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-7 'e B , -, X , I ,.,,. " .5 K xxx ,,.-3 fx X Q 'nf x Q -. Q- , A - if Y? 1 X 1 fi- 1 - N sz. ,. mx? ff" 1 .V A i 4 X . r., A 3 jg-xx fy , I jg-A 1 Q X w H- f Q 5 , ? I A K t 11, ggjl 'Jr 2 ' nv A , vs 1 , t A n "" V A V - I, I , A 4 .. AI I is . , 3 2 ' A I -P. . H ' g',:,.M Ll. " Q 5 3 rl 4 f i. .N 5 K,4 T ' . M Q -K gpg K 4 Q ff ' 1 . .5 '1 " 3,1 fiztf Ja' K. v X : N' pg K V r Q -J .V iq X 9 ! s E " 1 5 1 .Q R, KN X X t I 1 ' ' .Q if gi 5 , x 1-, 11 , 1 2 , ,ua X . Z ' W . ' kv Q 1 Q - 5 Vi-Fu. .N 1 x -L "' ' ., A Qq smw ga , , , 4 F 1 , +: if - X V , ' 1 E A W - 1 . - EV: A , I K h wi tx V u I ' 1 ,L 6' .-A . x Aim' . I ',! .11 M N 5 P! "1 ' V' 17x pf I I , Q X nu-malta . ' N - ' I' H 'IW'-, hw.-,' CO-EDITORS: L Jo ANN MANIRE MARY SANDVIG SENIOR EDITOR: MARIANNE LONG BUSINESS MANAGER: 7 SUE ODEN SPORTS EDITOR: ' ART EDITOR: COLLIN WRAY WANDA LOU PHOTO EDITOR' ' COPY EDITOR: jANET MICHALEWSKI JENNIFER CALLE RY PHOTOGRAPHERS: ADVISOR: .R JOE STOWE RS ART GRUPE FRANK KOLLATH MR . LOGSDON 'iff' Q "'R "H I 'HR j , QL, .394 A. , , :,.,: if xx, a h AX R' il X 5 gx j, .,-..,.v 112 Meet JOE. JOE is cool. Thanks JOE. DEDICATIO For fourteen years the labor of one man has made the name of El Cajon Valley High School lmown throughout the state. His de- sire to help young people has made him a great teacher, and his contagious enthu- siasm extends from the field of mathematics to the cross country course. An outstanding athlete at Grossmont High and San Diego State, he is now helping many others excel in both Cross Country and Track. His never-failing loyalty to his teams and his school has commanded the respect of every student at El Cajon Valley High School. In appreciation, we dedicate this Legend to you, Mr. Joe Brooks! 2' fyBf3.Ye.'QSvUQ1'iSif1g, Tthe daily routine of academic ty of homecoming the aniieitygmid reliefuof FOREWARD I ? 5 4 Q if 4 if -.4 I, 1 ' f Gajon-fm:ether-ecsgasyggfi vyietoryrfwenmgonye of sidefeegh lgyt always F Q , F N F F me ' F f. A .. sofixhieri paste is opened and we relive F F i s me ' 'vw' A -- ww in Q, f i' '- Q fvh . W, 31.52 W -mf" ip 1 F V if ' -F ' ' ' ' F, I N' Q 1 F F F those times- both good and bad, allq of themimoldingjus into yvhat weare std F A 'J A ,. - .F ' A .7 gg F M- F Qeed ooo' V 'fs F F -X is f ' 'F ' - ' 1 ' -. i , 1. ddf' if . V f '5 be- and remember that for one gojzg s F F Wg F F F if . m F F so -eine m f I .- N H ' ,L ff ie: WFYQQ-gvefqfv ,ig:'j3f.g1z4vggp . rk, 1 V Q z V e ',. that s in ,and we're free to nshowiiy E1 Ca on. And' ,. L - A , , i .N i:'i'fA ',h" i for Freaks dddd Q i is is so F F F, Free to Express F F ' dds"'Qs 1 , .dddd so I ,F Free to Create Y s's 'ig r 'F F My if,g,,5gg,g F6 - 1 vsrr . Free to Learn , vm QGQXM A W ' ' "'W" 'Wil -ae' s,,,,,,,W V F Free to Make Friends WJ., he 1 MR. - W I is-sh' if '37 el ii , in ,fi We - -ee' rw' MW., . MTW , was R' Q xlibs 5 I -- ,t-cgi: ff' 1? as Y ,A M 'V 'ii V ,+JZ'a.?"l, FREE TO ACCGMPLISH ak. mf ' ,4- 'E N 'z o , xk ff 3 y I x yi fb? I vu--, MWZM. . Ms . Q ' ' :A qi-A-if ? Qs l .Q 9 K ff IL.. A D B gms SY f J fx ,..:. .f , . v, 1 igffgf. if A 7 ...KK A ? xl, Q 0 A- fm 1? - 55 Q Ll ' , 2 Q " 0 K X ' pm A X I A E 'EN L . '33 , N ., N Q2-.Ag,,,,x. its-...qv 2 -24 we X3 - , EA Q' Q Q 1,251 4 Q X 5 is f w , ,. Ur NSS 14 . , . , uni , - :SA P+ X sw FREE E EXPRESS Q 1 X 4? g -MQ- fgsvl .mfig Q-awww SSN vm. Wgfi-A FREE TO CREATE -..,,, '-m 10 gg FREE T0 LE nv 4 - . . 4. f 11, 1 ' ff! ' 5' -S' 1Z1i.,,.2l 1224 A -1 -M kk . , W 35: ,, .x y F N A A W ,M Y , , . WM, ,, , - A x. .....' 4..- 4 "' ' 4- ., Y 3 ,v N, ,,.--+ A ff E ' ..f fff-wifi . , L K NL.. v-.sx K i fm .ae M- - aw, . S ,X . L g W. ,V erlfrdii M. "VI ' .Qi fri' lf. .- , f. 3 sf fryq ,, Q A 74 L, xi: .- f 5 1 L, . ' . ua .. 1 VY X f .f, f lgty- gmd.fv',Q,'4Q. . -.-, ,154 -f:.ff'ff""f?Qf ' '95 ' s' y-QTL 3,353 W-E354 N '1 r ' ' ' ii:-Qf .gc - . . .riQyff?,., .-Eff.i5 V A L? '. T, 1 ,, , :rw ,, M-' if r Si, 5 iff 'H' N 1, lw'.1. ii,-3 , if xi ui ,fu 4151 , rv gvfh E 51, I 3, ,Silk gp- Fa: V- M' i' 1 1 24, E 1'7i' :L'V f' 51 J FQ ,Z Q ,gh .5 -sv 1 ,V .-gg, . 3? ,, , Q .sf FREE TG MAKE FRIENDS ,u-iw ..-A fm.. f A 424 ,gg 4 4 ..f 4- - N It is a spirit that goes on and on. . . THE FREE SPIRIT ',-:i 'I E'-W F 'Q ' W Jil Ri F 1- 'if 'f'-L 5 5 T2 - W H . M 2 3 f 5' gt? 5 4 f'??,Q,Q- ?. , un- pl 55' is? QXXVIQA 14- dai ,ff 5553, . -582 ii' ,T'LQ2 ag+i? ,, ' gf. gd fg . -1L' ' " ' -Ie ww, , ,jiQ, f 3. 2' ' 2 i ff, Awgfgl l' f -,Q 6555 Q .5 -eg if 'iff S1 2 Q -1 'L .link A I ix .. ,. H- , ,-'KI .VK Q l 1 Q., JA, E Q' - Q H 'Q-1 lp? af i mg Q Q nw ,,, ::! Q , 4 L -5, 3 B 5 xii gs V x 4 G Pasgffsgiei, in .L ,w k ' :nw l my . g f A '-P 'f gg- 31 77 A Y' 6 ,. Q ' fx ' ' 2 . M , gif: W - ww- f ,Q f if ., f ' K 2 " "J I 13 "'L'? Q xr If ' M .W , , x A as Glen Bayly Lynn Epperson Stevan Pedroarena 4. 00 4. O0 4. 00 Deborah Mungie Collin Wray Sherrill Stxopes Teresa Passafume w Y 1 john Saxton Adrienne Alpert Donna Woody Robert Billings Robin Low Nancy Creveling Marianne Long 3. 96 3. 91 Darlene Castle l Linda Douglas Rob ext Patterson joel jeffcoat Patricia Kearney Jackalyn Barnett Honor radu ates David Snyder Leslie Pedroarena 4. OO 4. 00 August Graduate Deborah Simmons Mary Sandvig Patricia Scott 3. 89 3. 80 3. 79 Jo Ann Manire Larry Wolfe Patrice Jorgensen w Charles Hennessy John Butler Phyllis Lynn Harry Gullett Sue Coneen Ron Detwiler Patrice Lehr Masae Kubota Loma Matzen Vernon Tweedie Albert Shoquist Patrick Hunt I- 's e 'f we :if f , 'K 1 -J me - ' A ' . i F' 1. ', ' . , ,r T i g , ' ' i?f -' -' 7 xv. Bank of America Bank of America SCIENCE AND MATH FINE ARTS Glen Bayly Debbie Simmons Bank of America Bank of America LIBERAL ARTS VOCATIONAL ARTS Marianne Long Ray Sirnald Y 4--Q D-Pg-K GOOD CITIZEN BOYS' STATE HOMEMAKER or ToMoRRow Ad-Henna AIPEM john McCreedy Ann McCullough CALIFORNIA Ke1th Hrnnchsen, Masae Kubota, ray, Debb1e 1, Simmons, Glen Bayly, Harry Gullett, Lynn Epperson, Larry Wolfe, Chris Woods, Albert Shoquist, Mary Sa.ndvig,K' Vernon Tweedie, JoAnn Manire, John Butler, Charles Hennessy, Tom Whalen, Adrienne Alpert. Not Pictured: ' Steve Pedroarena. Katz, Lori Barnes, Dave Snyder, Adrienne Alpert, Steve Pedroarena. 1- S IOR AWARDS OUTSTANDING TEENAGERS OF AMERICA: Glen Bayly, JoAnn Manire, jolm McC:-eedy NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS Steve Harrison Glen Bayly sive--., UTY ELKS CLUB LEADERSHIP CONTEST: Adrienne Alpext- Srd, john McCreedy-2nd. IOR COMMITTEE K ,. 1 1 SENIOR CARDS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMITTEE CO-CH.AIR- MEN- Masae Kubota and Chris Woods SENIOR PROM COMNIITTEE CO-CHAIRMEN- Mary Sandvig and Ellie Wray -w f. N?fZ.'5R SENIOR WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE CO- CHAIRMEN- Glen Bayly and Dave Snyder J 1 w T i W T E A T SENIOR 4 TEE CO-CHAI! SENIOR ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRMEN- jo Ann Manire and Mike Agundes N-fmt Blbcker and Phyllis Lv-nn SENIOR PRIVILEGE COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRMEN- Dave Rodriguez and Collin Wray 23 'll-.. Biggest Flirts-Debbie Dinkins, Dave Rodriguez SE IOR i- Friendliest-Debbie Johnson, Mark Blowers '19 Most School Spirit-Lynne Schaeffer, Glen Bayly l AN D-O S iff-'Ap-7' YH' J'-' qi-""' K Z"s'L' , Eg,Q" ' , ,L.:"" , L fx, - 71 :vi Most School Service-Debi Hoxsey, john McCreedy Most Likely to Succeed- Steve Pedroarena, Lynn Epperson -if Cutest Couple- Lydia Geraldo, Mike Agundes iii' Best A11-Around Senior - Jo Ann Manire, john McCreedy QY53 WN Best Dressed- Adrienne Alpert, Bob Patterson ima-iam an A f ---L ,af - fh- Most Humorous- Robbyn Cummings, Carl Harmon .,gx, -. X-. ' - fu- 's' Y ' . -2. Most Athletic- Barb Amado, Mike Agundes SENIGRS '69 initiation. . . participation . . . ASB card sale . . . candy sale . . . determination . . . Mardi Gras . . . creativity . . . candy sale . . . enthusiasm . . . bake sale . . . hard work . . . car wash . . . enjoyment . . . Senior breakfast . . . calories . . . Senior dinner . . . calories. . . Senior picnic . . . games . . . Prom . . . glitter . . . Fun night . . convivial . . . Baccalaureate . . . inspira- tional . . . Commencement . . . An End . . . andABegin- nmg . . . iv l Q F l ws., NL.. Vice-Pres. -Adrienne Alpert, Pres. -Bob Billings, Sec. -Chflfmgine Phipps, Treas. -Jessie Sprague Williams Advisors Mrs Halliburton Mr. Easthck Mr Castro Mr. Hart FRA.NClS MICHAEL AGUNDES lIMikeH This ECVHS athlete has participated in Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3- Nom. Conv. 2, 3, Sr. ActivitiesComm. Co-Chm. ASB Commissioner of Athletics. His likes include going places and doing things for the first time, Mr. Williams' Chemistry class, and people who enjoy laughing. Mike plans to attend Grossmont College, and he dislikes people bothered by petty hang-ups. ADRIENNE SUSAN ALPERT Il Adel! This well-known senior enjoys outdoor ac- tivities, oil painting. and photography. Adrienne's activities include Girls' League 2, 4, Smoke Signal 2, Managing Ed. 3, Ed. - in-Chief 4, ASB Comm. of Publicity 3, ASB Asst. 4, CSF, Archbearer, Bravettes 3, Ban- ner 4, Class Council 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class V- Pres., Fazec. Bd., Quill 8 Scroll 2,3,4, Homecoming Princess, Best Groomed Sr. Girl. Her future plans are to major in jour- nalism at SDSC. BONNIE BARBARA ALLEN 1. Legs.- Aiter graduation, Bonnie plans to major in teacher education. She was a sophomore transfer from Garitt H. S. in South Carolina and has been very active on our campus. Her activities include Girls' League 2, 3, 4, Tennis Club 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Cam- pus Life 2, 3, 4, Class Council 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 2, ASB Asst. 4, Sr. From Comm. English was her favorite class and Mr. Williams was her favorite teacher. BELNDA SUE ALVORD nB,,,dyn Bindy enjoys making jewelry, knitting, camping, and Mr. Kingery's Biology classes. During her four years at ECVHS, she was a member of Girls' League l, 2, 4, Bravettes 3, 4, Tennis Club 1, cms' Hockey 2, 3, sci- ence Club 4, Sr. Cards G Announce. Comm. Her favorite uotation is " en mouth ANITA ANAYA Transferring here from Texas in her sopho- more year, Anita has participated in Brav- ettes 3, 4. After graduation in june, she plans to work, later to attend college. Q QP , in- sert foot, and chew vigorously. " Bindy plans to attend SDSC and major in Psychology or Biology. BRIAN WAYNE APPLEGATE "Futility is but a waning light, it takes but success to suppress it", is the favorite quote of this senior. Brian finds Auto Shop with Mr. Krattli to be the class he liked most. He has been a member of the Varsity Base- ball Team 3 8 4. His immediate plans are to attend Gr-ossmont College. 28 FREDDIE NOEL ALMOND A january graduate, Freddie lists oil paint- ing and sewing as among her pastimes. Pre- viously attending Hoover and Granite Hills, Freddie has participated in Bravettes 3, 4. Her favorite class has been Clerical Office Practice, her favorite teacher, Mr. Leewaye. Freddie's future plans include marriage. BARBARA ANN AMADO -.B3,.,.,u Barbarals ambition is to become the Olym- pic uneven parallel bar champion. She has been fittingly chosen Most Athletic Sr. Girl and will major in Physical Ed. at SDSC. Barb's hobby is collecting spiders and her favorite saying is "B Stupit! " Activities: Girls' League 1, Tennis Club 1, 2, Girls' Hockey 3, 4, Bravettes 3, Sec. 4, Senate 4, Archbearer. MARY ELLEN ALVARFZ "Nena" Mary's interest in business will lead her to major in this subject ,Bt Cal. C. lennings. During her four years at El Cajon, Mary ha participated in Y-Teens 2, 3, Bravettes 4. She lists Mr. Kingery as her favorite teach and likes pizza and red '49 Fords. Q 2 i RONALD LEON AMOS nonmgen Ron's likes include short girls with long hair, Mr. Winn's wrestling team, having fun, and lunch. During his two years at ECVHS he was an outstanding wrestler lettered in both his junior and senior Ron plans to attend college and major in athletics. He dislikes girls with short hair and big mouths. ANDREA ISABEI. ARCAYA "Chile" Andrea came to ECVHS in her S2nl0r year, from Chile. lt is no wonder she likes travel- ing to different countries. She has found Mr. Castro to be her favorite teacher and U. S. History her most enjoyable class. Andrea finds relaxation in singing, playing the guitar, and writing poems. She hopes to become an airline hostess after gradua- tion. LYNN ARMSTRONG at ECVHS include Cadet Conv. 3, Sr. Prom enjoys going to school activi- watching T. V. , and listening to the Mr, Leewaye taught her favorite U. S. History, and she plans to major subject at Gr-ossmont College. EBECCA LOUISE AXSOM -lerc" ehecca lists old yellow trucks and watch- rg people walk to be among her favorite stixnes. She came to ECVHS ln her junior tar, previously attending Helix and ranite Hills. Rebecca has found P. E. with Irs. Adams to be the class she has liked lost. Her future plans are to attend Gross- ront College, majoring in Business. Her note, "So ask me if! care!" KATH LB'IE ANN BARNEY "Bamey-Sue" Kathi's favorite motto is "Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to." Her activities at ECVHS include Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3,4, Y-Teens 3, Class Council l, 2, Girls' League 1, 4, Drama Club 3, Pres. 43 Senate 45 School Service Comm.-1, Sr. Prom Comm. Kathi plans to major in dramatic arts at the Cal Wescem School of Performing Arts. KARDI MARIE ARNETI' Karer-r's activities at ECVHS include Brav- ettes 33 Hand Lt. 43 Girls' League 1, Arch- bearerg Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 4, GAA 4, Tab G Campus 2. Her favorite Quotation is an in- vention of her own, "Splug. " She Bhjflyed marching with the Corps and lins trail rid- ing as a favorite pastime. Her future plans include marriage and attending Grossmont College. JOHN UERDY BALLARD john dislikes all things that "bring n person down", but enjoys hunting and traveling. He was a junior transfer from El Capitan and lists Chemiary with Mr. D. Williams as his favorite class. After graduating, he plans to enter the Navy, and later, to con- tinue his education at a junior college. ri FRANK B. ARVIZU "Coach" A junior transfer, Frank has been active in both Baseball and 1. V. Football. His favor- ite class has been P. E. and he lists dances, sports, and girls as his pastimes. After gra- duation in june, Frank plans to attend Grossmont College. His favorite saying: "That don't burn coal. " LORI ANN BARNES "Barnes" lofi likes driving her beige "bug" and lists Miss Johnston and Specialties as her favor- ites. l.ori was a Hand lt. 43 and was also active in Bravettes 3, Girls' League 2. She plans to study Business fin the supermarket fieldj at Grossmont College, and later, marriage. KEVIN P. BARRETT Ilaoboll Kevin's activities at ECVHS include Boys' Federation lglfrosh Basketball,j.V. Basket- ball, 1. V. Football, Track, and the Sr. Ways G Means Comm. He likes '55 Chevies and girls with long hair, but dislikes work- ing and walking. Mr. Williams has been his favorite teacher, his favorite class being Homemaking. After graduation, Kevin plans to attend Grossmont College, major- ing, he says, in draft dodging. ,Ai was JOY LOUISE ASCROFT joy has attended ECVHS for one year and has been active in Girls' Hockey and Bravettes. She enjoyed marching in the Corps and lists Miss "I" as her favorite teacher. joy plans to attend Grossmont College. JACKALYN ANN BARNETT ujackieu jackie's talents lie in the field of art, and she plans to major in this subject at Gross- mont College. She plays the accordian and enjoys horseback riding in her free time. She was an Archbearer and a member of the Sr. Baccalaureate and Commencement Committee. TERRY ELIZABETH BARRETT "Terri" Among her many activities Terri lists Class Council 1, 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Girls' League l, 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Campus Life 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Cards B Announce. Comm. as the ones she took part in at ECVHS. Terri's favorite teacher was Mr. Welbaum and her favorite class, Photo. Her future plans in- clude attendance at Air-ling school, TERRENCE GEORGE BARRETT "Red-Terry" Terry's interests have centered around bas- ketball and F.F.A. He has been a member of F. F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, and a signifi- cant player in Frosh Basketball and Varsity Basketball. He was team captain as a sen- ior. Terry plans to major in Agriculture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. His quote is "Low rent and decent." PARALEI-I ROSELLE BEARDEN Para1ee's favorite pastimes include sewing, swimming, bowling, and dating. She likes people, parties, and the S. D. Chargers. Her' activities at ECVHS were Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Y-Teens 3,4g Sr. Privilege Comm. He favorite quotation is "l cried because Ihad no shoes, until l saw a man who had no feet." After graduation, Paralee plans to attend Grossmont College. JUDY ANN aracam WAYNE BARWICK Wayne was active as ASB Treasurer 45 Campus Life, Roman Braves lg Speech Clulf' 43 Tennis 2, 3, 4. He believes "Do unto others before they do unto you. " He most enjoyed Student Government and found Mr. D. Williams to be his favorite teacher. Wayne likes surfing, tennis, and sunny days, but dislikes the gi-ouchy, moody peo- ple who can spoil them. IANDIS LEE BENDER landis participated in Basketball lg Track l, 2, 3, 4, Var. Club, Tab G Campus. Photo was his favorite class and he enjoys surfing and racing in his spare time. Landis plans to continue his education at a junior col- lege. CYNTHIA JO BERNARD "Cindy" Cindy plans to attend Grossmont College after graduating and work toward becoming a dental assistant. She lists Biology with Mr. Kingery as her favorite class. Her ac- tivities include Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3,49 Sr. Prom Commit- IEE. THOMAS GLENDON BAYLY IR. "Glen" Dedicated to ECVHS and voted Most School Spirited Boy of the Senior Class, Glen was active as ASB V-Pres, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball lg Football Mgr. 1, 2, Var, 3, 4, Var. Club 45 CSF, life member: Co-Chm of Senior Ways and Means Comm.3 Usher 35 Campus Life 4, Senate 4, Nat'l Merit Sch. Finalist, Outstanding Teenager of America 4. Glen believes "that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called accord- ESPERANZA H. BENITE urpenu Fsperanza, a sophomore transfer from Granite Hills, lists volleyball, tennis, Mex- ican food, and insect collecting as among her pastimes. She has found Mr. lamar to be her favorite teacher. F.speranza's interest in nursing will lead her to a future career as a nurse. Her favorite quote is "Don't leave everything for tomorrow what can be 'lone today. " ALSO GRADUATING: ROSITA ALDAMA RICHARD ANDERSON MARTHA COOPER 30 E MARY ALICE BEADLESDN Mary is interested in art and drama. She attends a conservatory of drama in her Spare time and hopes to enter some of her paintings in the Del Mar Fair. She lists N Le Toumeau as her favorite teacher and plans to become a commercial artist in tl future. 101-IN CARL BERGGREEN john plans to study Forestry at Grossmont College and later transfer to Humboldt State. He participated in Wrestling lg the Sr. Ways 8 Means Committee, and enjoys going to the beach. Mr. D. Williams was his favorite teacher and U.S. History was his favorite class. WILLIAM WAYNE BEVIS llnillil Bill finds Chevy vans and insane music to his liking, but dislikes staying home and watching T. V. Bill lists Wood Shop with Mr. B. Williams as his favorite class. He plans to work after graduation. ATRICIA ANN BLOCKER Pat" at was a january graduate and most enjoy- d Mrs. Halliburton and Mr. Bascom as eachels. She didn't particularly like the afeteria food, but found tennis and school ctlvities more to her taste. Her activities :clude latin Club 1, Class Council l, 2, 3, '-Teens 3, 4, Campus Life 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' eague 1, 2, Exec. Board 3, Nom. Conv. ,2, 3, Co-Chm. of Sr. Bacc. and Com- ience. Comm. She plans to major in Ele- mentary Education at SDSC. ROBERT ALLAN BILLINGS llkbll Bob, in his four years at ECVHS, was ac- tive in Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Nom. Conv. 2, Candidate 3, Sr. Class Pres, Wrestling 1, Golf 2, Track 3, Usher, Class Council 1, 2,1-Ie likes hunting, water skiing, Mr. Hilton, and lists his favorite quote as "No man is an island." His future plans in- clude attending SDSC and majoring in Math and Science. TIMOTHY LYNN BLOODWORTH u-nm.. Tim plans to major in Oceanography at Grossmont College or SDSC. His pastimes include girls, stamp collecting, and being sarcastic. His major dislike is getting up in the morning. Tim has attended ECVHS 2 years and has enjoyed most of his sub- jects. ALSO GRADUATING: ROBERT I-'Al-IEY ROBERT FEATHERSTONE VIRGINIA COME N TERRY IOANNE BINGI-IAM MARK ELLIS BLOWERS "Pistol" Mark likes surfing and most sports in gen- eral, also good food and parties. He has been active in Wrestling 2, 3,4, Var, Club 3,4, Nom. Conv. 2, 3, ASB Commissioner of Sales 4, Smoke Signal Staff 3. Coach Winn was his favorite teacher and he plans to attend SDSC after graduation. Mark has the distinction of being the Fricndliest Senior Boy. N TERESIA MARIE BOUNDS n-1-enyu Terry was active in Roman Braves l, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Bravettes 3, Banner 4, Girls' League I, 2, 4, Class Council 2, 3, School Service Comm., Campus Life, Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, 4, Var. Cheerleader 4, Dia- lectos 3, Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament. Her hobbies include painting and arche- ology, and she also likes pizza and Sr. Class parties. Terry will major in Business Administration at SDSC. English IV with Mr. Bascom was her favorite class, RONALD F. BISTODEAU "Buddy" Photography with Mr. Buller was Ron's favorite subject. He wants to attend college after graduation and would also like to travel. ROGER ALIAN BOI-IAC Hioto was this senlor's favorite class, and Mr. Trysla was the teacher he liked most. He hopes to attend Gmssmont College after graduation. MARK DWAYNE BOWLING Mark enjoys basketball, surfing, and rac- ing his car in his spare time. He was ac- tive in Basketball l, 2, Baseball l, Track 2, 3, Class Council, Tab G Campus, and lists Mr. Halte as his favorite teacher. Mark wants to major in Psychology at Harvard. ANTHONY ,IOSEH-I BRADY n-I-ony., This musical-minded senior was actIve in Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Treas. 