t S. Simpson, Sgt. B. Schaffer, Lt. N. Zloldridy I Larsen, Cpl. J. Griftick, Sgt. R. Taylor, Sgt. W. Sgt. D. McPherson, Cpl. B. Churchill, Cpl. C. Sims, I Lt. K. Mayne, Sgt. M. Capen, Capt. E. Speegle, C-CPL. J. STIEHL M. CAPEN C-SGT. C-CPL. B. LOGAN C-CPL. A. BOOTHE Sgt. R. Hart, Lt. G, Ellis, Lt. B. Hart, Sgt. Lt. P. Timmermans, Sgt. J. Neil, Cpl. l. Everrett, Cpl. A. Liddle, Cpl. A. Boothe, Cpl. B. Durbrow. 5 a. ' ,Ev uf K Y .e . wi U . ,Q S.. F' , 'Kr ' , Q V1 Vw A,,. . . , .gat -gp,-3 , V. f . .M Y 3 N -X 7 ., Ekwf 9 an I - - A. vim .- - UEQQ X , A gp, V: W. we wg... 'E' '-if . . ,pf V. .ff 'wffyi '.- in V ,5vy?g.5 5Q.gg A ga. g I 2, K L 1.,1'Hiw'K ip M, 'I .3 K, , .gg m g 3555 ,gb . Q . Q ,fbi ,,,g'hy we ygMf..fr3.j ,AEM- Qf' 2? , '2xJ:fE"1iEQ, -, A - QIIV y , Q ,Y ' . A "L .. Q ,af .. - -Us I 5 ff J - H if W Y k 3 S Q W f E iw ' Q '55 v Q , - 'F l . L.. xx 3 .VK-5. 7 4 1 V x k V ' .QL + 9' l 1 i Ar MA W :im af 4 M.. :fi'A:11w,. WE M1 ' 1 ll ' 'fi H wi S, a5:Z Q2W'r:-'IE W zgq .. K ' H --M p f 2 K. ,P ,. "Iuw,,,,,,4fwP' 1 av.. fm ww. x 5 six f -Mu..,,.gg.f'f!?,, .rw-Q. 51, 'lx ,. .A Ag.. Y hi 1. 7 : F' ik ,,,. -,Y. :Maur ., 5.-A, . ,Y 'ff 5 . ,, He. Viyrg. nBj'wfg24fSJ::i 1' ' kg' ' ifn..2.,'Qg,1 'I ng www, ,QE-V 51- ,. :nl -: , , 3 1 1 ! .. . SL KX Foreground: Lt. T. Patterson, CFC. H. Knutson, flag bearer. Front row: R. Wilhelm, D. Beeman, B. Lynch, J. Greene, G. Childs, C. Lacy, B. Green. Second row: G. Gomm, B. Johnson, F. Riddles, B. O'Dell, S. Pendergrast, C. Adams, S. Buchanan, D. Casperson, M. Lynn, R. Salvador. Third row: J. Erickson, Pete Lucero, B. Barrowman, M. VanRotz, J. Betow, B. Bassett, B. Logan, R. Brown. nv If Q - f - XTX. Foreground: Sgt. A. Walters, Lt. J. Luther, Cpl. R. Morse, Sgt. A. Rackham. Front row: C. Yhnell, J. Mckellips, T. Mitchell, W. VanMaanen, P. Drew, R. Dwyer, G. S. Kondos, Al' Res. Second row: J. Black, K. Wester, B. Pishek, J. Wilkinson, R. Craner, J. Williams. Back row: J. Stiehl, E. Long, E. Cerwinski, C. Bergstan, B. Washburn, F. Reiche, H. VanFossen, A. Lee, C. Wilson. ?a0wl First row: J. Johnson, L. Bachmeier, W. Helms, B. Mazzola, R. McCormick, G. Fong, J. Payne. Second row: L. Rackham, J. Fields, B. Bird, B. Seyterlick, E. Brinstield, J, Ping, D. Himene, R. Dahlin, S. Stepheus, J. Nordstran. Third rovv1 B. Johnson, F. Peiche, E. Harris, D. Thomas, A. Helms, M. Euer, P. Keim. Fourth row: J. Litherington, D. Peerianalis, C. Wilson, S. Martin, J. Mitchell, M. Capen, R. Sahradol, C. McCormick. 