Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK)

 - Class of 1964

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v P I I' ' I 'ff' f ,f .1 .Q ff Laflv .Q Y X ' 'gif' X ,x ' E ' L f N1 X , , .Nab V V . .. 'K Lf XR QL I .MJ yr' O . Kb J! fb L 5 v W. V L' 0 Q kd K M - 7 Y 'Y K QQ' 'YL N- A ' 1, .F I ' xx N 1 'L y , , 5 V' X X 'xx' ANU! U Z' -xr - ., N u' K gf' yn Vw ,pc if ' ' f " Aff' 6.e'MN if JM, W V' ,sf V 'DJQ' M Qt J l 'L n cf - ' gf ALILt V 3017 lj .LL 14", X Q fat X- -L V!!!--, fl! 4 1545 nl, f I ,ffl 1 il If I t Nc' I I ' 'IV' lf HL. U fyffnl iff! X , n L 7 X g - X 'f' ,I fit! 11f"f..l Q lf A4f' K, JUL", ,ff L ff' V., ff AJYU' t 4. I' my i 5 'i 14.16 2' ' 1 V 1 I 'I Lf' 7, A 'K Y "" 'Ay' fT',dQN.n I f' - fb' 'f'I!', , 'L Ai , fs. l Y 'y J!! -I A .fix A 3. . ' X M ' 'L 3 ' pgs Mm A 53 wg f 4-xr' E ffjwff 1' """ "14' 0-.- 1 ,J 1 X J' . 1 ' 1-. . - 114 ,f 4-4'L'11l Y, l ' fx . f" UI - f? 1-11"-CK: 1 Ll hi v' nv . X. ' ful. f' -- f -- --. - ,f-..,A. ...M-V.-- ,.k.,.,... , W11WfWQWQiffM , 0 M 1 fuwwwxfwwf' X i,MW 'fMWyfW4W' xlkjjoj 1 fgwzfgpfiwfw W 023,55 l K IVV' ALVH ff? U WM M6 h 111,109 ,ll PM FIQIJ A by J' ,LJJM J W 0,614 ML XM W V V0 A4 XKJZJLE 714 3 .k My fjf4,ifLLf4'ffyfZffffW JM , My W W My ,,MW 1 L Mjy Wig? A v i gQ!QM,0jjffQE www! '91 'D Lu F Y I:-.ALS A rlw l rll , -I -: :ru ll ? AVI., G I ,UV ..! , 1,6 T -,jll k I ' I V ' r- ' ' f Q , f ' ' X ' 0 f , I 1 ' l w 1 I! - .1 Q O-f MM My " if W X QL My ,lk 5 ZW m MU Awloibqawli 1. 5 XA -, I, Figs' : ,X -f F tl K pf: l , 5: J: -,Nt ,U V.-M I, .b V! ,ggi Y 1 N li .5 . xf,2LJLfQlfx M07 .,Ly-flap-,.qj,igl,fy1,l,LZii 1, Vx H .4 UWGJWM' DM' 'wmumf QFUL'5YUWCLfk EJ JS? MJWJ JL ffl , 1 Q cjwxcue Quai, 0-f74QZ,Q'i J J C225 Ylflffu gLfL,L s ,0U.A,.1, to cu Cziay -do hggfgxg, C65 CJ Qfmflfffff Vqccvcgf 204 1-bw-fbij' VQf7QffQ!f 5, Cifrkcl KVKCLLY Glffvdfddbdurli giglffifn QAVLCZJJJULLQK . XMW2 y f Q x XS p' O aaiafsg AW 92, a QQ, was 92 -4 gOQ'v.XR gl I R E22 QQ 3 1 Bm f gag N3 LL., . . . , EISENHOWER JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Lawton, Oklahoma H if J iw ff Q fi QQJW X,P,yyPP5iX fyjx W fx 91' nj J, XJ My if x eq MP L gm y gy V M JW fp71 ' 42' rx s, by . Qi Q, FP V Y? Wg ,ifbyw X gf? ' is Y rf V N x A 2 W V NAT ff" ' N ' 1 A 1 N ,ef A W N ,J Nix W WK' 1 ,fltfy M ,N I' C! X .jf TQUQ N I f fx 'WO G N 76 W 1, 4, DP ,X -am V X10 i A I W ' WL . R 1 L 7 W 'Wg 5 Q x fi A AW! GND ,Xa W ,X Nu PON W 11' W XX :Q ' ,,f,,. A FYR fu , W 1 f I M , " V , I I AN X ' Y J TN rx? N 2 0 1,0 my ,W W Aff x C3 fm ' X 3 Q QQ Xqfxd A J X X f N X 0 ' 'N c ., KN 'X , x X fx-j U 1 N i i mm., ,,N, We're from Eisenhower The iingle of keys as The doors are unlocked and opened for anoTher day aT Eisenhower Junior- Senior High School . . . The fluTTer as The flag is raised . . . a quieT chaTTer which grows louder as sTudenTs arrive . . . The bell ringing . . . The shuff- ling of feeT echoing down The hall . . . The click- ing of locks as a Thousand combinafions are dialed . . . as These, The sounds of spiriT are heard, a day begins. Each day we are confronfed wiTh a challenge which presenTs a new and exciTing advenTure. When we look back on This pasT year we remem- ber some days as specTacular and Triumphanf. ln The cold of The sfadium each momenT burns wiTh enThusiasm To warm These lasTing memories. This same spark of zeal we share will remain To glow in our lives. Some days were noT so specTacular buT perhaps more meaningful. Those days were filled wiTh seemingly insignificanT incidenTs-sTudenTs assisT- ing one anofher, a Teacher arriving before school hours To give special help, friendly smiles on all faces. Now we look upon Them as imporTanT memories which conTinue To grow in our lives. These experiences help To meeT The challenges given us daily. The years laying ahead are buT a sum of many days such as we now experience. The spiriT of Eisenhower will live on and The challenge Today is an imporTanT opporTuniTy in preparafion for The fuTure challenges we will meeT laTer in life. By living wiTh such spiriT now we can be assured ThaT iT will conTinue. . .ThroughouT The day. and we're proud ADMINISTRATION We're The Eisenhower. . . Eagle crowd SUPERINTENDENT John D. Shoemaker Board of Education The Board of Education is charged with the responsibility of operating the public schools of Lawton. Their adminis- trative officer is Nlr. John Shoemaker, the superintendent of schools. He is concerned daily with the supervision of our school system. The students and faculty of Eisenhower can readily observe the efforts of Mr. Shoemaker, Mr. Bish, Mr. Elkins, and the members of the Board, as evidenced by re- cent bond issues. These appropriated the funds necessary for the completion of our beautiful auditorium and the new wings of our school. The Board of Education is composed of enthusiastic individuals working efficiently to maintain the best possible Lawton Public School System. ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT PRESIDENT OF BOARD Hugh Bish John Elkins Glenn Dutcher BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS Howard Babbitt Sam Joyner Lawrence Sheffield Harold Short I O ii' Prlnclpal GLENN G. DOSSER M.Ed.-Oklahoma University Eisenhower Junior-Senior High School students are fortunate to have a man with the patience and integrity needed to es- tablish and maintain a high standard of excellence. As principal, Mr. Dosser's con- stant dedication to Eisenhower has been observed by everyone. When faced with the task of establishing the standards of a newly constructed school, Mr. Dosser attempted this task with experience com- bined with enthusiasm. He has guided the students of Eisenhower in establishing levels of achievement which will be carried on in many years to come. N3 Assistant Principal RICHARD A. NEPTUNE M.Ed.-Oklahoma University Mr. Neptune, working hand in hand with Mr. Dosser, has tirelessly strived to develop and up- hold the ideals of Eisenhower. The discipline of the student body may be a frustrating chore, but Mr. Neptune realizes the problems confront- ing students. The students respect him for his willingness to correct any matters calling for discipline. We expect Nlr. Neptune to continue his fine job as assistant principal and to strive for the most beneficial conduct for Eisenhower. Miss Linda Hagan F Secretary aiif COUNSELORS Each day brings us closer to the time when we shall be expected to assume complete responsibility for our lives. There are questions which we cannot answer and decisions which we quite often cannot make alone. Our counselors are here to help us. The students at Eisenhower would like to express appreciation for the contributions they have made to our lives. OFFlCE STAFF Some of the most important activities of each day are to keep an accurate record of daily attendance and to maintain the financial records of the school. These responsibilities have always been diligently accomplished by our office staff. Mrs. lvalane Neptune M.Ed.-Oklahoma University Mr. Jim Miller M.Ed.-Midwestern University 1 vga tfry Mrs. PatJameson y xg Ag Registrar English Foreign Language if CATHERINE BURUM B.S.-O.S.U.-American Literafure SHIRLEY CALLAN B.S.-Wisconsin STaTe- English 7 and 8 WILLA CRAWFORD NI.EcI.-S.VV. Sfafe-Literature RUTH DISHMAN B.S.-S.W. STaTe-English II LUCILLE KINIBROUGH NI.EcI.-O.U.-English 8 VIRGINIA SWINDLE M.Ed.-Midwestern Univ.- English 7 CATHERINE THOMPSON A.B.-Phillips Univ.- English I MILDRED DOSSER M.A.-O.S.U.-Latin II, French I and II CLARA ROSS B.A.-Central State- Lafin I, English II VERA TIPPENS B.S.-S.W. Sfate-Spanish I and II, English II Art MARY JANE DAVIS I B.S.-O.C.W.-Art I, H, and III CATHERINE GARVIN M.Ed.-O.U.-Library SARAH BRIDGES M.B.Ed.-L.S.U.-Vocal Music DON PHILLIPS lVI.lVI.Eol.-N. Texas State- Band JACK AMYX M.Ed.-O.S.U.-Bookkeeping, Math, Typing I NAOMI CAPSHAVV B.A.-Central State-Typing II and Shorthand MARIE RUSSELL B.S.-S.W. STaTe-Typing I and Office Machines Library Music Business Education I3 Math Drivers' Trainin Speech Q BILL CAPSHAVV B.S.-Central Slate-Algebra and Advanced Algebra C. E. EVANS M.Ecl.-O.U.4Ma'rl1 7 EVA MILLER B.S.-S.VV. STaTe-Math 7 JERRY MOON B.A.-Tulsa Univ.-Geometry JAMES POINDEXTER B.S.-O.U.-Main 8 BOB BENNETT B.S.-S.E. Slate-Driver's Training, Mechanical Drawing JIM PHILLIPS B.S.fMidvvestern Univ.- Driver's Training, Athletic DirecTor PEGGY LONG B.A.-S.VV. Stale-Speech PRISCILLA STRICKLAND B.A.-East Central- Speech, English II JANE MERSHON B.S.-Phillips Univ.- Physical Education KENNETH WHITE B.S.-Central State- Physical Education VENNA LEE COOK B.S.-O.C.VV.-Hornemaking I, II, and III PATSY NIADDOX B.S.-Murray State, Ky Hornemaking I and General Science JOE BUCK B.Art Ed.-S.W. State- History 8 ABE DEUTSCHENDORF B.S.Ed.-Central State- American History, Oklahoma History DEVONNA MINNICH A.B.-O.S.U.- American History, World History JERRY STRICKLAND B.S.-East Central St.- Geography KAREN WILSON B.S.-Central State- History 8, Literature 7 Physical Education Home Eco Social St I I nomics udies Industrial Arts Science D. A. GlVENS B.S.-Central State-Shop, Architectural Drawing DON SALMON B.S.-O.U.-Crafts From the first signs of dawn the members of our Eisenhower faculty begin preparing for each busy day. The students of Eisenhower realize the influence of our dedicated faculty on the spirit of our school in the academic work and the activities of each day. The students feel and appreciate the understanding of their teachers. This concern and interest in each stu- dent leaves lasting marks on all. ROY BOYCE B.B.A.-O.U.-Oklahoma History, Business Law, Psychology, Science, Physiology TERRY JACKSON Nl.Ed.-O.S.U.-Science 7 JERRY JEFFREY B.S.-Phillips Univ.- Biology, Science 8 RUTH METZGER M.A.-Ohio Wesleyan- Chemistry, Geometry, Advanced Algebra DWIGHT MORRIS B.A.-Tulsa Univ.-Biology JERRY WILSON B.S.