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QNX Qmmgs x x NS iwgm, ' Q QGQNWQNW 55 ik 'mxQ1WFk X, 32125724 fifzffm 7,22 22167 iQzZm 5? Z Wkgajqgg Qpzyyffffgf f it 72 5 Z Z Q? x., 6 S., 1 r . , .wwf X, w. X f s , W f W M WW fy f l. . M J X 1 K ww 1 we M0 Q A 2 . x N 4 6 vim if RJ B. Q, -2 f If xx-U' X .ell 8 wx swf? Qc hi! 'N 9 bex gf up X333 LL ,Q QQQQFCSOQQ is so view W MID54' ' 1,6 ww, -mice. ' Q.. WY M N yu-0L4e,ZiQ'Qg.w44., XS xml!! , N ' kj 52 f XS! L, 4 ' . ,gf K, ,, if Vf,A,, Q., fyg? fx A , A N . . SX H?f Lfx . O' of 1 Q I - jg :QD Sf y' of QD' 2' 2. 'ue' . ' ig wfiwf "f'54fQW,xo ,, ,PT 6 Q ,ga sep, Y Oxy. 6 ,rw ' J' QJ C' A if -P-Wk' "Mu" A 459 6 wx Nl' q,, 'X Q ' 0-Ira' wfqi Y me by fy 4. rv' ob by uf E1 Cajon Valley High School Editors-In-Chief .... .... Senior Editors . . . Sports Editors Business Manager 000000000 0000 Head Photographers . . . . . . Senior Photographer . . . . . . 000000000000 00 .- LEGE D ,fffjm 1.987 flffgzxgrgwt www l QWW gyawolojmwhowa Volume XXXII '34 f' JW paw .Carrie Walls And Erin Joslyn . . . . .Sally Meeter And Sean Anderson Lisa Sladkey And Robert Barbosa . .Denise Wilhoite . .Carol Parkhurst .Bill Grissom And Jeff Stein . . .Rudy D'Sousa . . .John Logsdon 'nue Page 1 Dedicated To Richard Baker unruly ' ' A Teacher And A Friend A friend is someone who listens, who cares, and is a great treasure to have. When a teacher matches this description, a fabulous combination is created which encourages learning. We have had on our campus, for fifteen years,just such a person. He really gets to know his students and takes time to listen and explain. He has graciously given numerous hours of time and hard work to our school, including his service for 8 years as our ASB Advisor. This man is loved by students and faculty alike. His students are tremendously motivated to do well and to become more involved. So, it is mth great pride and affection that we dedicate the 1987 Legend to Mr. Richard Baker. Dedication 5 41 M Q Mn" .,:f :':f- .1-,:M, 1 , my-M-. f +' 4' 'fi " 31.27 154 .xlxf-"-,fiiif L:- X za, gg,1,f,,,.,5, 054- ' ' L ' " T 'A ,, " V, ' nf" 04 f .,, Q, fcfiivi ' 'wifeid " 5 - .Aw-54 ,. 1 M! 15578 1 . , MW fi Q iw iw 'ff 4, f ,Q r y 4513 , , 1 ' fi Q2 y 1 4 ' Y 5 M Q i . J , 1' v 2 :L . ,R w is . C3 x SX 5,913 1 We 1 A M , A ' 'fx X 4 gif x, J . -x , H A4 3153. 4 9 ' ' x L, If R mf " ,Y 4 Mg H jifr: X ' .H ,,, ,, , . w A , ., . xy." . .,v 4. X Q . .. fm - ,,'5'k5c'Q ""- ' ' - '-' nl" 5 4 r 7' M JK, 'H' Xp- -M K N 7',Nxx K -'1 RM. wvmfk f 2 ffl '- 'Y ,, ,MMM ,fwiu ,--lv J-K W, M ' V '-1-2 '-ff", V 4, - g ,ff 9. V -'v .5 , ,A A M j y 2,2-V 945' ,Q Wx, 1: V' W . j, jx 4 f' 5-5 A, Y P inf, Lu- JQ,,f,,IyQ1 ff -Q3 H yn X' ,QTA f,- I . . ,, .V-. .1 .-. L Q13 -,A lr, V, ,AQ 3 1 QfF, k,f:x, Lk 'N America 'S Finest Finest Students In America 's City" , 25 W J 5 - ,,,NN Q .mi um x Q1 y , H wir lllti ti W f , tt 1194. V' f3'35"f?. and Q . by l R I-WZ "On The Move" ff., T rs Foreword "America's finest students in America's finest city" - notjust an empty phrase, but a reality. San Diego and its suburbs tincluding El Cajonj is the envy of the entire nation. Where else can you sur- pass or even equal our spectacular weather, our Zoo, Sea World, Seaport Vil- lage, Wild Animal Park, Old Globe The- atre, the beach, and many other out- standing attractions? And where else could you find better teachers, finer stu- dents or more attractive educational and extra-curricular opportunities than at ECVI-IS? This year, the Legend made the entire county their base of operation as they reveled in the good fortune that all of us enjoy in being associated in "America's finest school in America's finest city" Foreword 7 6 i if Z H1 6 W: V, , . . ' Hi Y 8 Open Camera Day, r Hey Gang "Say Cheese"! As Open Camera Day on October 8, 1986 pro- gressed into its second year, new and returning students looked forward to being pictured with their greatest friends. From couples to groups each picture expresses something special about that individual. This layout shows how candid and keen the E.C.V.H.S. student body can be. So as the tradition continues, students can always look forward to one October day, when friends can be wild and crazy in front of the camera. f qi.-, ,, ZH' K. I" QI! V, ,. Q M 2 3 'IF In V33 in Q 94911 4 4 1 I wp 'L X L xi ai! g sf' iw, Q 5'9" A ' ' ,Q , 1. ,f .7 V HQ U.: T.. ,. 5, A , 3 md 'A r,3.w' 5' sg. 5 f N-YV . W, ,- V ,. 4, r. M- .fp- Ne ' J. u 'AW 1 f, . 1. M' if in .nu A. Q . "nf X 4 J-'? L' :fl ' V4 ,,k. na n ' 4 fn 3 --1 ' lf ww, ff: , ' WWW I , , . , , , N ' X H 4'-- w,,,,:."lf 1q,,,:.! H A uf .-a,sm.aQnw 'M , 'Hamm-W 5 9 Y wi u 'A j X. f Q5 41 gn. Q .Vail L AA -M . F ,...... i Advisor John ,, Hu, .M 1 i'im.."'i.ni... """ ' Logsdon 1 i X QW, f R ,kg , LQ ., 'S '11 1 , s 3 1"'-NN x . N 3n':f,agfw A" . V . , ':4,, 4.2 1 4 ar -,iggffm ' . . , WX..-at L..eL -1 -svn 'fu - X 3 L, Q., ?,f,b,,, uf 5 ff ffw 4 1 . f ,' 1' - r - -.i15'1:-'-,-, , ' ,W shun.-,,:" . 'fk 'Ki I I 5. 1 'K W rl . 1 Lb' ,Z 553 A N, sw M ' i - 1"-M ' N Y. "'2'fx!!sgW' W , , M, Q fLw :wW1 MN.. .-.. W., iw . M. 'M Z 3 1 ' l f5'5Q'.3f uw 'W-1 l H . ,, an ,D 'xfif ...nf 4 -M Q- . N4 Ay ' JHI 'Wfw-mm. , - l 4 l ,,, ,,,. ,, , 1' af. ,. ,A . l ll fl l ls ' my llll l W-M , 'S , . ,V U MJ Q wx ,4,., , , 1, - . m............. ,.. . WW . , .A - I " ' M. T- . . H , l fm ' ,T l: ll 'Y v' H2l:s,tl:':lVl'.Mr"'3lll . 1 'Wx' .n,,,,,..,,W, 1. , A, . ,k.M..'l- ' if 'W' will AWN ' 1 Aj 'W' , W2 ml 'W 1- ,lv , W...,.,.,.,l...,, ,ll 'W f . 1 15 fs M. l" l E l ll -2152 fl, s i K V. X " 1 ll 'Tam ' .4-his ' - ' 1 -f,,. . Q ' .Y ' , Wm A.. 1 TJ-li' 'WWI jg Q" fi , lv gif? 'M' 4 ,- GJ fm ,L . 4 if 5 Q4 l in h 4. Fx l f 1 iff. ' M, U "ull 3' W X' ww ll? N ,... gill, ll '-will Y 5 A V" -- .,.4' we ,Wm ,f ' Lx wmv' K W If ' A 1 'x W 3 tdgaax in l!""'1gg33 ma Fw Y V ,,,. , l A M 'il ,ZW 'M lm W ww Ezra, 'K' , 7 , ' fl ,. .5 -" ,I lc: 5- mm K Q: " I E dw ,a 1 'I '- 'fy , ' 5 is , X ZW' . 5' 35 X lx, . ll W V P l A ll l l' M-ivfgl 'M llx N ,,., f"' . M 'V , .N X l., , J' Editors-In-Chief Carrie Walls Sr Erin Joslyn lay.. Y XG' iff. l , X K, , 2g '- vfl. U5 X ,V l 1 , Www 1--vm-"lil 1 W1 ll ,pl" l . F' 2 Q. , --mum., N-A-m..,..,. .l.,, M ' " X X XX X X , fi S Cajon, EI Cajon, we give praise to my y-.Y 'GO EC GO EC GO" 51' . u 95 S W I .. L 98 ,:,, , L G -, ,,:,.,,: Q 8 r ' Q 4 Hd. e -'nh ' ra 5x,.::y 4 e '- 3 , ,gs .tp .f . " , Giptf . A 01,54 - 1 ,V - by-'ef' V n We Y: 'ag' ,f W O n w. . yr , ,Q ,s a is ,A ... 1. Q. F ,-W 4 f , Ln 0 A I 'V .. in H Q 14 4 I - X, R My '- Q kfpjr ' L.: L ,grail . Vw . gg ,h Lg- I K 5, ' sl ::LZi-..XvJ ...Nm -'Q 'ITP V, "1 T A Aren't we enthused! ,,g,:- ' a a 5 W ' iakf b 2' I fs- ff' Concentrate! Look at me ITIOITII We re ffl Go Jimmy Go! wsv:,aW, Play it again Sam! ,Al ""W"a The Court Sharon Meza Julie Carman 14 Legendary Lady Lisa Siqueiros Gina Sparks Legendazy Lady She Sparkles Kim Brown, Legendary Lady 1987 A star is born along with four starlets! Yes, it's the 1987 Legendary Lady and her court! An annual tradition at ECVHS is choosing the five most beautiful ladies based on their senior portrait to represent ECV as our Legendary Lady and her court. Chosen this year as the starring Legendary Lady of ECV is Kim Brown attended by her court of four Starlets, Julie Carman, Sharon Meza, Lisa Siqueiros, and Gina Sparks. Legendary Lady 15 J!! 12 ff' I Im ' ' . W. New 16 sr. Division x '53 4 ,,,f.,,, , M-""'-' Q N N i F Sr. Division 17 xxx ,, xx x. xx xx x ' ,, Q:. x , ,Q x A xxxnxQx,x.,Tx.x,,x.,x,xx ' ' xfihxs A A M W x 1 x 2 x x x 'x 4 x wxxxxkx xx x x x x xx xx xx xx A x x x x x iiTx:xIxAXXXXXXXXX x .x xxxx x x x x x x x xx faux , 1 vj b ' , is x x , x , - E ww ' 1 , mm- wx' .xx ,-.x fmt ' - Mx A, Fi 'Wi F .f I I I Z fi! 7 7!WWM ws- 1 J, Hfffff f f f ff ff fff f ff I , A, Lag. . .. la. X . ' V: . . 1- 1149, , V 5 321 :..1 .1 ' 'aw-v ,. A,,,, .. W A I ,. 1 21,5 f 1 4 - . ls.: .,......M...w.,........... ...,..W......................'............k..M-..W..-....-W. U... - .1 ' , . . f r 3- N. ,W , .X ' 5.35 T---Umm 'N --"W-MQ-M-M-M'-'W-"-"M " ,,,,,,q,,,,,,,, ,M ,,. ,n,, ,h,,,.,, V ,Y,, H W T. ' 'f ' . ,Q L19 f ,f , ,,,, 1"N M f C, 'iw .. ' " -'W '1 ' 3 "i5WlI','.: ,wi Vi' " ' . . W" QW ',. 1 ' ig ! w X I ' 1 QW H ' "h'9',I"li1 .M ' " 3 GMM ' M J . ' F' W5 ,,4,,uU.z:wLg. l ..., A ,,,. ' r X .1 H Y! 3 20 Sr. Officers Senior Oficers Taking Charge U xx ii fi .g L ,Q , , , , , c, , if ' 'P -..,,,,,b,--W M -....,,.- Through thick and thin these offi- cers did their best to keep the class unified and spirited. They brought enthusiasm as well as old traditions back to the class of '87. Advisor- Jody Johnston, President-Sally Meet- er, Vice President-Robert Barbosa, Secretary-Bridgett Harvey, Treasur- er-Shannon Berkshire. Sr. Officers 21 Wir, 53 '- E7 .rw-ff ,4 . . 4 'E 'V' ,, am 1+ 3 ' 1 xhvwlf' I ldifusl wid at Slim and 5lUL my M k I N .V I .S iv, J. ' I L A, ,, 2 I 4 x .,..... Q0 - , wx, fag 'x f -N L? Q 'N V . M V 3 ' ' iq?-Zwlv, , '- 2' 4 2411- ' ,492 My 3 ,Lg ,w,pWq,,,M,iy:j ' ix ,ay 'i ' 1 ' 1 v , ' '- x w' A X if g 'N 1 X ad-W' 'Af' . . L -91 2?f" ' H 4 4 , ,fx 1 f . -:Q-, mi' 5 r 5 Y : Shycst: Mandy Iicmhall I HOIclCr 5 s gs 3 . Y . Q. A W B :.., L - , T 'si K 'S' nv 331 J M , , ,K M, ' 1 "' ,L IW. -up 'W W Xi-:,, A mf W r .- .,. IOMJII Jones W.. . ,L :Rx H. ' , yi ,F N C C n I , . I ,. w r . Senior Slandouts 'VK GUYS Walley is thinking about his favor- ite actress Cybil Shepard on l'lVloonlighting". Walley likes to have his hair style short. After school Walley will go to his favorite hangout, the beach. lle is drinking his favorite bever- age Pepsi. Ile is holding a movie ticket to see his favorite movie "Top Linn" for the fifth time. Walley enjoys his Algebra ll class, because Mr. Minor is his favorite teacher. Ile has his ear keys to his new l987 Lambourghini. llis lnnczh is a Big Mae from his favorite fast food place, McDon- alds. The radio is tuned to his favorite station 101 KGB and is playing his favorite song "Summer Nights". Walley likes to stay in fashion by wearing 501 Levis and Reebok shoes. Walley Yeakle is demonstrating the lypieal Senior guys favorites. 24 Sr. Favorites g 2 QL . wvlk , W -. M t' v Q .wwf Xu? fi . DN X GIRLS Andrea is tired from partying too much over the weekend, After school Andrea will go to her favorite beach. Andrea likes to stay in style by wearing her Guess shirt. She has a ticket to see her favor- ite movie l'Top Gun" and her fa- vorite actor Tom Cruise. She has the car keys to her new 1987 Porsche. She enjoys her Algebra ll and Psy- chology classes because Mr. Mi- nor and Mr. Feil are her favorite teachers. Andrea enjoys her favorite bever- age Pepsi. The radio is tuned to her favorite radio station 91X and is playing her favorite song "liumors". netsw Cofrerfi C13 ller lunch is a Mc. D,l-.'l'. from her favorite fast food place, McDon- aids. Andrea is a typical Senior who, since she is running late throws on some sweats to get to school on time. Andrea likes to stay in fashion by wearing Reebok shoes. Andrea Clark is demonstrating a typical Senior girl's favorites. Sr. Favorites 25 1- i 'I 4 Li' Ml r ,MV 'ssl' Af ,-1. I st Sparkling l'n:l's:m.1Iity: .IL-.mic Luiffi and H.mcQC licici A ww, W A 4- Mnit Mlllnlu 6-1 X ,QT ,i.. 4 t"fm 'vu--pm' 1.1 Spmkvi .md Kpnm Ruplurh ykx af Z?'.g' if Q, Y! ilxtf. fgzirxx Y , N y ,Nh ,, . .A 4 , f Q U 1 X sl Likely lo 5uc'c,ccci: Sally Mcclcr and Victor l'.1y1 If Q iff 9? 1' 'Y -vt' 'ff wwf H f ' , 5, ,Li-i I 4 ,v J A f SK , S I, fits! Flicndsz Tracy Howlett and Sumnnllm Sc lll'lll'llj Ihlllcc' Kvicl .md John Wvsl 1 A if 4- M- : ii XXV ix , n f nk -V qi! 334' l'1 i,l. M k.'i':1j" 2' J' ' ga. K, I fl.. ,. . wvwfgjwpb ,. vr --Y Most 'lkllcnlcclz 'misc' Paul .md Aaron Collins .ll if Most Lila' X bc Iicnmcnf ' 'cI:Ul'clc'hcnlI.1l1g1cnar1cI 'V 4 A 1, .- '. 4 's X ' ,I X w Sharon Meza 'ws 3 , 11. lj izzi Cmdy Proulx 28 Baby Pictures Lisa Sladkey 5 i f i I Yeakle ...H Andrea Clark l 3:9115 , 1 fl Q' ,F 'm Brown Brenda Butson Kelly Feldner -. s Q Q z - ' 4 Sally Meera l 1 I' Melody Beaver Lorl Dow Q 2 ,QQ ' Diehl Sean Smith 1 -l . '51 ' YS ,U :, 3, , 'WHL I , f , 11" IQXWLV 'argl ' 1 1 " ., aw-. .552 i ' gff.+Nqq. L.: i '..' --hl.,,v . N , "If l Doing homework, attending class, orjust so- l cializing in the halls, Seniors find ways to have fun. Looking fonuard to graduation, they lived it up during the year creating an exciting atmo- sphere for the whole school. ,.,4:2::-L ' ,fladaiaif-5 X N4-9-fp" Q '. , ,, 'iffy' --f - l 1 ' v if , ., l X HV!! qt W Wm W " M l I ......4mnW"3"""Y X V 50 Sr. Candids 1i -a 7111- Q! 1 V W 2:1 I -5 5 swf' PKK Ng, N, Senior Committees Of '8 "We Couldn't Have Done It Without You!" Thanks to these committed chairman and their committees, the class of '87's Senior year was a success. Each one of these chair- men, along with their committees, put their time-and energy into creating an exciting year. Samantha Landers and Stacy Turner did an excellent job as the Ways and Means Chair- men, raising money from the Senior parking lot sale and many other fundraisers. ln charge of seeing that the Seniors got their rightful privileges were Andrea Clark and Denise Paul, chairmen of Senior Privileges. Prom Chair- men, Erika Crrunstad and Jeanie Luizzi took time out during the year to look at possible prom sites, and when prom rolled around they spent much time preparing. Sara Size- more, Raleigh Evans, and Cindy Proulx, the Senior Activities chairman put together the Senior float for homecoming and organized the Senior Grad trip. Choosing the cards and announcements for graduation was up to Steve Spraggins and Denise Wilhoite. At the end of the year, commencement and bacca- leaureate was organized by Victor Payan and Julie Carman. Thanks to the hard work ofdedicated indivi- duals, the Class of '87 was the best ever. A Q vi fna."w , ,n , r 1 t ----ww--. JK- 1 -"QR . ' H" jpg, ,Q my Wa' F912 1:14 .151 , 5 ',. 14. , 'X W """'+'x Ways and im and Stacy Turner . dihsdaiip. .-., . - 1 ul. Sr Committees 55 Thinking of the days Of this wonderful year Trying to remember without a tear. Well, l can't make it stay With anything l might say, But the memories will carry on with me. Mane and stuck-up bu The new year comes, And the old year's past, lt seemed to me to go too fast. lf only l could hold onto it, Forever and ever Reliving it and letting go of it never -wwf' 5, .. .f,.1 s .:,, , vi, ' 56 Seniors Q I . K Life can travel in circles When your destiny remains unknown People and places behind you Mean nothing when you're alone. You can be the master Of your destiny Leave yesterday's footprints behind you And Cl'lOOSe where today's lead. J Tina Belk David Berry , ' "Daberl'y" , ' "Whadya mean l'm not kind? Just' not your A kind." T- f z My likes includefjarnming, m 'A being with friet1dS,'i"bet- ties", but my dislikes are "noid" people, hectic situa- tions, and critical people. My most memorable'dateis,12j 151864 and my favorite teachers were Mr. rlartungj 'g and Mr. Hayes. ln the future planyeto, graduate from legefflland lead a happyry-afldilfi successful life. - v Kimberly Ann Brown "Brownie" P l y I love, Shawn, gold, dia- monds, shopping! skiing, parties, the beachjand iro- mance, though l dislike be- ing broke. Thanks to my Pepper Drive buddies: Clare, Michelle, Heather.,-y-, havndytg Kellyi and Joanie for E sticitg, ing together all these years, Roy .Bennett , 'Brofjf f ' Being with best friend Jason is what l like, but what l dis- like are dumb commercials. My favorite' teacher was Bruce Leonard. 2!86.is my most memorable date. ln the future l plan to become a Special Education teacher. David Bisbal -V "Biz" ,,y, , y , r l like sports, junk food, and just having fun. One of the times l will always remem- ber at E.C.V.tl.S., is when l maclef the first yyyl .touchdown on-our field.-tffplan to go to ,college and have fun. yey, , Larry Brown "C21f67'Q2g Hwheeewf' ,ri f i',i l My likes are baseball,Fcon- certs, and football, and l dis- like getting up for school, and stuck-up women. Mr. Hart isfrhy favoriteteacher andy, my activitjfwas My goal in life is to be a good if it ' , ee,, teacher and ,motherjust like A - ,A M i V, - f mine'iii'i' ' If if swf: 35? Z s W i wwf .. f - f :w . sta. it it Timothy Burtonf H "Burt,' lfish"'i" ' F "Tha,tfs cool" l like252lf9Q.,,play,yjgotbalyl and workibn cars. Waking up and going, to school are among my dislikes. My favorite teacher was Coach Watkins and my most, memorable date is 6187. Attend college and strive for the pros are my future goals. My activi- ties included Football 4, Wrestling 2. ,, , , ,,,.. ,t ,.W., , . , . , ' " 1 Christina Benson "Chris" My likes include dancing, shopping and 'spendihga lot of time with Tom. Dislikes are people who say "tnck". My most memorable dates are-12121184 and 61655, In the future l plan toiiiave a family and a great career in word- processing. My activi- ties were Dance Co. 4, Vol- leyball 2, K Stacia Bloss- "DO unto-.others as you would"ht5lSQfg?,,. them do unto you , t l like traveling and dislike sitting around. My favorite teacher was Mr. Bietz and in thiegfutureyl plan to work with airlines or Coastpouard. My activities included Swim- ming, Volleyball and Soft- ball.' Sabrina Jay. Buel g 7' 'iii ty' ,, ' K V fXCSCCYd3yi15'nOt re- dovetf, but tomorroW.2i,iQlfiburs toqgwin." My likes ""' a re the beach, weekends, surfers, y,", ,lgand 9995 times with of R. l dislikgiiistuck-up people, good-byestand lies. ln the future l plan to fulfill fanta- sies. Follow a rainbow, reach for a star, Put them in your pocket and you'll go far. Never let your dreams die, Don't tell yourself a lie. You can make it, make it, don't fake it, Tiyi Shannon Dianne Berkshire "Shhhan" "You should enjoy here while you're here 'cause theregs no here there," My likes include: being with J.C., J.G., A.C., S.S., R.B., V.P., P.M., S.S., J.S., D.H.: MCl's, hot, salty french fries. cold weather and Mt. helix. My activities were V. .Swim 1, Volleyball mgr. 2, C.l.F. 1-5, Field Hockey 5-4, Key Club Pres. ll-,WCi.A.A. Treas, V.P., Pres., Sr. Class Treas. liandance Lee Bowhall "Kandy" ' "Too much is never enough." t . Thanks to Mom, Dad and all my friends, for the 'best years ever. l'll always re- member Dance Co. 5, 4, Bul- letland, B.C. nights, getting into risky business with Lori, and all the special memo- ries with Bruce. I hope to marry Bono from U2 some- day. Timberly Dawn Burkleo "Timmy" "If you can't win, make the one ahead of you break the record." i Q" l like working, going' out, and having fun with all my friends, though, l dislike housework, seafood, and people who whine. My favor- ite teachers were Mrs. Bam- berg, and Mr, Stanner, and my most memorable date is 2126184 ln the future l plan to work the business field. Toby Burwell i irrwo-by" F "l'll be at the airport." My likes include Coke, de- sert, dunes, threewheelers, and off roading, but li-'dislike Pepsi, silt beds, 'pucker bushes, cliffs, and slow 4- strokes. My favorite teacher was Mr. Marlay ahdmy most mCmOf3blE'Ad8lC' lSj12f25f 1 85. ln the future l plan to ,win a SCCRERACE., lrrmy spare time Seniors 57 'lb ki, ,Q'v'y You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limita- tions in your own mind as to what you cannot do. Don't think you cannot. Think you can. ,NX Brenda Louise Butson "Brendus" My likes are spending time with R.F., and my dislikes are R.D., R.H. and-working late. My favorite teachers were Mom, and Mr. Rogers, and my most memorable Pep Club 1. ' ' ' Angelique Caire "Angie" , "You piggy" -V, My likes include allimy good friends, ESP, Steve. but my dislikes are stuck-up peo- ple. -My most memorable date is 9122186 and my fu- tureggoals are to ,go to col- lege and get into child devel- opment. My activities were Swimming 1, Field Hockey 2- 4, Band 1, Track St Field 2-4, and Soccer 2-4. Chris Carson H "Stud," 4 1 4 "When love is sincere and true, two become one in the house of God." l like girls, softball, comput- ers, and food, but dislike "Murder She Wrote", and immature studentsiin high school. My most memorable date will be the day l marry a beautiful lady. inthe future I plan to-be a seal iniifthe'-Plavy.i My ,favorite teachers 'were Mr. Wilkerson, and Mr. Hart. "beef "Unreal man" My likesinclude W.M., T.A., My favorite teacher was Mr. Dulf,a,rtd.flmy most memora- ble date was Nov. 225 i date is 8f12f86. .My activi-. ties included Basketball 1-5,2 John i i'Johnny-Boy" V "Keep your feet on the ground, --but reach for the sky." KO, My most memorable date is 10f28f86and my favorite teacher was Mr. 'Doc' Rob- erts. My future goals are to study theatre, go to college, and be happy and success- ful. Oh yea, l like this girl named Melody. Alex Campbell 'iTo begreat is to be misun- derstood-Emerson" UYou look marvelous." l like V.P., .J.M., A.C., J.l'l., all my senior teachers, and l love J.P. l'm going to be- come impossibly' wealthy and write. Consider me gone. Johntlarter M 4' "The Scrapper" ' liy "lf you have something that works, force it, if it breaks, it needed replacing anyway" My likes include lOUd,mQSlC, I owe red 'fast' ca rs, analfgoi ng to parties with friends. My dislikes are high trucks, long haired -rockers and snobbish people. ,My ,most memorable date 'S 2! 253135 and in l plan rich. .-.r ,U ,, Julia Cabrera, "Bbtt" ,-". - ' I "The earth:-His-I the cradle of man, but man cannot stay in the cradle forever." My likes include Jungle Jim, Walt Disney- characters, my buddies, space, and Chuck Yeager and my dislikes are being kidnapped, stuck on the chalkboard, and body traced. ln the future I plan to get a masteris ,degree in as- tronomy, arid-have a career in the USAF, and if l'm lucky l'll become an astronaut. My activities included: GAA, CSF. Math Team, Tennis. Kimberly Campbell i'Kimmy" V i'l,ucky, l love,you." . l like bei'ng'iwith friends, hav' ing fun, french fries, but l dislike green vegetables and blue V.W. Bugs. My most memorable dates are 11171 86 and 2f8f86 and my favor- ite teachersiwere Mr. Rogers and Mr. Hart. In the future l plan to work with kids who have problems. My activities included Dance 1-4, and ,W-'mPUS ' Vicent Thomas Casazza ?'Vinnie" lf you're not part of the so- lution you're part of the problemjust get outl" R.F. My likes are swimming, eat- ing, stayingyactive, talking with friends, and band. My favorite teacher was Mr. Mi- nor and my most memora- ble dates are,6f18f87 and 9f18f85., My activities were Marching, Concert, .Pep Bands -1-4, Band Drum Major 5, SADD 5, "'i 4. Tennis J.V. 1-2, V. 4. J Don't ever give up your dreams and never leave them behind. Find them: make them yours, and all through your life, cherish them, and never let them go. kim Cagle Julie J. Carman "Jules," g "We must live everyday like we'll die tomorrow, we must learn everyday like we'll live forever." l like spending time with the gang: s.s.. Jo., s.s.. s.s.. s.s.. v.P., P.M., J.s., A.c., o.n., My fa- vorite teachers were Doc. Rob- erts, Mrs. Barton, and Mr. Peace. My activities included MPW1-4. Blackfriars 5-4, CSF 1, 5. 