El Cajon Valley High School - Legend Yearbook (El Cajon, CA)

 - Class of 1984

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El Cajon Valley High School - Legend Yearbook (El Cajon, CA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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. . : . . :.1111x':i-5 .,'4,.'. J.,-Agia:-x,-S.: .- 2, - X S X YY i A., , 652563-ff? ..,.,,, 21. 'N XX -L--s Q- 7 ' ...-...-.X Xi N X ff? is-L .04-r '-ff? ii A ,f"Q,-i'E.'-,'f di -1: . - :'."-'- .. 'f' uns'-' .un 1 M2-f". Q:-2. 3' .- '--.'-'z-. 5 fyfm 'X 4 -1:-F'7'C-Nm ' Q 1 YVXLKQV, ' 1 . 1 , N uOQgJO JKSQCDJ3 JNMJQQ DWL, fzkfimfuiuoxgfxfxq WQLX, 1 5Qx9iObQ5" Q W' - A W, Jafcwwvw Memo JU? 3We9i5v'l Q YD XQXU0EWRi1? W CVVXX KW mwmpiv QLEUL XWCUJL mx Km1,Q5 XxQXmmww f'M X A-'N.f's. x,x,-N., Arsfvx. gysy-1.-. .?x,.v4Q-.v.vAl A -1- v'h4s-n..s 44 Q J'-ip vgnnngp QX 70 qf-j'..- ' ,:.":-. It ri.. ' -, -J. .:x:.-..z.." .. - ' . ' --:H --x . fm ... . , . .9 1'...:' '-3"'. ev: 5' 1:12 ' 0 ,J .-'!'- ,.I, 51275-.jf . :. 1.- .-,-A . , .lt ' . - ,: ,rblxgugp 'M' QW MP N f f 35gifiig,fiy5ffD Q99 0 ,U - od QW Waijaifg ' QW W mf Qk Lt!! : S N954 A,,,, A of-Wd? . QQ XM N gy 9 - ' -' 3,5 1 32: ., -..,,, . .0 h QL' :.'. .1 . . wa: '.1r .':K'1 . fgygyggiiig-Q1 Qg75Q4? Q, if fy QQ f C Digg? Q5 s CL if 5 X3 f - Rl Ji-VLQS, N -... as-N.. 7 FX Z-J as- ,-! A -,5-,Q fx 'N K X, mf a 4 W ff , JA ,nx 3 Nt-I L 4 x 1 1, X.: 1 P C 1 ff Q 5.19 ' QQXXEWJ , A A .X Q: x Av' -2 , J- QQ 1 f-V' 1 Q ' , 1 t , N f-A' Af" ,P 1 P' P, X HV' Ll' 'fix rp' Q-:ggi-f Xl ll N .X I I , nlfvwd' fl Lf? XX, x A' . X u W KE' V. v7 L' Q 5 ,Q ,QQ 5 f ' Q dasfgqf 5- V 2 Q, uf if M QQ 1-Q L fy' 'bxxy Xlx X 'AVJ' . 17 - U f 1 fx ',.A.J V! N f Ellvf 1 :id ah fx XF X-N ' xxx' E" -23 4 CQ g PM H5 N. ' X 'vii 'V 45Q lg-2 ,- V A jg P 1 K , QQ 1 1 " ' A - U ff' 'l f 1 x M7 ' iQ, 'X 0,1 YUM ff , . Sig V' qi-f F .f 'fi I N2 W1 X Ax ,1 . J . "' 'X K 1 ' 3 , 5 5 5, . . df U, KN g 3,9 .ff i s R 1754? ?4f,E-Q, ff M. fx-J 5 'f - ,Mx ly - . X V .f . 631 ' ' Q XXFJ N, v .JAY nifty! ,X 'C KN' " 11. ,MTN M fx J K V., x 'V' fx 5, bi. N X2 5 f' 5 W l Q -M ?a1'lc,n l......, ' 2, EWHII c , - 3 ' A a m Q 5' v al rw-W-W f-MW 'Y 1 1 j 6 ' - LF i w' -'1 WNUWN-4-Q 1 -S. K , A,Uq,gQm.M r , z gm. .1 X9 3Zi,L,iT 1 --..-......,.... Dedication . . x "'Q 1 IN ACTIGN l L-.4 ln the 28 years that El Cajon Valley High School has been in existence, many things have come and gone. Thousands of students have graduated and followed their separate paths, some leading them back to their alma mater. The nation has seen seven different presidents and an era-shattering war. At EC.V.l-l.S., however, one thing has remained constant. Generations of students have become familiar with, and learned to love the relentless spirit, enthusiasm, and vitality of Mr. Walter Gehrke. As a coach, Mr. Gehrkes inspiring personality led his Brave teams to victory. As a teacher, that same personality inspired many of his students to academic and personal success. Mr. Gehrke has always encouraged his students to Ube positive and get involved", and his belief of achievement through hard work is echoed in one of his favorite bits of advice Ukeep up the good work and you will go far." Mr. Gehrlces spirit and optimism has made E.C.V.lnl.S, a better place in the last 28 years, and those who hold a stake in the schools wellbeing hope that the enthusiasm will be around for at least a few more years. Q51 W3 H4 W nw 1, :wifi Q N W., A- ""uN,W Q" ai di ,,,.,. if Contents '1'W1'1.'11111r1111f'11,1,. .f'x.1.1+, . . 11.111 -11 . . .. 211111111111 111'111111. mi 1 . .12 121.-S ........ 111l1."'111'11eIw1 , 10. ' -1..1 , H1111 A.,... , 14111111 1111l1111'1"" ' 11-zf.111 ..,,,. 1-1 1'-r111m1w 1--111. 16 1 711.111 111'-y1 ,111 N 151+ 11 11 'Nr'-.111:1'1 . .. .. ,...., 141.1',1-1111111 ,. "mul, .,. 1.1111 .. 1 ,111 . . , ., 1" '1'11 1111 .. 'N1111 11 11 . 3t:.:11 ..., 11111' 1f'x1:11.1 1RN'1II11I11I1'I ,,..... . 112'I:.1.1,'11f,f.., .... 11l11,11f1l1111I11IA111111--11 N1 .W"Nv.' ......, . ., 111- If 1'f1rf-v."-11 . an-1' Alb ...Q -L 1 4.1" abil I -E ,N-MN I l in l-lere in the United States most of us sel- dom realize the fortunate circumstances under which we live and we often take our freedom for granted. We have been thor- oughly blessed with wealth, prosperity, and especially with freedom, the freedom to do what we want, when we want. lt is this freedom that is most symbolic of the spirit of America. ln this special year, the United States will exemplify its spirit by striving for excel- lence in the 1984 Qlyrnpic games. Later in the year, by voting for their favorite presi- dential candidates, Americans will also ex- hibit their patriotic spirit. Un a more local level, the proud stu- dents attending E.C.V.l-l.S. exhibit their Braves' spirit by displaying appreciation of our athletic teams, wearing red on Friday, and working hard in classes. Thus both the United States and E.C.V.H.S. can proudly be considered "the land of the free and the home of the Brave." 6 l. ,, .,.,, ' Q- L-aswv ,N l' li 4 I I "CLASS or 1962 'U-ini' li- Foreword my in xx :M gr 1 . ' ' A 's Navi r In Q .Q 9 A 'j4 - i M NA5 i fn Q 3 f w iqz-,Xsikg 4,521 , v . -ay., Q, , J "fat , fi Q . fam .v a 3 x I MA ' ' XUHW ' ' 1 U 5 ni T' B A 'why M if bg vw X . A I F' 1 D W W 5 , V . 4 5 1 X . ul 1 V I f 1 SW- X 1 w I A ' I , ' f T X .... .. " - L. ' . ,Um , ' xr. .Q-H , - -. -Qf , -,. v "" L A k 4 ,., . - Aa 'hi .5 - 5. ' V , - I . -.. - V , A A b-V , , R L, L- J' .vw ,-,,. Q' an ,, Y no .." 5 'QA a fl v A, V I 1 1 1 ' ' Xe ' w . f J r -' W ' 6 ' . x '. X L, K 'X A -v, , . . Q., - - 1 ..,:?"+' A 0, -, K5f':,i X - M. 1 ,Y,., -3,-.5.q,'f.j ,inn ' - ,lux ' J- ,l,.:,vN ,- 0 ,f ' . '. "1 " - f , 1 ' .wr-,::if1,1r.--Pkifff,-fi n -QI .. 4, A :P ' .53 1, M, ,grlxgfym -v - ' ' f rn-.X V' c 8-A , ti ,- . 1 if X fig. va-wfw ,i fx ax F,xQ ., Aw s,4v,4 N x gs Xu .. Vi x K1 H -ai ' - :..-- .- '-. iam' Q, ..,.5g N .fs X lg , n .. sw.. 0, f" -2 Q' Q' Y N" ."-.If -nf , 4, ,J!.,. WN' - ,n,,.'A - .' V J, -:J -5- S.. ssl o ' 'N' .'- '. YQ xf, .F -T .. K. . Y. n Lk ,X Q .', b X 1 ' 4 4-I Q-Ria' I vii Jw I 3.79 P' Spirit Week dot the Braves ott to an excellent start this year as the student body welcomed the Fresh- men. Lunchtime was filled with competitive activities such as the eqqthrow, clothes-swap pinq and leap trod. The Seniors proved their superiority once aqain by winninq the competition between the tour classes. The week came to a spirited conclusion with the Brave upris- inq assembly on Friday. Looks Say It All my MFIVY TlWOmDSOU lvlichelle Greenway Alex Dunagan llll HGUVJGS Congratulations to Mikie Tvy, our Legendary Lady, and to her Court-Michelle Greenway, Mary Thompson, Alex Dunagan, and lill Hentges. These girls were chosen by the photogen- eity ot their Senior portraits. They are the selections for the l983-84 Legendary Lady Court, 41" M l . xg bvlurui you mmm F G. :M M. 5 x fi UP Z ' . ff V h M. v 'LA Wu Y 1- AW- , 1 X 'Y KW -5 ,x Ab, 1 fi M ya! HC' Q5 v h,,Lvu: fr 4 Lg -ag. Q I Q, lm nf' ff, ,,a.f:-Z. . "X .EM ,W A H ,J gf! RQ: jA. v- -ar fs, i' X 'L W-Us L. M, W f F 1-"'L""'f 'I' b -r 1 F15 ,- C'o-l'fflitor-ln- Cfhieli Charles larrniin This year's Legend was pro- duced by a dedicated and spirited group ot people. Within a single year these stu- dents wrestled with a stubborn budget, made important deci- sions, raced against time, and were still able to catch all the memories ot ECVHS. On a couple ot occasions, Le- genders even provided morn- ing entertainment by singing a catchy song up and down the halls, taking tull advantage ot the "freedom to exhaust them- selvesul But the sleepless nights were well worth it, tor now you hold your own per- sonal history book ot the excit- ing year ot 1983-1984 at El Ca- ion Valley High School. iQ Business Miinager: Deanna Haines The Legends Senior Editor: Mai Nguye-ii lor Sports lfclitoi 1 tfanllcnui ff It 19 ...,:'A Of Legend x M W I K MJ' Senior lic lilori U -N Clarissa Ckirlon i , -,. C,w-lzclilor-irif Cliivl Mlvliirle Sriyfler Sports llvlilor: Photo lfrlilorz H ' lllhm Nguyen 311519 H9Y9lJ ' ' D . '-" an .kk W, - ,, f WVNN il, mi l f A K ff 5 D135 bv '1 ul llearl lDl1OlCPfllkllllllljlll ,- -f W... 334 xi, 'EMS Vim-if Arrvoria Front Row: Deirdre Keller, Quy Nguyen, Susie Heyob, Charles larman, Clarissa Car- lon, Michele Snyder, Deanna Dames, leli Walsingham, Lisa Bianco, lee Slreeper. Back Row: Mr. Logsdon, The Nguyen, lon Faulkner, Mai Nguyen, Brian Ginsberg, lngo Gaida, Richard Barrera, lohn Davis, Paul l-larnillon, Vince I-Xncona. N. piuwf- A' , ,,,. as .vw -ww, ' ' m S F' if m 6 gk, FN :QQ 1 , , 4 sw ip? x W 7 E , -f . .X-f' X . . A- .. - . m V "kwin" 'i V , A 'X . f K W Q' Q , J 3 .Q kg ' In W. La. v H wg: , if'lZ.f5-W..2 vii: Q Q- " -f if 1'-Xwkfff-fdK1.4fii,SX fy N 4 f,,-wg, , 1,,g,l,., . A bf 1 0 ,Q . f. KL' ' +1 K . jg. . 'fm 'Qs Ali, . f- W ' -11' . A 'S ' gif' f 5 M45 ' -':??f'55,f . F' ' V Yi' L ,: is If 1 . ii? Q 2 i , C . 1 A ,A ,QV S nf s f ' 5, M K A L, ,M , , if I 5 , - .Q -Q. Ve R K I , f J ss, V ' -S F ' q .L 1 ,Aff , 11 vp f by , ,- 4 A ,,,' . I- - ' A' H I 4' ,V i .W V , ,ia 5. 2 ,, 'tg , A Q I W A .f if :M ,W Y I A M . , qi. K - ,, , ,W ,J 4 f H Q .- in W V 3 N5 g ' - ,J . X if A V, X x ff T' ' ff isle' ' 5' H' - w , lim M 'Y . f ,, . hw - f'?"1?5w,w' ,,, , V,,, , , , yi ,R . Q pw f: 5 K -L M . 3 f .' vigil' ,s,..,A fi, lv .gif ,. 4. .Jak - , Q - .. xc. - A -L . , 'f zz - Alf". . Q. if gg' 'H .1 K - N -1 f, - xi. ff -ff ' A ... . . . . . 5 PS3 . , 'Q . '5 . ' K' X' A -- , M..-f g X. . lv, . Y . . K -S. A K ., . , I gy t . -Eg V 3 Q . wig. A A , .M-.,., , 1' 2 TJ' .ffii , ,e "' . iw 1 W1 Q' -M Nz. A in M, A f f,f..g,'V ' fx '3.-.iff . V XY 'iizs Q M' X 75 ff K .. f . , .. ,, Mu, 4 N ,, M A M2g.g,,,., .MQ Q-9-fr -2- r. f -4 Xwu ' c S. f , f .X . , , .,,2LgWqu f QI g fm k , Cx gb .R , 1. if M 4 gp . -.,,s. ...wif .f .z. ,,Vi.ii,, QA A ' . 1' 4 - X . f . . , if f x, A A .2 .LM -.J ' Q-N. 1- new A X Q rf -'19, '53, K . X' 4 ' ' ' . X I2 I . f 1 Q. . A --.A X 'Q f . -sy.. 'bf S -4, .K , if L eggs.. f ,W Qs.. .1 1 4 . ,f fx, My xx- b .-iw? E. Mg. - X. Mx , if . ,. .W-.., f Y, Q X. qv ' 'Q 1 ' ,Q t . .,,.. Q A . fi , n . -Q 1 he my i..v W H., AA 1 Q , , 1 Q Mgt . .. W k i K .....m,..1 .Mm . 'iiifffflfif ' In i wgg ., .E .N ,- - L, , . ki, It . K A . ,W . .. g H . I . f M. L K -. wg an if , 1.3 ' g L '.... xg xr y Q r L .W , . AL, wi 1 ,345 ., xi'- " . ,wi -'H L K ., fm. X -gg X f If K A E. ' f X4 S .W f S A V . :Q , ,v A X' i fx k Q .1 'ki , A -we ' X. f. f , ,Gm M , 5 , ., . 4 ' ,xlhf ' -, 5 . ' ,, . Q .. --. , - -, .W U , .Q , . , ., Q -.v nw.. :A Q 5 aQ,jgN.g I. ex K.. K 1 ,, W W I ,E M ., .gp 1 bf ' '1 ' wavw L' Q, ' - -V fs -gf , fw is., 3 ,gf . ,Q-. ' W 1 ' ' -xv-N. Senior Stanclouts CUTEST SMILE Christina Santana and Ioe Noqueira VC MOST LIKELY TO BE REMEMBFRED Mati Ellioit and Nobi Riley 'S X , C L1-XSS CLOWNS Ingo Gqida and Margaret Kroon fp g bmw x 4 Aw ,s Q 575 . .-1' - , - ' A bg ,., , ,, ,,., . My I 5 x Q "wif 7 fwgz w - ! , XX gf, -,lt ,.., 5 ,,,f- - .,.., ff W In f 5 Aff" raw ' 'U M .,1r, . , , 1, f , 1 I ,..--.,...,.--- f-""""""""-f ,V ,Xian-Ll ffm ,f , 3 24' i ,rs f, 12, X ' '1 fi 1 f H N , tjwlff' .W " ' I wa' fr . ' 7+ 1' J '1j..,,-,AJQLX Q: g v 15934 A Ae 33 s ll 0- n Q' 'J 1 1 .S l Y", riff. i'L'rgjiZ4'3 af i Q. 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Big spender Darin at his favorite restaurant f ll X fn MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Vince Ancona, Clarissa Carlon, and Deanna Dames QA I ,L x, v A ., Q2 T fm A Q uma-npgwwm J 'JD U1':.ff'C:. -3 ' Q Xfgixfggi f 5. BEST DRESSED Tason Carter and Suzanne Accorsi MOST ATHLETIC Skeve McClure and Amy Hillenbrand ' ' int - buy W1 1-.N GOLD? G? L' ,x, x 'Q 4r A JR 5 . z ',:f ,I 4420 Qs W L - -. Q 09 F... . , V F 'vs- Senior 19' X W m D4 P ' N Lfppfx is N159 Favorites X ji Q , . X ' 'gl ' 5 M Y Q al ,Q '.' -, '-5 T' K ' fb X Riff '- 1 ' , ,yu L bs ou V ......SlAFL W PS RETURN OF THE A CSUUXU 1 ,gb . ,.,-v 5. w' 'W 1,4 11,53 Sim L ,f ,f K 1 5 R 11 . , 1 W 1 A 1 ff. AW .. ,, 11 21, lf'1xf,s,-' M l W 1,72 -1,2 , f"l1fQ'1-??1iE5' 1fRA1'5 . 114 , '- lW', ""' Q21 2 3,1 I , 1:--11-J ---- " 1 1 1 .' ' ' 1, , 1 A 33,51 -1 f - ' A' ,f f,. ,, 1 Wy, - ghm-w..1. 1 , 2 ', ' 11' A ' , 1: 1 , 1 g iliygieg 1- 'A - - ' 1 1 1 iff, 1 " ' 4 ' f f 1 ' 1 1 51"f.f4 1 Q 1 1 1 1 , . 9 1 1 1 1 'J 'X W xv ix' "if ' . 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V ff , ' W mmf , ' ' . ,Q -ww -T 'ff' I A .1- "" ' A QM 1 , ,V an , 1 ,J , ' , 1, U Q . , 1 L , . n 41 , 7' hi if N V, if " I , 1 ' ' -'-' , . 1 2 Treasurer-Miczhele Snyder, Wee Pres.-T Nquyen .if wa E W 2 3-Ng Q 3, Senior Autographs 5 Q W"'9'7Ovifffrf, N' 1 , 4 n K uw ,b Qu... ., ,J in , I ,vb-My rfmdiqwklv W K - ' Wv T f - 'N fznfqvf JM 4fs'i344f?' X' ' ' 4 r,,L.M f 4 fp , I , Y' -:W ' Z -5- ji , ,I L S ,, V ew ' ., 3 V 5 A W ,, , me-I V a -1 22' 'J' "WA wf 73f' 28 i N -f 1.x4 !Y,,.A w f I'9 xy-6' ' J Q yi ' ,,, , H, ' in , 'wr ' Y 1' iw. f tg -iw ' , r fc. 0 K N W J 1' f If , Pi!" M53 1 wi. -,I-W., ww 5. MW!- '1 W , ff wa. fam W - - A .. , . ' Q' - , , . , . - r ff y2,,.1 W' Z' . 3 ,Q af -- 5 6 - ,.'.1i.',3' '-I ' -"x- ,. . X . ,sf .1 SE? wr I Q lg ,, X, - Q 4 fn. " 71,7 -2' 1 ,.. Tr Wa' 4.40 X 7. P , 5 " f 22 Er! , ' grid 'i ' 4 4' 1 ff' 'W' 224 , M"4 .. A it 'W Y P, X . I Q, P1 x 1? JW! r' . "' A' ay H ,. ' ' f N , ,. -- ' A ' I ,rw Ax , 1 F N ' ...--h f --..- 1 ' ' ikff' 2 f af V of , np 1. uf. 15" 1, - - 1 L 4 4 ' ri in .3 -if ,ir 'Gr-Q N It ' Q' 'few .xl J vi "f,9f,? Q ?'?3:4 H-'P' , ' ex I, , H , 'W i ?'w"f if 1 1- I 1 tx IW O- L -n 4 frail 1 .- -'P is - W M 'F ' fvlif fx X 1 k 1 . N5 U 1 if o-V 1- 9 Q-1 ,5 x.. I ,ff ' 1 .ff A, ,,,,, , ,H V f I L, X 4 . 5 , I 4 f 3 f A-,Q A - -,.fv V . H .. lg ' ' lguVl--.M 125527 ,:,y, I D Homecoming 19 Suzanne Accorsi Q' Michelle Brown K? :lf 1 Susie Heyob my "Susie gets tough." HA Squaw and her Brave Amy Hillenbrand Mikie Ivy "Coach Sanchez adds spirit to lhe Assembly." w L V v l 1 D 1 R 1 1 l M i Nw -un. Wm If ww vllx: MN This year's Homecoming was lull ot enthusi- asm and excitement. The week's activities began with Plaid day, tollowed by Qccupation, West- ern, Hawaiian, and Brave and Squaw days. The will lx Friday Assembly was tull ot spirit and was high- ff H' ' I lighted by returning alumni Robin Sanchez, and -' , tiff the announcement ot the l983 Homecoming .V W Court. ? ft A "Rhonda looks forward to Homecoming Night." Matt Elliott Ricky Napier Wes Hayes 'The men of "The top tive round-up." "Vice President, Deanna Dames announces top live." Tho Nguyen Nobi Riley Christina Santana Michele Snyder Rhonda Walsh , We H' ,,,,A ri, Q? K- Q. 1 X, DD ek' X y X X ,f i f K A A, ,D L A in in 5 , f X 47 f V: A -iii y In z ' Andrea Stone AA , Mikie lvy BB ' raarr i i AAAA David Walker CC 1 V ff' lon Faulkner DD Deanna Dames EE 'M lnqo Gaida FF V Clarissa Carlon GG ' Darin Binderim HH ,L A , Suzanne Accorsi ll ,i , loe Noqueira Il , .,,, ful kkii Jai Susie Heyob 'M' A 5" Richard Barrera Q 4'.' f' ,, . if - , 4 1 an 1 " ,rf ...-uw W M., ll Kevin Andrews Charles larman Mai Nguyen Christy Santana Mike 81 Amy Hillenbrand Rhonda Walsh Tammy Corvinas Tamara Trumble Wes Hayes Eric Levine Y,,. g we ...ma I , . '-.1 I f My . ff X.-rv! ., , m?' xy 5 r ' 'u 4 , 'f, ,Ty-A' T194 r ' , x '-'skin y 4 Afififfsg F - ,uv-f. r N. W ,awww 2 - Hgjm- ffm Qi 5 , ' .1 W V 0 1 f L...+nI...J...l '..a.s-.- 4 aww. x 4. mah' --A A , 4.0 4? Surf, 1,59 And Representatives The Senior Committee members and Representatives at Large were a group ot peo- ple who took time oft from their schedules to assist the class ot '84 in having a suc- cessful year. Attending meet- ings every week, working on the homecoming float, prom, baccalaureate, and com- mencement ceremonies were all a part of being a Senior Committee member and Re- presentative at Large. mag V59 PROM Alex Dunagan, lon Faulkner and Deanna Dames fi. mv WAYS AND MEANS Christina Santana and Chelle Brown PUBLICITY Tuyet-Mai Nguyen and Matt Elliott Senior Awards -Q. - f my , - - GIRLS' ELKS LEADERSHIP: BOYS' ELKS LEADERSHIP: Deanna Dames, Rhonda Walsh Vince Aricona, Charles Iarmari, Chris Stein I3i'rII C150 QQHCII Ustj 1 in fm -I Q :':: I TIR I I In GEMCO FOUNDATION SQROPTIMIST DA UGHTERS OF THF Cliclle Brown Richard Barrera AMERICAN REVQLUTION Cynthia Wate-r's C3rd NA TIONAI. MHPIT FREEDOMS FOUNDA TION A T VALLEY FORGE Viiicgfr Ariczoria Ifirialistg I3auI Lebowitx-cloiiimericiled Vince Aricloria, Chelle Browii is ll SORORTIMIS T THIRD PLACE Sz HARVARD BOOK AWARD Vince Ancona A: A- x ,Mn V U GIRLS ' STA TE Michele Snyder BOYS' STATES VOICE OF DEMOCRACY Chris Stein L NV1 '-- lu 21 1' 5 4 J Q' 'Z -01 .I..".... K' Who's Who Among American High C School Students ny 'Y .--Jr L 31 r . -5' 7 ps 3 ' -1 "Iv: "' ' y W- --U-...Q 41 ,J "1 4 f Back: Deanna Dames, Tho Nguyen, Nobuko Riley, Chris Stein, Charles larman, Richard Barrera. Front: Amy Hillenbrand, Maria Moreno, Beverly Brushaber, Mai Nguyen, Rhonda Walsh, Mikie lvy, Michele Snyder. Noi Pictured Vince Ancona, Katarzyna Korycka. 33 ank Cf America Winners SCIENCES: MATHEMATICS LIBERAL ARTS CIi1'1's Stein Richard Barrem APPLIED Sz FINE ARTS Deanna Dames Bank Of America Certificate Winners Kara-ii Allen, Lori Willitord,-Cathy Mcflfvilly, Lam Nguyen, toe Noqueird, Charles ldrman. CNet Pictured: Cynthia Waters, Vince IXric'or1a, Sheryl Truelidrt, Rial-:ey NGIDIGIYD cademic A11-American lfroni: Say lfanci, Lani Nfiuyen, Chris Stein, lnqo Gaida, Richard Barerra. Back: Maria Moreno, Tho Nqiiywn, Siixiiiirio lXc'cvrur:f:i, Nlicliule Snyder, Rhonda Walsh. Charles larman, loe Noqueira. lNol l3ic:liirivc:l: Vincw Ani-Ona, Kalarxyna Koryvlca.D Society Of Distinguished American High School l7i-Oni: Say Hand, Firas pL1lI'lS,L.r1ITl Nquyen,Salin'1 Sawaya, Chris Stein, lnqo Qaida, Charles larman, lor- Nociiieini, lQl1'llilI'ifl liiirrvra. lfront: Sheryl 'l'riieharl, Kim Qcvhinand, Maria Moreno, Deanna Dames, Tho Nquyen, Mai Nguyen, l?honda Wiilsli, lvliwliolu fiiiyfli-r, lNol ljivliiiwlz Vincyv Anc'ona.J Vincent Ancona 4.00 Richard Barrera 3.95 Them Tang 3.59 Kcbk Unq 3.523 Env Tang 3.40 Anna Insinqo 3.94 Nqoc Phan 3.69 Tuyet-Mai Nquyen 3.55 Suzanne Accorsi 3.39 Charles Iarman 4 .00 Lam Nguyen 3.94 Fires Putris 3.65 Kimberly Qchinanq 3.52 Lorie Williford 3.36 Kdtarzynd Korycka 4.00 Rhonda Walsh 3.92 Nada Bakhayd 3.54 Mid Ydrnell 3.50 Ann Alabdulla 3.34 Maria Moreno 4.00 lnqo Qaida 3,80 Sheryl Trueharl 3.64 Dong Luong 3.49 Beverly Brushaber 3.32 Tho Nguyen 3.80 Say Eanq 3.63 Hieu Cao 3.44 Lien Lam 3.31 T Michele Snyder 4.00 Christopher Stein 4.00 Deanna Dames 3.74 Salim Sawaya 3.6l loanna Gajewski 3.41 Nobulco Riley 3.3l loseph Noqucira 3.74 l-luonq Lim 3.6l Siephanie Fisher 3.40 Yveile Cuaclra 3.30 Suzanne Kathleen Accorsi "Sun" Suzanne, who likes Doug, Michelle, Mary, Sindee, mon- ey, cheer pals, and parties at Mary's house, was involved in Gymnastics-lp lV Cheer-2, Var. Cheer-4, Dance 3,45 and AP club. She recalls Mr. Stanner and Coach Feil as her favorite teachers and her future plans include moving to New York and becomino rich in the fashs ion industry. Terry Adams "Scruffy" "Experience it or look back with regret." Terry, who lists Nov. 18, 1983 as his favorite date, likes can- yon carving, motorcycles, and heavy metal but dislikes waking up in the morning. His favorite teacher was Tony Colia and he plans to become a studio engi- neer in the future. Ann Al Abdulla "Smiley" "What you are is Gods gilt to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God." Dawna L. Albrecht "Kiddo" H20 minutes of misery for 2 minutes of joy." While attending ECVHS, Dawna participated in March- ing Band l-2, Pep Band l-2, Track lp and Mat Maids 3. She likeslsummer rain storms' and mountain snow, but dislikes jump starting her car and CEC pizza, Dawna's favorite teacher was Coach Feil and her career goal is to be a marine biologist. ff .5 W a-I J 'N N Mark Alford "Racer" Marks favorite teacher was Tony Colia. His most memora- ble date will be Tune l6,fl984. Mark likes heavy Uiqal, Wrlis- likes punk rock -andun , , 1 f , M' - xl ,r J 1 I W fvfffi' .JM V yur, , ya.. L ,Q ,Y H . A . V I 1 ' ,r V , . H 1 N., E". t .5 or - 19+ ov, , ""1'Ji'M, M f.f+"7" 1 vi Y . -. ""f"7T 15 f,. VNV"- N ':?Q',,T'f2., ,f I, , E ,g.,f at .T z .fl T 14: - qi 2 f l A' 4 KarennA' n, ' v 'Ve "Baby" g 1 -' While at ECVHS, Ann par- ticipated in the Math teams. She likes roller coasters, parties, and dancing, but dislikes typ- ing. Ann's career goal is to be a doctor or a gourmet chef. Brian Albone "BriAGuy "Fall behind faster-that way you have more time to Zcatch Brian, who lists Mr. Roberts as his favorite teacher volved in Drama plays. dthe Choir, He likes D and cer, driving, boxing, Choir and girls, but dislikes homework Brian's future goal is to beffhel best computer programmer in California. f it who her as Noin GH and if ifjgk Yew! 454. at "Beauty is Being loved 1557 the one you love." , if Karen! who lists Nlxrf Baker, Mom, and lesus as her favorite teachers, :likesw ApN,, friends, danoing, parties and school. Her Y ost memorable date is. 5 F'el:j"4', 1983 andgsheiplans to " be' ubrzessfulx in whatever she. does andtotstay with her,-boy-s ,I lnfend. .Q A A - ' . ,a Q le Q Randy Lee Allen "Bear" V' . "Say what." Randy's most memorable date is Nov. 23, l983. He likes the Hart and Doc plans to be ' x . if f. 'Jim' ' Vincent 'winnigf' f'Gvee'Whiz"i MR S While 'Was involved V612 Club CSF, Rep cgi large c'il'lCl V Mrs I Apizza a nd he also to ltaly in the future. K lr,3,,... Ming QQ fgjufgvxnderson m 6,4 ' 'Elmer" I, V ' A " l,'Seeee yal" ,Y ' Brtbee was involved in Wigs- tlinq l-23 FootbaH'3-4, and the Nickie Atkins Bierdeman Nickie's most memorable date is Sept. 3, 1983. Mr. Dick Martin was her favorite teacher while she attended ECVHS. Eventually, Nickie plans to en- ter into a career in the business field. it , gi, W . ss' sv. l,ettermar15B'Ctub,l-le likes the. bear frparties, friends? Randi, Y an' L52 qirls. Bruce dislikes frays, dirt heads, and dead weekends. l-lis lavorite teacher was Mr. Coliaxand he wishes to someday be a photographer tor R Hustler. A X 'lg 4"""'lr-, y -1 'Nw Rs fr? nik' KN, X , , 5 NNada ,Bakhas .. Karmin Bachoua M "l'm sure." if Karmin plans to be a secre- tary. She likes boys, talkinq A the phone and listen to the Clio but dislikes T.V. and rother. Her most ate is Oct. 25, 1965. She is Modern Dance and hler ta- vovrite teacher was Bruce Leon- ' M .. 1, Q25 ' xg 4 ,I It 'lr ' X I "Nadaui" ' ll 1' ' . 1 v "You ',an't teach a tlfiinqg A u can only ep . g. ,.. V Q- .9 find it within himself. 1. At Y N X I it 'ef , A X jKevinA,Lee Andrews A . ,t ' , 15"'W re asfye 'know not' what 'U' ' ., e ,K .1 . . Q Sha be on th ASB, ot Commun. 1 date is Kevgns lavoriteg, Bascom. Nov Nadasymost men is when shi met her She likes art and TV, but likes readinqaand studying. Lbcinjairoiite teachers were Mrs. :find aafga, but i have i Roberts and Mr. Valdez. Nada xviould like to the an interior decorator. , V .0 nf. so ti. N XGA 0 J X was L, Q . 