El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA)

 - Class of 1952

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El Camino High School - Aerie Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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J :WM ,ymdxo , mf W QQWWM qjf MW i jd! IE' W W 6 4, J W f?'f Nffifiigy W WM 'Q 4? S 5 if gif 'y Ny 3 f ff X ,Sf wil' QR W 'sSi53i?sf ?5? 5 Jiff gigs as , Si 6 Yi? EEN Q5 Sli? MQW 52195 Q? AQ, l sail? W W cw Q, f ww gym QQ Ujpfgfifu '52 X5 2? ww as 1-an i2? mWrmpf?sv'rxW"q'pvw'f'fq1Hg:'wTw y U ' ' ' 5' mf M ,r ' e f' ji VU 1 VW 1 A' . ' .f I f W' ' N 1' r,5 , fa' W ,ky 2 W W pig ff?fMW,WWW W Q x .-, .I , Af-1... .55 1 , b f f pa . fy. Ng.: .,, V ,i 4 ' . 4 , , ie,,.,.k.w. Y ,V , , , . , , , -, f?F 5 , , '. M - ' N - , t . Q, - 'Ha may - ..-.4 4qay ., ,, - w. '4' .:- , :, Q f w - 'Ex ng. ,gr . ' - , ' - A 1' ,w., 7.5 . f N' " ,fx H i- K 1- ww" A ' af l,f,Q1:H,: .,' WM KE li ig MW EHS: ff fikgiifg jiffwvy iEsiE iHa 2 42h2Q'73W,Qjl2fz'9M jaw 3 W 'Www' Milk WMM if WWW Qjh r, 4 '91 il. .TEV ji 4 QQ- ' pr: " IM me 2,f.l VE?- N34 .ay i1 'if ,, LM' up sh UQ ,, W. L v am. 551 22" T v lf, 51 sg, Qfh rg eiy 3M M . iw QL L :Q 5 .45 E, 5 yu? I 5 i A 5. : 2' if :W 55? wir ,r. qu E Y, .,. .,, :is 'fm W , is: U' Me Hb D 1 91, 2 it gf '53 , Sf! aif ' X ?g'vf up 51? rw 5. V r H ,gf 3 A YZ I FL gf? QE' ' T 'I 5 w A , 1 fi 2311 ,gf . ' ff3?.L33 4x 5 51 Ag A wZhs?f2f,g:QQ 55 ,VU , T ' i t 'ut 350 5 5 . V 6t,'v1W2fuxi . 1 f 1, E , 0 1 : , ., V+, ' 5 e Www! W ak mf 'sHi Wil" WWJMM af! X552 5? -: , fy- A Eff? A .ug- WWW Wx M QW M Q -Q?gii5ffe K CWM W F QQ? A X QQ? jg' ? s Q3 1 f Q? ' XWMVM Exif Q4 Q9 DQWQQO J 5 fi? aj S? f 2 My gp . X, jg, 4, JEDQEPSVQ, 1. 3156 I jf ,am J' J' 'jf My W M QZQWWM ffQfUWJfMgW'fQ.4 4' wif WMM, ,,ffj5f.2iggfWf Q2 wg' SW Zfgfio pii Ji1f,?f,QjQ'fV WQQQH QM! .cfm Awkilgfwew ZYZLTJFFV-' E' K 4 -Q WWW73 ' 7 " M 225 WWW 52:3 YW U My Bxfbcgggqf-E wjfffif mf ,LQ ii W bg? 6 "yNNk9J My ' ' Q if 2' ZWWMH W Ez WWMQW ' .iff MW 5? i Q'4Qr5'X H7720 . " 'pf Q Z: WMVWW E, "" 55 5' WW if f 5 4 1 '1- L. 1 f L+ i x I 4? 'N ' Yfyfg ' ..'f?'m' MN 355' QESXS' N , S55 'ff ' 'W S NJ fha, 4 WW Q SMU Vg " W ? ?' W , W ig I , 1' J' g g W ,WW X 'f I if 555315 34421 W fy. gf -ff? X X X x 1 BQJj,1fN1f.EI,M,,.,, wi X gg ' t 1 R gl 21, , 5 L':"4JLmMLn' A ' . :. 3354 W H ' , - ,X X. 55,5241 1 W' V iff f ' xp., X . .4 An, g,0ff Q It X fr I fr P W ' 546 V I df . i xv! jf' ,ff QL' l-,fp A! cf L7 . , V- If X 4 ' I , cvlvj'-id M fi V Uv ,f 'O X J . . 1 ,!, WW Y . if , B h s' 1. pri'-1:7 .5352 ' 455395 4 Cx W M L f , 'a ' X ul- it or 4' '95 3 EQQH I 3 ' 93,211 WWA Z ' Scion! F '.'4'5i31'ff13 ri, 5 .fi . v'1,1u,.,L ' YEARBOOK STAFF ,vfiflqf - A X Sq, sPoNsoR X Miss Perez N . 5 iw' 5 EDITOR Dorothy Henderson maxi' - x ,, ED1'roruA1. STAFF , 0 Dixie Lacy R X 1 Sue Jacques ' Ann Pinkerton i t 'rf ' Pat Godfrey Pat Gibson Eigiif x u BUSINESS STAFF Q Dwight Beattie 'Z , Rodger Spencer Ffa W Roger Ramseier Ricky Martin ,L3'i,' Harrison O'She1l K ,127 L X WTHE Alanna", Volume 2: Published by the e' Student Body Association of E1 Camino High ' School. Photography, Mr, Hagerg Printing, , Taylor Publishing Company. ULF' r ing ,'7'faI'5i H.: .A - ' A' fif'15'211 .-.rnfity :A r .K -fix, X-2-2'-Q " .,' or : "2-lrfr-13. at - M: 1:1 'i2.KF"'f it fp-1 3 de.-2, - .rimiqsjgt -xc --. L A s , X 'mr N 1 4. r' 131 nl. -r 'N-' was '?',5g.,.-ir.-,q1f':5,' fm,g,.1r,fz5 sw V I ,-.-, I tl -. ,, A Ji. f, 4' :Q Z, fl ' 'gag k.:.,1.:.i, M A ,gf M153-535 -1 -3 R -, 3,U,g, U . -, .--4 A-1' is --' '- U50 '-'rr .'-1MwJk x-'Nf.':-513' or W A 1 -nr . 1 .T , . - x 4.-,,1f'41 " V. " rdf W . L , 1 A ,IW-ff ,wlfff M! f Wu wif' ! 