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O -..:-..h V ' ' 'Z ,, v.-v 13 'N-. ,,1n.. Q, g,h ,, I W1 H 'Cf 2 1 in' -IVH , . 1 .. A ,fs if Q fgfcf .'L f A Pfliyrriff if", U .WMA b i' 6, N VA ii-ilvkfgsiu 7 '-.IL Lififlrb 1' f hw .f 9 , v 'WF-- mg, N' '-1- a Y J F P T -, "K-2' -1' "'I Ql,,kA-and-,fl My YF .Dfbfsfp ' EK E - ig Iyfvil lgcwi P 30 Nfl'-w - ffl M w .i xlipcdf 4, 5fsl,g1 - Q Tx 5, 'TJ fb, "XB ' X x 1 Q - - lfxlifg ' ' wg? I 5 Jig xy, . 'N XXX b 5' vb 3' Ref--" . w fl - X 1 X1 Q if..-1 - f -4-9495 'ig , Ss J' '4 x mx? 12 .. 1 'gli-N5 N. 1,-lu.,-,Q fl-2.J.37i. SMA fff"'i2? Pf' '2f'Mf'v2v4-' H V" V f' I , W ' Cl . fvflffff ' fy- Z. Mm, '- TN Q9 . G?-2 ,fQr7'??RJD ' 7 1' ,yr " f?-A7'1f7g' '7'TP':+4.1f 1.0 -QQ A. ' NMA!! .535 W A Wt, .. D Vi' .. 1 J, X. . My? X agp N Q, ff XQXOD Q QQ KQQQJAQ X955 J .K . ' bf 'W - L5-fb Q, XQNC X W C Q X ' ,WI ' 0- fclcs-,' XX LQ J N201 B of GKOD s xv WK S bb U Q X Qi 'X -'P' Dwight David Eisenhower 1890-1969 Oh, once mighty and noble general, Foresight in every wordg Unhindered by evils set forth by man From his stand he seldom stirred. His heart was that of a preacher, His wisdom that of a king. His life was for Americag May his words in history ring! A merciless journey on the wheels of time Brought him to the peak of successg Metarnorphosing into a man of respect- A man who could smooth unrest. Death in his body, yet his life lives on In the hearts of all on earthg Remembering his bold and gallant ideals, Cherishing dearly their value and worth. Our school is honored to carry his name, Striving to equal his power. May the world forever remember this man- General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Janice Hines Eisenhower Junior High School dedicates this 1969 Eidolon to General Eisenhower in his honor and memory. Eidolon 1969 Eisenhower Junior High School Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Volume Three 1 ' 1 V-V v Y .. A ' WV' ' a- as -U . -. -u H'-, , - - f " -nrt , "wif 5 . .5-7.4" T F' -' 'T":"!"' vi ' -- Sv. L"u .U -P7 ef- 1' .Y ' 'L "M M H. 1 J ' IFS ,Q Q vB ' -I ww' 'WF .1 H' . Qu .HEY Aff 5: Q, ' - ur.,-Z5 5 x , ,Q ,3k4,,, fmjj fl z1, Q.-ggfwga ff? aghgiv, gg 433 J 'Ffa -11 5- ,5-M - ' ' '- if 11'-L - V .fy . vigil. V: 'b rim J.'g,:Q',-f' f'Rif'fTf4L.'f'f",A,f j QQ 'E -' ,JH V! 1,4 L, n-En 'lui-we WE., ' Sig F XT, U, ' .,,l I.,-'hm'.'.'.,,Li,,--f g,H, ::fgi.i5::-: :-Q., ,, 'I In -rap.,-I 1- 1,22 '?sf2i'gE.fs' 2. ' N -gl-J' '1S""ff -U." .f.jE'f' J' 'k- . .Iwi fm-C-1 1:5-s,g.gZ.L1if. W 3' W ' 5 . 1. v , 324 Jil'- Qfyigagga f2jflf.'rff1g'f-. .'Q,i'4,4. rf '4-'f W V if ,. , 1 S 2 he 1 , 5 - Q .L ,v , " Z' -T-S .-1 1 ,. -,-, .,f Yi-Nix. I 1 5 H Y V .,v , L7-E WHQIET-N. I, , ,T 1 ' ' - sri ' . 'TI' , ' n . .,. 1 . 1-Z E':5: X: Q " ,Q Ai . '-m - . 2 i 1' wi, , -I, :A U :,Y:i?' ' - QE V Sb' , V 135. 1 Y , .: Y is ' Q is-2 f xi '1 , H 'w' K , 'Mm if W: 1, H' - Vg ,A A Q1 T KWH , H n Q St. zz :fi EISENHONER JUNIOR HIGH 2 -.-Q A.-.. f - -31. . -:ary ."""J' . :jg ' f-,fl -1 T Jig' Table of Contents A Look Forward .......... 4 Administration, Faculty .... 8 Academics .............. 18 Students . . . . . . 32 Athletics ..... . . . 58 Organizations ..... . . . 66 A Look Backward . . . . . 78 Elizabeth Davis courageously reaches to recover a white mouse from her locker as Sam Bass, Troy Bowen, and Brad Blackwell look on. A-H, .V-. SYSUZU1 Ann Holmes receives a note secretly passed from Jenny Maclvor duxing class time. 5 To relieve students of books during lunch hour, shelves were installed against the south wall of the cafe- torium. Student hurry down stairways in the allotted five minutes between classes. -fam A 'gyms . 'fx ,A Eisenhower's cafeteria is always full of activity during the lunch hour. Long lines are a common occurrence 6 2' '-af :fl . 5 U 7 Many students study in the courtyard during lunch hour. Students rush from the main build- ing to the portables between classes. ,An,,,,M., Administration And Faculty Guiding students in choosing a course of study, adjusting to a rapid pace of the secondary school, and forming effective learning habits are some ob- jectives of the administrative staff and faculty. While trying to instill these facilities in their pupils, teachers have grown to know the students as people, not merely as names. Working overtime, between classes, and under pressure developed the mutual understanding between teacher and pupils so neces- sary for successful learning. 8 5 x4 . . 1 Q v'-. Y' ', . H 1' '. ' " fl, A-1-5. 1. 1 ,qjy . A f 'ff A-1' 'F-r .5-if iff? ifii, 'Qi df If i? ham, iipgffiif " ' ig, b --,, xxx. ""'w.. 5 E a go 9 Administration ey Staff eeps EJHS on the Move Keeping Eisenhower Junior High School constantly in step with the complex and challenging needs of education was Mr. Edward-Lee Berry, completing his third consecutive year as principal. Former Eisenhower basketball coach, Mr. Don Spurgin served as assistant principal for the first time. In addition to taking over during the principal's absence, Mr. Spurgin maintained disciplinary standards. Dedicated to the advancement of the school, they worked together continually strengthening and supporting all student activities. An addition of approximately 200 students increased Eisehhoweris population to 1,080, and brought many challenging and unexpected problems for counselors Mrs. Kathryne Leverett and Mr. Earl Constien. Through their efforts classes were repeatedly adjusted to benefit both students and teachers. Dr. Bill Lillard completed his third year as city superintendent of schools. E3 3723 h ,dr-rr' , fx i 4 Y l u E s-.-. " Mr. Edward-Lee Berry-Principal Mr. Don Spurgin-Assistant Principal ., ,YYY . i'1f I Y Q If o 'flu ' o 1 . Ulllllllllllil. QE -- V' N ' 1 ug g,,MEu 'lf' 'nf i - Q1 Mrs. kathryne Leverett-Counselor MI- E21-I1C0HSfi3H'C0UHSC101' HW: -in e "MII: wg v -H ' J ,. 'w Board of Educatlon-Seated. Mr. Foster Estes, Ward 4, presldentg Dr. Vlrgd T. Hlll, Ward 1. Standmg: Mr. Dr. B111 Llllard Melvin P. Rogers, Ward 2g Mr. W.R. Yinger, Member-at-large, Mr. William F. Lott, Ward 3. Superintendent of Schools 11 M -,I wi rn! X Administration Plays a Vital Role in Our School Mrs. Janet Hicks Mrs. Deloras Anderson Attendance Secretary Financial Secretary ae Y .:Y""" Y-H ....,,-EW--wi -xv rs., 1 C sw sr nfl , i R 9 sehr Mrs. Mary White-School Nurse Mrs. Charlotte Norman-Guidance Secretary and Registrar Increased resources have converted the library into a center for communication media. In charge of this complex system is Mr. Lee Graham, assisted by Mrs. Billie Marshall and 16 student aides. Working in the school office are Mrs. Deloras Anderson, secretary to Mr. Berry and financial secretary, and Mrs. Janet Hicks, secretary to Mr. Spurgin and attendance secretary. Mrs. Mary White, school nurse and Junior Red Cross sponsor, treats ailments ranging from broken arms to headaches. Mrs. Charlotte Norman, guidance secretary, keeps accurate records about each student in school. 1'fsf+,:-,-?:-- Q . EN 255 H - - r ' , S . . A r ' A - " 'M vw., J' . , " 5 . -sa ' A- 1: - - L G Q fy' 'l K Q ' ' fl , I O 5 1 ' P I , I f mi 'f""4"iw,!'