1 , .I be 2 ni' sei, " 2 '45 .f I I . V I , W , , 6, Richard Andrew Balrrerax .. ,W K The w'oods are l fa keepfand miles to go betore l sleep, and miles to Q0 before l sleep." -Frost . Richard likes hecklinq, pro- crastinating, the Dodqers, and vacation. He was involved in CSF 43, Pres. 43 AP Club 45 SAASB coftounder 43" Math Teamlflp Academic Decelthalop 4 4' 14. t"y' ciu0gp-5m1nspirea,by ying Balcom and 'Ivlr!3lVinn, Richa wants' to .someday rule' ii Christina Michelle Bates "l love you, Stevenln Christina participated in Dance 2-4. She likes Steve, the Peterson family, Mom, N.K., CS., B.N., KB., 61 LB., but dis- likes phony people, and being dumped off the back of a 3- wheeler. Christina plans to at- tend college and marry Steve. lames Benton Baxter, lr. "lim" "Where have all the good times gone?" lim participated in Baseball 2-4, and will always remember the date of lune l6, l984. l-le likes playing baseball, and rock 'n roll, but dislikes fish heads and making decisions. lim's fa- vorite teacher was Ms. l. Monica May Bennett "Cupcake" "Turn your scars into stars" Monica remembers the date of luly 28, 1979. She enjoys bike riding, ice skating, and camping, but dislikes home- work, and getting up early. She felt that Ms. lohnson was most influential during her years at ECVHS. ln the future she plans to work with children. Maria Mercedes Berry "Meche" "Go in peace and may the peace of God go with you." Maria was involved in Multi- cultural Club, PEP Club, Dance, and .was a peer tutor. She will remember most Sept. 9, l965. She likes being with friends, talking on the phone. and red roses. Her favorite teachers included Mrs. Ven- ieris and Miss Chaimson. Darin Binderim "l'm so far behind l think l'm first." Darin recalls Thanksgiving, l9S3 as his most memorable date. He likes dancing with friends, CC., and S.C., but dis- likes rockers and phony peo- ple. While at ECVHS, Darin was involved in Water Polo l-43 Swim 2, 45 Aquatics Club, Ski Club, Lettermans AC., Ways Si Means, and Prom Commit- tee. He lists his favorite teacher as Mr. Williams. Alisa E. Birnbaum "Pussycat" "lf you love someone set him free, if he comes back to you, he's yours, otherwise it was never meant to be." Alisa's most memorable date is Feb. 6, l983. She loves Tim, romance, and fishing but dis- likes walking, cold, and the col- or green. Alisa's future plans are to be a Certified Public Ac- countanf. lames Blanton "lroninan" lames was involved in Smoke Signal, Sports Editor-3, Editori- al Editor-4, Football l-4 and Tennis-l. f-le likes winnino, but dislikes people who don't tell it how it is. His career qoal is to be a CHP Officer. M Kghneth Clifford Bouchard lll UKECAN "Live never dissipatesp it only reqreates in another place and li hile at BGVHS, Ken par- tici ated in- A.P. Club and W 's Who. He likes classy qir Mustangs that run, danc- ing ' nd Wendy's, but' dislikes 15- ge term papersf His favor- E -4 lulie Boynton Amber D. Brentner "lt you can imagine it you can achieve itg if you can dream it you can become it." - Amber likes walking in the rain, bubble baths, Patrick G., and wearinq Levis, but dislikes waking up and insects. She will lacqueline Michelle Brown Blackie" "Don't be shy-qive Chipwich a try" lackie likes friends, fun times and the desert trip ot 83. Her most memorable date is Feb, 1983. She plans to become a fliqht attendant. While at ECVHS lackie was active in Adv. Dance 3-4 and Var. Cheer 3. Linda Anne Brown "Somebody Special" Linda was involved in Flag Team 2 and Drill Team 3. Her most memorable date is lan 6, 1982. Linda likes Mrs. and all her crazy friends. She dis- likes rude and inconsiderate people and MP. l-ler favorite teachers were Cecilia Castro and Mr. Dave Williams. Linda wishes to become an accoun- tant, Michelle Brown "Chelle" Chelle's activities included Drill-ly Banner Lt-25 Flag Cpt.- 3g Field Hockey l-45 Track l-2, Aquatics!Swimminq 47 Though! Mag. 1-45 House of Reps l-43 Senate -35 l Club 2-4, Mat Maids 2-4, ASB Rep QQ Lg. 31 CAC-33 Peer Tutor 35 Free- doms Foundation 3, Pep Club 2, 4, AP. Club 45 Academic Decathalon 45 and Senior Class Ways and Means 4. 'Chelle someday hopes to find the cure Mr. Brooks and into computer or audio produc- always remember the Summer of '83, and her favorite teacher Doc. Roberts. Amber plans on a police officer. for cancer. Terry Brumage Beverly Ann Brusliaber "Boo Boo Bear" "Love ,. . the meaning is too big for the word." Beverly, wliose most memo- rable date is September ll, l98l, likes David, diamonds, and ATC's. She was involved in Drill 25 Dance 2-45 Arclfibearer 35136-p Club 33 ASB Sec. 4, and AP Club 4. Beverlys favorite teachers were Coach Feil and Mr, l..e'lnourneau, Falena Renee Burns "Late? Who's late?" H H Angela Campilongo fi: . ,, l .,,. ,W A V ,,-' me - - f f' ff- f l 'i iiii C V I A WPYTE, H it Goon H "" ' ' yi' Do YOU know ITIS? 7 A ,gr Danny s most memorable E E sw date is Nov. l5, 1979. He likes 12,4 A , i w lriends who care, the beaqh, 1 yiii vv-- f " Bonnie, and dancing. Danny ' tl i We , . . f ,Fl y-f,y Q fly was involved in Cross-Country Ciafififf it X , Ha "'-h i L lp lvlarclfiing Band 2-35 lr. Class .. X . --" " VP, Sr. Class Co-Chair. of Ac- , A tiv., andipep Club 4. He plans to becbme a lawyer and make a lOFll11'lBtw4g- Matt Bryant ,i Ji, www, ,, ,, -:Ei f f - f , F l Wea V iz, a ,V 3 ,K ii- Q ym,,,g.-W 31 , ,,,, , I H ,7,gy,Z,vi:, , 4 i Patricia Campbell W , L .if ' f - if if - -f,"-J' a'-'R 1, a z ms- N . Heiu.-JlLi.g1l3nCao ll A Heiu's rno ble 'datw is Aug. 9, l966. He likes swim- ming and playing badminton, biit dislikys the color red and caleteria Ebodf HB' l ' teacvlier was Coacli Gebharzt lans o ttend SDSU if--Q' lolin Burden S1 1r1111 C 1111 1 11111e O11 my ll3IlC1S Loulcl 111 111111 Qp1111 w1111 you Lauq111111g 11111 1111l111e11 C llll H1 s 11111s1 11115-111ora111e 1111s ITL T11111l1sq1v111C1 1983 1 eb 11 1411311 wa vo V111 ln S1 1 lass BAC CCI C11111111 lClu1.1 4 A lj C lub fl L1qen11' '3 'Qr F1111111 4 11 11 A913 Co C.,0m111 243711 Pu11l1111y Cxlaiissa likes DB Gosmp ll-I SC SAASB guys a1111 1re11Ll'1 1r1es l3u1c11sl1l1e 111yt11111111u1e 151111 ly11111 C 1rso11 1161? 111111 91.111 11ev11 spare-11 embar s11 111 1 11 mf 111s v 111 NL 1 T n eifmffdlw ,Zigi-1111111 ww 2 4 111 111102 h 1Y1Ll'1LlS V11111 1 so 1 1 11p-1 ller 11.-1vQ111e lie Q r C 1 lie-11 1111s l11s011 C 1rter Che1111 Do 111110 0111915 as1111 y do 111110 you las011 likes C 0pe1111aqe11 and bemq w11l1 l'1lSlI'l6'I'1dS especial- ly Rayell bui dislikes 1011q school Clays 11111 p1e1uc111:ed people He par111,1pa1ecl ID F0o1ba11 1 4 Baseknll 3 4' Bas- keiball 9 a1111 11s1s 111s m0s1 memomlnle 1111e as Nov. 27, 1066 11son p1111s 10 be a11 0111- cer 01 the pe 11 e lason Q s11e 1311111111 Y1se1a Cf11s1ro "l1 you wa111 11 1r1e1111, 111- 11 1r1e111'1." Dur11111 B8I'lllCilS s1ay 111 lfCVl'1S s11e was111f11v1f111lV111l11- Clllllufdl Club 111111 will always I'GII1C?l'T1lDt3I' Mr. Peace 111151 lVl1s:s C11111mso11. S111- l1kes l1dVlI1C1 00011111111-s w1111 1r1e111'1s111111 11111' career' 110111 15 to work 111 busi- ness IT1dIlClQGI'Ilf.?Ill.ll Penny A1111 Cf11v111s "What 11111 11ear1 knows 101,111y, 11113 IY1lI1C1 w1ll u11ders11111d 111- II'lOI'Y'OW.ll W111le 111 HCVHS, P111111y p111' 1111ipa1ec1 111 Gy11111as111:s. S1111 likes pa1'ly111Q, 15911161 w11l1 1r1ends, slalmq, 1111111 spe111111111 1ime wi111 Rex. ller C11s11kes lll' clude 1111111 111111 s1111:11A11p peo- ple. lDGIlI1YlS 111vor11e 1eac111:1 was Mr. Cgehrkv 111111 l1f?I' n10s1 111e1r1Ora1Jle 1111111 15 Sept. ll, 1983, Pe-1111y hopes 10 be FlC'll, own a Mazda RX-3a11c1 11w11 111.11- own h011r1e. M A411771 . '11 1ana Marie Chappell "Di" "Why worry abo111'yes1erday when you 11ave today 10 live , and tomorrow to 1lre11111 for- . ,,,1, '35 1 QDIQUG likes l1e111'1s, 1'1111113ows, Il Ohm Wmef Wwmen 111111 a?11'1 1i11iar1l1Ju1 dislikes SlUC'li'llII S0119 NOW 115 139917 1116 11111 I fpushy people, l111111ew01'1a, a1111 .-fv. 1, - lvlr. lV111r1111a1'111 M0111 w1-1'1- f13C11Vll19S 111Cl1,14:1ed fgwome teddwrs :md hm. 'p1ayir1Cy11001b111 and and 111 l1s1s 111s m0s1 m1.1110ra131e 11111 as Sep1. 8, 1983. He likes '65 Musianqs, 11101 ba1,119m.w1111 Kim. His ldVOl'1lt, 1ea1:l1er was' 7qoa11s1011ve Fi1OI1Cj,l1df1fJyl1111. ,asf w1ys111111111l,111 luly 13 Wim 171171. CQ'o11a1. C'1111'1s:1 C '1 1' ' ' .ll " Q '11" 1 1 A 'V V? -1 V? '1 : ' L ' , ' 1,1 11' 1 ' 1 , 1 1 A 1111 1 1" . l , . .S111- s111- 1' ' 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 f' "T ' - V ' ' 5 - . 5 . . ' J ' I X 1 - , -1 1 . 3 ' ' 3 1 1 ' . .17 S I ' - 1 . . 1 1 1 . ' ., 3 ' ' .51 ' 1' 21 ,yw 4 J, ,gn ,.,. . 1 of ' 1 1 .. 1- . . R :A 11s.' -1, ' 1ur1 f 11' : you J - 1 1 1 2' ,1R ,,EA,, '1 11 ' 1111 . C1 TV" 1- "' 1 " ' ' M 'Q ' ' ' c 'va' - QI' V V 1 K1-1 1 11.111 1 s ' 1 H 3 1. I 1111 j llll, Q 11b11l, 111111 1111' 1 1 H11 1 . ' 9 . ' 1, 1 w11:': 111113 , 1 C ' ' K1 57- K ' W A 191161113 Chea "Ben" "The 1roub1e w1111 0ppor1111111y IS 11 always comes disquisecl as hard work." Ben will always TC2ITllhTI11Dl'I' 151130, l982,1l'1e da1e w11e11 1111 first arrived in 1l1e US. He likes history, E11qlis11, algebra, 111111 psychology, bu1 dislikes 11ea1111 social living, While d116IlC11 ECVHS, l911e11q was 111' olved 111 11'1e Multi-Cful1ur111 and l"llS 1avor11e lt?dCT119I'S Mr. Gus, Mrs. lQober1s, Mr. S1111111e11 l Darlene Renee Clegg "Honeybaby" "l am sorry." Darlene likes the beach, Ford trucks, and being with l.M. Her dislikes include liars and phony people, Darlene's favorite teachers were her Mom and Dad and Mr. Smith. She has worked for two years with the TMR section, Her fu- ture plans include getting a job, and spending more time with llvf. Darlenes most memorable date will be Iune 14, 1984. Keith Cleveland "No pain, no gain." Keith's activities while at ECVHS included Water Polo l, and AP Club. l-le likes being an uncle, going to the mountains, red jeeps, and German Shep- herds, but he dislikes running out of gas, Nukes, and Poodles. Keith recalls Dec, 18, l983 as his most memorable date. l-fis favorite teachers were Mr. Wil- liams and Mr. Brooks. Keith's career goal is to become a landscape architect. Kristine Marie Connetta "Kriss" "Success usually depends on knowing how long it takes to succeed." Kristine doesn't like stuck-up people, but enjoys music and being with friends. Mn Peace was Kriss's favorite teacher, and someday she hopes to be rich and successful. 4 fa Q 3 .. 7 - loseph lerome Corneio "loe" "Not trying is wondering for the rest of your life if you gave up too soon." While at ECVHS, Ioe was ac' tive in Band, Football, and Ten' nis, He likes the beach, the de- sert, ATC's and Anna, and his favorite teachers were Coach Halte and Mr. Rogers. loe is planning to be a police officer. i Shelley Darice Clingan "Popl" "Easy, don't get happy." U, Shelle la ed Varsit Soft- Y P Y Y , L45 IV Basketball l-25 and of the Ski Club 4. She cats, Rice Krispies, her K.H., and her fam- s favorite teachers and Mr. and ft' her Laura likes snow ad-bootswand having Basketball 45 and was a' r It Michelle wants to be a groomer and jnember of the l. Coronado you can dream it, you can it just by believing in it." plans to be happy all her poor or rich. Rita with, Red, moun- cat, Whiskee. Her was Grandma Crxtty but dislikes and "The Lizzard saliva? V mgawr H V4 V. .A 4g V fs. P5 ' - W wgf V . .37 v' " ..,.Q,i.,,.' .- fhlimi 4 5 . fi . Tammy leanette Corvinus Plains" "lf only we'd lett it to Beaver, life woulda been a whole lot swelled' 'lnaininy was involved in 'track l-2, Banner 2, VP 3, Dance Co. 3, Treiias, 43 and Cheer 4. She likes Kim, Dance, Cheer, and good friends. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Baker. Tammy wishes to be a marine biologist someday. Rodney Cory "Rod" "ln Rod we trust." . Rod, whose tavorite"teacher was Coach, Hayes, wants to bee sonar' teghnicianqr He likes. Det California beaches, V Patricia Roberta Cota llpattin "Love is forever as long as you have love to give." Patti participated in 1V Cheer 3, Ski Club 43 and 1-'louse of Reps 1, 3. Her favorite teach- ers were Mr. Hart and Mr. Wil- kerson, Patti likes drive-in mov- ies and being with her family, but she dislikes being home at twelve and getting out of the tub when it's cold. Patti will al- ways remember lune 18, 1982. Scott Thomas Craig, "Wha't?" Scott, who will remember Nov. 25, 1983 forever, likes Debbie, working, gnusic, and his truck but dislikeslying ple and writing essays. Mr. XS kerson waskhis favorite After returning from the rine Reserves, Scott take over his fathers Toni Crandall "And you gotta like that." Toni will remember best the date of lune 15, 1984. She likes her iob but dislikes homework. While attending ECVHS, Toni remembers her favorite teacher as Mr. Delgado. ln the future she plans on becoming a law- yer, Charles Cron "Curly" 'Education is self taught, the teachers are only the guide," Charles plans to be a drafts- man as his career goal. He likes girls and remembers most the day he came back from Ari- zona. His favorite teacher was Mr. Williams. Charles was on the Baseball team while attend- ing ECVHS. Tamara Crori Samantha Kay Crumpton "Sam" "Love doesn't make the world go round, but it makes the ride a whole lot easier." Samantha likes good times with Michael, memories of SR, her gas, preiudiced people, and waking up at 5.45. Yvette Melissa Cuadra "Duckbutt" "Hey D-Dude" Yvette, who was a participant in Dance 1-2, plans to someday work with animals. She likes Heavy Metal, partying with sus- picion, Mike, and good friends CM. and TS., but dislikes liars, work, and phony people. Mr. Williams and Mr. Baker were her most inspiring teachers. Yvette will always remember Nov. 19, 1983. Rita Cuero "Don't criticize others." Rita was involved in Multi- Cultural Club at ECVHS. Oct. 15, 1983 is her most memorable date and her favorite teachers were Mr, Roberts' and nMr, Wolf. Rita likes people in gen- eral, but doesn't like people who think they are better tllan others. ln years to come, she wants to be a housewife. Skipper Dennice Davis f . , .5 M4 , 'I v 29. Qu, N. V ,N wi, 7, V- 11 , fQ'xxfA:- Ji. il 'r-fry' ,f vs V jf 5, , vi 2 if 'Q l 5 , , f, f' f 1 - -V 1 V, ,,1,, ' K Y Deanna Lynne Dames 3, V ' 1, iv A "1 know where we are really!" VV M V ' Deanna was involved in Var. I . . 'H f Tennis 1-45 Basketball Stats 1-35 ,V .IMI -'29, , 1 . ' Key Club 3, Sec. 4, Legend 3, 'VW ' - V VV ,VZ V . Bus. Mgr, 47 Co-Prom Chair. 43 f Q A., nl ff. f ASB VP 4, senate 4. she im,-E , M " Susies excuses, Geheral Ho mfff' J "4 V pital, Reg-a-lar tacos, , f - retrievers, collegef' .ifigf ' T GV as 5 merfnger Mflgur movies, vacations, and 'Kenny 1' 1 edm He likes qmgbut Rogers' songsfbut dislikes spin-V I QS .14 WOllkV His favorite ach and European drivers. ' in f er was Miss Chdimsod lana Todd Davis "Lovey" "DonfVt worry about it." lana enioys the beach, snow, desert, races, RG., LS., l.B., andy the .good times they had. She, ,hov7ever, doesn't enjoy bananas, foggy mornings, gain- ing weight, crying, and para- noia. She was active in House Y of Reps 2, Field Hockey andf Campus Life. lana aspires to be a radiologist. f vita ff V, and he would like to enter the 1 1 , f W field of computer electronics. , 1ose's most memorable date is 1 lMay7,1966. V, ,f 1 V "' gi f , Q f V T? 3 , 51 if tra, a? . f Q v I "Alex" I "'Don't part with yourldiQam ,fy 'r ' s When they are gonefyou may still exist, but you have ceased to live." Alex likes Susies car, Psy- chology with Gossip lfl, SAIXSB, ,and l,.A. She cher- ishes time spent with friends. Alex, whQ"is a member of the ?Rl.Ogeridai"S",ill1tly Court and 4 Coach Ha o , s meda wants Y Y to make her r ms come true. 'i?a: 4 whose favorye, teacher was ff 'v X ts' lf: . , . V , , Q.. Danielle Ear "Ear" 5 who participated in il Club during years at ECVHS, remem- that inifoives wor with fi""'v-1, best lanuary 3, lQ82. Sheff, 'Q Steven Anthony Elias "Pedro" "Yes, my child?" .. Steven, who was active in' Band and Drum Co., Capt. 4, remembers best the date of Oct. 20, 1982, He likeslMelissa, drums, and Blue Devils but dis-V' likes arguing with Melissa and' endurance rolls. Steve recalls Mr. lamilkowski as his favorite teacher and 'he wishes to be successful in continuing to play the drums professionallly. 1 . a 'S X Matt vt Paul Elliott "Mai: " Hfkfgr t athlete is one who can acdept that there is someone p x P9509 and dislikes Wah 'A M tter, Rui tries to be the best! who promote it. Mrs. ijciwdy. 3 flilftfatt p ticipated lp House of Plans to Y' Re So er, Football. Base' a "-. ball, skgtball, Dafice. Co., awnd S Sig, Ed.-in-Chief. While h 'kes tood,VC.B. and athletics, he dislikes miging ackles, and strike outs.Most inf j Q sph' ng -to him wlerefle Lord! his pbrentgyand Prgd Hghtlgd A A 't'P'le,QituQe he yvish'e5p"play pro-ball' like his Dade, fp M 45 . ,, f ' I -2, - 'ez' .5 f ii. v , .67 , S 4-if v Awlhit you can do 1 Say lfang "Don't put off, Say will ot April 1, arrived.vin'the reading newspaper, ,maga- Zines, and watchin movies, 'Z . rl .LQ M. 4' '1 . ,Wt 'm .X if , ,, gg f 5 Dwarigrig Edawords X fm ' ' "', A i v Shpfw .. . . "We"r3YYe allfhere in the gutter, but somefot usgare looking att the stars! A 1 H if ' and Dec. gnefnorable dis- the.7a re f X f I 7 . ,A 1 I f . Robin llilliif ,Rl?gfS ,.,, who was active in Ten- nis,' Musical Prod. Wkspg hwill always remember best Aug,,25, 1983, She likes country rftlustr: and dancing, but dislikes pgnlg and hard rock songs. Doc Rob- 3 erts was her favorite teacher. ln - 'Y the future she wishes to beg. come a RNA . " it .ff but dislikes violence, and those ill who promote tt. All of Says teachers werewery irgspirationf al during his atimeiat' EQVHS, planst tielclf O. , MW., years M ' U A at all er 3 successful? ' Qi' Debbie Enright . V 74 HR .lr f andi , , best the G and dee but for nothi fo !Oc.t. , i the" best teach-' W' w o participated, in , an Swimffiln re- A and Coach Watkins were most inspirational to her. In the future, she wishes to lead a happy and successful life. it It fs, J si Laura Etensohn "Do not judge a book by its cover." Dancing, exercising, and swimming are what Laura most enjoys doing, She dislikes Mon- day mornings and her favorite teacher was Mr. Graham. Lau- ra would like to become an X- Ray technician. lon was involved in Legend 3-4, Co-Chairperson of Prom 4, and SAASB. He likes Star Wars, Springsteen, his friends MS, BB, PH, Cl, especially KD, but dislikes most preppies and HA TES heavy metal music, lon, whose most memorable date is Nov. 2, wants to be a fighter pilot for the rebellion, Helynn Fisher others as you would unto you." s involved in and Basketball. to be with Rick, camp- and spending money. Her teacher was Mr. Wit- she would like to be- therapist in the Lance Frank "Lance Romance" "Ah Schilitzn Lance was involved in Foot- ball and his favorite teacher was Mr, Williams, He likes foot- ball, fishing, and girls but dis- likes fat girls. Lance's goal is to become a machinist. Brian Frazier "No pain, no gain" Brian, who lists Dec. 16, l983 as his most memorable date, likes good times with friends and gorgeous women. His dis- likes are RW., RR., and rainy days. His favorite teacher was Mr, Delgado. Brian plans on being a photographer for Play- boy magazine. Arthur William Fries "Love is like a pretty flower, it never lasts long enough," Arthur who participated in Football 2-37 Baseball 2-3, claims his favorite date is Au- gust 24, 19812, He enjoys meet- ing someone special and play- ing baseball but dislikes phony people, Rabbits, and losing a special person. llis favorite teacher at ECVHS was Coach Hayes and his future aspiration is to major in computer technol- ogy, Christina Gabalclon "Pillsbury" "The heartbreak happiness of being with you- is it worth the heartache l've been through?" Christina likes snow trips, teddy bears, peanut M and lvf's, girls' night out, "the deal", and "yeah", but dislikes clans, dirty looks, lizzards, and head games. Her most memorable dates were the special times spent with Adam. D Cliik G ibbari lo achiive anything worth while in litc it is necessary to sit high goals for yourself and wint to it hievi them C lark who lists Nov P 1982 is his most niainorablc data vu is involvad in the Mkllll Cul final Club He likes V A the beach the mount tins ind thc di sert but dislikes stuck up pc ople te achi is home work tists and swearing lfis future goal is to work in thc field of Q omputus lngo Horst Gaida "1 will choose 1 path thats clear' 1 will choose free-will." - Pearl ' Ingo was involved in Legend 4, Tennis 2-4' AP Treas. 45 CSF . 3-43 Math Team 45 SAASB Co- w. founder 4. Ingo enjoys heck- Q ling, traveling, sports, summer, 'Q scaniming and Trek :Si Zone. lngoffwould like to be some- ',,.--fbody. His favorite teachers were Mr. Winn and Mr. Bas- COIY1. Cynthia Lin Gaines "Cindy" "Accept me as 1 am so 1 can learn what 1 may become." Cindy, who lists her most memorable date as October 2, 1982, likes lon, basketball, and field shows, but dislikes phony people and running suicides. She participated in Basketball 2-43 Band 1-47 Softball lg and TMR 1-4. During her years at ECVHS, she picked Mr. Krattli as tier favorite teacher and her future plan is to work as a spe- cial education teacher, loanna Gaiewski "You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough." loarina, whose most memora- ble date is luly 18, 1981, enjoys animals, parties, and classical music but dreads staying home on weekends. lvfr Valdez and Miss Chaimson were most in- fluential to her and loanna would like to become an archi- tect. Yolanda Gallegos "Yoh" "Have a nice day!" Yolanda, who lists March 12, 1983 as her favorite date, en- joys nice friendships and good music, but dislikes unfriendly people. She recalls Mr. Fulcher as her favorite teacher. She plans to pursue a career that involves working with children. Florence Garcia "Flo" During her time at ECVHS, Flo was active in Track and Softball. She lists Sept. 14, 1983 as her most memorable date and enjoys being at the beach, pizza, music, and dancing. lvlr. Feil and lvfr. Baker were most influential to her during tier stay at ECVHS. She hopes to secure a secretarial job in the business world. Freddie Montez Garcia "Fred" "1 don't know what my future holds, but 1 do know who holds my future." Fred, who lists his enjoyment as listening to good music, be- ing with family and friends, having money, and being hap- py, but dislikes country music, waking up early, finals, and homework. March 31, his birth- day, is his alltime favorite date and his favorite teachers were his Mom and Dad. lrene Garcia "Rini" "lf you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words." Rini, whose most memorable times were with RS., AW., F.S., and S.D.1., was involved in Mat Maids 15 Field I-lockey'2g and Volleyball 2-3. She enjoys the chase, the capture, but most of all, the kill. She dislikes stay- ing' home, brown M8iM's, and being on Her favorite teacher of all times are her par- ents and her future goal is to be an officer of the law. Martin A. Garcia "Wolf" Martin enjoys cats, football, and rifles, but dreads qettinq up on Mondays. Mr. Norqard and Mr. Karpowicz were most influential during his years at ECVHS. Pamela Garcia Pauline Marie Garcia "Little Pauline" "Only God knows the real rea- son why thinqs happen and change." .. .pBrQQkst.1wCk2Mrs4 Venlerlsitwefe yyiy,, yyiyy . yyiyyy .syyiy syss, , , Xiy,. iyiss . . . . Tamara M. Garfield "Tammy" I-.TQ ',,, GsCh,his OWnf.1.1:tl.-.V . ,'l1" get-June 234 1984, ,gc ' ,173-S15Q9 2 1 ldtllylfffe' iif .aaa Marsha ,,l' - jig. Pauline's most memorable date is Oct. 2, active in Mat ,,,, Maids 1-1 as Senate, and enjoys ice cream, beinq with family and friends, but rather ghsljkes pe who . iii exaggerate 'andif man-a-be s. Her tavorite teachers were her parents, God, She plans to live life to the ful- lest extent because she only lives once. Paul Garcia lr. imiorw '5'Beauty is in the eyes of the gbeholderf' Tim who was active in Con- cert, Marchinq, and Pep Band 1-2, will never forget Oct. 16, 1981. He enjoys the rain, camp- inq, and a warm fireplace, but dislikes homework and quizzes. Coach 1-layes was his most re- spected teacher and Tim plans a career in telecommunica- tions. V Tracey Garrett you love something, set if it comes back to you it's yours to keep, if it doesnt, it never was." Tracey, who lists Feb, 17, 1 if' her, most .memorable date, enjoys being with Tom, qoinq to the mountains, and quiet evenings. During her years at ECVHS, Mr. 1ffR5QfSmif ' was most influential to herffl' Wmrf. loyce Genesta "Choice" "When all else is lost, the future remains." ' ' While .loyce enjoys MTV, music, good friends, and hav- ing moneygfshe dislikes stuck- up people. She lists Mr. Wilker- son as her favorite teacher in hewitears' at'ECV1-IS. ln the fu- ture she plans to pursue a ca- reer which involves, fashion merchandising andl-have lots of money. .fy ft -. Q- ,ff Coreen Gonzales AW U "Be warned, your apperstih iS the anesthetic of my anqerf' Coreen, who enjoys paying boys?