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1.' if f J ,J f-A 44 H' H , - A 'flf jig if gf! A 7 xx f ul, ,, .. 7 , ' X 5 ,f gf 3 N br s M :gif if tl 4 lj? ,if AV iff was I I A 'ffl' f Lrg., g ' 1 if 3' , 1 'A i fb V' i-KJ: ' 4 lj 5 gl pw SQ f ' X V' ,zyftfl ."' .J N ef g wa ,igagggg w gg 2mfllwwf 111lvfxwf lif fl V , 1' A , . K iw .4 .. Q, ' K 0 Y I -Q, fy gg , 11 1 .. , , . , Q K h lifiiif i 'iigiiigfl ,B 71 I . V ky ,N w .ss ni ' 4 , K , 2 , A V., X xr ,. , 3 : sn I 'IV A ,, D A f i X-if V. V, .ff ',,-, ,f,-- A 'Q f ' Q . ' 2'A' T Q E X 9 ff X 1? .,,, JJ fx 1,4 ' 5 Q 1 V ' Q if X R -Y E 3533 J afjyif JW If A fx: I -11 Q 'He- ,g 4 Y? l L ,MQW yr, M! ,V ig' H2545 gf A nfl ,114 f WJ! , . ,, Lf, 6 fy Mf25WfwmQQ MXN Lf M .-1i , w H 5 AVb Avi , v -rx ? N . Q ' . cr , W' . 2 i , j!?YJ'y ,,y ML . ' Q LfW'7A ' M ' ,QQ ew I x V ,J V 1 I ,, f !,,Z I 3521 Vigil 3Za!'WQ'X'4jf4L 4 H v"a fr W iff ,P :W J! Y W W AEG -X H? flyff of A4766 "Q . 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' 'fl we , XX X Q, ,glee ' Q 5751 5:51 'L'- A fQ , , , l SN ,J .zen ff' 'H um., 'M U -r, V, , ,, X Qareword ln +he Fall of I'-750, lwo-hunclrecl and 'lwenfy-five Freshmen enfered lhe doors of El Camino High. ln' +he rerm which will end in June, I954, 'lhaf enrollmenl has increased 'io I530 sfudenis. Therefore, in order +o presenl' our rheme, "The Gro of El Camino," we have chosen or represenred various sce rhal' have occurred during 'these four years. W ihe annual ares proud +o submir +o you ve F54 --an fm... w JL , fi M W .4-cw CMLQW. UM ,, . 1 ,, X7 ja V 1 ' 1 f Ulm A: AW QW X 256 nk S YXQYXQQWM JW rf 1 05 LEW M C W MQW BEIQEVXCGXM X 4 T x 5Ffffj4i'LZ'7 nov! Tffffjmff MN-mb fy, .Af' 1f"" ' f 1 Q "f MQW ik f Jive sl , fdmg, W X auiifvlxig X475- w xx W 1 14 1 , pf , NN - 45 50254 Dk, QKQZXJQUNV W 71 ,f'7jQ60,p lEW J ,. 44' , TK' la ng- fppgywg 'ip jj 1 . ww MSBKEKJ4 rj " O R X 1 5 ,X ' I VW P , Wx A KP 'TVA t 1Qf 14 My ,Yin ggi! .M . 4: JA: I J N. gy K 1, W' RTI E iffl ,Q " X Q, ,X WRX MHVZ, N- N . - MAA.,-Q .. 5 QW mvfw S555 5 Q N Q SEQXEXSYFSE M Mfyd' lil W EX. if lf. ci-10 O i-xxGl'l S The key word for EL CAMlNO'S first four years is Growth. This year, 1954, El Camino High School has come of age. As we graduate our first class it is interest- ing to look back over the preceding four years and recount the progress that has taken place. ln September, 1950, a full-time principal, eight full-time and two part-time faculty members, with 225 students began the first classes. The 30's wing of classrooms and the woodshop made up the plant that first year. By September, 1951, the faculty had grown to nineteen full-time and two part- time members. The enrollment of the second year was 585 students. The office had one full-time secretary. Eight new classrooms in the 20's wing fart, home- making, and Commercial! had been added. For the school year, 1952-53, El Camino had an enrollment of 1014 with a staff of 41 teachers. The office staff had three full-time employees. Facilities completed during the year were the 40's wing of classrooms, the annex buildings, auto shops, bus garage, boys' and girls' shower rooms, and the multiple purpose room. Eagle Field was made ready for spring track and field events. In the Spring of '53 the El Camino Parents Club and Student Body began a fund drive to put lights on Eagle Field. The school year of 1953-54 brought 1535 students and sixty full-time teachers, including the principal and two deans. The office staff had four full-time em- ployees and a cafeteria staff was added. This year saw the completion of the girls' gym, the 50's and 60's wings, more auto shops and shop class buildings, the office wing, the California Cadet Corps building, Music building, the tennis shower rooms, and the stadium seats on the west side of Eagle Field, and the Cafeteria. The boys' gym was also started, and the light fund drive was gaining support of the community. Memorable events of this school year were the first football game on Eagle Field, the first dance held in the new girls' gym, the opening of the cafeteria, the first annual Military Ball, the Senior Ball and the hourly traffic iam in the main hall. Mp... His tary af C71 4' 4' ' ,y 1 I 4. ,I V g i'. f 1 . . ,rs 1 .i"' W 'I Mk, . Construdlon Ol we ll Sl amino - The first commencement exercise was held Saturday night, June Wl'l95mT , D The graduating class was 269 in number. the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. Of the students in this first class, this line of everything . . . the thrill of the that were constantly late in coming. situation to them. They acquired their moil but they never lost their enthusias needs to be said: they were on the front new, dulled by the anticipation of facilities Change and improvision was the normal education in the midst of growth and tur- m for learning or their sportsmanlike ability M 4 5 3 Jig to take each day's change in stride. EL CAMINO is proud to salute the . GYM U45 Hutt-'le B sketch of members of this first graduating class. Dedicafian , is W. ,. ,, To the Senior Class of I'-754, who have had such a great part in 'the "Growth of EI Camino," we dedicate this, our Annual of l954. The Seniors have asked that special mention be made of one of +heir number, Bari' Pesonen, who passed away March 2nd. --xii' N I ., '- Ia' Q ffll' 'st " W all X C' ""' "H" fi .. NS ,J 5 5 ff .AL Si .7r1 Menwrinm Happy the man, and happy he alone, He, who can call today his own, He, who secure within, can say: Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today. Be fair or foul, or rain or shine, The joys I have possessed, in spite of fate, are mine. Not Heaven itself upon the past has power, But what has been, has been, and I have had my hour. BART PESONEN June 30, i936--March 2, 1954 -HORACE w N n '- N Y x w Elma? - A 0 -fgfifbg IM? 0 0-ii F271 Jfrff- Mffwwzidf , , KL X , ws 61 5 47 I K vywwi , ' f f K Q , 1,5441 gZj,lg-,Q . 4 5 ' jf , 4, vfylj W 4,6-,Q ,Q 5 ' '- ' ...L .gs ., , 75512 Ag I f - gf A . L-L or J fuuzf J f 5 'AN QM 'Wa eff 5 9,1 ,A K 5 , pf M. I. 0 " , .4 ':LQ1."ZD'E- - Q f f - Q.,,A:,f QQ x A Ld " ' Cb' f,wf7mJ N .f 4, LY. ,Q K' f nQ14 N'4""-L f- J ""'1,Q' I .fb ,t F K kj! " ""fLL LLC' NX vpyox "ry KL A ! Q 'CMJ -abit K pq ' J xz r C'f"3-i0 .lk GJ 14. NT 4 "' iii' x77 4-4 g Sm, Jf2,f,,Jj '- L1 A is ml if 1.4, Q. X. f. lh f 4,261 Yfif 'Nx . lm 5 ' ,LJ X ' '4'2r,f ' 'Y ,lr , -4 Q1 - A, VIA V f pn -M2 J ,X tfxffjz "N . ,,. I 1 1' 1 ' 'qua Y a ,R x " ,,,. ' 5 ', X ' l -'JD I X wsu., 2' ,,s,stXi-'kxxgxxxxxf I ...mall f E X Vi X XX YN x Q x ' x , Q ' K , If fix S . nv-NSv"'M l ,Aff it 1.7, NN u ,C-4 'i V ,X QT., ' a 5 ,, , Lilly? af J , If x 5 W Q 1 gm , , 'A -- 1 ff W 1 - J T ' N1 X E E I ff"fll!UL,j ix jzljlrxflzj n1,1fL r 'W -'J J K!! JA, Jw, A YW -' IAM, 1 ' I N 'J tl t -Q !'N'v 'T 'L-'!I1Xj 7 L, lj K- f N f J Q f W My iffkfv Q - " . 2' V gf ., "4 ' , f" V f M J -s M fw Aff MW x . A1 A FI, 4 " I J . C1 fu I ' few Q . X 's if ,ff ' . ,iff 4i,4V ff X 55 I, LVIUL LZ i f ff LVL! , 2,Jb0f! J-f V af ff' A ' i, 479 " ixlwf-ffcf' x f Q .4 AJ? 1, L' .N J ,l Q?Y'p QP " fr! ' wffwcf 4 If 9-Q' U Superintendent 'e ,Message The Eagle symbolizes the attainment of lofty heights. As the Eagle soars to reach its goals, so you, as mem- bers of the Class of 1954 have studied and worked to secure the coveted position of a high school graduate. Such a position is not to be looked down upon. Your diploma is a key that will unlock the door to oppor- tunities. The doors are many and all doors will not open to all graduates. Your high school preparation, your high school accomplishments, and your high school in- terests will direct you to the correct doors with proper keys. When you open the doors, you will behold the "Elysian Fields" of your future. These fields are not to be iust gazed and grazed upon but must be made more beautiful and bountiful by your efforts. As I look into the future, I see members of the Class of 1954 making their communities finer places in which to live because of their successes as engineers, health specialists, lawyers, teachers, social and religious workers, and above all, understanding homemakers. Principal 's ,Message In dedicating this year's Aerie to the Seniors of 1954, we are reminded of some of the events that took place in the high school days of these same Seniors. When El Camino opened its doors for the first time in September, 1950, there were eight classrooms, a shop, and an office. There were eight full time, and two half time teachers, one ianitor, and one secretary who spent two periods a day in the office. Between the place where the girls' gym is now and El Camino Avenue a cattail swamp existed, and when the win- ter rains came that year a regular pond, "Lake El Camino," developed between the covered walkway and El Camino Avenue. The name, El Camino, for the high school had been decided upon by the Board of Trustees a few weeks before the open- ing of school. Other than that, however, there were no school colors, school mascot, clubs, G.A.A., Boys' Block, school con- stitution, or student body officers. There were no cheerleaders, nor Pep Band, and we belonged to no athletic league. Now, nearly four years later, we have a faculty of 60, an office force of four full time secretaries, and a custodial staff of six. We have a student body of 1520, and the original 225 Freshmen have in- creased to 265 Seniors, our first graduat- ing class. we have four and a half units in the main building, which include a library and 35 classrooms, six additional annex rooms, five shop areas, a bus garage, boys' and girls' locker and shower rooms, a girls' gym and health room, a multi- purpose room, an auto shop building, a cafeteria, 2000 permanent seats in the stadium, and the administration unit com- pleted. Also, the cadet building, the music building, and five more classrooms are rapidly nearing completion, and the boys' gym is under way. lt seems almost a miracle that so much growth could take place in so short a time. Those of us who have been here from the beginning, both the Seniors and the adults, invite those who have come since 1950 and those who will come in the future to ioin with us in sharing the pleasure, the pride, and the responsibility of building-El Camino High School. May the school continue to climb in strength of character and quality of work until it reaches the heights typified by our mas- cot, the great American Eagle. But we did have 225 energetic and enthusiastic Freshmen, and a responsive corps of teachers. We had a sympathetic Board of Trustees, an understanding administration, and a won- derfully helpful group of parents. Early in the year campaign speeches were given for stu- dent body offices, the nominees standing in the balcony of the wood shop and addressing the entire student body as- sembled in the shop. Soon a constitution committee was appointed and did a superb and lasting iob. The school colors were selected, the mascot chosen, and we were admitted to the Sierra-Foothill League in athletics, Many clubs were orga- nized, and the band and A Cappella Choir began to function. Our loyal parents contributed time, effort, and money, and, as a result, band uniforms and choir robes were presented to us. The Board of Trustees "staked" us to the first set of bas- ketball uniforms. With all of this, El Camino was off to a fly- ing start. .N- s Heard if Of Zrnstees Left to right: MR. ROBERT H. KELSOE Secretary MR. ROBERT A. REICHE MR. RALPH HINSEY President MR, EVAN W. DAVIES MR. EDWARD DOLDER e MR. GEORGE PALMER Direeter of Student ,4 etieities Mr. A. L. Yelvington, as Director of Student Activities has many duties. He supervises all student body, class, and club activities, and keeps the school officials informed on the progress of these activities. He also advises the students in the running of their student government. Assistant Distriet Superintendent This was the first year in the San Juan Union High School District for Mr. George Palmer, the Assistant District Superintendent. He comes to us from Hamilton City vvhere he was the principal and district superintendent. Prior to that, he spent four years in the army as a military government officer with overseas duty in France. Mr. Palmer spent part of each day at El Camino, and for those of you vvho may not have met him, here are a fevv of his many activities. He does most of the purchasing for the district, is in charge of application for state and federal aid for the building program, assists in making the bud- get, and, in addition, spends considerable time on district errands for both schools. -.7.....-- s .,.,.,, , My MR. A. L. YELVINGTON Dean of Boys After teaching at El Camino for the first three years of its existence, Mr. Nesseth was appointed Dean of Boys. He headed the Student Patrol and developed a new system of hall monitors, in effect for the first time this year. In addition to his many other responsibilities, he also supervised the audio- visual unit, school displays, and the handling of scholarships. He was in charge of one of our most successful Open Houses and should be con- gratulated for the fine way he is carrying on El Camino's traditions. Eouuselors Left to right: , MRS. MARGARET YOUNG MR. WM. McFARLAND MR. RICHARD SOWERS MRS. REGENA SWARTZ l ff,ll"5Z""f1.Ll?'kf , x, Dann of Girls Mrs. Goff has the distinction and the responsi- bility of being El Camino's first Dean of Girls. She is curriculum coordinator, gives special as- sistance to new teachers, and supervises general instruction in all departments. The graduation and all student shows were under her guidance, as was the placement of office assistants and other trainees. Her office is a "beehive" of activity from early morning until late afternoon. Everybody at El Camino thinks it, so we'll put it into words: Thank you for your gracious as- sistance and friendship over the past four years and may all future "Eagles" be able to go to you for help and guidance! Sfaculfy Through our four years at El Camino the faculty has inspired us to greater efforts and has seen us through them. At the Faculty Assembly, in April, they revealed their well guarded secret theme. The thing we want to say most of all is: Thanks for . . . everything. ff! x NV, T. ARMSTRONG MRS. B. MISS F. BOLLA . 'T !'k ' I fllfri- '+ mn' . Q H I. gr: Wi? 'wa-uni '55, - ..' . t.., - V K ll' i Q - - - ! R. CLOVER MRS. M. COLBY V. A. CUCUZZA E. CUTLER MISS J. FAR E. C. FAULKNER QQ A A A r'ii - f i - yuan.-pt ., . JACK FOX B. FRIES R. C, FURNEAUX J. GAFFNEY E. R. GILLESPIE S. W. GOEPFERT K ., VV ' 'f '4.,.rf,yctU A ' WE-"1 'Q f' T . . Q . . .Q 'Vi' . M .ji if K -E V if ' 9 .5 :lam-iw. ' 1 V ' zz mi 'fffffi A . . ' V B if 1 rg' Tiff ff G. GRIMES E A HANSEN MISSL HANSON MRS E HAWKES . . ... I 1 1 :.r 1 . K Y I MRS. E. JENKS L. E. MCCORD MRS. M. PENNEY MISS SHEIRROD I , ,IP MRS. R. SWARTZ MRS. L. JONES W. L. KICK nrt-'jf' . 915226 ' af . KONDOS r mf 1 K fu.-,:fc...-4... f . I 1- A ..:w..w.i' . . . . . W. MCFARLAND MISS M. MCGRANAHAN ? fc f y f0'Wm' gs I Y' AISI if wi f , A. MAISSEN , .r,,59 fr 2'5g?,,, if 2 .f 'f ff A f Q S 2 .. f I- MQ M X I ff ,M 2 . w ,I -if .. . Y 1 - Vi 2 . J , W My . . A. 1 .fa ,. I. 1,6 I V. 5 5 . , f I' Hx I. 'Q I 'kj .I 'F .gr ' ' I F. KRONSBEIN H. P. LEY .5 KJ .J .' I ,- 'MS R in I- ,gf P. MOSER B. PARDEE l.. WU-,W X . 2 11" W. PHILIPANKO MRS. J. REESE MRS. I:. ROGERS MRS. H. R. SCHULTZ 1510131 Q--L. . K vw ' I I . 1 my SILVER E. SMITH MRS. F. SMITH i f ,fiiii g g 2 I ,,g I .S,.. ' ' SII. I ,ff 5 , I E , I A . . .. f . , , KV -': . es' C. TOTO R.l . TYLERMZY' W. WALKER gimp he fl! WN" MRS. A. SPARKS . PM , Am . !f" 2 J. WHITMARK MRS. B. WILLIAMS SHIV? Q-..-gr FANWM an-u. 4 , N . VE. E, K. i . gg 5 1... ..AV L. ,A A Q. f JJI ' M , f S I 1 .M D. WILLIAMSON MRS. S. WILLIAMSON M. P. WINTERS A. L. YELVINGTON MRS. M. YOUNG H. DRAPER L 11" Office Staff Top right: MISS SONJA SOREIDE Principal's Secretary Lower right: MRS. NORMA HAZEL Business Office Top left: MRS, MARJORIE TAYLOR Registrar and Attendance Office et 4 .,w,,A4t: kV,,ki V . t-,i -5 tg a 1-XLX'-5 X, . is .JW M Lower left: MRS. GRACE SPARKS Attendance Office Around the claw! Top right: MR. WM. WALKER Comptroller ' .W 111 Qigong? ' Ammwbn,-Www? ...MW .M ,,..f..,.Mf.r f ff fjsli i. I V TH Bw K-Q I H .,,.. -ti 1 S X K K , . Ci mai . . , . . W. W ., W... ,,h., . I . I - 1... ,, - N .re 5351... f If 7 ,... f ...N W.. .wt www. ff -W 1.1 ff M www-Q1 .. aww-an Q, . we ., f.- ,Egg 'wo ' ' K I wwtvwe www- awe' . 'kk ,XX JM X if Q 'If M 5 , 3 .M ' V A iw K., I' ' . .,,. wp ' I .. . 'I .N Q, WM' Bottom right: BUS DRIVERS L, WATSON M. DOWNING W. MacFARLAND W. KICK J. GAFFNEY P. CLARK L. HAFFLY E. FRANK BUS DRIVER, "I96O" J. MAUDLIN K. WHITE .J ,IW Top Ieft: CAFETERIA STAFF MRS. I. WENTWORTH MRS. T, SAINDON Manager MRS. Z. LIVINGSTON Bottom Ie-ft, CUSTODIANS Front row: MR. W. O, WATKINS Head Custodian MR. C, WIMBERLY JOE WATKINS Back row: MR. C. COLARD MR. R. RUTLEDGE MR. A. LIVINGSTON Not present: . WM. SM 9 . flllra ' A , ff , f Auiagraphs WJ ff Q A if MwM J 1 ,WT X ff f Q ff Ufff QMLWJ ' X Xftl jj ff UE ,V fl fi 0, ,M L in WfW?iQ pf - ff5!WfNWMf,WM,,X if Jffil , xfvgwmiy .-1-.V W 29 'li M ff' W ,So X . fkcck' 44i4 as if ' pfzlfff' A ,JEL ,jf .4-self ,Zz -z'-'-27 -ilifdf ALC 4011! 595-.4-f 414 X64-LC '-,pg 4 . M f A " ,gpg 5' EL EHMINQ wo X 4rfzf6f1,L-'fl BLUEPRINTS , fy f X f F Q, f MJWWW Xi 1-5 f - I , . yn M MW Q 1 - J 15 - if W , ,, My . A f " If A A, E N I " A' W0 K I f l 1 , , Q I 7,5 I4 , f A.. ,f 5611 'fu , K ' f , ' ,,.. , I , ,f ' f ' ff f " Eff' ff' A 10 1 ' I4 In I SX M W ff J ' E I 4 Q5 s at ,, ' Sax Q5 l 1 EAS ' , 4 U Ny ix'1"i! G37 "' 6 'UM mmm 6flISS 0f'54 As we the First Senior Class come to the end of our last year at El Camino and realize that the climax of four years at this high school is near at hand, most of us find that we are not as anxious to leave as we thought we would be. When we look back over these four years, we find that the growth of our characters and personalities has paralleled the growth of our school. We will always remember our senior year as being "the" year of our high school career. This year would never have been as successful as it was without our class officers. Along with our class sponsors, Mr, Han- sen, chairman, Mr. Moser, Mr. Draper, Miss Hansen, Mr. Pardee, Mr. McCord, these officers planned all our class activities. Some of the more important activities were: the Senior Play, "Professor, How Could You," the Senior Ball, which was held June 4, the Senior Day and the Senior Breakfast. The crowning of our high school career came with the Graduation Exercises held June l9 at the Memorial Auditorium. Years from now when we look back over four com- pletely successful years we spent as El Camino's Charter Class, we can pride ourselves on many jobs well done. By Joe Kunz EEBEEEIR flip - Q., A? ff", :LAI Q Q . ,,,: :fat I P m if f,yg?5P-P i ,- is f2Ml5 W .BERT P' 5 HN Iunw 1 :VAX 25:9 fly 'JI l 4 L X F 3 First row: Helen Aeppli, Irene Aguilar, Harold Ander- son, Tony Arino, Bob Arnold, Mike Atherton. Second row: Fred Bacon, Jean Baker, James Ballew Edward Bartlett, Sharon Batchelor, Richard Bauer. Third row: Dwight Beattie, Jonathan Beaty. Fourth row: David Becker, Virginia Becker. Fifth row: Gayle Begick, Jean Bennett. Sixth row: Conrad Benson, Marshall Berol, Janice Bever, Jane Biggs, Larry Binns, Thomas Binns. Seventh row: Pat Bishop, Charlotte Black, Robert Black burn, Robert Blake, Bill Blake, Fred Boltres. A352 g 1 ,T g, --. -. . x li All U Q? 4 -if-Q 1 , First row: Dana Bowers, David Brayton, Pat Brayton, Nancy Brecht, Ronnie Breech, Judy Brenchley. Second row: Sharon Bruch, Judy Burch, Gary Burns, John Cabral, Gaylee Caen, Ann Carder. Third row: Winifred Carleton, Larry Carlin. Fourth row: Corinne Chambers, Shirley Christensen. Fifth row: Ralph Clark, Sandra Cohen. Sixth row: Ronald Cole, David Cook, Gordon Cook, Don Cooper, Carl Corbin, Missie Coulombe. Seventh row: Martha Cowsert, Jim Crockett, Carolyn Cross, Don Cunningham, Mac Curley, Jackie Curto. wg F X Q ,,3?W,,, . ...,, ,, . . mis xi 'R ' 'Q Q 1 is , J , im .. ..,,,. M. F sf? sz ,ws 2? ,,...,, , First row: Pat Davis, Paul Deal, Joan Deason, Bob Derobertis, Audrey DiBeneditto, Kay Dillon. Second row: Myron Downing, Jak Drake, Ana Dralle, Duane Driscol, Pat Durbrow, Ken Edsberg. Third row: Allen Eister, Eleanor Ekdahl. Fourth row: Lee Ekstrom, Butt Elledge. Fifth row: Carol Farnsworth, Dixie Fisher. Sixth row: Joyce Fitzpatrick, Margaret Flood, Suzanne Flynn, Wesley Fong, Madge Ford, Joan Fowler. Seventh row: Dixieanna Franke, Ernst Franz, Myron Fuller, Errol Gagnon, George Gaither, Mary Todd Gardner. tix? w....f' 'Q-53' vs 7' M 4 1 W A 3 St ww if K' lt f' fu -we of-,is-1..r,-X:yftr,ii,,..fw ' Q-wear, lsl .nm 'rr . l . 'V Q , f3,5i3ii?5? nvwf an S rrfrirr 1 , ., 1 A K , -ll ,--- , , i g ... . . Xfy ky y?,, g ,fog Q, 1 xx, ysgg f P ,',., S l'i' A ,, " -im., Y ...A-I 5 W jk s R. H Q ' 55 ff Fi . X ii X ltr if f Q: f .. . .. S y ,EN-,QSJ25 , Q . ii ...N 5 it Ha' J First row: Gary Garsee, Richard Ga-rton, Richard Gary, Ed Gedney, Richard Geer, Skip Gervais. Second row: Mariorie Getty, Jin. Giberson, Patricia Godfrey, Al Gogis, Gary Gossling, Dick Greene. Third row: Eugene Gregory, Richard Gregory. Fourth row: Frances Guidera, Roberta Haight. Fifth row: Colleen Hampton, Janet Handley. Sixth row: Ruth Hansen, Phil Hanson, Sally Hard, Drexal l-Feater, John Heckes, Dorothy Henderson. Seventh row: Lee Hill, Mary Hinton, Betty Hough, Ed Hubert, Lula Bell Hulett, Natalie Hunt. ... J , 3 HSIYFW .-Q ' ' ' ".Eif5i:"i,, - W i li 5 J , E45 ? - .Qs , xi , mf. f- .ik First row: Carol Hurd, Donna Jackson, Sue Jacques, Lawrence James, Edward Jerke, Judy Jett. Second row: Carl Johnson, Norene Johnson, Reva John- son, Myrna Jones, Shirley Jones, Bob Jordan. Third row: Donna Kallen, Ted Kazmier. Fourth row: Paul Kellas, Phil Kelly. Fifth row: Carolyn Kessler, Patricia Ketchum. Sixth row: Alan Khatoonian, Harlene Kloss, Darlene Knab, Charlie Kniser, Roger Koroush, Marshall Kraus. Seventh row: Ken Kurk, Joe Kurz, Nadine Kuykendall, Dixie Lacy, Myron Lamb, Donald Lane. ,JU +32 c ll, fi., ,,11 , ., A, M . . ..,, L ., iw. 1 ikwwrg , . 