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3? c5 R 8: y moeq YA 9X 4 . i CREEK RD - n, ILLIN um i I a L R P S 5 2 5 3 ROCK .' . bk ' 1:11! Ar Wk 95 va rles e e x251, GEM and Ir tie yeorbo ftoff' s dunfgj5m IX YE pr 5 and ommemororeWge 3xanemories ' hey W preciselyKorkchoccurotelywq Elf? J The merger s of EhQior ore oneglj of sQr or joys Mrrows, ond ViFK ok bogky rgQLzan'i .V j; VIA file Vangf ton. E J $1! a V1 t , Q Bu t e must n, t6foce Q the reon'les of life Chlldhood joys 1 FM . - . . oer, mature re US. .f J5, x" ,- Wand: vaathwJHm Q. A Activities . tromurols MARCH Jennlfer Flnnell Mellsso Carlson Todd Greenlee Jovlro Slebge Charles Joseph John Alexander Jlm Buhl Kyong Chong Rlchord Robinson John Bragg Terri Thomas APRIL John Holman Koren Resurreccion Amy Armstrong Kim Dunkin Reidor Rosengreen Greg Hemer Kristine Rouse Bob Mundr Hong Khom Sisovotch Todd Whirehouse Suson Bolsreod Porrlcio Madden Croig Benson Peter Coton OCTOBER Goil Anderson Becky Bien Srewort Bradley Morthew Bro n Nicole Com rherine n oul Hold ion Jo son Moniqu oMotte ' , Jenny elum g est ifer , ' . r iEVEMBER Terry . V e Woodhouse T.O.P.S. Ghonk Our Pleas- onr Students. is 0 program when especially good stu- dents are selected by cer- tain teachers each month to be honored with o spe- cial luncheon. These stu- dents get 0 personal pon pizza from Pizza Hut. At the end of the year these students go on 0 field trip. Lost yeors' field trip was to Old World Wisconsin. DECEMBER Korhy Colllns Drew Hess Corl nghshow Eric Jushko Daniel Konrod Derrick Lester Jeni Olmsted Heather Dee!- Brion Powell Derrick Puckett Scott Cincinnati Brlon Shlndler JANUARY Melisso Carter Christopher Corbin Tlm Fowler Kimberly Grey Johonno Hess Autumn Jackson Wendell Mortinez Jeff Nelson H0566 Olson Susan Penna Brion Underhill Buddi Wode Dovid Weiss Precious Wilkins FEBRUARY Amor Bonsol Alecio Benford Trocy Clark Col Erickson John Hole Ston Horrls Mishoue Hello! Porrick Hurd Margie Lorson Beth Miller Derek Perkins Nlcole Schovlond - ' Andrea Walker ' a , HOME ARTS This year in seventh grade home orts, students studied 0 unit on how to form ottroctive personalities and how'to groom and eat properly with o well balanced diet. Howev- er, most of the semester was spent mastering the different areas of cooking and sewing. Students learned to understand home eco- nomics, to become comfortable in BEGINNING BAND The seventh grade beginning bond class was for students who wished to ploy on instrument but did not have experience. They learned how to ploy oil the notes on their instrument cooking skills to learn and try new and how to contribute to 0 large mu- foods, and to work cooperatively sicoi group. The beginning bond with others. gave two concerts this year. ENGLISH BEGINNING STRINGS In seventh grade English, the stu- dents learned the basic skills in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and literature. They also studied and did projects on the relation on the areas of creativity and grom- mer. The seventh grade English teachers hoped to let the students understand the importance of cor- rect grommer in the world today. The seventh grade beginning strings closs performed in o variety of con- certs this year. Students were striving to learn the basic skills such 05 correct notes, rhythms, bowings, and playing positions. This prepared them for eighth grade concert orchestro. 4 SEVENTH GRADE MATH In seventh grade moth this year, many things were accomplished. The students participated in the lllinOis Moth League stote moth contest and explored many areas of moth. Some were geometry, graphing and prob- lem equation solving. CAREER EDUCATION This year the seventh groders took part in 0 career educotion course. In this class, the students did indepth re- search on their chosen career and dis- cussedjobs, applications, socioi secu- rity, 0nd paychecks. This course was designed to make students become aware of their future goals so they can better their chance in reaching them. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ; a This year in seventh grade Indus- triol Arts, the students mode plastic and wood projects. They learned the characteristics of materials and the use of hand tools and mo- chines. They also learned to design their own products, to cooperate with others, and to develop re- sponsible work habits. DEVELOPMENTAL READING This year all seventh graders read- ing or or below grade level were required to take developmental reading. This class taught the stu- dents study skills, vocobulory, com- prehension, and speed reoding. SEVENTH GRADE 5 SCIENCE This year in science, seventh graders leorned geology, astronomy, mer- erology, cartography, ond oceonog- rophy. Many students will enjoy sci- ence in the future year because of this course. COMMUNICATIONS Mony seventh grade students portici- poted in communications. This class taught the students h0w to talk and perform in front of large groups of people and to develop good listen- ing and writing skills. The students learned how to successfully prepare for presentations and developed good speech making skills. 6 SEVENTH GRADE BOYS GYM This year, seventh grade boys were introduced to new gym ac- tivities and sports such 05: track and field, softball, gross hockey, and cross country. In the end, the stu- dents Ieorned basic knowledge about many various sports and learned the value of fitness in one's life. KEYBOARDING In keyboording this year, seventh groders had an introduction to the letters and numbers of the key- board and the ports of the ma- chine. They also learned to type sentences, paragraphs, and one page reports. HEALTH The seventh grade heoith closses ot- tempted this year to present informa- tion and develop decision making skills so that students can make intelli- gent choices concerning their life styles. Topics covered include nutri- tion, growth and development, and drug education. ART In seventh grade on the students studied design, color, and art appreci- otion. They also learned to use sever- al different on mediums. The goal was not to make ortists out of the stu- dents, but rather to get them to think creatively and apply what they have learned to their everyday lives. SOCIAL STUDIES This year in seventh social studies, students learned geogrophicol skills, mop interpreting skills, envi- ronmental resources, and the prior- ity of environment in everyday life. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical education was on enjoy- oble class for many seventh grade girls. They participated in many oc- tivities. Gross hockey, swimming, and gymnastics were just a few. This class will help prepore them- selves for eighth grade. SEVENTH GRADE 7 Wham WARM nMdmAnderwn BridgerAnde-rsen Mnnhew Anderson Paul Anderson Robert Angileri Jomes Arco Liso Ashcroft 1 ;Kirnbe-Hy Aeghoabeugb ' 3mm Yonen Avery i Robin-Bebcox Knmeh Baoder Kimberly Boiley Morlon Boiley Rondoll Bork Rhondo Barrett Kristen Bortholmey em Berra Haste Bahia MeHsse Bower Vrrle' Beehsrrvrh 8 SEVENTH GRADE Photo Not available Chernetro Bedford Rochoel Dedford Angelo Belcher Kevin Benjamin Bret Bender John Bennett Morthew Berger Jonathon Beu Mbem-Bien Daniel Biledeue Shondo Blokley Doniel Bonovio Mimi Bonecke Michoel Booker M Beams: SdfyBOiym Heather Breen SEVENTH GRADE 9 x 6.; A l Cynthlo Brewer Gregory Brown Joso'n Brown Manes Bvevm Z Matthew Brown Nothdn Bryant W W Amen Burke Samoa Dun Raul Gem Heather Campbell Tomoro Carson Comllle Coner Mellsso Coner John Cortlldge Jodothon Caron Charles Coneroll Amy chum Well CW Mathew Gum Trocy Clark Colin Clarke Anthony Colllns 10 SEVENTH GRADE Kenylo Colllns Joshuo Cook ' Jeffrey Corirossi Schwonn Cox Heheel Gram r Stewevd deen AeruHL-w Rebeca Daniels Cossondro Dovenporr Jimmy Dovls Loshonio Dovis Korlno Decourcey SEVENTH GRADE 11 BvedbyBolmove WM Lorry Eckmonn . Nicole Fisher 12 SEVENTH GRADE mm MW Percy Edwards MFG!!! Copresho Flinr Fronk Devivo Danielle Donahue Bren Ekebom AngelFess M969?! mom Alexondrio Dowell Michelle Duvoll Trio Ellison Dune Enda- Gront Flnnell James Francis TM Foder C; Rod Fronklln Shown Freundschuh Yolondo Fricks S Gilbert Fromero Moria Golluzzo W Gilleue Ericko Gloss C bows Mn 9 Joseph Goyock 5W Gmaie C , Sherry Grohom Twonerte Gulley Karen M Teolo Holcom SEVENTH GRADE 13 Ramble Hull mm Michoel Honson Lourenzo Horris TreneII Horris ii; Jennifer Hal'vEy MW 7fliregory Heden Cody Hellmon MW Nail Hennen VirgInio Herron x V Menhow Hemeh Nicule Hewitt Tyvice Highshow Angelo Hill Brion Hlnde Jeffrey