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LJYTJQ . ' Shefynam VN 54 WW F? A ' C1653 of ref., . rg, X X f - A .M 1 , up--k", 1' vw ' N N x X --ta- 4 f 4.-, . 'I' L jp? Kzyto 2' K 7 " llvhiwf K - 4 ,M ' I f"'xmk,x Jpgpffy ff' A " .jim K' ' ' , f -"9 ff cj' VEC buff! f V 1 I I Vx 4 ,,-X W . i .. r V71-M ,. vf 'sv lfpf . ,Q diva' ' f q I- I . 'ii F .l X , S N' , N h f'fYrLQynL:L, Ciftn ci. ., X. y - A C Q3 J, A-BQ' N-, ,T1 F1- XPV ,EJ VCU "S -Nw 'ggfj '-V G'-A U-23, fx' "C -f 'f P. -,J" ' X 'H v Y E ' ffjil ' Aix KX, m,,MQ"' 441.0 f' 4' , 1v1'X,f P- Pin. ,RK3 x ,1f,b0. uf ,Inu , N-wud? U F, my ,J , Q,1,f,1.Q.-2216515-J 15431,-y'u .JM- .: !,+,L,5.L4f- K,g1,sZ:?..L 22.211 'HN f' -ww-, WELj,'4"z1'YVfg x.f jx 1 ,!' 'M X I x 1 fi ,f' ffjw EISENHOWER HIGH SCHCOL DECATUR, n.uNols PRESENTS - MW is wp! ,L 1 ,f NN Xi FE, 'M ff 1 THE I962 I - A TH ERAMA AROUND AND gf WW f W W -sf wma ww-H ?3 ,:,Qgw E W ,wwif , A .. .,..,..... .. ME, Q 8 mfr M ii gg t 5 If ' 'J WW ,W l few M1 ' swa m H 1,4 R1 as 4' K Q MW VI W 1' B? f gat' - w:s2,,,1ggzw mmfgfay-xi., fgg3'5gsr12z,?9Q-' f iw? W., K, ,1 1 f , Q 1, 55 "1 X A A 'wwf 1ffQf ' ?is21x1,'.-f ' 1 "1 2---fee: -- " mai ff: ' gg. f ' "' " ' ': """"""""" w avlzvgh-:fi L' 'ev ' Qxzgs2z,5,f 11' fm "'1',,:: .,,,," ,1'fQ' xkflglbfm 'AS ' .'13'sa,.-5-..': ',?'H 'E' , w2 mw,.,A. :M , - - ' M ., ,,.vg,swxA 1m1fa4f, -- " g 7 fe 4 ,'szg,wf-yy zzsazs-Q 'w ski ks iii '12 . 6352? I '-is ' " E K g' 2 91252 : K Q 1 i:5:?:1Z:.,E:iim:-24::1-:E:I' f 'EZSQ7 f A J . . Lf, 2' '-'e4'1:f':fz:vP , Y? 4?w1'smf21.fV. ' ..v,1fW22'5igf f 'm f'P519?s34ifi::53u .Mm-fi '1 x ,A?E?55552-a:Vii:fS7AfP3A1Vs?i?V7f?5BM11S5::lifi if1q5'QIiiXSSf-1f"i 1 .f "i1y1iX'i7f4?i3lfFiNY1'l- A -Sign' 'Q f 429'f1f5'f?i2EAf1u?:A , 'E' U .WW Am W ,., g, . www 1 Q, Jw .f-Qglgzxwgagiggfm:sisz,i?2f:w?QzfffH5'KQ:ws?filmgsrgmffzgsgm-ny,'sw'-:Li1:1s5eW:ii:T4Szgsw2 gmfezskfwmfsiksszv- -11Md's?1Qf1ff52gzwwf A M -W:z-gfqyiffmfgfg -Q, 'HS'?z1eK12'G1zg1a57f2vfwZE H5 P S2z1awfg3P4Ei?3?3Q.vff'3fE3ifQ1ssg5p:fE?Mv5,22253w:f:mfs1'xw5,:slimeffxQfvsfQ?w:fsv5M:vAfffszgrsiS1s??ssQs,AfMf:,. 1' v1fP+?23eff11f?i'Y2F5P'fL 1 K f- f.,,,.,:f,,-M ,,.. ,.., D 0- - f --fm, .ygfqgg'15-.eissmsffgfffez sf, f - ffififisgf1m.?,iUWggNgms,g fgg-fggggf-,J-ff gffw: ::s,AJ422,-:wsf:m,:wLS5-33:15-:X iiigifhfffg-'zz :ez 1 K:SkQf9?Q59sfis5fiSff?i74??2i?is?ii?i'i52?i.?f':aE'i2fi5,if391 :K ' fik5gfgsvgff?Qif2,.5,sw--1:v.5wgf5:fz , .,..,A, ,-..., Q ff--f A-fA . 1, ?W,,:,3M wr .-,i 1f,1,6g,1wm V - 2- - K,iW,., - -":"575575 92'Ii?f'fii5f4::m:m:z5t21A5Lsf:z,:figV f A-.., .,.L f W,,..v . f-qw, my AvA--f mms,-sf-W .-W, M-- K' 5 Z KQV 'VIS f ,,.. ,HV , ,Mi vi- W,f2,:f,,-M ,Mi-,f 'm::A:fQsw,g,ffavzgfzwgg ggi: gg, . .. Nz ,Z 295 f -' I mm ABOUT EISENHOWER People . . . Classes . . Seniors .luriiors ' 4. ' Activities Clubs Sports ....... P97'9'!5 C PQQG- sls.lli A590771 -44 KRJ. g Advisorshilrs. McClintock Edifori Michele lihldlsaly 9 Assistant Editor: Karen Chief Photographer: Tomwfo iisa no 4 H -1 3 0.31 CONTENTS 10- 41 44- 77 44- 77 78- 85 86- 91 92--100 102-139 140-173 174-198 199-ZOO , sssl l.f.?9..3f lisslslls fd Q -64 gel, giarbara Slcrine 552 :Q 'Zim we 455' 1' .1 'SEQ W M ti? Q A pen in the hand of an artist forms first a single line: to this he adds a second, then a third. As each new line takes its place, the design develops meaning and purpose. Each line remains a separate entity, yet each is inter-dependent on those around and about it to complete its meaning. ln like manner the high school student begins his term in school as an individual and as he communicates with those around him, his fellow students, and his teachers, he helps to develop the design we know as Eisenhower High School. ln the artist's picture each line is necessary to complete the picture. In the school each student is a necessary part of the school itself. As the student passes his years of education he is enriched by the people and things around him. He, in turn, enriches the lives of those he meets. ' p Once a graduate the student retains his individuality, but is now an individual with a vastly developed personality and a deeper concern for his goals in life. We, the Pantherama Staff of 1962, will attempt to recall for you the people, the places, and the events around and about our school which went into the design of Eisenhower High School. 4 PEOPLE "The Freshman quite bewild That pretty Sophomore lass The Junior in his study hall The Senior late for class The faculty and oFtice stat? The teoms and coaches too, We'll miss them when the te But mostly we'II miss you" ered rm is done ,Gini Wi T Touchdown? As Emily Post would soy . .. PLACES "From parking lot to physics lab, To the art room then to paint a dab, To English class and history Then try to solve Trig's mystery. The gym class is a rowdy bunch Then take a quick time out for lunch. Lassie and Her Little Friends?" Geometry is much too deep, ln study hall you fall asleep. Those French verbs just won't coniug tor band practice you're almost late. ate The chem names you can never spell, And then, at last, the final bell." "The Thinker" "Let's cheer the teams -they gave their all. The clances? . . .Swell . . . Each one a ball. EVENTS Assemblies, Parties, Plays, Dentention A list of things too long to mention, Like gym class - lunch hour - corridor passes - 3:46 . . . ancl, oh yes, classes" .ex -Ulm, pei Follow the leader L 1 X? Beware, I sting TOYOU... The ToCulTy of Eisenhower High School , , . we ore proud To dedicoTe The i962 Pomheromo, WiThouT your corisiderohom, CooperoTioh, ond supervision, The gools orid ideols oT Eisen- hower ond iTs sTudehTs would be diTTiculT To oTToih, STuderiTs C1ppreCioTe your speciol eTTorTs To sponsor Their ocTiyiTies H Their clubs, commiTTees, Tield Trips, ohd pldys, which corisTiTuTe on irrTporTohT porT of high school liTe. To puT TorTh This speciol eTTorT, The sTudehT body roolizes ThoT iT is riecessory Tor The Teochcr To give willingly oT his owh Time. In order ThoT These socrihces do hoT go urireworded, we wish To express The ope precioTioh, groTiTude, drid respecT of The sTuderTT body. 1 . 41 ,Lf -JCT5": I , Q -Ll qrv l ! Y 111 " .: 1. W' J X4 , -R I x . ff' . ,. f 1. 1 I I ' 2 V7 1 f I fl 7? F x 'Q 5 ..,' E Y N 5 Q . y 1 Xin 4 'xx NW I' I O "ll '41- 1. L 1 ,1,1, 1 "'?s I .N X.. M f N X x L Q A.-5, SEATED: Mr, Smallwood, Mrs. Coppenbarger, Mr. Kafawski, STANDING: Mr. Huff, Mr. Madden, Mr. Jones, Mr, Bates. BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Eolucofioh of Decoiur is composed of seven members who are elecieol from The district. The members serve Without pay ahol spend or lor of Time offending Board meetings, Most of Their hours are spem' plarmihg policies, rules, ohol I"3'QUiOTiOi'iS To make The best possible education for The children of Decofur. 12 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION SEATED: Mrs. John Dennis, recording secretory, Mrs. Russell Tetley, 2nd vice-president, Mrs. Loren Grubb, Ist vice-president, Mrs. Rolph Buitz, Jr., President. STAND- ING: Mr. Deon Mullen, treosu corresponding secretory. rer, Mrs. Adeline McQueen The gool of PTA. is to promote the weltore ot children ond youth in the home, school, church, ond community. The P.T.A. tries to bring the porents ot the children closer to the school ond teochers. They strive to secure the highest cidvontoges in physicol, mentol, ond spirituol educotion. A MESSAGE FROM QUR PRINCIPAL . . . The events, activities, and accomplishments around and about Eisenhower High School during the five years of our existence are beginning to have a noticeable impact upon the school and its students. We can note the successful emergence of many of our gradu- ates as future leaders in the Held of business and industry. This year many members of our first graduating class will receive degrees from colleges. Cumulative effects of the successes of those who have left our doors and the activities and accomplishments of those who are in our school are adding to our traditions and goals. May the next five years prove as fruitful as the past in the things we do around and about Eisenhower. 14 A L. 321' MR. RALPH WESTERMAN Mr. Westerman, as Assistant Principal has probably the most diversitied job in the administration. He makes announcements, plans the schedule, donates time to many activities and organizations, and generally helps our school to operate smoothly. MR. BILL ROHRSCHEIB Mr. Rohrscheib, our dean of boys, is principally occupied with boys' supervision and the dis- tribution of all books, lockers, and supplies. 3 Despite his busy schedule Mr. Rohrscheib doesn't mind helping with individual problems. S I I klitildiilriiti r ' ff' MISS MARIE WEBER Miss Weber, dean of girls, is primarily con- cerned with planning the calendar and counselling. Her patience and understand- ing have been a great help to our student body. 15 if we f J The letters may be crooked but the string is straight, The Art Dept. now provides an opportunity tor students who are interested in and talented in art to' express themselves through drawing, painting, lettering, designing and ceramics. Classes in art activities, drawing, and painting, and applied design are available tor students. The art department extends itself beyond the art room. Students' work is dis- played on the bulletin boards. The scenery for the musical is done by art students, as are many of the attractive posters advertising it and other school activities. Help me out, Tom. MRS. PIGGOTT illinois State Normal, B.Ed. tqmfli My Masterpiece. AHF' ef- , ...,WWv. -Julian N',,,,,,,.MM-v4l"1"' it at W. W, . . and if you're tired of doing it your way, do it the way the book says. xi,- ,..',::-.ciwl 1.-Q '::, '. ir,- r S: ff j i s MR. WITT Illinois State Normal, B.S. MISS HEDRICK BUSINESS The main responsibilities ot the Business Educa- tion department are to make socially competent citizens by preparing students for employment, developing proper easiness, personal habits and attitudes by establishing higher ethical standards and developing desirable personal The fox brown quick do so K Vky .:"' University of Southern California, Indiana iw' State Teachers College, B.S., M.S. W, MR. CLARK Wifi' Eastern University of Illinois, B.S,, M.Ed. 412' -55315: if in . 1 , kgs' ti f itll x as if 5 I N If i :X I asf I if , 5 L, ,Aff 1 up J...f1-'w-"g,,Qf:Sff- ,r I .-i' ' iw :,wf- zxvwazign L i' " K' K :sw pn' , 51 J-'LM i.f4!'-if-' 5' " " . f X - . ' . .-, er. - ,if-if 6, , nn: is 'Q '. ff A :f . J' 'Q .,,,. Y' r "' ,J f 'affair Q if r- .- , :H M' 'f fy . f I f, -wifi Ji f. I i s Liss' 18 5 l Q ond sociol quoliiies. As o result vve hope Tho? the siuclenf vvill be helpecl To develop proper oppreciofion ond undersfonoling ond To moke soiisfoctory odiusrmenfs To The sociol onol eco- nomic environmenf of The present doy. the lozy iump. ,A MR. SCHWALBE nois, B.S., M.S. ig. Head of Business Ed. Dept., Millikin - University of Illi- via' , MRS. Mccumocic 'gi Millikin - Stetson University, BS' 'K . f 1' il r ' Wy -r- e pvv iasg! X K E X X v . .Z k,rfV f . - Q r H' I 1 . V+ f N, ix FQ 4 i v -r i af? 4 ..' 1 g J' Tk-1 ' l i-nur' MR. ROSAN Normal - Colorado Siofe, B.S., MA. Smith C uruna K A T ? Q MR. DILLER Bellerille Jr. College, University of Illinois B.S., M.Ed. V? N V , f . . . then the crash comes. Drivers Education is becoming one of the most popular subjects altered at Eisenhower. Any boy or girl almost sixteen or over desiring to take the behind the wheel training can do so. This program consists of actual driving and of learning the rules and regulations of driving. MR. INNIS Millikin, B.S My dad iust brought my life insurance how about you? Q 20 ENGLISH Ts, MISS OGG University of Illinois, University of Cali- fornia, AB., M.A. The English department seeks to do its share in Training Eisenhower students To grow each day in their own worth as individuals: To attain Tacility in expressing their innermost Thoughts, to 'rind inspiration in great literature that stimulates The mind and stirs The senses, to become more sensitive to The feelings ot people about Them anol To The beauty of The World in which They live. Autumn in all its Glory. MR. ALEXANDER Hanover College, Butler Univer- sity, Bradley University, B.S., 4 V flfif iiflfflf K :Wi Ev ' 'O' "" Q ..k,- . ., I T T MR. sRowN ,. .. , V T, T- Vandercook College of Music V .i'A ..: 5 35 i-fl Michigan State University, B.Mus it is .. Ed., MM. 21 1 1 MISS BUNTON Millikin, Vanderbilt, Peo body, E. Tennessee State, Harvard, University of Ten nessee, A.B., MA. MR. DAVIS indiana University, Millikin, M.S., B.S. MRS. GILES Mczclvlurry College, Mlllikm, University of Illinois, B.A 1 ,-'QQ "ond the little bear said" MISS GOODSON University of Missouri, B.S., M.A. 22 vu wlliulu X , w- dffg-mlivr' T0 K MISS HUNSINGER University of Iliinois, Washington Uni- versity, University of S. California, University ot Wisconsin, Columbia Uni- versity, B.A., Ph.M. v Effie g.. .x. K MRS. JACOBSEN MRS. RODGERS Wilson Jr. College, University of illinois, Miliikin, Norrnoi, BS. Miiiikin, A.B. -wwf t -'My A ,.,.-e MRS. JOHNSON Eastern Illinois, B.S. Www. MRS. HAYES Millikin, A.B. 6 Itfs my Turn. Let me tell if my way. MISS TRANTINA DePauw University, BA. MRS. WILLIAMS .A Millikin, A.B., M.S f Q.. x f an ... is -' if H Xi fs....f-" A 'Rr ' MRS. ASKINS A Millikin, AB. ws, f ll V "i'i L M, DR. COBB National University ot Mexico - University MR KREBS of Colorado' BS" MA" PhD' Department Millikin - Indiana University, BA., M.A,T. Head. AD l gf W Q FOREIGN f ' l 1' Oui, Sencrita . . . Wm ANN .3 s THA ...-4.3 The thrust that can put world understand- ing into orbit. That is the motto ot the Foreign Language Dept. Dr. Cobb, head of the dept., believes in the immense im- portance connected with languages. This year, the dept. introduces a new system, the audio-lingual method. This stresses the importance ot listening and speaking before learning the reading and writing. Edoardo Franco, the Italian wait spon- sored by the dept., is beginning his 3rd year with the dept. as his foster parents. MR. G. DAVIS University ot Illinois, B.A., MA., W- lvi.Ed., Department Heod. Sllliliilili "You soy Elmhurst is C1 girl's colleg MR, ROHRSCHEIB University of Illinois, Northwestern Uni- versity, Millikin University, Bradley Uni- versity, B.S., lvl.S. ,,,,,: f Sift '," F ,AJWRQQW-44 s- I, ery: ' Fi- l 'ss 555 35557 C If rrr T s , V ' ,z ' al ' .' ' :" l , :. ' li iff K I Miss WEBER , Eostern Illinois, University of Illinois, iii f - J BA., Ms, , ' iif' ' 3, K f T t 'U ' ,s l t. is 'X ' tl ' :fha ,. - fi-, L ' .1 2 f, ' gf 31, I, '. . ' Ig: I, ,.., f U V ,nh gi ff' 'f-"Eli 5333 f ' QF! The Guidonce De-pdrtment tunctions os o service deportment tor our students, X tedchers, ond pcarents. The counselor's role is one of helping the individuol to l better use hirnselt ond his potentiol tor ct hcippier ond more productive lite. The counselor is reddy to listen to ond to help o student whether the rndtter 3 i l be one of sociol, educotionol, vocoitionol, or personol concern. "Gee, everybody's going to college." xx! t jiuw- , 4. W MRS. TURNER Del-'ouvv University, Purdue University, Milli- kin Universiry, B.S. HOW me YQLI Buy? A c xg af Sis, 5 MRS. coREY Moclvlurroy College, Syrocuse University B.A. Yum-Yum HCMEMAKING Homemoking ollers more ihon clothing ond food. lf who mid we Couldm Cook? includes home nursing, ond family living. Under Thor you would leorn hovv To dress, buy ond sew. Under foods you leorn how To buy foods, how To plon, ond To cook, lT's under home nursing you get ociuol ex- perience of Toking core of The sick. ln fomily living you leorn obour vvhoi ii folces To hcive o hoppy home. This deporfmenf olso sponsors The F.H.A. program. ...... , 27 'avi MR. VEACH lllinois State Normal, University of Illinois, B.Ed., Department Head. MR. HINTON Millikin, University of Illinois, M,S. B.S., MR. GALBREATH MR. HUDSON Eastern Illinois University, Eastern illinois, University of B.Ed. Indiana, B.S., M.A. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATICN The main responsibility of the Industrial Education Dept. is to give students training suitable for a future vocation. This type of work can also provide an excellent back- ground tor personal hobbies and home improvement. I -gfzgi sntaww s alia? "I hope they don't leon on it too hard." The study of figures. K. MR. BRINK University of Illinois, Sacramento Sfoie College, B.S., M.S. 1 I fi New York MR. BRIGHT State Teachers College, University of Missouri, B.M., M.S. ' I X25 486 x 7,0024 is three inches? And she wenf fo . . . uw . gi,s ,I J. MR. FERRIS Lombard, University of Illinois, B.S HARRIS MS , Il MISS . Millikin, A.S., M.S. 29 MR. SEIDL Illinois State Normal University, B.S. ' i ftl , .. MR. FLAKE Eastern Illinois University, B.S., M.S., Department Head. 1 That can't be right! Mathematic teachers ot Eisenhower are attempting to teach newer concepts of the age instead of teaching math that would have come in handy a few years ago. A full tour-year college preparatory course is ohfered in addition to a tive- semester course of non-college mathematics. l'm satisfied! 30 MUSIC Each music student is given opportunities to take part in various musical experiences in which he is qualified and interested. Classroom instruction provides in- structions in the development of good singing habits. For those who are interested in instrumental groups A Band, B Band, Stage Band, and Orchestra are offered. Here musical groups are ot great value to the school and community because of their varied serv- ices. MR. BARNETT Phillips University, Evansville Col- lege, University ot Maine, Univer- sity ot Illinois, Millikin, University of S. California, A.B., lvl,Mus.Ed. "They wouldn't give me any music." fe' ,MU ' Q . ' 'N 'R 'fm MR. JEBE University of Wisconsin, Millikin, B M M.M.Ed. .,. ..., so , ii?" AY .fb sh k 3 'G . Q "Where's the bubble machine," MRS- RENSHAW Eureka, Millikin, B.S. 'MP k SQT"+rH S , Krwmo ""u .,l T ff " W , Q .sz 1,fSW'!fQ .f Qfilrsfisifssiiet-2 K gs, ,,w,.2J:aw ,.,,., ,EW is Ssfirifkiggilic lg 1 . sg 1 'f wo gn- MR. VAUGHAN MR. RUSSELL MR, LAMBERT Mllllliln Uf1lVSVSiTyf B.S., MS. Wilberforce University, Ohio State Uni- Millikin University, B.S. versity, B.S., M.A. The objects of the Eisenhower Physical Education pro- gram are designed to create a well-rounded personal and social life for the students. The main idea, of course, is to aid the development of neuro-muscular skills and organic power through big muscle activities. Another purpose is to stimulate interest and ioy in skills, sports, and other activities which are meaningful now and which may be carried on into adult life. The creation of op- PHYSICAL portunities for exercising such desirable social traits as leadership, fellowship, and cooperation is also empha- sized. Fair play, courtesy, honesty, self-control, loyalty, truth- fulness, and good sportsmanship are stressed by the E.l-l.S. coaches at all times. Not forgotten, too, is the development of proper habits, attitudes, and ideals to- ward helpful living and better service to the community. X iI'vfN0 YX06' "No blindfold, iusl a cigareifen "VVl1aT was That snide remark?" EDUCATION "Eisenhower Follies" MISS KLINGENBERG Southern Illinois Universily, Illinois Slate Normal Universify, Indiana University, BS., M.S. .43 l MRS. JACKSON Illinois State Normal, BS. quifhwm li MISS ERICKSON Western Illinois University, B.S. I I' sls I Qisafiii-s::f, , K A ,af 9 1 iw. f i - S I ' - fr' .i:.:i,. .. . , 1 553 , as a l I Xsla ,Q 'fi -, A i,'1 rf, f V W, Ig. ii Ififf r I ar i 1 I , ,L V 1 W E.T.S. M.ED. MR. CARLSON 1" u., University ot illinois, Bs., ED: : 'nw' f fgiiifvs ,-, V- . Wf- ' sssss kzi, .gf 4. 3161 . ii. xl. ' 1 ' MR. GEER XXX 'm University of lllinois, B.S., M.S. Science otterings at Eisenhower enable a student to secure a broad background in bio- logical and physical sciences. This gives' the student a better understanding of the Ways ot living things oncl enriches his knowledge of this complex age ot science. Those who wish to go on in science are better able to choose their tlelds of specialization. MR. KEMP University of lllinois, B.S. 34 S-T-E-A-D-YII this a test tube? MR. LAWRENCE Rose Polytech, Indiana State, Rensselaer Polytech, B.S. DEPARTMENT 213 fb' MR. SCHERER Eastern Illinois University, University of Illinois, B.S., I The mouth is connected to the backbone, the backbone is connected to the Dorsal Fin the Dorsal Fin's connected YO... st? .i B321 MISS MINTO Beloit College, University of Colorado, B.S., M.A. 35 say u. ' s - MISS BOWER MISS CASEROTTI McKendree College, University ot Miami, St. Mary-ot-the-Woods, B.A. Northwestern, American University, Univer- sity of Illinois, A.B., M.A. Classes in Economics, Geography, American History, World History, Social and Government Problems make up the Social Studies Department. In these classes the history ot the past, ideals of democracy, current attairs, and national-international problems are studied. Our MR. LEONARDI Northern Illinois University, Wright Jr. Col- MR. LOWE lege, Loyola University, Roosevelt Univer- Eastern Illinois, University of Illinois, Milli- sity, Chicago Musical College, B.A., A.S. ,t::,. wif" kin University, B.S., B.A., M.S. ,., MISS FANTI Illinois State Normal, University of Illinois, American University, B.S., M.S. Social Studies Department has always had entries in the annual Voice of Democracy contest, current events con- test, and sent delegates to the American Junior Red Cross meetings. MR. MULLEN Western Illinois University, University of ll- Iinois, B.S.ED, M.Ed. nw f. fjftggas, Simi' MR. PETTY MR. REPS Eastern Illinois Universy, BS. Southern Illinois University, Washington I University, University ot Illinois, B.S., M.S. , Q! I :J 1 ,, IX M, I' MISS SMITH Southern Illinois University, University at S. California, University ot Maine, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin, B.ED, MA. SOCIAL STUDIES MR- YOUNG Are you sure there is such a place as North America? Millikin University, University of Ililnois, A. B., AM. .W,,,M,W,, ,ff 37 xv M l X X iii, wc, ., K A " 'tl 921: w S ' ,X f . l JB, N, 5 H i A -X XX ffwtigiw, -tl . l MQW M' -. 3 it ' ' , ,f fylllt A , i 4 it 1 l Z Y S" i ,E l -is lk l Wt X A-mi li t :wmv -fi ,L ' , wt Q. ii! f Y f 15 A X xwwss X XQA- ,rf i . f X ,A,AX W . "X.A A A little bit of this ond cm little bit of that l "Gee," the whole world is in my ho cl yi' " MRS. MADDOX Illinois Stale Nornal, B.S. Did you say That was a finger bowl? Where's Tobacco Road? LIBRARY Because The library is The maTeriaIs cenTer of any school, The library aT Eisenhower oFfers more Than books Tor sfudy and recreaTionaI reaol- ing. There are pamphleTs, newspapers, current and back issues of magazines, reference books and encyclopedias. The skill of learning To use The library well will noT only beneiT sTucIenTs while in school buT will remain wiTh Them ThroughouT adulT life. MRS. OLIVIA EVANS Assisfant Librarian. Mwllflllllflfgymm Tignes. 39 K5is 5Ti XX SECRETARIES ei, Miss Hill Guidance Secretary STANDING: Miss Judy Calhoun, Mrs Eloise Armstrong, Miss Marilyn Lowder SEATED: Mrs. Violet Kurr. These are The able and reliable people We de- pend upon To keep Eisenhower running smoofh- ly clay in and day ouf. Not one of us could do vvifhouf such necessary help as These people give us. NURSE 40 Miss Matthews School's n urse ii 1 vw un gas I , I, f' in ' is . i i A 'li A , lf' I t ga l l Y fl E K' i i f l Row Mrs. Sadie Hathaway, Mrs. Myers ROW - 2 Mrs. Ruth Grider, Mrs. Bessie Rideway, Mrs. Anna Kochendorfer, Mrs. Mariorie Forbes, Mrs. lrene Beery, Mrs. Helen Wood. - 'I Mrs. Grace McDonald, Mrs. Mary Amour, Mrs. Edith Hunfer, Mrs, Eileen Binns, qflf f f 0 3 ,I si! ,ii , I Bl f Q 0 1 Q 9 'f f X X 7 Ullx Ill Q ca ll X . f 0 ' JB Q A N x O X 'X ' X o .oi 1 Maw . if . -7 x,,,j f. Mr. Cecil Albin I Mr. Paul Kollock 'V Mr. Mehein Scroggins, Foreman 41 C L I A I s .J , S E 2 Q S i ll... l 9 x -- S, ,M K Q S 3 , Q EA ,nf Q fs? Y ,f-N,-gf, 'sw - 5 -141 ,ff :uv . "'2:,.1, f -1, 'TFL'-iw: X -,sim by . L K V, 5 Ll"g by 1 J X S 'af 2 Y ,, if Q ,L ,W Hz :Y if r Ask Nf- ff ff ,Rf gf A N Bu .aa if Q MA M JH' kfqL.fQgM In memory of Rosolee Jeoneife Hcirfmon who was fofolly injured July 18, 1961. Rosolee would hove been o senior This yeor of Eisenhower. She wos on ocrive member of F.H.A. ond wos one of The nurse's helpers. Roso- Iee's friendliness ond worm smile will never lef us forge? her. Rosolee will be missed by her groducifing closs. 5 I 'jx MGNIUTBIH gy S5E L 45 BENNY ADAMS "Here's a man who's in his STANLEY ADKINS "Well worthy of a place in our remembrance." MARY BELLE ADAMS "Smiles by the miles." STEVEN ALBERS "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly." MARY' KAY ANDERSON "A grand gals- need w more." prime, he's into mischief most of the time." EULA BALTIMORE "Life is just what we make it." DELORIS ABEL l "Often seen, but selda heard." 'VJ Q. ROBERT BAKER "A class leader beyo compare, this type of b is very rare." say 46 BONNIE BAKER "A happy nature is the gift of life." RION BERRY we goes calmly along." ERRI BROWNE ute as a button, neat a pin, very few hearts 2CGI1'l' win." MARK BOMBALL "Nothing is more useful than silence?" MARK BATEMAN With ready mind and smiling face, in the world he'll find his place. JOHN BROWN "A quiet modest man is he." GERALD BORN "The sillier I am, the happier I be." MARYETTA BRONSON "Quiet only when she knows she should be." JUDY BOST "Friendly, she will always be. QD' JOHN BOYER "Be not simply good, be good for something." 47 JOHN BUNTON "The world wosn"f mode for worrying, neither was I KATHLEEN CHAMBERS "Whaf? No boy's nn heaven? Then lll stay here DAVID CARMAN "Now The buiile is ended TRK CHANEY DIANA CHAPPELL "A swell girl with a smile for everyone." TRACY CHARVAT "Not too serious, not foo gay, an all right guy in every way." WILLIAM CLARK "A little backward about com- ing forward." rly to school, early to s, won't make me py, but it might help pass." RUTH COX Rea mark learn and wardly digest ,311 F' rg, S sw .Q fs.. ONALD COX He's a mischievous guy 'ith a side long glance nd a little boy smile." .gm s 3 ALICE COMEFR A swell girl with a smile for everyone. TOM COOLEY "When duty whispers low, 'Thou Must,' youth replies, 'Huh?' 'f . 5 1 'lil fl 49 NR f ' QL u t- " ii ggi: .. ,'Yw-'tiki' V fig., DELORES CONNOURS "A friendly heart hath- many friends." SHIRLEY CRAWFORD If's nice to be natural when LINDY DAVIS "Life gets boring without a lit- tle fun." SANDRA DAY "A real sweet gal who can't be beat." JIM CURRY "Deeds, not words, are needed." 5.2 LANCE DELFINO "You'll go far before you find u nicer guy." 50 you're naturally nice." VERONICA DERIGO "She likes to laugh, she likes to sing, she likes to do most anything." JOHN DENNIS "A knight without armour, this lady charmer." CAROL CRANK "She minds her own fairs." STEVE DENZER "What should a man but be merry?" S S sig ws ' . - 1, -we 1 I I , . f - . 4 .1-fi: f N ew :, . I .., .I . msg . ,. f Q2 ,js 1 , x.,. ., . ,. I I .'.-'A x "7 2' f "f1f'i:i!.f" RIC DeVORE 'l'm not as innocent as I ook." MICHELE DURNIL "Always a laugh, never a sigh, a mischievous glim- mer in her eye." ROBERT DONOHOE "Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest." THOMAS ECKES DENNIS DOWNEY "Such as he are always needed." JOE DREW "One who says little, but takes in everything." "Just one of the guys who fall asleep in study hall." My 3 ROBERT DUDDLESTON "If football was schoolwork what a blessing it would be." 1 KATHLEEN DURBIN "A lively gal with smiles a plen- ty, an enemy of none, friend of many." WILLIAM DUEWER "He will either find a way or make one." 51 EARAH ELAM THOMAS EMCH "Good nature like his is the DELORIS ELLER "Let's be happy, let's be gay. Life is iust another day." Remember that time is mon- eyln l same in any language." in THOMAS ENGLAND "I might be better if I but its awfully lonesome good." '1 would, being CAROL FARRELL "You couldn't ask for a better friend." 52 we 1 HELEN FIELDER "What mischief lurks within her eyes - what fresh, new pranks will she devise?" BYRON FAST "His sober manner conceals his wit." RICHARD EDWARDS "His only labor is to k time." GARY FEAR "He who mischief hatch! mischief catches." JACK FINNEY "Men tire themselves in pursuit of rest." lillwlu AWRENCE FINLEY The chief disease that eigns this year is folly." HERYL GARFOOT Happiness is a habitg she as acquired that habit." ...JA s 1' GLORIA GENTRY Laugh away sorrow, cast away care." CYNTHIA GANDY "She's found her happiness." DANNY FOSTER "The good die young - I'II live to n ripe old age." KEVIN GALLAGHER "Strictly business - monkey business." 53 BILL JOE FRANTZ "If men are to be reformed, they must be well fed." DAVID FYKE "He may do great things some day." RS SHIRLEY GRANT 5 SENIO , , "Dark hair and sparkling eyes SHARON HAHN "Nice? Exactly right." QW-me WFP- SUSAN HALL "She looks like an angel, she acts like one too, but who can tell what an angel will do." SUE GUYMON "Who counts her as a friend is rich indeed." MARTHA HANES "It's a fine feeling to be your- self." 54 - a wonderful combination." ROBERT HARVEY "With the best intentions." JAMES HARLESS "We could call him serious, but we know him too well." f 1 A, SANDRA GLENN "Not shy, just quiet." l l l l stil GARY HARRIS "Always out for a goo time, which certainly isn acrime." :So . . -. ,tt r Y -- . ' ' I h is : 5 5.7 .,'1:" 5 " . .ww . law.. .., 1 ae V 1' 21, 1 V , k- ,t - :-,:. E' A ii' 5 ,,' .V f tvs HATCH ihave a good time he F a yen, no matter Sere or when. L JNNA HENDRIAN am as l am, and so it Il be." BEVERLY HAUBNER "Always true in her own fash- ion." MICHAEL HENRY RONNIE HAWKINS "I dare to do all that becomes a man." ORA HAYES "As calm as the summer sea "I graduate not with honor, but with pleasure." MICHAEL HEGER "Know what he's talking about, and lets you find it out." TOMMY HEARD "If any of us have no enemies, it is he." 55 DOROTHY HAYS "Short sweet, hard to beat. JOHN HICKS "Jack of all trades master of all-magic, romancing, and bas- WILLIAM HINTON "Deeds, not words, are needed." RICKY HOBBS "This guy would have scads of money it he got paid for being funny." . RICHARD HICKS "A lively fellow with iokes a plenty, enemy of none friend of many." "ix ke+bqll." if-.gr KAREN INMAN "She could ficat through life KAY HENSLEY "To thine own self l true." 11 Mt' R W ss S55 I on c smile." ,,. E MARION HOLDERNESS "A friendly, pleasant girl is she." 56 KAYE HOLMES "Always laughing, always gay, always has a word to say." Wtftwxvxz frat 2 M 4 l i' 3 iiw tffif .y My UW We ,, M, ,M .,,f -,-.. ,,,., ,.,,,,, . f .. W , A W f' f ,M f.. ,-,.