Eisenhower High School - Lance Yearbook (Russell, PA)

 - Class of 1979

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Eisenhower High School - Lance Yearbook (Russell, PA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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THE 1979 LANCE Eisenhower High School Russell, Pa. Dwight Turner, Co-Editor Jessica VanOrd, Co-Editor Barb Confer, AdvisorTABLE OF CONTENTS School Board Administration Faculty 5 6 8 Seniors 28 Superlatives 48 Juniors 66 Sophomores 76 Freshmen 84 Grade Eight 92 Sports Activities 108 128 Grade Seven 100 2APPRECIATION This year's yearbook staff would like to show their appreciation to Miss Confer for all of her invaluable help in preparing this yearbook. Many hours were spent this year working, planning, and meeting deadlines. However, we, the '79 yearbook staff feel that this year's book is the best ever. Miss Confer spent many hours of her time working with the staff, giving ideas, and organizing us into a team. We cannot thank her enough. The 1979 LANCE staffMr. Henry Kutschke DEDICATION Mr. Kutschke has taught at E.H.S. for four years in the social studies department. Eisenhower gained a great amount of knowledge from this man. He has passed on this knowledge to the students here at E.H.S., not only in the social studies department, but also by starting a German class. The class of 1979 would like this opportunity to dedicate a place in their yearbook to show their appreciation for all he has done. A natural born leader, he led us through our junior year, the prom and then on to our senior year. As we graduate from this school we will look back and see all the good times we had. We are sure Mr. Kutschke's name will be remembered for many, many years for he is a very special man to the class of 1979 Robin YorkWARREN COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Donald Martin, JohnE. Binney, David Swanson (Pres.) Karl Hoffman, Carolyn Anderson (Sec.) STANDING: Jack Donaldson (V. Pres.), John Benner, Mary A. Rogers, Bernard Hessley, Alfred Rau, Donald Smith 5Your graduation from high school marks another milestone in your life. The important decision you must make is, "what do I do with all I have been taught?" Our intent as educators was to prepare you to make decisions, meet problems with courage, conviction, knowledge and wisdom acquired during your years as a student at Eisenhower. Education is many things but it is never complete. Be proud of the opportunities you have had as a student at Eisenhower High School to develop many of the skills needed for a responsible and wholesome life. You will now enter another phase that will give you a place in adult society which can be worthwhile, one of contribution or one of nothingness. Congratulations to the graduating seniors of the class of 1979. May you achieve greatness and success throughout life. May your years be filled with meaningful, challenging and rewarding deeds. Good luck and best wishes. John M. Neese Principal 6Congratulations to the class of 1979 for a job well done. Through your involvement in school, you have had both good and bad experiences needed to prepare you for life. You will have more positive than negative experiences if you continually prepare yourself throughout life. Graduation is just the beginning. Approach each new experience with the same enthusiasm and confidence that you had while at Eisenhower and life will be fulfilling. Good luck and best wishes. John H. Sechriest Assistant Principal 7Mr. Ted Dorrion: English 8, English 11, Department Chairman Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom: English 10, Speech, Sports Lit. Miss Barbara Confer: English 8 10, Yearbook Advisor 10Miss Paula J. Dell: English 7 9, Sophomore Class Advisor, Miss