Hoglund Krista Haber MicheHe HoHer m Ham 14 SEVENTH GRADE Scott Hommemo , Dovid Horton '77 ,, Zochorioh Horton Brendi-Hoohinson Daniel Hougea M Howe ' Anthony Hughes Sim Hull Potrlck Hurd Ajmol Hussein ' WW Ledlwamkl Autumn Jackson Alvin Jocobs SEVENTH GRADE 15 Hlno Joffrey Lorrico Jamison Ben Johnson ?,Cordell Johnson Donny Johnson $$sz Johnson Erlk Johnscin" Julee Johnson Michael Johnson Renee Johan, Refly KUTOU Kerry King 16 SEVENTH GRADE Mark M979 Tobin Kopp C Michael Lone mmmym James Leawuy Dewy Hoke: John Logerberg C, Soro Lorsen V Timothy Konrod Whom Dawn Lverson SEVENTH GRADE 17 2 "twathn f, Mitshell Mich Hie W Mn Erik Liadeb'lbd Munhew Lfndebtud Shane Lindqufsr Brent W Apt" Memo Lavina Luge Benjomen Lusz C Michael Lures X C Em varmash Dovld Modden '" ,IJonorhon Molcomson Joseph Monglorocino Thoma: Murkese w Joson Morks Mindy Mr Steven Momsez Victoria Mossey Jeremy Manson 18 Seventh Grade L EPhoto ,, Not H Hvalloblb' m V Evon Moyfleld Raymond McCloln Timothy McClonohon JehrrMeGael-reon Andrew McElmeel $5; EniuAeGe-won Michele McGhee mar MeNUUb Patricio Meodows Nebo Mom m Meidohl Gonrne Meiq-u-Ist Aha Meaning Anthony Miceli Nicole Mmer SEVENTH GRADE 19 MicheeIMq-rison gadLewMum mm MoakoMuiich sneiMdve-y WM! KollayMunson Soro Myers Troy Neely Rodney Nelson Antonlo Nevin Joson Noel Tom Grainger 20 SEVENTH GRADE Terro Polmer Sean Rehabs Mourice Porker Notosho Porrick Joson Pearce KimberIy Peterson 7 53mm Doniel Pfister Siegerv Wk Kevin- Powell Doniel Powers Q Mew Rani SEVENTH GRADE 21 Whey Biased ml PrushUr Gregory Robes! Kenvel Purlfoy Loronlo Purifoy Gown Reina Miguel Romlrez Joseph Ropp Jeaoue Rea Tony Recoy lodd Rehher- Chrmpher Merge Eorl Reyes Amy Rica 1111 Rleheidsen Shemoloh Ricks Toro nggoll Jockle Riley Donlel Rlppentrop Cheryl Roberson Spence: Robinson Cynrhio Rodriguez Joseph Rotello 22 SEVENTH GRADE Sylvie WI rr Christopher Samuelson E Brion Schindler MSW Christopher Shelton Kelly Shlels Jamey Siamers James Sills f Kathezine Slmnetr Willle Simon Khomsouk Sisovoth 7.; Came 5mm: CmSmH-r Joycelyn Smlth Morcus Smlth SEVENTH GRADE 23 Melissa Smith Keith Stephens WWn Brandy Taylor WEE TM" 24 SEVENTH GRADE Andreyv Sommer Joseph Stevenson Gran Swanson Chod Stork Kama 50-3th Ryon Swenson Bren" Tumey Shonron Staten Jenn Sworn HoHIySMTI' Photo , Not Rvaliable L mWn Valentine Turner Leo Sturdlvont mm Photo Not Hvolloble Ronnie Twirty Brien Undemill Madhath Vomynen Amoroli Vironi toe 34's Buddie Wode Amy Walker Sereh Wker EL Trocey Walker Spencer Word lelo Wore Lucino Watkins Robert Wehlond Jomes Wehrle SEVENTH GRADE 25 r. GEN.. f, Tonya Wetland Giclg White towel Mekluad Preclous Wilkins Tlmorhy Williams Amy Wllson E Grok; wmr Q I Jennifer Wnblemkl Jeremy Wmng 26 SEVENTH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES This year in social studies eighth graders learned about explora- tion and disc0very of the Ameri- cos from the fifteenth century through the Civil War. The eighth grade social studies classes at- tended iiAn Americon Toil'i, o chorming role of on immigrating mouse family from the Soviet Union. HOME ARTS , 7 ENGLISH There were two home orts closses L Eighth grode English was 0 class de- ovoiloble to eighth grade students signed to teach the students grom- this year, Home Arts A 0nd Home - ,v T mor, mechanics, writing, and Iitero- Arts B. Home Arts A covered such ' , 5 , ture. This year students learned the things as family living, babysitting, L ' . ' relationship between grammar and sewing. Home Arts B classes . L. 4, . ' study and speaking and writing skills. learned grooming, nutrition, and , ' , ,- n The students also developed 0 crite- food preparation. , , , tie in chosing books, movies, and i i television shows. DEVELOPMENTAL READING The eighth grade developmen- tol reading closs covered com- prehension, timed and con- trolled reading, and o newspa- per unit. They also covered life w i t V; a : survival skills. As 0 result of this w i 4'5 s n I class, many students will have ' better comprehension and read- ing skills. COMPUTERS Computers was 0 required closs w for eighth graders this year. The ' students learned many uses of the computer and how to pro- gram. This class was designed to make students aware of the pos- 25 E'GHTH GRADE sible uses of computers in their lives. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION This year, the eighth grade girls were taught many sports and ac- tivities. Among them were aerob- ics, rhythms, gross hockey, and physical fitness. This class was de- signed to teach the students good sportsmanship 0nd to have a bet- ter attitude toward not only sports, but life. TYPING This year in eighth grade typing, the students were striving for speed and accuracy, personal uses, English skills, typing groph- Ics, and the awareness of various machines and their speciol func- tions. There was an emphasis on hyphens, ompersonds, and co- reer education. SCIENCE Eighth grode science classes stud- ied such things as human biolo- gy, genetics, botany, zoology, communicable diseases, and mi- crobiology. This year students were challenged to think respon- sibly about their relationship with living and non-iiving things. BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION The eighth grade boys were taught many things this year. Among them were wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, and orchery. Many students now un- derstand the value and need for exercise. INDUSTRIAL ARTS This year, there were two industrial orts closses ovoiioble to eighth grod- ers, Industrial Arts A and B. In industrioi Arts A, the students learned things such as the use of tools, machines, and how to get along with others. In Industrial Arts B, things such 05 drafting and designing projects in electronics were learned. EIGHTH GRADE 29 MATH The eighth grades Ieorned about integers, solving equations, ge- ometry, graphing, 0nd foctoring this year in moth. The students also Ieorned the importance of daily preparation. k COMMERCIAL ART FOREIGN LANGUAGE French, Spanish, and German were offered to eighth groders this year. Many of the students will be able to enter 0 second year of language next year. In this class the students studied sev- eral aspects of commercial art. Some of these were page layouts, cover design, copy writing, letter- ing, photography, and commercial on careers. The yeorbook is pro- duced as 0 class project. COMMUNICATIONS This year in communications, the eighth graders studied advertis- ing, medic, radio, and television. They also learned the proper way to prepare and present 0 formol presentation. CONCERT ORCHESTRA This year in eighth grade concert orchestra, many things were oc- complished. The orchestra trov- eled to many grode schools and Great America. 30 EIGHTH GRADE MEDIA In medio this year students learned mony journalism and media skills including interveiwing ond produc- tion monogement. The student also participated in the making of WIKE, Eisenhower's Own television program. HEALTH This year eighth graders were re- quired to take health. The stu- dents covered many areas in- cluding growth and develop- ment, drugs and narcotics, and human genetics. JAZZ BAND Many students participated in jazz bond this school year. This is a bond resembling bonds from the iiBig Bond Ero." They played swing, blues, and rock music. BAND Many students participated in eighth grade bond, or concert band, this year. It was 0 course designed to help students im- prove their technique on their in- struments and learn to function in 0 large group. ARTS AND CRAFTS This year eighth groders had the op- tion of participating in the electives Arts and Crofts A and B. Arts and Crafts A taught the students mony basic techniques used in art. Arts and Crofts B focused on ceramics and pencil sculptures and optical drawings. EIGHTH GRADE 31 32 240m; 5W On November 27, 1986, Amy Soporiri, on eighth grade stu- dent, was killed in o cor occidenr. Although she lived 0 short life, she touched the lives of many. Amy was on the Pom-Pon squod here or Eisenh0wer. She had many friends and olor going for her. Many people have shared the great loss of her life. We hope that the memory of Amy Soporiti will live in your hearts forever. .0 Mm-e Time is not measured By the passing of years, But by what one does, What one feels, And what one achieves. Author Unkown W l G H3 TE5L ,, ,. ROC K'F O R r ' Dime Aden John Alexander Goll Andersen Bruce Anderson Eddie Anderson WW Anuy W Kimberly Armstrong 3 Roclo Arroy Chondro Avington Mork Aycock