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El Cajon Valley High School - Legend Yearbook (El Cajon, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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px itle ir to t e little boy, t shall we do? Says the little boy to the little girl, I will kiss you!! Hey di didd The ca fiddl The co over The lit laug To see sigh' And tl awa' with tl 5 a 5 e ' S Q Q ,. A s ,Q x' 'E ss - X X X' Q A was e nd the umped B l11OOI1. dog Lh a Iish ran poon. ff 1 A '- ' ' ' 1- Q f x.'.X J..-vw f Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and wheyg Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her And frightened Miss Muffet away N x 4 E Q! L if Xb 'Urn if wav A341 G Q43 . "bi, yi Q, 27 fig 'ff ' - 4P"f"'ff , '. E. ,ia , , Q E gm L W JA, We W. ,HK pn a1w.fmuMrawua,w.4 ,, 214 ?1f?w 1 244' f Hz :'i'f5i? v .- if 3. f 4 1 Foreword For many us, high school is a giant leap in education, maturity. and views of life. However, our childhood is still a vivid past, full ofgames. friends, and memories of the enjoyment of such things as nursery rhymes. These rhymes were a big part of our development: they helped us to expand our horizons, and allowed our imaginations to wander. For these reasons, this year, we 've chosen a theme which has never been used before: Nursery Rhymes. The idea of rhymes goes beyond the basic childish interpretations that we formed: it is a reminder of our eventful past as well as a symbol of our constant maturity. For it was the deeper meanings contained in them. that influenced a great many of us to develope respectable morals and principles. they taught us about life. love, and about never-ending friendships. We hope that with this theme the Legend will be a special memory for each one of us for it represents a guide in our pilgrimmage from childhood to matur- ity. INTRODUCTION Title Page ....... Foreword .......... Table of Contents . . Dedication ........ Heads on Campus . A.S.B. ............ . Spirit Week ....... Legendary Lady .... Homecoming ...... Senior Class . . . Bilingual ..... Halloween ........ Faculty Follies ..... Donkey Basketball. . Mardi Gras ....... Snowball ......... Clubs ............ Multi-Cultural Week Legend ......., .... Grafitti ........... S . Smoke Signal . . . SPORTS Varsity Cheer .... Football Carnival . . J. V. Cheer ........ Water Polo ....... Boys-Girls Swimming Cross Country ..... Boys Varsity-J, M Ten Varsity Soccer PERFOl?MlNG ARTS Dance rlfompmry . . , Marching Unir ....... Band Jamboree ...... Band and Drill Offie-ers Comreri Band ....... Aulogmplrs . . . Drama ...., Choir ..... FACUl TY Administration . . . Counselors ....... Faculty Members . . Retirees . ....... , Classified Smff . . , Aides .......,... UNDERCLASSMEN Freshman .......,. Sophomores ...... Juniors .....v.. 4 . .... . rum, . . . . Wy. ,, K Wx ' ' ' -,zrl ' - - ' W-.W N, .. 211 Q r U 7 Wm: 42313 4 . :QU . Elf? . LQ 4 . :SVU l MJ . M Aw ,J 1' J 0.5 47 LCM J' l U l if Q? f ,241 J .M- f or L,M,gf ,gi minivan Baby Pictures .... .Senior Awards , . . Senior Ofricers . . . Senior Awards .... Senior Commiirees . . . Honor Grade ...... Senior Favorites . . . Senior Srandows . . Senior Candida: .... Senior Class .... Foreign Exchange 11,212 ,J rl M5 7 I 633' l WC? 9' 745 l 7 ,l 7125? l rl? l N. "Star Bright" Dedication The I 985 Legend is dedicated to a person who plays an indispensable role in the education of students at EC VHS. As head and founder of the bilingual department which is officially recog- nized as one of California 's finest, she takes in hundreds of new students each year from many countries with as many as 27 different languages spoken. Speak- ing only English and Spanish herself her warmth, vitality and enthusiasm sur- passes the language barrier and allows her to communicate with her students and teach them the language as well as American ways. Doing her utmost to ex pand relations and understanding among our varied cultures, she pioneer ed Multi-Cultural week and made it a tradition here at EC VH5. In l 982 she was presented with the County Teacher of the Year Award for her many accom plishments and exceptional teaching skills. We proudly dedicate our l985 Legend to Miss Margie Chaimson. '-ay.. 'WT Front Row: Drill Capt.-Melissa Stayton, Head Cheer-Kimi Bak ef, Drum Major-Jon Martin. Back Row: Smoke Signal Editor- Teresa An- cona, G.A,A. Pres.-Kim Allen, Frosh Pres.-Derrick Wallace, Soph, Pres. -Stacy Turner. JJ 1, VT I . rg, ".. Marc Drew, President This year's Student Government consist- ed of 26 members who worked hard at keeping El Cajon students informed about their school. ASB made signs, had secret pals, and worked hard at getting students involved in their school. ASB was led by President Marc Drew and his Vice Presi- dents Page Small, and Erika Grunstad and was advised by Mr. Baker, ASB Comes Through u Front Row: Page Small, Erika Grunstad, Vivian Rawls, Cecelia Watts, Ouy Nguyen, Vicki Brushaber, Cindi Jiminez, Back Row: Shelly Giacolett. Jenni- fer Brown, Jamie Harrison. f'Q With Pride Front Row: Kimi Baker, Samantha Landers, Darlene Kropp, Kim Patten, Deb- bie Howard. Mary Frantz. Back Row: Lori Schier, Deirdre Keller, Sara Car- lon. Not pictured: Michelle White. Mr. Baker, Advisor Our Spirit Is 5 - jing 44,1 , H 'isrglgqx ' y H , Nm I V .JC g X M4 fx' L: I fi 91 ' I ' .Jr ' Due to a shortened week and 3 minimum da ys, our Spirit Week lunchtime activities were cur- tailed this year, but that didn 't stop the spirit of our E. C. V. H.5. students, The Spirit Week reached its high point with our annual Braves Uprising Assembly, which featured cheerleaders, drill, poppers, and our varsity football team. Sky Hig I STER ' 'H X M, un QHUKBNG i gf X me F -fl 3 Fax 1 as -fy " A -in w 'ff ,,, , 'Q 1 4,3 M X ag , 3 X' a E W "",.n: MW- K3 ,,u-V 5 . 1, R '-sm 4 l 2 ! -2 ., Q 4 . "Who's The Fairest Cf Them Maid Kris McCasIin Maid K risli Maki II " 'fi ' A M W . 3 3, fQQ1" 'V C ' Maid Lori Casio Maid Kelly Killion Prett Maids All In Row. nd II The Kings E .iii- as-24.5 Q3 Men YT' r Vicki Brushaber John Davis Aimee Weber Paul Mirmingos Kim Allen Homecoming at EC VHS is always a festive and memorable occasion. This year it was tilled with anticipation, excitement, and sur- prises for us all! The day began with an enthusiastic Alumni Assembly and progressed to the eagerly- awaited crowning of the King Kevin Conn and the Oueen Aimee Weber. The court included Princesses Quy Nguyen, Deirdre Keller, Tere- sa Ancona, Kim Allen, and Princes Paul Mir- mingos and John Davis. The float that carried out the theme Tropi- cal Paradise, consisted of Freshmen, Sopho- mores, Juniors, Seniors, ASB, cheerleaders and returning Alumni. I 6 Losing the football game to Grossmont hurt but memories of Homecoming '34 will always linger on. Fa X i L K -UW' Deirdre Keller 1 4 w Q gl' l Teresa Ancona Kevin Conn Cecelia Watts Ouy Nguyen A , Tropical Paradise l984 fi 'WSW' W NNXNXXXXXXXXX xx x x x x x x x x x X ' WCM Nawuwva-my 4 ' a A F M . ,.X,.xX,,u iv W..... ,, , "' 'M-H --f-H' l 3 u Gi .T 15' xi, , ' ' 5. N -fwzgw-L A ,W . ,Q , ,Ki --:yy-nqblcwi Eng... sK,-. , " J :1fm1355.f.???if.-, ' " ww?:f,gnQC,ffA "XM 55, - :cl "-14 ,P ,S h ,. NU SMOKING .2 Md' f 1 J' 1 J' -bl .gfw M, QM ' ,mx ' , ,ff 1' 1 ...J ' f !f7Z' fi!-1,31111121111111fff fffffff J" .- .,,,. x ,M . SWJKINIS v 'Ks -' W. N X 1 W yi '-M M' Bilingual Department Shines Br. In I 976, E. C. V.H.5. Hrs! developed a program that has made our school unique in the District. Each year, over 200 students speaking different languages enter our Bi- lingual Department and learn the English language and American culture. Under the direction of Chairman Mar- gie Chaimson and Area Leader Gus Valdez, all teachers in the department, expert aides, and peer tutors strive toward the goal of making foreign students proficient in English and capable of taking regular classes in the school. We are proud of our Bilingual Department, and the many cultural experiences that it has brought to E. C. V.H.S. , a n Teachers: Richard Winn, Gus Valdez, Margie Chaimson, Doug Hartung, Asneef Roberts, AI Martinez wif-'-f" ' ff i 4 Q af 77 if -, ., .W-W ffr- Ty., , 3' fi 49 ,ag 58, Teacher Aides: Timothy Thai, Patricia 50. M.M. Agundes, Thamir Abdulahad, Batoul Abdulahad 1 Peer tutors Q , o Area Leader, Gus Valdez Bilingual Counselor, Don Halte Department Chairperson, Margie Chaimson Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater 4 33 if K N CQ: Q., aww' iw Over the past four years, Halloween has become a much-celebrated holiday here at E,C.V.H.S. Every October 3lst the campus is overrun by ghosts, goblins, vampires, and witches along with many other different and imaginative costumes worn by students and teachers alike. This year, there was a new twist in the activities, in the form of a costume contest. Since only a few students participated there were only two winners, The winners were Jace Holley, dressed as a bag lady, and .lon Martin, dressed as the Big Bad Wolf Once Upon A Time. . 30 Years Ago. . . A New School Was Created. e a rim: It d d p A d caring teach ost of all It ded students . . . i 5,51 pnncfpal john Q,,,,e,iu, Mr. Holk and Mrs. Adams: Here since I 955 "Pink and Brown?" - . 'r, 4' I W" 'le ' A , if ff ,Z , I I . C' . V 'N ".- -" ' . ..w,gr.,,x J . , f 'QM K . Hn, H, 'Ae M Q -N ,M-,2-"-f u. O ' 1 5 .fm Wh., mn am Palmer Heads ASBp A1rsNnoN 3 tl:-Q 5, 4.12, 7 Others In Main Offices ECVH BOYS ' --- ""' N e 9 W A ,L Gfg4ffZ3?i5Q'5:i?2i?3: 2 ' me-4' ' B 0 4:.fRf - V, f' fQ'Qi5Erft:r:. s B ffff7'gi':'::. 11 , ., zrsmrg lf K 5. -Q. -V - Y vl?'I,Q'T"1"f,J1"fI',. 2 B rp if ' BI "5 'Q','i'ff',1.fjQ-if AB 'luster if wan, comm rf?22Iesii5e1EElE:11B:25+f5fsQeaE'seiL55 .if B in iiee ,ffff B B Q 5 f B -W 1 VVV . Braves!! Just like you! We needed some traditions For the Brave and true, For Colors some cried. "Pink and Brown!" But our pick was Red and Blue. I9 A paper and a yearbook Were born in '56 And when we chose a mascot, The Brave was our pick. First Homecoming Queen Christine Hem First Valedictorian Ed Stinson "Wir ...ans-f Athletes with flat tops And the Hrst homecoming queen Are now just old reminders Of a once-familiar scene. The first valedictorian, A scholar most complete The Hrs! Legendary Lady With pulchritude replete. Hairdos and hula-hoops , Were fads of their day, And very modest bathing suits Have now gone away. ,WW I i li Old library in Business building. New library Our library was in classrooms, I6 years ago, The senior fountain quenches thirsts of students, as we know, Q 1 l l Senior fountain, Gift of Class of TMR Unit I963. The TMR facility gave a new look to our school, A new gym was completed and then we got a pool. EC VHS 's pool is available for school and public use. New gym gives students a place for recreation. I I And one night vandals came And our statue was defaced A I5-foot high fence was built And the Brave's face was replaced Ed Stinson is remembered For the Hrst open heart incision Devon Ericson won her fame In Elms and television 22 Pittsburgh Steeler, Mark Malone ls a premier quarterback Adrienne Alpert on Channel I0 ls keeping news on track Some graduates have now come back To share their skills and knowledge Teaching classes that will help In business or in college Ed Stinson Mark Malone be 1 QKX Devon Ericson Adrienne Alpert Thirty years have passed Since the school Hrst started But still it's home alike to us And to those who have parted s . QQ JD gf' ' iw, 5 And now it's "Happy 672 efffhdaw W J To the proud RED at as t . b L I, o Asigir- e ma i U is . A "We Give Praise To You!" Queen Lori Gerschoffer, King Keith Sippy 24 97' 4 I? GQ M fr? , Q Q O O .iq w ai'-f Junior Prince Page Small Junior Princess Dolores Rodrigues Cinderella Ball Creates Snowball Magic 0 The 1984 Snow- Q . ball was true to its theme a modern Cinderella Ball minus r Q ' V only the glass slipper and fairy god- , mother. Dancing to music provided by - f bt Stratus while watching videos on a wide screen TV of EC VHSs lunchtime activities created an exciting and fun evening for every- one present. The magical moment arrived with the crowning of Queen Lori Gerschoffer and King ' Keith Sippy. Completing the court were Junior Princess Dolores Rodrigues and Sophomore Princess Erika Grunstad. Junior and 5opho- .- more Prince Charmings were Page Small and l Raleigh Evans respectively. The night 50Ph0"'0"-' Pfin'-V55 Efika . 4' ended with a feeling of enchantment Gfvnff-fd' Svphvmvfe and fultillment and everyone lived r Prince Raleigh Evans . happily eve, after- 2? xggfia. -0- qfh IJ w e . 55633. a 5.5 o ' ' T Q. .gtg Q-Q. e , ga f air 425 ugh Q fr? ef y""i ' . "f,.:',- ..ee"" gl s ww pmzww X ww W X X X Q X W .X Q W Q X1 a i Eli Qlzfgggf. A S2255 gzgfssmz 4 'P X X X Ili f -' . 1 X g.- , . . U J ,.,,mXU..K 1, .q.y, D. www A NS?'44"Lf3 www.: Y WXWZX 1 ,A Mn' .,,.J 'J 1' H ff , . ,. W , .,Mwmfazg,afzxauzxzg, S7 ra L:,,?f55i33k'3E?1-m1'rmM'nmn-ggi I .... I , N .. .:::a 1-'12 2 . 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Each day we had the opportunity to sample the various foods of the farticipa ting ethnic groups and to see the various disp ays, T e finale ofthe week was an assembly in which we were entertained b the groups' native dress and dance. As the result of the hard work and determination of Cecelia Castro and the Multicul- tural Club, Multicultural Week continued its success. World After All w 9- n-64' 1 -Q- . Q is x , ',Z1:f ,Jw - g , fir' I 9' if .L f zz we . f . 1 4 q 1 25 f wr O M i,, 1- .frf X ,Z ,H 'LTD PX 3 q Q . . 1 w. sw' p. . r rr h , vm, M 'K :HTF Mum Mr. John Logsdon. v . A 4" Y si L fc 2 Q, 1,- vr 1 MR Q: jf .iw ur, . i F Ht - ' + if-ig '99- Jg ,fr . " , g , I 3 f -iiff' , ,wt .A 1-1 fmzi " 5 1, K K 'Front row: Brian Ginsberg. John Dayis. Teresa Ancana, Paul Hamilton. Rayell Binderim, .lennifer Parlain. Bark row: Sean Leahy, Michelle Wright. Quy Nguyen, Jae Streeper, Deirdre Keller, Marc Drew. Jamie Harrison. Lisa Gauna. 1 ,ig VJ' ,vie - yn ". I K, JN" f Ly :aww A , , . v . -NF - .- f. LM ah! :fn if nga. TE? , 4 . A .-u,...--- ...- 1 9 5 u N, S Z --. l. Front row: Gitta Gaida, Maria'5amson. Back row: Melissa Stayton, Cari Green Mr Logsdon 5, a Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses And all the king's men Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again. 75 t ' '. TC www xyatumm -tg f f7lf7'.Deafz,w7l7 7f!'l!Z!Z' flagzf, GL.9UlCL,J LUILLL d Mu qw QSM' X JU M V044 X737 a'L'0lh O6 Clad gig" Cmnt Ccfzgofl 9 fu-man, Oxwl J-'fm J 'W mm "Whos-..1c eww no G magic wwe Cnwf Cwfwwuvf-', K, Q,.,.C,2, c5,QWW,, LJ X I, ' l'TJofx55Y5Sy'lwL +SSNu. c.Q,o as we vm SD 'rv' fwb Y' X . "mc -Lrutm NLP U9 mow I-our Kim, A5 memes Mid. L H - 'f,,fL.,".Z3ff?i,,ff,fI'l'3i'ti Fffjfff on 1 LQQQ KQXQMX T QE allllopd E fV'f7'l"'3'lfj,Cvmg3 in-fe anew-" Gkugdxgaeq xi-QQQS' EPIC Dmlm J 4 4 '5"f'ff1:fff'y' HOW' 30 SGML PM QDXCS . 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" L i 5 5 , 5 A If if Q, 0' , l- 5 K1 QA. 4 ,N-3' , :hz , . . .j 4. .'-"' I.. r sp ' 1 - g I. ...f . 2?'f'L2' ' .- .,- QMS . ax I ' ' , gr, -an Us M, ,A . - .- - , , , . 1 "U . 3 Q? 1' -u : ',s-vi: .1-.-3,'Zf,.-?.'i "'..--':'f'T- , . Q -.' . .4 ' ' .-I.-- 12 r "f .3.v:.,-'.'.. J- 14.-1,3 -',-f'x?L , :dpi .V -."fR ' ,- 1Py,.f.,-".' 3 'if '4".'5.4'.-Q-3' ".-'--- ' - . , '- - - H - Q .Q f .H-v 1---'--' " wg .,-"--- W +.-'- . .,7?'g,:- , -A .-.'Yt5".-173.71,-.ml-gx. dgfing Q we-.1-S '- X , ':. . svfvf--f:f" ' 1' W P, ' -' - 1 W? -.' N -':- e'1e':-w'aK'::-1:,g,: 'Z' "ff " ' I . - . - 1' 3359 h -,QM -.1,qJ,..'Xk. H .A . 321, ,,g,f,.w1 'g,.' 4 . I A ' ,,A '- .r ."' A Q H w 1 , - - ,. 'g .'-- 'r-. A L' f '. , " ka- -N - .1 ,- : - , , . .six-, -. .rx , fg I lg 1 I" : W-51. Hung x EILFKUZSSA .Q , 5 was .Ii A 5 : JW W . . .- 4.1.-,, ,,, , 'W--gg , 1 K .Q ' s -1 ..- ,4. U -'1-4-.,f ., K I if 4 ' X A . 5,- ja 4 QL, 1 I 4 6 j . I! W- 3 ., . V -. ,M I, - f . A W I f., .:.fAyuV' Q L+ , , , ,A . 'f s J " ' ' ' m . 323- V . .' L. ' gm ff V 'rf 1' , gm .H-' . if ' -lip, V "F ' . . 63-' - ll - n ,, , ' " .L ' Av ,gd f. V- :I 1' 1 .' , I His.-1 Ilan? '-1:12.42-' I .- . 'E . - -r"'- ' E 1 ,fig 1 .,L'., . 'V J' N xi . 1 ,, qrf- ',fx ES MM , ,-f,f'.,' ' '-W y"'f-5 X' ?'.', ' A "Q ' ' ' T' W ,Qc '-3 J 'ff --,N ' , " .' 1 L." ,M , ,+ -j,.,1, AWK I ,I A , iw' ,f 1 7. in-1, ' ' 31.31 f...g fb lr'-' ' :' ' JJ, -ff"', fvai, M: A , -,.. . . fu ' ' ' -4- ' -an fri .- - 'fz-...N H 1:1 n' J' ' ' QW. Jn-xii! ,- Aw ,f ,E-,, 1 nx Qi fav. M, ww ff ' mfr' 'ff f 44 AA, "I9S4 Braves" W 'Tail' We 'l?7'4UQf' ' K ' v N ,-' xr- e- ff , 1 It 'H 4 f'k""f an , x N ' W at We Wifi is On September 5, I984, our Braves ga ve one of their most exciting exhibitions at the Football Carnival, The game was preceded by massed bands from the four competing schools playing a half hour enthusiastic concert, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. The Braves dominated Valhalla with their energetic offense and tenacious defense. The game, which started for the first time in the daylight, featured a 2I- yard touchdown run from Donnie Young, This boosted the crowd to enthusiastic cheering that helped the Braves play an excellent game. Though the contest was lost 8- 7 in a last moment desperation Valhalla pass, it provided a most inspiring beginning to the '84 season. "Coming Through" 8 :Qi NMA 1 M" S1 .4 ld Aa. f Thx Football Carnival 4 13 ,..,.l0w MM, 4.4 yu ,214 ... ...M f "Aw Inside, Cutside. Upside Down s . . 4 N "Y-E-L-I. - everybody yell - BRA VES!" was the chant that loudly resounded as Denise, Kami. Kim, Lissa, Nina, Renee. Samantha, and Thea helped the crowd show their spirit by cheering on their team. Over the summer many hours of practice were put in to provide E. C. V.H.S. with the best .l. V. Squad ever. When school began, that amount of practice time didn 't decrease. Under the supervision of their advisor, Mrs. Emily Barton. the squad made signs and run-throughs to be used at both .l. V. and Varsity sports. Their winning attitude contri- buted to a memorable year here at E.C.V.H.S. From lop to bottom: Kami Hillan, Thea Walker, Denise Wilhoete, Nina King, Kim Caskey. Lissa Glondeniz. Samantha Landers, Renee Fernan- dez. 7 .at ,ze-',,, ,,.4,s mm I J ef "Rub A Dub Dub. . " Q .1 W-mm fs ,,,,,, ,J .535-L1 s . ,:""f','w-r::.v '2' " .wwf N , 'size vt A l 29 ' 4 4 ,fbb I A I ,',fi' "J n" 'l f7" 'aW W, Q I ,," ' QQJA,-":wf' 'L"bV"A'b 7 Fi ff 4 ,J swab' ff? ' 1 'I-'M J i,gjl,L EC V 4 Grossmont 26 8 Grossman! I2 EC V I4 El Capitan 26 3 El Capitan I9 EC V 5 Valhalla 20 9 Valhalla 2I 4 8 EC V 3 Granite Hills I4 I4 Granite Hills 27 EC V 5 Helix 25 6 Helix 32 EC V 9 Santana I9 I5 Santana 20 EC V I3 Monte Vista I 8 I I Monte Vista I3 EC V I4 Bonita Vista 9 25 Bonita Vista I4 ECV I9 Army!Navy I5 23 Army! Navy I2 EC V Mt. Miguel 37 Water Polo s success has been attributed to a very young team that mainly consisted of under classmen Led by returning varsity players senior Mike Worthy and underclassmen Mike Valder amma Page Small and Andy Castonguay Water reasons to cheer Even though the team was very young the players improved with every game under the guidance of Coach Sanchez and assrs tant coaches Bob Sheaffer and Lisa Fisher With so many underclassmen involved Water Polo can expect much success rn the future years , . Polo ga ve the crowd exciting moments and good I Coach Robin Sanchez and Ass't Coach Bob Sheaffer. Not Pictured Asst Coach- Lisa Fisher. xomg, Sk' AX Q ,5 by LXQ ra' of , is S W QM? -5 -55 LN. RS' L X0 fb Watel' Polo M 0213? uf '43 ag if sfd? Top Row: Page Small V, Mike Valderamma V I. 1 - :. . . . V, Clark Small JV, and Jason Murphy JV. Middle Row: Mike o nson V, Matt Cutler V, Diego Leon V Virginia Peralta-Manager Andy Patton JV and Gary Richter JV, Bottom Row: Rick King V, Bob Kuethe V' Andy Castonguay V Michelle Fujita-Manager Raleigh Evans JV Matt Collins V and Eric Barber J V. Not Pictured: Scott Hisaw JV Mike Riedell JV and Mike Worth V. C ' 'C V, hy," ' 1 I V ' Sk H Q at ee ee :ww . - Aw. N ,V . V , ,f N Nt N K, V WM NY I X M710 u f 7 gp-we Swimming With Pride! 4 - Q. ...fan , -' ', "Qw,f6iv , Wi if :p,f'f' ' ' 4' J Y. , ii" 'ff . - :W , M 243, '1 A 1.5 ' Af, fp L ,QV f, iv: ,dug 1 r- L 6 if Q ,,,, 1 ""'-1' , K ,,,, MM' .V 'gi..,,, . . W Mr" 'i"L.a-' . ,mf M A 1-E -.4 I , 1i,g 41 'xx C.-af 1 ' wm- ff? L. .. xfilggfz "ff N "..y'Q,, , -5, f ' X Q 5, f., L, 4 Q. A .- i W D 1, ,, A Q , , , 'W rrmikgjvu W. h ' ' - ' "-M' -www ,, 'fgus Magnfm W, .-. A QM I .Vg-.4 ' wffe:gf.f,.,,1 L, ,L -M M- 'W--"w'4lF34u . ,M mf- M 1"-asJf"?'im .M - vu., 'V , . M, . fav- ' 49, .m W 4 WM ,.,. 4 ,gf qv 5 ' 1 , . , , ,XM X ,W ik - ' "1 ' ff 1 , ' ' M 7 ' ., M X, 3 if Ezffw L -, -K - . 5 ly U arm. 'wi 'A N" ' ' 'M an , V 1' fy ff I K A N , f w,,,.',s 1 ,' 1 ,-rw" -ox, ,W ., H If up M 2 l FRONT ROW: Andy Castonguay. Page Small. Mike Castle. Mike Valderrama. Brad Munso Joe Le Bla c, Mike Johnson, BACK ROW4 Doug Schulze, Christain Taylor, Eric Barber, Matt Collins, Mike Riedell. Diego Leon, Ken Schae - , . ah Sawaya. ,ilk FRONT ROM Manager April Lepp, Cyndi Caire, Michele Sherwood, Lisa Sladky, Meri Fronz. Manager Cindy Hollmichaelf 2nd ROW: Stacy Lassiter. Kristina King, Leanna Mc Grath, Paulina Clingan, Robin Lee: 3rd ROW: Tara McCormick, Heather Chapman, Katrina Leigh, Chantell Falk, Jodie Akers, BACK ROW4 Tammy Martin, Julie Seevers. Heather Jenson, Antionette lsadoro, April Tilton, Barbara Wheeler. g ,. , W. . Cross Country Braves Mike Michelle Bryant Q Cf 2 X 1 -'25 kr XV ? 