1 I f 1 V V X 0' M fr .iff fi ' - Q! A I ,gift - ,yt W If ,Ze 'ff fx My XM " ,ff if Oo: Cboi: robes, D396 iackexs, and biackoui coxiains axe :be :esoii oi much pianning, ioiesigbx and sacrifice on me pm oi EX Camino paxems, ii is with sincexe appteciaiion oi ibeix miteiess eiiom in out behalf thai we , me smdems oi Ei Camino High Scbooi, aiiection- dedicate mis yearbook to our---PARENTS. ameiy ,rw .is Yr i"""" up N s Q - 4 ,ff i 'X ,X wx. ,wi tx mx vixl IxxuQ . mug xxmi uni Q null sus SNXQ mul , xxxx 'L HH 5 , xxxx U S ' mxxx Q XXX! Y x 1 tkx - e XXXK XXXX 3 X S 1 X Q I f . a ,Q I 11 3 -1 as r 4, ' 2 F r i ' vi' i ,l 3 Q 1 ' 1 4 W0 MMM? 4, Vfwf WH SCHOOL, 1952 EL CAMINO HIGH SUPERIN TENDENTg MESSAGE ww. wmv! 'W' UOnward to Victory.H The words of this song are truly representative of the never dying spirit of El Camino. We have watched your growth from every angle and are proud of how you have progressed. To be sure a few have not been able to survive the standards which you have set and have dropped by the wayside, but remember NNothing Succeeds Like Success.n One success or victory inspires you to prepare yourselves for the next hurdle or goal. Always have a goal! A person without a goal just shuffles along. Be sure your goal involves some form.of NService.N HGod first, others second, and self third,u vdll make you a success, not always in material things, but always in peace and happiness. lf you will follow these suggestions El Camino will produce for our nation many Hhen to Match 9 , Our Mountains Wm, T. Mooney, Sr. GE , MESSA PRINCWALS 'I In looking over the accomplishments of El Camino for the ,.,i year just closing, we find many things to consider a generous contribution to the March of ' excellent Christmas progr conducted th . we find Dimes. We find an am presented to a student body that emselves in a most excellent manner. We find 5 football team wdnning.second place and man C its excellent playing. We find country team and one a y ompliments on a trophy won by the HBH cross another won by the WDW basketball team. But qi of the most notable achievements is the recognition by the other schools of this part of' the State of the kind of 5 thing embodied in the following letter. It was received by one of our boys when we were in the midst of a disastrous if season in UAH and HBH basketball. u "Say, you guys lmlnd of got beaten by us, didn't you? But believe me that isn't very important. I've been hearing about what good sports you were and that is what matters. QQ Q5 Everyone up here says that El Camino has the best sports of gf anybne they'have ever played.N I May the Eagle of El C ' gms 5 aloft to the t o amino neve opmost pi right cond right to soar clean sportsmanshi r lose its nnacles of uct. pand THOMAS ARMSTRONG LOIS CARR RCSS CLOVER BOB DURKIN SHIRLEY FARLEY EVERETT FAULKNER JACK FOX JEAN GOLF ELAINE GRANT FELIX HAGER LEONARD MCCORD HJALMER NESSETH HELEN ONG CORA PEREZ CLEORA RITZ DUANE SCHRUMPF RAY SCHULTZ WINIFRED SHERROD RICHARD SOWERS RICHARD TYLER MAY SPELLMAN ROY RUTLEDGE W. O. WATKINS . W . I is 1 11- 1- - QI, wi 3- .. . mei X A A Y I I 7 5515 - ' " 1 ff ' 4 . m Q Ii... in is Q f- - . A -- -s- -. 5 - T 7 xi by ii 'K f ' ..:- -fm ,Qs Z clk . .--.. ,. . 1, I ,. ,L .V ,, , I . 5, . :-:: - 45,35 . Y--:1 - , - -Y -- -N -mg: - - - ff' - A . . I..xf12:2."'i" -,. -': --l. . :ve -"if:5s'3 F53-'5 H 1 , , . A ' 5 ' Q. ? ' K - if' I ,,.. is -V15 -- f fl-mi, I ,, .Q . 1 -Y ,QM -. - iizzfgff - ,lm-ef ' -as 3 1 ,- 1' .I 'M"'f M , IQ . ,v,,. LI., , -- A X5 E K . -I f f- 1. - ff? 'E ' '-,, ix Eff 'f :iz 4 .5 5 E' R JSE? I Kg,4,,f, AM 'f X 11 2 QP ' I I as f as 5- ? 17 f 5, Y? I I , S2 2 R ,gy . - . S X Q gk R Si' it X 5 , 1 I Q .,,- , I Q av- W 4 I , ...' - N-wx F -QI l Lw i ::':k. qwiiiq 2""'Ww A X i v - - Ls f 3 W .V M., 'E -i f -. 55 -K, , - .- . - Q - - 1 J .gil u-5.5 1 -...,,,u,- is X? Swami Student Zag Oggzcm First row Reardon. Fall Secretary. Gibson, Fall Girls' Vice President, Mulbarger, Spring President Smith Spring Girls Vice President, Sherwin. Spring B0yS' Vice President, Aeppli, Spring Commissioner of Enter Second row Ramseier, Fall Boys' Vice President, Runte, Fall Commissioner of Entertainment Pinkerton Trea surer Pisciotta, Commissioner of Student Patrol. Q 3-In vi! 