4, Thoughts 5-4, Pep Club 2, 4, SADD 5-4, Leos Z5-4, J.V. Cheer 5, Squaw 4, Key Club Sec. 4, Co- Chair. Bacc. 86 Commencement. Ramona Cervantes "Monchy" My favorite teacher was Mrs. Roberts and my most memorable date is 6f25f84. ln the future l plan to go to college and graduate. Mouy Soy Chea "Sally" "As a leader over your own life, you can carve your own destiny, establish' your own goals, shape your own fu- ture." l like to read a book and type a letter, but l dislike watching movies. My favor- iifeif-teachers were Mr. Baker and Ms. Chaimson and my activities included Tennis. In the future I plan to become a professional secretary. Seniors 59 V '-if 1 The path to wisdom and success is not for kings alone: it is open to you and me. You may not succeed at first, but the failure of your efforts may be the needed preparation for your final triumph If there are a hundred steps in your path to success and you have not reached it in ninety nine ofthem while Soon- Ike tors, Barton i , i" ai ,ff Ei. ABFOI1 E.C.V lot If you you II receive Lamb, sorry l Tricia m date. rl . . . do not conclude that the journey is Press on and up , . . the prizes are generally at the end of an effort, not at its beginning . . and not to go on is to miss them. Be valiant . . . have faith in yourself. Success belongs to him who dares to win it. Em 'T W ,,, .ww 5 'emi 42 Seniors l thank you forjust being there And all the things you had to bear And though there are times we don't agree A friend to me you'll always be. l thank you for the gift of love A gift that's sent from I-leaven above A love that is of purity A friend to me you'll always be. I thank you for the things l see 1-""7' rable 1984. ,um . 1.2113 , " - W A W 'll 'ifffffifzfil 51" 2 " if ' Wlflis XSL ,,,,, . at , 1, we , ' if 3' . akes pe t 'f QIJIY- Mlm! J., d .WM . Y VO ' .v . . 1. H l'S 1 ,,,, --,: 2 , ers here 'EI ' " sketball 2:11 ' FV: -.-, i., .v , f, i ni Pangm V- 1, Y' the gang? 9 I I ieekencl' " very active H '1 Lsketball 1-4, and volley during my lrooumll , t four yea? m h: A W I thank you for the times you cared And all the moments that we shared l thank you for the memories A friend to me you'll always be. l thank you for your tenderness That fills each day with happiness A joy that lasts eternally A friend to me you'll always be. fr, I irf!bn re ry, V,r nd pa fe islike quit- , .1 . . 4 l q d boriin 4'-J' 44 Seniors Time Life's most precious gift. Love Life's best feeling. Friendship Life's most valuable possession. Without time All is lost. Rene Farris "Mike" I I g y 'lYou have got to bejokingu I like unicorns, Pegasus and I love the Monkees. My most memorable dates are Dec. 16, 1984, and Aug. 25,1986 My mother was my favorite teacher. I hope to go to col- lege and become a vet. hris Fisher 'Fish" . "Hey Dude" oing to college and mak- ng lots of money are my fu- ure goals after graduation. hile I dislike the Raiders nd the Cowboys, I like hooting, football and bet- 'ng. June 18, 1987 will al- ays be memorable to me. arbara Alicia Fox t , 'Angel" . . W 'l'll love you til the end- of ime for time has no end." like cars, dancing, skiing, nd being with Mike and my riends. 'ln the futureyl would ike to be either a Surgical .N., or Doctor. Junei27, 987 will be my most emorable date. Meri Frontz "Bert" "Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it." Spending time with V-Ernie, surfing and nostalgic rock are among my likes but I dis- like fake people smiles, be- ing broke, and fat people who complain about being fat while they eat candy. May 15, 1985 lingers in my mem- ory. Shawn Feete l Michelle Laurie Fisher Thanx to, l all rnyj V,y, . ,Fepper Drive pals. Thaniigltglliij Kim, handy, Joanie, l'leatH'er, Kel- ly, Tracy, Samantha. and Carol for all the fun inhigh school. I like shopplng,,nice restaurants, Lancotftltiz t'.r and, my VWifMy favoriteteachers were Mr. Baker and Mr. Mar- tin. I love you Mom, Steve, Dad, and -Joannelllg M . Cathy Francis . "Sure enough" I like red roses, sunsets, and old movies. In the future, I plan on graduating, going to college, having a family, and becoming well off. My-most memorable date. isfilfeb. 2, 1985. I Kellyq. Feldner-4 y I likegqQonald,glPebbles, cool timesfffiin the S-Mobiie with Heather, Clarise, KB , J.O., W.W., Bulletland, Gee, and my Zuki. I dislike traffic, try- ing of more dislikes, 3I1dif55fii5'U00DS- My most memorable date is October 24, 1985. ln the future I want to-,lbefwith y Donald., y Richard Fisher Jr. . "RiCkyfj'.. ' I ' not know that thoseligtwho run in arace all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may attain it." I1 Corinthians 9:26 -INIKJVJ I like real people, life, and VW's. My future goals are to attend SDSU, make Pepsi commercials, anclto enjoy life! "" il, ' Joseph. F. Frederick, Jr. i'Any time is the right time." I enjoy sunny days, going to the beach, and parties, but I dislike rainy, cloudy days and boring weekends. Mr. Martineg, was myfavorite teacherfat ECVHS,,aridfSepyt. 27, 1985, is my most memo- I rable date. My goal is to suc- I ceed, inillfe, . y . 7, y I Without love Who cares. Without friendship Nothing matters. Time, love, friendship- The elements of life. Elizabeth Fields "Liz" "Don't judge people by their appearance." My favorite things are pepsi, pizza, and the Monkees, but I dislike prejudiced people, and homework. I will always remember June 18, 1987. My favorite teach- ers were Mr. Rogers and Mr. Denny. In the future I would like to be success- ful in whatever I do. Eric Flippo 'tFIip" "That's cool" My favorite things are girls and sports, but I dislike air heads and El Cap. Mr. Schwartwald was my favor- ite teacher and Jan. 24, 1986 is my most memorable date. While at ECVHS. I par- ticipated in Varsity Football 1, 2, 5, and Wrestling 1, 2, 5. Jason Fritz , "Jaw I 1 "Are'you pushin' my leg?" I like most girls at ECVHS and the senior class. Miss Dukas is the best teacher in the whole school. I plan on going to college and getting a doctorate in Social Sci- ence. Michael Fujita "Fuji" "lNlissIam" I like low trucks, Taco Bell. Plissans, and Run D.M.C. I dislike lifted trucks, and Jack-in-the-Box. Seniors 45 46 Seniors 3, i Don't waste precious time worrying about what you should have done , , 4 But rather, focus your attention on what you are doing now, and what you want to do in the future Don't concentrate on any mistakes that might have been made, but learn from them. U? Patrick Galloway Stacey Gibson Scott Michael Goodnight "Scottie Michael" "Don't go away mad,just go away" Among my favorite likes are friends, weekends, Reagan, and first places. My most memorable date is Jan. 21, 1980. ln the future l plan on winning the lottery from ev- ery state and retiring as a multi-zillionaire. William Richard Grissom 'iBill" l enjoy fishing, racquetball, and heavy-metal but dislike whiners, mods, and zonies. CSF: and Legend 5, head photo 4: were all activities l participated in. Mr. Hayes and Mrs. Bamberg will al- ways be remembered as my favorite teachers. In the fu-. ture ll plan tqf become an- ocea nograph v T , Ana Rosa, Hrhemost is to let a person talklon, and be a listener." ,,," , F n I like dancing, sisters, week- ends, and being with S.H. but dislike how fast time goes and people .who are not on time., lffly, mostimemo- ,,rab12.-fdafshlthe Of 86- ' plan,w?,Qf?,91,miSUfCCeSS- ful in anefnusengsfsyneia. i Jessica Gimpl t'ii I ,V "Tresa, are youin1ad?" l like Ken, being' with'Tresa and Reeney, M St, M's, and being called a blonde but dislike shopping with Tresa and Reeney's sense of hu- mor. Sept. 5, 1986 is my most memorableydate. I par- ticipated in Tennis 1-2: Track 2: House of Reps. 2: and Key Club 4. Christopher A. Grant lt's really scary to find my- self at the end of high school. I realize now just how far l have to go in life and, to tell you the,truth, l've never,beeri'4so scared in my entire life. But-5-It take comfort in the .knowledge that l have control over my own mind, body, and, most of all, destination. -The con- fusion comes when l see many different destinations. T.tW?5f..l Malin Ca'l53l!s2:f,5?9UfQUf Kimberly :Kay Gargano, "KimBQBf' Having .fun with P.E.l?.,",and,A.G. are :aiming my likes but l dislike snob- bish people and peoplewho think they are rad. lpaitici- patecl in Volleyball 1-5: Bas- ketballfi 1-2: Danceil5poQi Z5-4: and G.A.A. 1-I5., .Myiftmost memorable date is Oct. 15, 1986. Ronald- Glick ' r "Ron" . I cannot say that l will be something or someone that anyone will look up to in the future. No one can tell what the future will bring before it becomes the past. l will be what the fates wish me to become. Best wishes to the future. Carol Elaine Grinnell "Trip out!" ' l wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for Mom and Dad: thank you, l.i"l0VC.ly0U. Denene, thank you for the friendship and wild times, love ya. Tracy, Samantha, and Michelle, we've had good times: let's keep them up. Joanie, don't forget the moon over Mt. Helix. V ' Although our lives may not always be calm and contented, remember to feel secure with what you are . . . feel stable with what you can be. Remain satisfied that you are capable of changing your life if i iessa ry, satisfied that you can try and that you will succeed. Jeffrey Paul Gay "Long hair" "What are you trying to say?" l like rock music, concerts and going out with my friends! Mr. Watkins and Mr. Mitrovich were my favorite teachers. Lissa Patricia Glondeniz "Mikee's airhead" l enjoy being with my friends, the desert, bunnies, and pink carnations but dis- like freshmen who sit in the senior section. I participated in J.V.' Cheer 2. My most memorable date is the Me- morial Weekend of '85, ln the future I plan on becom- ing a cosmetologist. Angel Grissom "The love in your heart wasnft put there to stay: love isn't love. 'til you give it away." , i Gin 'n Bert best friends for- ever. Thanks youth buds, it's been fun. I thank you Je- sus for the love and peace you've given me. Mom and Dad thank you for every- thing: l love you. ' Erika Grunstad , , Quiet .nights with Raleigh. horseback riding, and swim- ming were among my favor- ite likes. l participated in S.A.D.D. Vice Pres. 5-4: Safe- Ride Pres. 5-4: V. Swim: and Prom Committee Chairper- SOI1. Seniors 47 J '7' w 1, nw-5 ., 3" X 48 Seniors N Af Mondays. teach Larry DOI' un and X221 f ,V r Q a 'rg 'qifw Zach , AA ll r'W?j Duck ' , I like d all the wlgnder- ful thi pogfi r me but It 1 -llf nt being able to go 'o of work. My fav tegggher was Mr. Duff an most memora- ble date? Augg 24 with Jan. When ' 1 t lghteen I wouldxlike to rent ,my own apartment. k lx A! xx J x :rv 50 Seniors 'if 1 '- " 'rw"f'Y Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry l could not travel both And be one traveler, long l stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowthp Mary Hindorf Hingameh Jullienna Horne "Shorty" "Forget the past mistakes, learn from them, and live the future." I like dancing, the beach, ka- rate, going out with friends, dates, and swimming. Some of my dislikes are conceited and unkind people. Mr. Mi- nor and Mrs. Fountain were my favorite teachers and, in the future, I plan on becom- ing a karate instructor and going into public relations. Antoinette Ferreira lsodoro "For reals" "Don't ask God for an easy life: pray to be a strong per- son" I enjoy being with C.G., J.I., T.B., and D.W. but dislike lit- ter bugs and diet soda. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Bamberg and Mr. Stanner. I participated in Swim: Water- polo: Key Club: Smoke Sig- nal: Academic Decathalon: and the Aquatics Club. I want to make my parents proud of me. Erin Marie Joslyn "Ernie" "Oh Well" I love Mike, teddy bears, and Nov. 9 but dislike steak and green things. I was involved in Legend 5, Ed.-in-Chief 4: Volleyball 2-4: Cheer 4: Key Club 2-4: V.P. 4: G.A.A. 2-4: and Homecoming Court. Thanks Mom and Dad for ev- erything and Sharon for the fun times. In the future I will look forward to teaching. Dai Ba Hoang Nancy Tereas Hourmezian "Animal" "I don't know" I like dancing, parties, and going to parties with Norma. While at E.C,V. I participated in Drama 1-2: and Dance 1- 2. June 6, 1987 is my most memorable date. In the fu- ture I plan to finish college and get married. Jennifer Jaeger "Jenn" "What?" I like heavy-metal concerts, money, and school. I will al- ways remember June 10, 1986. Becoming a success- ful bodybuilder and pursu- ing a career I will enjoy are among my future goals. My favorite teacher was Mr. Wat- kins. Karin Anne Hoffman 'Ernie" "You know like Kar-in the garage!" I like being with H.L.B., hanging out with "Bert", T.C., L.H., and don't forget little Crista, dancing, party- ing, and the beach. My favor- ite teacher was Mrs. Dukas and my most memorable date is July 2, 1986 with H.L.B. My future goal is to graduate from college. Tracy Howlett l'Sam, you're definitely blonde!" While attending E.C.V. I par- ticipated in Dance 1-5. My fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Hayes and experience. I like Porsches, the beach. and good times with S.S., J.O., ICB., M.F., and C.G. I will al- ways remember the Snow- ball of '86. In the future I plan to dance in the Khirov in Russia and to become an accountant. Beverly Sue Jarrell "Hey babelfl love you!" Spending time with my best friend Cindy and with my boy friend are my favorite pastimes. My most memora- ble date will be June 17 at graduation. While at E.C.V. I participated in Softball and Dance. Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear: Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, David M. Holder "Dave" "Winning is not everything but making the effort to win is." -Vince Lombardi I like playing football on Sat., being with friends, and fishing with S.Ci. but dislike Leasa's sneezes, waking up early, and Mondays. Nov. 4, 1983 is my most memorable date. I played Football 1-4. Being a seatbelt tester is one of my future goals. Toni Renee Hudspeth "Hit man" "Sure God made man be- fore woman but He had to make a rough draft before the final copy." I like to spend time with Conrad and my best friend Laura. Mr. Rogers was my fa- vorite teacher and my most memorable date is Dec. 25, 1986. In the future I would like to be on the television show called "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." Donavan Jones "Donzo" I like spending time with M.W., T.B., R.R., T.R., and a fat wallet but I dislike having no money and stuck up chicks. My favorite teachers were both my parents and Coach Watkins. Helen Jewel Kaat "L.D. Bones" Spending time with Dave, A.F., A.K., J.H., J.H., and easy-going people are among my favorite likes. My dislikes include stuck-up, nosey, and phony people. I will always remember Mr. Robinson and Mr. Wilkerson as my favorite teachers. July 11 and July 25, 1986 are my favorite dates. Seniors 51 Q. And both that morning equally lay ln leaves no ste had trodden black D Oh, l kept the first for another day! Yet knomng how way leads on to way l doubted if l should ever come back 'Ffwr date rr.f' 5 my owner. l shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged on a wood, and l l took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. ? I Q A -w,-fr ,J 54 Seniors Leng Nong Lak "Mark Lak" I came from Cambodia. I like this country because I have free choices, freedom, and peace. My likes include playing volleyball, baseball, and soccer. My senior year was a fun one and I enjoyed Ms. Chaimson and Mr. Val- dez as my favorite teachers. In the future I plan to be- come a scientist. David Larson "Alex" "As fate will have it." My likes include spending time with AJ, EM, BP, SH, and MA but I dislike forgetful people. I enjoyed Mr. Roselli as my favorite teacher and 6128186 is my most memo- rable date. In the future I want to tour with Van Halen. Betty Loudermilk William Lyons Khanh Lam "Pat" "Our futures depend mainly on how we interpret our lives now." My likes include spending time with friends but I dis- like immature people. Mrs. Bamberg was my favorite teacher and 6125180 is my most memorable date. I hope to become a business manager. Joseph LeBlanc "Let's go surfing." Always remember DC-SPI- RB-JG-JB-WP. "86" Thanks for being there Mom, Jason, Deirdre. My favorite place is Mexico and l'Il always re- member Mexico gang. "X" I'm the King! Cirossmont College here I come! Marc Lucas "Trigger" "That's neat-o" Mr. Robinson was my fa- vorite teacher while I attend- ed ECV. I like oldergirls, gui- tars, and Miami Vice but dis- like stuckup girls and bad grades. In the future I plan to go into a musical career. Gary Mac Donald "Karate Kid" I'm a black belt in Aamka- jutsu karate. I started karate when I was twelve years old and I achieved my black belt at the age offifteen. I like red heads, blondes, and bru- nettes. ' Samantha Marie Landers Finally out!! Shawnie, I Love You!! Mom, you're the best! Keep in touch Lissa, LeeAnn tnomecomingl, An- gel, Kami, Diane, Kim, Snowman, Michele, Jeanie, Lori, Christine, and Skippy! Aug. 29, 1988! Major-Busi- ness and Education! Go EC! ASB! Cheer '84-'85! Head! See ya in 1O! Braves Fl! Wendy Levine 1'Windals" I like girls' night out danc- ing and being with my boy- friend but I dislike phony people and homework. Mr. Baker was my favorite teach- er and 12128185 is my most memorable date. I plan to become a fashion designer. Jeanie Marie Luizzi Thanks Dad, Mom, Mag- gie, and Grandma, I couldn't have done it with out you. I love you Danny, thanks for everything. DP tFish Stickl, summer "85" tsmoothi Thanks "true" friends, cheer buddies. "Hi Bri!" My most memorable dates were Oct. 4, 1985, and Homecom- ing '86. Activities V.P. 2, Mat Maid 2, Sec 5, ASB 5, Jr. Prom Queen, V. Cheer 5, 4: Prom Co-Chair 4, Co-Com- munications 4. Theresa Macrina 1'Tresa" "I'm not mad, see I'm smil- ing." I like H.R. and ragging with my friends but dislike the thought of losing someone I care for. My favorite teacher was Mr. Feil and my most memorable date is Nov. 6, 1986. My goal is to find the cure for the common cold. Ilcather Lee Larson My most memorable date is July 5, 1986. I like being with Bobby, times in the "S" mobile with KF, KB2, ct, WW, KS, and river trips, but dislike mooches, fighting with Bobby, making my bed, and not having any money. My activities included Dance Co 5 and Pres 4. I plan to become a wonderful moth- er. Monica Lopez "Mony" "The best way to know God is to love many things." My favorite teacher was Ms. Chaimson and 8118185 is my most memorable date. I like partying at Tecate but dislike prejudiced people. While at ECV I was involved in the Multi-Cultural Club. Jose Luna "Joe Moon" Mr. Colia was my favorite teacher and Oct. 20, 1986 is my most memorable date. In my free time I like to ride my 5-wheeler. My future goal is to become a general contractor. Seniors 55 if v ,Q '- r 56 Seniors Miracles can happen Dreams can come true lf you have faith in All that you do. Believe in yourself And you will see That with faith You will be all you Can be ra Sean I W3S in V. cars and mY IT1 , and SS, left ififxurns. l Nh Ri .lf ,533 if but wz Derrick I like and date is ian. ln successful played V. Footballr: alon nal, Key Club, being ' edicine. Q with but and and tploglst School is where we go to learn- An education you have to earn. Grades are what we make them be, Studying is the secret key. .. Bye Seniors 57 rw Qs 1? fl' 58 Seniors There IS only one success- to be able to spend your hfe in your own way. Gregory Meyers Janette Miller I was involved in many ac- tivities, but would like to be remembered as an active 8r friendly person who achieved my goals. In the near future l'll be an accoun- tant or President. My most memorable date was 'The day the baby fell' May God bless your life. Keep Smil- ing!! Marisol Mosquera "Mari" "Obbie lllin" I like the beach, bowling, and spending time with my friends and boyfriend. I don't like people who think they are better than every- one else. Mr. Hartung and Mr. Peace were my favorite teachers. June 18, 1986 and Jan. 10, 1984 were my most memorable dates. My career goal is to become a medical secretary. Son Nguyen "ls a dream a lie if it doesn't come true or is it something worse?" I like to be with friends, but I dislike party poopers. My fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Peace and Mr. Fulcher. My future goal is to get a col- lege degree. I played tennis since my junior year. Sharon Kay Meza "Go Home" I enjoy sunny days. good times with Erin and friends, but I dislike snobs and im- mature people. While at E.C.V., I was involved in Vol- leyball 1-47 Soccer 1-2, Key Club 2-4: Ci.A.A. 1-ll, Trea- surer 4g Leo's Club 5-4, and Varsity Basketball Manager. My favorite teachers were Coach Watkins and Mr. Hayes I hope to be success- ful and achieve my goals. L. Porang Montaser "Man should know his own limitations." Even though I am a foreign- er, I have enjoyed two years of my education at E.C.V.H.S., and I thank all the American students and teachers for helping me learn the English language. I can say I have never met any nation friendlier than the Americans! Derek Mrazek Leasa Rae Michalec "I Love you Dan forever . Promise!" I thank Julia for being my best friend and for all of our great times, and also to the Kelso family for all the sup- port I Love Ya! T0 all my buds, thanx for making El Cajon the greatest! I plan to go to college and to become an accountant. lsam Morad "Sam" If life gives me a lemon, l'll make lemonade. I like the assemblies and Mr. Roselli, but I don't like school. My most memorable date is on the Magic Mtn. trip. Dan Nagle "Slam it" I like custom cars, chicks, and the beach, but I dislike radar guns, rainy nights, and the C.rl.P. Mr. Robinson was my favorite teacher. Building a show car is my future plan. Whatever the struggle continue the climb it may be only one step to the summit. Deborah Lynn Miller "Debbers" "Once trust has been violat- ed, a vicious circle ensues and trust becomes doubly difficult to estabIish." I like Mike and my best friend is Tracy. October 10, 1986 is my most memorable date. In the future, I would like to be a model for a fash- ion designer. Kevin Morris "Brillo" I like money, sports, the beach and friends. My most memorable date was yester- day. I participated in Base- ball 2-4. Cuc Kim Nguyen "Linda" "A friend is someone who knows you are not perfect, but treats you as ifyou are." My most memorable date was Dec. 7, 1987 and my fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Stan- ner. I enjoyed participating in Multicultural Club, dances and school activi- ties. I like to go to parties and the movies, but I dislike dancing. In future I would like to be a nurse. Mathew G. Nicolaysen "Matt" 'ilt's all right to build your castle in the sky,just as long as your foundations are on the ground." I like sports, theatre, good friends, and compassionate people, I dislike poor odds, whiners, and posers. My fa- vorite teachers are my fam- ily and Dec. 6, 1986 was my most memorable date. I would like to study in politi- cal science and become a corporate lawyer. My activi- ties included Drama 1-4: Mu- sic Prod. 5: Football 4. Seniors 59 wsiiwil V p QA Q T 4 :KL If kwa 60 Seniors There are periods of time when things aren't going right- times when all the plans you've made: might appear to be out of reach . . . But as l have come to know, the darkest and most difficult moments actually signal the end of troubles and forecast better days ahead. Tamara Plollett John Osterloh - ' "Marlo" V . i'To err is human, toreally foul things up requires a computer." I I like computers and Ca- maros, but I dislike Apple computers and 4-cylinder engines. Mr. Duff and Mr. Winn were my favorite teach- ers. Towards the future, I would like to study science. , Kimberly Sue Patten "Kimbo" "Roses are red, violets, are blue, I am schizophrenic and so am l." V I like being happy, 5 Sea- World, dancing, and going to the beach, but I dislike fighting with friends. Mr. Ba- ker and Mr. Martinez were my favorite teachers. Nov. 2, 1986 was my mostmemora- ble date. I was involved in Frosh. Treas. 