- - Tcl-fx CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Joan Park, Mrs. Dolly Cowger, Mrs. Dora Rhoades, Mrs. Glenna Hardzog, Mrs. Vivia Eslick, Mrs. Gladys Fink, Mrs. Aloma Cline, Mrs. Bessy Johnson, Mrs. Mable 4 I rl I: l x . , 5 -, 1 I - .V ,, in 4 1 ,Q Y NL 1. "J I S M' ' , .. elrv y "Q "' ' l ' 1' 1, , .I 4 g I A , -' ,n gel: ,lvl A' cgi' 3 , . ' m'..,,., , MK' ff" 'fr' ' , -:' z X K , lf, V , V! I ,ag , , Q, it if .GS .gli L v X ,I , In X33 X gn 'ri-pr x. x Best, Mrs. Naoma Bishop, Mrs. Garldine Kannada, Mrs. Willie Voight, Mrs. Sallie O'Haver, Mrs. Thelma Ketchum, Mrs. Ida Bell Bednar. CUSTODIAL STAFF Seated: Mr. Robert Covington, Mr. Orville DeGraffenreid. Standing: Mr. Robert Potter, Mr. Travis Cantrell. :swf 1 wr We I 5 BUS DRIVERS Front row: Mr. Cecil Rahe, Mr. Jim Hanis, Mr. Phil Goss, Mr. Travis Cantrell, Mr. Eugene Garcia, Mr. Robert Kale Martin, Mr. Dennis Hoff, Mr. Bob Kennedy, Mr. Frank Riggs. Lockridge. Back row: Mr. Drue Venters, Mr. Marvin Gunning, Mr. 13 Mrs. Annettea D. Andrews Government 83 Scientific Geography 7 Mr. John Blair Mathematics 7,83 Applied Mathematics 95 Basketball Coach 7 Mrs. Fem Bowman Language Arts 7g English 93 4-H Clubg National Junior Honor Society Mr. Sam Crowder Department Chairmang Oklahoma-U.S. History 9g National Junior Honor Societyg Faculty Advisory Committee Mr. Fred C. Davis Scientitic Geography 75 Language Arts 7 Mrs. Ellie Denham Department Chaim1ang Language Arts 7g English 95 Junior Masterpieces 7,9g Faculty Advisory Committee Mr. Zed DeVaughn Life Science 83 Wrestling coach 8,9 Mrs. Jane Duncan G o v e r n m e n t 8 g Oklal1oma-U.S. History 94 Pep Club Mr. Dale Echols Algebra 9 5 Applied Mathematics 9: Mathematics 7 Mrs. Velda George Home Economics 7,8,9g Courtesy Club Mrs. Anita Herrin English 8,93 Scientific Geography 75 Physical Science 8 Mr. Jimmie R. Jinkins Drafting 7,8,93 Woodworking and Metalworking 8,9 or Tommorow's Contending World 'Ns 15, 1 - ll AY V A - -- 3,0 . , Wfff- , E 'V' Y - I -,:v,:.ss:-'i ' ' f Y -dv I N J 'k ll ' if -5-3L,j.-.", . Q ff -l .. I v,w-',- .4-H.: - ' A QQ 4 tsl! , lxl. , , , , N, A V, K, ' ' 2 -' , ' xx A, fr ' i ' '.xI'wv ', ii . "-rs' ,. . W 'Wg .If H ills ' - f will r MNH' , , 1 rfb ' X 4 I Z ' Mrs. Betty Ann Klaassen Department Chairmang Algebra 85 Mathematics 7 Mrs. Mildred M. Labor N Typing 9 W Mr. Bill Langwell Department Chairman: Biology 9g Life Science 9g Physical Science 85 Golf Club Mr. Willis Logan Govemment 89 Scientific Geography 75 Service Clubg Tennis Club Mr. Robert Lynam Boys Physical Education 7,8,91 Basketball coach 9 Mrs. Helen McFadden Special Education 7,8,9: Mathematics 7: National wk Junior Red Cross i ,,,e'a ,V E f Mr. Chester L. Mcllroy Woodworking and Metalworking 7,8,9S Faculty Advisory Committee Mrs. Kathy Mclnnis Language Arts 73 Spanish 7,8,9: French 7 Mr. Bill McVay Art 7,8,9 , V f',,,'. -Jsxf . i i "' I ' A y 1 7 e . .i' N '1 i -41 Mr. John Blair, a new faculty member at Eisenhower, explains at math problem. Mr. 'Bill Langwelldemonstrates correct procedure to follow during a science experiment. Faculty Spend Man Hours Helping Students Mr. Bill McVay Suggests possible color combinations to Bill Garnett for his poster which was exhibited during Spirit Week festivities Mr. Sam Crowder lectures about 0klahoma's colorful history and the role of the various Indian tribes. 4 ,r "4 f Norman Mears General Music 8: Girls 'glee Club 83 Mixed A horus 7,8,9 r Richard B Neal Mathematics 85 Faculty h . fi 1 - . y .1 Geometry 95 Algebra 91 ali ff Advisory Committee Mrs. Dorothy W. Nelson Life Science 95 Scientific G e o g r a p li y 7 g Govemment 8 Mr. Larry Pendleton Beginning Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra Mr. Paul Preston Special Education 7,8,9g Mathematics 7: Basketball coach 8 Mr. Rodger Robinson Beginning Band, Advanced Band Mrs. Earlene F. Sallis Girls Physical Education 7 ,8 ,9g Sponsor-cheer leaders Mrs. Carolyn Schlinke Drama 9g Speech 7,8,9g English 8 Mrs. Anne Sherman English 93 Language Arts 75 Junior Masterpieces 7,9 'hs X X s H-af' x ' li-' -ws 'T X' -,,,,..f" C7 Mrs. Mary White and Mrs. Mildred Labor chat between classes. Mrs. Sherry Sopcr Home Economics 7,85 Courtesy Club Mr. Robert D. Stalnakcr Earth Science95 Scientitic Geography 75 Service Club Mr. Fred W. Strickland, Jr. Introductory Physical Science 85 Life Science 95 Track and Field coach5 Tennis Club: Chess Club Mrs. Nan Etta Trospcr Language Arts 75 English 85 French 7,8,9 Mrs. Mary Truss I English 7,85 Mathematics 7 Mrs. Shirley A. Washington Language Arts 75 English 85 Spanish 7 Mrs. Berline G. Watson Mathematics 85 Applied Mathematics 95 Algebra 95 Student Council Mrs. Anna Lou Whalen English 85 Journalism 8,95 Sponsor-Five Star General, Eidolon xi.,- ff- as vb- Ready for a table tennis demonstration in her gym class is Mrs. .lo Sallis, girls physical education instructor. l Academics Whether sewing on a button, or welding a piece of steelg measuring an angle, or testing for bacteriag diagraming a sentence, or greeting, "Bonjour, Monsieurf' students were given a chance to express themselves academically. Working in class groups or individually, pupils achieved prizewinning results. Teamwork was the answer for the band, orchestra, and school publi- cations, Solo projects in speech tournaments, art contests, and science fairs brought about the best possible results. By exposing pupils to these diverse areas, Eisen- hower helped prepare them for the future. 18 ,X A vp- ff' ,M 19 Academics Learning to use the microscope are John Weiss and Helen Warren This is one of the many instruments necessary in biology. Bobby Barrow cleans instruments following a science experiment. Mrs. Betty Klaassen uses an overhead projector to demonstrate a math problem to her seventh grade students. iz: :X , Q 9' 1 Yr . .gl L , . .l .e.. ,a 1,- - o " 1 ,V '. - 's A -l, k, X '75-. OI ,bee hard at the chalkboard are Betty Brooks and Sandra Snow. k 1 lass participation is very important in algebra. 21 New Ideas Are Taught b Math and Sciences Math and science are required subjects for all three grades at Eisenhower. Math courses include applied math, algebra, advanced algebra, and geometry, These basic math skills are taught to prepare students for high school courses. Scientific geography is required for all seventh grade students. It introduces the basic study of climate, direction, and geology. Two versions of physical science are studied by the eighth grade. One of these courses stresses chemistry and physics, ant the other stresses environment. Freshmen are offered life science, earth science, and biology. These courses include disecting, lab experiments, and field trips. Academics Social Studies Pupils Learn Help ul Items A social studies program is required every year at Eisenhower. In the seventh grade, scientific geography gives basic principles in both social studies and science. Eighth grade students take a government course which introduces them to the complicated procedure of running a successful govern- ment. X Freshmen take one semester of Oklahoma history and one semester of United States history. Debbie McCall, Barbara Cowger, and Cherryl Foreman United States history. Social studies teacher, Mr. Sam Crowder, explains the distribution of Indian tribes in Oklahoma's past. it "12. IL 1 1.5 l YW in 11,1 ,mmf MW I .r"lQ"!l E1 ,mira -,J A' study Mr. Norman Mears directs Steve Dotter, Larry Thompson, Jerry West, Elbert Murray, and Don Allison, accompanied by Debra Baumgartner, in rehearsal for spring contest. W' Raiders Develop Artistic Talents Glen Miller admires the originality displayed in a wood sculpture by Steve Welch. Bill Garnett works diligently on his woodcarving in art class. Music plays an important role at Eisenhower. Students participate with enthusiasm in band, orchestra, choir, glee club, and general music. Art students are able to widen their range of interests by studying in such fields as painting, drawing, sculpture, and carving. Many Eisenhower pupils received excellent ratings on work which was entered in the art festival at Centra State College, Edmond. 23 Academics . Wir' J! su, . ,, 1 4 Aiden 1 7 ' Y '-':..g.,,f'- +1 ft ' . Ag, .-. a ' is ' -- ,....1p42:.f V X Y ,-LQ .L -f +1 var.