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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1982 volume:

1982 Lance Eisenhower High School Russell, Pa. Barbara Van Houten Editor Barb Confer AdvisorTable Of Contents Dedication 3 Principal 4 Assistant Principal 3 Board Of Education 6 Faculty 9 Seniors 23 Information 48 Superlatives 68 Juniors 77 Sophomores 89 Freshmen 103 Eighth Grade 116 Seventh Grade 124 Activities 131 Sports 132 Advertisemen ts 171Dedica don A quiet but special man. A real priveledge to know him and claim him as a friend. Most of us have come to know him as a teacher and a coach. He has taught us in our gym classes at one time or another, and taught us in our senior health classes. Always trying to help us master a skill or be more knowledgable in life. Definetly not easy tasks. For these reasons, we dedicate the 1982 Lance to him.Principal In [he years ahead you will be confronted by the many challenges and responsibilities our modern world demands. This task requires mature, responsible adults. We have tried to foster this responsibility in you by giving you responsibility. By your educational experiences you have been given the ingredients of the foundation for a mature life. I like to think that graduation is not really an end, but a beginning of something, a way of life that can be very bright, very happy, if you want it to be. You only get from life what you put into it. Congratulations, may your coming years be only good, prosperous, productive years. Respectfully, John. M. Neese PrincipalAssistant Principal Congratulations to the class of 1982 on your graduation. This marks a significant milestone in your life, it is not an ending but a beginning. Graduation signifies that you have completed twelve years of schooling. What you have obtained from these twelve years is what you put into it and that is true with whatever you do in life. I have enjoyed working with you as a class and as individual members. It is my hope that you will approach each new experience in life with the same enthusiasm and confidence that you had while at Eisenhower. If you do then your life will be fulfilling. Good luck and best wishes. John H. SechriestWarren County School Board Seared (left Co right):John E Binney, Superintendent of Schools, David W. Swanson, President of the Board, Joseph A. Massa, Jr., Solicitor, Mrs. Carolyn D. Anderson, Secretary Standing (left to right): Karl H. Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers, Donald D. Martin, Barbara Tubbs, John L. Donaldson, Mrs. Janet Anderson, Bernard J. Hessley Absent: Alfred Rau 670010d Miss Beverly Abbott 3 years Social Studies 8 12 Mr. Jack Adams 5 years Algebra I, Geometry, and Consumer Math 10 Girl's Basketball Assistant Coach Miss Carla Anderson Art Mr. Robert Bacchetti Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Science 11Mr. Ken Bakewell Social Studies 7 11 Junior High Wrestling Coach Mr. Pat Black 14 years IT A, Advanced Math, Computation 8 Student Council Adviser, Girls Bowling Coach Head Girls Basketball Coach, Department Chairman Mr. John A. Brunecz 13 years Math 7, Computation 8, Math 9, Algebra II and Calculus Senior Class Adviser Mrs. Cable Guidance Office Secretary 12JoAnn Caligiuri 1 year Home Economics Mr. Bob Carberry Biology Mr. Ray Carey 16 years Vocational Agriculture and Welding F.F.A. Adviser Miss Barb Confer 7 years English 8 9, Reading 8 Yearbook Adviser, Cheerleading Adviser 13Mrs. Valerie Craker Principal's Office Secretary Miss Paula J. Dell Oh years English 7, Reading 8 Freshman Class Adviser, Assistant Girls Track Coach Mr. Ronald Dunbar 18 years American History, Economics, Psychology Mrs. Charlene Eggleston 1 year English 8 12 14Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom 22 years College Prep. English 10, Sports Literature, Senior Speech, Jr. High Speech Mr. Thomas N. Firth 22 years Physical Education 10 - 12, Health 12, Hunter Education Girls Volleyball Coach Mr. Craig Fisher 5 years Orchestra Miss Cynthia Fraley 8 years Business Education Theatre Arts, Audito rium Supervisor 15Mr. Robert Glarner Jr. High Guidance Counselor Mr. Ted Hedman Art 1 - 4 Mr. Jerry Hoffman Math 8 10, Algebra II, Science 9 Girls Track Coach Mrs. Mary Ann Jones Typing, Business Math Introduction to Business Key Club Adviser 16Mr. Lewis Kirkpatrick 4 years Special Education Mrs. Dorothy Knapp Principal's Office Secretary Miss Elayne Kofchock ?h years Learning Lab King's Kids Mr. Heinrich Kutschke 8 years Social Studies 10, German Jr. Sr. Honor Society 17Mrs. Barbara D. Lamping 7 years Traditional English 10 12 Mr. John Lassinger Computation 7 26 years Mathematics Coordinator Warren County Administrator r' Mr. Harris Lanzel 14 t years Insrumental Music All Instrumental Music Activities Miss Margret Lawson 1 year 18 ■ ! Mr. Joe Letko Health 9. Physical Education 7 ■ 9 Wrestling Coach Mrs. Denise Miller 2 i years Learning Lab V Mrs. Delphine McFate School Nurse Miss Patti Nason 2 years Home Economics Cross Country Ski Club Adviser 19Mr. Budd Neidig 14 years Driver's Education Mr. Scon Palmer Life Science 7, Physical Science 8 lVi years Mrs. Mary Passinger 1 year Traditional English, English 9 Mr. R Richard Ritter 12 years Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife Biology Eco Lab Adviser 20Mr. Richard Rolls 14 years Geography 7, Civics 8, Geography 8 Miss Eileen Reitz Vocal Music Choirs Mrs. Fae Rouse 8 years Physical Education. Health 12 GAA Adviser Mr. M. Schultz 22 years English. French Squire Adviser 21Mr Sol Shepler 15 years Industrial Arts Mr. Bradley Stanton 8 years Development Reading Sophomore Class Adviser Mr. William Sherwood 19 years Science 8 9 7th 8th grade Basketball Coach Mr. Carl R. Stroup 4 years Bookkeeping I II 22Miss Linda Vinton 15 years Math Mrs. Cynthia J. Walker 8 years Spanish I-IV Junior Class Adviser, Squire Mrs. Kay VanOrd Aide Mrs. Jan Wilcox Aide 23Mr. Jim Wilkins Senior High Guidance Counselor Football Coach Mrs. Lynne A. Wiltsie 19 years English 9. College Prep, English 11 Cafeteria Staff Custodians Agnes McFarland Genevieve Bloomgren Marge Cathcart Ellen Hitchcock Bette Irwin Sandra Anderson Beverly Repine Emerson Spicer Gail Anderson John Woods Phillip Dyke Charles Eldridge Delores Panned Audrey Kline Bus Drivers Bill Allen Sandy Anderson Mae Anderson Luella Braley Gerald Crosby Ardell Falconer Gerald Falconer Bruce Edwards Jeff Frank Bette Irwin Charlotte Johnson Olive Mae Lindell Beth Otterbein Ora Pudder Diane Ritchie Bill Ritchie Joe Rutsky Henry Rutsky Janice Shaeffer Sandy Silvis Louise Switzer Joanne Thomas 24Kevin Abbott Melanie Andersen Vicki Anderson Tim Anthony Brian Bauer Steve Beck Debbie Bench Mike Glanco Heather Bortz Linda Brooker Debbie Butt Gene Carlson Jeff Carlson Denise Cedron Wanda Chase Doug Coldiron Lisa Craker Tammy Crippen Scott Dahl Mary Darby Scott Darling Bobette Dans Randy Daughanhy Ron Decker Alan DeRemer Bonnie Derry John Baton Kim Eckert Jay Hedlund Ramona Sue Perkins lcey Eddy JoAnn Hedstrom Lauffenburger Ed Peterson Denise Ellis Missy Higgins Brenda Mindy Peterson Terry Ewer Anita Hill Leichtenberger Ron Porter Mike Falconer Jeff Hook Ed Lord Doug Ransom Jerry Fasciano Jim Hornstrom Tammy Lyon Linda Reno Ben Firth Teri Hornstrom Becky Maeder Dana Rickerson Tracy Fischer Dave Jackson Jennifer Marquis Lenny Riel Todd Fitch Bruce Jennings Brenda Maurice Rocky Robbins Joni Frank Dave Johnson Gary McConnell Dennis Roberts Class Colors Blue And Silver Class Flower Yellow Rose Babies Breath Class Song Hold On Tight To Your Dreams Class Motto Our yesterdays are gone forever, but we think of all the good times, and keep striving for better tomorrows. Tammy Frank Faith Johnson Dave Mcjunkin Larry Rodgers Robin Gardner Gina Johnson Pennie McMiUen Kim Rodgers Tim Garvey Todd Johnson Lane Morrison Sandy Rupczyk John Gregory Kevin Jones Ann Nodzak Doug Sager Robin Greenawalt Todd Jones Jeanne Nystrom Ronda Sechriest Kathy Greenland Bill Kramer Mark Olson Jay Shaffer Jim Hamilton Brian Larson Rick Osborne Mike Sherrard Ray Harris Sally Larson Mary Pasquarette Tracy Smeltzer Cindy Smith Greg Spade Denny Steber Bill Stevenson Steve Stoddard Kim Strickland Jodi Territo Ron Trawick Rob Turner Barb VanHouten Dana VanOrd Steve VanOrd Roger VanOrd Diane White Randy White Dave Whitten Robin Whitten Charlen Wilcox Wendy Wilcox Wendy Wilkins Holly Wilson Jamie Wilson Jeff Woodin Mark Woodin Connie Wrobleski Mike Zajac Louella Zobrist 26Kevin Mitchell Abbott Kevin June 28. 