'vlfi-Isnt .lose Ortega .1 Ins ,ol . lu.. I E r 3 Derek Tipps i I fl. Q 2 Boys Granite! EC I 7-38 Monte VXEC I5-50 Grossmont!EC 22-34 El Cap!EC I5-50 Santana! EC I9-39 ValhalIa!EC 2 I -46 Helix!EC I 7-46 a Mount M.!EC I5-50 Martmez 'lowest score wins Girls 25-30 25-36 3 I -24 50- I5 26-39 22-42 25-32 39- I6 .Ng ,ul E 'sq' See How They Run Ngu ye 1 a Q. , -c ,.f 2 I W" Ng.. ov' Sally Meeter "'1l--- 'o WO Keith Tune nf We Lawrence Caire .it .x Under the Direction of Coach Maize and Coach Martinez, I 984 Cross Country had one of its best years in participation, dedi- cation, and enthusiasm, Having I7 mem- bers on the team this year, Cross Country achieved respect throughout the district for their excellent runners. Lori Cosio received recognition as one of the league's quality competitors, and gave EC VHS much to be proud . of Our team ended the season ranked one of the toughest competitors in the Grossmont District. f X E WAHM . 5. M 2' R' ef f .ew , . ,,, W A T, ,L Q I F.. " - - ,tj M xi i 5,6241-su . , vw - x. Q V' .. W R N 123 A ' 1 R ' 1 A2432 ' .,,. W, 1 Coach Linda Wehking 25.2 Tuan Pham Angel Perez Jeff Parkllan Richard Parkllan 'J Q99 K E Us Brian Wong Robert Randy Paul Hamilton Roger Hrdina Supplied with second year coach Linda Wehk- ing and two outstanding high school transfers, the I 985 tennis looked to burn as bright as the teams of the past, But this new flame did not burn without some past players. These included three strong singles players and an exper- ienced doubles team. With strong dedication and improved skills. this team continued to shine bright throughout the season. JV Front Row Minh Do Andy Patton Vinnie Casazza .lason Seyer Back Row Richard Fisher Allen Camp, Sean Anderson John Osterloh Robert Barbosa .lohn Mercuno FRONT ROW: Asst. Coach Mark Jessup, Michelle Kiss, Cyndi Caire, Laura Call, Angie Caire. Lori Cosio, Dahlaine Seward, Chris Owen. Stefanie Hollmichel, Julie Fisher, Team Mom Earlene Hollmi- chel. BACK ROW: Coach Roger Roppe. .lade lsidoro, Autumn Merrill. Lisa Tderina, Leann Larman, Sharon Meza, Shannon O'Brien, Cindy Proulx, Antoinette lsidoro, Missy Belmer, Terri Ochinang. Alicia Geraldo. Asst. Coach Danny Martinez. 5 4 QQQ FRONT ROW: .lose Berry, Javier Serrano. Sonny Holdfond, Donato Garcia. Victor Garcia. Rick King. Jalal Gorael, Martin Herrera. Lance Peterson. BACK ROW: Coach Ted Heinfichs, Efrain Alba. Jason Heath, Donavan Wilcox. Frank Daugherty, Brian Negrete, Robert Stearns. Larry Winfield, Carlos Negrete, Manuel Caballero, Mike Castle. lsam Habib. Asst. Ted Winfield. Not pictured: Jeff Winfield. ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV Soccer Goes 1 Helix 8 Q Mt. Miguel 7 0 Granite Hills 5 3 Santana 5 0 Monte Vista I0 0 El Capitan 3 0 Valhalla 6 0 Grossmont 3 0 Helix 5 1 Mt. Miguel I 0 Granite Hills 7 4 El Capitan 3 I4 Mt. Empire 0 0 Helix 2 3 Mt. Miguel 0 0 Granite Hills 5 7 Santana 2 1 Valhalla 3 2 Monte Vista 2 2 Grossmont 3 0 El Capitan 2 9 Mt. Empire 0 2 EI Capitan 0 0 St. Augustine 0 I Grossmont 0 0 Helix 2 4 Mt. Miguel 0 I Granite Hills 4 For The Goal and 1 f ...., . V N 1 M ,, gy W 4, V, mu :",f,ff,,,, .,,, .,.:, V . , - ,W . - 'W X L V , ' fir' ' af 1 a, X s- ,,g I ,wc 7 6 ,swf ' 5 jfuggtggmfw The Braves Soccer teams of I 984-85 greatly im- athletic roster. The girls' team, in s had many inexperienced players, but that did not hinder their dedication, pride, and continual improvement. The boys' team, did very well in the Grossmont League. Their spirit and posi- tive thinking were important qualities which the team possessed. Both teams, with new coaches. who had the players out there working, trying, and learning, strived for much desired goals, both in the net and in team morale. .xl X' ,Q , av ff ' , ,, F w .d..,. ,W, . , L J . A ' ' X : , I wxmf , Ev. Q4 V . ' -, ' ' I' 1 -,W M, .-fm.. my W, 4, Q 1. U , 0 if ' Q , , ' BJ , . 1 f ' li .1 4 'SP' . Q A g . 1 -s,1 To The Top M, VN , vi, Wu 5 ffl 'ff V 1 . "ff Q i , . 11- W2'A TK This year under the new leadership of Coach .lim Minor, Varsity Wrestling had a successful season. Led by .lim Goswick, Paul Mirmingos, and Bo Steinbach, all of whom placed either first or second in each tourna- ment in which they participated, the team es- tablished itself as one of the powers in the League. 59 OD .E To V5 U S- 2 -. 60 EC V 6 72 Valhalla EC V I 2 60 Helix EC V I 2 66 Monte Vista EC V 9 52 Mt, Miguel EC V 36 54 El Capitan EC V I2 60 Granite Hills EC V 36 54 Santana EC V I 2 66 Grossmont , -wer: LIZ f A J...-:Qu M FRONT ROW: Lawrence Caire, Charles Nunley, Sam Herlevic. BA CK ROW: John Juarez Warren Frazier Scott Boyd Jose l.una Sheldon Fitzpatrick. For this year's J, V. Wrestling team, the season was a building one. They partici- pated at a disadvantage during the entire season, lacking a full thirteen-man team, but they worked hard and showed great enthusiasm. Although league competi- tion was tough and each forfeit cost six team points, those who did wrestle, post- ed some individual wins. P' ww-awww.,,. .znf " ,, 4 , A .Q W , QQ 4- ...ar Pretty Maids II In Row FRONT ROW: Michele Wright, Colleen Mc Allister, MIDDLE ROW: Diane Murphy, Lisa Siqueros, Jeannie Luizzi, Pam Da Silva, BACK ROW. Brenda Lewis, Becky Way, Stacy Stone, Christy Sprague. Varsity And .I FRONT ROW: ,lohn Braunsdorti Kevin TifHn, Joey Kaewpalug, Bo Steinbach, Sunny Helm MIDDLE ROW: Robert L. Jones, Javier Payan. Donnie Branson, Eddie Ebbert. Steve Boone. Rusty Pennock BACK ROW: Shane Matthews, Keith Sippy, Juan Zamora, Tim Bryant, Mark Cossano, Lee Kennedey, Coach Holly. wi A " 'fi N 1 may -1 b , A , hr 'J ' ,ll ' L 5 ' x ,, 4 ' H A, KW M ",. f ' Q '- ' Z ,5 N f' ' ' ' ' 4 .- Y if -ff 1 L p- !! tr W Q Mg , 'J U , in ' x L X jg S' K A at 1 . 0 fl - , , M, ,. ,,., - , ..,'.Q.r.a- B Q e- 'wr hy.. , W4 v fll W A, X iw ,Wig M.,..,,.,.L,l.. ..,r. R .M-My Q 'f -:L '-" " ' , f 1- ,W I ,N 4- MM, ,., W . K W 1-V Y f I V fb.. R ,V 1 ', , tg, ,M""9',w If rf I M Q .ef , .-V V v , -V J-gf , .9 , - 2 A 4 "Af etif q ' ' ' V - B - 5 ,A 7 mam. I ,, f "mfs T N .. . , . ,W , .1 ,.A ,z..,,m ,Z A . , Ruins If mm K KM -L:,fx. 'VIL ,si-+fX.',, 'mm' if QM P" ' M 'M' S V' L 'df L W .0 ,,,, I' 'l':' l ,.....'wyf'M -MP L, it L Viv I V , x, Q Mmililuindnlnw Baseball Exce ir.. . I 'W' ff fmmm 7- , , f I K W ,BW 'fi WW. I NO, l K H X if 5,-7, . , ,Q K' W, ,, ,, ,W I eww-M.,..,.',.,m.,.,.a, f .y,.,,. , V f X . .r a l"', may U M K .. K -. H . 7- ,,.,f f,, fm. f ,M ,W ww, Y , J -vs- , ' 1 Z-'e'W?P,'i"W A, -,,.a.w- 4 s . . , .QAJPW 5! g4'fQ1ifEfbQaff7f WT WP WW W5 I WMM . ,. MwxI+:9'2,,.. , I M .. 5 Q'.w,5.?5,n,,bmF? ,,, ,L f:-1, ':'u, fu., I or ',fw'41, ,.,, - f'-tg W 4'.. f ' f..'yf-,r,"Q.,Y , gf .. , e M , ,, fx ' , 'afa'g ,.j+s.!5, 3123 f ,, ,, ,,. ge: ' v x ww '-Y : ' ,. ' 5 4 K flsg-,'3,1 an A W: ft. - , , 44 7 K Z L, . . I rl ' -A"'5'fZ-'ww-iaa'?i'a1 ' . 'N""""""'+-W , wr fo 'O 53:5 4, . Jw. ,f .X ,f wg, K fa, A , ' x-0 I' X ' Ml-, .Q ,x ., , 4-,,.,q gl ,KW ,Xi f N . M 2 WIA 1,4 I , In V . , I V ,, , , Q.- ' , x '7 , FRONT RO W: Kevin Morris. JeffPiceno, Don LaBarge, Scott Verdugo, Ray Cuero, Brian Barcevac MIDDLE ROW: .lim Gibbs Manager. Larry Brown, Tony Allen, Jon Claar, Doa van Jones, Gregg Velasco, Robby Mueller, Mike Baird, Walley Yeakle BA CK ROW4 Sheldon Fitzpatrick, Shaun Ellis, Mark Christensen. Mike Patrick, Alan Da Silva, David Mayes, Scott Boyd, Kenny Ruprich, Sean Maddox, Coach Cowan. 4.-.fi Qgzhv f , I . I 44 V W ,,,' , M 'A 'J' , ., , A wgmm - '. ,,,W'3iW " ,ffvwfz HH W " , 'Miki Q- M "1 Y 7" f r ff , ,,,, A- , - Q .,,, mf x ,.f"' ...W -- .........-...........,.. .,,,,,,.-5. , ' 7 , . A, . ,um l . A A Q ? 'Q--'H 1 f ' fW""""' ,, f 2 Q n , , 1. v L , , Q 4 ' ' ' " , ' -,, ,M M WM 5 Wxp-..M.-,, . , ,, J .fl 1 ' A , ff' 'Q' .. , , A ' f v , 'S' 'V inf- , f V T "fn , -,..- - frm ,.,. "N "' . N , , ' - 'QF' ...D-""" ls, ff ,, 2 f .1 ' ' '5 V 1:15 L.. ' L, 5 x wwf. Mr " u , -H f' ,M , , , "- X ' -fn ""'W"' 7 M , ' .J g -- - "'f w 1 H AWK, , I ' 5 Q, V ,V 'vp 5" H H ' f ' ' ' , ' , :f.p,,,v1- If , 4, ww ' , ff ff"' mwfff- - f L' , f' My ,N " f' -4fif'Qff3?"', Wvfvzsf-TVf2A:n', " 7 M., ,-.4 . 55, My MM", , M, nv' ' 74" i., I ,MM,,,,,. .MW ,qw ,, ,, A ew Q' M4 """ ,W,,, , , N, M' ,f W, ,f ,,, , ,,.. ,,,,, M ,,.W,4,,, V, ,, , f , , la, , ,,,, , M , f :MY , f 12 3? ,V,V,, ., A. ,I QFVQVI ,J ,j , fi, , ,!,,,,,, , ,!. ,,!, ,f f ff , , ,,...4g, V 9 YM ,-.su V ,L , ,'-11, , f fy' , , .K wif f ' in, In , , ,',-, ,,:,"f,-wy Y,,,,k,, 1 .V 6 , g ,W A , , . , , , A 1 A 12 ' ,M w 5' QW I n ..,, . . f f X 1 C K gh 6' X ,K 'fi' ,L,""',f,, 0 L- I X ,W f ff 44 1 W gy i M, my u.-...QQ '.,,,w , ... A if if 1 Me K iif X ,,, ,,' Ball Squaws - Coach Wolf-JV Coach e 1 u 1 ' - o f-: Lge . of '. ,N ,,.. I v A XXV- Q V99 Safe ' . - Coach Hartung- Var. Coach x Front Row: Erin Joslyn, Rhonda Silva, Kelly Feldner, Toni Tucci. Angela Olson, Andrea Pruett Back Row: Tammy Thompson, Stacey Turner, Susan Wagner, Coach Wolti Shan- non Hayes. Esther Perez, Leti Santana. For Varsity Volleyball, the I 984 sea- son turned out a success in the eyes of the players and their coach, Marilyn Varsity And JV Volleyball Mitchell. Practices started in the summer and continued throughout the season. This spirited team played with great skill and concentration and put up a tight each game until the end. The young team gained much experience which promises much for next season. ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV Grossmont Santana Granite Hills Mt. Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan Grossmont Santana Granite Hills Mt. Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan -4-5 s--...,,, Front Row: Gitta Gaida, Mary Ruprich, Ra yell Binderim, Jennifer Partain Back Row: Coach Marilyn Mitchell, Gina Sparks, Leanna Hebert, Alicia Geraldo, Joyce Belkonen Get Into The Spirit N78 li Coach, .lim Wolf J 1 1 4 ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV Christian Hoover Grossmont Santana Granite Hills Mt. Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan Grossmont Santana Granite Hills Mt. Miguel Helix Valhalla Monte Vista El Capitan .I V Volleyball took off this year with a strong start and ended with a strong Hn- ish. The team 's dedication and hard work, along with the guidance and sup- port of Coach .lim Wolf paid off continu- ously throughout the season. Their talent and enthusiasm tied them with Mt. Mi- guel for first place. .IV Volleyball 's effort truly earned them their title of "Champi- ons". Front Row: Christine Benson. Shannon O'Brien. Kim Spalsbury, Anna Ung. Susan Wagner, Leslie Haugen, Shannon Berkshire Back Row: Erin Joslyn. Missy Belmer, Kim Gargano, Sharon Meza, Nicole Rudolph, Not Pictured: Lisa Butson Girls' Basketball S Back Row: Coach Bob Peterson. Johanna Kroon, Shannon Gerrell, .lamie Harrison, Gloria Byrd, Brenda Butson, Michelle Bartolone Front Row: Nicki Walker, Andrea Pruitt, Theresa Yeargan, Trisha Woodly, Kim Gargano ::f'v egg A Shoots For The Top ii if 21 lf 1, This year's Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, with only a single starting senior, worked hard to build a highly competitive team of players. They displayed a large amount of talent and gave their all in every con- test, The team, with the ex- perience gained from this season, looks forward to an even more successful sea- son next year. ECV40 ECV 39 ECV36 ECV29 ECV24 ECV36 ECV4l ECV63 ECV47 ECV32 ECV35 ECV3l ECV52 Granite Hills 30 Southwest 34 Granite Hills 33 Helix 46 Monte Vista 58 Santana 58 Mt. Miguel 44 Valhalla 22 El Centro 5 3 La Canada 28 Grossmont 39 El Capitan 3 7 Valhalla 3 7 Wa.. Q 12,4 W A ' A I V-V ' Q 7-1121 'i:, '1gl 'fit--0, U fi Michelle White, Shelley White, Jennifer Partain, Gitta Gaida, Gina Sparks, Lisa Bumpus, Chris Sanchez, Kim Allen, Joretta Cordero, Michelle Estrada, Coach Randy Robinson 055 Sports Autggrafljglfsqpkff CN 5 ,A K? a "J 1 QQ C Q7 WS fy xii?-X 'Q ' 1 ff S J X V 4 LQ? XC SX 5 A ggyy 1 ' I 'L A! N X53 ? Q Q51 S Q X? I ' QLQLJ F ff 55 JO Cf 'VX fit Q Q 1 ' O YQ 74.054 N X C GC 502' if 'W PQ -- f , GQ C-PL of XX fD X K K 20, X Q fig? Q W C fp 'fe X J Qux P f,.-,ff'- J Q N U Q Q sk Q . 1 Q Qff Q'7 1 Xxx . X X XM .xxxk Q b qk,w JB Girls and Boys come out to play, The moon doth shine as bright as day. Leave your supper and lea ve your sleep, And come with your playfellows into th Come with a whoop, come with a call. Come with a good will or not at all. 8 street. Boys' Basketball Brings EC V 46 EC V 42 EC V 7l EC V 44 EC V 33 EC V 4I EC V 68' EC V 68 EC V 67 EC V 44 EC V 33 EC V 64 EC V 38 EC V 46 Christian Montgomery Southwest Granite Hills Helix Monte Vista Santana Mt. Miguel Mar Vista Montebello Ramona Grossmont El Capitan Valhalla Front Row: Wally Yeakle, Lee Kennedy, ,lim Johnson, Robert Jones Back Row: Coach Randy Robinson, Shaun Ellis, Juan Zamora. Jeff Stanley, PJ. Panebianco, Craig Walker "We started off having a real good year and showed steadied improve- ment, " said Coach Randy Robinson of the Boys' Varsity Basketball. "We've developed a sense of pride in what we're doing and the results have showed on the court." Boys' Varsity Basketball seems to be improving each Coach Randy Robinson year and with their hard work and de- termination, it's no wonder. With their skill and strength combined, this team achieved the best record since I 975. -num-k Spirit To ECV Under Coach Steve Burton 's watchful eye, the Boys 'J V Bas- ketball team jumped into a new season. Working hard and determinedly more than paid off for them as they showed their great talent on the court. After long and strenuous prac- tices, the year turned out in- evitably successful for the players and their coach. CV 48 Christian 89 CV 4 I Montgomery 66 CV 39 South west 4l CV 43 Granite Hills 30 C V 29 Helix 5 8 CV 2 I Monte Vista 68 CV 23 Santana 64 CV 3 I Mt. Miguel 6 I CV 40 Hilltop 69 CV 39 University City 44 C V 56 Grossmont 70 CV 40 El Capitan 64 CV 4 7 Valhalla 3 7 CV 3 7 Granite Hills 46 CV 29 Helix 55 ia., N Q Front Row: Sean Maddox, Gregg Velasco, Rusty Pennock, Mike Hall, .lim Gordon Back Row: Coach Steve Burton. Jay Wood, Kenn pfjght-lqhnRoders, .lohn West, Rance fMagicj Reid, .leff Gay, Manager: Monty Grimes ot Pictured: .loe Le Blanc x 73 i Coach: Bonnie Gebhardt EC V 0 - Grossmont I8 EC V I - Santana I 7 EC V 0 - Granite Hills I8 EC V I - Mt. Miguel I7 ECV I - Helix I7 ECV 0 - Valhalla I5 EC V 0 - Monte Vista I8 ECV 0 - El Capitan I8 EC V 0 - Grossmont I8 ECV I I - Santana I7 EC V 0 - Granite Hills I8 EC V I - Mt. Miguel I7 ECV I - Helix I2 ECV I - Valhalla I7 EC V 2 - Monte Vista I5 ECV 0 - El Capitan I 8 EI Cajon Girls' Tennis had an enjoyable and productive season. With only a small returning squad in I 984, the Braves played with immense spirit and intensity. Though slightly ham- pered with Iack of tur- nout, EI Cajon girls were able to improve and gain experience which will make this team great in the future. 5 Julia Cabrera Dee Pantovic 15 E. 'O Jessica Gimpl c 5 z 9 . uv. Diane Sisti Lollie Castro 15 ,mfr Robyn Harris IQS4 f 401 1 V Maria 5amson Lisa Tderina Bach-Nga Nguyen V5 Om M 'T 2 E1 VJ M, 3 Ne' an i,.....a.An GIRLS' VARSITY: Front Row: Angie Caire, Tina Andrews. Second Row: Tom Hudspeth, Regina Mc Lean, Lori Casio, Sally Meeter, Third Row: Crystal Villasenor. Alicia Parkin, Michelle Bryant, Jessie Wolfe, Stephanie Hastings, Angil Meza, Back Row: Amber Reed, Bernadette Roesch, Jessica Gimpl, Melinda H Parker, Kim Laster, Bridgette Harvey, Marcellette Moss, Patricia Camp. ,,,,,, ,t,, , at B, is ,,,, ,,a 'E' A mtaviyii.. h,WW'nfvdv' ' -V QQ:-Q55 tinez, X 7. , COA CHES: Tony Lee, Lawrence Green, Wendell Maize, Al Mar- V' f W3 . . ,Av ,, ,,..., " ,. - -., ' wa, M ..,, , 1 .4-9,32 2. .,eA , we V if 'ws ,ll r ' ne e law 5 i if K 1 I I 3 2 W M ff' nn,' T T K' 5 M' ' -'.IQEifI:2 ' """"w-M. :Z ha'-5, Wt fig' 'T 6 , RV 'V M 'z ,r kg, Ln BO YS 'J, V.: Front Row: Todd Russell, Lawrence Caire, Jim Dutra, Brian Negrete, Carlos Peralta. Craig Hurley, Sean Clark, Second Row: Austin Davis, Donovan Wilcox, Scott Stevens, Tim Stephens, Lance Peterson, Ron Faulkner. John Carter, Third Row: John West, Jason Heath, Warren Frazier, Ron Shrin. , L Tim Kreeger, Back Row: Ray Kimmel, Rance Reid, Rudy D'souza. fem., . W ,' 'x fw- ,,,,,. Q-.Qu un? M , 1- M.. K' 1' a!'8, . ,aff-' -V 9th- W , K ay.. M, ,,., gig., K, , 1. 'wwf K , 1i1'1 ..., - , C., , ,N .4 K.-.ah 1 . J, V f-,, N T , ,, , C ,f T 'ii Hangs Tough With Pride El Cajon 0- 0 Coronado El Cajon 0-34 Helix El Cajon 0-30 Santana El Cajon 6-34 Hoover El Cajon 7-28 El Capitan El Cajon 7-42 Grossmont El Cajon 0-52 Mt.' Miguel El Cajon forfeit Granite Hills El Cajon 7-28 Monte Vista El Cajon I 4-34 Valhalla The JV Football team, under the direction of Head Coach Carl Roper, lacked the experience but still showed their dedication and hard work by trying to accomplish their goals. Players, Dee Watson, Scott Boyd, and Don Labarge, brought enthusiasm and spirit to the team with their con- stant attitude and effort. They began each game with an enthusiastic attitude to play a good game and ended look- ing forward to the next game. Even though the JV Football team did not have a winning season, each team member was rewarded with the knowledge that they did their very best. Front Row: Larry Moore, Dee Watson, Don Labarge, Dave Holder, Pete Vasquez, Frank Malangio, Richard Portillio Middle Row: Jorge Sanchez, Brian Braunsdorti Warren Frazer, Mike Castle, Effrem Alba, Tony Allen, Rick Swietzer, Ted Balz. Jr., Back Row: Asst. Coach Ricky Moore, Asst. Coach Da vid Kelso, Kenny Ruprich, Rance Reid, Phil Armstrong, James Gibbs, Scott Boyd, Rod Anderson, Asst. Coach Ted Ball, Head Coach Carl Roper Hickory Dickory Hockey i,,,,,w,wffM f' wif f This year was a building year for the Braves' Field Hockey team due to the inexperience of the players, and the lack of participation from the student body at E.C.V.H.S. Although there was only one team of girls out for the sport this year, those players pos- sessed enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn. The girls kept trying, learned with each game they played, and noth- ing dampened their spirits, Miss J. Johnston, the Field Hockey coach, speculates that next year will be a more exciting year than ever with the experienced players from this year's team. f gh, f' ei, i r a 'FQ V 5?-1. ' Q , ' ' MM ' X ? A f ef! . ix in A J . fil, " 5 - Q4 Ati: 5' , i sa B .w fwx n ' "Nw u ,,L,.-,.wa."f ' 4' 'rd' EC V Orange Glen 3 EC V Serra I5 EC V Bishop 7 EC V Madison I EC V Morse 2 EC V San Marcos 8 EC V Mira Mesa 2 EC V Mission Bay 0 EC V Serra I4 EC V Bishop 5 EC V Fallbrook 6 EC V Madison l EC V Morse 5 EC V Mira Mesa 5 EC V Mission Bay 0 Coach: Miss J. Johnston Q11 "QQ iqaligk f , M Front row: Angie Caire, Kim Allen, Cindy Caire, Debbie Friemuth Back row: Tammy Thompson, Kim Brown, Aimee Weber, Leann l.armen Managers: Gitta Gaida, Jennifer Partain I 82 El Cajon Valley High School Foot- ball, a team dedicated to its sport, coach, and more importantly, to each other. Combined with head coach Gene Watkins, team leaders Paul Casto and Derek Jenkins, our Braves were able to boost team pride around our campus. Though lacking in experience and size, El Cajon was able to perform im- pressively in the l984 Football Carnival and throughout the year to produce many exciting and memorable mo- ments. Though without an outstanding league record, El Cajon was still able to gain the respect of the league and their peers. 4---,far - Varsity Tackles 3 X M-M. ,lf E .4 pyiw p-M . w..,,,. ,, ,fill Front Row: Jeff Parkllan, Robert Jones, Richard Parkllan, David Millican, Pat Craw, Row: Manuel Caballero, David Pfafh Chris McCain, Eric Flippo. Derek Jenkins, Frank erty. Back Row: Joe Maula, Kurt Langworthy, Kevin Conn, Paul Mirmingos, Jeff Murphy Another Season 4 'NJ in Row: Robert Duke, Mike Ferguson, James Silva, Carlos Negrete, Wally Williams, Todd Second Row: Mike Shrin, Paul Casto, Donnie Branson, Sarmit Abasso, Mike Ha yford. Row: Carlos Lopez. Mike Moody, Matt Hayes, Keith Sippy, John West. ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV ECV l:'CV ECV ECV ECV Coronado Helix Santana Hoover El Capitan Grossmont Mt. Miguel Granite Hills Monte Vista Valhalla 84 Coach Fitzgerald, Coach Sawyer, Coach Smelko, Coach Watkins. 5431. A 561 X. . IJ KJ' , .,,..x-,,,,..N mfwk-wmmwfwwwwvxwvvffwa MEWAWAH , zv ,,,V W 1 2- xr 'A In 3 .3 M 'A Q J' f' by fig., , X ., .1 YA . V hi ri , V if if A fa at -id-an wwf Vx ,. A W ,A 757' in I , V A gm JH A 'z M J 'M lv- fl we , .4 'x , 13,1 + ,Q 'li' ,f mf:-F rg Q11 ' f bi gli A f 5 . ii, - M R34 V 1:a5,1.f,:- l '. ., .wh M., G ' ' , , ,gf K -va-,LV 3 -fi ll ,,,, ' X VW ,xr E . it A F. Y . R' C3 gs l , l l in , -3 bf? " 4 ' ' 4 u ' " V1 '-- 'ij-,rx Q L-152911, L A ,n , , W., I I ix NX ,ifmnt V lv. V Row: Vice President Girl.: 'Gaida, Advisor Miss Johnston. Back Row: Secretary Jennifer Par- taln C0-President Kimberly Allen. 711131 31" um, T' 'F--.man ,- -idx WY .1 I ,M 44, JC i , .Lk . f 4' ' 'I .Iwi , A ' su , , ,gf - ' ' .. 1 it "lQ',,. wel. ' 1 , U gf mg-in ' f ' ilu M-. ff ' W Q53 Q :1e3f'?. f JH' . . . ,. - Treagf ' hanno rkshlr HISfDfl47lllKIl1l Lur- gamb. side V .mn man -.. in :Q vgjy I J. 5 diiwiwf' 'i . ,gif rg 1 , ' X' ll Q! Old King Cole was a merry old soul He called for L .Km Q! , wvjwv Ml v ' XD X WNVMM l L lull 1 Nl Xlm e -vw fk l m W V37 W E U X l My WX Wglllf I, QQQN Xjfllxf Xl, X W 'QXW X xl ' 'wk 5 kim .fiwywlw 4 ll? PERFO RM N RT his plpe And he called for --.nw mf ..',, iw, his fiddlers three F A v en. QQ Y X . L QV 1 my 'HBV Q W S-at ggxikwk ,. 