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FS Q , X4 ky Q N Ti? A x NONE If W x RQ x 3 Vx? RN UQ QW Ex fi' v Xa lfb n A .I Q 1 xx LSX N xxx' xg Q N X QR x M SM x lfiff w- 3 'Y X - i S Y IH din NM?- xFiQ KX Tx 'Wf?QwsR QM YQ Xxx XQSNM "L -'fi " ' J .1 P A . F I O Q JKK: , ,ii N xt X L, U1 Y 1' ,ab fe 9' J' ii val J, by if N Q- yf gig, 'OI 1 N Nh XJ, JK , yv jJ Xb X31 OXQV A ' U? I . A NV by I. H W J M QVVFNM JP, an V - E 1 W Agp? -R 3'-Si agf P , 4 r X. 3 x 'fi-1 Having looked back upon El Cajon's distinguished past in the 10th Anniversary LEGEND, we now look forward to our school's promising future. As we contemplate the coming years, Q new shapes, new patterns, new perspectives appear. rw. wx ' .1 Q Reflecting upon this 'l T. 1 beginning, we present 9 K Q Q ff g w K - a pictorial review of lik ff " K , Ni, Y lg in M the dimensions of '66. me e, ,i K sig, QS 7 'TQ Mimi f"ff CQ- 1 ga .Q K FZ- Q ri W : . 5 Q., gg ""f xt ff- " 1' 1512 'ze' ' K3 New - C Q' 8 kc'-f cgi- awww iz' ' X 1' Qian, Ninn ' 7 5 "Those who do not study will go down in history--also, math science. . . " f 5' E ,A E "Happiness J u lu Recess. "Smash right throug "Shake it up Baby! " WW S' 9 44 -QI.. , M .V 5 ,'3-wI ,,,1y, vw femm ,, ,gr ' ,, Q 'E 'Wwat MAJ., ,..,,MfA assi "Thank you, " when Written, con- tains eight lettersg when spoken it often contains only air. Each day it is ut- tered over and over again to express simple appreciation for some trivial favor. Our appreciation is not simple, nor, Mrs. Mattingly, have your many favors been trivial. Across your now vacant desk many young, unde- cided students have become successful. "Thank you" only begins to express our gratitude to you, Mrs Mattingly, but there is no better Word. The dedication of this book, and our thanks, is all We can give. 'gh GW pwwff W table 017 ww eww contents . X 1 I " N s L m I Q I la - r I , X ,, g 1 ' lg T . X . Y I X ' v V ' 4' 1.1 X 1 'W I. x m N uh, by , ' . ,f,' 'X .V If x w ,J , 4 , N ' J y A . ' 1 L P Y A dx Cf' yi Q., Vlkw WN HEY Xt 5 V 1 1 ,dl , ZX if' ,nf ,. v ck XJ b QV WW 3" X533 'Q- - 1 P i' f L 569 IN My lx NB yosp 50 gf Q WJ ' f U 1 x Nj' V I LFP Ulf, 'ko' L f 'X , rf' U, fm! , , gl, 4, X winwff gf 5,5 Y, N ,mx af' if JIM LQ If UM WJ x W ' YN ki' Q ig 17 'WV dm, H'-. W., . I 2'w:,:v.?Lrrx -ruff? -.Fx l ag... -use nz,-3, M-.. 2,--g...:zw -Q - ...ski bw QL Q., .. .IM 6. Q .f Q! ,ff Y r- t G . f I . ' :, .5 .gf V ,. lsik f-1 ,, .WMM NNN V 4 f,X.,.S K :JL Tx: 2 9 1 . QV, Y --.........,., f' f. ,f s' - '.!!, 4 .. K Mig a e nw. ' 'M e W Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius relax at home A, W, uiclff ' ' vwmgwfaf sms aff Wiz qi 7 V Aww-mfvmmgpgg H 'wwwxfffffftfslwr ggfggi f Q , ISL Q. 5 it . , ,,. , K .:5,. :-, ,2.,, .l. J11l S Mr. john T. Warburton and the Board-oi? l H Trustees, have brought about many beneficial advances in our educational system. The latest indication of our district's constant expansion is the new Santana High School, an essential MT' John T' Wvafbuffon addition to the school s stem. SUPERIN TENDENT 5' BOARD OF TRUSTEES FRONT ROW: Portia Goode, Rexford Hall, President, Palmer Svalstad. BACK ROW: George Birch, Robert Dryden. Mr. Harold Hughes ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT Without the patient guidance and years of wisdom dedicated by our tireless counselors, the intricate path leading to a rewarding high school and college career would be left for the student to tackle alone. Each student attributes part of his high school ac- complishment to a fine counselor. fm' R ,lirl i R2 K f MR. LUNDQUIST 12th Grade MR. HENRY L 'ff '?"fa a Dean of Students wp ge ' ,. H N -fm. f VE XTR .Va f S F ffl ?YgQ??N " : ics R ff R R f . A! ,aim 3.2 bm, . H 5 4 an l - . ... '1 t f , R f 1 . . , . .,t. YYV? ig LVVVA .f " R ' L-3' ' X Z IQ ...mymggfmw lzlf Mawtfmwz ,W awk I f , 1461. , ' V l - P f MRS, MARSHALL 1 iifhcmac Q, K ui' ,.-- ' L Y . . 3.44 , MRS. RIDGWAY 10th Grade MRS. MAYFIELD 9th Grade Mr. Thomas , Plant Manager f AA, Mrs. Buck . . . Girls' P . E. Attendant Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Rasmussen, Mrs. Peebles, Mrs. Barrows, Mrs. Passino, Mrs. Coward, Mrs. Ballantyneg NOT SHOWN, Mrs. Sexton Mr. Sl atinsky , W rrrr .9 as 4 B ,- H Boys' P. E. Attendant f......,,, , 1 so . ,,,, ,tw 5 A. .,,,, V , ' za " J' 74. W , ' "Q V , - , pf ' 'wr' ' P " 15 ,W - X W- ,.,. 5 ., .M vw 5 -1 3 ,eff K 'P' i .. W ,. - V. 1 . 1 ' fs ' :IN -if - I ., 1mE':?'?':i::'1 " -.,'77?f'V : a"' ' '13 . A rs lfszszl zif ,V ,.ff4 .Qf2-.l m f 1:15, mi- 1. .5225 gf ,1Zf.iiQLEij 5 34 V -sf-iwsfwz .1 fgegi ilegw , l sfwz. 1- , Tiisiiesi .1 1 .Q 7 YH. Lain: s A -zsgzfevezus, .Eff fm Wk 1- M-2.5-1.-15 ' Eggigggglgr-S . wiiiiiwi , Nw -'fy -- .lst .. . .wa A v:,, sifzlzgi A ' f""'iQl 'W ' ..., - w e ai- " K .imx 5 i,aQajiag"v1 1 gfx,r,g3,,. . K 5. 'sie-QQ-Mu M 11 1, 51352 -Wg Q -- M. ,.. . . "a v : 5 Mrs. Bain . . . Library Assistant X Mr. MacKinnon, Mr. Crozier, Mr. Wise W1 X 1 nr-E K 5.5 K - 1 f Ar . Q . ,.. M. L , 'K f R IW, asf! . x . I , ky X , X V ...W is . if e 1- Q iii ,. L L Q M M m V C Q 1 w-fi" is W FRONT ROW: Mr. Frandsen, Mr. Reid, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Neutzling, Mr. Cater--Crew Chief. BACK ROW: Mr. Russell, Mr. Hendersen, Mr. Cardi- nal, Mr. Hines, Mr. Waller, Mr. Crane Mrs. Triplett Cafeteria Mgr. Mrs. Moffitt, Mrs. Manes, Mrs. Lepper, Mrs. Turvey, Mrs. Murray, Mrs Henry, Mrs. McCain 17 5iil5?iii52TigT?Q iwss ri. r.sr.9i-if 7-fm-si--sw wax :rg .2 . to attend a county to an F . F .A. banquet? Show a group of students how to shear a sheep? Coach a finalist in a speech contest? These are but a few of the regular routine tasks of Mr. Dyer who represents El Cajon's "winningest group on campus, " the Agriculture Department. AGRICULTURE Mr james Dyer folk dancing to golf from tennis to base ball from shuffleboard, to marching, the Girl s present a varied program designed to build healthy bodies for half of ECVHS S student population. PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Mrs. Robertta Hornesley Miss Joan Johnston Ivlrs. Vivian Russo, and Miss Bonnie Beekman ART- Mrs. Beverly Lynn Schwartz, and Mrs. Mia Gibson as '5f'?E371if3V75iil9i?E7'l ,SQQM ' siselgfir wsewg-is Iiikixggggiks 'f:: agination and creativity are great talents possessed by few. These teachers use their own abilities to bring out the special talents of their students. New perspectives in artistic expression are included in the offerings of this department. Physical Education teachers 55 K f ww 2 + 2 2 4? Not necessarily in a social science classroom, for this discipline deals with unpre- dictable human beings. Learning how people interact With their economy, and their political and cultural institu- tions, students may obtain a valuable in- sight into their own future SOCIAL SCIENCE- Mr. Rolland Stone, Mr. Thomas Welbaum, Mr. Edward Young, Mr. Stuart Smithwick, Mr. Thomas Eastlick, and Mr. Roger Buller M, SOCIAL SCIENCE: BACK ROW: Mr. Edward Mathews, Mr. Jess Castro, Mr. John Logsdon FRONT ROW: Mr. john Stark, Mr. Jay Heaton-chairman, Mrs. Patricia Pritchard, and Mr. Art Le Tourneau A pad and a pencil can be the beginning of a job for many a young high school graduate. Practical skills such as short- hand, typing and the use of office machines are taught in our Business Educa- tion classes. BUSINESS EDUCATION- Mr. james Dewey, Mrs. Annabelle Jump, and Mr. Herbert Gross but most of us Write in a foreign tongue." Recogniz- ing the truth of this quotation, our Eng- lish Department strives to better the composition skills of heir students . Initia- studies . other of the benefits that all may hope to de- rive from their English tion into the world of great literature is an- LIBRARIAN- S Mrs. Marian Cook ENGLISH- Mrs. Juanita Halliburton, Mr. George Bascom, Mr. R "We speak in our native language, ay- mond Kniss and Mrs. Rosemary Logan. NOT PICTURED- Mr. Ralph Adams and Mr. William Streshly. E-""'5 HOMEMAKINC- Mrs. Barbara Pruyne, and Mrs. Norma Hirsch The Science De- partment covers a Wide range of subjects, from sim- ple first aid to complex theories of physics. Science is a rapidly-changing field but with teachers like these ECVHS students are sure to learn the newest con- cepts of scien- tific progress. "The way to a man's heart. . Cooking and sew- ing are but two of the fine arts offered to future homemakers at ECVHS Skills learned in these classes are sure to benefit not only the young ladies learn- ing them, but also the young gentle- men who Will someday benefit from their ap- plication. SCIENCE- BACK ROW: Mr. Charles Kingery, Mr. David Williams-chairman, Mr. james Krattli FRONT ROW: Mr. Samuel Van Note, Mrs. Goldie Povenmire, and Mr. Walter Gehrke LANGUAGE- Mr. Stanley Baker-chairman, Mr. john Malovic, Mr. Joseph Gon- zalez, Mrs. Sue Cochran, Mr. David Leewaye, and Mr. Alan Fulcher mastery of a foreign language is, to many, something strange and eX- citingg a Whole new World is open to those Who Wish to ex- plore it. These teachers are the guides to the World of the languages and customs of other people . INDUSTRIAL ARTS BACK ROW- Mr. Andrew Smith, Mr. Wallace Idle, Mr. Don ald Long, FRONT ROW- Mr. William Williams, Mr. Erwin Holla-chairman, and Mr. Leslie Bartlett 5 t,,,.., Maya., , the drafting board to the finished product - this is the scope of our Industrial Arts Depart- ment. The future "fiX-it- yourselfer" can derive invalua- ble experiences offered by such courses as Wood shop, metal shop, radio -electronic s and auto mechanics. 35 ' :T -.2-f PM -PM fs1.:.y.i,s I3 s.s,5rs3-ggi,-yi 4 1- 7. lsisifiiiieLf'3L"fzQlsigiL- WQQSAQQQQE- MUSIC- Mr. james Christie and Mr. Harold Lutz rigffiiiv ff- 2 These teachers escort students on a guided tour of the intricacies of mathe matics from basic math to calculus . MATH- Mr. james Bosley, Mr. Lee Tompkins, Mr. Donald Lyons-chairman, Mr. James Hilton and Mr. joseph Brooks With emphasis on physical fitness increasing, the teachers of the Boys' Physical Edu- cation classes stress the age-old concept of the need for a "healthy mind in a healthy body." BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Mr. Ronald Quast, Mr. Edward Foster, and Mr. I-larry Elliot 9' "Music hath charms to soothe. . . Excellence in both vocal and instru mental music is the goal of Mr. Lutz and Mr. Christie. A rich cultural background is provided for students enrolling in their courses. jug' QQ.,,bgj-Lx Snmwamgigxomwgw'-1 M., Sway mx . C5-'-'-N9-:CL -M22 Q3Q553 wuN,C Amin Www! O' A . nD f.-f'4,X N q --11 1 Wi fffazafif .- f A A ff M 1 X 5 g.,vQfz,1,3gi W? www Ni KJMDMQLQSNARQ Johanna Hinds--3. 84 Judi Bistodeau--3. 70 E1leenPenman 3 76 Mark I-lorner-- 3. 65 Sandy Popp- - 3. 65 Thorris Sutowski Victor Mob erg Jeanie Smith Susan Hespeler Diane Menzie Mike Turner Brian Acord Donna Wolfe Valedictori an Theresa Erreca-- 3. 93 Paul Nobbs Bill Swegles Melinda Mills Joan Pennington Connie Cline I Nancy Stone Z 9 Salutatorian Tom Alborg- - 3. .88 S9-"IW Qs, Q. Sharman Massena R1Ck Iuberg--3. 64 Randy Krauss- - 3. 62 Cindy Russell--3. 64 Jim Petropolis- - 3 . 6 2 Carol Utter Sr-v' Carol Gaedke Donna Warlick Barbara Forsberg I, Susan Forror 5,1 Geri Roach Gary Richardson Wade Horwood Sally Seyler DeeAnn Moser Marcy Reth Danny Weis Bruce Wray Steve King 27 . Bank of America Trophy Winner CALIFORNIA STATE SCHOLARSHIP SEMI-FINALISTS Craig FINE ARTS Barthelmess, Johanna Hinds, Victor Moberg, Eileen Penman, Eileen Penman Bruce Wray, Theresa Erreca BANK OF AMERICA ACI-IIEVEMENT AWARDS IN SPECIFIC FIELDS: SOCIAL SCIENCE, Tom Alborgg AGRICULTURE, Jim-Smith, HONIE ECONOMICS, Cindy, Russell, TRADES GINDUS- TRIAL, John Slatinskyg BUSINESS, Geri Roach, ART, Gary Dinkinsg ENGLISH, Johanna Hinds, MATH, A Randy Krauss, FOREIGN LAN- GUAGE, Mary Pagan, SCIENCE, Victor Mobergg MUSIC, Jeanie Smith. 28 anim. Bank of America Trophy Winner VOCATIONAL ARTS Mark Homer " ' Al Bank of America Trophy Winner SCIENCE 8 MATH Paul Nobbs Bank of America Trophy Winner LIBERAL ARTS joan Pennington Being categorized in the top one- half of one per-cent of the nation's students is quite an honor. This was achieved by Victor Moberg this year when he became a finalist in the S.A.T. competition, which qualified him as a National Merit Scholar. At present, he awaits a possible schol- arship from one of the various awarding groups which participates in the pro- gram. 5.-Q NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALIST Victor Moberg LIKELY Cheryl Means Ken Snow .ww i,,,,m M, ,tx .1 6 , E 3 'mf Q, , Dixie Williams ,,,,,f,.y, .. ,. Q Don Westerfeld Sheela Savage BES PAY Tom O'Brien Theresa Erreca Tom Alborg Yuksel Tem1z.1c Tom Dellonge MOST SCHOOL Wally Hirsch Chris S arot hm- N, Geri Roach .,,,.-.-ww' Ken Snow 4 if f" ""..gl "' if oan Pennington 1m Messlna Y' P 8 1 ,J 1 Qu iii? T 9 I X5 E OUTSTANDING SCHOOL SERVICE Paul Nobbs MOST TALKATIVE .VA ,, , M 1 r- . Sue Messina Steve King .Q Miva Lorie Bolda . ,, ,ff ..--of WAYS AND MEANS Chairman: Claudia Brown ' 32 DANCE AND ASSEMBLY Chairman: Pat Bishop PRIVILEGE Chairman: Rick Iuberg A FUN NIGHT E . Chairman: Bonnie Krumm l 5. :Q :z PROM Co-Chairmen: Eileen Penman, 'Roger Clark PUBLI CITY Chairman: Janet Wooters CARDS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Chairman: Kevin Golding GIFT Chairman: Bruce Wray BACCALAUREATE Chairman: Terry Brannan Cor Cultural Pat Bi shop iiefamiliwgiw-3 Jeanie S ,ff 19 4 , ,, K .www Commissioner of 'K Publicity Janet Wooters ,paw- Mrs. Halliburton Mr. Williams Class Advisor Class Advisor 34 .gnu-:saw 'IF Secretary Dixie Williams We, the seniors of '66, were the frightened freshmen of '62, Daily we have become more dependent on ourselves, us ing our knowledge to attain a means for successful living. I-low did we come to this latest plateau in our lives and edu cation? High school began for us as a totally new experience, flowed through periods of everlastingly long months, and rushed over exciting moments. Our high school days are past, but hardly forgotten. The truly important thing is that now we enter into another way of living--the adult world. To accomplish this we must put away the attitudes of our child- hood and take on the responsibilities of the new freedoms bestowed upon us. There are infinite numbers of opportunities awaiting us. Our lives have, to this point, been molded by an adult world Now we are ready to step into it with this maturing outlook: "Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate, still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait. " BRIAN L. ACORD esides terming himself an excellent andball player, Brian tells us he also .njoys playing tennis. His favorite subject was English, but he plans to study Psychology at SDSC. Activities: lass Council 1,2,3,4: Nominating onventions 1,2,3: Frosh-Soph Speech ournamentg Football Mgr.: Basket- oall Mgr.: Baseball Mgr.: Boys' Fed.: Sr. Privilege Comm. DAVE EARL ANDERSON fButchJ Butch finds his spare hours being rccupied by putting together model ars. Activities: Baseball. P 7? JUDY LOUISE ADKISSON fShortyl This blue-eyed, petite Senior plans to attend a business college after graduation. Clerical Office Practice was Judy's favorite subject and in- fluenced her to pursue a career in the business world. Activities: Concert Choir 2. 'TU' PAMELA MARY ANDERSON fPaml Granite Hills and Convent of the Sacred Heart were attended by Pam before she came to El Cajon. Horse- back riding is one of her favorite pas- times. After graduation, Pam hopes to attend Grossmont College where she will major in Psychology. She hopes to become a teacher one day. Activities: F.F.A. 3,4. JAMES CLYDE ARNEF1' Ulml While studying at ECVHS, Jim found Math to be his favorite subject. He is a welcome transfer from high schools ln Marietta, Ohio, and Riverside. Calif. Jim spends his leisure moments playing the guitar, and going to the beach and movies. THOMAS EDWARD ALBORG fTomJ Tom's ambition is to succeed and per- haps his plans to attend an Eastern university will help him do so. Find- ing new friends occupies much of his time, but he also enjoys playing the piano. Activities: ASB Asst.: Nomin- ating Conventions 12,35 Les Che- valiers 4. -. V 51 5:37535 VICTOR C. ANDERSON This Senior has attended ECVHS all four Years of his high school career. He plans to keep working after his graduation. RICHARD JAMES ALTMAN fRichJ Camping, fishing, and outdoor living in general are among the interests of this Senior. Rich occupies some of his spare time working on cars. His future plans include attending college, where he will study Medicine in order to be- come a general practitioner. Activi- ties: Concert Band 12.3.45 Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Varsity Band 4: Nomin- ating Conventions 2,3: Roman Braves 1.2: Sr. Publicity Comm. 7,3 'is-.... MICHAEL HAROLD ANDREASON fEuku-Hawaiian for Bugsl Before coming to El Cajon, Mike at- tended Radford and Roosevelt High Schools in Hawaii. He enjoys playing folk music and eating peanut-butter sandwiches. Next year his goal is to attend Grossmont College or the Uni- versity of Hawaii. RICHARD LOUIS ARNOLD fLittle Dickiel Dick tells us he is handsome. tall and intelligent. He enjoys having a good time, and plans to become wealthy one day. He is an avid TV watcher. In the near future he will attend Grossmont College and major in For- estry. Actlvlties: Megebeceps. 35 LINDA KAY ATKISSON fSeahagJ Perhaps Linda's strange nickname can be attributed to the fact that she en- joys going to the beach often. Me- chanical Drawing was her favorite subject, which appears to have influ- enced her ambition to become a draftsman. After graduation, she will pursue this goal by attending Gross- mont College and majoring in Draft- ing. Activities: Bravettes 3. CRAIG RICHARD BARTHELMESS Craig previously attended Chelmsford High School in Mass. While at El Ca- jon he has developed an ambition to make a million dollars before he is 25. Craig's hobby is collecting records. When he isn't playing his albums, he is watching TV. Next year he will attend the University of Calif. to study Business. Activities: JV Foot- ball. THOMAS ALLEN A'I'I'LESON fToml Tom has done a lot of traveling, at- tending Bothell, Tahoma, and Kent- Meridian High Schools in Washington before coming to El Cajon. He likes all types of sports. and perhaps this is why his favorite subject was P.E. Tom hopes to become a minister. Ac- tivities: Concert Choir 1. SHIRLEE IRENE BASTIAN This January graduate attended ECV HS for four years. Shirlee's favorite subject was Business Law. Activities: Girls' League 1: Bravettes 3: Nomin- ating Conventions 1.3. JOHN ELLIOTT BEVIS The main interests of this Senior center around electronics. Much of his spare time is occupied working in this field. Radio Shop was his favorite subject, which may have led to his ambition to become an electrician. He will attend Grossmont College to major in Electronics. Activities: .IV Football: Boys' Fed.: Radio Club. CHRISTINE S. AVERY fChrlsJ The smile of this Senior is well-known among all her friends. Chris spends much of her time sewing and that was also her favorite subject. I-Ier ambition is to become a fashion de- signer. After graduation she will fol- low her aspirations by attending Grossmont College to major in Fash- ion Designing. Activities: Nominating Conventions 1,2: Y-Teens 3: Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm. DIAN MARIE BATSON CDee Dee? This Senior's favorite pastime is dancing. Dian liked her Crafts class at ECVI-IS. Her future plans include attending a junior college after grad- uation. Activities: Girls' League 1,2g Concert Choir 2,3,4. MICHAEL ANTHONY AVILA fBig Mikel This Brave tells us his muscles are one of his outstanding physical char- acteristics. Perhaps these were de- veloped by playing baseball and vari- ous other sports which he enjoys. Ac- tivities: Baseball. ANGEL BA'I'I'AGLIA Angel reveals that he has too man outstanding physical, characteristi and special talents to list. But he do say that his ambition is to spend h' life in the Service. In the future h plans to attend Grossmont College Activities: Boys' Fed. PATRICIA DIANE BISHOP fPatJ Pat is interested in physical education and her ambition is to become a teacher in this field. Next year she will pursue this by attending Gross- mont College where she will major in P.E. Pat's hobbies are sailing and horseback riding, and she also enjoys swimming, singing, reading, and watching football games. Activities: Sr. Class Comm. of Cultural Affairs: Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm. Chairman: School Service Comm. 45 Girls' League 4: Future Teachers 1, 2: G.R.A. 1,2. JOI-'FRE BERNARD BAKER fJoffJ This Senior comes to us from Kuba- saki High School in Okinawa. One of his favorite subjects was Geometry, Joffre is interested in medicine. After graduating, he plans to follow his in- terests by attending UCSD where he will study Medicine. Activities: Wres- tling 3.4. J We . CONSTANCE J. BEHNKE fConnieD This tall, blue-eyed blonde plans to become a secretary. In order to furth- er this ambition, Connie will attend Grossmont College next year where she will major in I.B.M. Stenoscrlpt was her favorite class. In her spare ltime she enjoys dancing as well as ,bowling l N l l JUDITH ANN BISTODEAU fJudiD Judl spends much of her time at the beach, as her favorite sport is swim- l ming. U, S. History and Civics are among the highest ranking classes taken by Judi. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,4: Y-Teens 4: Sr. Ways and Means Comm. BONNIE ADAIR BAKKEN Dancing plays an important role in BQnnie's life, Her spare time is spent dancing and her ambition is to become a professional dancer. Drama was her favorite subject while at El Cajon. SDSC is her destination. where she will major in Physical Education. Ac- tivities: Drama 2,3,4: Y-Teens 3,45 Girls' League. JILL DELL BELL Jill, whose pretty hair and cute smile are-known on campus, has a favorite pastime of throwing eggs on Hallo- ween. She enjoys painting in her spare time. After graduation she will attend Coalinga College in order to become a teacher. Activities: Class Historian 1: Nominating Convention 1: Rep. at Large 23 Bravettes 3: ASB Commissioner of Publicity 4: Sr. Pub- licity Comm.: G.R.A. 4. LESLIE CONWAY BANGS fLesJ Les enjoys listening to Ahmed Aboul- Mali and rhythm 'n' blues music. His talent in speech is well known around our campus. This Senior has an am- bition to become a writer. Perhaps this is why he enjoyed English so much. Grossmont College is his des- tination after graduation. He plans to study Journalism. Activities: Dia- lectos 1,2,3,4: Drama 1,2,3,4: Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm. ?..4 'N-pr' JOHN CLINTON BENTON CBig Johni Industrial Arts was John's favorite class while attending ECVI-IS. I-Iis favorite pastime is competitive cy- cling. He plans to attend a college after graduation. Activities: JV Foot- ball Mgr.: Class Council 1,2,3. RICHARD THOMAS BISTODEAU 1DickieJ Making money is the favorite pastime of this illustrious Brave. To enjoy a happy and free life is his hope for the future. Dick rates his Crafts class as tops among the courses he took. Grossmont College will be his aim next year. Activities: Cross Country 1.2: Nominating Convention 3. AUDREY GAYLE BARNARD fGayleJ Gayle attended Waukegan High School in Illinois before coming to El Cajon. While here, she has developed an interest in art, and she plans to become an interior designer. She will attend Grossmont College next year to major in Art. Activities: Song Leader 4: ASB 4: Girls' League 2,3,4: Nominating Conventions 4: Sr. Ways and Means Comm. KATHLEEN BERTRAND CKatchatoral Kathy possess one of the stranger pastimes of watching bullfights. She likes to sew, and she makes many of her own clothes. Civics has been the high ranking course taken by her. Her future plans include attending Grossmont College. SUZANNE CAROL BLEDSOE 4Suzie5 To be an airline stewardess is the ambition of Suzie. She states that Clerical Office Practice class was most enjoyable. After graduation she de- sires to attend Grossmont College. In her spare time she likes dating and going to dances. 127 REBECCA JANE BROWN fBeckyD Becky hopes to become an artist, so she will continue her education at Grossmont College, majoring in this field. She especially enjoys going to the beach. Activities: Y-Teens: Girls' League. VICKI LYNN CALI 4DlmplesJ Becoming a secretary is Vicki's am- bition after majoring in this area at Grossmont College. Vicki likes to dance, style hair, and in general have fun. Her favorite class was Business English. 