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Slwflf f Dodd CLVXXX Y WW fwjw iii J , ON C , Wifi xm5cLCQx Ego QL K My Wm? VXQXBQ W H ,,, Lila Sigj-J Q5-L. J A OX VCL VBGYSYN 'OWUQHX ,WW QNRM W Mgimgjfme- 4.9 if 'Vs Sv cy os.oJvJ" 5 Xp wx NX QV 95 ,JL Ombgjc 'V 19 C ps F ,Sf Q. I Q? ff UW if x9 YJ ,iffy ' if :SSQZQ J' QUT ,035 Ap ff if aim Q 0 vfifjfggggf K gg., X' L Q53 lE'VC'?iJ X NK J 5 X W? A H W 990B W5 kv ,, ,. Q guys f ' ' -A W w MQWW inf QM M30 gynggigh Zmwliwwfw OWWWVMWQ 25? W M CI , JJDQPQQSLWE I ,. xbk' , fgx GX GQKXXQQ E - sf V ox ...S QQ cg 5.5 'Now . ESMVPQ, 1-KSVQQQIN 'C I N 9 Krwowuj 5 . X x. - SQA Qvwd hqogyg VCU .WN QS' . -K OC,k954TOvw1' Lgqgqapf 306 X CL Eff N QSM fx ' X NW W QW' I ff fig? www L' M if W ififlgwwfw 510 Ovcnwkgexp I-V' W ,Mama SNQLETM x , N ,, 7 Q x 0J mix' aff 1 Qi X pffibwef YQ' X Sgijigdggxmgoy may i 5 - QV S k ' X Q55 xii aj WV 0,3959 ' E Ybox' f, J Uv Ei Xi Eg 321 bu Dxxfp-fggjlig? wtf fdax 640 M2f3f'f'E?f W Eg MQ M559 PFW 05 A Ei? ?5M WQ1:2?S 1 5? W W if R NR gf MMV .M n fofmkrfilgs MV v ggigfw MW M55 OW ' WM wmaggbtmw Jw Nm www mm QNU WMM QLUQAVWUQQQQLTQEK WW 78 QAJQKAWUC HCNIWEIA WW ,fs 52795596 www TQ? af GRN A new mm, DIY YY DRY PATRIN I1 14 H75 PRTRIDI Published by the Students of D.D. EISENHOWER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Kansas City, Kansas Volume I 2' 4 vi C A NBL! DF C0h'l!L1! Academics .............. 6 Student Life .... ..... 2 0 Sports ......... . . . 34 Student Body ........... 46 A NEW YEAR. . . This was the beginning of a new year. We were given this year to make of it what we could. It couldhave been wasted or used for good. . . But we made the most of our year at D. D. Eisen hower. We know the year is gone forever but we are left with memories that will never die. Who could regret what we have gained this year and how We lived it to the fullest. . . DAY BY DAY "iq,- I X. 'I 'X N. I , xy., ,A ,. LH". Him, , X' . ., A ,L hV: . Fig yi!- A NEW YEAR. . . united new teachers and new students. Ideas were formed, in- troduced, discussed, and questioned. Learning occurred. . . DAY BY DAY u -Q L z.,-1, L Y f' mf, 4' U ' 1.34135 . J ,rf Li51,' , L fr Tig? W 'DO-1 u,'f'1'. ., A O. ml. -11 O. ,X J f Q "l. 1 Q 'J 4. f S Hi. r ' 'Q , if ' '- .,, - 4' W ,, , ' A , W , , f 5 Working for success The work of the vice principal and counselors helped to keep D. D. Eisen hower running smoothly this year. Mr. Dewey Moshier proved to be a fir st- rate vice principal as he filled his duties. Some of his duties were heading hall traffic and scheduling assemblies. Counselors, Mrs. Ruth Potts and Mr. Ron Bar- ber, were always ready to listen and give advice to troubled students. Along with Mr. Dewey Moshier, they contri- buted to a successful school year. English courses were required English is a vital language to our world as well as to our country. This year at D. D. Eisenhower Jr. High, Language Arts was a re- quired course for all three grades. The course differed at each grade level, but oral and written Work were always emphasized to as- sist the students in express- ing thernselves. Ten well qualified instructors head- ed the department of Lan- guage Arts. ,-4nl- 2 115 Mrs. Carla Dowd assist seventh Cheri Vrbenic, Speech: Mr. Harold Ianell Newman Language Arts Miss fade students with an assignment, Q23 Barnes, Language Arts: Mr. Doug Barbara Edwards Langua e Arts Mrs ianguage Arts Teachers, STANDING: Banker, Langua e Arts. SEATED: Mrs. Carla Dowd Basic Enghs NOT PIC Mr. Ronald Williams, BasicE1'1g1ishg Carol Dallam, anguage Arts: Miss TURED: Karen Oberg Readmg Mrs. Patsy Kile, Language Arts: Mrs. 10 , . K- Spanish course offered D. D. Eisenhower's For- eign Language Department offered students a chance to learn the Spanish language. In recognizing the impor- tance of foreign languages, Mrs. A.nnaJohnson and Mr. Jose Espinused a variety of teaching methods. Stu- dents learned words and sentence structure, which later created in them an understanding for the lan- guage. The instructors met and conquered the chal- lenge of getting the students to comprehenda new lan- guage. fly Spanish Teachers: Mrs. Anna Johnson and Mr. Jose Espin, take time out from their day. Q21 Mr. Jose Espin explains an assignment to his sixth hour class. ,f Basic courses offered This year at D. D. Eisen- hower math was arequired course. Students were al- lowed to select certain math courses according to their rate of learning and achieve - ment. Learning about the earth, plants, and different ele- ments were all topics in the science classes. During lab time, students experi- mented with different chem- icals. Animals were seen in the halls as the students of People, Pets, and Plants, studied them. L '- 'fr ig- ll gli? . -tv ' -37 T3 -4' " l Q15 Q, fly Math Teachers. BACK ROW: Mr. Rick Pretz, Fundamentals of Math 8, Algebra I 8, 9, General Math.8g Mr. Dale Martin, General Math 9, Funda- mentals of Math 8, 9, Algebra I 9, Geometryl 9. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Susie Cotton, Fundamentals of Math 8, Gen- eral Math 8, 9, Algebra I 9: Mrs. Mar- 12 lene Ayers, Fundamentals ofMath 7, General Math 9, Accelerated Math 7: Mrs. Patricia Tosser, Fundamentals of Math 7, General Math 9, Algebra I 9, Flow Chart 9. NOT PICTURED: Mr. William Chambers, Algebra I 8, Fund- amentals of Math 7, General Math 9, Flow Chart 7. 123 Science Teachers: Mr. William Bell, Life Science, People, Pets, Places: Mr. Henry Krusen, Intro- duction to Science 9, Boys' Health 8, 9: Mr. Gerald Roberts, Earth Science 8, Life Science 7, Boys' Health 8, 9: Mrs. Linda Bogard, Life Science 7, People, Pets, Places 7, Girls' Health 8, 9. 'T Q13 Music Teachers. Mr. Lewis Hoyt, instrumental instructor: Mrs. Va ldeen Wooton, vocalinstructor. f2j Art Teacher. Mrs. Shelly Braymen, Survey of Art 9, Applied Design 8, Draw and Paint 8. C33 Art Teachers. Miss Ann Bolton, Applied Design 8, Draw and, Paint 8, Survey of Art 9: Mrs. Alice Baty, Survecy of Art 9, Applied Design 8, Draw an Paint 8. 1 Students showed talents Music and Art were elec- tives this year to all students. Musical talents were ex- pressed through the vocal and band classes. With a lot of student work and teacher know-how, musical concerts throughout the year were a success. Students expressed them- selves in art with creative weekly assignments, class- room projects, and reports. The teachers used various techniques to create inter- est in the course. 3 -ww? 'ssl ,lf i v' .