'P Studied deemed! First row: Welsh, Lilleland, Mulbarger, Smith, Reardon, Pisciotta Second row: Hough, Gibson, Glidden, Jacques, Wood. Pinkerton, Kallen Third row: Lilleland, Green. Laird, Runte, Aeppli, Beauchamp, Sherwin Fourth row: Eister, Hapgood, Hill, Ramseier. Spencer, Schilling, Martin h"'S-. J .li xv Q at uf' wave' Helen Aeppli Bob Arnold Jean Baker David Becker Jane Biggs Irene Aguilar Dean Armstrorg Carl Bales Virginia Becker Pat Bishop Joe Aguilar Mike Atherton Nancy Ball Eugene Bencken Charlotte Black Fred Allen Bonnie Ayers James Ballew Marshall Berol Bill Blake Harold Anderson Fred Bacon Dwight Beattie Jean Benge Bob Blake Tony Arino Jackie Bailey Jon Beaty Janice Bever Fred Boltres 5444 of 54 WWW 3 -as 4, av A A 'ei' at ' f 43 :":Ef.2'-: ' J-Y'15Qg..:,1e ,sy . in. yyy A ,': gl if 1 2: A . gl 7 " sa if if A l E I t WW ink, ,Z 5 :X Q .. K 3, , is l E A :H . K, , 'kiwi --Af ' . . E5 5 -Q i f . Q : ii K iff arf l ww X , if game' , 1 J M A- ff g 'S--f' X , Y A ' A ' f..-L ,L f W da My K ig ,img S7 ,- ksllff , ,M J , Y In 'pa J lssr fi, 'K"""'?" Jr 'Sv 1 so if A.. .M V7 A ir: . if Joanne Bostick Judy Burch Ronnie Cole Carolyn Cross Bill Derian Dana Bowers Don Burgess Gordon Cook Gene Culbertson Bob Derobertis Allen Braun John Cabral Don Cooper Don Cunningham A . DiBinedetto Ronnie Breech Gaylee Caen Martha Cowsert Pat Davis S. Dieffenbacher Connie Brown Ralph Clark Carol Cramer Paul Deal Kay Dillon Sharon Bruch Sandra Cohen Nadine Crocker Joan Deason J ack Drake of 54 s. R sis" we W-A l is s. s fr A s, as B W' 1 H' - ie' is - Q Q, s""'r aaaya I 'ffgsu iNJ'. SU, R 4 i ' 'Q S P- ., K is k A V - X ., xx . .f f B J 'K PJ C g 'td S l ,, f f sexi-N 23 1 W .W 55 ' I A' 5 551, 95 ,aw B 42356 i " ' l C C .S . C ssesa C1 Q QT so B B me E' , QSM- ' iw' 1 N----Q. ,E R iryrayyy l Qglww . r........... S Q ' f 'T C 2 In I K ' ., 1 , . . . S- wan I if H695 ' i K yh' E . fgggif Jai iw ,ir is s 5 JPMNM5, A J l' 1 .Q NV l ' H' 'RE 'eg-fffx 1 E x ' Q, W 1 I u A sig s .Q 1 4 X sl l 4 a W Anna Dralle Lee Ekstrom Wesley Fong Gary Garsee Pat Godfrey Ricky Dwyer Keith Elledge Madge Ford Richard Garton Al Gogis Phyllis Dynes Adrian Erickson Betty Foster Richard Gary Dick Greene Ken Edsberg Bob Fender Ernst Franz Betty Geiler Dick Gregory Allen Eister Margaret Flood Myron Fuller Ed Gedney Eugene Gregory Eleanor Ekdahl Suzanne Flynn Errol Gagnon Pat Gibson Louanne Grotheer .6 af 54 , ii 5 tyt R ' F iti' mzq --' E F G . A R . E 1 WZ nts' sts ttf is-31-F we R ft iiil triih5'e . t .nm if J Qifft, , W' i" . .r r F r.tn 4,-1 t N wir km A ' t-:E gf? wi- H?---..- ffi avr-am Aint - 'lk-p 1 ,la I ff?-va. rg-. a 5 - .Q sig: .i I .ff , a l t. : V ,....i rh jftml iz: Q L fi' If 3 1 ei' ' ki .,. A 13 pn... ,fs tt Q HNF' . .,.. ea g - . f- we V .Si tfa Don Gutting Gwen Hardie Lee Hill Natalie Hunt Ben Johnson Roberta Haight Phyllis Hardin Bill Hinton Carol Hurd Bev Johnson Colleen Hampton Bill Hapgood Mary Hinton Carol Jacques Carl Johnson Philip Hanson Drexel Heater Betty Hough Lawrence James Kay Johnson Ruth Hanson John Heckes Eddie Hubert Susie Jeffs Norene Johnson Sally Hard Dot Henderson Lula Bell Hulett Judy Jett Reva Johnson ' 1' if :zj: 42 ' . s . if 4 If 5? JY new af 54 gvwg in K 4. K .ihpll -gd' Qfmwki ,ii if ' 51 """f. . ,. , si E .mf -E-Es X ar Q h x if J K fx pi. Us , k . sv- J, Q ft Y s T4 li!" ,gs if F A. 6 A trse .:5 - - ,z ' ,W "A is i s N 1- . as-1... Y 1 :Q :ss er. f 7. M- " -.Q ' KKXE.: f f ,,i. k - - li- fi S' i ii' tv - v 42 .. il . WM. - it . 'QTY' .- on 'Q R'-wr IW - .s -'S fig N 4' - ' 'ui . s 1' 42. K 1 'iisziv' - N. A X xx f Q...