El Cajon Valley High School - Legend Yearbook (El Cajon, CA)

 - Class of 1968

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El Cajon Valley High School - Legend Yearbook (El Cajon, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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A W., SP W V N N 51 A n 1 .KAY 'XA V Swv' 115 Q ,V ' Q if Q, . an A QJPGDF , B 9 I 1 X Gab X N mmm 'liapnunnw Qfgkf. aus' an , 535 5-Q ti ,1 . .rw 1 f 45. wr - . A , Juiailie-b1i 4Af s iiQwfH,, Q ,ww 4,41 W- 1 A Mi ah , W k V 1 5ewsf m1 ff:M , v1 H W A". :A wa- if 5' Vw, M , Q 'ff , Q. Xu, ,L X fy . www. xv ,A sn. ww!-,x V N., M. mtl 1. -v dz, 'MS S0 'X , '5 as , lv we W' Aff if A ' ' O Y 'W A f is Q11-f JSF Ex W1 gmc Q11 Pegg' W K ix Jog, wk Al' v X egg MQW SM? Wfbu . X sf Q 49 25 Nfbfqisxw cg NJ -wfx 'J 7 5 J Q! Y . X V Yi X Q ml' N, I QQ 1 T Fw: 5 JJ 553131 K of X. Nr ' iff 5, P' J V YQ! Q - f ff A 5 V-Q if FLT Q-5 f'N."Q' -,C 'Z ff if if JJ 'mf ,.x .gif i1 ,Lf M P ,MF N-Qkvxsvdepz J ' ,LE'X.NJ -4 Q! FJ -filv V J '55 J X QI 5 P3 lfjfgpfisgsf J! 4 3 Vlbk9ffleHO,2-fuoff , PQ I If Rf X40 OI ff f ff!! 4? 2 4" If 'l. F Nik X 'PIKE RK-4 Sf' ' if A 1 ffl!! ,J gf A , V if Ng Six! JA. I . Q I ANNA PIKE ' ,J XJ DAVID FRANKLIN 5 'LJ PI CAROLYN LEDAK J MANAGER: N ANNA DROTLEPF SPORTS EDITOR: LYNETTE TORREY ART EDITOR: LINDA ROACI-I COPY and PHOTO EDITOR: LINDA MOORE PHOTOGRAPHERS: - BOB I-IAMMAN ' D ' RHONDA PETTY Vk,' , K, K I JACK PHELPS MR. BASCOM ff + i k W.. ii. W H ,V .Lu ' ' i F fgff !Q55f'Z1'f fffsif 5 N R kgfzfffjf Cwfffff Vfifj 45 fx Uyfk fffdfi-if 3105 150112 H11 5 , wg K, Coufaf, ig-X 'X A f2w9'f'f11! A,,W,!j 5 mv Q :N EXW WWQ5 .J ' X xx x . -Q Xxfxxa vX x. S i, XS Xxx I M - J,-A X ' Y K iz. 'Ni Aff ,,, A X Er i Q A lt jf, lb ff! N 4 Xi A ' ' , ff f. , K. 4, Aff Q f my i S Sl Q 2 ' ffm + W3 X xi ,K ' I ' . I , f 5 E15 twat! 4,9525 jjj F75 f. ,tx Yi max :N .fm bk ix . 'I I' A, V ,A 11 if f In The Beginning v...,-,,, MN, lv rw wo ny, if fav , if " - my f Q A.. .J mi b ,, .4 4 fe Q ,Nh 1 .. .Q ,,, mm.. + A v ,J f. W-.5 1. ' 1 4 , , ah ,, , .PV 4. Iv, 4' s ., .V f 1 -6 , 5 4, 4 . 2: X' ,dr v Q 4 . H5 ,A ,M aw L W nr. ,V x Q., ,G W V, my , 3 .W K -... ,M , ...K I , , qw We ' wa M , wh- ,, ,,- w., . W . if 5 D f Nothing great was ever Achieved Without enthusiasm. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson W S? W! - W, V.. 'J .,,,,,.,..-Q ,J J CX Q X x y 4.. 'n yfiu-. fi .HU i WM4: V x N 1 x 3 . X X I FORE Out of the fantasy a dream was fulfilled. A dream of hope turned into a reality, and from this reality, a new dream. . . Supplied with only this dream and with the help of our teachers, We have shaped and sculptured what is seen today - a virile, intensely-responsible tribe of clear- headed young leaders of tomorrow. This, then, is the result - the final end-product of our efforts . May We be proud to LOOK AT US ! 4 T0 YO WE DEDICATE. Some people receive glory for their deedsg some never do. Al- ways there are those who Work diligently but who seldom are given the credit they deserve. One of these is a man on our campus Who is always there Working behind the scenes, ready and Willing to help. As a trainer, he is invaluable to the success of our athletic program His assistance ranges from emergency first-aid to an encouraging slap on the back. Wishing to thank this man for his service to our school, We dedicate the 1968 LEGEND to "Ski", Mr. Robert Slatinski. i TCPICAL G IDE if ORGANIZATIONS Student Government Girls' League Legend Staff Smoke Signal Speech Clubs International Club F . F .A . ACTIVITIES Homecoming Snowball Special Assemblies ATHLETICS Football Cross Country Basketball Wrestling Tennis Baseball Academic Clubs Service Clubs Choir Song Sz Cheer Specialties Band Mardi Gras Special Events Party Conventions Swimming Track Golf A X , ,XXX N , 'PAN 'I mf V W -ff ff' ij, xxx x 'X q if My Y f '- X3 QV 45 pf' x .N gf 'xi 5 " f X X, 'yi L: J W Lf! X Tl 'Tx' " if 5 " . fi b X H . X 3 . L xx xx X, YN' ' ,. my X ' 1 V' 'fx' . ,xy ,S f ' ,V ' . A xx "H ,' x t R X., , x 1 ,W ' t V X1 xx 1 1 k NA .f . . F' will NVQ' xx QV' D 'NV' Y X-TAX' VQXDIM 5 YEA x,,x cg XX Wy x xv X' 47 N w Q :ig xxx"--.....,..,,.,-ff "Ai V4.- ff A ' A "jArfQ Q fx XJ I. x P RT NE E "- 5-Y , 7 i'-5 3 Y Y -L... , M ' ' ' , - f. ::::- 1-----.... ?i 1li--T-"- ..? Y -+44 , Y - 2 1L32?-:ez - '-zx'--:RQ + 'C f .-itz- 1i:T f ffE+1 T11 ik - . ,i.gw5g,- f-" ' f if 7- V 5 .. gS:: W Y- - - A . W -ig 4 .-.cr::E?i' - f 7 E- -2---Lit --L aiv: i --Q 3 2A 2 1 2,57 - --.lg i 311 -: VL. - . 1 7-. 4-self-izff--M -Q Z Ii Y .iii -i---. Ephaff " - ---I' AW- - - --E 7 5 ,if "'-"NH N: , , ll Y, l ...lil ' 'f :ix '25 -1 - fi' 1:7 ' '1 ,-1.-:-::' -' 'f 3 . , : f - -?-:iii : 552, , . 1-+E .-.1-Mi Tiff" Y ? 'iT'+. ..---'.. S' - --f Z . -iii..-45 1 5 K E -- 7 15 L53 - v 4:-L 1 Ee: 'iii-'-' W-f ..-Y ,, t Zi W lf? ilu? HM Wa , 4 my ffl ami, aim U lm 'w ' if: ' w 5 T-.--+L: V f f . 'fiff -f- - if ig Y.-S? i Y -I W X 1 M aw Li? 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' ILE' ii' ,S ' Er, ELT- -E '22,- i.iE.-if, , -2 , , -' ggi? - Q-1 V - f- , i-V3 1 ' 2 5,-ii ' 155' fi' i H f : - 'iii-'iii ' ' R 'Y 'W " 5 .111 -1,1'EE? V",,-VY, :1 1"?' : IEEE..-?f,'g3 :EZ-P 1, 2 -- ' --:bi -- ' 9 21- , ,a-aff? ' "-2-4-1,5 1 :EEZ E 1 T E ' ' ' 5: g255??l-3 1 5' 1 -is . :-:V:gifi:"" "' 1it':'7?"i- ' -t, ' 3. TC-Fk::'.i'::r .ii - - 5 , -Q - 5,- 2132--'Vu . -1- . . '-,fa-..:-1355-LV,g. 2 .1-:QM , - . 1'.-,lifigf i , ,N ,-3-'iiqcgi G fl' IZ TIO This is our school. Our school is "organizationa1ized". Organizations elect officers, form commit tees, and hold meetings . Organizations make moneyg they spend it, too! Organizations make piansg they sponsor activities . Some organizations failg some succeed. Success depends on organization. Organizations have made our school a M H L new Wig wi ,jwgiugfzapflinwjj W aw M J il cgi! UW W W f AW' These People. . Are US. . . Be Proud. Be Proud. . . OfUs. .. These People . john johnson A. S. B. President R1 -5, Sharon Barthelmess Treasurer ,ww--in k Navi STUDENT GOVERNMENT CQMMISSIONERS and ASSISTANTS T 2 2 QE THE GIRL ,LEAG X' , M ,'1h .V " A " I yylv sb . - " rn gg Lf LS Lg LI E H Ll IJ LL vim L4 ' Q5 is fu A Q L3 6 'T as 54 y all V ,R fx., ' , '--1--'f"'M-M I K ' wwf gg ,Avy ' .V , E L' L4 N E ,Qggfx lu if in N5 3' 2' I 9 xr as x.- Ll Lf Q. . , , 1 I Al d, L, ,ta U K , 2 f dh r L' ,,, wp,L KJ' A L l 5 Avg P Mg A Q L 8 L -.nr V4 N-""'-'f ' .L LL V M5 A -'yn 4414 .lg ll X' L7 A E LK F mgisfzeggg, . M we 142 gsizzw THE ELECTED OFFICER . I'. 2 Q -. 'K ' 9 . , .3 .:ggf5:f, -zigffzigl it K , 1:.f-v-.izsaw f Y :'l15il: if' 1 - K 5 ' - ' 1 ,D . A . , ,, , Y - '- P , W - f, ., fs -Z ,, T T A 1 1 ,M wif, f ' -,Q Q' -55 ,ig .:5ii95:'yQ?1s,,Qgi:3: a g. ' 'zrlgfzif ' ...,,f-g.f1,,f.f',w,4.q,',4 I - - g, .." f Qzfg-mg. 2f,.f:,4N.f? s Q' 5, .1.w,w .lg K ' 132,14-'efp' 'fl bfi F 'fr V-'7-'J if fb ' .31 :T '.f:'sY1!3,5'sQ',53ewji f X51 .e --' Q?-if 'Q..'. Y ' 1 . i.""A5ii 'vf?'f-if 'A .. .,,1,.L., is . , .. ,W xzgaelswggfgggi f -,a.,.,2Q3 ' ,, .' , vi V. -W U- fx . T- ':f- .- 1-, . " ---,WN ,-.U ,G K 1 2 '-'u--wyffff, ...x-,," F . lf-. gf- au,-1 3201451 Y A e A 54.52 -:",: .5 Chairman . 5-5511,-ivgfiwstmg .:E'5:.f'Ef'.f11,'r-" ::'g 5 C' I' V . .5 ' "' ' " I - gr f- nf T 5 ' .J ,am r. Q?-1 H4 - , - gfmgigsigfv W ' 14 Q w T ' W ,.. Ms, .. w S 5 . in if-14. ,wi SX Hag . 4 ,g5gggfg,Ng,fgO C Mm REL T10 3 K i EXECUTI E BOARD EM. GGGD GROOMING 'if' Bobof M an S plrkoff ,1 Chairm an SUCIAL X am' ., 417 orr ey DVERTI I G . . , ' ,,.4nf.. . i n mt, . 7 :5"!y:: If-v:." QQQ71-, 1931 ' Q '1Q1g2,,'E:' :- 1-,wan 1 1 'mp X' ',:- - L ji . :'5!+': m.s:H??Ei::iS2sZ3:. .. . - 4 gi'--v xx, ::':."i ' - 6. , fi'f?Y'95'A- F n , S 05,4 Q xg F if -..-::::f.. 5 :..x: ,tfg . A al fi' fi 5 586 95 I s. if if .. .. ,, E E21 Micki Hatch ': li EAUZ, E A' S c ef ,.J,. E E , Cindy Wade E E' E i Chairman P BLICATIO Em Vff? FTS? LEAGUE SERVICE GIRL ' LEAG M 5 A , 3 , sr VM 4 '?f"":4-33,-gm. MH -. 'f Ek . ,. WMWMW nuim .ws-Q. G'-5' ff Q 4' iwwapm www ,. ,ww K W,,,gA, 5 CGMMITTEES ei SOCIA LEGE TAFF These people Write Words and take pictures . . .Pictures and Words tell our story. . PEOPLE make it happen . Mr. Bascom, Advisor A11112 Pike Co-Editors D avid Franklin !3f?wl,W Lynette Torrey Linda Roach S ports Editor Art Editor Photographers: Rhonda Petty, Bob Hamman, jack Phelps if MS, 3 'Wulf' pn. 9 HM.: Anna Drotleff Carolyn Ledak Linda Moore l Business Manager Senior Editor Copy and Photo Editor Staff: Sue Oden, janet Michalewski, jo Ann Manire, Collin Wray, Fred Faverty, Mary Sandvig, Marianne Long i '- 'fgxfz iff -ferr f N BQ gnneig M N i V ii , B Vw-, A f 1 , if f 2 , V, n ,m,Lg, i -., 'Di ,Q ' Mr. Smithwick, Advisor Diane Sorenson, Editor-in-Chief Rich White, THOUGHT Editor New Chiefs . Bigger Blankets. . Better Signals! M an agers: Joanne S, x SMGKE SIG AL nf X, Editors: L , Jim Wenstromg Sporty f ' Glenda Matthews- Fcailire f Adrienne Alpert- 'NQWS if Pat Hunt-Editorial f ,I fl Af Patti Herwehe, f Angie Prov enzano I f 'R eporters ,- I 7 A f 1 'I w LECTO 1 , g 1... 1 In H 1 Q G35 Officers l-list Le Ann Hawkins, Treas. , Jack Phelps, Secretary, Sally Norton ice Pres David Franklin, Pres. , joe Huston. From the mass of confusion arrives the thoughts, opinions and ideas of our great speech club. Under Miss Petersen's watchful supervision these students have gained many rewarding experiences. The sudsy car wash and scrumptious pancake breakfast brought much money for the tournaments. During these tournaments ECVHS has been highly represented in many areas of speech with the Frosh- Soph Tourney as an opening door for fu- ture speakers. TERNATIONA CIQL B Bring different cultures to us, broaden our understanding, Widen our scope, give us knowledge of others, and then give this Worthwhile organization a name, Interna- tional Club. .HI IT! . Il H"l". ,I 'gm H5 1 Sentinel Reporter Treasurer President Vice -President Secretary Sue Nancy Lyn Joanne Marle en Kathy Murray Schuler Blankenship Porter Richardson Richardson FUTURE FAR ERS UF ERICA Advisor- Mr. Dyer 22 Lg ,ia 9K1 V Treasurer Reporter Vice-President Secretary Sentinel President Tom Daryl Larry Gerard Sam Dennis Judd Witcraft Dyer Homer Walker Digenan Sheep. . . wool. Chickens. . . eggs. Cattle. . . meat. El Cajon. . . F . F .A . 23 I W uw W, X S' JUNIOR Y-TEENS SENIOR Y-TEENS SCHOOL SERVICE COMMITTEE SERVICE CLUBS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS VARSITY CLUB VGYAGEURS STUDENT SENATE if" X ki' -j' 5' A 12 ,J TAB AND CAMPUS ROMAN BRAVES FOLK MUSIC CLUB RADIO CLUB CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION TENNIS CLUB MECABECEPS ni' ,I M .,,. N- If f f -: sa '--' I ' 'P- Mr. Kratth 3 L I 29 KJ r 'T E' jf if 5 , a LN 3 3 'AWA i 7- Q i Mr. Lutz Director Mrs. Montgomery Accompanist TREBLETTES ,,,.,,'-fr' 40" K 'H wr YV' EV CHQIR Song is a wonderful thing. It may express our ideas. . . conceal our emotions. . . inspire our thoughts. . Song is a many-splendored thing. Thank you, ECVHS choir. S taff WLEDQM' 3,2 V, g ,,.h, K AQ? wif, , 'P' .. ,ffbg -fox, 'IV 'V ,, EW H Q f l"'SFGLE1' ' 'I :f' 'L,."H' R Q , I ., 'H 1 A- . ' Q. ' I -A fr . 1-f 1 11 x 4, I I 4 ' . . Q N gi"?if 'ff' , , ,form sw 7Q'i"2.M- . 'fi'-fn 7 , 5. -,, ,vii Q , fu ,W Q-f"'Q"Mxwf 25 X 1 . 2,-. To ' :hy ' 'va l af -,A . 1: , 4' LPM' 'A' ' -FT , -" "Iwi - 'Zim , 1+-,.J..xn1slaV-as-s,4r-.,, 1 if 4' -'-..-ff-1+ - 1 ,wi-51. ,Z 1, V .1 J'v,,, my 9.3 1, BRAVETTE CORPS: THE PRECISION AND THE PAGENTRY A 4 4 N . , 1. A fa W I Fr if ' K ' svn! .I nu, "Nd n E H' Life- Q ,.,. , A , . H 11 K , , A , , in 1+ - I K7 3 A ' + " 'AM fi 5,5 .. fr ' Q 1' S W , Q , sf 7. W 1 'fl I V , s gx 5 .. . U K 'www' . 'rysy 'fig' 1 'L Lb "Blur I' vs H 4 is 3 23 if S A gl G 1? 1 , 1 t - t U as ll no an Q L ,gg-pp-no I u 191'-"7 Miss Johnston Senior Corps Banner Advisor '21s --Q -.fa . M. P' n Sheila Bravo Secretary as E S ,2, S 'W I K:v" -V : sf 5 lk Kathy McAu1ey Treasurer . q gm- 1 5 A sf E' ' Q gk J em' . I .Q Sandy Olson His tori an gif " V 5' x iw 13 xl 'iid 'SAN R X v Des' r L gif" A . iff!- 1 f Q ff" , , " 3 ' ', 1 ' ' , ,' 15' 2 , . ' ,, , ' evQQk'i'.:E 17 ' .Q '13 ,M mm, 4 h ,A . 4 2129 ,xt A , e f 1 fy qV. Q. V. ,q 1 QW A- 'W " "i ' '5 q 1 ' ' W xl QL A W 4 . Q f ' N .wrvfl M, 'QM-Q im 4 ,d , 4 v v? ,,, 1 .. , ' 1 , QA w ' f ' . Q 7 i , , . 4 , lygf. M . ' 711, 1 1 Z4 - - -, Q .: , L , I nf- -ix Q f A . v ':Fi 2.:i' ' , lk YV , 'L , V- " 5, Jr- ' E. 1. - Qfrbr 'nil'-'Easel :Q-N., Q, 1 . lv- " ' ' " :T -. ,IQ , , -' -Q, . ' 2 A H 'K E -4 --Q-v5.Tw-...... ,.,,, ,, , - - Eifwgmq. M , ., . , . fg I 1 A Q "f'?.ff?3+ifjlQIQELYAEff? Hf'Lif','i5"'15gi4x 25:4-'.", ' A Lf if " ' ' fe-J'---'i' f. , , 1 Wa, ..y5:,.eK,,, 5, pam, ,.q,,.m1.f u,,,vx,Q fmt., , , . ,, V- V .A ,.,,w,A,, - .. W',,.,.M . ' 3113 ?tw?fw.J.w:ifw,'-:Q,raw. M-M N- A--ff ' A 'MMU f -df-M" . JW: iii-k':'if'Gf'r7f f '-il2+,,T1f ' "'L' ' x ' 1- H- 1. m2.fLf'1, ' :Q 'K.h v VXL- . ., fm. Mdylf M, .X q,,+x,,,.,..MQ.yW5'5 A, , V Wi.. f, x f 5"?949?'5fd'4fEf??9??f5Zf3'Vf :iff f'Mff'I' ' g . .. f " '9 ' 8' 'i - E 'X kfwaffff " A , f '2 X gpg Q21-1 - ' ' 5 Y C. .Eff 'H gf X, JW ka . ,Qs X Af-M55 X 11 .4 ' 4 - -5, . MM ,fw- , 5 4 , K,-, 4 A wif, x ifyiil- E .Elia , 1 fx,-Z, -,.. 4 .. I ' - V " . 1 ' N . gi? -7 NEW . .. . W gigs V A I wi . 4 -H. i X K . b ' . - , :5k,fn1-Vthgcggfjfc A ' X 11 ig, . x 5 , V :xi ' ' 'iff ' 1 - ,QQ , A-X wwf A W A W ' ' w A , V fi ':' YV - 51425: 3 V ' if ' ' - N M ' '- X Q V 4 : wp, 4 'xx' Lt, lu VQX A XL -'Wg' ' xii If ' X xvaMM,,,. YN. -- X, 3 s W V, ,ar . if ',1fe,. ' 1 1- Q - V .- - J .e- . + , , . 'X FM- - f Xxx ,, ,- -Y , .av - , - . X ,v "', 1,-, -' ,.. ' - ex Q Y- -i" wif - ' "A ' VX If 3-XM "M" 4 N ' WSW X' - " ' 1214 f Q 'v - 4 ' L i . L S , 'M ' V' 'v -Y M Hz: 'f fs. ' I ' , 'L x : 'Q X- ' .rzl 1 V v , , A , b .V - E X 4 ' V 34534 :It ' , V K .3 u,,,-A-M i 'Q ' fx -ff " - " - f-6.1, 'W' ' N :run-f, V , '1 e ,...J-"vb K 4' A, ,lv ., A AJWHJJ7 - W , g, I I' WMMW G ' M i I. .X fl 41,1 i ' f ' ' I ff , SCHOOLBRA RCH ING BAN .Tx I Q Rr H ,w17"k W' .RH f.. s A, X gf' I A Q uf 1, , 4 ,Q STAFF ---,- wwf ,-:: 3Q My-, , f an VARSITY GR GUA School Mascot. Bob Sanborn 21 o4'f?'V L g 'X fair., K Q L, l:Hwf"' . 1,A.A,.w-.1.-'w- 'M Q ' sgas., iiwpf XE if KV? p ...JE 4 7 V455 9 rllg W 5' wx up ' CUNCERT Drum Majorette: jan Ertm an 59 uf' 2 fi rf? ' ' fl 5'- 1' N A Q Q , 3 . ca 'K S ..- x, , ,M ' : 1 1 tow K , ' Q ,X :'. , ., SN 4 .S ifgf 51 My FI W ww Nw 'uvzvwswjfaw mm mezwz, TH f? fm swN2-,Q,,UN1i,4W2g,'ip W ' gfglw -1 gf, cw 4 ??'3f9fWiffizjfl5QLQ5!:2j22i,5jQji, 1 'f--Qf.- ,-JW,,w'mm , S N Lk, V, , QQ. U , 'M '1'wga.v5Sni,wmf"JM Kiwi WW AM, m:"53f!?7'G1!tQ J fm 'ifwmg 5 Q,-qqwsw:,,fWx:11,y,:.f- - W, w qu 'wif GTM,-f .fg,wT f, 1, LfY,'ff.fN 1,5,J,m, HM, ,. fwwA,,1,LU . , J.9m..?wn 1' if 1229114 43' l ' 1i'11,fffiiwgy,'!5' fs' , 'fi-Nz':SAIC-wfMgy:,'11W' A s1tf9',.5fs,f1f "'J"Jv1'. by-f vp, f-,,i3qH." M fajfjz-'IQL' T1 , N,.,,f1:22,g4,1n,-sy: .' .. wx M..--rv L s 11'flZ5LC:'ffiff'f 1,,Mg"3. -1 I ,Lf 5 Q. 1- 3: .4 W Q I I o if J A fx in nz 4 X ly, 5 fi . H5 it gi Q ......,.. , ...... .. "f55fE5..1. -1f:i5E:-:f:s:2:iaZ. ...?i515E?5iE5i5:5EiiiEif- fi ""' f:5S3-?'fi1155552.15253555552525i3?E5i5E5255555iEgiE5E??fPi5 .fff z f -55552 -- .1 f - .. 6 M I.. HE. " ' . . zzz. .EEEEEEEEEQEEEEEEEEE55555252 ig ..3:: -.-.-. -.-.- is -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.' I-Z -.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.-. -. gigigf gf:Q:2:Q:f:f:Q:Q:Q:2:21212:Q:f:Q:f:f:f:f5fo3g:E:Q-gzfcggfzf:f:j5j:j:f: zfzfzfzfzfzjgzizgzfzjz F5 . . .-Z3'Q'f1:-122.252215- .': . .-:-:-: -15:-ri:-:-ci P Egg: ESE-2:22. 25' if .iffffsffiffffffffffffffffffffffgfffffeffffffiffgffff C.. ....... . . -I-I-I-I .+I-I-I'1-1-I'H-f'I-I'I'I'1"-'-I-Z-f'I'I'I-I-I'I'. . H-I-2-2-I"'I-I'f'f'I'1'f :.:.j.j.j.j.:.' '.:.:.:.:.:'.:.:.:.Q.:.:J:C:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.j.:.:.:.:.:.:.'-"' .' 1.1.1. :1'1'f:Q:Q:f:Q' ''fj:2:?:C?E:Q:Q:5z5:3:9:f:5:5:1:Q:1:1:f:f:f:f:2: 2' 54225555251.5:25E5f:-FEI 5.-4 ' ' l""".?"' IH-'qf?."S CTIVITIE For most people they make school bearable For some they make it fun. For 21 few they make it challenging . But for everyone activi- ties are ESSENTIAL! nice, beneficial, good, valuable, helpful, profitable, priceless, excellent, etc. H0 - 2 Hligmfw K Mak, M-lg 15 if 1 ' - 'iff L 1 ,af " Ml 4, - ' ECQMING ROY LTY, 1967 Quccn Mari Oukmun -3 .ni y M 1 In M ' ' ,I - r ,ff P' ,, X vi ,A W fm , lil 'Q wrnzflixifffffif 1 ' W' um, N? wufwmw, , ww 4 5 M Q fe WN M., .. v 4 Jw, f A J M X. Y H, gr . 4' ' V ', Y I Bravo ,M Wk, Ada Lara hsv..ortj1rn Baron Bob Pruyne w. w ,f ff -ff' fiff and Escort Alan james . My ff if ww 1 x f M-1' ,rg V. 1 fe Linda Roacfff Bill Reynoldg V W ,, 'I , ,Q W , 1 1 WL any Wi 1,.. Mmm fx .mme W., wif ,HV HO ECOMI ,sa f-v-"""""" ""':'k""'a'. My jj -fl www' . 5.75.1 gui' ,Qs gs m M R, sig ' ::!. ff, . ' , ffl G AE a y eg 5 gm Q T2 j bi Crazy Tie and Miss matched Shoes Day was pronounced by Prmcess Ada on Wednesday Davld, get your stupld boots off my foot. " Thursday s proclamatlon by Prmcess Mau was Crazy Hanrstyle Day "Pull all you want lt doesn t hu1't"' m,iLA "if f1f'M 0"""k FAM 'if WZ 1 , ,W Q..-v" ,ff M-f" ,..-- fini?-"' 5- ..-"' J,,,.,.-1 , ""' .Qi 1 1 i l gun: M11 -lv!! , ,--pk .74 523 'R his-fy 1967 68 SNOWBALL: RUDOLPS rf , M . A v ,J M T, gh, x A iff' - If fx f A Q ' Q- 'X x f . Q, v ,, Q' f g M ' wwfffif L Q Y " , ,s A ' A eg 5 3 'Y A 1' E xt Mffinfif 55 5 W X l V ! vu if 53 We . ' ,r Q 4 2 ' 5 W 1' fs ,. 4 RQMANCE V' W 1-., 35 H ,- HE I IQ f V . - g .Z . . 3 ' l N ,fm 5, ,I ,,,.V wf. , . ...U V., .2 5 , fziw. wa, A: Q1 5 W' mf: V :wfmf , ix ' Q5 ,,f M. ,fear .. -- amz- f 1 ww :www f 5, V X: y,.hf,fv:k.,1 -W - wg, nf, H - so f-:1f.,f.4m,f, Y iv' fin- ' W A i , .mi qw, , ff ,,?:a-- vwdia lx 'A If W 1 Vp Q S Q 'I ii if 1 M R Wg' Q .Qi 'tk 1 K we ax ng. , w, 'ff ,, in 4 ROY LTY 3 The fantasies of Cinderella come alive in these magic moments of SNOWBALL. 48 Spirkoffy-if PUHCQQE 'ANYTHING7 ' -f .NNW definitely a life- size doll of Sophia Loren 41 ' - I Y sf fx gag? 3 Well , Santa "San -Tvs. - tay all and 21 bat and a baseball play-- W at o you mean by GOOD?" MQW a .25 0 , ,ps if ERA . : qi MESS M H- . 1 We W' fsfSrmgg1,5,,:f 8 'ZS-.:2I's :Mug 5 Hg u just gotta be kidding' A 4 E .,i,55iw- ia? i Where else can you be married and de- clared dead in the same building? Or eat tortillas and cotton candy on a hayride? Or see Bonnie and Clyde, Broadway, and "the big waves" all in one evening? Why, you can even go to jail! Cfor the shock of your lifej in iiiiiei l Cmzlwrah ' 9, ' K 'Q J My v 1 " ff, !P' Y Y I I 4:15, . 5 .fig 111' -:aff Qs? s 69 . if, f, .- ,1 1 YS T0 BER I I I ff 7,4 ,gr Mfg 955 K I, ,f viva? 5-1? 2 mr " va 5 , QW I dig'-,iff ,L , , ,L,,?, ,. H fgf' 15,422 Effffv f img, I X54 7 1, ml ,N 2 " "' E 4. 15" rfgiifivgl ,f'LJ1.f 4' , ' ' ,,,.1 1 N ,Q-1-...., ...n , '. gi! -...,,Q'gqg'-',3...,gg ' f'+' df! "nn , .- ""-WSJ nfl : . . W.. BML yuw? ff, ' f? Eff -:Q 5 will ,ggi iff 1 5,126 ' ,,, 2 MZf3.jif'f1:.'i I f 46 4 w -r ' 1' E' . we .-5 ,,, ,. -5 . w, 93? REQ, ,.x,i.'.w"'7f " "MH .L ff' ' " ' fist t .. W .. ,W my W fw-. we-.. . Q VX'-4'-f 'ff K" , .Q - -Q -' .hxtkgf 'n,'1H-A-f' H-M yf. 1" , . W , 1wa:ffwff,g5,4:1-K-sin,,lggqapf gg-..,w wg fm Dimensionist. . .P.P.P .... Independent. . Publicity, assemblies, confetti, keynote speakers, confusion, victories, defeats, color, enthusiasm, the panophy-the aura of reality-Political Conventions, 1968 . CGNVENTIONS 196 Party Candidates: Fiist row: Bob Summegs, Sales, Caren Collins, Publicity, Judy Vierkant, School Serviceg Martha Leaird, Public Relations, Becky Wright, Publicity, Connie Lovell, School Service, joe Tate, Treasurer. Second row: Glen Bayly, Vice President, John Petropolis, Athleticsg Dave Snyder, Vice President, Wayne Barwick, Treasurer, Third row: Joyce Smith, School Service, Ian Traisi, Sales, Debi I-Ioxsey, Secretary, jo Ann Manire, Publicity, john Eisloeffel, Athletics, Phyllis Lynn, Secretary. Not shown: Le Ann Hawkins, Public Relations, Steve Morse, Public Relations. l-nun? le- vi x u,noERcR0UN,D L IEHYIONI Une lust lim of U'W"'?'W' W1 be flfff ff -ff' -ff,-,EM1 , 4411: 'S 1' QQXMGS Zi- in this spa io lm ue -Home M ,,,. ,,,f,l,..4 N,-..,..w,1.a,,w, My-14, El Cum km uhm happening! ,pg4..i.,, My saw-wr, W WM ,. ., K V 4 - if. 4 . fi ,nw pfs4m.l fs fhsmef sf JW-ff me K ,K llZi,..Z3f ,ZZ'.,.,,'Z,,1'.Jl i,..,.m if ,M ,M fn ,Q fe A-fm fe MM ff- I . 'tm' . . fa M ax .fa p,,11,,.f,,, 1 .mu ,nf fm. Km. ml -new gm: W 4 f 'K K , 'fm ' 'M wp.. .ml ,M - VU. 'Mm .. ,ffm .,,. i .. ., ,M 4 , 1 je wr yn- nm. nm , E emi, .4 . 1.9 me susmsgfoxz gmuixslz ihmwfi li M" I .Hi in 2 mv-vu and 4 miwit L1 5 'W I .u t,a..n, W lirauniw gm vu Q-.f .f mf' Presidential candidate: Collin Wray PEUPLES PARTY FOR PRGGRESS Keynote Speaker: john Stull iillilggg 'W EosTER's oLD FASHION FREEZE 'A " if V7 Malts-Shakes-Tacos-Burgers as W l"l 'r oolc ' so silsilsolss lllt M S S 1340 N. 2nd st., El Cajon 'im f l, H y 532215 Wx, Presidential candidate: L 3 john McCreedy 6 waipljtqfr ,yi DIME SIONISTS iLm69 note Speaker: Pete Wilson 5,11 Br Party candidates: First row: Mark Blowers, Sales, Lynne Schaffer, -.""..:: Sales, Debbie Twite, Public Relations, Debbie johnson, Secretary, Bonnie Allen, Treasurer, Terry Bounds, School Service. Second row: Bob Billings, Vice President, Collette Chance, Publicity, Cary Nesmith, Publicity, Adrienne Alpert, Vice President, jim Nichols, Publicity, Mike Agundes, Athletics, john Long, School Service. Not Shown: Anna Davidson, Secretary, Frank Kollath, Public Rela- tions, Cindy Sharrar, Public Relations. 5 Congratulations from VALLEY MUSIC STORE 530 East Main El Cajon, Calif. -. 5: Q. E if 525555555555,ifg525555s5sgg,1g1:::2:f' 32: g g .1-.:.:.g.:.:.g.j-. - ug ,.:.'