-"' 4 . s 'Te-A 'H World facts made known Several Social Studies courses were offered this year to the D.D. Eisenhower students, on a semester ba- sis. Students learned city and world geography, eth- nic and racial problems, and basic economic s. Trying to help the students understand the world, the instructors used techni- ques such as map reading, magazines, and different drawings to stress their points. 2 N fly Socia1Studies Teachers. STANDING Mr. Perry Perkins, Time 9, Ethnic Stu- dies 8, 9, Economics 9: Mr. John Thor ton, History 8, Geography 7: Mr. Jerry Goben, History 8. SEATED: Miss Judy Cordill, Metropolitan Geography 9, Geography 7: Mr. James Peters, Met- ropolitan Geography 9, Geography 7: Miss Martha Lewis, History 8, Econo- mics 9. f2j Mr. Perr Perkins used his free time to catch up on paper work from his Time classes. fb .- . ,m 1 . -11-x' , . .r Qi 4 .4 E 'Y . ' .' ,gf 1-"r ,. I 1. ,.:'vig-f-,i,,T,?,Q7f:'-5 u. u .- 5 , lgri-ag.g-.Egg .'-' 1 f -. v My 4 x N4 v . X .-'LT v 1 1 ,--.fs-, . " . hw 1 V ,Y "5 ' ' ,V 1 Nw ' ,I F' U , .... yt' IR T Rf-. 'lf' ' , , 5' Wuxi, Mila vp-'S . gl 1432 MQ: X" F? .,,v A , 7 wt' . , M ,. rbvmvmn , , , . N! 's .sl ': i-as., ,L ...- ,....-...- gr ' W' sig: i -- ,Q :bzfe,4ag'Y 5 .,. PR 1 1, 'K - -vm: Qeegi, .63 H , H3 Wy3f l Students gained abilities A r e quire d semester course for the Seventh and Eighth Graders was Physi- cal Education. It provided tactics students needed to stay physically fit. Home Economics taught students skills needed for horne use. The instructors hoped the classes would be beneficial for the future. The Special Education De - partment prepared its stu- dents for a. work-studies program on the high school level. 1 is Q13 Home Economics Teachers. Mrs, Thelma Brasweli, Foods 8, 9, Teen Living 7, and Mrs. Rosemary Watrak, Teen Living 7, Sewing 8, 9. Q25 Sixth hour foods class cleaned their kitchens after a cooking lab. C31 SpecialEduca- tion Teachers. Miss Angelia Lyons and Mrs. Sandra Beverly. C45 Physical Edu- cation Teachers. Mr. Emill-Iaar,Boys' PhysicalEducation 7, 8, 9:Mrs. Bertha Stamps, Girls' Health 8, 9, Girls'Phy- sical Education 7, 8, 9. 16 Make A Sh0Ul l C9 Ek- S 6 1 . 1 F ew lihrar opened Monday, October 15, the D. D. Eisenhower library opened its doors to the stu- dents. Mrs. Vida French, librariang and Mrs. Rosa- lie Van Horn, library sec- retaryg worked six Weeks trying to get the library ready for students. The library has 7500 books, seven sets of ency- clopedias, 52 magazines, and five newspapers. The library also made avail- able ten study cubicals for students whowanted pri- vacy when they studied or read. CD Librarian, Mrs. Vida French and Mrs. Roselie Van Horn, library secre- tary. C23 D. D. Eisenhower 's library was a study source for students during the school day. .I in , 'if' ' ' 119' , ff? , 5? ii .' 'neg 2 17 Qi Office workers showed effort Running a school office is not an easyjob, but the three secretaries at D.D. Eisen- hower managed to do it well. Responsibilities were great as the secretaries answered in-coming calls, kept absentee lists, and as- sisted the administration. Also assisting D.D. Eisen- hower was the schoolnurse. 1 The nurse took care of sick and injured students, gave ear and eye tests, andkept health records on all stud- dents. CD Mrs. Betty Smith, secretary. C23 Mrs Dorothy Findlay, school nurse. C33 Mrs. Jean Neil, secretary. C45 Mrs. Vera Dill secretary. 18 , 3 2- : 17.311- Y.. , V- 1 ti 1 L.,irU,.l Staffs helped maintain D.D.E Keeping the classrooms and halls clean were the main duties of the custodi- ans. The staff Worked long hours to ready the school for each new day. Preparing and serving me als , along with maintain- ing a snack bar for Eisen- hower's students, was the job of the cooking staff. With three lunch periods, the cooks were busy keep- ing the food hot and the lines moving. - fly Day Custodians. BACK ROW: Mr. Bob Clodfelter, Mr, Alphonso Owens. FRONTROW: Mrs. Linda Gibson and Mr. Everett Appleberry. C25 Cooks. BACK ROW: Louise Keltner, Gertrude Odneal, Nancy Schmoli, Betty Jean iii: Byers, and Gladys Mayes. FRONT ROW: Helen Rider, Betty Simmons, Audrey Tompkins, Evelyn Bishop, Naomi Pendergraft. NOT PICTURED: Donna Beth, Shirley Vassar, and Mary Sos- tarich. u E 19 M 393899 ' "V, '.," 'W : , 1 -4 H - . . -- .v N. . - - , ' 'L , . Q , V ' , - , ', ' ' li xii A NEW YEAR. . . had sparkling moments. Laughter ringing through the halls. . Meeting new friends, seeing old ones. We lived it all. . . DAY BY DAY 22 LIBERATOR was a success The 1973-74 LIBERATOR staff produced some of the finest junior high newspa- pers in Kansas City, Kan- sas. With catchy articles and funny cartoons their newspapers were enjoyed by all. rad' Success did not come eas- 'e ily to the staff members. They put in many long hours, , during and after school, plan- V 1 ning their newspapers. Our school found great pleasure in their achievement. - ' - ' - ' Lf" 1 mm fly BACK ROW: Carolyn Kobolr, Miss lars, Mike Robinson, Chris Whitlock, Greg Bidwell, Pam Shelton, Bonnie Barbara Edwards, sponsor. FRONT ROW: Bryan Hicks, Dan Burnett, Diane Le- Burgess, Dana Schiemann, Jennifer Kathy Mayer, Chuck Shelton, Mark wallen. FRONT ROW:Pau1a Bernard, Jacks. McBride. 429 BACK ROW: Clay Zel- R Qs? M Q 4 in J. m 4, .J Ya 3-G sa O 1 ii' L" S X I 3 522 1,41 P TRIOT staff sets goals The member s of the 1973-74 PATRIOT staff be gan work on this yearbook early in the year. After a great deal of study, staff positions were assigned. Staff members soon learn- ed that working on a year- book was not easy. Time was put in after school to meet deadlines, take pic- tures, and write copy. Hard work became the main goal in the produc- tion of this fir st PATRICT. 'M-v": - 2 fly BACK ROW: Rhonda Ellis, adminis- tration: Jamie Diaz, sports: Penny Hartman, student bod . FRONT ROW: Yandell Bramwell, ediitor: Tammy Charles, sports. C21 Mrs. Carol Dal- lam, sponsor, goes over copy with Yande11Bramwe11, editor. C33 BACK ROW: Marianne Wolfe, student body: Mrs. Caro1Da1lam, sponsor: Sheryl Dick, student life. FRONT ROW: Cindy Patterson, student life: Kirk Klinger, student body: IezanSchahen, administration. 