+t,.:1-.Ss . . ....' ' ., 'V Jef... v ww, mac 5 . V , 5 sfw dfs-Mt: - -V f wmw+w.v,'w1m1 , -f ' ft wwfrwwwifv is .. M , . ff t Q f . THOMAS HOLOHAN "Twinkle, twinkle, bask4 ball star." BOOKER THOMAS JOHNSON "And leave me leisure time." YVONNE JONES "Never a dull moment." 57 SENIORS "Such a guy deserves success." ROGER LANHAM "He came, he sat, he graclu- ated." LINDA KREKEL "A thing of beauty is a ioy to rever." PATRICIA LAPP "Dynamite comes in small packages." 58 DON KOSHINSKI "Made up of many abilities." WILLIAM LINDGREN "Wine, women, and song thats all I need to get along. PAMELA LESLEY "She does her bit with all her might, we all agree that she's all Right." BOBBE KLUSMEYER "All-around, good-tim gal." RONALD LUCKY LEWIS "Life is short so let's make the most of it." 2 S 5. LINDSAY fine wine, she's in JOE LINK "His only wish is for 3:4-6." WILBERT MANNS Worry little, study less, his idea of happiness." MITCHEL LIVINGSTON "I never, till trouble, troubles me." ,gives W . V 1 my gem: mm, wwf A as IVID MALTBY , little work, cz lot of :ly is what I call ci per- :I day." RICHARD MADSEN "I'm not as bashful as I look." C ROBERT LYNCH "A gentleman of quiet tastes." 59 REGINA LONNON "There's nothing like fun, is there." JAMES LOVEJOY "There may be better men, but l doubt if." SENIORS BEVERLY MCCAULEY "A girl with so many pleasant ways." KATHY MCKENZIE "A likeable gal, who with a grin, friend after friend, can always win." gr fi RUTH MCKIBBEN "Whatever you say or what- ever you clo, she'll answer back with a smile or two." SHARON MCCOLLUM "Laughing and talking through life she goes." LlNDA MEECE "Good nature without dis- guise." 60 GARY MOREY "l'm contented with life lust the way it is." ANN MARGIAS "We'll remember l' good nature long." , i I KARON MILLER Karon is swell and that is straight, friendliness is her val- uable trait. LUCINDA MOORE "She's quiet - at HIARON MOTLEY t's no task to be hap- "ll EGGY OWENS Nlways more than ready do her share." Yiiffi-V'!I,1-I 'R , ROBERT MYERS "Another one of the 'I live' boys." RICHARD PARSONS "I was born to do something great if I don't die before its too late." SAM OOTON "Always out for o good time." - ff i7214?25ff STEVE MYRVOLD "He who laughs last is o tool for waiting so Iong." SHARON O'DONNELL "Not too short, not too high. She greets everyone with a friendly 'Hi.' " 61 SUE NEWTON "One swell gal." A 1 5,6-,.f , KAREN NOEL "Hurd to describe and iust os hard to equal." SANDRA PIERCE BEVERLY PITTS "Everyone is smiling, but laughing out loud." CARLIN PIERCY "One of the more serious- minded students." Such snappy eyes are not given to dreaming." JANICE RHODES "Meet this girl and you will see shes as merry as merry can RONNIE PETERSON "I have 'that Rip-V Winkle-feeling." ROGER RENTSHLER "Reason is not measui by size or height, but principle." VICTOR POLK "A mighty athletic guy." MARK RAGEL "To have cu good time, he has a yen: No mutter how, or when." JUDY REA "Her smile is there for all to see, a popular girl she'll al- ways be." apvifp ,, DAVE RIEDEL "The harder I fry Ihe gooder Io be, the worser I am. DONNA RODGERS "We all know where her heart Iies." UDI HOLLEY RHODES ERMA RYDER "A smile is a good passport. The world wasn'f made or worrying, neither was n BRADFORD SCOTT A man is no more fhan he Tries Io be." OYCE SCHIENE We could not lherwisef' wish her I 'FWZ . , gf K 534153 1 'hx Vi fs. ,., - 1 ,Q N'-P'-. :-f I . vii' . . . L x 0 ff ' ,,1i1f" , ,,r' J'?n,.: rr 1' RONNIE SCEHNET "There never was a saint wifh Red Hair." PAT SALEFSKI "Her hear? belongs to one, her friendship to many." LINDA SALEFSKI "A real nice gal and lots of fun, she is liked by everyone." 1 SENIORS BARB SKRINE "Life is worth living if one lives the right life." ALLEN SMITH "A man of few words, but those words." TERRY SHERMAN "Mischief is swift to enter the minds of men." s. W 9. ,rf K " ffzjbq- , f .,,. 5 , ff,, uw . f - vw 3 J,,,,.1.s yff., ., .,, af ...f ',-W., ff f 5-d ip' I 1 , if f K E , ,R Rmtfwn CAROLYN SMITH "A quiet charm, a pleasant way." 64 I f :ie HARRY SHAW "If any of us have no enemies, it is he." NANCY SPANHOOK "Dial someone say life was no fun?" L , KAREN SMITH "We know we'll miss her." SUE SEBENS "Delicacy is in attribute o' heaven." KEN SMITH "He'd stop St. Peter at t gate just to ask a qui tion." VV, V 15 lg K 'V ix M ,,, in DNALD SPERRY Silence is an answer to wise man." DORA SPERRY "A nice girl to know." BETTY STAFFORD "What evil lurks behind devilish grin?" her LINDA STARBODY "Precious things come in small packages." EE TAYLOR o quief you would hard- ' know she is near." SHERRY TETLEY "Never a dull moment." uno-'O ,A+ GERALD SWISHER J E . , K SHARON SUHL "Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." JQVQ "Life is iusf another day." ywflg, Q M Q, if ,Q , , W K '1 '4 :sg if , 1 ALVlN TAYLOR "A man should spend a large part of his time wifh laughter." 65 SONDRA THOMPSON BOBETTA TRAVIS "Sweet as candy." M. LORRAINE TOKARZ "She's always just herself." "Why isn't everyone as con- tended as I?" VIVIAN VOGEL "Not sad, iusf quiet." MARILYN THOM "Underneath her quie ness Iies true sincerity." WILLIAM UHLER "His ability to Iead am guide is his to give am not to hide." ROSALIE TRUEBLOOD "She says what she thinks and thinks what she says." RICHARD TULEY "TaII in height, as full in friends, quite a few, they have no end." 66 CHARLOTTE TUTAS "She didn't say much, but we shall miss her." if S 2 Q 'OROTHY VOISEN A smile for every girl CAROLYN WALKER "Silence is sometimes the vogue." SALLY WALKER "Take everyone's advice, then do what you pIease." ELVA WALL "Her voice is soft, her smile is sweet, here's one girl who can't be beat." nd two for every guy." me f CHARLENE WELLS "Her good points are many, her bad points few." -Rus. OBERT W ELCH I find one fault in being Lull. If I trip, it's a long ray to fall." 'Gr' PATRICIA WARE "Patty's the. girl to bring you cheer, our pepper-upper of the year." CAROLYN WALLER "Fair young lady, quite tall, from our hearts she'II never fall." .gunman if ALLEN WEITZEL "I can resist anything but temptation." 67 SENIORS ANNE WHITTINGHAM "Clever and sweet, plenty of pals - One of our nicest all- around gals." ROGER WILKE "A guy with an aim will be a man with a name." CLARA WILKERSO-N "Some believe silence is gold- en, not mel" JUDITH WILEY "Nature made but one like her." BARBARA WILLIAMS "It isn't your position that makes you happy, it's your disposition." 68 JOAN WINFREY Courteous, sweet, extremely neat." JOHN WILLIAMS lt's fun to see him strut about and try to be a man. MARY WHITMORE "There's more to life th living it." RUTH WILLIAMS A nice gal to know. 7. ' , in iffwiifen w 555 LAWRENCE WINKLEBLACK "Each mind has its own meih- odll MIKE WOND "He's calm and collecied and never deiededf' CHARLES WININGS 'Lover of sports and fair women." JOHN AMES "Here's a boy who's al- ways near, he's friendly, quief, and sincere." GLORIA SCHOLLENBRUCH "The wonder is that one so small could ever be a senior at C JOHN YOBSK! "Make much of me, girls? good men are hard to End." JUDY YATES "If is well io know more than she says." 69 RICHARD WOOD "Le1"s go places and things." SENIORS John Bean John Bolt Mary Chesney Monfelle Denson Sue Goodman Lemont Gray Charley Gwynn Doris Hodges John Jackson NOT PICTURED 70 Dennis Lappen Terry McNally Deanna Merrill Nancy Robbins James Siernons Roberi Svvarms Stanley Walters Micheal Wilson ABEL, JEAN Page 46 Pantherama 3, Office Occupa- tions 4. ADAMS, BEN Page 46 Student Council I, Football I,2, 4, Basketball I,2,4, Baseball I,2, 3,4. ADAMS, MARY Page 46 Pep Club I,2, G.A.A. I,2, Span- ish Club 2,3, ADKINS, STAN Page 46 Football I,2,3,4, Track 3, Sopho- more Council 2. ALBERS, STEVE Page 46 Latin Club I,2, Basketball I,2,3, 4, Baseball I,2, German Club 3, 4, Golf 3,4, Student Council 3, A.F.S. Semi-Finalist 3. AMES, JOHN Page 69 ANDERSON, MARY KAY Page 46 BAKER, BONNIE JEANNE Page 46 Chorus I, A Choir 4, Band I, French Club 2, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Play 4, Homecoming Committee 3. BAKER, ROBERT Page 46 Class Vice President I,2, Class President 3,4, Latin Club I,2, German Club I,2, Class Plays 3, 4, Homecoming Committee 3, Prom Steering Committee 3, Jun- ior Talent Show 3. BALTIMORE, EULA Page 46 G.A.A. I, Fun Club 3. BATEMAN, MARK Page 47 Latin Club 2,3, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Chemistry Club 3. BEAN, JOHN Page 70 INDE BERRY, MARION Page 47 Spanish Club I. BOLT, JOHN Page 70 BOMBALL, MARK Page 47 Football I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4, German Club 2,3, Wrestling 3, Letterman's Club 3,4. BORN, GERALD Page 47 Tennis I,2,3,4, Gun Club 2, Chemistry Club 3. BOST,JUDY Page 47 BOYER, JOHN Page 47 A Band 2,3,4, Spanish Club I,2, Student Council I,4, Dramatics Club 3,4, Chemistry Club 3, Speech and Debate Club 3, Class Plays 3,4, French Club 4, Thespians 3,4. BRONSON, MARY Page 47 Freshman Mixed Chorus I, A Choir 2,3,4, Troubadors I, Tip- tones 3,4, Musicals l,2,3,4. BROWN,JOHN Page 47 Spanish Club I,2, B Band I, A Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 2, Politi- cal Assembly 3, Homecoming Committee 3. BROWNE, SHERRI Page 47 Freshman Girls Choir I, Student Council I,3,4, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 4, Soph- omore Council 2, Jr. Talent Show 3. BUNTON,JOHN Page 48 BURNELL, JOY Page 48 Troubadors I, Freshman Mixed Choir I, French Club 2,3, Musi- cal 2, Jr. Talent Show 3, F.T.A. 3, Mixed Girls Choir I. BURNS, ROGER 71 Page 48 Physics Class Float 4. BUTTZ, BARRY Page 48 B Band I, Track 2,3,4, French Club 3,4, Prom Committee 3, Foreign Language Council 3,4. CALLAHAN, TOM Page 48 Fun Club Council I,2,3, Band I, Jr. Talent Show 3, Class Play 4, Senior Council 4. CARMAN, DAVID Page 48 CARR, MARSHA Page 48 Freshman Girls Choir I, Musicals I,2,3, Advanced Girls Choir 2, 3, Office Occupations Club 4. CARTER, WILLIAM Page 48 Football I,2,3,4, Track 2,3. CHAMBERS, KATHI Page 48 Freshman Girls Chorus I, French Club I,2, Panther Press 2,3, F.T.A. 3, Y.C.C.I. 3, Junior Class Play 3, Jr. Talent Show 3, Stu- dent Council 3,4, Homecoming Committee 3,4. CHANEY, MARK Page 49 CHAPPELL, DIANA Page 49 B Band I, A Band 2, Student Council 2, Homecoming Commit- tee 2, A.F.S. Tag Day Committee 2, OFFice Occupations Club 4. CHARVAT, TRACY Page 49 CHESNEY, MARY LOUISE Page 70 Band I, Chorus I, French Club I, I,3, Pep Club 3, ACI- vanced Girls Chorus 4. CLARK, WILLIAM Page 49 COMER, ALICE NUXRIE Page 49 German Club 2, F.H.A. 3. CONNOURS, DELORES Page 49 Musical I, B Choir 2, Distributive Education Club 4. COOLEY, TOM Page 49 Track 2. COX, RONALD Page 49 Latin Club I,2, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Committee 4, Science Club 4. COX, RUTH Page 49 Latin Club I,2, U.N. Club I, Ger- man Club 3,4, Honor Society 3,4. CRANK, CAROL Page 50 Nurses Club I, Glee Club I, Girls Chorus 2, F.H.A. 2, Musicals 2,3, G.A.A. 3. CRAWFORD, SHIRLEY Page 50 Sophomore Council 2, Library Helper 2, Ushers Club 3,4, Vice President Ottice Occupations Club. CURRY, JIM Page 50 A Choir 2,3, Tiptones 2,3, Junior Talent Show 3. DAVIS, LINDY Page 50 Baseball I,2, Spanish Club 2,3, Football 2. DAY, SANDY Page 50 Band I,2,3,4, Jr. Talent Show 3. DELFINO, LANCE Page 50 Basketball I,2,3, Track 3,4. DENNIS, JOHN Page 50 Latin Club I, Baseball I,2,3,4, Prom Committee 3. DENSON, MONTELLE Page 70 Diversified Occupations Club 4. DENZER, STEVE Class Play 3, Jr. Talent Show 3, Homecoming Parade I,2,3. DERIGO, VERONICA Page 50 Troubadors I, Freshman Mixed Choir I, Freshman Council I, Musicals I,2,3, Advanced Girls Choir 2, A Choir 3, Library Help- er 2, Jr, Talent Show 3, President OFlice Occupations Club. DeVORE, ERIC Page 5I Latin Club I, A.V.A. 2,3, Track I, Spanish Club 2,3, Class Plays 3,4, A.F.S. 3,4, Student Council 3, Musical 3. DONOHOE, BOB Page 5I Basketball I, Homecoming Com- mittee 2,3, Jr. Talent Show 3, Class Play 4, Panther Press 4, Senior Council 4. DOWNEY, DENNIS Page 5I Library Staff I,2, Basketball 2, A.V.A. 2, Stage Crew 2,3,4, Thespians .2,3,4, .Musicals .2,3, Panther Press Photographer 3,4, Homecoming Committee 4. DREW, DOUGLAS Page 5I Basketball I. DUDDLESTON, ROBERT Page 5I Football i,2,3,4, Baseball i,2,3, Latin Club I,2, Junior Council 3. DUEWER, WILLIAM Page 5I Science Club I,2, Latin Club I,2, Math Club 2,3,4, German Club 3,4. DURBIN, KATHLEEN Page 5I Freshman Mixed Chorus I, Trou- badors I, Latin Clu bl, F.H.A. I, 2,3, Musicals I,2,3,4, Tiptones 2, 3,4, A Choir 2,3,4, Class Plays 3,4, Jr. Talent Show 3, Rec Room Committee 3,4, Student Council 4. Page 5I Freshman Class President I, Fun Club Council I,2,4, Latin Club Vice President 2, Class Plays 3,4, Student Council 3,4, Cheerlead- er 4, Outstanding Senior 4, Rec Room Committee 4, Panther Press 4. ECKES, TOM Page 5I EDWARDS, RICHARD Page 52 Tennis I, Basketball 2. ELAM, SARAH Page 52 Fun Club I,2,3, Advanced Girls Choir 3, Otlice Occupations Club. ELLER, DELORIS Page 52 F.N.A. 3,4, Class Plays 3,4, Nurse's Helper 4. EMCH, THOMAS Page 52 Spanish Club President 4, Or- chestra 4, Fun Club 4, Track 4, Student Council 4, IDramatics Club 4, Homecoming Committee. ENGLAND, TOM Page 52 Football I,2,3,4, German Club I,3, Class President 2, Student Council President 3,4, Baseball I, Wrestling 2, A Band I,2, Track 2,3,4, lntra-City Student Council 3,4. FARRELL, CAROL Page 52 Band I,2, Student Council I,2, Spanish Club 2,3,4, Speech and Debate Club 3, Nurse's Helper 3,4, Junior Council 3, Christian Youth Club 2,3, French Club 4. FAST, BYRON Page 52 Track 2, German Club 2,3, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Com- Page 50 DURNIL, MICKEY mittee 4. 