JemKer Baku EBrion Baldwin Amor Bonsol Terri Barnes Lemmy Bates Wane? EIGHTH GRADE 38 Qx Joson Beord Bryon Bennett r: . L1 Joson Blwer Michoel Bowker John Brogg Vernerto Redford Jonorhon Benton Reco Blokely Sherri W remo maid 1N- Kw Dorius Bell Shannen Berg Terry Bloom Tommy Brooks My Bradley Antwone Brown TeRry Benjamin Cemebhggs HEMIBUVI Kelly Brody Nicole Brown Photo Not nvolloble w, Condl Brownlee Christopher Brownlee Eorl Bryant Mlcheol Buhl mm Behrmen Q 2mm sums Stefanie Bum Sergio cm Mlcheol Comlln Nicole Campbell Toro CompbeII Poul Corlson Alfonso Coruono Mork Coruono Bryce Cossel EIGHTH GRADE 35 Thomos Cosrree Angeh Galen Peter Caron Rosa Covlness Michalle Chapman Arovlnrh Chlnnusomy Gregory Chmelik Mag Ghong mam Ingrld Clork Jomes Clowson Korhy Collins Timothy Conklln 7;; Carol Cook Manhaw Geeper Jenpy Gopddhd kw, Gatherlne Copley Wm: Soroh Couey Joyce Crolg Koml Cupplnl James Davenport Demetrius Doy Thoddlus Debelok Jeffrey Demler 36 EIGHTH GRADE Melony Dennls Fellclo Dlxon Jason W Troy Donahue Elizabeth Dorsey Ryon Dunhom Cothy Dunlopp gDunjo Eckhordt Monhew Eggert Ehamlader Peter Elsenboch Colvin Erickson Montino Forrls Sham Faneu- Louro Fiorenzo Eric Fleming Terrell Flemons EIGHTH GRADE 37 : Photo , Not Hvolloble Cireeco Flint Doreece Film Mark Ferbefg Randy Foxhoven Sarah Fake! Kenn W Michelle Gombinl Denlse Gorry Korlsso Gedko JehnGIbboas Lecretio GIII Amy Gite C cm Gilrmmr Chad Glaser Sham Gewsk Cllfford Grohom Fedd Gmaalee Kristian Grlffls Misha Graver John Guerrero 36 EIGHTH GRADE John Hole Richard Hall Anj-a Hemmmberg Gino Hunt! Chorles Honey Letricio Hormon Jomes Horrls Stanley Horris Jeeeifer Hung Katherine Heeren Drew Hess Michael Heidoieh gum Halos Cvegary I-hmar Marcus Henson Johanna Hess Carl nghshow Wllllom HIII Michael Hinrz EIGHTH GRADE 39 Poul Holden Melbo Holland Anitro Holloway QSiophen Henry Torono Horton Q WHOM tam Howrah Jomes Hughes Seonv Hughes Jeffrey Hultmon Brlno Humphrey Vdelie-Hud Soro Hutchcroft Jeffrey Hurson Micheal Jackson Jonathon Jocobsen Brion Jacobson Nokeothon Jelks Stephen Johonneson DUNE! Johnson Gerald Johnson Joshuo Johnson Kimberly Johnson Mark Johnson 40 EIGHTH GRADE Stacey Johnson Brian Jones Micheal Jones Charles Joseph Eric Jushko Ermino Korim Sheik: Kedere Stephen Kennedy Ban King Bridger Hess Sarah Kch'l ; Kelly Kohlbocher Elizabeth Komiskey Daniel Konrod JiH-cheshi Amy Krehbiel Alexander Loll Scott Lombrechr Mm Lemme EIGHTH GRADE 41 in Mary Lunden'T6l'm Kathleen Lopp John Larson Marjorie Larson Hso Isiah Rebecco Lee Seong Lee Susanne Lenmon Jennifer kenrh E: Russell Letheby E Dovld Leverenz i; Donlel Lewondowskl Kenn Lbbewieh WW Brion Llndsoy Photo Not Available QM is Jan Undomnd Amy Loam Victor Lombardi Joy Longnecker Mlcheol Loven Marcello Luno Ronald Lundberg Jennifer Lynn Dione Mock Julie Meehey 42 EIGHTH GRADE Photo Not Available Donne Molodeckl Victor Molone Jason Mamefrc WendelI Morrlnez mm Manda Emilie McClintock Jomes McClintock Jeffrey McCreoth Heorher McCullough 9mm McDonald Chossiry McDowell Decorlos McGhee Delornos McGhee Anno McGlnnis Ryon McMIIIin Joson McNece Kristen MeGueery EIGHTH GRADE 43 Stocey Meode Joel Messerschmidt Christopher Messley Susana Mere Combo Mishebm Beth Miller Janniter W Christopher Mllls Lowe Minor Mork Moon man Mentur Andrew Moore Brion Moore Donlel Moore Mork Moore Shung Moore Steve Mordick Toshio Mullins Robert Mundt Jamie Mmen Sheri Neff Dana Nam Jeffrey Nelson Kimberly Nelson 44 EIGHTH GRADE ; Brodby NIppo Chris Novo Timothy GKeefe L4 Jeni om Ehori Gkon Clifford O'Neol Andiew Owen Tanya Owens C Jeremy Palmer Erlc Popocek Jennifer Pcpke Jossie Porterson Jennifer Peek mPospy- Donlel Peterson Kimberly Phllllps EIGHTH GRADE 45 d'. Brion Powell Wan Pow!" Dovid Prlce Derrlck Puckett E; Brl on Pullzzl Jason Roudonls Mellndo Roymon CLAW Rebmen Jeffry Reedy Kristy Remsen Erik Rlchordson Douglas ngdon Ghee May Raymond Rlvero Marmaw Robe-ns Photo Not Hvolloble Sharon Roscoe Jennlfer Rye Stephen Sohlsrrom Amy Soporltl Drue Schofer C-hud ScHemEr Heldl Schinke Anee Sehneemon 46 EIGHTH GRADE Amy Sehoe'ch John Sciocco Corrie Sclofonl Cory Scott Rondy Scott Judy SW Wendy Seuring Doron Shelby Daniel Sheldon x 21- Chad Shillody Eric Shin Shorlyn Simon Ciceli Smith Rochoel Snow Heoth Sorenson Andrea Sprawe EIGHTH GRADE 47 Kim Stochowiok Joson Stouffer Brent Stenberg Bret Stephenson Tomi Stieber Bin Sriene'ERer Luonn StlIes Kenneth Stone Michael Strond Morc Strauss Mn 5mm Croig Swanson Susan Swanson Joy Swonstrom Chrlstopher Swenson xx WV! 'Felicio Sykes Joseph Tore 9 my Her Kimberly Toylor Scott Taylor Shondo Toylor Tommy Toylor Seon Tenney Jennier TETry fiMeHoso Mn 46 EIGHTH GRADE Morc Theien Joier-y Thiede Q1 T+eci Thomas David Tilson Victor Tilson Andrew Torres Julie Towne- Debretro Trommell 4km Tresemer Racy Tyne Mdiaw Umass- Phillip Vonlondschoot Kristin Vonmon Matthew Voupell Cory Villoni Brion Vlney CWW Amy Wagner Andrea Walker EIGHTH GRADE 49 Kareem Walker Marcus Walker ' Dovld Weiss Twondo Wedey Koren Wheeler Norhonlel Whitaker . Mark Williams Shontele Williams Brion Wllmor Jlmmy Wllson Julie Wllson Tyrone Wilson Jeneue Mater am Mr Harold Winjes Dovid Wolff Eeu-Ke Mme Melindo Woods Amy Worzello TWW Kevin Yates 50 EIGHTH GRADE a g oluvfan .10 J. 3...? . EIGHTH GRADE 51 a n O C rm. e M 500 Yoon 52 ADMINISTRATHIN Note Mortin Principal Mr. Martin was a teacher for seven years. He taught or West High School, Lincoln Park Elementary, and Washington Middle School. In 1972 he had the opportunity to become a principal. He accepted because he felt he could have on impact on the school system. He has been 0 principal at three schools, Washington, Flinn, ond Eisenhower Middle Schools. Keith Tolmodge Assistant Principal Mr. Tolmodge, before becoming on assistant principal, was 0 teacher for ten years. He has taught or Guilford High School, Roos- evelt Middle School, and two schools in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1970 he become on assistant principal because of what he thought he had to offer the school system. He has been or Eisen- hower as assistant principal since 1981. FACULTY 58 Dennis Blunr Bond 54 - FACU LTY Noncy Bolley Music Morh Ron Beiersdorff Soclol Srudles Corhy Borchmonn French l Spanish Germon English William Buhl Rlck Colvette Science Heolth Moth Louro Costello LD x 80 Mary Dlrto English Soclol Studies l Typing Lorrolne Flnk - . ' Borry Flsher Typlng Keyboardlng , Moth lndustrlol Art Morllyn Fowler L ; V ' ' ' Lyle Frantz Nurse ' Moth Computer Meo Reed ., Vesro Fromong CW5 Reodlng English Reading Theresa Griffith English Normo Guzzordo Henry Holl Study Skllls Home Arts , Counselor Reading - Terry Heden - Stephen Hotlen PhysicoI Education . " Medlo l Social Studies FACULTY 55 Rlchord Jurgens Moth Computer Jomes Krehblel Counselor 56 - FACU LTY Lourle Jenks LD l BD Roger Klngsbury Science Health Dole Larson Science Mm Jonhms- Des .Endish Diane Johnson P. E. Joner Keotlng Social Studies l Health Dovld Kohl Social Studies Engllsh Fred Kunz Science Helen Leonord English Jeanne Llnduall Reading Skllls Dev. Rdg. Study Mls l Ger. Ed: Morry McDonlel Bond Omo thtleron Dev. Rdg. English Jerry Luollen Soclol Studles Dione McDonIel English Borry Mlkels Moth Science Sylvie Nguyen English l Soclal Studies ESL Robert Petersen Moth Bren Sechler P. E. FACULTY 57 Korherlne Volkmon Algebra Moth Mory Scherblnskl Office Kim Nelson Offlce Georgie Clifton Audio Visual Roger Bastion Speech Theroplst 58 FACULTY Theresa Tewes SeIf-Contd LD Llndo Zachery Counselor Corol Best Office Rose Mondujono Offlce Mike Sobo Psychologlst Noncy Drlscol Heorlng Kathryn Arblsl Cofererio Bonnie Neblock Cofererlo Gory Morus Home School Counselor Chor Mosrrongeli Cafeteria Ed Volsch Building Engineer Mrs. Lou Jenkins Soclol Worker Borb Engstrom Cofeterlo Shoron O'Horo Cafeteria N OT PICTURED Mory Demon Lioson Offlcer Koren Meoth Cofeterlo Charles Detlof Custodian FACULTY 59 Kenneth Holm Custodian Dick Hansen Custodian Denise Moore Custodian Rob Morsron Custodlon Brion Swanson Custodian Gerald Szczech Custodlon Chrls Hendrickson Custodian 60 FACULTY P.V.0. P.V.O. tPorent Volunteer Orgonizotiont is and organization where many parents of the students meet to discuss and help with: The Ice Cream Social, School Pictures, Home Arts, the Cheese and Sausage Sole, Vision and Hearing Testing, the T.O.P.S. Program, the Reading Lob, the School Library, the Eighth Grade Party, and Rec Night Choperoning. The head of this organization is Kathy Mormon. P.V.O. 61 0PEN HOUSE This year the parents enjoyed the open house held in October. They had an opportunity to foll0w their child's schedule, meet their teach- ers, and listen to them explain about the class. The parents were treated to punch, coffee, and cookies in the cafeteria while be- ing entertained by the Eisenhower jozz bond. 62 OPEN HOUSE SPIRIT DAYS There were many different special days this year where we dressed up in certain ways or sent things to other stu- dents. Some of these special days were: Block and Gold, Red and Green day, the Candy Cone Coper, ond FIOwer day. Many students participated to make these spirit days 0 success. SPIRIT DAYS 68 REC NITE Eisenhower hod Rec Nites on Friday night. At Rec Nite there were donce contests in the cafeteria, long shot contests, lip sinc contests, live D.J.s, and 3 on 8 basketball games in the gym. At Rec Nites students con un- wind from a long week of school with all of their friends. 