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A Touch of Music loohcS hgiH rewohnesili Table of Contents Opening ................................ Student Life ....... ........ Classes ........... ........ Clubs .............. ........ Sports ................ ........ Facu1tyfAcademics .. ...... .. Ads .................... ........ Senior Activities .... Index ...... .... ........ Closing ...... ........ p. 2 p. 10 p. 26 p. 74 p.106 p.132 p.146 p.161' p.168 p.176 1985 PANTHERAMA Vol. 28 I Eisenhower High School 1200 S. 16th Street Decatur, Illinois 62521 T11 A Touch Students yelled in the hallways, football players grunted on the practice field, Student Council members whistled as they decorat- ed the gym for a dance, choir mem- bers sang their scales, radios blasted after school, band members marched onto the football field, ac- tors rehearsed their lines and moves, cars revved their engines in the student parking lot, silverware rattled as students trudged through the cafeteria food line, bells rang to start and end the school day, morn- ing announcements blared from the loudspeakers, teachers lectured their classes, pencils scribbled as students rushed to take notes, snores emitted from those who fell asleep, All of these sounds com- bined to create the rhythm and beat of Music that was unique to Eisenhower High School. The year was filled with many sounds, both old and new, com- mon and unusual. The crunch of cinders when Ms. Brooks, Mrs. Anthony, and Mrs. Baldwin and others participated in a faculty walk for charity. The "buzzer" signifying the end of a game became a familiar sound after workmen installed a new scot- eboard for the practice field. The chattering of students re- turned to school in August with registration day. Finally, the ringing of wedding bells as Mrs. Kistler, the blushing bride, and Matt McBride, the hand- some groom, clowned around in the Front Hall. 2 Opening "Vue 'W Aa Q iff X, K W5 ---f--pnm- ef 1 1 's .-41.1.11 A1 Y.. A.. Opening 5 4 Opening The Beat Goes On . . . During the year, many students found it necessary to get away from school, Some did this by going to the Friday night football games. Here they could get riled up with their other classmates. Their voices crescendoed to a peak as the team emerged from the locker room. On the other hand, many stu- dents decided to get as far away from school, and the people in the school, as possible. They did this by cruising down Eldorado Street, to the beat ofthe tunes on their radios. Ifthey got hungry, they could be found sitting in their cars, sipping on a rootbeer at Elam's or munch- ing down on some french fries at McDonalds or at Steak 'N' Shake. The music continued on through the night, especially at Showbiz, where there was a live DJ. who played anything from the top 40 to hard rock to the latest in soul mu- sic. At Showbiz, the students could chose either to dance to the music or just to sit and listen to the synco- pated beat. As the night wore on, students got together in small or groups and talked about every from homework to car eng concerts to girlfriends or friends. But mostly the talk tered on parties past, present, or ture. Besides standing around tal the "cool" thing to do was to slowly, or cruise, down Iildo, ing at the people talking. on sides. The nights ended on a as curfew approached and crowds diminished. Z 5 A popular place to drink rootheer after a long day - lilam's Open lvl-hrs. a day, Steak Shake offered many things to eat. Eating, drinking and dancing Could be expected at Showbiz, home of Billy Bob, the hear. McDonald'S. everylvody's favorite place to eat those famous french fries. Opening 5 6 Opening s 1 , V .Vex - , M, - "W" ., ..,,, L,4..f. .. .www-1, .fe-Q iw" , 'ka .f 44 .:. ..-.... ..- .,Y, -..- K ..,.,.a-- -.--...U . . , VLH fovww . . ,. I . ., ...QQ ,'-'- 'mfg 'f " H 3 ' .1-re ' ' T , avg ' -x. ' 4. ' . vwm an.. .V at' I. a 5, ll Carr ing Music seemed to spill into our lives from all sides. The marching band's daily practices filled many fifth hour classes with melody. Their hard work and dedication were evident as they performed their elaborate marching routines for the half-time shows. After school the music blared from a cassette player while the Pom-Pon girls practiced their syn- copated dance routines outside the cafeteria. The junior Varsity cheerleaders the Tune danced and moved to the beat cre- ated by their cheers as they re- hearsed on the gym stage. The Varsity cheerleaders, on the other hand, practiced in the rec- room for their grand finale: a hu- man pyramid topped by Vicki Crain. Choir concerts provided an op- portunity to enjoy the special talent of singing possessed by many stu- dents. Here Heather Corrington and Dian Brown rehearse during class on hat day. Opening 7 Following the Rhythm It seemed as if it would be for- ever until graduation, but the days flew past so quickly, we hardly knew where they had gone. Stu- dents followed the same old rou- tines they always had. A typical day went something like this: students congregated in their Cliques in the student parking lot before school, at lunchtime ev- eryone trudged to "their" tables so they could sit with their friends and talk about the days activitiesg finally everyone trooped out to catch their bus or to take off in their cars, eager to escape from school. Our lives were spent just follow- ing rhythms, whether we set the rhythms ourselves or they were set by someone else. i 8 Opening Y v 2 W.. i,,,, 1 1 be 'B 5 i is .2 s si I 4 I jeff Swearingen and Brad Shepard were praying that their food wouldnt bite back. Homeward bound! Rick Carr enjoyed his pizza. Greg Haas and Rich Wallace pig-out! Next stop - HOME! Students have trouble remembering where they parked at the end of the day. Life in Sync A student's day has always be- gun with making many rough deci- sions regarding homework or what to wear and how to act. Students always paved their own road. Each student was considered an individual. Paving began at the Freshman year and ended at the Seniorg all roads had different bumps and curves. With the aca- demic studies hovering over them, they still managed to find time for their own pleasures. As people slowly crowded into the school early in the morning, they started to form their morning cliques. They usually discussed per- sonal issues and upcoming school events. Two of the most talked about events were Homecoming and Prom dances. All the girls waited patiently to be asked while the guys kept their cool. Students have always showed differences in their tastes in music. Some joined band and some fol- lowed the path to choir. Whichever path was followed, Eisenhower's music department has been and al- ways will be well respected for the talent that E.H.S. students let shine through. Students who joined an extra- curricular activity followed their own rhythm. Some went into mu- sic, some went into sports, and some went into acting. Turnouts were great. Participation is what kept the drum beating. Students had a large choice of activities. For those who didn't want to be in- volved with acting or music, for- eign language clubs, science clubs, and even academic clubs provided education and fun. As the days came to a close, the students' adrenaline began to pump harder, so that when the bell rang, everyone who was originally in a bad mood, suddenly broke loose and sighed relief. 3 10 Student Life Division ..-N v 'qi 4-'os x H a 5"f ' 6' ' exif.. K+. f . .vYf,,ff..4 , .' f' V. fwf . 'Q x v nf ...W , .4 , . , n v '. . 1 1, 1.3 .ft . . -' .PT-.ie J -'tJm..,.:.. ar- , - --0 I . X Iiffxnci. .-L , , V.. K ... ,Q i 'fs-4, I Q, A .oJ'jr'.r' Q .sgggy mall, ",.v,.,J.g -.'ff.3 1. Q. ' .1. 'ny . x. -,,, .L no, -. ff ' f - .,...' v,, 'v Q u f. I p. fer' 4 , A, ,Q-.str . - 43 .5-.'xj'g.g1y I 'I 'lt' 1. Ain't he sweet? The Thespian Messen- gers serenade Mr. Chamberlain. 2. Scott doesn't save face on black and white day. 5. Mr. Rohrscheib and the panther wel- 'S come the new students. ? ft- 4. Schools should have more fire drillsg it seems to boost morale, at least Phil Rans- dell thinks so. 5. lt's a topsy-turvy world students lead. 6. Stephanie Brown and her escort, Steve Gadberry, walking in all their splendor. 5' 7. Vicki Crain and Deanna Brown clown- ing around, again! .- -.sv a 1. . A. 'i'5Q.f'., ,.. 5'x. 4 ,lxj-ax. Q 1- .f'.,x ,' "., f- -1. 4, Q, 'fn A. , V ' ". i .- " . 1 ,sing .pfqt Z,,'.a1'-',,-4. i"'.,A,q . ii' QKU, :J .iv r - 4-' t 7 ""'I1n' !.-Q'-W3 . ,A ' Je. --,- 1r'.e' 'V ' ' . iii-":If'i , .4 ,ye ,, "'ie.-.-4.5. K , . -. 'f ----M.. .. 'ggi V Q gglqqlg, 1. K . g . f ' A .g. , . .Ida , . , - ' '--,,'e:1.d K-'Sala '-.fa ' ' X k- .f2.-.Mus ' , i .. 1--' '.'.f.'-1-.f.,-.mfs 'ev-caps ' . A 4 not Q "'?-ill!-.vi an n-.utr nu.wun 7 STUDE STLIFE Student Life Division 11 12 Talent Show CLOCKWISE: Brett Schultz, Dian Brown, Rob Luther Erin McNamara, Christy Bennett, Matt Quigle,jo1 Da vis, Bryon Schultz A Behind the Scenes Chaos - a word used to describe the Sights 'N' Sounds of '84. Of course, it was only the first rehears- al, but still . . . Mrs. Kistler ran around trying to direct not only the lighting crew and the cast, but also the stage manager, Biff Hawkins, so that he could direct the stage crew. Mr. Scott tried desperately to keep his sanity while playing EVERY- ONE'S music fthe accompanist couldnt make ith. Of course, every- one was confused because the or- der ofthe show had been changed again. Second rehearsal - A little more organizedg things were shaping up. It wasn't necessary to run through numbers five times to get it rightg two or three did the job nicely. Last minute touches were added to all costumes. Ginger Sanders found the plastic fruit she needed for her head-dress. Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief, especially Mr. Scott fthe accompanist finally showed upj. The worst was yet to come: Opening night! The show was fantastic! Hard work had paid off. After only two nights of practice, the show went almost perfectly. Amanda Harres did have a little trouble with her microphone cord during "Hey Big Spenderf' There were a few shaky notes from some singers and a few missed steps by the dancers, due to nerves. On the whole, the first musi- cal production of the year was a huge success. Talent Show 13 "Against All dd U After the whole week's activities it was time to mellow down for the weekend. Wrong! Instead it got more stimulating for everyone. First the day began by everyone decorating their class hall for judg- ing. The Freshman hall was good for the beginners. The Sopho- mores' hall was well done with all the lights and balloons hanging around most of the hall. Thejunior hall was very unusual with the eerie purple lights. It was like walking in a haunted house. The Senior hall was very original with the bright lights and the great decorations. As the day came to an end, the students became more excited. Ev- eryone rushed to their special sec- tion to sit with their sixth hour classes. The assembly started out with a bang. The Flag Corps mem- bers were introduced with a great routine. Then her royal majesty and her court were introduced. Every- one cheered for their favorite. After they settled down a little bit, the rest of the assembly got under way. There were tumblers, water baloon throwers, cream pie splatterers, and wheelbarrel racers, who carried out the Homecoming theme "Against All Odds." F? 1. Chris Brechnitz balanced some balloons while decorating the senior hall. 2. Surrounding the queen, senior jennifer Corte Cin swingj with her escort Rob Greiner, were fleft to rightj Freshman at- tendant Alyson Alldridge and escort Matt Quigleg junior attendant Mary Beth Green with escort james Taylorg senior attendant Stephanie Brown with escort Steve Gad- berryg and sophomore attendant Sevie jar- rett with escort Darrell Worthy. 3. The flag corps performed during the as- sembly to an exciting drum feature. 4. Ginger Sanders and jill Schultz work hard on the homecoming backdrop. 14 Homecoming ag..- W -,A,,,L'o' ' , F" I xl rf! 5? v if 'rf -..im 9 -., - ,Q " 21:-4' .2 ,,up4l"' Q99 'U' 5-Jfnnifff Corte, OW homecoming queen- 6. The varsity cheerleaders spelled VICTO- RY at the Homecoming Assembly n ff r ,fs .of 1 'A . .. , X5 'T' ' - ss A' Er' wr A 'Y 1' ' ' 4 , SY! ,..,v-O' xx , fvxt ,W QM' ,A 'Q I' 2 .9 My f Q -K' QQ! Jw 'Qu-My ww 1 Q if ew wximlrf' x " NN' A WN it .4 ., .1 :life 4, 9 'Q I' 1 '1 1 .Baird ' Cv , f .. 4,3 LA, 3 !.?',u 1 f 4 V ' 4 U. E M mix, ' A m T W W ' 2 KW 3 4 sf . 'ff' is ' Q3 :fh 1 I K A Wh ' A A 8 , Hinnf Q A 1' ,JP . 5. my , Y r Y if sv ...mv-ul .......,,q Q., ,W , 8 K Affkg 1. Girls! The arrenrion is on you!! 2, Sometimes you have to walk on your friends to get to 5. ls that the only job you could gegjim? 18 HomecomingfStuder1t Life the cop. X 1' 'H ,mum 1 Q.. D R ' ,I A . a A U' ' ' 5 I if ik: '. ' ' S , if Y S f w 1 f , L. - Q 4 A M X an L,y"k L ,A - 330 16412 we Q' 2- 1 s -af . 0 -. V !' .nf z Q 1' J Q 'gf ' f 9 :," " A J "+I , SK J, 9 N ,A fi, -My 4. if .rm 1. W., M. ,, . 1.--If 1'-:.,m '- NS., . , .K Q. - . . .,...!.,., 4 K .. . Si 43 - X.. Bgilf I. .wig-f A Q5'3Z'f5fw' 1? wk ' N S x , 4 '. x QS, x 1 fx: f',ug-Q13 A.. .-Q" f 'ffl 'lf .Q Q. A, Vx Q, - -' 5 4sfQgg,'il,i,. 53, ,, 1 X ,, 1, 1 - Kg? gf . , 4 l Jfiwxf-vgpa . V, . .. , Jfgrff 2 ii,-v .ff wg' 5-Vxfi .---. , ' 'gf5..w2f.g iw .f x ,-. I . , , .. . .,.,.- .,,45,1g?5.L5 ,QW-x ,Q 'ce '-33-:' gr P' ,-M, . J, gh x . gi , 5:3 lf xo' . XE 4: ?::i 4 A-1 'yr Q35-e K X NSTER ASH Everyone came to school with anticipationg a rumor had been going around. Some students were going to dress up - the forbidden fun! Halloween strikes a mischievous mood in every- one and Shawn McDuffie and Robbie Grenier were no exception. Shawn came as Cyndi Lauper and Robbie came as a Punk Rocker. And of course whoever heard ofa Halloween without pranks? Trick-or-Treating was an activ- ity shared by some, while those who felt that they were too old for that type of thing soaped windows and helped neighbors celebrate by "decorating" trees. After play practice, the Thespian actors went caroling and then, in the dark of the late night, their true orange 8: black colors showed through. Somehow, the play director's yard had gotten filled with scraps of paper so thick that it looked like Christmas already! 20 HalloweenfStudent Life pair W, H , . w ,. s ' ,, . 'NUQQ , , 4 'ii . maint .-- gr '- -f I Qs, R va-- iq-"'32:,-t t .. ' i. A 'lpv.,3g,. .. 1 Z ---rj. .,t, ff' gt rg f' 531 i 1. ' -. u' ,. .i tx -L.-.' t MX 'vw - N .. Q F95-EST' " " "' Q W, - ,af- ..r I ni S 1 l ,i, :Q I l V l l 1 Z 5 4 5 6 6 . What used to be Mrs. Kistler's front yard after the Thespians get through with it. . Karen Clements going "trick or treating" during the play. . Melody Coontz and Chris Donovan show oft' their fatigues, , Under the spaghetti explosion is a car, decorated by Thespians. . Some guys get into the Halloween spirit. . Rob Grenier sporting his holiday outfit - Chic Roby. I lalloweenfStudent Life 21 UC 22 Fall P1ayfStude-nt Life mm, , , Vywpc-v"' Cast: Kyle Anderson Amy Carr Karen Clements Travis Coffman Doug Donaldson Elisa Fraser Todd Gillespie Amanda Harres Gary Lugar Sarah Riedel Ginger Sanders Chuck White The Show Went n Despite a series of setbacks, the fall play finally got off the ground. It started out in the usual manner: a large group ofstudents tried out for the play, the director selected the best to be in the cast, and rehearsals started. Then, disaster struck! The school's new eligibility rule was enforced and three cast members were struck from the cast. In less than four weeks of rehearsal, the rest of the cast pulled together to go on with the show. The show was different from the past traditional mystery plays. It was a collection of fables and sto- ries. The cast pretended to be a group of neighborhood kids play- ing in a backyard. Considering all the hardships the cast went through, including playing to a small audience, they did an excel- lent job. 5 1. Travis Coffman "buries" Karen Clements. 2. Todd Gillespie assumes the disguise of an old woman. 3. Ginger Sanders becomes a corpse. 4. Sarah Riedel pours as Gary Lugar and Todd Gillespie gawk. 5. Elisa Fraser and Ginger Sanders enjoy a fun moment during rehearsal. Student LifefFall Play 25 w I :KL 9 ,gf'Q7'Q,, , ' '14v'v'... Mi' ft my Nw- - ffqvsxxx ,MZ ff-.5 K 4 ,.,x '-X , ,S .0 K " 'vm C 54,-Zvi ,.k,'f,e., sf. u 4-f -f . gg, Y LA -. Six. 1. .,.' 5-an . ff X 1, bg x R Lil is. " 1 3 , 1, 1 55 V x .51 S H. Q-at ar :awe . s 4 A 6 1.jeffHendricker just can't take the late weekends so he coriks out on the couch. 2. A group of students having a good 'ole time during a dance. 5. During play rehearsal, Gary Lugar, Ginger Sanders, Sarah Reidel, and Elisa Fraser find their costumes. 4. The true meaning of nerd day as shown by Todd Gillespie. 5. Todd Gillespie and Shelley Tomlinson are thrilled with each other's company at a party. 6. Mike Monahan strikes his "cool dude" pose waiting for the soccer game to start. 7. The Thespians left Darren Klockenga and Beth Morrison in charge of their booth in the gym. CandidsfStudent Life 25 I lv Q. vi 26 Seniors E F Q T Yfg.g j 1 i j Q M ' L, 'R , , w Q '4 Q. . k Z.-L X C L., 9 V , .El up M, xx, 1 N4-ff Q 1"-,.,.-,M mi' Senior Class Cnuucil: Qfmnr row? Luc Ann Bruwnlnw, Stephanie Bmwn, Cback mwb Ted Smith, Paul Quiglc, Dam-n Klockcngu Christine Allard Sherri Alley Rodney Allison Brian Anderson Michael Anderson Todd Anderson Daniel Androff Scorrie Baggecr jill Baker ui Connie Barnerc Kim Beals Anthony Beasley S i Tracey t Becker t Stephanie Behrends Kristi Bell Allen Bennett Phil Bergen Lisa Black Tammy Blancetr Christine Blessent Stacey Blue Ronald Bond Annette Bonds Ruth Bordenkecher as-N 'TQ- Z' 28 Seniors an 5X X M 1 f-V David Bowers Kevin Bowman Tammy Bracket: Wendy Bradford Deborah Bradshaw Christopher Brechnirz Dana Brewer Michelle Briggs Penny Brooks Lester Brown Stephanie Brown Ann Brownlow Seniors 29 30 Seniors Lee Ann Browrxlow Michelle Bundy Timothy Burch Melissa Burkham Melissa Buttolph Timothy Byers jackie Campbell Christine Carey Amy Carr Kelly Carr Tonya Carr Steven Carter ln- 1 41 'Vx H- fo U Thomas Carter Karen Clements Robert Clow Beth Clymer Travis Coffman Marilyn Coleman Terri Coleman Bruce Collins David Cook Richard Cooper Laurie Copenhaver jennifer Corte Seniors 31 Scott Covey Gary Cox Kelli Cox Beth Cudclebaclc Michael Dalluge Kathy Dearciorff Robert Delgado jeffrey Dickson jodi Dillman Lisa Dills Charles Donaldson Davicl Doom I 1? 2' 'T' Q5 David Durand james Durbin john Ellis Leonard Evans Rebecca Finklea Tina Flinn Michelle Forbes Timothy Force Nicholas Foster William Frank Steven Gadberry jennifer Geri Seniors 35 Duane Gibbons Todd Gillespie Mike Gooden Party Gosnell Marilyn Graves Tracy Green Andre Grenier Cynthia Grieve Gregory Griffin Gudrun Gylfadottir Gregory Haas Christine Hall 54 Seniors K! NR li Susan Hanks Aletha Harden Amanda Harres Denise Hawkins Michelle Hayes Kristofer Hebel ,Jeffery Hendricker Edwin Highcock Kenneth Hilton Allison Hoehne Laura Hogan jim Hogue Seniors 55 Thomas Houser Rose Huang Larry Huddleston Richard Huggins Shelly Hunk Charia Hunt 36 Seniors 1 Q9 Cheryl jackson Mylo jackson David james Melissa jarrert Tina jennings Michelle johnson james jones Marlene jones Michelle jones Elizabeth Kehart Mike Kileen Christopher King Seniors 57 38 Seniors Barbara Kingery Linda Kingston Lisa Kingston Laura Kirby Darren Klockenga Angie Kovach Raymond Kramer Sheila Kramer Templeton Kramer Melissa Kruse Kovin Kuizinas Quentin Landers G' fe. 2 rg? . 024 Y . lx 3- 3' QU' Elizabeth Lanier john Larshaw Lowellette Lauderdale Ivan Laurie jane Lemna Kevin Leslie Brian LeVeck David Livingston Michael Locke Brenda Locker Gary Lugar Greg Lugar Seniors Matthew McBride Danny McClure Angie McDermith Shawn McDuffy Kim McEivain Brad Mclilyea joe McGee Gerald Melzer Kim Merrow Darren Meyer jennifer Meyer Blake Miller Seniors 41 Doug Miller Michelle Miller Traci Mimler Mike Monahan john Moore Michelle Moore Beth Morrison Pam Morton Daylene Mulvaney Scots Myers Amy Nangle Bryan Naron 'S 42N Seniors QQ Paula Neeley Gail Nelson Krista Nicholls Steve Nichols Lynne Nielsen Charles Nisbet Tracey Nugent Angela Palmer james Park john Patrick Marc Patterson Myron Pender Seniors 43 44 Seniors Timothy Pepin jennifer Perkins Timothy Perkins janice Pillow Troy Pinkley john Pircenger Betti jo Poling joseph Poccs Steven Ports Dale Preiser Brian Pruetc jason Pryde nf' 'ny Christopher Pumphrey Lester Qaiyyim Steven Quance Paul Quigle Steven Ragsdale Nancy Raupp Brenda Reed Mike Reed Stacie Rex john Richardson Sarah Riedel Carlos Risby Seniors 45 46 Seniors Rena Roark jeannie Roasio Erin Robinson john Robinson Craig Rowe Curtis Sain Kirsten Sampson Virginia Sanders Amy Schneider Kevin Schneider Rhonda Schoemperlen Michelle Schuman fikiiiiiii 1' Gregory Scott Walter Scott Ronald Sees Kathlene Sexton Annette Shelley Mary Shelley Timothy Sidener james Simon Erik Skundberg Angie Smith David Smith George Smith Seniors 47 Karen Smith Ted Smith V jeffrey Songer Cathy Spain Robert Spears Donna Stanley Stacey Starzer Melissa Steele Angela Stewart Charles Stewart Shanty Stewart Douglas Stoner 48 Seniors , 5 , s YI: N X I-, Yu-nw' EXWG M ii 3? .4 ,..w. Cynthia Stroyls Ross Swartz Kerry Swearingen jane Swift Richard Tarro Curtis Taylor Theresa Tomlinson Mark Turnbo Sheryl Tumbo Raymond Wadkins George Walker Thea Walker Seniors 49 41 50 Seniors Lori Watson Rebecca Wayne Karolyn Wells Chuck White julie White Robin White justine Whirelow jeffrey Whiteman Robert Wilbur Diane Wilcox Timothy Wilder David Williams is X sv'-L GN C' Andrew Wilson Brian Wilson Steven Wilson Sue Workman Linda Wuellner Brian White Seniors not pictured Ron Auerswald Laura Best Aliene Cobb Helene Cobb Calvin Cunningham Sherry Currie Gregory Deem Scott Finch james Gentry Shelley Grayned Wanda Greaten X Patrick Green Michael Grose Christopher Harvey Darla Henry Charlotte jackson jannet Lee Lisa Link Melvin Lowe Rick Mariner Linda Murphy Steve Napier Noal Nusbaum Sicile Plair Lindell Roundrree Heath Runyon Greg Singleton Rick Smith Shane Smith David Taylor Kimberly Verhaegen Anna Wheeler Xavier Willis Seniors 51 Adams, Tommy Alexander, Eddie Alldridge, Travis Andrews, jim Adkins, jeff Andricks, Candie Austin, Mark Bachman, Nichole Baker, Christy Bardfield, Scott Barnett, Michelle Bartimus, Mike Barton, Deanna Beard, Angela , Behen, Carol Belcher, Teresa Belue, Angie Benner, Chrissy Bennick, Becky Berba, Chris Best, Mike Black, Toy Blakeman, Greg Blazer, Kurt Boliard, Bruce Bond, Patrice Bond, Willy Bonds, Gary Bonnell, Valerie Bonnell, Vickie Born, Monya Bowser, Bob Bradford, Mickey Brandenberry, Diane Brewer, DeAngela 52 juniors Sh A 1 ,fe "" 4? M. f Q F , . it RX ' -f.:f K 5 155 , 3125 , Q R f ASX JL, X t A , . A " is wg ' x X -A-1 .- F wg Q sg .N M- -2 , X 2 as f 'f f wi QW' '-Q if x . , X Q X xgx -.ry f 'Y Qf' A 1 K x .x f fi,- K xy- 'S 1 FS V ,xv . an Xiu . aw M - X3 Q 'ff' ,Qi Q. X5-rx. . ,aw . xy Sis Q .M .x N f E Y' xi 1 . k 'K ' ST 7'5" 7' .i "T MQ xiii Yi W., Wg ' X W we-f'f if Wi, ,, ,X 4 if ,V .av-, J, 1, ,,.., ,E kv' 33 F54 Q Gigi Af' is his .fy f9F asw'? L. far Me f ??m '5 fi . 1 x. ' nr if F N Nw.- X 3? ,g . if "5" 'W mf 1 K if 'W fsfw QM F. S 'QI' x n, s x R J' xxx, . , ff W V-fx awnalffh k S vw, .mm , mt-1 4 ...p 3 X. K-S . x. N my Q le 3515 Y 'E NK Nw 'Q 2 4375 is w-9. A,., Qs EA Y' n, . K Q, W ,, Q ,mg L , by J ,gfX f if 2 . his ' A, aff. ,E is...-S f Qi? Q: 55, 4 U W1 R FMF 'Fw W 1 53 jaw ii? York, Tammy Younger, Beth Zacheis, David .Mx cv' rv" Zpff A. 1. Marci Miller stares off into the distance as Matt Freeman looks per plexed at something on Mrs. Tietz's desk. 2.junior Class Council: Vicki Crain, Kim Whitfield, Leslie Davis, Ka ren Goodrich, Elizabeth Meyers. 