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I am honored to learn of the .gur""W name of your new hlgh school ,gay-'Ev ln Decatur and send greetmgs to the students and faculty fJa7b'1Z,,M AQX THE 'I958 EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL - DECATUR, ILLINOIS .Q f 'L . Q, H b..,. W , x 1 K 3 , Y . . . 1 , "5" 1 The first registration for our new high school took place at Stephen Decatur High. Somehow, through the confusion, all the students were enrolled in their first semester classes. Members of the Future Teachers of America Club served cokes to the teachers 'working at the registration tables. 1? -4 ggi 4. 511 Q nun 3' x-.1-' we .QP l' 2 ii is if Q it-el' an zu .Qt N lt'-t'nNtzVl It v- E Cheerleaders announce Welcommg at television station, WTVP Welcoming replaced Homecoming at Eisenhower High School. An assembly opened the activities with the crowning of the first Panther Princess and the presentation of her royal court. The Varsity football team escorted them to the stage. Musical and comical acts provided the other entertainment. The Panther Princess Reigns . Band Plays For Panther Prance Crowd Watches Entertainment At Intermission Panther Princess, Nancy Sell, with her Court, right to left, Marge Compton Sandy Rule, Carol Cox, and Sandy Haring. 'H 'f emQf? A 'Ehwm+xf":53Z'1 wrlamwfeg-1 g ARD-S oowxxx Eisenhower Ties Richwoods in Welcoming Game German Club Takes First Place in Floats Grind 'em UP Panthers Eisenhower is introduced to Decatur with the Welcoming Parade. The band, floats, and cars made up this high-spirited procession which moved to the football field. An enthusiastic crowd cheered the Panthers on to a tie with Richwoods of Peoria. Cheerleaders in Action Crowd Whoops It Up! Sing Panthers! French Club Takes First Place In Cars . - 3 15, '.'? ' , , ,J .-. , A Style Show Was Held Prior To Christmas The Dancing Reindeer Provided Entertainment 10 .bf The three high schools combined their talents to present the annual Christmas vespers .af rg? Girls' singing adds to the holiday spirit I l Steel Beams Go Up For New School Academic Wing Is Being Enclosed Driveway Being Laid For Entrance ,,gg,,.,...uav X Nqq V . WM 'ffA'-i zg xw, 12 Ig. bfi!!! Beams Go Up For Covered Walk Rear End Of Building Nearing m Completion .y Academic Wing Is Completed ' k' Before Athletic Section " 1' Inside ofHa11ways To Be Completed In Glazed Tile -ian if Students Anxiously Study While Waiting to board school bus From the Old . 14 In a matter of minutes they made the trip from Stephen Decatur High School . . . . . . cmd arrived at the new Eisenhower High School. ry Wt . '-13,19 -.ri " -get if if as mf 4 gb t f' A For the first time they entered the new building. 15 ff- Yvzfrm 1? fr My K T3 im Xa, we ' ,SK .1331 X i 11' X 5 Q N i 1, X I xi' -8 W '47'?V'9e YW .to Students receive instructions in proced- ures and regulations of the new building . . . . . and go back to work . . . the NEW Y' to if ,1 he XNMW' . . . in the new building - M fi-R X .si -in-Kg vi :LHB- U Qu if M.. X t H., Q ,v-I Y f March 7th climaxed a week's campaign- ing for Student Council Elections. Each class heard the candidates present their platforms. Student enthusiasm was boosted by clever slogans and campaign pins. Panthers Win Regional Toumament in First Try EM' Mr. Lee Piggott Presents Second Place Trophy to Panthers After Sectional Tournament Game Students Cheer Panthers on to Victory! ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS CLASSES The students at Eisenhower High School this year shared an unusual and rare experience. For the first part of the school year they were a school without a building of their own. Classes were held in Stephen Decatur High School. Iohns Hill Iunior High. Centennial Iunior High, and Washington Grade School buildings. Even though the school was operating under what could have been very difficult circumstances, the students always had cr feeling of unity. At mid-term they all came together under one roof and for the first time Eisenhower High School was more than a name. We left the old and entered the new 44 6 N V I 'Q' 'ifnmf Q ...awww 'jk ik ADMINISTRATION Our school system is headed by the Board of Education and Superintendent Lester l. Grant. The Board of Education represents the citi- zens of the community - it has the respon- sibility for providing the best public education possible for all the children of the district. All citizens have a responsibility for the education of the community - the economic and cultural level is directly related to the level of education maintained. One formal meeting is held each month, but informal ones are often called. Anyone is Wel- come to attend the board meetings. Superintendent LESTER I. GRANT BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Bev. David E. Readye, Mr. Theodore Bates, Mr. Otto C. Keil, Mrs. Ida Coppenbarger. STANDING: Dr. George Flaxman, Mr. Paul Smallwood, Mr. Donald Tones. eh nl' I .j-...S 13 - I .. iifw gt. My 'X Mr. Murvil Barnes, our princi- pal, played a very important part in making Eisenhower High School or fine new school. He has been a master engineer in education this year, starting a high school practically from the beginning - from selecting a new faculty to helping form a closely knit, smooth-running organization. 2 S A MURVIL BARNES, Principal MURVIL BARN ES. Principal RALPH WESTERMAN, Assistant Principal ADMINISTRATION RALPH WESTERMAN WILLIAM ROHRSCHEIB F 1rst Ass1stant Pnnclpal Second Ass1stant Pnnclpal MARIE WEBER Asslstant to Pnnclpcll 'Q' Mr Westerman and Mr Rohrsche1b are the two ass1stant pr1nc1pals MISS Weber IS the ass1stant to the prlnctpal Mr Wes terman among other thtngs takes care of securmg substrtute teachers reg1ster mg senrors and freshmen and preparmg the class schedule Some of Mr Rohrschelbs mam 1obs were checklng attendance supervrsmg a detentlon room and taklng care of d1s Crplme problems M1ss Weber helps coordrnate the va nous school clubs plan the sen1or grad uatlon and prom and Work wlth cl1sc1 plme cases rnvolvrng grrls SEATED Miss Harris Mrs Redlich Mr G Davis Miss Weber Miss Hedrick STANDING Mr W Davis Mr lacobsen Mr Antenen GUIDANCE SERVICES xi Mr. Iacobsen Counsels cz Student xr Cur Guida ce Department is made up of eight Counselors who are al ays on hand tc help the students to find mean ing and direction for their school years and future lives Freshmen are assigned to a counselor and remain with that person through all tour years of high school This continu ing relationship enables the counselor to know each student his interests his plans hs abil ties his needs Tne Guidance Department ofe s various services to the students and the teachers These services include the or ganization and administration of the Freshman group guid ance classes the assembling of materials and information con cerning colleges the individual guidance ot students in their choice of courses the analysis of scholarship information and its distribution to students the assembling of occupational and job-placement in ormation the administration and inter- pretation of our testing pro- gram, and the study of school 'drop cuts' and graduates. Office Personnel Secretaries Mrs Ioan Pler Mrs Ohvla Evans Mlss Iamce Belton Miss Iudlth Calhoun Ns, 3 W7 OFFICE HELPERS SEATED Sandy Harmg Sharon Fulton Pat P1erce STANDING N1na Fulton Cheryll Bethards Susan Alderson Lols Hef fxngton Loretta Rumsey Sally Booker 28 The offlce helpers dehver call sllps and messages swer the phone and take messages cut paper staple orms 1le 1nvo1ces and pur chase orders and check locks ART GLENA MERWIN A l Arts cxncl Crafts Adv Glrls Chorus Glrls Ensemble Music Theory l HELEN PIGGOTT B Ed Commerclol Art Ar l Costume Art Drcrwmq and Pcnnttng MUSIC ar- LOIS TIPTON BM MM Ed PAUL BROWN B M E MM B Chou' M1XSd Chorus A Cho1r Mxxed Ensemble Fr A Cholr Glrls Chorus Freshman Ensemble 29 Orchestra Eng rsh 3 4 5 6 X Qs WANDA TURNER, B.S. LLOYD BINGHAM B S MS Home Economics lA, 2A Library Family Living Home Making 1B HOME ECONOMICS Most girls will benefit by taking some type of Horne Economics course, since most girls will need the skills learned there for their future use. The girls gained much useful informa- tion from the many field trips that were taken during the two semesters. They also had sev- eral guests in to speak to them. lt was a real pleasure to work in the Home Economics Department where they had a won- derful room and new and modern equipment. Many of the underclassmen will go on in Home Economics, and take advantage of the opporf tunities in that field. P E LIBRARY The Library is one of the most important places in our building. When a student is in doubt about any question - the library holds the answer. When he wants to escape to far- off places through stories f the library holds the answer. When he wants to escape to the land of intrigue and adventure, the library holds the answer. So - for research into the unknown, or for stories for relaxation, the library is the place to go. New books, new materials, new eauiprnent, all high-lighted our library this year. hn.f,., , C. C. GALBREATH, B. Ed. RAY HERDMAN. B.S.. M.S. CLETE HINTON B S Cabinet Making I and 2 Head of Department Electricity 1 Industrial Arts l and 2 Electricity 2 Auto Mechanics 2 Drafting l and 2 Industrial Arts 2 Industrial Arts 2 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Our new Industrial Arts shops are Well equipped, and should develop into one of the best in the state. We offered a Wide range of six Week ex- ploratory courses to the beginning stu- dent so that he could acquaint himself in the various fields. With this experi- ence, he should be able to enter the area which interests hirn the rnost. This year we offered Woodworking, metalworking, electricity, and drafting. Next year We hope to add the graphic arts of photography, printing, and silk screen work. General Metals l and Z General Metals 2 Auto Mechanics l Cabinet Making I and 2 General Math l Bk-is I 'I sqgg 31 'I CHARLES CLARK. B.S., M. Ed. VELDA REDLICH, B.S., M.S. DONALD SCHWALBE. B.S., M.S. TYPUIQ 1 Office Occupations Head of Department Basic BUSUIGSS 1 and 2 Group guidance Typing l and 2 Bookkeeping 2 Sferfcgrqphy 4 Ja O.:- P Typing 4-Transcription 2 Business Law MARY HEDRICK. B.S., M.S. Stenography l and Z Bookkeeping l Typing 2 Counselor BUSINESS EDUCATION Opportunities unlimited! That is the Busi- ness World! Success of a person entering this field is limited only by his ability, personality, and imagination. The Business Education De- partment of Eisenhower High School helps the student meet these challenges by offering com- plete business training. The Department is well equipped with the types of machines that are used in this area, and on-the-job-training is available through certain classes. As a freshman, the student begins Work in the general course of Basic Business. As a sophomore, he is trained in the typing skills, and as a junior he begins to specialize in such areas as bookkeeping, clerical, stenographic, or distributive education. This specialization is continued in his senior year. By taking advantage of the opportunities available in this department, the graduate is prepared to begin his career and assume his responsibilities as an adult. NORTON ROSAN B Ed MA O ice Practice 1 and 2 ff Typing 1 and 2 H LOGAN COBB BS AM PhD Department Head French 1 and 2 Spanish 1 and 2 Every man thinks he understands his mother tongue, but precisely because it is his mother tongue he never grasps what a language is unless he has got outside his mother tongue by studying another language Robert M Hutchins The most commonly cited outcomes of for eign language study are an lncreased knowl edge of peoples of other countries and eras special interests in forelgn peoples and coun tries improved use of English lncreased vo cational opportunity special interests in for eign literature and culture and increased con tacts with foreign peoples The Eisenhower foreign language classes and clubs give their members opportunities to Work toward these goals and others While at the same time experiencing a goodly amount of fun and comradeship FOREIGN LANGUAGES MRS WILLIAM ASKINS A B Latin l and 2 English l ROBERT W KREBS B A German l and 2 English l and 2 Q 1 s his ,p pigs-4 'Y 5 t it 'W stag at 33 t , . 1 . -1 . .1 . . ' ' ' ' - , . I - I - , 1 V I 1 Q u I n 0 E 5 . U X Y " . K, r, - Z, 4 -if 1 iffy. cv - . y um gg a "T, ug .: ', 'x rf?-j?f1f -f-.wh gr' 'fi-fat. A rg. ' I3 -1 ,1 ag: -'. :: -45" ' " f-sf E : Q 03" ' .5771 ' Q ' 5 .:.K 1-U' -'4v1'f' ' ' M .-Zi' MATHEMATICS The courses offered in the Mathematics Dev partment fall into two groups: tll General math courses which include two years of gene eral math and one semester of economic math, and C25 College preparatory courses which in- clude four semesters of algebra, two semesters of geometry, and one at trigonometry. Some of the general objectives of the Math Department are as follows: l. To maintain adequate skills in com- putation with whole numbers, common fractions, and decimal fractions. 2. To develop the ability to think clear- ly in situations involving quantitative con- cepts and relationships. 3. To develop an appreciation and in- terest in how and why mathematics is used in every day life, 4. To guide the pupils educationally and vocationally through their needs. CARL BRINK' 3,50 M.-5, DRUCILLA DUGAN, 5.3, ROBERT LAWTON, B.A.. M. Ed Head of Department Algebra l and Z Geneml M001 3 Algebra 3 Geometry l and 2 GSOIUSTVV l CHIC-l 2 General Math 1 and 2 Geometw 3 General Math 4 H. L. FERRIS, B.S.. M.S. BERLEN FLAKE. B.S. MARIAN HARRIS, AB., M.S. General Math l and 2 Algebra l and 2 EC. Math ,QF t, ., Air 34 General Math l and Z -X Algebra l ana IZ Algebra l and 2 General Math Group Guidance .NTQ7 SCIENCE of 85:3 .ew AMW. S .S , t fi, i : . ABBIE ACKERMAN, B.S. Chemistry l and 2 Biology l Physiology 2 KATHERINE MINTO. B.S., M.A. Department Head Biology l and 2 Each high school student is required to earn credit for one year of laboratory science for graduation. This credit can be earned in any of several classes. Freshmen and sophomores may take biology or physical scienceg juniors and seniors may be eligible for chemistry or WAYNE ANTENEN. B.S. Group Guidance Biology l and 2 Physiology l I. D. RUSSELL, B.S.. M.A. Biology l and 2 Physiology PAUL LAWRENCE, B.S. Earth Science College Algebra Physics l and 2 Air Science Trigonometry R. H. SCHERER, B.S. Zoology Biology l and 2 Physiology l physics. Semester courses in earth science, air science, physiology, botany, and Zoology are offered. This variety enables a student to choose a field of science in line with his in- terests and ability, He can major in either biological or physical science. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ,- KIM DECHERT, B.A. LOREN DITTUS, B.S.. M.A. NEIL EWING, B. Ed.. M.A. Girls' Physical Education l and 3 Boys' Physical Ei. l, 3 4 5 6 7 B Department Head Health Health Boys' Physical Ed. 2, 5, 6, 7 8 Health MARIORIE KEELER, B.S. SUSAN STEWART, B.A. OTIS VAUGHAN, B.S.. M.S Girls Physical Ed. l, 3, 4, 5, 6 7 S Girls Phy. Ed, l Q, 3, 4 5 5 7 8 Bay.: Phyfzical Ed. 2 3, 4, 5 8 Health hawliria 5 aria 7 Bev-Jliria 5 aria 7 Pcwliria 5 and 7 Health l-lf-alth Qiir athletic program gat started on the right fact this year. We are prciicl cf the spirit and enthusiasm that the bays arid coaches have ehcwri iri all our sports iri spite cl the handicaps which faced them. Qfteii they had ta practice tar frciri school and under unfavorable caridif lQCI1S. 36 'S GALEN KINTNER, B.S., M.S. Boys' Physical Ed. 4, 5, 5, 7, 8 Health Driver Education Driver Training ROBERT H. BENNETT. B.S., M.S. FREDA CLARK B S Department Head World History l and 2 World History l and 2 American History l and 2 Social Studies 2 x'The American people are confronted with grave issues that will determine whether our present civilization will survive. The most se- rious issues will lie within the field of human affairs. The ideals and aspirations of a free society and its democratic institutions depend upon an educational program that is concerned with the entire breadth and depth of human experience." GORDON L DAVIS B A M A G. L. Iacobsen. A.B., M.A. M Ed Counseling Counseling Services Head Social Problems American History l and 2 Government Problems American History l 38 lt" 8 DEAN MULLEN, B.S., M. Ed. GLADYS SMITH, B.E., MA. MARIE WEBER, B.E., M.S. World History l and 2 World History l and 2 Governnient Problems American History l and 2 American History l and 2 The resolution, quoted in part on page 38, was adopted at the convention of the National Council for the Social Studies and reflects the thinking of teachers in the Social Studies De- partment at Eisenhower High School. Our common goal is to prepare our students to meet the challenge of our times in a world that needs a common goal of respect for all men in all lands. AUDREY B. BOWEH, A.B.. MA. MORRIS W. LOWE, B.S., B.E., M.S. MARY D. FANTI, B.S., M.S. Social Studies l and 2 Social Studies l and 2 Social Studies l and 2 Social Problems World History l and 2 575255 'Q' ENGLISH ln this world of change, of speed, ot massed groups, ot heightened tensions, and of gravely conflicting views, each student needs, more than ever, an education of scope and power to enable him to maintain some order and find some security in his llprivate world." ln articular, he needs an exact and coin re- F3 l9 hensive education in coininunication skills He must have skill in intelligent reading and listenf ing that he may increase his powers of judge ment and imagination, through a persisting habit of reading and ot listening to radio, tele- vision and public addresses, he must keep abreast ot the world today and increase his appreciation ot the contributions of the past,- he must know by Contact with the literature ct his own country and that ot other nations what men have handed down to hiin to become a part of his culture. IOHN ALEXANDER, B.S., M.A. AGNES ARMSTRONG, B.S. M.A. PAUL BROWN, B.M. Ed.. M.M. English tcr Everyday Living l 5. 2 English l and 2 Orchestra Boys' Phy. Ei, 1,2 3, 5 6 7 8 E:ialifaliL:terat'.1rfi1 Survey2 English 3, 4 5 5 Health MARTHA BUNTON, A.B., iVI.A. WADE DAVIS, B.S.. M.S. LOUISE GOODSON, B.S., M.A. iglish 2 5 5 Counsf,-lirifr English 5 Gnd 6 Ll.flI'1Q:'1gf Engjsfi English 6 Erialxsh Literature Survey l ard College Preparapry English English tor Eve-ryglciy Living l CS 2 -Q- ,Z SUSANNE HESS. B.A. English 3 and 4 ,X HELEN HUNSINGER BA PH M VELMA A OGG AB MA English l and 2 Dept 'nent l-l iw English 5 ana 6 Creatixe Writing 2 Erigli 5 and 6 Collect Preparatory Engii h l Engli Literature Surve ELEANOR RODGERS, B.S. ANN SEANEY, B.S. EMILY WILLIAMS A.B M S English l and 2 English 3 and 4 Engli l and 2 English 5 Speecw l and Q Every student must also not only learn to find personal enjoyment in newspapers, maga zines, motion pictures, radio, and television, but also learn to carefully choose and assess values in order that these influences may be stimulating to his sense of moral values. The English Department at Eisenhower ate tempts to play its part in meeting these chal- ngli a lenges through ts varied courses designed to meet the n eds ot all tudents-courses rang- ing from the lllndividual English' classes fc freshmen and sophorn res through its 'English for Everyday lsivingf' Business English," and regular grammar and literature courses, to those aimed at preparing senicrs for college Lu 21 IRS f DR'EnE HNLUFIEE STUDENT COUNCIL 1stROW: Carol Cox l',1:iyZ1rrLrrier Patty Ailan George 3rd HOW: Carol Rogers lulic Headirigtori, Dorzrii, Dickinifor' Rocky Cook Narpcy Sell Linaa Digrw- Sromrning, Io Kennoay Sandy Bebee Din GIF' cozzib l.Lr.j'1 Gglofpzf- l.lf'.'i3 Rrioif.',S'zll','S'1f- zur Bill McQueen Kearney Arzrg 3i-:k-er Booker Lira: Bail i?ili1,- Boyle. 2nd ROW: Carol 'Wagon-' 'ilfi1l11i:,.1 Slflf'-' ith ROW: Claixarttf Patiieil Crigck Efxiiu lor17.frr.- Rule Keir..-ri Donaofk liner Mxiiki-io-rr',' lr' ".' t l5:':.'ar'1 Hoerriari, Tori. VlQ1'1"5Tl liff, M1r1r1e': Criarvat Larry Rule f7u,1'.'i- Szweclc il ii1oyGow': Tlrrx Kirloy Torti Brabf,-ndvr Dari Bfivixf--1r.' Bari, Ralph Corzrziy Low-k1r'zgw D+-rrrpis Cliarif-y Skip Shixrzerran. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is composed ol rep resentatives troni each hoineroorn, This year a Constitution was written and approved. Soine ot their activities in- cluded llWelcoiriing," selling director- ies, sponsoring a chili supper, and pre- paring to sponsor a foreign student. 44 OFFICERS Seated: Mr Mullen, Advisor: Dennis Chaney, President: Nancy Sell, Secretary. Standing: Sandy l-laring, Rec. Room Chairman: Clary Castor, Parliumentarianr Skip Shinneman, Vice- President: George Dickinson, Sergeant-at-Arms: Ralph Conray, Sergeant-at-Arms. 3-f" , WL,-N , COUNCILS The lunior Council is composed of students elected from the junior homerooms. There is a representative from each homeroom. The council was responsible for class meetings, the talent show, the lunior-Senior prom, class rings, and money-raising projects or activities in which the class participated. IUNIOR COUNCIL Marg Compton, Dick Heinkel Dan Garver, lim McQuinn Dclve Siweclc, Mrs. Clark Bepresentatives from each sophomore home- room comprise the Sophomore Council. The council is responsible for any class activities or meetings and governs the sophomore class. Bill McQueen, Bob Dart Linda Barrier, luay Burnell lo Kennedy, Faye McCall Mike Wine. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL lst ROW: Carolyn Daibqy Maureen Rowe, lanet Scran- ton, Linda Wolf, Betsy Kin- -av Znd ROW: Mr. Bennett Dixie Compton, Sally Himstedt fJancv Gowan, Barbara Ric- key, Sandy Spittler. 3rd ROW: lim Manners Tom Vianeri, Mike Brix Bill Forfi, Chuck Essoe. Mr. Murvil Barnes Linda Dunscomb Mr. Ralph Westerman FUN CLUB COUNCIL lsi ROW: ludy Frankenstein Carol Cox Sandy Rule, lohn White. Znd ROW: lan Bateman Sharon Slcitizxiore Gary Cas- .O, V. .M The intercommunications system was used Fun Club Council is composed of representae to efficiently disseminate information about tives from all tive high schools. The council club activities and meetings. plans and supervises the dances, makes the arrangements for the bands, and sets up va- rious rules and regulations: 45 The Dwight D. Eisenhower chapter of the National Honor Society was formed to encourage higher academic achieve- ments. During the first semester, the mem- bers were kept busy writing a constiiu- tion. SEATED Sue Colman Bruce Kinsey Pres1dent: Bob Lovekarnpg Ianet Clough, STANDING Sharon Skidmore Secretary Virginia Harkerg Dan Foster, Vice Presldent Carol Rauschek Sharon Cash. PANTHERAMA The staff was organized in September and Worked diligently on getting subf scriptions. To help finance the book they solicited the local merchants and formed the patrons page. Each staff member had a particular job to do. Copy writers were busy the whole year, photographers worked hard taking the enormous numf ber of pictures, and other staff members '.-Jere busy with layout work. ,,g....- SEATED: Sharon Skidmore, Co-editor: George Van Lear, Co-editor: Beverly Hufford, Business Man ager. STANDING: Sharon Cash, Lay-out Manager M rw Ann Lorenz, Virginia Harker, Copy Editor lf' Schwalbe Co-sponsor: Mr. Clark, Co sponsor fonn Louk, Photographer: Charles Smith Advertismg Manager. Staff lst ROW: ,ZI'1lJiEIiTCZQ Anita Yon: Shawn C Pitts. 2nd ROW: Zan Foster l.aVcn Skzatn ore liar ' N-is UMW BMW-A Mae cries-pie c. .. ,...a.o. ,C .., ...ii Beijing, Doris VYZESXGF, Earb Lo iolt Kay Wenger, Carol Wagcnc-r, Virginia Harker Mary Arn Lorenz. 3rd ROW: George Van Lear Sharori Weather Gright Ruth Robb lohn l.cL1k. 4th ROW: Cnarleff Sznith Linda Barrier Care. Krjrl Share fancy Aiver.'or1 Elizabeth ca 6 v Be.ef.,1k1 3t1l'1'.SGk26Ifi5. ri Skzaryore, Bez' ly Paule vekan Mildr Huffo 1' Aff I- .sr Q V71 I O Oi" lst ROW: lan Mendel, Lana Io Rakers, Iris Charvat, Vada Harvey, Ieanette Claus, lim Redpath. 2nd ROW: Barbara White, Sharon Helfers, Carolyn Simens, Ianet Swisher, Sue Iagla, Diane Rhodes. 3rd ROW: Peggy Davies, Peggy Schwab, Sandy Ford, Faye McCall. 4th ROW: Bill Holt, Bruce Kinsey, Henry Collins, Iim McQuir2n, Fred Rhodes. PANTHER PRESS The Panther Press, handicapped at first because of lack of experience among its staff members, has been capably guided from the beginning by its advisor, Mrs. Emily Williams. lt has taken part in in- stigating school traditions, molding stu- dent opinion, and keeping the student body informed of all events and activities. The Panther Press has promoted coopera- tion between the three public high schools of Decatur. Bruce Kinsey, Editor-in-Chief: Bill Holt, Photography Editor: Iim McQuinn, Sports Editor: Mrs. Williams, Advisor: Faye McCall, Feature Editor: Diane Rhodes, News Editor. BAND l'A" Band practiced each day on their various musical selections. They also spent several long hours drilling on the football field. As a result the band played and marched at all of the home football games. During the basketball season the band played at half-time ORCHESTRA lsti ROW: Delzria Church, Eleanor Merlcer lean llady, Lilali Russell, Connie Winfrey, Sain Biiraerior. 2nd HOW: lolin Birk loan Winfrey, Sue Col- man, Donald Miller, Daren McCluglian Sharon Metcalf, Sharon Carr lohn Louk. 3rd ROW: Gaylen larnes, Margie Anderson loy' Peterson, Paul Brown Coridpictorg Dan Fos- ter l-lerb Klebo Ge-orfie Bates lazres Gra- it BAND lst ROW: Glendora Trueblood, Ruth Maurer Dennis Stephens, Dorothy Wokoun, Sharon Metcalf, Sharon Carr. 2nd ROW: Donald Miller, Sue Colman, Sharon Stiegemeier, lim Walker, Iudy Bullington, Mike Wine, Iudy Click, Dean Huffman, Clarence Wood, Harold Batthauer, Pat Eckles, Karen Lynch, Iames Graham. 3rd HOW: David Crews, Maureen Rowe, Chris- tine l-lawkins, Elaine Bennett, Gerald Knackrnuhs, Douglas Precht, Iohn Ernest, loy Peterson, Iim Larsen, Charles Asklin, Kenny Alderson, Larry Gregory, Chuck Thimens, Dale Schawitsch, Bob Miller, Bob Dobson, Bob Hamm, Herbert Klebe, Dan Foster. 4th ROW: Bob Gaither, Larry Re-itzel, Ianet Scranton, Sandi Mathes, Harold Harker Doug Ferguson, Ronnie Michelmann, Iohn Allsup, George Stern, Alan Martin, Don Gallagher, Ron Leckrone, Peter Birk, Claude Hawkins, Andy Neureuther, Bill Myers, loc Trueblood, Charles Silet, Wayne Kuppler, Tikey Dalmares, George Bates, Sth ROW: Ianet Miller, Hal Hensey, Carol Pier- ard, Richard Bush, Iim McQuality, Sarn Giblin, Barbara Martin, Barbara Gillespie. Carl F. lebe, Director. ORCHESTRA Our orchestra is a little smaller this year since the string players are divided among three schools. Our EHS. orchestra includes ten string players with a full complement of wind instruments. We will play one or two concerts each year, we play for the school plays, and for out-of-school func- tions, such as civic clubs, and banquets. 7 lst HOW: Ted Thimens, Ann Becker Martin Suyman, Robert Duzan, Ianice Wtlliarns Don Huffman, fudith Wickiser. 2nd ROW: Larry Ccnnors facob Boyce, ferry Scnlesier, Ray Steffen, Charles Iones, fohn l.aFond Bill Coberly Sam Stcut fudy McAnel.x', Bill Kunz, Barbara Eckles, Wayne Thorn, Tom Bissey. 3rd ROW: Lynn McQualzty Larry Ycuna Michael Thomas, Kenny Shaw, lirn Sharpe. "B" BAND MB" Band is composed of underclass- men who will be in UA" Band next year, They practice every day, Working to per- fect their skills and talents. s...,... Barbara Gillespie 3 and A 9:5 Barbara Martin 52 ' i MAJORETTES The Cadettes were organized to further the sport of twirling. A few of their activi- ties inciucle half-time entertainment at the football games and co-operative selling of refreshments at the basketball games, 60 ni ' ' z ,,- Q A Choir is a group ot sixty fun-loving, f ,ff harcl-working students, They performed several times this year, such as the Christe mas Vespers, the Easter Sunrise Service at Nelson Park, and the City-wide Music Festival. Four of the members, Sharon M Skidmore, Rosemary Mays, Phil Beadles, and Dick Peyer, went to the AllfState Chorus at Peoria. OFFICERS lst ROW: Marilyn Willznte, Secretary: Carol Wagoner, Treasurer: George Dickinson, President. 2nd ROW: Billie Boyle, Head Librarian: Ed lone.: Librarian. 3rd ROW: Larry Neal Business Manager: Dick Peye Librarian. "A" CHCIR ROW1: Sue Hutchens, Lois Hiles, Carol Wagoner, Marilyn Willhite, Bone-rnary May: George Dickinson, Iohn Iohnscn Ed lanes, Thomas Clark Nan Burrow Marg Q Compton Anne Coppenbarger, Clauaette Patheal, Carol Cox. HOW 2: Beverly Childs, Yvonne Moore, Iudith Ridgeway Elizabeth Belenski, Fnil Beadles lohr. Wall, Dick Peyer, Larry' Bourner Iirr, Harper, Nancy Sell Linda Dunsc:-tnb, Carolyn Zientara, Ieanette Claus. ROW 3: Barbara Campbell, Martha Van Hook, Sharon McCabe Sheree Miller, Charlotte Weatherholt, Boland Mabry Dave Kirk, Steve Corrington loin Fogleman, Carol Haus chek Carol Gerhardt, Nancy Thompson lanis Cook, Dixie Compton. ROW 4: Barbara Reich, Nancy Hanks, Billie Boyle, Caroline Gzllespey, Carol Keyl, Chuck lflarsoe Bob Graczyk, Larry Neal Larry Carter, Charlotte Suu'-'a Sharon Sli drnore, Bev Kearney Sharon Bork, Becky Smith. ' 1,1 i- A ,ii -1: 1 f" 'va -s X' 55 :G ,ff NT? 'fe OFFICERS SEATED: lJO'TYf1 Stout Secretcrry-Treasurer: Mm. Tig- tcrl Director: Stigtm Alclcvrncr. President. STANDING: lgrii Ktirrixci. Librarian: lvlfifz .'.' 1 Whrf- Librarian: Cwrolyr. li lc-'fy Business Manager. Eisenhower Echoes or "B" Choir wos tecftured with the Tip-Tories in the l-lolif cicze, o ixiusrcol style show. Tlieg' 'Also rcirticqcotecl in the Mpiscol Festival in Moy. "B" CHOIR 1stROW: Sorrdrcz Kriierlrz. l.i:i1 Ktipiscr. cnet Si:i'.'.':.l: Sue xzxifiiffflf lciz Vcje: Elsie Howbolcer luiy l-lorig' Piiricia Cast Mary Tivlor Lihdo Orion ludy Zimrier Corolyr. Dolbey, Mrs. Tipton 2nd Row: Dorothy Pritts lor. Greririir. fle irc Shut Fido Hoiibrcck Dorothy Gentry' Pot Cater Scircy Bernot Srizrin Logci linet Eflce Corolyh Miller Theresa Exrchorcl Bilrbora Sjcriikle Exo Mate Word lv' G 3rd ROW: Pztty Bradley Virgiriifz Vv1..1I1'IfiF-CTI lVi6llF.2'jI NVri1te Shxroh Dchler Gordo Eode: Donna Boat Susan Reynolds Patricia Smith Phyllis Softley, ltidy Bullock Ellen Heidemcmn Simiy Bush Pearl Davis. KEYNOTES ROW 1: Sharon Fogarty, Delores Burns, Susan Ashcraft, Lana Cha- ney. ROW 2: Karen Skelton, Iudy Frank- enstein, Mary Ann Keck. ROW 3: Virginia Day, Annette Smith, Sue Dorman, Bettie Ioyner. ROW 4: Della Cato, Albertine Rob- ison, Ianet Holley, Carolyn Morenz. OFFICERS Mary Ann Keck, Secretary: Iudy Frankenstein, Presi- dent: Delores Burns, Treasurer. ...t-ff' 5 C-I The Advanced Girls Ensemble of Eisen- hower High School chose the name "Keynotes" for their group this year, They have been very active in school programs as well as singing for various community events. These girls had a wonderful op- portunity in beginning an organization which shall gain city renown. .,..w""!' iv- TIP-TONES The Tip-Tones sang for various groups. They appeared on television for the Wele coming Preview and I-lolidaze, They also I sang in the Christmas and "Welcoming" assemblies. .,,.. -' ..: ., I wan ..:::, ,A OFFICERS SEATED: Billie Boyle, Secretary-Treasurer: Mrs Tip- ton, Sponsor: Carol Gerhardt, Presidenl. STANDING: Dave Kirk, Business Manager: Carol Keyl, Business Manager: Nancy Thompson, Li- brarian: Phil Beadles, Librarian. 