1964 Don and Sally Frank Timothy J. Anthony "Woodpecker" September 14. 1961 To fully understand women and to give parachuting lessons. To go into the carpen -try trade. Melanie I've Andersen Memc February 26. 1964 Mr. and Mrs Donald J. Andersen Brian Lee Bauer "Bowzer" January 20. l J6l Mr A Mrs. Alvin J. Bauer To go to college To Ijve past 25. Vicki L. Anderson "Vic" December 14. 1964 Martin A Marsha liber Travel around the world and see all that can be seen. Deborah P. Bertch "Animal December W, 1964 Georgia Bertch Get through college without too much trou -blc. own a male strip joint, and party for the rest of my life 27Michael John Blanco "Nose" April 16. 1964 Mr. Mrs. John Greenland Sr. To move to Lynchburg. Tennessee (pop. 361) and meet Jack Daniels. Debra Gail Burt "Debbie'' April 11. 1964 John Gail Butt To scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef, hang glide across the Grand Canyon and hike to the top of Mt. Rainer. Heather Lynne Bom "Heath" August 18. 1963 Mr. 6c Mrs. John R. Bom i To get married and live a happy and fulfilled life. Eugene Brian Carlson "Gene" October 23. 1964 Mr. 6c Mrs. Kenneth Carlson To accomplish and succeed with everything I attempt to do. Jeffrey Scott Carlson Jeff September 26. 1964 Mr. 6c Mrs. Harry Carlson Linda Marlene Brooker "Fish" November 24. 1964 Mr. 6c Mrs. Darrell Bnxiker To lead a happy normal life. To live a happy life. 28Denise Michele Cedrone "Cedroni" October 3. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Dennis J. Cedrone Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. t i Lisa Marie Craker "Lis" July 12. 1964 Kenneth Valerie Craker To be a successful nurse help others find the the happiness in life I have. Wanda Lee Chase "Wanda" April 3. 1964 Bob Betty Chase Scott Allen Dahl "Buzby" March 4. 1964 Susan Dahl To live life to its fullest. To bear Tom Watson in sudden death to win the U.S. Open and become rich and famous. Douglas C. Coldiron "Doug" November 13, 1963 Charles Shirley Coldiron College Mary Margaret Darby "Motor Mouth " January 11, 1964 Melvin InaClaire Darby To have alot of happy and exciting years ahead, and to live happily ever after with my Prince Charming. 29 RonuM Decker ( November 27, 1964 Mrs tieth Welch Scott Miles Darling 'Scott'' July 9. 1964 Joanne Leroy Darling Flight school and col• lege Go to college and become a Chemical F.ngi-neer and earn Vi of Dave Winfield's salary. F.dward Alan DeRemer "Al" May 26. 1964 F.dward and Cathy Bobette Michele Darts DeRemer "Bob" October 1. 1964 Mr. tiob Darts and Mrs. C.J. Stewart To get married and own a large farm and live happily ever after. To live my life one day at a time, and to enjoy it. Randy Ray Daugharthy "Randy" November IS. 1961 Norris Daugharthy and Sandy Moore Bonnie Sue Derry "Bonnie" December 21. 1961 Phyllis Seeley To leave Sugar Grove and become wealthy in every sense of the word. To get a Italian sports car, a yacht and ltK k for a female first mare. 30John Michael Eaton "Pugs' October 31. 1964 Robert Marilyn Eaton To become a logger. Denise Marie Ellis Denny" November 3. 1964 Edmund and Audrey Ellis Undecided Kimberly Ann Eckert "Kimmer" September 4, 1964 Calvin and Carol Eckert Go to college travel. To have a "good time" every day of my life and outdrive Bobby Unset. "Buns Wow!!" I Terry Lee Ewer "Ewer" July 20, 1964 John and Shirley Ewer To be a successful farmer. key Lynn Eddy "Bumie" December 9, 1964 Mr. Mrs. William B. Eddy Togo to Black s Beach, California and be a beach bum for a while. Michael Lynn Falconer "Mike" February 1. 1964 Mr. St Mrs. Gerald Falconer To be the best I can possibly be. 31Todd Stephen Fitch "Worm October 12, 1964 Dennis A Joan Fitch Jerry A. Fascia no "Beav" March i. 1964 Gerald A Wanda Fascia no To prow a little. Raise heck until I die. Jom Sue Frank "Joni" April 28. 196-1 Janet A Jerry Frank Benjamin Arnold Firth "Grizzly" February 9, 1964 Thomas N. A Janet Firth To make life worth liv-mp. To serve God. To live in the Land and be independent of society. Tamera Flame Frank 'Tammy" April 2 i 1964 Judy A Dale Gourley and James Frank Teresa Dee Fischer "Tracy" February 26. 196-1 Gerald A Deanna Fischer Undecided To be successful and happy. 32Bessie Fay Gardner "Bessie" October 1. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Wallace Gardner Thomas Giordon "Wop" August 17, 1963 Mr. Mrs. Richard Giordon Get married and raise a family. Farmer Robin I.ee Gardner "Rob January 8. 1964 Donald A Bessie Gardner To work with little childern and eventually get married and have my own childern. Robin Louise Greenawalt "Robin " May 7. 1964 Eunice Alfred Hanson To live a happy life with Jim. I Timothy Michael Garvey "Garv" September 22, 1964 Ruth Louis Norris Kathy Greenland "Kath" September 21, 1964 Mr Mrs. John J. Greenland Sr. Move to California and own a nudist colony. Get married, own my own home, and be hap- py! 33John Peter Gregory. Jr. 'John" April IS. John and Shirley Gregory To be successful, own a last car. and live through all the parties. Jay I.. Hedlund “Speeder'' July 14. 1964 Mr. A Mrs. Gilbert Hedlund Become a lieutenant in the service. James H. Hamilton "Jim " December 19. 196.1 Mrs. Denardi I 'ndecided JoAnn Marie Hedstrom "Jo Jo March 7. 7%- Carl A Dorothy Hedstrom To bear Chris F.verett Lloyd at Wimbleton and ski in the Sea World water show. Ramon Paul Harris Jr. "Whistlin' Ray December 10. 196-i Mr. A Mrs. Ramon Harris Sr. To become president of a major corporation. Michelle Lynne Higgins "Missy" July 75. 7 961 Kenneth and Dawn Higgins To look back one day and know that I did something worthwhile with my life. y ' f 34Anri Denise Hill "Charlie" April 5. 1964 Mr. A Mrs. Harlan Hill Tern Jean (Gibson) Hornsrrom "Terri" June 24. 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibson To find the pot of fold at the end of life's rainbow. I ndecided Jeffrey J. Hook "Hooker " Decembe r 7. 1964 Duane A Carolyn Hook To caddie on the P.G.A. Tour. David Jackson "Dave" October 14. 1964 Robert A' Joanne Jackson To travel through the Country in a Lotus Flan. James H. Hornsrrom "Jim" November 22. 1961 James A Martha Hornsrrom Bruce Jennings "Bruce" March 15. PX 1 Mr. A Mrs. Richard Jennings I 'ndecided To work with Tri-States Marketing Co. 35Kevin Jones "Kev" September 10. 1962 Mr. A Mrs. Richard C. Jones David Roy Johnson "Grease" Mai 11. 1964 Richard i. Johnson A Mrs. Robert McKee To become a sheer metal worker Farmer Todd Donald Jones "Donald" July 29, 1964 Mr. A Mrs. Richard Jones Faith Beverly Johnson w January 19. 196 5 Robert A Betti Johnson Go to college, model. I nda ided and travel. To get tInmost out ot life and then some But definitely hustle the men' G ma Ma rie Johnson 'Gina April l Xti Allen A I.mda Johnson To be happy and travel around the I nited States. William I.a wrence Kramer "Bill" August 14. 196i Mr A Mrs. George Kunt Extensive travel and learning, to be savoir taire. 36Brian K. Larson "Vert" September 21. 1964 Mr. St Mrs. Lars Larson Brenda Lee Leichtenberger "Ben" July 26. 1964 Al Pep Leichtenberger To be a building contractor. To be myself and live a life of my own Sally Anne I.arson "Sal" July 2S. 1964 Larry and Terrie Larson To live a happy and successful life. Edmund Ray Lord "Slick" Ma 15. 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lord Pur Hugh Hefner out of business and marry a playmate!!' Ramona Lee Lauffenburger Mona April 2. 1964 Raymond and Corky Lauffenburger College and drama teacher. Pamela Sue Lyon "Tammy" April 11. 