.'Z:Z:Zg. 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Q :3:1:5:3:2"'3:7x- -.3:3:2:5:1:1: 1:5:5:5:Tzfzfzf:T:f:?:f:i.,QIq?fQ:k.Q:-5-:2:2:2:-: ' ll' ' 0 A SCh0O1iS building materials and books, g:EQ2QE52g2fg ffEQEgfqf :iiffigfifgf5fQf5fEf5f:2fffff2f2f2f """ Q fQfffffQff2QfQSjf.,: IE4g.r:"'ff5, 555555 " facilities and faculties, students and schol- QQQSEQQQQEQQE Efffffififz, -g2:f:f3f55525Q5Q532455525252ifEff::QzfzffffffiffffiiifffffiiijfffEggfgggggggfggfffjgg ,Q 5 g g ars --and spirit. Spirit, the elusive, neces- 52:1 1E2fffQfQf-.g gIQfQff?3 '?Q::: : Qfff .g5g::: : 5555535155215::fEff5ff,352fE5i5Ef252525335555 S317 ingredient fnet Changes e Seneel ffeni :ffQffI' ?ffF? ' ' IQIQN QQQQQSQSQS ffffffizfffffffffffffflfiffffff-ECYS good to great, from zoo to zoom. And what :ffff3:1:3fHffff:3:3. .3.:.QfQEQ52:3'7:5'ff 3:- .fi , , .fQf:fQ:fff helps create spirit? Athletics, of course! fzizfffgfsfb "'''g:g:g:g:g:f5Q5f5j5j:fgf ' Egiiifgiffiffff glfip vigiffiffffffi On the shoulders of our athletes rests our "" ::f:5EfSfS:Eff2S1E:S:5 ' 'MEQEQEQ hopes, our chances for greatness, our de- Zgffffl' ,i232525252gf5f5f5252ffQffQ5f:1- i:f:f:fzffffifififffffgf2QgQfgfgg2gg5gf3f3:3:: Hg : sires to belong and to lead. Athletics is the 45511 1 r55g5:3:55g55535g53535' , ,E5EgSgE5EgE. :2:2:E53g5g5g5535553:11 ' ,... gggggggggjqfqf "ir" in spirit. g i ' gr..-.jl2:QgQ:f:Q:Qgg :3:':':'5':'3'f QEQSIQEIEIZIEIFFEI if 'sisifisiassifi sgffi2a252i2if525f525f fwff . Ui ...sifisff fiiiil 1 J ffffw V if5E5S5252555E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E525EE 5525525521E22123212255552SIEESESEEESEEEES55 ffffSff5EfS: '22 9 W NZ . 'UP ie If-I-1-1f+f+1-fgsgsgzgsgs .gsgsisfsfsisieiffizfsSzisfiisizif'1' :'5'55Sgi5S: 25E 4 -'Z ,Q W' if ffl. ,M ff jf ew .lfffififfffffffffffifI512121515222Iflfififif-.15JgsEfoE1E1E23I:S323- iff? 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A 3 'D fn. . ,ag 1 ,A L Mm '3wfwrfR5'QiPg?g,'L ' if v kk-' T' ,fi , - xxx OUTSTANDING VARSITY FOOTBALL PLAYER OF l967-- PERRY GROSSE In seven ball games, Perry gained 635 yards on 76 carries for an 8.6 yard average, setting another of his many records here at ECVHS . This total also placed him third in the A Grossmont League for total yards gained and seeond in average. Perry's high total for one game was 164 yards which he gained against Monte Vista. Against Santana he rushed for l29 yards when the en- tire Brave team totaled only 135 yards rushing! Perry was eleeted eo-eaptain by his teammates and proved to be the exemplifieation of the inspirational leader that every team needs . "WM-an-u.-.....,.,,Wa .124 ,nk1.sgk.!f' it H As-gfy.,iv ,f,,, - gk 1 fiif ffgi'kf2J?yflWH 6 ,fsxtji saga? . w anal, as .ed , A Q Y . 'fi QM Yi? Il 1 , . ,-,.. L ' "M "li ' 1-HX "W -, --1,-,wx-, gg i , im 1 , V, lrll ,A F . . we 1 T gm .3 d if ,W fi-If 1- ' 2 ze IJ .s f fl. f gm - ei gil .w,fag,.: g i 5- . kn- ' ' av' -'M - Richard Shaffer QB . V L- ,a:,.'iw gil' i s oi , ,, 1 T, ,Q .QQAM wwf ,V XJEE M 111' 3: K T TG' --. i?1S, Q. - ,. fi"-'--. fi . Don Krouse HB R ll l B , B5 rl V ' Perry Grosse HB Bob M cRob erts HB ,, Li-ji Mfg Q1 5211-1, reg, J erry Bender E , , .. . , ,L f . H I ,f K 1 6 ip it ,fe " " :, 'flEk:'?Eg11tf" fbi N g o ' f s ' -'Z ' .SSW ,. sw ge: 412 law. lf George Davis E S am Floyd G rf' .. M ,. filly? - . E g, T B , B l M y f g gi .ii I A Vx , le n is 'S ... . za 7' ks " 1 D ave Rodriquez E D an I-Iennessey T M .HL , l fy- mi ,Ewe- A 5 41 W Kg ,al 5-VF all Q J, Q , 4 '4 L' 751. ' - 1 ' 31 A 77, ev' David Smith G 1 -mii- jim Mclntire HB D on Roberts T Dennis Digenan T A ' ,. f M Wiki' wif ' : f is A J: ,. A E953 ,- . . Q yin .-: V . M 'S 4. if A M if 1 e Torn Gay C N ft p? , .. 'ff 4 ' t , , :LK M -..sf 1 ' T ,tl T " is ? -. I 1 ,, ,l x Ha. ", ' ky-if N f , ' mv. cw, . I ,. LLM, .- ' ' W "' - A ,.4. I K. I ayfw . lit Tim William Hallinan Thomson C C lu-1 Bob M ike Bruce T ate Agundes Sprague E G E Mangers: B. Alvord, R. Lovell, J. Moorhouse. 'qlgafl iii? ' z fill H ,iff'f"f'm? i, . Uh my -.9---.m. ,-Mw.,4wmr: ' 7 C T T A ' T , '::, T T T 3? if M- fm 1 T? A 1 5 , t k I K-K I -W B f M fig ff' T of Y ga-.2 ' 5' M . .vi-my T A , . A hh W 7: ,M V, , :Muay I .,.h ,tw t KVVV I 'V if ff QQ fiT 9 W -gr' L T wffm ,,,,,,...,...,, 1 nun- Bob Glen Dave Denny Brock Tom joe Featherstone Bayly Lockard Embleton McRobertS DeHart Williams E G HB QB FB FB LB f t I T K lf' if new 7 5, T- is ,. ly ' v A fi VA ff' N Q: , 3 4- v 'Q ..,, ..' I W f 'K kwa- S!! """7M'U' 1 5 .4 All I I I I I I , I O Bob Tim Bob Brad Billings Sperry Horton McRobcrts E HB T QB THE VARSITY. :GP , Coach Halte Q.-.1 ,Q A, 'F is-we T If Coach Wolf A , 5 W e 'X ' '1l - 1 sz M A Head Coach Elliott Coach Wclbaum ini' ,W .s...a, fi , Q so QM L " 'K f K 4 -, Y -3 . -V f, sy - Y- Nj.-fr,-, . , . we' -ff,-Q:,,.-..,,..',...,-p.r' .ff-...Z. .,, ,T ,vr,.,' , ,hz W K'-'V' K f' ,, ,j' W W .9 .- ..-A -. . 0 , , W FRONT ROW: Baker, Hartnet, Stinton, Rose, Chapin, Elliott, Langford, Watson, Dietrich, Aaron, Woolery, Nicolet, Arvizu, SECOND ROW: Files, Snyder, Pinegar, Campbell, Baird, Eisoeffel, Kollath, Garcia, Owens, Rambow, Moors, Kaster, Wallen. THIRD ROW: Feathers, Blevins, Long, Anaya, Anderson, DeHart, Smith, Alvarez, Campbell, Robbins Nesmith, McClure. FOURTH ROW: Langford, Lopshire, Green, Wagner, Geddes, Linn, Werner, Perkins, Starkey, Leonard, Koonice,Vidano, Christian, Sauer, Boswell. JV FOOTBALL Managers: J. Baker, F. jones, B. Partain Coaches: Duke, Fulcher ,Tl ,,,,l:i5,,,,zl?.,,,,.i,w.,-. VN, .. me ., ya 3' -2 9 L-I I i , FRONT ROW: Marshall, Collins, Bayly, Suter, Gaines. SECOND ROW: Stammen, Reinhold, Whalen, Naple, Bingham, Amos, Bowser, Deen, Hayes, Sloan, Randall, Elliott. THIRD ROW: Elliott, Wray, Maier, DeWalt, Arvisu, Clayton, Cooper, Rodriguez, Starkey, Taylor, Wray. FOURTH ROW: Schug, Grover, Shuster, Reynolds, Robins, Posey, Allen, Quechenberger, Siewert, Morrow, Williams, Birnel. Managers: R. Nelson, I. O'Connell Coach Welbaum and Coach Wolf b FOOTB LL EEQRIUPEQ .I.F. AMS VARSITY !! if Q- -2 Y Q, ,,A. FRONT ROW: C. Torrey, B. Lawson, T. Davidson, J. Rios, D. Montgomery. BACK ROW: D. Sparks, J. Johnson, J. Ricketts, B. jones, J. Gonzalez, J. Barron, M. Wojdak. 8 SCORES Opponent El Cajon Lincoln 50 15 Grossmont 38 18 Helix 34 21 El Capitan 48 15 Monte Vista 33 22 Mt. Miguel 42 18 Santana 45 16 Granite Hills 49 15 Mt. San Antonio Invitational Meet-Runner-up 47 Aztec Invitational Meet-Overall Champion 46 64 Coach Brooks CROSS COUNTRY OUTSTANDING RUNNER: TOM DAVIDSON 'lik' 74? lagfii, ,, -spar? vs, -W.5H11S.f 5 S1 A Sophomore Year-Varsity letterman junior Year-Two mile cross country record 9:19 Senior Year-Mt. SAC champ Aztec Invitational champ Grossmont League outstanding runner Coach Maize 65 Managers: R. Lovell, J. Freeman, L. Dyer, and C. Oakman V' JV CRGSS COUNTR Front Row: D. Moelter, B. Doty, C. Smart, A. Smelko, B. Robinson. Back Row: D. Thomas, M. Wojdak, F. Ryll, A. Grupe, D. Fields, R. Edwards. Front Row: S. DeLonge, L. Nicolet, L. Easten. Back Row: D. Davidson, J. Randazzo, R. Philips, C. Coker, P. Webb. FROSH CROSS COU TRY VARSITY RO D-B LLERS Coach Wolf fr- Coach Smithwick 0 TSTA DINC PLAYER: RETURNINC LETTERME BOBMARLIN Alan james After missing half the season With a leg injury, Bob rolled up an impressive record of 248 total points 118. 3 per gamej, 157 rebounds, and hit on 6796 of his free throws, which ranked him Sth in a tough league that saw both a CIF champion and runner-up. It is easy to see Why Bob was chosen most valuable player by his great team- mates. Bob Mc Roberts Terry Barrett 4.1 And I thought bad breath was bad 4 Dave Rodriguez Mil joe Gonzales He flies through the air with. . . ? Well what do VO 2 Mgrs. Warnock, Alvord, Moorehouse, Stinton K 5 , ,-if .5 5 2 E Q 5 I 2 Phil Keehan This is a basketball! Nagner Dick Shaffer expect from a sophomore? Not bad fer a little fellar. Dean Owens Coach Tompkins .rms T 4 ' wha TVDRHBLER Back Row: Langford, Eisloeffel, Bingham, Greeny, Brown, Shellock, Leonard. Front Row: Moors, M. Geddes, Blevins, Priddell, B. Geddes, jackson, Lapping. Managers: Henderson, Cooper FROSH LEAGUE CHAMPS! if if 'Hd' Y 1 Q C 2- Z s RQ. I V K' 3 5 ' I ' k-:': A ' "I 4 z' i f Iv ? Y '- 1. .- 11' ' 9 'W' -1 5' ' .. a- ' f ,n',.,,f,n 4 ..,. , A C oach Ha lte Back Row: Haubert, Sloan, Carthy, Collins, Hatch, Williams, Nichols. 2nd Row: Rodriguez, Shuster, Siewert, Matzen, Barrett, Wray. Front Row Schug, Nilsen, Grover, Wright, Fannin VARSITY Pat Marsh Steve Hughey 95 lbs. 103 lbs. OUTSTANDING WRESTLER: JIM WENSTROM Four years of wrestling with two years on varsity here at ECVHS have molded jim Wenstrom into this year's outstanding wres- tler. With two league meets to be completed, jim was leading the team with 36 points and is tied with Pat Marsh for the most pins, each having acquired three. jim is quite proud of the fact that he holds the team rec- ord for the fastest pin of an opponent. He accomplished this feat in twenty-one seconds against a competitor from Hemet. Good luck, jim, in CIF and in your fu- ture matches at whatever college you may attend. RESTLI G Mark Blowers Fred Waller 112 lbs. 120 lbs. .,. H H an ' 31 ,"""'fi 1 5 -" - , -" 1' 1 ' X , I ' -yfsiffil ' H . , 1 F Q. l gp. ' A -1: E 6 ,L 'S X .- X B Managers : Dave Woods and Steve Dewey Alan Hughey Dan Prince Dwayne Hobbs Bob Sanborn 127 lbs. 133 lbs. 138 lbs. 145 lbs. H B y y M Varsity Scores if M., jf- L, X , A kg 1 ' , ' 1 W El Cajon 36 Hemet 8 1 " " 34 Oceanside 15 5' FL ' s V I1 vv 12 Gros smont 27 i 'gka f 5,52 zz' ' 25 Granite Hills 19 1 Q frff I- 1 1 Helix 32 . 1 i. 14 El Capitan 25 l ' Z8 Santana 13 6 Mt . Miguel 37 V ' 6 Monte Vista 40 IRAV jim Nichols Richard Starkey 154 lbs. 168 lbs. an lifts if in x 1 N .. Coach Winn Joaquin Candia jim Wenstrom ,fx 1 80 lbs. Heavyweight "ww vw-...qs Remaining Varsity: J. Harmon, R, Amos, R. Lovell, I . Langford Left To Right: Back Row: D. Hennessy, D. Roberts, T. Hallinan, S. Chase, D. Lockard, T. Robles. Front Row S Wo cl : . o , B. Williams, B. Woolery, D. Moody, F. Nicolet, J. Synder 13 55.2 QQ-'QQ V WRESTLING YVX El Cajon JV Scores 16 Madison 35 Mission Bay 34 Lincoln 47 Hemet 39 Oceanside 28 Grossmont 25 Granite Hills 18 Helix 26 El Capitan 16 Santana 28 Mt. Miguel 14 Monte Vista Left to Right: Back Row: Pat Birnel, Curt Morrow, Richard DeWalt, jim Reynolds, Chuck Elliott, Richard Starkey. Front Row: Steve Wood, jim Amos, Steve Bowser, Gary Deen, George Sanborn , V vs 5 . Zim. I 1 VARSITY TEAM: Front Row: J. Petropolis, J. Hodgkinson. Middle Row: J. johnson, C. Truax, B. Scott. Back Row: D. Snyder S. McKinley, D. Wells, G. Incampo Coach Williams Front ROW: D. Gill, T. Gaines, M. Whalen, F. Almond. Middle Row: R. Reth, M. Grallfs, M. Longren, C. Wells, D. Srmth Back Row W Barwlck I Stowers B Marhn J ' . : . ' , . , . ',c. S Harris, M. Wodjak A VARSITY TENNIS .,.,,.-w,,tW, -H . . . .Qbwn L! QQQMM ie ' X X, sy I OUTSTANDING PLAYERS CF 368 For this sport four players have been chosen as outstanding for 1968. Because of their fine abilities and past records, Bob Scott john johnson, George Incampo, and Dave Snyder have been pick ed for this honor. I if RETURNING LETTERTQAIAN' MM S i viii K Ai if i iiih john Johnson George Inc ampo 3' W WW EXW Vf M ' sta , Z -f W Bob Scott John I-Iodgkinson y, 1 Dave Snyder Steve McKinley t L Y a L Q, 31: QP : fr mn' j' - i1?3f2EE5, 5' 75933 5 "' 7325? N' it M ssi in it tnee Q I Aglgz gfi w 'H Y lk A "" tix X oitoonittii i PI fx Q an 95... 4- . FRE BASEBALL B' NFB-...C 9.25 Top row D Taylor, B Lannom, S Barrett, C Hendrix, M Grover, R Williams Middle row Coach Hess, R. Williams, J. Gerosi, I. Petropolis, M. Arvisu, D. Hayes, T. Clendermon, T. Wright Bottom row: T. Naples, W. Shafer, K. Fannin, G. Woolery, C. Elliott, R. Starkey. 77 Brian Dan Applegate Dennis Dew Embleton , ,my fi! :Sli B a K '- m 3'- HW , D in if Q l OW HJ x ! XX Tom Corder Deen Tom Dehart John Horn ing Mike Horning Alan Dave Bgb Brad James Klein McRoberts MCROb61'tS 2 E r , I ...., Q- L V V lnell een en l in Q x N X i il X "':2 J' Brock Joe Bob joe McRoberts Menzie Wheelington Williams OUTSTANDING PLAYER BOB MCROBERTS ,ww fi Coach Harry Elliott Mgr. Bob Stinton Top row: I. Williams, D. Corder, J. Horning, B. McRoberts, B. Applegate, J. Dew, M. Horning, B. McRoberts. Front row: B. McRoberts, I. Menzie, D. Klein, T. DeHart, T. Deen, B. Wheelington, A. james, D. Embleton. .M ,.,., , ' . 'tm . ' i n , D . EI K F E . ,325-I gi U, H 'Vi . ily! . --' a .4 . ff ywf X I f ' A if qigxl I 4 5 ,Wy 2 A :,,,.. ,L I W "1 , it , fi! ,X 1 X f Q W ,,,. W .. 'pol ,,nf1.f-f 'M we . 1 ' ' Top row: T. Wallace, W. Kent, F. Lancaster, K. Miles, D. Murry, I. Eisloeffel, M. Wagner, R. Starkey, D. Haislip. Front row: S. Chase, C. Verran, K. McClure, D. Smith, B. Mitchell, J. Garcl, T. Robles, E. Garcia. Q. if lf' Coach Don Halte 'Q " J.V. BA EBALL xi 5 L 2, ! 4 .'-Y W Syl, 7.,,., m ,Z ,,,,, V .,, 3, .. ' ' :M ' W if ., ,.. ,Q My ,..,, ,. . V 14- wf9'ft1l2N1H st ILL' ' w sswaiwe, - + I vv'-- ,..' I ,. C me . 1, Q 4 . ' A Q Q . E 2 'N- . . fix'-X4 .f . gf ,. . 4, 1.34 R ' 4 5' 5 ff- f " 'Qi fn M 'W ' if 1 ' Kwik 2 'A' ,iiyii 'f 1 , 80 W sa , Manager Steve Cooper 'ali 9 C oach Mr. Thompkins TEAM: row 1: B. Chapin, S. Mendenhall, row 2: D. Yergen, V. Lee, I. Long, R. Santos, D. Brimmg row 3: C. Wright, R. Nichols, B. Matzen, W. Bucking- ham, I. Robinson, S. Haubertg row 4: S. Hum, W. Buckingham, H. Painter, B. lhde. Not pictured: B. Quechenberger, G. Gosset. N yin., WM MM' J-n jf! p av--vm .:-:....,L , I1 ,ji Ron Santos, Dan Brimm, Bil Matzen, and Charlie Wright excelled in each of their competitive events and comprised the outstanding medley relay team. Q.-1 5" 7 5.1 . f Steve Dowers takes the plunge exhibiting the form which made him our outstanding diver. psf' SW MMN Sprint Coach Duke F1e1d Coach Brooks Weight Coach Herzog OU TSTAN D I NG Tom Davldson hm Cochran M E N Bruce Ruff Ron Gllhhan Y' - 1 nz: ,M-f,:',' f Q wa- , :ip 1 :.t gil IE'-3 1 5 I' VA ITY TRACK Sprinters: Front Row: Grosse, Davidson, Dietrich. Middle Row: Eggleston, Cochran, Barney, Gillihan. Back Row: Allen, Samples, Minor, Ruff. Hurdlers: Front Row: Gillihan, Cochran, Maston, Eggleston, Shaffer. Back Row: Woods, Sperry, Rolling. Q aa .mfa 3 Distance Squad: Front Row: Baca, Rios, Torrey, Lawson, David son, Stewart, Moelter. Back Row: Sparks, Grupe, jones, Thomas, Gonzales, Barron, Ricketts. Field Event Squad: Front Row: Eggleston, Lock- ard, Gillihan, Grosse, Smith Maston, Sanborn, Pinegar, Cochran, Shaffer. Back Row: Bender, Tate, Marlin, Owens, Allen, Hobbs, Lewallen, Woods, Hennessey, Kraft, Lopshire, Billings. 7 CC 73 TR CK Front Row: Easton, Bayley, Dyer, Phelps, Priddell, Smith, Robinson, Doty, Alvord. Middle Row: Schug, Geddes, Files, DeWalt, Smart, Faber, Perez, Boswell, johnson. Back Row: DeLonge, Hoover, Kendricks, Kollath, Leonard, Luna, Shuster, Blevins, Siewert. Oh' My hair is mussed! YO KP Chug-a-lug, chug- a-lug TRACK Front Row: LeBel, Gill, Davidson, Webb, Watkins, Holland, Reid. Middle Row: Dixon, Lanahan, johnson, Hartnett, Bayly, Randazzo, Roberson, Sloan. Back Row: Newton, Edwards, Aaron, Fields, Zeller, Elliott, Nicolet. Cast your fate to the Wind ,,,..-.u--- The ecstacy of the agony. Hurdle Crew: Front Row: D. Simmons, P. Sloan, K. Barney, C. Collins. Middle Row: N. Clayton, K. Nicolet, L. Gibson, J. Callery, I. Traisi. Back Row: I. john- son, C. Chance. Congratulations Class of '68 ELM'S 85 Clothing and Shoes--Since 1936 102 E. Main El Cajon fx K1 GOLF ff 'K+' ma , ' Lining up a putt, and chipping out of a cises at which Bob outstanding golfer ha the only returning .....-asp:-vwlPsK Courtesy of SCOTTY EMBLETON'S SHELL SERVICE 412 W. Chase, El Cajon 444-6600 Bob Houx, Mike Phillips, joe Potoky, George Sanudo, Mike Langley, Cary Collins. Outstanding Colfer: Bob I-Ioux fairway, exer 86 tp QLQL lyy p ' I pyypy VV.A.,.V Coach Hilton ,oo K x 17. 09 PART TWO af xl' ,MNH I 1 I fm, ' ffl H 'l'TY!ii"'f5' "f ""!f'f.:l!M'1W! 4 'ff 1 , 22K.15,f,i ' "f'Wf1xswwww., J I l si N " i f I H . ,,,' ..,. WAN, 3"f:M?ggg,,wMM?,'l, 4, J.1g1.'wm Q. mix, wg' ,g,!:ig, I' rv '11 , W, 1 'W53'Q:1f , my! w, A L ,V ' 1121323 "v 'L"W'Vv1lx X N '1:'NUu1Wt,' K 'A ""' 'A .i'Mm',!fi13!!n5 'V 5f1wry 1 :4rffwf I' ffm me X , '!wlW2iM"!"' ' ,nn V4 8: I W fl W ' , ,Q i .Anxllum 1' Huw M ' ' Wufllf 'Ga n ..-,,4 ""Ipf WI .5' J: 'mv 1 1 ,pm Y: ' rg, W .,, I Wtlgny ru + , 4. ,nw M .wp 'A V3 1f?f l??ii 'fi , Mallilliihuhilg !!l!!!ff!Iil!lilU!m , , f wr' "-'1 "44ruHU"'I " w- 1 1 qv , ww , " " YH 'H' ' vf.:' ,I , ,. , , miauffw ':'f'f""11,lh , af ""i"5flI'V,'!f'f'"FWffljfwp, ' , 1 1f':fff!wm2fff"frf,fwi4i'fwf" iw- I 1 HIM 'V-I X My t HW, , XM V Wil h"'N fu' Wynvw l"" 1 1 "'f' ff UH- f7f" ffwffmfdrgilmyi . Y N UI "I 1 fi'ffffffL ' . , V, -11z a1.?12ii1x11i1El1Ff "1 1 .qw "1 l ,IM X, 5:!r1ggg1'?fQ',,.,..wnwvfmn 'll ffl: DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT: Dr. .Tohn T. Warburton ADMINISTRATORS: John Barrons, Robert BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Portia Goode, Pahner Svalstad, Rexford Hall - Chairman, Robert Dryden Bunting, Hazel Bole, Stanley McClintic. t. Ik.: . :gil-I .-.'. .g.:.'. "l'!-I- - ,-,-1-: ftp: .:.:.j.' 'III I . 1 l .D I I . ' -I-:"" 5:5555 :-' ' ' . . -Hia. ' Hr '.'.'a.+ '. .,.......g......, . . '.:.g.:.:.:.:.:.5 3 ' 'gl igfgfgff' Q., 2 :cf 2122251323 Sg.,'5:f:f:, 2:f:7:l:' ': 1'5" N .g?. . ' J'- . 1' ' .-. , - " ?S..:.:.:....:.'..Zf.:4.: - j.: '.j.:.:.:.:f-cj... .:.j.j'4:fjI:I:f ' ' - - - -5' - -- '. If5253?:i?+2a:sEs552sfsSsfsisisflsisifsifif1S5f?if??fL?f22fsfsSsf , .J.,,f. 9. ....... 15.-L, I: ', 'lf .X-.'.'.'...: ' . . 5:-' 4. u 45-"fn: . 'i 9- ...:. .....,.,. . 'ififiiiifiiiii 555555 I l.l.l I Ill. .l.l.A. . .':3:5:5:1:1:5'!:1'1-1-i ll-l.l.0 I l I-l.l.I.l.l. ff vv-rv-v-rw-r . .. . - .3.:.gfI:IgI:I:?CgZ-I-55:5 . :I-5251 ' .5355' ' '5f3:ffff1:5:ffffffff353 .' ::??:::::g::. .:::: .'.' .'.'.'.' EgE355EgEgE5: EgE ,55fSf5fEfEfEf5fEfE ,5:5EgrE,:-. f:f:f:f:f:f:f.f5f:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:?:3:3 'f:f:f:f:5:" .5.3 .3.5.:. "" ffffzfrf:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:'' 2:2225 4 .' f f l I-1-1 1 2 1 'E15155E5?:6: 1 1 1--.- --212123: 1 311" -5 George Birch. 151 ,U 0,015 The BIG people are our people. They lead, they teach, they guide, they authorize, they give " if . The BIG people are vital to the progress of our people. discipline, friendship, encouragement tests, smoke-ups. . . ADMI I TR ATIO "lt's a funny thing--You Work all your life toward a certain goal and someone moves the posts on you." -- Caen These are the goal-post movers in our lives. They help us to attain our goals, then encourage us to set even higher ones . 1, yy .-an 1 - T sz . V, L. 1 V-1 . , Q27 5? ii 499' Q fi Mr. Foster, junior Counselo Mr. Smidt, Freshman Counselor 88 is-' n u 1 n t q n vu . . -.- r vnu pl. ,, . -il 'll -1. 1 n .. -- an -1, .- a H a u 4 - 1 a u n o 1 u E ff A W . Q4 'pd' lm... Q- 5 Q Dr. Lundquist, Sophomore Counselor Mr. Gross, Senior Counselor Mr. Greta, Vice-Principal Mr. Henry, Dean of Students MT- COFHCNUS PTIHCYPH1 89 W u 5 fi: P1 1 X 7' ,fr 1 L. V Jw? 'wi f , Q FQ ' ef 7 .' ' f F 1 WA M -N J " N J N K f W , ,av 1 y Q, 5 9 ff? E' 1 W , 4 , W 3 1 X 1 9 13 3 ., J ? x JS M 5 2 if M 5 A 5 EJ 1 W vii 1' gig. . it y 5 i 2 is 1 Q P Y' 1 1 . 5 f 244, f Xa 1 1 gh V A 51.1, Z.. f. : 'Vi 1' 5 '-L'L 1 , gpg? .- I ,. is ,,, 9 Mm a""llu.. OCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Starkg Mr. Ez1stlick5Mr. Stone5 Mr. I-Iartg Mrs. Pritchard5 Mr. SH11lhW1Ck, Mr Bullcr Mr LeTourneau Mr Mathewsg Mr. Lccwayeg Mr. Castro, Dept. Chairmang Mr. Young. ART Mr, Williamsg Mrs. Gibson, Dept. Chairma 115 Mr. Bu11er5 Mr. Swennes. . 51? FACULTY Q C AA:A:: 5 C - E5xuf f 7'i5?4 zz. 3QL!if g? K 1 V": ' :': g 5,h. LV f .,,', xx L P---f r ' v .: Q , ,, NX ' I mggffwil' " f f ,Cyg3g4f,,y q A :Q V-2A: sa: -, , ,,,1 -- I 1 giL,,hi5w aka. - S45gwfff - "A 'ing I h1ngwg5f C , fXjX.UJ01y f m'm-L L . srArr Q0 f.AJ,j4, 7 BOY PHY ICAL EDUCATIO Mr. Elliott, Dept. Chairmaug N113 XYOH5 Mr. Halteg Mr. XX'e1bL1L1m. CIE CE Mr. Krattlig Ivlr. Xfilliams, Dept. Chairmang Mr. Kiugcryg Mr. Gehrkcg not pic- tured: Mr. H011-Q5 Mr. N1aL11cws. GIRLS, PE. Miss DeWoskin Miss Johnston Dept. Chairmaing Mrs. Adams? G l Mrs. Homesley. Mr. Malovicg Mr. Bakerg Mrs. Gibsong Mrs. Cochran5 Mr. Leewaye5 SEATED, Mr. Gonialez, Dept. Chairmang not pictured: Mr. LeTourneau5 Mr. Fulcher. E N S i :s'mwmmmwawmm1 4mmamuafm Mr. Gonz:1lcz5 Mr. Adamsg Mr. Lamarg Mr. Maize5 Mrs. Mahanayg Mr. Youngg Mrs. Brooksg Mr. Bascoxng Mrs. Hallibur- ton, Dept. Chairmang Miss Fracuroli5 Miss Peterseng Mrs. Ellcryg Mrs. Logging Mr. lryslag Mr. SlT1l.tl'1W'lCk5 Miss Vallanceg Mrs, Cochran. HOME is ECON MICS 59 M . if Mrs. Pruyncg Mrs. Hlrsch, Dept. Chairman. 33. ' ,M FT " . Y , Mr. Dyer, Dept. Chair- mang Mr. ldlc. ,ff g AGRICU LT RE ,nfs pW7wr,.7. -d!QX TmIELiw:1SMl.CMNTwMi . , . . ATH Mr. Fulchcxg Mr, Brooksg Mr. Starkg Mr. Thompkiusg Mrs. Pritchardg Mr. Boslcy, Dept. Chairmang Mr. Hiltom Mr. Kramlig Mr. Winn. Hr Mr. Robinetteg Mr. Lutz. TEACHER ,AIDES A I Mr. Mayog Mr. Stansbury5 Mr. Albaneseg Mr. Olsong Miss Sloar wellg Mr. Dukeg Mr. Gregoryg Miss Magnusom Mrs. Montgomerj 4 .- . Mm, I ESS EDUCATIO INDU TRIAL Mr. StO11CQN1FS. Hcmpclg Mr. Dewey5 Mr. LuLZg Mrs. jump, Dcpt. Chairmaug Mr. Baker. WF Bartlett Ur Kmuu, Nh! Hou? A . , . . , . . , Mr. XYiHiamS5 Xlr. Lougg Mr. Smith Dept. Chair1n:1115XIr. Idle. SSISTA T plcturedz MISS Cross- Smith' Miss Errcca 'Un Marian Cook Librarian B. A.