Cindy Dahler: Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4; Assistant Girls Track Coach Mr. Michel Schultz: French 1, 2, 3, 4; Introduction to French 8, English 7 12 Mrs. Lynn Wiltsie: English 9 11Mr. William Wilson: Social Studies 9, Social Studies Mr. Al Bean: Social Studies 9, Oriental St ' Mr. Henry Kutschke: Social Studies 10, German 1 and 2, Junior Class Advisor, Honor Society Advisor, German Department Chairman I Miss Beverly Abbott: Social Studies 8, Social Studies 11, Social Studies 12 :udiesMr. Ken Bakewell: Social Studies8, Social Studies 11, Social Studies 7, Social Studies Department Chairman Mr. Richard Rolls: Social Studies 7, Consumer Economics, Audio-Visual Mr. Ronald Dunbar: Social Studies 10, Social Studies 12 Ms. Carla Anderson: Art I, II, III, IV, Art Cycle 7 8 Miss Linda Vinton: Algebra 1, Computer Programming, Consumer Math 9 Mr. Jerry Hoffman: Math 9, Algebra 2, Science 9 Mr. John Brunecz: Intro, to Calcalus, Logic, Advanced Math, Math 7, Sr. Class Advisor, Head Basketball Coach (Boys), Head Girls Track Coach asKKssasaaa™”" ■■■■■■■■a Mrs. Sandra Hernan: Algebra 1, Math 8 14Mr. Jack Adams: Geometry, Algebra 1, Consumer Math 10, Girls J.V. Basketball Coach, Boys Junior High Basketball Coach Mr. Patrick Black: Advanced Math, Integrated Trig, and Algebra, Math 8, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Head Girls Softball Coach, Girls and Boys Bowling Coach, Math Department Chairman Mr. John Lassinger: Math 7, Algebra 1, Math Coordinator 15Mr. Robert Swanson: Science 7, Applied Science I II Ecolab Director17 Mr. Robert Bacchetti: Grades 10-12: Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Physical Science Mr. R. Ritter: Grades 10-12, Biology, Science Survey, Advanced BiologyCharlotte Siefert: Home Ec. Cynthia M. Fraley: Shorthand I II, Business English, Office Practice, Notehand, Office Experience Advise: Theatre Arts Organization, Stage Crew, Press ClubMiss Mary Ann Lutton: Personal Typing, Typing I, Typing II, Business Math, Introduction to Business, Future Business Leader of America, Cheerleader Advisor 19 Mr. Harris Lanzel: Wind Ensemble, Jr. Band, Sr. Band, Sr. Music Appreciation, Marching Band, Stage Band I II, Ensembles Mrs. Fae Rouse: Physical Education 7-12, Health 12 22Mr. Saul Shepler: Wood ShopMr. Bradley Stanton: Development Reading 7 and 8, Junior High Football Coach Mrs. Virginia Letko: Special Education Mr. Budd Neidig: Driver Education, Key Club Advisor 26Mrs. Lee Wilson: Reading 7 and 8 27 NOT PICTURED: Miss Elayne Kofchock: Reading-Learning Lab King's Kids Advisor "■}Eugenia Lynn Arp "Arpper" Thomas G. Abbott "Buckwheat" Mary Paulene Baran "Barry" I close my eyes. Only for a moment And the moment's gone Picture Not Available Dennis Laverne Arthur "Pudge" Robin Belitsky Jamie BeckMarie Anne Biekarck "Marie" All my dreams Pass before my A curiosity Jeffrey Carlson "Jeff" Diana Arlene Blair " D i" Neil A. Campbell "Red" 31Richard Lee Carlson "Rick" Sally Annette Chase Mlcheal Cataldo "Mike" Beth Amy Church "Beth" Laurie Chapman "Laurie" David L. Cathcart "Dave" Ronald Lee Carlson "Peach" Picture Not AvailableBetsy Ann Church "Betsy" Brian Allen Clark "Brian" David Clark "Barky" Penny Courtney "Penny" Karen Darby "Karen" Gary Curtis Craig "I. H. Private Eye" Tim Critzer "Tim" Kenneth Lee Crosby "Croz"Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea. 34Jeff Dean English "xxx-xxx11 Kimberly Ann Ellis "Kimmer" All we do. Crumbles to the ground Though we refuse to see Jackie Lynn Ewer "Jack" Shannon Ilene Feeny "Shannon" Sharon Kay Hagberg "Shari" Picture Not Available Carolee Giordano "Carolee" 35 James Noble Greenamyer "Jim-Greeny"Therese Jane Kibbey "Terri Jugs" Christopher Thomas Kay "Chris" Larry Allen Kobojek "Kobbie" Linda Ann Kane "Linda