72 FEAR, GARY Page 52 Student Council l,2,3, Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling I,2,3,4, Base- ball I, Lettermens Club 2,3,4, Master of Ceremonies for Jr. Talent Show 3. FIELDER, HELEN Page 52 Math Club I, F.N.A. I,2, Oltice Helper 4. FINLEY, LARRY Page 53 FINNEY, JACK Page 53 FOSTER, DANNY Page 53 Football I, Baseball 2,3,4, FRANTZ, BILL Page 53 Football I,2, Student Council I, 2, Basketball I, Baseball I, Sophomore Council 2, Distribu- tive Education State President. FYKE, DAVID Page 53 Latin Club 2,3. GALLAGHER, KEVIN L. Page 53 Jr. Talent Show 3, Prom Commit- tee 3, Class Play 3, Homecoming Assembly. GANDY, CYNTHIA Page 53 Orchestra I,2,3,4, Latin Club I,2,, French Club 3, Musical 3. GENTRY, GLORIA Page 53 G.A.A. I,2,4, Pep Club I,2,3. GLENN, SANDRA Page 54 F.H.A. 2, Class Play 4. GOODMAN, DARLA SUE Page 70 Writing Club 3, Spanish Club 3. GRANT, SHIRLEY Page 54 Troubadors I, Latin Club I,2, Advanced Girls 2, Musicals 2, Student Council 3,4, Varsity Cheerleader 3, Class Play 3, Homecoming Committee 4. GUYMON, SUE Page 54 Latin Club 3,4, Ushers Club 4. GWYNN, CHARLEY LEE Page 70 Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3, 4, Track I. HAHN, SHARON Page 54 Freshman Mixed Choir I, Trou- badors I, Advanced Girls Choir 2, Spanish Club 2, Junior Red Cross 3, Office Helper 4. HALL, SUSAN Page 54 Freshman Choir I, Troubadors I, Latin Club I,2, Sophomore Class Treasurer, F.T.A. Vice President 2, President 3, Member 4, Ad- vanced Girls Choir 2, A Choir 2,3,4, Sophomore Council 2, Student Council 3,4, Class Treas- urer 3,4. HANES, MARTHA Page 54 B Band I, A Band 2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3, Science Club 3,4, HARLESS,JIM Page 54 Football I, Track I,2, Gun Club 3, French Club 3. HARRIS, GARY Page 54 Latin Club 2, Baseball 2. HARVEY, ROBERT Page 54 HATCH, STEVE ' Page 55 Football I, Latin Club 2. HATFIELD, LINDA Page 70 HAUBNER, BEVERLY Page 55 Distributive Education Club 4. HAWKINS, RONALD Page 55 Track I, Freshman Mixed Choir I, Boys Choir I, Troubadors I, J.A. 2,3,4, HAYES, ORA LEE 7 3 Page 55 Pep Club I,2, F.N.A. 3, Ushers Club 4. HAYS, DOROTHY Page 55 Troubadors I, Freshman Mixed Choir I, Latin Club I,2, Sopho- more Council 2, Senior Council 4. HEARD, TOMMY Page 55 Dramatic Club 2, Sophomore Treasurer, Wrestling 3,4, Track 3. HEGER, MICHAEL D. l Page 55 Student Council 2,3,4, Homecom- ing Committee 2,3,4, Chemistry Club 3, Class Play 4, Intra-City Student Coundil Vice President, Sportsmanship Trophy Commit- tee 4. HENDRIAN, DONNA Page 55 Freshman Mixed Choir I, Trou- badors I, Musical I, Latin Club 2,3, Library Helper 2,3, F.N.A. 3, Junior Council 3: A.F. Selec- tion Committee. HENRY, MICHAEL G. Page 55 Basketball I,2, Baseball I,2,3,4, Lettermens Club 2,3,4, HENSLEY, KAY Page 56 Office Helper I,3, F.T.A. 2, Creative Writing Club 3, Art Club 3, Class Play 3, Ottice Oc- cupations Club Reporter. HICKS, JOHN Page 56 Basketball I,2,3,4, Latin Club I, German Club 3,4, Track 4, Homecoming Assembly 4. HICKS, RICHARD L. Page 56 Football I,2, Track 2, Pep Club 2. HINTON, WILLIAM Page 56 Gun Club 2. HOBBS, RICKY Page 56 Baseball 2, Science Club 2,3,4. HODGES, DORIS Page 7O Freshman Girls Choir I, B Choir 2, Latin Club 3,4. HOLDERNESS, MARIAN Page 56 Freshman Choir I, German Club 2,3, Office Occupations Club 4. HOLMES, KAYE Page 56 Sophomore Council 2, Spanish Club 3. HOLOHAN, T. H. Page 56 Basketball I,2,3,4. INMAN, KAREN Student Council 2, A.F.S. Tag Day 2, Homecoming Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Spanish Club 2, Ottice Helper 2,3, Ot- fice Occupations Club 4. JACKSON, JOHN Page 70 JEBE, ROGER Page 57 Football I,2,3, Track I,2,3,4, German Club 2,3,4, Student Council 3,4, Lettermens Club 3,4. JELKS, CELONIA Page 57 Fun Club I,2,3,4, Art Club 4, JOHNSON, BOOKER Page 57 JOHNSON, JUDY Page 57 Freshman Mixed Choir I, Trou- badors I, Junior Red Cross I, Musicals I,2,3, F.H.A. 3,4, Dis- tributive Education Secretary. JONES, SAMUEL F. Page 57 Football I, Student Council I, Homecoming Committee 2,4, Jun- ior Council 3, Senior Council 4, Class Play 4. JONES, YVONNE Page 57 Freshman Girls Choir I, Spanish Club 2, Pep Club 2, Ushers Club 2, Class Play 4. KASPER, ED Page 57 Football Manager I,2, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Basketball Manager I,2, A.V.A. 2,3,4, Stage Crew 2,3,4, German Club 2,3,4, Thespians 3,4, Panther Press 3,4. KING, DENNIS Page 57 Football I, Latin Club I,2, Golf 2,3, Prom Committee 3, Senior Council 4. KLEBE, EDNA Freshman Girls Choir I, F.T.A. I,2,3,4, Advanced Girls Choir 2,4, Musicals 2,3, A Choir 3,4, Choir Accompanist 3,4, Jr. Tal- ent Show 3, Usher ot Class Plays 3,4. KLUSMEYER, BOBBE Page 58 French Club I,2, Troubadors I, German Club 3,4. KOSHINSKI, DONALD Page 58 F.T.A. I, Latin Club l,2, Golf 2, 3,4, Student Council 2,4, Chem- istry Club 3, German Club 4. KREKEL, LYNDA Page 58 Freshman Mixed Choir I, Student Council I, Musicals I,2,3, B Choir 2, Advanced Girls Choir 3,4, Homecoming Queen 4, Jun- ior Talent Show 3. KWASNY, RONALD Page 58 Latin Club 2,3. LANHAM, ROGER Page 58 LAPP, PATRICIA Page 58 LAPPEN, DENNIS J. Page 7O Class Play 3. LESLEY, PAMELA Page 58 Freshman Girls Choir I, Ushers Club I,2,3,4, Class Treasurer I, 74 Latin Club I,2, Junior Red Cross 2,3, B. Choir 2, Prom Committee 3, Senior Council 4, Homecom- ing Committee 4. LEWIS, RONALD LUCKY Page 58 Latin Club I, Wrestling 2,3,4, French Club 3, Class Plays 3,4, Thespians 4. LINDGREN, WILLIAM Page 58 Latin Club I, Baseball 2,3,4, Jun- ior Council 3, Junior Talent Show 3, Lettermens Club 4. LINDSAY, MICHELE Page 59 Sophomore Council 2, Honor So- ciety 2,3,4, Latin Club President 2, Pantherama 2,3,4, Pantherama Editor 4, French Club 3,4, Stu- dent Council Historian 3,4, Jun- ior Talent Show Rec Room Com- mittee 4. LINK, JOE Page 59 LIVINGSTON, MITCHEL Page 59 Football I, Basketball I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4. LONNON, REGINA Page 59 French Club I,2. LOVEJOY, JAMES Page 59 Baseball I,2,3,4, Honor Society 2,3,4, German Club 2,3, Class Vice President 3,4: Class Repre- sentative 3,4, Lettermens Club 4. LYNCH, ROBERT Page 59 French Club 2. MADSEN, RICHARD Page 59 Gun Club Secretary 2, Class Play 4. MALTBY, DAVID Page 59 Vocational Building Trades 3,4. MANNS, WILBERT Page 59 Football I,2,3,4, Basketball I. MARGIAS, ANN Page 60 Golf 2,3,4, Sophomore Council Freshman Girls Choir 1, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Cheerleader 4, Homecom- ing Assembly 4. MCCAULEY, BEVERLY Page 60 Intra-City Talent Show 1, Fresh- man Girls Ensemble 1, B Choir 1, Homecoming Assembly 1, 5 Page 60 Library Helper 1,2, Freshman 2, Dance Band 2,3,4, Musicals Girls Chorus 1, Junior Red Cross 2,3, Homecoming Assembly 3,4, 1, French Club 2,3, Usher ot Dixieland Band 3,4. Class Play 4. PETERSON, RONALD MOREY, GARY Page 62 Page 60 PIERCE, SANDI Spanish Club 2. Page 62 MOTLEY, SHARON Latin 1, B Choir 3. Page 61 PIERCY, CARLIN Pep Club 1, G.A.A. 3. R699 62 Red Peppers 2, Advanced Girls Choir 3, Musical 3, A Choir 4. MCCOLLUM, SHARON Page 60 Choir 1, Latin Club 1, Student Council 1,2, Ushers Club 1, Musi- cal 1, F.T.A. 2, Red Cross Coun- cil 2,3, Homecoming Committee 2,3, Class Plays 3,4, Prom Com- mittee 3. MCKENZIE, KATHY Page 60 Choir 1,2, Ushers Club 1, Class Play 4. MCKIBBEN, RUTH ANNE Page 60 Freshman Council 1, Freshman Girls Choir 1, Pep Club 1, Latin Club 1, Homecoming Assembly 1,2,4, Advanced Girls Choir 2,3, Sophomore Council 2, Student Council 4, Spanish Club treas- urer. McNALLY, TERRY Page 70 MEECE, LINDA Page 60 B Band 1, A Band 2,3,4, Nurse's Helper 2, Office Helper 2,3,4, F.H.A. 4. MYERS, ROBERT Page 61 A Band 1, Football 1,2,3,4, Bas- ketball 1,3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, Lettermens Club 4. MYRVOLD, STEVE Page 61 Basketball 1,2, Student Council 1,4, Baseball 1, Golf 2,3,4, Let- termens Club 3,4. NEWTON, SUE Page 61 F.H.A. 4. NOEL, KAREN Page 61 Freshman Class Secretary 1, La- tin Club 1,2, Honor Society 2,3, 4, Pantherama 2,3, Asst. Editor 4, Homecoming Committee 2,3,4, French Club 3, Student Council 3,4, Rec Room Co-Chairman Sophomore and Senior Councils. O'DONNELL, SHARON Page 61 Troubadors 1, Freshman Mixed Choir, Student Council 1,2,4, Class Councils 1,2, Freshman Girls Choir 1, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Latin Club 3. Freshman Mixed Choir 1, Fresh- rnan Girls Choir 1, Pep Club 1, G.A.A. 1, Dramatics Club 1,2,3, Ottice Helper 1, Debate Club 3, F.T.A. 3, F.H.A. 3, Musical 3, Junior Talent Show 3. PITTS, BEVERLY Page 62 POLK, VICTOR Page 62 Track 2,3,4. RAGEL, MARK Page 62 German Club 1,2,3, Wrestling 1, 2,3, Class Plays 3,4, Pantherama Co-Business Manager 4. REA, JUDY Page 62 Freshman Choir 1, Student Coun- cil 2,3,4, Panther Press 2,3, For- eign Language Council Treas- urer 3, Junior Talent Show 3, Spanish Club President 2,3, F.T.A. Club 3, Y.C.C.I. 3, Home- coming Committee 3,4, Prom Committee 3. RENTSHLER, ROGER Page 62 Golf 2,3,4, German Club 2,3, MERRILL, DEANNE ooToN, sAM Lenermens Club 3 4. P099 70 P099 61 RHODES, JANICE MILLER, KARON Track 2, Vocation Auto Mechan- Page 62 Page 60 ' . lcs 3'4' Pep Club 1, Baton Twirler 3, Ad- Freshmon Mlxed Chow 1? TVOU' OWENS' PEGGY vanced Girls Choir 4, Class Play badors 1, Musicals 1,2,3, Fresh- P099 61 4. man Council I, A Choir 2,3,4, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Musicals 1,2. RHODES,JUDI Tiptones 2,3,4, Sophomore Coun- PARSONS, RICHARD P699 63 cil 2, Junior Council 3, Homecom- R099 61 Freshman G1I'1S ChO1I' 1i Pep ing Aggembly 2,3,4, Clgss Plgy 3, Football 1, Freshman Council 1: Club 1: MUS1CC11 1: OFRCG OCCU- MOOREI LUCINDA LEE Latin Club 1, A Band 1,2,3,4, pations Club 4. 75 Football 1,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, RIEDEL, DAVID Page 63 Baseball 2,4. ROBBINS, NANCY ANN Page 70 B Band I, G.A.A. I,2, A Band 3. RODGERS, DONNA Page 63 Freshman Girls Choir I: Class Play 4. RYDER, ERMA Page 63 F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Freshman Girls Choir I, Ushers Club 2,3,4, Homecoming Committee 2,3,4, Officer Helper 2,3,4, A Choir 3, 4, B Choir 2, Pantherama 4. SALEFSKI, LINDA Page 63 Musical 2. SALEFSKI, PATTY Page 63 Freshman Girls Choir I, Office Helper 3,4. SCEHNET RONALD Page 63 Track 2. SCEHIENE, JOYCE Page 63 Freshman Girls Choir I, Nurse's Helper 2,3, Musical 3, Office Occupations Club 4. SCHOLLENBRUCH, GLORIA Page 69 SCOTT, BRAD Page 63 Latin Club I, Football Q, Basket- ball 2, Science Club 2,4, Class Officer 4, Senior Council 4. SEBENS, SUE Page 64 Musicals I,2, F.H.A. I,2, Span- ish Club 3, Homecoming Com- mittee 4, Diversihed Occupations Secretary-Treasurer 4. SHAW, HARRY Page 64 Art Club I,2,3, Football I,2,3, Track 2,3. SHERMAN, TERRY Page 64 Tennis I,2,3,4, Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Freshmen Mixed Choir I, Boys Choir I, Student Council I, German Club 2,3, Sophomore Council 2, Homecoming Show 2, Lettermens Club 3,4, Class Plays 3,4. SIEMONS, JIM Page 70 Tennis I,2, Wrestling 3,4, Chem- istry Club 3, Class Play 4, Thes- pians 4. SKRINE, BARBARA Page 64 B Band I, A Band 2,3, Panther- ama 3, Co-Business Manager 4, Office Occupations Club Sec- retary 4. SMITH, ALLEN Page 64 SMITH, CAROLYN Page 64 Y.F.C. 2,3, Office Helper 2,3, Nurse's Helper 3. SMITH, KAREN Page 64 Freshman Girls Chorus I, Ad- vanced Girls Choir 2, A Choir 3,4. SMITH, KENNETH WAYNE Page 64 Latin Club I, Science Club 2,3,4. SPANHOOK, NANCY Page 64 Junior Red Cross I, Freshman Girls Choir I, B Choir 2,3, Dis- tributive Education Club 4. SPERRY, DONALD WILLIAM Page 65 SPERRY, DORA Page 65 F.N.A. 3, B Choir 3. STAFFORD, BETTY Page 65 Vespers I,2,3,4, Glee Club I, A Choir 2,3,4, Musicals 2,3,4, Homecoming Assembly 2, Junior Talent Show 3. STARBODY, LINDA Page 65 Student Council I,2, Secretary 3,4, Pep Club I, Panther Press 2,3, Editor 4, Prom Committee 3, 76 Homecoming Committee 3, For- eign Language Club Q,3, F.T.A. 3, Junior Talent Show 3, Out- I standing Senior Award 4. SUHL, SHARON Page 65 B Band I, A Band 2,3,4, Junior I Council 3, Senior Council 4, Pantherama 3,4, Office Helper 3, Prom Committee 3, Class Plays 3,4. I SWARMS, ROBERT Page 7O Football I,2,3. SWISHER, GERALD Page 65 A.V.A. 2, Track 2. TAYLOR, ALVIN Page 65 Football I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2, Track I,2,3,4. TAYLOR, BERTHA LEE Page 65 F.T.A. I,2,3,4, Freshman Girls Choir I, G.A.A. I,2, B Choir Q, Usher of Class Play 4. TETLEY, SHERRY Page 65 Class Play 4. THOM, MARILYN Page 66 German Club I,2,3,4, A Band I,2,3,4, Class Plays 3,4, Pan- therama 4, Office Helper 4. THOMPSON, SONDRA Page 66 Troubadors I, Freshman Mixed Choir I, Freshman Girls Choir I, Musical I, Advanced Girls Choir 2, Office Occupations Club Treasurer 4. TOKARZ, LORRAINE Page 66 Latin Club I, Science Club I, Chorus I, Math Club I, F.T.A. 2,3, Pantherama 3, Office Occu- pations Club Historian. TRAVIS, BOBETTA Page 66 Band I,2,3, F.H.A. 3, Panther- ama 3, Nurse's Helper 3, Office Occupations Club 4. TRUEBLOOD, ROSALEE Page 66 B Band I, Latin Club I,2, Science Club 2,3, A Band 2,3,4. TULEY, DICK Page 66 Football I,2,3,41 Basketball I,2, Baseball I,2,3, Student Council I, Tiptones 2,3,4, A Choir 2,3,4, Freshman Mixed Choir I, Trou- badors I. TUTAS, CHARLOTTE Page 66 Latin Club I,2, Library Helper I, 2,4, Sophomore Council 2, Ger- man Club 3,4, F.T.A. 4. UHLER, WILLIAM C. Page 66 Science Club I,2, President 3,4, Rec Room Committee I, German Club 2, President 3,4, A.F.A. Finalist 3, Honor Society Presi- dent 3,4, Chemistry Club 3, Jun- ior Talent Show 3, Class Play 4, Panther Press Business Manager 2,3,4. VOGEL, VIVIAN Page 66 VOISEN, DOROTHY Y. Page 67 B Band I, A Band 2, Latin Club 2, French Club 3,4, Class Plays 3,4, Advanced Girls Choir 3, A Choir 4, Tiptones 4, Musicals 3,4. WALKER, CAROLYN Page 67 B Band I, A Band 2,3, Latin Club I, Pantherama 3, Office Occupations Club 4. WALKER, SALLY Page 67 Freshman Girls Choir I, B Choir 2, Advanced Girls Choir 3. WALL, ELVA Page 67 Freshman Girls Choir I, Latin Club I, F.N.A. I, Jr. Talent Show 3, Junior Council 3, Prom Com- mittee 3, B Choir 2. WALLER, CAROLYN Page 67 Fun Club I,2,3, OFFIce Occupa- tions Club 4. WALTERS, STAN Page 70 WARE, PATI Page 67 F.H.A. I, Pep Club 2, Nurse's Helper 3,4, Class Play 4, Cheer- leader 4. WEITZEL, ALLEN Page 67 Science Club I, Fun Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 3,4, WELCH, ROBERT Page 67 WELLS, CHARLENE Page 67 Freshman Girls Choir I, Usher 2,3, F.N.A. 3,4, Nurse's Helper 4. WHITMORE, MARY Page 68 B Band I, Latin Club I, A Band 2,3,4, Homecoming Assembly 2, 3, French Club 3,4, Junior Talent Show 3. WHITTINGHAM, ANNE Page 68 F.N.A. I,2,3,4, Junior Red Cross I, Freshman Mixed Choir I, Stu- dent Council 2,3, Sophomore and Junior Council Secretary, B Choir 2, Latin Club 2,3, Junior Talent Show 3, Inter-City Stu- dent Council 3, Art Club Presi- dent. WILEY, FRIEDA Page 68 German Club 2. WILEY, JUDY Page 68 WILKE, ROGER Page 68 Football I,2,3,4, Class Councils I,2,3, Track 2,3, Homecoming Committee 4. WILKERSON, CLARA Page 68 Freshman Mixed Choir I, B Choir 2,3, Usher of Class Play 3, Ot- tice Occupations Club 4. WILLIAMS, BARBARA Page 68 77 Freshman Girls Choir I, G.A.A. I, B Choir I, Advanced Girls Choir 3,4, WILLIAMS, JOHN Page 68 French Club I,2, Football I,2,3, Chemistry Club 3. WILLIAMS, RUTH ANN Page 68 Freshman Girls Choir I, Ushers Club 2,3, B Choir 2, Advanced Girls Choir 3,4, F.H.A. 3, Fun Club 2. WILSON, MICHAEL DAVID Page 70 WINFREY, JOAN Page 69 Orchestra I,2, G.A.A. 2,3, F.H.A. 2,3, Ushers Club 2,3. WININGS, CHUCK Page 69 Football I,2,3,4, Baseball I, Wrestling 2,3,4, Track 2,4, Class Officer 2,3,4. WINKLEBLACK, LARRY Page 69 Basketball I, Baseball 3. WOND, MIKE Page 69 WOOD, RICHARD Page 69 Football 2. YATES, JUDY Page 69 Freshman Girls Choir I, Junior Red Cross 2,4, F.N.A. 3,4, Ad- vanced Girls Choir 4. YOBSKI, JACK Page 69 Latin Club 3,4, MM if .Q i A k 0 "'u-P Lagfl , A g mwzwfmmfwwlf Lamem vmwmnmi J , 'fi' l 4 2 K ,A M 4 - V I A l I '45, 'S' Lv y,' is C A ' L i 1 ' A 1 s gp f A 16 , Q , sf ff ....... -. -'- B l C M Vi? i' gm K ,. 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Cooper, Sandra Corn, Donna K. Coulter, Rosemary Crews, Donald Crisman, Sharon Crow, Charles Curry, Barbara S. David, Joan Davis, Lynn Dicken Glenda L. Dillard Richard Dixon Les Doran William ee, L T I. ' . -. .03 f .-- 1 T Y Q E 1 ' 45 lg' 1 21555 0 . .. 15, QF Ev ' as 4 It LQ ARI Z- 6 De Janes, Linda S. 1 ' , l ' if 1 fm Douin, Jacqueline DuBois, Maxine Dunn, Cheryl Easter, John Eckes, Doris Edwards, Julie A. Edwards, Thomas Ellis, Donald L. Ellis, Mary Ellrick, Norma Fear, Gary Finley, Russell Flesch, Suzie Forbes, Terry Ford, Tom 'Sr fs' f ' ,f' Qi I . gi Tex F 'S H '3 an., . if . 