64 REC NITE Rec nite turned into 0 fun night for the Eisen- h0wer students. It was to hang out with your friends. We the students thought this years Rec Nite turned into 0 great success, and hope we have many more in the the years to come. 65 This years fods were the ones pictured on this page and also Generro for boys and Tretorn for girls. Most of the stu- dents wore or least one of these fods. New popular items worn in girls hoir were: bonono clips and bows. Some of the popular music groups were: Beostie Boys, Bon Jovi, Bongels, Run DMC, and many more. FADS 67 STUDENT C0UNCIL Soroh Kohl Tino Parson President Vice President The four Student Council officers elected this year were: Soroh Kohl, Bridger Kloss, Tino Persons, and Craig White. They met on Tuesday afternoon's or 2:30. They organized such things 05: Donces, Rec Nlres, Spirit Days, and The Great Condy Cone Caper. Thanks for doing 0 great job Student Council. u Soroh, Brldget, Tlno, and Craig ore dlscusslng how to make Elsenhower 0 better place. 66 Student Councll Bridger Kloss Craig White Secretary Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL 69 COMMERCIAL ART TOP - ACTIVITIES: Front row; Peter Elsenboch, Joshuo Johnson. Second row; Dunjo Eckhordr, and Chris Vosburgh. TOP RIGHT - ACTIVITIES: Kor- en Moncur, Amy Armstrog, Luonn Stiles, and Angie Corlerr. ABOVE - FACULTY: From row,- Koren Fredrickson, Jennifer Zonocco. Second Row: Jennifer Lynn, and Kathy Lopp. RIGHT - INTRAMURALS: Seated; Nikki Schovlond, Kerry Meyers. Standing; Johonno Hess, and Beth Miller. 70 COMMERICAL ART This year the Commercial Arts class had 26 peo- ple. We divided into 5 groups, the students, intramu- rols, octivities, faculty, and the editors sections. Each section was responsible for 0 port of the yearbook. In the Commercial Arts class we learned how to design and moke different layouts, crop pictures, design cov- ers, and photography. LEFT - EDITORS: Charles Joseph, and Kyong Chong. BELOW LEFT - lN- TRAMURALS: Aoron Hotlen, Jeff Reedy, and Scott Lombrecht. BELOW -- Seated: Jenifer Olmsted, Korlsso Gedko. Stondlng: Corrie Sclofoni, Amy Locosclo, ond Domon Allen. COMMERCIAL ARTS 71 FIRST SEMESTER MEDIA The media staff had shows almost every week or Eisenhower called WIKE. They had ten peopie per staff the first semester and thir- teen per sroff second semester. Eoch staff had 0 camera crew: 0nd 9909.9 that WOUId OP' Bottom Row: ueft to rlghD Ermlno Korlm, and Brian Moore. Top Row: Don Lewon- peor on TV. During the year they did about dowski. Amor Bonsal, and Amy Worzello. rwenry-eighr to thirty shows. Mr. Hotlen, the teacher chose these groups by eoch persons auditioning and student performances. Borom Row: deft ro rlgho Amy Soporlrl, Amy Bradley, and Terrl Houston. Top Row: Soroh Frokes, Jenny Terry, and Mr. Horlen. Bottom Ro'w: Qefr ro righo Kevin Liebovlch, Cheri Olson, and Shane Borrom Row: deft ro righn Joy Longnecker, Dovid Lilogren, and Liz Dor- Ferroll. Top Row: Kristen McQueory, and 60er Guzzordo. sey. Top Row: Chris Mills. 72 MEDIA ECOND SEMESTER MEDIA The medic: staff working hard to get their shows done on time. They did such shows as: The Rockford Lightening Basketball Team, Bottom Row: deft ro righo Tonyo Owens, Anne Southcrd, ond Janelle Winters. Top Warning Labels, the Poms 0nd Cheerleaders: Row: Koren Moncur, Mark Johnson, Corrle Woodhouse, and Melinda Raymond. and the radio station WZOK, Bottom Row: deft to righo Trocey Tlne, Kerry Meyers, ond Okcho McDon- Left to right Team B Producer: Aoron Hotlen, General Manager, Mon old. Top Row: Bridget Kloss, Jenny Mols, ond Anee Schneemon. Cooper, Team A Producer, Krisrl Joeger. Bottom Row deft to righD: Anne Southard, Wendy Sering, and Melinda Borrom Row deft to rlgho: Chris Gilmour, ond Brion Lindsey. Top Raymond. Top Row: Rochoel Snow, Heorh Sorenson, Brod Polivko, 0nd ROW: Bren King, Jeff Reedy, and Chris Messley. Amy Wagner. 2nd SEMESTER MEDIA 73 ASSEMBLIES Right-Mogicion plays a trick on Mr Kohl, Below Right-Eisen- howers bond performs for the school, For Below-Srudenrs watch with onention, Below-Guilfords bond plays for Eisen- hower students. :e: ?5 i; 3: 74 ASSEMBLIES On October 31, a magician come to Eisen- hower to perform various tricks. On December 19, Eisenhower's bond and orchestra played in a Christmas program for the school, on January 14, Guilford's bond and choir performed in 0 con- cert 4th hour. Left-Elsenhower's bond and orchestra, Above-Elsen- hower's orchestra ploylng In 0 concert, Above Left- Gullford's choir, Top-Elsenhower's band members hard at work. ASSEMBLIES 75 SEVEN WIVES 0F DRACULA The story of "Seven Wives for Droculo", tells about Mr. and Mrs. Droculo who take up residency close to o soni- torium. The sonctuory has on assortment of chorocters including: the Odd Sisters, who never complete 0 full sentence, Mrs. Holf- Nelson, who knits with invsible needles and yarn, and Lucy, who must wear neckloces of goriic to word off evil. Von Helsing, o vompire hunt- er, is determined to discover the identity of this viliion. 76 PLAYS UNDER J EKYLIXS HYDE PLAYS-CAST AND CREW Dr. Henry Jekyll, a respectable London doctor, exper- Iments with the evil side of man's nature and turns him- self into a nasty and villainous Mr. Hyde, the terror of London! The setting is Jekyll's Ioborotory, which doubles nicely for Hyde's oporrmenr in Mudpie Lone. Maureen Anderson, Rocio Arroy, Jenni Boker, Shonnon Berg, Suson Bolstod, Amy Bradley, Liz Dorsey, Eriko Heins, Kelly Korou, Amy Krehbiel, Rebecco Lee, Choss McDowell, Anno McGinnis, Jeni Olmesred, Melindo Roymon, Jennie Rye, Korhryn Srrohmon, Rochoel Snow, Melissa Tholmon, Trocy Thomos, Corol Cook, Keith Albers, Jim Clowson, John Dohm, Brion Hull, Mork Koberg, Ryan Lerheby, Mike Lures, Tim McClonohom, Bruce Rinos, Spencer Robinson. WASHINGTON D.C. FIELD TRIP On Thursday, February 26, 1987 65 6th graders left for o trip to Washington D.C. They returned March 1, 1987. On Saturday the Holi- doy Inn Hotel held 0 dance for the students. Every day they toured Washington D.C. sights such as, the Smithsonian, Jefferson's Memori- ol, Lincoln's Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, The Vietnom Woll, Washington Monument, The Capitol, Ford's Theater, The Supreme Court, The Notional Geographic Museum, Wil- Iiomsburgh, Jamestown, and much much more. 76 FIELD TRIP GAMES CLUB Many students porricipored in Srorus Pro baseball this year. Mr. Diedrich was in charge of it, end it was played like a board game. 60 GAMES CLUB COMPUTER CLUB This year's Computer Club met on Mon- days at 2:15-8:15. 