-Central State-Science 8 n 1 I .mess ' A " r I Jonnie Jones and Georgia Lowry Frances Shultz and Dwade Taylor Cooks Our cooks arrive every morning, before many of the students, to begin preparation of our noon meal. Using their skill to the best of their ability, they are always prepared to serve a delicious, well balanced meal to the students and faculty of Eisenhower. We are greatly indebted to our cooks for their time and patience. Custodians The work of our custodians is an unending circle. Every afternoon at the termination of classes, they begin their tasks of keeping our building beautiful. Each day brings forth the normal clutter of school activities. On their iolos constantly, our custodians are commended for their fine iob in keeping Eisenhower spotless. Alma Pahdoco, Cafeteria Manager Lawrence Leonhardt, Head Custodian Don Paup, Raymond Green, and Bill Harrison Leroy Nix and Troy Patterson ' I7 HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES We are loyal . .. . . . WGGVS True V Bourn, Barbara Bridges, Ricky Browers, Sandy Bryson, Charla Campbell, John Cantwell, Nancy Carr, Carol Carroll, Ike Champlin, Kim Childers, Jeanne The Junior Class spon- sors and officers dis- cuss plans for the Jun- ior Class play on The sei. PEGGY DUNN Reporfer MR. BENNETT Sponsor MRS. CAPSHAW Sponsor CAROLYN MARTIN Secretary MIKE THOMPSON Vice-President BILL HUTSON Presidenf Abla, Jack Aldridge, Nancy Alltizer, Teri Bailey, Jonnie Bennett, Cheryl Berry, Judy Bishop, Jim Black, Linda Bone, Charles Bourland, Mickey Franklin, Macklyn Frost, Gloria Gainey, Jim Gales, Damon Gilliland, Dave Gomez, Lana Gonzales, Ray Greenwall, Gary Gustafson, Fred Hald, Debbie Churchwell, Jerry Cody, Fred Coffin, Jinny Cook, Leonard Corey, Eddy Corley, Mike Craig, David Crook, Kent Davis, Dona Disel, Charles Dunn, Peggy Dunnagan, Mike Dustin, Robin Edwards, Roy Elledge, Chris Embry, Shirley Ann Eustice, Ginger Finley, Gail Flaig, Margaref Foster, Cynda King, George King, Pat Kinnebrew, Jerome Kinsley, Carol Krapf, Linda Lawrence, Karen Lee, Cathy Leslie, Lynn Little, Pat Littlefield, Charlotte Harp, Dottie Haupert, Carol Hensley, Dianne Hicks, Leroy Hill, Judith Hill, Ollie Mae Holden, Billie Holland, David Hooks, Brenda Horton, Richard Hull, James Humble, Andy Hutson, Bill Hyder, Kay Johnson, Frank Jones, Sue Jordan, Danny Kaulaity, Phillip Kea, Fred Keith, Lynn Loveall, Barbara Lowman, Kent Lytle, Chuck McCarron, Sandy McCullough, Ginger McDonald, Dean McDonnell, Herman McDonough, Pat McKinney, Don Mahoney, Judy Malone, Annette Marlett, Betty Martin, Carolyn Martin, Jim Martin, Lonnie Martin, Verlinda Mayes, Johnny Mead, David Moore, Ria Morris, Sam Morris, Susy Morrison, Sandy Mueller, Cheryl Munoz, Nancy Myers, Cheryl Myers, Kathy Myers, Walter Nash, Ross Nelson, Kris Newman, Don Russell, Pat Ruybalicl, Ted Sap, Roy Savage, Larry Sawyer, Selena Schaefer, Steve Scheffler, Rod Sellers, George Shackleford, James Shade, Donna Nightingale, Bill Noviello, Bobby Owens, Gordon Owens, Harold Payne, Kris Peck, Linda Penrool, Lana Piper, Earlene Piper, Helen Poling, Don Radcliff, Linda Raines, Judikay Reynolds, Fay Rhoads, G. K. Rhoolen, Irene Richardson, Donna Ridgeway, Valerie Roper, Martha Roscoe, Glenda Rulison, Clark i l White, Judy Whitney, Spike Wiechman, Dennis Williams, Susan Wilson, Janette Wilson, Mike Wilson, Sandy The entrance to our building. Shaw, Jim Skinner, Larry Smith, Cheryl Smith, Randy Smith, Vincent Sparkman, Betty Spille, Robyn Standridge, Trevor Starcher, Kaye Steadman, Cheryl Stone, Ricky Swank, Mickey Tamplen, Jim Taylor, Gene Teclder, Frank Terrell, Jim Thomas, Leonard Thompson, Mike Townsend, Jim Verver, Bobby Ariona, Noemi Atkins, Carl Atkins, James Aycock, Nancy Bailey, Becky Ball, Jessie Ballard, Jack Barth, Doris Bartlett, Ellen Bates, Bill Sophomore Class spon- sors and officers talk about the bulletin board. SHIRLEY HUGHES Secretary-Treasurer VICKI ADAIR President BARBARA WHITE Reporter MR. GIVENS Sponsor MRS. DISHMAN Sponsor DONNA BROWN Vice-President Abbett, Suzy Abla, Robert Aclair, Vicki Alexander, Charlotte Allen, Clarence Allen, Richard Allen, Virginia Allred, Elaine Ambrister, Brooke Anderson, Sandy Bayne, Barbara Beachamp, Jimmy Belie, Gary Bennett, Skip Bentley, Brenda Berry, Linda Bischoff, Mary Blanton, Holly Blasingame, Mark Bomgardner, Vivian Bonds, Glenda Boren, Debbie Brady, Lynn Brinkley, Linda Brooks, Pam Browers, Marilyn Brown, Clifton Brown, Donna Brox, Carolyn Bruce, Peter Bryant, Bob Burton, Tom Bybee, Lucy Callaway, Naomi Carley, Cathy Carroll, Diane Chaddlesone, Sherman Chance, Janice Choate, Howard Clemons, Gail Dickson, Eric Doolin, Mary Lou Doyle, Linda Eads, Walter Ellis, Ronnie Embry, Shirley Farnham, Anita Faulkner, Bob Flaherty, John Flaig, Tim Clement, Carolyn Collette, Gayle Collins, Donna Conley, Pat Conners, Stephanie Cook, Don Corrales, Sandy Cotten, Gary Cox, Greg Crabtree, Carol Crawford, Jon Cropp, Gary Cummins, Charles Daniel, Susan Dean, Richard Decker, Shirley Dehart, Mike Denney, Kathy Desautel, Paula Dickens, Chuck Ford, Joe Fooie, Margaret Foss, Gary Foster, Gary Fox, Carlene Fox, Pat Frost, Schyler Garcia, Anlonina Garrett, Donnie Gervin, Sandy Gomez, Johnnie Gonzalez, Edwin Goodson, Frances Graves, Vikki Gray, Cathy Gray, .lo Anne Greenwall, Linda Gresham, Rip Griffith, Kelly Guffey, Carline Gunn, Tommy Hall, Bill Hall, Mary Hamilton, Jerry Haney, Robert Hannaloass, Mona Harmon, Sandy Harvel, Linda Harvey, Joe Harvey, Rodger Humphries, Virginia Hutchins, Tommy Isbell, Jesse Jackson, Jeni Jaggers, Tommy James, Gail Jenkins, Carol Jennings, Bill Jennings, Keith Jewison, Cindy Hastings, Karen Hayes, Rod Hedrick, Pat Henderson, Pat Hendricks, Reta Hensley, Bill Hernandez, Edwin Hess, Laura Hester, Jonny Hildebrand, Mike Hoage, Robert Hoffpaur, Gerri Holley, Pat Holt, Janet Hooks, Phillip Hope, Judy Hubbard, Charlotte Huggins, Gloria Hughes, Shirley Hugo, Jim Johnson, Ronnie Joiner, Bill Joiner, Linda Jones, Gwen Kay, Lindell Kaykendall, Linda Kelly, Thomas Kemp, Joyce Kemper, Mike Kenney, Hubert Kilbride, James King, Susan Kiphart, Nick Kiser, Charles Knight, Chris Knight, Fay Knight, Fay Koehn, Ann Kotay, Donna Lackey, Barbara Langham, Mary Lanier, Paulette Layton, Chuck Lee, Janet Leonard, Shirley Levine, Richard Lewis, Margaret Lewis, Stan Loney, Donna Loney, John Manecke, David Martin, Aaron Masterson, Chris Maxberry, Richard Mayhall, Mike Mead, Garry Means, David Menasco, Eddie Miller, Chuck Miller, Doreen Long, Nickey Long, Susan Looper, Sheryl Loose, John Lowe, James Lowman, Dan Lowman, Linda Lucksfead, Linda Lucky, Fred Lyon, Donnie McCracken, Mike McDonald, Linda McGee, Lenneife McKeIvey, Barbara McLain, James McWilliams, AI Maddera, Franna Magee, Ronald Mahsefky, Lana Maitland, Helen Miller, Marthann Miller, Pat Mixon, Kay Moffef, Anna Moon, Becky Moore, Joe Musil, Tom Myers, Diane Neal, Larry Neufeboom, J, P. Oelrick, Jon Olinger, Jim Olsen, Robert Ofofiva, Rudy Owens, Linda Paepke, Priscilla Palmer, Darlene Parker, Debbie Parrott, Sandie Paffon, Ronnie Phaup, Mozelle Phelps, Linda Phillips, Gretchen Pierson, Jim Pirchforcl, John Piitrnan, Jurgen Planf, Cassandra Poindexier, Janet Pollina, Nancy Posey, Teresa Rowland, Larry Rue, Jim Saenz, Yolanda Sallee, Larry Sampson, Dave Sanders, Noveleen Sandlin, Wayne Santiago, Rocky Saunders, Richard Sawyer, George Priddy, Brenda Prock, Stan Pruitt, Connie Puckett, Betty Purdum, Seung Ja Quin, Ann Quinn, Margaret Rackley, Gary Raymond, Bill Read, Steve Reagan, Sharon Red Elk, Gerald Redwine, Wanda Rhodes, .lan Riggins, Jenece Robbins, Linda Roberts, Alan Roberts, Jim Robertson, Betty Ross, Howard Saylor, Sylvia Schaefer, Edward Schow, Buddy Scoggins, Pam Scroggins, Kurt Seay, Charlene Seelye, Leta Selvidge, Linda Sharp, Pete Shelton, Andy Shepherd, Judy Shimach, John Sides, Clfiton Sizemore, Larry Skeen, Mariorie Skidmore, Betty Skinner, Robert Slover, Janet Smith, Frank Smith, Julie Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith 1 LeJeune Linda Michael Roy Tom Sonnenburg, Randy Sprivey, LaRoy Stacy, Gail Standridge, Linda Stayton, Donna rw, Van Treese, James Van Treese, Kenneth Verver, Tim Vinson, Karen Wagnon, Jimmy Walker, Craig Walker, Joyce Watts, Phillip Welch, Loretta Wendler, Rosa Stephens, Lynda Stephenson, Nancy Sterrett, Linda Stetler, John Stevenson, Carl Stewart, David St. John, Linda Stringer, Danny Stuart, Jerry Stuart, Ron Surgener, Anita Taylor, Jim Terris, Valerie Thomas, Ronnie Thompson, Bob Tillick, Larry Torbert, Connie Tripplett, Bill Tucker, Janey Vance, Kathy West, Mark West, Robert Westerman, Richard Whatley, Larry Wheeler, Larry Whipp, Dorothy White, Barbara Wickens, Wayne Wilke, Kent Wilkerson, Joe Williams, Williams, Williams Williams Williams, Delores Joyce Judy Loretta Pat Williams, Penny Williams, Ronald Williams, Ronny Wilson, Robert Wingfeld, Marcia Winters, Judy Wisdom, Mickey Worthen, Mary Wren, Kenneth Yeiral, Karen Yoder, Martha Youngblood, Sue Zacharias, Dwaine Ziegler, Mark Zolbe, Kathryn ,Qdwzfgzvafgazfvyiyd i771fZe5 LGQJ jd , MQAQIQAXUH, ffm!! ?!TAQAA'wLQ4Ud-4JZifwvL ,a1,Q.lTy JU? QTLMJU WMM 5 Aww 7,1 OU MQ QWUIQL amiga., ,M JUNE-f X.,Z?w,QA,NQ,' ' M4 bmQQZ.iM77mQf. JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES M417 Q Wk Li? KJV' ilk H045 See our colors f ,QD 1 1 ...high above you... Cambell, Barbara Cambell, Margie Chambers, Ralph Choate, Robin Colon, Maria Cosf, Ken Cotton, Cindy Cowher, Jimmy Cross, Ronnie Davis, Elaine Davis, Larry Deaderick, Kenneth Freshman Class Officers and sponsors get ready to dec orare for a party SUSAN ANTHONY Vice-President MR. BOYCE Sponsor CONNIE THRASH President DIANE DEAL Secretary MRS. MADDOX Sponsor Abla, Sieve Agurre, Rudy Amende, Sue Anthony, Susan Bailey, Mike Bailey, Sue Bartlelf, Fredi Beauchamp, Ricky Bell, Lyn Bilbrey, Carol Bilbrey, Michael Black, Sherrian Blake, Rick Blewetf, Robert Bone, Marie Bourland, Douglas Budd, Dorfhy Brox, Diane Deal, Diane DeBellis, Barbara DeFrees, Linda Dixon, l. J. Dodd, Waitman Douglas, Holly Duggar, Charles Eggen, John English, Wayne Erbacher, Mary Beth Estep, Jim Ethell, Dick Faria, Kenneth Fields, Blanche Flynn, Linda Foster, Pat Fraser, Michael Frost, Larry Garrett, Nancy Gates, Diane Gauthier, Denise Gjellum, Teddie Gomez, Suzanne Hackerott, James Hansen, Clyde Haughney, Norma Herring, Linda Holder, Phyllis Holland, Glenda Holliday, David Hopper, Mary Hunt, Teri Hutchison, Richard Jackson, Jane Jenkins, Linda Jewison, Dennis Kay, Frances Keltner, John Kirby, Sharon Langfitt, Billy Layton, Chuck Leland, Melody Rightmer, Tommy Riley, Cynthia Ritchie, Larry Robertson, James Robinson, James Rodgers, Joann Rosson, Stephen Rue, Jeanna Rulison, Ronald Saylor, Kenneth Scott, Randy Shelton, Don Lindley, Barbara Logan, Linda Lowman, Mike McChurin, Phyliss McDonald, Mike McKasson, Dee McWilliams, Burt Maier, Ilona Martin, Yvonda Matheny, Nancy Moore, Jimmy Morrison, Bart Munoz, Bill Neely, Jimmy Nelson, Douglas Nitcher, Larry Oehler, Beth Olsen, John Penrod, Marsha Perry, Cindy Phillips, Katrina Piper, Mary Porter, Jeannie Pounders, Jean Ragan, Rita Red Elk, Rose Rhea, Patricia Rhodes, Allen Ridgeway, Mike Riggens, Susan 'XZ Qui Sherick, David Smart, Michael Smith, Elaine Smith, Jim Smith, LaDonna Smith, Robert Smith, Terry Solenburg, Margaret Sparks, Barbara Stamps, Sheri Standriclge, Bridget Stayton, James Stetler, Joe Stevens, Steve Stewart, Gloria Stewart, Roy Swift, John Swoap, Robert Tappan, Sharon Taylor, Brenda Terrell, Robert Thomas, Peggy Thrash, Connie Triplett, Linda Tuck, Barbara Turner, Melody Waible, Ed Ware, Danny Wells, Terry West, Deborah White, Kathie Whitt, Krist Wiechman, Diana Willey, Richard Willingham, Teresa Womach, Peter Woodall, Ricky Woods, Harold Wyble, Lonny Yarbor, Jamie Young, Mary Our football team in action 2, 1 i V K 'X ' ' vs F 'N r , Brefz, Connie Brouse Brown, Brown, Brown Bryant, Collin Donna Gerold Jean Bill Butler, David Butler, Johnny Caddell, Michael Caldwell, Nanette Cassil, Danny Clarence, Jim Eighth grade officers and sponsors admire the design of file in our school. 