'EX Y ' .5 i M3 -f . f. .s n .. . L. -- -f-- ...fm v-.' J, ,ff . gi 4 J E J Jig I fa? ,. v Q il 5 ..-or -...W ' ' I E' Kmp, xx H, " ,ga V df .W ke, S. W., I is All +1 X . A 1 43 MQW .. gs vi 1' , :S q ' 1- E 4 h , W ..,,3., Wei .A ,N , 'QW 5 L .283 'N ff 'J' 4 , -.V.', .. ' ' f H Q x + 1 4 f" .pn 3 wi K? . A-IP' AA, ,ic revs V, ,. ..,, wh . " ,f , x, .. 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' P Z5 ' Friend, Steve Fullerton, Adeline Fulton, Larry Gambrill, Michael Gargus, Elmer Garner, Wanda Gessaman, David Gilmon, Linda Gambrel, Richard Grabb, Larry Grant, Doris Green, Martha Grider, Melinda Grathe, James Hagen, Henry Hanson, Carl Hanson, Jim Harmer, Darleen Harper, Linda Harris, Gary Harvey, Wilbur Hatch, Stephen Hawkins, Jerry Hazentield, Phillip Hedenberg, Bob Heidemann, Albert Henry, Dan Henry, Michael Hill, Bob Hinton, Larry Hobbs, Ricky HOCk, Linda Hodges, Aaron Holley, Judy Hoy, Connie JUNIORS Hoy, Ron Jacobs, Dwight Jarrett, Roscoe Jestis, Sieve Johnson, Larry Jonason, Ronald Jones, Robert Jordan, Charles Jungman, Terry Kahler, Rebecca Keyl, Joyce Kile, Bruce H. Kirf, Sharon D. Kush, Mike Larsen, John Lee, Gladys L. Leslie, James R. LeVeclc, Pat Lewis, Lonnie R. Livingston, Sheila Long, Sandi Lovekamp, Joyce Lucas, Don L. Maclsen, Ken Maness, Carol Sue Manns, Wilberf Lee Marmor, Sheila J, Mafheny, Bill Maxey, Terry McCain, Midge R. McKay, Nancy L. 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Hill, Elaine Jackson, Hile Hildebrand, Sharon Hinese, John Hinton, David Hodges, Ollie Hodgson, Mary Holbert, June Hott, Larry Hood, Danny Houchen, Pam Hudgins, Emily Jackson, Sam Jacobs, Joyce Jarrett, Ermo Jenkins, Clarence Jorda n, Joe Kohler, Lloyd Talley, Keith Kendall, Darrel Kirkpatrick, Tom Koshinsk, Cindy Koshinski, Barbara Koslufski, Thomas Krohn, Jackie Krotz, Steve Lamb, Garry Lambirfh, Frank Lardram, Chuck Lemar, Clark Leming, Ellen Leming, Jack Limes, Sandra Lourash, Kerry Louwerse, Marsha Lovelace, Fred Mattes, Louann Mathews, Leona Mason, Marcella Morton, Claude Markwell, Sharon Ma nstield, Darlene Maguire, Tom Magill, Lynn McAnelly, Joyce McCutcheon, Darla McDowall, Jean McDarry, Jim McKenzie, Richard McKinney, Bevery McKinney, Chuck Mesnard, Dave Miller, Lindo Minor, Leslie Moore, Kim Moore, Susan Morris, Melinda Zimmer, Jim SOPHOMORES Moses, Jim Murfin, Wes Muzzy, Carolyn Myers, Jackie Naughton, Jim Neal, Marty Nottingham, Bill O'Brien, Jim Oestreich, Donald Orton, Pam Paczak, John Painter, Clyde Patterson, Claudette Patterson, Gary Payne, Larry Pentecost, Carolyn Perkins, Jerry Peterson, Joy Peterson, Richard Petty, Richard Pinney, Karen Pitts, Cheryl Portee, Wayne Ramsey, Judy Rea, John Rehfelt, Betty Rettke, Roy Ritchie, Sharon James, Rodney Rodgers, Jim Roennigke, Cheryl Romano, Susan Rossi, Charlene Rossi, Charles Rowe, Margaret Rozanski, Judith Rudisill, Billie Jo Ruff, Gerald Rush, Cheryl Fristoe, Russell Ryder, Michael Salogga, Kay Samuelson, Marilyn Sargent, Larry Savage, Leyonne Sayles, Lonnie Scherer, Jerry Schiminslci, William Schneider, Krystle Schooley, Glenda Schultz, Bill Scrimpsher, Linda Sears, Linda Sue Seitz, Steve Semellca, Sue Sherrell, Mary Sherman, Wayne Sheets, Peg Simpson, Richard Sims, Clyde Sigmon, Diane Skrine, Mary Smick, Cubby -1 .S 1 ,J we 'syn s, .S i J ,,J W' J' ,J .J if R ' 7 1' f ' , ' "i"'-r, wf K X is i ' - clis " ,J J. 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Gude, Roberta Hagan, Larry Hall, Terry Harper, Susan Harper, Terry Harrison, Dale Harshburger, David Hart, Terry Hartwig, Michael Harvey, Carl Haseley, Steve Hathaway, Debbie Haubner, Cleo P, Haupt, William Hawkins, Cynthia Hawkins, Gary Hays, Bill Hayes, Jessie Hayes, Rex Hayes, Shirley Hedenberg, Larry Heffernan, Laurie He-ide-mann, Jeanette Helton, Kerry Hendrix, William Hensley, Jo Hetherington, Gary Hill, Carol Hill, Cheryl Hill, Gary Hill, Judie Hinton, Dorla Hoaglin, Richard Hobbs, Don Hodge, Candy Hollingsead, Dianna Hood, Judith Ann Hood, Rosemary Hoots, Lynda Horges, Booker Harges, Lillie Hott, Leslie Howell, Sandra Hughes, Sharon Hutchins, Dave lrons, Billy lsorne, Sylvia Louise FRESHMEN Jacoby, Ken Jahr, Ronald Jelfs, Milan Jenkins, James Jenkins, Linda Jeschawitz, David Jestis, Gerry Johnson, Caroll Johnson, Dick Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Phyllis Dennis, Kim Jones, Fred Joyner, Miton Joyner, Rufhie Jozsa, Lee Kaminski, Harry Kelly, Teresa Kirkwood, Donna Knotts, Wayne Knowles, Donna Koch, Carolyn Kohlbecker, Sue Kollock, Judith Koslowski, Shirley Krause, Barry Kreher, Janet Krohn, Penny Krotz, Susan Kushmer, Jud-y Kyle, Joseph Land, Daniel Lane, Dan Lane, David Lanter, Cheryl Lanter, Lynette Larson, Diane Lee, Dixie Lee, Ruth Lefever, Mark Leffier, Becky Lehman, David Leming, Larry Leslie, Dennis Le Veck, Dana Lewis, Fred Lewis, Rose Liehtenberger, Robert Lindsay, Donna Livingston, Greb Long, Don Long, Richard Lonnon, Jim Lowe, Myron Lucas, Terry Madison, Jackie Mahon, Karen Mahon, Richard Maiors, James Maltby, Steven Mann, Lillies Mansholt, Beverly Margios, Patricia nm I S is-.fm 2- .XM -' -- lk L , gt . 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Walker, Jessie Wallba-um, William Walters, Karon Ward, Sandra Warden, Kenneth Ware, Dave Weiland, Kathy Wells, Sandra West, Lindsey Wester, Carol Wiesner, Janice Wilcott, Betty Wilder, Lillie Wilkinson, David Wilkins, Stanley Williams, Bob Williams, Richard Williams, Sandra Williams, Vera FRESHMEN Wiison, Claudio ' c ' ' M Wilson, Lind 5: " . X H 'A 3 .fr Wifiermoocl J - .:. f Q . Q f y M Win re , , 1 Wokoun, Do gi E E W 1 if , 3 , ., A .hw V Q k - -, ,J 5 E,-ig. , K L as Wood, Den on , sf Wood, John :, g y izi' izv A hyii Ziiz, Woifer X ' Trueblood, B b :F QV VV V - , WSSSSQZZ, Ed 9 Q sumo my Q3 .W i , Q Uwxw mi ,MQW 4 45: Q -v ii w wi W i wo i , fi X, WV L ,W X ML ,bfi YN F 75 o is WU ii if in V wi if ,- ,U M ' Vw N X LJYU LW M iii PQI C dw NW if 3 i iv , W f fy-of Q FL' 'X KJJID 12 N R KJ i ii , "!i 'X ffw Z 1, A ii X , ,V f 1 A it Ny j fl K F M -L. ' ii , i J i 'i 'I I fX Mvkwfx iii ,X l 'Ju' X f WML 7 if iw W Q i W Wifi' fg ' , X f , 1, ' N U 1 , X iw ,V ii I , ,Xp ,Y V N- i QV Kiki iwilw ,ii 'MM ' L i M fi? W M X7 H Y X.X, 1 OP .OQXW f-I Lf' W ' K 1 if 1 ,f W JMVYXC UUX ,j Wi QL fig f ,, 0 xgbujgf of Ldigffy 1 A ' f A V H' ' , k M T' NW ' Qi ig if WW f 1035 i f L M W gf, iiifffwffiffi KW 921 wifi W W 1 Q i J W ' i f ' fix Qi , ww W i fn W ' ji.-f X ff, KM!! 2 ' if 'E , Cgxlfaflff 23 43 N QK1 I fiffj A ff CJ! fcf-Q-iriibfxi O I iifiq if JZ fotfri fig. N fiiiiv 'ff i 954 i if f ' v C 'Ci who 1 ii ' KX X , ,ff' , ,K A C gjgf , ,-F 3 'go lfljpiim? ,QRLFQJTLAPL ,fi if i C6 if W asf ,iivffibig I I -wig JQFQ W1 E A i Mini X f KH Ki C309 A ligifffffgw S fgigqiii-i o-SEXHU li: ?ji"LcLf:E , X 4 ,V N - if Q12 Q QQQL C Iii 45 , i WJ' WNW gb ig? A ' o X 1 in f U A C13 IOLXCQ iQ Lk vi, ,ff V J 1 KM' QD at PM QQ, Jffiw-W . 49,016-, iid, H , 19. 9 4913. L Jgjvwif, J C'-Zfw'Zf!ff1,1,QJQ, xp. ' , Ll, Jw f'A7A-7-!q-ez' W W' - 40-DCZVIN, U KTA' .f'C,4-Aft' WWA 72. 'H-if,-V.,-,I JAX, ,A-,,7,,t, Q. Lib GL Bffrfval-1. H I7 jf . Nj gf-fell-7,,..v y WMQfMq 'LMWWL X 7 ,J L. K fdff J , 1 jjj X fd WWW WZ! J M51 QQ f If 3 J 2 MQW M73 W W MJ f XV ,df j v JV If , f we X ff A Lf af A C T I I V "" , I T I E ...S -vm v.',-zqsflfwf H 'f ' Maw? ' wpfmiagziz -if r ,r ff? L , 7 G M , .. f . 'Msn , , . 1 V.-,ff,?.1f+fmm,,, , iff, H f s'2vf4?9?141Ff2gwL. . - E, i w : " QQ: " mi',L "fmX1., yi V f ' ' - mp x " 'f 44vf5f4QMf:zesz,fLw ,.,,. , ,.n, fkgfisfl 1 1 After Freshmen orientotion ond registration, school vvos reddy to begin. On September 6, first doy of school, friends reunited, books were distributed, ond os you might expect, severdl people found their woy to the office for one reoson or dnother. N o o I i v e 1' h s t So soon? Are they seine? Full Backs School was soon in full swing with closs meetings, faculty meetings, football gcimes, assemblies, and the SCAT test. Rulmw lpuimrr 9 fflfvmowg lst dos Wilhelms Bier? As school progressed, Bill Uhler gdve his AFS report, the PSAT test vvos given, report cords were dis- tributed, ond We were priviliged to College DOY reading' heor Millilcen's orticulotions. Col- lege doy provided Juniors ond Seniors on opportunity to leorn ot colleges ond their require- ments. Students ond teochers olike Worked to hove everything os cleon os possible tor porent visitotion night. It keeps on sudsing and sudsing ond sudsing .... I come to praise not to bury him. A .. gp Lyk. :QQ wi? M., y sist gt ti sf, Q i 4- .ei is ts si i ig, J A J' Coesor X - 'M s Q- a','r ,ik ygi -,,k K ,k-k f it fr 'f 11 V 1 'tg lf - i if S f f i, ' 7 r'irt.'its f li l ssysits 2 A r V Z l'lil' get , . , M i g r it, Q i fait ' , 'I 5 Q r -i Q - The elevator is over there, Room 40. WWA? s I ' ' X Y i ig .1-g'Ji 1i7 r 9 Queen and her Court: Linda Krekel, Queenp Michele Lindsay, Senior Attendant, Darlene Hcirmer, Junior Attendant, Joanne Adams, Sophomore Attendant, Annette Bateman, Freshman Attendant. Friday, November lO l2:5O - Assembly and Crowning of the Queen 2:00 - Coketime - Alums Saturday, November ll 12:30 - Parade l:3O - Game 8:30 - Dance 106 5' l 9. N5 1 A' A K. sf - A fm ' -fdmiwnm f MM., . X.. , is '0l9v'9w S525 .eil r .qi g it 595 3 , g sqb Em X ' ' 1"' 'N X -. ,, . ,,.,,,.x. ,,., . ,I fha? H W., eg.. A T ' i. "N-W y N. my A v,Q,,g.,,W2 L-Z 'K W 't ,,,,,,,.,,.g .f - 5 H3 mf 55 Q 5 5 2 2 Q g 1 X: 51 , , ig QE 3 ax 2 as ,.,A f 2 AS . , s ixx , ,Q 1 1 Dey before The Mc1cArThur Game. "WOW"I!II! Crazy legs Duddleston 36"-36"-36" 110 4 score and seven years ego .l in EHS.F French Club "Tunes in ci Victory" . . . ond G first prize. 'af arf: I! 7 L XXXXYX T' fl .., .f 'W 25. ,- - 1 V. L KN: - I - K J ,W . 'nv FREIER M PARADE fs Ni' W. What is This, a dog fight?'?? What a mess!! A Sc' vfxq CHARGE!!! Thus page sponsored by BLACK'S SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main 429-5376 hx QU WITH RAY NORTH AND HIS ORCHESTRA NQVEMBER 11 -W 3 yi, gs r Xu- 1 J i " I 3 Z .l..giE,,,,..,-J W Y k - WP, 3 . 9, ff iv , "yt if 53, 'T M 2 ' J' 5 xi f Q wa? QS, gf? sw , Af 3:59 Q .313 Lib. , g-ig!!! . 'si sf 9 1 an A gr 5. Lkibgasi if ' 'V K 'ms' A' in .l Q .LCA I sl Q 1, On Thursday, Nov. 2, l96l, Eisenhower and Decatur High had an exchange assembly. SS.D.l-1.5. students came here and presented a nice show of talent. The acts were comi- cal and the vo- cal and instrumental music was well re- hearsed tor such a wonderful display ot musical ability. . . ,. M . it , jg, ...im , This page sponsored by SUNSHINE DAIRY E ASSEMBLY E- 116 "Boy, you had better be Thinking don'T be driving ond drinking," STUDENTS This page sponsored by ' MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR "is everybody happy!" Weil . . . when I was if i is . 4 ,V nf W xslt' N- vi in M N M, . W. , Y " ,nw V n Wi "VVhcf sweet dreams we hczve. HYPNOSIS SENIOR CLASS PLAY FLIGHT INTC DANGER George Spencer . . . Dr. Franks Baird ... Mr. sijosfer ..... . . Mrs. Fasier . .. Mr. Maine Miss Williams .. Margo ...... Jane . . . Helen .... Cathy ..... Sievvardess . Capiain . . . Firsr Officer .. Ticker Agent ....... Coniroller ..,....... Switchboard Operafor Bill Burdick ........... Capfain Treleaven' . . May Spencer ...,.. Loudspeaker . . CAST i,,.. . . . Jack Boyer ..... Ed Kasper . . . . Lucky Lewis .. Mickey Durnil Jirn Siernons . Kafhy McKenzie ... Yvonne Jones Sharon Suhl . . Donna Rodgers is Pd? Ware Bonnie Jean Baker Bob Baker Bill Uhler Sharon McCollum .. Terry Sherman . . . Sherry, Teiley .. Mark Ragel ... . Mike He-ger .. Doroihy Voisen Jack Finney Radio Voices . . . . Mike Henry, David Fyke, Bob Donahoe T 2 i T l vin- i K SUMMARY Who ote the fish, This question becomes o deodly omen cis the possengers ot C1 commerciol oirline discover toocl poisoning in the lunch served on the plone. First on old vvomon pdssenger begins to slump in her choir. Worst ot oll the co-pilot ond pilot suddenly collopse leoving the plone on outomotic instruments but with no woy to lond it. Thus thickens the plot of FLIGHT lNTO DANGER. As the oudience sits tense in their choirs ci hero is discovered who con perhops get the possengers boclc to sogty. George Spencer on ex-pilot ot World Wor II, hoving flown much less modern plones, must suddenly be this nervous ond uncertoin hero. We hove o hoppy ending, thoughg ond, thonlcs to ci commendoble pertormonre, o hoppy evening. This poge sponsore by d LINN 8K SCRUGGS lol North Moin "M.S. Seven Seas," the boat Bill took over. Bill Uhler, Senior ot this year, vvas chosen last years American Field Service Student. As he reminiscenced for us one day in assembly we gathered that he had an exciting and romantic stay in Germany. As you look at the pictures below you can close your eyes and imagine that you are with Bill as he traveled on the boat, ot his German home, when he went sightseeing, and most of all meeting all the wonderful friends he met. lThe Endi This is the tirst day on the "Waterman," the boat that Bill came back on. This is Bill's German Mother and Uncle. we PS2 This page is sponsored by PEOPLE'S CHURCH OF GOD "A Stronger ls A Friend We've Never Met." 83 West Pershing Road i 120 The Ccsfle of Heidelberg. ,N f if, L X 'Hai iw 4 5. Moreike. The woods near the weekend house. A fl f.-Q V Us A 1 " - wgfwr X ,512 iggezwwl ' - iff M, sfgi-,m-vias f f- so +:f'J3"i'1ww in-sffmfs b W i Z l "RQ 3-ff'?f'f"" I ' 'liar 'Sf , ui ' A L. -L l f ' is 1-7'f.1 f'?' L52 'J " 'A l . ' P" +-f ff, -B"f:gg2' gw f . ' T , WU . - -N , -Q 4 Q- '. ,J ,mffq-, i, ,. l ' ,V A fs A Y ' 5' 1-'KKK F V " ,gifs-. - ' -- ' ' ' W ,f ,ag F- -Qs - . A-.ss - , A ' " ' T -'-Q. 2 ' "' '. "s,gf.14?fTlkliQf ,- . ,-I W-M'-f , Q A A AZ 43"z'f,q's H C' 'V -' xffS31,g.w" W ' lm., ' .f-.j.4-- if ff Q, - - 'qi A I- as so .- 111 .a!3.'?.Ei?k' wfifrfe w we Q ,Q A hotel on Nolqe River, U . ' . 121 A porry of Heidelberg. This page is sponsored by COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Coco-Colo - Bubble Up - Mission AMERICAN TOM EMCH Tom Emch, our tdll, blond A.F.S. exchcinge student this yeor, is from Zurich Switzerlond. He hos olreody spent! o little over one semester os oi resident not only of Eisenhower ond Decotur, but of the United Stotes os well, ond he considers thot this post semester wos extremely worth while. lt hos olso been worth while tor us, for oll ot E.H.S.'ers know him cis o friendly sort of guy, vvho's o very in- teresting conversotionlist, especially when we consider the toct thot he could speck only text book English This page sponsored by MIDLAND PRODUCTS COMPANY 220 North Woodford FIELD SERVICE when he arrived in The STaTes lasT summer. IT will be a sad Time when we musT all wish him a Torid farewell in June as he leaves on his 3 and V2- Week Tour Through The UriiTed STaTes anal from There back home To Zurich. This page sponsored by A. W. CASH VALVE MFG. CORP. 666 East Wabash MV' 'ef gm I' F3171 GETQMUU Would you ever believe that I was cn 95-pound weak ling? 3,g,,, 1 S' This page sponsored by CATERPILLAR TRACTOR COMPANY North 27th Street i 1 TT And I promise that if I am elected ianitor of E.H.S. that will do my best , . , And in this hand I have new chocolated M 81 M's. This CARE book of instructions Mm ' 'ami -.,.,,,.,,,,f-f ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQU ET The annual football banquet was held this year on November I5, l96I. In the cafeteria, the PTA served a fried chicken dinner for the football players, cheerleaders, and their families. Later in the auditorium, awards were given to deserving players on each football team. tvlillikin University's Varsity coach, Mr. Shroyer talked on football as the best sport for developing Character and hne sportsmanship. 