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1 a year of challenge spirit 8 leadership 20 academics 40 activities 60 sports 78 classes 106 REVEILLE H:-,JM-Qnfsafa ve gaafue-nwmumrzmfzzwvaeeifmwvfwesfswwewsmsmffwssvmmamwwwmefvamfamms Ai. QW. , ZETIZW- Nl ,, V , V .,.,,X - - V-,-, V KM ,V , y,4VMVQ.,TZ,, Q-,, - , V ,TX fvik XV ....1,,-M -,Y- -...,.w J E., ky , VN Am pf - Y V 15- 96.34 ,,a.h,? N ,"' ' V ' 1 Q - 65.4 'QQ :aid -f-fM,QZW , aw -"' Q Q-gk. ,., ,V A 'A ff-A Q.,:,.: , j an ya, ' ,,-...fm ,3 ----....,., , H f if f f " ,Nw E QMVQ-Ss.asazg,3v I rf. . M.- . ,- ' N 'A'-,--mx . 'Ni ,v - ,,. A .. - . U-51, ' A I K - 4 'V ' . . , -,.1qr'-Vi., ,-gys, 4...af1--.,.A.f."Q-,yg.'y' A M . .. F g , A . .... Q , , W, ., in -V - f ef 11, , V, , , , 'T 4 4 ' '. - N? ",, 1- ,yt 4, f - 'SLI 3... ' ---"T-T.:-ng 'f' -.... A,,,f,,, i -f'f"l+'f'552i2-'fl-,wggffwf . .2',fsffhff,r,,,,,,,L' if- '- ', "' - ' "P " 'Sr' 'ivy . -- - ' A-wg-v 'ff' , , ,J ,, , , ff '.,., - -.n ... H-A t E 1 g- 1-4.5 ' 2'-' 1 i t yrsgf - .V .4 ,, ' A -- ' -'xv f, "" W' A fy ' ?2:7' fr .,-- H ' ' 71 V ...Y-A 3M.,-.' 'V A, V. P i p D - , ' , .W 5 -Q E ' A+- - A 1:1 1 I , - K1 Ll: j Am. V ,,.,w-v....,N.,,A,. -V .f an-1 H-Q.i:'.' wi A 4 1 wg -f f-W, f:g3:L.., I , - "P "Af -A ..-Q '.- - ' . M . K , " ., W-ws? " . , f ' -- ,im lm -4--- T. ' " - .f-: WW L v11 26 X - " , , , M "W "'l"'f ' ' "M- se' , 1fm:,w'11 -4. V , f - ,- - H sf Q, K L- ' -f . .1 w'M', ,, 4 - . ' ' A N- 7 ' 1 4 W my-fvwW.'Z.3g,.mYu.,,.,,.,5,M'g'T,'. gx.,w" '1"j'1" ' I M5 N 1355 H , K A:-gif. 2 t ff"3"" -- . r I" "' , X ' A rf 'H V 1' .5 ' f . 1 f- .,,H.?-j,f-QHQEQG ,,,,Imwif3i V 0TM4.,,,,,...f-'Y I V ,. .. A wht.. ,XA-.iwvzjfvfxwvz-'?'w3wx!. ,V E :VMI L W yi-3, ,. V , N LJ , :?'B, . 1 . - - , ,ww .K aw .. ....., - 1 fb , M, ""9EL,,w v-'V J A .ui 3 f' 'f-f-- ,, Wgmdf ,,,33g- Q. xw. - ,. I 4 3 KW 4... ,. , 1 Y f V i ff, 5' I 1 ' 1, f f ma zz fi ia' .df ' -r - 'Y ' f T, ' W k H V Q 'V My " 'Q -' ' ff , , ,Z f MQ. . 1 , -f , f Q 'eww , , -w..s,,3 ? , , - W ' f ,A ,M W ' ' V g ., 1 ""1"Wwf 1 I- r Q . ' 1 n " , 55: A 'w ir'-' - kg, -, if-fn '4 ,. 'T ' + 'IW My ' '.-.:"'5' , f N " H N Y A, M, .Ll A. V J 'r,.-ff , , ?, -, V- i M , A dug ' - , fgij H U ,J I' ,lf Q ag I V , ' by wx. , f T' ' '- ,gg x , e , , -Q-Y, ,.- ' - , , l K l4 -N-L. 4 ' ""-""'-'---.. during these years we begin to know our own capsules., to look through, out, and beyond. .. and a new discovery the awareness of beingalive. .. sitting in a classroom surrounded by friends yet stra ngers. . . tu KZ! YN: 125323 2925 1 M 8 "'eH1Swm.f Pal 5, y - 3 Hombre! 1 rg. -: 1-1. 1 'EE 3.5 5 , 4 ax! , at and a teacher explaining the small things while all the time we wonder. .. maythe small things serve you well when you step out into the great world. . . if --Q the flash underthe basket... alone on a mat. .. the long laps on the cinders. .. the tension in the end zone. .. and the burst of cheering ata touchdown the first of many yelling asa group... winning with the team the whole gym vibrates with the feeling of belonging. .. 1. S ,, , ff? V - I , 1 Z e 1 'S 9 . 5 x X "W. if, ,, . I' 52' 11' ' ' S we N Q4 1 - fe wk ' l : , W 'A r . " A1 2 5 f ISM . X ' , f' ' H -' Q. ' 'f 3' fi wg-:Jah fx f fy f 3, 4 5 5- 5 ' , .ffQ.if.,f" wi y f M If 12,89 havin wr 41 .i,55,-zgxgf ,sf Y bfi? 'Q5fr?"' fiw K' ig! 'W- .:h, m . Avi' g, ,r -fi ,V W M 4 ' LE-' 1 f Q 7 Q L , Q. 3 V WLLL m Viv" L L 13- Hg L,-7 3 , , W, A f' gl Q25 Lf.. -A G ah '53 we Wx 'kr ' flux a 1 A 5 . l5'fif? "" ' 'f'Q Y Q 'ht ,. 15:3 :Sf VTKIK ,VVV . A. R, . ,T I if ,K ,. K .E! k .. lk, K 4 , avi 'fir - 'if ' t sig' r Q 15 wi Q Q' Q? 13, Qw ' M im if X Q! F? is h 411 Q , ' ' ' ' K' E 5 i F' Q H? Q, ' 1' ..,k W 'W 4 K - Q31 We Iyar- f +b L . kg, fry rp: , , ' , 1.4-f.. up -4G 1 lm Q22 1 ff f i f Q n it 1 g. ' f K1 I , ,,,L Lx 1' f -1' 1Qg'? , . W' in Y Zi I , ' fm YW ' Q: , L- A , W, x ' - ' QL- i'f,M-vwm., ,, L- ::4,vW gig, ,Sha .,,., ,WV fr - '.4 V' Mgr, gfwf .,, . . 'nf' M ,. 5 ' . 4c.....-at 'H' , 4 . ...Q Ax 5 it 4 ' A A M - I ff' - .f" .M -.,- ,............, M., - - xv, h s--45 f ' 1 - ,vm aus ' W h Q "'-f-...,,N..-,...,,,,,. ,i ,QM -',l'., r Cnr' ff"""W' - it ! l , U M ' -, .. K ,x A-""s. n 1 N 'S sei - Q- ,. Z? mf if AQ 53-'.L. " Wx , , l M. 2 I pg,.....+v- , i 46, :A V-..,..,..f NM- f lr- BIHQ fx. 4 ."""'42"...L.f .gr ir' 'Q' in 5 K- ' K 5' Y "s . Q 17 B' 4, .,, Q ' ii? .I V' -4-any-.,.-...W. 4-ua.. vi LQ f ,gg,+gfa,ff.5?f,, . ' 5 A L f ' f if ' , xff ,I 4 Q, f in , if Q r aa.. 5bt5l55fw :N sul . M ,.4y-f-f""mT"" JW--'N s .J A Bi looking back on an experience in Pasadena. .. the Cadet Marching Ba nd marching toward a goal l 3, -K , 49-22 '-vw -..-. . -we r !' t i "l V Emily Ill i -1 1 ' ff ' is what is the sum total of three years atEisenhower an original experience and a final one- unique foreach of us. .. may the challenge of each new year be a little easierfor it, .. ml-'I r -.H-.,, , V if -,, ,,, 1 . N' cl -NW i , 1 ai , A . 5-,, Q, A l4L iQ! Ol' N, X . c N .xg fffQQ11g:'gg , ri' , , 'Lg' 2 V L ' A 'ZJ -, x ,, 1 . 'Jw 'f.'-M'- 12" . 'W1 if, fy ', f ' ii . .W ' asf nf Owftrxlrsf C' ' ri. M V A ,, V I i A t , H F lx ? 'ff .A fs 43 5 Lf gif 0 W ug' r, ff, . X k, ff: .fin if fm, , -' W - . 74' is tml. it L 1. 4" A .V J 'S ' 5 V' I: l t if 143' ii, 1 I .1 Q ' f A 'I-fi?'g,, Z -In E Ifgiffi If In X 4 4. .49 , X is igggfvf-.N t 5 Qi, dv ".A'Yi I ? I-flu ef . Q' A ' ,Q 1 3. U t 51 -it ' Isa " is A . ,. A?g I' -. if A, jx ,V gs,-D , E f H Ag? -'Q K - EL? - y L J Q ' If ? in ir , I ? 1,1 1 fp 2 'X '57 " p . Q74 155' as A, gs .vm 9 ,, I V., 4' p ,ff , f .. 15, r . f.:wfE A 65 1 -, , Y ' W' r .F 1' y fp 5 J-,4'i'f. -vi J i W'-M.-QL! F ai 1 k' if 4 ' ,I X in S-gi Q K Y YV 'F' ire' It ,, Q, is f 1341 . 4 H if ' A ." 5 ' AJ: 1, f -fm U ! J -. -.541 .pf Q..27 K -1 . 1 5 'sf 1, , lg K 1,46 I 1 2, 1' . I. ff -..- N. Ms, 4' ,, Kfllflm, Wlswfrmi RGS OUN 'ss--.a Bandsmen Travel To Pasadena EISENHOWER BAND T0 MARCH IN TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE . . . this headline, announced by director Dick Schactler in August, started four months of preparation for 110 members of the band. Each individual accepted thetchallenge to earn S125 for the trip and the Band'P'arents' Club arranged transporation and lodging. Fall activities included football games, the Veterans Day parade, and preparations for the trip. March- ing, more marching, and then some more, even in 18 degree weather. . . 7:30 a.m. rehearsals. . . "Pasadena or Bust" . . . on New Years Day, 1968, the Cadet band, chosen as one of five out-of-state bands, marched in the Tournament of Roses Pa- rade. In March two band members, Dave Allgaier and Fred Schactler, participated in the All-State Band in Seattle. A large group contest in Wapato, two local parades, and the All-City Music Festival com- pleted an excitingand active year. Director: Dick Schactler Drum Major: Fred Schactler Majorettes: Paula Dilley BennyJohnson Nancy Kitt Sandi Hill Laura Johnson Claudia Lowder Band Members: UPPER: Family and friends gather in front of the school to give the band an enthusiastic send-off. MIDDLE: Suitcases, instruments, and bandsmen await loading and departure for Pasadena. BOTTOM: Mark Layman, assisted by Lynnette Bonneville and Starla Gable. adds a final touch to the three departing busses. JanetAinsworth Kathy Allen Dave Allgaier Larry Anderson John Baken Kay Bennet Lynnette Bonneville Paul Brassey Claudia Brown Richard Bullion Kris Burril Mary Ann Burril Kathy Buys Lynn Cassidy Marty Cassidy Judy Collier Lynnette Cook Ron Craig Roberta Crose Steve Danberg Dan Dillon Paul Dillon Duane Dolliver Brian Edmondson Steve Emhoff Greg Fielding Rick Fisher Bill Frank Norm Friehauf Carmen Fund Cathy Gable Starla Gable Brian Garret CraigGilbert ChuckGlass Bonnie Good Barbara Gordner Benny Hittle Rita Hogg Nancy Holder Gary Hough Lequetta Howell Kim Iverson Valerie James Collette Johnson DarrylJohnson Rhonda Johnson Ron Johnson Sandi Kisner Cindy Kimmel Mark Layman Beth Mabry Linda Massey ChrisMasterman John Mathieu Mary McGee Ron McLain Larry McSay Vergil Michael Warren Michael Glenn Miller Sandi Nichols Marty O'Neal David Page Lois Parrish Bill Park Carolyn Peterson Dale Phillips Fred Pitzer Steve Pouley Chris Pugh Jane Ramsey Terese Rassumussen Scott Richardson Larry Russel Bruce Schactler Marilyn Schaffner Ed Scheibner Mike Schock Dave Sinnes Glenda Sisler Karen Skov Mike Smith Kyle Sonnabend Barbara Stephens Pat Stevens Bob Strange David Stubner Ward Styner Dave Syrcle Bob Talcott Gary Taylor Perry Taylor ScottThomas Danny Thompson Earl Tolley Ruth Turner Patty Von Pein Jim Wyatt BrentYoung . Orchestra, Pep Band Find Challenge At Home First performing at the fall Open House, the or- chestra began a busy year. Directed by Dick Schactler, this group presented programs at both the Armistice Day and Christmas assem- blies. Orchestra members also bussed to Ellens- burg in November to hear Paul Crestin, visiting conductor at Central Washington State College. March brought many hours of practice for the spring musical entitled "How To Succeed ln Business Without Really Trying". Two mem- bers, Nancy Parce and Doug Smith, also per- formed inthe All-State Orchestra. A final appearance at commencement exer- cises climaxed an exciting and active year. Left: Balloon be-decked Pep Band members blast out accompaniment for a drill team half-time performance. 'Ch All eyes front, a down beat, and the orchestra rehearses music for the spring musical with Dick Schactler holding the baton. Mem- bers include Richard Addington, Betty Anderson, Eileen Baxter, Maria Bradford, Bill Corpron, Larry Daniels, Mary Doudna, Dan Garret, Ann Glover, Becky Glover, Alan Greer, Mike Ha rgrave, Mary Ann Hazen, Curtis Hurst, Rayna Iverson, Joel Jausaud, Kathy Kel- ley, Mike Kloster, Dow Lambert, Cathy Landis, Randy Lauderdale. Jim Loofburrow, Steve Love, Peggy McGee, Ron Miller, Peggy Mor- gan, Philip Niemeyer, Dean Nissen, Steve Orndorf, Nancy Parce, Gloria Pfeif, Sandra Sargent, George Skipworth, Doug Smith, Kev- in Sprague, Gail Stevenson, Robin Thomas, Chris Warren, and Karen Wood. Y -1 , ,f.-,, ,, M The combined cheer and rally, STANDING, Barbara Speaker, Nan- Iyn Miller, and Carol Lewis, in splits, Barbara Schroeder, Kathy cy Spariing, Wendy Rankin, Kathy Thompson, Janet Almos, Mari- Carlson, Roxy Garbe, and Linda Young. Enthusiastic Girls Generate Spirit Roxy Linda Kathy 14 Cheer Captures 2nd Place 1968 Cheer Marilyn Miller, Nancy Spa rling Kathy Thompson 1968 Rally Janet Almos, Kathy Carlson, Roxy Garbe, Carol Lewis, Wendy Rankin. Barb Schroeder, Barb Specker, Linda Young Regional Conference Cheer and rally, eleven popular pep genera- tors, inspired student body enthusiasm dur- ing games, on pep buses, and at assemblies as well as executing behind the scenes pro- jects. This year's group proved outstanding, contributing endless hours to practicing, poster making, and decorating. Unbeknown to the majority of the students the eight rally girls and three cheerleaders made num- erous signs for the individual players' homes, lemonade for afternoon practices, and good- ies forthe traveling athletes. Rally girls in action on gym floor Cheerleaders Kathy, Nancy, and Marilyn. During Athletic Events Wendy and Barbie Janet, Barb, and Carol E 15 ,3 . -4 2'- , my ,, A K u Nm 'X , Q. - .s 1 85 l s 1 x 5 f f 1 Q I . H . me Qi my . 9' 'nm I ' . 6 A - .7 ' NT , A! K ,,., 5 A . it L,.,Lx ix li v 'Q s .Q 'K -A' X- "- 4 A Y . I Qu' U it ' A, ' , L- nl .. A 2 ' A Q w. "' fa 'fl V 4 ., 9 P S Q . 'N Q ul, if v-N 1. , . , V , ,,,,, ,,,,L,Wi,----' V me M W -f A---fm 'X ry 15- H my , ' s V , fl ,WQg g,wyf paw Wa., A v " - 1 ' K .' Q 2 4 'E 4 Drill Team Places 1st In State Contest "Forward march!i" Despite mid-August heat and blisters, the Hi-Steppers energetically marched into a busy year. Captain JoAnn Bond and Lieutenant Karla Moore led the 29 members of the 1967-68 drill team. "Right flank, tweet! Left flank, tweet! " Starting in September, the Hi-Steppers sponsored the eighth annual Yakima Valley Drill Team Clinic-Work- shop. The Cadet drill team marched in the Wapato Lab- or Day parade, the Union Gap Old Town Days parade, and Yakima's Memorial Day, Sun Fair, and Veteran's Day parades. "Left, left, left-right-left. You're on the wrong foot!" Frequent performances included dance and precision march routine presentations at football and basket- ball games. During basketball season the drill team traveled to Wenatchee for an exchange performance with the Apple-Ettes. "Oh no! I forgot my gloves." In March, the group entered state-wide competition in Everett. Spring found the members staging the annual Tolo, followed by the selection and initiation of new members before concluding the year. "Remember, lift your knees, point your toes, and SMILE!" UPPER LEFT: Members await the first strains of music for the half- time performance at the Ike-Davis football game. CENTER LEFT: The Hi-Steppers march in the Yakima Veterans Day parade to the cadence of the Cadet band. LOWER LEFT: STANDING: Sherry Spencer, Karen Osborn, Sue Hat- chard, Susie Robinson, Becky Lugar, Pam Morris, Kathy Murphy, JoAnn Bond, Peggy Lacy, Candy Crawford, Sally Goode, Katie Bar- nett, Judy Penhallegon, Suzanne Belz, Shelley Rintala, advisorMrs. Wagner, KNEELING: Karla Moore, Da na Dwinell, Lora Marshall, Stephanie Reif, Heather Fountain, Judy Massong, Kris Pieti, Con- nie Bohoskey, Karen Dickman, Jackie Dorage, Linda Hartley, Fran Bisschoff, Gwen Doak, Donna Bordon,Jane Strausz. With typical drill team smiles, Jackie Dorage and Fran Bisschoff perform a novelty ribbon routine. Captain JoAnn Bond leadsthe 1967-68 drill team in a traditional 'E' formation. Long hours of hard practice help Karla Moore, Da na Dwinell, Lora Marshall, and Steph Reif to perfecta precision march routine. Choir's Arrangement Of 'Hallelujah Choir: ROW 1: Vicki Fetzer, Joan Sparking, Becky Poole, Marian Johnson, Linda Kerslake, Carol Whiteside, Barbara Hoggatt, Dianna Jewett, Nancy Mondor, Dana Dwinell, Mr. Durado, Debbie Wester- land, Kay Kemper, Carol Hernandez, Debby Corkrum, Wallene Juneau, Sandy Kisner, Linda Hartley, Janice Hooper, Jennifer Cox, Wanda Marquardt, Jill Jeffries, Margy Tait. ROW 2: Cheri Jaussaud. Jackie Whitnall, Sharon Carter, Becky Lugar, Carolyn Alderson, Linda Edeler, Kathy Buys, Connie Bohoskey, Kathy Thompson. Dorothy Troxell, Pat Bowers, Kathy Dekker, Robin Benjamin, Linda Olson, Betty Millard, Terese Rasmussen, Marlene Johnson, Carol Alaimo, Joni Shockley, Pam Jungert, Melissa Stevenson, Gail Cottle, Candi Hughes. ROW 3: Kathy Hawkes, Nancy Friehauf, The Lancers: Piano: Caroly Alder- son. ROW 1: Kathy Hawkes, Becky Lugar, Marlene Johnson, Connie Bohoskey, Kathy Thompson, Kathy Buys, Terese Rasmussen, Pam Jungert, Melissa Stevenson, Gail Cottle, Mr. Durado. ROW 2: Darrel Epperson, Todd Tressler, Scott Burd, Rick Pettingill, Jim Simonson, Perry Lynch, John VanRooy, Lane Throssel, Kim Shrader, Spencer Davis. Todd Tressler, Perry Lynch and Becky Lugar carry leading roles in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". Kathy Heppner, Pat Aller, Walker Martin, Todd Tressler, Jim Simon- son, Scott Burd, Terry Thompson, Ronnie Sartain, Perry Lynch. Craig Mendenhall, John VanRooy, Clark Osterhout, Rod Bench. Ross Pouley, Lane Throssel, Yvonne Young, Betty Shick, Becky Mc- Kenzie. ROW 4: Peggy Lacy, Chris Togerson, Janet Grant, Mike Sny- der, Steve Ream, Darrel Epperson, Rick Pettingill, Charles Church, Duane Dolliver, Jim Reglmbal, Kim Thomas, Steve Bladow, Mal- colm Lindquist, Steve Boggess, Doug Waite, Mark Miller, Kim Shra- der, Ron Brown, Spencer Davis, Brian Cole, Lois Jorgenson, Mary Andal. Piano: Denice Holmes. Not Pictured: David Holt, Larry Kelt- ner, George Skipworth. The Lancers rehearse in the Little Theatre for one of many public performances. Chorus' Hi hli hts Ike-Davis Pep Assembly TOP- Girls' Glee: Piano: Pamela Snow. ROW 1: Carrie Boley, Sandi Yearout, Cindy Yoerger, Deborah Edwards, Christine Williams, Diane Gerhardt, Deborah Cameron, Sally Sweet, Kaylin DeVolve, Lee Hall, Marilyn Robert, Sally Roi, Gena Hallett, Teresa Reich. ROW 2: Diana Voss, Paula Fluegge, Jeanette Smith, Janet Edens, Diana Callahan, Liz Faller, Ellen Hill, Tori Greiner, Janis Briant, Carol Wilson, Beverly Siegle. ROW 3: Kay Flack, Kaye Griffiths, Eliz- abeth Boltz, Pam Bayne, Sally Stotsenberg, Kim Kerr, Carol Hiatt. Shelley Aring, Jean Whitney, Lori Lorz, Barbara Thomas, Marcia Helland, Alyce Roosendaal, Debra Mantey, Pegi Phillips. Not Pic- tured: Narda Brian, Andy Anderson, Mila Hicks, Rhonda Pritchard. BOTTOM: Men's Chorus: ROW 1: Dennis Ealy, Ray Linder, Ray Le- master, Bruce Damaskos. ROW 2: Kris Hillis, Tom Gnojek, Ala'n Cottle, Robert Miller, Tom Trimble. ROW 3: Fred Kile, Greg Fox, Terry Thompson, Hal Holenbeck. Not Pictured: Gary King, Steve Niles, Vernon Palm, Ray Holman. AT RIGHT: Mr. Durado, director, and Gail Cottle, choreographer, prove inspirational to aspiring vo- calists. Chorus members add a finishing gesture to a group number. Eisenhower's vocal music department entered the '67-'68 season anticipating a challenging year. Ninety-two choir mem- bers, under the direction of Mr. Durado, entertained the student body at the Vet- eran's Day assembly, the pep assembly before the Ike-Davis game and the annual Christmas program. Twenty-one selected choir members, the Lancers, also performed for many com- munity organizations. These included con- certs for the Masons at the Masonic Temple, the Yakima Women's Club and the citywide Young Life. Money received for entertaining the Bar Association was donated to the band's Pasadena trip. Fall and Spring Choral Concerts featured selections by the Girls' Glee and Men's Chorusaswellasthe Lancersand choir. Cast members watch as Becky Lugar and Perry Lynch strive to per fecta scene from the musical. 19 Qi A Q W V 4 ' K! ' w a y i , ' it I 1 . Q, if Y t - 'H 7 QM GQ J 1 g 1 35 Q ,351 4 M Wxkvfif X , w V x Y, f 5 qw 5 Xfh 5 fam' ' 1 V S' ,V 1 ii Q' pus? ' ,- . W 1 .L ' M - -1:-m3,g1wE.f, f fiwgsza-'-:rw ' Q 'Q xl ' . I Q S, iw 1 . ,AW, L, S V i directing the action w , j 253 . x Q i i QW, A 4 X r iw' 51" Andy Zimmerman, U.S.E. President, and Mr. Nicholas, Vice-Principal discuss cur- rent problems of student government. En masse, the United Students of Eisenhower go to the polls each spring to fulfill patriotic duties and select student body officers . . . president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer for the following year. In turn, the officers appoint the Cabinet commissio- ers who discuss school affairs and current problems at weekly meetings. These students, with the help of the Senate, share the complete responsibility of student govern- ment. Composed of one elected representative from each home- room, the Senate provides a means of communication be- tween students and officers through regular meetings. Jeff Pierce, U.S.E. Vice-President, hangs lke's victory flag on Monday morning, after a victorious week-end. 22 CABINET COMMISSIONERS Ray Blondin . 