1964 Mr. A Mrs. Howard Lyon 37 To get a job and be happy. iRebecca Lynn Maeder "Becky" February 17. 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maeder To live a happy life Gary William McConnell "Tondoe" May 24. 1964 Gary A Gera dine McConnell To move tar south of Pennsylvania. David li. McJunkin Dave" September 6. 1961 Howard and Lucille McJ unkin Jennifer Anne Marquis "Jen" August il. 1964 James A Janet Marquis To build a wild Bit: Block Rat College; be happy A make others happy. Brenda Ka Maurice "Brenda June IS. 1964 Bud A Jo Ann Maurice To lx- in the inside, instead of the outside looking in. Tammy McKendree "Tammy" April I. 1961 Mr. Mrs. Lawerence Irwin ndecided 38Pennie Ann McMillen "Pen" December IS. llX -l Jack A Pit McMillen Jeanne Mine Xy Strom "Jeanne" November 6. !X -i Mr. A Mrs. Eric Nystrom To be happy and live life to its fullest To bring a smile to many faces, and live a happy life. I Lane X'. Morrison "Lane" June 16. IX Richard R. Morrison and JoAnn Morrison Risk iff To have the world's biggest challenge. Mark Olson "Mark" September 9. PX 4 Sherwood and Shirley ( )lson I ndecided Ann Marie Xod ak "Bush August 27. 1964 Mr. A Mrs. Stephen Xod ak I ndcCldcd Mary L. Pasquarette "Mary March 17. 1961 Carl A Louise Pasquarette To marry Gerry and live happih ever after, with • our I i kids. 39« i Susan Elizabeth Perkins "Sue” November 8. 1964 Mr Mrs. Wilbert Perkins To live each day as if it were my last. Douglas Micheal Ransom "Sonny" September 11. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Gary Ransom Be a truck driver and make lots of beer mon - ey. Edward S. Peterson Jr. "Pete" May 10. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Edward Peterson To be successful in all I do and accomplish. Linda Lee Reno "Linda" November 13. 1964 Mrs. Carol Reno I want to live with my boyfriend. Ronald Porter "Ronchy" January 23, 1964 Mrs. Shirley L. Porter To make money, and lots of it. Dana Lee Rickerson "Rick" Eeburary 4. 1964 Ray Helen Rickerson To be what I want to be and have a gcx d time at it. 40Leonard Hurt on Riel "Spud" May 7. 1964 Mr Mrs. Charles J Riel Sr. To he successful in anything I do. Kimberly Joe Ann Rodgers "Munch km " March i. 196 i Mr Mrs Richard F. Rodgers Sr. To become a famous Flay Girl photographer. Rocky A Robbins "Rock" October 21. 1964 Mr. Xr Mrs. Allan Robbins Larry J. Rogers "Moe" August 20. 1964 Mr. • Mrs. Larry Rogers To succeed Live and Die Dennis Leroy Roberts "Hulk August 19. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Charles L. Roberts Sandra Gayle Rupczyk "Rup" March 5. 1964 Mr. and Mrs. John Rupczyk To help people, both Make It young and old. correct their speech impairments. live in a warm climate, and marry a blonde. 41Michael Sherrard "Mike" April 24. 1964 Mr. A Mrs. Donald SherrarJ Douglas Raymond Sager "Doug" October 22. 1964 Berlin and Brenda Seder To quit the Ponderosa. Go to the Bahamas and Own my own garage. walk the beaches at dusk with someone special that I can share my dreams with. Tracey Lynne Smeltzer "Tracey" July 16. Mr. A Mrs. James Smeltzer Ronda Lynn Sechriest "Ro" February 29. 1964 Mr A Mrs Ronald Sechriest To succeed in life to the fullest. To live life to its fullest Cynthia Ann Smith "Cindy" May 14. 1 X4 Mr. Mrs Robert D. Smith Jay J. Shatter "jay" January iO. llX -l Mr. A Mrs. Norman Shaffer To see as much of the world as I can. To become an experienced architect. 42Gregory M. Spade "Greg Ma If). l'X Joseph and Sharon Spade Steven .. Stoddard "Steve' March it. IOhl I.eRox Stoddard and liarhara Stoddard To own a Porsche Oil Carrera, and drive in the French Grand Prix To he rich and run all the stages ol the Choo-toga River Denn Steher "Steh" January J I0t 4 Mr A Mrs. Marilyn Steher Kim herl Jan Strickland K tinnier' July JS. b l Marvin and Theda Strickland To do something the world will remember me tor. William I Stevenson "hill" August JS. IVM Mr and Mrs Ruhard Stevenson Jodi Flame 'Fernto Jod" October is. I(jf i Joyce and Theodore Terr i to To h - filthy rich with mam women. To live m lift- the best way I can 43I ndeCided Ronald D Tuwick Jr. RJ December 26. 1964 Mr Mrs. Richard Starks Barbara Lynne VanHouten Barb October 29, 1964 Frnest and Marilyn Vanllouten To succeed in life and have a good time while I'm dome it. Robert M Turner ”Mike' May 16. 1964 Donald and Frances Turner To go in the Xavy and become a diesel mechanic. Hope VanGuilder "Hope ' October 24. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Merl I.. Spencer I "ndecided Dana Doreen VjnOrd Dana February 14. 1964 Howard and Berty VanOrd Make people happ t ft Roger Lee VanOrd Pudge April 21. 1 X I Mr. Mrs. Robert Vant W Dairy farmer. %Steven VanOrd 'Steve March 10. 1964 Orne and Lucy Van( )rd To get out of lile everything I can. . and enjoy it. David Lawrence Whitten "Peanut" September 25. 1965 Linda and Larry Whitten To drive hot cars, travel the world, own a small farm, and have 12 kids, and climb Alt. Everest. Diane White "Dino" January 25. 1964 Air. A' Airs. Chester A1. Brooks To be the first woman coach of pro-football: Dallas Cowboys. Robin Lynn Whitten "Hobbit" August 28. 1964 Linda and Lawrence Whitten I ndecided Randall Kenneth White "Randy" December 20. 1962 Mr. A Mrs. Harry White To hunt with my bow in the Yukon. Charlene Sue Wilcox "Charlie" September 20, 1964 Weston and Janet Wilcox Attend Edinboro Stare College and major in Secondary Education in the field of Alathemat - ics. 45James S. Wilson "Jamie" February I I. 196-1 Mr X Mrs. Fugene Wilson WenJ Sue Wilkins Wend June -Y . 1961 Air X Airs. Ronald Wilkins To he a millionaire by 50. Get married and raise a family. Jeffery Scott Woodin Jeff' October 29. 1961 Air X■ Mrs. Ronald Woodin Jill Williams Jill" April 15. 1964 Kathleen and Kenneth Williams To go to Las Vegas and win a lot of money. To be self-employed in an art field. Mark Woodin AC May 12. 1964 Robert and Alice Woodin Holly Sue Wilson "HoiI-Sue" December 19. 196-1 Richard and Marion Wilson To be- a captain in the army. To gain 7 pounds, and attend a Dallas football game. 46Connie M. Wrobleski 'Connie'' January 14. 1964 Daniel and Lorraine Wrobleski To mam and live a healthy, happy hie. and to own my own cake and candy decorating store. Lou el I a Ann Zobrisr ”Lou ” March 22. 1964 Mr Mrs. Robert W Zobrist To live a happy and successful life. Michael Zajac "Zim April 22. 1961 Mr. A Mrs. St ante i Zajac Todd . Johnson "Zero" 'ovember 1. 1964 Mr. Mrs. Monty R. Johnson I ndecided To become a truck driver. Steve T. Reck "Crazy" December 10. 1961 Mr. Mrs. Thomas Beck To pet married and own the fastest car in the county. Tammy Crippen "Tam " June 10. 1964 Ronald Crippen and Madolyn Gifford To be as happy as possible. Jeffrey S. Hosier Jeff March 7. 1964 Harold and Barbara Hosier To break the world land speed record. Melinda Dawn Peterson "Mindy" June 12. 1964 Roper and Sherry Peterson To pet married and have a career. 47 Kevin Abbott Basketball -7, 8, 9, 11. 12 Cross Country-9 Football-8, 10 Track-11. 12 Student Council-8, 12 Key Club-Pres. 11. 12 Senior Choir-12 Announcement Committee-12 Senior Concession Stand-12 Junior Prom Committee- 11 Melanie Andersen Jr. Band- 7. 8 Sr. Band-9-12 Jr. District Band-9 Jr. District Orchestra-9 District Band-11, 12 Regional Band-11 District Orchestra ■ 11 All State Band-12 Stage Band 1 - 7, 8 Stage Band 2- 9-12 Marching Band-8-12 Field Captain -11 Drum Major-12 Vice Pres.-Sr. Band-11 Sr. Choir-10-12 Pres.-Sr. Choir-12 County Chorus-11 King’s Kids-7-12 Pres.-King's Kids-11 Jr. National Honor Society-8, 9 National Honor Society-11, 12 Student Council-22 Volleyball -10-12 Softball-10-12 , Vickie Anderson Basketball-9. 10 Volleyball -10, 12 Softball-10. 12 Track Manager-10-12 Key Club-Vice Pres. Student Council-12 Sr. Choir-11-12; 7-9 Band-7,8 Tim Anthony Brian Bauer Jr. Band-7,8 Sr. Band-9 2 Stage jj and 1- 9-12 Stage Band 2- 7, 8 Marching Band-8-12 Jr. National Honor Society-8, 9 Steve Beck •ie Bench Orchestra Stage Band Choir Mike Blanco Jr Prom Committee Wrestling-9, 10, 12 Heather Bortz Choir-7, 8, 9. 