1 ,E N 3 K I xiii if if is wg l?a?5+2isgH ' E 1 ugsflggmif I I 04 23 2 SY 'vw 'inf ll . " -- A " ' 2 l ff 2 f ' 51555 ,.,., : t z35?fff!2T 2 . - ??ffg15:.f ' if , ' 'ri ' i 2 ,. ' s M35 .,,, 3 3 , 1 , s Q, W f F ' 4 J f F , 3 --M 'V 1' S if . A "' ,sw V , V 1 'Y i sf ,,,..,, L, , - - tiff if '11 Q' ' , ' f- ' ' iw W 'N 2 5 ,Ji Q ' Q, awsw 1 I K ' X.. g X V as ?l V0 " " , J wr- rsg, :L I ' I mg, 7 f,ig2'F?' f 3 ' ,v , f . Q ..,. ., .M W W ew wt' 1 ' 97 5? W x v f N35 Bw .5 EM s e, cus- .1 -asvef1s:zs:m2im,f.s1' a. ., ,..., A '75 X lt' 5 W 5 'lv x gl R. ,f xv Q W -.4 f Y es 2 W vA.-,, ymi, . Q. Q 37" if inf" Q, A E L , R K Vt ,fsck 1 me M' 1-w gtsgh gwgfi ,aw we 5 ' of-if 5 First row: Carol Large, Steve Leonard, Evelyn Lewis, Maurene Lewis, Wallace Liddle, lQgren Lilleland. Second row: Duane Loveland, Nelson Lucas, Duane Malchow, James Martin, Ken Martin, Dick Martin. Third row: Ricky Martin, Wayne Martin. Fourth row: Shirley Meadows, Sally Mehren. Fifth row: Pat Mickelsen, Helen Mitchell. Sixth row: Charlie Miura, Alice Moore, Marleen Moore, Mary Morris, Carolyn Morton, Gail Mousted. Seventh row: Georgie Mulbarger, James Murdock, Henry Myers, Nathan McCorkle, Shirley McElroy, Coralyn McMorine. 552 54 AW' af! Q wir ik M it ,wi l mf S A tg swing ills First row: Cecil Nanson, Tom Neuburger, Stan Nicolaus, Harrison O'Shell, Jack Paxton, Steve Penner. Second row: Don Perdue, Bart Pesonen, David Peters, Elizabeth Peters, David Peterson, Pearl Pickens. Third row: Ann Pinkerton, John Pisciotta. Fourth row: Nancy Poulsen, Roger Ramseier. Fifth row: Joan Rea, Mary Jane Reardon. Sixth row: Bruce Reiche, Robert Rice, Bob Richardson, Brian Richter, Marilyn Rippen, Georgia Robinett. Seventh row: Barbara Rohrer, Peter Ross, Leanna Rowell, Gary Rudnick, Jenifer Runte', Irene Sanders. it 'lf J. ,Ma .l Ni Yew' 'f ng. ' Qiagxv .. . 1 if n p.. 7 M2 ,. :iw tl Q:-""' W Ataxaams 'TF' "ar N25 5,441 fc? J 'er' if 1 ff, ,tt . l Q , if My .L,. Li... - f if lie, ' v- ..,,, ff .. . f.M,t.?' J. 1 itwtwvwf-.:.m,gt. ,L -ff wi? W? l .i .1 .nf M.. fp-Uv 'N Q f s . X., W, C3 Q F .ff i f:2z,.1sJFf . . , 4 . . ,V 'Nt' l ' 'NMI gil I h,f.s'j1n,-if ., -Z'1' ffl if H 'J Q I gi First row: Bryan Scanlon, Ernestine Schittner, Phylis Schisler, Ashley Schuetz, Tom Seabury, Edith Seastrand. Second row: Jim Seeds, Richard Selseth, Kay Shields, Marlys Skiold, Barbara Smith, Carolyn Smith. Third row: Arthur Soreide, Margaret Sprinkle. Fourth row: Jim Stafford, Susan Stearns. Fifth row: Bill Steen, Calvin Stevens. Sixth row: Edward Stoddard, John Stoner, Jay Strang, Shirley Suits, Charlotte Sumpter,.Carol Taylor. Seventh row: Gail Thomas, Frank Thompson, William Thompson, Marilyn Tice, Nora Tinling, Linda Tottt. ,ar-QW' .XM . f . f'7'fi J . " 5 , .ga x 1355? 11 1 gm ,, fm A f St ,, -mfs,w,,fets,a5,,z. 5 ff 2 A First row: Sharon Tracy, Bert Trask, Margaret Trogdon, Elaine Tucker, Bob Turner, Jim Van Wagenen. Second row: Carolee Varnum, Jackie Ventura, Rodney Vinall, Darryl Wagner, Fred Walker, Dave Warner. Third row: Lloyd Watson, Kay Watters. Fourth row: Mike Whaley, Donald White. Fifth row: Nelva Wilkinson, Howard Williams. Sixth row: Patricia Winkler, Beverly Young, Ronald Zimmerman, Russell Zumwalt, Patricia Gibson. iglelllagllsfsiiigizslisi l 6 FltlfKfr:lllf1,1ti:t1'f'iffx fi ?5 Bf533fllfiW3?l " 53115 iflligzhgl li? ' i' s W32f2'iw - ifilftf-'.--iv at .mfs ,,1, Z tQ,- 1 t,,. . l4 4 ' : new -1 ' ' ,. 7'fi'.t i fr , i , , -- , 1' 'r T 2 . , t w ig ' 1 fy, ra 2, . ,-- W. ,7,-,7 , Q Q M 5 as :aw .az , 1 xt- , ' f I 'K :ft.ss1rf"r.f.4- fifj: Zvi"-Riuf55'i3li4,l"'lflFl i 95 Tiflfilfififiiif"'fl5EQ.2f" I 5 A -5 fzffi .. 'iii " l f . ,ff H l ' A H 2 L ll K X, Eta f- f ef F Qif'ifil-L"si::itli5' Fifi? ,s :km .sflih u L.,-. ,nmaxyf 7 nf . nm Fm J, 0 3 Autographs EL EHNINO 4 BLUE PRINTS a E 5 H 5 I 5 52 5 ji, 1?fQ,gfLl-5, '24 vs: g X 5, Eg? lj? , ,vfiw Q5 xii SR ? 57 pw' W' eg V K WM is Wx A ' Fgauswom 61115555 Hurry up with Those needles girls, the fashion show is com- ing soon! is fi? , , Students s h o w i n g their appreciation of American Literature. I 2' G -5 4. 'bw BW-r is ll I5 'Hg 'f ,, , H, H , ,w"" " " "Y Learning h o w to feecl'??'? -4 future hus- bands. Watch your fingers, boys! ,fuuiars 6. ,,1. , .,,. 5 VV , I ,V .i WW 'W Q 2 fb. Q A f if ' Egg., Q.. P, 1 I f l ...M . x. fs ? X - ef 611155 of 55 Another successful year has been recorded in the history of El Camino under the title, "Junior Class, 1953-54." Yet, this is no surprise! We were destined to be a success with an enrollment of some 340 class membersand the wonderful guidance of our sponsors, Mr. Sowersi, Mrs. Hendricks, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Goepfert, Miss Bolla, and Mr. Ley. The year began with candidates for office introduc- ing themselves in each U. S. History class. It was a frightening but exciting experience. After the election the ball really got rolling with plans for one of the most outstanding events of the year the Junior Prom. Its theme "Carousel" fitted the gaiety of the occasion and credit belongs to the hard- working committee. Another event in which the class took part was the carnival. Work on our booth was voluntary, but the good response showed a willingness to help make the Junior class the best. All in all we have been well represented in every field: social athletic and academic. Now we feel ready to begin the new chapter which will be entitled, Senior Class 1954-55 By mtv DAVIS ""'u.... w.. 1 fi PZ.-2 juniors . Q K sf --f Goshorn, B. Bacci, A. Paul, K. Rieck. Fourth row: G. Kayser, Front row: A. Spranger, E. Tray, B. Graves, D. Waggoner, A. G. Jordan, H. Griggs, L. Nelson, K. McGraw, C. McCorkle, Williams, C. Cory, V. Tucker. Second row: A. Mickel, D. Johns, J. Hollister, P. Green, C, Heil, B. Comstock, D. Selby. Third J. Hill, J. Ferguson, S. Adams. row: R. Eldridge, C. Gantke, F. Matteson, G. Matousek, L. . f if ff-' x' . NH!! 'nfs-'Af P ill! fl F. Conat, B. Wood, J. Gibson. Fourth row: L. B. Cox, M. Price. Second row: G. Borgarine, P. Wagaman, P. "Hinds, C. Millerborg, D Lindgren, G. Kneeland, B. Schaffer, McNulty, M. Stone, J. Harper, D. Cox, P. Foster. Third row: L. B. Palmer, B- MCCUVYY, R- M6I'?if1SOn. Woodward, F. Cridlebaugh, D. Bryans, J. Niederloh, G. Front row: D. Newburg, L, Hubbard, C. Culver, J. Houseworth, ' .n. W .. R3 T L' nvale W Wa onee, T. Nunroe, E. Burns, P. Brown, Front row. L. Orth, M. Tallacksen, J. Jacques, P. Wagner, J. . IO , - Q Mazzoni, E. McGeary, J. Cooper. Second row: B. McAuIay, C. Fourth row: J. Ramsey, T. Schilling, R. Silk, D. McCullough, Millerborg, P. Hollowell, N. Gibbs, S. McAmis, C. Stull, D. R. Crenshaw, R. Gary, J. Williamson, C. Cahill, B. Beamer. Leibel, J. Robertson. Third row: J. Bruns, N. Cook, R. Jerue, Q f " . - - - XR Ji F me 3 N KW QA . ? L' Kiwis Qf Q juuinrs diffs QM 'r .,,, .. Th in , . we we ff. Front row: J. Decker, A. Ward, V. Goodgame, B. Snyder, B. Pinkerton, C. Chambers. Second row: Y. Royal, T. Mararchi, R. Hayward, C. DeWein, B. Bachtold, R. Russell, P. Rowlett, B. McGraw. Third row: W. Steves, H. Homer, J. Russell, J Simmons, D. Peterson, S. Darr, C. Wismer. Fourth row: E. Speegle, R. Young, D. Welsh, G. Courtney, B. Marliave, R. Smith, B. DeMerritt, D. Burclie, J. Biggs. 'KN L ggi 5"""!5-I Front row: B. Stenzel, P. Pellon, M. Morgan, E. Young, L. J. Cracraft, T. Moydell, D. Marron, T. Harwood B. Clift Butterfield, G. Brace. Second row: J. Chico, M. Buttleman, N. Fourth row: K. Mayne, J. Luther, J. Conn, G. Frost, B. Manas, McBee, J. Schmith, B. Fife, D. Wildinson. Third row: J. Enos, G. Cook, R. Barsdale. Front row: N. Loomis, S. Eyler, R. Smart, L. Oliver, J. Bachert, Potter, C. Carpenter. Fourth row: D. lsherwood,G. Payne, T. G. Koven. Second row: B. Palmer, D, Ling, R. Richards, J. Chan, D. Reed, A. Kellogg, A. Cole, L. Parrot, D, VanVliet, Johnson, J. Cuccia, E. Newton. Third row: B. Berbles, B. J. Beaver, D. Sloate. Hamilton, H. Pahl, J. Bryant, S. Estabrook, B. Subry, R. Y ix 4 junior fn TWQ yy-Y 'KST "Ymr"f if X ' W M . 0 A l rr , D Q g , Q 1 J ' Front tow: D- Overton. S- Culbertson, D- Adams, M. Scheiber, Patterson, R. Wilhelm, B. Cullen, T. Jackson, B. Zahary, B. F. Sims, B. Mlinarich, C, Nedwed, B. Cline. Second row: M. Derobertis. Fourth row: D. Schackelford, D. King, B. Evans, B. Mattice, J. Brokaw, J. Thompson. Third row: D. Ragland, T, Berry, R. Hughes, V. Brinkman, D. Vaughn, J. Green. Matulich, P. Kelly, W, Durbrow, C. Gutting, R. Swor, M. .' L-"6 Q f i' rs -ev Ill! l. Front row: Peterson, N. Loomis, G. Koven, K. Davis, M. Palkman, J. Hastings, J. Alt, D. Meinzer, B. James. Fourth row: Argante, R. Wellner, M. Sides. Second row: G. Elem, S. Feil, F. Acton, B. Himenes, R. Bugby, D. Laird, K. Pinkard, C. Stark, P. Mitchell, J. Gibson, M. Stone, B. Burns, H. Davis, J.. G. Steres, B. Hunt, B. Potter. Thompson. Third row: W. Young, R. Morgan, B. Burkhart, H. An. 5-'fiat X Front row: L. Perret, P. Dickinson, S. Palmer, N. Reynolds, Kellips, J. Bidwell, R. Shearer, N. Holdredge. Fou'th row: L. P. Ward, M. Garrett. Second row. S. Mitchell, M. Miller, G. Richardson, L. Kelley. W. Silverthorn, T, Pope, J. Gibboney, Schroeder, M. Davis, E. Moreland, S. Flannery, P, Sewell. L. White, D. Hambo, A. De Kahn, D. Jahnson. Third row: R. Moren, A. Marren, E. Hall, B. Marks, A, Mc- A 5 - N 'tall' .Q .ffl ,til Saplzomorcs 60155 af '56 The Sophomores started off with a big bang this year by holding our class elections. After run offs we came up with a "big-four" that proved unbeatable. May 7th was one of the biggest evenings of the year for us Sophs. lt was the night of the well re- membered and much enjoyed Sophomore Dance. The theme of spring was carried through by a very apt committee. Of course, we could have accomplished nothing without our Sophomore Dues and a skit. Another unforgettable moment in this interesting year of ours was April 9, the night of the carnival. We presented an entirely new idea, a dance hall booth. The volunteers, who ran the booth, had almost as much fun as the kids who patronized it. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the wonderful guidance of Mr. Saylar, Miss Sherrod, Mrs. Hawkes, and Mrs. Jones, our advisors. We had fun as Sophomores, but l know we'll have even more fun as Juniors next year. By FRANKIE HENDRIX DQ' if S ll JK ' Ci CPJ10 ' 0 .full Wifi ""lt '- 'S Sophvmorc Front row: V. Welch, P. Bonbrake, J. Sweetland, A. Field, L. Wiley, S. Laga, M. Kelly, B. Pugliese, J. Bockover. Second row: D. Livingston, S. Cotten, G. Fong, G. Steeves, J. Hill, G. Ricketts, W. Murdock, L. Smith, M. Oughton. Third row: D. Sw 'Q -'O' s an ill, Beeman, E. Hopkins, T. Moore, J. Randleman, J. Linginfelter, C. Donelson, J. Snapp, D. Schneider. Fourth row: T. Eyler, G. Draper, R. Dahlin, R. Reiche, P. Clark, B. Lund, D. Hamilton, A. Rackham, T. Wentworth, C. Davis. . rife 'NJ A Front row: G. Moore, D. Tull, L. Conners, C. Bleuel, S. Schulz, E. Pickens, M. Bauer, H. Dietze, L. Childs. Second row: T. Tomlin, M. Zube, K. Wultf, S. Grice, R. Buck, H. Woodworth, A. Anderson, N. Bliss, M. Gibson, B. Millar. Third row: B. Jennings, M. Cantrell, M. Webb, B. Lewis, J. Mitchell, J. Front row: C. Zimmerman, K. Morgan, L. Clark, J. McGraw, D. Sutherland, J. Keller, M. Stearns, M. Brokaw. Second row: N. Hickey, C. Herd, A. Palmateer, J. Curley, E. Stoltz, M. Hoff- man, J. Mulbarger, R. Fortadd, K. lsenhower. Third row: C. .....- .Kabul Abbant, A. Stigall, B. Scollard, D. Large, W. Jackson, B. Mc- Bride. Fourth row: F. Andrews, J. Rudorf, J. Burk, B. Hard- ing, R. Cottrell, R. Hild, J. Calvert, C. Green, R. Colffee, P. lsenberg, J. LuMond, R. Berkan. A x. .-,sr Trowe, R. McElman, R. Simpson, B. Kneeland, D. Sedgwick, D. Walker, G. Frost, M. McGowan, D. Meadows. Fourth row: R. Kellogg, D. Heidt, G. Patterson, B. Westburg, J. Neil, R. Fairchild, J. White, B. Meridith, L. Siefer, C. Thomsen. Scfphrfmrfrc Q19 Front row: J, Phillips, C. Bishop, M. Channell, C. McMullen, D. Hammer, J, Fong, T. Clifford, R. Haak, R. Kirchberger, D M. Pacheco, R. Butler, E. Velasco, E. Self. Second row: S. Farmer, J, Griffith, W. Everrette. Fourth row: R. Ullery, G. Baker, C. Linebarger, C. Nelson, W. Muers, J. Humrich, S. Raybern, B. Nehus, P. Whitney, H. Henderson, A. Reynolds, Clark, P. Forster, E. Perkins, L. Vaughn Third row: G.Seastrand, A. Kach, E. Kallen, B. DeCuir, L. Royal, G. Harwood. Ct o... A PQ A, Y S 2 3 at 2 C Q-f iii-A an .. N- Lf ,ke wil ...ar Q Front row: S. Sandsor, J. Brune, J. Erickson, C. Blake, D. Barkley, J. Denny, B. Brown, R. Kramer, T. Zacharias, F. Braden, S. Graves, D. Bonfigilo. Second row: F. Houghton, Eckman, R. Buck. Fourth row: J. Evenson, G. Gomm, R. H. Ballenger, J. Williamson, A. Anderson, A. Capachi, J. Humphrey, S. Martin, R. Himenes, G. Magures, G. Gatos, Davis, S. Eisenhower, D. Williams. Third row: R. Burger, J. L. Forster, G. Rine. 4: Front row: K. Peterson, J. Tesse, M. Hughes, W. Lawson, Foreman, C. Collins, S. Milton, C. Rice. Second row: Kessler, C. McAllister, N. Lukan, P. Fraser, L. Lindmeier, Morse, S. Hogan, V. Heiskell, J. Fagerskog. Third row: 'Q'?' V -3 xr Southern, B. Snyder, R. Rossie, D. Dolder, F. Hinder, B. Hotch- kiss, B. Herren, L. Miller, B. Green. Fourth row: G. Moe, D. Knab, J. Reither, D. McPherson, J. Lusk, W. Beik, W. Nash, B. Bedegrew, R. Courtney, A. Enmark. Svphomore ,V ,I , 2 .tiara ,Qu-ll41'fi' J u.---'.. Front row: C. Gray, L. Grandon, C. Bernardo, B. Day, D. Konvalin, M. Manhart, M. Smith, J. Sechrist. Second row: J. Cusanza, R. Manas, G. Hallman, J. Kimball, C. Smith, J. Branscomb, N. Webber, B: McBride, E. McDaniel. Third row: T. Stetson, M. Worton, J. Yant, G. Colborn, J. Wilson, C. Jones, W. Sims, G. Harmon, D. Walker, B. Churchill. Fourth row: B. 13 . 145 , Front row: J. Johnson, M. Matteoli, F. Hendrix, D. Enos, R. Gross, C. Chapman, D. Weaver. Second row: B. Stevenson, N. Studt, B. Hamilton, A. Pianezzi, K. Lefever, H. Wurster, V. Bright. Third row: B. Packard, J. Conover, P. Keim, T. ,-C' ,im fs 4.5, xr McLaren, G. Huckabay, B. Brunton, T. Ward, J. Linn, J, Fox, B. Holcomb, G. Chilcott, R. Morse, E. Cook, J. Williams. Fifth row: D. Shatto, A. Bauska, S, Walsh, A. Weida, F. Fletcher, K. Jenning, K. Smith, G. Thoams, M. Boman, I.. Albaugh, O. Rogers, D. Keller. mv' wr Collins, G. Rose, S. Lynch, J. Collins, B. Kelly. Fourth row: V. Gregory, G. Dasmann, B, Mitchell, R. Chapman, G. Herd, D. Kanzler, R. Cole. Fife, B. Nuttall, D. 779. 3 - 5 rs' ,df 5 Front fow: B. Mackey, J. Woo, J. Ray, L. Poppett, P, Mc- Manus, D. Nakimura. Second row: M. Haines, M. Norris, P. Peper, S. Rhoy, L. Hennagin, R. Stinchfield. Third row: R. George, G. Lopes, C. Canfield, D. Burby, D. Berdahl, J. Blagg, .ww , ta' S. Ketchum, J. Abbanat. Fourth row: E. Skaggs, D. Carter L. Thomas, R. Taylor, F. Magary, A. Liddle, D. Kurk, R. Lynn G. Thomas. fi si S: -Q-tt 091 From row: P. Groth, H. Market, Thomas, L, Bachmeier, N. Scott. Second row: Y. Cross, C. Campbell, J. Tucker, W. Parker, C. Fisher, K. Macfadden, W. Hooper, D. Tull. Third row: D. Wernette, D. Pollock, J. Clay, sa M. JT -. T Q' Q, Mei' 2 6 WM -Q Saphamvre :ref 9' .K V. H sy W- Y an xv l J if M. Jerde, L. Chatterton, S. Slawsnn, B. Thomas, M. Drew, P. lsherwood. Fourth row: G. Colborn, D. Cotting, M. Hanlon, S. Woodward, L. Thomas, R. Morrison, M. McMorine, C. Morr, M, Durbrow, H. Williams. Front row: M, Gier, S. Walker, M. Baker, C. Jenks, C. Tull, S. B. Hild, K. Nail, R. Clark, E. Kecherside, G. Stevens, E. Hollo- Adams, N. Scott, J. Herrog. Second row: H. Felos, J. Bender, well, D. Palmquist. Fourth row: D. Munson, J. Fraser, L. Mitchell, P. Lacy, S. Hooker, L. Jacklym, L. Davies, C. Kious, S. Ford, R. Mitchell, C. East, D. Dorman, R. Branstetter, C. Schulze, C. Isaacson. Third row: R, Hayes, D. Palmquist, G. Martin, B- KilP5TfiC, D-5TI'5Cl9, D-TLWBYP. grcshmeu 611155 of '5 7 The Freshman class got off To a good starr This year by having an assembly. The idea of The assembly was to collect dues. They were only fifty cents, as compared to The other classes' dues of a dollar. Then, we had a cake sale for a week from which we made close To 520. With this added income we were able To have a dance aT which the large crowd of people who af- Tended had a wonderful time. A five piece band was hired To play at "The Creep" on March 5Th. The decorations were clever and un- usual. Thanks To the help of our sponsors, Mr. Kick, Mr. Kondas, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Reese, Mr. Furneaux, Mr. Burcell and Mrs. Young, we became loyal El Cami- nians and are looking forward To our Sophomore year, which we know will be iust as grand. By JAN MARTIN dur +w,,,, my aff' 1 5 Front row: C. Martin, J. Rick, L. Murdock, B. Swinton, C. Hull, M. Martin, P. Bloom, J. Watson, S. Freeman, B. Gatos. Second row: J. Zimmerman, J. Griggs, N. Payne, J. Winkle, B. Elam, D. Statt, J. Zimmerman, D. Blackburn, V. Schaffer, A. Collins, J. Rodgers. Third row: C. Lacy, B. Noble, B. Houson, E. Q. l l LQA We hmm "5 W, et. 44 -1 6' L v .aff , vw' ilonnq Cohen, G. Hakari, C. Hardin, C. Helman, J. Greene, C. Mauer B. Hanson, B. Byrd, J. Collins, H. Knutzen. Fourth row: F Patterson, J. Larsen, B. Parker, D. Murrell, L. Rackham, R Westburg, S. Pendergast, W. Wilson, B. Keeper, J. Black, D Bach. s Front row: N. Tibbedeaux, B. Van Pool, D. Gore, R. Pentield, C. Blackwood, S. Zimmerman, L, Davis, C. Maples, M. Levis, M. Ling. Second row: L. Franklin, M. Zeillemaker, K. Miller, C. Marrin, T. lsoard, S. Spencer, J. King, K. Von Rotz, C Cusick, J. Smith, J. Silva. Third row: D. Dobek, J. Stiehl, M ZGHP McCrystle, B. Mackintosh, B. Storm, H. Gumnor, J. Hanes M. Von Rotz, F. Riddles, T. Mitchell, B. Appling. Fourth row: L Hemminger, R. Herhold, G. Zumwalt, P. Cordero, G. Hansen B. O'Dell, J. Miller, D. Morten, D. Barkhurst, A. Chamberlin J. Didion, R. Brower. .L was YJ Front row: D. Sutherland, R. Winterstein, L. Wagner, P. Fuller, Lorda, R. Smothers, J. Stephens, N. Faulkner, S. Fenner, V. B. Coatney, R. Freeman, C. Duffy, R. Cunningham. Second Joyner, A. Jones, T. Morse, C. Wentworth. Fourth row: V. row: S. Burton, J. Hack, S. Goodman, J. Houghton, E. Hinds, Dohman, F. Wall, C. Short, K. Wester, R. Thomas, G. Chairs, S. Selleseth, S. Chadwick, E. May, C. Tucker. Third row: J. E. Eahins, B. Brecht, J. Argante, G. Beaver. 1 5'resl1W1eu V me 53 R 'K .va 'W 'gg B 3 an 4.1111 if Front row. S. Matteson, C. Dobek, J. Scheaffer, S. Reseigh, B. Hahn, S. Hites, D. Fletcher, S. Schuetz, J. Luich. Second row: J. Orth, E. Flohr, L. Davis, K. Bell, L. Scott, E. Harman, J. Eavis, S. Bone, S. Hatton. Third row: B. Kerby, C. Scott, Ill A. Giles, J. Wilkinson, D. Green, R. Farmer, E. Cerwinsky, D. Channell, T, Gantenbein, D. Lesher, T. Williams. Fourth row: A. Lee, R. Cox, M. Capen, B. Tredinnich, B. Washburn, P. Griffin, R. Clark, K. Friedman, P. Recuro, E. Butts, C. Pappa. Front row: M, Rawson, G. Grandon, C. Sparks, A. Tallacksen, W. Harrington, J, Martin, M. Capachi, K. Giles. Second row: A. Duston, S. Montgomery, D. McGuffee, L. Snyder, A. Welch, A. Nielson, J. Waggoner, J. Pascoe, J. Bitler, K. Young. Third row: J. Dulgar, C. Woodruf, J. Parins, P. Koepsell, P. Saverien, D. Daniels, B. Merenda, W. Larick, R. Eckhardt, E. Paul, B. Thielbahr. Fourth row: D. Willis, F. Jones, B. Liller, T. Spangler, R. Croner, E. Houser, J. Capra, S. Wheelis, C. Curio, C. Wilson, D. Olson, D, Thomas, B. Taylor. Front row: L. Pratt, A. Gurnnor, B, Ledesma, N. Watson, J. Monday, B. Vaughan, G. Graves, G. Nelson, J. Linn. Second row: N. Lingenfelter, M, Moss, L. Shab, L. Ledford, J, Jay, J. Payne, M, Relles, D. West, L. Lemke, C. Reardon. Third row: C. Marasco, J. Noreseron, R. Prizmich, R. Evenson, C. Adams, B. Partor, A. Young, B. McFadden, G. MacAuley, S. Buchanan, K. Smith. Fourth row: J. Trow, B. Pishek, R. Conn, J. Watkins, R, Crotheer, L. Baker, D. Augustine, C. Pederson, H. Corder, J. Champlain, J. Shankland, J. Owen. m.'. Front row: J. Verbeck, P. Miller, J. Boloyan, J. Lewis, M. Henderson, J. Acuilar, C. Robertson, L. Gutting, R. Reed, Second row: J. Blair, E. Thomas, R. Strain, J. Ping, D. Wilenslcy, C. Patterson, P. Dyer, T. Biggs, M. Goodgame. Third row: D. Haney, A. Boothe, K. Muller, C. Francis, P. Ponzo, .K 3 'VA za- 'V' 3 -2' W 3. A M. .Mr ,gi Q3 ff. ' ra. E S J... 1 Front row: D. Phillips, D. Owens, S. Mason, C. Helsen, R. Taylor, S. Hayes, T. Hardy, P. Mapa, B. Kilgore. Second row: K. Lucas, J. Haga, P. MacMurray, L. Martin, C. Johnson, J. Scott, P. Marron, J. Johnson, R. Griswold, R. Hart. Third row: G. Hendergest, L. Pratt, G. Effenbeck, B. Lynch, E. Long, L. We hmm G. McMullen, D. Whitton, B. Staines, D. MacKay, M. Bianco W. VanMaanen. Fourth row: R. Foreman, F. Smith, P. Mc Laughlin, H. Yelverton, R. Hall, G. Bell, B. Beattie, B. Bar rowmen, A. Chambers R. Dwyer, R. Adams, B. Silk. R Paxton, J. Bell, M. Fox, J. Rademacher, L. Webster, G. Rodgers Fourth row: R. Robinson, D. Ledesma, K. Wilkinson, B. Long fellow, C. Greene, J. Palladino, R. Hopkins, J, Stevenson, R Pisi, B. McDaniel, M. Shelton, J. Betow. vf 57 Front row: B. Walden, M. Martin, A. Capps, B. Czuprynslci, P, man, C. Yhnell, G. Tatterson, J. Percox, K. Fat, J. Williams, Watkins, B. Collins, P. Parisi, S. McGowan. Second row: B, C. Curl. Fourth row: J. McKellips, B. Turner, S. Gerhardt, G. Gonzales, C. Woodward, J. DiDonato, L. Langley, P. Meyers, Nance, B. Campbell, M. Lynn, J. Estabrook, J. Geclney, H. J. Russell, M. Cross, D. Subry, J. Withers. Third row: G. Van Fossen, L. Studebaker, B. Logan, T. Haag. Carpenter, R. Wischkaemper, D. Marianos, P. Quinio, T. Alder- SX ' am "..H? 5'rc hmm Q tri! if . . From row: G. McNatt, G. Eister, J. Storro, S. Steffens, R. King, Fairfield, B. Butterfield, P. McMahon, D. Barton, J. Keenan, L. R. Haynes, J. Bush, D. Guider, J. Giberson, E. Jones, D. Lange- Wuixorn, W. Larick, L. Linville, R. Horgan, D. Niessner. Fourth nour. Second row: D. Colbaugh, G. Cooper, B. Rhodes, D row: J. Drew, E. Rafferty, A. Satfield, T. Bilund, T. McKee, S. N W'Ide, S. Blanken- Doll, D. Russell, J. Grote, R. Kohn, D. Nusbaum, S. Richardson, Clark, J. Fender, C. Boyer, L. Lathrop, . i um, Third row: B. Oshier, D. Bales, D. T. Tannar. ship, S. Reiter, D. Cor mg' ab ma Front row: K. Karansky, W. Helms, J. Arbini, S. Karoly, R. Berol, Raymond, J. Keller, M, a er, . y M, Hubbard, S. Hellewell, J. Grant. Second row: D. Suther- L. Martin. Fourth row: M. Murray, F. Reiche, T. Stone, R. ' h l Hencken, E. Sellers, W, Album, D, Malchow, D. Park, B, Phil- land, Z. Hammock, J. Gregory, C. Harr, F. Mairoana, S. W a ey, J. Elam, P. Joslyn, P. Sims, Third row: P. Drew, D. Cox, J lips, J. Bell. E d T Kelle , M. White, H. Meister, fate Hamas JUNIORS-Front row: P. Lilleland, B. Lawson, C. Carter, D. Cahill, D. Burton. Second row: N. Byerrurn, K. Fiero, J. Schuetz, B. Greene, S. Hamilton, B. Anderson M. Millar, S. Longfellow, D. Krumpotic, M. McMahon. Third row: W. Feese, L. Coutney, D. Erickson, R. Berg, D. Rehurek, L. Keith, A. Dutra, T. Sheey, D. Ford. Fourth row: D. Timmermans, D. Jessee, P. MacMillan, M. Chapman, M. Blackburn, D. McCollough, J. Clark, R, Jeffries, J. Saulter, J. Straw, Z. Bergman, V. Bianco, N. Gray, M. ,,.. fT"'N ff' R. Jerue. FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES JUNIORS SENIORS M. Wenzel D. Engelbarg J. Davis . Rogers T. Baker B. Davis C. Stadtler G. Pech S. Cannon V. Shaelter L. Sulff P. Hopper M. Green S. Craig V. Knicherbocker E. Smith H. Higgins D. Day J. Barth Butcher B. McGill K. Wainer P. Zambdin R. Johnson M. Lewis J. Ash G. Conley B. Keehn B. Rogers B. Shepherd G. Elam A. Senn B. Schiech B. Webb S. McDowell D. Huphry T. Couch P. Miller R. Conover K. Beebe C. Scott J. Thomas S. Jordan M. Goddard S. Gilles D. Fox D. Gold G. Godfrey W. Howard S. Frey G. Tenneson J. Erickson W. Shirley D. Hiel C. Mitebell T. Zogheib R. Hyce R. Coldas J. Knight C. Sizelove M. Godeard J. Glover P. Gary B, Mayer T. Drisdell L. Robinson J. Codorig V. Bright P. Schamun B. Basseth M. LaRue 61115555 Mr. Cutler showing his Physics students the atom experiment. With all the positive and nega- tive charges added. Testing food blindfolded - what a life!!! Mfg Kay and Pat demonstrate the art ot make-up. 