4 ,....... .. ,... .Commissioner of Assemblies Debbie May .. ......,... Commissioner of Social Affiars Mary lVlcGee . ..,, Commissioner of lnterschool Relations Larry McSay . .. .,.,......... Commissioner of Publicity Sue Sackman .. ...,.............., Commissioner of Clubs Fred Schactler .,.. Commissioner of Awards and Elections Carol Brown, U.S.E. Secretary, places timely informa- tion on the Activity Office bulletin board. Responsibility Challenges Student Leaders U.S.E. Cabinet members spend many hours in weekly meetings discussing the important student government issues. Money boxes and receipt books haunt Dick Eng Iund,U.S.E. Treasurer. 23 ,gn 1 +. 3, in 4, 'S 3 5 XV xf., ww, f ..- , 1 L ! vw -41 kkmluw- 3 Q1 'Q -LK iq' MP' ni'--,fp . -. af faf. 1 ' Liflrgf V- f ,455 .. 1 '15 ,Q 5 K 1 is ,,,-gm, A Vice PresidentJeff Pierce leads Senate discussion. SENATE MEMBERS Tricia Aalpoel Roger Agee Lynn Amos Teresa Andrews Detta Blair Bob Blumhagen Paul Boeckmen Narda Brian Bob Brown Don Brunssen Paul Caldwell Diana Callahan Mike Carey Gay Carson WestCharlton Claudia Chartier Tom Coleman Tom Cornell Mike Cornwall Karen Dickman Tim Drumhiller Dana Dwinell Dave Dwinell Phil Eells Dana Elder Don Erickson Liz Faller Dick Fortier Don Forrester Blaine Gibson CraigGilbert Lynn I-lagadone Kathy Hawkes Bruce Hiser Pat Hoffman Hal Hollenbeck Patty Hopkins Brad Hudec GregJones Rocky Jackson Patti Leinbeck Chris Lewis Mary Lindquist Steve Love Perry Lynch Pete MacKintosh Chris Masterman Mike McLean Larry McSay Pam Mitchell Molly Moriarty Mike Olson David Page Terry Parish Dewey Parish Jill Pearson Bob Price Rhonda Pritchard Judy Penhallegon Scott Rainwater Sharon Richard Tom Root Jon Seitz Larry Sherfey Jim Simonson Sidney Splawn Don Smith Kathy Thompson Sue Thompson Greg Weber Donna Williams Shelley Wolfe Cathy Vanderbrink Allan Yeary Mike Yuille Sprin Tappin SetsRecords Members old and new rise to repeat the National Honor Society pledge. witnessed by classmates parentsand faculty Barbara Aalpoel Carolyn Alderson Diana Bies Bob Bisschoff Carol Brown Carol Bryant Mary Ann Burrill Shirley Coats Terry Dooley Dick Englund Norman Friehauf Cathy Gable Kathy Hawkes Dennis Heimbigner Rhonda Johnson ElaineJones Karen Jones Linda Keeter me wean With 44 New Members Peggy Lacy Carol Lewis Mary McGee Judy Massong Terry Parrish Jeff Pierce Nancy Renslo Doug Smith Jerri Smith Vicki Snyder Robin Thomas Patty Von Pein CarolYoung This year proved one of change for the National Honor Society. Eisenhower awarded the first honorary member- ship to Maria Bradford for achievements despite severe handicaps. A record for the most new members occurred at the spring tapping with 5fZn of the senior class and Sfk of the junior class producing 44 new National Honor So- ciety representatives. Several new projects increased National Honor Society activity. In February the group expanded the annual book fair. Students chose from several hundred volumes and could pick up books upon payment instead of waiting several weeks after ordering them. Members also collected college catalogs and placed them on a library reference shelf for all to use. Carol Lewis reads the limericks as Blaine Gibson receives congratula- tionsfromMr.Murphy. 45 27 Carolyn Mather Susan Robinson Terri Schneider Barbara Schoeder Nancy Sparling Martha Westburg David Whiteside Sarah Winterringer Maria Bradford Gains Recognition As STANDING: Wanda Boltz. Ed Posten, Earl Tolley, Bob Cooper, Bill Semmler, Dan Garret, Gary Corcoran, Pete Boley, Dave Nelson, Steve Harrison, Cathy Nopp. SEATED: Maria Bradford, Lynn Grein- Students look over the vast array of titles offered at the NHS book fair. er, Irene McCIurg, Michaela Bohnhoff, Sue Sackmann, Roxy Gar- be, Lequitta Howell, Nancy Carmody, Lisa Barquist, Julie Scrim- Nlnolll Terry Dooley lights the candle of service as Elaine Jones, Dennis Helm bigner and Teri Schneider watch. gx l Eisenhower's First Honorary NHS Member Honor Society members don gowns and stoiis prior to the spring tapping, Robin Thomas puts a stole around Maria Bradford, Eisenhower's first honorary NHS member. STANDING: Donna Bordon, Marlene Johnson,Jim Simonson, Scott Theresa Reich, Sheri Meisler, Shelley Rintala, Sally Goode, Karla Burd, John Van Rooey, Steve Hatfield, Denny Colvin, Steve Love, Moore, Fran Bischoff, Jane Strausz. Becky Lugar, Joanne Cowling. Tim Drumhiller, Therese Rasmusse V i' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' n, a erie Clapplson. SEATED. 29 Gini Fowler, Kristie Burrill. Milton Martin Retires A '-ff Mr. Martin attends to the affairs ofthe district from his office at the administration build- Nellie Ethridge, girls' counselor, checks 'nga honor society evaluation forms. 440 45.4 ' Ted J. Murphy, principal, supervises all phases of education con- Mr. Dietzen searches through a recent college catalog for infor- nected with the operation of a comprehensive high school. mation pertinent to juniors. 30 Superintendent Of District 7 39 i -QITM ,.. . , I I 1 M ..i.,, . , st s, . ,af A h 'X -"" ' '-iv-ew, ' Vice Principal,Jack Nicholas, clears his desk for work. Mr. Hurst reviews lists connected with his assign- mentasseniorcounselor. Challenge marked the eleventh year of Eisenhower. Adminis- trators faced the problems of a trimester grading system and an increased enrollment. This new program brought about an enlarged curriculum, frequent class changes and grade re- ports. English subjects experienced a definite expansion with students selecting from a variety of courses in addition to the basic choices of grammar, writing and literature. School District 7 lost a faithful administrator in Milton Martin, superintendent of schools, who retired in 1968. Mr. Martin has ably served Yakima since 1947. During his more than two dec- ades as superintendent, Mr. Martin supervised the growth of the Yakima Schools from a district of 235 teachers and 8,138 students including YVC in 1947 to its present size of 608 teachers and 12,405 students excluding YVC which gained autonomous status. Teachers, students and the community as a whole recog- nize Mr. Martin's dedication and contribution to the schools of this expanding area over the pa st yea rs. Vice Principal, Bob Rogers, discusses one of many problems related to either scheduling, curriculum ordiscipline. SEHCGS. Mr. Elliott checks list of prearranged b Miss Bucknam,Miss Senn Retire Ken Bongers-Biology-Medical Careers Club Adviser-Basketball coach. Carol Finney-P.E.-Pep Club, Gales Adviser Bruce Eyer-Nlathematics-Audio-VisuaI-P.A. Don Evans-Biology-Traffic control-Soph. Class Adv.-Tennis coach Elmer Geffre-Mathematics Cecil Breshears-Drivers Ed.-Faculty Social Committee After Eleven Yea rs 0f Service Jack Jennings-Mathematics-Dist, Math Dept. Coordinator-Sr. Class Edna Bailey-Psychology-Sr. Class Adviser-Girls' League Adviser Adviser ,L1 Eva Bucknam-English Jane Frasier-English-Ushers Club Ade viser Elizabeth Nliles-English-Dra matics-Thespia ns- Speech and Debate Curtis Christian-History-Baseball coach Ken Landers Voted W.E.A Fred Greer-Shop ,,nff,W- me Ben Van Eaton-Germa n-Spa nish-F.T. A. Advisor Theo Mays-English-Latim Roy Sebastian-Sociology-Faculty Social Committee George Carlson-History-I.N.R. Advisor N.H.S. Advisor Katha ri ne K Iise-Chemistry- District Science Dept. Chairman Q' mi. 1 if i - Ken Landeis-Arts and Crafts-ArtGuiId Advisor Wilbur Magness-Soph-Faculty Social Committee 34 President - Elect '68-'69 Stewa r N. 1' t Hanson-Mathematics-Golf coach Eldon Loewe-English-Cross Country-Track coach George Beetch now-Mathematics-BasketbaIl coach Geneva Renn-E nglish-U sher Advisor Bria n Aggett-French Waiter Lindquist-Econ. Entire School Adopt Trimester Program -if so Keith Fa rna m-P.E.-Head basketball coach l Chuck NBBSZ-Aff-Ari Guild, Jr. Class Adviser William Demick-Distributive Ed.-Student Bookstore V!! .A E ABOVE: George Woodworking-Voc. Jr. Class Adviser Clayton Frazier - Head football. trac K riegere Plastics- BELOW: Biology- k coach we 1,'i,:Z?-f . ,. ABOVE: Jay Wilson-English LEFT: Ron Dihel-French-Spanish-Wrestling, base- ball-Lettermen'sClubAdviser Brings Many Changes In Teachin Methods Orville Renslo-Mathematics J r Class Advuser -Z Don Holder-History-l-lead track, football coach Eugene lVlcCIure-Spanish-N.H.S.. F.T.A. Adviser D Darl Taylor-Economics Faculty Devotes Many Extra Elaine Norris-Library Assistant Sue Carter-Librarian- Ted Stone-P.E Head Wrestling Coach Asst Football N.H.S. Adviser coach x -may ,V - U ,V iA3V,,fwJ::,i , ,I-A 'gf fs, Q .- was-.., ,-W. jf I , I XR 'um A , ,. Leona rd Pa i ne-Physics Dick Schactle r-Ba nd-O rchestra-Tri M Adviser-Pep a nd Stage Ba nd Douglas Patterson English Journalism Hours To Student Activities Cecil Zylstra-History-Sr. Class Adviser-Dist. Tom K uykendall-English Coordinator Social Studies Dept. Nellie Wagner-Drill Tea m-Gales-Cheer and Rally-Intramurals Jim Durado-Choir-Lancers-Men's Chorus-Girl's Glee-Stage Crew Keith Wright-E nglish-Dist. Coordinator in English ik-. .,-,,v ., '1,. 533, f: 41,3 3, a':'x Q: n A fic W ,Xp-gtx Lru1',, X .. . .N A A .N-,fi A Y xx, ' In . 4, wo., ":,iv :fn 4 . .,- S. w K ,. . ' N. wi-7 Afg"..N1"'rv, ff ' ' KV' 1'-ff - zy' 1 A 4 5 ,l if, F I' Q ' qYl'v'ri'fx:,,:'A 2 .evvfrffw P ff ',V"ff,,j "F, .F "ina: 'iqflx , Q 5 ' R jlfvw ,aw ,wHzff.,' A ... qssfbgxig' Qnigf- - ij ,Liffwi f , 'Q A I A' qu ., -V ,rv L. !,' ,Q .,'q.,.hfA' -.,gi'Hi.,Q"2-f,, Qu-w ff -N ' ".'ff.Q-"3v5?.:,'f-if 'rffiq .5f1fQ'i:fx5? .v,f35'5?454i -' lf ' - 4 fw Y-1 Q? xt sf. 'P J, 'v"x , I , 2, 54"3fQw. 1 ., 3, A 3-, ,. 4,kf'? : "iff, ,Wi eg.. 'ff' V ,. ,... A. 94 P J ye?" 'Q lLfff. -e' ' sq." I ' .of ,:, .:1 ' . .' "" ' ,,x "' 4 Q a ,sl 1 ,P X 'him .4 ,Q ww, lf," saga. ,,. ,,,., Ox wwf'53 bV'!1':g131v.,jw7 'yy' A A FQ!-.' ff' Vgzxvu vdffgf 'Q fn J.. dbz: 27 ,,Q' A ' "ffm 1.15" 'af' 'bf Air, X f an Academics . . the challenge to fin Si LJ f ? 5 fi UVTL qffi ffi mu the essence of learning Home Economics, Art, Phy. Ed. Classes Onlookers encourage Larry Blanchard as he strives to perfect his skill on the trampoline. "Why can't we sew that easily?" inquire Linda Tompkins, Kathy Webb and Karen Skov as Miss Senn demonstrates proper use of the sewing machine. PM Tb "A 'N 5 Expansion and change in this year's academic pro- gram provided a challenging experience for students and teachers at Eisenhower. Development of three new resource centers to replace study halls, and im- provement of the library facilities enabled students to make better use of individual study time. A tri-mest- er program, basing the semesters on twelve week periods, presented students a greater choice of sub- jects in all fields. This increased emphasis on the in- dividual student's needs found the academic portion of school more demanding-but at the same time, more rewarding. Paul Nelson returns the ball duringa volleyball game in P.E 'ZZ "lt's too hard to keep track of all the equipment in home econom ics class," moans Rhonda Prichard as she borrows a pair of scis sors from Miss Senn's cupboard. Develop Individual Creativity And Fitness Gary Hough adds the final touches to a pen and ink poster. "l hope everyone else has trouble making his drawing look like the model," states Pam Nesvig as Pam Sinsel agrees. 1 Members of the girI's P.E. class demonstrate agility on the soccer field. A member of the boys' P.E. class successfully performs a stunt on the high bar. "LEFT, two three . . . Right, two, three . . , These dances aren't too bad!" exclaim members of P.E. classes as they enthusiastically learn the steps of old dances. lnovations Include Resource Centers In En ., X - , i' A, 4' Kijx-W., , fl HA 9 ,, C 2 A., Sharon Lewis, Becky Poole, Linda Tompkins and Debbie Westerlund vigorously take Becky Glover prepares a math assignment by notes, or at least look busy, in the English resource center. reading and studying. s siss vs Y fi M x xv will ff' 474.3 ww, ,, us. - 'Q g Nun X g..,, N s ,sign 5 , -N- I ' 5?-,illw - .o,.,w 7e 1- . -V i -N V V "Lunch breaks aren't long enough when a student needs to study," complains Ron McLain. RIGHT-Jackie Dorage concentrates during a timed reading test, rovidin Research Materials oc. S., Math "Intermediate algebra and trigonometry provides such a chal- Robin Brown QABOVEJ and Ann Beck discover that effective use Ienge for an inquiring mind!" comments Allan Yeary as Mr. Han- of study time eliminates homework. son helps him solvea problem. 5 Q l gk U' 'vw W members of Mr. McClure's third year Spanish class and Dan Gordner demonstrate the proper way to play Cirulo, a as Jim Lane, Charlie lVlcNeal, Fred Fishback, Steve Pouley Spanish card game. 45 Students Place Biology Projects In Members of Mrs. Bailey's third period class discuss a concept problem in psychology. two ' l A I U n "lt's really very easy to understand," states Mr. Harrington, sub- JBCK BYBCK and Dewey PSVVISVI Compafe VQSUHS during 3 mechan' stitute, as Mr. Preston, student teacher, helps him explain a me- ical dfawing Pfolect- chanical drawing problem. f-Xe 44 fllflf' Karen Pottratz, Karey Wilmoth, Kay Kemper, Jamie Maier, Irving tions to geometry problemsassigned by Mr. Beetchenow. York, Mike Cornwall, Linda Yearout and Diana Voss sketch solu- 46 Math-Science Resource Library V V I '21 ' 6, 0 0 3E1'l5A.M if 0 cb 'bb' 575' 6 V. y l 0 'lift' JI' "This chemistry experiment sounds easier than it is!" exclaims Connie Bohoskey Kris Pietl Lisa Barqulst and Valerie Clappison Susan Mottetas Ida Soden and Kathy Russel look on. carefully analyze the situation before attempting a physics prob lem 5 V ...- -sxyxtssusu "Let's measure them first," agree Peggy McGee and Jim Bjorgen as they postpone the unpleasant task of cutting pla na ria in biology. RIGHT-Mr. Bonger's favorite lab assistant Geor e su V 8 i D' ervises activities in the biology room. Commercial And Shop Courses Offer Typing students strive for speed and accuracy, "It surely is easier to type when I look at the keys." states Pam Strader. "I think it's easier to add on my fingers." mumbles Karl Shepard as he tries to Shelley Wolff and Pam Smsel pause momentarily m2ST6V?i"19ddif18 machine- V to evaluateadaily typing assignment. 48 , , Experience For Future Job Opportunies Eisenhower's academic program includes a commercial depart- ment that offers classes in short- hand, typing, business machines, bookkeeping and business law. Students taking these courses gain added proficiency for school work and future job opportunities. This year's program also included several twelve-week courses in personal typing for college bound students. Numerous vocational courses offered to students this year in- cluded classes in auto mechanics. plastics, metals and 'agricuIture. Students in the auto shop learned the fundamentals of mechanical equipment and applied this know- W ledge to repairing their own cars. Robin Brown, Jerry Porter and Jerry Linder combine ideas in farm shop to reach a satisfactory solution, Gary lVliller, Lynn Felton, Doug Gehlen, Terry Hanson and Rod Gill discuss the proper way to assemble a go-cart in auto shop. 1-O'-e J.. Senior staff members, Mary McGee, Lynn Greiner, Nancy Carmody, and Diana Bies select pictures from proof sheets for printing. Nineteen members of the staff added their initiative, hard work, cooperation, and imagination to record and create a history of one yearat Eisenhower. Senior staff members directed and initiated the juniors into the tasks involved in yearbook production. Members learned to cope with problems of layout, copy, triplicates, cropping, proofing, gutters, signatures, bleeding, and deadlines. An excursion to Spokane in the fall, departing at 4:00 A.M. to attend a Yearbook Conference, completed the initiation of the junior staff and marked the beginning of the 1968 Reveille. Bob Bisschoff Lynn Greiner Suzanne Belz Fran Bisschoff Ray Blondin Nancy Carmody Diana Bies Editor Business Manager Senior Staff Stan Lochrie Mary McGee Junior Staff Sarah Winterringer Bill Semmler Cathy Nopp Michaela Bohnhoff Gerald Potter Candy Crawford Robert Hove Judy Penhallegon Kirk Strosahl JulieJose Faculty Advisor Mrs. Lippert 50 First Place '67 Senior staff member Sarah Winterringer helps Ray Bondin, Judy Penhallegon, and Gerald Potter choose pictures for the class sections. i Selection of proofs challenges junior staff members Fran Bisschoff, Candy Crawford, and Suzanne Beiz. 3 Incoming picture proofs from Forrest and Whitmire attract the attention of Cathy Nopp and Fran Bisschoff. RIGHT: Stan Lochrie, staff photographer, explains proofs to junior staff member Robert Hove. li, wa rd Challenges Yearbook Staff Bo cei Ju BSS 17' Five StarJournaI Conducts Mock Y WI Star Journal Maxine Hall, Julie Norris, Marilyn Milham, Val Lewis, and Cindy Hester discuss copy written for a past issue. Q. Rob Taylor, editor and Glen Gassidy, assistant editor, plan assign- ments for the staffs. Members of the class work on completion of deadlines. 