38 JEFFERY FOY BOGAN fJeff7 Being a typical boy, Jeff spends a lot of his lunch time watching girls. Since "wishing" is classified as one of his special talents, he may attain his hopes of serving in the Air Force. As to the immediate future, Jeff plans to attend Grossmont College. Activi- ties: Campus Life. SUSAN ILENE BROWN CSue7 Secretarial Office Practice was Sue's favorite class, and she would like to spend her future as a secretary. How- ever, she also enjoys cooking and watching television. Activities: Nom- inating Convention 2g Sr. Fun Night Comm., Girls' League. LORETTA ANN BOLDA fLorieJ One of the few girls around campus who is taking Auto Shop, Lorie lists this as a most enjoyable class. This well-known Senior loves to eat out, which often becomes a little expen- sive, and listening to records. Follow- ing her aspirations, Lorie will attend Grossmont College where she hopes to study to become a P.E. teacher. Activities: Girls' League 1,25 Snow- ball Princess 3g Song Leader 3,45 Homecoming Queen 4. HAROLD NORMAN BRYAN Grossmont College is Harold's destin- ation after graduation. This athletic Brave likes to hunt, fish, swim, play basketball, and go dune-buggying. Activities: Campus Life. THOMAS JOSEPH CALLAHAN fMickyJ To visit South Africa and to marry a rich girl are the ambitions of this different Brave. Micky's talent is eat- ing food and drinking water in Mex- ico without becoming ill. He will attend SDSC and major in History and Sororities. Micky surfs and chases girls in his spare time. Activities: Wrestling 1: Football 1,3,4. i DANIEL REABURN BOWERSOX i fDan3 ' Mechanical-minded Dan spends most, of his spare time working on cars. His favorite subject at school was Auto Shop, of which he was foreman in his Senior year. 1 VICTORIA LYNNE BUCKINGHAM CVickiJ Really an all-around Senior, Vick' likes to go to the beach, swim, coo and sew. Her lovely dark hair and eyes characterize her. She hopes to be happily married in the future. Ac- tivities: Nominating Conventions 1,2g Girls' League 1,2,4, Executive Boardl 3: Tab and Campus 2. ?E2'.ii11? ALLEN KEITH BRAASCH Nature is a big favorite with this Senior. He enjoys camping, fishing, and hunting, as well as flying. To be a commercial pilot is his aspiration. SDSC is the college he plans to attend. While there, Allen will major in his favorite subject, Math. Activities: Wrestling3 Nominating Convention: Sr. Privilege Comm. 'CTEP TERRY ALAN BRANNAN Bumming up and down the coast try- ing out new spots to stop is a favorite pastime of this blond, curly-haired Senior. Besides going to the beach, Terry also enjoys being in any sort of water activities. He plans to study Medicine at SDSC after graduation. Activities: Concert Band 2,3,43 March- ing Band 1,2,3,43 Varsity Band 2,3,43 Band Pres. 43 Nominating Conven- tions 1,2,33 Sr. Baccalaureate Comm., Chairman. tw eff LX CANDACE SUSANNE BUTLER fPenguini This three-year graduate most en- joyed her Summer Stock Theater classes, and will attend SDSC and UCLA, possibly majoring in Drama. Candy likes acting, folksinging, work- ing at the Old Globe Theater, and traveling. Activities: Drama Club 1, 2,31 Nominating Conventions 1,21 Girls' League 13 Dialectos 23 N.F.L. 23 Summer Stock Theater 1,2,33 Choir Staff 2,33 Frosh-Soph Speech Tourna- ment 1, Judge 23 Concert Choir 1,2.33 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. 3. Ml -...fa ?"'? HAROLD EDWARD BUTLER Harold collects everything from rat- tlers to stamps. hunts, and seems to have a talent for getting people lost. He plans to study either Geology or Herpetology fyou figure it out? at Grossmont College, and then Arizona State. His ambition is to be the head of a national park. Activities: Cross Country 1. CHARLOTTE ANN CANNON CNanJ Charlotte, a future beauty college student, hopes to' become a famous hair stylist. Dancing, knitting, and going out with the girls are her hob- bies. Activities: Girls' League Execu- tive Board 3,42 Tab and Campus 33 Nominating Conventions 2,33 Sr. Fun Night Comm. PAUL ANTHONY BRANNON iTonyJ Grossmont and El Capitan were both previously attended by this Senior. Swimming, fishing, and hunting take up most of his time. Electronics will be his major at Grossmont College. JOHN BUTLER Hack? Jack's favorite class was Auto Shop, so he'1I continue his studies of that subject at SDSC or La Jolla. In his spare time, green-eyed Jack works on his car or surfs, and he hopes someday to become an automotive engineer. Activities: Journalism 3. ANNA CLAUDIA BROWN fClaudb Claudia is well-known around campus for her varied work in Drama, ap- pearing in every major production since her Soph year. Continuing her interest in this field she hopes to be- come a professional actress on the live stage. Activities: Drama Club 2, Sec. 3,43 Dialectos 2,3,43 N.F.L. 2,3,43 Scholastic Olympics 3,41 Marching Band 1,21 Concert Band 1,23 Arch- bearer 33 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. Chairman3 Girls' League 43 A.F.S. 43 Soph Class Rep. at Largep Nominating Conventions 3,41 Summer Stock Thea- ter 33 Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 1. CHARLES A. BYE CChuckJ This agriculture student will go to Cal Poly in hopes of getting a good- paying job in the future. Chuck likes to raise livestock and drag race. Ac- tivities: I-'.F.A. 1,2, Reporter 3, Vice Pres. 43 Boys' Fed. 3.4. JESUS CARREON fJessJ Jess is especially noted for his long, dark eyelashes. Grossmont College is his post-graduation destination, where he will study Political Science. He hopes some day to practice law. Sleeping is his hobby, but he also plays the trumpet and enjoys football. Activities: Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 JV Baseball 33 Nominating Conventions 1,2. 39 TTT? CONSTANCE JEAN CARVER fConniel Connie's down-to-earth ambition is to do well at Grossmont College or SDSC, but she hasn't yet decided what her major will be. She enjoys being with her friends, horseback riding, music, and writing letters. Her long hair is this Maiden's outstanding feature. Activities: Nominating Con- vention 2g Girls' League 3,45 Bravettes 3,4: Sr. Fun Night Comm. Q SHIELA ANNE CLARK Shiela most enjoyed her English class at El Cajon, and her spare time is filled by reading and swimming. After graduation, she will go to nursing school, hoping to become an L.V,N. Activities: Band 1,2,3: Orchestra 1,2, 3,45 Library Asst. 3. 'im-elf' JACK B. CHAN fCharleyD Charley plays the guitar in a band and surfs occasionally. He will attend Grossmont College, and although he hasn't decided what to major in, his goal in life is just to do a good job in whatever he attempts. CARY JAMES CLEMMONS Cary likes baseball and handball for recreation, and wants to major in P.E. at Grossmont College, His future plan is to become a retail clerk. Ac- tivities: JV Football 2: Varsity Foot- ball 3g JV Baseball 25 Varsity Base- ball 3: Boys' Fed. 3,4. JULIE CURIONE This January graduate enjoyed her Math class most, but hopes to become a beautician. Knitting is her hobby. Activities: Bravettes 3. 'Q' JO ANN CHASE CJoJ This former Granite Hills student is looking forward to a term in the WAVES, and then a happy family life. Jo's hobbies are many, among them, drawing, cooking, writing, playing tennis, being with friends, striving to be a successful human being, and just relaxing. Activities: Campus Life: Girls' League. JOHN K. CLEVENGER outstanding physical John, whose characteristic is himself, enjoys work- ing on his car in his spare time. He plans to major in Engineering at the University of Western Australia, and then become a civil engineer. Before ECVHS, John attended North Chicago High School, where his favorite sub- ject was Math, Wtfri' CARL ANTHONY Cl-IIARAMONTE iGrapeJ Carl describes himself as good-look- ing and very strong, attributes that should be helpful to him in achieving his future ambition - to rule the world. He hopes to major in Law at Harvard, but in the meantime, he enjoys singing, dancing, and doing homework f?J. Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Football 1. 1,1-ff, CONSTANCE LUCILLE CLINE fConnieJ This talented Senior plans to make her career in one or several art fields, which she will study at SDSC. Con- nie, who feels that she is too short, enjoys sketching and reading as pas- times. Activities: Megebeceps 8, Sec. 4: Drama Club 23 Archbearer 3: Nom- inating Convention 1: LEGEND Staff 3, Co-Editor 4. ANGELA FAITH CURRIER fAngieb You'll always know Angie by her lovely eyes and pleasant smile. A Senior of varied interests, she enjoys painting, drawing, playing the guitar, and singing. After majoring in Eng- llsh at SDSC, Angie hopes to teach that subject in high school. Activities: Concert Choir 2, Staff 3,49 Future Teachers 45 Nominating Convention 25 Sr. Privilege Comm. "Q!,F""""' LINDA MAE CHHMERS .lnda wants to become a social work- -r in the future, and to reach that -nd, she will go to Grossmont College. Jf her classes at ECVHS, she enjoyed Serman most. Activities: Class Coun- il 1. CHARLIE JEFFREY COCHRAN fBig Red? Big Red, who is better known around campus as Jeff, claims borrowing money as his special talent. He finds his spare time occupied with cars, girls, surfing, and sleeping. Before transferring to ECVHS, Jeff went to Savanna High in Anaheim. Activities: lBoys' Fed. Executive Board 4. LINDA DIANE DAKIS inda will continue her education at ither Mercy Hospital or Grossmont ollege, aspiring to be either a model r a nurse. Cooking, horseback riding, laying the guitar, and swimming ormed the apex of her interests. Ac- ivities: Roman Braves 1: Health areers Club 1.4: Girls' League 2,3,4: -Teens 4: Hurdle Crew 4. GREGG ALLAN CHRISTIAN 4ChrishJ His favorite subject was Civics, but Gregg will major in Psychology at SDSC in order to become a psychia- trist. In his free time, he goes bowl- ing and watches television. Activities: Football 2,3,4: Nominating Conven- tion: Wrestling 1,2,3: Boys' Fed.: Baseball 2.4. MARILYN JANE COOK daniel Madison High was Janie's previous Alma Mater, and since coming to El Cajon, she has really filled her time, participating in dancing, driving, horseback riding, going to shows, dating, bowling, roller skating, sing- ing, and listening to music. Janie's plans for the future include becom- ing a secretary. ITT CTI., s I CINTRA DARNELL CLARK KCindyJ Talking on the phone and collecting stuffed animals are the hobbies of Cindy. She will attend college at Long Beach and then Grossmont, study- ing Elementary Education. Activities: SMOKE SIGNAL Staff 2, Circulation Mgr. 3, Feature Editor 4: Girls' League 1,2,3,4: Nominating Conven- tions 1,2,3: Class Council 1,2: Sr. Prom Comm.: Tab and Campus 1. wr pp RICHARD EDWARD CREED CRick7 Rick plans a future occupation in some area of agriculture, since that subject was his favorite and is also the center of his activities. He also enjoys hunting. LINDA CECELIA DAVIS Mrs. Halliburton's English class was Linda's most enjoyable subject. and her admirable ambition is to join the Peace Corps. Sculpturing, reading, writing, and horseback riding took up much of her excess time. Activi- ties: Nominating Convention 2: Marching Band 3: Girls' League 1,2, 3,4. ROGER TRAVIS CLARK Roger, who claims he has no special talents, likes to surf and watch tele- vision. Hopefully a future advertising copywriter, he will further his edu- cation at Grossmont College. Activi- ties: Frosh Football: JV Basketball: Varsity Basketball 4: Sr. Prom Comm.: Boys' Fed.: JV Football. SALLY RUTH CRISPIN Doing different and unusual things with people she likes is the hobby of this former El Capitan student. Sally says that her ambition is not to have the world, only a place in lt. MARSHA LYNN DAVIS fLynn7 Lynn's talents lie in the field of music, but she would like to become a nurse. Striving toward this goal, she will take a nursing course at Grossmont Hospital. Her interests also encom- pass art, sewing, mathematics, and styling hair. TONI ANN DIBLER Toni's special talents are cooking and sewing, which parallels with her am- bition of becoming happily married. She uses her spare time painting and going to the beach. Activities: Sr. Ways and Means Comm. HELEN ELIZABETH DUEL Modeling takes an active part of Helen's after school activities. She enjoys horseback riding and listening to music. Planning on attending Grossmont Licensed Vocational Nurs- ing School, she hopes to become a registered nurse. She attended Mt. Empire High School before coming to ECVHS. 42 MICHAEL BRUCE DAVIS fMoon Dawgl Moon Dawg, or Mike as his friends know him, is chiefly interested in athletics, in which he will major at Grossmont College. His hobbies are surfing, girls, and playing the guitar. Mike hopes to be a high school gym teacher. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4g Track 3,45 Boys' Fed. 3.4. THOMAS PAUL DAVIS fTomD Believe it or not, Tom is 6' 5"! As you would expect, he enjoys many differ- ent sports. At Grossmont College or SDSC, Tom will major in History, and his ambition is to just be successful. Activities: Tab and Campus: Nomin- ating Conventions. ' ,gg t,,Mw5g'- - Gr' J' JOHN JOSEPH DIGENAN Watering the goldfish in room 30 is one of John's special talents. He at- tended El Cap before transferring to ECVHS, where he is an active mem- ber in F.F.A. He is planning to attend Davis College after graduation, where his major will be Agriculture. Activi- ties: Football 2,3,4: F.F.A. 2,3.4g Wrestling 2. itz? CARL EDWIN DINGLE fCarlosJ Carl plans to attend Grossmont Col- lege after graduation. His special talent seems to be getting greasy, which perhaps goes along with his favorite pastime of promoting drag racing. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3, Sec. 4. SANDRA LYNN DUFFIN fSandy5 Sandy would like to become an alr- line hostess after graduation. She likes to spend her spare time knitting and shopping. Her special talents of playing the flute and piccolo, coin- cide with her favorite subject,'March- ing, Band. Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Orches- tra 3, Staff 45 Y-Teens 33 Sr. Cards and Announcements Comm. STEVEN GERARD DeBREAU fSteveb Although his college plans are unde cided, Steve does know that he hope to join the Marine Corps. He like music, and dating. Activities: Cros Countryg Track. GARY BRUCE DINKINS fDinkyJ Spending days after school at the beach, Gary enjoys his spare time by surfing. His ambition is to become an architect, and he will attend SDSC to carry out his studies in this field. English was among Gary's favorite' subjects during his four years at ECVHS. Activities: Cross Country 1,23 Wrestling 1,2,3,4: Tennis 1,2,3g Golf 43 Varsity Club 3,43 Director of School Arts 43 Sr. Fun Night Comm. STEVEN ALLEN DeFRATE fSteve7 Transferring from Monte Vista High School, Steve became an active mem- ber in our Agricultural Department. After graduation he plans to attend college to major in Agriculture. His ambition is to be a rich bachelor. Activities: F.F.A. 3,41 Wrestling 1,2. T'-5 ESTHER LYNEAL DODGEN iLyneal5 Nith high hopes of becoming an ele- nentary school teacher, Lyneal plans ,o continue her education at Gross- nont College and then SDSC. Having :een president of International Club, :he lists working with others as the most worthwhile goal of today. Activ- ies: Girls' League 12,33 A.F.S. 3, 'res. 43 LEGEND Staff 3, Photo Editor L, Senate 33 Nominating Convention 3. L l P 'Qar'-wwf ARIE DE HOOG For relaxation after a day at school, Arie enjoys racing his Corvair. Con- sistent with his ambition of becoming a dairy farmer, his hobby is showing dairy cows. Activities: F.F.A. 1,4. GEORGE ARTHUR DOWIAT CMurdJ George, who attended El Cap before transferring to ECVHS, longs to be- come a minister after graduation. He greatly enjoys singing and playing the clarinet. His favorite subject was Math, Activities: Marching Band 1,2, 33 Concert Band 12,33 Concert Choir 43 Tennis 1,2,3,4. WESTLEY C. DYE fWesl Wes plans to be an auto mechanic after graduation, which seems to go along with his favorite subject of Auto Shop. He spends most of his spare time working on old cars. Ac- tivities: Marching Band. THOMAS LYON DELONGE fTomD After attending ECVHS for four years. Tom rated English IV as his favorite subject. He hopes to become an archi- tect after graduating. Activities: Var- sity Club 3.4: Football 1,2,3,4Q Basket- ball 1,2,3,43 Boys' Fed. 8. Treas. 43 Nominating Conventions 1.2.33 Frosh- Soph Speech Tournament3 Senate: Golf Team 43 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. ma.,- CYNTHIA ANN DRESSLER fCindyl This azure-eyed Senior most enjoyed her Stenoscript class during her stay at ECVHS. She would like to further her interest in business and achieve her ambition in life by majoring in I.B.M. at Kelsey Jenney's Business College. Cindy spends her leisure hours bowling. Activities: Girls' League 2. GUILLERMO DIAZ DIAZ fChulol Guillermo plans to attend SDSC to major in Criminology. He enjoys sing- ing and writing his own songs. He especially enjoyed English IV at ECV HS. Activities: Wrestling 13 Football 2,3. JAMES FRED DU BORD Kilim? Planning to major in History, Jim will attend Grossmont College. While not studying he enjoys shooting and flying. He attended Norte Vista and Poway Highs before coming to ECVHS. Activities: Boys' Fed. JOHN RALPH EAST Uohnnyl Hunting and fishing seem to occupy most of Johnny's spare time. He plans to study in Montana to become a for- est ranger. After attending ECVHS for four years, he decided that Math and Auto Shop were his favorite sub- jects. Activities: Football 13 Track 1,2,3,4. 43 WILLIAM LEIGH EASTMAN fBilD Geological Engineering is the major that Bill will undertake in his study at SDSC. He reveals that his favorite subjects were English, Math, and Speech during his four years at ECV HS. Along with playing ping-pong, he enjoys studying people in his spare time. Activities: Campus Life: Frosh Basketball: Boys' Fed.: Roman Braves: Frosh-Soph Speech Tourna- ment. ROBERT JACK EWERT fJackJ Working for his dad after school, Jack would like to become a store man- ager. He finds relaxation in working with his friends and family. DONNA JOY EISENSMITH School seems to be a big part of Donna's life, as she attends beauty college after a day at ECVHS. She always finds time to indulge in a.rt and music, which are her favorite pastimes. Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3. R CHARLINE ANN FEREBEE CCharlieJ Meeting new people and taking bus trips were a part of Charline's favor- ite subject, which was Specialties. Her ambition is to become a teacher. Activities: Bravette Corps 3, Hand Lieut. 45 Girls' League 1,2.3,4: Sr. Prom Comm.: Hurdle Crew 2,35 Future Teachers 1, JUDY CAROL FOOTE fGeorgeJ With Bookkeeping as .Iudy's favorite subject, she plans to attend Gross- mont College to further her education in accounting. Swimming and listen- ing to the radio seem to be the favor- ites of Judy. ax CAROLYN MARIE ELKINS fCarolJ After school, Carol finds enjoyment in drawing and talking on the tele- phone. Her ambition is to be happily married upon graduation. Activities: Girls' League 1,2. SANDRA KAY FERRY 1Sandy7 Staying physically fit is a favorite pastime of Sandy. She seems to find time for water skiing and modern dancing, which will help her in the field of physical education. SDSC has been chosen for her institution of study. Activities: Girls' League 1,23 Cheer Leader 3,43 Snowball Princess MARIE ELAINE ELLIOTT With a major in Elementary Educa- tion, Marie plans to attend SDSC. She finds sports events a very important part of her spare time. Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Concert Band 2,3,4g Band Staff 3,45 Sr. Privilege Comm.: Class Council 3: Frosh- Soph Speech Tournament 1,25 Nominating Convention 1. WILLIAM J. FIELDS CBi1lJ Metal Shop has been rated as Bill' favorite class during his high schoo education. After graduation he plan to attend Cal Poly to major in Swin Husbandry. Activities: F.F.A. DORAN L. FORD Surfing is the greatest thing in the world to Doran. His ambition is to become the greatest surfer alive, which may have something to do with his special talent of being an out- standing surfer. Activities: Wrestling MARILYN IRENE ELLIOTT iMareD This green-eyed Senior has been a very active member of our marching band. Marilyn has found that English has played an important role in her four years at ECVHS. Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 3: Nominating Con- vention 3: Band Staff 3,43 Sr. Privi- lege Comm. LQ' our SHARON ROSE FINELLI Sharon's interest in arts and crafts may start her off on a career of be- coming an artist. Activities: Girls' League. JO ANN FORD Transferring from Granite Hills and Helix, Jo Ann found her Senior year an exciting one at ECVHS. Medicine or Religion wlll be her major in col- lege. Activities: Bravettes 3: Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. vw-49 THERESA ANN ERRECA iTerryD As Valedictorian of the class of '66, Terry will attend SDSC to major in Medicine. Her ambition is to become a great doctor. Terry finds English to be her favorite subject, which prob- ably leads to her favorite pastime of reading. Activities: Roman Braves 1, 2,33 G.R.A. 4: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 2. ' 'N-.aut JOHN CLETIS ESKEW fBig John? English and Band played an important part in John's day at school. He plans to carry out his hopes of being a C.H.P. by studying at SDSC. Activi- ties: Varsity Band 23,45 Concert Band 23,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,4p Band Staff 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4g Nominat- ing Conventions 1,2,3. A KAYE FRANCES FISHER Joining the Senior class this year after coming from Lyman High in Orlando, Florida, Kaye's favorite sub- ject at school was Bookkeeping. She hopes to become a beautician or air- line stewardess, and will start toward one of these careers by going to beauty college. P' CHRISTINE ANNET'I'E FISK CChristieJ Christie has the unusual ambition to become an engineer or a physicist. She will prepare for these goals by attending SDSC where she will major in Math and Science. Trigonometry, the beach. and dancing are all ln- cluded in her favorite things, Activi- ties: Girls' League 1,2,3,4g Nominat- ing Conventions 1,2,3g Class Council 1: Tab and Campus 1,3. EDWARD DOUGLAS FORDYCE fEdJ Agriculture plays a major role in the life of Ed. He plans to major in Ani- mal Husbandry on the campus of Cal Poly. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Offi- cer 3. NORA JANE EVANS fHustlerl Art being her hobby, Nora ranked this her number one class. She plans to attend Grossmont College with hopes of becoming a teacher. Activities: Girls' League: Class Council 3: School Service Comm. 3: Nominating Con- vention: Y-Teens 4. nv JANE ELLEN FLETCHER With the ambition of becoming a great actress, Jane is planning to at- tend UCLA to major in Drama. Ac- tivities: Cadet Band 1,2.3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4. una--uf' MICHAEL PAUL GARCIA NORMA SUSAN FORROR CSusanJ To become better acquainted with English literature is Susan's ambition. Carrying out her goal, she will major in English next year at SDSC or Gross- mont College. Activities: A.F.S.g Nom- inating Convention. fMikeJ Mike rates surfing and water skiing as his favorite pastimes, and restor- ing Model A's as a hobby. He will attend Grossmont College after he graduates. Activities: Frosh Football: JV Football 2: JV Baseball: Boys' Fed. TERRI LEE GUSTAFSON Clerical Office Practice was Terri's favorite subject in high school, but next year she plans to major in Arch- itecture at Grossmont College. She likes listening to records and playing the guitar. Activities: Girls' League. 