-U. of N. Dakota Goldie Povenmire Nurse B.S.C. - Ohio State University I Mrs. Peebles Principal ' s secretary Mrs. Ball antyne Switchboard '15 rt I Wmum """""-in. Mrs. Matthews Duplic ating secretary 'mf 3 tim. W , . , A Mrs. Pearson Attendanc e secretary iw N Mrs. Barrows Bookke eper fx .Za Mrs. Sexton Counseling secretary These people are an integral hind the Scenes to complete the Work that must be done. These people are CLASSIFIED . Mr. Thomas Plant Manager . f gi zlii -ff Hwi4e14sgr?" Q- - :jQ,fjg,f M. K, - R WM D W 1 "' S y 7' 3 it W . . gi: , S 2 E S M 1 . as r ' ff' A ,oo,, m : J r Q f f fr- gr 1 ' CUSTODIANS 8 GROUNDSMEN: L to R: Front Mr. Crane, Mr. Crozier, Mr. Frandsen, Mr. Hines, Mr. Neuizling, Mr. Cardinal. Back: Mr. Glass, Mr. Russell, Mr. Waller, Mr. Wise, Mr. Coyer, Mr. Trebes, Mr. McKinnon fnot pictured Mr. Muthj. Mrs. Triplett CAFETERIA Sutton , Mrs. Mrs. Buck Girls' P. E. Attendant STAFF: L TO R: Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Turvey, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Lepper. :MW-sv --fs-f .. SW! 'E rr rm 5 av: 1g. .. ,f,J ' sg-H z.1st,w:iser:,:w a W-:nw 1 gr- ,iq ,raw f Q5ifw11:f11: , . ,La 'ii 4, " f ..-ff '1'1J'19ssfff I if ' V " S f ' - VIE' Wvisiglf ' ef.. 'riff ,. Y -- Mrs: W 1 Q-haw Mrs. Bain Mr. Slatinsky Library Assistant Boys' P,E. Attendant part of our school. They help be- S 's mf upeomma ,U 0,1115 The UPCOMING people rise. juniors become SENIORS. SOPHOMORES become juniors. Freshmen become Sophomores. UPCOMING people will continue to come . W0 DER 0F'7l all Mr. Swennes Vicki Garcia Margie Butler Miss Fracaroli Advisor Treasurer Vice-President Advisor Tracy Gaines Melodee Boxell Donna Provost Ken Acton President Historian Secretary Representative at Large THE BEGINNING OF THE E D. if ri. fig? S wwf im' fl : - H .-3 Q ' 4-Qs I 5 S 9 , K' ::!:5'fE'E:',: ,. W.. , 1 A 1 H A 4 Allen, Steven Almond, Frank Amado, Betty Amos, james Anderson, Dave Barnett, Sheryl Barrett, Sean Bascomb, Gary Bastian, Barbara Baumgartner, Keith 4 Bennetts, Sharon Bernard, Mary Best, Richard Bevis, Richard Biancini, Di Ann we :J 5 M - f 1 of Blowers, james Boarts, ,Steven Boerner, Elena Boorman, David Bouchard, Joyce , 'iz ,R 2' w , 1 X, 4 . , , ' I lr if x ,six sf S -' -- nr M, K S JL W S i . riif .. A 95 1 3 f 1- f 5 ag H ,V fa: 32' .fsiugl , 1 . '- A -' ' .wer RM 'URN' 101 S 1' hx! W Q sf, .- -f l fam: N 2' K . nf Acosta, Lynn Acton, Ken Adams, Donna Adams, Linda Ahles, Susan Allen, Donald Anes, Nick Arvizu, Mike Atherton, Davm Atkins, George Bailey, David Baker, Douglas Baxter, Lonnie Bayly, Iefiiey Becker, Mary Bedsaul, Rochelle Bellows, Daniel Belvedere, Leonardo ,gs ,rf fa a W Q f Bingham, Robert Bird, Steve Birdsall, Stephen Birnel, Pa11'ick Bishop, Karen Bjorsixom, Karen Q . 5 1, -Y 1 f rib 9 , C fi i t r A-ra? l Q ill 'w if if l S ag f n , ,Y ff . ' J ? 4 if W 'k 5,5 . ., wr ,K , vein' Brouse, Debra Browning, Craig Brunetto, john Buckel, Marvin Buechel, Rieta '92 3 M ' ,N Q i A 1 it xr., , . A , Eg, f f -x , il Carroll, David Carthy, Francis Carver, Imogene Casebolt, Cynthia Castaneda, Armando ,sr ,,..-, . 3 M. - L'42?i'i'v rg : ,, A , I K fi 29 ,ana .. . ...4,.,,. A g VV swf Clayton, joseph Clayton, Paul Clemmons, Elden Coker Cleo I' I Q Clendenon, Travis I I- was 2 7 A ,, :gif s r r " H M aw iw ,-'f awww -Q .. rs... -V . 4, X ,Haag " . 4 : 5'. ' ::i Han- ,. 2, H 1 N -: , :fw,fsyf,:' .angry-.3 Cottrell, Richard Criss, James Crossley, Gale Crowe, Darrow 102 wa, 0 55' Q In ' Z If E 5? ms! ' 1 , ,rr-gs-,wr .., ,,- -s Six, 1 Xi P .1 'N s 5 i s wi. Bowen, Beverly Bowser, Steven Boxell, Melodee Brant, Daniel Bravo, Reyes Bridges, Pamela Buell, June Burton, David Busick, Ricky Butler, Marjorie Butts, jackie Butts, Sharon A ,gn nf Castro, Laurie Caviness, john Chaffin, Sandra Chapin, Paul Chenault, Franklin Cheshire, Richard 1 in 1' n.rU,4F'+ ' ' E Q F 1 fr 5 3 f fr if Collins, Gary Conaway, Coleen Cooley, Janice Cooper, Stephen Corral, Rubin Correll, Linda A -1 Sa 1 v 'Y - 1 .. .., fi ,,,,, ' , f '. Q. ,Q ti. , 5 32 ,Z e rf 5 A .. . 1 wax M 'ig hm' if A kk S, Q !w'...3q x A ag. if Nw N5 Daynes, Terri De Longe, Stephen De Walt, Richard Decker, Stephanie Deen, Gary Doughty, Sandra Downs, Edith Duclos, Sherry Duclos, Thomas Dudley, Patricia Easton, Victor Eberle, Margaret Edmondson, Marcia Eister, Denise Ellington, Linda yi E?-:N M F ss ' J W la, gf A Mask v ji yi? I , . S 1? ! , 1, , 1 x S Evans, Olivia Faber, Ceclia Fannin, Keigm Felts, Rodney 103 Eleiitflil ' i s 2, vu. in" .,., V c W a fl yi s, is , Cummings, Chris Curry, jack Da Silva, john Dakis, Stephen Damon, Christopher Davidson, David NK R U 3 2 1 is dxf: fu' 'E it , 1. .? 7 ,K Dewey, Alan Dewey, Charmayne Dixon, Ron Doane, Steven Donahue, Marian Donivan, Teresa Duenez, Mark Dunlop, Kelsie Dunn, Janice Durbin, Gwen Dutton, Michelle Dye, Cynthia Elliott, Charles Ellrott, Philip Emmett, Ruth Epperson, Kevin Erickson, Trudi Eubank, Kathryn J .1 l,.r .,.L , N ,- an f we -W , Q Fritz, Timothy Gaffney, Steven Gaines, Tracey Gallagher, Kerry Garcia, Maria W 2 1smiir2Ns -- ..:. rr K L 2,2 1 K 1 an Geraci, joseph Gere, Piper Gill, David Gill, Eugene Glotfelty, Bonny 4- 5 V 'V ' 14 ,av 2'i:5:'355.,n-E' if - 4 L I ig ,Mu . kr 5 Fa 1 9 f Grant, Golden Green, jerry Greene, Sherri Grisafi, Mary Groggins, Eugene .L if ' if -.1 Ei? K :- f ,va w I I 1 A' EEL S . 49 Banging, ,,, iii! rs 'Sv 4' U9 ,, I 1 1 ' 3 5 3 is Y 35 v ,sr-fig Ra., 4 ,sz ., M 4 Hancock, Mary Hargreaves, Patricia Harlow, Sharon Harmon, Jodyna 104 Felts, Steven Ferguson, Ronald Figeley, Betty Frame, Bill Franklin, Douglas Frias, Gilbert Garcia, Ruth Gard, Steve Garris, Craig Gastler, Kali Gauss, Martin Geiger, Kayleen rm ,- - . ,mx ' fir,-?r1,g2gEP5 ':".,' , egsigai i' Fill? fri . 5 A .,,,. V ,, ., . U F .1 f j .,aT,.::- V Gomez, Debra Gonzales, Petra Goodwin, Larry Gordon, Wayne Gould, David Graf, Janette f Q 5 'EL ' 'HEI iii!! 1 e f-ik., .,::" :- 'lzuiiz 'I - -f :':' Sigiiiiiingigfgf 5 ' Grover, Michael Guthrie, Kathleen Guthrie, Michael Gutierrez, Art Hadley, David Hambric, Alice if vfif I ":'f'mPw3'W M, , ,si - 5 , S ff 4 all -wr no 118 'Q 'L-af K 3. i gf 4 5 Mgr, 9.2 D2 'T -A 255 E ' is . in ,Q 1 fi- T 1 'if .f5?' ffdljfi, L-, - , J Hedberg, Sharrel Heim, Tina Henderson, Brian in 5, ' Q, Henderson, Donald Hendrix, Charles H ' ""' 5 Hilton, Michael I Hinrichsen, Rodney . , Hodgson, Tam Hook, Robin ' Horn, Joan ' S Ms 'ex' u. 3 is a wk V Hunt, Susan lhde, Beverly Imbimbo, Lynn Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Sharon 1 as Zigi-Qi, J , ,ff 4 Q , Johnson, Arnold Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, James Johnson, Kathy 105 'f J' kg? , . Q K' fl V345 N, ssifsw Hartman, Michael Hatch, Dawn Hatch, Michael Haubert, John Hawksley, Deborah Hayes , Dean , 511. ' '- ga? 3 5, B' is xilrfli aw :t 3 9 ,5 f,,f- . ,K Hennessey, Debra we sig '1 ,f , V - , ,,.,, ,Jw ,. hw +3 W . X x J f X Hernandez, Elizabeth Herrington, Lynette Hildreth, Anita Hill, Ronni Hill, Stephen 'if-if " .5 ,ge-If .M ,gl Horning, Timothy Horwood, Kim Houze, Deborah Howard, Robin Howell, Ronald Hudson, Stephen 7 - me -I-1 or .K Jacobs, William Jamilkowski, Bruce Jarvis, Susan Jauregui, Stella Jennings, Steven Jillson, Jimmy 4 ' va S ar llefvlg I? ,Q K Y as - L .,,.. H 2 Sa K l 1 r '1 4, Kumke, Linda , La Follette, Carolyn QQ- Ff- T 2 , x x Ky ,.. -5 ,-1 N ,gi Judd, Marvin Justus, Deborah Kahelin, Roger Kaiser, Christine Kawka, Susan an 1. ,..i.:, ,V Jgf"?lff Kocher, Denise Koerner, William 1- Kubota, Ayako J 4: afar. 1 4 x iii 4 E fa 4 255-' Lannom, William A Larkin, Terry xl I' ,.. Lassabe, Linda ' Leaird, Joann if 4 Ledak, Stephen ,,.' i ...fi Z i el s , 'jx' .f,f1w'.is sis.. L P :En H V ' I . . 75 , mtg 2 we W 1 .,,. .,.. . rt, , ,AZ 9. , rr, Q -" 's.+g, ,,-5, 1 .. ,VM W S M.. .3 .:1'4:'5SaH5a?"z-T? f-" ., L . -- 1.55:1f-5:,:5g,ae'f15.,- : Emir-iggieg , M f , v Em Hx l 5 ff , , f i ,f V L ,sag,g Lopshire, Kathi Lowry, Patricia Lowry, Tommy Luna, Silvia 106 323 H 51 Johnson, Larry Johnson, Mary Johnston, Debbie Jones, Janet Jones, Paul Jordan, Richard . Q -'han as lk, 4, 3 Kelley, Paul Kemp, Elaine Kennedy, Mary Kirk, Sue Klein, Dennis Knight, Sharon U5 rel La Pierre, Judith La Pietra, Valerie La Rosa, Julie Labunski, Leonard Lambert, Sharon Lancaster, Debra Lewis, Linda Lewis, Steven Lindsay, Cameron Lopez, Arturo Lopez Johnny ff Lonngren, Monte sr .K , 5 ., Q s W. W, .. - if gkww S i i- Sm if ar- 5 dk. ,, A , Q. r . i 5, h Q., ws al' 'S V H , Maranger, Judy Marsh, Mike Marsh, Patrick Marshall, Wade Martenson, Ronald W 3 Mead, Harry Meinhart, Richard Mershon, Martha Mevlmester, K. Meyers, Rebecca .tn , . i X ss may-s 1,2 Moreno, Manual Morris, Timothy Morrison, Jill Morrow, Curtis Moseley, Kathleen :away R. I .Lf,. ,A I I E mga aa .Y .. 1. , f 1' ' again figs. , , . ,- 4525 1 5- , W K, we gs,-M' we ' -ik, 5. 1. 9: - ' '- . Neely, Dale Nelson, Michael Nelson, Roy Nephew, Janice 107 . i , 5 as S5 Q ' -f'la.:f L' Luper, Perri Lutz, Anita Maier, Christopher Makey, Jerry Malley, Kathleen Malloy, Christopher if Martin, Robert Martin, Shirley Matzen, William Mays, Scott Mc Gauley, Linda Mc lntire, Rick Miller, Deborah Miller, Julie Moelter, Daniel Money, Ronald Montgomery, Dennis Montiel, Alexander Ei' 5? S 4 3 , Q an rar Mull, Jesse Murphy, John Nabeta, Nancy Naple, Thomas Naslund, Patricia Nason, Beverly l ., f , M- 6' 4 if H ,fa 7 ,. wi ,,.W i Y f - mf be 1 of if nl iii, my if , Q -. if 5 Wear if Z' mf 3 Noyes, Deborah Noyes, Timothy Nye, Carol O'Connell, james Oakley, Susan S, Q' 41 i 3 - .ylfz .- 22251 ' 42? ' L ,f" fi ' 1Q:g', . P V ,W Osgood, Marilee Osuna, Andy Owens, Lawrence Palmore, Donald Parcell, Deborah Pedersen, Mark Pennington, Sarah Pereira, Kathleen Perkins, Donald Permetti, Mary 251235 f- ' K :-.1 ., ' ' ,f pw- .- Mg: .1 1 wg. 1 -, ' - , ukr , A . .. Pittman, Richard Platzer, Sharilyn Poppolardo, Joanna Porter, Clarese 108 gg -. wear-sis:-: '- M A 5. ,Y , , , H, 5-f'. -, 14' I' F5155 'mf L 5 X Y, fs Q 'i ff ia, . ' iq-jfrfi,,i1,,-.yi iili i il P X. ,, , If ., Y If x Q HQ' 1,1 hedge 5,5 X f mas h f -sf-N. ,ww . , ' els' Y ii P -if-..w -f V, -, Newingham, Linda Nichols, Maria Nichols, Robert Nicolet, James Nilssen, Richard Norkunas, Richard my V ' . lg ,s 3 QQ 1 H ..,, , P 3 ,..: i A it 2,4 ,4 -, .sw vw?-5 : J fl' . ' ' f Oden, William Okuniewicz, Noreen Olmos, Martha Olson, Lynn Ordway, Diane Osborne, David H - A ,,,,,. 'isifwiiligs 5 ' . 'iivikfzifgv - l r , if e ff :-" 5' i i' ' an .. ,M ,h -,wk . ., , r, W - - K I ' rl f as . AML ' ff ,- 3: ,- .. -- Partain, Michelle Patenaude, Steven Patterson, Douglas Patton, Kenneth Paul, Sandra Peasley, Eric it '-I 'Q 2 JF -Y' L ' ,ia Petropolis, joseph Pfeifer, Rebecca Phelps, Bruce Phelps, Thomas Philips, Ronald Phillips, Carol . ,. E., . ,i.9,a,.k rf . fx! Kim 8 5 --fizviii f. A V aw i K .f F Q? M 4' BK' P1-ust, Robert Que chenberger, Engleb Rachac, Debra Ramirez, Stephen Randall, James ., A, tg. if 2 if Richmond, john Riley, Debra Rinella, Sergio Rispoli, Sally Robins, Barry lgla . Q , 4 I ,aa a Rumsey, Anna Russell, Bruce Russell, Stephen Salego, David Salmond, Darlene "Za :f A A gr ,lR' YQ X. 'N N33 S i Q95 Q ' 5' ,ff . U- . 1'-V 2 a e ff: Iazi f i Shafer, Wayne Shannon, james Shepard, Anne Shidner, David 109 Posey, Marc Founders, Shirley Powell, Connie Price, Virginia Provost, Donna Pruett, Cathy Randazzo, jean-Marie Real, Margie Reinhold, Gregg Reth, Richard Reynolds, james Richards, Merlyn ,rw ,W A is, X , 2 if XJ fi 5 I ' 'V f' K 1 . 1 Is? w , - 5, -7,L: 2 fr, ,K -V - 1 Aw .5 1',:::,,f ' - -1 wrfrrff " 1 '55 fs, " 2 fr -A ,Jr ,, . ,f-ggggt, , S mb Y ,Q .::, , , gi. ..,, -- -.-. L V, H 3 kixx get ' ...Q X ,. is V . Rodgers, jim Rodgers, johnny Rodriquez, Paul Roe, Cheryll Romano, Deane Ruehs, Carol rw ki ' .:,'Q ' -E z --':' he fr Salyers, Juanita Sanborn, George Sceniak, Steven Scott, La Mont Sehorn, Donald Us M 1 5 5, Hi X 5, ,au Sellers, jimmy 'S 55 1 iff . it if I f Q 1, G' 'Ms 1, .,. -. 1 -i Q ,.,., . ,J .- 1 vi W, 4 t gf: X 9? 5 fa ra' Simpson, Peggy Slade, Donna Sloan, Michael Smith, Dana Smith, David y LS QS? Sperry, Daniel Squillaci, Cynthia Stammen, Randy Stanger, Michael Stanley, Rickey 1 Stevenson, Michael Stringfellow, Kathrin Suter, john Sweet, Jean Tamblyn, Joyce ' .A 'R K s. z x , in l gi, af as ' if ,sei s ans- Tochtrop, Christine Tozer, Henry Truman, Curtis Tucker, Dianne HO Shirley, Mikel Schug, David Shuster, Douglas Siewert, Burt Simmons, Janet Simms, Lilia Xa in W T W ,F . Smith, Michael Smith, Mike Smock, Anthony Snyder, james Snyder, Marelene Soulnier, Paula X jf" - 'fif . X Starkey, Robert Steel, Laura Steffer, Ronald Stephens, Barbara Stevens, Ellen Steveson, james as Tavares, Tena Taylor, Carol Taylor, Cheryl Taylor, Constance Thomas, David Thomas, William iit,. 1 -gee: 1 'ug , as P it 4 .'lF1'A of 1' ,Q , f, .wrj L "visa-w 2 :5 mi 1 S I , sfifgzggi is i ,Eiga fag. 5? 9 is r. L Vick, Wanda Volore, Cynthia Waggener, james Wallick, Griffen Walton, Nina Watkins, I-Iaron Werner, Christopher West, Nancy Whalen, Harold Wheeler, Robene White, Candace White, jessica Wilson, Suzanne Wine, Amy Wisler, Steven Wood, Stephen Woods, Debra Woolery, Glenn as s. as w ax' in sl f,1S,:s, , 1 , , :L---if-:asm if . t t. ,, , ,,,, ,.:,. F 'M-6 , , . 9 'V 1 cm Six G if H , 7527 -. .' .4 -ij emiggg fi:a:4..La " .1-.f' .' :W 'f A I ',,,,1 I 3 .- Q azififs ' 1 - 1241572 S wg, 9, . 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K +4- 32 9 'hi 4 J r Kinzer, Susan Klein, David Klingler, Cynthia Jorgensen, Pat Kane, Connie Kayler, Susan Kearney, Pat Keefer, Gale Kent, Chris Kercher, Sandra -X Efidgm' 91,2255 ,,,, : , - ' .,, .N , .. 5: a hm w X x w fr x" 1 Lehr, Patrice Linn, Alan Lockard, David Long, Marianne Lopez, Isabel Lovell, Ron Low, Robin Luna, Ruben Lynn, Phyllis 128 ' , ,,,. fa Martin, Judy Matzen, Lorna if Mayfield, Harry -'1 . McCall, Judy "' ' 5 McCreedy, john , fi ,- 'I - A 51125. '57, N 'EFT ' K i an ' E X fr Mc Affee, Cliff Mungie, Deborah Murphy, Kathy Mylerberg, Joyce Nelson, Gary Nesmith, Gary N Nichols, Don , Milton Lynn l al Miller, Gail llhy Miller, Mlke "': .. Millikan, Leroy V Montgomery, Dave ' Montgomery, Rita Moore Everett . Morse, Steve .H Morton, Melinda Mose , Olla 7 Mortensen, Christi si R .--,,, Nichols, Sharon j '-A' --.: : Z " Noyes, Ray :" Oakley, Carla A Oden, Sue is A .. ",' t " i Orcutt, Karen Ordway, Bob Owens, Ken Pagan, Christi 'ii Parker, Eleanor ' ,x . JH 129 Magee, Orval Mallette, Trudy Manire, jo Ann Marek, Sue Marlin, Bruce Marquis, Cynthia Marshall, Tim McCullough, Arm McGauley, Larry McRoberts, Brock Meadows, Elizabeth Mendenhall, Terry Michalewski, janet Miles, Ken , Passafume, Terry Patterson, Robert Paul, David Pedroarena, Stevan Penman, Heather Perkins, Rich Perry, Brian , 5 ,. 4, ,..1 zu, r X 5 'N' 'x R916 N . g 'news S x Petty, Rhonda Phipps, Charmaine Plant, Linda Potoky, joe Powers, Terry Priddell, Jack Preston, jim ,fgg f 'Q W S ,, , if , Perry, Bruce Peters, Lester Peters, Robert Peters, Roberta Peterson, Judith Petrosino, Margie .X I' if all" 'Nh F' if X IW R Provost, Janet Pruett, Peter Provenzano, Angeline Puhl, Barbara Radmall, Tim Rains, Vicki , 4 A 5 -,.,, 51, Ralph, Sue Real, Abe Reid, Linda Reth, Randall Roberts, Don , 3 , Sanders, Sandvig, Scandin, Sceniak, Schaffer, Kathy Mary Craig Maryann Lynne 35,5 22. , U ifEI,?7. z S ' . Wx Rodriquez, Dave Rogers, Margaret Romero, David Rymer, Deborah Sanders, Don Sanders, john M w kwa is , '30 1 + E Schubert, Debra Schuler, Nancy Scott, Patricia Seyler, Steve 130 . ES ff-by v Q5 is E Shaffer, Dick Shastid, Roger Shaw, Chris Shellman, Keith Shoquist, Albert Shrove, Gerri Shrum, Gary L Q: N, .- X, , ,,,,., , .. KT : , 1, J, pg. ' , rs?- :fs meta .. g " N- fr ' 1 af M ti f ,S , ,X .,, .. E , E 5 sw 'K 2 Q wa ,W v ,rw ....,.. . . ,K Q ii, X aw fa 5 ,fi .1-,,, f' A , -K Q as f A , ,, , s s1f,,,1e jjj , S f, hi 81 5' I , . , gi, H N " M ' ' ' : . , , 'I x -HY If ,I , fu ,RN as 1 .. aff is Smith, Larry Smith, Steve Smock, Mike Shouffer, Pam Snow, Carol Snyder, David Solomon, Ed r , n l : ,. L J' i' .a , 'S if' ix V V W gf. fi . .. 5 s -' is as ra e Q K Q X 1 f 1 PQQ Q 5 aa, Simard, Ray Dimmons, Deb Sinock, Randy Smart, Cliff Smith, Sue Smith, Joyce .,., 5 .H Sparks, David Spelts, Pam Sprague, Jessie Staley, Laura Stanley, Karen Starkey, Linda Q.. ""' Q J 1525 MJT . , .' H ': . f' -L 1 'ri si. ' , lr .. , is 'L 'Q' X ll 3x .fl S ' 5 . Stevenson, Rickey is Stewart, David Stinton, Robert Stropes, Sherill Stubbs, Annette Sturm, Jim ,.:,, M- f Tinkey, Janice Tochtrop, Ginger Tonkyro, Tom Tonkyro, Tim Touchstone , Kathi Les' 1 -asia. . ' ' I5 f- ' f:g:fg,Q,gx 31 Ag? me-:-.,: 1, Viisiiis T 1 xxx jr, , if 1 Q 1. - fame ,J as .......,,.. ., . .. ,qw 5 -. L A24 fs 1 2 '- Traisi, Jan Tschumperlin, Paullett Turner, Charles Tuttle, Richard 131 Tate, Joe Tate, Bob Thomas, George Thomas, Don Thompson, Lola Thomson, Bill sl ik- , I if! Tweddie, Vernon Tychsen, David Ullery, Richard Van Derweghe, Ron Van Holst, Tom Vanderbusoh, Cheryl Verdugo, Leanne ' s-- ,aa ' if :aff 123 rg ,, . ' 1? .5 ,K , W if 'I' QI Iii! HN' Sw ggi lil fl? .mae .J-rv -' ,- r u :: if Es .1 Vernor, Linda Verran, Chuck Vitale, Joann Vogelsong, Paul Wagner, Tim Wahl, Marcia . i,.. Waleflusy Maureen H , ' ' Walker, Rod r A,.. 4, P H" ' 11 "-r fi , - Walker, Sam A 3 4' " E, wan, Vickie W , , , + . ,.. , rig' Vi, - Wallace, Gary ' V - , rg , 2 1 51 V f f i .,, ,, L ya if A 4: 'xx 4' I ,.,..-nf 51 s iii as X .Qggg . L gsm S we is ti 1 fi, -if r . M-ff ff S . Waller, Vince Watson, Ron Way, Larry Weis, Steve Wells, Richard Welsh, Jerome Werner, Otto 4, . 'Z 4 ,- J A sr , f Wessel, Bob Wesbrook, Zachery Whalen, Tom Whellington, Bob Whelply, janet Witcraft, Daryl Wojdak, Mike Wolfe, Larry W oods , Woody, .,.,,,.,, ,,.., , N in iffi ..., if 1: I Chris D onna Widick, Sue Wilson, Chris Wilson, Larry Wiltfong, Ray Wine, Nancy Winward, Paula in-.... Woolery, Kathi Wray, Collin Wray, Ellie Wright, Stephen Zeller, Gloria l 132 AND THE BEAT GGES ON sf 43... V.---.-:..b.i5E5EQEQE5E ' 222211-Z:13Z:1:f:izlzffzfffl1: ':3:1i:313:5t7:3:i:3Z3'7'-' '1'I'.':'Pf:f:I:f:1' '.?:3:3:5S:3i3:3:3' . 1, .55 . . I 'H .fhfgn .. EE" :." .S :G Q :, 1' '-'- 2:2 Q . V ' JVM' , Q-2 It has been four years of mem- ories, of great successes and small failures, four years of sadness and of joy. Now, it has all come to an eudg we will soon be going our separate Ways. But in this short time we shared a distinction--We, the class of 1968--we were the BEST people . AS WE CEYL-oN INTO THE FUTURE QQ 65566639 gwcg Q-an qcagkbiecs C5133 Wishing all my friends at El Cajon all the very best. viii' Q K ' 4""""'1lluu.,,-,Q , ,, .. -+.,,,.--.sw his American home with the T. Moore 136 to spend a whole year in th1s UC stay here - -in ' ke h the cl tS at t all e areejust greatlj HSSGS and mode of my country and been able to act will and my country and y gone many a which I will the sea, I W1ll be treasure--of El Cajon Sepala WE ARE THAI-ING THE WORLD TOGETHER. N . - '.. , 1 aokedmau un1171'1nnngG1u.auuduwu5fn'f0? 1 Good morning my lovely friends. How are you today? 1 ff 5- - v X 'Vlltb . X In XA' V fx Heather Penm an Cindy Wade Carol juberg jim Wenstrom Sandy Olson janet Ertman john johnson XY ag. L --J Fred Nabeta 1 Sandy O' Gorman Linda Roessler Robbie H111 Richard White Ardis Flenniken Barry Rosen Janice Petaj a Sharon Barhelmess Sharon Cummings Ray Smith Anna Pike jim Cochran Cv i Carolyn Le dak Di ane Sorens on s Y Sherry Gaffney Mary Ann Osterm eyer H0 OR Joanne Porter Tom Deen Arma Drotl eff Linda Moore Kathy Risinger GR DUATES Linda Cox- -3. 79 Bob Marlln--3. S2 Cathleen Roberts --3. 92 72 David Franklin --4. OO it' 3 X 1 21 We CO-VALEDICTORIANS Janis Ferree --3. 73 Linda Roach- -3. 73 Dale Kreiter --3. 95 Lynette Torrey--3. 87 Renee Errec --3. 76 Larry Dyer--3. 85 joe Gonz ales - -4. OO D. A. R. GOOD CITIZEN IOR HO ORS AN ARDS Anna Pike HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Margaret Baker BOYS' STATE john Johnson WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOLS NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS Cathee Roberts David Franklin SOROPTOMIS T' S CITIZENSHIP AWARD L. Roach D. Franklin R. Erreca CERTIFICATE lst LOCAL CERTIFICATE ,A 1 ,,, .ae Q K, r'wnnrr.,.L F' F P ' a fl- kixiki fkx 5 , - . Bank of America Trophy Winner MATH 8 SCIENCE Cathy Roberts Bank of America Trophy Winner VOCATIONAL ARTS Larry Dyer NOT PICTURED: Tom Deen, Denny Embleton, jack Phelps, Cathy Roberts, Ray Smith, Lynette Torrey CALIFORNIA STATE SCHOLARSHIP SEMI -FINALISTS -K' H Z HIIHT Ng ,Q Kathy Mondy. IES' Bank of America Trophy Winner FINE ARTS janet Ertm an pm ELK' S AWARDS ,,.....M. , I ,.,.,, ,, BANK OF ANIERICA ACHIEVE- MENT AWARDS IN SPECIFIC FIELDS: ART, Marjon Hauftg ENGLISH, Linda Moore, BUSINESS, Linda Roachg FOREIGN LANGUAGE, Sharon Barthelmessg HOlVIE-ECO- NOMICS, Marilyn Meadows, IN- DUSTRIAL ARTS, Ron Reid, SCIENCE, joe Gonzales, SOCIAL SCIENCE, Dale Kreiterg IVIATH, jim Cochran. NOT PICTURED: MUSIC, Warren Grefg DRAMA, Sally Norton, AGRICULTURE, Q, rg , . Bank of America Trophy Winner LIBERAL ARTS David Franklin YOUTH LEADERSHIP MOST VALUABLE STUDENTS I. Iohnson L. Baca D. Franklin lst LOCAL 2nd LOCAL lst LOCAL MCMLXVIII mi Q ' farms 6 W Vue '69 We W 'MDW QP Wwvf ami? MARI OAKMAN SAM FLOYD BILL REYNOLDS KATHY MONDY Vice- President Treasurer President Secretary ADVISORS . . . From the Papoose Pit and pop bottles, And Disneyland and pop bottles and muscle- L land, And then Sea World and the fair and more l pop bottles, We Come to candy, and a so 4 room of Crowns. . . . and the future . Llre Q '.' Mrs. Halliburton Mrs. Logan Mr. Williams SE IORS '68 DEBORAH DEE AUFORT " Debb ie " ' Debbie came to El Cajon from Florida via New York. While here she n10Sl enjoyed her secretarial courses. She plans to return to Florida where she will continue her academic plan to become a secretary. 