1 "W fem' in K -like X K 1 . T. Xi V .4 ,fkr 5233 1, . , K 4.12. W L .- K ,Tig mf' ,F 5 ,. 2 r if ,Q A J nk 'Q ' Q, L' n M gk ' me SHE S .Mm f. 'N Q" Nh- n,.""M N A Y- z ,, M,,.A,, ,. 'S .K R it L V. N : 'X-. k- - 'xg f 'S ' V Q' ' '41 bn Vu"- 4.f. , il: .E,l'1J!l , -' n . 5, I N X- , R 1 V -,,, ,jr A fr X 11 '1 hh Q in RSS-xi, 'tw t ..rN,f'n- ww W.. .M . Ng. A- W'-X um N. Q-,wx ff-Vffrqwg-,-Q xlwwx Mn -f xx --VX fm. -X i N ""'g,.1xQi1M wi-.hm "x, H-K .. if, , T41 --WM. M-ak-N T., "th -Icing up HT? qx, -X ig - , 1? if will XN..,4.g,g-,Q--1,1 -. H- . . -. I 1 -A.. -' -x'? f, NKA., x 'ox 9-1 . , , 4 A 'fx K' I A WY' A . ,D ' 5 6 K Q x N' . Mx, N 4 " if - '- Q h X .X 'A g V? i P Y .,N"A" L - Q 1 v, . . NW. K X. .. :m'fnwn:2'LQ1.N - ...,., J, M ..!! N ,W ,M -a,::Q,.,,-..,gQ.f- ix V w,,1- - X .. Q. . .M . Pi, . V Mfr '+... M fa 'av V 'Q Q 'ii' - -M tk' in rw -' , .. -' y ai"-'... 'ly ig www W J ' ar - , ' A. BH onen. Instructor O'Cg nor, Rhonda Silva, Karen Sercelj, Clarise Larse Wendy Wight. Alicia Santana. anne O win. MQ v-60 . T2-in Q4 . I 1,'A . -1 wx - ,.,.yV,, :N l,f', wa". Ca X ' X 3 1 f if , v - A ls x. Ll ,N vfg LVV' ff. ' f .f 'Fa NC. 1 ' A ,l-12 A .1 ' ,, ff ws, n 1" ' LH e n 'xv 1 ' : , ,X -V-ws . Vw' ,X,",'NX. V: KQV l'?y,,V. 1Y,5,'.T'. ' up rw wig-'FN sf' N ,, fav?-fri M.. -VL'VV- sl V, ' VV' M5 Y -I V V gx . nz'-'QVV :ffl . ' ' ' ' ', , -v n '- -., X -45.-S 'i -,z.f1f,-fl n 'L - n 9,-H - M' g-.ffiffh c me X .' 'Qi :A 'AN' 'A A A' A A Q: i'AANA?AA V 'rbi-' f'Xi bf 1 -44 Fx if ,,ffr:.f.v , 'iff n ,f.,-,fe 'Q "I-fri , 4 Q rt'ip.g,,. 'A 'WMC MX 4. Mx A '1' X f S2,2'+'-,VI ' 'rl dv' Qi U . x XX ' , 31',,z', . ylieny ,F V fx' if ' , R l,,VVVI' x U' N' , -, e A ,, 1, 45, ,fy-.vb 'r .k.u nf 1 - 'G " ", J, W fAf...:53 . .55-tg' "9 ,Y-'xx Liv Sigh, Wy 4' " LV.'x,'v1'1-'g,V'bx1" ar --af vw , 1 'QM if-. Av ' Q! XA V 'WSE 'A' 'AAA ,E . r ' A: 1 '." p A . A AAlAvA'?X!5,':: xg.: A'-:L A V - . VVVEV V 0 1 ,VV - V-5'?Vi1i'c-.V.' Vi Nfs f is , tg, V A ,VV A I: V :VV.AVV V Var VV QV V PZ ,li , VV . ,VV V V, A.-,gryv ' 'AE V I , ,A 'A Y Q , ' ' K fffltl , x Vik l!Cfl'5' A 1, .. ,. , E2 .f f 'if n ' Q .f hr' ' ' s- ' V . V VP , 'W v i' fx,-f-. fi ,214 , ' ' . , -V , DMI.: -.V .58 gp V 5 ,Shu Lx'- s 1 A JET, ,A V'. n '14 41 5:4 A ',,-VV . ' QV-' , V, V '- . fv 'A nge-.v , , t if T, nn il , - , '- -A ,.X.1s,,' 1 xv V A .K Ay ' Au1l5'.'A -' fish,-V-V , . X-xx. A ' -fs-.f,,g,-'ff -wp.. e.. 1. , .,, s- .L A " ,iw N AA I ' AA' .rl-A AAA 1,A'f' Q'. VV" ' 'X -lr ,sg ,fig .s.- 'W' ,"' ' f Q ,lg ' ' I 1 vs 212' ' fm' sn 43 19 ' 41:25 3 , f P Q-,T QQ , 'rigidly Q I 'Q , A , .. n . . . n .r 1 mls, . + 9 fi ' 1 ,M+'k.,.,x f, -'SX K -, A '- , f I .A 15 "' f I rl'lrw , UEQU - S 'X iuAiK'm'Ui27 -' A' 'A 4 A R A ""'- ' x "' ' 'N 'mfr P' fu M... VV , .VVQVM y V X y VA- Vlbw V' VV Q ' 'T f ' , A .,,' V,-,X '-ani 3 V '. '. yy iw Ib' ' if' :IVV VV rf :VTV ,.., ,LVL 4 V VVV.V VVVVV, ,ev V r , V ' .V . ' . M ,L , .5 f, f ..... -, 41 .V 5.1 My ' ', ' A ,-,., .. , 3, . , ., , , ,. 'V , V 9 , 51' , --,HK . ik j , f , , w ,AA A- V A VA f ' A, ' 'VA :A Val A Af. VA, A'VV A 'h 'Q ,A 6 K Q . Q 1 25. ' , , ,S V -. v' AV,V 'V' V 4 ,VV VV R 1 fl, pV'.,V , . ,V,V V, V ,' , V22 X., W1Hf,?,ilV.x V1 ,-x V l V Vb -.VV VV Vx VV LVVVQIVVVV VV L ,V .,...L.H WX A. A' 'FN A f'f"'x'."i' . . , ?h 12 ' 1 -' --,K ' wang . . AA xx AA A A A W ,xxx M-vi. f 'V la r, V V Q 2 A . L r A 'I' ,, 1 A+? N 1 '- l A X ' sf U '-'uf f n ' -ge E9 ' ,J - . . XV, " we V. Y .X N V N1 V x I1 x wht .v , TV. . V U, s 'gl mf fx, 1 - .M Q Tv- 2 W ., VV, 7'-'f' 'A A" A ' r '.A'A 1 IJ, MV' 'ii f ,. ,. Q r, ww L.: 1 1 1 -, T - 3 ,,. M ' , J r M! MEM, Y fiffju P Lynnea Rorh. Jeanette 5herinan. Jog15.OmaZAA5n. ri Wilson, Denise Paul. Parkhursl. xr , An,wA - 2 n Af- -FQ? e 'EE 4 Alyssa Roth, Verushka KGalvin. Linda Marching Unit Shows Its Excellence Band Competitions Chaffey Field Tourn. lst. Royal Band Classic lst. San Dieguito Tourn. 2nd, Norwalk Taurn. 3rd, La Habra Tourn. 2nd, 92 Band Director, Robert Finnin A Specialty Director, Rhonda Wilkes gl DRILL. TALL FLAGS COMPETITIONS 3rd, 3rd, Chaffey Field Tourn. 3rd, Royal Band Classic 2nd. San Dieguito Tourn. I 51, 2nd. Nomfalk Tourn. 2nd, 3rd, La Habra Tourn. 93 .fi 9 ' - 5. - 4 1 40' LH C tw A ,L 4 ,K ' fm' ' 1 4' i5"'ff"' i Q k " Q 3 g 5 , QQ 1 , v-:4 . 4 v -' ., ..,L ' 4 ' ' r ' so E 'N 1 A - 1 . ,Q Q . A . 1 r 'A 0. . .3 , . 'Lit 1 ' 1 .fifff 0""'+5f7f ' w,'cgf.3wJ5f 2: fuk . ",.u,1 J' . fin P11 3,1 ' I ' N - N ft:-.':" Arxrt- ,I J :f-4-If 1-34-5-1. ' UL -5' . -1 if .1 -11. f fi? A lv. Pk ,gf ,,., . ,.,, ,, A . - ",' 9 9 n' , l. -,--- ,4 1, ' ' l ,. X 1 F ! 3-b-.7.. ' , " ' .g d. " ll T x ' 'R ' 'P -- -. H Q ..,. W I . 1 'fi g W " t , U , M A D X - 1 11.h iii 1 Q I 1 N. .fu f ri' if ' ' EH 'Jn " A -'Wx at I 'ff af V f 0 I 1 ' 'fr 4' F1 ei' , fl' f I bv ,,, and ,, .1 . uw" J, . 6 'Tw--V , . ., , . . v 4- 1 .5 . . ...-x .:.,,. Y H Af . V' iflf I. 5 ' F ' J . W 1, 1 Jamboree A-. A 4 'T' V, . I it L , yi 1 Xu , Sn. -I 4 .Y ' ,gf "' my , ' A Z 'V VD? V viii' AW wg- . Ls. , A' ..V . A f .F 'Y' ., 15.1 ,485 ,, we - N f,""Am"'l'! 9- ' lun' 4 U U U f--,T', . o r ' e T T , , h, , B.,-'Mew - Y , M 1 New A -vyh it .1 ew 1 ,am sf Q -L T -T 1 '- A .T ff M T fig - 'pa 3514! n i .. v, A' Xa ,gd . 3 v g 1. t 1 . . ,vxy Q N I, ' .3 Q . I - A, . 4' ., Q 1 4 5 , Us "' 4, I 1 i Hmm 1+-fa W LK t ,-' 'A 'gm' , t ' ' Vi H 4 r 'I A , "1 Q ., WJ , , , A . ,. . L al F- lf., ' K , -.g ' I K ' ' .Law ' K , - .fzbgf 'l In -Q ,...-.'f3fvf- 9"'1'm 9:2 .wr - . 1- I kv . r f53,f.',L fp -wi ff K1-,gn-aw ' jf.. ' . 13" rf ,ff Q ' 1 "" ' 1, X f' -- T , is 'fNe. - ' 'vQ"'x?E7bf,.2'-1-', - . Af ' A 7, V, M :lf i 1 fl . ,, HUT I ,,,. I Nik fm , ,. 2539 2 ng, T x ' ' 'K f X 2 A O Vi, f 3,1 'Tw I W if-'Sig lx A -Q 'Pm-1 A ,Q 1 Vt . "".vW, ,K 4' ,Qt ' 4421, A wi wi-f R The I 984 edition of the annual Band Jamboree, held on Nov, I 0 at Monte Vista Stadium, was another tremendous success for the El Cajon Valley Marching Unit. The Held show, written by the renowned Bruce Jamikowski, received tremendous applause. Solos were played by Jeff Johnson on trumpet and Jon Martin on trombone. El Cajon was the tirst perform- ing unit and left a lasting impression throughout the evening. The Marching Unit used this excellent op- portunity to show their skill in marching and mastery of musicianship. The Band Jamboree marked the be- ginning of the great season that the Marching Unit experienced this year. Marching Leaders Drum Major, .lon Martin Qu 0 " Tggif Secretary. Laura Thompson President, Glenn Jordan Vice Pres., Dolores Rodriguez 4 Treasurer, Minh Do Pushing To The Top 7-MTX mi Drill Captain, Melissa Stayton 4'-'v Flag Captain, Dusty Freeman J, ' 1 fa , Secretary, Heather Chapman Pres.!l.ieutenant, Pam Estep le I 1-Iv . 9-f -1' -, " Q ff a ,f . 4 ...., ' -'M My Q, , gg:3jf4i4'?'Q Concert Band Plays On Sgt!-iii ,,w'15 i I 1 3 fi 'P CUS 3242 Honor Band Nominees ,D with Streeper. Mi D Chris Barski, R quel Marie Daniel ear. Lawr Vincent T, Cas za, Derek Richard Chartl P tricia Ann GHC? , 'v ,swf w,ffff'g1g3W Comings. Wendy Katrina Leigh, Walls, Carre, L Baber. Timothy Cron. Dawn M. Pennisi, Austin R, Davis Jonathan M ,j Cin Smith, Jon Second Ro : Steve Spraggins, 0 ore, Jame G, Claar, Glenn Back Ro - Allen L Camp. They Sang And All Over They Danced The Land! .sv W a I fi- fgw We .aww ,. ' .-A., f 5 :iw ,Q 222 " 4' fu QQ z W ,- mx 104 I 'MJ 4M W 87: fn V ,funn Wg? , if ,, 4 qs . zz f 1 A-......,. 'J , s , 2 5 v 1 Q- ff fw,1.WL W ww, -- 1 55.15 , 5 fy jg , I ', 1 H I ik .W mfw W My-uv ww ' ' ffm , 2 ,QV ,AQ f V 3 5 2, fwww ww 7 y J ,af Early to bed, ACU LTY Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise I 5 ,W Q K 7 ' M.,,,,,,. f V 7 W' i ,f if 5 , QU' Q 5, iyfrr , 2 felgjw X 1 Mr. Frank Cole- Vice Principal Over the past four years, the Admin- istration, under the leadership of Prin- cipal Art Pegas, has provided direction for E.C.MH.5. This year, the Adminis- tration was able to provide a greater percentage of the student body with six classes, encouraged gains in senior C.A.P. test scores, initiated a comput- erized attendance system, and estab- lished a new Math Computer Lab. As always, they influenced the enthusi- asm, spirit, and hard work needed to be successful, ,i l fry, Administration ' " ' ' -, ,,, , ,,,, 44 ' ' "M, ,,,, 'WPI'-A1 if in 1 A' U? 1- ,anna-tw, fx ' f , jlgy f' 'K wow nv., 1 frfmi ' V, mavgmr "" qi., imitate 1 as nm: 1 ,JW it , ' :nw 1 V mwamwm an q " a I mm 1 kv , .. ,N 'V N W w'f'1,, . --- -f",.VP2 H ' ', if- 'Q ' 'A A ,A ' 4 Q.. .:. ' y-M 3, rf ' an 7,1 """' ' , -Z" ,mv- ,,,' ,, A A - 7,3 M,-.L-M V V V -V ,W ' A - ' .,-V 1 'gpg' zffvg ujj X A fe'i"::' y ' rn, M ,, 4 -. iw 5 T ' I -15... Mr. Ben Amador- Vice Principal ...,.,g,., ... T s. If ?i',,. -4-f a.,. .. I- , ,.,.3 W. mill. '11, v'iT'l ,Di IE , Qin .CLI ,CI g 179 ffl w Q V-1 g H -S""r'i f I ,Ili mi --.5 ?, -,,.,.l- . ,. ,I I g ,xx gpm "',,f'T'!?'3'l !""', .N is 'Yi K i 'WC I? IEIIIIII 11622 ,.4.,-2' QF' ,,,,,..,wa-f'-""' Leading Us Forward Art Pegas - Pr They Know You Can Some of the best counselors are right here at El Cajon Valley High School. Whether you need help deciding which class to take, which college to go to, or what job you would like after graduation, your counselors are sure to point out the best alternatives. They give students valu- able advice and encouragement to better enable them to obtain their goals. Our counselors inspire conhdence in their stu- dents so they know they can achieve what- ever they want. J lf' T Donna Richards-A-Go, B,A. Au- , gustana College, M.A. PePPerdine fifty-Gp-O MA" BDA' jsgeclji-the-P-Z BIA., MA' Univ Univ. They Know You Can ixbxxkxbh I A g -. ' 'P 'gf PWM 2 W 1 e F r X Mfi2fzr'5fQ3' Q naw Anna Bartlett-Career Counselor B.A., M.5. 5.D.5.U, ISN Don Halle-Bilingual Counselor B.A., 5,D.5,U., M.A, Univ. of La- verne , 1 :I A 'QE'yfW'iQYl 2 ' 3' , ., gn 'I ef ' r 'If'--ffm? is-ia ., , , ,. 5 3, Z1.E'fzQifIf'a . 'Q " m g , 1. ff fr V. . of I if . if ,ii up , T , ffa N' A f V, ' ,xii . 'f rw ff iw H1 4 147 Z, A 2 ,-4,9 f ff i 4 AC 4 . y I World's Greatest People Bonnie Adams-Girls' P.E.. U. of Iowa, B.A. Ralph Adams-Librarian, B.A., Shippensburg St. Univ., M.A., New York Univ. Richard Baker-English, S.D.5.U., B.A,, M.A. Carolyn Bamberg-English, S.D.5.U., B.A.. M.A., U.5.D., .I.D. ia ill 558 Emily Barton-English, Texas Christian U., B.A. 557, Ted Bietz-Math, U.C.L.A., A.B.. U,C.5.D., M.A. Marg: Chalmson Bilingual Spanish, U.C.L.A., B.A.. S D 5 U M A "'1"h Les Bartlett-Industrial Arts, S.D.S.U., B.A., M.A. Tony Colia-Auto Shop, S.D.S.U., B.A. 4 'Tis - A . "Wk tax 'L ' " ' ', ' ,I I 0 'V 'A L", ::'?'lA:lifl'l!"V'i'! 'l 1 - -M ,V. ' ,fr W ' 4 i e! be ' w X r rr ,V 4' I Erna Duby-Business Ed.. 5.D.5.U., B.A. Robert Duff-Computer Stud- ies, S,D.5.U., B.A., M.A. Mary Dukas-German. 5,D,5.U., B.A. Julie Ellery-Science, Com- puter Sludies, U. C. Berkeley. Harry Elliott-Boys' P.E.. U, of Minn., B.5., M.5. Guid- ance Counseling, laVerne Univ. B.A. Al Feil-Social Science 5.D.5.U.. B.A. Robert Finnin-Music, Math, S.D.5.U., B.A. Barbara Fountain-English. N.I.U., B.A.. Univ. of III., Da ve Franklin English. 5,D.5.U., B.A. II4 ""' 1 l ' L ' Y iggggj M"' in VL I If , E A ..,. , W 0, ' "A"'Zig1I 1' ' ' ' K xp A 'f 1 .1 4 if A fgxgfpv , --Q Y H? A i qua vw 5 v ,Q W f f V ,rl Av . , , 1 ,. U I' YV Q ' UL Mrw' if 3,,,,.,,f""' 91 .IZ Al Fulcher-French, Spanish, S.D.5.U., B.A. Richard Hart-Social Science. 5.D.5.U., B.A., M.A. .U if X71-45 X965 fi ff0fQ4ff:F f01JCMjf"V ya fo' 171121 f7fPuz1L x 2, K yvccj fig ,4 5'4'zlc:4:5p.Jl' fu 8102647 - Md? Walter Gehrke, Science. Cal-Poly, Pomona. B.5., Univ. of Utah, B.S., M.5. M.5. Bonnie Gebhardt-English, jj c,gyf5L jfvq, Lbfvoo 421 Lanai. X-4-44.q',4:1jS ,qua f21Vf'4'U'5 IM MAJ jfcyif-f5 Doug Hartung-Bilingual, 5,40 Spanish, mam, s.D.s.u.. gpm! B.A. ...f-" Ralph Ha yes-Math, 5.D.5.U., B.A. Erwin Holk-Industrial Arts. Math, Univ. of Minn., M.A.. 8.5. Barbara Hempel'8usiness Ed., 5.D.5.U.. B.5.. M.5. 9 uh 53' Kent Holly-Social Science, John Ibanez-Spanish, Eng- Wallace Idle-Industrial Northern Arizona Univ.. B.5., M.A. Larry January-School Psy- chologist, S.D.5.U., B.A., M.A. Charles Kingery-Biology, 5.D.S. U., B.A. lish, Southwestern, A.A., Arts, 5.D.5.U., B.A. 5.D.5.U., B.A. Jody Johnston-P.E.. S.D.5.U., B.A. Kathy Lamb-Performing Aaron Landau-English, He- Arts, Sonoma St. Coll., B.A., brew College, B.J.E.D.. 5.D.5.U., M.A. Brandeis Univ. B.A. -n""" lI6 5.D.5,U., B.A. Bruce Leonard-E.H., John Logsdon-Social Sci- ence, 5.D.5,U., B,A., M.A.. Carnegie-Mellon Univ. , M.A, Wendell Maize-English, 5.D.5.U., B,A. 4l, .lohn Malovic-Alt. Ed., Ball St., B.A., Cal Poly, M,A., De- plome de Ia Civilizalion, Un- iversite de Paris. Dick Martin-Bus. Ed., 5.D,5.U,, B.5., National Univ., M.B.A. Alfred Martinez-Social Liv- ing, Health, P.E., Soc. Sci- ence, 5.D.5.U., 8.5. 5.D.5.U.. B,5.C.E. James Minor-Math, Marilyn Mitchell-Girls P.E. 'ffm 5.D,5.U.. B.A. Stephanie Mjelde-Art!5oc. ,I W an gl. X Science, Tutoring Center, 5.D.5.U., B.A. William Mitrovich-U.5. His- tory, Geography, 5.D.S.U., B.A.. M.A. bmi. 'ef Q2 Roger Moreau-Photogra- phy, Arts, Crafts, Univ., of Pacific, B.A. Robert Norgard-E. H., 5.D.5.U., B.A. James Peace-English, 5.D.5.U., B.A.. M.A. ,fr Q, .1 .QV A3 ig W .cfs ff' J Barbara Pruyne-Home Eco., Michigan St. Univ., B.5., Howard Roberts Performing Arts, Ursinus, B.A., U.5.l.U., PhD. Azneef Roberts-ESI., Social Science, 5,D.5.U., B.A, U.5.l.U., M.A. 'X 701 9 r Y I T fi. X In 42? Raymond Robinson- World Phil Rogers-Math, 5.D.5.U., Sue Sharpe-Independent Geography, 5.D.5.U., B.A. B.A.5., U.5.I.U., M,5. Study, S.D.S.U., B.A., M.5. Alice Snow-Spec. Day. Ari- zona Sl. Univ.. 5.D.5.U. h Andy Smith-English. S.D.5.U., B.A., M.A.. A.S.U.. PhD. James Stanner-Language, Gerald 5 wansan'Ma th, Gus Valdez-Bilingual, E.5.l.., W. Michigan Univ., B.A., Phys. Sci.. Minn. Univ., B.5., Multi-Cultural, 5.D.S.U.. U.5.D,, M.A.T. M.A. ' B.A. ,f ,,,, ,r -fW'5M13?w'-5 V' , ff. ' ff, X1 Z as U ' gf .. .. . N. . J. fm X 9 SY Lynnea Venieris-English. Univ. of Oregon, BA. Rick Wilkerson-U.5. History, 5.D.S.U., B.A., M.A, William Williams-Math, Drafting, Woodworking, ROP Director, S.D.5. U., B.A. Wash Walker-P.E., Sociolo- gy, Azusa Pacific Univ., B.A. Richard Winn-Math, 5,D,5. U., B.A., Oklahoma St., M.A, Penny Whitaker-Social Sci- ence, S.D.5. U., B.A. T77 Da ve Williams-Scienc 5.D.5.U., B.A, N if James Wolf-Boys' P.E., 5.D.5,U., B.A. Edward Young-Social Sci ence, Univ. of Wisconsin. B.5., 5.D.5.U., M.A, The school year of I 985 brought changes to the teaching staff of E.C.lLH.5. The enthusiastic new members, along with the dedicated returnees produced another year of teaching success and students who would make the school proud. New subjects such as German, Computer Studies and Career and Family De- velopment were added to the cur- riculum. Classes that were dropped were Driver's Ed. and Health. The combined efforts of the faculty and the students once again brought academic recognition to E. C. l4H.5, "So Long. Farewell MR. JESS CASTRO Mr. Castro has been an extraordinary counselor within the eyes of his students as well as his colleagues. He has given El Cajon the best counseling, coaching, and teaching we've ever received. Dedicating to El Cajon his best ability the past 33 --- years. he now feels he should slow down and spend more time pursu- ing other interests such as traveling. This summer he plans to travel to Chi- na and hopefully cover most of Asia. Mr. Castro will always remember El Cajon for its air of com- fort and caring. The stu- dents today, he feels, are more able and ha ve much more potential than they realize. His advice for students is to have a dream always, for this dream can always come true if it's strived at and dedicated to. El Cajon appreciates your dedica- tion, Mr. Castro. and your friendliness shall be 'i'-"' missed by us all. MR. ART COYER Often seen on campus. always helping students, Mr. Coyer has been a deeply appreciated member of EI Cajon High School. His unselhshness as well as his caring attitude towards students has added to El Cajon a friendly atmosphere which we 're all very proud of He has provided EI Cajon with over twenty years of excellence as our campus utility worker. El Cajon 's campus and its bright at- mosphere is very much due to Mr. Coyer's superb attendance. The students appreciate his care for without him our school would never be as proud and as appreciative of our Hne facade. We all shall miss his dedication and wish him the brightest fu- ture for he has given us his best and the best is all that he deserves. - Auf Wiedersehen. ." MR. ED FOSTER One of our Hnest faculty members here at EC VHS, Mr. Foster has been in education for over 30 years. Besides being an excellent counselor he's also held other responsibilities such as Vice Principal at Monte Vista, El Cajon 's head football coach which he proudly stated. took a championship. He now feels that his life is complete and he wishes to ap- proach other fields of in- terest. Mr. Foster's future plans include travelling. possibly covering South America. and going back to school to learn Span- ish. He has only the best memories of EC VHS. the friendliest school he has ever served. students and staff alike. His Hnal ad- vice to students is to try their best at everything. work to their best poten- tial and success is inevi- tably theirs. El Cajon has been extremely fortunate to ha ve had such a caring member in the staff one who will be greatly missed. .W ., f-- -ff., ff f MR. DA VE WILLIAMS Known as one of the friendliest teachers around, Mr. Williams has been a dedicated faculty member to EI Cajon since I 95 7. His love for science as well as his love for his students motivated him to dedicate extra time and effort helping students with abstract theories of science. He has encouraged students to self- motivate and learn new ideas by themselves for this process of compre- hension is also self-bene- ticial. Mr. Williams is deeply loved by all his students for he under- stands and relates him- self to them. Everyone will sadly miss him for his kindness and friendliness can never be replaced. C assified Records Clerk- Cathy Harris Book Clerk- Jane Hamilton Multi-Media Technician- Richard Karpowicz 1 Librarian-Fran Esslinger Bookkeeper- Jean Barrows Counselors' Secretary- Pat Swaner Program Clerk- Marina Espinoza A ,,,-nv" Eff? x Q4 ,, Q Qs: if uw 435, 'Eff gpm Q X f' V 7' . "7' A 71" fea51rgs-1, If WN: I ' ' . 1' ' 1- 'W'-d X V .,-,. V n,,u 97' ,lbw My K 793 ' lf ,, A' , A M.. BH: .".'A :fly " N ri . Q,lf""K . M f'fV't:: K " ,fl . , ' Mfr , "' Z ..: ag 517 'Z ' Tr fi x ,X -'J' , , z M x . nkflfff' I ' ww If 1'1'iwf w :V ' ,f Q:-f 'Q wx ' . ' L . L of" pm Campus Utility Worker Art Co Hy gigs, I Y' wg 4 Q , 3? QW? 5' ,f ,af L Nellie Munoz I vi +5 TJ W 1 wmv? A f W1-QW ? W pf AM WW W 4529!-W1 ,F ,H f 3 . u .4 Q., 5 vikw.-1. , f . ,A- M3 Front Row: Ambrose Meana. Kay Malgeri, .loe Haley: Back Row: Beverly Herrera qv K, I-im' l24 ..q Classified Staff Gallagher This is The School -XA . jg .f s ..,.,,,1.QQ,.4,af,,Q . ,Q 5 A , -............,.,j M- km f LW fd? ij Aides That The 5 h' " Maw . ff ,alas 'fdlw Staff Built Paul Cowan, Carl Roper ,. if X , , Patricia So, Pam Takahashi .loan Nicole! Sharon Woodrow What makes you come so soon? A diller. a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar! U DERCL SSME You used to come at ten o'cIock. But now you come at noon R , 1 . fe. , ,,, 'Q . ,Q v 5 , V r A 1 y N. ca 'N . x NV xx' x ww' 177 N X 1 45 " A 1 Q fn ,Q -'....,,,,,f'f1 W 45" f H , ,4- r- 'N Q 'a 1 Q , ,I v when 5 iffy - 43.4.71-eh' wg 5,1 , -F-'1' af.. p , , . 4' 'WN' K N xf. V. X , W 5,7 'I "V W. ww- , , v uw... fl I as fc if r . 'Zu Achtipes, Niko Acosta, .limmy Ahumada, Laura Ahumada, Alvara Alavez, Isabel Alba, Efrain Albers, Angie Alford, Matt Allen, Keri A llen, Tony Allnutt, Susan Amarillas, Lupe Andrews, Shawna Andrews, Tina Anthony, Brian Argo, Stacey Arico, Catherine Armstrong, Lisa Armstrong, Troy Averill, Stephanie Avila, Candy Baasch, Danny Baber, Alan Bagnard, Tammy Baily, .lim Bair, Darrell Bair, Paul Baldon, Christine Barajas, Sergio Barber, Eric Barbic, Jeremy Barcevac, Brian Barnes, James Barnes. Steva Bartolone, Lisa Barzi, Amir Bates, Kimberley Baty, Windy Baumgardner, Joh Baxter, Candie ll Beaver, Jason Beckwith, Jason Bedle, Gayla Bell, Dennis Belmer, Missy Bentz, Kevin Bernal, Murillo Bibo, Samer Bibo, Samira Bigelo, Devin Billings, Kristin Bland, William Bockstahler, Deanna Boggs, Katrina Booker, Marc Boone, Teresa Bowen, Melissa Bowman, Jodi Boyd, Scott Brittain, Kerry Brouillard, Carol Brownell, Michelle Bruno, Cassy Bryant, Michelle Buckley, Joe Burgar, Sharon Burkhead, Jeffery Burns, Tiffanie Burt, Brenda Byrd, Gloria Cabrera, Julia Caciola, Robert Caddick, Jimmy Cagle, Mark Cain, Diane Caire, Lawrence Call, John f , 4, , 5 m-Z 5 , N: , , , '!""u , . - ,,,, ,, - ' 3 . f' ' ,,.f,Pqix. -'ff ,fu K 2,2 Z9 if 2' x ' ii M22 l 6 'lk .,.,,, , it , El: ian-' W5 ,gf ' V Ya ' , X , ' if qw. z: : V g ,.-,. 114 , ' I " ' , 4 B ' J X "UI ,K S-4 1 I f I X MQW .