52 Presidential Election. . Nixon Wins Julie Norris, Brian Moinet, Diana Rennie and Glenn Cassidy prepare an is- sue fo . r press Fred Fishback demonstrates head writing for fellow staff mem- bers QBACK ROWJ Duane Dunn, Collette Johnson, John McArdIe, ValJames,fSEATEDjAlDorow, Patty Simonson and JiIlJeffries. Eisenhower's semi-monthly newspaper, The Five Star Journal, informed students of current activities and news. "Athlete's Foot Locker," a new feature this year, predicted game scores and quipped about vari- ous players. "Girl of the Month," a special feature in- troduced last year, published a total of nine girls, each representing some outstanding quality or char- acteristic. Rob Taylor, editor, and Mr. Patterson, advisor, met daily with the staff second period. Reporters found possible articles while the production staff proofed and typed the news. Brian Moinet, Jay Puckett, Bill Johnson and Mike Nelson pool notes for a future article. Staff Box Editor Assistant Editor Assignment Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Rob Taylor Glenn Cassidy Becky Bostic Jeannie Hillstrom Lynda Bauer Librarian Maxine Hall AssistantAssignment Editor Fred Fishback Photographer Marc Elrod Page Editors: Page 1 - Sue Rasmusson Page 2 - Diana Rennie Page 3 -Julie Norris Page4- Brian Moinet Typists: Cindy Hester, Val Lewis, Marilyn Milham, Steve Nix- on, Barbara Mastel Reporters: Al Dorow, Brian Edmondson, Valerie James, Jill Jeffries, Bill Johnson, Mike McLean, Mike Nelson, Jay Puckett, Patty Simonson, Kim Kerr, Jane Le- mon, Collette Johnson, Duane Dunn, John McArdle Advisor: Mr. Patterson Busy Schedule Challenges Eisenhower's multipurpose room serves the student body in Mrs. Yolanda Maletta enjoys her lunch. Mrs. Pearl Hass, Mrs. Mable Howden, and Mrs. Addie Adams add their smiles to a healthy lunch. Mrs. Anna Stewart totals the amount fora students lunch. f-"x various ways. It transforms into a dance hall for the Homecom- ing, Midwinter, Prom and after-game stomps throughout the year. When not in classes, students congregate there to talk. snack, study, or listen to the jukebox in what is called the stu- dent-social-center. The National School Lunch Program utilizes the room as a cafeteria for three lunch periods each day. The Program coined the theme of "Heritage, Health, and Harmony" for this year. Heritage represented the eleven years that the cooks have served Eisenhower, striving for health, and under the direction of Mrs. Addie Adams, the "cook crew" worked harmoniously to produce well-balanced meals. U sher Officers: Wanda Boltz, Kathy Russell, Cheryl Peyton i i Mrs. Opal Weist serves a pan of delicious rolls. Traffic Control: Mr. Evans, Advisor: Clifford Peterson, John Blaschka, Tony Wonders 54 Service Organizations and Club sw., rl , 1 -a. Lettermen's Club: Ray Blondin, president: Dick Eng- lund, secretary-treasurer: Marilyn Miller, sargent- at-arms: Spencer Davis, vice president. iii 2 ie., Boys' Federation: Mike McLean, president: Bill Johnson, treasurer: Dave White side, vice president: Martin Cassidy. secretary. Leading the Pep Club of 300 girls, president Sarah Winterringer and cabinet members Lynn Greiner, Ardy Pearson, Jan Marble, Kathy Gustafson, Paula Fluegse, and Sue Thompson directed the year's activities. Besides planning homecoming, "The Spirit of 67", members stuffed 8,000 envelopes for the annual Easter Lily campaign, sold programs at the games, and piled into root- er buses for out-of-town games. Funds raised by the group went toward the purchase of tape recorder with an amplifier for the drill team and rally squad. All boys who lettered in varsity sports belonged to Letterman's Club. This group sponsored the annual Faculty-Lettermen basketball game, whose proceeds went for the purchase of a wrestling light for the gymnasium. Mr. Dihel advised the white-sweatered Iettermen who patrolled every home football and basketball game. Boy's Federation, advised by Mr. Hurst, consists of all Eisenhower boys. Boys obtained trees which decorated the halls during the Christmas season and aided in planning Mid-Winterformal. Girl's League, advised by Mrs. Ethridge, consists of all Eisenhower girls. Mid- Winter formal, Mothers' Tea, and other fund raising activities constituted pro- jects throughout the year, Members also elected Girls of the Month. LEFT: Girls' League: Carol Alaimo, vice president: Mary Darnton, secretary- treasurer: Cathy Vandenbrink, president. .Pep Club: Johanna Garbe, treasurer Kar en Jones, secretary Debbie May, vice president: Sarah Win terringer, president Lt 40+ Thespians: Terri Schneider, vice president: Carol Alaimo, treasurer: Blaine Gibson. sargent-at-arms: Ruth Ann Halford, secretary: Elaine Jones, president. F.T.A. officers: Kris Beaulaurier, secretary, Lynn Greiner, treasurerg Terry Parish, vice president: Michaela Bohnhoff. president: Terri Schneider, historian, not pictured. RIGHT: l.N.R. officers: Dave Whiteside, vice president: Karen Jones, treasurer: Sue Robinson, president: Mary McGee, secretary. DECA Offers On Sponsoring the State Convention marked a high point for this year's Thespians. The club, advised by Mrs. Miles, selected its members on the basis of points accumulated through participation in dramatic activi- ties. Thespians produced three full productions. including the children's play, "Alice in Wonderland" which enchanted young and old alike. and proved to be successful beyond all expectations. Future Teachers of America examines the teaching profession as a career and gives senior club members actual classroom experience. Through participation in senior visitations. students observed classes at work and prepare a lesson for a primary group. During this year, the initiation of sophomores marked a change in membership requirements. Previously only juniors and seniors were admitted into the club. Mrs. Marquard, Mr. McClure and Mr. Van Eaton supervised F.T.A. activities. Future Farmers of America dedicate themselves to the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation and citizenship. Under Mr. Heim- gartner, the club placed high in state competition in the areas of live' stock and apple judging. The group also participated in leadership training, consisting of public speaking and parlimentary procedure. Making costumes, brushing up on parlimentary procedure and studying the U.N. Yearbooks occupied the spare time of this year's members of International Relations club. Advised by Mr. Carlson, this club sent dele- gates to MUN conferences at Shoreline, Vancouver, B.C., and Ellensburg. A spring banquet completed the year'sactivities. ABOVE: F.F.A. officers: Dale Copeland, president: Rod Guild, report-- erp Doug Gehlen, vice president: Russ Harman, treasurerg Jim Dic- key, sentinal: Gary Poor, secretary. A.. The Job Experience, Trainin Distributive Education Club of America represents the largest single high school organization in the nation. Deca, a two year program, demands two hours of classroom study and one hour of on-the-job training each day. Members earned credits toward graduation through the accumula- tion of hours. Projects, directed by Mr. Demick, included selling adver- tising for the Five StarJournaI and for basketball programs. This year's activities of Modern Music Masters, a national music honor- ary, centered around the planning and preparation for the annual initi- ation of new members, selected from the instrumental and vocal groups at Eisenhower. Advised by Mr. Durado, Tri-M initiated new members and held the annual spring picnic. Medical Careers Club aims at broadening student interest and knowledge of the various fields of medicine. Advisor Mr. Bongers, arranged for guest lecturers and accompanied the group on field trips pertaining to the di- versified interests ofthe membersp this yea r's schedule included a visit to the University Hospital in Seattle. Community projects included the origination of a Big Brother and Sister program with Hoover students, as well as aiding in the local "Stamp Out Measles" campaign. Promoting art among interested students of Eisenhower constitutes the aim of Art Guild. Members painted posters to advertise school activities, set up art displays in the library and provided colorful bulletin boards for the halls. During the Christmas season the artists participated in a win- dow decorating project for downtown businesses. Mr. Naasz directed guild activities. Art Guild: Barb Mastel, vice president: Vicki Jons, secretary: Doug Lewis, president. -.X Deca: Cindy Herberg, treasurer: Mike DeMott, parliamen- tarian, Jackie Dorage, secretary, Cindy Hester, vice presi- dent: John Welch, president. Tri-M: Fred Schactler, president: Dan Garrett, historian: Cathy Landis, treasurer: Carolyn Alderson, secretary: Patty Von Pein, vice president LEFT: M.C.C. officers: Ruth Ann Halford, president: Sheri Meisler, secretaryp Sally Goode, vice president: Donna Bor- don, treasurer, Mr. Bongers, advisor. RIGHT Sk: Club members Sue Sackmann Kathy Murphy and Carol Brown receive skiing Advised by Mrs Mays the Junnor Classncal League stumulates an mterest ln the language, Thus fall J C L members attended the State Conventlon ln Seattle In Aprul the Eisenhower chapter sponsored the Ea stern Wash: ngton Dustrlct Conventlon To flnance delegates to the J C L chose A Festival to Cupld as the theme for the annual sprung banquet. Toga-clad members extended an xnvltatlon to all Roman s at heart to joan In the festivities. V : 2P,"t'-.Li -1 J wants YOU l Lo gA 't dSk'CI bO g 'e . .f UE' A - t 54 J C L offucers Judy Massong vlce presudent Greggwheeler, president: Pete Boley, treasurer Mary Ann Burrll secretary Chess Club Reactivates The Girls' Athletic League of Eisenhower provided all in- terested girls an opportunity to participate in various in- tramural sports. Mrs. Wagner. the group's advisor. set up competative teams in all sports represented. Gales' season began with a progres- sive dinner and assisting Pep Club with the annual Easter Lilysale. Gales: Nancy Kitt, intramur- alsg Lynnette Bonneville, social: Cathy Gable, presi- dent: Starla Gable. vice presi- dentg Peggy Rash, secretary. av' f Q 4 Q... , aw C9 i ,J , Chess Club: Bruce Heiser, secretary-treasurer, Fred Pitzer, vice president: Bob Bis- schoff, president. Chess Club, dissolved last year for lack of an advisor, reorganized this year under Mr. Paine. Members met weekly to increase chess skill in preparation for slated matches and tournaments. Points determined each members rating in the club. Newly formed this year, Ski Club boasted a large membership of almost 200. Advisor Mrs. Carter worked closely with officers Andy l-loggarth. president: Jim Simonson, vice president: Sue Sackmann, secretary: Pete McKintosh and Pat Carey, sargents-at-arms in arranging for films, speakers, and demonstrations. Weekends found Ike skiers shushing down the slopes of nearby ski areas, or learning new techniques for experienced skiers provided by the club. 59 l ,, 66 3 N Tix 'L iff fyi 'QL' g Lij .YM , 'N 7 ll I E 1 ' X' , M Q 2 . Vx - ,bxy V ' 4 5, X ,I l P .V K of interaction 'E I A 1 I 63 fl ' if Princess Barb Schroeder and Prince Andy Zimmerman Football reigned supreme as Eisenhower's Pep Club presented "The Spirit of '67," lke's theme for the 1967 Homecoming. Football players and cheerlead ers of yesteryears surrounded a giant spirit stick as couples danced to the music of the Bill Ramsey Band. The coronation of King Dick Englund and Queen Wendy Rankin climaxed the evening of tes tivities. Pep Club president Sarah Winterringer and Senior Class president Pete lVlacKintosh conducted the coronation ceremony. The royal couple then posed for pictures and danced the coronation waltz provided by the Yakimana Brass. Princesses Barb Schroeder and Marilyn Miller congratulate Queen Wendy Rankin as Sarah Winterringer adjusts the tiarra. X T Cast of Twelve Produces Libby displays her daughter's wedding gift while the admiring Canasta ladies look on. Debby and her mother heatedly discuss the freedom to choose her own future. Conversation among the Canasta players causes Minnie to dash for the "little girls' room." Famn 'DearMe,TheSkyls ' ' Paul, Libby, and Mildred compile Debby's wedding plans. Debby pleads for her father's understanding. "Dear Me, The Sky ls Falling," a comedy with a small cast, introduced the 11th season of drama. Directed by Mrs. Miles the play depicted a matriarch who resolutely took on all the problems of the com- munity as well as those of her husband and daugh- ters.However, Libby's family decided to take over things for a change and they loudly voiced opinions on all affairs, such as: when to retire, where to move, who and when to marry. Eventually matters worked themselves out and the curtain descended on a home once again in harmony. Cast in order of appearance: Dr. Robert Evans... ....... Mark Layman Debby Hirsch ..,.. ... ..Nancy Kitt Libby Hirsch ... ...... Elaine Jones Mildred Feldman .... ... Terry Schneider Paul Hirsch ...,... ..... J ohn Stoops Sophie .. .... Carrie Boley Jessie ..... .,... M ary Allard Minnie ..... .... B ecky Lugar Robert Wolfe ,. ..... Ed Scheibner Mr. Schlinger ......, Bill Parks Mrs. Schlinger .... .... J ane Miller Peter Nemo ..... .... C hris Coffin Robert discovers the wedding present from Debby's "oId flame Mildred addresses invitations to Debby's wedding. 'Inu-gg 414114.44 JJ . S 0 I 10911. iidmwfms ,bv Kwan' CNN vw Aw., Gllmore enjoy punch and cookues 1, f , fy, ,Q I jS .ful 'r Ad FonnaIFuncHon. i fs'-14? 1, 'ii :L ff- e tlgf.-, an if W.-ff. . f X iii Couples enjoy a quiet moment and a sip of punch in frontof the big clown entrance. .Jan.13th "Mardi Gras '68" found formally dressed couples entering through the mammouth mouth of a laugh- ing clown. Red, pink, and orange streamers created a gay atmosphere, with candy-filled pinatas hung from the ceiling. A refreshment corner--Bacchus' Den and cozy tables decorated with confetti and masks enticed the couples. Lou Sheeley and his band provided musical accompaniment for the festivities. Following the intermission entertain- ment by Todd and Starla, the pinatas were smash- ed in revelry. At 11:30, the world of "Mardi Gras '68" faded, leaving the memory of an enjoyable eveningforall. Couples dance under a ceiling of streamers and balloons Small talk and laughter center around gayly decorated tables. 67 Drill Team Grubbies . . . ping pong . . , homemade corsages , . , Twister . . . and whimsicalanimals set the mood for Itchie Coo Park, Ike's 1968 tolo. Chris Coffin reigned as king over the annual dance presented by Ike Hi-Steppers. Music was provided by the Red Coats and a game room furnished dance-weary couples with a refuge. A gaily decorated carousel, a pink and orange concession stand, and many colorful flowers added to the informal atmosphere. Sarah Winterringer and Al Dorow make after-dance plans, as the King of ltchie Coo Zoo dreamilv looks on. Tolo couples dance in the park to the music of the Red Coats. ponsors 'Itchie Coo Park' Patty Von Pein and Dan Dillion enjoy a break from dancing with an active Lieutenant Karla Moore looks pleased with the final outcome game of ping pong. of the Drill team's decorating efforts. Grandfather suspenders on Bob LaBonde fascinate Terry Parish, Van Finger, Judy Massongand Lynn Greiner. M urder Mystery Challenge Stephen Rice and Nurse Barker plan a future rendezvous over a game of chess. The Spiral Staircase A third production by the drama department kept audi- ences on the edge of their seats. "The Spiral Staircase" involves a young girl whose life is threatened by an un- known killer. To free the world of "imperfections" this murderer has committed three previous slayings. HeIen's loss of her speaking ability causes her to become the next imperfect victim. As the murderer prepares to strangle Helen, he is shot down by his own heroic mother. Patty Hopkins doubled as Telephone operator and as student assistant to the director, Mrs. Miles. M rs. Cast Mrs. Warren Shelley Cole ProfessorWarren Blaine Gibson Helen Melanie Low Mrs. Otis Chris Masterman Stephen Rice Steve Pauley Constable Ed Scheibner Nurse Barker Terry Schneider Dr. Parry Ward Steiner The constable warns Mrs. Otis to beware of the unknown murderer. Dr. Parry questions HeIen's inability to speak Warren begs Dr. Parry to take Helen from impending danger HL. ...A Thespia ns Helen descends the creaking spiral staircase. Nurse Barker uses the constable as a sounding-board for her complaints. Helen attends the bed-ridden Mrs. Warren. Household members gather to confer with the constable about the recent murder Mrs. Otis serves refreshments to Helen and Dr. Parry. ffl 71 l Sprin Musical ln March lke's music department presented the musical "How To Suceed ln Business Without Really Trying." The l show is the story of J,P. Finch, a man who starts out as a window washer and rises to the top of the executive ladder in a large company. Finch accomplishes this by memorizing the rules in his book titled How To Succeed In Business With- out Really Trying. An editorial appearing in the Yakima Herald-Republic ac- claimed the musical as "professional entertainment". The following excerpt from the editorial is representative of the ma ny compliments that the show received. " 'How To Succeed' is an ambitious venture, but Ike l-ligh's Jim Durado met the challenge like a Broadway veteran. With the help of superb talent among his student actors and musicians, Durado has fashioned a fast-moving musical comedy that will surprise and hold any audience. no matter how sophisticated. That's not allg JR. Schactler's Ike High orchestra goes right along with the professionalism, providing a subtle musical undertone to build climaxes and to hover over rapid scene changes. In our opinion, the Pulitizer prize winning musical's original quality is matched laugh for laugh, song hit for song hit, by Ike High's talented faculty and student company." "Dear reader, this little book is designed to tell you all you Kicking in unison, the Jolly Wickettes open the promotional television need to know about the secrets of getting ahead." J. Pier- show witha lively dance routine. repont Finch CTodd Tresslerj refers to his guiding angel. Employees of the World Wide Wickett Company enthusiastically congratulate Bud Frump CRick Pettingillb on his recent promotion. While Smitty Clvlelissa Stevensonj shows her concern, Rosemary fKathy Buysj wishfully sings "l'll be so happy to keep his dinner 72 Wal'I'Tl , . .H Puts Secrets Of Success To M usic ii yi ,fi W we - if' t l v 'i r J After a hard day at the office, Finch. Smitty and Rosemary sing Knit oneipearl .two ' ' ' Mr' Biggley George Skipwor' -iltis Been A Long Dayy thy andI.Finch discover that they share a common ten- sion-re lever. Finch dreams of the day when he will occupy the presidents chair. J. Pierrepont Finch Gatch ,......... Jenkins . , . Tackaberry . . , Peterson , , . J.B. Biggley Rosemary . . . Bratt ,.,., Smitty Frump . Cast in order of appearance ....,Todd Tressler ,,.., Chris Coffin .,,, Kim Shrader Darrel Epperson Malcolm Lindquist George Skipworth ..,.. Kathy Buys Steve Boggess Melissa Stevenson Rick Pettingill Miss Jones .... ,, Mr. Twimble ,... ,. , Hedy ........ Scrubwomen .. , Miss Krumholtz Toynbee ...,. Ovington ,.,,. Womper ,,..,. , . Book Voice . .,.Becky Lugar Clark Osterhout Connie Bohoskey .., Barb Hoggatt Joni Shockley ,. ,Dana Dwinell ,,. Scott Burd . . Doug Waite . ...Perry Lynch .,,Spencer Davis 73 Hedy CConnie Bohoskeyj auditions for the part of the World Wide Wickett Treasure Girl at the board meeting. 'Y' Yakima Herald-Republi ' "This irresistible Paris original. Looks of dismay cross the faces of the office girls as they arrive at the office reception in identical dresses. ABOVE: lVlr. Won'iper1Perry Lynchj and Finch angrily defend window washing, their former profession, to Mr. Bratt CSteve Boggessy, RIGHT: Finch and Rosemary reveal their love for each other in a touching duet. 74 Prim and proper Miss Jones fBecky Lugarj and Mr. Biggley sing "A Secretary ls Not A Toy". lu' x -in Juniors Wis Fred Flshback and Linda Hartley cross the flower-filled stream on their way to the Rainbow Garden. arol Addlngton and date chat with fnends durlng lntermls- , G' ...J 76 Couples enjoy small talk and refreshments in Candyland. Seniors 'A Sunny Wish For A Rainy Day' Entering through storm clouds and raindrops, couples found their way into a world of sunshine and bright colors, created by the Jr. class in their "Sunny Wish For A Rainy Day" prom. Cobblestone paths, Iollipop trees and flowers accented the rainbow garden for this 4th of May event. A white bridge, spanning a waterfall-fed stream, joined the two eating areas decorated with candyland murals and refreshment-filled wishing wells. Bill Ramsey's band provided music as couples danced beneath a giant yellow sun, which radiated sunny wishes forall. Don Forrester Jr. Class president and his date, Sue Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Dietzen, principle M r. Murphy and his wife receive the guests. Two small children watch over the dance floor as Bill Ram- sey's band provides the music. A giant sun with its yellow and orange rays high- The wishing well isa popular place for thirsty dancers. lights the dancefloor decorations. 