8-10 people regularly attended. The students brought programs and games from home. The students had an opportunity to see and use programs that they don't own themseives. Also, the students met others with similar interests. They shared and improved their knowl- edge of computers and programming. COMPUTER CLUB 61 BLACK HISTGRY The Block History Club, led by Mrs. Jenkins- Doss, met on Wednesday's offer school. Their activities included learning about noted black Americans and discussing cor- eers and other topics of interest. They in- vited guest speakers and hoped to take a trip to some point of interest. BLACK HISTORY CLUB 63 BLACK HISTORY PLAY The Block History Ploy, directed by Mr. Meeks, was held on February 26, 1987. It featured many famous block Americans such as: Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Wash- inngron, Mr. Dubois, William Wood Garri- son, and Coretta Scott King. 64 BLACK HISTORY PLAY CHOIR The choir practiced on Thurs- doy afternoons after school. Their director was John Dutmer, 0 teacher from Guilford. They song various kinds of music, such 05; classical, pop, show, ondjozz. On the evening of December 16th, they performed with the or- chestra. Some of the people who participated in choir this year were: Christi Akens, Suson Josephson, Rebecco Lee, Choss McDowell, Anno McGinnis, Stoci Mulvey, Bethony Orser, Janelle Rou, Toro Riggoll, Ciceli Smith, and Bob Wehlond. Good job choir! CHOIR 85 BEGINNING 0RCHESTRA FRONT ROW deft to rlghO: Uyen Nguyen, Howie", Whats, W, WM, Micheiie-Hoiier. SECOND ROW: Greg Heden, Michoel Hanson, Eorl Reyes, CW Jennifer-Rhiiiip, Fem-Hell THIRD ROW: Jonh Bennett, Md, Beeky-Dernels, Trlo Ellison, Shondo Blokely. FORTH ROW: Croig Wollschloger, Mrs Boiley, Duwn-tunen, Ghristi-Akers, Keli Christensen, Moniee-Mufida, W, and Miho-Owens. ABSENT: Efin-Jenm-JenniteI-Kisiing, and Autumn Jackson. This year the Concert Orchestra performed or Cherryvole Moll, White Swan, Carlson, Bloom, and Spring Creek elementary schools. They also played or the all school assembly, Guilford Orchestra Festival, and attended the Winter Concert or Eisenhower with the Begin- ning Orchestra. The group marched in the Brookview School Parade and competed at the Illinois Grade School Music Association con- test. They were directed by Mrs. Boiley. CGNCERT 0RCHESRATV ,, VIOLIN: Amor Bonsol, Shemea-Bevg, Kelly Brody, Nicole Campbell, Soroh Couey, Shono Ferrol, W0, Katherine Heeren, Fem Haw oen, Ermino Korim, Mork Moore, Dono Nelson, Erik Richardson, Wm, Amy Schoech, Wm, Amy Wagner. VIOLA: Shorlyn Simon, Melinda Woods. CELLO: My, Momino Ferris, Soro Hutchcrofr, Jill Koteski, Jeff Nelson, CW, Kim Stochoviok, Hnsren-Iete, Wt. STRING BASS: Gmg-Hemet, Corl Highshow, WOW CONCERT ORCHESTRA 87 J AZZ BAND FRONT ROW: deft to righo Dovld Wolff, Stocey Meode, MhHe'Idern-ith, Jon Jocobsen, Anjo Hommerberg, Chod Shillody, Jeff Demler. SECOND ROW: Brion Pulizzl, Col Erickson, John Sciocco, Kim Nelson, Maureen Anderson, Brent Srenberg. LAST ROW: Mr.McDoniel, Jim Clowson, Terry Bloom, Tino Michelutri, Kim Toylor, Mort Roberts. NOT PICTURED: Komi Cuppini. 68 JAZZ BAND J AZZ BAN ,...t i g 6e FRONT ROW deft to righo: Merkhm, Brion Vlney, Elizoberh Komiskey, Eriko Heins, Greg Heimer, Dmdd Wm SECOND ROW: Joy Swonsrrom, John Guerrero, Morc Wolker, John Alexander, Cathy Corley, Andy Umetl's, Dovid Leverenz. LAST ROW: Andy Wemheimer, Jason Beord, Steve Fum, Jenny Rye, Don Johnson, John Hole, Mr. McDgniel. NOT PICTURED; Joson Blwer, Peter Coron. This year there were 224 students participating in bond, of those students, 40 participated in Jazz bond. There were six bond classes during the day, and two 1012 bond closses. One met during school, and one met offer school on Tuesdays and Thurs- doys. - 1.3 mm u JAZZ BAND 89 CONCERT BAND A OBOE: Tino Michulutti. FLUTES: Mlchelle Chopmon, Melony Dennis, Corhy Dunlap, Erika Helns, Jeff Hulrmon, Brltto Humphrey, Klm Johnson, Elizabeth Komiskey, Amy Krehbrel, Becky Mom, Susie Mao, and Kathryn Strohmon. CLARINETS: John Alexander, Srefonie Burris, Soroh Frokes, John Guerrero, Sarahkhl, Don Konrad, Anno McGinnis, Srocey Meade, Garb Rome, Kris Vonmon, Mmee Vondediek. ALTO SAX: Komi Cuppini, Anjo Hommorberg, Michael Heidemeh, Stephen Horsley, Jon Jocobsen, Dovid Leverenz, Jenno Millikin, Seon Tenney, Andy W: TENOR SAX: Chod Shillody, Soro Whirehouse. BARI SAX: Dove Wolff. TRUMPETS: Moureen Anderson, Joson Biwer, SergioGede-nesieev Ginemmi, John Hole, Klm Nelson, Jenny Rye, John Sciocco, Brent Srenberg, Mort Voupell. TROMBONES: Alecio Benford. Brlon Pulizzi, Wendy Seurlng. BARITONES: Tlm Conklin, Lecretlo Gill, Ryon McMiIIin. FRENCH HORNS: Col Erickson, Sherri Neff. DRUMS: Terry Bloom, Troy Donohue, John Gibbons, V.J. Lombardi, Jason Stouffer, Brlon Viney. This year there were 224 students porricipot- ing in bond. Of those 40 students participat- ed in Jazz Band. There were six bond classes during the day, and two Jazz Bond classes. One group met during schooL and the other met o'frer school on Tuesdays and Thurs- doys CONCERT BAND B FLUTES: MI SeederpG-J. Gemeuus, Amy Gille, Julee Johnson, Ben Lusz, Heather McCullough, Krlstin Perry, Kristy Remsen, Jody Sedgwick, Kelly M, mWe. CLARINETS: WW5, Candace Gown, Jim Clowson, Monique W Morgie Lorson, Russel Letheby, Jennie Terry. BASS CLARINET: Don Lewondowski, Clifford O'Neol. ALTO SAX: Robert Angileri, Mork Coruono, Corhy Corley, JehnDehm, Pstrlck Hurd, Steve Ken- nedy, Joson Morks, Kim Toylor, Julie Towne. TENOR SAX; Jeff Demler, Marc Walker. BARI SAX: Joy Swonstrom. TRUMPETS: Brion Boldwln, m Tam, Mork Forberg, Rondy Foxhoven, Mun-l-Tenieh, Poul Holden, Tlm Hovdo, Jomey Hughes, Donny Johnson, Brion Lindsoy, Jason Monrello, Brion Moore, Hol Wirrjes. TROMBONES: Ray Adamiki, Joson Beord, Amwone Brown, Lorry Eckmonn, Victor Molone, Andy Wen BARITONES: Peter Coron, Don Sheldon. FRENCH HORN: Hy L'ra'munn. DRUMS: Don Bonovio, Josh Cook, MeskFaI-n, J-uu'm Gemge, Scott Hall, Brod Nippo, memy 056?, Amiroli Vironi. This year bond classes ployed In many concerts. The classes per- formed or such places 05: Cherry- vole Moll, Nursing homes, elemen- rory schools, and or Eisenhower. The bond classes A and B olso por- ticipored in the Illinois Grade School Music Association District music con- test in Belvedere. The Jazz bonds participated in the contest in Du- buque. BAND 91 SEcomn HOUR BEGINNING BAND FRONT ROW deft to righn: WML Kim Aegimbuugh, Lisa Komdes, Kim Peterson, Tammy Down, Angel Foss,-Amy Rice, Scon Hommemo, Yolondo Fricks. SECOND ROW: Danielle Donahue, Trocy Gehrke, Heidi Ghun,Tom0rsingev,16erenGusrefson, Gronr Finnell,Jeay Mp, Ajmol Hussein, Jon Coron. THIRD ROW: Dovid Madden, Morc Drown, Ryon Swanson, Lac V0, Ewen Nielsen, Khomsouk Sisovorh, Dovid Boomer, Andy Mouse, Andy W5, Ban Moore LAST ROW: Shonron Sroton, Matt W, Mark Johnson, Tim Konrod, Erie Endebied, Janelle Beu, H Siemea, Mr. McDaniel. ECOND HOUR BEGINNING BAND RONT ROW deft to righD: Kristo Heider, Mindy-MmEr, Moria Goluzzo, Baum M'mbr, Cindy Rodriguez, Lovino Lugo. SECOND ROW: Mr MeNebb, Dovid Johnsonm Wu, lonyhrpbff, Trocy Clark, Kouie Ieybr, Nady Harder, MITCh Liebcvfch, Evon Moyfleld. THIRD ROW: Neil Henaeo, enemy Siemers, BrerrJohasen, Mon Berger, Gavin RalstonJQm Schweitzer, Joe Goyock, Sesen-Isaue, Lame JeeHin, Chris Samuelson. LAST ROW: -m-y Gunman Jenny Hewey, Randy Bork, Kevin Heinrich, Lorrico Jomeson, Tony Hughesrkro'l Freshcr,Lhr-is Me, Mrs. Bailey. BAND 93 SIXTH HOUR BEGINNING BAND FRONT ROW deft ro righo: Cindy Brewer, Nicote Hewm, Heother Campbell, Precious Wilkins, Sfeey Mey, Susie Werther, Gady-Vosberg, Teolo Holcolm. SECOND ROW: Chod Stork, Lean Goodin, Korino Decourcey, Soro Meyers, luue Jowi, Bias; DeaconAoy Grene. THIRD ROW: Spegcer Word, Greg PrtE'sr, Sung Cho, John lngwbevg, Connie Melquisr, Ryon Moclnrosh, Jeff Corirriossi, Derek Podsins, Kelly King. LAST ROW: Mr. Blunt, Bryte kusrfn, Mr. McDonieI, Kyle Beckstmm, Don Pfisrer, Gilbert Fromero, Joson Brown. NOT PICTURED; Anthony Miceli, Ronnie Twitry. 94 BAND B01759 CLUB BASTBALL Records Raiders Bluedevils Wildcats Folcons Bluedevils Wildcats Folcons Raiders Jeff Reedy, Jeff Thlede, Todd Greenlee, muy-ur- nazis, Mike Buhl, 9-3. GemeH-us, jam Strum, Ryon McMillin, FemMerkese, Jeff Hulrmon, ond Brion Powell. ACTIVITIES 95 B0Y9S CLUB CHEERLEADERS The cheerleoding tryouts were held in April of lost year. Of the one hundred girls that tried out only eight mode the squad. Over the summer the cheerleaders practiced three times 0 week. From July 7th through the 10th, They attended The National Cheerleoding Association Comp, ot Rockford College and won the Best Jr. High Squod Plaque. They also won 0 Spirit Stick, four blue ribbons, and were nominated For Best Squod Award. On October 5, 1986 the cheerleaders won 1st place at North Town Moll. They also competed at Mochesney Pork Moll. They practiced every Monday and Wednesday from 2:15 to 4:00 PM. and were coached by Suzanne Nelson. FRONT ROW: Amy-krmmng. SECOND ROW deft to righoz Ghats Pausedhistl Jeeger, Nikkl Schuvbnd, ond wmm TOP ROW: Jemle RESrJnon, Gayle Guzzmdo, and im Men 96 BOY'S CLUB CHEERLEADERS S CLUB POM- Front Row deft to rightx Kor-ry Meyers, Ienyo Wetland, Aimee Vendadick, Kelly Kohlbocher, Stacy Demon, Amy eut-Ier, and Melissa Beaster. Second Row: Dono Nelson, Kristen MeQue-my, Jomie-Mutten, Shem Boyd, Okeho McDonald, Amy Soporiti, and 1mm Swans. Third ROW: Jody Sedgwick, Amy Schoech, Susie Mm, Shono Ferroll, Gurrie Mouse , Koren'MsntUr, and Jenna Millkin. 