9 "x la", mi, , M., ,QM - i If ' ffm. ,, - if " so M l TONl SICKLES Secretary MRS. CALLAN Sponsor JERRI SHACKLEFORD President MR. WHITE Sponsor VALORIE RADCLlFF Vice-President ROBERT ALLBRIGHT Reporter Abla, Donna Allbrighf, Robert Allen, Mike Allen, Sherry Ames, John Anderson, Judy Anderson, Rebecca Barrell, Alden Bass, Anfhony Bauder, Julia Biby, Rhonda Bishop, Ken Bishop, Lanelte Black, .lake Blake, Jimmy Bone, Barbara Boone, Terry Bourn, Robert Clark, Gail Clark, Jon Clement, Lester Cole, Harlan Collins, Stephen Conners, Rex Corley, Donna Cornwall, Sandra Craig, Paul Curtsinger, Billy Davis, Jimmy Deal, Frank Dean, Leonard Demery, Robert Dixon, Mike Dodd, Louise Dotson, Dianne Eppler, Vera Everett, Lynda Faulkner, Peggy Floyd, Sheila Frank, Donald Frazier, Debbie Frost, Joyce Fultz, Peter Gee, Sheila Gillelf, Larry Givens, Kathy Goddard, Joe Griffin, Raymond Griffith, James Gustafson, John Haile, Donna Hamm, Jack Hanson, Bill Harper, Sharon Harris, Barbara Harris, Ray Hart, Suzann Harvel, Mike Harvey, Timmy Henson, Ron McWilliams, Gregory Malicott, Bill Martin, Vivian Marvel, Dan Merrell, Jane Morris, Joed Motte, Butch Mullin, Mary Myers, Beverly Nesbit, Lindel Odom, Linda Olsen, Jean Hill, Loyd Holley, Joe Hopcus, Edmund Hope, Joan Horton, Dorothy Hustead, Virginia Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Phyllis Jordan, Sheryl Kea, Susan Kephart, Sharla Kidd, Katy King, Marie Knight, Jimmy Knott, Frances Knox, Tanner Korell, Linda Kraft, Barbara Krapf, Barry Lackey, Linda Lashley, Tom Lawson, Susan Leach, John Littlefield, Carol Lund, Irene Lutz, Dennis Lyon, Dorene McCarthy, Patricia McClure, Kade McDonald, Brenda Owen, Barbara Perry, Bobby Perry, Roxy Phillips, Bart Phillips, Junior Phillips, Shelia Porter, Barbara Porter, Thomas Founders, Sheryl Powell, Shirley Quinn, Richard Radcliff, Valorie Ragan, Robert Raioer, Eaten Ralston, Trevelyn Rhea, Mike Rhodes, Doris Richards, Jane Riggin, Linda Ripperda, Tim Robbins, Brenda Rodriguez, Thomas Roe, Phyliss Rogers, Murray Rozsypal, George Salas, Ernest Salas, Frank Salas, Margie Santiago, Nilsa Schram, Beverly Scott, Karen Scruggs, David Seidel, Tom Sellers, Dan Shackelford, Jerri Shade, Dean Shelton, Robert Sherick, Tom Shipp, Anita Shreve, Mike Sickles, Toni Smith, Christine Williams, David Wilson, Donald Wilson, Ronald Wise, Donna Wood, Mike Wright, Linda Wyble, Larry Yoder, Dorothy The front entrance to the gym. 48 Smith, Philip Smith, Ronnie Smith, Shelia Sparks, Everett Stayton, Richard Stetler, Mike Stone, Ronnie Strickland, Dennis Strickland, Thomas Sutton, Darlene Swank, Carol Tanzola, Gayle Taylor, Linda Thompson, Terri Thorne, Becky Thornburg, Stephen Tubbs, Sharon Turner, Kevin Waible, Stella Watkins, Jay Watson, David Watson, Terry Wiese, Elizabeth Welk, Deannia Wheeler, Ricky Wickens, Sharon Wilcox, Mike Wilkie, Jerry Wilkie, Lynn Willey, Brent Bookends wb X Cflfk View Eff," 1 1 i l 'E 1153 V: 1 L, f ' ., "if - ,L Q ' 1 --,. V , fi ,hw --,S M' i he it .:'.: I ,N 1 ,Q,,,. ., l ' ve lf V'V'- ll ' - rf ":' VQQEFP ni? 'V l t, Ib y K 4 - 5 A ':,: 1 1 'R' ,J ,s , r P -'--' 1' Q29-fululyf f'X'!'j, vga t A I VV .9 s' f " ff :-' A ' 5- lf, W - fl A 7-2:2 ' ' -' 'f l, ll + 4 f 'iv-sfo Q if , l l l r N, Q is ,,, hx ,Q ,V V, , A E., ., 5 1 , Jl V,V. M ., , 9 Q? ' -f'-- ' A K , L KLA du yy V 3. W: 9 i o , l l e l e - fl 2 'l',QQ1 A . fell ..: irriz 1 L.,- yr, W LV QQ , H " -, --., ' i l Q . K , I - Assembly Faculty Team , Lana Gomez practices for All-State Chorus, Talon Swff af work Where is Tha! ball? Cheerleaders at work HF-'llS before School Eisenhowefs own combo 49 Bretz, Donald Bridges, Ginger Brock, Carter Brown, Nancy Buckminster, Jerry Bumgardner, Charlotte Burton, Stephenny Butler, Elizabeth Bynum, Donald Cagle, Jackie Cain, Darrell Caldwell, Doug Seventh grade class officers and sponsors enter the build ing. NANCY BROWN Vice-President MR. JACKSON Sponsor MRS. CRAWFORD Sponsor PAT HAUPERT President CHRISTINE HOLLAND Secretary-Treasurer JANET JONES Reporter Allen, Debbie Alltizer, Arthur Amerson, Steve Anderson, Cheryl Antrich, Teresa Askew, Teresa Atkins, Dorothy Baker, Bobby Ballauer, Kathy Barrick, Jan Baswell, Dean Bates, Pamela Bell, Donald Bishop, Brenda Blaylock, Terry Bone, Linda Bozarth, Bonnie Brazil, Andra Carlozzo, Ann Therese Carson, Dion Chapman, Roland Cochrane, Dewayne Cole, Melinda Color, Teresa Coussons, Debbie Cox, Gail Cummings, Vickie Cunningham, Steve Curran, David Davis, Donald Davis, Donna Davis, Steve Davis, Sue Denney, Richard De Sio, Sherry Doolin, Kathy Drew, Charles Driggers, Bruce Duggar, Sharon Dunn, Jimmy Dunnum, Gwenn Edwards, Deborah Elliott, Johnny English, Helen Ennis, Gwyneth Erbacher, James Ethell, Rick Eustice, Susan Ewers, Dorothy Florent, Chris Fox, Gary Fraiser, Tonny Frakes, Stephen Frank, David Fultz, Roger Garrett, Victor Gates, Barry Gomez, Dolores Gordan, Renee Gore, Kathy Jarreth, Linda Jarrett, Rosemarie Jenkins, Norris Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Ward Johnston, Franklin Jones, Janet Ketchum, Karen Kine, Reinette Kinsley, Robert Kirk, Lois Korell, Mike Griffith, Charles Guffey, Terry Gurney, John Hall, George Hall, Robert Hardin, Donna Hardin, Terry Hare, Linda Harris, Shirley Hart, Nancy Haupert, Patricia Henriquez, Fred Herring, William Hill, Clyde Hill, Frank Hill, Robert Hise, Rex Holland, Christine Holland, Dean Holland, Jane Hooks, Debbie Hoolihan, Denise Hoolihan, Kathy Hope, John Hulen, Cynthia Hull, William Huskey, Pamela Hutchens, Jeanne Hutchison, Geraldine Hutson, Greg Landry, Beverly Langfitt, Gail Lavalle, Eugene Lawrence, Sharon Layton, Suzanne Lefebvre, Jeannettee Lemonier, Sandy Leslie, Alan Little, Jerry Locke, Patricia Lodge, Mike Logan, Sue Long, Phylis Loveall, Linda Lovett, Sue Lowman, Keith Luckey, Marc Lytle, Nan McAllister, Ernest McBee, Burt McCarron, Judith McCarthy, John McChurin, Lucille McDonough, Christine McQuaid, Celia Mahoney, Mike Martin, Mike Menasco, Brenda Miller, Connie Miller, Gunther Miller, William Moffett, Betty Moffett, Robert Morgan, Lilliet Mullican, Tamara Myers, Paul Nash, Elaine Norris, Buddy Noviello, Mike Oerke, Denece Oilrich, Paul Ogle, Jerry Ruchke, Samuel Russell, Mike Ryans, Eva Lee Sancls, Royce Santiago, Alba Saunders, David Savage, Janis Sawyer, Ricky Scruggs, David Seay, Johnny Sherick, Patrick Ship, Delores Oliver, Larry Otipoby, Georgann Overton, Linda Page, Jene Parker, James Pearce, Sherry Pennington, Kurt Phillips, Angela Picard, Catherine Pike, Lonnie Pope, Pam Powell, Dale Powell, Danny Powers, Kathy Price, Kathy Quinn, Peggy Rametta, Francis Rauch, Kenneth Raynes, Larry Regan, Tom Richardson, Joyce Richie, Jimmy Riddle, Nancy Riggs, Steve Riley, Cecil Robinson, Daniel Roming, John Rothenflue, Donna Royal, Lonnie Rozsypal, Carol Smith, Danny Smith, David Smith, Linda Smith, Wayne Southern, Herb Southwick, Ann Stacy, Gene Stepp, Mary Ann Stewart, Claudette Stewart, Rose Stinnett, Kathy Stobaugh, Phillip Stout, Allen Swan, Judy Tanksley, Sandra Thomas, Berry Thomas, Gwen Thomas, Mary Thompson, John Thompson, Ted Thornburg, Theresa Tilley, Nina Tippens, Sharon Tubbs, Linda Vanisko, Larry VanTreese, Alana Verver, Merry Waid, Debra Walters, Vicki Wasylyszyn, Billy Whitman, Mike Whitt, James Wickens, Bennie Wiginton, Larry Willey, Paul Williams, Bobby i lla Williams, James Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Linda Wilson, Rusty Ziska, Jacqueline Football practice. ACTIVITIES I 1 x , , Blue is for The spirif. . . 56 'rhaf we share CAROLYN MARTIN Patriot Staff Carolyn Martin is the assistant editor of the Patriot Staff and has speht many extra hours working to promote tile Patriot to a bigger and better newspaper. She also holds the office of Secretary-treasurer of the Jun- ior Class and her dedication and sincere in- terest in every job she encounters is well appreciated. For these reasons, Carolyn has been chosen as the most outstanding Patriot Staff Member. Ike Students Cited for MIKE THOMPSON Talon Staff The members of the Talon,Staff have se- lected Mike 'Thompson as the most out- standing member of the staff. Mike, the advertising editor, has spent many tiring hours arranging appointments with city ad- vertisers. This is Mike's second year on the Talon Staff and all his assignments have been completed with diligence. Mike is an active Thespian, and a member of the Mixed Chorus and the Double Quartet. He also has held a major roll in the Junior Class Play "Time Out For Ginger." The Talon Staff members feel that Mike is worthy of ihis special recognition for the outstanding work he has done on the staff. PAT McDONOUGH Honor Society Pat McDonough has been selected as the outstanding member of the Honor Society. He has worked diligently in all that he has undertaken to do. Being concerned primarily with the organization of the club, Pat has worked untiringly and unceasingly toward this goal. He has assumed well his responsi- bility as president of the club, and has been a fine example of those qualities which are held in high esteem as reguisites for mem- bership within this body. Band Pat McDonough is selected as the out- standing band student. Pat made a superior at the '62-'63 District Contest with his clarinet solo and an Excellent at the State Contest. This year Pat is serving as Student Director ot the band, directing during class and dur- ing basketball games played in the Eisen- hower Gym. He is also president of the band, representing it in Student Council. Being a member ot the All State Band for two consecutive years, Pat has proved the quality of his playing ability. Through this musicianship and leadership he has con- tributed greatly to the Eisenhower Eagle Band. Outstanding Achievement in 63 '64 CHARLA BRYSON Latin Club Charla Bryson has been selected by the members of the Eisenhower Latin Club as the student who has contributed the most to Eisenhower through the Latin Club. As president, she has given of her time to help organize the club and conduct the meetings. Her personality and imagination have added to the enjoyment of the meetings. Charla represented Eisenhower in the contest held at the State planning meeting at Oklahoma City. In Student Council, she represents the Latin Club and she is also an active partici- pant in Mixed Chorus. FRANK TEDDER Key Club Because of his dedication to the ideals of the Key Club, Frank has been selected as the outstanding member of the organization for T963-T964 The club has helped Eisen- hower in many ways this year, and Frank has always been instrumental in initiating these proiects. Truly, he has lived up to the T963-T964 theme ot Key Club International, "Render Dedicated Service." JULIE SlVllTl-l Pep Club The Eisenhower High School Pep Club has elected Julie Smith as their most outstand- ing member. She has served as their secre- tary tor the past year. Her wonderful per- sonality and character have added greatly to the enthusiasm ot the Pep Club. The sponsors, members, and cheerleaders ap- preciate the time and work Julie has spent tor the Pep Club. CHUCK LYTLE Spanish Club The members of Eisenhower's Spanish club have elected Chuck Lytle as Their most outstanding member. Chuck, the club's treasurer, as well as a straight A Spanish student, has devoted many hours to further- ing the ideals of the club. Other than up- holding his office in Spanish Club, Chuck is an active Thespian and holds the office of reporter in Student Council. His accom- plishments have certainly proved beneficial to the Spanish Club and to Eisenhower. SHIRLETY HUGHES FHA The members of the Eisenhower Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America have chosen Shirley Hughes to represent their chapter of 1963-1964. In making their selec- tion, Shirley has been selected because of her outstanding contribution to the Chapter and her capable service as an officer, as well as a chapter member. She is faithful in attendance whether it be a chapter ac- tivity or a committee meeting. Her humility as an officer makes her a challenging leader. She is complimentary, never minimizing the efforts of others. She is a friend to each of the members and is worthy to represent Eisenhower's Future Homemakers of America Organization. JON CRAWFORD Art Club The Art Club of Eisenhower has selected Jon Crawford as the most outstanding mem- ber ofthe club. As President of the club, Jon has presided over the Art Club meetings and