77 Athletics . . . the challenge to conque .' H 1' .fwvxw 'TY' we -1' L' www" , -. s "'," 'V 1 . 11 , "W We V My , 'Ne rf, we - ' M 'W'-r-, -' .N ., 'M 1 ?'?iS'Sf' -f:'W,,,,L,,,,W.W,, . le -M ' "jf--Q A 1 2 N J, X , Fx 49- ...,....v..-..m,.........,..... S .gl : . .,,Q-1,--,vp-,fg1:,.w" 3 5:4- Q.,..e-Q..I3.,F1 - . '.',u.:wf.:eg. fiw. W' . 'W ,H - N 3 ' 9 f . W' If . X . , riv ...J , .. e ? f ..e nd yet remain friend 79 Six Win , Monte Tweten scores one of lke's vital touch- Nlonte Tweten scrambles for yardage behind the blocking of Don Forrester. downs Row 1: 10 Dick Englund 11. 12. . 13. . 21 , 22 23 24 30 31 32 40 41 42 43 . Row 2: 51 , 51 52 52 54 . 60 61 62 62 . 63. . 64 . 64 . 65 66. . 67, Monte Tweten Paul Dillon Bill Ratcliff Steve Blaclow ScottCahoon Stuart Cluft Dewey Parish Jeff Pierce Jack Brack Steve Vest Gene-Wirt Mike Nelson Bill Heath Rory Spitzer .Jim Crow Gary Thompson Scott Rainwater Bruce Kimmel Marklvliller Dave Dwlnell Don Forrester Ken Rose Steve Van Tassel Perry Lynch Andylirnmerman Dana Elder Charles lVlcNeal MlkeKnuth Russ Harman 1 . Three Losses, SEASON'S RECORD IKE OPPONENT 7 Pendleton 59 Wapato 21 Evergreen O Walla Walla 14 Wenatchee 19 Richland 26 Kennewick 27 Moses Lake 21 Pasco O Davis One Tie Caps Season 7 O O 7 6 13 7 7 6 13 Steve Vest evades a tackler as he fights for yardage Row 3: 70 PhilEeIls 71 . . Paul Boeckman 71... 72... 72... 73... 74... 75... 80... 81... 82... 83... 84... 85... 86... 87... 89... Kurt Labberton PatCa rey Bill Kabrich Larry Sherfey Mike Yuille Bob LaBonde Bobby Nicholls Ken Frazier Ray Blondin Bryce Haugsdahl Andy Hoggarth Mike Parnell ScottWilliarnson Steve Hatfield PatJeffries Coaches: Clayton Frazier Don Holder Curtis Christian Ted Stone Pete Dixon Managers: Eddy Linker Carl Shepherd Jeff Davis Season's End Finds Cadets Holdin Following halftime the fighting Cadets surge onto the field. 42553 Jack Brack drops a Moses Lake back for painful yardage. "' , 9 Ht. "B" Squad: ROW 1: Jack Carter, Forrest Pease, Brent Young, Mike Smith, Ross Pouly, Paul Nelson, Scott Tweten, Ron DeBoer, Clark Osterhout, John Van Rooy, ROW 2: Coach Stone, Bob Weingarton, Mike Hargrove, Darryl Johnson, Terry King, Ernie Calahan, Tom Bluhm, Kim Shrader, Doug Eldred, Ken Paine, Mark Hull, Bob Adams, Mr. Faust, ROW 3: Tom Gnojek, Ben Hittle, Bruce Warning- er, Steve Snyder, Wes Charlton, Larry Blanchard, Ozzie Olson, Gene Bruegeman, Rick Fisher, Bob Ries, Dan Thompson, Rick Robinson,Walt Lenz,Joe Hepprie, Manager Steve Younger. Third Place Eisenhower entertained the Pendleton Buck- aroos for the opening game of the season and battled their opponents to a 7-7 tie, both scores coming in the third quarter of play. Des- pite the score Ike proved stronger, edging Pendleton 189 to 117 in total yards gained. Ike played at Wapato and trounced the Wolves 59 to O in the second non-league contest. Led by the running of halfback Steve Bladow, who averaged more than 10 yards per carry, Ike rolled up a total offense of 423 yards against their opponents 45. Failing to score for the second year, Evergreen of Vancouver bowed to the Cadets 21 to O. In a 53 yard drive for a touchdown during the first quarter, Steve Bladow carried the ball 6 times for48 yards. Ike traveled to Walla Walla for the first league game, where the Blue Devils' more potent offense dropped the Cadets 7 to O. Mike Nel- son kicked a 60 yard punt which fell dead on the two yard line. Ike blew a scoring opportun- ity when four line smashes failed after a WaHi fumble on their own seven. Ray Blondin and a host of Cadets move in to stop an Evergreen back. ABOVE: Coach Holder explains the situation to end Ray Blondin. LEFT: Coach Frazier appears disturbed by a referee's call. 83 Blondin, Zimmerman Make All-Star Team Still traveling, Eisenhower defeated Wenatchee 14 to 6 by scoring in the opening quarter and continuing to lead throughout the game. The second Cadet touchdown came after defensive end Ray Blondin recovered a Panther fumble on the 40 yard line. Sev- eral plays later quarterback Dick Englund scored on a one yard plunge. Cadet halfback Steve Bladow raced 17 yards to score early in the first quarter and Eisenhower went on to defeat Richland 19 to 13. During the first half, the Cadet defense held the Bombers in their own territory, moving only as far as the 47 yard line. This win gave Ike a share of the lead in the Big8 Confer- ence. Eisenhower traveled to Kennewick the following week, defeating the Lions 26 to 7 and maintaining a first place in the conference. lke's first score came as Monte Tweten raced 78 yards on a punt return. Cadet halfback Steve Bladow caught a 52 yard pass from Tweten, which resulted in the second and decid- ing score. Plagued by three pass interceptions and three fum- bles, Eisenhower bowed to Moses Lake 27 to 7 on the rain slicked Yakima field. This loss dropped the Ca- dets out of first place in the conference. Ike remained at home the following week to enter- tain Pasco. Eisenhower emerged victorious, defeat- ing the Bulldogs 21 to 6 and enabling the Cadets to temporarily claim second place in the Big 8 Con- ference. Highlighting the second half, Mike Nelson sprinted 57 yards to pay-dirt. Eisenhower hosted the annual cross town rivalry with Davis. lke's offence failed to operate, due to numerous fumbles and a pass interception and the Pirates won 13 to O. Monte Tweten gains ground against Davis as the Cadets open a hole. Steve Bladow sweeps right end while Steve Vest leads interference. RIGHT: Gene Wirt finds run- ning room against Pendle- ton's tough Buckaroos. Cross-country contenders practice in Franklin Park on designated quist, Larry Keltner, Ron McLain, Brian Toulouse, Ted Poston, route, first Larry Harrel, followed by Larry McSay, Malcolm Lind- Brad Hudec, and Gerry Bordon. Cross-Country Letters Ei ht IVlen In '67 Cross-country came to Eisenhower in the form of a new Cha llenge to all students. Attractive to both beginners and athletes from other major sports, crosscountry helps all participants to develop stamina and increase lungpower. This fall sport starts in late September and concludes before winter. Eight hardy runners lasted the season and lettered in this new sport that will take itsvplace in competition with most schools in the Big 8. ' Cross-country team members relax while Coach Loewe reviews the afternoon'sworkout schedule. Dan Dillon leads to seta ,fast jog followed by Brian Toulouse, Gerry Bordon, Brad Hudec, John Blashke, Ron McLain, and Captain Larry Keltner. 9::g J if he FV7' J, A Q A , . Q.-W Q 3 le x ,M 'HM ' Q FM S Ike Places Fourth In League Play Mike Snyder jumps center to start another exciting Varsity contest. lke's fighting varsity started the '67-'68 season in December by defeating the Selah Vikings 74 to 49. After a loss to Ellensburg the next week, the Cadets began a six-game winning streak. Eisenhower de- feated Wapato twice, both by wide margins, and downed West Valley 85 to 67 in a high scoring duel. The Cadets initiated league play by beating Kenne- wick 56 to 49 and trouncing the Moses Lake Chiefs 81 to 55. "State ranked" Richland came to Eisen- hower the following week and saw their undefeated season come to an end as the Cadets slipped by the Bombers 62 to 59. Plagued by illness the Cadets entered a four-game losing streak, dropping games to Davis, Pasco, Wenatchee, and Walla Walla by slim margins. Despite these setbacks Ike rebounded to again defeat Moses Lake, 86 to 56. Eisenhower then traveled to Richland where cold shooting resulted in a 52 to 80 defeat. In the cross- town rivalry with Davis the following week the Ca- dets emerged victorious, paced by Mike Snyder's 28 points, 69 to 54. Ike entertained Pasco the following evening and the Bulldogs took home a 62 to 70 win. Eisenhower came alive once again and finished league play by defeating Wenatchee, Walla Walla, and setting a new school record by trouncing the Kennewick Lions 108 to 68. Following this triumph Ike bowed to Ellensburg 60 to 66 and lost the chance fordistrict competition. mi' fill 1968 Varsity Team Members include: Fred Fishback, Don Bruns- Mike Nelson, Bob Blumhagen, Steve Bladow, and Dick Gilmore. sen, Monte Tweten, Bob Nicholls, Jim Ostrander, Dick Loofburrow, FRONT ROW: Bill Semmler, Dave Hoff, Coach Keith Farnam, Mr. Ken Frazier, Mike Snyder, Tom Coleman, Paul Dillon, Steve Vest, Faust,and Eddy Linker. 281: Five Seniors Lead Varsity Cagers Senior "A" squad members surround Coach Farnam for the traditional hand clasp. l Bob Nichollsdribbles the ball around a defender in the Richland game. 88 Bob Blumhagen places a lay-up for two points in a well played fast break. Varsity takes a break during heated action. lke 72 50 85 63 67 56 81 62 67 67 Opponent Selah 43 72 Wenatchee 77 Ellensburg 57 57 Walla Walla 64 WestValley 67 86 Moses Lake 56 Wapato 48 52 Richland 80 Wapato 57 69 Davis 54 Kennewick 49 62 Pasco 70 Moses Lake 55 75 Wenatchee 69 Richland 59 63 Walla Walla 56 Davis 73 108 Kennewick 68 Pasco 72 60 Ellensburg 66 '67-'68 "C" Squad Members include: BACK ROW: Mr. Berg, Ben Hittle, Curt Hurst, Brent Young, Dan l-larris, Mark Carpenter, Pat McVey, and Mike Smith. FRONT ROW: Bill Cramer, Dan Rohn, Steve Harnmermiester, Craig Gilbert, Steve Vest Shoots a two-pointer agamstwapatol Bob Englund, Scott Samuelson. and Coach Beetchenow. lke's 1968 Junior Varsity includes: Dan Thompson, Eric Dohrman, Mike Cornwall, Loren Taylor, and Chuck Gosney. FRONT ROW: Rog- Jim Loofburrow, Paul Nelson, Bob Price, .lay Seitz, Mike Goetz, erKirsch, Coach Ken Bongers,and GaryCarlson. Brian Garrett, Bob DiPietro, John Seitz, Ron DeBoer, Scott Tweten, 89 Wrestlers Take Second In Big 8 Varsity wrestling jumped off to a fast sta rt with a string of victories in league matches. Sunnyside managed to break the win streak with a 22-22 tie. Eisenhower enjoyed an undefeated season until the last match when state champion, Moses Lake, handed the Cadets a one point loss and dropped the team into second place in the Big Eight Con- ference. Ray Blondin at 168 pounds and Bob Brown at 130 pounds wrest- led their way to perfect 12-O records and helped lead the team to a 12 win, 1 loss, 1 tie yea r. Tournament time saw Eisenhower sweep to first at subdistrict and send 11 wrestlers to district where the Cadets lost the championship by one point. Scott Cahoon, Dewey Parrish, Ray Blondin, Paul Boeckman and Greg Mott still Tianaged to qualify for the state meet in Bellingham where we tied for eighth place. Ray Blondin wrestled his way to third place at state in the 168 pound division. SEASONS RECORD John Rodgers Ferris Richland Sunnyside Walla Walla Wenatchee North Central Kennewick Davis West Valley Marquette Moses Lake Pasco OPP. 19 15 16 22 13 18 10 15 21 17 17 21 9 1 petitor. Scott Cahoon makes his opponent pay the price. 1stSubdistriCt, 2nd District. State Com- Ray Blondin wins 8-1. lst Subdistrictv 15f Ken Roseattemptsatakedown on Kennewick opponent. District, 3rd State. 91 Ray Blondin Takes Third Place Paul Boeckman uses a tight waist to ride his Pasco opponent. lst Subdistrict. 1stDistrict. State Competitor. Gene Brugeman keeps his opponent from standing up. i Ernie Miller works for a pin using a half nelson. 4th Subdistrict. Bob Brown uses a tight waistand neararm to control opponent. lst Subdistrict, 3rd District. Chris Warren tries an escape from Kennewick opponent. 2nd Sub- district, 3rd District. .2 fwfr? At State Tournament In Bellingham B squad members included ROW 1: Mike Antijunti. Bruce Schact- ler, Dave Holt, Mike Sable, Doug Peralta, Jim Hammerstad. Bruce Heiser, Brian Guild, and Steve Kitt ROW 2: Gary Thompson, Jack Shaw, Terry Rehberg, Richard Mathieu, Larry Blanchard, Bruce Kitt. Ozzie Olson, Bob Weimer, and Don Smith ROW 3: Steve Sha- han, Spencer Davis, Jack Brack, Norm Friehauf. Jack Carter, Ernie Calahan, Greg Fund, Bill Kabrich and Jeff Davis. BELOW: Coaches Stone and Dihel discuss the state meet prior to leaving for Bellingham. '29 Nw , 'S' PM "4 ,fstgfiif 93 ABOVE: Rob Talcott rides opponent with a tight waist and near ankle. 4th Subdlstrict. BELOW: Charlie McNeal keeps West Valley opponent off balance. 3rd Subdistrict, 4th District. Mile Relay Team Sets New Sub sm. SLCK Lcooofburrow ind Rick Roe Strain to Clear the hurdles before BELOW: Sprinters Bill Heath and Dale IVlcLean practice starts for up mmg mee' the 100 and 220 yard dashes. .Y asffr Ron IVIcLaln races to victory and a new school record of 4232.2 in the mile. Andy Zimmerman strains while throwing the discus, 94 District Record Of 3:27.7 Mile Relay men Rick Roe, Jack Carter, and Larry Keltner KRIGHTJ discuss an upcoming meet with sprinter Marion Crow QZND FROM RIGHTJ. Coach Don Holder's track squad defeated Ellensburg in the first meet of the season. For the first time in twelve encounters Ike bowed to Richland 92 to 44. Eisenhower's track team raced by Moses Lake 89 to 47 and Wenatchee 78 to 58 in the next two dual meets. Ike then traveled to the Pasco Invitational and placed twelveth among 16 teams after an almost perfect domination of the annual contest. Ike par- ticipated in the Davis Invitational the next week and placed fourth. The following week Eisenhower jour- neyed to the Big 8 Relays in Richland and captured second place, behind the hosts. Ike triumphed in the Sub-Sub District meet against Davis 85 to 51 and qualified 29 athletes for the Sub District. At the Sub District meet in Pasco Ike placed third and qualified 14 men for the District meet where Larry Keltner emerged as Ike's only representative at the State meet in Pullman. - u g 1968 Cadet trackteam includes: ROW 1: Larry Harrel,,MalcoIm Lindquist, Andy Zimmerman. Dale McLean, Rick Roe, Ray Blondin, Larry McSay, Scott Cahoon. Gary Corcoran, Bill Heath, John Bak- en, Greg Wheeler. ROW 25 Scott Williamson, Charlie Silvers, Jack Carter, Dewey Parish, Larry Seitz, Andy Hoggarth, Dick Loofbur- row, Ken Frazier, Larry Keltner, Brad Hudec, Gary Bordon, Kurt Labberton, Rich Lawson. ROW 35 Bruce Kitt, Pat McVey, Larry Blan- chard, Larry Sherfey, Mike Yuille, Ted Poston, Ron McLain, Terry Dooley, Tim Drumhiller, Allen Yeary, Dana Elder. ROW 49 Mr. Loe- we, Terry King, Scott Thomas, Joe Sarchet, Ralph Luft. Brian Cole, Eugene Brugueman, Doug Smith, John Lundblad, Ernie Miller, Brian Toulouse, Larry Daniels. ROW 5: Steve Shahan, Bob Shahan, Wes Hurst, Randy Lanik, .ion Seitz, Brian Garrett, Jay Seitz, Ron DeBoer, Scott Richardson, BiIlLock. ROW 6, Mr. Frazier, Head Coach Holder, Mike Antijunti, Larry Madlo, Gary Carlson, and Keith Bonser. Cadets Qualify 29 Gregwheelergrimaceswhile putting the shot. Onlookers cheer on Dewey Parish as he turns the corner in the two-mile. Coach Holder talks with Cadet trackmen before a meet. 96 ontesta nts For The Eugene Bruegeman stretches for another foot in the broad jump. L ' X f Y 1 Q' Q'fQ'fE5hQQQj'iiffif 4i.5r1I7,lH i' 'E iff' " H "f7',iIfu'7'fk1Y:+"52YFi'flYfif'iJ' 'TW 'L '- V' 'Y ' Sv " v, mx.: rs 3 i!M1frlLb-24' . fr M:-it,-f iw .i if ,, wi ,Q 2Mir?Jffwfcfcfgit:-26:xi' ffifff "I f lies? ., ., 1 .J is N, M, ,. , L. .. , , 5 , 5, -,tying,-if.wggaigir ti ,lf wet it f f, n , 'Wit fig5Qq1f,gsfg3g5MQiQ 555 5 " i amrkgiz we-:if , , I , ! ,.,,.,, K 1 "N, 1.2" we , ., VVW, W ' f N! , I .ji 4 Exhibiting his form, Charlie Silvers clears the bar in the pole vault. Sub District Meet Brad Hudec clears 6' 1" in the high jump Quarter miies Ray Blondin and Ron DeBoer warm up prior to a meet LEFT: Larry Sherfey throws the javeli n while tea m mates watch. 97 Spencer Davis delivers another strike over the plate. Coach Christian discusses strategy with senior members of the team. RIGHT: First baseman Mike Nelson prepares to field a ground ball. 98 Cadets Finish A five game winning streak in non-league play kicked off the 1968 baseball season. Coach Curtis Christian, assisted by "B" squad coach Ron Dihel, led the Cadet basemen to a 17-6 record. League play brought a loss to Walla Walla and four split double headers. Two victories over Moses Lake marked a pick up in the season. Davis succumbed to the pitching of Bob Di- Pietro and Spencer Davis in the last games of the season to give the Cadets a third place finishinthe BigEight. Leading the team in batting, junior Mike Nel- son hit six homers, attained a .496 batting average, and drove in twenty runs. Rocky .lack- son and Dick Englund batted in eighteen RBI's apiece. Sophomore Bob DiPietro topped the pitching staff with a .983 earned run average and a 6-1 season record. Six stolen bases gave Jeff Pierce highest honors in that classifica- tion. Third In Big Ei ht Conference iw 53110821 ,reign X ,...f Varsity team members talk things over with Coach Dihel. 4. Q L L Varsity members: STANDING: Dan Humphreys, Dan Dillon, Mike Don Ross, Paul Dillon, Hall Hollenbeck, Pat Jeffries, Don Bruns Olson, Rocky Jackson, Jeff Pierce, Mike Nelson, Spencer Davis, sen, Bill Ratcliffe, Phil Eells, Gene Wirt, Steve Vest, Bob DiPietro Dan Jackson, Dick Englund, Tom Root. SITTING: Eric Dohrman. FRONT: Bob Mallory,Coach Christian, Ed Linker. 99 Jef fP Ike Trounces Davis f ,f 'S S ierce throws the ball to the infield. Mike Nelson covers first base in a league game. , ,, - fs , V A ig . - mf, W , I 4 4 xv , 1 W' Y.. f' J Lip F MN B squad members: TOP ROW: Mike Carey, Mike Goetz, Mark Miller, ROW: Coach Ron Dihel, Tom Paddason, Jack Shaw. Jerry Linders, Stan Slxkiller, Brent Young, Ernie Callahan, Ozzie Olson. BOTTOM Gail Thornton, Dan Thompson, Mike Smith. 100 l In Both Games 0f Doubleheader Dick Englund flips the ball to Rocky Jackson fora double play. SEASON SCORES OPPONENT Sunnyside Sunnyside Ellensburg Toppenish Selah Wapato Walla Walla Walla Walla Selah Wenatchee Wenatchee Richland Richland WestValley Kennewick Kennewick Moses Lake Moses Lake Marquette Pasco Pasco Davis Davis .left Pierce smashes a hitduring a league game 'Q - n Steve Love executes a serve. Cadet boys captured first place and the girls tied in the Dis- trict 5 Tennis meet at Richland. The girls' team shared hon- ors inlra'-'-three way tie with Pasco and Davis each scoring five matches. Dave Whiteside and Curt Gilbert climbed to the top of the ladder by defeating Steve Love and Dave Dwinell in the all Eisenhower doubles final. Yakima hosted the State Prep Boys Tennis Tournament on May 25 and 26. Bellarmine of Tacoma took first place in singles and doubles with the Whiteside-Gilbert combination defending lke's 1967 championship by claiming second. Awards at the annual Spring Sports Assembly went to Mary Darnton for Inspiration and Carol Lewis for Scholarship. Dave Whiteside was named Captain for 1968. Dave Whiteside practices his tourna ment-winning form. Tennis Team Wins First Becky Poole, Linda Yearout, Mike Knuth and Bob Price conspire to win a challenging match. Q. a 3. Place District, Second In State KNEELING: Cris Blevens, Carol Whiteside, Kathy Hawkes, Cathy Knuth, Scott Breen, Dave Whiteside, Steve Kafer, Curtis Gilbert Thompson, Pam Sinsel, Mary Darnton, Carol Lewis, Marilyn Mil- Kim Shrader, Steve Love, Dave Dwineil, Bob Price, Greg Holt ier, Becky Pooie, Linda Yearout, Peggy Rash STANDING: Mike Coach Don Evans Mary Darnton displays a fast A backcourt slam is stopped by Steve Kathy Hawkes volleysa high return. return. Kafer, i the net, Kim Shrader and Dave'DwineII's combined talents oi-sutute a powerful doubles team. 103 Throwing a spray of sand Monte Tweten blasts from the trap Colvin putts foranother birdie, . . and faces one of golf's frequent hazards. 