4, Grossmont District Honor Band 2, Nom. Conv. 2, 3, Class Council 3. He wants to major in Data Processing at SDSC. RUTH ELIZABETH BUELI. "Ruthie" After graduating, Ruth plans to major in Art at Grossmont College. She likes paint- ing, writing letters and riding in woodies. Mr. Marquand was her favorite teacher and her activities at ECVI-IS include Girls' League I, 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 2, Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 1, Class Council 2, Y- Teens 3, 4, Sr. Carfk G Announce. Comm. CINDY ANN BYERS 'Tanga Cindy likes the lst day of Spring, reading, and raising animals. She was active in F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Nom. Conv. I, 3, Farmerettes I, 2, 3, and plans to major in Agriculture Management at UC at Davis. Her favorite motto is "lf at first you don't succeed, oh well, so much for skydiving!" PATRICIA LEE BRADY llpattill Patti, who enjoyed Miss Iohnston's gym class, also likes Italian food and money. She participated in Y-Teens, Tennis Club 3 years, and Speech Team 2, 3. Her favor- ite quotation is "Glad to Graduate. " TIMOTHY ALLEN BURRI5 -I-1-,mu Tim's long range goal is to become a youth pastor and will attend a four year college to study psychology and Christian Education. He likes all spors and collects antique bottles as a hobby. Tim partici- pated in Military Science 1, 1. V. Football 2, Nom. Conv. 3, Speech 4, Campus Life I, 2, 3, 4. Mr. Bascom was his favorite teacher and Civics and Speech were his favorite classes. BONN IE CHRISTINE CABRAI. if-I-unify Chris has been active in Latin Club 1, 2, Bravettes 4, Girls' League 1, Drama Club 4, Nom. Conv. 2, Frosh-Soph Speech Tourna- ment. She lists Miss Johnston as her favorite teacher, and Drama as as her favorite class. She hopes to become an airline hostess, and enjoys surfing, cooking, and knitting. VICTORIA LYNN BRAMBLE "Wine-Peoria" Lynn rates St. Bemards, car races, good music, and op art as her favorites. She plans to major in Interior Decorating at SDSC after graduation. She has partici- pated in Tab 8 Campus 2, Bravettes 4, Girls' League 2, Sr. Y-Teens 4. Lynn particularly enjoyed Bookeeping and being an office ass't. for Mrs. Pearson. JOHN ROBERT BUTLER john's favorite teacher was Mr. D. Williams and Chemistry was the clas he liked most. He plans to attend the Mer- chant Marine Academy or UCSD, majoring in Engineering. john's activities were Frosh Football and Wrestling, Nom. Conv. 3, Sr. Activities Comm, Jr. Class School Service Project Comm. His interesting quotation is God 2-Man 2:An+ufexAn-ure . " RANDY KENNETH CALDWELL --Frog.. "Frog" plans to attend USC to major in Math. Mr. Adams was Randyfs favorite 32 teacher at ECVHS. DANIEL JOHNSON BRIMM IR. "Dan" Dan's activities at ECVI-IS include campus Life, CSF, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Var. Club 3,4. Mr. D. Williams and Mr. Fulcher were his favorite teachers. His major dislike is people that talk about themselves, but he likes surfing and girl watching. Dan plans to study law at Indiana University. MARY BETH BUTLER Mary's interests lie in agriculture and F.F.A., her favorite class being Ag. with Mr. Dyer. She finds enjoyment in horse- back riding and animals. Her future plans include majoring in Ag. in college. JOAQUIN CANDIA Joaquin participated in Wrestling 3, 45 and Football 4. Metal Shop with Mr. Idle was his favorite class at ECVHS, and he plans to attend Grossmont College after graduat- ing. LAURIE JANEAN CARROL "Nini" 1anean's activities include Campus Life, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' league 1, 2, 3, Snowball Princess 45 Class Council 1, 2, Sr. Prom Comm. She wants to major in secretarial skills atAzusa- Pacific College and enjoys reading, music, and nature. Sr. English was her favorite class and her favorite faculty member is Mr. Foster. COLETTE ANN CHANCE "Metal Mouth" Colette's number one pastimes are surfing, playing the guitar, and "talking weird". Her list of likes ranges from boys to scary movies to red suckers. Her activities in- clude Class Council l, 3, Tab G Campus 1, 35 Girls' League lg Y-Teens 3, 4, Tenn 23 Bravettes 3, 43 Hurdle Crew 3, Smoke is Signal 3, Asa Publicity Am. 4, sr. Activi- ties Comm. VICTOR MIGUEL CANDIA "Mike" Mike has attended ECVHS for three years, transferring from El Capitan. His quote "Take it easy while you can," explains his favorite pastime of enjoying himself. He likes soccer and boxing. Mike's plans are to attend Grossmont College and major in Engineering. STEVEN P.. CARVER Steve has been with us for four years. At ECVHS he took part in Nom. Conv. I 8 2. His most preferred class has been Biology, and his favorite teacher, Mr. Kingery. Steve likes Jack-ln-the-Box hamburgers and lists watching football as his favorite pastime. His future plans include attend- ing Crossmont College to major in Police Science. PHILIP A, CANNARIATO uphill! Phil has been known to enjoy shooting pool, body surfing, short dresses, and big parties. His favorite quotation is "Hey, what's com- ing off here?" His favorite class was Chem- istry with Mr. D. Williams. He participat- ed in Campus Life and plans to attend Gmssmont College, majoring in Engineer- ing. DARLENE JEAN CASTLE nDa,.u or IIDJ, u Darlene enjoys all water sports and likes Hershey bars, animals, and people with a sense of humor. She found Spanish with Mr. Gonzalez to be her favorite subject. An Archbearer and active in Junior Achieve- ment, Darlene wants to attend'a junior college or a vocational training school. THOMAS ANGEID CHAVES lvroxnll Tom attended ECVHS all four years of hk high school career. Grossmont College is Tom's choice for higher leaming. RlCHARD WAYNE CARLSON Richard's future plans are to study pre-Law at Grossmont College. Mrs. Logan was his favorite teacher and he preferred History to his other classes. GLORIA JEAN CAYKDR "Old Lady" Gloria was a member of Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Sr. Ways and Means Committee. She likes Crafts, Mr. Williams, and howl- ingg and plans for a future as a housewife. JOSEPH V. CHIARAMONTE "Wally Wop" Joe was active in Wrestling and Frosh Foot- ball and Basketball. He most enjoyed being Mis. logan's Office Asst. and lists her and Mr. D. Williams as his favorite teachers. "l don't know" is his favorite saying. CAROLYN KAY CHOATE "Carol" Ca.rol's activities at ECVHS were Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir Staff 43 Tab 8 Cam- pus lg cn-rs' League 1, 2, Y-'rem 3, 4, Folk Song Club 4, International Club 4. Mr. Kingery and Mr. Gehrke were Carol's favor- ite teachers and Biology her favorite clas. WILLIAM KEITH CONOVER IIK. C. Il Bill enjoys playing bass guitar in his spare time. Mr'. Adams has been his favorite teacher and Woodshop his favorite clax. After graduation, Bill hopes to continue his education at Grossmont College. FELICIA ELAINE COTTRELL "um" Ajanuary graduate, Felicia's future plans were marriage and a major in English at Grossmont College. She was active in Girls' League lg Nom. Conv, 1, 2. Mr. Leewaye was her favorite teacher and P. E. was the class she liked most. STEVEN 1. CLEVELAND "Speed" Steve likes underground music, working on cars, and all kinds of food. His favorite class was Are Welding and his activities at ECVHS include Roman Braves lg Boys' Fed- eration I5 Nom. Conv. 2, 35 Football 1, 25 Basketball 2. Steve plans to attend Gross- rnont College or enter the Air Force. His ambition is to become a welder or car- penter. RANDY MARVIN COOPER llRanll Randy enjoys working on cars and prefers Crafts to his other classes. He plans to eu- ter the Armed Forces, and later, to become a member of the Border Patrol. SANDRA D. COLEMAN DANIEL ERNEST CORDER "Fat Cat" Dan will major in Physical Education at Gr-ossmont College. He likes all sports, transfer requests, and was active in Fmsh Football and Wrestling: l.V. and Va.r. Base- ball, Class Council 3, Sr. Privilege Comm. Mr. Eastlick and U.S. History were his favorites at ECVHS. BETTY IO CRESSWELL A member of the Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 4, and Girls' Hockey 2, 3, 43 Betty is known for her athletic abilities. Also active in F.F.A. 3, 4, Betty plans a major in agriculture at the college of her choice. One of Betty's weaknesses is popcorn. SUSAN GAIL CONEDI Susan was active in Nom. Conv. 13 Banner 2g Archbearerg Smoke Signal Staff. Her fu- ture splans include attending college, possi- bly DSC, where she will major in English. Her most enjoyed class was English with Mrs. Logan. JAMES EDWARD CORRI-IU. lljilnll jim participated in Football lg Class Coun- cil 1, 25 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, Speech Club 2. Going to the beach and listening to records are among ji.m's pastimes. He found U.S. History to he his most enjoyable class and Mr. Mathews to be his favorite teacher. jim wants to major in Food Retailing at Grussmont College. NANCY JEAN CREVELING Nancy, who lists Biology ll as her favorite course, likes the quotation, "Women's faults are many, Men have only two, Everything they say and everything they do. " Nancy has participated in Girls' league ip Internatlona Club 2, Sec. 3, First V-Pres. 45 CSF 2, 3, Sec. 45 Archbearer, Nom. Conv. 3, Senate 45 THOUGIT Co-Ed. 4. ln the future, she plans to study Biology or Sociology at UCSD. SHEIIA ANN CULVER Sheila's activities at ECVHS include Nom. Conv. 1, 2, Campus Life 1, 2, Tennis Club i2, Girls' league 3, Sr. Prom Comm. She iplans to major in Math at SDSC and lists Mr. Hilton as her favorite teacher. She pre- ferred Trigonometry to her other subjects and enjoys watching people. 1 r GEORGE DAVIDSON Mr. Winn was the teacher George liked most, P. E. was his favorite class. A four year ECVHS student, George was active in Swimming 2, Wrestling 3, 4. He would like to attend Grossmorn College after graduation. rmmrnm Jo DE rom: --Moose-' Kathy's favorite pastimes include mort out- door sports, and watching the late, late show. She found Clerical Office Practice to be her most enjoyable subject, and Mr. Welbaum to be her favorite teacher. Kathy's future plans are to attend Kelsey jenney Business School, and later marriage. Activities: Girl's League 1, Sr. Ways G Meam Comm. ROBBYN EIRABETH CUMMINGS rrnobrr Robbyn enjoys going to dances and helping other people. Her ambition is to become a social worker and she will attend Azusa- Pacific College. A well-lcnown senior, Robbyn was active in Campus Life l, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Soph. Clas Sec., Girls' league 1, Exec. Bd. 2, Corresp. Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Senate 2, 3, 4, School Service Comm. 3, 4. Sr. Ways B Means Comm. KRISTINE SUE DEATHERAGE nxrisn Kris transferred to ECVHS from Clairemont H. S. and lists Clerical Office Practice with Mrs. Hempel as her favorite class. She dis- likes frecldes and likes to drink root beer and participate ini gymnastics in her free time. A january graduate, Kris planned to enter the Automation Institute to special- ize in Computer'Operatiom. GARY DE MONTO Gary's irterea in drafting will lead him to major in this subject at a junior college, With an emphasis on girls, Gary also lists the beach, swirnxning, and scuba diving as his favorites. He found Metal Shop to be his favorite class with Mr. Idle. ANNA MARIE DAVIDSON Anna lists Mr. Eastllck, U.S. History, and San Diego State's program for English Lit. as her academic interests. She enjoys go- ing to the beach, the snow, and parties. While attending ECVHS, Anna was active in Girl's League 1, Bravettes 3, Nominat- ing Conventions 1, 2, 3, 4, Dialectos 2, 3, NFL 2, 3, 4, Tab and Campus 2. THOMAS LARKIIN DE HART "larkin" Tom likes surfing, socializing, pizza, and hot weather. Active in athletics, he parti- cipated in Football l, 2, Wrestling 1, Base- ball 3, 4, and was V-Pres. of Var. Club, Sr. Privilege Comm. His future plans are to attend SDSC. English lV with Mr. Bascom was Tom's favorite class at ECVHS. i BRHXDA FAYE DAVIDSON "Stupid" Outdoor sports and the late, late shows top Brenda's list of favorites. She particularly enjoyed Mr. Stone as a teacher and found Clerical Office Practice to be her favorite clas. At ECVHS, Brenda participated in Girls' league 1, Bravettes 4, Sr. Ways G Means Comm. Her future plans include attending Kelsey-jenney Business College and marriage. ION MICAEL DE LEEUW IIDEIII Mike participated in Frosh Football and lists Vocational Welding as his favorite class. He likes to travel and ejuoys work- ing on cars and going to the drags in his spare time. RONALD ROYER DETWIILR llRonll Ron enjoys the intellectual side of life with an emphasis on solitude and the "Great Outdoors. " An Usher as a jr. and a Member of CSF 2, 3, 4, Ron's favorite teachers have been Mrs. Halliburton and Mr. Castro. Chemistry was his favorite class and he plans to enter the California Maritime Academy. N - BRENDA LEE DEUTH Brenda was a transfer from Granite Hills in her junior year and lists English as her favorite subject. Marriage is in the future for Brenda. RALPH COLE DIXON Ralph plans to major in medicine at either SDSC or UCSD. He was active in Roman Braves 15 Paramedics 1, 25 Football 25 Boys' Federation 15 Class Council 2, 35 Exec. Board 2, 35 Nom. Conv. 2, 35 Senate 2, 35 jr. Class School Service Project Comm. Camping and body surfing are among his pastimes and he lists his favorite quotation as "I complained because l had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. " STEVEN EDWARD DOWIAT ' "Horse!'1'rigger" Steve was a january graduate and active in Cadet Band 1,25 Concert Band 3, 45 March- ing Band 1, 2, 3,45 Var. Band 2, 3, 45 Boys' Federation l. He enjoys music, jokes and playing handball or tennis. His favorite teacher was Mr. Van Note and he believes "Ask not what your country can do for you but, ask what you can do for your counmyl " ROBERT EDWARD DE WALT nBobrr Bob, a fou.r year graduate of El Cajon, was active in track 3 and 4. His hobbies in- clude working on cars and hunting. Bob's likes and dislikes range from girls and cars to cafeteria food and school Qin that orderj. San Diego State and psychology are Bob's immediate plans. JAMES DANIEL DIGENAN rrlimrr jim, previously attended University High and likes to make REAL friends and enjoys Christmas in the mountains. At ECVHS, jim was a member of School Service Comm. and THOUGHT magazine. His future plans include a Liberal Arts major at San Diego State. ANTONIO DOMINGUEZ rr-1-ony.. Tony participated in Frosh and 1. V. Basket- ball and lists his Spanish classes as his favorites. He plans to major in this subject at SDSC or to enter the Marine Corps and specialize in language. Tony likes hunting, watching T. V. , and girls, particularly blondes. ROBERT LEROY DUTY 'mob-1 "Do unto others as you would unto you, " is Bob's favorite quote. In his four years at ECVHS, Bob participated in Choir lg Boys' Federation 15 Nom. Conv. 15 Campus Life 25 Class Council 25 Track 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 35 Sr. Activities Comm. Bob wants to major in History at Gnossmont College, later transferring to SDSC. have them do ROBERT LEE DOYLE llBobIl Mr. Lamar was Bob's favorite teacher and lunch was his favorite time of the day. Bob was active in J. V. Football5 Golf 2, 3, 45 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, He believes "Time flies. " 2? DEBBIE SUE DINKINS r.D,,,kn Besides being elected "biggest flirt" Debbie 1 has been active in Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Gir1's league 1, 2, 3,45 Social Secretary 2, School Service Comm. 2, 35 Va1don's Rep- resentative 35 Nominating Conv. 3, 45 Var. Cheerleader 45 Sr. Activities Comm.5 Ban- ner 45 ASB Director of School Arts 4. Din.k's' future plans are attending SDSC and major- ing in teaching. , LINDA GAII. DOUGLAS Singing, the beach, and collecting tropical fish are among l.inda's pastimes. Her favor- ite teacher was Mr. Castro and Sec. Office Practice was her favorite class. She was ac- tive in Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Treble-aires 1,2, 35 Banner 25 Arclrbearer5 Sr. Prom Comm. Linda plans to attend a junior college later to become a Dental Assistant. 2 l DAVID ALLAN DUNCAN "Dave" ln addition to his classes at ECVHS, Dave also attended a Tech. Electronics class at Santana. He plans to major in electronics at Grossmont College, later transferring to Cal Poly. A member of the Drama Club and Radio Club, Dave likes cars, people, and music. He lists illogical people as his major dislike. N N MRGARET wcmnp. DU PLANTI rMm.g3rr v1argi's favorite teachers were Mrs. Prit- :hard and Mis De Woskin, and U. S. His- ory was the class she liked most. One of w4rrrgi's favorite pastimes is reading. She ists messy handwriting as one of her dis- ikes. L if YNN ETHEL EPP!-IRSON .rr outstanding student, Lynn has proved her bility by achieving "Most likely to to suc- eed" ofthe Sr. class. She participated in atin Club 13 Frosh-Soph Speech Toumey 23 Korn. Conv. 33 Archbearer3 Megebeceps ,43 Sr. Banc. and Commence. Comm. 'ab G Campus 43 CSF 2, 3, 43 Treas. 43 lroir 4. Lynn plans to major in Theology t Southern Calif. College. TER IOSEPH FABER 'ete" ter enjoys the beach, riding around, and ts Mr. Brooks as his favorite teacher. te participated in Track 1, 23 Sr. Priv- :ge Comm.3 Sr. From Comm.3 and plans attend Grossmont College. SUSAN FRANCES EDWARDS nsuen Sue found her work as a Special Education Ass't. particularly rewarding. She hopes to major in this field at Grcssmont College, later transferri.ng to Azusa Pacific College. She was active in Marching Band 1, 2, 3,43 Concert Band 2,3,43 Band Staff 23 Concert Orchestra 33 Nom. Conv. 23 Frosh-Soph Speech Toumey. Sue likes chocolate, Snoopy, and people and believes "Happi- ness is friends." RONALD WAYNE ERTMAN -'Roni' A member of a stage band, Ron was also active in Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band I, 2, 3, 43 Var. Band l, 2, 3, 43 Band Staff 2, 3, 4. After graduating, Ron plans to attend Grossmont College. PATRICIA ANN FARNHAM npatvr Among Pat's favorites are football games, pizza, Mr. D. Williams, and poetry. She has participated in Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Treble- aires 2,43 Drama Club 2, 3, 43 Sound Direc- tor3 Girls' League 2, 3, 43 Campus Life. Pat plans to attend Gnossmont Nurses' College. STEPHEN E, EGGLESTON uspeedyn Steve was active in Basketball 1, 23 Football l, 23 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Var. Club 3, 43 Inter- national Club 2, 3. Algebra II was his favor- ite class and he plans to major in Math at SDSC. Steve's pastimes include mrrfing, racing, and playing football. GLENNA SUE EUBANK Being crowned Homecoming Queen was the highlight of G1enna's four years at I-ICVHS. It climaxed her activities which included Girls' League 3, 43 and Y-Teens 3. Glenna plans to study Art and Education at SDSC. MARIE E. ENGLISH "Mari" Mari's favorite quote is "One today is worth two tomorrows. " She has participated in Bravettes 33 Sr. Cards D Announcements Comm. Mari's future plans include attend- ing Grossmont College and marriage. She likes eating at Taco Bell and going to the beach. She found Mr. Castrro's Civics class to be her favorite. DAVID IONATHON EVANS "Dave" Dave believes ' Honesty is the best policy, and lists Mr. Castro as his favorite teacher. His interests center around music and he plans to attend a mrrsic school after gradu- ating. LAURA GENE I-'EATHERS "Lorie" lorie likes dancing and just plain having fun. She has participated in Class Council I3 Girls' League 2, 33 Choir 2. Inrie's favor- ite class was Bookkeeping3 her favorite teacher was Mr. Leewaye. Marriage is in the immediate future for Laura. ROY DEAN FEATHERS Roy enjoys outdoor sports, particularly hunting and fishing. He participated in J. V. and Var. Football and found Mr. B. Williams to be his favorite teacher. Roy plans to enter the Navy or a branch of the Forestry. MORRIS JOHN FIDYD "lon-Paul' john participated in the Nom. Conv. 2, 3, and was a member of Frosh and Var. Foot- ball. He wants to attend Grossmont College with a major in General Education. Motor- cycling, blondes, cars, and Mr. Brooks rate high with John. ROBERT EUGENE GAlN'ES. SALLY JEAN FERRIS Friendly people, tennis, sewing, Mr. Buller, and Photo rate first with Sally. She would like to major in Business at Grossrnont Col- lege. Y-Teens has been her major activity at ECVHS. UNDA SUSAN FORD nsunnyn Linda likes new and exciting places along with concerts and Honda riding. She rates Mr. Fulcher number one and most enjoyed his French class. Her activities were Girls' league 2, 3, Y-Teens 3g Smoke Signal 3g Hurdle Crew 3. Her philosophy in life is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " Linda hopes to become an air- line stewardess. SHARON MARLENE FLEGAL "Evil-eye" Sharon, who enjoys eating, horseback rid- ing, and "checking out the scene" at dan- ces places as her favorite quotations "Out- a-sight" and "I don't understand." She par- ticipated in Girls' League 1, 23 Bravettes 3, 4. Sharo-n's future plans include majoring in French, Psychology and Business atGross- mont College. PHYLLIS KAYE FORROR "Phil" Aher graduation, Phyllis plans to enroll in SDSC or Florida State. Her activities in- clude Tennis Club 2g lntemational Club 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, 4g Campus I.ife 4, Nom. Conv. l, 2, 33 Bravettes 3. She lists skiing, Mexico, Mr. Welbaum and her Geography class as among her favorites. KEVIN I.EE GALLAGHER 38 THOMAS LEROY FLOWERS l!'l'on.llI A transfer from Granite Hills in his junior year, 'I'om's interesu center around auto- mobiles. He enjoys working on and riding cars and motorcycles. His favorite class has been Auto Shop. Tom's future plans include a hitch in the Anned Forces. MICHAEL DUANIE FOSTER llMLkeIl Mike's favorite class has been Metal Shop with Mr. Idle. He enjoys playing the guitar and working on cars. Mike participated in LV. Wrestling during his four years at ECVHS. Mike plans to attend Grossmont College, majoring in Music. ELIAS F. GARCIA usonnyu Sonny likes sports, dances, girls, and par- ticipated in Baseball 3, 4. Auto Mechanics was his favorite class and Coach Halte was his favorite faculty member. He previously attended Brawley Union High School and plans to enter Grossmont College after graduation. GARRIS june, Mickey plans to San College where he His favorite quota- not kill. " major in is "Thou GERAIDO ikes about everything, includ- jist home and watching T. V. in Tab S 2, 3, Interna- she was Lt. 4, Conv. 2, 3, Sr. Plum Miss was her favorite quotation is "He best. " and her laughs last, GRISAF I rates Auto Shop his number one class would like to become a mechanic in Air Force. Wrestling was his major ac- , at ECVHS. john likes to travel and make things better. League 1, Bravettes 3, THOMAS MICHAEL GAY IlTo!nll This sports-mindedrsenior was active in Wrestling l, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Var. Club 3, 4, Frosh Football Coach, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 43 Class Council 3, Sr. Activities Comm. Tom lists Mr. Kingery as his favor- ite teacher and Chemistry as his favorite class. He dislikes work, but enjoys sports and eating. He plans a major in Engineering at Grossmont College. MARIA JEAN GIDEON "Mar" Marla was a transfer from Ramona H. S. , and has found Speech with Miss "P" to be her favorite class. Marla was active in Speech 3, 4, Treas. 4, N.F. L 3, 4, Com- petition Speech 3, 4. Her great interest in Speech will lead her to major in this sub- ject at Grossmont College. Her quote, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." HARRY WILLIAM GULLETT "Caleb" Girl chasing, fishing, camping, and sleep- ing are among Harry's pastimes. His activ- ities include Football l, 2, Wrestling 1, Golf 3, 4, Class Pres. 1, 2, Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech l, 2, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Senate 1, CSF 4. Biology ll with Mr. Kingery was his favorite class and he plans to attend Biola, majoring in Theology. W WILLIAM RICHARD GEDDES "Pencil" Bill's schedule at ECVHS included Volley- ball, Basketball, 1. V. Z, 3, Frosh Football, and Handball. His favorite quotation is "Why not?", his preferred class, Mr. William's Chemistry. Bill hopes to attend Mesa College and plans to become a com- mercial pilot for PSA. CAROL ALLEACE GILL Hot fudge sundaes, sewing, swimming, and Clerical Office Practice are tops with Carol. She plans to be a secretary and will find a job after graduation. Her favorite motto, "Do unto others and split." Jams una ceoncs "Mmm- janie lists friendly people, pina, and spa ghetti as her favorites. She also enjoys sewing, bowling, and trying to learn to cook. Her activities were Girls' League l Nom. Conv. 1, Class Council 2, 3, Tab G Campus l, 2, 3, Tennis Club 3, Sr. Ways G Means Comm. janie's future plans are to work, and later, marriage. GREGORY PAUL GOSSETT Greg's major dislike is formal dances, but he likes cars and reading. Mr. Adams was his favorite teacher and World History was his favorite class. Greg plans to major in Psychology at Grossmont College. HOWARD RAY HALL "Preacher" Mr. Bascom's English lV class was number one with Howard, and motorcycles take up most of his spare time. His future plans are to join the Navy and become a medical corpsman. TIMOTHY HALLINAN 1.