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KARA NADAL - EDITOR BARB CONFER - ADVISOR EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL RUSSELL, PENNSYLVANIAPRINCIPA ASSISTA SCHOOL FACULTY SENLORS JUNLORS FRESHMEN EIGHTH G1 SEVENTH ACTIVITIES SPORTS 3 4 6 7 8 9 21 67 81 93 100 106 111 143A helping hand A ready smile A job well done-The "extra Mile" She walked for us In service true-For all you goodness -We thank you- Dedicated to Doris Kellogg who served the staff and the students of E.H.S. with loyal dedication, maximum effort, and unequalled proficiency through her work in the Guidence Office. Happy Retirement Mrs. Kellogg- You sure earned it after putting up with us ! 3MEMORIUM KEVIN SKINNER You were a friend, to those around You smiled, you laughed, when you were down For those who knew you, we really care The times of fun, we often shared So very suddenly you were gone But the memories of you will go on on . . . A Sandy SavkoFACULTY AND STAFFPRINCIPAL The school year 1980-1981 has been a very good one. I contribute this to the senior class exhibiting leadership. You have had many experiences during your six years at E.H.S. You have weathered the difficult times, have enjoyed yourself and learned more than enough to be graduated. If you have taken advantage of the opportunities, you are prepared to meet your future. I experience mixed emotions with graduation because I am sad and I am happy. I am sad because I am losing friends and happy with the milestone you have reached, graduation. May you attain your goals, experience success and happiness in all your endeavors. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me. I am proud of you and your accomplishment. Best wishes, good luck, and may you be blessed with greatness. Respectfully, John M. NeeseASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. JOHN H. SECHRIESTWARREN COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated (left to right):John E. Binney, Superintendent of Schools, David W. Swanson, President of the Board, Joseph A. Massa, Jr., Solicitor, Mrs. Carolyn D. Anderson, Secretary Standing (left to right): Karl H. Hoffmann, Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers, Donald D. Martin. Barbara Tubbs, John L. Donaldson, Mrs. Janet Anderson, Bernard J. Hessley Absent: Alfred Rau 8Miss Bev Abbott Social Studies 8 12 Cheerleading Advisor Mr. Jack Adams Geometry Logic Math 10 Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach Mr. Ken Bakewell Social Studies 7 11 Oriental Studies Jr. High Wrestling Jr. High Football Mr. Par Black ITA Math 8 Algebra I Advanced Math Girl's Basketball Coach Girl's Softball Coach Student Council Advisor 9Mr. John Brunecz Math 7 9 Algebra I Geometry Calculus Basketball Coach Senior Class Advisor Miss Barb Confer English 8 9 Reading 8 Yearbook Advisor Mr. Bob Carberry Biology Science 7 Mr. Dennis Engstrom Communications Sports Lit. English 10 Mr. Ray Carey Agricultural Science 7-12 Welding FFA Advisor Mr. Tom Firth Phys. Ed. Hunter Safety Health 12 10 Miss Cindy Fraley Office Practice and Experience Shorthand 1 II Business English GBT Notehand Theatre Arts Advisor Mr. Ted Hedman Art I. II, III, IV Mr. Robert Glarner Jr. High Guidance Counselor Mr. Jerry Hoffman Math 8 10 Algebra II Science 9 Girl’s Track Coach Mr. Ron Hankey Power Mechanics Electronics I Shop Mr. -too Kirkpatrick Learning Lab nMr. Harris Lanzel Jr. Band Sr. Band Music Appreciation Advisor to all band groups Mr. Henry Kutschke German 8 German I, II, III, IV Social Studies 10 Post World War II Current World Problems National Honor Society Advisor Mr. John Lassinger Math Coordinator Math 7 Computations ■ Mrs. Barb Lamping English 10 ■ 12 Mr. Joe Letko Phys. Ed. Health 9 Wrestling Coach 12Miss Mary Ann Lutton Typing Introduction to Business Business Math Miss Patti Nason Home Ec. Crafts Sewing Cheerleading Advisor 13Mr. Bill Redin Science 9 Science Coordinator Mr. Dick Ritter Biology Advanced Biology Applied Science I 11 Ecology Lab. Miss Eileen Reitz Music Choirs King's Kids Advisor Mrs. Faye Rouse Phys. Ed. Health 14Mr. Mike Schultz French English 10 12 Newspaper Advisor Mrs. Charlotte Siefert Home Ec. Mr. Saul Shepler Shop Welding Mechanical Drawing Mr. Bill Snyder Science 7 Science Survey Mr. Bill Sherwood Science 8 Science Survey Mr. Brad Stanton Reading 7 8 Sophomore Class Advisor 15Mr. Carl Stroup Bookkeeping Mrs. Cindy Walker Spanish Newspaper Advisor Miss Martha Taydus English 8 11 Mr. James Wilkins Senior High Guidance Counselor Football Coach Miss Linda Vinton Math 9 Computer Programming Algebra I Mr. William Wilson Social Studies 8 11 Sociology Jr. High Basketball 16Mrs. Mary Woodward English 9 11 Junior Class Advisor Mr. Ron Dunbar Social Studies 10 12 Mrs. Lynne Wiltsie English 9 11 Mrs. Valerie Craker Secretary t Miss Paula Dell English 7 Reading 8 Freshmen Class Advisor Assistant Girl's Track Coach Mrs. Doris Kellogg Guidance Office Secretary 17CAFETERIA Agnes McFarland Rose Christianson Geniveve Bloomgren Ellen Hitchcock Bette Irwin Beverly Repine Laurel Calimeri Sandra Anderson Mrs. Jan Wilcox Aide CUSTODIANS Randy Carlson Gail Anderson Phil Dyke Gerry Lyle Tom Burroughs Delores Pannell Audrey Kline 18Kimberly Anderson Michelle Bailey Douglas Benedict Richard Berger Renee Bobeau Lawrence Brooks David Baran Linda Bergstrom Todd Brown 22Graduation Vickie Burch Patricia Burd Brian Burt Ronald Campbell Karen Carlson Kent Carlson Though we have grumbled and complained More times than we can tell About tough days here at school, It's hard to say farewell Our classes oft were troublesome; Our homework oft a chore, And there were days when we thought We could take nothing more And there were nights when we dreamed of Our home and jolly friends; We would have given anything To have our school days end Yes, we looked forward to the time When we should graduate And longed with greatest eagerness For the ecstatic date And now that day has come at last- Now we should shout and cheer But gosh, the tears flow from our eyes; We wish we could stay here! 23 Wendy PetersonWayne Carlson Deanna Chase Todd Church Echoing Halls Days of youth are school, homework, and friends Sirring in class listening to the teacher The bell rings and people get up to go Passing through the halls we stop to say "Hi" There is such a short time to talk to friends Year after year the same ol’ thing is done Until one day it's not done anymore As you walk to receive your diploma You think of all the years that have gone by Voices of yesterday, crys, cheers and song You look back and a tear comes to your eye A lone ringing bell echos down the hall A Senior 24 Rush Chapman Jill Christiansen Crystal Clark Douglas Clark Tracy Custer Ellen Ellis Gail Collins Jody Crosby i? i Mark Donaldson V Xto. Valerie Elder Pegi Filiatrault 25Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. Antoine De Saint There are so many times God, when you seem remote, even a little unreal. And yet know in my heart that you are near to me, near as the petals to the flowers, as music to the strings. I know that you care, that you love me— that you love me with an everlasting love. Katherine Nelson Davis Whatever else a friend may be, she is never a bore to her friend. You like her because she is she and you are you. Jessamyn West I I could love you with tears and laughter in places where the trees touch sun and all the beasts are tame. I could if I could find you. If I knew your name. Dean Walley Dan Gage Robert Gray Maria Greenamyer Catherine Gregory 26Mona Hanson Jody Hedlund Douelas Hedman Thomas Hornstrom Tammy JonesRainbows of friendship color our days with a happiness that never seems to fade. They curve far beyond the horizon of here and now... but the treasure is at this end! Edward Cunningham The Quality of Friendship The quality of friendship, unlike that of mercy, is continually being strained. But it is the essence of friendship that it can stand the strain. Friendship is like love at its best: not blind but sympathetically all-seeing: a support which does not wait for understanding; an act of faith which does not need, but always has, reason. Louis Untermeyer The sun beams that dance on the meadow, The fragrance that floats on the breeze, The flowers that bloom on the hillside, The robins that sing in the trees . . . The fresh morning dew on the clover, The colors that bright rainbows blend, The beauties and splendors of