104 Ike Places Fourth In State Golf Tournament if Eisenhowefs Varsity Golf team of 1968 included Captain Tom Coleman, John van Rooy, Fred Pitzer, Bob Frontis, Don Forrester Denny Colvin. Jim Mount, and Monte Tweten. LEFT: Coleman exhibits good form on an iron shot. RIGHT: Forrester's body twists with the power of his back swing. 105 if-if 4 Varsity golf enjoyed an excellent turn- out of '67 lettermen this spring. Seven juniors and two seniors dedicated them- selves to several practice rounds each week. This terrific season for the team began with a moral-lifting lst place against 27 other schools at the Kennewick invita- tional. At Wenatchee they stood in sec- ond, topping 25 schools. Varsity won five of their six league matches, bowing only to Richland. At district tournament the team nabbed first place and the privi- lege of entering state competition where they placed fourth. Denny Colvin averaged lowest score and also received the inspirational award. Monte Tweten won medalist honors at district. Don Forrester, Captain Tom Coleman, Tweten and Colvin went to state. Junior varsity's six golfers triumphed with a 7-O record and upgraded our prospects for next year. ' " """"4 "Z: I -"ffA'ifm22a22:1s -:L-New if -L, .....-.1 1 L. :f'k:if w i" A A V ,'i""", . , . . E 2 11 few f ff Q f fff 'n """" '1 I f M n . ww- , E-W e '- an P ' wi " 'f 'f wa" . f . 1 , K 'KLL :ds 133. 1.-.wi . ,t?,, m5Ew5?g, :::h v , I W A I ,. ?..g ,x2w4Vh e v w,,I',,qf,,g,5,,:fiW,5,, wsggf f. 7:51 ,H X ,. ' 1"-'Wff N0 ,Q f ""12w,.,, 'TW - -- ':'.g-fvh.-1'.x,1:.f,+'i . T' , 9 -A?71j,.."3?'?'-'.'i,. fifth',.,f!"'f'f1'52'151f ' . 1 .P Q fr' Lf. h def- 2-friifis f- 7 ,. V Wea. - 7 f-- , , '-if ef - Q 71f,gg3.,3 K 5, ' n f , " V, 11 w..,W,:i"f'g?,1g 3, ' F ' 'A ' ' arm Mg -, Q + We -LM , msn. , - 1 If .-nw... ., 1,40 .. .:f'1. .-' -. f - e f ef enee we e M-,: '. , : " 5'3f'9 W ' M H ' " ' Classes . . . the challenge to find oneself 106 among the many derclassmen Ste New School New Classes l .ws we X' ur. L.. XN 'A N- kk z 1?- A" l ,fix ,A X, Q f .Qy WAN?n,'s1 PW A af X",Qihgtus tie MS' ' -me 1 hw V. , Q of Xwiw eree jf . X or A ,N X fff A ,. nl rf 1 gl K , New Life Vice-President Clark Osterhout Torch Tricia Aalpoel Shelly Aaring Mandy Adams Kathy Adamson Larry Akers Kathy Allen Robb Amis Betty Anderson Linda Anderson Valerie Andrae Teresa Andrews Delores Baker Dan Bariault Alan Bartley Eileen Baxter 108 'I , li lr at y il-Us :tr I . 2 I Treasurer Diana Loy OfL Q 1 'eff' T . -gif it i 4-MTR ig jw ,pr 1 ,994 I x l T - -5 ff A M x ' ,..,. .-5 1 " if ff l f .v A ' ' f Q 5 Q - ss: , .P-:kr 2 Nvnv X w ia' K H fx gffyxw D W 3 -52 I K ,Ist lkr ,g, f I ' 1 M .,-,. f 1 ,Ax is QF ' VV 1 .,,,. , - , " , H S , A Q -n, l X 1 Sir 5'-r V' xiua .715 5 1 W, 1 , . I Q rlil 4 W 1 . 1" 'V -' v , X z ' if J D 5 M I ' if N - J ' fi ' X My ll iii' L y l 'if x to L y- ,u t J 2 ' was leg lr l f' yi r l lllxl A A 'lv gl5,,M' . D -gifs i q zl t j 4 4 1 'cf l t J at J f -ef y Dedicated Sophomore Offcers f 1- .3 M ' ,- J L Jw LVL 'g of 1 5- o.4e " l 2 J ', "l 'P A ' ' if I I, Alexz. -t T 3 S qzggj l VI., , 7:55 A my . . L y ,f l , ,air x -2 f l I val 7 85' if - Y f l ' J "' Q J, ef L ., eo ff A VV N J ,ll b e:' - ' - . . , ve- rr- ' ' W 2 L rx Pam Bayne Aloma Beaver Scott Beaulaurier Jamie Beck Chris Beede Greg Bemis Kathy Bieren Fran Bilodeau Mike Birryessa Jim Bjorgen Mari Blanchard Larry Blanchard Crystal Blevins Thomas Bluhm Carrie Boley Debra Bourdon Mark Boyd Paul Brassey Narda Brian Jan Briant Richard Brimmer Maurice Broom Linda Brown Randy Brown Robin Brown Gene Bruegeman Richard Bruegeman Karen Buckingham Kendra Burforcl Ernie Calahan Mary Caldwell Diana Callahan Debra Cameron West Campbell Mike Carey Gary Carlson Lynn Carlson Mark Carpenter Debbie Carrell Morna Carroll Gay Carson Gary Carter Jack Carter Lynn Cassidy Gayle Castillo Bill Cawley Janet Chambers Robert Champlin Jim Charles Leslie Charlton Weslie Charlton Gerald Clayton Peggy Cochran Neal Coffey Tom Coffin Debbie Cooper Dennis Copeland Jerry Copeland Nalani Copeland Mike Cornwall Bill Corporon Alan Cottle Liz Courtney Linda Cox Bill Cramer Leslie Cranston Shelley Cuneo Anna Curtis Mike Curtis Susan Cyr Vicki D'Amico Kay Dalrymple Steve Danberg Angela Davis Jeffrey Davis Lori Davis Laurel Deason Linda Deason Rodney DeBoer Eileen Dekker Cindy DeVine Kalyn DeVolve David Dickerman Bobby DiPietro Eric Dohrmann Patricia Dooley Stephen Dorr Sherry Dorsett Vickie Duff Chris Duncan Karen Dwarshuis Dave Dwinell Debbi Edwards Linda Elder Sue Elefson Robert Englund David Engquist Don Erickson Barbara Ernst Susan Fairbrook Liz Faller Debra Faringer Fa rrel Farnsworth Jim Faulconer Robert Fauth Vicki Fetzer Greg Fielding Rick Fisher Kay Flack Kathie Floren lrene Flores Paula Fluegge .sa -X 5- . L i " ' Q 'Q-gif , - J.. 1 - Q77 for ENE 4 .Q . ' -f . W" of ..g,. ..-i ,ive - ' A W' ' ' .. -N--W V nr. 31 S , We . , , 1 , , S - 4 9 ff? 1 " 5 I if tx I .v 6 X ,y V ' va 42 :K , i 1 . . i hx -'oi cv .. A 9 5 ' ' ' , -Q3 vw? A '-V. , 47 V -M, Sf' C7 A V VK . rf" . 5' I 1 f ' , F F A 'S he ,. it K I 1 x I' , tx 3 Q rf Z i 1 i X? ' an 'Q l .,,. m-xy, 1.,, "' -J , A ins, V xl, 7, , . Studies, Service, Social Activitie ft X i 1-', , 1:41 X ff . r s , ft. .i A' .- ty., O If-?:,"l7,f fn i s fi' ,N , , av -12' - 'Lf ..,.. ,NW y ., ' 4 . C ' as ' ' 1 5 - ' - V I , 'i tx K A. . .ry -- he , t 1. . If - ' 1 S-N ' ,gy i , .xv-'Qt L Z' al , cv., S ' , ..-V , C.. --.- i ' -': I-Jifi. ,-'Elia 'f i F-el':22 .-, -4. I f" 9 s ix 5 ' Q 'Yf Q.: as w--., 1 , " 4 Giro, .QQ--. " 2 , 'S .-135 .:Jt2:I1f"-"v',.". . " 3':2"w '--'?1 ?J'9 'E H 110 "One, two, cha, cha, cha," becomes a familiar phrase as dancing, demonstrated here by Chris Blevins and Jeff Davis, is added to the P. E. program. ' . s - , K N will I if fl iii o IIIIIIIIIIIIIII JV Mwm k 't v ' L H gy it l ,J Q, 1 it , xy Q , lg ,- e -4 , .- ., u gr JL: .,-'.:'.,Mn, .,-.. . g:'.3'v v '..:'J nl V 0 'Q v wa gf X r i , 'ii 1 1 N M g ' 1 V5 'f x if A L f PAQ ' ,g' 9 wh if il Zh I 'rd ..wf David Fogler Kathy Fortier Bill Frank Wendy Frank Pam Frey Nancy Friehauf Marlene Fryendall Gene Gandy Anne Garretson Brian Garrett Diane Gerhardt Jerri Gibson Cragg Gilbert Cheryl Gilley Robert Glaspey Becky Glover timulate Sopho ili? ,1'::- I be J v at ka Q15 1 mn ik! .-A- If -M is ig W .5 '- Q' E LXL J if' 5 , '?::'? - 1? W vie J mf' Q , Q... . y .,, :wry ,f"' qgfa- p I ' i f M t I Jane Miller sells a program to Mike Carey during football 593500. ' L 1 if - 'E D , 'Q 4. kc., if 1 L. 5-3, we-' -fa... K hu I if t ,iff t i D f 5 X N 523'-J fx'9x'3Q'1f I' K 5 F "Ri ,, '?- T 4 A A A . -i ,X , g , D . -,gf-thx V J 1 W 5 i3gQif,1 . 1 sv, Q, L ua 5, X 4, . 1 gi q 1 X ,,z.- X .. 'V if f "" Q - A , 3 Y , ""QllQSx. i ',,. ,nigga A iii t .isa ' K 2 ' 'll' H, Q' il l t it, H ffl vu. ., , Tom Gnojek Mike Goetz Charles Gosney Jane Graham Sherri Green Elizabeth Greenough Tori Greiner Kaye Griffiths Brian Guild Julie Guilland Mark Gunter Dave Hagel Lynn Hagadone David Hall Deborah Hall Lee Hall Gena Hallett Steve Hammermeister Judy Hanratty Mike Hargrove Dan Harris Dick Harris Phil Harvey Debra Haubrich Robert Hauser Evelyn Hawley Mary Ann Hazen Della Heinen Marcia Helland Marilyn Henderson Donna Henley Pamela Henyan Dennis Herr Carol Hiatt Mary Beth Hicks " li Ellenanne Hill f a 7 5' "T, 4, -. .. A A M Vi...-. gs VV I . Sandi Hill ' - Y -. 2- ' - 'Lf M 4 ' 3 ff r Sandy lvlarle l-llll f f V A r Kris Hlllis -J , l , l i it J ' J, David Hillwick ,f , i ii f, Y iT'i Vi K Q C J X f 3 ' 'IQ ' ' 1.4: ' " Benny Hittle Richard Hoffarth ,V Lynne Hoffman 3 J Dan Hoggarth , fr ,"'-. V in ,Q V 4-V C' j r V David Holt , l' - , LV' is , 5 C L- Vj ' Greg Holt A Q-1' 3, 'V C-ii' Q' ' ' ,ff Shelley Holt f ' J r Y L ss ,V , . Janet Hosea V- . 'A , H - el, W f I ' v NV I . . 1 1 5 'PL ' Mary Hovis Leon Howell 4 fm Mark Hull . V i i VV Curtis Hurst 9' 1 J as f X ' ,5 Q, , ' if 2 , 4 K r V I r ' if - l 'r i C., ' . F Gary Hyndman , QW V 4 - V 1' W VV . ,Q . mt, TV ,, Dan lmburgia NL C' ,"""'i M... W ' 'I' 17.9, V' FFL' Steve Ingram 1 .J V V VX NVQ 9 A 15 V P lltl l K 'V " f au a so a o U X V ., 0 V VV 653 VV V! Kim Iverson ' , Jay Jackson VW f x Joel Jaussaud r ,., ivy ffl' f, Sherry Jewell , -", I ' "5 I f' ,V-Q , g , VV V , V Beneva Johnson 'Y V. " ' V 'fp " ' V3 LV V Z" l V 'V 155 DarrylJohnson if J ' if "F P. g 1:2 'f, . ' ' Marion Johnson 'N ' n 'C X gL', Vi .EN , Vw ' 4 - Martina Johnson 4' ' V -, 41-iViW'r' " , I. ' f M ix " . N ' A ' Ml! x i . A -. l' A I 'F-7 J 'Spirit of '67' Captures Diane Jons Pam Kaiser Marie Kannedy Karen Kean Arlene Kelly VV ' Karen Kelly 1 V V Kathllne Kelly T fp - y s 48 Rick Kelly ' J ' v- ,V 'Q Cheryl Kelsey ,. 'S 'ffl , Laurel Kelsey 'rrr' o,J'iEl,, A l s H V C Kim Kerr X gf, was V Janet Kidman i ' V , L V Jane Klle ' it - ,sw LQQVJ Cynthia Kimmel -V VV V, L V VlVV 5 WV Terry King S, 'ggi V ,V Patricia Kirk ., M V X V,f ,j ,V ., ff' Roger Kirsch .. , ,, - ff-'Si 1 4 ff Q Charles Kisner 1 L s " Bruce Kitt VV V .ill V V ffm Glenn Kloster . V f ..-if , ,- , of J li' A 7-. , I ' ' , 1 W -wr . A ,, , Q . - . . 5 X, 112 Jerry Linder and Rick Kelly watch as Paul Nelson spikes the ball. i - ,. J V V' PM RQ 1- - iw S 2' ,, 'fa sz-f Af-+ 1 ,J X .V -ff S "H S 1 A My if L i J at L Q L , 1 ' " "" ff- ' Aff li sa L -L Y, 1 ,,,..,, QW.. ! Ld. My W6 W I M Q, Vg .,, Q V , ' . Q V W i 'A'VV L as f 1 X P-' M1 1""t"" 5 fi 1 if of D- - fi is 4' A 4 ' 3 . if 5' 'L f 553' 'Y it W- : k - , P s Q 'Mi - , frtf...A----1 J . s 4 x Sophomores' Enthusiasm :rent Young. 1 4. 'ff' -. ig, S353 , V 1 ,Ji ,.,r N in. ll, "1 qs, . .,, A Q' vn- J if J I AR , ..- Q te if t , '- ' -at 'vs :P ,qwyh ff' ......u' i " ' Q4 g le,-i'.t sit- i P kr i iv dw , :Jr A Q3 QE J L xv .Kuff L Q i ' .ii nv- ,. it ,Q . N , 2 sr' if Q jd 113 'l 2: mu Z, Nev' 5 ,. , H ... , 1-3 'K N, Mike Kloster Dan Klundt Mike Knuth Karen Kreutzman Doug LaBarge Jody LaBissoniere Karin Lafoon Deborah Laidler Susan Lancaster Sandy Lange Sharon Lange Randy Lanik Janet Lapp Ronald Larin Randy Lauderdale Danielle Laurent Stewart Law Mary Lecocq Ray LeMaster Jane Lemon Walt Lenz Christine Lewis Cynthia Lindeman Jerry Linder Jeanne Little James Loofburrow Gloria Lopez Kathy Lortie Vickie Loveless Dianne Loy Mary Madill Mary Maher Janice Maier Patrick Mallory Debra Mantey Jim Marquis Suzette Marshall Linda Massey Cheryl Ann Mathias John Mathieu Patricia Mattson John McArdle Susan McArthur Brian McClure Peggy McGee Sam Mcllvanie Eric Mclntosh Sally McLean Donna McNamara Nancy McNett Kathy McNulty Patrick McVey Virgil Michael Betty Millard Bob Miller Gary Miller Jane Miller Kathy Miller Ron Miller Bob Moore Carl Moore Rick Morford Donald Morgan Charles Moriarty Glen Morris Mike Morris Ken Motheral Kathi Murphy Mark Needam Gail Nelson Paul Nelson Phil Niemeyer Dean Nissen Lois Norberg Glenda Olson Martin O'Neal Pat O'Neil Steve Orndorff Don Osborn Clark Osterhout Torn Paddison David Page Kenneth Paine Susan Paisley Royce Palmer Ann Paluck Mike Paluck Janet Park Debby Parker Paula Parks Bill Patterson Steve Paullin ... .. r' W, , . . lox! X1 r, ik. .cy 'WJ ab , Q1 fili- if '1'.I"f-AX Q, . 'tx V' 17 all 3 K V XV. '- f. , - 4-J" 'lit at A it .gf . - N er f r C 5? M it Nz My -4 ,L 'Q 1 if J l V 9 5 if K 'ff Ak 5' I A Q J ix? xr? Paul Kathy Singrey and Mary Caldwell pursue their studies in the English Resource Center. Pat Paul Jill Pearson Forrest Pease Douglas Peralta Carolyn Peterson Jacqueline Peterson Terry Peterson Barbara Petty Karen Petty Cindy Peyton Gloria Pfeif Susan Picatti '-. N. es ' 114 A , 35915, 'ff . . .. 5' 'Ly 1 'Se 4. ' ' I eil . rl,, 1 r Q JZ V in ,,.e E f sft' A , R 4 .1 ' P . 4 up PQ P W 5 UL g , P ' in . A ' X ,Ex ,,,,ii i h J 1 m r!!! 3-Ji . 1, 5 J , f Q, 74 li v 5' J . SH: . ry-.. x fl iff "" N "' 'Q 'X flff Q Q AQ K 'Qi' if' Nelson Awarded 11' VY P .21 any in ' EI . ,J . ., if , fs.,- VH Q A M .... 1 Q E P " X M , 1 ' X' P 2 -it Q , B qfyxj 1 S e uf' ' ' ff A ' ' r in x ' I :K . ' Q 'fi 1 . Qld ' 9 -Y ,S 'fi J i sl AVE? , A , L ,Q - i t ff 'Q s ' Qs! "Y el .1 is Dx r W L, x .yu- . 4 . 'X ' . le.. 177 :'4"Qxx, 'ln I Figs. V-PTIHLA. I ig, , . t .A l , In f""' f it 4 ' 1- 'H . , 1. VIL ki 2 fi t .t , iv in My .ff Z7 J A if ff if reg , if A3 9 U , :, i K Mike Pomerenke Becky Poole Gerald Poole Linda Popp Jerry Porter Karen Pottratz Ross Pouley Donnie Powell Bob Price Rhonda Pritchard Tim Probst Chris Pugh Jane Ramsey Mike Reed Marilyn Rennie Sharon Ricard Melanie Rider Marilyn Robert Kathy Roberts Harry Robinson Ricky Robinson Dan Rohn Sally Roi Connie Rose Mike Sable John Jonas Memorial Plaque Paul Nelson proudly displays his award presented each year to the B squad foot ball player who best exemplifies the spirit of John Jonas. - - fri? ' N if EK S E 5 is H- i- - .,.. J. to M - ,J J if fi J J ,M i s ef r K' 52, I , id i v-JZ! P. N7 L, LT' . J 'i ,iv J ,gil S. I Nts J A fs 7 ,ff , . Q. ,Q .. S ' y femme J , J J 4111, 'W M E, K X 'X--,.. f 'M a-9' .-4: -,Y - t x 1 MA I - 1- 1 . ,V I I lr .J ' , 1, V If A A I V Qi if . V ' I K , 1 u ' I sk V W ., Y. 1 A -ii WH 6 K1 ,,WV I iw K N I. pk W " , A -1' . I, ' V, fl -V ,f I K if 5 , 531- " 115 Scott Samuelson Robert Sanford Mike Santini Saundra Sargent Bruce Schactler Suzanne Scheidt Mike Schock Reginald Schroeder Joyce Scott Jay Seitz Jon Seitz Marti Sevier Mark Seymour Rene Shatter Bob Shahan Jack Shaw Steve Shaw Elaine Shook James Sidwell Beverly Siegele Dian Silvers Kathryn Singrey Glenda Sisler Stanley Sixkiller Jana Smith Michael Smith Karen Snider Janice Snow Pam Snow Steve Snyder Effie Soden Frank Sommers Robert Sonnen Nancy Spaet Joan Sparling Debbie St, George Vicky Steber Shirley Stewart Sally Stotsenburg Mark Strosahl Sally Strother Vickie Swale Sally Sweet David Syrcle Loren Taylor Barbara Thomas Scott Thomas Danny Thompson Harry Thompson Marlyn Thompson Susan Thompson . Q-kv ' . wi , 2 ,s re , 15? ri X3 if - ,, ig l , JR. X 4 f? if '14 W ' X S at l . ,t,,i A L '4 U-' ill li T iw. ' A . I' X EQ . ' . T f 4-fy t J , I J ,fit in 1 4.7 ,T -Q u lvl it Q, is WJ A in . - ,fl as I - Q! , U H K. , J I.' .J 'T' that-' like :L gil, i , 116 Gail Thornton Lane Throssell Linda Tompkins Ray Torres Jodie Toulouse Ruth Turner Scott Tweten Gayle VanDorn Ma rk Van Dorn Debbie Vanlitta Olaf VanLuenen Bob Vetter Sophomore girls combine small talk, studies. and food lunch hour... and smiles forthe camera man. ,cl y yew' 5 wifi ' ' A , Class Of '7 5' ' r fs 'NF ,,1 , ' TS . J .ij 5 ll if 8 L , .. .D Q M fi" t X A ' 1 4. ,' ,S -- 5 ' ' is , vii' If ' 3 T' 1, fax. ' ,... ' ,sf 4' g .V I gi-.lf-, vf, L I l' at Donna Williams ,T lg, l ,i . Jig All 'FJ LZ .., .ggs f a .: wa.-1 at - 5, ' 3 is. -1 A . I .. "Q 4-L 'mW??wk - " ft. f if Y is fdigww if ii, 1 i s '- I A? se an N .iq J ,b B he - 'Xt 7x T , osts Cadet Country "'? .6 V -A ' E , ., r T vvi. ,ii V ., 'iv ,. . A e Xi. AN ' b ' S i ---1' ,R YQ x . bf .i if x "iff..' Kim Wiese Barbara Wilkins Gary Williams Christine Williams Shelley Williams Karey Wilmoth Carolyn Wilson Mary Winterringer Steve Wolfe Linda Yearout Mary Yeary Cindy Yoerger lrving Yorks Brent Young Steve Younger 117 Population Not Pictured Ken Badten Jerry Carlson Renee Violette Diana Voss Karen Wales Sara Walker Judy Walters Michele Ward Denise Warner Bruce Waringer Greg Weber Robert Weimer Robert Weingarton Sherry Weins Debbie Westerlund Carol Whiteside Jean Whitney Steve Niles Robert Ries Robert Dillman Cheryl Dunn Duane Dunn Diane Fate Lynn Frick Darrel Hank Terry Hanson Steve Hendrickson Lynne Jackson Raymond Kloster Sharon Lewis Laurie Lorz Beth Martin Robert Miller Tony Sanchez Virginia Scheurman Pam Sorenson Bill Steinpreis David Stubner Dennis Sullivan Peggy Styner Michael Taylor Gloria Turner Patricia Tustin Dallas Van Dorn Faustino Varela Jennie Wheat Dell Williams L it-'MM :- x '13, V' Qi 5 A , A-Q21 if 'Q Y ,, , .., , 5 ' i I Vice President Treasurer Secretary President John Van Rooy Kirk Strosahl Katie Barnett Don Forrester Officers Lead . ,N if 1 iii t, 'L fv. A .ji 1 mens 1 n ' it V' -'Eff , 'Jav a' ., i 3, F-TN! W., i f iwriifi Z A a 5 :.,,t , ,- if w if 'A 2 -' ' no v " """ i1 h we--f , m r ,M '17, V-'ff 'Q I , . -hs- 2 QL , ,Y ,55f2W,. +.,:'.f:.M.,, .zwi--.,m..?w 54111, ' ar L. FP A ' K. if K 1 x .mi A I A ' , i ' h x ,a mi V we 3 Q . bl, Q N.. r J 1-H j if- is Q f W 1 ,fr : fig nfl .. . ,f" a 5: , ' - "' - . . - My ,rt S-P-I-R-I-T, we've got spirit!" h 1 'IB 5, t, I t 1 tt 253 L X' --Q ' 1. Q' 'ifiiai F if fr ses! e w Qw ,. -, id. F 1 I i, bi.. 'VL -v A . "" SU, - 'Q .rm f H , - . . z l ff wi M ,iw "' Y L' B '55-f2"f BQ , . , 4 ,, K Q ,I . , L' 'ts' ' r ,V TT . l, , A . 1 Q . 1 ai' iw! fl il C- W WET ,f , ' I , A of 2'A in R 1, . ,N . . i .5 . , ..,. t f - - , z - 435 Enthusiastic Juniors 1 U 'Uk C , it r,msg , wiv 'fy v. X :Q X t tif' dwa- Fran Bisscholf John Blaschka Jacquelyn Blizard Tana Bloedel Edith Blount Chris Bolm Elizabeth Boltz Lynette Bonneville Keith Bonser Donna Bordon Gary Bordon Patricia Bowers Sue Bradley Scott Breen Wendell Breiner Pam Briant Claudia Brown Doug Brown Don Brunssen David Buchanan Richard Bullion Q-nv 19... I V r .. , E ,D X 'T-Luv 'I . 'I' , st ,f i W Q '.-'- 9 1-fam , My E Q- ig it ,,. fu , Ai f A gf. ,J I il ' 5' ' W 3 ,E ff: A 47 ' '7gy!.4f'fr X A - , Isl 4 Q t , es"-QV, ' 1... f t "Y 1 wh... A f ff A , i :Q 4' . . fi 119 Elizabeth Ackerman Ken Adams Robert Adams Barbara Adamson Richard Addington Roger Agee Barb Allard Patricia Aller Lynn Amos Jodi Anderson Roger Anderson Mike Antijunti Carrie Arteel Barbara Bacon Gail Badger Gil Baer Chris Barnes Sue Barnes Katie Barnett Sherry Baughman Linda Baxter Ann Beck Suzanne Belz Robin Benjamin Kay Bennett Phil Benscoter Bruce Berg Judy Berghoff Scott Burd Steve Burke Kristie Burrill PaulCaIdwell CraigCampbell Greg Campbell Mike Carey Debbie Carter Glenn Cassidy Don Catron GregChin Charles Church , Kamycnia A 13' , 12 T if " i VaIerieClappison 'V 4' Cynthia Cochran 9 ii , ' ff' ig Sam Cochran fy 'A ' X l , , , We ,. . 5 . ,., mm Tom Coleman Denny Colvin f gi TimConrad Mr- - p5 Q Ann Corning ' ' li " 0 5' Q ' GailCottle A Q... 