attended, along with the other mem- bers, various exhibits. He represents the Art Club in Student Council and has carried out his position of President with great honor. LANA GOMEZ Vocal Music The student chosen as the most outstand- ing person in the Vocal Music Department is Lana Gomez. Lana gives her time and talent to the Vocal Music Department in many vvays. She is the accompanist for the numerous musical choral groups. She also serves as the school pianist. Lana represented Eisenhower in the All-State Chorus of T963- l964. She was chosen from about 852 high school vocalists who tried out. There were 250 students who received the honor of be- ing selected, ln addition to the amount of time to the Music Department, she also serves as one of the most active members of High School Student Council. Lana is the Editor of the i964 Talon. DENNIS WIECHMAN French Club Dennis Wiechman serves Eisenhower High School- this year as President of the French Club. He presides at takes charge of the Dennis is a member also a trainer for the teams. As a member Dennis volunteered decals as part of his all ofthe meetings and parties and programs. of the "E" Club. He is football and basketball ot the Student Council, to sell pennants and work in this important organization. For these reasons Dennis was selected most outstanding member of the French Club. GEORGE SELLERS Student Council The Eisenhower High School Student Council has selected George Sellers as its most outstanding member. George has con- tributed a great deal to the making of a better student council. His spirit and interest in Eisenhower have encouraged the mem- bers to strive for the highest level in all areas. George, the treasurer of Student Council, was one of the four delegates to the State Student Council Convention which was held at Guthrie. He has worked dili- gently as chairman of the building and grounds committee. "E" Club The "E" Club of Eisenhower has chosen George Sellers as its most outstanding mem- ber. George holds the office of Sergeant at Arms in the "E" Club, and is treasurer of the Student Council. He is an honor roll student and fullback on our football team as well. Because of his hard work and de- votion to the school, the "E" Club members have unanimously chosen George Sellers as their outstanding member of the year. JINNY COFFIN Thespian Jinny Coffin was selected as the most outstanding member of Thespians because of her enthusiasm, cooperation, and willing- ness to work on any iob assigned her, either backstage or in front of the footlights. Jinny had the title role in the Junior Class Play, "Time Out For Ginger," as well as doing contest and civic work. She is currently the vice-president of Thespians and one of Troupe lO9O's charter members. Jinny also serves Eisenhower as Junior Class Cheer- leader. MARY YOUNG Freshman Serving Eisenhower as cheerleader, Mary has led yells at every game with undying spirit. She has been an active member of Junior High Student Council, Mary is also active in Thespians and FHA. DIANE BROX Freshman Diane has furthered Eisenhower Junior High's spirit by leading the students in yells at all the Junior High games. ln addition to serving as a cheerleader she is an active Thespian and a member of FHA. Diane is an honor roll student. 64 LINDA HERRING Freshman Linda has served Eisenhower this year in various ways. As an Office girl she has been familiarized with procedures of office work. She serves as President of the Junior High Student Council and is active in Thespians, FHA, and Pep Club. JIMMY NEELY Freshman Jimmy is the Treasurer of the Junior High Student Council. He expresses his enioyment of music by being a member of the Junior High Mixed Chorus. Jimmy is also an honor roll student and a member of the Latin Club. TERRY BGONE Eighth Grade Terry is one of our eighth grade Junior High Cheerleaders. Her enthusiasm for the teams has extended farther than her cheer- leading. She puts forth as much effort to- ward her studies and is listed on the honor roll. DAVID SMITH Seventh Grade David is an active member of the seventh grade football team. Participation in sports did not keep David from maintaining a high scholastic average which placed him on the list of honor roll students. IRENE LUND Eighth Grade Irene is a member of our Eisenhower band. Although she spends time practicing she also takes the time to continue making fine grades. lrene's grade average places her among the honor roll students. ANN THERESE CARLOZZG Seventh Grade Ann Therese has achieved the highest av- erage of her class and attained the top honor roll of the seventh grade. Because of her pleasant smile and ability to make friends Ann Therese is well liked by all. 65 French Club singing Christmas Carols at Cedar Crest Manor George Sellers and Rita Wheatly receiving Outstanding Citizen awards. 6745, -. 1 Tic lets Mr. Dosser and Nancy Munoz selling reserve seats for the football games Latin Club initiation 66 Speech and Music assembly. ' HUMEMA ID A .A A . FHA officers conducting initiation. LHS visits EHS for an assembly. Time Out for Ginger," Junior Class Play. Stage crew aT work for The Junior Class Play. Football Banquet 67 ORGANIZATIONS VVhiTe's To show . . . That we are fair Susan Jones-President f g-f-us. . .sg 4 A 4 ' ' r l' uwwi'-iwsaasmf , S 'i in 'rd Vg T . i Q QW, K is " ri N T ff L .A r . sa t -' ' . 'f g.,,.sff' , ',kf, 1 1" "-.I .gi A A -ws.-f-.,N:L.ar ' ...N im The Student Council selected this design by Ted Ruybalid for the school victory flag. Mmwwtifg wa. V. . . I . . L ., K- lrene Rhoden-Secretary George Sellers-Treasurer Senior High Every student in our school is offered an oppor- tunity to take an active part in the government of our school through Student Council. Because of this we are trained to be better citizens ot our democracy. Our Student Council has worked very hard to carry out their theme, "Success through Spirit and .Friend- shipf' They started the year oft with much spirit and friendship by conducting Hi Week. Another as- pect ot friendship was displayed when they organized a program to vvelcome all new students who come to our school. The Student Council also gave time and energy to have many high school parties and to design a victory flag. X Y X ggi., . i Ai..-S ,255 Mgr qs. Viral 01 C ,.i. . M.. w.q,5,.f 5-:fag .V , + it :Af we ., as up Je , mf - -af fbi ' -I - .af . . K .gary ,, M? . V. . . .. 5.-. f .. mx ,. -sr Q . 5, rf. - W ll .1 " , fl -' if . " A j K 1 4 f A rr D., 2 ...f ,,,, " -, 1. s vi .T . . . 5 . 'A .er . As C A W, . . t ' .. . A A ' il ' li ' 1' 'THQ 'T fi-If I A i ...J gage.: iiisii i .Qi 2, -1: V , A 70 S r'al lrolf .. . . The Student Council in action. The delegates to the state convention were George Sellers, Susan Jones, Vicki Adair, and Bill Hutson. Chuck Lytle-Reporter Chris Masterson-Parliamentarian Mrs, lvalane Neptune-Sponsor tudent Council At the state convention in Guthrie Eisenhower was elected as one of the schools in Oklahoma to' send a delegate to the national convention in Maine this summer. Susan Jones will go to the national con- vention and represent not iust the ideals of our Stu- dent Council, but the high standards of our whole school. The spirit and friendship continues as two students go with Mr. Neptune each week to the Board of Education to organize an intercity council which will consist of delegates from all public high schools in Lawton. Now we say thanks to the Student Council for having such a successful year. Dona Davis displays the diary cover. 4 ctct stctc T , , . A A f A . ,s -. . f, f: ' A L BACK ROW: J. P. Nueteboom, Pat McDonough, Vince Smith, Chris Elledge, Jon Crawford, Ronnie Patton, Pete Sharp, Stan Prock, Kim Champlin, Howard Choate, Lana Gomez. SECOND ROW: Bill Hutson, Mike McCracken, Tommy Hutchins, Charlotte, Littlefield, Gary Cotton, Robin Dustin, Lucy Bybee, Judy Berry, Valorie Terris, Charla Bryson, Cyncla Foster. FRONT ROW: Mike Thompson, Pat Holley, Jeni Jackson, Vickie Adair, Richard Maxberry, Diane Hensley, G. K. Rhoads, Dennis Wiechman, Sandy Anderson, Glenda Roscoe, Naomi Callaway. 7l Linda Herring-President Kade McClure-Parliamentarian ' H ' h Junlor lg BACK ROW: Glenda Holland, Sharon Wickens, Jerri Shaclcelford, Marie King, Robin Choate, Billy Langfitt, Katy Kidd, Mike Frazier, Jean Brown, Kathy White, Carol Littlefield. SECOND ROW: Joseph Morris, Alan Leslie, Connie Thrash, Teri Hunt, Bill Munoz, Ricky Woo-dall, Everett Sparks, Janice Savage, Mary Young, Sherry Allen. FRONT ROW: Michael Caddell, Barry Gates, Paul Willey, Rex Conners, Barbara Porter, Sharon Black, Melinda Cole, Patricia Hopper, Merry Verver, Phillip Stobaugh. 72 i President Linda Herring presides over meeting where every iunior high school student is represented. Student Council The Junior High student body has had good leadership in this first year of our Junior High Student Council. The entire school benefits from the ideas contributed to Eisenhower and the decisions which are made by the E..I.H.S. Student Council. Jimmy Neely-Treasurer Mike Bilbrey-Vice-President Diane Wiechrnan-Secretary Mr. Miller-Sponsor Gary Fox-Reporter BACK ROW: Jean Olsen, Frances Knott, Carolyn Anderson, Barbara Bone, Elizabeth Butler, Sharon Tippens, Barbara Harris, Barbras Kraft, Teresa Colon, Linette Bishop, Connie Bretz, Karen Scott, Donna Abla, Brenda Bishop, Valerie Radcliff, Carol Littlefield, Nan Lytle, Annette Hopper, Louise Dodd, Melinda Cole, Betty Moffett. SECOND ROW: Stella Waible, Suzanne Layton, Linda Wright, Alana Van Trese, Barbara Torrall, Marry Ann Stepp, Jene Page, Andra Brazil, Jo Pounders, Phyllis Long, Theresa Thornburg, Vivian Martin, Donna Corley, Toni Sickles, Carlyn Hill, Brenad Robbisn, Atkins, Jane Richards, Beverly Schram, Vickie Cummings, Linda Loveall, Everett, Gayle Tanzola, Kathy Powers, Claudette Stewart, Kathy Stinnett, Jarrett, Linda Jarrett, Jackie Cagle, Jane Holland, Sharon Duggar, Trevelyn field, Beverly Schram, Donna De Sio, Beverly Myers,'Alden Barrell, Linda Riggin, Judy McCarron, Ginger f ti i ' X . 2 . Q ls is . V raa , ,, ri' Junior High Triple Trio: Jan Jones, Jackie Cagle, Cathy Pow- ers, Freddi Bartlett, Carol Little- Vera Eppler, Sherry Pierce, Pam Bates, Brenda Menasco, Linda Wilson, Jeanette Lefbvre. THIRD ROW: Shirley Harris, Dolores Gomez, Dorothy Elaine Nash, Cathy Picard, Mary Molin, Linda Hare, Susan Lawson, Linda Pat Haupert, Cynthis Hulen. FOURTH ROW: Gwen Thomas, Rosemarie Ralston, Jan Jones, Barbara Wilson, Gail Langfitt, Karen Ketcher, Sherry Bridges. FRONT ROW: Nilsa Santiago, Jean Brown, Jerri Shackleford. Junior High Boys' Sextette: Mike Martin, Steve Sturges, Jim Dunn, Dan Marvel, David Williams, Terry Blaylock, Dennis Holland. Vocal Music Corley, Sherry DeSio, Vivian Martin. ra ft .ta . - Y It twiki ir I NY ' Af? i I 'i ' 'lil :,, 3 lt ' . . .,,, ,,,.. . .if ' J .. 1 --. if sf if .. iii Jr, High Girls' Sextette: Anthony, Katrina Phillips, DeFreese, Diane Gates, Deal, Sharon Tappan. Jr. High Double Boys' Quartette: Tommy Rightmere, Jimmy Neely, Mike Woods, Jerry Wilke, Mike Dixon, Wayne Smith, Gary Fox, Mike Caddell. The vocal music department, under the direction of Mrs. Sarah Bridges, has provided the best in enter- tainment for many of our school assemblies. They have gained recognition through numerous perform- ances at Lawton civic clubs. Wa are proud of the contributions our music department has made to Eisenhower. Susan Linda Dian . 