-F , 57,1 .fv:....f, -' ,L f .,'J' '.,' f l - 1 ,Y J. EIDOLON STAFF Chris Barbara Snow, co-editors. Co-editors study a layout. Prepare I 9 . L- f Aggasit. HZ' .K Clark, layouts, Kathy Jones, COPY: Marylee Trigg, Five Star General and Eidolon 1 f ,:'z,Q,Lftitwr J f ,' tae, , fr p . M dkgc.9"i'J Xffldxlx-VL! C-flzlfyfzfaca j if gffpgfvu' .dwwcfzupx R, . W If Twenty-four enthusiastic students made up this year's Five Star General staff. Editor Linda Rademacher and reporters spent many hours conducting interviews and writing stories for the paper which was published once a month. Journalism I also included the staff for the school yearbook, the Eidolon. Co-editors Barbara Snow and Marylee Trigg took the lead in assembling a book which depicted Eisenhower's image. Students in eighth grade journalism studied theory and learned to write news stories, editorials, and features in preparation for assuming the duties of publication next year. The class prepared the April issue of the Five Star General and compiled a student directory, the Raider Roster. S 'N-..,f Z -ry ir. W-- FIVE STAR GENERAL STAFF Front row: M. Goodeaux, P. Clark, D. Bernardy, J. Brown, J. Carmack, V. Bradshaw, D Knol, J. Howell, Mrs. A. Whalen, sponsorg J. Knol, G. Dodson, P. Wrlson. Back row: L. Stevens, J. McKinney, J. Preston, B. Wilson Pannell, L. Rademacher, editor. Second row: M. Saunders, C. B. Snow, K.Jones, P. Crane, D. Kitchen,M.Trigg, K. Smith. 24 - w l Mi' 'Q 1-E'ZE'i,,"' hh a ar' un., -54 Linda Rademacher, Five Star General editor, checks pictures for the March issue. 4 rm Eighth graders Sheri Houston, Patsy Jones, and Jean Smith prepare a poster to advertise the Raider Roster, school directory. Vickie Bradshaw and Peggy Knol receive suggestions on good newspaper layout from Professor Mack Palmer at OIPA concerence. Both eighth and ninth grade journalism classes attended fall and spring conferences at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. 25 eada lllllle lHXll,XKl Academics , fa o Answering questions on a self-evaluation unit offered to freshmen English classes is Lea Rumley. Engllsh and Drama Uncover the M an Arts of Language English, a required course throughout junior high, is a com- bination of grammar and literature. Special units which include the study of foreign lands, narcotics, personal code, and American folklore are added features. Many classes also participate in Junior Masterpieces. Speech is offered to seventh and eighth grade students as an intro- duction to drama, debate, parliamentary procedure, and voice con- trol. Freshmen may enroll in Drama I. During the year, the drama class presented a scene from Little Women, and a play, The Hoax of Hogan's Holler. Debbie Points and Katie Saunders take part in a production given by the drama class. for a play glven by the drama class IS Sandra Snow. at the tangled plot of Great Expectations are Donna and Odalie Felkins. 427 -. ,iz J ,. .,n ,aa Academics , sr Elizabeth Becker jumps rope as part of a warming-up routine in the girls gym. Industrial arts student, Tony Seigler, practices skills hc has learned in sanding wood. Raiders Take Part in Elective Activities Physical education is a major need of every school-aged person. Classes for boys and girls include instruction in basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and gymnastics. Competitive sports for boys are football, basketball, wrestling, and track. Home economics teaches girls basic household skills. Cooking in- cludes planning-meals, preparing food, and .setting tables. Sewing instructs girls how to select fabric and make fashionable clothing. During the week before Christmas, girls prepared luncheons and teas for parents and faculty. Industrial arts teaches drafting, metalwork, and woodwork. This year the boys in woodwork made special trays which were designed to hold teachers' IBM class cards. Y- ' l. ,S i.. ... V I if-. I " x I 5V Wh V 4 iii- 1- ' Cutting out a pattern for a spring dress are Nancy Jones and Rosario Jimenez. Doyle Moran, Allen Owen, and Steve Alford play a hard game of badminton. Academics Typing, Foreign Language Attract Students Typing and advanced French and Spanish are a few of the electives offered only to freshman students. All three subjects are two-semester courses so that students will have time to develop a higher degree of skill. Beginning Spanish and French are also of- fered to eighth grade students. i, I' Z5":,.3iS5" vu, S- i -fee we so P ,F egl ff 1 lf - Egg: Rodney Kupiec works on his daily assignment while David Latham practices erasing without making smudges. L- ,141 lg Under the direction of Mrs. Mildred Labor, Sue Thee, Thompson, and Glenda Walker practice to be skillful typists , ,T I In-uq pu . w 111 Spanish I students had occasional after-school meetings in order to plan -a trip to Mexico. Accompanied by Mrs. Kathy Mclrmls, thirty freshmen made the trip during spring vacation. Cindy Buck demonstrates how to conjugate a regular verb in French while Mrs. Nan Trosper looks on. 31 Students Because the students attending our school repre- sented varied backgrounds, Eisenhower was a pooling of all their ideas and interests. Each student brought a unique perspective which, through dis- cussion in classes and participation in special-interest groups, helped develop valuable insights into himself and others. Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students worked together to maintain the reputation for high scholastic achievement which has been established during Eisenhower's three years of existence. Through group effort and individual contribution, each student had the opportunity to feel that he helped make Eisenhower an outstanding school. 32 'fd-I :ri mar 'Y ull! JA. v . -'N rs: J lk.: X 1' 1 4111! H 1 6 gin 5 il" . -" 7 , ' QL ,ati g.' "gl 'so A" ' , V I X ir P LL., ..r. Wai'- Freshman student, David Bertschinger, receives help with his geometry homework from math instructor, Mr. Richard B. Nealy. Geometry is an accelerated course offered only to the ninth grade. - David Bass Steve Bay Jo Bednar " Linda Behrens Robert Bell Larry Benton Jimmy Berlin David Bernardy Donna Bernardy Mary Bernardy David Bertschinger Susan Birkemeyer Patti Blacketer Terrie Blagg Phillip Blanche Mike Bloss Wayne Boone Marchita Bothel Vickie Bradshaw Diana Brashear Colette Brewster Sandra Brewster Betty Brooks Calvin Brown Debbi Brown Herman Brown Jeff Brown Sandy Bruce Cindy Buck Jim Bullock Patti Alexander Jimmy Anderson Richard Anderson Jay Austin Daryl Bailey Maxyne Barnhart Freshmen Work with 'ug L. ,4-1. iq., E- , p Ls.. 0- rt:- 5 I ' A Teachers UA fr lb 4.-' N -4 'vu . N.:- if "V -bb f I B -'N fl Wt... 'ki Q9 .