11 Band -7-10 ‘udent Council-7. 8 Kings Kids-8 I.inda Brooker Jr. Band-8 Sr. Band-9-12 Marching Band-8-12 Jr. Choir-8 Student Council - 7. 8. Girls Softball-9- 12 Bun 12 r: Jr. High Cheerleading-8, 9 Co-Captain-9 Jr. Varsity Cheerleading-10 Co-Captain-10 Co-Captain-12 Basketball-9-12; Tr Volleyball-9-12 . 12 J . pram-12 £ 48 Student Council-8-12; Vice Pre. -12 j National Honor Society-11, 12 I National Honor Society-11, 12 Freshmen Class Treasurer Sophomore Class Treasurer Key Club-9-12 Gym Club-7 Theatre Arts-8, 9 The Hobbit The Miracle Worker Snowball Attendant ■ 7 Homecoming A ttendant - 9 Gene Carlson Jefl Carlson Denise Cedrone Jr. Choir-7-9 Sr. Choir-11, 12 County Chorus-11 Key Club-11, 12 Jr. High Cheerleading-9 J V. Cheerleading-10 Varsirv Cheerleading.il. 12 Co - Captain ■11 Guidance (Iff ice Aid ■ 11 Track-10 Softball-11, 12 ft. j I - • vnior Concession Stand-12 Senior Class Secretary Senior ChouTnuisurer-12 Jr. Prom Committee Homecoming Queen Wanda Chase Student Council-7, 8 Jr. Band-7, 8 J4 Choir-Sr. Choir-10-12 Yearbook -8 Squire-11. Key Club Jr. Prom Committee . Doug Coldiron Jr. Band-7, 8 r Soo iety-8; Pres. Sr. Band-9-12 Marching Band-8-12 Stage Band 1-10-12 Stage Band2-8. 9 Basketball-7, 8 Jr. National Honor l isa Craker Basketball-10-12; Tres.-12 Volleyball- 10-12 n-ll '' Cheerleading-8-12 Freshmen Class Vice Pres. Sophomore Class Vice Pres. Junior Class Pres. Concession Sra iaM Announcement Committee Key Club-10-12 Student Council-7-10; Theater Arts-9. 10 The Hobbi, Madrigals -Jr. Choir-7, 8 Sr. Choir-10-12 Sr. Choir Historian-12 Gym Club-7 Jr. National Honor Society-8, 9 Sr. National Honor Society-11, 12 Office -Aul-11 Junior Prom Committee County Chorus-11 K ings K ids -7-12 GAA-12 Scott Dahl Basketball- 7-12 Football- 7-9 Key Club-11, 12 Senior Consession Stand Homecoming Fscort-12 Mary Darby Theatre Arts-8 Yearbo k-8 Kings Kids -9 Basketball-10 Squire-10. 11 Guidanu Office Aid-II Scott Darling Jr. Band- 7. 8 Sr. Band-9.1? Marching Band-8-12 Stage Band I- 9.12 Stage Band 2- 8 B Wind Ensemble-9. 10 A Wind I iisemble-11 Sr. Xational Honor Bowling-11. 12 Basketball-7- 12 Bobette Darts Sr. Choir-11. 12 Library Aid-9 Yearbook-9 FBLA-9 Key Club-11. 12 Social Studies Aid-12 ndy Daugharthy John F.ato. Kim Eckert y-U. 12 Senior Class Pres. Announcement Committee Key Club Student Council Big Blue Club-Pres. Foot hall-Co - Captain Basketball-8. 9 Track-11 Wrestling-10 Prom Committee Sr. Choir-12 Variety Show Master of Cerimonies Girls Basketball Stats-11 Girls Basketball Manager-12 Boys Basketball Stats-11 Bowling-10-12 Volleyball 10-12 Track-9-12 Softball St orekeeper-10 Softball-11 Student C uncil- 7-12 Yearbook-10-12 Underclassmen Editor-11 Senior Editor-12 Theatre Arts-9-12 Key Club 12 Squire-10 Jr. Choir-7-9 Sr. Choir-II GAA-12 11 Math Aid-11 Announcement Committee- 12 Senior Concession Stand Prom Com mirtee ■ 11 Graduation I 'slier -11 Summer Softball- 10-National Honor Society Icey Eddy- Volleyball- 10 Denise Ellis Ron Decker Wrestling Alan DeRcmer Wrestling-8-11 Pyrimad Committee-11 Basketball-7-12 Softball-9-12 Volleyball-9. 10. mmz Track-9-12 Bowling-7-9. Z|2 Student Council Representative-12 Summer Softball-6-11 Prom Committee-11 Bonnie Derry ■ " I P SS Edith i ■8k Club-10-12 Editor-11; C.o-Editor-12 50Mike Falconer Jerry Fasciano (Bepie Gardner J Gym Aid-8-10 Yearbook-9 • 1 Robin Gardner Yearbook-9S- W National Honor Sod NILS. Treasurer-12 Key Club-11 -12 Student Council-11-12 From Committee-11 Guidance Office Aid-10-12 Gym Aid-12 12 Yearbook-9-11 Squire-9 Student Council-9-10 Bowling-9 Tammy Frank t Mi 1 Bowling-9-12 Volleyball-10-12 Jr. Band-7-8 Sr Band-9-1 Band Pres.-12 Marching Band-8-12 Marching Band Secretary-12 He Aid-11-12 Office Aid-11 Aid-11 Garvey Football-8-9 I Wrestling-8-10 Pyramid Committee-11 Tom Giordan Ag-8-12 Robin Greenawalt » ' John Gregory J Bowling-10-12 Kathy Grecnla Yearbook-8-9 Theatre Arts-8 Jim Hamilton I dotball-9 Wrestling-10, Pyramid Ray Harris Football-12 Basketball-11 51National Honor Society-11-12 Band-11 Prom Committee -11 Jay Hcdlund Jo Ann Hedstrom Jr. Choir-7-8 Jr. National Honor Society-8-0 Reading Aid-8 Student Council-10, 12 Volleyball-9-12 Bowling-12 Bacc. Usher-11 Graduation Usher-11 FBI. A-9 Key Club-11-12 Yearbook-11-12 Squire-11 -12 Sports F.ditor-11-12 Track-11-12 Announcement Committee-12 Faith Johnson Yearbook- 10-12 FBI. A-10-12 Student Council -12 S.C. Secretary A2 Key Club-11-12 K.C. Secretary-11-12 Sr. Choir -11 -12 Choir Librarian-12 Volleyball-10-12 Senior Concession Sran Theatre Arts-10 Prom Committee-11 Gina Johnson Choir - Guidance flee Aid-11 52II Weight Lifting -9-11 Class President-9 Class President-10 Brian Larson Football SS Ramona Laidfen burger Theatre Arts-9-12 Sr. Choir-11 -12 Pop Choir-12 Marching Band-10 Sally Larson Nurses Aid-10-12 Theatre Arts-9-12 Band-S S. 10 f-7. 9 Student Council-8, 12 Brenda Leichtenberger Jr. Choir-7 Sr. Choir-11 Bowling-10-12 Squire-11-12 National Honor Society-11-12 Kings Kids-7, 9 Prom Committee-11 Key Club-11 Office Aid-11-1 Basketball-7 Bowling-11 -12 —....e Theatre Arts-10-121 ■11-10 Diarv of Anne Frank-II Oliver Twist- Tammy Lyon A Becky Maeder Marching Bands-12 Field Captain-11 Drum Major-12 Jr. Concert Band-7S Jr. Band Vice Pres Sr. Concert Band -9-12 Jr. District Band-9 Sr. District Band-12 Jr. National Honor Society-8-9 Jr. NILS. Treasurer-9 Sr. National Honor Society-11-12 Sr. N ILS. Vice Pres.-12 Student Council-12 Bowling-8-12 Bowling Treasurer-11-12 Homeroom Representative- 9-11 Prom Committee -11 Wrestling Scorekeeper-9-12 Jennifer Marc, Kings Kids-' Yearbook-10 Theatre Arts- -12 Arms and Tin The Oblong Godspell The Wizard o 1r. Band-7-8 Band-8 nd-9-12 if igais-ll. 12 a Maurice -8-12 Jr. Prom Committee 53Gary McG Football-8-10 Squire-12 Dave Me)unkin Penn ie Ale AI illet i T. Choir-7. 8 Sr. Choir-11. 12 Concert Rind-7-12 Alarching Band-8-12 Scudenc Council-7-10. Track -9-12 Volleyball-10-12 Key Club-11, 12 Stage Band-10. 11 Theater Arts-9-12 Bovs Basketball Stars-11 Lane Morrison Ann Nodzak Gym Aide-11 Typing Aid-11. 12 Jeanne Nystrom Track-7, 8 Jr. Concert Ban, Jr. N.H.S Jr. Choir-8 Cheerleadmg-8-12 Tres.-12 The Courtship Of Eddie's Father The Hobbit Harvey The Miracle Worker Arms And The Alan GAA-12 Sr. Concert Band-9-12 Jr. Homecoming Attendant Sr. Homecoinma Attendant rark Olson •ot ball-7-9 try Pasquarctre Sue Perkins Yearbook-12 Track-10-12 Theatre Arts-11 Office Aide-12 GAA-12; Vice Pres. Boys Basketball Stats-11 Student Council-8 : Announcement Committee Prom Committee Usher for Bacc. Graduation-11 U F.d Peterson Ron Porter Co-Captain-8. 9 Student Council -7, 8. 10-12 Girls Basketball 10-12 Tri-Captain-12 Volleyball-10-12 Announcement Committee Prom Committee Class Secretary-11 Key Club-10-12 Tres.-U. 12 Sr. WHS. -11. 12 Theater Arts-7-12 Secretary-10-12 Cheaper By The ’ Dozen Basketball- 7-10 Band -7-10 Alarching Band-7-10 Track-7-9 Key Club Football- 7 Doug Ransom FFA -10-12 Pres.-11. 12 Football-8, 9 I.inda RenoDana Ricker son u-t ball -7-12 r hall-7-9 Lennv Riel Football Rocky Robbins Dennis Roberts Larry Rogers Rupczyk Choir- 7 Jr. Band-7, 8 Secretary-8 Stage Band 2-7,8 Marching Band-8 Sr. Concert BanJ 9-12 Stage Band 1- 9-12 Marching Band Announcer-12 District Band-12 National Honor Societj Key Club-12 Class Secrerary-10 Student Council-7-12 Tres.-ll Pres. ■ 12 Boys Basketball Stats-8 Cheerleading -9-12 Co- Captain-10. 12 Basketball -10-12 Tri-Captain-J2 Gym Club-7 Doug Sager Football-8. 9 Wrestling- 7-1.’ Student Council-')-11 Sr. band-9-10, 12 Marching Band-8- 10. Bowling-7-12 J GAA- Pres.-12 Squire-10 Gym Aide-11 Office Auk-12 Prom Committee-11 Jay Shaffer Jr. Band-7, 8 Sr. Band-9 Marching Band-9-121 Mike Slicrrard Tracey Smeltzcr Bowling-7 Choir Student Council-7-10 Gym Aide-10, 11 Jr. Band-7 Guidance Office Aide-12 Key Club-12 Basketball-9 Cindy Smith Ronda Sechriest Jr. Band-7, 8 Volleyball-10 Yearbook -12 Sr. Choir -II, 12 Greg Spade Student Council-7-10 Football-8, 9 Denny Stcbcr Bill Stevenson Basketball-8 Homecoming Escort-12 Steve Stoddard Basketball-7. 