'ZZFVQW' Oh, that poor automobile!! .A Y J, ,, ...fv- ,4 I Work ?? "Now, the first thing To know is that .x . " Beginner's Iecture in Driver's Education class. At least they learn how to draw rivers and mountains, and some- times even straight lines, in Art. ug if 1 2 - i.., ,ma fm, W. ,Ma 6298! in-:iv-ffl 5 t - M,Md!nA,,,.Mw-"" ff" M Ntsm M Forfnula X H SO9' : ? " 69-SIPSZ Of Course it's Texas, what eIse?? me Aulagruphs WW f diff Senior thrills Freshman with his signawre! Joan Brune, Sopho- morep Sherry McGowan, Fresh any Ronnie Smith, Juniorf Ed ' GedneYf Senior. y 9W ' f f ff K ! V f I ' My i if if M r ffffpff' QV W?Wfff?WifWff W , r ww Mmwmjff r W M fffff WW K5iZVjQv WyQ?ffM5 9. X, gm QFWWWO QPPJNTS 5 'slr f'7lNUTf5 E .1 ' ,7W 1 ,1Y, A. ,f7 v vii-v tf fl' A xX 1. A, I ly.. , E '73 I W xx 'I IW gl will Lb r J PN y 7 1717, JV W fm X f" '. um." ,'7!7L 'ldv' ' 1 A A' -' 1l,'TKN 'Aff 'S ' ,NA . I I 'n Q Front row- M. Reardon, D I . . Ka len, M. Zube, C, Jenks, N. F. Sims, G. Schroeder, M. Garrett, K, Davis, G. Mulbarger, P Reynolds, C. Bernado, Miss Sherrod, Advisor, J. Clay, R. Ketchum. Third row: C. Morton, P. Deal, H. O'Shell, F. Hinden, Wellner, H. Davis, N. Hunt, K. Lilleland, S. Meadows, B. D. Beattie, M. Chapman, J. Moulds, R. Young, J. Ramsey, Pugliese. Second row: J. Ventura, J. Bender, C. Sumpter, S. D. Perdue. Absent: C. Morton. Bruch, B. Thomas, M. Moore, A. Pinkerton, F. Cridlebaugh, Ealifamia Schalar hip Qcderafian is a scholarship organization consisting of Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores. To qualify for membership, a person must have a total of ten grade points each semester. Plans are to create a revolving Scholarship fund, which will be used on th e same order as the Student Loan Fund. as started to buy pins for the members, and those who become sealbearers or life members, may keep their pin. At Christmas time the club sponsored a project to raise money by selling Christmas Corsages and delivering them with a song. At the Carnival th' the club had C ' is year, a ake Walk and a Fortune Telling Booth. During the year a fund w By MARY JANE GARRETT rf D al Vice Presldelm p e Presideftli ' lolds, WCG Plesl' , p, Ketchum' .d M. N. Revn S cfetarY, I Presi 9 I F' 1 semesteri Nl' 'll Gadrizrnesier Olllcersl llllbcalvilll Hlslollan' QFHCERS- "S Absent, sewn, h treasurer: ' Treasurer- F CndlebaU9 ' jr Ventura, - . 5ecretarYf J. Garrett, dent: M- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS-Front row: Mrs. A. Sparks, Advisor, C. Large, Board Member, N. Brecht, Treas- urer, S. Gervais, Board Member, B. Gregory, Board Member, W. Martin, President, S. Bruch, Vice President, S. McElroy, Secretary, S. Meadows, Board Member, Miss F. Bolla, Advisor. Second row: M. Reardon, M. Moore, A. Pinkerton, F. Sims, 9 all J. Schuetz, H. Davis, C. Sumpter, D. Henderson, D. Kallen. Third row: C. Morton, G. Mulbarger, M. Morris, E. Tucker, G. Schroeder, C. Hurd, N. Hunt, K. Lilleland, P. Ketchum. Fourth row: P. Deal, R. Young, J. Moulds, M. Chapman, R. Zimmerman, D, Beattie, H. O'Shell, E. Franz, J. Paxton, J. Ramsey. aliomzl ffamrr aciefy junior tale men The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of El Camino High School, The members of the Honor Society have tempted students of E.C. with their delicious home made cakes during many' noon hours in the past year and a half, Many more cake sales are planned for the future. One of the most promising proiects of the Honor Society is orientation of the new students. Much thought and haml work has been put into this proiect. The purpose of orientation is to make the new students to our school feel more at home. Kids, young and old, enioyed the puppet show given by the club at the school carnival. Of course, the young ladies dressed in short, frilly skirts, were one of the highlights of the show. The National Honor Society is a club of great prestige and each member is very proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Many thanks go to Mrs. Alma Sparks, our sponsor, who has devoted a great deal of time and work to the club. By SHIRLEY MCELROY The El Camino Chapter of the Junior Statesmen was or- ganized at the beginning of the spring semester under the directions of Mr. Paul Moser, sponsor, and Eddie Speegle, chairman pro-tempore. After a constitution had been drawn up by the local chapter and approved by the State organization, the El Camino Chapter was officially installed on March 16. The Junior Statesmen Organization is dedicated to teaching the youth of America to appreciate and use their democratic privileges. The organization also instills in its members an interest in government and skill in the use of parliamentary procedure. The organization took part in many activities during the year. Outstanding among these were: A conference at Grant with other chapters from Davis, Roseville, and Woodland, a trip to the State Legislature and talks with many of the assemblymen and senators, and a banquet for the installation of new officers with speakers from state and local govern- ments. A new club added to El Camino's ever growing list, By JOHN MOULDS JUNIOR STATESMEN MEMBERS-Front row: C. Chambers, Treas- Secretary, J. Niederloh, Vice President, P. McNulty, W. Martin, urer, P. Foster, J. Houseworth, J. Harper, M. Argante, D. A. Dutra, G. Kneeland, J. Williamson, E. Speegle, President, Cox, M. Getty, P. J. Lilleland, Second row: B. Bachtold, G. F. Cridlebaugh, J. Barth, Absent: D. Hunt, J. Moulds, Parlia- Conat, F. Guidera, P. Wagamen, B, Wood, B. Snyder, G. mentarian. Mulbarger, C. Morton, P. Brown. Third row: B. Mac Aulay, Members of F.N.A. are-Front row: Second Semester Officers: B. Collins, Treasurer, A. Foreman, Secretary, J. Deason, Presi- dent. First Semester Officers: K. Lilleland, President, J. Bruns, Vice President, C. Collins, Secretary, M. Killey, Treasurer, Mrs. M. Penny, Advisor. Second row: E. Lewis, D. Neissner, A. iN. . Our Future Nurses Club is made up of girls who have indicated an interest in becoming nurses. lt makes available a way to interest students in personal and community health, to encourage them in finding out what it offers, to help them decide wisely about professional or practical nursing as their careers. Our club plans its own activities under the supervision of Mrs. M. Penney, our school nurse. Some of our activities this year were, field trips to other hospitals, cake sale, and a visit to the blood bank. We feel this club will grow larger in future years, as nurses are in great demand. By CHARLOTTE BLACK N. J. Gray, S. Culbertson, D. Wilensky, C. Jenks, S. Chapman. Third row: C. Culver, P. Rowlett, D. Pollock, C. Black, J. Branscomb, K. Watters, S. Mehren, E. Schiffner. Ab- sent: N. Cook, Second Semester Vice President. ?.l6'.L'..f4. The FBLA was organized in the fall of 1953, under the sponsorship of Mr. Walker and Mrs. Swartz. The present club sponsors are Mr. Walker, Mr. Goepfert, and Mrs. Hawkes. The purpose of FBLA is to develop business leadership, strengthen confidence of the members in their work, en- courage the improvement of character and promote school loyalty. , The club had several proiects for raising money during the year, and participated in the carnival. The highlight of the year's activities for the El Camino Chapter was taking care of the registration at the State Con- vention held in Sacramento. By ROSE MARY WELLNER 3 -zsrq, . W , MEMBERS of FBLA-Front row: Mr. Geopfert, Advisor, Mrs. rett, D. Lacy, S. McAmis, C. Hampton, P. Green, D. Liebel, J. Hawkes, Advisor, J. Jacques, Secretary, D. Henderson, Presi- Davis. Third row: M. Blake, J. Bachert, C. McAllister, J. Alt, dent, A. Carter, Vice President, J. Simmons, Treasurer, R. S. Rhoy, D. Braden, D. Tull, L. Childs. Wellner, Reporter, Mr. Walker, Advisor. Second row: L. Per- MEMBERS of the SKI CLUB-Front row: Mr. Maisson, Advisor, M. Tice, B. Young, H. Davis, C. Cross, Mr. McCord, Advisor M. J. Garrett, N. Studt, M. J. Miller, R. Smart, Mr. Cutler, Ad- visor. Second row: D. Braden, D. Waggoner, C. Carter, B Millar, A. Anderson, C. Martin, P. Brayton, M. Gibson, M Zube, M. Coulombe, M. Smith, A. Ward, J. Jacques, M. Jones Third row: M. Cahill, J. Rodgers, Z. Bergmann, D. Hunt, J Davis, A. Di Benedetto, M. Cross, K. Watters, M. Davis, P. Ski 611111 El Camino's Ski Club has the distinction of being the coolest club on the campus-iust ask any member who went on the ski trips. The purpose of the Ski Club is to promote interest in skiing and to help members increase their skill on the slats by sponsoring ski trips. Two club excursions were taken to Sugar Bowl. Ski Club officers were Nathan McCorkIe, President, Judy Harper, Vice President, Carolyn Cross, Treasurer, and Harriet Davis, Secretary. Ski Club was fortunate in having the services of Mr. A. Maissen, Mr. L. McCord, and Mr. E. Cutler as spon- sors. By HARRIET DAVIS I 4 T I Foster, J. Effenbeck, G. Colburn, B. Storm, A. Chamberlin. Fourth row: M. Tallackson, J. Green, D. Adams, E. May, B. Green, N. Tinling, S. Mehran, A. Pianezzi, L. Lindmeier, D. Meinzer, B. Burkhart, T. Stetson, H. Meister, G. Gaither. Fifth row: D. Cook, A. Paul, M. Webb, D. Wise, N. Tinling, M. Hanlon, R.'SiIk, B. Arnold, J. Gibboney, C. McCorkle, W. Sil- verthorne, S. Gervais, R. Hild, L. Thomas, B. Hild, N. Worton. 5'.ff..fi. F.H.A. stands for Future Homemakers of America. This orga- nization is made up of girls taking some course in Home- making. Its main purpose is to increase interest in home activi- ties and to promote leadership. The girls have taken part in many proiects. Six of them made and modeled garments for the J. C. Penney Company. At the Annual Spring Fashion Show, sponsored by the F.H.A. in honor of El Camino mothers, the girls from the sewing classes modeled garments they had made, and those in the cooking classes served refreshments. A garden is being planned so that the fashion show may be held there in the future. The club is sponsored by Mrs. L. Carr and Mrs. J. Reese. By MUSA BLAKE if . MEMBERS of the F.H.A.-Front row: J. Houghton, Repoher, M. Rawson, Song Leader, J. Butler, Secretary, C. DeWein, Vice President, B. Bird, Parliamentarian, M. Blake, President, B. Burns, Treasurer, L. Franklin, Historian. Second row: Mrs. Reese, Advisor, J. Jay, S. Bone, L. Pratt, A. Nielson, C. Sparks, E. Hinds, J. Luick, Mrs. Carr, Advisor. Third row: M. Relles, C Fisher, D. Waggoner, L. Gutting, H. Kloss, J. Bachert, J. Sim- mons, C. Nelson, S. Steffenes. Absent: P. Wagamen. 5'ufure cacher of America Seated, left to right: C. Cusick, J. Humrick, S. Zimmerman, Vice President, J. Brune, President, L Lindmeier, Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Smith, Advisor, A. Pianezzi. 6715-gs 61110 3,9 K 3 1 .1 . a Y' 1 ,Jie Seated: E. Paul, J. McKellips, P. Koepsell, B. Storm, D. Knab, Standing: T. Haag, A. McKeIIips, Mr Furneaux, Advisor, G. Zumwalt, B. Lewis. K' 5 . R 4:-. Sw - A Asia A ' if Seated: L. Childs, D. Van Fleet, President, T. Patterson, Vice President, R. Butler, Treasurer. Standing: Mr. Gaffney, Advisor, R. Barsdale, F. Acton. Absent: M. Trogdon, Secretary. 3 "I xr' First row: P Lilleland M T mrfirrf J' . , . ice, J. Robertson, S. Culbertson, M. Reardon, M. Baker. Second row: Mr. R. Tyler, Sponsor, J. Fowler, C. Carter, G. Mulbarger, M. Mulbarger, B. Pinkerton, C. Sims. Third row: C. Cross, C. McMorine, M. Moore, C. Farnsworth, H. Woodworth, C. Herd, L. Woodworth. ,Ari 611111 Not only has is past year, but also our list of clubs. With the beginning semester of school, the El Camino Senior Art Club was created. Its purpose is to further the interest in at r among the high school students. Only students with one year or m ore of Art and a "B" average are eligible to ioin. our school grown larger th' Its f ryone. With the splendid covoperation of all the members and the chairman, Sue Culbertson, the Art Club took over the task of decorating the halls for the Christmas holidays. There were cardboard candy canes, presents, and stockings lining the walls, with sprigs of pine at the intersections. Its next proiect was to earn money. First came a cookie sale, Then, with the elections of spring officers arriving, they made 'posters for the candi- dates, charging them a slight fee, This proved to be irst proiect was noticed by eve such a good id o o posters for any school function, A caramel apple sale proved to be another good money making proiect. They made IOO to sell during the lunch periods. Reports were that they were delicious, but, oh! so sticky! ea, that they decided t d An Italian was among the club's last attractions. Here some of their exquisite l?J art work was shown along with the sale of donuts and apple cider. Students came from all a round to have their profiles sketched in the lovely little Italian village. street scene at the Carnival The Art Club has many plans for the future. Some of them being to visit Crocker Art Gall ery, and to go on a sketching tour in San Francisco. By CAROL FARNSWORTH . F P .I Lilleland Secretary, C- a n mswortht - , Historia: - ' ,lTreasuref- OFHCER5-Seated:lbM. Iicslice President: M. Reardon ge Presideftli G' MU al 'Wm W S Darr Secretary: 5- Meadows' G Thomas, Ser9eam"l'Armsl ls Laee, Treasurer: W' Wlley' orricens-Saved: lv' e President. Back 'CWI ' President: A- Dlma' 'C Historian. ,mm I1 Klub Camino de Amigos, EI Camino's Spanish Club, was or- The Chihuahua Hop, held on February 22, was Camino de ganized in 1950. It is the largest language club in the Amigo's annual dance. It proved to be an enjoyable evening school. Our advisor this year is Miss Hanson. and the beautiful crepe-paper flowers osed as decorations The business meetings are Conducted in Spanish so 'hm were quickly appropriated as souvenirs by admiring students Students may if1Cf6-250 their knowledge of the language by This year we missed the familiar face of Bart Pesonen who using it. The meetings may offer a guest speaker, a movie pagged ' ' ' or a r , p ogram of Spanish customs, and at mid-term, the new members are initiated into the club. This year, as usual, Christmas was celebrated by breakin 9 the pinata, an old Spanish custom. At the Carnival, Spanish Honor Society, combined their proiects La . rge crowds were drawn to the attractive Spanish booths and concessions. Front row: C. Cross, D. Hunt, B. MacAulay, K. Wulff, M. Mulbarger, J. Schultz,. F. Welch, C, Large, S. Meadows, K. Lilleland, G. Mulbarger, D. Overton, R. Russell, J. Buttler Second row: Miss L. Hansen, Advisor, M. Ga tt J rre , ,Fagerskog, F. Hendrix, J. Ray, J. Brune, C. Bernardo, L. Poppett, C. Issaacson, P. Groth, H. Markel, L, Wiley, C. Maples, D. Wilen- sky, A. Field, N. Noble, P, Watkins, M. Hubbard, B. Gates. Th' - ' :rd row. S. Fell, A, Anderson, C. Bleuel, S. Spencer, L. Scott, V. Heiskell, S. Hogan, P. Peper, S. Sage, S. Rhoy, E. Young, Camino de Amigos and Los Hidalgos, the away in March. This fun-loving Sergeant-at-Arms al ways kept the organization in good spirits. By GEORGE THOMAS and MARY JO MULBARGER K. Macfadden, J. Martin K Young, B. H , . anson, A. Welch. Fourth row: C. Davis, M. Hoffman, H. Ballinger, J. Bender, J. Hill, M. Drew, J. Williamson, B. Thomas, J. Clay, M. Miller, S. Darr. Fifth row: R. Stinchfield, J. Binz, M. Morris, C. Heil, E. Cohen, D. Sedgwick, R. Lynn, D. Hughes, H. Ganow, A. Dutra, R. Branstetter, G. Hansen, D. Lindgren, M, Berol, G. Th omas, K. Lucas, S. Flannery, C. Kessler, R. Haynes, J. Didonato. tid -fi if ,, , L Q ii B X Front row: Mr. Mai 1 - fi Reardon, C. Kessler, J. Brune, J. Ray, P. Lilleland, C. Large. Second row: J. Fowler, R, Hayward, M. Garrett, B. Wood, C. Carter, K. Lilleland, D. Hunt, B. MacAulay, G. Mulbarger. Third row: C. D ' ' ' avis, C. Heil, M. Miller, C. Cross, F. Cridle- 170 Hildugos Los Hidalgos, El Camino's Spanish Honor Society, means the nobles or the honored ones. lt was organized in 1951 and i's a chapter of the National Spanish Honor Sociely, During the past year, the society has been operating under the able leadership of Dr. Augustine Maissen, one of El Camino's latest additions to the language department. Membership is limited to the oustanding student ' ' s in second, third, and fourth year Spanish. Los Hidalgos was organized to develop an understanding and an appreciation of Spanish people, their language, and their culture. Being a member of this organization is an ex- cellent college recommendation. In fact, schools of Mexico offer scholarships for exchange students who are members of the society. fluelqm ssen, Advisor, S. Meadows J Beve M. baugh, S Darr C Hurd M Morri E . , . , . s, . Young, L. Willy. Fourth row: N. Lucas, R. Young, W. Martin, B. Zahary, A. Khatoonian, R. Zimmerman, W, Silverthorne, J. Beaver, M. Berol, G. Thomas, B. Herren. Activities of Los Hidalgos consist of an annual visit to the Spanish section of Sacramento, where they eat at a Mexican restaurant and then go to see movies in which the dialogue is entirely in Spanish. Members of the club also attend recitals b S ' ' y panush singers and dancers, such as Jose' Greco and his troupe. And last, but not least, those delicious tacos and torillas con perros calientes se d ' this organization. rve at the carnival are prepared by By SHIRLEY MEADOWS dem, C, Large, - . ff tArms M Berol Vice President, D- MH ta t9'Mni.--9-vn""""" in, Presi- . - 2 - ' T asuref- OFFICERS-R. Yoluinggjggeggsent: M' Mon-15, Secretary: N. Lucas, re IS ' First row- L Bachmeier R Taylor C Marrin B Bla: . . , . , . , . kburn, P. Ketchum, S. Chapman, A. Bauska, V. McGuire, G, Fong. Second row: E. Smith, Advisor, G. Pendergast, C. Jenks, S Slawson, T. Isoard, J, King, C. Donelson, M. Manhart, B latin Klub El Camino's Latin Club was organized about three and a half years ago, and its present spon- sor is Mr. Edward Smith. Membership in the club is limited to those first and second year students receiving a grade of "B" or better and all third and fourth year students. The club's purpose is to appreciate the values to be derived from Roman culture and history. OFFICERS-T. Kasmleff Absent- F. Hlnden' Tfeasurer' Vice President: A' Bwska' Durbrow, B. Churchill. Third row: S. Ketchum, T. Kasmier, J. Burk, L. Siefer, J. Kneeland, J. Lusk, B. Holcomd, C. Sims, R. Rossi, R. Hart. Our biggest project is the annual Roman banquet, a feast with Roman garb and entertainment. We launched our program this .year with .ne creation of a new flexible Constitution. We be- lieve two of the incidental benefits of, the club are the experience in parliamentary procedure and the good fellowship developed among the members. By TED KASMIER st. I gk, T I Y' Presidentz S. Slawson' secre ar llv"cW dent, - ' ' Secretary- fe ' . , 5. Culberts0f1t Vice Presiderlff German Klub At the beginning of the year you may re- member your homeroom teacher stumbling over the name of a new club, "Der Freundshaftsve- rein," in the bulletin. At that time there were only seventeen members. The turn of the se- mester doubled our membership when the Ger- man I students ioined us. The initiates carried the sweet, lovable, little daschunds. The boys wore Viking hats, Alpine pants, shirts, and suspenders. Their outfit was 11. ann.. accented with nylon stockings which were rolled to their knees. The girls wore short skirts, wes- kits and blouses, and long wool stockings. The "Freundshaftsvereinersn were also noticed at the Student Body Carnival, where they served real Crooti beer and Americanized frankfurters. Watch for "Der Freundshaftsvereinu because you'Il be hearing a lot about the club next year. By JOYCE FlTZPATRlCK l.. ' Front row: L. McCord, Advisor, E. Flohr, L, Conners, E. HOVMBY1, R. Robinson, J. Blagg, R. Burkan. Fourth row: S. Eisenhower V. Becker, B. Cox. Second row: D, Fletcher, D. Niessner, C. D, Palmquist, R. Westburg, J. Greene, D. Chapman, B. West Cusci, .l. Pascoe, J. Fitzpatrick, S. Culbertson. Third row: M. burg, E. Bartlett, E. Franz, D. Knab, B. Hotchkiss. Curl, B. Thielbahr, T, Gantenbein, H, Gumnor, E. Cerwinsky, Wff KQ' First row: Mr. McCord, Advisor, L. Franklin, J. O'Connell, S. Hayes, C. Hohnson, M. Wilde, C. Drake, N. McBee, B. Pink- erton, L. Ledford, E. May, J. Rodgers, L, Davis, J. Blair, L Wagner, N. Lingenfelter. Second row: R. Morgan, C. Morton P. Hallowell, M. Gibson, P. Dyer, M. Norris, F. Sims, J. Barth, M. Bauer, P. Rowlett, V. Biggs, J. Grant, D. Lee, L. Lathrop Who could forget those zany French Club ini- tiations-with the girls in their "Francoise de Paris" creations, and the boys wearing their sym- bolic guillotines? Our colorful initiations were the club's first public appearance this year. Then came the carnival, where our French Cafe, "Le Moulin Rouge," was a huge success. Special features of "Le Moulin Rouge" were: The world's most cele- brated can-can dancers, French singers, and a Third row: W. Young, M. Chapman, J. Erickson, N. Brecht I G. Cole, C. Hurd, M. Millar, E. Stoltig, J. Bruns, J. Lingenfelter, J. Morse, M. Oughton, N, Reynolds, J. Robertson, M. Cross B. Stengel. Fourth row: M. Webb, D. Tarmes, D. Thomas, B Beattie, D. Sloate, A. Kellogg, G. Morr, l. Larsen, M. Mattice, G. Schroeder, M, Davis, K. Davis, S. Palmer, H. Diety. specially imported French "motion picture." Then, too, we mustn't forget the refreshments, which were typically French. Our rapidly growing club has enjoyed speak- ers, slides, and movies at our meetings, and our members always look forward to trips to the "Guild" to see the latest French motion pictures. By GAIL SCHROEDER i h d r Fall Secretary and 5Pfl"9 . ' ' 7 Sc FOG e 1 I OFFICERS-Seve: l?.v':hc::J,P:lIhT M. Mattice, Fall Vice Ptsidgntf P.Rl1Z::2:,l Vice President: - ' ' ' 5' ' Sergeant-at-Arms: . avns, 1 Tr0HSU"9'- Slandlngl M'.dCh:l-mrqllingllailterf SPrin9 SecretarYi D- Fa'm"' Fall N. Brecht, Spring Pm' en' Sergeant-at-Arms. 1 Front row: S. Meadows, P Rowlett G Sch d . , . roe er, R. Smart, J. Bennett, P Schisler B Y . , . oung, V. Cuccuzza, Sponsor. Second row: D. W I h es , J. Moulds, J. Heckes, J. Pisciotta, J. Van Wage- Sricu tccncrs The Sciente was first organized in 1950, when E.C. was still in its infancy. Mr. H. O eners, EI Camino's Science Club, . Nesseth, now our Dean of Boys, was its first sponsor. The a ledge of scien science, to give service in our community and nation, to understand th in our lives, and to he Science Clubs of A quired to have a ro' t p 'ec in whatever field of science they choose. ims of the club are to increase our know- ce, to learn to perfect our skills in e importance of science lp carry out the program of merica. Each member is re- nen, T. Kazmier, P. Deal. Third row: D Heater J P t . , . ax on, W Silverthorne, T. Pope, D. White, J. Neil, E. Franz, D. Hughes R. Hinden. The club enjoys many social activities, such as parties and annual trips. The special event of the year was the trip to the Radiation Laboratory at the University of California in Berkeley. Mr. V. A. year, was a new member of the faculty. He did a fine job stimulatin high standard for th Cuccuzza, the cIub's advisor this g interest and maintaining a is organization. By Bev. YOUNG and T.D.J.K. J Moulds Vice Pfesldeml Advisor: - ' ian. Cuccuzza, Arns V . . Hedkes. HND' . 