1, Pep Clubil- 2, J.A. 1-2, Key Club 91. House of Reps. 1-4, Senate 5-4, A.S.B. 1-4, and V.P. of Asa. 4. y George Pennison g "Jorge" ' , "Que Pasa" I like Christianity, but dislike people who criticize others. My favorite teacher was Mr. Feil and July 10, 1986 is my most memorable date. I par- ticipated in Football I5-4, In the future I would like to be- come a Marine. Teresa Jo Ochinang "Terri Jo" I y "How cute." ' g V I like pink camationsiiteddy bears, country, andispencl- ing time with Sam. 'ljHdislil5e rainy ,days and snottyfipeo- ple. My favorite my Mom and Dad. '." 1986 is my most memorable date and my goal inthe fu- ture is to go to college and enter the business field. Carol Lynn Parkhurst.. sneer' , I ttt "I made itl Good ii' Iuckwto all my friends. Keep in touch. I love you mom and Simon." I like dancing, pizza, and be- ing with S.D., but do not like being cold, liver, and pushy people. My mom is my 'favor- ite teacher. I participated in Dance Co. 2-4, Legend 5, Photo Editor 4. H ,.VV, Q Denise Marie Paul "Neese" I "PIeeease get in line." "S, 6, 7, 8, Dance!" I love dancing., cheering, friends and M.G. "'Jeanie, you're very smooth!'Z 'My best friend: someday, I would like to be l,ike,-my, mother , Q . I was inyolyedggin Dance'Co. .2-4, I-lead Cheerleader-4Zi?lA.'S.B. 5-4, Homecoming Princess. My most memorable date: Aug. 26 by far. Joan Christine Omahen "Joani O" I like good times with Wendy and other special friends. I enjoy going to the beach, clowns, and guys. My favor- ite teacher was -Mr. Minor and September 10, 1986 is a very special memoryfor me. In the future I plan to have my own talk show. Anouk Patel ' I like real friends and all kinds of music. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Bamberg. Feb. 17, 1986 is my most memorable date and my fu- ture goal is to be rich. My hobbies include swimming, playing tennis, and dancing. Victor Payan , "Don't bury yourself before you die." ' I like true life, true friends, literature, the Twilight Zone, and meaningful conversa- tions on Mt. Helix. I dislike shallow people and false se- curity. Basically, life is my fa- voritegteacher and my future goal is to be agood man. My activities include C.S.F. 1-4, Math Team 1-4, Key Club 5- 4, I.eo's Club, S.A.D.D. 2-4, and Tennis 1. From our saddest moments we are able to gain strength, confidence and courage and the knowledge that a brighter day is just over the horizon. Angeles Ortega "Beba" "Our greatest glory consists not on never falling, but on rising every time we falI." I like trusty friends and cats. but I dislike people who are prejudiced. Mr. Valdez was my favorite teacher and Dec. 2, 1969 was my most memo- rable date. I participated in Multicultural Club. l plan to be a psychologist in the fu- ture. Peter Joseph Panebianco "P.J," UA true athlete is the one ev- eryone is compared to." I like basketball, volleyball, and reading, but I hate run- ning, running, and running. My favorite teachers were Coach Robinson, Mr. Ad- gms, and Mr. Peace. My BC' tivities include Basketball 1- 4, Volleyball I5-4, and Foot- ball. Going to college is my future goal. Melissa Payne I like movies, books, and school, but I dislike boring classes, stupid people, and dumb books. Mr. Adams and Mr. Eslinger were my fa- vorite teachers. My most memorable date will prob- ably be when I graduate. My future goal is to work in the big bad world. Rusty Pennock "Russ" "lf it's to be, it's up to me." I like sports, music, the beach, and going out with friends, but I dislike losing, striking out, and homework. Mr. Minor was my favorite teacher and Aug. 8, 1984 is my most memorable date. In the future, I would like to play professional baseball. My activities included Base- ball 1-4, S.A.D.D., Campus Life, Basketball, and Foot- ball Seniors 61 5 4' 54-,H--+ h S "T ,f 62 Seniors .J '1-'I' Ks.,- ig N-4, N-.,, Q K f 5 is ,W 5 f f Q f f 9 . LA 3 ff G ki Q ff' F Ewa ,z WH IS Maria Del Carmen Perez "Follow your dreams no matter where they lead you." I enjoy softball, weight-Iift- ing, concerts, jigsaw puz- zles, and just bummin' around with my friends, but I hate procrastinating, deci- sions, tongue-twisters, and terrorism! My future goals are to make it through coi- lege and be successful in the business field. Dec. 24, 1984 was a date I most re- member. Dieu Phan "dong" "To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody will." I like the Redskins and to have money to spend. I hate rainy days, cats, and the Dallas Cowboys. My favorite teacher is Mr. Feil. My most memorable plan is to be- come a Civil Engineer. Andrea Ruth Pinell "Miss Fish" "Cnet outta here!" I hate colds, but I like Kenny Rogers and being with fam- ily and friends. My favorite teacher was Mr. Moreau and my most memorable date was May 15, 1986. I enjoy art and sewing and I plan on be- coming a commercial artist. Ghedeer Radda i'Rad" "That is so rad." I like dancing and off road- ing, but I dislike police be- havior. My favorite teachers were Mr. Martinez and Mrs. Ortiz. Jan. 12, 1987 was my most memorable date. In the future I would like to be- come a lawyer or psycholo- gist. Kimberly Peterson 'what?" I enjoy fun times with P.V. and A.l. I like spending mon- ey, but I dislike working. My most memorable date was Memorial Weekend 1986. My favorite teachers were my parents and my grandfa- ther. l plan to go to F.I.D.M., travel, become rich and be happy. Loan Thi Phan I enjoy E.C.V.I-l.S. and I par- ticipated in the Multicultural Club, dances, and other school activities. I like to play tennis and the piano and to treat everyone as an equal and to respect them. Timothy Powell Denise Rainey "Mouth" "When purple donkeys fly!" While attending E.C.V.H.S.. my favorite teacher was Mr. Baker and I participated in Varsity Softball 2-4, Varsity Volleyball li. I like playing sports and being with friends, but I hate snobs. I plan on going to college and starting a career and I'lI al- ways remember June 17, 1987. . Lance Peterson Well Jason, Scott, and every- one else, we've finally made it. We have dennitely had our good times and we've had fair share of bad times too. I guess it's time to see what real life's about. ljust hope that we will still be friends during college and after that, Jason and Scott. For now I guess it's time to say C-yah. Daniel Edward Piceno "Danielson" IIBail Weasel" I like dancing and partying. but I dislike Heavy Metal. Mr. Wagner was my favorite teacher and July 4, 1986 was my most memorable date. My future goal is to be- come a wealthy business man. Cindy Lynn Proulx "Cindy-Poo" I enjoy being with Gregg and friends, the beach, and sun- sets. I've been in Soccer 2-4: Field Hockey 3-4: Track 5: A.S.B. assistant 4, Senior Class Committee. I plan on being happy, successful and wealthy. My most memora- ble date was Nov. 29, 1985. Jose L. Ramirez "I drank what?" I enjoy parties, concerts, cars, rock n' roll, football and outgoing people, but I hate homework, disco mu- sic, cigarettes and stuck up people. My most memora- ble date is Oct. 21, 1985. In the future, I want a college degree and to make lots of money. Anh-Dao Thi Pham My favorite teachers were Mr. Gus, Miss Chaimson, and Mrs. Higdon. I like swim- ming, but dislike reading. I plan on being successful in the future. My most memo- rable date was Aug. 15, 1986. Jeff Piceno Ueffy.. I like being with Heather, sports, and partying, but I hate stuck-up people. Dur- ing my time at E.C.V.l'l.S. my favorite teacher was Mr. Rogers and I participated in Varsity Football 4 and Base- ball 2. In the future I plan on being successful in what I do ' Mazin Putrus "Raisin" I enjoyed E.C.V.H.S. and my favorite teacher was Mr. Mi- nor. I like taking a lot oftrips and I plan on being a busi- nessman. Simon L. Ramirez "One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing." I like football, girls, wild par- ties, and interesting people, but I hate boredom, igno- rant people, and hypocrites. Oct. 21, 1985 was the most memorable date to me. My future goal is to receive a college degree, play foot- ball, and be successful in life. Seniors 625 -9 'welll' Vglgf f , iw 64 Seniors fxggf' Juan Ramos "Jonnhye Walker" "When somebody wants something they have to do is never surrender, because then you could obtain what- ever you want, remember, Never Surrender." My most memorable date is 101l6185. I enjoy food and sports. ln the future I plan to be rich. John R. Roders lll "Lips" I enjoy fishing, hunting, and being with my girlfriend but dislike liars and red heads. My most memorable date is April 21, 1984. l believe you do unto other as you would have them do unto you. I plan to be a contractor and buy and sell real estate. My activities were V. Baseball, JV football and JV Basket- ball. . Ginger Lee Rose "You geek!" I enjoy singing and sign lan- guage. When I became a Christian was most memo- rable to me and I want to be an interpreter for the deaf. I hate onions and bell pep- pers-yuckll On my free time I go to church, choir, surfand get a tan. 1 il.-. 1 Rance Reid "Tygar" "Speak when being spoken to. My favorite teacher was Mr. Martinez and my most memorable date is July 24, 1986. I like Sally, basket- ball, laughing, and myself. I hope to be successful in whatever I attempt. My ac- tivities included Basketball 1, 2, 4: and Track 2-4. Irene Rodriquez "Reeney" "Hey have you seen Tara?" I enjoy causing trouble with Tara, beach at night, and having fun. I dislike getting caught! 10125186 is most memorable to me - "Tara how'll we ever forget S Sr J?" I plan to go to college and my favorite teacher was Coach Martinez. I was in- volved in Track 3. Brenda K. Roseberry "Cokey" "Live life to the fuIlest!" I enjoy being with my friends and my boyfriend Joe but dislike waking up at 5:50 AM. My favorite teachers were Mr. rlalte and Mr. Feil. My most memorable date is January 9, 1986 and I plan to become a psychologist. I participated in the Drill Team 1. Todd Lee Russell l'Guido" I enjoy camping, fishing and traveling but I can't stand conceited girls. My favorite teacher was Mr. Hartung. In the future I plan to go to Humbolt College and major in Forestry. lwas involved in Track for 1 year. Amber Moya Reed "Abner Moya" I enjoy special times, good friends, music, humor. 501's, weekends, and real men: but I hate headgames, ignorance, fashion, phonies and lies. 11117169 and the summer of '86 is most memorable to me. I plan to become a cosmetologist and I was involved in Field Hockey 1, Campus Life 1-4, Peer Tutor 4. Sean Roper "Vivian Campbell" "I am Vivian Campbell" I enjoy women and playing the guitar but dislike people who criticize the things I like. My most memorable date is Dec. 6, 1985 and my favorite teacher was Mrs. Bamberg. I plan to become a good musician and enjoy life. Harold Runge 'iI1owie" "It's like that and that's the way it is!" I enjoy dancing, pretty girls with personalities to match and I look up to my big brother Derrick. I dislike people trying to be someone other than themselves. Plo- vember 4, 1986 is most memorable to me and I played Football 2 and 4. Homayun Saiti 'lOmar" My most memorable date is the month of December '84, I believe "Time is money and Money is time!" I enjoy talking to my friends to prac- tice my English but I don't like dumb people in the school. My favorite teachers were Miss Dukas and Mr. Weightman. While at ECVHS I participated in Boys' Vol- leyball. Dawn Richardson Corey Roscoe Kenny Ruprich "Rupe" "Happy Trails!" I like weekends, good friends S.B. and B.B.'s but I don't like Mondays, com- mercials or the Raiders. My most memorable date is Au- gust 1, 1986 and I plan to be rich and happy. I was in- volved in Football 2-4, Bas- ketball 1-4, and Baseball 2- 4. Doug Sailors "Dougie" "It is better to have wrestled and lost than to have played basketballl" My favorite teacher was Coach Minor. I like food but hate losing. My most memo- rable date is the day I hurt my elbow. My future goal is to be state champ in wres- tling. My activities included Wrestling 2-4. Seniors 65 ji: .al 'T' J' 4 V , ,W P? -'L+' 66 Seniors ' ,Qi There are times in every life when we feel hurt or alone . . . But I believe that these times when we feel lost and all around us seems to be falling apart are really bridges of growth. We struggle and try to recapture the security of what was, but almost in spite of ourselves, we emerge on the other side . . . 'xl ,gif ry. H ,fl 'gi ti if if Santa Christina Sanchez "Chris" "You can't help a person if they don't want to help themselves." I like '67 Mustangs and hav- ing fun with S.H. but I dislike quitters. My favorite teach- ers were Mr. Robinson and Mr. Feil. April 29, 1986 is most memorable to me and I was involved in Field Hock- ey 1 and Basketball 1, 2, 4. Melyssa Heather Schreck ..Dopey., l enjoy being with my friends from the "Original Gang" and the many rad memories of ECVHS but I dislike dead weekends. My most memo- rable dates are 5-5-84 and 9- 21-85. In the future I plan to have money and be suc- cessful. Dahlaine Danielle Seward "To the one who means more to me than words can say. I love ya Lancer" My favorite thing to do is be with Lance, J.D. and KJ. My favorite teachers were Mr. Hayes and Mrs. Bamberg, who helped me a lot. My most memorable date is Au- gust 2, 1985. My future goal is to go to college and make lots of money. My activities were Soccer 1-5 and Soft- ball. Rhonda Louise Silva Hi! My name is Rhonda but some people call me "Cook- ie" I love to dance and spend special moments with Freddy. But my most special moment is on March 22, 1986 tF.S.I. My future goals are to be seen on "Broad- way" tlights and famel and to live a happy and healthy life with Freddy. Thanks Mom, "I love you". Leticia Antoinette Santana Hey Guys we finally made it! To all my friends "Good Luck, Love ya all" Angie, "you've been the greatest friend anyone could ever have been, thanks". To the Gang in English, Danny "Oobie lllin' Hey guys wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese?" Rick Schweitzer "The Ricker" 'iYou don't always have to have the lead ifyou have the heart to come from be- hind." l enjoy food and football but I can't stand the Dallas Cow- boys and vegetables. Mrs, Barton and Mr. Minor were my favorite teachers and my most memorable date is Plo- vember 19, 1986. I was in- volved in Football 1-4 and Fishing Club 5. Mike Shaw I enjoy playing the guitar, welding and fast cars but I dislike not being able to do what I want. My favorite teacher was Mr. Marlay and my most memorable date will be graduation. I plan to go to a trade school and be- come a Welder. Sabah Sawaya I enjoy fishing, hunting, dancing and bike riding but I can't stand slow drivers in the fast lane. My most memorable date is January 25, 1977 and in the future I plan to become an electron- ics engineer. I was involved in Swim 1 and Water Polo 1. Michael L. Searl "Life is one big learning ex- perience" When I think back I have learned to appreciate the friendships and experience through school. After gradu- ation I would like to attend college and receive my de- gree in business administra- tion. May the class of '87 re- main in my memories for- ever. My most memorable date is August 8, 1986. Michele L. Sherwood "Mitchell" My favorite word is "cen- sored" and I like guys, mon- ey, good friends and the class of '87, but I don't like liver, work or mopeds. Janu- ary 20, 1987 is most memo- rable to me and I plan to be a millionaire by 50. I was in- volved in Swim 1-5, Mat- maids 5, and Ski Club 4. , . . with a new understanding, a new awareness, a new strength. It is almost as though we must go through the pain and the struggle in order to grow and reach new heights. Samantha Christine Scheurn "Short Stuff" "No really l'm serious!" I enjoy the beach, long vaca- tions, girls night out and fun times with Tracy but I dislike fighting with her and fake people. The summer of '86 in the Caribbean is most memorable to me. My par- ents were my favorite teach- ers and in the future I plan to own my own major corpora- tion. Javier Serrano "Javi" "To forget the mistakes in the past and press on to greater achievements of the future." I enjoy soccer and trustwor- thy people. I want to contin- ue my education and suc- ceed in what ever career I choose. I was involved in Soccer 1-4 and Multicultural Club. Rick Siegfried "what up?" I enjoy ladies, fast cars, and Fords but I can't stand fat chicks and slow people in the fast lane. Tony Colia and Mr. Feil were my favorite teachers and November 5, 1986 is most memorable to me. I plan to have every- thing l've ever dreamed of having in the future. Lisa Annette Siqueiros "MUa"-EE "You never know how much you love someone., until they're gone!" I love my family, the gang, B.D., E.E., R.S., T.C., and S.T. My most memorable date is July 5, 1985 and my Mom was my favorite teach- er. I was involved in Mat- maids 2-4, Ski Club 4, House of Reps 2-4, and Dance 1-5. Seniors 67 ,J wi'-:gf wg- 68 Seniors lx :QQ "'7 , ,W , 2 'C-,U J c,- . V . Y? .h 2.3. 1,f j ' f.g3f'Qf . -',' 1.20--. '22 ' Yagi . , 5 Diana.Lynn Sisti "Diane" , I like Shamuj Garfield, the penguin encounter, tennis, 91X and going dancing with my friends but I dislike argu- ments in ASB. I'Il miss Mr. Walker and Mr. Baker. In the future I want to be a rich and successful fashion mer- chandiser. I was involved in many activities at ECVHS such as Frosh prez, ASB prez-4, V Tennis 1-4 Senate and many clubs. Gloria Soltero 1'Oh my hemmaI" I enjoy partying with my friends, going to the beach at night and sleeping but I hate being bored and peo- ple who only think of them- selves. Mr. Minor was my fa- vorite teacher and April 19, 1984 is most memorable to me. I plan to attend college and become a nurse. Rebecca Spradley "Becca" "If you see someone with out a smile give them one of yours!" I enjoy friendly people, laughing, and spending time with E.S.J. My most memo- rable date is October 51. 1986 and my favorite teach- er was my father. ln the fu- ture I plan to become a par- amedic. Julie Stead Sara L. Sizemore Ultlobody doesit like Sara Lee!" I y',, , I enjoy girls' night,-out, gos- sip sessions and "Vanities" but I dislike mama's boys! "Doc Roberts was my favor- ite teacher and opening night of "Our Tovm" '85 is most memorable to me. I plan not to become a bag lady and wear mens shoes. I was involved in Sr. Act. co- chair, Thought Magazine 5-4 and Adv Drama 2-4. Kimberly Dawn Spalsbury "Kimba" 'il love you Dean!" I enjoy being with Dean and my best buddies. My favorite teacher was Mr. Martinez and my most memorable date is July 15, 1984. I plan to be a pre-schoolteacher in the future. While at ECVHS I participated in Volleyball 1- 2. Segal Steve Spraggins III "SpiegIy" "You know what I wish? I wish all the scum of the earth had one throat and I had my hands about it" My activities included Concert Band 1-4,, Pep Band 2-4, Marching Band 2-5, Band Pres 5-4, Senate 5-4, SGT at Arms they Clubl 4, Co-Pres. Pep Club 4, School Mascot 4. I dislike figurehead drum majors and booster parents. John Sterns "It's only a joke!" I like the beach and staying up late watching David Let- termen but I dislike re- search papers and commer- cials. My favorite teachers were my parents and my most memorable date is 10- 27-69. In the future I plan to be successful in what ever I do. Lisa Lynn Sladkey "Punkin" My favorite teachers were my parents and 'Coach Hayes. I love Robert, my special friends, skiing and my best buddy Melody. My 16th birthday and home- coming are unforgettable! I was involved in V Cheer 5-4, V.Swim 1-4, Ski Club 1-4, Legend 5, Co-Sports Editor .4, ASB Commissioner 4, and homecoming court.. I love you guys and thanks for the best years of my life! Gina Marie Sparks "Blondie" I enjoy modeling, laughing and being with friends, bas- ketball but I dislike people with ego trips. My favorite teacher was Mr. Robinson and in the future I want to be a fashion model or college basketball player. While proudly attending ECVHS my activities were House of Reps, Pep Club, Basketball 1-4, Volleyball 1-4, Track 5, and Softball 1-2. Todd Stacy "ToddIes" "Ya buddy!" I enjoy music and fast cars but I can't stand girls who smoke and stuck up people. My most memorable date is the July 4th camping trip. Mr. Minor was my favorite teacher and In the future I plan to live happily ever after. Jeffrey D. Stein "Jeff" l I enjoy going fishing and ski- ing and but I dislike Demo- crats and Pintos. My favorite teacher was Mr. Hayes and 12-19-72 is most memora- ble to me. In the future I plan to become a pilot. While at ECVHS I participat- ed in Legend, Key Club, Campus Life and Fishing Club. c,f- Sean Smith ' "l'm,n0 fool, I'm out of school! No more being tar- dy, it's time to party! So long EI cajon nigh!" I like the beach, racquetball, the drive-in, money and Missy but I dislike Mondays, mornings and Monday mornings. In the future I plan to be rich and enjoy life. Joseph Spatafore Hope Stainbrook My favorite teacher was Mr. Feil and my favorite class was psychology. I enjoy football and partying with S.B. and R.R. but most Ofall spending time with Mike. My most memorable date is Au- gust 12, 1986. 