-A 4144 Camp, Allen Campbell, David Canchola, Mark Carpenter, Tammie Carillo, Mike Carson. Nick Castle, Chrissy Castonguay. Andy Caul. Chiloe Cavagna, Lalegna Censoplano, Angela Chapman, Heather Chart, Eric Christensen. David Ciprian, Leo Clarkson, Darin Cleek, Pleashette Clements, Michelle Clingan, Paulina Cochran, Kevin Collard, Tara Collins, Darren Collins, Matt Collins, Sharlotte Collins. Simon Comings. Lancene Cook, Chad Conley. Christa Cordova, Adam Cordova, David Corral, Gloria Cortez, Alex Costner. Dee Dee Craft, Cindy Craft, Robert Croteau, Crystal Crumpton, David Cruz, Tara Cuadra, Ximena Cuero, Michelle ev- MW' 1 1 f i ' Dutra, Jim Dykes, Jim Eastwood, Bobbie Eldridge, Eddie Eldridge, Kristina Ercolina, Christina Erikson, Raeshelle Estrada, Mandy Estrada. Rachel Falk, Chauntell Fakhoury, Haitham Fatoohi, Fadi Ferguson, Gene Ferguson, Robbie Fisher, Brian Fisher, Julie Fisher. Traci Fitzpatrick, Sheldon Fix, Lucy Flores, Sandia Franck, Aimee Fries. Heather Frost, Mary Ann Gallant, Janet Galloway, Kelly Garcia, Benjamin Garcia, Mike Garcia, Tina Garcia, Tyra Garmen, Chris Genest, Kristye Gibson, Eddie Gibson, Eric Gill, Wendi Glaunert, Michelle Godines, Lisa Golf, Rico Gomez, Angela Gomez, Jose Good, Karry Gooden, Gala Gooden, Heather Garden, .lim Gosney, Jenny Grant, Charlene Grant, Marlene Gray, David Green, Rene Griffith, Jeremy Grimes, Montgomery Guest, Gary Guier, Kathy Hall. Mike Hall, Stacy Hare, Michael Haro, Santiago Harrington, Marybeth Harris, Robin Haugen, Leslie Hayes, Tameeka Haynes, Randy Heath, Bridgett Heins, Mark Hendricks, Cheryl Herbig, Candy Herlevic, Sam Hernandez, Claudia Herrera, Cindy 1 . Q? - 1 11- pf 6 af 317 'ate W, A i do W f ' "' , V, , M., ,ff V f , J 5 1, ,ei gf F iw 'fwfr U ll S f 'in E9 - ,k.L A X , , , sf ,f 'if if W Air lf' J, W, gg, f..,..,, N ,fi :, ,E . A .J ', A, 4' ' ,iff H K, Y J i ' in gf, ' 1 ff :J Ag 42? ,, 4. me T' K gig 1 ." 4 ' 'ful X 4 lurks: 1... . is ' ,,i ,,,, 7 4 ' 'f', X -S C' wr.. - if eg. fav , .1 ,JP f' fag U " 6 , g,, ,,., 1? gg, . M 1 Q 16 , Y ' mx! " ! S.-.-" so-Q , as if all 'W wwf 3 1 ,f 4, , W J fm , Q23 I ' VV M K ' . . , i , Jr M4 ' f 1 Hilditch, Sheila Hileman, Bill Hill. Leona Hinkley, Renee Hintz, Laurie Hisaw, Scott Hlavic, Nicol Holdford, Sonny Holly, Jace Hollmichel, Cindy Hood. Beverly Hough, Susi Howard, Andrea Hua, Hoang Hudson, David Huerta, Mario Huffington, Janet Huggins, Brad Hurley, Craig Huynh, Cuong Ingram, Crystal Ingram, Robert Isadora, Jade Ivy. Robert Jackson, Marni Jacobs, Richard Jensen, Heather Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Tina Jones, Chris Jones, Masadia Jones, Michelle Jones, Mike Jordan, James Juarez, John Kalabat, Frank Kaylor, Konni Key, Gary King, Kris Klein. Joe Klens, Valarie Koll, Jamie Kroon, Johanna Kuta, Jason Ky, Danveo Latish, Tom Laki, Erik Lancaster, Duncan Lancaster, Sherma LaPierre, Jason Lassiter, Stacey Lee, David Lee, Joyce Lee, Liem Lee, Nathan Leigh, Katrina Leong, Patti Lepp, April Levine, Jody Lewis, Brenda Lewis, Dolly Lint, 5hawn Lister, Kim Little, Elaine Little, Gary Llamas, Vivian Lloyd, John Lopez, Elvira I, , W., X L 4 An., f v 'Uk EW new V 7 f'-L " J.:ffM5EZZ',:. A W1-A ' , ,,.- .A V, , WM, f , ,y ffs ,,,,,, H ,H V f.J.g,- 'I V " 45 Mxigw .' H.-,, .' w e I aj fs E Z ,f , M1 Q- y 1 f 1 ,ya 'L fda , E K! 11 ,.,--63' r Mena, Christie Mercado, Rafael Mercurio, John Merril, Autumn Meyer, Troy Meza, Angelica Miller. Donny Miller, Eddie Miller, Sherrill Mitchell, Tina Moir, Edith Monreal, Luis Montana, Kristina Montemayor, Laura Moore, Larry Moore, Jerald Morse, Allyson Mosier, Stacy Moss, Marcellette Muller, Michelle Murphy, Jason Murphy. Martin Musser, Larry Muy, Sandra Mysak, Brenda Nadeau, Pamela Najor, Eugene Najor, Sadeel Negrete, Brian Newkirk, Rick Newman, Shannon Nguyen, Nguyen. Nguyen. Nguyen. Nguyen. Nguyen. Nguyen Nichols Nichols. Nunley. f ' Cindy Hai Khuong Linh Phu Tien Trinh Sandy Sandy Charles OCampo. Steven O'Connor, Sean Oliver, Tony Olson. Angela Olson. Eric Osuna. Lorena Packard, Trisha Padilla. Christine Pantovic. Dusko Parker. Steve Patterson, Patty Patton. Andy Pearson, Coy Pearson. Deanne Pearson. Tracy Pelletier, Roberta Pennisi. Dawn Peralta, Carlos Perez, Adam Perez, Jesus Peters. Stacy Peterson, Kim Phillips, Theresa Pipkin, Tony Pollack, Gina Portilio, Richard Potts, Glenda Powers, David Prescott, Andrea Pruett, Andrea Randel, Karl Randolph, Dawn Ratliff Jason Reza. Jim Richstad, Jim Richter, Gary Riedell, Mike Riley, Debra Ritayak, Corey Rochester, Carlton Rochester. Michael Rockwell, Ronda Rodriguez, Rowdy Roque, Tina Roth, Alyssa Rowe, Christine Rays, Dennis Ruiz, Maria Russell, Jackie Sako. Allah Samson, Heather Sanchez, Jorge Sanchez, Winston Santana, Alicia Sanudo, Raquel Savoroski, Jim Schultz. Brian Schultz, Jason QT' A 5 4 N' t A ,,-v .1-Q... .K L-Ju-H-'?'s ,gif-xx I Schultze, Doug Schwaesdall, Tom Shaeffer, Brian Shaia, Nadia Shamaom, Nabil Shamaon, Naseer Sharp, Robert Sherman, Ben Sholey, Ray Shrin, Ron Siegel, Jennifer Simmons, Burt Singer, Tammy Skidmore, David Slimko, Anne Small, Clark Smith, Cheryl Smith, Travis Solis, Gabriel Solis, Robert Sotelo, Benny Sottile, Guiliana Souza, Steve Speth, Desiree Spetter, Jacob Spratley, Charles Stanley, Heather Stanton, Kristine Starr, Melissa Stead, Joe Steen, Robyn Stephens, Tim Stevens, Hollis Stewart, Christine Stoll, Kevin Strickland, Keith Stringer, Sabrina Suares, Blanka Taing. John Taliaferro, Jim Tate, Rachel Taylor. Christai'n Taylor, Nick Tehan, Josephine Thompson, Kim Thompson, Marty Thompson, Wayne Tiel, Andy Tiel, Lien Tiet, Tang Tijerina, Lisa Tillema, Chuck Tilton, Cassie Tracy, Kim Trai, An Troutt, Stacey Truc, Glen Trujillo, James Tryon, Jimmy Tsan. Don Tsan, Jenny Ugarte, Claudia Valentine, Leslie Va Buren, Darla Van De Brake, Derrick Vasios. Jerry Vasquez, Pete Veazie. Andrea FJHVM Z2 i r, 5 ii , 2 ,QW wsu ' G Q' W:- fi' gmc, t3 , B1 . 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A Abello, Marie Adams, Lauren Akers, Jody Akbari, Mehrolad Anderson, Michael Anderson, Sean Anderson, Tonya Armstrong, Phil Aaron, Collins Ayoub, Manal Azoo, Wisam Babbit, Kevin Bachmeier, Lisa Baird, Robert Balden, Nancy Barbosa, Robert Beaver, Melody Bello, Jesse Benson, Chris Berkshire, Shannon Berry, David Blancarte, Aida Bouillard, Carol Boure, Maria Bowhall, Kandy Boyd, Robert Braunsdorti Brian Brawner, Susan Brayton, Stuart Brown, Kim Brown, Larry Burkleo, Timberly Burwell, Toby Butson, Brenda Cagle, Kim Caire, Angie Cakerice, Chris Campbell, Kim Carmen, Julie Carpenter, David 3 A ' , ,fy 7 X- iw Ama 1 ..-P" Ls . 34 mx. 4? Y Q I 'Ms L Y ag Ei Eff' 1 Q K 1 2 if ? R 2 M s 4 f, f i w i K , , 'Va i fi? 1 ff Z4 ,, 7 f .V 'Z.'2:"', ,, ,mg :Q Z V sf A i- , yi ' :fly Av-Mg? 1 V M fig? wi fe L+ aj? . Q V 6M H as: ww if, ,W ,LZ I , 1115 7 We ,V 'TJ W 3172? ww? 'H x ,in A ,f , , A ,My Z, gt ' I 4, v Mi " 1 5' W2 ,Q , K 5:55 5 , 1 , 95' my . f ff, , We ,yr ' ' H 6 A an ' f W. A LW an kim , L , V ,, .L ,L A 1 ,,. , ' "L K ' ' A Q f 4 5 f 1 , 'nag i! wi Es. 1 1 if Mahi I 1 QM K - 3 M w ' V , '.. H 2 -'f' Q . fi ml , y Y is . NCQ' ,' ' , ' fa tx !v'z.1' L 1 Q1 4 . V. f , - l Z Sv" ' X W' 1 A L , X ' , h Eh AA VV I S ,v , 'x .."""" 's. . A f H gf ,, 4 I ,, ,, 4 qr Ellis, Jeff Ellis, Shaun Evans, Raleigh Farris, Renee Feldner, Kelly Faulkner, Ron Ferguson, Jeff Fernandez, Renee Fields, Elizabeth Fisher, Chris Fisher, Rick Fitzgerald, Joe Fitzgerald, John Flippo, Eric Franks, Pat Frazier, Warren Frederick, Joe Fritz, Jason Frontz, Meri Galvin, Anna Gargano, Kim Gay, Jeff Gerrel, Shannon Gibson, Eric Gimple, Jessica Glondeniz, Lissa Goldon, Tom Gomez. Josephine Goodnight, Scott Garden, Tim Gracia, Tony Grant, Chris Grissom, Bill Grunstad, Erika Hainey, Craig Hamilton, Robbie Hanna, Anna Haro, George Haro. Santiago Harris, Justin Harter, Nicole Harvey. Lisa Hass, Alisa Hastings, Stephanie Hatch, Tom I49 Hayden, Laurence Hayes, Jody Hayford, Pamela Heath, Jason Hebert, Yanna Heim, Robert Hendrix, Lorraine Hepner, Kimberly Hermann, Cindy Hilali, Layla Hillan, Kami Hindorfti Mary Ho, Dung Holbrook. Mari Holder. David Honeycutt, Teresa Hopwood, William Hourmehiem, Nancy Howlett, Tracy Huerta, Evelia Huynh, Kevin Huynh, Van Isidoro, Antoinette Jaeger, Jennifer Jerrell, Beverly Jimenez, Claudia Johnson, Tamie Jones, Donovan Joslyn, Erin Kaat, Helen Kalabat, Dalia Kaufman, Bill Kemper, Keith Kelley, Paul Kelly, Sandra Kelso, Julia Kepsten, Eric l50 Khamou, Saun Khirow, Zahir Kidol, John Killam, Kathey Kimmel, Ray King, Nina King, Rick Kiss, Michelle Klein, Andy Kreeger, Tim Kunik, Robert LaBarge, Don LeBlanc, Joe Lacy, John Lak, Mark Lam, Khanh Lamperell, Dion Landers, Samantha Larsen, Heather Leamons, Tonya Levine, Wendy Lieng, Khuyen Lim, Chear Lopez, Monica Loring, Matt Luizzi, Jeanne Luna, Jose Lyons, Bill McDonald, Gary Mackey, Ken Macomber, Ron Maddox, Sean Mahboubi, Payam Malloian, .lohny Manal, Ayoub Manning, Mark Martinez, Michelee Mathews, Stephen Mayes, David Mazon, Michelle Meyers, Tracy McDonald, Keith McGregor, Lee Mclntire, Tracy McKay, Pam McKee, Rick McKinley, Linda McLean, Regina McMenemy. Ben Means, Lisa Medly, Derrick Meeter, Sally Meyers. Greg Meyer, Traci Meza, Sharon Michalec, Leasa Miller, Debbie Miller, Janette Miller. Jeff Mitchell, Laura Montez, Maria Money, Eddie Moore, Jerad Morris, Kevin Mosquerzo, Marisol Moya, Verushka Mrazek, Derek Mulligan, Don Nagatsuka, Noriko Nagke, Dan Nardu, Anthoney New, Wayne Nguyen, Loan Nguyen, Sean Nguyen, Tung Niezgoda, Sherri Nunez, Julia Oakley, Betty O'Brien, Shannon Ochinang, Terry O'Conner, Ann Odish, Suhail Omahen, Jonie Ortega, Angeles Ortega, Trini Osterloh, .lohn Owen, Christine Oxley, Dan Panebianco, Peter Pantovic, Dusika Melinda, Parker Parkhurst, Carol Patten, Kim Paul, Denise Payan, Victor Pearson, Tracy Pena, Tony Pennison, George Pennock, Rusty Perez, Carmen Peterson, Lance Pettus, David Pfafti Leslie Phan, Ann Dadthi Phillips, Deborah Piceno. Dan Piceno, Jeff Pinckney, Lesa Pinell, Andrea Planatscher, Monica Pogrell. Erica Potts, Danny Pray, Brent Proulx, Cindy 53 Radda, Ghedeer Rainey, Denise Rann, Lisa Rawlinson, Desiree Reagan, Chris Redman, Traci Reed, Amber Reid, Rance Rich. Tony Ring, Brian Roberts, Judy Roders, John Roech, Bernedette Rojas, Arthur Russell, Todd Rojo, Maria Roper, Sean Roseberry, Brenda Ruprich. Kenny Rutherford, Penny Sailors, Doug Sabehez, Christina Santana, Leti Scheurn, Samantha Schreck, Melissa Scheitzer. Rick Searl, Micheal Serrano, Javier Seward. Dahlaine Shahan, Jeff Shaw, Mike Schaeffer, Ken Shenvood, Michele Shipman, Lorain Sidebottom, Kristi Siegfried, Rick Silva, Rhonda Siqueiros, Lisa Sisti, Diane Sizemore, Sara Simpson, Shawn Sladkey, Lisa Smith, Cindy Smith, Melissa Snaid, Linda Soltero, Gloria Sotelo, Tony Soza, Jesus Spraggins, Steve Salsbury, Kimberly Sparks, Gina Spetter, Jacob Spradely, Rebecca Stacy, Todd Stead, Julie Stearns, Jon Stein, Jeff Strayer, Jason Stump, Marvin Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Sean Sutton, Robin Sweeney, Suzanna Symmonds, Joy Tang, Jamie Tank, Michelle Tankersley, Donna Taylor, Tiffany Thanh, Kam Kahn Thomas, Debbie Thompson, Cliff Thompson, Jay Thompson, Laura Thompson, Tamra Tolton, April Tran, Tuan Trasandes, Maria Turner, Stacy Ung, Anna Vandepool, Brad Van Osdoll, Gregg Vargas, Clara Velasco, Gregg Velaquez, Ferranda Valez, Chris Verdugo, Scott Viveiros, Kelly-Ann Wager, Eliza Wagner, Susan Walker, Mike Walker, Thea Williams, Todd Walls, Carrie Walsh, Russ Walsingham, ,lerry Walkrs, Keith- I56 Ward, Jennifer Waters, Farris Watson, Deen Way, George Way, Rebecca West, Jeff West, John Whitmore, Angela Wilhoite, Denise Wilcox, Donavan Williams, Eddie Wissinger, John Womboldt. Michel Yeakle, Wally Yeargan, Terry Yee, Kathleen Young, Lisa Zinggeler, Scott Junior Class Officers W, 1 - A : v Adi.. nab 9 1 I g 5 . w Q gif , 1 - ' 2 E K 5 .f 4 ' 1 L Q W ' ', 4' 4 ,uw 22+ ,i v V .+-:haf . V- , e Q- 6' K, ,K at ,fggjsl 4,3 , . , k " ' .9 ..' any . -8 .8 l A A ' v. 4+ ' vu A Advisor-Randy finsetQ .af 7 :lap ,Nw ....,,-vf ,,,,,, M ,, ,, Y 5 of v- Q if f 1 a 1 1 y ' Q C L Q M ana , fr , YU . f,' fl ggi V --ff ' 4' ,, ,K 'M K fi V 1 A Q Q :JI M !,,q,,, 5' l' .. J' " Z 1 4 , ir vi' ua Y ,- ,em Y fm ,ww -U. t , ,W -Q f iw' 4 M 1 g Qi? f WE 'wif V J 1135? ,P 1- fu, lf? nf, I A f 1 Q 44 Zi' A X gf, 1 KK 5 ' rv 4 f w 'ff f fx? ,Q .,vz 5 3:51, ' 1,112 , mia? 'rf V , 1' 1 ,Q i A 1 ,ei 1: f W 5 52? g" " vvzx 2 11 if ? Z M K' I g ,, ,,' ,z ,L 5 ,,, Ki 4L., H X-f A- - , ., , ai Q 4 A M Hn A if i Y' 'F "' "V- -S Ii ' , ' VE V 51 A 'V F I' X ,Y ,wf 1ff,,-'wwf -' '1,w":f125w,, raw m ,A -,'- W 455' ' ,,,, w ,,,,. i V f W , H fl VV:A f 4 ff: 'fr ff 1 Wig V A f V ig? fx H1 ' , Haze- ' K f ' 1 was flwkii, f V V -'ff f?ffE'f',ae2'fi'1? ,iw ' -f 5 , . 'Wf K '- "Eg 1 WyQJfitj'ff5 12 2 , M . W E529 f 4' as KQI: f 5 3 Z W , , 25 f Q if , S 5 Z Q fl' ff fi '1! 'Tig HA e. rv 1 ? M, M, my ff E f 5 s ,,.. ,N fu , 7 my i e Q. A , v ' ' fu, .Z . . ,. Ma, fl? , Avzzf ,M Ag K v. '- Q 3? B3 li xi' 2 Hi vs "2 1 uf I Y 1 ff 5 A V A f ak. LL! JF' .JY gl 4 .g Y xx , W N. Exw Q. A: iw f 55 M ,M vw L, 1 f ' g g 5, K., " ', I 1-:V , t X f, 37,5931 Q, ,jx Special FRONT ROW: Clay Lindsay, Julie Evans, Angie Anglin, Ben Pringle, Eric Abuyan, Kim Rademaker, Shawna Curtis, Derrik Waaland, Rick James, Christi Tanner. David Longbreals, MIDDLE ROW: Steven Roth, Bill Sumaya, Susan Randazo, Allyson Repp, Gerry Jadovitch, Andre Gerard, Paul San Fillipo, Karen Coolidge, Michael Klein, Sandra Pollarena, Dominick Magliato, David Schwartz, Kathy Inman, BACK ROW: Laura Bunderson, John Himelein, Karen Renevitz, Lynn Eugenio, Robert Masters, Laurie Poppas, Kim Hebel, Al Uher, Beth Meyers. I .. M, ,.- 1v,v,.m- f - , ' L -R , f 4 , - ' J' K' TUV' FRONT ROW: Mark Grofli Stacey Holstead, Bob Contreras, Francis Lewis, Dianna Straus, Paul Bee, Paul Bibee, Aaron Kavane: MIDDLE ROW: Sandy Wyatt, Staven Benjesdorf Jimmy Blankenship, Donald Olds, Joy Torretto, Craig Kullman, Marc VanderHeyden, Bill Jones, Nicole Handler, David Ondrechen, Helena Mothis, Debby Prott, BACK ROW: Tony Rodriguez, David Van Alstine, Patty Acosta, Reggie Oberg, Ricky Eigsti, Patrick Glancy, Richard Grossi, Sharon Metsker, Gary Greco, Jim Hutton, Shelly Anduha, Renee Tutt, Kristin Hansen. Education One of the most meaningful and rewarding classes at E.C.V.H.S. is T.M.R,, which deals with students who have learning and mental disabil- llles It is here that these stu- , M A g g dents are taught to be self-suf- , r' V, fi F5 hclent ln our community. They ' '- are instructed in developing their language physical edu- cation independent living, and prevocatlonal skills, Teaching in the T M R facility is conducted by a superior and dedicated staff with the help of many student aides from the main campus. , . riff' 's -433' 5 'vb Q K J- -,ek FRONT ROW: Patty Kepple. Haim Mizrahi, Kathy Jamison, Jeanne Marikle, John Frazier, Virginia Kennedy: BACK ROW: Terry Underwood, Linda Mucha, Traci Erbaugh, Norma Silva, Leanor Barber, Debbie Amerling, Chris Endres, Judy Nager, Debby L yons, AI Uher. a"",1 Greg Marshall-English: With a mind that is quick and perceptive. Greg en- 'oys reading literature. philosophy and discussing the ideas therein. He is able to analyze the Hgurative lan- vuave and the many levels of mean- found in classic literature in a style which is organized. pre- and yet refreshing. Greg 's spoken written English is superior. Katie Fitzgerald-Business Education: Katie. since her freshman year, has been an asset to the Business Depart- ment. She has excelled in all of the nine business classes she has taken. Her attention to detail and ability to grasp key business concepts places her a step ahead of her classmates. The Brightest nd The Best Greg Marshall, Vince Carbino-Social Science: Both Greg and Vince reflect the attitudes and performances of outstanding Social Science students: inquisitiveness, perception. excellent writing and discussion skills and will- ingness to work hard. Both have re- ceived important honors in the Held of Social Science and are the two stu- dents who have most excelled in EC VHS Social Science classes. Jon Martin-Performing Arts: Jon. throughout his four years at EC VHS has contributed a great deal to the Performing Arts Department. ln addi- tion to appearing in such productions as "Bye. Bye, Birdie" and "Once Upon a Mattress. " his excellent lead- ership qualities in band have made him into one of the finest drum ma- jors we've ever had. Ray Pennisi-Math: Ray has demon- strated his outstanding ability in mathematics here at EC VHS by taking as many math classes as offered to him. He is one of a small group of his peers who has been able to get through Calculus in four years of high school. Ray is the leader of the Math Team and a unanimous selection of the Math Department. Wendi Honey-Foreign Language: Wendi is currently in her fifth year of a foreign language. Her strong back- ground in Spanish will help her in our increasingly Spanish speaking coun- try. Wendi has reached for a level of achievement where most students would not even try to attempt. Students Who Excel Shannon Berkshire-Science: Shannon, although only a sophomore, has dis- tinguished herself as an outstanding Science student. Having taken first year biology she was the top student in her class. Michelle Hamilton-Girls ' PE: Michelle has been an outstanding student in Physical Education throughout her four years at EC VHS. Michelle dem- onstrates a cooperative attitude and positive sportsmanship at all times, as well as being highly skilled in sports activities, Michelle is enthusiastic, friendly and highly respected by her classmates. Debbie Friemuth-Home Economics: Debbie has always been an enthusias- tic, energetic student in the many economic classes she has taken. As- sisting the teacher, she helps and en- courages other students with their work. Debbie has been an efHcient, valuable member of the Economics Department here at EC VHS. Mike Hayet-Industrial Arts: Mike has participated in all the Industrial Arts classes available at EC VHS. He is an outstanding worker with metals, wood, and auto skills, He is a hard worker and a pleasure for the teach- ers to have in class. Ricardo Lopez-Art: Ricardo has taken two semesters of art here at ECVHS, His work is outstanding. Ricardo likes all types of pencil drawing, mainly cartooning, and does very well at realism. Starting to paint this semes- ter, his work has been displayed in the hallway showcase, Ricardo hopes to continue with art and perfect his already proficient skills. Robert M. Jones-Boys' PE: Robert has been an outstanding student in Phys- ical Education during his four years at El Cajon Valley High School. He has a happy positive attitude, along with sportsmanship and fair play above re- proach. Robert, in fact represents the epitome of what all physical Educa- tion students should be. Rich man, Poor man, QP ig Figs X ww fs has mm-mf' Beggar man, nasww 4 ww ffm E W? MW 515' , QAQMM - WWW Eu Zi Q Q fi 5 i f3Sx'S352 ' f .--' 5 f A , ,,,.. J ,M ,,:. no ww , M, ., ,,,,,,,.,, www' W. Q f W F ! Hg ? , E ay: f , s as meh Ei V: 3 , 1 f f 7' 'F' I f ,, y 1. 1 , , 3 , ie, , -7, , L . , ,,, ,ff,-fm: hf, 'Q eg WM, Thief, fx, s ' I x Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, ,"," X V M , . ,,, Z Wg.. 4 ,E , I. Connie Barton 2. Bo Steinbach 3. Connie Anderson 4. Francie Ancona 5, Sara Carlon 6, .lohn Burgar 7. Suzette Elstrom 8. Deirdre Keller Kelly Killion 9. 10. Leah Boylan ll . .loe Slreeper Teri Sampier . Mike Moody . Jeff Anderson 2. l3. James Claar I4 I5 I3 V , Q KVV ,.., xx af' ft ' l.a.n WMM 1-W9 + N .,,... ,ff .2 di' W , IW QQ N f Baby Face. You ve got the 4 5 gg Kg. Q 5 5:5 .X L. 3 Q Teresa Ancona Joel Turner Lori Schier Manuel Zamora Glenn Jorden Kim Barcevac Ray Pennisi Mary Kearney Jeanne Omahen Norma la Carra Debbie Howard Lisa linden Paul Hamilton David Pfaff Charles Helm E O I' Quy Nguyen-Girls' State, Harvard Book Award, Soroptimist, Girls' Elks Leadership: lst Place i n n E Keith Sippy-Boys ' State I' S ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN: Front row: Deirdre Keller, Quy Nguyen, Connie Andersen Back row: Tuan Pham, My Ta, Paul Hamilton, Vince Carbino Not Pictured: Hong Bao Nguyen, Thien Nguyen. Greg Marshall, Ming Jessi Chiu Who's Who High School s 'F' - S12 , re .,., , ,,,.+s::Q:.ei,,--,sri Ei Q tae 'Y Front Row: Greg Marshall, Teresa Aneona, Deirdre Keller Back Row: Debbie Howard. Chuck Helm, Keith Sippy, Kevin Conn Not Pic- tured: Lia Abello, Aimee Weber Tuan Pham-Bausch 5 Lomb Science Award Among American Students A oi Front Row: Quy Nguyen, Kim Allen, .lohn Davis Back Row: Joe Streeper, Paul Mirmingos, Minh Do, Tuan Pham Not Pictured: Vince Carbino, Paul Hamilton, Ceclia Watts yn.: r IN I 'i" Greg Marshall- Voice of Democra- cy, Century Three Leaders, Gemco Foundation B E '-i' ,,,,, I C C Deirdre Keller-AFS Student to Ar- u gentina, Soroptomist Vince Carbino-Boys' State . SOCIETY OF DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Front Row: Vince Carbino, Deirdre Keller, Connie Andersen, Ouy Nguyen Back Row: My Ta. Tuan Pham, Paul Hamilton Not Pictured: Lia Abello, Ming Jessi Chiu, Kevine K y, Greg Marshall. Hong Bao Nguyen, Thien Nguyen 3 --i.---...-...-.1-.- 1-.-.l-...i-. --,11--.-...Q ----1.-.-.-Q..-..- A , -1-11-1.1-. u Y f Tx 715 V1 Joe L Streeper Senior Class Treasurer . H54 3,"'fi, Senior Officers 'Vw ,weu'Ew6?a:2wmv Af, ., " , W 1 f ZW"71V1 , k .WW-Ama., , ww Im y,35bf:,wA,pgw .Jw ,v,1,,,,W,Q Ma. Y, g , ' MawrY-,'w2wif"v?.L..,,,.,va ."ff,Ww:waeaf,'5f,w9k-.asv 1 f M , wswwmmimw .9ywwwmnqffwwwu ffmw.