1. . - rer, 3- W. Silverthorne, Sergeanl a r . H hes' Treasu j, Paxto etary. D' ug n, President? B- Young' Sea r Front row: B. Jennings, D. Cotfing, D, Burby, J. Thompson, Mr, Sovvers, Advisor, Second row: R. Berg A. Paul, B. Zahary, J. Crockett, L. Mitchell. Third row: J. Ballew, F. Bacon, M, Atherton, T. Pope D. Laird, J. Hastings, The Hi-Y is a club for boys: Sophomores through Seniors. The advisor is Mr. R. Sowers. To become a member ot the El Camino Hi-Y a boy must want to join, be asked by a member, state his reason for ioining and participate in a formal induction ceremony. One of the Hi-Y's proiects is the World Service Program. This is to help form other Y.M.C.A.'s throughout the world. There is also an annual project. This is the Model Legislature. Eligibility for Model Legislature is an interest in the program and attendance at the Stanford meeting in the tall. This year the El Camino Hi-Y sent eleven boys to the Legislature. The club participated in Hi-Y basketball and the school carnival. By JIM CROCKETT 4l ii.-. A V59 rl:-:atc-i.--rr - - I orricerzs-B. Amid, chaplaufl J' Crockeliieel clerk. Absent. F. Bacon' T'eaSU'e' J Bauewl Secretary, J. Hastings, Comma President: C' - .demi V, Becker, R , N lty, Vice Presi . I R orter: - Seated, B, Smith, SelI2a:oP:,ml'.PIyLiiduem Proieml standmgg K. Watters eP . p, e c I . Taylor, Secretary, 1 I be, Chaplain. Johnson, Sergeant-at-Arms, M' CDU om Uri- Hi- y First of all Tri-Hi-Y is a Christian fellowship. One of Christ's primary teachings t pay full tribute to the dignity of every human being falls short of the Christian ideal. This Chris- tian teaching is the basis for the governing principle ot Tri-Hi-Y membership - namely, Tri-Hi-Y is open to any girl regardless of race, color, cr status. is that all people have basic worth. Any practice which does no eed or economic The purpose of Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. The Slogan is pure thoughts, pure words, and pure actions. By VIRGINIA BECKER f'l ff. .IJA1 I' 'N Front row: C. Large, M. J. Reardo n, M. Tice, J. Schmith, S. Mc- C. Hiel, S. Mehren, R. Russell, P. Ketchum, M. Skiold, M Elroy, J. Schuetz, G. Caen, M. Davis, K. Davis, C. Millerborg, Coulombe. Third row: H. Yourd, K. Watters, B. Smith, P. Mc- V. Becker, Miss McGranahan, Sponsor. Second row: N. J. Nulty, C. Cross, J. Runte, C. Black, C. Farnsworth, C. Taylor, R. Gray, J. Bever, N. Johnson, M. Moore, C. McMorine, E. Tuck EY, Johnson, J. Green, S. Palmer, P. Winkler, M. Jones. BLOCK E.C. OFFICERS-R. Gray, Sergeant-at-Arms, L. Richardson, Secretary, L. Kelley, President, D. Warner, Proiect Chairman, A. Gogis, Treasurer, T. Schilling, Program Chairman. Absent was D. Malchow, Vice President. l6'l0ck 5.6. The Block E.C. is composed of Varsity and "B" block winners of El Camino. These boys are the ones who, over the past four years, have established the feeling of "Good Sportsmanship" between El Camino and all the other high schools. The Block Club is a service organization and provides fun for all of its mem- bers. ln its few years of existence it has purchased a fine popcorn machine, started the campaign for the stadium lights, and sponsored an annual banquet which, this year, was the big Baseball Banquet. In January, 1954, another annual proiect was started. They decided to sponsor a Grammar School Basketball Tournament with surrounding grade school teams participating. At the end of the meet, the Block E.C. presented trophies to the best team and to the most valuable player. By TOM SCHILLING MEMBERS of the BLOCK E.C. below, are as follows: Mr. R. Schultz, Advisor, R. Manas, R. Gary, T. Lionvale, T. Schilling, R. Manas, R. Reiche, G. Garsee, B. Clift, D. Warner, Mr. F. Kronsbein and Mr. J. Fox, advisors. Second row: D. Coffing, M. Mattice, B. Berbles, P. Ross, D. White, J. Paxton, H. Pal-il, H. Henderson, D. Ford, C. Miura. Third row: J. Denny, J. Ramsey, J. Cracraft, B. Subry, D. Carter, J. Straw, B. Schaffer, L. Richardson, G. Cook, J. Hastings. Fourth row: F. Brazell, J. Saulter, R. Smith, R. Ramseier, A. Gogis, L. Kelley, J. Beaver, B. Westberg, B. Turner, P. Kelley. Qathcr and on Kanqucf E l , I l.' if 4 f 'P l Top: A view of the two hundred who at- tended. Center left: Mr. Hunter finishing his speech. Center right: Dinner is served to the im- patient men. Bottom-Left to right: Mr. Malchow, Parent's Club member, Mr. Palmer, Assistant District Superintendent, Mr. Mooney, District Superin- tendent, Mr. Hunter, Principal, "Jo-Jo" White, well-known maior league ball player, Mr. Fox, Director of Athletics, Larry Kelley, Presi- dent of Block E.C., Charley Graham, Vice President of Sacramento Solons, Mr. Krons- bein, Assistant Baseball Coach, Tony Freitas, great pitcher of the Pacific Coast League, and last, but not least, Mr. Schultz, Football Coach. On January 23, 1954, the an- nual Block E.C. Father and Son Banquet was held in the Del Paso Manor School. Many guest speakers enjoyed the dinner with E.C. fathers and their sons. Next year the Fourth Banquet will honor the sport of Track, and everyone wishes it as much success as the past three. We I 90 . F3 I 5 l uv-. 15. 3' A 'Ei Q-f K U. 1 l fit a l l . ,4 5 . . it vi fl l- J ' 1 if 1 S 3 1. L my , .-iw" 'dn - fe' iv-Q ll? . fl A . A 3 M K1 L V AY 3 wg . .s . Q N v , K an-T 4' H an ie. G.A.A. OFFICERS-Seated: M. Moore, Fall Treasurer, P, Mc- Nulty, Fall Vice President and Spring Treasurer, M. Jones, Spring President, B. Smith, Fall President, A, Pinkerton, Fall Secretary, N. Kuykendall, Fall Sport Manager, R. Hansen, Re- corder, Historian, Back row: G. Hakari, Fall Freshman Repre- 5.V4.V4. This year's GAA. has meant fun in every sense of the word to the-girls here at El Camino, This fun has included playdays, inter-school basketball games, and sponsoring the dance "Athletes Foot" along with Block E.C. The highlights of the year were the paiama party held in the girls' gym, and a snazzy rally put on for the student body. The G.A.A. is for any girl with an active interest in sports, and the right grades. By participating in the club's functions, she can receive four awards: a shield, a block, a pin, and a guard for the pin. Along with each award one stripe is uncovered. enior 5 Q 'IP' sentative, S. McArnis, Spring Vice President, P. Bloom, Spring Freshman Representative, N. Gray, Spring Sport Manager, J. Eavis, Fall Freshman Representative, P, Meyers, Spring Fresh- man Representative, N. Webber, Spring Secretary. Every year there is an initiation on a school day. The initiate's costume is designed at a closed door initiation committee meeting and then told to the initiates at a special meeting. They must wear the specified clothing on a specific day. ln the past, members haven't been the only ones ini- tiated, sponsors have also. This year we had two sponsors to initiate, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Williamson. Boy, what fun!! G.A.A. was one of El Caminos first active clubs and those of us who are graduating this year hope that it will remain one of El Caminos most active clubs. By NANCY POULSEN 4-fi? O 3 2. JE' . ..siL,LL. ' Front row: J. Bever, C. Morton, K. Lilleland, M. Coulombe, N. Paulson, B. Young. Second row: K. Watters, E. Schiffner, H. Kloss, M. Jones, G. Mulbarger, M. Moore. Third row: S. Mehran, J. Fitzpatrick, S. Bruch, N. Kuykendall, F. Guidera, 'za Q I ...... E. Tucker, A. Pinkerton, N. Brecht. Fourth row: C. Herd, S. Cohen, C. Black, C. Cross, J. Runte, Miss J. Farley, Mrs. S. Williamson, Mrs. L. Jones, Sponsors, B. Smith, R. Hansen. funivr 'Y' M Ffgm row: P, J, Lillelandl D, Hum, M. Arganfe, M. Millar, B. S. McAmis, J. Schuetz, P. Rowlett, D. Liebel, S. Culbertson. Cox. Second row: C. Nedwed, P. Hollowell, D, Cox, C. Culver, Fourth 'OWS B- Greene, B- Ja"f1e5r P- Wagamenf M4 Stone, R- J. Hollister, N. Lucas, N. Gray. Third row: S. Feil, E. Young, Smaflf S- Dafff P' NlCNUllYf G- Elam- Scfplzomzfrcs 1 Q .. , , qos. 4:3 QQ . .fa i M ' Front row: L. Connors, D. Nackamura, C. lasaccon, W. Mur- Smith, C. Herd, N. Webber, J, Humrich, B. Thomas, J. dock. Second row: S. Chapman, M. Hoffman, A. Anderson, Williamson. -- S. Loge, K. MacFadden, L, Bockmeir. Third row: B. Miller, M. X fuk ryhmen x 1 q. its TQQ Front row: J. Arbini, P. Bloom, L. Franklin, E. Jones, P. Patterson, C. Helman, J. Eavis, P. Meyers, C. Woodward, S. Joslyn, F. Maiorana, L. Murdock, W. Harrington. Second row: Selleseth, D. Langenour, J. Zimmerman, T. Hardy. Fourth row: G. Eister, B. Swinton, D. Stalt, D, Blackburn, J. Zimmerman, S. Reiter, B. Elam, J, Elam, E. Cohen, C. Drake, J. Scott, G. M. Wilde, D. Subry, J, Watson. Third row: J. Gregory, C. Hakari, J. Green, N. Payne, B. Hanson, C. Hansen. O s f -d ng Back . - Presl 9 ' . Suits, V'Ce . B, rdentz 5- I Absent- P Foster, Treasurer? 'l' Rlrirnlelsiieiwsedtttof Selgeanlal-Arms Fr0nl row: I S r eant-Bl'A"m5l ' palmer, 99 W, s. lsohrerf SeCfe'a'Y' Pepsi: rs The Pep Club of El Camino consists of students who work together to create new interest, pep, and spirit. They also strive to maintain good sportsmanship at the games. Cooperating closely with the Pep Band, Song Leaders, and Cheer- leaders, the "Pepsters" were able to achieve their purpose. The proiects of the club during the year included the making of posters for the halls about coming games and the selling of rooters' bus tickets. These projects ' encouraged larger attendance at the games. A white blouse, green sweater, and the "Pepsters" emblem constituted the uni- form of the club. Loyally appearing at the games, this group kept up the spirit and fight ot our teams. By JOAN DEASON 5 Pepsters cheer E.C. on! Spirit and Gord, Spar! manship Sircssed Front row: A. Bauska, M. Kelly, S. Chapman, C. Collins, M. Davis, A. Capachi, M. Hinton, S. Lage, C. Isaacson, N. Lingen- felter, S. McGowan. Second row: K. Davis, P. Bishop, M. Gibson, C. Carter, A. Di Benedetto, P. Gibson, M. Lewis, B. Collins, C. Bernardo, M. Cross. Third row: M. Relles, T. Corbett, J. Clay, N. Tucken, J. Lingentelter, M. Jones, B. Rohrer, B. MacAulay, M. Coulombe, P. Brayton, D. Hunt. Fourth row: S. Kessler, G. Cole, L. Lindmeier, L. Davies, L. Jacklyn, H. Aeppli, J. Gibson, S. Mehren, F. Guidera, J. Deason, R. John, son, C Cross, T. Isoard. . Mx X1 I" Front row: M. Brokaw, M. Tice, C. Bishop, J. Ray, J. Tomlin, L. Poppett, N. Hickey, B. Young, D. Bonfiglio, S. Suits. Second row: M. Reardon, C. Kessler, J. Davis, M. Ford, S. Schulz, C. Kaous, J. Tucker, v. Borgarine, K. Macradden, J. Rodgers, C. Varnum, J. Butler, M. Matteoli. Third row: M. Manhart, M. Norris, J. Burch, S. Hogan, M. Moore, B. Smith, P. Mac- Nulty, B. Wood, N. Gregory, P. Winkler, M. Wild, M. Leillemaker. Fourth row: K. Watters, G. Doneldson, N. Tinling, N. Tinling, B. Jordan, A. Reynolds, P. Keim, M. McGowen, M. Whaley,'E. Tucker, A. Pinkerton, M. Stone, S. Clark, C. Taylor, N. Payne. nt' Front row: L. Wagner, R. Berol, C. Chambers, Z. Bergman, M. Argante, P. Foster, D. Braden, R. Penifield, H. Markel, P. Groth. Second row: M. Hubbard, S. Walsh, J. Boloyan, L. Hubbard, D. Adams, M. Morgan, N. Studt, E. May, N. Poulsen, J. Hollister, P. Dickenson, J. Green. Third row: J. Schumaker, H. J. Raymond, C. Barnett, H. Wurster, T. Mitchell G. Rickets, J. Bush D. Cox, A. Lofas, S. Palmer. Fourth row M. Buttleman, L. Scott, M. Drew, S. Fenner, S. Darr, M. Miller A. Pianzzi, P. Wagaman, H. Kloss, N. Kuykendall, P. Forster B. Greene. Autagraphg . , Science Club Secretary, signs her autograph for Hubbard. Qui, , ..!Q,rv' J 'Gaz' mi ffit' Q I 444 J 42444, 574440 , may J MMM -fffff jf? k7Qd,!M47,Oa44c,Al!Vtf14 . word , ,po ,, Mwcfmfafwfwf' V' af ,fyvcfhif ,accfrrwffffffj ' t b ,zoc,Zf"f5Q"J"A!- AZMM ZW' fgldff-4' 9 I,l ,V , f, :I " ' 9 . -4 I 0 A , ', 1 , v . ' A l X xl' " ' f I .157 SU ' A ". Q f' r A f , ,, 1 1 X r M, XSL-ulvxvyyrlvj , Laffy 2 Mxgl ! In 11,1 . 5 rf V 'VN diff .fj EL CAHIND ,M j ,5 muevmms gy Z , x 1 QN QRS l 1 4- ? f U 1- 4 J, 4 F,--5 -ANNUAL XXX W QL QNX Quo ta L5 I lk M Ax X ,XC od f r fd" , s .. .SQ 1' -C X Si lean' " . it ir MM 1 E A' 'ff .4 'ts MARSHALL BEROL 1 J K. ,Q T Fall PreSldem 1 'Y S ci-matte MiuRA Spring Presidenf l N 44.1-..f" v Student Hauncil "Now listen, you're out of order!" This was a very usual remark in El Camino's 1953-54 Student Council and Executive Board. Yet this year our school's "leaders" have accomplished more than ever before, and most of all, in doing it, they have had to grow up with our school. This year we ioined the National Association of Student Councils, which will prove to be a great asset to our high-spirited school. To show an example of our spirit, let's take a look at how we students took an active part in raising funds for the lights. Without the guidance of Student Council we couldn't have accomplished as much toward "the lights" as we did. Another example is the score- board that Executive and Student Council helped to make possible. El Camino had at the close of the year our last Sierra-Foothill League Conference. Student Council and Executive Council have indeed proven them- selves of a great value to our proud democracy of youth. By NANCY-JO GIBBS Left to right: Ernest Franz, Carolyn Morton, Fall Semester Vice Presi- dents, Georgie Mulbarger, Joe Ramsey, Spring Semester Vice Presi- -:Mm l H--...,,,Mz -. fi Judy Hollister, Head Yell Leader, Helen Aeppli, Commissioner of Enter- tainment. I F ag is 1 . A 137 ' . gl. he-N, '32, ,,.... 0 l 1 M inhuman an 4 - T-4""-, Karen Lilleland, and Nancy-Jo Gibbs, Dgn Perdue, Student Court Judge: John Pisciotta, Treasurer, Alan Eister, Spring and Fall Semester SGCYCYBHBS Phil Kelly, Commissioner of Student Commissioner of Public Relations. respectively. Patrol. 3 'D at ' S.. .c gk t . , 0 ,f Swculiw aumfil Seated: Spring Semester Officers: J. Ramsey, Boys' Vice Presi- dent: G. Mulbarger, Girls' Vice President: K. Lilleland, Secre- tary: C. Muira, President. Fall Semester Officers: M. Berol, President: N. Gibbs, Secretary: C. Morton, Girls' Vice Presi- dent: B. Franz, Boys' Vice President. Standing: A. Yelvington, Student Body Advisor: J. Hollister, Head Cheerleader: S. Schulz, Head J.V. Cheerleader: H. Aeppli, Comm. of Entertainment: J. Pisciotta, Treasurer: A. Eisters, Comm. of Public Relations: P. Kelly, Comm. of Student Patrol: T. Seabury, Boys' Vice Presi- dent: D. Perdue, Judge: J. Runte, El Caminian Editor-in-Chief: B. Smith, Girls' Vice President: S. Bruch, Service Corp Chair- man: M. Hinton, Head Song Leader. I-lame Kaam keprc cnmiivc Front row: B. Hart, J. Johnson, N. Gray, Y. Cross, M. Kelly, N. Lingfelter, L. Wagner, J. Verbeck, B. Kilgore. Second row: R. Vinall, P. Miller, M. Lewis, M. Mulbarger, G. Mulbarger, F. Sims, M. Zube, L. Davis, D. Phillips, J. Giberson. Third row: F. Brazell, E. Cohen, J. Zimmerman, M. Morris, D. Meinzer, B. V N Smith, R. Johnson, G. Schroeder, B. Greene, S. Evans, D. Cox, B. Thielbahr. Fourth row: F. Wall, B. Richter, C.- Miura, N. Tinling, T. Schilling, Hogan, J. B. Zahary, B. Manas, D. Hamilton, A. Packham, F. Andrevvs, M. Lynn, W. White. Absent: J. Ramsey. Altcrunfc Kcpre cntaiive Front row: P. Lilleland, V. K. MacFadden, G. Kooen, J. Tomlin, E. Lewis, P. Joslin. Second row: L. Ledford, J. Ling- felter, J. Bender, P. Schisler, M. Trogdon, P. Green, C. Kious, J. Tucker. Third row: J. Grotz, B. Potter, L. Langley, M. Moore, H 5 A. DeBinedetto, J. Argante, D. Russell, J. Didion, W. Larick. Fourth row: J. Moulds, P. Clark, J. Greene, M. Chapman, A. Soreide, D. Beattie, R. Morse, L. Ekstrom. ,, V fi? ,f via, , Li- -5 ,flerrc JOYCE FITZPATRICK BOB POTTER f 0' 742' t BARBARA PIN KERTON Assistant Copy Editor Assistant Sports Editor Poster Chairman CAROL FARNSWORTH Art Editor JOAN DEASON Copy Editor t , i ii ' 'P ff J, . if dii r - z A aqv. f .t.E 4 V Y, k , , it 354. . - 'fn -121: JOE RAMSEY Sports Editor CAROL HURD LAWRENCE JAMES Secretary-Treasurer Photography Editor BEVERLY YOUNG Associate Editor JUDY HOLLISTER Associate Editor ANN PINKERTON Assistan't Business Manager FAYE SIMS Editor-in-Chief MANAGERIAL This year, along with our first gradu- ating class, we are of- fering another first- a supplement that can be attached to the back cover, thus be- coming a permanent E. R. GILLESPIE Advisor Stuff PAT GODFREY Business Manager STAFF part of the book. lt will feature all school activities after March. We hope you like both and will treasure them in future years. By PAYE sims ll A. L. YELVINGTON Advisor ww' 'mi . ,Y PATT DICKINSON TED POPE MARLEEN MOORE Snapshot Editor Book Sales Manager Publicity Editor JEAN BENNETT Model Bureau GEORGIE MULBARGER Ad Layout Editor PATTI JO LILLELAND Assistant Ad Layout Editor KAREN LILLELAND Sales and Production Manager DONNA ENOS Assistant Sales Manager BARBARA ROHRER WAYNE MARTIN BETTY HOUGH Skit Manager Ad Sales Manager Write-Up Manager ,fleric Sfaff Haut. c ' Yi' X. bALES COMMITTEE-Front row: P. J. Lilleland, P. Godfrey, G. Mulbarger, S. Suits. Third row: W. Martin, G. Thomas, C. C, Nedwed, F. Sims, D. Jackson, J. Hollister, M. Manhart, A. Cross, E. Tucker, C. Black, C. Hurd, T. Schilling, J. Ramsey, Pinkerton, J. Burch, M, Moore, B. Rohrer, B. Wood, S. Schulz, T. Pope. d 1 P. S S ted J Ili-Tfer, J. Deason, D, Kallen. Stan IIWQ TYPlST H 93 5 ' Dickinson, J. Fitzpatrick- .g,-. 'af ' ., Y . . d D, l M Blackburn, 5- SWS' B' WOO ' . - . Jahnsenf . . ..f L V MMUTEE-Front. art, D' . ' B 7' Slql d J Crockett B. Rohrer. Back. D- eem 1 Lair f ' ' P, ToP0lf J' Reimer' M lds, K. Wester. Left: PHOTOGRAPH ERS--B. Washburn, J- OU if ,a T5 5 'M' Y' nw C? www REPORTERS-Front row: S. Meadows, B. Young, H Davis N patrick Third row G Th . , . : . ornas, J. Moulds, J. Kurz, T. Schilling, Poulsen, V. Becker, J. Bcver. Second row: S. McElroy, K. Davis, L. Nelson, J. Crockett, T. Kazmier, C. Farnsworth, J. Deason, M. Moore, G. Schroeder, J. Fitz if -. . ,5,Q,,'4K . - , ,f a I . . - . ' t'ck, Page l Edlloll Seated: .l. Hollister, Circulation, J. Fitlpg Editor: P. Wagaman' R nte Editor-in-Chief: C- Cross' Page d' ' Mrs. Young, J. U lEd'tor- D. BrY'3'l5f Adverllsmg' Slam mg: K Davis P399 3 I ' Ph to raphy, J. Burch, TYP"'l9F ' ' 51 Haminian b er A Pinkerton, Clv - Mnag 2 - Distribution: M' Moore' Busllrlffor lbsentz C. Farnsworth, Afl Editor, S. Estabrook, 5P0'l5 Editor. . . . From the ridiculous to the sublime! Activities of the El Caminian staff ran from singing valentine songs, to ioining Quill and Scroll, the national honor society for high-school iournalists. Starting with a small paper with a nondescript masthead, we soon gave the Eagles a fourteen-inch, five column paper with a beautiful new masthead. "Staff- ers" sold everything from apples to pom-poms, to help pay for the enlarged paper. We close the year and turn our iobs over to the new staff with best wishes for another successful year and more money. . sf: Y-M aj., -1 tr if NEWSPAPER STAFF-Front row: M. Garrett, D. Bryans, M. Moore, Mrs. Young, Sponsor, J. Runte, P. Brayton, J. Curts, K. Davis. Second row: J. Burch, P. Wagaman, P. Davis, D. Jackson, A. Pinkerton, B. Wood, G. Koven, P. Dickinson, S. Suits. Third row: S. Christiansen, C. Farnsworth, C. Cross, C. Black, F. By MARLEEN MOORE .gg ,fx 'vii .K Cridlegaugh, V. Borgarine, D. Meinzer, M. Skiold, J. Fitzpat- rick, C. Nedwed, Z. Bergman, D. Hunt. Fourth row: J. Moulds, S. Estabrook, D. Gregory, D. Beattie, R. Martin, D. Greene, J. Baker, D. Peters, P. Ross. ' it , 'L Q ,- -,V WS H. 