springtime-Like these is the love of a friend. Gloria T. Dorian Penny Kohler Rodney Larson Kathleen Keppel John Kibbey Craig Lassinger Wendy Levinson 28Barry Lundmark Eugene Martin Maria Macute A Eric Lindell Annette Martin Amy Matthews Melissa Mattison N Christine McKinney Cindy McMillen 29James Meleen Scott Morningstar John Morton Dale Morgan Kara Nadal Timothy NewarkOpen Your Eyes Open your eyes chat you may see The beauty that around you lies, The misty loveliness of the dawn, The glowing colors of the skies; The child's bright eager eyes of blue, The gnarled and wrinkled face of age. The bird with crimson on his wing Whose spirit never knew a cage; The roadsids' blooming goldenrod So brave through summer's wind and hear, The brook that rushes to the sea With courage that naught may defeat. Open your eyes that you see The wonder that around you lies; It will enrich your every day And make you glad and kind and wise. Emma Boge Whise nand Rhonda O'Donnell Karen Parker Cathy Perkins Todd Onink Vickie Peck Sherry Peterson 31 V Mark Rodgers Karen Rapp John Rutsky Kristy Rodencal Sandra SavkoKathie Schmitt Sherri Sherrard The Four-Leaf Clover I know a place where the sun is like gold, And the cherry blooms burst like snow; And down underneath is the loveliest nook, Where the four-leaf clovers grow. But you must have faith and you must have hope, You must love and be strong, and so If you work, if you wait, you will find the place Where the four-leaf clovers grow. Ella Higinson I Shall Not Pass This Way Again Through this toilsome world, alas! Once and only once I pass; If a kindness I may show, If a good deed I may do To a suffering fellow man, Let me do it while I can. No delay, for it is plain I shall not pass this way again. UNKNOWN Mary Schmitt Steven Schnars Lori Schumann Brenda Smith 33Gordon Smith Richard Smith Today We shall do as much in the years to come, But what have we done to-day? We shall give out gold in princely sum, But what did we give to-day? We shall lift the heart and dry the tear, We shall plant a hope in the place of fear, We shall speak with words of love and cheer, But what have we done to-day? We shall be so kind in the after while, But what have we been to-day? We shall bring to each But what have we brought to-day? And to steadfast faith a deeper worth, We shall feed the hungering souls of earth, But whom have we fed to-day? Waterman Lisa Spelling 34Benjamin Spicer Robert Stanton Christopher Springer Tracy Stanton Debra Stanko Frank Stroker 35Ronald Williams Cynthia Van Ord Cynthia Van Ord Michelle Wilson Having enjoyed the friendship of many people in many places for many years ... I have learned that in the main, people are as we choose to find them; that reason can overcome prejudice; that knowledge can overcome ignorance; that love can overcome hate; that goodness can conquer evil. Dore Schary From quiet homes and first beginnings. Out to the undiscovered ends. There's nothing worth the wear of winning, Bur laughter and the love of friends. Hilaire Belloe Friendship is the positive and unalterable choice of a person whom we have singled out for qualities that we admire. Abel Bonnard One of the very pleasant things about friendship . . . the do-you-remember moments. Faith Baldwin Barry Van Ord i Randy Van Ord 36Jodetl Youker Kerry Atkinson Jay Stewart Craig Youngberg Terri Zuck Gail Collins Conrad Condron The following names are those seniors who did not turn in a proof. Dave Decker Howard Easton George Hamilton Bonnie Jones Heather Legere Karen Marsh Charles McMillen Jeffrey Osborne William Way 37m r To i Kimberly Lou Anderson 11- 27- 63 Mr Mid Mrs. V. E. Anderson Cosmetology School in Virginia Bench To travel around the world. And see life as it is. Basketball 9-11 Softball 9-12 twspaper Secretary II Kerry Kathleen Atkinson §4-29-63 and Gloria Atkinson "o be an interpreter and travel To find an enjoyable job and settle down. Guidcnce Office Aide 11 and 12 Squire Staff-typist reporter 12 David A. Baran heave 7-4-63 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Baran College To be a AI D. Track 7-9 Football 9 Wrestling 7-12 J Freshman class Vice President Student Council 7-12 Douglas S. Benedict "L 11-19-62 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Benedict College 1J Graduate from Lottsville A. I 2) Become President of America 3) Universal Omnipotence Football 10-12 Basketball 7-12 Student Council 7-12 Vice President 12 Freshman Class President Junior class Vice President Honor Society 11-12 Photography club 7 Weight lifting 10-12 Ballet 11-12 Choir 11-12 Todd 9-13-63 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Brown College, travel ftforth America, see%F.urope, and meet other people. Do the right things, be a good person, make lots of money, and live happily ever after. Yearbook 12 Junior Prom committee "Vicki" Vicki A. Burch 11-26-63 Donald and Genevieve Burch Undecided Drum major 12, Field captain 11, Marching Band 8-12, Concert Band 7-12, Sr. band librarian 8, Girls basketball 7, Bowling 10-12, G.A .A. 7 Patricia Anne Burd "Patty" 8-13-63 Bill and Connie Burd To be an accountant. To make it through college. Marching Band 8-12, Jr. Concen Band 7-8. Sr. Concert Band 9-1 Pep Club 7, Jr. National Honor Society ll-12.fr. Vice President 8, Society Vice ffratball 7-10, 12 Basketball 7-8 Volleyball 10-1.’ Treasurer of the 7th grade Student Council 7-10 Karen Marie Carlson "Karen 1-28-63 Ronald and Alice Carlson College To travel around the world and gain I meet. G.A.A. 7, National Honor !'edge from the people Society 9-12, Senior Conce Theatre Arts 10-Student Council isurer 12, n Stand, 12, 11-12 Kent Michael Carlson "Kent " 1-28-63 Carlson Ronald and College cars and make as muci Jill Marie Christensen 3-29-63 Mr. and Mrs. John 1. Christ Cosmetology School To live an exciting life and not get married until I'm eighty yt old. 1 Gym aide "Crisco" Yearbook 12 Jr. Prom Committee Wayne Douglas Carlson "Weiner" 11-24-63 James and Nancy Carlson Technical School Jr Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9, F.F.A. 10- 12 Rush George Chapman III "Rusty " 6-11-63 Mr. and Mrs. Rush G. Chapman Jr. To work and get married and get rich and live to and ....... To live past tomorrow everyday. Football 8-10, 12 Wrestling 10-11 Deanna Kay Chase "Dee" 11-29-62 Mr and Mrs. Alton G. Chase Work possible. Crystal Ann Clark 12 Mr and Mrs. Bruce Clark College - Social Sciences To fulfill in i dreams and to rnaki to live in. Marching Band 8-12 Band Front Commander 9-12 Jr Choir 7.9. Sr. Choir 10-12 Jr. Choir President. 9. Sr. Choir Treasurer 11, Sr. Choir Vice President 12, Theatre Arts 9-10 Jody Lynne Crosby Joe" 7-7-63 Mr. and Mrs. I.ee Crosby Accountant To live a fantastic life and to rise in this world. National Honor Society, Student Council, Library Aides 7-8, Office Aide 11, be 100 and and Bowling 9-12, Theatre Arts 11-12 Tracy Lee Custer 3-3-62 Melvin and Kathleen Custer Undecided To be able to find something to do after I gri succeed at whatever it is, to be happy. Bowling, Choir27-10, flaniel Lynn Gage "Window Pane" 18-61 play rock and roll j, play rock and roll with Craig in front of 60,000 fans. toberr M. Gray "Bdbf 9-■'9-63 3? ce and when I get out, to own a Aft. and Mrs. Robert V. Gray To be a Nascar Driver, Truckdriver. or machinist To own more camaros and Firebirds then I do now. Vo-Tech 10-12, PljjbtO club 8 y - ..i iege wn a corvette, mi nd 7-8, Basketball 7. nd 9-12. Squire Staff 11 book Staff 11. Marching Band 8-12, 'onor Society 11-12 Track 8. YearbooK 12, Junior Prom Committee Ellen M. Falconer tllen 1-3-64 Edwin and Carrie Falconer To be a chef and go to college in Texas. To life as much as I can, and then relax and get married. Pegi Marie Filiarrault ' Pegi" 4-27-63 Mr. and Mrs. John Filiatrault Travel Live a happy and successful life and shrink five inches. F.B.L.A. 10, Softball 12, Volleyball 12, Track 9, Basketball 9, Squire 9, 10-12 Library Aide 10, 12 Applied Science Aide 12 co Lab Aide 12, G.A.A. 7, Let ball Manager 11 ■ Christine Jane Frederick "Fred " 10-8-63 ‘ Mr. and Mrs. P D Frederick Jr. I ‘hdecided To live life as it comes, f ffary Aide 12 Maria Louis Greenamyer "Best popcicle tush" 4-24- 63 College Mrs. Deanne lletri Have fun in life! Jr Choir 7-9. Get Smart 7, Pep Club 7. Cheerleading Captain, JV. 10, Varsity 12, Jr. HignCheerleadmgS o 10, Varsity 11-12, The Hobbit 9, Freshman Attendant for the Homecoming, Sophomore Snowball Attendent, Sr. Choir 10-12, Sr. Choir Secretary 11-12, Jr. Choir President 9, Track 10, Volleyball Scorekeeper 11, National Honor Society 11-12, Student Council 10-12, Reading Aide 10-12 "Cathy" Catherine Ann Gregory 10-23-63 Air. and Mrs. Jack Gregory College Jr Band 7-8, Sr Band 9-12, Sr. Choir 11-12. Squire 12. Yearbook 9-10, Jr. G.A.A 7-8 Bowling 12,- Volleyball 12. Student Council. Marching Band 8-12. Madricals 12, f Prom Committee, Sr. Choir '.ihraijar 12 4WFT Rohg mHamilron Jr. George ny Denardi 7? tuvel trour the world. | To live 'n Alaska and Farm the land, basketball 8. 