5. Bob Myrvold takes time from studying German to smile for the camera. 57 Allison, Tara Anderson, Kyle Apperson, Richard Arnold, Amy Aubert, Shannon Ausnehmer, Doug Ballard, Lori Barnett, Arthur Barr, David Barry, Pat Bates, Terry Baum, Kelley Belt, Sundee Benner, Debbie Bennick, Lisa Bergen, Theresa Bilyeu, Melissa Birch, David Birk, john Black, Dawn Bledsoe, Steve Bogle, Steve Branstad, john Brewer, Curt Bright, Stephanie Brooks, Mark Brooks, Matt Brown, Dena Brown, Lisa Burch, julie Burnett, Melissa Calhoun, Dawn Calloway, Elaine Camp, Greg Canham, Monica 58 Sophomores six M f., if t 5 is 'lg- rg-6' 10. J 4 Qs' YLL19' ' f ,Q-avr is .1. -vi xfy . VM uf Q sw fglf- 1: v --1 vc 'tv ' x. , .IN nb-7 3 I W-3 Carman Brian Carman, Cassandra Carr, Rick Chamberlain, Don Chatman, Eva Clark, Kim Clark, Tim Clifton, Rick Clymer, jeff Coenen, jackie Coleman, Tina Conley, Fred Constan, Angie Conyers, Lisa Cook, Scott Cook, Susan Coontz, Melody Copeland, Carla Corte, Vicki Cruz, Christopher Cummings, Crystal Curry, Tammie Daggett, Kristy Dalesio, Ray Daniel, Clay Davis, Don Deaton, jenny Denzler, Michael Dhermy, Tom Dial, Riki Dillman, jim Dodwell, john Donovan, Chris Doore, Tom Doty, Paula Dowell, Corey Drozs, Dawn Dulaney, David Dwyer, Molly Early, Bernie Easter, Shannon Eckart, Bryan Elmore, Carla Elsea, Bill Elsea, jeff Elston, Rob Estes, Kathy Eu banks, Tracy Felt, Jodi Flinn, Andrea Forbes, Beverly Force, Angie Ford, Sharmie Foster, Leslie Foutch, Mike Fredrick, Troy Gadberry, Craig Gaddy, Don Ganyo, Scott Garrison, Dena Garceau, Stacey Gauble, Shani Gentry, Bob Sophomores 59 Gerling, Doug Giles, Eric Giles, Greg Gist, Amy Gober, Tracey Goetz, Steve Goforth, Terry Gower, Keith Grasch, Michael Grayned, Lori Grayned, Tena Greed, David Green, Laura Green, Lynn Grenier, Nicole Gruender, Sherrie Guthrie, Nick Hampton, Patricia Harmon, Lori Harris, Sharron Harvey, Donna Hawthorne, Mike Hazenfield, Kelly Heard, Keith Hebel, Karis Hebenstreit, Mark Helphrey, Pat Henry, Shannon Hilligoss, Chris Hines, Andy Hoffman, Paula Hogue, Ben Holt, Lorie Hood, Brian Hood, jason Hood, Kevin Hoots, Tony Horne, jennifer Horton, Kevin Horve, Nicole Hott, Todd Houran, jim Huang. Norma Huang, Peter Huebner, Kelly Hunt, Terry Hurst, Wendy jack, Anastasia jackson, jason james, jennifer arrett, Sevie jeffeison, Robert jenkins, Kelly johns, Cathy johnson, William jones, Kimberly jones, Lonie Kastl, Greg Keckritz, David Kester, Mike Kileen, Kelli Kingston, Kim Kissell, jeff 60 Sophomores Knorr, Michelle Koslofski, Greg Lamberto, Michelle Landers, Gavin Lane, Paula Ledwig, Diane Leslie, Chris Lehew, Tom Leveck, Kevin Lindgren, Mark Link, Robin Loehr, Chuck Lowe, Angie Lowe, Shawn Lucius, Danny Luechtefeld, Sara Lunsford, Pat McCoy, Mike McDonald, Stacey McElyea, jeff McGinnis, Greg McKnight, Arzena Madison, Anton Mares, Brad Marshall, Chuck Mason, Todd Massey, Steven Maurizio, Tara Meadows, Lisa Melzer, Eric Menzies, Cindy Merli, Dawn Merrow, Cheryl Miller, Angie Miller, Dustin Miller, Steve Minor, Toni Monska, Annette Moore, Cindy Moretti, Bruce Morton, Scott Morville, Donnie Mueller, Michelle Mulvany, livette Munden, Stephanie Murphy, Brad Neathery, Kim Nelson, joahn Nelson, Wendy Nicholas, john Nielsen, Russ Nihiser, Angie Norman, Art O'Dell. Terri O'Grady, Kathy Oliphant, Lisa Olson, jeanette Oost, Greg Owens, Boneisa Painter, Mark Parish, Shannon Parjani, jill Parker, Ernest Sophomores 61 Patrick, Mike Patterson, julie Penhallegon, Rick Penhallegon, Steve Perkins, Kelly Perkins, Pierre Peterson, Troy Phillips, Malinda Pierce, Bill Pinkston, Tina Planitz, Tricia Pritts, Roy Pritts, Tim Prosser, Tracee Purdy, jon Pygott, Shawn Quance, Robert Rabideau, Lisa Reed, jim Reed, Suzy Reible, Emily Reising, Rick Reynolds, Nick Rhodes, Stacey Rice, Ricky Richards, Ollie Rickman, Diane Riley, Becky Robbins, Annette Rogers, Kendra Romager, Rick Roundtree, Terry Rucker, jason Sadler, Tina Sarver, Andy Scheibly, Angie Scheibly, Cory Schulz, Nick Scott, jeff Shadwell, Angie Shepard, Brad Sheperd, john Shingleton, Ed Shinneman, Dee Short, Vicki Shull, Denise Sidener, Tim Sidwell, jeff Slater, Tracy Slifer, jane Smith, Tyler Snelson, Sue Snyder, Matt Sollis, Sharon Somo, Sargon Spence, David Spycher, Beth Stark, Woody Stewart, Kim Stine, Gwen Sturgeon, Mickey Summers, Angie Summers, Scott 62 Sophomores c-i"' Witt, Karen Woodward, Tammy Worrell, Debbie Young, Terrence Zuege, julie Sumner, Mike Swearingen, Beth Swearingen, jeff Swift, Pam Talley, Tammy Templeton, Sam Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Sunny Trolia,jody Tucker, Eugene Tucker, Kenny Turk, Leslie Turner, Brett Turner, Carlisa Turner, Debbie Tyus, Alisa Vance, Virginia Vanderberg, Doug Vanderlaan, Scott Van Hyning,-Joe Verrill, Peggy Wagner, Beth Walker, Scott Wallace, Richard Walz, Phyllis Ware, Brenda Warnick, Natalie Weaver, james Wagner, Beth Walker, Scott Wallace, Richard Waltz, Phyllis Ware, Brenda Warnick, Natalie Weaver, james Wicklund, Mark Wilcox, Aaron Williams, Brooke Williams, Marty Willis, Tracey Wilmeth, Mari Winkleblack, jill Sophomores 63 1. Sophomore Class Officers: First row: S. Ford,-I.-james, B. Spycher, V. Corte Sec- ond row: T. Mason, R. Reising 2. Stacey Garceau and Stacey Trummel pre- pare for a cold day of marching. 3. Shani Gauble is lost in thought as Tam- mie Talley talks ro her before school. 64 Sophomores Adams, David Adams, Peggy Alcorn, Kathy Alderman, Barb Aldridge, Robbie Alexander, Mike Alldridge, Alyson Allyn,jeff Altherr, Tim Anderson, Sharon Anderson, William Andrews, Tom Androff, Kelly Arnold, Linda Artze, Brandon Ashe, Tricia Babchick, Amy Barbee, Gwen Barger, jennifer Barnes, Dennis Barnett, Erika Bean, David Beasley, Carol Bennett, Christy Bennett, Gary Best, jonathan Bickes, Tim Bilyeu, Michelle Black, Lesley Bland, Cynthia Blessent, Donald Blessent, james Bohannon, Scott Bond, Lesley Bond, Renee Freshmen 65 Bond, Sandra Bonnell, Tracy Book, Sharon Born, Tiera Bossert, Steve Bradford, Kristy Brettl, Brian Bridgeman, Vickie Briscoe, Danny Brown, Chuck Brown, Dian Brown, I,isa Brown, Sharon Buis, Brenda Burch, Cindy Burgess, Paul Byers, Brad Calfee, Melissa Campbell, Neal Carman, Cassandra Carnahan, Charlotte Carney, Steve Chatman, Antony Clark, Carol Clark, jason Cleaves, james Clem, Randy Cliff, Randy Cloney, Christen Coffman, Kristen Coffman, Lori Cole, jennifer Comp, Jodi Cook, Beth Cook, Connie Cooper, Kim Cooper, Reggie Copeland, Mylas Cornell, Kim Corrington, Heather Cothern, Kelsey Crist, Shelly Crosby, Gene Cruz, Marcia Danner, jill Davis, Joi Dennis, Bryan Diliartolomio, Angel Diller. Kirk Dillman, Cathy Dixon, Pattie Eggers, Lori Elam, julie Iivey, Leslie Ewing, Scott Fair, Mike Farnsworth, Dean Ferguson, Yvette Ferris, Tim Finch, Mike Finch, Suzanne Forbes, Shane Force, Denise 66 Freshmen 1 i 1 ' L as AJ Ford, Chana Foster, Paul Fouts, Mike Fox, Tim Fredrick, Mark Futo, Tami Gaddy, Samantha Gerling, Aaron Gibbens, jason Gillespie, Tina Gilmour, Anne Goff, Thomas Goodrich, Kim Gordon, Danny Gosnell, Michael Gower, Alicia Graham, Errika Grant, jerry Greanias, Rob Green, Valerie Gregory, Sherrie Grider, Laura Griffin, Sonya Gross, jill Grunden, Steve Hale, Chris Hall, Cassandra Hall, jim Hambrecht, Lori Harmon, Richard Harris, Aniko Harris, Tina Harshbarger, Chris Hart, Tina Hartman, Chris Hartness, Lee Anna Harvey, Brian Hastings, Paul Hawkins, Todd Hawkins, Valerie Hayes, Tricia Hebenstreit, Mark Hebenstreit, Mike Hector, jeff Hector, Tony Heidelbaugh, jim Hendren, jim Henry, David Highcock, jeff Hill, Christi Hill, Tim Hodges, Al Hoehne, jason Hofferr, Scott Hollingsead, Wendy Holmes, Randy Honnold, Danny Hood, Didre Horne, Brandon Howell, Daisy Hudson, Tracy Hunt, jeff Hunt, Tim Freshmen 67 wr wi W 3 '- ' f, wi-as ,A 1-ew 'Q' 1 ,nz ' . .V+ A -'ef + ..' I 49? H' J YQQQ w 59" Nihiser, Christa Nolen, Leesa Nurnberger, Michelle O'Dell, jerry Oettel, .julie Oglesby, Richard Oldham, Michelle Oliver, Michael Parks, Lee Pedigo, Chris Perryman, Chuck Phillips, Tami Phillips, Warren Pickett, Stephanie Poe, David Potts, Brad Powell, Shawn Powell, Shirley Pryde, Robby Pumphrey, Trisha Purdy, Chad Purvines, Scott Qualls, Bobby Qualls, Chris Quigle, Matt Ramey, Troy Ransdell, Rhett Reed, Malecia Reed, Stephanie Reinhold, Christine Rex, Mark Rice, Linn Rice, Tricia Richardson, Trena Ritter, Dana Robbins, Dawn Robinson, Steve Roma, Bobby Roney, David Ronnow, Brad Rosa, Maria Russel, Bill Sanders, jeff Sanderson, Angie Sayles, Dianna Scehnet, jeff Scheibly, jay Schuette, Matt Schultz, Brett Schultz, Bryon Schweitzer, Pam Scotpjeff Scott, Korey Seats, Susan Sebeckis, jill Shriver, Debbie Shuppara, Heather Shutter, Shannen Sidney, Curt Sidwell, Matt Sidwell, Shan Skundberg, Adam Slabe, Theresa Freshmen 69 Slater, Lisa Slover, Kathleen Slye, Howard Smith, Bryon Smith, Carl Smith, Doug Smith, Greg Smith, Shea Smith, Todd Speagle, Shane Sperry, jeff Sprandel, Amy Squires, Angie Stanley, Dannell Stark, Stacey St, Clair, Barbara Stewart, Mindy Stewart, Tammy Stine, Darren Stoner, Dawn Stroyl, George Stroyls, Greg Sumpter, Bobby Swift, Percy Switzer, Brian Tague, Deanna Taylor, Ben Teubner, Steve Thomas. Leland Tish, Ron Todd, Lynn Tolliver, Suzie Torbeck, Liesel Trotter, Brad Trumrnel, Stacey Tyus, Derrick Tyus, Tony Vance, Pam Vinson, Sarah Wade, Trace Waite, john Waldrop, Tom Ward, Rachelle W xshington, Bernard Washington, Tracey Watkins, Monica Watson, Inga Wayne, Rachael Weaver, Debi Weddle, Dennis Wendte, Wilber Werner, Shannon Whalen, Robert White, Denita White, Ryan Whitley, Kim Wiegard, Christa Wilder, Eric Williams, Margee Williams, Scott Williams, Troy Wilson, Erik Wilson, Necialette 70 Freshmen x D: N We , 1 l 5 B mx. , -t , -aa I ett B - 'FQ Q Q if L rf at E Q , oi' S-f wav V27 ig its F , T ' S r P "" , " Q G, l ' vi x 'lf .- 'v .7 , . A ,sr 1 2 K as r -n 4-A Ji X if r, 1. .1- gg fs Y" .f ig M I- Tk S. at at Y' W I Q 1 -ai- f A L L if 'cz-9' f' ii eG,e 2 , V . N . g .:,.. at ua Y r ex- -.fr H 1 ii l--:r ,tr .-gill , ,gp - S af' YN, XIV ' "less FN' , 4,41 ,WX rf' '1 .lg V .gif Nl Q47 .W l ,J lr. tial ., ,W 1-HY -A k N - 1. A . 1-S's1i?v.r:' 'I l ting . ' .' P W-We , , -gk .w ap gg 1. -n if ov- ,177 Y. -, 11.-.M-rr l 40 3 I "Y, am . .J S Q9 E 3 1"'T' A .., K, 3 K' 'mi s. 5, cir, D"il le , 125' fi mx 1 kfii,g,,s9' , P as 72 Candids 'EB' . f fx fl . 7 Candid 1. Debbie Turner, Lisa Bennick, Karis He- bel, and Anastasia jack create a quarter for choir. 2. After an exciting basketball game, Gunna and Mary Beth Green looked for- ward ro a good time at the Christmas Dance. 3. Stacey Garceau fights back on Nerd vs. Prep day. 4. Kim johnson demonstrates her talent at singing. 5. Lynne Green and Paul Lewis relaxed be- fore the dance began. 6. A blood donor, Amanda Ilarres, gets her blood pressure taken. 7. Tim Force, Ted Smith, and Chris Breclinitz showed school spirit alter the bzisketlwgill giirne at the Cliristmiis Dance. Candids 73 Organizations THE BEAT OF THE CLUB It blasted loudly throughout the halls on "boxes" and garbled from the brightly colored headphones of walkmans. From pop to soul, rap to heavy metal, the day began and ended with a pulsing beat. For some, the day didnt end with the 2:40 bellg it had only just begun. Like turning the dial of a stereo, the station changed from the mandatory to the extracurricular. Anyone who walked past rooms occupied by club members might feel the rhythm and drive of well- oiled machines or the chaotic notes of individuals with bright ideas. At times, they drove their advisors to schemes, but this was just a step in growing up. Men and women were social beings. Clubs were steps on the ladder to becoming those social persons. Thee" best thing about kids was and always would be that they had the energy! A great deal of that energy came from the force and love they felt for their music. There were times when there was tension be- tween different people, whites and blacks, preps and punks, the norms and the rads. It was a shame that some people let themselves be rul- ed by prejudices, but the clubs didn't work that way. Different people worked together to do their jobs whether it was promoting spir- it or informing the student body. Everyone should have remembered that he or she was the same as the next person and that working to- gether wasn't so hard. That was really the beat of the clubg all hearts beating together, working for a cause. 0 74 Organizations ,222 f 1 J. ' df . M, ,mn J .y 5rs4-.r'f ,. 4 . ea an f wf r? if K ii if AQ. 'lf sf 4, i . 1 gram? r ,Q f .Y X 5 .WW f 'f r 'QYSF ,fi "LL ' r - 1 I " is ff 4? r ' V ingw gggr S W a af' Q 3 .' 'Mgj ' 2231 Z 1 L- l ing., s X145 , ff, Yr?-7' :' Riff-5Z'5'?i3f'1.v :'3'?'35f4 W- f-pix-L51-ff ! ' .5:,r,rr1 w , 1 'Wir " 4 5 , . 4 1. Dena Brown, .IV cheerleader shows her stuff at assembly in the gym. 2. The varsity cheerleaders will always tum- ble for you. 5. Lorie Holt demonstrates how NOT to stand at attention. V 4. Pam Crews, Greg Haas, and David Cook are enthralled by answering a bonus ques- tion at academic bowl. 5. Stacie Rex and Kelli Kileen work dili- gently on the census they're given in the main office. Organizations 75 v' l 76 Clubs 'fr -T... A T 'ev 'J fbi S C 2 4 I' Q if nv' '1 :sf A-1-. -it Here's a uarter . . . A11Thatjazz The Marching Panthers started out their season with a marching band camp in early August at East- ern Illinois University. They worked hard, putting in at least eight hours a day marching or more. They worked at first on the basics, such as walking correctly and just staying in step, but soon they improved and started learning their show. Many times during camp, upperclassmen took the op- portunity to voice their opinions on the marching abilities of the other band members. Learning the step- ping techniques was harder than the Panthers thought it would be, but they finally mastered it after much screaming and ranting by their di- rector, Mr. Streight. They finished up the week of camp with a perfor- mance for the parents. The first public performance of the year was in the Labor Day Pa- rade. The Marching Band was kept busy going to contests, playing at the home football games, and prac- ticing. All the work paid off as they earned fifth place at the U ofI band contest in October, beating out their cross-town rival, MacArthur. 5 The band also won third place at Shelbyville, then first place at the Mt. Pulaski Fall Festival, winning three-hundred dollars. All these wins culminated in winning first place in the Decaturjaycee's Christ- mas Parade, winning two-hundred fifty dollars. The band was over one-hundred strong and performed smartly. The band worked hard to be the very best that they could be. They were excellent and deserved the praise that they received. 1.jazz Band Members are 1. Frontzjeff Hendricker, john Richardson, Geoff Dick- ey, Tim Pritts, Rick Romanger Middle: Dean Klinker, Danny Honnold, Paul Lewis, jeff Swearingen, Greg Haas, Lee Parks, john Branstand, Mr. Steight Back: Fred Conley, Darren Klockenga, Mark Brown- ing, Billy Frank,jim Hall 2. The Eisenhower Marching Panthers march by in the Homecoming Assembly with great style. 3.john Richardson plays a solo in an after- noon jazz Band session. 4. Rick Romanger looks intently at his mu- sic as he plays in jazz Band. 5. lst. Row: K. McElvain, S. Gruender, Trolia, R. Bordenkecher, M. Bilyou, L. Hensley, Mr. Streight, L. Green, D. Thorpe, A. Kovach, B. Cuddeback,j. Parjani, P. Crews, 2nd. Row: B. Reed, M. Freeman, A. Beard, C. Burse, M. Marquis, L. Holt, S. Whited, S. Trummel, M. Muschal, C. Sum- mers,j. Moore, L. Lauderdale, P. Swift, Horne, L. Meadows, 3rd. Row: R. Pickett, A. Summers, C. Wooten, W. Bradford, T. Waldrop,j. Sanders, Hall, Grant, R. Wallace, D. Klockenga, Hendricker, F. Conley, B. Frank, T. Martin, D. Morton, M. Browning, Gilmour, B. Shepard, S. Gauble, j. Oettel,j. Nelson, V. Short, S. Vanderlaan, 4tl1. Row: G. Haas,j. Bran- stad, L. Parks, R. Luther, Swearingen,j. Birk, S. Hilton, B. Turner, K. Diller, johnson, M. Bushey,j. Latshaw, C. Daniel, R. Tish, P. Lewis, D. Honnold, T. Pritts, G. Dickey, S. McDonald,j. Richardson,j. Patterson, T. Maurizio, D. Klinker, R. Ro- manger, N. Guthrie, R. Huss, D. Miller, S. Morton. Clubs Playing ith Time Throughout the year band mem- bers were required to play many dif- ferent tunes. One week they might be playing and practicing a field show, during which the emphasis was on playing loud and moving in patterns on the field. More often than not, though, they could be found indoors practicing some dif- ficult piece that required every bit of their musical ability to play. With a symphonic band mem- bership of over eighty and a concert bband membership of about twen- ty-five, this year the bands gave an impressive showing. Members of the concert band worked hard in the hopes of moving up to sym- phonic band. Many of the concert band members were freshmen, and even if they didn't make it into the top band this year, there was always next year. Playing their concerts on the same dates as the symphonic band, the lower band would some- times play a number with the sym- phonic band. They always per- formed well and showed much tal- ent for future years. The symphonic band members had barely a month in which to pre- pare for the annual Christmas con- 1 N . Wx ., J 1 1, Mr. Streight directs the jazz band in a musi- cal number for an upcoming concert. 2. Beth Cuddeback makes a statement about band - a picture says a thousand words. 5. Kim Mclilvain showing enthusiasm for an- other day in band. 4. Mr. Streight "discusses" the proper way to play a symphonic piece. 6. Vicki Short, Beth Cuddeback, and Lowellette Lauderdale talk over band CPJ before class. 7. Misty Marquis prepares for practice by breaking in a new reed. 78 Concert-Symphonic Bands cert, but they put the short amount of time to good use. The concert was a success, and the band once again showed their versatility. They then went on to prepare for con- tests inthe spring and their project- ed tour, set for late spring. Their pieces were difficult and the time spent to perfect them seemed like forever to the long suffering band members. Their director, Mr. Strieght, was tireless in striving for perfection. Sometimes it seemed they would never get that particular section right, but after much work the music sounded great. A J, 'L Agfq NCIS? I fr ' 295' va xi ' A21 t N BLI DED EWITH These four clubs were devoted to learning and some to applying that knowledge to contests and competitions. PSP was a little bit different. PSP stands for Principal Scholars Pro- gram, a program designed for mi- nority students, to aid them espe- cially in the areas of math and sci- ence. The members went to seminars at Millikin and were en- couraged Cespecially by Head Counselor Emily Abbottj to partici- pate in tests dealing with everything from engineering to Biology and all sorts of math. JETS was thejunior Engineering Technological Society, a club based on just that - engineering. SCIENCE The main event this year was to invite guest speakers to talk on dif- ferent fields ofthe engineering pro- fession, educational requirements and benefits from becoming an en- gineer. Members took field trips to plants such as Caterpillar, wore fun- ny-looking safety glasses, and found out to some extent how a factory was really run. Academic Bowl was the closest thing to a game show at Eisenhow- er. The team, consisting of five players and some extras, was one that went to competitions where questions were asked about almost anything, to be answered by a short time limit. They displayed their talents dur- ing an educational fair at Hickory Point Mall. The big accomplish- ment this year was that Eisenhower finally had a quiz board! The team had many new members to work on the meets. TEAMS or Tests in Engineering and Math and Science was a select group of people mainly consisting of jETS members andfor those from Academic Bowl. Twelve stu- dents were chosen to represent Ei- senhower in District competition in fields of engineering, math, chemis- try, physics, biology, and graphics. The District competition occurred at Richland, the Regional at East- erng that winner went to the U ofl for State championship playoffs. 1. Various members of the JETS meet in the library to listen to their advisor, Mrs. Helden. 2. Mike Monahan, a member of the Aca- demic Bowl team, finds one of the ques- tions slightly amusing. 3. Mrs. Heiden, Cstandingj however, ,IETS co-sponsor tells Mrs. Cussins that she is not amused by the question. 4. Mrs. Heiden and Darren Klockenga dis- cuss JETS business. 80 Clubs .- Jf. ff, U 'Q ti E Us-u 1 " 'Sf -P? .Q 5. EN ' 3313? fi!! 4 , , A QSC I in ? Working Hard The A-Team The NHS, or National Honor Society, was a club that recognized the outstanding academic achieve- ments of its members. All the mem- bers had an "A" grade average, hence, the name, the A-Team. To be eligible to join NHS as a sophomore, students must have had a perfect 5.0 grade point aver- age. As a junior, a 4.8 grade point average was needed. Seniors need- ed a 4.5 grade point average. There were 26 members who represented the top M of the school. This year's officers were Beth Morrison, Presidentg Darren Klockenga, Vice-Presidentg jane Lemna, Secretaryg and Todd Gille- spie, Treasurer. The three main NHS functions were the induction in early spring, a picnic at the end of the year, and an annual dinner at which they "roast- ed" the teacher of the year. The seal of the National Honor Society was a flaming torch over four letters CSLS. The Flaming torch was the symbol of the pur- pose of the organization to keep burning at Eisenhower a high ambi- tion for the values of life and to serve on consideration of others. The letters CSLS stood for Charac- ter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. The advisors for NHS were Mrs. julia Helden and Miss Mary Simp- son. 82 NHS-AFS 1 1. Gunna daydreaming in class. 2.jim Simon - an NHS member - a man for all seasons. 