9 First row: A. Liddle, G. Gomm, H. Henderson, J. Bruno, B. Stevohn, P. Timmerman. Sec ond row: C. Boyer, J. Smith, D. West, B. Walden, 5. Chadwick, D. Guider, J. Marleave, P. Rowlett, B. Smythe, A. L. May, L. Zahn, B. Bailey, M, J. Miller. Third row: R. Reiche P. Griffin, T. Gans, T. Gantenbein, E. Tabor, B, Briswold, D. Friedman, P. McLaughlin R .Rossi, B. McKinley, L. Green, H. Holland. ada-chad! ' First row: S. Martin, C. Canfield, D. Walker, G. Childs, M. Collins, B. Lane. Second row: D. Burby, P. Topal, B. Ferrari, T. Whitton, T. Munro. First row: C. Palmquist, R. Silk, A. Dutra, L. Kelley, H. Pahl, B. Manas, G. Kneeland. Sec- ond row: E. Kallen, R. Swor, J. Blagg, T. Chan, T. Lionvale, J. Denny, B. Potter. Third row: J. Bidwell, J. Bibboney, G. Cook, F. Hinden, J. Cracrott, G. Morr, H. Ganou, B. Brunton, H. Jones. -W I ,,4, 4 fr First row: Mr. Gillespie, Y Cross, B. Elam, B. Hart, N. Bro- kau, K. Lefever. Second row: B, Campbell, M. Stearns, J. Houseworth, W. Lawson, H Homer, B. Burns, D. Wise. Abi sent: B. Waidlick, G. Brace A. Tallockson, E. Gray. R. Buck, B. Bachfold, B. Law son, M. Geer. First row: B. Pinkerton, D. Hunt, J. Moore, C. Zimmer- man, J. Ray, K. Wulft, B. L. Wood, D. Adams. Second row: N. Bliss, B. Stenzel, B. Snyder M. Jerde, B. Thomas, L. Joek- liru, F. Cridlebaugh, R. Russell J. Simmons. Back row. S. Pal- mer, B. MacAulay, M. Miller. 1 r 1 ffcuwazdew Firsl row: P. J. Lilleland, J. Hollister, M. Millar, P. Dickinson, N. J. Gray. Second row: R. M. Wellner, J. McGraw, P. Green, S. McAmis, B. Greene, J. Schuetz, M. Blake, Third row: J. Greene, L. Royal, B. Bedegrew, H. Henderson, P. B. Quinio, B. Manas, B. Marliave. l 'gpzewmam Firsl row: H. Davis, J. Schmilh, J. Tomlin, M. J. Garrell, V. Welch, S. Milion, J. Mazzoni, F. Phillips, R. Cunningham, D. Kurk. Second row: F. Sims, J. Green, J. Lingenfelter, J. Russell, B. Greene, N. McBee, D. Enos, M. Oughton, L. Goshorn, J. Simmons, B. Ander- son, A. DeKuhn. 24649 ' 3? ft- First row: N. Lingentelter, T. lsoard, A. Capachi, J. Hollister, S. Schulz, C. Bernardo. Sec- ond row: B. Greene, D. Adams, S. Hogan, J. Moulds. Third row: R. Morgan, B. Zahary, B. L. Wood, J. Green, R. Smith. Standing: J. Ramsey, Mr. Grimes, Sponsor. ' Woaima 'H First row: P. J. Lilleland, J. Johnson, C. Strotleer, G. Nelson, V. McGuire. Second row: M. Sims, F. Sims, L. Carr, S. Murray, B. Grotheer, C. Wardin, J. Green, J. Moore, R. Bute tler. Third row: T. Mitchell, J. Titherington, M. Collins, D. Walker, B. Berlles, J. Hum' rich, R. Srnith, H. Henderson, C. Herd, T. Holden. Fourth row: J. Mitchell, B. Washburn, K. Wester, B. Turner, P. McLaughlin, F. Reiche, W, Sims, D. Kurk, C. Davis, l. Larsen, B. Smith. 