'aff V l l "Ki I 21-A 1, ' ' ,k', -fi y k 4, , T CAPTAIN TOM ARMSTRONG. Commandant of Cadets 'Picture taken before promotion. aliforuia adv! Knrps The California Cadet Corps is now in its third year at El Camino and is enioying its biggest and best year C180 CadetsD. The Battalion this year was very ably directed by Battalion C.O. Ashley Schuetz with the help of his Ex Officers Staff, and four excellent Company Commanders. The Northern California Leadership School was held at El Camino this year with 150 Cadets in at- tendance. The course started the afternoon of March I9 and was completed March 21. The cadets slept in the gym and used our new cafeteria as well as our classroom facilities. El Camino Cadets this year helped start a new Tri-County Cadet Rifle League. Thirty-five Cadets from El Camino participated in last year's Cadet Encampment at Camp San Louis Obispo, receiving many outstanding honors. C-First Lieutenant Marshall Berol was chosen the outstand- ing Junior commissioned officer in the state of Cali- fornia, receiving a cup and medal. Maior Schuetz was appointed the Battalion Ex for First Battalion at camp which was a high honor for a iunior in high school. The Cadets this year were divided into first, sec- ond, and third year companies doing work in train- ing for basic leadership through advanced leader- ship. Other work included rifle marksmanship, map reading, history, marching, athletics and many others. Another first for the El Camino Cadets was their new building which includes a classroom, lockers, headquarters, ordnance, supply rooms, showers, and a six point rifle range. This building will give El Camino Cadets one of the nicest Cadet operations in the state. These Cadets are under the direction of their Commandant of Cadets, Captain Armstrong, and Assistant Commandant, First Lieutenant Kondos. This was the first year for Lieutenant Kondos, who did a very fine job with Company "A." CADET HEADQUARTERS-Front row: C-Major A. Schuetz, Battalion Com- mander, C-Maior R. Zimmerman, Battalion Executive. Second row: C- First Lieutenant T. Kasmier, S-l, C-First Lieutenant E. Franz, Adiutant, C- Second Lieutenant G. Ellis, S-4, C-S Sergeant N. Holdredge, Assistant S-3 Section. Third row: C-Sergeant B. Harg, Chief S-l Section, C-Sergeant C. Stevens, Assistant S-'l Section, C-T Sergeant M. Lamg, Chief S-3 Section. Fourth row: C-Sergeant F. Andrews, Battalion Sergeant Maior, C-Corporal F. Hinden, Assistant Ordance, C-Corporal D. McPherson, Assistant S-4 Section, C-S Sergeant S. Simpson, Chief S-4 Section, C-Sergeant J. Bal- Q. lew, Assistant S-3 Section, C-S Sergeant D. Bowers, Chief S-2 Section. CADET COLOR GUARD-C-Corporal J. Neil, C-Sergeant F. Andrews Cin chargej, C-Corporals D. McPherson, F. Hinden, CADET M.P. SERVICE UNIT-Front row: C-Captain W. Everrette, Dell, E. Long, S. Buchanan, P. Lucers, B. Washburn. Third row: C- Cadets F. Reiche, D. Beeman, A. Boothe, B. Lynch, J. Stiehl, M. Corporals D. Southern, J. Griffith, Cadets K. Wester, C. Wilson, Capen, S. Lynch. Second row: C-Corporal J. Blagg, Cadets B. O'- I. Larson, -R. Prizmich. COMPANY "A"-Front row: Sergeant T. Litz, Sergeant B. Cullen, Second Lieutenant D. Cooper, First Lieutenant E. Hubert, First Ser- geant P. MacMillan, Private R. Morse, Second Lieutenant C. Miller- borg, Corporal G. Rose, Corporal G. Moe, Commandant, First Lieutenant George S. Kondos, A.F. Res. Second row: Cadets H. Knutson, T. Mitchell, M. Shelton, K. Muller, L. Pratt,' P. Ponzo, W. Van Maaman, J. Reither, S. Gerhardt, J. Stiehl. Third row: Cadets S. Lynch, A. Liddle, F. Magary, B. Keyser, H. Van Fossen, R. Logan, J. McKellips, D. Channell, F. Patterson, G. Thomas, R. Rid- dles. Fourth row: Cadets F. Fletcher R. Horgan, D. Kanzler, C. Villiard, R. Dwyer, J. Champlain, H. Yelverton, M. Capen, D. Barkhurst, J. Black, A. Chambers. COMPANY "B"-Front row: C-Second Lieutenant E. Speegle, 2nd Plt. Ldr., Second Lieutenant R. Selseth, Company Commander, C- Sergeant B. Schaffer, Company Clerk, C-First Sergeant D. Marron, First Sergeant, C-Sergeant L. Hinds, Company Guidon Bearer, C- Second Lieutenant H. Andersen, First Platoon Leader. Second row: Cadets A. Sattield, D. CadKay, C. Yhnell, A. Lee, M. Chapman, C-S Sergeant S. Penner, Second PA Guide, Cadets l. Larson, E. san. Larson, C-S Sergeant A. Soreide, First Platoon Guide. Third row: Cadets J. Wilkinson, R. Spangler, R. Thomas, K. Wester, L. Rack- ham, P. Schamun, C-Corporal S. Adams. Fourth row: C-Corporal D. Hamilton, Second Platoon Sergeant, Cadets J. Williams, B. Tred- innick, B. O'Dell, B. Washburn, C-S Sergeant W. Young, First Pla- toon Sergeant, C-S Sergeant D. Lindgren, C-Sergeant E. Jerke, Supply Sergeant, C-Sergeant R. Schakleford. ' B es.. A , .f ' COMPANY "C"-Front row: C-Sergeant R. Byerrum, Acting Second Platoon Leader, C-First Sergeant T. Patterson, First Sergeant, C- First Lieutenant K. Edsberg, Company Commander, C-Corporal G. Gom, Company Guidon Bearer, C-Second Lieutenant K. Mayne, First Platoon Leader. Second row: Cadets M. Cantrell, G. Gaither, Company Supply Sergeant, CFC's P. Kelly, G. Thomas, J. Mitchell, Second Platoon Guide, B. Churchill, C-Corporals B. Ragland, P. lsenberg, W. Everette, First Platoon Guide. Third row: C-Corporal A. Walters, Second Platoon Sergeant, CFC's H. Williams, C. Sims, C-Corporal R. Wilhelm, CFC R. Decuir, C-Corporal P. Timmerman, CFCs S. lsenhower, B. Brown. Fourth row: C-Corporal D. Southern, CFC H. Palkman, C-Corporal D. Newton, CFC R. Mears, C-Corporals J. Neil, R. Taylor, R. Holcomb, First Platoon Sergeant, CFCs G. Frost, R. Haack, B. Blackburn, C-Corporals J. Griffith, J. Blagg. COMPANY "D"-Front row: C-S Sergeant K. McGraw, Second Pla- toon Sergeant, C-Second Lieutenant R. Cole, Second Platoon Lead- er, C-Sergeant D. Loveland, Supply Sergeant, C-First Lieuten- ant M. Berol, Company Commander, C-First Sergeant J. Luther, First Sergeant, Cadet D. Cox, Guidon Bearer, Cadet C. Lacy, Com pany Clerk, C-Second Lieutenant C. Corbin, First Platoon Leader, C-Corporal A. Rackham, Second Platoon Sergeant, Second row: Cadets R. Prizmich, R. Reiche, R. Hart B. Durbrow, B. Bassett, D. Beeman, B. Barrowman, A, Boothe. Third row: Cadets B. Bockover, B. Pishek, B. M'cDaniel, B. Longfellow, S. Buchanan, D. Casperson, P. Lucero, H. Gumnor. Fourth row: Cadets B. Shearer, J. Rademaker, M. Van Rote, B. Lynch, C. Adams, P. Griffin, R. Cramer, G. Childs. 'i errficc 'Htl 5 UWT'-HGV! - Front row: P. McMillan, J. Pisciotta, J. Heckes, F Walker, R. Morgan, B. Hunt, Mr, Nesseth. Second row: T. Sea- bury, W. Martin, J. Crockett, C. Miura, G. Steres, N. Lucas, L Ekstrom. Third row: R. Berg, J. Luther, F. Bacon, E. Bartlett, J. Beaver, R. Hughes, B. Blake, E. Speegle. Fourth row: A. McKellips, W. Silverthorne, K. Kurk, L. Kelley, D. Malchow, B. Manas, S Nicholas, T. Pope, P. Hansen. Absent when picture was taken: David Cook, John Lorda. The Monitors are chosen by the administration on the basis of their tact, personality, devotion to duty, and citizenship. Their duties are to keep order in the halls, check and record passes, and to serve as sources of information and guides to visitors. at 1' i' ,L .a Their service has added greatly to school efficiency, order, and good public relations. The School Service Corps are chosen at the end of the year by the student council and from this corps come the members of committees which lead the student activities throughout the year. By working in the different school offices, a student may earn up to ten units of service credit, which goes towards' graduation. Service rendered by any student in any service organization be- comes a part of their permanent record and helps him to develop his character. The motto is: DO YOUR BIT AND BE SOMEBODY. 41: , war' ...Q V , .4 " s..... it, its ,,,.. was Vs.,-ft' new SERVICE CORPS-Front row' N Poulsen A Binedetto N Hunt K P' . . , . , . , . isciotta, T. Pope, T. Seabury, S, Nicdlaus, D. Gregory, M. Berol. Lilleland, S. Bruch, Chairman, L. Hulett, D. Kallen, S. Meadows, Absent when picture was taken: P. Durbrow, M. Garrett, L. Lind- Second row: G. Mulbarger, A. Palmateer, C. Donelson, J. Ram- meir, K. Rea, S. Suits. sey, D. Cooper. Third row: D. Greene, W. Martin, A. Eister, J. ATTENDANCE OFFICE and BANK STAFFS-Front : B k A 7, rf if? ww I'0W HH , . Lawson, B. Anderson, R. Senneff, R. Courtney, S. Christensen, S. MOOFG, J. 5lf'f1mOf1S, A. Cifdeft MV- Walker, R- Haight, H. Mitch- McElroy. Absent when picture was taken: C. McMoran, D. Shakel- ell. Second row: Attendance, N. Luckan, M. Ford, J. Ventura, C. ford, Donelson, M. Sprinkle, N. Roulser. Third row: Attendance, W. Orgaui alians s LIBRARIANS-Front row: P. Millar, R. Haight, M. Tice, M. Lewis, B. Cox, M. Getty, M. Cahill, M. Tallackson. Second row: C. Gutting, N. Bliss, C. Jenks, L. Hulett, K. Dillon, P. Davis, P. Brown, l. Aguilar, Mr. Gillespie. Third row: D. Beeman, C. Corbin, S. Stearns, H. Kloss, H. Aeppli, D. Meinzer, Music, I. Sanders, B. Hansen. Absent: H. Anderson, H. Palkman. The library is gradually taking over its own! Many new books, both reading and reference, were purchased this year, also, quite a few books and magazines were donated both by individuals and the El Camino Parents' Club. A new magazine rack, catalog drawers, a book rack on wheels, and other equipment were pur- chased. The above group of librarians, under the direction of Mr. E. R. its in am +R si .4-nl.. Gillespie, did their best to provide the students and faculty of El Camino with reading and reference material. The Student PatroI's aim is to help make El Camino great through service, courtesy, and good citizenship. lts not all work, however, for a wonderful time was had on the Ski Trip and at various parties. The Audio-Visual Class is a busy group of students who assist the teachers and student body in setting up and operating the motion picture proiectors, the loud speaker systems, and other audio-visual equipment. Their efforts help us learn more-pleas- antlyl ar STUDENT PATROL-Front row: nen, Lieutenant, S. Nicholaus, Advisor, H. Henderson, Lieutenant, B. Reiche, Sergeant, J. Van Wage- B. Hild, Sergeant, Mr. Nesseth, Sponsor. Second row: M. Miller, D. Meinzer, N. Hunt, D. Dohek, M. Capachi, A. Moore, C. Stull, B. Cline, G. Fong, C. Helman, P. Millan, P. Miller, L. Hulett, D. Kallen, C. Donelson. Third row: M. Jerde, A. Henderson, N. Payne, J. Butler, S. Miltoni L. Bachmeier, A. Palmateer, M. Coul- ' N 4-f Z' New ., '30 ombe, S. Schroeder, P. Winkler, R. Cunningham, J. Dulgar. Fourth row: B. Smith, G. Cole, A. Pinkerton, S. Bruch, J. Humrick, N Webber, B. Pisek, G. Gomm, E. Hollowell, R. Rossi, B. Beattie, B Churchill, J. Sorda. Fifth row: C. Davis, B. Snyder, P. Clark, L. Par rot, N. Martin, A. Liddle, L. Kelley, J. Pisciotta, A. Eister, T. Pope L. Rackham, D. Gregory, R. Geer,' C. Wilson, R. Robinson, A Young. Absent: Phil' Kelley, Commissioner. , i.. T. if + ..,,.. R ' - i,, , V ,ggg,,..,. AUDIO-VISUAL-Left to right: J. Griffith, W. Pishek, W. Washburn, DGMSVHYY, M- Collins, D. Walker, Mr. Nesseth. L. Hinds, D. Stephens, F. Acton, G. Cook, S. Martin, W. Kelly, R. :wife 5 raups ggi if MM' .r,x S' we -.. u 1. .iw W , ... Q 1 -.. W Q Q. . . . s, in . .., W .J 'Y NURSE'S ASSISTANTS-Front row: E. Bums, A. Palmateer, S. Cul- row: P. Winkler, R. Smart, D. Farmer, J. Baker, G. Courtney, S. bertson, B. Day, J. Butchel. Second row: Counselors' Assistants: Cohen, J. Burch. C. Sumpter, M. Morris, S. Meadows, C. Large, K.. Davis. Third iff 4:37 CAFETERIA WORKERS-Front row: D. Nakamura, C. Morton, S. Culbertson, J. Hill. Second row: S. Cohen, D. Kirk, L. White, M. Berol, J. Branscornb. Q1 HE' S. Walsh, 'R . l A - M .v ww is H Him tl l!2'2?i! W! 'R P.E. TEACHERS' ASSISTANTS-Front row: M. Moore, M, Jones, J. Handley. Second row: N, Kuykendall, J. Runte, B. Smith. P.E. OFFICE ASSISTANTS-Front row: C. Rafferty, S. Rhoy, M. Garsee, R. Smith, S. Leonard, R. Clark, L. Binns, W. Liddle, E. Oughton, R. Wellner, C. Chambers, C. Stark. Second row: G. Stoddard. 'GQ' ni E . if fi 'B B s' Glee- N Hunt, A Cappella, M. Gibson, Advanced Girls' Gleep R. Young, Orchestra, F. Conat, oy , . D. Neissner, Elementary Girls' ,Glee. Absent: C. Hurd, A Cappella. MR. E. FAULKNER and MRS. H. SILVER Music Directors been awaited Public appearances on the part of the music students have always with great enthusiasm. This past year El Camino's music department has again demonstrated its abilities in many ways and gained recognition as one of Califor- ' h t took part in many different nia's finest groups. The bands, choirs, and orc es ra ' Ch ' tmas Program, the Sierra Foothill school activities such as the Parents Club, ris League Festival, C.O.P. Music Clinic, and the Sacramento Music Clinic. Faulkner and Mrs. Harriet Silver ably directed the most activ W'51-1 P nt in EI Camino's history. Mr. Everett mfr ,I M V! Senirfr S 5 TRUMPETS-B. Beamer, M. Blankenship, L. Carlin, D. Coffing, R. Cole, D. Cooper, G. Gaither, G. Garsee, V. Gregory, R. Kahn, G. Martin, R. Morrison, J. Paxton, S. Richardson, G. Rose, T. Stetson, J. Stoner, D. Warner. SOUSAPHONE-J. Beaver, D. Beeman, R. Berkan, J. Giberson. TROMBONE-M. Chapman, B. Cullen, D. Hiel, R. Lynn, M. Martin, J. Reither, C. Sizelove. FRENCH HORN-B. Durbrow, Ai Henderson, W. Martin, J. Schuetz, CLARINET-R. Eckhardt, B. Engelberg, H. Higgins, R. Horgan, A. Kellogg, L. The Senior Band proved itself worthy of all the praise it received. They performed at the football games and at other various events, such as the Western Museum in the Town and Country Village. Attending the Stockton C.O.P. Music Clinic in Feb- ruary, they learned many new selections and tech- niques. Director E. Faulkner deserves credit for the wonder- ful band that he has made this past year. Hand Bachmeier, P. Kelly, W. Larick, K. Mayne, K. McGraw, D. Murrill, E. Woodruff, P, Bonbrake, C. Hurd J. King, T. Moore, N. Scott, B. Smith. "E" FLAT CLARINET-C. Black. BARITONE SAXOPHONE-L. Nelson ALTO SAXOPHONE-D. Palmquist, 'P. Topol. TENOR SAXOPHONE-B. Reiche. FLUTE-J. Johnson, A Liddle, J. Ramsey. BARITONE HORN-B. Fareman, J. Karoush, R. Nelson. DRUMS-B. Green, P. Mac Millan, H. Williams. OBOE-S. Hamilton. TYMPANI-C. Wismer. Advanced Qfirls ' 5156 X-...sf f . L . - Q . "' . ,, K, I -sf .ef -Q '7 -1 "1 .7 ,Q ' .fp Q K ig. ,W H me if W if . . S .. :L B ff Sli "' 'G' K 7 13' A , 3 . - ' -in s -. V " K- ,, ' ,H ,. , K . , ev f 1 11355- -- -. . l R ia- ll Q I . 5' g 1 V' 5' W Qi sfv. W - wrt- wi N. n ...z , . - . . sv V , . 1 v .. mf . . ' 'ft -Q 6 fi ". rv' 'ri R v' 4 ' if W' 3' Q . K , . as L f l a K . if ' W, i Front row: L. Orth, B. Hart, M. Cowsert, D. Livingston, B. Swinton, J. Mazzoni, B. Cline, G. Steeves, B. Appling, H. Homer, C. Bishop. Second row: J. Lewis, D. Fisher, V. Heis- kell, N. Wilkinson, C. Linebarger, E. Young, H. Ballenger, J. Martin, K. Young, L. Smith, W. Hooper, M. Gibson. Third Boys' Give row: Mrs. Silver, M. Henderson, P. Meyers, G. Boutwell, A. Anderson, P. Mitchell, D. Weaver, B. Marshall, G. Matousek, C. Culver, N. Luckan, C. Helman. Absent: J. Harper, S. Mapa, W. Myers. . if I Q . . -2, , , if A ,yi ..,,, S, L A 2 .. F '- f- ' . . s. .. B . , - L L . . 4 . I 'P H f 1 rigging Wy, , ' Q T . , L ,... .Q V. , f M -gf 'f" Tis ,saw -. ' if iii .Q . 1" 'li We f it"' ' 1 S y 'if :ii -if 5 gl g F I I ,.,. . . , M, 1 . .J . pl C A "'--"ft, .'Q"""2"'-f-fi . 1' 1--1 - .L Front row: J. Dulgar, D. Marasco, B. Thielbahr, R. Nelson, Rackham, D. Jahnsen. Third row: B. Rayburn, P. Saverien, J. F. Conat, J. Evenson, F. Wall, J. Cuccia, R. Clark, T. Binns. Falloon, D. Kerns, B. O'Dell, S. Wheelis, L. Baker, T. Ward, Second row: J. Wilkinson, B. Storm, T. Haag, R. Vinall, E. P. Clark, B. Harding. Nelson, B. McCurry, R. Priznich, R. Vinall, J. Hasting, L. Slerrzmiury Girls ' Glas Front row: G. Eister, W. Helms, B. Hahn, A. Gumnor, S. Graves, D. Niessner, J. Zimmerman, J. Gregory, C. Blackwood, C. Martin, B. Coatney, R. Cunningham, N. Brokaw. Second row: J. Storro, C. Lodwick, J. Arbini, R. King, V. Graves, C. Maples, B. Oshier, D. Clark, S. Steffens, J. Luich, K. Von Rotz, C. Smith, W. Harrington, D. Fletcher. Third row: B. is i he ,iii " S is r- . if 0 it Ledesma, E. Gray, E. Williams, J. Russell, K. Miller, K. Fiero, L. Grandon, J. North, J. Zimmerman, B. Van Pool, C. Drake, E. Cohen, G. Hakari, Mrs. Silver. Fourth row: S. Reiter, L. Lewis, B. Corum, J. Giberson, B. Vaughn, D. McGuffee, J. Fender, M. Eades, S. Whaley, R. Haynes, J. Pascoe, E. Hinds, J. Green, T. lsoard, M. Zeillemaker. Front row: J. Burch, P. Hollowall, K. Lilleland, J. Johnson, N. Gray E. Pickens, M. Gardner, S. Eyler, J. Randleman, R. Hayward, D Newburg, P. Pickens, S. McElroy, J. Houseworth, J. Bender, Mr E. Faulkner, Conductor. Second row: E. Tucker, B. Hamilton, S. Bruch, D. Henderson, M. Manhart, L. Oliver, A. Anderson, E Seastrand, K. Dillon, J. Gibson, J. Neiderloh, S. Longfellow, N Hunt. Third row: P. Gibson, M. Hoffman, M. Gibbs, P. Rowlett, Happclla S. Lynch, D. Sedgwick, B. Ragland, T. Arino, F. Walker, K. Vaughn A. Rockham, B. Blake, V. Borgarine, F. Sims, D. Meinzer, J. Bruns J. Sanders. Fourth row: T. Schilling, R. Morse, R. Clark, M. Mat tice, P. Ross, J. Kurz, R. Ramseier, R. Branstetter, B. Lund, H. Wil liams, D. White, B. Steen, B. DeCuir, J. Jeffries, B. Hild, H. Hen derson. The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. E. Faulkner, grew this year with El Camino. lt was composed of 61 voices and proved itself worthy of the many congratulations received. Performances during the year were: for the Parent's Club, at the Court House, the Post Office, and at the State Capitol. Here a special recording was made and later broadcast over a national radio network. They also caroled at the J. C. Penney Company in Country Club Centre. On February 6, members traveled to Stockton for the C.O.P. Music Clinic, then with a brief rest they took part in the Sacramento Music Clinic held at Grant Union High late in March. In May the choir participated in their last Sierra Foothill League Festival. They also went to San Francisco for the State Festival, winding up a wonderful year. Many congratulations are due Mr. Faulkner and every member of the organi- zation. By FAYE SIMS 1 yuuiar Hand Us me X X -W., 4? Front row: G. Colbron, B. Kilgore, P. Keim, L. Thomas, J. Even- Larsen, L. Prat, S. Burton, M. Getty, D. Channell, B. Fox. Third son, M. Shelton, P. Joslyn, B. Walden. Second row: K. Lucas, I. row: B. Storm, M. Capen, A. Reynolds, A. Henderson. Orchcsfra K Wester, P. Koepsell, C. Jardom, P. Foster, C. Kessler, D. McAffee. . Standing: Mrs. Silver, Conductor, R. Young, F. Magary. Front row: M. Morgan, J. Tucker, A. Jones, J. Humrich, P. Dyer, N. Cook, E Tucker. Second row: R. Wellner, J. Houseworth, A Liddle, L. Snyder, D. Nakamura, R. Cunningham, L. Schab, K Pep Hand . M . . t 'Nl Front row: N. Scott, C. Black, B. Green, P, MacMillan, C. Hurd, P. W. Martin, D. Palmquist, D. Beeman, L. Bachmeier, B. Smith, K. Banbrake. Second .rowz M. Chapman, J. Reither, M. Martin, J. Mayne. Insert: Don Cooper, Leader. Johnson, J. Schuetz, B. Beamer, G. Garsee. Third row: B. Reiche, Seated: P. Foster, Pep C Yell Leaders, J. Gibson, Presidentg H. Aeppli, Co lub Treasurer, D. Bonfiglio, C. Kious, J.V. B. Rohrer, Secretaryg S. Schulz, J.V. Yell Leader, S. Hogan, Song J. Runte, Pep Club Vice President and Leader, B. Jordan, N. Kuykendall, J. Hollister, Varsity Yell Lead mm. of Entertainment, M. Hinton, P. Gib- ers, S. Palmer, Sergeant-at-Armsg Mr. Grimes, Advisor. son, Song Leaders, A. DiBenedetto, Sergeant-at-Arms. Standing: Dr :F Y' 4' . 'jf . r JI . Y .ii ,.., .A rr , V 5 ' is Q I ,i 4 iq l' .V I :fu Cute Yell Leader! Rltrt, huh? Kally Hammiitcc The Rally Committee is composed of the Pep Club officers and the yell and song leaders. Their aim is to develop more spirit among the students and to encourage more people to attend our games. The rallies were bigger and better than ever before and were thoroughly enioyed by the entire student body. Mr. G. Grimes advised the committee this past year and the whole group should be congratulated for its efforts and achieve- t'f'leI'1lS. By JANICE BEVER .Q i Come on guys llc!! fenders . h. 5 ii 'X e nf, NADINE KUYKENDALL BOB JORDAN JUDY HOLLISTER Y. V. llc!! fenders CAROL KIOUS SANDRA SCHULZ DONNA BONFIGLIO Head Yell Leader fa, ,sf f XM RA: ,Lf f- . E, M' D? Kg! Majoreffe Ri MERLYN TALLACKSON NANCY SCOTT SHARON HAYES PHYLLIS BOUBRAKE Sauglcadcr 1 Y " PAT GIBSON L , Fall Semesrer Head Songleader "' am W VP Nm wk ' mv' ii ff MARY HINTON KAE MacFADDEN SANDRA HOGAN Spring Semester Head Song Leader Aufagraph Pat Brown, Librarian, asks Nancy Jo Gibbs, Fall Student Body Sec- retary, for her autograph, while Faye Sims, Aerie Editor, looks on. fl 5 ai 1 X 4 ,071 V' 7 7 Z 532 Ljff ' 7 "zu jj? 7' 1,7 2' ' XJ!-Z' f ' ia? fv7L7l, If 2 f f ,f U fjv- 57 y 7-'flu NYJ? t, ' yy apj',!fT, JQQJ aj ,-,gl-yrs, ,,. V li- - 'Il Y I X' rt , A ' -f Q -rg vff. 1 7 '11 '1 7 1-n,7,',f-2 f S 15,4 ,J-fyf, 71 'Aff' 'K' '17 'R 1 7 2- 7"',4:7'! 77 A fy,--y- ,Q , ,fini A ff 1- fr ,zvfw G M152 f- 'ff' 'if 94 72' ' YQ x, I ' , ,Y-.,,k, j!,,7 7 A-I 4, - -,tw 7, !l-Wim? , .riff 7 jf? 37 ' X !fAL-'xA7,3p,,T? 't ' 7? 7771 ' ,l"-!l? fr N44 fl -1 ' , - W ff ,, 4 ,ff if it as af f- ff if ,sw-ff' ff bf A' ff iff' 4 K ,, A, . I. V I, K N 73' 7 l " Lv .v ,Z -1 1" 2 v ffi if f i .wav W ' .7 , 77 Zfffjf ff ,Mfg W f ' W fy-f W,lffffff7f fi WK W Ifyf- 1 56- J, ,ff lffdfjj t fo, Ex. Ummm wfkw W4 I 1 L 1 +UL,f f 6 UU n 5 J' P L4 5 QN - ' - ' . X ' g X. fa. 41:19 f nunnlnn Z ' - - . annul 1 . E' Illlgaegel ' ' 2 I -Wvzxei' f '- - ' - :r 1 Wixxxexv' I of X X ni tilt!!! y - ,,xsX x 'Vx M x ' - j 'b K ,F Front row: Everett Cutler, Augustin Maissen, Walter Philipanko, Robert Burcell, Ray Schultz, Fred Kronsbein. Second row: .lack Zaachc Coach Jack Fox has completed his fourth year as Director of Athletics. He has been very successful with his unending iobs and duties. This year, as everyone knows by now, marks EI Camino's last year of Sierra-Foothill League Competition. We are very confident that Mr. Fox will lead his teams successfully in the new Sac-Joaquin League. He coaches both Varsity Basketball and Varsity Baseball. He is also one of the sponsors and the sole founder of the Block E.C. Valuable new assets to El Camino's growing coaching staff this year are Coach Fred Kronsbein, Everett Cutler, Walter Phili- panko and Dr. Augustus Maissen. Coach Kronsbein proved his mettle with ease as he very successfully coached Junior Varsity Baseball and Junior Varsity Basketball as well as assisting in Varsity Football. Everett Cutler and Dr. Augustin Maissen ably coached El Camino's newly developed ski team. Dr. Maissen, from Switzerland, is a very fine skier himself, holding several skiing titles. 