10-72 lona Annette Hanson "Mori b26-63 llryce and Isabelle Hanson To own a corvette and go to Hawaii, basketball 9-12. President and Co-Capram, Tenth grade Homecoming Attendent. Eleventh grade Homecoming Attendent. Senior Homecoming Qu it i j 6 GA f Craig earner not,,nsun iaa Joe! and Linda Hockinson Undecided Be rich and successful. Chris David Holt "Speed" 8-16-63 Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Holt .. Graduate and go live in a cave far away from people. Create disorder in e Jr. National Honor Society, Jr. High Basketball. J. V. and Varsity Football, Volleyball Marching Band 8-12, President 1 National Honor Society President 12, Jr Band Sr. Band 9-12, Trai letter, Sr. Choir 12 Debra Annette Jackson 2-19-63 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson College To succeed in life and live my life to the fullest. National Honor Society 11-12 E.H.S. Girls’ Bowling 10-12 Squire Staff 12 v Senior Concession Stand Dawn L. jd 9-12-63O Robert V. and Colorado-ci To go out, mistakes, F B I A. 10, Snowbal Attendent 8 , "Tom" V Thomas L. Hornstrom 9-14-63 Car! V. and Christa M. Hornstrom College , Get a good job, get married, raise a nice family « the country somewhere. out get what w. j. 'ant our of life. Bonny Jean Jones "Bunny" Mr and Mrs I U Jones College or Trade School To have Stephen King dedicate a book to me. F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Vj ■ s I Bowling 7 Tammy Sue Jones. "Tammy" j 12-18-62 Mr. and Mrs. Lynn1 Jones College-Major in Chemistry Bowling 7, Jr. Choir 7-9 Sr. Choir 10-12, Kings Kid 10-12, Theatre Arts 12 Kathleen Kurry Keppel "Kep" 70-13-6 Jim and College for Medical SecretaryWind Ensem Marching Ba Field Capt.nr Drum Ma or National Hoi 11-12 Eric M. Lindell "Eric' 6-20-63 Mr. and Airs. Roy Lindell Trade School To shoot the number 1 whitetail Football ’-9 Wrestling 7-It) Volleyball 11-12 Soccer 10-12 ' Have five Gold records, and a Pink Corvette with psychedelic head lights Jr. Choir 7-9, St. Choir 10-12 Bowling 10-12, Guidence Office Aide 11-12, Press Club 12, Choir Officer 12 Penny Lynne Koher "P.K." 3-26-63 Gary and Beryl Kohler To attend Photography School. To become a famous photographer and tour Porche. Track 9-10, Basketball 11, jr. Prom, Guidence Office 11-12 Softball 11-12, Student Council 9 Craig William Lassinger "Craig" 9-11-63 Mr. and Mrs. John Lassinger College and Rocky Mountains To wipe out the oil companies and get this world back on its' feet. Jr. Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9-12 Stage Band II 7-9, Stage Band I 10-12, Jr. District Band 9, ft Marching Band 8-12, Sr. Choir 12 Madrical 12, District Choir 12 Honor Society 11-12 Rodney Lewis Larson "Rod" 7-13-63 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Larson College To achieve power. Jr. Band 7-8, Sr, Band 9-12 Wendy Kayelle Levinson 4-3-63 Mr. and Mrs. Bert Levinson ( 01 I eg t To be happy and to succeed in Vice President 7,J Secretary 9, Jr. Band 7-8. Sr. Band 9-12. "Wendy" v- ) 12 Annette Lynn Martin "Netty bug" 7- 22-63 Mr. and Mrs. William B. McKee To be a Spanish Translates To get married, have two kids and be rich. Amy Sue Matthews "Matt " 8- 29-63 Mr. and Mrs. William Matthews Stewardess To shave my legs without a scratch. G.A.A. 7-8, Basketball 8, J.V. Cheerleader, Football, Boys Basketball, and Wrestling 10-11, Varsity Cheerleader, Football, Girls Basketball, and Boys Basketball, Student iill Volleyball 9 Maria de los Angeles Mature "Mayita" 10-6-62 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Craker College Volleyball Christine Lynn McKinney Kinney-Me" 3-3-63 Jgf Frederick and Shirley McKinney College and to be as happy as I can. To live life to it's fullest and enjoy myself doing it. Volleyball 10-12 Choir 7-12, Treasurer 12 National Honor Society 11-12. National Honor Society Secretary, 12 Office aide 11-12 Charles M. McMillen "Charlie " 1-31-63 John and Wilma McMillen Get a good job. To make the best of it. Cindy Lou McMillen "J.D." 8- 13-63 Glen E. McMillen Live in Alaska with Bob Scger. To get Mr. Hedman a new sweater. Yearb x)k 9-11, F.B.L.A19, An 8-12 James Gregg Meleen Jim Bob” 11- 6-63 Stanly and Gladis Meleep To live in Alaska. Duane E. Merkle "Merk 12- 17-63 Donald E. and Pat Merkle Garage Mechanic Buy my own Garage find make some money. Bowling 8, Concern Ba A ’ Stage Band 7-11, Nfarc H Pep Band 7 John Patrick Morton 10-6-62 Mr. and Mrs. George Monon To be a farmer. Wrestling. 7 - 8. Jr. High, 9- 12 Varsity, Football 9 Kara Lyn Nadal "Kara" 4- 7 63 I Mrs. Lynne A. Wiltsie Undecided To live, laugh, love, and learn. Gymnastics Club 7, Basketball 7, Junior Band 7-8. pin. Senior Band. 9- 10, Marching Band 8-10 letter, pin. Pep band 7, Pep Club 7, Student Council 8-12, Track 9, Yearbook 9-12, Underclassmen editor 11, Senior Co-Editor 12, Co-Edit or 12, Girl's Basketball Statist it ion 11-12, Wrestling Statisticion 10, Varsity Scorekeeper 11-12, j Jr. Prom Cealing Committee Tim L. Newark "Tinker" 10- 2-63 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Newark A Worcejj To become a pilot in the Airforce. John Allen Nuttall 5- A(53 Mr. and Mrs Harold Nuttall o become a Conservation Technitioi To get rich quick and retire young. Jr. Band. Sr. Band, Stage Band I, Stage Band II, Bowling 8, 9, 1 NyStrom "Lefty" 4-8-63 Mr. Phil Nystrom and Carol To hit every bar in the U.S.! Wrestling 10-12. Football 9, Vo-tech 10-12 Rhonda Jean O’Donnell "Rhode " 6- 20-63 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald 1) Donnell To be a successful airline-stewardess, or a To travel all around the world and live wling 10-11, G.A A. 7, II 7-8, Gyrmclub 8, Student Council 7-9, •xecutive secretary, ill, happy life. ICheerleading 8-12, F.B.L.A. 11, Track 7-8, 12, Volleyball 11-12, Press Club 11 Jeff Paul Osborne "Ozzy" 7-12-63 Gerald and Velma Osborne Draftsman To join the Airforce and learn to fly, also Wrestling 9-12, Track. Football Karen Sue Parker Porker" 3-30-62 Ann and Bruce Miller To live my life to its' fullest. To get married and raise a family. Bowling 10. Jr. Choir 9, Sr. Choir 10 . Vickie I-ynh ‘ Peck Vick lO-i-63 IhyB —- Mr. and Mrs. William Peck To go to a 2 year college. Onn a Boutique. Theatre Arts 11-12, Yearbook 12, Falculty Editork Girls Basketball 12, Office Worker 11, Sr. Concession Stand 12, Prom Committee Catherine M. Perkins 6-30-63 Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Perkins Marriage and happiness with Chris. To be the owner of all the McDonalds in the world. Cheerleading Mascot 10, 12.1 Student Council 8-9, 11-12, Jr. Class Treasurer. Sr. Class Vice President. Theatre Arts Treasurer 8-12. Track Scorekeeper 9, Track 10, Yearbook 12. Class Ring Committee 9-10, Theatre Arts Make-up Committee 8, 10-12, The Oblong Circle 11, Miracle Worker 9, The bit 9, The Courtship of Eddie's Father c C fli «PS ' i« 4 i ' r 3 Sherry Ellen Peterson "Pete 11-26-63 Mr. and Mrs. Wiiha in Peterson To attend Secretarial School. Be happily marrie, with my husband easch day as it comes. To live and be Happy with the man I love. Jr. Choir 7-9. Sr. Choir 10-12, Bowling 10-12 Band front 11 "Pete" Wendy Lee Peterson 3-28-63 John and Deanna Peterson Ge jon usnana' a n J onamoney Sky dive in Arizona, Hang glide in Kentucky, surf in Hawaii, and cliff dive in Alcopulco! Girls Bowling 7-12, G.A.A. 7 Theatre Arts 9, Hobbitt. Basketball 10, Softball 9-12, Yearbook 10-12, Sophomore class Treasurer, Jr. Prom Commkteem. Student Council 7-8, 10 . j I Karen Yvonne Rapp "Rappie" 6-6-63 James and Marilyn Rapp Attend Grove City College. My goal is to be worthy in my "Daddy 's" eyes to be his kid. Jr. Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9-12, Jr. District Band 8-9, ' Jr. District Orchestra 8-9, District Orchestra 10, Marching Band 8-12, Stage Band I 8. Stage Band II 9-12, Jr. Band President 8. Marching Band Vice President 11, Squire Staff 11, Sr, Choir 11-12, Madricals 12, Kings Kids 8-12. Honor Society 12, Theatre Arts 12, Cult of "Godspell" 11, Eighth grade class Secretary Barry Neal Resh "Blitzed" Imh29-63 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Resh College To die a rich man, nor only in wealth but in risdom. r WkFootball 9, Band 7 Kristy Ellen Rodencal 9-1-6} Linda and Meric Rodencal Getting married and going to college To be successful and happy. Track 10, Cheerleader 12, Football, co-captain for Wrestling, Key Club 11, Choir 10-11, Orchestra 10, Madricals 10, Prom Committee Band, Jr.. Sr., Marching, letter 7-10, Basketball, bar. 9-12, President 12, Track 9 Volleyball 12, Sandra Dee Savko "Sam" 1-29-61 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Savko Sr. College .A ' Marry Mickey Mouse. To Becon •nr. G.A.A. 7, Cheerleading J.V. 10-11, Varsity FootballiCo-Captain 12, Jr. National Honor Society 9, National Honor Society 11-12, Student Council s-12, , Yearbook 10 12, Class officer Secretary 9-10, President 11-12 Kathleen Marie Schmitt "Kathy" 5-8-63 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schmitt Go to college and get a job afterwards.1 To be a secretary. Mary Catherine Schmitt "Mary" 5-8-63 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schmitt Attend College for Medical Secretary. To succeed in all I Attempt. Steven N. Schnars 9-13-63 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schnars To block Kariem Abdul-Jabbars". the Boston Celtics, to win the Fir the first woman Presi- Lori Ann Schumann "Shoey " 12-19-6} Mrs. Mary Lou Schumann Em -r.— To enjoy life, make anyway I can, be happy and smile. Have a huge house with more than one bathroom two or more blow driers, and a nice looking, fast, car Track 9, Junior Choir 7-9, Senior Choir 10-12, Squire Staff 12. Band front 9-10 Sheri Lynn Sherrerd "Sher" 5-4-63 Ronald and Bonnie Sherrerd Love and be happy for a change. Being able to accept mvseif for what I am and learning co accept others as they are mi train and raise horses, own a ranee in Texas. Brenda Ann Smith 963 odney and Delotsi "Gordie Gordon S. Smith 6-P 63 MrL and Mrs Robert D. Smith ‘Tv To be a farmer. Scott Randell Smith "Scott" 3-31-63 Randy and Lou Smith To be Machinest or go in the service. To become rich and enjoy life. Bowling, Vo-tech hook While playing forTo get a job and travel. To get married. Choir 7, Theatre Arts 9, Track 1(L Basketball Star isn't ion 11 Manager 12. Softball 11-12 "Snoopy" Robert r .. To have a horte ranch. To make the best better and to make everyone happy. Band 7-9 j ( •Benjamin Jay Spicer "Ben" 12-31-62 Mr. and Mrs. fra nets Spicer College-Music Career To make it as a Christian Vocalist and still be humble. — If you think you can't and if you think you can you’re right. Marching Band 9-12. Secretary 10-12, letter, jacket. Sr. Band 9-12. A Wind Ensemble 10-12. Stage Band II 10. Jr Band 7-8, Sr. Choir 11-12, President. Madrigals 11-12, District and Regional Choir. Kings Kids 10-12. Secretary 11, Sophomore class Vice President, Theatre Arts 7-12. M A S H. "Cheaper by the Dozen", "The Hobbit ", "Miracle Worker". "Arms and the Man", "Godspell". Honor Society 11-12, Track 8, Wrestling 7-8 ■M Christopher Allen Springer "Spring" 1-20-62 Mr. and Mrs. Leland Springer To travel and settle down with Cathy. To travel and live a successful life. Concert Band 7-11 Marching Band 9-11, American League Baseball 11, Wrestling 11 Robert F. Stanton "Rob" 11-28-63 Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Stanton To work. To make money. Basketball 7-8, 12, Marching Band 9-12, Stage Band 9-12, Jr. Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9-12 Tracy Jay Stanton "Trace " 5-13-63 Gerald Bernard Stanton Professional Forest Fire Fighter. To Become Independently Wealthy by the age of 21. Wrestling 7-9, Science Club 7 r.mcis Suppa mJw 3-1-63 Mr. and Mrs. College To beat Dr. J. in one on one. Football 7-10, Basketball 7-12, letter 12, Track 9-12. Bowling 12, Squire Staff 9, 12 Brian Scott Thomas "Tom-Tom" 6-14gfw » Raymond A and MarvAnn Thomas Die young and Build a Hot-Rod. ■Ht'Jjj To be able to build, afford, and maintain a nice Hot-Rod, Vo-tech- Auto Mechanics Barry Todd VanOrd "Ding" -28-63 A fir. Donald VanOrd S ■ Agriculture To Become a Mountain man and live in thelfarout reaches of the Canadian Rockies. Football 7-12, k Wrestling 7.-J2, A vdent Council 10-12 1 "anUrd "Cindy" 2-21-63 College, Music Education Major. To play Flute Professionally. Jr. Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9-12, A Wind Ensemble 10-12, | Marching Band 8-if Choir 12, Track 7-9, Band Librarian 9, 11-12, Sr. District Band 9. District Orchestra 10-11, Regional Orchestra 10, Cynthia Louise Van.ynrhia Sue Walker 2-6-63 Ruby Walker Bartender, Constructioi To be free!!! Volleyball 10, Softi Ronald Jeffery Williams "RJ." 6.19-63 Mr and Mrs.yRonald M. Williams To Beat Don Johnson in the Showboat Invitational. , Cross Country 9-10, Basketball 7-12, Volleyball 12, Bowling 8-12, Track 9-10, Baseball 12 Michelle Ann Wilson "Shelley" 1-11- 64 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson Business College To become Goofy at Disney land and own a stive, with a T-top roof and a eagle on the hhod. Softball 9-12, Bowling 10-12, Marching Band 8-12, Band front 9-12, letter, pin, Rifle, Seargent 12, 91 Jr. Band 7-8, pin Sr Band 9-12, from Committee Chairman UJC: , Student Council 12, Summer Softball 6-12 Craig Allen Youngberg "Craig" 12-4-62 Mr. and Mrs. William C. YoungbetgM To put Franco Harris out of the game!!!! Football 8- 12. Letters 10-12, [ Basketball 7-5 Terrie Lee Zuck Zuck" 3-28-62 Laura Lee Zuck To work. To work hard all my life. Sewing Home- ec.. Vo-tech, Softball Melissa Lynn Mattison "Miss-eye" 0-19.-63 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce HighHouse College ■; To live Sleepy"'of the seven dwarfs. Band 8-9, Band Front 9, Track 9-10, letter, Basketball 10-12i 2 letters, Tn-Captain 12, J.V. CheerleaHtng 10, Varsity Cheerleading 11-14, J All-Star M.ILPM2, Sr. Band Secretary Jod-eye" 9 jodell Lyni Yt 11-9-63 Mr. and Collegi C id Mrs. Gary Rowley To be successful, always feel and look young, to live ( (. the fullest, and jo commitments. 7 ■ Track 7-12, Softball 9-12. Basketball 10112, Co-Captain, Cheerleading 7-11, JtV. Co- Captain, Varsity Co-Captain, Theatre Arts 7-9, Student Council 7-12, Football 9-12 AOnce upon a time, in the land of Hush-A-Bye, Around about the wonderous days of yore, I came across a sort of box, bound up with chains and locked with locks, And labeled .... "Kindly do not touch, it's WAR .... " A decree was issued round about, all witha flourish and a shout, A gaily colored mascot tripping lightly on before .... "Don't fiddle with this deadly box, or break the chains, or pick the locks, And........please.......don't ever play about with War . " Well, the children understood; children happen to be good; They were just as good around the times of yore .... They didn't try to pick the locks or break into that deadly box, They never tried to play around with War. The mommies didn't either; sisters, aunts or grannies neither; They were quiet, and sweet, and pretty in the wonderous days of yore .... Well, very much the same as now, not the ones to blame somehow For opening up that deadly box of War. But someone did .... someone battered in the lid And spilled the insides out about the floor .... A sort of bouncy, bumpy ball made up of guns and flags and all The tears, and horror, and death that goes with War .... It bound right out and went bashing all about And went bumping into everything in store .... And what was sad and most unfair is that it didn’t seem to care Much who it bumped, or why, or what or for .... It bumped the children mainly, and I’ll tell you this quite plainly, It bumps them every day, and more .... and more .... And leaves them dead, and burned, and Dying, Thousands of them, sick and crying, Cause when it bumps . ... it's really very sore. Now there's a way to stop the ball; it isn’t difficult at all All it takes is wisdom, and I’m absolutely sure That we could get it back into the box And bind the chains and lock the locks . . . But no one seems to want to save the children anymore. Well, that’s the way it all appears. It's been bouncing round for years and years, In spite of all the wisdom wizzed since those wonderous days of yore, And