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N W 14 1 F 1 i I 1 1 i r B , , 74: gm ,lx 1 i L I r J Eff' I 11" 'I 4 uw Pan therama Vol. 30 Eisenhower High School 1200 South 16th Street Decatur, Illinois 62521 Ttl pg I Confen I66-185 I 86- I 99 ............ 200-207 .............. 208 ....... ....... C losing L . The Spirit Lives On I' inf" -Q "Cl K 4 I , M - -np 5 . ,gif in 4, 5 an ' -ah ' 4 'r,"',- 9 .r A . ,x .V 1 'U H . s"'i- .g' 1, ...V ,S 1-- v .1-., ffm, .l 4-Qjd' 'Er 'U' Sc' 'si' Wibq, . ? I A- Y' 'lv I -an ., 5 1 TT. nf 4 at Q.. ,. Za- . I Q- ' T sw " 7 .D-is 'Wg- f c 'U iw-Q q, -had .Viet ' B .A As the class of l986 left the school last year, many welcome changes were tak- ing place in the school. This year, the incoming students were greeted by a new all- weather track and stadium and a newly repaved parking lot to honor Eisenhower's 30th anniversary. Everyone was looking forward to a great year, but their hopes were dashed when all 900 of Decatur's teachers went on strike. During the eighteen days of the strike, the stu- dents wondered if they were ever going to see Eisenhower again, but fortunately lor un- fortunately, depending on one's point of view.l the teachers and the school board resolved their differ- ences and Eisenhower was reopened. The strike caused many activities to be post- poned, including Homecom- ing, but soon the school was back in full swing, homework and all. One benefit of the strike was that it made every- one realize how much they loved their school. This year's 30th anniversa- ry touched all the students' lives. School spirit showed a marked improvement over the past years', but as al- ways, there was room for im- provement. This year saw the entrance of yet another freshman class, the growth in maturity of the sophomore and junior classes, and the fond farewells of the gradu- ating senior class, who some- times felt that they would never get out! The triangles on the cover and on many of the pages represent the thir- ty years that Eisenhower has been a high school, with each side representing ten years. May it have thirty more! l. The dedication of the drum majori Fred Conley limps at band camp. 2. Opening day chaos. Opening 3 Cur beloved Eisenhower reached another important milestone this year: her thirti- eth birthday. Students who graduated thirty years ago were becoming grandpar- ents this year, while today's students were becoming adults. Of course, student life at El-lS today is much differ- ent than it was thirty years ago, Students in today's modern society are faced with more important and controversial choices early in their lives. But, the students of both generations were alike in one thing: knowing how to have fun. Even with all the pressures of high school life, students still manage to find time for their favorite ac- tivities. Some students en- joyed going to dances, foot- ball games, and other school activities, while others pre- ferred iust getting together with their friends and party- ing. Still others decided to spend their leisure hours at their favorite hobby. But whatever they decided to do, EHS students had no trouble having fun. After all, what else is high school for? 'FV59' L,"J'lf'P7 litf- Opening QW 7 5 Special Features Clubs pp 28-29 56-57 Sports pp 88-89 Album pp 92-93 106-107 118-119 130-131 l. Ben Hague gives us his innocent look: 'lWho, me?" 2. Shani Gauble gives Mr. Streight lust what he's always wanted: a street sign 3. The main hall looks lonely during 1' 1' AX 'Q the teacher strike 4. Tony I-loots and Vicki Corte wait to register for another exciting year at EHS. 5. Scott Vanderlaan dreams blissful Senior dreams. ,V 4 5 Student Life!Opening 5 f"5 1:1 . V51 P Sl wif 34 -"g'5!' 1 , . I'f"'a I Ann Lehman emays herself at a school dance 2 Shan Ganya plays the flute dur- fng band practnce 3 Laurne Hath looks cheerful un spare af her spramed ankle -1 Srephanue Bates relaxes after a busy day 6 5'!,1f1erwrLvfe Cfll'1dldS ladle ijt' .M- Q-- ' 5 4,1 .l V . - 1' .5-. ,H . V A" 1 R, 4 V - ew'-f"x. ,. . , , . x V . .,,, ' 'A " 'N ' -' , Xl 5 5 , ' 'fr-Wi. I w ,aw A ' f 1 A, f 1 ' " ,n I :um 1 4,.,.-A : l 9 'I !'X fa W." K V'-.J-L -312 '-get- ,.ii,f, ' - ,R , I .v... -13'-'A -1 . . 4,4 " ,W .w lxf.. 'U sq. -M-.ai '- .,,3'Fi . f+'..y-1"!,'-1, -' ' -'wal' A "-E-f?Ssi-1-ft: ' ' -'3' 'fu VI, Y il .A . ,. '?'iE71Qg,gF:.cn-R' h . 11... , , A . -.fri Relics! 1Z7'f.:f- " 1 """'c54.-J' aff-' ' -lv" 'Q HA N 1 'ivy -'-,.,,h"'.h ' b xx- i ,Ji ',- vie. " ,,r. l 7 5. A group of students waits pa- tiently for registration to begin, 6, Signing forms and standing in Y Y registration day. 7, Fred Conley demonstrates marching for airplane watching, we can't tell whichl. 8. Nicole l-lorve ponders the up- coming day. 'B 5 .i,, line is what most people hate about ...il- ff ya. 8 Student Life!Candids 7 xUI11Il1g hx leurmg upurt theur tloot I Nik Mhul: Ioolw exerted ot the thought nt gettmg hl5prCIl1r9 tok- en I The Bemom celebfote Home- -1 X 'ck' Corte ff our l986 Home- Comnng queen 'D The Jumors show oft thenr wm- mng tloclt L f --H- ,Nh - 5 - - 1 , -f s X. , L N rt t ' kg., -" I 9 x 1 1 Ziff' " 'Q 1,53 ..........,-g - .4--C' I r r tQCUFmr'vq fqmfjlrjg 5 ' v e 1 C. if 5 . x ' ' Q- ' Q s , 4 ,, ,- ., - .,5,...,.,...,... ..,.- W. V., .......- --.V-W...-qv,-U-.wr 1 5 1 I 1 i A 1 . 1 .,, ...is -4-Qi S-'.f"" . . , , ,vi 3 f 2 4 , L Homecommg Conduds 9 "E:-TTT Fore ver The theme for this year's Homecoming was "Forever Young", a song by the pro- gressive rock group, Alpho- ville. This theme was reflect- ed in the mood of Eisenhow- er's student body as Homecoming drew near. Spirits ron high as students participated in the activities during Homecoming week. Students were seen in every- thing from sunglasses and flowered shorts on Beach Day to hospital scrubs and nun's habits on Dress-l.ike- You-Will-in-lO-Years Day. The students also partici- pated in the annual Spirit Hall contest. The Spirit Halls were judged by Eisenhower's sec- retaries. The Seniors won first place with their hall, which in- cluded music by the Alterna- tive. The Juniors finished sec- ond, the Sophomores third and the Freshmen last. I Young The week culminated in the Homecoming assembly on Friday. The students gath- ered to cheer on the football team and the Queen and court were announced. Re- presentatives from each class competed in wheelbar- row races, a tug-of-war con- test, a limbo contest, and on ice-cream eating contest. Doug Ausnehmer won the ice-cream eating contest for the third year in a row, His victory helped the Seniors win the class competition. Ben Hogue, the Senior class president, was rewarded by getting to throw pies in the faces fond hair? of the other closs presidents. Unfortunately, the football team lost the Homecoming game against the Danville Vi- kings, but this didn't stop the students from having a great Homecoming. u -,su pgs 4, n i 39,11 5,!i,.g W, 11-01 0 avr 1 1 l Q -limi uialv 1 ,-we .. U-ei T' 5 l Q4 aw jfs N L i ' . MJ. ihirii it - aus-.q,.q.,,,.-4 J T5 "'X. .igl V'-Br l 1 I ' Q 4-vi' 1 , A b--1" yr..- ...-v-"""' T R -Q -. x ms l-.E 1' I l. The seniors anxiously await the start ot the Homecoming assembly. 2. Two students cheer on the toot- ball team. 3, The Pom Pon girls do therr llghostly" routine, 4. Craig Gadberry Iimbos his way to victory, 5. The crowd listens intently as the Queen and court are announced. 6, Julie Schiminski, the Freshmen President, gets pied in the face, 7. The Juniors win second place for their spirit hall Homecoming Floating Along lt was Thursday, October 30, and the Senior class sud- denly realized that, with Homecoming only 24 hours away, they still didn't have a float for the Homecoming parade. So, a few brave Sen- iors spent all Thursday night and early Friday morning building a float. Fortunately, the float was done in time for the parade. Unfortunately, it had to be carried because a flat bed could not be found in time. lt didn't win first place, but the Seniors had fun try- ing. The Junior's float "The Opera of Defeat" won first place with its depiction of Nl-lelga the Opera Lady" bat- tling a giant panther. The Sophomores won sec- ond place with their float, i i Jrviiriq pflfflflfi while the Freshman won third place. The Seniors l'won" last place with their float of a destroyed Viking ship. The floats were judged by three celebrity iudges: Gail Simpson from WAND televi- sion station, Orv Graham from WSOY radio station, and Judy Locke from the De- catur Park Board. There were other things in this year's parade besides floats, though. There were a total of 28 entries, including many Eisenhower Organiza- tions. Eisenhower's principal, Mr. l-lengst was the Grand Marshall. Everyone agreed that the parade manager, Debbie Anderson, did a great job organizing this year's pa- rode. G PAN TBIERS l 'QA I ,-..-N A - s- ,- l. The Seniors carry their tloot in the Homecoming parade. 2. 'll-leIgc1", the opero lody, bottles o pon ther in the Juniors' winning floot. 3. The Freshmen show their school spirit with their tloot, 4. The Porn Pon girls soy "l-lil" 5. The Sophomore floor blows owoy the competition. K 53' Homecoming Porode l3 Homecoming Court Queen - Vicki Corte Escort - Jeff Scott Senior Attendant - Kelli Kfieen Escort - Brad Shepard Junior Attendant - Trina Bennett Escort - Nick Reynolds Sophomore Attendant - Staci Summers Escort - Michael Luther Freshman Attendant - Gretchen McGowan Escort - Greg Hendricker A r C I W" Ji? ' ' x n V Homecommg Court I5 Sights ond Sounds of '86 Mrs. Kistler and Mr. Sc teamed up to produce a da zling display of music, da ing, and comedy for th year's talent show. t Students performed t., packed houses on Nove ber 7 and 8. Besides traditio g A al acts, such as the Senif guys' rendition of "Sw ff Lake", audiences also efig joyed new acts, like the "Elf, tremes", a take-off on "Supremes". Both the formers and the back stagi crew contributed much time and effort to make "Sights and Sounds of '86" a great show. . The Acts: EHS Jazz Band "Don't Cry Out Loud" - Heather Corrington "Cantaloupe lsland" - Jazi Combo "Hello Again" - Kyle An- dersonx "Concerto in G" - .lean- nette Olson "Little Honda" - Kristy Harper and Alana Dady Egyptianettes - Sophomore Pom Pons "Still" - Andy Sarver 5 The Tap Dance - Dian Brown, .loi Davis, Trina Bene nett ,J "Zing Went the Strings of - Heart" - Christy Bennett i i i I l ' ' 22:1 L1 Y 15351. ' 1 .T 'ails Z. Af-liz . S in PW-fi . Gillis.: ' ' f-wzrsws -in 5 - , ? L , 4: A 11 :, ,VN 5.1. L' 5? me ,y EE, J 5 lf " iii -5 a s- 2. 3 z C 3 O "2 ' E. 0 Q 2 3 -os ' "' , 2 EI 3 lo' can s'+ :s o 9- 2 V, -1 3 in 3 3 2 95 'HZ J :. B' Q. ll' 'T -2' 5: The Pink Panther" -- Or- ltestra The Search is Over" -- Tim Ehrisman wing Choir The Doctor ls ln" -- Trina nd Bruce Bennett Come in from the Rain" - ridi Felt AWithout a Name Supreme's Medley" - The :etremes May Each Dayf' -- Scott Morton Llulia's Theme" - Jodi and fhristy Bennett Corner of the Sky" - Jason Aierek 'Misty" - Tim Pritts Wen Thousand Joys" -- iclci and Christi Summers 'Ebony and lvory" - Mylas Iopeland and Bruce Bennett 'How Are Things in Glocca iAorra" -- Melissa Bilyeu iTurned on Broadway" - YV Cheerleaders 'Easy Street" - Dena Brown ind Andy Lawyer fMy Wife the Dancer" - Senior Pom Pons Broadway Medley - Kim Zooper 'The BalIet" - Senior Guys X l. Tim Chrisman plays "The Search is Over" 2. Kristi Harper and Alana Dady take a ride in their "Little l-londaf' 3. Matt Brooks shows off his sexy legs. 4. Melissa Bilyeu, Dena Brown, and Jennifer James practice their act, 5, Kelli Kileen, the card girl, all 'lrnaid" up. The spirit of Eisenhower was shown through its clubs. For those involved in extra- curricular activities, the day didn't end at 2:40 pm, it was only the beginning. From Flag corps to Thespians, from Jets to Jazz Band, the Clubs gave students something to look forward to at the end of a long school day. Some of the students didn't run to their cars or to catch their buses when the final bell rang. ln- stead they ran to club meet- ings to work on a new club project. The clubs were en- joyable, but required lots of hard work. Only the stu- dents' enthusiasm kept them ' . running smoothly. Fund rais- ing drives, last minute dead- lines, and hours of practice to perfect a solo were just a few of the things accepted as the price of belonging to a club. Most students considered their club activities to be much more important than their classes. lf a club meet- ing kept them from finishing their math homework, then the homework would just have to be turned in late. Those involved in clubs all agreed that the hard work was all worth it. The clubs were what made the school fun. x, 'try' . , . .ii 1 T?-i 1 1 , D of " -I 5 or 4 5 Tir. ' r 'if' ij 1 5' f -F"--1 Clubs Opening 2 ia yi 1 '7 ,' ' .l. u R-'T 54 -V tw Q, , 78' . n D E., . n -Sf 4 Q . .,., QV. I, ...AUS- ,A L 'Fx .5 N , 44 580 - "hi ' . A ev ff "' "N " ' - ,' .',M , ' ' r. h . ,TS I 'YL '11, i'..',,. ... fm 'fu' ' hir '4' K TN' ' 'N 2 ,ig ' 'U -- 4 ,mv .J ?:f,,i,fQ:t' Q SA ,. - A-Mi.-., '4 'V ' V ...4.f3,v ,.., , W gv if X s L4 , 'My , ' '.' I4 . ,, X' 1 l. Under the watchful eyes shines. of Jeanette Olson, the flute section 2. The flutes play "A Train" 3. The band marches on. 4. Julie Patterson, Tara Maurizio, and Mylas Copeland stand at attention during the show. 5. Fred Conley salutes youl Clubs Opening lf? o Freshmen The X ed of 4l new and talented singers. Freshmen who enioy mu- sic were able to participate in that choir. The multi-talented Treble Choir included students of all grade levels. Sorry, guys, this choir only accepts the fe- males! Like all the choirs at Eisenhower, the Treble Choir participated in the annual Fall, Christmas, and Spring Concerts. c . Choir consist- z Freshmen Choir Cyl All members ot the choirs were granted the privilege to "skip" class to perform for other elementary and secon- dary schools. Each group showed numerous audiences their eminent talent. Director Mr. Scott commented that "Most of the choir members continue to move ahead and further their musical abili- ties," i ll' l. Tim Chrisman accompanies the choir during rehearsal. 2 Mr. Scott shows his authority in the Freshman Choir. 3 Treble Choir members anxiously await the start of class, l... PP al-, , 1 N 6, s '9' YQ -2- . g-1' O Ks if . - . W , . ..' I n 551' ll' 4. up 3 K l ... Freshman Choir: lst row: S. Jamison, J. McCurry, J. Ward, T. Hott, A. Dady, J. Jacobs, R. Gallagher, M. Kehart, P. Campbell. 2nd row: T. Dum, D. Powell, R. Gentry, S. Tartar, R. Chaney, M, Apple, J. Heinrich, J. Law, J. Maurizio, V. VanArsdale. 3rd row: A. Horrell, F. Turnbo, H. Schreiber, B. Byers, D. Heckritz, N, Nihiser, D. Jeffrey, M. Steele, M. Lindgren, S. Greanias. Row 4: K. Cooper, J. Schiminski, K. Harper, G. McGowan, M. Hardy, T. Chrisman, B. McNamara, B. Schoeneberg, J. Mierek, C. Lawyer, R. Gruenewood, ' C. Houseworth, K. Swords, A. Schulz. Us fff. Treble Choir: lst row: Munden, Bond, Gilmour, Baggett, Brownlow, Kracht, Jones, Bushey, Miller, Mason, Smith. 2nd row: Huisinga, Shaw, Cowger, Kinney, Rothe, Roach, Lewis, Harting, Lockmiller, Alderson. 3rd row: K Bradford, B. Stevens, D. Fobbs, M. Moody, V. Brertl, H. Scott, S. Dial, A. Roady, C. Wiegard, M. Cruz. Treble Choir 21 Concert Choir lst row D Sayles, Lovel, T. Bennett, L. BFOWV1, A' Jack, D Brown, E McNamara, S Summers, K Cooper, I-l. Corring- ton, J Cole 2nd row M Bilyeau, C. Younger, J. James, K. Cloney, D Brow n, J Felt, M Williams, D Turner, D Morrison, L. Myrvold, C Bennett 3rd row S Morton, A Sarver,S BarntieId,M. Bowen, B Byers, T Smith, D Sampson, M. Copeland, R. Nielson, B. Mor- gan -1th row T Kolbeck, A Lawyer, J. Becket, J. James, J. Swearin- Qen' K Andefggnl B Wrigley, VN!C1ll4el', l'l6f'1I'Y, Ganyo. Concert Choir This year's Concert Choir was as strong as ever. They carried their tunes through- out the community by doing various concerts tor many 'T Sli ,ir gatherings, one at which was the Lions Club. Two of the students from this choir were chosen as All-State mem- bers, one ofthe highest hon- ors a choir member can re- ceive. Dena Brown and Kyle Anderson did an outstanding job in representing Eisenhow- er. Later in the school year, the Concert Choir went to Big Twelve competition, and did an excellent job as well. The Swing Choir was a re- 1 IU ti' j Ni,- a ,f ' N ..-rqx Swing Choir ,, , A S .,...' ,wwf A vival of the old Tiptones from a few years ago, however, this choir consisted of all girls, - unlike the Tiptones, which was mixed. They performed - songs with choreographed .2 dance steps in many differ- N ffm? ent concerts, including the 7 Talent Show. I ' This year was one of the best choir years in the recent '- past at Eisenhower, and we can only expect this to be the standard performance qual- ity in years to come. A big thank you to Mr. Scott who keeps the tradition of excel- Ience alive. J, "i "TK ll Marching Band On August 3, l986, about 80 band members suffered through the annual week of band camp, alias "torture". Often working 8 hours a doy, the band members tried hard to perfect their show. As a sidelight to the work, the tra- ditional Freshman Initiation ritual was performed. When they got back to school, they polished up the finishing touches on the show for the first home game. ln the Mt. Pulaski Fall Fies- ta, the Panthers debuted their long-awaited, hard- worked for, new uniforms. Despite the chilly, drizzling night weather, Mr. Streight :Liv T lizgvfknf "WNx,y,:Pbi4Q43's...', - ,.v ..- , 5'f..fws.W "f"'.x ' .I ,N qc 'tl ,. . T' A n - ' - -,'f'i.f' gf : ,fwr T:. ,1':"lf' . 'lv . f l '-,-vb .f ji? --r',.,..sr"T 24 Marching 8and!Flag Corps law. . "'i-"N ,Z xQQaS' ' I and the Panthers marched away with first place. Due to the strike, the Marching Panthers did not compete at any field show competitions, although they practiced every day at Fair- view Park. The cooperation of this year's Pep Band and cheer- leaders successfully in- creased both school pride and spirit at the varsity bas- ketball games. The Symphonic Band, just as before, consisted of all classes from the foolhardy freshman to the shameless seniors. The Symphonic Band promised to be even better than last year's group. V,f'A tif' I jf fa, vt' V' W' Ins ,fi r 11' . if--'. .r -' lf, +1 . kuduap W ,Ji'Q,1,45-i I' I If sb' J. 1 ,? .x A A l 'Y P. A - 8-44+ --,., 105' ,:n,fw'G 'e t 1 .. .g .af gn' ,nl . .4 f , ' . N, u, xl., Q 4Q,-gf.. , 1 -1, u .- . .,, ,f' ,,,.0-gf. I, if , fi' . ..,,.,,f:,.'. Y.: "IJ- 45 QB is ei KX , 4 r Hl1iill"i T-I I i-mf li., , In I I J ' A I ' I .L 's l l li 1 - L A ' . th . ...-.--- . I .-. I I l 'lv A ., l . A 1 "1 i u- I T 6 4 lt- l. Front: F. Conley, Drum Major-Bells: J. Patterson, M. Copeland, T. Maurizio First Row: J. Trolia, P. Birk D. Anderson, J. Strader, S. Gruender, A. Flanders, A. Basil, M. Bowman, A. Tyus, M. Boyer, R. Wayne, S. Trummel, C. Fitzpatrick, J. Grant, R. Wallace, D. Roney, J. Delaughter, C. Kovach, E. Wilder 2nd row J. Penn, T. Pritts, G. Walker, V. Noe, L. Huth, R. Tish, M. Livingston, J. Sperry, C. Boling, J. Gray, J. Olson, A. Daum, S. Bates, L. DeVera, L. Green, L. Felts, L. Eaton, A. Martin, R. Romoger, B. Ware, D. Honnold, J. Kramer, L. Dunker, T. Sparks, J. Hilton, A. Cummings, N. Campbell, J. Thomas, D. Cunning ham, B. Ringer, J. Hall, T. Dhermy, M. Harres, T. Newsom, H. Henseler, T. Hawkins, J. Oettel, V. Short, J. Nelson, S. Vanderlaan, J. Oettel-Flag Corps: L. Yowell, J. Fyke, M. Mladner, T. Allison, B Lowe, L. Harmon, C. Merrow, L. Arnold, C. Cope- land, G. Blue, Missing: S. Bohannon, J. Pariani, B. Bennett, S. Williams, P. Thomans, C. Gruenloh 2. These instruments seem lonely without their play- ers. 3. Jerry Grant, Ron Tish, Tim Pritts, and Laurie Huth "take the A Train". 4. "l'm so confusedl", says Julie Patterson. 9 J. ar' ' ' 15, Lf' l .f Q-J . -? 1l J El l ll A .. V.. 1,1 1ncertBond lront - B Wore, T l-lonnpton, C Woods, S. Bryle, N. Sonders, S, Fobley, J. Krueger, Oglesb, M Totro 2nd row - Mr Streught, M. Luther, T. Botorson, C. Mortin, M. Blrk, B. mnnQrs, C Shroeder, D Force, D Skelley, A Tortonce 3rd row - B. Lundsey, K, Costlemon, A, nw.-I, K Homer, C Bennett, T Woldrop, A Goodloclc, L. Keller, A. Alexander ,r gmt Eflrvl, Orchestro Jozz Bond. Front. R. monger, S. Whnted, Bennett 2nd row. Goodlick, L. l-lith, Pntts D l-lonnold I l Tnsh 3rd row F Conle J. Gront, G. De loughter, C, Mortun, J l-loll, N. Combel nil. bove: Danny l-lonnold leads the band at the Talent Show. 'ighti Fred Conley and Tim Pritts do a duet. . .lm 9 f l r Au Inns The Jazz Band this year was definitely a young group. But that did not mean that the Jazz Band was not good, in fact, many people said that it was even better than last year's. The band went to various festivials and con- tests, such as the Illinois Wes- lyan University Festival, Western Illinois, and Eastern Illinois Festival, earning much deserved praise. They per- formed at the annual Mac Williams Memorial Jazz Festi- val, in honor of a former band member. Milikin Univer- sity's Jazz Band also per- formed at this third Festival as they had done the past two years. All in all, it was a very productive year. The Concert Band was the proving ground for students wishing to be in Symphonic! Marching Band. The group practiced long and hard un- der the direction of Mr. Streight for their perfor- mances. Every member hoped to be moved up to Symphonicflvlarching Band. 1 , - -0 , A N K l Jazz Band 27 -,.-A ...... -.. . l "I -- .s 4 L.. - . 1 I. These sophomores leorn how to weight lift. 2 Tncuo Plonutz leorns how to pour punch. 