3 gm- '1', k The Pom Pon squad went to NCA camp this summer in July from the 18th through the 21st. They won 0 blue ribbon and a trophy on their home routine; they also won the sweepstakes award, and were nominated most spirited squod. In the end, they brought home the spirit stick, and blue and red ribbons on individual routines. POM PON 97 B0Y9S CLUB FO0TBALL Scar Emamn Josh Johnson Clifford O'Neil Victor Malone Mark Johnson Andnaw Williams Note Whitaker Seon Hughes Mark Williams Rieo Him Mike Jones Tim Williams Victor Tilson Brion Jones Jason Roudonis Don Sheldon Tim. GKeefe Mork Corroll Jeff Hurson Terry Bloom Joy Longnecker Mike Norris Drew Shoefer Don Peterson Terrell Flemons Andrew Weiheh-ner Darius Bell Corey Scorr Nomor McGee The Eisenhower football team tried hard this sec- son under the influence of Mike Toyler MEAD COACHX The team had 0 disappointing 0-8 re- cord this year, but lucki- ly come our of the sec- son without any broken bones. 96 ACTIVITIES INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Hlt helped develop my skills, yet it was very fun," soid Brion Lindsay" Another ployer,LeviIle McGhee soid,"lt was 0 chance to ploy basketball with friendsf "lntermurol basketball was fun and excitinngmor Bonsol said. "I would do it again. n Mr. Kingsbury and Mr. Buhl coached o intromurol basketball team this year. The team met on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The players enjoyed the coaches and the practices. INTRAMURALS 99 BOWLING 1w! 'I wont to be a professional bowler." Kristi Remsen I live or the bewling olley." Don Rippentrop Bowling was on exciting inrromurol enjoyed by all. Mr. Kingsbury and many students met every Wednesday or Don Correr Lones. This year bowling was a big success. 100 INTRAMURALS INDO0R SOCCER Indoor Soccer had many porticoponrs ranging from 7th grade girls to 8th grade guys who played soccer every Monday night after school. Some of the players were Bruce Anderson, Micheal Buhl, Poul Corlson, Bryce Cos- sel, Calvin Erickson, Aoron Horlen, Joson McNece, An- drew Moore, Robert Mundt, 0nd Jeffry Reedy. INDOOR SOCCER 101 FO0TBALL It was funmo funny teacher. Some people chlckened out on the cold days. Real fun and good exercise. John Dohm 7th grade The boys treated the girls nlce... even though I was the only one. Mrt Klngsbury paid 0 lot of ottentlon to us. Stocy Trowbrldge 7th grade It was fun. Mr. Klngsbury was nice. Well orgonlzed...no need for Improvement. Krlstlon Grlffls 6th grade TOP LEFr: Hlke! TOP RIGHT: John Dohm goes for the bomb. ABOVE: Off to the races. RIGHT: An after gome celebration. 102 INTRAMURALS GOLF During September, 15 boys and girls participated in golf or Sinnissippi Golf Course. They met every Monday and Wednesday from 2:30- 4:00. They defeated Flinn Middle School twice, once or Sondyhollow and once or Sinnis- sippi. Their instructor and odvlsor was Mr. Kohl. "I enjoyed playing against other people." Brett King "It gave me olot of practice and experience. " John Lorson Hlt gave me 0 chance to be with my friends." John Guerrorro INTRAMURALS 103 Many people participated in the gymnastics inrromurol this year. This ofrer-school activity was designed to give girls extro practice on routines that were later presented in gym class. They met every Monday and Wednesday with Mrs. Zochory. "I enjoy working on rhe bolonce iii think that this gymnastics experi- beom ond fioor. i hope someday ence will help me ochieve my goal to be 0 cheerleader." Robin Bob- of one day being a gym teacher." cox 7th gr. Jennifer Baker 8th gr. 104 I RAMURALS PING PONG INTRAMURALS 105 RADIO CONTROL MODEL CLUB Wirh the popularity of radio controled models hiring Eisen- hower, several students met on Tuesdays after school to help each other with construction problems and to race their cars. 106 R C CLUB 0UTDO0R SOCCER On Mondays and Wednesday this fall sport enobled students to develop their soccer skills. "Soccer is the one sport that gives students the most kicks." sold the in- structor, Mr. Hotlen. UPPER LEFIEBruce Anderson being pursued by Aaron Horlen, David Lee, and Sean Tenny. MIDDLE LEH': Jeff Reedy leaving the crowd behind. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Reedy gives Poul Carlson a body block. UPPER RIGHT: Amar Bonsai with a late kick. ABOVE: Joeseph Rapp heads the ball. INTRAMURALS 107 BGYS TENNIS T 5 year t ere were m ny participants in boys tennis. The boys met once 0 week with Mr. Buhl and learned some new tennis skills. M W F, "W mm 59 "Tennis Is ust a hobby right ow, but I may consid- er it as 0 career." Joseph Ropp 7th 9 'Ivon Lendl comes to me for rips." Alexander Loll 8th gr. 108 INTRAMURALS Girls9 Tennis During September and October many girls participat- ed in Girls' Intromurol Tennis. Each lesson was held on Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:30 to 3:45. Some girls participated in matches against the Guilford girls. Eisen- hower took first place. Some of the best players were, Soroh Kohl, Okcho McDonoId, Amy Soporiti, Koren Fredrickson, ond MicheIIe Chopmon. '"I think tennis was most fun because I can be with my best buddie Okcho" Soroh Kohl hTennis for me was fun because It was a time to be with frlends and also I learned new skills" Dona lngrossio "I enjoyed tennis the most because I learned some new moves and It was olot of fun" Okcho McDonald INTRAMURALS 109 GIRLS9 BASKETBALL 110 INTRAMURALS 11 computer club inrromurol flog football 15 intramural soccer August 26 school starts 9 choir storts 2 4 girls' tennis 10 inrromurol golf SEPTEMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 K 20 21 22 24 25 26 E28 29 intromurol crosscounrry 19 Pom Pon Clinic 17 Block Heri- toge Club 26 school jacket order 23 Student Council Student Council meeting 12 gaming club 24 school pic- tures token 111 1 Block Heritage Club . 7 meeting Basic Skills Achievement straight talk for teen girls Test 9 Home-School Communications Committee Open House Committee 11 16 Super Open Bowlin' House Saturday 001012513; 2 567891011 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 25 24 25" 26 27 28 29 3 51 28 Student 29 21 Council 9.0", at Student meeting 51nn1s- Council 5199' meeting 31 Cheese 6 Sousoge sole !!HALLOWEEN!! 4 Student Council meeting and election 10 girls' gymnastics NOVEMBER 1 5 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 1415 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2024 25 26 2778'? 12 Boys' Club basketball tryouts 113 16 Eisenhower choir presents concert with orchestra 19 red 6 green day Christmas concert DECEMBER 2 3 4 5 1 L 12 school spirit doy 1 1 NI 8 9 10111213 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 2 30 31 114 W m 18 Eisenhower Jozz Bond concert 6 lnrromurol bowling 1 13 Guilford bond and choir performs 7 rehearsals for Block History Club begin 8 "Decision Making Skills" olI-school program 2 23 Rec-Nire begins most unusual hor contest 4 5 6 7 8 9 1O 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 21 Woodward 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Governor - program for 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 summer jobs a 26 28 Mrs. Borchmonn's GIrlS' B'o'sket- shopping trip to :0" 'Cllmc Chicogo eglns 30 Rec-Nire - freerhrow contest 115 116 4 Girls' Basketball Clinic 13 Flower Doy Rec-Nire - donce contest 9 girls' volleyball Eisenhower Swim Team srorrs $31 FM"; 1 2 3 5 6 7 ! 891011121314 26 Block History 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ploy Washington, 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 DC. trip 20 Rock Fair 1 23 Rec-Nire - 3 on 3 ,: basketball 1 competition 27 Spirit Doy Rec-Nire - Lip-synch contest 13 Lost Rec-Nire - fovorite T- shirt contest 6 "Out of Tune" bond 9 tryouts for oIl-school ploy indoor intromurol soccer meets girls' inrromurol basketball 6 volleyball 12 first rehearsal for olI-school ploy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 , 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2'7 28 EEG 31 2 b Cosmir Puloski's Rec-Nire - Magic 95 birthday - no disc jockey 67 dance school contest 10 Radio Control Club meets Student Council meets 117 :SE i E? 232$ $4??? E: x AWL 1 2 19 20 21 22 23 24 5 26 27 28 29 30 22$ $3" 342 $3 W W olI-school ploys - 2Seven Wives for Droculo" G 2UnderJekyWs Hyde" Hay $6M L 39W 555 TO ???Qw WC QQQnEQJ 5 tariww Q VVL U06 p3 1W$ S WW6 ad yaw. w x0 fr ... 