-,. Qsf:,n:igw': 55 33,-5 3 V V ' ' ' .M ''.wwMf1:,nzfwzsmuws-M'wLM"J r., , 1, J wigfw, ,WhW1,m,.,.,4,mimw L X, W ,,,, f .W ,A :.- ,W,,., ,L,,,W,,,.K,i1,, , , M ,Wf.,,,,.,p,f .Wm-7fM,,wwIf--bw.,m,M,f'wL,h,,.,,,wb , 1 mm, 5 wa, 41 A ::m:Jiu ,A "EMI W J Y1h2i'f4"Ef9'Lw7gjw fuk ' ,J uf, :"w1,5'awf:vaff"x5:r'Jwf.,'wwwm ww H n , 'f ' sm ' f -Vg J' ,mfr .Tvigxw ,v ,v naw ee The Way fl i ,Y 'wvj Bank Of America Plaque Winners Joe Streeper-Applied and Fine Arts, Deirdre Keller-Math and Science, Greg Marshall-Liberal Arts Bank Of America Certificate Winners Connie AnderSen'B'USilI9SS Vince Carbine-Social Studies . Paul Hamilton-English wg, Jody Phan Ai Hoang-Home Eco- nomics -an Debbie Ho ward-Drama 1 7 N,,, ,ry M 52 Guy Nguyen-Foreign Languages I' ,aug 1 Tuan Pham-Mathematics Keith Sippy- Trades 5 Industrial My Ta-Laboratory Science 'Wil ffl! clings X is A MARK .lon Martin-Music Chris T rujilla-Art 181 Senior Committees Front Row: Publicity: Christine Trujillo, Cyndi Mansfield, John Davis Back Row: Baccalaureate and Commencement: Connie Andersen, Not Pictured: Vince Carbino, Activities: Kim Barcevac, Not Pictured: Joretta Cordero. Ways and Means: Chuck Helm. Connie Barton. Kevin Conn ave Class Senior Committees, this year con- sisted of a group of bright, fun, and spirited individuals, When work had to be done, they got down to business. Various fundraisers, some of which were car washes, carnation sales, and gift sales were put on throughout the year to raise money for the Senior Class, Without their constant hard work and dedication, the Prom, Bacca- laureate, and other Senior activities could not have run smoothly or even been possible. The Committees worked together as a team to accom- plish their tremendous job of making the Class of '85 's last year at EC V the best one ever! W we, 2- e , x, rf V Q f i Front Row: Prom: Leah Boylan, Lori Schier, Paul Hamilton Back Row: Reps at Large: Marc Drew, Lori Cosio, Mike Raza. Not Pictured: Tuan Pham, Kevin Ky gm 13" Gnu 4' V Ouy Nguyen 3. 90 Jody Hoang 3. 48 Mehran Raza 3. 35 JW 1' A Deirdre Keller 3:80 Katherine Fitzgerald 3. 44 Laila Goodarzi CHonorary Honor Gradj Leading Them II My Ta 3. 75 Anh Nguyen 3.43 Kambiz Aryauand fHonorary Honor Gradj Salutatorian Tuan Pham 3.96 Connie Andersen 3. 7 I John Roberts 3. 42 Tram Pham 1Honorary Honor Gradj 'X Paul Hamilton 3.59 Pamela Estep 3. 38 Miha Harada CHonorary Honor Gradj Vince Carbino 3. 5 7 Joseph Streeper 3. 36 Thien Nguyen 3.95 Knot picturedj swygx zur l,TX,l N Q:f,J,f1Lf' -FHL 10171. . . 1 w L., ,. .W ,,.,,,MuA W, Q", 'fl ,'p"f. . PERSI Q 'f, ,W ,f , ff .f Y, X, If ff , V f f W 1 ,. ' X N .f w .f X x A , , y ' f X If X! ,ff X gg, QM., I 3"'v- 'mf ilk 'E S -wg 1: 1.6.41 ,-. .. , 1 X Best All Around Lisa Linden and Robert Jones I9 Most Likely To Be Remembered Michele Brewer and Bo Steinbach Senior Most Athletic Joy Belkonen Standouts My Prettiest Hair Jimmy Hamilton and Lori Cosio 85 I89 Most Athletic Paul Casto Class Clown Glenn Jorden and Tracy Alexander 322-f 0 L.. ,,,-,. pw y s f -1-A 6 r J 1 mi .V www Y ' W -M,M..W.H M. , , A f Q. 5 .rg 'Q 3 P1 ty w - Y is 'lik Mm A '1' 'M wwf? vi. 1 5,1-s x N N-F N IE an K s Wm' IVI MW as Z j ' ,, .,g 5 A in 1, L, M . Most Talented Brenda Brown and Jon Martin ' Best Dressed Aimee Weber and Manuel Caballero Class Of Eighty Biggest Flirt Marc Drew Senior Nineteen Hundred Five if Biggest Flirt Kris McCaslin Standouts Most Likely To Succeed Greg Marshall and Deirdre Keller Prettiest Eyes Robert Jones and Jeanne Omahen Tracy Lynn Alexander "Pete" "I 'd rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal lobotomy." Tracy's activities were Vol- leyball I-3, Softball I-2. Ski Club 4. She likes Mark. roses. K.B.. her sister. and 3-wheel- ing. She dislikes rainy days. be- ing cold and being broke. Her favorite teachers were Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Feil. Sheri Louise Allen "Babycakes" "If you love something set it free. if it comes back it was yours. if it doesn't. hunt it down and kill it." Sheri's activities included Dance Company 4. Drill Team 3, and House of Reps. 4. She likes Millard. dancing. eating lasagne, and good friends but dislikes stuck-up people and wanna-be's. Sheri's favorite teachers were Mr. Peace and Mr. Gehrke and her most memorable date is Oct. 26. I 984. Her career goal is to be a dancer. 194 Tamin Abassi EV, Najat Alyashai "Geanie" "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Najat likes parties, dancing. shopping and her brother. Tony. Her favorite teachers in- clude Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Rogers. Her career goal is to be a businesswoman. Phyllis Louise Adkisson "Pl-l-ease" The most memorable date for Phyllis is September 8, l984. She enjoys gold jewelry, soul music, dancing, and roller skating. Phyllis dislikes having a curfew. Her career goal is to be an airline reservation clerk. 'ETX-Gvx Francesca Lina Ancona "Woot woo!" "Good things come to those who wait. but not to those who wait too late." Francie's most memorable date is December 29, I 984. She likes full moons, "Mon Chou- Chou". Cabrillo Road. and soul music. She dislikes shallow people and liars. xx' Q Kimberly Sue Allen "Kimbo" Kim was in J. V. Basketball I- 2. J. V. Swim I-3. Var. Field Hockey I -4. J. V. Volleyball 2. Smoke Signal 3. G.A.A. Sec. 3. Co-Pres. 4. Var. Basketball 3-4, Senate 4, House of Reps. 4. Homecoming Princess 4, ASB 4. and Football Stats. 4. Kim likes spending time with M.H.. M.S.. and G.S.. and playing field hockey. Her career goals are to become an Olympic Field Hockey player and a secretary. Wayne Allen "Dweiner" "l.ive life to its fullest." Wayne's most memorable date is Nov. 5, l98l and his favorite teachers were Mr. Bas- com and Mrs. Bamberg. He likes the Eagles. guns and race cars but dislikes Smurfs and Valhalla. He would like to own a lot of land. tif., J 1 Q - 14'14 1 1 Q . Jacqueline Rose Andersen "Jacque" Jacque's most memorable date is August 2l, l983. She likes 4x4's. hard rock. guys, camping, swimming and the Chargers and Padres, but dis- likes drugs. alcohol. rainy weather, punk rockers. country music, and Hghts. Jacque's fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Mitro- vich and Mr. Norgard. Her ca- reer goal is to be a nurse 's as- sistant. Ana Araya "Anita" "Do not pray for an easy life: pray to be a strong person." Anita. whose most memora- ble date is Sept. 30. likes roses and having fun with her friend Lupe. Ana dislikes nothing. Ms. Chaimson was her favorite teacher. She would like to be a computer technician. ft Teresa Marie Ancona "Don 't put off until tomorrow. the fun you can have today." Teresa was involved in Smoke Signal 2-3, Editor in Chief 4, Legend 4, Sr. Class Sec.. Homecoming Court. Thought 2-4. She likes the beach, best friends, summer and good-looking blonde. blue-eyed boys. but dislikes getting up early. rainy days and boredom. Her career goal is to be successful in every way. Connie Anderson "Conners" "Do something lead. fol- low. or get out of the way. " Connie's most memorable date is September 3. I 984. She enjoys spending time with friends: SL, JC. MH. CS. and talking with Chris. She dislikes snobbish. and immature peo- ple. Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Hempel and Connie plans to live life to the fullest. Cheryl Atkinson "LittIe Girl" "Never lose sight of your dreams." Cheryl was involved in Mod- ern Dance and Art. She likes going out and talking, and her dislikes include groupies. stay- ing home. and boredom. Mr. Baker was Cheryl 's favorite teacher and her career goal is to be a commercial artist. Her most memorable date is June l . l984. '5- ,4 ggfl . 1' Michael Baffone "Angus 'Wof" "Have a drink on me." Mike enjoys the company of Tammy and his friends and lis- tening to ACXDC but he dis- likes stuck-up girls. jocks and liars. Miss J. was his favorite teacher and his most memora- ble date is March IO. l984. Someday. Mike would like to jam with Angus Young. "Fl 'TY Jeffery James Anderson "Jeff U Stud" "Hey don't wet your pants. eh!" Jeff was involved in Wres- tling I and Football 2-3. He likes payday. Kris. parties and the Pink Panther Show. He dis- likes callslips, dry kegs. sirens and gossip. Jeff's favorite teachers were Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Pruyne and he would like to live happily ever after. Eric E. Asher "Well yeah. but . . . " During high school. Eric par- ticipated in Wrestling. He en- joys concerts. Chevy 4x4 's and photography but he dislikes slow drivers. mod-punk music and pushy people. Eric includes Sept. I 4. I 984 as his most memorable date and Mr. Hart as his favorite teacher. In the future. he hopes to be a wealthy and well-known pho- tographer. an 196 Amis Barsi Da vid Bautista "Ski it" David 's likes include bonsai- ing at Glamis, crushing Dat- suns. and running over walls, but dislikes mods. His favorite teachers were Tony, Wally, and Mr, Hart, He would like to someday lift his Luv high enough to walk under, Frank Bahro "Franco" "Do as you would be done by, " Frank likes Italian music and girls on the beach, but dislikes sad and sacry times. His favor- ite teachers were Mr, Winn and Mrs. Roberts. He recalls his days in Italy as his most memo- rable, Frank's career goal is to become a lawyer or to go into the computer Held. Kimberlee Ann Barcevac "Kim" "Con, get a nurse's pass! 'kay?" Kim 's activities include ASB I , 2 and Senior Activities Chairman, Kim 's most memora- ble date is December, l983. She likes good friends C,B., P,A., A.D., weekends and AN's with S,B, and S.K, Kim dislikes having flat tires, curfew, and Mondays. She plans to be an accountant. Connie Jo Barton ..C0n,, "No way, Kim" Connie 's activities were Drill I , and Senior Ways and Means ra Chairperson. Her most memo- rable date is January, I 985. She likes good friends, partying with T.B. pals, weekends, and french fries. Connie dislikes curfews, car trouble. being broke, and alarm clocks, Her favorite teacher was Mr. Mitro- vich. Dorothy Joyce Belkonen "Gumby" Joyce was involved in Drama I, Dance I-4, Volleyball 3-4, Softball 3-4 and Campus Life I - 3, She likes Corvettes. dance. and food but dislikes call slips. Her most memorable date is March I 4, l984, and her favor- ite teachers were Mr, Idle, Mr. Wolf Ms. Mitchell, and Mr. Hart. She would like to play college sports. Iris Bercovitz "Jewish American Princess" "Some peopIe's kids" Iris' most memorable date is Aug. 30, I983. She likes Susan, R.N,, and J. T,, but dislikes "sad Saabs. Her favorite teacher is her Dad and she would like to go to law school. Lisa Marie Bianco, "Lace" ' "i'. "Love and the self are one, and the discovery of either is the realization of both." Leo Bas- caglia Lisa 's most memorable date is June I8, I 982. She likes her aunt, Babbits, all her friends, and great times with Suz. Her favorite teachers include Mr. Trysla and Mom, .571 " 'Y .- c . Kristine Lynn Bowhall "Kris" "A thanks to all my friends for helping make these last four years so unforgettable." While Kris was at El Cajon she was involved with Dance I- 2 and Dance Co. 3-4. Her most memorable date is the summer of '83. She likes being with Jefti nights out with Mary in the Mustang, vacations and memo- ries. but dislikes Mondays and when fun times come to an end. Michele Lynn Brewer "l'm afraid we're just normal. really." Michele likes cloudy days and the color black. She be- lieves in both peace and war and a life of Utopia. She enjoys music. art. and dead flowers. Michele dislikes you-know- who's, lack of imagination. suntans. being without David and 324. W Terrel Bigelow 151 ei.. 'L M99 Vicki Brushaber "Wiki" Vicki's activities include P.E.P. 2-3. Swimming 3-4. House of Reps.. and ASB 4. February i983 is most memora- ble for Vicki. She likes pizza. coke, and soft music but dis- likes noisy people and loud music. Vicki 's favorite teachers were Mr. Hart and Mr. Gehrke. 5 Audail Duane Biggers "Rancho Buddy" At El Cajon. Audail 's favorite teachers were Mr. Hart and Mr. Colia and his most memorable date is Dec. 25. l984. Audail likes fast cars and his Ranche- ro. ln the future. Audail would like to become a district man- ager for a paper company. Z Tim Bryant "Ozzie" "The darker the berry. the sweeter the juice." During high school Tim was involved with Baseball 2-4. Basketball I and Campus Life. His most memorable date is Feb. 24, l984 and his favorite teacher was Coach Feil. He en- joys weekends with Faye. shortstop. good music. and good friends. In the future. Tim would like to play professional baseball for the California An- gels. in---r W Leah Teresa Boylan "Youths a mask and it won't last. live it long and live it fast." Leah was involved in ASB. Drama. and Thought Maga- zine. She likes Rod Stewart. yel- low M5M's. Lyn 's hair. and Ka- ties smiling eyes. She dislikes insincerity. insecurity. and not getting her way. She lists Nov. 5. l 984 as her most memorable date and would like to become a VJ on MTV. Brenda Anne Brown "Little Bren" "Let me tell you something." Brenda 's activities include Drama. Musical Production. Dance. Drill and Flag Captain. Her most memorable date is Jan. 7. I 984. Brenda likes D.J. and Julie but dislikes people who think they're better than others. Her favorite teacher was Doc Roberts and her career goal is to be a legal secretary. 198 if-' iw... Janice Kay Burkleo "Jan" "Only you can prevent forest fires." .lanice's most memorable date is Nov. 29, I 934. She likes Scott, cats, movies, and rainy days but dislikes jellybeans, getting up early and missing soap operas. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Mitrovich, Mr, Peace, and Mr. Trysla and her goal is to be happy, Manuel Luis Caballero lll "Manny" "Sorry, I 'm Catholic." During high school, Manny was involved with Football I -4. Soccer 3-4, Key Club 4 and Let- termen 's Club 4. He likes "Mi amor, Cin" but he dislikes .l..I. moving away from EC V. His fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Winn and Mr, Williams. Manny's most memorable dates are the present and the future. ln the future he'd like to be involved in Business Administration. Richard Buck "Richie" "To achieve a goal you ha ve to work at it." Richie 's most memorable date is the day he got engaged, He likes people who are friend- ly and dislikes those who are stuck-up, Mr. Feil and Mr. Hart were Richie 's favorite teachers. He plans to enter the military. Vince Carbino "CubbIes" Vince was involved in Soccer I-3, Smoke Signal 4. Thought I-3, CSF I-3, Boys'State 3, and Academic League 3. He likes quiet moments with Laura, soc- cer, piloting, and Cessnas but dislikes irate coaches and un- controllable players. He lists his most memorable date as Dec. I 5, I 984 and would like to become a teacher and an in- ternational soccer referee. .lohn Burgar "Burgar Meister" "Won 't you be my neighbor?" F, Rogers While at EC V, .lohn was in Band 2, Band Photographer 3- 4. Cameraman for ,IV Football, Baseball, Softball, Waterpolo and Volleyball 4, He likes the Beatles, Chicago. T. P,ing, and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood but dislikes pests, getting T, P,d, G. H , B., and 2nd place. ef-M r Sara Carlon "A dwarf is still small even if he stands on a mountain," Sara was involved as ASB Co-Comm. of Publicity. She likes the beach, being with Steve, money, Mexican food, Ouy, Deirdre, Lori, and Teresa but dislikes snobs. Her favorite teacher was Mr, Hart and her most memorable date is May 25, l983. Sara would like to someday be rich. 'f"'T9 f fg.g5'f 5:15 ff? " .9115 . gifts . :gi rl Q 77,7 Va . , Cindy Butler "Cin" "Unreal" Cindy, whose most memora- ble date is Nov. 2, I 984, likes being with Manny and friends. She dislikes phony people, dirt heads and trendies, Her favor- ite teachers are Mom and Dad. She would like to be well off Robyn L. Cantrell "You have not failed until you've quit trying, " Robyn, who remembers the summer of '84 as her most memorable date, likes going to the desert, funny people, spending time with her family and friends, but dislikes pessi- mists, and people with no hu- mor. One day she hopes to marrya fabulous man and have some kids. Robyn recalls her parents as her favorite teach- ers. Kew- Ming Jessi Chiu "Jessi" "lf you wait for perfect condi- tions, you will never get any- thing done." Ming 's career goal is to be a computer engineer. She likes watching TV but dislikes dis- honest people, Ms. Chaimson is her favorite teacher, Feb. 9. I 982, the date when Ming came to the U.S., is listed as her most memorable date. Keith Christopherson "Natural Selection Rip 's" "l can go away. l can leave here, l can be invisible." During Keith's stay at EC V, he recalls Mr. Hand as his fa- vorite teacher and July 7, I 983 as his most memorable date. Among his many likes are surf- ing and waves at Backdoor Pipeline. However, Keith dis- likes spinach, broccoli, and McDonald 's. His future goal is to become a police officer. Xfff' Paul Casto "Casteaux" "The key to success is hard work" Paul's activities included Football 3-4, Soccer 3-4. and Baseball 3-4. December l, I 984 is Paul 's most memorable date. He likes sports, friends, family and being Hlthy rich but dislikes pushy people. Mr. Feil, Mr. Watkins. and Mr. Peace were his favorite teachers. Paul's career goal is to be a successful businessman. 'Q Q21- Kevin Henry Conn "Louie" "If you aren 't the lead sled dog your scenery never changes." K.E. Kennedy Kevin enjoys the beach, holi- days and being with friends but dislikes being upended by line- backers, His activities included Football, Baseball, Key Club, Campus Life, Senate, Smoke Signal. and Homecoming King. Kevin 's favorite teacher was Coach Hayes and his most memorable date is Sept. 8, l984. His future plans include entering the field of law en- forcement. Liz Cevera "Lizard" "You can kill the things you love, but the things you love may kill you as well. " During high school, Liz was involved in the I-club and she lists Mr. Peace as her favorite teacher. She includes Dec. 2, l984 as her most memorable date and in the future she wants to do well at whatever she does. Liz loves Duran Duran, U2 and Depeche Mode but dislikes people who think they are better than they really are. .M Joretta Cordero .70 ,, "You are constantly in my thoughts, in my heart, in my dream. " R.H. During high school Joretta was involved in J.M and Var. Basketball, I-club and Senior Committees Chairperson. Her most memorable date is Oct. 5, l934 and she also enjoys spending time with friends like S.L., C.A., R.P., and R.H. Her favorite teachers were Mr. D. Williams and Mr. Kingery. She plans to enter the field of aero- space engineering. 4 5? 1-wp. 1 s LW' I 5 - Craig Chmiel "Digger" "What Beans" Craig likes pizza. fast cars. and good friends but dislikes people who put down others. He recalls Nov. I . I 983 as his most memorable date. He was also involved in Marching Band 2-3. Craig plans on being an architect and his favorite teacher was Mr, Peace. James Gregory Claar "Sleepy" James participated in Band I -4: Pep Band l -4: and Concert Band l-4. He likes being with friends and having fun, His fa- vorite teacher was Mlz Wil- liams and he lists his most memorable date as Oct. l7, l984. JD- Pat Craw Pat 's activities include Varsi- ty Football 2-4, and Varsity Track 2-4. He likes R,C.. T.C., and ,l.V, but dislikes Granite Hills and snotty people, His fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Peace. Pat's goal is to participate in the I 988 Olympic games. Eric Dantz Eric likes radio-controlled buggies, ATC 's and off-road racing, His favorite teachers in- cluded Mr, Watkins and Mr, Norgard. 