-I-im.. Tim, who likes playing football and just messing around, lists his favorite class as Biology. He wants to major in zoology at the college of his choice. Tim was a rnem- JAMES CU RTIS HARGETT njimrr Aft ber of the Sr. Activities Comm. - Var. Club er grafiuating' lim hopes to major in uw 4, and participated in football 3:45 Wrest- ling 1, 5 and the Nom. Conv. 1, 2. STEVEN JESS HARRISON "Steve" A.fter graduating, Steve plans to major in Political Science at Gmssrnont College or San Diego State. Steve was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist and most enjoyed U. S. History. GUY MICHAEL HAWKINS Guy's activities were Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, and he was a member of the School Hrgravers. l-le enjoy- ed his Civics class the most and lists food, cars, and girls as among his favorites. Guy believes "Love thyself and many will hate thee." at San Diego State College. Mr. Stark was his favorite teacher at ECVH5, and Auto Shop was his favorite class. His quote: "lf you can't make it, quit. " DONNA HARVEY BRUCE ROBERT HEKSEM -.skipn Bruce participated in Froslr Football and Wrestling, 1. V. Football, and the Foll-:song Club. He likes the sun and enjoys surfing, playing guitar, and having a good time. His favorite teacher was Mr. Trysla and his favorite class was radio. He plans to attend a junior college and lists his favorite quotation as "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. " CARL WILLIAM HARMON "Knuckles" Carl has been a student at El Cajon for 4 years. He has participated in Boys' Fed. 1, School Service Comm., Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, Foothallg and Wrestling. Aside from athletics, Carl has developed a great fondness for teddybears. He spends his free time cooking and knitting. Carl has the distinction of being elected Most Humorous Senior Boy. He plans to major in English at Grossrnont College. CRYSTAL ANN HASCALL ncrisn Crystal enjoys classical music, sketching, hiking, and playing the guitar. Her' activi- ties include Science Club, Sec. 1, 2, Girls' League 3, Nominating Conv. 2, Sr. Cards G Announce. Comm. Her favorite class was Biology ll with Mr. Kingery. After gradua- ting, Crystal plans to major in English at Grossmont College. CLYDE DEAN HENDERSON "Dean" Dem-,Is fum,-E plans are to major in Police Science at Grossmont College. Mrs. Logan was his favorite teacher, and he preferred Mechanical Drawing to his other subjects. W DONNIA GAII. HARRIS uH,,,,dYn Donnie enjoys sewing and vacations at the Colorado River. Mr. Ezstlick was her favor- ite teacher. Marriage and study at Gross- rnont College are in the future for Donnia. IDYDENE HATCH "Humplrrina" loydene believes one should "Never regret anything, just learn from it." Civics with Mr. LeToumeau was her favorite class, and she enjoys art, hiking, and people-watch- ing. She would like to travel in the future. HENNESSEY to at-tend San Diego State, in medicine. He enjoys science and lists his favorite quota- choir of Heaven and the are naught, without a " Charles participated in 3, 4, Radio Club Pres., Usher. EITH MARK HENSLEY eith's major dislike is a person who qaesn't appreciate a good joke. Collecting d bottles is his hobby and sleeping is one f his favorite timekillers. During his 4 ears at ECVHS, Keith was active in Frosh ootball, j.V. Baseball Mgr. lg Nom. Zonv. 2, Golf 3, 4. Keith particularly en- oyed Mr. be Tourneau as a teacher and he vans to continue his education at Gross- nont College. DANIEL CHARLES HENNESSEY 1-Dann "Hey Ugly! " is Dan's favorite saying, and he enjoys waterskiing or just bumming around in his free time. He was active in Wrestling lg Track 2, 3,-1, Nom. Conv. 1, 2. He particularly enjoyed World History and plans to major in Social Science at Grossmont College. CRAIG LEE HENTON Craig believes "Life is only as good as you want to make it, " and enjoys people, the outdoors, and music. Craig plans to be- come a minister and will work toward this goal at a Christian college. Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Nom. Conv. 1,2, 3, and Frosh- Scph Speech Toumey were his activities -'it ECVHS. His favorite class was U. S. History and his favorite teacher was Mr. Leewaye. FRANKLIN EUGENE HILTON "Frank" Frank ranks Auto Shop as his favorite class and enjoys hunting or working on calshn his spare time. He dislikes short haircuts on girls. Boys' Federation 15 and Tab G Cam- pus were Frank's activities at ECVHS. He plans to attend Grossmont College or GMC Training School to become a mechanic. LOIS JEAN HENRY "Uncle Bill" lois likes organization and believes you should "Insist on yoruself, never imitate. She enjoys reading in her spare time and lists English as her favorite class. At ECVHS. Lois was active in Girl's League 1,2,3,4, Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Campus Life 1,2,3,4, Class Council l,2. She plans to attend Grossmont College, majoring in sec- retarial skills. ERNEST RAY HERWEHE JR. nEn.,ieu Ernie lists wrecking his motorcycle as one of his pastimes. Woodshop with Mr. Bartlett was his favorite class and he participated in Frosh Wrestling. Emie plans to continue his education at Grossmont College. BARBARA IOANNE HINDLE STEVEN Wll.I.lAM HBSIRY "Stretch" Steve lists Frosh Football, I. V. Basketball, and Var. Baseball as his activities while attending l-ICVHS. His favorite teachers in- clude Nlr. Hilton and Mr. D. Williams. SHIRLEY RENEE HILL "Hill" Shirley's favorite pastimes include swim- ming, horseback riding, and camping. She was a januarg graduate and active in Girls' League 1, 2, , 4, Bravettes 3, 4, Tab G Campus l, 2, Campus Life l., 2. She plan- ned to major in Secretarial skills at Gross- mont College. KEITH LEE HINRICHSEN Keith's favorite class was Trigonometry and Mr. Hilton was his favorite teacher. His interest in Mathematics will lead him to major in this subject at UCSD or SDSC. Keith also likes pretty girls, Corvettes, making money, and working on cars. His major dislike is growing bald. Keith parti- cipated in Frosh Football and Wrestlingg Class Council 2, Nom. Conv. 2, CSF 3, Science Club 29 Usher, Sr. Privilege Comm. DUANE ROBERT HOBBS uaobn Bob enjoys sports and was active in Cross Country lg Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, His favorite teacher was M.r. Brooks. Bob plans to continue his education at Gross- mont College. WILLIAM JAMES HOLLAND llaillll Bill was active in Track 3, 43 and Cross Country 3. His favorite pastimes include the outdoor sports, hunting and camping. His interests lie in the field of business and he plans to major in this field at GIWOSSIIIOTAI College. Bill's favorite quotation is "To be or not to be, that is the question." LINDA IF.AN HORNEY ulayndien Linda's favorite pastimes include writing poems, riding motorcycles, and ending time at the beach. She particulaily liked Art with Mis. Gibson. After graduation in June, Linda plans to enroll in El Cajon Beauty College. F JOHN NUCHAEL HOFFMAN john's pastimes include working on cars and playing pool. He lists Business Law as his favorite class and plans to major in Political Science at Grossmont College. john partici- pated in the Flush-Soph Speech Tournament as an underclassman. GEORGE SCOTT HOMAN Ilscottll Scott dislikes braggarts and fools and be- lieves you should "Ask not what your coun- try can do for you, but what you can do for your country. " He rates Auto Shop number one and enjoys dancing, making money, and working on cars. Scott would like to become a mechanic and will probably en- list in the Army after graduation. ROBERT ALLEN HORTON Ilgobll This active senior participated in Wrestling lg Football 1, Varsity 3, 4, Var. Club 3, 45 smoke Signal 2, sports Edirol- 4, Tah as Campus l, 2, Sr. Priviledge Comm., Boys' Fed. 1, 2, l-'rosh-Soph Speech Tourney 1, 25 Campus Life, Class Coun. 1,25 Teacher's Aide 45 Bob lists his favorite teacher as Mr. Wolf, and he plans to attend SDSC to maj- or in psychology. BRENDA RENEE HOLDEN "Renee" - Renee came to ECVHS from Granite Hills in her junior year. She has been active in Choir, which is also her favorite class. She likes pizza, singing, and boys. After gadu- ation in June, Renee wants to become an airline hostess. UNDA JOYCE HOOPES llLynn'l Lynn has attended ECVHS one year and has participated in Choir and Girls' League. She likes long hair and moustaches on guys and lists her favorite pastimes as paperinghollsem body surfing, and boy watching. Lynn plans to enter El Cajon Beauty College. ALSO GRADUATING: DONALD CLAY GRANT GARY LEE HOPPE GREGORY Louis KUNKEL 42 PAMELA JANE HOLENDA npamn Pam, who enjoys having a good time, was active in Nom. Conv. lg Girls' league Campus Life 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, Sr. Comm. Biology II was her favorite and Mr. Gelirke was her number one teach- er. A nursing career and marriage are in Pam's fiture. IUDITH CAROL HORN lllukiell jukie enjoys summer vacations, water skiing, target shooting, and drawing. U.S. History was her favorite dass, Mr. Leewaye her favorite teacher. She participated in Girls' Ieague for three years and "Live and let live, " is her favorite quote. IARILYN F. HOUSTON Ranger Fred ll Hmmmmm! " is Marilyn's favorite saying. he enjoys riding in her hot rod and eating ina. After graduation in June, Marilyn ants to attend Grossmont College or be- onre an Airline Hostess. KIAN KEITH HUGHEY Alan has been at ECVHS for 2 years. pre- riously attending Granite Hills. He parti- :lpated in Wrestling and wants to enter Srossrnont College after graduating. ROBERT WAYNE HOUX IIA!-nie!! Bob, who lists his favorite quote as "Leave it where it lay", enjoys the social hour, parties, and going to the beach. Chemistry with Mr. Williams was Bob's favorite class. Active in Golf 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 4, Campus Life, Smoke Signal 4, Bob wants to attend Grossmont College. STEVE WAYNE HUM Steve's favorite timekillers are surfin and S fishing. He likes V-bottom surfboards and red apples, and lists Chemistry with Mr. Williams as his favorite class. Steve's ac- tivities were Football 1, Basketball 1, Tab 8 Campus lg Nom. Conv. lg Class Conn. 1, 2, 3, Senate 2, Swimming 2, 3, 43 Sr. Prom Comm. He plans to major in automo- tive en ineeri at a junior college, with a K '18 later transfer to SDSC. ALSO GRADUATING: ROBERT N. MARTINS MARIA MAYO SUSAN KAY MCMURPHY MICHAEL BRUCE HOWARD Ilbiikell Mike enjoys surfing and lists his favorite quotation as "Surf's up!" Mr. Stark was his favorite teacher and he preferred Metal Shop to his other classes. Mike likes peanut butter sandwiches, but lists scrambled eggs as his greatest dislike. PATRICK NORMAN HUNT rrpatn Pat, during his 4 years at ECVHS participg- ted as Fresh clas V-Pres., in class council 1, 2, Executive board 29 Smoke Signal Edi- torial Fd. 3, 4, CSF, Usher 3, Honor Grad., NFL 8 Dialectos 2, 3, 45 School Ser. Comm. 2, 3, 4, Int. Club 3, 45 Boy's Fed. lg Wrest- ling lg Tennis 2, Nom. Conv. 2, 3,4g Cam- pus Life, Senate 2,3g THOUGHT 3. Pat's favorite class is English and he lists his hobbies as reading, music 8 speaking. WILLIAM LEE JACKSON "anv- Bill plans to attend school in Los Angeles, majoring in Engineering. Auto Shop was his favorite class and Mr. Smith was the teach- er he liked most. Active in F.F.A. 1, 2, Bill likes girls, cars, and just lying around. DEBRA RAE HOXSEY "Debi" "No distance on earth is farther away than yesterday, " is the favorite quote of this well-known senior. Debi has been active as an ASB Asst. 3, ASB Sec. 4, Bravettes 33 Banner 4, Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Trebleaires 1, 2, 35 Girls' Tennis Club 1, School Service Comm. 3, Sr. Priv- ilege Comm. She enjoys singing, playing the piano 6 Guitar, and found Mrs. Halliburton to be her favorite teacher. BRADLEY IRWIN IHDE llsradll Brad plans to major in Engineering at San Diego State. He was active in Swimming 2, 3, 4g Var. Club 4, Campus Life. During his four years at ECVHS, Brad found Chern- istry to be his favorite clas and Mr. D. Williams to be his favorite teacher. l HERMAN R. IB-'FCOAT JOEL PRESTON JEFFCOAT "J eff" Joel's interest in Biology will lead him to major in the subject at ur. NlllTlIl um-rer College. He finds relaxation in his hobbies of tape recording, crossword punles, and stamp and coin collecting. joel has enjoyed his German 3 and 4 classes, but finds Ger- man humor not to his liking. His activities at ECVHS were Band I, lnternat'l Club 2, Megabeceps 2, 3, 4, Tab and Campus 2, 3, Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 1, Senate 4, Usher. ,IUDITH ANN JOHNSON windy.. judy likes to enjoy life and wants people to be themselves. At ECVHS, she was active in Girls' League 1, 2, Executive Board 3, 4, V-Pres. 4, Class Council 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Campus Life 3, 4, Senate, Prom Committee, School Service Committee, Hurdle Crew 3, 4, Nominating Conventions 3, 4. Judy will major in Psychology at Grossmont College. LORNA KANE Iflnnniell Ionnie's interest in music has led her to participate in Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Con- cert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, and Band Staff 3. She has also been active in the nominating conventions 1,2, 3, Cards and Announcements Comm. World History has been Lonnie's favorite class which should help her at Grossmont College where she will major in History. GARY WAYNE IENNER In his four years at ECVHS, Gary's favorite teacher was Mr. Castro, enjoying both his U. S. History and Civics classes. Gary takes it easy by shooting pool and riding his motorcycle. His future plans include at- tendance at Crossmont College. GAIL Al.LISON JOLLIE Gail likes sunshine, beauty, and happiness. Mr. Le Toumeau was her favorite teacher and she most enjoyed Drama. She would like to travel in the future. CD1 I IEANETTE KATZ "Jeanette" jeanette was active in Roman Braves 1, Frosh-Soph Speech Toum., Dialectos 3, 4, Tennis Club 2, Senior Prom Comm, Campus Life. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Hilton and her favorite class was Biology. Jeanette likes dancing and an interest in drama will lead her to major in this subject at San Diego State. Her favorite quote-"Do not worry about people not knowing you, but strive that you may be worth knowing." DEBORAH IDUISE IOHNSON "Debbie" Debbie has attended ECVHS for three years and was active in Girls' League 3, Y-Teens, V-Pres. 4, Campus Life 2, 3, 4, ASB Asst. 4, and was elected Snowball Queen in her senior year. She plans to attend Azusa- Pacific College. PATRICE LINN IORGENSDI npatn Pat was a junior transfer from Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During her two years at El Cajon she was active in: Girls' League 3, Tennis Club 3, 4, School Service Committee, Senior Prom Commit- tee, Nominating Convention 3, and C. S. F. Pat enjoys sewing, tennis, swimming, and Califomia beaches. She reflects that her favorite quote is, "ya all." PATRICIA JANE KEARNEY npatrr This graduate has participated in the Nom- inating Conventions 2, 3, and was an Arch- bearer in her junior year. She lins English as her favorite class, the teacher she liked mon being Mrs. Logan. Pat will continue her education at Grossmont College. ELIZABETH ANN JOHNSON IIBettiII Betti was a junior transfer from Omaha, Neb. and spends her free time reading or going to the beach or movies. She empha- sizes a love for food and eating. She partic ularly enjoyed Crafts and her favorite teacher was Mrs. Homesley. Betti wants to work for an airline after graduation. DONNA MARIA IUAREZ Donna has attended ECVHS for one year and will graduate in'June. GALE MARIE KEEER After graduating, Gale plans to attend a business college. Mr. Ieewaye was her favorite teacher and Homemaking was her favorite class. She enjoys swimming and especially likes food. CYNTHIA KAY KLINGLER -randy.. Cindy, one of our vivacious songleadels, has also been active in Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, Girls' League 1, 25 Campus Life 49 School Service Comm. 35 Gymnastics 4. Her favorites range from moustaches to camping ln Mexico to Crafts. ROSS ALLDI KERNS This 4-year ECVHS student particularly en- joyed Drafting with Mr. Holk, and likes swimming in his free time. Ross will major in Architecture at Grossmont College. KATHRYN JEAN KOPPEL uxlthyn Kathy lists Civics, guitar playing, surfing, G people as her favorites. During her years at E1 Cajon, she participated in Choir 1,2,3,4g Bravettes 3,4g Trebleaires 2.4: Drama 3,45 A january graduate, Kathy planned to attend UCSD and major in Dra- matic Arts. Her most liked teacher is Mr. Fulcher and she dislikes apathy 8 bigots. IOYCE ANN KROEGER njoyu A111110 Sfldlllte, Ioyce was active in the Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney, Girls' Ieague 2.3: Y-Teens 3, Class Coun, 3, Sr. Baca. G Commence. Comm. She enjoys sewing 8 Playing tennis G her favorite teacher was Mr. Gehrke. After graduation in june, .l0YCe PIGQS to attend Grossmont College, majoring lh secmtgarial skills, SUSAN LOUISE KINZER "Kinzer" Transferring to ECVHS in her sophomore year from Granite Hills, Susan was active in Tennis Club and Senior Y-Teens. In her spare time she likes sewing and playing tennis and her favorite class was Crafts. Susan plans to attend Gmssmont College, majoring in Business. Susan's favorite quote: "A lie is good for the present, but not for the future. " TIMOTHY R. KRAMER "Speedy" A june graduate, Tim wants to attend Grossmont college planning a major in Oceanography. His favorite pastimes center around swimming, surfing, G tennis. Tim rates Mr. Eastlick as the teacher he liked most, the best class being Civics. DONAID RICHARD KROUSE Don has been active in a variety of activi- ties: Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 2, Wrest- ling lg Swimming 2, 3, Campus Life, Tab 5 Campus 25 Class V-Pres. 35 Var. Club 3,4. When he isn't busy, he likes walking around campus in his cowboy boots or surfing. DAVID MICHAEL KLEIN David's pastimes center around the outdoor sports of hunting S fishing. He lists his favorite class as Trigonometry with Mr. Hilton. After graduation in june, David plans to attend Grossmont College, later to become an Air Force or commercial air- plane pilot. David has played j. V. Baseball 1, 2, 3, V. Baseball 4. ROBERTA ANNE KRAUSS Roberta enjoys reading G going to the beach in her spare time. She was active in Tennis Club 2, 35 Y-Teens 35 Class Council 3, Nom. Conv. Her favorite class was Spanish with Mr. Gonzalez. Roberta plans to major in Psychology at SDSC. MASAE LORANE KUBOTA A four year ECVHS student, Masae, who enjoys fishing 8 sleeping, has been active in Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Var. Band 3, 43 Archbearerg Nom. Conv. I, 2, 3, 45 Inter. Club 1, 2, Civil Youth Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Band Sec. 4, Sr. Cards 8 Announce. Comm. Co-Chmg Class Council 29 Tab 5 Campus 3, and CSF. Masae's future plans are to attend UC Berkeley or SDSC. PATRICK L KWlA1'l' llnukell Graduating in june, Pan-ick's favorite class was Auto Shop, his favorite teacher was Mr. Bill Williams. His pastimes center around cars and surfing. His quote "Do unto others before they do unto me." ALAN C. LINN HA,-n Active in Football 1, 3, 4, Track 3, 45 Nom. Conv. 1, 3, Al also spends his time reading, diving and participating in sports. Biology I, ll with Mr. Kingery were Alan's favorite classes at ECVHS. He plans to attend a jun- ior college or enter the Air Force. ROBIN CEE LOW Robin assembles airplane models as a hobby, loves to eat, and enjoys almost all qports. He was active in Basketball 1, 2, 35 Senate 1, 43 Class Council 1, 23 Radio Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club, Usher, Sr. Ways B Means Comm. Robln's favorite teacher was Mr. Gehrke and Biology was his favorite class. He plans to major in Biology at SDSC. RAYMOND EDWARD LARSON llRickll Rick's hobbies are surfing and working on cars, and he rates Auto Shop his number one class. He plans to attend Grossmont College. DAVID ROY LOCKARD llnavell During his four years at El Cajon, Dave has been most active in sports, participating in IV Football 25 Var. Football 3, 4, Team Capt. 4, IV Wrestling 3. He was also a member of the Varsity Club 3, 4, Sr. Ac- tivities Comm. and Nom. Conv. Delegate 3. Camping, swimming, going to the beach and football are among Dave's pastimes. His future plans are to major in English at San Diego State, and later, to find a good wife and be happy. ""lu1 MARTHA RUTH LEAIRD "Mani" Marti's activities included Girls' league 1, 23 Tab B Campus, Campus Life 33 Ten- nis Club 2. Mr. Klngery and Biology ll were her favorites at ECVHS. Her future plans include marriage and studying at Pacific College. MARIANNE ROGERS LONG Marianne's activities at ECVHS included Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney 1, Girls' lea- gue 1, 2, lntemational Club 25 Nom. Conv. 1, 3, csr 2, 3, 4,QLife member-5, LEGEND 3, Senior Editor 4, Bravettes 3, Flag l.t. 4, Ar-chbearerg Girls' Hockey Team 3, Sr. Activities Comm. Marianne has many likes brit lists windy, cloudy days, mountains, and fried chicken as her favorites. She plans to attend U. C. at Davis or Colorado State Univ. to major in a field of Home Ec. SHEIIA ANN IDWRY A transfer from Corpus Christi, Texas, Sheila lisa English with Mr. Bascom to be her favorite class. Playing the organ and meeting G talking to people are among Sheila's many interests. Her future plans after graduation in June, are to attend Grossmont College or SDSC, majoring in nursing or education. 