-5 1 1-Lf' f 1x N' I I I Ei X X' 7 :X sn- 15-5 I5 -Ct ,- x"f fihlb"i' or Higher Scholastic Abilities Joe Burks Ollie Burroughs Brenda Burrow Preston Buttram Barbara Campbell Jeff Carmack Caroleen Carman Robert Carr David Carroll Radonna Chapman Nancy Chesney J an Chilton Chris Clark Gene Clark George Clark Reba Clark Linda Cole Libby Collins Susan Collins Terri Collins Sharon Cops Johnny Cotton Janet Cowan Barbara Cowger Pam Coyle Bert Cramer Pam Crane Karen Crites Laurie Dale Mardi Davis Sherry Davis, Joe Davison Tully Dean Pat Dearmore Julie Detwiler Arlene Dixon Ginger Dodson Nancy Dunham Ricky Dunning Carol Eskridge Paul Eskridge Debbie Fancher Marty Feldman Odalie Felkins Mike Fitzhugh Cherryl Foreman Meg Gaither Bill Garnett Freshmen Become th Charlie Garnett Raymond Garton Louis Geigerman Sheila Gilbert Gerald Gilpin Lin Gordon Linda Gordon Rita Graham James Green Bob Gu thery Don Hackney Tom Hall Holly Hamilton Howard I-lamilton Hurlon Hamilton Steve Hamlin Kim Hankins Sigurd Hanson Debbie Harden J an Harkins Henry Harman Eddie Harris George Harris Woody Harris Sherry Hawkins David Haynes Becky Hendrick Pat Henry Walter Henry Bob Herring Joanna Hibbard Myrna Higgins Janice Hines Clif Hisel Vincent Hitt Ann Holmes James Hood Bill Hoover Marilyn Hopson Danny Houston Jenny Howell Barbara Huckaby Leann Hughes Shelley Hume Bill Ives Larry Jackson Donnie Johnson Glen Johnson Keith Johnson Debbie Jones Jack Jones Jerry Jones J oyce J ones Kathy Jones Terry Jones Jim Jungroth Vicki Kautzman John Kearby Shari Kerr Karen Kincaid Carl King David Kinman Debbie Kitchen Laura Kline Mark Knol Jan Knol Peggy Knol Hans Knuppcl Scott Kuper Rodney Kupiec James Lanier David Latham Pam Lawson Sandy Legault Terri Leonhardt Jenny Maclvor Irene Marchese Allen Marshall Basil Maftin Christie Martin - Frank Martin Debbie McCall Connie Mceathern Mary McClure Menta McDaniels Jill McDonald Judy McDonald David McKee Ronnie McKenzie Janet McKinney Luanne McLish James Meadows Jeff Midkiff Wynnell Miles Bobby Miller Chuck Miller Pam Mize Kenny Morris Tommy Myatt Stephen Myer Eddie Myers Valerie Myers Sarah Neville Cynthia Nicholson Bill Norman Randy Norman Arthur Nunnery J on Orenstein Paul Pannell David Parrett Charles Parton Bonnie Patterson Pat Petitt Edith Phelps Leroy Phelps Mary Phillips Kent Pickens Jimmy Pierce Debbie Points Richard Porteriield Nancy Potter Rod Powers Judi Preston Teri Price John Purdin Mark Purdin Linda Rademacher Larry Raines Dean Rakestraw Becky Randall Kenneth Reed Scheery Renken Kathy Rezner Jackie Rice Margaret Riggs John Rosanelli Lea Rumley Debra Russell Pat Ryan Chris Ryland Steve Sackett Dean Sanders Don Sanders Katie Saunders Junior Great Mas iece Discussions Q J L- -x 11" wiv A Mary Saunders Connie Scantlin ylike Schruder Lana Schwcinberg Carlene Selvey Karen Shackelford Ralph Shadid Mark Shanker Beverly Shaw L Affkysfnw ,,3. W TZ' Renee Stark Montie Staton Debbie Steakley Laurie Stevens Patricia Stewart Ethel Stone Hugh Stout Bill Strong Glenda Stroud Gary Swanson Johnny Sweeden Kay Taylor 39 Diane Shoemaker Katie Shoemaker Diana Shoopman Sharon Sieman David Silver Dennis Simmons Rita Simons Ken Smith Randy Smith Stan Smith Barbara Snow Larry Snow Sandra Snow Marilyn Soper Brenda Stanley 'fx 1 E- Debating a controversial point found in the book, 'jg Q ly, are Chris Ryland and Don Hackney. Other Junior Masterpiece selections include Romeo and Juliet, West Side Storv, and 'Ure 'in-le Machine. Freshmen Boost School Spirit at Sue Thee Butch Thompson Larry Thompson Mike Thomton Johnny Tisby' Curtis Towery Marylee Trigg Don Troutt Cecilia Van Zant ' Harold Vaughn Gail Walker Glenda Walker John Walters Helen Warren Gary Watkins Dale Weaver Elaine Webber Michelle Wehba John Weiss Steve Welch Eddie Wheatley Gwen Weston Linda Whitney Howard Wiley Bruce Williams Debbie Williams Helen Williams Lois Williams Patrick Williams Don Willingham Mary Willis Brenda Wilson Dorma Wilson Paul Wingo David Wojtek Donna Woodard .,-gr ,H N 1, .. ,QQ 'S s ?!i 'T' Pam Wootten Paul Wright Peggy Wright Alvin Young H I , . eq, .4 Pep Rallies lim La X G! .am an 1 2,- N118 2.1 i .., iff 'Go Renders." Lou Adams Susie Albers Carl Anderson Peter Anderson Peter Anderson Watheneah Anderson Sherry After Dennis Arterberry Ken Ashbury Gordon Bailey Bob Barrow Debra Baumgartner Annetta Behn Sharoyn Benedict Nick Berry Wayne Birch Carla Bird Bill Blackwell Brad Blackwell Kathy Blackwell ' Carol Blaha Sandra Booth Randy Bouse Troy Bowen Becky Boyd Sheree Boyette Lynn Brazeel Tony Brazille Terry Brenneis Charlotte Brooks Gloria Brown Paula Brown Sheila Brown Becky Burditt Leon Camp Gina Campbell Connie Carter Cheryl Chastain Chris Chronister Colleen Clark Denise Clark Sylvia Clark Tommy Clark Clay Cline Kim Coleman John Connell Sandra Cotton Donna Countryman Connie Cox Leon Crawford Phillip Crook Sherri Cunningham Barbara Davis Elizabeth Davis Odell Davis Susan Dawson Brenda Diggs Lee Dillman Debra Dixon Vicki Dixon Steve Dotter Cindy Drennan David Drew Melody Dunn Rosemarie Durante Peter Elder Dennis Elliot Diane Elliot Liza Ellis Jim Ellis Don Ellison Kim Estlinbaum Janis Farrell Richard Ferling Wendy Pitkin Tim Fitzhugh Gerrie Fletcher Ronald Ford Jim Foreman Brock Frederickson La Rhonda Freelen Candy Fudge Terry Gardner Greg Garms Eighth Grade Toys - -.D -, L- A , I r. f E V ,,, ' , -- E - f - 'r' 1 E7 V'-' v A I Y if-K , ll K -L J Q- if gf- e Q. ' tif, , " YQ' W-f' -.sn f ff. V 5 1 'ji v , xxx J , I fi Q, lg' r fl 5L"xJ up-f -ne- , ,.. QT 'fix A fl f 42 or Tots Drive Is . ,Q A an ' ,. .1 . - Ar- Us, x fu- 7 .,L- 'Y C' if fm rw- ' ,..s , we find fm -.. Q . r ' if W x rm ' s if l 1 5 I H 1---x . V H' ...- ' 1 24'-' 1 Ai 1 -..D lil? 'A - r X !i U 1 . ' 20 4- vw v oi' "DI - fe , N, N X ' x - . , i L Bug Success J vb Jncis ,IRWI N SteHa Garrett Clark Gasper Laurie Gatchell Jeff George Johnny Gewin Nancy Gewin Linda Gilbert Dencie Gockel Pam Goedefs Freda Golden Patty Good Patricia Goodwin Linda Goyer Bill Graham David Graham Dollie Graham Vicki Green Dennis Hackney Lisa Hale Larry Hamblin Melanie Hamill Irene Hamilton Jeff Hampton Darrell Hancock Andrew Handy John Harrison Keith Hatcher Larry Hays Jimmy Haynes Pat Hays Vickie Hendricks Teri Herring Van Hicks Arvella Hogg Darlene Holmes Vickie Honn Julie Hood Sheri Houston Jeff Howard Novel Hudson Bob Hume Mike Hunt Gwen Iwin Jack Irwin Kenneth Jackson Christy Jennings Rosario Jimenez Donald Johnson Eighth Grade Use Courtyard Durmg Lunch Hour Donald Johnson Janet Johnson Marilyn Johnson Ronald Johnson David Jones Nancy Jones Patsy Jones Stanley Joslin David Kilpatric Paul Kinman Sammy Knight Gerald Knol Fred Knuppel James Lackey Pam Lackey David Laird Teresa Langston Robbie LaPach Barbara Latham Doug Latham Debra Lawson George Lawson Norman Leedy David LeGault Penny Leighton Mike Levescy Leanne Lewis Leroy Long Emilykaye Lonian Marcella Lowman Susan Mace Claudette Madewell Sherry Manharth J arrette Mankin Brenda Manley Pam Manning Jack Matson Kathy Marson Paula Martin Johnna Maston Richard Matheny David Mathis Sandra McBumett Pat McCol1om Robert McCormick Aaron McDonald Pam McDonald Joyce McGuire ,,..x B, A-ixzaiaas S-,w W:- Ar, ww is rc., , ,, .. vu. . Q L 44- . I ' 'rf' ' , N ' I ry Mike McKay Patricia McKinney Terry McLemore Janne McLendon Ruth Ann McLish Steve McMil1en James McReynolds Larry Meadows Scott Miller Susan Miller Susie Mittasch Cathy Moler Charles Monnet Ronnie Monroe Bobby Moore ' Herbert Moran Peggy Morgan Vernon Morrison Elbert Murray Rick Neugebauer Linda Newman Nilsen Noyes Oakes Oberste Darla Oliver Mike Orcutt g.,-,psf Linda Oxford Denise Pearson Don Pendergrass Robert Pershall Jimmie Peschl Rhonda Phelps E lectwes Include Art, Homemaklng, Leslie Phillips Warren Phillips Cathy Pinson Gamer Pool Wayne Pope Sheila Pruitt Victor Purdy Janice Rager Susan Ramseyer Charles Randall Patsy Renken Joe Richardson Mark Robins Patti Robinson Nona Roman Tom Rust Arland Sanders Louise Sanders Ford Sanders Richard Sanders Bari Sanger Jerry Sanger Melody Saxon Hank Schafer Lee Scheffel Leona Scott Joyce Seay Tony Segler Keith Shadid Ruthie Shelton Patti Shoemaker Patti Shoffstall Donna Singleton Charles Smith Cheryl Smith Jean Smith Pam Smith Richard Smith Roland Smith Ricky Snodgrass Margaret Snow Dee Ann Son Ruth Speer Roland Speer Sandra Squire Treva Stahl Lawrence Staley Jane Stansbury Sports EI", is mil an 'E 3. Q...- 1 L.- I A n W Elf! at-T arf ,K yi, i , xgrff l , fi and Foreign Language 31 my In -Q... 'n Q -.iz-1 . - S, " if ,J -'34 , 1. .4 - Ai X .ji :ui rl ii' Y: 5-in me '5- Q 4 ,- ...V- 5., ,f I Q.-X qv:- 'IQ 'FS 9 47 a .- I. -. Wir gli- V, e V- N N. 14 - , -I . 