4 1 Loriene .lean Cosio "Lori" "l can do all things through God who strengthens me." Lori was active in Band l-2, Mat Maids 2, Track l-4, Cross Country 3-4, Soccer 3-4, Cam- pus Life 2-4, and Key Club 4. Lori's most memorable date is June I 9-25. l983, She likes running, the mountains, S.S.. and Campus Life but dislikes spinach and being lied to, 4,5 .4 Eugene Davenport Mark William Cossano "The price of winning is high, but the joy of winning is high- er." During his time at EC VHS Mark was involved with Base- ball 2, 4. Mark enjoys moun- taineering, poker parties, and being lazy but he hates public restrooms, homework, and people who smell bad. His fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Karpowicz and his career goal is to search for deeper mean- ings. ,lohn Stanley Davis "Johnathan" "Winners never quit and quit- ters never win. " .lohn was involved in Track 3-4, Cross Country 4, Legend Photographer 3-4 and Sr. Class Publicity. He likes M.M., being with friends, and flying. He dis- likes stuck-up people, and heavy metal, .lohn 's career goal is to be a pilot or a photogra- pher. Diana Marie Curley "Little One" "Love is like a pretty flower, it never lasts long enough," Diane's activities included Varsity Softball I -4 and Ad- vanced Dance 3-4. She likes softball, the beach, Van Halen and good times with Tiffany. She dislikes busy phones. slow drivers, and unsociable people. Diane's favorite teacher was Mr. Williams. Hanaan Daoud "Hanawy" "Live today as if there is no tomorrow but plan today as if you 'll live forever." Hanaan lists September 6 as her most memorable date, She would like a chance to go and visit her home flraqj and see the rest of her family. Her fa- vorite teacher was Miss Chaim- son. Hanaan would like to be a pharmacist. I me l David Diaz "The Mad Jeeper" "Only in a jeep." Liking Jeep 4X4's and Van Halen, David will never forget the date of July 7, l984. Mr. Feil and Coach Wolf served as inspirations to him. One day in the future, David wishes to be- come a civil engineer. Minh Do "Master" "l was almost killed once . . . by a train of thought." During Minh 's years at high school, he was involved with Marching Band I-4, Campus Life, Math Team, Pep Band I-4, Football, Soccer, Rep. at Large, and Tennis, Minh's favorite teacher was Mr. Fulcher, Eric Deforest "Are we not men?" Eric 's most memorable date is January 30, l980, His favor- ite teacher was Mr, Winn. Eric 's career goal is to be a computer technician. Marc David Drew "Drew" "Oh Dred!!!!" Marc was involved with many activities that included A.S.B. Pres., Comm, Of Com- munications, Frosh VP., Cam- pus Life I -4, Ski Club Pres. 4, .lfgggg Head Photographer, Sr, Rep at Large 4, Academic De- cathalon 4. He likes 501 's, good times with E.S.L., Denise, and listening to Duran Duran, Marc dislikes people who live at Parkway Plaza and people with bad breath, His favorite teachers were Mr. Peace and Mr. Minor. In the future Marc hopes to have it all! Dennis Anthony DeLara "Speed Racer" "We are . . . Defenders of the Faith, " Anthony's favorite teacher was Mr. Peace during his time at EC VHS. He enjoys listening to Judas Priest, his baja bug. and Eddie Murphy but he dis- likes David Lee Roth. girls with funny haircuts, and being bored. Anthony's most memo- rable date is January 8, l985. neu 'Di Alice Duckett "Speedracer" "Thou hast made us for thyself and restless are our hearts until they rest in thee. " Alice was in A.S,B. 2 and the German Club 4. She likes Chicken McNuggets, her friends, gummi bears and beach lunches. Jack-in-the- Box, intellectual conversations and smoke in her face are what she dkislikes. ,...4-l Siamon Diaz "When you are at peace with yourself any place is home," Simon likes going to beach and parties but dislikes drugs. His favorite teachers include Margi Chaimson and Lupe Or- tiz and he recalls June 27, l98I as his most memorable date, Richard J. Dragos "Getchend " "What it be like! Bro!" Richard, who was involved in in Wrestling, Football, and Baseball, likes fast cars, bikes, and older women but dislikes trenders, Mods, and Breakers. His most memorable date is July 5, I 933. 45"- 11' Suzette Kristine Elstrom "Suz" "For all you give, for all you share, and for always being there . . . I love you Mom and Dad, " Suzette likes fun times with Lisa, the beach, Richie, and her VW, but dislikes crowded park- ing lots. Her activities are Soft- ball l-2, Var, Cheer, and Cam- pus Life I -2. She lists her fa vor- ite teacher as Mr. Kingery. Her career goal is to be a psycholo- gist. David Erikson "Make my day. " Da vid likes pizza and people who are intelligent but dislikes Dodge Omnis and anchovies. His favorite teachers were Mr. Peace and Mr. Williams and he lists Oct, I 6, i982 as his most memorable date. David's goal is to get further schooling and then he 'll decide on his career. Robert Allen Duke "Old Woman" Robert was involved in Foot- ball 3-4, Key Club 4 and Cam- pus Life 3-4, He likes the beach and the BBB 's but dislikes Helix and heavy metal. Robert's fa- vorite teacher was Mr, Feil and his most memorable date is the summer of I983. He would like to be a pilot. Eduardo Estrada "Grand Funk" Ed 's most memorable date is .luly l l, l984 and his favorite teacher was Mr, Fulcher. He dislikes working on Friday and Saturday nights and narrow- minded groupies, Ed's goal is to be successful in the Held of music. Kimberly Ann Dunlap "Kimbo" "Here we go Lisa." Kim's activities were Dance 2-3. Football Manager 2 and Ski Club, She enjoys being with friends, diamonds, spending money, and Porsche but dis- likes false accusations and guys who have cars that are better looking than they are. Her most memorable date is T.P.T, night and her favorite teachers are her parents, In the future she'd like to marry a wealthy man and spend all his money, 'U' Buthaina Fakoury "Beth" "Action speaks louder than words, " Beth was involved in Gym- nastics, Volleyball, and Dance. She likes music, dancing, skat- ing, and parties but dislikes homework. Her favorite teach- er was Mr. Franklin and her most memorable date is No v. 7, I 978. Beth would like to be an engineer, ' f A D af I A, ' ' if , 57,638 fb!" Theresa Enos 'Teri " Teri enjoys handicrafts L 1 ., : fx" . ,, is ,fm .fit 5 4' f W 4 x Qv.Q"l"f1 e ',2,fbs,yuci. c. t , , ,wi ' and swimming and loves Rock and Roll but dislikes pickles and prejudice, She believes that since no one here gets out alive, enjoy life while you can. Pamela May Estep "Pam " "Friendship always beneHts, love sometimes injures." Pam was involved in Drill 2- 4, Treas, 3, Pres. 4 and Jr. arch- bearer. She likes cats, horses, music and being with friends, She dislikes people who use other people. She would like to have a military career. Mr. Hart was Pam 's favorite teacher. " !F Michael Ferguson David Finch Basman Fatoohi "Fatoohi" "East to West, home is the best." Basman's most memorable date is July 26. I 982. She likes to travel and relationships but dislikes war gossip. Basman would like to work in a store. She was very active in the Mul- ticultural Club, Curtis Ferebee "lt's a Ford" Curtis likes cars, the desert and girls. His dislikes include Fords among other things. Mr. Colia and Coach Watkins were his favorite teachers. Curtis plans to be a race car driver. Debbie Friemuth Debbie 's school activities in- clude Field Hockey. Softball, Track. and Junior Achieve- ment. She enjoys time spent with Scott. being happy and having money but she dislikes liars and people who cheat on other people. Her most memo- rable date is Nov. 25 and her favorite teacher was Mrs. Pruyne. In the future she'd like to find a better job. Michelle Marie Fujita "Tammi " "Dreams are like people. many are born. but few make it through life. " Michelle was involved in Water Polo I-4. Swimming I-4, and Musical Production Work- khan Susan Ann Fewel "Lyn-Sue" "A fool and her money soon go partying." Susan 's most memorable date is Jan. l4. l985. She likes the rose garden. her best friends, antiques. I 5l. and her craft. but dislikes da y-glow. Su- san 's favorite teacher was Coach Feil. Her career goal is to be a psychologist. Katherine Irene Fitzgerald "Katie" "Life is so much fun . . . so why hurry it. " A Katie's activities included Mat Maids l-2. Her most memorable is Aug. 6, I 983 and all days since. Katie likes Terry. ice cream, mustaches, and be- ing with "the group". Coach Watkins was her favorite teacher. Katie plans to enter the Held of business. Y shop. Her most memorable xx date is April 2. I 983. She likes Aaron. swimming, dancing. singing, and unicorns but dis- likes people who only take you for face value. Her favorite teacher was Doc Roberts. 1-wr, n-it Lori Gerschoffer "What it is." Lori likes Mike, roses, "air- port runs" with Mary and going to W.P. with Tracy, She dislikes bops, boxes and underclass- men. Lori was involved in Soft- ball I-3 and her most memora- ble date is Jan. 25, l985. Her favorite teacher was Mr, Logs- don, Brain Ginsberg "Bobo" "When you think the worst has yet to come, you 're right." Brian's activities were Dun- geons and Dragons Club I -4, Legend 3, Photo Editor 4, He lists his most memorable date as Aug. 4, I 984, His likes in- clude heavy metal music, Iron Maiden. and DIED, but he dis- likes mods, breakers and wanna-be's. His favorite teach- er was Mr, Brooks. He would like to become wealthy. Sandra Luz Galvan "Sandy" "Don't pray for an easy life- pray to be a strong person. " During high school, Sandy was involved with Multicul- tural Club and P.E.P. Club and her most memorable time is the summer of '84. She enjoys dancing and talking on the phone but she dislikes unrelia- ble people. Her fa voriteteacher was Miss Chaimson and her ca- reer goal is to be a cosmetolo- gist. "lush, Jeane. Golden .leane's most memorable date is Oct. I4, I983. She likes M.5., M,G., DJ., C.B,, CO., and K, T. but dislikes snobs and "soches", .leane's favorite teacher was Mr, Feil and her career goal is to be an accoun- tant, .- 4 -3 Donnie Gerrell "Chevelle Buddy" "Get a job, " Donnie lists his most memo- rable date as May l9, l984. He likes fast cars and parties but dislikes mod girls, homework and slow cars. Donnie 's favor- ite teacher was Mr. Colia. Don- nie 's career goal is to either be a truck driver or a bouncer. gg , James .l. Goswick "Gaz" "No pain, no gain." ,lim was active in Wrestling I -4 and Campus Life I-3. March 3, l984 is his most memorable date. Jim- likes heavy metal, the midwest and cars that are fast. His dislikes include driving drunk and mods. Jim 's goal is to be a suc- cessful collegiate wrestler. e r , f Michael P. Gharring "Mikichi" "Mikie likes it," Michael likes friendly peo- ple, girls, his Ranger, and his ATC, but dislikes unfriendly people. His most memorable date was A,D. Mr. Hart and Mr. Williams were his favorite teachers and he would some- day like to become president of Families Company, Nicholas William Goffeney "None Needed" "Live your life until you 're dead," N. WG, During Nick's four years at ECVHS, he participated in Aca- demic Decathlon 4, AP Club 4. and Free Style Wrestling 4. He hopes that June I4, I985 will be etched forever in his mind. Nick, who dislikes people who don't know what they're talk- ing about, likes to truncate people, argue. eat Chinese food, and have fun with re- spected friends. Mr. Winn and Mrs, Venieris were extremely inspirational to Nick whose fu- ture goal is to tind one. .limmy Hamilton "Ham" "Speak it up." Jimmy was on the Math Team at ECM Nov. 27, l984 is Jimmy's most memorable date. He likes' pizza, the beach. and BM W's but dislikes pre-caIcu- lus. Coach Feil was Jimmy 's fa- vorite teacher and his goal is to be a millionaire by the age of 30. Paul Anthony Hamilton "Pablo" "lt's an awful awakening in a country's boy pride." Paul likes country music. the mountains and simple people but dislikes crowds and any- thing in fashion. His favorite teachers were his Mom, Dad and brother. Paul would like to become a good man and live a good life. lsam Habib "The future. both near and far. makes the present meaning- ful," lsam participated in Soccer at ECM Nov. IS. l984 is his most memorable date. He likes movies. girls, and flowers but work is one of the things he dislikes. lsam 's favorite teach- ers were Mr. Valdez and Coach Elliott. ,Wav Qtr? Brent Hao "One may blot out what is writ- ten but what is said can never be recalled. " Brent was involved in Bas- ketball and Tennis. He likes honest people but dislikes peo- ple who lie and brag. His most memorable date is the day he first came to the U.S. His favor- ite teacher was Mr. Maize and he would like to enter the Held of computer science. Jeff Hall "Life should have happy end- ings." Jeff who was involved in Basketball I-2, lists music. money. surfing. and Reggae as his likes. He dislikes negative people, Mission Beach, and running out of gas. .leff's favor- ite teacher was Mr. Peace and he'd like to be successful at whatever he does. if fi Robert Jared Hartman "Rob" "Did you do it. Hamilton?" Robert 's likes include the mountains. poker parties, play- ing basketball with .l..l.. D.P., and P.H.. and the Odd Couple. He dislikes breakers. and pants with more than one zipper. His favorite teacher was Mr. Feil and he 'd like to enter the Held of marine biology. 14-3 W. 'TJ' Michelle Rene Hamilton "Mi-Mi" "Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive." Michelle likes special times with R. W.P., horseback riding. country music and the moun- tains but dislikes Monday mornings and math. Her favor- ite teachers were Mom and Dad. Mr. Peace and Mr. Fulcher and her most memora- ble date is Dec. 9, I 984. Shirley Haines "Our friendship is like a ring- round with no end." K.M. Shirley likes mountains. par- ties and friends but dislikes people who think they are bet- ter than others. Mr. Feil was her favorite teacher and Sep- tember 2l. I 983 is her most memorable date. Shirley wants to become an airline steward- ess. '- J Charles J. Helm "Uncle Chuckles" "ls a dream a lie if it don't come true or is it something worse?" B. Springsteen Chuck was in Thought I-4, Editor 2-4, Senior Class Ways and Means. I-Club 3-4, Drama l and Volleyball Stats. He likes Bordeaux, movies and RX-7's. Chuck 's favorite teachers were Mr. Stanner and Mr, Logsdon, Martin Herrera "Jose" "El respeto al derecho aieno es Ia paz. " Martin was involved in Soc- cer at EC VHS, June I 6, l982 is his most memorable date. Mar- tin likes easy rock and the Dodgers. Punks. Rockers and the Padres are what he dislikes. Miss Chaimson was his favorite teacher. Martin plans to play professional soccer. iv- 206 N fl Garrett Mikal Hatcher "Rat" "5chween Barbosa" Garrett used his spare time to build motors, go to movies. and go bowling. He enjoys spending time with friends, the beach, Mopars and Blown He- mis but dislikes staying home and homework. His favorite teacher was Mr, D, Williams and his most memorable date will be April 25, l985. Garrett 's future plans include being a highway patrolman. J W f ' lf , Jody Pham Hoang "Smile-that will show people what you are up to." Jody was active in Volleyball at EC VHS. January 3. l983 is her most memorable date. She likes to go out with friends, party and have fun but she dis- likes staying at home and gos- sip. .lody plans to be a comput- er programmer. Mike Hayet "High Boy" Mike likes tall trucks, party- ing at the desert and moments spent with VA, He dislikes rainy weekends, Mike's most memorable date is May 27, I 984 and his favorite teachers were Miss J., Wally and Tony. He plans to own an offroad center. WWW Matthew B. Holbo "Spike" "Don' panic. " Matthew was in Campus Life and Pep Club. His most memo- rable date is October I2, l984. He likes long soft hair. pretty eyes. and racing. Matthew dis- likes boring people and plaid clothes. Mr. Feil was his favor- ite teacher. He plans to become a robotics engineer. -..-gp Elizabeth Faye Henson "Lisa" "Love doesn't make the world go round but it makes the ride a lot easier. " Lisa was in Mat Maids 3-4 and was a Jr, Archbearer, 5he likes moments spent with Char- lie, D.A., mountains and the beach, Waking up in the morn- ing and C.l:'.L. are some of Li- sa 's dislikes. David Heuslein David was Girls' J. M Softball manager during his stay at El Cajon. He lists his most memo- rable date as Jan, I3, i978 and likes very much Three Muske- teers, Jack 's secret sauce, and guitar tunes, however, he dis- likes trendies, Mr. Peace was most inspirational to David and he wishes to become a Nevada fur trapper in the future. i 'f Q- jim Leslie Howell "Goofy" "AlI things work together for good, to those who know God." Leslie likes Luke, pizza, and being with friends but dislikes homework and stuck-up peo- ple. Her most memorable date will be Aug. I5, I985. Leslie's favorite teacher was Mr. Mar- tin. Donald Lee Jack "Donnie Boy" "l dare you to be proud, to dare to shout aloud. for convictions that you feel, like sound from bells to peal. " Don likes Bauhaus and nights at the rose garden, but dislikes war and narrow mind- ed people. His favorite teacher was Coach Feil. Don 's goal is to fly on the space shuttle. .04 iff' Byron Houston "Bo-Bo" "A friend is made by many acts and lost by only one." Byron likes Ms. Mitchell 's Porche, and Hawaii. His many dislikes include dead week- ends. Mondays, air heads, phony and prejudiced people. His favorite teachers were Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Peace. Byr- on 's goal is to achieve every- thing he sets out to accom- plish. A 1 VM V A A . K. A , iw Deborah Anne Howard "Debbie" "Don 't be dumb. " Debbie was involved in Swim, ASB Assistant I, Com- missioner of Sales 2-3, Com- missioner of Communications 4, Drama 3-4, Thought 3-4 and German Club 4. Feb. 23. l984 is memorable for Debbie. She likes new clothes, The Cars and pink things. Debbie dislikes not having money and Wendy's. Debbie 's favorite teachers were Mr. Feil and Mrs. A ynes. Lyn Thaomas Jarman "L ynae" "Roses are red. violence is too. Everyone knows l'm painting the town blue." Lyn's most memorable date is the Cramps Show '84. She likes X times, J. daze, the rose garden at dawn, and special re- unions. She dislikes ignorance. war, hatred, and broken prom- ises. Lyn 's goal is to live a peaceful life. YZF? Derrick La Mont Jenkins ..DJ,, "Lose not faith, lose not cour- age, go forward. " Marcus Gar- vey Derrick's activities included Var. Football Captain 4. J.V Football 2-3, Var. Track 3-4, Smoke Signal 2, Sports Editor 3-4. His most memorable date is Jan. 7, I 984 and his favorite teacher was Mr. Rogers. He likes ladies. Reggae and Kaya and he would someday like to have it all. A 35? .J Kristine Marie Hunter "Kris" "lf you don 't understand my si- lence, you won 't understand my words." Kris, whose most memorable date is March 3. I 984, likes Ron, blue flowers. and friends but dislikes liars and bugs. She was involved in Swim I, Flags 4, Pep Club I, and Black Friars 4. Her favorite teacher was Doc Roberts. She would like to en- ter the tield of accounting. Michele Rae Jacobs "Brat" "l love you, Pete." Michele was involved in Matmaids, Flags, Swimming and V Football manager. Her most memorable date is April 29. l984, 7:20 am. She likes being with Pete but dislikes liv- er. Michele's favorite teacher was her mother. Her goal is to be successful in life. Da vid Martin Jaynes "Sonny" "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " David who was on V. Wres- tling 4, likes to party and have a good, legal, fun time and dis- likes people who lie, cheat and steal. David's favorite teacher was Mr. Hart. His career goal is to become an electrical engi- neer. Mary Frances Kearney "Scare" "No way Bowhall!" Mary was involved in JV Cheer, Volleyball 3, Softball I- 2, and Dance Co 4. She likes special times with her family, Scott. fun times with her bud- dies, and pigeons, She dislikes running out of gas with K.B., car accidents, ditches, bridges, and red lights. Her favorite teacher is her family and her most memorable date is July 7, I 984, Mike Johnson "lf you love something set it free, if it doesn't come back hunt it down and kill it." Mikes activities were Swim- ming 2, Water Polo I and Aquatics I. He likes Heavy Metal, the beach and women but dislikes mod music, Mike 's career goal is to be an electri- cal engineer and his most memorable date is May 9, l934. Robert M, Jones 7. Jimmy J, Johnson "Jim" Jim likes money, playing B- ball with his friends P.H., D,P., and R.H. But dislikes losing basketball games. His favorite teachers were Mr, Hart and Mr, Peace, His most memorable date is Aug. I7, l982. At ECV Jim was involved in Basketball I-4 and Football I, Robert Callahan Jones "Rob" "An athlete is someone who can accept that there is some- one better tham him, but does his best anyway. " Robert was involved in Bas- ketball I-4, Lettermen 's Club 3- 4, Dance 3, and Campus Life. He likes being with good friends and the beach. His fa- vorite teachers were Coach Robinson and Wally Idle, Glenn Richard Jorden ' 'Glenna ford ' ' "l resemble that remark"-Curly Glenn was involved in Con- cert, Pep, and Marching Band I -4, A.P. Club Prez, Class Treas. 2, and Band Prez, 4. His likes include the Three Stooges, Attack Mode, boxing, and Pinery team work but dis- likes flying dictionaries. He lists his most memorable date as today and he would like to enter the field of law enforce- ment, Jeffery Wayne Johnson "Quarter Pounder" "The oxen are slow but the earth is patient. " Jeff 's school activities were Con- cert, Pep and Marching Band I-4, Stagecraft 4 and Music Production 3-4. He likes Velvet but dislikes sticky valves. His favorite teachers were Mr. Peace and Uncle Alfred, Jeff's future plan is to own McDon- ald's. . . ,QE "QL 2' kg. . " 4.::'if',,-11x,L.'-,,.. f '. " ' ??2v-5. 5 "W WS-iff, 1 'Q 'A Deirdre June Keller wsop' "May you all die a half hour before the Devil finds out you 're dead!" Deirdre's activities include Sr. Prez. 4, gg: 5-lg-1 Ed, in Chief 4, Jr. MP. 3, ASB Treas. 3. CSF 2-4, fhought J-4, Senate 2-4, Soph. Prez. Deirdre's most memorable date is Argentina '34 and her Granny is her favorite teacher. She likes family night, the beach, rainy days, good times with T.A.. 0.N., l,.5., and S.C., and the Beatles. However. she dislikes yellow lights and arguing with her Dad. Her goal is to "change the system," ,Le Erina Leah Kemp "Rina" Rina 's most memorable date is March I7, l984. Friends, Chris and fun times are some of the things she enjoys. Rina dis- likes Dorito breath and crack- ing knuckles. Mr, Stanner and Mr, Hart were her favorite teachers. Rina 's career goal is to be a writer. .J as Danny Kha Kevine Ky Norma Lacarra "Normita" Kelly Killion "Kel " "Blondes ain 't dum. " Kelly's most memorable date is December 2l. She likes Ken- ny, Lamborghinis, and .loan Collins. She dislikes car pay- ments. red lights. and rainy days, Her goal is to live in her own dazzling dynasty. Edward laborde "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work." While at EC VHS Edward had two favorite teachers, Mr. Wil- liams and Mr. Hart. He dislikes Kurt Matthew Langworthy "Ever notice the number of people watching you is directly propor- tional to the stupidity of your ac- tion. " Kurt was in Key Club 2, Campus Life 2, JV Baseball 2, Varsity Foot- ball 2-4, Lettermen 's Club 2-4 and Varsity Basketball 3. He likes fish- ing, the mountains, the beach, and partying. He dislikes Chris 's truck, and fat chicks, "I know - 'stop talking'!" Norma was involved in House of Reps., Multi-Cultural Club. Campus Life, Swimming and Field Hockey. She likes to talk, going to Mexico, and go- ing shopping. Norma 's favorite teachers were Mr. Feil and Mr. Valdez. Her most memorable date is the summer of '84, as . f' people that borrow money and don 't pay him back and his most memorable date is May 4. 