'Wx 'gi - if K Q QM Joanne Cowling -A , J - I A 'WV' , " ,,Q,. - J iw .Mg i 1- Q . - Ron Cralg Qtfl,1':'?i i ikfQf1' fV 1 J 'Z D . J XVI W X K -giffln zr Q S? A, r .,,, , A ,fl Candy Crawford 'X A' Roberta Crose 4 ' - ,N "gs ij V - Maficuneo J I ' ., is if if , is Marta Cunningham l ri K if f . li ,V 2 Larry Daniels , -7 A if ' xg I X 35 is ' Y Jerry Davis 3 fl Y, '91 f 1' ' QW' r 'XL' L ' A , Julie Davis f ' - 9.1 'i" " , " .V f f. C' is J - W , VV A fn Junior History Classes J 4 ,.,, QE' .. Y i V' 413 N fi .f, 'N' .42-si N -, ,rs-ij-'-.J 4, J j Q14 D ' EQ' ,rl ' A , 1 ff X.-X EI Q .. l v N L7 wt," ipx X 1? D 'N' JI V ? h R gr " . 4 1 J ' .Xa .I " V it L, -sq Q- 'HK -- in fi i l' Sip C 5 N5 J V D ' - qs 5 . ., mis" J , 'S J f 4' 7, 59" K J .R i .,-E 5, .l ,. A is 9' ' S ' A ,ma K K v, I I N Y 1 Q, . ' K J V K A 23 Q75 V 13 5 f ,dgi T X f 120 rs M fi sig ' V f' ' iv A ' Johanna Garbe ff fy 1 ' JeanineGarrett - ,M a - if , 1 my ' "5" "M 57 . RonGeib V f lt, A " my . , Gwen Gerritsen gy rf sqm. , , ,Q lil, Curtis Gilbert it Q ,fi it , ag AHHGIOVQV . fl 3 " ,J 5 A ff 'QQ K N ' 1 li Q, .1 ffg' N, ' 1 " :iff Charles Glass 'A , A . ' Bonnie Good , - . , il , , -C ig J 'h eq aux J 444 7 A , V , - J 1 SalIyGoode A- 5 A . - . , x 1 4, , Dan Gordner ., . Q ' fr' g -Ll JanetGrant ,M l . , A X i x r- , ,- , Alan Greer 1' ' e x. - . . 1 l 1 'l 'i ,, My V ' LaRoseGriffm G X 3 so 5 A i w K, RickyGrogan , V-'J 5 , it, 4 ssfsfsxvson ' lg i' Y U ,X k , am. Delwin Guthrie W E x --5 f N , w - ' M. K: rl 1 f , f lew. 1 :lg A i -+ - fu VT I f'g7i?'X ii l Pioneer Telelectures y r , 'fi . , 4 , X V i ll QD' 65 fy ! ,mm ff' G hi K! .gy A , I .3-v 's .W f i- .. if 1 A . , ... f., 1 i y , X if Christopher Day Kathy Decker Marie Dekker Jim Dickey Karen Dickman Paula Dilley Paul Dillon Sue Dittmar Gwen Doak Steve Dockter Mary Doudna Tim Drumhiller Patty Duggins Phillis Dupre Dana Dwinell John Dyson Linda Edeler Dana Elder Doug Eldred Steve Emhofl' Coy Esstes Greg Evans Gini Faller Barbara Finch Fred Fishback Jean Flaherty Virginia Florence Don Forrester Dick Fortier Dave Foushay Cindy Francis Kathy Frick Bob Frontis Lance Fry Dennis Fulmer Carmen Fund Mike Funk Starla Gable Chuck Gangwish Steve Gangwish While IVlr. Zylstra observes, Perry Lynch questions Supreme Court Justice Douglas during Eisenhower's second telelecture. Ward Styner's folksinging and ad-libs accent the Thespian talent show. Sue Hatchard Steve Hatfield Herschel Heddlesten Kathy Heidt Dave Heinen Katie Herber Charles Hernandez Joel Heppner Dick Hettinger lVlila Hicks Janean Hill Patricia Hoffman Joanne Hogg Rita Hogg Barbara Hoggatt Cathy Holman Michael Holman Denice Holmes Janice Hooper Patty Hopkins Robert Hove 'L vin.- 4- : - ' 2' 1 X um-' M-'sw "Q--jr' iff. ' 9 -2 Elaine Hackett g - Q -jv X -. . Patti Haines 1 ij 14. If.. A i Gale Hall ' Q . V f ' 'f::'rN'!,' it N , X M A I 4 h l uw we: 4 Leslie Hammermeister A, I ,N Jim Hammerstad -' 'YP - 4 1 R 4 Marybeth Hardy . V ,K A .7 :yi I is JN 1 XX 'Y if '. Rudy Harrel f ' X' --4 ' , Linda Harrington K ' x Roxanne Harrison ' M X if ,,rfff7" I X4 ,, , Greg Hart A mi-1 it Linda Hartley Mike Hastings ..., wx:-1" N..ff' 5s mf" f' X -54 'Frink On The Burkis Follies' E541 Vg! 'lr ' T, ,r F' 1 i 1 X . E ' f'H",:f ,. T, . X, xr It t .ik I 3. .f 'L ,gif nt , o A, ff fxgvw. 122 QF! , - , Q 0 Q -st -it I" ills- 3, 2 3. 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X James Hovis Larry Howell Brad Hudec Rhonda Huff Denise Hunter Danny Jackson Jon James Valerie James Pat Jeffries Grant Johnsen Bill Johnson Bruce Johnson Laura Johnson Marlene Johnson Ron Johnson Allan Jones Greg Jones Gary Jordan Lois Jorgensen Robert Jose Bill Kabrich Steve Kafer Shirley Kean Diana Keeth Pat Kelsey Linda Kerslake Susan Kile Bruce Kimmel Nlarilou Kinder Sherrie Kirk Bruce Kiser Cynthia Kiser Nancy Kitt Dennis Kline Randy Kloster Don Korach Kathie Krogh Kurt Labberton Alan Lacour Rick LaLande Vicky Lamb Bob Landis Jim Lane Robert Lauderdale Ken Lemaster Doug Lemon Doug Lewis Ron Lewis Eric Lindell Ray Linder Anna Little Stan Lochrie Mike Long Dick Loofburrow Deborah Loudon Steve Love Melanie Low Rick Low Becky Lugar John Lundblad Lloyd Luppino Barbara Lynch Perry Lynch Beth Mabry Becky MacKenzie Larry Madlo Lynn Many Janet Marble Ed Marquard Lora Marshall Lynda Marson Terry Martin Walker Martin Barbara Mastel Chris Masterman Linda Mather Chris Mattson Patty Mattson Gayle McArthur Dan McCaf'ferty Rick McCaf'lerty Ron McLain Joe McNamara Charles McNeal Sheri Meisler Heidi Mende Warren Michael Glenn Miller Mark Miller Brad Mims Pam Mitchell Karla Moore Pam Morris Greg Mott Greg Mottet Jim Mount Rorie Mullins Gregg Needham Linda Nelson J ..'X ki. w"' A J I A. N. ,X my . fi 1 V 5 . 3 v,-W ,. x a .f . W ii f Ny' 2 , 7 5... "F 5 1 ,..... 4 N, W 'W A . X 33 It aut , 3 I 5' 11 - if . fe as . 'Cs' 9-.1 X I Juniors Capture Three Z gg 1 'lri it i t l Lyxzifaf Q , E .il . QQ S A Q If wg, L "9 l J Qu N .i V Q i - if , f a aa tie g gi Yap , Q , ff if vli! "i ,-T ait 3 5 Is 1 i"' X t M wi ,wt , i.., vi ' J K h N V F' , a I it., ,, it + 'hi J'f-'fa'5f it - Tiii l '- " i " 'H we , K A 124 er-v "3 i , ns Q Ly i . i -e--lf, -' 5 W' ' J X , ,Ev , ig. , ww f H il l .li 'Z ., m y I i V . V A ff, It A P" i ' t V L r V - lsr, ' ' Q, - ' -. , 5 Q . ,, T D, I 2. M t - .f , -in Q , i Q y Q 5 P Un ffl A K g , F V hwy- W K ii -Y'-3'r in . f' f Q71 A I X, i 'ms' .Q ,L 'X . 2.5 'vi:j w .r , H . 'H .. 4'-.. fi -:J ff .... - 4, . Q T . , . S' A- QE' ' Enjoying a break from one of the many rehears- ' ,iii fur? 'A f als for "How to Succeed in Business." Becky ' Lugar, Todd Tressler. Melissa Stevenson, Perry A Lynch, and Rick Pettingill, ham it up. -L Leads In Musical f Q i Mike Nelson Glen Neve Jim Newhall Sandy Nicholls Sidney Niemeyer Connie Nopp Byron Nott Linda Oestreich Linda Olson Ozzie Olson Karen Osborn James Ostrander 3, V, - , V fn , Terry Ostrander I, ,gy B Q , Scott Page f "9" M Nanci Parce I MM xt' A A Dewey Parish ' ,V 'W Y , Bill Park ', ' sul!! lAg,,,,,V ,V Gary Paulson V 'sf 4 E4 fi, x ' . fi Animas :Ah i J? If 5 pg Q r Judy Penhallegon ' g - 7 i it Ron Petersen A 1 My A-4 My Rick Pettingill X My . .J ,.l K ' , . i 1- 3 3 . i i . i P si- ' r Q' ' 'E fr-X . fi' " '- 3 f s if i , s ' ' , 2 x 125 Kathy Pfutzenreuter Lori Phillips Maria Picatti Kris Pieti Davida Pleasant Renee Pleasant Dan Pleasants Mary Poirier Gary Poor Ted Poston Gerald Potter Steve Pouley Jay Puckett Mike Ra bung Becky Rankin Peggy Rash Mary Rasmussen Steve Rasmussen Terese Rasmussen Bill Ratcliffe Carrol Ream Terry Rehberg Teresa Reich Stephanie Reif Dennis Reisch Sandy Revenig Judy Ricard Scott Richardson Sue Rinker Shelley Rintala Karen Rippee Sue Roberts Kathy Romple Jaci Root Merle Root Ken Rose Don Ross Christine Rowe Larry Rowe Larry Russell Molly Rutter Sarah Ryder Starla Gable Teresa Sanborn Helen Sanford Joe Sarchet Ronnie Sartain Steve Schab Marilyn Schaffner Q-.,, .," " 'W A .g,f',' , K- . . A 5 ,. f '-., K .ff si V" "Q, N 74 i, 4- Q- L' 'C'1, x 4 W if' " i lk . J thi U 'eb 11 l tx' ff 1?? 'ii' """Q .47 'lily -. , S. -if g 4-' ' W W if if , - N-4-' Pa , '42 '-i ill y . l Vi A 4 if--5 : inf idx Qhfiiri l .. P' , 6 le x s '. Jim .3 X 4 L' O Ng . A GL' 'Pc ,. W. Ed Scheibner Steve Schiernbeck Donna Scholl Carolyn Scott Annette Sebastian Scott Semon Steve Shahan Karl Shepard Larry Sherfey Betty Schick Kim Shrader Charles Silvers n Goal Post Contest FY. 4 Q7 41 I W . Y Fi i . .' ii 'fi 'ZV1' V- 9'-0 Jim Simonson Pam Sinsel Dan Sisler Kyle Sonnabend Ken Sousley Sidney Splawn Gary Skov Gary Sletterink Darlene Smith Kevin Sprague Randy Square-Briggs Pat Stevens Don Smith U Don Smith Harry Sodeman Gail Stevenson Melissa Stevenson Bob Stilwater 127 Goal post decorating combines the energy and ingenuity of juniors Carrie Arteel and Johanna Garbe. . .. . , use 5 N ld M. 'J s t , . by 4 4 l il , Q- if x W S Wt ' L f , x ' ig . N . Eff. US- -,,, I '3 , 'Di-f , 5:1-.A 4 'lim' e 0, W - 'Iwi Q ' K Pam Strader Robert Strange Jane Strausz Kirk Strosahl Don Stuber Ward Styner Keith Sugden Patricia Suiter Margaret Sullivan Phil Sutliff Bert Sutphen Fred Swaftord Margaret Tait Gary Taylor Melinda Tegeler Leon Tessier Dannie Thompson Gary Thompson Kathy Thompson Teri Thunberg Becky Thurber Gary Tilley Linda Tingley Don Tissell Chris Togerson Marlin Tombaugh Brian Toulouse Chris Trotter Dorothy Troxell Gene Trump John Ulrich Tim Utterback Tom Utterback Rick Van Hoose John Van Rooy Steve Van Tassel 2 if , . v -s E Ji' , K nv 4. A x i .V t 1 .5 LJ 'S Q A it -v-, - QV f ,V 'K ff?-.. I M N , , 5 A if as Q, ' T af Www, , 'PM' Wk: 1 "4 a 1 5-t. I .4 '1 S - Q' , ,Ka e fd A as 2 -as Steve Vest cg,-3:7 Scott Walstra Debra Warner Chris Warren 1 w. ...f A' N . 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A 4 Y P Patricia Bowers Lynn Felson Ken Frazier Ken Kinder Patrick Lancaster Ralph Luft Sharon Motheral Jeff Paden Mike Price V Vi,- 'U- ip! k in :pt Maria Rodriquez Theresa Rodriquez Ricky Thompson Todd Tressler Monte Tweten Callie Wheat Doug Young Steve Young 4h Que-ff if? if Cindy Washburn Nancy Washburn Sally Wear Gayle Weeber Doug Weins Jackie Whitnall Charles Wikstrom Bill Wilkins Mark Wilkins Barbara Williams Scott Williamson Wes Wimberly Sandi Wingerter Shelley Wolff Tony Wonders Jim Wyatt Mary Wyatt Bill Yeaman Allan Yeary Robert Young Yvonne Young Mike Yuille Linda Zauner Donna Zschomler Class Motto: 'Our Time ls Forever for TIM, Barbara Aalpoel Carol Addington Corey Adkins Dale Agee Janet Ainsworth Carol Alaimo Carolyn Alderson Mary Allard Kathy Allen Steve Allen ' 130 ver where Our Place' Senior class Pres Pete lVlacKintosh Treas Larry lVlcSay Vice Pres Scott Cahoon, and icture. Dave Allgaier JanetAlmos lVlaryAmdal Andy Anderson Larry Anderson Cynda Baird John Baken Alison Baker Bonnie Baker Liza Barquist Lynda Bauer Chuck Baumgardner 131 ffiiifl 'Barbara1fLynniAalpoel: NHS 3,43 S,r,fCorhF' miitieeflq-,fSenatori2g Sr. Assembly 23 Prom' 33 Ski'iClub,4g- INR 3: Pep Club 23.4. Carol .lean-Addington: Senator 2:,Gales 33 Art G,uiliiF4g Pep Club 2,3,4. Corey Dean Ad- kii'iSgi'Girl'es League Rep 23,43 Art Guild 41' Pep,,ClLib:'2.3.4:, Prom 3, Dale Dean Ageear Wrestling 21 'Boys' 'Federation 4. Janet Ei- leen ,r'al A insworth: Band 3,41 Intramurals 43 'Pep'ijQQlubgl2.,3,4.' Carol Jo Alaimo: Girllgf LE3glJQ'f7sVI,C6 Pres 4g Jr. Classfreasijggx Ti'iQSPiifHS TfeaiS241iGaleS 23? Choir!! P15423 1224-QF ifellidwfflfef 42 Heniffcoflifiligf 2??i4?53'f?19I?E?9lPP L 2,35 Alf? iGU'l'd Q3i'f9!Y'FFf Cl'Ub:2I Ch9i'f'3?43f i3?13W'fY?ijKaflleflnei iA"afdf Fall P Bssembllyaieg Nl Guild P3445 PGP iQ1iQbr??22+ GlilTl'if5", Li-535097 i Z,3,4. Kathy Alle n:f Pep: k Club -League 23.41, sfephen 1XlleijfffBf6y'S' Federation 24331. Qbavldf, galelf: ?Boy's Federation 2,3,4: 1BandQ2g3Air l,kej-Hilarifies 2,35 Spring Musica,lg3i5fGdf 3.4'.'Jaiiiet Kay iAlmos: Rally 4: Drillleam' 35 lkeeHilarilies 2,33 Pep Club 2,3,4:iGaleS' 2,31 Prom. 3: Homecoming 2,3,4: Tolo A35-A Sri,-ASsemb'ly 33 Midwinter 3: Girls League iAnqly ,Raeijlridersol1: Pep Club Girlie weave P2434 larry Anderson: "ffH!lSfi gie3ff,fr gmi-iSbu1h Dakota' 4g'lNR 411 levyfsagfeeieferivvh PN' AP'sFg'eUE!f?i'1?9F?i3Sl oD3V9iff5F?F'?55 Qvn9?ilK9Yei siBQi!?1EL .VLB?QXS5?5'??iiE959l'3'ti0Fl Q i ZQSAJ iB2iKeiaf ealaelp'iCiubel 2g3g4:'Girlsffe '.Bake":5' Giflf-S' Bales: Boys? QFederati.on- 2:34. l5,5earquise1 Nias fjdii ski Club 4: Arf,GljiIdfgi42f LiiP?f?iJfC'UbFf23.41 reins League r241Vili!ilCle? lD6AfiYi if'33Uel'1 MCC 3,45 P6P1iGl10bf1a12f3l.24zE' Galeg'i3g4i Art Guild 4: Prori1l'1i3flffgiiyiliifg League' 'Council 53: Austrian ,Club .i3igj1l-Slgil Club,j4: -Girls'fl.eague 213,41 llthuckfigiaxprgiif 833303, BOYS' Federation2.3.4Q il eiao P - - ilVlalfy'fA Amdal: GirI's League o 4 Kris Beaulaurier Rod Bench Gene Berger Mike Biehl Diana Bies Bob Bisschoff Steve Bladow Detta Blair Ray Blondin Bob Blumhagen Paul Boeckman Steve Boggess Connie Bohoskey Michaela Bohnhoff Pete Boley Four Hundred Twenty Plan Grad uatlon Blaine Gibson displays a delayed reaction to a mistryexperiment. Wanda Boltz JoAnn Bond Becky Bostic Sharon Boswell Larry Boyd Jack Brack Maria Bradford Steve Branam Marvin Breshears Linda Brooks Carol Brown Bob Brown Ron Brown Carol Bryant 132 5iKrisfi?ue.fjl5E5lizahem -iseaulaurier:PQFTA1 .3145E7Intra,m uQralsI,Pep Club 1,3145 '3l54gQ,.3kl,5Club 4QyGlrls' League 3.4: .Prom 325 -R'OCl.li9Y7gfB.ench:f "" B-oy's,'-' Federation 2.3.41 Nlusifrial ,3g4:,pCholr 53.4, Geneynale Berger: fFl?Af.3.4'5f Boys' Federation 2.3.4. Miohael Harold'Biehl: Track 3,45 Cross Country-Q45 Intramurals 35 Boys' Federation 2.3.4, Di- ana Kay Bies:-Transfer Portland, Ore. 25 NHS 45iPep Club 3,45 Reveille 3.45.ReveiIle Bus, Mrg. 45 Girls' League 2,3. Council 45 Rep. 4: Prom 3. Robert Paul Bisschoff: NHS' 3,45 Chess Club 2.3. Pres, 45 Wrest- ling 25 Boys? Federation 2.3.45 Reveille 3.4. Steve-Craig Bladowz Football 3.45 Basket- ball 2,3545 Letterman Club 23,45 Track 132,45 Senate 13, Loretta Diane Blair: .Pep Club'f35. -Girls' League 2.3.4, Raymond George 'Blondih Jr.: Pacman 23,45 'lNreet4 fllllgkff2.v3Q4Z. Track' 3,45 cabmemg Jopazf Lefiernjalnw' Club: 2.3.43 Pres, . 4Q 5 Robert 3f9lif!lf .r3'1!??1ha39U2 Ba5SlKefb31VT213'4i 5 Tf?Fkl 22' JrrjgQCla5s, y4P.1ygLeltter.man 'Cl.ub,3f21.3.4:5 i5l?f13IEiEfi?S,4:,,lfB.OySV A Eedelafivn 2..3.4i?5RSi1Il lioolball 245 Lefterma n'i,ClubfEQ4if. f3g5ysQil.Federation 4. .Steplleiib 9+i'i?5?33e55?i5'Ql?lGFf 5314i'.MUSiCal 3J41."B0VSil Eederatioinr. 'V2g'3.4, Mconstancei 'Elizabeth Bolfrbskeyf Lancers 45 MusiCalQ 3,45 Choir 3545,fiiD.ri1llil,Team 35 Gales 2,3.45fPep Club 2-g3',45fSki' Club 4. Michaela Gabriele Bohm hoff:'aNl-lS 45 FTA 3,45 Historian 3. Pres.,4g- Pep-Club 2,3.4:wGlrls' League 2.3.4. Peter, D.'BoIey: NHS 45 JCL 3.45 Treas 4: MCC 3.4: Musical 35 Christmas Play 45 Boys' Federa4 tion 2.3.4. Wanda Lorene Boltz: NHS 45 Ushers 3. Pres 45 Pep Club 2.3.45 Girls' League 2.3.45 Council 3.4: INR 4: MCC 4. Mary JoAnn Bond: Drlll Team 3. Captain,45 Tolo, 3.45. Homecoming 35 Gales 25 ,Prom 135 ,Pep Club 2,3,4t'GirlS' League 2.3.45-Elizag belirfsue Bostic: 5 Star Journal 3.4, Editor 3,,455glQelg5ateV 352FTA 545 Fall, Play -2: Sprlrlg Pla'ygg,g3gg.,g5gales12'.3:,Pep Club 2,3,45.Skli Club 31 Mldllflllllefffff 'lee 99" 8oY.d?fAVi.35 B1?Y5'i5f?flii L... Shawni'AnnevlBoswellrsflien C liill5a52g:22f.E 5.5Ser15aiezs12 i 5 i lfiirls' l 5 League - 2.3 Jagxifiarnola. Lrzrackgfs Football' 2,13,i4Q rBar4df lfilisilllfffihrfllne 5243.-4: BOYS' Federation. 2252544 Mamxf-fTeresa Bradford: Honorary Memg beruofii.NHS'4. .Pep Club 45 Girls' League 41. Stephen Michael Branam: MCC 2.3.45 .FFA 23 .Austr'ian'Club 25 Boys' Federation' 2.3.41 lllIarvingiBreshears: Boys' Federation 2.3.4, Lindadl. Brooks: Pep Club 2: Girls' League 2,3,4.fjCaroIiMason Brown: USE Sec, 45 NHS 45 'Tennis 2,45 Pep Club 2,45 Prorrl35 Gales,.3,45-,Midwinter 22.35 Sr. Assembly 2,3gfSkl Club 4: Girls' League 2.3.45 Alice in Wonderland 41 Robert Gene, Brown:- Wrestljfrrg-l2,3545 ,Senate 4: Boys' Faderafk tlonlg2.354,,'Roinald 'Lee Brown: Art .Guilgl 31543fJfB.6YSYfQffederaliohr 2-3.45 ,Skif Club fM,U5lC3' 5 44 CGW? -'Gall LBWSCHF5 gM5EQ.lSlf?EEi3iQ4iif-Efg FUN f LQNHS5 3 .43 Pep QC lub 2 ,3g.545i Ga.leSi j2gg3if3H.0mEQbiTli'ogi 331i Prom 2.3: ,Mldr W?535355?f?9?+?.f9f!V'l'57iP99359'3'2r43.+4f55 5' Diane Burford Mary Ann Burnett Mary Ann Burrill Kathy Buys Scott Cahoon Lloyd Campbell Pat Carey Kathy Carlson Nancy Ca rmody Sharon Carter Colleen Cassedy Martin Cassidy Martha Cavanaugh Laura Cawley Claudia Chartier Steve Childers Gloria Chin Sandra Clapp Royce Cleaver StuartClift John Clifton Shirley Coats Bill Cockerham Chris Coffin Brian Cole Shelley Cole Judi Collier l . Blue Skies And Warm Days Brin Pete Macliintosh and Terry Parish enjoy a few moments of"senioritis" under the dogwood. 'cs- A -av 'g' 'V' N"-r That No '- Q08 Af., 'Ir H ong Before The End Feelin Sandra Collings JanetCoIwiIl Lynette Cook RobertCooper Dale Copeland Gary Corcoran Deb Corkrum Tom Cornell 135 m M Q5 .,,,,,, , i K M ' Y' wwf Q fi? 5 .,f,f:,v-we N . 1,28 ,1gfz2f1zzs4'fffp, 'ff' Moi? 1 'A :fft 1 'E-f"w .-.ii--1 4 ,,f,, J I V ,kk.- . - s Y 1 -'I-1 if 'Y' 4 'ill , Ill - S' Qi Q .. . 1 1 .riff .2I'.N.,l. 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Temperance Essay Prize -L Torn Corning: ilNR12q3,41 jD,ebfafte'Qf3:jlriChess Club 44, yinnamuralgs,,2g3s,4,, xsayvsgyes-dereei tion V 2,34-A ,. Jennifer 4 ,Kayacoxg Pepe- ,Clfubl 2,3,4: Musical, 4:,HChoir iiiL 4g,',-Gales1il2,344:l11 'Girls League ,2,3,4i 'William Intramurals- 23,45 BGWlii'Xg' 41 Boys? Feeds' A eration 2g3,4. 'Ann Elaine' Cramerie,FTA 1435 Intramurals 35 Pep Club 43,41 fGi'rls'fLea'giue- 3,4: Prom A33 Homecoming 4.7R0rida Diane Crilchlow: Pep Club 2.3445 'Girjls'fLeagule' 2.3,4. Bob L. Croghanq I-Bowling 4: ' Boysf' Federation 2,i3,4. Cha'rlesr,Croghan: ,r', Bowll ing 4: Boysl Federation 2,3,4. Beverlylllean' Crouch: Pep Club 2,3,4: Gi'rls'1 'League 2,3,4 Council 4. ,lim Crow: Boysi Federa- tion 2.3,4. Marion Albert Crowplntramur- als 23,43 Boys' Federation 2,3,4. llllartin' Walter Cure: Track 3.4: Cross Country 41 Boys' Federation 2,3,4. Mark Curtis:,Boys'y Federation 2,3,4. Bruce Dean Damaskos: Boys' Federation 2,3,4. Mary Darnton: Sr. Assembly 2: Pep Club 3,41 Girls' League 2,3.4: Letterman Club 3,41 Tennis'2g3,4. Spencer Davis: Boysl Federation 23,43 Baseball 2.3.41 Wrestling 2,3,4g Letterman' Club 2,3,43 Musical 3,43 Choir 2,3,4. Jack Demson: Boys' Federation 3.4. Miles M. Demott: Senate 21 Boys' Intramurals: DECA Parlaimentarian 4: Boys' Federa- tion 2,3,43 FFAQ Basketball 4. 'Darcy Lee Dillman: FFA 23,41 Boys' Federation-4: Daniel Dee Dillon: Transfer from-Euphrata 4g Band 43 Pep Band 43 Cross Country 41 Baseball 43 Letterman Club 4. Mlcheal A. Doherty: Science Club 23 Chess CIub'4g Boys' Federation 2,3,4. Duane Ted DoIli4- ver: Band 3,4: Choir 43 Chess Club 4: Bowl- ing 45 Musical 4. Terryl Kenneth Dooley: Nns 44 Trackl2,4: INR 4, Baseball 314 Bowi- ing 45 Chess Club 23 Boys' Federation-2,3,4. Jackie Lee Dorage: Drill Team 43 DECASQ4 Sec. 43 Girl of the Month 43 Gales 2,'3,4g Pep Club 3,43 Bowling 4: ,Ski Club 4. Alvin Wayne Dorow: Transfer from ,Auburn 33: Art Guild 4: INR 45 5 Starwlournal 445 Boys' Federation-'3,4, Tamara .lo DorT: '5'StafF Journal 33 Girls' -League 23,4 Council 3,43 Pep Club 2,3,4. Joseph D. Downs: Transfer from Moses Lake 3: Art Guiloflp Boysi Federation 3,4. Clifford ,James"D,uggerg Basketball 23 Golf 33 Ski Club 4: Boys'jEedi eration 2,3,4.A Dennis G.. Ealy: 'Boysj Fed- eration, 2,3',4L Janet ,Edens:,G'lee-fClub 'yl' 4 3 Girls' League 2,3,4,' Brian ,xPa'ull7EUl1'l0lld' son: 5 Star Journal 4: Band 5243,4gqFoot- ball 3,41 Baseball 23,45 lntramufrayls-f2,3g4j Boys" Federation l2,3,4, 'Philip David-Hells: Football, 2,,3g4:' .Baseball f2,3,4g ,Basketball 2,31 Letterman Club 3,4gl,Senateir'3g4gif"fli1. tramurals 45, Prom' 3: ZBWSY,V.Eed'eraiion, 2-354-P f is so Marc Elrod Rita Emerson Dick Englund Darrel Epperson Teri Faires Van Finger Kathy Fischer Donna Fisher Steve Follansbee Tim Ford Heather Fountain Gregg Frazier Norman Friehauf Greg Fund Cathy Gable Roxy Garbe Dan Garrett Doug Gehlen JanetGhormley BlaineGibson MaryGilIilan Dick Gilmore KayGish Lyn Glaspey Tom Goode Barb Gordner ShelIyGreen 'ONYX X-1 'lb 47: 'wp- pvf -1. '-X 12427 'Ht--vw Blaine Gibson Wins VaIIey's Most Valuable Kim Greenwood LynnGreiner Rod Guild we-:" Ruth Ann Halford Tom Hall mv'- Linda Hanson Marc Elma: FoQrbail32i. 5 strayJCoumai1C3.4g. Ski. Club 45 Boysj FederationiQ2V.j3'.4:.f.l.ge.' Hllamles s2l,3.fFalslsPlay3g lchrlsimas. Piayi 3. Rita Gail Emerson:.Artf.3Guildf.23t4q25ixGlrlsji'g League 2.3.4, RicyharoiffEer'rygEnglugno:'iNlflSgQ 4. USEyTreas. 