3, Dustnn Muller poses for the com- ero whule John Burk ond Scott Whnt- ed set up for on Alternative donce. 4 John Birk checks the lights be- fore 0 donce. 28 Clubs QU 1 he 4 .11- ..,. H ,fi I ff .29 K I 'fy s , I L 1 Kilt 1 ff. Q If 'Q' If ,Q r Jfg if 3 49145 HIM l""q.L',g H I 1 J' l I ' . K I. Lb, Humfm -rf 'T Tal l . l. AFS lst row: M. Taylor, H. Gomez, Kaeko, M. Wengler, C. Gravitt, J. Weaver, M. Chambers. 2nd row: M. Montgomery, D. Anderson, D. Weaver, T. Hudson, Katrin, C. Hazenfield. 3rd row: Boyer, A Hironimus, R. Clark, E. Evey, A. Lawyer, S. Anderson, C. Dillman 2. Human Relations Front: L. White, P. Jarret. Back: Mrs. Brooks, D. White, S. Powell 3. S.A.D.D. Front: Mrs. Anthony, B. Zaches, P. Hughes, M. Quigle, R. Greanias. 2nd row: D. Brown, M. Williams, T. Bennet, S. Sidwell, M. Denzler, S. Grednias. 3rd row: C. Purdy, L. Myrvold, L. Miller, A. Griffin, B. Nelson, M. Lindgren. 4th row: A. Lawyer, L. Tarbeck, J. Watte, B. Shepard, B. Walters 4. What's your opinion on drunk driv- ing? 5. What are we going to do now? Broadening our Horizons Many clubs are relatively unknown to the student body. These groups provide excellent informational ser- vices to the students. Their projects broaden the stu- dents' horizons. Human Relations was de- signed to better relations be- tween students of all races. They sponsored the annual food drive. Mrs. Lauderdale's lst semester Advanced Grammar classes beat out the freshman, sophomores, iuniors, and seniors. Mrs. Brooks is the advisor. SADD was a new group sponsored by Mrs. Anthony, that deals with drunk driving. lt sponsored awareness pro- grams, a poster contest, a bulletin, and various other activities. AFS is a group of students sponsored by Mrs. Mits- darffer, who are interested in foreign countries. It is not necessary to travel in order to join this group. Members sponsored a youth festival and also attended a conven- tion supplying information on foreign countries. With such clubs, students learn to become better indi- viduals and teach them to co- operate in groups. AFS SADD Human Relations 3l ,F ,W ,A rf, N NN L " vs-' NN . QL 5? 35" " " If 9- -, X I .l 2- "H fi" . .,, lc nf' A GV, H ff 1 ..., 4725 ,5., ,. '4aw'Q?1iGZ2Q7l!'f1nl,F' 1 ,Man wNmmWw ' -,-fZf4,,f!...2' f " 5"ky,wi1',?z'nf wmmwy 9 Q M. N My ,,M,,M, 1 ,U W ,,,,,,W,, ,..wi,yw ,!lr,,r'f, ,y, 'Q' VV, ,Www W mu" 4 Mfg? 1 V: 5-af ,,f Q15 Condnds 33 Academic Bowl llAcademic Bowl? What's that?" was what many peo- ple said when asked about academic bowl. The Aca- demic Bowl team was prob- ably one ot the least under- stood clubs at Eisenhower High School. In reality it just wasn't one team, it was two. Just like the sports, it had a Varsity team and a Junior Varsity team. Both teams went to tourna- ments and matches, compil- ing a very good record. This year both teams be- longed to the Central Illinois Scholastic League, which was a group of nine schools, Monticello, Warrensburg- Latham, Mt. Pulaski, Ar- genta-Oreana, Mt. Zion, St. Theresa, Mahomet-Seymor, Clinton, and Eisenhower. Ev- ery Monday night for a month the team members played two other teams. At the end of the month Eisen- hower's Varsity team had a record of 6 wins and 2 losses, coming in tied for first. Then on December 6th, l9B6 the team went to Mt. Pulaski for the league tournament, at which they were 4-4, coming in 5th place. Vicki Short, the team captain, was named to the CISL All-Tournament team. The JV team was made up of Freshmen and Sopho- mores, with John Fultz as their captain. Their questions were somewhat easier than the Varsity, but not by much. Their record during league play was 2 wins and 6 losses. Each team consisted of 5 players who were competing and the alternates. A match consisted of two halves, dur- ing which the players were asked questions like l'Name seven ways to prepare eggs by themselves", l'Name all six of l-lenry Vlll wives in or- der", to Calculus questions like MGive the derivatives of 'i .f-ffiflernif. Bowl la? x"+7x' +- 6 and fbl 6x'lx+ 6J". If they answered a toss-up right, they got a chance to answer a bonus question. They certainly were an im- portant part of life at Eisen- hower. Oh, and the answers to those questions? The 7 dif- ferent ways to prepare eggs are poached, hard boiled, soft boiled, fried, scrambled, an omelet, and baked. l-lenry the Vlll's wives were Cather- ine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine l-loward, Katherine Parr, and the de- rivatives are 6x5+l4 and lBxZ+72x. C l. As Rob Greanias writes furiously, Vicki Short and Becky Zachies talk lhall. 2. Academic Bowl: front. A. Jack L. Conyers, B. Zachies, V. Short, A. Flanders, J. Slifer, M. Dwyer. Zndi K. Dwyer, M. Grasch, J. Fultz, S. Turner, Mrs. l-leiden. 3rd: Mrs. Eiter, J. Branstad, T. Pritts, J. Grant, L. Parks. 3. Rob puts more graffiti on Vicki's name tag, a favorite hobby. 4. Rob gets a tossup right? 5. Daniel Yoon racks his brain for the answer. 6 Everyone looks to Rob for the answer, but not necessarily the right one? 7 The JV team waits for the ques- 1 tion. ge- Q-nn Q R f 1 , ,f Ev' Qlmnf , 6 Acodemuc Bowl 35 T h e National Honor Soci- ety was orga- nized to recognize those students of out- standing academic achieve- ments. To qualify for the steep eligibility standards, up- perclassmen needed at least a 4.5 grade point average. The members of this presti- gious group represent the top 5O!o of the school. The National Honor Soci- ety symbol was a flaming torch over the letters CSLS. The torch symbolized the purposes of the NHS - to keep the burning a high am- bition for the values of life, and to serve in the consider- ation ot others. The letters, CSLS, stood for the charac- ter, scholarship, leadership, and service - the qualities necessary for N.H.S. mem- bers. The Junior Engineering Technical Society was an organization to encour- age interest in science and engineering. Guest if I . it li' .Q J. . , speakers were invited to share their knowledge and experiences and field trips were arranged to engi- neering-oriented business and events. JETS also pro- vided the opportunity for its members to complete in en- gineering design contests and academic competitions. The Principal Scholars' Pro- gram was another engineer- ing-based group. The club's goal was to improve and ex- pand the interests of minority students. P.S.P. provides its members with opportunities to enter science and math competitions and to attend college tours and engineer- ing-oriented events. All mem- bers must maintain a 4.0 grade point average or bet- ter. Each year the seniors with the highest G.P.A. re- ceives a scholarship. .S 3 5 'T A Pic l 'lJohn Hughes looks for- ' ward to -vnu -v B. Pic 4 "Tim Pritts makes a quick get-away." tsl H S lstrowL-R A Jack,J Deaton,L Conyers,P,Barry,S.Cook,M.Dwyer,C.Menzies, J Slifer Zndrow K Witt,J Jarnes,V Short,K Hazenfield,S.Whited,J.Birck,K.Anderson, J Ba-Jer,K Kileen 3rd row C DanieIs,J Branstad,M.Grasch,D.Ausenhmer,N.Schulz,T, Uritts, J Nichols, G Kastl '36 JETS, PSP, NHS -K, 'll sa l ic 3 "Working hard to maintain that high G.P.A." P.S.P. lst row L-R: P. Thomas, T. Dillard. 2nd row: D. White, C. Copeland, A. Tyus, A. Lowe, S Jarrett, B. Owens. 3rd rowi V. Jones, L. Wright, S. Powell, M. Oldham, J. Hood, S. Reed, I Wilson, D. Thomas, N. Taylor. 4th row: M. Copeland, T. Eubanks, A. Madison, M. Lawson, T Bates, R. Cooper, F. Conley, E. Wilder, S. Williams, M. Livingston. Pic 5 "Nik Schulz and Kelly Kileen, excelling socially as well as academically." J.E.T.S. lst row L-R: J. Slifer, V. Short, J. Deaton, L. Conyers, S. Merli, A. Scheibly, J. Clymer, B. Williams, J. James, B. Hogue, V. Corte, J. Scott, S. Carney. 2nd row: R. Greanis, J. Branstad, S. Pu, S. Purvines, N. Schulz, D. Miller, S. Whited, P. Barry, C. Randles, K. Witt, J. Horne, A. Jack, T. Slave, P. Schweitzer, J. Heiden. 3rd rowz L. Brown, M. Dwyer, C. Dillman, S. Cook, L. Arnold, B. Zacheis, W. Hurst, J. Gross, A. Binder, M. Fisher. 4th row: A. Sprandel, S. Trummel, A. Lehman, K. Goodrich, M. Copeland, S. Crist, A. Gist, D. Garrison, D. Drozs, J. Freeman, J. Hall, B. Nelson. 5th rowi D. Keckritz, M. Grasy, D. Hilligoss, J. Scott, J. Grant, L. Parks, J. Hughes, T. Pritts, R. Carr, C. Daniel, A. Schulz, J. Fultz. JETS, Psp, NHS 37 Une thing is tor certain: the Thespians were always in a trenzy of motion this past year. Whether it was lending a hand to produce the talent show or spring musical, or de- livering a merry Magic Mes- sage, the Thespians were al- ways onthe go. To become a Thespian, a student must have been in- volved in two major produc- tions and be at least a sopho- more, Then he had to be vot- ed into the group by present members. New members were inducted at the annual llEmily Awards" and Thespi- an dinner. Besides running the Magic Message Service, the Thespi- ans also helped with the tal- ent show andthe spring musi- cal, which were wonderful this year, as in past years. The Thespians helped bright- en the life of many people in Decatur this year with their productions and that is what being a Thespian is all about: spreading ioy through the arts. 1' f'. 'S X 'S Abovei Jodi has a great idea, but Andy disa- grees. Rights Dena and "Santa" deliver messages at Christmas time, r ltif-sr,if1FtS ' A gr" below - Demo Brown, Thespi- on President ond Mrs. Kistler ot- tempt to run o Thespion meet- ing. left - Jodi Felt, mime extroor- dinore. 2 l E 1 h 3 4 .I- .X 'I if l i Thespions 39 x ' I '5- Q 'I Aw. 5.4 I. 5 4 tg Y ya,,,, L ,L-I "au vm ,,,' " I . ff 1 1,7 5 1 A , I . f F! P lt. 1 If I Had A Photograph of You. walk" 'Q B -I -Q X I I 3 v 1 I I ' k l. Kyle Anderson, escorted by Jennifer James and Anastasia Jack, brings the flag into a basketball game. 2. "You want me to sing what?" asks Margee Williams. 3. Dedication 4. Scott Whited, a wizard with the keys. .A 5. Let's see that again, Bruce! A i ' .Y- Y . 9 A Q4 53 i 6. "Rob, what's the answer?" 5 i .J Candids Al v - ,y 1 l L.nv 4 1 K. TM- "1"' ' ' 1 1.4 S5Tl1'1f'Til l. Student Council Outside: J. Dovis, l-looper, G McGowon, D. Ausnehmer, T. Pritts, B. Rin er N, Schulz K Anderson, lyeu, T Moynerd. Inside: B. Brechnitz, D. Anderson, E Combs, A A Lowyer, M. Williorns, D. Brown, B. Brown, T. Bennett M, Bilyeu, J. Jornes, K. Kileen, L, DeVero, T, l-lott, 2. Deno Brown, Student Council Vice-President, is willing ond oble to help youll 3 Kyle Anderson, our multi-talented Student Council Presi- dent. 4 Student Council Executive Officers: lclockwisel Mr. Grif- fin, Melissa Bilyeu, Kyle Anderson, Buggy Brown, Deno Brown. 5 Koren Witt, Wendy Hurst, 8. Amy Gust "recover" after giving blood. Cuurtcrl Q 1 1 - J. Scott, B. Shepord, J. Penn, B, Bennett, S. Bi- Conston, C. Bennett, K. Cooper, A. Scniebley, 2 -, i A 0 Z s f 5 i 3 Student Council 'lDid you see the Seniors Christmas Hall?", "What did you think of Kyle's morning announcement this morn- ing?" or, even, l'Who are you going to invite to Sadie Haw- kins?" were questions that would not have been heard in Eisenhower's halls if not for the Student Council. Certain- ly the Student Council con- tributed a lot to Eisenhower. Student Council consisted of five representatives from each class and the Executive Board. Their sponsor was Mr. Griffin. This body served as the students' elected voice in their school. Annually one of the better known functions of the Stu- dent Council was its sponsor- ship of Homecoming. The council was responsible for the election of the queen and her court, planning the Homecoming activities, decorating the gym for the dance, and organizing the Homecoming parade. Unfor- tunately, because ofthe new track, Eisenhower was un- able to have a bonfire this year. The Elections this year were interrupted by the strike, causing students, when they returned, to go "EIections? What are those? Who are these people l'm vo- ting for?", but everything turned out okay, well, al- mostl Certainly a unique aspect of life at Eisenhower was Kyle's infamous morning an- nouncements. Being greeted by music every morning and evening, the students de- bated endlessly the relative merits of this system of alarm clocks. 'in 4 Student Council Speol ing In Tongues This year's language club members were extremely busy people. There was al- ways something going on that was planned by the clubs. Raising money was a favor- ite activity. Almost all of the clubs tried to raise money Zaps? Every language club learned Christmas carols in their language to carol with. All ofthe clubs went caroling around Christmas: the only difference was where. Latin Club went to St. Mary's, ev- Lotin Club members early in the morning. one way or another. Who can ever forget Chewy ery other club went to nurs- ing homes. 090 SPANISH CLUB M Bowen, M Booman, K. Alderson L M . , . yrvold, D. Morrison, C. Hill, S, Cornev, J Sanders, B St Clair, A Sees, K Andrott, R. Farris, L. l-lambrecht, A. Miller, M. Hardy, J Krueger, G Curry, T Whittrll, S Srdwell, D Anderson, L. Becker, S. Gosnell, T. Hott, J. Farnsworth, F Gibbons, K Johnson, K Dolluge, P. l-lughes, D. Force, C. Smith, T. Harris, J. Hrttenauer, C Purdy, K Cloney, V Noe, C Meyer, A. Koslofski, L. Grider, E. Martin, J. Hall, J. Hughes, K Robinson, S Stroder, C Randles, J Schiminslfi, M. Nurnberger, S. Merli, V. Jones, T Lo 16,5 De"Jore, G l-lreronymus, W Phillips, A Gomez, K Thomasson, D. Farnsworth, M. D-1 ver, L Dobrrnrck, M Kehort, D Scott, M Mintler, S. Burtner, E. Drllman, K. Obermeier, S. Srrrrrrrrers,M Hendrickson C Boling D Sayles L Moore D Kwasn J Kro C , , , , . y, . mer, .Qualls, R. Forge, C St Claire, K Doggett, T Sparks, L. Bardfreld, R. Bond, M. Jones, S. Stark, R. Evans, C. Stale, B Nelson, T Leslie, H Huesingo, T. Richardson, J. Grant Spanish Club, Latin Club 1 b.. is . 1: 4 :lf-1, Spanish Club members sing at Christmas. l - - I . GERMAN CLUB Row l: J. Oettel, J. Waite, J. Brandsted B. Ringer, S. Whited, L. Torbeck, S. Trummel Row 2: A. Schultz, R. Gren- nias, B. Bennett, S. Purvines, D. Miller, R. Wallace Row 3: G. Brent, M. Cham- bers, A. Johnson, N. Horve, P. Switzer, G. Stine, A. Shulz, A. Schuette, M. Moody, Mrs. Teitz Row 4: J. Kastl, P. FRENCH CLUB Mrs. Ogden, H. Robinson, K. Witt, A. Jack, B. Zacheis, B. Brown, J. James, M. Billyeu, D. Brown, P. Vance, S. Powell, D. White. Row 2: M. Taylor, A. Hawks, M. Conner, D. Skel- ley, L. Ryan, M. Hickman, A. Babchick, D. Miller, S. Purvines, S. Gauble, J. Patterson, S. Munn, L. Eaton, A. Daum, J. Bluhm, R. Carney. Row 3: M. Denzler, E. Lebo, S. Bilyeau, T. Jones, M. Wil- liams, T. Bennett, R. Wayne, S. Cook, K. Cooper, R. Groenewoud, B. Brechnitz, J. McCurry, J. Ba- sola, S. Harmon. Row 4i J. Whitlatch, J. Cook, M. Kaltenbach, S. Stork, S. Hottert, B. Spycher, B. Williams, K. Hazenfield, C. Hazentield, C. Law- yer, A. Binder, D. Clark, L. Rabideau, T. Futo, C. Dillman, J. Cole. Row 5: Col. Daniel, J. James, B. Highcock, S. Yocum, T. Pritts, D. Stoner, Moc- Gary, C. Roach, L. Huth, L. Felts, J. Howard, M. Boyer, J. Platzbecker, L. McCurn, A. Hierony- mus. Row 6: R. Penhallegan, B. Bennett, D. Turn- er, S. Ford, E. Reible, K. Randles, G. McGaulin, G. Hendricker, C. Younger, J. Scrimpsher, A. Wi- kotf, D. Lang, K. Lutovsky. Row 7: T. Dhermy, A. Scheibly, A. Lawyer, S. Anderson, K. Cooper, J. Beckett, S. Carney , . Smith, J. Huenemeier, A. Constan, E. Reible, S. Ford, S. Crist, A. Lehman, A. Sprandel, J. Houran, R. Oglesby Row 5: M. Grasch, J. Penn, J. Reising, D. Hon- nold, A. Scheibly, T. Penn, D. Keckritz C. Dillman, C. Daniel, L. Parks, J. Sperry . 'Sf O i A V' LATIN CLUB Row li L. Conyers, J. Deaton, T. Slabe, D. Yoon, Mrs. Zemaites, S. Whites Row 2: Probst, Weigler, Gallager, Grubit, B. Morri- son, S. Anthony, E. Combs, J. Slifer, Whits, A. Flanders Row 3: Schlesier, Taylor, D. Garri' son, T. Maynard, V. Short, M. Copeland, L. Brown, Lawson, Steele, S. Greanias, M. Dwyer German Club, French Club 45 K l I .4 r-.. . 2. I f . I. f I" ,I 41 il may X. 5. L. Eisenhower High School enthusiosticolly welcomed the new Photogrophy Club. This club wos designed to educote students in the ort ot photogrophy. The group pro- vided single ond group pic- tures ot rec room donces ond even developed pictures for possportsf The group olso provided intormotion obout vorious contests tor those eoger students who were in- terested in intense competi- tion. For those students interest- ed in writing, Writing Club providedoshowcose for their tolents. The moin purpose ot Writing Club wos to did stu- dents in improving ond broodening their writing obili- ties. The group offered con- structive criticism ond cre- 1-1 5 an-uw 'Y' ' oted new horizons tor its members, Computer Club wcis de- signed to increose the stu- dents' generol knowledge of computers ond how they work. The group entered o gome contest ond monoged o Print Shop. The Print Shop monufoctured greeting cords, posters, ond other vor- ious items. Eoch ot these groups pro- motes the speciol ond unusu- ol tolents of Eisenhower's creotive student body. x"".4 gif' " ,ff -4 'Sit l. Steve Gruender puzzled over o complicated computer pro- grom. 2. Bob Goodbred types owoy. 3. Photogropher Scott Wolker Lights, Writing, and Computers! Y .t... QP l 446. X Ov. 4. . Photography Club lst row: T. Patterson, S. Walker, S. Bates. 2nd row: Mr. Seidl lAdvisorl, L. Brown, C. Gruenlon, C. Gremo. 4 99' "TJ --.4 W I oncentrates intensely in the chooI's darkroom. l. Junior Chris Grerno diligently ompletes a photography as- ignment. Writing Club lst row: V. Short, L. Conyers. 2nd row: R. Spycher, J. Cole, J. Maurizio, S. Walker. 3rd row: S. Cook, R. Groenewood, Mrs. Mabry lAdvisorl. Z ul Computer Club lst row: J. Best, M. Chambers. 2nd row: B. Goodbred, M. Schuette, T. Wilhite, L. Nolen, P. Dixon. 3rd row: M. Denzler, V. Platzbecker, P. Vance, S. Crist, K. Goodrich, S. Trummel, D. Ledwig. 4th row: Mr. Force lAdvisorJ, J. Whitlatch, J. Dillman, S. Becker, B. Early, T. Mitbo, M. l-lebenstreit, T, Andricks, S. Inman. X. Photography Club 47 Gt m Assrstants lst raw J Scott P Hood, C Qualls, C Maddox R Lrnk 2nd row T Smuth, C Scnetblw, D Calhoun, M Stewart, K Androtf, A Shadwell, K Perkms, S Smnth, K Wutt 3rd raw A SclmItz,S Templeton, l M Sperrv, B Wnght, A Lehman, D Ausnehmer, B, Pnerce, M, Brooks. Attendance Ottuce Assustants Seated: Ballard, Jones, Daggett Kwasny Standung Long, Cammrngs, Force, Wnnkleblack, Eater Canlwam, Patrrck, Pnerce P f-sfustartts W 'Qw- N le ff .- s r-un New bv J "-..Q...X.. X 'la 1- - xl . 5 iz Jllru' ' V .,, -.." , as Wes, 4 ' Assistants Work Hard Throughout the year, the assistants helped keep the school running smoothly. The Main Office assistants ran time-consuming, menial errands for the secretaries, took counselor requests to eagerly-accepting students, hand-delivered passes and many other jobs that kept the main office efficient. The Gym Office assistants were a big help to the P.E. teachers during the year. They helped take care of the equipment, ran errands and pun'-vwlllInlP""'v' generally made life easier for the gym teachers. The Attendance Office as- sistants had perhaps the big- gest job. These minions ran passes for the deans, and de- livered daily attendance bul- letins by second hour - ev- ery day. They help the A.O. secretaries with filing and other clerical work. Without the help of the as- sistants the work of the school could not have been done so efficiently or so smoothly. . w O l O r 5 s, .P L . 0 D 49 AVA Asst B Shelley, J Knssell, Mr Snedel, B. Anthony, J. Dillmon, J. Bledsoe, J. Freeman. Lubrory Asst lst L Robndeou, C. Brown, J. Dovnes, S. Oglesby. 2nd A. Song, D. Brown, L. Normon, A Shown, Show, M. Olwer, Mrs, Woodring. 3rd J. Williams, D. Dulcnny, L. Foster, C l-lull, C Hector, B Goodbred, A. Tortorice X f sf' N-lr'-.ffs .f-ssl S Gnffen, P Verrull, M Roy, T Gron1,C Josefson. 1 '. kvbrwr. 1 f1nrlNI.1rs6-"sr An AVA Assistont lounges I . . . T' i The I-lous ek eepers The assistants were prob- ably among the most impor- tant and busy people in school. Although the office attendants were most famil- iar, the others were just as meaningful. ln the library, the assistants checked out books to over- loaded students, reorganized the books on the shelves, x Q and kept everything straight so that students were not mistakenly billed for fines. The nurse's assistants gained practical knowledge while they helped Mrs. Jo- sephson, the resident nurse. Besides keeping the office and equipment clean, they also ran errands when need- ed. 1 The A.V.A. assistants helped Mr. Seidl by delivering audio and visual equipment to teachers striving to en- lighten their students' day. It would be impossible to tell all the varied duties of the assistants, but everyone agreed that they helped keep the school running smoothly. l 2 'Q A 111 7 l. Sam Templeton 2. This student needs help from a li- brary assistant! 3. lt's students like this one that keep I the library running smoothly. Assistants lLibrary, AV, and Nurse'sl Sl Pic 2 "The halls are filled with exciting things for the Newspa- per to report" This year's newspaper staff, led by diligent editor-in- chief Becky Zacheis, arrived faithfully each month to shed new light on current issues to the Eisenhower student body, Being on the newspaper staff required hours of dedi- cation. Most of the mem- bers' spare time was taken up in writing stories and pre- paring the newspaper for publishing. There was also the ever-present fear of los- ing the story or of not making a deadline. ln each issue the layout brought to us insightful inter- views and captivating biogra- phies of the Athlete and Sen- ior of the Month. All in all, however, the newspaper was excellent and all of the credit goes to the hard-working newspaper staff members. Newspaper Pic l 'll-low can Jody be so sparkling with her busy schedule Newspaper in front: B. Zacheis. lst row: M. Moody, K. Kileen, B. Williams, A. Babchick, D, Morrison, V. Corte. 