-ways into thevrnovies, dis- likes valentines. 17 as her most favorite date and . w e ufure as tra ori. t,.f"'4 r 1 Shawna Rene Goodpasture "Dont be shy, give chipwich a try. Shawna, who was active in Dance 1-4, enioys spending time with Scott, good trivnds, and sleeping in late, but dis- likes Dlls and working on weekends. During her years at ECVHS, Rogers was Shaw- na's favorite teacher, 1-lei' future aspiration is to be wealthy and happy- t i, -as Zack Gorael l.1sting Sept. 14, 1979 as his most memorable date, Zack en' toys football, baseball, skate- boards, and driving fast, but dislikes rainy days and teachers who tell him to shut up. While at ECVHS, Mr. Peterson was most inspirational to Zack. He plans to pursue a career as a pilot, Tina Marie Green "Mama" "Beauty is eternity gazing at it- self in the mirror, but you are eternity and you are the mir' rorf' Tina was active in Drill 2-3, Pep Band 3, and Concert Band 3. Oct. 19, 1983 is her most memorable date. She enjoys spending time with Tim and Christina, rainbows, and Gar- tield, but dislikes Smurfs, critif cal people, and getting up at 2:00 am, Deborah Kay Greenfield "Debs" 'lNot the quarry, but the chase. Not the trophy, but the race." Debbie was active in Volleyf ball 1-47 Frosh Sec., Smoke Sig' nal4, Snowball Princess 3, and Dance Co. 3. She likes sunrises, afternoon jogs, special times with special friends, and busy days. ln the future, Debbie would like to be a stewardess or a cruise director. PT, ,A Gary Edward Greenfield "lf l didn't say it, l wouldnt V , A have meant it." ' If L who remembers lune JZ lflbest, was involved in Weld- mv - ' ing for four years. l-le enioys y W Y I Ed d C L 1 cold hands and making waves QQ M , , 2 fm war green Wbut dislikes phony people and 'W 53'-7f'W':f"7i.d'4 V ' it H ' ' - ii, " New Wave. Mr. ldle and Mr. ' ' "Right Wrong? You can't Colle were Ver - V- ,.. , 1 y inspiring to "f-a3' la.a, decide, but they loser pays and Gary and PHS Career goal is io ie 5 Fong k 'th 2 1 . M P- Dennis, who lists Dec. ll, Wm W1 pe cpe 8 ,- ,,.,. .. ,,. . ,, -1953 GS his most memorable W ttttt date, was active in Football. He the desert, true triends. , . . V Denise Goodwin 1--' parties and being in first place. Michelle S. Greenway "Spud" "ft is not enough that 1 succeed, but everyone else must tail." While attending ECVHS, M1- Chelle was involved in Stage- craft 2, Smoke S1'qnaI3-45 and Legendary Lady Court. She likes Gary, twistin' with Snift, skiing, and partying with Prez, and was inspired by Doc Rob- erts. Michelle, who remembers best May 9, 1982, dislikes wanna be's and company. ln the future years she plansio be- come a journalist. "'-9 Q,-dl f"'1? , 51 i- , -W fs, f Tanya Greer .Tags "lt would help me to know do 1 stand in your way or am 1 the best thing you've had?" Tanya remembers best April 16, 1982. She enjoys being with Mick, sunny days, the desert, and fun times with friends, but dislikes people who stare, rain, and driving boats. ln the future, she plans to become a cosme- tologist. Kimberly lo Guillory "Chickeroo" "To see me is to like me, to know me is to love me." While attending ECVHS, Kim participated in Tennis, Basketball, Pep Club, and ASB. She will remember the date of October 28, 1981, and she dis- likes being broke, Monday mornings, and book reports. She plans to become a math teacher in the future years. Keith Gunsauls "Roland" "ln the encl, Tecate power will prevail." Keith will always cherish the date ot Oct. 6, 1946. He likes his kitty, his Kawasaki, hot ta- males, and his MB, but dislikes Mods and Hondaheads. He se' lects Coach Feil as his most fa- vorite teacher 81 in the future he to become a pilot in' the Air Force. f. f Steve B. Guthrie 47 "Guppy" r Always believe what you ieve roading, he dislikes mod music and valley girls. Mr. Colia has been inspiring to Steve during his years at ECVHS. ln the future he plans to go into auto mechanics and own a business. Karen lacgualyn Habermeyer "lf the sun relused to shine, 1 would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me, forever. . Karen, who was active in Drill lg Softball 2, and Dance Co., will always remember Feb. 14, 1983 and the summer of 1980. She enioys roses, sunsets, untorbidden love, and money, but dislikes gaining weight and bad food. Karen wishes to be a financial planner and partstime artist. Habib Hiam . I til-Iicimeytt l'You cannot teach any-I 1 thing, you,.Can n find il Withi ' Hiam, Mona Haislia "Mona Lisa" "lf you don't pay the price of success, you will pay the prim- of failure. Pay now or litter." Mona reinembers best the date of lune 18, 1983. She was active in Dance and as Multi- Cultural Club Svc. Slit- likes parties, shopping, movies, and good friends, but dislikes dis' honest people and work. Her parents were very inspirational as she plans to go into cosme- tology. Brian Hale "Couch Potato" Brian's involvenim-nt tit ECVHS invludecl Golf l-3. llt- will never forget the date of Aug. 20, 1982. While Brian hikes riding ATC's, golf, par- ents, and the condo bunch, he dislikes pop-offs, being called large, and flat tires. He remem- bers Coach Feil and Mr. Baker as being most inspirational dur- ing high school. ln the future, he plans to go into construc- tion. Rayrnon Hammi .Rays Hlust keep it gasscdf' Ray, who was active in the Multi-Cultural Club 1-2, will never forget the summer of 1983. He enjoys going to the desert, racing, his ATC, and rock-n-roll, but dislikes punk rock, red heads, and getting up early. Mr. Colia was his favorite teacher and Ray wishes to com- pete against Dean Sundall, the 250 ATC world champion and own his own business. Dovi Gil-Har "lf you won't respect yourself, no one will respect you." Dovi, who lists Sept. 16, 1983, asfhis most memorable date, the day he came to El Can' jon, was active in Marching, Concert and Pep Band, and "1" Club. He enjoys iii the pet and life, but dislikes terror- ism. ln the future, Dovi wants to , pursue a career concerning hu,- manities. Qs- if Lisa Ann Harman "lf you do what you like, that's freedom. lf you like what you do, that's happiness." Lisa remembers best the date of Aug. 7, 1982. ln the future, her career aspiration is to be- come a dental assistant. Damon Hartmann l While attending ECVHS, Da- mon's favorite teacher was Mr. Colia. He likes going tothe mountains, camping, street bikes, and junk food. Damon ,was involved in auto shop, which he like very much, but he dislikes airheads, mini trucks, and health food., lulie Harveston "lules" "You can never be too rich, too happy or have too many toys." lulie was involved in Banner and Flags, Dance, Dance Com- pany, Ballet, and Campus Life. She likes Felix the Cat, Porsches, Pizza, and her friends. lulie hopes to be rich and successful and someday own her own Porsche Targa, Dawn Marie Hauck Dawn, who was involved in the "1" Club, Thought Maga- zine, and the AP Club, likes pizza, reading and music. She dislikes English and seafood. Dawn's favorite teachers were Coach Hayes and Coach Feil and her most memorable date will be lune 14, 1984. ln the future Dawn plans to become a pediatrician. Thomas Hayes "Sony" "No pain, no gain," Tom, who was involved in Football, likes forestry, body building and his husky. He diss likes phony people and his fa- vorite teacher was Mr. Colia. Tom hopes to become a forest ranger. Wesley Todd Hayes "Wes" Qlf practice makes perfect, than 1 ought to be pretty good by 'mites ,included rack and Sr. Class Rep at life likes running, play- ing golf, M'A'S"H, and Rhonda, but dislikes poor grades and being broke. Mr. Trysla was his favorite teacher and Dec. 24, 1983 is Wes' most memorable date. Wes plans to become a doctor. Lisa Heikka Mark Heinerich Susan Lynn Heyob "Sues" "Are we having fun yet?" Susie partivipated in Var Football Stats 2-4, liegend 3, Photo Ed. 4, Sr. Class Rep. at Large, ASB Pres. AP Club 45 and Homecoming Princess 4. She likes frogs, Peesds, her trosh year w,'Q,K11n K., trips to LA., opera night, Gossip IH, SAASB guys, Mofm Dad, Ron, and Lon, but dislikes Wine and llelo Kittykiusie. plarhrsgfigbe. 1 I K. Q7 1 's ' ,gm An Miki- Hillenbrand 4 -1 'V "Hill" "No Wray" f ' While at E.C.V.HT'S., Mike- partivipatwt 1Flil"OOtlDdll l-4 and Wrt-stling l-4. His imost ineino- rable date IS li bsmmnier ol l98Oha.1,1d C ' 'hor 3. was Mr' ikurson. Mi es! A being outfloors,y tishinq 4 V Hn, y sport, ljtut dislikes stuolg-1215-,D ' ' . ti. w fple. His vageer goat is tofbe- Conti, Tiivoesslul fbvisiiiess- v 'M fffcfifx , ' I . V 1 ,I . V..- f n' 2 tome a s11p.c.e.:?4Q.Mat5o3tneY- W .Wm A gk V? My? Iwi: 1 V',:ryQ' ' . I. ff kay, ",f" 4 .5 , 1x,KAig1 y 3, 1852 .JS xrk " I V wyyy I . 3 1 , . 1 A f 4 'fr Q-ff. gi' if 1, , ,X ' Iill Hentges . 1 "To dream of the person you A f . would like to be is to waste the ,X K person you are." A X Af, , 1111 recalls ian 1, 19233 as he-f ftmg nbfd, , f A most memorable date. She likes Q Be ? is ' V V I u 3,7 ,btw N . Pound Table Pizza, flowers, VV, 3 , 'A -, 'X ' 2',,'P l??" 3' ' and good times with Tom., ' IC .,' A ' . 5 While at E C V H S Iill repre- f She -it e member .3 Y Kimberly Renee Hoffman' ,I y, ,Q V ,W U H sented the school by being on M V9 1 ,f . nd Bdgkeiball " 1. KQHOHY , A , 1 , 1 . Om- Leqenddry Lddyw COkm,.gfiMwZ?f e. Cot. l2,f1983isf1 , Wit Easy, don t get happy ' v DON-no breath, mashed pmd, Q em if ne lor Amy. She ' Kimberly, who was involved A toes and SOCRS that fail idown li Wm, en, basketball, and in 'lennis 3 and Drill l, likes 5 are among IMS dishkesu f.QQ.fe fQ1 but dislikes'hot Shelley, Rick, and smiling if 9' Robinson was her ta- faces. The date she remembers ' ' Stephen S. Hernandez "Steve" "You must pray then this way, Qur father in the heaven let your name be sanctified, let your Kingdom come upon the earth, let yourywill take place as heaven also." Matt 6:9-10 Steve enjoys reading the Bi- ble, learning Gods purpose, and Renee, but doesnt like talse religions. His tuture plans are to serve lehovah God, 'vorite teacher. In the tuture, Amy plans on beooining a mil- lionaire. 1 best is Feb. 14, l98l. Kimbersifff 'ft' ly's favorite teacher,was Conch' Feila V 3 A A . I , Yue Q n., du .Sl 21 Z , . , . 1 , it 9,1 rf 'L if LH an 1,41 . .ig r la ku Hood e tsl things in likw an b sn 1 n oi 1 ve n tvunhf d ie y st 1 te lt with the it img 1 nn inte , .... . ., . s livo ' C' ' lf ' '. 'if Vl?IllCI'lI', -,f,-1M-..fi.Irie l nf she wlans to b ironic lflllllly wounselor. l-ivkiu likes to Cooy to be with people, and QW Melissa A Howarth S lvtisy r try again and you ll be esstul lzss whose favorite .v . r was Mr. Strauss, likes La, tsgabi e, and swm. , 'areerfgoal is to .5 A ' -o 4inl,nursery Mnage- .V fit. Melissa will always re- A A 4 hfber, a canoe trip with l.B. ,t 'I , 4? poetry. Her A 't memorable date is Nov. 24? 90. :S rio ' is A Hrs., ,K .xr f' A1 f x -a f we as , f" ai? f , "' 1 .tiff f'i'f'l' p if Q . Z J. fr xg J . fl swf? 7 , I W f ' . K 'vx ,xx s ' , lf i . I Q X "Heavy metal isa Tdtggf Adam Michael lloi tonpul E' LL Z lHOI'tlii 4 fl . l Adim's most -f ora , l 15' ,, tive, basic human ig Xi? i ,Q- - 'ff date is lunv '7,"t9Sl1.He 'tkfkcqa . A 5 4 ,. involved'1n' Football 2- 5 and' both years was name Most Valuable Player. Among Ad- am's likes are Heavy Metal, the wall, and good friends D., li., but dislikeswanna' be's. After graduation, Adam plans to pursue a career? in, roles sional football or coitrpiiggr"Qpro' gramming. ,ff f -" 4 ws- N ff , Z A' an Q, 5 , Q ,VM lngalls ,bil K ,the are Burger music, V but he pizza, toot-' ball, and one Watkins was Brian's teacher while at E.C.V I , .C'!',3-at is Anna Marie lrisingo "Anna" "The greatest pleasure in lite isk doing what people say you can't do." Anna enioyed attending E.C.V.H.S, She also likes danc- ing, swimming, people, and music, but dislikes people who talk too much and arguing. lune 7, '81 is her most memora- ble date and her favorite teach- er was Miss Chaimson. As a ca- reer goal, Anna plans to be- ,come involved in the fashion business. 1 Q? Michaellbv lean lvy W Ifkie' N 're having fun now, Suesl" Eldringt, her years at E.C.lkH,S. Mikie was active in l.V. Cheer,2:mDance 1, 2, ASB. VP., H etoming Princess, Senate 45' use of Reps, 4, and lieegendary Lady in her senior year. Dec l6, 1981 isghe date she ltwtll' remember, bestgltflikie, -aylio plans to live herilite to the' tullwe'st.,Jika,s special tihhsxwithr David and girls nighftoutmviilh S.HKC,G,, Mfln. and A.S. Charles Henry larman "C3l'IUQlCY',lf" jf-f"'So wetare, told this is the gold' en age and gold is the reason for the wars we wage." fam Charles left his mark at E.C.V.H.S. by being active asf' Legend Ed., Senior Class BGC, and l-Club Sec. l-le likes Springsteen, Morrisons poetry, Thoreaus Philosophy, and clas- sics. Disciplined by Coach Winn, he dislikescutting his own throat and plans to "pull outta here-Hand win." t YUM, M .WY ,,DgAg'ciayneS 4 " ear" H tof have many the ds, better to have is Ditngs most Herd favorite and E V.l-l,S. she was involved in Tennis 2, 3, and l.V. Basketball. Gootin' around with Bert and Paul and pizza are among Dinas likes, but she dislikes back stabbers. TW f O if 4 3' f.. 145 t ff' 4 Michelle lennings "Meaness 42" "lf you love something set it free, if it comes back to you its yours, if it doesn't it never was." Michelle, who will remember Aug. 19, 1983 as her most un- forgettable date, likes walks on the shore line and being with someone who cares, but dis- likes homework. ln the years to come, Michelle plans to be- come a mother and a house- wife. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Peterson and Carol Krause. Sheri lewell Deanna lo lohnson .Deen rather attempt to do and fail, then nothing and suc- was active in Girls' team Capt. 2-4, and Most Valuable Player 2-4. lune 12, 1983 is her most memorable date. Dee likes Mom, Dad, Max, and Scott, but dislikes Her favorite Akins, and in plans to be- Swim- hnson Rebecca Ann lohnson "Bee" "Those who say they love you today might not love you to- morrow." Rebecca likes throwing par- ties and being with family, but dislikes people who lie and can't keep promises. The date that will always remain in her mind is the Memorial Day weekend in 1981. While at E.C,V.H.S., Rebeccas activities included Mat Maids 2-4 and Basketball Manager 4. To one day become a teacher is her career goal. Terrance Richard lohnson "Terry" "Start late, take off early." Terry was involved in Cam- pus Lifeg Ski Club and Football 2-3. His most memorable dates are Mammoth in 82, 83, 84. His favorite teacher was Mr. Peace. Terry likes to ski, surf, and listen to New Wave music. -1 O if ff , ,M worst way to 4 'QM "rf, 1 1, WWWN Traci Lynn lohnson "Short" "1 am not afraid to face tomor- row, for 1 have seen yesterday and 1 love today." While at E,C.V.1'1.S., Traci has been very active in activi- ties such as Swim. 1, Var. Cheer 3, Snowball Princess, Field Hockey 1-2, and Gym- nastics 1. The date she remem- bers best is lune 28, 1983 and her favorite teacher was Miss lohnson. Ghert Helane lones "Hey, don't even try it." Gheri was involved in Ban- ner, Flags and the Pep Club. The summer of '82 holds spe- cial memories for her and in the future she would like to be- come a Commercial Airline Pi- lot. Gheri likes money, parties, and being with Faye. Mrs, Ven- ieris and Mr. Winn were her favorite teachers. Valerie lordan "What homework?" Valerie, who was involved in Track, Mat Maids, and Thought Magazine, likes the river, Billy, ldol, 9lX, good looking guys, and headless gummy bears, but dislikes bandanas and egg- plant. Coach Delgado was Va- lerie's favorite teacher, and liarona was her most memora- ble date, Darryl Gene Kalbaugh "lt is always darkest before the dawn." Darryl, who was involved in Tennisyafid Class activities, re- members best the date of luly "Tr 1978. He likes humor, the beach, Stevie Nick's, and the Steelers, Darryls, favorite teachers were Mr,"Mitrovich and Mr. Hart? A Douglas Paul Kalbaugh "Doug" "A man's got to do what a man's got to do." Feb, 15, 1983 is a memorable date for Doug. He enjoys a good sense of humor, The Bea- tles, The Steelers, and Clint Eastwood movies. His favorite teachers were Mr. Mitrovich and Mr. Baker. Doug plans to become successful at whatever he does. Sindee Lee Keifer "We be having things." Sindee was Girls' Basketball Manager and will always recall the date of Feb 21, 1982. Spending time with Nina and her buddy SA. are among her likes, but Sindee dislikes snobe by people. One day she plans to become an accountant and her favorite teacher was Mr. Graham. Gloria Dennis Kelley "Bow" "lf you don't try you won't ever succeed." Gloria, who was in Track for three years, will best remember the date Nov. 14, 1981. Quiet evenings by the fireplace, snowball fights, and being with her little girl are some of Glo- ria's favorite things, but she dis' likes people who smack their food. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Halte and Mr. Eas- com. Hor-Khonn "Howard" "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Feb. 20, 1982 is a memorable date for Howard and he liked all of his teachers. English and Math were his favorite subiects, but he disliked health and so- cial living. ln the years to como, Howard plans to become a welder. lanis Evelyn Kierstead "Miss Cymball" "A friend stands by you when everyone else leaves." lanis was in Concert Band 1, 45 Marching Band 2-45 Pep Band 2-4, and Band Treas. 4. Dec 14, 1980 is her most memo- rable date and her favorite teacher was Mr, Peace. lanis enioys great times with friends and band buddies, but dislikes liver. To become successful at what ever she attempts is her career goal. Merri Kilgore "Baby Blues" "Smile, it makes people won- der what you are up to." Oct. 25, 1982 is Merri's most memorable date and she will always recall Mr. Williams as her favorite teacher. Merri, who plans to become a nurse, likes Rick, cooking, and going to the beach but dislikes people who act like they are our friend but really aren't. Korycka Katarzyna "Kathy" "Be good to your friends and they'll be good to you." Kathy, who was involved in Multicultural Club and Pep Club, will always remember 3f31f82, the date she arrived in the USA, She enioyed go- ing to EC. and all her teachers especially Miss Chaimson. ln the future, Kathy's career goal is to become a dentist. Cheryl Diane Koteen "C-ogi" "Do not criticize others have not criticized you." Cheryl likes family and most of all her'li'l sa but dislikes snotty people, and stare, Her favorite Miss 1 and one da work as an eggiyfzvw'-aweuf, ww H rf lists her memorable April 1, 1983. A' get Kevin Kourkes .. . .t t fi 'W , Francois ff ti't 1' 'Wm "Self-reliance is the w .am M c- cess " . Kevin's activities at EC. in- clude Var. Soccer, He likes like to become Kia commercial or modelt is fa orite his most memoxjfxble date is May 6, 1981. laret Kroon Gorgeous" "To wish to wait for what?" Margaret participated in Bas- ketball 2-4, Basketball Man- ager, Swim, 2, Pep Club, and Sr. Class Co-Comm. of Activi- ties. She immensely dislikes snobs, stick-in-the-muds, running, suicides. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Hart and Ms. Mitchell and she wishes to be- come a veterinarian. X - ,x my: ..,,, 4,-:,, , fu ,,,,,, 5, gg, teacher was 14 ret, .aw . -ig' lcnlifigfpierre Labordwgl lohn, who was involved in Basketball 2, likes working with computers. He treawrmvkt. 24, 1983 as his most date and liked Mr, Winn and Mr. Peace. ,M ..- at live your own life for your own death." of the Wa- 1- Swim to become a He likes Asia, ' the beach at n d bill 'I 5.1'oc1f dishon- est ?-,His---most memora- ble 19223. ":'s'fi?iw 4 f. . . :Mg V Z . Y V ,..,.,, We .. . Z.. -1' - A X 3, 1 ...ss .,.. c . ,.,,t f, I t k tm. In I ,. ' .rf Terrie Lynn Lada "1 dont now. ' yt Terrie's likes include being Wwitli friends and going to the bqgwcli. During her four years, shel particifatec - rn Dance l-2 and Ballet 3. Terri?-'s - ' ' ' is to marrywa mil- . . - c II' sv " , '- J er most memorable date will be lune 14, 1934. 'Q l,.1en 1.an1 lll.Y1lIlH l1NOlll1IlQ ventured, nothing gained." 1,1911 likes to travel 111111 wants to 1.11-c'1'11nv a S3Q't'l'0l1lI'Y. ller most lI1Spl1'mil1OiiF1l inllue-111,7e was Mlg2SOChd1I1lSL5H and her most memorable timewot the year 1SlTlldI1liSQ1Vl11Q. Danny Le "lt it hurts, it works." Danny, who enjoyed the years 1981-1982, likes body building and wishes to enter that profession. He dislikes guys who think they're big when they're not. Danny played two years ol Football and his tavorite teacher was Mr. Mitchell. .,,. " 4: as I . lla Tina lV1arie1.augl1ery ,-if ' X f' . V ' A . -H ove. - ' '15aul Lebowitz ' 'A' 'sf Ti o1'ses, the moun- "ignorance is no excuse iorstu- tains, beaches, spending time J VVV, pidityf' with llariii, her, , ,I d Paul 11kes tostfiend evenings l1'i?hc1?ff She, h e , with tamily, good books, moun- Z "': 1. f, . , dishonest and imm?H1je,2Vg,,5,q tains a11d taking his time. He M- ""'1'iw'Ill become pie, tifiirrmsiana mise pri? TlIldlS most memorable date is Ang. 1 1, 1983 and one day she was involved in Smoke Signalf4 d Academic Deeathalon 1983. His tavoriteitegklherrwas Mr. Kingery. ifrnest Leddoii Hlfrriell "Get Blazedw Erne was involved in the Go1tTeam and enioys partying, thc beach, fishing and his Toyota. His lavorite teachers were Mr, ldle and Mr. Colia and he remembers New Years weekend ot '84 the most. Erne hopes to be successful i11 what- ever he does. Ken Leipper Ken, a future computer proe qrammer, likes bicycling, ski- ing, oil-roading, and beargliies, but dislikes cold water. His 111- vorite teacher was Mr. ldle. Gabriel Apodaca lsemuz l'Gabe" "'1nl1at's nice," Gabe 'likes opening nights but dislikes prejudiced people. He was involved in Drama and Dance, and his favorite teacher, Doc Roberts, inspired 111m to want to become G11 actor or a cameraman. Eric Sean Levine "Scheen" " "Nothing in the world will take the place ot perserverancef' Eric participated in Golf 1, ASB. Co-Comm. oi Comm. 4, Ski Club 4, and Campus Life 4. He likes classy women, even' ings on the town, and graduat- ing, but dislikes girls who swear and smoke, His numerous ta- vorite teachers include,Mr.,Ba- ker, Mr, Mitrovich, Mr. Feil, and Mr. Peace. 59 ,,, .. K ,.,, ,, --space' 'V rv it "lf you love somethinqpset free, if it yours, if it Huong L. Lim "Bonnie Lee" "One ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure," Huong will always treasure the day she arrived in America, Dec. 8, 1980. She likes singing, music, cooking, studying, and "As", but dislikes dancing. The teacher she respected most at EC. was Mrs. Nicolet, Carissa Ann Linden "Cari" "hey, hey, hey." Cari likes partying with good friends and remembers places like Disneyland and the date Sept. 17, 1983. However, she doesn't like working, stuck-up people, and listening to par- ents. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Kingery, Cari wants to purf sue a career in Cosmetology. Tina Louise Lipscomb "1-luh7" Tina likes Garfield and levi's but dislikes snobby people, 51 Shawn Liverriois "Sea-Shore" ul told youl" Shawna enjoys great times with DS., TA., S.l., KP., Mr, Ge-hrke, and holidays. She, however, dislikes stinky feet, chipped nail polish, Mondays, and punk rock. Shawna wants to enter the military and she lists her most memorable date as Nov. 14, 1982. 1" 2 1 1" 1 , . ref, Paul Lovell dresses. 