125 I .XE 2 - N-...ft -W-A , no E.H.S.'ers have their cake and eat it too. This page sponsored Tl'IE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Decatur, Illinois VESPERS Around Christmas all tour Decatur high schools get together every year to present a beautiful vocal and instrumental musical for the colorful holidays. It was opened to the public, and they did enioy the splendid music. While here at Eisenhower, vve decorated our rec- room, and our student body gave a lovely pro- gram with Christmas Carols that were sung in all the toreign languages taught here. The speech class gave choral readings to introduce the songs. We ended the program with "Silent Night" sung in five languages. The program was enjoyed by everyone and all of us went home with the Christ- mas teeling at heart. 1961 This page sponsored by gi 2 , , l HEICH BROTHERS JEWELERS ll6 E. Prairie Ave, What's next? 5 Friends, Romons, countrymen. Music in the air . . pi -f1':. Cimlblllg Hignr If This page sponsored by NICHOLSON-CLARK 81 COMPANY, .4f'?""" '1"""E' INSURANCE Oh, Tonnenboum. I I4 N. Woter SWEATSI-I I RTS AND EXAMS After Christmas vacation the students minds were so preoccupied with exams That they decided that sweatshirts would be the thing To relax in while They studied tor the BIG DAY and the neckties were iust to make them look digniTTed. Atter all The studying, everyone? passed their exams, and all were happy with their grades. This page sponsored by CENTRAL ILLINOIS AUTOMOTIVE TRADES ASS,, INC 401-3 Standard Building A.....,.W...,:a 'Q ,... Bake sale aTTer schooll Yes, The Bake Sales have been one of The oldesT, buT The besT way To raise money Tor our clubs aT Eisenhower. They chose The righT BAKE SALE BOMB SCARE ' T . . . . . S2 TF Times of The day To sell Their balced delicacies. This was in The aTTernoon or aTTer school, buT aT any raTe as M ,F all The goodies were always delicious. N S T' 'T ' Ag, fi V fl ' :iq K' J lr 1 .51 1 5 A A 2 , T , 1' ,Q v :- 1 ' i i + T , gf- To ff" T ' T 6 Q . T ,sm ff ,fl rf' 4 T ii-. T ,B "-l L? veiyh 'T l I T T T ' J W Y llii 5 , , ,TTT , , T The bomb scare broughT our sec- f ZT' Y 1' ,- .f i 1 . 9 f T . ,fE,.,, i.shi A s"T -Q 3 - 5 TTTT ' ,ii T T E 3 T ond lunch period on our lasT day T f T . , e TTTT . 'S' T ' T ' ' T T a s F da Janu- T, i if 9 i f A Q , QA o semes er ex m , ri y, 5 ' ary l9Th, To a halT Tor abouT fiTTeen minuTes. And again on Thursday, February lsT, our TTTTh period was brought To a TorTy- Tive minuTe sTandsTill. Mosf of The sTudenTs vveren'T in favor of This unpracTical joke. This page sponsored by SANDY'S THRIFT 81 SWIFT DRIVE-IN Corner of Eldorado 3K Jasper tell of s w 71, STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Our annual Sfudenf Council Elections were lield January 3l at 8:30 am. Tlwe candidafes lor Presi- denf were Mike Kuslw, and Gary Scliwandf, Mike Kusln won. Candidates for Vice-President were Dick Garnbrel and Tom Ford, Dick Gambrel won. Can- didates for Secretary were Dona Wilson, Jackie Douin, and Linda Harper. Treasure candidafes were Fran Powers, Pa? McLoughlin, and Sfeve Bapp. Fran won. There was a run oFl befween Dona Wilson and Jackie Douin. The winner was Dona. 'WIN' ii: s in T E E .si MB' MQW sf fm 7355 This page sponsored by HUBBARD STUDIO i337 E. Lawrence fifi'i ig , 3? ' , ? 2: , ,,f ,, il iffa ,, 3 If na I ' gf.,f-,,4a:2, E55 fQ:' ii 1 'ieggif fewer " f'w ,i ' J, gy v ,M eiifi T ' ' feieegrfr-iz' fyvfw f Qwggyiiu- rel , v-ishifhr r , L H 2 if an M 'Si nil' My 'Q We are gathered here . Now is it one cup of salt and a teaspoon of sugar? Curlicue Twist. JK' Which one is the dummy? On Friday, February 2, l962, the Student Council, work- ing together with various clubs and organizations around the school, presented its very tirst Council Carnival! Last year, the PTA held a Mardi Gras, which was similar to this year's Carnival. Student Council has taken over the project now and will probably start a tradition tor E.H.S. Boy, was it ever a mess atter school Friday!!! THOU- SANDS lwell, hundreds, maybe! oi students and tacuity members alike were running around the building, setting up booths and painting signs. At a little before 5:00, the PTA moved into the rec. room, and set up a food booth, complete with hot dogs, potato chips, hot chocolate, cottee, cake, popcorn, and YUM! The PTA also spon- sored a cake walk in the rec room. Future Nurses Club had a candy sale, Jr. Red Cross sold popcorn balls. Like any carnival, the Council Carnival proved to be tun tor all concerned. Club members will admit that it took a lot ot work and planning, but the rewards were sufhcient. The profit split tor the Council Carnival was 2596 to the Council, and 7596 to the organization or club. In turn, Council hopes to use the money to help purchase a lettering device, which the whole school may use. "SpringTime for Don," vvriTTen by Anne CoulTer Mor- Tens, hdd To do wiTh high school boys ond girls. Don, one of The mdin choroders, mosquerodecl gs BerTho The house keeper when coughT cleaning The house by The chorming girl ThoT lived nexT door. "Spring- Time for Don" vvds direcTed by Jock Boyer. The cosT vvere: Don .... .. Terry Shermgn Amy ........ Mory Sue Ford Ivlrs. Rodgers . . . ..... Yvonne Jones lvlory Ellen . . . . Lindo WinchesTer VVolT ...... .... K evin Gdllogher Peg . . , . . Dorld lvlc:CuTcheon Jackie . . . . . Marino Delino ONE-ACT PLAYS "Pc1yolo." "SpringTime Tor Don" and "The Goy PreTenclers" were The one ocT ploys ThciT were given on February 16. They were boTh sponsored by The Dromc1Tics This page sponsored by SCHWARTZ GLASS CO. 736 S. Moin ST. "Soy When." "The Gay Pretenders," written by Robert Sinclair, was a comic adventure ot a young couple in Hollywood as they struggled tor success. Atter telling everyone falsely that they had a beautiful home and maid, it actually comes true and confusion reigns. "The Gay Pretenders" was directed by Lucky Lewis. The cast included: Mickey Marshall . . . ..... Bob Baker Helene ......,.. ... Jean McDowalI Sarah Baker .,. ... Judy Collett Jerry Blair .. ... Jim Siemons Arthur Blair .. .... Ed Kasper Maria .... . . . Pam Cotterell John ... .. Dick Madsen club, with members ot the s I ' f A E K , 5 4 5 iw J, ,Q T s 'i illilgtr 5 Entire 1 ' 5 i if R. E x. I Qt Qi 'T 5 L A l LE' ' r ' s 5 P Thespian Society acting as committee chairmen. The Eisen- hower Orchestra performed between the plays. i Q up , E 4 . l He did it! Oh no I didn't.' - - ,-.- dd d y .. - This page sponsored by FEDERAL MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. 666 North Water 422-852l "The Cosuolsf' T "Jock The Ripper." PEPPERMINT HOP PRESENTED BY THE SOPHOMORE CLASS HELD ON JANUARY 12, 1962 IN THE REC ROOM e sponsored by I OUTSTANDING SENIORS OCTOBER Mickey Durnil Bill Uhler its, NOVEMBER Lindo Starbody Outstanding Seniors of the Month The Outstanding Seniors are selected in this manner: ill The homerooms nominate as many seniors as they like each month based on achievements and contributions to the school in general. Q25 The homeroom candidates are then screened and eliminated to four by tour teachers and four seniors. C33 The prospective candidates are then presented before the entire Student Council with a picture of each one and votes for the boy and girl as the Outstanding Seniors tor the month. After the Outstanding Seniors have been chosen, they are honored by being introduced at an assembly, having a story about them in the paper, and having a special bulletin board for their picture and a list of their activities. 135 DECEMBER JANUARY Kevin Gallagher Karen Noel This page sponsored by EAST SIDE LOCKER SERVICE AND FOOD MARKET T46 E. William Slreef 136 5 ST UDEN1 94 f 'S-....., -ss., an A . "M ,. u 1. Q M, ,WL ROW1 Tom Shuelds Kay Scoff Roddy Jebe Mlckey Durnll Donny Thy Hczys Kathy Durbin. 'FJ' I J s ff kv , we' H, V ix fi' V+ . Q is V B. 2' iff Uhler ROW 4: Bill Duewer, Timmy Sherman 1 'L if - C We M, C WEWKQC5 ff W Ly ffJj!g',,ff b f,ff,ffffM KW uyjwmy BD -yay! my Sou, f Af ,5, 'fs' S. es 'Nl-,Www E 5 ES it Q59 OFFICERS SEATED: Mr. Kemp, advisor, Lindo Storloody, secretory, Tom England, presidentg Mike Heger, vice-president, Kclthi Chambers, treasurer, STANDING: Shelly Lindsoy, Historiong Kathy Durbin, rec-room co-chairman, Bill Uhler, Sgt.-ot-arms, Roger Jeloe, Sgt.-ot-arms, Micky Durnil, Porliomentorion, Koren Noel, Rec-room co- choirmon. Student Council sponsors "Outstanding Senior" This page sponsored by MEADOW GOLD DAIRY 304 South Main 429-5241 Siudeni Coun- cil also has the big job ol Tak- ing care ol The Rec Room. "So The fairy princess went our in the woods." ll 5 Q E3 3 4- ROW la Roger Jebe, Bill Uhler, Karen Noel, Linda Siarbody, Mike Micky Durnil, Shelly Lindsay, Susan Hall, Vicky Moore, Dianne ROW 2: Pam Bird, Bev l-larnish, Ruth Ann McKibben, Sherri Browne, Hodges, Marilyn Wilson, Sally Bork, Vicky Clark, Debbie John Warnick, Dick Garnbrel, Bob Hill, Judy Rea, Pam Dee Ann Ganwbrel, Pam Orion, Darleen l-larrner, Cheryl Waks, ROW 4: Tom Ford, Gary Schwandf, Larry Creason, Bryan Stockwell, Sieve Myrvold, Warren Thorn, Pete Boyer, 143 Heger, Toni England, Kathi Chambers, Rosfek, Dianne Sigrnon, Mr, Kemp. Shirley Grant, l-lenrieiia Guyse, Candy Hathaway, Bob Redpaih, Mike Canellas. ROW 3: Cotierell, Wilma Sue Kohlbecker, Linda Filchak, Owens, Frances Powers, Sharon O'Donell, Steve Dan Koshinski, Jack Bayer, Gary Lamb, John Rea, Mike Daum, Tom Berg. ,G U C FIRST ROW - Pam Lesley, Dorofhy Hays, Susan Hall, Sharon Suhl, Chuck Winings, Karen Noel, SECOND ROW - Sam Jones, Tom Callahan, Jim Loveioy, Bob Baker, Brad SCOTT, Karon Miller, Dennis King, Bob Donohoe. l l l FIRST ROW - Carl Hanson, J. D. Grofhe, Steve Young, Grant Canfield, Hanne Bendson, Dale Bray, SECOND ROW k Jim Hanson, Pai McLoughlin, Bruce Stone, Sharon Kirk, Sandy Cooper, Karen Foster, Kaihy Peck, Cheylene Salogga, Bob Hill, Lana Carfer. O U z ima N C I L SOPHOMORE COUNCIL ROW ONE: Terry Bork, David Hicks, Ted Doorman, Jim Smith, Payne, Don Briggs. ROW TWO: Ellen Zabel, Sherry Bandy, Kim Jim Slone, Randy Walqs, Warren Thom, Dan Coberly, Larry Moore, Linda Brown, JoAnn Adams, Carol Friend, Nita Hayes. ROW ONE: Susan Harper, Cafhy Shonkwiler, Sally Bissey, Cheryl Hill, ROW TWO: Mr. Sher- er, Dan Ogden, Allana Todd, Carol Johnson. ROW THREE: Dave McCaray, Robert Redpalh, Ronnie Grabb, Carry Mills. 145 Karen Noel, Co-Chairman, Michele Lindsay, Kathy Durbin, Co-Chairman, Mickey Durnil, Bill Uhler I,- wr FT' Adeline Fullerion, Mike Kush, Mickey Durnil, Tom Callahan, 146 QZPI' Z0-l117UO'l'l I--OZCOD IDC H10 of A reuation of our :le t to the past 3 NJN L 4 ea ROW 1, Barbara Susiri, Dona Wilson, Karon Miller, Darleen Dr. Logan H, Cobb, Tom Ernch, Jack Boyer, Dale Bray, Mike Harrner, Barbara Cast, Kim Moore, Carolyn Sytert, ROW 2, Kush Cpresidenti, Bob Baker, Larry Payne. LATIN CLUB Ln-I Lnr"2J 5,7260 330253 2236232 fp gig OJ.. 21 Sian QOCU4... .NO 320:11 O0 cfugogw-i 241:00-2 ETX! Qif UU rom? 5035x511 35. UU-.co WQSOQWE. - Paofbislbfn C 2435117 V, - wmv-- ... 193' ggnr-ESQ N 1" 90---mio wgclfiogs O P ggglg 72? - :- 52-Xflgxg 3s9,o29,5' Vjfzxaa-43-. Fg'mfP37x4U -K 4. C3Os4?o Q32 303 mm rv Ss gcfvm N MU-Q7i -r BSO gggm -fog 3-O cn-i .Uv-- 3-so in KDCD T? 315510 -.OQ.x4-. U me-QEQU, Duo ojlo O 51,13 mrocn:,443 ?'f"gdNs3'Q O an OEOZQWO O3-QQQO lo.fDQ,-.j3 QQi5nQzr, Grant, Pamela Orton, Martha Buckley, Chris Hashue, Gail Hether- ington, Cheryl Rush, Susan Romano, Carol Warnick, Peggy Sheets, ROW 3, Melvin Hawkins, Nick Greanias, Lynn Magill, .lim O'Brien, Larry Patrick, Dennis Leslie, Wayne Ward, Harry Kaminski, John Schwandt, Gary Secor, David Lehman, Jim Ducldleston, John Powell, Frank Lambirth, Richard Williams, Gary Hetherington, Barry Krause, Harold Merrill, Joe Kyle, ROW 4, Steve Rusk, John Bolley, Tom Schwalbe, Allen Salogga, Lynclal Peek, Pat Bictuarn, Jim Hanson, Larry Sargent, Pat Schevenke, Tom Moore, Ketty Lourash, Paul Cox, John Baginski, Dan Higgins, Mike Boll, John O'Heren, David Minick, Dale Harrison, Paul Vorndarn. ROW - 1 Camilla Buckley, Peggy Smith, Vicky Moore, Paula Ohler, Melinda Morris, Pam Houchen, Ellen Zabel, Janet Kreher, Marilyn Wilson, Marilyn Banks, Louann Mat- tes, Susie Ford, Barbara Whittingham, Lynette Eckardt, Martha Owen, Joe Hensley, Dottie Voisen, Donna Allen, Teena Murtin, Mary Whitmore, Mrs. Jean Johnson, ROW - 2 Rose Mary Olivero, Debbie Hathaway, Linda Tuley, Carol Ferrell, Darlene Clim, Carol Johnson, Dianne Har- ino Delhno, Allancx Todd, Michele Lindsay, Louella Cain, Vergie Bond, Marty Neal, Linda Voss, Connie Allen, Billie Rudisill, Sharon Kirk, Susie Douin, ROW - 3 Jim Ander- son, Bruce Stone, Jack Boyer, Jim Stone, Don Briggs, Bryan Stockwell, Clyde Sims, Mike Daum, John Warnick, Danny Chrisman, Lonnie Sayles, Tyler Cassedy, Phillip Esswein, Jim Naughton, Jerry Mitchiner, Larry Fulton, Richard Hay- den, Larry Wassort, David Miller, Jim Newcome. mer, Karen Miller, Jackie Douin, Sharon Hildebrand, Mar- 5 , . A . f i - i . A i , 1 , 5 . 5 2 K I I i ' , L i .1 . Q , K , - f. 2 , 7. w V1 5 I j ROW - 1 Mike Canellas, Carol Farrell, Pam Cotterell, Pom Bird, Joann Adams, Susan Cathcort, Pamela Wood, Cynthia Cox, Maryellen McGuire, Nancy Stanclerter, Linda Sherman, Judie Hill, Patty Meece, Sallee Bork, Gloria Beaman, Dr. Logan Cobb, Advisor, ROW - 2 Raymond Roddy, Rod Rith- ard, Tom Patton, Barbara Cast, Judy Ramsey, Adeline Ful- lerton, Sharon Schroat, Darla McCutcheon, Sherry Bandy, Donna Gross, Cheryl Roennigke, Lana Carter, Darleen Har- 148 f t. f A " mer, Sharon Richards, Emo-Lee Hudgens, ROW - 4 Richard Carr, Ricky Beel, Ron Smith, Alan Alderson, Ralph Connard, Fran Powers, Kay Salogga, Carol Moore, Judy Hill, ROW -- 4 Hedrick Green, Jim Moses, Bill Moser, Kenneth Carnahan, Bud Gross, Terry Bork, Cubby Smick, Casey Green, Terry Byers, Pete Boyer, Leslie Dixon, Dan Rozanske, Thomas Emch, Ronald Jonason, Charles Ramaden, Dole Bray. SEB!! B A N D ROW 11 Mary Newcome, Kathy Wetland, Lynette Eckhordt, Rex Martin, Larry Dickman, Martha Acklin Ronnie Jahr Alice Tl1OfP, Candi HOCJQS, Billy Irons- RCW 21 l-lf1ClO Joe Walker, Ricky Beel, Steve Brown. ROW 4 Marion Gar FlOOCl, Lindo Tl"l0mC15, Lois CCUFVWS, Mike l'lOVTWlQ, Don ner, Sue Reynolds, Alan Rodgers, Richard Williams Spaugh, Tom Cowell, Curt Cantield. ROW 3: Janet Kreher, ROW 'l: Wilma Golembeck, Rosalu, Melinda Grider, Susan Moore, Charlene Rossi, Judy Benton, Sandy Schwartz, Linda Clapp, Sharon Beaman, Nita Hays, Carol Hill, Linda Sears, Carolyn Sytert, Ruth Cox, Bobbe Klusmeyer, Marle Precht, Mr. Krebs, Mike Kush, Dick Gambrel, Tom Wyne, Jim Smith, Carolyn Brown, Marsha Louwerse, Darrel Kendall, Gary Stornes, Marilyn Thom, Charlotte Tutas, Joyce Lovekamp, Nadine Karnes. ROW 3: Larry Hagan, Jay Peniwell, Bruce Walsh, Steve Romack, Jim Zimmer, Steve Krotz, Roy Rettle, Larry Donnel, Randy Waks, Richard Peterson, Charles Crow, Joyce Brown, Dave Hicks, John Davisson, Don Lucas, Dan Ogden, Bob England, Steve Waks, Steve Miller, Tom Bower, Stan Wilkins. ROW 4: Richard Adrian, Henry Hagen, Grant Canfield, Gary Schwandt, Carl Hanson, Bob Hall, John Pac- zak, Wes Murtin, John Rea, Lee Boiko, Dan Coberly, Bob Hill, Roger Jebe, Don Koshinski, Jim Giles, Bob Smith, Terry Creason, Bob Wamager, Ron Durbin, Cary Mills, David Peer, Terry Hall, Grant Canfield, Steve Bagley. ROW 5: David Gessoman, William Dueroer, Tom Ford, Mike Dambril, Paul Shaw, Ron Welch, Larry Careason, Ed Kasper, Roger Wilke, Rick Parsons, "Bones" Steve Albers, Herman Hoslotski, Bob Baker, Bill Uhler, Mike Heath, Larry Grabb, David Hinton, Bill Schiminski, Steve Swarthout, Paul Cox, Robert Steinman, Jerry Scherer, Warren Thom, Ronnie John, Tom Cowell, Don Schwartz, Don Neidifter, Bill Taylor. 