4 q A 4 lsi ROW: Lois Hiles, lucliih Ridgeway, Marsha O l-leren, Carol Vlfagoner, Billie Boyle, Rose- mary Mays, Marilyn Willhite, Bev Kearney, Marge Compton, Nancy Thompson, Claudette Patheal. 2nd ROW: Carol Keyl, Larry Neal, Bob Graczyk, Dave Kirk, Phil Beadles, Larry Carter, Ed Iones, Larry Bourner, Dick Peyer, Flin Harper, Carol Gerhardi. 56 ADVANCED GIRLS CHORUS OFFICERS Karen Skelton Secretary M Tlp n Sponsor Anna York Lxbranun La a Chan Presxdent Vxckx F ock Llbranan 1stHOW Karen Skelow DIXI Bledso Barbara Clnld Annette Srnlth Mary Anr Roberta Qulgley Sue Dorrran Iudy Frank neteln De-lore Burn: Care vw Mor nz York 2nd ROW Karban Ov rfleli Sandra Mllle Lana Cnaney PflSC1llG Balamn S aro bnaw' Iudl Corn Su an A Hcraft Anna Pe t cobt Nancy Sto e Sha Fcgartw Love Carol Hoge-rw 3rd ROW Paula Stro e lc Della Caro Bet 19 Ioy MauR1ta Moo e 'N cy Rhea Abel Vlckl F10 lc P ggy Qchwab Ianey l-lollev Albernne Roolson M rv I Ab alma Day Q99 Qs Keck Anna Bad G 11' ii 57 FRESHMAN GIRLS CHCRUS Freshman GIYIS Chou' Lmfia Day I-Q fincfcs G Wd JV , ,,.. . KW Q M ROW 1: M? 15235.-fn 52 I-1 iy M'.iZ7 ROW 2: I TZ Cfirol Nah' Q P1 BL Ll J P Q ,., 4. I I Bflfr P F J S '4 U' TCR 12' A vw, kg' .fI...'1V! ROW 3: Br: Kfiye S fc M r Fabbrs, L d C x Sharorl WZ?-9. Freshman ROW 1: loc Allen, Serra mee Bond st Mary l1r1uf3r. ROW 2: LII Lmiu ROL muh Nana :mi Mclrrir' -'r Iiicqpe. 'ww' Dicxm, M sn-V Cclrrrxer. L1 V'-'merge Al H V ,o., Indy Sdiweridy I f I leg C" ss WS 'fy J I , v 5 . K' - ' E Q ,, Q. I h fs fr , X an 3' I ' I o f . 'v"'t lst ROW: Dee DeMent, Indy Lane, Pattie Marshall Shirley Schwizscn, Larry Davis, Larry Alfiridge David D'inn Iohn White Indy Steinman Ioycff l-latliaway, Ciralffe Lona Incly Thornpfaon Mary Bartello, Linda Brabender, Indy Icnes, 2nd ROW: Andrey Srnith Itiiiy Stephen? Suze Iaala Sue Alexander Earlene Vlfaters Ianice N H Srnitfi, Carol Beedecker lfancy 'Wrench linda Ball Sarira Moseley Sanay Spangn A Indy lVl'IYlIf1 Lan: Rrzkerf, 3rd ROW: Max Sperry, Margaret Saletski Sharon I-lellers Barb Briggs Linda Barnnett Virginia Biggs Ruth Rclob Shirley Ccznpiori, Rosalea Wintacre Iane: McQueen Sandy Rnle, Iean Chaney, Eloyc-2 Iones, Bonn Eicliel, 4th ROW: Dennis Forbetz, Iirri Graczyk, Bob Hnthinas, Robert Spence, Iarnefg Dnnn, Iirn Sornrner Iesse Sirnpson, Tom Iahnson, Lowell Davis, Larry Galinkin Ron Thompson Altred Dahlloeck Rocky Cock, George Grayned Don Ichnson Larry Lnrhin Ioe Pefiigo. 1stROW: Carol 0'Dqnnell, Carolyn Faye Kniernn, Shirley Bork, Martha Lake, Delores Gray, Sharry Dobbs, Mary Frances Scherer, Mary Wall, Sue Kirkpatrick. 2nd ROW: Carolyn Tappendorf, Sharon Pitchford, Karen Kelley, Linda Dnnn, Barbara Rickey, llancy Howe, Betsy Kinsey Marietta Washington, Peaay Davies. 3rd ROW: Kerna Williams, Marlene Gentry Kay Wenger, D1ann Durbin, Regina Cooper Stephanie Sneller Betty Grothe Donna Browning Linda Reed Linda Rock. at me ' ,l , 1' 2 rw? I I .. - ' 3 , I . lst ROW: Dee DeMent, Sandy Rule, Shirley Schawitsch, Audrey Smith, Margaret Salefski, Ianet McQueen, Sue Alexander, Sharon l-lelfers Karen Newcome, Nancy Wrench, Sandra Moseley, Lucie Owen, Iudy Steinman, fudy Thompson, Iudy fones. 2nd ROW: fohn White, fim Graczyk, Rocky Cook Tom fohnson, Iesse Simpson, fames Dunn, fim Sommer, Larry Aldridge, David Dunn. TROUBADOURS The Troubadours, freshman ensemble, performed for the PT A. and other va- rious community events, The highlight of the year was singing in the May Musi- cal Festival. lst ROW: ferry Schlieser, Don Miller, George Stern Clarence Wood, fohn Alsup. 2nd ROW: Dan Foster, Herb Klebe, Wayne Kuppler, Tilcy Delm ares. 60 DANCE BAND Dance Band met and practiced before school as there was no available class- time. The members also are in A Band. They have played for a number of danc- es this year, as well as some other school events such as the lntrafCity Talent Show. 1stROW: Ioy Peterson, Virginia Day, Carolyn Beyer, Beverley Kearney, Ianet Clough, Edie Randolph. 2nd ROW: Zona Nichols, Sinda Walker, Iulie Ehrmantrout, Linda Songer, Mignon Strick- land, Mary Ann Hauge, Advisor, Margery Kinerim, Iudy Williams, Billie Boyle, Linda Carlson, Sue Hanks. 3rd ROW: Roberta Reidel, Sandi Rutherford, Bonnie Rabe, Andrea Given, Nancy Alver- son, Lois Craig, lane Cloyd, Penny Ward, Louise Scroggins, Ianet Bloomquist, Martha Morris. DOLPHIN CLUB ln Dolphin Club, the girls work on stunts and synchronization for their water show. Ac- tually the water show is the objective of the club. They choose a theme, select music, write numbers, make costumes, and distribute posters. Then after several months of prepara- tion and rehearsal they present a first-rate water show. Miss Mary Ann Hauge is their talented and capable advisor. 61 is? il OFFICERS SEATED: ludy Steinman, Vice President: Elizabeth Shaw, President: Ianet Clough, Secretary. STANDING: Connie Dworak, Parliamentarian: Rose' mary Mays, Song Leader: Mary Hagen, Librarian: Miss Hunsinger, Advisor: Marilyn Willhite, His- torian: lanice Bailey, Treasurer. FUTURE TEACHERS Future Teachers Club is composed of students interested in teaching. They have speakers, visit classrooms, and dis- cuss various curriculum. Miss l-lunsinger is the advisor, 1stROW: Iudy Steinman, Linda Roberts, Elizabeth Shaw, Karen McClughan, Rosemary Mays, Elaine Bennett. 2nd ROW: Ianice Bailey, lanet Clough, Christine Hawkins, Mary Frances Scherer, Iulie Headington, Mary Hagen, Miss Hunsinger. 3rd ROW: Marilyn Willhite, Sharon Skidmore, Ianet Miller, Iudy Bullock, Connie Sue Dworalc. 62 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS The girls of Future I-lomemakers of America attended the State FHA. Rally and gave a coke party for freshmen and prospective members. At some meetings, demonstrations by home economists were given. CLUB 4194 1 SEATED: Sally Sue Booker, Vice President: Ioy Peter son, President: Linda Flock, Treasurer. STANDING: Miss Wanda Turner, Advisor: loyce Eas ter, Secretary. STANDING: Ianis Cook, Sue Kirkpatrick, Iucly Williams, Connie Sue Dworak, Mary Ann Lorenz, Wanda Turner, Advisor. SEATED: Sally Sue Booker, Ioy Peterson, Linda Fiock, Ioyce Easter. W.. sg, , F ,-f77"'il 63 ? ,E- if 4. y 5 ix lst ROW: Shirly Bork, Karen Kelley, Doris Wiesner, Elizabeth Belenski. 2nd ROW: Mary Ann Keck, Sharon Bork, Nan Burrow, Nancy Friesner. Grd ROW: Virginia Biggs, lariet Schwab, Deanna Buckley, Peggy Schwab, Miss liuaan. OFFICERS SEATED: Sharon Bork, President. TRI-Y STANDING: Miss Dugan, Advisor: Nancy Burrow Vice President: Mary Ann Keck, Parliamentaricm. IS -wmwww Various activities such as picnics danc es coke parties and slumber parties were planned and carried out by the girls in TriY Some of th se activitres were sponsored Jointly by all three clubs Tri Y is sponsored by the YWCA 64 J rt ,W ix as X U N CLUB The Umted Nauon Clubs alms are or the better under standmg of world problems and thelr relauonslup to the Unlled States The members partrclpated rn the annual U N contest lst ROW MISS Smlth Maureen Rowe Sue Colman 2nd ROW Iames Collrnsworth Ronald Mmhelman 3rd HOW Greg Clark OFFICERS lst ROW Mrss Smrth Advlsor Sue Colman Presx dent 2nd ROW Ronald Mxchelman Secretary Iames Col hnsworth Vxce Presldent 65 Q O . It x l 5 5 www . 5 ' .S I . I Q l WMM, l i X P 1 -W. 1 1 eff' l " '-. i Mar Vw 5 1stROW Betty Bed ley Sam Sdlibci Chuck 'Yates Ionic I-lolderby Mr H T Ld hmet 2nd ROW 'Nlormd Huckl Mci ho Mdrcn Mor h Teller Cd llscind r lune Wakefield Pct Forcu'n Marilyn Boller Pc Srrith 3rd ROW lin K fri Dow Doughe irr Phil G ndol A cn Q D E CLUB The Distributive Education Cluo which is operdted through Stephen Decdtur High School under the leddership of Mr Ldshrnet hcis cr reoil purpose in their or gdnizdtion This group spends hcilf ot ecxch ddy working in retciil stores in De cdtur GS sdles clerks. The remdinder ot their dciy is spent with the rest of us in OFFICERS President-Chuck Ydtes. school Two hours ot clcrsstirne gre tdlcen by Distributive Education clcrss in which the students ledrn methods of selling nierchdndising procedures of rndrk up ddvertising dnd displdying goods Some o us should hcive looked into this cldss more thoroughly becduse these kids get paid tor their world Vice President-Sdm Sdliloci, Secretary-Betty Beasley, Treasurer-lune Wdkeiield. 66 5 ZH54E'e?'S" Reima ,i t . .Ir .. -fi W- S' CLUB Shelia lanes, luanita Sparks, Sandy Oldham, Carolyn Stivers Shirley Stuart, Mae Pool, Ianice Doran, Harriet Schultz, Mary Ellen Hardy, Elaine Coleman Betty Cameron, Sharon Carr, Roberta Riedel, Sylvia Tertocha. O. 0. CLUB X OFFICERS I Carolyn Stivers, Historian: Shelia Iones, Vice Presi The EiSeI'1l1OWe1' chapter of the Off1C6 dent: Mrs. Redlich, Advisor: Elaine Colman, Presi Occupations Club is composed of seven- teen girls. The purposes of the club are: to further our leadership development, to promote our interest in the office oc- cupations as a career, and to provide social activities for the members. As part of our program, we participated in the Area and State conventions, had speakers and films at out meetings, and enjoyed various social activities. 67 dent: Betty Cameron, Treasurer: Roberta Riedel Reporter. .J-,,,,,. -117 YCCI OFFICERS Dzxme Compton Secretary Treasurer Ianet Scran ton President Ken Tappendorf Vice Presx dent Mr Lmdsey Advxsor The Young C1t1zens of Central Ill1no1s at tended the general meetlng at Shelbyvllle No vember 16 then were busy Wlth a survey protect wlth the club at Shelbyv1lle Thls sur vey was to help determme the needs of stu dents 1n h1gh school who plan to enter a pro fess1on lst ROW Iudy Stemman Carol Cox Dune Compton Sandy Sp1ttler Ianet Scranton LOIS Hlles Ian Mendel 2nd ROW Sue Iagla Sally I-hmstedt Sue Dorman ElS19 Hawbaker Della Cato Mary Ann Keck R A Lmdsey Advisor 3rd ROW Ken Tappendorf Bob Graczyk Rocky Cook Ron Mlchelman Chuck Sllet Steve Yuras 68 O O Q 0 W . I f : . , . I - , - .. wg if , X t ' 3 . Q . rg Nauvoo : I r I 1 I I SCIENCE CLUB Science Club Was organized for those Whose interest in science Went beyond the classroom. Members work on projects which were entered in the Science Fair. The best ones went to the district meet- ing of the lunior Academy of Science with which the club is affiliated. Field trips, such as the one to the laboratory OFFICERS I , SEATED: Iim Edwards, President: Miss Ackerman, Ad at St. Marys Hospital, were planned to visor, Miss Mmm' Advisor. stimulate interest, STANDING: Alan Martin, Treasurer: Virginia Harker Secretary: Iris Charvat, Vice President. lst ROW: Rita Claus, Linda Orton, Marilyn Garner, Della Cato, Delma Church, Delcie Cox, Miss Minto. 2nd HOW: Harold Harker, Susan Reynolds, Virginia Harker, Sharon Carr, Barbara Rickey, Sharon Kay Fulton. 3rd ROW: Iris Charvat, Sally Himstedt, Eleanor Merker, Sharon Dahler, Garen Walker, Don Huffman. 4th ROW: Alan Martin, Tikey Dalmares, Wayne Kuppler, Henry Collins, lim Edwards, Iohn Birk. lst ROW: l.o:.f Htlef Rita Claus, l,1nr'la Benton -lfldi Ball Linda Roberts, Delrna Cnurcb lane l5f'Y1lCfl lirzttrr Wickzser Ann Becker Danrie Defflent, Shirley Cornpton, Maureen ltowrr Carcl','r1ftr1fbe',' Gli-ndora True'-bloaft Mr'.A:k1r,.', 2nd ROW: C :roi CC:-I Shirley Schawtirfcit Iudy Frankzerytf-in Kinda Orton Marilyn Gar- ner Karr'-rt Skckeri llxte Cong-torp Sternfrnte :Snell ffincy Howe, Barb l-loots, Barbara Htcltey Sinai Fr-'yields Sana','Sr51ttlrfr Barb Q.:'.'efc3rrir Myrna Slover Student Teacher. 3rd ROW: Stzniy' lack 'en l.Lr1'i1 Barnett Earerie '.'.a'er:, Iartice Srrutlrt, Pbylli: Sottlep' Lynda Cl1iT'."If lariiee tlfilitarnx Flf-ixnor Merger ..1ni1 il-unrz Snaron Pttfhtord, Marina O Here-rt Sufi- flertnaf. flaricy Storm llancy Ap irsei Pi-.gay Daview, Barbara Boeaeck-Er. 4th ROW: lltric Peyer Tin Dill: Larry Carter :1.i Feitzei Don Huttrrian, Peter Btrk lcbn Ott, lcbn Errifff Henry Collins, larnes Cell th lehn Btrk Veron Moore, Denim.- Stepltenr le-1 Tvttefieei Chuck Stlnt. OFFICERS SEATED: Carol Cen: Secretary: loin Ot: President: Barb Lcvekarnp, President: Henry Ccllzris Presi- dent: Maureen Rowe Secretary. STANDING: Mrs. Asians Advisor: Peggy Davies Vice President: Nancy Atverscn, Vice President: Glen- dora Truebloocl, Treasurer: Linda Ball, Treasurer: Carolyn Dalbey, Treasurer: An: Becker, Vice Pres- ident: Myrna Solver, Student Teacher. .,.. ..,,. Q iz, LATIN CLUB Latin Club meets during regular class tgzne on alternate Fridays, Programs inf clude songs, novel roll calls, reports, and Latgn games. The club entered a float QI'l tbe Welcorrting Parade and particle bated in the co-operative refreshment stand at the basketball garnes, 70 lst ROW: Ianet Scranton, Nancy Wrench, Lana lo Ralcers, Mary Frances Scherer, Sandy Benson, Sandra Miller, Karban Overtield, Betsy Kinsey, Barbara Martin, Myrna Slcver, Student Teacher, H. Logan Cobb, Sponsor. 2nd ROW: lan Mendel, ludith Ridgeway, Linda Winings, Sharon Carr, Ianis Cook lonet McQueen, Barb Briggs Faye McCall Sharon Bork Chuck lone: Hal I-lensey. 3rd ROW: Harold Hunt, Iohn Lamb, lack Gentry, Roosevelt Cheatham, lesse Simpson Ken Raleigh, Greg Shoop Willy Ruth-ertord, Bob Albright Dennis Chaney David Dozher OFFICERS SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club furnishes its members opportunities to use Spanish and co-op- erates in such school affairs as Welcome ing, the AFSC project, National Foreign Language Week, and Collective Clubs Enterprise. 7l SEATED: Karban Overtiela Vice President: Fay M' Call, President: Dennis Chaney President: Br-tr Kinsey, Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING: Sandy Benson, Secretary-Treasurer: Roos: velt Cheatham, Vice President: Dr. Cobb, Advisor Myrna Slover, Student Teacher. , -M., i,,,, A OFFFICERS SEATED: Carol Gerhardt, President: Dr. Cobb, Spon- sor: Iudy Williams, President. STANDING: Billie Boyle, Vice President: Sue Fletcher Secretary-Treasurer: Sharon Skidmore, Vice Pres- ident: Charlotte Weatherholt Secretary-Treasurer. lst ROW: Torn Beeve Harold Harker, Ioan Vau McGee, Carol Gerharalt Kerna Williams, Vaa: shall, Sandra Moseley, Charlotte Weather- holt, lady' Williams, Billie Boyle Carolyn Simens 2nd ROW: Nancy Brozio, ludy Girard, Patti Mar 3rd ROW: Bev Huftord Sharon Skidmore, Sharc Keyl, Sandra Bebe-e, Ioyce Stephens. Don Wilson, H. Logan Cobb, Sponsor: l.illia FRENCH CLUB The French Club helps its members ab- bly what has been learned in French classes and also supports school affairs such as Welcoming, the AFSC project, National Foreign Language Week, and Collective Clubs Enterprise, ghn, Kaye Srnick, Caron Martin Charlene Harvey Glenaa Iustice. Diane Rhodes, i K. Upton, Sue Iagla Sue Fletcher, Carol George Bates, David Bailey, Larry Bien, 4th ROW: Gary Huttord, Bob Scroggs, Dick Allen, n Thomas, Roberta Quigley, Pat Pierce. GERMAN CLUB During the first semester the Eisenhow- er German Club concentrated on getting organized and building a winning float for the Welcoming Parade. Our prize- winner was typically German - a dach- shund fa long dog who longed for vic- toryl with wagging ears and tail. Toward Christmas both clubs learned several Christmas songs in German, and the first- OFFFICERS ' lst ROW: Annette Smith, Secretur : Elizabeth Shaw, Year Class entertained the Second-Year President: Mr. Krebs, Advisor:YGeorge Van Lear, students at a Christmas party. President. 