1980, Edward's goal is to get out of high school. Scott Kerr "Bugman" "lf you can't stop. smile as you go over." The most memorable date for Scott is February I 7, l982. Scott likes Calbugs, working on VW's and lowering cars but dislikes raised VW's and tick- ets for speeding. His goal is to own a VW repair shop. sw Lee Dennis Lao "Drop by drop the water tills the tube. " Dennis likes justice and making friends, but dislikes violent people. His favorite teacher was Gus Valdez. Den nis' career goal is to work in computer technology. Le Ann Larman "Oh Grand." Le Ann participated in Swim- ming l. Softball 2-4. G.A.A. Co-Pres. 4, Soccer 4, and A.S.B. 2-3. Le Ann likes Shelly, ted- dies. laughs with VZ.. A.C.. and C.C., viewing "IO" movies with Shelly. pink things. and new clothes. She dislikes big- mouths and quitters. Her fa vor- ite teachers were Mr. Peace and Coach Watkins. She would like to open a detective agency with Shelly. -l Ag Sandra Dee Luma "George" "Capture all the joys of life." Sandra. who lists Sept. I , l984 as her most memorable date. likes being with Patrick, friends. and family. She dislikes stuck-up people. Mr. Stevens was her favorite teacher and her career goal is to become a photographer. 210 'KWQ' Elissa Ann Linden "-Brut" "There they go Kim!" Lisa was involved in many activities that included J. V. and Var. Cheer. Dance, Ski Club, and Campus Life. Her most memorable date was No- vember 2. l984 and T.P. T. night. Lisa especially likes spe- cial friends, the desert, memo- ries. and the old gang. Her fa- vorite teacher was Coach Feil. She'd like to become rich and well-known. Carlos Ariel Lopez "Oobie" "The Hrst time may seem like the worst time. but it 's the one time you'll never forget." During his time at EC VHS, Carlos was involved in Football 4, Basketball 4. Baseball 3, Track 4. and Key Club. Carlos likes basketball and Tang but dislikes prejudiced people. Carlos' most memorable date is Sept. 28. l984 and he plans on going to college and then play Pro KNBAQ basketball. had Rebecca Karen Leigh "Becker" Rebecca's most memorable date is June 23. l984. Among her likes are "X" and David. Miss J. was Rebecca 's favorite high school teacher. Andres Lopez "Andy" "Don't let anyone let you down." During his four years at ECVHS. Andy has been in- volved in Multicultural Club and Peer Tutoring. His most memorable date is May l9, l984. and his favorite teacher was Margi Chaimson. He en- joys rodeos. dances, pizza and going out with Adriana but dis- likes Mondays and admitting he's wrong. In the future he wants to become a park ranger. llda A. Lord ..Fmg,, llda remembers best the date of Sept. I 0, I 980 and has par- ticipated in Swimming at El Ca- jon. She likes swimming and partying all night long. Mr. Holk was most inspirational to llda during her years at El Ca- jon as she wishes to get a nurs- ing degree in the future. Q 1 Robin Rachelle Lee "lt's easy to deceive. it's easy to tease. but hard to get released." Robin was involved in Swim l-2. Dance 2. Music Prod. 2. Gymnas- tics l. Campus Life I-2 and Drama I -4. She likes Billy ldol, shooting stars, C.M. and M.W.. but dislikes quiet people. Mr. Peace was her favorite teacher and her most memorable date is June 24. l983. Bang Luong "Tony" Tony participated in Soccer and Tennis while at EC VHS. He likes ping pong and Auto Me- chanics but dislikes football. homework and civics. Mr. Stan- ner and Mr. Hayes were his fa- vorite EC VHS teachers and he hopes to own his own auto me- chanics business. .D Paul Thomas Lusby "Mr, Spock" "Rockers aren 't detrimental to so- ciety. society is detrimental to Rockers." Paul was involved in Drama I, 2. Stagecraft I-4. and Black Friars. His most memorable date is March 4. I93l and his favorite teacher was Doc Roberts. Paul likes parties, Heavy Metal, and fast cars but dis- likes bosses and Rent-A-Cops. He would like to be a free thinker. B 455-ff ja lr uf? Marina Marini "Live each day to the fullest, looking at the sunrise, but look no further for tomorrow is a new day, a new chapter to be closed." Marina was a foreign ex- change student from Italy and her life goal is to be always happy- Kristi Maki "Kwissy" "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Kristi was active in Swim I , Gymnastics I, 2, 4 and Dance Company 4. She likes partying with her friends and dislikes people who prejudge other people. Kristi 's favorite teacher was Mr. Peace. Becoming a model is Kristi 's career goal. Dahlia Mansour "Love isn't love 'til you give it away." Dahlia. who likes jazz. danc- ing. swimming, and parties. dislikes waking up early. Mr. D. Williams was her favorite teacher. Dahlia wants to be- come a medical assistant. Karla Marchant "Kar Washf' "Hi, where's the party. dude?" Karla was involved in .IV and Varsity Swimming. She likes flirting. shopping and working with C.B.. but dislikes home- work. no dates, and being late for school. Her favorite teach- ers were Mr. Colia and Mr. Hart. Her most memorable date will be June I3, l985. Karla would like to someday become an X -ray technician. PQ!!! Cynthia L. Mansfield ..cyn,. "To be or not to be - we'lI see. " Cyndi's activities include Publicity Chairperson 4. Pep Club 3. and I-Club 4. Her most memorable date is June 24. l98'2 and her favorite teacher was Mr. Williams. Cyndi likes R.M., summer, and true friends but dislikes wanna-be's. Her career goal is to be a doctor. Rita Mansour "Linda" "You don 't know where you 're going until you know where you've been. " Rita, who 'd like a career in banking. lists October IO, I982 as her most memorable date. She enjoys swimming and run- ning. Mr. Gus and Mr. Maize were Rita 's favorite teachers. Sabrinia Maddox Sabrina was selected to re- present ECVHS as our I984-85 Legendary Lady. , 5 ,f f ,fwlm MWA. Greg Marshall "Wait and Hope." Count of Monte Cristo During high school, Greg was involved with the Foren- sics Club. His most memorable date was October 21. I 982. He likes California and the game of baseballl. but he dislikes snow. Greg's favorite teacher was Mr. McCoy and in the fu- ture he 'd like to become a law- yer. Jonathan A. Martin "Jon" "Reality is but a concept of that which is real. " Jon spent his free time being involved in Tennis I -2, March- ing Band I-4. Pep Band l-4 and Concert Band I -4. He likes time spent with Cindy and Drum Corps but dislikes ice cream and B.F. His most memo- rable date is December l9. I982 and in the future he would like to become an audio engineer. Ahmad Mesdaq Ahmad participated in Soc- cer at EC VHS. His most memo- rable date is the winter of I 9 79. He likes Afghanistan and religion but dislikes Russia. Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Franklin were his favorite teachers. Ah- mad plans to become a com- mercial pilot. 212 .aus Kristin Lee Mc Caslin "Sister Christian" "Where have you been hiding that thing?" During high school Kris spent her free time being in- volved in Campus Life. Key Club l-2. J. V. Cheer 2. Varsity Cheer 3. and Smoke Signal 4. She likes chocolate. Mom. Donnie, and pink roses but dis- likes dogs and bad moods. Her most memorable date is Octo- ber l. l982 and her favorite teacher was Coach Feil. Kris' career goal is to be a flight at- tendant and travel to Europe. l.eRoy McKell "Kilroy" "lf you snooze. you lose. " LeRoy, who likes rock-n-roll and going tishing but dislikes mods. lists his most memorable date as June I3. I985. His fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Hart and his career goal is to become a mailman. Christopher Mc Cain "Smurf" "Mc Cain shut up or l'll stuff your mouth with pepperoni and sausage with extra cheese." Mr. Feil During high school Chris was involved in Football I -4. Key Club I-3, and Campus Life. Chris likes Smurfs, his mom 9162 but dislikes wanna-be lin- emen and trendies. His most memorable dale is July I4. l984 and his favorite teacher was Coach Feil. In future Chris would like to become an airline pilot. Anthony Mc Farlin "Tony" "The Silver Bullet!" Tony was active in Football and Baseball. and lists his most memorable date to be .lune I 3. I985. Tony likes going out with friends. and hopes to own his own printing shop. Anthony Dale Mc Nutt "Antoine" "Try to keep your feet on the ground without getting stuck in the mud." Tony participated in Basket- ball 2-4. October 4, l934 is Tony's most memorable date. He likes 9lX. dancing, the mountains and being with friends. but dislikes waking up at 6 a.m. to go to school. Tony wants to be a bricklayer. ,iii.E?2 Renee Mathis Renee enjoys listening to music. bike riding and nice clothes but dislikes camping. hot dogs and rock n' roll. Ren- ee 's favorite teachers were her parents and in the future she'd like to make the most out of life. 5: if . 5 4 --W Q' f gg. 1 f X Herman A. Meyers "Royd" "No pain, no gain." Herman 's most memorable date is December 25. I 934. He likes Jennifer, Chevy Luvs and body building but dislikes lazy Sundays. Winchell's and Boy George. Her- man 's favorite teacher was Mr. Watkins and his goal is to be happy for the next 90 years. . , .V . Phil Meza ..Pip,. "What you want and what you get are two different things." Phil participated in JV Football I , Var. Football 3, .IV Wrestling I , and Var Wrestling 2. He likes being with Kris and partying with "Moose", but dislikes mods, punkers, and phony people. His fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Hart and Mr. Idle and he would like to be- come a Hre tighter, me ,H-gi - 'K Carlos Negrete "Charlie " Carlos' activities include Soccer and Football, August I0, l984 is his most memorable date, Carlos likes playing soccer and being friendly, He dislikes problems with the family. Coach Elliott was Car- los' favorite teacher, His goal is to make a lot of money and have lots of friends. David Reese Millican "Jaws" "Looks are deceiving. " David who was involved in Wrestling 4 and Football 4, lists his favorite teacher as Mr. Winn, He likes motorcycles, beaches, weightrooms, and rock and roll. His dislikes in- clude Dr. Pepper lovers and new wave, His most memorable date is Jan, I, I983. David would like to become a million- aire and own the city of Miami. Mike Moody "l used to be conceited but now l'm perfect." Mike was involved in Foot- ball l-4 and Legend 4. Mike likes the mountains, hunting, fishing, and poker. He dislikes bad drivers and crowded hall- ways. Mike's favorite teacher was Mr. Kingery and he would like to be a lawyer. Brad Munson "Major Brad" "The harder you work for something, the better the reward. " Brad's school activities included Wa- ter Polo, Swimming, Swim Club and Aquatics Club. He enjoys rock music, breakin', and women but dislikes punkers, wannabees and lectures. His most memorable date is Jan. 4, I984 and his favorite teacher was Mr. Young. Brad 's career goal is to be involved with forestry and wildlife conservation, W!" Paul Mirmingos "Mingo" "They brought the best and he died with the rest." Paul recalls Dec. 26, I 984 as the most memorable. He likes good football games and good grades. but dislikes bad grades, bad friends and bad referees, Paul was involved with Foot- ball I-4, Wrestling I-4, Track 2, House of Reps., and Key Club 4. Rick Moree Nahla Mikha "Nancy" "Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today." Nahla, whose favorite teach- ers are Mr. Hart and Miss Chaimson, was involved in Multicultural Club. Her most memorable dates are July I 5 and Feb I 7. Her goal is to be successful and become a doc- tor. YL 4? x f X Kimberly Marie Nestor "Smiley" "Unreal" Kim 's most memorable date is the Summer of '83, She en- joys girls' night out and fast cars and her favorite teachers were her parents. 213 01' Anh Kim Nguyen "Kim" Kim 's most memorable date is Dec. 25, l984, She likes school but dislikes alcohol. Kim 's favorite teachers were Mr. Martin and Mrs. Fountain. Kim 's goal is to become either a secretary or a clerk. Son Nguyen "Sean" "The future, both near and far. makes the present meaning- ful." Son was active in Tennis dur- ing his years at ECVH5. Hegre- mentbers best the date qf Jan. I and dislikes.-bad weather. xMr.i Swanson was very inspirational to Son who wishes to become an engineer in mathematics in the nearfutureps gi I Bobbie Newman "N.B.C," "Can lhave a hug?" At ECVH5 Bobbie was in- volved with Drama, His most memorable date is Dec, ll, l984, Bobbie likes cars, close friends and music but dislikes narcs and rules! Bobbie 's fa vor- ite teachers were Coach Feil and Ms. Silva and in the near future he'd like to become a police ofticer. IQ , I 14, ig: 5 .14 . Dennis Ocampo L lfufhe Menace" T ' - e "Fast surfing and slow living." Dennis was involved in Wrestling, Baseball. Campus Life, and Surf Club. He likes be- inglwith Karyn, surhngs-money, partiesg corn, T and fa? ballerina, but dislikes the VP. 's office, flies, and getting into trouble. lflisfavorite teachers were Mr. is someday like to be a fireman and save old ladies' cats. Hart and Fred and he would Heng Cheng Ngo a, in i Kevin O 'Connor e Kevin, likes. the desert and ' T lists Coach Watkins as .his fa- x T ltvorite teacheriat El Cajon. e Hong Bao Nguyen "To say goodbye is to die a little." Hong likes soft music and movies but dislikes parties, Her most memorable date is No- vember 4. l982. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Williams, Mr. Swanson, and Mr. Hart. Guy Thi Phuoc Nguyen "No, Queequeg" "Somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged and l- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. "- Robert Frost Ouy's activities were Tennis I -3, Thought 2-4, Soph., Sr. V,P,, CSF 3-4. Sec. 3. Academic Decathalon 3. Jr. Pres. and Legend Editor-in-Chief Quy likes good times with family and friends and has been most inspired by Mr. Fulcher. Mr. Logsdon, and her grandfather. One day Ouy hopes to have a healthy and happy life as an obstetrician. rigs, Jeanne Marie Omahen "Beano" "A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." Jeanne was in Modern Dance l-4. Softball I-2, and Dance V.P. 4. She likes Brian. hearts. clowns. the .beach and Eddie V. Her most memorable date is Feb. 25. i984 and she lists her favorite teachers as Mom and Dad. 9She would like to become a driving instructog Javier Payan "Java Man" "In life one and one don't make two-one and one make one." Pete Townshend Javier enjoys the beach, weekends and classic cars but dislikes trendies. alarm clocks, and bald tires. Mr. Peace was his favorite teacher and his most memorable date is Oct. I 6. l96 7. Javier would like to someday start his own nation. Karen E. Ogle "Ogie" "Be yourself-who else is better qualified. " Karen 's most memorable date will be June I7. l985. She likes good times with S.L. and A.S. and dislikes snobby people and rainy. boring days. Karen 's favorite teacher was Mr. Wil- kerson. Being rich and happy are Karen 's goals. Scott Olmstead "Red" "ln your head is the answer-let it guide you along. Let your heart be the anchor and the beat of your own song." Peart Scott likes sleeping in. Fend- er Strats. and his S.G. but dis- likes freeloaders and losers. Scott would like to become successful in the world of mu- src. "'te':!'f gig K Eiism .1 J ki R ...MSR ,.,..,,eg,..,...f. s., 7... , Raymond Pennisi "Ray"g . .?'Simplify"-Henryk David Tho- reau. P T F T Ray was involvedfin Concert Band I, 3. 4: Pep Band l-4: Marching Band I. 2. 4: Pep Club: Math Team: House of Reps.. and School Mascot 3. His likes include T.P.-ing, sar- castic humor. and being with friends. while his dislikes are midget Freshmen and English. Mr. Winn was his favorite teacher and he lists yesterday as his most memorable date. Charles Peters 'l'Chuck" "l.et's Party" ' February 23. l985 is Chuck 's most memorable date. His likes. include fast cars. 4x4 trucks. rock'n 'roll and partying ae lot. Chuck dislikes and going to school. iMJiSW'atkinsil was his favorite teacher. Chuck plans to become a printer. vb- .M wwf? Timothy Edwin Parkin "Tim" "lf you choose your friends thoughtlessly. you may lose ev- erythingf' Tim enjoys bodybuilding, Clint Eastwood, ABBA. and rainy days but dislikes two- faced people and getting up early. His favorite teacher was Coach Watkins. Diana Michele Peck "Huggy Bear" ' "Tomorrow belongs to us Snooks. " - Diana enjoys spending time with Richard. going to Mexico and cruising with Liann but dis- likes girls in psychedelic clothes. Mr. Fulcher and her mother were her favorite teach- ers and her most memorable date is Dec. l983. Diana would like to be successful at what- ever she does. vw A Rhonda Lynn Pollard "Rhonda" "What's up!" Rhonda 's activities in school included Cheer 2, Dance l -4, and Key Club 2-3. She likes fun times with Steve, Teddy bears, and pink roses but dislikes peas and spiders. Her most memora- ble date is Nov. 7. I 982. Rhon- da 's favorite teachers are Mom and Dad and she plans to be an orthodontist. Sermad Radda ' 'Sam ' ' Sam likes girls but he dislikes girls who are stuck up. His most memorable date is .luly 2l. l96 7 and his favorite teacher was Mr. Feil. In the future, he would like to become a petrole- um engineer. David Pfaff "Twitch" "l don 't need this!" David was involved in Foot- ball I-4 and Basketball I-4. He likes playing B-ball with .l..l., R.H., P.H., having too much to drink and i?6l. He dislikes Rockers, Monday mornings, toothaches and offensive backs. His favorite teacher was Coach Feil. David's goal is to Hy a F-IS. Mehran Raza "Mike" "Be good and smile, you al- ways get what you want." Mehran, who was involved in Soccer, Track, Tennis, Ger- man Club, and Sr. Rep. at Large, lists his most memorable date as the summer of '34. He likes California girls, school. and his job but dislikes argu- ments with friends. His career goal is to become a doctor. Tuan Pham "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. " T.K. Tuan, who was involved in CSF, Academic Decathalon and League, Math Team, and Junior Usher, liked all his teachers. He dislikes stuck up people but Math, computers. puzzles. chess, and "Terminator" are his likes. Tuan, who lists April l9, i979 as his favorite date. would like to become an engi- neer. Paul Reynaga "Raul" "l wanna rock. " Paul's most memorable date is Nov. I, I 978. He likes going to parties and girls but dislikes going to school. His favorite teacher was Mr. Hart and in the future he plans to be an ac- countant. 