1 . - - ,ff ,ev i l i D? .. 'r yfii .T -- ,a . .L , - l V V t ts . te ' .L Y, Q LA4 BACK ROW: Larry Frost, Jerry Buckminster, James Robertson, Mike Lodge, iiil ffl is -1 Jerry Wilke, Mike Bilbrey, Randy Scott, Paul Craig, Mike Woods, Wayne Smith, Dennis Lutz, John Thompson, Jimmy Neely. SECOND ROW: Bobby Baker, Ricky Norris, John Gurney, Bobby Williams, Donald Bynum, Royce Sands, Dan Marvel, Jerry Ogle, Alan Leslie, David Williams, Donald Wilson, Terry Blaylock. THIRD ROW: Steve Riggs, Rick Ethell, Steve Sturgess, Dennis Holland, Robert Moffett, Jimmy Dunn, David Curran, Mike Martin, Cade McClure. FRONT ROW: Mike Caddell, Mike Dixon, Gary Fox. 74 BACK ROW: Gwen Jones, Jan Rhodes, Mike Thompson, James Robertson, Bill Raymond, Jesse Isbell, Ricky Stone, Randy Scott, Billy Nightingale, Aaron Martin, Craig Walker, Bob Thompson, Mike Bilbrey, Roy Smith, Joe Harvey, Trish King, Antonia Garcia. SECOND ROW: Vicki Adair, Larry Frost, Tommy Rightmere, Jimmy Wagnon, Don Cook, Richard Willey, George Sellers, Roy Sapp, Jon Crawford, Joe Hamilton, Mike Kemper, Mike Corley, Skip Bennett, Jimmy Neely, Susan Anthony. THIRD ROW: Kay Hyder, Diane Deal, Katrina Phillips, Gretchen Phillips, Martha Yoder, Kay Starcher, Carol Haupert, Donna Richardson, Gerri Hoftpauir, Pat Henderson, Lana Gomez, Judy Berry, Janet Holt, Diane Gates, Cathy Gray. FOURTH ROW: Janet Lee, Linda Standridge, Pat Holley, Marilyn Browers, Karen Vinson, Linda Sterrett, Selena Sawyer, Rita Henderson, Sandra Parrott, Kathy Vance, Nancy Cantwell, Frances Goodson, Shirley Hues. FRONT ROW: Julie Smith, Jeni Jackson, Charla Bryson, Mrs. Bridges. BACK ROW: Anna Moffett, Linda Stevens, Vivian Bomgardner, Charlotte Hubbard, Susan King, Linda Tripplett, Linda Lowman, Martha House, Pat Williams, Leeta Seelye, Anita Franam, Nancy Aycock, Margaret Foote, Sharon Tappan. SECOND ROW: Judy Hasty, Leta Lawson, Barbara Lofner, Barbara Compson, Holly Douglas, Margie Campbell, Stephannie Coinners, Diane Wiechman, Sandy Johns, Freddie Bartlett, Sharon Kirby, Debbie Parker. THIRD ROW: Jo Haughtney, Linda Smith, Janie Tucker, Kay Frances, Rose Red Elk, Teresa Posey, Marie Bone, Rosa Wendler, Carol Crabtree. FRONT ROW: Sherri Stamps, Linda Berry, Pam Brooks. I as .a I is . . Q 1 fi' 3 Q Fi, 55: J fo , f srssi ..,.. .., ws. WWW. High School Girls' Trio: Lana Gomez, Pat High School Boys' Double Quartette: Mike High School Girls' Sextette: Linda Sterett, Williams, Karen Vinson. Thompson, Jesse Isbell, Mike Corley, Jon Craw- Gretchen Philli, Charla Bryson, Julie ford, Roy Sapp, Skip Bennett, George Sellers, Smith, Shirley Hughes,Jeni Jackson. 75 Bill Raymond.. BACK ROW: Stephanie Conners, Virginia Hustead, Bobby Shelton, Rex Conners, Paul Oelrich, Lonnie Doyal, Kevin Turner, Tommy Strickland, Mac Bently, Bob DeBates, Jimmy Moore, Dick Ethel, John Luck, Larry Tillick, Richard Saunders. SECOND ROW: Diane Carroll, Melody-Turner, Doris Rhodes, Laura Hess, Mark West, Rhonda Biloy, Jamie Yarbor, Ike Carroll, LaDonna Smith, Jerry Stuart, Steve Bolish, Herby Southern, Bob Tampblen, Betty Puckett, Jon Eggen, Irene Lund, Ronnie Cross, Steve Read, Dean Jones, Sharon Tubbs, Kurt Pennington, Ronnie Thomas, Larry Roland. FIRST ROW: Pat McDonough, Fred Luckey, Kenneth Saylor, Barbara DeBeIIis, Johnny Butler, Jimmy Davis, Ronnie Patton, Jerome Kinnebrew, Debbie Horton, Tom Musil, Shelia Floyd, Tim Ripperda, Christine Smith, Jay Watkins, Mickey Swank. Eagle Bands K . ,. fi, " ii i-I K r-I gsIIIII,.sawl if-I i.IIk mm, U, I' MI I I I I - , , , , A Ie: IIIQF 77 I - I. - , I -I W It -.Q ,, 'M --IIIII I ft if ,, I 1 4 - , I , WI. WI., ie-IIIIII. . L, I I - ' I r .I ""' tt- '- ' I. Q. , I I..- I 'I I' - I - if ' I I I, , -1 -I--I '.l. I I I - 5 . .IIN I- iflifffffi I Qf'IQ?f1 Al 1IIz I If' "" f Ii' I II si' -- III- - I T I+ .JI N ' ,- I.-If - I- ., ' . M..-MIX--I5-I-fm I-,v s ,I-I- W II - I " ' I " - ' N' 'I' f 'Em' I ., . MX , 'ffm x',,r.', -'III SIU. syn' Zflifr., 'k':l.w"k'L--A15, II I-,I , I?t"'f .I I - I I J , , . -I ,. I ff?--we--II III-g.II 42-I ..,, ,152 K 'I A - H, 'TI' AIIEI ,. R Q ""f 2 ', I'T5mfI I , Q if-1 . I KI ,gif-wiijrk -II I . I HI- . , - -4 I- -- 5 1 I, A' .I I. My . , 4, ,. 'II , - ,In - ' we .,,, I ,I I- , 2 -, I I, '- ., ,I I"T51',-IIS the 7 tif 'I M ' I .. -' I ' 'I' "ffl 4 I' Ifif I We ' a I.eIf-1?Ik2'T I' BWI- -IT ,-I-on I . 3 755? IW .4 I:,:4...II,,I,. . ,.....i: I I , rf 'af 1- - I M , . I .. .N II ' " -I M A ' MQ.. . 4 I I . ' I- " t' af- 'w 'Igg - I-, ff " ' ,I -I' "' III '17 5- " I milf - , ,Ii , --I L , I ,.I.. I ':: IM- fy., - MI'-"'I ,fkip I -.---, .W-'wifi'-La I I - IH II- If'-Q 'LI I - .--- .II ,. 2 L I- I- , ., I I' I Wal.-' if W' Iw t- In - " .fm - JW -I"1f'N ,,.IlW'I W-,I ., .V pass. I . , ,We -- 'I , , . I- fIIij"f gIII ,,, . ,, JW -ij 'I rv-if QS ffl- .. , 'Tiff--I? ,, ' .,I..,If-I-fr'-K 'T ,. -IM-ffm-f 1 ' J u n' 3 -' 'IL'VIII'Qg:IN."WWWn,,-gE?5'f'Ir'Irt-M5"I':1, YW- , - ' -. If :I I I I II I .. I -, I "'-'F I I - I- , IrIf'Ip: 'I' I :II ,,,J,.,-3,-Ihr- Lf I - ,- I ' 'Ii I .4 ,,. . - ' .- ' - m I- -' I 4IPeiIIhf-III MIWIL-+II.,I -I- - ' I A I -I . aw- I III " . ,., I. -I I -'- I - 1 ,I Q- , -Ig7?"..z, - --eff - ew I, Io' I I .,., -'WF-fI f1"'1-I, - .I . I '- at - .Ig .e 5 I I- , 1a:'.:If I- -In III-QI :II -I . WI -, I- ' M ' WM' as I 'fii-Q-II -r If , 'L INITI Aff! 'IA"'2'2'f5""'L ' Q: lil--.I , K --wif.w'3f-iif--P+-Vi'Q?'iI ' . ' V' r, I, III- H' 'ai' A IM ,, II. . ,I-If . 5-14"""T .-aw---'rig-I,,,,.. I fi en,-f.5"'tr"P ff-II H, 33. if Rfk M1-I W a-:II-wII- I---I -I F , .j. . I. --IQ A . if- - . I I I , 3 gan, .QQI-353' - ' I 5- ' ,AR .,ma,,,.. . I,II,.,II'II'I 'I . midi-. ..I,, I I, . 2 I I - ffm- I, 2 .W N - X-pw 'I , ' III II- -I-.3-. --mawn -I-'affeg -3 ,-Ii'?1:aI,: 1 ,I W I- - 0' W- C' 'If I ' 'aff G' ' Q er, 0 Ig ff- QQIQJI. f fi. 2 NW ,II .4 as -exe, I:-5 I- f . -I , III I . I I If mf . ,I - . M . I. ,II .MIII - ,M .Isa -- Ia,- .. sw - . af- I . ,I w. , Q .-,I I.-5, -+I-I - I I -e + ---- III M I ' -I "'s."o A. 2-1 I? was - ' Q I -,'i.I,,,N -.IL -'Jas-mi ' W- Ice ,W I N-f ,aI :Ffa I Q I-I ,yy ,L,,,- II -I. II',,g-M II II II Q-,JI I - ' . .1 ' I ' ,, A, - II- t .- , if-My-Q-I .- it ,Qu-I I feat, qw If , 9313. Q., -,wg " ' .. ' . If '-:ll -1...-QWAEI I' I --IIS' IU If 5 I L5IWIQ"Fl"i'Qtj5Er5S I? -' I I S 'I I if "Qki? I " ' 'f I- - ' 7? IWI3-e5"f Y' II iw " ' 'RI . , 'viii 'I I: I- - -xr " af-:':I. jiifff 4.351 Q., ,If : WI M- -,,,,.I- 1 It H' - -WIS, W ' I ,I w 4-, I. I I- Q I ,fn ln,-5 an-I mpg? , V if -,,:f'5'g:..I:I-- 3 I 'If - L 73 Q"IEf3"'51IQQ We? L If' -I M ' . -I 'I-Q" I ' a ,,, :II XI VI- N ' I "" " I fi- I QV? I I ' -I I 2 -'I' , in II 'I I rf: II -I J ' I . I . I, Ii- ' 5,1 ' ',,..?Jf' I - -- , -M em-I I : W 'T is-'ii -I 53. I. . Ie,-fa 3, Jlfi v. , 'WI 5. 7, '- 3,5 I 7 . F I I A Sl.. ' ,L I . A . --Y- will? - . I. . 1' ,I I . If -mf" - - . I-avr f ,, In ,,' '- II Q pw., I , fig 59 1 I - - , be I ,.- we .- QI' a I-- - I I- I ll rf' Ie 4if1IfIIf?'t'IfrI3'Za-I Ive- L I ' I I I t-Ian .fa 'I Q I 1 ?+ " 'I I I.. .III ,'!-r7',,:,1. ,- I . I., , azrfkyavi , FII . '?ts4f3"III3, -I - '35 ' - . :. me 5 qw g , . si... H M-ga V 4 . .Ififfpi M-III lgig 5 - 'Isa -.-I. aff IIf-Ir.f.- ,, II- ,,.ug:IIIyqIra ., - . .bf-. , - II -rs :ff T III . -If .,- . I ---a-:I -I -.- a-II-I,-4 - ,gait-,,-.rlz.I ,, .-IW. . .I -I . Igegy- I .I -' 11, -- tw I I In pax. I , 76 The Marching Band displays this popular form for Eagle fans. BACK ROW: David Saunders, Keith Lowman, Mike Russel, Mr. Don Phillips. SECOND ROW: Carol Swand, Dorothy Horton, Barbara Sparks, Linda Smith, Nina Tilley, Jeffery Johnson, Rick Beamesderter, Richard Wheeler, Fred Henriquez, Gerald Brown, Jimmy Blake, George Hall, Ernest Mc- Allister, Sheila Phillips, Bruce Driggers, Fran Rametta, Richard Elliott, Clint Herring, Larry Oliver, Victor Garrett, David Watson, Phillip Stobaugh, Greg Hutson. FRONT ROW: Robert Hoage, Alba Santiago, Linda Matejek, Sheryl Jordan, Jackie Ziska, Denece Oerke, Debbie Allen, Linda Tubbs, Angela Phillips, Milton Stetler, Celia McQuaid, Sue Logan, Bonnie Bozarth, Peggy Quinn, Janis Savage. This year the crowds at the Eisenhower football games were entertained with a combination of mas- terful maneuvers and marching music by the Eisen- hower Eagle Band. Under the direction of Mr. Don Phillips, the band has helped establish Eisenhower's undying spirit. We are genuinely as proud of the Junior High bands and the work they have done. They have displayed outstanding talent and an eager desire to continue to make the Eisenhower bands the best anywhere. Eisenhower was well represented at the All-State Band Festival by Mickey Swank and Pat McDonough. Doris Rhodes, lke Carrol, Diane Carrol, and Jan Rhodes spent much time working to perfect marching techniques. IN MEMORIAM We, the students and faculty of Eisen- hower, will always remember with the highest esteem Joe - Goddard for the con- tributions which he made to Eisenhower. Joe Goddard 77 BACK ROW: Bill Hutson, Chris Elledge, Vincent Smith, Joe Ford, Larry Neal, Craig Walker, Richard Dean, John Flaherty, Jack Ballard, John Stet ler, Mike Hildebrand. SECOND ROW: Mike Mayhall, David Means, Jerry Hamilton, Greg Cox, Tommy Hutchins, Tommy Jaggers, Mike Corley Skipper Bennett, Mike Kemper, Kenneth Wren. THIRD ROW: Richard Maxberry, Chuck Dickens, Mark Blasingame, Danny Jorden, Gary Cotten Robert Swope, Ricky Wooclall, Chris Masterson, Junior Guttey. FRONT ROW: Mr. Amyx, Ike Carroll, Buddy Schow, Ronnie Patton, Mike Mc Cracken, Garry Mead, Frank Tedder, Rod Hayes. Key Club The Key Club, under the guidance of Mr. Jack Amyx, has been one of Eisenhower's greatest assets this year. They have done more than their share to benefit our school. The initiative ot this organization has been expressed as each member strived to uphold these obiectives . .. to develop, provide, serve, cooperate, pre- pare, accept, give, encourage, and promote. The officers include: Mike McCracken, President, Garry Mead, Vice-President, Ronnie Patton, Secretary: Buddy Schow, Treasurer, Chuck Dickens, Reporter, and Ike Carroll, Frank Tedder, and Rod Hayes, Board of Directors. mf A . M ' f - . . at , .,.,. , ,,.., . wr- wi ., ,. 'ffm ' . I .,....a..i- ,s. wr My fa. .?.sf.s4fQc ai. mesyf.. K. as-.sc +k:32-.ff..- -5-...se-.,m..r .ts- ts .,.. . -, . .11 .' f. 'r.esf:'.::.a,k1f2f: -. 1 or " I s.-V., 37 . . s :nil 1-y-...,e1:?P' ,xr.LSs.51k'5F'L I ff " ' We " w 1"'11 5 f 957: " ffisldm I -"WI-...'z f. f 'jgfitf .f at-. A . LQ . N I . '- ' " . E-Jf1...N fz 53 .. "V I y:g5IMe- " r It Q ,f as M.. r K , 3 ' ' , F . ..,.. L -we ,l I v yy Mike McCracken presides over Key Club meeting. Ronnie Patton reads the minutes of the last meeting. 78 1 BACK ROW: Ed Schaefer, Ricky Bridges, Pat McDonough, Rod Hayes, Billy Nightingale, Ronnie Patten, Gary Foss, Pat Henderson, Gary Cotten, Sue Jones, Kenneth Wren, Mary Worthen, Shirley Huges. SECOND ROW: Mike Corley, Catherine Carley, Darlena White, Donna Shade, Sheryl Looper, Kim Charnplin, Steve Schaefer, Jim Townsend, Ginger McCullough, Karen Lawrence, GaiIJames, Judy Berry, G. K. Rhodes, Margaret Flaig, Cynda Foster, Donna Richard- son. THIRD ROW: Linda Standridge, Carlene Fox, Pam Scroggins, Debbie Parker, Nancy Pollina, Carol Crabtree, Joyce Williams, Linda Sterett, Delores Williams, Teresa Posey, Neomi Calloway, Pat Holley, Debi Hald. FRONT ROW: Connie Torbert, Vicki Adair, Dennis Wiechman, Gene Taylor, Damon Gates, Mrs. Dosser. French Club interest has grown as the members of French Club conducted meetings, planned for coming events, and attended social activities. Students are offered an opportunity to learn through the enjoyment they receive by taking part in discussions and seeing slides which make the customs and culture of France more vivid. Eisen- hower's French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Mildred Dosser, is open to all French students. The officers are Den- nis Wiechman, President, Gene Taylor, Vice-President, Vicki Adair, Secretary-Treasurer, Connie Torbert, His- torian, and Damon Gates, Reporter. 