5 I PATRICE ANN LB-IR -I-1-Cn Patrice has the unusual hobby of collecting stationery and never using it. Her activitis at ECVHS: Girls' League 1, 2, Bravettes 35 Sr. Activities Comm. She particularly enjoyed workingin the Attendance Office and plans to attend Gorssmort College. W in Qi 5 RONALD RAY LOVELL IlRonIl Ron was a junior transfer from National City and lists Biology.with Mr. Kingery as his favorite class. Ron enjoys swimming, football, working on cars, and watching TN At ECVHS, be participated Ln Swimming, Wrestling, Sr. Cap and Gown Comm. and was a Var. Football Manager. He plans to become a general surgeon and will continr his education at SDSC. S re E 3 I5 5 ii RUBEN l.UNA "Put on a smile, everything seems so much better, " is Ruben's favorite quote. Aher transferring here from McAllen High Schoo in McAllen, Texas, he participated in CSF 2, Basketball 25 Usher, and Track 3. Ruber enjoys traveling, meeting different people, and driving sports cars. He likes Trlg. and lunch, bright colors, good food 6 groovy music. His future plans include attending Chapman College to major in Math. YLLIS ANN LYNN ylll is 4 year graduate has proved herself ac- ve during her time at ECVHS by partici- ating in Girls' League lg lnter. Club 2, -Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Frosh-Soph Speech ourney 2, Nom Conv. 2, 3, 45 ASB 43 Sr. acc. 5 Commence. Comm. Chin., Tab 8 ampus 33 Phyl's favorite quote is "lt's not re quantity but the quality that counts. " Ee likes sincere people, pizza, movies, S and teaching. L MANNING came to us from Santana High and lim her favorite class as Photo Buller. Drag racing ls a favorite and her future plans include rnar- nnd attending a beauty college. JEAN MATLEN to major in Business at San and later to become an airline To keep busy during her busy she participated in Girls' 3, 4, Arch Bearergand She enjoys horseback leewaye, and Civics. is, "Keep smiling, it wonder what you're up to. " ORVAI. H. MAGEE Orval plans to continue his education at Grossmont College. Among his school ac- tivities were Dialectos 2, 3, 4, N.F. L 3, 4. His favorite quotation is "lf you talk all the time, you're bound to say something!" His favorite teacher was Mr. Dave Williams and he preferred English to his odrer sub- jects. SUSAN ANN MAREK llsuell Sue's major dislike is mouthy freshmen. She was a junior transfer from Lakeville, Minnesota and has participated in both Choir and Girls' League. Miss Iohnston was her favorite teacher. She places marriage as a goal for the future. HARRY RAY MAYFIELD Harry's favorite quote is "Give me liberty, or give me death." Harry likes Civics, Mr. lc Toumeau, and his ambition is to join the Navy and see the world. 47 GI-ZRTRUDE MALLETTE rr-1-n,dyrr Trudy, whose pet peeve is people who think they know everything, participated in Specialty Corps as a junior. Her hobbies include collecting cats, weird signs and preferred teacher, Miss Johnston. Her in- spiring quote is, "lnugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone." BRUCE MARLIN This El Cajon senior hopes to attend Gros- mont College and major in social science. His activities in the past 4 years included Tennis 2, 33 Senior Activity Committee, Nominating Convention 2, 3, 45 and N.F. L 3 and 4. Bruce likes crowds, wants to be rich, and his quote, "That's life!" IO ANN MANIRE --Jon Crowds and school spirit are the favorite: of this active senior. Her many activities in- cluded Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney, Girls' League lg Tennis Club, Pres. l, 2g Snowball Princess 2, Bravettes 3, Var. Cheer 4, Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, 4, ASB Asst. 4, School Ser- vice Comm. 2, 3, 4, Archbearerg LEGEND 3, Co-Editor 4, CSF, Campus Life l, 2, 4g Sen- ate 1, 2, 4, Class Council 1, 2, 3, Exec. Bd. 4, Co-Chin. of Sr. Activities Comm. TIMUFHY Ui!-I MARSHALL YlTinxVI Tim dislikes all things that infringe on a person's rights and maintains that "All that is necessary for the force of evil to win the world is for enough good men to do noth- ing. " Mrs. Iogan was his favorite teacher at ECVHS, and he hopes to attend college after graduating. PAMEIA SUE McATEE "Pammy Sue" Pam has attended ECVHS for 3 112 years, transferring from Santana High School. She participated in Concert Choir 4, with Mr. Lutz being her favorite teacher G Choir her favorite class. Pam enjoys singing, sewing, and going places, but she finds her most en- joyment in Dingy people. Traveling is what Pam would like to do in the future. SHELLEY LYNN MCATEER A transfer from Blair H. S. in Pasadena, Shelley has participated in Girls' League. She lists cooking and horseback riding as among her favorite pastimes, but dislikes to sew or do homework. Shelley plans to attend Grossmont College, probably with a major in Business. MICHAEL A. McDOWELL Mike plans to either attend Grossmont Col- lege or enlist in the Air Force. He most en- joyed Auto Shop and lists Mrs. Ellery as his favorite teacher. Mike was a sophomore transfer from Monte Vina and lists girls, motorcycles, and rifles as among his pas- times. TERRY MICHAEL MENDENHALL Terry believes "lf there is a will, there is a way," and he's proved this during his 4 years at ECVHS by participating in Band for three years, Band Treas. for one year, and Sr. Ways S Means Comm. Mr. Gonzalez ranks as Terry's favorite teacher and Trig. was his favorite class. He likes jello and Tacos. His future plans include attending SDSC to major in Mathematics. JUDY LYNNE McCALL nludeu Judy's favorite class was Speech with Miss Petersen E she loves ice and people with a sense of humor. Judy spends her spare time cooking, sewing, and playing the piano or saxaphone. Her interest in music will lead her to major in this subject at SDSC. Judy's favorite quotation is, "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son." LARRY J. McGAULEY Larry enjoys the outdoor sports of hunting JOHN EDWARD McCREEDY lITwiggylI John, who excelled in many areas while at ECVHS, proved worthy of being voted as Most School Service and Best All Around Senior Boy. His arxivities included ASB President, Jr. Class President, Varsity foot- ball 4, Campus life 3, 4, AFS brother to Foreign Exchange Student, and Senior Priv- ilege Comm. John, who enjoyed Mr. Adams' English class, believes, "Critics are the failures in literature and Art. " BROCK M. MCROBERTS -'spikeu Bmck enjoys the beach and baseball, but his major dislike is long toes on girls. Brock has been active in Football 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Var. Club 2, 3, 4, Campus Life, Class Council, Tab G and fishing. At ECVHS, he participated in CampuSi NOD- CODV-S Sf- PNN COUUU- HB Football and has preferred Woodshop to his other subjects. Mr. Bartlett was his favorite teacher. Larry's future may bring him into the Merchant Marine or to a career as a game warden. plans to enter UCLA. JANET LYNN MICHALEWSKI Iljanll Jan enjoys hiking and camping and has found English with Mr. Bascom to be her favorite class. Her activities include Girls' League 1, 2, Nom. Conv. 2, IatlnClubl,2, International Club 3, 4, LEGEQD 3, Photo Editor 4, Sr. Activities Comm., Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney 1, CSF 4, Teacher Asst. at Ballanty-ne Sch. 4. 3 ri ANN CAROL MCCULLOUGH "Annie" A four year ECVH5 student Ann was acti in Y-Teens 2, 3, Nominating Convention 2, 3, 4, Girls' league 2, 3, Executive Boa 4, Campus Life, School Service Comm. 2, 3, 4, Smoke Signal 3, Managing Edito Banner 4, Homecoming Princess 4, Senio Prom Comm., Broadway Hi-Deb 4. Ann enjoys the summer, the beach, and like, people who are independent. Her favorit course was Journalism, and she lists Mr. Kingery as her favorite teacher. Ann plans to continue her education at S. D. S. E fl 3 ELIZABETH NEADOWS "Libby" Libby most enjoyed Clerical Office Pr-actl with Mrs. jump, and plans to continue he education at Grossmont College. 2 Kl-1NNE'l'H DEAN MILES llKenll Ken has found Soph. and Sr. English with Mr. Bascom to be his favorite classes. A June graduate, Ken has participated in Baseball 2, 3, and Choir I, 2, 3, 4. He plan: to attend the University of Redlands, ma- joring in Sociology. GAIL ANN MILLER "Dee-dee" Gail was active in Class Council 15 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 35 Bravettes 3,45 Tab li- Campus 45 Sr. Prom Comm. She lists talking as her favorite pastime and dislikes people who are always late. English was the class she liked most and her favorite teacher was .Mrs. logan. Gail's future plans include at- tending SDSC where she will major in Den- tal Hygiene. LYNN ELIZABFFH MILTON Lynn, during her 2 112 years at ECVHS, articipated in Girls' league 35 Exec. goard 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Campus Life 3, 45 !Class Council 35 Sr. Ways G Means Comm. om. Conv. 35 School Serv. Comm. 4. Lynn, who likes people with agood sense of umor, believes that "The hardest task of a girl's life is to prove to a man that his in- tentions are serious. " STEVEN ALLEN MORSE ' "Stevie" Steve participated in Track 25 School Ser- vice COmm,510u'rnallsm 3,45 Smoke Sig- nal Editorial Ed. 45 Democratic Youth for Cranston5 N,F,l.. and Dialectos 2, 3,4. He was must successful in speech through the Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney and state finals in Oratorical lnterp. He attributes his succes to the quote he used in all his winning speeches, "Having been enlight- ened with the great gift of life, and luse the word with reservation, I find myself sometimes contemplating whether life is worth the living". Steve plans to further his education at S.D.S.C. MICHAEL THOMAS MILLER "Buck Wheat" One of Mike's favorite pastimes is watching girls, but he also likes bananas and motor- cycles. He preferred History to his other courses, and has found Mrs. jump to be his favorite teacher. Mike plans to attend Grosmont College where he will major in Bus iness. DAVID T. MONTGOMERY "Dave" Dave enjoys surfing and motorcyle riding, and particularly likes "Out-a-sight. " He participated in Track 1, 25 Cross Country l, 2, 35 and preferred S anish with Mr. Gonzalez to his other classes. MELINDA GAIL MORTON "Mindy" Melinda has been here for 3 years and was active in Campus Life 2, 3, 45 Nom. Conv. 3,45 Girls' League 2, 35 Tab 8 Campus 2, 35 Her favorite quote is "lf you have no beliefs strong enough to willingly die for, you are a very poor man." She isa Red Cross Work- er in her free time and likes ice cream, moustaches, and rides in M. G. 's. LEROY CLARK MILLIKAN llEhoyll Leroy has been a member of F. F. A. for 3 years and enjoys raising animals and motor- cycling in his free time. After graduating, he hopes to work as a machinist. Math was his favorite class and Mr. Maize was his favorite teacher. EVERETT TIMOTHY MOORE ---5-,mu Tim likes to spend his spare time swimming, body-surfing, or playing basketball. Mr. Fulcher's French course has been his favor- ite class. After graduation in june, Tim hopes to attend Grossmont College, major- ing in Food Merchandising. X LINDA SUE MILISPAUCH nundyn Linda has found P. E. with Miss Johnston to be her favorite clas and lists sewing and cooking as among her hobbies. People with great personalities also rate highwlth linda. She plans to enter a beauty college or Grossmont College, where she would like to major ln psychology. CLAUDIO HENRIQUE MACHADO MORISSON Claudio came to ECVHS as our foreign ex- change student from Brazil. His activities included international Club and ASB Asst. After graduation, he plans to return to Brazil to major in Engineering at Rio de janeiro. Claudio liked all of his teachers and classes and in his spare time enjoyed swimming, soccer, dancing, bowling, and camping. GWENDOLYN ANN MOSSER "Gwen" Gwen was a junior transfer, previously at- tending school in New Mexico and at Gra- nite Hills. She has enjoyed Photo with Mr. Buller and boys, motorcycles, cars, and the beach rate high. She plans to become an I. B. M. Operator. DEBORAH DIANA MUNGIE "Debbie" Debbie who came to ECVI-IS from Granite Hills, participated in CSF 2, 3, 45 Qlife memberj Archbearer, and Sr. Bacc. S Commence. Comm. She likes reading, sports, and Mr. Hilton, and "I think, there- fore I am, " is her favorite quotation. Debbie plans to major in Business Adm. at Biola. DONALD ALLHSI NICHOLS lIDonIl Metal shop with Mr. Idle has been Don's favorite class, and an interest in Marching Band l, 2, 3, 45 and Concert Band 1, 2, 3. He hopes to serve in the U. S. Navy as an Engi- neennan. SUZANNE ODEN nsuen Sue's pastimes include people watching, reading, and camping at the beach. Mr. Bascom, rainy days, and pina are amoung her favorites. Sue was active in Tab G Campus 1,-1, Nom. Conv. 1,45 Girls' lea- gue 1, LEGEND 3, Business Magr. 4, Sr. Cards S Announce. Comm. After graduat- ing, Sue plans to continue her education at Grossmont College. KATHY ANN MURPHY fGrizzj Katby's favorite pastimes are drawing, crafts, and attending car r-allies. She par- ticularly enjoyed crafts and Miss Johnston was her favorite teacher. After graduating, Kathy plans to find a job and begin working. SHARON OZELLA NICHOLS "sherry" With Miss Johnston as her favorite teacher and U. S. History as her favorite class, Sherry's activities Girl's League l, 45 Brav- ettes 3, 4. After graduating in June, she plans to major in History at Gmssmont Col- lege and later transfer to San Siego State. Her hobbies are bead work, rock collecting, and horse back riding. JOYCE MARIE MYLERBERG Joyce wasa member of Gi.r1's League l,2, 3, Y-Teens l, 2, 45 Tennis Club 1, 23 and was a Conv. Delegate 2. She enjoys sewing and swimming, but hates surfing. Mr. Fulcher was her favorite teacher and she prefened French to her other subjects. Joyce will major in Physical Ed. at Grossmont College, later transferring to U. C. at Santa Barbara. Her motto is "Never say never. " RAYMOND MICHAEL NOYES "Ray-Ray" Ray's main activity has been the Color Guard. He plans to join the Police Force after sewing in tbe Air Force. Ray, whose favorite quote is "If you don't smile I won't smile, " lists Mr. Smith as his favorite teacher and Auto Shop as his favorite class. ln his spare time he enjoys collecting coins and working on cars. I ROBERT DAVID ORDWAY -.Bob-1 After attending San Diego State College and majoring in Flight Training, Bob hopes to become an airline pilot. With Band as his favorite class and Mr. Robinette as bis favorite teacher, Bob's activities include Barra 1,2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 4, var. Band 2, 3,45 Stage Band 3, 43 J. V. Wrestling 2, Senate 4. GARY THOMAS NESMITH "Hands" Gary plans two years at Grossmont College then to transfer to San Diego State. He wants a career in Dentistry. His activities at ECVHS were Nom. Conv. 3, 4, Class Council 1, 2, Campus Life 3, 4, Tab 8 Can: pus 1, 2, Football l, 3, 43 Varsity Club 43 Sr. Cards 8 Announce. Comm. He likes drag racing, short girls, and having a good tirne. 1 -S 4 5 CARLA ANN OAKLEY "Annie Oakley" A four year student of ECVI-IS, Carla plans to major in Technical Illustration at Gross- mont College. She believes in "Patience. " MARIA EUGENIA OSUNA Civics with Mr. Le Tourneau was Maria's favorite class at ECVHS. She likes Italian food and lists her favorite motto as "Better late than never." Her plans for the fut1n'e include attending a beauty college and marriage. DUAN E OWEN S a member of Frosh, JV, one of his major dislikes Mr. Castro was his Spanish I his favorite in the Air Force or a major at a junior college is waiting for graduation. ,ESLIE KAREN PEDROARENA lies" eslie particularly enjoyed French and ilans to major in languages at USD or RDSC. A three-year graduate, she partici- xated in AFS 1, and CSF 3. She likes to unjoy life and lists her favorite quotation s "Throughout all etemity, I forgive you, 'ou forgive me. " CHRISTINE MARIE PAGAN "Christy" Christy enjoys sewing and playing tennis in her spare time. At ECVHS she was active in Nom. Conv. lg Inter. Club l,2. Mr. Mathews was her favorite teacher who teaches her favorite subject, History. Her future plans include attending Gmssmont College. TERESA LYNNE PASSAFUME 01-e,.,.yii Terry dislikes pessimistic people, and finds tennis, sewing, and funny personalities more to her liking. She was active in Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, Class Sec. 3, Campus Life 3, 45 Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney 2, Sr. Ac- tivities Comm. Terry's future alma mater is Eastem Oregon College where she will major in Secretarial Administration. STEVAN CHARLES PEDROARENA "Steve" Steve, who firmly believes in the quote "Look to this Day. . . for yesterday is a dream and Tomorrow is only a vision!" enjoys helping, understanding, G loving people. Activities: Class Council 2, Prom Cornxn. 4, THOUGHT Co-Ed. 4, CSF Life Member, Pres. 4, Usher. SHAUNEE A. PALMORE "Shaun" Shaun oarne to El Cajon 2 years ago from Granite Hills, and lists Mrs. Hempel as her favorite teacher. After graduation in june, she plans to attend Grossmont College. ROBERT ALAN PATTERSON ugobn After graduating, Bob will continue his ed- ucation at San Diego State College. Bch has the distinction of being known as the Best Dressed Senior. EIEANOR C. PARKER nheon After graduation in june, Eleanor hopes to become an Airline Stewardess. DAVID HAYES PAUL "Hot Rod" Auto Shop with Mr. Smith was David's favorite class. He also enjoys building mo- del racing and show cars. David's future plans include the Armed Service. RICHARD R. PERKINS BRIAN LUCAS PERRY Be prepared to meet Brian at SDSC study- ing psychology or in the wilderness of some continent as a big game hunter. A member of the Sr. Activities Comm. , Brian also enjoys the beach, parties, and hunting in his spare time. Mr. Castro was his favorite teacher, lunch was the best time of his day. ROBERTA j, PFI' ERS nRobbynn Rohbyn, who plans to take secretarial training at Grossrnont College has been ac- tive at ECVHS in Nom. Conv. 1, 3, 4, Cards and Announcements and Senior Fun Night Committees. Strawberries, mixed pickles and dancing among her varied likes but she finds snobs and phonies distasteful. Mrs. Adams' PE class was Robbyn's favorite . Her favorite quotation is "There are no true blacks and whites - only shades of grey." THEODORE GILMAN PICKREU. U1-edu A transfer from Santana, Ted has attended El Cajon for 2 years. His favorite class has been Crafts, his favorite teacher, Coach Hliott. His future plans are to enlist in the Air Force, specialiring in Data Processing. Ted's quotation, "He that denies freedom for others, deserves it not for himself. " BRUCE MELVIN PERRY Bruce believes in the easy-going philosophy of "That's life. " He gets his kicks out of hunting and going to the beach. Bnice plans to attend Berkeley and hopes to be- come a brain surgeon so if you are ever in need. . . IUDITH ANN PETERSON nj' P' u Judie, who was active in Girls' lzague 1, Nom. Conv. 1 and 2, Class Coimcil 1, likes fast cars, rainy days, sad poems, shy guys, going to the beach and playing pool. She lists Mr. Ia Tourneau as her favorite teach- er, and drafting as her favorite class. "The very hardest part of growing up is learning to lay t.he game, " as her favorite quote. lucfie wants to attend Beauty College and later to become a beautician. ' LESTER NORMAN PETERS "Baby Hughey" Active in Class projects, Color Guard 3, 4, Sr. Bacc. G Comm., I.ester's future plans are to enter the Air Force. HB favorite clax was Geography with Mr. Eastlick and he also enjoyed marching with the band after school. In his spare time, Lester likes building dune buggies E- working on cars. MARGIE PETROSINO lIM2rglI Margie dislikes interference but enjoys the summertime and the beach. Tab 0 Campus 3, Sr. Y-Teens, Class Council 3, have been her activities at ECVHS and she believes "Though the world is round, it has many squares. " Margie wants to attend Grossmont College and later become adentai assistant. JOSEPH RICHARD POTOKY njoen joe enjoys music, chess, reading, and pool. Active in Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Golf 2, 3, 4, joe's favorite class was Biology II. He declares a tom-up between Mr. Adams, Mr. Kingery, 8 Mr. D. Williams as his favorite teacher. Joe plans to study Dentistry in the future. 51 ROBERT PETERS G-IARMAINE MICHELE PHIPPS richar- To attend Beauty College to become a beautician are the goals of this busy senioi whose activities included Girls' league 1, Class Representative 2, 3, Nominating Conventions 2, 3, Tennis 2, Archbearer 3, cap 5 Gown 4, lk-avettes 3, Hand Lt. 4, Senior Class Secretary. Charmaine be- lieves in the quote, "I-riendships are fragil things and should be handled as other fra- gile things." TERRY RAY POWERS "Beano" A 4 year graduate, Terry's favorite class has been P. E. with Mr. Elliott. He plans to continue his education at Grossmont College. PRESTON whose favorite quotation is "don't me down", participated in Wrestling his freshman year. He enjoys motor- racing, partying, the feel of cool and his vocational welding class. Mr. Idle as his favorite teacher College as his next educa- institution. IBARBARA jANE'l'l'E PUHL --Barb.. liarbara enjoys the beach, flying, going to ew places, and doing new things. A trans- fer from Castle Park High School, her favorite class was English with Mr. Bascom. She plans to major in this subject at SDSC. Her quotation, "No man is an island." RANDALL CLYDE RETH JACKIE RAY PRIDDELL "Cherokee" jackiels favorite class was History and his favorite teacher was Mr. Leewaye. Water- rnelons, cartoons, cars, and surfing rate high with this senior. His activities were Football 1, Track 2, 3, 4, 1. V. Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 43 Student Council l,2. jackie plans a future in the Air Force and believes "winning is not everything, it's the only thing! " VICKI DELL RAINS Vicki, a 4 year ECVHS student who likes gymnastics, dancing, and unicycle riding, was active in Girls' league 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Ways 0 Means Comm., and Gymnastics Club 4. She lists her favorite class as Mr. Kingery's Biology IIC. Vickl's ambition is to become a commercial artist after atten- ding Grossmont College. DON KIRK ROBERTS IR. Don believes "winning isn't everything, but wanting to is." l-Ie participated in Football 2,3,4, Wrestling l, 3, Var. Club 45 Frosh Football Coach,Nom. Conv. 1, 3, 4. Al- though an outstanding football player, his major dislike was football practice. Mr. Bascom and Mr. Castro were his favorite teachers and History was his favorite class. JANET MARIE PROVOST Illanll janet's favorite quote is "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. " Her activities at ECVHS include Library Assistant 2, 3, 4, junior Achieve- ment 3, Girl's League 1, 2, Y-Teens 3. jan's future plans include attending a beauty college or a secretarial school and later, marriage. She likes stuffed animals, and enjoys water skiing and miniature golf. Her favorite subject was civics and Mr. Welbaurn her favorite teacher. I SUZANNE ELEABETH RALPH nsuen Sue participated in Class Council 1, 2, Bree. Board 3, Y-Teens 2, 3,45 Girls' Lea- gue 1, 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, Campus Life 3,45 Sr. Activities Comm. She enjoys reading, sewing, and fishing, and believes that "A few good times make up for all the bad ones. " Business law was her favor- ite subject and she plans to major in Secre- tarial Science at Grossmont College. PETER ANDREW PRUETT "Petey-Dinh" Peter was a transfer from St. Augustine as 2 junior. Metal shop has been his favorite class, while his favorite teacher was Mrs. Pritchard. Peter participated in j. V. Wrest- ling. LINDA ELIJ-11 REID Linda enjoys airplane flying, roller skating, operas and plays, and meeting new people. Her favorite teachers were Mr. Holk and Mr. Le Tourneau. Active in Bravettes in her junior year, Linda hopes to become an airline hostess. VAUGHN CHARLES ROBINSON Participating in Track at ECVHS, Vaughn also likes football, food, and girl watching. His favorite class was Civics, his favorite teacher was Mr. Stark. After graduation in june, Vaughn plans to attend Grossmont College. DAVID G. RODRIGUEZ 1-Radu Dave was active in Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1,25 Tab 8 Campus 25 Campus Life5 Var. Club5 Sr. Privilege Comm. Co-chmg Independent Party 3. Chemistry and Trig were his favorite class- es, his favorite teachers being Mr. D. Williams and Mr. Hilton. Dave plans to major in Medicine at UCSD or SDSC. DONAl.D E. SANDERS -.Red-1 The main interests of this senior centers around electronics and welding. He plans to major in this field at Grossmont College or perhaps enter the Air Force. Vocational welding with Mr. Idle was his favorite das. DANIELLE SCHAEFFER as the senior girl with the and was active in Nom. Council 1, 2, 35 Sr. Girls' League 1, 25 3- Banner 45 Comm. 5 particularly en- History class and "Patience is willingness to become we can, not readiness to accept what are." She plans to continue her educa- at Grossmont College. MARGARET LYNN ROGERS "Maggit" Margaret particularly liked Biology with Mr. Kingery and she plans to major in Sci- ence at Grossmont College. Margaret was a Library Asst. 25 and a member of Mege- beceps 4. IUANITA KATHLEEN SANDERS "Dinky-Dow" Juanita, during her 4 years at ECVHS, was an asst. engraver for Mr. Holk, and partl- cipated in Girls' League. Her Favorites include Mr. I-lolk as a teacher, junior Eng- lish as a class, and "I don't lcnow, teach- er," as a quotation. She lists "trying to get her parents car" as her main pastime. DEBRA KAY SCHUBERT "Debbi" Debbi, who believes in the phrase "Live for today", was active in Girls' League5 Y- Teens5 Class Council5 and Class V-Pres. 2. She wishes to attend beauty college in the future. CHRIS TINA ROHN "Christi" Christi is a three year graduate and plans to attend Grossmont College majoring in Psychology. She has been active in Girls' League 1,25 Choir 1, 2, 35 Folk Song Club 25 Trebleaires l. She enjoys swimming and horseback riding, but dislikes people who use other people. MARY FRANCES SANDVIG In her four years, Mary has become one of the most active girls on campus. Her ac- tivities included Choir 15 Trebleaires 1, 35 latin Club l, 25 Student Class Council 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 35 Campus I.ife5 Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 45 Archbearer5 CSF Life mem- ber5 LEGEND 35 Co-editor 45 Drama Club 45 Co-chm. Sr. Prom Cornm.5 Sr. Execu- tive Board5 Homecoming Princess. She likes sunshine and people and her favorite class was English. Mary hopes to attend Cal Westem to become an elementary school teacher. DEBORAH LYNN RYMER "Debt ie" Debbie most enjoyed being sister to the foreign exchange student from Switzerland5 During her 4 years at ECVHS she was active in Senior Y-Teens5 lnt'l Club 45 Campus Life 45 School Service Comm. 45 Girls' league 1,25 Niuses' Aid Training Course. Debbie's main hobby was being Charger- ette for the San Diego Chargers and her goal is to make a career in nursing. IOHN NELSON SAXTON III ncecrgen john has attended ECVHS for one year and has found Trig with Mr. Hilton to be his favorite class. He enjoys sports, surfing, originality, and mechanical drawing. He plans to major in Mechanical Design and Engineering at SDSC. Iohn's favorite quote is "What, me worry?" PATRICIA ANN SCOTT upatu After graduation in june, Pat plans to at- tend Biola. Her favorite class was World ' History. 