69 5, 70 Seniors its X Though I speak with the tongues of men and an- gels and have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. Bryant Stewart I like sport cars and my most memorable date was September 15, 1986. Foot- ball is my favorite activity. In the future, I plan to go into entertainment. Theresa Suarez Donna Mae Tankersley "We Don't need no Parental Guidance here." I like coca-cola, going to the desert and love being with Jeff. I dislike waking up ear- ly, teasers and interrup- tions. My most memorable date is August 23, 1986. Tracey Thompson "Smiley" I enjoy dancing, skateboard- ing and being with friends. I don't like stuck-up people. My favorite teacher was my mom. My most memorable date is August 8, 1986. My future goal is to be a cosme- tologist. Scott Stewart ln my three years at El Cajon I've discovered many things good and bad. Thanks Jason, Lance, and Alex for making this place a little more bearable. See you in another time zone. Thanks Mom, Dad and family, but most of all thank you Jesus for caring. Good luck to all. fMark 13:1-151 Mary Sullivan Tiffany Taylor I like shopping for clothes and spending money. l'm very friendly and like to meet new and interesting people. l'll always remem- ber the special times with Bill. My most memorable date is July 4, 1985. Jason Strayer "Jams" l enjoy surfing, skiing, and scuba diving. I like Mus- tangs, traveling and parties: but dislike immature peo- ple, boring lectures and smog. My favorite teacher was Mr. Minor and my most memorable date was New Year's Eve 1985. I would like to be successful in whatever I do. Sean Sullivan I like good movies but dis- like bad movies. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Bamberg. My future goal is to bring cheer to the world. Jamey Thompson ..Jay,, "They say it'S holding on that makes you strong: sometimes it's letting go." I like the beach, warm nights, and music, but dislike stuck- up people. My favorite teacher was Mr. Wikerson and my most memorable date is May 9, 1985. I was in Varsity Football during my Senior year And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it profiteth me nothing. James Peter Stullich "JemCo." My likes are Women, wom- en, and more women while I don't like homework and not enough time to go out. My future goal is to be smart, successful and good looking. Ai Takada "A friend is someone who knows you are not perfect but treats you as if you were." I like snow-skiing, parties and Japanese food but dis- like butterflies and snobbish people. My favorite teacher was Ms. Chaimson and I will remember most June 25, 1987. I would like to be- come a translator in the fu- ture. Tamara Ann Thompson "Tammy" I enjoy playing sports, work- ing with less fortunate kinds, quiet times at home and loud wild times with my friends. In the future I hope to have a family, a goodjob, and travel to seek adven- tures in foreign countries. rluda Toma "Slim" Hump back" My favorite teacher was Mr. Hayes and my most memo- rable date is July 5, 1984. I want to become a lawyer. I like going to the beach, Chi- cago, all of my friends and the Chicago Bears. Seniors 71 -- ,' ' fish ,' , r 1 , f , , My A W, X , If f' ,K ,' 1 if . , , . , - . , . I l 1' " ' I 1 1 l , 1 -A ,V L ' I r 1 1 l , . f o Love suffereth long and is kind, love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not,-'easily provoked, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth: beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never failethg but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail, whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part. 72 Seniors xx Nam Cam Tran "Live each day to the ful- lest." I like dancing and basket- ball, but I don't like football. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Ploha and Mrs. Marline. My most memorable date is June 15 and in the future I hope to work in a restau- rant. I like the beach and lis- tening to music. Brad Vanderpool "Benno" "It's been Monday all week today." I really like holidays but I can't stand oral reportsl My favorite teacher was Mrs. lrligdon. The date I will re- member most is October 18, 1985. Thea A. Walker Brian, I love you, now and forever. Thanks for everything from November 2, 1985 and for eternity, Class of '87. Thanks mom and dad, Dave, Bill, and-Nicki, I love you too. Keep in touch ev- eryone. And now on with my future. Stacy Turner "Stacy Boa" - , "Who's doing that" I like the Bo , fr , Shannon Michelle Turvey 4'7U5h3nl'ly" soamrland IBS' di - I f like indayq e da I We ny gay, Tgursda a lirid, . Myffavorite h fr iX1a'sifMrol'F?Ii. PIU m st mem rable da eljs tomor- row , or maybe y erda . My tivitiesf' cl eirglegs P s. 2, ouse of Rep. , o ht 5-4, S DD 2-4, Wa and Means hairman 4. Gregg R. Velasco "Lasco" I'l am capable" I like spending time with C.P., playing sports, and be- ing with friends but I don't like people who do drugs, slow drivers, and having no money. I will always remem- ber 11129185 and my favor- ite teacher was Mrs. Bam- berg. I participated in JV Baseball 2, Var. Baseball .5- 4, JV Basketball 2-5, Var. Basketball 4. Caroline Marie Walls "Carrie" Goshl lcan't believe I finally made it through these four unbelievable years of high school. It was great though. To all of the special friends I have made, and all of the good times l've had! ECVI-IS is the best! I love you mom and Rickl Thanks for always being there. Good luck fu- ture Legenders. Daniel Scott Verdugo NDUQO.. "lt doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as you win." I like sports, traveling, girls, and soul music, and I dislike long hair, heavy metal mu- sic, and the Albequerque Balloon Fiesta. My favorite teachers were Mr. Minor and Mrs. Bamberg. My most memorable date is 6f17f87. I played Baseball 2-4. I hope to become an accountant. Jerry Michael Walsingham "Sink the Pink" I enjoy partying with friends and cruising around. I don't like squids, seeds and hold- outs. My favorite teacher was Mr. Mitrovich and my most memorable date is July 21, 1984. Some things I like to do are lifting weights, partying, and working on my truck. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three: but the greatest of these is love I Corinthians 15 Prudence Valverde "Pru" "Hi Babel" I like good looking guys and fun parties but I can't stand nerds and bops. My favorite teacher was my mother. Mike Walker "Mickey" "Word-up" I like basketball and danc- ing but I don't like preju- diced people and English. My favorite teacher was Mr. Robinson and my most memorable date is De- cember l9, 1986. I partici- pated in Basketball 1, 2. Keith Walters "Bruce, Bubba" "Long live rock-n-roll" My likes are guitars, music, and Sue while my dislikes include stuckup musicians. My favorite teachers are Mick, Dave, and Sue. My most memorable date is March 17, 1985. Lisa Walters Seniors 75 if ,mf , g . 1-.f ,f I if 4 i, 3-rf 1, -. - n I WL '11,- PQ? it V, 74 Seniors Hey Seniors! We finally made it! lt was a long road we traveled, but it sure was an experience. We will always remember the happy and sad times we've had at E.C.V. Now it is time to say "good-bye" to the past and "hello" to the future. We are a new genera- tion facing many challenges in trying to meet our goals. The Class of '87 will strive towards these chal- lenges of tomorrow. Good luck and best wishes to the Class of 1987! Sally Meeter Sean Anderson Senior Editors if . I ft P ii. 5 Q, ' ,-'ii A M. .i Q 5 i W Jennifer Ward John West "Johnny Bo-Bo" "Why does everything have to happen to me?" I like sports, girls and motor cycles but dislike prejudiced and stuck-up people. My fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Martinez, Mr. Winn, and Mr. Mitrovich. My most memora- ble date is June 10. I partici- pated in Track and Football at E.C.V.H.S. Nancy Williams "Precious" . 'Do unto others as they do unto you." I like Fila, David Meyers, the Beaslie Boys and the Raid- ers. My most memorable date is August 20, 1986, and I hope to become a very suc- cessful woman. Mr. Mitro- vich was my favorite teachf er NJ Dee Watson 'iDeno" V "This pie is choice, Yogi" I like great memories and speeding but I dislike moody girls. narcs, radar guns and slowing down. My favorite teacher was Ms. Du- kas and my most memora- ble date is July, 50, 1969. I participated in Football 2. Barbara Wheeler "Anybody want to buy a can- dy bar?" My favorite teachers are Ms. Mrs. Mc Millian and Mrs. Taetie, I plan to go to col- lege and major in nursing. My most memorable date is April 1986 When I was se- lected to be an Arch Bearer. Suzette Williams '1Bubba" , "I love Keith" I love how Keith spoils me and hate when other chicks go after my guy, Here at E.C.V.l'l.S. my favorite teach- er was Bruce Leonard. My most memorable date is March 17, 1984 when Keith gave me a ring andre ked me to be his girl frien . I planron being the ff off, I Rebecca Anne Way 'iBeccy" - "You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough." I enjoy fun times with K.Y. and S.D. My most memora- ble date is April 6, 1986. I dislike loud fidgety people. My favorite teachergis Mr. Franklin and I plan to attend Cirossmont College. My ac- tivities were Mat Maid 2, Choir 4. Donavan Kane Wilcox "D.K." I "What you think won't hap- pen, what you know will." Donavan plans to major in music, and to pursue two things he loves, performing and sharing life with Terri. Donavan thanks God for all the memories, and ,gives special thanks to his Dad and new Mom for being there when he needed them most. , 'K Elizabeth Wood "Liz" I . 1 I enjoy being with my boy friend. My most memorable date is when I got together with my boy friend. My favor- ite teacher is Mr. Leonard and my future goal is to be happy and successful in whatever I do. . . 1 L Rock star Keith w I S ify , P1 the future. N Q51 Q, NX , 1 I - H NL 'XVXI fr WMD ' fl , UNYNX .UA V 31-I 5 , L Also Graduating I L 'L I . X Nik' X ' it IL. -X 'G' Q' ,f shanai Aiken r EJ M A M if Gt 'ij n X IX ,DL I '-J X X , Liogamgduzkbari 'L I ' , as I -fx 4 x'f 0 l Rglfgt aifnour u J X N 'I' MD A KU., KJ I! i 1. 7 Ferfklrtg Bassig 1 iw F if 1 -I It v 'VX X .I . y x f , i t tr yy I -LJ' , ' A V xi, L V' 'Mark Christensen NJ my KK fi L L 'N J Xl y'Sueann Daves 5 'jx Q -.ff Nwxff Xxx I Y, f ' F D ' ' Joseph Deuth A fi fl 'I f jj f I NL r- tr' ti' yt- E2QfQZpS'fL3fIl"' , xg' VL ll 1 X OX' xl ' . i N- . Fred Farris ' 'V - X f Y X 'I N ,h - 'tlohn Fitzgerald ' K tv ' 'K I X X DV rv if Lf ,tl kwarren Farzier 3 7 A Y XX, ' ,X V J ,X K, I 5-J Homa rlorne IX N ' XL 'Xu 5 'I , RM , U E N ft, N, John krad K F . , X' Q A x f V xi X3 , if V g X. H K1 Jeffery Lowrey . my f X f , -f M , K, 'R' . . - X kk. X x, K L r X A , , Jonathan Minler V f X! V ' 'V '. 'R "' LV Mohammed Moallim my Q I , N r .3 I X, M - M I tk , tv We me tt E I .?.'.az..if:.'si.. - rf- i gk, N X, L, L J . ., G. Valenzuela gk NN X- ,Y r L 0 I Edward williams x..1 x.,' Jeff West Denise Wilhoite "l'leicee" "ls today Friday?l" I like shopping, fun times friends, the beach and Fri- days, but getting up early and cold weather I don't like. My favorite teachers were Mom and Mr. Hayes. While at E.C.V. I participated in CSF, JV Cheer 84-85, Leg- end 5, Business Manager 4 and Co-Chairman of Cards and Announcements. Walley M. Yeakle "What's up stud?" My favorite teachers were my mom and Coach Robin- son. Thanks for all the help in everything. My favorite times were my three years on Varsity Basketball. I was involved in Basketball 1-4, Baseball 2, Volleyball 5-4, Campus Like and S.A.D.D. I want to go to college and be- come a coach. Kathleen Marie Yee i'Catcher" i "True friends stand by you, when no one else will." Here at E.C.V.H.S. my favor- ite teacher was Mr. Baker and I participated in A.5.B. 1, 5, Chorus 25, 4. I like being with B.W. and S.D. and l don't like being with phony people, rainy days, and be- ing cold. l plan to have it all in the future. The date I most remember is all the past and future September 5rds. K' V Seniors 75 t L V 'vw 'S Who's Who Among American High School Students: Son Nguyen, Dalia Ralabat, Carrie Walls, Sally Meeter, Lisa Sladkey, Shannon Berkshire, Victor Payam, Raleigh Evans, Erika Cirunstad, Jeanie Luizzi, Vinnie Casazza, Back Row: Phan Dieu, Pam McKay, Steve I Spraggins, Rick Fisher, John Osterloh, Erin Joslyn, Sharon Meza, Anh Pham, Sean Anderson, Sally Chea, , A Boys-Girls State: Sally Meeter, Robert Bar- Loyal Order of Moose: Robert Barbosa, Erin Soroptimist: Raleigh Evans, Erica Curunstad bosa Joslyn ""' ' I' 78 Senior Awards .1 f 'ex- gifiili 9, Gi' . ,I . ygy, .im 1 XV ' K ., : - f i -f :li in YM 16--r, - ww MSIE fy.. I , . 1. ,-QQ, ' iz' ,mwgfffff ',15M5 ' Wm JL .-f.4f.1 f-gig ' f N 7 A 1 ,N r , "" '- J ' b ,, Ea-3' ,. 42,5 .Av mOptimist Crosstown: lst place Salley Meeter, 2nd Kandy Bowhall, 5rd Pam ' McKay .V ' Da ht f th A ' Re ol t'on: Shan- greedoms Foundation at Valley Forge: Sean An- n0:gBeSIZh?re e mencan V U I erson ,Q Q ' Mi ,,,,,.j3 B5-B7 Optimist Uptown: lst place Jason Heath, 2nd Jeanie Luizzi Senior Awards 79 "7" Society of Distinguished American High School Students and Academic All-American Students. Front row: Victor Payan, Shannon Berkshire, Alex Campbell, Rhanh Lam, Anna Hanna, Sally Chea, Erin Joslyn, Dalia Kalabat. Back row: Julia Cabrera, Son Nguyen, John Osterloh, Jose Ramirez, Robert Barbosa, Simon Ramirez, Carol Parkhurst, Plot pictured: Sean Anderson and Sally Meeter. Applied Arts: Mouy Soy Sally Chea Fine Arts: Carol Parkhurst Liberal Arts: Victor Payan Barbos Bank of America Plaque Winners: Science Sr Mathematics: Robe mv' Q -Ns 80 Senior Awards A x ll' lf' ,I .I rt , S. , yy 5 to G Q: S 9. lingilishz Alex Caniphull ' X yi f0I11DlIIl'I' Sficnrc: John Ostcrloh ty-in Music: Vincent Casulm ' 'wb N049 -" ,. 1 ' 'x 4 1 I-x ii ' gl ,iv fu, is , r' 4 N Slffl 1 I I f f Trades and Industrial: Tnhy iiunvcll Arlg Andrqgj Vincll Business: Ti ibcrly Burklco Sofia! Studies: Shannon Beiksliiw l.ah0r.xt0r5 Science: Dalia Kalahal Ul'dIY1dt 5dr-1 5iIClV10fC .1- Vorcigin Languages: Anna Mann.: Mathematics: Son Phi Nguyen Home Economics: Koy Bennett Bank of America Certificate Winners Q ' s. R J " 0 0 ' - f J' 5 A I The "1Yew' Senio . L+.......-....,,H C2 l ...Ti-..,. 3 C' 'X,f1"l,?A7 lf? 14' , is-1.5-.aff T' if l I I 3 1 The sun came up over Eli Cajon the same time it usually did only to find that ECV's campus had been covered with paper and signs. You guessed it, the "new" seniors gladly took over where the "old" seniors left off. The "seniors"left nothing untouched or uncovered: the quad was covered with papers, the trees were well decorated and the Brave had his fair share of T.P., but the class of '87 had fun showing everyone that they were now the ruling class at ECVHS. l 3 l l " ' ,,,,. '- lt' i 4 we -I all ' fl: 'H if 6 Junior Day O Glozjy 19 S' .A 5 A ,K 6 S tx-K We Takeover Q - M 7' 4' Wu i I ,M-J' if 52, 1 el-2 V . , -'41-1 ,, 9 I I I .V K 5 H J , W v u . ,' z 'Y G -Q ' M, R, r - "..MM, 5 ,Q f, - K E ,L N' W ,M- - ,gg . if 3 , .. my 4 4 T .mv WM""'LL I sh L V l V , 1 5' B 'W' "W f '1 V 2 'Q ' : .. 4, J' ' 9 i , -.V f I 5 'YQ 3 Ui ........ . I -4 , - ,f ,,,f + 2 1 f ' , ' A , 2 H' www P ' rg V ' - my -W .ff-A E Y V The Big Dance Junior Attendants Sophomore Attendants Freshman Attendants Queen Rhonda Silva, King Joe Le Blanc, Juniors, Terri Dow, Scott Boyd, Sophomores: Missy Alexander, Eddie Barbosa, Freshmen: Carrie Sampson, Chad Herwehe. qNxWPg 1, Mr- la-W5 4 xo 4NkgrC 'Sf Vo Irie, xxbxl' ,Q ,Nou-' 6490 4 Q wqN SEQ' Q pk LQQ6 vb 5694, ff' vos Qsso Pcf90"N5'w1 OOO ' cm-W-qc, Mo 9094 5 y rs1w3..,,q was YWW' V 60 v-W"wX xo 4fee'Q 'N' kart ,, F Y var? ,,JxKV' 'K 2 'Neff LHll4'11lea'D 0009 L wwffw 4 wo., gw. ,M ow'-M1 aj 'HW' 3661' Aff Jvwx 6069. is fd NIONP qc k Xoqsq V-Je, 6: vlsvg, kc by 7 V"a-fs' gp0N,.,qMx., 7'0"'f Wvvoi F2-M99 LOGE '5oYNw 43 YW Win Q16 WSG, LDL tA'X,J'C,v" WX X 0 WPXW Q 0 f Q WKQKTQQTQAG Q Q 641409 X Wim WL QQ X Gm? GQ M XM NZAXQ, ? W WV' 6942 'W 9 i 0' W, ? .4 nr? 'ii C J 'Oo 0 -0 va" . 00 isp o ' Rf 1" 5 4 'X 41 g,' V J.. N44 'sz ' iwxw H iwiii gs! 9 4, "-ful! 1 -. .,, x , 1 Y W, n X, . f ' A, 1- ,,,, f, , f - nw, ' , W by . ,, -4, 4- ,, J ' Q ii rf' A. Remember Those Clubs? Letterman's Club - The Letterman's Club is composed of StudCntS who have earned a varsi- ty letter. They annually sponsor the Donkey Bas- ketball game and pro- vide spirit and enthusi- asm to assemblies. Advi- sor: Mr. Wolf Windbreakers are a tightly knit group consisting of students and faculty members who run 1Oli's. They strive to improve their times in these 6.2 mile runs and the companionship that exist among them is well worth it. Advisor: Mr. Maize 90 Clubs ,wr W? Windbreakers- I German Club- In the German Club, students practice their speaking ability and prepare for authentic German picnics. Advisor: Miss Du- kas Surf Club- The Surf Club is an organiza- tion that helps students enhance the thrills of riding "tubular swells" and become as one with the Great Kahuna. Advisor: Mr. Fiero -A .gg-Q-as-ut i House of Representatives The House of Reps consists of elected representatives from first period classes Their mam pur pose is to inform the A S B ofthe opinions of the student body Ad visor Mr Martinez . ... .. - y S.A.D.D.- Mr. Minor. Students Against Drunk Driving are a group of dedicated stu dents, who work to cut down deaths caused by driving drunk These students achieve this by sacrificing their Friday and Satur day nights to pick up any stu dents who call for help. Advisor Clubs Leo's Club- Leo's Club has been designed to give school. The Toys for Tots and The Charity Basketball Game which matched the faculty of Grossmont dis- trict against celebrities of San Diego are examples of the responsibilities they have assumed. Advisor: Coach Sanchez assistance to the community and our Academic League Academic League is made up of stu dents that compete against the district in practice while sacrificing their lunch, but their sacrifices have been rewarded with great success ln the district Advisor Mr Landau a jeopardy-like tournament. They mostly 92 Clubs Key Club- The Key Club is a sewice organization that provides help to the needy and elderly of San Diego. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of El Cajon, Key Club has been active in fundraisers for worthwhile organizations and people. Advisor: Mr. Halte. Ski Club The Ski Club consists of stu dents who are experienced or big trip to Mammoth for a week end this year Advisor Mr Fell novice skiers. They enjoyed their Math Club- The Math Club works hard preparing for the math league contests every year. Advisor: Mr. Winn. Advanced Placement- The A.P. Club works on projects and fundraisers to finance the cost of taking the Advanced Placement English examina- tion, which is equivalent to six units of college credit. Advisor: Mr. Venieris. Clubs 95 The Multi-Cultural Club con- sists of all students represent- ing different nationalities at our school. They not only sponsor the annual MultiCul- tural Week but also encour- age good feelings toward other cultures. Multi-Cultural Club- Blackfriars- Blackfriars are made of pres- tigious members ofthe Drama Department who by appearing or staging in various drama productions receive points Students who earn up to 25 points become Blackfriars Ad visor Dr Roberts if Senate- Senate is- composed of all the presidents of the clubs and organizations on campus. Their main C.S.F.- The Califomia Scholarship Federation is a schol- arly club dedicated to community and charity in- volvement. To join, you must earn ten points on each semester report card, A's worth three points and B's worth one. Advisor: Mrs. Fountain. tsenate continuediz objective is organizing Homecoming and setting up activities on our campus. Bike Club- The Bicycle Club is an organization that has fun and enjoyment in participating and riding in bicy- cle races. Advisor: Mr. Winn ia ff 1. Thought- Thought is a yearly publication that is composed of artworks photography poems and short E.C.V.rl.S. Advisor: Mrs. Fountain. Pep Club- The Pep Club consists of enthu- siastic students who support our school by cheering and raising spirit at many school events. Ad- visor: Mrs. Higdon stories from students at Adding T0 The i ,bi 7 Sf- If .f ASB. .. in A: Q f. 853 1 4 1 3 4 l 3 A new advisor, a "new" building and new activities all helped to make this year a success for ASB. This year's ASB was lead by President Diane Sisti and everyone on the staff contributed ideas for both new and tradi- contributed much time and During the summer the ASB structure added pizzaz to the this year, ASB brought back the showed their appreciation for of the events. The pow wow, which provided the opportunity for stu- eat hamburgers, and participate in ASB planned to have more cam- tional activities. New advisor, Mr. Al effort to the ASB staff and to the building was painted and the quad. ln addition to their usual pow wow and police dances. The the activities by good turnouts at was held on a Saturday in dents to dunk their favorite many of the races and other pus-related activities this year, did that and more in carrying out their theme: Braves Making New Q 3 'W gulf 1lW"l"W Melody Beaver Sr Jeanie Lisa Sladkey Samantha Julie Fisher Luizzi Comm. of School Ser. Rep at Treasurer CcrComm. of Communications 0 98 ASB An All New Model -s ta V K , :": 57, Q 1 I ' gg ,ig P , L wi is A . 2 I ,Ili :. 2 md ' ,MCL , ,,,,W ,TL A W 'W' " if f' Milne fn ii - ,,,, I " Q ff' 04 . . f -' e. ' J W J 7 ,-: - H' " Wa, QQ. 5 " , 'l' 1 1 4 ff ' X L 'P sv 1 I, um ' if Ay ' P 1 g ' M' Y f'-' , 5 iii, 1 P ' '4 0 - MW- Leeann McGrath Kim Patten VP School Ser. VP Admin. 1 Teri Dow Secretary f 9 , W . y P E g Bridget Hanley Jeri Lynn Ayres Gina Sparks Sr Shanon Hayes Comm. of Public Relations Comm. of Sales Co-Comm. of Publicity 99 ASB 23 E . smpm SIGNAL EDITOR Victor Payan , ' 71- 4 'f 2. ,, g ,TW , -f if-W Q ' Iv- ghgitvf, 1, f if a 1 I O dxf, If ga, , f 2 I fftgklafl mi 14 Y . H .. Q5 '31 ,aw A e gf 4, QI' 1 ,,, 4 14 ,Q I I . 1.1 W I QQ. mi Q30 I ASB PRESIDENT ' I Diane Sisti I .uh Hz Q ag SQUAW . 100 Heads On Campus Q Julie Carman N I , , ,I 9 M QW' I GAA .i , ki fx. in 88 I HEAD CHEER Melody Beaver DRILL CAPTAIN Heather Chapman E E E r F i i I ! 1 3 M, aff' if ia 7 , .. 1 C w. ff. Af. N w . qghk - "iff: Y' fl 3 ,5, M M -f f A , ' W - H5A"'9 V i5m SUNG ?A . i lli 17ff 'ff " 2 . ' , ', . ' 'IM s' 'f?'m7W if ff 9 -9 Q IVV 1 1 I vt,- r 1 I v MV . f 55" X L11 -: Y, 11 2'-, '3'v' ' u T ,-n-- N: 51,7 f 'xl -n Vfrlfxf Q -Su , Q-1-ff .qv 2 -5 , f lf 3 u. bg-- .--51 vp -up M , 'Uv 'Y ,.. s-f Sw' , r .1 if , 1,3 an A . N : y 1 . 44. 1 -Jig:-Jffm dh, ,ki 'r'- J - ,ff-'9'w?,A . Fw.. . -Lf' vw' 5 A c , ms. 132- X 7 1 4 ' ' 'r- ' 114 ' 34. A" S ' K ex X . , ". fn ' JI. K ,.kg,3 AW J . , . W A yu 'N 4 , Y u x . ff? PHOMORE CLASS PRESID -Ng if f 'if Eddie Barbosa 0 if VHTSIIIY Cheer A Cut Above The It was evident that the 86-87 Varsity Cheer squad was a cut above the rest after they retumed from the National Cheerlead- ing Camp with four blue ribbons, one red, a 'spirit stick and an award for excellence. Led by advisor Emily Barton, the squad, which consisted of 10 girls, 4 guys and the squaw, demonstrated spirit, enthusiasm and pro- fessional competence. Participating in both local and state competitions with other cheer squads, and guesting on the Larry l'limmel show, Varsity Cheer brought new recognition and honor to ECVHS. N 0 L v . 1 . . - - N ' u N 4 v Terri Dow, Robin Harris - 1 W 1 E 5, .' br 1 -x... l 1 Jeanie Luizzi, Angeaa Censoplano V 4 , p ' 44, , . W' .'f, 'a I , , 6 ' W., K V D : I .nov Y VU. ,,-.RN In -n Ma L ullu Anclv C 4l'wIUlN1lR3 5 ' I XL I' e, . ! 