'Among the most important are championships at the uni- versities of Berne, Geneva, and Fribourg. He also has held Swit' zerland's national collegiate skiing title. Walter Philipanko assist- ed in Junior Varsity Football as a very efficient line coach. JACK FOX Director of Athletics Fox, Ross Clover, Tom Armstrong, Ross Furneaux, Bill McFarland. The old-timers back on the iob again this year and functioning very successfully are Ray Schultz, Bob Burcell, Bill 'McFarland, Ross Clover. Mr. Schultz coached Varsity Football again this year and did a very fine iob. He was assisted, of course, by Mr. Kronsbein. Mr. Schultz and Mr. Kronsbein are also sponsors of the Block E.C., now in its fourth year and going strong. Coach Bob Burcell piloted the Junior Varsity squad with the help of ViLalt Philipanko. The J.V. eleven placed second in' the league and showll-great potentialities for next year in the Sac-Joaquin Con- ference. Coach Bill McFarland coached El Camino's "C" and "D" Class Basketball Fives. Mr. McFarland also taught 'Mathematics for his second year at El Camino, Ross Furneaux, also in his second year at El Camino, again coached the Eagle Tennis squad. Last year, Mr. Furneaux had to privately taxi his team to practices and games as El Camino had yet to get its long awaited tennis courts. Mr. Tom Armstrong is now in his fourth active year as head of the El Camino Cadet Corps. Coach Armstrong is El Camino's golfing coach and is assisted by Bob Burcell. He has done a fine job and put in a lot of extra time on the fairways. Coach Ross Clover is going strong in his fourth year at E.C. Besides teaching biology, Mr. Clover is a very familiar figure on the track and field scene at E.C. He has met with continuous success as head of Track and Cross Country. His "A" Cross Coun- try team was Sac-Joaquin Sectional Champions this year. The hands of El Camino's growing Student Body are extended in most sincere congratulatory gestures to this fine, upstanding, and loyal coaching staff. By Joe RAMSEY R. Koro sh, B. Turner, R. Clark P. Hanson, D. Ree W. X , A , fc if we .. A Front row: D. Ford, J. Cracraft, B. Elledge, J. Bryant, F. Matteson, R. Breech, S. Gervais, H. O'Shell, E. Hall, H. Pahl. Second row: A. Marrin, Manager, B. Palmer, R. Bugby, G. Kayser, J. Conn, J. Beaver, B. Clift, D. Becker, J. Baker, J Th5MEaglel'Griddersy!l'F195gl',bfnfafflelad of the season with a 13-12 victory at Gridley. On Sep- tember 28, the squad experienced Sac-Joaquin competition at Hughes Stadium against the Mc- Clatchy Lions. Although E. C. lost that game, 33-31, it won a great moral victory in a hard fought contest. In the course of the season, EI Camino won four games and lost five. The year did, however, supply three highlights. The first one was at Mc- Clatchy. Then, an underdog Eagle team upset the heavily favored Yuba City Honkers, 28-7. On the rdf: , 4' .reg Silverthorne, T. Pope, Manager. Third row: Coach Ray Schultz, G. Cook, B. Subry, D. Marrow, K. Kurk, L. Richardson, J. Kurz, D. Malchow, B. Manas, L. Kelley, N. Blackburn, R. Ramseier, E. Gedney, M. Curley, G. Rudnick, Coach Fred Kronsbein. ' J i ,W .fff.f.lr'fffft' W6 last day of the season, EI Camino played its best football game of the year when it swam over San Juan, the old and worthy rival, 27-12. This victory couldn't have come at a more opportune time, as it was our first home victory against a tried enemy. It was also El Camino's last Sierra Foothill League contest, because next year we enter the mighty Sac-Joaquin Conference. Coach Ray "Bullet" Schultz football squad throughout the ing the same high standards and spirit established long ago ably piloted his season, maintain- of sportsmanship at El Camino. No. Name Ht. Wt. Class Pos. 1 J. Beaver .,,...... ......... 5 ' 9V2 156 Jr. C 2 J. Cracraft ....... ......... 5 ' 8 149 Jr. RH 3 B. Turner ..... ......,.. 5 ' 9 157 Sr, C 4 F. Matteson 5' 7 149 Jr. LG 5 J. Bryant ...., ......... 5 ' 6 139 Jr, LE 6 D. Ford .... 5' 7 138 Jr. LH 7 P. Hanson . ........ 6' V2 174 Sr. LT 8 S. Gervais ....... ......... 5 '10 155 Sr. FB 9 R. Breech ..... ......... 5 ' 9V2 150 Sr, LE 10 J. Kurz ........... .......,. 5 '1OV2 165 Sr, LT 11 N. Blackburn ...... .....,,., 6 ' 1 170 Sr. LE 12 E. Hall ......... .....,,.. 5 ' 9 143 Jr, QB 13 J. Baker . 5'10 158 Sr. RH 14 D- Reed ....... ......... 6 ' V2 176 Jr. FB 15 H. O'SheIl .W ......... 5'10 152 Sr. QB 16 G. Rudnick ..... .,....... 6 ' 0 195 Jr, LT 17 L. Kelley ..... ......... 6 ' 0 165 Jr. LG 15 R- BU9lDY ...-.. .... ......... 5 ' 9V2 157 Jr LG 19 B. Clift ............. - .........,,.. 5'1OV2 165 Jr, RG 20 E. Gedney ....... ......... 6 ' 2 180 Sr. RT 21 D. Becker ..... ......... 6 ' O 175 Sr. RH No. Name Ht. Wt. Class Pos. 22 R. Ramseier .... ......... 6 ' 1V2 195 Sr. FB 23 H. Pahl .......,. ......... 5 '1OV2 152 Jr. QB 24 G. Cook .......... .....,... 6 ' 1 182 Jr. LT 25 J. Straw .............. ........, 5 '11 157 Jr. LH 27 W. Silverthorne ..... ......... 6 ' V2 162 Jr. LE 28 A. Paul .......... ......... 5 '10 168 Jr. LG 29 D. Malchow .... ......... 6 ' 5 185 Sr. RE 30 B. Elledge ......... 5' 8 150 Sr. RG 31 J. Greene ..... ......... 6 ' O 185 Jr. RT 32 M. Curley ...... ..,....... 6 ' 3 235 Sr. RT 33 R. Clark ....... ......... 5 '11 180 Sr. LH 34 G. Kayser ........ ......... 5 '11 205 Jr. LT 35 L. Richardson ...... .,....... 6 ' 1 167 Jr. C 36 K. Kurk ....... ......... 6 ' O 235 Sr. LT J. Conn ....... ....,.... 6 ' 1 170 Jr. LE R. Koroush ...... ...,...... 5 ' 9 155 Sr. C D. Marron ...... .......... 6 ' 1 225 Jr. LT M. Mattice ....., .......... 5 ' 8V2 147 Jr. RG B. Palmer ...... .......... 5 ' 9 155 Jr. RH B. Subry ..... 5' 8172 149 Jr, QB lil G IO 0 M X I RALPH CLARK L N w ,, . Nags-nr-ggg PHIL EIANSEN x X X ,V S E3 ,E "Lev PVVV N Q- 'L " ' , ' mv. ,f:5ff.3'M V ' I DAVE BECKER ED I-IALL JIM dREEN JOE .KURZ ,4' 1 as , o 1 '.' ' '- v.,.- , g -4 ' ' s,-.es -', - s 'I' Var PRACTICE Camino .EE,. ,-.,,,,,,,,, , N13 Camino ..... ..,,,,--,. 3 1 LEAGUE Camino. ..... ,---,,.... I 2 EI Camino ..... --,,..,.,,--- 3 8 EI Camino .,.-- , ,v,,, 0 El Camino .EE.. ,-,-,, 2 4 El Camino ...., M ,,,, 6 ED GEDNEY El Camino .,... --,,,, 1 3 Captain El Camino ..,.. E,., 27 HARRlSON.O'SHELL KEN KURK G -I - 2 50 -' 40 Y 7 yy 50 ao io G LARRY KELLEY we-0'Q-" ! f ROGER RAMSEIER GARY 0 :S I I ' ' - 'N - --Q '-Q-- Q no I , "-' I I-:::' R s ml, A '-1' r ,L.. A 1-f if H Gridley .....,,, R , x McClatchy .., ' NORM BLACKBURN X GAMES X Roseville ..... --------4-- 5 Placer ...... '-------- 4 N Oroville ......,.... ---f----4-- X Yuba City .........,...eA X Nevada Union ....... X Marysville -'---v--- Lewis RICHARDSON X Sayles BUFF EliLEDGE Q5 40 50 JOE CRQCRAFT 20 RON BREECH 7 BOB MANAS 4? I f B X lo G AI MEMOIRS OF E.C.'S VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM IN ACTION IN ITS LAST YEAR OF SIERRA FOOTHILL LEAGUE COMPETITION SEPTEMBER 21 A Gridley Threat is checked by Clark and Becker. E.C .,L,..v,... .WIS Gridley .L7L.,.,L,,.L, I2 OCTOBER 3 Ramseier drives for an E.C. Ten yard gain against Roseville. E.C. ss..l2 Roseville .. s,,,s ,,,s,l3 l -1. -I nwwnqwwnzvvroiagcmnm I N SEPTEMBER 28 Becker breaks into The clear to make E.C.'s fourth Touchdown against Mc- Clatchy. E.C .,s. . ,,,,.,ss. 31 McClaTchy ,,,, N33 I. I I f I OCTOBER 9 Becker is stopped by Hillman. E.C .,,,,,,,,,,,, 38 Placer . ,,,. ,, 6 OCTOBER 23 Bugby makes the stop as E.C. upsets a strong Honker eleven. E.C. .e,,e,,,, 24 Yuba City ,,...,e.e, -T3 NOVEMBER 6 Manas snags a pass for an E.C. gain. E.C .e,sA....s,s. l 3 Marysville ,e,s ,T ..27 OCTOBER l7 Clark meets an Oroville brick wall. E.C .,aa,..a,,,,s O Oroville ,,,,,,e , ,,,s 33 OCTOBER 30 Becker scores E.C.'s only T.D. E.C ..a., ,C 6 Nevada 7 NOVEMBER 14 On a rain soaked field, O'Shell gathers in a pass to put E.C. on top. E.C ..,... ..,,,, 2 7 San Juan ..,..,,... 13 Front row: T. Kelley, J. Collins, B. Kelly, R. Manas, M. Aguilar, J. Shankland, T. Gantenbein, B. Silk, J. Gedney, R. Pitzer, K. Nail. Second row: R. Himenes, R. Morten, J. Lorda, B. Beattie, J. Bilund, B. Lund, L. Paxton, P. Clark, M. Worten, J. Nichols, B. Westburg, J. Sanders, R. Westburg, B. Nehus, R. Vinall, K K l t 213125 . , . V .. ' ,,.. gf- be V. Gregory. Third row: Coach Bob Burcell, T. Spangler, W. Zeller, D. Battles, D. Carter, C. Shultz, B. Meredith, C. Jones, G. Hansen, T: Haag, J. Estabrook, E. Sellers, B. Parker, D. Fairfield, G. MacAulay, J. Miller. ,fzwiar Var ity El Camino's 1953 Junior Varsity football squad made Themselves somewhat of a name by win- ning six and losing three games. This record was sufficient to capture second place honors in the league, while the Oroville eleven went on to win the title. The Eagles had several highlights during the season. First, there was a hard fought victory over McClatchy, 7-6. This game was significant because the same teams will play each other for keeps next year when El Camino enters the Sac- Joaquin Conference. Next came the big test with San Juan. The Eagles completely overwhelmed and shut out the rival Spartans at Eagle Field on a wet and muddy November 14th. With this final victory, El Camino leaves the Sierra Foothill League with high hopes for future contests. Congratulations go to Coach Bob Burcell for his loyal efforts and successes in turning out such a fine Eagle grid squad. No. Name Ht. Wt. Class Pos. 6 M. Aguilar , 5' 5 145 So. HB 26 D. Battles . . 5' 9 l55 Fr. HB 14 D. Carter .. 5'lO T60 So. C 'I6 P. Clark . ...,.. . . ...5'lO TBD So. G 8 J. Collins .... .. ,. 5' 9 150 So. F 9 T. Gantenbein 5' 3 'HO Fr. HB 19 J. Gedney ....... ....... 6 ' 2 l6O Fr. E M. Hanlon .... . 5'lO 155 So. T 20 G. Hansen ........ ........ 6 ' 0 T75 Fr. T 'll " C. Jones .......... ,, .... ... . .. 6' O 160 So. E 2 B. Kelly .. .... .,.,. ............ 5' 7 140 So. Q l7 J. Lorcla . . 5' 2 l30 Fr. T 25 B. Lundz . .... .... 6 ' 3 150 So. E 1 ' R. Manas 5' 7 140 So. Q 24 K. Nall ...... 5'lO 160 So. F 29 J. Nichols . .... ....... 6 ' 3 160 So. E 31 R. Pitzer .. . 5' 5 135 Fr. HB 5 B. Parker ...... 5' 9 T68 Fr. FB 'l7 L. Paxton ...... ........ 5 ' 9 T35 Fr. HB 7 M. Worten . .. ........ 5' 8 T35 So. HB No. Name Ht. Wt. Class Pos. 'l5 B. Meredith ...... ....... 6 ' l l68 So. E 23 T. -Spangler .-... ....... 6' O 162 Fr, T 18 B. Westburg ...... ........ 6 ' l l.6l So. T R. Westburg ...... ........ 5 ' 9 T34 Fr. T J. Sanders ..... ........ 5 ' 9 l2B Fr, HB E. Sellers .... ........ 5 ' 8 T34 Fr, G 21 B. Neltus .......... ........ 5 ' 5 l4O So. G J. Estabrook .... ....... 5 ' B l49 Fr. E 6 R. Virtall ......... ........ 5 ' 6 120 Fr. G 33 B. Silk ........... ........ 5 :ll H0 Fr. G ts D. Fairfield ...... ......... 5 ' 5 120 Fr. E J, Tanner ....... ....... 5 ' 8 l42 Fr. E B. Beattie ....... ........ 5 ' 7 T20 Fr. F 9 R. Morten ..... . ...... 5' 3 l35 Fr. T T. Haag ......... ........ 5 ' 7 l30 ft G G. MacAulay .... ........ 5 ' 8 l36 Fr. J, Miller ....... ........ 5 ' 9 T52 Fr. T, Kelley -,., ....... 5 ' 6 l45 Fr. HB VV, Zeller ,,,YY,, ,,,,... 5 'll FY. C 3 F, Brazell ,.,. ........ 5 ' 8V1 190 SO- F J. Bilund ....... 5' 8 150 Fr. T ln front: Coach Ross Clover. Back row: B. Patterson, C. Stevens, I.. Nelson, J. Luther, P. Kelly, G. McCorkle, B. Reiche, W. Liddle, J. Van Wagenen, J. Watkins, B. Potter, B. Berbles. '24 " Eross Houufry Coach Ross Clover's "A" Cross Countrymen certainly made a name for them- selves as they turned in El Camino's first undefeated season, In eight meets, counting league meets and other contests, the Eagle runners emerged victorious. They won two trophies for the school and many other honors. There were two definite highlights of the season. One was, naturally, the winning of the league meet where the team won its first trophy, the second highlight was the one which will always be remembered: On the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, l953, a determined El Camino Cross Country team boarded the bus for Grass Valley. Several hours later, after a tough contest, they were the champions of the Sac-Joaquin Sectional. Not bad for a four year old high school with its seven man squad, especially since there were 15 schools with 85 athletes participating! Bob Berbles, Wallace Liddle, Bruce Reiche, and Jim Van Wagenen were the four placers for EI Camino. Congratulations are in order for this fine team and to Coach Ross Clover, whose unselfish efforts made it possible for his boys to be the athletes that they are and gave El Camino its first permanent trophy. Coach Ross Clover with league champions. Cross Countrymen pose for camera' We fmyfl -'Q , V fli-ii. A Front row: Coach Ross Clover, G. Gomm, E. Hollowell, D. Walker, M. Collins. Second row: W. Everett, D. Greene, B. Durbrow, J. Burke, D. Bales, P. Griffin, F. Reiche. Third row: R. Young, B. Schaffer, A. Liddle, P. Cordero, B. Moren. 1 1 1 1 I 7 6 "IK and 6 6m s auutry The "B" and "C" Cross Country teams didn't do quite as well as the "A's," but they made a good showing. The "B's" placed second in the league and third in the Sac-Joaquin Sectional. They were co-captained by Mike Collins and Don Walker. The "C's" won fourth place honors in the league and fifth in the Sac- Joaquin Sectional. Phil Cordero captained the "C" runners. An honor was won by the "B" and "C" teams, as well' as the "A," when they triumphed in a five-way meet at Hughes Stadium over Sacramento, McClatchy, Grant, and San Juan to become the Sacramento area champions. NAME HEIGHT Berbles W ,,,, .. 5' 6 Kelly ..,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 ' 9 Patterson W , ,,.. 5' 9 Potter ,. 5' 9 Liddle ,,,,. ,,,,,,, 5 ' 9 McCorkle .. ,, .. 5'l IV2 Reed ,,,,,,,,,,, ., ,,Y,,,, 5'1I Reiche ....,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 5'IO Van Waganen ,,,, , 5' 8 Watkins .,.,.., ,,,, 5' BVZ Luther , ,,,, H 5' 9 Stevens . - ,,,,,,, 5' 7 Nelson ,,,,,,, 5'l0 Gomm . ...5' 6 Hollowell . , ,,,, 5' 2VQ WEIGHT CLASS TO7 Jr l40 Sr l42 So 130 Jr 144 Sr l47 .lr T65 Jr l53 Sr l40 Sr 150 So T41 Jr T40 Sr l4O Jr 'l'l2 So I 13112 So NAME HEIGHT Walker W ......,. 5' 6 Collins ,.,.,... 5' 8V2 Everett ....,.., 5' ZV2 Greene ........ 5' 8 Durbrow ,.., ......,, 5 ' 4'V2 Burke ..... ........ 5 ' 7 Bales ,,,, ........ 5 ' A Griffin , ......., 5' 9V2 Relche ,,,,. ,....... 5 ' 5V2 Young ..... .....,,, 5 ' 7V2 Schaffer ,,,,,,,, 5' 9V2 Liddle .,... ...,.... 6 ' O Cordero .,.. .,..,... 5 ' 7V2 Moren .,,,, , 5' 8 WEIGHT CLASS 126 So. 127 So. 'ITO So. 121 Sr. H4 Jr. 117 So. T08 Fr. T36 Fr. 122 Fr T36 Jr. 148 Jr- l37 50- 122 Fr- l52 -lf From row: B. Manas, R. Gary, A. Kellogg, T. Schilling, J. Ramsey, J. Cracraft, R. Smith, E. Hall. Second row: K. Friedman, Coach Fox, R. Ramsier, D. Driscoll, D. Malchow, A. Gogis, B. Steen, C. Rafferty, F. Patterson. IL4 ' ' Haskcfbull The 1953-54 Class "A" Cagers from El Camino faced a tough twenty-one game schedule. They won nine and losttwelve to place fourth in league play. This year, El Camino placed higher than ever before in basketball. Coach Jack Fox piloted his fifteen-man club with great success throughout the season, beating Yuba City 63-51 and 43-38 and bowing in two hard fought games to Oroville. A great benefit to the "A" squad was Duane Driscol who starred at both the forward and center positions, scoring 178 points . . . Ed Hall was the runner-up for high points with 145. Driscol also led the free throwers with an average of .606 making thirty-seven out of sixty-one chances. Bob Manas came in second with a .600 average. Even though the season itself was not too successful, it came far from lacking in high points. Early in the year the Eagles battled the Dragons in a 32-31 defeat at a benefit game in the pavilion. Although we lost that game, we succeeded in showing the Dragons that E.C. would be no push-over in the Sac-Joaquin Con- ference next year. The real highlight came, however, when E.C. came through, as an underdog, to defeat the San Juan Spartans in the final game for the cham- pionship of the Placer Tournament. ln E.C.'s first contest of the Tourney, they beat the Roseville Tigers, who had beaten us twice during the regular season, 32-25. In the second round, we beat Folsom 31-24 to qualify for the final with San Juan. The now high flying Eagles spilled the undefeated Spartans in a thriller for the Championship. San Juan turned in an almost too fine last ditch stand but lost in the final seconds of play 37-38. Nadine Kuykendall was E.C.'s Princess and Queen of the Tourney. She was escorted by Duane Driscol, Captain of the team, to the center of the gym floor where the ceremonies were held. Coach Fox deserves a fine hand for coaching the squad to victory over the Spartans for the first time since basketball started at E.C., in a maior game, and at a time when it counted the most. 1 E: ' 5 x' LO k A , I 5: ,f Sl fi f RU , 1 ' 4 3 X Xb QR ,Z K walxwdb : M an W gg My .. as i sb- sg , fV,.xk L!ViLi A LVV, fV, L V A 151 K? ' L: 5 K A j ir' .A M .K,,fkf: m y H , nfl ,, s I . bk: , ., .7 X H ,- , '- kk 1 K V -4.:1,,,..- l f M W ' A 5 ,f I 5 . 2 Q 1 - L' 1 f , 1 1 , 1 ,-4 1 - A ,, , , , ys A I 6 . mg 5 M 5 2 , s . f f K, 1 " z ' .ii I I Q ' .gf , E V fs'. ,i Q i N K W .Mus , 5 MM13 J Q f Q 1 ff Q 1 , f l , ,,,Aq, i l gf W .f ,iw 'E M iw-W . I V? Lkyfr M 51' -l1?4,g,3,Z,, ..A,1,. I I f .LLWK 6 f 1 K m h Y! . 4 I 3 ,, .fav 6-1 Front row: W. Alburn, D, Ford, N. Tinling, R. Richards, D. Warner, R. Manas. Second row: D. Boch, T. Spangler, J. Bryant, J. Frozer, J. Burk, J. Den Garsee, Third row: E. Rafferty, Manager, K. Friedman, Managerg J. Fox, K. Vaughn, J. War? Carter, D. Dorman, Coach F, Kronsbein, F. Patterson, Manager. -v V' -X, ' 76" ' Kaskciball The Class "B" Eagle cagers of this year won eight games and lost six in league competition to place fourth in the league. Two of their six losses came from the Oroville Tigers, Champions of the "B" division, in very hard fought, but decisive games. High point man for this 1953-54 season was Tex Ward, with 150. Runners-up in the scoring division were Jack Bryant with 149 and Don Ford with 120. The Free Throw Champion of the "B's" was Donnie Ford who hit forty-eight for seventy- eight for a .616 average. Runner-up in this department was Tex Ward with a per- centage of .598. The Eagles beat San Juan in the last game of the season, 38 to 25. This was the second "A" or "B" contest ever won by an El Camino basketball team from the Spartans. The first victory came the night before when the "A's" beat them for the tourney championship at Auburn. The season was considered to be a success since the "B's" placed higher than ever before and against rougher competition. The outcome promises future divi- dends on the "A" squad in the coming years. Coach Fred Kronsbein, new on our school coaching staff this year did a fine iob as coach and deserves the gratitude of the student body. El Camino ,,,,,. ,,.... -35 El Camino ,A.,... , . 7.... 38 El Camino .... , ..,,, , -45 El Camino ., , .....,,.,.. 41 El Camino ., ,.. . , . , . 5 8 El Camino ..., ...,... ,.. 27 El Camino .,.. ,,,....,,,, 31 El Camino.. ,,, ,......,, 29 El Camino ..., ,,,....,,,. 38 El Camino .,,,,,,,,,,,..., 32 El Camino ...N.,,,,,...,, 43 El Camino-, ,,,,,,,3,A ,.-37 El Camino. 33,,3,A.,.,.33. 63 El Camino..- ....,33A.. --35 El Caminow 3....,....... 44 El Camino .....,v,....,3,3 50 El Camino 3,3,.........3.. 46 El Camino .....v,,....,,.. 63 EI Caminod, ........., M42 El Camino .6.,,,.,....,,.3 48 El Camino 3,3.....,,,,.... 30 TOTAL ...,... 3,.... 8 75 NAME POINTS YEAR Steen 19 Sr. Gary 99 Sr. Manas 26 Jr. schalnng 52 Jr. Hall 145 Jr. Driscol 178 Sr. Malchow 104 Sr. Cracraft 79 Jr. Ramseier 93 Sr. Gogis 22 Sr. Kellogg 7 Jr. Smith 51 Jr. Estabrook O Jr. Tinling 2 Jr. Fraser O So. Bach 11 Fr. " " Basketball ' ' PRACTICE GAMES ' ' Kasketball Grant ..,.. ,...,.... 4 3 El Ca-mino .,,............. 43 Grant -2 ,...... ,..... . 35 Grant ,....... ,........ 5 0 El Camino-- .,.........,. 34 Grant ........,. ....... 4 4 Woodland .,..,,,,.... 32 El Camino ........,....... 36 Woodland ,...,,,,..,. 47 Woodland ...,., 35 El Camino ,.,...,...,..... 49 Woodland .....,....., 52 Vacaville 2. ...... 39 El Camino ..,.,.,.... .--248 Vacaville .o,. 26 Folsom .,,o,............. 39 El Camino ..,......,.,.o.. 49 Folsom ...,. ....,A. 1 9 Sacramento ,,,,..... .32 LEAGUE GAMES Placer .,.., ,.., . 25 El Camino ,.,.....,,,,.,.. 46 Placer ,,.,.. ,,,.. . 28 Nevada .... ...... 4 5 El Camino ..... ,.,......., 4 1 Nevada .... ...... 4 O Roseville .,..,., ,,.,.. 4 3 El Camino .............,,. 45 Roseville ....,.. ,..... 2 2 Yuba City ...,. ...... 3 8 EI Camino ,A.,....,.,,.... 38 Yuba City .,a,a ,.,., . 50 Oroville .... ..... . 47 El Camino .........a.,a... 29 Oroville ....... ..-,,, 4 1 M6I'ySVllle .-f.- ----- t 36 El Camino.. .....,.....a.. 46 Marysville ,........... 45 560 Juan .--'f-- e--.-. 4 2 El Camino .....a........., 22 San Juan ..... ,.... , 25 Pl6C6f fe4-eeee ef--e - 43 El Camino ..a..,.,,.,...,. 51 Placer .,,..... ...,,. 4 1 Nevada o.- .,..ee 59 El Camino ....,a.......... 33 Nevada ,,.. -.oo., 3 1 Roseville ...,.., ..... . 59 El Camino .....,..,,,a,.., 42 Roseville ,-,,... ....., 2 8 Yuba City ..... ....vf 6 1 El Camino ,.a,..... .. ...... 36 Yuba City ,.... ,---.50 Oroville ....... ...... 5 5 El Camino .,..,........... 42 Oroville , ,,,,v. ,.,.,, 6 4 Marysville .....,,..... 47 El Camino ....,........... 43 Marysville ..,,......, .46 San Juan ..... ..... . 40 El Camino .,,.,o,o..,...., 38 San Juan -,-., ,,,-, Y 25 TOTAL .....A ....Y,, 9 10 TOTAL ,...., L ...... 81 1 TOTAL ,.,.., ....... 