'nv- V3 Marilyn Starr Troy Stegall Cynthia Stewart Marsha Stewart Glen Stewart Gayle Stipe Debbie Strong Tim Sullivant Bill Swisher Sharon Sybert Ricky Taylor Jimmy Tearney Mike Tessier Larry Thompson Mark Thompson Sue Thompson Craig Tirey George Trammell Timothy Turner Larry Turney Carroll Tye Charles Tysor Sharla Uhles Tony Vails Kent Varnum J anel Vloedman Kenny Vuillemin Debra Walker Sharon Walker Cindi Wall Richard Webb Ricky Webb Nancy Webber Tom Weiss Jerry West Nita West Mary White Teresa Whiteside Robi Wliitnah Jimmy Wietelman Raybum Wilkerson Brenda Williams Kipps Williams Tommy Williams Jackie Williamson Mike Willis Darlene Willmon Barry Wilmoth EF' Eighth Grade Learn i ---A 4051013 ...... ....-.. 'f naw P. X--ng. E 4 V w E ,1,, in t l W W as W W :lllli .:.-. 2, V' ll l sf' l W fr Use ul Terrye Wilmoth Clovis Wilson Teresa Wilson Pamela Winans Raymond Wingfield Holly Winjnger Larry Woods Ronald Wortham Dwayne Yelton Madonna Young Susie Zink Steve Zorn Skills in Home Ec :I f ps ""l Home Economics pupils Cindi Wall, Ruthie Shelton, Janis Rager, and Sandra Cotton are concerned with getting just the right amount sugar in their double-crust fruit pies. 48 Seventh Grade Make Use Library QQ? N , A -'G-"ll-'IQ . -N A 5' l Joe Williams has found that the school library is very useful when i l ' X .55 GY reports and research papers are due. Many Eisenhower students ' ' .ll use the library facilities for both enjoyment and school r .2 Ju' I A 9 assignments. ' . . -9- G , ' if-s 1 - . Ss. au- r 4" . K ,T J ' 1. up--V' --' A A A f. -J' "Q" r ' i I ' 1 , w 'Q ' - 1 , Xa y W " 2' , y L -- 'gn I N " " "' Q Sli. ., 1 X I 3 7. HN A X i li A -l 'il : J X ,- . Tiff' 5 K" . - ' ... A J ' if 49 o Many Facilities Bryan Able Waylan Ablcs Mary Adams Ruth Aldridge Steve Alford Vince Allen Danny Almond Mark Amen David Amis Greg Arnold Toni Atkinson Jeff Austin Marsha Bagely Dianna Bailey Theresa Baily Robert Barnard Kay Barnes Comelious Barnett John Barnett Sabrina Bass Gary Basey Jimmy Bateman Mary Baxter Janet Bay Robert Bay David Beardsley Elizabeth Becker Cheryl Bednar Paul Belflower Carolyn Bennett Tony Bennett Malia Benton Pam Binnicker Nancy Bishop Mike Blackburn Tina Blanton Seventh Grade Be ins Bobby Boles Tony Boller Beverly Boswell Jackie Bouse Richard Boyd Debbie Brannon Elaine Braver Michelle Brooks Bernoe Brown Cindy Brown Kaye Brown Kim Brown Linda Brown Terry Bull Ronnie Butler Canarie Byrd Evelyn Byrd Carl Caldwell Jeanie Calhoun Shelia Campbell Keith Canada Ovetta Cannon Jill Carlile Mike Camiack Carol Carr Brenda Carter Scott Chaney Tony Chappell Linda Cheyne Ronnie Chitwood Dennis Clark Edee Clark Wesley Donnie Clark Corlis Clay Eddie Clift Myron Coburn Patricia Collins Diane Combest Evelyn Cowan Connie Crawford Greg Crawford Cindy Crites Vicki Crittenden Phyllis Crook Darletta Cross Effie Cubit Scott Dale Kevin Danner New Eisenhower School Year ,Q Q , X Y 3 ' ,L J M 1 " " , ' J ' KF- 7 1, Vi: I 52 va wt ua.: 1 A I X X 5 if E xi Q- I 5 fr 'U' v A lieu-r fro I. . 2 Z K fx A its ' " ' af 2-.1 1 'A , 1 - gy, 4... , if 2 4 ' if .M of -1 50 with Annual Orientation Program fx JIU E- 'ii - A J 14' '41 .pf-'Y 5? LN-5' 2 .we 7 L. Q- --1 A Sr fa' -Qs 7 ..v ... dnl L Pdf L A ' Q Q 1- 1 ,' ..' B.-Hi . 'F' use - s.a.,- u.. V 5 , bf l x I! ii 'Fiji Q- 1- J ,Ai i JA he f - , 51 ,.f-.- 1 Shirley Darkins Ann Davis Jeff Deaton Ada Delana Kathy DeMoss David Dewey Dawn Dewey Barry Dick Vicki Dickens Stephanie Diggs Vicki Dixon Joni Dodson Audra Dulan Greg Duncan Frank Dunham Robbin Dunham Margaret Eager Brenda Edwards Sandra Eitel Jeff Emanuel Bobby Eskridge Darrell Estes Mariam Falter .lim Farber Verlene Farmer Eddie Farrell Richard Felkins Onedia Fields Danny Finney Kim Fitzsimmons James Fleming Ann Flowers Brian Ford Glenda Ford Yvette Ford Ava Foreman Shelia Fortune Kenny Fox Cynthia Frankeniield Ken Frese Walter Freshour Leslie Friedlander Robbin Fuson Gene Gabriel Darla Gaffney Sally Garnett Mike Garrett Vernon Garrett Lavonne Gentry Phil Gilbert Patsy Gill Carroll Gilpin Rebecca Gitthens Linda Golsen Karen Gordon Rickey Graham Judy Graves John Gravitt Mary Gruenig Danny Hackney Bonnie Hall Theresa Hall Rick Halley Kevin Hamilton Diana Hammonds Juanelda Hammons Tamara Hampton Linda Hancock Tony Handy Shelley Hanson Linda Harris Mark Harris Sandra Harris Willis Harris Donna Hazard Chemetra Heath Greg Henderson Tom Hendrick Ethel Henry Larry Hicks Q5-v WH. f-of N. 'T' Ar LA-B Lisa Lewis, Craig Moody, and Danny Finney show souvenirs Danny's brother brought back from Vietnam. Q.. e ,ly vw. I ati in A 'l , i?gr" i f J ., Q, ,--v-.S . as I - K ,'.' 1- Elv",'Z- J i ' N AF - 129.9 Mir 1 f. 52 Seventh Grade Stud Traditions '7 Q Fil fu.- M1 J if 25x Z I 'iJ" vu '5 : l 1 - iw l 'M . ,F--5 -x Q. , : '91 61 . . r ' ' l . ' 1: - ns. . . E, , , 4. is '- l afv3!1 IAA cw 'Q ee 'T es n. - i J ,- HW J - af A 4- Q H if t. sv i 1 , - : L ' HE ' Ji 'J 4' JJ A Q .. "vm K - 1 H L- f V 4 S 1: 'xx , V 1 X .Lf I Y 'l L- V . K' , V 1 Y 1 6 : L Aft .. p 1, ' W tw X 5- W 15, 5 'S- ,gf Laura Hill Mark Hill Kip Hildshafer Dewey Hitt -'r' 'T' ,Marty Hitt Ronnie Hockenberry Calvin Holman David Holman Nancy Holmboe Richard Holstein Janice Honn Cheryl Hooks Jean Hoskins Carl Humphries Stephanie Hutchinson Ray Hutson Nancy Jackson Warren Jackson Sharon J armon J yl J amigan Marty Jennings Dayna Jett Jose Jimenez Janice Johnson Kedrick John son LeCenia Johnson Melanie Johnson R onald Johnson Clara J ones Mark J ones Rufus Jones Vickie Jones Willie J ordon Linda Kautzman Paul Kearby Denise Keele Kendall Kerr David Kerrigan Diane Kilpatrick Roy Klintworth Tommy Kupiec Debbie Lackey Vickie Lackey Cheryl Leonhardt Cindy Leonhardt Debra Letchworth Lisa Lewis Terri Lewis Seventh Grade Shows Fritz Lothlen Stevie Love Clara Lucas Delores Lyons Laurie Maclvor Susie Magaw Mike Mahan Ward Mankin Mike Marsh Richard Marson Billy Martin Mary Martin Stanley Mason Betty McCathem Don McClain Connie McClellan Claudia McCollum Tracy McDaniel Steve McGee Ronald McGhee Dani McMaha.n Peggy McMillen Marsha Mehring Lisa Melvin Coleen Meyer Glen Miller Donald Mills Mary Minick Michelle Minick Bobby Monnet Jewel Montgomery Connie Moody Craig Moody Terry Moore Doyle Moran Mark Morgan Steve Munch Ovetta Murray Michelle Musallam Beth Myers Louise Myers Orvil Myers Sheila Newcomer Velta Nichols Mitzie Norton Ricky Nyte Cassandra Oakes Vivian Oliph ant School Splrlt Durlng Splrlt Week 'fis- 0,1 ll 5- T' 'V' :U . rss?"- WE V -.-if wp. 1. 1 w nl x I ., 4 av i n . P yyyyy ' in k . , f l P 5 i JA P 4 T' " A .D 5-,fs ff nw' 12 Q Brenda Orcutt Persha Pair Jerry Palmer Phil Pannell Terry Parker Patricia Parks Carole Payne Charles Peoples Donna Peterson Allan Phelps Reginald Phillips Kim Pickens Lyndon Pittinger Rick Pogue Vera Lee Powell Teresa Provence Bertha Purcell Julia Rager Gaudet Reed Kaudet Reed Debra Reinauer Jessie Richardson Dave Riley Edna Ritchie Billy Roberts Candy Robertson Michal Robertson Herb Robinson Vivian Robinson Jody Rogers ll 1 , Jimmy Samis helps decorate the school for Spirit Week. All homerooms put up posters and decorated their doors. 55 Barbara Russell Lenan Rust Robert Rutledge Jimmy Samis Dale Sanders Paul Sanders Ronnie Saner Gary Scantlin Madeline Schafer Danny Schmitt Brent Schooley Diana 'Seaman Tommie Seay Curtis Seabourn Kelley Self Richard Selvey Tommy Shanker David Shoopman Jeff Simmons Gina Simms Malin Smith Paul Smith Clark Snyder Sherri Spurgin Yvonna Stafford John St. Clair Robert Steele David Stevens Terri Steward Carey Stewart Seventh Grade Use School Store to Purchase ,Gm Cinefwv f , . l 1 , 'D 'Q W 1 I ' 5 . ... 5 . Dale Stewart nm,- has -4--sf ' UH -, ' it " ,, 'V' ' ugh :.,.: , 1 3 1 at xv Ln- 1 tl u A ' -'rf ix Q 4' lriiir, . x "f ,,.. . in V v , Qi ci 'L 'gf si - td, AA. . -'B .1 A ,J untill 'Fw KV X l L h li Q. , AL Ln N. x Seventh grade students Sally Garnett, Dan Finney, and Craig Moody find the school store very convenient for buying needed supplies. The store is open every day before school and during lunch hours. 