'ivy Darlena White, Pat Holley, Trish King, Connie Torbert, and Gary Cotten wear their cos- tumes for the first annual French Club Mardi Gras. Y Tim Flaig and Sheryl Looper help decorate for the Mardi Gras. BACK ROW: Lana Gomez, George Sellers, Ed Gonzales, Bob Tamplen, Bill Joiner, Fred Kea, Steve Bolish, Martha Yoder, Linda Joiner, Carolyn Brox. SECOND ROW: Linda Greenwall, Pete Bruce, Trevor Standridge, Ross Nash, Keith Jennings, Lonnie Martin, Lynn Leslie, Judi Raynes, Dorothy Whipp, Susan King, THIRD ROW: Virginia Humphries, Fay Knight, Bill Bates, Larry Rowland, Ann Quinn, Nancy Munoz, Peggy Dunn, Cathy Gray. FRONT ROW: Chuck Lytle, Judy Mahoney, Robin Dustin, Speedy Gonzales, Valorie Terris. Spanish Club This year the Spanish Club has done rnuch to further their knowledge of the Spanish people and their customs. A qualification for joining is Spanish I or Il. Mrs. Tippens has directed the club by serving as sponsor. The officers include: Robin Dustin, President, Speedy Gonzales, Vice-President, Judy Mahoney, Secretary, Chuck Lytle, Treasurer, and Valorie Terris, Reporter. gg. .i.i. T gg ...it. 505 '--i Eli ,,-- L .,- N' " r 'L , V ,- , as , L frri .. . :"' A X .,t Q TQ B Tf 1 r r - , L sissr J S f , H ' l J .ry .M if ,L . i 1 M ic."5 L '.,- ., .ri ,1 ,-: ewqifea ,,,., 5 ,, . ' ,Q L if - hgh' . ' ' . - ,Q , . fixes... 1 'mm ' if - fat, - , f x , . - , Q ,qr , K Ayl T, ,. , stf. . i H... President Gonzales presides over Spanish Club meeting. Judikay Raines, Peggy Dunn, George Sellers, and Lana Gomez give the bulletin board 80 a Spanish accent. BACK ROW: J. P. Neuteboom, James Shackelford, Sam Morris, Roy Edwards, Roy Sapp, Tom Burton, Gary Belie, Larry Tillick, Mike Smart, Leta Seelye. SECOND ROW: Bridget Standridge, Barbara Tuck, Joe Wilkerson, Robert Wilson, Michael Bilbrey, Robert Thompson, Larry Wheeler, Pat Conley, Gerri Hoffpauir, Kurt Scroggins, Barbara Bayne. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Neely, Denise Gauthier, Julie Smith, Jinny Coffin, Elaine Allred, Helen Mait- land, Gretchen Phillips, Susan Daniel, Betty Puckett, Doreen Miller, Pat Russell, Jeanne Porter. FRONT ROW: Betty Robertson, Suzy Morris, Cheryl Bennet, Charla Bryson, Pat Williams, Gwen Jones, Mrs. Ross. Latin Club With the efforts of each member, Eisenhower's Latin Club has done an out- standing iob to establish a well-planned and productive organization. Mrs. Ross, the club's sponsor, has helped Latin students develop a desire to understand more about the language. The officers include: Charla Bryson, President, Cheryl Bennett, Vice-President, Pat Williams, Secretary, Suzy Morris, Treasurer, Gwen Jones, Re- porter, and Betty Robertson, Historian. l-HHH Cl'-fb COVYCJUCTS Une OT Yltelf me6llf19S- Charla Bryson and Judy White take part in the initiation ceremony. 8' 445.1 BACK ROW: Nancy Pollina, Vicki Adair, Shirley Hughes, Mary Worthen, Susy Morris, Cathy Carley, Sue Jones, Charlotte Littlefield, Carolyn Martin, Martha Roper, Linda Joiner, Judy Williams, Linda Sterett, Loretta Williams, Charla Bryson, Margaret Flaig. SECOND ROW: Nancy Munoz, Debi Hald, Ann Koehn, Valorie Ridgeway, Karen Hastings, Paula Desaute, Cheryl Mueller, Gail Clemons, Susan Daniels, Jonnie Bailey, Judi Raines, Naoma Callaway, Martha Yoder, Betty Robertson, Fay Knight, Lana Gomez. THIRD ROW: Carline Fox, Debbie Boren, Billie Holden, Pat Holley, Janet Lee, Marilyn Browers, Margerie Skeen, Peggy Dunn, Gretchen Phillips, Barbara Bayne, Linda McDonald, Becky Moon, Sylvia Saylor, Wanda Redwine, Ellen Bartlett, Cheryl Smith, Sue Youngblood. FRONT ROW: Miss Mershon, Sandy Anderson, Julie Smith, Diane Hensley, Jeni Jackson, Miss Min- nich. Senior High Pep Club The members ot the Senior High Pep Club are girls from the Sophomore and Junior classes. The Pep Club along with the student body and Eagle supporters exerted the highest amount of school spirit possible. Attending every home game and several out ot town games, the Pep Club has been with the boys all the way. Many thanks go to Miss Minnich and Miss Mershon who have helped the girls throughout the year. Otticers are: Diane Hensley, President, Jeni Jackson, Vice-President, Julie ' Smith, Secretary, and Sandy Anderson, Treasurer. Pep Club girls display enthusiasm at a basketball game between the Eagles and the Snyder Cyclones. Jinny Coffin-Cheerleader Sandy Browers-Cheerleader 82 Kim Champlin-Head Cheerleader Carolyn Brox-Cheerleader F i xl, The pallbearers and mourners carry the Eagle Spirit into the Pep Assembly. Connie Torberr-Cheerleader Donna Brown-Cheerleader 83 Kathie White Diane Brox Mary Young Mary Verver, Donna Brown, Jerri Shackleford, Teri Hunt, and Linda Herring display a Junior High victory banner. Glenda Holland, 0 0 Junlor Hlgh Carol Littlefield, and Susan Lawscn selling pennants. 84 BACK ROW: Katrina Phillips, Diane Gates, Teri Hunt, Nancy Matheny, Cheryl Anderson, Elizabeth Butler, Susie Abett, Linda Herring, Cynthia Riley, Kathy Riddle, Sherry Allen, Teresa Willingham, Jene Page, Donna Abla, Karen Scott, Valorie Radcliff, Jerri Shackleford, Kathy Kidd. SECOND ROW: Brenda Menasco, Diane Wiechman, Marie King, Pam Pope, Blanche Fields, Dorothy Atkins, Sherian Black, Donna Corley, Frances Knott, Susan Anthony, Barbara Porter, Peggy Quinn, Judy Anderson, Barbara Torralbo, Frances Kay, Toni Sickles, Gayle Tanzola, Gwen Dunnum. THIRD ROW: Ginger Bridges, Jan Jones, Nancy Brown, Sue Logan, Debbie Waid, Karen Ketchem, Cynthia Hulen, Pat Haupert, Merry Verver, Jan Barrick, Kathy Stinnett, Susanne Layton, Donna Brown, Debbie Allen, Jane Holland, Sherry De Sil, Kathy Powers, Vivian Martin, 'Trevelyn Ralston. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Wilson, Susan Lawson, Janis Savage, Carol Littlefield, Glenda Holland, Mrs. Swindle. This year the girls ofthe Junior High Pep Club were supporting the team at every game. Their spirit encouraged the players and gave them the enthusiasm needed to strive for victory. Mrs. Swindle and Mrs. .Wilson sponsor the club. The officers are Carol Littlefield, President, Glenda Hol- land, Vice-President, Susan Lawson, Secretary-Treasurer, and Janis Savage, Reporter. Pep Club Suzann Hart Terry Boone 85 BACK ROW: Chuck Layton, Gary Belie, Ron Williams, David Craig, Damon Gates, Larry Savage, Garry Mead, Larry Neal, Pete Sharp, Dean McDonald, Andy Humble, Ed Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Trever Standridge, Leonard Cook, Howard Choate, Mike McCracken, Keith Jennings, Jerry Churchwell, Buddy Schow, Jimmy Terrell, Gary Cotton, Richard Dean, Sam Morris, Stan Prock, Richard Horton. THIRD ROW: Wayne Wickens, Richard Max- berry, Steve Schaefer, Lindle Kay, Ricky Bridges, Gerald Red Elk, Larry Wheeler, Leroy Hicks, Chris Masterson, Rocky Santiago, Dennis Wiechman, Larry Sizemore, Ed Schaefer. FRONT ROW: Gene Taylor, George Sellers, David Holland, Ricky Salas, Mr. Moon. E Club The E Club, Eisenhower lettermen's club, is composed of High School athletes lettering in the major sports. Their efforts on the fields and courts have not only earned membership in the E Club, but have added many victories for the "Eagle" of which we are proud. The officers are David Holland, President, Rick Salas, Vice- President, George Sellers, Sergeant at Arms, Gene Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer, Richard Horton, Reporter. Richard Horton, David Holland, Gene Taylor, and Dennis Wiechman work on Andy Humble and George Sellers sweep the gym floor one of the E Club's proiects as they clean up the track field. at halfqime for the benefit of the athletes. 86 iflfirfflf BACK ROW: Mary Young, Barbara Lindley, Diane Brox, Cathy Carley, Teri Hunt, Sue Amende, Nancy Garrett, Kathy White, Donna Smith, Connie Thrash, Linda Herring, Nancy Matheny. SECOND ROW: Teresa Willingham, Glenda Holland, Joyce Walker, Linda Robbins, Pat Foster, Cindy Riley, Freddi Bartlett, Doreen Miller, Pat Rhea, Diane Gates, Melody Tumer. THIRD ROW: Diane Wiechman, Lyn Bell, Nancy Aycock, Brenda Taylor, Susan Raggin, Barbara Sparks, Sandra .Johns, Pam Stevenson, Diane Myers, Linda DeFrees, Carol Billbrey. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Penrod, Mary Piper, Suzanne Gomez, Jeannie Porter, Jamie Yarbor, Judy Hasty, Gloria Stewart, Becky Moon, Melody Leland, Ilona Maier, Barbara Lauthner, Frances Kay, Barbara Compton. FRONT ROW: Mrs.,Maddox, Barbara DeBellis, Kathy Myers, Ellen Bartlett, Wanda Redwine, Shirley Hughes, Carolyn Brox, Glenda Roscoe, Sheryl Steadman, Sherida Gee, Debbie Boren, Teddie Giellum, Gail Clement, Mrs. Cook. FHA The Future Homemakers ot America is a national organization consisting of chapters in forty-nine states and four foreign countries. Our Eisenhower chapter has one hundred twenty- two active members who have participated in several commu- nity proiects. Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Maddox, the club sponsors, have assisted the members in promoting the FHA motto, "To- ward New Horizons." The officers are Glenda Roscoe, Presi- dent, Cheryl Steadman, Shirley Hughes, and Sherida Gee, Vice- Presidents, Carolyn Brox, Secretary, Debbie Boren, Treasurer, Gail Clemons, Historian, Wanda Redwine, Reporter, Ellyn Bartlett, Parliamentarian, Barbara DeBellis and Teddie Giellum, - . Recreational Directors, and Kathy Myers, Board Member, Glenda Roscoe COMJUCTS board meeting- BACK ROW: Janet Poindexter, Joyce Williams, Judy Williams, Joanne Gray, Cynthia Cotton, Pat Smith, Linda Joiner, Pat Henderson, Judy Berry, Martha Roper, Loretta Williams, Charlotte Hubbard, Kaye Starcher, Margaret Flaig. THIRD ROW: Linda Jenkins, Delores Williams, Judy Williams, Loretta Long, Jane Jackson, Blanche Fields, Holly Douglas, Maria Colon, Linda McDonald, Ria Moore, Naomi Calloway, Connie Pruitt. SECOND ROW: Barbara Tuck, Margie Campbell, Linda Smith, Barbara White, Diane Carrol, Pam Brooks, Vicki Adair, Dorothy Budd, Beth Oehler, Sheryl Looper, Karen Vinson, Rose Red Elk. FRONT ROW: Darlene Palmer, Denise Gauthier, Susan Anthony, Katrina Phillips, Sherrian Black, Jan Rhodes, Pam Scoggins, Linda Standridge, LeJeune Smith, Sheri Stamps, Jeanna Rue, Mary Beth Erbacher. 