8 Football - 9 Student Council -9-11Kim Strickland Jr. N.H.S.-8. 9 Yearbook -8-10 Theatre Arts -7-12 Jr. Band-7, 8 Sr. Band-9-12 Secretary-11, i-Stage Band 2- 9. Stage Band 1- 10-12 Marching Band-8-17 N.H.S.-ll, 12 Pres.-12 Key Club-11. 12 | Student. Prom Coi Ron Trawick Ron Turner Jodi Territo Student Council-11, 12 Nurses Aide-11. 12 Prom Committee nation I 'slier-11 outen Basketball- Gym Club - 7 ''-fl Student Couni il-8 Jr N.H.S.- 9 Band Front -Jr. Choir-7, Theater Arts-9-11 Office Aide-10-12 Bowling-10 Volleyball-10-12 Track-9-12 Boys Bakerball Stats-11 Prom Committee Yearbook-10-if Underclassmen Editor• 11 Editor-12 Senior Class Vice-Pres. GAA 12-Tres. Senior Concession Stand Bacc. Graduation Usher- 11 Dana VanOrd •« Jr. Band-7, 8 5 Sr. Band-9-12 Marching Band- 8-12 N.H.S.-U, 12 Student Council-7-9 Kids-7, 8 VanOrd fnd-7, 8 Football-8 FFA-9-12 Steve VanOrd Football Diane White Softball -9-12 Cheerleader- 11-12 N.H.S.-ll, 12 Keyj€lub-U, 12 Student Council-8-12 Cljss Vice-Pres.-11 Jr. Band-7, 8 Srf'Band-9-12 Matching Band-8-12 Ptfs.-12 Stage Band-8, 9 Jr. Choir-7, 8 Sr. Choir-11, 12 Jr. District Band-9 Sr. District Band-11, 12 Regional Band-11, 12 Prom Committee Gym Aide-11 County Chorus-11 Mid-East-11, 12 Dave Whitten Wrestling Robin Whitten Track-7, 8 Marching Band-9 - - 56Charlene Wilcox Jr. Band-7, 8; Librarian-8 Jr. N.H.S.-8, 9 Sr. Band-9-12 Marching Band-8-12 Stage Band 1 2- 7-12 Sr. N.H.S.-11 -12 Jr. District Orchestra-8 Jr. District Band-8 Wendy S Wilkins Jr. Band-8-9 Sr. Band-10-12 Band Historian-12 Stage Band -II- 9-10 Stage Band 1-11 Marching Band-9-12 Sr. Choir-11-12 Pop Choir-12 Volleyball-10-12 Wrestling Cheerleader-12 Co-Captain-12 Track -12 Jill Williams Cheerleading-8-9 Basketball-9 Student Council-9 Volleyball- 9-10 Distributive Education -11-12 Holly Wilson Marching Band front-8-12 Flag Commander-12 Orchestra -8-12 Vice-Pres. -11 Jr. District Orchestra-7-9 Jr. Choir-7-8 Officer-8 Sr. Choir-11 -12 Yearbook-9. 12 Squire-10-12 Treasurer-12 Class Treasurer-11 Class Treasurer-12 Announcement Committee-12 Volleyball Scorekeeper-11-12 Bowling-8-12 Track-10 Softball -11-12 Summer Softball-7. 8. 10. 11. IJ W resting ( lieerlcader 11-7J Co-Captain -11 m tree-11 Co-Capo GAA -12 Theatre Arts Prom Comm Prom Server-1 James Wilson Football Jett Woodin ( Mark Woodin Connie Wroble• Art- 7-11 Student Council-9 School Newspaper-11 Office Aid-11-12 Distributive Fducatioi Mike Zajac Louella Zobrist Tammy Crippen Tern (Gibson) Horns Volleyball 9-11. Scorek Squire-11 -12 ■■■■ 5758596062Missy H. 636465Ron P. °ennie M. Kathy G. i ♦ • Dana R. 67Mary Darby Scott Dahl Linda Brocket pouf Colduon IIIIH Joni Frank Mike Blanco Most Musical 68 Melanie Andersen Brian BauerClass Cut-Up Joni Frank Mike Blanco Prettiest Smile Diane White Scott Dahl Cutest Courteous Holly Wilson Randy Daugharthy Melanie Andersen Doug Coldiron 69Most Vocal Jeanne Nystrom Randy Daughanhy 70Most Humorous Cindy Smith Gene CarlsonApple Polishers Biggest Line And Most Gullible Lisa Craker Bill Kramer Bobbette Dans Kevin Abbott Best All Around Jeanne Nystrom Randy Daugharthy Sue Perkins Greg SpadeClass Hot-Rod Most Athletic Denise Ellis Randy Daugharthy Joni Frank Gary McConnell Most Stubborn Faith Johnson Kevin Abbott Lisa Craker Doug Sager Biggest FlirtMost Artistic Jill Williams Ben Firth Most Dramatic Most Outgoing Sandy Rupczyk Kevin Abbott Most Likely To Succeed Kim Strickland Bill Kramer 7475"Let's see, what shall I create today?" "Oh no! He's created a monster!" 76Amanda Cable Rich Bakewell Darryl Bergstrom Gene Battko Kevin Cable Dave Bauer Lorie Bortz Mark Benedict Brenda Burrows Brad Carlson John Carlson 7879Mika Fellows Dawn Foxx Don Gerbec Sue Flasher Julie Fill James Glotz 80John Gray Darin Gregory Shelly Hedman Mac Hiles 81Clayton Johnson Kathy Litzinger 82Tina Lyon Stacey McChesney Lori Neese Kim North 83Kim Oaks Connie O’Donnel Chuck Riquer Scott Robenson 8485 Dana Spittler A Mary Beth Swanson Bob Switzer Lenny Steber Jon Staswoiski Dodi Straight Jane Thompson8788Dean Benedict Nancy Biekarck 90 Jude Bilafer Loti Brecht Lori BrookerPatty Campbell Chris Casteel Terri Brown Lucinda Cable Steve Card Jerry Carlson Melissa Carlson Mamak Charepoo Cindy Carlson Darren Chase 91k ' Deena Clark Walter Decker Donna Chase Frank Concoby Karen DeRemer Ted Christenson Mike Daugherty Lisa Courtney Charise Driscoll Marianne Curtis I . 92David Enos Norman Enos Delean Farnam k John Filiatrault Brenda Ewer Kerry Foltz Renee Fitzgerald Troy Gibson Becky Gourley Anna Mae Gray 93Brian Hall Troy Hazeltine Steve Holt Kim Hornstrom Judy Himes Laura Hu It man BJ. Irwin Darren Jackson John Jeritza Dorothy Johnson 94Tracey Johnson Tim Jones Wendy Jordan Jim Keller Bill Lank Bryan Larson Robbie Larson Randy Kane Emily Lauffenburger 95Sara Legere Diane Kelley Tom Knapp Kevin Knopf Norm Kenney 96Mike McConnell John McNutt Alan Merkle Darius Miller Robin Morrison Todd Morrison Beth Neal 97Johna Norton Jim O'Donnell Bob O'Donnell Cindy Persing Frank Peterson Suzanne Peck Lea Provins 98Craig Repine Donna Ropp Amy Putnam Charles Roberts Debbie Rhoades Bev Rowley Becky Reddinger Laurie Rowley Lorena Rickerson Marcia Robeson 99Karen Scheneck Roger Sherwood Darren Schott Mark Skinner John Schlining Keith Skinner Robbie Sechriest i 4, Theresa Rutsky Helen Seaman Khotan Shahbazi 100Scot Slagle Terrie Slater David Smith Eric Spelling Kim Spicer Dave Sterling Ruth Staswoiski Joanne Staswoiski 101Nancy Swanson Ed Swanwood Misti Straight Sandy Swenson Brent Thompson Debbie Voty Linda Walker Michelle Thompson 102Clark Winans Beth Youker Teri Halbig Georgia Warner Christi Wilcox Dana Williams John Williams Tammy Battko Mike WilcoxFreshmen Class Dana Allred Chris Anderson Andy Anderson Ray Bakewell Dale Barrett Annette Bergstrom 105Bryce Dalrymple Brian Donnell Jeannie Daugharthy Todd Cross Carolyn Dufopolus Mike Darby Jenny Donaldson Rene Driscoll Kevin Eckert Bruce Elder Cindy Fasiano 107Melissa Flasher Tracy Frank Richard Gray Terry Gray Sara Flasher Wally Gardner Shelly Guiley 108Ron da Jones Scon Jones Kevin Hardy Carina Johnson Paul Keppel 109Dale McMillen Jordan Maeder Jeff Marquis noAlbert Martin Renee Maurice Stacy Miller Larry Martin Dean Morton Brian Marsh Paul Mercer Lisa Michos Missy Morelli Deanna Maurice John MartinTammy Parker Amy Quiggle Donald RobesonSusan Southwell Jim Sherrard Mike Rohlin Julie Schrecongost Walt Rodgers Nicole Saylor Faye Sherwood Kelly Smith Jamie Spangle Bob Sherrard Terry SmithMike Stanton Todd Swanson Candy Vinapol Randy Warner Heidi Stroker Andy Spelling Ilk' Jamie Stuart Bridget VanDorn Jeanne Strand Pamela Thelin Rich WarnerDebbie Whitney 115Eighth Grade Raye Abbott Greg Barnett Kelly Barrett Bill Battko Barb Beedle Tim Benedict Shelly Bench Matt Caner David Bom DeeAnne Campbell Barbra Bonon Brenda Bimber Jerry Christensen Heather Concoby Mark Cronmiller 116117Amy Grover Juleen Hedlund Brian Haner Greg Hitchcock Connie Gray Lisa Hagberg Kim Gray Diane Greeley Shelley Hicks Tim Gourley Cathy Hayes James Hedstrom Andy Gregory Robert Hites Stephanie Harris119Wayne Marino Don Nichols Brian May 120Lyle Pitner John Schumann 121David Shaw Jill Swanson Jenny Si!vis John Swanson Lorie Slagle Robbie Swanson Linda Swenson 122 Angie Slater Kevin VanHoutenRhonda VanOrd Clark Waite 123Shelley Anderson Todd Anthony Kevin Baxter Cara Beyeler Mark Bilafer Paul Birt Gregg Bimber Shari Black Nan Borton Barb Brooker Rhonda Brown Trevor Burlingame Candie Butcher Debby Carlson Britt Carter 124 7 Beverly Beedle Martha Charapoo Seventh GradeCharles Curtis Kim Clark Vicky Crippen Ed Derry Lucy Dufopulos Scott Dunbar Lisa Ekdahl David EcKenrod Charlotte Famam Sean Galloway Crystal Grover .i Andy Hall Wendy Hazeltine Scott Head Craig Darling Sandy Flasher Martin Higgins 125Tim Hill yard Sue Kuzminski Kevin Hitchcock Jeff Hockinson Shawn Hodges Anne Hook Wendy Irvine Shelli Holt Leland Johnson Dennis Kaminski Dena Kireta 126Lora Littlefield Maura Lonergan Allen Lucks Chris Lyon Tammy McCall v f Todd McClain Lori McGee Terry McNutt Sarah Mandeville Barry Marquis Kim McMillen Scott Matte Darren Maxwell Cathy Martin Patrick Mead 127Paul North Jennifer Nuhfer Brett Olsen Jeff Seeley Steve Pederson Becky Peterson Brian Schott Amy Rogers Lisa Rouse Bill Rowley Art Silvis Shah Shahbari Brenda Silvis Don Straight Patty Strand Karen Skinner 128 Amy Switzer Lori Thomas Cara Turner Mindy Warner Mark Whitten Jamie Wilkins Rory Wilkins David Wood in Tim Woodin Darlene Wrobleski David Swart wood Stewart Thompson Laura Williams Kathy Wynkop 129130Yearbook Staff 1st Row Sitting: Cindy Smith. Barb VanHouten. Faith Johnson. Sue Perkins. Joanne Hedstrom. Holly Wilson. Kim Fckert. 