'WW MICHAEL DAVID ACOSTA Hmakw' After gaduating in lime, Mike plans to attend Grossmont I. C. He then wants to serve in the Air Force. it Q- 'W3"rNy STANLEY LEWIS ADAMS "stan" Presently in the Marching, Concert and Varsity Bands, Stan also participated in the Nominating Conventions. llc soon plans to attend a Bible College. where hc has stated, "l can do all things through Christ, who strenqtlienth nie. " 5,4 SEPALA I I LAK A MARASU RIYA nscpin After arriving from Ceylon, Sepala began an active year participating in ASB. International Club, the Folk Music Club, and Dialectos. His future plans include the study of law and political science at the Univ. of Ceylon. Sepi was elected as Fricndlicst Senior Boy. SHARON KAYE BABCOCK HKZYCH This january graduate plans to work in a business office, putting to use her favorite class, Clerical Office Practice. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. lump. Kaye was in Concert Choir 1,2, and Trcblaircs 2. FERNANDO R. ARRI-QOLA Fcrna.ndo's iour years at El Caion have been highlighted by his art classes. lie plans to further this interest at Grosxmont 1. C. 4--W SHARON LUCILE AGGSON "Sher" Sharonls activities were liravettes 3,4 and Girls' League. ller future plans include modeling and being an airline stewardess. Sharon has found Photography and P. E. her most enjoyable classes. Her favorite expres- sion. "Let's go' " portrays her endeavors. LLOYD EUGENE ATR ISSON iiccncii Gene's favorite teacher .il lil Caion was Mr. Kingery mind his favorite class was art. He plans to go to Grossniont 1. C. and S.D. State to become an art teacher. Gene enjoys working on ears and eating. Ilis major dislike is work, LAWRENCE RAY BACA nL3n,ii Lary was involved in every phase of school life, such as Track 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 1,2, 33 Frosh- Soph. Speech Tournament, Dialcctos 3,4, ASB Comm. of Athletics 3, Varsity Club 3,45 Sr. Dance Comm., Voice of Democracy 3.45 National Anthology of High School Poetry. MARGARET SUE BAKER i-Manga After graduation, Margaret plans to attend Grossmont 1. C. She has been active in High Pennants 3, Captain 4, Girls' League 3.-4g Latin l,2. 3,45 Concert Choir 1, Baccalaureate and Comniencement Comm. 4. we-...s-.4-v' DAVID JOSEPH BALDWIN HDQVCN Dave's favorite teacher has been Mr. Malovicg his favorite subject, Spanish. His plans are to attend a junior college, majoring in math or music. Later he will join the Air Force. - SANDRA ELAINE BERNARD "Sandie" Sandie likes skiing and scuba diving. Her favorite class has been bookkeepingg her favorite teacher, Mrs. Hempel. After graduation she plans to attend Grossmont J. C. ,Iii it CATHY ELAINE BARNWELL JAMES scoTT BARRON BEST ALL AROUND SENIOR "CMV" "lim" c ' f ' ' f ' tl ' ' ' " h b c C Mari Oakman John Johnson beaaghZiiirllvvilatfr':sl:iiih'?cSSlf1Ci52isuZuitE?1eIii "mSmmt'C5 M een ms cum' SHARON ANN BAR.THm,MEss ' Sharon plans to attend the U. C. at Santa Barbara where she will major in sociology and French. Her many activities included Les Chevalers 23 Nom. Conventions 1,2, 3,43 School Service Comm, 3, Girls' League 33 Y-teens 33 Class Council 3,43 Snowball Princess 33 CSF 3,43 Arclibearer 3, Sr. Prom Comm.3 ASB Treas. 4. MA RVIN WAYNE BAUER ifmawvv This athletic brave has enjoyed his activities at El Cajon which included: Frosh Wrestling, Frosh Footballg I. V. Football 23 Var. Foot- ball 33 Track 3,4. His future plans include attending Grossmont J. C. Mr. Adams' English 4 Class was especially interesting to Marv. Y-teens, Girls' League, and the Nom. 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Usher 33 Varsity Club 3,45 SMOKE SIGNAI.g Sr. Fun Night Conventions. After working as an airline C . d N . C stewardess, she hopes to become a teacher. omm an om onv. 1,4. His favorite teacher was Mr. Maize, and favorite class was English. LEROY BEARDEN Q One of Mr. Dycr's proteges, this senior's favorite activities included Boy's Fed. 1,23 F. F. A, 1, 2, 3, 43 Nom. Conv. 1, 23 Sr. Publicity Comm. 43 Tab G Campus 1, 33 and F. F. A. State Horticulttu-e team 3,4. He plans to attend Grossmont 1. C. SHERRY LYNN BEAZLEY In her 2 years at El Cajon, Sherry has been on the SMOKE SIGNAL Staffg and Tab and Campus. Her choice of a college is SDSC. She will study English to become a teacher like Mr. Bascom. JANET A. BELL ujanan li you're a grouch, stay away from Ianet because she dislikes grouchy people, as her favorite quote shows, "Do it my wayg anyone can do it right. " She was active in the Nom. Conv. and she plans to attend Grossmont J. C. BRYAN EUGENE BERGLAND uBC,.g,Cu Bryan's interest in guitar playing led him to add the Folk Music Club to his track and wrestling activities. I-le hopes to major in electronics at Grossmont j. C. His favorite teacher was Mr. Leewaye. BEVERLY ANNE BOGAN After Beverly gaduates, she would like to attend Grossmont I. C. Her activities were Banner 23 Bravettes 35 Y- teens 43 Girls' League 4. Mr. Buller was her favorite teacher and Bookkeeping her favorite Class. 'N SUSAN FRANCES BELLOWS "Suzy Creamcheese" Susan enjoys spending her time horseback riding, writing and walking. After graduation she plans to work. While at ECVHS, she enjoyed having Mrs. Halliburton. Her favor- ite quote is, "The first flower that blossomed on this earth was an invitation to the unborn song. " GERALD DEAN BENDER .,Iem,., While at El Cajon, jerr'y's activities have been Frosh Football 25 Var. Football 3,45 Varsity Club 3,43 and Track 3,4. After graduating, he wants to major in Physical Ed. at Grossmont J. C. He found Mr. Stark's Civics class especially interesting. IOHN JOE BERGAMO ln his two years at ECVHS, john was active in Var. Basketball 3,and the School Service Comm. 4. His interest in Mr. Williams woodworking class is reflected in his plan to attend S. D. S. C. to Study in that field. KAREN SUE BERNARD KATHLEEN M. BLANKENSHIP ROBERT DAVID BLOWERS HBCU, Listing Mr. LeTourneau as her favorite Kathie plans to attend a Business College teacher and Homemaking as her favorite and major in Bookkeeping, her favorite Surfing, girls, animals and Mr. Kingery class, Karen participated in Girls' League class. She was active in Farmerettes all are tops with Bob. After gaduation he during her 4 years at ECVHS. After gradu- four years. In her free time she enjoys would like to attend Grossmont I. C. and ation she wishes to become an airline riding motorcycles over sand dunes. then SDSC. stewardess. A XC JAMES Mlci-IEAL BOLDA T HWOPH Through such activities as Football 1,23 Wrestling 1, Cadet Bandg Nom. Conv. 1,2,3,4g School Service Comm., Cheer- leader 4, jim has kept busy at ECVHS. Auto Shop ranks as his favorite class. The Air Force is his primary goal. 147 RIC HARD WARREN BOWEN i.DiCkyu Dicky plans to attend SDSC and major in Aeronautics. Then he plans to go into the Air Force. He participated in Military Science l,2, and enjoyed his class with Mr. Lyons. Riding motorcycles and being with girls are his favorite pastimes. SANDRA CHRISTINE BOYAS iisandyii A future photo major at Grossmont I. C. , Sandy transfered to El Cajon from El Capitan for her Senior year. "just messing around" is her favorite pastime and Mr. Buller her favorite teacher. IOHN PATRICK BRAC KNEY iilohnn Iehn was active in Frosh footballg JV foot- ballg wrestlingg n-ack. He plans to join the Marines when he graduates. He enjoyed Auto Shop class. 1 KENNETH STEVEN BROWN Ken, who likes to get things done here and now, enioyed Mr. Smith's Auto Shop most. His immediate futlu-e plans involve a term in the Armed Forces. GARY WAYNE BURROWS "El Lobo" Gary's favorite class was Mr. Idle's Metal Shop. He plans to major in police science at Grossmont J, C. next year. SHEELA MARY IRENE BRAVO Sheila was in Girls' League 1,2, 35 Class Council 35 Bravettes 3g Sec, 43 Sr. Prom Comni.g Nom. Conv. 33 and Homecoming Princess. She enjoyed Mr. Gonzalez as a teacher, her favorite class being U. S. His- tory. She likes spaghetti and pizza and dis- likes loud-mouthed people. ' MARY ANN BROWN npugn 'N'Iary's activities at ECVHS included Girls' Leagueg the Frosh-Soph. Speech Tourneyg Nom. Conv.g Sr. Cards and Announ. Comm.g and Nurses' Aides. This last activity is closely related to her plans to study nursing at Grossmont J. C. MARY ALICE CALKINS nlgeckvii Becky was an ECVHS maiden added to the class of '68, coming to us ji-om Santana High. Upon graduation she plans to enter the ministry. She listed reading and being with her friends as her favorite hobbies. 127217, DEBORAH KAY BREESE "Debbie" Debbie showed her school spirit by going to the school games and participating in Girls' League. She enjoys listening to records and the radio, and plans to attend beauty college after graduation. Mr. Eastlick was a good influence on Debbie CHARLES ROY BROZ Charles' main activity has been his hand- ball playing. While here he developed an interest in the sciences and plans to major in Chemistry at SDSC. VIRGINIA ANN CAMPBELL ncinin This 3-year graduate plans to attend Azusa- Pacific College after graduation in August. Her activities in the last 3 years have been Girls' League 1,23 Banner 23 CSF 2,35 and Campus Life. l48 STEVEN JOHN BRISCOE "Steve" Like most boys, Steve enjoys having a good time and working on his car. His favorite class was Auto Shop and he would like to work as an auto mechanic or join the service after graduation. Mrs. Logan was his favorite teacher. RANDALL KENT BUC KMA STI-IR "Randy" Randy likes hunting, fishing, and working on cars. He plans to attend Grossmont l. C. , then work for the government. CHA RLES ANTHONY CANNON " Iulius Caesar" Chuck, one of the friendliest seniors on campus, wis active in Frosh Class Councilg Nom. Conv. 2, 35 Frosh footballg Wrestling 2, 3g Drama 1-45 Tennis 33 Cheer 4. Chuck plans to attend Grossmont J. C. His favorite hobbies are wine, women, and song. RITA BERNICE CARTER "Barney" This future Grossmont I. C. student trans- ferred to ECVHS in her senior year from Paramount High. Rita's favorite teacher was Mr. LcTourneau. DAVID ALLEN CASSlTlY' "Hopalong" Davc's activities included Wrestling 1, 25 Fresh Footballg Nom. Conv. 1, 25 Tab ll Campus 1,23 Sr, Class Councilj Sr. Priv. Comm. lle likes happy people and most enjcwed Mr. Bascom's English class. His favorite pastimes are going to the beach and hunting. iii: las: " :Stir iii. SANDRA LEE CHASE nsandyii Sancly's activities included the Nom. Conv. l,2. Mrs. Hon1esley's P, E. class was her favorite. Her pastimes are listening to records and going to church. She says, "Don't condemn those who do against you, but rather pray for them. " Sandy wants to be an airline stewardcss. SENIOR STAND-OUTS: Ei. CAJUN B R i V F IANA LUC ILLE CASON Jana, a member of the Drama Club, French Club, and Girls' League developed an inter- est in arts, which led her to choose fine arts as her future major at SDSC. OUTSTANDING SCHOOL SERVICE CHARLES LAVERN CASTLE Anna Pike John Johnson nvcmn Vern enjoys working on cars in his spare time and liked Nlr. Smit.li's Auto Shop class most. The service beckons Vern after graduation. CHRIS CHOlSSER Before attending El Cajon, Chris attended Hemct High School for two years, He lists lu.nch as his most enjoyable class. His future plans are indefinite. l49 .gf-"N .,-N.-fvk BYRON EUGENE CLARK i-Bamcyii After transferring to ECVHS, Barney became active in the Drama Club of which he is now president. His favorite pastimes are reading. girls, and going to the beach. His plans include joining the Air Force and becoming an electrical engineer. SUSAN IOY CLARK itsucn Going to the beach is Sue's favorite pastime She likes little dogs, but hates big ones. Niiss ,lohnston's P, E. class was the "most" and Sue was a member of Bravetftes in both her junior and senior year. She will attend C-rossmont I. C. We . '41, VALERIE JEAN CLARK rival,- After graduation Val plans to become u PBX Operator. She was 11 Tub E- Campus :intl a Class Council Rep. :ind was an active member of Girls' League. She thinks Erecleles are cute but hates phony hair. She most enjoyed Nir. Williams' Crafts class. RONALD ALAN CLAYTON " Hey You" This Senior came from Mt. Miguel in his junior year. He has participated in crack. His favorite saying is "The only good bug is a dead bug. " Ron plztns to attend SDSC. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED X-. joe Gonzales Cathleen Roberts THOMAS ALBERT CLl'NE i.-1-Om.. Tom's hobby, weight-lifting, has helped him in his activities at ECVHS which included Frosh Footbullg 1. V. and Ifrosh Wrestlinqg I. V. and Var. Track. llc plzins to attend Crossinont I. C, JAMES THOMAS COCHRAN "The Red Baron" jim plans to :Attend USC and major in nxzithcinntics. His many activities have been Football l,2, 3,45 Track 1,2, 3,43 Nom Conv. 29 Roman Bravesg CSFQ Varsity Club Sec.5 and Cadet Band. SUSAN IUANITA CONWAY .isucn Sue has been very active at ECVHS. She participated in lirzivettes 3.45 Sr. Bzinnerg Girls' League lg Sr. Fun Night Comm. Cards 2 Announ. 4. Sue plans on attending SDSC to major in physical education. Her favorite pastime was riding in her Model iN. ,,',.,., GEORGE MICHAEL CONNOLLY George came to El Cajon 2 years :ago from Helix. While nt ECVHS he participated in Nom. Conv. 35 Sr. Publicity Comm.g NFL 3, 4. He listed pliotoqrnphy :is his favorite hobby. He dislikes snobs. 150 GEORGE ROY CONKLTN George toolz part in Tab and Campus. He will attend Grossmont 1. C. and major in biology. He also expresses an interest in possibly going to Australia. l-Ie likes to mise frogs and watch football games. KEITH NELSON COOK Keith attended El Cajon as a freshman and sophomore. lle then transferred to Morse for his junior year but as a senior he returned. His favorite class was crafts. He plans to go to Grossmont J. C. DAVID MICHAEL COPELAND "Dave" Dave enjoyed having parties and lists Mr. Lutz as his favorite teacher. His activities included Cross Country 23 Class Council 2, 3, Nominating Conv. 5 Sr. Gift Comm. Dave plans to attend a junior college, majoring in Social Science. NANCY IANE CRUNK Nancy came lo ECVIIS from Oaklahomzi. She has participated in Girls' League. She dislikes boys who are always late, but likes riding motorcycles. Her advice is, "Don't do anything now you will be sorry for later. THOMAS F. DAVIDSON I-Tomu Being the outstanding mile runner in Southern Calif. , Tom ranks spores high among his interests. He participated in Frosh basketballg Cross Country 2, 3,45 Track 2,3,4. He was a member of the Var. Club and served on the Senior Fun Night Comm. Tom plans to attend USC or SDSC and major in Political Science. ,rw wh? NANC Y DELORES C OPELAND "Wart Nose" Nancy's iavoritc class was Biology and Mr. Kingery was hcr favorite teacher. While at E.C. she was active in Tab and Campus and Girls' League. She likes soft, cuddly things, and dislikes chocolate. She plans to attend a nurses' training school. in-we --ff' MARGARET E. CRUZ "Marco" "Marco" plans to major in IBM at the Automation Institute. Her hobbies are playing tennis and badminton. She likes cooking and hair styling. Wx., ' IAC K WAYNE DAVIS Coming to El Cajon in his sophomore year, jack enjoyed his Biology class the most and lists Mr. Leewayc as his favorite teacher. He likes to work on cars and says that poor sports- manship is his no. one dislike. jack hopes to make electronics a career. 151 LEILANI JEAN CORRELL "LOnnie" Lonnie participated in the Nominating Conv. 15 Girls' League 1, Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney, Tab and Campus 25 Sr. Ways 8 Means Comm. She most enjoyed her Spanish class with Mr. Gonzales. She plans to attend Grossmont I. C. to study Spanish. CECELIA J. CUMMINGS Hkanneu Jeanne has participated in the following during the 3 years at ECVHS: Girls' League 2, 3,43 Soph- Frosh Speech Tourneyg Nomi- nating Conv. 2, 35 Y- Teens 2, 3,43 Campus Life 3.43 School Service Comm. 4. Her favorite class was Crafts and she enjoys talking. LINDA SUSAN COX "Frenchie" Linda's activities have been ASB Asst. 45 Archbearer 3, CSF 2,3945 Girls' League 23 Sr. Cards and Announ. Comm.g Les Chevaliers 29 Nominating Conv. 2, 3,4, Frosh- Soph Speech Tourney and Scholastic Olympics 3,4. She likes people who like her and trys to understand those that don't. Mr. Castro's dynamic teaching pleased her most. Wigs? SHARON MARIE CUM MINGS "Kitten" Following her graduation in lan. this senior continued her education at SDSC. While at E. C. , Sharon w as active in International Club 43 Girls' League 45 Concert Band 2, 35 CSF, Sharon's favorite class was English l'V and she listed sewing and swimming as her hobbies. ROBIN THEODORE DAVIS , wi-edu - Photography has been of major interest to Ted. While serving as ASB photographer in his senior year, Ted gained experience which will be an asset as he plans to follow up his interest in photogaphy at Grossmont I. C. MICHAEL THOMAS DE BREAU "Mil-ie" Mike most enjoyed his Crafts class. Art and sculpture are among his favorite pastimes, and he also likes to dance. Next year Mike will attend Grossmont I. C. He dislikes smoking and long- haired boys. Mrs. Ellery was a favorite teacher. JESSICA M. DECKER nlcsscn Tangerines, strawberries, beards and Mr. Bascom's English class are some of jc-sse's favorites. While at ECVHS she was a mem- ber of Y-Teens 8 Campus Life and was active in Girls' League. Her immediate plans include Grossmont J. C. where she will study art. DENNIS M ICI-IA EL DIGENAN I-Buzzvn Dennis was active in the FFA all four years, Reporter 3, and President 4. He still found time to participate in j.V. and Varsity football. He was a member of the Varsity Club. His main interest is girls so obviously his favorite pastime is flirting. He intends to study law at USC next year. SANDRA GAIL DUFFY "Sandy" Sandy believes Nir. Kingery's Biology class the best during her four years at ECVHS. Her activities included Cirl's League 1,2, Tab and Campus 2, and Convention Delegate 1. Slic plans to attend Grossniont J. C. to major in Business. ,Qhf LI-SLEY THOMAS DEEN nfl-omu This go- getting senior has added much to our school through his participation in A. S.B. 5 Football 2,33 Baseball 2, 3,43 Class Council 43 Senior Fun Night Chairman, American Institute of Banking representative, Nominating Conventions 3,45 Concert Band l,2, 35 CSF Qlifejg Usher. Tom plans to attend SDSC or UCSD. MARK IAMES DOWDLE Mark, a senior transfer, came to ECVHS from Campbell High in San jose. While there he was active in track. After gradu- ation he would like to attend Washington State U. and major in veterinary medicine. His hobbies include painting and snow skiing,and he likes VW's and literature. ROBERT DUNCAN JIM CALVIN DEW III V-Jim.. During his 4 years at El Cajon, ,lim most enjoyed Mr. Eastlick's History class. His activities include Basketball 1,2,3g Base- ball 1, 2, 3, :intl varsity Club 2, 3, 4. nm will attend SDSC. THOMAS A. DIBLER nfl-Omni Tom digs auto races but hates hypocrites. Mr. Bascom's course in English ranks first as his class. His immediate plans include joining a branch of the military service after which he hopes to become a carpenter. STEPHEN GREGORY DOWERS " Steve" Music, girls, food, and Mr. Adams' English class are at the top of Stevels list of favorites. His activities include Drama Club V.P. 3 Comm. of School Service, Class Council lg Wrestling 2, Swimming, Varsity Club. Steve plans to attend Grossmonl LC. where he will study Drama and English. ANNA MAY DROTLEFF Class Council 1, Frosh-Soph. Speech Tourney, Nominating Conv. 2,3,4g Arch- bearer, CSF 2,3,4g Legend Staff 3, Business Mgr. 4, Cards and Announ. Comm., and School Service Comm. have all helped to make high school complete for Anna. Her happiness is characterized by her infectious laugh. She feels that the frustrating thing about life is "the key to success doesn't always fit your ignition". GARY LEON DYE Gary played in the Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, and Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Mr. Idle was his favorite teacher, and he enjoyed Mr. Leewayc's U, S. History class. After gradu- ating he plans to major in music at SDSC. 152 LAWRENCE CLYDE DYER HLHUYU Larry likes rain, sunshine and all aspects of farming. He was a member of F. F. A. for years, VP 4. He has also participated in Cross Country 8 Track. Larry plans to study Vocational Agieulture at the U. C. at Davis. LAURENCE BLYTHE DYKES HLHHYH Larry was in the Radio Club for all four years. His favorite teacher was Mr. Longg his favorite class, radio and electronics. During his spare time he likes to listen to music. After gaduation he wants to attend Grossmont I. C. IENNIFER LEE EDWARDS " Squirt" Upon graduation, jennifer plans to enroll in Grossmont 1. C. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Kingery, but Chemistry tops her list of favorite classes. Her activities have included Gi.rl's League 1,25 Science Club 1,45 Folk Singing Club 45 and Choir i,2, 3, 4. STEPHEN ELLIS "Steve" The halls of ECVHS have seen Steve through the four years of his high school education. He participated in Tennis as both a junior and a senior. His immediate plans include entering Grossinont I. C. RENEE MICHELE ERRECA Lilcing people with good senses of humor probably explains Renee's election as the senior with the best sense of humor. Girls' League 1, 2, 35 Int. Club 1, 2, 33 Cards and Amioiui. Comni.g Sennteg hom. Conv. 3,43 Archbearerg ASB Sec. and CSF Life Member have kept her busy. She plans to pursue her favorite class, Spanish, at SDSC. VTVIAN G. EDWARDS Vivian's favorite teacher at El Cajon was Mr. Mathews and she enjoyed her English class thc most. She was an active member in Gii-l's League during her four years at our school. Her future plans include marriage. DEBORAH LEE ELLIS " Debbie" Before attending El Cajon, Debbie went to several other high schools including San Diego and Mountain Empire. Her favorite class was Mr. LeTourneau's Civics class. She enjoys swimming and dancing and dis- likes phony people. After graduation, Debbie plans to start working. ARTHUR DENNIS EMBLETON nDennVvv Denny's favorite quote, "Life is just a bowl of cherries," reflects his liking for fun and sports. He participated in Football 2, 3,45 Baseball 1.2.3,4g Nom. Conv. 31 Sr. Prom Comni.3 and Usher 3. llis plans include a Blsiness Education Course at SDSC. JANET KATHLEEN ERTMAN nlanu Active in Band for 4 years and Band Staff for 2 helped jan to win first place in Drum Major Competition at the All-Western Band Review. Also in CSE Sr. Prom Comm.g and as an Archbearer she decided that "Happiness is friends. " 153 MOST ATHLETIC Bob McRobertS Lynette Torrey LORRA INE EVANS Mr. Mzitlieus :ind Ilistory xx ere Lor'r:line's favorites nt El Caron. She was n Cheerleader as a junior, and a Sr. Gift Comm. member. After graduating she plans to marry. ARDIS ANNE FLENNIKEN "Arden" "A book of verses underneath the bough, a jub of wine. a loaf of bread, and thou" is Ardee's favorite quote. Listing Mr. Fulcher and English as her favorites at ECVI-IS, she was active in Girls' Lea e Nom. Conv Su 1 ' Smoke Signal, and Sr. Dance B Assem. Comm. She plans to attend SDSC. GAYLE DANNE FORD Gayle, who lists her favorite saying as "I came, I saw and I leave", plans to become CHRISTINA ANN I-'ABER "Chris" Girls' League, Nom. Conv. , Choir, Folk Singing Club, Science Club, and Arclibearer have kept Chris busy. She chose "I'ni nobody - who are you? Are you nobody too? Then that makes two of us, " as her favorite quote. qf""7'7 SAMUEL STUART FLOYD "Sam Sum pzirlicipziteil in Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Frosh- Soph. Speech Tourney 1, 2, Nom. Conv. 1,2, 3,43 Sr. Class Treas. and Var. Club. Mr. Halte was his favorite teacher and U. S. History was his favorite class. Sam wants to major in Dentistry at SDSC. ALBERTA FERN FAHNESTOCK "Birdie" Alberta was active in Girls' League 1,2, 3,45 Nom. Conv. 1,2,3,4g Bravettes 3,45 Cam- pus Life 2,35 and Sr, Fun Night Comm. She enjoyed Mr. Buller's Photo class and plans to major in Business at Palomar College. ifiiii IANIS LEE FERREE Girls' Leagueg Latin Club 1,2, Sec. 33 CSF5 Health Careers Clubg Bravettes 3,45 Areh- bearer and Cards 8 Announ. Comm. have turned Janis toward UCLA and a career in medicine. Her favorite class is English and her favorite quote is "Man's worst ill is want of wise counsel. " SENIOR STAND-OUTS: ' r leads , LEE ROY FOREMAN MOST S CHOOL SPIRIT Lee is a transfer student to El Cajon from Taft High in L A After aduation he would - - sr Lucia Hayes Bill Reynolds an airline stewardess or hairdresser. While like to join the Navy and serve his eou.nt:ry. at ECVHS she enjoyed Mr. Adams and her He geatly dislikes mod fashions. Art and Gym classes. 4 in X iff? JENET MELNI FOURES .IRUSWU When Rusty finishes this year, she plans to go out and have "fun". She has been in Band all four years, Cadet Band 1,23 Marching Band 1,35 and Concert Band 3,4. By the way, Band is her favorite class. She was also in Drama 2. '11-'Q PEGGY SUE GAINES Grouchy people rank high among Peggy's dislikes. She enjoys TV and movies. Her future plans are to receive an education at a beauty college, and airy spare time will be spent listening to the radio or playing tennis. ww' TONY KAY GAYLORD Tony likes woodworking and engraving, being a member of the School Engavers 1,2, 3,4. He has also been a member of the Cadet Corp 1,2,3g Color Guard Cmdr. 2, 33 Band Color Guard Cmdr. 33 Rifle Team 2,3. He plans to attend SDSC to major in Industrial Arts. . wma. X aemfe. .wfrzssrzggv-1: We l.s,t. , BOB L. FOX upurii Bob plans to go to SDSC and major in Philosophy, Law or Political Science. He dislikes "any type of governmental control over an individual's liberties." ii, ERLINDA FLORES GARCIA "Linda" Linda has been at El Cajon for one year, previously attending Brawley High School. She likes sewing, sports and attending school activities. She has participated in Girls' League, and will attend Grossmont I. C. to major in Business. szffgfs at ei 'af' if, fs' BARBARA jEANNE GEORGE "Barbie" Bar-ba.ra's favorite class is Bookkeeping. Her favorite pastimes are hair styling, swimming, and sleeping. She has been active in Concert Choir 3,45 Choir Staff 4g Girls' League 2, Class Council 2, 3, Int. Club 3, Campus Life 3,43 Bacc. 8 Commencement Comm. Her future plans are to attend a beauty college. l55 DAVID BRUCE FRANKLIN "Dave" Known for his service and scholastic achieve- ments, Dave's activities include CSF 2, 3,4 flifel, Nat. Merit Sch, finalist, Nom. Conv. l,3,4g Boys' Fed. 25 Dialectos 3, VP 4, lnt. Club VP 3, Pres. 4, Senate 4, Legend Staff 3, Co- Editor 4, Scholastic Olympics 3,43 Sr, Priv. Comm. 5 Usher, NFL 4. David hopes to attend Stanford and major in pre- law. LESLIE CATHERINE GARNER iicathvi. During the 2 U2 years Cathy has attended ECVHS, her favorite hobby has been working in the Attendance Office. Fort Worth, Texas will become the site for Cat.hy's future edu- cation as she becomes an airline hostess. '4"'1'P" ...ae DAVID EARL GEURIN "Dave" Dave has attended El Cajon 3 years, being active in Roman Bravesg Nom. Conv. and Sr. Priv. Comm. Mr. Hilton is his favorite class. He likes camping and motorcycle riding. He plans to attend SDSC majoring in Geology. s-...W -.. if 57? . E SHERRY PEARL GAFFNEY This quiet senior has attended El Cajon 2 years previously attending Missoula High, Montana. She will attend Palomar to major in Prim. Educ. having worked toward this by being a student teacher at Ilallyntine. - H ., ,mu 1 1:1 , I as -I , W it Ev . L, ii '--surf STEPI-EN DALE GAUTEREAUX "Chopper" Steve's nickname is "Chopper" and his philosophy is "The good things in life ARE free." The good things in his life are eating, sleeping and hunting. He has participated in Basketball 3, IV lfootlmll 2. Steve plans to attend Grossniont I. C. if ...C ts, THOMAS P. GILL WI-Omar Tom has attended El Cajon 4 years. After graduation he will attend Grossmont I. C. and then join the Air Force. RONALD DEAN GILLIHAN nRinn,,,- Ron lists his interest as the outdoors and would like to be a game warden or police- man. While at E.C. he was active in Cross Country 1,23 Track 1,2, 3,43 Varsity Club 1,2,3,4. Ron would like to attend Grossmont and then transfer to S. D. S. C. His major is Political Science. DONALD GOODVVIN DAVE A. GOMEZ Dave has attended El Cajon one year, Crans- ferring from San Jacinto and North Vista High Schools. He lists Miss Petersen as his favorite teacher, Speech, his favorite class. Dave's plans are to enter college and study law. ROBERT ALLEN GRAHAM " Robby" Robby likes eating, crafts, and strange music. His activities were Basketball 2 and Baseball 3,4. After gaduation he plans to attend a junior college. SUSANNA PAULETTE GR IZZLE "Susie" Susie U-ansfered to ECVHS from Florida and L. A. and has only been here for her senior year. All her travels have led her to like people. She plans to major in Business at college. Lys, ,E-1. .f ...Q ., K , PERRY IOSEPH GROSSE "Scooter" Perry was active as ASB V. P. 45 Senate Pres. 45113 Class V.P. g Campus Lifeg Var. Clubg Var. Wrestling 2gTrac1-4 3,45 Football 3,45 Fun Nite Comm.g Nom. Conv, 1,2,3,4. He believes in "putting quality in before the name goes on. " He will attend SDSC to major in English or Philosophy. JOSE ANGEL GONZALES njoen Having been active in Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Cross Ceunn-y 2,3,4g Track 1,2, 3,45 C. S.F. 2, 3,45 Senior Fun Nite Comm.g Nominating Conv. 3, 4, Usher 3, Joe was elected as the l l PEGGY LYNNE GRAHAM npegvv Peg lists her favorite pastimes as sewing and reading. Her favorite subject has been Mrs. Iump's Bookkeeping class. She has partici- pated in Girls' League 43 Nominating Conv. Most Likely to Succeed. He plans to do this at 3, Peg plans to attend college in San UCSD or UCSB where he will major in Life Science. joe's hobbies are athletics and going to the beach. ig, H 4 . i, QW A,-1 . 3 ,aa S -1 . - if 1 .1 si, ', , " FC : iii-iieifl i' , 'Xi A R47 7, ..,. WARREN DA RRH.L GREF "Wimperwill" Warren's main interest and favorite class was Band at ECVHS. He plans to major in music and become a professional musician. CRAIG NOEL HAGEN Microteclis and Mr. Kingery top Craigls list of best liked, which is logical since he plans to major in Vlarine Biology at SDSC or UCSD. Craig played frosh Basketball. 156 ber now the Creator in the days of thy youth. Eccles. 12-1. ANNETTE JEAN GRISAFI Annette has been active in Girls' League 1,2 , 3, Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 35 Sr. Publicity Comm., Class Coun., ASB Asst. 4. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Eastlick who teaches her favorite subject, History. Annette's plans are to attend Grossmont I. C. or SDSC, majoring in English education. She hopes to become an elementary school teacher. JANIC E KA THLEEN HALES jan lil-ces the beach in Itmc. She was active in Tab E Campus and Girls' League. Mr. Leewaye was her favorite teacher and she intends to go to Grossmont J. C. Francisco. Her favorite quotation is "Remem I PEGGY ANN HALL mpeg,- Peggy plans to attend Kelsey Jennings Busi- ness College. Mrs. jump and Bookkeeping, along with money and gossip, head her list of favorites. ROBERT ALBERT HAMMAN LL Bob,- Bob has been On the LEGEND Staff for the last two years. Being head photographer, he plans to major in photography. Bob's hobbies include one of the most profitable of them all: making money! PATSY ANN I-IANAN Patsy plans to go to work when she leaves the El Cajon Campus. She is a three year graduate. SUSAN LEE I-IANEY LLSUCLL Sue plans to attend SDSC after graduation from the Brave stronghold. She has been an active member of Girls' League 2, 3,4, ASB Asst. 45 Class Colm. 3, Speech Club 3,45 Gymnastic Clubg Archbearer 3 and the Sr. Ways and Means Comm. WILLIA M THOMAS HANEY "Flash" JIM MICHAEL HARNION "Willard" After graduating, Tom plans to study cabi- jim, known for his famous worms, was in net making at either Grossmont or SDSC. Football 1,25 Wrestling i,3,4, jr. Class He participated in Football 35 Cross Country Coun. , Nom. Conv. 2,3,4, Comm. of 1, Wrestling 1,23 School Service Comm. 3,4. His favorite quote is "Stronger than Dirt. " FRIEND LIEST L. ALLEN HARPER LLM., Sepala An-larasuriya Mari Oakrnan Al's main interests have been Marching 157 Band'l,2, 3,4, and Contert Band 2, 3,4. He plans to go to Grossmont J. C. and major in Forestry or Photography. Al gets a big kick out of fishing and hunting. Sales 4, and Var. Club 4. Planning to either attend college or pursue a night club career. he dislikes girls with dirty finger- nails. BRENDA LYNN HARRIS Brenda enjoyed Mr. Castro and his Civics class. She plans to go to SDSC at the end of this term and study Business. Her activi- ties have been: Girls' League SQ Noininzitine, Com. 1, 21 'lizib .intl Campus 2, mm comm Choir 1, 2. ' DIANE ELIZABETH HARRIS Diane plans to major in History at Grossmont I. C. and then S. D. S. C. She has been here two years. She became an active member of Tennis Club 3, and Roman Braves 4. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Dave Williams. MICKI MARIE HATCH Micki was on the Good Grooming Comm. 1, Hurdle Crew 1, 2, Dialectos 2, 3, Publica- tions 2, 3,4, NFL 33 Drama Treasurer 4, and the Sr. Ways and Means Comm. The most joyous and memorable part of her year was becoming a Homecoming Princess. LUCIA ANNE HAYES "Luscious" Lucia is one of the most energetic people to ever enter the home ofthe Braves. She has been active in Class Coun. 1, 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Campus Relations 1, 2, 3, 4. Lucia's pastimes and hobbies? Well, we know what they are, don't we? MARY COLLEEN HASTIE Grossinont I. C. is this gruduate's choice to further her study of business. Mary has been in Tennis 1, 25 Specialities 3, 4, Sr. Banner :md Sr. Cards and Announ. Comm. MARION LUCILLE HAUFT Marjon is a three year graduate. Her future plans include majoring in art at Azura- Pacific College. She has been active in Campus Life 1, 2, 3, Girls' League 1, 2, Class Council 2, CSF 2, 3. :Ji Il 'Z 0, BEST GROOMED jim Barron Sharon Barthelmess MARIE ANTOINETTE HAZLET Marie has been active in Band 3, Drama 3, 4, Speech 3,45 Girls' League 1, 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, and on the Sr. Cards and Announ. Comm. She plans to attend Grossmont J. C. and eat spaghetti in the rain. PATRICIA ANN HEGLAND npatu Pat's activities included Bravettes 3, Girls' League 15 Nom. Conv. 2, 3. While at El Cajon, she gained an interest in Biology and has decided to major in that field at Grossmont I. C. BARBARA CHERYL HENDERSON "Barb" Barb's favorite quote is "I just don't under- stand. " She has been active in Girls' League and plans to attend Grossmont I. C. RICHARD LYNN HENDERSON "Rich" Rich plans to join the Air Force. He rates Mr. Swennes as his favorite person on cam- pus and crafts his best pastime. Rich has served his school by being Var. Football Mgr. X LUIS A. HERNANDEZ J S plete high school career. While at ECVHS he was active in Football 1, 2, 3, and PA TTI SHARON HERWEHE and Campus 1 Girls' League 1 2 and journalism 182 during the 4 years here at Luis has attended El Ca'on du.rin his com- Patti was active in Class Counc. 13 Tab a ' , s Il Wrestling 1, 2. He plans to attend Grossmo I. C. ROBBIE JOYCE HILL "R, Hill" Camping in the mountains and water skiing are favorites of Robbie who believes that people should "live and let live." She participated in Girls' League, Soph. Class Counc., Snowball Princess, Cheerleader 3, 4, Baton twirler 3, Sr. Gift Comm. She plans to study Political Science at SDSC. LORRAINE M. HOBBS "Lorraine" Lorraine would like to become a beautician and she plans to attend El Cajon Beauty College. She was active in Girls' League 1, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 3. She lists Mr. Le Tourneau as her favorite teacher and Civics as her favorite class. GENE LOREN HI LL "Goofy" Loren, who transferred from Granite Hills in his junior year, was active in FFA 3, 4 and Sr. Privilege Comm. His favorite teacher was Mr. Bascom and his favorite class was Ag. He plans to enroll in Agricul- ture at Grossmont JC. ff ' lf' Q1 I. i .BU JOHN EARL HODGKINSON "Hawk" john who likes "hard" teachers was active in Boys' Fed., Frosh-Soph. Speech Tourney, Nom. Conv., Class Counc. 1, 4, Senate 4, Basketball 2: Cross Country 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Var. Club 3, 4. His favorite class was Bookkeeping and he plans to major in Accounting at Grossmont I. C. ECVHS. Her favorite pastimes are cooking and sewing. She plans to get married and raise a large family. VIRGINIA CHRISTINE HEWITT Arts and Crafts being her favorite classes, Virginia likes to experiment on the potters wheel. The Bravettes highlighted her junior year. After graduating Virginia wants to become an airline stewardess. CAROL ANN l-IIMEBAUGH Carol has been at El Cajon all four years. SANDRA JEAN HIMEBAUGH "Sandy" After graduation she plans to attend college. . Sandy has been an inspiration to every Her activities were Girls' League lg Roman Braves I S 2, Drama ig Senate, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, Sr. Class :ind Announ. Comm., and Teenvnides. KATHLEEN D. HODINA "Kathie" Kathie, who was active in Y-teens, Girls' League and Campus Life, lists strawberries, beards, Mr. Bascom and her Art class as her favorites. She plans to attend Grossmont I. C. next fall. student of El Cajon. Her favorite course was English with Mr. Adams. She partici- pated in Speech D journalism. She likes records, and her major dislike is math. ROXANNE LYN HOGE "Ronnie" Roxanne has enriched her high school experience by her participation in Girls' League, the Roman Braves, and the Health Careers Club. Her favorite class was English. She plans to study nursing. JEAN MARIE HOLLAND "Jeanne" Jeanne, a 3 year graduate, was in the Banner Corp 2, Campus Life, and the Folk Music Club. Her hobbies are making wood- fibre flowers, and playing the guitar. Jeanne also has the strange habit of count- ing heads as she wal.ks down the halls. Pnvius emma House "not Dog" Phyllis dislikes people who can't be them- selves. After transferring from Grossmont she became active in Y-teens and Girls' League. She will further her education at Grossmont JC. MARSHA GAYLE HUNT 0 Marsha was active in Class Council 1 2 3 4, ASB Asst. 3, 4, School service 1, 2, c'1r1Q' ' League 1, 2, 3, Tab E Czunpiw 1,25 Noni. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, and Sr. Cards 5 Annonn. Comm. 4. She plans to go to Crossrnonl JC to major in Education. Her favorite quote is "Eat, drink and he merry, for tomorrow we dict. " GERARD B. HONEER Gerard was active in FFA, Ag 1, 2, 3, 4, and Senior Priv. Comm. He plans to become an Agricultural Engineer after attending Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo. He likes to ride motorcycles. M.r. Dyer was his favor- ite teacher. roms: P. HORNING John's favorite teacher, Mr. Kingery, made Biology his most enjoyable class. He likes sports, and participated in baseball while attending El Cajon. He also served on the Senior Ways 8 Means Comm. After gradu- ating John plans to attend Grossmont JC. NEIKE HORNI NG Mike, who likes football and baseball, chose JV Baseball as one of his high school activities. He most enjoyed Mr. Adams' English class. Mike plans to enter either Grossmont JC or SDSC. A LICE ELIZEBETH HOWELL "Skeeter" Alice loves singing. Slic was .1 member of our Concert Choir lor three years and the Folk-singing Club for one year. She was also active in Girls' League. Nest Iall she plans to attend Grossmont J. C. to study Psychology. Mr. Adams was her favorite teacher and she enjoyed her Bookkeeping class most. JOSEPH HOWARD HUSTON ulcer' Joe transferred to ECVHS in his sophomore year. He was active in the Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 2, co-chairman 3, 4, NFL and Dialectos, V. P. 3, Pres. 4, Scho- lastic Olympics 3, 43 Senior Dance and Assembly Comm. Chm, ASB Asst. 4, and Nom. Conv. 2, 3, 4. His favorite teacher was Mr. Castro and his favorite class was Speech. Joe maintains that, "lf you can keep your head in all this confusion, you don't know what's going on. " KENNETH WA YNE HU DDLESTON uKenn Ken came to El Cajon from El Capitan in his Senior year. He most enjoyed Mr. Castro's Civics class. His favorite pastime is reading and he believes that you should "Live for Life. " He would like to study Police Science after graduation. STEVEN ROSS IHDE "Steve" Steve attended El Cajon all four years of high school and was kept busy with his paper route. His future plans are to attend Gross- mont JC. STEVE JOS EPH HUNNICUTT "The Man" Steve is a lesson in opposites. His pastimes are working on cars and reading, and his favorite classes were Auto Shop and History. He was active in Football for three years :ind in Wrestling for two. He plans to go to either SDSC of Grossmont JC. GEORGE VINCENT INCAIVIPO This friendly senior contributes much to the El Cajon Tennis Team. He was in JV Tennis as a freshman and Varsity Tennis for 3 years. ln his junior and senior years he was in the Varsity Club, School Service Comm. and Class Council. He plans to study law. SEJXIIOR STAND-OUTS E i Jw-ff-riff 4 - .V if 1 ' OUR CAMPUS is in TROUBLE ! 4 4 KL r 3 5 1 iii BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Jim Harmon KENNETH A. JILLSON HKEHH Ken's favorite quote is "There is no true black or white, only shades of gray". He enjoys scuba diving and lists Mr. Bascom as his favorite teacher. Ken was active in sports, participating in Football 1, 2, and Wrestling 1, 2, 3. He was a member of the Drama Club. His future plans are to attend Grossmont J. C. Renee Erreca za-1.: .f3,Q3w.:1 -Qgsfsiie ' WALTER THOR JACKSON WI-hm.u Walter's favorite saying is "Hang Loose." He most enjoyed Mr. Castro's Civics class. His future plans are to attend Grossmont J. C. , majoring in Science and Philosophy. ALAN REED JAMES MAIN Al was active in Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Sr. Fun Night Comm. 5 ASB Comm. of Athletics 45 Nom. Conv. and Varsity Club. After graduation he plans to attend SDSC and major in P. E. His pastime is photography. DELORES DIANE JOHIN SON Delores lists Spanish with Mr. Gonzalez as her favorite class, She likes to water ski and climb hills in a jeep. She enjoys working with animals. After graduation she plans to work at the San Diego Zoo. Delores was a member of the Banner Corps 2. JOHN EDWIN JOHNSON John's quote is "An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise. " He has performed in 4 years of Track, Nom. Conv., Frosh Class Pres. 5 Boys' Fed., Comm. of Public Relations 3: ASB Pres. 4: CamDus Life 1, 2, 3, 4, .md Speech Team 2, 3. His future plans .irc to cuter thc U. S. Air Force Academy. He was voted the best all-around senior. WlLI.lA M JOSEPH JAC KSON naiuu Bill likes girls, baseball, tacos and playing the guitar. P. E. was his favorite class and Coach Perkins was his favorite teacher. His interests are in sports and he has participated in Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1 and Var. Club. Bill plans to enter the Air Force. PAUL WOODROW JEFFC OAT Paul's favorite teacher was Mr. LeTourneau. He enjoys piano playing and rock collecting He was in the Choir and Orchestra in his freshman year. His future plans are to attend Grossmont J. C. majoring in Business Education. JOHN HENRY JGEINSTON Ill You can be sure John is on the go with his pastimes of drag racing, skin diving, fishing, and girls. His favorite subject was Mr. I.1eewaye's History class. He particif pnted in Football 1, 2, 2, Trier. 