Lou" James Kuzminski Challis Lee Lechner "Challis" Timothy J. Lascola Collen Lawson "Candy" 3:Carol Little "Carol" Elzie Bruce Lindell "Elzie" David Lltzlnger "Dave" John A. Lindsey "John" Picture Not Available Dan Paul Little "Paul" Don't hang on. Nothing lasts forever but the earth and skyBrett Leroy Marsh "Marsh" Picture Not Available Bradley Jay Leach "Brad" Tom Degrove May "Mayzel" Picture Not Available Cherie Martin "Cherie" Rebecca Dawn Martin "Bee" 1 Ruth Victoria Martin "Ruth" It slips away. And all your money won't another minute buy Deborah Ann Mattison "Debbie" Beth Ann Matthews "Beth"David Scott Neal "Dave" Picture Not Available Gina P. Morelli "Gina" Laurie Neal "Laurie" Eric James Nystrom "Eric" 40Brenda Parker "Brenda" Beverly Pangborn "6B" Picture Not Available Mitch A. Passinger "Mitch" Picture Not Available Wanda Lee Durnell Peck "Mom" 41Mary Elizabeth Pratz "Mary" Jim B. Phillips "Jim" Picture Not Available Dust in the wind All we are is dust in the windCharles J. Riel "Chuck" Bill Sherwood "Doc" Lisa Regina Rivett "Lis" Richard John Robeson "Roby" Everything is dust in the wind Kerry Livgren "Kansas" Picture Not Available Donald C. Schrecongost "Schrec" Randy Lee Sechriest "Randy" 4345Keith James White "Beefer"Wesley Wright "Wes" Picture Not Available Lester B. Wright "Les" Billie D. Youngberg "Billie" 47SUPERLATIVES Cutest Shyest Becky Martin; Gary Craig David Clark; Terrie OlsonBest Dancers Pam Peterson Dwight Turner Class Cut Ups Tom Abbott Lorie Williams ,,79" Screwball Hall of Fame Sue Saylor Scott Hurley 49Most Artistic Laurie Neal; Dwight Turner Most Daring Rick Robison; Becky Spicer Tom Abbot Tallest Shortest Bill Sherwood; Beth Mathews, Sally Chase; Allen Head Most Likely To Succeed Laurie Neal; Ken Crosby5962 JUN Chad Abbott Kurt Alcorn Denise Bailey Vincent Baran Lorie Bearfield Steve Belitsky Jeff Benedict David Bergstrom Dan Blair Cathy Blanco Lottie Borland Dan Braley Louise Braley Marcia Brooks 66IORS Scott Burch Jeff Carlson Clint Champman Bill Case John Chase Eric Christianson Paul Church Janet Clark Ralph Clark Scott Clark Jim Collins Kim Collins Tim Collins Dennis Cracker 67Tim Daugherty Laurie Deremer Steve DuPont Rex Dyer Terry Dyke Charias Elliott Lynn Ferrie Sherrie Ferrie Chris Fischer Donna Fisher Steve Flasher Brian Foltz Vance Fox Jerry Frank Dan Fullerton Jeannie Goerlich Jeff Gray Jim Gray Mary Gray Melinda Greenwalt 68David Grieb Kirk Hane Scott Hane Elsie Hardy Mark Hartman John Hepler Gary Hodges Teri Hornstrom 69Vennie Hotchkiss Richard Johnson Tom Johnson Troy Johnson Jim Kane Scott Kane Pam Kibbey Kim Kifer 70Linda Linde11 Barbara Little Rodger Little Howard Lyon Jeanne Lyon Ted Moon Sue Morine Edward Orcutt Diane Parker Debbie Phillips Jim Phillips Wendy Pihlblad Kelly Repine Kim Repine 71Jeff Rowely Danny Rutsky Kevin Rutsky George Sanders Mark Schwanke Chris Seleni Robin Shaffer Tim Sherman Tammy Sisk ’V Darlene Riel Steve Riggs Debbie Roberts Louise Rogers Paul Slagle Sandy Smith Linda Sopher Rita Spicer 72Chris Spink Sue Spittler Bobbie Stanton Beth Stevenson Robin VanOrd Myra Vinopal Randy Wagner Candy Wagner Betsy Stino Sue Switzer Brenda Thomas David Traniello Ron Turner Laurie VanHouton Mary VanHouten Bryan VanOrd Gary VanOrd 7374Rod Wilkins Jackie Williams Nathan Wolff Lenny Wright Mary Jane Wright Sally Youker Wendy Zamborik Jackie Zimmerman Michelle Dutro Dana Nelson 75SOPHOMORES Kim Anderson Michelle Bailey Dave Baran Fred Baran Victor Battko PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Douglas Benedict Linda Bergstrom Renee Bobeau Lawrence Brooks Todd Brown Amy Buchanan Vickie Burch Patricia Burd Brian Butt Andrew CableRonald Cambell Karen Carlson Kent Carlson Wayne Carlson William Cataldo Rusty Chapman Deanna Chase Jill Christiansen Sheila