-s Myrna Jones Paul Kellas Charles Kniser Myron Lamb Duane Loveland Shirley Jones Phil Kelly Marshal Kraus Gerry Larson Nelson Lucas Bob Jordan Carolyn Kessler Ken Kurk Evelyn Lewis Duane Malchow Kay Kahus Pat Ketchum Nadine Kuykendall Maurene Lewis Evelyn Martin Donna Kallen Alan Khatoonian Dixie Lacy Wallace Liddle James Martin Ted Kazmier Darlene Knab Kayli Laird Karen Lilleland Kenny' Martin Z444 af54 Q hxfwwf L, 7 - 5, , ,ax Q u. -Q' S MQLL 'Q in L .aw V- K 9 LLL..4 L H in ... L 7 389' 3 'lg '-Q91 ' ,Ni Q -QW. 492 W' i gg? W f,,- - wi L ..,. L . '15 V .QL ,Y 8 Q- Q 4- Q .V 'www me ah L upwa- 'lf , it as Ji 4 D ' is -L xl L v-"A i if f f N as Eli Ns! 141535 7 ' 7 YJ' ' '- I 3: Em R Nl F f K 'H-mv' it Y7 .A ,K D y A I l-.. A M ' , 'IM-F 2- 1 Mwlf 7 "' W-T' f Lv vow LL I Q,-L HLL -5 Q s L ' : X Q if we NQ"""" X Q J' m ,LI ' A LL i L Q -ilu-v as A if sf... 1: f L .Las V ew' 10' s 'K A - K :L L L K I, 'X L L us, si ' iw 1 N r Mft 'wr eirkkb LW., he sg L W.. m f LLL: L- as LKKL L 5 L f1-a K Amls Lk L VL, Z M 5 X. ,Lf gt ff N , ,nm Nancy Martin Shirley McElroy Alice Moore Cecil Nanson Harrison O'Shell Richard Martin Coralyn McM0rine Mary Morris Jean Neronde Jack Paxton Richard Martin Shirley Meadows Georgie Mulbarger Tom Neuburger Don Perdue Wayne Martin Pat Mickelson George Munson Martha Nichols David Peters Roy Matchett Helen Mitchell Lawrence Musial Stan Nicolaus David Peterson Larry Maudlin Charlie Miura Henry Myers Glen Norstrom Dnarl Dinbnne -swf 4 is H , .V 1 -.9 Z444df54 r W X we P :Swan--f f 1 W f ras-E ,S A . i Q J N.. eff ' W it P it S Q '34 S l f - 'ig Tiff? if 1 .,, If 4 .N Eat, P 'Q sz ,K 'Dm as- . . gh .,, ue. -ar Q ,k v -vw me X S? , Y 'N' ,J kr 'NG V Szqrapkkr vs .is K Q J' :tux I was tx if 1 aw...--f-. we 1 P--Q -..JF lm si' A - A L, Mg:-ar Q I... aykxv ,K 55" W ' ix X W... A V 'ls-M-.N X. . xp Q Q we i : Keen Wk-ex' our- fd 3 'K ryeer if , 1 Ava 'W RS ap.-I.. ..v.. Ann Pinkerton Bob Richardson Peter Ross Tom Seabury Marlys Skjold Ronnie Pipkin Bruce Reiche Violet Ross Edith Seastrand Barbara Smith John Pisciotta Robert Rice Leana Rowell Richard Selseth Arthur Soreide Nancy Poulsen Bryan Richter Jenifer Runte Larry Sherwin Roger Spencer Roger Ramseier Gayle Roberts Irene Sanders Carleen Shields Margaret Sprinkle Mary Reardon Barbara Rohrer Ashley Schuetz Kathleen Shields James Stafford .5 ab W 'mf Q sf -. sa- ,, S 7 Tyfiy ,ar ' f444df54 Q I 5 .S W fwfr S S W I -8 m SS I 1 M I R1 ...S - 'U' R in S 'M 5 kr VS. S' S . I , 'SS L .rzk t 1 SS , S B SSS :fii is ,pr H eeer ff BSSVR A ,S AI f'L s f ss. ' ,, LS f ...S ' S giant Ji: Q52 I if ai se Yagi ' if X S S I i by r - S , S y.. Ss.. ,S . f ,S ff' 3 M ,SmSS A B ' S pw K Sw S -yil East : 5. SS iihffdwk W? at W iw-,t I 'wh- SS , I .S St' L, 45 Q-43 . ' - Q, gr- Sf' - as NN X SE S S- X K 6 fi if Y' si' J' I " .-ff A S 3 wil l f'-'lf W ' 232 5 K Ti if ' t EQ 95?- -:rf as Q, sv- 1 Susan Stearns Garland Temple Elaine Tucker Rodney Vinall Don White Calvin Stevens Gail Thomas Bob Turner Fred Walker Gerry Williams John Stoner Bill Thompson Pat Treon David Warner Bev Young Shirley Suits Marilyn Tice Jim Van Wageman Ruth Watkins Ronald Zimmerman Charlotte Sumpter Nora Tinling Carolee Varnum Kay Watters Russell Zumwalt Peggy Taylor Linda Toffr Jackie Ventura Lloyd Watson is . - WYW Y 'Q H, , Le? af 54 5 'L 'N-so "5,.f f A rf'-nw 1 W '9 st. ' S 2 fi ' - 1 X s -.i . 5 A is ,..,. x I' ff S t fps: QSM' . K . ,N . X 5 C' A ,gg -ft a 3 1'-u. - M- fi gr M' - 1 , , or ,ff . is 'M . A A A S P X Vw X K V ESX .Ax . :W f , N 1 1.. K if ,xg 'iris f ,f A XL N x ' t., X f t if L Y f e bg fn ,I in 1, Fr 44"- Sws s . K '23 -,- ' 1 iil - A R! .. y . . . L' N, . . .Sify 5 "" K .. . 5 T Y 2 1 'W , J 2- 'iv' rx E: 0- S - t ,sf 1 H511 r 1 5 4' fry- 2 ' rs y H s, S 44.2, Q1 , A A CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES Paula Green Carol Large Sharon Mortenson Mildred McGee Bob Bockover William Brown David Cook Myron Downing Ronald Hartman Billy McBride Bryan Scanlon Gordon West Claudia Johnson Beverly Moore Carolyn Morton Edward Bartlett James Bowman David Chapman Dan Curtis Skip Gervais Charles Hendricks Frank Pisi Fra nk Thompson .gm 4 a gif' mr. ie A Q V f " 5' .C E is Q, p3w,,,, ,, . W , V mv M B B if " at C B Rights M M ssa mm A - Vg. A' A., 1 ' .1 ,F If XA - , 1 Q rs A , 1 V MA I K 7 W E 4-W! Ns JK A ,aw Left to Right-Hapgood, Lilleland, Miurag Sitting-Garsee. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS x .f Y' U X ,A if ' . ' "' 1 1- -Q N, N,-farm " 1 SUI -'Ulu U 1 . . 