2, 35 .md Wrestling 1, 2. Ho hopcs to become 11 machinist. YN New 44+-r BIGGEST FLIRTS Kathy Mondy David Cass ity CAROL SUSAN JUBERG nlubien Carol's favorite pastime is waterskiing. She participated in Class Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Tab G Campus 2, Y-Teens 3, Girls' League 1, 2, Exec. Board 3, and Archbczircr 3. C:irol's future plans arc to aftcncl SDSC Lo major in art. THOMAS Juno 'l'om's frzvorilu 1.c.iclivr uns Mr. Dyer, and he was fu xnunibcr of I I A for four years. He was the treasurer of this organization in his senior year. His future plans are to attend Grossmont J. C. DAVID WILLIAM JONES Yr- .,. TERI LAI JONES "Jonesie" Teri's favorite teacher was Mr. LeTourneau, and her favorite saying is "Our of Sight". Teri has participated in Girls' League 1, 2, and Y-'Iccus 1. llur future plans are to attend Grossniont I. C. LINDA JOAN KAWKA Linda's plans are to become a dental assistant, after attending Grossmont J. C. Her favorite class was gym with Miss "J". She likes to go to the beach and just enjoy life. Her activities were Girls' League 1, 2, 3, and Nom. Conv. 3. ge mains JOHNNY MAX JONES NMSXH Max lists his pastimes as skin diving and hunting. He is also a fan of Grand Prix racing. Mr. Lamar was his favorite teacher He was a member of the track team while at El Cajon. He plans to attend Grossrnont College and rnajor in Oceanography. WILLIAM ELBERT JONES "J olly Green Giant" Bill likes just about everything, including writing, swimming, food, and brunettes. He participated in Cross Country 1, 3, 4, and Track 1, 2, 3, 4. He has also been active in Class Cou.ncil 1, 2, Drama 1, and Voyageurs 4. Mr. Bascom was his favorite teacher. He plans to major in English at Grossmont J. C. CINDA LEIGH KEANE "Life is a bowl full of cherries, but watch our for the pits. " This senior's enjoyment of music and dancing led her to participate in Band 1, 2. She hopes to enlarge her Nuxse's Aide Training at Grossmont Voca- tional School of Nursing. PHILLIP IA MES KEEI IAN Phil plans to attend Grossmont JC. While at ECVHS he enjoyed Mr. LeTou.rneau's World History class the most and was active in Basketball 2, 3, 4. DAVID KENNEL David's interest will lead him to the study of electrical systems at UCSD. When he's not tinkering with cars he heads out for a little fishing and hunting. He enjoyed Mr. D. Williams and looked forward to his Math class. CAROLYN ANTOINETTE KOERS After graduation, Carolyn plans to become a dietician. She enjoys reading and going to the beach. She was very active in Girls' League 1, 2, Exec. Board 3,45 Tab 8 Campus 2g Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 41 Y-teens 41 Sr. Publicity Comm.g School Service Comm. 4, and Campus Life 4. THOMAS KELLER Tom's participation in Class Council 1, Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney, Dialectos and NFL l, 2, will help him carry out his ambi- tions in the field of political science at UCLA. Mr. Castro has also influenced Tom's future in Civics. NALANI JEUNE KITTEL uhm,-I l.ani's secret ambitions are to travel throughout Europe and to make a career of modeling. She participated in the Teen Council for llCVllSg Y-teens 3,45 Girls' League 4, Prom Comm., and Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA KENDALL "Barb" BARBARA MARIE KENDRICK nBa1.bu Grossmont j. C. or San Diego Business College is this senior's destination. She was active in Latin Club 1, 23 Nom. Conv. 1, 2,31 Brnvettes 3, Hand Lt. 4, Archbearer 3, Girls' League 35 and Bacc. and Commencement Comm. 4. Her favorite class was Mr. Logsdon's U. S. History class. :. 'a7fI'. in ' l ...TIfMi' -More ., -- 'ias.54,sw',. , TOM PAUL KNIGHT A transfer student from Monte Vista, Tom attended El Cajon for three and one-half yeals. His favorite class was Art and his favorite teacher uns Mr. Maize. Hc would like to study Art :ii Grossmont 1. C. MARY JOYCE KOCHER Before coming to El Cajon, Mary attended Rosary High. When the summer days begin to shine, she heads for the beach and relaxation. When her studies are through here, Mary plzuts to major in History at SDSC. W'-emo? STEPHEN MATHEW KRAFT "Steve" Steve particularly enjoyed Mr. Leewaye's U. S. History Class. His favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing. He has participated in Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 45 and Varsity Club 3, 4. Steve's plans are to attend a junior college. DALE M. KREITER " Kre iter" Dale, who took part in more of the scho- lastic events at ECVHS than the extra- curricular ones, lists Mr. Kingery's lab asst. as his most enjoyable class. He enjoys hockey and football games, but dislikes dornineering, outspoken people. BARBARA LOUISE MURRAY LANAGHAN An education at a beauty college looms for this january graduate. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, " is the rule that will guide Barbara. STUART ALAN LANDESS Stuart's favorite class was Mr. SmIth's Auto Shop. He plans to pursue this interest at Grossmont I. C. or join the Armed Forces. DONALD LAPPING UDOUH Coming to ECVT-IS in his junior year, Don most enjoyed Mr. Heaton as his favorite teacher. In his spare time he likes to go to the beach, dances, and parties. He plans to join the Service. ADA YOLANDA LARA Beautiful long hair has distinguished this small senior. She participated in Girls' league 1, 2, 3, 4, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, Class Council 3, 4, Tennis Club 3, 4, International Club 3, 43 Homecoming Princess 4, Song Leader 4. He future plans include attending Grossmont I. C. ROBERT ,IANEES LAWSON PHYLLIS ANN LeBEL "Winged Warrior" "Phil" The winged wal-rior's activities included Phyllis has been kept busy in Girls' League Nominating Conv., Cross Country and and in Tab G Campus. Her favorite class Track. His participation in sports include it as Clerical Office Practice and Mrs. Frosh Football, Var. Track and Cross Ilempel was her favorite teacher. She hopes Country 2, 3, 45 All League S CIF Selection to become a Dental Asst. Cross Country 4. He most enjoyed Mr. Krattli's Physics class. Bob intends to attend UCLA, majoring in law. VICTOR ROSS LEE uvicii Vic hopes to attend Grossmont j. C. and study engineering. He nlost enjoyed his Drama and Auto Shop classes. Cars, motor- cycles and surfing are his favorite pastimes. SHEI LA REANETTE l.ES TE R Sheila's favorite quote is "They say love makes the world go round, catch me, I'm getting dizzy." She has participated in Girls' League 3, 4. Sheila's future plans include attending El Cajon Beauty College and later marriage. She enjoys sewing and cooking, one reason why her favorite class has been Homemaking. CAROLYN ELAINE LEDAK Stuffed animals, travel, working on the LEGEND, and Chemistry are Carolyn's favorites. Her major dislike is people ix ho do not try to understand. She believes that "Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of travel. " Her activities include Girls' League 1, Exec. Board 2, 3,4, LEGEND staff 3, Sr. Ed. 4, Archbearerg Tennis 3, 4, CSFg Nom. Conv. 2, 3. Carolyn plans to attend SDSC where she would like to major in Sociology. DAVE LYNN LEWALLEN Dave lists Mr. D. Williams as his favorite teacher, and Crafts as his favorite class. He also likes hunting, fishing, cars and girls. His activities included Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Track 4, Football 3, 4, and Var. Club 4. His future plans include study at Grossmont I. C. TONY LaROSA Tony participated in several Nom. Convs. and was a member of the Senior Prom Comm. He hopes to study at Grossmont J. C. and SDSC, and eventually enter the field of medicine. DONALD LEE Donald, having transferred to ECVI-IS from Grossmont High in january, enjoys base- ball and bowling. He plans to work after graduation. JOSEPHINE MARIE LEWANDOWSKI jo's favorite quote is "Cheer up, things will get better." She likes everything, including reading, eating, and just plain having fun. Her favorite subject has been Chemistry with Mr. Williains. Io was active in Girls' League 1, Exec. Board 2, 3, 45 Nom. Conv. 1, 2, Senior Gift Comm., Asst. THOUGIIT Ed. 4, Smoke Signal 4. JAY BRIAN LIVESAY "Flash" This june graduate can usually be found on the shores of the blue Pacific. He was on the Smoke Signal Staff 15 and also Frosh football. jay was our school rep. for the KGB Wind 6 Sea surfing contest. He digs surfing. He will attend Grossmont j. C. CONSTANCE FAY LONGIVURE "Connie" Connie's activities were Girls' League 1, 3. After graduation she plans to attend Gross- mont 1. C. and major in Gen. Business. She would like to enter the secretarial field. SAN DI LEE LOVE " Snook" Y-teens, Class Council, Tab G Campus, Dialectos and Girls' League kept Sandi busy while at ECVHS. She enjoys going to the beach and out on dates because she likes to meet people. Sandi will major in education at Grossmont JC. KAREN LOUISE LOWRY 'Sam' CUTEST COUPLE Karen, who most enjoyed Mr. LeTourneau's Civics Class, was active in Girls' League, and Library Asst. 2, 3. Feeling that people should go where they want to go and do Pan., Randy Wood what they want to do, she plans to do secretarial work for the Navy. KATHRYN STEPHANIE "Kath" for the world Sincerity and a deep f around her, characterize She was active in Y-teens 1, Girls' League 2, 3, 4, latin Club, Sec. 2, Senate 25 International Club 25 Student Council 3, 4. Kathy hopes to attend SDSC to major in psychology and later to marry. ALAN DOUGLAS MacLEAN Alan's future is as yet undecided, but he will attend Grossniont ,IC next fall. Al likes vacations and his favorite class was Crafts. DAVID PARKE MAIER "Jeremiah O'Ree" Dave has been active in the Class Council 4, Sr. Ways 8 Means Comm., and the Nom. Conventions. He enjoys hockey games, push- starting his 1940 Oldsmobile, English, and Mr. Adams. He dislikes wars, but lists his future plans as the service and then college. JA MES ALLEN MAKEY ujimn jim enjoyed Mr. Bascom's English IV class most. His plans include Business or Art at Grossmont JC and whatever "Uncle Sam" has in store for him. BACCALAUREATE G COMIVIENCEMIENT: Chm. Moore wb 't l CAROL ANN MALETA Her favorite class having been Business Law, Carol plans to attend Cvrossmont LC. and major in Business Education. She participated in Girls' League, Y-Teens, and Tennis Club, and lists her favorite quote as "lf you need a friend, be a friend. " cuiuom jov "Craw" Girls' League 1, 2, 3,45 Nom. Conv. 2,35 D'-e:.ia Clubg Class Cotmc.5 and Campus Life took up much of Claudia's time. Her pastimes are bonling and horseback riding. JACK MANC KIA RICHARD M. MASSENA npxichn Rich was active in Var. Swimming5 Var. Wresling, Campus l.ife5 Sr. Prom Comm., Var. Club Treas., SMOKE SIGNAL, and Football 1, 2. His favorite teacher is Mr. Mathews. He likes having a good time, and hopes to go to SDSC, majoring in history. ROBERT DAN MARLIN 11305,-5 One of the most active seniors on campus, Bob's time is talqen up by Basketball l, 25 Var. 3,45 CSI: 2,3, Pres. 4, Sr. Ways and Means Chmg Nom. Conv. 2,3,45 ASB Asst. 4, Election Board Chm. 45 and Scholastic Olympics 3,4. Known as Girls' League's "Straw Boss", he spends his time studying, dating, and playing basketball. Bob plans to attend Annapolis. NELVIN MASTON wpmkn Mel, a sports-minded student, plans to attend Oklahoma University. While at ECVHS he was ln Football 1, 2, Baslfelbzlll l., 25 :intl Vziristy 'l'r:lcl4 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH MARTINEZ njoen BRENDA MARIE MASClO'I"l'A Brenda, who lists her favorite quote as Although Ioe has been at El Cajon for only "Easy come, easy go", likes easy going, 11 year, he has been very active in Dr-ilrw open-minded people. Mr. Adams English as a prop man. He plans to go on to South- class was her favorite. She was active in western College, where he will major in electronics. GLENDA PAU LINE M.AT'l'l'lEWS nclenn Glenda enjoyed Miss J. 's gym class the most. She was active in SMOKE SIGNAL i 1 - 1 2 'S x 3 Feature Ed 4 Sr. Cards and Announc.5 Bravettes 3 4 Sr Banner5 Nom. Conv. , , , , 45 and Quill and Scroll. She plans to attend Grossmo it j. C. , majoring in journalism. Girls' League, Bravettes, Nom. Conv.5 Sr Cards and Announ. Comm. She hopes to attend SDSC to major in Psychology. LAURA DIANE MAYS "l.oramaze" laura iw as in Bravettes 3, 45 Girls' League 25 Sr. Pub. Comm.5 Nom. Conv. 25 and Class Coun. Her favorite quote is "Wal-tra walu-a" Cgo away' in Aborigincj. Laura plans to study commercial art at SDSC. KATHLEEN MCAULEY "Kathy" Kathy participated in latin Club and several Nominating Conventions. She was in the Bravette Corps, being Treasurer in her senior year. Kathy plans to attend SDSC. STEPHEN ANTHONY McKINLEY "Spider" Steve likes all sports comected with the ocean. His favorite teachers have been Mr. Castro E Mrs. Logan. Steve was active in tennis and Varsity Club. His favorite quote is "I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." 5' 'K GLENN PI-IILLIP MIEZA nclemyu Glenn was active in Frosh Cross Country and Track, IV Football, Class Council. Struggling through school is Glen's pastime which may be the source of his favorite quotation, "Don't give up the ship, sink with it. " LINDA IO McBR1DE uLm.dn Linda enjoyed Mr. Castro's Civics class the most. She enjoys dances and movies, but greatly dislikes conceited people. Her activities were Bravettes 3, Capt. 43 Sr. Banner, Nom. Conv. 25 Tab S Campus 2, and Sr. Fun Night Comm. Linda's plans include Ggossniont I. C. ' ' BOB EARL Mcl "Earl" Bob's favorite class has been Chemistry with Mr. Williams. Active in almost all sports, Bob participated in football, base- ball, and basketball all four years. Bob w as also active as Iunior Class Pres., Sr. Prom Comm. 5 and Var. Club Pres. 4. His future plans are to attend U. C. L. A. , majoring in Business Administration. LINDA DIANE MCCLURE Linda's favorite teacher at ECVHS is Mis. jump. She plans to continue at I. C. Her favorite quote is "Would you believe ?" IA MES I. McINTIRE nMaCn jim has played 3 years of football and one of basketball. He particularly enjoys water skiing. His favorite class was Mechanical Draw ing. MARILYN RUTH MEADOWS " Merlin" Marilyn enioys taking it easy in the sum- mers, and dislikes conceited people. Mr. Williams has been her favorite teacher. The class she liked most was Crafts. Qlllqr 'sul' ROBERT LUIS MEZA -.Bohn In the four years that Bob was at E. C. , he has participated in Wrestling 1, and Foot- ball 1, 2. His favorite class was Metal Shop. He would like to go to a trade school in this field. QT? ,l ' GEORGETTE ELAINE MILLERN "George" Lf ,A j ,f x., Graduating in januaryfceorgette enrolled at Grossmont j. C. She wants to study English or derpistry. Shelplans to enter SDSC next fa l. She was active in Nom. Conv. 1, 2, Girls' league 1, 2, 4. J I. 'nl JOSEPH MI CH EAL MENZIE nloen joe "Lives for the sun." He enjoys scuba diving and Friday nights. Mr. Bascom was his favorite teacher. He plans to enter Grossmont College next fall to maior in history. wt Y, f PAMELA DEE MILLS "Fame" Reading, talking, and Honda riding take up mtmh of Pam's time. She was in A.F. S. her freshman year and lists Mrs. Ellery as her favorite teacher. Pam plans to attend Grossmont or Palomar 1. C. WARDEN M. NHNOR "Wardy" Almost everyone has heard of this enthusi- astic senior. His favorite classes, history , and civics will lead him t . -. ial science major at the College o Activities: Class Counc. 1, 2, 3, 45 ennis , 25 Track 45 Nominating Conv. 3,45 ASB 45 Sr. Privilege Chm. RAYMOND EDWARD MOORE "Simon" Ray plans to go to SDSC. He participated in: Baseball 25 Nominating Convention 1, Usher 3. JANE ELIEN MUGG ulanien Attending El Cajon only one year, lane was a member of the Bravette Corps and Girls' League. She plans to attend Biola Nursing College, and there take a BS in nursing. KATHLEEN MARGARET MONDY nldegsn Kathy's sparkling smile, and cheerful attitude has earned her the title "Biggest Flirt. " She plans to go to Grossmont j. C. Her activities include: Girls' League 1, 3, 4, Good Grooming Chm.5 Snowball Queen 45 Tennis Club 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Hurdle Crew 3, 45 Class Council 2, 35 Sr. Sec. 45 Nom. Conv. 3,45 FFA 1, 2, 3,45 Campus Life 3, 4, smoke SIGNAL 4. IA MES M. MOORHOUSE njimu He plans 2 years at Grossmont IC, then a transfer to a history major at Fresno State. Activities: Mgr. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Golf 3, 45 Sr. Ways and Means, Tab and Campus 1, 25 Nominating Convention 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICA LEE MONTOUR npattiu Patti plans to get married this August. She participated in Girls' League 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH M. MORRISON nAnnu Attending El Cajon for one year, Ann was active in Girls' League and served on the Sr. Prom Committee. She plans to go to Southwestern JC, majoring in accounting. SANDRA ANN IVTULL JERRY LEE MUNZER -vsandyu uscuz-1 Sandra enjoys cooking and sew ing, her 1957 Competed in Fresh and JV Wfeiling- favorite class being Homemaking. Attending H6 P13115 to attend San Diego City College. E1 Cajon 3 yeais, she was active in: March- ing Bnnd5 Concert Bands5 Sr. Bacc. Comm.5 Dinlcctosg Senior Rep. Lbandj. She plans to :ittcnd Grossmont JC. UNDA ANN Moom: K "Libby" 1 "Keep smiling, it makes paopleiwonder what you're up to!" is this sm'Tling senior's motto. Linda plans to attend SDSC, major- ing in English. She was active in: Class Council 1, 25 Girl's Hockey 2, 3, 4, Bacc. Comm., Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 45 CSF 2, 3, 45 LEGEND Copy Ed. 3, 45 Photo Ed. 4, Spec- ialties 3, Flag Lt. 45 Sr. Banner 45 Valdon's Sr. fashion Rep., Senate 4. C HARLES HENRY MOST Charlie was active in Frosh Football, JV Footballg and Wrestling. Upon graduation he plans to enter the Air Force. IANIS ARLENE MURRAH Hlan.. jan was a participant in Girls' League5 Tab and Campus, Sr. Ways and Means. She plans to attend San Diego Business College, and later, to work in the business field. . av-"'-uv -uw FREDRICK M. NABETA "Fred" Fred was active in Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 2, Roman Braves 1, 2, 3, Usher 3. He plans to attend SDSC. PEGGY LUCILLE NEPHEW Peggy's activities include: Girls' League 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, Class Council 1, 3, 4, Nominating Convention 35 Campus Life 4, Girls' Hockey Team 2, 3, 4. Her future plans involve secretarial work. PATRICIA RUTH O'COYN'E npatu Pat was active in Girls' League, and Choir 1, 4. She plans to attend Business School. if-495 LINDA NAKASHI MA "Nam" Linda was active in Girls' League. She plans to attend SDSC majoring in business administration. 'QIT'-'lr BARRY CHRISTOPHER NEW Barry enjoys folk music, crafts and art. He likes real people and dislikes phonies. He plans to major in art at Grossmont IC. 5'--sv .......-'Wf IA MES CARL NORBERG nlimu jim's interests in science have led him to choose physics as his favorite class and Mr. Williams as his favorite teacher. He plans to major in science at Grossmont IC or SDSC. SALLY MARIE NORTON Sally was active in Girls' League 1, 2: Concert Choir 1, 2, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Banner 2, Bravettes 3,4, NF14 Dialectos 3, secretary' 41 Truck Asst. 2, 4g Sr. Publicity Coniniitlcc. Intcriixilional Club 3,4. She plans to nixuor in drzmigi :it SDSC. sANDRA1uNE o'coRMAN LPETERSI "Sandi" Snntlrzi took mn in Convention 1 2. Girls' I , j Lcxwiit- 1 2, 'ntl uns nn Arclibezircr. Shu 2 1 4 plans to attend Grossmont IC or become a homemaker. DIANE ONEII. "Oneil" She was active in the Girls' League. After graduation she plans to major in art and gymnastics at Grossmont IC. MARI LOUISE OAKMAN Mari was outstanding for school spirit and service. Her .xctivitics mclinle: Student Council 11 Class Prus. 21Cl:iss Sec. 3g Class Xficc Pres. 4. Girls' Icneuc 1: Good Grooming Chairman 2, Treas. 3, Social Committee 4, ASB Nominating Conventions 1-4, Songleader 3, 4, Banner 2, Homecoming Queen 4, School Service Committee 2-4, Senate 2,4g She plans a PE major at SDSC. SANDRA KATHLEEN OLSON iisandy-v shui, ms in Ctmecri Chun 1, 2, 2, 4. Girls' 1.Q.iqu.- 21 ,xrclihmraiiq 2- Numan Hin: Comix cnlionx 3, -l. Bran Ctlcs 3. -l, Historian 41 Senior Baccalaitrezitc Committee, Senior Brunner, :intl Retl Cross Leon- Mile. Miss Johnston v, as ht-r fax orire teacher and she p:ii1icularly enjoyed Specialties, .Xlter graduating sho plans to go to San Diego Stare. DANCE Chmif -Joe 'am w-4-vt, fs, 4 fi BA RBA RA ANNE PERRY Barbara enjoys arts 8 crafts, her favorite teacher is Mr. Swennes. She hopes to attend E1 Cajon Beauty College after graduation in June. NLARYANN OSTER IVIEYER "Annie" Mary Ann, whose favorite pastiine is ilraxx ine, Charlie Brown characters, was active in Roman Braves 1, 2, 3, Senate 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3,4, Sr. Banc. Commencement, Co-Chm., ASB Asst. 4, CSF, and Arch- bearer 3. Her favorite teacher is as Mr. Williams. She plans to major in history at SDSC next fall. . . Qilialf.