'T x5 D 5' 3Ax!QXDb Hn A V "Q-AQ .. .Xf A X 01 E 5 F-1 X V SA UQ OK JA38 if 'Y if 'Z My I QOH! 6951 FIU P sup: nu 1 A s 3' , Q.. if j"s 0 Q- v 'T 'L if, 5'-1 -4- 7, n. 'x N, X Tm, W- f ,f Hg Q,-1 - rw , ...v , .4 .,, , ,. A 'l 25 ' .Q .L i' s "sa N E s 5 iz ' 5 I t ff .lr iw. ., it veg. Max. HL '4 'L 4, , A ,M .s .1 ,D 3 1 4. ,ML in X VILLAGE FLOWER SHOP 2629 Marconi Avenue Phone Ivanhoe 9-5287 , l, . -,xh.- 2 Q. .. 31 3 no 2 ...- ,rg K, ' fav BURT ACKERS PAINT STORE 29497 Fair Oaks Blvd. Phone Ivanhoe 7-3879 UI CARIVIICHAEL PAINT SUPPLY 2926 Fair Oaks Blvd. Phone Ivanhoe 7-6863 FAMILY BARBER SHOP 29I7 Fair Oaks Blvd. Phone Ivanhoe 9-2173 in TRIANGLE RANCH SUPPLY 3932 Fair Oaks Blvd. Phone Ivanhoe 7-0754 5 -I 'Q l A az.-aims, 'ww rm A. s QE. E f"' Agn WN' fgy 'NYJ' ,f ' -'.v 8 Aa. 3. was -' .q',1 Q .-a ., . V1 .- ,,,L It X 4 J, 'X' I4 A A ' ' is 4 Ina' - ' , QX vm f , I. .-,W l IW' Sbopx -1-w's""" in BONNIE B. SPORTS STORE "HunIing, Fishing and Slci Equipmen'I"' Del Paso Manor Shopping Cenier IV 9-7260 'FP COLLEGE - HI SHOP GI 2-6595 IIO8 K SI'ree+ Serving high school and college men wi+I1 a disfincfive line of clofhing and furnishings. CARMICHAEL SUPER MARKET "Consis+en+ Low Prices Groceries - Meafs Carmichael IV 9-3277 T- ft, ff TOT-TO-TEEN SHOES "Foremos+ Wi+h Fool' Fashions" Spaldings and Debs Del Paso Manor Shopping Cenfer IV 9-78I2 MARION JENSEN PORTRAITS Town and Counfry Village lVanl1oe 9-5629 SHARP'S SPORTS DEN 2634 Marconi Avenue Town and Counfry B" SHARP "C" SHARP B 4 U BUY IVanl1oe 9-5855 KlEN'S RED BA'RN Specializing in Chicken, Sfealcs and Chops" Families - Parfies Welcome Come As You Are 3409 Ful+on Avenue ? 'fy ' 1'-w .,,. f ,C , 3 if-be:35fNf"ff'v5'i'Lfi"'' z , , . , .NL -e KA., .f -L ' jf' 'j,,fg U e ... K K 22,1 1-:if . .. K y 1' -" LV V .U F, R. 1 Fig, FIN, -'Q W -. A , . ii K, . , I V ' QQ.,-' 1 . -- ,k r .Q - . . -'giffk' , :ik K ' fl f- 4 e N M e ' K V ' M7 'ff-1 X W , S3 - W V- QCWQFWK ie' 'L i al Sex, f V ' L, ' fs mfr' eww' M4 I, . gk 8 A , arf' ii xg X Hr E545 "ln yes+eryear +he pioneers goi' +l'1eir sup- plies af SuH'er's For+. Today you sfoclc up a+ fhe S+ockade-for fishing, camping, and hunfing supplies." STOCKADE GENERAL