1-ler favorite teacher ,was Mr. Kingery and her most memorable, date will be,,Iune 14, 1984. She wishesfto have fa in accointing 1 Linda'AnnlFLittlepaqe ZW' ble date. Mm H Patritk Lloyd "Ivan K. y...eaN1 Brian Lowe "1t's better to die on your feet than live on your knees." Brian's favorite teacher was Mr. Peace, and he wants to be- come a successful business- likes New Wave, bass the outdoors. Brian remember May 26, the day he will gra- duate. Sheila Luna l"1'una" "l.ive lite the way you want to, not the way sorneoiie else wants you to." Whitt- 111 El Cliion, Sheila be' cwiine involved 111 Gyiniiastifgs l,'1'en11is 1-2, and Field 1-focfkey 2. l'1er most ITll?ITlOl'nllJlO date is Owt. 27, 1982, and she likes good t1111es w1tt1 good triends. Dong Luong ' "Any kind of flower has its own beauty." Dong likes traveling, and Mrs. Agundes and Mr., Maize were his favor' e. teachers, but .1 dislikes war:-ff e, remembers Mlay We ana tuna? tisiaftwthaft A ,best dnd wants 'to becomepl an electriqian. ,tt , , ,G,, ' .qu Q11 w """"Qlb Valerie K. Mahood "But God commendeth his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died lor us." Valerie likes ice skating, and collecting Star Wars and Re- tur11 of the ledi collectibles, but dislikes saucrkraut, Her favorite teachers were Mr. Bietz and Mr. Finnin, and her most inemorable date is luly 8, 1980. lenny Mary Malloian ulaneu "Captains, Seniors, and Presi- dents are No. 1." . lcnny participated in Ban- nerfFlags 2, Lt. 3, Capt. and Specialty Corps Pres. Mat Maids 2-4, Pep Club 25.47 and 1.A. 2-3. She likes being with her family and friends and as- pires to become a cgrporate lawyer. if loel Marchese "The needs ot the many outweigh the needs of the tew or the one." loel was involved in March- ing Band 1-2 and wants to learn how to be a football coach. He likes music, good tood, and tootball, but dislikes preiudicze and iqnorance. His favorite teacher was Mr. Wilkerson. Mariza Marisual "El respeto al derecho aieno es la pazf' Mariza's greatest day is luly 27, 1977, the day she Came to the United States. She likes psy' uhology, dancing, and volley- ball, but dislikes pessimistic people and staying home on Saturdays. Mariza's goal ir1 life is to become a teacher. Dina Martinez "Ask 11o1 what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." Dina participated in the Mul- ticultural Club. She likes ro- mantic music, but dislikes bad language. Dina would like to become a good housewife. Michelle Masterson "lf it's not worth waiting for, 11's not worth having." Michelle enjoys being with Doug, Round Table pizza, jet He Steve Matzke "Bubbles" Steve plans to be the best in whatever field he decides to qo lor. l-lis most memorable date will be lune l6, 1984, He likes heavy metal music and fast cars, but dislikes punk rock, mods, and two-faced people. Steves favorite teacher was Tony Celia. Lorise Ann Mays "Lisa" "Your attitude will get you ev- erywheref' Lisa participated in March- Ann Marie McCormack Ann likes horseback ridinq, readinq, working on vars, skat- inq, and lravelinq, She liked all her teachers, and in the future slie would like to be an accoun- tant. inq Band 25 Pep Band 25 Con- f cert Band 25 Dance 2-4, Drama I 2-45 Musical Prod. 3-4, Multi- W-37 cultural Club 27 and Blackfriars xx , 3-4. She likes people with cha-W M 1 wxiv risma and briqht smiles, but dis- 5 f ' lf likes sad and scared times. Her ,,,, , - ,H ,' Q favorite teacher was Mr. Peace. 1 , 'N ar , , f My r IPL . i A: 'J 7' 'f Y 1 , QQ f' KH ,f 5' Marilyn Diane Mays "Mare" "Save some memories from your past so you can prove it wasn't lust a dream." Marilyn likes l Love Lucy shows, her L. S. buddy, nutty family picnics, Kathy classiCs,. M special friends, add poems by LS., but dislikes qirl3,with nog, fl morals, forqettinq things, waz! movies, and standing finwlfikgrg lines. A in H, ,K . J Stephan William McClure "Hollywood" ' "l?.P,P.Gft Steve was involved in Basket- ball l-4g Football 3-45 Baseball 2-45 Key Glub 3-4, and Track l. l-le likes RPPG, LG., K.M.. Wonda, and the X-team and wantsrto go 'fo colleqe for four years and When marry Kris and have 'six kids, His favorite teacher was Mr. Peace. .,,,, rv. as her'- lO, 1980, and, she Catherine Ann Mvlfvilly 4 A K "flat" R "l believe in lite, and l bpligvcfli in love, but the world in wlggh l' live keeps tryinq toprgve me, wrong." 1' f While at li.C patcd in l Pro- lico- rivi -. dislikes f rf M A ,dn y 1 7 lgi, 7 ., :aff'l If ,Vg sg-we-4,5 M -w9'f'g,q"i j grft l 4. ,sian Q r lab, A G-'sf ' ' X -c5kl.'4b yi qQ5Zf .pt it '4 lv, ' I ,!f.!!'y-.j4'I3Q . 'W 4 . " , Q, . w . , x v . Y v A f 6' x, I . ,. " Soott S. McGros .AL , 7 Scott, inspire y lid favorite enloyed 'playing sfbotba a re istered ,,' 9 f Eyrilday afternoons,-' and vs able dateris 'ch'- ' w.. '54 teacher' Mr. yes, Wants to: be compufbigiegigi-4, .er and antl3hr Force officerx Af' vm "'t' fx-y"L ' llerigwasw . ,I 4 4 ,L ' at 3 A Rena of what and only halt' otswhat seen' Rachelle, whose' ffhforite teatfher was Mr. lfastliuk, likes the mountains, the beaches, sunrises, and sunsets, but dis' likes things people do to be Milf., . X Q., , L viz.. "l,' I f"Sieefk'f Peter P. Meza 'lPete" "Semper Fi" Peter played Football l-4, and his tavoritetjeachers were Tony Lee and Mn .Wilkersorr He likes his parents, family, and good friends, but dislikes mods and rockers. Aspiring to be rich and retired by forty, Pettgsmosl.-1. memorable date will 'be Lupe Qs, l984. vf-rf' 1 X. 4 'Q K xx X Lisa LMLEA Michaels "lf at you don't succeed you ane, nninq about aver- 2 , , aqe Q emorable date is , TNR - , , 'sglikes lowersqtrom Garry, was' biq bugs, and Tomagelty, b dislikes stow dri- vers a ru people. Her tai xgorite tea , er ,V ere Mr.fS and Anthony V ' 5 andlhef most emorable hi was Sept. 28, 82. Lisa wants to become if ha y, successful,'and,'ind3 endont-woman. P xx K 223 . vw 'iw . 'N ' IQ nf s W l Q Q t 's' 13 'fugiq Cheryl Dawn Miller ,i leri Lynns McMagkei'if l' 'le,r'L - Maids l-41 She food, muttinf dales, byrdfshkes danasfand phonies. most memorable date isnt 1983. Her favoritel teachers were Plvtr. ,Hayeswahgrl Fell, would someday eike to beat 'memleorable l9,, l983g and 1982, She 'likes 'v 4 being with tyiqood times friends lilfg' S 2 YC., and raccoons, but dislikeilg liars, phony people, workikand D.B?i,s dumb remarks. N f w M Marie Miller 3, b Mycau lqye it"s- Yours, date is i as 4 well :GS Asucena Montano "Susy" ' l'1f life gives me a lemon, 1 will make lemonade." Asucena, who was a member of the Multicultural Club, likes typing, volleyball, and base- ball, but dislikes mean people and pessimists. Her most memorable date was her fif- teenth year, because all of her family was together. Lisa Morales l'1f you want something bad enough, you can get iff" Lisa was involved in Dance at E.C.V,H.S. She likes the beach, mountains, and partying with friends, but dislikes fake peo- ple. Sept. 16, 1980 marked Li- sa's most memorable date, while Mr. Wilkerson and Mr. Williams were her favorite teachers. 1n the future, Lisa wants to be wealthy and happy. Kenneth Andrew Moran "Kenny" "Ooh Baby!" 'Involved in Football, Basket- ball, Campus Life, and the Let- terman's Club, Kenny wants to become an English literature major. He likes sports, food, outdoors, and summer vaca- tion, but dislikes running sui- cides, blizzards, and hurri- canes. Kenny's most memora- ble date is Dec. 14, 1983, and his favorite teacher was Mr. Peace. Maria Moreno "The surest way not to fail is to to succeed." favorite teachers were Fell and Coach wi11 always re- 1983. While involved in , and AP lidwin Morgan "Sarge" "All the big guns are in the Navy." Ed likes Oklahoma, 413, 321, the Navy, motorcycles, and lifted Datsun mini trucks, but dislikes Marines, CH13's, getting tickets, ive tea, films in Anthro., and shopping with Mom. He hopes to retire from the Navy at age 42 a commis- sioned officer. Howard Moss "Sir Cowboy" "Don't even try it." Howard played Football 1-45 Basketball 1-4, and participated in Track 1, 2, 4. His favorite teacher was Walter Gehrke, and his most memorable date was Aug. 17, 1983. Howard likes sports, music, and ladies, but dislikes prejudice. Howard hopes to play pro basketball. - lulia Moua Paul Murphy Steve lVlllI'pl1Y Steve was lllVI'Jl'Jt,'l1 111 Water 1111111 .3-11, SW1111. fl, 11nd the A11Ud1lt'i4 Club 4, Steve likes 1111'ls,11111111 ITl1l2il1',11I11l 111t1'111ng :z1'111111l, 11111 c11::l1k11s 11111111161 wl11'1 t11111k 1l111y'r1'1 1111111111 1111111 t11e rust. Steves 111vo11t11 1G'd1'llt3Il was Tony Col111, 511111 111s 11111st 11111111111111.11e 1111111 is lune 29, 153211. 51111ne1111y he w11nts 111 be 1111 'Sl1'lt'l1l 111 11111 U1ll11tt1 States. Carol Lynn Muy "Kuy Muy" Carol, who was a I'I1P!T'l1JQI' 111 the Multicultural Club, likes homework, but d1sl1kes vio- lence. Carols lavorite teacher was Mrs. Nicolet, and someday she would like to be a iactory worker. :Us 'f'f'f' Rickey Lynn Napier "Octopus" 1?1ck1ry, whose most 1ne1n11r11- ble date was Dec, 12, 1983, played 1"ootb11ll 1-4, and was a 1111111111111 11111111 1lous13111 1?1:11re- sentatives and 1,1rttern11111's Club. He likes football, t11e n1oun111ins, and being around DD. Nature is RlC'l'CE?YlS favorite 1e111:l1e1',a1115l he hopes s111ne1111y to have a ran1'11 and a iamily. Tony Neal UBdlO11GYH 1'God bless my soul 1or El Cap and Ro1:k'n'12oll." Tonys most memorable date was at Lake lennings during the Summer ot 1983, He likes bass fishing, outdoors, and sun- 11y days, but dislikes wasting time and spaced out people, Tony's favorite teacher was Mr. Rogers, and he wants io some- day be happily married. Rick Nelson 11111119 Picker" "111on'1want1,111be1'1a paiientf' Rick, who likes surting but dislikes the W11s111ngton R011- sk111s, was 11 member ott11eC31'11t learn, His inost n111mor11ble date was lan, 8, 1980, and 111s favorite teacher was Mr. Baker. 1.11111 Xuan Nguyen UNlL'8 guys finish last." l.am dislikes insensitive peo- ple, but enjoys school, sports, 111111 music. A member of the Mat11 Team and the Multiculf tural Club, Lam aspires to 1111 a 1111111han11'11l e11g111c111: Mr. W11111, Mr. Hayes, and Mr, W11- l111111s were 1,111n's 111vor1t1.1 te111.v11ers. Tho Phuoc T111 Nguyen "It you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." Tho served as the "1" Club Pres., Sr. Class V.P,, lr. Class Treas., Legend Sports Editor, and ASB Rep Large, She: likes 1a1n1ly, triends, the bea1,r11 and summer but dislikes get- ting up early. Coach Feil and Mr. Williams were her 1avori1c teachers and Tho's career goal is to become an electrical engi- neer. Tuan Nguyen "lt you study hard you will suc- creed." Tuan, whose most memora- ble dates were April 12, 1981 and March 10, 1980, likes Chal- lenges, sc11ool, sports, and mu- sic. lnvolvecl in Soccer and Tennis, Tuan's favorite teachers were Mr. Hayes, Mr. Winn, Mr. Williams, Mr. Maize, and Miss Chaimson. Tuan wants to go to college and get a job that will enable him io help his family. 'liuyet-Mai Nquyen "Mai Tai" "Find yourselt and be that rath- er than an imitation ot others." Mai played Var. Tennis and tfield liorgkey, and was in- volved in C.S.l"., l-Club, Math Team, and Thought. She served as Legend Sr. CO-Edt tor, and the Sr. Pub. Co-Chain man. Her most memorable date is Der. 25, 1974. Mai wishes to become a tamily physif-ian. loseph Noquiera l'M1ster l dlilll a boy, no, l'm a man, And l believe in the promised land." loe's most memorable date is Oct. 29, l983. lle likes having :good times with triends but dis- likes pseuclo-iiitellects and false maturity. loe's tavorite teachers were Mr. Williams and Mrs. Venieris. He hopes to graduate lrom College and enter the biot- oqy field. Mary louise Nolte 'lMaro" Htl you meet me and toroet me, you've lost nothing. lt you meet tesus and torqet him, youve, lost everything." Mary likes smiles, dimples, roses, triends, Sunday alter- noous, and Tiiqhtlifhe, but dis- likes closet Christians. De- cember oi 1983 marked her most memorable date."9'God and time are her tavorite teavh- ers. , Kelly loan Northcutt "Tears are the satety valve ot the heart when too much pres- sure is laid on it." Kelly likes spending qood times with lon, and all her friends, but dislikes clirty teet, and dry hands. Keltys parents were her favorite teachers. Kimberly Faye Northcutt V "Kim" f ' Kim, whose favorite teachers were Mom and Dad, W6I3fS,,tO , enter the field of' ftashiorifihier- chandisinq. She likes spending time with W.W., EG., aaay,,,J.S., butidislikes the feeling offfhate. Kim's most memorable 'Vdate was Feb' ' - - Kim Ochinanq "Kimmy" "Swap a smite, trade some c'tivei', lets bt- happy while wefre here-.M Kim likes being with Dan, qo- inci out with ht-r best triend Bonnie, eating pizza at Straw Hat, and ACflX'. Kim, whose tavorite teavtier was Mr. Mat'- tin, wants to someday be a suC- cfesstul ciourt reporter. Fayi- Natalie MiCl'1elle Osborne lllxltititi Witcldyllll Faye likes to be with oood friends and partying. White at f 1 i" QECVHS she was active in Con- .i't 'bert Band-l, Pep Band-2, Pep Club 2-4, Banner tTreas,l 2, 3, Trauk l-4, ASB -4, and House ol Reps-4. Her -most memorable date is May 20, 1982, Mr. Winn was her tavorite teacher, lohu Paige llllticiavru Nllrc we having tuii ywtlw My Iohn plans to bf-cjoiiiw Auto Mw'liun1c.t anti likes to oat K ,,VVV Q0 to the bewll. and ing 'fftorr-ycles. His favorite that-her was Mr. Clilia. Randy Patterson "Pat " "lt's dt-finitt-ly not 'yeah today! My word is lbasivally '," Randys most inoinorable date is lan. 120, lflgfl. He likes biking, dani-ing at M and M's, and cruising with K.M,, but dis- likes work, more work, and Homework. Randy, whose --fa: vorite teachers were Anthony Colia and the Magnificent Peace, played Basketball l, 2 and Football 4, Sylvia llayan ,sQ5Afreal friend is soinceono who underst-inds when you tell him H ,, V. my -M-wvi lflktl ...l My i ' I . : -. r'- A lliel' fdmlfftf s, teachers, and nice, pa- tieiit, i1i1deTs Hg people. She dislikes people- who are too big or toogbusy to say Hayes, Mr. Logsdon, and 4M'r. Winn were the favoriteteach-'??f ll ers of Sylvia, who wants to ene tel the fields of vlet'tronit's or V coiiiputers. Virginia Peralta HKIIIROSH 'There will always be sunshine in my life." Virginia was active in G.A.A., Field Hockey 2-4, Ten- nis 2-3, Boys' Swimming Mgr 2, Water Polo Mgr. 3, ASB. Pub, 3, Aquatics Club Tres. 4, and Gymnastics l. Virginia likes to watch AA., play college foot- ball, being with friends, and Tosemito. Virginia hopes to open her own clothing shop. t -,we fe Pham Hong Dinh-Ngoc Phan "Lisa" "lt you don't try, you will never know if you can do it." Lisa, whose favorite teachers were Mr. Bosley, Mrs. A., and Ms, Chaimson, would like to become a financier. Her most memorable date was lan. 7, 1982, the day she left her coun' try. Richard Polovitz "Hooter" "When you have the best, for- get the rest." Richard likes surfing, the de- sert, and partying with friends, but dislikes punk rock, and hard core rockers. His favorite teacher was Mr. Idle, joseph Scott Pontsler 'lponce D'Leon" "The unexammed life is not worth living." Socrates. foe likes math, intelligent people, his present life, and his in the future. Mr. Williams his favorite teacher, and lune l-4, i984 will be his most memorable date. loe wants to become a C.P.A. accountant with a masters degree in ac'- counting. Laurie Lynn Potts "Mouth" "It's better to do it yourself, than to have it done for you." Laurie recalls lanuary 17, 1983 as her most memorable date. She delights in going to the beach and spending time with Rene. in the future, Laurie hopes to be a business major and to be happy. Firas Pulris UlQllTl1dTl,lll Richard, who was a member ot our soccer team, nominates Mr, Hart as his tavortte teacher. Working on ears is a tavorite pastime ot his which coincides with his career goal ot beinq an engineer. Richard recalls Au- qust 18, 1982 as his most memorable time. Danny Ray "Dan-the Man" "Have a clue" Baseball, Basketball, and the Male Dance Co. were all activi- ties that Danny involved him- selt in. This athletic quy likes ottroadinq, litted leeps, pizza, summer poker parties, and mtclniqht rendezvous' at the beach but dislikes dinqy blonds, Nissans, rice, and Smurts. Danny plans on beinq a millionaire at age 30. Mike Reaqles "Caveman" Mike was active in Water Polo l-4, Swimming 1-4, Wres- tlinq 1-4, and Aquatics Club 4 and lists Mr. Cotta as his favor- ' ite teacher. Ditchinq school and 'women are the two things he likes best while he dislikes and tootball Splayers. 4- Barbara lean Reed if-9 Barbi lt s nice to be important it s more important to Barbi who says hefr table date is Nov Barbi wishes to be happy. an W but Roberta loan Reiner "Berta" "A clear day's warmth will ot- ten move a lass to stray in dreams ot l.ove" Roberta loves Mark and lonq walks alonq the ocean. Her ta- vorite teachers were Coach Hayes and Mr. Hart. Looking into her future, Roberta hopes to own her own interior desiqn business. at ah l. , -Qi 'Q Ak f' W . Nobuko Vera-Riley 'tNobi" "Ducks have wings Our Nobi 1. W4 ' '4 a A W. .. Daniel loseph Rivas "Dan" "'l'hertv is no qoal too hicth, no dream too tar. Go tor il." l'fveryday is a memorable day tor Dan who likes tootball, tishinq, ltalian tood, and math. Ile dislikes, however, anythinq not avveptablv to him. Tony Clolia was his tavorite tvaclter and 1Jan's qoal is to become wt-allliy. Lori Roberts "lt you love :-:oniethinq set it tree, it it vomes bavk 11's yours forever, it not, it wasn't meant to be While attendinq PC V119 ori was involved in Swim 2 her tavonte teacher was She enioys being dauqhter Christina Lori hopes to own a florist shop 5155, Robert Roberts ludie Robertson "Briggs" "lt a task is once begun, never leave it till it's done. Be the la- bor great or small, do it well or not at all.,"A Iudie, whose tavorite teacher was Mrfpeace, also likes beings active, good times with spegal trieI?f-iS' 'Qood cfuiet eveniiiggs with someonexsijeeialf' May 30, M1981 ,is flier most 7' memorable date? A W' , ' , W, v 3 aug. .M Rex Allen Rodda "Alabama" Rex was active in Football. Baseball, and Track. While he hates tootball games against Grossinont, he likes country music, Hank Williams lr., Mrs. l-lemple, and 1132. Rex best re- members the summer ol l983, Laura Romero "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!" Mr, Baker was Laura's favor- ite teacher. She likes ggfd, spending time with Cl., the beach, dancing, and sunny days. Harcltrock and thungier ,annoy Laura, who wishes tgfgo into the computes tield. Rhonda Ann Rose "lust remember in the winter, tar beneath the winter snows, lies the seed that with the sun's love, in the spring becomes a rose." Rhonda, whose tavorite teachers were her parents, claims Nov. l, l98l as her ta- vorite date. Rhonda likes spe- cial times with special friends, Andy, red roses, panda bears, Ziggy, Sz rainy days at the beach. lavier Rosguete 'llaive and let others live" lavier likes being remem' bered, but dislikes sarcastic people. While attending ECVHS he was a member ot the l-1-lub l, Multicultural, Aquatics club, Water Polo, and Swimming. luly ll, N383 is his most memorable day and Coach Feil was his best teach- er. lo be an engineer is his tu- ture goal. Shelley Marie Roulan "Malcom Snort" "And here is a red balloon, l think of you and let it go." Shelley likes all mods, CG., Spud, and her mod-mobile, BEAST. Among her dislikes are Arnold's Burgers, Spud's feet, Wannamac and Co., and rockers. Mr. Fe-il was her favor- ite teacher. 'X David Roys "Sessions anyone?" To be successful is Davids goal in life. Fishing, surfing, etal arties are ffl WD Puiikens, VFW Guy lvlarc Rule "Atl that glitters is not gold, so forget about it." Guy likes good-looking girls, money, parties, and the mounf tains. Mr, Peace placed tirst on his list of favorite teachers. The only things Guy dislikes are stuck-up girls, mods, and work- ing. Guy was active in Wres- tling at ECVHS. leflrey F. Rundle Utettu "See Yal" While at ECVHS, lelf partici- pated in Football 3, Track 3, Baseball l, and Basketball l. Charles A. Salinond t'0tter" 'lput it in the mud" Charles was active in Track l, and Football Q-4. While he dislikes long-huired skippies, he likes lowered VW's, party- ing with friends, and punk rock. Ski was his favorite teach- er and to be a sufcess is his Salim C'hn-hadi Sawaya . M "Salam" 'lOne bird in .1 hand is betting' than tive- on a tree," ' " Cfoniinci to .AIIl0I'Il2d'OIt lan. Y, l97'l is Salinis most viyidfre- iiieinbiuiiivo. f'fs3'likes'-'the'o11t' doors and fhwiffig. his tavorite' Salim and lfrookf: Oct. 31, 1982 is his most vivid goal. , tri .. remembrance and his favorite W chemin teachers were Terry Under- ' V ,fr 3' A wood and Pam Green. left en- 4' Q4 ., Y' 37 , J S ,3- ioys going out with his friends 'XL' fx I if ,A -,A , A f I and partying, but dislikes liars T ' 1 sf. If ' ', -J ,ill x ' ' his .f 1 ,A . ff , af and stealers, To coach a toot-l Q .N l V - lf- V I in ,. I ball team is his career goal. 4 i , ' ' ,1-b"f,"' -, 'T 5 'X ""Kv'9s, M " 7'2"-a nf 'ff - ' I sr-P' it Ni M 5 r f i , .r if , Nancy Russell "Nano" "lt you can't hack it, pack it Mrs. Pruyne was Nancys ta voritcr teacher while at ECVHS Nancy enioys spending money lohn lvl., and friends, but dis likes skinny girls that think they are tat, liver, ancl phony peo ple. lan. 9, l98O is Naricys mos memorable date and her goa to be a court reporterk Nahid Sakha "You cannot teach a man any thing. You can only help him find it within himself." Nahidgwho would like to be come a doctor, lists her most memorable date as the day his father arrived in the US. Margi Chaimson 'was her tavorite teacher and Nahid also likes traveling, 3. Christina t Christy ,M Thgbe 5 1 gf share wt a ri 9 o M655 4 Spin i C gb 4: 155' 4 Varsity Softball er oining f'ourt,1l 0 te ichcrs were Mr l Coit h Fell Christy o benome a computer pera oi x is X ...II C rthy bcheikenbi li Qiheikt y The ummer ttf N982 Spen 4 w i R W ,fffathy most emoi iblt t Sit 1 es WW ind K quaxttrs tie ach p optlt with good, tiif nds Among ht r dlslllis ir lighting and pt opte who think ey know it all Mi ltt jhd Wilkn rson toppled hz r list of ,ft tworitz 'te in har 1- EM w M 4 Ann Schier you something tree. ltit t-omes bark its it it c'loesn't it wasnt bt-n luliv K rt-rneiiibers Nov. 29, 1993 as hor bust date. 'llo be with her Qootl friends and Glenn are what she likes, but oettinq up early and rainy days ' lhakc her'irritablf3, " : ' A 4 -K , ,fx 'H f Doris A, Strliilliiirgeeiyf x 'Snifln A "Tho maqiif ot tirst lqyet ignorance that-fitw' end." I Syicial times lW15llIlQ withx Monza art- wh it to do leaves in 'l'ony's class, cra- zymen in qreen dusters are on her bad list. Doris recalls Nov. 18, 1983 as heiwinost memora- ble date. Tony Celia wlas her- lavorite teacher. -. Q Chris Schultz l A V "Schl1tz" ff' unto others as they do unto dislikes people who and snobbisli V and Mr. Qolia. -XZ' to beoome an auto V mechanic. His most be Nov:5, Q .ti M , r If 3 t' i x , s Y V. X ft i. f 1 2 it L t a tx lm 4 'Qi 7 r W 1 JW -ff "V, A m E 'V V ' f , 1 1 - Anna Scliwiotyreanbprgi, ,- A 2' 2MiCkey" ,- 5 ' and Let wwho herse Carol were She - hopes hte. if He enjoys being ,with 'X Michael Simmons A 'W ' RA' Kimlqe Dawn Simpson l'i?ed?K' mey" HD1ffeI'9Tl strokes tor ditterent ta ' 1 t 'rig ye 1721983 is Kimberlys mo digble date,1She en- ioys th each, l.C., SC, TG., l.P,, A'K:,Qand T.K. Mr. Gehrke, ,L Mr. Halte were imberlys 'favorite teacher? d she would like to becomdla teagher herself, 1 -,yi '. ff, K. s by wxvk' if Qixyqlh "" Q ' Q. J., gk ,K , ' N "" it 1 I. . , ,A "t l 4 Mathew Owen Sinqletary nBubba" I . "What the future holds tor us ,i spends prffwhat we hold tor the tutiffe.