7 59 ROSTER HEIGHT POSITION NAME POINTS YEAR HEIGHT POSITION 6' 3" Center Ford 120 Jr. 5' 6" Forward 5' 9172" Forward Richards 16 Jr. 5' 7" Forward 6' 1" Guard Bryant 149 Jr. 5' 7" Forward 5'11" Forward Denny 22 So. 5' 7172 Forward 5' 9172" Forward Burk 9 So. 5' 7" Forward 6' 3" Center Dorman 96 So. 5'11" Guard 6' 4" Guard Ward 150 So. 5' 9172 Guard 5' 9" Forward Carjer 33 So. 5'10" Guard 6' 2" Guard Vaughn 61 Jr. 5'T0" Guard 6' 4" Center Spangler 0 Fr. 5'10172" Guard 6' 0" Center Fox 1 4 So. 5'11" Guard 6' 1" Guard Warner 14 Sr, 5' 4" Forward 5' 9" Guard Manas 80 So, 5' 6" Center 5' 9172" Center Alburn 5 Fr. 5'10" Center 5'l0" Guard Garsee 39 Sr, 5' 8" Center 5' 7172" Forward Front row: J. Grote, D. Berdahl, R. Bach, W. White, B. Lewis. Standing: Coach Wm. MacFarland T. Morse, C. Bell, L. Rackham, J. Fraser, W. Alburn, B. Johnson, D. Farmer, Manager. ' Z1 ' ' Basketball The Class "C" Basketballers of 1953 Turned in a fine season by winning five games and losing four to capture a tie with Roseville for third place. The attack was led by high point man Alburn who scored 56 points from the center slot and by White, a forward, and Bach, a forward, who scored 54 and 40 points respectively. Close behind Bach was another high pointer, Fraser, who scored 38. Most significant to the "C" team is that they beat McClatchy twice and Grant once. Coach MacFarIand is to be congratulated for his fine job with both our "C" and "D" basketball squads and you will no doubt see more of his group later on in "A" and "B" competition. By Boa POTTER ' 'G ' ' Huskvibdll ' ' EI Camino EI Camino El Camino Camino Camino--, ........ . Camino ........,... El El El Camino El EI ' Camino ..........,. EI Camino .....,...... EI Camino ..........,. TOTAL . .... -- ..,. NAME Album Bach ,,...... Bell ....,..... Berdahl ,....... . Fraser ,,,. .. Grote ...... Johnson Lewis .. Morse ....,. Rackham .....Y . White ,...,, PRACTICE GAMES " Basketball 29 McClatchy ................ 23 El Camino ............ 24 McClatchy w,... ...v,... I 7 28 McClatchy ....... 27 El Camino ............ 3I McClatchy .,... ......,. 2 O 29 Grant ..,.,... ,.,...., 2 7 El Camino ............ 24 Grant ........... A..,..,. 2 I LEAGUE GAMES I7 Roseville ...... I6 EI Camino ......,..... 27 Roseville ..... .... , , 33 35 EI Dorado .........,,. 23 EI Camino ............ 32 EI Dorado ............ 21 I9 Placer ......... ...... 2 O El Camino .....,...... 27 Placer ......... ...... 3 9 26 San Juan ...... 32 EI Camino ,........... I9 San Juan ..... ..,e.. 2 9 40 Roseville ....., I2 EI Camino ,........... 23 Roseville ..... ....,. 3 5 26 Placer ...... ...... 2 9 El Camino ,,.......... 22 Placer ,..... ..,... 2 4 26 San Juan ...,.. 28 El Camino ......,..... I8 San Juan ..... ...... 3 0 275 TOTAL ...... ....,,.,. 2 37 TOTAL ,.... ........ 2 47 TOTAL ...... ...... 2 69 ROSTER POINTS YEAR HEIGHT POSITION NAME POINTS YEAR HEIGHT POSITION Fr. 5' 8 Center Canfield Fr. 5' 2 Center Fr. 5' 6 Guard Cerwinsky 8 Fr. 5' 5 Guard 8 Fr. 5' 6 Forward Cunningham So. 4' 9 Guard ,.,,..,.I5 So. 5' 6 Forward Drew Fr. 5' I Forward ..,.,,e,38 So. 5' 8 Forward FBT 3 Fr. 5' 5 Forward 6 Fr. 5' 5 Guard Haney 5 Fr. 4' 8 Guard 3 Fr. 5' 4 Center Keicl-um So. 5' 5 Forward Fr. 5' 6 Forward NICCFYSYIG 4 Fr. 5' 3 Guard 5 Fr. 5' 7 Guard Noble 6 Fr. 5' O Guard 2 Fr. 5' 6 Forward Sedgewick 7 Fr. 5' 5 Forward ....A..,54 Fr. 5' 5 Forward 5feVBr1S0f1 Fr. 5' 3 Guard From row: R. Cunningham, B. Noble, C. Canfield, J. Drew. Standing: Coach Wm. MacFarland, B. Stevenson, E. Cerwinski, D. Sedgewick, S. Ketchum, K. Fat, D, Farmer, Manager. "D" Kaskclball The El Camino "D" team won four of its ten game schedule and all tour were non-league contests. They beat McClatchy twice and Grant once. They also beat El Dorado. This is an encouraging outlook because in years to come our "A" and "B" teams will be comprised of these athletes. The high point man, high, dry and alone, was Stevenson with 63 points, next was Drew with 51. The other two top men were Canfield and Ketchum with 28 apiece. A surprising thing on the "C" and "D" teams was that there were only four sophomores, all the rest being freshmen. Sac-Joaquin, here we come! V By BOB POTTER Che I7 acer Caurmzmcni QUEEN NADINE COACH FOX and CAPTAIN DUANE "Jump Ball" E.C. says Hello San Juan" "WE WON!!!!" ln a sequence of three dazzling upsets the El Camino Varsity basketball team swept to the Block "P" tourna- ment championship at Auburn. The Eagles defeated the Roseville Tigers in their first game 32-25. The Tigers had beaten us twice during the regular season. ln the semi- finals our team continued its victory march by upsetting the Folson five 34-24. Then, the soaring Eagles, with victory surging through their veins, scraped by the undefeated Spartans to capture the tourney title in a final thriller, 38-37. Nadine Kuykendall, El Camino's prin- cess, was crowned the Queen of the tournament. Duane Driscol, who was cap- tain of the team, escorted her to the center of the floor and Coach Fox crowned her with a crown of twelve beautiful orchids. Bob Jordan won a trophy for being an outstanding cheerleader. Bob, Nadine Kuy- kendall, and Judy Hollister did a wonder- ful iob in leading the Green and White cheering section. Summing the tournament up, the Eagles got the championship and a lion's share of fifty awards. They had five of the top fifteen players and numerous indi- vidual awards. I I 19" 3,0 on. f f . I. ' 4' 7' ls 9' u f 1 rf.. MIKE WEBB A -rf ef - fi .nr ..- if . ROY CRENSHAW i 'kv' V? 1 T . gr 'x I ff JIM GIBBONEY K MW'-4' COACH fitter ,Al . ..?'fi,1i . . ki mm CHARLES MCCORKLE Captain DR. A. MAISSEN Coach N SX E.C. SKI TEAM AT SUGAR BOWL, March I3, 1954i after winning the meets with Placer and Roseville. Kneeling: C. McCorkIe, R. Clark, Jr., J. Gibboney. Standing: Gody Schuetz, Sugar Bowl Sports Directory M, Webb, R. Crenshaw, Coaches Everett Cutler and Augustin Maissen, M. Chapman, R. Coffee. Absent: N. McCcrkle. Photo by FOTO-MAX. A new competitive sport was introduced to El Camino's athletic program this year when a ski team was-organized by Everett Cutler and Dr. Augustin Maissen. Dr. Maissen, who has proven himself in the past to be a very practiced and skilled skier and instructor has held several .high skiing honors in and around Switzerland, where he is from. He and Mr. Cutler both ski with the boys and have lent their time and talents to take inexperienced young skiers and make near veterans out ot them in a singleseason. They participated in eight meets altogether, five inter-squad meets and three competitive meets. On March 6 and 7, they were victorious against Placer and Roseville, At the latter meet they won their first annual trophy. The members of the team entered individually in the Junior Silver Race sponsored by the Sacramento Bee. Ross Clark, Jr. placed third in his division against top skiers of both Nevada and California to win a silver pin. Next year Mr. Cutler and-Dr. Maissen plan to add the jumping and cross-country departa ments to their skiing program, which this year consisted of only the downhill and slalom events. The growing interest of this sport is due largely to the enthusiastic interest and participa- tion of the coaches and also Mr. L. McCord, sponsor of the Ski Club at El Camino. The school is indebted to the instructors for their contribution to a new sport at El Camino. Q ,Vx .QS SN MIKE CHAPMAN i Co-Captain u m ,s. 1 h,... Q3-J? .. ' , gf,-r s..... 7 .C .c...... ' ' fe ,sit 5 for 1, S 7.1 in 3 5. ' f3-.I-5 "fs: Ui15fTii. 'ilk' 'vii NVQ- f.fs11:a .. E L W 1 . : iff is A ....,..,... H ,T NATE MCCORKLE ,,,..aw ROSS CLARK, JR. ,saw el fa ,Q at A M. McGowan, E. Cerwinsky, R. Bugby, S. Estabrook, D. Perdue, B. Beattie, R. Barsdale. Standing: Coach R. Furneaux. eunis This year's net-men played a rugged twenty-one game schedule including contests with Sacramento, Woodland, Mc- Clatcy, and Grant High. We have our veterans back from last year as well as some highly valuable newcomers. Coach Ross Furneaux, in his second year as E.C.H.S. tennis GW As tee-time rolled around late in February of this year, coaches Tom Armstrong and Bob Burcell called for golf candidates and started off on another successful season. Golfing has remained a hi-light on El Camino's athletic pro- gram almost since its beginning. Old-timers are back on the K . Y this- A sniff? coach, continued to drive his team to practices as we have yet to acquire our long awaited tennis courts. Nevertheless, our team and their coach deserve credit for their fine iobs in representing our school on the courts. courses again with the bolstering of newer talents to add to our chances. Coaches Burcell and Armstrong, as well as the boys, are to be commended for their untiring work as instructors and competitors. ww J. Hohnson, R. Berg, A. McKellips, D. White, D. King, C. Davis, P. Ross. Standing: Coach T. Armstrong, Absent: Coach B. Burcell. Front row: B. Berbles, D. Burby, A. Pahl, R. Kirchberber, C. Muira, A. Eister, T. Lionvale, J. Van Waganen, C. Stevens, Manager. Second row: A. Marrin, Manager, J. Hastings, R. Silk, D. Reed, J. Straw, B. Hamilton, B. Westburg, J. Beaver, P. Kelly, B. Rieche, W. Liddle, J. Watkins. Third row: Coach Ray Schultz, B. Lund, A. Gogis, C. McCorkle, A. Kellogg, R. Cortrell, G. Frost, L. Richardson, W. Silverthorne, B. De Cuir, Coach Ross Clover. " " Zfmfk The El Camino Class "A" track men opened the cinder season on March 4, by defeating the Grant Pacers and the Woodland Wolves, powers of the Sac-Joaquin conference, in a three-way meet held at the El Camino track. The score was 51 for E.C. to Woodland's 41 and Grant's 39. On March 17, the Eagles tromped the McClatchy Lions, also of the Sac-Joaquin Conference, 76V2 points to 27V2 points. The Eagles were victorious in every event except the shot-put. All in all the tracksters are in line for a fifteen-meet season. They are entered against league competition as well as the six really big meets which are: the Roseville Invitational, the Cal Aggie Picnis Day, the Sierra Foothill League Meet, the Sac-Joaquin Sectional, the California Relays at Modesto, and finally the State Meet at Berkeley. With the blazing victories against McClatchy, Grant and Woodland in mind, plus the fact that many of his championship cross-country men are on the squad, Coach Ross Clover has high hopes for an "A" class victory. By JOE RAMSEY . . , . ,Vgg K Front row: L. Green, Manager, B. Durbrow, D. Walker, P. Cordero, B. Tredinn, B. Lewis, F. Houghton, L. Pratt, F. Reiche, Manager. Second row: B. McCurry, G. Le Lay, E. Paul, W. Larick, R. Westburg, E. Hallowell, D. Palmquist, D. Walker, R. Young, R. Potter. Third row: M. Collins, M. Hanlon, G. Martin, R. Reiche, R. Fife, D. Dolder, A. Liddle, M. Mattice, D. Green, J. Ramos, J. Estabrook. Fourth row: Coach Ray Schultz, B. Silk, J. Fox, T. Spangler, L. Nelson, J. Crockett, K. Vaughn, B. Schaffer, L. Carlin, J. Fraser, W. Howard, Coach Ross Clover. If IJ If II and Crank El Camino's "B" and "C" track squads of '53-'54 were composed of mostly Freshmen and Sophomores. They placed second in the first meet of the season held at Eagle Field, on March 4, placing between Grant and Woodland. Woodland has one of the best "B" and "C" teams in the Sac-Joaquin Conference but our Eagles held their own against them. On March 17, they were defeated by McClatchy in a dual meet. The runners face a rugged schedule of League meets and special meets. Hopes are held high as these Junior Eagles go into combat to acquire the seasoning necessary to carry them through successful seasons in the future under the leader- ship of our track and cross-country coach, Ross Clover. By JOE RAMSEY tint" VARSITY MEMBERS-Front row: R. Rarnseier, L. Watson, R. Clark, E. Hall, B. Sulory, J. Ramsey. Second row: G. Garsee, D. Warner, R. Manas, T. Schilling, J. Saulters, B. Marks, Coach J. Fox. Third row: B. Green, Manager, E. Gregory, Manager, D. Ford, H. O'Shell, L. Kelley, B. Palmer, J. Bidwell, B. Steen, E. Rafferty, Manager. Var ity The Varsity baseball team of 1954 showed great potentiality when they gathered early in the spring to face a rugged twenty-one game schedule. Many of the boys who played on the championship team of the Junior Varsity two years ago are back, and for this reason, this Varsity team is considered funinr Var ity Junior Varsity baseball hopes were high when Coach Fred Kronsbeirt received a terrific number of candidates, and still had thirty-five boys out after the first squad cut. Expectations were silver-lined as the J.V. won its first game form Sacra- mento, 4-2, going on for a league title. to be a heavy contender for Sierra Foothill League honors. The Varsity nine played practice games with McClatchy, Sacramento, Grant and Woodland, power of the Sac-Joaquin Conference, and fared very well. Coaches Fox and Kronsbein, Varsity and Junior Varsity coaches respectively, did their jobs with efficiency and suc- cess in this T954 baseball season. L-if Uv Lttitllilt J iltitiivf V milf aint kg.-. J.V. MEMBERS-Front row: D. Coffing, D. Sedgwick, R. Cunningham, G. Patterson, S. Ketchun, B. Nehus. Second row: J. Denny, J. Drew, W. Alburn, J. Collins,- M. White, K.' Smith, C. Canfield, R. Coffee, R. Manas. Third row: G. Curto, D. Bach, J. Burk, D. Dorman, D. Battles, D. Carter, B. Kelly, D. Tharp, G. Bell, Coach F. Kronsbein. L 31, M ww . is 2 L' E ' ' N 1 A "" f 'N v. .LL K VIVAV Nr' . IWLLL, fy L, fy : vw LJAWLJ WAQNLQ jg , :L-AL L My 3 eww amaze N35 Q L Q ' f Qs Jcg-L RAMSLY C 'jg m . A f L . W L Lv " N A Eh all N ,: . ' A I 1 V! if-' 51 L 2 4 'L 1 L , LLOYD VVATSON"P gi R BILL SLJBLQEYWLP L - LL ' L A, L N- ,, L -i q L gm V , ,A , . L- L A L L 1 some HALL CF ,T L.L Q ' -L' at L - LL , r -L24 . L: fr 'gpif' RCDGER szwfxsessgvep-C Y ,N L ' 1 - ., W, L Boa MANAS-LB ZX. h U ' L':, 3? L., Var fry LL A "'Y 1 LK M LL iLL - ii , L LL , ii, 1 .,.,V 3, MM H A fx in "-Air, L - ' V, VLLVVL WV' .-4 M 1 AU . m:.rf,f,..4f4- LARRY KEUEY RF I ,aggggz L LL FRANK THOMPSON--P LL L 3 ,Liv K ' , A LT L, as .L L 1 L " N if ,mf I - K LM , LM 11,1 ' I H J RALPH CLAQK P L 9 --L 505 Mmzxs-,aa m 5 HM' Mi 0 90 ff DON FORD-RF L .ff .L fyfl JERRY SAULTER-1B O TOM SCHILUNG-28 Autagrapks ,gil 4 f ll MGX' I if Ml MVA if f' X 'V iff" if 'ffl . f 1 WJ , !. fx l fl if if 1 A ll ' WY ' 1!w"ZM and LM f f JA! I. 4l,f71JL7l ff VF ,ll i I l ,I g , ! y UUA if! .' V f f r .gow ff , L My lt ,ff if f tally 5 jg MMM iw in fi ' fir" l A JJM VM Roger Ramseier, the recipient of The 1953 Out- jx N JW N standing Football Player Award, gives his first ,A ' autograph to Head Yell Leader, Judy-lollister. f, YL! J ,VX ,JM K n 0 I A' A! f rw L fr A fr . Jf x ' ff 5 0 If I DY' l 9 ,M fj- Q X f V' I, I. ,f kk 1 . 7 . if l - , lf ' tw St x f Q i - M' if - X 'Pl If X i' K lA C ' ag Q J! Xl ' , K XRXX - Q U X +3 ,A N .X 5 l N Nfl H Q ' "xx 33 1 x - ix If f NY X55- X if 0 X , 'EM V-WXN NTB Z! ,J N 1 x,,.' :TU m I + ...-I-, ,mr Mull ,wt , j I-l HJ X -- .. .. X lrf- NN ygaw xx ---'R ff f ZX F51 ,bww :Wa ww 'mf if Top picture: September lO-ll, Registration Days!! Mcmaric SEPTEMBER 14-School opens! 900 new feet you've been stampeding over in the halls have 450 new faces!! SEPTEMBER 22-El Camino representatives attended their first Sac-Joaquin Conference meeting at Lodi High. Bob Shepherd, an El Camino J.V. football player suffered a serious leg iniury in McClatchy football game. OCTOBER 3-First game ever played on E.C.'s football field, Roseville Tigers vs. El Camino. OCTOBER 15-G.A.A. initiates spend a hectic day at E.C. Sharing the lime- light were the new members who entered Les Francophiles. NOVEMBER I2-A new mast head on the El Caminian. Arden Lions Club and the Arden Lion-aides purchased forty new parkas for our football team. l NOVEMBERIA--The big game with San Juan at the E.C. Stadium. We won 27-l2. DECEMBER 5-Hi-Teen Council dance at Del Paso Manor School. The theme, "Jingle Bell Journey." DECEMBERl5-E.C. vs. Grant in the first basketball game played in the Girls' Gym. DECEMBER l8-"Holiday lnn," the annual Christmas play, presented -by the drama and music departments. DECEMBER IB-January 4-Christmas Vaca- tion. DECEMBER 3l-Hi-Teen Council New Years Eve Dance. Formal, and the theme was "Black Magic." JANUARY 5-March of Dimes Benefit basketball game, E.C. vs. Sacramento at the Sac High Pavilion. Above: December ll, "Snow Shoe Shuffle," student body dance. Lower left: G.A.A. assembly, of course, the "weaker sex" won. Lower right: March ll-12. Back stage at the Senior Play, "Professor, How Could ,U You. JANUARY 27-Student Body Assembly, Sally Lawson, soprano singer, was the highlight. FEBRUARY2O-Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Model Legislature. JANUARY 8-First S.F.L. basketball game, E.C. vs. Placer. .IANUARY22-Spanish Club Dance, the theme, "Chihuahua Hop." FEBRUARY 6-C.O.P. Clinic at Stockton. FEBRUARY 12-The Aerie presents their annual Valentine dance, "Sweetheart Serenade." 4...-e af I -154 FEBRUARYZO-21-The Placer Tournament. We won and Nadine is Queen. FEBRUARY 27-Woodland Conference. MARCH 5-The Frosh Hop, "The Creep," MARCH.2O-The arrival of the longvawaited Susan Fox, MARCH 20-250 Cadets attend Cadet Conference held at E.C. MARCH 22-Cafeteria opens. Gobs and Gals!!! MARCH 26-C.C.C. present their Military Ball, "Arabian Nights," with deco- rations to match the theme. MARCH 30--G.A.A. Banquet. P ' a Party in the Girls' Gym. They wore their craziest APRIL 2--G.A.A. alam P.J.'s. APRIL I9-"Market Place," the annual car- nival. APRIL 'IO-I8-Easter vacation. APRIL 22-Music Department presents the annual Spring Concert. APRILQ3-Tri-Hi-Y Dance. APRIL 28-29-Career Days with the Seniors showing their talents. APRlL.28-Open House to show our par- ents our progress. APRIL 30-Junior Prom, "Carous line and his orchestra providing el," with Russ C the music. MAY I-Sierra Foothill Music Clinic at Auburn. MAY 7-Sophomore Dance. MAY 8-F.H.A. Fashion and Tea for mothers. Also the- date of the State Music Festival at San Francisco. MAY 14-Big baseball game with San Juan at Edmonds Field. Top picture: Carolyn Morton and Barbara Smith count the votes after the student MAY 28-All students had loads of fun at the annual Music body elecllons' Plcnllcl' ' ' but ,llley WTTII loo flied lo allend the El Above: El Camino students, going wild after we made a basket in the close game Caminian dance, Odd Bal, that mg t. with San Juan. JUNE 4-ll-Senior Week. Started off with the Senior Ball, Lower len: The ,Black Magid, New Years Eve dance' included the Senior Day and the Senior Breakfast. Lower right: Our representatives at the Woodland Conference, JUNE 18-Last day of school. JUNE I9-Graduation. Tears and smiles gave a sad or ioyous goodbye to El Camino. ' if I s l- -.M ....... .. .-.......-. -.-.i-..-.. , - AA F' We--4' 'L AQ Che Zhrisfma Pragmm E.C. presented "HOLIDAY lNN" on December 18, in the new gym A group of E.C. students, headed by Natalie Hunt, wrote "Holiday lnn," and with the combined efforts of the Drama Department, headed by Mrs. Williams, the Music Department, headed by Mr. Faulkner and Mrs. Silver, and the Art Department, headed by Mr. Tyler, it resulted in the best production ever. Persons participating were: Judy Jett, Dick Martin, Dwight Beattie, Pat Godfrey, and Marshall Berol in the play itself. Also included were: Dana Bowers, Carl Corbin, Deanne Meinzer, Judie Neiderloh, Karen Lilleland, Patti Jo Lilleland, Georgie Mulbarger, Judy Burch, Elaine Tucker, Nadine Kuykendal, Harlene Kloss, Del Erickson, Peter Ross, Jackie Ventura, and Jean Randleman, The Boys' Glee, Advanced and Elementary Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, and the Orchestra also took part. O ' at ws M , , if Hprofessar, Haw Another first for The Seniors came on March ii and 12, when They presented The c o m e d y, "P R O FE S S O R, HOW COULD YOUg" in The new cafeteria. Boggins .....,,,,,,,... Grandpa Perry ,,,,, Grandma Perry ,,,,,, Vicky ,,,,,. .....,,,,,, John Appleby ,,,,,,, Keats ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Priscilla Morley ,,,,, Valerie Whitman Tootsie Bean ....,,, Butcher Boy Bean mid Wu DICK MARTIN PETER ROSS JUDY BURCH' MARLENE MOORE JOHN PISCIOTTA JOE KURZ MARY JANE REARDON HELEN AEPPLI BARBARA ROHRER STANLEY NICOLAUS f'5- Kas! Paradise The story of the growth of EI Camino Cartoons by LARRY NELSON Narration by JIM CROCKETT On September I8, 1950, on the corner of El Camino and Eastern Avenues, a new school opened. Yes! El Camino High School was finished . . . finished? M AA "' 'VN H' M Q 'VN -ff , A s fs.- If . cs. - i ' f Q 71.05 f? f1 Z f' l l -l ::EEEEE:p.n 'VV Xxvq 76' 'v K Iv- f I ff!: !' xi Q 0 4 , f Vi QQ 1 pig Q X P F iiiggpv ix 5 ' 5-E f Il' "' is I I XXX ,4 -, K x 2 V 4 XX-xxx XX . . X as Q I ft t w A ix YJ? 1 hid, Q' ,Lil-.1 I v A X- x rf tw I I ae iw? .-. f o f iw , ' elif all A181 fy K V f ff , I l I D ff y F l . . X fx ' 7 "f ll f I fi 5 I 5 JU X5 ff iff? ly Wffffff, fll I IM X lj It f"it" being E.C.H.S.I was the model school. A standard to be set for all future Institutions of Instruction. 'J 1' - . A, . N hon -,gr-d Q I I I I 'iQTz::. V5 ll .. i is :ff ,win I . A Q., ff ff W i Jgr 5'-F II 'Z fl!! K C5 1--"JI i - f vi' I J K J 33:11-'-f ir'-4?f :..- I fi 4 Q . .ff of X li.. ' . J! z I U I . I I 7 ff ix-' f- D GYQV! is 'N 4' 7 U fr f ix 9 Ni Yea' I M Q ' I Q: 61 I I' W0 Ml , L5 5 lflff'fftl't t, t Ilan I - II tp -A ee' f X f I w K vf - ' 5..' .-e f 4 1 it I I' X . T G M H ' .' 7 171 X I X N I I x X I gl iiif emi , fix-I " wasps' I ' ' ' ff.: ee A I f f , . t .. . I I I The school was the quiet type with plenty of opportunity for concentration. Being a new school the large faculty was particularly in- terested in attending conferences. ,UE 51 . ' ll fm 1 1, .J .,!'l"l't, "2f2l:t-15,2 -" 4t:lQta13tllB'l'Y5'5"9 N l ' 0 W X , , Vfwikfolgil ll ll "ga:-rleeivv itil, LX-'i A Because the girls were shy on the first day of gang showers we regret to say that there was no visual report on this event. - i Y Pg ,,, CT .QL it ll HL -5 Q Hs! 15,1 . y A A ,., A AA navy A M L ' 1 AANAN AN 4 211-Q" gx ,Xml DIN A N " A-x ,. -S1 l . , A N A n-At " l 'f b -Jigs f Q :fue .:'. L. ' 'T lr xt K-ft' J f 3 'U " 1 I' ' ,V t f f l 1, 1- . X , fi ff ' y X X f I fr X I X X - iff: t i 4 till lol' Ill' " ,to Vllll f v .f f X ff X E: X X j ' f f f f . 1 .J' 5 f , l I X f limi M A f rfflj 7 9? of n"".:.l ll l -. flfll Q! m f -N llllll f f ' f, ff! Entertainment galore! Dark lights, soft, mellow, non restraining music, and the usual crowded dance floor. Ah, all are fa- miliar scenes of the dances at E.C. 7f rr "1 Tl, lil fill Z i f ' ffrfQ,6'h12- f X X f -1 -1 l X The future of our country is in the safe hands of our California Cadet Corps. Here they come now. All on the ball and in step except Bob, Joe, Sam, Yelberton, Seymore, Elmo, Rodrick , . . f"' P Q 2 -yy if , gl i 1. jf I W f' f 5 ' V H ,- . l Y eff" ff i hl L -3' Q A ,Af l 'X 5 ll - ' I' E: .zzz X' ffl f' , iii f r gf y r it tr QNX I Goto-Kelli counsel-nz 'iinzsu' Ldfllllfaun .Ch hscvv: sk 57581151 was ' 1L'l'm'l""' Bows? -4.