56 Last-Minute Supplies in , '59 .HWS ' u X6 Y W, l .11 when f ,fn K- e D :E v ' ST A we 1-' +V -ee . reri 1, area ' L " . , W G, I K -'Sf' N" Q' M-. 1 ,J J at ,I if rf' 6, I T X -N T' w 4 ' I A - It Lx ., 6' 441' ' W 57 vga Craig Sutteriield Janey Sybert Susan Taylor Victor Terry Jerry Thomas Glenda Thompson Susan Thompson Anyatika Timmons Adrairme Tucker Laura Turnbull Linda Tumer Patricia Tye Dwayne Underwood Rhonda Vails Judith Vanzant Leda Kay Varner Janet Kay Vaughn Johnny Vaughn Debbie Venable Randy Voight Sandra Waggener Nancy Waldenville David Walker Henry Walker Troy Walker Randall Waterford Margie Weiss Renee Weston Dar-ral White Jacqueline White Donny Wilkerson Deborah Williams J oe Williams Kelvin Williams Kristin Williams Scott Williams Richard Willis Steve Willis DeaAnn Wilson Doleta Wilson Henry Wilson Vickie Wojtek Philip Woody Skeet Wootten Dusty Worrell Carol Wortham Brenda Wright Wanda Young Athletics Eisenhower tries to develop its students physically as well as mentally. Teamwork and individual work both had their places. By worlcing together, Eisenhower's athletic teams improved substantially. The basketball and wrestling teams both held winning records. Individual workin track brought the boys a deeper realization of the self-discipline required to win. Through victory and defeat, students developed a better understanding of good sportsmanship. Most found that long hours of hard work and concen- tration were rewarding because of the deep feeling of personal accomplishment it gave them. 58 F41 1 hmmm ' JJ wifi fu Amr, ' 2 'TQ- .I ,L A 9. S 2-li -Q 5 A E l. ,N , H Hxixxxli qw ' I .Xa X?H'7 Q5 ta- A W K ff . iw - ff fi, . , gl G- -'-, Z 5, 'blk fuk Q if "--,il ,I .L .gg Tb! 'Q '41 fl 3403, S H l 5. , Q M- fi Q n Varsity Basketball Record Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Hefner Eisenhower Northwest Classen Kennedy '- " Casady Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Monroney Eisenhower Putnam City Central Eisenhower McGuinness Hoover Millwood Putnam City Central Edmond Eisenhower Harding Eisenhower Q Eisenhowefi Eisenhower McGuinness Hoover Casady Eisenhower Millwood Eisenhower Monroney F rosh Basketball Team Has Winning Year The varsity basketball team has never lost a home game. Most of the team members began playing during their seventh grade, the same year that Eisenhower opened. Continuing their teamwork through the eighth and ninth grades, the boys set an enviable record. The team lost the Harding tournament only in the last crucial minutes of the game. Eisenhower's eighth grade team made progress during the year and participated in the Casady tournament in March. Enthusiasm was displayed by the seventh grade team. Team members and their coach, Mr. John Blair, spent many weeks practicing an hour each morning before school started. VARSITY BASKET- BALL Front row: D. Wojtek, B. Ives, J. Weiss, N M. Campbell, K. Pickens. l Back row: L. Thompson, manager, K. Morris, C. Miller, F. Willingham, D. Bernardy, R. Powers, Mr. R. Lynam, coach. EIGHTH GRADE BAS- KETBALL TEAM Front row: H. Moran, M. McKay, P. McCollom, R. McDaniel, M. Robins, J. Irwin. Back row: S. Marcott, managerg D. Arterberry, M. Hunt, T. Weiss, G. Stewart, J. Hampton, G. Knol, S. McMillen, Mr. P. Preston, coach. Athletics Eisenhower Has One E h wrestlers ar p t d nany stages during their t h 62 of the Best Wrestling an H.. !v.,Aw 'Z --f, - ' ' 2..,...,' :V , Teams in the State The wrestling team had the best season in Eisenhower's history this year. With the Pep Club cheering them on to victory, they established a seven wins-two losses record, losing only to Hoover and Hefner. In the Classen Tournament, the Raiders fought hard for second place in the all-city match. Their award is permanently on display in the foyer as Eisenhower's first wrestling trophy. Wrestling Record Eisenhower 29 Putnam City Central 17 Eisenhower Millwood Eisenhower Southeast Eisenhower Northeast Classcn Eisenhower Capitol Hill Eisenhower Putnam City Central Hoover Eisenhower Eisenhower J effe 1-gon Hefner Eisenhower Wrestling coach, Mr. Zed DeVaughn confers with Woody Harris about Jefferson's tactics. , ae ARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Front row: D. Bass, T. Sullivant, Shanker, H. Schafer, D. Hackney, G. Gilpin. Second row: F. W. Harris, D. Hackney, J. Davison, R. Smith, S. Sackett Hankins, C. Monnet, manager. Third row: R. McKenzie, L. 1 Tj. Z K.-if-L . 5,1165 1 i -,. ,. . ,iq Ar Snow, P. Belflower, J. Jungroth, B. Herring, P. Blanche, T. Bowen, M. Harris, D. Pendergrass, Mr. Z. DeVaughn, coach. Back row: B. Hoover, C. Clark, D. McKee, M. Knol, B. Blackwell. Athletics FOOTBALL TEAM Front row: J. Weiss, D. Wojtek, K. Hankins, D. Bernardy, P. Blanche, J. Kearby. Back row: L. Jackson, R. Powers, K Pickens,-D. Troutt, J. Cotton. A Eisenhower players wait anxiously on the sidelines as Northeast regains the lead. Steve Sackett exerts all his energy in the shot-put competition held at Eisehower early in the track season. rsl. 5 qv ! 3, F ,. gym, V E 21 A, . ,r , 1... 55 is-3-' ...ry . Lila-Q 5 ,., , is fl.f5.,,,,51?"9-Q 'K A ...Iwi Track and Football Teams Race Ahead! xx- Nw -SK Y , ir . Eisenhoweris football season ended in two wins and six losses. The Raiders were combined with boys from Hoover to form John Marshall High School's freshman team. Football lettermen included David Bernardy, Kim Hankins, Don Troutt, John Weiss, and David Wojtek. In order to receive these letters, the boys had to be recommended by their coach. Eisenhower's track team had more than fifty members, Competitive events included running, pole-vaulting, high jumping, broadjumping, shot- put, and hurdles. The track season opened March 1 and closed with the school year. David Wojtek and John Weiss make an intense effort to clear the hurdle. ji Track coach Mr. Fred Strickland gives the signal for Jeff Brown and Dwayne Yelton to begin their mile-workout. 'Wi wwf. '23, f 'I Q' ' -4 1: EE 4 e F wg' .Ali l i .L :V . Organizations One of Eisenhower's main advantages is that it gives students an opportunity to express themselves in many areas. To supplement regular curricular subjects special clubs for those with common interests were organized. The purpose of these organizations was to stimulate interest and give students the chance to discover their talents in diversified areas. Some clubs were honor clubs whose members were either elected or appointed. The purpose of these clubs was to provide the school with many of its needs. 66 wx 7? fi? JA? N is fig, 65 '21 Jw- 3 35 Mg Organizations Student Council Eisenhower had the honor of holding both state and Intra-City student council presidencies during the year. The council president, Mark Shanker, presided over the state convention in Tulsa in November. Jim Jungroth, president of Intra-City, represented Eisenhower at all city meetings. Students found that hard study and concentration paid off. The National Junior Honor Society was open to all eighth and ninth graders who had a 3.5 grade average or better for two consecutive semesters. 