23 it I EAC served as student advisor Serving as a student gov- ernment for this first year at D.D. Eisenhower was the Eisenhower Advisory Com- mittee. This special com- mittee was selected last spring from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from surrounding schools in the new Eisenhower district. EACwas responsible for many school activities. They sponsored a Spirit Day and sold sovenirs at Open House. E.'ACwas active in all types of community pro- jects. i""" t J 113 The decorating of the schoo1Christ- Kathy Miller. Mr. Perry PC1'kiHS. DBR mas tree was one of many traditions Burnett, Alan UPS011. GeorgeKemper, started by EAC. Officers of EAC: Alan Gordon Gregory. THIRD ROW: Laurie Upson, president: Dan Burnett, vice Johnson, Paula Gardner, Tracie Bell, president: George Kemper, secretary- Vickie SI01I6, Jodi Blair. Kathy G0l11d, treasurer. C21 BACK ROW: Wally Cox, Tammy Holder, Gail MHUZCY, COUIHB Duffy Huff, Cheryl Hudlin, Ju1ieLowe, Gaupp. SECOND ROW:Tim Marker, 24 Im, , GD Victor Henderson, Tracy Goodman, Dan Stewart, Wayne Thomas, Doug Peter- son, Rick Gruendel, Kent Docking, Joe McCabe. FRONT ROW: George Bynum, Kathy Chumley, Julie Laughery, Deena Hallier, Sarah Hanson, Keith Mark, Keith Anderson, Steve Williams. re- ,Wm msif7, inning 4356! tiki U l Pep Band roused school sprnt Spirit soared high at bas- ketball games when the Pep Band began their musical routines. The band served as the musical background to pep rallies and school functions, adding spirit and enthusiasm to its audience. The Z8 members of the first D.D. Eisenhower Pep Band also traveled to sev- eral grade schools to en- courage younger band stu- dents to continue in music. 2 fly Mr. Lewis Hoyt conducts the Pep ROW THREE: Mr. Lewis Hoyt, Kathy son. FRONT ROW: Doug Peterson, Jerri Band during a practice session. C25 Mayer, Michelle Cramer, Ken War- Samuels, Sheri Smith, Shelia Crooks, BACK ROW: Mark Larson, Dennis Por- ford, Todd Jarvis, Rick Behrens. ROW Linda Tracy, Linda Ro ers. NOT PIC- TURED: Kathi Janne, Pliilip Kozak, terfield, Dana Jackson, John Woodford. TWO: Larry Holder, Scott Clark, Paul ROW FOUR: Kevin Montgomery, Lee Woodford, Mark Castro, Mike Ander- Bryant, Kent Docking, ara Burgess. Kristen Kubler, Karen Upson. 25 Singing greup selected The Eagle Airs were the official vocal representa- tives for D.D. Eisenhower. The Eagle Airs were se- lected in October, after two Weeks of auditioning. Ten boys and 30 girls were se- lected for this special group. Theywore special- ly made outfits of purple and gold to all of their per- forrnances. ir. fly During the Christmas holidays, Eagle Airs caroled at Indian Springs shop- ping center to the delight o shoppers. Q27 BACK ROW:Iu1ie Hinchey, Karen Hodge, Linda Rogers, Yandell Bram- well, Carrie Dysart, Megan Ander- son, Bryan R. Hicks, Doug Warner, Sheryl Amos, Sharri Dodd, Robin Ran- 26 dall, Patti Farris, Sharon Sturgeon, Amy Sevedge, SECOND ROW: Karen Jacobson, Lisa Nickell, Esythe Mil- ler, Janice Adamson, Ioetta Landis, Michelle Venture, Ted l-lartshorn, Mrs. Valdeen C. Wooton, Doug Par- ker, Betty Cooper, Chris Morrison, Ruth Ann Bates, Sharon Motsinger, Angie Dodge. FRONT ROW: Mary Ellen Meek, accompanist: Debbie Ingram, Jezan Schaben, Julie Lowe, Mark McBride, Gordon Gregary, Bill Gosney, Larry Holder, David Hall, Pam Henderson, Denise Palmer, Laurie Bender. Not pictured: Russ Betzel. 4 1 DDQ 5, Q ' ' I p T i: 3 fly Officers ofthe Spanish Club: Mich- ael Robinson, Treasurer: Mr. Jose Espin, sponsor: Kim Stappleton, Sec- retary: Russell Betzel, president: Kellie Swanson, vice president: Mrs. -"ig.,..-1 Ana Johnson, sponsor. 429 The tradi- tional breaking of the pinata was held at the Spanish Club 's Christmas party. at Mg' I ew world to club members Spanish Club opened up a new world to its members throughout this first year at D.D. Eisenhower. Visits from speakers, and Span- ish films helped members learn Spanish customs. Members were further in- troduced to Spanish Dinners a, Christmas party, and different activities of the club. 27 9 Clubs filled leisure time Students took time after school to enjoy a few mo- ments of leisure in theArt, CheckerfChessfScrabble, and Drama Clubs. Individuals were able to ex press their talents through different activitie s of the clubs. The Drama Club, after severalweeks of re- hearsal, presented the play "Badlands Ballyhoo." The Checker f Che ssfScrabble Club held a tournament with surrounding Junior High schools to determine the best players. The Art Club, on one of their many field trips, went to Crown Center to observe Various artworks. fly The Art Club and Sponsors. BACK ROW:Miss Anne Bolton, sponsor: Cindy Waterfield, Sandy Hansen, Chuck Shel- ton, Mrs. Alice Baty, sponsor. FRONT ROW: Kay Peters, Ed Grisnik, Dan Ford. 123 Sandy Hansen a member of the Art Club works intentively on a design. C31 The Members of the Check- er!ChessfScrabble Club. STANDING: Ron Carver, Mrs. Susie Cotton, spon- sor. SEATED:Bobby Keuchel, Gary Bellus, Jim Flack, lim Brennan. NOT PICTURED: Traci Bell, Steve Conner, Mark Fulton. C43 The Officers of the Drama Club. BACK ROW: Mrs. Cheri Vrbenic, sponsor. FRONT ROW:Karen Jacobson, president: Chuck Shelton, treasurer: Karen Hodge, vice presi- dent. NOT PICTURED: Candy Price, secretary. 28 419- I :iw ff-in .. .Q -3,...-.. f YL- ! Students learned from clubs W, Clubs that helped prepare students for the future were Home Economics, and ln- dustrial Arts. 4 Home Economics and ln- ' A ,Eu ' dustrial Arts members that A t participated in the se clubs . were taught areas of sew- ? ing and metal work. This enabled them to perfect trades that couldhelp them in later years. f 1, r. iil!,1 Q 2 Hari: :.,L' h t 1 1 I 1. -qs Cmknla X xi --4 r, 4. S 2 fly Industrial Arts Officers. BACK ROW: Joe McGill, secretary: John Forsyth, vice president: Ron Conner, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Mr. Roger Sims, spon- sor: Stacy Lynn, president: Mr. David Rollins, sponsor. C23 The Officers of the Home Economics Club. Denise Lawson, president: Sara Cummins, reporter: Mrs. Thelma Braswell, sponsor: Sharon Holt, secretaryslu- lie Crutcher, vice president. 29 ....y.,...-..- . -l .-..-...... " r 4 ' J I 1 I 1 illuhs focused on Science The main project for the Science Club was studying the structure of rockets. After designing, and build- ing various rockets, they launched them to te st their durability. Dissecting insects and animals, members of the Mad Scientists Club learn- ed the sturcture of various organisms. They also sup- ported-anrecology project collecting tin cans to be recycled. 