STORE 2628 Ful'ron Avenue IV 9-3069 sf mx nag DOLAN'S ff .I Q ' 'Q' Alhambra Boulevard al P S+ree1' 7- Q, in X! "Every+hing for Building" ?952i fog? if 1' ,P umnlng ec rica an UI mg uppnes 7112? Pl b' ,El f' l, dB'ld' S l' X ,712 Appliances and Hardware HI 6-648: '? ' J E , Q , ,nn-ww--J SCH EIDfEL'S BAVARIA "Fine German Foods in An Old Counlry A+mospl1ere" 2764 Fulfon Avenue IV 7-6475 l Securify Does Noi "Jus+ Happen!" H"comes wifh careful and early planning. AGNES M. RAMSEY 860 El Chorro Way Life Insurance - Real Es'l'a+e Esfafe Planning IV 9-08I7 IV 7-4603 GI 2-8965 7 'if -' 1. ,. - L ,A.. J , f 1-. j A" ' uf 1 5' A., ,Q A4' ' ff' 1 ,f -ff lglflblf' 1 vii! I rj ,lf if 2 e.,-M 1 A VCX I I ! I ffl' ,Z J fe 611 L, jc vt 'Ziff I q0V"' AX4' ' , , j f f wwf T M fe fm It 4 - M ' I XIV If ye! Y 1,47 1. nf, 4 4 'MVC' ' ,c 'ff' 71,148 fi Zfffffy 7 K 'jjgxxf f I l ff? L f' I L!!-6 , W .SVU ,'f7!C"hA4 . ff b7j,jfdijjjee fffgjyiw ff 'ewfifl ef eff! DON STEPHENS COMPAN It! "For Town and Counfry Living" Real Es+a+e - Insurance - Renfals 2850 Fulfon Avenue IV 9-3632 12 CARNIVAL OF FASHION'S VILLAGE CLEANERS Town and Couniry Village "YOUR CLEANER lS YOUR COTHES' BEST FRIEND" Suecle Leal'l1er Garmenfs Beau+ifully Done IV 9-589I EDW. A. GTREBITUS 81 SON Presenfs Smari' S+yles for Young Teens Town and Counfry Village Charge Accounfs Welcomed Jewelers and Silversmifhs Town and Coun+ry Village II08 J Sfreef Regislerecl Jewelers American Gem Sociefy "Your every need in dia- monds, iewelry, china, silver and gills" POLY DOR'S BAR-B-Q "Original Old-Fashioned Wood Pi+" Town and Counfry Village IV 7-6I64 Wine' Anil? JQJ 40' ,L K Mfg, l xi f -fl J wif' X W f ffffy Jffjfyff ,jfwfffwf jfwfvfff ffizw 1ffff'4W'M ff! My L! j Wifi WZ l SHASTA LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Branches al' Town and Counfry Village IV 9-357l Arden Town Shopping Cenler IV 9-I92I Main Planl'-I93I E S+. GI 3-5966 SHFIS wg W, finaly A A 1 BONNEY 81 GORDON S+ore for Men Town and Counfry Village IV 9-5692 Why don'f you +alre if fo SHASTA! For 'lhe 'finesi' in qualify laundry and dry cleaning-including household ifems. Complimenis of LEE AND SMITH General Building Confraciors 34I5 FuH'on Avenue Wanhoe 9-76I8 ff-"'f if ff' 1 A Yegygk h W QM-r Q N I . MM! " fs-ai: T M- uf' H :eww .i 'F' Wx gr awww - - Claude Gordon's 1 VILLAGE HOME STORE g J 4,19 45 I For fhe Home . TE 4, Bedding, Linens, Curfains L ff hilt f 31,5 acl and Draperies of Disfincfion 6, Jfff' LL -C55 - T ci? F6 ' fa' SZYQ4 it own and I un ry'-Valjage Ti ff 'nf' ' '.,fzff Ck.