46 BARBARA ANN FORSBERG CBergieJ In preparation for a career as an ele- mentary school teacher, Barby plans to attend SDSC upon graduation. She has been active in the Music Depart- ment, playing the oboe, clarinet and piano, Activities: Concert Band 1,2, 3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 2,33 Band Staff 3,45 Soph Class Rep. at Large, Jr. Class Commissioner of DIANNE PAULA FORSHAN CWendiJ Dianne has a commendable ambition of trying to make something of her- self in life, To accomplish this she will attend UCLA next fall where she hopes to graduate as a dental assist- ant. Her spare time is filled with varied activities, including swimming, dancing, surfing, horseback riding, ice skating, skiing, fishing, and play- ing the piano and Organ. BENET M. FOURES Being especially interested in agricul- ture, Benet has been active in this area while at ECVHS. Along with this, she also rides in horse shows and lists hunting and drawing as her hobbies. Activities: F.F,A. 2, Officer 3,4. Cultural Affairsg ASB Asst. 4: CSF: Sr. Prom Comm. PATRICK ALAN GAY CPatriciaJ To pursue his ambition of becoming a coach and a U.S. History teacher, Pat will enter Grossmont College next fall majoring in Physical Education. His many favorite pastimes include football, baseball, surfing, and girls. Activities: Baseball 35 Football 1: Boys' Fed.: Varsity Baseball 4. Wi? ln EUGENE PAUL GILLARD JR. CFiremanJ Gene will attend San Diego City Col- lege and later Humboldt State where his major will be Forestry. Much of his time is spent at the beach. Metal and Auto Shops have been his favor- ite subjects. Activities: Football 1.2, 33 Basketball Mgr.: Boys' Fed.: Nom- inating Conventions 1,2. JOHN CHARLES HAISLIP Sports dominate much of John's life, and he even hopes to someday play professional baseball. In the fall he will attend Grossmont College. Activi- ties: Cross Country 3,45 Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 3,4. BRIAN PAUL GUILIANI In order to carry his ambition of being a plant manager for a large milk farm, Brian will attend UC at Davis to 1 major in Dairy Management. Claim- ing to have the fastest shifting arm in town, he lists speed shifting Fords and messing around with Ford en-I gines as favorite pastimes. Activities: Class Council 1: Soph Class Vice Pres.: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Treas., Sentinel, Sec.: Nominating Conventions. rf 9' RICHARD A. FOWLER fDickJ Dick plans to attend Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo where he will major in Animal Husbandry. He hopes to em- ploy the education he will receive to become a vet Working on cars and riding horses are his favorite pas- times, although he claims to like everything. Activities: F.F.A. 'CIT' KEVIN RANDALL GOLDING fKevJ Kev has the unusual physical char- cteristic of having hair to match his ame. Next fall he will enter SDSC to ajor in English. Going to the beach nd the mountains fill his spare time, nd photography is his hobby. Activi- 'iesz Band 15 Nominating Conventions ,35 Sr. Cards and Announcements omm. Chairman. I R ?I"--v i FRANCIS MIKE FREYLER fMikeJ Towering over nearly everyone at a mighty 6' 3", Mike captured a posi- tion on the All-Grossmont League Football Team. Clumsy as he is, his one ambition in life is to go a year without getting hurt. Next year he will enter SDSC as a History major. Activities: Football 1,2,3.4: Track 2,35 Nominating Conventions 1,2,3, TD' MAGDALENA KEZIA GOOSENS CMaggie7 Coming to ECVHS from Holland, Mag- gie will go to Grossmont College next year to become a nurse. Going to the beach, listening to records, and play- ing tennis, badminton, and volleyball are among the things she enjoys most. ORMAN ALLEN HALEY CAD To pursue a major in Business Man- agement will be Al's goal at Gross- mont College next fall. Cars occupy a large part of his spare time. While in high school, Wood Shop was his favorite class. Activities: JV Cross Country 2,35 Varsity Cross Country Mgr. 4: Varsity Club 3,45 Boys' Fed. 3,45 Track Mgr. 2,3,4. SANDRA KAY FULLER fSandyJ To become a successful beautician will be Sandy's ambition as she en- ters beauty college after graduation. While at high school, Homemaking was her favorite subject, and she filled her spare time by swimming and horseback riding. Activities: Girls' League 2,45 Y-Teens 3. JOE LAWRENCE GRAHAM fTazJ Athletically inclined, Joe lists his special talents as tackling and block- ing. Camping, the beach, and pizza are his favorites. He plans to attend Cal Western and major in English. Activities: ASB Commissioner of Ath- letics 45 Nominating Conventions 1,2, 3,45 Boys' Fed. 4: Varsity Club 3, Treas. 4: Frosh Football5 JV Football 25 Varsity Football 3,4: Senate 1. if 7' CAROL VIRGINIA GAEDKE Carol, who majored in Business, will continue this field when she enters Kelsey Jenney's Business College to major in Business Education. Her praise-worthy ambition is to have a successful marriage. Activities: Brav- ettes 3. GWENDOLYN MARIE GROSSE iGwenJ Gwen is a petite 5' lbw. French has been her favorite subject and she will major in it at Grossmont College next fall. She would like very much to be an overseas airline stewardess. Ac- tivities: Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,41 Bravettes 35 Drama Club 45 Nom- inating Conventions 2,3: Les Che- valiers 4: Class Council 2,35 Megebe- ceps 2. LEO KENT HAMMOND fLeo the Llonl In preparation for a career as a den- tist, Kent will attend SDSC to major in Pre-dental. His ambition is to be- come a millionaire playboy. Activi- ties: Frosh Football5 Varsity Foot- ball: Basketball 1,2,35 Sr, Ways and Means Comm.: Boys' Fed. Sec. 45 SMOKE SIGNAL Staff Sports Editor 2,3,4. 47 BONNIE MAE HANSEN iBarnieJ Hoping to make a career in law, Bon- nie plans to attend SDSC. She supple- ments her leisure time with dancing and horseback riding. Being short is her number one characteristic. Activi- ties: Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Nominat- ing Conventions 2,3,45 Tab and Cam- pus 1,25 Banner Corps 45 Class Coun- cil 35 Y-Teens 45 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. DARRELL A. HASCALL To accomplish his ambition of being a history teacher, Darrell will major in this area at SDSC. Swimming, horses, and working for Boys' Feder- ation are foremost in his favorite pas- times. Activities: Boys' Fed. Sec. 45 Class Council 35 Tab and Campus. GARY LEIGH HANSEN Having gained a background in elec- tronics at high school, Gary will con- tinue in this field at Grossmont Col- lege after graduation. His great inter- est in electronics fostered his ambition of becoming an aeronautical engineer. HAROLD HUMPI-IERY HASTINGS 4HarryJ Telling fish stories, hunting occupy Harold's spare time. It's not surprising that his ambition is to work in the outdoors. Wood Shop was his favorite class. Next fall he plans to attend Grossmont Col- lege. Activities: Frosh I-'ootball5 JV Football 2,35 Varsity Football 4. fishing, and WALLACE RAYMOND HIRSCH tWallyD With a commendable ambition of having a successful future and fam- ily, Wally will attend SDSC to reach his goal of becoming a teacher. His friendly smile is known around cam- pus. He will attend Grossmont College and SDSC to major in Physical Edu- cation. Wally especially enjoys danc- ing. Activities: Cheer Leader 3,45 ASB Treas. 45 Sr. Prom Comm.5 Boys' Fed. 3,45 SMOKE SIGNAL Staff 35 Tab and Campus: Nominating Conventions 1,3,45 JV Basketballg Frosh Football: Campus Life: N.F.L. 45 Dialectos 4. JOHN R. HANSON John hopes to make a million dollars in law practice after graduation from college. In his spare time, he enjoys bowling. Activities: Megebeceps 2,35 Tab and Campus 2,3. LARRY DREW HARGREAVES Feeling a great liking for math, Larry wants to attend Grossmont Co1leg4 where he will major in Accounting KAREN LOUISE HAYS Being a very petite addition to our Senior class this year, Karen comes here from Tulare, Calif., and Point Loma High. Drama and Choir are her favorite subjects, and singing and sewing her hobbies. She hopes to be- come a beautician. Activities: Girls' League: Concert Choir 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. WT' SUSAN D. HAZLET fSueD To become a dental assistant will ' Sue's goal as she enters Grossmo- College, after graduating as stepped-up junior. Chemistry was favorite subject and her favorite p time is art . JUDY MARIE HOBBS CJudeJ Judy, favoring Civics and Psychology. looks forward to obtaining an educa- tion at SDSC and fulfilling her pres- ent ambition to become a social serv- ice worker. Activities: Girls' League. DEBORAH ANN HARPER 6DebbieJ Favoring her Office Practice class, Debbie wants to pursue this activity and become a secretary. She wants to further her practical education at Grossmont College. Activities: Sr. Ways and Means Comm.: Girls' League. ROGER ALLEN HENRIKSON fLucky Hog? Rog has already started on his ambi- tion to become a rich farmer by ma- joring in Agriculture in high school. He plans to continue in this area at Grossmont College. Part of his high school career was spent at Green- :view High in Ill., and part at Mt. ,Miguel. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Sentinel. WESLEY MICHAEL HODGES fWesJ Wes, well known for his activities as a Cheer Leader, is serious when it comes to planning his future. He lists employment as a draftsman as his ambition and will reach his goal through study at Grossmont College and SDSC. Wes's favorite subject at ECVHS? That's easy - Mechanical Drawing! Activities: Cheer Leader 3, 4: Football 1,2: Class Council 1,2. CHARLOTTE ANN HARRIS fCharlieJ Charlie enjoys dancing in her leisure time. While at school, this Senior's favorite course was Secretarial Office Practice. Following graduation, she hopes to become happily married. Ac- tivities: Girls' League 1,2: Sr. Prom Comm.: Bravettes 3: Nominating Con- ventions 1.2. SUSAN DIANE HESPELER fSueJ Musically inclined, Sue spends much of her time engaged in musical en- deavors. She plays the French horn, and uses this talent to play in many organizations. At SDSC she plans to major in Music with an ambition of eventually teaching it at the second- ary level. Activities: Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 2,3,4: Varsity Band 2: Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Stage Or- chestra 2: Brass Choir 2: Band Staff 4: Sr. Cards and Announcements Comm. 'Ilia' SANDRA JEAN HARRIS fSandyD Physical Education is Sandy's favor- ite field. This athletic Senior hopes to become a P,E. teacher after at- tending Grossmont College and SDSC. In her spare time Sandy bowls. Ac- tivities: Bravettes 3.4: Sr. Cards and Announcements Comm.: G.R.A. 2: Megebeceps 2: Roman Braves 2. CORINNE LOIS ELIZABETH HILL CBetsieJ Betsie's favorite pastime is driving around in her Impala. She's always on the go, and so her hobby is just relaxing because she hardly ever has time to. Hoping to get all she can out of life she plans to attend college. Activities: Class Council 2: Jr, Class Treas.: Girls' League 1.2: Bravettes 3, Sec. 4: Nominating Conventions 1, 2,3,4: ASB Asst. 4: Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm. DONALD RAY HODGKINSON fDonJ If you're ever in the mood for a good argument, look for Don. He describes himself as a normal person who en- joys watching sports, and hopes to find out what life has in store for him. Don will go to California Luth- eran College to major in Psychology after high school. Activities: Basket- ball 1: JV Football 1,2: .TV Baseball 2: Boys' Fed. 3,4: Sr. Prom Comm.: Roman Braves 1.2. KEN LEROY HARTLEY Characterized by his 5' 10", 200 lb. build, Ken spends nearly all his time around cars. His ambition, though, is to be a helicopter mechanic. ,rv JOHANNA HINDS fSebastianJ .Tohanna's desire in life is to be hap- pily married and have a successful career. She will major in her favorite subject, Math, at SDSC. Johanna en- joys going out with her friends to games, dances, and just driving around. Activities: Concert Band 1: Marching Band 1: Roman Braves 1, Treas. 2: LEGEND Staff 3, Co-Editor 4: Nominating Conventions 1,2,3: CSF 2,3, Life Member 4: Girls' League 2: N.F.L. 3,4: Debate Team 3: Sr. Cards and Announcements Comm.: Scholas- tic Olympics 4. MARK AMBROSE HOMER Mark is especially interested in all aspects of agriculture. Having devot- ed much time to projects in F.F.A,, Mark has decided on a career as a veterinarian, first attending Gross- mont College for two years, then the University of California at Davis. He is a transfer from Serra High School, San Mateo, California. Activities: F.F.A. 2.3.4. LINDA SUZANNE HUM fLynnD Linda has a special interest in liter- ary accomplishments. To further these interests, she will major in Journa- lism at Grossmont College or SDSC. Activities: G.R.A. 43 A.F.S. 33 Drama Club 3,43 Tab and Campus 2,3,43 SMOKE SIGNAL Staff 3, Copy Editor 4. WILLIAM EDWARD JERSE iBi1lD Known for his height, Bill would like a career in the Air Force. Previous to this, Bill will major in his favorite subject, History, at Grossmont Col- lege: Activities: Track3 Cross Coun- try. 50 BARBARA ANN HORN CBarbJ Though her favorite subject at ECVHS has been Chemistry, Barbara wants to major in Physical Education when she attends Grossmont College next year. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,3, Social Comm. Chairman 43 Roman Braves 2,33 Nominating Conventions 1,2,3Q Y-Teens 4. DONALD WILLIAM HUNT fDonD Throughout Don's high school days, he has reveled in art, and in that most artistic sport, surfing. He might attend Grossmont College, but in any case. wants to visit Tahiti, Another Gauguin? WADE ALAN HORWOOD Wade has a special liking for Chem- istry, leather carving, and "motor- cycle riding in the back country." He would like to complete his education at SDSC. Activities: Tennis 3,4. CREE E. HYDE 4LuckyJ Cree is a patron of many arts. She will employ her abilities at painting and such to major in Art at UCLA. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,3,43 Nominating Convention 33 Sr. Prom Comm,3 Archbearer 3. GWEN J EWELL JOHN ARTHUR HOUGHTBY CLeftyJ John may well attribute his success in Chemistry to his extremely healthy habits: eating, sleeping, and surfing. He plans to complete his education at Grossmont College. ARLENE ISACHSEN Favoring English throughout her fout years at ECVHS, Arlene is taken witl the idea of majoring in the subject a SDSC. Activities: Bravettes 3,45 Tai and Campus 1,23 Nominating Conven tions 1,2. 1 l JAMES RICHARD HOWARD Uiml Jim's thoughts are on Illinois. He at- tended three high schools in that state and plans to return to get a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Ac- tivities: Drama Club 2,3,4g German Club 2,33 Football 1,3,43 Track 2. GABRIELLE ANNE ISON iGayl Gay has had varied activities during her career as an ECVHS Maiden. Her 'favorite subject was Chemistry, and her favorite pastime, swimming- Hel' proposed travels to Europe will be greatly augmented by her study of languages at SDSC. Activities: Girls' League 1,43 Roman Braves 33 Senate 43 A.F.S. 4. s -..-., -v x 153' SUSIE MARIE HOWELL Susie is a welcome transfer from Sea- crest High, Palm Beach, Florida. She prefers History above every other subject so completely that her favor- ite pastime is studying for exams! DIANE MARIE JACKSON fBuster5 Diane has had a particularly deep in- terest in singing and drama. She wishes to complete her education at Grossmont College and later have a successful marriage. Activities: Girls' League 13 Tab and Campus 1,47 Nom- inating Conventions 1,2: Roman Braves 13 Frosh-Soph Speech Tourna- mentg Concert Choir 3,41 Drama Club 2,3,4. CHARLES ARNO JOHNSON CA.rnieJ An active Senior, sports-minded Arnie will enter SDSC in the fall. Activities: Frosh Football3 Varsity Football 2,3,43 Track 3,41 Wrestling 23 Varsity Club 3,41 Nominating Conventlons3 ASB Asst. 43 Usher 3. ROBERT M. HOXTER lBobD Bob has enjoyed playing the guitar for bands and working in electronics. The latter will figure strongly in his future, as he will major in Electronics at SDSC. He lists Civics as his favor- ite subject. ' ' " Q fiiif - ' V -f . ''2,f.w,.ffs5gf.,1.,,- V , 3 ,V 3 l W3,z:w,,5.,,, ' E Q' w.lgsMq3 ak ra I -1 I . . 1. 12 -::f, ,lf , M. 'Eli 3 .lg , Wmmgf5y,w,f,,m. .,,. V .,,:.,..., ,, Avlnl I - -' 9, .51'1., . ,.,. ms: WMM? www 535595 a.E.:g2:1:r SF ' Zim g 5 www H flmfiiie. Q mgizzw .... 505 "S-g::?"":"" ... 'SESS :E no Ag mxiooggr- omwzgpi-Egg E,'G'E:'hffQ'5"3:v "'W2.nf""' S E.,,a.: W CWWBE: 'givw E mfhgnn-1 Q 5f....m2m I '1-'5'Og 52 55555 0 3'i'?"?'E. if fs Maud K DAVID RAY JEFFCOAT Uavab David, who transferred from Granite Hills, aspires to be a high school his- tory teacher. Having favored History as a Senior, David will go on to major in this field at Grossmont College and SDSC. 4-...Ns Si LINDA JEAN JENSEN Linda graduated ln January and be- came employed in the telephone com- pany, A few of her favorites are Al- gebra, Civics, swimming, and camp- ing. Linda has one big desire-to be a success in the business world. Ac- tivities: Girls' League 2,33 Bravettes 3,43 LEGEND Staff 3,43 Sr. Prom Comm.3 Nominating Conventions 2,3. JOHN LEE JOHNSON iPlnkieJ John is a transfer from Altus High, Altus, Oklahoma. He would like to further his education at a college in Colorado Springs or New London, Conn. John's hobbies include hunting and fishing. Activities: Wrestling: Baseball. 51 MARY ESTHER JOHNSON fCudd1esJ In keeping with her favorite subjects of Art and Homemaking, Mary's hobbies are cooking, sewing, and painting. She will study at the El Cajon Beauty College upon gradua- tion but might go on to an art col- lege. Activities: Girls' League 1.2.4. GARY KARNOPP Gary hasn't decided where to enroll in college, but he has decided to ma- jor in Conservation. He hopes to be- come a conservation officer after col- lege. Gary has spent a good deal of time in tennis, handball and hunting. EDDY DEAN JOHNSTON Eddy's favorite subject has been Metal Shop. He is most interested in surfing and "selling engines to his friends." Eddy's chief ambition is to someday own an auto wrecking yard. W LINDA SHARON KAYLER fKittenJ Linda has been a true student in the arts. She has been particularly adept in those classes dealing with public speaking, drama and art. Her future will be in the interior decorating business. GARY JOHN KNARESBORO CFrogJ Gary spends a good deal of his time working on cars, especially on a cer- tain '32 Ford pick-up. At other times, he concentrates on aspects of agricul- ture. He plans to attend a junior col- lege. Activities: F.F.A. GARY WILLIAM JONES Aside from his activities in sports, Gary took an interest in French and will go on to Grossmont College. He derives pleasure from fishing and col- lecting coins. Activities: Frosh Foot- ballg JV Football 23 Varsity Football 3,41 Nominating Conventions. Q-at 3 HARRY JOE KEEHAN fl-Iandsome? Fearless Harry Keehan has decided to give SDSC first crack at his enormous mind, and will go in for a few amus- ing courses in Journalism. NORMAN L. JONES fNormJ Norm's favorite subject was History, but his pastimes, hobby and ambi- tion are directed toward professional basketball and running. Activities: Cross Country 2,3,43 Basketball 2.3,43 Varsity Club 4. VERA GENE KELLAR Speech is the favorite subject a future major of Vera. She plans become a teacher of speech correcti and will eventually earn a Ph.D. Speech Arts. She expects to follo her major through Grossmont Colleg SDSC and the University of the Sev Seas. Activities: Marching Band 2, 43 Concert Band 43 Sr. Cards and A nouncements Comm. 1 JOHN LEWIS KORCHICK John's thoughts a.re on aviation. He does everything from building model airplanes to flying himself. Accord- ingly, John is looking forward to a career as a pilot. TOM GLEN JONES CTigerJ Tom has had experience in the fields of science and sports. He has enjoyed coaching fPop Warnerl football and his future plans include study at Grossmont College. Activities: Frosh Football: Frosh Basketball: JV Foot- ball 2: JV Basketball 2: Track 2,3,4: Cross Country 3,4: Boys' Fed. 3: Tab and Campus 3. .... - .,, NANCY KATE KELLER CNanceJ Nancy enjoys such things as sewing, reading, crafts, and homemaking courses. Though her ambition is to travel 'round the world, she will take the time to enroll at Grossmont Col- lege. Her pretty eyes are her best feature. Activities: Class Council 1: Nominating Conventions 2.3: Brav- ettes 3. RANDOLPH ALLAN KRAUSS fRandyJ Randy is well-known for his efforts in wrestling and in weight-lifting. However, he is no "muscle-head". Randy is planning to major in Math- ematics and will do research in the same later. Activities: Football 2: Varsity Club 3,4: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 2: N.F.L. 3: Dialectos 3, 4: Usher 3: Wrestling 1,2,3,4. VANCE REED JONES Mechanically minded, Vance's natural choice for "favorite subject" was Auto Shop. He would like to gain em- ployment as a mechanic and is spend- ing the interim repairing cars. Vance's pride and joy is his Austin. 'sn...,,,.. RICHARD LEE KENDRICK Glick? Rick plans a career in architecture. This quiet Senior has spent a lot of time building things, and will follow through with his architectural plans at Grossmont College. Rick especially enjoyed Sophomore English with Mr. Trysla, Activities: Roman Braves: Campus Life. RICHARD GERALD JUBERG fRickJ Rick has been quite busy all four year! here at ECVHS. His primary in- terests at the moment are golf, water- skiing, and getting into SDSC to study Law. His admirable ambition is to make a million friends Calso a mil- lion dollarsl, Activities: Roman Braves 1,2,3: Nominating Conventions 2,3,4: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 1,2: Class Council 3,4: Varsity Tennis 3: Varsity Golf 4: Senate 3: Varsity Club 4: ASB 4: Sr. Privilege Comm. Chairman, k '? STEVEN R. KING iSteveJ Football and his "TR" are this ath- lete's main interests. He will attend SDSC after graduation. Activities: Frosh Football: JV Football: Varsity Football 3.4: Track 1,2,3: LEGEND Staff 3, Sports Editor 4: Jr. Class Pres.: Nominating Conventions 1,2,3. BARBARA MARIE KRUMM fBarbJ Barb, besides having an outstanding personality, also is an exceptional student in another way-she will be a three-year graduate. She lists U. S. History as her favorite subject and Art as her major-to-be at Grossmont College. Activities: Girls' League 1,2. 4: Class Council 1: Tab and Campus 1: Nominating Convention 2: Concert Choir 1,2,8. -QM GLORIA KALES Gloria, a transfer from Michigan, would like to be a beautician or a part-time model. Her special talent is, indeed, styling hair, but how far can she go when her favorite pastime is "spending all her paycheck?" Ac- tivities: Girls' League: Sr. Ways and Means Comm. 75" GERALD WILLIAM KITI' fGerryP Gerry has two dreams: surfing and becoming a teacher. He will fulfill the latter by majoring in Liberal Arts at Grossmont College and SDSC and will gain experience in surfing by practicing on his skateboard. i" BONNIE NANE'l'l'E KRUMM fBonJ A career as a beautician hopefully awaits this baton-twirling, billiard- playing Senior. Bonnie has benefited from her hours in Secretarial Office Practice, but nonetheless is entertain- ing the idea of attending El Cajon Beauty College. Activities: Class Council 1,2, 43 Girls' League 1,2,3,4g Sr. Fun Night Comm. Chairman: Nom- inating Conventions 1,2,3g Y-Teens 3, Vice Pres. 4. WILLIAM HENRY LAWSON KBi1D A former Saint Augustine student, Bill found his favorite subject to be History. He plans to major in this field or Electronics when he attends SDSC next fall. Perhaps this will help him to achieve his commendable am- bition-to get ahead in life. He finds himself most involved in sports when not studying. Activities: Cross Coun- try 3,4g Track 3,4. TOMMY GLENDOL McCLURE fGlenJ Glen, whose favorite class was Wood Shop, likes to make furniture, sleep, and watch T.V. He will major in In- dustrial Drafting in Los Angeles or Oregon. Glen spent his Junior year at Grossmont, but spent the other three years here at ECVHS. 