54 l STEVB4 GEORGE SEYLER "Crashing Daniel" This graduate enjoys playing his guitar, dances, and concerts. Meeting people and making them happy is his favorite pastixne, which goes along with his uote "Bad friends are like shadows--tiey're only there when the sun shines." In his first two years here, Steve participated in Wrestling. His last year was spent trying to graduate so that he could attend Mesa College and someday get married and have 24 kids. AIBERT F. SHOQUIST uAbbyrr Hoping to attend UC at Riverside, Al plans to study in Geology. "Abby" has been ac- tive in Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Science Club 2, 4, Fmsh-Soph Speech Tour- ney l, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4. Civics with Mr. Castro was his favorite class and he enjoys readinga playing billiards, and stamp collect g. DEBORAH SUSANNE SIMMONS "Debbe" Debbe who preferred Mr. Adams and Miss Johnston as teachers, and Spanish Bravettes as classes, has picked "If I would change the world, I should start with myself. During the four years of her attendance at ECVHS, Debbe was active in Girls' League l,2, Banner 2, Bravettes 3,4, CSF 2,33 Senior Privilege Comm., Hurdle Crew l,2,3,4, and she enjoys art, crafts, and people. Debbe plans to attend SDSC, after graduating her in june, to major in Art. RICHARD CLAIR SHAFFER "Dick" This athletic senior was active in football 1, 2, Var. 3, 4, Basketball I, Z, Var. 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Var. Club 3, 4. He partici- pated in Campus Life and the Independent Party Movement as a junior. Dick's plans for the future are majoring in aeronautical engineering possibly at SDSC. Mr. Williams is his favorite teacher and his past times are flying, hunting rabbits and the beach. GERALDINE L SHROVE "Geri" Geri names bookkeeping and health as her favorite classes and Mr. Buller and Mr. Gehrke as favorite teachers. Horseback riding, bowling, going to church, getting into trouble, and cooking are her primary interests. After transferring here from Grossmont as asophomore , she participated in Speech 3, Girls' League 3, Sr. Ways S Means Comm. and helped in the play "Anne Frank. " She wishes to major in Busi- ness at college. ROGER JAY SHASTID CARRY E. SHRUM Garry particularly enjoyed Photo and lists Mr. Leewaye as his favorite teacher. He hopes to attend college and plans a major in medicine. His favorite timekillers are playing cards and listening to mimic, RANDY EDWARD SENOCK .ispookn Randy enjoys working on his car, dancing, and just taking it easy at the beach. He was active in Football 1, Tab and Campus l, 2, Campus Life l, 2, 3, 4, and preferred Photo to his other classes. Randy wants to attend Gr-ossmont College, later transfer- ring to SDSC. KEITH ALBERT SHELLMAN Keith's hobbies include motorcycles, golf, art, and playing the guitar. He participa- ted in j.V. Golf at ECVHS and plans to attend Grossmont College, majoring in Drafting. RAYMOND HARNEY SIMARD Ray has plans for nrajoring in electronic engineering while attending Cal-Poly at San Luis Obispo. Ray has been active in FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. and Regional Secre- tary, Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, Sci- ence Club 4. His favorite teacher is Mr. Dyer and his favorite class is Agriculture. PATRICIA ANN SLOAN "Pattie" Pattie, who wishes to major in Art at Gros- mont College, was active in Girls' League I, 2, 3, 5 Executive Board 2, Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, 4, Hurdle Crew 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4, High Pennants 2, Bravettes 3, 4. Patti likes cool, windy days and dislikes apathetic people, and believes "Some men see things for what they are and say, 'why?' l dream things that never were and say 'why not?"' CLIFFORD HENRY SMART Clifford's interest in Chemistry will lead him to major in this subject at San Diego State. He most enjoyed being a Chemistry lah asst. to Mr. Dave Williams, and was active in Cross Country 2, 35 Track 3, Class Council l,2, 3, Science Club 3, Pres. 45 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3. PAUL DAVID SMITH -'Kong'- Paul's favorite class was Chemistry which may have influenced his decision to major in Pharmacy at San Diego State. He enjoys reading and likes pizza and drag racing. At El Cajon, his activities were Roman Braves 2, 35 Senate 3, Sr. Cards and Announce. Comm. Paul believes "Happlnes is hiends. " DAVID WILLIAM SNYDER "Dave" During his 4 years at ECVHS, Dave has found Mr. Bill Williams as his favorite teacher and Spanish V his favorite class. He has been active in Var. Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, CSF 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Co-Chm. of the Ways and Means Comm. 5 Student Council, Senate 4, Varsity Club 3, Usher. Dave's hobbies are playing tennis and relaxing. He plans to go to either UCSD or Central Col- lege and major in Mathematics. N CAROLYN SUE SMITH -.Pasha Carolyn's future plans include marriage and a major in Busines at Grossmont College. Sitting on the beach is one of her favorite time killers and lunch was her favorite time of the day. She particularly enjoyed Mr. Gehrke as a teacher. At ECVHS, Carolyn participated in Girls' League 1, Tab and Campus lg Sr. Ways and Means Committee. STEPHEN HODGE SMITH Steve applies his motto "Winning 1sn't everything, but it sure beats losing, " to his activities of Football I, 2, 3, and Wrestling l, 3,4. He dislikes hippies but enjoys eat- ing and fishing. Mr. Leewaye was his favor- ite teacher and US History his favorite class. He plans to enter the Navy after graduation. DAVID LEE SPARKS "Dave" Dave intends to spend his next four years attending Grvossmont College and San Diego State. His favorite pastimes are astronomy, collecting coins, and running. While at- tending ECVHS, he participated in Cross- Country 2, 3, 4, Campus Life 3, Voyageurs 3, 4. Dave's favorite teacher was Mr. Fulcher, class Biology II, and believes you should "Always laugh when you can, it's cheap medicine." JOYCE JOAN SMITH njoyu joy's activities at ECVHS have been Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 45 candidate 3, Bravettes 3, class council 2, 3, Tennis Club 2, Girls' league 2, 3, 4, Banner 49 Sr. Prom Comm. She enjoys riding horses and going to the mow and her favorite class was U. S. His- tory with Mr. Eastlick. The quote she most likes is "lt's difficult to see the picture when you're inside the frame. " joy plans to attend Grossmont College next fall where she will study sociology. MICHAEL SMOCK nspocku In his spare time, Mike enjoys hunting, iishing, bowling, and shooting pool. He also likes people who are modest. He plans to attend Grossmont College, later trans- ferring to San Diego State. His favorite class was Chemistry with Mr. Dave Williams. ALSO GRADUATING: MARVIN LAWRDICE SMITH .1 unyi- larry has participated in Track 1, 2, 3, 4, ' and has particularly enjoyed Biology II with Mr. Kingery. I.arry's future plans are to at- tend San Diego State, majoring in Biology. 1 l . i CAROLJEAN SNOW "Snowball" Carol has attended El Cajon for 3 years and lists Mrs. Pruyne as her favorite teach- er. Cooking was ber favorite class. She likes to help boys work on their cars and says getting greasy is the best part. She plans to become a beautician or nurse and later wants to marry and raise a family. TIMOTHY EUGDIE MURPHY KARB4 LI-SEI' ORCUTT DIANE PAR!-IAM 56 IESSIE M. SPRAGUE Marching with the Bravette Corps and rpeaklng in speech tournaments were the favorites of this busy senior whose activi- :ies include latin Club lg Bravettes 3, 45 Dialectos 3, Pres. 45 Girls' League 1, 25 Clas Treas. 45 Nom. Conv. 2, 45 NFL 3, 45 Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney 1, 25 Bacc. Eomm.5 GAA 45 Tennis Club 2. She mon enjoyed her P. E. classes and her major dis- like is rude people. Next year Jessie plans ao attend SDSC where she will major in P. E. PAUL WAYNE STEP!-IDIS Paul, after attending Ramona High and Hoover High, transferred here in the middle of his jr. Year. At ECVHS, he participated mainl in Drama Club. Pau1's main inter- est will lead him to major in Science 5 Drama at Humboldt State. His quote is "Every heart needs a true friend." IAURA HOPE STALEY n1,,,.5u Lori, the outstanding dnrm majorette of California, spent much of her spare time at ECVHS, Actively engaged in the Music De- partment 1Orchestra l, 2, 35 Concert Band 3,45 Band Staff 3, 45 dnun r-najorette 4.j She also participated in Campus Life l, 25 latin Club 4. She enjoys playing harp, pl- ano, and guitar, horseback riding, and the latest style cars. Lori plans to attend Pasa- dena College to major in Music, and her favorite to die is is "For me to live is Christ RICKEY DANIEL STEVENSON "Speedie" Sports, girls, and listening to records rate high in "Speedie's" estimation. His favor- ite teacher was Mr. Mathews, and he en- joyed both P.E. and History. The Air Force or Grosmont College are part of Rick's future plans. ALSO GRADUATING: DAIE JAMES RITCHISON DAVID JOHN ROMERO BRENDA LEE ROQUEMORE NANCY L SCHULER KAREN LOUISE STANLEY After graduation in June, Karen hopes to continue her education at Grossmont Col- lege. Girls' League and Campus Life were her activities at ECVHS, and her favorite teacher was Mr. Kingery. ROBERT THOMAS STDITON llsobll Bob was active in Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Megebeceps 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 35 Var. Basketball 2, 3, 4, wr-esmrrng 15 'rr-ser 35 Baseball 35 Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, 45 Class Council l, 2, 35 Sr. Ways G Means Comm. Scuba diving and underwater photography are among his hobbies and most enjoyed Biology ll with Mr. Kingery. After gradu- ating, Bob plans to get his military service out of the way, later to study Marine Biol- OXY- l MARY ANNETTE STUBBS "Annette" Annette took part in Nom. Conv. 1, 25 Girls' league 15 and was a member of the Sr. Bacc. and Commence. Comm. She dislikes whipped cream but finds tennis, horseback riding, and playing piano to her liking. Mr. Kingery's Biology class was her favorite class. A major in Business at Gross- mont College is in the future for Annette. ,I LINDA IOMAY STARKEY wlor- Linda likes week-ends full of action and spends her free time folkdancing, sewing, cooking and writing to pen-pals all over Europe. l.inda's activities inclrrrir- Tennis I- Roman Braves 1,25 Girls' League 35 Brav- ettes 3, Capt. 4. Linda plans to study Medical Science at University of Oregon. SHERRILL JANE STROPES Sherrill plans to attend UC at Berkeley, major in English Lit. Her activities at ECVHS include Nom. Conv. 15 Banner 25 Smoke Signal 3, 45 Tab G Campus 35 Girls' league l5 Archbearer. Mr. Castro was her favorite teacher and English with Mrs. Halliburton was her favorite class. JAMES Vl1'lLLlAM STURM -.lim-I jim's activities at El Cajon were Cross Country 15 Latin Cluh5 Var. Wrestling 2. Working on cars and playing pool are among his pastimes and he emphasizes that he likes girls and more girls. Civics and English were jim's favorite classes5 Mr. Adams was his favorite teacher. lim wants to attend San Diego State and major in English. LEWIS SU MMERS 2 years at a junior college then the UC at Davis, with a major veterinary science. Mr. D. Williams his favorite teacher, and Chemistry e class he liked most. Bob's activi- ampus l.ife5 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 35 Treasurer 35 Latin Club 2, 3, Pres. 45 Signal. MARLBJE THOMPSON activities at ECVHS include Girls' 25 Nom. Conv, 2, 35 Banner 25 3, Flag rr. 4, campus Life 4, Sr. Prom Comm. Miss Johnston teacher and she most en- being Mrs. Limpic's Office Asst. Af- graduating, Lola plans to work, and to Grossmont College. THOMAS W. TONKYRO ll'ronkIl Tom likes to participate in a good game in any sport and enjoys hunting and racing gas-run miniature cars. He plans to enter the Air Force or major in Engineering at the college of his choice. Tom believes "Don't judge other people unless you want to be judged by them." JOE WILLIAM TATE "Tate" Joe plans to study medicine and pharmacy at UCSB. He liked Science and Math, and particularly enjoyed being a Chem. Asst. for Mr. D. Williams. Joe was active in CSF lg Wrestling 2, 35 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 15 Sr. Activities Comm. WILLIAM EUGENE THOMPSON IlBilllI Bill wants to go to Grossmont College to major in English after graduating from ECVHS. He participated in Football l, 2, 35 Wrestling 15 Nom. Conv. 25 Fresh-Soph Speech Tourney5 8 Campus Life. Bill be- lieves "The nrsh is always worth what y'ou're after. " He prefered Mr. Buller's Photo class to any other. He enjoys racing, photography, peace ll tranquility and dis- likes loud-mouthed people. TIMOTHY JAMES TONKYRO -.1-oak.. Tim's fixture plans are to study woodworking at Grossmont College. Mr. Buller, sports and sleeping are among his favorites. ROBERT EDWARD TATE llBobIl Bob was active in Frosh, J. V. , and Varsity Football5 Varsity Club 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3. I-le enjoys surfing in his spare time and after graduation in June, he plans to attend Grossmont College. CRAIG ALIEN THOMPSON 'rpm-1 Craig, who has only been with ECVHS for one semester lists Mrs. Gibson's Art class as his favorite subject. He has attended Crawford, Hoover, Snyder and Rancho del Campo High Schools. Craig enjoys flying and Sundays, and will attend Grossmont College after his January graduation. JANKCE EIAINE TINKEY Janice likes to be friendly to people and to be treated in the same way. Water skiing and bowling are among her favorite pas- tixnes. Active in Bravettes 35 Sr. Prom Comm. 5 Girls' Ieague5 Janice plans to be- oorne a secretary. ALSO GRADUATING: VIRGINIA RAE TOCHTROP "Ginger" Ginger has been very active during her four years ber-e by participating in Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 QTreasurer 2, V-Pres 3, Pres. 415 Girls' League l, 2, 3, 45 Executive Board 25 Class Council 1, 2, 35 Sr. Prom Comm., Tennis Club 3, 45 Nom. Conv. 2, 35 Latin Club 3. Her favorite quote is "Glve me lib- erty or give me death, "5 her future plans include attendance at a Florida College to major in Art. MATT!-DZW HANNON SMITH PAMEIA JEAN SNOUFFER GEORGE E. THOMAS DAVID WILLIAM TYCHSDI I MARIE TOUCHSTONE enjoys football games and dancing. favorite teacher was Mr. Fulcher, the being French III. She is planning to e a beautician. VERNON S. TWEEDIE fernon's favorite teacher was Mrs. Ialliburton, the class he liked most was '. E. His quotation: "Any man who writes, except for money, is a blockhead. " Vernon vlans to major in criminology at the col- ege of his choice. ALS O G RADUATING: JANET IDRRAINE TRAISI nlanu Surfing, swimming, fishing, and chocolate chip ice cream are high on lan's list of favorites. During her 3 years at ECVHS, Ian's activities were Class Council 2, 3, Tab and Campus 2, Nom. Conv. 3, Girls' Tennis Club 3, Smoke Signal 3, Publicity Ed. 45 Y-Teens 35 Bravettes 4, Sr. Activi- ties Comm. FRANK E. TYLER RONAID VAN DERWEGHE CHERYL VANDER BUSH BRENDA LEE VERNON DOUG IAS CHARLES WIGLEY 59 PAULETTE NOREENE TSCHUMPERLIN "Tinker-bell" Active in Trehelaires 2,4g Folk Song 3,45 Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Paulette also ranks choir as her number one class. Paulette likes happy people and her motto is "Keep smiling, people will wonder what you're up to." Guitar, ice skating, and horses take up her sparerime, She plans to attend a dental school in the future. RICHARD EARNEST ULLERY Richard's interest in cars will lead him to attend Lincoln Tech. in Phoenix, Ariz. His favorite class was Auto Shop with Mr. Smith. Richard dislikes people who think they are smart, hut are not. RICHARD R. TUTTLE OLIVIA ANN VERDUGO HIBSDDEH Leanne plans to become a Dental Asst. and will attend Pacific College. She enjoys horseback riding, swimming and particular- ly likes pina and green grapes. Leanne par- ticipated in Girls' league lg Y-Teens 3, and "Ten after two on the 'Ant Hill' " is her favorite quotation. CHARLES WILLIAM VERRAN "Teddybear" "Teddybear's" activities include Football Baseball, and Var. Club. He particularly liked Mr. Hi1ton's Trigonometry class, and enjoys playing football in his spare time. Substitute teachers top his list of dislikes. After graduation in june, he wants to enter Gnossrnont College, majoring in Math or P. E. JOANN VITALE -I .- Io jo's favorite class was Crafts with Mr. Swennes. She enjoys making flower arrang- ments but says she dislikes food because it makes her fat. Jo's quotation, "He who talks too much has nothing to say." E P, 3- VOGEISONG was Paul's number one class and teacher was Mr. Smith. ln his he enjoys hunting, fishing, and on cars. Active in Boys' Federation Cadet Corps l,2, 3: Rifle 1,25 Band Color Guard 2, 3,45 Ser- 2,3,4. Paul plans a future in the Air Force. EDWARD E. WALKER JR. Interested in the field of electronics, Ed's major activity while at ECVHS, was Radio Club. Ed lists Mr. Leewaye as his favorite teacher. 6? GARY I. WALLACE "Gov. " Gary's interests center around electronics. I-le likes to fix television sets and rebuild gov't surplus radio equipment. A member ofthe Radio Club, he plans to major in Electronics at a junior college. Mr. Lamar was his favorite teacher and he disliked having his favorite classes go by so quickly. TIMOTHY RAY WAGNER JAMES BRYAN WALKER -rlimn jim believes "A laugh is worth ten groans in any market." His pastimes include trail- bildng, dune-buggying, 'and bronco-riding. jim was active in Cadet Band 1, 2, Varsity Band 2, 33 Concert Band 2, 3, Marching Band 1,24 Stage Band 2. He plans to major in Engineering at Grossmont College. VIINCI-INT PERRY WALLER "Vince" A four-year student of ECVHS, Vince's favorite time-killers are hunting, fishing, and motorcycle riding. He rates Photography his number one class and Mr. Buller his favorite teacher. Vince plans to attend Grossmont College. MARCIA LYNN WAHI.. Marcia, a january graduate, was active in Girls' League lg Frosh Class Secretaryg Class Council 2, Clam Executive Board 3g Y-Teens 3g Archbearerg May Co. Teen Board rep. 4. She enjoyed Mrs. Brooks' English class, the beach, reading, sewing, and activities with Teen Board. Marcia likes tacos and tall guys and plans on at- tending San Diego State to major in Bugi- ness. JOEL RODNEY WALKER --Rodney- Rodney enjoys going to the sand dunes. As a sophomore he participated in wrestling. After graduation in june, Rodney wants to enter Gmssmont College. 60 MAUREEN MARY WA LERIUS uMon Maureen whose future will possibly include a career as a reaervationist, was active in Girls' league during her four years at ECVHS. Her favorite quotation "sounds good, " really applies to her hobbies which are horsebackriding, swinging and singing, going to the park, making tacos, and hav- ing fun. Maureen likes pina and summer and she dislikes eggplant. SAMUEL AVERY WALKER II sarnll Sam, whose main interest seems to center around farming, wishes to attend Calif. Polytechnic Institute to major in Field Crops and Minor Dairy Husbandry. A tram fer here from Santana, Sam was active in FFA 1, 2, 3, Sentinel, Sectional Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 33 Tennis 25 Track 3 and 43 Campus Life 4g Senior Ways and Means Con-rm. State judging in Citrus and Dairy. Sam favors the quote "l am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. " john 14:6. RICHARD ALLI-N WELLS "Ricardo" Richard, a June graduate, who has been with us for 4 years, was active in both I.V. and Varsity Tennis. He lists pool, tennis, and drawing as his hobbies, Mr. D. Williams as his favorite teacher, Civics, as his favorite class, and tennis, intelligent people, contemporary music and being independent as his likes. Richard dislikes rock and roll music and wishes to prusue a career in the Navy or law Enforcement in the future. JEROME WlNSTON WELSH iilenvii je wasa memberofF.F.A. l ,2, 3,43 and Orcrhestra for 2 years. He is interested in music and plans to study in this field at GNJSIDODY College. Mr. Dyer was his fa- vorite teacher at ECVHS. N ROBERT ANDREW WHEELINGTON limb!! This athletic senior participated in Foot- ball l,2, and Baseball l,2, varsity a,4. ln the future, he plans to attend Grossmont College. Bob admits that Mr. Williams is his favorite teacher and Baseball his favor- ite "class". JOSEPH NELSON WIILIAMS "Sloppy Joe" loe came from Sweetwater Union High School and has been here for 2 years. He has actively participated in Valsity Football and Varsity Basebal his junior and Senior yean. joe's favorite teachers were Mr. Hilton, and Mr. Heaton while his favorite clases were Civics and drafting. He enjoys sleeping, eating popcorn, and being with his girlfriend. Planning to attend Grosmout College, joe will major in Data Procesing. OTTO K. WERNER JANET RAE WHELFLY nhnn jan's favorite teachels have been Mr. Adams and Mr. Castro, and Civics was her favorite class. She was active in Roman Eaves 1,23 Biology Club 2, Sr. Ways and Means Comm, and plans to major in English at San Diego State College. 