-f qklgf, Cf?" A fffa Cy Cf iq 747 TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION Fair Oaks Blvd. and Manzanifa Ave. We Give S8zH Green Siamps Open 24 Hours A Day TUCKER CERAMIC STUDIO Free Insfrucfion Day and Evening Classes Greenware Su Iies I PP Molds, Firing 552 La Sierra In Arden Town IV 9-3l03 L TELESCO TOWN ANlD COUNTRY REALTY 323I Fulfon Avenue IV 9-3637 Insurance Real Esfaf OTTO'S SPORTS SHOP "Headquar+ers for Voif, Spalding and Rawlings" 29l0 Fair Oaks Blvd. A+ Marconi Phone lVanhoe 7-064l - ,...,g1. 'pg-,,,-nw-"' .. CARMICHAEL 'FURNITURE MART 3l43 Oaks Boulevard IV 9-94-9l Our Congrafulalions and Besl' Wishes fo fhe Graduafes MARTYR"S STATION'ERY 272I Fulfon Ave. 9I4 J Sfreef Everyfhing for l'he Office and Your School Needs """"'4-...W WA W "Women's Casual and Spor+ Shoes" - Town and Counfry Village IV 9-8424 Open Eves. 7 'Till 9 RlCK'S SALON ARD'EN Personalized Hair Shaping and Hair Sfyling GUARANTEED PERMANENT WAVING R IV 9-4262 35l5 Fair Oalcs Blvd. Arden Town Shopping Cen+er PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY "More Bounce +o +he Ounce" II00 Q Sfreef, Sacramenfo GI 3-200l av ,v . A-+R.--es U "h' "H-.. HEINTZ BAKERY For Freshly Baked Pas+ries and Breads Coun+ry Club Cen+re lVanhoe 7-2665 CAN'FIEUD"S "Dresses and Spor1'swear" EI Camino and Maryal Drive IV 9-9228 El 1 Qu. I 5 ROSS HARDWARE 2428 Maryal Drive Del Paso Manor IV 7-48I3 SPORTS CENTRE "The Besf in Spor+ing Goods" 3409 El Camino Ave. IV 7-6282 Complefe Line of Spalding Golf and Afhlefic Equipmeni' Bloclr EC Sweafers KIRBY'S SHOE STORE The Wesi's Favorife Family Shoe Sfore' Coun'I'ry Club Cenfre IV 7-I7b3 A744141-und: Taylor Publishing Co 'Plan' .Mu......g V, , . , t wV'f,sf1'f,: 4 -NX J'42JgAf,251QAg,"fVZf Z?7ffW,x 4f:::51 'jf wwf 2237 MQW QP Mwwdwaagy f?f 4 i 'KWGW5 Q? W2 4322 Wy OJ ik ZW 0,6 X J- JNJQVA g',7fw'--dv-1441, 254 JVJAMQTQ, ,f,,,fJ' 5? 125 SEZZZZ 5313? AQ'f9?'+f 'aW'fMa'f i 2A3lJf.gf0fq'f2g, W7?gL V ZW bxailgg' JZQZQZZWJLK - 2 "4" .446 ' 'EEK-?3i ww, ZZ? f MM EZ? 20 Qi! b Ali ,afygdf -' 402 f 7 f A ,,' .-.-.www--gn' -- -f -- ' fwvv- Tw- -1 - Z, -v-5, - 1 --- - --vu----nga: - . . ' A A WW,f 9wffPZ P'fj +2iiifEif fy fig 9,5 fffgf W K EQEQSQQ wwf MQ EQSQQQES ??fGWQ fSgESSEQ3fV4KW MES iggiif W Q3w X 55523 E A. 5 -"' , "f ,, -I ' ,. - 4' : I , 12- 1 " W .. . 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