2nd Row Sitting Candy Vinapole Darius Miller. Bev Rowley. Missy Passmger. iesli Reagle. Ten Halbig. Wendy Jordan Row V Chris Anderson. Julie Nuttal, Connie O'Donnell. Jennifer Hane. Missy Morel 11. Rhonda Jones. Lance Healey. Jill Swanson. Jennifer Putnam. Cindy Persmg. Michelle Tompson. Row 4: Tonya Conklin, l.isa Schneck. Beth Neal. Renee Dunbar. Carrie Pitner, Terry Smith. BJ.. Irwin. Linda Walker. Robin Morrison. Dana Williams. Brenda Beedle. Terri. Brown. Becky Gourlcy. Deena Clark. Dune Kelley. Miss Confer ADV. Joani Stswoiski. Emily Laughenberger. Pam Carlstrom Editor- Barb VanHouten Senior Editor- Kim Eckert Activities Editor- B.J. Irwin Sports Editor- Renee Dunbar Photographer- Beth Neal Typists- Holly Wilson Sue Perkins Advisor- Miss Confer Seniors- Kim Eckert Barb VanHouten Faith Johnson Holly Wilson Joann Hedstrom Sue Perkins Cindy Smith Press Club Row • Brenda Leichtenberger. Joann Hedstrom, Missy Higgins. Bonnie Derry. Wanda Chase. Holly Wilson Row 2• Rhonda Jones. Shelly Hicks. Tonyi Conklin, Carina Johnson. Julie Hockinson, Julie Fill, Carrie Pitner. lisa Hagherg. Linda Swenson. Row C Mr Schultz. Teresa Rursky. Vicki Healey. N’anc Swanson. Karen Schenk Gary McConnell. Todd Fitch. Amy QuiggleStudent Council Row 1: Kim Strickland, Faith Johnson, Sandy Rupc-zyk, Dave Wright Row 2: Kim Eckert, Randy Daughthy, Loti Thomas, Tammy Frank, Bryan Clark, Amy Switzer, Diane White, Skete Williams Row 3: Becky Maeder, Jeanne Nystrom, Lisa Craker, Charlie Sumner, Bobbi Werner, Melanie Peterson Julie Nut-tall, Julie Flockinson Row 3; Rich Gray, Jim Nelson, Brad Ludwick, Julie Beck, Faye Sherwood, Jude Bi-lafer, Wendy Jordan, Teri Halbig, Row 4: Anna Irwin. Amy Donaldson, Dee Anne Campbell,Julie Firth, Pen-nie McMillen, JoAnn Hedstrom, Beth Neal, Jeanne Strand, Lisa Courtney, Dana Williams, Row 3: Dena Kireta, Britt Carter, Martha Cherapoo, Ann Nuttall, Valerie Rutsky, Bridget VanDorn, Katie Hill, Anita Hill, Jodi Territo, Linda Brooker, Shelli Holt, Laura Miller Senior National Honor Society Row 1: Kim STRICKLAND, Tammy Frank, Brenda Leichenberger, BECKY Meader Row 2; KIM Eckert, Charlene Wilcox, Kim North, Sandy Rupczyck, Rhonda, SE Creist, Cindy Smith, Bobbi Werner, Lisa Cracker Row 3: Mr. Kutschke, Dana VanOrd. Melanie Anderson, Laurie Youngberg, Diane White, Jeanne Nystrom. Dave Bauer, Corry Summerson Row 4: Mark Benidict, Brenda Maurice, Scott Darling, Jennifer Marquis, Ray Harris, Missy Higgins, Larry Reagle, Dan Neal, Steve Landin. Junior National Honor Society Row I: Julie Beck, Sue Southwell. Party Stroker, Mi chele Neal Row 2: Dee Anne Campbell, Amy Donald son, Julie Firth, Annette Bergstrom, Meretta Cable Row 3: Linda Swenson, Terry Anthony, Bridget Van Dorn. Micheele Thompson, Marcia Robenson, Ma mak C.harepoo, Koran Shabazie Row 4: Gary North Rene Driscol, Teri Halbig, Amy Quiggle, Lisa Court ney, Pam Thelin, Lori Brooker 133Class Officers Seniors Holly Wilson- Treasurer Randy Daugharthy- President Denise Cedrone- Secretary Barb VanHouten- Vice-President Juniors Lori Bom- Secretary Ruth VanOrd- Treasurer Kathy Hanson- Vice-President Dave Bauer- President Sophomores Johna Norton- Vice-President B.J. Irwin- Treasurer Jude Bilafer- President Parti Campbell- Secretary Freshmen Jenny Donaldson- President Troy Onink- Vice-President Lisa Michos- Secretary Carrie Wrobleski- Treasurer 134Homecoming Court Senior Attendant Escort Junior Attendent Escort Scott Dahl, Jeanne Nystrom Rich VanHouten, Kathy HansonStudent Aides Office Row 1 - Sara Dyer, Jeni Collins, Ronda Sechriest.Joan Stawaiski. Dana Williams, Diane Kelly, Sean Smith, Charlene Skaggs Row 2- Robin Philbiad, Kim Oaks, Barb VanHouten, Sue Perkins, Julie Beck, Lori Neese, Diane Johnson, Melia Utegg, Karen Longenecker Row 3- Fawn Kibbey, Pennie McMillen, Ann Sherman, Brenda Leichtenberger, Vicki Anderson Guidance Office Row 1- Sheila Dalrymple, Dawn Williams, Dodi Straight, Tracey Smeltzer, Donna Chase, Kim Oaks Row 2- Cindy Devore, Lori Brooker, Audra Work, Tammy Frank, Tina Lyon, Jane Thompson, Debbie Hanson Nurse’s Office Mrs. McFate, Kathy Litzinger, Linda Sager, Jodi Territo, Sally Larson 136Library Row 1- Julie Battko, Nan Borton, Amy Donaldson, Deanne Campbell, Karen Skinner, Laura Williams, Louella Zobrist, Debbie Whitney, Beth Knisley Row 2- Chris Anderson, Sue Kuzminski, Elaine Comstock, Paula Nichols, Terri Slater, Brenda Burrows, Row 3-Connie VanOrd, Troy Gibson, Georgia Rogers, Lisa Hagberg, Craig Repine Carolyn Dufopolous Gym Row l ■ Diane Foxx, Tammy Frank, Myla Dunham, Debbie Vory Row 2■ Cindy Marsh, Rhonda Rutsky, Lisa Schenk, Connie O’Donnell, Brenda Beedle, Jon Phillips, Dana Spinier, Wendy Jordan A udio -Visual Terry Anthony, Dean Benedict, Troy Hazelrine Senior Concession Stand Row 1- Barb VanHouten, Bobette Darts. Ed Lord, Denise Cedrone Row 1 ■ Scott Dahl, Kim Ecken. Ron Poner, Vicki Anderson. 137Theatre Arts Row I - Clark Waite, Kevin Hardy, Patty Strand, Missy Passinger. Jim Curtis Ramona Lauffenburger. Chris Wynkop, Debbie Carlson, Kerry Foltz, Katie HillJenny Donaldson, Missy Hill, Bridget VanDom Row 2- Kathy Wynkop. Annette Bergstrom, Ed Lord, Robby Swanson, Martha Charapoo, Tim Passinger, Nancy Bieckark, Lorena Rickerson, Beth Neal Norman Enos. Kenny Williams Row 3- Kirn Strickland, Lori Neese, Jeanne Nystrom, Lynn Byerly. Connie VanOrd. Carol Wilson, Jennifer Marquis, Jim Stowe, Anita Hill. Pennie McMillen, Laura Miller, Cara Beyeler, Britt Carter Officers Front-Jeanne Nystrom Back- Anita Hill,Jim Stowe, Missy Hill' Seniors Ramona Lauffenburger, Ed Lord. Jeanne Nystrom, Anita Hill. Pennie McMillen, Jennifer Marquis, Kim Strickland 138"Oliver y y Cast Row 1: Lori Neese, Anita Hill, Jim Curtis, Bridget VsmDorn, hid Lord, Kevin Hardy, Joanne Hedstrom, Penny Me Mil I in, Tracey Fischer Row 2; Missy Hill, Heather Con-coby. Missy Passinger. Robby Swanson. Patty, Strand Pam Perkins, Martha Charepoo, Lyle Pitner, Kenny Williams, Chris Wynkop Row 1;Jennifer Donaldson, Katie Hill, Ramona Lauffenberger Row 4: Clark Waite. Debbie Carlson, Laura Miller, Connie Van-Ord. Cara Beyler, Lynn Byerly, Britt Carter. Kerry Foltz, Robby, Hitchcock, Norman Fnos, Christi Wilcox, Tim Passinger, Jennifer Marquis. Kathy Wynkop, Jim Stowe Stage Crew Row 1: Lynn Byerly, Laura Miller. Connie VanOrd, Brott Carter, Cara beyler, Patty Strand, Brdget VanDorn, Kenny Williams, Marth Charepoo, Row 2: Ramona Lauffenberger, Tim Passinger, Jim Stowe Row 3: Clarck Waite. Debbie Carlson, Katie Hill, Jenny Donaldson. Jim Curtis, Anita Hill, Missy Hill, Penny McMillin, Jim Sherrard, Chris Wynkop Pit Orchestra Row 1; Kim Strickland. Julie Hockinson, Becky Maeder, Kim North Row 2; Michelle Thompson. Carrie Pitner. Fawn Kibbey, Mac Hiles, Annette Bergstrom, Brend Maurice Row 3: Charlene Wilcox, Brian Bauer Top Row Alan Merkel, Charlie Riquer, Meretta Cable, Lisa Courtney, Marcia Ro-benson, Mamak Charepoo, Ruth Van Ord, Kathy Hanson 139Senior Choir Seniors Row I: Wanda Chase. Kim Eckert, Holly Wilson. Denise Cedrone Row 2: Wendy Wilkins Randy Da ugh thy, Benji Firth. Bobette Darts. Cindy Smith Row 1: Vicki Anderson