-' . iss wif JESSE JOSEPH OSTLER EILEEN JANE PARSONS "Cook" Eileen, who enjoys spending money, but Transferring to El Cajon from El Cap, in hates being broke, has been active in Girls' his Junior year, Jesse became a member of League 1, 2, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, the Drama Club and the SMOKE SIGNAL Concert Band 3, 4, and Band Staff 4. She Staff. His hobby is collecting peanuts. He would like to take nursing courses at SDSC. would like to study Political Science at SDSC. it 11 'K .ggi-dl' JANICE LEE PETAJA Janice was very active in Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4, Exvcutive Board 3, 4, Trcasiirer 4, Nominating Conventions 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Ways and Means Vice Cliairnizin, Junior Arclibeart-r, and Campus Lilo 2, 3, 4. Mrs. Halliburton's English class was her favorite while attending El Cajon. Janice's favorite quotation is "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. " HEATHER ANNE PENMAN ALLAN HENRY PERRY "Kidney" This unusual three year graduate enjoys the intellectual Side of life, .Xl has been active in Cross Country 3, 4, Track 3, 4: Latin Club: Sr. I-un Nite Comin. and Les Voyageurs. His hobbies are hunt- ing and fishing and going to the doctor. A1 plans to attend Grossmont J. C. JOHN WALTER PETAJA ERNEST PETROSINO "Johnnie" "Ernie" John likes to spend his spare time in the sports of surfing, golf, handball, and billiards. llc was active in Scholastic Olympics 3, 4, Nom. Conv. 2, and Sr. Ways and Means Comm. He plans to major in Aerospace Engineering .it either SDSC or UCSD. -x 1, ,,.. A IACK EATON PHELPS jack has become neil known on our campus through his participation in: Marching Band 1, 2, 'l'rack 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, Nom. Conv. 2, 3, 4, ASB Asst. 3, Comm. of Public Relations 4, Dialectos 3, Treas. 4, Senate 3,4, LEGEND Staff 4, Campus Life 3, 4, and Sr. Gift Comm. jack w ill attend Humboldt State College next year where he will study forestry. IQ' LYNDA KAYE PLYBON 'shonw Lynda, who collects saving stamps as a hobby, was active in Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Council 3, Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pennant 4, and Sr. Ways S Means Comm. After graduation, she plans to take IBM training. CARL A. PRINCE Arizona State is the cxtablishment of higher learning that Carl has chosen to attend after graduation. He plans to major in engineering. Carl enjoyed Mr. Krattli and Physics most. He likes cars and racing, and spends a lot of time messing with cars and going to the drags. DON MICHAEL PHILLIPS nM,ken Mike w ill complete his education at Grossmont I. C. in the field of recreation. He was active in Track 2, Golf 3,4, and Basketball 2, 3, 4. He likes a good basket- ball work out, a fast-moving game with Mr. Smithwick coaching at the side lines. Mike's favorite quote is "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. " it MARIE I. POLENZ Beards, the beach, parties, E Mr. Gerhke are tops with Marie. She attended ECVHS for the last two years of her high school career. Next year she will attend Grossmont IC. DAVID L. PROVOST Dave, who likes vacations and roadrunner cartoons, lists his favorite class as Woode shop. His activities were: I. V. Football 2, Nominating Convention 2, and Radio Club 3. After graduating he will continue his education at SDSC, to study English. ANNA DOLORES PIKE "Andie Poke" This bubbly senior has actively participated in all aspects of campus life. Activities: Class Council 2, 3, Sec. 1, Dialectos E NFL 2, 3, 4, CSF 3, Sec. 4, Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Senate 3,4, Archbearer 3, Girls' League 1, Exec. Board 2, 3, Pres. 4, LEGEN Staff 3, Co-Editor 4, Sr. Dance EAssem. D Comm., DAR Good Citizen 4. Anna plans to attend SDSC to major in Social or Political Science. OANNE PORTER 1 ..,od,.. jodi's activities included Archbearer 3: Bravettes 4, CSF 3, 4, Farmerettes 2, 3, Pres. 4, Library Asst. 3,-i, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, SMOKE SIGNAL Stuff 4, Sr. Publicity Comm. 4, and Tab 8 Campus 2, 3. She enjoyed her Ag. class most and likes cats and sew ing. After graduation she would like to major in Ag. or Iournalism at Cal Poly. VICKI RAE PRUST "Shorti" Vicki likes rainy days but can't stand unorganized teachers. Mrs, jump's clerical office course was her favorite class. She plans to study for IBM after graduation. ADEL L. PINNEY An .active Girls' League member 1, 2, 3,-1, Adel was Social Sec. during her senior year. She also attended Nom. Conv. 1, Gymnast Club 1, Y-Teens 3, Campus Life 4, and Prom Comm. Her favorite class was P. E. u ith Miss Iohnston. Adel enjoys dancing, sewing, .uid going to the beach. She u ill .itttriul Grossmout I. C. to bc a P. Ii. iuzuor. JUDY ANN POWERS judy, who enjoys summer vacations and ic water skiing, likes working in the office and going to Mrs. Adams' PE Class. She plans to go to El Cajon Beauty College after graduation. ROBERT CRAIG PRUYNE nBobn Bob came to ECVHS after 3 years at El Cap where he was very active in the Band. At El Cajon he served as a member of the Prom Comm. His favorite pastimes include skiing, swimming, and sailing. ln Bob's opinion, "Money is the root of all cvil, and men make money." He plans to continue his education at the Univ. of Miami or Northern Arizona Univ. BARBARA DIANNA QUEEN "Bobbie" Barbara's favorite quote is "Live for today, tomorrow may never come. " Becoming either an airline steuarcless or a beautician is her goal. Her activities have been: Sr. Gift Comm.5 SMOKE SIGNAL Staff 35 Noni. Conv. 1, 2, 35 Class Counc. lg Concert Choir lg and Girls' League 1. DIANNE ELIZABETH RECORD "Lizard" Dianne attended several high schools, before El Cajon. She was active in drama and speech, and played Elizabeth in "Angel Street." After graduating she plans to get married. Dianne believes in simplicity and likes to quote, "Life is very simple but men insist on making it complicated. " PATTY ANN REYNOLDS K I nBunSky-I f Patty enjoys being with happy and friendly pcoplc. Her favorite quote is, "Think of the one who thinks of you most. " She was in the Bravettes during her junior year. She hopes to bqzome a professional model. LARRY A. RADEBAUGH nLan,yn In his two years here at EI Cajon, Larry has participated in football and lists Mr. Maize as his favorite teacher. His future plans include education at Grossmont I. C. with his spare time spent in Weightlifting or boxing. JAMES FRANKLIN REED nhmn jim rates Mr. Greta tops among teachers. He participated in Football and Wrestling 1 and the Nom. Conv. 1. He plans to attend Grossmont I. C. WILLIAM WAYNE REYNOLDS nBi11n Bill has been one of the most active students on campus. He was VP of Boys' Fed.g Comm. of School Serviceg Cheerleader 3, 45 ASB Asst. 45 and Senior Class Pres. His pet peeve is people who don't do any- thing but gripe. Bill hopes to attend the U. S. Naval Academy or study Criminolgy at SDSC. DENNIS RAY RAKE nDenn Dennis enjoys all kinds of art work and plans to study art and drafting after grad- uation. His favorite teacher is Mr. Bascom. IO ANN RA MBEAU RONALD KEITH REID nRonn Auto shop was Rick's number one class and his favorite teacher was Mr. Smith. In his spare time he likes to work on his car or go sports fishing. His plans for the immediate future are to join the Navy. WALTER RICHARD RICE Walter most enjoyed his Photography class. Three year membership in the Calif. Cadet Corps will prove valuable as he plans to enter the service. NANCY REVETTA "Rivit" Nancy likes stuffed animals, reading, and English. She plans to major in Literature at SDSC. She has been active in Bravettes 3,4g Nom. Conv. 2, 33 and Sr. Publicity Comm. Nancy says, "Record a friend's faults in the sands, his virtues in your heart. KATHLEEN ALICE RICHARDSON Kathleen has been active in F.F. A. all four years and will attend Cal Poly to continue her education in Agriculture. She is on the Bacc. and Commencement Comm. Her favorite pastime is horseback riding. MARLEEN RICHARDSON Marleen enjoys horseback riding. She was PAM LOUISE RILEY In Pam's four years at El Cajon, she has active in Farmerettes and was an Archbearer. developed ar liking for Mr. Kingery and She plans to enter Cal Poly. her gym class. She was active in Girls' League, and will attend C-rossmont 1. C. CATHERINE JANE RISINGER "Kathy" During Kathy's high school career, she lists her Clerical Office Practice class at Santana as her favorite. She plans to become an airline stewardess for a time and then marry. C ATHLEEN ELAINE ROBERT S LINDA ARLENE ROACH SDSC and a career in social science are in future plans of this well-known senior. Her activities include: Girls' League 1, Exec. Board 2, 3, VP 45 Song 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Campus Life 1, 2, 45 LEGEND 3, 45 Senate5 Class Coun. Sec. 25 Sr. Dance S Assem. Comm. 5 Archbearer5 and Home- coming Princess. Linda has exemplified school spirit, service, and dedication. GERALD PAUL ROBINSON JOHN Rios In his three years at El Cajon, john has earned quite a name for himself as a cross country and distance runner. He partici- pated in Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 3, 4, and Var. Club 4. His favorite class, U. S. History and Track account for his plans to study P. E, and History at Grossmont I. C. MARIA DE IESUS RIOS " Maria" In Maria's fouxyears at El Cajon, she has developed a liking for her crafts class which :recounts for her favorite pastime of pottery making. She plans to attend a Beauty College :ifter graduating. LINDA MAE ROESSLER ucatheeu njenyn g I Llndzi has been Li drum major :ind active Cathee plans to attend Harvey Mudd College Vacations, the beach, and surfing are all Oni BW'-I SUN, CSF, CHUIPUS I-lfcy R'-Imim where Chemistry or Physics will be her firsts with jerry. He transferred to El Cajon Braves, Nominating Conv. and Cards 8 major. Cathee acquired some of her love of from Kearny High in his senior year. His Annorui. Comm. She likes being a Teen science from Nir. Willielmi' Cl10miSU'Y CUSS, future is as yet undecided. Aide at El Cajon Hospital, one reason for her favorite. Cathee participated in: Band 1, her decision to he a nurse. Staff 35 Orchestra 1, 25 Drama 1, 2, 35 Girls' league 25 Science Club 2, Sec. 45 Nom. Conv. 1, 3, 45 CSF 2, 3, 45 Tab G Campus 4. HAROLD FREDRICK ROHN "Nowe" H:irold's favorite teacher was Mr. Hcziton, and his fzivorilc class ix as World llistory. He likes reading, swimming, and chess. HaroId's favorite quote is, "It is to him who masters our minds by force of Truth not to him who enslaves men by violence that we owe our reverence. " Harold plans to enter Grossmont j. C. majoring in Geology. DENNIS M. ROLLING Dennis was a member of Class Council 1,23 track 2,3,4g and says hc likes all his teachers. He plans to attend Grossmont College. DWANE ROMAINE STEVEN BRUC E RUFF "Stick" Participation in Track 1-4, Football 3, 4, and Basketball 1 added much to Bruce's high school career. Girls and sports run a close race for first as his favorite pastime. Mr. Brools is his favorite teacher. He will further his interest in P. E. at USC. EMILY ANNE RU MSEY uEmu Band and orchestra took up the spare time of this music-minded january graduate. She is also interested in drama and will ptwsue this interest at Cal Western School of Per- forming Arts. Miss Petersen is her favorite teacher. BA RRY ROSEN Barry, a soft-spoken transfer from Granite Hills, has been active in Norn. Conv. and CSF. llc likes reading, listening, learn- ing, :ind being friendly. lle enjoys history and plans to major in it at U. C. L. A. KAREN ANN ROSENTHAL "Rosie" After graduating, Karen lists being an office worker as her immediate plans. Activities which she enjoyed at E. C. included Girls' League 1: and Tab 8 Campus Book Club. MARK STEVEN RUSSELL Mark's favorite pastime is working on cars and he says Auto Shop is his favorite class. He participated in Football 1, 2. After graduation, he plans to work and later enter the Navy. TIMOTHY CHARLES RYMER wr-,mu Tim's activities at E.C. were: Track 1, and Folk Music Club 4. He lists watch- xnaking, guitar playing, :ind building things as his hobbies, and he W ants to go to college. MARTIN DENNIS RY NEER Grossmont College is Martin's future alma mater. He plans to study Mathematics. Martin felt that Mr. LeTourneau's World History class was his best high school experience. EDWIN LEE SAFFELL nEdn The main interest of this senior centers around electronics. ln this field he spends much of his time and will major in it at SDSC, Radio Shop was his favorite class. ALFRED ELLIS SAMPLES nsk-,pn Skip believes that you should do unto others as you would like them do unto you. Skip would like to attend the L A. Art Center and major in Photography. During his 4 years here, he has been very active in Track and Cross Country, and rates Mr. Brooks as his favorite teacher. lie also participated in Var. Club 4 and Dialectos 3. JORGE LOUIS SANUDO "Unit 1" , The favorite saying of this happy-go-lucky senior is "What is this power I have over women ?" Jorge rates Drafting and Auto Shop as his favorite classes and would like to major in Architectural Drafting at SDSC. KAREN SUE SCHULER Karen attended Hoover before coming to ECVHS. Tennis and reading are her fa- vorite pastimes. While here she has found Mr. Hilton's Trig class to be her favorite. Karen participated in Girls' League 3, and Tennis Club 4. ROBERT LAU RENT SANBORN "Sanborn" While most noted for many achievements in Wrestling, this out-going Brave has had many other interests such as: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, j. V. Baseball 1, I. V. Football 2, Wrestling 3, 4, Track 4, Mascot 2, 3, 4, Prom Comm. DIANE ALINE SAUL This quiet senior plans to attend SDSC. Whilc :it ECVHS shc found Mr. D. Williams to be her favorite teacher and Spanish as her most enjoyable class. Her activities were: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4, Band Staff 2, 3, 4, Archbearer, and Student Teacher fSpanishj 3. .jp-dr' CLIFFORD ALAN SCHWARZ npustyn During his 4 years at El Cajon, Rusty's favorite class has been World History with Mr. Stone. In his spare time Rusy enjoys sw imming, fishing and dancing. After graduation, he plans to join the Merchant Marines. EDRA LOUISE SANDERS "Edra" Edra came to El Cajon from Clendenin High School 3 years ago. She lists Chemistry as her favorite subject here. She plans to attend Grossmont I. C. SCOTT EDWARD SAVAGE Scot1.'s activities included Frosh I-ootball, Frosh Wrestling, Nom. Conv. 2. lic most enjoyed Mr. Smith's Auto Mechanics class. He likes to play the guitar in his spare time. ROBERT ANTHONY SC OTT "jackson" Bob is especially known for his outstanding efforts in tennis. He feels that "Profit smiles on goodness, when the good is profitable. " Bob is planning to major in History at Grossmont I. C. or SDSC. His activities were: Class Counc. 1, 2, 3, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4, Boy's Fed. 2, Dance 8 Assembly Comm., Var. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, I. V. Wrestling 2, Var. Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. f RON jAlvfES SAN TOS Ron's favorite class, journalism, ties in greatly with his future plans. lie n ishes to major in journalism at Grossmont I. C. and then at SDSC. He participated in the follon ing activities: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Var. Club 2, 3, 4, Campus Life, Frosh-Soph Speech Tournaf ment, Sr. From Comm. 5353 sow GAYUSE SCHMIDTKE "Red" This fricndly scnior feels that "laugh and the world laughs with you- -cry and you cry alone. " After graduation Gaylee plans to attend Grossmont I. C. and major in Economics. Her activities were: Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir Staff 3, 4, Bravettes 3, Iland Lt. 4, Nom. Conv. 1,2, Drama Club 1, 2, Int. Club 3, Class Counc. 3, Campus Life 1, 2, 3, Bacc. G Commencement Comm. wood KEITH HARLEY SEARS "Captain" Keith spends much of his time at the beach surfing. After graduation he plans to attend Grossmont I. C. n here he n ill major in Oceanography. Kcith found Mr. William's Chemistry class to be his most enjoyable subject. CI-IARIES RAYMOND SECKNER uRayu A four-year student of ECVHS, Ray parti- cipated in Wrestling 1, Football 1, 2, and Track 1, 2. His favorite class was Auto Shop and he enjoys auto racing in his spare time. He would like to attend Grossmont I. C. after serving in the Air Force. PAUL FRANK SICKLER Paul hopes to major in education at SDSC. His main activity has been the Roman Braves for three years, and his favorite class was Physics. Paul ranks Mr. D. Williams on the top of his list of great teachers. LINDA LEE SEIBER "Stick" Linda's philosophy is "Anyone who talks all the time is bound to say something. I' Her activities were Girls' League 1, 2, 3, Exec. Board 4, Bravettes 4, Campus Life 2, 3, 4, Nominating Conventions 1, 2, 3, 4, Dialectos 8 NFL 3, 4, Senate 4, Sr. Ways E3 Means Comm. Her favorite class was German. CHAROON SIRIRAK Attending Songkhla Teacher's College in Thailand is the unusual goal of this small exchange student. Charoon believes that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do. " In his spare time Charoon could be found play- ing pingpong, raising animals, or reading. During his year at ECVI-IS he participated the FFA, AFS, and ASB. His favorite teacher was his American father, Mr. Dyer. DENNIS MICHAEL SMITH uDe,,myn Although quite a sports-minded person, Denny plans to continue his education at MICHAEL BREWER SMITH uM,ken Mike plans to attend Grossmont I. C. and would eventually like to become an archi- Grossmont I. C. as a business major. Dennis tect. Hewas a member of the Cadet, Con- rates Mr. Hilton as his number one teacher and enjoys wrestling in his spare time. His activities were Wrestling 1, 2, 3, and Var- sity Club 3, 4. cert, and Marching Bands. SUE CAROL SENCENICH Sue has enjoyed Miss ,Iohnston's P. E. classes. Her varied activities have been Girls' League 1, Nominating Conv. 1, 3, Bravettes 3, Hand Lt. 4, and the Cards 8 Announcement Comm. Sue plans to attend SDSC. ALLAN LOUIS SMITH A member of the Science and Radio Clubs, Allan has found his major interest to be electronics, which he would like to pursue while sewing in the U. S. Navy. PHILIP CLAUDE SMITH "Fi1bert" Playing the guitar and enjoying himself are Phil's favorite pastimes. At ECVHS he participated in j. V. Football, Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney, Nominating Conv. , and the Radio Club. Next fall he plans to study Electronics at Grossmont I. C. EDNA Sl-IAPLIN uEdd,vv Eddi is interested in becoming a dental assistant through studies at Grossmont I. C. Her pastimes are camping, hunting, and skiing. Eddi's activities were Y-Teens, Frosh Carousel Princess, Class Council 2, Nominating Conv. 2, Girls' League 1, Song Leader 3, 4, Sr. Gift Comm. BRUCE M. SMITH Bruce believes that "When in doubt--don't!" He has participated in the Boys' Fed. and the Radio Club. Bruce's future plans include joining the Navy. RAYMOND WILLIAM SMITH This outstanding student has most enjoyed his U. S. History class and prefers Mr. D. Williams as his favorite teacher. He will further his education at SDSC. Ray's activities were International Club 3, Dialectos 4, CSF 3, Nominating Conv. 2, 3, Sr. Privilege Comm. TIMOTHY MICHAEL SMITH iv-1-,mn Asserting that he dislikes all teachers, Tim has nevertheless enjoyed Mr. Krattli's class most. If not drag racing, he would probably be working on cars in his Auto Shop class. Tim would like to be a math major at Grossmont I. C. BRUCE I. SPRAGUE Bruce will attend Grossmont I. C. to study business law. He has taken part in Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Class Council 3, Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 3. His favorite class was Auto Shop with Mr. Smith. WYN STEVANS DIANE ROSE SORENSON Diane was ver :rctive in Marching 23 Con- cert Bands 1, 2, 3, Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Girls' League 2, SMOKE SIGNAL 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, International Club 2, 3, 'I'ecn Aide 3, 4, Band Staff 2, Trans. 3, ASI-S Asst. 4, Cards E Announ. Chrn., Nomi- nating Conv. 1, 4, Quill S Scroll 3, 4, CSI- 2, 3, 4, Archbearer 3. CHARLES STAI-'F "Chuck" GEORGE TIMOTHY SPER RY ii-1-,mn Tim's favorite tiniekillcr is collecting coins or going to :my kind of sporting event. He dislikes asparagus with a passion. He was active in Varsity Football, "B" Track Z, 3, Var. Track 4, Cadet Band 1, 2, Concert 8 Stage Bands, Staff 3, 4, Var. Band 3, Nominating Conv. 3, 4. Cl-EERI LEIGH STAMMEN The beach, spaghetti and camping are MA RI H. SPIRKOFF "Sanibo" Mari's favorite pastime is dancing in which she hopes to major at Grossmont I. C. She was active in Girls' League 1, Exec. Board 2, 3,41 Pennant Corps 2, Y-Teens 3, Campus Life 4, Sr. Prom Comm., Nominating Conv. 1, 3, FroshASoph Speech Tourney, Snowball Sr. Princess. THERESA LYNN STARKEY ii-1-e,.,.y.i This well liked Senior was active in ASB 4, Cheri's favorites. Her activities included Terry hopes to become an airline stewardess Nominating Conv. 3,4, Basketball 1, 2, Cross Class Council 1, Treas. 