-Q, " ' Mathew, ga ,drama student, dislikes tickle qirls and befck' seat drivers. Mr. Peace was his tavorite teacher and his goal ish to be a paramedic. The year of his rebirth, l98l, is his most memorable date. x .n 1 v e,,f ,fs Marie Sippy be without hope is to deny possibilities ot as, fFxosh., 2, Dahcsgay She flikes the Wd Cindy hopes to be a physical therd' pist. qu fi' Matthew Thomas Skillings "Machew" "lf one has a reason to, he may overcome any law." While at ECVHS, Matt was active in IV Water Polo l, Bas- ketball l, Swim Team, and Sta- genrrew 3, 4. Rexing and being with April are two things he en- joys and his two favorite teach- ers were Mr. Trysta and Miss Matt wishes to be a mom- merfgial airline pilot. Thomas A. Smiley 'lSrniley" Thomas likes racquetball, auto racing, and camping but dislikes speed limits, and slow cars. Mr. Williams was his ta- vorite teacher and to join the military is his lifetime aspiration. tion, Darrin Dwayne Smith t'Smitty" kingdoms to save and to Iove." ALQECVHS Darrin par- in Wrestling-all four the moun- fun times, He dislikes for- weight, and hes wrong. Darrin's teachers at ECVHS Mr. B. Williams, Mr. Chaimson, His goal is to retire at 38 and money. Susan Margaret Smith "Susie" "Were having some fun" SLISIGVS most memorable date is August l2, l9E-33. She likes Church, spending time with friends, and Mc'Donald's. Susie dislikes arguing and people who gossip, While at FCVHS her favorite teachers were Coach Foil and Mr. Peacte. Michele Lynn Snyder "There is no such thing as best in a world of individuals." Michele was involved in Leg- end 3, Editor in Chief 41 Sr. Treas., ASB Public Relations 4, l-Club VP. 43 Girls' State Rep, and Thought Magazine. Her fa- vorite teachers were Mr. Fe-il, Mr. Hayes, and Mrs. Venieris. Michele's most memorable date is luly 3, IQS3, f-fer career goal is to someday be the own' er of an interior design come pany. lVldI'ld Gloria Sotomayor "Mari" Maria likes tlaiiruiri aiitf be ing with trientls anrl living with her sister antl brotfif-r-iirlaw, She ffislikes pi-ople who avt woiiweitetl antl are stuwkup. lVldI'lrllS most mf-riiorahlo tlate is t-11-la. 8, H380 Ht-r favorite teavlwr was Mr. lrlartunti antl her vareor goal is to he ti :min puter opt-r.itor. Evonne Renee Spears "Von" "Great things some in small packages." While at ECVHS, Pfvonne was involved in Swimming lg Pep Club 2, and Drill Team 3, Evonne likes camping, skiing, puqqy, her car, and good mu' sic but dislikes vegetables, get- tinq up early and Mondays. Evonnes future plans are to be- come a cosmetologist or a makeup artist. laninv St. Clair "Newt" "We I.iminin" luns- fl, 1930 is ldI1lY1ClS favors ite date. She likes Mark, white linios, 1'.l. runs, '1'wist and Shout, Clwrbvr li-ibzes, MGIMISV and lim' lovely mother, but un- kept 1'triii0tai'ivs, loved ones taken to war, and wanna bds are tliiiiqs that l-inine dislikes. Bellini 1-xposeil to reality was her best teac.vliei'. lanine hopes to work with animals. Stephen L. Stanley "Maxwell" . Stephen likes V-8 Veqas, Chevys and fast cars. His favor- ite teachers at E.C.V.H.S. were Mr. lclle andllvlr. Colia. His ca- reer goal is to become a brain surgeon. I ly as Wendy Starr Christopher lames Stein "Chris" "We qet too soon old and too late smart." Chris was involved in Var. Basketball 345 CSF. 3, Treas, 4, Math Team 45 Usher 3, Boys' State Rep. 35 1-Club 4, Aca- demic Decathalon 4, AP. Club 4, and S.A.A.S.B. 4. He lists Dec. 19, 1972 as a date he will always remember. His favorite teachers were Mr. Gross and Mr. Loqsdon. Chris' career goal is to become a Computer Programmer andfor Physicist. Cliarles Henry Steiiibavli "Qui" "People who think what othvr people tliinl-1, dont think." fliarlit-'s vtireer :ir 1.11 is to 1,111- vonie an underwater weldi-r. llv likes buiiici around ll.M.S., vspecfially lininiy G., but dis- likes mods -ind punkwrs. Char- lie was involved in Wrwstlinq ls 4 and he lists Mr. lille as his favorite tc-iivlier. Mark GQ-iuiiwl Sttrplit-its "lt you t,lon't pay tliw prirmv of siivvess you pay tliv price of failure." Mark was involvvrl in l.V. lfootballanil1rac'k. llis favorite ti-avliers were Mr. Wilkerson and Mr, Stevens. Mark like.-s drawinci, his friend lon, and one ioys sports siivli as softball and football, but dislikes unfriendly pi-ople. Mark hopes to beconio ti Great artist. Andrea Stone Hlseanordu "A friend is made by many acrts . . . and lost by only one." Andrea was involved in Ban- ner l-3 l.V. Cheer 2, Mat Maid Assistant 2, House of Reps 4, lournalism 4, Ski Club 4, and Varsity Cheer 4. Andrea will al' ways remember her friends and fun times at E.C.V.H.S., es- pecially football games. An' clre-as most memorable date is lan. 3, 1982. loseph Anthony Sullivan "lee" "Following God is following truth." ,toe likes old movies, sports, and country music, but dislikes rock music and four letter worcls. loe was involved in Soc- cer. l-3, His favorite teacher was Mr. B. Williams and his goal is to become an architect. Tang Fav l'l.arry" "Never count your chinzlcens until theyre hatched." Tang lists his most memora- ble clate as lune 6, l98l. He likes exercising ancl swimming but dislikes running. Tangs ta- vorite teacher was Mr. Winn and he hopes to become a computer or electronics engi- neer. , fy Linettt: . , . V ',i' . V hhh ony. T that tl was medfif 5 - be G PM Of V , tt -- 'fy . ..R'?hdfd , , ,, :W mofteyg It is better to eat soup with w -' Bmmdhi ' VV V, , af., VVIAI My --- V 1 . . . , someone you love than steak orite , goal in lite is to be c- with someone you hate." Cesslul business W0 8,351-T0 . V ff', - ' Q ' Them lists Aug. 7, l98l as his V V be 0 flOOCl for ' - ,f N' most memorable clate. He likes i M A V V V 'rr' 'i'Ve:V!, til 4 .,, " t ra V 9 1 I H Q b U 1 d 1 S I 1 k es., ,, . ,V,, . ,,k i,,V2 ,,,,,,,, ,, ,, Vg V- , H 't', Ev ,,', , homework. Tang s tavorite it N T? teachers were Mr. Winn and ff Mr. He hopes to be- - Q come'ra3!Taelectr'ic:ian. ' ' ' ' "' f "'f re, s , k4,hk,, Ts. Y "NS few 1 it Tuyen I-lan Tang lllll . , V tpdtrickfi my VQVVM W.. H at A f -- - - - - M ' lean Thompson tt'V tT'WW t" ' it The greatest pleasure in lite is H ' ' ' if, doing what people say you Y, cant do." V VVV, ll' V V ,V 'V' 'Tuyens most memorable date is Sept 20, l98l. His ,lavOI1,i , ite teacher was Mr. ...X Kariiltftclielle Taylor Hsigy. "Love is a promise, never to say gO0Clbye" SS. The Summer ot '82 and Nov 16, l98l are KGTIVS most memo- rable dates. She likes 3-whee- lin', the mountains, and special lriends, CL., M.T,, ancl SS. and also CC, Kari was ins volved in Dance 2-3 and Ski Club 4. Her favorite teachers were Coach Ferl and Mr. Mars tm. VVff Whilce at ECVHS Mary was involvecl in ASB 2, Dance l-2, Basketball Mgr 2-3, Senate fl, 3, ,QaptW,4f5?aad Campus l.ite l-3. Mary likes Qlx, spending time with special triends, mom, her cheer bud- dies, girls night out, red W Kim and Beckys parties, them? class ot and her best bud, Suzanne. l?1chart,l Mark Tracy , primitr basic, human I'L?Ql1lI'6!Il'l9Ill.AHEA Rick was involve-cl in Basket- ball land 3, Wrestling 2, .intl Footballafl. Hist-argegr ' to become intivpenol. 'y wealthy and builtl street rotls. r-f at are f "" :VA Hs tits Www' iast vars, ludas Priest, anrl par- tying with lrientis, ii .W masts-'amd her Hein Tran Sheryl Marie Truehart "lt you have done your best. . . lf you have given your all. . . And yet have not succeed- ed. . . At least you have not failed." Sheryl was an Archbearer and was in l Club-4. She likes reading, kittens, Fridays, mon- ey and vacations, but dislikes Mondays. Sheryl's favorite teachers were Mr. Peterson and Mrs. Pruyne. - ' . .-fv:a,1...i. Scott E. Turner 'lhugenew "A gentlemen, is one who nev- er takes advantage of anothor, even if he has the advantage." Scott likes Porsches, tall ships, medicine, and music. He dislikes drugs, loud music and cruelty. Scotts favorite teachers were Coach Feil and Coach Hayes. His future plan is to be- come a thoracic surgeon. Henq Ung HRW., "Love forgets mistakes, nag- ging about them parts the best of friends," e. Rays most memorable date is Dec 5, 1981. He likes running, traveling, and hiking, but dis- likes homework and reading. Rays favorite teacher was Mr. Maize. His career goal is to be auto mechanic or a busi- 5 321955171511 . .-fm ""' ' ww..- .,. swf, f ' n ff We 1-.xy 'f' Mmuff .Q-3 W! A 'W' .st ...., 1 . t 'Q J in-1 "" 'fi . M , W V 're leanelle lnrumble f .K W f .. ,,v me siii -'Da-'aa havsyfasthwi Nobi". y ww Tammy was a Basketball Q scorekeeper while at ECVHS., V L an 3 H WHer'mostmemorabtei12l8H'eis Nic'olr'jlfai'Ye summer of 83. Tammy likes "Chuck" Sea World, "Easy" HUQPJMW 56 friends and smiling, but Nicole was involved in Track-l. She likes heavy metal was Mr. Eastlick complainers. Her favor- was Mr. Peageand she plans to become at thdff oughbred horse trainer. it i-Carlos Valdivia Brian Vaughan ' "Mr. Green Beret" Good deal, Good man." ,Brian was involved in Cam- Life l-4, Var. Soccer "1-2, V Tennis l-2 and Band-l. His teacher was Mr. B. Wil- Brian plans to join the States Army and likes , good friends, riding and raqiiet- He dislikes rain and speed Oct. 4, l968 is his date. Qs Kimberly Sue Velasco "Kim" Kim enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her family and friends, but hates 1.1. and people who fool around with other peoples boyfriends. Her favorite teaeh- ers were Ms. 1'1" and Mr. Hart, While at ECVHS, she was ac- tive in Danve 1-45 Girls' and Boys' Var. Basketball Mgr. 45 and Ski Club 4. Her graduation day will be her most memora- ble date. Cynthia Marie Vollrath "Red" "SmileF lt gives your face some- thing to do." Cynthia likes lames, her Mom, and people with smiles. She dislikes people who idolize others, and chocolate. Her most memorable date is lune 10, 1983, Cynthia's favorite teauh- ers were Mr. Feil and Mrs. Brooks. Her plans are to be- come a sign language teacher. Theresa Wagner swag., "The places 1 remember will never be as special as the peo- ple l was with." Theresa plans to be an elec- tronics technician. She enioys life, cars, cruisin' and being with close friends, While at EC, she was involved in Var Base- ball 2-4 andfGAA Treas. Her favorite teachegt' was ,JSM s most memorable, dates are lune 10, 1978 and Rhonda Lynn Walsh "Success in silence can be most rewarding." Coach Hayes and Coach Feil were Rhonda's favorite teach- ers. Rhonda, while at FICVHS, was lr. class Rres., Sr. rrlass Rres, ASB Co-Comm. of Sales, in Ski Club, and in Band. She likes diamonds, roses, being with Wes, and Moms support. Her most memorable date is Qcl. 16, 1982. Rhonda hopes to be a successful engineer. f f . David L. "Cru,yer" "Shoot for David Nov, 6 1983, . tty i Cynthia Waters "Cyndi" "lf your mind fran vonceive it, and your heart van believe il, with God you wan achieve it." CYIlQl1'S activities at ECVHS consist of Band l-4, Rep at Lrg 3, Mat Maids 3, St. Class Set: 4, Band Sec' 12, VP. 3, and Pros. 4. Her most memorable date is Feb 15, 1983. Cyndi likes play- ing the vlarinet, going to the mountains, and the bwatrli. She plans to go into the field of Medicine. . wr Marietta lane Welborn "1 don't know what my future holds, but 1 know who holds my future." Marietta, who likes being with lohn, aunting and playing the guitar and trumpet, was in- in Band, Auto Shop, and Art. Tony Co- Walker Seeee ya! yy N MLA I David likes cars? spetidfng time with Mikie, and goincytg the beach. Mr. his favorite in Ht His Dec. 19, 1981. favorite teacher and 12, 1980 was her most memorable date. H Theresa Marie Whelan UTL'I'I'lH "Ht-y Bud, whats goin' down." Theresa likes her family, be- ing with friends, dancing, read- lnd, and the mountains, but dis- likes vruel people. lnvolvi-d in Pep Club and Mat Maids, The- resa would someday like to be a registered nurse, Lorie Ann Williford "Willie" "Success usually depends on knowing how long it takes to succeed." Lorie, 'whose favorite teach' erslwere Mrs Feil, Mr. Williams, and, Mr. Wilkerson, wants to succeed in life and be wealthy. She was invqlev ', in PepQlub, V131 6 , Timothy lohn Winfield "Winnie" "You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough." Tim participated in Football Q-ff, Wrestling l-2, and Track 3. lle likes ADAM ANT and hang- ing around with friends, but dislikes having to walk every- where, and roukers. Tim some day would like to join the French Foreign Legion. Wendy Gail Winkle "Wendel" "l.et's play Quarters" The summer of '82 that was shared with B.W., Wendy will always remember, While at ECVHS, she was involved in Dance and Ballet. Wendxglikes memories, laughing, andfgoing out with PG., CS., and her best friend Kim, but dislikes Betty Womack 'llt's darkest before the dawn." Betty's favorite was Coach Takahashi and her most memo' rable date is the summer of '83 She enloys being with her friends, people who are easy to talk to but hates those who think they are better than oth' ers. lames lseroy Wood 'flvfoosow "l.et's win a game" lames was active in Football for 3 years, Wrestling 4 years, and Travk 2 years. l-le likes out' going people and sports but dislikes punk rock, and mods, December 9, l983 is the date lames remembers best. Coavh Takahashi was his favorite teacher. leff Wright "Happiness is a silver bullet" left will always remember lune, l984, as his most memo- rable date. To be sucxfessful is his future plan for life. left, whose favorite teacher was Mr. S, likes punk rock, fishing, and partying with friends. leff dis- likes carp, catfish, and skippies, eff Ke ltmgnd Lorie's Ls it when good things congwe to an end, Her favorite teachdfis were sfqhfexifamily and close friends. Robert Wright Bo likeip become 1 Donald Yalda "Ba111b1nno" "Ask not what your 1-ountry can dolor you, but what you can do for your country." Don likes Nowl?o music. dam-111g, soccer, parties, home- work, but dislikes studying, homework, and the KKK. l-lis favorite teacher is Mrs. Bam- berg and his career goal is to be a musician. Mia Marie Yarnell t'Not trying is wondering the rest of your life if you gave up too soon." Mia's activities at ECVHS in- cluded Archbearer, "l" Club, Track, and Vocal Music. She enjoys going out, French, and spending summer with her sis- ters. Her career goal is toljoin the Army. f . at .-,Nfkr fit . , MA, , A 5 Sabrina Yarrington , R ' A" A .1 . 11 ' " - W. M' Biina A , L A "A real contented man has his' f V' I yesterdays all filed away, lhis w,,.' present in order, and his ftiitii-is 4 If subiect to instant revisiqnf' fx i Brina was a member oft-ASB' and her favorite tdaclifer was Mr. Prtiyne. Sl1e"e-rnioyslkarate, modelingt singing? Hiirig, and trav hg, ,A sports. Her me Lora !-17", gh., date is 16. Brind plans Eto by Af " ' 'U become a model or a travel., ?' if ' Q Kimberly Ann Young "Ki1nbee's" "Oh well." Kimberly was active in Cam- pus l.1fe. Sept. l8, l983 was her most memorable date. She en- joys being with her family and friends but dislikes D.B.'s and l9.l?.'s. Penny Whitaker was her favorite teacher and she hopes to become a pre-school teach- er. f,..,,y' 1 hiv' fx Tim was active 3-4, Campus 1 e an's Club. was his favorite He likes Rad 4 x 4'S, dislikes? girls that taste like ashf. traysfaaid no parties. Hisffu- ture caiqer goals are to be'come a lawykqior a pro football play- er. fe., all.. M f if ' .m"' ' uf 1, Y f . parties, a11d cars, b'ut, 1 f I ,Gay-r ' '- ', 949 . eff' .fbi K 14 ,J is 1. -x .Q V. X , ,,-' f skufftl 1 , .. f , T we , f 1 .N 4"-we , 'X- ."4'r3l4",f4' 1' 39.3.5 " 1 F' 'ff ' ft. if I M ay fm' Media. ' -5,5 ,-VI-14 ' K ." ' - :Z f' ' if if 1 ' ' 'f 'xii' ,. . t ,f , y 14 J 1.,.'f,.. ny W- 1 1 4 1 1 , ir.. I ' ,V-Q, I - 'D 'x',,, ' " . 2' la vrtxy 41" in 4 ,"'PQ 2 , vt 1 'A .. Alsodg f A - I 1 1 O W t e q yduatlsn lf 1. , , Vi, ,ft ,wif Lark' len? 'putrisfliddfiiialif - U aft bf , Don A1195 sititgb Q J ,Alfonso Barajas '4'xB1'et'E:la hr t I X .. it-ft. A "' if J ' Shelley Bell it 1 1-slffigjtzainds if was if .1 Dana lilldgjeyget Truongy 1 Q ' iw' ,L !:Lf.,1X. , it VR, Y Maria Kam-frbanf' 'Q pf 4Qa'1't13?eg1 Ugaldef 1 .A , .R q . sy J. ,C cgfioskivisciigqg i. sslt. 'I-63,1 1 ,Q 9 I ff. 1 -4? ,ix-7? ,X img 4 A E. U4 'L , , Nt 4 gf ,Vx Y 'i 'ix I4 f,,,,, Wien My W A-yea 'ti l'I3 Ill! IN l"26r.k4lh:3!1 lIYfLlII!'ll1lJ UI' '14llllllI,"l'l x 6' uv1uf..1nlv-an hh Nl F ii'Ilg. 'l :Hula -lv lv- 1 9'- .U -.T .J 1 f 4 Q. 1 mm! arewell Class of '84 UNDERCLASS Freedom To Grow .Xi x XX NQK If ,SML . I -46-au. 3 gf f""" , ,filfi -'f , f z 1,-A M17 . -ff f . g yi 'll .n ,"f"", W -mf I e Q .9 eg , I f G f 1' L" res. o uf I 4 2 'WE ' 4' ,, V , M W V A , ,j, 'Av I 'mania ,yXUv, ,. ,:,f .. ff. 5 t, 'w,f'.,1 H K. A f ffyif 'T A+ Fai JM' .-"ff s 1, 4 I , 754:43 ,V J- -W 51 X iff' ll! .-4, 53. L. LY , W 5 'V 1- Effiffi, 2: ' V+ ' f W I " :T ,ff A mai ' ff" , ' 'A ' 4 . H A M 4 567' 'yzf f7ff'f'f ' f x LI 3 ' f ww' . A751 , . ,. ' , wwf A A ,V fr. , , 4' Q' E f ' , I ' ffix' f,, 5-' I- 53,9 ' in -M Q ' fl f , ' ,ff f J, . , , iuvlngsqiiy K :,,?,4,., Q - ,yfafxfv 'fr 1 gi L! My " , xjff f . f? 'l QL X , if' W il' yt f jpgg, - 'Q I f .,,a'W, . ? R A ' "Y" 35" . , ,, , ,' ev - 5, H ' J 1 if i , x .' If If ' 5 , , , 3 ,, V5 V? 3 .mf N 1 xf' - C55 vi' Zig .1 3, ' l A J J Vg? 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Bdsman, Fattohi Bercovitz, Iris Beretta, Larry Bianco, Lisa Bibo, Frank Bibo, Sudad 1 gf Bigqers, Audail i Birnbaum, Berry Bounsathit, Nhay Bowhall, Kris Boylan, Leah Brewer, Michele Brown, Brenda Brundige, Albert Brushaber, Vicki Bryant, Tim , i, ,W 2 .X ' Buggg, Kurt Burqar, lohn ,rv ' L Burkleo, lanice na, ' Nl' 1' Q 71 Bushnell, Tammy Caballero, Manuel Cape-ron, Nora Burwell, Kim Butler, Cincly Callahan, Pat Carbino, Vince B.,,.,,,, F Q, l A X ,wr , . - if 15-" 9' 45 tw .ky Carton, Sara CGFNQ, lim 5 y I I iiiii, Caste, Paul Cevera, Liz Us Chapman, Charleston, Chatiin, Wes Michelle Rhonda Chaves, Mike Chiu, Ming Chmiel, Craig Christian, Tom Churness, Lynette Claar, Iames 15 AU 1 Clabauqh, Mary Clark. Brian Clark, Mary Collins, Andi Conn, Kevin Conlreras, Ken Converse, locly Cordero, Ioretta M ,C 'lf Cossano, Mark ,HW 3 Craw, Pal nl ' l i 2 i li 1 l I Cron, Kim , V, 1. Cron, Tim K' l -- FA Cruz, Chris , Curry, Kim l"l fl , so 1 ' Dantz, Eric Davalos, loshua i M' , Davalos, Lina Davis, Dawn ii' A .X Davis John De Lam Denme De Forest Eric Devere Frank 53552 Is .: .ffl :', ,IQ -' W ff Il Vere, Tabalha Diaz, Simeon Dickerson, Iames Do, Minh Doolittle, Iolfm Draqos, Richard Drew, Marc Duckelt, Alice Cosio, Lori E is ,. , . " 3 Q 3' Q fl 1 ' x . an f f Ai ' P . A. ,K 5 f .I 2 5 1 E., -f E Duke, Robert V M"45W'1 E' ? ff Q nf il 'Sf' Ax . Elstrom, Suzeiie Erikson, Dave Estep, Pam Estrada Edwardo Pacer Gmc .:. '- . '.:':' ::-1 V Ierlrirf- "'-' . ,Q ffl, :gl.1:.',-'SIEE'::1-l-,-252-2i!E2E,'5ff.-V 21-2F22 Fwhex Ste mme un .. . A 5.-3-5: -Q15 . .2 12:1 5, ,'-:g':f::,:-.f5.5:'5s:jf5 g3'- .3 I-V1.5-:, -2 -.22 ., . ..... . Q Garcxa Victor Gaskms Le Nora Gelmds Steve Gerschoffer, Lori Ginsberg, Brian Goffeney, Nick Golden, Seem Gonzales Cathy 'fl' vw ine' ,V ,f ' ' 1 u f y Eg.. Y , , i :A iry Hao Brent Hatcher, Garrett ,gi Hartman, Robbie Havens, Kathy ji' J ,. , ' A Q 1 .-Q f,. , Greco, Neil Habib, lsam Haines, Shirley Hall, left I-Iallak, Sahera Hamilton, limmy Hamilton, Michelle Hamilton, Paul Hanna, Nader 'lf I 1 r is 1' A rl , I QQ all ' 1 if Q li X l E , as Hayet, Mike . ,, .. ..., l "Our fondest memories will be made here at ECVHS. It will be the friends that we shall look back on in years to come. Always remember that it was the Brave's red and blue that brought us to- gether." Michele Brewer and Lori Schier Heaton , Kim Henson, Lisa Hetzer, lerry 4 ' Him, Elizabeth I-loanq, lody Hoffman, David l-lolbo, Matt Horne, Richard Houston, Byron Howard, Deborah Hunter, Krils aj fa lm fl :S V' Z' i Q - X' 1. :Ax 'V 5 . Heaton, lanice ,,h. S ff-13 , .... .ut ..., ,W .. , ."2'15i2-:'I'- - '.,g.,', 7 NrX:5??FQmm5"m -if 5':'.'.5Q,g'5:5.:'E2I - - ' ra fl ,ffl l Helm, Charles Hernandez, lleonel Heuslein, David Hlavacek, Leos lntrona, Domenica ex. 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Norma La Carra """ : 17 ' s- -' -- M y is .- 1:-. cffiwiifliii N in :gg P ,auf H- 2 A3311 li mewesmmswmswmwswswawmswwamwwwwwmxuwbweeswww-wmsmisaswwsrsfmsassssfxssgixssxfv:MQ:.:'::':fw+fewwmmm-fm,,. - i 1 Q i l si 5 s il E , 5 A E - --- Xi , iraq ,sw-wares-msiiwzw-iefwXv1WMi.mfmsfi:gmy,::.aiffw,i:-meiwffwi,i,,fWw.,, W. if -. f 5 - . . . . if "The good friends and good times I've had at E1 Cajon will live forever in my memories." Mirmingos, Paul K ristin 1VIcCas1in Munson, Brad Negrete, Carlos Nestor, Kim Ngo, l-leng Nguyen, Arxh Nguyen, Horigbao Mariirharit, Karl Mc? Cain, Chris Mc? Fiirlin, Tony A Mc? Null, gl J Tony -by Melycers, Herman Meza, Phil Mirieiir, Eddie Moody, Mike Nguyen, losep li Nicola, Greg , .,,ip,y , I Q 1 i ff W is Mario Nicolas, Frances Ocampo, Dennis Pena, Dan .1 Odish, Mike Cqle, Karen Olmsted, Scotl Omahen, leanne Payan, Iavier Peck, Diana lv wi WUQEHWM li, W 'Wag wk--.----::'!j!"'t':'iT, i'-rail ,A will-l...,. i ii: i i -wii ililglliiq lui- ,qwiil l 5 , 11 YY,, , Y,,,, f-if lil ,RN 1 'lil' V fir?" 1 ' W .gwiljqi N 4 ' 'kiilbr 'l 1 2 will 1 l " Perry, Lisa ji 1 j ill EMI Q' 'Q . . I 1 all 2 will i i ,, l i W , , 1. Peierson, Iulie glw lil : il li lv Milli: like ll.X U, if 'fiilllii Hr' if'-M3 " M N ., E52 ml R Pham, Tuan aww A will ,limi i , ., W eliigll , A- 4' in " p- --- F, 1 f f , , J 1 S 1 ' ' ' ' 1 5 ' 5 l 1 2256, 54,25 i ' :: ,, la 4 ' f - A liz? s , , - q ,via Poralh, Max limi: ' ' will V - , , ,f f M. 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Skarupski, Tom 1 Smith, Lance ,355 X4 i - - . - t "Our school, though looked upon by its peers as one of low quality, has provided many with a stepping stone of education that will make later life much Smith, Tim Stanley, left Stearns, Robert Stone, lill Strepper, loe Sullivan, Michael Sundstrom, Andy Swann, David Ta, My Tan, Luong Tang, Bo Sliirazi, Shearer' Ienny Mohainmaclali Sippy, Keith 1 it -1 Smith, Hope V J A' an a Smith, Tammi 'pvy s ii- :N i ls 5 t A' ir 1-2' Solarzano, Tony , ,,.. Fitz' Starkey, lulie ' r Q ' .fr " , W , . i -K' Stewart, Dan 1 V t S 77 a, Stone, Nikole l Taylor, Mark Taylor, Robert l Tea leremy Txpps Derek Toma, Karam Truc, An Trujillo, Christine P - -M " '15-M --1-5" J? , .Zi M M W lni piig punt H M pint -au' fda ' 4, hh gi, .W guy.. .....,., Trung, lim Truonq, Sim Turner, loel Tyree Kelly Valdivia, David Vazquez, Esteban Vedovalo. Xiomala Villasenor Elena Walls, Cecelia Weber, Aimee Williams, Tonya Wxlson Bob Wxlson, Rebecca Wong, Bryan Workman, Mike Workman, Mitchell Worihy, Mike Zamora, Manuel , ,, ,7 ,, , 5 I F, Arg f , 4 , N. I M ? 49519-ff eff'-f ,. ,. ,,- , , . ,, . 2. W -,al gf , n n ix 524, ff? , ' Q Vx A xi i X . M - 9 Q' , 1, I ,r,,, , f W, , 35 ,WLS ,gr f' ' aj' v A W ,, ,. N. Q, f .,,,v'W g V: ' A f t President-Cindy Iimenez Vice-President-Wendy Honey Tigasurer-Bach-Nga Nguyen Secretary-Karen Sercelj Advisor-Randy Robinson M4-K-4 " " " V , H In Vjgfeaipzg H, V' 4 M-'4P4"Q n , 4,. f , Lwg M: , L! A 'Y -. N f 2 93 1, N ,Q if 5 Abassi, Parwin Abasso, Sarmil Adams, Brian Adkisson, Darrell Aguila, Eva Alexander, Lonnie Alexander, Michael Ancell, Mike Andrews, Travis Armstronq, Virginia Arndl, Mallhew Aycoclc, Christopher Aycock, lonalhan Ayoub, Mona Bader, Alec Badorski, loelle Baeoht, lan Baker, Shana Barbie, Gene Barraqan, Celsa Barraqan, Emilo Bayhurst, Nancy Bear, Telisha Beaulieu, Pamela Bell, lames Belleville, Cheri Benneii, Kristine Berry, lose Berryhill, Kalsuliiko Bibo, Samir Bibo, Sanan Binderim, Rayell Blalock, Sandra Blecha, Chad Boclali, Monique Boggs, Shannon Boone, Steven Bosequell, leanna Bowman, Darlene Branson, Donald Breen, Robin Brown, Candy Brown, lenniler Burnpus, Lisa Burke, Nancy Bush, Elaine Buison, Darryl Cabral, limrny Cain, Alva Caire, Cynthia Call, Laura Camp, Patricia Cannon, Susan Caperon, Rosa Irene Carsten, lason Carver, Kelly .- if Q 1 r X S lr 5 S ez M , -E ,,,,. 4 rr 3 Y 'rf Xa'-S . ik. 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M L 1' i , " " 2 'K gi it a King, Lisa Kiss, Daniel Kole, Kellie Kropp, Darlene Ky, Kim Lak, lenniter Lakeman, Shannon Le, Hong Linh Lao, Karen Leahy, Sean Lebel, Laurie Lennon, Reggie Linville, Melanie Lockhard, Tammie Lopez, Alfonso Lopez, Ricardo Lynch, Michelle Mac Donald, Hope Mait, Thamir Mansoor, Louay Marinelli, Laurel Marino, Tony Markey, Tamara Marshall, Deborah Martin, Sheri Martinez, Pamela Mata, Martin Matthews, Shane Matzke, Richard Maula, loseph Mazzaqotte, lames Mc Allister, Colleen Mc Glauqhlin, lustin MC Leod, Kelly MC Neal, Matt Mikha, Nahla Miller, Cheryl Miller, Karen Miller, Tim Mims, Daniel Mitchell, Curtis Mitchell, Taunya Moore, lerald Morris, Mike Morse, Carla Moser, Timothy Mosier, Steve Mowles, Michael Munoz, Sylvia Murphy, Diane Murphy, leflrey Murray, lames Napolis, Peter Neeley, Darlene Nelson, lettrey Nguyen, Bao an A , ,314 ff? ii f , re ,.l, ,,,, , ,A err, 1 N 4 v 1 6 , Q , 7 I I Q 5 H l' W 7 fr ' V 1 U M .A l 2 , ft' 1. 