4:,Soph.. Clegg,!37regas.gjFolot51 ball 3.4:-' Baseball "i'2,3,4f l ,Le-tterma2ni:5Cl.ub' 243,45 Senate 2.3: Cesblhettl45j.isireii...cli1ldi4:E Boys' Fedefaflfm 2.34 fl1afrell.f1WHYi1ef Fifi: personz, Lancers 4:+ifCh0iry 213,42 --L' MCC 2: 'iNR 3:4 Musical r.3,4: rFa.llQ5Playgf3g5. Boyslg Federation 52.3.4222jiTerry.VQffalresze .Spring Play .2,3igy Pepgyclub izgyraiglf Pllayqsz., GirlS' .League-il2r3.4: Ike' Hilarltles' i2:.z,1.Mi.dh1f lael ,Van Finger: Wrestlilng,2.3.4:t .BDYfSiffEE,d4.. eration 2.3.4. g.Kathryn Ann''Fiisherigfransiili fer-'from St. .lOSEDl'l2l'3j-K Pep,Q.Cl'ub ,3:i ,Ml'Ql,:fsi winter y 3. Donna Mae iFisher:-,Gilrlsff League 2.3.43 Pep .Club'2.3r,'.Sfeven1'l-ioiiisl lard Follansbee:1jBoys ',,- iiFBd9lf3TlQf1i 22Q3.421. Timothy K. Ford: .lCLi 41' Boys? Fed,erati'onf' 2.3.4. Greg John Fox: DECA14:'BO'ys'-Fed- eration 2.3.4, Heather Louise Fountain: Pep. Club 23.451 Drill Team 3.4: flGlrlsf League 2.3.43 Rep. 4g lNR 4.iGregg,Wesley1 Frazier: lntramuraIs,2:r Rain 'or 1Shineiy43f Boys' Federation 2.3,4. Norman Fordw Frle-Wi hauf: Wrestling 2.3.43 Band 3.4: 'Nl-l353.4:ii Chess Club 2.4: Letterman Club 2.3.43-g Senate 2. Cross Country 44: Math Club 3.4: Boys' Federation 2.3.4, ' Gregory V Orville Fund: JCL 2.3.4: Wrestling -2.3.41 Letter- Math Club 3.4: Boys' Federation Cathy May Gable: NHS 3.43 lke Hilarities 2.3: Gales 2.3.4 Pres. .41 Trivllll. 2.3.-43, Sr. Assembly 2.33 Spring Musicall 35, -SW 2,3,4. Roxanne Kay Garbe: NHS 4: Rallyfli' Drill Team 3: Senate 2: Gales 2-C Pep'Clubf 2.3.4 Cabinet 4. Daniel Riley Garrett NHS. 45 Orchestra 2.3.41 Tri-M 3.4: Art Guild 2.3.4 Pres. 33 Musical 3.4. Douglas James Gehlenz FFA 2.3.45 Boys' Federation .2.3.i4.l' Jane! Lee Ghormley: Pep Club 2.3: Prom 3: Ski Club 43 Midwinter 43 Sr. Assembly '21 Girls' League 2.3.4. Blaine G. Gibson: NHS- 43 Thespians 3,45 Fall Play 3.4: Alice in Wonderland 4: Math Club.3:? Cheerleader 33 Debate 45 Track 2: Boys'-Federation 2.3.45 Sr. Committee, Glen Gieser: Boys' Federation 2.3.4. Mary Elizabeth, Gillilagnz' Debate 35 FTA 3: PEP' Club '2.3.Q Girls' league 2.3.41 Richard Lynn Gilmore: Bas-5 ketball 2.3.41 Letterman-Club 4: Boys' -VFGdr'i' eration 2,3.4. Delores .Kay Gish: Transfer? 4: FHA. 2: Girls' League 4.. Firankiikyn'-jf den Glaspey -lil: Senate-4:.BoysfFederationf 2.3.4. Thomas R. Goodef JCL 3.4: .MCGQT '3,4g'Musical 3. Spring-,Play 33 'Chrifstrnasf ,Play 3.4. Chess Club 43 Barbara Lee Gorda nen. Band '2L3.4: PepfgClubAf2.43 Galegggi Seniori Assembly, .21.3Midvlrinter,i2:'fPrornji3QSf Kimberlyff June: f.Greenwood: 1 fjlfransfeigeg from .EllensbiJ'rg' 3:3 Art fGu'iiclif.4.f. Gihelleyir MH lfifeehf A.ff'G.U?'dJ 3? 50408lTiPleYl?i2?'1gfaksill Hlleriiies 2: P9.P"ClHl1f. 25375GlFlSfQ.fQ538lU?f3 2.3.41 'G,ll'lS"il-93309, ZQ3Z45jM.3!Ylil?Ym?ff3lT6iPQf fleff NHS 4? r.ll ET6 R32-4rTESTSS?i4??i'5l'9V??l.'1'?f.f3.4l5?ilii Pep Clubg2..3.4 1CablHersl.4:l.Homevemmgfk1 .Girls Leaeuet2,s.4:IMldwimerpsifeizgiilsxs344:55 GalesT2e3l:FPr0mI3i Sri Q I-ieielii h9Y"D93".-455559: ltil FFP?253541'il?sfl'?53f13?f5.S5fF35?5iil sF?de'3t"U.ll.2r324- l3..4gPresll4fl.-FTA 3.fl:efQIheSP'i2lh55.i 3435-AA5S9.mb'Y aritiesgiai 'P'romf'3i?lrliol7fiECDflTrllildgiffsiiliiiieililidkff winter F 31.g4:e.Ffeixl1lGQl .H2l.llfTr2ibSferf QDEII, 4:?GTiirlsfvLeesl1is l2l3Q?iif lilfililiii iffrllllvrzi 293.4415 Dorage, Cindy that they have brawn Becky Hardy Russ Harman Larry Harrel Steve Harrison Bryce Haugsdahl Kathy Hawkes Bill Heath Richard Heddlesto Dennis Heimbigne Bruce Heiser Kathie Heppner Cindy Herberg Carol Hernandez Cindi Hester Phil Hill - we k seniorgiris, os anne Burford.lVlHir!l!.iEQkieA n n H a n N a 0 arol Hernandez prove and brains VBI' Jeanie Hillstrom Jessie Hillstrom David Hoff Maureen Hogg Andy Hoggarth Nancy Holder Hal Holenbeck Leila Holt Gary Hough Lequitta Howell Janis Huff Karen Huffman Candi Hughes Dan Humphreys 140 Vlerit Scholarship f as.. hiv' is : - 2 -ssh W W .i.fws.g5s'rf 1 Rebecca Jane Hardy: Pep Club'-2,33wgAr1i Guild 43 Girls' League 2.3.4. Russell-Dean Harmen: Football 2.3.43 Baseball .23 FFA 3.43 Treas 43 Boys' Fecleration.2.3.4. Larry Eugene' l-larrel: Wrestling, .33 , Irackf 3.4L Boys' Federation 32.3.43 Rep' 1413 DECAQL4. Steven EarI.Harrison: NHS 43' Boys' Feder-3 ation 2.3.43 Bowling 4:-Chess,Clul:1 4.fRoger' Hatch: V Boys' Federation 7 2.3.4.j 'Brycef Denisf Haugsdaleg Footballi 'X'- 2.43. Track'523i Boys' .FederaiionY2,3.4.' Kathryn, L.'H3Wk6S: Choir 32.3.43 Lancers 2.3: Drill- TeamQf3i NHS 3.43 Tennis' 2.33?Sena,iorf.2,43,gPr'om, 3: Homecoming 3: Girls' iLeagueg2.3.4:' Pep Ciub 2.3.43 Musical 3.43 'lke Hilaria' ties 313 'Tolo 433, Sr. A'ssemblY,2.3.f 'A-- Edwirlf Heater: Boys" Federation' 2,3.4Qj William. K. Heath: transfer from Monteoa l-lighfj4i Football 43fBoys' Federation' 43 Letterman 'Club 4. Richard K. Heddleston: FEA '2'.3,4Q:, Boys' Federation 2.3.4. DennisiMark Heirne bigner: NHS 3.4 Pres. 45 Boys' Federation 2.3.43 Sr. Comm 43 chess ClubV4g'B'owling 41 Track 23 Wrestling 2 .e'l Bruce C.--Heiser: Wrestling 3.4: Letterman Club 3.4: Chess Club 4 Sec-Treas 4: Thespians 4:fBoys' Federation 3,45 Senator 4.'iKathie J.-Hepj ner: Transfer 33 Choir 3.43 MCCg-4:.Pep' Club 43 Musical 43'Girls',League'3.4. Cindy 3 Racheal Herberg: .Pep-'ClubP.2,3.43?1DECAg Treas, 4: Girls' League, 2.3.4. Carol Ann Hernandezg, lke -Hilarities 33A Ski", 'Club iA'A 243, Musical 43 Gales 3.4: Choir 43' Pep. Club- 2.3.43 Prom 3. Cyndia Hesteii-Pepi'Cl3ub 2.3.43 Girls' League 2.3',43+5-Star Jo.u'rnalQ43 Homecoming 2.33 Midwinteri '2.3,.f'.Cralg 'Alan 'Hettingen Boys' Federation l"i 2.3.4. Phillip Dean Hill: Baseball 23, S.enateg43 Boys' Federation 2.3.4.j Jeanie Ellen.-Hiilla stroma Pep Club,2p3,4:Q:1Girlsj+ ,League 2.3.43 'Art Guild 4:35-Star Journal'4. Jessie Marie Hillstrom: Pep Club 2.3.42 Ari Guild 4: Girls' League Don Hinkle: Band 31 lntramurals 2.3.43 Boys' Federation 2.3.4. David Lindy Hoff: Basketball 2.3.41 JCL 3.4. MCC 3.4:3NHS 43 Boys' Federation 2.3.4. Football 2. Musical 33. Lettelrmari Club 3.4. Maureen Elizabeth iHQggf-QFTA 3.41 Girls' League 2.3.4. 3Andrew5'F.JHogq garth: Track 2.3.43 Ski Club.-iPre'S".4ffgEo,ot- ball' 2.4: Sr. AssembIy'3: Letterman'QClub 43 Sr.. Comm, 4. Nancy Diane Holder:iBand 2.3.43 Pep Club 2.3.44 ,Harold Irwin Halen- beck: Baseball 2.3.43 Senate 2.3.43 Letter: man3Ciub 3.4. Football 2,3:,Sr. Assembly 2,33 Rain Mor Shine 43 iIntramuralsf2.3.4. Leila .Antoinette .Holt.Pep3Club'2.3:. 'Brom 33 Homecoming 33 sSki,Club3,4: ,Girlsi League 2f3L4l lGifY...WaYfl97fH6U8h5izB6l1Cl 2.3.41 Pepj 1Bandff43' .QBoys' -Federaition 2.3.4. Lequma Howell: was .4:y.1cLj 33.43 Pep Band 43 .INR '2g.Pep Club 2.3.43 Band 2.3.43 Girls? League 2.3.4 .iig Janis Elizabeth Huff:SJCL 2.3.43 INR 33 Gales .2.3:fTen,nis"f3fs Christmas.-Plays 3,43 Giris"'l..eague ..,. Karen.Joann Huffman: Pep,Qlubff2.3.41 Gales 25' Girls' Leaguej 2.3.41 fNlidwiifiterfc4g Candace Hughesi Musical4.3.42f,Ch,oirff3.4:l Pep Club 2.3.41 Girls' -League 2.3.4g121Prqmg 3. Daniel W. H,umphreys:fBaseball' 2.3.45- Basketball 23 lntramurals'3,43 'Letterman Club3.43Boys'Federation2.3,4, f 3 fl senior pictures. Julie Jose WaIIeneJuneau Pam Jungert Linda Keeter Larry Keltner Kay Kemper Elaine Ketterling Fred Kile Gary King Sandi Kisner Steve Kitt Roge-rKIine Linda Imburgia Marcus Isett Rayna Iverson Alyce Jacobson Rockney Jackson Cheri Jaussaud Jill Jeffries David Jenkins Dianna Jewett Karen Jevvett Colette Johnson Rhonda Johnson Rhonda Johnson BrentJoIy KentJoIy EIaineJones KarenJones VickiJons f"! "1"'Hwm 5 dl . 95 A X ,Q A if Senior Nlen Of Distinction Clai 45 V29 amburger Eatin Title Three enxious seniors hurry to baccalaureate. the first of senior week activities. . Q. lf., 1 k' L . ' 'Ti ,ff',m'KL1 , YUM-e . ' W .4 -'fz'f2i':'1 Q - r , . . ' . W ..,,,,,,i qi., VA. ,, , 143 - jfs l . . ...gf . .. , , . . g ,.,.. ii9fi?2if?e'fll? Aff1f5li ' iv A . ' 'il , . . . rziaffeu ibelll 2.13.43 Basketball 2.3: Senate 4: 'Letter??iinf2 AZi.3,435lntramurals 4: Boys" 2.3.4. Jqseph John Jaquins: FFA' 3: Bpysi 'Eeillfi erations.2.3,4. Cheri Noel Jaussaudz. Ch0Frfj43f Musical 43 Pep Club 2,35 Girls' League .Jill Animleffries: Pep Club 2,3,4:- 5 StarQJ6uiFiQ1 fel 4g'ChQir 45 Girls' League 2.3.4i'fHpmeifif:ji5n5lf: iirigi3,4iglVlidwinter 4.,David MerneiJenki.ngg..BqyQgg MFf?f1?f?fl9Ul'.2'3?45 Chess" cl'-lb 5Qy2S',2fll??ilef2f'0n 2114- Dianna. leagues' 2,3142 Pep ,Giiiilef-2'4f:32eii.'2CF'iC?flf'54gf.1K3f0T!f 1F55flS'f 134212145 9iiiIi6Sil9fifZ?.Q'NRi 314i i?i3,f5hi24Q.3i421.Rh9Hd8'JQW'iSQl12.GiF1557Lsifgliiiiiliiiffi Rtiandae Leray Johnson: Band -Lea-guel2.3,4: Pep Band 2,3.4:fTri'M'2.3g4.?3ifentQ Joly:Eoysf Federation 2.3.45,BOwlin85344iiLP-r5mg 13, Kent-Lee,JoIy: Bowling 3443 lnirefliduififjllsf 23,45 Boys' Federation 2.3.4. Elainegglpycej Jones: 'NHS 3.4: Thespians 3,41 Senatelf?2242.. fFallPlays 2.3.4. Karen Sue Jones:'.NH5?3ii'E?3Qi Club 2.3,-4 Sec 4: Thespians 3,43 lNRjg.QfreQa,sQ14i. QgE3llifPlay 3g Spring Play 3: Prom A33 les-2.3.45 H omeco mi ng K 41 ,QirlSlTilQe2igue1 ii2e2f3.ffE.f9F?.vnG" 32 Tfeas- 4-llV!9lS!elfl94f'?5:S!i5?fiSg Jf1fa,:3sferx'iQlarkSf0n .High eel. Svhwlr:iAf5ilEQQQiLiGf21s31.2s Clvb:3r.42 G2 JOSH? sReV2llle, 4: 'iPSD iCe'Ub f?e354?rf2Nli3YY' Willem' JU'1??.U? CI ugbrqiq Gfi rls' 'League 22.3.43 illjlluslrzel f4ZfChoir 4: lke Hilaritiesi-13'LfQQTQFQ3ijSeIaf iGWynn, Jungert: Lancers 3.43 JCL i2:3Q4i' Musical 3.4: Ike Hilarities 33 -TriiMs5?l3j4iZ 'Pep 'Club 23' Choir 2.3.4-: Bowling 4: 3Q.,Linda Karen Keeten NHS 4: MCC 3.4: INEZA3: Ushers' 23 Sr. Assembly 35 Pep"ClubI 2.3.4. fpmgevon Kenner: Track 2.3.4. choiwgmiqir -siqzel '41-Basketball 2-, Wrestling 41f.LQQQjjlfl1Q!f3 Ciubn2.3L4:r BOYS" Federation 2.3.4, zKQYQfl3QY31ff Kerngeri' Ike. Hilarities' 2iVCh9ir '4:Ae.GleejQ'jiib1gg3j Mn1Sliba.Iii43Elvine Rosanna. Kefferlinsi sisflwigrlsigrlheasUG. 2-324-1 Fwd e5flaQ5KilQis?:E?QySE l.lF995?5?3l3? 152.-.3-4053 Dafa? i'5'5"?T:? 953 5345: izfffflf g3ygfg1lS!5nq:iqSgenate Zag Fo.otl:iall1:2g. 5 l 2i3i5f?ff4iN!?F?U52.5Pl?'99fQf,JCL:42 '?rSwnf1gTti fMrf3.4asOrCheSffa .5E?sii2?11,G1li4lUigln243if45'Gales 22 Japobson: Pep Club 2.e3g4:. s2 :3r.e4:l.rRep+2.,3. Rockneyr I-SRO!-l3CkS0fff'fBZiSG1il,Z Connie LaBarge Bob LaBonde Peggy Lacy Larry LaFave Dow Lambert Norman Lammi Cathy Landis Linda La nik Richard Lawson Mark Layman Patty Leinback Caroi Lewis Diane Lewis Val Lewis Curt Lindberg Mary Lindquist Malcolm Lindquist Ed Linker Biil Lock Guy Loudon Claudia Lowder IreneMcCIurg Mary McGee PatMcGuire Bill Mcllvanie Dale McLean Mike McLean iw' rf av' A X 'TTI ,ts- sp...- I 1 r Both DAR, Altrusa Select Mary Convey trucks transport senior band members to a performance at Yakima FiringCenter. s 41.151 McGee ff? 'Girl of the Year' John Sonnen contemplates his next masterpiece in his semi-private studio-Room 365. 145 Connie Ann LaBarge: Gales 3,41 Pep Club 2,35 Girls' League 2.3.45 Homecoming 255,Midwinter 2,35 Sr. Assembly 25 Prep Choir 2. Robert Lee LaBonde: JCL 3.45 Vice Pres 3.45 Football 2,35 Basketball 2,35 Thespians 3,45 Track 35 Sr. Assembly 2,35 Spring Play 35 Alice in Wonder- land 45 Ike Hilarities 3. Peggy Ann Lacey: Choir 3,45 Drill Team 3,45 NHS 45 INR 45 Prom 3: Mu- sical 3.4: Gales 3.45 Tolo 3.45 Pep Club 2.3.45 Girls' League 2,3,4. Lawrence Edward LaFave: FFA 25 Intramurals 45 Boys' Federation 2,3,4. McKinney Dow Lambert: Orchestra 2.3.45 Boys' Federation ,2,3,4. Norman David.l.ammi: Boys' Federation 2,3,4. ,Catherine Louise' Lan- dis: Thespians 3,45 Tri-M 3,45 Orchestra 42.3.45 MCC 2.3.45 Alice in Wonderland 4: FTA 35 Fall Play 35 lke Hilarities 2,35 Sr.1Assembly 2,35 Girls' League 2.3.4. Linda .layne'l.anik: Senate 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Sr. Assernbly'2.35 Ski Club 45 Prom 35 Midwlnter 2.3.45 Girls' League 2,3,4. Rep 4.'Richard L. Lawson: Boys' Federation 2.3.4. Mark A. Layman: Thespians 2.3.45 'Pep Band 2.3.45 Boys' Federation 2.3.45 5 Sfaimlourf nal 35 Tri-M 3,4. Patricia May Leinbach: Pep Club 2.3.45 Alice in Wonderland 45 Girls' League 2,3,4. Margaret Carol Lewis: Rally 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 NHS 3,45 'Treas 4:-Girls' League 253,45 Sec 35 Sr. Assembly 25 Alice in Wonder- land 45 Midwinter 35 Ski Club 45 Letterman Club 3,45 Gales 2. Diane'Melanie Lewis: Girls' League 2,3,4. Valerie Sue Lewis: Pep Club 2.3.45 Girls' League 2.3.45 5 Star Journal 4fCurtis William Lindberg: Boys' Federations 2,3,4. 'Mary Regina Lindquist: Transfer 35 Girls' League 354, Rep 35 Pep Club 3,45 Senate 45 Midwinter 3,45 Prom 35 Homecoming 3.45 ArtGuild 4..Malcolm Lindquist: Track 2.3.45 Cross Country 45 Letter4 man Club 2.3.45 Senate 35 Choir, 45 Musical 45 JCL 2,35 Basketball 2. Edward C.,Linker: Foot-5 ball 45 Basketball 45,Baseball 3,45 Boys' Fed- eration 2,3,4. Bill Lock:' Boys' Federations' 2,3,4. Guy Loudon: Golf 3,45 Boys' Federation 2.3,45 Ski Club 4. Claudia Ann Lowder: Band 2.3.45 Girls' League 2,3.45 Pep Club 2,3,45 lke l-lilarities 2,3,. Irene Sharon McClurg: Transfer Asotin, Wn. 25 NHS 45 MCC 35 FTA45 Ushers 45g Girls' League 3.4- Mary Lynne McGee: Band, 2,35 Hist 45 Pep Band 3.45 USE Cabinet'45:Rev- eille 3,45 Jr Class Sec 35 NHS 3,45 DAR finalist 45 Tri-M 2.3.45 INR 2,35 Secf'45 Sr. Assembly 2,35 Ike Hilarities 2,35 Gales, 35455,Pep Club 2.3.45 Girls' League Council 3,45 Midwinter 3,45 Prom 35 FTA 35 SWS 2,3,4. Patrick James McGuire: Boys' Federation 2.3.45 Rain or Shine 2,3,4. William' Albert, Mcllvaniep Boys' Federation. Dale Arthur McLean: Track f,3,45, Football 3.4: Cross Country'45Boys' Federa-. tion 2,3,4. " Michael - Timothy Mcleamg ' Boys? Federation 2,3,4. Pres 45 Debate 3.45 JCL',3,45' Senate 45 Ski Club 4. ,Patrick William McNieoe:- Boys' Federation 2,3,4. Michelle' McNeft: Pep 'Club 2.3.45 Girls" League 2,3,4. .Laurence John McSay: Cabinet 45 Class Treas 45, Track 2,3.45 Senatei3,4: Alice in Wonderland 545'Let- terman Club 3.45 Cross.Couritry, 4:5Prom'f3: Sr. Assembly 2.35 Midwinter 3:'Rain or,-Shine 45 lyke Hilarlties 25'Pep Band,-3545'Stage Band 2.4 LindaJoyMaas: Girls' League 253.4.5Peter James Maoliintosht Class Pres 45 Senate 2,45 Debate 3,455 Fall Play 35 Ski Club '45 Boys' Fed,- eration 2,3,4. Cheryl! Maier: Pep Club 2.3-51. Girls' League 2,3,4. ' - " - team. Judi Manda Linda Mansfield Wanda Marquardt Judy Massong Carolyn Mather Richard Mathieu Debbie May CraigMendenhaIl Marilyn Milham Marilyn Miller Gaye Minoque Brian Moinet Nancy Mondor Peggy Morgan Molly Moriarty John Moser ' ScottMosier Susan Mottet Three Seniors Lead Girls To 3rd Place Michael Munsterman KathyMurphy Stephanie Murphy DougMyhre David Nelson Pam Nesvig Greg Neveu Judy Newby David Newquist Bob Nicholls Steve Nixon Kathy Nolan 575515:-5 'Z' 'fr -1 I 'rw-V 1, ,yr Q 5 . 5 f ,K F ., . .S 4.-A n State Bowlin Tourney D lace in the lke bowling league. 147 4 Udifhf Wfliiine iManda::ie3fQi5U25??2fsi,?fi4?'3 LA-'Tlll Guild 43!ffSl?lep, Club 2.3.6lifiGfifEliSiiWji3BBBuS'4 2,3,4., Linea' Jean , Mansfieldfg Pegifiiliglub 133 Intramurals 33 Girls' League 2,3,4,l Wanda Louise Marquardt: Choir 3,43 Musical 3,41 Girls' League, Rep 3: HornecomingM2: Pep Club 2.3,4Q Girls' League 2,3L4gQJudy Irene Massongze NHS 43 Senate 2: Piepjglub 213.43 JCL 3, Trees, 43 Midwinter 31f1Qp'ljfLfSfA..L93gUE COUfi12fllnr334ffi.Prvm 3? iMCQiiifi32FliQfi15?n?,0C Assefiililiif?i3?i,EAllQei infoWOfideri?iifil5T13li1ia9?i?6H IyneEMdribi3fMathen,iNHesi 4: if344ii Pep' Club "'l 233,43 Girls' Leaguieixgiiggrqgifielli 431- Girls' ,League 23.4. nicharafgpuisi Maz- hiewg Wrestling 43 Ski Club 43 Boys' Fed- eration 2,3,4. 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Kathyiglgogjliitdblam JCL 3.4: Grirllsgf League 2.3.42 iReDi,Zi5e5rlStair J ou rna Ig .l2gp5Qlubg2,3,43 Llshe 1, l Cathy Nopp Julie Norris Mark Northrup Mike Olson Terry Parrish Mike Parnell Jane Patterson Ardy Pearson Lloyd Pechtel Sandra Peters Cliff Peterson Cheryl Peyton Dale Phillips Pegi Phillips Jeff Pierce Fred Pitzer Sherry Pottratz Scott Rainwater Ron Rankin Wendy Rankin Susan Rasmusson Steve Ream Jim Regirnbal Susan Reisch "w.av"' .tt3Q1?f'6iii?i,i'fr'2eh'Z"'?'7f V? EK K , 1 ' 42.2 K J - i f .. A k.', t , y I J-. SSA Seniors Furni h East Courtyard Wi Senior Committee members Spencer Davis, Dennis Heimbigner, Sarah Winterringer. Andy Hoggarth. Diane Burford, Pete MacKintosh. Scott Cahoon, and Blaine Gibson inspect the east courtyard in prepara- tion for of the patio furniture. wsu.. X '73 N Dia na Rennie Nancy Renslo Melody Richardson Tim Roberts Virgil Roberts Susan Robinson Rick Roe Beverly Roof Tom Root Steve Royse 9 fp ss.-X Tj' ,A L l 3 lflffg IBDIES And Benches fi 'giii i h.VA - of L as .,1.' .' JS- .f 'FI 2 532 'xx v--, ,s ,. fl., 1-Z., X 'Qui Catherine Nopp:ffNHS 43'-,Reveille 4. Eall'.Pla'y: 3.4: Spring Play 35 SeniofTAssemblyj-3: Alice Qin. Wonde rla nd 4:2 Pep Clobt 2.34: ,M usica I 442' G iris" 'League.2,3,4: Christmas Play 4. Julie Christlpir Norris: Ski iClLl'bQ4g 5 Stardourrlal 3,43 Pep Cllllbl. 23 Girls' League, Sr.,Asseh1bly 2:1NlusiealQ 35 Prom:3:iMidwinter 31 Intramurals 23. Fall Playf 2, Mark 4 'NorthropEgiBoys?-' Federation- 2,3.4gQ Mike Olson: B31sesbarIl'3.4:1Senafe 431 Bbys 'lll 2 Feds eration, 2.3.43 Terry Lees Parish: 'FTA 1Vl,Ce! Pres .412 INR 3.4: 'Senate' 45, NHS ,4:Jl?.ep'-Ciuli 23,45 Prom 3. 'Homecoming 4:'Girlsf :,, Leagde 2.3.4 Couhcilf 4:2 SrpgAssemb,lys 3.iflllliehael 'Lynn Parnell:,Football 2.3.43 --TI'8Ckf 3.45. Basketball. 23 Letterman Club' 3,49lB,oysf ,FEderatlOh,'2,S.49E Intramurals, 44 Carol .Jane Patlersoni 'l-, G iirlstg League, 2.3.45 Art Guild fArdith- Lynnfilharsoha Pep Club 2,3.4wCabinet'2.4g' Hoii1ecomi.ng?2-.453 Prom,3:-Ski Club14:-Midwlhter 3g Girlsieagueg 2.3,4i Lloyd Arthur Pechiel:'BoysYi Federatiqri' 2.3.4. :Sandras Leej.Peters:i T!ransferQ,from-Spoa Kane '33 Art Guild. 3.4:-iUshers ,3g,Girls.' League? 3.4, Clifford 'Byron' Petersonz. Traffic Control: 2.3.45 Track 2: Basketball zggesoys' Federations 2.3.4. .Karen Kathleen Petty: Girlsi ,League 2.3.4. Cheryl AnnejPeyto,n:-Gales 2.3.4g7U.sh.ers 3.4. PepQClub.2.3L4:.Girls'ggLeag.uel2,3.4.'fgDaIQjSii PhilliPS1, 'TKPM 2,3r4Z37' Golf' w2'3Q4ff2:P5P ,-.3511 2.3.43 ,JCL-4. lkellilarities 3.45.Boy.s'1Federa1ijonQ 2.3.49 'Band s2L3.4ifM3rga,ret Anni'Philllps:i'.l'lxe' Hilarities .233 Pep Olqtziz iArt'Gioild.-25 'Christrrlasl 4: 'Girls' -League? it Jeffrey Dea,n,Pierce:i Football 2.3.i4: US , ,QV , .iee7Pges.14: Prom ' Chair? man 3: 'NHS 3,433 Baseballi2.3.43ilintramjujrals 2i3,4: Letterman ,2'.3Q43FHomeCQh1ing - Priincefllij eoysf .Federations 2.3.4. Eijed.0.