3. Gotcha! Gunna 4. Mary Beth Green diligently works for her position in NHS. nn 1 'ii' gg New Frontiers Gudrun Gylfadottir: What was that? Well, it wasn't a "that," it was a she, and she was the Scandinavian Sweetheart who stole our hearts this past year at EHS. "Gunna," as she preferred to be called, was our AFS foreign exchange student from Iceland. Gunna was born and lives in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland which has a population of about 99,000, almost half of the country's population of 220,000. Gunna said she wanted to come to the US be- cause she wanted to learn about new customs and cultures, go to a new school with new friends, and live with another family. Back home, besides her parents, Gunna has a younger brother and sister. In Iceland, Gunna attended high school and music school in which she took piano lessons. She said she liked to read and was athletic. She even played soccer. The school sys- tem in Iceland was different from the US. Students had to go to school from the time they were sev- en until they were fifteen and then four years of high school was op- tional but almost all students went, according to Gunna. Gunna planned to attend ICeland's only university in Reykjavik after she graduated from high school. This wasn't the first time Gunna had been to the US. She had pre- viously visited Maine. Gunna said Iceland is a beautiful mountainous country with active volcanoes and hot springs. She also said that there were similarities between us and Icelandic culture including family life and music. NHS front row: S. Brown, T. Mintler,-I. Lemna, C. Hall, B. Morrison, S. Rex middle row: N. Raupp, C. Stroyls, C. Berba, T. Mains, E. Robinson, M. Miller, M. Monahan, M. Green, W. Greaten back row: B. Sattley, C. Rowe, T. Gillespie, B. Schwalbe, G. Haas,-I. Simon, P. Bergen, D. Klockenga, M. Locke, W. Scott AFS front row: A. Harres, B. Roma, N. Raupp, S. jones, E. Reible, D. Stoner, S. Easter, S. Vanderlaan back row: S. Luker, A. Lawyer, M, Green, G, Gylfadottir, B. Spycher, N. Grenier B. Turner, C. Carlton, T. Green NHS-AFS 85 SPANISH CLUB: front row: S. Lowe, P. Lane, L. Hartness, L. Myrvold, M. Nurnberger, C. Purdy, R. Nielsen,-I. Roasio, A. Bonds, Miss Spence. middle: L. Krueger, D. Calhoun, S. Vanderlaan, L. Miller, Moore, M. Painter, S. Merli, L. Worrell,j. Winkleblack, A. Beard, C. Hall. back: B. Ronnow, A. Harres, W. Phillips. D. Doom, M. Patrick, P. McAfree, B. Dennis, P. Quigle, B. Ramsey, T. Alther, R. Tish, M. Quigle, D. Farnsworth, A. Constan, L. Brahn,j. Hall FRENCH CLUB: front row: B. Wagner, D. Davis, K. Rogers,'N. Grenier, A. jack, M. Canham, B. Spycher, B. Williams, V. Corte second row: C. Dillman, C.johns, C. Kalapis, G. Hilton, B. Younger, S. Easter, L. Bennick, R. Reising, K. Clements third row: S. Gruender, M. Bilyeu, R. Huang, M. McCormick, E. McNamara, K. Cooper, A. Babchick, G. Nelson, D. Stoner, M. Denzler back row: T. Maurizio,j. Dickson, S. Luker, A. Lawyer, L. Lauderdale, C. Grieve, A. Brownlow, C. Andricks, E. Reible GERMAN CLUB: front row: B. Brecht, Dillman, T. Rice, R. Wallace, S. Purvines, 1. Scehnet,j. Nelson, S. jones, M. McCoy, G. Stine, S. Luker, S. Greenberg, N. Horve, M. Green, D. Schanefelt, V. Crain, D. Barton, Mrs. Tietz middle: Patrick, S. Hanks, A. Sprandel, Branstad, D. Steine, johnson, D. Miller, A. Sagakhneh, M. Miller, G. Gylfadottir, P. Verill, L. Davis, D. Zacheis, P. Berner, C. Coberly back: S. Trummell, J. Oettel, A. Lehman, L. Torbeck,j. Waite, M. Grasch, N. Schulz, P. Bergen, G. Dickey, B. Myrvold, A. Meier, M. Freeman,J. Latshaw,J. Birk,j. Simon, M. Muschal,j. Dickson,j. Hawkins LATIN CLUB: front row: L. Conyers,j. Slifer, L. Holt, L. Turk, Kjones, M. Sidwell, W. Lee, M. Lawson, M. Dwyer,j. Deaton, A. Arnold, C. Behen, M. Schuette middle: P. Morton, W. Greaten, V.jones,j. Parjani, A. Brownlow, N. Raupp, Sanders, S. Ganyo, B. Zacheis, A. Aldridge, D. Weaver, L. Arnold,j. Corte, Mrs. Martin back: T. Hill,j. Nichols, S. Whited, C. Brechnitz, G. Kastl, D. Hood, C. Daniels, A. Schneider, S. Smith, R. Luther, K. Diller, D. Cook, M. Patterson, N. Reynolds, S. Ford, M. Forbes 84 Foreign Language o ore Words Even though everyone who at- tended the Language club picnic had something foreign in common, a passer-by wouldn't have guessed it because not too many foreign words were uttered. But who cares about foreign languages when you're having fun? Besides the language club picnic, which was held at Nelson Park, the language clubs had other activities planned. lt seemed as though the German club had planned to win the soccer tournament at the picnic. They didg not by planning, but by executing outstanding athletic abilities from its members. The German club also planned a trip to jumer's Castle Lodge in Peoria and caroling at St. Mary's. The French Club participated in the homecoming parade and planned a progressive dinner with French cuisine fyum!D. They also planned to carol and throw a party afterwards. Finally, a field trip to Six Flags was in order. The Spanish club sold calendars to raise funds for their annual trip to Six Flags. In addition on the year's agenda were judging the best Halloween costume contest, mak- ing Christmas cards in Spanish and English for a nursing home and a party. Finally, the Latin Club participat- ed in the junior Class League Con- vention at Sacred Heart Academy. Eisenhower was the secretary schoolg the appointed secretary had to read and take the minutes of last year's and this year's meeting. In all, the clubs had a fun and successful year. hp., 4 1. Shawn Smith and Lisa Conyers guard the prize-winning banner at Lat- in Convention in November. 2. Emily Reible, Andy Lawyer, and Shannon Easter talk over imperative French club business. 5. Mrs. McCoy passes out information on fund raising events for French club. 4. Mrs. Tietz diligently grades papers during one of her classesg she is also the advisor of the German club. Foreign Language 85 Student Sponsorjohn Griffin once again has welded a fine student council. Griffin, who has been the advisor for the last 12 years, held the elec- tion of officers in September, who immediately began working to set up activities for Homecoming week. They organized the spirit halls and the pep rally. Some lucky girls and guys even received carna- tions, which were sold by the Stu- dent Council. They also had special activities the week before Christmas and the week of Valentines Day. These activities included sending messages and selling balloons. The Student Council sponsored the Homecoming Dance and a Sadie Hawkins Dance. One of their main goals was to increase the school spirit and the attendance at the games. Council The events planned were not all for fun. They had the Red Cross come so willing students could give their blood. The Student Council had some students talk with the people in charge of the lunch pro- gram to explain the problems they saw and to offer suggestions. Sever- al students were even involved in an inner city program where they could talk with Robert Oakes, the Superintendent of Schools. Weighted grades, now a reality, were discussed at that early meet- ing. The officers included: Mike Locke, Presidentg Beth Morrison, Vice Presidentg Biff Hawkins, Trea- surerg Linda Kingston, Secretaryg and Chris Brechnitz andjim Simon, Sergeant at Arms. 1. Student Council officers: jeff Hawkins, Linda Kingston, Mike Locke, Beth Morri- son 2. Students in line before the student coun- cil sponsored blood drive. 5.-7. Mike Locke - president of the Stu- dent Council -- discusses with council members activities for the Christmas sea- son. 86 Student Councilfl-Iuman Relations if '27 Qu I vii: 49' R M 4 Y if fpffnf L 'YQ-MQ V ,W a. 'Aff' I .. 'n- -ll Q , -. N. as my f3"f'7g1?,E2 ,?f"""-15 'N ' A X 49" f g 1 E ef' g g "-5..w m' 'E 'vw -'gf' 1 f H T espians-Drama Club .,h-'T ' 41' 1. jill Schultz and Biff Hawkins listen tO Mrs. Kistler in an after school Thespian meeting. 2. Biff Hawkins and Darren Klockenga lis- ten as Susan Long talks about money-male ing ideas. 3. Mrs. Kisrler discussed the Magic Mes- sage Service in her office with Michelle Miller. 88 Thespians x. if The Pretenders One who creates an illusion: that is the definition of a Thespian. Whether the illusion was created by the set crew, the actors on stage, or the committees behind the scenes, all worked together to put on the Fall Play and Spring Musical. Thes- pians were a special kind of worker. In order to become a Thespian a student had to work on both major productions, but there was more to it than that. A Thespian was that one actor who really gave whole- heartedly to the play. It was that certain set crew member who did everything he was asked. A Thespi- an was what might be called a mas- ter-illusionist. There were fifteen members of the Thespians. The president was Darren Klockenga, the vice presi- dent was Lisa Kingston. Mrs. Kistler, who taught acting and di- rected the talent show and musical, was the advisor. A new fund raiser started by the Thespians this year was the Magic Message Service. For a fee, a group of Thespians would serenade, read a poem, or do a combination of both for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. The mes- sages turned out to be a great suc- cess, even outside the school. Whether the Thespians were working on the play, delivering a Magic Message, or participating in their annual awards ceremony, you could be sure they were having fun. 3 Front: Mrs. Kistler, sponsor. Middle: T. Gillespie, G. Sanders, L. Brownlow, S. Riedel, D. Klockenga, B. Morrison. Back: M. Miller, l.. Kingston, M. Locke, j. Schultz, D. Schanefelt. Not pictured: C. Loehr, S.jones. ..f va ,wav Thespians 89 i .P ,..l 3. 1 I ,gi , Bi. f gui' Q' lui 315 4 I 3 5 3 3 X 3 1 1 1. ' '1f 5afQ1if Q jg! 1? iii I5 ll Q , ir gf if z I 5 Sbifiis - Wx 5 ff -5 . Rf ix A -1, QQ dr- ,sw .4-5 gm ff 'xx f .1 Q ' if v 5 x 1 I . K1 . A in 1 aglvf of-2 " R K , 4 - 51 ' N ., .., ,N k"'L,. t Was Almost Like a All the choirs were judged supe- rior in performance and in practice. The Freshmen choir was good for their first time being together from different schools. The Advanced Girls might have only 22 members, but they were packed with fine sounds. Every- where they sang, there was enjoy- ment by all. Most of this choir was composed of sophomores, but the juniors and seniors from the year before showed them what to do! 'ruse L . l ' , A l 5 g 'f l an 7 - l SONG Who was the choir with the most beautiful voices? That's right! Con- cert Choir. The concert choir in- cluded students from Freshmen to Seniors. They blended well togeth- er even though some were from dif- ferent backgrounds. When the con- cert choir sang the sound was like that of professionals. All of the year' choirs were really good under the direction of Mr. "Milt" Scott. With him, anyone can sound good. Milt Scott should be thanked for 2 . u l I ,,,,... . . , .,. -.. --a 'IBS 6 much of all of the choirs' successes. He was also a key person who began the fabulous all Decatur schools' Christmas performance at Kirkland Auditorium in Millikin University. For the first time ever, combined high school choirs and faculty sang Vivaldi's "Gloria" after grueling practice on Dec. 17. We hope this will become an annual tradition. l 1. Kelly Rathje and Kim Guymon seem really excited during choir on its annual Hat Day. 2. Mr. Scott shows the choir what a sheet of music is. 5. R. Nielsen, A. Bennett, B. LeVeck all try on robes before a big concert. 4. Freshman choir members look over the music before they attempt to sing it. 5. Concert choir settles down before class. 6. Concert choir members clown around during class. Clubs 91 SYNCRONICITY The 1984-1985 Varsity Cheer- leading Squad worked hard, Mrs. Hay considered them to be "the best skilled group of girls ever." As a result of their talent and dedica- tion, they became "Grand Champs" at the JFC Cheerleading Camp. The squad consisted of three seniors: Lori Watson, Thea Walker, and the captain, Beth Morrison, and five juniors: Kim Chizevsky,jill Schultz, Leslie Davis, Vicki Crain, and Kim Guymon. The girls had many reasons for becoming cheerleaders. Leslie Da- vis felt cheerleading gave her a front row view of the action. "It's a great way to meet people," re- marked Vicki Crain. Kim Guymon added, "We are there to get the spirit up." Thea Walker, who has been a cheerleader for six years, throught "It was a great way to get involved with the school." The junior Varsity Cheerleading squad was also very good. They worked with the Varsity Squad to win first place in a dance competi- tion. The summer of '84 they won ribbons for their over-all perfor- mance and dance routine. The Pom-Pon squad this year showed their talent by winning many awards at the Universal Dance Camp at Southern Illinois University. A routine they devel- oped won second place, and their squad won first place overall! Two spirit sticks were awarded to Eisen- hower's girls because they had the most spirit, and they won thirty-six blue ribbons and four red ribbons on routines learned at camp. With the music as their guide, the veteran Pantherettes taught the rookies how to synchronize their moves. Throughout the year, their perfor- mance was beyond comparison. Flag Corps used their skills with flags to guide them while they suc- cessfully accompanied the march- ing band. Their black and white flags boldly displayed the colors with pride. The Flag squad prac- ticed three times a week to perfect their performance. Their participa- tion at football games showed the crowd that Eisenhower had some pizzazz. Thanks go to all the girls for a great year. I iiiiillir. if ta...-A A . af-M. , . . t ,-,x:"' , - y ,.. ,Malo W 'Q -s.. l. The pom pon girls practice after school to the beat of their music. 2. Cindy Grieve, a flag corps member, tries to smile for the camera. 3. Bottom: Thea Walker, Vicki Crain, middle: Leslie Davis, Lori Watson,jill Schultz, top: Kim Chizevsky, Kim Guymon, and Beth Morri- 92 CheerleaderfPom ponfFlag Corps SOD. 4. Karis Hebel waits for a basketball game to begin so she can lead the fans in cheers, 6. Flag corps members perform at the Homecoming Assembly. U- i. 5 mx. 3gtg:M..a ,t "Uh- 5 7, - 4 y H Bottom: Michelle Forbes, jennifer Geri, jennifer Corte, Lynn Nielson, Amy Carr, middle: Debbie Turner, Kelli Kileen, Beth Wagner, back: Maria jackson, Tara Huth, Kelly Rathje, Karen Goodrich, Dana Schanefelt, Kim Whitfill, Patti Fisher, Carla Burse, Gwen Hilton, Dawn Davis. FLAG CORPS: Front: Sarah Luechtefeld, Shirley Maple, Lowellette Lauderdale, Danielle Drake, Cheryl Merrow, back: Stacey Neeley, Lori Harmon, Cindy Grieve, Kim Connant, Sheryl Turnbo, Carla Copeland, and Tracy Green. M- . - ll 6 ,4-i -Q-7 j.V. CHEERLEADERS: Front: Dena Browmjennifer Home, middle: Anastasia jack, back: Karen Witt, jennifer james. 1 4 as .E lf. A I1 . t i - . 7:2 ,NY l 1 , 2 CheerleaderfPom ponflflag Corps 93 it l mb' 1? S' ,,. Az se fi' mx 4' 6. . , , ,..N-...nr A .xif HELP. Most people did not realize how important the assistants were to both students and teachers alike. In the library, the assistants checked out books for students and kept everything straight so students were not billed for fines incorrectly. They also helped Miss Woodring with the huge task of computeriz- ing the library - a formidable job in itself. Gym assistants made life a little easier for the PE teachers by run- ning errands, passes, and other little jobs that Mr. Murphy or one of the other instructors had no time for. In the main office, the hub of business in school, the assistants were a must for the secretaries. They not only did errands for the secretaries but also ran counselor passes or requests. They answered to every job that was set before them, no matter how large or small. It was impossible to write about every task that these particular assis- tants were assigned, but the one thing that should have been under- stood was that being an assistant was not an "out" for study hall. It was a time to work and gain exper- ience. "viii" 1. Mrs. Scharfenberg coaches the girls' gym class plays using two basketballs. 2. Mrs. Anthony, Michelle Hayes and Paula Soberg having an "in-depth" discussion. 3. Miss Woodring is watching the elec- tronic eye that catches book thieves. 4. Tracy Green and Terri O'Dell's catch a cool breeze in the gym office. 5 4 LIBRARY ASST.: front: Miss Woodring, L. Greider, I. Watson, M. Lamberro. L. Brown, D. Stanley, T. York, S. Griffin, K. Woolsey, T. Pumphrey, M. Born. middle: B. Alderman, M. Brooks, S. Grunden, T. Rice, Mrs. Henry, D. McAfee, D. White, C. Meyer, Sjorgensen, T. Born. back: M. Dalluge, G. Blakeman. Assistants 95 LAB: front: M. McCoy, B Morrison C Baker back: T. Kuppler, M. Green W Greaten D Rickman AVA: front: R, Grenier, R. Carr, J. Robinson B Anderson C Loehr J Kissel middle: Mr. Siedl, T. Hunter back: E. Tucker, T. Covey ATTENDANCE OFFICE: front: P. Morton E Kehart K Carr M Canham middle: T. Becker, K. Cookson, K. Shepherd C Benner back: I.. Harmon, T. Eubanks, D. Pitman White D Hurst 1. A sign that many students wished they couldn't see. 2. Brian Ramsey holds his ice bag from the nurse on his sprained hand. 5. Mrs. Pyggott reassures jennifer Geri in the Attendance Office about the alphabetical files. 4. Nurse's Assistants: D. Black, A. Monska, C. Moore, Mrs. josefson Back: T. Hart, S. Locke, P. Verrill 96 AssistantsfAVA Beasts of Burden Throughout the year, many stu- dents helped the faculty during their study hall time. Some such students were AVA, lab assistants, nurse assis- tants, and attendance office helpers. The AVA team was a big help to Mr. Seidl, the audio-visual techni- cian. They helped cart audio-visual materials from room to room and learned how to run the machinery. This allowed these students to gain a little technological knowledge. Science teachers were glad to have the help of students in the labo- ratory. They helped set up laboratory projects for classes and ran errands for the teachers they were assisting. The nurse's assistants aided the nurse in the performance of her du- ties. They ran errands for the nurse when needed, and they helped keep the nurse's office clean. The attendance office helpers spent their time busily delivering passes for the Deans, Mrs. Madix and Mr. Davis. They also delivered the daily bulletins and helped the secretaries in the attendance office with the filing and other secretarial work. These students were there in the faculty's time of need. The help these students offered was greatly appreciated every day. passe' W 3 AssistantsfAVA 97 The Basic Nature of Things The Eco team was a group many students didn't hear much about. It was a small team, made up of only four members. What did the Eco team do? They were sent booklets by the U.S. Army Corps of Engi- neers containing information on three subjects: animal tracks and signs, endangered species, and ed- ible plants. They were allowed to study the booklets for two to three weeks, meeting a couple nights a week. After studying, they met with sixteen other schools at Lake Shel- byville for an annual contest. They took quizzes and had a good time competing for about six hours with no other prize but the memory of everything. It was hard work, and they earned a great deal more praise than was given. The prize goes to Meg McCormick, Laurie Copen- haver, john Moore, and Cathy johns, but especially advisor Mr. Chamberlain. The Computer Club gave Eisen- hower students good opportunities to use computers. Many students joined the Computer Club to learn some BASIC CBeginner's All-Pur- pose Symbolic Instruction Codej. Others joined to share their com- puter experiences. All of them joined to have fun and play games. The club members could work on the computers after school on Thursdays. They had monthly meetings to discuss contests, see demonstrations, or devote time to learning BASIC, all coordinated by Mr. Forceg the advisor. 98 Eco-Computer Club A 6 1. Club members Front row: B. Early, S. Ganyo, F. Boykin,j. Holliday, S. Hanks, A. Ford, T Hunt,-J. Clark,j. Coleman. Middle row: S. Bossert, S. Carter,j. Patrick, P. Huang, B. Dwyer, T Goforth, A. Brownlow, R. Huang, M. Schuetre, T. Washington. Back row: j. Sperry, G Smith,-J. Sanders, R. Leach,j. Dillman, W. Whisler,j. Dickson, M. Denzler, E. Reible, C Dillman. Missing: T. Slade, P. Schwertzer, Wulohnson. 132 ,-f'iff'f::+i.e A . . ...Q r 8 2. Mr. Chamberlain gives a lecture, but in his mind he may be thinking up a pun. 3. Mr. Force directs the avid computer bugs on the basics of life. 4. Clockwise from bottom left is the ECO team: L. Copenhaver, C.johns,j. Moore, M. McCormick. 5. The back ofa person is many times all one can see in the computer room. 6. Life can be blurry after students look at a computer terminal for an hour. 9 7. john Patrick - computer president - salutes you! 8. Looks like a heavy game of Pac-Man! 9. Everybody helps everyone else when it comes to working or playing on computers. Eco-Computer Club 99 JA.: front: M. Nurnberger, T. Bonnell, S. Funk, E. Mulvaney, P. Thomas, S. Hudson, N Horve, B. Riley, E. Barnett micldlezj. Street, K. Cornell, L. Hartness,j. Parjani, M. McCoy, L. Nolen, K. Dolly, S. Finch, C. Qualls, B. Ferguson back: B. Gentry, M. Brooks, B. Brecht, E. Tucker, D. Drozs, M. McCoy, S. Somo, M. Muschal, T. Lynn, B. Brettl, D. Evans, N. Schultz, B. Turner CANDY STRIPERS: front: M. jackson, A. Gower, I. Watson, j. Slifer back: T. Bonnell, L. Brown, L. Turk, A. Gist, L. Question, C. O'Grady, J. Winklcblack, C. Harshbarger .--""' 1 ,.,""" ,f . ..,...u1nlvli'1 --Q3 YT? A F11 Ho To Get Ahead in Many students from Eisenhower had a chance to be a part of a real business in junior Achievement. In one of sixteen companies spon- sored by Decatur businessmen, they were working together to ac- complish a common goal in the business world. The students involved enjoyed working, making new friends, and having fun. They were members of the Board of Directors, owned some company stock, and some even became company presidents Business or one of the company executives. Their incentive for working was re- ceiving a little money and the chance to become the company or achiever of the year. Candy Striping was for everyone. Not only girls but guys as well were in Candy Striping. Guys were called Knights. The colors were red and white, which begot the name Candy Stripers. Members had to be thir- teen before they could work at the hospitals. Both Candy Stripers and Knights worked as aides to the 6 nurses and staff on all floors. Some of the jobs were making beds, dis- tributing food trays to patients, washing beds, or just talking to pa- tients. There was never a dull mo- ment at the hospitals. Candy Strip- ers earned awards for working a certain amount of hours. If a member worked several years, he or she might have received a scholarship that could go toward any career. Candy Striping was a good ex- perience for everyone! , . . .-hI1i :skis 4534,-'Q ff V Q 'Ii is lf ' l 75 l -.3 .' . I 1 1' i I 'l . L-'Q 7 1. Lisa Hensley and a friend smile and give a laugh during aj.A. meeting. 2. A head of one of thej.A. companies lec- tures on the elements of business. 5. Terry loves having his picture taken, and is very prepared with an elegant grin. 4. Mrs. Mabry and Bridget Dwyer discuss an entry into an essay COHICSI. 5.-jane Slifer fills buckets with ice for pa- tients - one of the many jobs she is as- signed in Candy Striping. 6. WRITING CLUB: front: A. Arnold, P. Crews, S. Cook, middle: Mrs. Mabry, B. Dwyer, S. Hanks, K.jones, back: E. Rod- gersuj. Cole, R. Wayne, M. Cruz 7. Leslie Turk doing what she docs bust - standing around and talking ai break. j.A.-Writing Club-Candy Stripers 101 ,vw 33+ Is There Something Should Know? The Eisenhower Panther Press started off at a brisk march and ac- celerando-ed to furioso. Mrs. Woods, club advisor, called the first meeting and introduced a new song with the assistance of Susan Hanks, editor-in-chief. The staff re- leased the first copy of the "Chatter Box", the monthly gossip column. After that, the issues were hum- ming off the presses with an issue every month. The Panther Press kept the student well informed. Being a member ofthe Panther Press required many hours of hard work and dedication. The members spent much of their free time writ- ing and preparing stories. Setting type and pasting up stories required an equal amount oftime. There was always the dread of not making the deadlines, the fear of losing a story, and the never-ending fear of some- thing getting lost in the mail. a f 7: - 1. Molly Dwyer and other members of newspaper eat before their early morning meeting. 2. Mrs. Woods doing what all club advisors must - organize! 5. All the staff members are wide awake and ready for another early morning meet- ing. 4. Newspaper staffers doing everything BUT newspaper. 5. Molly has a hot release to be approved by Mrs. Woods. 6. It's been a hard day's night for Susan Hanks and Mike Locke. Newspaper Staff in I 1 2 Though the members had to part with an extra hour of sleep to make the morning meetings, they felt it was worth it. It was not all work and no play. They held a dance in the Spring and for the staff itself, there was a "go- ing away" party at the end of the year. Being a member of the Pan- ther Press was a rewarding exper- ience for everyone involved. .ffz .MW 4 ,,,,,,,.,,,.. ., 5 11,1 N 4 4 , i .:., 25 .M . .I+ 3' v '. .' 1 We -1 W 1 Q hu..