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I X . .,,,, F' I ' -f:,.s::Esr- - , . M ff " " I v, li if fl I E .f .6 untill" .. .. it , sf' S f fi X1 .sf If i ,K ' .W--'L WNW ,.-HX' 5 2' f rrrr . , I , 4 K rf-5 . ,R i Y Z 1 ,,,, , S ,W t ,. . ik . X s X 5 wy- ex X, X . ,P .ci , ' . .Ei 6 ' -- .sun Q . is --K 1 ' 5 3 . xl? A X 'X A X 3 I Q 5 5 Shi 'N F 5 i lard X Map' ix fd y Q 8+ . 1 i X We ,, I we J . 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Mrs. Barton-Advisor "NX 'Xu rl ... 3 A1.', 1. F. . XY Albert, Margaret Allen, Shannon Alto, Amber Anderson, Sean Anderson, Tonya Armenta, loe Ateek, Gussa Ayaz, Asma Ayoub, Manal Bachmeier, Lisa Baird, Robert Baldon, Nancy Baltazar, Rosaisela Banovich, Robert Barajas, Ricardo Barbosa, Robert Barnes, Ana Barry, Shannon Bean, Eric Beltz, Robbie Beres, Annette Berkshire, Shannon Berry, Bill Berry, David Bibo, Semer Biork, lodie Boettcher, lason Bomenka, Thomas Bosequett, Michelle Kandy, Bowhall Brassell, Chuck Brawner, Susy Brouillard, Carol Brown, Kim Brown, Larry Bueno, Armando I06 - 4 1' . Q ' A 1-, 1 if 'it t. if ie, if ix K T it isis L 5, A ,' . -if ti? lttgi , , in A le. I 1 a , an 1 In Q9 J N i rt as - ,. ,fsgrwf L 4 ... gs ,A A imr ,Ll 7 ' A 4 3 H,Yw Q ,V ,X , S I 'eil' is f Yfzxa 1 I Q 4:24 il j., Q N if - Mi' J l if X ,S f ul , f- I x, Q 4 -U! .,,, -. .,., 1 my ex , tv ' vc' I . W x . Q - 1 'lu' f .Z A it VAAIZ S 1--' i .,, . K. X if ' I Burden, Michelle Burgess, Donald Burkhead, lett Burkleo, Timberly Burwell, Toby Butson, Brenda Byrd, lohn Caqle, Kim Caire, Angie Cameron, lodie Campbell, Kim Carman, lulie Caro, Sandy Carpenter, David Carrier, Lisa Carson, Chris Carter, Iohn Casazza, Vinnie Caskey, Kim Castle, Mike Catalano, Bob Cervantes, Ramona Chaftin, Chris Chaves, Richard Chea, Sally Claar, lon Clifton, Charlie Collins, Aaron Cominqs, Linda Copeland, Kathy Correa, Steve Covarrubias, Iuan Cox, Chris Craft, Bobby Creswick, Heather Crumpton, lackie 107 Crusha, Bonnie Csanka, Kathy Cuevas, Moses Curtis, Tiffany Dang, Sang Da Silva, Alan Digrkinson, Tiffany Diehl, Heaiher Dietrich, lames Disko, Tina Dodson, Tami D'soiiza, Rudy Dunifvan, Suzette Ellis, Shaun Evans, Raleiqh Falchoury, Haitharr Farmer, Tonia Farris, Renee Feldner, Kelly Ferguson, le-ff Fernandez, Renee Fields, Elizabeth Fife, Stephan Fisher, Chris Fisher, Michelle Fisher, Richard Fitzgerald, loe Fifzqerald, lohn Flippo, Eric Fox, Kimberly , V I ,,,.. he an X .- if X UR if? i g . 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' ' , , , W Hi f, .' 1 " "H , Frazier, Warre-ii Frilz, lason Fronlz, Meri Galvan, Ana Garqano, Kiln Gaslcins, Le Nom Gay, lelf Genclron, Brian Gimpl, lessica Glick, Don Glivk, Ron Glondeniz, lissa Golleney, Mark Golvlevri, loin Gomez, Dennis Gomez, losief Gonzales, lrma Gooclniqlil, Sfrott Grunslacl, Erika Haas, Alisa Hainey, Clraiq Hamilton, Robbie Hampton, Teresa Hanna, Anna llaro, Sanliqo Harris, lusliri Haugen, Gretchen Hayden, Larry Hayes, locly Haylorci, Pam Hays, Shawn Hemstrouqht, lames Hepner, Kimberly Hernandez, David Hillan, Kami Hindorit, Mary Hirsch, Greg Hlavacek, Leo Holbrook, Mari Holder, Dave Honeycutt, Teresa Hopwood, Bill Horne, Hinqameh Horne, losephine Hourmezian, Nancy Howlett, Tracy Hudspeth, Toni Hutt, Diana Hurlbert, left Huynh, Kevin lnsingo, Vincent lsidoro, Antoinette Iaeqer, lenniter lajo, Matit Iamieson, Leann laramillo, Rhonda lohnson, Tammy lones, Donavan Iones, Toby loslyn, Erin Q wi: :.,2s: Sp- 5 t 4- R, 7 fs- ' 6 s Q N Na '......-,f""' A ,Q W, , 2 1 ' ' ,K , .5 ww. ,,..m.,f,,,. gm 'Q 6 f 4 7, 5 1 N Q r , f K T tif' 91 P 1 x , w L is -vs S '4- 1 V ig x 'Willa ll ' V' sk' 0 'il 8 .M - v 1 A A 5 W ' in i A fl' TK . .4 .. .M ,,. 'V .yi bm.. I ' - Shk 'A 0 s Q R a 333 El cw? 3' 'lk mf. 3 H x 5 ,, i ts.. f I R , X M i Q' v , 'mt , . ,,, .M ,,., . ,,,::,n:7:.,,, ., as Hz Q a 'Q f ,,,f, ,V ir . vi K I ll S 51 -1- , nr W it as ,. . 3 is if , A gli mfg: Q 4' mi fa Q , Wa s if g-,,,::.- t .ve 4 We , 'rf' , 3. In I V X V i, 1 I vi fait- 4 3 .. K v ' ,-wh: " . , " P a .5 f' " , Lf' ., v I . . 1, 5 f , I , ,V J r W' Pi..- t Y .. . 'A ,J lx JY .r 1 gs, 5,4 fill .- . 1. ur- . . J c,cc, anvil' is x ' . , it L H 5 -,. -,laik ie iq 3 iw L it 251,41 1 1 we 1 N R S 'H .6 X. 'K' A l ' P. . ,iw 4 . ,W F Q K r M x KN -l 5 IH i ,, ,Qc ai- .. f 'Q , V . A 7 'N 5 r ox Kart, Helen Kalabat, Dalia Kapaska, Angie Kassab, Mazin Kattoula, Aziz Kaufman, Bill Kelley, Richard Kelley, Sandra Kelso, lulie Kete, Brian Khamou, Sohel Khirow, Zahir Kimmell, Roy King, Nina King, Richard Kiss, Michelle Kitchen, Monique Klein, Anov Knapp, Heidi Korth, lames Kreeqer, Timothy Kuethe, Robert Kunik, Robert La Barge, Don Latrance, Stacie Lak, Mark Lam, Khanh Larsen, Heather Leavitt, Mike Lim, Chear Lisk, Robert Lopez, Cynthia Lopez, Monica Loussia, Lorraine Lucas, Donny Lum, Shana Luna, lose Ly, Xuan Maca, Don MacDonald, Gary Maddox, Sean Mahboubi, Payam Malloian, lohnny Manley, David Manning, Mark Mansoor, lntisar Martin, Meaghan Matihews, Fred Mayes, David Mazon, Michelle McAlexander, Kacey McGregor, Lee McKay, Pamela McKee, Rick McKinley, Linda McLean, Regina Means, Lisa Meyers, Greg Meza, Sharon Michalec, Leasa Miller, Debbie Miller, lanette Miller, leif Minier, lon Montes, Maria Mooney, Eddie l' 1 il ll K1 49 aw 3, ' if 'E-'7Si:s7 9 P f is i i I 'Q f 1 1 .. 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S if 4 ' t 4 fl I A kg' 6 ' i We 'J 6,4 fX3,,f6d4i' Mostrom, Panae Moya, Verushka Mrazelz, Derek Mulligan, Donalrl Nelson, Ron Nguyen, Loan Nguyen, Son Nicolaysen, Matthe Nielsen, Yanna Nguyen, Cac Nunez, lulia Nunn, Sheila Oalley, Betty O'Brien, Shannon Oceguecla, Edith Ochinang, Terri O'Connor, Shannon Odish, Suhail Omahen, loanie Ortega, Ricardo Osterloh, lohn Owen, Christine Panebianco, Peter Pantovic, Dusica Parkhurst, Carol Paul, Denise Payan, Victor Pearson, Tracy Pegg, Robert Pennison, George Pennison, Patricia Perez, Carmen Peterson, Lanffe Peterson, Mike Pettus, David Platt, Leslie 113 J Phan, Chin Philer, Mandy Phillips, Deborah Piceno, Danny Picfeno, lefl Pickles, Keilli Planatscher, Monic a Poqrell, Ericfa' Rrife, Deiclrea Proulx, Ciricly Rrueil, Chris Racine, Wayne Raelfla, Gliedeer Rausclier, Kimberley Rawlinson, Desiree Reyes, Horlensia Rivli, Tony Rivlislail, Gena Rivera, Mike Roberts, Donavan Roberts, liifly Rode-rs, lolin Roper, lenny Roper, Sean Rosenberry, l3reni'l 1 A Ross, loaniia Riinqe, Harold Runnells, Valerie Rupricli, Kenny Russell, Robin . in t E, ,Za 1 v L r 'Y' V ..., W X x' .5 'fd . X ' .W 49 5 K 'Q Z' My . -- Y er 1 fi vm' 5 ,X S 2 WA 5 xv' gfnf Q5 Sariiaim, Iikftiifid Sawaya, Sabah Sivhfeuiii, Saiimriiliii Sm'hweiizui', Rivi: 51fl'iwic'iiti'iii,wi'q, I., Sofirl, Mi-'liiivl SQI'I'CiIll'7, liivii-r Scwfiixl, I'D.iliiiii11w Sham, liiiiilii Slieaifiwii, Kciii Slierwooii, Miwhelei Siegfried, Rivk Sidebcviioni, Kristy Simpkims, James Siquems, Lisa Sisii, Diane Smith, K.-im Smiili, Se-vfiri SOEGI, Tl1I'vif2i'i Sririq, Vin- Sfiza, ifisiifa Spf-.ir Iiiiiii-K: Spmfiloy, l'3ulwi w-fi Spmc'iciiii:1, fllifivfh Spmqm-, li-iniiiiw Sfaify, Imcisi Simyeir, lfircoii Sificid, jllllf' Sive-le, C'iir'is Stein, is-if Stewart, Dawn Stickler, Bonnie Stump, Marvin Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Sean Sutton, Robin Velasco, Gregg Verdugo, Scott Vigil, Rosa Vinson, Kari Wagner, Christine Wagner, Susan 16 . .X 1 it A i si, i Y 'VJ' 1 i 'K if N Q K f K 4, 2 "' 1 1 i 5 Z0-f ' f Swank, Lisa Sweeney, Suzanna Symmoncls, loy Tang, lanie Tank, Michelle Tankersley, Donna Taylor, Kathryne Taylor, Tiltany Thomas, Wayne Thompson, Laura Thompson, Tammy Thompson, Tracey Thoy, Polay Torres, Daphmarie Trasandes, Maria Trentacosta, Marlo Turner, Stacey Ung, Anna Vanderpool, Brad Vandever, Tina iiie f f We iqiaz aegw .3 x e 4 E Q g.1A9p, i,1'z f 45?- r 5 X if , i , -V, W K' in 8 4 , 'S Y? if 'W , ,,,i,, V F' 51551557 M' Q , ff 'vu 4 w . .i ,v, , , tw ,,"f' -'03 . 231: Walker, Mike Walker, Thea Walls, Clirrie Walsmqlmm, le Walivrs, Kviili Wdlloii, Bill Waisori, Dr-v Wdy, Becky West, lell- Wesi, lolm Wheeler, Bmbc Wiluox, Donavf Willioiie, Denise Willis, Tyla Williams, Roloiri Wilson, Dale Winqers, Heidi Wissinqer, lohn Wood, Elizabeth Wood. Kimberly Yearqan, Theres Young, Lise Zavalza, Fraricisf, Zinqqler, Scroll Special The Special Education program at E.C.V.l-l.S. teaches the students to be more independent. The classes ot- tered in this program are language development, phys' ical education, independent living skills, and pre-voca- tional skills. With the guidance ot excellent teachers and aides, these activities are designed to make the students self-sutticient members ot the society. Education TEACHERS, FRQNT ROW: Carol Krause, Ginny Kennedy, Chris Endres, Linda Mucha, Traci Er brauqh, Ieanne Marikle, Pam Green, BACK RCW: Mike King, Al Uher, John Frazier, Terry Under wood, Norma Silva, Haim Mizrahi. iFllOQOl0W YSDQUOIOOO SQOCDIOCOI 5Q5.0IlOil DQQOOIOOII X ' . . , X , 5 G ' 0+ , iiifiillll QCWQQQIOOI Freedom To Lead We Trust fs? 1.-5:-its 335, .ig ,fx i,.f i .,A-- g . X -ir Mr. Cole, "El Cajon Valley is the greatest place on earth to beg every place else is just O.K.!", was Mr. Art Peqas' philosophy this year. As princi- pal, he was confronted with budgetary restric- tions and a diminished statt but it was the administrations task to do the job with avail- able resources. "We've had to learn to work smarter," stated Mr. Peqas the principal, and Mr. Cole and Mr. Amador, the Vice-Princi- pals did just that to keep E.C.V.H.S. running smoothly. Counselors At Play K x X r U k x Q M0258 'wx W omg E5 ?25'Kix 4 K-fix X 'P' 9: , 3 X Q ,A ,. 49' Q 'W R Front Row: Mrs. Donna Richards-A-Go. Middle Row: Mr. Don Halie-Bilingual Counselor, Mr. Ed Foster-Gp-C, Mr. less Castro-P-Z. Back Row: Mr. Herb Gross-Senior Counselor, .1-rf'-'w..., sl Donna horsing around'?! ? - Herbie and lessie swing into action!!! Eddie having a "whee" good time?"?! XX "No Way??? We don't want to go back to WORK!l!" Our counselors are normal- ly business-like people who sit in closed-door conferences or plan schedules and generally help solve the problems that confront students. This year we decided to portray a differ- ent side of their personalities. On these pages we present "Counselors at Play!" 125 The Mentors Bonnie Adams- Girls' PE., U, oi Iowa, BA. ibn Ralph Adams- Librarian, BA., Shippensburq St. Univ., lv1.A., New York Univ. ss Richard Baker- English, The thing to fear is not that computers are gods, the thing to iear is people who think that computers are gods. Mr. W' n wifi if iiifi S.D.S.U., BA., M.A. Carolyn Bamberg- S-D-S-Uw Enqhshf B-A-i Les Berrien- inausmax Ars, MA-. ID- S.D,S.U., BA., MA. 126 Margi Chaimson Spanish U S D S " + lames Bosley- Math, U.C. Davis, BA., MA. Ted Bietz- Math, U.C.L.A. A.B,, U.C.S.D., MA, Emily Barton- English, Tex as Christian U., B.A. its Tony Colia- Auio Shop, Dave Franklin- English, S.D.S.U., BA. S.D.S,U., B.A. Richard Delgado- Business, E. Central St., BA., MJ-X., Oklahoma Univ. Robert Duff- Work Exper- ience, S.D.S.U., BA., MA. Barbara Fountain- English, N.l.U., BA., Univ. ot ILL.. MA. Robert Finnin- Music. S.D.S.U., BA. Al Feil Social Science S.D.S.U., BA. , A 5 -we-stivf Do not criticize a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins. Mr. D. Williams Tom Eastlick- Social Scis ence, S.D.S.U., B.A. Harry Elliott- Boys' P.E., U. of Minn., BS., M.S., Guid- ance Counseling, LaVerne Univ. 127 -AOL Al Fulcher- French, Span- ish, S,D.S.U., BA. Bonnie Gebhardt- English, Cal-Poly, Pomona, BS.. M.S. Walter Gehrke- Univ. of Utah, BS., MS., Science Dudley Graham- Business U of Okla, BS., U.S.C., 128 E1 pez se muere por la m1sma boca que se alimenta. Mr. Hartung t wi3.iz,.i i The greatest satisfaction of all is to say that we did our best. Mr. Landau Richard Hart- Soc. Science, S.D.S.U., BA., MA. Erwin Hclk- Graphic Arts, Univ. of Minn., MA., B.S. Barbara Hempel- Business Ecl., S.D.S.U., BS., MS. ,,z" Ralph Hayes- Math, S.D.S.U., BA. W we , i i 1 .. - . A , 1 . , . 59-'Hb .,., - .. F, 1 ' B Doug Hartung- Bilingual, Spanish, Math, S.D.S.U., BA. lohn Ibanez- Spanish, Eng- lish, Southwestern, AA., SDSU., BA. Wallace Idle' Industrial Arts, S.D.S.U., B.A. Larry lanuary- School Psy- chologist, B.A., M.A,, S.D.S.U. lody lohnston- P.E., S.D.S.U., B.A. N04 Wendell Maize- English, S.D.S.U., B.A. l s 5 i When you choose not to make a decision you're making a decision anyway, like it or not. Mr. Peace 1 lohn Logsdon- Social Sci- ence, S.D.S.U., BA., MA., Carnegie-Mellon Univ,, M.A. Bruce Leonard, E.l-l., S.D.S.U., BA. Aaron Landau- English, He- brew College, B.l.E.D.p Brandeis University, BA. Charles Kingerys Biology, S.D.S.U., B.A. 129 as is lohn Malovic- Alternative Education, Ball St., B.A., Cal Poly, M.A., Deplorne de la Civilization, Universite de Paris Dick Martin- Business Ed., S.D,S.U., BS., National Univ., M.B.A. Alfred Martinez- Social Liv- ing, BS., S.D.S.U., Health, Soc. Science Marilyn Mitchell- Girls' P.E., S.D.S.U., BA, 130 The belief that there is only one true meaning, and that oneself is in posession of it seems to me the deepest root of all the evil that is in the world. Mr. Hayes V The unexamined lite is not worth living. Mrs. Venieris William Mitrovich- US. His- tory, Geography, S.D.S.U., B.A., M.A. lames Peace- English, S.D.S.U., B.A., M.A. Robert Norgard- EH., S.D.S.U., B.A. Roger Moreau- Photogra- phy, Arts, Crafts, Univ. of Pacific B.A. Stephanie Mjelde- Art! Soc Science, Tutorial Center S.D.S.U., B.A. Barbara Pruyrie- Home Ec., BS., Michigan St. Univ., U.S.I.U., M.A. Asneef Roberts- Social Sci- ence, S.D.S.U., B.A. Howard Roberts- Perform- inq Arts, Ursinus, BA., S.D.S.U., MA., U.Sll.U., PhD. Raymond Robinson- World Geography, S.D.S.U., B.A. " ,,:,g-!.:,pfM... f,n..M., . . H+ Gerald Swanson- Math, Phys. Sci., B.S., M.A., Minn. Univ. 'tease Wohl Dom Der's Beste Nicht Verlor lm Kampt Des Le- bens Den Humor. Mr. Feil Alice Snow- Spec. Day, Ari- zona St. Univ., S.D.S.U. li Sue Sharpe- Independent Study, BA., D.D.S.U., M.S. Phil Rogers- Math, S.D.S.U., B.A.S., U.S.l.U., M.S. 131 9 f. 5 GUS Valdez. Bilingual, V, 1 , f 1, ? Penny Whitaker- Social Sci E.S.L., Multi-Cultural, ,,.- ' "' , K f 2 :4.,,.. ' 3 ence- S-D-S-U-' BA- S.D.S.U., BNA. 4 me ..,,, E .." x i f--, f' i- , ,, , , f I K , ix -A . , ' -fx N, BOIMNG w 7 - ww . Y , X fi ' Lyme-6 vemefis. English, You dorft cel Someihin' for Nofhirf- Mr- Kinqery Rick wiikefson- Us. Histo- U. of Oregon, BA. ' YY, S-D-5-U., BA-. M-A Wash Walker- P.E., Sociolo- gy, Dr. Ecl., Azusa Pacific College, BJ-X. 132 Dave Williams- Science, S.D.S.U., BA. William Williams- Math, En lg Drafting, Woodworking, S.D.S.U., BA., ROP Direc- tor Ni Richard Winn' Math, S.D.S.U., BA., MA., Okla- homa Slate Edward Young- Social Sci- ence, Univ. of Wisconsin, BS., S.D.S.U., M.A. lames Wolf- Boys' PE., S.D.S.U., BA. 133 S - o o C1aSS1f19d Vice Principals' Secretaries: Ginny Simmons, Katy Force. Rroqram Clerk: Marina Espin- OZCI l if J ,J ' - A Attendance Clerks: Loraine Hold- Multi Media Technician: Rich I ard Karpowicz en, Robert Duff, Nellie Munoz C, i "Vi Administrative Assistant: , loyce Ayres Head Librarian: Ralph Adams Librarian: Fran Esslinqer Counselors' Secretaries: Ioan Boyd, Ginny Simmons Bookkeeper: lean Barrows Receptionist: Mary Margaret Winn Q Show Class 4 Principals Secretary: Kay Teaby m.:,,LJ' Records' Clerk: Cathy Harris 4 , if ci 4 Cafeteria Staff: Front Row: Nancy Pelletier, Dean Hummerickhouse, Zena Cottrell. Back Row: Shirley Muse, Sybil Koether, ludith Loftus. Book Clerk: lane Hamilton Health Clerk: Bobbi Duran ' Career Guidance Specialist: Anna Bart lett Working with a crew only halt as large as last year, classi- fied staft was still able to do an admirable job. They typed, re- corded, pruned, cooked and cleaned providing indispensi- ble services to ECVHS. .IS sn... UZ Campus Ut1l1ty Worker Art Coyer if Aish YW Garls P E Attendant Ann Cota 3 Carl Roper .AP Handy Helpers Q? Groundsworkers Steven lVlCGrulty Leo Walker Ernesto Valentmo Boys PE Attendant Tony Lee wi-ul 'iff 'T Custodlans Front Row Elenor Byrd Kay lvlalqerl Beverly Herrera loe Haley Back Row Arnold Foster R1chard Gallagher :"H4iilllllIl -ns 4 Pete Flores ' 4 N '-1.-gi . - U: ley, , ' 1 2JfEf.mw ' 4 ,J , pt Q, 'Il ' K 1 1 , fgfifffn sx 1 . -1- J-W A J R ,, ,ww Y ,V A A ' ' -4 ,fum - "tw 'N t ' ' ,fr fl tw' yi 1 q ., , M Z. I ' f Q l r 1 l . . 5 ' K 5 , W 5-. y - . , : : , , , , , A 5 4 . 1, ' ,V . ' t V es van 4 r W 1 ,ay lohn Loqsdon lr Paul Cowan Handy Helpers 4 f' fa, 6 7' i . fv- ' 5 ' X Cecilia Castro at ' it ix I Lrg' 'I v Gloria Ducote, Penny Orr a loann Nicolet, Thamir Abdulahad, Lupe Ortiz .,,,,,,,, Bobbie Mmlqmm Margaret Aqundes, Patrictia Flo lrene Pash Penny Deutli 'VI fn. lan Parnell ' if Fred Fierro fl .X Batoul Abdulahad, Sylvia Neal 1-4 Margo Clements Thinh Quang Thai Rene Stewart Verna Nicolet lanzki Maize ACTIVITIES Freedom To Assemble vp. ASSEMBLIES ASSEMBLIES ASSEMBLI sv 3? d?l"-. 140 V .Fig firm., X . S ASSEMBLIES ASSEMBLIES ASSEMB WIMC' 'X t1 4 S W fm ' My tm W 8 gf" 1 111 A ft Za 141 The Best In Their Field Quy Nguyen - Foreign Language: Quy, a lunior, is an incredibly talent- ed and versatile student of foreign language. Coming to the United States from Vietnam at age 7, Quy quickly picked up English, then pro- ceeded to learn Spanish and French. She has already completed four years of Spanish and three years of French. With this ability in foreign languages and many other subjects, Quy's tu- ture is limitless, Vince Ancona - Science: Vince is one of the brightest and most innova- tive students the science department has ever had. Taking every science course available to him in his four years at ECVHS, Vince's inquisitive- ness and dedicated work have brought him a background of know- ledge sure to be extremely beneficial in his future. 142 Chris Stein - Math: Chris was select- ed as the outstanding math student by a unanimous vote of the math de- partment faculty. l-le has been the top student in every math class since his freshman year. Chris has also been the leader of the math team for the past year. As a Senior, Chris is taking Calculus, a college level math course. '45, 5 ' ,Q QL . is , -ir-J, Q ,ai 1 ., .57 Y A " -ft-- 1 - i 'I .151 if'-.. .. 1: "- " t t vlti fi' A Y , A 6 f tt' - Vi, A Ipggx 5 rl, I 9 . t, ,ZA ' A , Cathy Mclivilly - Performing Arts: As an actress, Cathy is extremely versa- tile, doing both dramas and musicals. Her most important role in the drama department, however, is running the show as a stage manager. Cathy has beenxan integral member of the per- forming arts department for the past two years, ,- ...ff--it, if Chris Stein - Social Science: Chris is an asset to the Social Science class- room in the ideas that he brings to discussions. I-lis written work also re- flects his perception and his ability to see what is important in a particular issue. Chris is well-informed and in- quisitive, two of the most important attributes for those studying historical and political problems. Katarzyna Korcyka - English As A Second Language: Kathy will be an honor grad even though she has been studying English less than two years, President of the multi-cultural club, Kathy is one of the most enthusi- astic students on campus, always maintaining a deep concern for her fellow students. Charles larman-English: Charles has demonstrated a consistently superior level of comprehension of literature and of outstanding writing style. Cre- ativity and compassion are also ex- hibited in his reliably excellent work. Rick Napier-Industrial Arts: Rick has taken a number ol industrial Ed. courses and done well. He is also the type of person that is willing to help others if they need help. ln general he's a good guy to have around. EX Michelle Gillpatrick-Art: Michelle does outstanding work in all areas of art. Her finished canvasses reflect a beauty that represents the excellence of a skillful artist. Michelle plans to pursue a careeriin the art field. 1 L l 4 . ' loyce Belkonen-Girls' PE.: loyce, a lunior, is one of our finest physical education students. She takes as many activities as possible and is suc- cessful in all. Q QS- IX Sheryl Truehart-Home Economics: Sheryl is always a pleasant, dedicated student who willingly helps others and extends herself beyond all re- quirements. She is a smiling, happy addition to Home Ec. classes. "He has achieved success who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had." Bessie Anderson t . I 2,31 I ...ZW .... -W . E , w MW I . A "' .un sf Z: M K "th 'M ' ' " Manuel Zamora-Boys' PE.: Manuel works superbly with other students, They look to him for leadership. He is positive with everyone, and in every situation. Manuel leads by example. x Lorie Williford-Business Education: Lorie has taken accounting, secretar- ial, and computer classes in Business Education while at El Cajon Valley High School, She is a mature, respon- sible, and reliable person who dis- plays courtesy and ability in all her involvements. Wdkw- .... ,- ..- 'Wanna 3 u...v--""'M'p'T Wx: 'uf 2 af' ,f , K. Q, Q .,.: J ggi: fe- 5 GL kai 46 "El Cajon Is , Varsity 'swf in ,, VY 101' V Q in In LfA' 4. V ,L-n, , my N .W U sf- -VQI V ' ix, ' :' Jili . 7 ' ,, - V Brave Ray Peermisi, Lisa Lmclcn, Lisa Biarmco, Sdbrma Mci!'il,1fDX, Tfdffi Iohuswn, Nobuko Riley. Cause Won't Do! Cheer. Yi". 'M . I M V f. f :fwfr-9 M r 'SWTWMQ e e V nw m -fe ya ' 'M f Q ig ia' fm ,, n Suzanne Accorsi, Krisiin IVIc:Caslin, Tammy Corvinus, Mary Thompson, cilrea Siwne, Squaw Iennetie Alexander. C- ..,,,.,..,e,,., ,. ..,.,,-...- I ,..,-v-"" W A An- X -mx f.!, J kk, R 630 1.., . is is sf ' hx 341 .1-gg I lr I - 3 . 'Q N , f. ' V, ,V -I A, 1 , . - .vr 5 Leg h V ' N -sf W, v N L x f ' - 0 il ' 'ZW ' 72,0 ,Q A M A 1 4 - . L ' , . at t v Qu? 150 J V Cheer FRONT ROW: Rayffll liiriclerim, Wnirifli Horiffy, l.1sa Gaiiiifi, Kimi liiilcifr. tiltfli RCDW: fyiletiiiiifi lifirivoniloirh lfiiiiie llillllfli i Cftie-ri Belle--ville, Diane lloolf-, Eight dedicated sophomore girls leaped through the assemblies with great erithiisiasm this year? The squad also pertormed in all lV games, arid iri promoting spirit. The IV cheerleaders also helped to draw run-throughs tor the IV football games. lV Cheer had a busy and very successtul year. WP Lf' X, 0 CAM 1 PUS 5 K 53 px N,:.,,A., A .5- Sw i'!Qf R ' -3, H "' -'.-W X f v- A A? n4ymuWQwHwWf, ?mm,wwWQWNw,q A W 1,. 1 .4 i x .fl ' . is - ' L. 1 l i n g ,lf ma- KXQI, . I il' . ' f ' Q" ,-f 'V X E-Yfi . '- n ' Q. i' 4-'wxxgvw P ' XJ ' . yogi "" L, ' f S4 av f:a, Q5h -wf Q . 'gf A A A ,I , A, b A, D I ,A D, A , ,. , X Q . "1 I' '-23 .Lt P 'ff' my Y'?k-lx in 5" X5 Mix X4 I ",':":'." AM 1 V 'N ,J H -AA' ff W ,:' 2-,T 9. -A 4. ' i- my 4 if 'ffm ' "wg, - A Q0 i r, I, j . V LV Y up 'x -nw' b. ,Jil 11 Y' i .J h li - ,wx 1, ,V ' ' . +- if X 4 fx X" ' X ' - ff'1+Q--1 -1 fx 6 ff . ' ' 45 ". ' ' gs- YY! sw ' 1- . X .'ii.'-'-f-1',v'b-- 'Q '- v. A A "K .A N - 1,.- ' 1. if -33 A X ' 1 w ,iv iw' arglnju., ru, 4. -P M - X 5 ,A X y fhf-XJ. fi . ,,. S i N , Pg V .1 1-H.'!2"' """ Q A--. A ' ' - " . 1 4. , A.' ' ' .s V xf"'.AT im' ' 1 s ' f aw. M Qi! 4 ' ' , .A ,'- 41:1 V ' ' . Q- A, ,I A 6 , ' m - Y- y, - P' J -. ' ,H K X ' , YQ "JJ 'NN.w,,, ' 5-ii 6, " K , mx 5 W - ff- A ' A A N H 'f 3, 4, wwf , - ,A 4?-: 1 1 ,N ., W lk,-PS! X ., A .Q Al I ESQ A - I Ty, A A Y I EL Lt: AXA A, 1' ' . B' i W Mi F Q ak' I x Q hx ' P v "' X F x 5 J ,Af N i .A -Q... A' -M us' ' Nj 1 J, frlzifqfwrj-., VAPVALAN fy. ....tA.HmE,m ,H kixsx, , HA 1lt!,"' F .,'.1' 4 ..",, , gm '- -.J-p." ", thx ,, .N N ' J . . f' 'xx-in . -5-I In 1"'1A- ., -ve? .-,. KH 'KY'-T'-314 x 1 wx-, N-6 A ' T,'T."s.5-N.'T' H1 vsifri--,1a'f' 'Y ' 4 2 lv.: " :Nw A ., Aw .-At' ff NA - f-.wr -fa-ew "-ff ff,1A Af ' 3 ' X M?g,xQ4ir in ML QU! -AA'-iv vA -T5-Kahn -fx ' ,- Ay. A. X V xi . "J ' xy V l If ,7A-Tp9gw'::-' A I X lf' K 'xl W Qui" 6 x xiii'-T. , H- 'YM -Az-5 ' If " 1 X gg X Q . A 6-.A . 