-2.Pitzer:f.Bowliijlg 3.4: Boys' FederatsQng.z3314, l.. Edward solennlvoei ton:,.NHS1 ,4:. CheSS-LQCIUU 24:2 .BoyS',Federati6n :Helen iSharf?niTPottraf2spPep? Clubf ZS32 Girls' Leagoes2,3,4 .Repgr flj ski ,Clubs 4:fMsdwi,n+ ter 2.3. Gail. Larene'Prlce:i GirlsFfLeague'2g3j4: Scott Rainwater: Transfer sfromi Portlanclijfigt Football '43 'Lettermanplub 41 Boys' Federation 4- ROW Rankin: BOYS' le.t Page'fafl9U'f2f314!1W9?l4y Ame Mtnkin:-Rally 4:fH?vh1ec0h1ihe Queen LQ4: Prom 3: srmidwimerf 3:E2TPeips,C1Ub,f2:3:4:. Pep club '2.3.4i Girls' 1L6ae1Tei2-E4:425GS?-vlssembly 3- Susan Candace RGSWSSWfiE'6Ps1QlQb12Q3z4:i Girls' League 2.3.42 ILNRQ lVlen's- ChOl'1Js'3: Choir 4:'MusiCa'l torian 45- FFA 2: iBoys'g-Federation 2.3,4.fJarries Phulibnegimbalr gg5gig5a.ll. .2:...Men's chorusssci Choir 4. siMus3ca1?sK??1BQysf3 ?d9lf3U,Of1y 2.3.4. Sqsan :QKBY RBiSGhe.f1'GflS?f5Club-A X23 Qhbi ffg2lf'G5Ef ma no C.'Ub:31i.GsirlS'flQeHg1a 6'2,Q3445?Dl5032,159?lR9fli his: F211 P!avf31 Qirlsikeasue iet. 2.34422 HAf'321fA!ft Guild sr. sistarfJournals14:gfAiiqe.tlnig wQ'nderlai1d 4:2 Pen Glubf 3.4-ELNGn!?i-ssl-Qiiiirrfkeilsloz NHSQB. Bafidi2J3:? Psp Cslu,bil2Q3Q4aiFT4.4i2i Pf0fff'32l.Gdsl9lS 2Q3,4L1Trea.s.. 3: -lrrtrarhurals' 2g3g. 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"VZ-:,:'--' .frirrasfaiixwzziefl Kathy Russell Susan Sackmann Denise Salzman Esther Samsel Fred Sandmeyer Don Sa nislo Walt Sandwalcl Linda Sartain Fred Schactler Linda Scheinost Eric Schnellrnan Terri Schneider Barb Schroeder Julie Scrimger Larry Seitz All-America Band Choses Fred Schactle Tern Schneider, the "purr-fect" Cheshire cat. per- formsin"Alice lnWonderIand," Bill Semmler Gery Shaw Jean Shephard Mike Shepard Joni Shockley Rebecca Shuford Roberta Shuford Melvin Silver Patti Simonson Corinne Sinke David Sinnes George Skipworth Karen Skov Doug Smith 150 IWW Seniors Fred Pitzer and John Baken battle it out on the chess field as Bill Semmler and fri- Wash. Representative 151 Kathryn' Ann Riissellgs Ushers 3,45 Austrian Club 2: Pepl.Cli3fb5'?21,i33"Giales.3:Girls' League 2,3,4,'Susan Kay' Sackman: NHS 43 Cabi- net 41 Prom 33' Seinatbr 25' Debate 2: Ski Club Sec '43 'Homecoming 2,32 Pep Club 23,43 Girlsf League 2,3,4. Denise Lynette Salzman:4GirlsT .League 2,3.4:: Girls' Intra- murals 243: ' Pep gCl,u'blg2,3,4: Ushers 2. 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Seiiz: JCl.,2,3.4g Football':3g4zii-Letterman Club i3,43fBoys' Federatien-2Q3.4g ..-- William Webb Semmlef: NHSi411Transferi-f'rQrri" Boise, idaho 33 Bas- ketball Q3g4: fTra,ckf3Q Reveille 3.4: Bowling 3,4gyfJibegPres 4:gBoys' Federation 3,43 Letterman Club.l3,l41 Jerry Shaw: Bays' sleiair jLAnn Shepard: Ihespia:nsLgiiVgi2?3l,4ggefgglilgegHilaritiesi 2,3: gl Frink 151552019?4BQilii?3AZfisir5i5Yf3Zf1elwfnai 41iSlPfiHS PSQQYAZL 2: ff 53: lf' Forensics 3 Q4. 3,4-ZA PQDL Club illllkiliitififlliirtfiiiisflzs Milf 29 lirl'Sg'l ?lGYD'1i'i1Sehi4fPrK1i E350 "llr Sfivfbfdfl Fed BUYS" Club ser' HQTIS? 1095006 G 'S' 5 'whens A 'Bed .Ba 43? iWlfeStll'Yxgi,3Q4fi flteflierm a 'ri' Cl u b 233542 frPav'sige2e!ifeQ9rick,1Sinnes:-f'Band 4324: 3245 fGBQfS92?flfQRKl3Ur isklpwbnh r"'5l CW' aggsmusicai14:l2iQfchesxra ,2,3.4: Tri-M 2,s.4: Boysi 'Fegjeraition l2.3Q4. 'Karen' T i'lne,Skov: l,NRff3g4:5 Pep Club 253,47 Gir,ls,'.l.eag'ue Rep, Council.-45 sSkifClulb 4: Prbmf3:,lVliCIwinter 4g Girls? League 52-g3,4. L 5Dbuglasf'JMaurice Smiih:,QNHS,f4: giTri5M 2g3Q4: 4 Stage Band 2.3.41ilNR1ik!-lkeylflilarities123: Musical 3.43 Q-YC,i1Q5ff5W2i3-434,INR3'4Qlii 4 ji 4 i ii ilk ll Jeri Smith Sharon Smith Sharon Snider Mike Snyder Vicky Snyder Ida Soden John Sonnen Ken Spanton Nancy Sparling Barb Specker Sherri Spencer Rory Spitzer Larry Steber Barb Stephens Betty Stilwater Janice Stolz Jodi Stoneburnei John Stoops Deborah Streif Judy Swale Cheryl Swanson Robert Talcott Rob Taylor Kathie Taylor Dick Tesh Robin Thomas Kathy Thompson 'CTS' 'Nqr USE Treasurer Dick En Iund Goes in--:zulu Mike Thompson Terry Thompson Rick Thomson Mick Thornton Linda Tingiey Earl Tolley Dave Va nArnburg Cathy Va ndenbrink Patty VonPein Doug Waite Kathy Waldba uei Vicki Walters .x-st o Naval Academy fm. Q2-5-r' .aun- Pi g 3: 'Pen CWD 93553 f??YP1fa' U fxeaam ji 'l 15142 'NF ...fr-Q lf,--f -... .,,,--- a,.,W M f -- -., ,..,,. - W . ,,.,, l ., .l ,, , . 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LlEditof'!Q:1'f1Q?3ljaita'"344f,K?thleen Taylors' Pepl Clubsl2gfJMaQQf3f SAM Guild 3445 rims' League '+2?3S43'5?,Q.Ri'?h3fdlifQM51Vif!?'s'Tfshfpi SDPW CTQSS ,ll Bbys' ,lEederatiVof1 Tflvmhsa ChO'fl41 MUS'- ?Cali'lflif?Ei'256Sffall!5S'if??'3Lfifm llll 2g3.4gaMen'sllCh0fUS WR 24311 GMS' 25,391 l:al2l-Ml We 44? l ffiofe HS' C5 SOP 25 W'f?e 23,41 213-4s N144 133 'W S37 -G WS' 4? l B2 'Fd f3'49 J lF?Qr5 fSS?Eef5252l1di5,3f42 'QNR 3445 l M UV' ?T3etY-+ TOMWHSUH -'f-2 HFFA ifefgiilfatiqnl 2g3',4. :Tom Trim- ble: aaaal BbvSf3l,,aEiic!f2ife1f?OnE 243l4lf Divid valnAm- IbdfgaYil3??957ilElifE?S3'if5ff0n 23-44 Cathy Van' adeanrihkziixagggiciuablsl 2,341 mm Team 31 mace?ilnklwidagfeqandla azjgcams' f League 2,3,4, , QQSKHA lub 2 A '41 M idwiznter P51569 3f41T l5a."d V 55 Comm ' Kea 7 f?:PW3'a5, - , -' ohn Fed' J-ra nge-ri ,lall 5 33 ilazgmgf-1f'1ff7919m2,a-gf,'1f5Mam.,af,..fl3lf,:e,frfzvf-111.51 ffm' "W 1' ' A A fa W-as1,f,35.M:m.fnew1-zl,gl-:wail Lg mfzzfiygz-Wiz, " :af-555m xiii , .,.. ,.., , , ,.l.hW,.., .1 f:s5L1's,1qf1'4f5:svHf ''P'fz'f.E!'2Qf1'W?i'JJ' Pl Q, ,wllfz rang,-wwe .fd-,,2'fuhf-7 'A li n3?4i:V ifQ755553Elmfglfifg!5f?ZHi1'?'ff:civdf?5TKe"iw95WfE'i5W'Q I A , . Dave Waterbu ry Alison Weber Vickie Weber Joyce Webster Sa nd ra Weishaar John Welch RobWellons Martha Westberg Leslie Westerland Judi Weston Greg Wheeler Dave Whiteside Terry Wilcox Jerry Wilkens Kaylene Williams Elks Name Andy Zimmerman Yakim Linda Keeter and date enjoy a dance as Patty Von Pein discusses decorations with her escort for lVlar di Gras '68" Q, Not pictured: PhilApts Dave Aranas Wade Archer Steve Bales Jack Demson Greg Fox Glen Geiser Rogerl-latch Maxine Hall Craig l-lettinger Donn l-linkle Joe Jacquins GaryJensen JeffJohnson Linda Keeter Robertlvlallory Nick Martinez Karen Petty Ed Poston Gail Price Mike Roettger Duane Schatz Kim Thomas J.Y. Tomlinson Tom Trimble Katl'iyWebb 155 Bob LaBonde makes an impressive Caesar for the annual JCL initiation. Valley s Top Student Leader , . ,,.,,., ,,,,, .W .. ., ,, . . i , ,,t,,:,,,,,,,R . , , ....,. .wr , .. - . , ,, W . ,W .W , . .4.-i i, .. .,. ,f , l mi--vz.-rztivz -' f- J,.::K .. H . 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Welitoflslilif 53i?5fSfii5iE?fFi3'l'Bili6hf55 iwesibefgf iil2fFifi?9 231 bly '2,3,4:' fl-l4if1ijf1GlAild-'i32.i 2,3,4: SWS 2,3Qi4JfLe5lieifLynn1WesteHund:'ffQlQQQ 43 'MCC 23,41 fSliiffClubf4: ,Gales 33 2,33 Pep ClublZg3l42pProm 3: GirlS"i7LeigtLe 23,43 Council 3QlJQdi,jAl1l'I Weston: 2.4: 'Pep Club t2Q3gA4gfGales 4: Girl5'jLeaigi12S 23,4-, GWSOIYYX JPPTUVQWPWIUU Football ',ri Zgffgllgle 234: Pres 4ffjsTffiGk5f2Q344:i BQyS?flFederaxi'fir5 2344- DUN :5U53fi?W!ii!9Sm9ff Boys fF'?5i9f3fQfQ7J 2344: 3.42" 033221 NH S2 45 IN Ri me 21 club Westi valley i3f'Vf-,PfQfii,C'iUibii 31 teens' Leaguegfgiggig Rep. 3. .lei'ry'WlllgerlS:S Bbys' 'Federati0ngZi3i4Q Kaylene Wlllian1siggPept Club 2.3.45 S,e0?11ttE2f33 FTA 3: lNR't3,4jQGi?ls' League 2,3Q4Q,Dan' son: Boys' Fed'erajtiori'72i,3,4. Sarah Learllllini zen-ingen sf. eiaes5lsleeg11Pep Club 2,s,4:,igEAres 4: ,Cabinet A32'-N,HSEQ?4:fGilrls?', Leaguell 2,3.4: 1rgHeGmHcOi'11ir5g 'ma "1 43' l RQ EBFIIHIY A559 Veil '33 ll NR l?f3Q All derlandi All iwillii l'fliW,i hal It ,2,3,4I ,F55f53QUfA2i3Q41i L9lf6if"fi3if3 Boys' tFeaerafsqggggiii22l3,4.s ,Karen 3,4g Girls' LeagQElQZ43g4:l-Pep Club Woodward: Sena-tef-E43tgGirls' League 2L3,4:Qg-Rep Club 2,3,4. trnqxnas score wnghu.. Bays: 3feqgrQ ation 2-3,4- -R9?1fl5Y.tL3?,kY3f89'f ation 2.3.41 Gltiild Ywwv rGif'S1sI!9?5eUe4213,42 S Hre.2!1 INR ll, K6 i 'Hi I3 fi btlv Dfll' T65 Cldbflss H6meCi5if25iif5g1ii3ftstPr0iffl' Willie' 41 'PCPfC19blf??394?f SY? iASSem5!Yf'22i?255fi??S League 2-.SAL Pres 4: Jer,jClaSSjQRiies:, Football 344jgflf?atix 2.3,4: Senate Boysi State' x'Delegategggf31 Lettermari-Qlulj11gQ3fEl5g,f-Prom33.Ski tCluLbi2fl: iisi L SA S L , , ..t, .,... it, , , . S -,, - 1 . zlwfliii-f""f:" iff sififfgiiijiigif 'i my gl 1 em: lui' Ewaum' " Mita f wifi? ,ma WFP' :ga i l 3 Q 1 Top Ten Percent Listed In Alphabetical Order: Barbara Aalpoel Robert Bisschoff Carol Bryant Mary Ann Burrill Dennis Heimbigner Peggy Lacy Carol Lewis lreneMcClurg Robert Cooper Mary McGee CathyGable Terry Parish BlaineGibson Ed Poston Awards, Scholarships: Barbara Aalpoel - Pendleton Scholar Cl-lonors at Entrancej, Welles- ley College Carol Alaimo - Honors at Entrance, Arizona State College Lisa Barquist- Academic Scholarship, Whitman College Grant Michaela Bohnhoff - Yakima Education Association Scholarship, Scholarship Grant, Western Washington State College Carol Brown - Academic Scholarship, Temple Buell College Carol Bryant - Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, Yakima Valley Col- lege Mary Ann Burrill - Honors Program, University of Washington, Hog- gett Latin Scholarship Patric Carey - Honors at Entrance, U niversity of Puget Sound Scott Cahoon - Athletic Scholarship, University of Washington Robert Cooper - Alumni Honors Award, Washington State Univer- sity Terryl Dooley - Ralph Sundquist Scholarship Yakima Valley Col- lege Jackie Dorage - Beauty School Scholarship, Earl'sWesternaire Richard Englund - U nited States Naval Academy Darrel Epperson - Washington Congress of Parents and Teachers Scholarship, Scholarship Grant, University of Washington Dan Garrett - Camarata Music Scholarship, Music Scholarship. Whitman College Blaine Gibson - Academic Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania, National MeritFinalist, Elks MostValuable StudentAward Thomas Goode - George Washington Foundation Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Barbara Gordner - George Washington Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Ruth Ann Halford - Reader's Digest National Merit Scholarship, Macalester College, 1968 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomor- rowforlke Rebecca Hardy - Beauty School Scholarship, Earl'sWesternaire Kathryn Hawkes - Honors at Entrance, Arizona State College Dennis Heimbigner - Academic Scholarship, California Institute of Technology, National Merit Finalist, Elks Most Valuable Student Award Runner-up Elaine Jones - Academic Scholarship, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio 156 Of Senior Class Susan Robinson Jerri Smith Vicky Snyder Ida Soden Roberta Thomas Martha Westberg Carol Young Karen Jones - Lila Miller Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Linda Keeter - George Washington Foundation Scholarship, Yaki- ma Valley College Robert LaBonde - Academic Scholarship, University of Pennsyl- vania Patricia Leinbach - AcademicGrant, University of Washington lrene McClurg - Lila Miller Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Terry Parish - Alumni Educational Opportunity Scholarship, Wash- ington State University Scott Rainwater- Athletic Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Melody Richardson - Beauty School Scholarship, Earl's Western- aire Ester Samsel - Beauty School Scholarship, Charm Marvel School of Beauty Terri Schneider - Best Girl Speaker and Academic Scholarships, Gonzaga University Julie Scrimger- Yakima Rotary Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Jean Shephard - Academic Scholarship, Scripps College, Honors at Entrance, National Merit Finalist George Skipworth - Camarata Music Scholarship, Whitman Col- lege Vicky Snyder - Hoggett Latin Scholarship, University of Washing- ton Ida Soden -George Washington Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Kenneth Spanton - R.R. Glenn Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Janice Stolz - Women's Century Club Home Economics Scholar- ship John Stoops - Academic Scholarship, Whitman College Deborah Jo Streif - Beauty School Scholarship, Earl's Westernaire Earl Tolley - Lila Miller Scholarship, Yakima Valley College Greg Wheeler - AcademicGrant, University of Washington Joyce Webster - Academic Grant, Central Washington State College Sarah Winterringer- Local runner-up, Elks Leadership Contest Carol Young - Academic Scholarship, Pacific University, Honors at Entrance Andrew Zimmerman - Athletic Scholarship, Washington State Uni- versity, Local Winner, Elks Leadership Contest Cadets, Faculty, Groups Receive Recognition Boys' State and Girls' State representatives for 1967 and 19683 Robin Thom- as-I967, Valerie Clappison-1968, Denny Colvin-1968, Jeff Pierce-1967, Andy U.S.E. president, Andy Zimmerman, presents "Cadet of the Week" award to Sarah Winterringer. Zimmerman-1967 and Tim Drumhiller QSEATEDJ 1968. Richard Loofbur- row and Fred Fishback,1968 delegates, are not pictured. Girls' State and Boys' State, honorary summer camps, chose five delegates from Eisenhower. At- tending Boys' State, at Gonzaga University in Spo- kane, will be Tim Drumhiller, Denny Colvin, Dick Loofburrow and Fred Fishback. Valerie Clappison will represent Eisenhower's girls at Central Washing- ton State College in Ellensburg. Both Girls' and Boys' State will occur the week after the 1967-1968 school year ends. All of the participants join in mock elections and city councils to study the manner in which our gov- ernment operates. Robin Thomas, Jeff Pierce and Andy Zimmerman, last years representatives, told this years group that it was a very rewarding experi- ence. Seventeen times during the school year the U.S.E cabinet selected a person or group of persons wor- thy of recognition. The recipients were honored for one week, with awards based on three attributes: cha racter, inspiration and spirit. Cadets of the Week: Mfg. Carter El3iVleJOl'leS Raiiyand Cheer Dennis Heirnbigner Coach Clayton Frazier Da"lGaVV9t 1968 wrestling team Ray Blondin Mike Snyder John Welch DrilITeam Mrs. BaiIey's third period Psychology class Lyn Glaspey Linda Keeter Eisenhower Band Sarah Winterringer Nlr. Stone Senior Assembly Satirizes Class Of '6 Jim Simonson gracefully depicts Mary Allard as he flings a rose to the audience. Actors demonstrate activities at a S.M.O.D. CSenior lVlen of Distinctionb party. 158 .1 Sophomores and ju niors wait patiently backstage for their cues. X if , y. X X s 1 1.6 will .1 v 2' . W. 'i. f A f I k b .hm 1 rf-4 +1 W we Aff kill -4 im '-5' -1 . 1 . ig. aux N , ni 6 . S .rpg 7 .. ., T. 'nw ,T'r f5.1 WM ,f uw as 5 '11 Q :- 2 ' ' , 'Hy Y 1. - Q L A ' if ' .Q ' r Q fx' i fad N x Graduating class members eagerly await the traditional walk through the arches of life. fr" h 'Go Where You Want To Go' Senior girls display pleased reactions during skits. Maw onwvrm Cigar-wielding underclassmen portray senior girls at a football game. Sr. Assembly, under the direction of Nlr. Durado, portrayed the class of 1968 in a variety of skits, songs and dialogues. This dramatic pro- duction provided entertainment for the entire graduating class as well as the student body, After re- living events of their life at Eisen- hower, seniors proceeded to the annual Senior Luncheon. Perry Lynch, Gini Faller and Todd Tressler commentate Senior Assembly activites. t '-Y. lyww 1 2 4 get 'ff fi :A 'IW ,l , js ox Underclassmen portray senior band members as the entire student body looks on. l59 get sf Masonic Temple And Y.M.C.A. Host Varied reactions appear on the faces of seniors as the class prophecies are read. Class officers, advisors. and administrators preside at the senior luncheon held attheMasonicTernple Delicious food, the best of company and entertain- ment by the Yakimana Brass provide atmosphere fora memorable luncheon. 160 Senior Luncheon And All-Ni ht Party ky Seniors play a rousing game of volleyball during the early morning hours following graduation. V Gary Cocoran and Linda SChelfl0St watch GlOl'la Chin's attempt at 3 tl'lC- Wanda Bolfz and Janice Stoltz ponder' 3 Chess move While pool shot. A- H - Tom Halladds helpful suggestions. hx Exuberant graduates Scott Rainwater and Janet Almos, Dick Tesh and Barb Aalpoel, and Dick Gilmore and Barbie Specker frollick on the Y.M.C.A. dance floor. 161 Challenge Of Tomorro 6 f in Pete Boley, David Hoff and Linda Keeter listen attentively to Reverend Dooiey's "Go, go, go", urges the Reverend Kenneth D. Doo- speech, Iey, speaker at Baccaia u reate. f W W- . elm' J' Departing seniors wait for Pomp and Circumstance before filing into the gym for Baccalaureate Parents, friends and graduates departfrom Baccalaureate services, if 'aw Y ' ' .,:,.1 I vi .' 4 .M ' 17 , , . N581-,im X ,ffzkgf I if 4 M zgvgifwe , iw? is fm Q-396120 ' ,f7 N11-'f.,fg' iw .f,::f+i.?if'- fi Y-if 5 , 5If' Q..w-A5,ff f.Z33'y'? ,, ,gil ' ,k-1: , m i I' aff' W J Q L. ,j,LL V 1 q W 'Agia ,Q V, th 41 , 1'-' P 4' id, I .. :A T , if if 4142-3 iii-:Tl eq, kahkwz-I 44 -J , "5" V' IS MU' 4 "Q-fi-Af.1"1k-,1d.,,g1,,wf" " 1 xi WI Y --wif' 4 gb M """! V7 L 2, I An. . X I dx! 5 good by lor Ridencej neat rows and blaring bells of the pale grey Chateaux among the old brown hills you had a peculiar glitter of ball litl games and green rain: the sly wa nd of Jayzyl Maystra 81 Co. through three years - Nichelio years of living and learning faces ltight eyes still seel bygone with the easy years the ones ahead loom: Tough in the Ia rger classroom outside alone on our own long roads of footprints in the dust rain and the other side 164 165 Academics .... ..... 4 O-49 Administration ... ..... 30,31 All-Night Party ... .... . 161 Art Guild ...... .... 5 7 Baccalaureate . . ..... 162 Band ........ ......,. 1 2 Baseball ....... .... 9 8-101 Ba sketba I I ....... ..... 8 6-89 Boys' Federation Cheer and Rally Chess Club . . . Choir ......... Closing ......... ..... Commencement Cross Country . Deca ....... Drill Team .. Elections .... Faculty ..,. Fall Play ..... FFA ............. . Five-Sta r J ou rnal Football ......... . . . FTA ............. Gales ....... Girls' League . Golf ...,..... Government . Homecoming . INR ......... Introduction . JCL .......... Junior Class ....... ..... Junior-Senior Prom . ... Lettermen's Club Mid-Winter ..... MMC ........... Musical .. NHS ........ Orchestra .. Pep Club .. Reveille .... Senate ....... Senior Class Service ....... Ski Club ....... Sophomore Class Spring Play ..... ... Tennis ...... Thespians .. Tolo ...... Top 596 .. ,. Track ........... ... Traffic Control Tri-M ......... Wrestling ....... .... .,,.. . . . ...... ..55 ...14,15 .....59 ......1s,19 164,165 ....163 .....85 .....57 ..16,17 .....24 ..32-39 ..64,65 .....56 ..52,53 .,80-84 56 .....59 .....55 104,105 ..22,23 ..62,63 .,...56 2-11 .....58 118,129 .. 76,77 . . . . . 55 .. 66,67 . . . . . 57 ..72-75 ..26-29 .....13 .....55 ..50,51 .....25 130-155 .....54 .....58 108-117 ..7O,71 102,103 .....56 ..68,69 .,..158 .,94-97 . .54 . .57 . . 90-93

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