61 ROBERT LEE WESSEL nnobn Bob's interest in insects and Biology ex- plains why he has listed Mr. Kingery's Bi- ology ll class as his favorite. His future plans include attending San Diego State, later becoming a lnbTechniclan. Bob par- ticipated in Science Club 3, 4. SUZANNE HELEN WIDICK Ilsuell Sue has been active ln the Sr. Prom Comm. Y-Teens, and Campus Life while at El Cajon. She most enjoyed having Mr. Fulcher as a teacher and found English to be her favorite class. Sue would like to teach in the future. CHRISTDIE LEIGH WILSON nchrisu Chris believes in the quote, "the only way for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing". Her activities have been Girls' league I, 23 Latin Club lg Nominating Con- vention 2g Bravette Corp 3, 4. Chris enjoys horsebackriding, reading, writing, going to movies, sewing, 4-H projects, and cooking. Her future plans are to attend Grossmont College to major in Education. THOMAS ERIC WHALEN llToxnIl Tom was active in Radio Clubl, 3.4L and Science Club 3. He likes Photography and Science Fiction and lists Mr. Welbaum as his favorite teacher. Tnm's future plans in- clude attendance at UCSD to secure a major in Mathematics. DAVID C. WILLIAMS "Newheva" Dave, a june graduate, says he likes every- thing especially cars and music. His favor- ite quotation is, "Light my fire!" ALFRED RAY WILTFONG llRayll Ray's ambition is to become a disc jockey or t. v. announcer. He was a member of the Color Guard for one year and his favorite class was Photo with Mr. Buller. NANCY ANN WlNE mandy.. Nancy's major dislike is critical people, but en drawin and sewin . She lans JUYS S S P to become a Dental Asst. and will continue her education at Grossmont College. Acti- vities: Nom. Conv. 2,3,45 Girls' League lg Sr. Cards and Announce. Comm. Her fa- vorite quotation is "Don't count your chick- ens before they hatch." LAWRENCE GILBERT WOLFE -many.. Larr-y's favorite claw was English with Mr. Bascom though he also enjoyed Trigonom- try. His hobby is working on cars. Larry's future plans include attending San Diego State College. Larry was a school engraver. COLLDI CHARLES WRAY Il nACen Co11in's favorite quote "Don't wake me while l'm working" goes along with his pastimes of sleeping and running around doing nothing. While he wasn't sleeping, Collin participated in Class Council 1,25 Exec. Bd. 35 Campus Life 1,2,3,45 Nom. Conv. 1,2,3,45 ASB Ast. 35 Basketball 2, 35 Usherg LEGEND Staif 35 Sports Editor 45 Schol. Olympics 3,45 Co-Chm. of Sr. Privilege Comm.5 Tab E- Campus 2,35 CSF 3,45 Col1in's future plans are to ma- jor in Mathematics at SDSC. PAULA RAE WINWARD "Snuckles" Paula, an artist, enjoys relaxing with pad and pencil, Mrs. Gibson's Art ll Clas, dancing and suding. Her future goals in- clude majoring in Comercial Arts at Grossmont College, and marriage. Paula, who at one time attended school in Lima, Peru, was active in Sr. Cards G Announce. Comm.5 Bravettes 35 Y-Teens 3,4. Her favorite quote is, "Laugh and the world laughs with you5 cry and you cry alone. " CHRISTOPHER PAUL WOODS "Hiram Homer Squash" Chris plans to attend UCLA or SDSC, ma- joring in English and Music.His activities include Concert Band l,2, 3,45 Orchestra 1,45 Marching Baud 1,2,3,45 Var. Band 1,2,3,45 Band Staff l,2,3g Band Pres. 45 Var. Track l,2,3,45 Nom. Conv. 2,3,45 Roman Braves 3. Chris likes green grass, cloudy days, brilliant music and old houses. His favorite quotation is "You can lead a hgrse to water but asparagus has to be push- e I . ELEN ANN WRAY "Ellie" Ellie likes people who can laugh at their own mistakes. French with Mr. Fulcher was her favorite class and she plans to ma- jor in this language at SDSC, Cal Westem, or US. lntemational Univ. A well-known senior, Ellie was active in Y-Teens , 1,2,3,45 Tennis Club 45 Nom. Conv. 1,2,3,45 Girls' League 1,25 Exec. Bd. 35 Co-Chm of Sr. Prom Comm.5 Walker Scott Representative 45 and was a Home- comhrg Princess in her senior year. DARYI. Dl-LAN WlTCRA.FT Y T DONNA MARIE WOODY Donna transferred to ECVHS in her junior year form Chumhland H. S. , Chesapeake Virginia. Her hobbies are painting and drawing and she has particulary enjoyed Chenristry with Mr. D. Williams. At El Cajon, Donna participated in Girls' League 3,45 Choir 3,45 CSF5 Archbearerg Ir. Achievement 3,45 She plans to major in Medical Science at SDSC. STEPHEN E. WRIGHT "Steve" Mr. WiJliam's Chemimy class was tops with Steve during his stay at ECHVS. Steve, whose favorite quote is "Go to the ant, sluggard, consider her ways and be wise, " was a junior transfer from Brnncoat High in Massachusetts. He plans to attend Grossmont College next fall. MICHAI-1 LEE WOJDAK "Mike" "Work hard-Play hard," is Mike's motto. , During his 4 years his activities included Marching Band 1,2,35 Cadet Band 15 Con- cert Band 2,35 Var. Baud l,2,35 Tennis , 1,2,3,45 He likes reading, tennis, swim-N ming, and girls. Mike has chosen the Navj as a prospective demolition expert. i -1 21 KATHLEEN SUE WOOLERY "Kathi" l Kathi's major dislike is being short. She 3 enjoys reading, riding and going to the beach. Kathi was active in Banner 45 Sr. 5 Activities Commg School Service Comm., 45 Nom. Conv. 35 Bravettes 35 Snowball 1 Princess 35 Girls' League 1,45 Songleader 5 4. Miss "J" and Mr. Adams were her fa- vorite teachers and her motto is "Look on, the bright side. " She plans to study Zoology at SDSC. , CHRISTA MAGDALENA WYSS "Chris" Chris, our Yi-'U foreign exchange student from Swiuerland, has proved herself ac- tive during her senior year at ECVHS. She has participated in ASB and lntemational Club5 and lists snow and water skiing, sailing, swimming, movie going, and playing the violin in an orchestra as her hobbies. We were known as the class of 1969, the last class of the decade. We saved the In . . Wim Congratulations to the Class of '69 From EL CAJON CAR WASH best for last! 690 El Cajon Blvd. 444-2828 E1 Cajon, Calif. , Jiihn Cornelius X Grossmont High School teacher, 1943 Grossmont High School Counselor, 1950 During the past thirty-four years Mr. john Cornelius has served as teacher, counselor, vice -principal and principal in the Grossmont Union High School District. The last fourteen of those years he has dedicated to the molding of the free spirit of ECVHS. Summing up such a life of dedication is never an easy task. "Instructor", "Counselor", "Leader", are the terms that are but pale approximations of this man's contributions. Perhaps the one word that most accurately describes the feelings that the staff and students hold for Mr. Cornelius is -- friend. Mr. Cornelius, we of your El Cajon Valley High salute you, wish you a happy retirement, and most of all extend a heart-felt and fervent "thank-you" First day at ECVHS and no furniture! 4 two, , 438 4 1 , w W yvlwqwrg K W any A L. .-. .V mf- ! ggi ga i 2 Ki , s ' , jj 2' 2, 9 L 111' ilk J ' t . I Qi if E Q l .af N-A Q La . A ga Q .k A 53. Q Q -JY The ff 4: -f 1 M ' . ' -Nd: 4 if 1 . 3 Head Coach Elliott .,L, , K C Co-captains Tom Gay Dave Locl-card Coach Halte Coach Meachum Coach Wolf -.. . - ...--nv..-. -vvu anavuav . 1 :Jann uu:u..H:I 1 L Ulll. IJCI.-IBIL Senior - Back Y Q Senior - Back Senior - End 7 Senior - Back M 'Af" ' Regis semi: - I - Tom Gay Senior - Center . ,WV .A., I 5 ,W gage , W This is our TEAM. They are FREE, FREE to CREATE. . . To MANEUVER. . . To COMPETE! Bob Horton Glen Bayly Don Roberts Senior - Guard . - Senior - Guard- Senior - Tackle iii Brad McRoberts Junior - Back i I - SCORES E . C. 32 PATRICK HENRY E. C. 13 MONTA VISTA E . C. 0 EL CAPITAN E . C. 6 SANTANA E.C. 0 MT. MIGUEL E . C . 6 HELIX E . C . 0 GROSSMONT E . C. 0 GRANITE HILLS y . John McCreedy Joe Potoky Senior - Tackle Senior - Back 3, L 41 I Wifi! 1 iii.. Dave Smith Iunior - Guard 0 6 13 31 38 35 37 18 Roy Feathers Senior - Tackle 1 1 1, ,,,,,,,3i V Richard Perkins 7 Otto Werner ' Ken Owens Senior - Tackle Senior - Tackle 1 I I Senior - End 1 john Saxton Senior - Injured it-'R . Joaquin Candia S ' ' Senior - End .e 1 i no Mike Wagner Junior - End gy "'i ' W3 I Q of L mi we 1 4 ,in x 4:5 L. , ' L' f 5 . Ylkdiff re ill 7 " 45292 5 -- asm nm- ff Q ----' u- . '5 2511: xo, ,, A ' no b. -ru W- 2938 "M ' Alan Lum Brad Campbell Speedy Chase 3, V Kevm Strope Senior - End S Junior - Back Junior - End-Back Junior - Tackle " f "1' , 4 A - , -- , I .11 . . A -A S 'fl A K 6 -- is - u Junior - Back 4 'F' 1' Vince San Nicolas Junior - Back Mlke Junior - Back Jodae Junior THIS is what it's for! Semori Guard SO MUCH SWEAT GVER A LITTLE THING LIKE A FOOTBALL! Front Row: Zeller, Rose, Naples, Smith, Davalos, Woolery, Smith, Collins, Mitchell, Dean. Second Row: Starkey, Anaya, Baird, jones, Chapin, Aaron, Ellrott, Alvord, Woolery, Files, Reynolds, Mc.Ateer, Wright. Third Row: Leonard, Moors, Rambow, Bringham, Siewert, DeHart, Kollath, Geddes, Grover, Williams, Matson, Shug, Sloan, Elliott. JU IOR FOOTBALL ARSITY SCORES E . C. 32 PATRICK HENRY 0 E. C. 25 GROSSMONT 6 E . C. 14 MONTA VISTA 13 E . C. 7 EL CAPITAN 14 E . C. 19 SANTANA 0 E.C. 9 MT. MIGUEL 6 E . C. 14 HELIX 12 E . C. 0 GROSSMONT 14 E. C. 26 GRANITE HILLS 0 Coach Fulcher Coach Welbaum Managers: Nilssen, Bingham, Leonard, Bayly. 74 Coach Wolf Coach Halte SCORES E . C. 7 MONTA VISTA 0 E.C. 0 EL CAPITAN I3 E . C. 27 SANTANA 6 MANAGERS: commuy, Meier. E. C. 19 MT. MIGUEL 7 E . C. 14 HELIX 14 E , C, 7 GROSSMONT 12 E, C, 35 GRANITE HILLS 6 FRE HMAN TEAM FOOTB LL Front Row: Lovell, Moon, Martinez, Smelko, Banard, Rojas, Thomas, Langford, Deboe, Hamilton, Yeorgen, Jackson. Second Row: Rios, Kaye, Paukovits, Harris, West, Smith, P. Smith, Wappler, Queen, Soltan, Scott, Files, McCreedy, Sellers, Thurman, Gieen. Third Row: Lacus, Moore, Kraft, Parcell, Shauerman, Smith, Jones, Wahl, Yarber, Coneen, Eisloeffel, johnson, Norton, Becker, Reilly, Sullivan, Johnson, Smith, Morton, Wagner, Kendall, Domiano, Hawker, Hills, Milligan, Burns, Snow, Chapin. ,,,,, ,-,. J-. - . ,w,.,4 fwes-vw-1,-g.,.Q"',, ' W. K" ',,, ' . ' ' N, Y , -, . .M l ,. L E 31,5 wwf W, , y -. . ,, . 1 , .,. . .. fb-- -3 , ,, O x V, . E,-wt -K , Y Q ,, , .-,. ,,, --ge. - ,, . , . f w 4 ' -- X, . L b , M, . Min, 1- W i --R --..,.'5i.,,,.,,,.g,,,.-.LL gt. I- 5, Q.. - I.. 1, I. rf ' P 'V A ,fwfr .. , ,V ...Q ,A ,A w 5.7 K, Va, I . .M lip., - , W-4 , Liv.-,.. K, ,Y WM-, , W, .-,, ,A f ' . M - ,I A--' W. '. , M ' 'R 1 " . ' 1' ff 5 N gf . e'4?"".' -.1 F' ' - , '-an-a,...-. 5, -' - .. '-Q f .. , RH - . - Q.. 0 - mar ' 4 xc - - on 1 f, , -fr , feng' 431-1, 'X .S , , -f-ffg-,N'w- z-2-Q."'a,:::f,.f.,i,.m,3g-f' "au x, -"",- "' '41 --Q.a...,,, . 'file 'Q , ':. "il-41 . .a Ma.: "M av-"ity "Wa " ' "' S-we -f' W- . . .V ,.,m., , 3. , f,..,,,, W ,qi-,,,-X-5-.v.ap..,,,,,,..,,,,' Q, . .,N -, " " even. N72 L-hd.-1-i Lim" v,N':d, . 'Q K tty. 'f'g.:L45::- L -' " M",--','mgS-i'f,y..l,g,i VE. ,QLUQ f x 'QA , 1. i A., .., K-- M- .. 1- - -Q. .g':.z.:1.. 4 -1-1 .nv-Q AQLQE'-vluqgg' gf,g..I2..Lg.L..':?-.tri H.. - 'A'fi.'!W?:' ' 1 -L L. 1 .- aging... 4 124. 'ol ' -1-xg Vzwmwm C fix? 501 99' 00:0 Wg' was gp new id ya igea new side asaiil' O0 sw 9 O vaiff Qgivg, me ,IG -9431 99' 5196 095, . e P5 'Wo 9911 165 ' 009 60 via C09 it Q39 955665, OY5 596' 619 'gow' B10 Sviggei ' C0960 Q0 Year after year Coach Brooks pro- duces outstanding cross country teams This year was no exception: with only one returning letterman, the team won its fourth consecutive C .I.F. cham- pionship. The prospects for next year indicate another championship team with runners coming from a fine j.V. and an undefeated frosh. ' 77 1 gm iw: Stand ' D Jag: Ste elolzge ve Smith, Ste ve Bzids-Q14 411 Cmpe, foba John-vo , Da Ve flffoelter, Da Ve Da Vidsolz. a118e ow eeluzg B0bRO6111.5-0 at We ev c J, C 15 oelter ra -'fue Y'oay8ut1e swag QT-,ei 851181507 bd Q0 ' cgiiad M ' Sw eq Steve swf My-W, Ear ow o 0131 81? 2 ,yA 1 fig! A . . we Ml N ,gy Q. fs REQ, is 5512 '-5. -4 5: li, Q - ,49 'rw A Q L. M: h 1 ' in K . K4 ' ,x 'fx f-kz-,P Q ' XA ik. N SHA, in eq., n --"aw .- , 41 K 3:82, ' ' lg' I -4 1 'Lag ,. '- ' f i I :. , EQ 1 'F , fi iw 1 away! 5, X . .5 UTZVFS. Q 3' 9 X ., ' T- .. amsf' 'Yi ' EJ- 3 ,t f ' ' - C 1:1212 - ' " - ,Q 33:1 f 'aa " . X ogg With a team composed mostly of juniors and seniors, Mr. jim Wolf, in his second year of coaching, led the BRAVES' bas- ketball team to an outstanding season. The team finished fourth in league play, upsetting two C. I. F. -bound teams, Mt. Miguel and Grossmont. While setting a new win record of 13 games, this exciting team became the first to win a tournament. The trophy of the Lt. James Mitchell Memorial Tournament is the first of many this young team hopes to collect. Z. X.g3,yQ5i Q, 5 - mags, f , 'KES is T V M. , ,Ez -"Ami R if J M fx f D W" 1 I.. Y -g ?? gk bd , Q . - N53- u- . . :,, , EQ -W 1 3 f ,ff tw 5? E W6 a Ill Qt gd ,. . 'yy - ft ' ,If . f' ,...A..- ,P-gf' 7' .' 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Miguel 34 Helix 44 Monte Vista 35 E1 Capitan 34 Grossmont Coach Williams Managers: Meier, Brackney -'dl F 3 ,,, . ff "f' f "1-'-.g-.......-A fer lv- WRESTL1' G X . 'V ,Nw-:SL L 141 3. X ,f A :VA I E 1 1'- 4 Sgewwfi 51 Steve Woods Steve Hughey 95 103 '11, Coach Winn Pat Marsh 1 12 Mark Blowers Barry Woolery 120 127 1 1 865: . ' l Dennis Moody Alan Hughey 133 138 VARSITY 38 KE ARNY 42 LINCOLN 28 MADISON 34 CL AIRE MONT 18 GROSS MONT 41 GRANITE HILLS Ron Lovell Joaquin Candia 1 65 1 8 8 EC 8 HELIX 36 5 EC 43 CASTLE PARK 5 18 EC 24 EL CAP 16 8 EC 24 SANTANA 23 24 EC 8 MT. MIGUEL 34 5 EC ll MONTE VISTA 33 TEAM--4th CIF Ron Amos Curtis Morrow O 180 Heavyweight Jim Nichols 154 Fred Nicolet 145 mjibiifvw gifs Qgug Rm - , I' - - 1 f f H y 9 s .. -5,1 gait" ' Q , i -3""""'-J'-"" BRAVEE' 'f W ES , fi 5 W, ,L 'N X , 9 ,i . if f 5 1. . 1'!'4:f 521 A Q52 , 1 ' W 1? - 3 ,BE x -,Rh JQNJLT :jg EVN L gi' it - 1 gmxvug C?-ci B . 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Courtesv of ACE AUTO SUPPLY 799 El Cajon Blvd. El Cajon, Calif. 444-9445 1 ct TRAC R Standing: Pavkovits, Norton, Smith, Johnson, Lucas, Stinson, McClure, Edwords. Kneeling: Yeargan, Roberson, Bayly, Perez, Bogart, Missey. CTRAC Standing: Putnam, Newton, Bixdsall, Nichols, Bayly, Smith, Carl, Dresser, Landwan, Stowers, Scott. Kneeling: Webb, Davidson, Reid, Lovell, I-Iartnett, Green, Bledsoe, Schrader, Judd. 5 - - x mu ' BASEBALL VARSITY Dan Corder Bob Wheelington Coach Elliot Tom DeHart Brian Applegate Brock McRobe1ts Joe Williams Brad McRoberts Standing: Chase, Miles, McRobex1s, Henry, Coider, Applegate, Murray. Kneeling: Manager, Neely Wheelington, Thomson, Williams, DeHart, Verrau, Klein. 92 g JU IOR VARSITY - .M W he Coach Halte Managers: Jacobs, Hoop Rach W1111ams, Fanmn, Lancaster, Haashp 1 , I QS 'i . K A W ,Ai Front Row: Hayes , Robbie Williams , Kent, DeHart, Wallace. Back Row: Hendrix, Grover, '- Y J, . FRESH fi. 1 QP' Coach Hayes Manager: Morton lx' J. Front Row: Kingsland, Nicolet, B. Johnson, Scott, Chiaramonte, Harmon, Yeargan. Back Row: Files, Eisloffel, M. Johnson, Temple, Smelko, Harris, Thorogood, Tysdal. 93 xflaf VARSITY Wayne Barwick Richard Wells Coach Williams Dave Snyder 4- S John Petropolis Clinton Harris I John Saxton 94 THE Mike Geddes Tracy Gaines Junior Varsity Front Row: Whalen, Salego, Simard, Furguson, Lewis, Acton. Back Row: Stowers, Essig, Smith, Elliott, Sloan, Lowgren, Koemer, Roe, McGinley. 95 TENNIS, Front Row: Collins, McCreedy, Dahlgren, Hills, Hensley, Back Row: Shellman, Queen, Doyle, Becker, Potoky Bingham, McCreedy, Houx, Dakis, Richmon, Heisey. i , GOLF Authorized Volkswagen W 'V 81 Joe Potoky Gan! Collins Porsche Sales -Service-Parts TRUMAN MOTORS 464 W. Main St. E1 Cajon, Calif. Phone 442-0911 M f Mr. Tompkins Bill Matzen Charles Wright SWIMMIN Hb' Brad Ihde Steve Mendenhall Charles Meier Front row: R. Brimrn, D. Storer, S. Roper, T. Butler, M. Milton, S. Haulbert. Back row: J. Long, P. Johnson, W Buckingham, B. Ihde, B. Maizen, C. Wright, W, Buckingham. vi - -43 V 11 , .sa 111 - . 1 i gm ,Q , Q 2 P FREE TG CGMPETE 'y C--ob ,Wm .nn- i-r' as new aw 4' Qui 'EEE .q 3? L.- 'vox -Qu as cr- ,-f ,DOG ww wma-rw if a 5 N rg -1 1:-.-ur Wk gulf . 2. h ..- + 1.4 I - 1 put-.X Aix A-XV gum: Ne-. -.- . as 3 . " gan qu? 9,-.F MAL .Z ' ,' 1 Jr X' 5 CTIVITIES 4 Q, , 1155! Q K Sli!" I ' C 3-2'ssif::f:'vf. f'1-'mf ' " P ' ' '1,.if11f"ET4-Aff:zx'U'f1f:2 1 1iF?t1iQ ,gg " 'grjj' fx - Y '-I . ' ' -'13 ' Z I .,.:'f-vi ijt.-Q,,,1" 1 ' N- ,. , nv: K. Prim, - x M .- ' . .. J"3',U1 , -. 1 A' - 1 W V' ' 'lfll f x r f x au- ,V-qv Q.,-4L"'.P 1 l eg-" ' , .-ff A ' 'I , , -I-,. A ,. '.it" .: -.--Q1 . W H: ,... ' zkqff. ,,.-1.1-f Q, ,hi eff' , Q, 1 . v. .r -, r x .4 ,. N .4 ., " -9 f -M '51 v-. Ulu-.rw .qQ' ' x, ""v' ..' r T' ...I--t5.'Vi'A:,,1' . 'A , .hu ,.-. in ',,,,1- 11"--...ff IQ H " 4 -. -',. , . . . - . 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A y - . x.17'..?lF ' T5 . -1 'W ' ' . .- -, .rg .NVQ-.,, nur' . , K -f' -- . . -. ' ' ' N- i., .J vi :qv W .1 - i:..QH KJ. Y V .1 - 5. X ' kf ,X x: t , ,, " ' , .--'M --.Y " "I ' -IQ .N ' '-..f4'.k'.' 'Fl '.-X . Q 5 '-.,- '. . . ' Q ' . P Q, -K - -. f, ,QU -vs - X.. K Q -N 5 'NL Q. .W x ' x '- , '-.W :TY . -.-3 X -.,-Q. 2-3, N- .-' 3 ,. - 1 NY ' ' f I .:" --',T1-.XLR K ' 5 --,-'Vi A ' -" .K . 1. ,f 5. X ikunp. ,w '-- f-A -, -. -X, ., R ity.. x Y K, , X- -,N . .X . -sk ' 5 K , 4 1 N N x x 1968-69 BRAVETTE LEADERS Hand Lieutenants- Charmaine Phipps, Lori Barnes, Karen Arnett, Lydia Geraldo. Flag Lieutenants- Marianne Long and Lola Thompson. CAPTAIN- LINDA STARKEY 108 ctor Mlss See the Corps. See the Corps perform with pride. They are proud. They are proud of ECVHS We are proud of them. BR VETTE CORPS I K I :.:...gf.x.j3-.- ,, 43- J. - ,, . ,:. 5-:gtg ..1g.a. l-11:3-r: 'gr' 4-T525 ':..":," J'-4511.-,u1L?' ::.r':1-X'-.7-'1 . .' L'- -.fm V i.'.""'?'d'g""2'F?"",ff4 J' mf. ,fav 1 "un -.fa-sg.--,. fu.-1--L wr' Q-'flflf I'?mzKf"'1'i'f-1 tg 'TI' f'-' FF?" wigs? :5.Q' Y' V1fYb22:.y'S- '- . f .. -,.,. .g.' 79 y. 1"34fl'?'-Vx .,.f'v':l 39412-nv , - 1. ,yefgEf':71gE!?9?S?iEi ifiiij rr ' - ' ' D- -. .. .A Wa. ,iii-2 ' ' .A :QA , A ,,. - . L :TF-.gy - --W .. .- V fuel- 312-f , . . -. lfkisuw. - Q ' ' Q., A - - 1 ,. ,urs Ma- , -I .' .- - ,A ... .V ..- -U- - ...,, .Q , . .,. nn., X 7...-V,"-'v-. -1... . ,-4 .4 x52-:F'f"'7 .1 .,, In ,, ,Lv nz-, 1 .g. Y ,, -....,,A..... .. - Q -A D -xr ... - ' ,AL - Vw., 3.7 .1 , '.v- :.,.4 A :-. . ,. , X . , .f 51,-,054 .-- 'Qi 1. Qwv . 4737 ' L'ix-Kv"..".'J,- - . . 4+ 'If' , v 'Q -Fix ,-s f. .- ' . 1 1 .14 , w Yi: If 'x . , .W-Q-Q 1 -.. 5 ...... , :F ,r- X-1: L S h . 4. , .Q A 2 2 I. 1 XC. "f ui. -, f- 1 ' .Q .- X L' 1' N -iz . ' -e . . ,x . glxiv. 5.4.21 . .7 . 4 r -. .." '1-f ,lf 6- --4:7 x lx A -xx.. ,J '14 .L, .t Tix. ix. u R. x.- gr... ,.. 'E .xlx - Q Z. P' A W' X ' It " 4 k . 'A Q' I-.. ' 5 I ,'- '-.t .w "'. Z' -..., yr -' 1 '. "1 - ,.,. . Mug- Lb. '- Y ' -,f 3 ' -, -1' . ij'-.Y ' .L ' x f'x .f . ':.:,-g,.x.. ., X ' . . ,, -, . , A- ww., . " - Y, .. .i , -A-- .Am K 'gf -- 3, ,Y . f -- .4 -- . -. ., , ., ,- -v :,-.xy -33-.r'z.., .. ..p ,, , V. -,, ,. V. ' f- , 4 2- --:gf , ,m,,-1..,- -.- X A U , -ff, : . . N, ,. Q .5n,-.w.,xz,A 1' ,. V. 1' -. ' , ..,.. 4"' .-vw :.,,,,N,-' ' J . :' ' H V P . - f X - 1 -"' .i:ffAg5.j' -F"' ' .-ff."--'r.4-,. - . -3.14. ' , A , -- w I 4 .- I. ., ,,,. .- 5 .,,.,.s .pe ,, ' - .ax ,f -f- .- '- - V' '-., .' - '- '- .- 1' ' 1-1 - -J 1.-'-,, -1-.' fn. .:. . . ' ' -' .v .--". -- .- a- ' - - K. G ' Q. - wg.-5-Y, f-S?,i':yl -..x--':4'5Q.g1?u:4'!'- .5353-1.-' va.,-A '. .1 - -N . . , - A, fx 2 ".g,q+x.:,,.-mm.: "M 3. 3,.,..,.L. V4 -Q53 -5... j-rg, ,.- ',.. . ,L 5 4, '1 . I' - x " ,.. 11.5-' , "x'. , .',,"' ,'..14.v' gf' , ,, U. ,J H. .. HQ fi: .Af',5 "',, . 1' V .' .v . 4 X .r .- 155.-fm 'li.3l-,BJ-, wg.-QA,,v:,5i - -h5.:.u:.,.4?' -,,?,,':.i:,t L-x q..I. .35 . . . .Tv ' ,P - Uv- A. ,."'-"V '- 3 ' ilu ,,-Q,-tg. '- fvLQ.,."b7 f' 'IH' 1..: '-'A. ' Q ' - , J ,A ' . H, , A f' Q .- f. .4 A' 5.1 :nf ,C ,,,-'2w4.. 5 .,nQ,- 'Z 1.-','p..' g-055,4 g,..L'.' f, . ., - 5-4 "-, , -'..,fv . ,.- f '-,V 1-231: , ji,-'p "5" y Q.ivgC,..'S,'TnQ,,. - , qui. .1-g. Q x - .3 r. rv.. 5 . - 'H - VL' V 9 .-A 137-'.""."w 'L-lv,4'.'f as "-4"1"S"'.f:i 4.4,-Ag' - s--w1'?4-+.i-4' 1 -- f 1 "1 fn- - , N , .' '- -. ' .PSV ' '-".f1--1, .1-ml X'g-.?1gW:'---.-f'.v- -' Q W... ,. X.. ' 1. -Pgdn-' A '. , 'fm' 'TH' 'fr fu -5- -' ---wif , , A. J 4. g.1.- -, , , ...,f.X..-f+- ',.,,, -. .. --1 . -4- 1 - - ' ' '--V - .-"-..v-'J,,-- 1,1 .1.--:,f,---- YQ--,-1'-jx-YI A -...fri A - - 1 , -' ' - . . ,Y .yr . ww- :-,:---ff..-L-v--. fm, Q. 4-.fy-. '-f!w,,"- , s , x 'x 11 1 ' .51','. M, -.., pg . . -'N ' ,. "M ' .. ' ',,.-Qu j ' I. . . ,, .,, ,up , ,,..., ,. .F ff. . v... I I' ,, ,A . N, U- r, , .fgvfx 4-.4 ,.hf4'.f,25k.',j'?f4ii.A.4-.L 1. nv! . H .N ,pf . "'fL 'rf T- ' " . . ,., , yu -A 4 ,f.' -' . f .' 'if' 'i " " ,,-'j,'1.... '3.:,,-.,.'- if xt ' M 'I 'S av 1 .. .-1 v , gum, ., n A h f ALJ: .Yu I .ka I, - A A h ' o X, Q EET, X ur He fv5'2':2' 'E -x we xv, , , fwl ,I 'Af X K . 1 ' YJ A Qggfsu -- -' x- F :Q 'Al 'fx , . in - ,Z I .3 Q4 ' ' - awk-fNf s ,wf ., .V ,-,Ugg V- -x x X, . .- , .L -- if H Wi'-Q '11 if :O I 1' - a l - ' - P L! -- X. '--." I W at L I f 1 A,,. Q I l 7. "xx-If 'U-A X Q. W nl. ' Q Q-4, , . ax , . 1 . ' I gyis '5 . . -'W 2 I ' BA D 4 . . -. " , , , ' Au..n.-.4-'I -A '-' --' - 1l--- ha "- u.44'1..4-AA - I---14.54.444 Band Staff From Avocado Days Festival at Fall- brook to the Long Beach Western Band Review, the E1 Cajon Marching Band com- peted to bring honor to this school in the year 1968. In non-competitive activities, these musicians entertained during halftimes and assemblies and helped to instill excitement during our games. It is hard to imagine E. C.V.I-I.S. With- out the "free spirit" of our Blue Ribbon Marching Band. ' 1.--. - V, .fag " , 4+,,:gks'iQ- Eli -at Q afrarg " ' . 'U 5222- 'fi "H 'WT i. , ss. f,,t,,, A-'v ",,b-Qi ., -. A , L -ng-?74,, vw l . .,t -,YN--V J" 'fi Ria:-L 'V 'af' 'T sn-- ,.. Color Guard Connie Cochran 2nd Majorette in State Vaxsity Band ,c W Q51 W 'S 'E 2 x EQ, if ., S .. in-km ,VEQ '13 as +313 I ,M ' I 'Hx'-"" " W 3. A gffw 4m ,f' f 25fwfy'l Q W ,.. Q- . .X - X L H R V f""' a' a' 4: K Q W I I . ,..' :L 1 , .1 rl f 1 44 ' 1 h h V F , is 2' v O R C H E S T R A Fall on your knees, Oh hear the angel Voices, O night divine Oh night when Chnst was born. . . f . ,i , , ,,x,k,w Q-,M ,,,g...Q, .gil Iv K .-1. ' X Trebleaires Accompanistg Mis. Montgomery E.C.V.H.S Q 1 Choir Staff Mr. Lutz CHOIR H7 The voice that lifts all hearts in perfect melody, and leaves the soul fullfilled with joy and peace. This is A.S.B. We make A.S.B. A.S.B. makes us---proud---spiritedu free. President: John MCC:-eedy Q1 Vice President: Glen Bayly Secretary: Debi Hoxsey Treasurer: Wayne Barwick Advisor: Mr. Larry Marquand STUDE TGO ER ME Commissioner of Sales: Mark Blowers Commissioner of Publicity: jim Nichols Commisioner of Public Relations: John Petzopolis Director of School Arts: Debbi Dinkins COMMISSIO ER Commissioner of Athletics: Mike Agundes Commissioner Judy Vierkant ASSISTANTS: Back Row- Eeva Frantsila, Crista Wyss, Phyllis Lynn, Ken Acton, JoAnn Manire, Collette Chance, Bonnie Allen, Adrienne Alpert, Greg DeHart. Front Row- Claudio Morisson, Mats Gronblad, John Petropolis, Steve Dakis, John Eisloeffel, Debbie Johnson. 121 in , .Www i , NVE 1969 A J k . 'B x-Q 4, , l-.:" , ' Q 3 U g' or-Bef? ' . af g. 1 w A-4. , .A O Q . O 5'f fe 0 mtg 1 1 4, . I I I N, is i av 'S T Presidential Candidate Joe Stowers Presidential Candidate John Prospectus Party Eisloeffel Visionist Party PROSPECTUS Front Row: Ken Acton, jane Malloy, La Donna Gibson, Kathe Nicolet, Robin Wheeler, Marcia Watson, Becky Knippelmeyer. Back Row: Gary Collins, Richard Lapping, Mike Moore, Marya Schleibaum, Dave Smith, Sue Stevens, Dave Leonard, Chris Embelton, Ron Pinegar, Mary Kay Permetti. CANDID TE Keynote Speaker: Dr.Sellery. VISIONISTS Front Row: Jeff Bayly, Valerie La Pietra, Bonnie Prather, Helen Belanger, Aleta Weese, Connie Lovell, Becky Wright, Cindy Squillaci, Frank Ko11ath.Back Row: jon Long, Fred Martin, Steve Dal-cis, Richard De Walt, Chuck Hendrix, John Eisloeffel, Tim Chitwood, Sharon Bennets, Ray Hom. 123 Keynote Speaker: Pete Wilson M.