1 A K 1, A i-55:9 , nqxxkv A A w "??sf?aigA-. A " 1' ' ' 'ff list: f 3 ".'e'S3' . K A 4 ' A4-in qghu. V ,.g,4.?,M A n x ' '-A3 . L, 'V 1: A. ,A . N HAM.. x .. , H , .-...,Ag',,f f A 7 Y 2 ' "" L, - - v . ' 5 N ' ' A H, , 1 1 , ' Q X e1 ,YW . .i 4 A ,. A -Q -A , , 1- Q' - L-.L " 1 A , i 'Q xv A I . ' 4 ' - Q f- , 1 D xA I ' 4 ' A J -v-Ex f L A A Q Q I V F A A . Q if 4 4 ' ' . 1 9 k r, -V l . A4 W 1 n I ,on A L, ,J tiff' X - I 'K t ,x 4 . ' 455, ' 'Z . . A , ' W .-A. W ' --- - -gh? 2 AA 3 ' A , .5 v Ai . I f 5' I ., A X' in 'A 4 wh. 1 ' 1 'AMI I E :A N X sl A X A ' - ' ' I L. ' ,f A V '- - .- - Lf- , K AZT,-fl-'S- . ,ff L 1, L :- - 5, 4 Q ig A "' 5' D ' ff -Q F. I V " I 91: -1 '-' 'f ' s 'K "" I li I I sf 9 l 1 QS N. X xx , 1 f -.x ., ..,. .,.. E Q , I N 3' X f X 1 1 , , S Y K 5-www 3 . V,,, 1 - Q ggi? 5 x 3 . K 5 so PX 3 , , , I . . fx .. Q 'K S WJ I I .aww in 3' A-. NYX Mix L gg 7 1 'Q 'Wi 6' lm 'Wi ,ENV Q A ...T 4 W, I 'QSWNHQ' ,m iw , -. r ,, 9 V4 H211 Smoke Signal Burns On Mrs. Venieris Advisor . wi .,:t,,x f' 7 .v Fx ,- , if if The presses kept rolling everyday during fourth peri- od in room twenty four. This year, with a highly quali- fied staff, our school newspaper, The Smoke Signal, provided many ex- cellent editions. Qnce a month the students of E.C.V.l-l.S. looked for- ward to the publishing of The Smoke Signal. This year there were five editors, who assigned the lay- outs. The paper consisted of four pages: news, editorial, feature, and sports. A dedicated staff of eighteen students interviewed, wrote, proof- read, photographed, and delivered the news of E.C.V.l-l.S. to keep the student body informed. Academic Decathlon This team ot nine dedicated students competed in a county-wide competition consisting ot six written tests, an essay, a prepared and impromptu speech, an interview, and a superquiz. Advanced Placement Students involved in the AP Club worked hard all year in tundraisers such as a bake sale to earn money tor their English Exam in May. Aquatics The Aquatics club is a new club on our campus. lt is composed ot the outstanding swimmers and water polo players. Their purpose is to help develop a more enlightened approach towards the two sports. a . vo-. rl! 1 as Mr, Landau l Mrs. Venieris X ,. , fu. , lx: S Coach Sanchez Clubs -W gun ,Had " n Campus -71 P Wy? f 3 my -" 'rar I 5 ,vw 'f - fyf , -,AA Mr. Roberts 'NX 17 -L5 J V , 2 fr c EL n FP x ,v iw . . -Milk Mrs. Fountain Mr. Duff Blackfriars Blackfriars are members of the Drama Department who excel in this field. To be in Blackfriars you must obtain 25 points by appearing in various drama productions. California Scholastic Federation CSF is a scholarly group dedicated to community involvement and charity work. The requirements for membership are ten points on a final report card, with A's being worth 3 points and B's being worth l. Campus Life Campus Life, a youth service organization, participates in numerous activities that help its members to grow in human fellowship. G.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization dedicated to organizing sports banquets, earning money tor various equipment, and tor promoting girls' athletics. House of Represen ta ti ves The House ot Reps. consists ot students from period two classes ot E.C.V.H.S. The main concern ot this group is to intorm ASB. ot the students' opinions and concerns at El Cajon. I-Club The "I" Club, the international friendship club on our campus, helped to promote the A.F.S program this year and aided new students in adjusting to the United States culture. Ms. lohnston Mr. Baker if W TM M, 3 , V 1 Q, a' " ' A x 7 E, 5 Mr. Hartung Key Club The Key Club, a service organization at E.C.V.H.S., provides many services for the elderly and unfortunate ot San Diego. Key Club has been sponsored by the Kiwanis Club ot El Cajon tor l2 years. Lettermen Qs Club The l..ettermen's Club consists ot male, varsity students from E.C.V.l-l.S. They meet once a year to plan and participate in the Donkey Basketball game. Ma th Team Coached by Mr. Winn, the Math Team worked two lunches a week in order to prepare themselves properly tor the math league contests. M ultj-C ultural Club The Multi-Cultural Club is composed ot all the nationalities and cultures on our campus. They strive to create a better atmosphere ot understanding tor students at E.C.V.l-l.S. by sponsoring a week in May called Multi- Cultural Week. Pep Club The Pep Club provides enthusiasm and excitement at Various activities by cheering and raising spirit throughout the year. P.E.P. "Program to Encourage Potential" is a program tor Chapter l students and is supported by Chapter l. P.E.P. club's purpose is to explore leadership, extra-curricular activities and careers. The Senate The Senate consists ot club presidents ot all the clubs and organizations at E.C.V.l-TS. The Senate's main tunction is to help in organizing the Homecoming and to coordinate the activities ot the organizations on Campus. Thought Thought magazine is the literary magazine at E.C.V.H.S. Thought produces a yearly publication that consists ot art, photography, poems, and short stories trom students at El Cajon. Ski Club The purpose ot the Ski Club is to teach students how to ski and provide them an opportunity to ski. Coach Feil, the club advisor, sponsored a trip to Mammoth and two or three to Snow Summit during the year. Mn dbreakers Windbreakers is one ot the new clubs at E.C.V.H.S. Their interests include track and cross country running. PERFORMING ARTS Freedom To Express i nuts" 98 P l. . A N "Drama" 4 s x Q- Q-19849 172 Concert Band I In Tune 1. ni 1 N UM. is Q? vs ,qw- "' .f 5 rf, Front Row: loe Streeper, Patrlcxa Camp, Minh Do, Laura Thompson, Llnda Cnminqs, Angle Calre, lletdl Wlnqers, Laura Fllas, Cyndi Cairo, Laura Call, Ralelqh Evans, Carrie Walls Back Row: left lohnson, Loren Davis, Austin Davxs, lon Aycock, Slove Elias, Rtch llartanfw, Delores Roclnquez, Ion Claar,V1ncentCaSazza,lames Claar, lon Martin, Scott Goodmqht, Mr. F1nn1n,lames Spear Not Pictured: Ken Cfreel, Steve Cruul,l?1clmrd F1sher,Ion Galloway, Ray Penmsi, Cynthxa Waters ,,,, .,.. ,,., Bass and Percussion i The French Horns and Trumpets ww. The Trombones The Flute section Saxophones 1 I 1 tt fi 1 4 at Iason Boettcher, Christie Side W , bottom, Steve Spraqqins, Janis ti 1 Kierstead Ui 1 V 2' 'f Q-E -as ,.., ,..,, .,, , 4 A f Pep Band f 0 l X. The Clarinet section The Band Marches Home Winning ,,,,, .., ,, , W -- f , , ' A 7 VT .MT y., in ' s-...NM Q 1 1 ,W A ..-M' ,M f V .NK A -,N Q' ,Mpf-I.. A, I I I ii'--I 'X1X.! .' I., ,tn ,,,t' ,M- Wrr ,. W Front Row: Ioe Sireeper, Raleigh Evans, Carrie Walls, Lara Call, Cindy Caire, Laura Elias. Back Pow: Patricia Camp, Cynihia Waters, lon Claar, Minh Do, Linda Com- inqs, Laura Thompson, Anqelique Caire 4 Front Row: Delores Rodriguez, Steve Elias, Rick Fisher, Dovi Gil-l-lar, left lohnson, lon Martin. Rack Row: Christie Sidebottom, Vince Casazza, Richard Hanano, Glenn lordan, Scott Goodnight, lanis Kierstead, lames Claar, Craig Chmiel ,r Q Q . Band Director, Mr, Robert Finnin The 1983 edition of the Marching Band was an out- standing success. The band proudly returned to El Ca- jon with two first place tro- phies from the La Habra Field Show Competition and the San Dieguito Coast- al Field Show Tournament. The sound produced by the band had quality and their performances always drew applause from the crowd. They were very respected not only at El Cajon Valley but throughout the District. To add variety to their per- formances, the Band often featured solos on trumpet by left lohnson, Cindy Gaines, and Dovi G-il-Har, and marimba solos by Drum Major, lon Martin. With the many freshmen who joined the group this year, the Band also has a lot to look forward to in future years of competition. mini M ii ui limnattion Martin Assistant Drum Major, loe Streeper Band President, Cynthia Waters Elias Drill learn C iptain, Melissa Stayton w 2' ' ' . ' 1 l, TWU mer pxmeld hsiep Flaqflianncr Captain, Qpecialty Presiclen lenny Malloian l Marching Leaders Lead To Victory it -13 Fla Lieutenant Kim Wood W, ""-"""' Q f , i snn W 1 . ' ' A N"-"i Q" , 'S 4' A 1 ' - Sf ls N i., V' Ka ,QM 5. X 11? 'tl ti l 'ji'-L 4 3, , My 'kk A -S' K ' l' , .. .W , .::l.., , t -M K' I . M We 54 x ' U... 1 X ,Q 'A , ,t -i.. f , rw. ,rf 'ja X -rf ew, i1:ffjf".' . Drill Lieutenant, Vice-ljresiclent, Shana Secretary, Wendy Chapman Specialty Corps Performs With Style r Q Front Row: Pamela flstep, Melissa Stayton, Wericiy Chapman, Back Row: Kim Vlfootl, lenny liflalloain, l lwidi Wingers Not Pirfturetlz Dusty Freeinan, Shana Baker This years Specialty Corps, eon- sisting of the drill team and tall flags during field shows and the banner during parade marching, was an out- standing success. At La Habra field show competition, the drill placed fourth and the flags placed fourth, and at the San Dieguito Coastal Field Show Tournament the drill placed first and the flags placed second. The Specialty Corps started strong in numbers but due to many reasons shrank to only nine menbers. Despite their small size the Specialty Corps was still able to come home each weekend with a trophy and a lot of pride. Advisor, Kris Arnold 5-1 'D . '. Q ,,,' :K . . Q31 - 'W ,gt N x Q X ,X X f f vi ' ri 7 awry F1 521' f? ,r .- 159' V9-X A I., A s wsayrvk 1. ,Q 63 N, ' ' f-- 5 5? ' "f.f -W .. MT 'mf 'J 2 1 - W f f - , K. -fm ' , Q I , v Q ' Lg. u ta F Til' 'L R A ' A K, 17,1 . 46 -1 . , . AZ'.f"' , ' I W U nf, , X U. 4 Q P ,xx . H s . u .- ,.: in ' 2.4 . 0 -' i,:.- S. x 1- Q1 ' 1 ' ' NN y 'wi ' 1 fl' I' ' ' 1 '- 'iK Y mf WH ' " ' '- - fo as ' 'G 1 . ' , 1 y ,, 4, A . gh IG" Rf, JE ' -X A 'wa?y ' L . . V K fi Ihl ! Y : I R 'AJ X . nga' it ne A lu Q V ' 'I Vi, ul A b if M gl A Us , -be l I ,V , ' - fx A - 41, Q x f TL' jI X St- I I A-, x- -, in l...L ' Q.. " fr -I O-in L Tk., , k fQ7ff' xf , f 1 , D I L- ' . K . H f" 5 ' Jin" I h E - -"'- xx- if ,K , , fs I it I N A .il H :E 3 U , 'fzexg - f 'Qi FN i ry u . P- . g . A ,Q F- 1' fir., 'A 1 , If """"f"" JA! ,sf ., 0 I gh W ., -6' 2 I ,A , X' i x ' v -', , .ww Q . 4 I ,fm Q A .. X +A.. . V I ' '04 .l . . f N..L::f'N'-., ,,... , Q ., , Q F - ' 3 - . .wif ' f fn' 4- , - V+". r- 4f,,Kf. 'N?' .- .f 1- .fm J 7'W'If' ff? i7".f""q,- T WI' bfi' '. F' 1 - 4 ' v ,,,,,.., , P'-grlq 1 '-4' ' 'p Wvak' 'NI ' 1 xr. ' 'V . r w -f I-A ,.-I-,Q 4. H L V N ,J , A IF . I . X l A f . . . , , I Tifil i - H if , 1.-4,4 J N .1 . , , 4 I l "' 'J . ' "1-X' .... . ,J.. ' "4 ,Q f Q OL I E ' K: -.-V -1 9 4 rf' 'fi "X Q Q , fi? L 5 - Q-if A fy ' -24 wg Q.. ,bww -'Qs N1 3 Q, 6' eb H .4 HS, Ns ' ff I , ' "" . ' t 'rs' ' 1 A . Q ,V V nj -, V Av 4 4 Q wil wQ fm1 W i - A, - Gi' Af. - n L 1. .,. Mgmt , 3 ,, ' ' '41 ss. , ina. Uk pg tiff!" 3.225335 ' - f' ' 1.53 MQ., . Y . lar, J., F ig. - . F. F Q H , Q xxia QL T' W ,Al ' .1 5 " Nr 1 'I' ' ' 1 'v g.A.w'-3 X W .2 1- -Qu ..,-.... Xt: 1 , . 1 " T 'lf X W v .Q V . ' "Wg-qgL'::H' :Q 'a+-,ff ary' l .- ' Wham? , A , 35:7 k Q: l im. 'A ,Af ' ' X h M, nx x il. - K h 1' "" J. gl. 8 J! U Nil' ' ' 'I ' Q f NF, -, A Y, V . , ' 'ff' ,,,' -' L:.E'f's, AA . ,U Q7-f-,,,1 p fits- if ' iq -V .Ar ,SQ "'-W-.,Q.','-.-,,-'f1..3 f -A " 'z ' if -up-N 11 Y -l chiirn X af 4 ' X ix L ff' "'. 32? 3 ' '- ..- : 4 g E L ,.-' 'Q X 1 4 li - 1 . . - ' , f nga f f W 5 1 lp , , 5! ' ' 'Q' as H- -w r , M- .-1 3 I .s his . I., .f. J Y Q . ' I K-,MINI ig .Ti.:,-- .vs ak f 'J ' .I Efrw . 'Lgwl ' .A f ,M ev W vw Q, Qs... '- " ' 0 4.XI'1:-:3:'.r1' , "' .v,3.mML KJV 4 n'g,1nu"' T 7 T K F 7 I 5 Rm: .',m- 1 f W ? . M t" o ,H "V . 1 N Q' YL, ll JOVXJ 566, :S'qY-005, St YSQPQYSI T 1 QIQCNQJOO-Y,jQnd Cnvpfe 'lhanks For a.Il, in qoUiQTgp1j,Qlg+O.QC,lmQ,?Q?! E Q . 5 Kun Q Af Qs.. .0 - LJUU 'fx 'HUC bflmd ' T1fwericlmq?mQL,Zf'3' Lu su Era lsr , QQ-3CufwS+ gnni 7 QQ' Q i dmwn ha we Tnbpigwf 5 H S-DW? 6lennb MQW, aQs:Qmq1,L+ Q L---gg---L-U C163 Cohfjmgjfemb Wall, A L bool mi, H gj:L0iNCnVY1i?15?O5? Love Za, ino4Ln?4swa+ZyiOc43n3f3Untf"1jf 7 OC vhemaohxfj new buoy fuck it mah, Ljwvg E67- 7LAQ ZJW7 .WM,7Zo, CO' OUWLKQS' bemkgb ngfghqjgtgg, iigtwkigsfi Hnal Ld' fri ZZJIJJ Mvpowmd Nlflggrcglgwm M Icgqegdvol me Sus ou-xr clrfgiqvgs Q ' OHITT " IN ' ' 1 -AM'f7-VVd'0'1U" Qiuad 05182-ss'-1eE0.,'fc E5ff5'g?ifQlve'+7Sx2La 139-...QQ-'Q 377 ' QQJWMJMV Quad' 0111001 ware, M QUIK' YIOUSL-h"'M. --'fhf 'wwf-Jw NOENSDES Ein Times' muki2LUPoC"ar?1ib2iiq Corn 5660141 MMDB- u.., OU O. way? I "9rc0Li'. El ' Sow, QNVO ' QV Kamp V001 hm N MWQFQ5 Qgilxj if COMSI-Elie 1 'M N Win i3'.1JC1c1..r'xL+5aQ M My AWXMW mum, 7, VLLJ. - O ffl ' YOU NE 0 OHM 1i2.fQQ1 Q??kf 306' -H13 OPEUGK SOO Mjrfwanks QJFEJQF f w Kkbfw my M46 Qixuwvnankfa r rom 'TW rw Y OU A S+oXy+wf,, Qxpoi +011 SHNQ, gmel wo. 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Tl-lFNl!f EQ 0.14.5 Pon 14 625,91 q veg 1 L00b V00 lONfY1 TE IE Q IQWIEUZ ip Levi HW 6' C1N19yQ,4uJ,5 I . 4 s. I 1 ' 0 Q2 Q A . N X xx BQ'NO?99Jf mv W . X 'x 'N OV, 'Q UQMWXV WMSSQGY N5 gp QP X Q. Qs Ebgfff BASF N. MV' ' 0 WL Qy WAWV ,Zoom gwmczf 18.47, ll wwmwlfw Wiw0JfXQ,dCff0Q A37 UWC9, PQLKXIQKCXXQPA joe., Incbol Chas, MA I SOG., .Z-+15 been O. lorxcb Ll 7160A-5 and OXQRW Fm- Qi uofafve u -n Quiz Qi' Here xi 0-has , Good 'QQXK ou QAAMESS E3YQg1G354Nzen7k5 RNS. Qwukmcm, df . QQINLCXLUQ. Prmemd f:O:gQVQf?3 LJQH ga-AA, 'N-50, K.,-ak o. EOF, I-.32 14448 Sg,.,.AL Agacy 45-x.e,g, we wi Sox--Ng L54- m.JQ,..ome wakg ri: 21.3 I FORGET WHFFT EIGHT WAS FOR. BUTJXHNE WAS FOR A 'L-O S5 CAUSE. AMD 'Lg-M! AMD 35 TEM, wr'-X3 F0331 EvERYTHlMC'J , Eyergwl TH UV6! .WSW ,Jaw if 1 Sf -has 'rf-A-'fgafarff -xwzaw :vw 1.rg::,' f M if ,M -.""'jl Q, s-5 ,, 15' r,f,1.g,A '13-H "fl, ,'A-R,gi3?L,3'-f":'E'ff4k klfwl-2 J-RQ, Jf337?+b'?!3f17Cl5 WQM . ,Sf i aqmhkf 'ZKUXI-4 Y '- V ' ,.: 'W' 1' M , vi S, . 'S 'wwf SEATED: leanette Sherman, Lyn- nae Roth, Vivian Rawls, Susan Brawner, Kimberly Baker, leanne Omahen, Elissa Linden, laqueline Brown. STANDING: Tammy Cor- vinus, Christina Santana, Nobuko Riley, Diane Curley, Cindy Aiken Suzanne Accorsi, Kristine Ben- nette, Beverly Brushaber, Cathy Scherkenbach, Karen Sercelj, Wendy Wright, Shawna Good- pasture, Dorothy Belkonen, Kelly Northcutt, Kristine Bowhall. The theme for the El Ca- jon Valley Dance Company ot 1983-84 was "Dance is a Class Act." This year's hard-working and selt-disciplined dance company ot twenty-three girls, was led by choreo- grapher Wayne Tibbets and teacher Cindy Aiken. The Christmas Assembly and the Spring Concert were two ot the perfor- mances that made this year's Dance Company a success. 183 1 Wqfgff E30 A ' Sa: XX N A 8 Q 1 'hifi s K f.15w:z2gf4:aVW K 01 L ' arf 'Q f qw Vqrifiliiif' 'filth I' 1- ffl, -Qffkim' -11. f, wi: X . lm l 1 g , K WIS. . L . A ,.., . xr fx WX f 1 1 1' X s f Q5 X! 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A I, !!,,. .- ,ffm '21 'Lf i"' mi , S,, I 1 T ,Mn J V E f .Qi Y, iv t. il 1 fi 1 . -J . A ' ' ,- ' 4 - i, 6 1 ' . , M 3 m-pw iv?-,-.Y ' 4' ak V ,. I .al ,L A ,ggi I , 1 .. 'L V1 3 ' -- fig " ' 'E ' A- -if N W Ad K W ,, ,, N G ,,,. . , H - . ' W N . rr ' V CY . J' X 'i N V1 A ,Q , A, .- , 2 i 11 Front Rowi Howard Moss, Adam Horton, Tim Zaleski, Mai! Fllioii, David Wfilkor, Cfiiiivk Sfiimoiid, Randy Paiiersoii. Middle Row: Todd Thomas, Wes Hayes, H. Ieiikins, i,firic,:1,e Frarik, im: Saridrmval, Keeiiii fiippy, lfiriwss Biqiiilfiri. iifivk Row: Hill Uilvy, Rick Tracey, Kevin Corin, Keri Moran, Miko Moody, Tim Vilmfield, Rick Momma '--. "'T"'W'WT-M-'M-sa-lima?-'M--MM-My-iwmw-W-T..W...--..s..,-. - i of . M Q' i 't ' ., ' A tx. X KL, .1 I :W .. - Y ,fe EJ mga-r ., W' v- I ' Km. ,. I rl, 1"- nt its H rt ' V , 4, luv Xp- s- Q i :J 1. Front Row: Pat Craw, lason Carter, Chris Mc Cain, limmy Contreras. Middle Row: Robert Llanos, Wayne Ritayik, lett Rundle, Rex l?odda, Pete Meza, David Platt. Back Row: Miko Hillenbrand, Kurt Langwortliy, Paul lvlirmingos, Ricky Napier, Steve Mc Clure. Although Coach Gene Watkins' tirst year at El Cajon was not a suc- cess in terms ot wins and losses, it surely will be a memorable one tor him. ln tuture years, when Coach Watkins' Braves are a power in the Grossmont League, he can look loack upon a group ot players who retused to listen to their constant criticism, and had pride enough not to quit. The varsity team maintained its enthusiasm and intensity throughout the year, and when the season reached its low point, team spirit attained its peak. The school can be proud ot this year's team, tor the attitude it kept will be a stan- dard tor future years to come. ...J Front Row: lvlichelle lacobs, Coach Cowan. Back Row: Head Coach Gene Watkins, Coach Pete Flores. 187 R 4 ,pf 'fuw N - I 6 P- : . 31 .Z,,...,1, , .12 7 K I , yy Xu , ,A ,..k H 1390 'lv' ' I M . ,Y 'z e -- "'1v?4"'g1. 'Q :fg Q 2 " . Y Vav . . .A , A, ff - , X. - 1 ., 1 ' 1 I f 'Yu W 5 ., my 1 1 W ' M ...Q Q 4? 4 if 1 ,al r tg . W ak U f , ,v 'L , j .- C7 dj! 'M I if W R11 P If X N 'Q I , , ' 1 ,, I - , wt I 4, I .. 1 . I L, A . 5 Y, W "i nf' QQWH J' 'wi Z -1+ if '2 - 'f www "' ,van .Q .Q S.. A+ W ' - N nc ik '- , g AL' gay: Q J :alfa y Q A ,W Q M., A 1 YZ, 4 , xv W -, lf v if . if 'G' in J' 9 sigh -:V W ASQ' 'Y 'F me J M' f-. 1 ,f I 4 4 xg 1" ' 'I'-4 254-Eff ' M JW 'Q M- ' ' I' , Nwvwz 1 :.1..1lf-tywmwll' lm l'fIYl'Xf' r1Nlw1yww1rm1y.nr1 iff , I ffx I f if a 0 Q if KJM ,, 1 1 5 l1"'I 111 1uy.1,y1,u:si1lll1.n."- n rmmli--1' tw .1- '1 fn- H' 5 ' Ts' r ' 2 555- r . 9 ta' -1.16 ? i .ag 12. 32' 1 + ff, GP' may :za . M51 V I A., 1 ' . 2 W Q w afiffjkia 'P f , ybmiy 1:1 + Il Hu bd S , y Belkcnen Debbie Creenfielrl Tru y Alexander, Mary Ruprich, Amy llillen- inrl Lori Willilcrd C,liIlSllY11 Q inlani lody llofing, lVlary Kf'ffU'Y19Y- The El Cajon Valley Braves volleyball team, once again, had a successtul and exciting season. Leading the team tc victory was re- turning all-league player Amy Hillen- brand, who sparked the team on ottense with powerful hits and Debbie Green- tield displayed great accuracy in pass- ing, hitting, and serving. it -'wa 'far 9 tj Q, y N., if i... J -. -- 4, N U M -' Q!-'s 2 ri? , lllim 'ng 's-2HZ,...' lv gg ...vfw 1, ,.,.,4.':' 1 , i. . i v -it l 1 I 1 - 3 - 1, '.. With only tour returning players, Miss l. laced a rebuilding year this year. But through dedication, hard work and en- thusiasm, the team kept their poise even though they did not achieve the win toe tals ot previous ECVHS Field Hockey squads. With the year ot experience gained, next season should he very promising. 'Q A-ti. f Kg Q Y A ,- "Q1,wif': M A i.i'imsmYGs'vwa3 W nw", W ,f gi v 'mlilltllllt' A " ' 'LGESUBM 'i ' rw M an j',,,Tf N x 'va ' F . 9 me Wi lm ' 4 -an . ' F:':'e. W' x FS. H n Q' vw J 4. ww . Jul M " rr f A 3 r 2 L, 5 . W. , 1 Q., mf' W X L, . 3' M v wi n 5 1 t.. I mm W vm W I ig ua m 1 ,A , . , . . ,M i . 5. w an JZ ls 4- .. J- ., N N.. - r- w 'L' M 'llllulwym turf' V 4'0" ' t '- v WN N W" 14 -"i.un'm4 W ' . f, W it L . Mix-..q,1,ff" ' fs. ,, ii ' , " tw l S N. .. , Ania, mga' .Lv ii ' Front Row: Kathy Rhoades, Tammy llhonipson, Virginia Punilta, Kini Allen, lJvLn'.i lfriemuta, Christina Sanchez. Back Row: Barloara Reed, Ainiwe Wiibi-tr', Anihwr Ki'-i-il LeAnn l.arnian, Mary Nolte, Cwhelle Brown, Not Piwtiiierlz Qaniantlm li PIIUEG nun l 'Na i y . .. s . . , 1 at . , Way- , ' 4. GQ , , J .IQ . ,wg 1 w ' . H " ' . . lt 1 H A r W f 'iw . ' A if .gy U' i it -- ,,,:i'-x- V., M lx fx , W W j flfi, l .ll t l M 'lun-vm ,.1-imlwx H ff? Lk H 3 W vii hi '1uuov"'X1- V l 'm ww- , . , F - , IM f I' Mm Q gym it 1 H.. .N . .5 ,, i ' .fx ,hm if J ' t' ' " 1' H tv. f ,T A . V ,, . ., , . 1.4 I -l ,:, , 4.,, I - tl ' ' ' ' 2 ' '11 5.":'g . JJ Samir" mf? L tl - r . W . PQ it 4 ,, . ww fftsggm-'H ,fn-1. YT sages , ' I .- - ..' " .. , a,...h i'.g,,,g':24 ,M ,- ' ',, . I. - . ,-f. , -L-,' o Q ' X 1-"W "' H ".'1 , ' f Q , En , I ., ,W I fx' AA . , ,, Y :::',p. 4' ' H s N , " . .-.fix ' l ' - ,P Tv: "'i",, V 5- i H' i ,... M vm ,. . , . , - A . 5 . . , - y . A - ., N rl Hyqyix K ,V I-qty! 7. ,.-, , i-Liv ,-,yn 5 AL..Mf.1g., ' , 1- K U KJ A g 5 1'r-iwif . A H AL' W . ' -Q ' few! V ng V '-, . ""l'z:f 4 -A ' -- ' all 1' v A '5 i-f'.""j'-is-W , - . 'f'fW'l'l'lll . l " 'll - ' ' ll . V ' fw'g1"f.w " 2 -i'L,,Q... ,. I-lo CD I'-' Q CD 1+ "S lulo T .I DD SSS SOI1 98. S E E KE E P VBS TS. B 92 Mg. 3 iff, ,.p3,,, ,, gf l I VY . Visa. " ' .Aw Front Row: lf,iras,l9iit,ris, Sisto Garcia, Keith Rule, Bo Steinbach, lirnmy Goswivlc, Dee Williamd Back Row: Paul Mirininligos, Mike l-lillenbranni, Darrin Smith, Coach Delqado, lames Wood "Moose", Robert l.lano,-si Mike l-laylord. Led by new coach Richard Delgado, Wrestling started the season out right with a great Win over Grossmont. The team showed real talent and dedica- tion. The close ties between the players made the season enjoyable as well as success- ful. Grossmont Valhalla Helix . Monte Vista Mt. Miguel El Cap Granite Hills Santana si' . ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS 33-36 53- 18 27-41 19-50 27-39 39-33 34-39 39-36 193 Boys Varsity Basketball Q 0 sv, ' . 51' af ks C X X . X Ls 5 I, 3. C 5 i t . BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL EL CAION 49 SANTANA EL CAION 52 GROSSMONT EL CAION 68 VALHALLA EL CAION 59 EL CAP EL CAION 51 VALHALLA EL CAION 58 GRANITE HILLS EL CAION 41 HELIX EL CAION 'IO SOUTHWEST EL CAION 58 MONTGOMERY EL CAION 43 CASTLE PARK EL CAION 49 MONTE VISTA EL CAION 49 SANTANA EL CAION 4Q MT. MIGUEL EL CAION 53 GROSSMONT EL CAION 39 EL CAP EL CAION 38 VALHALLA EL CAION 60 GRANITE HILLS EL CAION 4I HELIX EL CAION 2I MONTE VISTA EL CAION 40 SANTANA EL CAION 31 MT. MIGUEL EL CAION 54 GROSSMONT This year's Boys' Basketball Team got off to a fast start winning five games before Christmas and finishing second in the Montgomery Christmas Tournament. E.C.V.l-LS. was involved in many close games this season and posted their best record in several years. Led by Senior Todd Thomas and Iunior Robert Iones, the team exhibited superior skill and teamwork. 194 R Front Row: David Pfaff, Manny Zamora, lim Iohnson, Howard Moss, Robert lones, Tony Mf:Nutt. Back Row: Laura Collins, Todd Thomas, Ken Moran, Clay Fife, Chris Stein, Kim Velasco, Asst. Coach Steve Burton, JV Basketball A 5 'ix .... ,,, . fvx N Fmnl Row: Tom Eddy Tlmeo Bell, Clms Aycock, Darrell Russell, Craiq Royrxolds, Sarmd Abasfsfu. Bawl: Rmw: Mgr. KI'lSllI1G Bemuvl, Leo Kenna-fly, Slwve Hayes, Ufmald limuson, l?m1f,:e Reirl, lim Remle-V, Kevm Ollmuser, lvlqr. Cyndi limenez, Mall lldys, Coacth Paul Casey. Varsity Coach: Randy Robmsou - - JV Wrestling League competition proved guite ditticult tor the IV Wrestling team this year. With a shortage ot wres- tlers on the team, it was not easy to participate. Since .gut-I ......, ClF rules deduct 6 points tor each weight not cov- A, -... ered, the team operated all year under a big handi- cap. Despite the situation, the team maintained the is spirit to come close to winning on several occasions. X 'hx ff,-f Front Howl Keith Rule, Guy Rule, Mike Worthy, Mike Shrin, David Diaz. Back Row: Matt Arndt, Mike Valderama, Mike Reagles, Bill Sangermano, Ken Mackey, Q -4.- Matmaids ',...-v-' 'VI ., - -,...,-Q .-,,.m.i . Front Row: Pres. Pauline Garcia, Diane Murphy, Claire Larsen, Tracy Guse, Vivian Rawls. Middle Row: Michelle lacobs, Theresa Whelan, Cyndi limenez, Kristine Bennet, Michelle Fisher, lamie Davis. Back Row: Lisa Watson, Tanya Zimmerman, Chelle Brown, lamie Harrison, leri McMaclcen, Valerie lordan, Tina Lipscomb, lenny Malloian, Lisa Henson. CCGSS O X. Conch Lirida Wehkiiiq l Varsity Doubles iriqo Qaida, Vince Aricoria, Paul Heimilion, Richard Parkl- m lan g ''p?"i2,Ei2L3i':f'f3ffl'.z'l 9-?.s.5?15?.5gi: 557-15 JT,--.5 A,.. 5,g:..,3.. ', ,?.,.gl :,l,,lJ!. K L 1 , in O . "'i?3QZ + -si Neff.: ' ,'-?'f ' " 'be 'U I ' X fa:- - ,.,. S.. ii 35.1 . ,fi-N ' 'f ' A A is A' Q --ii -Q S A L 1 ' Z i - -X 'fi i ns: ,J-L :riffs QT.-.