'The Courtesy Club for girls and Service Club for boys are designed to serve both school and community. To be selected, applicants must display qualities of good character and schola.rship. Members of both groups assisted at school functions, and Courtesy Club members ushered at the Mummers theater throughout the year. Holds State Presidency STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS David Wojtek, treasurerg Laurie Dale, sec- retary: Mark Shanker, presidentg Jim Jungroth, Jenny Maclvor, vice- presidents. STUDENT COUNCIL Front row: Mrs. K. Leverett, sponsor: M. Shanker, president, J . Maclvor, vice-presidentg J. Jungroth, vice- presidentg L. Dale, secretary, D. Wojtek, treasurer, Mrs. B. Watson, sponsor. Second row: P. Shoemacher, D. Son, P. Stansbury, F. Dunham, V. Allen, C. Moody, J. Samis, T. Shanker, T. Waddell, J. Harrison. Third row: E. Lonian, R. Shelton, P. Martin, G. Reed, M. Turner, D. Cross, D. Seaman, E. Becker, E. Stone, A. Davis, R. Whitnah, C. Wilson. Fourth row: C, Jennings, M. Carter, C. Potter E. Webber, P. Wingo, J. Foreman, M. Feldman, C. Cline, .l Mankin, R. Monroe, J. Davison, W. Henry. Back row: K. Barnes C. McCollum, K. Saunders, K. Jones, S. Neville, T. Blagg, H Warren, M. Hunt, D. Dewey, S. Dale, S. Welch, J. Jones, C. Miller J. Weiss, C. Ryland, parliamentarian. a fv- vfgf wx-, ' J ' ug, .-'Qin .if Q- COURTESY CLUB Front row: B. Snow, president, K. Jones, vice-president, L. Rademacher, secretary, S. Hume, treasurer, S. Hawkins, parliamentarian. Second row: M. Trigg, E. Webber, B. Brooks, L. Gordon, B. Campbell, S. Snow, B. Wilson, J. Bednar, P. Wright. Back row: Mrs. V. George, sponsor, 4 A L. McLish, A. Holmes, L. - f: I , ii ' 11 ' 1 Q Dale. Ryland. HONOR SOCIETY Front row: Mr. S. Crowder, sponsor, M. Trigg, president, B. Snow, vice-president, B. Brooks, secretaryg S. Hume, treasurer. Second row: M.Shanker, P. McCollom, T. Clark, D Son, T. Whiteside, C. Fudge, R. Whitnah, J. Bedhar, V. Honn, E Lonian, N. R0m31'l, E. Webber. Third row: G. Trammell, K. Smith M. Thompson, M. Robins, McKay, S. Houston, D. Points, J. Mc: Lendon, N. Webber, D. Parrett, D. Bertschinger, S. Bay, S. Zink. Fourth row: S. Marcott, J. Purdin, J. Hines, J. Preston, B. Wilson, K. Critcs, B. Manley, M. Snow, D. Baumgartner, L. Dale, L. Gordon, P. Brown, P. Stewart. Back row: C. Clark, J. Peschl, D. Silver, R. Shadid, D. Latham, M. Hunt, J. Weiss, C. Ryland, R. Smith, P. Hayes, C. Moler, G. Stipe, M. Dunn, D. Clark, K. Saunders, N. West. SERVICE CLUB Front row: J. Meadows, J. Weiss, president, D. Parrett, secretary-treasurer, M. Shanker, Mr. R. Stalnaker, sponsor. Back row: B. Guthery, J. Jones, M. Knol, vice-president, C. Organizations PEP CLUB Front row: N. Potter, president, S. Snow, vice- presidentg C. Fudge, secretary, D. Kitchen, treasurerg B. Snow, sergeant at arms, V. Green, sergeant-at-arms, Mrs. J. Duncan, spon- sor. Second row: L. Gordon, J. Jones, N. Dunham, P. Knol, L. Hale, S. Albers, S. Dawson, C. Drennen, T. Collins, L. Gatchell, M. Bothel, R. LaPach, P. Good. Third row: R. Graham, S. Birkemeyer, L. Dale, O. Felkins, V. Honn, K. Blackwell, S. Boyette, L. Gilbert, L. Lewis, G. Dodson, J. Howell, J. Knol, M. Higgins, T. Langston, D. Jones, E. Davis. Fourth row: D. Baum- gartner, S. Brewster, P. Jones, P. Lackey, S. Houston, D. Clark, W. Fitkin, N. Gewin, L. Hughes, J. Bednar, S. Hume, L. Gordon, K. Crites, E. Lonia.n, S. Hawkins, T. Leonhardt, L. Collins. Back row: C. Eskridge, J. Cowan, V. Bradshaw, P. Crane, B. Hendrick, C. Buck, K. Jones, D. Harden, K. Coleman, B. Davis, D. Gockel, M. Dunn, P. Brown, C. Blaha, L. Adams, T. Brenneis, E. Ellis, P. Coyle, B. Campbell, N. Jones, B. Boyd. CHEERLEADERS: L. McLish, B. Brooks, R. Whitnah, J. Maclvor, C. Jennings, A. Holmes. PEP CLUB Front row: R. Shelton, P. Martin, N. Webber, A. Sanders, L. Newman, J. McDonald, D. Son, J. McDonald, A. Roman, P. Morgan, C. Martin, S. Miller. Second row: T. Wilmoth, L. Williams, M. Snow, L. Phillips, P. Wootten, E. Webber, P. Shoemaker, K. Shoemaker, C. Selvey, D. Points, P. Manning, T. Wilson, G. Walker, S. Mittash. Third row: R. McLish, H. Warren, L. Rademacher, P. Wright, S. Uhles, J. Smith, D. Wilson, D. Singleton, H. Wininger, M. McClure, L. Whitney, R. Ramseyer, J. Stansbury, L. Scott, M. Soper, L. Schweinberg, T. Whiteside. Back row: M. Wehba, S. Neville, L. Rumley, L. Stevens, B. Randall, B. Stanley, G. Stroud, M. Trigg, K. Rezner, S. McBurnett, C. Scantlin, N. West, M. Saunders, C. Moler, B. Manley, J. Preston, B. Wilson, M. Phillips. Cheerleaders and Pep Club Provide Spirit! A collection of ribbons and a spirit stick were awarded to Eisenhower cheerleaders during a summer cheerleading clinic at the University of Oklahoma. They received three blue ribbons and were awarded the spirit stick for having the most spirit during the entire week. "M rules-fr ' il E CHEERLEADERS Jenny Maclvor, Betty Brooks, Ann Holmes, Luanne Becky Randall concentrates on the tense Eisenhower Mc Lish, Christy Jennings, Robi Whitnah. Monroney basketball game. E QP 1 Bright blue and gold pom-porns, purchased this year by the Pep Club, dotted the sidelines at all home games. 7l Organizations YW,,,.A..: . L . li i A1.,b,v . l E JUNIOR HIGH BAND Front row: B. Cowger, O. Felkins, J. Honn, Parton, S. Zink, M. Hunt, P. Pettit, M. Bloss, E. Trammell, D. P. Blacketer, M. Dunn, D. Walker, C. Brooks, B. Campbell, R. Bertschinger, S. Birkemeyer, T. Dean, D. McGee, F. Oberste. Third Smith, H. Hamilton, S. Sackett. Second row: S. Bay, S. Mittash, J. row: B. Norman, S. Thompson, D. Haynes, l-I. Brown, D. Mathis, Midkiff, J. MeReynolds, R. Smith, C. Foreman, R. Webb, C. G. Stype, P. Kinman, C. Ryland, P. Buttram, B. Carr, K. Johnson, 72 'UF :- " L 'Q BEGINNING BAND Front row: J. Haynes, K. Danner, D. Legault, T. McLemore, W. Jackson, J. Emanuel, P. Brown, Mr. R. Robinson, director. Second row: C. Randall, S. Williams, R. Waterford, H. Mlson, S. Willis, C. Gilpin, M. Carmack, R. McGhee, J. Gravitt, D. Schmitt, W. Ables, R. Felkins, L. Turner, C. Carr, R. Leedy, A. Handy, P. Williams, T. Myatt, L. Cline. Back row: J. G. Swanson, 'L. Geigerman, H. Harmon, J. Green, D. D. Johnson, C. Hisel, M. Schruder, J. Kearby, V. Purdy, J. K. Williams, D. Kinman, M. Willis, E. Harris, T. Hall. 73 Phillips, J. Honn. Back row: M. Carr, R. Wortham, D. Dewey, J. Armstrong, P. Crook, M. Johnson, E. Henry, L. Phillips, P. Lackey, A. Tummons, D. Combest, S. Fortune, M. Eager, C. Frankentield. Eisenhower Band And Orchestra Rank High Eisenhower had one of the finest music departments in Oklahoma. This was reflected in the band and orchestra which earned many awards. Their directors, Mr. Rodger Robinson, and Mr. Larry Pendleton worked and practiced many hours with music students to attain these high results. The band wore royal blue blazers which were purchased last year with money from a successful candy drive. Organizations Many Clubs O er Recreation l JUNIOR RED CROSS Front row: R. Graham, treasurer, S. Behn, J. Carlile, S. Hutchison. Back row: C. Monnet, M. r Houston, secretaryg P. Stewart, vice-presidentg S. Thee, president J. Meadows, S. Sieman, C. Carman, J. Chilton, W. Harris, fnot picturedj. Second row: J. Barnett, D. Riley, N. Thompson. Young, Mrs, M. White, Sponsor. Third row: T. Bennett, C. Humphries, A. Sanders, D. Clark, A. 4 74 or Students Eisenhower's vocal music department was extended to include mixed chorus, girls glee club, and seventh grade choir. These groups performed at school functions and entered contests. Representatives from every homeroom were selected to participate in the National Junior Red Cross. In conjunction with homemaking classes, a project this year was making and filling friendship bags with needed items which were sent to orphans in Vietnam. SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS Front row: B. Brown, B. Butler, M. Benton, J. Richardson, G. Thompson, M. Nortonrl. Gravitt, Mr. N. Mears, director. Second row: P. Collins, B. Gitthens, G. Ford, M. Musallam, J. Vaughn, R. Weston, M. Adams, D. Hackney. Third row: V. Wojtek, O. Murrary, C. Clay, Clark, B. McCathern, Y. Ford, P. Tye, V. Dixon, R. Holstein. Back row: B. Purcell, S. Fuller, D. Brannon, M. Brooks, C. Heath, C. Crawford, M. Martin, A. Dulan, S. McGee. V ' 1 o ' . - . WJ ' 5 H J J MIXED CHORUS Front row: J. Hood, T. Stahl, B. Burditt, M. Phillips, B- P0rter5eld, B-FrederiCkSOI1,F- Smart, M- Higgins. P. McClure, P. Shoemaker, B. Shaw, L. Thompson, S. Dotter, K. Hatcher, P. Jones, D. Son, S. Houston, N. Jones. Second row: P. Knol, S. Benedict, P. McKinney, P. McDonald, C. Scantlin, S. Walker, M. Stewart, R. Jiminez, M. Noyes, L. Hayes, J. West, W. Mize, Mr. N. Mears, director. Back row: D. Woodard, K. Coleman, S. Mace, T. Wilson, P. Manning, G. Irwin, P. Shoffstall, D. Ellison, P. Dearmore, M. Orcutt, E. Murray, S. Garrett, D. Clark, D. Baumgartner, N. West. GIRLS GLEE CLUB Front row: D. Strong, J. Kurtz, C. Pinson, L Goyer, D. Dixon, I. Hamilton, J. McGuire, S. Dawson,P. Robinson, D. Elliott, S. Arter, C. Wall, T. Herring, J. Williamson, J. Seay. Second row: N. West, accompanist, D. Singleton, C. Stewart, D. Countryman, M. Hamill, S. Cotton, R. Shelton, A. Sanders, P. Oxford, L. Oxford, E. Davis, S. Cunningham, P. Goodwin, J. Farrell, L. Bothel. Back row: Mr. N. Mears, director, M. White, P. Goeders, P. Mnans, A. Hogg, S. Brown, L. Freelen, C. Blaha, L. Adams, J. Vloedman, L. Gilbert, C. Madewell, S. Mc- Burnett, J. Maston, S. Miller, B. Latham. Organizations CHESS CLUB F. Willingham, R. Halley, B. Garnett, Mr. F. Strickland, sponsorg K. Shadid, Peggy Wright demonstrates a back- K. Smith, B. Martin, L. Scheffel. walkover at a meeting of the Tumbling Club. 1.-,.u.w-1 .,..,.., ..., ,-. ,--.,,.,. . ,..,,,, ,Y Y Y V Y GOLF CLUB Front row: Mr. B. Langwell, sponsor, M. Thompson, E. Harris. Back row: W. Henry, L. Geigerman, M. Feldman, D. K. Shadid, P. Pannell, C. Clark, vice-president, R. Shadid, J. Jones, Silver, secretary-treasurer, M. Shanker, presidentg M. Bloss. 76 4-H CLUB Front row: Mrs. F. Bowman, sponsorg D. Seaman, pres- identg J. Jarnigan, secretary, A. Flowers, reporter. Back row: R. Vails, G. Thompson, D. Lackey, Y. Ford, A. Dulan, C. Franken- tield, L. Melvin, B. Boswell. Provide Chance to Take Part in Activities During good weather the Tennis Club practiced every Saturday morning at the John Marshall courts. The c1ub's main purpose was to give instructions to beginners and practice to advanced players. The Golf Club, which was organized during Eisenhower's first year, remained popular. This year the club constructed a driving range just east of the school. Due to the all girl membership in the 4-H Club this year, the main emphasis was on homemaking projects. Chess and Tumbling Clubs, both new to Eisenhower, had a big response. The Tumbling Club was so large that is was divided into two groups. gif' 'ir -A CLUB Front row: Mr. F. Strickland, sponsorg M. Hines, D. Kitchen, J. Farber. Third row: D. Wilson, G. Dodson, N. S. Newcomer, B. Boswell, M. Benton, M. Hill, Mr. W. Potter, C. Hisel, R. Taylor, B. Wilmoth. Back row: P. Crane, K. sponsor. Second row: M. Feldman, M. Waldenville, J. Jones, B. Randall, D. Clark, S. Dale, P. Belflowcr, T. Bull. il . gl. ' - 4 l. . l I F f 1 A Look Backward Close friendships, general respect, and a sense of belonging are all developed through the fun and social activities of a school. Eisenhower began this year setting a tone of enthusiasm by initiating a school Howdy Week, during which students had the opportunity to become acquainted. This enthusiasm was carried throughout the year with dances, picnics, and special days such -as Twirp Day, '89er Day, and Casual Day. Through these activities close personal re- lationships grew among the students. All this combined to make Eisenhower a more interesting and involved school. 78 Students report homeroom turn-ins and candy to faculty members. This year's candy profit was applied toward much needed sports equipment. Paul Pannell sits on a ladder to reach Spirit Week posters in order to make spelling cor- rections. rp JE ix. 1 .AA "wr .VSV "JM if 31 ,,.. ,-.1 . 1, -55? X! DQ? A courageous student tries to recover one several pet tarantulas which were captured the First of the year. V" .Q v ' .A VJ Ria? ,Mg l ...-.- ' X W M W E.: i 'H v 5422 , Y 15-if 1 E: ZLUTQQ Q 3 L I1 G il: iifffflf "'I'E"11 if TL. 'If','t51mk"f!i-Q' 7' 1" A :iw lf 'Ma W ' . ., I.-b".1lQ:1.u-f - f - 5 wfni '-X '4'iwf?l,fQ " iffy .' -2' -L W wg.. 1.5-ef! " 1-.HH ' 41' i:F:4:eQswZ' "af Q Sn 'lib 4. V L W gil' .- 41Q:'5'g.1 .,A'w1v411'fs1-' 1 ' 5211 Pkwiii. Tiff!! " "'L C .. ,L ,gear .p22I'I1i?l,'1.-' '-." ., , 5+ 4. 1 J, -'ISU' - ' , Chris Clark and David Bemardy get books from their locker. Foot- ball, basketball, and wrestling "good luck" signs were placed on team members' lockers by the Pep Club during Spirit Week. During Spirit Week, home- rooms decorated doors competitively. Students in Mr. Bill Langwell's class add final touches to their display. When a temporary teacher, Mr. Ron Haupt, joined Eisenhower's faculty, the geometry class was divided. Half of the students met in the home economics room. Before class, students often crowded around the refrig- erator. 1, l i 2-IF. .... 5 4 1 'IQ u'a:aI5:! ' Z ' T . .., SI-.ef an JK I' 4 'LR' Jr .lrl J H W. I I Z X J lien V it Lrg-.J ' ' 4" - ., .lr wee .r SQ K Q H ' A+ '. H ,Pe -iz. we D mm 5 E... vi! , f Q Z iq e he , do , E1 Q SE ee' ie 2 5 fl '- Q H fri 2 .1 BE g h Q ig --fda ,.,,f- 1.2 5: Z ri' o ' in l ' .- l Eff , 4rT'17"3 I H.-Karp' - r.: -a. ry .L , . 3.5.-we . ,im-gl' -. ' 41511. . mn, y .VJ1 ' ,Wi"Tl i - up , , l . 113-all-.111 ' ' 1 V E ' 'l v':i' - if Q .I rrl, , 1 1.7. 'Ui Y l"-.-E- 1 43' rf? Celebrating the success of the Toys for Tots drive are Ginger Dodson, Carl Anderson, and Ollie Burroughs. Dennis Hackney studies intently in thc solitude ofthe courtyard. Between classes, girls crowd around full length home economics mirrors to comb their hair. 83 Three years of growing brings memories So ends a year . . . a book . . . at Eisenhower 84 gy H My BX iii iggyigf jigs? 53355 fsxffiwiziigg Gym? X50 fyiiiim 555 wiww ilyfisimf fy sk My W PM . r. H1 QVMOXCEQDA mmf ' jffqfsw? WW MQW Wfwwfwwmwwf '5Q'm1PG'KULGw6fQLf56p14LQQZ7pp5Q5vQOxp3m0j A 59'LfQ2?g9x,aN A9 CD f'5wQ'5 Q50 QD QXVA 6 SA QQ 5 'mx 'QW E 3 QQ? ff n Ping GP 'X QX LMSCTBG Q? 0700 Woo f poi? 1 4 f s' G 5 6,7 1 QQ W G fs! QGQQJQV 2 Rss saw ED if For N0WVxnc3 , a264g,wZ! - JC Z fig, ,ffMw , 7 zfzf Alan? f, Q wwf , My 5746 wmv! gf . , ff if 2 WMMQ ffgmagq N ' ' 1. AVA fl XR, .X-'v .1 ,fjV' X Q25 I 92305 Six-Qmewxa I O F533 Gipggiid M Tjgglxsvfiggpg fx APB N VOXXQ nxhgf-Qfiig. 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' ' 1 L Q Qx W Q 'D Lu -qx NU QJXN Q VJ o 1 wwf. ,Q I '- ' ,-j' J 'fl ' P - r- Wu Q H' f .1 QT C Cu NU ,A X. aiu' 'F xt gin ' X . V3 1 I . Q, Q' w f W RX. Q3 xx 5 , xg -X ff If XX' ,QN mg V Q gi J XV CT' CL O .U Qy- "-T V3 wi' Q ,h iya 5 ' A J 1 ,gcc-Q f 72, Q53 563' 774, f C L L X T A "ix ' OW ' cf r O-Q 4 R A V., . C'- ?"' A A V - 'fi 2 fa. . E v X3 , -2 2 11 Q-Q xi " G " Q 32 s '21, , ' ' J' ,G S cj V wail f , , ag Ak M U - QE 4 . xy 0 If' s " T - ycgw V 3 ' wavy 1 H 'H ' ' 13 0' N HUM Q 53556 Bxvxs V 1 MQW, I Q 93 0,51 w ' 'M 6 IQJ CQ KK 'CJ I N I Jgkkfxxlx' ,bfkx 4 J W 1 During March, a portrayal of -the Eisenhower mascot, a Raider, . . ' kk . . . 1 was selected by student vote. Arhsts of the wxruung entry were M 6' 4, 1,4 lvukescmuaef and Richard Mafneny. , ' ,f 0fi4fL, - Q ' ,ri A iaffff' KJ ef,-?ei.aLLfff equi., ,.:.:.,4K,-.wfj 1... ,.,. , ,HW A X ,- '- , 1. , 'gm V 'gf ' ' , Z K -1 'J-,X H gf-:,.w..n. 444.-.-,mae -- , , ., ,,..,,. WL, , x V 4 MN 1 , U 1 ' , 'Jr 41 1 ..x , A I ' I' , f , x .x X .4 1 1 - .il 5 .1 ,- .,,,,-V.,-4, V . , ' - -- 'Ju' - ' ' Q1 QQ -- ' J ' ' 4 ' ,W ' . ,. ' 'T' 'If ' " lu-gan.-1-,1L...-4u.L " ' LA

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