2nd ROW: Ianice Petzel, Secretary-Treasurer: Carolyn Albers, Alternate: Chuck Essoe, Treasurer. lst ROW: Leo Morland, Annette Smith, Ianice Petzel, Elizabeth Belenslci, Elizabeth Shaw, Eva Marie Wond. 2nd ROW: Mary Ann Keck, Carolyn Albers, Ann Schumacher, Dorothea Fischer, Ronn Eichel, Mr. Krebs, Sponsor. 3rd ROW: Ed Kushmer, George Van Lear, Larry Gregory, David Gambrel, Bill Myers Dave Crews. 4th ROW: Paul Poling, Mike Wine, Chuck Essoe, Mati Palm-Leis, Gaylen I. Iames, Wayne Thom. 1 ' 1, F 13 f A. V. A. CLUB Audio-Visual Aids Club is composed ot boys interested in operating such equip- ment. They distribute and set up proiece tors and other equipment tor teachers. Mr, Bingham heads this organization. SEATED: Ke: Tappenai. Mr. Bingham Phil Zeiz. STANDING: Lyle Tappan- "" IILCTQ, Robert MCLULlQTl:1T. Delbert Sigrnan Kenny Alfierson Terry Bone Lrri Sharpe. LIBRARY CLUB lst ROW: Carolee Long Sara Lindsay, Bertha Venters, Elsie l-lawbaker Bea Cannon, Connie "" Arm Iohnson, Fallie DeVore S u e Hutchens, Mrs. Olivia Evans, Librarian Secretary. 2nd ROW: Shirley Dav- enport, Sally Stulce, lan Batthauer, Karen Mad- dox, Patsi Carter, Sonia Shaw, Lucie O w e n Sharon Harrison. 3rd ROW: lim Creighton lackie Deibert, Iu d i Stephens, lanice Bailey, Ron Thompson, Bonn Eichel, Lloyd Bingham. Librarian. 4th ROW: Dick Allen, Bob Schultz, Lyle Tappen- dorf Larry Galinkin, Bob Hutchings, Bob Dunn Bob Iestis. 74 LIBRARY CLUB Library Club was organized the second semester with twentyetive members, The members assisted Mr. Bingham in shelv- ing and checking out books. They also help students tind books. .289 REC RGOM Sandy Haring was the chairman of the Recreation Room, Helpers sold milk, took care ot the table tennis equipment, and played records during the noon hours. USHERS CLUB Representatives frorrx all tour classes composed the Ushers Club. Requirements ct this organization were average grades, aood deportnient, and a genuine interest Mary Ann Lorenz was head uslior, and Barbara Bcedecker was assistant usher. Mr. Bennett was adviser, .,.,.. 'FI-4 C RECREATION RO OM HELPERS STANDING Vauah Q dvi- Qha Sfrllv S -mer ROW l: Harriet Schultz, Patty Allan Pat Stephens, Marilyn Garner Karen Skelton Sharon Fulton, Fallis De Vore, Sue Querrey ROW 2: Iudi Stephens, Rita Claun, Carole Wilson, Connie Winfrey Ruth Robb, Barb E'YQ'Gi5 Ann Becker, Mary Ann Lorenz, Head Usher. ROW 3: Barbara Boeclecker Assistant Head Usher: Colleen Rohrnan, Barbara Tzxarz, Linda Ford, Anna Pentecost Care. Boeaecker, Elaine Bennet! Doris Wiesner R. H. Ben- nett, Adviser. I tb' ROW 1: Carolyn Tappendorf, Karban Overfiela Iudy Frankenstein lanet Scranton, Glen- dora Trueblood, Barb Lovekarnp, Carole Wilson. ROW 2: Carol Wagoner, Carol Gerhardt, Virgloia Biggs, Lana Io Ralcers, Sandra Bebee lanet Clough, Mrs. Seaney, Advisor. ROW 3: Kay Wenger, Carol Keyl, Sharon Dailer, Iulie l-leadington, lan Mendel, Sharon Pitchford, Ianice Bailey, Shirley Bork, ROW 4: Linda Barrier, Bob Albright, Ron Kenley, Ken Burchard, Larry Bourner, Nelson Rogers Chuck Essoe, Gary Castor Charlie F. Hayes. DRAMATICS CLUB Drainatics Club was organized with the purpose ot increasing incl promoting in- terest in all phases o' the art ot directf ing, producing, staging, inakefup, lightf ing, and costuniina Une of the inagor goals this year was to gain inernbership llf the National Tliesp in group and esf tablish a local charter , OFFICERS W ml SEATED: lanef Copa: WWW Vice President: Mrs. Sia- iey, Sponsor:Co1rol Ce'- harolt, President: STANDING: Barb ie. V karip Secretary: C Castor Treasurer. Co 76 PEP CLUB Pantherettes, our pep club, attended the basketball games and led the student cheering, They set an example ol good sportsmanship for other students to lol- lowg sponsored the buses for outfotftown games, and supported the cheerleaders. The officers took part in the flag ceref zziony. OFFICERS SEATED: Sally Sue Booker, President: Miss Stewart, Advisor: Sharon Bork, Vice President. STANDING: Mary Taylor Sergeant-at-Arms: lo Ken- nedy, Secretary: Shirley Bork Treasurer: Mary Ann Keck, Sergeant-at-Arms. 1stROW: Mary Ann Keck Indy Ashcroft Betty L, Iones, Lindo Ball, Linda Roberts' ludy Martin, Christine Gotorth, Carol Witts, Connie lohnson, Linda Gillespie Sally Sue Booker. 2nd ROW: Sharon Bork Clemmie Foster, La Von Skidmore, Nancy Bardina, lo Nixon Patty Bradley, Iudy Hardy, Kerna Williams, Nancy Hazlet, Sharon McCabe, Shirley Bork, 3rd ROW: Mary Taylor, lackie Deibert, Theresa Burthard, Sandra Spanhook, Ellen Heidv man, Barb Reich, Carolyn Moronz, Linda Brabender Ianet Schwab, Sandy Dickinson, lo Kennedy. 4th ROW: Connie Sell.: Barbara Carter, Dee Conrath, lane: Holley, Deanna Beckley, Peggy Schwab, Ilan Burrow, Lynda Charvat Dorene Allen, Sharon Harrison Alkertine Robison, Sharon Stiegemeier. ik is ,sewer or ' .ir ,V ' , Ll' H' S 'ar 1. wad. ., ,Q assi F ,wma in S75 1stROW: George Eubanks, George Dickinson Charl Lyles, Bill McQueen, Bob Mendenhall, Bob Harris. 2nd ROW: Dave Siweck, Roland Mabr Len Emert. C Y, bon, Dennis ChaneY, ierry Nixon, es Downing, Tom Brabender, Iirn lint Ioyner, Larry Rule, U. L. New- 3rd ROW: Floyd Ielks Dale Schawitsch, George lsome, Pat Bundy, Ierry Baldwin, Richard Portee, Howard l-loernann, Larry Spears. 4th ROW: Floyd Sottley, Gather Warnsley, Frank Conley, Iohn Allsup, Andy Neureuther, Steve Madsen, Torn Vigneri, I. C. Eubanks. 5th ROW: Torn Clark, Ted Iones, Dave Bond, Charles Simpson, Wayne Murray, Tom lelks, Orange Manns, Gary l-lutford, Paul Poling. : Mitchell Simpson, Iohn Isome, Dave Conley, Larry Connors, Iohn Millington, Garen Walker, Ed Iones, Richard Tong, Bob Williams, Dick Heinkel. 7th ROW: Doug Duncan, lmanagerl, Ralph Cox, Cmanagerl, Leroy Newbon, Ierry Williams, Arky Vaughan. Assistant Coach: Pete lnnis, Assistant Coach: Iohn Alexander, Head Sth ROW Coach. FQOTBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. img, Assign-mi Football Coach: Mr. Alexander, Head Football Coach: Mr. Vaughan, Assistant Foot- The first organized team of bQ11C0GCh- Eisenhower High School The varsity played many very exciting games of football in spite ot their inf juries. Fullback lirn Lyles couldnt play the latter part of the season, and U. L, Newloon didn't play after the Lakeview garne due to the ilu. Dave Siweck, Chuck Downing, and George Eubanks rnissed the Danville garrie, and Dennis Chaney and Bolo Harris were also on the injured list. SO ssiirf Xa Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Quarterback Dave Siweck with U. L. Newbon blocking for him. VARSITY SCORES U 19 20 O 13 U 6 .. Normal Community . . . . Stephen Decatur . . Lakeview . Charleston . Richwoods . . . Danville Edwardsville 14 7 6 20 13 19 20 Stephen Decatur-Eisenhower game . it. 1, 4 1 . 4 , f v W' A ' 56 ? 'Z Q Y if ff? XT' ' .L X . x 4' 4- ,-jgqk x 4 'Nm 'li' Q be Y Z U 4 N x U A rm' Q if x 1 '- , 1 N'-R ' ' V Q Q "" f 4 - fi t, V we f I A Crowd cheering after a touchdown. IK if Lyles runs with the ball. 6.151 On To Victory SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL The Sophomore teorn hod rrioriy bod accidents this yeor. Although it hod o record of one win ond tive losses, it did ct good job combating injuries ond ill- ness. ln the first gome one of the lriolf- bocks broke his onkle, and Ed Austin ond Buster Wornsley were out with in- juries. Severol others were out with the flu. FOOTBALL Newbon blocking for Lyles. iw , N S . 3 K SOPHOMORE SCORES Eisenhower Eisenhower 20 . . . . . Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower 20 . . . Eisenhower - 14,.. Springfield .. Danville Champaign Charleston .. Mattoon . . .Lanphier CLast game cancelledl "Beat 'eml Team, beat 'em!" 84 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The Freshman football squad had an enjoyable season due to having a spirited group of boys which resulted in a suc- cessful season. The squad at one time consisted of forty-six members but by the end of the season was down to thirty-three members. Awards were given to Lynn McQuality, Stuart Mochel, Bill Powell, Iessie Simpson, Paul Upton, Iohn Walker, Mike Williams, Ierry Bryant, Charles Campbell, lim Grac- zyk, Bob Hutchings, Tom lohnson, Don Lake, lim Larson, Ted Lucas, Steve Mark- well, Pat McEvoy, Harry Cook, and George Grayned. FRESHMAN SCORES Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Stephen Decatur 5 . . . Lakeview U Fresh. 51 Soph. . . Taylorville U Mt. Zion 6 Fresh. CS Soph. Mattoon O Lincoln U 1 4.. 1 .3- BASKETBALL The varsity team had fifteen wins and eleven losses for a record. They lost quite a few games by one to five points, and they always played a good game of ball. Seven out of the tournament ten are re- turning next year. They are Tom Slaugh- ter, Dan Garver, Bob Mendenhall, Don Walker, ferry Nixon, Dave Monson, and lohn Rehfelt. UT? Mr. Russell, Freshman Coach: Mr. Kinter, Varsity Coach and Mr. Dittus, Sophomore Coach. look over some individual scores and averages, "0ur team will fight!" VARSITY TEAM FIRST ROW: lerry Benjamin, Iirn Lyles, Dave Monson, lim Reinhold, Iohn Hehfelt, lim Bry- ant. SECOND ROW: Don Walker, Ierry Nixon, Darrell Yeakley, Clint Ioyner, U, L. Newbon. THIRD ROW: Tom Slaughter, Dan Garver, Bob Mendenhall, George Dickinson flvlanagerl, Galen Kintner, Coach. Hiya y1kTHEg 54 K Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower "H-...,,, -e... .rub Ierry Benjamin shoots cz free throw in the MacArthur-Eisenhower game. "Go you Panthers!" VARSITY SCORES Warrensburg . , . . Vandalia . . 4 . . MacArthur ., Charleston . . . . Danville . . . , Galesburg . Belleville Shawneetown . . . .... Mt. Pulaski . .,....... Clinton . , . . . 4 loliet Catholic . . , r.... Hillsboro . . . . . lacksonville . . A . . . Limestone . ,. .... ,.Argenta Highland . , . . , Stephen Decatur Gibson City Wells , , , ..,.,.. Limestone . . . Springfield High Normal Springfield Eeitshans 1 in 'bv mm I I g E i m .W s i,,,.v-Q 'ff 4- Ierry Nixon and Iim Lyles watches the ball. fa? ' in "Wim 'M . yt Q .pai ' A 9' 3 X. 3 ? M' A, 'P " Panthers win in Regional and take second place in Sectional. Panthers pressed Mount Zion, Warrensf buralatnatrt, and Macllrtliur in order to ' .'.' in the Regional Tournament. They beat MacArthur by two points, 41-39. The Panthers tnen went to the Sectional Tour- naznent and played Trinity at Bloontlna ton, emerging as the victors, They tlien played the Arcola Riders and were loeat- en by two points, 5048 si-K Eisenhower takes Limestone of Peoria in both Lyles and Stock fight for the ball m the Decu tries. tur-Eisenhower game Nt i Rehfelt grasp s ball in Eisenhower Vandalia game 91 Q, f 'Zjl f af :P :'::i.,-H f J 1 SOPHOMORES The Sophomore team had an excellent season Four of the eight losses were to lunior and Senior teams Awards were given to Howard Hoe mann Floyd Softley Dale Schawitsch George Euloanks Gather Warnsley lim Markham and Richard Portee Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower SOPHOMORE SCORES Warrensburg Vandalia MacArthur Charleston Danville Galesburg Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower Yea black yea whlte' lst ROW Richard Tong Douglas Ferguson Dale Schawi s lu Howard Hoernann Iim Mark ham Chuck Essoe Bill Martin 2nd ROW Larry Creamer Ierry Waller Iohn Ernest Floyd Softley George Eubanks Dav Holmes 3rd ROW Gather Warn ley Larry Connors Harold Hensev Richard Portee Iohn Ruther ford Don Chamberlain fmcxnagerl Mr Dittus Coach Mt Pulaski Clinton loliet Catholic Springfield High lacksonville Limestone ' 35 F F F 30 -A 63 F F F F ' A 36 F F FFFFF F ' 86 -' 66 F F F F F F F F ' ' 50 F F F F F F F 40 -' 65 F F ' ' ' 52 F FFFFF F F 46 -' 49 F A ' ' 4 63 FFFF F F F ' 66 -' 55 F F F ' ' 4l F F F F F 43 -' 76 F F F F F ' Eisenhower 36 F F F F F F F F Belleville 51 Eisenhower 56 F F F F F Argenta mm 1 n f Q D ' ' I 131 4 1 LF.. F F 1 F .,Lu,,,S . .L L., , FLM L .L....,i.,.. 3 . F . , iF-..., ,W . . . 4 F . 4 . f 4 M r X . 94 E1 enhower Ersenhower Ersenhower Elsenhower E1se nhower Elsenhower Ersenhower Elsenhower lfhsenhcwer Ersenhower Elsenhower Ersenhower 69 Warrensburg MacArthur Charleston Galesburg Mt Pulaskt loltet Cathollc FRESHMAN SCORES Etsenhower Elsenhower Elsenhower Elsenhower Elsenhower Elsenhower Ersenhower Vandal1a Danvllle Bellevtlle Emerhower Cllnton Elsenh wer l-ltllsboro Etsennower Go' Fight' Wm' FRESHMEN Tlne freshman basketball team got started after loostng t e1r ftrst few games The team practmced at Iohns l-l1ll The award wmners were Terry lones Harry Cook Wally Bo1ko ohn Walker lesse Smtpson Mtke W1lllG ms Ted Lucas and Blll 3 well Ia k onvrll So L estone Argenta l-uahland Stephen Decatur Cub on C1ty Wells Sprmgt ld Hlgh 'Nlorrnal Sp rrgfreld r 1tshan lst ROW Bob l-lutchlng les e Stmpson lohn Walk Ted 'J as Paul Lpton Iwt Lar on Lonme Dart 2nd HOW Delbert Grayned Blll Powell Terry lanes Mrke Wllltam Duane Mcrvxlle Harry Cook 3rd ROW George Grayned Sam Lake Charles Wmltcn D -c Carman lmcmagerl I D Russell Coach 95 r r 's 50 . . . 40 '. 5l . C"s ' e 7 ' 84 54 ' . ' 56 . , IH . 52 'N 47 45 ' 67 , . 69 ' 57 . 58 65 . . B9 I 63 ' 70 - 53 54 f 73 F 63 '. 67 A S3 ' 4l ' 50 , ' . 68 '. 47 3 49 , 67 ShGWf1e9l0WU 34 Eisenhower 60 ,, lulmestone 52 65 . 45 .4 39 . .VL . 41 ' 53 ' 57 V ' ' "' 57 ' - 60 ' o 54 . . . , . . 70 .. , ' S 56 'S l GO r'. ' Te' s 59 ll 1 7 ff tv v X q,tlH0g, A ' QNHUW 2 ff 0 Q,wHa,,? X t is Q 5 3 Q 4 U QXUWA1, ,N HQ, A " .4 Hq'N'A0ff', Q 'g X V lst ROW I C Eubanks Bob Harris Ph11Swe-arenger AI Mann George Drcktnson Tom V1gner1 Ted Iones Charles Srtet fmcmagerl 2nd ROW Paul Pohng Roland Mabry Bob Z1 Z Dave Lorenz Ilm McQu1nn Wayne Kup pler Phxl Zenr TRACK The track team had one letterman and tour hundred forty yard relay and the three former squad members The team H1119 The members were awarded e concentrated on the one hundred yard ters by the number of pornts they get the two hundred twenty yard spnnts the rn the meets I1m McQumn talks to Coach Vaughan Wayne Kuppler Bob Harns lll :inhuman 96 VARSITY SCHEDULE Tuesday Aprrl 8 Warrensburg Latham Prlday Aprrl ll Taylorvrlle Tuesday Aprll l5 Sprrngfreld Hrgh Saturday Aprrl 19 Bloommgton Here Tuesday Aprrl 22 MacArthur Saturday Aprrl 26 Cathedral Wednesday Aprrl 30 Lakevrew Saturday May 3 Mattoon Monday May 5 St Teresa Tuesday May 6 Saturday May lU Greenvllle There There Here CDoubleheaderl There There Here Here Here Here BASEBALL Macrfthuf The baseball team had seven lettermen and three former squad members comrng back for the season th1s year The letter men are Tom Brabender Bud Beal Larry Rule U L Newbon Dave Slweck Dermrs Chaney and llm Lyles QX OX X FRESH SOPH BASEBALL SCHEDULE l game to be added later Here Here There There There Here Here 1stROW Darrel Srmth hm McQual1ty Larry Rule Dale Schawrtsch Howard Hoemann and Coach Dlttus 2nd ROW Denms Chaney Tom Braberlder Dave Srweck Bud Beal and Rlchard Hel ' I . . 'hi .,.......... 