1 .... w..........,,....., 383201 V - 3 ai? I K 2 FRESHMAN OFFICERS Left to right: Hall, Schilling, Lilleland, Wood. l 1 9 5 TQ gp is H Qu L 1"5 D ,i Q .nf K ,,,g.,, f , M ,, X-,Q ,M Q Q ,ff l 'Z jmfiins' M 'V - . ' W 1 , W-wwrgz A gl i K Q -M Wim K fm an M 'M H EL CHMINO H! .SCHOBL Q-A ig 'A r Fgsswmu'sv ' EB.f?52 .1 , 3 ZW WF Ng '1, ,, .W SQ if N Q 'X' ' v:-f 3 Q ,W -as sg 6 5 Q 'Q Q .Q R351 5 Q im' is , V 3 '-J If 5' 1 w ,A 2 Av N' ,X . M if "i" - -...i' i , A , me . ,Y EI- Cfvfww af W 5, Nik I 8 Msc 1, . ..XA 132. rl f, ' K V R FEB. 1952 ' 1 - - - .. - A li S Haw Staff First row: Jacques, Lacy, Miss Perez fSponsorJ, Henderson, Pinkerton, Godfrey. MR. HAGER. AER-IE Second row: Martin, Beattie. Spencer, O'Shell, Ramseier. photographer Szeammm First row: Bellamy, O'Shell, Musial, Beaty, Bowers Second row: Hunt, Suits, Wood, Hinton, Morris, Laird, Hough, Poulsen, Young Third row: Miss Ritz fSponsorj, Jacques, Lacy, Mulbarger, Ketchum, Kelly. Munson, Martin Ventura, Jett, Miss Perez. fsponsorj MH 3 I tr d, Dillon, McElroy, Pikens, Faulkner. First row: Bever, Gibson, Henderson, Lacy, Seas an Second row: Bruch, Neronde, Burch, Martin, Johnson, Ball, Jones, Longfellow, Eiler, Hunt. Jacques. D ll G'bson, Simms, Caen, Flynn, Sanders. Third row: Rowell, Bailey, Deason, Hanson, Mulbarger. ra e, i Fourth row: Greene, Bryant, Schilling, Becker. Walker, Arino, Maudlin, Pisi, O'Shell, Ramseier, Watson, Myers, Blake. Oudeufm First row: Morgan, Kessler, Wellner, Houseworth, Foster, Glidwell. Second row: Ross, Reardon, Tucker, Young, Mr. Faulkner, Director. ,119 3 Q," 7? -I x ., if ' ,lj , ,Ui -' xl s, X 4. 1111111 --nunugllmllnqgq W 1 55 ':':' - 5' i --mil' 'Z Q' ' 7 A , 1 A 37 . " 'i s F t .. 1 First row: Faulkner fdirectorj, Moulds, Schluter, Erickson, Palkman, Ballew, Ramos. Second row: Vaughn, Hall, Welsh, Lewis, Mattice, Wise, Temple. Third row: Bencken, Emmons, Atherton, Kurk, Graham, Lindgren, McAllister, Saulter. First row: Cline, Thompson, Borgarine, Perrett, Martin, Second row: Sides, Vaughn, Newburg, Homer, Cory, Stenzel, Garrett, Bishop, Jacques. Third row: Faulkner, Biggs, Braden, Feil, Bryans, McGee, Royal, Hollowell, Gray, Turner. Fourth row: Palmer, Williams, Wood, Beauchamp, Lear, Compaute, Greenleaf, Rowlett. Fifth row: Green, Meinzer, Oliver, Cramer, Greer, Hardie, Niederloh, Solomon. 5 I f,.-40: I U fo, F 3894. Gfh l . 1 , If f Ms. 1 , -,.....,, -..M I--p Www., 'Qu-.Q Q Q Q 'Qu-is 7 is ,Ln W'itx,, ing-1 ig -"0-. s . -., fs., .XM X , a ,, at I Htl F WY. 1 Pep Zan! First row: Black, Zahary, Moore, Burkhart, Pinkerton, MacMillan, Dieffenbacher, Young, Tice, Smith. Hurd, Kneeling: Kelly. Second row: Garsee, Cooper, Hunt, Cole, Paxton. Third row: Schuetz, Vinall, Godfrey, Chapman. S 1 IA A9 ' I . at ' big. Y : I Ju ' ' 4 f ' Seann Zane! E v, ,,- F First row: Kelly, Black. Tice. Burkhart, Pinkerton, MacMillan, Dieffenbacher, Young, Moore, Kellog, McGraw. Second row: Hamilton, Wilhoite, Nedwed, Braun, Derobertis, Graves, Martin, Zahary, Smith, Hurd, Ra nisey , Faulkner fDirectorJ. Third row: Cole, Dremen, Jackson, Cooper, Stoner, Warner. Hunt, Martin, Berg, Garsee, Paxton. Fourth row: Derobertis, Cullen, Vinall. Ehrman, Schuetz, Bever, Godfrey, Chapman. w"'-In-I. "g,,L 'iq-h .f Xalx f . "lun, s L "ii h.'.k"'Lwa ll K vu., sg., f- -u-.X 'ie i if "Na -.. W t., gs 5 Q ia. Q -. s. Y' " .. lp! Q s . Q Q 535215 .5 if . ., , 1 'BW 2 1 f A . .yr .x in j 'f 1 A 35 f . Q, ' 5. is gy L M X A a fm 2 1 . ., ' 3' H55 H351 Wg QNX 1 W4 ml K "RY .Kc ,Q 1 . x M 4,4 Ns.. QQ 'N 5 5 v ,- .F W3 163 wi t ,A 3 3 Hi . ia? W ww ii if Far l ll' MM First row: Lilleland, Black, Henderson, Lacy, Smith, Mulbarger, Lilleland, Pinkerton, officers. Second row: Ball, Young, Bever, Johnson, Hunt, Morton, Becker, Lewis, Reardon, Biggs, Farley, Sponsor. Third row: Pickens, Varnum, Brown, Grotheer, Jones, Ekdahl, Ketchum, Martin, Kuyken- dall. Fourth row: Godfrey, Davis, Watkins, Benge, Hanson, Hurd, Knab, Bruch, Jett, Flynn. X First row: Garret, Hunt, Gray, Gutenberger, Lilleland, Graves, Second row: Millar, Hendershot, Rowlette, McAnnis, Davis, Braden, Gibson. Third row: Russel, Green, Biggs, Schroeder, Krumpotic, Schuetz, Davis, Nedwed. Fourth row: Simms, Moreland, McNulty, Meinzer,,Hamilton, Oliver, Wagaman, Heil, Beauchamp. ' "'l .949 ?,'Zf.,-4. First row: Ekdahl, Bachtold, Flood, Koven, Laird, Newburg, C. Shields, Grotheer. Second row: Roberts, Hampton, Henshaw, Tucker, Young, Millar, Davis, Thomas, Carr, Sponsor. Third row: Greene, Adams, Homer, l-Iouseworth, Hunt, Corey, McNulty. Fourth row: Monroe, Cook, Gutting, Overman, Bearchamp, Laird, Pipkin. .FK .' cease ee 'T I gl First row: Franz, Godfrey, Pisciotte, Martin, Seabury. Second row: Schuetz. Kallen, Morton, Cohen, Tucker, Young, Meadows, Nesseth, Sponsor. Third row: Beattie, White, Zimmerman, Heater,Paxton, Perdue . 'null'-""'s ,gn-v"""""' ,4uliP"""'.- ..gl9""""'-' ..--nv" a,.,4..-. ull""""' K' 'Nfl can 0' if Q 0 It 12 1 an f Q ,, an 1 V" 5--all-il Q r op 95 ,QQ DC. We-2 First row: Eckstrom, Garton, Jordan, Richardson, Bowers, Kilgore, Ballew, Arino, Berol. Second row: Stafford, Beattie, Hapgood, Ramseier, Clark, O'Shell, Kelly, Eister.Garsee, Third row: Sowers, fSponsorJ, Hill, Breech, Atherton, Peters, Armstrong, Fuller, Gedney, Gagnon, Bacon, Boltres, Baker. Turner, Johnson, Hubert. 'T 5 'Ii L . . 25 N First row: Ball, Gibson, McElroy, Biggs, Becker, Tice, Perez fSponsorJ. Second row: Johnson, Var- num, Rohrer, Ketchum, Reardon, Morton, Sprinkle. Third row: Jones, Deiffenbacher. Davis,Watters, Laird, Mitchell, Jett. Fourth row: Cross, Smith, Martin, Runte, Benge, Johnson, Skjold. l as:-s M. ,. . , CA DETS A. Schuetz, K. Kahus, E. Hubert, L. Ekstrom, A. Khatoonian. STUDENT PATROL First row, left to rights J. Ramsey K. Urman, J. Pisciotta, J. John- son, P. Sowell, Sponsor,Mr. Sow- ers. Second row: B. Richter, I. Overman. I. Biggs, C. DeWein, B. Wagoner, N. Lucas. Third row: D. Peters, S. McAmis. H. Aeppli S. Hamilton, S. Darr, R. Morgan. Fourth row: B. Arnold, C.Gantke, J. Beaty, R. Rice, P. Kelly. HOBBY CLUB First row. left to right: S. Simp- son, K. Kahus, R. Zimmerman, Second row: Mr. Durkin, B.Ballew D. Burgess, L. Harris, B. Burkman, R. Garton, Mr. Tyler. Third row: R. Barsdale, T. Munroe, S. Bell- amy, E. Hubert, G. Cook, C. Gantke, M. Tadlock. Fourth row: G. Cook, R. Pipkin, F. Bacon, J. Clark, D. Laird, J. Ballew. R. Fender. M--aww, am X - Q-N fumxgaiwgm Y to -is x -w in ' 5 ' if XJ M, .. , , .P L. ,. A, q Y - - . . 1, x Mm X -.45 ir V .Sv I, .V M . ,Q 5 s -by A i 1 A .-L' f2f,,.k'j-2, N, , , ' 9 My ,Q-:L W., Vywwwgifxgl N L , I , X ,, 3 K. was - Q x wmv ' ' V 1 f 5592? ,F Xi' f9Lg7YEf'f5PfQE?'F J 5 A S ' ls: 51'??4f fi V W- -Q - lt '44 Q J X '- 'xf' i M Q E A 2 5 'WH ig, Q .4 55? Q J Q . . . , X K Q L 'XM K: ,H , L 1 iwifiigf .4 if ,-.L L FSH . . .4231 L. ' . 33? RN. Clif 50 Dance E ' tee First row: Gibson, Lacy, Laird, Jett, Aeppli, Runte, Rohrer, Ketchum, Mulbarger. Second row: Ritz, fSponsorj, Sherwin, Watson, Baker, Clark, Ramseier, Martin, Martin, Pisciotta, Nesseth QSponsorj. 7 Dance ' Zee First row: McCord fSponsorQ, Nedwed, Hamilton, Schilling, Laird, Lilleland, Grant fsponsorj. Second row: Corbin, Wood, Laird, Manas, Cole, Handel-shot, nxt, fr' 3:-"'-W... -X 'F ug? I gow 264446 First row: Fox, Berbles, Miura, Garsee, Ramseier. Clark, Beattie, Boltres, Warner, Shultz. Second row: Breech, Watson, Matulicn, Greene, Turner, Peters, Hinton, Ross, Van Wagenen, Elledge. Third row: Hall, Baker, O'Shell, Kahus, Khatoonian, Paxton. Becker, Liddle, Vaughn, Matchett, Hubert. Fourth row: Cole, Maudlin, Bacon, Laird, Kurk, Spencer, Gogis, McCorkle. Gedney, Kelly, Arnold, Kelly, Gagnon. 