149 Dee Ann Gambrel - Maiorette JA YN, ll N l l rllll tsl lu l ll l .fx 5 l x o J jr ,ll FIRST ROW: John Schwanclt, Ellen Zabel, Joyce Jacobs, Carol Dart Carolyn Brown, Martha Buckley, Marilyn Thom, Martha l-lanes. SEC OND ROW: Margaret Nichols, Sandra Day, Mary Whitmore Sharon Suhl, Gary Lamb, John Davidson, Tom Wyne, Steve Walker Putty Meece, Tony Conrad, Roselee Trueblood, Donald Schwartz I f BAND Jack Boyer, Jim Guyrnan, THIRD ROW: Camilla Buckley, Ellen Lern- ing, Marsha Louwerse, lvlicheala Smith, Margaret Rowe, Rodney Cox, Jim Owens, Vicki Allen, Bob Rush, Lonnie Sayles, Dan Coberly, Bob Conrad, Cynthia Hawkins, Pete Boyer, Ted Dromon, Ron Smith, Rich Parsons, Pat Stark. FOURTH ROW: Kenny Madsen, Ronald Johnson, Steve Bagley, Dave Vorking, Robert John Steinman, Steven Swarthout, Warren Thom, Donald Bean, Dave Hutchins, Larry Lem- ing, Bob Hall, Richard Petty, John Rea, Tom Stevens, Linda Meece, Steve Bopp, Grant Canhelcl, Jim Rupp, Jonet Goveia, Ann Bonks. Twirler - Dee Ann Garnbrel. Director S Carl F, Jebe, if v -Y-x, X fm im-1-Aww-sf.. E A Connie Thompson - SEATED ai piano, Mrs. Renshaw - STANDING ai piano. ROW - 'I Mary Bronson, Lana Carter, Sharon Sparks, Ruth Anne McKibben, JoAnne Russell, Karon Miller, Richard Siorp- son, Chuck Landram, Stephen Young, Martin Miller, Linda Hock, Sherry Bandy, Karhy Peck, Linda Willmirih, Diane Brady, Doiiie Voisen, ROW - 2 Linda Harper, Darleen Harmer, Judy Hill, Carol Maness, Wannefra Burchard, Susan Moore, Bonnie Baker, James l IQ 152 Church, David Miller, Dick Tuley, Nick Greanias, Dianne Harmer, Sharon Beaman, Carla Grani, Edna Kleine, Erma Ryder, ROW - 3 Karen Pinney, Cheryl Rush, Karen Smiih, Dick Allan, Bill Schiminski, David Casior, Lynn Magill, Phil Berry, Lynn Davis, Larry Gralolo, Jim Newcorne, David Hinton, Terry Daniels, Pam Orion, Denise Dun- ham, Joyce Keyl, Sharon Kirk, Betty Staiiord, Susan Hall. QQ 9 gg l i l ROW 1: Mrs. Shirley Renshaw, Carla Grant, Karon Miller, Connie Thompson, Denise Dunham, Carol Man- ess, ROW 2: Mariin Miller, Sharon Kirk, Dianne Harmer, Linda l-lock, Doliie Yoisen, Mary Bronson, Lana Carter, Darleen Harmer, Cathy Durbin, Dick Allen, Lynn Magill, ROW 3: Nick Greanias, David Miller, David Hinton, .lim Church, Larry Grubb, Richard Tuley, Jim Nevvcome, Stephen Young, and Bill Schimin- ski. T R O U B A D O R S FIRST ROW: Janie Groves, Sharon Sledge, Teena Murhn, Carol Eichel, Dianne Rostek, Ermalane Boren. SECOND ROW: Sylvia lsome, Lynda l-loots, Suzy Morthland, Betty Wilcott, Nancy Stansbury, Mary Newcome. THIRD ROW: Steve Miller, Gene England, Richard Hoaglin, Michael Daum, Herb Cornell, Phil Smith, Mrs. Renshavv. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Grabb, Jim Farris, Tom Burg, Chuck Foley, Torn Moore, Lyndal Peek, Chris Smith. Q. ROW ONE: Mrs. Renshaw - instructor, Edna Klebe - pianist. ROW TWO: Wilma Golem- beck, Linda Lee Augustine, Diana Smith, Carol Friend, Viola Spencer, Brenda Sims, Judy Yates, Pam Cotterell, Carol Browning, Vicki Allen, Linda Miller, Dickie Werner, Mary Ches- 5 ney, Joyce McAnelly, Linda Hatfield. ROW THREE: Barbara Curry, Connie Hoy, Kim Moore, Gladys Lee, Linda Sears, Linda Krekel, Belva Burkhart, Sandra Cooper, Marina Deltino, Susie Douin, Sharon Harmon, Barbara Williams, Janice Rhodes, Ruthie Williams, Donna Warden. is ,, ROW 1: Linda McEvoy, Marcella Mason, Judy Buckles, Sylvia Walker, Martha Smith, Cheryl May, Jacque- B lyn Boyce, Ruth Ann Lee, Ann Buckner, Karen Davis, Barbara Becker, Veda Golenbeck, Sandi Hays. ROW 2: Mary Katheran Shaw, Carol Moore, Loretta Cain, Judy Scehnet, Linda Cooley, Dick Peterson, Terry Hall, Dale Stevenson, Bill Davis, Dan Lane, Krystle Schneider lNot takeni, Carl Havary, Betty Rosan, Vicki Evans, Sue Kholbecker, Charlene Rossi. ROW 3: Natelie Ragsdale, Jean Mitchell, Claudette Patter- son, Glendale Brack, Mary Taylor, Billie Jo Rudisell, Donna Krowler, Stuart Conley, Richard Tomlenson, Buddy Kaminski, Ed Foster, Russell Finley, Pat Putaum, Bella Beard, Phillis Van Wagoiwer, Linda Jenkins, JoAnn Russell, Mrs. Renshaw, Director. 1 iriylisycifit HJ : ROW 'l: Lois Cairns, Sharon Sledge, Linda Thomas, Syl- via lsome, Larry Patrick, Leroy Patridge, Michael Jozsa, Steve Miller, Parn Johnson, Vicki Moore, Karen Mahon, Donna Allen, Dianne Rostek, Teena Murhn, Mrs. Ren- Sliaw. ROW' 2: Kailiy CQ l'i'i pbell, Suiinllla Bundy, iviury Newcome, Phil Smith, Daniel G. Land, Chuck Foley, Steve Rusk, Chris Smith, Allana Todd, Betty Wilcott, Suzy Morthland, Oleta Bloom, Carlene Merold, Ermalane Bor- en, Carol Eichel. ROW 3: Shirley Barnett, Linda Tuley, Alan Alderson, Gene England, Stanley Taylor, Mike Daum, Joseph Kyle, Bob Rube-l, Linda Flood, Linda An- gle, Sharon Schroat, Evelyn Silkvvood, Alice Thorp, Judy Shaw, Sharon Sebok. ROW 4: Linda Burke, Cinda Bower, Nancy Stansbury, Torn Burg, Herb Cornell, Dick Long, Ronnie Grabb, Tom Moore, Lyndcil Peek, Jirn Far- ris, Cary Mills, Richard Hoagoin, Martha Owen, Kathy Shonkvviler, Evelyn Nailer, Carolyn Kock, Lynda Hoots. 155 F R E S H M A N M X D ORCHESTRA ROW 'l. Larry Fulton, Pamela Goodwin, Phil Smith, Jim Anderson, Rodney James, Debbie Hathaway, Tom Euch, Milton Joyner, Ted Jim Guymon, Lonnie Sayles, Stephen Walker, Bob Conrad, Steve Dormon, Pat Starck, Richard Parsons, Grant Canneld, BACK ROW Swarthout. ROW 2. David Lehman, Jean McDowell, Sieve Novak, Mr. Barnett, Ed Kasper, Hedrick Green, Sylvia lsome. FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHOIR ROW 1. Kathy Tirpak, Donna Lindsay, Nancy Bagley, Nancy Doddek, Linda Taylor, Sally Bissey, Patty Quick, Carol Miller, Judy Crow, Kathy Chenaweth, Dorla Hinton, Barbara Dieck- meyer, Susan Krotz, Cheryl Trolia, Dianna Vosding, and Mrs. Renshaw. ROW 2. Sandy Vineyard, Carol Eichel, Linda Filchak, Judie Hood, Sandy Ward, JoAnn Compton, Cathy Cox, Cheryl Hill, Nancy Phillip, Henrietta Meredith, Carol Pridemore, Gloria Smith, Jacque Beamis, Susan Davis, Dianna Hollingsead, Ernes- tine Sain, and Judy Powell, ROW 3. Kathy Rambo, Linda Girard, Pat Margias, Judie Pierson, Marga Bergsckneider, Pat Thimens, Ruth Covey, Carol Hill, Debbie Hathaway, Toby Denson, Carol Johnson, Dixie Lee, Diane Larson, Rose Mary Olivero, Sharon Hughes, Deanna Ooton, and Sarah Stobaugh. 156 'Qi I A U D I O V I S U A L A I ROW I: Mike Patzwitz, Larry I-linfon, Maggie Wyatt, Paul Lawrence, Sponsor, Bill G. Matneny, Ed Kasper. D ROW 2: Jolwn Baginski, Albert Heidernann, Bob Burgener, Dennis Downey, Bill G. Maflweny, Dennis S rrir W. , T A G E 95 c R E , ,gneam am N S Downey, Bob Burgener, Ed Kasper, Paul Lawrence, Sponsor. g gm l M - f-wr ew.-4 N U R S E S sf...-f , 'Graf ,. 1 T, N, ff' ev 2 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Belly Ann Bradshaw, Judy Yafes - Vice-Presldenf, Smith. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Sillcvvood, Linda Tuley, Alice Thorp, Charlene Wells - Secrefory-Treasurer, Deloris Eller - President Candi Hodge. FOURTH ROW: Linda Flood, Sondra Wells, Judy SECOND ROW: Marion Iylaffhews - Sponsor, Sandy Zilz, Paffy Ames, Susan Cafhcarf. Meece, Sharon Sledge, Kalhy Tirpalc, Anne VVhiTTinQharn, Marcha 2 z 2 H E L P E R S FIRST ROW: Gail Hetheringfon, Patti Ware. SECOND ROW: Karen Foster, Marion Matthews - Sponsor, Carolyn Ferris, Carol Friend, Deloris Eller, Charlene Wells, Carol Ferrell. A 2 sf 1, .l 1' - 3 I I T I 1 E5 FIRST ROW: Marie Corey - Adviser, Krysile Schneider, President, Dano LeVeck, Peggy Owens, Sharon Brahz, Sue Newton, Linda Meece, Cheryl May, Diana Young, Jackie Myers, Linda Augusfine, Sharon Brown, .ludy Sandra Cooper, Mrs. Wanda Turner - Adviser. SEC- Johnson - Vice-President, Erma Ryder - Secreiary. OND ROW: Rurh Covey 4 Treasurer, Ann Margias - FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Cheryl Trolia, Barbara Becker, Sharon Hildebrand, Linda Taylor, Ellen Zabel, Lois Cairns. SECOND ROW: David Leh man, Janet Kreher, Pam Houchen, Olefa Bloorn, Nancy Doddek, Cheryl Rush, THIRD ROW: Paul Reed, Charlotte Tuias, Edna Kleloe ln... Cheryl Roenniglce, Sherry Bandy, Cynthia Hawkins. FOURTH ROW Pam Orton, Marina Dellino, Carla Grant, Linda Sears, Susan Hall Carolyn Treadway, Miss Caserotfi, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NA? iiffiiik i HONGR I I, E51 r ij FIRST ROW: Bill Uhler, Presideni, Michele Lindsay, Vice Presideni, viser, Shoron O'DonnelI, Bonnie Boker, Gran! Canfield, Poi Mc Ruth Cox, Secretory, Karen Noel, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mark Loughlin. Bateman, Jim Loveioy, Kathy Peck, Corol Mcmess, Miss Bower, Ad- 160 LIBRARY H E L P E R S ROW 'I: Linda Aldridge, Kim Moore, Mary Skrine, Linda Scrimpsher, Linda Brown, Carol Sue Callaway, Donna Knowles, Cheryl Roennigke, Becky Leftler. ROW 2: Gloria Berg, Marilyn Wilson, Edna Klebe, Charlotte Tutas. SEB! A ... ROW 'lz Diana Smith, Anne Whittingham, Dianne Harmer, Hanne Bendsen, Mary Ann Mesnard, Jackie Douin, Judie Pierson, John Burkhart. ROW 2: Mrs. H, Piggott, Advisor, Brenda Foster, Susi Ford, Connie Bell, Nancy McKay, Celon Jelks, Karen Noel, Grant Canfield, Mr. Montgomery, Stu- dent Teacher. 161 T H E S P I A N S ll 'Q Z Left fo Right: Mrs. Giles - Advisor, Dororhy Voisen, Top To Bottom: Terry Sherman, Kasper, Ronald Lewis, Dennis Downey. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Giles - Advisor, Debbie Hathaway, Carolyn Muzzy, Marty Neal, Tom Emch, Terry Sherman, Jeani Johnson, Pam Houchen, Emo-Lee Hudgins, Darla Mc- Jack Boyer, Jim Naughton, Suzie Ford, Pam Cofterell. Cufcheon, Jean McDowall, Pam Bird. SECOND ROWi N' 2, J 4, , S. 1 5 If l' XA . QQ i Jack Boyer, D R A M A T I C S C L U B M A T H CLUB , ROW 1: Mr. Houser, Bill Uhler, Bill Duewer, Gran? Canfield, Tom Ford, Pete Boyer, Paul Reed, Richard William, and Mr. Bright. SCIENCE WW' ROW 1: Bill Duewer, Alice Thorp, Bill Bray, Tom Ford, Ron Cox, ROW 2: Mr. Dole Carlson, Bob Con- rad, Grant Canfield, Tony Conrad, Bill Uhler, Ken Smith, Brad Scott, and Mr. Scherer. 163 L U B BL. di M -gf ia, do D I V O E C R C S U I P F A I T E I D O N S D.E. is a club in which students learn methods of selling, merchandising, procedures of make-up advertising and displaying goods. Both D.E. and D.O. clubs can be found throughout the nation. They have a two day meeting to which eight repre- sentatives go from all over the state. B E I D L U L A F T R I A 0 I A N N s T Z 388 fm STANDING: jr. Gargus, Mr. Veach, SITTING: John Bolat, Ken Gant Lonnie Lewis, Sue Sebcns. 164 The objectives of the Diversified Occupations Club are: l. To promote good fellowship and encourage opportunity for professional growth. 2. To promote and encourage co-operation between the schools, local in- dustry, trades, and other services. 3. To promote and stimulate interest in trade, industrial, and service oc- cupations. 4. To evacuate and organize instructional material. All students enrolled in Diversified Occupations are automatically a member of this club. The club affiliates with the state industrial education club or- ganization and in so doing is eligible to send two delegates to the state con- vention in Springfield each spring. This convention is for business conducted on the state club officer level. It is planned and carried out by high school stu- H dents. The convention is held in the state capitol building in the chambers of the senate. Each spring the club participates with DE. and 0.0. in the an- nual employer-employee appreciation banquet. The club operates according to its constitution which provides for election of officers and the possibilities for a wide range of activities which would include social, service, and pro- fessional in nature. f trans-.-.-.....M.. STA.YDI.YC: Barbara Skrine, Jean Abel. Veronica Derigo, lvlarian Holderness, Kay Hensley, Mrs. McClintock, Advisor, Lorraine Tokarz, Bobetta Travis, Judi Holley Rhodes, Carolyn Walker, Marsha Buechler Carr, Sondra Thompson, Karen In- man, Shirley Crawford, Diana Chappell, SEATED: Sarah Elam, Carolyn WValler, Clara YVilkerson, Joyce Schiene. 0 ., ' ii3ti?lE5'll5 E . ..... 14 . ..... F 0 Office Occupations is not just C C a Club, but it offers the young E U girl who works three hours away from school in an office- P training job some of the im- A portant social life which she would otherwise miss. T Similar clubs can be found throughout the nation. An I annual convention is held with o representatives from each club in the state enjoying new N friends and learning more S about the training necessary to become a successful secre- tary. 165 JUNIOR RED CROSS ROW ONE: Kay Salogga, Linda Clapp, Darla McCufcheon, Sandy Zilz, Tom Dacan, Walter Zilz, Cheryl Hill, Carol Hill, Barbara Mears, Carol Clapp, Donna Gross, Miss Fanli - Advisor. ELIIYSE ROW ONE: Chuck Winings, Ralph Connard, Tubby Smick, Gwynn, Vicfior Polk, Gerry Borne, Pal' McClaughlin. ROW Ken Lindgren, Alan Myers, Hughie Pafheal, Jim Loveioy, THREE: Doug Smith, Bob Ducldles, Bob Swarms, Martin Mil- Roger Renfshler, Gary Fear, Aaron Hodges, Gary Patterson, ler, Alvin Taylor, Steve Albers, Tom Holohon, Steve Myrvold, Dick Tuley. ROW TWO: Mark Bomball, Terry Sherman, Sleve Tommy Heard, Bob Jones, Roger Jebe. Friend, Benny Adams, Mike Henry, John Dennis, Charlie LETTERMEN'S CLUB 166 POM POM SQUAD i i l snr "FY E fig 15 iff- S 5, . . 1 .,, ri- i 9 A P' I as ROW 'l: Susie Douin, Treasurer, Nancy Standerter, Secretary, Lynne Bamford, Vice President, Carol Sue Maness, President, Miss Erickson, Sponsor, Connie Bork, Jackie Myers. ROW 2: Carolyn Sytert, Sylvia Walker, Diane Brady, Barbara Susin, Nita Hays, Linda Harper, Barbara Curry, Vivian Podnar. ROW 3: Joyce Keyl, Cynthia Cox, Bette Armentrout, Emo-Lee Hudgins, Beverly Harnish, Linda Voss, Sandra Cooper, Midge McCain. ROW 4: Sheila Livingston, Pam Cotterell, Bella Beard, Ethel- dreda Sanders, Karen Camp, Sharon Crisman, Susan Moore, Judy Sanders. 8m"'4i 35 5 , fb L.-l ii 7 ' if ,. Beverly Mansholt, Margo Bergschneider, Dionne Rostek, Sharon Sledge, Linda Filchak, Annette Bateman, Sally Bissey, President, Brenda Foster, Vice President, Suzy Morthland, Publicity Chair- man, Barbara Dieckmeyer, Jackie Madison, Sgt,-At-Arms. ROW 2: Lindo Burke, Judy Boyle, Sue Kohlbecker, Sandra Williams, Kathy Tirpak, Dorothy Sain, Shirley Barnett, Patty Quick, Char- lene Butcher, Wilma Hodges, Victoria Evans, Cathy Cox. ROW 3: Dianna Vording, Betty Wilcott, Linda Tuley, Pat Thimens, Linda Angle, Kelly Teresa, Linda Thomas, Carol Moore, Mary Taylor, Sharon Softley, Oleta Bloom, Linda Flood, Sgt.