87 BACK ROW: Brenda Bently, Herman McDonnell, Joyce Kemp, Bill Hutson, Johnnie Gomez, Dan McKinney, Pat Rhea, Chris Knight, Dave Gilliland, Nickey Long, Mike Bailey. SECOND ROW: Rita Hendricks, Blanche Fields, Wayne Sandlira, Don Newman, Katrina Phillipa, Nancy Pollina, Peggy Dunn, Pat Russell, Shirley Leonard, Marsha Penrocl. FRONT ROW: Jami Lanier, Gwen Jones, Jon Crawford, Teri Hunt, Kelley Griffith, Larry Skinner. Art Club The Hi-Art Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Jane Davis, has created better understanding and greater apprecia- tion of art. Students who are taking art are eligible for membership. Eisenhower has been represented in many art shows and exhibits throughout Lawton. By participation in club meetings and socials, the members have made this year a highly successful one. Officers are Jon Crawford, President, Teri Hunt, Vice-President, Gwen Jones, Secretary, and Larry Skinner and Kelly Griffith, Reporters. gn J vm 355' L5 6 . . rf- . ww f i . i P: .iff . , .. .L M-t .s.::e.sw - i . .H 1 Jon Crawford presides overacommittee meeting. Peggy Dunn and Bill Hutson offer Pat Russell advice on her painting. BACK ROW: Steve Bolish, Vincent Smith, Bill Hutson, Chuck Lytle, Barbara DeBellis, Linda Joiner, Dorthory whipp, Carolyn Broxf Barbara Lindley, Linda Radcliff, Karen Lawrence. FIFTH ROW: Mike Hildebrand, Randy Smith, J. P. Neuteboom, Charlotte Littlefield, 'Susan Jones, Susy Morris, Jonnie Bailey, Ria Moore, Nancy Matheny, Mary Young, Linda Herring, Jennett Wilson, Richard Willey. FOURTH ROW: Donna Shade, Johnny Hes- ter, Robin Dustin, Mike Mayhall, G. K. Rhoads, Robert Wilson, Stephen Schaefer, lrene Rhoden, Donna Richardson, Virginia Humphries, Diane Wiechman, Gretchen Phillips. THIRD ROW: Noveleen Sanders, Valerie Terris, Judy Mahoney, Connie Torbert, Cheryl Bennett, Betty Robertson, Ellen Bartlett, Susan Williams, Ann Koehn, Dona Davis, Sheryl Looper, Susan Anthony, Pat Russell. SECOND ROW: Mike Thompson, Hubert Kenney, Mackalyn Franklin, Pat Holley, Jeni Jackson, Pam Scoggins, Gail Finley, Lynn Keith, Judikay Raines, Donna Brown, Sheri Stamps. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Strickland, Lynn Leslie, Debi Hald, Chris Elledge, Jinny Coffin, Mrs. Long. Thespians Of all the clubs available to students who are eager to discover more about drama, Thespians has an active and entertaining schedule designed to advance and improve the program of dramatic arts. Eisenhower's chapter, although only one year old, was given national recognition this year by being invited to present a one- act play at the Tenth Anniversary National Dramatic Arts Conference this summer. We congratulate the entire Eisenhower Thespian organization, under the direction of Mrs. Peggy Long, for their distinctive achieve- ment. The officers are Chris Elledge, President, Jinny Coffin, Vice-President, Debi Hald, Secretary, Fay Rey- nolds, Assistant Secretary, and Lynn Leslie, Clerk. Thespians listen to Chris Elledge as he presides over the meet- Mrs. Long explainsmspeech techniques to Valorie Terris, Robert West, John ing- Pitchford, and Debbie Boren. 89 1 150, Barbara Bayne, Teresa Posey, Barbara Bourn, Lana Gomez, Kurt Scroggins, Pat McDonough, Mrs. Burum, Joe Ford. I Honor Soclety Mr. Dosser selected from the Sophomore and Junior classes seven students with The highest averages of the first six weeks. Pat NlcDounough is head of this committee, and when the honor Society is formed it will give the due recognition to students achieving high scholastic achievements. Mrs. Burum is sponsor of the organization. 90 Karen Lawrence-Typist Debi Hald-Typist Dean McDonald-Sports Editor MVS- RUSSSH, SPOHSOI' Mrs. Kimbrough, Sponsor Vmce Smwhl Educ, Mike Russell, John Gustafson, Reporters Carolyn Martin, Assistant Editor Patriot Staff Each six weeks the Patriot staff has fulfilled an important duty . . . that of informing students of the coming events in our school. The "Patriot," Eisenhower's newspaper, is a report with both informative and humorous aspects. We wish to express our gratitude for the enioyment we've received and congratulate Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Kimbrough, and the staff for a job well done. Irene Rhoclen, Society Editor - gl!--Q-.ag-i vanw- Jerry Churchwell, Sports Editdr Ted Ruybalid, Art Editor Charlotte Littlefield, Business Manager Talon Staff The yearbook staff has endeavored to provide the students at Eisenhower with a record of this year. We would like to thank all who have been so co- operative in the production of this yearbook. We sincerely hope that this Talon will bring many years of happiness and enioyment as these pages recall to students fond memories of Eisenhower. EDITOR Lana Gomez 1' f- Jewifswl ,M . , r...f at-as-,-5 ,r N v f fr'ii 5 LAYOUT EDITORS Pat Russell and Judikay Raines ART ED-ITORS Garry Mead, Chris Knight, and Clyde Hansen 55 Q5 S SPONSOR lvalane Neptune 5 pigs ww? Ss Msgs 332 K W "Q-4-M...,,,,,,-N ADVERTISEMENT EDITORS Mike Thompson and Holly Blanton 4,3 Ax 3 ? Q. X lllliim' if ,,. , T if The Talon Staff displays a portion of their sales campaign COPY EDlTORS Peggy Dunn and Bill Hutson X! 3 , s 1 T, waisilg SPORTS N The red is our courage The Eagle our power Gary Belle Mark Blasingame Bob Bryant Howard Choate Jerry Chruchwell Gary Comm David Craig Richard Dean Damon Gates David Holland Richard Horton Andy Humble Trainers Lindell Kay, Wayne Wickens, and Joe Moore. High School Football lt is hard to express the feelings we have shared at our football games. The excitement anticipated, spirit generated, and victories achieved, we owe to the Eisenhower Eagles. We are indebted to all of the coaches and players for the time and work spent in preparing for such a great season. To sum up all we have said . . . they're the best! Coach Jim Phillips Coach Jerry Moon Coach Dwight Morris Coach Abe Deutschendort 'Um Keith -lennlngs Billy Lantz Mike McCracken AI McWilliams Richard Maxberry Gaffb' Mead Larry Neal Stan Prock Steve Read Gerald Red Elk Larry Savage Sfeve Scllaefef September 13 September 19 September 27 October 4 October 11 October 18 October 25 November 1 November 8 November 15 SCHEDULE Frederick-6 Hirschi-6 Crooked Oak-21 Altus-6 Hobart-34 lVlarlovvw43 Wilson-O Carl Albert-20 Elk City-6 Anadarko-13 Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Ron Williams Larry Wheeler Phil Watts James Watts Jim Terrell Robert Swoap Larry Sizemore Pete Sharp George Sellers Buddy Scbow Robert Terrell Richard Willey Ricky Woodall George Woods Junior Hi SepT. 13 SepT. l 8 SepT. 26 OCT. 11 OCT. 9 OCT. i 7 OCT. 22 Nov. l Frank Deal and Bill Bryanf are Trainers. David Holliday Billy Langfih Burt McWilliams Alan Rhodes Rulison h Football SCHEDULE Tomlinson Duncan AlTus CenTral Anadarko CenTral Ardmore ClinTon Chickasha Coach Salmw Coach STrickland Coach Jeffreys Coach Wilson Sieve Abla Ricky Blake Randy Bridges Larry Choate Larry Davis Mike Fraser Here Here There Here There There Here There Coach Buck BACK ROW: Lynn Wilke, Paul Craig, Dan Sellers, John Butler, Mike DiXOn, Ken Bishop, Thomas Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: George Rozspal, Ron Henson, David Scruggs, Lindel Nisbett, Murray Rogers, Jack Hamm, Larry Gillertt, Dan Marvel. lfRONT ROW: Jim Blake, Gary Fox, Mike Caddell, Bob- by Perry, Thomas Sherick, Dennis Holland, Ronnie Stone. We are equally as proud of the Junior High football teams as We are the High School. After seeing Them in action on the field, we are confident E.J.H.S. has a winning team. Credit is due to the coaches and to each member of all of the Junior High squads. BACK ROW: Buddy Norris, Cecil Riley, Paul Willey, Jerry Ogle, Alan Leslie, Mike Whitman, SECOND ROW: David Smith, James -Williams, Jim Dunn, Barry Gates, Steve Davis, Jerry Buckminster. FRONT ROW: Tommy Fraser, Steve Riggs, Greg Hutson, Donald Bynum, Benny Wickens, Phillip Stobaugh, Kirk Frost. 99 Dean McDonald-Forward Sammy Morris-Forward Clark Rulison-Guard Jim Shaw-Guard Gene Taylor-Center Bobby Verver-Center December 3 December 6 December 1 3 December 20 January 10 January 11 January 17 January 18 January 21 January 25 January 31 February 8 February 15 February 18 February 21 SCHEDULE Frederick-41 Chickasha-61 Ft. Sill Indian Schoo ST. lVlary's-62 Vernon-86 Vernon-71 ST. Mary's-62 Walters-52 Frederick-70 Fort Sill 5 Indian School-63 Riverside-A-4 Snyder-69 Geronimo-92 Snyder-83 Walters-78 Hlgh School Basketball Ricky Bridges- Guard Fred Cody- Forward Speedy Gonzales Forward Leroy Hicks- Guard Frank Johnson- Forward Chris Masierson- Guard Eagles-38 Eagles-50 Eagles-59 Eagles-71 Eagles-58 Eagles-59 Eagles-66 Eagles-40 Eagles-54 Eagles-68 Eagles-64 Eagles-64 Eagles-58 Eagles-59 Eagles-59 Coach Deuischer-,dorf Chris Masierson shoots in The Snyder game. Gene Taylor goes up for a basket. 2 K, . E l . -T4-. ..- 41 7 1 BACK ROW: Jonny HesTer, Gerald Red Elk, Carl Afkins, Bill Joiner, PeTe Sharp, Ed Gonzales, Tim Flaig, Howard ChoaTe, Rip Gresham. FRONT ROW: Chuck LayTon, Larry Rowland, Rocky Sanfiago, Richard Allen, Charles Kiser, Stan Lewis, Rod Hayes, Buddy Schow, Coach Morris. Three Things are necessary To have a good Team an energeTic group able To work as individuals as vvell as a Team, The finesr coaches, and spiriTed supporTers. We are proud To say Thar aT Eisenhower we have all Three. Trainers Ed Schaefer, Dennis Wiechman IOI Robert Bender Larry Choate Paul Craig Ken Faria Billy Langfiff Burr McWilliams Alan Rhodes . Roberf Terrell George Roszypal, Mike McDonald, Rex Conners HOME GAMES Dec. 19 Ardmore Jan. 9 Chickasha Jan. i3 Tomlinson Jan. 23 Douglass Feb. 3 Anaolarko AWAY GAMES Jan, 6 FT. Sill Indian Jan. 16 Chickasha Jan. 20 Ardmore Jan. 27 Anaclarko Feb. 7 Central Feb. TO' Tomlinson Feb. i3 Duncan School Coach Jeffrey TOP ROW: Kenny Bishop, Lynn Wilke, Dan Sellers, Johnny Butler, Lindel Nesbet, Larry Gillette. SECOND ROW: Terry Watson, George Roszypal, David Scruggs, Mike Dixon, Joed Morris, Jimmy Ritchie. FRONT ROW: Dennis Holland, Rex Connors, Mike Mahoney, Bobby Perry, Loyd Hill, Kade McClure. Junior High Basketball This past year, the members of the Junior High Basketball team have experienced many victories for the "Eagle," The desire of each team member to do his best makes us proud of our school and more willing to clo our part as students ol Eisenhower. K, i fi.. VV I kkkkkr , I M A A 7 A , 3 X . BACK ROW: Cecil Riley, Jerry Ogle, Arthur Alltizer, Alan Leslie, Mike Whitman, Doanld Bynum. SECOND ROW- Barry Gute Greg Hutson George Noris, Norris Jenkins, Danny Smith, Bruce Driggers. FRONT ROW: Dug Caldwell, Tommy Fraser, Mike Erbacher, Clyde Hillj John McCarthy, Joe Buck. 0.1 '--IO3 Gene Taylor Stan Prock Andy Humble Hi h School Track Each student at Eisenhower shares The pride in the honors won and success aiiained by our high school 1rack team. Through hard work, each member has gained a desire to strive to achieve the highest goal. BACK ROW: Ron Williams, Garry Cotton, Vince Smith, Ronnie Larry Neal, Bobby Verver, Andy Humble, Richard Dean. SECOND ROW: George Sell- ers, Al McWilliams, Fred Lucky, Bob Thompson, Tommy Hutchens, Rip Gresham, Charles Kiser, Gene Taylor, Jerry Churchwell. FRONT ROW: James Townsend, Richard Maxberry, Ike Carroll, Skip Bennet1, Stan Prock, Mike McCraken, Trevor Standridge, Jim Bishop, Wayne Wickens, Coach Phillips. IO4 w. . 5 " f My QR? 5, .L ii .,n..' Preparing for track practice are Ricky Woodall and Step ,- - . -Xalich Salmon demonstrates to Ricky Woodall to ' , i in ACMLN VVKIKWVQW the disc the proper way. lib , fl -1 L, Q Junior High Track The members of the Junior High Track team have demonstrated Their spirit and ability. The students of Eisenhower are proud of this track team ancl the enthusiasm each member has shown. BACK ROW: Ricky Blake, Lynn Wilke, Richard Wiley, Raul Craig, Ron Rulison, Stephen Fortner, Dan Sellers, Bobbby Bender, Dick Ethell, Steve Abla, Murry Rodgers, Larry Gillete. SECOND ROW: Rommy Barry, Paul Wiley, John Thompson, Aurthur Alltizer, Bill Munoz, Mike Whitman, Allen Leslie, Everett Sparks, David Holiday, Larry Davis, Ricky Woodall, Larry Ritchie. FRONT ROW: Coach Strickland, Frank Deal, David Smith, Jimmy Blake, Robert Perry, Donald Bynum, Greg Hutson, Barry Gates, James Williams, Jimmy Dunn, Benny Wickens, Curt Frost, Coach Salmon. l05 BACK ROW: Gary Belie, Robert Tamplen, Carl Atkins, Jim Terrell, Steve Read, Ed Gonazles, Richard Horton, Howard Choate, Bill Joiner, Rod Hayes, Bill Hensley, Rick Bridges. SECOND ROW: Larry Sizemore, Tom Musil, Ken Lowman, Ray Gonzales, Richard Allen, Gerald Red Elk, Jerry Hamilton, Bob Bryant, Stan Lewis, Larry Savage, Pete Sharp, FRONT ROW: Jim Roberts, Leroy Hicks, Rocky Santiago, Ricky Salas, Larry Rowland, Ross Nash, Dennis Wiechman, Peter Bruce, Ronald Magee, Lindell Kay, Joe Moore, Dwight Morris. -M' F. ,..,, . , . ' " N ..: 'E H ' h S h l B b ll f . s , gs L lg c 00 ase a at I A I i , , Pi? 