'ui -, ' U V Ji 1 Erin Joslyn, Lisa Sladkey 'I I 1. . f KQV QM If y f W J Y 'f X ' w , ' --. ' W' . ' 4 I- ff":'15l" "J, W 1, ,. L, ' .u '-V-. M.: 52 . i -S 5 -' '.H,."' Captain Melody Beaver, Co1Captain Denise Paul si Xu Q '- 1 y ' x x Feature Editor Jcfl Marshall item 1 i 'f Y f . ',f. , ' l ,xl i :Wx zz Mm News Editor Pam Mckay 104 Smoke Signal Smoke Taking A Stand Who, what, when, where, how, and why were all questions that were being asked by the '86-'87 staff of our school newspa- per, the Smoke Signal. This yea r's staff was more committed than ever to tackling con- troversial subjects. With new editor-in-chief Victor Payan and second-year staff member Jeff Marshall as the new editorial editor, the editorials also took on a new, more controversial theme. Editor-in-chief Victor Payan A f x r fu V I Q1 V S' , + if 0 is rff2+'f,, rQ':f- e1"'SiYQ5? 3,5 ' 1-ff atwifigggirzt T V' x ,AL :ly t 1. ' N" .V 444. fp '-'. 114' Q2 ,, A.. we H, if 'N ,- A , rg Q, ri, 51,3 , thfkftm 'xc fr ry i t n m 4, af W -r .,jQf5"vf 1 A, ag In i ' K , 3 ' J, ' ' at Top Row: Mrs. Lynnea Venieris, Stacy Argo, Trisha Packard. Bottom Row: Jeff Marshall, Pam McKay ' ' Eff, 2 .A M.w,, mf warg W is 2 mum H " 'iff ml . .- .ei ....mf, .,,. ,v,,.N. ...M ...N,-,,.,A... M ,,,. ,..Q V.-...F-,..-. ms. Y? - 3 1 ff.. HQ ' , Q ,B xv 723 '. 2,,. .L if f 1 1 14 .V 1-'ur 'No-.A we-13. ""'f-fr: ,M Q - 'Aw 2 ' Jw, " 1 4 if M K , . . V. f W.. ff L . V K , , - . M g Cheer Always In Action! A new year and a new team. The 86- 87 J.V. Cheer dehnitely had the spirit. Organized by head cheerleader Amy Jordan, this exciting team consisted of Christi. Traci, Missy, Angela, Maggie, Adrianne, Kathy, Christy. Varsity cheer- leader Jeff Fisher added a touch to complete the squad. Hard, dedicated practices during the summer was evi- dent in their performances at assem- blies and football games. They knew how to bring out the spirit in a crowd. From their powerful cheers, to their towering pyramids, they always caught the full attention of the students. Effort that was outstanding, talented, and dedicated, made the J.V. Cheer such a success. T T. , 'Cx if M fn Ti.i 5, ,,., From left to right: Amy Jordan, Missy Alexander, Christi Heiwehe, Traci Bilo, Christy Stewart, Maggie Luizzi, Kathy Sampson, Adrianne Munoz, Angela Tennant. L" F -. 'rar win. , ,T Dui W . 3 I . , , -0-. , A f i -2 ", Q a 1 Q -. fi-iiiriy ' LJ J? ' ' v Y ' 4? 3 ,a W iw: -Ai gi., v.' 1 , ,W Q. , A 4 -L . . T it T , V, ii' ri L 1 M Mgr, I I lx gr- ,I L at 7 , V in 1 -V an ' 1 R hr , ' ,Q - ui , ' NU M. X, - 1- , " L 'A W , V-4 ' k X ' ff- ffl-,milf 1 ' in .4 'FFL 'iii . - ' A . A F yypy, T ,. lf PM. A . 3 ' ,A F' , WG 1 1 -.-'- T' ' . 'Tim f'-' as 10 , dy. 5, i maegj ri ' , , ' ' ' 4 . 1 . ffiiijf ' a - H W i J. , H-sw, 11 , ' ' ii! Y -f wa' V.,, YQ' Y! X. V' x:1zfgw mfr i -i ' " im , ,li ' f ' 'f Y 'N .:i"' r , P , . X WI. ' f' , ' . 'rf 1 r . 1 V i. .giaiqg gif. ,k A ' , , "UE?EFQfff4, iffiiffiilii . S' ' i fs fi H H,qwQifEW?5s5i' :mr if' 3M 7fW" r Fi W -E ' .,wx::-.El x w W -Y r W ' M xi ii-wif' 51471 Y. Jr if is l it , '+i2 + ' 2jff5" Eff aria A ' , ,,' 'wx 'M 4 My-,U . 'A-E i . ff -M... ,. .. M., is .. Y W- mQ-igrj+:'jf'.-- E 1, LW-- I , W' if J fp . J mm W... Q, T W ' WA Y f . f X V A . Kathy Sampson Angela Tennant Maggie Luizzi 2 W :A X -wr-wmsiii-ig, ,dv M. w14...Lr-W X V 4 X' ' ,i s Y , 'V 534: H I, , - 4 'r 1 J ' .v 5 , . v I' ' ' - 1 J Adrianne Munoz Jeff Fisher, Amy Jordan Christy Stewart am ,A il snub"-Mlm Missy Alexander Christi I-Ierwehe Traci Bilo JV Cheer 107 108 Fall Sports Div SPR 'iz E3'?'f Sports Div. 1 09 ,Q a Y .' fu if m -1 M 4 ., A21 M Wig B, 1, M., 3. ,. if . ,- Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves 110 H20 Polo 4 1 4 ,. f fp, , ,l. VN- Y ,M wh 54 W A flu www A'-,' Mx, V :im .91 ' ff M Q V J, ,. . S., .1 EH ,. Q f" 5 "' z 23 .,l' f' A .4 1 .grit . M I. 1 ,I M, Q- 1 ...mn ,I Q nh. . mm' , a?M if 'H 5-5" 1 41' K - f ,gx ,. .,,, E i 2 MQ. A , , , fr as of .WK J' fy Mft: 'fi' K Vg. I 'Q ,gn w ' 'M -' ,..1 , , UVB Q v s,.,'9f"5 'f 'M f Q A t I iv V! n - ,V , ,uffqi I - ' ' 2 f. rr' I 1 X f 3, , M 0 f, W 3 ,, A .. Marv L., f' ..- J' o be any-, f.., 3 , V45 1. i ! 5 ,, I -a -,,, W, ' wwf ' El , i, 4' fl ,NW W.- A X 1 , , 4 ,J fi "'k - " - 'w,1,, . , 1 ,V il , di- , 1 'il , K ,,,,,,k 3!+,v,wi" I V I 'V V l 4 A flfyyv L ' pf' , "': ,, wi 2 Kham' , f .,-. " ,, W - A ' W 1,- V " ""' A ' ,,,, , ii 1 X A , i fl A i fGgL"'V5w, 75, . w S 5 Wi! ., Q, M ' E, ,gg s L. I 1 I V W l V V, . ' , Q' ! ' www," , 2 1 K1 V. A ,,,, H . - .Jff',fvj.,, , . , ..W,v,r' My 7, .1 . ', .- Y A ,f .L ff ' .g my .U ,F ,, ' ,,g,, H ' I if V ' . uw" . ,V , ' 4-V 11.M' ,fn - f 2 an Q ,W f,,L.. 1 A , . 2-Qi' , ., f www ' ' W ., 1 V ,. ,. ww ' K " : An a 'J a,,z ,,, ,Q ' ,iff .ff 2, ' K' ' , , , , w f Q Ikf M ,fL, M: V - ffff' "f.. 44' l lg 'f' A Hwy 'V , ,Q " C5455 , A f gg, v ' f ,ff Ah Q A W AA, f' " ' 'Af wg 3' M, 1 4-W L 4- "? ' , 1 M 2' me ' gg? ' Q 4 ' K ,,, 22,2 Q' 1, -' '. ' "" .wx-'v W I gh isg ggg' ' M 1"g ,215 153,17 Q ,Q 4 W wg 'iff' K f HM qhgw 41 V ,QQ A 4. 11 TN L, W' 4 '41 z 3 5, fy f W .,, 1' 5 ' W W ,, 'M V4 QW 4,2 w,mw..,. 'f-1435" .. " 2 s-. - ' x lfjgg ,W ,, . X v. f VVVV I : E Clk I' 3' . 2? -rf I 'JJ M . :.,- ,,,, A A xugp fm- m ,jx V gm , M , y.,,,,, ,. . ', Q . :,: A ' , away, 7, 'ff?i'f"FM3 :iff-W ,Y ' Q fl " ' I, , ,Qi Y' ' , V , , ' "'- ,, V, lj, ,g ' yi f ik .. 4 1 " gf' fl f.Ysg,wfaF,,,,"f'f'?545?"vM.g . , J ' "W 'W W ' ', ,am iqrfl ,Q " H df W- , , V' f A ' ' 44 Braves Pushing For The Top Excitement was the key word for the 1986-87 Varsity team. Playing with intensity down to the last second, our Braves never stopped. Several players from the championship J.V. team of last year greatly strengthened this year's Varsity. Sta- bility was provided by Varsity veterans who were even more prepared to fight and win. One of the resulting highpoints of the season came at a 59-0 blowout by the Braves over Marion on the first ever Varsity football game played on our omm campus. Forty-four strong and fighting to the end, the Braves pushed for the top. DEFENSIVE COACHES: Jim Weiman, Rick Sawyer, Luke Fitz- gerald, Gene Andrews Head Coach: Gene Watkins Defense: Row 1: Alan Baber, Matt Nicolaysen, Rico Goff, Efrain Alba, Jay Thompson, Jim Dutra, Ken Ruprich, Robert Allen Wayne Stephenson, Dominic Haberman Row 2: Don Johnson, Ron Faulkner, Bill Rudd, Larry Moore, Eddie Gibson, Tim Burton Ron Johnson, Mike Portillo, Ron Shrin, Donavan Jones, John West 114 V Football Offense: Row 1: David Holder, Robert Baird, Allen Sako, Jesse Pamintuan Row 2: Brian Negrete, George Pennison, Jose Ramirez, Simon Ramirez Row 5: , Scott Boyd, Ben Sherman, Robbie Mueller Row 4: Warren Frazier, David risball, Derick Medley, Jim Dutra Row 5: Mike Sua, Rick Swietzer, Mark Manning, Gene Ferguson Row 6: Doug Shultze, Brian McCabe, John West, Eric Flippo, Tim Rlix SCORES La Jolla 55 Ramona 0 Coronado 55 Christian 29 Marian 0 Monta Vista 55 Cirossmont 42 EL Cap 27 o ' ' 48 orrmmsivii COACHES: Ted Balclz, Gene Watkins, Pat Bradley, Vgf',:gEfaH"'S 20 Al Smelko Football-1140 gl P r 11 'l ll 1 r 1, 1 if ll l x .Jin any . ' '- Prince Rusty Pennock Princess Erin Joslyn Prince Walley Yeakle Princess Lisa Sladkey Prince Q i . Gregg Velasco Princess Denise Paul Prince Raleigh Evans Princess Melody Beaver " w ' 1. L , , , , Ni l I I - Y r . K H H . H v " , Y ..... V t ' Homecoming Court-1 lllli Homecoming 1986 A . , ,, gg g 'M 'x Robert Barbosa, Gregg Velasco, Julie Carman, Erika Grunstad, Raleigh Evans, Shannon Berkshire, Walley Yeakle, Sally Meeter. Janette Miller, Rusty Pennock, Lisa Sladkey, Melody Beaver, Jeanie Luizzi Denise Paul, Erin Joslyn. on . X - v Homecoming-114H rx 5, U the field as they hqndedeach of the top colored balloon. Alljfwaited quietly as the held the winning color inside was opene,d.f Slowly red nog up to sky and Jeanie Luizzi and Ruben Barbosa Queen and i with the rhelton 10 slr' topefsias- Sifhvsensssbylsewessenalfe. Then the senior 3 School-lie l Qggggedizhe King andgs E heweeksiwaiswfilledwyyith eiicxe ent w f eiggpticipption, featiiring bandsfgiigingeich CQn I X spirited alpmm assembly QFnd . s - :.k nfQhtslsibgSgCVHSl footba i g sam h Sf W'tQlsasDQies H035 d Qimance Q dE'7ffeha lftif!iigE, iii acldi ion t0 3Ti2p,ClT0iilfii -Q TCW! M QYICLDQ 7 S169 31 E ' Q l 3 UUW f k,:' S - . ' .. KING ROBERT AND QUEEN JEANIE Homecoming Week-1145 ,gi . SS-A it XA 'Nix' 4.5 Junior Attendants: Andy Castonguay and Katrina Leigh Sophomore Attendants: Bill Rudd and Amy Jordan Freshman Attendants- Matt Harlevic and Nikki Anderson Homecoming Attendants-114D I 5 4 5 i ai al E -fv-vvf Z , 'f f i I ,ar Q i Aw ' Q I H King And Queen-l 14C ff' If H , ' " -fwT",'Brw'1'- f W "zu '-1 fr.. ':-1 '. , 1, WL ,-v --1 . rv '-,5 .-55.4. 275512- 51 1 5 :ir :iii 5 I 44, .f?gi.5,ga'4s1q g,..N.-M-W-"':" ' 'Nga' j Tm 4' 1' ,, .f ?f25f1I5i"",f'T' .au , ' 'fgii' H i a 11 14' FP 1fW . f'W'igd Y- N- 12, ,:Jwxmp w. g' ,Ng '-'kj ,, N 291 'W M' 'Y Q' , fJf1!f111:rg:-xfdgiv M 5 wsskw w ., a . P-'At'-??fi?':Yi,i9f':k 'fMML,.g.,,x,3"73jf5w.X..,, W, f A-fb ...'.h,:-qj'1.:?,,a55:5,,,,5:,,gg TRMEJEJ- 311' WFEFE' J , .. Qfa fwfiff li ff?-M f:l-25h-:ei 532:14-'..::1-.:'::-Sister-. :i:rf,,-r--tra:-:QE-W-"f'ir, f .gas--..?'..f:y,4.,..,,..:u: 9I111f,:'v'j' -.....4...,u::'-.-..a ,X T ..-,p:1g -f ,' ' 4 r - 92' k"f King: Robert Barbosa, Queen: Jeanie Luizzi v 9984519191 RW 63656193331 New Spirit And New Strength SCORES LaJolla 21 Ramona 27 Pride filled the 1986-87 Junior Varsity football Coronado 15 team with their productive year of winnings. New Christian 3 names and new faces with fresh, spirited outlooks lvlanan 5 gave strength and stability to the young team. lvlonlo Viola 10 Continuing with the standards set by last year's Clrossnqo-nl 58 championship team, they gave the crowds a EL Qgp 54 show everytime. Through hardwork and determi- Qranllo l-lllls 17 nation, this team made it one of their best years. Valhallg 14 Row 1: Mike Papstein, Tracy Cann, Mike Hickman, Jason Greenway, Tom Simmons, Carlos Montes, James Hamlett Todd lgleman Sean Bankes Row 2: Mike Mazon, Rex Cole, Mike McCormick, Joel Garcia, Rick Carreno, James Towner, Bryan Paal, Mike Binlew, Mark Hopwood, Vince Johnson, Billy Frazier Row 5: Kenny Kaat, Cory Ritayik, Jack Snyder, Brian Dupont, lsrael Palencia, James Durkin, Frank Castro, Jim Jarrell, Allan Mitchell, Brett Lane, Salvador Hernandez Row 4: Joel Pennison, Larry Fischer, Brian Vahalik, Eric Eimon, James Meier, David Humphreys, Dalmon Cullen, Monty Grimes, Troy Michel, Chuck Harrell, Jim Ward Row 5: Mike Peterson, Wade Longworthy, Brian Altic, Jim Loth, Raj D Souza, Scott Jackson, Darrel McMillan, Tyrone Dayton, Kelly Birt, Frank Shirley, Keith Barton, Chris Schoenbeck Row 6: COACHES: Pat Bradley, Gene Watkins, Ted Baltz, Rick Sawyer, Jim Wiemann, Al Smelko, Gene Andrews, Luke Fitgerald 116 JV Football QQ WUWSDM H , " fH" ffvvwgf "aww- !ffq' if ' .... V " 'iil'i4i1L-,.,, ."iW"?f 2 S ,-1' " .5'g1'M,,am,,h,,f,, ' V 1, L , ,.,.,:.,M,. i ..,., JV Football 117 Girls ' A thletic Association IH ' 1 X -v w 1 Lv Treasurer-Sharon Meza lil? In W 1-,W Secretary-Heather Chapman 1 18 GAA "' U f f 4 . f f . ,, , . x J , ,sv , .,gc,'!,-c,q:3' ,a S Wf,gW'if3? 97' ' ' I ' I 5,1 ' vhv j 3, ,' I r -f an fawgfw QI' President-Shannon Berkshire -,f- - f, .F .fc Vice President-Erin Joslyn Historian-Katrina Leigh 4 Advisor-Miss Johnston The Best Man For This Job Is A Woman Faithfully leading the Girls' Athletic Association this year were some very spirited and enthusiastic officers: Shannon Berkshire, Erin Joslyn, Heather Chapman, Sharon Meza, and Katrina Leigh. Advised by Miss Johnston, they worked with dedication to promote the girls' athletic program throughout the year, and at the conclusion of each season, they planned dinner entertainment and the handing out of awards at sports banquets. Said Vice President, Erin Joslyn, "This has been a great year for G.A.A." GAA 119 Cindy Roberts Head Coach-Kirk Madden i Sylvia Naranjo Head Coach-Wendell Maize Q.-fi lifeg- Mahasin Daoud Janet Hanna Michelle Bryant New Coach Brings New Spirit To Braves Cross Country Triathlete, Hlron Man" competitor, and now head coach of the girls' cross country team at E.C.V.H.S., Kirk Madden brought a new :spirit to the team this year. The girls squad, consisting of team captain Michelle Bryant and five freshmen runners, had a successful season highlighted by an early victory over Mt. Miguel. Freshman runner Janet Hanna gave her all and usually finished in the top three. The boys' team, under head coach Wendell Maize, began with a victory over Ciross mont, while the JV team defeated both Cirossmont and Mt. Miguel. Tom Hart consis tently finished with the leaders, helping the team to have a great season. Boys Varsity Boys JV VALHALLA 17-40 21-58 EL CAP 15-46 15-47 GROSSMONT 52-25 45-16 MT. MIGUEL 21-54 29-28 MONTE VISTA 15-47 15-50 HELIX 17-42 18-50 SANTANA 15-50 15-50 GRANITE HILLS 29-26 50-15 Girls 18-45 17-46 20-40 51-26 56-21 50-19 16-47 54-28 LJ' 2'--o-vault!" Payam Mahboubi Scott Foder Mike Alubary N?- Front row: Payam Mahboubi, Mike Alubary, Lawrence Caire, Joe Delvlatteo, Tom Hart, Scott Fader. Back row: Jeff Marshall, Jason Tran, Armando Gutirrerez, John Mier, Phillip Hollingsworth. Cross Country 121 fi G ffl? , ,ff W mp: Senior Ladies Of The Court Sharon Meza Erin Joslyn Denise Rainey 1 ,l -1 F, Gina Sparks Shanon Hayes 122 V. Volleyball l BUMP-SET-SPIKE. What does this add up to? VOLLEYBALL!! This year's team finished in the middle of the league standings. With many inex- perienced players, the team had to work hard both at practices and games and that's exactly what they did. Many close and exciting matches entertained the spectators throughout the sea- son. "0-S .!ifNX.x 1 My M l Mt ' 1 Front Row: Denise Rainey, Dannielle Maddly, Sharon Meza, Erin Joslyn, Shanon Hayes, Gina Sparks. Back Row: Missy Belmer, Leeann McGrath, Lynn Kennedy, Monica Kowalski, Amy Lyons, Angie Vaughn. SCORES Christian 5 ECV O Granite 5 ECV 0 Mt. Miguel 5 ECV 2 Helix 0 ECV 5 Valhalla 5 ECV 1 Monte Vista 1 ECV 5 El Capitan 5 ECV 1 Grossmont 5 ECV O Santana 5 ECV 1 Granite Hills O ECV 5 Mt. Miguel 5 ECV O Helix 1 ECV 5 Valhalla 5 ECV 0 , Monte Vista 0 ECV 5 W X El Capitan 5 Ecv 1 'si , . ..., , Grossmont 5 ECV 0 1 N N Santana 5 ECV 0 II I1 4 2 5 24 U' 2 l-A N bl 'ff' Home Of o Front row Keiko Ikeda, Suzzette Du Haney, Delores Reynoso, Janine Meese, Hllary Bateman Back row: Theresa Schnaidt, , Heather Rigby, Brandie Pearson, Debble Du Haney, April Schweitzer, Coach Wolf ' W nm L44 r I, .f X! A' Q Q45 X 1 124 Jv Volleyball .,, .. V..,N,,, , ul "Much improved" described this year's JV volleyball team according to Coach Jim Wolf. They started their season with orlly ten play- ers, but won many of their season games and placed in the top halfof the league standings, In an early tournament held at Christian High School the team finished in an encouraging fourth place. One ofthe most promising play' ers for the future was setter Keiko Ikeda. Add- ing strength and talent to the team was Con- suelo Cazarez, who joined the team late. Mira Mesa Christian Granite Hills Mt. Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan Grossmont ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV SCGRES 2 Santana 1 0 Granite Hills 2 0 Mt. Miguel 0 2 Helix 0 0 Valhalla 1 2 Monte Vista 1 2 El Capitan 0 2 Grossmont 1 0 Santana 1 ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV D A Nt.. M Wi I II II L. 4 4 2 E 94 U fi l-I N ui LOVE-LOVE, Ho, it's not The Dating Game! lt's the beginning score of a Girls' Tennis match! EI Cajon Val- Iey's Girls' Tennis team had its largest turnout in recent years. Under the leadership of returning players Senior Diane Sisti, Junior Pat Crudgington, and Sopho- more Lisa TUerina, the team had a successful season. PA. Diane Sisti, Lisa Tiierina, Pat Crudgington . -Q ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS 5 15 4 14 2 16 1 17 2 16 5 15 2 16 7-11 2-16 2-16 6-12 O-18 2-16 ll--12 1-17 Granite Hills Mt Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan Grossmont Santana Granite Hills Mt. Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan Grossmont -Q,-n,..,,,,, ,,,,, ,-N , ,, t l ,3 tl 1 351 3 1 f",7'K . T? du I' 5 i IIIIIII.. illllllli Illllllll Qlllll-p YI.. r ---E! Lx ni: ,::-gr lg I l:gFH:f .l. U. U 'Nv- ECVHS 126 Girls' Tennis 1-17 Santana -41. Coach Linda Wehking ,Jw 2 Bottom row: Mika Hilbers, Dawn Figueroa, Kari Sampson, Shannon Avila, Aimee Miller, Teresa Hughesman, Susanna Ramirez, Andriani Wibowo, Madeline Samson Top row: Pat Crudgington, Diane Sisti, Lisa TUerina, Kristen Shannon, Leslie Ochinang, Coach Linda Wehking, Carol White, Claudine Diaz, Erika Lewis, Nancy Chaisupakosol 'Q Ciirl's Tennis 127 1 Front row: Connie Britt, Karen LaBerge, Martha Welbaum, Tara Cireiner, Archana Jaiswal, havitha Swaminathanp Back row: Jennifer Adams, Shana Baron, Shannon Berkshire, Michelle Pozier, Cindy Proulx, Nicki Bodan, Tammy Foster, Angie Caire, Katrina Johnson, and Coach Johnston. .am-If .az W yy , K ECVHS San Pasqual , 9 1 ECVI-IS San Dieguito rtcf r 1 - 1- J ,,,, ECVHS Fallbrook it , ,s , ,,, 1, 2 ECVHS Oceansm , ,fn I , V., , ,, . ,,,, LW V. ,K , 5 Q f 417 -,., , M ty I I , fr, , yn, , - ,C V' A 1 5 ,rttt islc ECVH5 B'Sh0P F ECVHS Mission Bay A ff " ' A Q i f W ECVHS BOl'lltEl VlStEl ,r,,, 1 Ai,, 2 rfi r if f + ECVI-IS Serra . ' 1 -. M ,,, M0356 . iitic 'ff is Q N, E 3 15011 -.fi A Q vi ,l"i"V,,, ,,,,, W " M Wi, ,V . 1 'i.gr?'f, 'if ilii ECVHS Mlfa Mesa irri l ,,, B- h i'-" C ECVHS 'F OP ECVHS Mlssion 535' fti ECVHS Vista ,V ECW-15 Bonita Vista Led by veterans Shannon Berkshire and Cindy Proulx, a young field hockey team that included one freshman and eight sophomores embarked upon the '86 season. Playing teams from all over San Diego County, Coach Johnston's girls were involved in many tight, competitive contests. Determination and hard work added to the spirit that gave field hockey a successful season. 2 1 11 2 1 5 1 1 8 O 2 9 5 2 6 5 Field Hockey 129 ff-+4--4 QA., ,gg ,f . 'jf V 1 ?!, ,ffl ,ff I!! 5 .ff , ,f ,fx ' 2:22351 L, . - : . . - X -L J i 'mf,',.gLg f--'tiL?Ti55iM.W:,M .wiiiiif.ZZZ1V.w.WfS:5:ii?ZZW-qwa'iz,:i"aaiwavez:vfW'A . l4?i5i5359'ifQKlZ S' sim.fwfwzfiiiiii-753 33215 'iiiiiiiiil S Y ,MW IIN , ,..,, M.. N ' ' a. ,........Aa:dh A ' 'zu LQ"Sv . W W wx.b.uwvSQ'1 W. we K21iiZ41:,wm 'iilfgi swam mir? n ' 5 5::,Z?iZ5EEE5EEE25?iEE: g3s:::f"i552gE:fiwkszfzffffiiliy Q...Mgg3gLi:ww,mv5M.WM iiLf.wQwwf'U 151: Q5'3is5:S'Mbyv Q Q . P lv K G0 NA K+-.Xa ff", sm' ,,,, , S Q 5455123::ginawww-iwilgfkimWmxmwg- qw, ,ma aimwnwf-,B Q ww 5 K ,I U dll iw,maisziaivfailiHmsmmxi:13'ai1Zl3'2ie:ig:f:22. iL2S'?52'f:::'sE::iwQ1:i1pFSS? wsmile!15'millfiwfwaiafzszsgfill''tlWil- 1:,YQ-ffigsilii-zsiwfw-1 A, tli Luis Garcia Jim Toth weight 126 weight 145 Eddy Barbosa weight 119 Avi Moyal weight 165 Paul Blazi weight 158 Brian Crain weight 98 Ron Shrin I 7 I I l X I l l Doug Sailors Ron Johnson Don Johnson Cliff Johns Mike Ph3i'6S weight 152 weight 105 Scott Jackson weight 191 Mackie Fujita weight 165 weight 119 weight 145 weight 154 weight 152 tli First row: Jenny Gosney, Second row: Nikki Booth, Lori Dow, Kandy Bowhall, Third row: Autumn Merrill, Yoli Mazon, Fourth row: Brenda Lewis, Kim Cagle ' E. C , Varsity lil Cajon 5 llelix 62 lil Cajon IB Monte Vista 52 EI Cajon 9 Mt. Miguel GO El Cajon I8 lil Capitan 51 El Cajon lB Granite llills 55 El Cajon 72 Santana 6 El Cajon 18 Urossmonl 48 El Cajon 12 Valhalla 54 E. C. Junior Varsiiy El Cajon 5 Helix 56 lil Cajon I7 Monte Vista 54 El Cajon 14 Mt. Miguel 48 El Cajon O lil Capitan 5l lil Cajon 78 Santana 0 lil Cajon 9 Grossmont 72 El Cajon 0 Valhalla 7l Led by established wrestlers Senior Doug Sailors and Junior Ron Shrin, ECV's Wrestling team this year was one to be respect- ed. Other strong showings were made by Rodrigo Vargas, Ron Johnson, and Don Johnson who did exceptionally well as first year Varsity wrestlers. Coach Jim Minor and Assistant Coach Tom Helm guided the team which seemed to improve with each successive match. V. Wrestling 155 Playilig BGHGI' Each YU116' Coach Ted Heinrichs Back: Niko Achtipes, Lance Peterson, Javier Lopez, Col- Adam Smith, Charles Nunley, Sam Khamo, Eddie Gib len Dallman, Marlon Duhanney, Urian Negrete, Effron son, Scott Bossenbroek, Yosif Tsho, Javier Serrano Albal Allan Sacko, Alex Cortez, Sonny Holdford Front: 1, ,, , l 134 Bovs Soccer Led by Brian Negrete, Effron Alba, Sonny Hold- ford, and Javier Lopez, the '86-'87 El Cajon Val- ley Soccer team gave all their opponents tough battles. As the season progressed, team unity and spirit grew. lt was that team unity which surprised the rest of dis- trict, for Coach Ted Hein- richs had one of the toughest teams to go against. 0 S v C C 6 I' Boys Soccer 1555 of N . lilliwl 1 S kid CSC th VC HITS! 1 10 b-4 ua oo 4 DJ "I Q. FP '4 Us o '4 Ui U1 N U7 7' N FP o' 2 r r Sean Maddox FJ. Panebianco W Shaun Ellis fi David Bisbal Hester Vanegas n Q 0- W mi, V W-fwswxk ' ,, i aw , My L A fewnff M' +6-'f1svnhM,Q..yM - ,J , KU W MM? I ,w .cm They are the best Group l ever had!" said coach Randy Robinson of the 86-87 hardworking, seIf-moti- vated team of 15 as they took first place in the Division ll summer league. This success carried over into the regular season as the Braves finished high in Grossmont League standings. N 19' aqui' 4? S Rance Reid The Rey senior starting players P.J. Panebianco, Walley Yeakle, Shaun Ellis, Sean Maddox and Rance Reid kept El Cajon Valley's basketball on the top. The friend- ship and camaraderie among the players showed off and on the court. "This year's team is the best, as far as team players go, in recent El Cajon history." stated P.J. Pane- bianco. David Sodergren Mike Walker Greg Velasco m 'lub GJ 1 T fl .W ,H gh W ,, f' l cu Jim Gordon .4 , ' M 4 'U fr Andy Castonguay Varsity Boys Basketball 159 xv: E .EQ 'N E CB '11 BRAQJ Shannon Hayes WWW Chris Sanchez if 'mngm -A - 'N--' -' ,X 4 .mama '55 N i N an 3 ,l, ' 4 M -""' 1X WW 140 Varsity Girls' Basketball WWF? 4 . MQMEM B115 ' Gina Sparks Jana Maddox Andrea Pruett A if M gy,- l 1 9 ! 5 hw f 336 if 3 4: The 86-87 basketball team impressed first year coach Lori Becker With talented and exper- ienced players. Showing a strong defense and teamwork, the Braves Girls' Basketball team earned many victories this year. Starting seniors Chris San- ,Shag 1- -. Tricia Woodley ""s..l chez, last year honorable men tion Shannon Hayes, and last year second team all-leaguer Gina Sparks led ECV with their experience and leadership. z bum Karla Wottge l yr.W i Q W , A M V if A V1 -, wry, Debbie Duheney swlvf' ,-9 3, M -I-"hunk-I 3 O E. ra m 7 O E 2 cn E 1 II ta " N , -W l . 4 X I Keiko Ikeda - Suzette Duheney Varsity Girls' Basketball 141 I As, ,f , av 4 7 f ef la . 