the time they came across the box Bound up with chains and locked with locks And labeled .... "Kindly do not touch .... It's War .... ” 48 POEMS, PRA YERS AND PROMISES JOHN DENVER POEM BY: LASCALLESMOST MUSICAL Cindy VanOrd Ben Spicer CLASS HOT-ROD Rhonda O'Donnell Dave Nystrom CUTEST Marie Greenamyer Barry VanOrd FRIENDLIEST Ben Spicer Sandy SavkoRon Campbell Dawn Johnson Sandy Savko Mark Donaldson MOUTH Tom Hornstrom Penny Koehler tt.rBEST DANCERS d MOST ARTISTIC Cindy VanOrd Doug Hedman Ron Campbell Sandy SavkoBIGGEST TEASE Barry VanOrd Rhonda O'Donnell 54MOST DARING Todd Onink Jody Youker MOST HUMOROUS Sandy Savko Mark Donaldson MOST STUBBORN Chris Holt Michelle BaileyMOST SCHOOL SPIRIT TALLEST AND SHORTEST Rusty Chapman Ellen Ellis Frank Stroker Pegi Filiatraulr APPLE POLISHERS Barry Resh Wendy Peterson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Doug Benedict Karen CarlsonPRETTIEST SMILE Mona Hanson Dale Morgan MOST VOCAL Val Elder Craig Hockinson Ben Spicer Marie Greenamyer MOST FORGETFUL60Rod L. Chris H. A 61626364Melanie Andersen Tim Anthony Mike Blanco Heather Bom Linda Brooker Debbie Butt Kevin Abbott Vickie Anderson Brian Bauer Sreve Beck Debbie Bench Fred BaranGene Carlson Jeff Carlson Scon Dahl Scon Darling Randy Daughanhy Mary Darby Bobette Dans Al De Remer Denise Cedrone Wanda Chase Doug Coldiron Lisa CrakerMike Falconer 70 Jerry FascianoTammy Frank Tracy Fisher Robin Gardner Terri Gibson Joni Frank Bessie Gardner Tim Garvey John Gregory72Dave Johnson Faith Johnson 73 Brenda Leichtenberger Ed Lord74 Ann Nodzakn + Mary Pasquarette 75 Dana Rickerson Lenny RielSandy Rupczyk Doug Sager Ronda Sechriest Larry Rogers Mike Sherrard 'rreg Spade Tracy Smeltzer Cindy Smith Ginger Smith Ron Stanko Rocky Robbins 76Denny Sieber Kim Strickland Bill Stevenson Ron Turner Lenny Steber Steve Stoddard Ron Trawick Hope Van Guilder 77 Barb Van Houten78Holly Wilson Jamie Wilson 79SOPHOMORESSheila Dalrymple Kevin Davis Ron Decker Cindy Devore Robbie Donell Renee DunbarDiane Foxx Dave Flasher 1 Kathy Hanson Jed Hedlund Vicki Healy Shelley Hedman Mac Hiles Missy Hill Julie Hockinson Jim Irwin 85Tina Lyon Todd Matthews Randy May Bill Me Kendree 86Dave Morine Dan Neal Lori Neese Kim North Julie Nutull PM Nystrom Rich Patterson Betty Osborne Cindy Peterson 87Trudy Peterson Carrie Pitner Larry R eagle ' Scott Robeson Harold Roberts Chuck Riquer Ronda Rutsky Lisa Schenck Todd Schwanke Ann Sherman John Smith Elaine Slater Dawn Sherrard 88Shawn Smith Jeff Sopher Ruth Staswoiski Cory Summerson 1 Dana Spittler Cris Stroker “ John StaswoiskiTom Whitney 90 Kelly Wilcox Dawn WilliamsTammy Wilson Tom Woodin Scott Williams Carol Wilson Dave Wright Dave Zaner Dan Zamboric Laurie Youngberg92UNDERCLASSMENTerry Anthony Mark Baron Julie Bartko Tammy Battko Brenda Beedle Dean Benedict Nancy Biekarck Jude Bilafer Lori Brecht Lori Brooker Terri Brown Lucinda Cable Party Campbell Jerald Carlson Melissa Carlson Chris Casteel Darren Chase Donna Chase Ted Christenson Deena Clark Frank Concoby Lisa Courtney Marianne Curtis Walter Decker Karen DeRemer Charise Driscoll Tammy Elliott Dave Enos 94 FRESHMEN CLASSNorman Enos Kim Hornstrom No Picture Available Brenda Ewer Delean Farnam John Filiatrault Renae Fitzgerald Kerry Foltz AnnaMae Gray Becky Gourley Terri Hal big Brian Hall Troy Hazeltine Julie Himes Dwayne Hollabaugh Steve Holt Laura Hultman Betty Jayne Irwin Darren Jackson Dot Johnson Lenny Johnson Tracey Johnson Tim Jones Wendy Jordan Randy Kane Jim Keller Diane Kelley Norman Kenney Dave Kilbury 95Tom Knapp Kevin Knopf Theresa Kramer Julie Kujava Bill Lank Bryan Larson Robert Larson Emily Lauffenburger Robert Lewis Mike McConnell Steve Machemer Cindy Marsh Becky May Danny McMillen John McNutt Alan Merkle Todd Morrison Darius Miller Bruce Nelson Jimmy O'Donnell Tim Passinger 1 —4 —- - Paula Nichols Johna Norton Beth Neal Michelle Neal %Suzanne Peck Cindy Persing Frank Peterson Jon Phillips Lea Provins Amy Putnam Chuck Roberts Marcia Robeson Dawna Ropp Bev Rowley Laurie Rowley Theresa Rutsky Terrie Slater David Smith Eric Spelling Kim SpicerDavid Spink Ed Swartwood Richard Warner Nancy Swanson Todd Springer Christi Wilcox i Burr Stanton Brent Thompson Joan Staswoiski Sandy Swenson Mike Wilcox . Dana Williams David Sterling ,j Debbie Voty Michelle Thompson John Williams Brian Stino Misti Straight c. ''3 ■ - ■ - I Clark Winans r Beth Youker Georgia Warner fh 1 98Andy Anderson Ray Blackwell v; Denver Blair Joe Cedrone Christine Anderson Troy Chase Ray Bakewell Henry Borger John Bortz 3 r i • Elaine Comstock Becky Barrett Scott Brown Evonne Burrows Tonya Conklin Dale Barrett Julie Beck 1 •" Meretta Cable Michael Card Mike Cronmiller I : V v CMi» A » • I f ‘‘Ji' Annette Bergstrom Stacie Carlson EIGHTH GRADE Todd Cross Ivt- Susan Carlstrom Fred Curtis ■ vv ' , •••" 100Kevin Eckert Bruce Elder I-Of Mike Darby '■ ax s X A Bryce Dalrymple Cindy Fasciano a Jennine Daugharthy Wally Gardner Lisa Goodwan A Connie Fischer Connie Gray Melissa Flasher Jennifer Donaldson 4a'II Kipp Gray kj Richard Gray V a 7Stephen Hale Carrie Hamilton Jennifer Hane Kevin Hardy Lance Healey Heidi Hetrick Katie Hill Jim Hunt Carina Johnson Ronda Jones Scott Jones Paul Keppel Kristine Kifer Daisy Knisley Terry Kuntz Jon Lewis Bill Littlefield Bradley Ludwick Dale McMillen 102Dawn Osborne 103Heidi Stroker Pam Thelin Candy Vinopal Dean Wilcox 104Raye Abbott Michelle Anderson Mark Cronmillet Rusty Daugharthy Tammy Anderson Kevin Apthorp ttireg Barnet Kelly Barrett Bill Battko Kevin Baxter Barb Beedle Tim Benedict David Bortz Lynn Byerly DeeAnne Campbell Becky Devore Lisa Devore Kim Dies Amy Donaldson John Dyke Pat Feeney Jerry Christensen Zheryl Ferranto Randy Fill Shelly Bench Brenda Bimber Keith Blackhurst Barb Bonon Heather Concoby SEVENTH GRADE Julie Finh Jay Fitch Dan Fowler Faith Gardner 106Lisa Glotz Kim Gray Brian Gerdts Amy Grover Lisa Hagberg Brian Haner Cathy Hayes Brian Godden James Hedstrom Jim Gourley Connie Gray Kim Johnson I Andy Gregory Jackie Kenney Sueanne Wendy Ruby James Kilhury Larson Lauffenburger Sean Little Livingston Rhonda Robert Lyon Machemer 107Wayne Marino il J Tammy McMillen Mike Nuhfer Pam Perkins Leslie R eagle Vl Brad Marquis Scott Morine John Marquis Dean Morningsrar Brian May Delores Morton Danny McAfoose Ruth Nelson Donald Nichols Ann Nuttal Robby Nuttal Troy Peterson Lyle Pitner Shayne Redick Greg Nystrom Jonathan Porter ■) .M Jennett Reno Debbie Oaks Missy Passinger Mike Prowitt Jenny Putman Jim Riel Rob RitchieChris Schutt Shelley Wilcox Rory Wilkins Mirk Trumbull Kenny Williams Roulie VanDorn » k a -irf Ramona Wolff Kevin VanHouten -r I Marvin Work Ronda VanOrd Karen Zamborik 109ACTIVITIESYEARBOOK STAFF Editor: Kara Nadal Assitant Editor: Missy Mattison Managing Editor: Sandy Savko Sports Editors: Renee Dunbar Beth Neal Underclassmen Editors: Barb VanHouten Kim Eckert Typists: Kim Eckert Holly Wilson Row 1: Kent Carlson, Todd Brown, Sandy Savko, Wendy Peterson, Missy Mattison, Kara Nadal, Vicki Peck Row 2: Robin Morrison, Theresa Kramer, Renae Fitzgerald, Julie Nurtal, Theresa Rutsky, Christi Wilcox, Judy Himes, Joan Staswoiski, Cindy Persing, Cindy Cable, Tracy Johnson, Dana Williams, Amy Putnam, Mike Card Row }: Tonya Conklin, Diane Kelly, Shelly Hedman, Teri Halbig, Debbie Voty, Brenda Beedle, Becky Gourley, Charise Driscoll, Ruth VanOrd, Renee Dunbar, Miss Confer, Beth Neal, Bev Rowley, Linda Walker, Kim Eckert, Joni Frank, Barb VanHouten, Jo Ann Hedstrom, Emily Lauffen-berger, TI2Editor: Bonnie Derry Reporters: Nancy Swanson Holly Wilson Anna Mae Gray Assitant Editor: Renae Fitzgerald Kerry Atkinson Dot Johnson Sports Editor: Kevin VanHouten JoAnn Hedstrom Diane Kelly Typists: Kathleen Keppel Frank Stroker Lori Schumann Dodi Straight Brenda Leichtenberger Carrie Pitner Reporters: Donna Chase Lori Neese Whanda Chase Linda Swenson Mary Darby Dawn Hartley Pegi Filiatrault Faith Gardner Julie Fill Sue Hamilton Terri Gibson Tonya Conklin Cathy Gregory Amy Grover Missy Higgins Lisa Hagberg Debbie Jackson Lisa Glotz PRESS CLUB 113 Row 1: Missy Higgins, Bonnie Derry, Kerry Atkinson, Lori Schumann. Pegi Filiatrault, Kathy Keppel, Debbie Jackson Row 2: Lori Neese, Julie Fill, Holly Wilson, Wanda Chase, Brenda I.eichtenberger, Cathy Elliott, JoAnn Hedstrom, Terri Gibson, Mary Darby, Hope VanGuilderSR. HIGH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The qualifications to be a member of the Na final