Mel Anderson, Lisa Cracker, Miss Rietz, Diane White. Tracey Ficher. Penny McMillian, Row 4: JEnnifer Marquis, Faith Johnson, Kevin Abbott, Tracey Smeltzer. Ramone Lauffenberger Officers Melanie Anderson, Denise Cedrone Bobbi Werner, Faith John son District Mandy Cable, Khotan ShawbaziJennifer Marquis, Benji FirthIntermediate Choirs 7th Grade Choir 7th Grade Choir Officers Laurie Thomas, Martha Charepoo, Cara Beyeler Intermediate Choir Officers Jackie Kenney, Audra Work, Raye Abbott Sue Southwell, Jim Sherrard, Jennifer Donaldson, Heather Con-cobyDreamers Row 1: Greg Thomas, Heather Concoby, Juleen Hedlund, Martha Charepoo, Jennifer Hane Row 2: Mark Trumbull. Jenny Donaldson, Dale McMIllian. Ann Nut-tall, Missy Passinger Pop Choir Row 1: Bobbi Werner, Christi Wilcox, Norman Enos, Jim Stowe, Kerry Foltz Row 2: Wendy Wilkins, Jennifer Marquis, Benji Firth Lisa Craker. Ramona Lauffenberger, Koran Shaw-bazi Orchestra Jim Keller. Holly Wilson, Fawn Kibbey. Carrie Pitner, Kim North, Anita Hill, Laurie Miller, Becky Peterson, Amy Quiggle, Shelly Bench District Jr. High Row 1: Greg thomas, Julie Finh, Martha Charepoo, Heather Concoby, Jennifer Hane Row 2: Rob Richie, Jenny Donaldson, Randy Warner, Dale McMiHian, Missy Passinger, Ann Nutrall northern ARC King’s Kids Row 1: Mandy Cable, Mona Laughen-berger, Greg Thomas, Barb Borton, Elain, Comstcks, Tammy Battko Row 2: Chris Wynkop, Rene Driscol, Kevin Hardy, Meretta Cable, Jim Sherrard, Randy Warner, Benji Firth, Row 3: Kim Gray, Gary North, Kathy Wynkop, Ramona Laughenberger, Kim North, Lisa Courtney, Jennifer Marquis, Norman Enos Row 4: Lee Johnson, Lori THomas, AMY Switzer Leo Club Row 1: Steve Land in, Mike Fellows, Dave Bauer Row 2: Elain Comstocks, Fawn Kibbey, Pam Carlstrom, Emily Laughenberger Row ): Rich Bakewell Jim Hornstrom, Terry Anthony F.F.A Row 1: Robby Sechriest. Denver Blair. Kevin SMith. Steve Hale. Pete Flasher Todd Matthews, Scott Morine. Dave Enos. Mr. Carey ADV. Row 2: Dave Johnson. Roger VanOrd, Doug Ransom, Larry Rogers, Rick Osborne, John Carlson, Ted Christianson 143Drum Majors Becky Maeder, Melanie Anderson Managers — Bev Rowley, Missy Hill, Sandy Rupc-zyk, Joan Stawaiski Field Captains Kathy Hanson, Ruth VanOrd Band Front Commanders Holly Wilson, Tracy Fischer Squad Leaders Row I - Mandy Cable, Robin Morrison, Vicki Healey, Diane White Row 2-Tammy Frank, Holly Wilson, Charlene Wilcox, Marcia Robeson, Jennifer Marquis Row 1- Kim North, Sara Dyer. Fawn Kibbey, Wendy Wilkins. Kim Strickland, Tracy Fischer Row 4- Jim Keller, Doug Coldiron, Patty Turner. Scott Darting, Jay Shaffer, Larry Reagle, Brian Bauer 145Precussion Row I - Jay Shaffer, Babak Charapoo, Jim Keller, Rollie VanDorn, Beth Neal Row 2- Connie Fischer, Kim North, Gary North, Retta Cable Row 3- Tammy Frank, Brian Bauer, Jordan Maeder, Scott Brown Lisa Courtney Band Front Row 1- Vicki Healey, Sue Southwell, Stephanie Harris, Darius Miller, Holly Wilson Row 2- Dot Johnson, Deanna Maurice, Misty Straight, Michelle Neal, Lori Neese Row 3- Renae Maurice, Anita Hill, Dodi Straight, Terry Slater Row 4- Chris Wynkop, Tracy Fischer, AnnaMae Gray Row }-Julie Fill, Amy Putnam Row 6- Cindy Persing, Donna Chase Row 7- Kim Hornstrom, Carrie Pitner Officers Seniors Row 1- Diane White Row 2- Jennifer Marquis, Melanie Andersen, Becky Maeder, Tammy Frank Row 3- Michelle Thompson, Cris Stroker, Ruth VanOrd, Kathy Hanson, Lisa Courtney Row 4- Holly Wilson, Scott Darling, Eric Spelling Tracy Fischer Row 1- Tammy Frank, Diane White, Wendy Wilkins Row 2-Ronda Sechriest, Melanie Andersen, Kim Strickland, Charlene Wilcox, Becky Maeder, Tracy Fischer, Pennie McMillen Row 3-Dana VanOrd, Holly Wilson, Brenda Maurice, Jennifer Marquis, Anita Hill, Row 4- Jay Shaffer, Scott Darling, Doug Coldiron, Linda Brooker, Jay Shaffer 146Stage Band I. Stage Band II. Row 1- Ruth VsmOrd, Scott Brown, Lisa Courtney, Sandy Rupczyk. Kim Strickland, Brian Bauer, Mamak Charaprx) Row 2- Mandy Cable, Jim Stowe, Michelle Thompson, Sara Lege re, Doug Cold iron Lori Brooker Row 3- Wendy Wilkins, Becky Barrett, Eric Spelling, Larry Reagle, Scott Darling Row 4-Melanie Andersen, Pam Thelin. Darren Schott. Mike Stanton, Charlene Wilcox, Alan Merkle Row 1- Becky Barrett, Patty Strand, Leslie Reagle, Fawn Kibbey Row 2- Jennifer Putnam. Britt Carter, Deanna Ker-eta, Heidi Stroker, Sara Legere Row 3- Lance Healey, Julie Hockinson Row 4- David Legere. Darren Schott, Lisa Courtney Row 5- Jim Stowe, Mandy Cable, Scott Brown, Retta Cable. Todd Swanson 147Regional Band Melanie Andersen District Orchastra ■■■■Ml Row 1- Charlene Wilcox, Wendy Wilkins Row 2- Julie Hockinson, Larry Reagle, Michelle Thompson Row 1- Fawn Kibbey, Kim North Officers Row I- Tammy Frank Row 2- Mandy Cable, Kim Strickland Row }■ Wendy Wilkins, Michelle Neal, Lori Brooker District Band Mandy Cable, Becky Maeder, Marcia Robeson, Diane White, Sandy Rupczyk, Kim Strickland, Melanie Andersen, Fawn Kibbey 148A Wind Ensemble B Wind Ensemble Concert Band152153154155156157158159Row I- Dun Zamborik, Dana Spirtler, Brad Carlson, Scott Kibbey. Ben Firth, Ray Harris, Randy Daugharthy, Lenny Riel. Jamie Wilson, Steve VanOrd, Row 2- Loren Jones, Jim Curtis, Ken Moon, Mika Fellows, Skeet Williams, Dan Neal, Mark Benedict, Phil Nystrom, Dave Wright, Cory Summerson. Row 1- Mike Daugharty, Tom Knapp, Jim O'Donnell, Jude BHafer, Troy Hazeltine Brian Larson, Jerry Carlson, Brent Thompson. Dave Buaer. Row 4- Coach Wilkins, Gary Fry. Keith White, Jim Olson, Steve Lyle, Dave Tannler, Ernie Carlson 1981 Football Knights 19H1 BIC, BLUE FOOTBALL The Eisenhower "Knights" Football team ended the season with a 4 win- 4 lost- 1 tie record. The team captains were; Jamie Wilson, Randy Daugharthy and Scott Kibbey. The team was coached by Jim Wilkins and assisted by Gary Fry, Ernie Carlson, Dave Tannler, and Steve Lyle. The Junior High ream was coached by Keith White and Jim Olson. Knights 22 Venango Central Christian Opponents 0 10 Otto - F.Idred 6 15 Ridgway 35 3 Youngsville 0 0 Johnsonburg 25 0 Bradford 0 12 Sheffield 20 0 Kane 16 1 Union City 0 160Coaches Steve Lyle, Dave Tannler, Head Coach Jim Wilkins, Ernie Carlson, Gary Fry Captains Randy Daugharthy, Scott Kibbey, Jamie Wilson Seniors Linebackers And Ends Randy Daugharthy. Steve VanOrd, Jamie Wilson, Ray Harris, Ben Firth, Len Riel Row 1- Brian Larson. Brad Carlson, Dave Bauer, Scott Kibbey Row 2- Tom Knapp, Mark Benedict, Phil Nys-trom, Jim O'Donnell Third-Year Lettermen Row 1 - Mark Benedict Row 2- Scott Kibbey. Jamie Wilson Returning Lettermen Scott Kibbey, Mark Benedict, Jamie Wilson, Randy Daugharthy. Dave Wright, Skeet Williams, Dave Bauer, Lenny RielDefensive Secondary Row 1- Jim Curtis, Ken Moon, Skeec Williams, Dan Neal, Mike Daugharty Row 2- Dave Wright, Cory Sum-merson, Dan Zamborik, Jerrv Carlson, Steve VanOrd Defensive Linemen Row 1- Bob O'Oonnell, Lenny Riel, Ben Firth, Mika Fellows Row 2- Phil Nystrom, Loren Jones, Ray Harris, Dana Spittler. lamie Wilson Junior High Row I - Wally Rogers, Henry Borger.Jim Nelson, Troy Onink, Bruce Elder, James Stuart, Terry Gray, Mike Darby, Brian Marquis, Kipp Gray Row 2- Mike Cron-miller, Greg Thomas, Brian Haner, Rob Ritchie. Way Wayne Morelli, Greg Barnett. Mark Cronmiller, Trevor Burlingame, Pat Mead, Stewart Thompson Row 3- Brad Ludwick, Brett Olsen, Jamie Wilkins, Todd McClain, Scott Dunbar Ed Derry, Dean Kuzminski, Rory Wilkins, Ray Bakewell 1981-82 Basketball Knights Varsity Row 1- Dun Zamborik, Dave Wright, Skeet Williams, Dana Spinier Row 2-Scott Dahl, Dana Rickerson, Kevin Abbott, Ray Harris, Scott Darting Although we finished with a disappointing 5-15 record for the season, the time spent by all the players and coaches to rebuilding the basketball program as a winning one. Something good did come from the season-winning the last game. This win will show the players who will be coming back next year, that they do have talent to play basketball, and with hard work and dedication next season will be rewarding. Kevin