30 2 Q15 Members ofthe Science Club. BACK ROW: Kevin Montgomery, Craig Cun- ningham, Mr. Hank Krusen, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Kenny Lindberg, Bryan Hicks. Q23 Officers of the Mad Scien- tist Club. Jeff McMurphy,secretary: Jeff Turner, treasurer: Mr. William Bell, sponsor: Mike McCabe,presi- dent: Joe McCabe, vice president. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Linda Bogard, sponsor. 4 Tx A . Li Ecolog learned by students The Geography Club sup- ported an ecology actwhose objective was to recycle used notebook and typing paper. They also took sev- eral field trips to learn more about our surround- ing community. Hiking and backpacking techniques were acquired by members of the Outdoor Club. After learning the proper way to select equip- ment and dried foods, they tested their skills as hikers out in the Wilderness. C 13 Officers of the Geography Club. Miss Judy Cordill, sponsor: Darla Matney, secretary: Scott Bishop, president:Janet Brensinger, treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Chris Parlcer, vice president. C23 Offi- cers ofthe Outdoor Club. Mr. Emil 2 Haar, sponsor: Russ Reid, vicepresident: Tim Weff, secretary: Mark Phillips, pre- sident: David Haar, treasurer: Missia- nell Newman, sponsor. 31 -QA,-5- 1 Clj The 1974 Faculty Team. BACK ROW: Mr. Lewis Hoyt, Mr. Douglas Banker, Mr, Gerald Harrison, Mr. Harold Bar- nes. FRONT ROW: Mr. William Cham- bers, Mr. Dennis Stone, Mr. Ron Williams, Mr. Emil Haar, Mt. Rick Pretz, Mr. David Rollins. NOT PIC- TURED: Mr. Jim Peters. C23 Attentive Faculty members watched their team as Mr. Emil Haar shouted words of en- couragement. CBJ Mr. Ron Williams shoots to make two important points for the Faculty Team. C45 Waving pom- pous and yelling cheers, the Faculty Cheerleaders proved to be a very im- portant part of the Varsity-Faculty game. C55 Faculty Cheerleaders look on in disbelief as they watch their team bow to the Varsity. C65 Mr. Harold Bar- nes tries for a basket while Stevetlarris C525 guards him. 32 . ,L if D I . .fafsow " Q s -Sf , jf:---4 it GY. .-,.......-4 Q 4 .I z-PNA! FXR , -Q A " ' .,,l ai'v, .yum ll-9, ,. N H-12 is assi:-'S' YN., L. V- i..,,... ' Varsity was victorious Spirit and enthusiasm helped boost the Varsity basketball team to a victory over the Faculty during the fir st Var sity-Faculty Bas - ketball game at D. D. Eisen- hower. I-Ield February 19, 1974, the game was played after school in the Eagle's Nest. A capacity crowd watched the victorious Ninth Grade Team defeat the Faculty by a score of 38 to 33. 5 33 v t"' .5 fd' J. . ...,. ..Y.....,..,- .......-...W A NEW YEAR. . brought excited cheerleaders. Fans that never gave up. . . Coaches and teams determined to Win. All working for victory. . . DAY BY DAY L: 'W f ' r f.f1-1,4 Groups add to school spirit This year the Pep Club and Cheerleaders, sponsor- ed by Mrs. Marlene Ayers and Mr. Rick Pretz, did much to boost the spirit at D. D. Eisenhower. The Pep Club sponsored a Spirit Day, during which students showed their spir- it by wearing purple and gold. Helping lead the Pep Club at games, the Eighth Grade Cheerleaders showed pep and enthusiasm. -: vi 2' -'qvlx Pep Club Officers: BACK ROW: Susan Hicks, Secretary: PennyHart1'nan, Presi- dent. FRONT ROW: Barbie Mertel, Vice President: Deena Hallier, Treasurer. Sponsors: Mr. Rick Pretz and Mrs. Mar- lene Ayers. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders BACK ROW: Kristin Kubler, Amy Se- vedge, Kathi Janne. FRONT ROW:Beth Forwalder, Becky Rusk, Karen Upson. 36 Cheerleaders promote spirit Five judges selected the first Freshmen Cheerleaders at D.D. Eisenhower. The girls competing were judged on ap- pearance, coordination, and jumps. Six girls with the high- est scores were chosen to represent the school. Duties of the girls included attending athletic events and leading the Pep Club in school cheers. N X , . P j Freshmen Cheerleadersqljlulie t Schmalz C21 Tammy Char1esf3j Jodi Blair f4J Dana Schiemann C53 Yandell Bramwell Q63 Nancy Dagg. , 1 ,Z , ,I ' 3 7 rxflf Eighth Graders rf' ' i Showed effort EISENHOWER Q2 -'ower 32 The Eighth Grade basket- Ease A flower 35 ball team, coached by Mr. , 'EIS' 1?-QWC1' 24 Bill Chambers, finished EiSeT1h0We1' 23 their first season with six tS:vh0We1' 38 Wins and seven losses. The .R ,f3I1h0We1' 27 team started the year off e mgegowef 26 by losing to the Coronado :QQ Colts, 32 to 48. Jgdfwrthbwer 31 it Coming back with Victo- Eis,elThOWS1' 39 ries over Rosedale and West Eise OWGT 42 Junior High, the Eagles went Eise hOWS1' 25 on to defeat Argentine 26 to EiS9T11'1OWSI' 2-Z Zl and Coronado 39 to 2.7. Ending the season by play- ing the Arrowhead Apaches, the Eighth Graders lost Z2 to 38. The Eagles finished the season in fourth place. l G ,, ff .. 8 .3 ua.. 1 5. .M f OPPONENT 48 Coronado 24 Rosedale ZZ We 34 A I ad Z0 V, -V - 49 J , A 2 A ge ine North' est 'A 't 2 ai" Ona . " N tl1W 1 27 X entral 5 8 'lArroWhe2l 145 HX KJN so . ., 6 4 . , ir ty . Nw 434136 5 38 i se ' nn- X 9-Hr. of ' I ' V 'fa- ws' , 'Ng XX '- 4 2 K T- "'T ' Q . X, l ,, fly Eighth Grade Basketball Team. BACK: ROW: Mr. Bill Chambers, Coach:Greg Stockoff, Jim Bennett, David Schembs, David Davidson, Tim Byers, Brent Voiles, Frank Bigiliam, MikeAnderson, mana- ger. FRO T ROW: Dan Schmidt, mana- lp le ger: Curtis Smith, Darin Maier, Craig Ayers, Scott Wilson, IimCri1ly, Vic Henderson, manager. NOT PICTURED: Bob Gaunce and Keith Mark. C23 Put- ting his team two points ahead, Frank 3 Bigham shoots and makes it. C37 Frank Bigham, guarding a Coronado player, keeps him from scoring. Q45 Bob Gaunce, being guarded by a Coronado player, makes two points. ' 39 2 Cagers had a winning season The Varsity Cagers, under the direction of Head Coach Mr. Harold Barnes, finished the seasonwith tenwins and four losses. They opened the season with a7Z to 37 Win over the Coronado Colts. The Eagles had a five game Winning streak going for them until they clashed with the North- west Tigers. Eisenhower lost that bout 39 to 62. The Varsity team closed the winning seasonwith a big victory over the Apaches, 46 to 62. In this first season of competition, the Eagles finished third inthe city. I 40 I K 37 46 In 39 Z7 r 'ABQ 37 -it '28 M r 46 Al' l f U OPPONENT ,, Jz- 7f':1i1'5At'C V 'ig f, .1: 'i'T' 5 , 'gs da. if A 36 N 35 Arr whead ' ' 27 Ro ,dale - PAF' 62 ' flhwest 'd 25 "4 A ' entine F , Cf? 