6 1 T - Q T- rtaaratrr tryrt, N xx- " , -'-- x - f T .,.. i ,t,,tr,...t,r, , ' A... T ............,r,.. l , . - G Clinton ..... ................... There Wednesday, April. A h I l A A h UAAII L H5 BOTTOM Bob Mendenhall Dan Garver Iohn Louk The golf team hlce the other teams had a hand1cap m that they d1dnt have an lndoor place to practlce They practxcecl at the Nelson Park Golf Course The team dld not have any lettermen from last season Dan Garver dnves the ball Chuck Smlth putts ll: 98 l if K3 fp gr, , " T' .4-I 'rom cclach Alexander. clluck smith, Blll Rochkes.. ' Y r , Rig ,G ,i 1 X x Slap Shmnernan Gary Cas or TENNIS The tenn1s team pract1ced at Mueller and lolnns 1-1111 Parks and at Stephen De catur and lohns H111 gyms The boys that were on the team were Ted Thun Ray N1h1ser B111 Martm Steve Madsen Bruce Kmsey Dav1d Gambrel Dan Fas ter Chuck Essoe Gary Cas or Dave Brobst and 11m B1rt Not all O1 the mem the t1me that the p1cture was TCIKGD BOTTOM Gary Castor Chuck Essoe Slap Sh1nnemar1 TOP Davlcl Gambrel DGV1d Brobst Bruce K1nsey ancll D Russell Coach L I ' V I x4-T I mens! Charles Simpson! Skip Shmnemcml bers had decided to go out for tennis at 99 Douglas Duncan, Frank Cox MANAGERS A manager does a number of things, including laying out uniforms before the games, checking equipment, and keeping the equipment clean. l-le also has the job of keeping the storeroom clean. The manager is the coach's "right-hand man," and the team cannot get along Without him. Dick Carman Freshman Basketball George Dickinson Varslty Basket Manager ball Manager Don Chamberlin Sophomore Basket ball manager 100 I - 1:3 Ci? Linda Dunscomb, Bev Hufford, Sandra l-laring, Nancy Alverscn, Char-lctie Weatherholt, and Nancy Sell CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders were chosen on their turnbling ability, jumps, knowledge ot cheers, and personality. Throughout the football and basketball seasons they practiced two to three tiines a weelcg they were required to rnaintain a C average. Besides cheering, the girls have particif pated in assernblies, pep assemblies, and if iii the cheerleader clinic ln Qctcber, they spent a day in Norrnal at a Cheerleader Clinic, These six oirls have done an outstande ing job of leading the pep group as Well as setting an exarnple ot good sportsrnan- ship. Lindcr Dunscomb 3 ' if A A 3 - ec '--f I Q 'ff , 7. , A 2 V? Bev Hufford -Z , .,. f 9' Sandra Haring 'Q Nancy Alverson Nancy Sell 5,4 E i B54 5 5 sf 4, E, A .W , it at " Charlotte Wecxtherholt 1 mf V W L' MM 43' FRESHMEN OFFICERS SEATED' Tom Iohns Vice Pres1dent Rocky Cook Presldent Sandy Rule Secretary STANDING Duane Garver Sgt at Arms Linda Clark Treasurer Bi11Re1tze1 Sgt at Arms The Freshman Class was not organized until the second semester because of be ing separated 1n Centennial Iunior High Iohns H111 Iunior High Stephen Decatur High and Washington Grade School Be cause the class was not united at one lo cation they were unable to plan many ever and that was a talent show Many of the Freshmen part1c1pated ln the var1ous mus1ca1 groups sports and clubs ' - activities. They did manage one, how- 104 Sharon Abraham Larry Aldridge Suellen Alexander Patty Allan Dorene Allen Carol Allison Bill Ames Marge Anderson Dean Ashby Iudlth Ashcraft Gary Aull Tom Baldwm Lmda Ball Lmda Barnett Mary Bartello Ianet Batthauer vlfglllld. Beard Ann Becker Ianxce Benmer Tony Benner Carolyn Bennett Elaine Bennett Bob Bergschnexder Van Beshears Vxrguua Bxggs Iohn Burk hm Bxrl Tom Blssey Larry Black Carol Boedecker Wally Bolko Donna Bolt Terry Bone Bermce Bond Fred Boss Iacob Bost Dorthey Boyce Iacob Boyce Lmda Brabender Iohn Brennan Barbara Bnggs Mlldred Brlght Karen Bnmm Thomas Brownmg Ierry Bryant Iudlth Bullxngton Mike Bundy Ruth Ann Bunton Roger Burns Danny Bussen Sandra Butler Lmda Cain Patsy Cam RSM ff! Q f-Q-and ....alr." 1' ,f-' 1:1 ,,. W an 'J E 'film 6 , K 'I Q . V K ' u K gs ryyr 4, Q A . K ' 1 ff . ,::h D 3 W X. . ,bf , ,Q 0 ' B V3 . . . . ff 1 I Q 3 i n Ara . .Q ..l -la l . E .,.k Z ' V. , 'X gi y 'rh' y E 'W' - 75 'Q A H121 V. 5. -QB',, ,I B Mia. , Sally Bradshaw A K I . F. M 4 yy ., , " 4 .gm K Q111 A y. . 1 f A 'A -',:,'v .Q nnvbl KQQ- T I A Q 4 ,V Q H 'i X - 1 sr . I I K V 1 -: V 0 ..,. ' I I in A ,, Eyli ' .A Q - fu : AA 1 1 y r .,,r ,,r, y .B 2 he ..,, A N Qi Q Hi ll: :Z Q Q31 . 5 51- 1 :., rgz 4- y . . .y ' 1:,, -' - 'A-1' .V . l..g 1 g , :.r . f .,rrg A B hi FRESHMEN 'Q -0. AAA M. I W' fr ur- X Charles Campbell Donna Carmen Betty Carroll Richard Carr Marie Carter Marianne Cato Iean Chaney Lynda Charvat Roosevelt Cheatheam Trrlvey Chlldress Ralph Churchman Lmda Clark Iames Cobb B111 Coberly Ianet Coleman Shlrley Compton Harry Cook Cecelxa Copeland Mary Coulson Karen Cox Ralph Cox Mary Crelghton Arlene Curry Marllyn Dabbs Alfred Dahlbeck Vernar Dahlbeck Davxd Dahler Dennis Daley Lonme Dart Larry Davxs Lowell Davxs Llnda Day Iacklyn Delbert D1Anne DeMent Montelle Denson lane Denton Fallxe DeVore Sandra Dlckxnson Ierry Dllbeck Charleen Dillard Ronme Dxttamore Iana Dxxon Karen Dongoskx Karen Dorsey Ioann Doty Carrna Downs Steve Drew Carolyn Driscoll Douglas Duncan Davld Dunn lames Dunn Larry Durbin David Durley Barbara Eagleton Barbara Eckles " Pat Eckles ' Nancy Edwards , Q3 k r?- Ron Eichel v 5' L' "s' ff Z f . Don Ellrick P V 1' Gerald smack it . G Dwayne England Karen Erlenbusch Erlene Fxelder Bob Fmley Ted Fmley Encka Ftsher Denms Forbes Clemmle Foster Davrd Frresner Robert Gabrrel Fred Gaffron Larry Galxnkm Darlene Gardner Opal Garver lack Gentry Rosemary Gessaman Lmda Gxllespre Iudxth Guard Chnstme Goforth Ronald Goodbake Ilm Graczrk Lamont Gray Mary Gray Delbert Grayned George Grayned V1rg1n1a Green Sherla Greenwood Martxn Gregellch Kenneth Grxtton Wally Hughes Don Huffman Ralph Groves Paul Gunter Marim Guymon Alyce Hagenn Mary Hagen Dave Hahn Beulah Halbrook Maryone Hall Harold L Harker Ioan Harmsh Sharon Harnson Glona Harvey Ioyce Hathaway Larry Haubner Nancy Hazlet George Hays iff Sharon Helfers 'Q 107 Q'-WL 'S we JP - A 4 F ' ,ni . . f ,V f . --1 9 G ' f ' H 4 - - - 1 G? K r so ' ' rr- H .kr on ' 9 . A1 l ' . . K and t r 6 in N L . L "":' sf .,..1 1 A . My mf , X- is my . S ig ! A ,,.. la? W J A ..... .. I FRESHMEN .F a 'W . Dorothy Hendricks A - Lucy Herron f 3' T - .V George Hill . . SEZ? -.., y Doris Hodges ,, F, .:., -- Bob Hutchings 68 ik S .14 Ia ., 4, Xl ,. .1 'F I . C K X S , 'U f X if rm ll l b Tom Isenberg Wayne Ivie Nancy Iackson Suzzane Iagla - Stanley Iames 'WWW Terry Iames .. . Floyd Jelks Ierry Ielks Carolyn Iohnson Conme Iohnson Dan Iohnson Don Iohnson Tom Iohnson Eloyce Iones Iudy Iones Karen Iones Merlm Iones Terry Iones Lela Ioyner Vlctor Karcher Bxll Kazmxerslu Bob Kerby Sandra Kxrkpatnck Nancy Kxte Iesse Kmght Charolene Knotts Suzanne Krelcel B111 Kunz Iohn LaFond Don Lake Linda Landacre I udy Lane Conme Latch hm Larson Lorrame Larus we Robert Laskowskn Douglas Lawyer Carroll Leckrone Joann Lee Iames Lester Carmen Lmdburg p 'M Sara Lmdsay Leroy Lzsten Carolee Long Ted Lucas Lynn McCrary Pat McEvoy Roosevelt McGee Ruby McKmney Terry McNalley Lynn McQuality Ianet McQueen Karen Maddox Iohn Margias Steve Markwell Patti Marshall Caron Martm Georgia Martm Ken Martm Iudy Martm Sandz Mathes Sharon Mathews Ruth Maurer Russ Mesnard Ianet Mxckelberry Stewart Mochel Karen Moore Vnron Moore Leo Morland Duane Morvrlle Larry Morvllle Sharon Morvxlle Sandra Moseley Tom Moses Pat Mullmax Iudy Muzzy Bxll Myers Iohn Myers Karen Newcome lohn Nrhtser Carol Nnhxser Ronme Oblesby Llnda Osborn Iohn Ott Lucze Owen Carole Owen Kathy Pansh Ice Pedxgo Bill Pfelfer Ron Phnlhower Ianet Pmkerton Iohn Pxtts Palmer Pxtts Bxll Platzbecker Iudlth Pope Bxll Powell Barbara Prell Paulette Pntts Treva Pndemore Sue Querry Barbara Radcllff Alanna Bakers M4 4 5 'W in ofa- 'Q' New WV ,W 4-or mir vu'-53 .Ac '09 ' ' A P'-5-E be P 6 we ' ' , Q -'e"t-- 3 f i? ' -,. V P N as , M -E . j 2.. 1' 135,29 :gi bvsg X -'.,- ,: ' if MM -+- ,--- --,:" , :""" ' K . if " y ..,,..., ' ' as P 'Q PPP ',--.: gf? PP q f' 3 , n riff 4 A y Q .I 3 M 'P 5 x M ,, 4 -at Q P PP P 'L' P XZ! 'P .-: E5 : , P ', ,: P Q . .gat --. . t . A A Y, Q Y t P , P' y ' , A ' at . I P K P ik PP ,P K, any .if ---' P i PP Bill Peterson , 1 .,,. Qi-p if-is " 7 P. ' ' V - .. .,,,,s "-t .-.. ' PM V ' ' zr. 1 P I1 ' P - P ' -' H r in "A' ' Q we -'F' . . ...,. 1" ' 1 P , ' PPP: 137 . 5- f f- . l eo- :' t ' , Q V -. -0... I R . '- f" ,' P , ' ' A., H - V1-- f.. , ' 'fd ' Q P , ' 2 1 ,Q ,W y L' ,, P W4 ' P. " ' ' xg 1 . , . Q A ' A X . M, ' P M v 1 ' 1 , I f ' "' E K Q-1 'P . 1 '.,. . I 55 ,EQ ,tt' I fig? "'. 3, :': 1 f , L y A A X Q- P :" 3' ,gQf"' :ig P5 :-. "" lf ' P ' P P' N' -,., Q ,...s .V '7' , P FRESHMEN ga. 3 it sd-Q lack Raleigh Iames Redpath Lenny Rehfelt Larry Reich William Reitzel Fred Rhodes Linda Rhodes wx .qv Null? f 'Ser .xv H1 Iack Riley Ioyce Rxngo Lmda Roberts Pauline Ruff Sandy Rule Margaret Salefslu Gary Salms lay Scharnett Shlrley Schawxtsch Davxd Scherer Pat Scherer Iohn Scherer Marvm Schroth Larry Schultz Mary Schwalbe Gloria Schwenoha Iohnna Scroggxns Ierald Sebok Constance Sells Kenneth Shaw Pat Shearer Davxd Shelton Sue Shonkwxler Roger Shoop Iesse Slmpson "' Lohta Sxmpson Gary Skelton WK Q., Lmda Smalley Kaye Smxck Audrey Smlth Iacqulyn Smith A Iamce Smxth -as Larry Smxth Lynn Smrth X W Robert Smxth X k Ixm Sommer Sandy Spaugh Tom Spellman Robert Spence '17 Max Sperry Mxke Spoonholtz Robert Stark Ray Steffen Iudlth Stemman f Dennis Stephens ludy Stephens Pat Stephens A l1O 9 A, 2 S il I 1 I me 2. L . A 'gy ' in I 'L .. -if ' it Q QE' ' A - p Q! s , L, I :.,1 .::,, p' y - X f :ix lktt l nf ':" Xl I is A A Az . 1 Q . . he-ff 1 . ,A ., gg , fat A - ' . ,., ' .:. t ,A .,,- 55:2 ,iw ' . ,,, 5 Q- Kr il-lv IZ- , .. L, I . f 1 wt S ., at ' implicit e Q ,-v,:" t K fy J, y L K S 'fi5f7' N S' ' tt R y r i ' ts., f Q M S K 5.4, gy Lf ,A - X ' ' fl NE l ' A .--s:-. , A' t Y Q 4. X 4 -:., i,,:f K.g-QI: f, J x ,Yxp Tina Stwers Sammle Stout Scott Strong Charlotte Stuke Carol Swarms Ixm Swearmgen Phil Swearmgen Dorothy Swords Nancy Tarter Alma Taylor Dennis Taylor Ted Thrmens Wayne Thom Iudy Thompson Ron Thompson David Toth Iohme Tulak Paul Upton Don Van Lyssel Carol Van Natta Larry Van Wmkle Gary Vaughn Bertha E Venters ludy Waggoner lames Walker Iohnnle Walker Michael Walker Ollie Walker Iudy Ware lerry Washburn Larry Washburn Earlene Waters Ralph Watrous Perry Welker May West Roger Westerfield Charles Whelton Rosalea Whitacre Barbara White Karen White Iohn White Iudith Wickiser Donna Williams Geraldine Williams Ianice Williams Michael Williams Don Willis Patricia Willmore Carole Wilson Gary Wilson Ioan Winfrey Carol Witts Dorothy Wokoun Barbara Woodruff v Ti he 'WT' lll FRESHMEN li 1 Lorraxne Larus G NOT PICTURED ary Shelion Delores McKmney Larry Tanzyus B111 Pygott Iames Terry Ruth Robb Iohn Wxlson Autographs 112 Ioyce Woods Iohn Woods Ierry Worrell Nancy Worthey Nancy Wrench Ianet Wrxghi Vxrgle Wnght Ierry Yost Iudlth Youmcms Stephen Young Steve Yuras 29 L , I , nn A rw Autographs SOPHOMCRES OFFICERS hm Manners Sergent at Arms Tom V1gner1 Sergeant at Anus Chuck Essoe Presmdent B1ll Ford Vice Presldent Carolyn Dalby Treasurer Ianet Scranton Secretary The Sophomore Class ad1ust1ng to the combmed schools at Stephen Decatur H1gh and then readyustlng to the new bu1ld1ng the second semester spent much tlme gettmg orgamzed At the tlme of pubhcatlon plans were belng made for sponsormg an act ID the lntra C1ty Va rlety Show Many members of the class have been act1ve tn the var1ous clubs vocal groups rnstrurnental and other groups The members of the class look orward to the1r busy years as Iumors and Semors Whlch are just ahead S ., As fl:- ..- ' - - . ' ' - - u 1 I 1 I . - . . . I ' I ' I , . , . 1 1 I . 1 ' ' l l4 K -sur .As as J 'U Z., 4,,xq I f -,.,:.A:.1 fx f il Lx , X Q va 5 4 A .,, V-S if - H2 ,. 'T ' N " 'flmfl ' .Aj L' ' -' 'l we 5 t fgitiifwl. sw B 3 1 . Q i x eg ,df J. if ,. .,.,A., .,E: Mary Io Abel Pat Abel Charles Acklm Kenny Alderson Susan Alderson Ierry Aldndge Beverly Allbert Danny Alhson Pat Anderson Susan Ashcraft Eddle Austm Tom Bahlow Davxd Barley Ierry Baldwin Pnscllla Baldwm Barbie Baltimore Ianet Beard Sandy Bebee Paul Bennett Sandra Benson Linda Benton Larry Bren Ierry Bmkley Peter Burk Bob Boedecker Dave Bonds Eldred Bonds Larry Boss Donna Bost Sharon Bradshaw Mxke Bnx Fred Brosend Bob Brown Davxd Buckley Iudxth Bullock Theresa Burchard Sandy Bush Sandra Lexgh Bush Bea Cannon Sharon Carr Barbara Carter Pat Cater Della Cato Lana Chaney Donald Chamberlain Thomas Chappell Richard Childress Kathleen Cheatham Delma Church Thomas Clark Greg Clark Rita Claus Carole Collins Iames Collinsworth SOPHOMORES I xx ,-fr La X rntil V-4,4 2.1 Q it QS qff'?'. ,1 435. y .,,,, , Q F 5, WR' Dixie Compton David Conley Frank Conley Lawrence Connors Regina Cooper Mary Cotner Delcle Cox Carol Cox Larry Creamer David Crews Iamce Crist George Crotser Beverly Curry Carolyn Dalbey Phil Dannewltz Frank Daut Margaret Davies Iamce Davis Louis Davis Pearl Davis Robert Davis Ronald Davis Iames Dewalt Don Dxcken Elinor Dickey Sue Dorman Tim Dills Vernon Douglas Dwame Dunn Robert Duzan Sharon Dworak Garda Eades Iohn Ernest Chuck Essoe George Eubanks Bill Fear Douglas Ferguson Alfred Fielder Linda Flock Ernst Fischer Shirley Flowers Sharon Fogarty Iohn Fogleman William Ford lake Foster Larry Foster Tom Fox Iudy Frankenstein Sandra Frantz Nina Fulton Ian Fyke William Gallagher David Gambrel Elizabeth Gardiner Marilyn Garner Dorothy Gentry Sam Biblin Caroline Gillespey Barbara Gillespie Ruth Gordon Tom Gordon Nancy Gowan Iarnes Graham Donna Greenwood Larry Gregory Paul Gntton Betty Grothe Betty Ioan Grunden Ieame Hamilton Pete Hanes Marilyn Haney Mary Haney Nancy Hanks Iohn Hanson Ilm Harper Mary Hathaway Marcia lean Haupt Christine Hawkins Iulxe Headmgton Dxann Hedden Gerald Hedenberg Margie Hedenberg Ianxce Hefferman Ellen Heldemann Sandra Hendricks Hal Hensey Rlta Hepworth Ronald Hepworth Shirley Herey lack Hxlberlmg Lois Hxles Sally Himstedt Neoma Hmton Howard Hoeman Ianet Holley Dave Holmes Barbara Hoots Eugene Houser Nancy Howe Gary Hufford lim Hughes Harold Hunt Karen Hutchens Lauren lncarnato Iohn lsome Betty Iones Charles Iones Vugxl Iones E g ag xx I n. 1 -f--.5 K , E 1 F vii 117 -er- f 1 IQ ..n.' H G t ...'f Q is Q - . . ' is as Q Q':. H '- , P. , in . 'I .laq 3, V VA L ' 'E "" X G L U i i nlnlnl' I ,. L Q54 - Q. If ' is f , if .P Q' to , I? . , Q 4 X 1 X .gs Q52 K W 1 . K ,Q Q 5, , 3, 4' 1 3' ' ' ' L N Q --:,' i '1' in vf ,.. -5 . . , .. Q ,r. r "f" ' 'V by w 'Q - ' ,av 3' . W ., 77 - I L is ,.r,r ' 511 2 , N95 5 g 3 'i 'HIL rf , x G if "" G5 X L 1. -' - i ' x J l ' f 'LQ . . . .Aj . L . in ..-r . ' f N . 'S 'ff he Q A-if s -sr s 1 4: f f' , if: in iv 1 . 4. f Eiifber' H '1 ' lin' 'YZF ' is 1 , Q3l-:.:- . L ' . rf 1 viola as s .. fry 2- n . 4: Q v '1 VM ir r I Q ers so M iii r ll 3' ' 5, ' 1 C 9 SOPHOMQRES 'vn- "lv if 1-r--:Qt L M1 555.91 'f-'W , 5,35 sad Carole Iordan Davxd Kahler Karen Kelley Iudy Kellogg Davme Kennedy Delmar Klebe Betsy Kmsey Karen Kushmer Carolyn Lake Iohn Lamb Mae Landers Rzchard Lanham Loulse Lee Ford Lewis Ice Lmdenfelser Roberta Logan Sharon Logan Dave Lorenz Iudxth Mc!