2nd row: D. Turner, M. Wilmeth, J. Felt, A. Jack, K. Witt, S. Dwig- gins, L. McKeown. 3rd row: Mrs. Fuller lAdvi- sorb, J. Olson, J. Mierek, P. Birk, S. Becker, M, Copeland T. Slabe, P, Schwitzer, V. Platzbecker, J. Maurizio, C. Woods, R. Spycher, 4' Y Quit Ll! them and . . . Well, they were sorely needed. A major problem was when an important staff member deserted, leaving the largest of zoo usual, the Panth- erama staff overcame many obstacles in their pursuit of the perfect yearbook. Of course the strike hindered them in many ways, but unlike many stu- dent activities it did not ruin anything, although if it hadn't been resolved when it was, they would have been hard pressed to find pictures of other subjects besides Band Camp! Yet another stumbling block was a scarci- ty of younger students to do errands for the staff, other- wise known as "peons". This was a serious problem, for how could the editors get their pops, and get their cars moved around, and run down to the darkroom for XL As section in the book to be done by the already over- worked staff. But in spite of all these problems, the staff managed to keep its sanity long enough to complete the book. Wheew! The staff trusted to the ex- cellent leadership of Jenny Deaton and Vicki Short, their Co-Editors-in-Chief, to get them through just about any- thing. The other Editors were Scott Walker, Chief Photog- rapher, Pat Gremo and John Waite, Business Managers, Vicki Short, Clubs, Lisa Brown, Faculty, John Fultz, ln- dex, Andy Lawyer, Advertis- ing Manager, Debbie Ander- son, Sports, and Jenny Dea- ton, Student Life. The yearbook staff met every Tuesday and Thursday after school to work on just about everything. However on deadline nights, more com- monly called "torture nights", they could meet just about every night of the week, and usually did. And on even rarer occasions, they got out of classes all day to finish what they needed to get done. Sometimes the staff would be absolutely amazed when they got done by four o'clock and could go home and actu- ally see their homes, like nor- mal high school students. lt seemed that those nights were few and far between. However everything that the staff members endured was more than worth it in their minds, for they had the satis- faction of a job well done. -. ..' - " ,,....-.n..:.' i .Bs air -5-QR. Yearbook staff hanging A Sees, N. Sanders, A. Griffith, S. Ganyo, L. Miller, A. Flanders, T. Daum, A. l-lieromymus, C Gremo, V Brown, B Nelson, A Lawyer, S Trummel, W. Gremo, S. Grist, A. Lehman, T. Bergen, T. Futo, J. Grant, T Mitbo, L Parks, J Fultz, J Deaton, L Brown, V, Short, S. Walker. not pictured: S. Pickett D. Anderson, B. Goodbred 54 Yearbook 3 pictures is a thankless ,t somebody's got to do it. tn Waite demonstrates how rn works. Torn Mitbo and Boyd Nelson work in the Yearbook's dark- room. 4. John Fultz, the man responsi ble forthe index, contemplates l ALL those names. ,sl A 3 Yearbook 55 Xl. -Q D K , X XX L I These Mnllikm students folk To Mr. Curtis' class. 3 Mrs Scum gnves 0 presentation to on Adult Lwnng closs. QIUDS Special Guests This yeor, Eisenhower's Business closses were visited by speciol guests from sur- rounding schools. Severol students from Millikin college in Decotur visited Mr. Curtis's business closses to tolk obout educotionol opportu- nities ot Millikin. They olso toured the school ond visited other closses. Mrs. Morsho Soum, from Hickey School, come to tolk to Mrs. Rothe's Adult Living closses. Hickey School is o business school ond Mrs. Soum discussed the opportu- nities ond progroms ovoiloble ot Hickey cind other business schools. -4' aft -iz 5 .. ..---x KY. - 4 i . I 4 ' . ,SN 4,-N C D g . ll 'V ' . .Q . r N . wx . - - A I . . !':.. . lu, ' . ' ' c ,f 1' . - , F I f' , gi i X 'fs is in . is - ' ,- P x V Y 1 f - Since Eisenhower High opened in l957, sports have played a major role in student life. When Eisenhower first opened there were six sports: Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and Track. The only sports activity for girls was Cheerleading. Boys' sports have grown over the last thir- ty years to include: Wrestling, Swimming, and most recent- ly, Soccer. Over the last ten years girls have gained more freedom in the sporting world. They can now partici- pate in Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Bowling, Track, Swimming, and Cross Country. Students have always shown great enthusiasm for sports. Besides providing an activity for those who partici- pate, sports also provide en- tertainment for the fans. Many Friday and Saturday nights have included attend- ing Football or Basketball games. This year the field was lighted and a new score- board was installed. A new all-weather track was in- stalled over the summer and was used for the first time this Sports Opening ' 'Ng mx . Q ' S' ' M "Eff KX V . t lsx ,I - 4 1 . ' - 'vii ' -. .- W. - -.X , P . ' . t . -I , ...Q -- '1 ,,.4ub P all i U . 9 1 . 1 in 4 i L year. Sports do many important things. Besides providing ex- ercise for the players and en- tertainment for the fans, sports boost school spirit by providing a common interest for all students. l. Kristy Doggett prepores to hut 0 boll ot proctice. 2. Tiger Love cheers the footboll teom on. 3. Eisenhower foces Lincoln or o home game. 4. The rest of the teom watches :ntensely os the gome progresses. 5. The pom pon girls perform or holftsrne. A Sports,"Openlnq 59 l Eisenhower before the re- New Field Creates Endless Enthusiasm The l986- l 987 school year became very special in Eisenhower's history. For the first time since our opening, we enjoyed a home football season actually played at home, and our track team was able to run on an all- weather track. The football field and track came about due to the efforts of the Ath- letic Boosters who arranged with the school board for the 5200000 field and track to be built, with the Boosters paying for the 525,000 con- cession stand. The benches, scoreboard, and high jump- ing areas were paid for by other Eisenhower organiza- tions, with the speaker sys- tem being provided through the profits from the pop ma- chines. Eisenhower's Student Council had a field dedica- tion ceremony planned for our first home game on Sep- tember l3, but due to the teachers' strike, the game was rescheduled to Septem- ber ll, and the ceremony was postponed. Eisenhower won the game on the llth, and the enthusiasm shown by the E.l-l.S. students at that game showed just how much the students cared about their school and their new field. Our first football game after the strike was on Octo- ber l l, against Rantoul. The E.l-l.S. Student Council ar- ranged for two hundred black, white, and gold bal- loons to be sold to the fans before the game. Student 411-544. Council President Kyle An- derson gave a short speech and all of the balloons were released simultaneously to signify the opening of our field. Everyone then joined in the singing of the school song. The opening of this field sparked more enthusi- asm at football games than has been seen at Eisenhower for a long time. The momen- tum created by the students was so incredible that it con- tinued, uninterrupted, into the basketball season and throughout all the activities of our school this year. The enthusiastic display of school spirit which we enjoyed this year made the entire student body of l986-87 feel proud. ntly rebuilt track and field 2 Beginning the long con- struction Finally' A new field, after many years' 'Sl' New Field Q1 av ..-,Q , . 4 -N' -:'f::r'- A , 0- : , - Q 1 Q, , .,,,., J . J --ua-,L, 'T '.s,,' ,Fr V 'AQQ J . ' . ,f Q 4 4, 1 - , Y ,N . D I . I .W .1 b,ffy-Qmffdksk. -,-5, .,',.,1 -44:55 -5.,,c , -. -- . 1- ,:"r'ff+L-2 dp--- 'W M- 1 5-.54 ' 4- 3' .Q 'fd -" -'1f',-if '- ' ' ...- - ' -' " J .v I -Q, . . . -f . . Q 1 , V -.. Ju nf I ' , I' Xa' s ki 4 New Fueld 61 Cross Country Cross Court Both of the youthful Cross- Country teams ran remark- ably well this season. The girls' team finished 4th in the Conference with a 9-2 meet record. They ran away with the city meet. Five girls fin- ished within the top six and Vicki Corte captured lst. They came in 7th at Region- als. Most of the year's com- peting girls will be back for 2 more years. The season's most valuable player was sophomore Suzy Munn. The Boys' team, however, fared not so well. Every mem- ber of this faIl's team was out for the first time. With a 5-5 meet record they finished 9th in the Conference. They came in 2nd in the city lby 3 points! and lOth in Regionals. Nr lf- xo ii. MJ ".g?4FQ' ' "' . H.'.- 7 . .I ' 5 ., 4 1' Nl , c I g,.f'k--f 'a lst row: J. Jacobs, D. Shriver, M. Fisher, J. Rogers, R. Page, A. Aldridge, B. Morrison, S. Munn 2nd row: B. Tyus, S. Dwiggins, S. Summers, B. Hood, V. Corte, B. Williams, J. Penn 3rd row: C. White, B. Anderson, S. Harshbarger, R. Spycher, J. Strasler, B. Bennet, E. Lebo, S. Hodges I Soccer As soccer's third year rolled around, a new coach, Brian Schweikert, took Eisen- hower's helm. Mr. Schwei- kert had a good basis upon which to build, he had I4 up- perclassmen, six of whom were seniors. After a slow start, Eisenhower regained a non-stop forward momen- tum. lt just took a short time for the team to trust each other and work together. Ev- eryone came closer together during the strike, despite the delay, the team worked out in anticipation. To have a successful sea- son the team had to feel comfortable with the others on the team. The team seemed to have a backbone from which the team could relate. The backbone con- sisted of Abby Sagakhaneh, who received big I2 honor- able mention, and Steve Merli, who was named to the big I2 team. With all the hard work and shattered dreams during the strike, the team stayed bond- ed as a unit and strived to- wards better things. They fin- ished their season with a re- cord of 5-4 with I tie. Ist row: C. Staley, D. Farnsworth, S. Merli, R. Wallace, D. Floyd, R. Greanias, J. I-lalo. 2nd row: M. Lu- ther, M. Morton, S. Nichols, D. Mill' er, S. Morton, C. Purdy, J. Scott. 3rd row: Coach Schweikert, C. Bus- tos, J. Qualls, J. Reed, B. Walters, M. Quigles. Soccer 63 i '59 This year's Girls Tennis Team ocheived all the goals they set out to. The twelve member team wrapped up a perfect 4-O strike-shortened season by winning the Sec- tional Tournament. Five girls placed at regionals and quali- fied for State Competition. Christi Hill came off a first in the singles division of Re- gionals to battle through five matches in the State Tourna- ment before being eliminat- ed. Kelly Hazenfield and Kelly Androff annihilated their ri- vals to capture first in the Re- gional Doubles competition. They and the doubles team of Shan Sidwell and Monica Canham, who took fourth in Regionals, both played two matches at State before be- ing knocked out of the tour- nament. Overall the team placed third in the Big l2 Confer- ence. This year's Most Valu- able Player was Christi Hill and co-captains for next year are Christi Hill and Kelly Androff. 'c 64 Girls' Tennis Q :J 5,1 .lst row: M. Canham K Hazenfield 2nd row: K. Kracht K Androff S Sidwell R Carney, B. Brechinitz 3rd row K Ball A Garrett, Coach Chamberlain B Zacheis L. DeVero. Absent C Hill L McKeown 2 5 9 l? IF J lst row: J. Oettel, J. Kramer, C. Hamilton, K. Swords, A. Basil. 2nd row: D. Fyke, K. Cooper, M. Taylor, J. Schiminski, M. Steele. 3rd row: R. Gallagher, S. Grean- ias, J. Wittenaver, A. Reitzel, M. Lindgren, S, Anthony, Coach Anthony. Junior Varsity Volleyball xl The l986-87 Junior Varsity Volleyball Team came through with a winning sea- son. This year's record was 7- 5. It was an exciting, action- packed year onthe volleyball court. llThis was one of the most experienced group of players we've had," remarked Coach Anthony. Practices went smoothly, due to the discipline of the more exper- ienced players. Coach Anthony foresees next year's season to be a fantastic one. The players will be coming back strong, forming an even stronger team next year. Thanks, Junior Varsity Vol- leyball, for a wonderful sea- son! Junior Varsity Volleyball 65 Q C, o"J X469 xx 5001025- X 4000-VO Qxox J f 4433 6 Q90 SXSW Xi 6' '9' 3 vb 4.0 'L 0 6. o 9 q0,.,.,Qoo KO 842: X9 65. it O,,e'ex Football The Sophomore Football Team had the power of: Da- vid Card, Jason Freeman Jeff Adams, Mike Walker Otis Curry, Anthony Browne Boyd l-lolmes, Jerry Bobbitt, Shawn Williams, Adam Sims Mike Boliard, John Thomas Darin Gregory, Kevin Brad- shaw, Mark Boyer, Shane Arndt, Greg l-lendricher, Mark Snyder, Malcolm Liv- I I I I I Xi OG Oiclc, Q 606 Ki 0 Yx co O60 Sxo X N45 X Q v- , CD QOXO ZQO vb 6 64, QQ 'dx G 44- X830 V4 ole Q goo C9 K vb KJXO of OSX- 69, 'OCC Q0 P5 CD04 Cro X 009 5 L, i VKX Oo' KONE KNXXO foo '-5 gb tl- O04 ed' Q' XO' X0 -H XC' K. YXO YXx,O QQ eo " 59 Q,-X Xl-QSSOKQ xoot O COX -5- Q if XXOC5 KJXCDO6zKX6X6l XQF Od- QOKO Q06 'CD vb Q VO +A' Q0 Q, 66 Football ingston, Kenny Manns, Gary Hieronymus, Jay Moore, Jim- my Lowery, Matt Garrett, Ke- vin Ripple, David Barnfield, Danny Sargent, Brian Luther, J.E. Auton, Eugene Powell, and Greg Mackling behind it. Hopefully Sophomores will bring new and different strength to the l987 Varsity Squad and a better season. -L' -it-'f-My 14 1 I? s 1 f .- Ji.- -Q :fig - . fi ' ""r'5A ,wily The Freshman Football Team consisted of the following young men: Chad Probst, Robert Paine, Chris Russell, Scott Patterson, Joe Nickles, Jason Miller, Doug Bailey, John Hein- rick, Brett Rodgers, Jim Gardner, Mike Palmer, Gary Water- man, Arron Bleavins, Tony Coleman, Scott Anderson, Rich- ard Krahn, Chad Helm, Matt Bold, Tom Card, Brian McNa- mara, Sean Creighton, Heath Lane, Jamie Eubanks, Mike Redpath, Tim Lourash, Eric Martin, Jeff Hobson, Keel Robin- son, Mike Dennel, Bruce Nielson, Jim Williams, Terry Mun- sterman, Chad Munsterman, Randy Meeks, Eric Bryant, Bri- an Crofton, Craig Peterson, and John Apperson gained much experience this year. The boys were very eager to get out on the field and play. This was the first big football competition experience they had in high school. The team had various types of talent that will improve as they progress upward to the Varsity playing level within the next 2-3 years. ' lc, Football 67 Throwing the Pigskin Eisenhower's l9B6 Varsity Football team had a season's record of 3-6. "We could have had a better season this year if there hadn't been a school strike. Other teams had the benefit of condition- ing daily and several games of experience ahead of us," stated Coach Smith. 'lThis makes a big difference in the ability to win a football game." The school district's l8 day strike halted the football sea- son almost before the play- ers set foot on the field. Ei- senhower quickly moved the first game of the season up one night ahead of schedule, which was a Thursday night. Shining lights illuminated the team on to its first victory of the season. After the strike, it wasn't unusual to be attending two games a week. Trying to shove that many games into a short period of time was rough on the team. Next year's football play- ers will miss, as always, the graduating seniors such as Steve Goetz, Tracey Eu- banks, Matt Snyder, Ray D'Alesio, Matt Brooks Woody Stark, Cory Scheibly Bill Pierce, Brad Shepard Todd Mason, Sam Temple- ton, Greg Giles, John Nichols, Rick Carr, Shannon Henry, f Troy Fredrick, Doug Aus- nehmer, Rob St. Claire, and ,i Steve Penhallegon. 'll iih I I L!-s ' ri gy M u +vi- .er 'X , I new football field as crowds of cheering students stood in the bleachers rooting the 1" li fit , first' , l Ufttlbrill 0'4" . J ' 5 ' ll' 5 I' -55,4 . -F 1-'.-' ' ' A - , ,p,,. .i. , , - ,'. 1 - yxvws r . V-,.'K, - as -1 .. . , s ww.-Quilt-f f -- i -. bc ' i - . .. ' 11-ff -14-' fi- --. . 1 'ifwgx 7. Y..-nf ,,. T. AI- g - - Wfg21'?1'-:fl 5,1 ' ,--.-I' .1 . ps . r .1 V, ,M r V lx, , ,J- i-'+ -' f- - T if ..a' ' " ."S1'Yqfilt"-"'1,- 2' T A M" .' N - : .ff - . - we jga- , .. - .. - iv- ' -3' ' 6' Q ....:'. .nhl-fi' " -- rv' . . . .155-' - . ! H- A. if gfvi "-L.-, -L. ,JP -V NJ.. ri- lj , . Q I., . J -Q x1i,,,'..5., .ii-. - iw ., .,i- ,, .., , - s , . . Ihr, ,VA 1, N, 'V hh' :Q-ar, u .I . x 4-X Z, in .:. ,..- 4 - qt I' I 9 ' -f- . 'r"--,w,-w- - ' 'ff' . 4 ' . " i -4, ,,- e - . ', . . - -Y , , , N -la, ,Q . , - 3'I.,',-L.. h V A J -. .ff i. :. , -- " if-CL My A ,.!"...,.g.,,iy , . sl., ' -., .4 -., xjitiqz' '-sf, ,- -- -.,-4 L i iq .-- - 5,1 K , .. . -A.. - .1 5 Z.. . v . J I 4' A A ,u ll 1. I 4 'J' "-'VA J A" '- s A' ROW l 1 J. l-loehne, S. Goetz, W, Stark, T. Gordon, S. Lane, J. l-leidlebaugh, S. Renhallegon, S. Sullivan, ROW 2: M. Snyder, C. Schiebly, R. D'Alesio, J. Clark, T. Eubanks, T. Williams, M Brooks, D Briscoe, S. Grunden, Coach Smith, ROW 3: T. Mason, S. Templeton, J, Nichols, B Ringer, A. Gerling, J. l-lendren, R, Luther, K. Diller, M. Copeland, T, Ferris, ROW A Coach Witt, T Frederick, G. Giles, M. Oliver, B. Pierce, D. Ausnehimer, B. Dennis, S. l-lenry, R Carr, J Sanders, D. Stine, B. Shepard. :I , 'VIWI ...him .Y ' W .. fvoehasnusww ,, il A ww 3 l. Football members strut their stuff at an assembly. 2. Brad Shepard accepts an award. 3. Woody Stark on the sndelines. 4. The players rumble during the intra' squad game. Varsnfy Football 69 The l986-87 bowling sea- son came to an end after a fulfilling year. Mrs. Collins said that she felt good about this year's team, and, with a little more determination and practice, the season would have been perfect. The Varsity team finished with a record of 8-2, and l Sth in the state. Before they went to state competition, they defeated the other teams in Central Illinois to win the Sec- tionals. Dustie Scott had the highest series of the EHS team, with a score of IOO7. Out of six games, EHS has won the Sectional tourna- ment two years in a row. The Varsity team has lost only three matches in four years. The team had only one sen- ior, so there is a lot of poten- tial for next year. The Junior Varsity finished the season with a 4-l record, only losing one match. The El-l.S. swimmers often talk about how tough it is to swim without the benefit of a swim ecause we on t ave the support of the school." With the help of the Staley Aquatic Club, the Hswim team" had a very successful year. The team this year con- sisted of Rick Reising and Mike Denzler, seniors, Bob Walters, Jeff Reising, and Amy Johnson, sophomores, and Beth Brechnitz and Shari Ganyo, freshmen. All four of the guys made it to State competition, a very high achievement. Eisenhower's l986 golf team greeted this year's sea- son with enthusiasm, ending the season with a 5-4 record. The teachers' strike drasti- cally affected the golf sea- son. Talented sophomore Jeff Ausenehmer became number one in the region this year at Sectionalsf Congratu- lations? Y l. The Varsity Bowling Team and Ms. Ike 2 Dustie shows great form. 2 l Bowling - lst row: D. Scott. 2nd row: T. Freeze, L. Bordfield, D. Shriver. 3rd row: Coach Collins, J. Elom, J. Slifer, S. Gormon, S. Dicl, M. Jones, L. Ar- nold. Go lst row T Vonce F Conley J Grondstof, J. All- dridge J Schiebly 2nd row Coach Watson, K. Wotterson, N Reynolds J Brondstod J Ausenehmer, E. Meltzer. Swimming - A. Johnson J. Reising, B. Wolters, J Huenemeier, R. Reising, B Brechnitz, M. Denzler. Swimming, Golf 7l Five Years In a Row 'lThe hard work during the strike really paid off and the girls really stuck together," said Coach Wilks about the EHS Varsity volleyball team. ln no time they were back and winning big. They ended a great season with a I9-4 re- cord overall and a ll-O re- cord in the Conference, and placed third in the Mattoon tournament. Once again the girls were the regional champs! This makes the fifth year in a row and no wonder with such great statsl The two with the highest serving averages were Beth Spycher, with a 96.700 average, and Dustie Scott, with a 95.2Ofo average. Overall the serving average was 92.7Ofo. The highest number of blocks go to Ka- trin Steinburg with Bl blocks. The highest number of kills also goes to Katrin Steinburg with l I3 kills, Coach Wilks had a team he could be proud ot. Three of his players were represent- ed in the all-conference team: Beth Spycher, a senior: Kristy Daggett, a senior: and Katrin Steinburg, a senior. l-lonorable mention went to Liz Bell, a sophomore. Kristy Daggett, Beth Spycher, and Katrin Steinburg will all be graduating this year, leaving a team with a lot ot talent and a lot of potential. Hope- fully the rest ot the girls will have another great year, and they would love to cheer them on as the regional champs forthe sixth year in a rowl st ullerbfill illtv- 1 3 l. Floor: Marci Lindgren row l L. Bell row 2 Coach Wilks, J. Oettel, K. Steinburg, D. Kwasny. Row 3 D. Scott, J. Gray. K. Daggett, D. Weaver. 2. The team prepares for the serve. 3. Coach Wilks shakes his head in dismay. 4. Kristy Daggett practices her stance. 5. Beth Spycher goes for the ball. R . ff ' il f -ff I it 1 Q O MW Q 5 4 Varsity Volleyball 73 I. Ist row: J. Heidlebough, G. Hendricker, S. Gosnell, J. Hendren, J. Penn, S. SpeogIe,C. Kovoch. 2nd row: J. Clork B. Wore, R. Tertocho, J. Scott, B. Bennett, R. St. Clair. 3rd rowi S. Creighton, C. Munstermen, B. Luther, D. Cord, M. Redpoth, 4th row: Cooch Scott, S. Torter, J. Alldridge, E. Mortnn, T. Norris, M. Milinkovich, T. Cord, N. Hendren, M Downen, Cooch Rients. 