96f WM 053675.366 f haw Q gray u 6 35 W W yaw . K C 0 Q X ' W C 5 119 7 OVVX DB OP 6,3 mum . hm W7 A Acoley, Michelle 8 Adomski, Roy 88, 91 Aden, Bloyne 88 Akers, Christine 8, 85, 86 Albers, Keith 8 Alexander, John 8, 88, 89, 90 Allen, Domon 88 Andersen, Go" 8, 88 Anderson, Andrew 8 Anderson, Bridget 8 Anderson, Bruce 88, 107 Anderson, Eddie 88 Anderson, Monhew 8 Anderson, Maureen 88, 88, Anderson, Paul 8 Anglleri, Robert 8, 91 Arco, James 8 Armstrong, Amy 8, 88, 96 Armstrong, Kimberly 88 Arroy, Roclo 88 Ashcroft, Use 8 Aughenbaugh, Kimberly 8, 92 Austln, Bryce 8, 94 Avery, Yonen 8 6 Avington, Chondro 88 Aycock, Mark 88 91 B Bobcox, Robin 8 Boeder, Komolo 8, 91 Bailey, Jlmmy 8 Bailey, Kimberly 8, 87 Boiley, Morlon 8 Baker, Jennifer 88 Boldwin, Brion 88, 91 :3 Bonsol, Amor 8, 88, 72, 87, 107 Bork, Rondoll 8, 98 O Barnes, Terri 88 Borrerr, Rhonda 8 Bortholmey, Kristen 8 Borzo, Christine 8 Boskln, Hosie 8 Bates, Jeremy 88 Dexter, Melisso 8, 92, 97 Boxter, Michael 88 Beord, Jason 84, 89, 91 Beckstrom, Kyle 8, 94 Bedford, Chernerro 9 Bedford, Rochoel 9 Bedford, Vernetro 84 Belcher, Angelo 9 Bell, Dorius 84 Benford, Alecio 8, 84, 90 Benjamin, Kevin 9 Benjamin, Terry 84 Benner, Bret 9 Bennen, Bryan 84 Bennett, John 9, 86 Benson, Craig 8 Benton, Jonothon 84 Berg, Shannon 84, 87 Berger, Matthew 9, 98 Beu, Jonathan 9 Dice, Joson 84 Bien, Becky 8 Bien, Rebecco 9 81995, Corrie 84 Bilodeou, Daniel 9 Biwer, Joson 84, 89, 90 Blokely, Reco 84 Blokley, Shondo 9. 86 Bloom, Terry 84, 88, 90 INDEX Bolstod, Susan 8, 84 Bonovlo, Donlel 9, 91 Bonecke, Mimi 9 Booker, Michael 9 Boomer, David 9, 92 Bovi, Heidi 8, 84 Bowker, Michael 84 Boyd, Sherri 84, 97 Boyer, Cindy 9 Bozym, Angelo 84 Bozym, Solly 9 Bradley, Amy 84, 72 Bradley, Stewart 8, 9 Brody, Kelly 84, 87 Bragg, John 8, 84 Breed, Felicio 84 Breen, Heather 9 Brewer, Cynrhio 10, 94 Brooks, Tommy 84 Brown, Ahtwone 84, 91 Brown, Gregory 10 Brown, Jason 10, 94 Brown, Marcus 10, 92 Brown, Matthew 8, 10 Brown, Nicole 84 Brownlee, Condi 85 Brownlee, Christopher 85 Dryont, Earl 85 Bryont, Nathan 10 Bryant, Nicole 85 Brynolf, Chrlstopher 10 Buhl, Jim 8 Buhi, Mlcheol 85 Buhrmon, Heather 85 Burke, Aaron 10 Burns, Patrick 85 Burris, Stefanie 85, 90 Bursing, Brendo 85 Bun, Somon 10 00W emu Rf, W 1 98mm C Codenas, Sergio 85, 9O Combell, Heather 8, 10, 85, 87, 9 Cameron, Poul 10 Comlin, Micheal 85 Campbell, Toro 85 Corlson, Melissa 8, 85 Carlson, Poul 85, 107 Corroll, Mark 85 Carson, Tomoro 10 Carter, Comille 10 Carter, Melissa 8, 10, 51 Conlidge, John 10 Coruono, Alfonso 85 Coruono, Mark 85, 91 Cossel, Bryce 85 Cosrree. Thomas 86 Cotlerr, Angelo 86 Coton,1Jonothon 10, 92 Coton, Peter 8, 86, 89, 91 Conerou, Charles 10 Coviness, Rose 86 Chapman, Michelle 86, 90, 109 Childers, Amy 10, 91 Chinnusomy, Arovinrh 86 Chmelik, Gregory 86 Cho, Sung 10, 94 Chong, Kyong 8, 86 Christensen, Keli 10, 86 Cincinnati, Scot 8, 86, 90 Cloflin, Matthew 10 ClOfk, Ingrid 86 Clark, Trocy 8, 10, 98 Clorke. Colin 10 N VOU Low 0 A W600 Clowson, Candice 10, 91 Clowson, James 86, 88, 91 Collins, Anthony 10 Collins, Kathy 8, 86 Collins, Kenyio 11 Conklin, Timothy 86, 90 Cook, Corol 86 Cook, Joshua 11, 91 Cooper, Matthew 86, 78 Copeland, Jenny 86 Corbin, Christopher 8, 11 Corirossl, Jeffrey 11, 94 Corley, Catherine 86, 89, 91 Cornelius, Orville 86, 91 Con, Carly 11 Couey, Sarah 86, 67 Cox, Schwonn 11 Craig, Joyce 86 Crom, Michael 11 Crone, John 11, 94 Cruden, Steward 11 Cuppinl, Komi 86, 88, 9O Cutler, Amy 11, 97 D Dohlin, Tommy 11, 92 Daniels, Rebecco 11, 86 Davenport, Cossondro 11 Dovenpon, James 86 Davis, Jlmmy 11 Dovls, Loshonlo 11 Dovls, Melissa 11 Dawson, Rene 11 Day, Demetrius 86 Deacon, Bren 11, 94 Debelok, Thoddius 86 Decourcey, Korino 11, 94 Delmore, Bradley 12 Demler, Jeffrey 86, 88, 91 Dennis, Melony 87, 90 Derry, Amy 12 Devivo, Frank 12 Dierz, David 12 Dixon, Felicio 87 Dodge, Morcus 87 Dohm, John 12, 91, 102 Dolfi, Kisho 12 Domonski, Joson 87 Domonski, Koro 12 Donahue, Danielle 12, 92 Donahue, Troy 87, 90 Dorsey, Elizabeth 87, 72 Dowell, Alexandria 12 Dunhom, Ryan 87 Dunkin, Kim 8 Dunlopp, Cothy 87, 90 Duvoll, Michelle 12 E Eckhordt, Dunjo 87 Eckmonn, Lorry 12, 91 Edwards, Percy 12 Eggerr, Matthew 87 Ekebom, Brett 12 Elder, Chonrol 87 Emson, Trio 12, 86 Elsenboch, Peter 87 Erickson, Colvin 8, 87, 88, 9O Ervin, Done 12 Evens, Tobotho 12 OM iMamOl mm Mm LL19 J 8 130 ,Qpr MW M1 VCWT F Font, Mark 12, 89, 91 Font, Steven 12, 89, 91 Forrls, Montino 37, 87 Ferroll, Shane 37, 72, 87, 97 Fe", Kathryn 12, 86 Finnell, Grant 12, 92 Finnell, Jennifer 3 Fiorenzo, Laura 37 Fisher, Nicole 12 Floder, Shane 37 Fleming, Eric 37 Flemons, Terrell 37 Flint, Copresho 12 Flint, Cireeco 38 Fllnt, Doreece 38 Forberg, Mark 38, 91 Forlow, Andreo 38 Foss, Angel 12, 92 Fowler, Timothy 3, 12 Foxhoven, Randy 38, 91 Frokes, Sarah 38, 72, 90 Fronds, James 12 Franklin, Rod 13 Fredrlckson, Karen 38, 109 Freundschuh, Shown 13 Frlcks, Yolondo 13, 92 Frometo, Gllberr 13, 94 G Golluzzo, Mario 13, 93 Gombini, Michelle 38 Gornhort, Amy 13, 93 Gerry, Denise 38 Goziono, Moria 13 Gedko, Korisso 38 Gehrke, Tracy 13, 92 George, Justin 13, 91 Gerend, Peter 13, 93 Gibbons, John 38, 90 Gill, Lecretio 38, 90 Gllle, Amy 38, 91 Gillette, Michael 13 Gilmour, Chris 38, 73 Glaser, Chad 38 Glass, Ericko 13 Goodin, Laura 13, 94 Goyock, Joseph 13, 93 Goyock, Shoron 38 Groefe, Jacqueline 13 Graham, Clifford 38 Graham, Sherry 13 Greenlee, Todd 3, 38 Greenwell, Steven 38 Grey, Kimberley 3, 38 Griffis, Kristian 38, 102 Gruner, Alisho 38 Guerrero, John 38, 89, 90, 103 Gulley, Twonene 13 Gustofson, Jon 38 Gustofson, Koren 13, 92 Guzzordo, 60er 38, 72, 87, 96 H Holcom, Teolo 13, 94 Holdemon, Kevin 14 Hole, John 3, 39, 89, 90 Hall, Pomelo 14, 86 Hall, Richard 39, 91 Homoker, Jill 14 Hommorberg, Anjo 39, 88, 90 Hand, Andrea 14 Hand, 6an 39 i VWWSWGKSK w MAVCQ w QLLU MW Handler, Mlndy 14, 93 Honey, Charles 39 Henson, Michael 14, 86 Harmon, Lerricio 39 Harris, James 39 Harris, Lourenzo 14 Harris, Ston 3 Harris, Stanley 39 Harris, Trenell 14 Horvey, Jennifer 14, 93 Houg, Jennifer 39 Howkinson, Done 14 Heden, Gregory 14, 86 Heeren, Katherine 3, 39, 87 Heidenrich, Michael 39, 88, 90 Heilmon, Cody 14 Heinrich, Kevin 14, 93 Heins, Eriko 39, 89, 90 Hemer, Gregory 3, 39, 87, 89 Hennen, Neil 14, 93 Henson, Morcus 39 Herron, Virginia 14 Hess, Drew 3, 39 Hess, Johonno 3, 39 Hertich, Matthew 14, 91 Hewitt, Nicole 14, 94 Hicks, Christine 14 Highshow, Carl 3, 39, 87 Highshow, Tyvlce 14 Hill, Angelo 14 ,, HIII, William 39 Hlnde, Brion 14 Hintz, Mlchoel 39 Hoglund, Jeffrey 14 Holden, Poul 3, 40, 91 Holder, Kristo 14, 93 Holland, Melba 4O Holler, Michelle 3, 14, 86 Hollowoy, Anltro 40 Holmon, John 3 Holmsrorm, Allison 14 Hommemo, Scott 15, 92 Horon, Jennifer 15 Horsley, Stephen 40, 9O Horton, David 15 Horton, Donald 15 Horton, Torono 40 Horton, Zochorloh 15 Hoskinson, Brand! 15 Horlen, Aoron 40, 73, 107 Hougon, Daniel 15 Houston, Terri 40, 72, 87 Hovdo, Timothy 15, 91 Hudson, Porricio 15 Hughes, Anthony 15, 93 Hughes, James 40, 91 Hughes, Seon 40 Hull, Brion 15 Hultmon, Jeffrey 40, 9O Humphrey, Britta 40, 90 Hurd, Patrick 3, 15, 91 Hurd, Valerie 40 Hussein, Ajmol 15, 92 Hurchcroft, Sam 40, 87 Hutchinson, Jane" 15 Hutson, Jeffrey 40 ,, MCWA Q 9mg VWwMESQWwU MW VW. Ionni, Cynthio 15 Ingrossio, Done 15, 109 Iwonski, Lori 15 J Jockobson, Brion 3 Jackson, Autumn 3, 15, 86 Jackson, Micheal 40 n Jocobs, Alvln 15 Jocobsen, Jonathon 40, 88, 90 Jacobson, Brion 40 Joeger, Kristine 40, 73, 96 Jeffrey, Hino 16 Jamison, Lorrlco 16, 93 Jonn, Erin 16, 86 Jorvi, Julie 16, 94 Jecklin, Lourie 16, 93 Jelks, Nokeothon 40 Johonneson, Stephen 40 Johnson, Brett 16, 93 Johnson, Cordell 16 Johnson, Daniel 40, 89 Johnson, Donny 16, 91 Johnson, David 16, 93 Johnson, Eric 16 Johnson, Erik 16 Johnson, Gerold 40 Johnson, Joshuo 40 Johnson, Julee 16, 91 Johnson, Kimberly 40, 90 Johnson, Mark 40, 73, 92 Johnson, Mlchoel 16 Johnson, Renee 16 Johnson, Stacey 41 Johnson, Wode 16 Jones, Brion 41 Jones, Micheal 41 Joseph, Charles 3, 41 Josephson, Susan 16, 85 Juffembruch, Peter 16 Juliono, Jacqueline 16 Jushko, Erlc 3, 41 K Korou, Kelly 16 Karim, Ermine 41, 72, 87 Kovodos, Lisa 16, 92 Kedore, Shello 41 Kelly, Modllyn 16 Kelso, Jason 16 Kennedy, Stephen 41, 91 Kindsrorm, Down 16 King, Brett 3, 41, 73, 103 King, Kelly 94 King, Kerry 16 Kisling, Jennifer 16, 86 Kloss, Bridget 41, 68, 73 Koberg, Mark 17 Koehl, Jonathan 17 Koenings, Daniel 17 Kohl, Sarah 41, 68, 90, 109 Kohlbocher, Kelly 41, 97 Kokos, Dorcy 17 Komiskey, Ellzoberh 41, 89, 90 Konrad, Daniel 3, 41, 90 Konrod, Timothy 17, 92 Kopp, Tobin 17 Koteskl, Jill 41, 87 Kowoll, Matthew 17 Kramer, Dovld 51 Krehbiel, Amy 41, 90 Krup, Anthony 17, 92 L Locoscio, Amy 42 Logerberg, John 17, 94 Loll, Alexander 41 Lombrecht, Scott 41 