-At-Arms, Carlene Merold, Dorla Hinton. PEP CLUB OFFICE HELPERS Mary Beth Davis, Sharon D. Kirk, Donna Corn, Linda Willis, Marilyn Thom, Erma Ryder, Patti Saletski Beverly Speagle, Linda Clapp, Sandy Schwartz. Tom Cowell, Don Schwartz, Ron Jahr. 168 R A D 0 "feb l elllln il Dennis Downey, Karen Noel, Shelley Lindsay, Tom Ford, Tyler Cassedy, PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF The purpose of the Photography Staff is to provide pictures for the PANTHERAMA and the PANTHER PRESS. The staff covers all of the usual school events including plays, musicals, assemblies, games and dances, they are ever-present when something inter- esting or newsworthy occurs. Many of the pictures which appear in the school publica- tions are developed and printed by the members of this stat? in the E.H.S. darkroom. Without them, the school yearbook would be impossible and the newspaper would be relatively uninteresting. X X 169 If PANTHERAMA EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: Karen Noel, Mrs. McClintock ladvisorl, Shelly Lindsay ledi- Ford, Tyler Cassidy, Etheldreda Sanders. STANDING: Sandra tori Mr. Straub lyearbook representativel, Mary Beth Davis, Tom Pridemore, Bev Hamish, Phil Hazenfield, and Sharon Harmon. MICHELE LINDSAY Editor The Pantherama editorial statt consists ot ten stu- dents plus an advisor, They spend many hours planning, assembling, and revising to make our yearbook the best. The members ot the staff must be a combination ot artist, author, typist, printer, organizer, with an even-temper. We feel it is a privilege to serve on the statt. At the end ot the year our hard work is rewarded by seeing our hopes and dreams finished and published in a bound book that will be read by students, parents, relatives, and in later years, be cherished memo- ries. PANTHERAMA BUSINESS STAFF ROW 1: Nancy Pierce, Judy Stark, Erma Ryder, Sharon Suhl, Donna Roennigke, Linda Schrimpsher, Carolyn Treadwey, Marilyn Thom Gross, Mark Ragel. ROW 2: Mr. Schwalbe, Marsha Louwerse, Cheryl Tom Koslofski, Mike McDaniel. The purpose ot the Pantherama Business Staff is to really keep the editorial stat? in money, They have one advisor and thir- teen students with a rough iob ot selling advertisments and taking subscriptions to make our yearbook one that everyone will be proud ot. Without the business stall there would be no editorial staff and without the editorial start there would be no yearbook. We are all grateful for the wonderful job the business staff is doing and has done in the past years. 171 MARK RAGEL BARB SKRINE Business Managers A N LINDA STARBODY EDITOR . :su- ROW 'lz Ralph Connard, Carl Hanson, J. A. Naughton, Joe Kyle, Randy McClintock, Tom Callahan, Ed Kasper, John Baginski. ROW 2: Gary Schwandt, James Grothe, Kathy Peck, Linda Starbody, Melinda Morris, Bill Uhler, Jim Hanson, Dennis Downey, ROW 3: P R E S S Mrs. Williams, Paul Rolock, Carolyn Syfert, Linda Sears, Hanna Bendsen, Mickey Durnil, Joann Adams, Carla Grant, Sharon McCollum, Pam Orton, Judy Ramsey, Carolyn Brown, Michaela Smith, Darla McCutcheon, Jean McDowall, Pam Bird. The PANTHER PRESS, our school newspaper, is composed of about SO students and one faculty advisor. The main objective of the paper is to print the news of the school accurately and often. Special feature articles, along with picture stories and sports coverage, help to add student interest to the PRESS. The work of the staff is varied greatly. The advertising staft, photography and art staffs, along with sports, 172 0 feature, and news writers - all these appeal to the interests of many different types of people. lt is a hectic tumble of meeting deadlines, revising copy, and soliciting advertising, but it is a worth while one to those who put out the PANTHER PRESS. Homework or newspaper? 5 3iXs5i8FA1 - -Q 173 On The spot interview! f fi fa , ll K ,P 'G 'QV i "I heord U ioke . . -wk , TTi E 5 P O l l R ll T I S ln - A ,ANN M 'X ffffh ii 1-.. 'M R L 'N ape, U. kigj Y 5 5 9 2 r? '14 64 93 EQ-fs l 5g .. ... 3 .50 53 Q1 , 10 65 S2 X V11 iv, va! I . 33 ,F may ,. . 5, fi7Nfw- w' Q X, 1 Now le1's see that T-bone formation This page sponsored by SUPERIOR "400" 22nd 81 Geddes D Sh, Ji JI- M 5 qt.-'--"" Q - . , H UQ 11 M wi- ' A ,xv x -A 4 R W D N ' qw, , 3 fl ' 4 j 'SG'OREBOARD W E.H.S. E.H.S. E.H.S. ell-Ls. E.H.S. E.H.s. E.HS'f E.H.S. .. 19 Hg: Qi 14 Jqpksonyille . 3. . Normal .... 5 Griffhj ff. Q Sfepffin 'Decatur 'Sff Teresa . . . . . Sffiltirman . Bloomington . . . Lanphier ,.... MacArthur . . . 51? . ' N5 Yin 5fki f 53 9 Q Q . , Q, A Q W 2? is 5 Qwpwggg This page is sponsored by NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR l30 NorTh VVaTer "The Bank with Time Tor you" Rebuilding lceynoTed The 196i Pan- Ther TooTball squad as only 5 leTTer- men reTurned from The fine T960 Team. Led by capTain Chuck Win- ings, The PanThers Tinished The sea- son wiTh a 3-6 record. Winings, Gary Fear, and Bob Myers earned All-CiTy recogniTion. Three losses aT The sTarT of The year vvere Tol- lowed by inTer-ciTy vicTories over STephen DecaTur and ST. Teresa, Thus conTinuing Panfher dominaTion of ciTy Toes. ConsecuTive wins by Danville Schlarman and Blooming- Ton were halTed by a T9-T2 cle- cision over Springfield Lanphier. i 180 .hQQ l K 4 Homecoming ended The 5 year vicTory sfring over ciTy rivals as an excellent IvlacArThur eleven deTeaTed The PanThers for The TirsT Time, 23-l4. Despite The loss, an opTimisTic noTe ap- pears vviTh The reTurn nexT year of Ten leTTermen plus an excellenT nucleus of sophomores, WiTh The rebuilding fin- ished, The Way once again appears lo be The road To The Top. 4. .M . T 'fi T X at i A Q J This page is sponsored by FRAZTER VENDING SERVICE lll7 NorTh WaTer ROW ONE Wayne Porfee Don Briggs .lim Stone Bob Hall, Ron THREE: Mr lnnis Charles McKinney Phil Berry Mike Williams War Coles Jim Church ROW TWO John Cato Jim Zimmer, Jim Mc ren Thom Dan Higgins Rick Clark Nick Greamas Chris Durnel Garry Micky Dukeman Lee Bolko Mike Ball Richard Peftyg ROW Jerry Scherer SCPHOMORE FOOTBALL This page sponsored by GENERAL ELECTRIC CO Audio Prodiicfs Depf. 2200 North Q2 Street 182 FOOTBALL FRESHMAN Seventy-five Freshmen wenf our for Foofboll This yeor. Although The Teom's record was not Too successful, being on The Teom hos helped develop eoch boy's chorocfer ond will promise good resulfs for next yec1r's sophomore Teom. This pclge is sponsored by BOAR HYBRID CORN COMPANY Sieve Albers KNEELING: Cooch Russell, Left to Right: Steve Albers, Tom Holohon, Bob Rush, Vic Polk, Ernie Taylor, John Hicks, Bob Meyers, Miichell Livingsion, Sieve Sinclair, Dove Gesscxmon, Max Anderson, Lee Boiko. VARSITY BASKETBALL Mitchell Livingsfon Lee Boiko 'U 12 I IU Bob Rush lun Qu.. Ernie Taylor Steve Sinclair QKTHEJ Y 4 4 nh C ... Max Anderson John Hicks an .vp bn Q' X QQQQSHP . T-3'5" Y: - v -p,,.z3, 3. - I 5 .ago Tom Holohon Bob Meyers E S s l ? Dove Gesso mo n Vic Polk l Q-UW, ...q A Ii , , af f 5 "Ghost Riders," Q-I4 This page sponsored by DECATUR INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC, INC. II36 East Wood Street. if xi, . yi?-Q L Z fl" 7 , i VL 51" 1 - as ng W Q14 w - 0 Eisenhower Opponent I 2 V 57 58 ..... , . . Mt. Pulaski 68 52 ' ........ Centralia 58 61 . . . . . .8 Charleston 57 ' 45 . . L 1 ...... Danville lSchlarman 49 39 ...... .' Springfield 53 73 ....... Collinsville 62 I 51 ...... l.incoln-East A St. Louis 46 34 ......... Pekin 57 48 . . ,... Cumberland CENTRALIA TOURNAMENT 46 61 .......... Benton 41 52 ........... Salem DECATUR CITY TOURNAMENT 53 H 80 ......... Stephen ' Decatur 47 45 ........ Lakeview 51 60 ....... MacArthur 62 45 ....... St. Teresa an ' 1' ' .- X ., I.. .. 3, 1 wrzwn nwf mv I . f-ff-ii . q,, L. '5iff1f3f2f'f5f,7ii" 'lfif 2,-Swish' Eggs 3 - fx mlmm- H 1 -ww msrwsssv,-1, ,, .L,h 4"' "r- L P iQ L1 ml, nh , 1 'I , U! K f f" J 1 ir' yr ' 1 gf ' X L I . W 5 3.1 0 This page sponsored by DAWSON 81 WIKOFF 515 Wes1 Wood TQ ,r WE fare 44' f 4- wy, ,, - 5 fain 3 r f I 52-I ' -Z Y ei ff ,- as 'fs . V Y 151, ,pw kai? A K QW' f . A+, it ,, gk, 'xl' 5 ' -f, 'Y Q3 QQ as f A , .K 8 , ROW ONE: Lee Boiko, Joe Houck, Terry Bork, Jim O'Brien, Ron Smith, Eddie Belue, ROW TWO: Mr. Wifi, Rick Clerk, Lorry Sargent, Warren Thom, Rick McKenzie, Clyde Sims, Nick Greonios, Lynn Mczgill. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL uk T xx X 1 This page sponsored by: CREDIT BUREAU of Deccfur INC .11-1 l....s ROW ONE: Phil Neeves, Mike McConnell, Milton Joyner, Johnny Bond, Q-gd Hguggg ROW TWO: Bud Gross, Ron Grobb, Jim Duddlesion, Dave McGorry, Tom Moore, Dole Sievens, Mike Spent, Warren Thom- as, Roy Beard, Cur1'Canfield. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL f X XX Ns ei' This page is sponsored by GEORGE S. WALKER Plumbing and Healing 191 .- i fi Siilfffl -fr lar .T ,Qs 1 :faxsifiji 1 1557 ,y iw- , ,Sy he fa K my ,, . 9 le 4 k ,,. if Rfwm ,mf 2 A, M575 5, :x. .T A vzigvsm i -Q V .vw 54 :,- ,gr .Q gtlllga 1-wx ff lff liifi' 5:13 .,,. ,A .7 ,gy W X ws, L zalfw-D1 r.. iff. ff f-mmf 1: ROW ONE: Bob Jones, Dick Allan, Ralph Connord, Mel Howkinsg ROW TWNO: Chorley Gwynn, Tommy Hurd, Mr. Lomberl, Gary Fear, Hugh Patheczl. VARSITY PM . M- - f rw: f - fs... .mfsiiiff 'Milf 'if ' ,jj ,A ALQQ1 O,,A.5. www ,, This page sponsored by H92-az, CHANNEL MASTER CORP. "Transistor Radios" "See your local dealer" SUPPLY CO. 2104 E. Locust WRESTLING ROW ONE: Bob Williams, Melvin Hawkins, Bob Redpath, Ken Warden, Dwight Mast, Jim Guymon, Bill Hays, Randy Waks, Ralph Connard, ROW TWO: Harold Benton, Dick Allan, Bob Jones, Richard Simpson, Wayne Portee, Pat Shaw, Charley Gwynn, Tommy Heard, John Rea, John Bag- inski, ROW THREE: Mr. Lambert, Hugh Patheal, Stanley Tay- lor, P. J. Shaw, Bruce Stone, Mark BomBall, Dick Tuley, Loren Fultz, Gary Fear, Toby Tarrant, Tom Edwards, Tom England. This Page Sponsored By MILLER INDUSTRIAL w i - g1" f,' ' : finmi Dohling, come wif me To the Cosbuhlu This page sponsored by DAVIS 81 SLY, INC, 2340 E. Logon Really This is all por? of my plan Think. How did I end up like this? . . Poffi Wore, Sondra Swartz, Frances Powers, Jackie Douin, Darlene Hormer, Dolly Voisin, -, mmwmzsisg-gsavffggg .K j. ,-"fr-1'ff ' A J W5 r,.. .L , , ,,:.., A I zig, .rf 5 f' ,Ms s , ' K ff . -, Q m l., W ff fmmW:rs2:ws ,, ,.., M fa. f V vas K 1"- ' - f. , ,k','.L". f, l This page sponsored by Peek-0-bool YMCA FUN CLUB How lovely we look! l5l Wes? Prolrie 428-6606 196 SQUAD Go, Panthers, ga-O-ol Donna Corn RuThAnn Mciiibben Mickey Durnii Ann Margis MW? .......4 New This page sponsored by Q i V. ':" 15, 2 A 1 ' MILLER-O'NFiiI W -2-9' f' . 3 , ,,X. 1 is a K f 'V Q 2 H ,wmv I ig Viryy K? A ff.f' -ig Fioor Covering -e Window E - x .,.. , .::, E ., ..,.,,, Q A 6 AA wwf A .,e. Shodcs ..... W f Draperies - Venetian Blinds - ' V ' 3 A 5 Y - -..:,, 1 -M - i fs .nj 124 South Vxfmel, "What luck," a ride . . . 197 PATRONS' PAGE Good's Furniture Compony 237 North Moin 429-4923 Svendsen Florist 2702 North Broodwoy 877-4767 Roby ond Roby 252 Eost Moin 428-3451 Neumode Hosiery 117 North Woter 422-1755 1-1echt's Junior Apporel 335 North Woter 422-21 14 Cc1rol's 211 North Moin 428-3437 Burstein's Apparel for Juniors 147 North Woter 423-O322 Breeden's Fine Foods 240 South Foirvievv 429-4415 Kelley 81 Myers 222 North Moin 429-2221 The Surrey Restouront 134 Eost Proirie 422-6584 Popcorn Shop 146 North Moin 423-9478 McConnell Homes, lnc. 419 Millikin Building 423-3608 Lincoln Theoter 141 North Moin 422-6000 J. D. Johnson 81 Son, lnc. 240 North Pork 429-4161 Morton S. Clesson Plumbing ond Heating 235 South Moin 429-7422 Bet'r Cleoners 161 South Josper 423-3822 Associotion of Commerce 158 West Prorie 429-5167 Enloe's Prescription Shop 348 West Proirie 428-8653 Enloe's Lincoln Squore Drug Store Lincoln Squore ond Eost Moin 428-6657 Eichenouer Electric Service 130 South Loklond Your Electric Service Center Blondie Belle Cote 156 Eost Moin - 368 North Moin 428-6037 K's Foshion Shop 312 North Woter 428-61 13 Mutuol Home 81 Sovings 135 Eost Moin 429-2307 Mocon Music 259 North Moin 429-4441 Semmel's Decotur, Illinois 422-2307 Schoefer's Bowling Lones 242 Eost Williom 428-5612 Roupp's Shoes 139 North Woter 422-0896 Krigboum Electric Co. 107 South Moin 428-4691 First Federol Sovings otMc1con County 155 West Eldorodo 429-2366 Folroth's Shoe Store 211 North Woter 422-0672 C. N. Gorhom ond Sheet Metol Co 703 South Moin Christy ond Foltz 704 South Moin 428-8601 Jon-Son Supply Co. 410 Ec1stWilliom 423-6124 Gneckow Grocery 1625 North Josper Cook Cottee Compo ny W. G. Trover Supply Co. 1902 N. Woter 429-5455 Arthur's Furniture 906 E. Wood St. Morvel Credit Union 1202 W. Grond Ave. Meadow Gold Dairy 304 S. Main Norman Laundry 84 Dry Cleaning Co. 145 E. Decatur Lakeside Sales Distributers for Tupperware Lambert's 511.00 Store 148 S. 22nd St. Allied Concrete Contrs. 1612 E. Whitmer St. Romano's Deliiatessen and Pizzeria 217 S.Maff1t Abe's Insurance Agency 1221 E. Riverside From A Friend Bolds Machine Works 116 S. State St. Brinkoetter Tiling Co. 228 S. Franklin St. Decatur Drug Co. 429 E. William St. From A Friend Benton Motor Sales 545 E. William Michael's Pharmacy 2245 E. Wood The Watch Shop "Fine Watch 8 Clock Repair 219 S. Mafht St. Brintlinger's Funeral Home "Our 79th Year of Continuous Service" 500 West Main Street 422-8571 Curve-ln "Home of Fabulous Broasted Chicken" 1101 North Fairview 428-1713 Grove's Restaurant Junction 48 and 51 877-5064 Russell's Pizza Drive-In West Pershing Road and Oakland "Carry Out, Curb, and Dining Service" 877-3131 and 877-5064 Thrifty Drug Stores "Trusted to Fill More Than 1,000,000 Prescriptions" 877-5237 and 428-3713 Peerless Household Cleaners "Household Cleaning Specialists" 519 North Monroe 423-7703 Tolly's Markets lnc. 1355 North Rt. 48 and 80 E. William "Better Foods Priced Right" 428-8121 and 428-3311 PATRONS' PAGE Hinden's "Self-Service Dry Cleaning 947 North Water and 1270 South Jasper 429-7395 Sattleys OPf1ce Machines 1 123 North Water 423-7395 Perfect Potato Chips "They're More Than Good They re Perfect 1190 E. Garfield 423-3686 Flora Jewelers 148 E. Main 429-4111 Longbons Roof1ng and Sheet Metal Co 730 South Main Laura Hallford Beauty School 550 N. Water Peck's Hardware 1102 E. Eldorado Compliments of Donald W Richardson 2998 N. 22nd St. Northtown Bank of Decatur 333 E. Pershing Rd. Stevies Latin Village 745 E. Cerro Gordo Woare Builders Supply Co 1595 N. Calhoun St. C. C. Hubbard Machinery 986 E. Eldorado Heinckel's Packing Co. 2005 N. 22nd. St. Harry Appelbaum Store 632 E. Eldorado Miller Typesetting Service 255 E. Orchard Westervelt Paper Co. 730 E. Cerro Gordo St. H. A. Kuhle Co. 1005 E. Pershing Rd. Yellow Cab Phone 428-7701 Ken's DX Service 1199 E. Pershing Rd. Nelson's 66 Service 1985 N. Woodford Perfect Window Cleaner's 1230 Pershing Rd. Hi-Flier Manufacturing Co. 510 Wabash Avenue State Farm Insurance 602 N. Water Emmitt Henderson Ed McKay Bob Smith - Agents Carson Pirie Scott 8g Co. 301 N. Water St.

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