2. Jeff Ausnehmer concentrates before the motch begins Q T if 2 w aching de school a neat atmo- a great exper- to be a part of," com- Jeff upon his return. Congratulations, Jeff, as the banners all said, "We're Proud of You!" With this year's team gain- ing experience they are ex- pected to have a really great season in I987. 'lnfngy ,2 , Wrestling 75 X56 'Vx ., H v- 1 ' ' 4 . W vp Jx ,Z it M :ui-P X- ! ms fig 'I . '54 2 , CLASS OF '66 :Y lf 1' ,- . .LSA j 4 8 The l986-l987 Varsity Cheerleading squad is hot! This bunch really knows how to have fun. The eight mem- ber squad advised by Mrs. Sharon Hay consists of four seniors - Jennifer Horne, Anastasia Jack, Jennifer James - captain, and Karen Witt, three juniors - Trina Bennett, Buggie Brown, and Lesley Myrvold, and one sophomore - Jenny Scrimpsher really performs under pressure. Last summer their talents were recognized when they received four superior rib- bons, nomination for the Award of Excellence, and a spirit stick at ISU Cheerlead- ing Camp. The squad really appreciates all of the support and spirit within the student body. Being a cheerleader at Ei- senhower has been a reward- ing experience for all of the members, one they will cher- ish as they reflect on their high school years. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders began their cheering season at the NCA Cheer- leading Camp. For a week, learned jumps, chants, and cheers for this years in-town basketball and football games. The Junior Varsity Squad of l986-l 987 are: Renee Ma- son, Shelly Johnson, Carolyn Younger, Dayna Sayles, Sara Bushey, Amy DeVore, and Ti- ger Love. At cheerleading camp, the squad won eight awards for their excellent perfor- mances. They also won a 'lSuper Star" ribbon for the squad and are the two time winners of the spirit stick. This year has proven to be an enlightening experience for the sophomore squad. They will continue to keep up the good work. 1 ,, .- I . 'lf .' - JJ O0 '-X for 6 og 40 0 Q, ace' 'RO 50 bs Oo Q, Q 0 s QF' CS Ko OO ap zo O4 Q' 0 o -xx --5' 43' Ocqso OA I as SX Q08 40 50 of -F 44 x- 9 N9 i S Y' 0 4 Q to 9 0 XJ oo 'Q 9 84" Q' Q A xo c, , Q Q9 . 0 40 Q9 0 o Q 'O 0 -0 CJ O NN 2,0 ok 7 X 49 9 0 Q, - K V ' X' Q0 CS N4 49 is X95 OK Yi ev Q- V O fb SOO OOVNOQTX zo -Q96 dbx 'F Q' 'VT Q9 ' 'S K dt o tl -FQ bo ox ffl' fy fl- 'S Q 0 9 'S 5 A fs- Q? YS 'UC' sf? Q-O Q" GJ so V- 5' -is . oi 0 fo 49 c, - Q, Co 4 o Q Q, I N90 O ,V O rf, 60 ff, V' ,xo 00 X Nf 9-9 Zo o'0 QQQDQHOS 'S'Qh, 5 O,X'x"1 we f'l,-Wlfavq 'oo A A- -P Z . obnwkse xo Cheerleaders 77 9 . 'O .xox X Even with thirteen new members, the Pantherettes are better than ever. They have new talent, The I986- l987 squad consists of sen- iors Kelli Kileen - captain, Debbie Turner - co-captain, Angie Scheibly, and Jodi Felt, juniors: l-leather Corrington Diana Sayles, Erin McNa- mara, Christy Bennett, soph- omores: Julie Pritts, Kelly Al- derson, Erica Combs, Jenni- fer Baggett, Amy Wikoff, Cathy Smith, Tommie Whit- fill, Stephanie Burtner, and Karen Jones. Out of seven- teen squad members only four will graduate this year, I X00 leaving thirteen members to carry on the tradition of the Pantherettes. The Pom-Pon squad worked hard raising money for their new uniforms. The fundraising started last year and has been going strong ever since. This past summer the pom-pons attended camp at Illinois WesLeyan University. The squad re- ceived a triple UA" Ranking, which is the highest, for their group performance. They also received the spirit award for having the most spirit, dedication, and talent. The Pantherettes put hours of hard work into promoting school spirit, and it has paid off. They have finally re- ceived the support and rec- ognition for which they have worked and which they cer- tainly deserve. I 7 l-om lfons V7 .7 '1 7 l. Row li E. Combs, D. Turner, K. Kileen, J. Felt Row 2: J. Pritts, K. Alderson, C. Bennett, J. Baggett, E. McNamara, Row 3: K. Jones, C. Smith, l-l. Corrington, D. Sayles Row 4: A. Scheibly, A. Wikoft, T. Whit till, S. Burtner 2. Pom Pons performing at one of the sports assemblies. 3. Exasperated Jodi Felt tries to learn a routine while Kelli Kileen laughs with her. 4, Outdoors the Pantherettes practice a routine before a game. 5. Jodi Felt gazes at an exciting basketball game. if "1 'K A 'nh' JA J HX ' .,-.X ,. 1 ' . gl Pom Pons 79 efeared and ,aV" ll' gl Q i l. lst row: Coach Brown, J. Weaver Schiminski, J. Krueger. 2nd row Fisher, K. Cooper, S. N. Adams. l lmgr.l, M, L. Bond, lnexperiencea' The Freshman Girls' Bas- ketball Team was really hot cord of l5-O. For most of the girls this was the first time they had a chance to play or- ganized basketball. Carrie Hamilton was the high scorer and rebounder for the team. Coach Willard Brown said, l'As the season progressed the time they spent in prac- tice could be seen, but other times they spit and spurred. Overall they exceeded my f'U Fr shman Girls Basketball expectations." Carrie Hamil- ton believes the reason for the ' w " each other for a while", therefore they were able to work together as a team. Coach Brown looks forward to Most of the girls playing next year, and possibly "we will see a few of them on the Varsity team." Congratula- tions, girls, on your great sea- son, we're looking forward to seeing all of you again next year. ,v X 19 l Freshman Bays Th were tur and Cent Basketball began the season with a lack of experience, but soon gained knowledge on defen- sive and offensive strategies and the art of team work. What the freshman team lacked in height they made up for in speed. lst row: P. Meek, M. Lofton, M. Morton, T. Coleman, E. Bryant. 2nd row: Coach Schultz, B. Rodgers, A. Goodlick, H. Shakespear, J. Minton, I. West, C. Helm. , S A i 'L Junior Varsity Boys Basketball The Junior Varsity Boys' Basketball Team completed the season with an overall re- cord ot 4-IO. The team was handicapped by the injuries of two top players, Anthony Browne ond Randy Cooper. Coach Bob Moore said, "lt is a good bunch of boys who will be an asset to the Varsity Team next year." The top scorers were: Barry Hood, Randy Cooper, Mark Snyder, and Anthony niar Varsity Boys Basketball Browne. Players with the highest number of rebounds were: Randy Cooper, Cory Clark, Anthony Browne, and Timmy Adams. Rick Lanier, J.R. Auton, and John Reed also competed well on the basketball court. 5 l. lst row: C. Clark, B. Hood, R. Lanier, R, Cooper, J. Adams, M, Snyder. 2nd row B Holmes, J.R. Auton, J. Adams, M. Morton, J. Ausnehmer, J. Reed. 1. 2. lst row: N. Taylor, L. Trostel, S. Summers, S. Munn, K. Harting, S. Dwi- geins. 2nd row: K. Bradford, K. Dwyer, D. Fobbs, B. Ste- vens, S. Hodges. 3. Suzy Munn looks for somebody to throw the ball TO. 4. The team jogs out before the game. 5. Lining up before a free throw. N115 Q 4 V it I 1 lg,-Q. 1 ', Q f X, ff " if A T' 5 I MQ - I ,f fx U , 'A F J 3 3-5 5 X 6 ' ri. Junior Varsity Girls Basketball The l 986-87 Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball Team ended the season with a 9-lO re- cord. Mrs. Anthony took over the coaching, after an absence of 5 years. 'll en- joyed the experience of working with such a good group of girls," commented Coach Anthony. All the girls were equally talented. A team member, Suzy Munn, stated, "We lost many games by l point, but that was because of inexperi- ence." Junior Varsity Girls Basketball 83 '- .L.-'7'7 5 6 f - nl E igtli- ' Q . ,Q i',ifi:iy't,t .Nil ii I ..,.t. M . Y' . .' ff - . ,iffy i . Varsity Bays Basketball The l986-87 Varsity Boys Basketball season's record was l3-ll. Mr. Witt, the coach, felt they had a very good season. It was his most enjoyable season out of l8 years oficouching E.l-l.S. Bas- ketball, he added. The sea- son was filled with many over-achievers, which was a big plus. This year's team rr 72 won more games than Mr. Witt thought they would, the reasons being hard work, dedication, and role playing. The players knew what to do and when to do it. There was a little problem with height though, which rnade it harder to play and win. Terry Bates was the high scorer. l-le scored an average K.. . f f. QQ M ,gait of 20.9 points a game. The player with the highest num- ber rebounds was Al Hodges, with an average of 9.6 re- bounds. Matt Snyder had the most assists in a game. Overall the season was a great one. All the players did fine work and made it fun to go to games and show school spirit. ij il -el ' . it "":f.. "" T as." lr lst row: E. Newborn, E. Powell, T. Bates, D. Ausenehmer, A. l-lodges, M. Snyder, P. Joiner, W. Stark tMgr.l 2nd row: J. Hoehn CMgrl Coach Witt, B. Potts, R. Copper, D. Barnes, T. Waldrop, M. Lawson, K. Diller. Varsity Boys Basketball 85 Varsity Girls Basketball The Girls' Varsity Basket- ball Team had a solid record of lO-l3 this year. Much to the surprise of many people, the girls finished 7th in the Conference. That is an im- pressive leap considering that before the Conference, Eisenhower was ranked at the bottom of the list. It was a good year considering the small amount of returning players. Two outstanding and sensational seniors this year were Beth Spycher and Tavia West. "We would have liked to have won the regionals, but I'm very optimistic about next year's team," com- mented Coach Brooks. "The team members had good at- titudes, cooperative team work and self-confidence." Next year is viewed with an enormous amount of antici- pation. 22 T' ,,..J i 6 Varsity Girls Basketball K"-N . I M in 1--..- f f i- Nz 1 Z hi, T i ff i f I' ,v',l", 5""Y'-,, , ', " K Y 1 . 5 y - . E. 'H lt: 1 . , -Aff ,A X 4 x 4. F! I 1. lst row: Cooch Brooks, S. Summers, B. Jones, N. Minter, B. Spycher, T. West, K. Steinberg. 2nd row: R. Link, I. Wilson, H. Scott, D. Weover, C. Burch, C. Long. 2. They concentrate on the boil ot oll Times. 3. "And iT's Good." 4. The Teom worms-up during pre-gome. 5. Cindy Long watches the bcill go in. Vorsity Girls Bosketboll 87 vu' .5 135' -3.1-1 , . .-7-'G "-4 'fm f -- ---:-c1- . -.3 --I Af wi 'il ,Ali limi i M -f rm: 114' ....-efffff' ,5 9 if 'sri ' 4 I . , V" V :ire fn I. Mr. Smith gives the football team a pep-talk during a practice, 3. Lesiie Myrvold and Jennifer James during cheerleading practice. 2. Matt Brooks receives an award. Sports 89 ln the foll of 1986, Eisen- hower become the home owoy from home for 1431 students. The school wel- comed the new fcices of 459 freshmen. The uppercloss- men, hoving the superior knowledge ond experience, mode life difficult for the 11frogs" by giving bod instruc- tions on how to get to the gym, selling elevotor posses, etc. By the spring, the fresh- men were occepted os regu- lor students. The 395 sopho- mores moved on during the 86-87 school yeor, often re- morking thot the freshmen were much more 1'froggier" thon they had been. Eisen- hower's 310 juniors finolly reoched the stotus of upper- clossmen lost foll. When spring come, they begon tolking of how they would run the school next yeor. The 271 members of the Closs of 87 prepored to end their leose ot El-lS. As ecich school event possed, mony noted, 11Thot's the lost time we'll ever do this." For most of the seniors, the lost doys of school were fun. Some looked bock fondly on the lost four yeors, reolizing it wos the end of on ero. YO f- lburn 'Opening it ,l in fu., Some sophomores kid Ground offer school. sz: Jeff Reisihg eots 0 pizzo during o break during work on the sophomore floot. Sherie Gonyo, freshman, works hord, sort of. Scott Purvines ond Charlie Stoley during lunch. Albumfopening 91 who, ' I Q64 J x A H-its il 94 Freghmen I 990 'n -P Q ffm, 1, .- - -'s- ' tb., f" ' -W. ,...7 .1-, .-, . z'f f 'bfaa 026 f xrqx fl 1 1. bfi," Freshmen Closs Councnlf Morcue Lundgren, Vice Presi- dent, Korn Boll, Secretoryg Sheilo Fobley, Sgt. ot Armsg Josh Aldrndge, Sgt or Arms, Amy Horrell, Treosurerg Juhe Schnmmsku, Presndent Adams, Tawanda Albin, Phillip Aldridge, Josh Alexander, Amy Allison, Jay Anderson, Scott Andricks, Tim Anthony, Brandon Apperson, John Apple, Micheal Ashe, Mindy Auerswald, Eric Bailey, Douglas Ball, Kari Barr, Amy Basola, Jennifer Batorson, Charles Belt, Tracy Bien, Jason Birk, Michael Blankenship, Robert Blankenship, Rodney Bleavins, Aaron Blue, Dannielle Bold, Matt Bond, Latosha Booker, Melissa Born, Jeff Bosley, Christopher Bowers, Stacy Brandeberry, Douglas Bradshaw, Bryan Brechnitz, Beth Brent, Diane Brilley, Shane Brooks, Elizebeth Brooks, Jennifer Brown, Christina Brown, Deana Brown, Jennifer Brown, Nicole Brown, Vince Bryan, Shannon Bryant, Eric Buchanan, Robert Byers, Brooke Campbell, John Campbell, Pam Calhoun, Chad Calloway, l-leather Carmen, Robert Card, Thomas Cartee, Gary Castleman, Kelly Freshmen 95 Chambers, Mark Chandler, Duane Chaney, Ronald Chizevsky, Ty Chrisman, Tim Clark, Jacki Cobb, Pauline Coleman, Christal Collins, Troy Comage, Ivey Cooper, Kelly Conner, Megan Coulter, Mike Crofton, Brian Creighton, Sean Cunningham, Albert Cunningham, Sederick Curry, Bill Curry, Gina Dady, Alana Danford, Ron Davies, Jamie Davis, Wanda Daum, Tabi Day, Diana Delgado, Jeanne DeVera, Lynn DeVore, Andrian Donnel, Mike Downen, Marcus Drake, Robert Droz, Chris Fabley, Sheila Fahnestock, Sue Farris, Rebecca Finch, Eric Fisher, James Fisher, Marlean Floyd, Matt Force, DeeAnna Ford, Vichian Foster, Paul Fouts, Melissa Frank, Jim Frazier, Wendy Fyke, Darci Gaddy, Lorine Gallagher, Rachele Ganyo, Shari A Gardner, Jim Garecht, Stacey 96 Freshmen if vt X J ! as x 'f' 1 ,9. The beloved cafeteria, source of many delicious meals. 1 ' i l 4- .- KY vi 1 Q y li Q N ' it 1 M ' 'N A 1 J. , -D, . ve! Q 2 B x K7 Wai ll 4 1 L fa, . , , p ni 6' , if ,1 I A pi" 4 T -in it I I f 'X xl'-f T , I M i l -J f , ..-Q i ,+A 1 -, ts. N75 '3 x K 3 J V i 1 x L ll, I l Gentry, Rachael Gibbons, Gordon Gravitt, Christie Gray, Connell Greanias, Suzie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Michelle Grinestaff, Jason Groenewoud, Robyn Gruenloh, Chris Hampton, Todd Hamilton, Carri Hardy, Kevin Hardy, Melinda Harl, Larry Harper, Kip Harper, Kristy Harshbarger, Shain Hartman, David Hartman, Rodney Hawks, April Hayes, Willie Hazenfield, Craig Hector, Carrie Heinrich, John Helm, Chad Helphrey, Daniel Hendren, Nick Hicks, Mike Hicks, Winona Hill, Randy Hill, Terry Hill, Tim Hixson, Susan Hobson, Jeff Hood, Brian Horges, Shawn Horrell, Amy Hott, Tanya Houseworth, Christine Hughes, Paula Hunolt, Kristi Hunt, Lori Hutton, Dawn Jacobs, Julie Jamison, Sonya Jeffery, DeeAnn Johns, Chris Freshmen 97 Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Kendra Jones, Chris Jones, Mildred Jorgenson, Toni Jourdan, Mona Karr, Eric Keckritz, Dawn Kehart, Melissa Kellam, Stacy Keller, Lynn Kikolla, Jamie Koshinski, Amy Krahn, Richard Krueger, Julie Lake, John Lane, Heath Law, Jaauelyn Lawyer, Chris Leach, Lonnie Leaks, Steve Leash, Chris Lee, Tammy Lehew, Mindy Leigh, Mitchell Lercher, Lisa Lindgren, Marcia Lindsey, Brad Locke, Kim Lourash, Timothy Lowe, Nicole Lowe, Shirlon Lowery, Becky Luther, Micheal Mahorney, Mike Mann, Anthony Mann, Jennifer Martin, Chad Martin, Eric Martin, John Maurizio, Jennifer Mavis, Ashley Swift, Percy McClelland, Brian McCooI, Shane McCurry, Jenny McGowan, Gretchen McNamara, Brian Mears, Norman Meeks, Randy Merli, Scott f t 2 1., 540 1.5 it ii L X gi lf? U "id x ,I 4 I i , -J 'NJ I ,A, It :fill Ei, ill: '., Q1 ,-Q . 8.-o fi- 1: ,I A ,Q i .J .J 3 1 1 ' J Qlsi, 41 . F 1 W - ff XX 'g . Q J - , Q ,-1.-. .gb la ls' I ' 4, .3 4 4' 'T " A . J 1 4 ' 5' I X sz i -9 ' '9 . ' ' L if J J N 4 QJ . l K I0 8. I ' g K " I ! . 'v 1 , S . 6 k I lt, , .., Q -AN x..1 X v-. 14" En," " l A 1 J wx! P ' i . Q, . ,gg ' 2 fi ' 1 i .- Q l " N-,f l . I 1 O 41-1 X. , ' A -mg , - JN , .F . 'Ti' J -- ,.,, A . I Q - if .H R To sd. , ,. W0 ff. fff Milinkovich, Julie Milinkovich, Marc Miller, Andrea Miller, Jason Miller, Juanita Miller, Karen Miller, Rusty Minter, Nikki Minton, Joel Mochel, Angie Montgomery, Mel Moody, Latana Moore, Lori Morgan, Bill Morrison, Donald Morse, Jenny Morton, Micheal Mudd, Nicole Mueller, Tye Munsterman, Chadwick Murphy, Dana Myers, James Naron, Chris Neeley, Dawn Neidefter, Cathy Nichols, Joe Nielsen, Bruce Nihiser, Kelly Nihiser, Nealy Nisbet, Eric Noblitt, Jayne Noe, Vikki Norman, Linda Northcutt, Dennis Oettel, Jennifer Oglesby, Stefanie Oliver, Sonya Oliver, Todd O'NeaI, Charnes Page, Rick Paine, Bob Palmer, Micheal Patience, Heather Patterson, Scott Patton, Brian Perry, Christopher Peterson, Craig Freshmen 99 Plotner, Michelle Powell, Alida Powell, Deborah Probst, Chad Prosser, Robyn Qualls, Jim Quance, Kelly Randall, Sean Rankins, Randall Ray, Barbara Ray, Michelle Redding, Melissa Redpath, Mike Reed, Gail Reitzel, Andrea Reynolds, Chad Reynolds, Christina Rice, Linn Richard, Clara Robinson, Kim Robinson, Keel Rodgers, Brett Rothe, Katharine Rufty, Terry Ryan, Caroline Sain, Angel Sanders, Nicole Scarlett, Shawn Schiminski, Julia Schlesier, Joni Schoeneberg, Brad Schreiber, l-leidi Schuman, Gina Scott, Kelly Scott, Tracy Shakespear, Howard Shepherd, Nicole Shulz, Andrea Shutter, JJ. Slade, Deana - Skelley, Dawn Smith, Shane H, 'a rv I "' Ag Q 'P K .1 -I xi ,A , H , I 36 Anastasia Jack 8. Scott Purvines help with the cleanup of the Senior spirit hall. , 1. 72,1 43, kwa? lg ' ff Q A fel 5-lb K x.f x9 S A xx, ndf ? if' C T' x 5- S I-"Ag 1' I .' 5' ., - Q 5 F if Q I . 9. .1 .4 In Mgbix ill' -831, 5:5 . 'F '1 -. n pg he-"Am -.- The students during a tire drill. wus!! I 'R 7 f l A S 1 x 'L 5 Q L ' ' 1 i I ' ., L21 N I ' ' "' ' 29-f ' ' f 4 K 1 fx fu 1-1 -J Q J Q - Lx . IX 'V' c 'bg' .-.-:S V Q rd X f- -+-,-.-ff. .. J f , ...- , , vig I An. ' ' a-fm' " - M 1 7 - K' V'-1 ---- 4 if -1 S --J - Z 'YMIQ . i gm, , -1. -' A fi fr 'SQ Cher: ,A Q-.I--'.,',, V rf' 3 365' 14" ff' t in ' "' V 7 . ' 3 5 J-f. J - '45 -- 7 'Q 'S Q' " ' " ' ' T' Hfiga o 3' A K ' , 33, JJJ Q , 1- ,,:-'-if , ,f.-,f- 1. .,-Z., Jim l-lendren, Joahn Nelson, and Scott Vanderlaan mark out the marching show. SIX S. Y X4 EF? I Xl Speer, Jennie Spycher, Richard Jr. Stantield, Chris Stanley, Tina St. Clair, Craig Steele, Mathew Steele, Michelle Stewart, Jennifer Stewart, Tanya Stevens, Lisa Stine, Gayle Street, Joana Strocher, Shane Sullivan, Jon Summers, Brian Swords, Kathy Taruin, Lisa Tatro, Miranda Tarter, Scott Taylor, Megann Teschner, Dineen Thomas, Christopher Thomasson, Eric Thurston, Tim Tippit, Lori Tish, Jenny Tortorice, Ann Trostel, Leanne Turnbo, Ferl Turner, Scott Tyus, Crystal VanArsdale, Vanessa VanDolan, Brian Wadkins, Tim Waggoner, Tracey Walker, lneice Walker, Tamra Ward, Joan Ward, John Ware, Brian Warfield, Cami Waterman, Gary Freshmen lOl Witherspoon, Mitchell e Weaver, Jenny 0 'P Wehrle, Sarah .' 8- Wengler, Marcie 4 West, Isaiah " Q - West, Jerry X " Whaley, Cindy X, , White, Chad . . - 7 N ' White, Jason 5 Whitfield, Juanita l' Whitmer, Diane Wilhite, Troy Williams, Darrel Nw 'U Williams, Jim 1 Q Willis, Tamera X Wilson, Eddie Winters, Antonia 'H - -1 41 Woods, Chris - Yoon, Danny 4 Stool t lv' Scott Turner and Ron Chaney ponder a question at Academic Bowl lQ2 Freshmen i ' - 1 i i l I. "What?, me?" asks Shari Ganyo. 2. Brad Shepard finishes giving blood. .,,-i sf Z 2 T s ui T FP' Ni - , 4 1.33 f 1" f School spirit shows in many ways. i. i i I Freshmen 103 X LAI Q is f f 4 X, xy' , Y W x 1 1 HI ,'?'l"'+-'luv-an I' . J 4 ff XX -. f ,V+ .I 1 Q " " 51" W . -sfj K QQ 'MYN I Sophomores 107 1989 . ltg 'III 'rn I 'W' - 'Wir -.. 1 i YQ, . , A- . A -I."e-..., It a ,. s., i ,I mv' '4 "'uaqL.'f -Arc. ., . IFN-1'.' . ' '-4-'rv ' . ,f'5qf' ,f"?'f-"9"'.-,, K -UI ,' . if "Q, ,-,,,. 15 'O 5 "," -st, "'!' an 4- "f, ' -"'9w,. ' -. in ,-.,l':.- V , A i f I rr I. - ' - ' :Zag-, . '-S. NI - 'Wwe swf., ,MJ , s 'Y' 9, . 'P' 1 x . .S ,L In '14 ., .x. .JM -, M dngfzh 2913 , "M, Sophomore Closs Cour1cul,S1or1dur1g: Bryon Luther, Sgt, of Armsg Jeff Reising, Presidenfg ' n :Renee Mosor1,Sg1. of Armsg Suzy Munn, Treo- Vnce Presudent,Hor1gu Q surer, Jermnfer Groy, Secretory, Bob Wolters, WB Soohomores In T" W 1., if MSG.. .S 'K 'IV' .x , , - Q 'nf '- -,.'..3'f'xg!: ' 'I ,U:'Lw',,.-I '-X' A , . ...qv ., ,fr-,TQ,,.g:r,-il',, 1 , f ' ' .'f V .J ,YN'z'f5"4Uirk.v H .. ' N , --I V s " ww. my filxlwx V A . , -, v, , 9-rf. . '+A .H . 'W -' -si, 'f:.x3.f, , is - f hfjjjm 'YJ.L?6,,'-' mx. ...,,,g',,-tllvrtm .fl ll, I -Wir-" Adams, Brian Adams, Jeff Adams, Jimmy Adams Neice Aldersdn, Kelly Alexander, Chr Altumada, Amanda Anderson, Debbie Anderson, Scott Anderson, Sharon Anthony, Shannon Arndt, Shane Aubert, Bill Ausnehmer, Jeff Auton, Larry Baggett, Jennifer Ballard, Tracie Bardfield, Lori Barnfield, David Basden, Gina Basil, Amy Bates, Stephanie Bauer, John Bell, Elizabeth Bennet, Bruce Bigelow, Doug Bilyeu, Scott Birk, Peter Black, David Blankenship, Theresa Blue, Christopher Blue, Gina Bluhm, Jennifer Blythe, Lori Bobbett, Jerry Boliard, Mike Boling, Celeste Bond, Yolanda Boss, Eric Bowen, Mike Bowman, Melissa Bowman, Tom Boyer, Mark Boyer, Tiffany Bradshaw, Kevin Brettl, Victoria Bright, Shelotta Browne, Anthony Brownlow, Beth Brummet, Joe Buchanan, Tera Burtner, Stephanie Bushey, Sara Card, David Carmen, Carlos Sophomores IO9 Carney, Robbin Chandler, Sonya Chatman, Angie Clark, Carol Clark, Cory Clark, Deana Combs, Erika Copenhaver, Lisa Cowger, Tammy Crackel, Bill Crapo, Shawn Cress, Vanessa Crisman, Tara Cummins, Andrea Cunningham, Duane Curry, Otis Dalluge, Katie Daniel, Collin Daum, Amy Davis, Murray Dean, Jennifer Deardortf, Barry Delahunty, Amy Delaughter, Ginny Denzler, Mark DeVera, Maria Devare, Amy Dial, Shannon Diggs, Angel Dillard, Tracy Dillman, Emily Dobrinick, Lisa Dotson, Shelly Dunker, Lori Dwiggins, Sarah Dwyer, Katie Eaton, Lori Eckart, Darren Enloe, Tracy Evans, Rob Ewing, Marsha Ewing, Tammy Farnsworth, Jenny . Farrar, Paul Farrar, Rick Farrell, Patrick Felte, l.iane Fisher, Marsha l l'j Sophomores af ' a fl ' I 7 -1 i 1 fs i --7 1 Q Q xv a.