-fi -fs U2 i ' N " " ' H gil, " " U X. L 5 .5 ' 1 if i , -E i ii i bi -I-v 'I-I rn S-I rd Varsity Smqiesg Brian Wong, iames Blanton, leff Parkllan, Charles lar mari, NCT PiC'i'URED: Hieu Carb V ig Nwmw iiii Headed by new coach, Linda Wehking, ECVHS had a well balanced team. Although they only had three returning lettermen, El Cajon boasted two strong doubles teams and impres- sive singles teams. ln the tu- ture El Cajon's tennis team, with a strong underclass- men core, will be a conten- oer in league play. .. ' ' ,,:-15.1 'LL l.V. DOUBLES: Chen Han, Robert Barbosa, Raleigh Evans, Eddie Moo Q Y ne V M lV SlNGLES Sean Leahy Victor Payan, Vinnie Casazza, Katsuhiko Berryhill Chri Aycoclc NOT PICTURED: David Manley 4 4 1? A XP NS nr 1, gf is , ,K ni ,: . ' ,, t ',.-. ii' i Q -I 'Qs ' .. W N' y :,,N, ,,,f......wm gms' 'fi Athletes IUIIIIFUH-Ilqg gy,nMMHslNHlMiHlUU4UUUU""' ,, AM. .,.,...u.L I r A.. ,U Q Sy A gat: 'T fl ' Zxifief :gummr rg yep jf" - ' 9' if iv. I W Wi Lk? My. vi' l v:..iQ',, f I W 1 f.. di. - 'Q ly M' -wi J: Aim, ppt! V.. . I ? C . z 4 1 -,Aww Xl ix , .HK-Xxx M ,.x ,V--N,-,....,.5 ' . .,.,x , ,4.QwX '.,.'.'-"-','9-Nw 1 V -L-1. x- . 44 ' . ,, ,. ...anxie- Braves Tracking 'Em A Brave hurdles over another obstacle? Down .ew . , . Coaches: Front Row: Dominic ' ' " K .4 ::.: ' . ' '- ' 1 N , ' A 1 I A vg., 5 6 Aw Meyers, Tony l..eeg Carol Roper, 0 M-W,,,,. .... .T gf h Xrrr Q wus- ' ' t"" -4 9 Back Row: All Martinez, Steven A I ' I wenaeii Maize "" A . Q 5 e,ee 1 ' . fa: " ff F . gi 1553, .e .HL af., UGHU! Flying High First Row: Mike Workman, Terrance Tuo, Victor Clubb, Warren Frazier, lohn Davis, lon Aycock, Donovan Wilcox. Second Row: Derrick lenkins, Todd Babcock, Sean CLark, Keith Tune, Todd lacquez, Mike Raza, Fhil Armstrong, Boomer Brown, Mike Schweitzer Third Row: Wes Hayes, Kevin Fowler, Fat Craw, Tony Gonzales, lim Benner, Darrell Russell, Tim Smith, Paul Mirmingos, Max Forath, Tett Rundle, Mike Brooks, Not Pictured: toe Streeper Girls, First Row, Brandy Wiedenhott, Tracy Guse, Regina Mt:l,ean, Second Row: Lori Cosio, Tanya Mitchell, Third Row: Faye Usborne, Mia Yarnell, Michelle White in k qfagyu.. . Nff-.saurmxf f -' R' A.. .X..... 5.-xr U J nw . . .. . Aalsvs Q , ...M K . Q ea.-+1 9' 'QSYFZ ,.., , . sw sw .Z q.,, ,mt , v , . ' 1 'R u 4 ef' Y E N ' . -. A, XA. -. " ' .1 X. M P fx.. Q bmw.,- .. ,-5. 1 M . if ,ig M Q H '1 'N ws. MIX C . . 3' 3' W2 Sk Balier Up! '- "' swift? ks.. .. A. .. . ,... -ww ...M Q Coming in for 5 landing! if., -N 'A FI Q A ....... ,.., ........ ...,..-.A--. ,M L., - ..-- ., ' .. , ' ' ' ' g .. . 3 . 5,-z. .rw f- K Q 1 ' D' Q ' '- I 2 1 'Q , ' .551-, Nm.. 1 2 ,Mm .. . A .g f xx .f- Mh K Give me back my moneyf NNW. mzwwew NWN .g..W. .M ,.. .. f f . x f . . --QM. ,wxmw - -X-..,. Q...-3+-fr' ""'Wf9R5'WW- X. ' ' ' XUSSM- ,.-g: . fd -lk Y X V N k "L-l', fr Lkkli f . K' Nigga N- .M -A K -A - . w,,,3gu,. , ,.,,.-Nag. ,..-.WV 1-- .. . 'M -Q MM A . K NK x If I ever catch you . . -4 'M Coach Karen MCCIevey ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS SANTANA GROSSMONT VALHALLA EL CAP VALHALLA GROSSMONT HELIX CASTLE PARK MONGOMERY SGUTHWEST NDSMDKDID Q Coach Steve Burton ECVHS 27 MONTE VISTA 41 ECVHS 26 SANTANA 83 ECVHS 46 MT, MIGUEL 24 ECVHS 33 GI?CDSSMON'I' 42 ECVHS 33 EL CAP 35 ECVHS 42 VALIIALLA I6 ECVHS 32 GRANITE IIILLS 128 ECVHS 34 IIELIX 37 ECVHS 33 IVIQNTE VISTA 47 ECVIIS 42 SANTANA 65 ECVHS 39 MTMIGUEL Q6 ECVI-IS 42 GROSSIVIONT 36 Varsity QL .104 LI '04, Luo, Q QLUQ4 Ala, I wi' IASIU lm IAS UI Coach Randy Robinson asketzball 0.4204 wo cum, 0 Q4 usual This was a rebounding year tor the Girls' Varsity Basketball Team. Qnly one starter returned from last year's league Champi- ons. Amy Hillenbrand, Margaret Kroon, Cindy Gaines and Shelley Clinghan were the senior leaders tor the varsity this year. Improvement occurred as the season pro- gressed. A highly spirited group ot people turned out tor the soccer team this year. Many talented athletes led by Matt Elliott, lett Winfield, Tuan Nguyen, and Vince Carbino, corn- bined to produce an outstanding team ettort. Front Row lose Berry, Martin Herrera, Tuan Nguyen, Frank Bibo Bank Row lett Winfield, lsam Habib, Victor Garcia, Matt Elliott vin Kourkis S' 'gas'-uf"'t' i o'1,:,'f,"I,'QQ,.J,:""' Nj" ' 1 ' f 5 .' ':,1,"5RQg,..,.,.c,.. Iv'-"",,.E,5Y 'Jr gguwvwwvvv Q ,YLife!!t.g?gf4LL"'.'!1T?g'.g'g"',,...1ogiI.''V 'll' SC.iC'ClFR :I i x ' 7 'wvwft igiivww 'wus m lWm'? gEfy 1 1 W -1 ...H ,,.. C. 4.., m .' . ,rvnvx lil, f.'AlOlNl Sl. Auqinstine if-it - ---. .."f." ' fn ..,,,.., "Q'T'X"" ,k" i-1i.cfAioN Christian -Ill-'S "I--Q .A-...C W '-l.RXrf,,L it s.....T' ' iii. cAioN Csmgsfnlmi 315' 'Ulf 'X 'VD , Xgfiiiril' i-ti, ciAioN llelix o 3, , f . M-5 , , 1, ,-V lil. TAKEN Moi1ntMir1iiel B K- ,L . ' nl' v Q f i v - ici, cAioN Csmmii- H1118 ,M 9 W j 'J' in lll. CIUON Granite llills ,gg fx I rl . C ' ,. 3 Qs til. CAlON Mount Miguel A E ,N me Q- ix A' ici. cAioN S.mi.m,. , it ,. X iii. cAioN valiant., ,, is 'f'fff'2 - X A Sy' ' lil. CAION Monte Vista X3 X, X X A i-:i.cAioN Eicap , of - , i X . ., lil. CAlON Grossniont X' 5 A iw. 'A X N El. CAION llc-lix l 9 til, CAION Mount Miqucl 'cr 'X ,ew :-:ve Q- ici,cA1oN Granite Hills t X xy lil. CAION Santaria j,'S jf' fm? ..gh ici. cA1oN vdiiidii. ,iz Q lil. CAlON Q Monte illfllil 2 lmkff. i 5 6 ire'- iei. cAioN 0 ici cap 2 H f Q A Front Row: Mgr. Mike Mowls, Kevin Tiffin, lavier Cerano, Lance Peterson, Mike Baird. Back Row: Vince Carbino, Manny Caballe- ro, Paul Casto, lohn Trounq, Meliran Raza, Coach Harry Elliott. 1 r tt M Y"K""" W f V WJ' 7 . W xx 7 3 hu?-"' - Coach Elliot 'num .-,,,,,w:. . Front Row: Kevin Andrews, Matt Elliott, loey Kaewpaug Kim Velasco, Back Row: David Walker, Charlie Cron Steve McClure, lirnmy Baxter. V Coach Walker N fx T Vi .f ,dj 'fs 208 FE V y ' A 1' 1 ti , lp.. ,ws Ar i Nl Q 7i,,44,,.A5 aid aww wwf i A L.c1Dcu'gQ:', Rusty ra-51111 S6611 IVldCldOX, D5V1Cl MGYSS, Shane lVl5lfl'19WS, SGIIQSF- Front Row: Kevin Tiffin, Donald mano, Back Row: Richard Hariano, Steve Boone, Mark Cossano, Frank Pena, Mark Moody, Steve Mosier, Paul Casio, Manny Zamora. .ig A., I " A 7 ,W Front Row: Tim Cron, Curtis Mitchell, Jimmy Contreras, Steve Boone, Back Row: luan Zamora, Tim Bryant, lason Carter, Coach Elliott. ,of Il' V, 1 nl? ,nun KK V561 X J .2 'lf' 4 , Xl!- 'L .NX X ,gl X Q. -if 4 l L I 1 f, A 6 v 209 ll 1 iizyf' - I ,,A ? I U X . I NR fff3.aMY X ' Lrfl L ff? SE 49 I 4 I I u Q. I v ". U J' y'f A l 'E yi-Ll' f.lfQt,D'1I NI? 1-04- , K M' , H ST AU TO QQ wiwffi my fb EAW WWW Q? ff ARS GRAPI-I , I , XS? mime.. ....,,, .-. Varsity Water Polo The contagious spirit and en- thusiasm ot Head Coach Robin Sanchez was characteristic ot this year's Varsity water polo team. Senior co-captains Mike Reagles and Darin Binderim led a scrap- py group ot swimmers who be- lieved in themselves, and worked very hard to achieve the goals they set. lt was evident to those who watched the team play that it telt honored to represent the school. , ff' QI. V iv...:,k V jf.- . I., 2: L 2 G '4"umi7W Vlil L I "W-i.. Qa-.1ma- 'ialw f' N . , ,V Z fm , N , z it ,, .EEF . N . -am W 6511 ' X 1, Q ,g , .Ai f - . -- 4' 4' l t' "If ' , 'lhtm'KfL"Av',i M,,,t,i..,,,W, ftfwni..wvqv,xl V hr 1 k V PM ... ,gg-,,,w.,.,y,,p-mar? K Q , ., 4. N.. qt N. faq.. ,'Jf-M--typ nm , " Shia. yd A .. J- a-nur y 1' ,,,. . mf- 'Q , Q- ,WYWWBI AS ' 'Um ... ,. '93, fx ' I 'iilniq 4' .. " r, ' f.4 . ,,.-lf,-, .Q I iff . 1 Q . - , 1 M 'td , I N -34 :--3312, lic.. ' J V' :gy 0 , i t -M fs-" " -. W, t Q , .' , , ,. . V M f'f7"f" " ,AW I' 5 , .X - -.V , . s '--I f l ,- X. If I-1,'1,,-1 'X ,-1 QC If if fi X L' ,'. ,-,,-, ,1 It ,m x x x x mix 1. 1. X Q-. 1 1 Y jisfiijrx x .f xrxfxxx?-,x : '.. . . 1 xx-. J. t I - 1' X' Y V N If 'A' 'L Y' X X XXX XX Front Row: Mike Worthy, Mike Reaqles, Darin Binderim, Steve Murphy. Back Row: Coach Robin Sanchez, lavier Rosquete, Mike Valderama, Rickey King, Brad Munsen. Not pictured: Asst. Coach Wayne King. U--ww .,,,. 5 -...-.......... it nf, sr ' ee QWK, 4-cW.,,, 1 xr .g - - sa G? 0 I , , .. 1 "' , yv 7-uf -M w . -P' I me ,4- 5 Santana-vs-El Cajon 12-9, 20-7 Mount Miguel-vs-El Cajon 20-2, 29-5 Cfrossmont-vs-El Cajon 25-6 El Capitan-vs-El Cajon 25-6, 37-10 Valhalla-vs-El Cajon 21-10, 25-17 Granite Hills-vs-E1 Cajon 18-8, 32-8 Helix-vs-E1 Cajon 0-5, 32-8 Monte Vista-vs-El Cajon 19-6 ,, .4--.4 I V . ' '-v '- v' "Fw -is - ,Y . , V f ' s., ,iw " , .dvi '2-N 1 j WW-. ,, ,uw M V ""t "'-1,,-v4L7R7T- ,,.. uv ...W I ugmx -W .,.' , - .J- ..-1uaCQ.,,, V 1 M Q -1-'VF' --ur w- -gg. .Mt ' . '- ..,,m ,..,-4, f In , " Y' :ig ' iw """'- 'C , , if-,,J,w,H,. , I A, - ,sy NOK hr --Q . .. :M-nv , ..' n .,..,f Q . Q Why "' , '-1 ,'-wa .,'. ', I .R x 1 , xxx" 1 xxx, IXA jrxx Front Row: Michelle Fujita, Middle Row: Asst. Coach Bob Sheatter, Mgr. Mary Frontz, Mgr. Rene Sherwood, Asst. Coach lerry Glazebrook. Back Row: Mike Barbosa, Wes Chattin, lesse Bellows, Page Small. ' 215 R, X Y QAYIA Coach Hartung Coach Gil- "They look CK, l'll say they look agressive They're young in experience but they definitely have talent and they're maturing We were in almost every game last year This year l think we'll loe as competitive and GVGH 1'I1OI'G SO . . . This team is better as a unit than l've had before." Coach Hartung pf 4 81:63 "-W ,. N, 1 .-4. ,uc . '- K . ' n . f n V X 4 'll f--.g,L- iidii' Q ,Qin . ' . M. -. Front Row: Mary Ruprich, Diane Curley, loy Bel- konen. Back Rowg Lori Cierschotter, luavon Stroh, Terry Wagner, Coach Gilmore. Q.: gm Front Row: Darlene Seward, Kelly Feldner. Mid- dle Row: Candy Bowhall, Robin Williams. Back Row: lenniter Carter, Gitta Cfaida, Coach Wolf, Coach Cowan l.V. Softball is the training ground for tuture varsity players. This year's team Wasloaded with talented ninth and tenth grade play- ers. Coach Wolf v 'lvl ni' 'vw I N ,N wang,-MQ. A mvw.' x I M 1-it Q hi' "' W 'NN J , ' '-A .Q x , .. fl K J:x:.g,g.:.,.,'.' - g -Q-f xv.-. ' IQ' ' . .l. 'lf at -,.,. .. ,Nu Q , I ,.,...W,...,. ,,.,, 'VL , I g:I,,4.g: A , :,Y,'a:3A, 'ting 'V U," K '."' ima 1, N ., . ,, 15 1 L , 'hw 1, .Jn M V J- fi -Eff , M ' , Z 4 , -., ' fic " f ' f-Lai. V 111-111117 'V 1353, 1113 'V 13755, 1114 'V 111-4, 11315 'V 171, 1211 'V 11512, 1122 'V 1.5 51, 11111 'V 14 4, 1114 The NQUYSH Nancy Baldon les.-411-11 Glmpl Taunya M11Lv111:11 ,V eq P X ,, A 1 X .V in . Q W 'QQ , Y ff V 1' A .O Kandl Bowhall, Klm Brown Ouy N., Deanna D 1' Ms. 1So11111e C-if-Lvlmrcll Murvedes '1'msz1r1c1s-s M1c11e11e Flsher Vxvlan Rawls, Belh Vance 1 Qi 'uv JIKJ' 7. rin 'K , 10031 li YWK v .fiqdfw ,sf gi! ,xi , 4 ,Q ,A ,1 If , x'4"g'1:"5 We X 1311! 5 1 J I , rf A J J 'f V fiff ,,-,..4..-. iv 1 ,E 1 'w ' 41 f if ' R :wif fkf'I1 I h ,- .,:, Wills '- ,'?y -4 Y' paw -,fr ' f -bi? Fx ' 1 ,yQgH'1 J wif lr r 1' 'ww' 1 I . 1- . ,A an '- 1 -W I X .- T 1 ,-x " K 1' .,,,,,,,m This Y6i?dT'1S Girls' 10111115 Team was 411111 of 11163 111051 11116-111:-11 clvvr. Ms. Cqt'1J11c,iI'111 S1a1ed 111611 1111? 1e111111 WOF1ier1 1F1dI'f1 111 ar'c1Omp11S11 11 11111i11111q Seas011 as H11111 TT163m1QJ6xT' wo1'kee11 11111 every MfYJf1.'1"111. 1111111 QIZEOASIOO p.111. 1Qc1111r11111c1 8111111113 p1aye1' 1110 Nc311yf111, a11c1 11 rloublwss 11111111 1fo111posw1 111 131111111111 Darnefs 111111 Quy Nq11yee11 we-1'-1 11111111111 as some of 11111 1c111 players 111 11111 G1'cv5S111o111 1D1s:11'11'1. 'Witty iw. uiwaga 4 l Improvement was the key to this year's l.V. Volleyball team. After a slow start, the squad finished strong, winning three of their final four games. Front Row: Kim Spalsbury, lenniter Partain, Lori Marinelli, Leanna Hoebert, Michelle Weaver, Rosa Capron, Back Row: Kim Cfiarqario, Alicia Geralclo, Nicgolcw l?udOlpli, Gitta Gairla, Melony Talmadqe, Kim Meza. Not pivtiirwd: Natalie Gonzales, Coactli Wolf Krieelinq. E.C. vs Christian O EC. vs Mission Bay 2 EC. vs Grossmont 0,1 EC. vs. Santana l,0 EC. vs Granite Hills 0,0 EC. vs. Mt. Miguel 0,0 EC. vs. Helix l,2 EC. Vs Valhalla 2,2 EC. vs. Monte Vista 0,0 EC. vs. El Cap 0,2 mf A fs, fx . Under the supervision of new Coach Gates, the IV girls played a sound and organized style of bas- ketball. Players such as Gitta G-aida and Gina Sparks led the team to a superior brand of basketball. lV GIRLS' HASKETIBAIJI, CAION I6 SIINTANA 43 CAION 42 GI2o55MoNT 23 CAION 35 vAI,IIAI,L1I is CAION 22 ELCAP 24 CAJON 27 GI2ANII'I2I5III,I,5 45 CAION 21 HELIX 37 ,M , , CAION 35 MCINTI3 vIs'rA 23 4 "fm I --:W CAION 38 MI. MIGUEL 30 CAIQN 33 SANTANA 35 CAIQN 42 GROSSMONT 33 E CAION 30 VALIIALLA 18 CAION 35 ELCAID 43 CAIQN :25 GRANITE IIILLS 27 CAIQN 45 HELIX 25 C1-IIoN 40 Momrrzvisrzi 25 0AIoN 48 MI1 MlGUEl, 31 CAION 41 SANTANA 20 WWMWW CAION 36 GROSSIVIONT 29 CAION 30 VAl,llAI,l,A 9 Front Row: Lisa Bumpus, Gilia Gaida, Miclrllo Row: Kim Gelqano, Michele lilirlalone, Shelley Wllll Christina Sanchez, Coach Gales. Back Row: Boairive Garcia, Brviiila Bulsoii, lerinill-I' lliriaiii, Gini 221 Sparks, Lori Martinelli, Wendy Heavner, Saricli Wakemaii. 1 -T M, 2"i'1m,Xq QM! .. W mth, Q Q . ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS ECVHS 1... S i s ,,. A ir 2' '4 vw, ,iy+f,..,. ,. l,,,,:,., - ,I 'fy Clceansuie San Pasqual hdha Ddesa Vmm kdorse Serra San bdarcos Bmhops Madison khsmon Bay FaHbrook k4Ha,b4esd hdorse Serra Bmhops Madison Mission Bay I ' i 7 7 3 7 5 Ji -8 3OT 1 2 42 2 ICT 43 4 1 O 'I' A,,,, W Y .. , ,.. I ,f ,L El Cajon El Cajon El Cajon El Cajon El Cajon El Cajon El Cajon El Cajon OD Grossmont 2,0 Santana l,O Granite Hills 2,2 Mt. Miguel 2,2 Helix l,O Valhalla O,2 Monte Vista 2,2 El Capitan NUMB mi K' "Sp1ish" ii - Front Row: lesse Bellows, Mike Sullivan, Mike Valderama, Mike Castle, Darin Binderim, Mike Reaqles, Coach Serqenl Back Row: Sean 0'Bi'ien, Mike lolinson, Brad Munson, Sonny Dobson, lavier Rosquelle, Mike Worthy "Splash" frm, wx ' A ULXXXX SU , uwnmxi XXX i v In . We X 55 X59 J nun!! Cqwjgpfw J ya ' .va M -.M L. ,V vig, ,ww , ,WM F5 - - - Front Row: Cyndy Caire, Barbara Wheeler, Rhonda Walsh, Kam Smith, Debbie Enright, Angie Caire, llda Lord. Back Row: Michelle Fujita, Elim Fuentes, Michelle Mejon, Erika Grunsted, Antoinette lsidoro, Shannon Berkshire, Michelle Sherwood, Shana Lum, Vicki Brushaber. Ray Ung Lon C0810 Keith Tune Iohn Burden M11-ie Schweiizer Brian Wong Coawh Guffey Coach Maxze VGFSITY IV Girls M 15-50027133 18-37 15-50 20-35 15-37 15-50 122-37 20243 15,50 20-35 15437 15-50 30.31 20-41 15-49 30-31 1944 15-501 15.41 204525 15-50 22-37 20-43 their f 'L A-A 1 '11, .Q 5 Jr! X2 fl? 2 f if Wm ' O-A 5 Q W iSu'1ln,a - X. wxwfgcfx '14 1, " N J" nxnq 4.'1"4 Vince Carbino-Soccer ,WM my A 'N ii.. 3 5 A-., I 'Fl . i N . if' ' ll 2 . rd i Mike Reaqies-Waier Polo Si B. Swimming O "7 fd 1 ki' xi wi A 'QW Keith Tune-Cross Country 230 J , wwf N , . . il I s A K ix i i . H A- A V "Qi va I N ii .J 1? Q 13.4 wi y' , Michelle Fujita-Swimming Darin Binderim-Water Polo Lori Cosio-Cross Couniry -nal- 'Si 'FJ . , , A 1 Matt Elliott-Football -17 - gms' -1111 1,-.1---I gap Ingo GdiddABOyS' Tennis 1 Debbie Greenfield-Volleyball T4 i X H S if .W Lori Casio-Track Wes Hayes-Track Tho Nguyen-Girls' Tennis Robert lories-Boys' Basketball -as 419' Mali Elliott-Baseball Mary Nolte-'Field Hockey - Kristi Mackey-Gyrririaslirrs Amy Hille-ribrandAGirls' Baskelbiill L, 1 ne 'f i ir l 1' , , 1 I W I lim Goswiclc-Wreslliiiq Reagan asks P0119 o no on S33 d term hls assailant o a Cabha City Rejoices As Baby Is 5 Shuttle Winds Up First Florida-to-Florida Flight Beirut tol Liver transplant oou Soviets Admit Shooting Rav Kfvff 1902-1984 Down Korean Airliner 11.8. i nvades Grena I s nervous time for some with first e eurs 1984 was filled with many important events. Progress as well as tragedy was re- corded as we entered the year of George Orwell. Internationally, the Soviets shot down a Korean airliner, the United States invaded Grenada, and the death toll of American marines from the Beirut terrorist bombing rose to over ZOO. The Cabbage Patch Kids also made headline news as the craze swept through America, and Ronald Reagan decided to run for President again. ln sports, the Raiders defeated the Red- skins for the Superbowl Championship, the Padres got ace pitcher, Goose Gossage, and Ray Kroc, owner of the Padres and originator of Mac Donalds, died at 81. And of course, 1984 was an Olympic year. Cn the medical scene, the first liver trans- plant in San Diego was performed. Athletes in the Grossmont District will remember this as the year when a "C" average became the standard for eligibility. 1984 was indeed a year of change. Yuri Andro Death , Raiders, Allen romp to 38 9 win U Ulymplc team may be best ever , ,.,, ww Editors Farewell l M -W-naw-LM kN"'4-M, f' ' A Q f1: ? Q tji A ml El Cajon Valley High Sol has filled a v cant hole in our lives and provided' with that t issinge link which we so desperately lt has truly been an extraordinarily unique experience tor all ot us throughout these past tour yea lttt S students, we've all come to respect our Alma W as we do our nation's flag and we've also learri j the true meaning of "the land of the tree and the ot the Braves." This school has shaped and molded :Q strong and healthy individuals, but it didn't teadwsus just through lectures, notes, homework, and tests. did it just teach us about cars, tast times, nights outgx ek- ends, or boyfriends and girlfriends. No, the implgant thing was that E.C.V.H.S. taught us about lite, how We 'ff'-fu. ,www 'Aww W ,.,. W , WW' Av ,pf '16 f if 4.4! 4 X3 1 cg f l ir 'VX f . -ffm l N'V-MM 5, my ,Mu ' ew... ex xy l lll l all X l 2 5 L 5 K i l 2 MM' it 1 X 1 i E 1 S l ? should be too W .1 ' 'l more closely arid not let the world us. Now that we know where we're going there, we simply can't e must realize we all can make a and are able to change soci- high school phase of our life enter the real world remem- , to hold on to that dream, for those unreachable stars. tar too long and the time has a fond farewell. Good-loye to you, our dearest friend. Cllwllf'-Bb Sponsors Linda Burwell Angie Elias Peggy Mills Bobbie Binder lane Hamilton Betty Honey leanette Br Pat Owens Mary Lou N g l Cecilia Cast Brenda Turner Herb Gross Ben Amador Linda Morris B H ld ev o er Phyllis lohnson Olivia Geraldo L Sp dllfd GSFS Kathy l ordan Pauline Garcia X lj, , Jil? lffy, Leif Claw Qld tligtilettf M CD ite? .fb5 s? ls,-'Ll 1 Vlff gg: f-'IFF'-' l ,1 1 N Ll ,fl ""zHT"'l:?" J A xv i Y it k BERMUDA Q GULD Largest selection of charms in .San Diego "Nothing Else Feels Like Real Gold" 4405604 450 Fletcher Parkway, Parkway Center, EI Cajon Across from Parkway Plaza Monday thru SATURDAY 106 'ilgm ,ilu ELMER SWEETWOOD AND SONS 10735 Woodsmie E1 Ceqon 449 2495 A Ummm R9 1' "Silva" If II I gi' fl Wig .-, J M., In ZX l VV. hi , gram I ' 1pw eW jj Ia4igg+f1NObdfI-U, and Unique Gifts. 369 Parkway Plaza, EI Cajon, CA Hours Fi- I IO Phone GOLDEN STATE FLYING SCIIOOL - RIZNTALS AERIAL ADVERTISING FIRST LESSON GILLIESPIE IfIIiI.ID ISI, CAjON ' For info Call: 449- m 'iqry fx S l? x R C I FSSFRY A I STEVIE MASON VALLEY TRANSMISSION AND AUTOMOTIVE 930 East Washington, E1 Cajon, CA 92020 579-8666 6 TA"'M"l'2'r'wq-Q-gm-, ,. ,.,,. - " it , ,gem D lumhin Homes MANUFACTURED HOMES NEWXRESALE 1 Q Corpor 1 OI1 ce 1166 E Man El C 1 CA 92021 171415790212 MOBILE HOME PARK CONSULTING LAND DEVELOPMENT- PRIVATE PROPERTY SETSY MEMBER: WESTERN MOBILE HOME ASSOCIATION- MEMBER: CALIFORNIA MANUFACTURED HOUSING ASSOCIATIONf STATE CONTRACTOR LICENSE 3398846 INSURANCE LICENSE WLDO553628 DEPT. HOUSING LICENSE 41591236 VIVA MOBILE HOME LOCATOR, INC. A California Corporation ,, , qv fff V- ,HP NJN, -, . U- , 5 f Lf ff V. Wu ,, W , lf' xv i V, W7 wfgfybfy ,,,, 1 ,SJ ,gm , V, If iff? V, g 7 lf, I if , J f 4? 10 1 523 ' Z r , ? rv ii e Q 5 Q A ' R- 5? 421 W1 ,Q Q 4 w I J ' V J L. Q 1 u.w1mm:mrweAw -- , L,,, . ,mg N ,LV,,W H ,. M 5 CALL TOLL-FREE IN THE LLS.: 800-2553050 IN CANADA: 1-800-288-3330 583 NO. MOLLISON AVE., EL CAJUN, CA 92021 ATINTERSTATEU l 1 1 .. 1 1 1 l - , , ,.., 4,,, ,,,., .,5A,, :., y ,A12 , ..,. ff ,A., ,A,.A , A, 5, , . W A A A Q K In lx lv , ,, .,,, .faq ,, ,.,, , , .,,,,, , ,I , .. 4 ...,. , ,A.,w.,. llgv 5 , , 4 '1" r "1' 5 5' 5 'A ' AP- A ' 'fi .V,'VV ':"5 f " .:,' A ,V A....M . .WW N , W , ' Y H ' 1 V 2567 F1e1Cher P 1 E1 Cajon, CA 16191 440-6147 I'1E1E11gevEItI1e difference! W11-1I11v1-1 y1J111 111111111'1111 11+-1111 1'111-1'1111111,1a11v11111, I 1111111::,1111-,.1111w1:1-1v11'1- W1-'11111111114.111-11111111111 --1111'11-1111y11.1111-1111111::111::111'.111y. 1111111111111111, 11111 1411111111 I N 1l11y f111111111.111-1111-111-1 Eg1'1'V1f '11 111.11L1-1: 11 1111g::s11111- 1111' y11111111111111:ff-1111111112.11111y,11v111'y1111y. 11'1:111111111'1111 11l11kt3111I111'11 ,?1'IVl1'1'111 C-5111:a::11111111 15.11111 w1111:s1x 1111 '111 111 1111:111'v1- y11l1. 11 1-1-3: 1.1 1'1l11f..1' '1'14I1f1111,..l11 111111111-11111v11 1.11 1111-.111'-11.1 111 111.111 111.'-11i1'11v1- 1'1v1-111111 I-Q11'1111111'1111111L111 M1-11111111 1i. 1111 - 11111M1.212:111111l1111111111111.111 t1.11. 1111-11110 .11 1.1.11 .-11'l1111-- 11-111 111v1-11116111111A11111111'-1-1'11n'f1 511111 111 51.111 1711-111 1.1 1... 1.1.1. . Grossrnont 31.111111 11111 1'1101I1w1-1-1w111--1 1x111111 N.1111111111'11y'-1l-1-111Q1"1 I 11'-'1-"' , 111131.11111 1'1V1' ' M111111.1111111'111111-1111.1y111.1111.1-11111 1'11v11111 W'1111111w 11111:1 " 11.111 fk.1111111.1y111.1111 1111 11111. ' 101111111151 I111' 11-11111 1111111.1v1111.111111.1l.1lI111i111111 11x11-111 1111111111 Q CHRISTIAN BOOKS CHRISTIAN EDUCATION SUPPLIES SACRED MUSIC BIBLES . STATIONERY 1 .1 1, 1 ' 1'15!1111111 511 GREBTING CARDS . 1 GIFTS 111'11'1 '1' . --111111 P fa 1 E112 11 COMPLETE 1 .1! Vik" WEDDING 1 1 SUPPLY 'iffy-4111 1 CENTER 1 ' ' I ERLISCMEYYK ORNER CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE 5 5 4 BROADWAY EL CAJON TELEPHONE 0 447-4573 I . 4-ag I i Ll' V3 ll 0 I. V ' me SAN DIEGO TRUST Sz SAVINGS BANK Member FDIC EL CAJON VALLEY OFFICE 143 Prescott Avenue, PO. Box 246 EI Cajon, California 92022 4 uvmw A ,rr di 77 19 7114-2 SHEAR ARTISTRY Hawcuttmq SpSL1d1lS1S 735 Arnele E1 CaJor1 CA 92020 440 9252 OWENS SHOE MKT Lad1e5 Branded And Deslqner Shoes Dxsgounted 1045 Broadway El Calon CA 92021 161914401461 MCMAH1-XN'S FURNITURE 261 E Mam El Calon, CA 92020 442 0323 HOWARD'S BAKERY Donuts Breads, Cakes Sz Pastmes of Quahty 1097 Broadway, E1 Capon, CA 92021 442 0486 .. - - fl np 1 for VW V' al' ' .rf f 'VR I fr 'Law , 'M f . . ,aw . 5 I Z l I , I ' 'wg , l - 1 lf: 1 444-7438 win., OUR BOUTIQUE 1089 Broadway E1 Cajon CA 92021 KITTY S BARBER SHOP Full SGFVICS Na11s Make up Perrns CUps1c1e down ha1rcutD men women ch11dren 131 Prescott E1 Calon CA 92020 E HSS CC Reslde Auto Comme VALLEY BEARING CO. 1381 Cuyamaca E1 Cajon CA 92020 449-151 1 EL CAJ ON BLUEPRINTING SERVICE 445 E1 Cajo Bl d. El Cajo CA 92020 444-7196 AUTOHAUS STEVEL 885 East Wash' qton 444-1115 BENNY S IVIEATS 127 EastMa' St t 444 Q3QQ E1 Cajon, CA 92021 442-3529 E1 Cajon CA 92021 W. x 'f 'Q , 1 ,..4..-4 . d 1 .IIQQ fm 5 '1"!tl- '21, f K ,fab ix weight' . ,k if . ' '1 vids. --g if I' . 1 vu :fax Wg A I msn is - 4 : yn: 5, I U ' if 1 l 1 1 1 I I I I 1 l l I 7 ., "f. Q' 1 ,.-.. n Q A - ' I 'yur vu 1 -uv 'Qi , .A , 5 ' w. if V, - -'Q ' . 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"Ch, but it looks good on you", Four years of staring at Keith Cleveland Clvlaryl, Cheer buddies and Friends, Thanks to all our friends for the good times. Ch, one last thing - 1 Luv ya Mare - Suz. l luv ya 'foo Suz A Mare. BURWELL CONSTRUCTION 8226 Lemon Lane f1f1Qe2702 -Q , 111, 5 11' Dominic Meyer 588-6597 Qwmm QmQ SWWAAWKQKW- W NMKQ. N E I EQUAUKCQ X'qQOwmXj , WX QOON omg xmgcmmb X Mme Ol Ki W5 XOWCWH Summer, Ouf gVi?.,x'NYD Q- x , SYQGNOS W haw E'1fLl4fwfN MW Mwhebbib WMWWM Uwwffdfmwlflf WW whwwjx gjwwfkwi JW 5wwA5 ?ymMN im db, fjmgdgwfm' Qyavavf WWWIQSM wmfwwxm Qfgpgompgw? QQQFQ, WJPX 1X W U Z 395061 6.- N - ' '-as-.R K H, H--'-rg un sh' X X "'4- xx' T 'is r'- ,,..f 91 . ..: 1 ' , 3, - . - - v - '... 1 :'-155931: ' - - ' . ' -.' . - - -' f"4t:e:,-3 . .. . .. 'har . g.1:'.iL :Q3..-... f..-1jggl33-..::,-, .-.. -. ,,,3J-1-- . ... . xl.. ' . ,'u..".. x T 1, 34... -f.. KS: ,,..,. JS"- 'f,..z-1-"'fg....-- fi., .5- --4? a -1:-i.....x.,. 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