'l?Bl9rth,eraSrf , 3.35 'skwqi-"iii 'Tv ' 73542 ,west , 1, pw ti tvgonaslb . asia if ' fliwest " Z5 Central Z9 Arrowhead 1 flj The Varsity BasketballTeam. BACK ROW: Terry Seymore, manage1'gDavid Williams, A1anUpson, Tom Lichten- berger, Tim Cunningham, Dougwag- ner, Mike Stephens, Brian Peterson, Head Coach, Mr. Harold Barnes. FRONT ROW: lim Long, Dane Ogden, Bob Bennett, Mark Penrod. NOT PIC- TURED: Tom Brown, Dan Burnett, Steve Harris. Q25 Alan Upson C243 lays up the basketball for an easy two points during the Coronado game. C35 Dane Ogden 0105 shoots from behind the screen set up by Alan Upson f24j. 3 ' are , W. M 'Yi' after We ,:, M ji 1 ., l L, ' ' ' X i ...L W , t. sf...-n.'l.,, ms: 41 Seventh Graders were impressive The Seventh Grade A and B teams, coached by Mr. Dennis Stone, finished this season with winning records. Winding up the season with sixwins and six losses, the A team had its biggest vic - tories over Arrowhead and Coronado winning 40 to Zl and 46 to 41 respectively. In a Sunflower League battle, they lost a close bout with We st Junior High Z5 to 26. The Seventh Grade B tearnwas more successful with a total of sevenwins and only five losses. They tamed the Coronado Colts 2.0 to 8, and had other key victories over Northwest and Central. 2 +V gf' ,.g, M 54 - .gr--We F- -.--.. M A The Seventh G ra d e A and B Teams. Wesley Hawkins, Seventh Grade Coach, nis Orel, George Bynum Brad Ander BACK ROW: Tom Poje, Scott Fuller, Mr. Dennis Stone. FRONT ROW: Da- son, Tim Poje, David Hook Troy Dan Kalich, Wally Cox, Ricky Ka- vid Ellenberger, Steve Cowart, Den- Doolittle. NOT PICTURED Dale Scott rninski, Kevin Watson, KevinHow1ett, 42 "A lf'-1F'i"i ii-fee: , f . 'v IFF?" 'Ja--si'f 'f-.dr ... . J'9"..'!"f-7' Hof fg.-fr ETA gig' First track season for D.D.E. Fifty boys turned out for D. D. Eisenhower's first track season. With hopes for a successful season, training began February 28. Training involved ex- ercises such as stretching, calisthentics, andjogging around the Kansas City, Kansas Community Junior College. Ten meets were scheduled for the 1974 track season. . , , wr 1 Cigar 1- L ri-I , AFI' f f if ' ffl F DATE PLACE '91 M Z8 Ar owhead C A9331 8 Argentine fH2HjJ1'1'Q,, . - Cigroriado ,,. A152E!n af Wyandotte , ,A , .Ry rg' ., Mfllv 4 6 ,YS 'fApr1l'fl A N Js dzile 5. 'gpkr 1 fffif w f ton l - ii' ""' 'A ""i , 11 'rx - - -V T ..i"Q.g5Qf14 3- , ' ff ef 'ew A A ' eet . as-my st,.,,-:' an . :-1 . 1 . Clj Track Coach Mr. Doug Banker. C23 Track Coaches Mr. Ron Williams and Mr. Gerald Harrison discuss times re- corded for one of many practice relays. C37 Track Coach Mr. Jerry Goben. C41 Track Coach Mr. Doug Banker instructs the cindermeri during a practice held at the Kansas City, Kansas Commuity Junior College. 43 " 2 Q -1- f , . . - . , . , - 4 E-. . ..-,-is . ,,--'sf , ' Q . .- 2-l".Q 5 :mff.if5QA:..fsff ' - - ' 1 ' .' ' '15, " 'ii N g 5-2kivq,g5.:,X52r3ffrg:g ,- ' . 1 ' -. f V - air' Giffgsiz 'H ' "" ' . '. dr 1 , L '.5gr.::i-E21 jf-Tggffab.-,Qg,5E', if ,A--gif' 4, ...V 1, ' H K - -35 2' in .,-4. . :fY 5-31 .. -ifliaf 2322- wi 'Ei ' , 4 2 , 'Kiwi ,1i2.5l's1-E33-l JW ' " .. ' ' . ,, q ,. -x 'iw ' . v Q .. 1 A, H1713 - ,I tiww -im g,f,LI.g! ly iq " , i ig 41-1 x ,f '5--1 ' - 1 "'-Zak' .' x . , ' ' 1 -" -' I ' ' g,,.u-,A , - 't - 'f k, u Q J' - ' -V , 4 , 'NU ., . f , . JM- 1 f - , Q 1037! N,-. ' , V 1 gfilh. f , fl i . . " fn, 11 . '- M ' if , U ' , .gg 'fl-,D v ' A ' . Qi. " 'gk A 'h A . S f X ' ' f if-' - - f r "I ., W5 J., ,Ml 'Wall' J ' VV --.1-Pt ".Y :A- '1 ' r . 5 4, .A f- W b I, ...rw.f1.-f-A --rr ...ff 4. . ..-: ig: ,,',5.j7-f .SMT '31-f. if I-gg:5e:5 L ' ,P ,127 .jf L fm- - P' :',f,'r - - "ff,-:- ,-1g::F.,,:..,f- iff ,LQ I-211' gqqqu D ,A . Ml,-C,-Yap ., . ,, J. , 1. 1. ,Q 4. t - :ff-'T-J. '-wi'-ff."-'j".L.,f - Eg-2.,:.f .VQQ-11-fr.' - M'-,-J: -x 2.-5,11 ff." -. . F-:.' 5. f - fzfi 'If ' , -' wig-fa Ffa' Q .MQ U,-.1-J'--'57 '- - '. fM,4f.A Vo, 'v'-1. '1 Q, ' ",,1,uX ' v".'. '5'-..'5H- 7-sz-1.amf.f.'.f.t 'ffvf-:-'T , :wg 'ff , --.. ,.. , .. X- F .1 f,.wi--L.,-v r X ...Is 1- , Q., -,yhvi ,- f -- -Qin.-4 ' ,f--,1 I ' " M' L'--'fl -'--.-2 ---. 1- -- 4 - N.: it WVf.1f,v-4-, -4 ,B - ef., I I Q --g,--,-1-:U -,- .T + vw .Qu,,..d gi-.., -- f. W'-if - . -,L 'vi ,V u ,-,rfyqfff--iQ.,,1fA4gLy5-,g -4-HP--W . - " Qyyf, Nw. 1-'i1if4fjll2'.7!Q." "iff'2'QK'F4?w1' 1'-v'-ZH f'v.-- -4 . .., ,a I 914+-..:-.I.'1 Aj-Wy--.1 -'V-,gA"' '.7'f ,I-'milf -f-V.. 'T' ,j , 1-H ' - J .--1 we .,m.wf-2.5-iiffsfi-fsf.-41.-1-+A i.?:f--v.q1.'.x.- pits 1 , . -- , I X x af m . ' K Q -,-+4 H x A T' x. .h ,QL -K--,. - '--.1 1 5' ...,:..-.,.,' . . . . .A.A. had active members Mrs. Bertha Stamps, Phy sical Education instructor, was the sponsor of Girls Athletic Association. The rnain goal of the club was to give girls a chance for phy- sical activity after school. Volleyball, basketball, softball, and badminton were some of the activities in which girls participated. One special activity of the club was a bowling match with Coronado .Tun- ior High during March. fly Girls' Athletic Association Officers: Brenda Griffith, presidentslvirs. Bertha Stamps, sponsor and treasurer: Julie Gentry, reporter: Tammie Myers, as- sistant secretary. NOT PICTURED: Francis Magnuson, secretary. C23 Vol- leyball was one of the many activities that members of G. A. A. participated in. avr' . If 1-.f.'-fam: , 45 f, - K , - ,ga -, ANEW YEAR. . . found our different schools together. There were new ideas and new experiences Working together we became one. . . DAY BY DAY - - ... ,..,-'-".4d"'.L4 Freshmen reflected many moods Many moods were ex- pressed by the first Fre sh- man Class of D.D. Eisen- hower. Participating in various classroom and extracurricular activitie s , they acted as leaders of an all new student body. Ironically, this first year at D.DQ Eisenhower was also to be the last year for this class.Their time was brief, yet the impression left by the Freshman Class formed the foundation from which future clas ses will build leadership, character, and scholar ship. Janice Adamson Tina Alkire Freddy Anderson Mike Anderson Tod Anderson Julie Angell David Applegate A Kathy Armstrong Donna Bailey Bob Bailey Dana Baker Mike Beebe Rick Behrens Bob Bennett Gloria Benson 48 'mf Q i. -CP ? ,gif 7 In ,. 