-M- -hy !, I 5. x r X x. Ng' 'Q .5 iq 3 WF 3 ,- 'iz eg niti A Q! . lon if 4 3-92 vgnwi a 30' I 6 from row: M. Dwyer, A.jack,j. Slifer, L. Evans,-I, Lemna middle: Mrs. Woods. S. Hanks, T. Noonan,j. Schultz, M. Green, B. Schultz, M. Monahan back: C. Thommas, L. Turk, B. Zachcrs, K. Wl1ltf'ill, P. Quiglc, M. Locke, Swift, K, Sexton, M. Wilslmn Newspaper Staff 103 5' First row: T. Gillespie, B. Cuddeback Crecliningl, K. jones, L. Lauderdale, P. Crews, B. Dwyer. Second row: E. Frazier, L. Green,-I. Nelson, L. Conyers, G. Blakeman, L. Evey, T. Thompson, I. Watson, L. Watson, V, Bonnell. Third row: L. Brown, C. Dillman, L. Brown, V. Short, A, Lawyer. Back row: S. Walker, T. York, M. Muschal, M. Bartimus, R. Greanias. 'UMM 6 l. Yearbook members relax before the meeting begins. 2. Pictures, the objects of many a yearbook editor's dreams. 5. Pam Crews works hard creating captions one late night as all other staffers did. 4. Mike Bartimus and Mark Muschal develop pictures lor the editors. 5, Beth Cudeback, editor-in-chief, confers with Todd Gillespie, assistant editor, on advertising. 6. Kellie jones and Mike Bartimus Mter a long night at a yearbook meeting. 104 Yearbook Staff 3 , 3 2 i l r I t r S -nl? Beating the Dea Once again this year, the year- book staff was composed mainly of underclassmen. As always, these underclassmen proved to be a great source of strength for the editors to call upon. Without the staff mem- bers, the yearbook could not have survived. Still, every club needs its leaders. Beth Cuddeback was the Editor-in- Chief. It was her job to make every- one work hard to meet their dead- lines. Todd Gillespie held down the jobs of Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Business, and Advertising Man- ager. Basically, he handled the fi- nancial and organizational end of the yearbook. Mike Bartimus and Mark Muschal were the Chief Pho- tographers. Other editors were: Val- erie Bonnell, Sports, Pam Crews, Faculty, Bridget Dwyer, Classesfln- dexg Kellie jones, Clubs and Orga- nizationsg and Lowellette Lauder- dale, Student Life. The yearbook staff met every Tuesday and Thursday night. The "usual" meeting lasted only around two hours, but on deadline nights the meetings sometimes stretched as long as seven and a half to eight hours. Teachers could easily recog- nize the yearbook staff. They were those students who had dark circles dlines under their eyes and none of their homework done! Miss Kareotes, the advisor, often supplied "mun- chies" to tide the staff over until they got home, if they got home! On a typical night, the editors would be running around assigning layouts and stories to anyone who moved. Staff members turned into communication services between the yearbook room and the photog- rapher's darkroom. The most com- mon complaint was "more pic- tures" or "more copy." But, thank- fully the yearbook staff pulled together and finished the yearbook, just before the deadline! le 5 'H ': fwfr .y.!r1?.fl, . ,1 alwfrjzrfllh ,Tri yfs 4 :tif 5 Yearbook Staff 105 Spons 106 7 Q ,Q Q s Q Q 4 , 4 '0z'0:' x....O O, 7 9 O4 ' 'O CD ,sa x . I6 f 37 l 023, 4, 4 002818 :sfo ' .2 "' ' U,'0.'. 'Yf'01"l'0. 4'ff1"1"Z'4 s'o ' Q 'J -1'-Z'o2"1:-4 x,0,'9,.O...Q ' 'nf'-" 1 AN iiiiiiiiiiiF" Illllllll :::"' O ooiiiiaiiil' ' ...."...l ...Ul..... llllllllll nnnouunhnc ::::::" . l .U .U l nun hunts: lllilll 'annum - .:::l:" ..::: ll .Q.lllllllll WX M K ! XX 1 4 E s , . A ..,, t 1 4 K "'2"' K .. at 'ss....' - my , ,ggk tw rf 'Siamese -3 'wrt H k we . l T , I 2 tffhl X al 5 1. The varsity football team relaxes before practice. 3. The sophomore football team blows off the line. 2. The soccer team searches for a lost ball. 4. Mr. Murphy takes yet another phone call. Sports 107 We've Onl just Begun For the first time in its history, Ei- senhower had a soccer team. It was a young team, with fifteen freshmen and sophomores. The team was coached by jan Loftus. The season started before school did, as the tryouts were conducted in blistering heat. The situation was so bad that nobody was ever really sure if there would be practice some days. Eisenhower had the honor of play- ing in the first Decatur High School soccer game. Unfortunately, so did MacArthur, who won four to two. The team finished with a six to five record. 1. The team warms up before their big game. 2. Richard Wallace watches as three players struggle for the ball. 108 Soccer This was easily the best among the city high schools. The most valuable players were Doug Morton and Todd Martin. Todd Martin played sparkling defense, while Doug Morton anchored the offense, and scored five goals. Other important players were Steve Merli with eight goals and Dustin Miller with seven, Chad Coberly, an offensive header, and Scott Morton, the defensive header. Not to be forgotten was Gudrun Gyl- fadottir, our foreign exchange student, who played fine Finnish offense. ' Q 'wind 'fr ' .Za-f-sf: 'R be If 4 1 Ni", Z 4 i Scores: MacArthur 4-2 L Mt. Zion 1-4 W Springfield Griffin 0-3 W Normal 3-2 L Stephen Decatur 7-2 W St. Theresa 5-4 fo.t.j L Taylorville 2-1 L Springfield Griffin O-1 W .4 tmr- -...rye-age , ff'-2.54 .QQ-5 Alf? N' .. p , ugh' fy St. Theresa 4-1 L xi fit - X, , Stephen Decatur 3-7 W n A N K MacArthur 2-3 W YT Vj l. st rowzj. Hall, C. Purdy, second row: M. Monahan, B. Ronnow, S. Merli, T. Martin, third row: S. Morton, D. Morton, D. Miller, C. Coberly, D. Farns- rth, R. Wallace, fourth row: Coach J. Loftus, M. Patterson, johnson, A. Martin, T. Walclrop, R. Romager, S. Whited, G. Gylfadottir Soccer 109 The Warriors This year's Varsity Football Team's Conference record was 1-4. Overall record was 2-7. "Our team could've done better if we would have had a positive attitude and bet- ter conditioning," Coach Smith re- marked. He has coached for ten years, and three years of that were as a head coach. This year we had a good backfield and some starters are coming back next year. Senior newcomer Travis Coff- men, said, "It was a little scary to come to a new school. I had to learn to work with other people." Travis has played three years of football. He wants to go to North Western, as a walk on. Senior Skip Smith has played for 1. "Here we go marching, one by one. Hur- rah! Hurrah! . .. " 2. The team retires after a long, hard day on the field. 3. Rockettes, eat your hearts out! 4. Tony Brown and Coach Smith discuss plays after a long, hard practice. 5. The team waits patiently for their turn to show their stuff. 110 Sports eight years on some kind of team. He has earned two letters and has no college plans at this time. "Coach Smith was a great coach but he gave up too easy on his teams. But most coaches do at some time or another, and they all have their ups and downs in their career," stated Skip. "We sweat a lot in practice and then we'd dig down deep and half the time we came up empty, but we did try." "Life is like a football gameg IT'S A GAMBLEIV' stated Senior Kris Hebel. "The best thing about football is that it teaches you how to win and how to lose," stated Kris and Trav- is. -.N .4 1-A ,..i3t.X,, Varsity Football Central MHS SDHS Mattoon Centennial Urbana Bloomington Lincoln 6 28 O 14 33 26 22 14 7 7 626 612 6 1. - L 2. - L 3. - W 4. - W is 5. ' -4 L ,k,gj,5L 6. Normal 0-41 L A 7. - L x ,..i 1 ., 8. ' - L 9. ' -33 L 4 5 J 'l"' 2' Front r0wCleft to rightl: Eldridge Gray,-IeffMinich,james Andrews, Tim Pepin, Stacey Wheeler, Keith Gower. Second row Cleft to rightj: Coach Smith, Mickey Bradford, Ben Davis, Kris Hebel,jamie Gahwiler, Rick Mariner, Tony Ewing, Matt Snyder, Assist. Coach Shonkwiler, Third row Cleft to rightbz David Bowers, Tom Houser, Brad Mclilyea, Mike Dalluge, Bobby Bowser, Eddie Alexander. Tony Brown, Ken Oakley, Dirk Hanson. Back row Cleft to rightlz Brian Anderson,john Robinson, Bryan Naron, Aundra Holloway, Skip Smith, Kevin Roberson, Travis Coffman, Brian Pruett. Sports 111 " t's Getting Better All The Time" The year was a trying year for the Freshman Football team. The team had a great deal of spirit and al- though they didn't win any games, they still put their all into every game. So, let's look for these guys in the years to come on the junior Varsity and the Varsity Football teams. The junior Varsity Football team had a nice season. They won five games and lost four. They worked hard to win games. As a whole team, they played well together. But there were several outstanding players, which included Matt Brooks, Brad Shepard, Cory Scheibly, and Doug Ausenhemer. These guys deserve a hand for their dedication and spirit. 5. "You're going the wrong way, Goetz!" 4. Watch the feet! 112 JV Football 1. Better run! 2. On the line. 2 9 nl 35 l:OO'l'HAl.l. 1: Aaron Gerling, Shane Forbes. Shane Speagle, Danny Gordon, Tracey Wade, Ryan S. Whire .21 Scam Lame, Doug Smith, Rhett Rnnsdille, Bryon Smith, jason Clark, Brett Schultz, Tony Ford, Manager Erie Giles 3: Conch Rienrs, Mike Oliver, Sreve Grunden, Brad Ports, Mylan Copeland, james Clmves, john Hughes, Robbie Lurher, Troy Williams, Chris Pedigo. Shane Gosnell, Coach Thorpe 1: Steve Robinson, Mike Alexander, Tim Hill, Iiric Newhon. Danny Brusl-co, Tim Ferris, Brian Harvey,jim Hendren, Al Hodges 4"""' W' l3CXTl'llAl.l. ogue, 58 - M, Brooks, 10 - T. Banks, 12 - S. Goetz. 51 - T. Mason, 13 - R. Dalesio. H0 - 5, llfllry. '10 - C. Gddherry 2: Conch Cook, 52 Y K. l,eVeck, H fj. Nichols. 56 - B, Shepard, 74 - T. Clark, 61 -J. Clymer, 81 - D. Ausnehmer, 62 - M. llehenstreit. 78 - M. Srurgeon, Coaclijiin 5: -10 - C. Scliuililv, 75 Y C. l.oehr, 60 -V G. Giles, -4.2 -Y B. Pierce, 77 -- R, C.lff. 83 - D. Cligimlwerlnin , 51 W S. PUI1l12lllC5:0l1. il 7 ,lv SLO!! IV lfoorlwzill ll? Don't Break M Stride What all does a cross-country team do anyway? A cross-country team doesn't just "run" they work out with weights and many other things. Coach Smith has coached for fourteen years, but only ten at Ei- senhower. He didn't have big ex- pectations for his boys' team be- cause they only had five runners. To qualify in a meet you must have five on a team. The girls' expectations were a lot higher. They had a total of nine girls. One upcoming face this year was freshman, Jenni Moore, who won fourth place in the Regionals, and Eighteenth out of 300 in Sectionals. The runners would practice ev- ery night from the middle of Au- gust until the end of October. They would work on the long distance run and short distance. The boys would run a total of three miles and girls a total of two miles. The only problems they had were injuries - the girls were pla- gued with injuries. This is one rea- son that they didn't get any farther than Regionals. The girls have a full returning team, but the boys have three re- turning runners. The graduating runners are Gerry Melzer and Ted Smith. Every team has its yearly awards that were given. The Most lm- proved runners were Shelley Tips- word, and Gerry Melzer. Most Valuable were Ted Smith andjenni Moore. The First Annual Big Mouth Awards were honored to Sophomores, Brooke Williams, and Kyle Anderson. Front row: Shelly Tipsword, Christie Bennet, Matt Sidwell, Vicki Corte, Kyle Anderson Kelsey Cothern, Debbie Shriver. Back row: jenni Moore, Brooke Williams, Robby Pickett Gerry Melzer, Ted Smith, Carol Shriver, Mary Beth Green 114 Sports 1 1 l" 'in 'I 2 3 1. As Mr. Bob explains a complicated strategy, jason Wiegard walks away, com- pletely overwhelmed. 2. Mr. Bob waits patiently while Shelly Tipsword ties her shoes. 3. Vicki is all a blur at the prospect of an other race. 4. A Congregation Sports 115 Don't ake Me Down The Varsity Wrestling Team had a SUPER year! Their final record was 14-6. Coach james Cook had a very young but otherwise strong team. He has had only 22 losses in the past three years. Over fifty per- cent of all his games have been wins. He also will have a strong team coming back, with five Sen- iors, one junior, and two Sopho- mores. The team received 2nd place at the Kankakee Tourney, 2nd at the Urbana Tourney, and 1st at the Olympia Tourney. They also were 2nd in the Big Twelve and 2nd in the Regionals. "So, all in all, I felt that the boys had a fairly good year," stated Cook. Freshman Bryon Schultz placed SCORES in every tournament with either a first or a second place medal. Senior Walter Scott also placed five times: two 2nd place, two first place, and a Sth place medal. Freshman Brett Shultz received two 2nd place, one third place, and two first place med- als. Coach Cook was very satisfied with the ten returning letter-win- ners, and hopes to have them back. The junior Varsity squad had a very good season also. Next year looks exciting because they should have a strong returning team next year. Coach Deremiah did a great job for his first year in high school competition. "The JV team had a fairly good year," stated Coach Cook. EHS SDHS 9 W EHS Mattoon 28 W EHS Normal 39 L EHS Lanphier 39 L EHS Southeast 43 EHS Urbana 37 EHS MHS 6 W EHS Lincoln 35 EHS Taylorville 15 W EHS Mahomet 42 - D EHS Champ. Centennial 36 - L EH Champ. Central 18 - EHS Normal U-H 28 - EH Monticello 2 -- W EHS Shelbyville 6 - W EHS Cent. Cath. 10 - EHS Argenta 3 - W VARSITY WRESTLERS 57 - 38 - 31 , - 50 ' , - 10 , -- L EHS 56 Rantoul 12 - W 21 , - L 56 -- Z8 ' - L 50 ' - 10 L 25 S 41 W 35 W S 63 60 54 W 57 Pictures 1-4: Our wrestlers demonstrate their philosophy: everyone gets 116 Sports pinned in the end. MM l 1 l l 1 ? Varsity Wrestlers: front row --lcl'liScntt, Craig Gadherry..Ict'f' Adkins, Bryon Shultv. Brett Schultz. Walter Scottujirn Reed, hack row - Mike Bartimus. Myron Pender, Nick lfnstcr, Dwayne EVLlI1S,'lllIl Andrews, David Livingston, Charles Sprandel. Gary Parker. top rnwi Coach Couk. E A . R 1 A, 5 S i 5 ' l 5 l r 2 i r an 'l.V. Wrestling Squad frnnt row f Mat Sitlwellujeff Schenct. 2nd row !jefl' Sidwcll, Steve Merle, Tracey Wade, Shane Maple, Dave Pvc. 5rd mw f Brian Srnitlrhlirn llcidahaugh. Greg MCCiiinis..lim llcndren, Chris Meyers. Doug Smith. -lth row - Paul McAfee, Ben Taylor. David Henry, Gavin Landers. Howard Sly, unknown, Scott W'hirc, Coach Duremiah. Sports 117 Hit Me With Your Best Our tennis team had eight great players this season. Seniors: Shelli jones, jane Lemna, Linda Wuellner, and Capt. Stephanie Behrends. Sopho- mores: Monica Canham, and Kelly Ha- zenfield, Freshmen: Kelly Androff, and Christy Hill. Senior Shelli, who began playing in second grade, has won three letters and was voted "The Most Improved Play- er." "We had a great season but the weather was a big let down to us this year," she stated. Capt. Behrends has played tennis for five years, and has earned two letters. The only personal goals she had were to "win Sectionals, go to State, and to improve my personal playing skills," remarked Stephanie. She plans on at- tending Richland and Eastern, she also 1. Kelly A. pretends to hit Capt. Stephanie with her racquet as they play after practice. 2. Kelly H. and Shelli working hard to perfect their games in time for a match. 3. Mr. Chamberlain, Kelly, and Steph- anie pose in their spare time before practice starts. 118 Sports Shot plans on trying out for the college teams. "We'll need more girls or we won't have a strong team next year," stated Coach Chamberlain. The tennis team was very strong this past season. "We had many good returning play- ers." Mr. Chamberlain has coached boys' tennis for 12 years, but girls' ten- nis only 2 years. Their Conference Record was 5-0, and overall record was 9-O. They re- ceived 23rd in the state, won Section- als, and received Second place in their Conference. "The Most Valuable play- er was voted Stephanie. Next year's captain will be Kelly Hazenfield. Spe- cial congratulations to Christy Hill, Kelly Hazenfield, Linda Wuellner, and Stephanie Behrends. '. f . 1'- if' 'S 'is v I ea Y- - . .. , -,..-.E "rJ"'N' Centennial 1 EHS 8 Normal 3 EHS 6 Chatam-Glenwood 0 EHS 9 Lincoln 0 EHS 9 Williamsville 0 EHS 9 St Theresa 1 EHS 8 Stephen Decatur 2 EHS 7 MacArthur 1 EHS 8 ...J - it g J - ,, 'N 1 5 R., 4 T. if eft to Rightl Kelly Androff, Kelly Hazenfield, Christy Hill,jane Lemna, Stephanie Behrends, Shellijones, and Mr. Chamberlain. Not pictured: Linda uellner, and Monica Canham. Sports 119 Breaking This year's Varsity Volleyball Team consisted of eleven girls. Sen- iors were Darla Henry, Missy But- tolph, Michelle Miller, Tammy Blancett, and Capt. Kathy Dear- dorff. juniors were jill Redden, Dawn Pitman, Candy Andricks, and Vickie Bonnell. Sophomores were Kristi Daggett, and Beth Spycher. The girls had an outstanding sea- son with a 25-7 overall record and a 9-2 record in the Big 12 Conference. They also broke the school record for the most wins in one season. They won Regionals for the third year in a row by beating Mt. Zion and Taylorville. Sectionals were a different story. They went for four games C10-15, 4-15, 15-13, 12-15D but they were still defeated. The girls felt that they had a strong season and a strong team. They knew what they should have done to win the games that they lost. Two-year captain, Kathy Dear- dorff, felt that she met the goals she Records set, and she felt this was her best year played. "Mr. Wilks will have a strong team next year, he has good players coming back," stated Kathy. She says she does plan on playing volleyball in college. First-year setter Spycher felt her setting was pretty good, consider- ing it was a new position. "Next year, I feel that my setting will im- prove, because it is a difficult ad- justment," remarked Beth. "Our team did exceptionally well, and I was really impressed with my performance," stated Mi- chelle. M- Tammy, who came to the front row as a permanent position, was really impressed with my perfor- mance. "I did not do much in the front row, but what I did usually benefitted the team." A front-row player, Vickie, won back her back row position during mid-season. She felt that she had a pretty good year, "I really worked hard this year, and I'm ready for next year," She will be a big help next year to her coach. Dawn Pitman, Beth Spycher, and Kathy Deradorff were named for the Big 12 Volleyball team. This is Kathy's third year and Dawn's and Beth's first year. Coach Wilks was glad that the girls had such a good year. Next 1 year's team will be just as good, o better than this year's team becausi they have worked together for a least two years. "I was confident w- could win the Regionals. We tool- fourth place in the Central Illinoi Invitational, but Sectional was z real fight. So we met all our goals!' sf"3,, Front row Cleft to rightj: Kim Crisman, Kristi Daggett,jill Redden, Mr. Wilks, Kathy Deardorff, Darla Henry, Valerie Bonnell. Back row Cleft 4 . to rightj: Tonya Henry, Vickie Bonnell, Missy Buttolph, Candi Andricks, Dawn Pittman, Beth Sphycher, Tammy Blancett, Michelle Miller. 120 Sports 1. Candi Andricks and Vickie Bonnell blocking, 2. Vickie practicing blocking as Coach Will-ts directs her. 5. The team carried on the annual tradition of "TEEPEEING" coach's house before Sectionals. Scores: Bloomington 15-1,15-2 W Centennial 15-8, 15-7 W SDHS 15-1, 15-0 W Mattoon Tourney: Shelbyville 14-16, 15-10, 15-15 L Mattoon 4-15, 15-10, 5-15 L Charleston 15-6, 15-13 W Effingham 15 9 1115 15 6 W Danville 158 16 14 W Monticello 15 7 15 O W Rantoul1315 1510 15 5 W MacArthur 1511 15 3 W Danville 15 2 15 5 W Urbana 15 5 151 W Lincoln 1513 515 11151. St Theresa 15 10 15 8 W Central 15 8 15 2 W Centennial 15 9 15 4 W MHS INVITATIONAL: Monticello 15-6, 15-2 W Bloomington 9-15, 15-7, 15-5 W Blue Mound 15-4, 10-15, 15-5 W Mt. Zion 15-6, 15-5 W Normal 14-16, 9-15 I, Shelbyville 2-15, 11-15 L Normal 15-9, 15-15, 14-16 L Mattoon Forfeit Mahomet 15-6, 15-7, 15-5 W Mt Zion 1513 154 W Lanphrer 015 15 4 15 5 W Regionals Mt Zion 1515 1510 15 W Taylorvllle 15 7 1015 15 4 15 7 W Sectionals Sacred Heart 1015 4 15 4 15 5 Front row fleft to Rightl Tricia Planirz julie Burch, Debbie Weaver, Allison Aldridge, Stephanie Picket, Stacey Trummel, Tavia West Cindy Menzies Back row left to rightl Dawn Calhoun, Lisa Bennick, Boneisa Owens, Amy Gist,julie Oettel, Mindy Stewart, Mrs. Anthony Sports UM. Awesome is but one of the words that could be used to describe the Var- sity Basketball team this year. Out- standing and fantastic are others, but the most applicable would be - SUR- PRlSEllll At the beginning of the year, Coach Witt was faced with a team void of starters with the exception of Dan An- droff. But what an exception! He was one of the leading scorers on the team and was a natural leader because of his four years on the varsity squad. He was voted MVP in the Illinois State Classic. As for the rest of the Team? Well, they had a tremendously successful season and surprised and delighted us all by winning the Turkey Tournament at Griswold and the Illinois State Clas- sic at Normal. As icing on the victory cake, the Panthers were ranked thir- teenth in the state by the Associated Press. Aundra Holloway, one of the four seniors of the starting five, felt that the Panthers had an outstandingly success- ful season. He did not expect them to be so successful at first. "Coach Witt has a lot of confidence in us this year and we did not let him down," the talented forward summed up. Danny Androff was Eisenhower's pride and joy when it came to making points. Pivot man Danny's goals were to break the school record, to go to State, and to make the Big 12 team. Coach Witt expects to have a good team next year. Many of his players will be returning, and he suspects that forward Ecl Carnine will be a driving force. "We will have a good group for our next year's team," stated Coach Witt. Danny Androff set new school re- cord of 1271. The PANTHERAMA wishes Coach Witt good luck on his 1985- 1986 team. front:-I. Ellis, K. Schneider, M. Smith, D. Androff, A. Holloway, E. Carnine, K. Roberson, G. Melzer. back: T. Lynn - mgr., T. Brown, G. Walker, Assistant Coach B. Moore, Coach B. Witt, Assistant Coach R, Sly,j, McGee, D. Bond 122 Sports 1. Danny Androff tries to con- vince George Walker that the Panthers' basket is at the other end. Z. The perfect free throw! 3. The Panthers win the Tur- key Tourney - "We're ffl!" 4. ...might as well JUMP!! S. George Walker, airborne, scans the court. X ee ,,. .. il 5 -I 5 Scores: Rantoul 57 IfIIS 56 - W Mac 58 liIIS 70 - W Peoria Central 58 IiIIS 50 - W Mt. Z. 52 IiIIS 5-I - W Champ. Cent. 60 IZIIS 65 - W Bloomington 60 ISIIS 55 - I. Danville 50 IZIIS 5-I - W Normal -16 IiI'IS 58 - W Mac 59 IilIS '19 - I. Galesburg -i0 IiIIS -I5 - W Mt. Carmel -I5 IfIlS -I7 - W Norm, I'-Iligh -15 IZIIS 56 - W Iiast Moline 25 IfIIS 57 M W Lincoln 58 IiIIS 52 -Q W Mattoon -JI IiIlS 60 - XV SDIIS 55 IZIIS 51 - l. Rantoul 52 IfIIS 5-l - W Normal 62 IiIIS Sl - l. Mac 77 IillS 60 - I. I'rlwana 'li IZIIS 69 - W Lincoln 'll IiIIS :H - W Bloomington 'il IiIIS 51 - W Champ. Centen. 55 lflIS -I9 - l. Southeast I5 liIlS -I7 Y W SDIIS 53 IZIIS 541 - W l Regionals - SDIIS 77 IiIIS 60 - I. Sports Us Here We Come Again In varsity basketball the girls had an exceptional season this past year. The most serious losses were in a Rich- wood Tournament in Peoria. But, these losses also helped the girls in their superb final season. "The girls may have lost all the games, but they won three battles also. And they were having to be more aggressiveg they learned that they were capable of meet- ing the top ten schools and beating them. and that if you believe, you can do it," stated Miss Brooks. Three year letterwinner, Marlene jones felt she had a very prosperous senior year and hopes to play for Brad- ley. Sophomore Beth Spycher felt that she could have improved her game, especially in rebounding. Lori Krueger felt that the girls had a great chance at their second "Sweet 16." Three year letterwinner Kathy Dear- dorff was surprised that the girls could pull together so fast and work as a team. Kathy has no plans to play bas- ketball in collegeg she is considering playing maybe in intramurals. junior Vickie Bonnell who was benched mid-season with a broken wrist, rooted her team on to many vic- tories. Her wrist was healed just in time so she could help the team at Tourna- ment time. Three year letterwinner Dawn Pit- man had improved her rebounding and her scoring a great deal over the last year. She also felt that the girls had a great season, somewhat better than she expected. fr as.. --.c ,L A ....... .