1-an-DQ Max Porath "Maxwell" "Oh no! Not again!" ' Max 's most memorable date is Nov. 8, l984. He likes artist- ry, music, literature and phys- ics. Max doesn't like know-it- alls. Mrs. Venieris was his fa- vorite teacher. Mario Ramirez "Margo" "Live life to the fullest for you only live once." Mario was involved in Wres- tling l-3 and lists Oct. 29, l983 as his most memorable date. He likes having a good time and Mexican food but dislikes waking up early and stuck-up people. Mario 's favorite teach- ers were Mr. Feil and Mr. Mi- trovich. JF? 1-' 95 .af 9 ii, fr , . ,W i John Roberts "Peace through superior tire- power." John likes motocross, box- ing. RXC airplanes, and the Three Stooges. His most memo- rable date is yesterday and his favorite teachers were Mr. Winn and Gandhi. Teri Sampier "Weasel" Teri was in Varsity Cheer during her Senior year. May 25, l984 is her most memorable date. French fries, Chicken Mc Nuggets, and Arby 's are among Teri's likes. Boring weekends are what she dislikes. Teri 's fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Gehrke. She plans to become a regis- tered nurse. Serena Richardson Julene Rhoads ' 'Joe " "Hi, Michele and Nikki." Julene likes David but dis- likes getting up early and going to school. Her most memorable date is Feb. I , I 98 I and in the future she plans to go to Jr. College and marry David, , 'ff, qt, rw'-v 'CS Mike Sencenich "Sency" "ls it Friday yet?" Mike likes friends, family, and Heavy Metal but dislikes Mondays, His favorite teachers were Mr. Peace and Mr. Wil- liams and he would like to be involved in electronics in the future. Mike's most memorable date is Nov. l9. Jennifer Lynn Schaeffer "Jen" "You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough." Jennifer likes Cari, Kelly, Kathy, diamonds, and Porsches. She dislikes spoiled brats and short men. Her most memora- ble date is Aug. 30, I 984 and her favorite teacher was Coach Wolf Jennifer would like to be a cosmetologist. Q17-.fl Kim Roberts "Kimmers" "No way! " Kim 's favorite teachers were Mr. Feil and Mr. Wilkerson and her most memorable date is April I 6, I 984. Kim likes spending time with Rod, B.K., J.K.. Mom, Greig, and Dad, but dislikes stuck up people and hard rockers. She plans on be- ing a model or a computer technician. Lori Rae Schier "PeopIe are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges." Lori was involved in A,S,B. 3. A,S,B. Co-Comm. of Publicity 4, and Prom Committee 4. She likes the beach, best friends- S,C, T,A., D.K., and O.N. She dislikes rainy days and Mon- days. Lori's favorite teacher was Mr. Peace and her most memorable date is Feb. I4, l983. Leticia Sigala Enrique Soltero "Rick" "Hey bud." November I 9. l983 is Rick's most memorable date. He likes going to the beach. trucks and long walks. Rick dislikes boring Fridays and Saturdays. His fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Fulcher. Electronics is the Held he plans to enter in the future. ZIS Lance Allen Smith "Booger" "Think before you act. " Lance's most memorable date is April l7. l983. He likes baseball, work and being with Sheila. He dislikes rain. waking up early and getting in trouble. Lance was involved in Baseball 2-3. His favorite teacher was Mr. Colia and he would like to be a heat and air man. Tim Smith "Rocket .lr. " "We be having things." Tim was involved in Wres- tling. Track and Cross Country. Tim likes trashing cars but dis- likes band buddies. He would like to be a welder. Q., wt x v f Sarah Smith Tammi Smith Robert Anthony Solorzano Keith Taylor Sippy nsip.. "lf life gives me lemons. I 'll make lemonade and enjoy every drop." Keith was involved in Football 3- 4. Key Club 4. Campus Life 3-4 and CSF. He likes Jennifer and sports but dislikes Santana and broken bones. His most memorable date is September 7. l984 and his favorite teacher was Mr. Colia. Keith wants to be successful in business. "Tony" "Get a Chevy." Robert likes fast cars and the desert, lists Coach Watkins as his favorite teacher and June I3, I 935 as his most memora- ble date. Disliking slow cars. he one day wishes to own his own printing shop. .leffrey Scott Stanley "Max" "Slam it!" Jeff was in volved in Basketball l- 4 and Baseball 3. His most memo- rable date is December l5. l984. Jeff likes surfing. playing basket- ball and lowered Datsuns but dis- likes losing and lifted trucks. His favorite teachers were Tony "Pops" Colia and Mr. Hart. .leff 's goal is to be wealthy and happy. Robert Stearns "Rob" "She's got the touch, touch too much. " Robert was involved in Soc- cer l, 2, 4. He likes computers, Heavy Metal, and pizza but dis- likes homework and waking up at 6:30, His favorite teacher was Mr. Baker and his career goal is to be a computer opera- l0f. iff Kenton Taylor "Bozo" "That's beside the point." Kenton likes cars, girls, and Heavy Metal but dislikes narcs, Mrs. Roe and Mr. Idle were his favorite teachers. Kenton lists his most memorable date as June I3, l985, His goal is to own his own business by the age of 25. Daniel Stewart "Dano" "Live fast, die faster." Dan enjoys Heavy Metal. Harley Davidson 's, and women but dislikes very much haircuts, and vice principals. Mr. Peace and Hank Wagner were most inspirational to Dan as he wish- es to be very rich in the future. Jill Stone "Don 't let the turkeys get you down." ln high school, Jill partici- pated in Dance and lists her most memorable date as March I 8, I 982. She especially likes sunny days and being with good friends but dislikes rainy days and people who think Joseph L, Streeper "People who are good want successes, people who are great want challenges. " Joe was in Marching. Con- cert and Pep Band l-4, Track 3- 4, Jr. and Sr. Class Treas,, Leg- end Bus. Manager and Math Team, Joe likes good looking females with brains, fun times, T,P,, L.T. and Mr, Brooks. they 're something they are not. Mr. Peace was her favorite teacher and she plans to be an airline flight attendant, My Quoc Ta "All intelligences awake in the morning, all A's go with pa- tience and hard work. " My 's activities include CSF 3-4, College Bowl 3, Usher 3, and Math Team 3-4. He dislikes dishonest people and his most memorable date is Jan. 30, l984. His favorite teachers in- clude Mr, Logsdon, Mr. Wil- liams, and Coach Hayes. My would like to become a million- aire. Luong Tan Luong likes math but dislikes grammar. His most memorable date is Dec. 2l, I 984. Luong's favorite teacher was Mr. Minor and in the future he plans on entering the electrical field. Boyd Steinbach ..B0,, "What you do is what you will be. Bo was involved in Wrestling I-4 and Football I. His most memorable date is July I8, l982. Bo likes food, Kelly, wrestling, and parties. His dis- likes include dumb girls and dumb people. Bo 's favorite teacher was Mr, Idle. His career goal is to own a junk yard, H Cha ng Tea ' 'Jeremy ' ' "Hesitation causes bad hab- its. " Jeremy likes math and science. His career goal is to be an engi- neer. 2l9 Rodney Tennant "Hot Rod" "Those who hesitate miss out." During Rodney 's time at EC V he participated in Wrestling I- 2. and Track l-2. While liking Judas Priest and California girls, he dislikes Mods. Mr. Ta- kahashi was his favorite teach- er and Rodney hopes to be- come a pipe fitter and welder. L .2 A ,ZW iff-w t Shelly Le Ann Veazie s "Veazie" "Hiya, kids." g . Q Shelly was- involved in Field Hockey and ASB. She likes Ted- dy bears. plain M5M's, Heath- . cliff Jaguars. M-2.2. being with Le-Ann, Edgar's jokes, talking with Cookie and dark-haired guys. Her most memorable date is December 7, l984. Shelly's favorite teacher was Mr. Gehrke. e 220 ' Sim Truong Kelly Jean Tyree "Kel" "Life is what you make of it." Kelly was involved in Con- cert Band I -2. Marching Band I-2. and Pep Band l-2. Her most memorable date will be June I3. 1985. Kelly likes yel- low roses. Hershey kisses and old movies. She dislikes liver and c. know-it-alls. Mr. Stanner was her c favorite. teacher. Be- coming axwriter is KelIy's ca- reertgoal. T T t Christine Aurora Trujillo "Nini" "You're never too old to do anything unless you make yourself too old to do some- thing. " Christine participated in Publicity. I-Club. Thought. Campus Life and Smoke Signal. During high school Chris's fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Moreau and her favorite date is January 22. I 985. She dislikes Marcus and history and in the future she 'd like to become a photog- rapher and a microtilm techni- cian. Joel Turner "Turner Turner" "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. and tomorrow . . . " Joel's most memorable date will be tomorrow. He likes fast cars. especially hot V-Dubs and rock musict Joel dislikes school, wimps and homework. His favorite teacher was Mr. Winn. Going to college and be- coming a billionaire are Joel's future plans. S David Soto Valdivia. During high school David's favorite teacher was Mr. Hart and in the future he'd like to become a teacher himself An Boi Brad Truc ULU.. Brad 's most memorable date is January 31, l982. He enjoys photography but he dislikes going to school. Brad 's favorite teacher was Miss Chaimson and in the future he'd like to become involved with electron- ics. .nP"""' Xiomara Vedovata "You never know how much you love someone until they're gone." Xiomara. whose favorite teach- ers were Ms. Chaimson. Mrs. Ortiz. Mr. Hart, and Mr. Hayes. was in- volved in Multicultural Club all four years. She likes being with friends but dislikes dishonest peo- ple. March 30. l980 is her most memorable date. fi Jeffrey Michael Walsingham "Jeff" "Do things because you want to, not because other people think you should." Jeff was involved in Soccer I -3 and Legend 3. His most memorable date is July 25. l984. Jefflikes Lori B., surting, money. Porsches. and La Jolla. He dislikes Mission, los- ers. and Smurfs. His goal is to be- come wealthy and successful. L 'Cv Manuel Antonio Zamora, Jr. "Manny" "The more you do with what you 've got. the more God will give you to do with." Manny, who was involved in Baseball 2-4, lists his most memorable date as October. l979, Playing baseball, week- ends. and keeping tit are his likes, but he dislikes phony people. junk food. and being bored. Miss J., Mr. Wilkerson. and Mr. Hart were Manny? favorite leach- ers. Tommy Webb "Rerun " "Hey Dirthead. " Tommy likes driving Daddy 's Porsche but dislikes running out of gas and stupid people. His activities were Varsity Football Manager, Drama and Musical Productions. His fa vor- ite teachers include Mr. Feil, Doc Roberts, and Mr. Leonard. Tommy plans on being a com- puter programmer and also an 3Cf0l'. Robert Dwight Wilson "Can't Drive 55" Robert likes motorcycles and cars but dislikes slow cars and rainy days, His favorite teacher was Mr. Coliaf Robert would like to be an auto mechanic. Bryan Wong "To know what is right and not do it is a coward 's decision." During his years at El Cajon Bryan was active in Tennis, Soccer, and Track. June l979 will always be memorable to Bryan. He likes playing tennis but dislikes reading. Coach Feil was most inspirational to Bryan as he wishes to enter the Held of Computer Science in the fu- ture, Aimee Amanda Weber "Boo Boo" "Live life to the fullest for to- morrow could be the end ofthe world." Aimee was involved with Softball. Field Hockey, Campus Life. Homecoming Queen. and House of Reps. She enjoys ro- deos, families, and friends. Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Pruyne and her most memora- ble date is October l2, l984. Aimee's future goal is to be- come Head of Commercial Public Relations. Mitchell Workman Cecelia Janet Watts "Cece" "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." Cecelia was in Mat Maids I, JV Cheer. Soph. Secretary, ASB Secretary 4. and Executive Council 4, June I 3, I 985 is her most memorable date. Cecelia likes spending time with good buddies, Kelly and Rina, but dislikes getting up at 5:30 a.m. Mr. Peace was Cecelia 's favor- ite teacher. , Also Graduating . , . Ron Altic Linda A yuob John Braunsdorf Rene Bonilla Miho Harada Desiree Jackson Bob Mussaw Do Nguyen Fouad Putrus Lowell Snead Derek Tipps Carlos Tirado Anita Vegeais Bun Ung - "Y 47? - 3 2-4,1 ' lf5l'O6'g- ,5- assign-mhgalagiaezg is gi A! H 'T' Q13 ',1m.53,1 e a. aawgeufmxscawmwwe f P 455 .."1lMMKfTTYeMEfi1uEg3.. f755w'sife4'.12sseffa1f 2f,431.neesp.e:f4JlLf.ndwfff :fafgggye '51, FQIBP55 . '-, -fha.-sg. 'r?..,w:-'g - 1- -'Cf' ' ' V 1 1:7 ,f 5! 1 1 f A , ' ' ' , , 1 'V ' A' -' "' - fi ' Wir lx. ive, fr V, ,V rs, ,ru , V ff' wr .E VVVL A Lg!?,ff'gM'u , ,, rgai?f3r.lffeaMQe 7 l .k V VK ' "rin IJ l u .lf Q.. fu: ., ,, ,,,, ,, - 109 vwrwf 3 amy V Mm, as M f get RW ff uw fl fmivjpjy Wu? W 4 away? in 5 , ..,, ,W 1 ,K ,K "mid , 9 M 'l ' t li 1 5' f ,f ':'2.i 'a , 3. 4 he 5 ' 1 Q I" W? 'N-. , .Hr ,, 3 ., , i 5 C 5 , f, WL, , , . , , 'Y if , V , ,Mn V, rg at ak. K V It N V2 zwsq,-,MSW a ,QF ' fa- f f au we-gf' ,,eWa,e ,,a,Maaea, M. W -I N, 14' Aw fy ,v?,,,w1.w ln 1 ef-Q, 'A 4 I f A I Awww , ,W Eu-1? ffl' 'el 'i4f:i,"1L'lf it iz , if fmt I Q 9, 'ZW f f ,sb L,,..ffL 7,4 5f.,3a2,,..'Z if ""' " A 'vrtvkgq fM,,2Qg f r 1-wg' V- ' ifikl? 'L we-1 A asywfv a f sv--, f am, , fr' 'L ,N N , , Mario Nicolaou, one of the two foreign exchange students from the Mediterranean area, is from the island of Cyprus. During Mario 's stay in El Cajon he lived with the Johnson family and he attended such senior classes as physics and calculus. Mario 's home is an island off the coasts of Turkey and Syria. Most of the people of Cyprus are either of Greek or Turkish ancestry and these are also the two official languages of Cyprus. Mario 's friends will remember him, not only for all of the good memories but also for his teasing and sense of humor. Friends From Tgw gk! I1 I- ...- has f 'sms-ua Far Away Lands W7 Jdw 'V , -,gi f A , 1 'V r""""' Also from the Mediterranean area, is Marina Marini from Milan Italy. Marina spent her year in El Cajon with the McGraff family and was involved in the I- Club along with her full day of classes. Marina 's home is the second largest city in Italy, after Rome. It is ltaIy's leading tinancial and manufacturing center and is one of the major fashion capitals of the world. Marina shared her country's cul- ture with us and now after her year in the U.S. she can go back to Italy and share with her friends there what she learned here. ru-nn lllfm ELCAJOSLBLCA If one vuwo'g'u l!UlDlUi.l9A!!:,1X SUMSFNTKIIITIK mmnmmnmm. YYIPIUWMINDQ nnaguwum Assemblies Of S4 ,WW ,,,,, ,,,, I ,W 7 . N-3 i+fS"' ' ,, ' f fjkfu JW ' , 3 f ews,gv-sa - , itvvzmqlv ' 'I-.I , Q3 "':2ficg"' 'V Q ag 'abut' . M " ,if . 1, 2 X, r 4 " ' 'L 95 4 ,J ,1 4 1 . .6 ff 4' I Q I , V -4, 32 . ' ' ' ' , K I ' su f 'z Q4 W" Q , ' v L V Y fl ' V, iv ,,,f0 , I ai! f 5 4 1' 1 ' - Q 85 Come Alive W 4 j li If Q52 an u Assemblies came alive this year in the E.C.MH.5. gym. Students performed and showed their talents in front of friends and faculty. The assemblies also featured sports such as Football, Field Hockey and Volleyball. The Student Body showed their spirit and pride in crowd involvement cheers and chants. Assemblies introduced new activities and united the pride and spirit of the school into one. 225 President Thr sh Baby F ae shows srgns of rejectlng baboon s heart 49ers loo Indla mourns loss of Gandhi Dreams Can 5 Q Q d I Padres win flag for Kroc Mondale Murder at McDonald's A sullen madman goes 'hunting humans' and kills 21. Secret S 3 spacefhght UPGT, completed . , Ziiialqiclifgns lstrlal declared 'Q in Hedg6COCk case? 'Love Boat? christens city as cruise port True series opens tomorrow M A H , ,W ,, f" 4. ,vi ' Vw- , TELJELM' W M, f m5mg,f' ' Wm m-N,1,1:'qj,f-'sfgif.R"""., t E P d . ' N O 8 Y u 5 Y f 3 I1 228 D B i I' . d F I r a e r E ' I ,MM M N 4f 4 ' K I e I I e r Valley Transmission and Automotive 930 E. Washington, EI Cajon, CA 92020 :fi ,ff x BUCKET FLORIS T Arrangements for all occasions Red Roses 59 50 a dozen I 07, student discount VALLEY BEARING COMPANY l38l Cuyamaca EI Cajon, CA 92020 Phone: 449-I 5 I I EL CAJON NAMEPLA TE CO George Karavantes 422 E Main St. BENNYS MEA TS I275 E Main St. Phoneg 440-8604 Phone: 579-8666 4 2 ew i 'NN'---. I x Q1 ROBIN S FLOWERS Bev Goodnight 665 .lamacha Road EI Cajon CA 9202! Phone: 440-8583!440-3294 SJ. HUGGINS BOOKSTORE 504' a copy I25 Prescott Phone: 444-8l27 CARROLL OFFICE SERVICE CENTER Complete line of ofhce supplies 238 Main St. and I270 Broadway Order Desk: 588-9322 MCMAHAN S FURNITURE EI Cajon CA 92020 Phone. 442-8891 261 E. Main EI Cajon Travel 927 E. Main St. Phone: 444-2 I 4I 'Q mi w-3'-. Whatever your Hnancial need-checking saving loans or escrow service - we II take care of them efticiently and enthusiastically. In addition our Night and Day Automated Teller Service makes it possible for you to bank 24 hours a day every day. It s all part of our spirited service at Grossmont Bank with six local ofhces to serve you El C ' 102: G A ., El Ci X440-04II M 55006 ',l.M X62- A p' I347 T R d, Alp' X445-6271 3787A d HI d., L M X697-0333 S th B y SPIRIT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! GROSSMON T BA NK :ss s R .LN ' IC'tyf474-4 25 Hours- M-Th: 5 to I0 Fri.: I0 to 6 Sat. I0 to I Drive-up Window from 9 Night and Day Teller Service available at all locations except f f f ' f 7 I . a on IJVBS YG 3 Oll La :sa rossmont Center Drive a rs.: 4 2800 Mission Gorge 63l3 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego!280-9220 I me JYCIII 03 HIP Rancho San Diego voca o v a ess ou a 6 weetwaler oa anona 1 6 , Alpine. - ffl' km., fy Beveuan GLA55 51" af Q H1 G LH S S C MQW 1 ,, . I . - .- to'-ConnnePCi0 i Bgzjgigtmlrrzgs 6 Tame Tops 'Q sans 444-5 STAHEFARM INSURANCE CAL P RKER S 864 N. Second Phone: 442-9419 fwwmm ffm 7-II if I3658 375 W. Madison Ave. E1 Cajon, CA 92021 Phone: 440-7414 EI Cajon Mazda 919 El Cajon Blvd. Phone: 442-0381 Country re Styll Phone: 442 8645 I M -A - 11, I i I , A-. ,VVVV 1 , -f fffw law 2 fm' l ,V xii? I A an W V4 T af? W4 Q 1- S , iw 24 f y gg W- 1' fig W '- I i t fifhjz'-.f-31' ,, bin" . 1jI,5f",,w, ': gf,.a,,,ffu , ,f , .V MW... ,, , h f X ' A ' ' ' VV.. -A ' V . - ,,,, L MAZDA llucmrzdcff HAVE Ugg EFIVATIONS CALL TULL-FREE IN THE U.S.: 800-255-3050 IN CANADA: 1-800-268-3330 588 NG. MGLLISGN AVE., EL CAJUN, CA 92021 AT INTERSTATE 8 EL CAJON BLUEPRINTING SERVICE 445 EI Cajon Blvd EI Cajon CA 92020 444 7 I 96 THE CLOTHES GALLERY East County Mercantile Square 9l6 E Main Street EI Cajon CA 9202! 76192 440 7790 A U TOHA US STEBEL INC e Volkswagon Porsche Mercedes-B 885 E. Washington EI Cajon CA 92020 444-I I I5 CLASS A TROPHIES II36 Broadway EI Cajon CA 9202! 442-96 I 3 HZ . YF 4' 1 r Charlie and Company .Iudy Balk-owner 685 .lamacha Road EI Cajon, CA 9202! phone: 442-0627 Foster's Freeze BO YD A NDERSON PHO TOGRA PH Y 885 Arnele EI Cajon CA 444 II84 GOLDEN STATE FLYING CLUB GILLESPIE FIELD EL CAJON For info call. 449-06lI SA VMART PHARMACY 320 N. Second St EI Cajon CA 9202 I RUTH ANN S HALLMARK Ruth Ann Borst I059 Broadway EI Cajon CA 9202! THE VALLEY HOUSE RESTAURANT 576 N Second Street El Cajon, CA 9202! phone: 444-9431 FIRST LESSON S I O Pacesetter Stereo Pointe WQSI I 1 ' I I A e l I if Q The Hnest and most complete Car H , 3 I it it kk.g, fkiky I f,E, .V stereo Center , l0'Z1 Discount with student I.D. 2 5' ICalF?f':?fC419?Q?0 ttot oteot 9 77 Broadway IPf?Eff'?f A EI Cajon, CA 92021 krrrf kk V:,iV gr, V.V,:kk- V: if FiIippi's Pizza Grotto Fine Italian Foods SERVING SAN DIEGO FOR OVER 30 YEARS TORPEDO SANDWICH VEAI. SCALOPPINI VEAL PARMIGIANA .,., x SPAGHE TTI 1 RA vlou I Y LASAGNA E ,, BEER 5 WINE "' W "" ' aw, .-.. Y' PACIFIC BEACH EL CA-'ON 483-6222 443-5315 962 GARNET 948 N. MARSHALL FLETCHER PKWY A T MARSHALL ORDERS TO GO OPEN 7 DA YS P12 ZA 4--f '- A U ' . . - r . ., -- we--,.c4:,'h.,1,-1, - .-cg.- -f VISIT OUR FAMOUS DELICA TESSEN 5 RESTAURANT I747 INDIA ST. SAN DIEGO 232-5094 Gary V. Parcel, D.D.S General Dentistry El Cajon Shopping Center 385 N. Magnolia Ave. EI Cajon, CA 92020 phone: 442- I 639! 442- I 630 , , , X A xv X X VX., ff X LQ! Xi, 'w X N -,J f xv LTQKKLQ XVXXX X as QL K9 X -X -VX XXLJ Q fx M y 5 Cfv X no Nl L X1 od L6 'X xy Q X XL X, ,Q V X ,xx SX .J D wx! k X if X U XJ CI XJ MQ LX E X9 BERMUDA -f Q GOLD X lf us L X L XX NXNQLK Largest selection of charms ln San Diego 3 QVC 4 skxx K M Nothing Else Feels Llke Real Gold phone 440 5604 450 Fletcher Parkway Parkway Center El Cajon Across from Parkway Plaza 238 Hu MONDAY h SATURDAY I06 ...N f 0 Vic :SL f X L7 7 O I WN N X L , xy fx - , S XC, X i Q ,N V C ix ij" KU Ing, OL XV: S is fx PXP Ki' f W x 1 X x I A A A A X 4' 5 XV ' ff Ke ,A 90 X1 W -as if ,N Q N W 'j 'lx , X - i fl V L X I! , gi Q xv QD X5 of f A D V K L x X E, , W 4 y y r 5 4 Qi' ,X . Q ' -Q., ' 1 CJ x Y V X QW VL X 'A'A yr X111 L X-,Xb ' -' k di Xe, XR . X X , ' 1, '-1 ,X ,f To 'XL ykf fx 0 X of Q A ,ew U S' 3 A Q1 .. 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Phone: 449-2792 '22 will 'P 2 4 ww I ,A., , , ml H29 ,,x' 4 L12i'ff"?5HK?545f', , 55a ,BF3329way2 222 2 2 22f, Eli'4Cajon, CA 92021 442-3031 24I The Finest in Pipes, Tobacco and Unique Gifts. 369 Parkway Plaza, EI Cajon CA 92020 Phone: 440-I I2I KQL L Cyfrjb fxkvwk, L SVS X w'4..,,,,,,,,,,..... Parts Elmer Sweetwood and Sons l5I S Sunshme phone 444 1696 W9-"'1m IG735 Woodside Ave. phone: 449-2495 ? ..', LL. 4 I--I usb ,, g B li Scene 84 ll? A I d I I y rsell without which y not complete. B I I d li d h lk . She Bop. We Bop, BU B p L Ih se ten minute Clr g E I with Painter I SI lr n ies ha s dDbl1 .W I' tha! 241 sw '3 l 'd like a regular and an order olpalato cakes pleases Wanna do us a Ia vor? New Year's Eve b I d 7 '85 in N. Y, Howl a ou a ale . M, Thanx Mom Ior Ieachi g I b I I you' Lisa Mom and Dad , You re lh b I I I y ' S Ielle K, ifWMf,' 244 Bianco All the things we ve learned and all the fun we ve had these past three years: rootbeer teddies pig- gies Rolos .lujys Varsity Braves Twister 5.L. bamboo Drill Team clowns Gluggle gluggle tington Library The M5Ms Gang Owf-Baby T- shirts and L.S expectations. Well next years the year! Lets go Class of 86!! Love always Melissa and Gitta Wild West Florist Special discount for E.C.V.H.5. student-l5'Z: off 840 Jackman St. El Cajon CA 92020 Phone 588-0103 Owen s Shoe Market Ladies branded and designer shoes discounted IO45 Broadway EI Cajon CA 9202! Phone 440-146 l EL CAJON VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL E'1f'01S LEGEND STAFF 0628510115 THANKS ns CALL NOW 234-2126 ROBERT DE LORIE SPONSORS! gluggle"', Bruins, 5.A,.M., Cardiff M.A.L3.G., Hun- 'mf ,fwywipjyb Uyey UCP WA 1, N, Qs J, pf M QfW fgff Wfffwf S W gy, N Iv ey wwifjfigwd Gif! ww AA9765, y Styx -U' S Sf fixpf QA QNUNEDWF 2 W I MQ , ,muiww My W QMWMMMWM MMMWMTM M0440 , fu J QM UXf2iQWMi2iigiZffQigQig wqpfjgilx nwwkillqa WL Uiffgoig ix mx vw, OLC OM W M W wm . QCQUDCQLN Ok W SQ,c1vX, P WW W I fygpz 590 Wana Q am? Swmwwmgmmg I, 171620465-P 004+ fymwmyimww QQQWJQ QNQQf Qxewfovx 4 9 b oo cv W6 N pofogxoc NN Www? 295, ,ffp,f'j W e1 Q9 9 , 69 N563 74200, you fvc4,fff1O7MZZ00fiM - IM M fm! giwylfxwuywlwwt pw. :UQ WLQMJ-bl 1 Vow? FWWMMUQQ' 'VYXLJQUJ ?3Nf.ff4Ea,,5M7v.A:a Q-hJ:X--wwwwa., Q kiiiliifw W 3:32 Lf Mr YMY-0' ' get Wmqi- ,fi 1W'fJ,Qf',m' . gv b 4ilZW1:W :A IV Qi gc . Ny A bnwikox Says the little girl to the little boy, What shall we do? Says the little boy to the little girl, I will kiss you!! D f ld the imped f moon log Lh a ish ran poon. Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and Whevz Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her And frightened Miss Muffet away

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