-s. 'H 'U' mf.'ru.i.1TF .. mp ' -l 42 J' a ' ' 'N ll A 'eq 4 s i ff: N sy' Q1 SZ Q L:- , 2 t' Z -T - J 7? kg? Q 5 lf 5 'LXR ' f?:??E'i' I - fa ll ,-i tt-9 tl li 4 t 4 'i g 4 And then there was the ever lovin', unforgettable El Caminian Oh, yes! E.C.'s answer to the Sacramento Bee. Q WS h' W K X suv . M L 'LL INNQQNA ' , "V 'N 'wx 'Nx'N'x 'N p rl?-.5 W wr 3 1"' ea x X 4 , - I -si' .- - - Yun DAQ ill' I W L1 - A'nAqAq2x:f::64' l l I llllll M- ' Aoi'-2: N'-RT? I AN fx,g-4' 2 -mo ,JLA .u .ff-Ajgjf' 'si 3-'lf il 'UAW ppQ 'w2:0 2 K fx fn T:-sA,x A 'N 2, 'N t s J 1. :E Q 5 r V a 2' F' Q I - 1 Q r f V l J I I It l I I 'I lm f' I Here, we have the regular noon hour rush, not like any other school. It was controlled by none other than our glorious student patrol. H 1 4 f IIN! I t Q lt 'WT 'ills f'l. W21 5 saeeeimml My 5 fs Z M-I'-5-3 RQ 66, 11 W ap-gg-J," 'Q N Us Q5 g' . .' -4-El ' 2 ' I -1 i E V' lla' all I 'n 'rl lull 'l',l llll,IlIl"'l 7 If X t 7 "ff3,ff',"' 'l t , x fa " A 52" ,. ' ff A X ' I413 "ll A ,,-l' ff lfff ' ll " s ome ff f f 1 T' Q I -5 I J A f ff G., , I it 1 if ga: 5 Ill llr n l A lf , ' It um? all 'E HV-lf' 'R '51, ' fre N Q We all remember the pathway from the parking lot to the football field during the San Juan game. Now with the final game of the season in this picturesque background, we bid a fond adieu to our glorious four years at El Camino. Aufagraphs 1 a Kifww U 1 f lv, , . 'vm if-D MJKJI . 'M 5 bggmi vMZfw'X'WCLvw5-VM , , ' X vb'YN NN LLiQoQXcQgLg1 Q' Wgtm S1 N' I "B t h Boy Bean" in the Senior Play, gives Culver, the Aerie's "Queen of Hearts." QL, 7 My Zu, W T7fZM Kiwi 247 71 gill 441 f - f 1 f Cf? af U AM , ZMWZZK I Ml V73 +++ fi dm yi , Q 15' M fy! F W fn jjf Lf. Qyajljfi fy AIM-1,'K. N M ,df CFU-QXNSTB Zz ' F,....., I .. 'W f Q ---, I X V if firuwfm' X ' 'T U , ,I 'D' amz: U rm I X Lf N - L. 1 ,l x "I ,r""" -',.. .., X Y fl? P t onize O Ad Th y b hlp k P Q 5 5 I d cf e r t 1 s e m e n wt Tit S kh bl DR C-5. A. HOCKENSMWH OPTOMETRIST 2432 Maryal Dr. Del Paso Manor lV 7-6262 i ,P "M P WN, , , ,!iQ'i:gg,ifXd wp 1 , , Q h f X . 'W g X 5 , ' CARMKZHAEL PAINT SUPPLY 2926 Fear Oaks Blvcl Complefe Lne of Pa nfs DR. JOHN T. TURNER OPTOMETRIST 5739 Marconi Ave. Carmichael IV 7-0220 GSB and Wallpaper , THE 5, COUNTRY GENTLEMAN PM Clwrislie Homes, lnc. 3944 Fair Oalcs Blvd. Carmichael, California 4 Alf!! pl, J? 51 yn' .4 . A P r puffy ,xy X, My TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION Fair Oaks Blvd. and ManzaniI'a Ave. WE GIVE S 81 H GREEN STAMPS Open 24 Hours a Day nv" N K 'x 5 V CompIimen+s of Q Y I. , J x. I' + J T ICARMICHAEL w fx I PRINTING COMPANY i R a M QUIII For Fine Prinfing W can Iv gi lv. 9-2337 N 'N H6556 Q15 PROAPS BROS. "Your Philco Dealer" 6l36 Fair Oaks Boulevard CARMICHAEL lVanhoe 9-l274 OTTO'S SPORT SHOP "HEADQUARTERS FOR VOIT SPALDING AND RAWLlNGS" 29I0 Fair Oaks Blvcl. A+ Marconi Phone lVanhoe 7-064I WESTERN ER DRIVE-IN THEATRE Carmichael BOB GINGERICH E. B. RAY Village Cleaners Town and Coun+ry Village "YOUR CLEANER IS YOUR CLOTHES' BEST FRlEND" Suede Leallner Garmenls Beaulifully Done lVanl1oe 9-589i THE VILLAGE JEWELERS Town and Coun+ry Village Sacramenlo CLARENCE E. CUNNINGHAM Jeweler Since I9Il SUBURBAN YARDAGE "Sacramen+o's Mosl' Complefe Sewing Cen+re" TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE Phone lVanhoe 9-8600 , MARION JENSEN PORTRAITS Town and Counlry Village IV 9-5629 The Suburban Bank Offices in Carmichael and Fair Oaks MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY CARMICHAEL FIVE AND TEN 29I5 Fair Oaks Blvd IV 9-4578 ff"fN Someday 'arvwfffaq ,222 pi ' Q il, 39 H ..,-whim ., - .V ,., . M ,rf WA G ., fiw- fi . T l . Q' " ,M ,V T1 3 ff ,M ff, T u M' ,J :hw f f L W 'U ' , l illy" 'A i' ww f! ,f 4 y ff lf Y ggi P ' f W ,TM iff? M Ml' fi f ,W f ffff by 1 If X Un 1 W fi 4 e W nl l f 5 we ff N mi ff yi N if , Q V51 wr ,fl 41 my Tw in JW i Eff f 4,5 f 4 Q we of g , f. i--vi 9 ,, If . H 5 ff Ml, ,uf W AWWA ff - LH . 3 mmgw Mi T , 5, ' . c f ,,f:,,f' " . A ' .If ' f ,, 1 "" QM' -L 1 li w zmw! Wy T f wg ,T f ks '71 l 2 l I in 12" A f iff? Q ig? S TQ ll 'S s ,Wy 4 L ' ai 'Wy Q ji? ix lr 1 mi 'tg' X if. 1 1 wi f J, 1.1 , mf 37212 44 vw NWTM 1 W ,v in L HILL'S MARKET "Your Friendly Neighborhood S+ore" Loca+ed in 'l'he Norfh Area Shopping Cenfer of Carmichael flf wi V' f" .H ,Y fy, ..,f I M . - 2994 Fair Oaks Blv IV. 9-bl I6 ,gi f :KW 12' f Schoeffler Realty Co. REAL ESTATE - LOANS - INSURANCE 6I35 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael IV. 9-3697 JOHN MOULDS INTERIORS d GERHEART'S QUALITY MEATS "We specialize in personalized service and 'Ihe fines? qualily of aged meal. All our mea? is cuslom cul. 2444 Maryal Drive IV. 7-6223 for Children KID-E-KORRAL Dislincfive Slores COUNTRY CLUB CENTER IV. 7-0963 TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE IV. 9-5353 I McCOY'S CHEVRON SERVICE 4I28 EI Camino Ave. IV. 9-47I3 Colony Cleaners "Cleaning Done in Our Own Planf or on Our Own Premises" ONE DAY SERVICE 5809 Marconi Ave. IV. 9-068l ! , s... ,' 1- "" I 'shi'- I .-f ,C If JW 1 19 ' .1 V iwlvlb 'J jj: ,Ik !:!lL'f N4 , i 1,5 I fly ,Q'.f"IJ" 3' fl'fIff'J" I ' 1 I l!'j!jjNv . i ' ff!! J L-4 Sutton 'M Insurance Agency FOR SAFETY - SECURITY SERVICE 6I04 Fair Oalrs Blvd. CARMICHAEL Phone IVanI1oe 9-3 80I I 'N 0' 'UM' BEAUTY DECK Telephone IV. 9-7l48 2727 Fullon Ave. SACRAMENTO, CALIF. 1 w f Kendall s "SPORTSWEAR YOU LIKE" Phone lVanhoe 9-6065 Arden Florist and Gifts ARDEN TOWN Flowers Telegraphecl Everywhere YOU ARE AS NEAR TO US AS YOUR TELEPHONE I lv. 9-H91 F LETCH ER'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALS Free Delivery Carmichael IV. 9-I350 Village Paint 81 Art Shop FULLER PAINTS DISTINCTIVE WALLPAPERS WALLPAPERS AND FABRICS TO MATCH MIRRORS Town and Counfry Village IV. 9-4886 Carmichael Farm Service Paralceels Seeds Hardware Pel' Supplies WE DELIVER 62I7 Fair Oaltes Blvd. Carmichael IV. 9-5654 Wifed n ' Wife: For Travel Vacaiions Or a+ Home in Sporfswear From Miles n' Miles COTTON SKIRTS N' BLOUSES COTTON DRESSES, TOO Rick's Salon Arden Personalized Hair Shaping and Hair S+yling GUARANTEED PERMANENT WAVING IV. 9-4262 3500 Fair Oalrs Blvd. Arden Town Shopping Cenler Men s and Boys Hair Cufhng Experienced Barbers ARDEN TOWN SHOPPING CENTER Bonney 84 Gordon STORE FOR MEN Town and Counfry Village IV. 9-5692 1 3 'M-:vol- R. J. McBride GENTLEMEN'S FINE SHOES Town and Coun+ry Village "HEADQUARTERS FOR CAMPUS SHOES" Phone IVanl1oe 9-60 I 9 Arden Variety "FOR QUALITY NOTEPAPER AND OTHER SCHOOL SUPPLIES" Arden Town IV. 9-8933 Norm's Burger Broiler EAT 'EM HERE-TAKE 'EM OUT" On Fulron Avenue, Near Town and Counlry Village Phone IVanhoe 9-8638 Noyer's Ice Cream 81 Sherbet Shop Del Paso Manor Flavorized, Old-Fashioned ICE CREAM TASTY CAKE Chuffee's 'THE FINEST IN SPORTSWEAR FOR WOMEN" Town and Coun'I'ry Village Phone IVanhoe 9-I806 W1 WW DONUTS I " A Y' f:,a.w4.., fW.,,,,, I T I VILLAGE 5 81 I0 "For 'Ihe Finesl' in Cosmelics and School Supplies TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE ., I I BECKES 81 ANDERSON PLUMBERS 2825 Fair Oalrs Blvd. Carmichael IV 9-0303 w,,,,,..e TOWN AND COUNTRY PHARMACY 9 A.M. TO IOP.M. DAILY II A.M. TO 7 P.M. SUNDAYS Free Delivery Cash Checks J. C. PENNEY "Penney's Qualify is Your Greafesf Savings" itil? COUNTRY CLUB CENTER Q 3 lv. 9-766I In A .sf . I A . . 5. k iyr EMIGH HARDWARE CO. No. 2 3450 E. EI Camino Ave. SACRAMENTO 2I. CALIFORNIA Phone IV. 9-76II LEWIS 81 WATKINS GROCERIES AND MEATS "Qualify Groceries ancI Mea'Is" 670 FuII'on Ave. IV. 9-I85I . Vi 2 Carmichael Furniture Mart 3l43 FAIR OAKS BOULEVARD IV 9-949I W. T. GRANT AND COMPANY Counfry Club Cen+re 3444 EI Camino Avenue IV 7-0267 "KNOWN FOR VALUES" To fhe Graduafes, Our Congra+uIa+ions and Besf Wishes New 51? TAYLOR'S DAIRY 27I2 Marconi Avenue IV 9-769I "THE MILK SUPREME THAT TASTES LIKE CREAM" """'-mi ,I ,'mK,gr Re A-.. Young's Television Service 2630 GUNN ROAD. CARMICHAEL IV 9-9I94 "Pioneer of Television I Anfennas and Service in This Area" Village Shoe Store "HEADQUARTERS FOR CASUALS" Town and Counlry Village I lv. 9-8424 ,A lfll 155 . N ' -T Rl'lf f- 1 lil' J' , X K4 XF ,yy I1 A 6 XI' 'A ,, 5, .Qs 9.9 '41 ' ' ,faq Y' 'vi if '- .' ' x xww ok' ,-1 ,C N , ff 9' QT if 'N f' fill ' 7 R 1 "' ,5 -T x , 30 .- 5 , lp . -4 Rv V e . J , , r V U5 l . , xg! V1 MXN 1 j 5 A 4M'4",-w N , 2+ nf x" R ,x v . - .14 ,5 XP! 4, f , W y xv , 1 " . ' , YR . Q' ,glx .-55 -sf' .R nfl' ,sl-1' ,Q tj' I, 'X 1 ' fn' ,alt 'gf' v,xL N211 ' 1 I I u f' . I., i , s lx, glvbft- vi,-k5':k3,l3l"' 'lb r::.., fu' Nl A lv! Q lb ' . .- - fo- f T x Lf 5-' yYf 'ld . T , ,' 7' X!! ffff-cfld-X-ew J on IG S R- ,, B "YOUR NEAREST FASHION CENTRE" 1 El Camino ancl Maryal Drive ggi, Phone lVanhoe 9-9228 - J The Countryman DOWN TOWN PRICES AT YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR 58l7 Marconi Ave. CARMICHAEL Phone lVanhoe 9-8395 TUCKER CERAMIC STUDIO Free Insfrucfion Day and Evening Classes GREENWARE. SUPPLIES MOLDS, FIRING 552 La Sierra in Arden Town IV. 9-3 I03 ARDEN TOWN JEWELERS ELGIN -The Waich WiI'I1 I'I1e Hearf Thai' Never Breaks DU RA-POWER MAIN SPRING Claude Gordon's VILLAGE HOME STORE DisI'inc'rive Curfains Draperies, Linens, Bedding TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE WY -I., 5 1 ff f grr- if 'w , I' ,1 ' f ea l Aw ix Iiifwii ' I YQAQIQ' iw 'I ,Xi -N NMI ELLIOT'S APPLIANCES WESTINGHOUSE AUTHORIZED FACTORIES SALES AND SERVICE 2bI8 Marconi Avenue IAcross from Town and Coun+ry Villagel Open Evenings IV 9-3696 SHARP'S SPORTS DEN Town and Counfry Village IV 9-5855 A COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS NM A' PreHy as a Picfure 'I' From 'rhe CASUAL CORNER Three Locafionsz 'TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE 'COUNTRY CLUB CENTER 'FRUITRIDGE SHOPPING CENTER I HARGER'S JEWELERS 3396 EI Camino Ave. Counfry Club Cen'I'er IV. 7-lI6I Enjoy Pure DE-LITE Brand Orange Juice Made Fresh Daily in SACRAMENTO. CALIFORNIA I sl llll W COLLEGE HI SHOP nos K smear GI 2-5595 A Comple'I'e Line of Clofhes and Furnishings Siyled for fhe Teen-age Sei h CARMICHAEL SUPPLY P. o. Box 455 CARMICHAEL, rv 9-2769 "For Garden Supplies Seeds, Tools, Generai Hardware" We Fea+ure V 2 zl, 5 ,,k, : . M xxx 21? ,i.,,.. A in 1 'R Q N ii A ,',L w e S i lrx LLL 7 I V M f s-5 A -99 MOTTER INSURANCE AGENCY "Tha+'s a Beau+iful lnvesfmenfg All Forms gf Insurance Le+'s Pro+ec+ I+!" P. O. BOX 336 FAIR OAKS. CALIFORNIA MM, M- x I A 4 Q 4 I G. A. GRAY'S QUALITY MEATS TOWN AND COUNTRY VILLAGE IV 9-3420 "tan 4 A 'NI AT:-gizq-St' -. V ,,,R,,,p- W! .xy , 7 . ga- f.- .NI 1' lg? , , at f "H I' 3 'una I .V,f"""- ff , G "More Bounce Io 'Ihe Ounce" CAMELLIA LUNCH SERVICE 307I Freeporf BouIevard Sacramenfo HU 4-0656 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY II00 Q STREET, SACRAMENTO GI 3-200I A3 "The Lifeiime Pool 'For +he Time of Your Life" LANDON EQUIPPED BLUE LAKE POOLS, INC You, +oo, Can Enioy fhe All-Eiecfric Breakfasi' ROSS HARDWARE 2428 Maryal Drive, Sacramenio IV 7-48l3 2994 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramenio IV 7-4762 Safisfacfion Guaranieed or Your Money Back" SEARS I ff"41'0n'f4' ' A 1 A rf 'Y 12 :SX ' , 'I-A KY hh ,, ... A OPEN EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT WEDNESDAY FROM 8 TO l0:30 P.M ICELAND ICE-SKATING RINK l430 Del Paso Blvd., Norfh Sacramen'I'o WA 5-3l2I 4-In FULTON AVENUE MARKET 3241 FULTON AVENUE SACRAMENTO IV 7-2666 WlN'S DRIVE UP 2525 WaH' Avenue OPEN ll A.M. TO ll P.M. Fros+ies, Two Flavors Fish S+icks Prawns, and HAMBURGERS, of Course! sfql -W-V IV 9-9855 i i i I RAINBOW GARDENS ROLLER RINK "Where Friends Meer" 2436 AUBURN BOULEVARD v Q g 3398 EI Camino Avenue IV 7-I loo CAMERAS 370: Marysville Road WA 5-2825 PORTRAWS PHOTO SUPPLIES. E v e r Y Hming P h O 1' o graphic VN EL CAMINO PARENTS CLUB INCORPORATED A service organizafion which has accomplished many worfhwhile 'Ihings for EI Camino High School. Meers second Wednesday of every mon'Ih ai' 7:30 p.m. aI' Ihe high school. IAbove pho+o is of I'he Execufive Boardl. 5?'hs. Ml -...W .Eiwnxed .gandxcape Gonfrazfor NURSERY Gkidgugm-ISIIGS T 8: C VILLAGE SHOPS and 3405 EL CAMINO Opposiie COUNTRY CLUB CENTRE Sacramenfo 2 I, California There's a place for everyone in a church you+h group . . . each one has Iheir summer camps, convenfions, conferences, and rallies. ST. MARK'S METHODIST CHURCH Sf. Mark's Way METHODIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP 6:30 P.M. Sunday Evenings SIERRA-ARDEN COMMUNITY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 3206 NorI'hrop PIONEER FELLOWSHIP 7:30-9 P.M. Sunday Evenings CARMICHAEL COMMUNITY CHURCH 5645 Marconi Avenue CHI SIGMA 6:30 - 8 P.M. Sunday Evenings O'SHELL MUSIC STUDIO Piano - Theory - Harmony - Composifion Counier-Poin+ SR WA 5-7888 JESSE O'SHELL 202I Roberf Way Sacramen+o 2l rfil K Qdfxaf ffm -. ,,., iq ek V jr f N kt ' fn , if 5 Q . Fjlgzj ' ,,1 RNA 0' Nx 4 'NN Www. MM, ,Q 1 Aa 4- E VI LLAG 'Eailac mums , b,,F axwm aim, . mf gg, ?i5.'?LLffA?'E51 Q ' "1 2 qiwE5 Aff y M-I if :M a M L gals ww 5:12 az-Rfwzzis ss-1, QED S E S Fi S FE' 5993 SH .Q V 51395523 IEE Q.: gas: .sa 5 WE g i.5KL 5k EM i? igES5 SR 3: fi '3'i7'75, ii :mf a sa am xii, ggwgvg 4 wi? L, Y S Y W..- -'fn J, "WS ali Mm if K STEM uw 13 G K K. My Q 5? " V' 4' HCT' X fzfi, . . ,fm .LLV iv H WH, ,, . ,,,. 4. ., ,. ,,. , V, ,1Lh,x X, .W 4,2 Q vm. 4, , Qu . M, QQ Q W assi, 1 , X .K , A.,,,.,, f- 1 .s'2fsf:ff:-wwf x u ww wx if- , ' HNF -Wim rswvw-QI 'iF S, Q 1 RK wk? WMMNQ ma 1 X 13 hm' I if gb 5 31 ,A 5 .M,I.. :-- ,.,, R 5 Q . .2 Q H X V 'M Bw mf 1 ,wif 1 3 ex Y yK'S f . ud5vav"L': JL? 1, . 164 1 ,, 5535 ' .Q fl 1 .in . wage 56 MQW Q QR 1 'W Q jf, E ,ml W . .,-. Q , rx. -5 1 ,av ? r 4 v fx 6 if 1 'Yes i i w, 3 .df ,. , SH 5, .2 it Q ,L Aw Ng, vl i n W, it , X 1 '16 fm ,MHMK ,w,,,M,,xi Ah ,, , ff 4 55' '-fe N 3 f if A I 1 W gf, 54 ii' 4391! I 'L-N0 ,WAY ,. ,, Ai , ,,: -'Self L5 is A , X A 3.4, 5 We ww f - Wax Y lg? w, 9 1'z'Q' gf-1' - Y gf. ,, WT Lazy. .1 ,, 2 ff 5 , J 3, X M3 , 'fa' 'Z A Q93 : M E. at 'ax 1 , Q, Wkl x I-'T ,Q X .5 My Agfw ,wif Q fm in Y' K -fm 1 H WJ-M ,gcnif ...gl aku Patrons of the Aerie RICHARD E. COONLEY, 564 LaSierra Drive IV 9-31 I3 DONALD H. FORSGREN, 2709 Marconi Avenue IV 9-5924 R. C. JAMISON, M.D. 2709 Marconi Avenue IV 9-3641 CHESTER B. KILPATRICK, 5737 Marconi Avenue IV 9-8373 D.D.S. D.D.S M.D. JOE D. MCGRAW, D.D.S. 2709 Marconi Avenue IV 9-5924 N 2 ig T' 'vb Q Rik Yffb Q pg? X -- ,I 0 ..x. 3 is Ee 5 eri XE X ,M Q X F. Pm D. N 'Y R 27 Av X-X Q16-3 IV 641 uv 9-364 -, 1 ,, N? , Q-if O r ue Y ' 353 ' MES R. M . Ji,-go TER . is 2709 l r G D WN B C e 41 xi 1 I EN c N, NGN AQ QE' 3 YX R fi X U. QR E if- if ,Jfif?T ff Z xiglll y K-is x , 'S fd , me 'J s, if M KJWXQK Qgifa, X ff f ai ,CV A ,Fizz g fda LAM? 73716 ff :Eli IEEE l-llfrti' .H A 'u . fffgiyif' 6fCZfLL hunks if X I 7 X f- -4 ' of A uf? " 1-ff-if . :I if " l n ' , . . n ,ff X ," kk 1 9 ii-. 1? ,f- 2'-"u: 1- ' X Z: l f ' 5 I if W I'-.1 sb ww .id . 14 M 'T-2-"' T ' T I .'. 'Z' 4' 1 ' :.:I'-, -.4 I l ' " ' ' 'J..'.gi.'.1' , r p' ,-1-yy: :rf i P . .1-'.'i'1'f' i 1'f . ,"."--"': "- --. ' :-- - 'LJ' F' i".- --'9 5.-.-."" - I. In .-.' -. i .:.J,- Q 'Ulf ff ,V ,,:1.1,'f'.:. 52, .I ,jf I af f 5. L.. ', 1 -" ,l x I' gt-'ti' i. ' K V - A ,l1. 1 3 l if -5 I H 5 Z .'ZI,,-J: 'lip O 0 O 5- 5 1 1' ' L 1' ' 1 .. The AERIE STAFF is especially grateful to the stu- dent body for its support the faculty for its coo e , p ra- tion,fand the advertisers for their financial support. We wish to thank the following by name: Mr, Hunter, our principal for allowin us t f' ' , g o it in 1 our picture schedule and work schedule so well, and f , . . Ol' cooperating ln SVGYY Way. Mr. Warren Johnson and Mr. Robert Kahse of the Xgaylor Publishing Co. for their cooperation and un- , erstanding in all things, especially in the case of eadlines. . r. Ray Hill, our photographer, for taking the Ad- .T T. . . . . . is ra ion, Senior, Class, Organization Activity and S w 1 letic Sections, and for his patience, extra trips, and , inute work. ' N , ol Farnsworth, our Art Editor, who has done o t- u ng work both with layouts and art work, even l ik lg 5 ls X Theodore C Abell 5 M f X C. R ca led upon at the last minute. -li F . . . l . . , pastor of the First Unitarian h of Sacramento, for furnishing a suitable selec- 4 is - F tion put on the Dedication page. A ixxl Nix ,J Mr. od.Schall for his imaginative photographs in 'N X F e A rtising Section, and his patience with our T dels. x1 Y j VK 0 xi Xl U Jacks Home Furnishers for the very generous XJ i X e of "T . Pacifica House." C, ki 'Q , andolf PRS for the use of "The Ranch Home." xi 'X Saw Qif X e following restaurants who gave free meals for ' lm if-Q pri sz The Chuck Wagon, The Coral Reef, Parisi's. 'Q X it f F Sacramento Yacht Supply for the use of yacht- J. fi ' f quipment. Q1 i X xx Q N . Qx ix X xg xx' Qu .H . .-, 7 , 37' '1' x, . 'g5gXfKV'j 52-3. Q. f . Q'-1 '. , '.:,4"I .54-m . ., i.,.f. Lv. A 2" ' fn". '-Ti. f 1' ' - N vik.qf.fV:.l..'1 f ...:.. .A 5,45 1, 1. ,M 1 , Riff, ' , .'2f."!:1',' f. " F-if-1'fa1-1 ' wk-',-tw. ax:-J-yd 3 1 ff, -1- T -, .11 1 -, 1 . . X . f . 1. . A V' 'V .rfkqfi 'iff 115' , , , . .f -,.. ,H , .,,. . . A ---G - -fil' ' "M-'fJ..- . - '-f ' , ' A,fi'i:'-7,4g,1- , 4 .5 .,..g' "J 1- F' s " .g 2. "..1ff71 - , , , h . .,,,?-.v v . ' H . ' 'L . . . ., I ' X, f ' . . Q' 4,1 ' " , 1555! 2-Yr. -. .. .3 .5 . 15 ' LLL- Q ,, f q ,V -f ..- -'Wv . . .. N ' . -H f-',1- PM 5 J ,. I., 'ni .A .. - "jg FJ.. V -2 , '1.,4P':- -. Q., , f 'a - 'U' .3 ,,,i .- , ' - . 111' r - - . , vw, gg- H"-Q . V ru X 'X' V 4 V .. ,-f,' gifiif.1,-.,.f,'-NEW'-5. lu. .Lf-...J ' ' Q,- ...,r3.,m N., YK K -H .. mg J, . , .F-5:,,:' ' I.. .n Y , A , . ,L V x .THE - -'ff ., '. ' -'- ':"k inf! . -QT. X"'wu'..f" - V 1' - .yy . V, lv. .nj L . V ,. .I 4 . nrky N .Li , f ,. ,.- M- qv ,,..,. f f, 2 'J 4 ' -'qflcyf' , '-, f ,L .1 .A . L ai' ff -Ffa l fi '. " ."g1v71w' , 1. ..-:g .MF , ' ,Qffk V. .f - ...mf -1.-'-3 ' 1, ' 1 " .- '7..":.. uf: W- N .L - ' ' A'41i . 4., . "Q'..r1,l . ,.-.,: ,,- .QSM-.IL T -W Y. Gym. ' . ' 3' "'f,J.Q',Q . - A . ', ,sg ,Q , 7,5 .3 Qi' . .,. 1-Q3. 2 -. .X , ,. -A -lf. . , . wr. ' T R. .'. '1!7'a,I" Q " .. 4 'Q' fu- - f f' '-1 s"-" Q .c-.1,.,L'-H: " .J-.,.1. -'fi ' R. .'1.5,,.'i ,Q-"5 f -H " ,gin :Wi " ' l Q.. . 1, -- 1 1 N ' . .443 ' f ., 1: 'I . ' - '1..,.l - 'gr , ' .. ,-fzL4g.'5,?Y3 r -4. .. -'N I .A . z -.i uf 3 fly 51.1. 4 n .-1. Q" -' .43--'.'.f' 123' ,A 5 'wiisj ' 5 .,, f Q.. wi- ' .fy , , g H .. ' -1, ...f1. :.':j:'1,-1. . ,- V, if-,'..',. Xff fm., f' 'f . A rv.: 3,41 j ,-1 - fi J. .1 . jc. AX 5, .' , ., " ' Q.. - fu 'f fQf3i"z?f' ','L'1,-.'f1: W . K' ,,. -,Q.x- "1wfw1,y',-x 3f"'1'.1,1 . ' ff Q .q w- . 'N . ' "Wi fPW'ff,..::c.f,fafQf. 1 QI " ' .1 J: . .l'L'EG3if:' . V , ff '- ' ' W :,.,,3MIY.2xg'.x. F- 5-V, . , E . A. -v,V,'igT,? -A ph? E., A -K ..l?..'., -I - .mmm-'-KH. 4iNq.5,,,g,.., 1 3,427 L . . ' iff 'Y' . . 4"-.if . 1 1' il 'V 1 hifi, 1 'C .,"' fa- w , . Y' QE, x QL: 24f':7! V. ,y'ig".,,'f'. 31, ' ' " ' -. .. , -,-H.,,4 44. - . .Q lf.: :1 5' "iff jf?'?fLfff.Tf X f 'A 1 .1 x ' r ..f ,.n. ..!. Wi r ' . f 7 a V - 4s:m.......,.Mf an ' Y n um-a-.' ' eu. WM W Ig A ', 4 , ' M9 A L JV W - .4 jpffiffjf ' 'Q I' Q , 41 mf Q '4 Q 054,31-9' 3299 .-if Som .935 25 -' ' " 'dxv fram 'WH-.V j oa x, 67 , .. sg-5"Y ,QL :S 5 , .af X " . ' OQSXW ooicgg,-Gf u , ,al P X A f' 000' ,, - Q 1 3-KMQZDQQQQL I I - A' fi' fix. ll - f 24 ' . ' -'J 9-,ef ' Y wx' K W.: A, Y' , U 7 , W.. . 'h . ' 5 1 , ik ' ' j " ,. few . . WI N 'N ',-' - , . 5 . ' . , V V ' "7" -' i-SLE' M' f - f if a 'E . "" 44 25 'Qual' ,ii '1-LH L' H Wu 1 W' if U AW A' 'X M M A 'AVv4fbg,,mwJ,AA-. J 'V . W ' Y ' 'w+.if , 1' jd, V ,. , , QE J h Acmers w six Z mee OL X 5 i gov G N 5 iw qvhvf ' ik E 0010 Q RAW? NME M . Q E Q 1 .ff 'k,- SC J " 4 ' '- -'- :fl-17 -142 Q, -. ' , - J 3 x , Hx A M ff - 1' :-Q xr E ,Sz ,g ,, X T, , X ' 1 5 T' GFIQ V . V, V A, f' S .. .. -, Q' .fl ' R L if fi N . . f W-,, . vw- fi ff . F yf +4W1 ' , P .: maf- - -4' f N. -- 1 - SrlY.1f'5pis ffm:3',f.. .ff ' K:f.:.,5fAfj, L,f' 1544 Tgflf?Qf'!'fgfa"f,.-1 v w Q-g54 i f ,,E., :f . W. " . f , --ww .. ?5'f'Y.: , A ' 'MTfIhilf-5255523?1i:.fmf5 ifffii-' 5 fl . f . ' V 5759 1 :39 " W" 7253. 13'-,.-'Wi x .- lf-A QC Y'5?rLinf2- If fvvvk W"-. ,.,. .'::1.,-,fd . wg, yfv- .Lv .f . f - -if in L "M'fG3L'w3' ff ' . fr ' .Q K- 'J 1',-wi.-:wif-,-',-:'.-EARN - -.,f ff- .hi-1.-:nrfs...qKa'K1--e. "E ,,., 4 E-522517f 2xfl-W1 if 9 ' 'LL' -L' 5 -' Cf. :?fffi1ffwff?f'fY43m- " ' 7 .WV . , ' - r , P. f' 1. , , ,Q-A++' nw' 1- K A I A- 7' K , f ' IL hr V H . ' ' '- ' . ' Vi: 'V A- Q L-. N, ' Q'..1.i.zg,-1-'ff1'r?S3':S ff!--,f R 1 B- lx ,.1f'l Lfixfly "." f. Q , , - . ' 1- ' . I i . in , ' 5.551 ' 4 " f--A 1 . Q 5 Y ',,. 1 . " 1 " 7 A if 3, .- in , hy 4 ., - .. ,, . , , ' . . A .zgiik HW , N ,, ' A, .Q ,V . , Q. 1 ,1 ' .. 5 K 4 . - ",L ,. ' , lj' ' - wr, ' .. 1. 115' , . Y ' i Q 1 'W sf' g'i-5'fg'i 1, . W , . " K Q '?ga,: I 1. ' if iii ' I 'YW .5 " , .M -4 1 . , ,, ' QS ' - - 1' ,' 1 . ' 1 1 1 f f ' ,ZZ!,wif df . ,,,L .i1K. M V. lm V h I -. , 6 I I VA :gIE!w' Q5' -fV gf , .if Nm, , do . , 1 I if 1' Lv 1 if A '- . ,.' 5-ff ww.-,-., H4 M " f M. 1 .ff - fl , A 1 ' ., , ,. Q, , - L 1 ' ' T , .1 . 61 W ' ' I4 ,.iJm,. L' dm I 6 'I ' ., A k . ' ", Wd f Q in 22355 , f ni ' ' J .L.V . . .L , , f . I I .. LF Y 4 J Di" ' f 'Ai 2 'ifxi .:. f Q Q , . ., " H M ff. A -. ,. X K I rl! a. ff J.. X W 1 W if? Vfffff W X ,,,-W" A I f " ' , ' x xl.-f'f ' i A ' , 'ig , ' W H. - ' """ - . ,, A M K 1. if-.K 1, J. W 5 yr :V 1 M Y," -w 1- ' 7 'I K ' lf: 'Ti-1 Y ' 1 f' ' xwff 75 L' - 'Z K ' - ., L . 5, M - gi, I AE f I ,f 1 uf ' 5- ,-mp. M 1 1 . . , ,DJJ I H- Ml, .f iffy. . ,gn K.-'Sala-1 ,kjibi Lt LVL F' C. f J, ' z 5. ' . ' sw , .W.,.f .e-sf L c fi ,M 'W fi - ff fa . ,A 'W , ff .VL 1 1 ' g 5 , -,V . 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L . Yf 3 V' ,J 5 .M . . U ' - 1 187 5 '. ff' A Q A ,, , f 31 .1 5 , 1 A f 1 -Y f f! F 4.4 f . ' .rg W f Q w ff ff . nf Af - 4, N V , -, ' V ff., ,l,,. jk if Y V " I' Y 'i S Vs A? W W

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