Honor Society are that a student must show leadership, service, membership, and scholarship. He or she must be a member of the junior or senior class, must have a four average in all subjects. The Honor Society provides a tutoring service to any person wishing help. We also have two exchanges with the Honor Societies of other schools. Future Projects consist of an Honor study hall, where any member of the honor society or anyone of the honor roll may go to a specified room. In this room there will be a stereo and students can talk, do homework or whatever they want to do within the rules. Row 1: Becky Maeder, Jeanne Nystrom, Debbie Burt. Kim Strickland. Maria Greenamyer. Nancy McIntyre Row 2: Lisa Craker. Tammy Frank, Cathy Gregory, Wendy Levison, Karen Carlson. Diane White, Melanie Anderson Row 3 Ben Spicer. Brenda Leichenberger, Chris McKinney, Charlene Wilcox, Linda Bergstrom, Patty Burd, Val Elder. Debby Jackson, Jody Crosby. Sandy Savko Row 4: Frank Stroker, Scott Darling. Karen Rapp. Craig Lassinger. Brian Burt. Mark Daonaldson, Doug Benedict Barry Resh. Tom Homstrom JR. HIGH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY air Row I: Cindy Cable, Laurie Young berg, Julie Fill, Bryan Clark, Bobbi Werner, Trudy Peterson, Julie Nuttal, Marcia Robeson, Sue Southwell. Robin Morrison Row 2: Lynne Sumner, Mika Fellows, Lori Neese, Cory Summerson, Steve Landin, Brian Bauer, Jim Stowe. Lisa Courtney, Kim North 114F.F.A. Row 1: Kelly Wilcox, Dave Johnson Terry Ewer. Robbie Sechriest, John Kibbey, John Carlson, Jon Scaswoiski, Todd Matthews, Darrin Gregory, Scott Robeson. Tom Giordon Row 2: Mr. Carey, Ted Christensen, Dave Flasher, Jim Reed, Jim Meleen, Jim Rowley, Rick Osborne, Roger VanOrd Doug Ransom, Wayne Carlson, John Nuttal, Randy VanOrd KING’S KIDS Row 1: Ramona Lauffenberger, Ben Firth, Mandy Mandy Cable, Melanie Anderson, Dean Wilcox Row 2: Brent Thompson, Vickie Healey, Angie Slater, Greg Thomas, Nancy McIntyre, Rene Driscoll Row 3: Randy Warner. Kevin Hardy, Jim Sherrard, Norman Enos, Lisa Courtney, Kim Strickland, Gary North, Meretta Cable 115STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Sandy Rupczyk, Brian Burt, Doug Benedict, Missy Mattison Row 2: Bev Rowley, Lisa Courtney, Sandy Swenson, Juleen Hedlund, Tammy Frank, Wendy Larson, Julie Firth, Karen Carlson, Cathy Perkins, Rene Boheau, Kara Nadal Row }: Sandy Savko, Debbie Butt, Jeanne Nystrom, Diane White, Lynne Sumner, Joanne Goerlich, Mary Darby, Julie Nuttal. Beth Neal Row 4: Greg Thomas, Debbie Voty, Jude Bilafer, Faith Johnson, Barry VanOrd, Denise Cedrone, Maria Greenamyer,Jody Youker, Chris Holt, Amy Matthews, Wendy Wilkins, Row 5. Beth Fleming, Jennifer Donaldson, Shelley Guiley, Heidi Hetrick, Troy Onink, Pennie McMillen, Jodi Territo, Kim Eckert, Teri Halbig, Johna Norton, Deeane Campbell, 116THEATRE ARTS Row 1: Kerry Foltz, Bridget VanDorn. Kim Strickland. Pennie McMillen, Linda Bergstrom, Anita Hill, Carol Wilson, Katie Hill, Kim Rodgers, Dale McMillen, Jennifer Donaldson, Sally Larson, Jody Crosby, Vickie Peck, Row 2: Ed Lord, Chris Wynkop Annette Bergstrom, Mandy Cable, Randy Wagner, Barb VanHouten, Holly Wison, Kim Eckert, Sue Perkins, Kenny Williams, Charise Driscoll, Michele Thompson, Cindy Marsh, Karen Rapp Row ): Ramona Lauffen-berger, Connie VanOrd, Jim Curtis, Jim Stowe, Missy Hill, Beth Neal, Miss Fraley, Ben Spicer, Rene Bobeau, Cathy Perkins, Tammy Jones. Jeanne Nystrom, Kevin Cable, Jennifer Marquis, Tim Passinger, Wendy Wilkins, Nancy Biekarck, Carrie Pitner. Lorena Rickerson, Jennifer Hane. Jody Youker, Barry Resh, Chris Stroker, Karen CarlsonA.V. AIDES Dean Benedict Terry Anthony GYM AIDES Row I: Jim Hamilton, Diane White Row 2: R. J. Williams, Doug Clark, Pam Carlstrom, Karen Schenck, Jill Christensen Row 3: Sherri Sherrard, Sue Flasher, Lori Schumann, Tracy Smeluer, Michelle Bailey. 118NURSE’S AIDES Mrs. McFate R.N. Sally Larson Jodi Territo GUIDANCE OFFICE AIDES Row 1: Pegi Filiatrault. Kathleen Keppel. Kerry Atkinson Row 2: Carol Wilson, April Embrey, Tammy Frank, Robin Gardner, Mclia Lltegg, Denise Cedrone, Mary Darby OFFICE AIDES Seated: Kim Eckert, Carrie Pitner Standing: Vickie Healey Renee Dunbar, Lori Neese, Debbie Stanko, Con -nie Wrobliski, Melia Utegg, Brenda Leichtenberger, Robin Gardner, Brenda Smith 119CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR Cathy Perkins- V. President Sandy Savko- President Renea Bobeau-Secretary Dave Ristau- Treasurer JUNIOR Jeanne Nystrom- Secretary Lisa Craker- President Holly Wilson- Treasurer Diane White- V. President SOPHOMORE Lori Bortz- Secretary Mark Benedict- President Joanne Goerlich- V. President Ruth VanOrd- Treasurer 120FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Jude Bilafer - V. President BJ.Irwin- Treasurer Beth Neal- President Lisa Courtney- Secretary CONCESSION STAND Row 1: Karen Carlson, Debbie Jack-son, Mary Schmidt, Steve Schnars Row 2: Chris Springer, Cathy Perkins, Dave Ristau LIBRAR Y AIDES Row 1: Julie Battko, Paula Nichols, Terri Slater, Beth Knisley, Candy Vin -apol, Craig Repine, Julie Fill, Julie Hockinson, Kim Rodgers Row 2: Connie VanOrd, Charise Driscoll, Chris Anderson, Anne Sherman, Terri Smith, Tammy Parker, Missy Morellis, Tammy Wilson, Carrie Hamilton, Val Elder, Miss Reese, Kim North 121JUNIOR ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Jeanne Nystrom Lane Morrison SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Lori Bom Ted Johnson FRESHMEN ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Debbie Voty Jim O'Donnell 122QUEEN AND ESCORT Mona Hanson Dale Morgan HOMECOMING COURT 1980 SENIOR ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Maria Greenamyer Scott Morningstar 123EISENHOWER THEATRE ARTS PRESENTS "The Oblong Circle" November, 1979 "Get Smart" Spring, 1976 "Godspell" February, 1980 "Harvey" November, 1978 124125November, 1973 "Cheaper by the Dozen November, 1976 LLL li 126The musical "Daniel Boone " was performed on May 14, 1981. The play took place within the framework of a court-martial. Boone had been charged with treason by a land speculator named Calloway. The reason for this charge and the counter-arguments of his followers were heard in the dramatic opening, "Do You Know Your Daniel Boone?" In flashback sequences the audience saw Boone and Black Fish, chief of the Shawnee, develop a deep friendship as they led the settlers into a new land, Kentucky. But then, having settled it, the whites broke their land agreement and war ensued. Boone was caught in the middle and had to decide with whom to side, bringing the powerful drama to an exciting conclusion. 127ANNE FRANK CAST OF WIZARD OF OZ Mime 1: Missy Hill Mime 2: Anitia Hill Munchkins: Katie Hill Jennifer Donaldson Chris Wynkop Pennie McMillen Dorothy-.Karen Rapp Scarecrow: Jim Stowe Tin Woodsman: Jennifer Marquis Oz: Barry Resh Lion: Ben Spicer Glinda the Good Witch: Bridget VanDorn Wicked Witch: Mona Lauffenberger Auntie Em: Carol Wilson Lady on the Throne: Sally Larson Cartoon Characters: Sally Larson, Dawn Williams, Kenny Williams, Emily Lauffenberger Monkeys: Rollie VanDorn Norman EnosEISENHOWER MARCHING BAND A Vui »; '-I i SENIORS Si nZ v£„srjSM m« »» « »J£% vZ7Iu„7Nd- v“ G gory Rob Stamon Ben J nd rgscrom, Lassinger, Tom Homstrom ° °ar c NARCHIN drum majors Zen,dy Hinson v‘cki BurchFIELD CAPTAINS Becky Maeder Melanie Anderson f4 .. 