-J' '-1 fx I 3' 1" I 3' 1 59 , . .-14 .J .5 J., s 'KX 4-Oi - if i I 5 Ja 6. p 'P l"'i .L 'nf-C54 A if Tyler Newsome looks excited at the thought of another day of marching. 'NH . . li 4'7 Q-1 ite i 'l ,L L I x r . A , fl ov- 1 ' 1 w., c9,' 491. lf- gi gli X L 1. ,. l ' Z... 4 dn., f.-V Flanders, Angel Floyd, Derek Fobbs, Dorothy Fox, Hope Freeman, Jason Freeman, Jeremy Freeze, Tara Fultz, John Funk, Sandy Futo, Trudy Fyke, Julie Garmon, Shawn Garret, Matt Gibbons, Felicia Gibson, Patrick Goodbred, Bob Graves, Jimetha Gray, Jennifer Gregory, Darren Gregory, Jerry Grider, Terry Griffith, Allyson Grimm, Ryan Harder, Joanne Harmon, Sue Harres, Matthew Harris, Brad Harting, Kristin Hauck, Rick Hawkins, Micheal Hawkins, Troy Hebenstreit, Amy Helm, Jeffery Hendricker, Greg Hendrickson, Mary Hfegieghan, Andrea e y, Sherri Henseler, Hans Hickman, Michele Hieronymus, April High, Brad Hilderbrand, Mike Hilderbrand, Milford Hill, Sophia Hillard, Colleen Hilton, Jason Hironimus, Lee Hodges, Sheila Sophomores I l I Holloway, Melissa Holmes, Boyd Hood, Jennifer Hood, Pam Hotwick, Jerry Houston, Christa Howard, Jenny Huenemier, Jenny Huiginga, Holly Huth, Laurie James, Jarrod Jarrett, Dawn Johnson, Amy Johnson, Shelly Jones, Karen Jones, Paula Jones, Todd Jordon, Pam Kaltenbach, Michael Kastl, Jeff Kauzlarich, Kory Kingery, Brian Kinney, Michele Kloptenstein, Tony Koslofski, Amy Kovach, Chris Kracht, Krystal Kramer, Jenny Kwasny, Debbie Lang, Debbi Lanier, Rich Lebo, Eric Leoucis, Mary Leslie, Tamara Lesyna, Steve Lewis, Sherri Lienhart, Craig Livingston, Malcolm Lobb, Clayton A. Lobb, Dann Lockmiller, Jennifer Loehr, Micky Long, Jeff Love, Tiger Loveall, Sherri Lowe, Becky Lowry, Jimmy ' l 2 Suphwmores :Atmel Office assistants work hard! t , , , Q ll Ss. I l wg ' 319' Q- l A A L 0 6 I ill 3 ,.. it - 2 , 'P --9 Lunsford, Christy Luther, Bryan Lutovsky, Kelly Lynn, Lisa Maglone, Jerry Manns, Kenny Marsh, Shirley Marshall, Brad Mason, Renee Mathews, Amy Mattingly, Jackie McCormick, Kurt McKeown, Laura Meyers, Marcy Miller, Laura Milligan, Guy Minter, Angela Minter, Mark Maynard, Tawni Mitchell, Billy Mize, Terry Mlandiner, Michelle Moody, Melissa Moore, Gary Moore, Jayme Moore, Lori Morgan, Brian Morgan, Kandy Morrison, Betsy Morrow, Paul Munden, Sondra Munn, Suzanne Nelson, Boyd Newsome, Tyler Nichols, Scott Nihiser, Charles Norman, Sandy Norris, Tony Obermeier, Kristie Osman, Jody Paine, Jenny Parish, Shannon Parker, Dan Parker, James Pedigo, Cindy Sophomores l l 3 Penn, Jesse Penn, Travis Perkins, Christina Pillow, Tammy Plato, Juanette Platzbecker, Veronica Polley, Amy Poston, Candy Price, Joanne Pritts, Heather Pritts, Julie Qualls, Amy Ramsey, Vicky Randles, Kerri Rawlings, Amy Read, Stephanie Read, Tara Reed, John Reising, Jeff Ringer, Bernard Ripple, Kevin Risby, Adrian Roach, Kerry Roady, Angie Robinson, l-leather Robison, Tiffany Rogers, Jack Rozanski, Tony Ryan, Lynn Sampson, Derek Sarver, Lynne Sayles, Dayner Schebly, Jeff Schrader, Brandon Schroeder, Chad Schuette, Allison Schuman, Melissa Scott, Dustie Scott, Korey Scrimpsher, Jennifer Sees, Angie Shaffer, Lisa , Shaw, Andrea Shelley, Jeff Sheppard, Felicia Sims, Adam Skelley, Stephanie l lii S'Jf1l'I'JVT'VJf9'n 1' ' . 4: QD' I K ff ' A 'LJ . 6 ,F W' f A 1 4 .3 gk 6 xfix iff 'Nfl vi N , Y X 1 . Mr N-"W L '-ff?" Q9 N' lan 1 Q4 A Q g g H l is l 4 A 4 L C ' A , I L A it i ve- . "3 J G' A ,QM 7 A I. ' P. 454 Z' -.ov is 4 I A" I " l I- ,-N 1? I . '-6-6 .gr 'l if 1 I . 7 h ' fs... 'Kim " D I ' 1, . . 14' tl g .' fs". -- 5 ' Q 'S , A ' - it -.' X - 1 . - " QU il- birds. I 5,5 . Q K 'Fl I., H ',.,f ' , 5 . 1 - 1, , - A. J ', .4,.. 1. - .5 g, . rev. 3: ni' ' -1 - .. '., W... K 4 H mf, YE! A-cz, - . 'H A 'fei- R J -ll , -4 i-:A gk.: ii. -. la" y i M 1 ,r 1 I . -- it , .1 ' - ' - V-ff J f. 1-,'ffvx'- ' A ' lo , , Q at -. wb ff-f .fs ,, ' 1,2-, I , - .SJ 1 i . V4 44 -. I. ' . A, s if ' fs' V -4 M ' . ',. . .. ', '. 45.5 " M ' - .. X- . , 5 'i "'4f?'i.l,, .' , ., i , I -au f 1 X Q 5 A, ff . " 45 4 wi ! . 51' , 'FQ wi 51 . Q. 'h"', , g, L... Aqvsf ' fi.. ,,.i ., 'Q 'rv -- lf , A ' I 4,6 i Il.: -1.4 .,x.,,v' . H' ' 'H 4. 'i u I 'Q ' ' ,As l , 3 l 'Y " A. .A s H ' nd S'As.J 'S -I ,' 5 5- , " . HIL-Q 4 60 'N '.-W M '-L 'f Q N ., . - mfs, v- A 1, r. .-3-. ,fe if. S. - . , ,. -1. - n- fyns., It n,ax , 1 -gil ' 'V' -' ' 1 ' Lori Dunker practices the fine art of marching, A .1 ' 19,5111 5 4' Q ,am 'I 1-f hi 5 - if 8 Q I . - .vi .1' l K-7 Q Q9 Q I K d"D Val ,, 3!xiF 1 1 D V ' ' -i x -J- 4- -4 1 , 5. w 4 WH 11 ,- Lori Eaton stamps to class. -Nl I Y If sf' J Bl J' it xil ,U ,. I .N 'fm f ' A" aff' ,ff J ., 'L T ,, J :If - I 4 .J . N4 Smart, Roxie Smith, Jeni Smith, Kathi Snyder, Mark Sparks, Tammy Sperry, Michelle Stevens, Becky Stewart, Jeffrey Stewart, Necora Stockwell, Robert Strader, Jon Sullivan, Sean Summers, Staci Taylor, Nicole Tertocha, Robert Thomas, Dawauna Thomas, Jon Thomas, Mike Thomasson, Krista Tomor, Dawn Treadway, Chad Trostel, Kurt Vance, Tom Walker, Gary Walker, Mike Walters, Robert Warnick, Brian Watkins, Eddie Watterson, Kevin Webb, Barbara Wells, Linda White, Euwanda White, Jackie White, Shirley Whiteman, David Whitfill, Tammie Whitlatch, Jeremy Wilber, Lori Williams, Julie Williams, Nancy Wilson, lgentry Wilson, Leslie Wilson, Rick Williams, Shawn Wittenauer, Jennifer White, Lisa Woods, Rodney Wright, Becky Wykoff, Amy Yetter, Derek Sophomores l I5 Yocum, Steven Younger, Corolyn Dud you ever stop to think thot the closs of 1987 hos never won one Homecom- nng gome? Sigh! SOO I , ,. if . , 'J I . f l . ,, X . Q','2v 4 wiv m '?ff':4k J I l? Aj, QT- .. MsJi7? f 1 -' 'RR , A :xiii-erggi zz I " - E fb .. - Qlyaf ' "RN ff! X fi? f f ' I V I6 Sophomoreg Toto, I don't think we're in Konsos ony more! .Q x L-L-,k , ,jv'51L,-A f-L.--.- 0UQf7 fs Personal Problem to Me! where W gig 061101 fn h W S0079 S be WI. 17,6 yfe f ,hor S Sf-7 Ulf? 9.9 fy k -Q, i r i Fi' .'i'w'U-w- . 'A J AA J 119 I 988 7 1 l 4 -zu,- Junuor Closs Council' Alyson Alldrsdge Secretor D l , yg ono Mor rnson, Sgt. ot Armsg John Hughes, Presadentg Kendoll Dolly Treosurerg Chod Purdy, Vice Presndent l VII Acevedo, Maria Adams, David Alderman, Barbie Alldridge, Alyson Altherr, Tim Anderson, Bill Andrews, Tom Androft, Kelly Arnold, Linda Ashe, Tricia Babchick, Amy Barger, Jennifer Barnes, Dennis Bean, David Bell, Julie Bennett, Christy Bennett, Trina Best, Jonathon Bickes, Tim Bilyeu, Michelle Black, Lesley Bledsoe, Terrence Bohannon, Scott Bond, Renee Born, Tiera Bossert, Steve Brent, Geneva Briscoe, Danny Brown, Dian Buis, Brenda Burch, Cindy Byers, Brad Caltee, Melissa Calloway, Elaine Campbell, Neal Carnahan, Charlotte Carney, Steve Chamberlain, David Clark, Stacey Cloney, Christen Cole, Jenny Comp, Jodi Connaway, Tyrone Cooper, Kim Cooper, Randy Cooper, Reggie Copeland, Mylas Corrington, l-leather Crist, Shelly Donner, Jill Davis, Joi Juniors l2l Dennis, Bryon DiBartolomeo, Angel Diller, Kirk Dillman, Catherine Dixon, Patti Dolly, Kendall Donahoe, Amy Dowell, Cory Elam, Juli Evey, Leslie Fair, Joe Farnsworth, Dean Ferguson, Wendy Ferris, Tim Finch, Michael Finch, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Chris Force, Denise Fouts, Mike Frederick, Mark Futo, Tami Gaddy, Samantha Garrett, Amy Gerling, Aaron Gibbons, Errin Gilmour, Anne Goff, Tom Goodrich, Kim Gordon, Danny Gosnell, Shane Grant, Jerry Greanias, Rob Gremo, Chris Gremo, Wendy Grider, Laura Gross, Jill Grunden, Steve Barbee, Gwendolyn l-lale, Chris l-lall, Jim l-lambrecht, Lori l-larris, Anika l-larris, Tina Hartman, Chris l-lartness, Lee Anna l-lawkins, Todd l-lebenstreit, Mark l-lebenstreit, Mike Hector, Jeff A l-lector, Tony l-leidlebaugh, James l-lendren, James l-lighcock, Jeff l-lill, Christie '22 Juniors , Rfb -f A ij, I r kill!-A 'n a What's the matter, Lee Parks, don't you like getting your picture taken? 1 fy' L f. x- like "Q ir A 1 4 all A S ' K ' xf 'Z' , AW, , 3 . ' 6' Z fi A J F . VW T7 'QT !L9 1- ,h '-4 . .4 fi , . -U l .il lx 1 A XA.-Y no 6' , .Q ' -Q f A. Hill, Tim Hodges, Alfonso Hoehne, Jason Hoftert, Scott Holmes, Randall Honnold, Danny Hudson, Tracey Hughes, John Hunt, Jett Hunt, Tim Hurley, Tara Inman, Scott Jackson, Lasonya Jelks, Dewanda Jones, Douglas Jones, Farry Jones, Melissa Jones, Vickie Jordan, Micheal Kerns, Randy Kitson, Brett Knotts, Mike Kolbeck, Tony Krahn, Lewis Kramer, Jerry Kroll, Kurt Lane, Shawn Lane, Suberina Lawson, Marc Lawyer, Andy Lehman, Ann Leonard, Thomas Leslie, Kim Leveck, Katriena Locke, Sabrina Long, Cassandra Lovel, Lavonne Luther, Robert Maddox, Charlott Makowicz, Susan Mantay, Rick Mardis, Theresa Marshall, Debbie Martin, Armand Mathias, Mili McGarry, Liz McGrath, Tom McKee, John McNamara, Erin McNeary, Tracie McWilliams, Tracey Juniors l23 Merli, Steve Meyer, Chris Miller, Lynn Milligan, Tami Montgomery, Mike Moore, Jim Moore, Lori Morrison, Dana Morrison, Jamie Morrison, Karen Munden, Stephanie Murphy, Tim Myrvold, Lesley Neeley, Eddie Nelson, Chad Newingham, Angie Newland, Scott Norman, Shonnie Nuckolls, Chris Nurnberger, Michelle Oettel, Julie Oglesby, Richard Oldham, Michelle Parks, Lee Parsons, Tracy Patience, David Pedigo, Chris Phillips, Warren Pickett, Stephanie Poe, David Porter, Mona Powell, Shawn Pryde, Robby Pumphrey, Trisha Purdy, Jon Purvines, Scott Qualls, Chris Qualls, Robert Qaigle, Matt Ramey, Troy Randles, Chris Ransdell, Rhett Rawlings, Angela Rector, Bryan Reed, Maleeia Reed, Stephanie Reinhold, Christine Rex, Mark Rice, Tricia Richardson, Trenda Roney, David QA Juniors 1 'v 'x- Fl L sl. J 4: i X .fy .J Scott Bohannon dreams Junior dreams. lfQ',' 2 , T ri ff, 1' I7 .2 F tl 5' Q7 137.3 -1 -il. li J I vi: .Jf -.Y V fx !"" mi A2 7 ,N , ' 'o 'N r 1 4- L p. , rx .P K 7 i Di . i ., 4 4 l. . ., Xxx! -X I' x fi it ' T V i x an A .- rv ,f . -Q . 15miX5f . iam 27 K In 1 'iq bf, 5 i f . 65 f gv l f N fora Qi - , X Rnd' Russell, Chris Sagawa, Keiko Sanders, Jett Sanderson, Angie Sargent, Danny Sayles, Dianna Scheibly, Jay Schoen, Rebecca Schuette, Matt Schultz, Andy Schweitzer, Pam Scott, Holly Scott, Paul Seats, Susan Shriver, Debbie Shuppara, Heather Shutter, Shannen Sidwell, Matt Sidwell, Shan Skundberg, Adam Slabe, Terri Smith, Bryon Smith, Doug Smith, Greg Smith, Todd Smith, Shea Sperry, Jett Sprandel, Amy Stanley, Donnell St. Clair, Barbara Stark, Stacey Staley, Charles Stewart, Mindy Stewart, Tammy Stine, Darren Stoner, Dawn Strohl, George Swartz, Mike Mitbo, Tom Switzer, Brian Taylor, Ben Ill Teubner, Steve Tolliver, Susie Torbeck, l.ieseI Tortorice, Dennis Trummel, Stacey Tyus, Brooke Tyus, Christopher Tyus, Derrick Vance, Pam Wade, Trace Juniors l25 Wagoner, Jerry Waite, John Waldrop, Tom Ward, Kevin Washington, Tracey Watkins, Monica Watson, lngo Wayne, Rachael Weaver, Debi Weddle, Dennis Wells, Terry Wendte, Wilbert White, Denita Wiegard, Christa Wilder, Eric Williams, Margee Williams, Troy Willis, Erica Willkins, Dominik Wilson, Necialette Wond, Melissa Woolsey, Tiffany Worrell, Kathy Worrell, Laura York, Troy Yowell, Lori Zacheis, Becky ff VS 1. The classrooms sit empty during the teachers' strike. 2. Laura Green hides from the camera while Jerry Grant pretends not to notice. 3. The flag corps stands at attention, 4, Smile forthe nice photographer! 5. The band practices tor a performance .3""' Q' CD Y. 1 Juniors I27 What I5 T 2' ,Q in... Spirit .. S im I2 ....l l...H., l r I sf ji .-h fp r . 1 " 0 " ,- nv ' , ' Rs Q , I -'W Q. ' ,Q-. A U' .4' O . x ,Q 5 ' Q Q, J., ' ,.' Q an V , 'D , I, 7,8 8 ,Q - -.A ' " Q - I I . I . A 9 p I ' 1 . an s, 'r 7 1' W 4- 7. , 1 -v' 1 nts, ,l" 1 - ' LN, aQO Qff V K 4.2, QY- fag. 1987 Q7 Clflss uf QVTIK, -96565 1 i Tara Allison Kyle Anderson Choir 9-l2, Cross Country 9-lO, Track 9-lO, Talent Show lO-l2, Student Council lPresident l2 J, Thespians lO-l2, Musical lO-l2, Play lO, NHS l l-l2, JETS l l, All State Honor Choir l2, First EHS representative to Nat'l Young Leaders' Confer- ence, Wash. D.C. l l, Cenois District President l l, First EHS representative to IN. Citizenship Experience, Sptd., l2, First EHS delegate to Student Advisory Council to Ill. State Board ot Education, l2. Amy Arnold Latin Club lO-l l, Writing Club ll-l2, Yearbook ll Shannon Aubert 6' in ,X Doug Ausnehmer Nickname: Hollywood Football 9-l2, Basketball 9-l2, Track l l-l2, Student Council ll-12, Talent Show l l-l2 Lori Ballard Arthur Barnett David Barr Class of '87 l33 eu '73 134 Cu if ass of f Pat Barry Terry Bates Jackie Bauer Nickname: Jacks Shawn Becker Mx, ru Jason Beckett Sundee Belt Debra A. Benner Job: Arby's Choir 9-IO, Office Assistant ll-I2 Theresa Bergen German Club IO-I I, Yearbook I I-I2 Melissa Bilyeu Arthur D. Binder Nicknamei Fred . Job: Plumber David Birch John Birk Nickname: Doyle Job: Alternative Bond 9-l2 "'tfz'dwB'fZm John Branstad l l, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2 William Brecht Job: Eagle's German Club lO-l l, JA lO, Computer Club l2 Curt Brewer Nickname: Morrissey Job: Arby's Stephanie Bright l lp- I l . i X .af ur 'M' Jazz Band 9-l l, NHS ll-12, Band 9-l l, Golf 9-l2, German Club 9-l2, Talent Show Class of '87 l35 Matthew J, Brooks Nickname: Matt Student Council 9, Football 9-I2, Basketball 9-IO, Baseball 9-I2, Talent Show I I' I2, Wrestling I2 Dena S. Brown Nickname: DEEN Job: Haines 8. Essick Freshman Attendant, Student Council 9-I2, Choir 9-I2, Musical IO-I I, Talent Show IO-I2, Thespians I I-I2 lpresident I2I, French Club I I, Cheerleading IO, Play I I Lisa M. Brown Nickname: Long-n-Lean Job: Swartz's Basketball Mngr 9, Candystriping 9, Library Assistant 9-I2, Musical IO-I2, Year- book IO- I 2, JETS IO- I 2, Talent Show I I, Play I I, Thespians I I-I2, Latin Club I I- I2 Julia A. Burch Nickname: Jewels Job: Bonanza Basketball 9, Volleyball 9-I I, Softball 9-IO Melissa Burnett Nickname: Lisa Jobi Mueller's Carlos Bustos Soccer I2, AFS I2, Spanish Club, Orchestra Dawn Calhoun Volleyball IO-I I, Newspaper I I Gregory Camp f '1so"?17 , I l i Monica Canham Nickname: Mily Job: YMCA Tennis 9-12, Track 9, Student Council 12 Rick Carr Job: JeweI's Football 9-12, Baseball 9, Track 10, Talent Show 11 Donnie Chamberlain Kimberly Clark Nickname: Kim Job: Soy Capital Bank 1 i Football 9-10, French Club 9-10, Talent Show 11-12, Latin Club 1 1-12, JETS 11-12, 1 l 1 1 l Rodgers Allen Clark Job: Venture Band 12, AFS 12, JETS 12 Randy Cliff Rick Clifton Jeffory A. Clymer Nickname: GQ Who's Who Among American High School Students 12 Class of '87 137 Writing Club 9-12, NHS 11-12, JETS 12, French Club 12, Yearbook 11 'ISS I Tina Coleman Q A A-1 Fred Conley i W.. fi- . -.Iii Angie Constan Lisa Conyers Job: Bonanza Newspaper 9, Latin Club 9-12, Yearbook 10-1 1, Academic Bowl 10-12, NHS ll 12, JETS 11-12, Writing Club 11-12, Who's Who Among American High School Students .h ,. 5 . ,, , Janet Cook Susan Cook . Nickname: Shortie ,' I , Melody Coontz Carla Copeland 1 ll Vicki Corte Track 9-l 2, Cross Country lO-l2, French Club 9, Student Council lO-l2, JETS l l, Newspaper l2 Crystal Cummings Kristy Doggett Nickname: Diggy Job: McDonaId's Volleyball 9-l2, Basketball Mngr. lO, Office Assistant l l-l2, Spanish Club l2 Ray D'Alesio Nickname: Boom Boom Job: K's Merchandise Football lO-l2, Office Assistant l l-l2 Clayton P. Daniel Nickname: P i dents l2 Don Davis Jennifer Anne Deaton Nickname: Jenny Merit Semi-Finalist l2, Illinois State Scholar l2 Michael Denzler Job: Staley Aquatic Club Swimming 9-l2, French Club 94lO if is Latin Club 9-lO, Band 9-lO, Set Crew lO-l l, Musical l l, German Club l l-l2, NHS l l-l 2, Thespians l l-l 2, JETS l2, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- Choir 9, Latin Club lO-l2, JETS l l-l2, Yearbook l l-l2 lCo-Editor-in-Chief l2l, NHS l l-l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2, National Class of '87 I39 Juan Francisco de Tena Nicknamei Kiko Soccer IZ, Basketball I2 Tom Dhermy Jim Dillman Nickname: JD. Job: Dairy Queen German Club 9, Computer Club IO-l2, AVA I2 John Dodwell Bowling 9-I2 N X L A. ass of Chris Donovan Dawn Drozes Nickname: Ding Dawn Jobi Burger King JA. 9-IO, JETS I2 I 'I UL- David Dulaney ' Molly Dwyer Nickname: Molls Set Crew 9, NHS ll-12, AFS ll, Academic Bowl ll-12, JETS l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students S X. l. y Q Bernard Early Shannon Easter Bryan Dale Eckart Nickname: Festes Jobx Snak's 3 Baseball lO-l2, Choir lO,l2, Wrestling I2 Jett Elsea kv' William Elsea Kathy Estes Tracey Eubanks Jodi Felt German Club lO, NHS ll-l2, Musical ll, Play ll, Thespians l l-l2, Student Council l l-l2, Talent Show l2 C' Class ot '87 l4l R A Q 1' : As Andrea Flinn Angie Force Jo Sharmila Ford Leslie Foster Job: Bonanza Choir 9, Fresh man Choir 9, Library Asst. I2 Cynthia A. Fuller Nickname: Cynt he Ground Round Craig Gadberry William Gallagher Scott Ganyo Band lO-l2, Student Council ll, French Club I2 Basketball 9, Main Office Asst. 9-lO,l2, Volleyball IO, Latin Club l l-l2, JETS K, x. - sf Dena Garrison Nickname: Space Job: Monical's Latin Club ll-l2, JETS l2 Shani Gauble Nickname: Shanis Greg Giles Amy Gist Nickname: Aimless, Amo ,.n . ,,,. 5 .1 Steven Paul Goetz Nickname "ZOOT" iIlO Football 9-l2, Baseball 9-l2, Wrestling 9, Basketball IO i Terry Goforth l-leidi Gomez Spanish Club l2, AFS Tina M. Grant Nickname: Smiley Job: Bob's Roast Beef I" 'Ax in .1 Class of '87 I43 German Club 9-12, Golf IO, NHS Il-12, JETS Muchoel E. Grosch l2, Academic Bowl I2 Louro Green Job: Rorntree Pets Bond 9-12, Set Crew 9 Pot Gremo Sherri Gruender fr ri1fI1sJff17 J Pofricio Hompton Lori Harmon Nickname: BB. Job: Bononzo Flog Corps IO-I2 Donno Harvey Robert Hoyes Kelly Hazenfield Karis Hebel Shannon Henry Chris Highcock Chris Hilligoss Job: Country Club of Decatur Golf Shop JETS l l-l2 Paul Hoffman Benjamin R. Hague Nickname: Sunshine Job: Southside Country Club W Golf 9, Football IO, Basketball lO, Student Council l l, Talent Show l l, Senior Class President, JETS l2, Who's Who l2 Lorie Holt Nickname: Lor Job: Monical's Pizza Student Council 9, Latin Club 9, Band 9-l l Varsity Tennis 9-l2 lCOptain l ll, French Club 9,l2, NHS l l-l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2 NG Q-4 1, Class of '87 l45 4 Tclent Show l Brion Hood Joson Hood Job: McDonold's PSP lO-l2 Tony Hoots Jennifer L. Horne Nicknome: Jenn Bond 9-IO, Cheerleading lO-l2, Lotin Club lO-l l, JETS l2 l l l l l Nicole Horve Todd Hott Jobi Jewel's O, Boseboll l l4l2 . Jim Houron J Kelly l.. Huebner Nicknome: Doisy Job: Rox JA 9 l l L l ll 'l l l l T41 ? Terry Hunt Nickname: Short Stop Job: Jewel Basketball Mngr. lO, Baseball Mngr. lO, Computer Club lO-l l Wendy Hurst Nickname: Wen Job: Kentucky Fried Chicken , Softball Mngr, 9, Office Asst. 9, JETS l2 Anastasia M. Jack Nickname: Stasia Newspaper 9-lO,l2, Cheerleading JV lO, Var, ll-12, NHSA l2, French Club 9- lO,l2, JETS l2 Jennifer James Nickname: Jen Talent Show 9,l2, Musical 9-lO, Cheerleading lO-l2, French Club 9-l l, AFS 9, Track lO, Student Council lO-l2, NHS l l-l2, Thespians ll-l2 Sevie LaShawn Jarrett I Nickname: Sev Track 9-l2, PSP 9-l2, Sophomore Homecoming Attendant IO T f ' Kimberly Jones Neisha Joyner Basketball 9, Softball 9, JA lO Gregory E. Kastl Nickname: Blab Job: Paper Carrier Latin Club IO-l2, NHS l l-l2 1 .LM .1 1 Class of '87 IA7 Dovid Keckritz Gregory Kelm Mike Kester Kelli Kileen Kim Kingston Nickname: Kim Jobi Burks Pumps Inc. Choir 9-l O Michelle Knorr Greg Koslofski Paulo Lone Jobi Burger King Cross Country 9, Truck 9, Choir 9-lO, Spanish Club 9-lO Tom Lehew Mark Lindgren Robin Link Nickname: Rob Angie Lowe l Basketball 9-l 2, Track l0, l 2 Shawn Lowe J Nickname: Wobbles Job: Fashionation ' Track 9, Spanish Club 9-lO, Choir 9-l l Sara Luechtefeld I Nickname: Sassy Job: European Suntan Center French Club 9-lO, JA 9-lO, Flag Corps lO Anton Madison Todd A. Mason Football 9-l2, Baseball 9-l2, Sophomore Class President 5' -Q.. eff' jf Class of '87 l49 Marching Band 9, Symphonic Band 9-l l, French Club 9-lO, JA, 9-lO, Flag Corps 1 '17 Tara Maurizio Lisa Meadows Job: Bonanza North Band 9-lO Eric Melzer Cindy Menzies Job: Y,M.C.A. Choir 9, National Honor Society l l,l2 A x , Dawn Merli Nickname: Pyro Spanish Club 9,lO Cheryl Merrow Nickname: Mclvlerrill Jobi European Suntan Center IO-l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2 Dustin Miller Steve C, Miller Nickname: Crue Wrestling 9 4' Toni Minor Annette Monska Nickname: Annie Job: l-lardee's Nurse Asst. IO Lillian Mantay Cindi Moore Nickname: Cin Job: l-lardee's Nurses Asst. 9-lO, Office Asst. lO,l2 John H. Morrow Jr. Job: Steak and Shake Scott Morton Evett Mulvaney Kim Neatherly Class of '87 l5l Jobl Kentucky Fried Chicken Band 9-12, Yearbook 10-11, German Club 10-11 Football 9'l2, Latin Club 9-10, NHS l 1-12, Basketball 9 Football 9, Wrestling 9,11-12, Choir 9-12, Spanish Club 10 Joahn Nelson Nickname: BJ John Nichols Nickname: Burley Russell Nielsen Nickname: Russ Job: McDonald's Angela Nihiser li Ui .L Leesa Nolen Arthur Norman Terri O'DeII Nicknamei Stanley Job: Eagle Library Asst, 9, Gym Asst. 10,12 Kathleen O'Grady Nickname: Kathy Candy Striping 9-10, Spanish Club 10-1 1, Flag Corps 11, NHS 11'12 2 Clissff'7 1 Jeannette Marie Olson Nickname: Nette Band IO-l2, French Club lO, Talent Show ll-l2, All-State Band l2, Newspaper I2 Gregory J. Oost Nickname: Ooster Jobi Bonanza Football 9, Wrestling 9,l l, Baseball 9-lO,l2, Golf lO-l l, Basketball lO Boneisa Owens Nickname: Nece Job: Artis Boutique PSP 9-l2, Volleyball 