Christiansen Todd Church Crystal Clark Doug Clark Gail Collins Conrad Condron Jody Crosby Tracy Custer Mark Donaldson Howard Easton Valerie Elder Ellen Ellis 7778 Ellen Falconer Sean Feeny Ilea Ferrand Peg I Filiatrault Alfredo Frangione Christine Frederick Teresa Gardner Pam Gray Robert Gray Maria Greenamyer Catherine Gregory George Hamilton Mona Hanson Mark Hedman Craig Hockinson Christopher Holt Thomas Hornstrom Brenda Hunzinger Janet Hurley Debra Jackson Mark Irwin Dawn Johnson Bonnie Jones Kevin Jones Tammy Jones Dan GageKathleen Keppel James Knisley Penny Kohler Rodney Larson Craig Lassinger Heather Legere Wendy Levinson Eric Lindell Barry Lundmark Randall Lyons Mark McArthur Christine McKinney Charles McMillen Cindy McMillen John McMillen Ann Martin Eugene Martin Amy Mathews Melissa Mattison Cynthia May 79James Meleen Duanne Merkle Dale Morgan Scott Morningstar John Morton Kara Nadal Tim Newark Patrick Nodzak John Nuttall David Nystrom Rhonda O'Donnell Todd Onink Karen Parker Catherine Perkins Sherry Peterson Wendy Peterson Mark Phinney Garrett Rain Karen Rapp Jimmy Reed Jamie Reed Barry Rash David Ristau Dane Robillard Kristy Rodencal Mark Rodgers John Rutsky Sandra Savko Kathie Schmidtt Mary Schmidtt Steven Schnars Lori Schumann Sherri Sherrard 80Brenda Smith Gordon Smith Michael Smith Richard Smith « t PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Scott Smith William Southwell Lisa Spelling Debbie Spencer iKT 81Benjamin Spicer Debbie Stanko Robert Stanton Tracy Stanton Frank Stroker Gerald Suppa Anne Thelin Bryan Thomas Crystal Thompson Kimberly Thomas Barry VanOrd Cynthia VanOrd Randy VanOrd Cynthia Walker William Way David Whitten Jeffrey Willaims Michelle Wilson Jodell Youker Craig Youngberg%Kevin Abbott Melanie Anderson Vicki Anderson Tim Anthony Carl Bailey Darby Bailey John Baran Eugene Battko Brian Bauer Steve Beck Debbie Bertch Michael Blanco Heather Bortz Linda Brooker Debbie Butt Eugene Carlson Jeff Carlson Denise Cedrone Wanda Chase Faye Clark Johanna Clark Doug Coldiron Beverly Condon Lisa Craker Rick CritzerScott Dahl Mary Darby Scott Darling Bobette Darts Randy Daugharthy Dave Decker Ron Decker Tammy Decker Alan Deremer Bonnie Derry John Eaton Kim Eckert Icey Eddy Bradley Edwards Cathy Elliott 85 Denise Ellis April Evans Terry Ewer Mike Falconer Gerald Fasciano Tim Ferrie Benjamin Firth Teresa Fischer Todd Fitch Joni Frank Tammy Frank Bessie Gardner Robin Gardner Tim Garvey Kathy Greenland Robin Greenawalt John Gregory Kennth Gertsch Tom Giordan Jamie Hamilton' Jeff Hosier James Hurley David Jackson Bruce Jennings Chet Johnson David Johnson Faith Johnson Gina Johnson Todd JohnsonTed Jones Kevin Jones Todd Jones Scott Kibbey Mike Klark Bill Kramer John Kummer Brian Larson Saiiy Larson Ramona Lauffenburger Brenda Leichtenberger Cathy Longnecker Edmund Lord LyonsBill Mckendree Tammy McKendree Penny McMillen Lane Morrison Ann Nodzak Jeanne Nystrom Mark Olson Richard Osborne Floyd Parker Sue Perkins Ed Peterson Albert Pognant Ron Porter Doug Ranson Linda RenoLarry Rodgers James Rowley Sandra Rupzyk Douglas Sager Ronda Sechriest Jay Shaffer Micheal Sherrard Kevin Skinner Ronald Smeltzer Tracey Smeltzer Cynthia Smith Jeff Sopher Greg Spade Christopher Springer Denny Steber Lenny Steber Bill Stevenson Jay Stewart Steve Stoddard Kim Strickland Jeff Thompson Robert Turner Hope VanGuilder Barb VanHouton No Picture Available No Picture Available - » • 90Dana VanOrd Rodger VanOrd Steve VanOrd Diane White Randy White Robbin Whitten Charlene Wilco: Kelly Wilcox Marc Wilcox Wendy Wilkins Jill Williams Holly Wilson Jim Wilson David Winans Jeff Wooden Mark Woodin Connie Wrobleski Mike Zajac Louella Zobrist Mark Irwin Troy Johnson Terri Gibson Milton Reid Jodi Terri to A 91Robert Altreuther Richard Bakewell