54 CAROL ANN LAJOIE fCarl? In free moments, Cari spends her time sewing and playing tennis. She par- ticularly enjoyed Bookkeeping and Drama while attending ECVHS. High in the list of her future plans is to attend a beauty college and major in Cosmetology to fulfill her ambition of becoming either a beautician or an airline stewardess. Activities: Girlsi League 2,3,4g Drama Club 2. JAMES JOSEPH LENIHAN CJimJ This billiard-shooting and bowling Senior finds his most outstanding physical characteristic to be an odd one-his big feet. Jim especially en- joyed Physics and English at ECVHS. He will pursue a career as a struc- tural designer by majoring in Engi- neering in college. LORRAINE MARIE LA PIETRA fPeteyJ Lorraine enjoys modern dancing, and is especially talented at playing the piano, accordian, and organ. Drama and Journalism drew special attention from her, which is probably why she wants to major in them at Grossmont College. Activities: Drama Club 3,43 Sr. Ways and Means Comm.: Girls' League 3,43 Y.F.C. 1,23 Campus Life 3,45 A.F.S. 43 Frosh-Soph Speech Tournamentg Nominating Conventions 1.23 SMOKE SIGNAL STAFF 4g Lib- rary Asst. 3. SUSAN MARIE LEUTHARD CSusiel Sewing, cooking, and dancing play a big part in Susie's spare time. She especially enjoyed Chemistry during her four-year stay at El Cajon. Hop- ing to become a licensed vocation- al nurse, or a R.N,, she will study this field further when she attends Grossmont College. Activities: Nomi- nating Convention lg Tab and Campus 33 G.R.A. 4, Sr. Privilege Comm.: CSF 25 Girls' League 3. STEPHANIE JOY McILVAIN fSteveJ Art and English were the pet subjects of this future Grossmont College stu- dent. Stephanie will major in Educa- tion, and her ambition is to become a kindergarten teacher. Singing, art, and dancing are her talents, and she enjoys touring art galleries in her spare time. Activities: Girls' League: Concert Choir 1,2,3g A.F.S.g Sr. Gift Comm. -A-DLE mums H After culminating her education at ECVHS, Anna will attend Grossmont College. There she will major in Homemaking, although her ambition is to become an airline hostess for a South American airline. Water skiing, driving and going to bull fights occupy this Maiden's time when not studying. Activities: Sr. Ways and Means Comm.: Girls' League. LORA JEAN LINCOLN CBeaJ Lora especially seems to enjoy work- ing on cars, an unusual pastime tori a girl! Her other interests center around sewing and knitting. Paral- leling her hobby, she lists Auto Me- chanics with Mr. Smith as her favor- ite class. In order to carry out her ambition to become an auto mechan- ics teacher, she will major in this field at Grossmont College. Activities: Sr. Ways and Means Comm. 1 M ' GEORGE LAVERNE LATHROP fG.O.3 XA Senior with an admirable ambition, to become a millionaire, George en- joys amateur radio and working on cars. Perhaps this is why he terms Auto Shop as his favorite class. George will further his education at Grossmont College, hoping to major in Engineering. Activities: Varsity Basketball 3,45 Radio Club 1,2,4, Pres. 3: Varsity Club 4. 0' 'Y' f ROYCE EARL LINCOLN CCharlie Brown? Characterizing himself as tall and handsome, Royce was especially fond Kof Photography during his four-year stay at ECVHS. Also high on his list are gardening and girl watching. Royce will carry out his ambition to be an x-ray technician by attending either Lubbock or Abilene Christian College. He would also like to get a good-paying job in the future. Activ- ities: .TV Baseball Mgr. 3: Concert Choir 2. r TERRY ARTHUR LA VIOLETTE Terry spent a half-year at Granite Hills before coming here. I-Ie spends his spare time working on his Model- A pickup, which undoubtedly in.flu- enced his choice of Auto Shop as his favorite subject. I-Ie is also fond of fishing and swimming, and intends to join the Army as soon as he grad- uates. PHIL B. LOCKERMAN Phil plans to attend either SDSC or Berkeley after two years at Gross- mont College. In his leisure time he enjoys surfing, hiking and dancing. Phil's ambition is to follow through with his education. COLLEEN FAE McLAUGI-ILIN Brown hair and eyes characterize Colleen, who will study Education at Grossmont College. An athletic Sen- ior, she enjoys badminton, and cook- ing. For relaxation, Colleen collects stamps. Activities: A.F.S.g Archbearer 3: Roman Braves. STANLEY RAY LAWRENCE CStanJ Although he feels his special talents are hidden, Stan's goal in life is an exceptional one-to be a success as a man and parent. But woe to the poor soul who meets him on a dark street at night, for his favorite pastime is practicing judo! Stanley will pursue his favorite subject at Grossmont Col- lege while mastering the field of Elec- tronics. Activities: Football: Radio Club. CHERYL LYNN LUKER Cheryl is planning to train at Gross- mont College for vocational nursing. She came to El Cajon from Denver, Colorado, where she attended Thomas enjoys Jefferson High School. She trips to the beach and movies. Needle- work is one of the things she likes to do. in ,- 'iw' BONNIE JEANE LAWRIE Bonnie, whose favorite subject was Gym, plans to major in Physical Edu- cation at Grossmont College. This brown-eyed Maiden is especially tal- ented in singing. Bonnie collects spoons, fans and necklaces. Activities: Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Bravettes 3,45 Girls' League 2,43 Class Council 2,31 Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm. a.a,Y PATRICIA LYNN McATEE fPatD To teach or do some type of social work is the commendable ambition of this blue-eyed Senior. Talking, eat- ing, and being friendly are the ways ln which she spends her spare time. Pat hopes to major in English or P.E. at SDSC. Activities: Girls' League 2, 3,43 Y-Teens 2,35 Les Chevaliers 4. DOUGLAS DEAN MacDONALD fDougieJ Doug has been particularly active this year in drama. As a result of his thespian successes, Doug plans to major in Drama at Grossmont Col- lege. I-le wishes to tour Europe in later life. Activities: Drama Club 3, Pres. 4: Roman Braves 1. 55 'Pav- SHARON MILDRED MacFADEAN fGigltJ Sharon feels a strong attraction toward the nursing profession, favor- ing work in the Nurse's Office above all her other activities this year. Sharon's ambition is to marry in June. Activities: Bravettes 4: Health Careers Club 2. ROBERT OWEN MAIER lRobJ Throughout his high school career, Rob has been primarily interested in Mechanics. He hopes to join the Navy and go on with his mechanical training. Rob especially enjoys water skiing, hunting and working on en- gines. res' PAMELA ALICE MAXFIELD fTiger7 Pam has two hobbies, dancing and halrdressing. However, her chosen profession is that of a legal secretary. She will attend a business college. Activities: Banner Corps: Girls' League: Hurdle Crew: Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm.: Drama Club. 'ri Af- DIANA JO MAYFIELD KDD If all goes as planned, Di will go into one of the most sought-after careers around. That is none other than the fly-by-night job of an airline hostess. Di's favorite subject has been Book- keeping. Swimming and trips to the beach are pleasant for her. Activities: Cadet Band 1,2: Marching Band 1,2. BARBARA ANN ME'I'ZGER CBobbleD A transfer from Poway High, Bobbie is known by her wide friendly smile. Success should follow this chipper Senior-how many girls do you know who want to enter the field of arch- aeology? Bobbie collects stuffed ani- mals, horseback rides, swims, and plays tennis. Activities: Sr. Class His- torian:ASB Commissioner of Sales 4: Sr. Gift Comm.: Girls' League 3: Nominating Conventions 2,3,4: G.R.A. 4: CSF 4: SMOKE SIGNAL News Edi- tor 4. RONALD ROBERT MANGEIS fMaggetsJ Ronald has a special devotion to farm life. His favorite subject at ECVHS has been Agriculture, and he plans to continue his studies at Gross- mont and might go on to SDSC. Ron is a transfer from Monte Vista. Activ- ities: F.F.A. 3,4. GILFORD EMMET MEACHUM fGllJ Gil will probably use his experience in football to good advantage when he majors in Physical Education at Grossmont College. He has had ex- perience in many other aspects of ath- letics, including surfing, fencing, and weight lifting. Gil aspires to a coach- ing career. Activities: Frosh Football: JV Football 2: Varsity Football 3,4: Frosh Basketball: Track: JV Baseball: Boys' Fed. 4: Varsity Club 3,4. RICHARD GLEN MARRS 1RickJ Rick, known for his fine manners, spends all his spare time writing eti- quette books. If all goes well, he will be the first truck driver to ever grad- uate from Yale. Activities: Varsity Football 3,4: Varsity Track 2,3,4: Boys' Fed.: Varsity Club. CHERYL ANN MEANS Cheryl is one of those people who really stands above the crowd 45' 109903. She'll attend El Cajon Beauty College. While at ECVHS, Cheryl es- pecially llked Civics. Activities: Fu- ture Teachers 1: Bravettes 3: Girls' League 1,2,, Executive Board 3,4: Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm.: Y- Teens 4: Campus Life 4: SMOKE! SIGNAL Staff 3, Editorial Editor 4: Nominating Conventions 1,2,3. THOMAS K. MICHEL CTomJ In pursuit of a career as an engineer, Tom will major in Mathematics at Grossmont College after graduation. Favoring the outdoor life, he fills his spare time with hunting and fishing. Activities: Concert Band 2,3,4: March- ing Band 1,2,3,4: Varsity Band 2,3,4: Nominating Conventions 1,2,3. DANNY LEE MARTIN Danny, a transfer from El Capltan, will perhaps have a future in auto mechanics. He plans to attend Gross- mont College. While a student at ECVI-IS Danny spent much time work- ing on cars. DIANE LYNN MENZIE CD11 Though Diane's favorite class was Auto Shop, she claims special talents in such areas as drawing, speech and writing. Perhaps the profession she decides upon at SDSC will enable Diane to buy that horse ranch, where she may continue sketching. Activi- ties: Girls' League 3, Exec. Board 43 Dialectos 3,41 N.F.L. 3, Sec. 43 Hurdle Crew 2, Asst. Capt. 3, Capt. 43 G.R.A. 33 Class Soph Rep. at Large3 Library Asst. 3,43 Nominating Conventions 2,3. ESTHER ANNE MIDDAUGH Esther is looking forward to studying at either Grossmont College or El Cajon Beauty College. She has pre- viously attended both Lemoore and Clairemont High Schools. Painting, sketching, hair styling, cooking, and typing are among Esther's pet proj- ects. GLENN CARL MARTIN Glenn chooses U.S. History as the out- standing class in his 4-year stay at ECVHS. His spare time was occupied by baseball. Grossmont College will be his immediate educational goal. 'TXT' ROBERT JOHN MENZIE CBobJ Bob is interested in just two things, cars and forestry. He spends much of his time working on cars and has a high mechanical aptitude. Bob wants to finish his education at San Diego City College. .f.,-aw SHARMAN LEE MASSENA fSharmD Only the stimulating life af a secre- tary will do for Sharman. That's why she plans to sharpen her skills at Grossmont College. Naturally, her favorite subject has been Bookkeep- ing! Activities: Girls' League 1,2, Treas. 83 Bravettes 3, Hand Lieut. 43 Archbearer 3: ASB Secretary 4. """'lo JAMES EDWARD MESSINA CJimJ Having an extremely short physique is Jim's outstanding physical charac- teristic. U.S. History was his favorite subject at ECVHS but at Grossmont College he will major in Business. Ac- tivities: Frosh Football3 JV Football 23 Varsity Football 3,43 Track 1,22 Wrestling 3,4. SI-IERRY LYN MILLER fSherJ This brown-eyed Senior spends her free time driving around, going to the beach, and washing her car. She es- pecially enjoys meeting people and making new friends. Sherry will further her education at SDSC where she will major in English, and work towards becoming a teacher. Activi- ties: Nominating Conventions 1,21 Girls' League 1,2,3,43 Tab and Cam- pus 33 Y-Teens 43 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. .s4.z PHILIP A. J. MATHIB fllhlll Phil is really mechanically minded. These past years he has spent his spare time building hot rods, and plans to major in Mechanics at Gross- mont College. Activities: Wrestling 1,21 Frosh Football. ty- 'I' SUSAN FRANCES MESSINA 1Susiel SDSC or Redwood University will wel- come this bright-eyed Senior in the fall. Susie plans on a career as a P.E. teacher or a hairdresser. While at ECVHS, Susie kept quite busy with her pet subject. Bookkeeping. Activi- ties: Girls' League 1,2,3, Correspond- ing Sec. 43 Class Council 1,23 Nomin- ating Conventions 1.2.33 Tab and Campus 1,2,3. GEORGE STANTON MILLER. JR. CSkip5 Skip will soon enter SDSC and major in Optometry. A transfer from Arkan- sas and Atascadero, Calif., Skip has been fascinated by the study of Chem- istry. In his leisure time he enjoys thinking and listening. Activities: Track 1.2.45 Boys' Fed. 3.4: Sr. Gift Comm. ii W. GLENN MOORE fHeyJ A transfer from Monte Vista, Glenn has devoted a large part of his high school career to agriculture. He has enjoyed exhibiting his rabbits and sheep at fairs-good training before he majors in Farm Business at Gross- mont College and Cal Poly, Pomona iKellogg Campusl. Glenn plans to be- come an agriculture advisor. Activi- ties: Wrestling 1,2,3,4: Tennis 1: Var- sity Club 1,2.3: Baseball 2.3: F.F.A. 1.4. MERL DEAN NIELSEN Merl is a fabulous combination of strength and individualism. Besides collecting coins and bird watching, Merl lavishes his attentions on the noble game of baseball. Grossmont College will admit him in the fall. 58 CATHIE-LEE DREW MILLS 1CathieJ Cathie's hobby, impulsive cookery, should come in handy if she reaches her goal-a career as a Peace Corps worker. She hopes to major in Eng- lish at Grossmont College. Activities: A.F.S. Treas. 4414 'JY N ...aff-A DOROTHY ANN MOSER CDee Ann? Dee Ann, a January graduate, rates becoming a medical secretary and having a good life as her primary ambitions. She will achieve the former by study at Grossmont College, ma- joring in Business Education. She most enjoys listening to the radio and going to shows, but can play the piano quite well. Activities: Nomin- ating Conventions 1.3: Bravettes 3, Flag Lieut. 4: Sr. Cap and Gown Comm. any MELINDA MARIE MILLS Melinda, particularly able in the general business courses she has taken throughout her high school career, will continue her education at El Cajon Beauty College. She has made her hobby sewing, which should be of particular benefit since her am- bition is to be happily married. Ac- tivities: Bravettes 3: Nominating Con- ventions 1,3: Archbearer 3: Girls' League 4: Sr. Prom Comm.: Banner Corps 2. ...--uv DEAN ALLEN MOST CMoby Dick? Aside from having unbelievable surf- ing abilities, Dean is "just plain strong." He has a somewhat burning desire to be a writer. PAUL ARTHUR NOBBS Paul plans to further his education at SDSC. His favorite pastime is hunting -in more ways than one. He hopes to achieve a doctorate in Mathe- matics or Physical Analysis. Paul was given the privilege of attending Boys' State last summer. Activities: Wres- tling 2.3: Usher 3: ASB Asst. 3, ASB Pres. 4: CSF 3.4. PATRICIA ANNE MILLS CPatD Pat, known for her eyes, is a transfer from Mission Bay High. While here at ECVHS, Pat especially liked her Photography course. She will attend Grossmont College and plans to major in Psychology. Upon graduation, she would like to become an airline stew- ardess. Activities: SMOKE SIGNAL Staff 4: Girls' League 4. DAVID KARL MYERS Math plus a major in Education start- ing at Grossmont College equals guess what? A teaching career. At least it should, but David has other ideas-he plans to be rich and that's it! To strengthen his character to take the rigors of his financial future, David will concentrate on hunting, fishing and watching TV. Activities: Frosh Football. GRANT CAMPBELL MITCHELL fCampbellJ Grant's most enjoyable class has been Chemistry with Mr. Williams. He favors the idea of attending Gross- mont College and surprising everyone with his major. He would like to con- sider hlmself happy, but not content, Activities: Cross Country 1,2,3, Team Captain 4: Track 2,3,4. BARBARA MARIANNE NELSON CBarbJ In her quieter moments, Barb looks orward to learning how to teach at DSC. Another Ichabod Crane she a brilliant lsn't, because besides eachlng career, Barb aspires to be- ome the Women's Billiard Champion. ctivities: Orchestra 1.2,3,4: March- ing Band 1,2,3,4: Band Staff 2,3,4: Girls' League 2.3. VICTOR LOUIS MOBERG KVlcJ Radio electronics figure heavily in Vic's future plans. His exceptional memory should be of great help as he studies in this field at the Univer- sity of San Diego. Activities: Radio Club. iii? NANCY MARY NEPHEW A girl who can really style hair, Nancy is also known throughout the female population of ECVHS for her sewing skills. Nancy lists Clerical Of- fice Practice, dancing, and going to the beach among her favorites. She plans a secretarial career to follow her studies at Grossmont College. Ac- tivities: Girls' League 1,2,3,4g Y-Teens 3,4p Drama Club 43 Class Council 1. BARBARA NORLIN Barbara, who enjoys both music and art. was active in instrumental music while at ECVHS. Activities: Marching Band 1.2,3,4: Campus Life 1,2. MARY J. MOONEY Mary is a transfer who has received much from her Civics and P.E. classes. While with us, she developed her taste for reading and painting. Mary will try for a career in the Navy as a nurse. Activities: Girls' League. WARREN BRADFORD MOORE fMooreJ Warren, whose blond hair makes him stand out from the crowd, wants to succeed in this world. So far, he has accomplished this in surfing, golf, swimming, and Auto Shop. In the fu- ture, he plans to major in Missile Technology or I.B.M. at a junior col- lege. Activities: Frosh Football: JV Football: Wrestling 13 Track 1,23 JV Baseball 1,23 Frosh Basketball. BARBARA LYNN NICHOIS fBarbieJ Barbie transferred to ECVHS for her Junior and Senior years from El Capltan. She takes special pleasure in painting, dancing, and playing the accordion. Barbie would like to find employment in the telephone com- pany upon graduation. Activities: G.R.A. 4. V- if WAYNE ALAN NIDEROST Wayne liked Auto Shop so much this year that he spends all his time cruis- ing Main Street looking for a race. Well, how else can you study the durability of today's semi-modern cars? Wayne would like very much to attend Hartnell. SANDRA KAY NUNES tSandD A career in accounting, preceded by a major in the same at Grossmont College, awaits this able Senior. Sandi has an ambition shared by many: to graduate from college. Activities: Bravettes 4: Girls' League 1,2,3,4: Sr. Publicity Comm.: Library Asst. 2,3,4. 59 LINDA MARIE OATES 1HorsefeedJ Linda, known for her big blue eyes, will make good use of her experience in Secretarial Office Practice in the business college she plans to attend. When she isn't typing or memorizing some of those puzzling shorthand out- lines, Linda enjoys races, dating, and listening to records. Activities: Brav- ettes 3,4: Girls' League 4. THOMAS MICHAEL PEIGHTAL fMikeJ Mike has been an avid student of Mechanical Drawing. He's not sure about a college education yet, but would like very much to find a career as a draftsman. Bowling is Mike's forte. THOMAS MICHAEL O'BRIEN iTommyJ Tommy is looking forward to a major in the art or advertising fields. He will follow these plans through Grossmont College. Tommy also plans to eat, drink, be merry, make money, and become a movie star. Activities: Varsity Basketball Mgr. YT? MARY EILEEN PENMAN CEi1eenD Ei1een's favorite subject was English. Her ambition is to attend UCLA and major in Secondary Education in order to become a teacher. Activities: Soph and Jr. Class Sec.: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament: Nominating Conventions 1,2,3,4: Y-Teens 3: Marching Band 1, 2,3: Drum Majorette 4: Band Staff 3.4: ASB Asst. 4: Roman Braves 1: Sr. Prom Comm. Chairman: Les Che- vallers 4: CSF 2,3,4. LA VAR TRYON POSEY Though his favorite subject at ECVI-IS was Wood Shop, La Var has decided to major in Commercial Art at Gross- mont College. He enjoys fishing, hunt- ing, skiing, and skin diving. La Var would like to join the Air Force some time in the future. BONNIE KAYE OSGOOD tEagle Eye? Bonnie, coupling her hobby, reading, with her favorite subject, History, must have had an easy time of it getting all those good grades for Grossmont College. She is especially noted for her baton twirling and ac- cordion playing. Bonnie is also plan- ning to work for the telephone com- pany. Activities: Marching Band 1,2, 3,4: Concert Band 2,3,4: Orchestra 3,4: Nominating Conventions 2,3,4: Band Staff 3,4: Sr. Baccalaureate Comm.: Y.F.C. 1,2: Campus Life 3,4. "mi JOAN CARLYLE PENNINGTON To enhance her knowledge of Civics, Joan plans to major in Political Sci- ence at Grossmont College and Cal Western. A Frosh transfer from Gross- mont High, she spends her free time watching football games Cespecially the Chargersl, traveling, and on some sort of outdoor activity. Activities: Y- Teens 3: SMOKE SIGNAL Staff 3, Editor-in-Chief 4: Class Council 2,3: Sr. Class Vice Pres.: Nominating Con- ventions 2,3,4: ASB Asst. 4: Girls' League 2,3: Archbearer 3: Senate 2,3, Mardi Gras Chairman 4: Scholastic Olympics 3. ANNA BELLE OWENS fAnyal Anna, who has favored Art above all her other subjects, will finish her education at Adams State, Colorado, and then teach art herself. She has particularly enjoyed her English classes, horseback riding, and paint- ing. Activities: Girls' League: Brav- ettes 3,4: Concert Choir 3,4. ALLEN EDWARD PERATI' KAI? Blue-eyed Al will find a lot of use fo his favorite subject, Speech, if he fol lows through with his plans to becom a lawyer. When he's not worryin about his future, Al is playing basket ball or working on cars. Activities. N.F.L. 3,45 Dialectos 3,4: Boys' Fed. 3. LAURA JEAN POWELL fTikiD Laura is absolutely famous for her green eyes and long lashes. She found. Business English to be her most in- teresting class since she transferred here from Lemoore and Poly High Schools. Laura wishes to major in English at Grossmont College, but wants to become a physical education teacher. MARY PAGAN Mary comes to us from Cathedral Girls' High School in San Diego. She has developed a special talent for painting, and also enjoys sewing and reading. Mary will attend Grossmont College and SDSC. Activities: A.F.S. g Tu. ...ny JAMIE ROBERT PETROPOLIS iPetropJ Jim is known for his marvelously tanned complexion. He'd like to be- come a comedian, but has decided to play it safe and get a degree in En- gineering at SDSC in case he isn't an immediate success. Activities: Usher 3: Track 3.4: Frosh Football: Nom- inating Conventions 3,4. TERRELL DENNIS PRATHER iTerryJ Terry has had a particular interest in his Wood Shop classes. He also is quite mechanically minded, since he appears to spend a good deal of time racing and working on cars. Terry has a noble ambition: he'd like to get an "A" average in all of his classes. DANA C. PATTERSON CKrickettD This blue-eyed Krickett's hobbies are dancing and telling jokes. Her other attributes include a great liking and talent for singing, talking, and out- door sports. She has especially done well in her Civics class. and will train to become a dental assistant at Gross- mont College. LARRY STEVEN PIERCE Larry's favorite subject was Wood Shop, and for recreation he enjoys dancing. But what he really likes is money-and lots of it. Perhaps he'll get it-who knows? Activities: Var- sity Wrestling 3. -nn-up LINDA MAE PAXTON fCharlieJ Linda, who may well take pride in her long hair, likes nothing better than a good day at the beach. Her unique ambition is to remain single. As far as her future goes, Linda is planning on majoring in Psychology at Grossmont College. Activities: Tab and Campus: Girls' League. PAMELA ROSEITA PLA 1PamJ Pam's hobbies are horses and being with people. She enjoys dancing and riding, and would like to be either a model or an airline hostess. She plans to further her studies at Grossmont College. Activities: Bravettes 3: F.F.A.: Sr. Prom Comm.: Tab and Campus: Class Council 3: Hurdle Crew: Girls' League. STEPHANIE LEE PRINCE Stephanie will combine her favorite subject, Clerical Office Practice, with a major in Business at Grossmont College to obtain some sort of busi- ness career in later life. She trans- ferred to ECVHS from El Capitan for her Junior and Senior years. Steph- anle has a special flair for styling hair, and loves to collect records and stuffed animals. Activities: Sr. Cards and Announcements Comm. 'ffm' HOLLY ANN PEFFER fPeffJ Holly is a three-star transfer: she has attended Mission Bay, Point Loma, and El Capitan. This year, Holly has especially enjoyed her Cooking and P.E. classes. When she's not dating or going to parties, Holly takes out her knitting and crocheting needles and produces miles of fine wearing apparel. She'd like to become an air- line hostess. SANDRA LEA POPP lSandyJ Long, blonde tresses is a much-to-be- admired characteristic of this Senior. Throughout her busy high school years, Sandy developed a liking for Chemistry. Math, Gym with Miss "J", sewing and swimming. SDSC is her college choice. Activities: Arch- bearer 3: Frosh Class Rep. at Large: Soph Class Parllamentarian: CSF'2,3, Life Member 4: Bravettes 3, Flag Lieut. 4: Long Beach Banner 3: G.R.A. 1: Girls' League 2.3: LEGEND Staff 3, Senior Editor 4: Nom-inatlng Convention 2: Senate 4: Sr. Prom Comm.: Tab and Campus 1.2.43 Scholastic Olympics 4. 'SIT' . SHIRLEY GWENDOLYN PULLEY Shirley loves two things: television and singing. She has especially liked her P.E. classes throughout her four years at ECVHS. Activities: Concert Choir 45 Y.F.C. 2.3. CI-IARLE THOMAS QUEEN 4ChuckJ Pictures play a big part in this Sen- ior's life. All Chuck's interests lie in photography. A career in this field awaits him, as he is planning to join the Armed Forces photo group. Ac- tivities: JV Football Mgr.g Varsity Wrestling Mgr. 11",,',j3 if DORA LIELA QUINTANA fDoe Doe? Dancing seems to occupy much of Dora's time. After graduation her plans include attending Grossmont College where she hopes to become a teacher. Her long ponytail is her outstanding feature. Dora enjoys dancing and dating in her spare time. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,3,4. .' 9'-12?-if 5.2 WQEQ W? - -' ' -3" L ,, ,x fgfzifwi " V' -wr" CLYDINE YVONNIE RENFRO Every high'school senior has the am- bition of graduating, as does Clydine. But she plans to go to Hawaii this summer. Her interests in Crafts prompted her to select this as one of her favorite subjects at ECVHS. Among her many other interests she includes dancing and surfing. PENNY LEE ROCHO CMidgetJ Horseback riding is tops among Pen- ny's favorite sports. When she has time, this Senior enjoys knitting. She especially enjoyed her Bookkeeping class at ECVHS. Along with every girl's ambition to be married, Penny adds joining the Service. 62 vqyifv MARCELLA LYNN REFH fMarcyJ Marcy's auburn hair is easily recog- nized around campus. Her varied in- terests include dancing, reading, and photography. In the future she plans to study Psychology at SDSC, and eventually join the Peace Corps. Ac- tivities: Bravettes 43 Sr. Prom Comm.g Y-Teens 43 Roman Braves 1,2,3g Girls' League 1,2,3,4g Future Teachers 13 Class Council 25 Archbearer 33 Nom- inating Conventions 3,4. -nfl? ROBERT ANTHONY REVEITA fBobJ Bob's interests in art have prompted him to the ambition of becoming a cartoonist. After graduation he plans to attend an art school. In his free time he enjoys bowling and drawing, and is especially talented at doing imitations. RICHARD JOSEPH ROGERS iRick5 Rick hopes to obtain a degree in Biol- ogy at a college in Massachusetts. Richard, one of our shorter Senior boys, has interests in science, and his favorite subject was Biology. Ac- tivities: Megebeceps 2.4, Vice Pres. 39 Dialectos 3,47 N.F.L. 3.4. CYNTHIA ANNE RAMIREZ tCindyJ Speech and Drama were two favorites of Cindy at ECVHS. She hopes these interests will lead to a career in the theatre. Writing stories is one of her favorite pastimes. She enjoys sewing and is adept at both making pottery and sewing. STEVEN LEE REYNOLDS lSteveJ A sensible ambition to be successfu is expressed by this Brave. Stev spends much of his time working wit short wave radio equipment. Wate sports are a great favorite of his, a is Chemistry. Steve's future plans in clude attendance at the United State Marine Academy. Activities: Tab an Campus 3. BEN LAMBERT REAL KK. KJ Ben enjoys singing with a band tagged The Karne Men. Eating is also appreciated by this Senior. During his years at ECVHS, Ben rated his Crafts class as tops. Activities: Varsity Club5 Track 2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,4. My GARY MILTON RICHARDSON fGarfieldJ Besides being tall, dark, and hand- some, Gary indicates that he is a lfantastic sprinter and athlete. Trans- ferring to ECVHS from Hoover he al- ready had developed a musical back- ground. After graduation, he plans to -attend Grossmont College where he will major in History. Activities: Dia- lectos 3,45 Cross Country 35 Track 3, Capt. 45 C.I.F. Finalist. RUBEN BEN REAL Ambitious Ruben plans to go into the Marines, During his spare time he listens to the radio, Among his special talents, he rates running as the high- est. Activities: Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,45 Boys' Fed.5 Varsity Club. JAMES DAVID RIDENS, III iRalphl Jim enjoys going to the beach, where he takes a lot of pictures. Since he has a special talent of making friends, his hopes of becoming a mil- lionaire may come true. Jim enjoyed his P.E. classes here, and he plans to major in this field at Grossmont Col- lege. Activities: JV Football 25 Wres- tling 25 JV Track 25 Cross Country 1: Baseball 2,3,-1. KATHLEEN ANN ROHN CRabbitJ This busy Senior seems to. find time for modeling, which is her hobby. Immediately following her graduation in January, Kathy began attending SDSC to major in Medicine. Her spe- cial talents include playing the piano. organ, and guitar. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Nominating Conven- tions 2,35 Dialectos 3,45 Y-Teens 45 Roman Braves 1,25 Class Council 1,2,3. KENNETH ERICK REID An immediate impression of Ken is his wavy hair. His favorite pastime is living on the beach, where he spends much of his time surfing. Next year he plans to attend Grossmont College to carry through his hopes to become a C.P.A. Activities: Frosh Football5 Wrestling. GERALDINE LAVONNE ROACH tGeri7 A friendly smile for everyone is one of the attributes of this active Senior. A junior college in Denver, Colorado, is her destination next year, where she will study Business Education. Geri would like to become an airline stewardess. Activities: Frosh Class Sec.5 Y-Teens 2,4, Sec, 35 Song Leader 3,45 Nominating Conventions 1,2,35 Girls' League I, Exec. Board 2,3, Pres, 45 Archbearer 3. 'ii'ii" ' xi ff LINDA JOYCE ...QW This Senior previously at nded high schools in Sun Valley and Monterey Park. Her interests lie in swimming and horseback riding. Since Lindas hobby is art, she hopes this will lead to a career as a dress designer. Her favorite subjects were History and English. Activities: Concert Choir Girls' Leagueg Sr. Ways and Means Comm. izzff WALTER DAN ROBESON CWaltJ Wrestling is not Walt's only interest A typical athlete, he spends all his time hunting, playing football, or any other sport which interests him. His simple but wise ambition is to have a good future. He plans to attend Grossmont College after graduation Activities: Football5 Wrestling5 Var sity Club. FRED THOMAS ROLPH Fred lists girls as his hobby and favorite pastime, and his related ma- jor at SDSC will be Sorority Life. His favorite class at ECVHS was Drama. A successful and happy life is what he will work towards. Activities: Drama Club 2,3,45 Radio Club 25 Nom- inating Conventions 1,2,3,45 Sr. Ways and Means Comm. 63 DOUGLAS EARL ROPER CBuddyJ SDSC is Doug's future destination, where he will study Dentistry in order to prepare himself for a career in that field. Doug found Trig with Mr. Hilton to be his favorite class while at ECVHS. Activities: Wrestling 4. qw' CATHERYN RUSTIN 4CathyD At Grossmont College, Cathy will study Dental Hygiene in order to be- come a dental assistant. Playing ten- nis is her hobby, and Gym with Miss "J" was her pet subject. Activities: Bravettes 3, Treas, 4, Long Beach Banner 33 Girls' League 1,2,4g Nom- inating Convention 3g Sr. Prom Comm. KAREN RAE ROUSSEAU Karen occupies herself with baby- sitting and swimming, and plans to attend Grossmont College after grad- uation. MICHAEL GEORGE SAGAR fMlkel Mike doesn't want to be a millionaire -he just wants to live like one. He plans on a law career, and so will study it first at Grossmont College and then at USC. In his leisure time you will find Mike soaking up the sun at the beach. PHIL JOHN SCHLEGEL fSlege7 Phil says he has too many character- istics to list, but his ambition is to be either a truck driver or a carpenter. He also has too many talents to list, and simply having fun is his hobby. He is sure of one thing though, and that is that Gym and Wood Shop were his favorite classes. Activities: Foot- ball Mgr., Basketball Mgr.g Varsity Clubg Boys' Fed. RICHARD CHARLES ROUSSEAU fStubJ This future Grossmont College student is not sure what his major will be. but it will probably be somewhere in the line of Mechanical Drawing, since that was his favorite class and also his hobby. Richard's desire is to lead the best, most secure life possible. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling lg Varsity Club 3,45 ASB Asst. 43 Campus Life. LYNDA DARLENE SANDERS fLyndee Loul Talking on the phone, writing notes, and buying records are the pastimes Lynda enjoys. She aspires to become an elementary school teacher, receiv- ing her education for the job at Gross- mont College. The class Lynda most enjoyed was Senior Homemaking. MARY RUEHS Mary plans to study at Kansas City, Missouri Personnel School in order to reach her goal of becoming a com- municationist for an airline. Then she wants to travel a little, and someday have a home of her own. Swimming and horseback riding consume her spare time. English was her favorite class, and she previously attended Morse. SANDRA ROBERTA SANDERS iBobb1l This Senior with lovely long locks would like nothing better than to at- tend college in either Los Angeles or New York to major in Fashion Illus- trating. Bobbi is especially talented at painting and sewing. Her favorite class at ECVHS was Speech. Activi- ties: Dialectos 3,43 N.F.L. 3,49 Y- Teens 13 Girls' League 1,25 Drama Club 1. ROBERT EDMUND SCHLEGEL fSch1egl To be a professional drummer is the ambition of this Senior, as he is es- pecially ta-lented in this field. Auto Shop was his favorite subject, and his hobby is racing. Bob will attend San Diego City College to study Diesel Mechanics. Activities: Track 1. LARRY ALAN RUFF .arry, whose big feet distinguish him, injoys working on his car. Incident- .lly, it is the same car which almost ilew up. A future History major at Lan Diego City College, his ambition s to become rich. Activities: Basket- iall 1,2: Track 2,3,4. L r EDNA CHRISTINE SAROT fChrisJ This very active Senior enjoys going an long rides, meeting people, and oordinating fashions. Her ambition s to learn to ski. Chris will go to DSC to study Education after grad- ,ation. Activities: Frosh Class Treas.: irls' League 1,2,3, Vice Pres. 4: ominating Conventions 1,2,3: Y- eens 2, Treas. 3: Archbearer 3: 'heer Leader 4: Homecoming Prin- ress 4. MICHAEL LOUIS SCHUBERT iMickeyJ Mickey will attend SDSC and then pur- sue his ambition to become wealthy. His pastimes are cars, girls, and tak- ing things apart. His big green eyes will most likely help him along with attracting girls. Mickey enjoyed His- tory here at El Cajon. Activities: Football 1.2, Varsity 4: Wrestling 3: Frosh Class Vice Pres.: Soph Class Pres.: Boys' Fed.: Nominating Con- ventions 1,2,3,4: ASB Asst. 3, Vice Pres, 4: Varsity Club, ANITA MARIE RUSSELL iNitaJ Anita, a Senior with a great big smile, attended Western High School in Las Vegas before transferring to El Ca- jon. She hopes to become a licensed nurse, and then a TWA airline hos- tess. Sewing, cooking, and horseback riding fill up most of Anita's time. Activities: Girls' League: Drama Club: Nominating Conventions: Tab and Campus: Archbearer 3: G.R.A. CAROLYN MARIE SAUL iCarol7 Music forms the apex of Carol's inter- ests, as her hobby is playing the piano and her favorite classes were Concert Band and Marching Band. She also likes to cook. After gradua- tion, Carol will study at Grossmont College. Activities: Concert Band 2,3, 4: Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Cadet Band: Campus Life. fa, CYNTHIA LOUISE RUSSELL CCindyJ Cindy will attend a junior college in Denver where she will study Educa- tion. Her blush is her outstanding feature. A domestic Maiden, Cindy enjoys sewing and cooking, and hopes to get married and live happily. But she also likes to mess around with her friends. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,3, Treas. 4: Archbearer 3: Y-Teens Pres. 4. SHEELA MARIE SAVAGE lPudgyD This math-minded young lady lists Trigonometry as her favorite class, and will major in Math at SDSC in order to fulfill her desire to become a high school algebra teacher. Sheela enjoys listening to the radio, think- ing, and sewing. Her stunning blue eyes are a valuable part of her per- sonality. She attended McClane High in Fresno previous to ECVHS. Activi- ties: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament: Bravettes 3, Hand Lieut. 4: Girls' League 4: Sr. Ways and Means Comm. RALPH SCHWAESDALL Ralph liked his Wood Shop class, but his hobby and pastime is working on cars. He plans to go to Grossmont College, but hasn't decided in what he will major. fi CAROLYN RUSTIN CCarolJ An outdoors sports enthusiast, Carol enjoyed her Gym class with Miss Johnston. She will study Business Ed- ucation at Grossmont College, then become a secretary. Activities: Brav- ettes 3, Captain 4: Long Beach Banner 3: Girls' League 1,2,4: Archbearer 3: Senate 4: Nominating Convention 3: Sr. Prom Comm. RONALD LEE SCHAEFER fRatJ This surfer's future ambition is to become wealthy. He mostly enjoyed History and English while at ECVHS, and will further his education at Grossmont College, deciding his major later. Ron says his outstanding char- acteristic is his small feet. Activities: JV Wrestling 1,2,3: Varsity Wrestling 4: Football 1. 'lfrwr SALLY.K.AlSEYLER, Communicating in French with the people at the French Cottage where she is a member is Sally's favorite pastime. To bicycle around Europe and be a teacher are her ambitions. She will attend SDSC to major in her favorite subjects, English and French. Activities: Concert Band 1,235 Or- chestra 3g Marching Band 1,2,35 Band Staff 35 Nominating Conventions 1,2, 35 A.F.S. 45 Girls' League 35 Sr. Priv- ilege Comm.5 Les Chevaliers 4. LINDA SUSAN KCOOPERJ SILVEY iBubblegummerl The future holds in store for Linda a course in I.B.M. at Kelsey Jenney's College. She hopes to have a success- ful marriage. Eating is her favorite hobby, and, conveniently, Homemak- ing her best subject. Activities: Brav- ettes 35 Girls' League 2,4. NIKKI ALLISON SMITH CNikJ Entranced by the field of Journalism, Nik spends much of her spare time writing and even plans to major in this area at SDSC. Listening to popu- lar music also absorbs a large portion of her time, Activities: Girls' League: THOUGHT Asst. Editor5 Roman Braves 1. . ir 66 -if DOROTHY SHAPLIN Dorothy plans to spend her first two years of college at Grossmont College, and then travel to New York for the rest of her education. She hopes to make Fashion her major. Dancing and going to the beach are her favorite pastimes, and she longs to go to Eu- rope. Activities: Y-Teens 2,3,4g Song Leader 45 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Nomi- nating Conventions 2,45 Sr. Prom Comm. JOHN MICHAEL SLATINSKY CMike3 Wood Shop was rated as John's most enjoyable class during his four years at ECVHS. He spends his leisure hours contentedly fishing. John would like to be a mortician. Activities: Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Var- sity Club 2,3,4. PAM C. SHEPHARD fCow Moose? Pam's favorite subject these past four years has been English. She enjoys music, and likes to sing. Activities: Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. DONNA MAE SLOAN fDondiJ To pursue a career in journalism, Donna will study both at Grossmont College and SDSC. Characterized by her long hair, her favorite pastime is square dancing, Activities: Bravettes 45 Girls' League 2,3,45 Exec. Board 45 Nominating Conventions 1,2,35 Sr. Dance and Assembly Comm.g Hurdle Crew 3,45 Megebeceps 1, Sec.-Treas. 2. KENNETH HAROLD SNOW fKen-Benl Ken's favorite class, Speech, will help him immensely in his chosen profes- sion of law. To achieve his goal of becoming an attorney, he will attend Cal Western to major in Law. During his busy schedule at ECVHS, he still found time for speaking, playing handball, and his two favorites, eat- ing and sleeping. Activities: Class Council 1,2,3,45 Dialectosg Jr. Class Vice Pres.5 Sr. Class Pres.: Drama Clubg ASB Asst. 45 Campus Life5 Les Chevaliers5 Nominating Conventions 2,35 Boys' Fed. Pres, 35 Mr. Inter- national 4. RAYMOND VINCENT SHERIFF 4RayJ Ray's favorite subject was Healtl while at ECVHS. After graduation, he plans to attend Grossmont College. Going to the beach is how Ray spends most of his spare hours. nf-wud? MARY ROSEANNE SMELKO 6SannJ Planning to attend John Robert Pow- ers Modeling School, Roseanne hopes, to become a model. At ECVHS speech! was her favorite subject. She enjoys traveling to the mountains. Activities: Sr. Publications Comm. l STEVE LESLIE SHERWOOD Steve plans to attend Grossmont Col- lege as a Music major, where he will fulfill his goal to be a musician. He plays the saxophone and wants to make this not only his hobby but his vocation. He also enjoyed Auto Shop. Y '17 CRAIG SMITH I r 'ij My GARY LYN SHIDNER Preparing for a future as a garage owner, Gary plans to attend Palomar College to major in Auto Mechanics. In his spare time he enjoys building dune buggys. DENNIS EARL SMITH CBangerJ To take up studies in Animal Hus- bandry, Dennis will attend Cal Poly after graduation, It's no wonder then that his favorite subject has been Ag- riculture. Wrecking cars and street racing are his favorite pastimes. Ac- tivities: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. JAMES ROBERT STAGGS tBobJ At sometime or other everyone has wished to live in a foreign country. Bob is one of those who have actually had such an experience. Before com- ing to ECVHS, he attended school at Zama American High School, Camp Zama. Japan. GERALD REX SHIREY Gerry? Having a great attraction to racing machines, Jerry hopes to become a professional race car driver. In his four years at ECVHS this Senior lists Auto Shop as his favorite subject. His favorite pastime is riding motorcycles. Jerry's greatest feat in school was be- ing able to eat more doughnuts in Auto Shop than anyone else. Activi- ties: Football 1,2. -M --W A..-scwmsxfse X 4.1 JAMES R. SMITH CSkiesJ Having enjoyed Agriculture more than anything else, Jim will major in that area at Cal Poly. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2, Vice Pres, 3, Pres. 41 Judging 1, 2,3,4: State Finals 2,3,4g Senate 3.4. MARY ALICE SICKLER Grossmont College is Mary's goal after graduation. Her favorite subject was Specialities. In her extra time, she enjoys collecting postcards, traveling, horseback riding, and reading. Mary hopes to become an airline stewardess. Activities: Bravettes 3,43 G i r l s' League: Sr. Cards and Announcements Comm. JEAN RUTH SMITH CJeanieJ Desiring to become a nurse, Jeanie will attend Grossmont College and later on Long Beach State. English was her favorite class. Talking on the phone takes up much of her spare moments. Activities: Concert Band 2, 3,45 Band Staff 2,3,4: Sr. Class Treas.g Y-Teens: Class Council 2,33 Campus Life: Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Roman Braves 1,2. DIANA LESLIE STAMMEN Diana hopes to major in Dental Hy- giene at Grossmont College, When she has nothing else to do, she finds great pleasure in going to the beach, sew- ing, and watching good movies. Ac- tivities: Girls' League 4: Tab and Campus 1,2,3: Nominating Conven- tions 1,2,3: Campus Life 4. 67 BOBBY LAWRENCE STEELE Bobby's favorite area is Electronics, and at Grossmont College he will ma- jor in it. His goal in life is to be an electronic technician. Activities: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Radio Club: Nominating Conventions 1,2,3. AUGUST ROY SWANSON CGusJ Gus is planning to major in both Psy- chology and Electronics. This venture will take place at the University of Washington. He wants to become an airline pilot and, to fill the interim, will continue surfing and playing his drums. Activities: Marching Band 1, 2,3,4g Concert Band l,2,3,4g Varsity Band: Band Staff. BOB PAUL STEVENS WILLIAM HOWARD SWEGLES CBilD Bill must attribute his "huge muscles" to his healthy hobbies of bodybuilding and physical activity. Speech and Eng- lish are rated as his favorite sub- jects. He will study at Stanford Uni- versity to major in either Medicine or Law. Understandably, Bill's ambition is to become a doctor or lawyer. Ac- tivities: Dialectosg N.F.L. 2.4, Pres. 33 Boys' Fed. CARY THOROGOOD Cary, who had a particular liking for Mechanical Drawing here at ECVHS, plans to continue his studies at SDSC. His hobby is building and flying model airplanes. Cary has a noble ambi- tion: to do something good for so- ciety. Activities: Basketball 3,4. NANCY O'NElL STONE Finding particular enjoyment in her French Il class, Nancy has been with us four years. She most enjoys going to the beach and sewing. Upon grad- uation, she will attend SDSC and major in Business. Activities: Arch- bearer 3. ELMA DARLENE SWISHER fDarleneJ Above all other classes taken over these four years, Darlene has most enjoyed Gym with Miss "J." She plans to train at Grossmont College to be- come a dental assistant. Activities: Bravettes 43 Sr. Ways and Means Comm.g Nominating Conventions 1,2, 33 Class Council 1: Soph Class His- torian: Girls' League 1,2,4g Y-Teens 3. DAVID DALE STRUMSKY CButchDJ Dave is universally known for hi: great talent in fiction. He is simply mad about Journalism and plans ti major in it at some fine college. He divides his time among the four R's "reading, 'righting, romanticism anc rebellion." His ambition, naturally, i: to become a fictionalist. Activities Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Banc 2,3,4g Band Staff 1,2,3,4g Track 3,4 THOUGHT Editor 4. YUKSEL FATMA TEMIZIC Attending a fine arts or engineering college on return to her home in Tur key is the goal of our foreign ex change student, Yuksel. She plans ti be an architect or engineer. Coming from Yenimahalle High School in An kara, Yuksel was able to fit right is to American life. Spare time founu her sewing, reading, swimming, 0 knitting. Activities: ASB Asst.: Girls League: A.F.S. Q ROGER FRED TOPP CFangioJ Math is Roger's forte. He will con- tinue his studies at Grossmont Col- lege and spend his spare time fur- thering his auto racing experience. Activities: Varsity Football. K 3 I if .f , if ff : . A 2 W NORENA JAYNE STURGEON 4JayneJ ince her transfer from Texas, .Tayne's avorite subject has been Homemak- ing. She also enjoys sewing and swim- lming. Her ambition is to be a model. Activities: Library Asst. FRANCES LYNN TERRY CI-'ranl Fran has most enjoyed her course in Clerical Office Practice throughout her high school career. Fran's special tal- ent has to do with her clarinet, which she has played for some time. She aspires to be happily married. Ac- tivities: Marching Band: C 0 n c e r t Bandg Library Asst.g Girls' League. NANCY CLAIR TOWNE COliver5 Nancy has been fascinated by her sci- ence classes, particularly Physics. She plans to major in Veterinary Medicine at Davis or Fort Collins, Colorado. She is particularly fond of horseback riding, oil painting, and reading. Nancy is a transfer from Sacred Hearts Academy, Hawaii, and Springfield High, Michigan. Activities: Archbear- er 3: Girls' League 4: G.R.A. 4. va- ANDREA JOYCE SUGGS floycel Joyce has found particular enjoyment in participating in her Speech classes. When she isn't feverishly preparing for her next speech. Joyce likes to write letters. Activities: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 1,2: Tab and Cam- pus 1,2g Nominating Conventions 1: Dialectos 3,45 N.F.L. 3,4. GREGORY ANTON THACHER fCrow7 This blond "crow" has a yen to fol- low his agriculture experience through Grossmont College and Cal Poly or San Luis Obispo. He will major in Poultry Husbandry, and become a county farm advisor. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2,4. THORRIS VERLAINE SUTOWSKI 4BridgetJ Thorris' future is all tied up in ice- skating. She plans to sharpen her skills by studying at Garmisch, Ger- many. Tall and red-headed Thorris has also enjoyed ballet, modern jazz, and modeling professionally. GERALDINE ANN THOMPSON fGeriJ Geri, whose favorite subject at ECV- HS have been Choir and Art, will ma- jor in Dance at SDSC. Her hobbies are painting, dancing, and singing. and also enjoys talking on the phone and going to the beach, Geri's ambi- tions are to become a ballet teacher and to marry. Activities: Concert Choir 2,3,4: Girls' League 1,2,8. JAMES ALLAN TOWNER fJimJ Jim rates Auto Shop and Band as his favorite subjects. He enjoys working on cars, playing the trumpet, and swimming. Jim would like to spend two years at Grossmont College, then continue at SDSC. Activities: March- ing Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Band 2,3,4: Varsity Band 1. Wir' RAYMOND JOSEPH SUTTON iRayJ Ray's favorite subject has been Span- ish with Mr. Leewaye, He plans to major in Physical Education at Gross- mont College. Ray's favorite pastime is playing basketball. Activities: Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 3,43 Boys' Fed., Varsity Club. TERESSA D. THOMPSON fTerryJ Terry known by her big smile, lists Crafts as her favorite subject. Her hobbies are horseback riding, swim- ming, and slot car racing. She plans to become a secretary, even though she thinks she talks too much! Vim F' MICHAEL GREGORY TRAMEL fMikeJ Mike plans to continue his studies by majoring in Math or Science at UCSD. His favorite pastime is watching tele- vision. Mike's worthy ambition is to become a "head-shrinkerf' Wa. VIRGINIA ANN VAUGHAN CVirgl Classing herself as sweet and consid- erate, but stupid, Virginia found Gym and Speech to be her favorite subjects during her four years at ECVHS. Al- though she is a little hazy on her career, she would like to attend Grossmont College to major in Law. She is especially adept at swimming, surfing, sewing, and "learning the hard way." Her unusual ambition for the future is never to get married. Activities: Tab and Campus 19 Girls' League 1,2,3,4g Y-Teens 43 Sr. Prom Comm. JOHN FIELDS WEAVER iJack7 Spending most of his leisure time in the out-of-doors, Jack enjoys hunting, fishing, and surfing. Grossmont Col- lege and SDSC have been selected as the colleges to further his education, where he will major in I.B.M. Pro- gramming. Activities: Frosh Football: Nominating Conventions 1,3g Class Council 1, 70 Qswrif EILENE R. TRIPP CB. Bug? A transfer from Poway High, and Orange Glen High, Eilene is known for her short stature. Her favorite subject was Civics, her hobbies, dancing and cars. Eilene is especial- ly adept at clerical work. Her am- bition ls to become a good citizen and be a success in her future life. ,.., f .,.., , , , ,.., in . i SAMUEL VELLA, JR. iSammy7 Sammy's spare time is spent working on cars. Perhaps this is why he chose Auto Shop as his favorite class during his four years at ECVHS. He also finds time for fencing, golfing, jumping on trampolines, and trying to put a 327 Chevy engine in his V.W. He plans to attend a junior college after gradu- ating. Activlties: Cheer Leader 3,4. I 1- -uv TY? SHELIA DALE TRUMAN Shelia plans to be a social worker. She will major in Sociology at Gross- mont College and SDSC. Shelia enjoys reading and playing the string bass. Activities: Orchestra 1,2,3,4g March- ing Band 1.2.37 Class Council 2. ' Wg it MICHAEL TURNER CMikeJ Mike is an avid History student who plans to major in his favorite subject in college. He'd like to do a bit of traveling before settling down. Ac- tivities: Roman Braves: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournamentg Usher 3g LEGEND Staff Photographer 3,4. JOSEPH CHARLES VERDUGO fJoeJ Auto Shop rates high on the list of favorite subjects of this June gradu- ate. He is fond of watching TV, work- ing on cars, drawing, and swimming. Joe is especially skilled at decorating. He might attend college, but would like to join the Air Force. Activities: Boys' Fed.: Track 2,31 Cross Country 33 Frosh Football: Class Council 3. JOHN RAYMOND WEBB John hopes to major in Business Ad- ministration at Grossmont College after graduation. His favorite pastime is driving, and his hobby is working on automobiles. His Business Law class was his favorite course. DONNA JEAN WARLICK Donna's ambition is to serve her country by joining the Women's Air Force. This active Senior enjoys act- ing, playing the accordion, bowling, driving around, dancing, and trying to gain weight in order to pass the WAF physical. While at ECVHS. she enjoyed her English and Drama class- es. Activities: Drama Club 2,3, Treas. 43 LEGEND Staff 3, Layout Editor 43 Nominating Conventions 1,2,3,4g Archbearer 33 Y.F.C. 25 Summer Stock Theater 2,35 Sr. Ways and Means Comm.p Senate 3. NANCY ANN TURPIN 4NanceJ Nancy's number one ambition is to spend next year traveling in Europe. One of the most stylish girls on cam- pus, her hobby is designing her own clothes. Nancy graduated in January, and enrolled in SDSC for the spring semester, majoring in Fashion De- sign. She enjoys painting, "socializ- ing," and improving her Volkswagen. Activities: Girls' League 1,3,45 Nom- inating Conventions 1,2,3: Class Coun- cil 25 Tab and Campus 2,3,4. LARRY JENE WARREN fLumpJ Going to the beach occupies much of Larry's extra time. He is planning to attend Grossmont College to major in English. His ambition is to race fuel dragsters. ARTURO ULLOA iArtl Although his favorite subject at El Cajon was Concert Choir, Art would like nothing better than to attend a junior college and major in Architec- ture. He seems to always find time for driving new cars, playing the piano, and eating Italian food! Activ- ities: Tab and Campus 1,25 Class Council 1,25 Concert Choir 3,4. SANDRA SUE WASSAM 1SandiJ Becoming a success in life has been Sandi's ambition for many years. Upon attending Grossmont College after graduation, she plans to become a dental assistant. She is an excep- tional dancer, and enjoys watching TV in her spare time. Activities: Sr. Ways and Means Comm.5 School Serv- ice Comm.5 Y-Teens Treas.5 Bravettes 3,45 Class Council 25 Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament: Drama Club. DANNY JOHN WEIS All of Danny's time is spent playing the guitar. He has played profession- ally for five years and is in a band at present. Therefore, his ambition ls to become a well-known guitarist throughout the U.S. All of his Math classes rated high at ECVHS. After graduation he plans to attend Gross- mont College and SDSC to study Ac- counting and Music. STEPHAN GREG ULSUND fGoal Postsl Steve favored History during his four years at ECVHS. His future encom- passes a major of Dentistry at SDSC and hopefully a full, happy life. He has developed a special liking for golfing and fishing. Activities: JV Football 35 Varsity Football 45 Varsity Baseball 1,2: Golf 45 Varsity Club 1,2,3,45 Nominating Conventions 1,2,35 Sr. Ways and Means Comm.5 Sr. Fun Night Comm. HELEN MARIE WATERS While attending ECVHS, Helen found that Art was her favorite subject. With the ambition of being a beauti- cian, she plans to attend a beauty college. She also enjoys bowling dur- ing her leisure hours. Activities: Girls' League. CAROLYN MARIE KSAVOIEJ U'I'I'ER KCarolJ Blue-eyed, long-haired Carol most en- joyed her business courses at ECVHS Her pastimes are listening to records and playing pool. She hopes to become a secretary. Activities: Archbearer 3 ROBERT RAY WATSON 41-Iorseheadb Shooting pool occupies much of Bob's leisure moments. He plans on joining the Army after graduation. Activities: Varsity Football 2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 JV Baseball 1,25 JV Wrestling 15 Frosh Footballg Varsity Club: Boys' Fed. 3, Pres. 4.- MICHAEL EUGENE WENTZ CMikeJ Mike found Drama. his favorite course while at ECVHS. His other love, surf- ing, takes up most of his spare time. Mike would like to be an electrician upon graduating. Activities: Drama Club. 71 RICHARD ARLEN WESSEL Richard especially found pleasure in his favorite subject, Photography, while at ECVHS. He would like to attend Grossmont College next year. COLEEN FAYE WOJDAK Haillng from Morse High, Coleen has many interests. She enjoys going to extra-curricular activities. Her ability to get along with people has led her to the ambition to become a kinder- garten teacher. She will attend Gross- mont College and SDSC, where she will major in Education. Activities: Girls' League 1,2,3, Exec. Board 43 Nominating Conventions 1,2,3g A.F.S. 2,3,4g 'Sr. Gift Comm. DONOVAN EARLE WESTERFELD fDon3 Don favored Trig while at ECVHS, and intends to major in Math at the Air Force Academy. This athletic Brave aspires to become a successful adult. He has special talents for sports and getting into trouble. Activities: Frosh Football, Varsity Football 3,43 Frosh Wrestling: Varsity Wrestling 1,2.3,4g Asst. Coach in Frosh Foot- ball and Frosh Wrestling 3,43 Varsity Club 1,2,3, Pres. 4: Roman Braves 1, Treas. 2: Nominating Conventions 2, 3,43 Baseball 4: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament 1.2: ASB Asst. 4. DONNA MAE WOLFE Chemistry and French tied for tops among Donna's classes at ECVHS. She enjoys reading or sewing while relax- ing. Her ambition to become a suc- cessful secretary will receive aid next year at Grossmont College, where she will major in Business Administration. Activities: Class Council 2, Frosh Class Rep. at Largeg Girls' League 1,2,3,43 Nominating Conventions 1,2, 3: LEGEND Staff 3, Business Mgr. 4: Sr. Prom Comm.g G.R.A. 1,2: Arch- bearer 3. BRUNO ZARDINI CCzarJ Bruno has been a serious student of surfing, dancing, model airplanes, and Electronics. He will attend SDSC and work toward a master's degree in Aerospace Electronics. As would all of us, he would very, much enjoy a chance to travel around the world. Activities: Senate: Class Council 1,2. ROBERT CLAUDE WESTON 6RobbyJ Nearly everything Robby enjoys doing involves cars. Auto Shop was his favorite subject. Working on gasoline engines and reading automotive mag- azines occupy his spare time. And not at all surprising is his ambition to become an automotive line mechanic. Activities: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball. JANET MARIE WOMACK Uani Among her many interests, Jan rates going to the beach as her favorite. After graduation she plans to attend Grossmont College to further her edu- cation. Activities: Marching Band 1, 2,3: Band Staff 33 Nominating Con- ventions 1,2,3. KENNETH EUGENE WIKOREN fKennyJ Kenny's ambition is to become a pilc after graduation. Hunting rates as hz favorite hobby. Activities: Wrestlin 33 Football 2,3. JANEI' LA VERNE WOOTERS 6JanJ The admirable ambition to help som one else belongs to this blue-eye blonde Senior. Jan enjoyed both h Band and Chemistry classes. She wi attend Redlands University to stud Medicine. Activities: Concert Band 23,43 Class Council 1,2,3,4: Marchin Band 1,2,3,4g Drum Major 4: Ban Sec. 4: ASB Asst. 4: Orchestra 2,3,4 Drama Club 3: Senate 2: Nominav ing Conventions 1,2,3: Sr. Publicit Comm. Chairman. JANET ANN ZELLER Janet, one of our quieter students, spends much time reading and listen- ing to the radio. Favoring her experi- ence in Secretarial Office Practice, Janet plans to become a secretary' after graduation. She also enjoyed Specialties. Activities: Bravettes 3,4: Girls' League 4. DIXIE MARLENE WILLIAMS CDixiecupJ Having fun and having no worries occupy Dixie's spare time. Her hob- bies include horseback riding and being mischievous. At school, English was her favorite subject, and she may continue in this area at Grossmont College. Activities: Frosh Class Rep. at Large3 Soph Class Treas.3 ASB Commissioner of Cultural Affairs 33 Sr. Class Sec.: Frosh-Soph Speech Tournament: G.R.A. 43 Y-Teens 1,2,33 ASB Asst. 43 Nominating Conventions 1,2,3,4. JOHN DOUGLAS WILSON 11.1 John feels that his crystal-clear blue eyes help him with his special talent of attracting women. Trig, Chemistry, and Biology have been his favorite classes in high school, and he hopes to continue in these same areas at SDSC. Activities: CSF 3,41 Scholastic Olympics 3,43 Class Council 13 Mege- beceps 33 Wrestling 1. BRUCE ARTHUR WRAY An amazing tan which constantly peels off is characteristic of this Sen- ior, who is forever searching for a good, uncrowded, nearby surf spot. Bruce enjoys anything out-of-doors. Although he hopes to retire at 35, he will attend a U.C. campus or SDSC to study Engineering. He enjoyed Mr. Hilton's Trig class during his high school career. Activities: Football 1, 2,3,43 Varsity Club 3, Sec. 43 Sr. Gift Comm. Chairman3 Nominating Con- ventions 1,33 Boys' Fed. 3,43 Usher 3. JOHN CHARLES ZURBRUGG John has transferred to us after at- tending El Capitan, San Marcos in San Jose, and Camuel Ayer in Santa Bar- bara. Art has been John's favorite subject. He will attend a junior col- lege after his June graduation. SHARON LEE YORK Sharon is one of those rare three-year graduates. She plans to continue her studies at SDSC and become a high school history teacher. While at ECV HS, Sharon's favorite class was Civics. PATRLCIAKAX WILSON 6PattyJ-W' Patty's goal is to become a dental assistant after graduating from Gross- mont College, where she plans to major in Dental Hygiene. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and listening to records. She is especially adept at baton twirling and tumbling. English was her favorite class. Activ- ities: Bravettes 3,43 Health Careers Club 23 Girls' League 4. SANDRA SUE WITCRAFT fSandiJ Going to art shows and plays are Sandi's favorite pastimes. Speech is the class she has enjoyed most at ECVHS. To major in Psychology will be her goal at Grossmont College. Ac- tivities: Sr. Privilege Comm.3 Drama Club: Concert' Choir 1,2. JOSEPH BERNARD YOUNGWIRTH Uoel A transfer from Hawaii, Joe especial- ly enjoys surfing and working on cars. His favorite class was Crafts, Upon graduation, Joe will enroll at Grossmont College. Activities: Foot- ball. CONNIE LYNN YOUNT iButtonsJ Connie, whose pretty blue eyes dis- tinguish her, is a student headed for a major in Psychology at Gross- mont College and SDSC. She has a special talent at sewing and hair styling. Besides writing poetry, Con- nie enjoys dating, dancing, and going to the beach. Her favorite subject was Civics. Activities: Library Asst. 1.2: Girls' League 1. ALSO GRADUATING SALVADORE J. ACEBEDO CHESTER ARTHUR ALLEN ROBERT A. BAUMGARTNER ANTHONY C. CHIARAMONTE THOMAS MICHEL CURL ROBERT LEE DENT RICHARD WARREN DINGLE HERBERT F. FITZGERALD CAROL ANN FYLES ROGER WILLIAM HERMANN JAMES MICHAEL HODINA JOYCE ANNE HOWARD KAREN DEANNE PASSAFUME GEOFFREY PORTLAND HAROLD ROY RICE 73 VK ifiifj Gjswb ,QQ5 P fig J gQbXQQQi,g:fHxv. 'FFJXGJ Cy, , 4. mrzism 1' ,iv Q- ff-:1s1s54s?kfmn use.s1giA,1m,sqa:szQkii g'f,-- wmgsszzz 11 21:41,,g:.-Lvzim-we ,., Egg W 1-.,,,u QQ f'if"""-Q... 1 -Q 3"'r'f x Ji. 1 W-.A Cf! I . r N .,,,., N k 5 I PRESIDENT: Harry Gullet VICE PRESIDENT: Pat Hunt class 017 'es Changing a chaotic group of "little ughs" into an organized body is always a problem. However, the Class of 1969 promised themselves a headstart on planned activities by electing their officers in pace -breaking time . Using each opportunity to their advantage, the Frosh settled down to a year of unprecedented achievements. SECRETARY: Marcia W alll TREA SURER: He ather Penm an ADVISOR: Mr. Eastlick ADVISOR: Mr. Williams i. . . X ll af ' X :E 2 iw is x Mike Agundes Mary Alvarez Tim Andreason Bri an Applegate ag, -rf X , . Q a it x g.. ' "' it B, ,f .2 Q p . . 4 ! I Q .5 I O! as 43 ,X . 1 ,fs 0 f H 'AVP wi llf .L rf W' ., . -"- : of - 3 .r 'K a ' ee, g ff! as Terry Bounds Mark Bowling Tony Brady Patti Brady Victoria Bramble jewl Briggs Stan Alvarez Belinda Alvord Barbara Amado Vicki Anderson Debby Armstrong Karen Arnett Jackalyn Barnett Kathi Barney Don Barr Kevin Barrett Terry Barrett Terry Barrett Steven Batson Thomas Bayly Daralee Bearden Landis Bender .I1-Ldu3srg.n1m Cindy Bernard Gary Bei: Bill Bevis Eric Birdsall Patricia Blocker Mark Blowers Roger Bohac Susan Birdsall Doug Bishop Ronald Bistodeau Dan Brimm, Rick Britza, Joyce Brock, Charles Brown, Charles R. Brown, Rick Brown, Sherry Brown Steve Brown, Ruth Buell, Sam Burns, Tim Burris, John Butler, Cindy Byers, Chris Cabral ,.-, . f:-- f rv- f . .B , , i r ' 31421 A H ,,,, , I.. , J I . 4 . . r ' Q 3' f ,I YT Wayne Barwick Zenia Basey Jerry Benham John Gerggreen Bob Billings Teri Bingham li' . -s 524 ici . i df. '51 45 J rii Q be .9 . 5513! ..,:. ' 5' " , , if l 3' Y N 'K ' QV: i ' . ":' ff . 1' an-ff f ..a ' , ffli H V I ' J i si, 15, ,.,. " . , J, M 11212 L . f -' ,xl f ' do , jew v , Maeve, :f -m e e ., :og . e WEE w KTM fb? - .- Ay' ,::,r:g.,-1:-fwig 55555: fe 'gg ' V 'ffffffff ff A :.::p., 35 A,t1f ga5f',: ,.e -.gs V- ae Ba Q. .,..., 2 3 is .Q as V as 14 4 3 Q r.. anis? ,: ' , '1 .. A ... we ,greg . A ef- www. to ,ll-fL ,J iii iFi?5i,,, . ' fe 31 -do 12 f V New me -- , . oqflszfiefvfo' A 7 ifwia 296' gfmo , 5, ,-,, .if ,f.. . M- V55 Q Q 5 s - ,gwiefeiilvzse S gl' 'W'-ff , m M ,i rffrn, xfxgpx eil , wiime WHQX Q JL' ' lgeiifeiliffk V Q e 'mggggm 30 sis' H axles! x, wb x 'K Daniel Corder ww ig: .ai ., .z3,,,i, , -,gA . A K , A V Randy Caldvvell, Cinny Campbell, A , i n xgif f' .. Phil Cannariato jim Carlson Rich- -? N ard Carlson, Carrol janean, Charlene S :., M CSIPGP' V ' ii Tm H 13:45, tl iggi , ll Y Sw' ff Steve Carver, Darlene Castle, Bob Castle, Tom Chaves, joe Chiarmon- te, Carol Choate, Steve Cleveland. L. , VVAV , V jim Correll ,. A ,.,' L z, gg Felecia W 6 ll " - ' Susan Coneen Cottrell ski: i V W A J I ug Randy Cooper Betty Cresswell gt 5 1' 1'-yy ee- ,,,,. Naggveling Q , A f ,Q gy y V Robin -'f ix at i 'Lf la' Cllmmings A l - ay y K Culver Bolugiggjfglm is , . N- " ' - C413 K S F - ' if 1 A ' C - George 1 .X Qfsfil Q -xo ssssf 4, 'af f . S. ummmgs Davidson it o C 3:28 Don Dietrich lf iff-fy ,-H' ' E V , ' 'I ,A , C y Eben DaVinci A f ' ga. Q f A , George Davis "' 2 45 ,,.' 7 7. .k Jana Davis ' , if 's f, 'Zum ' I 9' i 2 Dianne Deborbe Tom DeHart Terri Deeds Mike DeLeeuw ' X e K R . X 1 f r my 4 I a illlllll ' + 'We' Kathy DeLong Bob DeWalt ,1L. E eaa ' Gilbert Di az x :,. i Donna Dillingham W? ' Wm M as Z4 slam Qijm y ,' h oAi y QQ Y' Joyce Dinios , lfflff 5 C f A . , Debbie Dinkins A i:' ' l Ralph Dixon lilii e Sandra DOminSue2 i,, 3 lli 2.1 A out Tony Dominguez 78 Bill Donoho Robert Doty Linda Douglas Steve Dowait Robert Doyle Musee, P aul Draper Dave DuBois - - , 5:1-V23 'V' ,ww mmm WMM www., T357 ' tiki? F 2 David Dunean, Margi Du - Planti, Susan Edwards, Steve Eggleston, Marieetta English, Lynn Epperson, Glenna Euband. Donna Evans, David Ewert, Peter Faber, David Fair- banks, Pat Farnham, Laura Feathers, Roy Feathers. sv-aw PV kk, swf ,- -- ' 'Pit ""' taffiu, -. 'V if Q ' I. Q :gf lt-r 3 1 fkiff f 2114 . 4 P ' ffl ,. . A 4 'H ' - -' fry? 1 5 I . Ai rr F Y Q m y V, N .,.,.: H y F -- ':::" 'HF r . ' K ' '--' . F K ,,A. N .QQ Q , .., , 9, 3 A 2:5 in Q M 5 M wwf- 'V E' v R 4 flfffl' ' R 5' 5 4 M' , . - , , ,,. ": ' V' r ' fi is S " :Q'f K' gi . "' V . . rg N " ' ' ' t ' g ,. W' F, . . ' ' '- :aw i g F ., 3, V H -.., , ,I ,A 5 in ' Q B ,,,, ,.- V Sally Ferris, jim , 3 ' Finilli, Steve W F' V L , ' fi' I F' i I '7 Fisher, Roseanne 3 f Q - F- F 4 . Z -iyr Q Qf4,, ,' i me Fisk, Sharon Fle- F 1 if 1 " ., sal, Linda Ford, A l sss, PhY11iS FOPYOF, 5' F X- A' Mike Foster. 4 I 2 1 F2"':f ' A v Q MV .A 1 av- s s Wg. sg as xk X eff I' U' if Robert Gaines -V . Margie . - Susan - Franklin - Galway Mike Gasparian r :QNX Y A - T 3- 2-9' 1 ' 'iv fi Mickey Tom Gay Lf ., David George G91-1-ig Bill Geddes an :ef r Q Q3 Carol Gill Greg Gossett ' , , Janie George Janice Gossett F. f , Lydia Geraldo ::, I mi Debi Graham Robert Grant john Grisafi Harry Gullett Howard Hall Tim Hallinan Herbert Hamilton james Hargett Carol Harmon Donnia Harris Steve Harrison David Hartman Donna Harvey Crystal Hascall Terri Hastie Steve Gilb NX e., , . I 'lf 5, , ,, P A we S I 5 Q - is 'rf rfaikrf F z.-L is A we A W, ai? ' 1 - ,. f 5 J' f I . ssi 51,3 iils' . f ix 'in At 3, 5 .W , if Q , A, .. .P W fa- 10" 31, Y x A 'Q E grfkffi N LoyDene Hatch, Marjon Hauft, Guy Hawkins, john Head, Bruce Heksen, Clyde Henderson, Wayne Hennessy, Dan Hennessey. f W t f ' ring f g , Lois Henry Steve Henry Keith Hensley Craig I-lenton Frank Hilton Barbara Hi meb augh Keith Hinrichsen Duane Hobbs S 1' We L81 ,iq 49? I , ::. , WH V52 ' ' "' - 4 ' V. .A ,A -1 ., X, ,P I jf I fifliff L 2-- lsrf H. ,Xi X ,XX-Xii hrge -4 3 M , I 55 K-u 1 gl 4 s . .emma Mi." . : XX-'ea ' ' "iii: ':. gr W X A f :.,: 2, X Y X if .fer-.MJ an .ar r a 1 5 T af tl ,Wa 5 Y f ,Xa was --, ,r fs 9' wi .W YI . .. - ...., X 1 - 55' as 9, r XX 'HJ Xffjx r 4 f S :., ' ,v XXV XX ,939 41 X fe l e a ,. QQ x gv 4 if 0 N '39 Q 1. f, 1 ! WW 3' mr, -2ffA:X aww, -an 1ga?zr,?7iBgZ41f gm: H fre W. 1 wal X-in, V ,X Q X fi' ' Xeee A . B Jill Jones, Lorene Jones, I an A W William Jones, Lonnie - :Lf jy g Kane, Jeanette Katz, San- X 5 ,,,,,,,,, dra Kayler, Susan Kayler. H I as Pat Kearney, Gale Keefer, Chris Kent, Ross Kerns, Brenda Kessler, Linda Kessler, Richard Kirch- aine, Dave Klein. NP" K vx-xii , A f3ffi:g'2iQ,"X ' " ' A X ni f K' 4. ' fi-'i:Z3::'f 9 uf WJ, 1 :mr-X,,,,,V,, XX, E Q r Al? qw X X 'ni r L " at is X155 ..-"f..af,gf::g ,za 4 Linda Herman Ernie I-Ierwehe Shirley Hill S 9 -H 'ff if 2 Ha. . -xii" r SS, 3522825 ' 5+ fi sigisgs 1' ,N J, X " 4 s Free N a. 4 Ev 'L ss ov- fb vf is ' 4 '55 lg-Sf s J ff 35 3' A' f W" , in ' ,s A . . .. ig? W - ,, - ' 3' -f .,,... ' 3 efLesfm rf,,f . QSNSMNA 555551 Q ar. 1 gk- '5i51fsi1E, -- 1 5 s i . ee s s 3 X 5 s Egan, . .. 35 N1 'et s 'M ra 'W 8 a.. X 3 ' a s Roberta Hunt Charles Hyatt Brad Ihde Robert Jamison Joel Jeffcoat Gary Jenner Sherry Jennings David Jeter Debbie Johnson Judy Johnson Stephen Johnson Gail Jollie ., Swifviiiw ,howl gf - '. -V i v , ,Xsw-X gg EM-'Lrg -:-, Q ., g - 1 X gi X' iq 11 Snail A 3 ,. v - 5' , 1 ,, J hai .J 1 Xu .. ,Q QW . . XS, .X.., , 1 J . ik Joan Hodges John Hoffman 1 Pam Holenda Jean Holland, Mirna Holland, Bill Holland, Scott I-Ioman, Judy Horn, Bob Horton, Mari- lyn Houston. Bob Houx, Mike Howard, Rog er Howard, Debra I-Ioxsey, John Hughes, Steve Hum, Pat- rick Hunt. J' ,. .J -fs J - M-fm .. X J be - . -i ' L' '-- is f at i 9322353 Q- X, file ir. ., ' ' sf" I 1 fr- .. V- V ERSE, . -1' ilifer f - .. - Eng 'A ::5se:s,:a:es.-'i: 1- ' i:4!Jf5E"'- . fi rE:.,,,,:,,:.',' ..X, on X-" ' as-fra, , ' f X K 15555-' 'ziiii' IN -fi. f K ,J yn, If ,, V I 6' 3 e 1 A My E 5 57, , M .. W un V . ' Q M MM- i,.1, 155 Q, we . , , ,. 'I ' 'iff if? i ,lawn ., E 5 1 f if 9 A, t 5 4, ll- a ang? am Q W ?' - 4 ' - i n -W .1 - . ,f -512' ' . T it K i f if I ,Y "': y of reg, 5 rf rr ir 9 ,ia Q W1 'X A 5, . "" . if ,ay ,I i "' ' " ' - f :' f , mL.- , -Hr . atis 1-"' Carolyn Martinez, Tim Master field, Lewis Mayfield, Pam McAtee. john MCCreedy, Ann McCull- ough, Robert McDonough, Larry McCauley, Brock Mc- ' Roberts, Elizabeth Meadows. Tom Means, Terry Mendenhall, Mark Mer- ritt, Carol Meyering, janet Michalewski, Ken Miles, Gail Miller, Le- Roy Milikan. Ron Mills, Linda Mills- paugh, David Mont- gomery, Rita Montgom- ery, Everett Moore, Floyd Morris, Bill Mor- rison, Steve Morse. ,,.. V- - 'P , J, ,, son, Lorna Matzen, Harry May- Cynthia Klinger Kathy Koppel Robert Koske Tim Kramer Masae Kubota Greg Kunkel Pat Kwaitt Connie LaChappa Robert Laughery james Lawson Martha Leaird Patrice Lehr David Lockard Marianne Long Isabel Lopez Robin Low Orval Magee Trudy Mallette joann Manire Rob erta Kr auss Don Krouse Mike Langley Ray Larson Dennis Lepper Alan Linn Lynda Ludtke Phyllis Lynn Bruce Marlin Cynthia Marquis 'G aaawt .-5 .. .,., ig , , if if he ag 5, K: 'Qi 2 ' ,QA 42 . , ' V. f'-' i' 'ff ' K? if J, ,,,, K ET , L ? v 53.21 Mb, Q 555 ,Ze A J 3x J 6 A if bi f I if 1 ia Q f 2 4' t -'fzf 2 2 Y, if am 'Hn ig, H af' 1 P dr aff. W ls . ,-:' JI ' H+ I 1, '4 25 ,S . 2 'fl 5 sw , . ,S ' i 'ew 5, va- , L IQ! ' ,sf ., 4, 5 fa: , I5 ,t1, 1 K L' x G' .1 1' Y Q. , ' ,: ' we ,ff ,ff - f :mai t Ed A .nf H 1 Q fl .1 3 Q A 1 r I Christi Mortensen, Olla Mose, Kevin Murphy, Tim Murphy, Charles Murray, Joyce Mylerberg, Patricia Neal, Richard Nelson. Gary Nesmith, Don Nich- ols, Mark Nichols, Sharon Nichols, Rodney Nichols, Raymond Noyes, Marion Nutter, Carla Oakley. ,.-,, 1? s.g3.,. .L , - Vw A 7 .,' Q -L . - , g fsigsxim .. M ' 1 ,iaffsw H 1 5 fx p ,gi -are H is Z I I s Y, 5 fi as 'Mx X f SK sf ef 'Sm Sw J 233. QQ , 2 Pat , sian, J .. . . ' M .. sf ig, ,tx . 1 P 'bk sk -val Q F4 an N- .9 , an w N A s sr X , M . t, ,. - '. , -1 . 3,3 H mfggjr' ' Q, K K. K -ff P ff we w gig .. Q 4 ,gt 1 ff' ,fifasrifi - f - ' I i 'f' 5 :si1ggs1'p,,l', .. ' . , ' fl . " ' , " , - W 3 4' ix f kv-rf C7 Qi, t' 5 f ff Q . rf' M '- jackie Pri dell Angi Provenzano janet Provost Roxanne Purtee ,Wow X ,, ..,, if 1 ri rr, 4 ' :If I l fm +I' f' Zia is - A 'F O'Dell I ,. L, :ff -- 1-wffsi .ii .. , wes t- . ., M, r ,Q 4 ess- W r W fm -. .,1s-,g,2f5,,-:- -- - fx, ,Q rg 4.1-W . , ,, 1 .i -..- ,gg s Q. r. rw Q sf- if 4 at 2 . . . -nf L S 1' 1 9 rv . rm Q ,J , W , A g pg M " 1' r if Sm 5 we , Esther O Donald Kenneth Owens Bob Ordway Chris Pagan Kathleen Osborne .- : M , f r sm- , if -if - ,W .ww-r 1 V- A - tjzks. ,fi rw ' W PM swi , is 1 gcisjix, , K , Ps S1 'Q Eleanor Parker , . Q ., Dianne Parkham Sandra Pate v Yvonne Parrish Robert Patterson A-asf f " 1 David Partain 5 f if P , , O, it David Paul Steve Pedrourena Heather Penman Lester Peters Judie Peterson Margie Petrosino jim Pippins Chester Pohle Robert Porter Richard Perkins Brian Perry Bruce Perry Rhonda Petty Bill Petty Charmaine Phipps joe Potoky Terry P ow ers X, i E l 1 Q Errata . jim Preston rn Wav 7 4 ,y v , Gary Rachac Tim Radmall Vicki Rains , , xgi. Suzanne Ralph Abe Real Linda Reid Robyn Reid Tom Reid 43- 7 wi is Ll Emp saga 3-M, 'W frail ZW A 95 5 Y JS get Q y Q rs, 2 ..s-:M .1 . ay at , . lb 6, ,H , . ea' xi Bob Renfro Randy Reth Vaughn Robinson David Rodriguez R . me i ,i x 3, Larry Smith, Margie Smith, Paul Smith, Ste- phen Smith, Mike Smock, David Snyder. Leonard Solomon, Bob Soto, Richard Sparks Jessie Spraque, Laura Staley, Karen Stanley. jane Ribicic Carol Rice Mike Richards Phyllis Roberts Margaret Rogers Gayle Rosmann Steve Rosson Larry Roth Debbie Rymer Greg Sanborn Donald Sanders john Sanders Vickie Sattler Mary Ann Sceniak Lynne Schaeffer Debbi Schubert Arnie Shackleford Richard Shaffer Rusty Shaffer Mike Shafnisky Albert Shoquist Garry Shrum Raymon Simard Debbee Simmons Pattie Sloan Clifford Smart Carolyn Smith Joyce Smith ' 'R w- jg. ig: iz- SAS? si ,l 2, ., 1,3 l .. N if ,r ? l .. is ,JIS 2 'L . 