13 w ,W!'f?"fr , I' ' 1 f A wh' T l 'X 6-' if- Regina Benson Karen Bentch Lisa Berg Paula Bernard Greg Bidwell Stephanie Bilyk Gary Blackaby Glenda Blair Jodi Blair Dave Botkin Bob Bowlin Jerry Bowman Yandell Bramwell Ralph Brazeal Diana Brensinger Keith Brittingham I oe Brockrnan David Brown Tom Brown Vickie Brown Wayne Brown Teresa Brownlee Sandy Bruce Lee Bryant Rodney Buckallew Laura Bulman Jim Burger ' Bonnie Burgess Sarah Burgess Dan Burnett Brad Burns Suzi Burson David Burton Marty Burton Eric Bynum Dwyane Canady Betty Carver Don Carver Tammy Charles Keith Charlton Phyllis Church Marty Clark Cathy Coldiron Margaret Coleman Carla Conder Shawn Cook Tammie Cooper Jim Cornett Steve Courtwright Gary Covey Randy Craig Michelle Cramer Dorothy Crockett Todd Crutcher Pat Culter Craig Cunningham Laurie Cunningham Tim Cunningham Chris Currie Nancy Dagg Jeff Davidson Sandy Davidson Naomi Davis Steve Davis Michelle Delich Diana Demoss Connie Derossett Jaime Diaz Sheryl Dick Laurie Dixon Bruce Dodson Paula Duffendack Carrie Dysart Chris Eker Rhonda Ellis Kathy Ettinger Patti Farris Janet Fehlhafer Ricky Fisher Dan Ford John Forsyth Shelle Foy Kathy Frank Jef Fuller Paula Gardner Kim Giersch Linda Gilpin Mary Gilpin Jeff Good Joy Gould Rick Gower Anna Graether Brenda Grafke David Grafke Andy Graham Carolyn Grauberger Michelle Gravatt Jamie Green Mary Greenwood Greg Greiner Tim Greve Brenda Grey Ed Grisnik Ray Haggard Wanda Hamilton Wendell Hamilton Chuck Hamm Steve Harris Robert Hart David Hartford Penny Hartman Ted Hartschorn John Haynes Pat Hays J' eff I-lenak Keith Herdman Bryan R. Hicks Terri Hicks Bob Himes Julie Hinchey ' 4 lv' ,Av ,- I , 1 ., ' A .: T . fy FX V J J I J N. Karen Holt Maggie Hook Gail Hoover Teresa Horstrnan Lisa Hotujac Penny Hoyt Cheryl Hudlin Duffy Huff Debbie Ingram Jennifer Jacks Dana Jackson Larry Jacobs Karen Jacobson Tammy Jansen Liz Johnson Smiles remained as the year progressed ' 'f Q.-Z JJ: 1 an -6 ' 31.-. rl '- I .. ' 1 a ir -sw ' January snows created a new pastime for students of D. D. Ersenhower Melaine Jones Mike Kane George Kemper Jeff Kent Doug Kersten Mark King Kirk Klingler Regina Klugye Carolyn Ko olt Tom Kolojaco Dan Korona Mary Koskan Philip Kozak Cindy Krouse Doug Kufahl Bill Kunkier John Lacy Joetta Landis Mark Larson Julie Laughery Dianna Lewailen Tom Lichtenberger Kenny Lindberg Janet Long Jim Long Mary Loomis Julie Lowe Patrick G. Lynch Stacey Lynn David Lynnes Janet Mallonee Debbie Mantooth Tim Marker Connie Martin Kathy Mayer Mark McBride Cindy McBroom Amy McCarty Gloria McClain Doug McGee Joe McGill I anee Merritt Barbie Mertel Kristi Meyer Darryl Miller Kathy Miller Nelson Miller Pam Miller Paula Miller Randy Mitchell Randy Mizer Cheryl Monley Don Montogomery Kevin Montgomery Don Morasch Melinda Morgan Ieanice Morrison Ed Murphy Tom Nason Chuck Nelson Dave Nichols l Georgia Nightwine W Bob Noah L' Sharon O'Bryar1 Dane Ogden ' ,Xl Dave Oliver -' "IW ,Waluim X Danny Orel lf-f .T in '- '55 Rick Orndorff , x i ll Lama Oswald :M A -1- " Carla Otten 'i-r,i . , , ' Z '-'L-1 Gaylene Padgett Doug Pagacz Don Palmer 5, Bob Palmer ..- Denise Pahner , ' f X lx' A Class of '74 explored man horizons Miss Ianell Newman goes over a written assignment in English class with Tim Cunningham. 56 E6 ...Q 15, ,WX ii ' sv A, yi 4 r l , 4175! -rim' 4. -?"l "9 .sl L.. A L l 1,1 -fs: Y . gy ......-- X ,A ' .af.',,ql4- 3' ilk? P I I' , jj i- -' syn ., ,J f- V - S rp, ': X, 'A 'tr- i' 77' Q'-. vw y tl ' Kaz, I A iish, : x . fghgx. tx 2 " L1 .-'-Ex?--S David Parks Doug Parker Ramona Partin Cindy Patterson Don Pauley Mark Penrod Janet Peppel Darlene Perryman Kay Peters Linda Peters Brian Petersen Drew Phillips Dennis Porterfield Jerry Porting Paul Potter Diane Power Pat Ramey Robin Randall Teresa Reaka Russell Reid Bert Retherford Sandy Revard Fred Reynolds Ginger Reynolds Susan Rice Brian Richeson Gail Rigdon Pat Riley Mitchell Rios Kelly Roberts Steve Roberts Kevin Robinson Mike Robinson Howard Rogers Jennifer Rose Phillip Rozell Cherlyn Rucker Debbie Ruppel Sandy Russell Luce Sanchez Stanley Saunders Paula Sayers Jezan Schaben Dana Schiemann Julie Schmalz Mike Schmoldt Judy Schooler Karen Schumacher Mike Scofield Doug Scott Craig Seetin Sondra Serviss Terry Seymour Tammie Sharp Chuck Shelton Pam Shelton Randy Shoemake Denise Simmons Debbie Simpson Randy Sisk ,T , J., 551 , 1 X N! 1 r-ffl: K . A AFX. ' 'H x. f 2 'Tb 5 M W Y 1 U- 1 , N y if 6-gigs 1 'gif Hu ,l fc If-5 3' DG A.. ' Mari Slaughter Cheryl Smith Leta Smith Melleri Smith Nancy Smith Wade Smith Kim Stapleton Iay Steinbrink Mike Stephens Jeff Stewart Steve Stimach Vicki Stolte Sally Stramel Tim Swanson Cindy Tarwater Jim Taylor Carla Terry Andy Teters Dale Thibodeau Rosemarie Thomas Brenda Thurman Larry Tipton Bob Treas Jim Trinkle Steve Troutman Randy Turley Tim Tyler Alan Upson Louis Vandenberg Laura Vanderveldt Sandy Vandyke Bill Vanfleet Michelle Ventura Roy Vestal Sandra Vukas Doug Wagner Mike Wa deck Debbie Walje Jesse Wallace Tammy Walls Ken Warford Cindy Waterfield Mark Waterworth Gary Watkins Brenda Weaver Gail Webb John Wesley Chris Whitlock John Whitmill I eff Widener Debbie Wiley David Williams Dianna Williams Kim Wilson Sandra Wing Marianne Wolfe Robin Woodard Paul Woodford Tom Woods Gayle Woodward M., ,A,,.-..ai .,,......-. 3' Working hard to meet his deadline, Chuck Shelton typed his copy for the LIBERATOR. Freshmen showed creative abilities Darrel Wright Clay Zellers L 8th Grade was largest class D. D. Eisenhower's Eighth Grade Class entered this school with 382 students. Corning from Coronado Jun- ior High and Arrowheadilun- ior High, they brought an as - sortment of new ideas, per - sonalities, and challenges to the school. As D. D. Eisenhower' s large st clas s, they added their spirit to the school' s many activities. The school profited from the Eighth Graders as they brought their talents to light in this first year. Wayne Agee I im Akers Kim Aldridge Keith Allen Ozella Allen Sheryl Amos Calvin Anderson Keith Anderson Megan Anderson Dann Arrnstron Rex Ater -, lla ' 'I I r , . , ' "xs- Q' ' 5 4 - "as L in Q n x - MikeyArrnstrongg gi I Q . . 4 Q f, u 'f -'1,f it M E- '. Kathy Atkins John Auman Keri Austin Anita Ayala Craig Ayers Jim Bailey David Barnett Larry Baska Linda Baskett Ruth Ann Bates Beverly Bean Dona Beashore Tracie Bell Gary Bellus Iohn Bender Laurie Bender Carl Bendure Ion Benham 62 , fl. p J an .. g A K. .i-ig.. Y ff-E5l!,7:.'I,. , isiziifis i 74 'frat ,- 7' 1, 1' . L 14 ff? L '1- -4. fi 'QLIL H 7 ss. -sri, 4' L fl 'Wi "Q 'A L 1 ..,. In . X ':f 'v . ..- r, -, 'Q v' ' X. V nd L. 1 hw: ,f . ' 5. 'W s .A 1 ' 9.65: In L 'f K ' "' 4. ' M n .ka 5 IE l 1' " "' is " X v ' R Y hai gk Q 5, I t M , , . , -ff gg, , i . 