-lnelly Karon McCoy Corrme McDaniel Barbara Maguet Ieanme Marchxs Ixm Markham B111 Martxn Mamxe Martm Davld Mast Ianet Mendel Dianna Mendenhall Sharon Metcalf Ronald Mxchelman Carolyn Mlller Ianet Maller Robert Mrller Sandra Mxller Sharon Mxller Iohn Mrllmgton Maunta Moore Carolyn Morenz Darrell Mullmax Raymond Mullmax Wayne Murray Leroy Newbon Ierry Nixon Ieffrey O Bryan Marsha O Heren Linda Orton Sandra Osborn Karban Overfield Phil Owens Tom Parker Lane Parsons Claudette Patheal Carol Ann Pierard Keith Pinkerton Sharon Pitchford Paul Polmg Dons Pool Rxchard Portee Douglas Precht Iohn Prell Dorothy Prltts Carol Pruett Karen Puckett Sharon Ravenscraft Ioseph Ray Lmda Reed Tom Reeve Susan Reynolds Barbara Rexch Ixm Rxchardson Barbara Rlckey Iudxth Ridgeway Frances R1edlmger Barbara Robmson Albertme Robison Wzlham Rochkes Carol Rogers Larry Rokosh Maureen Rowe Carolyn Russell Lxlah Russell Bxll Ruthefor Larry sCl6fSkl Phyllls Schenet Dale Schawltsch Mary Frances Scherer Gerald Schlester Dav1d Schonert Ronald Schroat Ianet Schwab lanet Scranton Walter Scroggms Robert Scroggs Duane Sells Peggy Settles Karen Severns hm Sharpe Harold Sheely Dor1s Stes Charles Sxlet Mxtchell Sxmpson Richard Simpson Duck Sxms Karen Skelton Annette Smith Stephame Sneller A wo' S. Ah 119 We Ke i -9 14" S 'wus' .-in ' ffl. if we gf xg S P Q at ' , '- ' X ' he ,:'- I 7 ,,,. q W " S , I .. " ,.r:. ., , ' 4. Z 1, , ' K I Q . e 4 "' ' be K or ' e"' ,.,. an , .mggk A 5,5 ., ., . jr . 'X X,- I ' . A Q .Fu f 1, ' . . Q ' . I- 1 H . d V I I ' 5 in ,.:.V A ,.., ,D 1 V any fl .2 M. V f. fi f Dave Scherer Q ' - " - x X .Qyl ' . , r s -,-, fi ...'! :i 'I' rm 3 5 ' ,F MQ 5, 3, , , l 6 6, ,fr i l ' uw .W K K it t 2 'fl '." E z .: My D ""' W ' . rt .,, -5 "W . K' W .Q X7 1 or -of . . i A . ' ...- .E f'12ii.'ii'n1'.:15 ry A ' l . . Q I . " Z r A . P zffillllsf .ft is K SOPHGMORES I N.. -Q.. ,gui 'QP Floyd Softley Phyllis Softley Bxll Spent Sandra Splttler Barbara Spnnkle Bill Stanes Ins Stephens Bob Stem Floyd Stone Nancy Stone Nedra Stout Paula 'Stroyeck Manlyn Stuart Charlotte Suuva Carolyn Tappendorf Donald Tate -.., Evelyn Taylor Stanley Taylor Tom Tertocha Chuck Thxmem Mxchael Thomas Rxchard Tong Glendora Trueblood Ioseph Trueblood Vxckxe Tombaugh Patncla Turnage Gerald Turner Clarke Uhler Martha Van Hook Sandy Van Lyssel Tom Vxgnerx Ioanna Vorles Garen Walker Glona Walker Kenneth Walker Iohn Wall Hope Ward Terry Ward Gather Warsley Manetta Washmgton Rxchard Watrous Robert Watrous Dan White Melissa Whxte Nancy Whlte l' at Lynn Wilhelm Ixm Wxlkerson Denms Wxlllams lerry Wxlhams Robert Wxllxams Brenda Wxlson Don Wilson Iohn Wrlson Connie Wmfrey Lmda Wmmgs Linda Wolf Eva Mane Wond Douglas Wood Ioyce Woods Gary Workman Ronald Yates Phll Zem Carolyn Zlentara Bob Zllz Iudy Zimmer Harry Beck Dlckey Burger Carl Burns Howard Crumble Dan Doty Larry Eckart Iames Hxcks lohn Humphrey Iames Ielks NOT PICTURED Thomas Iohnson Dorothy Keefner Carol Kendall Davxe Kennedy Gerald Knachmus Waller KOShlnSkl Robert Lake Iames Leveck Essxe Love Autographs Vxrgxma Lucas Roland Mabry Vernon Malcolm Iames Manners Orange Manns Ierry Rhodes Ierry Waller Thomas Wilson . ',:Ei I . -Q .Q 3 5.9 ff -nv I5 1. Q1 so S W ar ' f - ', '-I 6 ,Q " . -W f' 5 Q JUNIORS aff" OFFICERS Bob Dart Presldent B111 McQueen VICE Presldent Marge Compton Secre tary Io Kennedy Treasurer Dan Garver Sergeant at Arms Dave Slweck Sergeant at Arms The lumor Class IS one of the bus1est classes at Elsenhower I-hgh School They have Worked under very able offlcers They were the frrst rn the new bu1ld1ng to choose thexr class rmgs The flrst In tra C1ty Prom has taken much of the lun 1ors tune E1senhoWers own B111 Mc Queen was elected general chalrman oi the prom The Iunlor Class has certalnly showed leadershlp qualmes thls year and has the makrngs for superlor SSHIOIS next year 6 . I , . - . , 1 , 1 I - ' - - I I I 1 I - . - , . . . , . . 1 . I 1 Bob Albngh! Bob Aldndge Dean Allen Dick Allen Iohn Allsup lerry Aninm Ierry Aushn Iamce Barley Gay Bagy Roger Barnett Lmda Barrier Ian Bateman Ieanetie Beel Phxllxp Beneze Cheryll Bethards Ianet Blankenshxp Elnora Blauth Roseyn Blauih Dxxxe Bledsoe Lxnda Blue Raymond Bolt Shzrly Bork Blllxe Boyle Patty Bradley Patncxa Bronson Beverly Ann Brownmg Donna Brownmg Nancy Brozlo Ioe Dale Buchanan Mary Buchanan Deanna Buckley Iudlth Burnell Delores Burns Carl William Burris Nancy Burrow Richard Bush Bob Byers Martha Byers Ann Cain Leon Camfield 4 'P t gg V :,, I I: .:.,. i . ..,,. y . M , - w ,I eh N , W an v -.: 14-K m'4H. , 525 , , we Q' . ' 'V , Xcel fl I' .Via Q 1 ,, iii 1' 'li z 1' rf 51-Esf zizsg' - . .V u w,,, 5 'Q' 5 s'a. 'il JUNIORS KX 520- F" his 'K' WQW f 3 S4 "Ql- xl KWH ik!! Barbara Campbell Dxck Carman Glorla Carier Patsr Carter Patncla Cast Louls Chappells Barb Chllds Beverly Chllds Iudlth Clapp Ieanetie Claus Iudy Clxck Richard Closs Lmda Sue Coffman Rose Ella Colter Maryone Compton Dolores Conraih Iams Karen Cook Anne Coppenbarger ludxih Corn Frank Cox Iames Crexghton Howard Crumble lean Dady Sharon Dahler Txkey Dalmares Bob Dart Shlrley Davenport Ken Davls Vrrgmxa Day Ed Dickson Larry Dickson Dorns Ioan Drllow Dxane Drsney Merlxn Dixon Carole Dobson Robert Dobson Susan Dodwell Rrchard Donahoe Chuck Dowmng l . Xb if , .-,, ' t ll' 1 ' ' I ' I . f C , -, H l or "r' '-,, A, K Q I I ,.i. Q R455 5 . ,,:. .I '15 - Y .l:rr, , C , Q "' , J ,g. - 4 F t ,g R To ",' if t C 1 ' "" W C- Q li C, 'la' ' 3' ' sham Dobbs wi 3 ZQIQ ' . T ' ,, I if-rx ,": f ix vi 1' g V 53555 MQ R -,., 43 K. : , in 1 ? ':. ,pf . 16 4- , 'Q r ' ' ,nL li in g v -., 1 'W my . . . -TM , I 7 --vkv K D Y V ' ' 'D' ,af 3' cw . gg C 45 l .S -iiiiigl ' "f:.g2.-. 'Nw - - -..l.,-,.: ,.,. . , ,,,lV . . 1 C ' ' ' . , , Eg :" , 5 124 Linda Dunn Linda Dunscomb Diann Durbin Edwin Iones Emert Leonard lra Essoe I. C. Eubanks Richard Farmer Vicki Fiock Doroihea Fischer Linda Ford Nancy Fnesner Beity Galmkxn Donald E Gallagher Ierry Gandy Daniel Garver Ted Garver Marlene Geniry Carol Gerhardt Ierry Lee Gillespey Don Goodwin Robert Graczyk Delores Gray Sharon Groves Pat Grogan lan Gruman Bob Hamm ludxth Hardy Carol Hamish Gerry Harrington Robert Harris Vada Harvey Elsie Hawbaker Claude Hawkins Donna Hazenfleld lane Heffmgton Fred Hemkel Richard Hemkel Lois Hemgman Iohn Hill I 'Hi A-ur' if ui' 'L--sie 9-.mmmr 'VFW gf Q 125 be me 1 1 ?v' Ralf JUNIORS ,L 1 lllx X Q. in M for M, , fa ,J ' ig N ie i, A. mf .. , I nm f is Ql g + g I KI lffhe Rx, 'O QQ' Gaylen Iames Robert Ieshs Iohn Iohnson Melvm Iohnson Ted Iones Donald Keefner Io Kennedy Patrzcla Kerby Carol Keyl Charles Kmg Dyle Kirby David Kirk Sue Kxrkpatnck Carolyn Knxenm Sandra Kmenm Leo Koshmskx Robert Koshmslu Davxd Kufner Iudxth Kupxsch Ed Kushmer Madha Lake Robert Landers Archle Leggxtt Roy Lemmg Kathy Lesier Tom Leveck Sondra Lmdberg Iames Logan Lowell Lonnon Iessie Love Ed Lucas Ierry Lynch Karen Lynch Ruth Mabry Steve Madsen A1 Manns Thomas Frank Marsh Barbara Martin Rex Marlin Lolalee Mason 126 Sue Ianet Masterson Faye McCall Mary McDamel Bob Mclntyre Wxlllam McQueen Ilm McQumn Robert Mendenhall Eleanor Merker Ierome Metzger Beverly Moler Davxd Monson David Moore Patty Morvxlle Raymond Mullmax Iohn Nance Ronald Eugene Neal Andy Neureuther Mxke Newell Ray Nlhxser Carol O Donnell Tom Pamter Iulle Pankey Bob Pappas Gary Paxton Carol Payne Anna Pentecost Ioy Peterson Dxck Peyer Iames Puckett Roberta Qulgley Betty Ray Gene Ray Larry Rextzel Iohn Rehfelt Charles Renshaw Errol Rhodes Nancy Rhodes Ronald Rxley lack Rogers Bill Myers JUNIORS wmv' fini 159 W ir QT M r Charles Rothwell Loretta Rumsey Vlola Sargent Vxolet Sargent Bernard Sarbaugh Nancy Sarver Peggy Schwab Bob Schultz Emery Scnmpsher hm Sears Margaret Shaw Kathryn Shaskley Patricia Shrvely Carolyn Slmens Dave Szweck Tom Slaughter Becky Smxth Darrell Smmth Patncxa Ann Smrth Charles R Sorenson Iudy Sowa Sandra Spanhook Ioyce Susan Stephens Iudz Ellen Stephens Sharon Stnegemexer Sharon Stone Sally Iosepha Stuke Ianet Swisher Ken Tappendorf Barbara Tokarz Iuanita Taylor Mary Taylor Lillian Thomas Nancy Thompson Sharon Upton Ioyce Vigneri M K, 3 6 Q Amta York 1' 5. ' ' """' nf 2 'Mfr Larry Young Bill Wond Mike Wine if . . A 'f V' , fam. ms, 5 .f 128 3 .3 Q Q Carol Wagoner Mary Lou Wall Shannon Walters Mike Watson Sharon Weatherholt Kay Wenger Mary Whelton Iudy Whxte Ierryl Wxlhams Kerna W1lhams Vxrgmxa Wxllzamson Robert Wxlson Rxchard Dongoslu Wxlham Holt lames Hughes Edwin Iones Orson Kramer 'Fl' rv ,7 :X-. kv --"3 -JVEYM 'ibn NOT PICTURED Donald Rumsey Iohn Tokarz Donald Walker Iamce Ward Ixm Ware Autographs 129 Loxs Wemhexmer Larry Wxthrow Clarence Wood Darrell Yeakley SENIORS George Stern Vlce Presldent Bev Kearney Secretary Tom Brabender Ser geant at Arms Bob Ames Sergeant at Arms Iudy W1ll1arns Treasurer T1m Krrkby Presldent To be the flrst graduanng class from Elsenhower l-hgh School 1S a great honor ln splte of our last year be1ng rnterrupted by movmg It has been an 1nterest1ng year The Semor class has contnbuted 1ts share of leaders to the new school The ed1tors of the yearbook and news paper many of the football basketball golf tennls track and baseball players as well as several club off1cers and cheer leaders have been members of the Sen 1or class It has been fun gettmg every thmg organlzed At the tune of publ1 catlon V1rg1n1a Harker IS academ1cally speak1ng lead1ng the Senlor class Sue Colman 1S U02 of a polnt below VITQIHIQ Many Semors have made appllcatron to Colleges and un1vers1t1es 1n th1S v1c1n1ty and some are rece1v1ng scholarshzps for part of the1r tu1t1on The 1958 Senlors would like to be remembered as the best as well as the flrst E1senhower H1gh School graduatmg class ' ' 1 - 1 I 1 I 1 - - ' - - ' A ' 1 , 1 I . . . 1 , . - 1 1 I . , . . . 1 I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Elbert Larry Abel "Men of iew words are the best men" Carolyn Albers "A happy smile, cr pretty fafe, you'll find her friends every p ace ' Girls Glee B lg German Club 2, officer 3, Future Teachers 3. lim Alderson "If any of us have no enemies. it is he" German Club. Robert Allen "He means what he says and says what he means" Tumbling Clubg Dramatics Club. Nancy Alverson "Her smile is there for all to see. a popular girl she'll always be" Red Peppers lg B Choir 2, Glee B ly A Choir 37 'Latin Club, Treas. 2, V. Pres. 37 Pantherama 3, Cheerleader 35 Vespers 2, 3 So h Council Student Council 2 3 Dol hin Club l, 2, 35 7 P- I 1 I P Soph. Class Assembly. Robert Ames "With ready mind and smiling face, in the world he'll find his place" Rifle Club 25 Student Council 35 Sgt. at Arms of Senior Class. Mike Ater "'l'imid? Not il you know him" Track lg Vocational Auto Mechanics. Iames Auer "Goodness and quality will tell" Gun Club I, 27 Spanish Club 2, 3. Nancy Barding "Very quiet and shy is she. a sweeter girl you'll never see" G.A.A., Sat. at Arms 25 Art Club 31 Pantherama 35 Pantherettes 3. George Bates "We could call him serious. but we lrnow him too well" B Band lp A Band 2, 31 Latin Club lp French Club 2, 3: Youth Fellowship Club l, 2, 3, Vespers 3, Orchestra 3. 131 Elbert Larry Abel Carolyn Albers lim Aldersen Robert Allen Nancy Alverson Iames Auer Mike Ater Robert Ames Nancy Barding George Bates SENIORS Darrell Batson Harold Batthauer Donald Beal Doris Beach Philip Beadles Elisabeth Belenski Ierrv Beniamin David Bethards Tom Biggs Barbara Boedecker Darrell Batson "Deeds, not words, are needed" Harold Batthauer "Reason is not measured by size or height, but by principle" A Band 1, 2, 3, Machine Shop lg Honorary Member of the Science Club 3, Iunior Talent Show. Donald Beal "Tall, blond, and-need we say more?" Doris Beach "Doris is peppy and lots of lun, sho's friendly with everyone" Prom Committee 2, Latin Club 1, Glee A 1. Philip Beadles "One of those individuals whose talents are expressed in actions, not words" Mixed Chorus 21 A Choir 3, Tip-Tones 3, Vespers 2, 3, Holidaze 3, Spanish Club 1, 2. Elisabeth Belenski "Fun to know, we would all say, can be serious, but's usually gay" Glee A 1: Girls Chorus 2, A Choir 35 Tri-Y 1, 2, 31 Red Peppers 1, 27 Ushers Club 37 F.T.A. l, 3, German Club 2, 3, Vespers 2, 3, Pantherama 3. Ierry Beniamin "lack of all trades, master of all magic, romancing, and basketball" Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1. David Bethards "I like work: it iascinates me. I can sit and look at it ior hours" Tom Biggs "He seems to find his greatest joy in iust being an average boy" Rifle Club 2. Barbara Boedecker "Although timid, her friendliness towers high" Latin Club 2, 3: Ushers Club 2, 3. 132 Sally Sue Booker "Full of vigor peppy, too: girls like her are very few" Office Helper l, 21 Homecoming Queen Committee lg F.H.A. l, Chairman of Check Room 2, V. Pres. 3, Red Peppers 1, 2, Pantherettes, Pres. 3: Advanced Girls 3, Rec Room Helper 3, Musical Stvle Show 3. Sharon Bork "Smiling faces are the style, Sharon has one all the while" Red Peppers 1, 25 Pantherettes, V, Pres. 3, Vespers 27 Sweet- hearts 2, Thanksgiving Assembly 2, Rec Room Helper 3, Musical Style Show 37 Big Twelve Festival 25 Tri-Y l, Parliamentarian 2, President 3. Larry E. Boumer "His brilliant future we foretell because he knows his music well" Operetta 1, 2, B Choir lg A Choir 2, Eisenhower Echoes, Ac- companist, 3, Holidaze 3, Vespers l, 2. Barbara Boyle "Bashfu1 at times, but her winning smile makes a friendship well worth while" Tri-Y 1, 27 Future Nurses 2. Tom Brabender "If football were schoolwork, what a blessing it would be" Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball lg Baseball l, 2, 3, Sgt. at Arms 31 German Club, Treas, and Sec. 2, Student Council 3, Welcoming Dance and Decoration Committee 3, lntracity Council 3. Iudy Branch "She knows how to smile and uses this knowledge" Tri-Y 1, 2, Future Nurses 2. David Brobst "He's ready to study, ready to play, a worth-while guy in every way" German Club 1, 2: Prom Decorations 25 Welcoming Dance and Decorations 3, Senior Prom Decorations 3, Tennis Team 3, Bon Voyage Day. Evelyn Brooks "A gleam of merry mischief glints within her eyes" Tri-Y 1, Glee B lr Girls Chorus 2. Richard Bronson "Knows what he's talking about, and lets you find it out" Bible Club lp Mixed Chorusg A Choir 1, 2, Operetta 3, Christmas Program Sing 3. Iames Brown "Worry little. study less, is his idea of happiness" Spanish Club lg Dramatics Club 3. SP Sally Sue Booker Larry E. Bourne: Tom Brabender David Brobst Richard Bronson Sharon Bork Barbara Boyle Iudy Branch Evelyn Brooks Iames Brown lim Bwant Russell Buchanan Patrick Bundy Bill Bunton Kenneth E. Burchard Samuel E. Burgenor Betty Cameron Bud Campbell SIIUFOD Cdr! Larry Carter lim Bryant "Eyes ot blue. six toot four. he's spectacular on the basketball floor" Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, Queen Committee 3, Drarnatics Club 3: Track 1. Russell Buchanan "He's good natured and will never fuss: that's why he's liked by all ot us" Vocational Machine Shop 1, 2. Patrick Bundy "With quiet. yet determined torce. he travels on his destined course" Football 1, 3. Bill Bunton "Good nature like his is the same in any language" Kenneth E. Burchard "When he succeeds. the merit is all his own" Dramaiics Club 3, Iunior Achievement 3. Samuel E. Burgenor "An all around good fellow-a friend sincere and true" Spanish Club 1, Biology Research Club 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Betty Cameron "'l'winkling eyes. a merry smile. knowing her makes life worth while" Band 1, 2: Orchestra lg Red Peppers lg Tri-Y lp G.A.A, lg Vespers 1, 2, Red Mill lg Office Occupations Treas. 