4 bfi F B 'ue t,'- ' H .- "r t . .,.k .. ' 55122 fail . K Kathie Sanders ST. g Mary Sandvig R L if - P atri ci a Scott Steve Seyler Chris Shaw Rex Shook L riff Linda Sinclair Randi! Sinock L Sln M- :QE ,.,Q L af 5 1,1 i s . W aa a f " 2 it ish L M 1.8, 1 ' 5 Ti .,,. M 41. . W A if fi! N I uf ,K A.,.. ,. . - - ., - - 9 Llnda Stafkelh Rlckey' SWVEHSO11, David Stewart , Michelle Stewart, X ' z ' ' ""' ' ' - A 5 " Robert Stinton, Sherill Stropes, sr. mama if K ' r - i tttt . ,. Annette Stubbs, Jlm Stu-fm: B011 .. Plea Dave T9mP1et0n, D011 Thomas' J -K 5 Bob ThOmPSOn , ee M T '..-, " ze ' -i z ' Lola Th0mPS0H M - -. 1 . , f - ,l - ' f Jerri lhomas Malcom S?L2l?12EY f if . lHs2!el'?'ef52 ii 1'. Q S- ' ikfniiiisi - 'fin is -- 4ea?2?1S fy f U . 5. r x ? 1wi'3?23?Yf? 1-W B-H Thom Son - 1 p ' I . Thompson B1 Thompson - .- -' Janlce Tlnkey we ' I M- S W I-eonafd -. ' Tomlinson 3 1 r 3- y -'t', Virgrma Tom Tfmkyw - M Tochuop Tim Tfmkwo 2' as, ,S .fgfim I :W :g gi elle Q: f it Kathy Kathy M Tomberun Touchstone llll -1 - . ,- t J 'W Paulett , if as . ,V - ','e ,ff f Tschumperlm fffssrfffflll 1' A ffle il m t 2 7 Charles Turner y y Lyle Turley M5 4- ,. -if R1Ch21'd Tuttle A VZE. . , , ,tlt an A V rf p w g -g i g if . Q -. S , , - 1 VC1'1'lO1'l Tweedle 1 '- . , --- - I M 'd ch " " - W DHV1 TY Sen 1 W -'t" 1 eyee' - 1 " A - ' R1Ch9Id UUGYY , I ,. k,V, I P 4 4 Wayne L .. ','. Hx V K ref T , ,3 L ' 3 Ya, V 'ig 1 7 i z- - eyy A Ron Vandeweghe 'A " L t -- Tom V211 HO1Sf J we 3 Olivia Verdugo W V . ELL ,-i, Q iiii ' ' ' ' ' . I '5 l - W - q Llnda Vernor t '- v as H- , V't l it "" ' 'te't V ef- ew .-W' 1-1' -: .z .. we gszfgsgs--fs Z 3 2 I O 1 51 E ' 3 086 Song " Mark Waggener , ., Tim Wagner r - ' W if Q A ,.,, L , A ,,.., . -- 'Qifif-K L.: F Zfiifff ' - 1 ' ' ,If --- 'f-f n . A A . tl.t, .. . ...,. - ....,.. all , W :Rei . - eq..-i - we a ny an--11 ses yfwf? -Is' :fzi . . -few 'L '-a , ws- .. f - - V- gm : A- are ,, .'::'f-- f E232 f:!1::E2s.:sEi : - J: . t .1 sry -fff V iz' S Q wif "fs: -.wi nga mei: f W ,,.. . it-'2 "--fir' ,-gsw 'x ifzfff 'fl Z2-im ..:E 1. ':":"': 'ff E3 gig. -z -1-, lifzazf Seagate -V rim -4 -' 1 .f . ' ' ' -K TA ve .. QW i i . ,K f . V -W we .f:Z::!::-?::'::,fB' ,- ' J '24 191 eg, -f H.: 3 a" rw f, 5 -H. -..-f' uf" -aw ifw'ifw:5x.Q f 1 Marcia Wahl Maureen Walerius Edward Walker james Walker joel Walker Sam Walker Vickie Wall at if at il s r Q 3 A- 4 , fs . f 'B Vince Waller Mike Walter Ron Watson Becky Weaver Steve Weis Bobby Welch Richard Wells Jerome Welsh 'll E 'ii EYIY1 I I If WYE! II' ,-'. Kathleen Wodery Collin Wr ay Ellie Wray , , Dennis Will Chris Willett Dave Williams Chris Wilson Alfred Wiltfong Nancy Wine Richard Winters Mike Wojdak Larry Wolfe Bob Wood Chris Woods Nancy Woods Peter Yanciw I Gloria Zelle 1' , ' A 'gi Otto Werner Robert Wessel Thomas Whalen Bob Wheelington janet Whelply Suzanne Widick 4? if V 9 4 ' '-i-yigjfa al, K 'lid ww . :Er,. an Q 'X l it - : 'aww Q 'I ,Q PRESIDENT: Mari Oakman Q ' ' 3, ,iffy 'ii -gag ,. , L I ms 01, es Overcoming all obstacles, the Sophomore class challenged this year's money raising activities with new vitality. The pop bottle drive was the initial trial of the spirit of '68. Success followed success as they moved on to new scholastic and financial "hunting grounds." The class of 1968 made extensive social and curricular plans and has seen them 5 E L through with exemplary enthusiasm . . gi ..p..1j:a K 3 - 7 '-, sw ' 1,1329 K K 1"f'-Q.. ' ' W LS: -- tg ww frsiesifii:-.' 'gif' - i t f' Y' 25? -A VNQIXH. .::zz:sect.:t.zt'st.ux.:s'fet -' . fu!! i XISEQES 1 f' xi'-iw--S1-1-i5'1'-'ffl-1M i Chris Robertson SECRETARY: Linda Ro ach TREASURER: Cheri Stamm en ADVISOR: Mrs. Logan sharon Abbson i Colin Ackroyd - - k w ., 1 fri, Kathy Anderson Fernando Arriola 'H r ' J I 5 5, mVAL. V 1 i j A is nnn C ' gif .' Q A 4. , N f K gif' 1.125 Deborah Breeze, Steve Briscoe, Mary Brown, Steve Brown, Barbara Broyles, Charles Broz, Randy Buck- ITISSSCI' Chuck Cannon, Bill Carlson, Paul Carlton, Bonnie Casteel, LaVern Castle, Dave Cassity, Kathy Cavender Mike Acosta Stan Adams Kendall Albright Barbara Alteg Gene Atkisson Lawrence Baca Margaret Baker Scott Baker Guadalupe Barajas Phyllis Barker Sandie Barnard Cathy Barnwell fjrit U X 52' K .1 Nga 56" X ww S Linda Bates Marvin Bauer Leroy Bearden, x iffy Gerald Bender Bryan Berglund Cathy Berlin Kathy Berling Carolyn Bird Mike Bisson Beverly Bogan Susan Boger Gary Boylan Kathy Blankenshig Bob Blowers John Brackney if . 4' Vu fbi z ji i iii, am. 2 R, Jim Barron Sharon Barthelmess Janet Bell Sue Bellows Karen Bernard Roy Betl Jimmy Bolda Susan Boyett 5 ii. ,ff M." ll , L L 19 14? WE , . fy 21355 at 2 ff B 4? H. I il 'Q 8 7 1 in .r 4 4 u 'N 1 wt if if t .l eilfrl Hi n . .4 Q : f r. 5 952' r Q QE ' , f Q Isa Af W e ..:f"f , 15" I ' lf? 5 N r 'Y' xii fl . 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Mary Dourte M 'W' A , 4 me . f 4 Steve Dowers Anna Drotleff Anthony Duchlos Sandy Duffy i'arrY Dykes ennifer Gary DYE Edwards Lawrence Dyer .1 W M' 3 is Vivian Edwards, David Ellis, Denny Embleton, Rene Erreca, janet Ertman, Lorraine Evans, Chris Faber, Alberta F ahnestock Nancy Ferebee, Janis Ferree, Ardis Flenniken, Sam Floyd, Gayle Ford, Sharon Foreman, Wilma Foster, Ienet Foures " Q S 2413 3-1 5- 5 ' .- FF " ' . :-'nf 'F ?:. f F L : wi F- . -,--. QF .:-1F - - .4 A .FA 1 ,LF .H fav F431 f ij? J '!-' ' - ffjffl Q in x 'QI' 73 li' H 3 FF I ,FJ , kay V -- e F . F F rree A FF F 3 M F F' F -F M ,,, . eg, ,M In S' 3 Lofll-SF, M K k..-- AFV, - L "' F ,,,l W it 'ir' F ' - as Qssli L 2: -- P Q " "" ' be - - ,.., F W- aFr1wF1 F : F sg 7 F F 'I 7 ' F ..,- n f -as rf ' F I F--FF F F-:F '. rrre i F FFF 3 i' E ' a .F .H-' J if 5 S is F ' t f' W A 5 ra,FF ' F . " ' 53 " ' K " " "ia f ' ' - L' FFF, 5FF. 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Pam Riley Johnny Rios Maria Rios Linda Roach Linda Roessler Harold Rohn Dennis Rolling Dwane Romaine Karen Rosenthal Karen Rosmann Rick Roth Gloria Rgis Martin Rymer Rim Rymer Alfred Samples Edra Sanders Diane Saul Scott Savage Babs Sayer Linda Schicht V is wily: X F Y 4 GW Yvonne Ruiz Mark Russell Ronnie Santos George Sanudo Gay Lee Schmidtke Keith Sears Q " X' Q .4 I W 6' i ...:, 5, '15 'H Phil Smith, Raymond Smith, Dennis Smithio, Frank Sollars, Diane Sor- enson, Tim Sperry, Mari Spirkoff Mike Sponslev, Bruce Sprague, Barbara Spratley, Chuck Staff, Cheri Stammen, Sue Stanley, Theresa Starkey Charles Seclmer ,Y Q Linda Seiber Joe Sexton - , Ken Serapia Eddi Shaplin , Janice Seward Y Q, Jr 'V " H my A Marla Shelton 1 " 3 Aman Smith it Q 'QV , X 9 Bruce Smith Q, ,YVA V ' -'T V ' V Z4 ,V f Mike smith . , ' 'T ,iff -- D '-, , C V ' A ,f ,QL I" i I - ' , ' 6 ' - AV lvvak john Steffler, Wyn Stevens, Linda Stieben, Sue Stocker, Mike Stone, Kaye Stout, Jinny Stover, David Stratton Michael Sullivan, Carol Suinmensgill, john Summers jim Supinger, Bill Sutton, Torn Swift, Cecila Tam- blyn, Betty Taylor ii: 2:1 4 is t, flied, Te eh 2 sfzie 'ae if Q 92353 4' Q an ss, as I : w Wg3,f,L, E-3.1 ig, . 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'Ea A ', eQ"?2 '::fEf:' ' 1:2 " 5 " - ',t fe , 5 " Matthew W0Jdek " s Randy WO0d .f f , eeeeeeq-51,1 ze, :" , ew . .. I 'e'-- , , ,se ef ' . A et eeee : Juhe- Yates K f mai: H - i 'lf .qs',.25i'35 r V-,f if I'.v:, K E. f - s 5--gg 94 , .. .. 2 ig . V. .s-ep' 2. iff? ' SEL. . es? . 2, , ,- -' 'f ,+ H 155 -mais V .wi ' If -' wk "5"V:,.:- . . ,.2 ' . - ' w-aff? We wer.. . we , ii., . 54. . The class of 1967 can boast of being the largest class in the school. The en- thusiasm of these awakened juniors has been expressed in such activities as car washes and bake sales. It appears we will have a most prosperous senior class next year. '67 PRESIDENT: john Wray VICE PRESIDENT: Reiko Kubota V ADVISOR: MI' . Sm ith l 'AT 9 SECRETARY: Candie Ryll ADVISOR: TREASURER: Mr. LeTourneau Pat Speckman 95 55,5555 Sf: as it Y-ga 14 sz, 2 Q. , , fx-fr A Z .ff Qs. ,M QL ,, He. as A -2 f :--'-ff. :. Q E8 Q W- K, 5 :sa--ser S., V .ir r. ,wr--1 isa, Q 1 . MM, ,. sfkiggf 'Q rf K Q. ' U29 A , S 17 , ffm. Vie? 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Carl Sanudo , Rita Schak Trudy Scheeler ' audia Schlegel Cleo c mi A Robert Schuler X, John Scire' Raj ' K i 'f ' S andee Scott .V Bobbie Setzer , , Lyman Shackelford ,yr Priscilla Roberts, Sherilee Roberts, Terry Roberts, Keith Rocko, Tony Rodeski, Beverly Rogers, Joey Rogers Sally Rolph, Lurretta Romero, Robert Root, Vivian Roper, Bethlin Rose, Jim Rose, Ben Rosenthal ie.- ww ,, 44, Harry Sickels Dale Sievert Brenda Slade Pam Smart Carol Smith J X W, - +V , I Thomas Shea A, V J V ' 3 Roy Shenski i g, Q Q J- ' f Steve Shewmake V ' ii M, W Leslie Shoquist ,, fs f il v ,Y 2 "" l .. A , , ' I-. , K fd f -9' 5 'V J ...r, f,w,1,.-f ' fifQf"M"PTf li '- 7L f r-Q' iE3i5i?2?5 Q 3f,i, W, . rx H , L , ,M ,, 97, Crm 5 W 6, Q fr- ,Utiwfw w ' ,, iwkvfxi t any W S ,Q 1 fm L, rms? ,f S 2 ,, 'fl K H 2 4 ,, " K , 1 if 5 15 4 ,Q f fy, 'mf " M, , ,, ' 1 !f""fQi 'vr , +1- - My ' . " 1, ' v 0 ' " F5 gil- - -an H ,- I ,z 5 : ... ge, , 6, W- QS . 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Wes Young Roger Zay ' " Dan Zimmerman ii- Darlene i g Zimmerman -5,2 . 1 1 Q, R in fain t A, we X Yap, Z Verna Hamlet Julie Hodell Nancy Lane Karen McAtee John Mesa Chris Poppolardo D enny T idba ll ia I I V ' Mickey Townley Meridith Walker ,V z uq S Charles Wilson "" i 'S' R 1 f if fn- Ax' ln A 6 . .ll , uf H4 ff ,ily ' 'HP 1. -...ae xx .-Q iw 3 ' 1 aff? is S stair. , . iz- ,, 4 Qs, ' 'L I, 5 Q 1 L., :Y Q1 ' 3 kiwi?-'53 90? abseumes w ,,.. X Richard Bowen Davie Cassity Mike Collins David Copeland Alice Cota Dan Davis Bob Duncan Eric Eckholm Don Hoxter Joe Huston M If Mary Hyatt Steve Ihoe Steve Jeffries Mary Kocher Steve McKinley Patti Montour r Q "X V '...- "-1 F5 i t ag , fd wp ' Q 1 3 , . W iw are if 1 fr S ggw -nv S 'A XJ. Q 6 5 'Cf .t, if , 1 .lk 'E- M5465 f 4, .,,. I K fr Q W 53' ,H Q ' A KL 1 'J Bob Scott Cheryl Spratley Anne Sullivan Terrie Berray Maria Estes Linda Horney jo Dee Howard Debbie Ice Bob Koske Judy McCall Darrell Russ Billy Seal Maryann Iceniak Debbie jackson Herman Jeffcoat Barbara jones Kathy Murphy Suzanne Oden Susan Peters Herman Rios Roger Shastid Kathy Ward Daryl Witcraft Patti Yule ., 'W 1 Y A c fi is as as if if B' 2 J. -'A Pat Mooney Paul Murphy Elliott Pool Rocky Prior Lynne Purtee Ronnie Santas Fwslwuuv " Q- ,1 f .,,. W lx, 5 ? 1 - W ig I N W! f fQffffiF?fgy'fU Wffiff jfggygfif Mgwf Qjdgjffgfjbff Se X a 2553 22 Q '15 N 'Fd 'E if I I mm MM W MMV Vg,-Suv Nana, C SMA X Rf F ' EMU? LUFIE5 NGERI JEI WWE YUKSEL CE TUICCEWTS septmbev 10 frosh orientation 13 school opens 17 frosh initiation 17 how pow wow 24 football carnival oofobefu 1 first football game 26 big and little sister potluck 28 freshmen class elections 31 girls' league slumber party nouenbsv 6 band jamboree 13 autumn band review 15 homecoming week 19 20 homecoming game against gross mont 27 cif playoffs with pt. loma 27 long beach all western band re- view dacembsv 3 cross country cif finals 17 snowball 20 christmas vacation begins IWW 3 school reopens 15 san diego speech tournament 20 faculty talent show 29 cal western speech tournament 108 6-in-ma finals finals finals asb open house evening in paris girls' league district convention afs assembly mawlv mardi gras futurian convention determinist convention GW voting inaugural ball easter vacation starts shipwreck girls' league elections JS-. J. f r'iI .L . -- 'W gl installation gl fashion show roman banquet senior prom june legend distribution final exams final exams final exams graduation QUEEN LORIE BOLDA Every girl dreams of being lavished with attention and acclaimed as royalty. For these six girls it became a reality as they were chosen to act as princesses in the Homecoming Court. Breaking with tradition, all six reigned equally during Homecoming Week. The climax of their regal Week came Saturday, November 20, at the Grossmont League Championship game when Miss Lorie Bolda Was crowned as the 1965 Homecoming Queen. MISS JILL BELL MISS YUKSEL TEMIZIC MISS GERI ROACH Mxss SAROT V, 1,..,, MISS JEANNIE SMITH gfwjf.-5. ,, , , 1,3251 , 0,4 , , L, , W MAN ,,,, .4 ,, ,V , ,V -V ,W 'iff ..fL'fwL:rdC4a Y -' ' f :.'fz,LZ . 1 ' ,f ' . I 1 A ' "' 1 F' v ' ' f .,,, I I ,W ,.., .1,K .. u . R W .5 ,.Lvag6fx""3" 5 V .fggmvgl g .- --" ..,- .A . M' 'IWM-4 , ffffffaww- ' " ..,.. :' L, .,,,,A. , A M , 41 S it ' ' Q. : .- ra P g .S Q4 f b A .. ,1.,..I. ,Q-ff , 1 F! ' A ' - -si, - KT: v A If mn, if if Q 'I F df .J -:VL ?E s i QL 9 Y A' 2' 2 All 7 4 X' ILA- 5 K Q . X V'-ram, jx., Ukvwa 5 gui: s ' ,iz rx , f f V 1-+1 . W' -A ij- x 4 Wh ,ily ' . l- 'U A F' A Q .N nw SQ QE? L :A ff W . ,,., . .. , Q W K W -s W ., L A My ' ' , W ,A ,w :4W'7Lu,h35Ti"', ff" z""A""""?Q35i1",+n' ' .gwnwigggzfssiiw K as mf' 1 is. ". . . who's the handsomest of us all?" N ff min 7fif?ff'5?Qfiil5 :Q A n , if 3 .!"f U 'H I V . , ' Q Vg W QQ ' "incoming freshmen. . " Vi-r "past, present, and future. "Eski. . .Eski. . . mo, mo, mog Eski. . . Eski. . . go, go, go. " All the groups pictured on these pages contribute to the overall excel- lence of our Band and Specialties Corps . Preceding our Blue Ribbon Band and Specialties Corps the colorful band banner represents our school theme and spirit. These girls also carry the district flags in halftime and competition pageantry. Managing the band's social and business affairs, such as the annual Mardi Gras event, is the responsibility of the band staff. In the solemn presentation of the flag, the color guard typifies our school's patriotism. The varsity band not only performs enthusiastically at games and pep rallies, but also presents the Friday morning flag ceremony. bmbstoyy bmwbb 115 fThe new uniforms were promised but 1 V- ' f M Q K- 5 K K, K K . ' - K - 1 Q -E - ,L f Kas- K ' - ' K WK K K 1 Q K K K y K. .., K M - Q' - K ---K -yn, -r.K A 55 ,we-asv-is .K K 'V " KK , K, 'Q K KK --Q-Nw-QKEP v Zwxf ' ' V? ig? fi -if :Ks K' ,K KK K - , -' f' K -K 'w'dQN .W ' W p ' ' K- -2-""3,-K miafwqs 2 1 " ,Y'fv'k.w,.-.- ' Q ffm, 1 K K K . E - bf i -wi fi ! ,gtg-tl if ' KK K if 'Y 2 , , ,,.,,, K, K - .K - . 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I1 '::2 :. -:- '45-l5::'EE"71-54:-'::,,--. .-,-Y-: ' ' qw 2 1 KK , 'A h f f ' L 229 mf '95 5 " KKK 122531-'72 IMT?-fm' 2 K .- 57 11 K i' if I Y "' Q ff? g' --fn 513- X 1 f K- K 'K - f - K WK -5KKZKKg,LKKKK,,KK,KK,-KKK,KKKKK,,gK,,5KKg A 5 KQQEKJQK 55:5 KK Ki,-'-A S ,K , ,Q-1 - H. bs '- Q: .yt ,K iff,-.Q .gg i K X ,- f is z-4 - K, , K '- - " f f K K aura., ,K-U 7- 1 ,K W5 NK, '-1:5552 K' 12931522-5: - - 'sg , K K K K- K K 7 N PM -2 ' F '1-, KKKKKQW- ,Sggf,f-KQKQWK,gg-ge-1? K -fK,KK:7 KK- K 1 K ' is fs? Z1 - ,e ' ,-if , 1' ,P Wg 3 --Hy -K g,KK-4ffK?e:fQ-ezafifp 'KK w'?Sw2: 'Q 1- Y-lgugs' 2- K -K , Ks-K K ,H 'K X ," K 3: 'K ' , 5 .' 'ia' ,KKKK KK Qyv ffw i wiwigsx Q ,x 3155 K i f- ' fs 'fi '13, K' . A KQV' L " " MH 'STN , K ,'-,-mv,-KKKK. ,, EKWQK K K - - - ew ' -gK,:Ks-W K K K 4 , KK f X ,K-,Q fd 1 Y K K Kpgg KK- 15 1 , K ---ml-mama-Q - - K , K KKK - ff' -K 1. - 9252 '- K K ka -' f P? -ASKK -f'fE'n V- - -K 4' i , ' ff, , - i' . 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'K' , , 'j ,K V , ,pi j Q, " T - Ki 1 - ' I K -- K ' , A K K K K K - Ki, , .1 K, K K K, K K V N KK I K K Jw K K .H . K 33 , "V-' K A ' M K - K - A 2 ' 4 J K 'f' l--5 3' . if K-" ffl .5 ' A ' ' k -,K t. w' K IKK -.K E, - K - . -.QL - Nw Ugg - 1- 5 n ' f. ff Q -K K- H - -K ' f, ' f'HK ' K Kd 1 3 W -JV' K -1 K 0 . - "u gif - K V K ,- , ,K ,KZ , I KK 0: , K -W - - ' K p f K Q . Q KK - K ' - - ,X , gf fi-K K . Q - - -' H' ' ,I K D . K - K KK , .K- gm ,wr K , as e,g,K.K My . K: L -1 ' X KK K jf' 3 ' ' 5 ' " ' K ' - i 3? xg A 5 'if 4" , 5 1 L KKK, 5 K 'f , , v z 'K g ,K 'N Q ' - K K .- 2 . T I.: r 35- ' , 2 , - 1 W - ' 7 2 ,K f 1 " w. I 2- ' 0 Q 4 5 A 1 x , 1. Ha - ' , 5 ' ' wig , K K VK VK ,Q K! K, ' Y X 1 A , , :J 4 q : 4 " ' .J , , Q 1 sv' ' ,A Q , Q , -K . KK, , K . I . A A K K 1,253 1. K 4' K ful ' 1 Lhg - . UW ' . K-'Km V KK Lffii ,Wg K 2451- , - , W .V " 4 fair? wig ' ' - ,KK K -Q Q K , E 4 VM ,M Q KQV DIRECTOR- Mr. james Christie The El Cajon Braves "Blue Ribbon Marching Band", under the direction of james F. Christie, con- tinued to bring honors to ECVHS this year. Field leadership for our dis- tinguished 110-piece band is provided by twin majorettes, Eileen Penman and janet Wooters . The Braves Band added spirit to football games by putting on three half- time shows including "Dr. Thunderfinger and the Gold Gun". The com- petition year was high- lighted by the band's capture of a first place trophy at Long Beach All Western Band Review and a second place award at West Arcadia Invitational Band Review. Concluding it's competi- tion in 1965, the band retired the Sweepstakes trophy at the El Monte Band Re- view by winning it's third consecutive year. ...mf 1, .Lm, . A 55115 m',1yLA,, ,MW I Lvi ,, ,QA ,ff , 1 9 . 5 ls ig to bomb Changing from an award-Winning Marching Band a symphonic Concert Band is accomplished each year Without the slightest loss of musical quality. This year was no exception as the marching musicians transformed the vibrant strains of "Klaxon" to the melodic chords of "The Three japanese Dances". Conducted under the diligent leadership of Mr. james Christie, the Concert Band enjoyed another year of harmonious excellence, 119 YT I A he ' s , I q , 1 .. 35-lf? i ...,,, if 'ii' L 1: 5 .5 m i Q i If 3 facial N-qw She ela Savage Hand Lieutenant 5 . A W ,-.. Ch arline Ferebee Hand Lieutenant Carolyn Rustin Captain A 1 if b W H ..:z.m:' vi Fi Mgt , ii' i : is 5' 5 r.LL fl? ' li. z 'V Sh arman Massena Hand Lieutenant xxx 1 Dee Ann Moser Flag L1eutenant Conme a y Carver Rustm H111 , , , .2471 iii M, 5 , yi f .hw mv w 'Q M W.,- M fl SQ gif 2 S -4 Mr ,iw ,.A. A WW XX if ,Vl' S thls and PGP me great es, ' Through a multitude of harmonious voices comes a mood, an emotion, a pro- found tempo, the cohesive sound of melody conceived of gold strains intrinsically blended to give birth to the sound of music. Our choir knows just how difficult it is to combine all these ingredients into a polished performance. Treble -aires 0 k 01 if fu S 6 we 6 chem cast Doug MacDonald- -Dan Claudia Brown--Mrs. Bramson Candy Butler- -Olivia john johnson- - Hubert Laurey judge Kathy Roberts--Mrs. Terence Carol Osgood- -Dora Stu johnson- -Inspector Belsize nt-a eera nrr -tt "You are conceited, aren't you?" In "It's a picture of that woman, the one who Was murdered. But what is it doing in Dan's case ?" Hooting owls, hypochrondriacal old women, and psychotic killers were in vogue this fall as the El Cajon thespians shrieked and strangled their way through Emily Williams' morbid murder mystery, NIGHT MUST FALL. Gruesome death, coupled with the droll, intrinsic humor of the English playwright, set the stage for a most despondent group of players. At the opening of the story, through a classic bit of expose, the audience discovered that Dora, the maid in the Bramson home, was carrying the child of a bell-boy at the local tavern, which the highly disagreeable Mrs. Bramson very open-mindedly described as "that new place off the highway, all awnings and loudspeakers. It's always looked just a nice, ripe sort of place for mischief to me." The bell-boy, Dan, who seemed to be singularly attached to an oddly-shaped hatbox, had kept company with the victim of the recent murder, whose head was "severed in one blow." Dan was a peculiar chap, quiet, and obviously, but for unobvious reasons, extremely proud and fond of his hands. The viewers were led through and around a series of eerie and profoundly fascinating events, during which Olivia, Mrs. Bramson's niece, fell in love with Dan. As the spiral of fear gradually twisted and writhed toward a climax, the characters were forced to face the fact that the meek, sphinx-like Dan was really a compulsive and radical killer. After murdering Mrs. Bramson, Dan was removed, in a state of mindless serenity, to an institution, leaving pain, devastation, and ruin in his wake. Directed by Mr. Raymond Kniss, the play was superbly con- ducted, and the various and intensive back-stage aspects lent to the realism and sophistication of the story. it Mwzasiwa:s1m.:f.i:f f- A . . n V U. Hffgflei'5Lsf5i7:55Yl5Vb4S:'H2-l!SVE?'fM?5I5W3lE751 :Q lb Q ffl iilis, f . ' ,'f-ff... iw 2 f:Yf I ti'1if 5911121 ieiiigf 'ff- ff-v T 2 Uwwf Stage Manager- -Donna Warlick Lights - - Mike Wentz S Sound- -Dave Bingham Eydie Kemp Props - - Linda Davis Dick Bistodeau Promptor- - Lorraine La Pietra Costumes - -Cheryl Waller Program s - -Janne Cla son 1 Lf'-4 XX M 1 fm Hfakkxzif f' V , fl ,A , ' ,X s: :f'3w,ngwgq . L , g L 1 . 1 ,V ,ligj:,h?zi:ygflA WMM , .f.4r1'3,E1w , wx. , gm MEI QF W ,. ma. . .., P, , ,,,,,,p-EH, M ,,.25:m,-Ir:ti.'. " K 4 .- , 52213:-1 -if ,L . b LLL 1 ' l'i,":W1 zfifflfx V ,gig wwf,5FfE:fw'himfaslrfz' 'Q ' Amir 2, w-'f'fJ,w,:::gm::f-Z' ,Q - ..,.frHKf - H ':':kggT?,w:.myfm fziflffieg M ,QJllzrifi1',i?wJ"f?QJf'x.:,qui ' Jw: ff , q R 1 ' N QW U -N Hfiii - WM' , fewamz::,?2.1l::Gf,Pff,.g.: , ' Q Qmsrr, Wwfi 5:15353?3arm?2?W'Irpm? 1 "W J 'L'fgfpg-:':5243g'E,xi,.::1m51:f'NL' X ' ' K ,Ry3jjQL81I:,M:-,Mg-'1-1 Q' 3: I2:5?:14?1H':INH'1m' West. Ni Q f. J .gwfljfg-1..24 ' , ,4fef'fiXf' T 9 ' i "'?'f-"1:1.,, 'K ff Tsw,:'1 ' jf' Y 1 Q? . 1 1 1 T " A: X- 1 ,Q 1" N 1 M 1? 1 f-f-X ., gs' Z+",i,,4,,. 3345-m 53952 Wir Y ' ' Y ' ,vi ,iff .. . . ,... ' in r .b Q-A - '1 ' 1 Y "Y 1 Y' ' --f 1 5 fi., A M ,fa . . n, 1 'QE -f.:4'gv ' ff 1 -F-QW "L , "' 'B f f - 5, ag ' 1 K 1 J- W -g , , A 1 Sin lm .' .AQ A,,,,. 4 , . UM. as 2 5? f-2:-in A. Ng' Wings- Q ' 1 gg :x P Q J 1 1 L if! ' 'E u Y? '1., M.-V V, 'NA MM? xx Z' " 'Y V w --E AN' , N rw . ' ? 4. K, - 3-4 . Q A .V , wa :BS x I i K. P--., Q 1 " ,Q 51 ' ,' ' T S "- ff: 'Y Z i 5 5 F?-3 ,- A. ' 'Xx.g 2 I, . ,. ,Je Al ' 333245 557251 71 Alt. :S 3 4 'L ' ,fvllg gif' 'V .Ji Q, ,ff s.f11.i'1 Z" ,, . -Y-gf T5 'wi A 5 , 7-. -m. if i N Mis talk Homecoming season found Yuksel Q chosen as an honorary princess. Yuksel Was 21WaY5 TeadY W11111 3 friendly greeting. 3, E is Working hard, Yuksel took an V active part in Student Govern- 1 IT1CI'lt. Kay wwf, I EMR. A: Q m,,W, L.,,LW N ,HA C, xy Jsfsfffffglk T I: ffm igwga . up ,rw 1 .er Q an.-45, br 8: L 9 ljxy R nal R 4 r Cf , W -z.si..Er'- --1 A 2, r r 1 5 , Q41 ,EXW F M... I im Mike Schubert Paul Nobbs Vice-President President fr . K Sharman Massena Wally Hirsch Secretary Treasurer Bobbie Metzger jill Bell Comm. of Sales Comm. of Publicity Mr. Streshley Advisor, Spring Semester fr s , ms V 2':: P Mr. Gross Advisor Fall Semester Gary Dinkins Director of School Arts Joe Graham Comm. of ,Q Dee Stanley Gail Pennington Comm. of Public Relations Comm. of School Service The A. S. B. Commissioners and their assistants form a close-working group who keep ECVHS running efficiently throughout the year. Under the supervision of the advisorsg Mr. Gross, fall semester, and Mr. Streshley, spring semester, the A. S. B. fulfilled all governmental concerns on campus . The services which they performed illustrate their indispensable value to the school. A ssistants .,:S" Alf, 7 x I 4.bAM,-J k 5?iQlW"5:AmM , glib ww Mlm ' f W- .1 'ww JM. , Q. MSE", Y, af ' V 1 QW! J, QM w ., 1'-34?