'fr .4 I. A G . i 1, V " - :NX v gi L 1- F my r 'x e. T2 bv-X 3, K bv '1' Jim Bennett Ianice Bergman Mike Bernthal Steve Bernthal Russ Betzel Frank Bigham Phil Billington Cheryl Bird Kim Bishop Gail Bortka Tim Boyce Teresa Boyd Nancy Brammer Cara Brant Juanita Brazeal Joe Bredemeier Jim Brennan Sonja Brown Musical talents displa ed b Eighth Graders ,.. fx 'fel 13 bw: viii! 1' 9 1 ' X . inf w t, 'aah ' ' U T7 ' 'Ji - ms l af H-4.-. -.9 "t 5 X 1- ,x . A : -2 Pg. ' y, Q ff'- G a ' V2 'Era' il -5' so I -'.-ri sv 1 . V gn? o r 5 ' .J in ir r E122 - ' . 'Y if-will , , K Harold Bruce Laura Brune Cheryl Bruner John Bryant Mike Bryant Lisa Buckman Mike Bull Ginger Bunner Craig Burgess Brian Burnett Karol Burnett Nancy Burnett Cheryl Burton Tim Byers Byron Canady Steven Capp Debbie Carlson Tonya Carpenter Steve Carrico Doreen Carter Kellie Carver Shellie Carver Mark Castro Teresa Chapman Linda Chase Dortha Chipman Scott Clark Marla Coniglio Ron Conner Carolyn Cook Jerry Cook Logan Cook Betty Cooper Linda Corbin Ricklg Cowan Keir Crable Deanna Craig Jim Creason I im Crilly Greg Crook Sheila Crooks Julia Crutcher Tim Cummings David Cunningham Tom Cunningham Perry Currie Janie Custer Dale Davidson Vicki Dercher Liz Diaz Kent Docking Sharri Dodd Angie Dodge Mitsey Do son Phillis Doolittle Craig Dressler I erry Ehrhardt Matt Eker Mark Ellenberger David Ellis Scott Merritt, Mitch Rios, and Rick Stroble discussed the schoo1's first pep rally held December 11, 1973. 64 ,f z' '-ez Li ,-- Q 'I I init-' , .515 . fy VI ,',:, fp i 1 I f' , fp :A 44. Ni !'1 ,,f I Jr, I af A . 4,1 W ln, N 1 if I. . 'fi fl A w 59' I, X51 .. , 1 . ., .M PM ,,,..4 J- M J A' .4 "' 41" A . I 45 Q V, is . .If V Eff. 'V Q I I .A 1.5 M .N J . J' ' ' ' -' ' , ,A ,ft Q 'D 4 In .- ,. W I ' 1. 'J D -- . . 1 - ' ,-n'- flflff Tv V , Fha J 'H Ji' I lf' I 4 r-Vim. . 'Ma J David Elsey Darrell Espe Cindy Essary Maureen Eubanks Scott Evans Steve Farr Lisa Fehlhafer Rocky Fisher Jim Flack Donna Flackmiller Tina Folsom Christy Foreman Sam Forester Beth Forwalder Mark Fox Lee Frances Beth Frendtrop Danny Frese Brenda Frost Linda Fuentez Pam Fuhr Mark Fulton Sheree Garrison Roney Gates Theresa Gates Bob Gaunce Cindy Gaupp Bill Gale John Gill Mark Gillaspie Pictures were taken and color packets sold 1 fx, . ' ., S.. ,vs ' QQ ' "0 -S7 1 '. I n n . t. ., x ,M,p- -t will - .N , V ' Q 'EH - '-J! '. I' V Tut x . Carrie Goodfellow Alan Goodman Paula Gordon Bill Gosney Donna Grant Sam Gravatt Doug Green Allen Gregory Gordon Gregory Curtis Griener Brenda Griffith Cynthia Gromer Laurie Gunther David Haar Debra Hall Deena Halleir John Hallmark David Hammond Eighth grade English students read new- ly chosen lrterature books NORTHERN Sandy Hansen Randy Hare Cathy Harman Sue Hart Tom Hartshorn Russel Hartz Darren Hayward Pam Henderson Vic Henderson Jim Henton Mike Hewitt Jeff Hilgers Karen Hodge Larry Holder Debbie Holmes Dee Holtzman Brett Hosking Jeff Huck Cindy Human Don Hurla Tina Hurtado Wenda Ishmael Starla Jacobs Vicki Jacobs Kathi Janne Todd Jarvis Jack Jester A lita Jones Paul Kaiser Rickie Kasper -0' 6 T 4 ni , ., ,. i 4 f 4 w " N lai- J 1 45- ' 1 9 ll 1 n ,fl-V if ul' 11 lr .fl . ik r 1 , ,Y I A Q 'QV .,,. 1 X v- v If 1 x- ,- - lf I , rf! . 1 W' 3 if ' J I X I 5, , s if Raymond Kelley Am Keltner Bobby Keuchel Cheryl King Robert Knipp Mitch Kniss James Knouse Neal Koelzer Martha Kolich Bob Koontz Lillian Kreiser David Kriley Kristin Kubler Jeff Lance Betty Joe Lawrence Denise Lawson Sabrina Lee James Lewis English classes received new books . na 'en' ' Q. at 0' L bk ,f ' r. lk -b in A 3 3 A ' ,ni r lb 1. W I I Jil J - Y 1 Vi gl., ,a A L, 1 J I F I . 5" ltr, n 0 X .I 4 lr fill . J' Gary Lindsay Terry Lindsay Jim Lowe Julie Lynn Frances Magnuson Daron Maier Keith Mark Terry Marvel Gary Marx Ronald McAfee Daniel McClain Carl McGuire Jim McLaughlin Ruth McMi1lin Scott McReynolds Mary Ellen Meek Chris Meggs Scott Merritt John Mestrovich Tami Metzger Edythe Miller Gwain Miller Penney Miller Scott Millsap Jodi Miscevich Becky Mitchell Leartis Mitchem David Moon Nancy Moroney Christine Morrison Scott Wilson studies about B1ackAmerica from the MINORITIES U. S. A. book used in Mr Perkins Ethnics Studies class. Dwayne Morrison Tom Moss Sharon Motsinger Denise Mott Terry Murphy Tony Murphy John Murry Bill Nead Tim Neff Carmen Newman Lisa Nickell Cindy O 'Brien Connie O den Chris Ore? Marsha Orrick Joe Otten Jackie Page Scott Paine Gary Palmer Brian Patrick Mike Patrick Scott Pearson Raymond Peat Brenda Phillips Jim Phillips Mark Phillips Rusty Phillips Randy Pile Amy Poole Teresa Porter -111 P' ,A .-.X f"", , 'il' Au. F M in ' . I . R-., V f ' L.. W J' 421 Migiyx EE . Yr 'f .. t .,. p I S.. . " H51-.1 ' fit- :I . h Sandy Powell Karen Power Mark Powers Candy Price Iohn Pruett Lori Radford Linda Ramey Jeff Reed Scotty Reed Robert Reeves Jeff Reicheneker Debbie Rexrode Cathy Reynolds Lou Ann Reynolds Harold Rich Shelly Richardson Dan Riley Pat Riley Scott Robbins Debbie Robertson Connie Rock Linda Rogers Daved Ross Brian Rothrock John Roush Becky Rusk Ricky Ruttan Don Saint Jerri Samuels John Sarcoxie American Histor required this year Kim Sartin Codi Schaben David Schembs Kathy Schrnaltz Danny Schmidt Kathy Schumacher Don Scott Alan Seldomridge Ion Seufert Amy Sevedge Frank Shatto Don Shelton Mike Shore Sam Shublom Mike Simmons Diana Simpson Larry Sisk Randy Sloan Eighth grader Nancy Moroney found the new study cubicles in the library a valu John Smalley Curtis Smith Martha Smith Sheri Smith Peigy Sowers Mi e Sprague Laura Stanfill Dianna Stauch Vickie Stauch Virginia Stephen Susan Stevens Dani Stewart Marcus Stinnett Greg Stockoff John Stone Rusty Streeter Rick Stroble Dirk Stumpner Sharon Sturgeon Kellie Swanson Lynn Thompson Debra Thorne Ann Thurston Jim Timm Julie Toevs Linda Tracy Jim Travis Karen Upson Linda Vasquez John Vassar mn WX,- fl" ima G, Q' " r 'LJ 41" "9 F ,, . .. 1 r up uf 'J "' 4. 1 , X P" ma- ' - '55, Q in " 'va " ei.. Y T' 11, X . X 'N if lr gi is ' rs umm" ,. I ., ,M rp 1 X Dennis Zuck Linda Vassar Brent Voiles Iirn Waldeck David Wardwell Luke Weaver Mark Weaver Johnny Webb Marsha Webb Greg Wendt Lonnie Wendt Tim Whalen Joy White Mary White Evelyn Whitebread Ted Wilcox Darla Williams Don Willis Kathy Wilson Scott Wilson Annette Wiltfong Diana Win John Woodgord Brian Wyman Pam Yoker Yearbook and ewspaper staff were selected TvSim,Fi-,-. 