35 1".T.A. 35 Big Twelve 1, Sophomore Talent Show l. Bud Campbell "A lively fellow with iokes a plenty. enemy of none- triend ot many" Baseball 1. Sharon Carr "Sweet as honey-busy as a bee, cutest gal you ever did see" Oliice Occupations 3. Larry Carter "1-lere's a boy who's always near, he's friendly. quiet. and sincere" Youth Fellowship Club 1, 2,, 3, Latin Club 2, 37 A Choir 3, Tip- Tones 3. Sharon Kay Cash "She has a way of getting things done so there's time left for lun" National Honor Society 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, Library Club l, 3, Tri-Y 1, Treasurer 2, Pantherama, Layout Manager, 3, Gary Castor "Gary ranks high in popularity: he's fond ot iokes and enioys hilarity" Sophomore Talent, Iunior Talent, Iunior Council, Prom Dec- orations, Coechairman, Homecoming Parade Co-Chairman 2, Welcoming Parade Chairman, German Club, Pres. l, V, Pres. 2, Student Council, Parliamentarian, Fun Club Council 3. Dennis Chaney "A class leader beyond compare. this type ot boy is very rare" Class Sgt. of Arms 1, 2, Basketball 1, Baseball 2, 3, Track 1, Football l, 2, 3, Iunior Council, Spanish Club 2, Pres. 3, Student Council President 2, 3, lntracity Student Council 3. Iris Charvat "Dark and vivacious, with sparkling eyes, Iris succeeds in whatever she trys" Glee B lp Latin Club 1, United Nations Club, Sec. l, Thalia 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Science Club 2, V, Pres. 3, Newspaper 3, Illini Girl Stater 2, Vespers 2, 3. Zandra Childers "Short and sweet and hard to beat" Ronald Childs "Not bold nor shy. nor short nor tall, iust a mixture ot them all" Iunior Achievement 3. Ianet Clough "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice" Red Peppers 1, Dolphin Club 1, 2, 3, Thalia 2, Dramatics Club 3, Prom Ticket Committee 2, Y.C.C.l. 2, Welcoming Dance Ticket Committee 3, National Honor Society 2, Treas. 3, Iunior Council, F.T.A. 3, Carnival Publicity Committee. Mary Coberly "These cute blonds do get around, her "let's go" spirit is never downed" Nurses Club I, Pep Club 2, 3, G.A.A. l, 2, Pantherama 3. Elaine Coleman "Shining hair, glowing eyes, incilined to make the males hearts sig Glee B l, A Choir 1, Thalia, Office Occupations, Pres., Big Twelve, A Choir Operetta, Tri-Y, Student Council, State of Illinois Office Occupations reporter. Henry Collins "Here's a guy who gots things done. but with his work he has some tun" Chemistry Club 2, Science Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Iunior Achievement 3, Bios Research Club Z. 135 SENIORS Sharon Kay Cash Dennis Chaney Zandra Childers Ianet Clough Elaine Coleman Gary Castor his Charvat Ronald Childs Marv Coberly Henry Collins SENIORS Larrv Collins Bill Compton lim Cornell Gloria Crow lanet Curry Sue Ann Colman xtalph Conro-' Steve Corrington Ianet Crow Donna Davis Larry Collins "Onward, onward, oh time, in thy flight, And make the bell ring betore I recite" DeMolayp Civil Defenseg Iunior Achievement. Sue Ann Colman "Work and play may not be one, But she does both as it they're fun" Latin Club lp B Band lp A Band 2, 35 United Nations Club 2, 3: National Honor Society 2, 35 Pep Club lg Orchestra 35 Pan- therama 3. Bill Compton "Quiet, thoughtful, and sincere, ol hard work he has no fear" Latin Club l, 27 D.H.S. Carnival l. Ralph Conroy "To have a good time, he has a yen: No matter how, or where, or when" lim Cornell "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world" Golf Team 2: D.O. 3. Steve Corrington "Music, music he can sing: He's the best in everything" Gloria Crow "ls she quiet and demure? Maybe, don't be too sure" Red Peppers lg Thalia 25 Iunior Council Alternateg Art Clubg Glee A. Ianet Crow "Cute as a button, neat as a pin, very lew hearts she can't win" Iunior Councilp Decorating Committee 35 Class Day Assembly 3. I anet Curry "Whether it's play or whether it's work, she's never one who's inclined to shirk" Donna Davis "A sweet attractive kind of grace" l36 George Dickinson "One of those individuals whose talents reach the heights" Varsity Football 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Vespers 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3, Basketball Mgr, 3. Patsy Dizney "Pat is swell, she really rates: Friendliness is her valuable trait" Office Occucaticns 3, Ianice Doran "A merry heart her sparkling eyes disclose" B Choir lg Advanced Girls 2, Tri-Y 2, Opera Z, Tumbling As- sembly 2, Office Occupations 3, Vespers l, 2, Big Twelve l, 2, Iunior Achievement 3. Harold Dunham "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men" German Club 1, 2. Ianice Dunn "Meet this girl and you will see she's as merry as merry can be" Tri-Y 1, D. O. Club 3, Girls' P, E. Assembly 25 Welcoming Dance Ticket gommittee 3- Carnival Refreshment Committee 2, Dra- matics . , Robert Dunn "Always cheerful, always gay, always friendly, that's his way" Connie Sue Dworak "Connie's reserved and silent, too, Yet she's lots of iun 'tis true" Student Council Alternate 1, F.T.A, 1, 2, Bios Research Club 1, UN Club 2, "One Increasing Purpose" 2, F,H.A., Historian, Par- liomentarian 3, Homecoming Committee 3, Vespers 1, Basketball Concesson Stand 2, Ioyce Easter "A real cute gal, tops for fun: Prize tor pep, she seems to have won" Vespers lg Tri-Y 1, 2, Glee A ly F.H.A. Secretary 3, lim Edwards "We like your disposition, your triendship 'n everything" Art Club 1, Pres. 2, V. Pres, 3, Science Club, Pres. 3, Wel- cominq Game 3. Ewald Fischer "His smile is like a rainbow flashing from the sky" German Club l. George Dickinson Patsy Dizney Ianice Doran Harold Dunham Ianice Dunn Robert Dunn Connie Sue Dworak Ioyce Easter Iirn Edwards Ewald Fischer Cornelia Sue Fletcher Iames Daniel Foster Terry Garrels Phil Grindol Sam Grubauqh We Sandy Ford Sharon Fulton Ruth Gentry Delmar Gross Darla Grunert Comelia Sue Fletcher "Clever, cute, witty, -That plus more. that's our Sue" Red Peppers lg Thalia 1, 2g Paint and Powder Club 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Glee A, Pres. 1, F.N.A. lg Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 35 Vespers 2. Sandy Ford "With dark brown hair, she's an eyetul of sweetness With personality she's completeness" Observer ly Panther Press 3g United Nations Club 1, Spanish Club 1: Tri-Y l. Iames Daniel Foster "You can touch no chord in him that wouldn't answer in music" A Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club ly Honor Society 2, V. Pres. 3: Dance Band 25 Soph. Assembly, Homecoming Assembly 2, 37 Iunior Assembly, Red and White Assembly 2, Track 1, Home- cominq Queen Committee 3g Prom Committee 27 Big Twelve l. Sharon Fulton "We'll remember her good nature long" Band. l, 2, 37 Science Club 3, Latin Club 2, Nurse's Helper 25 Office Helper 35 Dramatic Club lg Usher Clul. 35 Prom Committee 2: Welcoming Dance 3. Terry Garrels "Terry is really one swell guy. He greets you with a friendly 'HI' " Ruth Gentry "Pint-sized, cute. and hard to beat. With her, one can never compete" Phil Grindol "Everyone is this guy's friend, His friendship knows no end" D. O. 2: D. E. 3. Delmar Gross "This happy laugh, this cheerful smile, Both are necessary for a lite worth while" Sam Grubaugh "You must agree, he's nice as nice can be" Darla Grunert "Quiet is your first impression ot her, But those quiet girls can make such a stir" Red Peppers lg Glee B lg Girls' Chorus 2, Vespers 2, Pan- therama 3. Linda Hahn "Happy go lucky, gay and free, ln the world she will succeed" Tri-Y l, Pantherama 3. Phil Hambrecht "Always out for a good time, Which certainly is not a crime" Mary Ellen Hardy "True to her word, her work, her lriends" Chorus 2, F.H,A. 1, 2, G.A,A. 1, Office Occupations 3, Glee Club 1, 2. Sandy Haring "We like 'em serious: we like 'em gay, But we like 'em best when they're iust her way" Cheerleading 2, 3, Student Council 3, Rec Room Chairman 3, Homecoming Court, Crown Bearer 3, Prom Decorations Come mittee 2, Homecoming Decorations 2, 3, Soph. Assembly, Homecoming Assembly 2, 3, Red and White Day Assembly 2. Virginia Harker "She's ready to study, ready to play, A worthwhile girl in every way" Spanish Club 1, Glee B 1, Vespers 1, Easter Service 1, Bios Research 2, Chemistry Club, V. Pres. 2, Science Club, Secretary 3, Honor Society 2, 3, Pantherama 3. Charles Hayes "He never puts oll 'til tomorrow what should be done today" Track l, Radio Club l, 2, 3, UN Club, Dramatics Club 3, Tumbling Club 3. Frederick Hertenstien "A lad who will stand up lor his principles" ludith Hill "A spendid girl with lots of zeal, Around her you always laugh a great deal" Baton Twirling l. Beverly Hufford "Sweet and ambitious-here's one kind lass, We're glad to have in our Senior class" Iunior Council, Ring Committee 2, Decanois 2, Pantherama, Business Manager 3, Dolphin 2, Sgt. at Arms 3, Cheerleader 3, French Club 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2. Dean Huffman "He who goes gently goes safely, He who goes safely goes far" Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Tumbling Club, B Band l, A Band 2, 3. 139 SE IORS George Isome Clinton Ioyner Beverly Kearney Ronald Kelley Warren Bruce Kinsey Shelia Iones Karen Kaminski Mary Ann Keck Richard King Mavis Kirk 'S '. George Isome "Not only good but good lor something" Football l, 2, 3, German Club 1, 2. Shelia I ones "Her voice is soft and her smile is sweet, here is one gal who can't be beat" Glee B l, Christmas Plav 1, Paint and Powder Club 1, O. O. Club 3, Homecoming 2, Prom 2, Ushers Club l. Clinton Ioyner "For he's a iolly good fellow" Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Basketball 2, 3. Karen Kaminski "Whatever you say or whatever you do. she"ll answer you back with a smile or two" Girls Glee B l, 2, Girls Chorus l, 2, O, O., Secretary 3 Red Peppers, Homecoming Committee. Beverly Keamey "Bev's the gal to bring you cheer, our pepper-upper ot the year" Student Council 1, 2, 3, Soph Council 1, Pep Club l, Latin Club, Sec. l, Dolphin Club 2, 3, A Choir 3, Advanced Girls 2: Glee B 1, Tip+Tones 3, Senior Class Sec., Pantherama Staii, Thalia l, Art Club 3, Homecoming Committee 1, 2, 3. Mary Ann Keck "A friend of all. a friend to all, she always answers duty's call" Tri-Y l, 2, Officer 3, Pep Club l, 2, Officer 3, German Club 2, 3, Advanced Girls 3, Keynotes 3, Library Club 1, Y.C.C.l. 3, F.T.A. 1, Prom Decorations, Vespers 1, 3, Welcoming Dance Decorations. Ronald Kelley "With work to do he gets it done. but never too busy to join in the lun" Richard King "He's calm and collected and never deiected" Warren Bruce Kinsey "A bundle ol common sense tied with a ribbon of personality" German Club, Pres. 1, 2, Newspaper, Photographer 1, 2, Asst. Feature Ed. 2, Editor 3, Y.C.C.l. 3, National Honor Society 2, Pres. 3, Exchange Student to France 2, Student Council 3, Host to Foreign Exchange Student 2. Mavis Kirk "Laughing and talking through life she goes" B Choir 1, A Choir 2, O. O. 3, Operetta 1, 2, Paint and Powder Calukb 21, 2, Big Twelve l, 2, Thalia 1, 2, 3, United Nations C u . 140 Tim Kirkby "Everyone is this guy's friend, His friendship towers high to no end" Student Council 3, Welcoming Committee 37 Prom Committee Decoratings 2, 37 Senior Class President 37 Sgt. at Arms of Student Council 3g Transfer from Penn. Herb Klebe "Iolly, lots of fun, Always through life he'll go" A Band l, 2, 3, B Band ly Orchestra lp Candidate for Senior Class V. Pres. Linda Kohlbecker "Hn expressive face, a lilting voice, She is high on our list of choice" Sophomore Council Alternate, Carnival Dance lg Ticket Com- mittee Caiinival 1, Co-Chairman Homecoming Dance Committee lg Thalia . Wayne Kuppler "A smiling happy-go-lucky lad, cares, you'd never know he had" German Club 1, B Band lg A Band 2, 35 Science Club 3. Carol Landers "If all the girls in the world were just as nice as you" D.E. Club 35 Art Club 2. Ronald Leckrone "With gift of gab, Always talks but never sulks" Transfer from llliopolis 3: F,F.A. 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Chorus l, 25 Dramatics Club l, 3, Football 1, 2. Eugene Long "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep" Mary Ann Lorenz "Gay at heart and bright of face: No one else can take her place" Ushers Club l, 2, Head Usher 37 F.T.A. lg Pantherarna 3g German Club 25 F.H.A. 3, Holidaze 3. Barbara Lovekamp "Tall and blond and extra nice, Proves the rule about sugar and spice" Paint and Powder Club lg Student Council 1, 25 Future Nurses Club 1, Treasurer 27 Ushers Club ly Thalia 27 National Honor Society 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, President, Welcoming Chairman of dance: Pantherama 3, Drarnatics Club Secretary 3. Iohn Louk "Friends like Iohn aren't often found, His aims are high, his judgment sound" Pantherama, Photographer and Photo Editor 37 Camera Club l, 2, Rifle Club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Vespers 2, 3. t 141 Tim Kirkby Herb Klebe Linda Kohlbecker Wayne Kuppler Carol Landers Ronald Leckrone Eugene Long Mary Ann Lorenz Barbara Lovekamp llohn Louk SENIORS Karen Kay McClughan Charlene McGee Ron McKenzie lim McQuality Lvnn McWilliams Alan Martin Phyllis Martin Rosemary Mays David Mendenhall David Miller en Karen Kay McClughan "She's clever and merry, with friends by the score. These are some of her virtues, she has many more" B Band lg A Band 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Talent Shaw, Latin Club lg French Club 2, Big Twelve l, 25 Vespers Charlene McGee "Ii music is the food of life. play on" French Club, G.A,A. Ron McKenzie "Life without laughing would be a dreary blank" Iim McQuality "A man of inches and every inch a man" B Band lg A Band 2, 3, Sophomore Assembly, Red and White Day l, 2, Class Day 2, Basketball Assembly 1, 2. Lynn MCWlll1UITlS Man was formed for society Latm Club 1 2 Alan Martin Well made man who has a good determination Phyllls Martin Smile srnxle all the while Rosemary Mays Grace and beauty both combined To make this maiden most devme Glee B 1 Tr1 Y 1 2 Vespers 2 3 Girls Chorus 2 Cho1r 3 Tip Tones 3 Holldaze 3 David Mendenhall To be or not to be That is the question Tumbling Club 3 Iumor Achievement 3 DCIV1d Miller ii, E Solid gold and sterling silver 3 6' 62- .6 if LW! Don Miller "Don's a friendly but silent lad. Without him around. E.H.S. would be sad" Vespers lg Thanksgiving Assembly lg Orchestra 1, 3: Mendez Concert: B Band lp A Band 2, 3g Soph. Assembly, Iunior As- sembly: Red and White Day 2g Homecoming Assembly 2, Welcoming Assembly 3. Linda Moore "Delicacy is an attribute of heaven" Future Nurse's Club lp Rec Room Helper 35 Nurse's Office Helper 1, 2, 3. , Yvonne Moore "The mildest manners: the gentlest ways" French Club 2: Paint and Powder Club 25 Youth Fellowship Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee B 25 A Choir 3. Michael Myers "I dare to do all that becomes a man" German Club lg Welcoming Decorations 3. Larry Neal "What mischief lurks within his eyes. What fresh. new prank will he devise" B Band lp Orchestra 2g Big Twelve Festival 25 F.T.A. 1, 2, A Choir 35 Tip-Tones 3, Vespers 2, 3. Io Nixon "She has what it takes to get along. Going through life with a smile and a song" Girls' Choir ly Pep Club 3. Ioe O'Bryan "Very quiet. very shy. That's our Ioe, a real swell guy" Sandra Oldham "Gets lun out of living every day. She's a good scout in every way" Glee B ly O, O. Club 3, Dancing Club 2. Larry Osbom "I count it a sin. if not a crime. To sit home and study all the time" Science Club. Lois Peebles "She is an artist. in two ways her talent tends: She draws not only pictures. but also many friends" Sophomore Council, Iunior Council, Dolphins 2, 3, Newspaper 37 Pantherama 3. Don Miller Yvonne Moore Larry Neal loe O'B ryan Larry Osborn 'Sf .gm 1 ' 1 i . Linda Moore Michael Myers lo Nixon Sandra Oldham Lois Peebles we 1 is '3 i SSL . .tk Ianice Petzel Mae Pool Sharon Quigley Carol Rauschelr Diane Rhodes Charles Pierce Thomas Pyles Kenneth Raleigh James Reinhold William Ridgeway Ianice Petzel "A dazzling smile, a whispering voice, makes Ianice all our choice" Glee B ly Mixed Chorus 2, German Club 2, Sec-Treas. 