-Q., ibiza- W , ,...o'4"' 1' J... 14 E ul- Front row CL to RD Marlenejones, Lori Krueger, Kathy Deardorff. Back row CL to RD Kim Crisman, Vickie Bonnell, Michelle Shaw, Ruth Bordenkecher Dawn Pitman Beth Spycher Ida Brooks. 124 Sports . -v 1 X. 510 . . . X Q I ,,n....-- X . . ..-X -.Y nn 'Ilya'--f 3 I E Champ. Central 33 EHS 72 - W St. Teresa 38 EHS 61 - W Bloomington 36 EHS 59 - W Danville 43 EHS 72 - W Normal 69 EHS 51 - L MHS 42 EHS 61 - W Lincoln 47 EHS 66 - W Martoon 65 EHS 73 Richwood Tourn. Rock Island 68 EHS 49 - L Richwoods 68 EHS 49 - L Lockport 59 EHS 52 - L SDHS 54 EHS 76 - W Bloomington 47 EHS 75 - W Rantoul 43 EHS 69 - W Normal 65 EHS 75 - W Sacred Heart 36 EHS 63 - W MHS 44 EHS 52 - W Urbana 42 EHS 62 - W Lincoln 42 EHS'66 - W Centennial 56 EHS 58 - W Mr. Zion 45 EHS 66 - W SDHA 47 EHS 66 - W Regionals: Taylorville 42 EHS 81 - W Mr. Zion 36 EHS 62 - W Secrionals: Normal 69 EHS 67 - 1. Records - Conference: 1541 Co. Champs Overall: 20-5 2. Dawn pulls down another rebound. 3. Kathy shows to pump in free throws. 4. Marlene puts in two after she had stolen the ball. 5. Dawn reaches for the tip off. 6. Deardorff shows how graceful a lay up can be. 7. Vickie Bonnell, Kathy Dearclorff, Marlenejones, and Dawn Pitman relax after a hard battle. K 5 I 8. The team waits for the tip from Marlene. it if 9. The girls get ser under the basket. 1 H I ' MN I X kk -ff fa I X' fx fb? by , . S N ,A fy lj , .,... L 'L V sas' Mi .Q li ii vig. , K is 5 1 . Q 1 if . ' " A-W a......a.a..L Q A J. Q 1.1 D H 3 i i fi g , Q 6 il s , V i ,Tau T. 6 X. ,uf ""' . Ai ' 547 3 A QD . L..hh A at ,A b -X XQK if . X - Q A -, -r a... .. 1 . Va .- ' - N A .. Q .. Z 3, 1 I 'f ft ft , -1 3 s V' .Q 'T' L2 .4 , ,.. 7 8 9 Sports 125 126 WAY TO GO GO!! The freshman girls worked very hard to win as many games as they could, which was less than half of them, but they still had a great learning season. On the other hand, the boys' fresh- man team was struck with the eligibility problem of members who were normally their startersg this young team will be remembered for their tremendous en- thusiasm. The Boysjunior Varsity team was a bit ofa disappointment, but they gave it all to try and win. "I thought that we would at least make 500, so it was some- what ofa let down in this area," stated Coach Sly. Coach Sly has coached for six years, and this was his first losing season, so it was a big adjustment for him. This years' girls junior Varsity team had a great season under the great coaching of Mike Wilks. Really the only expectations that he had for the girls were to have another undefeated season, and to prepare them for the Varsity play- ing level. Freshman Debi Weaver, felt that she had improved her weakest area while Freshman, Dana Morrison felt that thejV had a super year, and they should have high expectations for next year. "I felt that I had improved a great deal, the team and Mr. Wilks were always very supportive to me," remarked Dana. Freshman Cindy Burch, never expect- ed to be on thejV team or even a starter. Cindy's biggest moment this season was , , in Lincoln. The score was tied in the JV Girls Scores: fourth quarter only a few seconds to to EHS 45 Centennial Z7 - w . 5 ' EHS 49 St. Teresa I0 - W Then Cindy was fouled, and the game EHS 38 Bloomington 25 - W was up to her. "I was so nervous, all I EHS 4.2 Danville 21 - W could think of was what ifI miss them EHS 50 Normal -2,3 - W both, who would win then?" Cindy later EHS 34 MHS 14 -XX! stated. However, Cindy pulled through EHS 52 Lincoln 51 - W and made both of her shots to lead her EHS 48 MHIIOOH 44 - W team to another victory. TLDHS gi L Thej.V. Girls have a 56-I record for the anrou , - EHS 41 Normal Z9 - W Past two years' EHS 58 Sacred Heart 53 -W 1. Cindy Burch puts two freethrows in to win with EHS 7,6 MHS 22 - W only 3 seconds to go. EHS 57 Ufbafw 25 - W f.i"Ellf2Zlfi,S 2'S,ZT.f'iT1Z'.1'ZfFlTl2Y Tfllm RHS 45 Lincoln 32 ' W 3. Doug Ausnehmer looks for an opening to one ISHS 51 Centennial JI - W ofthe inside men, IQIIS 47 Mt, Zinn 54 . W 4. Ausnehmer shoots two and adds two more to EHS LM SIJIIS 17 - W the Panthers' score. Final Record I9-I jV Boys' Scores: EHS 55 Mt. Zion 57 - L EHS 58 Central 46 - L EHS 48 Danville 60 - L IfllS 54 Normal 56 - L EHS 55 Lincoln 62 - L IEIIS 46 Mattoon 50 - L EHS 56 SDIIS 58 - W EHS 54 Bloomington 60 - L EHS 64 Rantoul 55 - W EHS 48 Normal 70 - L IZIIS 51 MHS 55 - W ISHS 52 Urbana 56 - L EHS 58 Lincoln 43 - L IZIIS 49 Centennial 62 - L EHS 44 Southeast 46 - L EHS 37 SDHA 41 - L JV Tourney - T lills 62 P6Oria Central 58 - W junior Varsity: Front fleft to rightb-Lisa Rabideau Cindy Burch Trisha Plantiz Shelley Ilinn Bickflelttorightl Coich M Wilks EI IS 69 Islocjnqingtfyn 62 , L Allison Aldridge, Dana Morrison, Shawn Ferguson Tania West Debi Weaver Final Record - 4-I6 Sports Freshman Girls: Front fleft to rightl - Coach W. Brown. Back fleft to rightl - Pam Vance, Kim Goodrich, Lynette Miller, Cassandra Long. Tammie Stewart, Bettyjones, Susan Makowiczjill Sebekis. Carol Beasley, Becky Zachcis, Vickijones. 1 -.41 Freshman Boys: Front lleft to rightl- Mark Lawson, Brad Potts, Kirk Diller, Mike Pottsjaiiies Clcavcs, Brandon Artur, Back Cleft ro rightl - Chris Tysus, Rhett Ransdall. Mylas Copeland. Eric Newhon. Al Hodges, Keith Cunningham, Tom Waldren, Arman Martin. Rich Gram. Coach Moore, ,vw .Q , O Q ,Q X. A et' 1 K, 9? .Junior Varsity: lfront llctt to rightl- lNl3gr.W'0oclx'St.1rk, li.ickllct'trori3glirl- SdlllIl-ClllPlCIUl1.-'EliSXX'L'Lll'lllgl'Il.lNl.lIISlly'Rll.'l'. Keith l.aird. Doug Ausnelimrr. Coach R. Sly. Terry Bates. Amlx' llincs. lirxiui Clariiian. Greg Ousr, Matt liroirks, Sports 127 We are the Champions! The Eisenhower girls' Bowling team ended their season with an undefeated record of 12-0. Due mostly to the five returning letterwinners: Seniors Linda Wuellner, Darla llenrygjuniors Caro- lyn Thommas. Melinda Poe. and Kim Cookson. Melissa jones. Freshman. also contributed to the wins and had earned her first Varsity Letter. junior Valerie Bonnell returned to help the j.V. team with their season. The eighth bowler on the team was Freshman Tra- cy Bonnell. On February 1, the day before Sec- tionals, WAND-TV came out and filmed the girls in action. At the sectionals the team started out slow but they then exploded in the 2nd round, ending in second place, with 4,699 pins. Melinda received second in individ- uals at Sectionals with 1011 pins. On February 8. she went to state and placed 46th. At Sectionals Carolyn placed 5th with 967 pins, Linda re- ceived 8th with 911 pins. Kim placed 10th with 852 pinsg Darla received 12th with 817 pins. Carolyn Thommas had high series for the season with 592. Other high series were Kim Cookson 567, Lindy 545, Linda 540. Darla 557, and Melissa 501. Linda Wuellner had high game with a 216. Other games were Kim 212, Carolyn 209, Darla 205, Missy 201, and Lind 200. Four year letter winner, Linda Wuellner, who also placed her fresh- man year at state tournament, reflects, "My junior year I felt, was my best year, because it was my best average and it was the highest ever, when our team was ranked eleventh in the state. Melinda Poe was very surprised when she received 2nd in individuals. But it would have been better if the team would have been able to go with her for morale support. Mrs. Collins was very pleased to have a team that was as experienced as they were. Coach Collins herselfhas been bowling for 25 years. "Next year's team will be very strong because of the four returning lettermenf' She added that the only expectations she had were to return to state and to have an undefeated season which they did. EHS's bowling team had only lost one game in the past two seasons. Left to Right: Ifronrbz Missyjones, Carolyn Thommas, Kim Cookson, Linda Wuellner, Kendy Dolly. Trisha Pumphery Left to Right fbackl Darla Henry Valerie Bonnell, Coach Collins. Tracy Bonnell, Lindy Poe. 1 28 Sports QD 3 4 Scores: EHS E S Ef S E E S EHS E S E15 i'S EHS 2 S 23-H 2195 2359 2382 2328 2 71 2241 2387 2A Sf 2429 2237 SDHS 2106 MHS 2087 COlf3X 1956 SDHS 2222 Taylorville 2295 Colfax 1972 Taylorville 2107 Oakwood 2244 MHS 2516 SDHS 2361 Oakwood 2085 H 1 I HS I H 1 H x 1 IH 1 1 EHS 25,30 Taylorville 2211 I H Sectionals EHS -4689 2 5 4 5 6. Melinda Poe shows her style. Kim Cookson concenrrares on her approach, Linda Wucllncr waves the last pin down. Carolyn Thommas and Missyjones show rhe difference in their releases Darla Henry shows lefry's can do it too. , 'I 5 6 Sports 129 What's Your Best Thing A water fsnowj bunny. Lori Krueger has been water ski- ing since she was 5 years old. She has won many awards with her ski- ing. In 1984-1985 she won the Re- gional Championship and tried for first in Nationals at Zachary, Lou- isiana. Lori is also thinking about going professional and possibly do- ing some traveling with her skiing but she has not yet decided. Lori's father, Fred Krueger, a 1984 cham- pion himself, has been Lori's trainer for many years. . She also has an official trainer who works with her in Tournament time like last sum- mer. Lori and her father are not the only ones who water ski in her fam- ily. Her mother skies, her 12 year old sister, and her 9 year old brother also ski. "My family and I go up to Burrow Pit in Harristown. Water Skiing is a great way to relax, to get a good workout and to stay cool while you're doing it." Lori does plan on competing this summer again at many events. right: Lori hits the waves at Burrows Pit this past summer. in in K Hoops equal TWO points! Aundra Holloway has been play- ing ball for four years, only one in high school. Aundra mainly played forward areas because she likes the rough areas of the court. "I was shocked when I found out that I was picked as MVP. An MVP is not possible unless he has a strong team to back him up," stated Holloway. His college plans are un- decided at this time. Danny Androff, was a four year letter winner, the only one in Eisen- hower's History to have been on a Varsity starting team since the first day of practice. "It was pretty scary. but after a while it became easier. I always had a lot of pressure to do good work," commented Danny. One of Danny's goals was to break the school record for the points scored in a four year period. Danny 130 Sports had scored 833 points at the end of hisjunior year. The school record is 1242 points by jerry Nixon. "We had a great seasong we lost a few games that we should not have lost, like to SDHS and MHS." Dan- ny has played basketball for eight years, since he was 10. He has made the All Macon County Team for the past three years. "Getting MVP at the ISU Tournament was a great experience, but winning the tourna- ment was even a better one," said Danny. Danny's college plans are also undecided, Eisenhower will miss having an Androff on the boys' varsity teams next year! We wish both players a success- ful college career. right: Aundra and Danny show their re bounding ability. . in Bump, Set, Three of the players from the 1984-1985 volleyball team made the Big 12 Conference Team this year. First was sophomore setter Beth Spycher, who was picked this year to help in the setting de- partment. Beth has only played ball for three years, and has re- ceived one Varsity letter. "I was stunned when I found out that I had made the Big 12," said Beth. junior newcomer Dawn Pit- man, has only been playing ball for three years. She did not play her sophomore year. "I plan on and Spike! moving to the backrowg I couldnt believe it! I was so surprised when I found out I made it." Four year letter winner Kathy Deardorff, who has made the Big 12 Conference Team for the past two years, has played volleyball for five years total. Kathy would like to have a volleyball scholar- ship. "It will be hard to get one because I'm only 5'4" tall," ex- plained Deardorff. Kathy feels that this year was her best year. WE WISH KATHY LUCK ON HER SCHOLARSHIP. left: Dawn gets down into ready position. Tee for Two The golf team consisted of eigh- en golfers. Senior Mike Locke, who had layed for eleven years, had won ree letters out of four years of varsi- . Mike planned on trying for De auw's golf team next year. His high- st game was 39 at Lincolnshire C.C., 6 in qualifying rounds. "I played oorlyg I had a confidence problem arly in the season and so I never ally played up to my potential," ated Locke. Mike felt that Mr. Wat- n did a great job for his 1st year. "I issed Mr. LeMaster because he was certified golf professional." The arbook wishes you luck at DePauw niversity. junior, Bruce Sattley won his first egional as an individual. Bruce, Mike, and Brian Habbe were the carries for the team, the team leaders, the strong men. Mr. Watson has coached golf for four years, the past three as a co- coach with Mr. LeMaster and this past year as head coach. "I was sur- prised to see that we won the number we did, with only having one senior. So, I bettered my expectation." "The only goals I had for my team was to improve the emotional atti- tudes of two of my players. Also, to finish the upper half at the Region- als." Mr. Watson has 15 players coming back and he hopes to win over half of their meets. Also, he wants to win the Regionals, like the golfers did in 1982. nt row fleft to rightj: Steve Carney, Greg Oost, Eric Melzer, Mike Grash,-john Branstad, Tim Pritts, Tyler Smith, Nick Reynolds, Fred Conley, David laney. Back row Cleft to rightj: Mr. Watson, Mike Locke, Darren Myers, Brian Hab-e, Nick Gurherie, David Zacheis, Bruce Sattley, Chris Berba. Sports 131 Leaders Of The Band If the students were asked what part of the school was most impor- tant, chances were that they wouldn't have said "the faculty." But the school without the faculty would have been like an orchestra without a conductor. All the stu- dents and textbooks would have been there, but there would have been no one to guide the students toward learning. When students talked of the fac- ulty, most of the time they were referring to the teachersg but the teachers were just a small portion of the faculty. The secretarial staff was just as important, maybe more so, for without the secretaries, the teachers would have been bogged down by the paperwork, and no teaching would have gotten done. The cus- todial staff kept the school clean and the essential school equipment running. The administrative staff kept the books on each student, and disciplined any students who needed disciplining. The faculty members that the students ran into most, however, were the teachers. The students' lives were shaped enormously by the teachers they encountered. For example, who could ever forget Mr. Nelson, with his unique way of quieting a class with a ruler very forcefully applied to some hapless student's desk. Any student who had that happen to him would cer- tainly be influenced for life. The students owed the faculty a great debt, but, at times, the stu- dents never seemed to appreciate them. Even if they acted disrespect- fully at times, however, the students appreciated the faculty, for without the faculty there would never have been any organized learning in Ei- senhower High School. lf! 132 Faculty WY 3 Nvissi Nsxwfil 1 1. Mr. Carr and Escort - Our Liaison officer shows the rookie aroundg 'just me and my shadow." 2, Mr. Scott DEFINITELY needs his morning coffee on his daily rounds as Dean ofStudents. 3. Mrs. Kistler ponders. Faculty 135 134 Faculty Abbott, Emily - Counselor Alexander, john - English Anderson, Linda - Mathematics Anthony, Rosemary - P.E,fDriver's Training Baldwin, Donna - P.E.fHealth Bednarek, Denise - Special Education Brauer, SuEllen - Mathematics Brink, Carl - Mathematics Brooks, Ida - P.E.fHealth Casey, Virginia - Mathematics Chamberlain, Don - Science Collins, Sharon - Special Education Cook, james - P.E.fDriver's Training Cussins, Mary - English Deremiah, john - Special Education Eiter, Martha - Science Ferriell, Mary Lou - Counselor Force, Chuck - Mathematics Greenwood, Cherie - Social Studies Griffin, john - Business Education Guice, Desra - Special Education Hay, Sharon - P.E.fHealth Hays, Virginia - Art Heiden, julie - Science 1,- tf' AX ,fs ,1 rf Q - -X 'wa Henry, Sarah - Library Aide Howard, Gail - Special Education Hudson, Wilford - Industrial Arts Kareotes, Christine - English Kistler, Shirley - English Kostenski, Marilyn - Social Studies Kramer, Glenn - Social Studies Krueger, Fred - Industrial Arts Mabry, Phyllis - English Maier, Karen - Special Education Martin, Mary Ellen - Foreign Language, Counselor McCoy, Barbara - Foreign Language Miller, Ardella - Special Education Mitsdarffer, Nancy - English Murphy, David - P.E. Nelson, Robert - Mathematics Novak, Don - P.E.fDriver's Training Oseland, Larry - Special Education Moore, jean - English Rinert, Paul -- Special Education Rients, Raymond - Mathematics Romer, Barbara - Business Education Rothe, Peggy - Home Economics Rohman, Susan - Special Education Aide Faculty 135 136 Faculty Roush, Bonnie - Library Aide Rusk, Michael - Social Studies Rutherford, Sherri - Special Education Scherer, Marilyn - English Schwalbe, Don - Business Education Scott, Milt - Choir Seidl, Ken - Mathematics Shonkwiler, Chuck - Social Studies Slifer, Carolyn - Science Sly, Randy - Special Education Smith, Bob - Social Studies Smith, Steve - P.E. Spence, Ollie - Foreign Language Streight, Dennis - BandfOrchestra Thorpe, Walter - Counseling Tietz, Margot - Foreign Language Tucker, Tom - Industrial Arts Waston, jake - P.E. Whited, Alice - Counseling Wilks, Mike - Mathematics Witt, Bob - Business Ed. Woods, Doris - English Carol josefson - School Nurse Betty Woodring - Head Librarian 1. Administration and Staffs 1. jerry Carr - Liason Officer 2. Mary jane Madix - Dean of Students 5. Gordon Davis - Vice Principal 4. Bill Rohrscheib - Principal 5. Secretaries in Main Office: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Herriott, Mrs. Roach, Mrs. Collingwood. Cafeteria Staff: 1. Pat Ware, Faye Cooper, Norma Hanson, Louise Laskowski, Marge Forbes, Eileen Boyd, Carolyn Moran, Par Lugar, Ada Darling, Sally Crubaugh. 1 1. Clockwise Custo dians: jo Sigley, R.T Sampson, Dave Fell wock, Leo Uhrich. 1. Dale Karcher 2. Don Kozack 3. john Arthur 4. Herb Benton 5. Bob Deatmon 6. Melvin Hutton Faculty 137 Caught in the Act 'Sv X L fs ff it -K ,,J,'SQ0CN MMOG' xx 3 146'y 9 ww Q. ' " 1-.fx MN' , So' -. :gg vf f . I K X, uv, 'ff gf I ,AVN-' ffl' X V 5,5 f wg?" J 1' 1 :,wig'g5'fgf4K1f11!fg -sry A X ,ff M., 1 j J I ' 1 - we 1 ' , ' ' f - gs .AYA ,sf ' ' A ff yi 4 J :J Us-'r Z Eg 4. ,Aj 3 2 S Zu IFND. 3 5 Q 1 , '15 .:"'7"""" Z. Mr. Murphy crams for a presentation. 3. "Uncle Miltie" tickles the ivories during his vocal music Hat Day. 4. Mr. Seidl showed his tap dance to the boys. 5. Mrs. Greenwood ready to start grading the mountains of history pa- pers after school. 6. Mr. Shonkwiler feigned camera shyness to his history class. Faculty 139 We Can Work It Out 140 Faculty :M f -wxumnqmw 5 E i 3 .Ld if E Wm., Eh. V MM.. fl ' i Y 1 Y f' -fgw m 1 05 3 1. Mrs. Eiter and a student toil over a biology assign- ment. 2. Mrs. Collingwood is engrossed in her secretarial work in the nerve center of the main office. 3. One student sees something amusing in Mr. Tucker's Industrial Arts class. 4. Mr. Sly is makin' a list an' checkin' it twice, in his Special Ed. class. 5. Mr. Griffin is returning his dreaded Business Ed tests! 1 Faculty 141 THE TE C ER Tirsjflsfler Q 1411, excuse me, buf, U11 Iczlinf Zark Have 01 -Seen It around? ef my paper 1 1 14 I ly as ll Y 755 A 4-L52 11' l.: ""' 'f"il ws, IS U ' ' N 4" M 4619525 S 'mb X .Q Q - xx M 3, A ,TL ,V.. f-X mg, Ad., wifi ,, - , ' QQ ig! w kk I J, SPO!! 1. Mr. Cook watched his P.E. class run laps in the gym. 2. Mr. Scott showed a complicated passage to the Concert Choir. 3. The traditional Christmas Tea given by Mrs. Rothe's Home Economics Department was once more a deli- cious interlude for Mrs. Martin and other faculty. 4. Mr. Carr explained police proce- dure to students in the office. 5. Dean of Students, Mrs. Madix, checks a student's schedule with her customary concern and efficiency. 6. One of our hard-working custodial staff, Herb Benton, checks on the safety of a desk top. 7. The Attendance Office secretaries - Mrs. Pygott and Mrs. Roemelin, 144 Faculty l WN! X , Q 3 2 5 if Men At Work Y Q kigx X h 1 -pf 5 -NTXX KI N. ,, X V? ,fP' 9 fs ff" f ' f A1 A K fd , f fa ffk Sf X 1' I X N A XX V S' ,f f if-, sz . ' X I "ff 1 A '57 f Z, I YXIQ XTX . L, , . 111 f. if ,A X Q X flu sham ' :Lf X 'X 'NX' .Rx N V lb , X fLXXX , 1. I f. W fy! , ., VZ an f04'C4-Andis.. m x' x X N f4'i",A 'V I r. SX 6 5 Faculty 145 LONYFJQ5 .S HOUINRY 3 1 'N-.1 x, umm: , ' 5' nb-uw' gvgai ,P Elf M3455 ,f Conyer s Hollda Motors C. Bud Conyers A . S ' ' ox A x . A L1 - ' 5 1275 N 22nd Decatur Il 62521 423-1031 423-6236 3 A 146 Ads open all wmter' meme cuemrw 801 E WOOD 232OE MAIN 4291122 4231719 Bus 428 4225 F 24 SF kl Qzzgcqusnua Llmousme Service W k M d 53Op An Experzence an Elegance S d M 2 8001 00 M130 Chauffeured Extended and Standard Lumousmes for any Occasuon l I . .A J ' ' ,H , ,' I A I f . - - 1 S - Holy am'ly P 'h 00 . ra ' Decat IL. . I I I ee end asses: I 'I Satur ay Eve - 1 .m. H ' ' "' un ay omin - : , 0: ,an : a.m. Ad 147 Tom C0mP1mef1fS f Bnnkoetter 8' Co REALTORSO upp Sh oe S 875 0555 159 N Water St Do mo n Decatur Comphments of M cKe ever UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS 7 Commun1cat1ons, age, 111111015 2044 Walnut Grove Ave Decatur 1162525 PSE HOYT PEARSON BOWHUNTING 8: TARGET BEAR EASTON SUPPLIES 8: SERVICE 5 STAR ARCH-IERY INDOOR RANGE 8: PRO SHOP 64 INDUSTRY CT -423 7211 O W N E R S RENTAL BOWS FRANK 8: LINDA RUSSELL 0 1 O I 0 R Ra 's , , . . w W - - I - 0 0 NTU! ' Jn. Yu- :LIL w . 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Love Dad and Mom A - 165 aus LIAN . H - : . . . ' z S E S Q ' YN . , ES F 9 E. William EDU tzur, 1 5 Air Condmoned HOURS: 9-5 D 'wig 9:30-3:00 saturaay S.. -------------------- ' X A1rc all Commumcatlons 156 Ads Good Luck! Matt rn the 1985 86 jennifer Lyn Study hard' Love Football Season Ernre 84 Super Nurse Love Mom and Dad Good Luck to next year's Pantherama Staff Love Your Edntors Beth and Todd ZIIIOIIS Wxllnm 84 Maryann Anderson Valerle Bonnell Mr 8. Mrs Don Brown Mr 8 Mrs Rober Canham Mr 84 Mrs Hartley Carlton Leslre 8 Shnrley Carr Don Chamberlaxn Leo Chase Frank Chxzevsky Robert Cloney Morton Cole Martm Colllns Randall Cook Ober Coolrson Howard Cooper james Cordts Stephen Corr1ny.,ton Mr Phnlllp Corte Del 8. Ruth Crews Beth Cuddebaclx By ron 84 Georgla Cuddebaclx Mr 84 Mrs Bull Davrs Walter 84 Toby Gnllesple Mr 84 Mrs Edwm Hnbhcock john 84 Ann Houge Brll 84 Reyna Horve Mr 84 Mrs Larry L Hott Mrss Chnstme Kareotes 84 Mrs 84 Mrs 84 Mrs 84 Mrs Darrell F Klockenba Wrlllam B Lawyer Mashou Charles MCG1nn1s Ada Mae Meadows Cheryl 84 Kxm Merrow Mr 84 Mrs Tony Meyer Mr 84 Mrs Vernonj Meyer Mr 84 Mrs Wrlllam Morrrson Ilmar 8. Carol Palm Lers Mr 84 Mrs Sebeckxs Mr 84 Mrs Russell D Short Mr 84 Mrs Shutter Ivan 84 Nova York Mr. ' ' ' ' Mr. ' Mr. , , v Mr- 2 ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' . 