9-lO, Spanish Club l l-l2, Human Relations l2, Office Asst. Mark Painter Jill Parjani Nickname: Tilly Willy Job: Dairy Queen Band 9-l2, JA 9-lO, Latin Club lO-l l, Set Crew IO K Mike Patrick X ' Nickname: Bill Tennis lO-l2, Spanish Club IO, Office Asst. ll-l2 Julie Patterson Nickname: Juls Job: La Gondola Band 9-I2 Basketball 9, Track l l, French Club l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students Eric Penhallegon Class of '87 l53 I Stephen Penhallegon 0 Kelly Rene Perkins Nickname: Keppy, Perky I, Job: Hardee's , , Choir 9-l l, Yearbook 9-l l, Set Crew 9, AFS l l-l2, French Club l l-l2 A Malinda Phillips Nickname: Lady L Choir 9-l2 William Pierce Job: St. Mary's Hospital Basketball 9, Baseball 9-lO, Football 9-l2, Track l2, Office Helper l2, PE. Assis tant l2 X- u T Patricia Planitz Timothy Pritts Concert band 9, Jazz, Symphonic, Pep, 8. Marching Bands IO-l2, French Club 9,l2, Musical IO-IZ, Talent Show l l-l2, Thespians ll-l2, JETS ll-12, NHS ll- l2, "Who's Who Among American High School Students" l2, Academic Bowl l2, Student Council l2, National Merit Scholar Semifinalist l2 Lisa Rabideau , Nickname: Dinky, Rabbit Jobi Venture's Basketball 9-IO, French Club l2, Library Assistant I2 Jim Reed i '737 AFS 9-12, French Club 9-12, German Club 12 Job: NewelI's Auto Body Golf 9-12, Track 9, Latin Club 10-11, Class Council 1 1, JETS 1 1 Suzy Reed Emily Reible Nickname: Em li .L Jn. : Rick Reising Nick Reynolds 4' Y 4 1 -11... Q Ben Rhodes Stacy Rhodes Ricky Rice Nickname: Animal Job: Training Partnership 11 Rebecca J. Riley Nickname: RJ Job: Arby's if G' 'V 1 1 Class of '87 155 5--S f i mt '87 Kendra Rodgers Eric Romager Tina Russell Nickname: Iggy Gym Assistant l l-l2 Andrew Sarver Angie Scheibly Student Council 9-12 Track 9-lO Choir 9 Pom-Pons l2 JETS l2 Cory Scheibly Dominik Schulz Nickname: Deutch Guy Job: Holiday lnn Poolkeeper German Club 9-l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2, JETS IO-I2 ll2 Presidentl, NHS l l'l2 ll2 Seal, Sgt, at Arms Student Council l2, Thes plans lO-l2, JA 9-lO Jeffrey A, Scott Nickname: Cheese Wrestling 9-12, Baseball 9-l2, Soccer l l-l2, Spanish Club lO-l l, Student Council l2, Football lO A. 1 Jon Scott Job: Herald and Review Robert Scott l Angie Shadwell Brad Shelly Charles Bradley Shepard Nickname: Slasher Football 9-l2, Track 9-l2, Band 9-l2, Student Council 9,l l-l2, Wrestling 9 Dee Shinneman Victoria A. Short Nickname: Vicki Yearbook lO4l2 Cclubs editor ll-12, co-editor in chief l2l, Academic Bowl lO-l2 lcaptain l2l, Band 9-l2, Thespians l l-l2, NHS l l-l2, JETS lO-l2, Latin Club ll- l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2, National Merit Semi- Finalist l2, Illinois State Scholar l2, Writing Club lO-l2 Jett Sidwell Tennis l l-l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2, JETS l2 .AA CClass ot '87 l57 Volleyball 9-12, Basketball 9-12, French Club 9-12, Track 9-12, AFS 9-10, JETS 10- 12, Student Council lO,l2, Newspaper 12, Who's Who Among American High 1573 Class of 'B B I cr .,, 1 5- - Jane L. Slifer Latin Club 9-12, Newspaper 9, Set Crew 10-1 l, Office Assistant 10-1 1, NHS 11-12 Academic Bowl 1 1-12, Bowling 11-12, JETS 12, Who's Who Among American High School Students 12 Tyler Smith Sue Snelson Matt Snyder Sharon Sollis Jobi Regional Office Of Education NHS l 1-I2 Beth Spycher School Students 12 Woody Stark Katrin Steinberg Volleyball 12, AFS 12, Basketball 12 i 'C' Gwen Stine Angie Summers Christy Summers Scott Summers Qs A Mike Sumner Beth Sweoringen Jeffrey Sweoringen Tommy Talley Class of '87 l59 Football 9-l2, Basketball 9-lO Som Templeton Nickname: Slammin' Patricia Thomas Nickname: Bump Job: Payless Band 9-l2, PSP 9-l2, Spanish Club lO-I l, Volleyball 9, Human Relations ll lf flfiss is 1. . I .. Dawn Tomor Jody Trolia - V 4 Leslie L. Turk , Nickname: Les Latin Club 9-l2, NHS l l-l2, Newspaper Staff 9, Candystripirig 9-l l Brett Turner Deborah Jayne Turner Nickname: Debbie Jobi St. Mary's Choir 9-l2, Talent Show lO-l2, Pom-Pons lO-l2, French Club l2, Softball 9, News paper Staff l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2 Alisa Dawn Tyus Nickname: Le-Le ' Track 9-i2, Bond 9-I2, spanish Club I2 Virginia Vance Doug Vandenberg Scott B. Vanderlaan Nickname: Scooter Job: Insurance Salesman Club 9 Joe Van Hyning Peggy Sue Verrill Nickname: Blondie German Club 9-I2, Nurse's Assistant 9-I2, Who's Who Among American High School Students I2 Scott Easton Walker Nickname: Flash Scholastic Art Gold Key Winner IO, Yearbook IO-I2 lChief Photographer I2J, Mascot IO-I2, Writing Club I I-I2, Computer Club I I-I2, Photography Club President I2 Richard Wallace Nickname: Waldo Soccer IO-I2, Band 9-I2, German Club IO-I2, Jazz Band 9,I I Carrie A. Ward Nickname: Care Bear Job: Showbiz Tennis I I-I2, Office Assistant I I Band 9-I2, AFS 9-I 2, JA 9,I I, Cross Country 9, Yearbook I I, Track 9, Spanish -buf' Class of '87 l6I x bk N 62 Class of Brenda Ware Natalie Warnick Scott Washburn Michelle West 'C .'N 1- 5' .:", " Tavia Lynnette West Nickname: Tay Job: T.J. Library Assistant Basketball 9-12, PSP 9-l2, Human Relations l l William Whistler Lisa White Scott Whited Kim Whitley Aaron Wilcox Jeffery L. Wilder Nickname: Jeff Job: Herald and Review JA 9 Brooke Williams Track 9-l2, Student Council 9-l2, Choir 9, Cross Country lO-l2, French Club lO- l2, AFS ll-l2, JETS l l-l2, Newspaper l2, Who's Who Among American High School Students l2 Stacey Williams Mari Wilmeth Jill Winkleblack Spanish Club lO-l l, Flag Corps l l, Office Assistant l2 Karen Witt Nickname: Carin Band 9, Latin Club 9, Cheerleading lO, French Club lO-l 2, Nl-lS l l-l2, JETS l l-l2 H2 treasurerb, Newspaper I2 Class of '87 l63 Debbie Worrell Brion Wrigley l Demo gwes Kyle o few choice words before the Homecoming Assem- bly lf fl1S TVQ7 Seniors Not Pictured Richard Apperson Steve Bledsoe Don Bonds Brian Carman Eva Chapman Tanenis Curry Stephanie Debose Michael Farmer Matthew Ferguson Carla Graves Lori Grayned Nicole Grenier Michael Hawthorne Patrick Humphrey Andrew Hines Kevin Horton Kelly Jenkins John Johnson Isiah Jones Phillip Joyner Jeffery Kissell Diana Ludwig Charles Loehr Michelle Mueller Lisa Oliphant Christine Reinhold David Richardson John Root Denise Shull Robert St. Clair Michelle Taylor Catherine Johns Whistler Class of '87 l65 The faculty got off to a shaky start this past year. At the beginning of the school year the 900 teachers of the Decatur School District were working without a contract, while negotiators worked to solve the problem of a new contract. Unfortunately they didn't quite make it. The tea- chers went on strike Septem- ber the l2th. Many students thought that the teachers would stay at home and watch TV. That idea couldn't be farther from the truth. The teachers were up early every morning to walk the picket lines. This went on for l8 days! Finally, however, at 2 am Wednesday morning, October 8, the teachers and the school board reached an agreement and school was back on. One of the most amazing things about the teachers' strike was discovering lust how important the teachers were to every student's nor- mal life the students actu- ally found themselves miss- ing their teachers. Amazing! There is no denying it: the teachers are important peo- ple. Other important people in the school are the custo- dians. Yes, them. They're the ones who clean up after the l 500 students daily and keep the school in good condition by doing all the jobs that need to be done in this school. Certainly not to be over- who keep the teachers from being buried under a moun- tain of paperwork. They are the nerve center, the vital people who keep excellent records of all students. Some of the most over- looked faculty are the coun- selors who help the students with scheduling, recommend schools for the seniors, and then help the seniors find the money for the colleges. Definitely Eisenhower couldn't have made it through thirty years of exis- tence without the help and the support of all the faculty members who have worked at Eisenhower through the years. All of the present and past students owe them a great debt. .iv K We Want Q Afail' al ' etllement lFll-Illl:n 2 fr a Q O 5 - ,+- A N 2. N-X.. l I i i i l looked are the secretaries 3 sh- fy. ff, Fafmiltv Opening O 5 I. The Moin Office looks empty with- out the secretaries ot work, 2. Mr. Murphy addresses the students or freshmen orientation. 3. A teacher on strike - 0 tomilior sight. 4. Som Templeton hos fun with Mr. Novak, f..,3- , Er., ,V L -75 ', ,- FocuIty,f'Opening 167 -Qi I0 fwithvu' FOV' l, The crisis center-headquarters for the striking teachers. 2. Mr. Krueger reads the paper to pass the time while picketing. 3, Bumper stickers like these were sold to promote the teachers cause 4, This sign adorned every faculty car at the beginning ofthe school year. 5. This teacher boldly displays what she stands lor sitsl for, 6, Students say "We want to learn!" 7. This sign was at the teachers cri sis center downtown in the old Lin- coln theatre. 8. Thank goodness the strike was over before Thanksgivingll XICII the futur ' ' 1eaGVe'S Eisenhower's Thirtieth anniversary was marred by a teacher's strike, the first since l97l . lt started on the l8th of September and ended with all night ne- gotiations leading to a settlement Octo- ber 8th. Many EHS students straggled in late on October 8th, due to the un- looked-for settlement. Opinions varied on the strike. Most seniors were outraged, saying, "I don't want to graduate in July" and "How can I go to High School and college at the some time?" However, the Freshman overioyed, al- seemed much more though they still thought that per- haps it went on a little too long. lt cut into athletic schedules, ruined a promising marching band season, and caused the fall play to be cancelled. The teachers wanted many things: contract lan- guage which set forth a discipline policy, more money, teacher evaluations, and small- er classes. Students, after the first cou- ple of days, just wanted to get back to school. Q During the strike students did many things like taking trips to Champaign and Springfield, visiting colleges, attend- ing band practice, watching movies, roaming the mall, booing the school board, sleeping late, and watching UAII My Children", but no studying! All in all, the strike was a nice break from school but eighteen days was a little too much vacation. JXEXQZSTUI U ' zrztrmu.. 'tax' i' ' if ..n.,: in 1 lg' r use or L1 E 7 l ff' ,X , ' ' ' 1 " W s" isgagi. ff' rs'c' ' 'wr-if 3 tl A56-S .Yy!.QJ,1!rdEx' ri S U,i32yilw,,m 7 X f J ,ui xr N5 li r ' ff I If A KW ED 'X fm Q' f ' .u 'f '!j S XXE3 xx .lax i. i ,, .. ' ' 8 , . ! in x -J -110 ' 6 Facuhy l69 Emily Abott - Guidance Services Linda Anderson - Mathematics Lesa Andrick - Special Education Rosemary Anthony - Physical Education 'Oli Donna Baldwin - Physical Education f ,-- Laurie Becker - Spanish ' X SuEllen Brauer - Mathematics ' Carl Brink - Mathematics , , K fir .4 A 4 . 7 'lf A wll ll Sx ,. 1 Ida Brooks - Physical Education Linda Brown - Social Studies Willard Brown - WECEP Virginia Casey - Mathematics Don Chamberlain - Science Sharon Collins Special Education David Curtis Business Education 'X 'T l 72' Fflculty Martha Eiter - Science Shirley Elkin - Language Arts Charles Force - Mathematics Carol Foy - Special Education Doris Fuller - Language Arts Larry Fulton - Industrial Education Cherie Greenwood - Social Studies John Griffen - Business Education Sharon l-lay - Physical Education 1.474 di , . v ' ' i ,fir 'v as'- . ,XX X X Gerald Marshall - Science Jean Moore - Language Arts David Murphy - Physical Education Robert Nelson - Mathematics Donald Novak - P.E.fDriver's Ed. Connie Ogden - Foreign Language Dennis Paul - Social Studies Ray Pickett - Social Studies Helen Renoe - Home Economics K 141i H' J " Mason Rhue - Science Paul Reinert - Visually Impaired Raymond Rients - Mathematics Barbara Romer - Business Education 1 t I, , Shirley Kistler - Language Arts - Marilyn Kostenski - Social Studies Glen Kramer - Social Studies A 4 A Fred Krueger - Industrial Arts Phyllis Mabry - Language Arts Mary Jane Madix - Guidance Services Barbara McCoy - Spanish, French r dl f ?Q :N Xp ' Virginia Hays - Art . Julie Heiden - Science Carol Josefson - Health Services Christine Kareotes - Language Arts 1 x ' 1 . l'4, J ' ffxs, .,, iv' .'2 xi" " J . ,,. um' I' img: ' '-'..!"'-'..,' lNk -i ii l P F Vwrff. W. , . H J ,f Q5 ' 3' , J 2 . . PA . an ,-""..' W-Q3 Facuhy l7l 'il i p TF 1 Margaret Rothe - Home Economics Michael Rusk - Social Studies Sherri Rutherford - Special Education Marilyn Scherer - Language Arts John Schultz - Mathematics Donald Schwalbe - Business Education Bryan Schweikert - Orchestra Milton Scott - Vocal Music , SN '1 ll "' 'Q Kenneth Seidl A 3. ' Mary Simpson Sq, Carolyn Slifer f A -- AVA - Language Arts - Science Robert Smith - Social Studies Stephen Smith - Physical Education Ollie Spence - Guidance Services Dennis Streight -- Band ' Margot Tietz - German, French H Q 'l 4 i i I 12 FJculty Thomas Tucker - Industrial Arts Jacob Watson - Physical Education Alice Whited - Guidance Services Michael Wilks - Mathematics Claudia Williams - Special Education Robert Witt - Business Education Betty Woodring - Librarian Rosemary Zemaitis - Latin X PAF ,Jr - Q 'O JA .J f Steve Hengst . t T Gordon Davis - - Principal Vice Principal Jerry Carr - Liason Officer 'fit Walter Scott - Dean of Students Jan Jack - Dean of Students TEACHERS NOT PICTURED Julie Abegg Jo Lauderdale Nancy Mitsdarffer Cindy Quinn Karen Maier Special Duties of the Faculty Emily Abbott - Guidance Department Head Rosemary Anthony - JV Volleyball Coach Assistant Girls' Track Coach SADD Sponsor Donna Baldwin - Cheerleader Co-Sponsor Laurie Becker - Spanish Club Sponsor SuEllen Brauer - Math Department Head lda Brooks - Girls Basketball Coach Co-Sponsor Human Relations Willard Brown - Assistant Girls Basketball Coach Don Chamberlain - Girls' Tennis Coach Sharon Collins - Special Education Department Head Bowling Coach Doris Fuller - Newspaper Sponsor John Griffin - Student Council Sponsor Cheerleader Co-Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor Art Department Representative Freshman Class Sponsor Science Department Head JETS Sponsor Academic Bowl Sponsor Let's Talk Sponsor Yearbook Sponsor Sharon Hay - Virginia Hays - Julie Heiden - Carol Josefson - Chris Kareotes - Shirley Kistler - Thespiaris Sponsor Marilyn Kostenski - Social Studies Department Head Fred Krueger - Industrial Arts Department Representative Phyllis Mabry - Writing Club Sponsor Mary Jane Madix - Let's Talk Sponsor PSP Sponsor Barbara McCoy - Junior Class Sponsor Foreign Language Department Head Nancy Mitsdafner - AFS Sponsor Jean D. Moore - Pom Pon Sponsor David Murphy - Athletic Director Robert Nelson - Boys' Tennis Coach Donald Novak - Head Baseball Coach Co-Sponsor Human Relations Drivers' Education Department Representative Mason Rhue - Assistant Softball Coach Raymond Rients - Assistant Football Coach Assistant Baseball Coach John Schultz - Assistant Football Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Donald Schwalbe - Business Education Department Head Bryan Schweikert - Soccer Coach Drchestra Director Milton Scott - Choir Director Ken Seidel - Photography Club Mary Simpson - Language Arts Department Head National Honor Society Sponsor Carolyn Slifer - Senior Class Sponsor Robert Smith - Head Track Coach Cross Country Coach Stephen Smith - Head Football Coach Head Softball Coach Dennis Streight - Band Director Margot Tietz - German Club Sponsor Thomas Tucker - Head Boys Track Coach Jacob Watson - Physical Education Department Head Golf Coach Michael Wilks - Head Volleyball Coach Robert Witt -- Head Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Betty Woodring - Library Department Representative Rose Zemaitis - Latin Club Sponsor Faculty l73 Just t i k ithout teachers would have been like a book without pagesl All the teachers faced tough situations, especially this year with the teach- ers' strike. l-lowever, the faculty quickly got the students back on schedule. Thanks to the quality of the teaching staff at Eisenhower, by the end of the year the students had received the solid education they needed. The teachers' day lasted longer than 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Most of the faculty were advisors of a specific club or the head ofa de- partment, and many of the teach- ers had been known to stay until 6:00 p.m.l The efforts of these fac- ulty members were greatly appre- ciated, and we hope they will con- tinue to aid the future students through their high school years O h'n X0 about it. . .a school wi M 1. X , ,fi 1 F llt, 11 114' 4 Bl 10.0 5 Ad L Qifwf Al I 7 l. 'Ma" Anthony watches over her chuldren. 2. Mr. Brunk helps frantuc students un the morning before a test. 3. Mr, Watson, Cheesin' againl 4. Mrs. Casey shows a student how to do an Algebra problem. 5. Mrs. Eiter and Mrs, Mitsdartfer arrive early at school? 6. And here's . . . Murphy! 7. Food everywhere, but not a bite to eat . .. 8 .... Because Mrs, Jack TOOK all the food!! I Focuufy 175 They 're Grr-rr-rrreat! Once again Eisenhower owes a big thank-you to the secretaries and the cafeteria workers. They worked hard all year long. Without these people, the school would not run as smoothly as it does. Many a time the secre- taries lent a helpful hand to students in need. They also 1' 5, ' 'Wit' 76 fqcullv handled the abundant paper- work necessary for the school to function properly. They efficiently answered the numerous phone calls and relayed the messages. The cafeteria workers pre- pared nutritious Iunches for the students each day. They are very helpful to those stu- dents who did not want to in- convenience themselves by the all-weather hikes to Jew- el's. Thank-you secretaries and cafeteria workers. We owe you! .H i "- l I.Th5rsjustone ofthernarvdous delicacies the cafeteria offers its students 2,Th5 capabm caswercountsthe day's profits. 3. Eisenhower's Nerve Center. 4 The cafetenalooksserene be- fom'THEATTACKW 5. Cafeteria worker on the job. 6 hAs.AAorenz keepstrack ofaH dubdrnoney Facuity I77 XX t 3359" far' .Z s, r"""""4, uv" I ' ""'l ! 178 F I Kg" f' ' Yu. eggs fo Let's see . . . insert tab A . . . into . . . slot B. Mrs. Pygottl To the students' horror, they realized they had 'lBaldy" Nelsonll Mr. Carr and Mr. Scott prepare to give their speeches at freshman orientation. "All right . . . who locked me out of my room?!?" 5. Many ofthe faculty pour over their food, racking their brains for more assign- ments to give the students. 6. 'lEverytl'1ing is under complete control. I assure you!" 7. Mrs. Slifer eagerly awaits the next student during registra tion. l:0CUlTy C andids ' f!"W'f" Y, .. . ? if ' Q , L X fs mWl ,,, 5 -Y , QF" A i, . K w -. .-Ty gli! 4 I L ..-"UW ,, . f . ' .Hr N Y 5' - -A ,- .IL ' .1-ns, i 5. Al "- V gi 6 Q L E Q' 5 3 2 .....,,,,.. ., li y'I Q gp s 'Q 'Q 'Br 'Q C lty SPECIALIZING 'N FREE ESTIMATES KITCHEN REMODELING Golko Custom Cclbmet Co ?":,'j2"',?,'fj1',,,e PLUS CUSTOM MADE KITCHEN CABINETS In Surplus BATH vANmEs AND FORMICA Tops nom 1115 qurrhm NSURPI US 2151 E PERSHING Wwwwx 140 E CERRO GORDO 217!-4128 2251 DECATUR ILLINOIS SERVING DECATUR SINCE 1956 SDGCl3lIStS In Moves WIthIrI IIIInoIs 0 Crtywlde NatIorIwIde Worldwrde 0 Contamerrzed Storage Packrng 81 Cratmg Offrce 81 Electromcs Movrng 0 f Mrdwest Offrces Serving Decatur 6 Surrounding Areas Decatur s oldest 8. largest mover The company with the strongest guarantees In the Industry and the people to back them up! FEDERAUHAIVIIVIAN TRANSFER 84 STORAGE CO 2035 E or IVE DECATUR ?2 ICC Mc, 5735 Icc 6175 AGENTfALLlEDVAN LINESO The Careful Movers Dan Co fhern General Manager f 3 I ' I Sl O GI 99 3 11" 1 rv 1 y 5 J 5 1 J J su 3 I ' ' . ' ' . , Q . tl . . . . . . ' . I I A ' . . A . . . I- I ' . ll I , . , :Af II II - ll 'Ulf l :I ' 1 I 1 n Y YM f N 429-4294 WAITE'S DRY CLEANERS W 1004 S. Main 43510 S. State Highway 121 ' f7ll'Z"'f"A"' KY Decatur, Illinois Mt. Zion, Illinois MENS AND BOYS CLOTWERS 422-6932 864-3616 D 632 E,',F'd0'ag'3523 William T. Waite, Sr. - proprietor See Us For All Your Clothing Needs Dovid G. Morrow Sales Representatnve Xjlxmilkersl 311:22 5lZi2532l??3 - -1 - - gf S ua . ' 5 F1 It i7lff,,7'11'fff ED ' 2 2' ' 270 West Praurie f sune IA D IL 62522 6 , 42.4. Qia- N I C K .Q I Cafe 1 HOMEMADE GREEK FOODS Old World Recipe 's Prepared Fresh Daily iiggzgj 0 Gyros ' Pastitsio 0 Greek v Moussaka ' Spanakoplta Salad 0 Trout 0 Baklava 0 Pastries 0 Shlsh Kabab cnnnvours Awuuaus 480 Brush college ncaa At Williams Street X A Q 183 Scrapbool I NJ' 1 dv-1 Jiulry 5q,igL ' . wa l. ' 24 ,571 r ' S.. f I 4 I 8 sv hh-ni, .- YI? .' t 6 'T4 YL . . - rl- - ,fy P ff I l Q ,fs A ' . l. Black Tuesday . . . the teachers' last hope is gone! 2. Mr. I-lengst and Mr. Scott put the new choir award in the display case for all to see. 3. Mr. Streight, our competent band direc tor! 4. Mrs. Lauderdale concentrates on get- ting the correct papers forthe hour. 5. Ms, Casey writes yet another pass! 6. Mr. Chamberlain works as well as he tells funny iokesl CExcellently, ot coursell 7. Mrs, Kostenski stays late while a stu- dent takes a test. 8. "Don't step on the PantherF!" Faculty l85 nv E.-..