1' gp www WW' f ' , ,A., , may ' f mn ,,,,, WW Z -Q5 ff. .,, 'N 5,,,,,f Aw -M -W' ' ,M AL,, ,,., , ' M LV ,QA 1 1? ,QQf1 f ? ' S' I n ' A ' , nf? :'S53Iif'fi f L I ff ggejkefaggd - f-.. figfw 'ig W K ' if Q 'Q---f,gsf ,wf Q U QW- L I Y ggi! 'I' E ,Q--, 5 A- y sf uf- Q Engng. L,,i?, - FV V :fZI7f'i'3F'g?3 ' ili iz ffb' W ' , 1 M, 7 5 il ,4-f " 3 V' ' ,Lf W W 535 :WW 35: "'l':s"5ff25ff77ff:' ,"I74', -. M V? , ..,.,Z 4 ,.,,.f: i I ,W ifi I ,,, My , Q 5 iii' 3 V7,, I ,kk wx, , 1 mv- i K . " ff" .Vg , ,M fs K ,, wx --..,.,,k,.w Instlnct Leads Junlor Varsity Girls Raw talent is the way Coach Kelly Gil more described her 86 87 Junior Varsity Team Showing much determination this group of dedicated players gave their oppo nents a true challenge Q s o o u 11 1 I n , , . - - . . . I 1 Center: Coach Kelly Gilmore, Junior Varsity Girls: Alba Marroquin, Sheri Wiltfong, Tracy Baugh, Sandy Rogers, Heather Rigby, Esther Perez, Gina Zamora, Wendy Deuth, Sofi Ancona, Ann Schwegman E CU -4.1 QD VJ N 3 '-4 pan 145 if 'sw it Faculty Rides Again lt was tough competition and although the faculty spent most of their time on the floor they still beat the seniors again this year. The lead went back and forth throughout the game, and it went into dou- ble overtime before Mr. Andrews' clutch shot gave the faculty the win by a score of 24-22. II H et HS 145 On Friday, January 16, ECVHS's bas- ketball fans enjoyed the second annual Basketball Homecoming. Halftime events included a Pepsi chug-a-lug and a pizza- eating contest, in which contestants from our school demolished the most pizza. Spirits soared as our varsity boys won their game. After the game, fans gathered at the homecoming dance for the crown- ing of the king and queen, Shaun Ellis and Gina Sparks. The members of the court were: Sally Meeter, Geri-Lynn Ayers, Denise Paul, Bridget Harvey, Walley Yea- kle, Victor Payan, Danny Piceno and PJ Panebianco. Homecommg y iv...-. -'W w Ni if 'J .W ' fi - ,Est 4 "'Ql16lr' 'D . f ' ' f-7' ,.- K- ,W :nn- - u x '94 milk- " r -. X N .."'35gs- . f .. , . 1-1.1 , 1. M Q 1-4,5-'qi m,,,,.v ., , J' I ' f . ,uf 7. :, .L.-gf. ' ' . ,jeg , ' 5 . Q . ': QW? N52 Ak F A: - ,isa -fyf ,4 gy: . WP gkW,K,K?. Q.. Q57 ' ,. . M . . 2 , ' -r -K,,.,,f.3--- W, QA. ,nw - z 4,15 Q . 1 W. , .. M P A , r'.c.Wg+vf .,,,,.' ,, .W V -Q V", -I V .. S tx "fl 71' Ja--vw . J J ' ' . .- . qw 5 .. - 'P' . , Q4 I Ui-J: KA, f , A- -L ...5-A . """L',,.,,r,.f'q.1'.A..., , x ' ji-,a.L, , fr .. ' -K ff,-.' , f 3'7" - - V" :Q 33 . Y WN ' K A " ,jy-11, ' , " . . ,V , N k4,,ggf,g ,A 4.-KI .. ., 3 " ' -. yn- . - f,,,.541.,.f,.x-.A A W, h f- .mn .. '. f' y ,V -, gf- 4 , 5' -'.1,'x--Q35 N. ,371 A-.sf -. ,W 54-s,1,, MI ,fn K , 4 'v -- A Q .0 '. I A ,NWN i ,,.... 1. ,.. ,. Q' Mn-L...., .... K. , 4.,, N Q- Q . N , ...1 f - ' ' rf'-A -' as wf. ,L?i.L,-QL: 3A,,, , v:,T, . .X Q .V V' x in MY f,Q. !g353,,j,j A.,-. q . Mg-Agn, ,,.1:vsg?f375-:'5"Qf X: 1 L fb.v21'f:J'a3q-1:a +'ft,J" . ,A ,L , . 1:14, ,-'wg' V' .4 - . '-:gl . if- x. WL A 'wi bp A 'Y "1 xii," ' ffm-Af,-' ,, 3 I V 4 ,X ,..... . M I lx. , :Law ' 1 W re- ' M "f1 1 1 wsaEK,fc.Wf'f:i M55 ,:F'm QW' y QW x fl .Lf QNX ,,.-,n--nrm-wnvxrw M- -2" " ,a uw N i'X'3Qfe::H.- pda " x,,,q, 4" --'X 2 'H 3 Ji?-iwzi tggmf- A 4 , 5 f, A W A ,- ,X 3 ff , , wi : Vw , ,V , if 2 if I A 533,33 i W 1: A fs ., Q 1 b I if Q :wk vm 'A -.M NMA, L' ', V , A ,nn ' my J., A yr. , ,1 V' ,L N "'y"' YT f F4 1 'Y' X L: .V Mmvwh .-.sxglzf ifgQ1gWfj,uXgvffgf3g:w .,-ww '-mm map, ,, W + -. ..,-rw , he-,gr ff-:..,. H+ M, X-.mgfgu-1 -KSN-1 Q 'av .Km ,, Mu " iffv 7 .gf Www' X W... WM: vjy 1 J 4 Y aww -ra 2. W ... " '75-Q? 'N 'M' ' M' W Jw' Www ,ww 1. -.-,np A wf... N. wk 1159 -Av-.1 W-M ...- ,,.,,Z '-f-Q., My EXIT SQ S Qi ik , 'Sw its-xssif .i 1 Yi. is W - .. - i ,fat cgyiiilg S K Q X i 1, ,R 2 Q S A 23 f A X 'X g 5 A .R , S .i A .... . K .gg:,Q, ,A !ggtg'g3ksf1 A ilgig , , ii'E3ii.f.: ff? Skim-w.x.agX , q Front Row: Tara McCormick, Amy Jordan, Katie Pendell, Jennifer Depper- man, Barbara Wheeler 2nd Row: Cheryl Anderson, Robin Lepp, Nikki Bodah, Ellen Robinson, Erica Mcl'lorney 5rd Row: Andrea Qehager, nigll Erin Beck, Katrina Leigh Back 1 ' f Flemmin V, Amy CSL, ,,.i :A1 i i is 3 .. :img . ' VL , xi , ' .K l Mistjgggw - inf: . "f'v1!7-55, Mfawff or -- as 3 sii 15851: 'Q -Qi fy- ,QV , xii 5 six ' Y 1 t f V1 V 5 x x N -,-xx:-AN W.. J. 4:5 ,,Si' N fy lwvxxf i '1-.sw 3'-4 VAX ' , Pk. aw.im,i X .kayak s V' 1. -f '- Q at 151 xslt' -as ': l -1-7-6'.4.,M.,.v-7 .-c ,f"f . ,gg ,'5- 1 fm-"'-ZS? 5 W 'V-" 'Mi -4 ,ACL ' T. W? . 4,..2a , . Front Row: Joe LeBlanc, Robert Barbosa, Cliff Johns, Matt Collins, Eric Charf 2nd Row: Jason Herald, Chad Herwehe, Terry Romine, Manager Cheryl Smith, Andy Castonguay, Carlos Arredondo, Luis Garcia, Robert Wilson, Eddie Barbosa, David Sanders, Lifeguard Antoinette lsidoro 3rd Row: Manuel Apodaca, Gary Richter, Rick Brown, Coach Schaffer Back Row: Mackie Fujita, Jason Frandin, Blake Lucas, Shawn Wyatt, Eric Skelton, Marc Tejedas, Eddie Ryder, Coach Sanchez Braves Swim To New Lengths if ' ,.,, A 1 L,,.,'-vvrf 5 -4.1 ' - M Q J X 29- 0iQ1 .- 'Tl' wi' N Q 8 A I1-W i Coach Robin Sanchcv 152 Boys Swim uw. , ...ni -as A ,, ,r ,-V H., KH.-"' A if-A ,mn :IN .QL " N. 'Z IXT. ' . .4 -f -, fum' 'SvL.i":4 - ' ' M--QV -mx ' w-mwiw ' VV -iff' . we :wi ,,3.'W,w ,ff '," " Q P is . 52, awk Wi- , -' ' - Zl:V2"'fn7"'5'f.'f,VL 1 ' ., A '-'if , .. V.,1,,,f,, YV lg 3,43 ggg-,xl A , V ' A ,- ,' ' .gui VV, - ' up 9V'N3lhMI!Y7 Ai fl 1' A U. fl' - 4 4235.5 wwf. - -, 'V-ff' A,fV.1,,Y: ., 1' -We, ,rg S . R f 1 4 . - ' fQ?f'f1 IP' ' ' , ,ff . 1' .Lek QW'-......,... K, 5 Vw- viva 'L' -nur 1. -. V V V-hfiiffrisi-.,l',i'-' W ,- 6, .:, - ,vu .uh ,Q I A V ,,. WA- V, ff u' 7. ,sg ' ' .I . f+e5'L'Q,w . . V -Ti" 1 iffy, 'ff :Vi V- 'fl f QVV , , .-Vx . 'V f b Y7.15'f5 4:2 fx:-. Y M ,N ' 'A A. 4, ,1 , k 7 ,V , . 1 'Qu ,H ,'. Af.. .J I ,,. - 5 f A ' r gl ' ' fe 1 A . ' 4- FV 5 ff' V, , L . sq, t I I J ,. ,k g ., ,1f,, V 'Q I- ..4, . jf:-fl: 'ilk 4' ,-fi? ,... .1 ' ' I " V mf. 'sJ'l'j'i' Q' F ' !'ff, ', " V . , , ' 'e' ' , 77 . Q.. I 1 t V MQW, , ,V . K .M M, :Nw V: , V h ' Q V A , 'Ll A ' Q Y , QW, " - ' Lv 1' '.Q5"?,Qw,V -9. 1 ' 'V' ,. V " ' ' ' ,u , .Q ,fi V ,fm V K , W K , J, , Q m y Ag gi I F wfffflgbs , W 52 1'-V A ' ,iw -1-K' Q Y A . MVA- 'Ag-' g mu , Y' Q V-VN . " . f Q, ,., ' 'I Pigfqfmn., V' -' ' rf' :J 'AA'-,y"5 ,-1,fh'F.3L. pi an 2,15 5'7:lSl:..1, Shar' ' f"fr,f.'V..' v1 xv' fi: J, .,.g," ,WT5 4 , -A "' .4 f-l.r,Xv V '94 f r, t7"I 75. VS, 4, -' V 4' ., V V ww 557- - , V H. ,3g, f.fV-V W W V ' V V pf f .H .-fi--,5-V ' Lf? Q h ' ' vc 4' " 5-z, Trng - gniq,-f ,va 5 1:14-2.3, u 5.4 lF"'fQ if - -, V .V .-QP, . 55. A ' ' N' . . . 5, ,I ,Ma .Y W,V.z,..f V 4 V A, .44-,V ." EQ 1.,,V !WJf .x 2,- f..- ,53i,f!,,1.:, Q., 4: -r ' Z ' Q s av r ' at I H- 2' - 'fb KJ Z. ,M ' 9 X c JA nv .. i u LL A V - ' ,Q ' f W' Q: M g, V ,- .f 1 1 '4 , 'Af' -.if 5 f Qfu . In ',, ,za-V , " ' ' , . V h , jr, h A .L , na. -M' Q, V L, Q, yt., x ,1- 27: Q' 1 , 4' .4 5 1 . -I I Vw 'V A ' N - ,"- ' VA . vi. w w- ., 'N 4.-1 f ,V, .V W-2-1' :M ' L ' " ku K J. ,W ' w A ,-'V ,I ,g , 5.- yi , , 1 , tw W' fwmv-f Q. K, I ,- ,gf ,V W ,.. Q W m .-. "hm Boys' Swim 153 5 I . at nf ,' f S , -A X, M t A., u . f ,- y ,QW If Q, J fig B , o Y Front Row: Johnny Plaranjo, Thad Caylor, Sal Hernandez, Lawrence Caire, Jim Dutra, Jeff Marshall Back Row: Alan Baber, Wayne Stephenson, Scot Fader, Rance Reid, John West, Brian Hegrete, Tyrone Dayton, Jim Jollimore i l li lvl .4 ,E 6 tantra , ,-'Q-P' ' ' - A - Front Row: Tyrone Kelly, David Lopez, Frank Castro, David Espinoza, Rodrigo Vargas Middle: Matt Mcl'latt, Russ Ciuillard, Ray Farrow, James Durkin, Armando Gutierrez, Mike Phares, Brett Lane Back: Mike Birlew, David Helmbreck, Mark Pennison, Manvec Aranda, Marlon Duhaney, Dustin Smith, Charles Starks I !"Y"'T"!""F" V B 0 -.mmf y S . Q I he ef 6? H L ,.. .,...g..,. 'JN' . E ..,..1 L ,,,.,w ' .J .ww , t A, A , .at ' ff V, ., 1 ' H X V 3352- f A-. - ,.,,. 4' , , f J p , '.,,:,, ny' ,f,,..4,,- 3 4, be M,,,,.g lm -gf r 1' H' ' 1 1' ,, ' Aki! I 1 1 451 ,. an .. WHA .i 1 44 A Ji W PM-1, Q fr , liz" . .,.p',--ws' - 5 iiit L. .S 3 1 bk, 64, , , E in 1 l A 9 .',,,..- LN ' ' 5 1 1 ozmxwwcwaf M ,i:?:"-' + f l I c i Q-'4a,,,ff4 Q71 Q4 Front Row: Theresa Larson, Edan Greenwald, Janet Hanna, Suzette Duhaney, Tina Andrews, Alicia Santana. Back Row: ' , , Stacia , ompson. Debbie Duhaney, Tony Hudspeth, Michelle Bryant Janet Armstrong Bloss Tammy Th . 4 I I 155 Boys Tennis 1st Row- Son Nguyen, Ali Taherpour, Dieu Phan, Khan Lam, 2nd Row-Vinnie Casazza, Juan ramos, Robert Barbosa, Adrian Hernandez, Khuong Nguyen, 5rd Row-Cory Anderson, John Osterloh, Juan Buckley, Chuck Harell, Porang Montaser, and Coach Linda Wehking: not pic- tured Sean Anderson. fyff ..---i'-'-""" rfifiw Q f ' f f - ' x M W A ' 1 1 vm f ,ze T 'MQ if V MJ, , Aw 7' I: M h M , c K A1-If 156 Boys Tennis -1-wi 1.4 ,., , .....,....-. -. x L 1 mxmsw. an , , V U w'vX1N'vkx A so SEPLW .,..4. va ,lf L 1 .0 X , rf gf vi X 'wi-if ' ' 4 oo r :..+... ' iywv v 'K ,. , X .4 L+ .ve A' . M . ,, ,. "' ,- Z", W r 158 J' ' g1:sf'?'?e ff if a H rf ,I 'Jr- x . .-' wwf ,y M. 'M zqwigml 'fjv Q ' E E QD V3 53 wa E 'U E fc 5 5 b ll 159 ,. fi X 557 ,- v 3,1-345142 i i fe c dzrmtaf Sim? 55351 dw fl Iwi: 160 JV Softball almond- 1 -T01 Front Row: Tiffany Estes Middle Row: Katrina Johnson, Ann Schwegman, Sally Wabisis, Lisa Armstrong, Edith Virgadamo Back Row: Asst. Coach George Virgadamo, Renee Waid, Sheri Willfong, Nikki Peterson, Andrea Klauer, Kathy Brown, Stephanie Deuth, Nicole Mitchell, Coach Ken Gilmore cyy. ,I M gd. 4. if A P- , . v Jw is-'i't'f fc'-f ' V' A - Q .v.v!9f0I'f4!0'.?Zvf4f'i'l'. r ' 47,322-: r lst U A ' -ff'fg- -xvfvlfagjfffvrfif " J '.g,,,,l. U... ,f ...f , A Vk,k 4- V ' li.. s S . .ww ..,.,, . 1. .. , x 1 ,n , l . P' . css. ' .' ,1, ' l, V 1 ffl y l Y 3 -a..,.. 4 I . g ' ., , A2 WM U - .. , . 7. ' 'V f wr 1'11.w.:g.gM.ef W, , ,. ,. f if W 'V Mwwwwwf Q -'Q ., -4 4. ' .Wi V-iz' , s..,. ' ' t ' f , ,4h,,..,A..gr.g . ,,, ,,,, . Ml V 3 f S ef S . Si I 23 ff x :exif 35.0 as A K. ii, r xqx 1 fi! 2 5,1 -5 ,. jj.- fifi Q 4.4 " ' wud. . . .Z A q5..m,WvMf .I QTL .,,,,,,.....,f', , 7' J if .X nfs.-Ths"" 'tif' II rsi -cgi," -Q. 7 I3 Eli- -.-gm, 3 . W..-V Front Row: Sandy Rogers, Laura Osterloh, Nancy Baldon, Kelly Feldner, Angie Vaughn, Amy Lyons Back Row: Asst. Coach Kelly Gilmore, Tricia Woodley, Andrea Pruett, Missy Belmer, Esther Perez, Jana Maddox, Lisa Jacobus, Coach Cookie Sullivan 4 N G :a '-4 Z' 2 5 51 r-I N W7 5 Assemblies Our Spirit 3 86-8 ls Sky High! . of L 7 A E' wt gm! H l E yy A 2 or o X 'K ' , . ,I ' K V I I WSF fm was a common p our assem- l body of helped moti- vate our students whether they were in a sport or an activity to do 'their best and make ECV proud. the assemblies Yeal fei SSG ryf I a aniid for school spirit this year all of my four and l Spirit. MW Jil' X Q, aa, 9' Q 'T- K I ly-fu f. m r in Q. WCA, , NRSV AQ, Twelve Angzy ,,.-"' 166 Drama WOITT GH Director: Jim Peace I 4 Y. s f' L- X f 5 f .. QQVI R X Drama Instructor: Howard Roberts Drama Lights, Camera, Action! The 1986-87 school year was an exciting and productive one for the drama class of ECVHS. Featured among the favorite perfor- mances was the dramatic play, "Twelve Angry Wom- en." This play was an adaptation from the television drama. l'Twelve Angry Men" by Reginald Rose. The director of the play, Jim Peace, described the pro- duction as "an interesting play with a series of sto- ries within a story." The gripping plot line with its varied characters made the play a big time hit with theater goers. lg fmt f N X 5- 'M Drama 167 Sing A Song i Q. i M DO-RE-Ml-FA-SO-LA-Tl-DO Seventy-two voices singing in harmony is wonderful to hear. And at ECVHS this year that is exactly what we heard. Led by director Laurie Taetle the choir excelled in a tough performance schedule of at least nine concerts plus numerous hours of practice. Among the many talented singers in our choir this year a few solo- ists stood out as especially talented: Shana Jamison, Jennifer Rosengalth, Donovan Wilcox, Terri Dow, Alan Baber, and Ginger Rose. 168 Choir With Choir I Vanities Faculty Follies Teachers Show They Have Talent Too! For the fourth year, Faculty Follies was presented in March by sixty to seventy staff members who took time off their busy schedules to rehearse acts and stage a full-length play. The college of acts and scenes were cleverly put together mixing songs, skits, dances, and melodramas. The money raised from this fourth annual performance went to senior scholarships, a student fund, and a sunshine fund for the faculty. Faculty Follies not only showed that teachers can have fun and tal- ent too, but also that they care about the stu- dents of El Cajon Valley. 172 Faculty Follies Qi 3: WW 1 'l F ...f .,,V Af. LJH34' 5 . 4,1 1. Y Y Q Ay in 59 f e rf My K L. n W Q f Am, Qallm K My ' 7 2 ' ' , gm I . I if:-x.'1 Q , 1 ,ff x ff W , ,S -1- Yq A 343 7' A nu3,.f. ",'3k5i'1'- udp ', hx 4 ip 5 4 4 I , 1 V ,,,..m, L 2 Back row: Jeff Hebert, Scott Goodnight, Jon Claar, Vinnie Casazza, Justin Hosmer, Steve Spraggins, Alan Spurgeon, Paul Munoz, Heather Rigby, Lisa Wandersee. Center row: Raquel Sanudo, Steve Murphy, Angela-Marie Olson, Renee Waid, Martin Murphy, Lawrence Caire, Mark Spence, Bobby Uithoven. Front row: Michelle Bates, Tyra Garcia, Sylvia Plaranjo, Brandon Baker, Janice White, Debra Valdiviez. 2' -,IHML M, Q' "G Concert Band 175 Band And Drill Leaders Striving For Success Dedication is not only the key to success but is also a quality that every leader must illustrate. Practices run for hours after school as well as on selected weekends. The leaders, though, must give more of themselves to the team. The numer- ous responsibilities range from the construction of props to the teaching of specific dance maneuvers and marching techniques. The most highly rewarded task among these leaders is bringing unity within the team. Friend- ships must be made because so much time is spent working together. Leaders organize and send out invitations to social gatherings leaving nobody out. This is an important foundation that band and drill leaders must build on to maintain a productive unit. Leaders must take time, effort, and care into each responsibility but their rewards more than recompense for all the output on their part. -r Q s Q. Q l 176 Band And Drill Leaders v MJ., , ,,., W, ....,,,,, ,, ,, .il V il -.Y A 4- I?4mn1?kfi"-..., F? XRUNQ Mn if r rf 5, . 5 ww! N ' if r l 'XX K :.kw,f4g 1. A 7 0 x 3, F ii-353 A 2 fl JT, Q Q if ' PN 5 S' Q 'M , if as C " 'Q I ik, 'L ,,, Back -rowzi l Andreaf frgfcott, Qhrystaf' rrQr5mgigMiddrle roxy: l'l2aQher C apmgn, Rebecca? Ellis. Front: Joarin M 'an.' r r mann! Band And Drill Leaders 176A 1 , 4-'- l.. A ,gy xiii? A 10' l .11 i ' 4 GN, ,-1 ' V .,. WY E jfs, is 4 Ll 3? lg Y '61 f w f X . 'J .fag A! ' , "' , 'f ,a , 51 t b, st V-5 ' v J ., ,f If . .tif , ff . ' , 11' 3 3 M N .Q iz, J' ,, I,-"f"f' if gffifwf: 'F lv J ,I I' . Q Y ,M Q X ' 4 gs ' R 1 F h' 3 4' El- :lj TH.. ,V 5, fr, 'fi I, x 1 'ye I ,I MQ, Exten V rg '. is leg!" I -b ag' S i ft i Qi H it . L i I. Nall V 1- 'K 7 lint, fiwlux 1- ' i 1 Front row: Kristina Ellis, Novalie Shultz, Melony Harding. Second row: Heather Chapman, Lisa Gunther, Andrea Prescott. Third I, - row: Dawn Bergman, Renee Waid, Michelle Bates. Fourth row: Jon Claar, Martin'Murphy, Robert Delvalle. Back row: Alan Spur- geon, Jeff Hebert, Paul Munoz. 1 :iii ,fa 2 l : -' 1 , l",' V., y A ' l T. -' 'l. f, s.f 4 1 - 3 :Hr 5 V,-xl W, , 'I I., 0 I ' K . .IQ .:' Y., fl, 4 . ux' :X iggjlrl 4" '11 iw, 'lf' , , l 1 'QI lik! X! ' 4 Gini! I an t Q.. ,K f l - X l S S 1 , S ff, 5 W. X V ' , ,N ' ' ', f 1 M A Q-'N hx if ggfi., Q3 ,pr Q li-if Q G3 , in 'aff w Y S ' M ,cf i fl ,X Q S s.. 1 or sw ws 'V V --,H .4 V 1 , , X xr, .fx V : J ,ta-qi 3' . l - it V H l- , 1' ,, -' If i ff! 4 ,art f i,.4",m'N l' S f I ' f l . S f . fr . , 1' fx' , if , .L i , f S M l 4 M X if 3 'I'.:',':'F"- ns.. X .' at W at' I . i 49" ' I I 'tri "X t if ' 134 ' g J' it '-1 ur ' N' V N 4, qi . . 'Q J ln." gf! :J 'X A l .l l -9' 'iw' , 'e ' , ' S ' S r -fvfi 4 fl V , f , 1 Q? "' n:,?f"4 1 we I V ,' , - , I ' ' ,, V l' , .. so - ' e 4.1 ,N x, 'M ' A K - l "xg, .s,-,Ls , l ' ' V A v -J ,V H - -lik, -37.5 . N ' . , , .mg , .1 .sl . ,QL -L , Front rOW:' Rebdccalillis, HC3U16fcDuncan, Chrissy Castle, Danielle Stephenson, Shsnon liellej. n wi 'J H Second row: Cryfstal Villasenor, 'Alisa .ParkingQAnnette,Wheeler, Joann-Md!loianclhlirgiibrijwz' Klitrin 'e Leigh, Tyra Ciaroia, LupeCox, Susie SanJu,a,niAil?afti Leong, Steve Murphy, Chrystalllngrarn, Beverly Claarg Fourth rgw: Rod rlobs,'Carl Knight,'vAniQelafOlson, ,Ray Thomas, Bobbyk Uitlgioven, Mark Spence. Back r .wr Scott Goodnight,1Rick Fisher, Justin rlosmer,kSteve Spraggins, Scottlgihmiel, Vinnie Gasazzai A . Y. V ' A S "1 'S " r l 9 L' .K 1 ,L Je ' G mf A' 1 , , A Us ff' " 0' 'W- J' v X Q.. 4 L- , 1 sffvlwz-afvnflfsw ' 1.s.'.::f 1,5 ir, fb QQ ' D O x 1..- 1 --o. "Tif- M1.. W 'sn -- 'W JZ l , . -cg, 'M , 1 X N I" ,45- ? N u M ,A ., tm A' .gt 4- if mf' ,, Q xg Lm :ffl 33155255 .. im 3'- ' J . ' . H '. A fgrv- ' '74, t . x , I , .IQ -,LE '51 7 7:0 X . V sf M :QT-,',7 F I ' 3 , 4 'ff . l V 2. .Mb ., ,. vb ll in 3 -1'..."" 'N W Q ii lil mi-4 i 1 in ls ."-1 --w v-qw... . , l l 1 i First row- Ana Galvan, Kim Gargano, Denise Paul Second row- Gloria Byrd, Aaron Collins, Carol Parkhurst, Christina Stewart, Lisa Tiier- ina, Andrea Howard, Kandy Bowhall Third row- Christina Benson, Lydia Martinez, Kristina Ellis, Jennifer Seigel, Heather Larson Fourth row- Pam Hayford 176F Dance Dance Company Dance Is The Art Of Expression They reach for perfection . , . they dance. Modern dance is one of the more expressive and active organizations on our campus. Advised and taught by Kathy Lamb, the dancers put on spectacular performances at school assemblies, the annual dance concert and presentations at nursing homes. This year, in addition to these performances, the Company danced in the Mother Goose Parade. The dancers have brought baclk the feeling that dance is truly an art. . FZ' . , IJWM M ' 1, ' N, 1 A - 'ffm - HS- U , , xg .f " '-'T'-'. K J X by fi'-.Q '-W, i!sQ'1,1f ,"..Z" f ' L, ,ge-3.-,f .4 . - -119. 1- ' 1.-W':,'g ' Li 3' K5 ,.. ,qw 'K 'W A-. hm- ! ,L I 'QQ I E5 1 Lf? Yi . E 1,541 .vw FL 3.251 4 "Ffa 5 Q " f s. if wp? , L, 5. 51 4' WR i L E l... M,,,.-f f N .1 N W X 'W 'RN FX X qw x 'wk I3 :ks ' f- 11 :53 fc: W Q... 1 3 Y 'Tu V+ r iii' y Mg A Wg' X .MQ S .N .- -.,. f m -2 1 F X T" WN .f3,. .. ---, .-.............. 12. fi' 'N xi 'G '-. sb.: ali ,..:-v- ' W :if 5 , . Q. f ,.. .,. ,. f Sm 1 ,L-Q-. .MQmW MJWM ny X J. fs fy :U WK 'ff H ' 5. 5 .74 El 1. Y ' Yfieiisagg X 24 2 figs' wg mf' L N? ' ' ,ikjg-Ili 1 M is K . by . F A s 9 ' 4' H 35 J ' X ix 'hw ' Ex nf ' Ii' ,f f' V ,f ' Q' f 4 'li' ,fi if. ' gf' ' -- X jg, U . , 3 1 a , fm fi ' X 15 gk- 7712, A ff ' ,H . , QM.. um Mfg W A .S .Ei '71 J ' 1 ww if ff A , f if , ifigii Lwf 22" 9 E, Q X sg 553 'Nun-Q-..l... V 1 lm: ,l .,,-""',f, ,-L. Qgjgiijmp 3 2 ia N 4g k '.5 mmm,, I i 5f7 5 M lil B W www Ralph Adams Librarian: Shippensburg U. B.A., New York U., lVI.A. Debbie Amerling Special Ed.: Brooklyn College BA., M.S. Gene Andrews Physical Science: Arizona St. U. B.S. Nancy Ancluha Businessfsecretarialr National University 178 Faculty Y 1 Teachers X-fi 4, Ted Bietz Math: U.C.L,A., B.A., U.C,5.D.. lVI.A. Margi Chaimson Bilingual, Spanish: U.C.L.A., B.A., S,D.S.U., M.A, Tony Colia Auto op DS - n Ty Hat: I X 49 0 1 Robert Duff Computer Studies: S.D.S.U., B.A. Mary Dukas German, English: S.D.S.U., B.A. Chris Endres Special Ed: S.D.S.U., B.A. Biology u sc BS s.p.s.u. Faculty 179 pf.. . . , .A. En u ' s L . ' ,N ' na u., A. 'X I LR " '," f tif , , ' F'i R by ulu f 0? NAL ' .V ,X It Charles Engberg xlbxxri, AI Feil Social Science: S.D.S.U., B.A. Al Fulcher V French: S.D.S.U., B.A. Roben Finnin Music, Math: S.D.S.U., B.A. Bonnie Gebhardt M.S. Barbara Fountain English: N.I.U,, BA., Univ. of Ill., M.A. Walter Gehrke Dave Franklin English: S.D.S.U., B.A. English: Cal Poly, Pomona, B.S., Science: Univ. ofUtah, B.S., M.S. M fig' W .ff ' ajfyi My bnlio wi wb bg, ,rw or-J 180 Faculty Social science: S.D.S.U., B.A.. lVl.A. w mum! V' Q, gn, 1 s W Richard nan X 305, Doug Hartung Spanish, Math: S.D.S.U., B,A. Ralph Hayes Math: S.D.S.U., B.A. Barbara Hempel Business Ed.: S.D.S.U., 8.5 M.S. Karen Higdon ChemiStl'y, BiDlOQy: S.D.S.U Faculty 5.5. Susan Jiampa English: S.D.S.U., B.A. Joan Johnston P.E.: S.D.S.U., B,A. ' Ab Patty Kepple Charles Kingery Biology: S.D.S.U., B.A. QW A ev, "wif i l 1' i E 2 Charles Koether Math: S.D.S.U., B.A. 5 ,,l li 15 K X uhm, if is llf ,A ,f www Special Ed., S.D.S.U., B.A., MA. MW Mffl , W MWMWME as 14:75 fl si 1- fffit J I WMM fi, , V K Kathy Lamb -1' Ui" ' , 9 Q - Performing Arts: Sonoma St. r., ..-5 ri? ' IVV' 9 ' coll., BA., S.D.S.U., M.A. Wir----' ,L ' ' ,K H' 1- -f" 'rl 8 ,.,, - ' G 2 f ,v A vw lm mx Mike King Special Ed.: S.D.S.U., B.A.. I"l.A. 182 Faculty lveaffwfzmw Y "'-l1i.,M Aaron Landau English: Hebrew Coll.: B.J.E,D.: Brandeis Univ., BA. ,nv I Q E If Miz, fi M, 5 N .. i iii 2 .Q -inf A 2 I is I 50115 is Mali 5 6 Bruce Leonard Special Ed.: S.D.S.U., BA. Joyce Minn St. Thomas, . . John Logsdon Social Science, S.D.S.U., B.A M.A., Carnegie Mellon Univ., M.A. E I Kllfl M3ddEl1 P.E.. Coach: S.D.S.U., B,A., M.A. Wendell Maize English, Coach: S.D.S.U., B.A. Richard Martin Bus. Ed.: S.D.S.U., B.S., Nat Univ., M.B.A. S AI Martinez Social Science: S.D.S.U., 8.5. ! Carol McKinley Home Ecfa Child Dev.: S.D,S.U. mx. Faculty 185 James Minor Math: S.D.S.U., B.5.C.E. Marilyn Mitchell Girls' P.E.: S.D.S.U., B,A. William Mitrovich History, Geography: S.D.S.U., BA., M.A. Haim Mizrahi Special Ed.: U.C.S.D., S.D.S.U., BA, 184 Faculty Roger Moreau Photo, Arts, Crafis: Univ. of Pa- cific, B.A. ',, S Robert morgara nn.: s.n.s.u., B.A. Azneef Roberts E.S.L.: S.D.S.U., B.A. Howard Roberts Performing Arts: Ursinus, B.A., U,S.l.U., PhD iys 1 v H, 45. mf Raymond Robinson Geography: S.D.S.U., B.A. iff, Phil Rogers Math: S.D.S.U., B.A.S.: U.S.I.U. IVLS. ! Doug Roselli Science: Rutgers Univ.. 8.5. Gary Schwartzwald Woodshop: S.D.S.U., M.A. 1 Bruce Seaman French, Geography, Math: Boise St. U., B.A. Sue Sharpe Independent Study: S.D.S.U. BA., M.S. Andrew Smith English: S.D.S.U., B.A., M.A. A.S.U., PhD if!" Alice Snow Spec. Day: Arizona St. U., PLS., S.D.S.U., 5.5. Faculty 185 4 James Stanner Language: W. Michigan U.: B.A U.S.D., M.A.T. Terry Underwood Severely Handicapped: S.D.S.U M.A. in Education Gus Valdez E.S.L.: Multi-cultural: S.D.S.U B.A. Lynnea Venieris English: Unlv. of Oregon, B.A, 186 Faculty 'I 0:19 REHL 5 1 A7555 Goabuzagi ,wp !?EEPM1 75 in M: if N I wi, 'ffzsf - ' i 'Eggfiw S.-,- k . Q: 1 'Q i i 5' ,, ., 7 ' 5721 M ' 1 i K ,,,, ' ii , , ww 1, z , ii if, i VL, , s I 5 V 'fx X , fx i . A,l1. "Hank" Wagner Vocational Education: S.D.S.U.. B.A. Wash Walker P.E., Sociology: Azusa Pacific Univ., B.A. Wayne Weightman English: S.D.S.U., B.A. Penny Whitaker Social Science: S.D.S.U., B.A, 'Hi' -Q .. .. - -q -4: 'W A i, 7'ff," I" f --VH , L, , , L ,W-, ,,,, , , LW- M11 : . f, .