4 Mr. David Clark Dr. 84 Mrs. Richard Locke Mf- j Mr. . Mr. Mr, I ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. ' ' ' Mr. ' , , V f - Mr. ' , . l Mr. ' . , ' ' ' Mr. ' 4 f . ' Patrons 157 IIHada ..q'1k rp-poo-n...:'4v-nf W Pho o of You N-. ' il 'E Q, is it B 4 Q ir',f Q5 l, Editors Susan Hanks and Mike Locke talk with Kathy Sexton about newspaper staff headaches, 2. Cathy Loehr ponders English, 5. The marching band looks enthusiastic as they practice before a big game. -1. Skip Smith dreams of future glories dur- ing choir. S. Lisa Brown takes a moment to rest, dur- ing a busy yearbook meeting, 6. Karen Clements and Gary Lugar act shocked in the fall play. 7. Doug Ausnehmer shoots and misses at a JV basketball game. 158 Candids ag! 5.5 M-xs-h off 7 Candids 159 CHRISTINA ALLARD Nickname: Squirrel Future Plans: Further career in Cosmetology, move to Arkansas. SHERRI L. ALLEY Nickname: Miss Lynn job: Macon County Film Library Future Plans: College 9-10: Choir. 9: ,IV Softball. 12: OE Club. BRIAN ANDERSON job: Linen Closet Future Plans: College, Multi-millionaire, fast cars, fast women. 9-12: Football, 10: Track. MICHAEL L. ANDERSON Nickname: Miguel job: The Party Shop Future Plans: attend ISU and major in Computer Technology, also to play in local rock band. 9-12: Wrestling. 10-12:jA. 9-10: Yearbook. 10-11: Spanish Club. 9: Football. DAN ANDROFF Future Plans: attend college, get married, be- come rich and successful. 9-12: Varsity Basketball. 10-11: Varsity Football. KIMBERLY j. BEALS Nickname: Kim job: Bonanza Future Plans: attend Millikin University. 9: Band. TONY BEASLEY Nickname: Beas job: Eagle Supermarket Future Plans: attend Morehouse College 9-12: Human Relations CPres. 11-125, 10-12: Prin- cipal Scholars Program, 10-11: French Club. 9: -IA. 10: Football. TRACEY BECKER Nickname: Ramman or Rammy Future Plans: Get a job, then in a year, join the Air Force. STEPHANIE M. BEHRENDS Nickname: Scruffy Future Plans: attend 1 year at Richland and 3 at Eastern University. I 9: JV Tennis. 10-12: Varsity Tennis. 9: Choir. 10,12: Softball. 11: Gym Asst. 12: Office Helpers 160 Senior Activities KRISTIANN BELL job: Security Savings 8: Loan and K's Merchan- dise Future Plans: Attend College 9:jV Basketball. 9: Fresh. Choir. 9: Class Council Representative. 10-11: German Club. 10: Ad- vanced Choir. 10: Class Council Secretary. 11: Newspaper Staff. 10:jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. 12: OEA Club CSecretaryj. ALLEN F. BENNETT II Nickname: "A.B." job: Foot Locker Future Plans: Go to State Police Academy and bcome a State Policeman 9-12: Baseball. 10-12: Talent Show. 9-10: Foot- ball. 9: Basketball. LISA M. BLACK Nickname: Crash job: Godfather's Pizza Future Plans: Attend College and major in Law Enforcement 12: V.C.E. Class. TAMMY LYNN BLANCETT Nickname: Tam CSugarbritchesl job: Steak-n-Shake Future Plans: Attend College at Eastern 9-10:-IV Volleyball. 11-12: Varsity Volleyball. 9: -IV Softball. 12: Senior Representative. CRISSI BLESSENT Future Plans: Forest Ranger or a Child Psycholo- gist. RONALD L. BOND Nickname: "Doc" job: Godfather's Pizza Future Plans: Major in Computer Engineering at University of Illinois 9-12: Principal Scholars. 11-12: Academic Bowl. 9: j.A. 10: Computer Club. 12: -JETS. ANNETTE MARIE BONDS Future Plans: Attend ISU 9-10: 9-12: Spanish Club. 10-11: Social Sci- ence Club. 10-11: Flag Corps Q11: Captainj. RUTH BORDENKECHER Nickname: Rufus Future Plans: Attend College 9-12: Basketball C101 j.V. 11-12 Varistyl. 9-12: Marching Band. 9-10: Concert Band. 11-12 Sym- phonic Band. 9-10: Spanish Club. 10-12: Track. SENIOR 12: Vocational CChild Carel TAMMY BRACKETT job: Essex Future Plans: Go to College DANA BREWER Nickname: Guido Future Plans: Go to College and become a Psy- chologist. MICHELLE BRIGGS job: McDonalds Future Plans: Plan to go into Nursing, go to college at SIU. PENNY BROOKS Nickname: "Penny B" job: Mueller's Company Future Plans: Plan to get married and attend college. Freshman Attendant. 9-11: Band. 9-10: Band Of- ficer. 9: Pep Band. 9: Class Secretary at L.H.S. 12: O.E.A. CPresidentQ LESTER BROWN Nickname: Leon Future Plans: To become involved in coaching STEPHANIE BROWN Nickname: "Han" job: Rax Roast Beef Restaurant Future Plans: College: Go into Pre-Dentistry 9: Tennis. 9-10: French Club. 10-11: Cheerleader C10:jV, 11: Varsityj. 10: Track. 10: Talent Show. 11-12: N.H.S. 12: Senior Class Secretary. 12: Sen- ior Attendant ANN BROWNLOW Future Plans: Attend College. 9: Choir. 9-11: Yearbook Staff. 9-12: Latin Club. 12: Computer Club. 12: French Club. LEE ANN BROWNLOW Nickname: "Monchichi" Future Plans: Attend EIU, study Psychology 9: Cheerleader CMt. Zionj. 9: Choir fAdv. Girls a Mt. Zionl. 10: Choir 11-12: Concert Choir. 11-12 French Club. 10-12: Musical. 11: Tiptones. 11-12: Thespians. 12: Sr. Class Vice-President RANDY BUCHANAN Nickname: Randy "Carl" Future Plans: Get a good job and just live de cently. ACTIVITIES MICHELLE BUNDY Nickname: Shwabs Job: Rax Restaurant Future Plans: College 9-10:JV Softball. 9-10: Office Attendance Help- er. 11-12: Varsity Softball. 12: Main Office Help- er. TIMOTHY BURCH Nickname: "B.A., Hey You, Burch" Future Plans: College andfor work 9: Choir. 10-11: Concert Choir. 10-11 Yearbook. 11: Tiptones. MELISSA BURKHAM Nickname: Tom Job: Decatur Ambulance Service Future Plans: Go to College, Major in Pharmacy. TIMOTHY R. BYERS Job: United States Army Reserve Future Plans: College ROTC then Army full time 9-10: Football. 9,10,12: Wrestling. 9-12: Track. AMY S. CARR Nickname: Amy Cakes Future Plans: Go to College 9: Choir. 9-10: Tennis C9: JV, 10: Varsityj. 9-10: J.V. Softball. 10-11: French Club C10: Sec. 11: Vice-Pres.J. 11-12: Talent Show. 11-12: Pom- Pons C12: Captainb. 11: Library Assistant. KELLY R. CARR Nickname: K-rae Future Plans: Attend Robert Morris College, be- come Dental Assistant. 9: Tennis. 9: Freshman Choir. 10-11: German Club. 10-11: Gym Assistant. 10: Business Award. 11: Homecoming Attendant. 12: Office Assis- tant. STEVE CARTER ob: Spare Time Lanes uture Plans: Going to College 1-12: Computer Club f12: Treasurerj 11-12: Vo- ational Cooperative Ed. HOMAS R. CARTER ob: McDonalds uture Plans: Attend Western Illinois University, ajor in Law Enforcement -10: Football. 9-10: Wrestling. 9-10: Track. AREN CLEMENTS uture Plans: Go to New York and major in Financing. 9: Track. 9: Latin Club. 10: Golf. 12: Mid-term Graduate. BETH A. CLYMER Job: Showbiz Pizza Place Future Plans: Attend Millikin University - Ma- jor in Nursing - Specialize in Physical Therapy. 9: LHS Yearbook. Basketball. Student Council. 9-10: Spanish Club. 11: Library Assistant. 12' Gym Assistant. TERRI S. COLEMAN Nickname: Miss Mandrell Job: Burger King Future Plans: Attend Belmont College, Nashville TN. Major in Music Performance 8: Radio Tech. 9: Basketball. 9: CFall play: also made the flyers.J. 10-112 Cl'1Olr. 12: VCE BRUCE COLLINS Nickname: Ragoo Job: Village Inn Restaurant, Mt. Zion Bowl Future Plans: Go to Richland, get married 8: have kids DAVID C. COOK Job: Kennedy's Food Mart Future Plans: University of Illinois, Major in En- gineering. 9: Band. 9: JA. 9-11: Tennis. 9-11: Computer Club. 11-12: Latin Club. 12: JETS. Scholastic Bowl. RICHARD COOPER Nickname: Coop Job: Eagles Future Plans: Attend College 9: JA. 9: Football. 11-12 Principal Scholars Pro- gram. 12: Human Relations. 12:JETS. JENNIFER CORTE Nickname: JC Future Plans: Go to Eastern 9-11: Band. 11-12 Pom-Pons. 11: Latin Club. 11: Gym Assistant. 11:Jr. Sgt.-at-Arms. 11-12: Talent Show. 12: Senior Representative. 12: Homecom- ing Queen. SCOTT COVEY Nickname: "The Coy" 8: "The Spiked Baja" Job: McDonalds, Mt. Zion Future Plans: College: Major in Art and Psychol- ogy CArt Therapistj 9: Reflections Contest, State: 11: Hire the Handicapped poster, 1st place. Prai- rie Isles Wild Life Contest, 1st place. Operation Snowball, THEO GARY L. COX Job: Burger Queen Future Plans: Join Marines KELLI ANNE COX Job: Captain Video Future Plans: Go to college 9: Softball. BETH CUDDEBACK Nickname: Cuddles, Boo Future Plans: College at SIU or U ofI Major in Business. 9-12: Yearbook Cphotographer 9-10, ed.-in-chief 121 9: Spanish Club. 9: US Achievement Acade- my. 9: JA at LHS. 10: Play publicity. 11: Prom committee. 9-12: Symphonic 8: Marching bands, Pep Band. 11-12: Who's Who among American High School Students. SHERRIE LYNN CURRIE Job: The Waffle House 9: Yearbook KATHY K. DEARDORFF Nickname: Deardi Future Plans: Go to College 9: at LHS,JV Basketball. 10-12: Varsity Basket- ball CLetterJ. 9-12: Varsity Volleyball fLetterJ. 9- 12: Varsity Softball CLetterJ. JEFF DICKSON Future Plans: Air Force pilot 9: Wrestling. 9-12: Computer Club. 10-12: Ger- man Club. 11: AFS. 12: French Club. JODI L. DILLMAN Job: Pines V8zS Variety Store Future Plans: Attend College 9-10: French Club. 10: AFS. 12: Gym Assistant. DOUG DONALDSON Nickname: Donaldson Future Plans: Red Rocks College in Colorado, Major in Acting, Be a Rock Star. 9: at LHS, 9-12: Football C11-12: Statsj 9-12:Jazz Band. 9,11,12: Track. 9-10: Basketball C10: StatsJ. 9,11: Wrestling. 10-12: Float Committee. 10: Cross Country. 12: Play. DAVID DOOM Nickname: Da Doo Senior Activities 161 Future Plans: Go to College. 9: Gym Assistant. 10: French Club. 11: Social Science Club. 12: Spanish Club. DAVID L. DURAND 9: at LHS. 9-10: Wrestling. 9,10,12: Baseball. JOHN D. ELLIS Future Plans: Attend ISU. 9-10: Football. 9-12: Basketball. LEONARD DEWAYNE EVANS Nickname: "Dewy" Job: Robinson's B8cB Supplies Future Plans: Attend ISU or SIU, Major in Phys- ical Therapy 9: Football. 9-12: Wrestling. 12: Human Rela- tions. 12: JA Jams. REBECCA FINKLEA Job: Krekels Kustard Future Plans: Attend SIU 9: at MHS. 9: Newspaper. 9: Band. 9: Latin Club. 10-11: Social Science Club C101 Sec. 11: Pres.j 11- 12: VCE. 12: Exploratory Teaching. MICHELLE FORBES Nickname: Me Fo Future Plans: Go to College 9: Yearbook Staff. 10: Cafeteria Worker. 11: Homecoming Committee. 11-12: Latin Club. 12: Pom-Pons. 12: Talent Show. TIMOTHY L. FORCE Future Plans: Attend Purdue University, Major in Political Science 9-12: Football. 10: Student Council. 11: Class Council, Vice-President. NICHOLAS G. FOSTER Future Plans: Major in Psychology at either ISU, Cornell, or San Diego State. 9: Yearbook. 9: Football. 9-11: AVA. 9-10: Wres- tling. 11-12: Varsity Wrestling. 10: Track. JENNIFER GERI Job: Wait's Picture Frame 8: Art Supply. Future Plans: attend College 11: Tennis. 12: Pom- Pons. DUANE GIBBONS Job: K-Mart. TODD L. GILLESPIE Future Plans: attend College, Major in Pre-Law. 162 Senior Activities 9: at LHS. 9:JA. 9: Spanish Club. 9-12: Yearbook C11-12: Business Manager, 12: Asst. Ed-in-Chiefj, US Achievement Academy. 9-12: Plays 8: Musi- cals. 10-12: National Honor Society CTreasurer 125. 10-12: Thespians. 11: Prom Committee. 11- 12: Academic Bowl. 11-12: TEAMS. 11-12: Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents. 12: Talent Show. 12: JETS. 12: National Merit Semi-Finalist. WANDA M. GREATEN Future Plans: attend College, pursue a career in medicine. 9-12: Principal Scholars Program. 11-12: Latin Club. 11-12: Human Relations. 11-12: National Honor Society. PATRICK E. GREEN Nickname: CJ Job: Eagles Future Plans: Musical Engineer. 9: at LHS. 9: Spanish Club. 9: Football. 9-11: Marching 8: Symphonic Band. 10-12: Computer Club. TRACY L. GREEN Nickname: Green Job: Paper Route Future Plans: Major in Law Enforcement at Western Illinois University. 9-10: Spanish Club CPresident 95. 9-11: JA. 11: Mascot. 12: AFS. 12: Flag Corps. ANDRE R. GRENIER Nickname: Rob Job: Robbies Future Plans: Texas bound 9: Cross Country. 9: Track. 12: AVA. CYNTHIA L. GRIEVE Job: St. Mary's Gift Shop Future Plans: College at Western, Major in Busi- ness. 9: Freshman Choir. 9-11: Candystriper. 10-12: Flag Squad C11-12: C0-Captainj. 10-11: Latin Club. 12: French Club. 12: Office Helper. GUDRUN I. GYLFADOTTIR Nickname: Gunna 9-12: Iceland. 12: AFS. 12: Soccer. 12: Talent Show. GREGORY ALAN HAAS Nickname: Shorty, Mosquito Future Plans: attend University of Illinois, excel Talent Show, SENIOR in Computer Engineering. 9: at LHS. 9: Spanish Club. US Achievement Academy, National Science Olympiad Medal. 9- 12: Band. 10-12: National Honor Society. 11-12: Jazz Band. 11-12: Who's Who Among American High School Students. 11: Renssalaer Math and Science Medal. 12: JETS. 12: Academic Bowl. CHRISTINE E. HALL Nickname: Teenie Job: Cloyd's Food Center Future Plans: attend University of Illinois 9-10: at St. Mary's Academy. 9: Accompanist for Choir. 10-12: National Honor Society. 10: Cheer- leading. 11: Adv. Girls Choir. 11: Prom Commit- tee. 12: Spanish Club. 12: Concert Choir. SUSAN HANKS Future Plans: College, Missionary Work, Poli- ticsfJournalism, Youth Ministry. 9-10: JA. 9-10:JAMS. 9: Fresh. Girls Basketball, Manager. 9: Spanish Club. 10-11: Yearbook Staff. 10: Musical. 11-12: Newspaper C122 Co- Editorj. 11: Illini Girls State. 12: Advanced Girls Choir. 12: Writing Club. 12: Computer Club. 12: German Club. 12:JETS. 12: Academic Bowl. 12: Musical. ALETHA M. HARDEN Nickname: Babycakes Future Plans: To become a Model and Singer in California or New York. 9: Basketball AMANDA BETH HARRES Nickname: Mandy Future Plans: Attend Southern University of Illi- nois, Major in Journalism and Braodcasting. 9: Fresh. Choir. 9: Volleyball. 9: German Club. 9 12: AFS. 9-12: Talent Show. 10: Advanced Girl Choir. 10: Pom-Pons. 10: Newspaper Staff. 10-11 Musical. 11-12: Concert Choir. 11: Tiptones. 1 Spanish Club. DENISE HAWKINS Nickname: "Hawk" Job: Steak-N-Shake Future Plans: Truck Driver 12: VCE. MICHELLE D. HAYES Nickname: Mickey Job: McDonalds 9: at LHS ACTIVITIES KRISTOFER H. HEBEL Future Plans: Attend College. 9-12: Football. 9-11: Track. 9: Band. 9-12: Ger- man Club. 10-12: Concert Choir. 10-12: Tiptones. 10-12: Talent Show. 11: Musical. 12: Jazz Band. 12: JETS. ANTHONY HEINKEL Job: I-Ieinkel's Packing Co. Future Plans: Attend Oklahoma University. 9-10: MZHS. 9-IO: Football. 9: Wrestling QMZHSJ 10: Wrestling CEHSJ. I2: JETS. JEFF HENDRICKER Future Plans: attend Olivet College or Uni- versity oflllinoisg career in music education. 9- 12: Band. IO-12: Jazz Band. I0-12: Talent Show. l l- I2: National Honor Society. DARLA HENRY Job: Borg Warner Field Future Plans: attend College, Word Processing. 9-10:JV Volleyball. 11-12: Varsity Volleyball. 11- 12: Varsity Bowling. 12: Yearbook. SCOTT HILTON Nickname: KSH Job: McDonalds Future Plans: attend College, Major in Business. 9-12: Band. ALLISON M. HOEHNE Future Plans: Go to College 9-10: JA. 9: Attendance Office Helper. 10-11: Spanish Club. 11: Social Science Club. 11: Flag Corps. 12: Society of Distinguished American High School Students. LAURA HOGAN K-Mart Future Plans: attend SIU and go for an associates in Dental Hygiene. 10: Tennis. 9-10: Girls Track. 9-10: Choir. 10-11: C10: Bus. Man.J. 10-11: Musical. 12: L. HOLLOWAY Snake Plans: College, Good money, Good Job, comfortably. Football. 12: Basketball. 12: Baseball. HUANG China Palace Restaurant Plans: Engineer 12: JETS. 12: French Club. 12: Computer Club. SHELLY R. HUNK Job: Mueller Co. Future Plans: Secretary, Writer. 9: at LHS. 9: Yearbook. 9: Choir. 9: Spanish Club. 12: Office Education. DARA HURST Nickname: Dark Future Plans: attend Richland then 3 years at EIU. 9-10: JV Softball. 11-12: Varsity Softball. 12: At- tendance Office Helper. RICK HUSS Job: Pizza Hut 9: at LHS. 9-12: Marching Band. 12: Vocational Center. CHERYLL D. JACKSON Job: Tops Big Boy Future Plans: attend Robert Morris Career Col- lege, Major in Marketing. 9-12: Choir. 12: Flag Corps. MICHAEL E. JACOBS Future Plans: Go to College. DAVE A. JAMES Job: Decatur Trailer Sales. Future Plans: Goto Tech School, Major in Auto 8: Diesel Mechanics. 10: Football. MELISSA D. JARRETT Nickname: Dondee Job: Venture Future Plans: Attend Iowa State: Major in Com- puter Programming. 9-10: Basketball. 9-12: PSP. 9: Latin Club. 10: Library Assistant. 11: Spanish Club. 11:JA. 11-12: Human Relations. MICHELLE JOHNSON Job: Sears Future Plans: Attend College. MARLENE JONES Nickname: Bay Job: Johns Hill Middle School COEJ Future Plans: Goto College: Major in Business Admin- istration. 9-12: Girls Basketball. 11-12: PSP. 11: Gym Assistant. MICHELLE L. JONES Nickname: Shell Nell Future Plans: attend College 9: Freshman Choir. 9-12: Tennis. 9-12: German Club. 9-12: AFS C11: Vice-Pres., 12: Presidentl. 10-12: Concert Choir. 10-12: Musicals. LINDA R. KINGSTON Job: Godfathers Pizza Future Plans: College 9: Volleyball. 9: Spanish Club. 9-12: Choir. 10: French Club. 11: Class Council. 12: Student Council Sec. 12: Talent Show. LISA K. KINGSTON Future Plans: College, Major in Nursing. 9: Softball. 9: Choir. 9-10: Volleyball. 9-12: Class Council. 10-11: Musicals. 10-12: Concert Choir. 10-12: Thespians f12: Presidentj. LAURA ELIZABETH KIRBY Job: McDonalds Future Plans: College, Elementary Teacher. 9-10: Candystriper. 9-10: Latin Club. 11: Play. 11: Social Science Club. DARREN S. KLOCKENGA Future Plans: attend College, Career interests: Engineering or Accounting. 9: Freshman Golf. 9,111 Play, Musical. 9-12: Talent Show. 9-12: Ten- nis fLetterQ. 9-12:Jazz Band. 9: Marching, Com- bo, Concert Band. 10: Concert, Pep Band. 11-12: Marching, Symphonic, Pep Band C121 Presidentj. 10-12: National Honor Society 512: V-Pres.J. 10- 12: Thespians C12: Pres.J. 10-11: German Club C11: Pres.J. 11: Golf Team. 11: Student Council Rep. 12: Class Treasurer. 12: JETS. ANGELA KOVACH Nickname: Kojak, Red Job: McDonalds Future Plans: College, Major in Computer Infor- mation Systems. 9: JV Basketball. 9,11: Yearbook. 9-12: March- ing, Concert Band. 10,121 Track. RAYMOND JAMES KRAMER Job: Steak-n-Shake Future Plans: College, Service. 9:JA. 10: Basket- ball CManagerJ. QUINCY LANDERS Nickname: Big Q Job: Lifeguard, Hardees. Future Plans: Business School. Senior Activities 163 9: LHS Football. 9: Track. 10-12: Race Sprint Karts. LOWELLETTE LAUDERDALE Nickname: Blondie, Oscar Future Plans: Lincoln Christian College for 1 year then 3 years at Northwestern or U of I. 9: Library Asst. 9: AIFS. 9: Latin Club. 9-10:Jour- nalism Workshop - BSU. 9-12: Usher, 9-12: Yearbook Q10-12: Student Life Ed.J. 10-12' French Club. 10-12: Flag Corps. 12: Symphonic Pep Bands. 1 JANE LEMNA Job: Glenn Jewelers Future Plans: attend College 9,12: Tennis Team. 9-10: Class Treasurer. 9-10: French Club. 9-11: AFS. 9-12: Talent Show. 10-11: Pom-Pons. 11: Latin Club. 11-12: National Honor Society f12: Secretaryj. 12: Newspaper CPhotographerJ. KEVIN D. LESLIE Job: Pines Variety Store Future Plans: Air Force, Career in Electronics. 9-11: JA. 12: VCE. BRIAN K. LeVECK Nickname: LV Job: Ice House Restaurant Future Plans: Attend College, become rich, build my own house 9,10,12: Baseball. 9: Football. 9: Choir. 10-12: Concert Choir. 11: Musical. LISA A. LINK Nickname: Slick 1 Future Plans: Planning to go to Richland Com- munity College. 9-10: Basketball. 9: Volleyball. 9: VCE. 9,11: Track. DAVID LIVINGSTON Nickname: Tex and Doc Future Plans: Attend Morehouse, or SIU: Major in Computer Science and aeronautics. 9-12: Football. 9-12: Wrestling. 9-12: Principal Scholar Program. 10: Baseball. 10-12: Main Of- fice Assistant. 12: JETS. J. MICHAEL LOCKE Future Plans: To study at DePauw or Princeton University 9: Student Council Rep. 9-11: Jazz Band. 9-12: Golf. 10: Class President. 10-12: NHS. 10-12: Thespians. 11: Student Council Treasurer. 11-12: Editor of Newspaper. 12: Student Council Presi- 164 Senior Activities dent. STEVE LUKER Job: National Cash Register Data Center. Future Plans: Major in International Business. 9-12: German Club. 9: Band. 10: Social Science Club. 10-11: Computer Club. 12: French Club.12: AFS. 12: Member ofWho's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students. TRACY MAINS Future Plans: Go to College 9: French Club. 10-12: NHS. 12: JETS. SHERYL MAKOWICZ Job: Krekel's Future Plans: To become a Clerical Secretary 9: at LHS. 9: Basketball. 10,12: VCE. JEFFERSON A. MARBLEY Nickname: Kool Daddy Future Plans: Attend Cooking School. 12: Track and Field. L. SHAWN MARCH Nickname: Big Lar Job: Western Sizzlin Steak House. Future Plans: Attend Yale and Study Astro Phys- ics 9: at LHS. 9: Freshman Class President. 9-10: Football. 9-10: Spanish Club. TODD A. MARTIN Job: McDonalds Future Plans: Attend U of I and Study Architec- ture. 9: JV Golf. 9-12: Marching, Symphonic Bands. 10: Golf. 10: Tennis. 10-12:Jazz Band. 10-12: Pep Band. 12: JETS. 12: Soccer CCaptainJ. CYNTHIA D. MATTHEWS Job: Wendys Future Plans: Beauty College, be a beautician. 9-10: Basketball. MATT DILLON MCBRIDE Nickname: Spock Job: Irish Pub Future Plans: Study MusicfBusiness in College. 9: Christmas King 84 Court. 9: Basketball. 9: Office Helper. 9: Jazz Band. 9-10: Track. 9-12: Talent Show. 9-12: Tiptones. 9-12: Choir. 10: Tal- ent Award. 10-11: Cross Country. ANGIE MCDERMITH SENIOR Nickname: Blondie Job: K-Mart Future Plans: get married 8: move out of Deca- fllf. 9: at LHS. 9-11: Choir. SHAWN McDUFFIE Nickname: Cindi Job: Burks Pumps Future Plans: Go on to school. 9: at LHS. 9: Cheerleading. 9: Spanish Club. 9: Student Coun- cil. 12: OEA Treasurer. KIMBERLY D. MCELVAIN Job: Godfathers Pizza Future Plans: Attend College and major in Psy- chology. 9: JA. 9: Yearbook. 9-12: Marching, Symphonic Band. 10,121 Track. 10-11: Cross Country. BRADLEY ALLAN MCELYEA Job: Blue Mill Future Plans: College - Eastern 9-12: Football. 9-12: Track. 9-10: Basketball. JOSEPH ANTHONY MCGEE Future Plans: attend College. 9-10: Football. 9-12: Basketball. 12: Baseball. GERALD F. MELZER Future Plans: College 9-12: Basketball. 9-12: Track. 10-11: German Club. 11-12: Cross Country. KIMBERLY S. MERROW Nickname: Kim Job: Eisners Future Plans: marriage, College, Major in Com- puter Programming. 9-10: Spanish Club. 9-10:JA. DARREN MEYER Nickname: Big D Job: Nelson Golf Course Pro Shop Future Plans: attend College, Major in Child Psychology. 9: Football. 9: Track. 11-12: Varsity Golf. JENNIFFER A. MEYER Nickname: Jenny Job: Hartsell 84 Meyer Art Gallery, Eldorado Car Wash. Future Plans: Richland for 1 year, then U of I, Major in Business Communications. 9: German Club. 10: Class Council. ACTIVITIES DOUGLAS MILLER Nickname: Turtle Job: Holiday Inn Future Plans: go to College at Illinois State Uni- versity. MICHELLE R. MILLER Nickname: M-m-m-m-m Job: YMCA Future Plans: Go to College, study International Business. 9-10: JV Volleyball. 9-10: Student Council. 9: Freshman Choir. 9-12: German Club. 10-12: Con- cert Choir. 10-12: NHS. 10-11: Musical. 11: Tip- tones. 11-12: Thespians. 11: Student Exchange with Germany. TRACI A. MINTLER Job: Chez Voudrie Beauty Salon Future Plans: Attend Illinois State University 9-10: Yearbook. 11: Computer Club. 11-12: NHS. 12: JETS. MICHAEL MONAHAN Job: Walgreens Future Plans: Attend College to become a Com- puter Engineer 9: LHS. 9: Spanish Club. 11-12: NHS. 12: Soccer. 12: JETS. 12: Newspaper Staff. 12: Academic Bowl. JOHN S. MOORE Nickname: John-Boy Job: Promo-graphics Future Plans: College, Major in Anthropology 9: Computer Club. 10-11: Social Science Club. 11-12: Eco-Team. MICHELLE A. MOORE Nickname: Bub Job: Brown's Chicken Future Plans: Attend ISU or Eastern 9: Spanish Club. 10-12: Office Assistant. 11: Flag Corps. BETH A. MORRISON Nickname: Flo Future Plans: Attend University of Illinois 9-10: Student Council Rep. 9-10: Musical. 10:JV Cheerleading. 10-12: NHS. 10-12: Thespians. 12: NHS President. 11-12: Varsity Cheerleading C12: captainl, 11-12: Intra-City Student Council Rep. 12: Presidentj. 12: Student Council Vice-Presi- ent. 12:JETS. 12: IASC Cenois District Treasur- r. 12: Talent Show. PAMELA K. MORTON Nickname: Mason and Pooks Job: Citizens National Bank Future Plans: Attend College, Major in Law 9,10,12: AFS. 9-10: Choir fGirlsJ. 9,10,12: French Club. 10: Play Publicity and Art Work. 11-12: Theater 7. 12: Latin Club. DAYLENE R. MULVANEY Nickname: Day-Day or Space Job: Furrows Future Plans: Attend College and have a career and family. 9-10: Band. BRYAN S. NARON Future Plans: Attend College, Get rich quick, Retire early. 