37 Vespers 2, Welcoming Dance Decoration Committee 3. Charles Pierce "Life is iust what we make it Mae Pool "Great virtues has she ot her own. Which lesser souls may never know" Latin Club 2: O. O. Club 3. Thomas Pyles "Such as he are always needed" Transfer from Warrensburg. Sharon Quigley "Sweet, charming, friendly and kind, Girls like her are hard to find" Red Peppers I, Thalia 25 Carnival Decoration Committee 2g Prom Decoration Committee 2. Kenneth Raleigh "To be, rather than to seem" Spanish Club 2, 3. Carol Rauschek "Fair young lady, quite tall, From our hearts she'll never tall" Red Peppers 1: Spanish Club lg Glee B lf Girls' Chorus 27 National Honor Society 2, 37 Advanced Girls 3: Vespers 2, 37 Pantherama 3, Welcoming Dance Decoration Committee. Iames Reinhold "He's quiet and reserved. But with a basketball he's got nerve n Varsity Basketball l, 2, 37 German Club 2. Diane Rhodes "A mind not to be changed by time or place" Newspaper l, 2, 3, Yearbook lg Dance Club 27 Library Club lg G.A.A. l, 2, Traffic Safety Club 2, French Club l. William Ridgeway "Alive and impatient youth" Vocational Machine 2. SE Roberta Riedel George Nelson Rogers Marilyn Roller Betty Harriet W A 5 'gift Roberta Riedel K "She's witty-as cute as can he. Wish we all could he as peppy as she" Dolphin Club l, 2, 3g Student Council 3g Office Occupations, Reporter 3g Red Peppers lg Welcoming Dance Committee 3. David Rogers "To me life is pleasant" Rifle Club lg P. A. System 3. George Nelson Rogers "He could smile his way out of anything" Spanish Club lp B Band lp Dramatics Club 3g Iunior Achieve- ment 3. Colleen Rohman "She looks like an angel. she acts like one too. But you never can tell what an angel will do" Glee B lg Ushers 3g Spanish Club 1. Marilyn Roller "Marilyn's seen throughout the halls: She's always ready when duty calls" Ushers Club 1, 2: Foreign Students Assembly lg D. L. Club 35 Vespers lg Glee A l. Larry Rule "An all around athlete. not very tall: Earnest in work. and friendly to all" Baseball 1, 2, 35 Football 35 Basketball Manager lg Student Council 3, Betty Scehnet "R dark-haired girl who's more than fair, When you get a smile from her you walk on air" Glee A lg Foreign Student Assembly 15 Pantherarna 3, Beverly Schroeder . "She mixes reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth" Glee B lg A Choir 2g Tri-Y ly A Choir Opera 2g Vespers 2g Big Twelve 2. Harriet Schultz "She has a heart with room for ioy" Ushers Club 2, 3: Glee A lg Girls Chorus 25 Red Peppers lp F.H.A. 2: Office Occupations Club 3. Gary Sebens "Gary is quite the guy, Even though he's a wee bit shy" Rifle Club l: Pantherama, Assistant Business Manager 3. 145 Scehnet Schultz Sf IDRS David Rogers Colleen Rahman Larry Rule Beverly Schroeder Gary Sebens 'R 4 R Q X . 5 X 51,1 f 5 33 Q 1 . v." 'ub .., 'QM' S33 rl I'!1.' SENIORS Nancy Sell Sonia Shaw Skin Shinneman Delbert Sigmon Herschel Simpson Elizabeth Shaw Ron Sherrell Greg Shoop Ierry Siloski I.aVon Skidmore Nancy Sell "She has the sweetest voice we've heard. A mellow 'tone in every word" Panther Princess 35 Cheerleader 2, 37 Homecoming Court 25 Class Secretary lp Student Council 1, 2, Sec. 35 Latin Club 2, Future Nurses Club Ip B Choir lp Advanced Girls, Treas, 2, A Choir, Pres. 35 Vespers 1, 2, 35 Big Twelve l, 2, 35 Soph. and Iunior Talent Shows. Elizabeth Shaw "With pretty hair and cheery smile, Liz is gay and happy all the while" Library Assistant lg Latin Club lg Bios Research Club, Secretary 2: German Club, Pres. 35 Future Teachers 3, Future Nurses Club lg Prom Decoration Committee 2. Sonia Shaw "We'll remember her good nature long" Glee B 1. Ron Sherrell "He'd be cheerful under a mountain ol troubles" Skip Shinneman "Men, like bullets. go farthest when they are smoothest" Soph. Council lg Student Council V. Pres, 2, 3, Tennis Team 3, lntracity Student Council President 37 Chairman oi Carnival Zg Chairman of Welcoming 3, German Club 1, 2. Greg Shoop "Men's actions are the best interpreters oi their thoughts" giogogy Club I, Rifle Club 25 Tumbling Club 3, Spanish Club Delbert Sigmon "I would rather wear out than rust out" Ierry Siloski "He will either iind a way or make one" German Club 1, 25 B Choir 1, DeMolay l, 2, 3. Herschel Simpson "Life is too short for worry" Football l: Track 2. LaVon Skidmore "Her smile will win her many friends" Tri-Y 1, G.A.A. l, 25 Pantherettes 3g'Pantherama 32 Art Club 35 Homecoming Decorations Committee 2. 146 Sharon Skidmore "A girl who's smart and friendly too. Yes. Sharon, we all mean you" F.T.A. l, 2, 35 Glee A l5 Girls Chorus 25 A Choir 35 Red Peppers l, 25 Pantherama, Co-editor 35 H. 6: R. Short Story Contest 35 French Club, Pres. 2, V. Pres. 35 Fun Club Council 35 Honor Society 2, Sec. 35 Vespers 35 Welcoming 3, Charles Smith " 'Tis such a serious thing to be a funny man" Rifle Club 1, Spanish Club 1, 25 Pantherama, Sports Editor 35 DeMolay 1, 2, 3. Iuanita Sparks "A great big grin, a great big smile, she has it with her all the while" Youth Fellowship Club, I, 25 Office Occupations Club 3. Larry Spears "Happy, good natured, that he is. mighty line wishes are all his" Football 35 German Club l, 2. George Stern "He's got music, he's got swing, in music. George is King" B Band l: A Band 2. 35 Dance Band 2, 35 Soph. and Iunior Talent Shows5 Soph. Council, Sgt. at Arms5 German Club, Pres. 25 Class Vice President 35 Homecoming Assembly 25 Well coming Assembly 3. Carolyn Stivers "Carolyn really has something there, with her cute looks and golden hair" Transfer from Blue Mound5 Office Occupations, Historian 3, Shirley Stuart "Sky high and still climbing" F.H.A. l, 25 Library Club l, 25 United Nations Club 35 Office Occupations 3. Anna Tate "Who counts her as a friend is rich indeed" D. E. Club. Carroll Elvis Taylor "Good nature without disguise" Sylvia Tertocha "She speaketh not, and yet there lies a conversation in her eyes" Office Occupations Club 3. Sharon Skidmore Juanita Sparks George Stern Shirley Stuart Carroll Elvis Taylor 'iv' Charles Smith Larry Spears Carolyn Stivers Anna Tate Sylvia Tertocha Nu' T 13" Helen Tibbs George Van Lear Richard Van Hook Robert Troxel Ioan Vaughn Iune Wakefield Robert Ward Charlotte Weatherholt Larry White Doris Wiesner Helen Tibbs "An unbreakable spirit. she seems to mind nothing in the world" Robert Troxel "A likeable fellow. who with a grin. friend atter lriend. can always win" Rille Club lg Student Council Treasurer 3. Richard Van Hook "Lots ol lun. amusing. gay. makes lun out ot work and play" George Van Lear "A man is great and he alone. who serves a greatness not his own" Bios Research Club 25 Decanois 25 Pantherama, Coseditor 35 Welcoming Assembly Committee 35 welcoming Assembly Master ol Ceremonies 3. loan Vaughn "With ready mind and smiling lace. in the world she'll find her place" Library l, 25 French Club 2, 35 Rec Room 1, 2, 3. I une Wakefield "A Maid ol a thousand charming ways. smiles and lauahter till all her days ' D. E. Club 35 F.H.A. lg Prom Decorations Committee 25 Youth Fellowship Club 1. Robert Ward "Some think the world was made for lun and lrolic: and so do l" Mixed Ensemble 1, 25 A Choir 35 Vespers. Charlotte Weatherholt "Charlotte's Swell, she really rates. friendliness is her valuable trait" Mixed Chorus l5 Girls Chorus Pres. 25 Glee A 25 Iunior CounCil5 French Club, Sec. 2, Sec.-Treas. 35 G.A.A, 15 A Choir, Pres. 3: Cheerleader 35 Iunior Talent Show: Welcoming Assembly 3. Larry White "From Larry never a shout. but he always knows what he's talking about" Latin Club l, 2, 35 Homecoming lg Carnival Decorations. Doris Wiesner "Very nice. good. and true. a lriend to me. a friend to you" B Choir lp Advanced Girls 25 Red Peppers 1, 25 Tri-Y 1, 2, 35 "Sweethearts"5 Ushers Club 35 Vespers l, 25 Big Twelve 25 Pantherama. Manlyn W1llh1te Call her glamorous call her gay this gal ll tops whatever you say M1xed Chorus 1 Ensemble 3 Spamsh Club 1 Sweethearts Umted Nations Club 2 A Chotr 2 3 Talent Show l Vespers l 2 3 Ofhce Helper 1 Holldaze 3 Iudy Wlllrams An expreuxve lace a lxltmg voice she rs hxqh on our hst ol chance Red Peppers l Cwlee B l Girls Chorus Pres 2 Dolphm Club l 2 Sec Treas 3 Soph Talent Show FHA 3 Welcommg Queen Commlttee Chcurman 3 Class Treasurer 3 French Club 2 Pres 3 Holxdaze 3 Art Club V Pres 2 Student Councll 3 Ronme W1l11ams thxs world there n too much worry what s use ol fuss and hurry' B Band l A Band 2 Chuck Yates To rule the world you must keep lt amused Fun Club l 2 3 German Club l 2 Student Councl Club 3 Homecommq Assembly l Lyle Flsher I would rather wear out than rust out Darrell Fyke Friends he makes and lnends he keeps French Club Iumor Talent Show A Chonr l 2 3 Mah Palm Lels He s tops in everyone s book Gun Club German Club l Sammy Sahba To me life u one pleasant round D E Club Davld Causey Larry Cutt111 Thomas Doty Paul Gordxllo Ada Halbrook Donald Hammond Manlyn Wzlllute Iudy wluliml Ronme Wxlhams Chuck Yates Lyle Fisher Darrell Fylre Mah Palm Lens Sammy Salxba e l NOT PICTURED Ronald Harlm Rlchard Hassmger Bettie Ioyner Iames Kmenm Iames Lyles Robert McLaughlin 149 U. L. Newbon Pat Plerce Iuamta Simpson Buddy Spellman Lyle Tappendorl .. . Z I . I .. ..: I : 4 ' , 1 : , , z : - ll n . n Q 1 I ' . . "ln ' ' . ' th : - ' . , 1 . : ' 1: D- E- 'X 1 ' : ' . , . : . W f x . , SATTLEY S OFFICE MACHINES 1123 North Water Phone 3 7395 FEDERAL MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 666 North Water Phone 2 8521 THE COLONIAL West Grand at Rt 48 Phone 3 7223 GREIDER S CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK 236 North Water Phone 8 6661 ROBY 6 ROBY REAL ESTATE 252 East Maln Phone 8 3451 F OLRATH S 211 North Water Phone 2 0672 ENLOE S LINCOLN SQUARE DRUG STORE RAYCRAFT PRESCRIP'1'ION STORES 1099 West Maxn 702 East Wood LONGBONS ROOFING :S SHEET METAL CO 730 South Mcnn Phone 5429 GOOD S FURNITURE STORE 237 North Mam Phone 4923 C N GORHAM 6 SON 407 North Mam Phone 5446 THE BOWL 655 East Pershmng Road Phone 9 7711 YELLOW CAB COMPANY 525 North Frankhn Phone 8 7701 HOURANS FLORISTS 160 South Water Phone 5305 LINN 6. SCRUGGS 161 North Ma1n Phone 4261 PETER S FOOD MART 553 West Wood Phone 2 3141 DON HARTWIGS USED CARS Corner Broadway and Pralne Phone 8 2231 F ORSYTH ILLINOIS LUMBER CO INC P O Box 50 Forsyth I1l1no1s Phone 8 4695 MIDLAND PRODUCTS COMPANY 2200 North Woodford Phone 9 7313 NORTHTOWN BANK OF DECATUR 333 East Pershmg Road Phone 8 8655 HEINKEL S PACKING CO 2005 North 22nd WALKER S PUBLIC MARKET Phone 5651 TEEN AGE DEPARTMENT OF THE YWCA 436 North Maln Phone 3 3415 THE SHORE RESTAURANT AND DRIVE INN Cantrell and 22nd Street Phone 3 9435 MILLER O NEILL 120 West Prame Phone 3 9713 GATELY S 447 North Water Phone 5247 DAUT BROTHERS INC 120 East Prame Phone 5281 5282 GEORGE S WALKER Plumbmg and Heatmg Inc Phone 9 7175 HARRY APPELBAUM STORE 632 East Eldorado Phone 2 4823 Phones 8-9433-8-6657 2101 North Main 150 STAUBERS INC. 104 South Water Phone 3-3463 SCHIFF'S SHOES 318-20 North Water Phone 2-3161 KRIGBAUM ELECTRIC CO. 107 South Main Phone 2 0678 CARL HUGHES IR LUMBER CO 1620 North 32nd Phone 8 7786 PFILE S CAMERA SHOP 100 East Pra1r1e Phone 3 3467 THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK 104 North Water Phone 4253 SCHUDELS INC 157 West Mam Phone 4275 LANDHOLT AUTO REFINISHING 745 East Pra1r1e Phone 2 1582 CLARK S SUPER 100 539 East Eldorado Phone 3 9489 COLLINS CONSTRUCTION CO E Ohve and I C R R Phone 2 1010 LYONS AUTO SUPPLY 529 East W11l1am Phone 5279 FUN CLUB 151 West Prame Phone 8 3421 WALLENDER DEDMAN COMPANY 151 West Mam Phone 3 7748 NORM S CAMERA SHOP 865 East Wood Phone 3 5116 TROTTER ELECTRIC CO 124 Merchant Street Phone 2 0875 SUPERIOR WELDING CO. 900 East Division Phone 8-2138 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. NORMAN'S LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS Phone 4367 NEWMANS 259 North Water Phone 4176 PURIT Y BAKING COMPANY 756 North Ma1n Street Phone 4318 DAY S PAINT STORE 352 North Maln Street Phone 5139 HOWARD S SUPER MARKET 156 South Mam Street Phone 5675 I D IOHNSON 61 SON INC and IOHNSON MORTGAGE COIVIPANY I DOUGLAS IOHNSON GEO A MOELLER EDWARD H IONES R E BATTERHAM 240 North Park Phone 4161 BLOCK 6. KUHL CO 301 North Water Phone 4391 BLACK 6. CO 125 East North Phone 5376 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS G LOAN ASSN OF MACON COUNTY 169 West Eldorado Phone 6500 HAINES G ESSICK CO 122 East Wllllam Phone 4374 BROMLEY S FLORIST 702 Greenwood Ave Phone 3 3447 BEATRICE FOODS CO 304 South Mann Phone 5241 HOUSE OF SOUND tFa1rv1ew Plaza Shopplng Centerl 141 East Prame Phone 9 1031 YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION ARTHURS FURNITURE 906 East Wood Phone 5833 CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO Decatur Illmo1s STEVIE S LATIN VILLAGE 745 East Cerro Gordo Phone 8 1812 OSGOOD AND SONS INC 349 East North Phone 2 8595 BRINTLINGER S FUNERAL HOME 500 West Maln Street Phone 2 8571 BLONDIE BELLE S 245 East W1111am Phone 8 5832 BLEDSOES 1125 North Water Phone 2 6368 MCCONNELL HOMES INC 419 M11l1k1n Bu1ld1ng Phone 3 3608 600 East Eldorado Phone 3 4242 THE S K SMI'1'H COMPANY 2857 North Western Avenue Ch1cago I111no1s ARm1tage 6 3790 HECHT S JUNIOR 6. WOMEN S APPAREL 335 North Water Phone 2 2114 DAWSON 6. VVIKOFF 515 West Wood Phone 4421 PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO 234 West Cerro Gordo Phone 5343 PERFECT POTATO CHIPS INC 1190 East Garfleld CREIGHTON S IEWELRY 104 East Pra1r1e Phone 3 6114 BREEDEN S FINE FOODS 240 South Fa1rv1ew Phone 4415 THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR 130 North Water Phone 4151 GROVE S RESTAURANT 6 SERVICE STATION Iunctron of U S 51 121 48 Phone 5064 FOSTER S FURNITURE CO 143 East Mam Phone 6753 CAROL S 201 North Mam Phone 8 3437 RAUPP S SHOES 139 North Water Phone 2 0896 ALHAMBRA THEATER 1073 North Water Phone 2 1605 ASSOCIATION OF COIVIIVIERCE 158 West Pra1ne Phone 5167 EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE 134 South Oakland Phone 2 4806 Merchant and Prame Phone 3 9781 T1I.E TOWN CABINET 6 T1I.E CO 1285 North Oakland Phone 5213 FREISCH1.AG TRUCKING SERVICE Box 795 Phone 2 8503 HUNTER POGUE LUMQBER CO 705 North Oakland Phone 4487 ORNAMENTAL METAL WORKS CO 420 440 South Franklin Phone 8 3446 SUNSHINE DAIRY 725 East Pra1ne Phone 5436 DECATUR BOTTLING COMPANY 2090 East Ohve Phone 5415 NEI.SON PARK MARINA Nelson Park Decatur Illlnols SCHI.ESIER'S DECATUR HARDWARE H. POST 6. SONS. 152

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Eisenhower High School - Pantherama Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Eisenhower High School - Pantherama Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Eisenhower High School - Pantherama Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 149

1958, pg 149

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