-' Qf5f 1 WS- fzf Y' X ' v im lf ww 'J N A 5 Q v W M any sim 1 JW K My V AM dau , Y 91 I ,A 3, , .A V51 ' FM A A34 y' -"A" M ' ' 3 ff 3 gf ani! M 9 N S Wg? xi' R J. Mg w wi I! if ,WMS AF P ep P s X N .I ,P ,N E ECVHS students exercised their franchise this year as the Futurian and Determinist parties dominated electoral activities. Thirteen hundred forty-three students registered to vote and on April ls t cast their ballots for candidates chosen by conventions which had met on previous successive Saturdays. The results were t not an "April Fool" joke howeverg a strong slate of student leaders p 6 gal Leroy Woods, A. S. B. Pres. 1966,-67 , , were chosen for the 1966-67 school year. President, LeRoy Woodsg Vice President Gail Penningtong Secretary, Terry Smitheyg Treas- urer, joe Geal I-Iindsg Sales Mary Vierkantg Publicity, Sherry Vierkantg Public Relations, john johnsong School Service, Bill Reynoldsg Athletics, Larry Baca. l x 1 K K A J-1 5 f i ' 0 V y I 7 , ' 'VI SVVV A , -ii' A R -Y TTT, i T Congressman Bob Wilson Keynote Speaker Finalist Candidates Eu, ,L KW me A' dawg A ...aff FRONT RCW: President, Karen Nagleg Vice President, Cathy Kuntzg Secre tary, Lucia Ernundsong treasurer, Pat Ainsleyg BACK ROW: Public Rela- tions., Iohn johnsong Publicity, Bill Suttong Sales, Linda Wheelockg School Sewice, Bill Reynolds, tary Baca, Athletics mor PICTUREDQ. A i - , if F ff E I A E R Mayor Frank Curran Keynote Speaker FINALIST CANDIDATES FRONT ROW: Vice President, Gail Penningtong Secretary, Terry Smitheyg Treasurer, Jo I-lindsg Sales, Mary Vierkant. BACK ROW: Publicity, Sherry Vierkantg Public Relations, Dorrie Van Cleef, School Service, Karen Ros- manng Athletics, jack Williams. X 3, E 'U W v Y 5 Q .. iv 'S " 5 F , .QI 9' r ti E' -4 K Q ' A - , 3' . 'C E 13 155 nil g , in 5 4 'Y ' I Jill, !-has fr by M ' L ff' -'I . X ,M V, fmg i- I iii ,A H W W ' hh +V lf.. .Qu I I . if 1 z t S J wk 1 " ' 47 'Q "' ' ' i"'wNjx3f:U1i3!'I31' N M' Ww' ' 1 5 d,,,,4A,:. '4- ,, H. T -nw f E A' M595 'M -w aw -NNNX 5 , ., -,.,.,ff my W i',w,.rf-if-' f 'W M. :K I ,,,,,,,g.,?uifs,-J., , H V .. ,uw ,, k 1' r EZ' .,W1,!E N, ,N N, A V ,A Vf U4 g . , ,Qx.,,,N 'ig-M. 'S V ww., ,,,V.,., g.. --X M 4 ,mf ww., 'V M " WUT mmm ww Y 5 ,V W 'IJ 7 w f H fr, J Q s r ii fr lr 'J W, V - , ia, ,gr '3 4 f, .cr , , . 'Z 'Q-5" ' , Liz, 3.2357 f NW ':x1wg,ri5f:g., ,UN ,., M M ,ju rl L ' L " z "ML f xl A 1 ig 'J 3 I-' if V- . 5 A is 3 r X , P ,y X . 3, - f S Zi, ,jk , , f 4 'B I as 'Z I lk.. gr eau: 4. lf!! 1 .Q ', ' V "" Q 4 'S-'PA ' ' , W " . ,I q M ' i 'Q -IL Q N L 4 , fW""5'- Dj- Iiggsf' M f --:f 'A -Q-,,g:r,,,, 3g,., . ' L: :gf 1:11. "f-1,321--1 4- 5 , , ' v I Y .11 121 L -qv zarf .x vga, . :SL V .E I. ,1 . 'ii wa. . 5- .,4::,: .sq in r Q 7 CXSCLIUVC Geri Roach Chris Sarot Vice-President Charlotte Cannon . Recording Miss Petersen Secretary Advisor Perhaps the best-known and most successful organization on our campus, Girls' League con- tinues to grow. At the annual slumber party and watermelon feast, ECVHS girls were given the opportunity to get acquainted and have fun. Who could forget the Snowball, the Purple Palace at the Mardi Gras, the Christmas mail and the many other activities sponsored by G. L. 7 By organizing and working together, girls continued to learn the value and the rewards of O 0' IMI Vw o U SUCCESS . Coleen Wojdak Chairman Carolyn Ledak Secretary Q Q board President Susan Messina Corresponding Secretary ll . , 'rt ,. A ' F rg V x Donna Sloan Assistant to the Board Cindy Russel Treasurer Bonnie Krumm Assistant to the Board 1, AK! F 15 + Barb ara Horn Chairman 7 Assistant Dorothy Washkevich H , , , 1. I Janet Secre 4, Kroupa tary O 01 IMI bw o U 01 Q 'Q 'E al , ,, , Alf V , H XV I E VV A My F . E if a uf - ly IIB' Q, 5 ea2s,5,i:: Q . D A A i f of v 'f Linda Roach 0 Secretary ww . , 'MY 3' L Lge' W - v 145 N Vercia Watson Chairman Marr Oakman Chairman Mari Spirkoff Secretary 1 T " Q 1 . , Josephine Ullery Secretary C athy Garcia Chairman Cheryl Means Secretary - ,ff ' SQ 1 N ni Mrs. Marilyn Mitchell Mrs. America of 1964 Discussions on fund raising Opening ceremonies . . . and various other aspects of G. L . W,.. . ' E Zi si E: it ll 'F' -smug,- Nk . . X, at f ' v 5 'Qi s it K Q . K, iv From assignment to assignment, the an? nual staff member finds himself caught up in ssss big business publications. Past Winners of top honors in national contests, the creators of the LEGEND are indeed proud of their e literary accomplishments. ' x CHQ I ' - "--05127, Ammwwl-M .,,,. 4. fn-.,,,h W!11111f3mL ' NN l - .r,,..,,.,g. . 'W 7953+ ff ,A V4 A 'F :X P, K, xr- 'im Nvxx :tix X 'x 'ifmkxg 'a ' I an vm' s "sy u ' S 4 ,, 'Ir Q Q' Q6 t 1 XX ' K at 9 POITS Editor I H it . . i '9""E Connie Cline and Johanna Hinds- Editors 1 " 1 Steve King- 'A V 1 S Ron Walker, Mike Turner, Larry Lewis, Photographers Lyneal Dodgen- Photo Director . Q 'Q' D- Q 2 Sandy Popp- Senior Editor 1,1 Nw- i is f is .Xxw . f y Donna Wolfe- Business Manager Mr. Logsdon- Advisor QQ Donna jean Warhck Layout Editor W'--f Ron Brean, Leslie Pugh, Leslie Shoquist, Linea Jensen, John Wray, Sharon Ricketts- 5 5 5 NM. Q lv .. 'D f 5' 'E . ..,, Staff 'Hi If 'JY my A Hx Io an Pennington Editor- in- Chi ef Kevin Golding, Photographer, Diane Smith, Circulation Mgr Reporters: FRONT ROW: Todd Vikander, Janet Kroupa, Bonnie Munday, Marian Walker. BACK ROW: Linda Prevatt, Linda Dakis, Carol Hays 150 H1171 Mr. Kniss - Advisor Standing devotedly behind their editors were the members of the '66 SMOKE SIGNAL Staff. Following up stories, editing coPY, and plan- ning layouts filled their long working hows. Under the direction of Joan Pennington, Editor- in- chief, and the guiding hand of Mr. Kniss, the , W' Q staff worked diligently, and sometimes frantically, to produce the weekly .J SMQKE SIGNAL edition. " SSW Reporters, per. 2 ' FRONT ROW: Carol Conteras, Shirley Enos, Kathy Fiedler, Linda Wheelock. MIDDLE ROW: Susan Boger, , Diane Sorensen, Donna Sloan. BACK ROW: Don Hoxter, Nancy Wray. in ., K in -M-gxmldfffw, :WN ,fw- ' I 3 B in 'W ' if 7 t,qEj si n Ea agar w . if .. - 1 tr' M - 5 if 2'-:fm :ii i f - S ... aim, vm .. f,2 'L .F xx wif 5 if ,. ,.,., . is ,, at ..: ,, 5 in was .L 5 xi Qgr gfg Q J gsm Q -me ,gag Merry Christmas! ! ! Mr. Young planning ahead!!! .J , J l vc. an ? K 47- Ng, 7 5 "Where the action is!" Though Boy's Federa- tion is only in its second of every day campus life. In previou been conceived but t , no until the present struc- ture was founded did the id b year it has become part s years similar organizations have ea ecome a reality. ,,,, Such ventures as "Packages from Patriots" and combinin eff t ' ' ' ' " g or s with Girls League in Thanks- giving Giving" foretell an important future for our Hear? newest organization. Ya'll come HOW' Y Q I Get your greasy digits off the loot! ! Pres. Bob Watson Valley Stadium Drive. Mfhen are they going to put up a place to sit down? L A V,?,,..,,,,,,,fwe,:f:w Q-9 Ql d EXecut1V 6 BO at , , Pres. f 122-to '- 53 4 -new John johnson 153 gs N ag: X K 4 . 'Nm Mr. Long Advisor ,A To supply training for students interested in electronics is an annual objective of the RADIO CLUB. Each year members gain ham radio promoting amateur radio ations. Setting up P.A. system at assemblies, is of the major Affiliated with YWCA, the Y TEENS on our campus strive to at- tain the same goals as this deavo national organization. The the countywide Carousel Dance this year, highlighted their social and service projects 5- 'CIM 7 Mrs. Sarot Advisor L ,. . v 4 Have you e r This year has been one of the best years for TENNIS CLUB. Their goal is to afford opportunity for skill improvement by team play and intra-dis- trict competition. Each Week the girls practice and on every alternate Week the team hosts the visiting schools. TEN- NIS CLUB gives these girls a chance to make new acquaintances while having fun. Ho me sley Russo ve The purpose of TAB 8: CAMPUS is to 'C superb paperbacks at a reduced cost o tive and alternate who attends a Here they are given informatio books to take back to their dent body. Each English class has one n ,fit if 55' A and looking fo 1? knelt on the flowers wi hand '7 lens W1 the our skill and in scien- fields, SCIENCE CLUB activities ln' Mr. Bascom clude various field Advisor trips and this year's Work on a microbiology project. wmmumum Advisor gf'-.i w. fb. ' This club promotes interest in speech activities and encourages students to recognize its value and importance. Besides entering tournaments, NFL 81 DIALECTOS have had two car washes and a Christmas party. In December they Won sweepstakes at the Mt. Miguel Interpretation Festival. The highlight Q X, w?Q a? fi Ta Les Bangs Anna Pike Ken Snow 3rd place poetry 2nd place Drama at 3rd place humor at at Mt. Miguel Palomar Mt, Miguel 2-LN nv' Bill Swegles i ' Roger Anderson lst place in poetry at Mt. Bill Reynolds 4th place poetic at Miguel 3rd place humor at Mt. Miguel Palomar of the year was the Interpretation Festival for the San Diego County Speech League in March . X Mrs. Brooks Advisor 1 I Joyce Suggs lst place dramatic interpre- tation at Mt. Miguel and 5th at S. D. S. Do you like Wine, Brigitte Bardot or the Eiffel Tower? Members of LES Cl-IEVALIERS do, and have formed this French club to encourage use of the French language . A service club, Le Francais Arque sponsored supervised trips to the French cottage at Balboa Park, French Christmas caroling and participation in the Mardi Gras . Mrs. Mayfield, Advisor -2-gfg4gc,g5, 9' Wifi, S i , M The goal of INTERNATIONAL CLUB this year was to raise S1500 to send an ECVHS student abroad. To raise this money various activities were held during the year. Among g these were the Mr . International Contest and selling snow .ffl cones after school. In February an International 5 Hootenanny was held in which ' In foreign exchange students from the Heartland area accompanied students to their A homes for dinner. Later that evening they returned to our gym for the hootenanny. I Mrs. Ellery, Advisor arg .aff F s Fulcher, Advisor 'Li --F11 TE Jc1fe:".rJ,5is:f iffy. ' .n ,'Xf,Lai5Qgg ji Qg2lQ5g:iEiffef ?f ' . - - V Mr. Baker, Advisor dub 'Q r',4- club activ- campus, the Senate these groups. The Gras, the main red by the Senate, two fold pur pose: a and a for students. Mr. Gross, Advisor form good relation- Q Lx 01 W Mrs. Cochran, Advisor ancient filled with Through the such as caroling, Latin end service pro Braves endeavor interest in ancient Latin language. of a banquet of a year events . activities, a year Roman lwfwwlwwwol ' ! f' 9 W: . ak 4' A.,A . 5. Q L.,,Lb ff, Q ,. ,, Sa .. Q Chuck Bye Roger Hendrikson Mark Homer John Digenan john Hyatt Vice-President Sentinel Treasurer Reporter Secretary nf., 'V , , ,--, .Tift Q' A 4 it 2 f JE A I ll 5. : .f JL Z""L1'h" wi- vgif' i Ar , 5 , 3. , ' f lisp E it .. W , 1 gg fm -' ref: - Q-u se i- ' Jim smith President l The primary aim of this ninety- two member club is the develop- ment of agricultural leadership, co- operation, and citizenship. The agenda this year consisted of the Los Angeles County Fair judging Contest, State Finals at Cal Poly, and the Del Mar Fair. A 1 Agll g 11. 1 QV Mr. Dyer, Advisor 159 Mr. Adams Advisor Promoting scholastic at- titude is the goal of CSF. Each semester students who have met the requirements are eligible for member- ship. At graduation, junior archbearers and ushers are p chosen from among CSF members. Graduating stu- dents receive a gold seal on their diplomas and life members are awarded with an embossed gold seal. Providing recognition for varsity lettermen, the VARSITY CLUB furnishes an organi- zation through which E. C. V. H. S. lettermen can serve our school. Their enterprises include the Mardi Gras "Pipeline , " car wash, and many school service activities. 160 U b Mr. Streshley Advisor all f 4 U , i Advisor Mr Mathews 'Phi-. qui?-'wi'-51" , b Officers: J. Cruz D. Bowling 5 G3 P ,Q ,C if v Providing participants with basic military knowledge, de- veloping qualities of leadership and encouraging high standards of academic achievement are the purposes of the CALIFORNIA dents participate in an annual bivouac, rifle match competition, A inter-school drill competition and also serve as football and bas- ketball guards. A new addition to this year's schedule was a field trip to Naval Amphibious Base at Coronado. California Cadet Corps is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and the State of California Military Department. ll Squad? squadfg CADETS. These busy Suu- l fl16nQffQOMv , f-Wai Mwmwfwf MM M Gwwygiif. ww WW W -MW I HWWWMWK4 Q' 5 2 2 X E E 5 5 E r nz 1 -Q W. ' V' w 5 - X-Q Q- Qui-J' Q" ' X' Ni Y 'CY ' G' wg www? A if 9 if , ,-ww 11 Q M , 5 'WW G Q., fw W liik ff' 4 V M H ., M' T305 'gin . 1,4 ' AA ,J a uw U , "ff jig f 2- .. gf ", . iffgizx .wi ew fziffrmi, , f ,+L-L, if Ar www' Lzliigfkgimfwf nm, fx V, -fefrzfffm 10 fbggbw My ,MM M2177 Wk ,P has fu 8 ff? VISIT p Z ' -4 ' ' ,ffm wtf? -W gwssmmd: langue 1 Mr. Streshly Line Coach Mr. Foster Head Coach El Cajon's mighty Braves, after eleven years finally captured their first Grossmont League Championship. This is the first championship to be held by any team except Helix, or jointly with Helix. Sparked by a strong offense and fantastic defense, the Braves quickly moved to 4-0, scoring their first win over Helix and defeating Granite Hills for the fifth time. Loosing to El Capitan served to strengthen the teams spirit, as the Braves next destroyed Santana, and the following week scored twice in the fourth quarter to tie Mount Miguel. Entering the final game for the league championship with Grossmont, E. C. was at a disadvantage, needing a win where the Gus sies needed only a tie for the crown. After a deadlocked first half, the Braves came back in the final two periods to show all who the real champions were. The Braves dropped the C .l. F . play-off to Point Loma, ending the greatest season ever at El Cajon, 6-2-1. A Mr. Castro Mr. Halte Backfield Coach Q C 5 Line Coach 165 . A 1 ' , ki' . 'li A ggi :Mm 53? Xi! A I ' N 2: 52: Q., il gr ' Y j .. ' X ' fly: 'Xx 1" 1 5 l ' M1 r' 2,1 'Al :X 3 li Sl AWB: 1 Nfff' if1fX'f" - U ni: H 1 5 Q 2 1 ' .xl'Sl-'iwgfgqgfigisiiw ' ' - N v--- ---r .f HW' l .fmllgl Q l 2 wr 5 5, M l s. New X r 11 'f .9 , L v - ...Ny Y , 1 r, , 1.1: p QA T 5725 3 WMV A 1-"ff f Af: Vx .X . X-Sf . '- 1 ' Si gm? 1 ll sl- rw S 1" ' 1' Q '- N YG , E. q f Y i 1 I- ,1 ,. hgh' '5lS2?W?f' W 1 Wk' :MHA :f35Q4'?ll' F ' Y r, Y-"'N,-Llfxf 'X N f -2 1 ' "- 1 A :fi f A fs::':15ff'l:1::9'lEf l MX ' A + 1 W 'S 'EEL V3 K AIT." ffl: Q 31. V S .ew 1 1 2 ' 1 are N ,. Q Mx. V. -. 5: X , . . ? My . kv me W 1 ,q :, . A X ,Ta Y X.. rx Y , X y 1, xg gm, Q. 1 if s , K 5 N31 Y .5 W ' A ,Sv 1 wx? ' Xi. s U rg N. . . Q X, . . , V . , , X -,, ew :giver .. . .2 Q . . Q w 2 SS sl . . of X f ' e wir -A .pe els 5 gf, W X A -,f ' 'R 4 4. , IM., Q :Q A -M K 5g21iSWw3yg5Q2, - . we M f - is 3 W 1 1 il S-2 ' 'ZW "ly: M 2 3 pil? gl X i ' 5 . A X 1 ll 5 J, I! X V ,MW ' gg 5 " W ' . ii mr ill ' .V f 3 1 - Q -. f an-5Qf.,',f W gt - f Q Q2 'V A N X X ff ' , 33 sz 5? li X X55 ' ACES , Jr ll? 'l :r rf jfffegefwgzll A 5' ff-X I ' V , 2, :I . v X .Q 4 . A v ., fx 1 V r r . . .rg A , me z ogmiwl fp. , 5 4 ' 'Hr W Q , f .A W IN ' . k . f M ' e XJ Wife- lg ' QW M 3 ' f 4 : M v 1 k rw 5 md' -4 . , ' .,3.w.rgs ,X AV . ff ' X . : . BACK ROW: B. Weston, J. Digenan, M. Freyler, R. Zay, M. Callahan. FRONT ROW: R. Roberson, D. O'Coyne, J. Rogers, H. Connell BACK RO FRO Ste ele. W: B. Watson, B, Wray, C. jones. NT ROW: R. Crossley, C. Meachum, B 9 QW f----f -3 3 f I Z ALL Watson , We ste rfe ld R. Bridwell mgr., D. Westerfeld, B. McRoberts, P. Schlegel w wb 5 Ein Q if f . 1-, Q 1, I ' A K ' r REV - i ' Ex gi f, , E .mih X ' if Y. W BACK ROW: T. DeI.onge, L. King FRONT ROVV: L. Ruiz, Woods, B. Swegles, M. Schubert, P. Barre Coach Quast , W ,vga aa :egg gn gm 5, Q .. ,Ei - - , ,,.J " 1 S ,EL M 5 F123 in Q , 2, 'Q :jx 6 3 mmf, lf! 'v fs Coach Elliott FOURTH ROW: Bender, jackson, Halverson, Williams, Kraft, Cochran. THIRD ROW: Most, Embleton, Deen, Grosse, Hunnicutt. SECOND ROW: Sponsler, Chiaramonte, Thatcher, Hernandez. FRONT ROW: Sand- born. , ,ww ai-amiga rem? gwiaiggiwi FIFTH ROW: Sprague, Dew, Wood, Marlin, Weston, Walters, Bisson, Bauer, FOURTH ROW: Rodesky, Bingham, Anderson, C. Johnson, Peeler, Alvarez, Seckner. THIRD ROW: Miller, Larrabe, J. Johnston, Rosenthal, Floyd, Bevis, Smith. SECOND ROW: Amrine, Topp, Clark, Zimmerman. FIRST ROW: Root, Provost. O J JP. Mgrs. Chuck Queen, Mark Makings BACKFIELD: BACK ROW: Deleeuw, Krouse, Murphy, Dietr FRONT ROW: Watson, McRoberts, Shaffer, Det-tart, Finelli ich, Thompson. 6fwslv Manager: Tom Bayly LINEMEN: TOP ROW: McCauley, Cullett, Dubois, Hensley, Thompson, Gay, Temple, Rodriguez, Nesm1th, Morse, Billings, Soloman, Westbrook, Wallace, Hennessey, Barrett. MIDDLE ROW: Hinrichsen, Henry, Priddell, Chiaramonte, Castle, Floyd, Alvarez, Potoky, Agimdes, Davis, Brown, Gilb, Smith, Corder, Thomp son. BOTTOM ROW: Buttler, Burns, Stinton, Johnson, Barr, Horton, Correll, Harmon, Owens, Hum, Geddes Coach Fulcher . A! ,Q f' Coach Streshly 357 ., zv5r3,f ' 2132 is I sf, . w ali TE. Egg. li' . K 1 'F' " I 2 fi, in 13 Q I Qf 'Q v - f g I r 5 if 1. 5 X J f JI 5 by 'O M O. 11.61. Clairemont Monte Vista Granite Hills Helix El Capitan Santana Mount Miguel Grossrnont Point Loma BACK ROW: T. jones, R. Real, J. Sla- tinsky, Bob Lawson, L. Baca, N. Jon- es. FRONT ROW: T. Davidson, B. Real, G. Mit- chell, Bill Lawson, A. Valencia , 4' 5 ,M R S "ll Coach Brooks 4. I I 'WW KO 1 ' ' l . fa- Steve DeBreau lxlgr. Capping another victorious year of Cross Country, including divis- ional Wins at Mt. San Antonio College and San Diego State Invitational meets, the El Cajon harriers brought home the CIF CHAMPIONSHIP. Led by Armando Val- encia, Ben Real, and Bill Lawson, the Braves put five runners in the top twelve. Congratula- tions to the entire Cross Country Squad. T 174 T' ' T" T' T "" 'W' j.uf. BACK ROW: F. Agundes, J. Gonzales, T. Roberts, A. Kent, R. Bravo, N. Dubois, J. Haislip. FRONT ROW: A. james, J. Barron, I.. Dyer, R. Cloninger, R. Sut- ton, J. Johnson. ,5 '51, 5 2' ' K 435 L. 1 is . 'T X Kris Ellis Mgr . SCORES El Cajon - 26 Crawford 29 27 Chula Vista 32 36 Monte Vista 20 15 Granite Hills 41 22 Helix 33 22 El Capitan 36 15 Santana 50 16 Mt. Miguel 47 19 Grossmont 41 - 4 4 . if Q Q sf J, ,ws - f U.: 1 eff A 53 ll I ' - -, it I,-, if 1 ' 225' 'S-X ' W , . 5 Q , lg. Ji' VH gi I fl R K - r W9 , w.. I- N , fp s A l 5 sf 4 TEE 1 . "vi I ' , ,p g .. 'V A 1 4 Q i r ,.. . . Q BACK ROW: 1. Sturm, M. Waggoner, G. Sanborn, B. Hobbs. FRONT ROW: D. Montgomery, M. Langley, A Real, B. Welch. 172 N. fi D 2, gym, Ar, 1131, N fn E54 3 ,fZf,Q?f1 YT' O 177 J. Halverson R. Clark J. Haislip P. Schlegel J. Williams N. Jones N. Bettancourt J. Wray G. Weston C. Thorogood Mr B. McRob erts R. Sutton Smithwick ix, ,, . .1 l m .f-- ,,.. 'iii A 555 . .. , in g U .. l ang? i EE ., ,:. . A, 913,93-:ia ' -ff V ,if i H . ' 'fu. Marlin, Phillips, Watson, Deckert, james, Gonzales, T sdal Y Keghan, Mr. Tomkins Dew, Wood, 33 Reid, Solomon, Brown, McRoberts, Shaffer, Potoky, T. Barrett, Dubois, Temple, Low, Rod- riguez, Sandborn, Hum, K. Barrett, Chiarmonte. Mr. Foster 179 ll af fl! s rf t U Q1 S t E O U I 180 fl! 5 0 , S 6 01 0 O ul' Jn.. TTAT 3 A-..a..:. -ef' gi A X.'V'9E. 'TKNWW FRONT ROW: D. O'Brien, A. Chavez, R. Massena, F. Waller, D. McAtee BACK ROW: T. Poe, D. Bingham, S. Hunnicutt, K. Jillson. T. Haney-98 T. McCormick -106 P. Grosse-123 182 Q B. Williams-115 x A 4' f 5 i 3 1FZx " f w' . wif? 0 Coach Hilton JV - VAR ' A- .mf 'Fifi + ., i , :im '.1Lw:'wW'j , W . A... 30 . W a 4.4 ik X '5' 1 S eff .S X f .fin . ,hawk ,.., , ,., , A G. Dinkins-136 Coach Stre shly Frosh R. Schaefer -141 R. Dominguez-18 3 -Q ' T Q I . v,,?J' , W K O , E is V ,igz V: f Lk ,gf I, , R 'ff' W .O ji fi" i R' O D. Westerfeld-148 . mall is flex . . ' D R. Krauss-157 Y Q"-Q. it . J ,W l -bis. 127 1 , :I .5551 f -I,f.s.i.t5f.M-- ,Kg '? """""'F""' Lil G. Canis-136 FRONT ROW: T. Gay, G. Davis, D. Barr, R. Jeffcoat, J. Preston, R. Watson. BACK ROW: G. Wallis, B. Billings, D. Hennessey, D. Krauss, S. Alvarez, M. Agundes 183 ff gi 5? ifz if 3. Q gf? Q wx L: 'Q mi' , 5 M xx' 2' Q. L ? 3 35 we W A ,. ay -LLM 5 , , ik . George Incam o WML. P LLL 9593! Ks , ,QE E .. , ., , AS is L L L48 .. af. - LL. Q -Lag , E gg K wx. 3555 K S., I JM W , ,LQ sw, Lf ' ' as ' ' L .11 . :rw Ln K ,, 'T .L, , Q- 'f K " 'H H" LL LL L ,gL, - L 22, , L -s ' , ' .IIDIL H 25: 'H k k'ii.,l' .6751 17" F.. -VJ ' I A L' V f:-.v .,'1711. s A XSL , ..,. Lg ' L in . i xii, ' ' Leif'-VL'-5' 5-,z u 'K M 5 4: " 'S fu uf' k ":51"w iz: ' : 9'3,:f.E' M,,.:,. fail!-LL 4 - L.,1v.jllT. A ., " L L , . L. 1 L LL., if 1 , L X H KL g A - -L ,L Lv W M5 K L J L 'Lge Lg -,X- L ,L LW' Lf' L. X 7 21 - L , L LL .- L, " . L .. 4 ' -- 4 ,ELL A n o , LL k .. L .ye .4-L gi - 55,,LL K- LZLSL L -.-20,1 gg-Lwi' L - -Q 1 sm . 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'Y QHTW 0 2: ,. 1: ,fm V 2 .5,.:V,5 1 ' Coach Williams . ,,. M . . i 1' "W .. H . 1 ' if Q i FRONT ROW: M. Wodjack, M. Beauguard, D. Ellis, N. Trent, G. Lima. BACK ROW: P. Faverty, W. Minor, B Sanborn, W. Kirk, S. McKinley, E. Murphy. j. uf. Capt. Gary Richardson Brean, Slatinsky, Valencia, Hill Kirchaine, Connell, G illahan 1-'J .J "xxx V X JN3 fl fx '23 Mr Brooks BACK ROW! Wells ROW: Za , Connell, Davis, Marrs, M y, Kent, Bravo, Maston, S D. Gillihan, Kirchaine ik urray, Debreau, Rogers MIDDLE wegles FRONT ROW: Steele, R. Cillihan, RONT YXOXN: HRX, Yxickxaxdson, Sayophs, Yrexjker, Bones, Xiockxer M r' Quast BA Lani? ROW 11 FR : o slarfnsky R Law son " Re NT H1 RO W. f' ' Basferts J Davyalen dson Cia B ' Bgb 1 Bcean, Battagha BACK 2,m.,A. ,X 38 Kr i w -fm--.rm islvzgsszffk lifiisiwsii Kiasma 1535? 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We of the 8, Shoes LEGEND Staff appreciate - their efforts in cooperating with us -Since 1936- Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1966 EluCajowMmhwa5 And Vows UW 624 El Cajon Blvd., El Cajon, Calif. George Roach-President and Director Phone 442 -6677 f66 .-'f9"'g A '4.a,"khf5fj 5 I f 178 jo W--.1 XX KAE' S TOYLAND 1070 East Main St., E1 Cajon, Calif. no as ia I f ECVHS Graduate at Work EL CAJON BEAUTY COLLEGE 140 S. Magnolia, E1 Cajon ,....f Y G1L'S JEWELRY 118 East Main St., E1 Cajon, Calif. 1o EQ . ,,,. iff 'ii 52 '."11 :f,V: 2-L -n1-.: ' njaa aaa jjj 1 W jajqj a1 aaaajjaaa 1 E -W 5155 xzf BALLANTYNE BUICK 300 E1 Cajon Blvd., E1 Cajon AL ARCHARD, INC. Firestone 661 E1 Cajon Blvd. 442-2175 Courtesy of ACE AUTO SUPPLY 799 El Cajon Blvd. El Cajon, Calif. Congratulations Class of '66 FLOWERS BY MARGUERITE 141 South Orange Ave. 442-8885 LONG'S CLOTHIERS 116 East Main St. El Cajon, Calif. EAST CAjON BARBER SHOP 1063 East Main St. El Cajon, Calif. 444-9816 Congratulations to the Class of 1966 BAKKEN'S New gl Used Furniture 557 El Cajon Blvd. 444-6744 TASTY BAKE SHOP 144 Main St. Special Decorated Cakes Best of Luck "66" CLOVER LEAF DAIRY 984 jamacha Rd. El Cajon, Calif. Congratulations to the Class of "66" MAIN ST. CAR WASH 111 South First St. El Cajon, Calif. DAVIS MARKET 1152 West Main St. El Cajon, Calif. EL CAJON TRAVEL BUREAU 444-2141 423 East Main St. Good Luck "Grads" EL CAION THEATRE -El Cajon Calif. Class of '66 Candidates for Matrimony or College, May We Help You? Stop in at 261 East Main in El Cajon, and See Our Complete Selection of Home Furnishings . McMal1aw's 442-3891 "Reasonable Prices Sz Easy Terms" Y ,... 2 . ..., ,...M.J, ,,.. Vu , , , ym-sex MW , an 5 R . 1 W Nags arg il + ew as ' stil 21-1: P ' ' K awa- 1 L W, .X a n i. 4. ,, ., ,,.. I ,ea -. W Q13 EQQQG-1,-,EY ' fag, ' Q6 ,im an :.. mins' 1 , "r aft VA LDoN's ECVHS Campus 6 Deb Representative 124 Main St. El Cajon, Calif. . fs F' 'Af ' ,, N., , ' 2' ., ,p-Vh fa -qv 4f',4,,,,, Segwa y, 7'k'.. ff.a:gQ4MM,.l"W.,fwv ,MSfijWWmf,?gL,QyMkj9?'l?W. W Gfv,g'gw449D ffifgg M5'f,4wQywf5'?',. "93fp'gtQ'.l! ,fl .Q 'D '5,w, k lf 521' V 1555. z .455 'mr W iw Wm 'HQ' ---ar , -V ,,mf5W'w JACK -IN-THE-BOX 393 W Main St., E1 Cajon, Calif. ?' SWF BiY- -4 . 3? A 9 I no 0 11 49.5 ,p e5 9 D J .Lg A1115 .B f-D E 355'-Q Q25 2, Q42 A 3329.1 5 323 A-5 X f '- p C5 'D Cf r Q - ,ag DC ' X 459 Lg, a ff 5 7' 'DH ff 23, diff: L 4 -JA, 35532 53 ffahlzm T55 AX -KS 3 5-gf xx F5 ,Q I f, 202 LIS 2- Q QE, gi Ri? Z Zi Qjjzggg of 5510! QQQXASQQXQ if wifi if QQ ax QS Xfi3iE5?3f Jijbfy gfbifjfj Ei iiifg? F . X QQ KA? :Q v 7' '17 seniors always remember and athletic the fact that they had superior r advisors and educators. and understanding on part Students, are only to work, as hard as and surely our teachers have been 5 As long as the street lights of our shine their radiant beams of y an El Cajon Valley N. ...A -Y fr il I a at I 5 V f 1 i 4 desires hold interest for them promoters this year. continue to on our fair city there will be and there will be to Come . . A 5 ' z i 'Z E -6 . J Q W f as 3 ff, SQQQQQW Qiiiffiqqgfl f -, w ww . , MQ? M kQjf3g?sf 6552 2 mei? 65 xQ Geoff J ,bg ggi? 5524 1 HE? 22, WWMUW WW Q! Q 811 0J-' ,v A ' Und? Q W 1 7 . M W EA, WM QQ My . . 1 M ff xx W www f B if M ar G , MW iffgry W N LSQUXX A My U L WMM Qxixbfxxl, Ctx KGLMJ. SMH K! 70,1 W M .b+'iXQ36- fpmi- WELD ow TESTS Q Q53 5915 M K' N3 Mjfdlk uQXmQl,X jj " -W - 2 WW A YO 5 FFT? Qfwfwwsm lj W Q9 Neff W -I Sw-L Q9 vb O9 . A 1 FDXBVWXQQNSXYTNN RQ. W? ,awk Qwggjigi-'i'3LJ-N!ixNgb E kv cu .Tb wk A . 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