Abbott Junior Varsity Row I- Roger Sherwood, Dan Zamborik, Dana Spittler Row 2- Cory Summerson, Jerry Carlson 9th Grade Row 1- Mark Cronmiller, Brian Gerdts, Rob Ritchie, Mike Cronmiller Row 2- Mike Stanton, Troy Onink, Rich Gray, Henry Borger, Terry Gray, Brian Marsh, Gary North 163r 7th 8th Grade Basketball Row I- Scan Galloway, Paul North, James Hed-strom. Greg Nystrom, Greg Thomas Jamie Wilkins. Brett Olsen, Shah Shahbazi, Row 2- Darren Maxwell, Dennis Kuminski, Ryan Gray, Mike Nuhfer, Rob Ritchie. Brian Gerdts, Mark Cron-miller, Scott Dunbar, Lyle Pitner Scorekeepers And Staticians Row 1- Ten Halbig, Bobbi Werner, Renee Dunbar Row 2- Shelly Hedman, Melanie Peterson, Wendy Jordan Girl’s Bowling Row I: (Left to right) R. Sechriesr, T. Frank. J. Hedstrom, B. Leichtenberger, H. Wilson, K. Eckert, B. Maeder Row 2: H. Stroker, K. Zamborik, J. Strand, R. Morrison. D. Williams, T. Halbig, W. Larson, J. Kenney, L. Hagberg, J. Firth Row 3: K. Scheneck. C. DeVore, S. Smith, L. Scheneck, R. Fitzgerald. D. Johnson, D. Chase. Row 4: C. Vinapol, R. Rutsky, C. Stroker, D. Johnson, C. Wrobleski, Row 5; T. Brown, B. Beedle. B. Gour-ley, L. DeVore, H. Concoby L. Rouse, S. Black, L. Williams Row 6: R. Lyons, V. Rutsky, B. Beedle, L. Swenson, R. Abbott, D. Larson, L. Klomp Sue Carlstrom, Faye Sherwood, Sandy Rupczyk, Charise Driscoll Boy’s Bowling Row 1: (Left to Right) Dana Rickerson, John Gregory, Jeff Hook, Scott Dahl, Scott Darling. F.d Lord Row 2: Dave Wright. Skere Williams, Brian Clark, Kenny Williams, Randy Werner, Brad Carlson, Row ): Greg Hitchcock, Kevin Hardy, Robbie Nuttall, Bob Switzer, Cory Summerson, Dave Bauer, Row 4: Mike Kelly, BOb Sherrad, Jamie Stuart, Jeff Johnson, Ralph Miller, Dan Zamborik, Row 5: Darryl Bergstrom, Frank Concoby, Andy Gregory1981 Lady Knights Basketball Varsity Row 1 - Jeanne Nystrom, Sandy Rupczyk Row 2-Dawn Williams, Shelly Hed-man, Melanie Peterson, Lynn Sumner, Lisa Craker, Robin Philblad, Denise Ellis This year was a turning point for the girls basketball team. They had the best season m the history of our school. It was the first year the "Knights” were invited to a tournament outside our county. They went there as an unknown team and came back with a trophy and a second place title. It was also the first time in the history of our school that a team won a playoff game. The Lady Knights defeated the Conneaut Lake Lakers who held the title of the 1981 PI A A State Champions. It was a year of victories and a year of improvements. I'm sure each player on this team will look back on the 1981-82 season with many fond memories. Junior Varsity Row 1 - Nancy Bieckark. Patty Campbell, Lorena Rickerson, Faye Sherwood. Renee Driscoll, Chris Casteel. Mary Peterson Row 2-Becky Gourley, Lori Brecht, Johna Norton, Anna Irwin Row 3- Brenda Beedle, Beth Youker. B.J. Irwin, Debbie Voty Jr. High Row 1- Nan Borton, Amy Rogers, Laurie McGee. Charlotte Famam, Amy Donaldson, Valerie Rut sky, Amy Switzer, Mindy Warner, Lori Thomas Row 2- Sherry Black, Anna Irwin, Sue Kuzminski, Shell i Holt. Lisa Hag berg, Deanna Campbell. Julie Firth. Wendy Larson. Ann Nuttall. Barb Beedle, Mary Peterson. Lisa Rouse«00MIIECIUB Seniors Jeanne Nystrom, Sandy Rupcnyk, Lisa Craker, Denise Ellis Scorekeepers And Staticians Teri Hatbig, Bobbi Werner. Renee Dunbar. Diane Johnson, Wendy Jordan Volleyball Row I- F. Johnson, B. VanHoucen Row 2- T. Frank, V. Anderson, K. Eckert, J. Hedstrom, D. Williams Row i- M. Andersen, K. Shahbazi, D. Ellis, R. Morrison, T. Hatbig, C. Dufopolous, J. Beck, D. Burr Row 4- M. Charapoo, M. Thompson, B.J. Irwin, L. Sumner, R. Philblad. W. Wilkins, R. Cable Row 5- P. Campbell, C. Casteel, D. Vory, L. Brecht, S. Hedman, L. Schenk, J. Nystrom Row 6- K. Longenecker, L. Rickerson, N. Bierckark, R. Rutsky, L. Craker Row 7- P. Foxx, C. Vinopal. T. Frank, K. Oaks, M. Peterson Row 8- J. Donaldson, F. Sherwood, M. Swanson, C. Wilson, Row 9- P. Thelin, J. Strand, D. Miller, P. Turner, L. Courtney, L. Hultman Mr. Firth, Mel Anderson, Tammy Frank, Jeanne Nystrom, Lisa Craker. Barb VanHouren, Denny Ellis, JoAnne Hedstrom, Pennie McMillen Vicki Anderson, Kim Eckert, Faith Johnson, Dawn Williams. Lynne Sumner, Kathy Long-necker, Wendy Wilkins, Debbie Butt.1981-82 Wrestling Knights Varsity Row 1- Terry Anthony, Ron Decker, Jim Nelson, Jim Horn-Strom, Ken Moon, Ray Bakewell, Ralph Miller Row 2- Jon Phillips, Scott Kihbey, Doug Sager, Eric Spelling, John Bortz.John McNutt Junior Varsity Row I- Dean Morton, Harold Roberts, Joe Cedrone, Jim Keller, John Jertiza, Row 2-Wally Rogers, Mike Chase, Pete Flasher, Randy Spicer, Rich Warner, Chuck Roberts Junior High Row I - David Eckenrod, Steve Patterson, Scott Irwin, Bob Quiggle, Kelly Stewart, Jeff Hockinson, Don Nichols Row 2- Matt Carter, Andy Hall. Kevin Red-dinger, Craig Darling, Ed Derry, Greg Barnett Row 3-Dave Bortz. Bill Rowley. Glenn McGee, Tim Gourley. Wayne Morino. Brian Haner, Dan Macafoose, Stewart Thompson Captains Doug Sager, Ken Moon, Jim Hornstrom Scorekeepers Row 1- Becky Maeder Row 2- Robin Morrison. Lori Neese, Jeanne Strand Row 3- Rich Bakewell, Beth Neal, Jim Curtis Row 4- Terry AnthonyJunior Varsity Row 1- Carrie Wrobleski, Julie Beck, Julie Firth Row 2- Barb Beedle, Deanne Campbell, Row 1- Amy Donaldson Varsity Football And Girl’s Basketball Row 1- Laurie Youngberg, Teresa Kramer, Pam Carlstrom Row 2- Emily Lauffenburger, Terri Brown, Dana Williams Varsity Row I- Jeanne Nystrom, Lisa Craker Row 2- Lynn Sumner, Debbie Burt, Sandy Rupczyk, Diane White Row .)■ Dawn Williams Row 1 - Marianne Curtis Row 2- Carrie Pitner, Patti Campbell, Debbie Vory, Johna Norton. B.J. Irwin Row 3- Dana Williams Jr. High Row 1- Julie Beck Row 2- Amy Donaldson, Kim Johnson, Terry Smith, Deanne Campbell Row 3- Julie Firth Boy’s Basketball CheerleadersGirl’s Track Boy’s Track Softball GAAOur Best Wishes To The Eisenhower Class Of 1982 WARREN TIMES OBSER VER For Complete Coverage News - Sports - Soceity 723-8200 Warren, Pa. Compliments Of WARREN NATIONAL BANK Serving Kinzua Country Congratulations To The Class Of 1982 Eisenhower High School 172Congratulations! E.H.S. Class Of 1982 Compliments Of NORTHWEST SAVINGS Warren, Pa. Congratulations, Graduates! Strive for the best! Sujitzer y d Office WacUe, For the best in eyewear, visit the best........ SALES AND SERVICE 230 PENNA. AVE. W. WARREN, PA. 16366 PH. 814 723-2800 GAHRING OPTICAL Liberty Square, WarrenREXNORD Mechanical Power Division Coupling Operation Warren, PA 814-723-6600 Congratulations To The Class Of 1982 Eisenhower High School CARNAHANS EKEY FLORIST Quality - Service AND Expert Tayloring GREENHOUSE Mens - Ladies - Boys Sweater Departments 110 E. St. Clair Sr. Warren, Pa. 314 2nd Ave. 723-5993 Warren, Pa. 17-23 West 3rd Jamestown, N.Y. 174 VIRG - ANN FLOWER SHOP Compliments CADY'S CARD AND GIFT SHOP 240 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. 723-5760 220 Liberty St. Warren, Pa. 723-1162 KIRKS’ MENS WEAR Warren Mall Warren, Pa. UNITED REFINING COMPANY Box 780 Warren, Pennsylvania 16365 814-723-1500 Congratulations Class of 1982 Eisenhower High School Q e U C ji£C Uio t4.' BIFKARCK MUSIC HOUSE CUSTOm ILK CR€€NING Penna. A ve. W. t- ki t cap jacket jjfc Warren, Pa. 16363 723-1910 ill (— Everything For The 232 PENNA Av£ W Warren Pa 16365 IMT" Musician mike CURPEN • MATT VOIGT (814) 723-2107 Compliments Of G.C. MURPHY WATT OFFICE SUPPLY 224 Pa. Ave. West 306 Second Ave. Warren, Pa. 723-9140 Warren, Pa. PIZZA HUT 36 Penna. Ave. Hast Warren, Pa. 16363 726-3434 Congratulations Graduating Class Of 1982 Eisenhower High School 176 - " , x vi ■ 1 - V. -. V V « . . ' - - X -' X - -1 - - - - - V- V. - - v. ,.. x ‘ - '• - » - .-- - «.. 'i- - v w — u Z Z. Z ; - - w — w - '• Viw V w w w v —• » r w ■ - - w a j X V • v • w w % » : v'rvv • -I , - «« . v. - V • « V » • v • . -• ■'- , + o. t. ■ ■ -•“ •-«.• - . •• A V y . ;;; ' - - .;;;. - — -. — • cu;---- ::;::..........- '■'''• J ' . 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