9: at LHS. 10-11: Escola Americana De Cam- pinas. 9,10,12: Football. 9,12: Baseball. 10-11: Basketball. 10-11: Soccer. 11: Track. PAULA MAE NEELEY Nickname: Snookums Job: Bonanza Future Plans: Army, Marriage GAIL NELSON Future Plans: College 9: at LHS. 9: Human Relations. 9: Nurse's Assis- tant. 10: Flag Cors. 10-11: Latin Club. 11: Social Science Club. 12: French Club. LYNNE M. NIELSEN Future Plans: Go to College, Majoring in Ac- counting and eventually becoming a CPA 9: Orchestra. 9: Yearbook Staff. 10-12: Concert Choir. 10-12: Talent Show. 10-11: Latin Club. 10- 11: Musical. 11-12: Pom-Pons f12: Co-CaptainJ. 11: Class Treasurer. 12: Class Rep. 12: Student Council. CHUCK NISBET Nickname: Smurf Future Plans: Go to Millikin ANGELA Y. PALMER Nickname: Angie Futre Plans: College, to be a Computer Operator JIM PARK Nickname: Hondaman, Rice, Animal, Wolfie, Guido Job: Shenanigans Future Plans: Attend Richland for 2 years then transfer to Millikin 9-10: Orchestra. 9-10: French Club. 11: Yearbook Staff. 11: Voice of Democracy Contest. JOHN D. PATRICK Nickname: Melvin Future Plans: Attend Richland Community Col- lege for two years and complete my education at Indiana Tech or Millikin 9-10: Orchestra. 9-12: Computer Club C11-12: Presidentj. 10-12: German Club. JENNIFER L. PERKINS Future Plans: To attend College 9: Yearbook. 9-10: Latin Club. 10-12: PSP. 11-12: Human Relations. TROY PINKLEY Job: Eisners Future Plans: Work, Go to College and then the Marines 9-10: Football. 9: Baseball. 10: Basketball. 12: Hockey. PAUL JOSEPH POTTS Nickname: Jai Job: Monicals Future Plans: Go to College, Major in Electrical Engineering. 9: Basketball. 9: Baseball. 9-10: Spanish Club. 11- 12: Tennis. DALE PREISER Job: Walgreens Future Plans: Attend Cornell University and Ma- jor in Cardiology 9: Track. 9-10: Orchestra. 9-11: Jazz Band. BRIAN PRUETT Future Plans: attend Eastern Illinois. 9-12: Football. 9-12: Baseball. JASON PRYDE Nickname: J Job: McDonalds Future Plans: College, Major in Art or Business. 12: Baseball. PAUL R. QUIGLE Nickname: XXX Job: Baker Woods swimming pool, Quigle's Fur- mture Future Plans: attend College, Major in Journal- ism. Senior Activities 165 Club. 11: IHSA Swimming. 11: Sgt. at Arms. 12: Class President. 12: Newspaper. 12: Spanish Club. 12: Who's Who Among American High School Students. NANCY N. RAUPP job: Raupp's Shoes, Long john Silver's Future Plans: Attend U of I. 11-12: National Honor Society. 12: Latin Club. 12: AFS. BRENDA MARIE REED Job: Decatur Airport Future Plans: Work with mentally and physically handicapped children. 9: at LHS. 9: AVA. 9-10: Spanish Club. 9-12: Marching 8z Symphonic Band. 10: Track. 10: Computer Club. STACIE L. REX Nickname: Tracey job: DQ Future Plans: U ofI 9-11: AFS. 9-11: French Club. 11-12: National Honor Society. 12: Office Asst. -IOHN E. RICHARDSON job: K-Mart Future Plans: Major in Music at Millikin, per- form professionally. 9-10: Talent Show. 9-12: Marching Band. 9-12: jazz Band. 9-12: Tennis. 11: All-State jazz Band. 12: All-State Honors jazz Band. SARAH BETH RIEDEL Nickname: Red Future Plans: attend College. 9: AFS. 9-10: French Club. 9-10: .IV Volleyball. 10-12: Musicals. 10-12: Concert Choir. 11: Varsity Volleyball. 11-12: German Club C12: Presidentj. 11-12: Thespians. 12: Play. CARLOS D. RISBY Nickname: jig job: Eisner-Osco 9-11: Football. 9,10,12: Track. 9.12: Wrestling. -IEANIE MARIE ROASIO job: Taco Bell Future Plans: College -- ISU 9-10: -IA. 9-12: Spanish Club C9: Secretary, 10: Publicity, 11-12: Presidentj. LINDELL R. ROUNDTREE job: Monicals 166 Senior Activities Future Plans: Going to Illinois State 9-12: Track. 9: Basketball. CURTIS R. SAIN Nickname: Playboy job: Central Medical Service Future Plans: Go to College and Major in Busi- ness Administration. 9: German Club. 9,11,12: Wrestling. 10-11: Cross Country. 10-12: Track. 11: P.E. Assistant. 12: Hu- man Relations Club. 12: Office Helper. VIRGINIA R. SANDERS Nickname: Ginger, Gingi job: Mutual Home 8: Savings Association Future Plans: Attend Lee College. 9: at Lincoln HS CMinnesotaj 9: Freshman Choir. 9,11-12: Talent Show. 9,11-12: Play. 10: Adv. Girls Choir. 10-12: Musicals. 11: Yearbook. 11: Newspaper. 11-12: Concert Choir. 11-12: Thespi- ans. 12: Student Council CHistorianj. 12: AVC. 12: OE Club. 11-12: Voice of Democracy. 11-12: Young Authors. 12: Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students. AMY T. SCHNEIDER Nickname: 6'10" job: McDonalds Future Plans: attend ISU, major in Fashion Com- municatinons or Fashion Advertising. 9: at St. Teresa. 9-10: Pep Club. 9-12: Latin Club. 10: Style Show. KEVIN P. SCHNEIDER job: McDonalds Future Plans: Go to College and study to be an Architect. 9: Baseball. 9-10: Football. 9-10: Basketball. RHONDA LYN SCHOEMPERLEN Nickname: Squirrel job: Foxmoor Casuals Future Plans: attend EIU. 9: at LHS. 9: Cheerleader. 9: Student Council. 9: Softball. 12: VCE. MICHELLE DeLYNN SCHUMAN Nickname: Mich job: DQ, Pizza Factory Future Plans: attend College, get married. 9: -IA. 9: Track. 10: Cross Country. 12: AFS. 12: Lab Assistant. RON SEES Nickname: Cecil SENIOR Future Plans: Go to Technical School. KATHLEEN A. SEXTON job: Gallenkamp Shoes Future Plans: attend College, Major in Commu- nications. 9: at LHS. 11-12: Student Council. 12: Newspaper. KATHERINE ANNETTE SHELLEY Nickname: Boo job: Area Vocational Center Future Plans: Air Force 9-12: Basketball. 10: Softball. MARY E. SHELLEY Nickname: Fe Fe job: Venture Future Plans: Hickey Business College to be- come Data Processor or Accountant. 9-12: Basketball. 9: Track. 10-12: Principal Schol- ars Program. 11:jA. JAMES A. SIMON Future Plans: attend College. 9: Musical. 9:jazz Band. 9: Student Council. 9-10: Golf. 9-12: German Club. 9-12: Talent Show. 10- 12: Tiptones. 10-12: Concert Choir. 11: Cross Country. 11-12: Track. 11-12: National Honor Society. 12: Sgt. at Arms. 12:jeTS. 12: Newspa- per. GEORGE FRANKLIN SMITH IV Nickname: Skip Future Plans: attend U of I 9: Musical. 9-10: Basketball. 9-12: Football. 9-12: Talent Show. KAREN SUE SMITH Nickname: Suey job: State Treasurer's Office fSummerj Future Plans: Get married and work. Knot too soonlj CATHY M. SPAIN job: ADM and McDonalds Future Plans: attend Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. 9: at LHS. 9: Marching, Concert, Pep Band. 12: Office Education. R. SCOTT SPEARS Future Plans: Professional percussionist fo Rock-n-Roll Band 8: f or Electronics fCommuni ty Collegej. STACY LYNN STATZER ACTIVITIES Future Plans: Marine Corps 9-11: at MZHS. 9-11: AFS. 9-11: Ski Club. 9-11: Band. 9: Softball CStatsJ. 10-11: FBLA. MELLISSA STEELE Nickname: Snuggles Future Plans: Spend rest of life with Joe Lake, Professional Secretary. 9: at LHS. Yearbook. 10-11: Office Helper. 12: Flag Corps. SHANTY STEWART Nickname: Sweets Job: DQ Future Plans: attend Eastern, major in Computer Programming. 9: at LHS. 9: Softball. ROSS SWARTZ Nickname: Road Warrior from Wisconsin Job: Northgate Cinema Future Plans: Industrial Engineer. KERRY SWEARINGEN Job: Eisners 10-12: Computer Club. JANE A. swim: Job: Country Boutique Future Plans: attend ISU or Millikin and become Registered Nurse. 9: Freshman Choir. 9: Class Council. 9-10: JV Volleyball. 10-12: Student Council. 10-12: Con- cert Choir. 12: Newspaper. CURTIS E. TAYLOR Future Plans: attend College at SIU. 9: JA. 10-11: Wrestling. 11: Computer Club. SI-IEI.I.Y TOMLINSON Future Plans: Go to LCC. 11: Office Worker. 11: Drew Yearbook cover, 1983. MARK TURNBO Nickname: Drummer Future Plans: Cooking School, become Chef in Florida. SHERYL TURNBO Future Plans: attend College. 9-11: Choir. 11-12: Flag Corps. RAYMOND WADKINS Job: Kroger, Sav-on Future Plans: Fulltime Job, attend night school, get married. 11: AVC fCabinet-makingJ. 12: VCE. THEA WALKER Nickname: Theewee Job: Foot Locker Future Plans: attend College. 9: at LHS. 9: Vice-Pres. 9: Student Council. 9-12: Cheerleading. 10,12: Talent Show. LORI A. WATSON Nickname: Bob Job: Morris Artcrafts Future Plans: Eastern Illinois University. 9: Volleyball. 9: Choir. 10-12: Cheerleading. REBECCA RUTH WAYNE Nickname: Becky Job: Decatur Public Library Future Plans: College, Study abroad, attend Au- gustana, Major in Biochemistry or Statistics. 9-10: at St. Teresa. 9-10: Pep Club. 9: Track. 10: Choir. 11: Who's Who Among American High School Students. 11-12: Rotary Youth Ex- change. 12: JETS. 12: TEAMS. 12: Track. CHUCK WHITE Job: Decatur Ambulance Service, Spencers Future Plans: Major in Music at Millikin and become performer. 9-11: at SDHS. 9-11: Yearbook. 9-11: Wrestling. 9-11: Modernaires. 9,11:Jazz Choir 111: All-Statej. JULIE WHITE Job: Monicals Pizza Future Plans: attend College. 11-12: Attendance Assistant. JUSTINE WHITELOW Future Plans: 2 yrs. at Richland, then 2 yr Master Program in English. 9: Freshman Choir. 9: French Club. 9-10,12: Choir Contest. 10-12: Adv. Girls Choir. 12: Writing Club. WAYNE WILDER Future Plans: Michigan State, Auto Mechanics, Auto Body. JEFF WHITEMAN Nickname: Y.C. Job: Taco Amigo Future Plans: attend College, become a CPA. 9: Baseball. 9-12: JA. DAVID R. WILLIAMS Nickname: Whirle,J Future Plans: attend Trade School, become Car- penter. 9: Football. 9-10: Basketball. 9-10,12: Varsity Track. 10: Cross Country. BRIAN K. WILSON Nickname: Kibbles Job: Steak-n-Shake Future Plans: Richland. 10-11: German Club. LINDA WUELLNER Future Plans: Dental Field 9-10: Spanish Club. 9-12: Varsity Bowling. 10-12: Varsity Tennis. Senior Activities 167 Aa Abbott, Emily 134 Adams, David W. 65 Adams, Peggy A. 65 Adams, Tommy L. 52 Adkins, jeffrey T. 52, 117 Alcorn, Kathy 65 Alderman, Barbara D. 65, 94 Aldridge, Robert 65 Alexander, Frank E. II 52, 111 Alexander, john 134 Alexander, Michael W. 65, 113 Allard, Christina 27, 160 Alldridge, Alyson L. 14, 18, 65, 84, 121, 126 Alldridge, Travis A. 52, 90 Alley, Sherri L. 27, 160 Allison, Rodney A. 27 Allison, Tara L. 58 Allyn, jeffery S. 65 Altherr, Timothy S. 65, 84 Anderson, Brian W. 27, 111, 160 Anderson, Kyle S. 57, 87. 90, 114 160 Anderson, Linda 134 Anderson, Michael L. 27, 160 Anderson Sharon G. 65. 90 Anderson, Todd S. 27 Anderson, William G. 65 Andrews, james A. 52, 111, 117 Andrews, Thomas R. 65 Andricks, Candace L. 52, 84, 120, 121 Androff, Daniel S. 27, 122, 130, Barnett, Erika D. 65, 90, 100 Barr, David C. 58 Barry, Patrick j. 58 Bartimus, Michael E. 52, 81, 90, 104, 105, 117, 176 Barton, Deanna L. 52, 84 Bates, Terry L. 58, 127 Baum, Kelley 58 Beals, Kimberly 27, 160 Bean, David E. 65 Beard, Angela L. 52, 77, 84 Beasley, Anthony M. 27, 87, 160 Beasley, Carol 127 Beasley, Lynette C. 65 Beasley, Thomas 81 Becker, Tracey G. 28, 160 Bednarek, Denise 134 Behen, Carol A. 52, 84 Behrends, Stephanie 28, 118, 160 Belcher, Theresa 52 Bell, Kristi H. 28, 160 Belt, Sundee R. 58 Belue, Angela L. 52 Benner, Christine 52 Benner, Debra A. 58, 90 Bennett, Allen F. 28, 90, 160 Bennett, Gary E. 65, 79 Bennett, Mary C. 65, 90, 114 Bennick, Lisa A. 58, 73, 84, 90, 112 Bennick, Rebecca j. 52 Berba, Christopher 52, 83, 87, 131 Bergen, Phillip L. 28, 81, 83, 84 Bergen, Theresa L. 58 Berner, Paul E. 84 Best, jonathan W. 65 Bond, Sandra D. 65 Bond, Willie 52 Bonds, Annette M. 28, 84, 160 Bonds, Don E. Bonds, Gary R. 52 Bonnell, Tracy 66, 90. 100, 128 Bonnell, Valerie L. 52, 104, 120, 128, 176 Bonnell, Vickie 124, 52, 120, 121, 125 Book, Sharon K. 66 Bordenkecher, Ruth 1. 28, 77, 160, 124 Born, Monya L. 52, 94 Born, Tiera 66, 94 Bossert, Stephen R. 66. 98 Bowers. David V. 29. 111 Bowman, Kevin A. 29 Bowser, Bobby j. 52, 111 Boyd, Eileen 137 Boykin, French S. 81, 98 Brackett, Tammy L. 29, 160 Bradford, Chester M. 52, 111 Bradford, Kristina K. 66 Bradford, Melissa 81, 87, 90 Androff, Kelly R. 65, 118 Anthony, Rosemary 121, 134 Apperson, Richard P. 58 Arnold, Amy E. 53, 84, 100 Arnold, Linda K. 65, 84 Arthur, john 137 Artze, Brandon P. 65, 127 Ashe, Tricia A. 65 Aubert, Shannon D. 58 Auerswald. Karin K. Auerswald. Ronald R. 51 Ausnehmer, Douglas E. 58, 113, 119, 126. 127, 159 Austin, Mark D. 52 Bb Babchick, Amy B. 65, 79, 84 Bachman. Nichole E. 52 Baggett, Scottie L. 27 Baker, Christina 52 Baker. jill A. 27 Baldwin, Donna 134 Ballard, Lori A. 58 Banks, Timothy 119 Barbee, Gwendolyn 65 Bardfield, Scott 52 Barger, jennifer K. 65 Barnes, Dennis A. 65 Barnett, Alicia M. 52 Barnett, Arthur D. 58 Barnett, Connie M. 27 168 Best, Laura 51 Best, Michael A. 52 Betzer,janice L. Bickes , Timothy L. 65 Bilyeu, Melissa L. 58, 77, 84 Bilyeu, Michelle M. 65 Birch, David E. 58 Bifk, john F. jr. 58, 77, 84 Black, Dawn M. 58, 94 Bradford, Wendy 29, 77 Bradshaw, Deborah R. 29 Bradshaw, Eric A. Brady, Walter Brandeberry, Dianna L. 52 Branstad, john R. 58, 76, 77, 84, 131 Brauer, SuEllen 134 Brechnitz. Christopher 14. 29. 73. 84. S7 Brecht, William 84, 100 Brennan, Roy E. Brettl, Brian S. 66, 100 Brewer, Curtis D. 58 Brewer, Dana K. 29, 160 Brewer, Deangela M. 52 Bridgeman. Victoria L. 66. 90 Briggs, Michelle D. 29, 160 Bright, Stephanie 58 Bruno, Cindy S. 53 Brusko, Danny 113 Buchanan, Randy C. 161 Buis, Brenda K. 66 Bundy, Michelle 30, 94, 161 Burch, Cynthia E. 66, 126 Burch, julia A. 58, 121 Burch, Timothy W. 30, 161 Burg, Christine 53 Burgess, Paul 66 Burkham, Melissa L. 30, 161 Burnett, Melissa F. 58 Burries, Betty A. Burse, Carla 53, 77, 93 Bushey, Michael D. 53, 77 Butler, Rolanda L. 53 Buttolph, Melissa A. 30, 120 Byers, Bradley L. 66, 90, 94 Byers, Timothy R. 30 Cc Calfee, Melissa D. 66 Calhoun, Dawn C. 58, 64, 121 Calloway, Elaine 58 Calvert, Dena L. 53. 94 Camp. Gregory S. 58 Campbell. jackie I.. jr. 30 Campbell, Neal H. 66 Canham, Monica L. 58, 84, 118 Carey, Christine 30, 94 Carlton, Carolyn A. 53, 83, 87 Carman, Brian L. 59, 127 Carman, Cassandra 59. 66 Carnahan. Charlotte 66, 79 Carney, Steven 66, 131 Carnine, Edward P. 53, 122 Carr, ,jerry 133, 137, 145 Carr, Carr, Carr Amy s. ao, 95, 161 Kelly R. 30, 161 Rick A. 8, 59, 113, 119 Carter, Steven M. 30, 98, 161 Carter, Thomas R. 31, 161 Casey, Virginia 134 Black, Lesley A. 65 Black, Lisa M. 28, 160 Black, Toy 52 Blakeman, Gregory K. 52, 94, 104 Blancett, Tammy L. 28, 87, 120, 160 Bland, Cynthia 65 Blazer, Kurtis R. 52 Bledsoe, Steve M. 58 Blessent, Christine 28, 160 Blessent, Donald R. 65 Blessent, james L. 65 Blue, Christopher Blue, Stacey 28 Blue, Tabetha L. Bogle, Steve 58 Brink, Carl 134 Briscoe, Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Danny E. 66 Eddy L. , Ida 134 Mark A. 58 , Matthew J. 58, 94, ioo, 113, 119, 127 Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Penny M. 29, 160 Antonio D. 53. 111 Charles D. 66 Dena S. 58, 93 Dian M. 66, 90 Lester L. 29, 160 Lisa D. 66, 104, 176 Lisa M. 58, 94, 100, 104, 158, 176 Chamberlain, Donald 11, 98, 118, 139 Chamberlain, Donald 59 Chandler, james D. 53 Chaney, Atheree T. 53 Chase, David A. 53 Chatman, Anthony 66 Chatman, Eva 59 Chizevsky, Kimberly A. 53, 93 Choatie, Michael L. 53 Clark, Carol A. 66 Clark, jason T. 66, 94, 98, 113 Clark, jeffrey E. 53 Clark, Kimberly L. 58 Clark, Rose 53 Clark, Timothy M. 58, 113. 119 Bohan non, Lowell S. 65, 79 Boliard, Bruce E. 52 Bond, Don E. 122 Bond, jeffrey T. Bond, Bond, Bond, Bond, Lesley A. 65 Patrice D. 52 Renee Y. 65 Ronald Bond, Ronald 28, 81, 160 Brown, Sharon D. 66 Brown, Stephanie 11, 14, 18, 26, 29, 83, 94, 160 Brown, Tina T. 53, 122 Brown, Willard 127 Browning, Mark L. 53, 76, 77 Brownlow, Ann E. 29, 84, 98, 160 Brownlow, Lee Ann 30, 89, 90, 160, 26 Cleaves, james C. 66, 113, 127 Clem, Brandon 66 Clements, Karen E. 22, 31, 84, 159 161 Cliff, Randy L. 66 Clifton, Richard D. 59 Cloney, Christen D. 66 Clow, Robert E. 31 Clymer, Beth A. 31, 94, 119, 161 Clymer, jeffory A. 59 Coady, Christian 53, 81 Cobb, Cobb, Aliene 51 Helene 51 Coberly, Chad A. 53, 89 Coenen, Jacqueline 59 Coffman, Kirsten S. 66 Coffman, Lori D. Coffman, Travis L. 11, 22, 31, 90 Coffman, Troy D. Coins, Coins, james L. Richard L. Cole, jennifer L. 66, 90, 100 Coleman, jilana 53. 98 Coleman, Marilyn K. 31 Coleman, Terri S. 31, 161 Coleman, Tina M. 59 Collingwood, Mary Lou 137 Collins, Bruce A. 31, 161 Collins, Sharon 134 Combs, Ted R. 53 Comp, jodi R. 66 Comp, Ronald Conant, Kimberly L. 53, 93 Conley, Frederick C. 59, 76, 77, 81. 131 Conner, Amy E. 53 Constan, Angela R. 59, 84 Conway, Roseann M. 53 Conyers, Lisa G. 59, 81, 84, 104. 176 Cook, Anthony S. 59 Cook, Charsetta 58 Cook, Constance 66 Cook, David C. 31, 75. 81, 84, 161 Cook, Eric S. 53 Cook, james 113, 117, 119, 134, 144 Cook, Kelly K. 53 cook, Mary E. 66 Cook, Susan D. 59. 100 Cookson, Kimberly S. 53, 128, 129 Coontz, Melody L, 20. 59 Cooper, Faye 137 Cooper. Kimberly A. 66, 84, 90 Cooper, Reginald D. 66 Cooper, Richard D. 31, 81, 87, 161 Copeland. Carla F. 53, 59, 79, 81. 93 Copeland, Mylas L. 66, 113, 127 Copenhaver, Laurie A. 31, 81, 94, 98 Cordts, Michelle E. 53 Cornell, Kimberly A. 66, 90, 100 Cornell, Michael D. 53 Corrington, Heather M. 66, 71, 90 Corte,jennifer S. 14, 15, 16. 18, 19. 31, 84, 87, 93. 161 Corte, Victoria L. 59, 64, 84, 114 Cothern, Kelsey K. 66, 90, 114 Coventry, Lisa 53, 94 Covey, Anthony P. Covey, Scott L. 32, 161 Cox, Gary L. 32, 161 Cox, Kelli A. 32, 161 Cox, Michael T. 53 Crain, Vicki L. 11. 53, 57. 84, 93 Crews, Pamela A. 53, 75. 77. 81, 100, 104. 105, 176 Crisman, Kimberly M. 53. 120, 124 Crist. Michelle S. 66. 90 Crosby, Darryl L. 53 Crosby, Gene A. 66 Crose, james C. Crubaugh, Sally 137 Cruthird,James A. jr. Cruthird, Robert Cruz, Christobals 59 Cruz, Marcia P. 66, 90, 100 Cuddeback, Beth A. 32, 77, 79, 104, 105, 161, 176 Cummings, Crystal M. 59 Cunningham, Calvin L. 51 Cunningham, Keith D. 127 Cunningham, Michelle Currie, Sherry L. 51, 161 Curry, Tammie J. 59 Cussins, Mary 134 Dd Daggett, Kristy L. 59, 120 Dalesio, Raymond L. 59, 113, 119 Dalluge, Michael E. 32, 94, 111 Daniel, Clayton P. 59, 77, 84 Danner,jill M. 66 Darling, Ada 137 Davis, Benjamin T. 53, 111 Davis, Dawn L. 53, 84, 93 Davis, Donald F, 59 Davis, Gordon 137 Davis, joi L, 66, 90 Davis, Susan L. 53, 57, 84, 87, 90, 93 Deardorff, Kathy K. 32, 120, 125, 161, 124 Deaton,jennifer A. 59, 84 Deem, Gregory T. 51 Delgado, Robert F. 32 Demus, Stephanie 53 Dennis, Bryan L. 66, 84 Denton, Herb 137 Denzler, Michael A. 59, 84, 98 Deremiah,john 117, 134 Dhermy, Arthur T. 59, 79 Dial, Riki L.Jr. 59 Dibartolomio, Angel M. 66 Dickey, Geoffrey W. 53, 76, 77, 84 Dickson, jeffrey S. 32, 84, 98, 161 Diggs, Michael G. 53 Diller, Kirk W. 66, 77, 84 Dillman, Catherine 66, 84, 98, 104 Dillman,james L. 59, 98 Dillman, Jodi L. 32, 94, 161 Dills, Lisa C. 32 Dinh, Charles 61, 113 Dixon, Patricia 66 Dodwell, Edward 59 Dolly, Kendall K. Donaldson, Charles D. 32, 162 Donovan, Christopher 20, 59 Doom, David F. 32, 84, 162 Dorsey, Vincent E. 53 Doty, Paula S. 59 Dowell, Corey 59 Drake, Danielle 53, 93 Drozs, Dawn G. 59, 100 Dulaney, David M. 59, 131 Dunn, Richard P. II, 53 Durand, David L. 33, 162 Durbin, james R. 33 Dwyer, Bridget A. 53, 98, 100, 104, 176 Dwyer, Margaret M. 59, 84, 102, 103 Ee Early, Bernard L. 59, 98 Easter, Shannon S. 59, 83, 84 Eckart, David L. 53, 59 Eckart, Douglas R. Eggers, Lori A. 66 Eiter, Martha 134, 141 Elam, julie C. 66 Ellis, Bennie E. 53 Ellis, john D. 33, 122, 162 Elmore, Carla 59 Elsea,'Ieffery K. 59, 79 Elsea, William S. 59 Elston, Mark R. 59 Emmerich, jennifer R. Enloe, Christina 53, 90 Estes, Kathy A. 59 Estes, William K. Eubanks, Tracy L. 59, 113 Evans, Leonard D. 33, 87, 100 162 Evans, Leslie A. 53, 102 Evans, Randy L. Evey, Leslie A. 66, 104 Ewing, David A. 53, 111 Ewing, Randall S. 66 Ff Fair, Michael 66 Farmer, Michael R. 53 Farnswroth, Michael D. 66, 84, 109 Felt, Jodi M. 59 Ferguson, Bradley A. 53, 100 Ferguson, Shawn Y. 66, 126 Ferriell, Mary Lou 134 Ferris, Timothy L. 66, 113 Finch, Michael D. 66 ,117, Finch, Scott 51 Finch, Scott A. Finch, Shawn R. 66 Finch, Suzanne M. 66, 100 Finklea, Melissa S. 53 Finklea, Rebecca A. 53, 162 Fisher, Patricia F. 53, 87, 93 Fleming, Michael D. 53 Flinn, Andrea M. 59 Flinn, Shelly 126 Flinn, Tina M. 33 Forbes, Beverly R. 59 Forbes, Marge 137 Forbes, Michael S. 113, 162 Forbes, Michelle D. 33, 84, 93 Force, Angela A. 59 Force, Chuck 78, 134 Force, Denise R. 66, 90 Force, Timothy L. 33, 73, 162 Ford, Alisa M. 53, 98 Ford, Chana 67 Ford, Cynthia L. Ford, Morrie Ford, Sharmila K. 59, 64, 84 Foster, Leslie S. 59 Foster, Nicholas G. 33, 117, 162 Foster, Paul E. 67 Foutch, Michael 59 Fouts, Michael T. 67 Fox, Robert T. 67 Frank, William 33, 76, 77, 81 Fraser, Elisa M. 23, 24, 53, 90, 104 Frederick, Mark A. 67 Frederick, Troy A. 59, 94 Freeman, Matthew j. 53, 57, 77, 84 Funk, Shelly L. 53, 100 Futo, Tami A. 67, 79 Fyke, Lori L. 54 Ga Gadberry, Craig, W. 59, 113, 119 Gadberry, Steven F. 11, 14, 18, 33 Gaddy, Donald 59 Gaddy, Samantha M. 67 Gahwiler,james E. 54, 111 Ganyo, Scott D. 59, 84, 98 Garceau, Stacey 59, 64, 72 Garrett, Douglas R. 54 Garrison, Dena M. 59 Gauble, Shani D. 59, 64, 77 Gentry, Bobby W. 59, 100 Gentry, james K. 51 Geri, jennifer A. 33, 93, 96, 162 Gerling, Aaron 67, 113 Gerling, Doug 60 Gibbens,jason A. 67, 94 Gibbons, Duane E. 34, 162 Giles, Eric D. 60, 113 Giles, Gregory T. 60, 119 Gillespey, Michele L. 54 Gillespie Tina D. 67, 94 Gillespie, Todd L. 22, 23, 24, 25, 34, 81, 83, 89. 104, 105, 162 Gilmour, Anne M. 67, 90 Gilmour, james A. 54, 77 Gisf, Amy A. 60, 100, 121 Goad, Suzanne M. Gober, Tracey L. 60 Goetz, Steven 60, 113, 119 Goff, Thomas R. 67 Goforth, Terry W. 60, 98 Gooden, Michael T. Goodrich, Karen S. 54, 57, 93 Goodrich, Kimberly 67, 90, 127 Gordon, Danny R. 67, 113 Gosnell, Michael S. 67, 113 Gosnell, Patty L. 34 Gower, Alicia L. 67, 100 Gower, Keith A. 60, 111 Graham, Errika S. 67 Graham, Richard N. 127 Grant, jerry L. 67, '77 Grasch, Michael E. 60, 84, 131 Graves, Merlin 54 Graves, Paul Gray, Eldridge D. 54, 111 Gray, Terri L. Grayned, Lori A. 60 Grayned, Shelley 51 Grayned, Tena L. 60, 94 169 Green, Greanias, Robert J. 67, 104, 176 Greaten, Wanda M. 51, 81, 83, 84, 87,162 Greed, David 60 Green, Gregory L. Green, Laura S. 60, 77 Lynn E. 60, 72, 104, 176 Harris, Sharron L. 60 Harshbarger, Christine 67, 100 Hart, Christina 67, 90, 96 Hartman, Christopher 67 Hartness, Lee A. 67, 84, 90, 100 Harvey, Brian L. 67, 113 Harvey, Christopher 51 Green, Mary E. 14, 18, 54, 73, 83, 84,87,90,102,114 Green, Patrick E. 51, 162 Green, Tracy L. 34, 83, 93, 94, 162 Green, Valerie A. 67 Greenberg, Suzanne B. 54, 84 Greenwood, Cherie 134, 139 Gregory, Sherrie C. 67 Harvey, Donna R. 60 Hastings, Paul M. 67 Hawkins, Denise 35, 163 Hawkins, Jeffrey 54, 84, 86, 87, Holliday, jonathan J. 54, 81 Hollingsead, Wendy A. 67 Holloway, Aundra L. 36, 111, 122, 150,163 Holmes, Randall S. 67 Holt, Lorie A. 60, 75, 77, 84, 130 Honnold, Daniel W. 67, 71, 76, 77 Hood, Brian E. 54, 60 Hood, Diedre 67, 84 Hood, Jason M. 60 Hood, Kevin M. 60 Jackson, Lasonya Jackson, Maria M. 54, 81, 87, 93, 100 Jackson, Mylo T. 37 Jacobs, Michael E. 54. 163 James, David A. 37, 163 James, David P. 54 James, Jennifer E. 60, 64, 93 Janssen, Laura 54 Jarrett, Melissa D. 37, 163 88 Hawkins, Sean Hawkins, Todd A. 67, 79 Hood, Lynn C. 36 Hood, Randall K. Hood, William B. Jarrett, Michael D. Jarrett, Sevie L. 13, 14. 