'i'r 'ss" 2' . . . 'M . Qga1q.,.feq' The Eisenhower High School Baseball team has demonstrated outstanding spirit and . , st , ..Ji'i'mi . sportsmanship. The baseball coach has pro- , 'Q i" - . . . . . V vided the team with the finest instruction Q -f w.zffi5'ti '7?ff?:e 1 'V Rig, .gsrmbr , . , and impressed them with the need tor en- ts " . i . .. thusiasm throughout each game. - , -' .- f ,ae-ef r s is ,..,, ,. . f,.,.,Q,.',-i'i-f,ef21,7's-asL :Q it - r. M2 ' 'wrgbiss ,f tiff 7 ',, .,, ' ' 'M' P X-: ' V 1, . , ,. , Pete Sharp hurls the baseball from the mound. ,Q A l xml A . W. were N A V x A . x ,J " . . ,earl ' it i. if ' t fr rXL i2Ij-,tif 4' -- ,I 451-4,f,.s,, k,rVV .r M.. .. s. . r rr t . r. f , s . i C. A . ,.' T. fr t .ska ,M 1 we :. 'as-4J','5-" ' f lE3'r15.f:'k.'H. V -r" emit -4 ' , 'rei,r-1-- -if "ffl Y JXP- tfY...r- 551115, 1. :IQ ."- L .,i'.-Fr-"5f""' " ' e.. ':':z-.ra W" 4:5 y'gt"T"4T"d -' --t ' 'wx , -M - ' w-1, , .Q V" "Y f We s , T Y ' A f 5 J A 'Z' . 5, i vii-39W Q, 'fr-s95Jy,g f . "M, rf+g?',3tI-aewvre ,,,,s'g'll-'if,'f'Q1'i,.i,J rf h .gi vs... jg? exif , g g ' QE X r s fi.: fa is-ses? f rows... to Coach Morris demonstrates proper batting procedures to Leroy Hicks, Ricky Bridges throws the ball back to the pitcher as Leroy Hicks gets Ricky Bridges, and Pete Sharp. ready for the next pitch. I06 BACK ROW: Darryl Cain, Ronnie Smith, Dan Sellers, Larry Gillette, Lynn Wilke, Donald Franks, Collin Browse. SECOND ROW: Mike Davis, Bobby Williams, John Thompson, Robert Demory, Roy Sands, Robert Perry, Thomas Sherick, Timmy Harvey, Tim Rippeda. FRONT ROW: Tommy Fraser, Stephen RLQQS, Rex Connors, Ted Tonito, Gorden Cummings, 'Barry GateS, Benny Wickens, James Erbacher, Junior Phillips, Coach Buck. . za ':. ,,.. I e, " f -f'- H 1"-f 3 xv r f o o gggg . 4- ff '.Q.QgS--ri :- s i'1' f I W. A C C A, ,V 'ir- f With the combination of efforts between f' Q 1, irrs coaches and individual team members, Elsen- t 'L hovver has produced one of the top Junior K luvv ,H L High Baseball teams. yy M ll A -T as RJ, 5' JM- t r T T - , "" - Q ' " L P f f 4 ' 1, , '. 3? 1' Robin Choate, Mike Fraser, Randy Bridges. BACK ROW: Dick Ethell, Mike McDonald, Ken Cost, Billy Langfitt, Robin Choate, Ron Rulison, Mike Fraser, Bobby Bender. SECOND ROW: Larry Ritchie, Robert Terrell, Allen Cain, David Holiday, Steve Abla, Larry Davis, Richard Wiley. FRONT ROW: Dennis Jewison, Rex Connors, Mike Lowman, Ken Faria, Randy Bridges, Harold Woods, Burt McWilliams, Coach Buck. '07 Sam Morris Jim Shaw Mike Mayhall Jerry Moon Golf Outstanding talent has been displayed this year by Eisenhower golfers. They have been recognized as players with terrific potential. Because of the efforts of coaches and participants, we are proud to have this golf team as a part of the Eisenhower Athletic Depart- ment. Mike Mayhall, Jerry Moon, .lim Shaw, Sam Morris TOP ROW: Julie Smith, Judy Williams, Sue Jones, Susy Morris, Diane Hensley. FRONT ROW: Novaleen San ders, Martha Yoder, Pam Brooks, Diane Carrol, Ellen Bartlett, Coach Wilson. Tennis Eisenhovver's newly organized tennis team consists ot a group ot enthusiastic students. Many tiring hours are spent practicing and We are quite confident these hours will bring numerous victories to the team and to our school. Ike Carroll Jim Mays, John Flaherty, Coach Wilson, lke Carroll IO9 Hayes rebounds so ,.,, ., ffffswr criiiwfwimgl is-1z:si.v,a:r ax: V..-09' - V ,sa .l I ml" 43 1 Cha-Cha-Cha er 4 L L jfw V HW' w aw. 6-nk s ix mg, Sm kggsewi 4 5 il 3 ,gf sf I -mf , si ggi R W W J 3 E X Mi Qmmahhan M wi V f. i xii", 'iss . Jw, 'Sw-:-54' "M -il. in , :isis ,2ssgv1,::g.wifes7- , fs- ,1'fSW1'Gii' ' f, r A all 23? jgmf is QQHEEEQK is i , . .V ' X ' - 2 1 f a., X .J i 4 si Q 5-sir My - I X we ., li 1 rvgf- I - -,fiilifseiggirew eigzgsa? f , . gg - ,fel r ,,g15,ff se' A-lin is ., iii ' f K 1:s,f:rs 2 P,-V W' . 44 . i ' 7 s il f Wliiif , , , . . - 2152. . f We W li ," tif-,ZQEE ,f ' 123' 'CSU ' if Qi W SFF., ' 35321 ' , -L, , .-, ' ,"'2r ':.,I'j' -i S ,M ..,, ref, . 11-.i w iafaa ,f:-fm., 1 V f X' b -::,.ig:5f55,,::, -- , 9 , Coach Taylor. IIO Deufschendorf gives a pointer 10 Gene Eagles at Riverside Mousey guns one At the Game gf Lf BEA? Eagles seek another victory Richard Dean s K li l L. ,,,, f , , - " ,med , - M M, i f-bra,-ipkfgff ,ogy A ' , 1 , ,Q-Tzu" ' , gi ' 1 .,L A :aw f , ' + f,4fr,',,',f.fgif J I 411 - g ' ww, :ww , ,. ' ii f ig.: . 2--ww' Q-.L 1 weweiefxidgisff rsEQg-fmx wi 'xx a f. give-"M ff if w f w f' KW JJW2' ,f s 'ff -. -...rg f ' A ,.if,--wi i . 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Q , A' . , Choate headed for trouble Ron Williams Jumping Hurdles! l I l AFTER SCHOOL V W Weare. .. 1 y , . . .from Eisenhower. 'X jifxi j ill . . . I N f M C C64 ,,:5. W FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP I309 Gore Cheryl Benneff, Mr. Fenfon Jon Crawford II4 ww, i i igwxefiioikfy5Q3k.1Wi2gQ-iw, Axim iz 1wT?aPt..19 71 115 'f sfvf'3'mE, sgswillgiigiiw i I Q 4 , F f Vx 1 fs Qi A iw W' 325527 WW 1 ,E Y, M - K 4 "xii, iff' ,, 5553txfiiiig-,lfwl gn if 7 7 ,iii QF s . 5 ff Q 3mffVx?,w ,ww iwnwi mg xgfxqwwggyaifgfwlx 2 W , 4+ wx A f A an 2 M6 Q, ww ww 5 HE , W Q 5 Q25 Q QW K WTS- M9 .WMLZHM H ww zwmmwmqmwq maessruss aaekaaeeagee mefiw as Q, SWY ' F' as if 7-W A , , X 'Q 1 My . ?e Su. f, ' H, .we 2-.122 LAWTON PUBLISHING COMPANY I02 Sou+h 3rd High School Cheerleaders fa.-.4 I Mm, ,, w x W AT" ME? A ,ff.,,, , Q Q S twig 'Y fc m Wm. -4. fo ml EQUITABLE LIFE Koehler Building Shirley Hughes, Bill l-lulson, Jinny Jaclcson, Skip Bennell, Mr. W. F. l-lulson MIDWEST FURNITURE MART 44I5 Cache Rd. Suzanne Hari, Mary Young, Diane Brox. Kafhie Whlle, Terry Boone I20 SATELLITE TEEN CLUB I320 Sheridan Rd. Feaiuring 'fhe Playboys Rick Salas, Roberl' Able, Linda Harvell, Mike Kemper, Mike Thompson. Debbie Boren FAIRMONT FOODS COMPANY 4ll lndusirial "A" ming sfarlers for High School Baskeiball, Mr. Glen Shawn I2I A 81 W ROOT BEER DRIVE INN I305 N. Sheridan Rd Jan Rhodes. Diane Carrol J P N fb D Rh d THE McCASKILL AGENCY I3l3V2 Gore Mickey Swank, Debbie Allen, El b H1 B H iza e u er UMM? planing 670. OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY LETTER PRESS Z STATIONERY E E ART womc FORMS ANNOUNCEMENTS H CARDS r QL f ' f f 622 C AVE. LAWTON,OKLA. El 5-017-ff LACY FURNITURE HARRY RUSSELL CQMpANY WWW I LUMBER COMPANY 532 D C, ' A A --:' ,R A ,bix 2I ll Cache Rd. Nancy Munoz! Jim Shawl 3 '-f "'f1' Rf Sammy Morris, Rodbin Duslin, Diane Dolson 15 Joe For W C , 1 C 8: J PRINTING COMPANY IOOI C Randy Bridges, Ann Koehn, Nancy Brown GAY 90'S 38 and Cache Slam Lewis, Judy While, Bill Hensley .,wwll 2 . " ,,Wf1v-My Myxiww 'i W pai' ,,. J HA 1 .MPN Q .W MM. 5 ,um Q X-3' N " if 'fi S M q 45' We Yer 4' MEADORS DEPARTMENT STORE 'MW .. .. , TZ Wm I228 N. Sheridan Rd. Mackalyn FranIcIin, Chris Masierson, FEDERAL FINANCE LOANS I3I4 Gore Chris Knight Andy Humble HANKINS STUDIO I305 Gore Mr. I-IanIcins, Ann Quin I26 69" LUND S INTERIOR DECORATORS 407 S 4 sian Procki Diane Deal lip R 81 S SPORTING GOODS 409 C Diane Hensley, Richard Dean, Suzy Morris CURRELL LUMBER COMPANY 307 B Karen Vinson. Rip Gresham, POPULAR FURNITURE COMPANY 429 C Gwen Jones. Clwarla Bryson RAY'S PHARMACY 432 D I1 , - . """"k 1 .,,,. ' ,Wh'Y1'fr'sQz3'is'fs'o's'6a QW 'f'3s'ffffa EP egg 'M i805 ,3',',',mqs an A 'il ,--. Ek Q, 0 ,,.w""' pw .if P 2 0,1 Xbwi ' 1 UNITED RENT-ALLS 23I6 Gore Top: Richard Horron, Gene Taylor, Jerry Churclnwell, Geo e Sellers V9 Fronh David Humble, Rocky Sanliaqo, Rick Salas SCOTT'S APPAREL FOR WOMEN 330 C Dona Davis, Vickie Adair, Clneryl Myers 2316 GORE Q, A EL 5- JOHNSON'S BAKERY Linda Slereii, Marilyn Browers, Leroy Hicks HOWARD SMITH FORD DEALER 30I B Carolyn Marlin, Gene Taylor 72 fe in X W -+ . f M, A ,Q if 7---Y. wffnmfuwv 5: , f Q f i , ' - f W .f f Xi wa, J X , , X, i if XX ' Xqqgy 52 wx xxx 4 X 4, f xv' , x XX. X Y Y f - 2 :C 4 -7 L 1 'C' ' 3 x iffy 5 5 L 1. g ,- - if .5 r ' x Y V' X , , , 4 ith. .-. K f' KV' Q v Q' , v , .. XM A NS' , --5 74.75 Nfl-"Q"'f C K 4 6 Y ll fx L' ,Q xl ,X R. ff X fy f 1 ' 3 NJ M L Lf, , K JJ x-X -x ,gk XXIJ .. X X , ,A ,J .R ,. +1 j . N xv x ' , X3 K - Q . :mv N W cw f A X fx X '-3 RQ ff' K --1 v .n - -1 ' ' ' . NJ N J xA X , X- . 'I x 1 X9 , I XX 3 L, w . 5 Y, J X - .' V .2 1 , -1 X' NX J N: KY Qs '-kv -P 1 N u I S f Q 2 A A Kp , v , 'Q' 1 - N , J ' J N1 - X L Xa LJ .5-XX. Q W Lv ,J Xjxx W fx' V X ' , ' Xl n J MX' wr xii Aj N K J iv, FN YE Cx L9 3- F ' ,Sm x kbx fy ' -QQ . XX- X' A 51 XXV If J X-J ig BI AJ 3 jx X L xi ly WWMWMKQKZZW fffg5Q35Q:5Qa, ff M A C K' Q5 'QQ M W dsxiiglwq M MT' 0 M , IX, NB M194 'L Q JN3gQSjiw uvkxwawinsgw ww fy an 9 GL U ' ' iii, fy uw ap WLUAO gk? W 'I ' J LB xi xg J NN A msg -Qlffyjif 'Lge X K1 f ff PBM f N :X Ex EN NN YY QKQY xl fi ENN xx my XX Rx Qi, -X N1 'Y R QS QQ R is Q SBS A 2, XJ Nl X Qig Q Y is Ni QQ N552 3 XR SK Clie X 5 fx M fx Ofx YR 6 X is XXX, XX ,ax RE gk fibfife QS QQ- Qi NX X X E R , il Z 3 Y XX N NX , Q Q 4 Evbw fb K-QL Q X xx ix E Q X XXX X va ND Ke fx YQ X., EX gg klxixiiiix xg W K? QZQ X A X , ix yy . F fx gf AZLQ 61131 f-fclvvbm , -29921 LLJ ig? ..x N 1 391, MV J wxyxy obw Sym qpffj W ' w if Ly! M VHXJL f L 5 if M ! N W A WVR di ix Li, mdjbw M ' TV wwf? JAM VM ? 55? am ,X Q N gf is , .Xi xl I f SXESQSXQQSK Qff4fwQf4?fwfMf' xr X X ' .dzclfif Jdglyhc SESS? 53223 2 S3553 it 02' fa Q 45+ Q2 qi 1 A1 I Q35 Q ,f K, ig, QQ, 5 2 1553 1, 3 353 5 5 N Af? Q4 57 2 g fa in iii 2 5 Q3 ?w MW W W i2QQf 1i wwgfpfwglw E355 WWW! af 'YW E52fk'b" WI yf'0jl NVQ Cjfg-k9jg31JQh5k-Ig 3 X- f , W i . f f W J !f f,Z59WgM if A wffqjm Q My U WM M CZLQM J, ff -' K M12 JM! W Z J G? f W f if ' V ' 4 in ', W X ,xg-ix by Jwfffff JNL W W Qffiw jlffi wif Q, gawk? Q 1 NWJ A Ai Q ff 0 JP M W Www f1'W, ,r? ,NW fn? 3 SNK- 'WSW fx ,,V ffyaf7y Nuff W'H 1ff W' W' Wifi gmfw,Q,w , was fl A ob K V b y W- . A L. A Qguw jgwglf 0 , if UVM, E M13 f L1 "" KTM!! M , . Sgwgijfwyww GV Maw CQ N , f' .- X Q 4 if X ' X if 1 . J xg X fx X 7' . fy 1 04 .N J Q w' 93 f U! l , W J A X JJ, fy 2 Sl I VM J J I fi S5 Lip! x J QW W 95 1, k ' .. ' , L . WY XY V QL A X f 1 1 H X JB! 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Suggestions in the Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) collection:

Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 40

1964, pg 40

Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 65

1964, pg 65

Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 63

1964, pg 63

Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 49

1964, pg 49

Eisenhower High School - Talon Yearbook (Lawton, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 92

1964, pg 92

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