2, Nominating She was active as a member of Bravettes 3, Country 2, Frosh-Soph Speech Tourney, Conv. 1, 2, Song Leader 3, Sr. Gift Comm. Flag Lt. 4, Girls' League 2, Roman Braves Campus Life 2, 3, 4, Class Council 4, Sr. Chm., Girls' League 4. She plans to attend 1, 2. Terry says she likes just about every- Fun-Nitc Comm., Dialectos 2, School Grossmont I. C. or SDSC. thing, especially having fun. Service Comm., Scholastic Olympics. cwcff- -..,.,,, MORRIS 1. STEWART 1. R. During his four years at ECVHS, Morris most enjoyed his English and Civics classes, Mr. Bascom being his favorite teacher. He participated in Cross Country and Track. Next fall he hopes to attend Grossmont I. C. cup, P i Tv L. Q 1 A DAVID HARRY STRATTON NDQVEH Dave's favorite class was Auto Shop and so he will continue his studies of that subject at SDSC. ln his spare time Dave enjoys working on his car, girl watching, or many other outdoor activities. He wants to pursue a career in the Air Force after college. RONALD IA MES SUPINGER nsupu jim whose major activities were in sports, plans to major in P. E. at Grossmont College. This tall Brave expecially enjoyed Mr. Holk's drafting classes and spent much of his leisure time body surfing at the beach. Activities: Football 1, Baseball 2, 3, 4. ,,,w,I, MICHAEL LEE SU LLI VAN nspankyn This popular graduate lists Mr. Fulcher and French III as his favorites. Mike spends his spare time playing handball, skin diving or daydreaming. He wants to specialize in journalism at Grossmont 1. C. WILLIAM FORREST SUTTON nsiuu Bill, well-known for his admirable abilities in art, plans to pursue this career at Grossmont College. His many activities have included Boys' Federation I, 2, School Serv- ice Committee 3, Nominating Conventions 1, 2, 3, 4, A. S. B. Director of School Arts 4, Senate 3, Chairman Senior Publicity Com- mittee, and Campus Life 3, 4. NHKE STONE HAROLD JOHN SU MMERS -'Unity' Stressing "it's not quantity but quality that counts" Iohn has the commendable ambition to major in architecture at SDSC. Among this "sexy" Senior's likes and interests are people, dating, going to the beach, and eating good food. CECELIA ANN TA MBLYN ncecen Cece's high school activities included Y-teens and Girls' League Good Grooming Committee. She likes to play pool and go to the beach and dislikes two-faced people. Next fall she plans to attend Grossmont I. C. IINNY STOVER Bravettes 3, Girls' League 1 Conventions 1, Senior Cards ments Committee have kept jinny busy during her 4 years here at E. C. She plans to attend SDSC or Grossmont College. SUSAN CAROL SUMMIERSGILL "Carol" Carol, characterized by her slenderness and long hair lists her P. E. classes and going to the beach as her favorites. She will attend Grossmont College. Her activities were Banner Corps 3, Bravette Corp 4. CHERYL ANN TATE "Tate" Cheryl's quotation is "Bc truc to your school". She has tried to live up to this by being activa in Girls' League 2, 3,4, lnternzitionzil Club 3, Nominating Conventions 2, 3, 4, Campus Life, Senior Ways :ind Mcxins Committee. Cheryl likes sewing :intl plans to mxiior in Home Economics :xt college. BETTY JEAN TAYLOR Betty plans to work as a nurse's aide then go on to Grossmont Vocational School of Nursing. She was active in Girls' League, Nurses Aide. She enjoys sewing as a hobby. Health was her favorite class. STEVEN W. THATCHER "Steve" Steve's favorite time killers are working on cars and hunting. He says that he likes M.r. Mathews and history. He has participated in Football 1, 2, Wrestling 1, 29 Track 1, 2. Steve's future plans are to attend college, then travel. LARRY GENE TAYLOR ..'1-,germ Chocolate, Mr. Smith, and Auto Shop are a few of IJ-irry's favorites. He spends much of his spare time working on his 1929 Model 'A' Ford and playing baseball for the E.C. Braves. His future plans are to go to Gross- mont I. C. and study Auto Mechanics. CLARENCE THOMAS ..Gene.. Gene plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. Among his school activities were Nominating Conventions 3. He liked his Civics class most and dislikes raw chicken. V, 255 sf: V. .. -.,-....-... .. ggygb, PHILIP IA MES TAYLOR ..ph,1.. Phil wants to study history at SDSC next year. His favorite class at E1Cajon appro- priately was Mr. LeTourneau's history class. KATHERINE FRANCES TENNY .. Katy.. Though Katy only spent one year at ECVHS she made the most of it through her partici- pation in Girls' League and in the Spanish Club. Next fall she plans to attend SDSC where she will major in business. DIANNA LEE THOMAS "Dye-Nye" Dianna, who likes to see 1. teacher smile, plans to studv political science and British Literature at Grossmont College next year. Her favorite quote is "A man's reach must exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for" and Mr. Adams is her favorite teacher. WILLIAM EDWARD THOMSON DAVID GREGORY THURMAN NOREEN LEE TIMLICK ..Biu.. ..Dave.. usam.. Bill says his favorite pastime is motorcycle After graduation, Dave plans to pursue a Noreen's favorite subject has been Home- riding. His future plans are to attend career in law. He has participated in making and she utilizes it in her pastimes, Grossmont 1. C. and major in history and Marching Band I, 25 Concert Band 1, Zg babysitting and cooking. Her favorite social science. Swimming 1, 2, 3. Mrs. Logan was his teacher is Mr. LeTourneau. Noreen's future favorite teacher and he enjoyed his Spanish class most. He likes food and "life". His favorite quotation is "All that glitters is not gold. " plans are to become an airline stewardess. BARBARA THONTSON ..Ba,.b.. Barbara likes people with a good serse of humor. While attending El Cajon she has participated in Class Coun. lg Frosh-Soph Speech Tourneyg Bravettes 35 Campus Life. She plans to attend Grossmont j. C. .ina-ef' EDWARD HERBERT TOMLINSON Ill ..Linu5.. His favorite quote is "A cynic is a man who when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin. " He likes bowling, chess and the rain. He has been a Library Asst. 3 years, Tab 8 Campus 2 years, Class Council Rep. He plans to attend Grossmont I. C. and major in Biology and Zoology. DENNIS GREGORY TOPP Dennis states his favorite class was Mr. Smith's auto shop, and that he enjoys racing and working on cars. He has partici- pated in Football 1, 2, Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, His future plans are to attend college or serve in the Air Force. 4. LYNETTE IMO TORREY "Lit" F. WARREN TOTTEN DAVID GEORGE TOUCHSTONE Lit's favorite quote, "The only true happiness Warren says his quote may be used on tai-dy Dave enjoys just hanging around with friends, is that which We give Others, H describes slips: "Time flies, I don't. " He lists his and says Coach Eliott is his favorite teacher. Lit herself, This bubbly redhead was active favorite class as gym. His future plans are He plans to become an electrician. in Girls' Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, CSF Life Member, LEGEND 3, Sports Ed. 4, Girls' League 1,2, Exec. Board 3, 4, Scho- lastic Olympics 3, 4, Sr. Publicity Comm. 5 Nom Conv. 1, 3, 4, Frosh-Soph-Speech Tourney, AAU Girls' track 2, 3, 4, Girls' Hockey 3, 4. She plans to continue her education at SDSC in P. E. and Math. to attend Grossmont junior College. .ff MARIA ELENA VALENCIA DOROTHY JOAN VAN CLEEF "Bean" "Dorrie" ln her four years at our school, Maria has Dorrie's activities at ECVHS include been in Girls' League, Y-Teens, and Specialties, Megebeceps. and the Nom. Dialectos. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Conv. Her hobbies are folk-dzmcing, :ind I.eTou.rneau. She plans to attend Grossmont astronomy, which she plzms to nmjor in 1. C. after graduation. at college. ROY NEIL TRENT Roy says that he likes reading, food, girls, :ind judo. He lists Mr. Dyer as his favorite teacher, and his favorite class as English. His future plans are to attend Spearfish Teacher's College, majoring in English. 1: CHARLES COLLINS TRUAX usidu Charlie says his favorite saying is "Outa Sight", his favorite pastime, girls, and that he enjoyed Mr. Hi1ton's classes. He was in Class Council 1, 2, 3, and Nom. Conv. 3. He plans to attend SDSC. SUZANNE VAN DEWEGHIE usueu After coming to ECVHS as a sophomore, Sue became active in Girls' League, and most enjoyed her photography class. After gradu- ation, she plans to major in history at Grossmont. DONNA ELLEN VAN VECHTEN uvann Donna has been active in Campus Life and Concert Choir while at El Cajon. She most enjoyed Mrs. Halliburton's English class, and hopes to major in sociology at SDSC. CINDY FAYE WADE Cindy's favorite quote is "No man is an island. " At ECVI-IS she most enjoyed Mas. Brooks' speech class. ller activities were: Class Council, Nominating Conventions, Dialectos, Hurdle Crew, NFL, Girls' League, and Sr. Ways and Means. She plans to major in sociology at SDSC. DONALD I.. WARREN HDOHH Don's main interest centers around cars, racing occupies much of his spare time. At school he most enjoyed Auto Shop and Mr. Bartlett. His activities were Var. Baseball 35 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. VERCIA ANN WATSON Vo1lGey" After graduation, Vercia would like to enter Grossmont I. C. in the IBM field, Mr. Kingery's Biology ll class was her favorite. Activities included Tab 8 Campus 1, 4, Class Council 1, Z, 'i,4, C-irls' League 1, 2, 4, Rec. Sec. 3, AFS 3,45 Nom. Conv. l, 2, 3, r. Publicity Comm. 'Raimi FREDERICK KEITH WA LLER "Ears" Rating Mr. Smith's Auto Shop as his favorite class, Fred wishes to continue his studies in the industrial arts field at Grossmont I. C. His activities were Wrestling 2, 4, Swimming 3, Tennis 1. RICHARD EDWARD WATSON, JR. mick" Rick plans a future in the Air Force. While attending ECVHS he chose Woodworking as his favorite class. lie has been active in Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Nom. Conv. 1, 3, 4, Class Coun. TP SUSAN ANN WAY vvsueu Sue has enjoyed Mr. Dewey's teaching and her business English class. Her favorite pastimes are housekeeping and cooking, which coincide ix ith her future plans of marriage and a family. MARGARET PATRICIA WARD "Patti" Patti is 11 transfer student who likes swimming, tennis, reading and people. lier favorite class at ECVHS w as Bookkeeping. ller activities were Tennis Club 4, Lib. Asst. 5 Sr. Prom Comm. ROBERT M. WARNOCK uBObu Bob enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping, and rates Mr. Smith's Auto Shop as his iii class. His school activities included JV Baseball Mgr., Var. Baseball Mgr. Clam. Bob Marlin A SANDRA LOU WEBER usamu Sandy is a transfer from Central lligh School. While at ECVHS she enjoyed Mrs. Gisbson and Art. After graduation she plans to travel and spend a little time on a surf- board. CHARLES WILLIAM WEEKS "Chuck" Charles was active in FFA. lie enjoys raising tropical fish, painting, and u orking in ceramics and sculpture. llis favorite class was crafts, his favorite teacher nas Mr. Bascom. lie intends to continue his ix orking in art at Grossmont I. C. VICKI WELLS Vicki came to El Cajon from San Diego High. She participated in Girls' League and enjoyed her P. E. and bookkeeping classes most. She is looking forward to a career in business or as a beautician. PHILLIP E. WHITE uphilu Phil's major contribution to ECVHS was the founding of the Folksinging Club. He was also active in Dialectos and FFA. After graduation, Phil plans to major in Agricul- ture at Cal Poly. RANDALL NEIL WOOD "Stick" Randy's activities were sports oriented and included football and basketball. His favorite ECVI-IS teacher is Mr. Mathews and he enjoyed his auto shop class most. He expects to attend Grossmon JC next year and major in Physical Education. IANES RALPH WENSTROM uhm Bon "Nonchalance is the art of looking like an owl when you're acting like a jackass," symbolizes the keen understanding of this transfer from Zion-Benton Township High. While at ECVHS he found journalism a favorite class while Mr. Williams ranked as his favorite teacher. He was active in: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, Radio 1, 2, Cross Country 23 Golf 3, 4, Club Pres. 4, Vars. Club 3, 4, 3, 4, Usher 3, and Sr. Ways S "!' RICHARD DAVID WHITE uRiChn Rich's major extra-curricular activity was his work as editor of THOUGHT. His favorite teacher is Mr. Castro. Rich plans to attend SDSC to study Law, MARIA LOURDES ZA MARRIPA "Lourie" Maria participated in Girls' League 1, 3, 4, This transfer student from Grossmont believes that "You're only young once, but once is enough if you work it right. " Her favorite teacher was Mr. Stone. Maria would like to further her education at Grossmont IC, where she will major in languages. MONICA FRANCES WEST "Sam 23 Agnes Gooch" Monica's activities at El Cajon have includ- ed Girls' League, and Nom. Conv., Bravettes 3,45 and Sr. Fun Night Comm. She likes to knit and visit submarines. She feels that you should "Smile and be proud. " Marriage figures prominently in her future. LYNN J. WHITTEN uDingn Synn served as a Tab 8 Campus 3, 4. She calls Mr. Gerhke her favorite teacher and likes his Health class. She likes beards but dislikes moustaches. MARK L. ZOLLINGER uzolyu "He who yields everything soon will have nothing left to yield," is Mark's favorite saying. During his two years at ECVHS, he enjoyed Mr. Bascom's English class. Planning to attend Brigham Young University or Denver University, he will major in Law. PAUL RODNEY WHEELER uRodu Paul was most active in his Senior year, serving on the Sr. Privilege Comm. and the Class Council. He also participated in Nom. Conv. and Drama. His favorite class was English and his pet peeve is people with weak personalities. MATTHEW ALEXANDER WOJDAK, JR. uM3ttu Matt's major interest in high school has been running, l-le was in Cross Country and Track under the supervision of his favorite teacher, Mr. Brooks. Among his other activities were: Student Gov. 5 Voyageurs, Student Senate, and the class council. He plans to either enter Humboldt State or the Marines. ALSO GRADUATING: Colin Ackroyd Leoma Earlywine Jeanne Hawn Marie Lovell Linda Reynolds Robert Root Donald Sines Brenda Stump Karen Vander Busch Dave Vargo 444-4287 ,W ,. :Q ,Q-, 3 BOYD ANDERSON PHGTOGRAPHY 200 East Main Street El Cajon, California 07' RAPNY 1..- wr Congratulations Class of '68 From IVIR. G's ITALIAN RESTAURANT -Pizzas-Spaghetti-Ravioli-Salad- -Sandwiches - 361 North Magnolia El Cajon, California 442-0906 Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1968 'EL CAJON IVIORTUARY AND VALLEY CHAPEL 624 El Cajon Blvd., El Cajon, Calif. George Roach-President and Director Phone 442-6677 if LL l wk 'K ' A if L 7 9 lla, 1 'LL C Q' L , f 1 if fbi: 4 J ,f it lAVJ,wL jkfa f will f A xyfg 6 . Hs J L f , in 'f , A , , " , A A x f VQTHANK YOU 2- C F . by f Y J - , f . , ' ' X . ff . 11, , Q We of the LEGEND staff would lilrewto ,, .eggend our appreciation to alljestablishments who have advertised on thesewpages ,P We also extend a special thanks to john Thonias, of the Americ:anAYearbook Company, Boyd Anderson Studi-os and Mr .Robert l-Iannnan, photographer. We ariegrateful for their cooperation in publication of our 1968 is LEGEND. C mf 1 LTV' f fi ,UU sq! .11 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1968 from VAQUERO FAMILY RESTAURANT 475 No. Magnolia El Cajon, Calif. I Best of luck to the Class of '68 Best Wishes From From CLOVER LEAF DAIRY EL CAJON ACCEPTANCE 984 Iamacha Rd. El Cajon, Calif. 425 E1 Cajon Blvd. 442-0268 "Where Quality Rules" Good Luck AERO DRIVE-IN THEATER TOWN 84 COUNTRY PLUMBING SERVICE A. L. "Tony" Revetta 335 Hart Drive, El Cajon 442-2372 EL CAJON VALLEY ELORIST TRUIVIAN MOTORS 169 N th Ma l' El C ' C l'f Volkswagen or gno la ajon' 2 1 ' Authorized Sales and Service 464 W. Main, El Cajon Charlie 8' Barbara Roberson Ray Bennett Asst. General Manager 442-6688 442-0911 Courtesy of ACE AUTO SUPPLY 799 El Cajon Blvd. El Cajon, Calif. 444-9445 Courtesy of HATCH CHEVROLET 850 El Cajon Blvd. El Cajon, Calif. Meet your friends at J. R.'S DRIVE-INN MEAT PACKER MARKETS 1152 West Main St. at Main S Magnolia The "Center" of El Cajon El Cajon, Calif. I Courtesy of Congratulations to the Class of '68 F EL CAJON BLUEPRINT SERVICE EL CAJONTETAR WASH ' 445 E1 Cajon Blvd' 690 El Cajon Eivd. El Cajon, Calif. I Phone 444-7196 444- 2323 L ,, j Courtesy of Best Wishes F EL CAJON LAUNDRYQDRY CLEANERS H E WATER D C 136 W' Douglas 622 So. johnson, El Cajon Chiropractor El Cajon, California 444-8269 444-7148 Courtesy of MARCK MOTORS FORD 332 E. Main El Cajon, Calif. Courtesy of LA VILLITA de EL CAJON 179 Rea Street El Cajon, California 442-9933 Best Wishels to the Class of 1968 R. A. WILEY 84 SONS Mechanical Contractors 743 El Cajon Blvd. El Cajon, Calif. ALAN ARCHARD, INC. Firestone 661 El Cajon Blvd. 444-2175 C ongrat ulations EL CAJON AWNING 84 MFG. CO. Mobile Homes-Residential-Commercial 845 El Cajon Blvd, El Cajon 442-3301 Congratulations Class of 1968 J. J. WERMERS CONSTRUCTION CO. 3530 172 Bancroft Dr. Spring Valley, Calif. K 279 East Mum St., El Cajon, Callf. 2 GROSSMONT... TREAT QUALITY! wif' U 5 x - yglxf 0.0-ff!! . ig , Q3 5352? QE am QAQFLAMING 66 Sf? Q? X M SQEEQ B URNT SQSQAQYPQSYQQ Dm QQ W Gy fiffiw fi fy N QQ 'QV 56 y Nia' HX. If xx--jf YOUTH N X WM iT f ,A I ' I " J'-2' - -if I V -. A LU -7 NEUR n v , 5 x i- V " .fx k C' L .jj X My , 1 ' '74 , f, 1 1,"E24,9 9 , ' MK MMS of J NU 1 J ,Q .,f- ., O' U-Ln GN QVLI OVU 1 N! L SSQRC' Q5 mcfl P, v VI L Wx HA ' -bf CWI 7g,V UfW . ff jf nov A KW i,1.e,.-. 'I X 6. sox 'K ' H f . M 'r . X .AQ y ,, AE f . X-1 , ,K fx, . -. E R a , , . , , . , ,J 'J - 'R . xxx W , , g Q Y , -, A H' ,V , ,, Z ,, Y XP! Q X x il, Z X, x 'Y V f 1 Q 7 MP x ' af 1 xv X :Lf x. 'x ,- X., L' V 'P L J 1 ,X , s J l f, , , , 1 X My ' Q J 'X ix ' V A 4 if L, . A x x X X X k X 1 1, k k ,J , ' rx X' xx 5 MXN! Yv-fy X X w. it X k Q' NX V 'EL' vk 1 J fb., L . f f' a A ' 1 . , ' . H . , R9 ' L X X X xfo- gf hx ' X X X x K In KX J V X XR N x J Nr x f A V x 'Y K ', H , s 1 4 , . ' xx, fx L i XL a Lf! yb' Vi , X, x.. . xv f rx , 79 ' '-f " x X 1 'I fi STEADY FLA MES .AV . .N vi W x Q. 5 4: Wg. A ,,,,, A . X S 'Y'-5 -if 1' . -..-5 Z ff., fi? 3 'NXT M xr, W x li: g Q xx . f A QW R M ., EFQTQQ, 752414 A .A 7- L4f.Afg4HQW L,f45,65!L6Q V Aj J 6 MNUM ,iq V FAA-fl Cl Lwafqlgfjj we fm ',MJA',xi7-Lfguwfki 3 J .fdwfff-1 VWVQA-Z. 190 v' S DETERMINED FLA ME A 3 NN " C34 SCHOIARLY FLA ME 3-U tm PECIAL 'di' Home Study Teachers, from left to right: Mrs. Bandes, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Gates, Mrs. Huenergardt, Mr. Van Ryn, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Madson. The resource room here at ECVHS, under the supervision of Mrs . McGowan, serves all the Visually-handicapped students in the Grossmont District. This room is specially equipped with braille Writers, large print type- Writers, tape recorders, talking- book machines, and other mate- rial in braille or large print. The students participating in this pro- gram are all in regular classes. The resource teacher assists the classroom teacher by putting tests and Worksheets into braille or large print. MW? EDUCATIO Left to right: Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Benedict, Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Pankl, Mrs. Sigler, Mrs. Neill, Mr. Baer, Mr. Tubrnar. The TMR unit of the Grossmont District which provides educational opportunities for 48 students con- sists of course work designed for these special teenagers With special needs. The pupils enjoy their par- ticipation in the school assemblies and the use of thc! physical educa- tion facilities. Each class consists of 12 stu- dents supervised by a teacher and a teacher's aide. Many El Cajon High School students have served successfully as student aides in the unit. The attitude toward accept- ance of the TMR unit by the students and Staff of El Cajon High School has been outstanding. This attitude has contributed considerably to the success of the TMR program this year. ACHIEVEME T IS... A Edward Stinson, valedictorian of our first graduating class, was a member of the history- making heart-transplant team at Stanford University. THA K YO Mrs. Goward came to ECHVS in 1960 and served the school as a counseling secretary for eight years. We Wish to thank her now in this small way. David Nuttall, elected to our baseball Hall of Fame in 1964, rose to prominence through his heroic efforts in the UCLA--USC football game. Teamed with Gary Beban, he kept the game undecided until the last second. Mr. Van Note's retirement signaled the loss of another of our charter teachers. His influ- ence Will be reflected by thousands of his former students as they drive on the highways of our World. We thank him for his invaluable service. 8 2 .v 8 ' 'H 1 is 1 .riff K? Qi? Q 1: if , J 'S 1 ' H . ' , J' Fwd Si :--- . . ' ,-" ' .- ' ,, is sf ' S it 7 5 '- I . ' .W 1 ,ns , ul ' 1' . K Q 1 n ' ' Dale A . Armour Roger V. Kelley Nelson F. Pulsifer H' rk J -X x, x Y XX A, i A r l lj vff, -0 C , f f . , ' ' s Y k , 6, f W X fs 4 I Q i 3 f' - - 1 - w 1 R f J X 1 I1 .. I KI. 1 5 - M 5307, .M W . ' Xe X, v il s ' 5 K 1 f , X L .21 X, 1 A rf 1 4 f ' H 1 ci 2 I 4 V 3 5 , 1 f, , f ff f Q - S fe Q 215 WWKWMV f 2 - ' ..- ' A G.- 5 Q ll , - 2 XM? ' -3 gf Q f 3 J C-5 J V . 03:0 , Fi Cllqgqbxtigjkgif-, Xi E32-L by N 1 a if 2 ,ga g W, X ' 1 fag X 3 WW r il- X,-akcjg 4 K oe! Q YZ ' ' Y ,J 'Y P95323 wqvf'9'2bQ.w'M fifwi A vi 531 wp? M W R YfCf WWwb QD 3 X S W-www 4 IL A9 U . ,ff M 5 I? ,4 1, 3 W yy ,MMI '20 1-421 ' aff' ,yur I ' 7 - ,Q. q JJ7j0"i Tw Q , W ,zwffffijf wlfffdfgwfdfppff ,W W 0+ 5 My My mir-2 -,Q flyflfa' , ' W' ww' vf,!'J5MWffVk+ff 23 ' P Off' JVM, byff GX 93? if Mdifgwf ff N 'fZwf'wf www Mn X f S GN W fqfffl L QQ UV fwijffvfif Ji dgcggcfgfgiifgx L 1 w w w K 1 W i I I i 1 .Vi EX v I M 5 G 7' 'Q T33 Q 6 0 X 'ic ,,...S. Q 0 6- A G- ' G Q61 -el. xp 00 ,Q Q f in ji QQ fo 't,cC' , EO' ff' Sf uwivlfvily-IN xo! oo if if MM C, 15645, wg, 5' Qy .MW cgi fob TQ of M fl W wW?f21'il7if5 W Wjywffwjmw Eb C5 Mmm , will my Q35 AMQSWAJQ "2. f Q-QQXY 1-wigvj EP ff JW X5 M Q37 if I X , Gvx iw? in W ada? X X fig? QQ W fjw FW 1wwf2Q2? Z , ., X! A4 L' a,K,f.f. fb 'V Rf , 469, 'J M41 W WZ A if did yi? f JE 5 rf X A 1 fm "W jf AW f ,2 mfZ547 5xf'fUT' 549411 X, I X l j fnbmj Zabwg ,jf4lf2A"'p , JW Mr 3, ,dj nf mw4,4,,,,,., , ga Cv ak Q QW Wfwfw' gffxk-wixfgjgw ww aw f Q ,fi Wifi .KM Q lv Klffiei JW W Q F Qvgggwgw My gt ,J WQMNMXWWM ftb gb, w ig MMM WW 'K XZANQWUVSNXS-' I'W1f'jN w ff iw cm .rv ,,2+a5 3 23553 2 SDM 'J Q-+'?24',, 2 , lgjifsglfig- E2 'WWA -f.3+i33.: SEQ L MCWXUMQMQQA l 3 ,Q WW WD yw Sfxmsw My c w A 5 o QTQJM E Vt 3, 3. D ' "' - V 'Q' 3 fo Lv X if? og- f 5,2 3 m 3,2 JYRMMQ K1gLw,55m5Y ig'o CSL Q X 5, U2 Q6 A gf F Wx W, gl S Y J- 0 7- Xygcdfx Cpvxl QJUIJQRQK C Q' 'Ng , SE' Sawwgiwmmsxig NECA M Qi ,X 3 5 Sq,-Vuivl, mwah. g 3MQE2 77 2 , I W , W- , ' QZ W ! X 1 f W7 0 AQOJMLUQQ if bww M fm gall new lv , GQDQOZJQQMVWK , 7,1 914 " , LQ fflf 'jg 00461, L o U-QQQA' f x Q4 f if f f I 1 , , l ! WML W 1.m6ff9LXLffQfu JJVJ 17 x 1 ZUAMJL CWM Mau vgwgwol R+ MN jgmf ,QZUJ-CLLVQ fed' JK N80 W MM W

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