- mf , ff M0- 5 ,wmv i fj,,af 13 :uni A-P' -avi' ff1RSl ha., Edward Young sin, B.S., S.D.5.U,, M.A, Rick Wilkerson U.S. History: S.D.S.U., BA., M.A. 53' hgh: ' as-. 1 .if 13243 iff? I "Ok, Class today were are going to learn , . was a common phrase spoken each day by some of America's finest teachers at E.C.V.l'l.S. These teachers were able to hold serious academic classes for tomorrow's citi- zens, our students, and in addition display a caring concern towards them. Sixteen new teachers joined the staff this year and contin- ued the tradition of having America's superior teachers educating America's best students in America's finest city. William Williams Math, Drafting, Wood working: S.D.S.U., M.A. Richard Winn Math: S.D.5.U., B.A., Oklahoma St.. M.A. James Wolf Boys' ma., s.D.s.u., BA. Faculty 187 Social Science: Univ. of Wiscon- W, Cour "Ns, WW ilu dx ,,,.. "The greatest thing about counseling is the super kids you get to meet." James Peace 55 5 .4 mga? W it AI' "l've been here for a long time and the reason is because the M M 0-"""-- people are so nice and down-to-earth. I mean that!" Herb Gross "Working with students makes this a fun job." Don Halte 188 Counselors IOFS rv- 3. ,f--- -- f'--- af-2-:f-2-we-: '-" f :-:-,':,::af, ,,.. 1 ...-. ...,, -ff-' im --,'--' 2-fr, 3. ,- ,- -- , isu. '1 , 'Q,' 1i1Qif, Q A I , " wi -W 1" .HW 4 'tif l ,W-f 'NIU am-wwvmwwq Herb Gross, Don Halte, and Dawn Miller werejoined this year by new counselor, Patsy Bently-Acrie as the staff handled every- thing from minor schedule changes to counseling students for college. Until Ms. Bently-Acrie's arrival in November, Mr. Peace provided invaluable volunteer service to keep the department running smoothly. The main goal set by counselors this year was to help Uhigh risk students" succeed. By setting such a goal the counselors hoped to keep more kids in school and out of trouble. 'Z ' I My goal as a counselor is for students to raise their "l hope to make a difference in the school, to promote school spirit and enthusiasm. ljust want to be there for the students." Patsy Bently-Acrie expectations for themselves so that they become more than they ever dreamed they could Dawn Miller Counselors 189 wr 5 nd Mr. Frank Cole- Vice Principal a W 14 A i , i E M Mr. Ben Amador- Vice Principal 190 Administration L A -259- -ww. R W' -- Bu "'Tlan-.......c W ,. .-.L.3.'Tf.2x.!!Hf, ., . .. Que.. v . ' ,gs Nl, g:1.w v N . it Administration "El Cajon says NO to drugs!" El Cajon Valley was the focus of much media coverage this year due to the "drug hotline" set up by Mr, Art Pegas. The hotline provided the chance for students to report users and pushers. Mr. Pegas' goal was to have a Udrug free school". El Cajon Valley was also chosen this year as a Model Site School, one of only 8 in the state. This is a program designed to improve student performance. Mr. Pegas set up a committee to appropriate funds from the Model Site Program. Along with the changes, administration continued to implement last year's goals. Senior CAP score improvement, and a clean campus were once again emphasized. Mrs. Terrie Pennock- Administrative Coordinator Ki'! X f ' Administration 191 From my first day at E.C.V.H.S, until my last, l have seen the addition of new programs and innovations. l miss a lot of friends gathered over the years, plus the good memories, but there have always been pleasant replace- ments. My greatest success has been the hap- piness that l have felt working with young peo- ple and pleasant colleagues. The students are still friendly as always, though l have detected a lack of self-discipline and a real desire to excel in recent years. Now that l'm at the end of the great years here, my future plans are to travel to my parents' homeland in Denmark and my wife's in Norway. Thanks for the memories. Erwin Holk 192 Retirees l l Q 42 E M.. Y . rm limi V. ll , 'W n 1 if 1' A '3 3 W. 1--,, A if , W " , - V , T .ef ,x.w:m,,4?ZQ4 f fwgfifxf-2'-,,'2444f-,Z 'gawfi .... ww " WW: : ffl 'i iff t I W '51 l to ,T These 16 years at E.C.V.l'l.S. have been the busiest and most rewarding of my life. I remember as advisor to Girls' League all the hectic preparation that went into annual events like the Snowball Dance, the fashion show, the Homecoming Tea, "Faculty Night Out", and Mardi Gras. Then there were the eight years as ASB advisor. Who could ever forget those eight frantic homecomings? The three years as cheer advisor gave me a few additional gray hairs, but I am none the worse for wear. Thank you students and staff for these wonderful 16 years. lt has been a ball. RICHARD BAKER Classiiied CUSTODIAHS Back Row: Arnold Foster, Brenn Boyer, Joe Haley Front What helps make our school what it is? the answer is T X our classy classified staff! Each individual of our classified Q staff spends many hours each day making our school the W best it can be and many work throughout the summer to accomplish this look. Through cleaning, typing, keeping " records, corresponding, answering the telephone, dupli- cating and helping students in labs, the heartbeat of the school can be found in the midst of our classifiedisgaff. Aix Row: Ambrose Meanna, Beverly Herrera, Dick Gallagher, Kay Malgeri PE ATTENDANT5 Tony Lee' Alice Cora if ,. 1 ' I CAMPUS SUPERVISORS Debbie Smith, Pat Bradley, Pat Gardner, Chuck Price, Lisa Weibel, Eric Bertrand 194 Classified Staff GROUHDSMAH Ken Leurig DAY UTILITY hen Gilmore fce. t wsu C IMWJ Leuwu af- k77ffJ Yfff M71 A 114221 CM' f GQ AVQQN Wfwsg so ta ... fe saws lyxkbdlyqwxe J Plg0L,Ufget,Urt,LQ,5zsfKfL1 log ou GJMWWJW WLAN M xg , vb A4 CAI COMPUTER LABS Penny beuth Irene Pash, Gloria Thompson B'Lf 'A""'a'9a'et Mlundesf Myxuan DO' Nona Bagdasarf Marlene Ames, Mel Jen Vaughn IA Lupe Ortiz, Susan Webb, Cecilia Castro, Sylvia Neal, Verna Nicolet, Jan Parnell, Margo Clements 7, , ,- TMR AIDES Back Row: Rose Benson, Debby Lyons, Kathy Jamison, Mary Ann Coates, Mona Pard. Front Row: Traci Erbaugh, Judy Hager, Bonnie Antonucci, Leonor Barber, Barbara Wills ROP MDE D0r0thy C012 Classinea Staff 195 i Improving VP SEC. Jeanette Brewer, Katy Roberts CAFETERIA STAFF Back Row: Judy Loftus, Georgia Robley, Irene Stankiewicz, Shirley Pfiffer, Sherry Hall, Zena Cottrell, Lori Steeves, Dean Hummerickhouse Front Row: Gloria Britton, Alvara Williams, Thelma Richards, Juanita Hernan- dez, George Ann Rope, Roberta Flores, Patra Castro TUTORIAL ASST. Fred Fierro LIB. TECH. Frances Esslinger MEDIA TECH. Richard Rarpowicz if ' Z A1 ,af ,W s sw 8 TA'S Jackie Hanson, Linda Wehking SPO Joyce Ayres lA Sharon 196 classmed Staff WOOGYOW Our School . l l 'fi' COUNSELING AIDE Collette Ford SPO CLERK Johnna Kohler PRllNlCIPAL'S SECRETARY Ray Fulchel' 1? ir CLERKS Back row: June Pillsbury, Jane Hamilton, Lori Lehman, Becky Schooler, Collette Ford, Gayla Pacheco, Lorraine Holden, Front Row: Marina Espinoza, Nellie Munoz, Bobbi Doran mac!-:PT1omsT Melissa unsperger RECORDS CLERR CERRY Rams Classified Staff 197 n EHIHM i 3 A A 15 1, 42, U ,Y RSX -Al be H..- , 5 D. A' NM"'f2 Qgfgimzagxs if-1 2 . . Na Q5 f , . pwrgjgfgizmawww-1 ,mn E N ,.,,M,.. ,,W.g. , v.M.QWgl mmVgg,,,x..m-fxww U mwwfi www . mn mf A -M www W wif.: wflfsiiiigggzvisiigwzzz' 'Wt'M" A MZ' w2WMw.,,-wFi'lvW:,Jim i X X ' Nixffiflli 'Rami N, EkfziaszzsiwysfzgsYfgsizfzi X 1 Wmwvsxx-,ww U .Mix ' Qs ma Y rw Ma wk . w 'SSW :gig q F1 wwlsbw W'5EwWY'?We1Zlxwf f"f'iS'?U32N S2251xHw2'?EZwS"'52ZE?mg:a-Siiimztci aggs:W:i"S?Ef5 :adv ximian 51:3 ZFRM f G1f"'1W fb mm fs2f m'1 Q 4212153 N Agixm 'S A K flNfwigsmafxgsaga M Q w,,a,,M P '.,.,,,,wWLiS?iQmf:zfSlf5f vfsiiiaswwvzaff wwzyfgk SAP at K: ' 51552Q,,,QWggg-gzshwgqwf.W.5w::'sanew M: A. Wmimzt ,ww fx 1-, :W 5, is-gif,jigfsibwiifixfwaawfvvgfaggspsf5521HQMLQPZ' Z, Nmisgg. P Pvsaflv -ff ,,,, gzimw wg 952352522 'azz Ng H isa Wqi?wwwwg1EwMgfg,,q,:Wx , V3 gg M , mzmgswiixsaigiiigazsszz,sm-ggg:si:,,:::11f:i1 :g::5g5Q?2gg,:gSiE2mU is sa axzifgiggwsa azsiiflflwfzwz E Ab W , as 1:1252 1 5 fazzzgggef X -115. ,W M mf , A. M vw Ziwwtqm W: ::i':. gia mgiiiimi iii? FSSNYQSE E23 fimiii if-1 aw ziiiiimf-1 if wibmi il A I Sm mmazmw 11zzvmwfmaxzsnugmafnazizq mxssszwimeezz 'xiiiiiflww 'i E E ' 1, X 2 fi ,N 3 ,vw 5 A Aim 1.1 3 ' , , .X,, W S ., ,i r 3 ,JH A fi! I A K I E K, ,Ai A 2: L , gg ' . 1 M, f W g . A4 ,Q N ga ,Ei Mx E 93: S S 'f asv K, N X vm Q .Jw ,nik in, ,4 mf' X 'Ji X wilimw S4 Qmgiiiggmsiwwwvgewwwxsax gw"amsgg5gQQpwWS3 me-Na S6391 L: Ri QQQQLE ima K-Q3 xiawiiifiwziigf sm Agqiiimggwkw Qiiifiashgwiz fmiiiss ,Q V, ,,,, ,A 4 ,- V7 K , as-.W gm Q gQgE5lgQ:ggg:g?lg3ig'5i?i5giE::g1g33gQfwW,iygwmmfggg -,IW-.Q M ww-- wvwffgb, 51" 'ER H-G 31-:E wg gf 'fibwililvi .f 4 1 f ,,,,,,m3sw2,,z,gMmuWm fuaaimp 'sw-win, W: 1 v ' -f 'f ,,,, A4 X9 r K . 1.5. ff L . -J QF, M-. x 55:11 A ifxzwg. ii S: fp 11 Q -viii? -- gg xg' T5 Av sv di Xe igw X X - f 1 ii ii ff im-- 1 Sei hw Lx gi 1 I . Q .. - if X . . 2 fi Q z Q: Qs sg gm QQ he -P531 ax f ,di f bumoYXQS 'xc 200 Juniors 6? , M ,, Cha man D , Belmer, Secreta and President J4 'QZMTW Niko Aehtipes Jenniler Adams Laura Ahumada Saheyl Akhlaghi Efrain Alba Matt Alford Michael Amburgey Mike Anderson Tina Andrews Brian Anthony Kamyar Aori Crystal AreIlane7 Stacey Argo Catherine Arico Lisa Armstrong Troy Armstrong Carlos Arredondo Stephanie Averill Candy Avila Alan Baber Sergio Barajas Brian Barcevac James Barnes Brian Barnett Lisa Bartolone Kim Bates windy rsaty John Baumgardner Candie Baxter Scott Bazso Jason Beaver Oayla Beedle Bethanie Bell Deborah Bell Dennis Bell Missy Belmer Stacey Bennett Kevin Bentz Paula Benzo Kristine Berendsen Devin Bigelow Kristy Billings Juniors 201 f -w ff. - 5122 ma ww W M M 15 V. , 3 - ,,2Z:23H,,f1Y ' 4 E55 M ,Lg if 12 .. , Z jf 1 THQK1 mm mm NNW Mmm X555 :rf xt 41-fe R L M M WW MM ig, Wm ,M 'ix 4 , aw Q Wm 2 We Bmw ' my ,Hx , Q ru kk S. X wwmw W .. .,... ,... .:.,,.,..., W M I I ,A,A AA, ,:.,, . i .,., N Q H i g k Q V UM, ..... M agik. ,.,,.,. .. V I l Y 'WU QC f fi fr ' mi fi! 4 if ,H ml E Wx. mm Q Q3 QW www S , ,X Fm 5 Q, bf Ek Q2gy5ivgEiQRgwsg1w3XQX :SX Q Q? My TSX x www X QQ my Sa i? 6 5532 M 5 MQ? wg mg YE Q QQ Q was ww, wx Q wwxgrmwhmxyxww Yin. M 4,-,.sSf,.aR'iu ww ,W Qxxmxi xx if M H30 N wma 'iam wx 3 bays xv Wfmfwvw NNIWWW Nmxw mf + Xw:"5E -K X Q -6 :EEWSWQ Q M Q u, Q w - ab.: www f' -,QQ as fuiv ':.Q3EZ'ZtS++ 2 ktmfwffxim Sv his iiiziieiiwQszeikziififigakifSQTQiiQziwkxlfieisiiiwfzmmi 255525 93' sw W, 4 7 ' 1 1 445 in 44-4 5 , f ', 1- lm.,,x:f vfzzs-1-fv, ww: .L pf ,, ,WW K A X r 5 , 'W K yi, f V 1 W 255 "im ' G 1: 15:11, m. W iw :: ,,1,, , , . V 1 ? 2 4 n f s gg P I -. Q s ' ' ,H . ' ff W l .. .. M A i .:-' , ., ,id Q fi wif: 1 V , af if x sf digg? , 2 -my if wr s ii , , 4 W Monica Corella Maria Corral Alex Cortes Crystal Croteau David Crumpton Ximcna Quadra Matthew Cutler Andrew Cyman Sean Dallaire Fletcher Danley Robert Davey Tillany Davis Heather De Marais Lisa Dean Carmen Depperman Steve Dernbach Rick Deryck Paresh Desai Stephanie DCLllh Joe Di Matteo Nora Diaz Debra Dictzer Lea Disney Angela Doss Teri Dow Bunnie Dunn Brian Dupont Jim Dulra Jimmy Dykes Bill Eastman James lilliotl Kelley Ellis Kristina Ellis Jason Endicott Ronrigo liquihua Christina Ercolino Raeshelle Erickson Jose lisquer Mandy Estrada Chaunlcll Falk Fadi Fatoohi Gene Ferguson Juniors 205 Julie Fisher Traci Fisher Sheldon Fitzpatrick Sandra Flores Michael Flowers Kerri Ford Aimee Franck Michael Freeman Janet Gallant Benny Garcia Marie Garcia Richard Garcia Tina Marie Garcia Tyra Garcia Marco Gaxinla Kim Gezovich Edward Gibson Gary Gilliam Madolie Gillock Michelle Glaunert Rico Goll Angela Gomez Jose Gomez Divina Goodwin Doria Goodwin Jim Gordon Jenny Gosney Mark Graham Charlene Grant Marlene Grant Kristen Graves Jercmey Grillilh Montgomery Grimes Haney Groa! Mike llall Ashley llamillon Lilia llamor Robin llarris Leslie Haugen Tameeka Hayes Mark lleins David Hclmbreck 204 Juniors Samuel llcrluvic Maria llclnandcz Cynthia llcircra Layla llilali I.cona llill Anh lloc Sonny lloldlurd Cindy llollniichcl licvcrly llood Andica lloward Craig llurlcy Cuona lluynh Mikc Ibrahim Chrystal lnqiani Rohcrl Ivy Marni Jac kson Richard Jacobs Sarah Jamil Shana Jamison Tammy Jcnnings llcalhcr Jenson Clillord Johns Tanya Johnson lvlcsadia Jones Mike J. Jones John Jllilflfl Frank Kalabal Viflol Kcmpscy Tcrri Kcnncdy Alyssa Kcrhis Bucky Kolb Monica Kowalski Johanna Kroon Danicl Ky Jcll La Banu Jason La Vicrrc Robyn Lai kcy Tom l..ldish Staccy l.asu'lIcs Chi Lu Ciiao l.c Katrina Leigh Juniors 205 Kathy Lenflewski Valli Leong Brenda Lewis Dolly Lewis Tina Liehrechl Judith l.ihosit David Lim John Lloyd Elvira Lopez Malxel Luzero Tom l.y Monifa Machado Travis Macomber Ron Madarang Susy Mancilla Glenn Manning Hagham Mansour Jefl Marshall Paul Marlin Tainlney Marlin Lydia Martinez Rachel Martinez Adrianne Mays Yolanda Mazon Brian McCabe John McCabe Tara McCormick Pati Mc Donald Leeann MLGrath Tabitha Mrliown Armando Medina John Meleurio Autumn Merrill Angelica Meza Antony Miller Benjamin Miller Donald N. Miller liddie Miller Steven Miller Charles Mills Tina Mitchell Laura Monlemayor 206 Juniors Y L"-'iwrlfiifgfa-F-A' f'W'15Le""" ' 'L 7 Q , ,Mmm x-:faery WMM W r' L. ' 1 A 5 WFS. sig 6 M wwf' fax MM. ww N iii ... 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Shannon Newman Dee Dee Pearson Theresa Rciche Rod Revita Gary Richter Mike Riedell Corey Ritayik Cheryl Roberts Ellen Robinson Dennis Rockwell Gilbert Rodrigues Alyssa Roth Elizabeth Rouse Dennis Roys Maria Ruiz Allen Sako Alicia Santana Raquel Sanudo James Savoroski Douglas Schulze Tom Sctiwaesdall Julianna Seevers Serena Seto Christine Sexton Linda Shaia Nadia Shaia Benjamin Sherman Basima Shorees Ron Shrin Jennifer Siegel Burt Simmons Sabrina Singer Clark Small Lori Smiley Bert Smith Cheryl Smith Kimberly Smith Travis Smith Lane Snyder Roberto Solis Guiliana Sottile Steve Souza Jessie Soza Dan Spear 208 Juniors Desiree Spcth Jeannie Sprague Mary Stanford Christine Stanton Melissa Starr Joseph Stead Robyn Steen Timothy Stephens Tracy Stephens Wayne Stephenson Cindy Stevens llollis Stevens Christine Stewart Keith Strickland Sabrina Stringer Mike Sua John Taing Rachel Tate Christain Taylor Josephine Tehan Tang Tiet Lisa TUerina Chuck Tillema Catherine Tilton Sion lluna Tran Stacey Troutt Jenny Tsan Vince Van Asperen Darla Van liuren Derrick Van Dc Brake Heston Vanegas Pete Vasquez Bertha Vazquez Andrea Veazie Kris Velez Cnrraine Villa Crystal Villasenor Tim Vollralh Hung Vu Constance Wade Nicole Walker Shannon Wanamaker Juniors 209 Stacey Watkins Wcndy Wccclcn lirctl Wclls Candi Wclls Laura West Randy Whitc Danita Wilhoitc Adrian Williams Robert Wilson Shawn Wilson Lonnic Wisc Shannon Wiscly Carin Wilt Jay Wood Tricia Woodley Karla Wottagc Ishn Yausif ' ' 1 ,fi I Q 210 Juniors Sec'y. Tommy Wieneski Treas. Malcolm Fujita "E.C.V.I'I.S. , i'Sophomores Sophomores showed a lot of made the 1986- school spirit at 87 school year assemblies." the best." Vice Pres. Maggie Luizzi President Eddie Barbosa , kily i AE I V .A A Eddie Barbosa, Tommy Wieneski, Advisor Mr. Young, Maggie Luizzi, Malcolm Fujita 'The sophomores "Class of 89 is always proud to be part participated in of the ECVHS school student body." activities." Sophomores 211 Senan Abasso Tony Abouna Marie Agundes Angela Albers Lorraine Albert Josephine Alejandro James Alexander Missy Alexander Brian Allie Travis Ames Solia Ancona Cheryl Anderson Cory Anderson David Anes Angela Aragon Manuel Aranda Janice Arevalo Alfred Armenta Janet Armstrong Cheryl Ashley Cassandra Azevedo Annette Baca Misli Bachmeier Brodie Ballone David Baker Suzette Baker Jewell Bates Eddy Barbosa Sean Baremore Krista Barnes Ana Barranco Keith Qrton Hilary Bateman Summer Bates John Balls Tracy Baugh Todd Beets 212 Sophomc David licncclicit Scan licnu Dawn Bcrgnnann bean li-crlanga Gcncvicvc Berry Tracy liilo Clirisuna Birnlszlll Mikc liirlcw Kelly Birl Paul lilaii Aclrlan liloss Brian lioonmz Plicolc lloolh .larncs lioissicr Scott lS0bSCllbl'0ClX Michcllc liousqucl Angela liowcn Mark Hradslizlw Micilmcl Brarlslcd licnisc lircwcr Michael Briglgs Connie: lirilt Rick Brown Darcl Browning Chris Bryant Mike Burgc John Burklcy licncc Burlon liiras liutrus lianani Cahclic Christi Cnlvcii Michelle: Campbell William Campbell Tracy Cann Billy Carrulh Shawn Castle Frank Castro Sophomores 215 Consuclo Cazarcz Khim Chlmw Nicole Chomycia Jcnnilcr Clarke Carla Cocklin Michcll Colc Hope Collis Shane Corikin Jason Conslanlinn David Cordcr David Condcro Veronica Cordova Vicki Corona Anabcl Coroncl Sylvia Corral Angela Corricic Donna Costnci Cindy Crall Toni Craig Patricia Cruclgington Lcc Cuero Dcrick Culligan Hcathcr Cummings Doug Cundcl Mike Curtis Bryce Cullen Dallnian Kathy Daly Kevin Davis Michelle Davidson Tyrone Dayton David Dcbord Mike DeCamilIo Debbie DclCasaIe Rohcrt Dclvallc Jcnnilcr Dcppcrman Gcninc Dinardi Tonya Doiron Robert Dominguez Juan Carlos Bones Crista Doty Michcllc Dozicr Raj Dsoulu 214 Sophomoreg Rachel Duane Vancele Dubois Marlon Duhaney Tammic Duncan James Durkin Christopher Ebbert Michael Edison Eric Eimon Rebecca Ellis Ashli Elspcrrnan Margaret Emlunci Mario Equihua Robert Erikson Fred Ernst Wendy lissak Jaime Estrada Jose Estrada Kathleen Evans Chris Excecn Sheryl Farris Frenandn Favela Julia Fcnstermacher Jeff Fisher Tami Foster Jennifer Francis John Francis Billy Frazier Joan Fredrick Johna Freeman Michelle Froelich Donald Frost Linda Frost Malcolm Fujlla Luis Garcia Maria Garcia Mike Liarcia Martin Garza Dawn Gelfre Richard Gibbs Trevor Gideumb Josey Gilford Francisco Gomez Sophomores 215 Gala Gooden Gretchen Grant Susan Greene Tara Cireiner Suzanne Gribble Scott Griflith Lisa Gunther Armando Gutierrez Lavel Haag Barry Haberman Robert Hajek Stacey Hall Janan Hammi Hicole Hanlon Jeremy Harper Thomas Hart Aaron Heath Robby Helm Esther Helzer Trysta Henselmeier Jason Herald Salvador Hernandez Veronica Hernandez Charles Harrell Jacqueline Herrera Santiago Herrera Christi Herwehe Lee Hickman Billy nileman James Hiler Michael Hllton Krlstl Hindorff Denise Hlavay Tristle Hodge Chris Holder Carlos Holdford 216 Sophomores Justin llosmcr Sabrena llostcd Jason Howard David Humphreys Michael Hunter David Hyland Naha Ibrahim Todd lngclman Keiko Ikcda Robert lnsingo Corrado Introna Doris lssa Scott Jackson Archana Jaiswal Aaron Johnson Dan Johnson Don Johnson Jennifer Johnson Ronald Johnson Vincent Johnson Kim Jones Shane Jones Amy Jordan Michelle Jordan Mark Joslyn Jack Kacwpalug Michelle Kalser Christos Kapcianlos Vaselyos Kapetanios John Kurdin German Kaufman Colandrla Kaylor Mina Kelley Lynn Kennedy Ziad Khirow Alan Kilford Lori King Kim Klein Cari Knight Mike Koshen Oudom Ky Karen l.aBcrgc Sophomores 217 Steven Landis lid Lanenga Wade Langworthy Stacy Larmen Theresa Larson John Leach David Lchhar Jason Le Blanc Mark Lehowitz Melissa Leclet Joyce LCC Nathan Lee Pat Lesniak Shawn Lewis Gloria Lopez Javier Lopez Veronica Lopez Tina Lnpshire Tracy Lovelace Kathy Lowery Trana Loyns Maggie Luizyi Danny Lujano Elizabeth Ly Amy Lyons Jennifer Madarang Jana Maddox Danielle Macldry Manuel Magdalena Ruby Magclaleno Brando Maggard Joann Malloian Becki Mangold Dured Mansour Margarita Marrulo Shawn Marshall 218 Sophomores Scott Marlin Carolyne Martinez Ansam Matlia llusam Mallia Donato Maltiace Sergio Maynard Shawn McCambridge Wendy McDonald Michelle McElhannon Erica Mcllorney Lynette McKinney Mary Mclnelly Shawna McLaughlin Carl Mendoza Kenneth Merrill Michael Meyer Troy Michel Cindy Milot Sherrill Miller Phillip Minicr Scott Mitchum Todd Moore Manuel Morales Kimberly Morris James Morris Marcellette Moss Monica Moss Adrianne Munoz Joseph Nelson Candy Newkirk Stacy Nicholas Kim Novak Denise Nowland Peter Nguyen Stacia Nyman Vicky O'Bricn Sophomores 219 Sharon O'Connor Jeffrey Olsen Barbara Orlando JoAnn Ortiz Michelle Osborn Laura Ostcrloh Ron Paige Janine Page Wanda Pannell Kent Para Robert Parenteau Susan Parkllan David Partain Cory Pate Nayan Patel Paul Palino Brandie' Pearson Eric Pederson Katie Pendell Mark Pennison Jose Perez Maria Perez Angela Perry Charles Perry Kim Peters Michael Peters Robert Peters Stacy Peters Clint Peterson Harold Peterson Keith Petite Tuyet-Nhung Pham Huong Phan lthanh Phan Timothy Piete Justin Pinncll Tracie Pinncll ltenn Pipltin Pat Pislngcr Ryan Plezia Ronald Potter -vw. 'DQ N ' m Michelle Prescott Sabrina Prcsscy Donna Pricc Gary Pructt Carl Puglicsc Guadalupe Quinlcro Rebecca Raincs Luis Ramirez Raul Ramirez Troy Rcilschncidcr Donald Rcssclar Jason Rheinharcll Christy Rico Scott Rider ncmher Rigby Christopher Rocsch David Rogers Sandy Rogers Tim Rolccki Craig Rollei Wayne Rowe Shanlce Roy William Rudd Carlos Ruedadelcon Rainy Sampson Heather Sampson Madeline Samson Marla Sanchez David Sanders Susana San Wong Sophomores 221 Christina Sastoque Peggy Savage Chris Schoenbeck Donovan Schauer Eric Scott Bradley Schwartz Erica Schueh Ann Schweqman Paula Schultz Theresa Schnaidl Andrea Schagier Jennifer Scharfenbcrg Anna Scarcella Dawnette Seward Stcve Sesma Bill Secrist Eleanor Seto Novalie Shultz Emon Shemani Shawna Sigler Dawn Silva Richard Singclstad John Siegel Thomas Simmons Tabitha Sisley Craig Slater Vera Sleeper Adam Smith Billy Smith Moneek Smith Tracie Smith Wes Smith Winston Smith Freddy Solis Chris Solorzano Doug Solstad Robert Solyman Danielle Soka Jeff Soystcr Ricky Spencer Robert Springer Samuth Srita 222 Sophomores lDll3ll-il Mk UIIQIE V ,f Eric Staton Andrea Stefan Debra Stephens Christal Slablein Wendy Stcfflcr Christina Stewart Patrick Stidman Brenda Starrs Stephanie Strickland Jack Sullivan Walter Surratt Kavitha Swaminathan Jenny Taylor Kevin Taylor Lance Taylor Sabrina Dec Taylor Joscn Tehan Marc Tejedas Tnhy Telloe Angela Tennant Chou Tiet Audrey Thomas Matthew Thomas Kay Thomas Shelli Thornton Jim Toth Matt Tukey James Tune Amanda Uhrig Robert Uithoven Eric Underwood Melissa Urbzinski Brian Vahalils Martin Valdez Peter Valclivia Sandra Valrllviez Sophomores 225 Shawn Wadsworth Gregory Walker Leon Walker Michelle Wallace Renee Waid Mike Wanamaker Wcn-Chih Wang Jimmy Ward Paul Wathern Vicki Watkins Shane Walton Gregory Wear Matt Webb Martina Welbaum Mclodce Weller Annette WhCClCr Raymond Whitaker Andriani Wibowo Thomas Wicncski Byron Wilhoilc Dean Bilkins Michelle Williams Mathew Winctcer Ramona Winstcad Roi-Ann Wood Joseph Woolrich Shawn Wyatt Steve Valverde Angela Vaughn David Vaughn Lisa Vcnlura Eduardo Verdugo Doug Vice Srila Vichat Angela Villa Tony Villalobos Charles Vollrath Rick Zamora Troy Zimmerman qw- fi 'uf 'B 4,- ve Sophomores 22? AB R V E rin yo -0- .al Q FKESHMEN A if 'QS- ii X f A ,Hb A "M It ,xiii JA In ,. JM. If lx ., A f .xfyt K VVV, ,M I f xx M 1 F F 'wr 1 , A AJ. V mx ff! QI, , , LV K QN X A K X Q f' it wg: A QA f Q rl . , A 5 f I 'Q 'lf , 'Ni .1 l . 5' 1 Q ' ' Q l ef 5: i Vwrirylzywy i "' H 'V :Q if , U r 6, V fi fu 7 , 5 ', 1: Xa Q H ' - V r V. ,fy ,Yr EL " , 4' N 'f Q fi .Q KY! ff ix fy " ' " ,fn S' F i 'fri' JW 1 l 3 Q Hy if ' if Q . imfrg . i N . 