7 LT., I, ,1, Mark Fox used new head phone equip ment to sharpen his skills in Reading Comprehensive class Seventh Grade built for future The Seventh Grade stu- dents began a new experi- ence when they walked down the halls of D.D. Eisenhow- er. Corning from seven surrounding grade schools, they soon became avital part ofthe student body. Seventh Graders became involved in all facets of school activities and spon- sored a skating party in the fall. As the youngest members of this student body, they built a founda- tion for future years. Lisa Adams John Amrein Brad Anderson Danny Anderson Gayla Angell Kristine Armstrong Kathy Auman Diana Bakarich Roger Barber Danny Barnett Sharon Barr John Bauer Monica Baxter Paul Becker Penney Beets Deann Bennett Ronnie Bennett Sindy Benson Diana Berg Barbara Bernard Jenifer Bernard Scott Bishop I eff Bolton Linda Bond Vincent Booth Chuck Bowlin Bryant Boyce Mary Boyd Westley Brazeal Janet Brensinger Lisa Brewer Marlene Brooks Mike Brown Duane Buckmaster Klent Bunch 72 tr X I r f fini. Brenda Burnett Brian Burns Susan Burton Susan Busbea George Bynum Susan Byrne Forrest Capp Eddie Carmon Valerie Castro Lori Charlton Jackie Cheatam Thomas Chipman Kathy Chumley Bill Coldiron Kim Colwell Julia Conder Steve Conner David Courtney Seventh Graders prepared for years Jill Courtwright Steve Cowart Tom Cox Wally Cox Lisa Crabtree Karen Creten Lisa Cross Judy Crosthwait Amy Crouse Russell Crowley Becky Culp Sara Cummings Dwayne Daniels Cathy Davis Gaylen Davis Kathy Davis Terri Davis Laurie Day Trudi Deatherage Cindy Dodson Troy Doolittle Frederick Douglas William Douglas Robin Drew Karen Dry Andy Eastwood Sharon Edwards Edwin Eggleston Lisa Eisman David Ellenberger ahead JoAnne Faraci Lisa Feighner Bob Fine Stacia Fisher Elaine Flackmiller Mamie Folsom Ann Ford Robert Ford Denise Fowler Tim Frese Scott Fuller Raymond Gander Jamie Gaunce Connie Gaupp Keith Geary Julie Gentry Andy Gipson Tom Glick Tracy Goodman Kathy Gould Gary Gower Wilford Grant Brian Green Traci Gregory Rick Gruendel Kyle Haflich Karen Hall Lloyd Hallier Glenda Hallmark Sarah Hanson Underclassmen gained status at Eisenhower Sharon Hanson David Hargitt Terry Harris Debbie Hassler Wesley Hawkins Vicki Henderson Vicki Hendrix Charlotte Hensley Susan Hicks John Himes Russ Hodge Tina Hogland Tammy Holder Sharon Holt David Hook Lori Hoover Kevin Howlett Carol Hunter Barbara Hurla Tammie Hurtado Chris Isabell Janice Ishmael Debrah Jacobs Tina Jewel Connie Johannes Darrel Johnson Keith Johnson Donna Johnson Laurie Johnson Timmy Johnson Sam Jolley Daniel Kalich Rick Kaminski Debbie Knouse Kerry Kratzer Fred Kropf Bryan Lacy Chris Lamasney Heidi Leuzinger Dan Lichtenberger Lisa Licklider Dwayne Little Mike Locke Larry Loeffler Lisa Malbon Deanne Mallonee Lori Mantooth Linda Marker Jeff Marquis Christie Martin Darla Matney Gail Mauzey Tim McBride Lori Mantooth and Robert Sanchez wait as Kim Colwell uses the telephone Tammy McBroom Joe McCabe Mike McCabe Gary McCarty Eilleen McClain Dwayne McCorkenda1e Willie McGough Randy McHenry Lyn McLaughlin I eff McMurphy Gary McNeff Rodney Mersman Debbie Messer Monica Metz Marcie Meyer Wendell Miklos Dean Miller Kathy Miller ,,.. 1 . J ,... Q 55, -V Ser' 11 Seventh grade students sponsored skating part Sheryl Miller Dennis Moad Mary Moore Cecilia Morffi Terry Morris Kevin Murphy Mark Murphy Tammie Myers Debra Neumann Cynthia Newton Debbie Nichols Theresa Noah Scott Obley Terrie Odneal Dennis Orel Peggy Pack Teresa Painter Paul Papa Jay Park Chris Parker Kevin Patrick Peggy Pennington Steve Peppel Doug Peterson David Phillips Sandy Placke Tom Poje Tim Poje Eddie Poole Duane Porterfield 76 v i s ,Nr I Q Nl rx, , 1 :.ggi,. If -, ,.,-...- s 5 nf. 'XX :nf . .4 A Y . , 4 'TW a,.iarpQ 5 H ' Win 1 X? w wjlu' tx , .1 'P ' l N' vi x X 5 J 4,- ff .J cv 'ur " HN ,Q mg ,G- lsv f' . 4 'e m ' :Eb 'Q 9' ,fi .-Ji' A ' .A -I . ' is -fi .tml ' nh xl 'V 'A ,oi-. I K' ,L . i Hr '+- v X - , ,,-- X .eff V: Y - H ,J' lixriffl W 4,15 . C rw ti tc" i "4 if ' " " LV f Li . Y--. ' ,ne ' Q X. J " V f ' X 4 L .' T31 I 1, k,,r X H, t X ' i NX , F 5: .JN .. -' V S -1- hi I 3 QQ' 5 . x 52: ' -wig M Ji: 3' ., I ,V J at 'ix Mark Stapleton busily works at the disc sander as he completes a project for shop class. 5- if , l x was -.kg , 4 n.:..,.,. ,rx Q. XJ' 'WNY "' I Mark Porting Tim Priddy Mark Proctor Mark Puhl Kim Rahija John Rameriz Marilyn Redden Bobbie Jo Reed Jeff Reed Kim Reynolds Donna Rice Dede Richards Tracie Riggs Beth Roberts Jim Roberts Kenny Roberts Cythia Robertson Cliff Ross Lisa Rothrock Rochelle Rucker Caryn Rusnak Todd Saint Robert Sanchez Melody Sartin Delane Sass Jeannette Schmalz Joan Schmidt Steven Schons Ron Scoles Dale Scott John Shatto Deanna Shaumeyer Phyllis Shelton Greg Shields Vic Shoemake Monica Sipple Ron Sixta Mike Slaughter Brenda Small Wyatt Smith Robert Spurgeon Mark Stapleton Dan Steinbrink Gary Stevens Cathy Stewart Teresa Stimach David Stricko Scott Swearengin Cristy Tarwater Kevin Taylor Mark Taylor Susan Taylor Kelley Tearney Wayne Thomas Jim Thompson Terri Thompson Robyn Thurston Stephanie Trapp Danny Tripp Don Turner Jeff Turner Roberta Turner Randy Vance Larry Vanfleet Charles Vestal Vicki Vickland Sandra Vonholten Dave Walls Larry Waters Michelle Waterworth Seventh Graders discuss the events of the day during lunch in the cafeteria D. D. Eisenhower students knew Just what to do with this year s first snow Seventh Graders joined extracurricular events Kelly Watkins Kevin Watson Robert Watson Sherry Weaver Darren Wells Karl Wendt Rick Whitebread Todd Whitlock Dawn Wilcoxson Lori Williams Steve Williams David wing Ken Wilshire Brian Wilson Curtis Wilson Danielle Wilson Lisa Wilson Debbie Wood Bryce Wooten Mitchell Wright Coyne Young Tara Zuck Troy Wilson 'uf .fn , Q e X A 'A W ' an ' ,dl , if eg, e ' eff ' 'V W 1 H n V f W As we gaie into the darkness. Y we see the end of this day- s the end of this year. . . A NEW YEAR, DAY BY DAY. Q459 TQBQWQPS V r W7 ,Mi My QM Q? fMWiMI1 W W BAJZDXOZED JAY W O! 24f0'576,,Mfi Uvgfb W MM! A J X mf'-M69 HJ, X91 f W , QAJAWW f I Zfwf ':'f9W1d'55f'?' ' was-A ,ju . , 301ufJb'jgg29'3,,fv , of 1 wwiwww ffgwggg WW wwf? WTWMFOOQA N we ' . f -550:52 Qifzf-SQQL.. I x . 0024 11VVvf'fq-Dgff You Dbwbcs. 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Eisenhower Middle School - Patriot Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 53

1974, pg 53

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Eisenhower Middle School - Patriot Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 46

1974, pg 46

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