74016461 7mm First row: Kelly, Peters, Kelly. Gedney, Kurk, Laird, Spencer, Greene, Paxton, Maudlin. Second row: Eckstrom, Qmanagerj, Breech, Elledge, Hubert, Rice, Hall, Rieche, Edsberg, Shultz, QCoachj Third row: James, fmanagerj, Hanson, Arnold, Berry, Cole, O'Shell. Gagnon, Bacon, Khatoonian. Fourth row: Hapgood, Turner,lMatchett, Ramseier. Clark, Baker, Becker. Kahus. .llggg ge .N "-+37P""'6"E,14,-lg 5 --2 3 -Q6 rv, 1,9 ' ,s 17, 73 'cr 31 B TEAM First row, left to right: D. Warner, Mgr., B. Manas, R. Smith, A. Gogis, D. Ford, E. Hall, standing, Coach Fox. Second row: R. Vinall, Mgr.. K. Vaughn, G. Bencken, T. Schilling B. Reiche, G. Garsee. s D TEAM First row, left to right: A. Gogis, Mgr.. R. Vinall, K. Martin, D. Ford, J. Bryant, R. Estabrook, Second row: J. Bidwell, D. Greene, D. Warner, B. Potter, Coach Fox. gcweeziafi A TEAM First row, left to right: D. Warner, Mgr., R. Gary S. Gervais, R. Ramseier, D. Malchow, D. Becker, standing, Coach Fox, Second row: R. Vinall,Mgr. H. O'Shell. E. Gagnon, R. Spencer, E. Gedney. C TEAM First row. left to right: A. Gogis .Mg1'.. R. Smith, T. Schilling, G. Garsee, standing, Coach Fox. Second row: C. Miura, A. Kellogg, R. Gary. S ,Sq 5 . f +i,.s.,M f ".:f s ii ? f 2 .. s. EAL f w ,Q x! X ,J QQ'Psh'X! QXYNN xmff i l Q! is El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino El Camino SEAS ON SCORES A BASKETBALL B BASKETBALL El Dorado El Camino El Dorado Sacramento El Camino Sacramento Vacaville El Camino Vacaville Sacramento El Camino Sacramento Placer El Camino Placer Roseville El Camino Roseville Grass Valley El Camino Grass Valley Yuba City El Camino Yuba City Nevada City El Camino Nevada City Marysville El Camino Marysville San Juan El Camino San Juan Placer El Camino Placer Grass Valley El Camino Grass Valley Roseville El Camino Roseville Yuba City El Camino Yuba City Nevada City El Camino Nevada City Marysville El Camino Marysville FOOTBALL CROSS COUNTRY Folsom B Sierra Foothill Championship--Auburn Grass Valley Christian Bros, 0 Marysville Roseville Placer Yuba City San Juan Nevada City November 10. MCCLATCHY-San Juan-El Camino ROSEVILLE-El Camino-Grant Marysville-GRASS VALLEY-El Camino- San Juan PLACER-El Camino-Auburn ' Meets were held at underlined schools Zcweddi 'ibm Www, Directed By Helen Ong Assistant Directors Elaine Grant Richard Tyler Leonard McCord Robert Durkin Music for the Christmas Program was presented by the following groups under the able direction of ------ Everett Faulkner A Capella Choir Boys ' Glee Girls' Glee Orchestra Standing: Jon Beary, Nadine Kuykendall Myrna Jones, Seated: Richard Hughes, Natalie Hunt, Charles Spratling, Rudolph and two friends-- Jenifer Runte and Helen Aeppli, Betty Hough as part of Rudolph gets into act: Nancy Poulsen remains hidden. I 4 Q 1 ,, IQ. .5 11-QA 'Q U5 W . ,ig . 3 5 -if .ii k,,,L,..x, . , ,., . 5.0 f sf f 5 "WNW X A, fx l 'H E an as ' Wwe , , Y il X I' fig . Kgx x ia 54 J 5 i f .xv A T 1 an Q' i 9 ,S gpg ,lil O QNX ' ini - Wh 5 ,AF Q illiglflg ':f""""' .N N W R x VVIUK. 55LUWINiQQ ISUBISLES War Q. A.. Y . ...1.m,M,m ,. mu. 4 i' -,. A ' x. A . - w...f:. ...,.. -, , ., , Q. v . fxfml H 'J N ,' 1 1 I 82,32 'X ,,,15 ...i M 1. ,. -wwf' M is ""t.N 'wmv .J UAA fx 0 . 1 nf f L-"" O- , IC, X' fi. , . vs 5 K if Q K? z-f 'k 1.64 88808813 W WELL, Wiiliiiig HAVE YOU BEEN 2gQff g" 1 LUNG TIME .xcsQ, 1sN'T mf' ,. :ff5',3.: v:- I ,...--1 ! 'QS fl? 1 Q-.Q-auf as-hi. Ei i T Y G 1 R L Er- A 1 N W mswx. P. xc:mNu m,xM,x ..A,,,s, :V Q Q, ef me .V p YW! fm. an-S in r---- r' Y ik I, , fw - -.srL iv all D Y X, -a,. . -A-Q" ' -'PX .wi Q? QI is MW? '-5 -I fwf?T' K x 5 f Q , wi A Y, . sr 4 X P f 3 4. if Nt. H 5 Nl Q vi ,lfgku , 15 Y 330 Q SMH fe an I i wtf ' W uf' 'U' F r 'Z' . rx , ,- . Lt.. is ,W ...G ,I , 3 iii """'L' L? .. ' 3 'wmv Qhx 5k-ff? 'N Qs KW551- S - 6. .I Ir. ' XQFQX x Q . we Q M X 1 w :www pm, Mx V T,fk X , .VW 1 ' 4 ,399 " , ir J 5. 955' '45-M' .MW..::Sf',fM. wifi' 'WI ffm" ff? 