---a- CECE PAUL S WNFEGTWHEHY SINCE 1924 open 6 30 7 oo 6 Doys o week E " SA VEA LOT If ogm rf IrIr55IIVIsLL III Discount Foods O E Wll 6252l .laeeacew 24450: S444 1835 S Franklrn Decatur, lL 62521 PHONE 429 4919 Les s South Shore Shell Complete Auto ServIce Les Schelbly Owner O C CO C O S I l I X rl r V X W J I W ' I O O 1 O 0 5 99 , ER - - 66 D C U l - l Roland Sc ultctux - - Nssmfrwv ' r . , Q' " ' ' I-I J I 'J l l e I II 1 ' "' " o - - Pr-ION OPEN TUES 18 RQIIIIQQIQ mu - 2800 mlm wmv sum 4224516 900 - 5 Ocmlln Illlrwovx 62516 SAT- 9 O0 Izupars uso 3802 EAST WILLIAM STREET ROAD JON AUVIL - BARBER A 381 , ' A St. D T Ill' ' Y F ll S Ag y l l I I I Pd RA UPP S Sag dmv! ?!oa1m4 SVENDSEN FLDRIST Family Shoe N llrc 14 xx 8 411 l39 N Water Decatur Barkers Shoes Women s Fashlon Name Brands TACO -f 'Q Afvuoo 51388 2l7 N Water Downtown Decatur Landmark Mall 429 0909 Northgate Ma 877 l547 Congratulatuons Class of 87' Ownerfoperator Beverly A Ruffner www R' WN - A I , L - .2702 A '. ra l any l'lmm- T7-VI' . 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'Q REGULAR CLASSES SELF CONFIDENCE MON THRU FRI SELF CONTROL SELF DEFENSE 9 am to IO am SELF DISCIPLINE 6 pm to 7 pm AGILITY SELF RESPECT CHILDREN S CLASS BODY FLEXIBILITY MON WED FRI COMPETITION PHYSICAL FITNESS 4 pm to 5 pm HB5 M lgerahtn illh Eeratur Jllg WEIGHT CONTROL SELF AWARENESS Teachers ages 5 to sensor men women chlldren TAE KWON DO as for the young mnddle aged and the old Male or Female anyone who chooses to master the art can you want to protect yourself from any dangerous situations? you want Body Coordlnatlon 9 you want to be a person of lustucep you need to keep your family healthy and safe? you want Mental Concentratnon and a healthy mund9 L KARA-tg Master Instructor EARL TAYLOR ns a World Certutned 4th degree black belt 8 tnmes Natuonal Champion 5 tnmes World Champuon and us slated for the US Olympuc Team for the I988 Olympucs In Korea In addltlon to the above accomplishments Mr Taylor ns a Master of Hap Ku Do and Weapons has competed wndely nn full contact Karate and Judo was a natuonal wrestlung champnon and ns an accomplnshed boxer He us also a Certlfued Contunental Referee and Jury Member Mr Taylor s wnnnung personality and dusclplune are attrnbutes vntal to teachung the art to others young and old aluke MASTER TRAINING PROGRAM Defense agalnst street attack and unstructuon In the location and use of pressure points Body flexnbuluty and wenght control Breakung ot boards and sand blocks Tournament sparrlng techniques Flyung offenses Mand concentratuon BRING YOUR YEARBOOK IN AND RECEIVE Judo and Yoga 3 MONTHS OF LESSONS FOR ONLY S75" 14-Q Q , I X i O 'U , O at +- 0 3 O 9 Do ' ' . Q D " ' ' DZ A A . IL 5 D ' . D2 I I H I . .Q 2, ' . 3, I . 4. ' ' . 5. I . 6. I ' . 7, . .. f'i" ' "'QNx Mew' W W g I s X as !f1, Y' l 1 4-' 1757! if ' :Q-w,,,-gg, f AX ' X X , Evly C fa K 'dszfgi ogy l IQO Mueller Cn .. -1: -f. .- .fs-'if .uv--.3-.:.,.::::, 4 . , :IA '33 -1 . , s X131-'x n fl 'L' v Q ,L -1552:-15. -if X' 151-f1f."" 3-1... I 1.f2.'55p' '21, '5E5E:E?E21 ' " H 1, ,'1.f1:-' V "'-:-- X . ., J ,.,.n X j . fn' . Hy: 1 V - , ' - 1 , '- 1 I , 1 X .. 4, 1 ',.,., gfS:5:, I , 1 D v 1,2 a I' - ,...a- 1 .. 1 1 1 , I, n ' f '- ' '. I I K, w::g:g::::.,u I , 4 .ffl-., - ' v':2E2E:1:5::::.,, ' 1' ' .. 0 x ' .5 .. 'N'5'51QEC:.3.. I' ' ' ' ll - 1 ' -' , Q X --,-I-'cgx-.jg 4-:::-:gm -1 .,.::5:g:j-::. . ' t SX S SX ' 7f:fQ.-'f.- , -4' I 'Sz' ' . I H 5 - -'-' ---- - ,942 ' as YA x ' 'qt . . - ,' ..,.,.::5E3EgE:2.-' .,.::'?5:j:2:' ,. ji' ' . , 1 U .. fx, -.:,.1j::., " -""' ,'..:5zs5Egs:e:e:g5zs- f rf Q -5 ga? . NH.. Q5 XX 35. . . -C,-.L-,A ! .:: .::E:i3ES5:,.' T- . 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A I 0 I V 1 2 ' 'f . .om of X J 4 Westside Star Market The CWI dEdR d C tyCo :Th db pl 3767 Us 36 E 62 1 294624 553 W, Wood gf, Pine s Barber Shop 9 422-7937 2253 E William St Country Store Q LXUAC d d Y A Better of Banx6x1ioNAL BITNK ,. . G N ' 5 d C yDe 0 g PERSWN Eastside Star Market u n Qmghm A SUM All mu' I467 E. William St. 429-61 23 423-3608 lPine s Shopping Center? Mon.-Sat. 7am to 8pm C ONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE CLASS OF I 987! Gary and Jane Anderson l 1 s e mond I K W- i Mon ay thru Satur a 10 5 wf, . . . . . R ,gf-naw N' Gif! an 0 1 I A e 5 ries me We,iPf-'WM Ou ,U as! D Ill 52 Ph i l 1 1 9 X X L 3 ' 1 . P , x 104 EASTPRAIFIIEAVENUE DECATUR ILUNOIS62523 I K J K 5 YOU CANT DO BETTERTHAN I I . OO -fAg5auuf4Phre 3 O5 1920 Mt. Zion Road f Decatur, Illinois 62521 U-, Q5 864-2331 428-8600 U7 C CD U7 ' UT UW I UD ik o -4 U9 C: -o "' -4 m 3 Kll'C rd dmIJ"' reces us ar an 000340 , , ou I m O Dairy M ala' Q 5 o CD O -l l'T1 801 E. Wood 429-4225 Z 2320 E. wood 423-l7l9 I -l lTl Open all winter! D CD Hamburgers, Ice Cream Terri, We sure had alot of great times EmAH d H KSVAE b C I this year.lloved every minute of it. . h end fco ege ' becinre or G' I'm really going to miss you next BC Cm Gmous' Come OC O , W em when I Stan College ecatur and support me for the THANKS for everything. e Y Toke my Odviceu DOn,t ever rest of my life. If that won't work, love you and we'lI miss you. change and we'll be Fred and Wil- buy me O BMW' me forever. Your loyal Flag Corps members, I Love, l love you with all my heart, Lon' Leshe' and Juhe - Kendy Arthur ' 16 Ads Isn't lunch fun? 'za 'sk . 2?-"""" A if G ,H x -.JS 'Su-nv an pf' F Chris Hole wouts for school to begin Ads 11 W F ln , 1' AFS 30 Abbott, Emily 170, 173 Acevedo, Maria D. 121 Adams, Brian K. 109 Adams, David W. 121 Adams, Jaffrey L. 66, 67, 82, 102, 109 Adams, Jimmy 82, 109 Adams, Neice 23, 80, 109 Adams, Tawanda 96 A E Staley's 188 Ahamuda, Amanda 109 Albin, Phillip 95 Alderman, Barbara D. 121 Alderson, Kelly A. 21, 44, 45, 78, 109 Alexander, Amy 26, 95 Alexander, Christy L. 109 Alldndge, Alyson 62, 120 Alldndge, Joshua 71, 74, 94, 95 Allison, Jay 95 Allison, Tara L. 24, 133 Altherr, Timothy S. 121 Anderson, Debra L. 12, 24, 30, 42, 44, 54, 109, 208 Anderson, Gary!Jane 195 Anderson, Kyle S. 17, 22, 37, 39, 40, 42, 117, 133, 164 Anderson, Linda 170 Anderson, Scott 45, 109 Anderson, Scott R. 66, 95 Anderson, Sharon 109 Anderson, Sharon G. 30 Anderson, William G. 62, 121 Andrick, Lesa 170 Blue, J. Christopher 109 Bluhm, Jennifer J. 45, 109 Bobbett, Jerry L. 66, 67, 109 Bohannon, Scott 29, 121 Bold, Matthew 66, 95 Boliand, Michael S. 66, 67, 109 Boling, Celeste M. 24, 44, 109 Bond, Latosha 80, 95 Bond, Renee Y. 44, 121 Bond, Yolanda 21, 109 Bonds, Don E. 165 Booker, Melissa 95 Born, Jeffery 95 Born, Tiera J. 121 Bosley, Christopher 95 Boss, Eric 109 Bossert, Stephen R. 121 Bowen, Michael S. 22, 44, 109 Bowers, Stacey 95 Bowman, Melissa A. 24, 109 Bowman, Tom 109 Boyer, Mark A. 24, 45, 67, 105, 109 Boyer, Tiffany D. 109 Bradford, Kelly V. 21, 83 Bradshaw, Bryan 95 Bradshaw, Kevin R. 67, 109 Brandeberry, Douglas 95 Branstad, John R. 34, 36, 37, 71, 135 Brauer, Suellen 170, 173 Brechnitz, Beth 42, 45, 64, 70, 71, 95 Brecht, William J. 135 Brent, Diane 95 Brettl, Victory 21 Brettl, Victorian 109 Brewer, Curtis D. 135 Bright, Shelotta L. 109 Bright, Stephanie 135 Brilley, Shane 95 ' Andricks, Timothy 47, 95 Androff, Kelly R. 44, 48, 64, 121 Anthony, Brandon 50, 95 Anthony, Rosemary 30, 65, 83, 170, 173, 174 Anthony, Shannon K. 44, 65, 109 Apperson, John 66, 95 Apperson, Richard P. 165 Apple, Michael 21, 95 Arndt, Shane M. 67, 109 Arnold, Amy E. 133 Arnold, Linda K. 24, 37, 71, 121 Artistic Coiffures 194 Ashe, Mindy 95 Ashe, Tricia A. 121 Attendance Office Assistants 48 Aubert, Shannon D. 133 Auerswold, Eric 95 Ausnehmer, Douglas E. 10, 42, 48, 68, 69, 85, 133 Ausnehmer, Jeffrey J. 70, 71, 74, 75, 82, 109 Auton, Larry G 67, 82, 109 Brink, Carl 174, 176 Briscoe Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks , Danny E. 121 , Elivabeth 95 , Ida 30, 86, 87, 170, 173 , Jennifer 95 , Matthew J. 16, 74, 75, 89, 136 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Charles D. 39 Christina 50 Deanna 95 Dena S. 17, 22, 38, 39, 42, 45, 137, 164 Brown, Dian M. 17, 22, 42, 45, 50 76, 105 Brown, Jennifer 95 48, 68, 69, Brown, Lisa 22, 37, 39, 45, 47, 54, 55, 136, 208 Brown, Linda 170 Brown, Nicole 95 Brown, Vincent 54, 95 Brown, Willard 80, 170, 173 Browne, Anthony 66, 67, 109 AVA Assistant 50 200 Index Brownlow, Elizabeth 21, 109 Brummet, Joseph T. 109 Bryan, Shannon 95 Bryant, Eric 66, 81, 95 Babchick, Amy B. 45, 52, 121 Bagget, Jennifer L. 21, 78, 109 Bailey, Douglas 66, 95 Baldwin, Donna 170, 173 Ball, Kari 64, 94, 95 Ballard, Lori A. 48, 133 Ballard, Tracie S. 48, 109 Bardfield, Loriann 44, 71, 109 Barger, Jennifer K. 121 Barnes, Dennis A. 85, 121 Barnett, Arthur D. 133 Barnfield, David J. 22, 67, 109 Barr, Amy 95 Barr, David C. 133 Barry, Patrick C. 36, 37, 134 Basden, Gina M. 109 Basil, Amy M. 24, 64, 109 Basola, Jennifer 45, 95 Bates, Stephanie 6, 24, 47, 109, 208 Bates, Terry L. 37, 85, 89, 134 Batorson, Charles 26, 95 Batterson, Tony 47 Bauer, Jacqueline 36, 134 Baner, John L. 109 Becker, Laurie 170 Becker, Shawn M. 47, 52, 134 Beckett, Jason D. 22, 45, 134 Behnke, and Co. 194 Bell, Elizabeth 72, 109 Belt, Sundee R. 139 Belt, Tracy 95 Benner, Debra R. 134 Bennett, Bruce T. 17, 24, 26, 42, 45, 74, 104, 109 Bennett, Christy 17, 22, 42, 78, 121 Bennett, Gary E. 26 Bennett, Trina L. 14, 17, 22, 30, 42, 45, 76, 121 Bergen, Theresa L. 54, 134 Best, Johnathan W. 47, 121 Betty and Bob's Flower Shop 187 Bickes, Timothy L. 121 Bien, Jason 95 Bigelow, Douglas E. 109 Bilyeu L. 17, 22, 42, 45, 135 Bilyeu, Michelle M. 121 Bilyeu, Scott M. 42, 45, 109 Binder, Arthur D. 37, 45, 135 Birch, David E. 135 Birk, John F. Jr. 28, 36, '135 Birk, Michael 26, 95 Birk, Peter H. 24, 52, 109 Black, Black, David L. 109 Black, Lesley A. 121 Blankenship, Robert 95 Blankenship, Rodney 95 Blankenship, Theresa J. 109 Bleavins, Aaron 66, 95 Bledsoe, Jerry W. 50, 121 Bledsoe, Steve M. 165 Blue, Dannielle 95 Blue, Gina R. 24, 109 Bryant, Eric 66, 81, 95 Buchanan, Robert 95 Buchanan, Tera 109 Buis, Brenda K. 121 Burch, Cynthia E. 86, 121 Burch, Julia A. 136 Burnett, Melissa F. 136 Burtner, Stephanie 44, 78, 109 Bushey, Sara L. 21, 77, 109 Bustos, Carlos F. 26, 63, 136 Byers, Brad L. 22, 121 Byers, Brooke 21, 95 Comp, Jodi 121 Concert Band 27 Conley, Frederick C. 3, 7, 19, 24, 26, 37, 77, 138 Conner, Megan 45, 96 Constan, Angela R. 42, 138 Conyers, Lisa G. 34, 37, 45, 47, 138 Cook, Janet L. 45, 138 Cook, Susan D. 36, 37, 45, 47, 138 Coontz, Melody L. 138 Cooper, Kelly 21, 45, 80, 96 Cooper, Kim A. 17, 22, 39, 42, 45, 65, 121 Cooper, Randall D. 37, 82 Cooper, Reginald D. 85, 121 Copeland, Carla F. 24, 37, Copeland, Mylas L. 17, 19, 37, 45, 52, 121 Copenhaver, Lisa D. 110 Carrington, Heather M. 17 119, 121 Corte, Victoria L. 5, 9, 14, 62, 132, 139 The Country Store 197 Cowger, Tamyra K. 106, 1 Crackel, Wilford W. 27, 110' ' Crofton, Brian 66, 96 Crapo, Shawn E. 1 10 Creighton, Sean 66, 74, 96 Creighton and Sons, Inc. 197 Cress, Vanessa A. 1 10 Crisman, Tara C. 110 . cfisi, sheiiy 37, 47, 55, 121, Cross Country 62 1 Cruz, Marcia P. 21 . Cummins, Andrew A. 110 Cummings, Crystal M. 48, 139 Cunningham, Albert 96 Cunningham, Duane W. 110 Cunningham, Keith D. 110 Cunningham, Sedrick 96 Curry, Gina 44, 96 ' Curry, Otis R. 66, 67, 107, 110 Curry, William 96 Curtis, David 56, 170 Calfee, Melissa D. 121 Calhoun, Chad 95 Calhoun, Dawn G. 48, 136 Callaway, Heather 95 Calloway, Elaine 121 Camp,,Gregory S. 136 Campbell, John 95 Campbell, Neal 24, 26, 121 Campbell, Pamela 21, 95 Canham, Monica L. 48, 64, 132, 137 Card, David K. 67, 74, 109 Card, Thomas 66, 74, 95 Carnahan, Charlotte 121 Carman, Brian L. 165 Carman, Carlos 109 Carney, Robbin D. 45, 1 10 Carney, Steve 37, 44, 45, 64, 121 Carr, Jerry 178 Carr Rick A. 37, 68, 69, 137 Cartee, Gary 95 Casey, Virginia 170, 174, 185 Castleman, Kelly 26, 95 Chamberlain, Donald J. 137 Chamberlain, Donald 63, 170, 173, Chambers, Mark 30, 47, 96 Chandler, Duane 96 Chandler, Sonya 40 Chaney, Ronald 21, 96, 102 Chatman, Angie 1 10 Chatman, Eva 165 Chizevsky, William 96 Chrisman, Timothy 16, 20, 21, 96 Clark Clark Clark Clark 0 Carol A. 1 10 Cary 82, 1 10 Deanna M. 45, 110 Jaqueline 26, 96 Jason 74 ' Kimberly 137 Rodgers A. 30, 137 Randy L. 137 ri, Richard D. 137 y, Christen D. 121, 122 r, Jeffory A. 37, 105, 137 , Pauline 96 Jenny 45, 47, 22, 121 i an, Christal 96 an, Tina M. 138 an, Tony 66, 81 s, Sharon 70, 71, 170, 173 ins, Troy 96 mage, Ivey 96 ombs, Erika L. 42, 45, 78, 107, Dady Alana 16, 21, 96 Dagget, Kristy L. 44, 48, 59, 72, 73, Dairy Maid 196 Dalesio, Raymond E. 68, 69, 139 Dalluge, Mary K. 44 Danford, Ronald 96 Daniel, Clayton P. 36, 37, 39, 45, Danner, Jill M. 121 Daum Amy J. 24 Daum Tabitha 21 , 45, 54, 96 Davies, Jamie 50, 96 I 185 I I I I a rk. S-:i i i - . i I ii' ,xiii ' l l 4' lr . ff J If 5. 1 10 I 139 139 I Davis, Donald F. 139 Davis, Gordon 173 Davis, Joi L. 17, 42, 121 Davis, Wonda 96 Day, Diana 96 Decrdorff, Barry L. 1 10 Deaton, Jennifer A. 36, 37, 45, 54, 55, 139, 208 Delahunty, Amy J. 1 10 Delaughter, Gimette L. 24, 26, 1 10 Delgado, Jeanne 96 Dennis, Bryan L. 122 Denzler, Mark D. 30, 47, 1 10 Denzler, Michael A. 45, 47, 70, 71, 139 Detena, Francisco 140 DeVera, Maria fLynn1 24, 64, 92, 96 DeVera, Maria fTina1 42, 1 10 Devore, Adrian 44, 96 Devore, Amy L. 77, 110 Dhermy, Arthur T. 24, 45, 140 Dial, Shannon L. 21, 71, 110 Debartolomeo, Angel M. 122 Diggs, Angel E. 1 10 Dillard, Tracy L. 37, 110 Diller, Kirk W. 85, 122 Dillman, Cathy 30, 37, 45 Dillman, Emily M. 44, 110 Dillman, James L. 47, 50, 140 Dixon, Patricia 47, 122 Dobrinick, Lisa R. 44, 110 Dodwell, Edward J. 140 Dolly, Kendal K. 120, 122 Donovan, Christopher 140 Dotson, Shelley M. 110 Downen, Marcus 74, 96 Droz, Christopher 96 Droza, Dawn G. 37, 140 Dulaney, David M. 50, 140 Dunker, Lori A. 24, 110, 115 Dwiggins, Sarah L. 52, 62, 83, 1 10 Dwyer, Kathleen D. 34, 83, 110 Dwyer, Margaret M. 34, 36, 37, 44, 45, 140 Early, Bernard L. 47, 141 Easter, Shannon S. 48, 141 Eastside Star Market 145 Eaton, Lori A. 24, 45, 110, 115 Eckart, Bryan D. 141 Eckart, Darren W. 110 Edwards, Anne E. 23 Eiter, Martha 170, 175 Elam, Julie C. 71, 122 Elkin, Shirley 170 Elsea, Jeffrey K. 141 Elsea, William S. 141 Enloe, Tracy, P. 1 10 Estes, Kathy A. 141 Eubanks, Jamie 66 Eubanks, Tracy L. 37, 68, 69, 141 Euey, Leslie A. 122 Evans, Rob A. 44, 110 Ewing, Marsha K. 1 10 Ewing, Tammy 110 Fabley, Sheila 26, 95, 96 Fanestock, Sue 96 Fair, Joe 122 Farmer, Michael 165 Farnsworth, Jenny L. 1 10 Farnsworth, Michael D. 44, 45, 63, 122 Farrar, Paul 1 10 Farren, Rick 1 10 Farris, Rebecca 96 Felt, Jodi M. 17, 22, 38, 39, 52, 78, 79, 132, 141 Felts, Liane M. 24, 45, 1 10 Ferguson, Matthew E. 165 Ferguson, Wendy L. 122 Ferris, Tim L. 122 Finch, Eric 96 Finch, Michael D. 122 Finch, Suzanne M. 122 Fisher, James 96 Fisher, James D. 110 Fisher, Marlene 37, 80, 96 Fisher, Marsha L. 62, l 10 Fitzpatrick, Christine 29, 122 Flanders, Angelique 24, 34, 35, 54, 1 1 1, 208 Flinn, Andrea M. 142 Floyd, Derek J. 63, 1 1 1 Floyd, Matthew 96 Fobbs, Dorothy l. 21, 83, 11 Force, Angela A. 142' Force, Dee 26, 96 Force, Charles 47, 170 Force, Denise R. 122 Ford, Sharmila K. 45, 142 Ford, Vichian 96 Foster, Leslie S. 50, 142 Foster, Paul 96 Fouts, Melissa 96 Fox, Hope L. 26, 111 Foy, Carol 170 Frank, James M. 96 Frazier, Wendy 96 Frederick, Troy A. 68, 69 Freeman, Jason M. 66, 67, 11 1 Freeman, Jeremy M. 37, 50, 111 Freeze, Tara R. 71 , 111 French Club 45 Freshman Football 66 Fulkerson, William A. 26 Fuller, Cynthia A. 142 Fuller, Doris 170, 173 Fulton, Larry 170 Fultz, John R. 26, 34, 37, 54, 55, 1 1 1, 208 Funk, Sandra 1 1 1 Futo, Tami A. 45, 54, 122 Futo, Trudy M. 1 1 1 Fyke, Darci 96 Fyke, Julia A. 22, 24, 65, 111 Gadberry, Craig W. 10, 142 Gaddy, Lorine 96 Gaddy, Samantha M. 122 Gallagher, Rachele 21 , 65, 92, 96 Gallagher, William 45, 142 Ganyo, Scott D. 22, 39, 54, 142 Ganyo, Shari 70, 91, 92, 96, 103 Gardner, James 66, 96 Garecht, Stacey 96 Garmon, Sharon M. 71, 111 Garrett, Amy L. 63, 122 Garrett, Matthew D. 67, 1 1 1 Garrison, Dena M. 37, 44, 142 Gauble, Shani D. 5, 45, 142 Gentry, Rachael 21, 97 Gerling, Aaron 122 German Club 45 Gibbons, Errin E. 122 Gibbons, Felicia K. 44, 1 1 1 Gibbons, Gordon 97 Gibson, Patric 111 Giles, Gregory T. 68, 69, 143 Gilmour, Anne M. 21, 122 Girl's Tennis 64 Gist, Amy A. 37, 42, 143 Goetz, Steven 68, 69, 143 Goforth, Terry W. 46, 143 Gomez, 1-leidy M. 30, 44, 143 Goodbred, Robert A. 46, 47, 50, 1 1 1 Goodlick, Arthur 81 Goodrich, Kim J. 37, 47, 122 Gordon, Danny R. 122 Gosnell, Shane 44, 74 Grandstaff, J. 71 Grant, Jerry L. 24, 26, 34, 37, 44, 54, 122, 126, 208 Grant, Tina 50, 143 Grasch, Michael E. 34, 36, 37, 144 Graves, Angela M. 1 1 1 Graves, Carla D. 165 Gravitt, Christie 30, 97 Gray, Connell 97 Gray, Jennifer D. 24, 72, 106, 1 1 1 Greanias, Robert J. 30, 34, 35, 37, 63 Greanias, Susan 21, 30, 45, 65, 80, 94, 97 Green, Laura S. 24, 126, 144 Greenwood, Cherie 170 Greogry, Darren F. 67, 1 1 1 Gregory, Jerry D. 111 Gremo, Chris 47, 55, 122, 208 Gremo, Patrick M. 54, 144, 208 Gremo, Wendy S. 54, 122 Grenier, Nicole B. 165 Grider, Laura D. 122 Grider, Terry L. Jr. 1 1 1 Griffin, Brian 97 Griffin, John 42, 170, 173 Griffin, Michelle 97 Griffin, Sonya 50 Griffith, Allyson A. 30, 54, 1 1 1 Grimm, Ryan 1 1 1 Grinestaff, Jason 97 Groenewood, Robyn 21, 45, 47, 97 Gross, Jill R. 37, 122 Gruenloh, Christopher 24, 47, 97, 208 Gruender, Sherrie L. 24, 144 Grunden, Stephen K. 96, 122 Gwendolyn, Barbee 122 Gym Assistants 48 Index 201 Hale, Christopher 122 Hall, James W. 24, 26, 37, 63, 122 Hambrecht, Lori A. 44, 122 Hamilton, Carri 64, 80, 97 Hampton, Patricia A. 144 Hampton, Todd 26, 97 Harder, Joanne 41 Hardy, Kevin 97 Hardy, Melinda 21, 44, 97 Harl, Lawrence 97 Harmon, Sue 45, 111 Harmon, Louraine J. 24, 144 Harper, Kip 97 Harper, Kristy 16, 21, 26, 92, 97 Harres, Matthew E. 24, 1 1 1 Harris, Aniko D. 122 Harris, Brad 1 1 1 Harris, Christina 122 Harshbarger, Christine 122 Harshbarger, Shain 62, 97 Harting, Kristin R. 21, 83, 111 Hartman, David 97 Hartman, Rodney 97 Hartness, Lee Ann 122 Harvey, Donna R. 144 Houck, Rick 111 Hawkins, Micheal 1 1 1 Hawkins, Todd A. 24, 122, 123 Hawkins, Troy 111 Hawks, April 45, 97 Hawthorne, Michael L. 165 Hay, Sharon 170, 173 Hayes, Robert 144 Hayes, Willie 97 Hays, Virginia 170, 172, 173 Hazenfield, Craig 30, 45, 97 Hazenfield, Kelly S. 36, 45, 64, 145 Hebel, Karis E. 145 Hebenstreit, Amy J. 1 1 1 Hebenstreit, Mark J. 47, 122 Hebenstreit, Michael J. 122 Hector, Carrie 60, 97 Hector, Jeffrey 122 Hector, William A. 122 Heiden, Julia 37, 170, 173 Heidlebaugh, James E. 74, 75, 122 Heinric, John 21, 66, 97 Helm, Chadrick 66, 81, 97 Helm, Jeffrey D. 1 1 1 Helphrey, Daniel 97 Hendren, James 26, 69, 74, 122 Hendricker, Gregory L. 14, 45, 67, 74, 1 I 1 Hendrickson, Mary E. 44, 1 11 Heneghan, Andrea R. 111 Hengst, Steve 12, 173, 184 Henry, Shannon M. 68, 69, 145 Henry, Sherry L. 22, 111 Henseler, Hans E. 24, 111 Hickman, Michelle 45, 111 Hicks, Mike 97 Hicks, Winona 97 Hieronymous, April M. 30, 44, 45 1 202 Index 54, 107, 11 1 High, Bradley W. 111 Highcock, Christopher 45, 145 Highcock, Jeff S. 122 Hilderbrand, Michael E. 106, 1 11 Hilderbrand, Milford E. 1 1 1 Hill, Christine 44, 50, 12 Hill, Randal 97 Hill, Sophia L. 11 1 Hill, Terry 97 Hill, Timothy 97, 123 Hilliard, Colleen M. 1 1 1 Hilligoss, Christopher 37, 145 Hilton, Jason R. 24, 11 1 Hines, Andrew R. 165 Hironimus, Gary L. 67, 111 Hixson, Susan 97 Hobson, Jeffrey 66, 97 Hodges, Alfonso 85, 123 Hodges, Sheila N. 26, 62, 83, 111 Hoehne, Jason P. 85, 123 Hoffert, Scott J. 45, 123 Hoffman, Paula S. 145 Hogue, Benjamin R. 5, 10, 37, 132, 145 Holloway, Melissa 1 12 Holmes, Boyd R. 66, 67, 82, 1 12 Holmes, Randall J. 123 Holt, Lorie A. 145 Honnold, Danny W. 24, 26, 123 Hood, Barry L. 62, 82 Hood, Brian 97 Hood, Brian E. 146 Hood, Jason M. 145 Hood, Jennifer L. 37, 1 12 Hood, Pamela S. 45, 48, 1 12 Hoots, Anthony P. 5, 146 Horges, Shawn 97 Horne, Jennifer L. 37, 76, 146 Horrell, Amy 21 , 94, 97 Horton, Kevin 165 Horve, Nicole 7, 146 Hott, Tanya 21, 42, 97 Hott, Todd W. 44, 146 Hotwick, Gerald L. 1 12 Houran, James P. 146 Houseworth, Christine 21, 97 Houston, Christina 112 Howard, Jennifer M. 45, 1 12 Hudson, Tracy J. 30, 123 Huebner, Kelly L. 146 ' Huenemeier, Jennifer L. 71, 1 12 Hughes, John C. 37, 120, 123 Hughes, Paula 30, 44 Huisinga, Holly E. 21, 44, 122 Humphrey, Patrick 165 Human Relations 30 Hunt, Jeffrey G. 123 Hunolt, Kristy 97 Hunt, Lori 97 Hunt, Terrence L. 147 Hurst, Wendy M. 37, 42, 147 Huth, Laurie E. 6, 24, 26, 45, 112 Hutton, Dawn 97 Jack, Anastasia 34, 36, 37, 40, 44, 52, 76, 147 Jack, Janice 173, 175 Jackson, Lasonya 123 Jacobs, Julie 21, 62, 97 James, Jarrod E. 45, 112 James, Jennifer E. 17, 22, 36, 37, 39, 40, 42, 45, 76, 89, 147 Jamison, Sonya 21 , 97 Jarret, Down F. 23, 1 12 Jarrett, Steve L. 37, 147 Jeffrey, Dee Ann 21, 97 Jelks, Dewanda L. 123 Jenkins, Kelly L. 165 Johns, Christopher 97 Johnson, Amy L. 70, 71, 112 Johnson, Jeremy 98 Johnson, John A. 165 Johnson, Kendra 44, 98 Johnson, Shelly 77, 112 Joiner, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Phillip 85 Betty J. 87 Chris 98 Douglas E. 123 Farry L. 123 lssah 165 Karen S. 21, 78, 112 Kimberley 147 Melissa 44, 71, 123 Mildred 71 , 98 Paula 112 Paula 106, 112 Todd 45, 112 Vickie M. 37, 123 Jordan, Pamela F. 1 12 Jorgensen, Toni 98 Josefson, Carol 50, 170, 173 Jourdan, Mona 98 Joyner, Neisho K. 147' Junior Varsity Scholastic Bowl 34 Kaltenbach, Michael D.,45, 1 12 Kareotes, Christine 170, 173 Kastl, Gregory E. 36, 147 Kastl, Jeffrey D. 1 12 Karr, Eric 98 Kauzlarich, Kory 1 12 Keckritz, David S. 37, 148 Keckritz, Dawn 21, 96 Kehart, Melissa 21, 44, 96 Kellam, Stacey 98 Keller, Lynn 26, 98 Kelm, Greg 178 Kester, Mike Kikolla, Jamie 98 Kileen, Kelli C. 14, 17, 36, 42, 52, 78, 79, 148 Kingery, Bryan W. 112 Kingston, Kimberly K. 148 Kinney, Michele 21, 112 Kissell, Jeffrey P. 50, 165 Kistler, Shirley 39, 170, 173 Kitson, Brett J. 123 Klopfenstein, Anthony J. 1 12 Knorr, Michelle 148 Knotts, Mike E. 123 Kolbeck, Anthony J. 22, 123 Koshinski, Amy 98 Koslofski, Amy J. 112 Koslofski, Gregory L. 148 Kostenski, Marilyn 170, 173. 