Lomotre, Monique 3, 41, 91 Londerholm, Christopher 17 Londerholm, Mary 42, 87 Lone, Michael 17 Lonslng, Sara 3, 17 Lopp, Kathleen 3, 42 Lorowoy, James 17 3Lk8314 Cwmd HELLDNQ1V2U U; I UQHLtQQQVO QQmLJ Mggj Larsen, Soro 17 Larson, Down 17, 86 Larson, John 42, 103 Lorson, Morjorle 3, 42, 91 Lorue, Joson 17, 93 Losolo, Lisa 42 Lossondro, Korherlne 17 Leaf, Christian 17 Leothermon, Dovld 17, 89 Lee, Dovld 42, 107 Lee, Rebecco 42, 85 Lenmon, Susanne 42 Letheby, Russell 42, 91 m Letheby, Ryan 18 Leverenz, Dovld 42, 89, 90 Lewondowskl, Donlel 42, 72, 91 Lichtenstein, Mark 18 W Lenrh, Jennifer 42 Lester, Derrick 3 Lindsay, Brion 42, 73, 91 Llndsrrond, Jon 42 lelngston, Brent 18 k git Locosclo, April 18 Lombardl, Vlctor 42, Longnecker, Joy 42, Loven, Mlcheol 42 Lugo, Lovlno 18, 93 Luno, Marcello 42 Lundberg, Ronald 42 Lusz, Qgpiomen 18, 91 Luibs, Michael 18 Lynn, Jennlfer 3, 42 M Mock, Dione 42 Mockey, Julie 42 Mackintosh, Ryan 18, 94 Madden, Dovld 18, 92 Madden, Patricia 3 Mols, Jennlfer 3, 43, 73 Molodeckl, Donno 43 Molcomson, Jonathon 18 Molone, Victor 43, 91 Mongioroclno, Joseph 18 Monrello, Jason 43, 91 Morkese, Thomas 18 Marks, Jason 18, 91 Morner, Mindy 18, 93 Mortlnez, Steven 18 Martinez, Wendell 3, 43 Mossey, Vlcrorlo 18 Mortson, Jeremy 18 Mortson, Rebecco 43, 90 Moyfleld, Evon 19, 93 Mozzolo, Krlstlno 43, 96 McClain, Raymond 19 McCloaohon, Timothy 19 McClintock, Emllle 43 3 McClintock, James 43 7 McCreorh, Jeffrey 43 McCullough, Heather 43, 91 McCutcheon, John 19 McDonald, Okcho 43, 73, 97, 109 McDowell, Chossiry 43, 85 McElmeeI, Andrew 19 McGovron, Eric 19 McGhee, Decorlos 43 McGhee, Delornos 43 McGhee, Michele 19 1313 MN IN 1:10 T H X 1 EEESA ,. 6 Llebovlch, Kevin 42, 72 Liebovich, Mitchell 18, 93 Llermonn, Kelle 18, 91 Lilogren, Amanda 18 Lllogren, Dovld 42, 72 Llridberg, Eric 18 Llndblode, Down 18 Llndeblod, Erlk 18, 92 Llndeblod, Matthew 18, 9 Llndqulsr, Shane 18 k Neely, Troy 20 2Neff, Sheri 44, 90 McGlnnls, Anna 43, 85, 90 McMIIIIn, Ryan 43, 90 McNobb, Jennifer 19, 93 McNece, Joson 43 McQueory, Krlsren 43, . Meade, Stacey 44, 88, Meodows, Patricio 19 Mehto, Neho 19 Meldohl, Erikko 19 Melqulst, Connie 19, 94 Menrlng, Alon 19 Messerschmidt, Joel 44 Messley, Christopher 44, 3 Meyers, Kerry 44, 73, 9 Meyers, Soro 94 Mezo, Susono 44, 90, 9 Mlcell, Anthony 19, 94 Mlchelurrl, Crlstlno 3, Miller, Beth 3, 44 Miller, Nicole 19 Mlllikln, Jennifer 44, 90 Mlllkln, Jenno 97 Mllls, Christopher 44, 72 Mlnor, Laura 44 Mlnor, Paulo 19, 93 Moon, Mark 44 Moncur, Koren 44, 73, Moore, Andrew 44 Moore, Ben 92 Moore, Benjamin 19 Moore, Brion 44, 72, 9 Moore, Daniel 44 Moore, Mark 44, 87 Moore, Shung 44 Morcos, Morcellino 19 Mordlck, Steve 44 Morris, Jennlfer 2O Morrison, Michael 20 Morse, Andrew 20, 92 Moser, Krlsrle 3, 20 Moyer, Andreo 20 Mueller, Jennlfer 2O Mufich, Monica 20, 86 Mullins, Toshio 44 Mulvey, 510:! 20, 85, 94 Mundt, Alexander 20 Mundt, Robert 3, 44 Munson, Kelley 20 Mutton, Jomle 44, 97 Myers, Choriry 20, 86 Myers, Soro 20 K6 N Wu PE? Bowwzo m6 .- 77ka m THE KACL to Nelson, Done 44, 87, 9 Nelson, Jeffrey 3, 44, 87 Nelson, Kimberly 44, 88, 90 elson, Rodney 20 Nevln, Anronlo 20 Nguyen, Uyen 20, 86 Nielsen, Erron 20, 92 Nlppo, Bradley 45, 91 Noel, Jason 20 Norrls, Mlchoel 20 Nonen, Stacey 20 Nova, Chris 45 O O'Keefe, Timothy 45 O'Neol, Clifford 45, 91 Olmsteod, Deon 45 Olmsted, Jeni 3, 45 Olson, Cheri 45, 72 Olson, Held! 3, 20, 92 Orser, Bethany 20, 85, 91 61. Orslnger, Toro 20, 92 1 Owen, Andrew 3, 45 Owens, Michael 20, 86 Owens, Tonyo 45, 73, 97 Palmer, Joson Palmer, Jerem Palmer, Terra Polumbo, Som Popocek, Erlc Popke, Chad 2 Popke, Jennifer 4 Parker, Mourlc 21 Persons, Chrlstln , Potrlck, Notosho Patterson, Jossle Pearce, Joson 21 Peck, Jennlfer Pedersen, Krlstlne Peel, Heather 3, 1 Perklns, Derek 3, Perry, Kristin 45, Peterson, Donlel 5 Peterson, Kimberly Peterson, Stud 45, 97 Peterson, Susan 3, 21 l 2 Kg Phillips, Klmberl Plorkln, Julie 21 Pollvko, Bradley 4 Pollock, Gregory 1 Powell, Brian 3, Powell, Kevin 21 Powell, Krlsren Powers, Donlel 21 Paul, Matthew 21 Prosod, Vlnoy 22 Proshor, Atul 22, 93 Price, Dovld 46 5 , Priest, Gregory 3, 22, 94.3., Puckett, Derrlck 3, 46 Pulizzi, Brion 46, Purifoy, Kenvel Purlfoy, Loronlo 22 Rolston, Govln 22, 3 Ramirez, Miguel 2 Ropp, Joseph 22, Rou, Janelle 22, 85, Roudonls, Jason 46 Roymon, Mellndo 46, 3 Rebmon, Jomle Recoy, Tony 22 Reedy, Jeffry 46, 7 Relcher, Todd 22 Remsen, Krlsry 46, 91, Resurrecclon, Koren 3 Reyengo, Chrlstopher 22 W Reyes, Earl 22, 86 Rice, Amy 22, 92 Richardson, Erlk 46, 87 Richardson, ErIn 22 Rlcks, Shemoloh 22 Rigdon, Douglas 46 nggoll, Toro 22, 85 Riley, Chod 46, 87 Riley, Jockie 22 RIppenrrop, Donlel 22, 100 Rivas, Bruce 22, 86 Rivera, Raymond 46 Roberson, Cheryl 22 Roberts, Matthew 46, 87, 88 Robinson, Richard 3 Rob pencer 22 Strauss, Morc 3' 48 Walker, Kareem 50 H 1 5h Rod Gym 2 3 S'mhfmn' Ko'hryn 45' 90 Wol : , Morcus 50, 9, 91 1 Rosco , ron E D $ V ED Wo er, hm; h Rosengreen, Reidor 3 I , . 4 Walker, Tr- -y 7 4 Rotello, Joseph 22 Swansn' C'0'9 45 Walter, Kelly 25 , Sherrl 50 R h . in e . 96 Swonson, Ryan 24, 92 R aw - U Q fffnson' - , pencer 25, 94 se , A lee 2 SW nsrrom ' , Nikio 25 Q n . . Rye, Jennifer 46, 89, 90 Swenson, Chrlsro Swenson, Ryan 2 0 ms Gcino 25 kaq Wehlona, Robert 25, 55 . Swnfr, HOHY. 4 Wehrle, James 25 pew 1 Kkes' Fella 48 'ond, Tonyo 2 , 86, 97 Q Weis V 'd , Sodowski, Sylvio 23, 86 Kl! , SJ Wen a 2 . i E Sohlsrro ,Stephen 46 Wesley won 0 S m I: n, Christopher 23, 93 West, Joson 2b gporltl, V 72, 97 109 the, Jo.seph 45 Wheeler, Koren 50 ru E Q 5K" 24' 67 Whitaker, Norhoniel 50 Schovlond, Niko - , , 4 Whit , Cr 2 Schindler, Brlon 23 Toy or, B . y $9 Whit hous , Sor E Schlesner, Chod 46 Taylor, Korn 24' 93 Whitehouse, To Schmeltzer, Kimberly 23, 3 Taylor, Kimberly 48' 88' 91 Wicklund, Lourel 26 TOY'orr 5C0" 45 Wilkins, Precious a, 26, 94 . tk q To lor, Shondo 48 Williams, ANd w 2 e , 92 Y 45 Williams Mar 50 90 on 48' ' 10 illioms, P m lo 26, 86 Terry, Jen ifer 3, 48, , . . Sh 5O . Tho'mon' Me"550 45' 57 Williams, Tlmghly 2o , Theien, Morc 49 WiImot, Brlon 50 . .y 47, 91, -7 Thiede' JefferY 49 Wilson, Amy 26 g homos, Krigti 4 Vi n, Jimmy 50 Seurlng, Wen. v 9g , Tho 5' Terri. $0. Julie 50 Shelby, Doron 47 mos, Troo llson, T rone 50 , Sheldon Daniel 47, 91 Thompson: Julle 24 Win - , onelIe 50, 73 Shel - , p - T'eChev Ch'?'OPhe' 24' 93 Wlnterhelmer, Andrew 50, 9, 91 Shlel 7950 9 Wir -es, Horold 50, 91 Shilly, Chod 47, u 7"50" '6? 49 Vol , d 50, 88, 9o Shin, Eric 3, 47 3Tlne, oce 73 Woll hloger, roig 26 86 Shlndler, Brian 3 Tories, Andrew 49 6 won e 'ck, ' ee 90, ' Shl ke, Heidl 46 Towne, Julie 49' 91 Woodhouse, Corrie 3, , 3, Trommell, Debreno 49 Woodhouse Justin 26 Woods, Melinda 50, 87 Worzello, Arny 50 72 ' 102 Q Wrigh . Wrig , Tho $8 Turner, Volemine 24 Wrob 1 'J . Slsovotch, Hon Khom 3 $$Efff'Rggmgng 2:498 re lewskl, Scott 50 Slsovoth, Khoms u 92 T n y'T 49 s 9, Jeremy 26 Slsovorh, Khoms y e, rocy ysz skl, Greg 26 Slebge, Jovlro 3 m w 5 5 Sment, Matthew 23 Smith, Joycelyn 23 ' Andrew 49' 69' 90 Yates, Kevin 50 x Smith, Corrie 23 Y Smith, Chrlstlno 23 xgy Y Id K 26 ' Smith, Ciceli 47, 85 , , ng 0 en, erry Smith, Joshuo 23 $22M B" ' Yonez, Erlco 26 4 Smlth, Marcus 23 Yoon, Soc 51 Smith, Melissa 24 V 5 x Young, Scott 51 Snow, Rochoel 3, 47, 73 Yunk, Mlcheol 26 Sommer, Andrew 24 Vonoke , Eric 25 Sommerfield, Katherine 47 v0 Ion 5c of thl 9 A Sorenson, Heorh 47, 73 12? n, p Z Southcrd, Anne 47, 73 or e 4 90 5 m I sproule, Andrea 47 , '1 w , Zohorskl, Dovld 26 .x: ?. . . Vello, Anne Zommufo Frank 26 Sr.John, Ensnn24 Verstynen, Morlbeth 25, 86 Zonocco, Jennifer 51 Srochowuok, Kim 48, 87 Villoni, Cory 49 Stork, Chod 24. 94 Viney, Brion 49, 89, 90 Staten, Shonton 24, 92 Vironi, Amoroli 25 91 Stouffer, Joson 48, 90 V0, Loc 25, 92 I Steele, Heather 24 Vosberg, Cindy 3, 25' 94 5 ,- , 1 1 Stenberg, Brent 46, 86, 90 Vosburgh, Chistlne 49 Stephens, Keith 24 Stephenson, Bret 48 Stevenson, Joseph 24 W Stieber, Tomi 48 Srlenecker, Erin 48, 96 Wade, Anna 25, 91 '1 Stiles, Luann 48 Wode, Buddle 3, 25 Stone, Kenneth 48 Wagner, Amy 49, 73, 87 5 C Srrom, Joson 24 Walker, Amy 25 Strand, Michael 48 Walker, Andrea 3, 49 AUTOGRAPHS Myqu agW W Q50 x01WJQQLWMNWWN 9:50 W WIWW Ofma Hadv 012' 0030 + Q06 ?ugggd MW: Qawcb 0W3 W? N . X353 xgccgm KEN$$ w V G $$$ZKLMQQQX GM UQQM X4 WUQQQ , W: $9me W e lad i am; Wm howa mgrea+ gommoh Ovv'x x YYJLUQ QUVX 03an W .

Suggestions in the Eisenhower High School - Ikes Echoes Yearbook (Rockford, IL) collection:

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