-4' l' " vt "' K ,, 5- Q i f .wif I Miss Sheila DeWosl-Qin Q, ' , , GIRL 'LE GLE From the White "E" to the Girls' League Slumber Party to Snowball to Question Mark Week, Girls League Q has again lived up to their 1, motto--"What you are to be. . . 2 you are now becoming". ps ,v Ff- W ands. Lou e A M P Q R E L A I 24 T 1 o N 5 EXECUTIVE BGARD 1 125 GIRLS'S LEAGUE - sa zu. "IW COMMITTEES E-............ A special thank you to the following teachers who served as committee advisors for the year 1968-69: Campus Relations: Mrs. Hirsch Good Grooming: Mrs. Pruyne Publications: Mr. Buller Social: Mrs. Hempel wwestzggi ?g.',2:,,ff ,jk it s E IRES' E9 01 127 .ng fi.. . .Sr-.fn srl, ,Q 1 4. v THE LEGE STAFF Mary Amid chaos and confusion We, the Legend Staff, Have created A Free Spirit. . . SPORTS EDITOR-Collln Wray, PHOTO EDITOR-J Long, COPY EDITOR-jennifer Callery, ART EDIT? ,wi ,V.. aff o 2- iff 5 4sN. STAFF -Marya Schleibz-1u.m, Frank Koller P W 32,5219 EW-'-"" XR 1' 4: bhalewski, BUSINESS MANAGER- Sue Oden. SENIOR EDITOR-Marianne mda Lou. ADVISOR- Mr. Logsdon Embleton, La Donna Gibson, Sandy Bryan, PHOTOGRAPHER- Arthur cmpe, HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER- Joe stowm . , , , ., .,.. , H M kj y 1 Y .N he f ,, , Q., A,x MWWe.,e,.ef e......W,o..,,,.o,, , ,,.w,,,,: We ,,e -- W e e-we Vol, XF! New 1 392, Cajon Valle? Rio-h .ftfmm RWM, -pw 1,968 11? V "v ' H'-1 -, - 1: WL' 1 QQ:-:ew--N-f-,Move-ers:-gg.-vae.f:egg..e5i, M- ,mum Drcsmo Club ' E 3 if fm? f if A .egesee ee H5115 - ' EAR Discovers A T 1 .... 1zz'o:fsx'.1o:1t, Le ' -e A' mm H Cgrpse in :This is the Smoke Signal Staff. jkitlfflh me This is their work. They take pictures. ciicftei tit Virares " in Leti rn , A . . iwesrzsa met. cmiman new They Wflte articles. U ,f lub is L0 visor Elias vallemoe They Work hard- , gui mm iimtimt ned for E1 Cajoris 'we rt of an- Y9a7" ' - mi fseored One oi' the frrhey create the Snloke-Srlglfajllmig plied Reb:-anion P1856 PU! 021 by members of the clue. m'r,:1w, The final sa-ore. , 3 fall " The plays title is "Corps in the Mt- W eww U., I ' 5 activi- K K. ' 7 - V, X :,. Q Q 1 CT.F!1'2.Vf Dimmer emnivxtlee planned, gm Nmymg K Filth aim-4403- some oi' wnifh are a trip to the Old 3364 ,,2..,11.Hq -Q,,,,,, , 3 ,N id mgggth- Globe Theatre and a Drama 511170 Party! 2319? Piles? 35313 SUT' horh are be MHP 'Plfffff in We WM fx fwiifzvzla, uxeife ' future. N E 2 i e N R3 T Y F . . . . 5 5 S 'GE S Ed1tor-1n-chief-Adrienne Alpert e e ' x :swam Wu :enum when the mud, dust., flour, and spilled nzoiasees The climax of the week was the Friday eff-Cmoofl 1 . - . .. . ., .. r .-.. ,.,i.1.. vr 4---r.,--.: rx.- 1-:--'1. -P Lx.- nearer: away, tl rieiirig were dis: ihe perpetual tx The feetivi heck into the ga September 17 ae: yeazds aciivitif the ASS class, Plickirig of: tricgfcle race. lmmch period ag! on Tuesday was 1 ticipei-ed in. The vlefizmec egscle rece and i sm inzproffptu he: DECKS, The Sophomc 'C,z-ifzyele prelim: . The Friday low fighi with g duck rece. The ,girl contestant. eeew Om Monday, I cations for CSF Mr. Adema, adv f.i'Xi5 C133 the CYLLLV c.L.Lg,1U,r:z aouucfioo- In W , N. Q 1 .. - y A , .-X ,4 , ,.,, + ' are those juz 4 , M A ,W Fox ine limi.. time rms peel the me ,rr-1,1 -.i ohe roar Qualified he REPORTERS- Frout Row-Pam Wenstrom, Bonnie Prether, Sue Thateher, Caren Collins. Baek Rovy-Naney Bright, La Ria, gh, thirty Thompson, Marcia Efimondsozi, Sherri Green! Debbxe Tustus. Not P1ctured-Judy Bergen, D1Ann Biancom, G1enda4 Q U X A N Nancy C1ayton,Q Robin Cumnnngs, Debbxe Dmkms, Mike Hartman, Bob Houx, Lloyd Kaster, Susan Kawka, Susan Semmfmgli' M Moseley, Bob Summers, Cynthia Volore, Suzanne Widick. Bliglblif. AI. fr ovoiioo ,f ,M--iv V --.Aff danx RSQUS 5-M, ' ami twsnfy, 5332-I vat, 5553 .aruaua..L wau,e:zn:eu,::1 Tea ai B :cunts Ia, point. All classes are ww miie.. 130 J 1:33. tmgw was held: SM.C.i,i,5,gml3, Starting fi Cfgdiied GX'3i"1'iiT1g ?'h5'Six3al eiugigicm gulf-ef, voy Tiifiyiljg :,,154.ss in take mi- 'Q big and sister program. TS-5-5 2150 W-'iYWiit9I'Y uw Summx venifqme LMS :sex-'rg -e "CT1i2i!'i. Hr.. zifilgi League eoritmib-ui,ed to me ala, have no Ufs in 'moth conziust eff !.id5Nm5"m,, imc mmf, Zlwmema Siva Qrgmiiingf Um, LIia,gig,33m, fO1'Y,f M xv Quite E n Page its i Play' to EI a he were blom SW? pos ll firsi the? will tuna :fed f the i S RFER I THE MR. HIUGN He's been surfing Lnd and Sea. He uses Wmn surfboard. The bo -'elghs 13 pounds. 3His name is Mr. antly teaches math xiastly siatas, ability to surf, b ire an all-around wa comes easy.N Wgoes to Mexico ev WHS Luc DICCSVUD' vnu u ov nnvn num-.v.u ,.,, ,U he goes on B Surf Sffuf Front Row: Feature Ed. -Rick Tuttle, Publicity Ed. -janet Traisi, Managing Ed. -Ann tg-,5f5'Vm.S8fj-le man, late McCullough, Circulation Ed. -Sherrill Stropes. Back Row: Staff-Lloyd Kaster, Advertising ,ke Rodriguez becaus The Managers-Debbie Twite, run lation Ed. disa Chee ripp SPOTUGHT on and off sixteen years. He first Started a Hawaii V- ard is 5'11n Hilton and he and is the coach. Ihis outstanding surf- Hlt-was a nat- ecause when ter man,sur- ry other week. Iilton usually Q Kes David Rod- eo and Tom DeHart along with him He surfs about twice a weak, e a ing safari. HI normal- e he makes a Melinda Harmon, Spoxts Ed. -Bee Horton, Staff-Dean Owens, Circu- marker. mid doesnst move much n -Susan Coneen. Not Pictured-Editorial Editor-Pat Hunt bb- is -A V n.1C1Yn .LQ YBXY Dil! iillkl 'ndS, mos T, 523516 mass X plea Qff' DDB A post ant 19-O : see lil? ' 'Sore ,tb ' N of t far : af. be feel poll the .A Stat ' wer, ike sam L ,... is H - N me in , A f -. ,L ' .,, f a Vick . I9 Ei'-3"' the ico.. V- K. ..-....... . 'NNY' ,Mm ,M lqemt I: ,C MN. Julie Hillvr--Numphvvy: Because he ,g2L?2.1.mLiiw"nJ" " 'C ' X "' rs-ri... i s honest, fini hc'S really trying to help our crm :airy . Reverlv Bowan--Humphery or Nixon: is an Hiuhalcwski--Humphcry: If I ah- o.ui,r'lf: Flfiwin cheese Once. K and hi down D the br ers ay of hi' Hhon z plied, besida added get 2 thinks gets c yuaua shoulg yothes avir-fer ion's aight. 'cot if Af Brock Collep HI'd l my org 1 , Hfvck ADVISOR- Miss Venieris F5 len, as wawlqnp qeesnnt HARP its nthy Sands'x--Pdulren: Fvcause he ag he ran 1 3 x, - W., . , .. . . l 3-':.f:'g5'--"-'Q , . , ,V 4 , -- Reverglv Ihde-uxixon: I like his - Lv--.H Q N I and di.lxk-s. me l-keb all nf his :TEz?6?E--- ary fnnxvign- Goody: If T v9uld classes just whout the smm9,UI don't f -G ,gr"z'1f-af. tt, -. f. f , . .4 , .J . A . ,ghm-yy gm-1Ov,,--gumph,3ry, gecauge he -.5 fyiil- iff-,WI N01-iidh L. N 1 really have fl immite he-1 drer,"wc-r'e is a democrat, and is most Dubliciz- 5-nfwx E-,H-.1-rcecviumixennlmzir. i Rough Mm Same gf his exact' words' He Emi Sys ei Y-P 995 fum Sei, into ozgfice. all kinds of Hang! but pizza heads up 'Willa PicLaugh.1ir1' 1hnnDheY'bf":if5i,r' net? pib?f..j"i...Jffini!1?3i"'Nifioni' ?6'33U5'q I bg' me list- A9919 FMU' is first in at V H, Aev- .LmPhm,,3,,: Just becawew lxcvze snag. he is the bust man. line bpvm-ares.l?l 'ffhefn asked ntveve il: ab:--Paulsen: I like the N3-llfjlrfinow, Hari: Blowers, Charmaine what mg gpwgrme SMH WAS' 'rock QgQ7j3gugfH?S, gfppgg S557,WQI1ATEgg Eh-y QQQE Q33 had no nomit that when he wa? alsmdl ' ,, , ",g':-,Q 4,,-,fwgw--M - -------gm ,f ,. mil, fe. 1 :A an fu- - Linda Webb-.hixoaxz 1.'E?CQll.QQff S it 121 - it-wily ff, 131 ay miami 1:2 the '95 hi' T" "Ji X W' O3 "QQ g' F 'Mk 3533-fjggjg, '1?f'ITgff?2QSv in the indile foaiuq which has re- giw Eagan- Vkylijlswl: 32931 i ,V-ig 15,7 Q' X .4 -, W1-,I Q I ' Nye mziimfd 'friq-4 f21f:a:'11.0 'f,'f2?13Lh'fL3F.lT, iho, 35131 ,J51'T5, 'f Italy Norway Turkey England Russia Nigeria Australia Thailand Indonesia Ontario Nicaragua Advisor: Mrs. Ellery Argentina Libya I TERNATICNA France Romania India Ethiopia Nepal Denmark Spain Hispanola Iran Peru Students from abroad: Eeva Frantsila, Christa President: Phyllis Lynn, Vice -Pres: Nancy Crevelmg Wyss, Mats Gronblad, Claudio Morisson. and Mike Moore, Treas: Patty Lakin, Sec: Debi Cabral. PARA-MEDICS RADIO CLUB STUDENT SENATE E E Advisor: Mr. Adams SCHOOL SERVICE COMMITTEE MODERN BALLADEERS CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION g .Q .VARSITY CLUB ROMAN BRAVES TAB AND CAMPUS xx Q. . 7.- 52-'-fi ifgif, Qi 525' -3. ka Q 2: 'V4' E? ., .1 ,rf rg' I Y , , 1A"f'N'X' 15 an 4. 'ifljfq his '1 3 .Sw -Y QQ ' 1 Q 1 ggi 1' v rr: A ' '- ' Q i K, ' ,, . ii R l 1 ., Q L f L -'W wif, as 5 33 A W- . W A - K mx. 3..- x , N K ' ,,.. A .. V.. I, x,,Q W ,L Ysgi. -Q, Y Q iw' 441- -ik! -' HN f. 'W ,-A'-.. A 'fb .4 f:tx?"?':"A is 'J r as . A- X ,. ff f 1Q,.'U'i,.fM. IAN 1 fx- - 5- N- ' . ,j.fb.3.' .1541 ,'.a,.xf? 'lv V... f Q' swf , AQ., , ,A A I x , , '-, A QI, all aww Y Advisor: Mr. Pu S CliffC,m'1rt -.va ,wr 'V If xi! 'fx I President Chris Tochtmop SPEECH Advisor: Miss Petersen Out of mixed ideas, conflicting thoughts and unrehearsed debates, spoken words filled with wisdom and force have issued from these students, the members of our speech team-- Dialectos. From this group a select number has gone on to win awards, trophies, and a place in the National Forensic League. Determination, Willing- ness to Work, plus the driving dedication of their advisor, Miss Petersen, have pushed this team to great heights. Dialectos can truly be described as outstanding. Speech Club Officers Secretary: Marion Donahue, President: Jessie Sprague, Vice Pres. : LeAnn Hawkins, Historian: Rene Wantiez. Not pictured: Treasurer, Marla Giddeon. Dialectos And N.F.L. 3 5 1 1 3 SSE ,sf - F x ,Hr fad' e' ?'s, s cl' ' ! Q, l,:M V N El A Y- as lk AAS . x Va' rg., 1' ...1 a V, I - -ff is M. gg, s in K g 2 i . H.: , wg., 'x 'zu V MXN .L 1,5 . 1 ,. 5 Q 4 3 ,157 1 Q F 'aww WF' , 'Mm Y, , . P2155 1' 7 4, L, A ,. 2, . . :ty -, 'wg .gpgzzzgfmiw gifsff , 4 Advisors: Mrs. I-Iomesley, Miss DeWoskin, Mis. Adams, Miss Johnston. Wi 1 ,San if .3 s, .A , ' I-,y M- QQ, . 1:4 A x l .r 0 A101 , U... . . ....-.,.-,.w -V V Q, f 5 5, an B' t 1 5 J'o , S 4rf ' 4, .Q Hello my friends, This year has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. It is wonderful to attend this school which is great in friendship and the best in spirit. I didn't realize how exciting it would be to cheer for our team following our cheerleaders and how glad I felt helping in ASB and my other activities. The best way to increase world friendship is through the young people and I am grateful to have been able to help. I will always remember this wonderful year at ECVHS where I found a friend in each student. Finally, I would like to express my thanks for all these marvelous contributions to my life with you: a lovely family, a great school, and the best of friends. Claudio Henrique Morisson Brazil-AFS Hi El Cajon, What a wonderful year I have spent here in California! I have lived with a marvelous family and they got me acquainted with this wonderful country. I have met many people and I have made new friends here. You were so friendly that I enjoyed my time here much more than I ever had expected. I enjoyed the football and basketball games, the dances, and the Campus Life meetings, and I especially liked the donkey basketball game. The teachers have helped me a lot to understand America and its Ways better. History and Civics have given me an insight to America's development as a world power. I got to see everything from an- other outlook of the world and I experienced it by living it. So Ibegan to love this country as you do. As an exchange student, America became a part of my life, an experience, that enriched it so much, that I will never forget it. Christa Wyss Switze rland-YF U The McCreedy family has opened iw home to Claudio enabling him to participate in the American way of Living. MERI FIELD ER I E Christa found perfect harmony and lasting friendships while staying with the Rymer family. 3 Eeva shared a wonderful relationship with the Smelko family and her new found friends. i J IN N ELCOMIN During his stay with the Ainsley family, Mats found all the joys of family life. 144 UHFRU Dear El Cajon, As I walked down the plank of the jet, I knew I was entering an all together different world. I didn't really know what to expect. All I knew was that I was to stay with Birdie and attend El Cajon Valley High School when September came. Now that I have been here for some time I know that it really isn't any different from Finland. I have been learning to play football and baseball . . .I have been in many organizations and I have learned that people are the same no matter what language they speak. I have to say thank you for a Wonderful year I will never forget. Eeva Frantsila Finland-YFU Dear El Cajon, I have had a great time here in El Cajon and I will always remember this opportunity that I have had. I have had a chance to come to Southern California and live in one of the best places in the world. Everything is very different from Finland and I have come to see these differences. I study the people, the climate, and the society. I expected to see things that I had never seen before. At school I noticed many things. The system is different. You do not teach in the same way as we do. But one thing is the same as at home-the warmth and friendliness of the kids and the teachers. I have enjoyed this year and my time here has been of great value to me and my future. Mats Gronblad Finland-YF U 145 A S9-f an-HP' ,. V 'W'-nh.. .. Y. , , ,Q A L, I ., . - ' ' ' .- , - ': -f Q. ' , if -f , Tj , 3 . , , :Vx -,Nw M' , 1 , 1 ...N ., , I ,- ,...--- Pk -M.. L ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, ,, Akin, -WWW 7,A , ffu K ww' Maw. 53...-. ...- ad -s-wx, ..,.5g-- ff-rf'-f .g-"' .A Q ,U v. s,.,.A,,.... 7.53-: , in . - ,...-w AMr,.J...,.,.w-f-ff' Q . if V. rpg E Honorary Christa Wyss -xxx,-1, Prmccss --an "9 . V K 1 M P , may - . I ..., w Q ' b V . """ , 1 ' ..,- -5 . ' ' ,,..x. -ma' f' , ' V ' x. n- "0 'Nh '. ,as ...,,., M- K '41 . v , r . qv- "' -- '. .gb K '- , ' I A -, HOMECOMIN g ll i- , K , gy , Someday we'l1 look like THAT?? Blow in my ear and I'11 follow you anywhere. 148 EEK I dreamed Iwas a cheerleader in my . . . License 9 XKE 995--Your lights are on. You can look, but don't touch! Squirt me once more with that carnation, and I'11 . . . '-Q... K MMR -. ,Q ' Q-iw, " ' ' QQ Q -V -fggmifjgh . fl 1-2 X?" Y L- ""V ' ' Y HQQR V ' f' ' - ' --.N K - -.-x .. 'JVM ff-fvwk ,V ' 'Simi' A , J, W . -: H '3 2, ' 'g - v' ,2mg, V' K T ' H, V ' liar 'Q-it "' Lb -nv V Qian:-.. --- .gm Y V X -M K Q Y. Al , . , Y ,rp A if in iw, 1 rsrwczkwrfrvf A s Q- M Y. Q' Q-'FT ' 3 ,,,..pv' ' x X 1 .snip ' Q s kk n-Av 'g -1 . 5 Q 'Y fn fn.. , ww: ' 2 "' 5 sa T i I 'QL . ,,,2:,4.', ,.,- .i Jullvw'-1 ,Q My - is ..Q. , g H 9 gk 3 W' 5 2 j , 4 J 4 SQ i V 5 Q v 1 -. 1' I A' . . ii.h-in ws .,.X ' 1 L K.. Q -' f A '2.- ' 4 fn- I I 4. 25' 3 if if Q I 1 v Ng ' ig 3 - u , f F ' n ' 1 - 4 xii 1 5 f . 4- M, . , lar gif'-1? - . fri Q if Q in 1 39 'I LE Q 'E if Q i H ' Q ff m . X, W. wa f 1 4. Snowball Court Soph. Princess C andy Wh ite Jr. Princess Chris Embleton Snowball Queen Debbie Johnson Sr. Princess Ianean Carrol Frosh Princess Sandy Vierkant USC Band 152 Diet For Care 1,--u-ax Who wrote this terrible thing? 3 x I A.F.S. Assembly 5, -GEMM., - -1, . Awww ' vwmwwf -thi'-3-'WMS g wx M. 5,- . V .E Xp-F Q. Wm.. , N. , A ,, ,9- x ,if , w. 5 41. Q v. 'N ri ' x X .f 'lg-5.5 A :Kg ny x 4' 'ui L. . rv' K, , ' J' , A, , ,. M , .M '-?f'11V1"U"' feb, - - -H- wr! ff' , Yggjff J -5- ' 1' Sf, -fy X ,ff v .Q M- fm, fl. ,yi-' 'A ' -.F - - f ,. ., ' I 'Qs'-Q ,Egg -is , , g A 5 Q 5 if Q if , W f V 5, W , Q 1, M A gg! - , ,- M ff- . 4- .-fe: l.: gf? Q Q NX-,, W, W.-. 1 :xv R A Q x CONVENTION SEASON' gr' Ji MARDI GRAS ,, . 1 X b -.. Q .gi 1 ' -Q1 4, Q .Y" .xifs ' A DMTNTQ TBf5l1QN..m A new year began for Dr. Sellery when he took over the position as our District Superintendent. We Welcome him and hope this year has been a successful one. DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Austin Sellery DISTRICT INISTR TIG Stanley ASST SUPERINTENDENT 'IIIIUIIYIIKUSW I lliiillllli W llllllliill Ulf-Ill--lflil IIHIIUG--Ill-I K ' f ' ' BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Portia Goode, Palmer Svalsted, Rexford Hall--President. Robert Dryden, George Birch 158 Mr. Cornelius, Mr. Greta, Mr. Henry.. . the Administrators of the free spirit that is ECVHS MR' CORNM M NI TR TIO MR. HENRY MR. GRETA Vice -Principal Vice-Princ ipal , .,,,,,,m , '--'- ' --..JA -- MR. EDWARD FOSTER 12th Grade - MR. JOSEPH SMIDT 10th grade CGUNSELO RS Teachers, advisors, disciplinarians, friends--They manage to solve our earth shaking problems. With our counselors' assistance We live through the trauma of schedules, tardies, tests, and college entrance. Without their help we would be faced with four years of unmanageable complexity. .ws it DR. IUSTIN LUNDQUIST 11th grade i T"Lgra MR. HERBERT GROSS 160 9th grade Adams, Bonnie Adams , Ralph Girls' P. E. English Bartlett, Leslie Bascom, George Woodworking English Bosley, James Brooks, Barbara Mathematics Castro, jess English Brooks , Joseph Buller, Roger Mathematics Photography, Geography Cochran, Sue Social Science Lat in, English Cook, Marian Dewey, james Library 161 Business DeWoskin, Sheila Dyer, james Girls' P. E. Eastlick, Thomas Social Science Ellery, Juliet English Agriculture Elliott, Harry Fracaxoli, Elizabeth Boys' P. E. English Fulcher, Alan French Halliburton, juanita English Gehrke , Walter Health Gibson, Mia Art Halte, Donald 162 Physical Education Gonzalez, Joseph English, Spanish Hart, Richard Heaton, Jay Geography Social Science Hirsch, Norma Home Economics Johnston, Joan Girls' P. E. Hempel, Barbara Bm iness Education Homesley, Robertta Girls' P. E. Kingery, Charles Biology 'Holk, Erwin Mechanical Drawing, Metal Shop Iuxnp, Annabelle Business Education 163 Hilton, James Mathematics Idle, Wallace Metal Shop Leewaye, David U.S. History, Spanish Long, Donald Radio, Auto Shop Kratth, James Physics, Algebra, Auto Shop Logan, Rosemary English Mahanay, Ve ra English 164 Le Tourneau, Art Civics, Spanish Lutz, Harold Choir, Business Education Malovic, John Spanish Lamar, Albert English Logsdon, John Social Science Maize, Wendell English Marquand, Larry A.S.B. Advisor Driver Education Povenrnire, Goldie School Nuise Smith, Andrew Auto Shop Mathews, Edward Driver Education Milne , S . German Petersen, Sharon Speech, English Pruyne , Barbara Homemaking Stone, Rolland Social Science Pritchard, Patricia U. S. History, Mathematics Stark, John Civ ics , Mathematics 165 Robinette, Richard Instrumental Music Swennes, Leland Arts, Crafts Towler, Owen Trysla, john Work Experience English Tompkins, Lee Mathematics Vallance, Elizabeth English, Drama Welbaum, Thomas Williams, David Math, Physical Chemigcyy Education - Venieris, Lynnea English, Journalism Williams, William Crafts, Wood Shop Wolf, James Young, Edward Physical Education 166 Geography Winn, Richard Mathematics Ray Stansbury Gil Me ac hum .. M Kiran Bhalla james Olson Paula Cresswell Ed Whittler 4-W' IDES AN ASSISTANTS Marilyn G anc ia 1 67 Diane Sloz-in OFFICE STAFF ,vs 9 Mrs. Peebles Principal' S Secretary Mxs . Hu1'1bu.rt Textbook Clerk Mrs. Rasmussen Records Clerk MIS. Wlnn Switchboard Operator Mrs. Barrows Bookkeeper Mrs . Pearson Attendance Secretary Mrs. Sexton Counseling Secretary is , .. ' ,. mf. . k Mrs. Limpic V-Principals' Secretary Mrs . Matthews Duplicating Secretary ...X i. i x SSIFIED STAFF if 3 .F- L, il ...vs 7 Cafeteria STAFF: Lto R: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. GROUNDSMIEN Lepper, Mrs. Chesney, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Turvey. Mrs. Bain Library Assistant Mrs. Triplett n Cafeteria Manager CUSTODIANS Lto R: Mr. Cardinal, Mr. Trebes, Mr. Frandsen, Mr. Edmonds, Mr. Glass, Mr. Birkely, Mr. Hines, Mr. Neutzling, Mr. Waller, Mr. Crane. Lto R: Mr. McKinnon, Mr. Crozier, Mr. Coyer, 1 I' r. fflfn ,.,J Al! xi fu Z 5? iff Z CLASSES ,, 1' JU IOR ...' CAR WASH. . .ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPATION. . .CANDY SALE. . .DETERMINATION . . .MARDI GRAS. . JUNIORS. . .ORGANIZATION Puusxbum' OE A ff IE iw Q . join 'Isl cffcl I 481 N. Second E1 Cajon 422-2121 I AAA Fri. Sz Sat. 11 A.M.-1 A.M. Sun. -Thurs. 11 A.M. -midnite Aaron, Craig Adams, Kathryn Adkisson, Karla Ainsley, Keith Alfieri, Michael Alvarez, Robert Alvord, Barry Anaya, Alfredo Anderson, Harry Anderson, Jeri Anderson, Patricia Anes, Despina Armstrong, Larry c ,tg 'ig Lffi i: ' 5- fm' rf. if I ns- ,SQ 3 . 5, as 1'+."i35f in , , I 51 as - , ,K as . r B J , t' "lf i ,fs .,.. ...:f-Q 'fl f - . 1 M .. ' fslj A f ' Armstrong, Linda , Arreola, Christina J? 1, Ashby, Karen , my . ,A , ' Baier, Susan ai HJ fd? fi , V Baird, Donald f B Baker, Thomas is he Barker, Virginia 2 .lg ' , , 'f ' ' , , Barnes, Michelle A Y. I W A ' ,IL G Barrett, Tamara 1 1" A, -I "3" --1i , 1 1, Barrows, Berty I , 'V E 3 4 G f -, , I ii' Bascomb, Linda H , i ,Q , q iwi ' ,.,, Q Belanger, Helen 1 gfj , w W Benedict, Charles as Q, QF' if i"ifffi"'w':E ' 1, l ill is ' 'sl . , 5 4 J? ' ,. Bobof, Geneva A Benintende, Barbara Bertolucci, Jeanie Bickley, Janice 2- X - - 1 I ' - B Blankenship, Jocelyn Blevins, Donald , N, Bmxworul, Micheal Y' - Blumer, Jackie Boesch, Kevin Bookout, Leona Boswell, Max Bowersox, Susan Bowling, Daryl Boyles, David Branstetter, Larry : A Bingham, Evelyn ingham, Geoffrey F 4' 1 2 Y M L , X 3.- 1 .sf wk., wg- 1 ':5,i.i'?.?--2, In 'Q 'isa 1 Bright, N ancy ..,, Brimm, Michal Briscoe, James f Bronson, Sandra . , gl ss um. 1 Brown, Lizabeth ti: Brown, Richard V f Bryan, Sandra 173 Q gif' T fri 3, i JP M ' f' L? H r s vb 5 V A,,-,s,.r,. , ' "' '-: -.- -.. . uf 1 ., sms? -. H n ss s il A A ,- , 04' ,. ,im W x f K as ga Q., J f 'Ye 'r f ffef, as 'Q 4:15533 1, ' ' A' 1 " 3g.,.,' ,. ' Q -' , I- 1 L Aw ,. A 3 sri . ,-z9"1f,, 'f , , . Q, 5244 A Mgr, af' fe ,n .ap .f A WST Z ui- :' iff: .5 .Ugg , RA. K Ls? A: s x 'T 6 1 'bv . .. rt i v'f ffl WTI-a Buchanan, Susa H Buckingham, Walter fig 'K if Cabral, Debora Calkins, Willia h rn af 5 . Elia lf. , Buckingham, Wayne Buehner, Duane Byrne, Diane ' Butts, Eddie K J I R B X Callery, Jennife Campbell, Alan Campbell, Michael Cannon, Harry Carr, Nina Carter, Mar r garet Castle, Terry Chamberlain, Carol Chapin, William Chartier, Glenda ' R ,J ikka ig A if . , ,- I ' -fs ,f s yma 1 , A s y 4 51 J Q' J 5 M .a . f - - W, BWV, ,ma , ,W rigg- 91' Eh A Y i ',.,k A f ,a ti ',-i Crossley, Deborah Dahlgren, Kirk Davalos, David Davey, Richard Davies, Danny Davis, Wiley Dawley, Gary De Hart, Gregory De Muro, David Detwiler, Patricia Donoho, Michael Driggers, Janice Driscoll, Cecelia Connell, David Cooper, Ricky Costley, Janice Creelman, Elizabeth Cresswell, Rosemary Crooks, Thomas Chase, Plato Cheney, Karen Chitwood, Timothy Christenson, Janice Clark, Carol Clark, Nelson Clayton, Laura Clayton, Nancy Cleek, Jeffrey Cochran, Constance Cohen, Kay Collins, Caren i B H J I ,Js , , 7,35 -' I ,g 1' ,a X, atya 5 .uw -, ' -l .r' 5-:sian .2 ' ,, e . yn J , as , fi:T'frff"'.f' ' . " f , .. A 1 ? , - :Y f -' '- 1-N--V 2:1-ff J, .. 9 ssl- ' A Q' - r i if Y K 351 si ,L , N ,, 2 QL ' ,f as i I I 5' JJ' TE f 1 ..,. ,Q ' f K W , if ' 1 sg rpg, 174 ,-'fs ,. ,, is J TT 1,4 ffm, .. . ,. ,wma ,. .1 ii? 'M QE '3-ii 'wr ,QT X is .. si 2 if ,egg 5 30 X .f A x . ug: 5 1 'if .25 -ga img I 4 - wa...