4 K SQUAD LEADERS Row 1: Tammy Frank, Crystal Clark, Shelly Wilson, Holly Wilson, Kim North Row 2: Kim Strickland. Patty Burd, Ruth VanOrd, Diane White Row ): Linda Bergstrom, Cindy VanOrd, Valerie Elder, Nancy McIntyre, Karen Rapp, Row 4: Charles Riquer, Cathy Gregory, Ben Spicer, Frank Stroker, Rob Larson Row 5: Rob Stanton, Jordan Maeder, Brian Bauer, Craig Las-singer, Scott DarlingRIFLES Shelley Wilson Misti Straight Theresa Fisher Dodi Straight PERCUSSION Row 1: Scott Brown, Jordan Maeder Kim North, Mike Card, Gary North, Connie Fisher, Rob Larson Row 2: Jay Shaffer, Tammy Frank, Brian Bauer, John Nuttal, Melanie Anderson, Lisa Courtney, Linda White BAND FRONT COMMANDERS Shelly Wilson Crystal Clark 132BAND FRONT First Row: Deanna Chase, Jane Thompson, Deanna Maurice Second Row: Shelley Wilson, Misti Straight, Tracy Fisher, Dodi Straight Third Row: Carrie Pitner, Kim Homstrom Fourth Row: Renee Maurice, Julie Fill Fifth Row: Deleen Farnam, Holly Wilson, Sixth Row: Michelle Thompson, Dot Johnson, Bev Rowley, Anna Mae Gray, Lori Neese, Vicki Healey, Crystal Clark OFFICERS First Row: Becky Maeder, Vicki Burch, Wendy Levinson, Mel Anderson Second Row: Crystal Clark, Tom Homstrom, Chris Stroker, Cindy Van -Ord, Nancy McIntyre, Shelly Wilson Third Row: Linda White, John Nuttal, Scott Darling, Ben Spicer 133Cindy VanOrd, Wendy Leveinson Linda Bergstrom Michelle Thompson Patty Burd WOODWIND QUINTET STATE BAND Linda Bergstrom 134 SENIOR CONCERTOFFICERS Linda Bergstrom, Cindy VanOrd Melanie Anderson, Kim Strickland 135 BANDSTAGE BAND I Sandy Rupczyk, Lurry Reagle, Craig Lassinger, Row 2: Mandy Cable, Scott Darling, Chris Stroker, Doug Coldiron, Wendy Wilkins, Charlene Wilcox, Heather Legere, Sara Legere Row 3: Kim Strickland, John Nuttal, Mel Anderson, Brian Bauer, Frank Stroker, Rob Stanton, Alan Merkle, Lori Brooker, Linda Bergstrom. Karen Rapp. Nancy McIntyre STAGE BAND II Row I: Scott Marine, Mart Carter, Lance Healey, Lori Brooker Row 2: Leslie Reagle, Michelle Thompson, Stacie Carlson, Becky Barrett. Pam Thelin Row 3: Todd Swanson, Heidi Stroker, Wendy Wilkins. Lisa Courtney, Scott Brown, Darrin Schott, Pennie McMillen, Sara Legere, Alan Merkle, Mererta Calble. Mandy Cable, Ruth VanOrd, Bobby Hiles, Mike Stanton WIND ENSEMBLE WIND ENSEMBLE 136ORCHESTRA Jim Keller, Rena Cable, Debbie Bensch, Shelly Bentsch, Amy Quig-gle, Holly Wilson, Anita Hill, Carrie Pitner Mary Pasquente Row 2: Dean Benedict, Jamie Stuan, Brian Hall JUNIOR BAND Row 1: Amy Donaldson, Ann Nutral, Missy Passinger Row 2: Faye Sherwood. Jeanne Strand, Sue Carlstrom, Heidi Stroker, Rett a Ca ■ ble, Annette Bergstrom Row 3: Tonya Conklin, Barb Merritt, Liu Hag berg, Kim Johnson, Jill Swanson. Ruby Lauffenberger Row 4: Mike Stanton. Jim Nelson, Billy Littlefield. Dale McMillen, Matt Carter. Scott Marine, Robbie Swanson. Stacie Carlson, Pam Thelin Row 5: Scott Brown, Jordan Maeder. Connie Fisher, Gary North, Don Nichols. Mike Card. Lance Healey, Shelley Bertsch, Bobby Hiles, Leslie Reagle, Todd Swanson, Becky Barrett OFFICERS Row 1: Becky Barrett, Jim Nelson, Faye Sherwood Row 2: Jeanne Strand, Pam Thelin 13 7SENIOR CHOIR The senior choir consists of students from grades 10-12, and meet every fifth period. Performances include a Christmas concert, a spring concert, the variety show, Baccalaureate, an appearance at Christmastime on WICU-TV, and choir ex-changes with other high schools. Also, from this choral group, students are selected to attend county, district, regional, and stare choruses. Through this vocal medium, musical abilities are developed and exhibited and a "family" unity is created as students sing and perform together to entertain others. INTERMEDIATE CHOIR Row l: C. Wilcox, T. Slater. M. Mor-elli A. Quiggle, J. Daugharthy, S. Southwell, T. Chase. L. Healey, T. Fowler, J. Hane, B. Irwin, K. Hardy Row 2: Y. Burrows, C. Wynkop, T. Rutsky, B. Fleming, T. Anthony, C. Wrobleski.J. Donaldson, D. Me MU-len, D. Osborne, P. Foxx, T. Frank, C. Anderson, T. Smith, Miss Reitz Row 3: J. Battko, T. Barrko, B. Orcutt, A. Putnam, K. Foltz, C. Persing, S. Gui-ley, N. Saylor, M. Wilcox, J. Williams, N. Enos, T. Chase, J. Hunt.J. Sherrard Row 4: H. Hetrick. S. Peck, M. Straight, S. Swenson, J. Strand. M. Carlson, S. Jones, C. Hamilton, T. Pas-singer, R. Driscoll, J. Beck. J. Stuart, R. Warner, B. Neal L. Schumann, C. Gregory. K. Keppel, M. Greenamyer, B. Werner, C. Pirner, M. Cable. L. Bergstrom, Miss Reitz Row 2: B. Dans, H. Bortz. K Rapp, H. Wilson, M. Hill. D. Wright, M. Donaldson, J. Stowe, T. Jones. K. Rodgers Row I: B. Leichenberger, C. Flliort, C. Smith, T. Fisher, P. McMiUen. T. Onink, B. Spicer. J. Cunis, K. Schenck, W. Wilkins. A. Hill. R. Lauffenburger. Row 4: S. Peterson. C. McKinney, L. Craker, J. Collins, P. Carlstrom, K. F.cken. K. Cable, £ Manin, M. Anderson, N. McIntyre, C. VanOrd. Row 5: D. Cedrone, D. White. D. Staight, F. Johnson, C. VanOrd, C. Lassinger, T. Hornstrom, C. Clark, J. Marquis, W. Chase, V. Anderson, S. Flasher. T. Smelrzer, The Intermediate choir consists of students in grades eighth and ninth. They meet every sixth period. The choir gives two performances a year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. 138SEVENTH GRADE CHOIR Row I: R. VanDorn, B. Marquis, G. Thomas, J. Hedlund, S. Wilcox, A. Swanson, L. Slagle, K. Gray, R. Wolfe, J. Kenney, Miss Reitz Row 2: R. Lauffenberger, J. Putnam, I. Rea-gle, A Slater, K. Van Houten, M. Carter, D. Oaks, K. Dies. D. Morton, R. Abbott Row }: P. Feeney, M. Trumball, L. Johnson, P. Perkins, J. Hu It man, J. Firth, R. Lyons, T. Ross, P.Pulsney, L. Byerly, H. Concoby, R. VanOrd. L. DeVore Row 4: J. Schumann. R. Ritchie, A Grover, W Larson, A. Nutt all, C. Hayes, K. Zam-borik, S. Smeltzer, C. Waite, B. Bimber, M. Passinger, B. Borton, T. Anderson, L. Hagberg The seventh grade choir is a new choral group this year. They meet second period, three times a week. The choir performs twice a year, once at Christmas and once in the spring. POP CHOIR Row I: Karen Rapp. Cathy Gregory Bobbi Werner. Dave Wright, Lisa Craker, Crystal Clark Row 2: Ben Firth, Jennifer Marquis Craig l.as-singer.Jim Stowe. Ben Spicer The pop choir is a small ensemble of students from Senior choir selected by audition. This group meets twice a week before school. They perform in concerts, in the variety show, and for schools, banquets, and other various events. 139SENIOR CHOIR OFFICER Maria Greenamyer, Cathy Gregory, Ben Spicer, Chris McKinney, Crystal Oark, Kathleen Keppel INTERMEDIATE CHOIR OFFICERS Christi Wilcox, Jennifer Donaldson, Katie Hill, Heidi Hetrick. B.J. Irwin, Norman Enos, Jennifer Hane SEVENTH GRADE CHOIR OFFICERS Debbie Oaks, Anne Nuttal 140SENIORS Row 1: Lori Schumann, Kathleen Kep-pel, Todd Onink, Mark Donaldson, Maria Greenamyer, Linda Bergstrom Row 2: Cathy Gregory, Sherry Peterson, Chris McKinney, Craig Lassinger, Ben Spicer, Tammy Jones Row 3: Karen Rapp, Cindy VanOrd, Eugene Martin, Crystal Clark, Tom Hornstrom DREAMERS Row 1: Julie Hedlund, Greg Thomas Row 2: Ann Nuttal, B.J. Irwin, Christy Wilcox, Jennifer Donaldson, Sue South-well Row 3: Kerry Foltz, Missy Passinger, Dale McMullen Dreamers is a select ensemble consisting of students in grades 7-9-The group rehearses once a week before school. They perform in concerts, in the variety show, and for other schools and organizations. DISTRICT CHORUS Craig Lassinger, Jennifer Marquis, Maria Greenamyer, Ben Spicer, Ben Firth REGIONAL CHOR US Ml Craig Lassinger, Maria Greenamyer, Ben SpicerFOREIGN LANGUAGE DAY German II with the skit "Kutshcke's Angels" 142Spanish II - Tango Spanish class breaking the Pinata German ■ "Sesame Street" Spanish III "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:" Skit 143146■ 3 • Aft 4 Ym ' A Hi 147Row 1: G. McConnell. D. Benedict, T. Onink, B. VanOrd, B. Butt, E. Martin. C. Holt, C. Youngberg, L. Rodgers, M. Benedict Row 2: R. Wilkins, B. Kramer, J. Wilson, R. Osborne, D. Sager, B. Firth, S. Kibbey, R. Daugharthy, c. Bailey, Row }:J. Wilkins, R. VanHouten, D. Wright. B. Carlson, S. Williams, K. Abbott, R. Miller, L. Red, D. Bauer, R. Bakewell S. VanOrd, Row 4: R. Bakewell, S. Robeson, M. Chase, M. Fellews. C. Summerson, D. Zamboric, D. Nystrom, D. Spittler, K. Moon 1980 FOOTBALL KNLGHTS The 1980 Football Knights were 7-1-1. They were second in the Al-Kin league. The seniors on the team won 22 of 27 games over three years. Self Discipline, Unity, and hard work were the keys to a successful season. The team captains were: Todd Onink, Eugene Martin, Barry VanOrd, and Brian Burt. 1980 Football Knights Eisenhower Oppts. 19 v.c.c. 0 21 Otto Eldred 0 14 Ridgeway 24 9 Youngsville 8 8 Johnsonburg 6 7 Bradford 6 13 Sheffield 12 6 Kane 6 44 Union City 6 The team was coached by Jim Wilkins. Assistant Coaches were Ernie Carlson, Dave Tannler, Keith White, Gary Fry, and Ken Bakewell. 