1185 Kovoch, Christopher 24, 74 H12 Kracht, Krystal 21 64 112 Krahn, Louis F. 123 Krahn, Richard 98 Kramer, Gerald W. 123 Kramer, Glen 170 Kramer, Jennifer R Krekel's Custard 196 Kroll, Kurt B. 123 Krueger, Fred 168 170. 173.1 G Krueger, Julie 26, 44, 80, 98 Kwasny, Deborah J. 44 48 . 7 Lake, John 98 Lang, Debra A. 45 112 Lane, Heath 66, 98 Q 1 Lane, Paula L. 148 Lane, Shawn D. 123 , , Lane, Suberina A. 123 if J Lanier, Richard P. 82 112 . Latin Club 45 A Q Lauderdale, Betty .lo 185 J ' Law, Jacquelyn 21 , 98 A Lawson, Marc 37, 45 8561123 , Lawyer, Andy P. 17, 22,.30, 38, 42, 45, 54, 123, 208 if Y Lawyer, Christopher 21 , 45,98 Leach, Lonnie 98 . ' Leash, Chris 98 J 7 Lebo, Eric S. 45, 62, 112 Ledwig, Diana 47 A Lee's South Shore Shell 186 Lehew, Melinda 98 J . Lehew, Thomas P. 149 Lehman, Anastasia 6, 48, 54 57 123 . Leigh, Mitchell 98 Leonard, Tommy J. 123 . A Leoucis, Mary C. 23, 1 12 Lercher, Lisa 98 Leslie, Kim S. 123 , Leslie, Tamara S. 44, 1 12 Lesnyaa, Steve 1 12 Leveck, Katriena D. 123 Lewis, Sherry R. 21, 112 Lienhart, Craig O. 112 Lindgren, Marcie 21 , 30, 65, 72 94, 98 Lindsey, Bradley 26, 98 Link, Robin L. 48, 86, 87, 149 Livingston, Malcolm J. 24, 37, 67 Lobb, Clayton A. 112 Lobb, Donn 112 Locke, Kimberly 98 Lockmiller, Jennifer L. 21, 1 12 I l 1 i i ' .. .V' . U 11 i i I I , if ,,J J l will? i . .fig- WZ.,cif1,, "Wiki ' J - "F-it-EW, '- "-.Fx .1 11.111 'i J' ""f13' 2 3 .1-vs 3 I r 31 ., -1 .::r. ' ' ' ,' ii U I . ' 'l . '. JM, ' - LHYT1. . .A,,.'-i' 1 , ,.. . N, N 1 1. '75 Pl . ,LI .X J 1 N5 'x' 1 12' is .I .N ,R Mi 1,i' 4 r 1 'J 3 . '1 4 111-51 A Q13 . 1' 1 I A 1 . .va , M Sri il, rc. ii 1 , . .wg M11 .ft-J Ji" '11' 1:31 I i I T1 Loehr, Charles L. I65 Loehr, Mickey M. I I2 Lofton, Michael 8I Long, Cassandra 48, 86, I23 Long, Jeffrey R. I I2 Lourash, Timothy 66, 98 Love, Tiger L. 59, 44, 77, I I2 Loveall, Sherri J. I I2 Lovel, Lavonne C. 22, I23 Lowe, Angela K. 37, I49 , owe, Nicole 98 e, Rebecca A. 24, I I2 ie, Shawn M. I49 ,, Shitflion 98 ery, 'Rebecca 98 James S. I I2 Diana I65 A itefeld, Sara P. I49 I, , . ford, Christy D. II3 McKeown, Laura B. 52, I I3 McNamara, Brian 98 McNamara, Erin L. 22, 78, I23 McNeary, Tracie E. 23 McWilliams, Tracy I23 Meadows, Lisa A. I5O Mears, Norman 98 Meeks, Randy 66, 98 Mellinger, Michael Melzer, Eric A. 7I , I5O Menzies, Cynthia L. 36, I50 Merli, Dawn A. I50 Merli, Scott 98 Merli, Steve A. 37, 63, IO6, I24 Merrow, Cheryl D. 24, I5O Meyer, Christopher I24 Meyers, Marci E. I I3 Mierek, Jason I7, 2I, 52 Milinkovich, Julie 98 Morse, Jennifer 99 Morton, Michael 63, 8I , 82, 99 Morton, Scott A. I7, 22, 63, I5I Mudd, Nicole 99 Mueller, Michelle D. I65 Mueller, Tye 99 Mueller Co. I93 Mulvaney, Evett A. I5O Munden, Sondra R. I I3 Munden, Stephanie 2I , I24 Munn, Suzanne 45, 62, 83, IO8, I I3 Munsteon, Chadwick 66, 74, 99 Musntean, Terry 66 Murphy, Dana 99 Murphy, David I59, I66, I70, I73, I 75 Myers, James 99 Myrvold, Lesley A. 22, 30, 44, 76, Oettel, Julie L. 24, 65, 72, I24 Ogden, Connie 44, I7O Oglesby, Richard J. I24 Oglesby, Stephanie 26, 50, 99 O'Grady, Kathleen I52 Oldham, Michelle C. 37, I24 Oliphant, Lisa A. I65 Oliver, Michael A. 44 Oliver, Sonya 99 Oliver Todd 99 Olson, Jeanette M. I9, 24, 52, I53 O'NeaI, Charrese 99 Oost, Gregory J. I53 Orchestra 26 Osman, Jody L. I I3 Owens, Boneisa Y. 37, I53 Neeley, Dawn 99 A 1. ver, Bryan G. 69, 74, II3 er, Michael I4, 26, 63, 98 c f her, Robert J. I23 i i ovsky, Kelly A. 45, II3 f n,Lisa II3 Phiuis 47, i7o ' - kung, John G. 67 . 1 dox, Charlotte 48, I23 M dison, Anton M. 37, I49 jadix, Mary-Jane I70, I73 aglone, Gerald L. I I3 homy, Michael 98 4 , akowitz, Susan M. I23 I . nn, Anthony 98 is nn, Jennifer 98 anns, Kendrick I I3 ntuy, Lillian M. ISI antay, Rick I23 H rching Band 27 ardis, Theresa R. I23 i rish, shiriey i is Tarshall, Brad E. I I3 arshall, Debbie L. I23 all, Gerald I7O f rtin, Aond A. 24, I23 martin, Chad 26, 98 - in, Eric 66, 74, 98 f artin, Johnathan 98 V f on, Todd 68, 69, I49 Milinkovich, Marc 74, 98 Miller, Andrea 44, 99 Miller, Dustin M. 28, 37, 45, 63, I3O, I5O Miller, Jason 66, 99 Miller, Juanita 99 Miller, Karen 99 Miller, Laura S. 2I, 30, 54, IO7, I I3 Miller, Lynnette A. I24 Miller Rusty 99 Miller, Stephen C. ISO Milligan, Guy A. I I3 Milligan, Tami L. I24 Minor, Antoinette ISI Minter, Angela Y. I I3 Minter, Nikki 87, 99 Mintler, Mark R. 44, I I3 Minton, Joel 8I, 99 Mitbo, Thomas W. 47 llason, Renee 2I, 76, 77, I I3, IO8 Mathews, Arny D. I I3 Mathias, Mili S. I23 Mattingly, Jackie K. I I3 Maurizio, Jennifer 52, 98 Maurizio, Tara L. I9, 24, I5O Mavis, Ashley 98 Maynard, Tawn98 McCormick, Kurt A. I I3 McCoy, Barbara I7O, I73 McCurry, Jennifer 98 McGarry, Elizabeth 45, I23 McGowan, Gretchen I4, 2I , 42, 45, 98 McKee, John I23 Mitbo, Tom 54, 55, I I3 Mitchell, Billy J. I I3 Mitchell, Billy I Mitsdo rffer, Nancy I 75 Mize, Terry I I3 Mlandiner, Michelle P. 24, I I3 Mechel, Angela 99 Monska, Annette M. ISI Montg Montg omery, Melanie 30, 99 omery, Michael P. I24 Mokdy, Latana 99 Moody, Melissa N. 2I , 52, I I3 Moore, Bob 67, 82 , Moore, Cynthia L. 44, I5l Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore , Gary E. 26, I I3 ,Jayme E. 67, II3 ,Jean D. 52, I70, I73 , Lori 99 , Lori D. I24 89, I Naron, I 9, I24 Christina 99 Neathery, Kimberly A. I5I Neeley, Eddie I24 Neideffer, Cathy 99 Nelson, Boyd E. 30, 37, 44, 54, I I3 Nelson, Joahn C. 24, I52 Nelson, Robert I70, I73, I78 Newborn, Eric L. 85 Newingham, Angie S. I24 Newland, Scott D. I24 Newmon's I89 Newsome, Tyler E. 24, I I3 Nichols Nichols Nichols Nielson , John D. 36, 68, 69, I , Joseph 66, 99 , Scott sg 63, I I3 I , Bruce 66, 99 Nielson, Russel A. 22, I52 Nihiser, Angela S. I52 Nihiser, Charles I.. I I3 Nihiser, Kelly 99 Nihiser, Nealy 2I, 99 Nisbet, Eric 99 Noblitt, Jayne 99 Noe, Vikki 99 Nolen, Leesa 47, I52 Norman, Arthur R. I52 Norman, Linda 50, 99 Moore, Lori M. 23, I I3 Morgan, Brian K. 22, I I3 Morgan, Kandice E. I I3 Morgan, William 99 Morrison, Betsy E. 45, 62, I I3 Morrison, Dana D. 22, 44, 52, I20, I24 Morrison, Donald 99 Morrison, Jamie B. I7, I I8, I24 Morrison, Karen S. I24 Morrow, John I5I Morrow, Paul I I3 Norman, Sandra K. I I3 Norman, Shannie J. I24 Norris, Paul A. 74, I I3 Northeutt, Dennis 99 Novak, Donald I59, I66, I70, I73 Nurnburger, Michelle K. 44, I24 Nurse's Assistants 5O Obermeier, Kristi L. 44, I I3 O'Dell, Terii A. I52 Oettel, Jennifer 24, 92, 99 Page, Richard 62, 99 Paine, Jennifer M. I I3 Paiune, Robert 66, 99 Painter, Mark A. I53 Palmer, Michael 66, 99 Pantherettes 79 Parish, Shannon L. I I3 Parjani, Jill S. 24, I53 Parker, Dan I I3 Parker, James I I3 Parks, Lee 24, 26, 34, 37, 54, 55, I24 Patience, David G. I24 Patience, l-leather 99 Patrick, Michael B. 48, I53 Patterson, Julie E. I9, 24, 25, 45, I I3, I53 Patterson, M. Scott 24, 66, 99 Patton, Brian 99 Paul's Confectionary I86 Pedigo, Christopher I24 Pedigo, Cynthia R. I I3 Penhallegon, Eric E. 45, I53 Penhollegon, Stephen P. 68, 69, I54 Penn, Jesse W. 24, 42, 62, 74, I I4 Penn, Travis L. I I4 Pep Band 27 Perkins, Kelly R. 48, I54 Perkins, Christina I I4 Perry, Christopher 26, 99 Pershing National Bank 95 Peterson, Craig 66, 99 Phillips, Malinda J. I54 Phillips, Warren 44, I24 Pickett, Ray I7O Pickett, Stephanie 55, I24, 208 Pierce, William C. 48, 68, 69, I54 Pillow, Tamatha L. I I4 Pine's Barber Shop I95 Plotner, Michelle IOO .i Index 20 Planitz, Patricia L. 28, I54 Plato, Juanette M. I I4 Platzbecker, Veronica J. 45, 47, 52, I I4 Poe, David S. I24 Polley, Amy M. I I4 Porter, Mona M. I24 Poston, Candida R. I I4 Potts, Brad B. 85 Scrinpsher, Jennifer 45, 76, I I4 Powell, Alida IOO Powell, Deborah 2I, IOO Powell, Eugene 85 Powell, Shawn A. 30, 37, 45, I24 Price, Joanne M. I I4 Pritts, Heather D. I I4 Pritts, Julie E. 23, 78, I I4 Pritts, Tim A. 24, 26, 34, 36, 37, 39, 42, 45, I54 Probst, Chad 45, 66, I00 Prosser, Robyn IOO Pumphrey, Trisha K. I24 Purdy, Chad M. 30, I20 Purdy, Jon 63, I24 Purvines, Scott H. 37, 45, 9I, I24 Qualls, Amy 26, I I4 Qualls, Chris 44, 48 Qualls, Jamer 63, IOO Qualls, Robert M. 44, I24 Quance, Kelly IO0 Quigle, Matt F. 30, 63, I24 Rabideau, Lisa A. 45, 50, I54 Ramey, Troy I24 Randall, Sean IOO Randles, Christopher 37, 44, 45, I24 Rankins, Randall I00 Ransdell, Rhett A. I24 Randles, Kerri L. I I4 Ramsey, Vicky A. I I4 Rawlings, Amy A. I I4 Rawlings, Angela D. I24 Ray, Barbara IOO Ray, Michelle 25, 50, I00 Read, Stephanie I I4 Read, Tara I I4 Redding, Melissa IOO Redpath, Michael 74, IOO Reed, Gail l00 Reed, James M. 63, I59 Reed, John E. 82, I I4 Reed, Maleeia S. I24 Reed, Stephanie 37 Reed, Suzanne M. I55 Reible, Emily J. 45, I55 Reinert, Paul I7O Reinhold, Christine I24 Reising, Jeffery S. 70, 7I, 9I, IOI I I4 Reising, Richard P. 70, 7I, I55 Reitzel, Andrea 26, I00 Rence, Helen I70 Rex, Mark A. I24 Reynolds, Chad I00 Reynolds, Christina IOO Reynolds, Nick L. I4, 7I, I55 Rhodes, Benjamin E. 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I7, 22, I56 Sarver, Lynne A. I I4 Sayles, Dana K. 44, 77, I I4 Sayles, Dianna 22, 78, I25 Scarlett, Shawn I00 Schiebly, Angela J. 37, 42, 45, 78, I56 Scheibly, Cory L. 48, 68, 69, I56 Scheibly, Jay W. 7I, I25 Scheibly, Jeffrey W. 7I, I I4 Scherer, Marilyn I72 Schiminski, Julia I I, 2I , 44, 65, 80 94, I00 Schlesier, Joni I00 Schoen, Rebecca I25 Schoenburg, Bradley I00 Schrader, Brandon W. 26, I I4 Schreiber, Heidi 2I , I00 Schroeder, Chad E. 26, I I4 Schuette, Allison E. 23, I I4 Schuette, Matt C. 47, I25 Schultz, Andrew S. 2I, 37, 48, I25 Schultz, John 8I, I72, I73 Schulz, Andrea I7, I00 Schulz, Dominik P. 8, 36, 37, 39, 42, I56 Schuman, Gina I00 Schuman, Melissa A. I I4 Schwalbe, Donald I72, I73 Schweikert, Brian 26 Schweitzer, Pam J. 37, 52, I25 Smith, Gregory I25 Smith, Jenilyn I I4 Smith, Kathy 2I, 78, I I4 Smith, Robert I72, I73 Smith, Shane IOO Smith, Shea A. I25 Smith, Stephen 67, 68, 88, I72, I73 Smith, Todd M. 22, I25 Smith, Tyler J. 48, I58 Scott, Dustie 44, 70, 7I, 72, I I4 Scott, Holly E. 2I, 87, I25 Scott, Jeffrey A. I4, 37, 42, 45, 48, 63, 74, 75, I56 Scott, Jon P. 37, I57 Scott Kelly I00 Scott Korey N. II4 Scott Milton 20, I72, I73, I84 Scott, Paul I25 Scott Robert W. I57 Scott Tracy I00 Scott Walter 74, I73, I78 Seats, Susan M. I25 Sees, Angie J. 44, 54, I I4 Seidel, Kenneth 47, 50, I72 Shadwell, Angeua M. 48, I57 Shaffer, Lisa I I4 Shakespear, Howard 8I , I00 Shaw, Andrea L. 2I, 50, I I4 Shelly, Brad A. 50, I57 Shelley, Jeffrie I I4 Shepard, Charles Brad 30, 42, 68, 69, IO3, I57 Shepard, Nicole I00 Sheppard, Felisia D. I I4 Shinneman, Dee A. I57 Short, Victoria A. 24, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 45, 47, 54, 55, I57, 208 Shriver, Debbie R. 62, 7I, I25 Shull, Denise M. I65 Shuppara, Heather I25 Shutter, John IO0 Shutter, Shannen L. I25 Sidwell, Matthew C. 44, I25 Sidwell, Shan E. 30, 64, I25 Sims, Adam M. 66, 67, I I4 Simpson, Mary I72, I73 Skelley, Dawn 26, I00, I45 Skelley, Stephanie 22, I I4 Skundberg, Adam J. I25 Slabe, Terri M. 37, 45, 52, I25 Slifer, Carolyn I72, I73, I79 Slifer, Jane L. 34, 36, 37, 45, 7I , I58 Smith, Bryon E. I25 Snelson, Sue L. I58 Snyder, Mark A. 67, 82, I I4 Snyder, Matthew T. 68, 69, 85, I58 Sollis, Sharon L. I58 Spanish Club 44 Sparks, Tammy J. 24, 44, I I4 Speagle, Shane R. 74, 75 Speer, Jennie IOI Sperry, Jeffery M. 24, I25 Spence, Olie I72, I73 Sperry, Michelle L. 48, I I4 Sprandel, Amy B. 37, I25 Spycher, Elizabeth 45, 72, 73, 86, 87, I32, I58 Spycher, Richard 47, 52, 62, IOI Staley, Charles L. 9I, I25 Stanfield, Christopher IOI Stanley, Dannell L. I25 Stanley, Tina IOI Stark, Stacey J. 44, 45, I25 Stark, Woodrow W. 68, 69, 85, I58 St. Clair, Barbara J. I25 St. Clair, Craig 44, IOI St. Clair, Robert E. 45, 68, 74, I65 Steele, Matthew IOI Steele, Michelle 2I, 45, 65, IOI Steinberg, Katrin 72, 87, I59 Stevens, Lisa IOI Stephens, Rebecca L. 2I, 83, I I4 Stewart, Stewart Jefferey I I4 Jennifer IOI Stewart Mindy S. 48, I25 Stewart, Necora I I4 Stewart, Tammy J. 26, I26 Stewart Tanya IOI Stine, Darren E. I25 Stine, Gayle IOI Stine, Gwen I59 Stockwill, Robert I I4 Stoner, Dawn D. 45, I25 Strader, Johnathan E. 29, 44, I I4 Street, Joanna L. IOI Streight, Dennis 26, I72, I73, I84 Strocher, Shane IOI Strohl, George E. I25 Student Council 42 ' Stukins, Tammy S. IOI Sullivan, Jon A. IOI Sullivan, Sean P. I I4 Summers, Angela L. I59 Summers, Bryan 26 Summers, Christi S. I7, 62, I59 Summers, Scott M. I59 Summers Staci I4, I7, 22, 44, 83, 87, iii Summer, Michael T. I59 Swearingen, Elizabeth I59 Swearingen, Jeff 22, I59 Switzer, Brian I25 Swords, Kathy 2I, 64, IOI Symphonic Band 27 204 Index Taco, Amigo I87 Tae Kwon Do I92 Talley, Tammy M. I59 Tarter, Scott A. 74, IOI Tarvin, Lisa M. IOI Tatro, Miranda J. 26, IOI Taylor, Ben I25 Taylor, Megann S. 30, 45, 65, 80, IOI Taylor, Michelle 30, I65 Taylor, Nicole 37, 83, I I4 Taylor, Scott IOI Templeton, Sam E. 48, 5I, 68, 69, I60, I66 Tertocha, Robert M. 74, I I4 Teschner, Dinneen A. IOI Teubner, Stephen D. I25 Thespians 39 Thomas, Christopher IOI Thomas, Dawauna 37, I I4 Vance, Virginia I6I Vanderlaan, Scott B. 5, 24, l6l Vandolah, Brian L. IOI Vanhyning, Joseph D. I6I Varsity Cheerleaders 77 Varsity Football 68 Varsity Scholastic Bowl 34 Varsity Volleyball 73 Verrill, Peggy S. Wade, Trace W. I25 Wadkins, Timothy S. IOI Waggoner, Tracey R. IOI Wagoner, Jerome W. I26 Waite, John C. 30, 39, 54, I26 , 208 Waldrop, Tom W. 26, 85, I26 Walker, Gary P. 24, I I4 Walker, lneice IOI Walker, Michael B. 22, 66, 67, I I4 Walker, Scott E. 46, 47, 54, 55, I05, Thomas Thomas Thomas John 24, 67, I I4 Mike I I4 Patricia 37, I60 Thomasson, Eric J. IOI I3O, I6I, 208 Walker, Tamra J. IOI Wallace, Richard A. 24, 63, I6I Walters, Robert C. 30, 63, 70, 7I, White, Lisa I I5 YOVK, TVOY I26 White, Lisa 30, I62 Younger, Caroline 22, 45, 76, 77, I I6 Whited, Alice I72 Yowell, Lori L. 24, I26 White, Shirley 44, I I5 Whited, Scott A. 26, 28, 36, 37, 40, I62 Whiteman, David I I5 Whitefield, Juanita J. IO2 Whitfill, Tammie 45, 78, I I5 Whitlatch, Jeremy 45, 47, I I5 Whitley, Kim I63!Wiegard, Christa M. 2I, I26 Wilber, Lori I I5 Wilcox, Aaron M. I63 Zacheis, Rebecca M. 30, 34, 35, 44, Wilder, Eric 24, 37, I26 52, 63, I26 Wilder, Jeffrey L. I63 Zemaitis, Rose 45, I72, I73 Wilhite, Troy M. 47, IO2 Wilks, Michael 72, 73, I72, I73 Williams, Brooke N. 37, 45, 52, 62, I32, I63 Williams, Claudia I72 Williams, Darrell L. IO2 Williams, James L. 66, I02 Williams, Julie 50, I I5 Williams, Margee 22, 30, 39, 4I, 42 45, II8, I26 Williams, Nancy 26, I I5 Williams, Shawn 24, 37, 66, 67, I I6 Williams, Stacy J. I63 Williams, Troy D. I26 Thomasson, Krista K. 23, 44, I I4 Thurston, Timothy A. IOI Tietz, Margot I72, I73 Tippit, Lori M. IOI Tish, Jennifer E. IOI Tish, Ron D. 24, 26, I I Tolliver, Susan L. I25 Tomor, Dawn M. I60, I I4 Torbeck, Liesel E. 30, I I8, I25 Tortorice, Ann M. 26, 50, I0l Trostel, Leanne C. IOI Treadway, Chad M. I I4 Trolia, Jody M. 24, I60 Trostel, Kurt E. I I4 Trummel, Stacey M. 24, 37, 47, 54, I25 Tucker, Thomas I72, I73 Turk, Leslie L. I6O Turnbo, Feri S. IOI Turner, Brett M. I6O Turner, Deborah J. 22, 45, 52, 78, I60 Turner, Scotty 34, IOI, IO2 IO8, I I4 WAND I89 Ward, Carrie A. I6I Ward, Joann E. 2I, IOI Ward, John M. IOI Ward, Kevin S. I26 Ware, Brenda J. 24, 26, I62 Ware, Bryan J. 74, IOI Warfield, Cami L. IOI Warnick, Brian I I4 Willis, Erica I26 Willkins, Dominik I26 Wilmeth, Mari C. 52, I63 Wilson, Edward IO2 Wilson, lgentry 37, 38, I I5 Wilson, Leslie I I5 Wilson, Necialette I26 Wilson, Rick I I5 Winkleblack, Jill L. 48, I63 Winters, Antonia IO2 Turner's Studio I94 Tyus, Alicia D. 24, 37, I60 Tyus, Brooke K. 26, 62 Tyus, Christopher I25 Tyus, Crystal L. IOI Warnick, Natalie S. I62 Washburn, Scott D. I62 Washington, Tracey L. I26 Waterman, Gary M. 66, IOI Watkins, Eddie I I5 Watkins, Monica S. 22, I26 Watson, Inga M. I26 Watson, Jacob 7I, I72, I73, I74 Watterson, Kevin 7I, I I5 Wayne, Rachael L. 24, 45, I26 Weaver, Debra L. 30, 72, 87, I26 Weaver, Jennifer I. 30, 80, IO2 Webb, Barbara A. I I5 Weddle, Dennis M. I26 Wehrle, Sarah J. 92, IO2 Wells, Linda K. I I5 Wells, Terry I26 Wendte, Wilbert M. I26 Wengler, Marcie D. 30, I02 West, Isaiah J. 8I, IO2 West, Michelle L. 87, I62 West, Tavia L. 86, 87, I62 Westside Star Market I95 Witherspoon, Mitchell IO2 Witt, Karen M. 36, 37, 42, 44, 48, 52, 76, I63 Witt, Robert 68, 85, I72, I73 Wittenauer, Jennifer 65, I I5 Wond, Melissa M. I26 Woodring, Betty 50, I70, I73 Woods, Chris 52 Woods, John C. 26 Woods, Rodney I I5 Woolsey, Tiffany L. I26 Worrell, Debbie S. I64 Worrell, Kathy I26 Worrell, Laura A. I26 Wright, Becky 48, I I5 Wrigley, Brian M. 22, I64 Wykoff, Amy I I5 Vanarsdale, Vanessa IOI Vance, Pam S. 45, 47, I25 Vance, Thomas G. 7I, I I4 Wholey, Lucinda A. IO2 Whisler, William B. I62 White, Chad A. 62, IO2 White, Denita L. 30, 37, 45, I26 White, Euwanda I I5 White, Jackie I I5 White, Jason L. IO2 Yearbook Staff 55 Yetter, Derek 26, I55 Yocum, Steven 45, I I6 Yoon, Daniel 34, 35, I02 I I Index 205 Just One More Shot 1 -Q 'A Q 6 h I p Q 4 , I J.. ' " H4-Q Q .L -2 W V I X"'Qq,,., Q tot! m K :ff it ' r i x f I Qi A r Ne t to lost page This year at Eisenhower was certainly a year of re- markable events. The Iranian arms scandal rocked the country but the America's Cup was really ours again. Of course the major event that happened in the thirtieth anniversary of EHS was the teachers strike. lYes, once again in this book we are go- ing to talk about the strike. We promise that it will be short.l Perhaps too much was written about it but it was always there, rearing its ugly head. However, it was also a very handy excuse. Want a good reason for the record of the football team? Blame it on the strike. Know why Eas- ter vacation was so small? The teacher's strike. All in all, the year didn't turn out to too bad, but it sure would have been nice to have had a nice long long Easter break. lThat's all, we promisel This year has been espe- cially trying for us. Would we have made it if two editors-in- chief, Jenny Deaton and Vicki Short, weren't best friends? Probably, but it wouldn't have been as fun. ldid we just say fun? sorry, wrong adjective.l This book has been so much a part of our lives, that it's so sad to leave it behind and go off into the big world of college. llt's not hard at all, howeverl. The yearbook room is almost a second home to us, and we certainly learned more about typing than we'll ever care to know. A yearbook is more than just a collection of pictures and stories, it's a product ofa lot of hard work on the part of a few dedicated people. Especially dedicated were Stephanie Pickett, who can do just about anything, and Shelly Crist, who was always there with an encouraging word. Of course, we can't forget Debbie Anderson who became an editor with- out any previous experience. Always responsible accurate, and on time were index edi- tor John Fultz and faculty edi- tor Lisa Brown. All of the staff contributed soooo much that to list all of their conpages of the book. And since we have no desire to add any pages to the book, they'll just have to accept our very grateful thanks. I Pan therama Staff PANTHERAMA staff: Editors-in-chief - Vicki Short and Jenny Deaton Business Managers - Pat Gremo and John Waite Ads Editor - Andy Lawyer Chief Photographer - Scott Walker Clubs Editor - Vicki Short Sports Editor - Debbie Anderson Faculty Editor - Lisa Brown Student Life Editor - Jenny Deaton Index Editor - John Fultz Underclass Editors - Vicki Short and Jenny Deaton Cover!Endsheet design - Scott Walker Reporters - Stephanie Pickett, Shelley Crist, Angel Flan- ders, Jerry Grant, John Waite, Stephanie Bates Photographers - Chris Gruenloh, Stephanie Bates, Lisa Brown, Chris Gremo Our uPhoto Editor" has been very helpful, even when we were yelling at him. Of course, even so talented an individual as Scott Walker cannot do all the photogra- phy needed to put out the yearbook, and we'd like to thank D.R. Roberts for the group and senior pictures and Mr. Jim Fletcher for the underclass pictures. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Mr. l-lengst, Mr. Da- The end of a long day 208 Closing approaches. vis, Mr. Scott, and Mrs. Jack for understanding the pres- sure pressures of being on yearbook and why some- times we weren't in fifth or fourth or second or first hour. This book might never have gotten finished without the aid of our l-lerff-Jones re- presentative, Mr. Bob Don- nelly, the secretaries and cus- todians, who were always willing to help us with even the strangest request. Lastly our thanks to to our advisor, Miss Kareates, and to our friends and parents, who were always under- standing about our strange behavior around deadline time and were always there when the pressure seemed to be just a little too much. Well, it's done, and now all we have to do is write the last couple of sentences. These few pages and pictures are the product ofa year's worth of work. lt seems so little, but it's so much. Thank you, ev- eryone who made this book possible. Colophon: This l986-87 edition of the PANTHERAMA is o 208 page, 9xl2 book with a lithograph cover over l6O pt. binders. The endsheets are 65 pound cream paper with block artwork The paper in the book is 80 pound Calais paper with Chelsea Light type for the body and Chelsea Light Italic for the Headlines. The book was published by l-lerff Jones Yearbook Co , Marceline, Missouri. 91 I 1 1 W I n 1 I w I , F'- If. Y 1 1 I N W 14 1 F 1 i I 1 1 i r B , , 74: gm ,lx 1 i L I r J

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