41 Q X35 1 ' 1 Z OFFICERS: left-right Treasurer Leslie Ochinang, Secretary Dawn Figueroa, Advisor Mr. Roselli, Vice President Kary Sampson President Valerie Riedel I 1 P "5 1 M '15 A ' F' V gf' av 5,,,,,yi M fffggnju 5 SWK ff , V 05:11-. Q M54 Q W' H-lfT,i1f,'!, aff' f 4 M '5' , , f ow, "N L5 1 X 1 I H I 4 ., .fl 'a 2 QR z vw my -L wi S 'Vu ve - Q9 Q ' 3. nf W .ffmf X Qi ,kg John Colley Rex Cole Claudia Colin cameron conam Tiffancy Collins Carol Conger many Conklin Belinda Corral Norma Corral Vealriz Covarrubias Lupe Cox Maria Cox Theresa Coxscy Brian Cmin David Crawford Roger Creason Mellany Cunls John Darnanlo Mahasin naoua Robert Daughty Carol Ann Davidson Ron Davldson Daphne Davis Greg Davis Marc Davis Marti Davis Wendy Davis Cathryn Deacon Davld Delcasalc Shame Dandy Mark Del Valle Olrxa Del Rosa Scott Deuel Wendy Deuth A Michelle De Young Claudine Diaz Tamara Diaz ' Shannon Dlerkop- Steven Dletrlch 228 Freshmen xgss . s 'S' ..,2' J Q ff , WA 'M 3, A . - wm- ff I , A as ,73 5 I' A 1 , Q f is M 1 am,-, Y, ,, 7? f . . ty W5 " - -' , V ,MI if if ,aj Q .L gg WWW 5. my in 4,2 ff 3 Q: , S , an fh M-K-,wa I, fr wc. , ''b?i???i55?55?5SW5::iY:2ig4i4?WS55S'3i0SiWT?51SgZ35Hf2?X55i-m ay aw:-'s1?' .2:2.2:-. 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Swwwfwm wbmwm m.waaf.w am anew wwhwv QM ww.1va1w9lwmyQ.4mm.:mw:mmnma4.M My-xweumawavwmwmmwmrewm-wwwmmm ...l M' :W -NN 1- ,, ,,,, --wmswmw-New A LM ,, , ,,,,, , , , , .WW- Wm- :Z f Q WW is f M1 4 ,V Q Y 441 J' j EA Uv 6 fa A , ggi f 4 i 1 wr Y 53.-Q: A 2:2 if-fi wWMQ?MwwM?Z . , .1 . " 25. ff . .52 ww, ,lb ' Ji g? V. lm mx ff ' 0 55 S F N , 2 M ,S fr 7, W .f w 9 'I W 2 5 5 "" 9 .L as 1 5 7? ' V QM 2 A if "E:2f fig" Y 2 f X ,S , f 5 x M fa 23 2 533 33551 is 3 is 2 31 za Sf . - sggg , ., E? fs gimxwf Ks .SEE gi 2 fgii g 235355 . E I , 5 153 -22 52 ' :L-Q E 55 Y V 5.5 'sv + S 5 2 ' NIE .:... 1-2 12 if 4 .. .. 3 .... 4- :Q . 2 2:2 2 22'--.5-.Lf-: 12 E ggi 5 .. . ,, WSE 2 2 -r zszgg il 5 gizihffff "H 2.11 Q ..... 3 m- Q ....,. .. ffmiiiw ,.,. w? .g .3 .... b ,. gg . , E . -..- ,S E ., . .....:?. V 2: :5.. 5: :- M sg WW. H. Q ., . .. .,-. X 5--55552 R, get N 5 "5: ::::: g X Q X ---- 22 T .... . ,Q 1 gl Aizixxxwiw I- --2--: -'.-.-2112-"2 35- :f:'-2'5:"'1:5!3I-Qiii:-::I:I:Ie5::s-:I:E.5:"5 22225-32522525 Q2 VA Ibsiv he 2 2 .. 2 Egg E 3 ':':"" " " " QMWWM -51 ,25 . .... --'-- 22525 3 iw SQ Q Si s gg lg sgga W gsm A E ggs! ! E ---' 55 ,. E Q is 4 1 . .. I 5 .. 2 .... . ...,,... 5 'E ..... . - -w-..gig E -- .... . HJ gs "2' 22... ..... 5 :::- 1 1 . :,. ...S S W L .....,. , .. ,.,.. . E2 . .... w ,. is , -. Q ..:., 5 -. N . .. .. ...... . l . Q E. Q 5 .2 W ..I. Q '4 H w EEMHMHHEEWS 2 3355 .,.,:. .:... . . . ,il ---- . ...., :xi 13 Q E I F ,.,., ff : ..,. I 252-:fE'fE 2EI!::::': 5:f5fl3:- X 522 23. . M 2 A w fm .... .. '- E' " :EEE-'Eff 5 'rv A 'Wh H iMwmWWH 'g mmmw A ,f 55 f 1 fig! K7 'Q' g if! xigww X V fm ? Q in 2? Q4 , .. V ,..- . 2 ' ,, 25 ,af 'A N.. W W ik T 155 ,X 3. , S. I I Archana Jaiswal-Science: 'iAr- chana excels in every aspect of Biology. She goes beyond what is required and shows a genuine interest in the class. besides the A+ she received" Here are the most outstand- ing students for the 1986-'87 school year. These. students have earned their place in the Legend by hard work and dedi- cation to their subject. The stu- dents chosen for this are stu- dents who achieve goals and do more than is required of them. Students Who Excel 240 Victor Payan-English: l'Victor is one of the most talented writ- ers to ever attend E.C.V.H.S. His natural abilities blend har- moniously with his interests resulting in perceptive analyt- ical essays for Advanced Place- ment English and insightful editorials for the 'Smoke Sig- nal'. All four years at El Cajon Victor has written for 'Thought Magazine', contributing many of its best poems and short stories." Anna Hanna-Foreign Lan- guage: "Anna has mastered English as her second lan- guage: her native tongue is Arabic. As a third year Spanish student, Anna already speaks with the fluidity and ease close to that of a native speaker. This is quite a linguistic ac- complishment." Q A t "Zeal, Ml V. ...,, 1 , . a gar? , Q., . Y ,,-, .-.W-rw A ff-, I ' .L - . ,,.,, df 41 f ag If if +,. fi g' f it 5592? ' W L 5 . in m'.,:zL-. f if. ' . i .' 3 ' foil 1 Son Nguyen-Math: 's'Son is tak- ing calculus andi has per- formed well on the math team. He possesses the insight nec- essary for original thinking." l K I Alex Campbell-Social Science: "Alex always does High quality work on class assignments, both written and oral. ln class discussions he ist insightful and is able to perceive all sides of an issue. Alex is a natural leader and a real asset to So- cial Science classes." 4313, 1 1 17 John Osterloh-Computer Pro- gramming: "John is a very clever and creative program- mer. He has the ability to adapt the computer for prob- lem solving and is an excellent simulator." Students Christina Benson-Business Education: "Christina has tak- en typing, shorthand, and business skills. She has a 4.0 in all her business classes. Chris exemplifies the qualities necessary to make an out- standing contribution in all her endeavors." Ahn Pham-Bilingual: "During the past live years, Ahn has not only learned to speak, read, and write the English lan- guage but she has also en- rolled in a full academic pro- gram. She has a 5.8 GPA and graduated in the top 10 of her class." tit? g , . Y f 22. me Roy Bennett-Home Economics: "Roy is an outstanding home economics student. Besides doing his own work, he exhib- its leadership ability in the classroom, which in turn helps his fellow classmates." Who Excel Andrea Pinell-Art: t'Andrea is an outstanding art student who specializes in realism. She enjoys pen and ink, and has been an A art student throughout her high school years. Andrea plans to go to college and continue with her art education." . .itgsff 4412.512 if Kimberly Klein-Girls' P.E.: "Kim has been an outstanding student in P.E. since her en- trance to E.C.V.l1.S. She excels in all she attempts, and makes this excellence possible through continuing effort and a very positive attitude." Mike Jones-Industrial Arts: "Mike is a self-motivated and well mannered student in in- dustrial arts. l-le repairs district equipment and is an excellent arc welder and fitter." Shaun Ellis-Boys' P.E.: "Shaun has not missed a single day and he has a straight A in the class. He works well with oth- ers in the class." , S N X: ' ik J Ni ix, Q., gnu-4""' Y N -1 . . - 5, ,. Ai . .. It x,N,.,'1m. . .il 4 Juan Caballero-Performing Arts: "Juan is an outstanding drama student. He has been in many school plays and other productions." CAJO . rg 'NX' Students Who Excel 241 Frederick Milanetto France What program are you with? - American Field Service Have you ever been in the U.S. before? - No. This is the first time. ls California like you expected it to be? - Yes, but l have not been able to enjoy it to the fullest yet. How do you like going to school here? - I like it very much, especially the fact that here students have more choices for classes. Have you been to other countries on ex- change? - l've been to Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, but only for vacation. What is your favorite class? - Chorus What have you enjoyed most about your stay here? - l enjoyed going dancing, to the beach, to the movies, having parties, spending time with my friends, and going to school. Maria Corral CPepaJ Spain What program are you with? - A.l.F.S. Have you ever been in the U.S. before? - No, it's the first time. ls California like you expected it to be? - More or less. Everyone thinks of California as what you see at the movies. l had to go to a lot of meetings before coming here and they tell you about school and the rest of the bor- ing stuff, so l never expected it to be like all day at the beach and gorgeous guys. How do you like going to school here? - l don't like going to school anywhere, but at least here you have more things to choose, and other things to do after school. lt's more fun. Have you been to other countries on ex- change? - l've been to lreland on exchange for a month ftwo summers, one month eachi What is your favorite class? - Math and English What have you enjoyed most about your stay here? - l enjoyed Christmas, Thanksgiving dinner fmmm , 5, going to Disneyland, Seaworld and other places, and I really like the beach- es here. Foreign Exchange 242 ufxw Bernd Koehler West Germany What program are you with? AFS lnternatlonalflntercultural pro grams Have you ever been in the U S before? Unfortunately not ls California like you expected it to be? Mostly yes although I didn t expect to have mountains this size around San Diego How do you like going to school here? It is different but somehow I like it bet er Most of all the leaders are friendlier and a lot more helpful Have you been to other countries on ex change? Yes To France C1 monthl and England C1 month! What is your favorite class? Hard to say I like all my classes maybe history and biology What have you enjoyed most about your stay here? not havmg snow in the winter QI hate when it is coldl, having a superb family, finding a lot of new friends ,,,, - practical- ly everythmg I did. A1 Takada Japan What program are you with? - C.H.l.- Cultural Homestay Institutional Have you ever been in the U.S. before? ls California like you expected it to be? - Yes, lt's pretty much like it. How do you like going to school here? - lt's Oli. American High School has more freedom. Have you been to other countries on ex- change? - Ho What is your favorite class? Chorus, E.S.L. What have you enjoyed most about your stay here? - Meeting new people, and going new places. Foreign Exchange 243 Heaim e ran their full radge as E.C other news-filled year. The Year From the ecstasy of the and the Voyager success t e Knott tragedy, and the Braves h ave a wonderful da lgamel Aztecs whi d l H ec are 21 009 9 0 olid th P Y. omcer J -aim Sprmgs homz - - - ' el IH klllm F Q f m ! 3-year veteran suspected " iw M stmfxgling Cara Lf M w5s?X Y 544 f mwgsileg. f A RQUY 5' Mila ! BMQW' 'f " , OI Q GSI fxfflal 415, is Qii 5 5i 9505Q3 U1C??, 1999! f,9,!"' 0' wood actor Cary Grant dead at 8 tar of '70 fiims hospital stroke ran arms de nked Poind . 9 qlllfs. Hel' io CIA 9665 og 'agar Speclal P M -v"'r' ,g V,-xx T81 'if' i ' 'Wages v.?W 33 T, ,.Q, tl , Helping People Help Themselves There is a special group of people at ECVHS. They are the mentally handicapped of the TMR unit. Our students who have worked with these special people all agree that it's an experience they'll never forget. Thejob the teachers and their aides undertake with love is one that will teach their students how to live and work on their own in a difficult world. TMR 246 Edumtion kW,, ,, ,MM 5' W TMR 247 Q Goodbye E1 Cajon 248 Editors Fa rewell young we l around we has grown here at El yesterday t the end lt knowledge Hey! Do you remember our freshman 'ear? l-low oofy and Q oked? Now as we look an see how each of us ue to our experiences Cajon. lt seemed just lhat our senior year be- gan, but now it slowly approaches going to be sad saying . s goodbye t close friends and to the facultylt El Cajon, butjust as year, we mlplrst move on toward our goals and dreams to ake a future for ourselves To the faculty we thank you. for all the you bestowed on us. every other Hello Wo d! X. vm ll 'llw if Zig! . it nw? To the friends who thank you for all the And to the class of '87 best!!! come and gone - wish all ofyou the f Lint Qllkm, SEE, DLJO 250 Ads y 4 .... . f 4 4g,Y"',4,' my 5 . f AWK . I All Star Glass 1151 Cuyamaca Ell Cajon, CA 92021 Ray Jon THE REFRIGERATOR FACTORY We Buy and Sell Refrigerators and Freezers Top S Paid Working or Not 1266 E. Mllll buy 579-993 EI Cdon. CA 02021 ill 447-6220 FURNITURE STORE 261 E MAIN ST EL CAJON CA 92020 16195 442 8891 9 Ads 251 I7 , ,AVV M I Ili 1 CA 92020 145 Vemon Way, E1 Ca on SPECIALIZING IN ww MEXICAN FOOD TO GO X FREH SANDWICHES AJ! FEATURING ROLLED TAcos 'fgffl Bunnrros a. ENCHILADAS IBEER WINE SPIRITS wg, 444 6453 LIOUOR BIIIIB Sangster Owner PHOTO Q Sangster s ONE HOUR PHOTO 579 0669 1752 E MaIn El Cajon CA 92021 voN s SHOPPING CENTER AUTQHAUS STEBEL NC VOLKSWAGEN PORSCHE MERCEDES BMW 88 E W h gt A E C I C hfo 92020 161914441115 ALBERT IALD STEBEL FREE DELIVERY PHONE ll-44 2115 PHONE 442 0149 Ronald S Fenn D D S Inc ORTHODONTICS 1156 N SECOND STREET EL CAJON CALIFORNIA 92021 TELEPHONE 444 1181 FREEZER BEEF FULL l.INE OF NIEATS 746' 4 ., Benny .I Meats QUALI Y COURTESY SERV CE SPECIALIZING IN CARNE ASADA AZ' 1275 I: NIAN ST EL. CAJON CA 92021 BENNY ACOSTA 442 3529 A8841 CONCRETE PUMPIHG EL CAJON SAN DIEGO 562 6500 286 1146 PO Box9 Lakeslde CA 92040 EL CAJOH AUTO PARTS X fwlkwgi 301W Maw' Sunshme Plaza EI Calon, CA 92020 Fnendly and Courteous Service 579 7404 JOHN BRENGLE 1275 EAST MAIN STREET HOWARD OSTERLOH EL CAJON, CA 92021 f-X 0 I 0 l ol 0 Q ... 1 Dlllllflllll I ' JI I ffj wx . ,I I I Q ' xf 0 0 I I L, 7 It XI ., , f j D. ' - - E B 5 I ,pu m ll I ' Q ,,f 1 'IN j "NEVER A Bum STEER" III? I 'r 6 6 I QQ t .. xx - Q - Y "Q '. I , 7 O O O l 5 . as in on vc. ' I a'on, u' mia President - . l I i 'DI I - Ip . Ads 255 125 Prescott El Cajon CA 92021 S.J. Huggins Bookstore SAN DIEGO TRUST 81' SAVINGS 145 Prescott Howard S Bakezy El Calon CA 92020 1097 Broadway El Cajon CA 92021 619 442 0486 Ivan Acheff East County s Largest Oumer Inventory of Boating Accessories Skls Sr Skn Accessones A Boat Covers Sr Tops Broadway StHll'llCSS Hardware El Cajon CA Custom Balt Tanks 92021 1711 y Boaters THE VALLEY HOUSE 3 7 3 Exchange RESTAURANT ,K 1 A ,,. J if 576 North Second St A 'C El cayon CA 92021 1149 Broadway El Cajon 92021 442-2555 u I n I 1 . - ll ll . . o I fl -uf " -sis- ,?' .7 'za' 'ng' . A-' ,,. nga -I. I .4 ' ' 1. 2. : y " 7 2' C " ' 4 ' ,J 4 , c- .,.,,', v 4,4-J I .-?.xZ','E'S4 ldwho.. -4.1 ,v H- vn'5 A . 1, J'- o I . 1 254 Ads 1 1 1 W fm Fred Wllari 'S Studios W' We are proud of the best-ever 1987 LEGEND! gjx ,-W-7 T Qkkvu A . Q, X f .-Y. 256 1987 Legend Editors If you think MLS book is good, wait 'till you see our 1988 LEGEND' Y 1988 Legend Editors M 5 ,.A. A., A, JFT1s.f:" 5 .wig ,QWYSWPM .-'J - t' ' -.Azul A- -1k5"i'511 NWN 4 H.-Jo " v 4-x , ww. , 257 258 Ads Pl-lONEl6l9l442-4703 921 EL CAJON MACHINE GOOD GUVS' CAMPER! 1275 E. Main S t. El Cajon, CA 92021 1238 E. MAIN EL CAJON CA 92021 Heres a special note to all my friends l couldnt have made lt through hlgh school wlthout you. Keep 725 Jamacha In touchl lt s been fun. El Cajon CA 92020 Luv Ya Always Flowers by Ph yI11s Carol ahs , . , . . . . 9 I . . , , xi!! ii 1152 22155512555 'EEEIEEEQ I I-E535:I - giiiiiiilii IIIIIII1 :sisiaisgsisqs zisgiggsie 5131151515 5151555532: ' 3 Q . . . . . . E ., Q E S N fs is . . . I ' 933 E JN N2 S -1.53 Qt El? E 4' . Sig, Q44-I O 57 x ,gi sf vie-s':Q5,N sis N b Ri 154352 it X is ws 1 Ea, EQ lg 1 I2 K SDCCIBIIZIDS In Commerclal Landscape MaIntenance Apartment 81 Condomlnlum Complexes lndustrlal Parks CONTRACTORS LICENSE No. 463488 1136 BROADWAY, SUITE 5 EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92021 rcsccc cscs Ads 259 f , .Q A S5fQ'ff+ar4fsZjWf,,W X iwfj!2,,,K f V ,QAM 14,13 E fm, EL Qyfwfififff W A M ww M M f f ,, K Q wg, f 1 bp, , ,V my WZQf 37 Lfyzfifgf Aw QWW MQW Q, 4 fb f Of V X mfuwmwm f 1 -1- 260 Ads usocuo s M' MARKET H rfilmu Ifzzfltzlz DELICATESSE PS1 1164 N Second St El Cajon CA 0 01' American Freestyle Karate 155 Jamacha Rd ElCa10n CA 92021 Budenhoeffer Fme Jewelry LTD 1' 118 E Mann El Cajon CA Ads 261 Ads 262 Ave Santee, CA 92071 QM--... -'fs Oy' J K J K f ,,. eq J A 440-5828 Student Rate: 51.50 non prime time. Must have student l.D. Ads 265 EL CAJOIY AUTO PARTS 1275 E. Main Street El Cajon, CA 92021 Sfneei Zzrlzmh Qpzxsirg p Authentic European Cakes 8- Pastries 770 Jamacha Road EI Cajon CA 92020 442 8398 7 30 AM 5 30 PM Mon thru Thurs 8t Sat 7 30 AM 7 OO PM Frl 0 Closed Sundays UV P15 1' oor 511 Qt if Ad space provlded by Coach N Camper 1102 Broadway El Cajon CA 442 0215 Adventure Motor Homes Rentals 1405 Broadway El Cajon, CA 579-8727 .:v""" SECURITY PACIFIC 557 N Mognolno EI Cajon CA 92020 Phone 440 2822 EI Cajon Floral Arts 185 Jamacha Road El Cajon CA 92021 HOIYEYB T SHIRTS 2572 Fletcher Parkway El Cajon, CA 92020 Ads 265 I x DISOounr Boyd Anderson Photography 885 Amele Avenue El Cajon CA NKXXXW Merle IYOTITIZH COSHTCHCS Studlo 550 Broadway El Cayon CA 266 Ads IIUFFLERS l I I l Denisie Neesie! 1 You'll always be my fave lil fishstick! Always remember summer 85, Mulvaneys, hell week "Lips on the cake?!", Pepperoni, "My crop is beat!", nature walks witli lots of ants, almost getting lelt at the bay, beautiful leaps, screams at Jack in the Box, blind date with Mr. Right, Bookie, "I am not a sea totter!", George, your graceful fall at Hungary Hunter, glheer, "Be near me", "Tender Love", selling owers, eating cake with our hands, dinner on EI Cajon Blvd. in our formals, secret admirers, getting seasick on Reuban E. Lee, screaming, and our friend at the carnival. Thanks for your! friendship, and all of those memories. L + L Always! Jeanie Weanie! I'll never forget Mulvaneys, "eyes Sr tongues" you are very smooth!!! nature walks, Prepin', my crop is beat "Bookie, yes you are a sea otter." Biting the dust at Hungry Hunter, No, No, never, never, The gruesome twosome, standing on the corner, No, you l'Be near me" Swear to Bob!! You do look beautiful in those curlers, Nice picture Jeanie. Walking on El Cajon Blvd, Let's go out with J8rK and S6rD, Cheer slumber party, Do your eyes Jeanie!! You freak. Our lips are so close. Look at the guy with the gold chain, Who's Johnny?? M.G. l do, do you? 85 L+L always. The scrambler. ---- ma- chines. "you pick the place and l'll drive and pay for it." We will be disgusting. Thank you for all the memories. I love You!!! 268 Ads Wigs, gjfffffjj bf Q if Q KEY law mi N Hmmm Q5 5- 2 i 5335? N 'iii QK Nia Q S 05527697 Quo? 60? A5 9 Ads 269 by 'Phe e to the Gang says good- of "87" and""Good F E 1 jx N., J, f, . WN, . , mf- www f , , A. .dv ,yn -was ,:,.f..ri1v:5??f ' 'nf ?V"46fz wL2Z'2".feM1.1f " f gf gk M.,,...... ,.f -,,.....N,....w... W ,,, ,,, ,mv - . . M Q e1l4eQj5jmf jiandy, Kelly, Heather Joan e Semors Q 5 X X W Ji Jiifimxi W Q Q QPQQZX A Q 'A 'A SO G SERVN THE EAS COU .fd FF RIDE! qsrunzurs HELPING STUDENTSJ DON T DRI E DRUNK NOONEO ER21 FRI SSAT NGHTS10 M 3 M 'If J' Q1 O O Afo 'PQQQ ok qv Q39 6 Q0 Keep In Touch x iv 0 ' D I 0 ' - N X . X 'X U KJ ' Q S U M ' Q3 Ox ' X Se L sift WGA Q'-Lg OO S Ao? 2 4 SO OO -qs, Q ,go 0 . 4,4 ceq, 4T1,,,sA Q c-Of. xofo S+ QQ "A 0+ Q 0 M095 0 " 0 I G T NTV 1 So . . 1 P .- A . ' 1 1 N 0' v' '., 'W- U A Q 5406? OOQA 'N Y S4741 ' 6 Q Y L A AGN 3 xx O tgw . 9 'Y Q X F . oo X A O X' Ads 271 1' ff f , , ' g,911-n-,...,'w' 'Wits' I , is sg, Q , w. A 66? Zig? fig . 1 .wx TN s , 4 R' 'A' -4 , ,his X N? a,e2ak32,Qx-ff I 'fi-w 1 5, f'f,?w1Zf H 7 - ,. o 5 ' 5 ' k 1 ,. ,.,, y 'i-5 nv .1 s gg-2 ,Q Ie., If VN Q ik? V .mia f W 1 s,?yA4 5 A Maw fm, Q, .Qs h ,N -,, fi 'ig il' Z f .,.A PM jay? 1,4616 ,, 11V: I .H Q 1 'Q fu il , Q 5 , 3 ' , f A x ,, V I 9 1 if A fn ,nv l f , , u ,- ,gn 'Irv S x Q. . ' K' 'N ' ,. - , rv ,W 4, , A ,-, , ,- g-f-" "Q Q - ,- ,ft ' A 2 . 4 N, N ,WY W ,, ,. . 1 Q'-f 4 A """" . s lg. ' fa. - ,.,ffwf'4" K "' . .WW - A H - ' W 4, 3, . it 1 Q -.1 fl , I aw. ..--- .A m, W .MW .,-4 L,,,...ffw-f-7 - ' W Q.. Y.ff - ...f w , yt .Jr g'f.,f.:i2 ff' . gig. .- V v' A Qfsiwvi 251-Q, YW: NQ ',?l"'4 V J J ' ' Af . 1 if X' ,L-ywf ,VXXMQ rg' 'X J y W l,- "4:..,7,: V Ads 275 Lis- My little yellow M Sr M, You've been a great friend and I'll never forget some of the things we've done together- "Excuse me sir, but do you know anything about Volkswagons?", "Where's the beach?!?" and "Melody your sunglasses are crooked!"- Jr. take- over day and that huge slit in your skirt! Lis I could go on forever- the summer of '86 was the best. Good luck and always follow your dreams! Love and friendship always, your orange M Sr M- Melody 274 Ads -A. "1 Lis 81' Mel 5' - t HTH. ' 4-' rf? we tg .-g..,a Mel - My little orange M Sr M, It seems wc've been through so much together. Thanx for always being there. I hope we always remember the memories and keep in touch forever. How could we ever forget "Where's the beach?" and Jr. take-over day. Well, I love you and good luck in the future and don't ever forget the summer of '86. Love always, your fried: Lisa Good luck class of '87 - I'll miss ya!! cu " cn ' O cv z.. S H at-5 2 3 is 'ff Q 'ey Sufi I- O S N 25 5 3 ff 8,24 3 2 E' is U o E5 ui U df CQ -'D U S 5 : Sig 2 cu 5 'Enln U 2 vu.. ya 'U 'S .c 09 f: . cv F X S Q lQ 2 50 E 'U -3 ,,, fn I: RQ 3 5 O E Q E53 'U cu E 0' U12 .5 E O -Q O -C H6 yy fx.. D N gjv U gy-4-J U is 5' E on .C '5 -U 2 'E '9 on 5 Z '5' 8 45 C 3 5 L15 I :nm UUE 3 o 5 E' 3 Q as 515 1: E E E X E O 93 -"' 3 ? E2 C -A-I 4-3 Q. eg 5: ' D an-1 g U 'gum Q' O if : E- E 'E S5 8 9, 3 gi E523 10 E E E x 'EE -'I eq 'U .: Well guys, this is it. Summer of 85, pee wee golf, the six. 7- S S Uno : 4-I cv cu 3: 39775 NE ou 5-85 Lisa, special date for me too. Was the cat staring, Shan- 3 5 93 -'L' O 35-5 Q5 .E non? Beach house, Snowball 86, first 81 last. Yukl Nights at in Q U3 Z2 Q L6 'Q H ,Q Shan, Tif, Lis. I-IAI-IA. Fights, cheating, break-ups games, -5-gg j . V2 2 sr we've been through a lot. Thanks for making the past 4 years : : -C E 36 2 jf, 'U Q5 so memorable. I couldn't have made it without you two. l S S .2 3 3 .QU 8 'S N love you both. Thanks Tiffany U 1: 4: n .: E. 3 THE LEGEND STAFF PROUDLY PRESENTS THIS 1987 YEARBOOK TO THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF E.C.V..H.S. WE HOPE THAT IT WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH MANY HOURS OF ENJOYMENT AND HAPPY MEMORIES 276 Ads CD U 5 NJ 's U' U dui P: E 2 'U C CU 4.7 ID U d-I CU U lu- U3 U 5 U S- N r Favor. Nights P0 a drive. for IN . 'Q Q you're the Greatest 1 most you're the greatest, Thank you for I IOVC the who my family T0 cu .52 ..i Q5 .E E UJ .E u .Q QQN W Xgggfugd MLKQRUWWQ QW Md Egg? WWI VU! W"ifl3i Ky Uffwwx, UF s . Jaw. bww GDN . WSAJQX by B LAMP KD Yi Y wi QM 4 . I fikfld 1' IAQ! VZ, - - W P W f W J ffm 5 Q31 f, 55 I pf A Mg A Al' pf 7 ZW,-, M, UM !,, 7,l! whiff CJ L54 flag!! QJIQIAU 'ugh ,WQIIQ OOM Lara 1 01, ,H X 1 ,, POM 0392 .- V' '14 Hill' 'KJV' if? Q .TB J M , ,lf ,. -Nh' . fl X "5r'.c?'! W JU V lffww X M416 ' kuaom jrxf . - pf? fn aj' QU cm j, Gfmy D943 HUM? U flfili UAL Vfx JL ' MA-7 I QP ,Qt , Mi v A 1 Q. X NIM, ' and QUIK 1 Nj' Q F ! J 1' LW .jj RN," 90 r M Q ,gag yi , gf gif M41 wp you - We A OO it . xJ , ' IK lf' . 3 . 'li' X. Lf' Qyxjiiwffgfj gw 6? m DQ 55163395 Qowyy, r 4. O WSEQCQ a will CQQK pfzvsorw and KQQIM EQYOQH .Sow A EigFE?QQQd 'Hxmiv SRQSAVQQERJ fgmduodfe qodl Q56 all Mk qov mic s Ou V War mi I USHQM L.. JL, M 4 4 -Q , Wfww fp ww ,VJ W Q K'p jgig giggyy gggfgcwgf jf' Og ig li-fx Qi!-+0 x f- LU ??QiaM5 01' N. E w,Rx3 33

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