-2 ,,:, . , i f fl ij N ,M gig - M y ' 1 T 3 B . ,mf ,xuv 5 V ai 1 R 21 3 1 s , 'S- W.. ,. s,,. ,Sh A is - - if 1 at l F af' , ,aim vi, ,, -sw: , ,F If ' His- . . sa'-P+ . ,M V my ,, ,, ,., . g . :A:i w g , DWVCB BeVel'1Y i , V' H Edwards, Martha il . 1 Edwords, Raymond , Ts, an Eggleston: Vicki 1 Eisloeffel, john ' . L ' 7 ' wk T zifyki if ' Q - f V A gi 'Ml we 7 X we Q . 1 W x 'fx-::sg5y:435 EE A 'S Tiff , 'Qi ,.. Eister, Cathy . , if KKVVA -V ,, Elliott, Michael or F j Ellis Cheryl . ' - ' ,,,' ' Embleton, Chris 1 -P ' E :ff Endicott, Dalton e F' ' Ericson, Devon a W 'EQ Egsig, ,gf ,V . vii R - ' , -' Ferree, Dennis 3? Q1 . in ' ' Fields Douglas 3 ff' If , , ffff, 3 Fi1eS,,J2Ck a I , E Fisher, stephen 1 fi? as A if Q 3 Foster, Avis i:l?li7 e A X 5 Franks, John V ,gf Frm-Gila, ' --nz " R f: he m r C ' 5 Q .. G Frazer, Teresa L 4. W . , ' F Freeman, Deborah 1 , is n ' n Freeman, Jeanne C ee W , Fuller, Paula ' ' "4 A Gansch, Jerold - ' 1' 1 ' Garcia, John if a F F X ,f Gaylord, Trudie 1? is 'H' 4: 'Q y il. T. Q fx' 5- , Geddes, Michael Gibson , Barbara , 'gl' N. Gibson, LaDorma '- Gle nde nning, William f I "' F31 'T ., a,x,iB,,s,..s? is Q ig coma, John P i fly .. 7 Graves, Scharlett , fi M fj A ig Ng Q P . A 'inf . Gronblad, Mats ,jQ'1g2a"J" ,Q e 'Tl -ff K' 5 Gmpe, Arthur elae F F Q is 3 "i'i i7" Haber, Steven i ' ,gi Haislip, Dennis ",, Hall, Pamela A-Q, f ' - :E U Eh' i gan' Phgms 4 1 . -i" ' ' Hansen, Darlene . " Hansen, Marlene KQQQ. Q 'i f si ? vii- y . ' , H " Harman, Melinda , - if, , M " F. L J F e Harmon, Steve A f - Y. Harris, Clinton ' , 3, 5 Harris, Leeann L F f -in Hartnett, Robert ' ff?-2 f ' Harto, Kenneth mfg Harvey, James 'F' Hastings, Peggy F 175 W ag, M1 5 'Y ' 'A-'fe ,As iff -.- A .W ,L , .Q .E A is W - 'W ,. 3 ' , 1' -1.7 .A as e N 1' 4.3 , -f' , 25 F ' 'N T MRL , .w X C gg ,,.' - l 1 M A Z, 2 ,, -.sim xi .J " 'W v . Hatch, Kelly Hill, Michael 2- " ' Leif 35? L ,fig L , ,f iffgffdi Hawkins, Clarence Hawkins, Penny gil Henderson, Robert Q Hicks, Haw ,si, V',, Hilding, Beverlee L A: lr M 53, gz:z"g'-slamlgiwf. F1 . -1,- -. am, Qia n ' it vw W fr W , X f ,, gf Hirsch, Steven I Hodge, Kathleen E 47:-t 5 Hodgkinson, Christine V V HK'-' Hoge, 111116 - , 56' Holenda, Deborah LA Y Q, ,ffiii ' 'L' K' 5ilL" ' ?Ei? -' , Tilt? H Hom, Ravmfmd ,1 E X, Q L S, . J Hoover, Rodney S-ff I '-Q t -, , :. 1513 L ,Q ' , V 4, ' Hemi!! Maru ,L ' . v H1 '- Q L 3' Yn , 4 Houck, Earl ' D ii, A L KRW, Houston, Kathleen 3551 W L Howard' Debra 1. 'A K 1. J" I 4 ,WM , Mil, M ,V n -slr V fl TT filfl? ' ,, if , - ,, '- Hudson, Davld - ' ' e - H Hughev, Stephen , , 16. E F Q 17? ,L , . - TQ? L ,, 1 ' .4 ', if Hulse, Sharon , ,I ' W 'Q ,s 1,5 ,li-er Tx: za '11 Y - 1+ S- gl ?'.u1 ':'v ' .. -' . ' ' 1' R, v Hurlburt Llnda ' ,,. -5 :W L M 1 rx. frrffw , xfr' ' V - ' Hyde, Laura f in Q Jack, James " 2 ,,.. A Jackson' Hemi if, jackson, Karen ' - 1, '4- 4 Jackson, Ronald 'egg A I ' jackson, Thomas , " janeski, Ann I is Johnson, Donald if -' 1 . 1- V l 4 4--' in L, .- , A ,' Johnston, Thomas Jones, Charles jones, Susan , fQ',f'f,fL , ,, Judd, Vern V- K Kane, Karen -'wif Kaster, Lloyd L Keefer, Diana ' ' 5-g a.. ,sw f .,,, sg Kendrick, William Kern, Bryan h , 1 i.,,,, Kessler, Frank f King, Samuel 1'f?ff5?, Kingsland, Joan L Knight, Patricia I ' V Knippelmeyer, Kocher, Laura , . . N J ' fi, , ,Q ' .. n Kollath, Frank it Z1 Y H-f-ers' . ' af' 4 3, i 1' gk -5 7 5 ' i t , Rebecca -vu wwf--N: -,q'3,,g:wM , .La ' ' . s r , fum 'K ' ' -1--ga, lf 1- ., , , ,,a.,,,, , . . :ras ' Q ' 1 2.27, , A Y .V ' 3? M' WI f' ' f- 1 - 2... 5.3 flat, U Z Mfr , s Q 4' - Sz.. ' ? ' it be 5- " 1 iii ,ij ' '12, , , i' P v sz, X M 'A 5 Q' A l 4 .s Hr at 9 as iff Q if 2. anywa y Q W it f 1 fl ,gt Q fu ,-up as 5 ,ffl Kolstad, Charlene Kuptz, Beverly - 'gs . ,.. , 527,- Q, A' -- l 1,12 '. ' 1 ' 1 , wg, 'BZ' ' 4 1 , ' . xiii-'Al f if , ,Q , ALP' 'Qa- ' . . .ws 1 I . Q . , ' , .L , .,-H A., I -A . b. mx -'sl'-fl. I76 i Ladd, David N S Lajoie, David 1, Lakin, Patricia , j i Lanahm Sm in Lancaster, Frank t , V ,gi Lancaster, Gary ,QL L' i i be fl f- f 'w , - , gg, T V' S532 are -. if V . - .. '-J., f . :aw A w 'x . f 'Y 'ty -... . f 1:1-'vat' Q' V' f is, 'f 5 A e ggi, .R me at Q? fr 5, at EE ii ' f' .Q at 'R N: 1 Lewis, Linda Little, Fred Loclcard, Lynne Long, jon Long, Susan Lonngren, Kenneth Q Lopshire, Scotty Langford, Jodie K, ,ubk -:if 1 . ' Langford, james . . I .ara W J- . Wilt. Lapping, R1chard 1 , , as-1 Gai eaamfghsf - X " if Lawr1e, Darlene - Leonard, David -, ' M ' ' Leuthard, Patricia ,A , , y M H ,. W ,M -, , ,V ,...., " if V- :- S if ft 2'-W -fizzgzfgi M, . . . r C at S ' D ' in ' ' " ' 'ii' lu? ' 3' N iw . , S 3 ,:,,., 43, - V. -be ' w I 215' ' Q Ni R, w. A sl 5 ai fi l A ea - , ,, .awww , 5 ' 4 ,wa at - ' A W Martin, Fred ,,., ve Martinez, Richard gf-. fy f Q Mathias, Leanne fr. - ' 13? L Mayer, Rick L Mc Afee, Clifford N ,iq 'V -' A Mc Clure, Curtis K H, , y ll , Q Mc Clure, Eugene ' 5 gn- ft. fe W - vm I : ' . - . S , N QE aw. 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A ,J , T' Yates, Marianne ME Yeargan, Donald . 190 .Er . 3 W s on if ge' J' l K ' iz' STILL MORE FRESH . . . '72 TOY DRIVE. . .INDUSTRIOUS. . .PAPER DRIVE. . .CREATIVE. . .CANDY SALE . . .SUCCESSFUL. . .DISNEYLAND. . .FUN. . .FRESHMAN. . .UP AND COMING TRLASURER Class of 69 Run B1I1l1'1bS E S CLOTHING AND SHOES Ml Since 1936 102 E. Main E1 Cajon Congratulations so f i i i i j 'Usa J' al ' i- 3 Y me f is 1 fa. - , lm - , 1 5.-A K of-it M25 , ".1a efQ,.'fL3fi wi 5 1 Biff' t , VJ i ,S ' f AQ? 5? Q, ' . C' f , x is ,. ,t .-:Ang 'K .if , N-3 " rw. 4 7 wt . . 'IKM 1 . if . , . wifi ... -4- . 'f .- ' ' ' W fi Almaraz, Eloina ,QQ B' Antonucci, James ' E 4 AJ, Archard, Kim t Q, , , J, ft , . , Archer Ellen 21 V -' ' Ba.ker,,Guy 5 5 .5, I jg, ,E if E , A Barnes, Ken Barnett, Henrietta t. Barney, Jackie ,- Barrett, Becky I, ,R ,Q X -P Bartlett, Randy gr ff' i j ' Bai-wick, David , i Baumgartner, Lynn 4, Ziyi 25 . ,YJ ft i . J Baumgartner, Rickie ' i ' ' 's 4 1 I A i' Baxter Judy V M Beaure,gard, Jolie fn k J if Becker, Jimmie v 5, 5 1 Benham, Karen E f i ' 'ifgw Benintende, Joanne -- QE ' Bennetts, Eleanor . , QQLS A V' i J ,fl B B b J ' , B L ' L .ia ay , enson, ar ara L ,I .1 ,VS , L A .. . W we , tf. B had 4 .+ we 0. i. , F- f- . . , .. ,,..-- -,in , :Si V .g '- W Acebedo, Kathy Acheson, Rhonda Ackerman, Luis Adams, Deborah Adams, Theresa Allen, Richie Allen, Stanley .,,-A i ,s,,,,, q,,,."fr S Hawk, R 5 . B325 ,. .J H i if .. ,Q , " K :P . W .ie A. fi? gn, , , fi:-. im A Bentsen, Ronald is Berggrean, Helen , , L Beruolucci, Bonnie 2 11 ' .. I jpg, Billings, Kim i J M Bimhfieni, Beth ' ff ' fr? Birdsall, Carol -- A. Bistodeau, Jin , , Blanchard, Shay , , , 5 Bledsoe, Bill 5, 'Q 1 g1i:1fer,FK:31,w . - f i i - . , V Ji 3,-fi-1...i J ,,, ' o on, r R- fr-f J is E ' -5' Bookmiller Charles X .,., , ,X x 1 N f Bottom: Liga ig fi ns! Q is BDU-ma: Ted i f T t , A f Na Bo i ts , - wen, Beda . 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A ...a 1 v W' .. , , , , Cornell, Cheryl Coronado, Raul Coronado, Rachel Cox, Denise Creelman, Mike Cresta, Debbie Cannon, Sylvia Carl, Kevin Caron, Alice Carriga, Brenda Carter, Jerry Carter, Mary Castillo, Adriana Castle, Joyce Castle, Richard Chaffin, Judy Chamberlain, jan Chandler, Carol Chapin, Mike Chase, Dennis W' 'Sl 5. 'ia I Crowl, Eva 5 5 ,H G Culbertsom, jim 1 , A 7 'f Dahlgren Kris C ., Damiano: Bob Daniels, Debbie , A F b Davalos Rosalinda " ' , v Davidson, Gary 5 'Q f- , Davis, Bettye yva. A Davis, Lynda , 3. ,. Davis, Ron D ,E V Dawley, George ' A ' Day, Debbie i553,,,,, I ' 5- 1 ' Dehate' Rouand . .':f C In f ' DePew, Michelle in 3' . Y DeZonia Bob A f,Q,.,u,- ' K gyv Deboe, fohn W2-Q? , M, S. Denham, Sarah ' ' C- Ef f 9 Deuth, Nanci' z. f -I 5- if q 1 'Q Dixon, Barbara ' .,,,, V I K: ' ii- Dobles, Johnny ,Th V J'ii 4 ' ' Dobry, Martin A.-1 19" -.we-P W 5 1 -ai -W C' . l 5, V, vzzf- iff, x 4,231 ,.-5 A, D - X W 'if D i C 3515 for W .I Q , I .,,,. .,-, 14, AM: 5,5-fx f D. X . M C7 C , 1 ,Q .li Downs, Earl Drace, David Dresser, Daniel Drogitis, John Dudley, Sharon Dukes, Sue Duplanti, Sharon S 21 as if Y A ' fa? F ei' Q"l ri, cysvit Q' if 1? cj ed QQ R we. ' .4rS..,. .ri ' 'Ff Duran, Alexandra Edson, Terry Eisloeffel, Richard Ellis, Loraine England, Debra Enright, Dale Essig, Bob Evans, Marsha Evans, Mike Farnham, Scott Feller, Beth Ferguson, Doug Files, Bryan Fisher, Brenda .mu , K H I ,,,--.- I Kg N ff .fi . A " 3,3 R , it G so r G R ' or ..,. N L A at G G' ' , 'G Fitzsimmons, Sherrie 2 , W ' Flood, Richard ,AQ .ar L i , Flowers, Tim ",k ,Q Q .I Foreman, Becky Fox, Linda u ceei, G , RWPY if Fmee: Melmda 1 ., , um! sr Fritz, Barbara A Q is 1.1 i Fruguson, Charles 1 xx D W5 K, Garcia, Eva r P 2 L Garcia, Ligia i ' ' " Gastler, Karol in V , ".' if ,Q if Ga-Y: Kathy , ,X , Q ' R lj: K r egg - George, Larry fil m,--Qu ,N - 1 vi Gere Rickie ,- Gibson, Bin A B Gill, Steve A j A 'j' Gilliam, Donna iw ' Golding, Lisa , G Gonzales, Elizabeth ' D 'zu ,, , 1 Gonzales, Robert Gonzales, Ruben , f' , MM K Grantham, Danny A W I " ,L fm , Green, Hamilton ' gd? J 1 Green, Pamela 'gg ' g, f Greene, Lyle r fe Greenwalt, Robert i X " .iii Harmon, George Harmon, Patricia Harris, Chris Harris, Danny Harris, Darlene Harrison, Don Harrison, Jim x Gresham, Suzanne Griego, Cassandra L Grizzle, Robert V Guerrero, Jose . ,f Haggard, Loretta in , 'xii Hamilton, Lewis W 1 4, Hamlet, sauy r ,G e fa , , G ag. f A I-Iamlett, Beverly ' 5 ' Hampton Robert A H 1-GQ f , . v Haney, Scott 13 'V ' Harp, Jayne . ' , 1 G Hardmgv Leshe ' -- if - ,f 5 or f H , l isa ' V Harmel, Richard :Fit A A ,715 Qi P5 1 'C ' rr ' -A gl., A 5- . Y J, if U H 4 .pr ir an-if: .fff-F A I A ,-, , Y ' .. G' v fi a 4 3 :1 r ' ' ' '33 ravi, K -1, m,,G,, - I T -f' iw , ,-, E ,C . 5 - re-.ilk A f f ., V . -H "i' i rf , gg-K. 3:53 G ' .. i G g3:1ifvf 'fffffff J' 1 F Q 4 1 - , ggi aka., ' an A ,. f A -r na if 4 - as-1 ia Y as A Harvey, Jessie Harvey, Vicki Haubert, Diana Hawker, Mark Hawkins, John Hazlet, Rick Henderson, Mike 8 JF g ii J , affirm sea:'v,..., , . 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L V .,,, JHCRSOY1, Mark ls' V Jacobs, Erwin Jacobson, Janet ii'e i"i J il glifp- J I J i'ii James Ken 4 Jeffcoat, Fern i Jeffries, Leslie J -1, fi Johnson, Brad Q j 5 Johnson, James , H J , 'f J J' ' J 1 S . Q f J J fa, a ff .. , .5 . Q 2. , Kercher, Susan King, Calvin King, Cheryl Kingsland, Ted Kinney, Pamela Klingler, Sue Knight, Arthur Knight, Earl Kocher, Rhetta Kottke, Diane Kraehnke, Melvin Kraft, Pat Kress, Holly Kuehne, Bruce iQ- e , . -as.,:1.f.,a , ' , . M - s. - s See 'X gigsiik za Q 'ZZ' ygx .J E, .yi - . iw r. 3 Iii 2 -K is ' f i "F ia if e A i a far S A 3 -cl. , a- ii,-as X 'ff . Z' i 5 Q Q42 v it X11 I 5243 . nur ,sg 'igiwgwg his E Y .f Th, .Q A I I 4' 1: 'W ,gr ul - 1- ,,.' , 'W 1 i , Q1 . 1 , 5. . ., . a ...bu ,L , ., -- f :P .A 1 I ,g?.f,, 1, , V eras. l- 3-JJ' '- . ' K 1 A .1 ,gg F3431 ' . -1- , 1, ., .-,. X' X., 5 V A r V 431'-. ina- Long, Jean Long, Susan Lou, Alvin Lovell, Jim Lowe, Barbara Lucas, Donna Lucas, Bob Lynch, Jeralyn Maikish, Cath Maleta, John Marlin, Jane Marquis, Craig Martinez, De Lucido, Tim . . Y nni S Lawson, Cindy Leatherman, James Leggio, JoAnn Lewis, Cindy Linn, Ken Lock, Kevin Logue, Linda T, 12 15 ,Q . .QQ-as 2 -as . I 'IJ' 1 4 . 'o 4 whs- Kunkel, Joe Lanaham, Craig Langford, Joanne Langford, Bob Lant, Judy Larkin, Brenda Lawrence, Karl ,v f , '5 Y 4 " , fx 7,04 ' 4 f ..- I A iflf Ye ia ik z.. 9 4? aj .5 5 ' .fi-'z a 2 L Masciotta, Belinda ii J L , W Masterson, Frances is ' ' ' 1, McCreedy,- Brad I aff,-Q of McEwan, Norma gi ' McGinley, Mike 2- 'f McGuinness, Norman gl 3 K, McKinley, Sharon 4 L' A A 4 ggi.-f ' T i" L 1 me asaa er 3 L A s do + - : H I N 'k':QvQ?'?? :' .4 'xx T 1 Q-Life xup. 1: H " W Sidi AY :K :Lara :pai ' yyb. L Q A Ra ali Q32 ' .,, pg. ., 1m" xA ik" 4' f Le, ,f",V'. Moon, James Moore, Johnny Moors, Greg Morrisette, Pam Monow, Jeanne Morton, Dick Moses, Bill Moss, Jeff Motsinger, Bob Moyer, Denine Munk, Judy Munzer, Ron Murphy, Ed Murphy, Shirley McKinney, Cheryl McMullen, Peter McRober1s, Barbara Meier, Charles Miles, Gail Miller, Cindy Miller, Russell Milligan, Danny Millikan, Arza Millspaugh, Pam Milton, Miles Moery, Janice Montgomery, Sharon Montiel, Ana A 1. A-A 5, 5, S Q 3, s.- , K We J : 5 3 Q. y. ,Z . xx ' Q NP , L 1 Q. W lf ,neg .. Y , I 1 .gqgrl K ,Q ., sr' A rr 3 ,fader ,L f Q 3 Q: , H KI, za 7' r,:. 55 nk rf-if Q 0' E5 a L M 1 Q I g fii Q fs 1 5 T' x Q Yi if l i P be ., ,, W eob P a. 5 ITMEYEEMW . , ,P il ,F 5 5 aa aron , o ..x, Nelson, Jeff , New, Richard bcs P no Newmm, Bob H 1 V AL , .,. ,K . h ,, ix Newton Steve J - 2 E . A, Q .b . si? 3 K, L"f K R Nicolet, David 2,4 1 , gg, N , y Niebrogge, Allan "'7 t ., 5 f of Elo-QS Nix Nadia fi 3,2 Nizamian, Paul ,, ' 1 ' , ,, H fa" Nizamian, Sharon . - VV P a P ' , f M Q.L agen, Mme A 2 fi i Paipa, Joe 1 A Parcell, Joe . R V .Y , - Partain, Donna V, A 1 . - 3 Paulfovitis, John ,X 5+ Q a Af , ,Q Pepin, Emmet Y VX'L A it Peters, Karen , , 'sg E i z . Petty Bob ' 5' e'LF ezl' 3 if iie . ' , . Pierce, D010reS ,R f R.-F..-E 77' 5' Pollard Rene 5 , ,V A! 0 S , P P Pm-as, sooo f ef " " qu do 1 POYORY Carol ' ,, ,. S1 P1'evo,:Susan A . A . . , ,, , , A 'T Pugh, Debbie Qj P , R A' ,.,' ' Pugh Lislie ,f P' AL'L ' keN,W R f, V , , nfl ' Queelm, joe zi, ' f i' f 'LE' ,S i i i 'ou 1- ' L A 'ig A' 3 3 1923? 1 R? ' '-fel 5 , ' .H . s . i V A f ,va ww! iff? Quick, Dale Rael, Wilma P X Rainey, Stev 5 451 A . ,.,. L an A 8 is Rambeau, Loyd Real, Beth Reed, Rosalie Reichenbach, Bill Reilly, Don Repass, Michele Rios, Gloria Rios Joe Rios: Rosemary Rivas, Mary ik if ' x -t 5 f qt. , W r 1 o- Q or gf? Qs aw Y , V , . RFE., ' Ruby, Diane Rudolph, Barry Ryx-ner, Becky Salgado, Rosalinda Salyers, Maria Sandvig, Mike f , M Roach, Cindy ' - Robbins, Glen il 1 ' i f , fax M Roberts, Sandy P ., i ,,,. o Mi Robinson, Bill vig' Robles, Paulette , ,L Row, Dona f Roe, G -- Roe, Jim R Rojas, George ,g f Rolling, Tim fb " ,gig Roper, Steve P f beg. Rose, Michele fi ' , Roehobnd, Richard A by -A Royland, Elaine ' eo A P a 5 oooo 1 1 P oa. , i iijxff R efill o o .b is , Sarff, Tom , 5 it J X as be-2? l3i v . Q Z 5 if : , E 'F ,4 -me .K A K: ...rf .. . if 'G 2 fx .... -n-Ui' .1 5 sie, tn 1 .Q H '24 gif-at Sawders, Malou Schauerman, Harold Schrader, Spencer Schreiber, Dennis Schuler, Eddy Scire, Joe Scott, Richard Scott, Roger Sears, Sherrie Sellers, Alan Sellers, Valerie Shealy, Pam Shealy, Pat Sheets, Renne . ' 'Q' G 2 ,. 9 YS- , 51' ,cy Sf-fi -an. Sai. .-of S f A p h f .fn .. 'E' 'x fa, 5 EM s.. Suter, Rose Suter, Bill ff , 'Mis-1 S E if. ' ,f za ,Q f, f P rf - V r 3-1: A . 1. ' , ' yt ie ,qt .,,,,,,r , " 5:11, . L M S ., W S in kg -I .. ff . ,.. ,Lx gs if 1 N5 f 7 we 2 - Q , , W ' S M5 .. " 4 " fm. rf ' 'J J Q 3.4 Q. 3 , ,mais Q- .L 4' 5 QE 5 5'-we S fe- Q E J' 5: -, Soltau, Mike Soto, Debbie Spaulding, Guy Staff, James Stammen, Glenn Stansberry, Neala Stayer, Linda Steele, Sharon Stephens, Lonny Steveson, Kathy Stewart, Harvey Stilwell, Candy Stinson, Chris Stinton, Mike Stockton, Mitchell Storer, David Stowers, Mark Straka, Sherry Strumsky, Jack Sturm, Sandy Sullivan, Don Sullivan, Kathy Sulsar, Joyce I S , tg' K -ia- , .1 Q, A Sheriff, Rosalie Shipley, Vernon Shryock, Noel Shuster, Sharon Simard, Mike Smelko, Matthew Smith, Dennis Smith, Johnny Smith, Lynette Smith, Patrick Smith, Steve Smithey, Ricky Snouffer, Sandy Snow, Mike Spaulding, Kathy i Sper, Gary ' a E9 F M ,ga i. Squillaci, Cathy t i if 2 'gli wiv '-fav. W .fx , .. , ,ye an 1,- Q .s. . ' 'gf 'SS' . ,W n, S te' J-'32, , E , . vhxaxgx , S ini 2 ix A F 5 .: , I 5 WW' Q . , A U S 1 . ' . : ' A ' .i Q' s iw Z A N' ' Q S ,,.,,' 1 1 f .X H - S ii 1 ' V . f 'fu , ' 1 kc, , Supringer, Dolores , A f L ' f f 2 'r R' Swanson, Debbie Sweany, Arthur ..-gf Sweetwood Jlm if fS,e,,, , A ir , , , Taylor, Clieryl a'f' V 5 1 2' ww- : f 5 S -, Z 1 f ' f.. p 4 L , C., .Q V 1-gf. ,Y Q, t , t M ..,,, 3 sir fa. I , ,V Temple, Scott 5 X V S S i . r i Ji , 4? an El -if 1 1 Templetnon, Chris Thomas, Boyd Thomas, Joetta Thomas, Vicki Thompson, Mike Thompson, Pat Thompson, Robin 5? rg, we as ' 'is 1 Sha - Thompson, Terrill - E V V Thorogood, Kim A A -- 1 fi s y ,Q is Thurman, jerry V, T1dwe1l, David , ' K ' ' 'iff Tochtrop, Tony 1 S ' Tolentino, Ted fi ' 2 , y x f .1 Topp, Jackie T i ' , A 5 ' B. , -.M . . . Torrey, Nanette ' , ' . . 4 ' Totten, Jackie ...P I if , Touchstone, Theresa Y 1 B A A A N Truax, Barbara "Qi" : Af ' Turner, Richard . y Tysdal, Mark A ,, f , 5, gf, ,f i fix 3 V H ' Vacala, Sharon .Wal V ., 4 -, . 1 ' - vanmuen, Ken AE, L: f' ,', V, Q 'Z V, -1 , Varela, Anna F5 f I T a vemof, Karen 21 "f-' ' . L. if 'S 2- Veffin: Bob - ' W Vierkanf. Sandy , .,.. , iii' A Wagner, ii pfgf Wagner, Sherrie ,,,, k ' Wahl, Billy i 'Tof S S - .,,, 1 id , Wainscott Richard Q , S 4-as Walker, liob V ' I 1 Waller, Larry V- 'V Walsh, Pat W" me kq , L Wappler, George ' I Watson, Richard gil ' Watson, Sandy Watson, Sheryl Welsh, Jim West, Vince Wheeler, Rhonda Whitcomb, Keith White, Crystal White, Steve Wilbanks, Clay Williams, Cathy Wilson, Richard Wilson, Bill Wiltfong, Don Wilton, Derek L S S -6 3" i B :fv S Y 2 1,94 552 4 ear' JE W , ,- ff Womack, Cindy Woodard, Terry Woodgeard, Teresa Woody, Gayla Wright, Jenwe Yarber, Jim Yeargan, Jim Yeubanlcs, Ardith Young, Mary .f 'VKX Y sw- 'fx Q Wg ., A. A R Q i i pig 5 gf , .. fl C15 200 - -fee - J 11,5 f ,1 -.as - , . I ,. cr,1 S E ,S sg.. 5 585 Q 5- f ' -ef-ai:.a 'fri i 'A' H -L ' ' ' .. ! I sf 53 - :Q Q. . 'K if Mfg 5., rv bi +V u.:f,,,K ' 2 Zimmerman, DebY f i D' , hh ei 'fe B Zewan, Paul 'sn - . .T 5, we f x 5 0 P 1, J is X 4 7 , fi f ,sp 4 xi THATS ALL ABSE TEES Juniors K 1 ., B . ' Benham, Gerald -5 i , Badriek, Reese 5 'P Cabral, Cindy ' eg, . is 1 .41 s DaVinci Wanen C Davis, Bobby ' f 'ji is '2 Fitzpatrick, Sandy Green, Dave Harvey, Pay Kent, Willard Lawrence, Kaaien Marquis, Robin , Matson, Gene N Moore, Mike Nix, Nancy Phipps, Debbie Rubalcalba, Sally Starkey, Richard Williams, Connie Wright, Becky W 12 vw il ,sf Ta Adams, Linda Amos, jim Anderson, jeff S O S Bailey, David - , ' g Q Jqyi sm ,sw at I . Jif- .r ' gi, wr sf S 4 'Q , , . W rs. se H 3 , Q C , ' r Harmon, Jodyna . Heksum, Dan s ' Hellums, Sally i 'i as Y Hernandez, Beth F V Howard, Robin , ff-1 gi, johnson, Linda 1 4 43 rl 202 Q33 Johnston, Debbie Ball, Debbie Bascomb, Gary Baumgarmer, Keith Buechel, Rieta Butler, Marjie Campbell, Brock Decker, Stephanie Eberle, Peggy Edson, Virginia Felts, Rodney Franklin, Doug Gonzales, Nina Grisafi, Mary Han, Glenn ,awe ,- fe. vm 1 nw , A. fr rw . 5 K? Anderson, Kim Arnold, jack Baggett, Bennie Barton, Mike Berry, Linda Connoley, Steve Creelman, Harry 7 V' LaPieu'a, Valerie r Mmm, Robert A' M01-is, Lee 5, Rickards, Lynn ef f E ' 4 I6' , V Root, Sue Salsberry, Ron Stickler, Pearl Wilson, Bryan Wray, Bob Yount, Carla Zeller, john FRESH is 1. we -yf , f e . 1 ,, is I f, -as 3, -A ff .- .5 ,, . f-1 - , e 5 ii is . .4 5 if -7 if ,. ,.,..a- , .M ,.., ,-X , . . V, A ... 1-if ,A , ,Z if A- if 5 , awful ,ft ,B ..4i Sf Cullen Kevin , Durnell, janet ' 33 are 5, X , -- Ensminger, Ralph lx 5 I ' 9 - Q Epperson, Kevin Franks, Randy Ruis, Donna Sommerville, Sheryl Stelton, Janet Stlehm, Farrell Ventriss Richard Robbins, Randy I 1 A Wray, lloug 203 3' fi. 1' he -Qs. 'xp A . Frazier, Joan Gaines, Billy Garris, Diana Hamm, Debra Howard, Stacy Jarvis, Susan johnson, Mary Marabella, Kay Mazzola, Cindy Mose, Sheryl Norton, Charles Pabenaude, Kare Richards, Rose Roach, Buzz 'fr -, , an fi, ,Ami W 11 I I 5.4 STUDFIJ E L,JIA.,J A 5 : ' W P., X 2 ' "'X-'rv ' ' K -. ' A-X -Q. ' ' 0 Kg, 'AA .. NL! x 1 . if . xl NW 1, ' P U ,ir f ,. ., gr- hx- -V if w-I tau 51515 5 , v 'G m u V 'S f S i ....-.Q , 5145, Mim- ih PQ nh . muy, am ag -'gi Q .ig ' F7 1 w -. x' -' ., ii. , , Mykgf ,fu I .i I, i ,pt . X, ,, .S 5 A J. mr. ,,w an X M I I I A E.i5Main Stlp, t 1 . ' . I 3 bajgiag' Calif? H5 1 .X- i T X 1 qu EDGE . ,fqiceg W EF L L V+ Q .1 M, 95515 igajevsiiigi m 6 4 was u I eff . 5 5-2 ' 'E A '-N?" , ,- - -.. 11' -Q .:FE E"wi ? . I '- L if N 1 'M a gi '- or X 7 2nd and Madison Ave. E1 Cajon Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1969 EL CAJON IVIORTUARY AND VALLEY CHAPEL 624 E1 Cajon Blvd. , E1 Cajon, Calif. George Roach-President and Director Phone 442-6677 ARPET and Broadway E11 6 444-7314 RVICE ,if 'E AI K! 5,9 . 3 1 ji A we fffqm I A R, f , f ' X X -N511 31 1 H VALLEY FISH MART Our Fish Are Water Fresh Smoked Fish "Wholesale 8 Retail" 444-1240 104 Wells St. Bill Rollison EL CAJON AUTO TRIM 645 W. Lexington at El Cajon Blvd. 442 -9979 Italy has the leaning tower--- TEENS has the Pizza TEENS DRIVE-IN Mollison 8 Washington, El Cajon SAN DIEGO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1211 Broadway Suite 377 San Diego, Calif. 239-3311 Best Wishes from Manager Chelcey Smith GRINDER 2nd S Greenfield Coutesy of NORGE LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS 369 No. Magnolia 444-9861 Courtesy of Best wishes f MARCK MOTORS FORD CALS R22-ST BEER E. El Cajon, Calif. 442-1944 Compliments of 300 N. Second El Cajon 1090 Broadway Everything for the family VALLEY BAKERY CRAIN'S HALLMARK SHOP 377 N. Second E1 Cajon 335 N. Magnolia Ave. 444-8075 E1 Cajon, Calif. ALAN ARCHARD, INC- OSBORNE REALTY CO. REALTORS U 1214 No. Second St. Fnestone El cajon, Calif. 92020 661 El Cajon Blvd. 444-2175 442-8888 Wf1OUNGfA'ifEbR'CA F'-lSH!Ou'3S FANFARE RECORDING STUDIOS ere it's un O uy name ran s es 916 E. Main St. 444-6182 El Cajon Open daily 'til 6 pm - Thm. Eve. 'ru 9 pm 120 East Main Sf- 447-2555 I 4:4 ,1' I ,1 Al ,j W 3 l LEARN FREE TO Q4 -LO 3 CREATE 1.9! Accomplish Express THAT FREE v 2 LE gf s Q59 Spirit ' W 'ee' t... if-eff' so ' f ra .,,, H 4 l f -gr 3,5 ', 3' - fl- . B -4 - ,K : 4 4 'f if Q , , , .g fva"g.-' 4, .I 1' :Wire f P 'Jn .l ' fifth -. ' . ,va , 12 ' X? sw if A 1 . 1 .if iq f 2' ,f r l ' as .i2:, W3 ,nf N New . ,Zf,4 ' 4. P, .Q , , It I 4' W. - I A 'gi ' .45 -- 'fir' , ' ur 5 : ffl f- fe sf- K W l 1' Y :ff lf 0' K- Q ' ' . " I : -,LQ ' "f 7' . ti' . " .. ' -V! . ""li ,-- t", I " Mill' P a W f l 3, , -3 .f , my e . A, . 8? L 4 fl' Q ' 'Wm 'af t " 4 EPILOGQ 2. -Q - w r ffwfx A at Now the school year has ended and the classes have all moved up a grade. The seniors have said a sad farewell to their Alma Mater and entered into the realm of what is to be. They are faced with the com- plex realities of an unknown future. The Future is but a reflection of the Past. . . of the excitement and disappointments. Qof the successes and failures. . . of tiller that is the Freedom of El Cajon. Aa QF i f, Y I LI I ,I I In I I I I I I I I I 1 K 1 F I i 1 T V l K B 1 x 1 1 i rl' -51 42. 151, 5. I 1 I f. ., M.-.a......... 1, ,f, ,GH .i 5" '7 1. .. .-, r al-rn 4 - 'A Jay , .'-"rf, 1 .' 1.- :-fk. 4" A' 1,61 .fi 12 .A 5, ., i I ex-:Q h . ' . , K SR gllmy , s., 'N B Ss X"-1 ' ' 'x 'Q 4--5 3 3 n F. . M " y H. b J n ' :C 4 A 1 : , - Y 'f J I ' . W S 4 A ' ' . . - w. 'X N ' X .D Q Mk F Y 5 l 'i N. 1 R L lv P I X J X L -..' 5 A ' ' I 'bi U X .A t n L Q , V Nl, V! , I 0 'K 1 1 , 14 if .. Q 5 t I W I Q , 1 -.s x l . 1 - J., 1 Q x N ' A X , . 'V , V I A A J E . N -15 Y V ' 1 " , -.wt S 'D 1 A 'i N1 -. x ' V k . -. EJ ' V 4 1 l H? . I ' 1 Q -iii ff. A 6 ' ' i 1 - h -.- In A H V Q I J ' 4' , . If 14. - I? Yr .Y ij' k, 7 lf: ' IIA, 'vu , 'Q 4 g .' -, 5 A' B - g 'X ' If v 1? NJ ' T v ' I g F 3, , F, X A .Q . .Q f , . .- m K. A 1 . iw 'Q ' Q l :Q I.. I .E-tg!! - le," H V . Y. . A I ,' . , - g q' ' ,Z -fe' M I! I 5 1 1? 5 f K 4 V J , . f E 1- U 1 .r W2 :nk , ., Q. 7 -' -. f 1 -3' Q w1f,.ff . ,L 1 V w F PL' Y'

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