60, 81 Jefferson, Robert A. 60 Jelks, DeWanda L. 68 HawkinS. Valerie D. 67 Grenier, Andre R. 14, 16, 17, 18, 21,34,162 Grenier, Nicole B. 60, 83, 84 Grider, Laura D. 67, 94 Grieve, Cynthia 34, 73, 84, 94, 162 Griffin, Gregory L. 34, 94 Griffin, John 134, 141 Griffin, Sonya 67 Griffin Tory C. Griffith, Cecelia R. 54 Grose, Michael W. 51 Gross, Jill R. 67 Gruender, Sherrie L. 60, 77, 84 Grunden, Stephen K. Jr. 67, 94, 113 Guffey, Stephanie 54 Guice, Desra 134 Guise, John A. 54 Guthrie, Nicholas T. 60, 77, 131 Guyman, Kimberly K. 54, 90, 91, Hawthorne, Michael C. 60 Hay, Sharon 134 Hayes, Michelle D. 35, 79, 163 Hays, Patricia L. 67 Hazenfield, Kelly S. 60, 118 Heard, Keith 127 Heard, Keith E. 60 Hebel, Karis E. 66, 73, 90, 93 Hebel, Kristofer 35, 81, 111, 162 Hebenstreit, Mark E. 60, 113, 119 Hebenstreit, Mark J. 67 Hebenstreit, Michael J. 67 Hector, Jeffrey 67 Hector, William A. 67 Helden, Julia 80, 81, 134 Heidlebaugh, James E. II. 67, 117 Heinkel, Anthony R. 54, 81, 163 Helphrey, Patrick I. 60 Hendren, James 67, 113, 117 Hendricker, Jeffrey 24, 35, 76, 77, Hh Henry, 93 Gylfadottir, Gunrun 34, 73, 83, 84, 109,162 Haas, Gregory A. 9, 34, 75, 76, 77, 81, 83, 162 Habbe, Brian 54, 131 Hale, Christopher 67, 96 Hall, Cassandra 67 Hall, Christine 34, 83, 84, 162 Hall, James W. 67, 76, 77, 84, 108 163 Henry, Darla S. 51, 120, 128, 129, 162,176 Henry, David G. 67, 117 Henry, Frederick Henry, Sarah 94, 134 Shannon M. 60, 90, 113, Hooge, Eric 54 Hook, Julie A. 54, 90 Hooker, Jennifer J. Hoots, Anthony P. 60 Horne, Brandon M. 67, 79 Horne, Jennifer L. 60, 77, 93 Horton, Kevin 66 Horve, Nicole M. 60, 84, 100 Hott, Todd W. 60 Hotwick, Gary M. 54 Hotwick, Terry 36 Houran, James P. 60 Houran, Michael T. 54 Houser, Thomas M. 36, 111 Howard, Gail 135 Howard, Roderick R. 54 Howell, Daisy L. 67 Huang, Norma H. 60 Huang, Peter 60, 81, 98 Huang, Rose H. 36, 81, 84, 98, 163 Huddleston, Larry D. 36 Hudson, Sheridan Y. 54, 87, 100 Hudson, Tracy J. 67 Hudson, Wilford 135 Huebner, Kelly L. 60 Huggins, Richard E. 36 Hughes, John C. 87, 113 Hunk, Shelley R. 36, 163 Jenkins, Kelly L. 60 Jennings, Tina L. 37 Johns, Catherine 60, 84, 90, 98 Johnson, Carlton D. Hurst, Dara K. 36, 163 Hall, Tony L. 119 Henry, Tonya L. 54, 120 Hensley, Lisa 54, 77, 100 Herriott, Donna 137 Hess, Kenneth L. Higgins, Laura K. 54, 90 Highcock, Edwin J. 35 Highcock, Jeffrey S. 67 Hunt, Charla 36 Hunt, David A. 54 Hunt, Jeffrey G. 67 Johnson, Dale R. Jr. 54 Johns Johns Johns Johns on, Debra S. on, Jay R. 54, 77, 81, 84, 109 on, John A. on, Jon A. 54 Johnson, Kimberly D. 54, 72, 90 Johnson, Michelle 37, 81, 163 Johnson, William O. 60, 98 Johns ton, Larry A. 54 Jones, Betty J. 68, 127 Jones, Douglas E. 68 Jones, Farry L. 68 Jones, James M. 37, 90 Jones, Kellie S. 54, 81, 84, 100, 104, 105, 176 Jones, Kimberley 60 Jones, Lonie 60 Jones, Marlene 37, 81, 124, 125, 163 Jones, Melissa A. 68, 128, 129 Jones, Merle 54 Jones, Michael L. 54 Jones, Michelle Jones, Michelle L. 37, 163 Jones, Shelly S. 54, 83, 84, 89, 90, 118 Jones, Tony 54 Jones, Vickie M. 68, 84, 127 Jones, Victoria Hunt, Michelle L. 64 Hunt, Terrence L. 60, 98 Hunt, Timothy E. 67 Hunter, Teri A. 54 Jorgensen, Steven M. 68, 94 Josefson, Carol 96, 137 Hambrecht, Lori A. 67 Hampton, Patricia A. 60 Hanks, Susan R. 35, 81, 84, 98, 100,102,103,162 Hill, Christine 67, 118 Hill, Dwayne Hill, Michael A. Hardy, Hanson, Dirk C. 54, 111 Hanson, Norma 137 Harden, Aletha M. 35, 162 Harden, Sandria D. Frank Hill, Timothy A. 67, 84, 113 Hilligoss, Christopher 60 Hillman, Frank 135 Hilton, Gwendolyn 54, 84, 93 Hilton, Kenneth S. 35, 77, 163 Hines, Andrew R. 60, 127 Hargrave, Krysty L. Harmon, Loraine J. 60, 93 Harmon, Richard L. 67 Harnish, Susan L. 54 Harper, Eddie 54 Harres, Amanda B. 35, 72, 83, 84, 90, 162 Harris, Aniko D. 67, 90 Harris, Christina 67 Harris, Cynthia D. 170 Hodges, Alfonso 67, 113, 127 Hoehne, Allison M. 35, 163 Hoehne, Jason P. 67 Hoffert, Scottj. 67 Hoffman, Paula S. 60 Hogan, Laura 35, 163 Hogue, Andrew R. 54 Hogue, Benjamin R. 60, 113, 119 Hogue James C. 35 Holliday, James P. 54, 98 Hurst, Wendy M. 60 Huser, Jeffrey H. 54 Huss, Rick E. 36, 77, 163 Huth, Tara L. 54, 93 Hutton, Melvin 137 Ii Incarnato, Douglas A. 36 Inman, Scott 68 Ji Jack, Anastasia 60, 73, 84, 90, 93, 102 Jackson, Charlotte 51 Jackson, Cheryll D. 37, 163 Jackson, Jason T. 60 Kk Kalapis, Cari E. 54, 84, 90 Karcher, Dale 137 Kareotes, Christine 135 Kastl, Gregory E. 66, 84 Kawaski, Kyle W. 54 Keckritz, David S. 60 Kehart, Elizabeth 37 Kelm, Gregory D. 54 Kennedy, Stella Kerns, Randall E. 68 Keste r, Marion M. 60 Kileen, Kelli C. 60, 75, 93, 94 Kileen, Michael S. 37 Kilpatrick, Clyde A. King, Charles D. King, Christopher 37 King, Scott A. Kingery, Barbara 58 Kingston, Kimberly K. 60, 90 Kingston, Linda R. 58, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 165 Kingston, Lisa K. 58, 90, 165 Kirby, Kirby, Laura E. 58, 165 Kirkwood, Howard Kissell,jeffrey P. 60 Kistler, Shirley 21, 88, 89, 152, 155 Klinker, Dean P. 54, 76, 77 Klockenga, Darren S. 25, 26, 58, 76, 77, 80, 81, 85, 88, 89, 163 Knight, Tangula S. Knorr, Michelle 61 Knotts, Michael E. 68 Knotts, Sabrina L. 54 Koslofski, Gregory L. 61 Kovach, Angela 58, 77, 164 Kozack, Don 157 Krahn, Louis, F. 68 Kramer, Gerald W. 68 Kramer, Glenn 155 Kramer, Raymond 58, 79, 165 Kramer, Sheila L. 58 Kramer, Templeton 58 Kraus, jackie M. 68 Kraus, Larry 54 Kroll, Kurt B. 68 Krueger, Fred 155 Krueger, Lori 54, 84, 94, 124, 150 Kruse, Melissa 58 Kuizinas, Kovin P. 58 Kullik, Thomas 55 Kuppler, Tim L. 55, 81 Ll Lake, Laurie E. 55 Lamberto, Michelle 61, 94 Lamberto, Michelle R. Landers, Gavin 61, 117 Landers, Quentin S. 58, 164 Lane, David A. 55 Lane, Paula L. 61, 84, 90 Lane, Shawn P. 68, 115 Lane, Suberina A. 68 Lanier, Elizabeth 59 Larson, Susan 55, 90 Laskowski, Louise 157 Latshaw, john S. 59. 77. 81. 84 Lauderdale, Betty jo 142 Lauderdale, Lowellette 59, 77, 79, 84, 95, 104, 164, 176 Laurie, Ivan W. 59 Lawson. Donna M. 55 Lawson, Marc V. 68, 84, 127 Lawyer, Andrew P. 68, 85, 84, 104, 176 Leach, Rick L. 55, 98 Ledbetter, Terry L. 55 Ledwig, Diana 61 Lee, janet 51 Lee, jannet Lee, William W. 84 Lehew, Thomas P. 61, 94 Lehman, Anastasia 68, 84 Lemna,jana A. 59, 85, 87, 102, 110, 164 Leslie, Christopher 61. 68 Leslie, Kevin 59, 164 Leslie, Kimberly S. 68 Leveck, Brian K. 59, 164 Leveck, Katriena D. 68 Leveck, Kevin C. 61, 115, 119 Lewis, Keith 55 Lewis, Paul A. 55, 75, 76, 77 Lewis, William K. Lindgren, Mark K. 61 Lindgren, Michelle A. 55 Link, Lisa A. 51, 164 Link, Robin L. 61 Livingston, David C. 59, 81, 94, 117, 164 Lloyd, Anthony Lobb, Aaron 68 Locke, Michael 59, 81, 85, 86, 87, 89, 102, 105, 151, 164 Locke, Sabrina M. 68, 96 Loehr, Cathy 55, 89, 158 Loftus,jan 109 Long, Amy L. 68 Long, Cassandra 127 Long, Cassandra 68 Long, Susan L. 55, 88 Longcor, Rose M. 55 Looker, Brenda A. 59 Lourash, Melissa 55 Lovel, Lavonne C. 68, 90 Lowe, Angela K. 61 Lowe, Melvin E. 51 Lowe, Michael Lowe, Shawn M. 61, 84, 90 Lucius, Daney L. 61 Luechtefeld, Sara P. 61, 95 Lugar, Gary 25, 24, 49, 159 Lugar, Greg 59 Lugar, Pat 157 Luker, Steven K. 40, 85, 84, 164 Lunsford, Patrick A. 61 Luther, Robert 68, 71, 84, 115 Lynn, Marques 40 Lynn, Troy D. 55, 100, 122 Mm Mabry. Phyllis 100, 155 Maddox, Charlotte 68 Madison, Anton M. 61 Madix, Mary jane 157, 145 Maier, Karen 155 Mains, Tracy D. 40, 81, 85, 164 Makowicz, Sheryl 40, 164 Makowicz, Susan M. 68 Maldonado, Karla A. 68 Mansfield, Leisa A. 55 Maple, David S. 55, 117 Maple, Shirley R. 40, 95. 94 Maple, William D. 68 Marbleygjefferson 40, 164 March, Larry S. 40, 164 Mardis, Theresa R. 68 Mares, Aaron B. 61 Mariner, Richard 51, 111 Marolly, Steve 117 Marquis, Misty A. 77, 79 Marsh, Lonnie R. 55 Marsh, Toni R. 40 Marshall, Charles E. 61 Marshall, Debbie L. 68 Marshall, Sheldon B. Marshall, Steven R. 40 Martin, Armand A. 68, 109, 127 Martin, Bryon L. 55 Martin, Mary Ellen 84, 155 Martin, Todd A. 40, 77, 81, 108, 119, 164 Mason, Kevin C. 55 Mason, Todd A. 61, 64, 115 Massey, Steve A. 61 Mathews, Kent D. 55 Mathias, Mili S. 68 Matthews, Cynthia D. 9, 40, 164 Maurer. jason N. 68 Maurizio, Tara L. 61, 77, 84 Maynard, Quintin E. 40 McAfee, Paul G. 68, 84, 94, 117, 164 McBee,judith L. McBride, Matthew D. 41, 90, 164 McClure, Danny 41 McCormick, Margaretj. 55, 84, 98 McCoy, Barbara 85, 155 McCoy, David L. 55 McCoy, Mary A. 55, 81, 100 McCoy, Michael 61, 84, 100 McDermith, Angela j. 41, 164 McDonald, Stacey D. 61, 77 McDuffie, Shawn L. 41, 164 McElvain, Kimberly D. 41, 77, 79, 164 McElyea, Bradley 41, 111, 164 McElyea, jeffrey J. 61 McGee, joe A. 41, 122 McGinnis, Gregory L. 61, 117 McGinnis, james W. 68 McKee, john D. 68 McKnight, Arzena L. 61 McNamara, Erin L. 68, 84, 90 McNeary, Teresa 68, 90 McNeary, Tracie E. McWilliams, Tracy A. 68 Meadows, Lisa A. 61, 71 Meier, Andreas Meier, Mango M. 68, 84 Melzer, Eric A. 61, 151 Melzer, Gerald F. 41, 94, 114, 122, 164 Menzies, Cynthia L. 61, 121 Merli, Dawn A. 61 Merli, Steven A. 68, 84, 108 Merrow, Cheryl D. 61, 95 Merrow, Kimberly 41, 164 Meyer, Christopher 68, 94, 117 Meyer, Darren E. 41, 151, 164 Meyer, jennifer A. 41 Miller, Angela M. 61 Miller, Ardella 155 Miller, Blake H. 41 Miller, Dennis D. 68 Miller, Douglas E. 42, 164 Miller, Dustin M. 61, 77, 108 Miller, Esther 157 Miller, Lynnette A. 68, 84 Miller, Marcia L. 55, 57 Miller, Michelle R. 42, 85, 84, 88, 89, 90, 120, 164 Miller, Stephen C. 61 Miller, Terry 55 Milligan, Tami L. 68 Miner, Billy K.jr. Minich,jeffrey D. 55, 111 Minor, Antionette 61, 81, 87 Mintler, Traci A. 42, 81, 85, 164 Mitbo,jeffery T. 55 Mitbo, Thomas W. 68, 90 Mitsdarffer, Noney 155 Mize, Elmer L. 68 Monahan, Michael 25, 42, 79, 81, 102, 108, 164 Monska, Annette M. 61, 96 Montgomery, Michael P. 68 Moody, Shannon L. 55 Moore, Bryan E. 96 Moore, Christopher 55 Moore, Cynthia L. 61 Moore, james E. 68 Moore, jean 142 Moore,Jennifer 68, 77, 84 Moore, john S. 42, 92, 164 Moore, Karin R. 55 Moore, Michelle A. 42, 164 Moore, Robert 122, 127 Moore, Rodney T. 55 Moore, Moore, Valerie L. 55 William L. 81 Moran, Carolyn 157 Moretti, Bruce A. 61 Morris, Henry L. Morrison, Beth A. 25, 42, 81, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 95, 164 Morrison, Dana D. 68, 87, 90, 126 Morriso n, jamie B. 68 Morrison, Karen S. 68 Morrow, john Morton, Douglas E. 55, 77, 108 Morton, Pamela K. 42, 84, 164 Morton, Scott A. 61, 77, 108 Morville, Donald L. 61 Mowry, Susan C. 55 Mueller, Jacqueline 55 Mueller, Michelle D. 61 Mulvaney, Daylene R. 164 Mulvaney, Evett A. 61, 100 Munden, Stephanie 61 Murphy, Bradley N. 61 Murphy, David 106, 155, 158 Murphy, Linda S. 57 Murphy, Timothy j. 68 Muschal, Mark 55, 77, 84, 100, 104, 176 Myers, Elizabeth 55, 57 Myers, Scott E. 42 Myrvold, Lesley A. 68, 84, 90 Myrvold, Robert W. 55, 57, 84 Nangle, Napier, Nn Amy 42 Steven M. 51 Naron, Bryan S. 42, 111, 164 Neathery, Kimberly A. 61 Neeley, Eddie 68 Neeley, Paula 45, 164 Neeley, Stacy L. 55, 95 Nelson, Gail L. 45, 84 171 Nelson, Joahn C. 61, 77, 84, 104, 176 Nelson, Robert 135 Nelson, Wendy L. 61 Newbon, Eric L. 68, 113, 127 Newingham, Angela S. 68 Newland, Scott D. 68 Nicholls, Krista L. 43 Nichols, John D. 61, 84, 113, 119 Nichols, Steven M. 43 Niedringhaus, Thomas L. 55 Nielsen, Lynne M. 43, 90, 93, 164 Nielsen, Russell A. 61, 84, 90 Nihiser, Angela S. 61 Nihiser, Christa L. 69 Nihiser, Timothy L. Nisbet, Charles P. 43, 104 Robinson Nolen, Leesa A. 69, 100 Noonan, Trena S. 55, 102 Norman, ArthurJr. 61 Norman, James H. Novak, Donald 135 Nugent, Tracey G. 43, 94 Nurnberger, Michelle K. 69, 84, 90, 100 Nusbaum, Noal K. 51 Oo Oakley, Kent J. 111 Oatsvall, Joel M. O'Dell, Jerry L. 69 O'Dell, Terri A. 61 Oettel,Julie L. 69, 77, 84, 121 Oglesby, Richard J. 69, 79 O'Grady, Kathleen A. 61, 100 Oldham, Michelle C. 69 Oliphant, Lisa A. 61, 90 Oliver, Michael A. 69, 113 Olson, Jeanette M. 61 Oost, Gregory 61, 127, 131 Owens, Boneisa Y. 61, 121 PP Painter, Mark A. 61, 84 Palmer, Angela 43, 164 Palmer, Patrick 55, 81, 87 Parish, Shannon L. 61 Parjani, Jill S. 61, 77, 84, 100 Park, James P. 43, 164 Parker, Ernest S. 61 Parker, Gary 117 Parker, Jonathon W. 55 Sebeckis, Jill C. 69, 127 Parks, Lee A. 69, 76, 77 Patrick,John D. 43, 84, 98, 99, 164 Patrick, Michael B. 62, 84 Patterson, Julie E. 62, 77 Patterson, Marc A. 43, 55, 84, 109 Patterson, Michael A. 55 Pc-dino, Christopher 69, l 13 Pedigo, VeronicaJ. 55 Pender, Myron A. 43, 117 Penhallegon, Eric E. 62 Penhallegon, Stephen P. 62 Pepin, Timothy M. 44, 111 Perkins, Jennifer 44, 87, 164 Perkins, Kelly R. 62, 90, 176 Perkins, Pierre D. 62 172 Perkins, Timothy J. 44, 81 Perryman, Charles R. 69 Peterson, Troy R. 62 Phelps, Michele L. Phillips, Malinda J. 62, 90 Phillips, Tami 69 Phillips, Warren 69, 84 Pickett, Robert B. 55, 77, 114 Pickett, Stephanie 69, 79, 121 Pierce, William C. 62, 113, 119 Pillow, Janice A. 44 Pinkley. Troy A. 44, 166 Pinkston. Tina J. 62 Pitman. Dawn M. 55, 120, 124. 125. 130 Pittenger, John P. 44 Plair, Sicile 51 Planitz, Patricia L. 62, 121, 126 Planitz, Shelly A. 55 Poe, David S. 69, 117 Poe, Melinda K. 55, 128 Poling, Betti J. 44 Potts, Bradley 127 Potts, Clarence B. 69, 113 Potts, Donald Potts, Joseph P. 44, 166 Potts, Michael 127 Potts, Steven W. 44 Powell, Shawn A. 69 Powell, Shirley 69, 90 Preiser, Dale T. 44, 166 Pritts, Roy E. 62, 77 Pritts, Timothy A. 62, 76. 131 Procko. William D. Prosser, Tracee L. 62 Pruett, Brian L. 44, 94, 111, 166 Pryde, Jason M. 44, 166 Pryde, John R. 69, 79 Pumphrey, Christopher 44 Pumphrey, Trisha K. 69, 94, 128 Purdy, Chad M. 69, 84, 108 Purdy, Jon F. 62 Purvines, Scott H. 69, 84 Pyggott, Eileen 96 Pygott, Shawn 62 Qfl Qaiyyim, Leslie 45 Qualls, Cristina 69, 100 Qualls, Robert M. 69 Quance, Robert W. 62 Quance, Steven 45 Quigle, Matthew F. 14, 18, 69, 84, 90 Quigle, Paul R. 26, 4184, 102, 166 Rr Rabideau, Lisa A. 62, 126 Rages, Elizabeth Ragsdale, Steven W. 45 Ramey, Troy E. 69 Ramsey, Brian P. 55,' 84, 90, 96 Ransdell, Philip S. 10, 55 Ransdell, Rhett A. 69, 113, 127 Rathje, Kelly S. 55, 90, 91, 93 Raupp, Nancy N. 45, 83, 84, 166 Record, Geni L. Redden, Jill E. 55, 120 Reed, Brenda M. 45, 77, 166 Reed, David R. ' Reed, James M. 62, 117 Reed, Malecia S. 69 Reed Michael D. 45 Reed Renea A. Reed Stephanie 69 Reed Suzanne M. 62 Rufty, Lisa R. 56 Runyon, Heath R. 51 Rusk, Michael 136 Russell, Tracy L. 56 Russell, William E. 69 Rutherford, Sherri 136 Ss Reible, Emily 62, 83, 84, 98 Reid, Stephen S. Reinhold, Christine 69 Reising, Richard P. 62, 64, 84 Reiss, Carla A. Revell, Norma L. Rever, Shawn 55 Rex, Mark A. 69 Rex, Melody 55 Rex, Stacie L. 45, 75, 83, 166 Reynolds, Nicholas L. 62, 84, 131 Reynolds, Robyn R. Rhodes, Stacey R. 62 Rice, Linn B. 62 Rice, Linn B. 69 Rice, Ricky L. 62 Rice, Tricia A. 69, 84, 94 Richards, Jon O. 62 Richardson, David L. 55 Richardson,John E. 45, 76, 77, 166 Richardson, Trenda L. 69 Rickman, Diane M. 62 Riedel, Sarah B. 23, 24, 45, 89, 90, 166 Rients, Raymond 113, 135 Riley, Rebecca L. 62, 100 Ring, Troy Risby, Carlos D. 45, 166 Ritter, Dana R. 69, 90 Roach, Alice 137 Roach, Jammie D. 55 Roark, Rena 46 Roasio, Eugenia M. 46, 84, 164 Robbins, Annette L. 62 Robbins, Dawn M. 69 Sadler, Teena S. 62 Sagakhanek, Abdolreza 84 Sain, Curtis R. 46, 87, 166 Sampson, Kirsten R. 46, 87, 90 Sanders, Jeffrey W. 69, 77, 84, 98 Sanders, Virginia R. 14, 22, 23, 24, 46, 89, 90, 166 Sanderson, Angela 69 Sangster, Stacey Sarver, Andrew B. 62 Sattley, Bruce R. 56, 81, 83, 131 Sayles, Dianna R. 69, 90 Scehnet, Jeffrey S. 69, 84, 117 Schanefelt, Dana D. 56, 84, 87, 89, 90, 93 Scheibly, Angela 62, 87 Scheibly, Cory L. 62, 113, 119 Scheibly, Jerry W. 69 Scherer, Marilyn 136 Schneider, Amy J. 46, 84, 166 Schneider, Kevin P. 46, 122, 166 Schoemperlen, Rhonda 46, 166 Schreiber, Jennifer L. 56 Schuette, Matthew C. 69, 84, 98 Schultz, Angela 14, 56, 87, 88, 89, 93, 102 Schultz, Brett A. 69, 94, 102, 113 Schultz, Bryon T. 69, 71, 94, 117 Schulz, Dominik P. 62, 81, 84, 100 Schuman v Christopher 56 Schuman, Michelle 46, 166 Schwalbe, Barry S. 56, 81, 88 Schwalbe, Donald 136 Schweitzer, Pamela 69, 98 Scott, Allison R. 56 Roberson ,Kevin L. 55, 111, 122 Robinette, , Erin L. 46, 83 Charles A. Scott, Gregory B. 47 Scott, Jeffrey A. 69, 117 Scott, Koley D. 69 Robinson, John C. 46, 111 Robinson, Steve 69, 113 Rodgers, Laura 55, 100 Rogers, Kendra L. 62, 84 Rogers, Mary Rogers, Willie Rohman, Susan 135 Rohrscheib, Bill 10, 137 Roma, Robert J. 69, 83 Scott, Korey N. Scott, Milt 92, 136, 138, 143, 144 Scott, PaulJ. 62 Scott, Robert W. Scott. Walter 132 Scott. Walter L. Il. 47. 81, 83, ll7 Seats, Susan M. 69 Seats, Timothy A. 56 Romager, Eric B. 62, 76, 77, 109 Romer, Barbara 135 Roney, David L. 69, 77 Ronnow, Bradley J. 69, 84, 108 Root, James D. Rosa, Alycia L. 55 Rosa, Maria V. 69 Rothe, Doug M. 56 Rothe, Peggy 135 Roundtree, Lindell R. 51, 56, 166 Roundtree, Terry L. 62 Roush, Bonnie 136 Rowe, Craig W. 46, 81, 83 Rucker, Jason E. 62 Sebok, Susan R. 56 Sees, Ronald L. 47, 166 Seidl, Ken 136, 139 Sexton, Kathleen A. 47, 87, 102, 166 Shadwell, Angela M. 62 Shaw, Arnice M. Shaw, Marrissia Shaw, Michelle 124 Shelley, Annette K. 47, 166 Shelley, Jeffrie Shelley, Mary E. 47, 166 Shepard, Charles B. 8, 62, 77, 113, 119 Wehrle, Shepard, john 62 Shepherd, Kristina L. 56 Shingleton, Edward E. 62 Shinneman, Dee A. 62 Shonkwiler, Chuck 111, 136, 139 Short, Victoria A. 62, 77, 79, 81. 104, 176 Shriver, Carol L. 56, 94, 114 Shriver, Debra R. 69, 114 Shull, Denise M. 62 Shuppara, Heather 69, 90 Shutter, Shannen L. 69, 94 Sidener,james E. Sidener, Timothy L. 47, 62 Sidney, Curtis M. 69 Sidwell,jeffrey W. 62, 117 Sidwell, Matthew C. 69, 84, 114. 117 Sidwell, Shan E. 69, 94 Simon, james A. 47, 81, 83, 84, 87, 90, 167 Singleton, Gregory B. 51 Skundberg, Adam 69 Skundberg, Erik S. 47 Slabe, Theresa M. 69, 98 Slater, Lisa M. 70 Slater, Tracy T. 62 Slifer, Carolyn 136 Slifer, jane L. 62, 81, 84, 94, 100. 101. 102 Slover, Kathleen M. 70 Slover, Kenneth W. Sly, Randy 122, 127, 136, 140 Slye, Howard C. 70, 117 Smith, Angelina M. 47 Smith, Bob 114, 136 Smith, Bryon E. 70, 113, 117 Smith, David j. 47 Smith, Douglas A. 6, 70, 113, 117 Smith, Early L. 70 Smith, Ester L. Smith, George F. 47, 98, 111, 159. 167 Smith, Gregory 70 Smith, Karen S. 48, 167 Smith, Marlan E. 56, 122 Smith, Rickey L. 51, 81 Smith, Shane R. 51. 94 Smith, Shawn L. 56. 81. 84 Smith, Shea A. 70 Smith, Steve 111, 136 Smith. Ted A. 26, 48, 73, 114 Smith, Todd M. 70, 90 Smith, Tylerj. 62, 131 Snelson, Sue L. 62 Snyder. Matthew T. 62. 94, 111. 127 Soberg, Bruce W. 56 Soberg, Paula S. 56 Sollis, Sharon L. 62 Somo. Sargon E. 62, 100 Songenjeffrey A. 48 Spain, Cathy M. 48. 166 Speagle, Shane R. 70, 143 Spears. Robert S. 48, 167 Spence. David W. 62 Spence, Ollie 84, 136 Sperry, Jeffery M. 70, 79. 98 Sprandel, Amy B. 70. 84 Sprandel, Ronald C. 56, 81, 117 Spycher, Elizabeth 62, 64, 83, 84, 120 Squires, Angela L. 70 Stanback, Adrian D. 56 Stanger, Charles 56 Stanley, Dannell L. 70 Stanley, Donna D. 48, 94 Stark, Stacey j. 70 Stark, Woodrow W. 62, 127 Statzer, Stacy 48, 167 St. Clair, Barbara 70 St. Clair, john 56 St. Clair, Robert E. Steele, Melissa M. 48, 167 Stewart, Angela 48 Stewart, Charles L. 48 Stewart, Kimberly C. 62 Stewart, Melinda S. 70, 121 Stewart, Shanty 48, 167 Stewart, Tammy M. 70. 127 Stine. Darren E. 70. 84 Stine. Gwen D. 62. 84 Stiner, Paul D. 56 Thorpe, Deanna L. 56, 77 Thorpe, Walter 113, 136 Thrasher, Regina R. 56 Tietz, Margot 57, 84, 85, 136 Tipsword, Shelly 56, 114 Tish, Ronald D. 70, 77, 84 Todd, Aundria L. 70, 90 Tolliver, Susan L. 70 Tomlinson. Teresa M. 24. 69. 167 Torbeck. 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Rebecca 'l'. 71. 84. 102, 127 Zuege, julie A. 65, 87 174 X 1 .Aol 41" .f A Touch We were in a musical mood this year so we hope that everyone else was in tune with us as we tried to portray another year at E.H.S. It has been fun singing our way along as we have tried to record all the happenings. Each event has re- minded us of a song so we have kept in as happy a mood as we could. Ours has been a year of success and the music has truly gone round and round. Our musical groups won many musical events. By dis- of Music tinguishing themselves in contests and concerts, they have been a cred- it to our school. Music reached us as no other medium could. There was a song for every purpose. It helped us to tackle lessons and problems cheer- fully. It cheered us on to a victory in a game. It promoted friendships. It lifted our spirits when we were sad. It spoke a universal language. Mu- sic has been, and always will be, a part of our lives. Colophon: This 1984-85 edition ofthe PANTHERAMA is a 176 page, 9" x 12" book with a silkscreen cover of 160 pt. binders board. Base material for the cover is smoky blue with ivory applied color. Our endsheets were made of65 pound paper, which is grey with black artwork. We used 80 pound Calais paper in the book with Garamond type style for the copy. This book was published at Herff jones Yearbook Co., Marceline Missouri. v l i i 176 Closing QQ PANTHERAMA STAFF Editor-in-Chief ....... ........ B eth Cuddeback Assistant Editor ......... ....... T odd Gillespie Business Manager ............ ,....... ..........,.............................................. T 0 dd Gillespie AdsfBusiness Staff ..............................,...,,,............,..........,,,........... Mike Bartimus. Lisa Brown, Lisa D, Brown, Lisa Conyers, Beth Cuddeback, Rob Greanias, Mark Mus- chal. Andy Lawyer, joahn Nelson. Vicki Short, Cathy Dillman Chief Photographer ...,...,........................................................................... Mike Bartimus Assistant Photographer ....... Staff Photographer .......... Senior sectionfactivities ...... Typing Staff . ,..... Clubs Editor ....... Clubs Assistant ...... Faculty Editor ........... Student Life Editor ......... Underclassmen Editors ....... Mark Muschal Scott Walker Beth Cuddeback Todd Gillespie Lynn Green, Kelly Perkins, Inga Watson, Laura Watson Kellie jones ....... Vicki Short ......,....,...... Pam Crews , Lowellette Lauderdale 5 Lisa Conyers V Bridget Dwyer Sports Staff ........ .......,....................................................................... V alerie Bonnell. Darla Henry, Lisa Conyers, Beth Cuddeback. Pam Crews Index Editor ...... . .,.....,......................................................................... Bridget Dwyer Index Staff .................... Coverfendsheet design Artwork .............................. Closing a yearbook is always hard for an editorg this year was no exception. It is impossible to work closely with a major project like the PANTHERAMA without forming sentimental attachments to it and to the people with whom I have worked. To thank them appropri- ately would take pages. First, my sincere thanks to Miss Kareotes, our yearbook advisor, who was always there when we needed her. She also found some- thing for us to eat on those nights we stayed late! The book's production depend- ed on Bob Donnelly, our represen- tativeg without his constant support and understanding, we never would have made it. For their facilitating schedules and people we give much apprecia- tion to Principal Bill F. Rohrscheib, Vice Principal Gordon Davis, Deans Maryjane Madix and Walter Scott the efficient administrative staff of Eisenhower High School. Lisa Conyers Vicki Short Andy Lawyer Scott Walker Andy Lawyer For keeping the school's massive communications details running smoothly we thank all the secretar- ial staff. Special thanks to the photogra- phersg senior pictures, club and team pictures, special events pic- tures - Don Roberts studio. Un- derclassmen and staff pictures -- james Fletcher of Interstate studios. Selected sports shots - Mrs. Bob Witt. AVA and darkroom supervi- sor - Ken Seidl. Without them the yearbook wouldnt have been com- pleted either. My deepest gratitude goes to an excellent editorial staff to whom this book really owes its existence, with special mention to Pam Crews. Faculty Editor, and Todd Gillespie, Business Manager. Finally, my spe- cial appreciation to all of the par- ents of staff members and to my parents and friends, whose patience and understanding have made this year much easier for me. Beth Cuddeback - Editor Editors noteg Song titles and album names are used only as captions and no reference to th content of the book is intended. Editor-in-Chief, Beth Cuddeback, got a piggy-back ride from assistant editor, Todd Gillespie to the yearbook room from the typing room, ...U ...A .." 5"l Ulla .sic M 5 f gf 2 1 L, ,WL T0 EISENHOWEQ OH Mm PA THERA A 1.985 ' A mums GF MIQUJSHQ f 4 Y. 17 FF if HAIL, HAI? TO El-5ENHOWER GH HA U 0' 5. .4 9 i' ff 5, -" "' - , 1 i 5 Blk ,ji i 5 OTH T E AND LACK HAH. Hmm. To El 5

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