148CAPTAINS Row 1: Barry VanOrd, Todd Onink Row 2: Brian Butt, Eugene Martin THIRD YEAR LETTER -MEN Row 1: Doug Benedict, Eugene Martin, Craig Young-berg Row 2: Todd Onink, Barry VanOrd, Brian Burt 149RETURNING LETTERMEN Row 1: Eugene Martin. Craig Youngberg, Brian Butt, Barry VanOrd, Todd Onink, Chris Holt. Doug Benedict. Kevin Abbott, Bill Kramer, Larry Rogers, Mark Benedict LINEBACKERS AND ENDS Dan Zamborik Scott Kibbey Barry VanOrd Rich VanHouten Dave Bauer Bill Kramer Todd Onink Mark Benedict 150DEFENSIVE SY Row 1: Randy Daugharthy, Ralph Miller, Dan Neal, Cory Summerson, Ken Moon, Chris Holt, Brian Butt Row 2: Scott Williams, Scott Robeson, Brad Carlson. Steve VanOrd, Doug Benedict, Dave Wright DEFENSIVE LINEMEN Row 1: Mika Fellows, Lenny Riel, Eugene Martin, Craig Youngberg, Ben Firth, Larry Rogers Row 2: Jamie Wilson, Carl Bailey, Dana Spirt ter, Mike Chase. Rick Osborne. Rich Bakewell J R. H I. Row I: J. Steuart, D. McAfoose, B. Haner, L. Pitner, T. Anthony M. Trumble, R. Ritchie Row 2: J. Carlson, J. Bom, R. Bakewell, B. Marsh, M. Darby, B. Ludwick Row 3: T. Onink, T. Knapp. J. Bilafore, D. Sterling. B. Elder, M. Concoby, B. Thompson, J. Phillips, T. Hazeltine, B. Larson 151BASKETBALL T9 r ,H f. 152153BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: Doug Benedict. Dave Wright. Scott Williams, R.J. Williams Row 2: Dave Ristau. Scott Dahl. Barry Lundmark. Jerry Suppa. Steve Schnars. Rich VanHouten. Scott Darling, Doug Hedman, Robert Stanton, Coach-Mr. Brunecz The Knights Basketball team was faced with a rebuilding season. The team was decimated by the loss of 9 graduating members of the SO squad and only Steve Schnars returned from that ream. Short on experience, the team has been working to develop maturity and experience in its younger members. The future holds bright-as 5 underclassmen will letter. 154J.V. BASKETBALL Row 1: Bryan Clark, Dan Zamborik, Mark Benedict, Kevin Abbott. Ray Harris, Scott Darling, Dana Rickerson, Dana Spittler, Cory Summerson, Dave Wright JR. HI. BASKETBALL Row 1: Mr. Wilson, Gary North, Donald Robeson, Mike Cronmiller, Terry Kuntz, Jerry Carlson, Dean Benedict Row 2: Jamie Stuart. Henry Borger. Rich Gray, Brian Marsh, Jude Bilafer Row 3: Kevin Eckert, Terry Gray, Dave Smith, Dave Sterling, Roger Sherwood7TH grade basketball Row 1: Lyle Pitner. Greg Thompson, Scon Irwin, Par Feeny, Man Caner, Kevin Reddinger Row 2: Clark Waite, Tim Gourley, Brian Gem, Wayne Marino, Mark CronmillerJim Hedstrom Row 3: Rob Ritchie, Mike Kelly, Randy Fill, Kevin Jones, John Downs SCOREKEEPERS AND Row 1: Bobbi Werner, Renee Dunbar, Barb VanHouten, Sue Perkins, Pennie McMillen, Tracy Fischer Row 2: Ruth VanOrd. Shelly FLedman, Teri Halibig, Kim Eckert s T A T I S T I C I A N S 156VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Sandy Rupczyk Lynne Sumner Jody Youker Mona Hanson Vickie Peck Lisa Craker Jeanne Nystrom Missy Martison Joni Frank Debbie Burr Denise FllisTV. GIRLS BASKETBALL Row 1: Shelly Hedman, Julie Nuttall, Dawn Williams, Faye Sherwood. Row 2: Robin Philblad, B.J. Irwin Row )'■ Lori Brect.Johna Norton, Debbie Voty, Party Campbell, Chris Casteel, Beth Youker, Lorena Rickerson, Nancy Biekark STATISTICIAN AND S C Row 4: Tracy Custer, Lisa Spelling 158159160161VARSITY WRESTLERS Row 1: Sean Feeny, Mark Donaldson, Paul Kemmery, Ken Moon, Jim Hornstrom, Terry Anthony Row 2:John Morton, Dave Baran, Craig Youngberg, Doug Sager, Brian Butt, Eugene Martin, Barry VanOrd 162TRI CAPTAINS Brian Butt Barry VanOrd Mark Donaldson SENIORS I Row 1: John Morton, Sean Feeny, Dave Baran, Barry VanOrd, Brian Butt, Mark Donaldson, Eugene Martin, Craig Youngberg 163J.V. WRESTLERS Row 1: Randy Spicer, Jon Phillips, Ralph Miller, Scon Kibbey.Jim Keller, Scon Slagle, Row 2: Gail Collins, Steve Holt, Al Deremer, Ted Johnson, Mika Fellows, Brad Carlson JR. HIGH WRESTLERS Row 1: Rory Wilkins, Ray Bakewell, Greg Barnett, Mike Card, Mike Prowin, Dan McAfoose, Greg Hitchcock Row 2:Jim Riel, David Bonz, Scott Morine, Lance Healy, Mike Darby, Dean Morningstar Row 3: John Bom, Jim Nelson, Larry Mam'n, Troy Onink 164GIRLS BOWLING Row 1: Vicki Burch, Wendy Peterson, Shelley Wilson, Ellen Ellis Cathy Gregory, Sherry Peterson, Kathleen Kepple, Debbie Jackson, Deanna Chase Row 2: Heidi Stroker, Jeanne Strand, Becky Maeder, Tammy Frank, Wendy Larson Tracy Frank, Rhonda Lyons, Linda Swenson, Lisa Hagberg Row 3: Raye Abbott, Kim Johnson, Karen Schenk, Jackie Kenney, Becky Devore, Valerie Rutsky, Karen Zamborik Row 4: Beth Fleming, Heather Concoby, Karen Longenecker, Cindy Devore, Sara Dyer, Lynette Johnson, Julie Firth, Rhonda Rutsky Row 5: Carrie Wrobleski, Lisa Devore, Dee Dee Johnson, Cris Stroker, Brenda Leichten-berger, Lisa Schenk, Ronda Sechriest Row 6: Teri Brown, Renae Fitzgerald, Dana Wiliams, Kim Eckert, Teri Halibig, Becky Gourley, Brenda Beedle BOYS BOWLING Row 1: Kenny Williams, Lyle Pitner, Kevin Hardy, Clark Waite, Mike Kelly, Tim Gourley, Jim Hedstrom, Scott Irwin Row 2: MikeJackson, Jeff Johnson, Jamie Stuart, Ray Blackwell, Frank Concoby, Randy Warner, Brian Clark. Row 3: Bobby Switzer, Brad Carlson, Cory Summerson. Dave Wright, Dan Zamborik. Jim Glotz Row 4: Dave Baran, Dave Ristau, Scott Williams, RJ. Williams, Jerry Suppa, Doug Clark Row 3: Steve Schnars 166Row I: Jody Youker, Cris Stroker, Row 2: Kim Eckert, Denise Ellis, Lynne Sumner, Lisa Schenk Row 3: Vicki Anderson, Renee Bobeau, Ellen Ellis, Melanie Anderson Row 4: Lisa Spelling, Karen Longenecker, Shelley Wilson, Row 5: Linda Brooker, Kim Anderson, Coach-Mr. Black, Penney Kohler, Denise Cedrone, Diane White, Wendy Peterson Row 1: Rhonda O'Donnell, Faith Johnson Row 2: Coach Mr. Firth, Teri Gibson, Jill Williams, Julie Hockinson, Lon Neese, Melanie Anderson, Vicki Healy Row 3: Lynne Sumner, Joni Frank, Debbie Butt, Trudy Peterson, JoAnn Hedstrom Denise Ellis, Chris McKinney, Karen Longenecker, Lisa Craker, Lisa Schenk, Vicki Anderson Row 4: Dawn Williams, Jody Youker, Jeanne Nystrom, Julie Fill, Pennie McMillen, Kim Eckert, Barb VanHouten, Ellen Ellis, Icey Eddy, Wendy Wilkins, Tammy FrankGIRLS TRACK Row 1: Jody Youker, Lynne Sumner, Sara Dyer Row 2: Robin Philblad, Coach-Mr. Hoffman, Barb VanHouten, Sue Perkins, Vicki Anderson, Fawn Kibbey, Linda White, Denise Ellis, Cris Stroker, Lisa Schenk Row 3: Pennie McMiUen, Kim Eckert, Pam Carlstrom, Jeni Collins, Renee Bodeau 168c H E E R L E A D E R S FOOTBALL AND GLRLS BASKETBALL V A R S I T Y Row 1: Sandy Savko Row 2: Rhonda O'Donnell, Misty Rodencal, Cathy Perkins, Lori Bom, JoAnn Goerlich Row 3: Maria Greenamyer, Amy Matthews, Pam Carlstrom 169Row 1: Jeanne Nystrom, Maria Greenamyer, Denise Cedrone, Diane White Row 2: Missy Mattison Row 3: Lynne Sumner, Debbie Butt, Lisa Craker Row 4: Sandy Rupczyk Row 5; Amy Matthews WRESTLING y Wilson, Dawn Williams, Misty Rodencal 170Row I: Cathy Perkins, Sandy Savko, Rhonda O'Donnell, Amy Matthews, Missy Matrison, Misty Rodencal, Maria Greenamyer J.V. FOOTBALL Row 1: Marianne Curtis Row 2: Wendy Jordan, Theresa Kramer Row Dana Williams, Heidi Hetrick, Julie Beck, Emily Lauffenburger Row 4: Shelly Guiley 171J.V. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Row 1: Wendy Jordan Row 2: Julie Beck, Johna Norton, Patty Campbell Row 3: Dana Williams, Heidi Hetrick, Beth Youker, BJ. Irwin, Marianne CurtisCANDIDS 0 0 Don t get excited now coach!! You've done it now !Which way did he go ! Another one bites the dust!!!!! 175Super psyched SENIORS!!!!! - WtUtHll l«W to rue • SiwTM AfcNUAL « • THANKStiviMC OK'f V ♦ FEAST Boy was that good!Would someone get him off me !? 178Lee's see now, that’s S3,577.83 . . .REMEMBER WHEN 180184fx 00188Congra tula tions 1981 Seniors ENTERPRISE I ENTERPRISE II North Work Street Falconer, N.Y. Formerly "White Way" River Road Starbrick, Pa. Drive In Hours: April 11 (Fri.-Sat.-Sun.) Till School Is Out. ENTERPRISE DRIVE IN THEATRE Open 7 Days When School Is Done. 189 Owned And Operated By Don And Chris GuileyAFTER HIGH SCHOOL, GET A FAST START, LEARN A SKILL. If you d like to get started in an interesting field by learning one of more than 200 skills - the Army is a great place to get your start. Work with modern equipment. . . learn from top instructors... Earn over $500 a month while learning . . . and move up from there on your own ability. Pick your skill area now . . . finish school, and go after graduation with the Army's guaranteed training. Get all the details from: Con era tula tions And Good Luck Class Of 1981 WARREN NURSING HOME SGT WILLIAM E GARDNER 723-8270 Good Luck Class Of 1981 MR. AND MRS. O.B. CONFER 190MOST OUTSTANDING SENIOR SANDY SAVKO Sandy was chosen by her classmates as most outstanding senior. She has been very active while a student at Eisenhower. She has been a class officer, representative in student council, a member of the yearbook staff, yearbook copy editor, a cheerleader and has been involved in various other areas. She was also chosen as student of the month by the newspaper staff. We wish Sandy the best in all does. We know that she will be a success. Good luck, Sandy 191

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