'Me 55476 e DA: NT AQT STOQE Bud Campbell IV 9-4886 Town and Country 2907 Pasatiempo Lane ' Sacramento, Calif. Vlllage Shops "YOUR FULLER PAINT DEALER" "A Good Place to Go" We Wiffiim E R5 For Quality Sr Workmanship In Town and Country Shopping Center Dyeing - Leather Work General Laundry Also An Exclusive Shirt Laundry Service One Day Service On Request Phone IV 9-5891 VILLAGE 5259966 47 Town 8: Country Village I Q5,,Q4,Qe4 HAQDWAQE At Town and Country Village Invites You To See Us For Your Daily Home Needs , Phone IV 9-4825 Qaged- RESTAURANT 8: FOUNTAIN Tay1or's Ice Cream Fine Foods Lunches Breakfasts Dinners Open 6 A. M. to 12 P. M. Julie and Chet Willows Carmichael Shopping Center Fair Oaks Blvd. at Marconi gwwgg STOR Town and Phone IV 9-5692 0565996 E FOR MEN Country Village Sacramento 21, California e Town and Phone Ivanhoe 6-5902 Country Village 2681 El Paseo Lane QCQAW MQLCQQ CAR'!VlIC.l-V-REI... Photographic Supplies Town and Country Village Shops one B10Ck North Of Ma1'C0ni Fulton and Marconi IV 9-6008 Sacramento, Calif. At Fair Oaks Blvd. Fresh Meat - Vegetables Groceries Store Hours 9 A. M. to 8:30 Daily C ompliments of 56566 Quia fa Mm The Place To Buy Zimchgxef Paints, Hardware 8: General Supplies Hotpoint International Harvester Phone IV 92769 Fair Oaks Blvd. at Marconi Avenue P. O.Box455 Carmichael, Calif. Qimciffaef TOT 5 F-I O I3 Everything For The Children Infants Through 12 Years Catherine 8: Dick Lambert IV-95631 Tl-IE vu l.l.A6E efw2efQf?:4 Clarence E. Cunningham Jeweler Since 1911 Open Daily 10 to 5 - 7 to 9 Saturday 10 to 6 IVanhoe 9-6124 Town and Country Sacramento, California l--I AL. E'5 yeygfkwce Z5-ze Sacramento's Largest Radio - Appliance and Television Store Complete Sales - Service and Ins tallation Fac ilitie s GI 2-7871 13th 8: K ekfafem FYLJFQNITLJRE STOIQE 15-20-22 Del Paso Blvd. North Sacramento AXMJZQWMQZZ5 Fresh Meat - Vegetables Groceries Store Hours 8 A.M. to 8 P. M. Daily Except Sunday: 8 A. M. to 7 P. M. 3241 Fulton Ave. g fyffw Sportswear For Women Town 8: Country Village IVanhoe 9-1806 2936 Fulton Avenue FAI Q FOOD IXAAQ KET Groceries 1 Meats Liquors Vegetables Fountain Service Phone IV 9-3524 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael QQ W CLEANE S Carmichael's Distinctive Cleaners Marconi at Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael 741 Goumigrgwan Shoes For The Family Men and Boy's Clothing Work and Dress Yardage at Reasonable Prices Carmichael imfizm fgizdfi TOWN 8: COUNTRY PHARMACY We Give Cash Checks 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Daily Sundays - Noon to 7 P. M. Phone IV 9-3639 Fulton and Marconi Paints Wallpaper Complete Line of Painter's Products gfmfkfwf Maurice and Helen Breech Dial IV 9-1632 T?.J. IVICBPIDE Offers Gentlemen's Fine Shoes Sizes 5B to 12D 59.95 Thick Soles Deep Cordovan Color Town 8: Country Village Open Evenings e VI L.L.A6E STATIONEQY SHOP Social Stationery 8: Gifts Mary M. Gist Ivanhoe 9 -6077 Town 8: Country Village Sacramento .Jon-:N Moo Los QIQEQLUXQQ- Telephone IV 9-6116 Town 8: Country Village Q51 EEl.E'5 QQJQQQQQW Fine, Imported 8: Domestic Foods 8: Delicacies Phone IVanhoe 9-5146 2912 Pasa Tiempo Lane Town 8: Country Village Shops Sacramento 1 emxben 65 f5AKg- DO DT l3AlTS VILLf'Cj.iaIf2'f1E fTORE Distinctive Portraiture Number Four Adobe Court Draperie s, Curtains , Beddings, Linens, and Rugs IV 9-5629 Town 8: Country Shops Town 8: Country Village 2645 E1 Paseo Lane. Sacramento sacramento 21, Calif. HOBBY HOUSE Supplies For Arts, Crafts, Hobbies Nell Mueller - Evelyn Claiborne B. J'. Claiborne Telephone IVanhoe 9-2391 2610 Marconi Avenue Sacramento 21, California VILLAGE sus-os-as su-lop "Sportswear of Note" Village Junior Varsity Town 8: Country Village 2621 Marconi Avenue Sacramento 21, California OAQIVIICI-IAEL. p UNION qty 'SEQVICE n rv Ee.Y?5"Q V 'R j Union Oil Products ' Accessories Ph - F ' . d ' M WZZZMWW DRESS SHO I3 A one IV 9-1225 U-, air Oaks Blvd an Carmichael 2 arconi see Thenfi Made 0 At The ima deg VILLAGE SAND no srrona . Shopping Center A11 varieties We Cater To Parties Phone IV-91475 2628 E1 Paseo IV 9-4578 Town and Country F L. ETC I-I E l?'S W 24 MWZG 42 p Finest Prescription Service 0 JE'-N xt Bert Bertagna, Pharmacist ZX . I my ik-,VW 3 0 "1 V :J M J? Phone IV-9-2221 fig , Marconi and Fair Oaks Blvd. ovvoemo A -V Carmichael if El. CAINAI IXICD ADVEQTISEIQS 6 , xy. X ?-if ja , 'wff' aw A t f A AQ 335 EI 5653 . gsm AMT? lbijyaf 5" 5 My A N V Si: W ,M SSW M WMMQ QQ Q W M W M ir xmfyfii Agjffyfgyffffi N Wx M Wgj WWWM QS WW, MMM . Wfffffwff if Q-v

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