Albert Baldwin Adam Baran Tracey Barrett David Bauer Mark Benedict Darryl Bergstrom Lori Bortz David Braiey Amanda Cable Kevin Cable Brad Carlson John Carlson Pamela Carlstrom Michael Chase Todd Chase Ted Christiansen Amy Christiansen Bryan Clark David Clark Greg Clark Jeni Collins Douglas Craker 92James Curtis Shelia Dalrynple Kevin Davis Robert Donnell Renee Dunbar Sara Dyer Betty Elliot Larry Elridge Charles Embrey April Embrey Mika Fellows Julie Fill David Flasher Susan Flasher Wayne Flasher 93Dawn Fox Diane Fox Rhonda Frank Donald Gerbec Timothy Gertsch James Glotz Joanna Goerlich Charlene Gray John Gray Darin Gregory Anthony HaberKorn Scott Hagberg Barbara Hanson Debbie Hanson George Hanson Kathy Hanson Vicki Healey Shelly Headman McKinley Hiles Melissa Hill Robert Hitchcock Julie Hockinson Clayton Johnson Diana Johnson I Scott Lyons Tim McMillen Todd Matthews Randy May Tanya Meredith Ralph Miller Kenneth Moon Tony Morelll David Morine Daniel Neal 95% Lori Neese Cathy Nelson Kimberly North Julie Nuttal Danny Nystrom Kimberly Oaks Connie O'Donnell Betty Osborne Richard Pattison Cindy Peterson Trudy Peterson Kenny Phillips Timothy Phillips Robin Philblad Carrie Pitner Lawrence Reagle Charles Riquer Harold Roberts Scott Robeson Richard Rogers Georgia Rogers Rhonda Rutsky Linda Sager Lisa Schenck Todd Schwanke Lauertta Sherman Dawn Sherrard Anita Slater Elaine Slater Shawn Smith John Smith Randy Spicer Dana Spittler Todd Springer Jonathan Staswoiski Ruth Staswoiski Paul Stevens Richard Stoover James Stowe Dodi Straight Christine Stroker Cory Summerson Lynne Sumner 97Marybeth Swanson Robert Switzer Jay Tennies Dave Tenny Jane Thompson Pattie Turner Rodney Turner Richard VanHouten Connie VanOrd Ruth VanOrd Bobbie Werner Linda White Tom Whitney Gail Wilcox Dawn Williams Scott Williams Tammy Wilson Carol Jo Wilson Clark Winans Thomas Woodin David Wright Laurie Youngberg Daniel Zamborik David Zanar Dawn Zimmerman 98Terry Anthony Mark Baran Julie Battko Tammy Battko Brenda Beedfe Dean Benedict Nancy Biekarck Wanda Bortz Lori Brecht Lori Brooker Terri Brown Lucinda Cable Patty Campbell Stephen Card Jerald Carlson Mellisa Carlson Chris Casteel Darren Chase Donna Chase Aldeena Clark Kandy Colander Frank Concoby Lisa Courtney Fred Curtis 100TarnmV ' David Er Nornnan Brenda ihiiiiIIHIIIITroy Gibson Rebecca Gourley Anna Gray Michael Griffin Theresa Halbig Brian Hall Troy Hazeltine Jennifer Hernan DeLean Farnam Judy Himes Dwayne Hollabaugh Steve Holt Kimberly Hornstrom Laura Hultman Bette Jayne Irwin Darren Jackson Leonard Johnson Tracy Johnson Timothy Jones Wendy JordanRandy Kane Diana Kelley James Keller Norman Kenney Autumn Kilgore Thomas Knapp Kevin Knopf Theresa Kramer Regan Kummer Billy Lank Bryan Larson Robert Larson Emily Lauffenburger Sara Legere 103104 Robert Lewis Ron Lewis Mike McConnell Danny McMillen John McNutt Steve Machemer Cindy Marsh Ray Matteson Rebecca May Alan Merkle Todd Morrison Robin Morrison Darius Miller Dean Morton Beth Neal Michelle Neal Bruce Nelson Lynn Nelson Johna Norton Jimmy O'Donnell Robert O'Donnell Timothy Passinger Frank Peterson Johathan Phillips Erma Provins Amy Putnam Michael Quist Rebecca ReddingerCraig Repine Lorena Rickerson Charles Roberts Jr. Marcia Robeson Dawna Ropp Leeanna Rosendahl Beverly Rowley Laurie Rowley Theresa Rutsky Karen Schenck John Schlining Darren Schott Robert Sechriest Roger Sherwood Ed Simon Keith Skinner Mark Skinner Scot Slagle Terry Slater Charles Smith Eric Spelling Kim Spicer David Spink Burt Stanton Joan Steinbiser Joanne Staswoiski William Steinbiser David Sterling 105Nancy Swanson Brent Thompson Michelle Thompson Tim Thompson Debbie Voty Georgia Warner Richard Warner No Picture Available X ? —— Christi Wilcox Mike Wilcox Dana Williams Phillip Winans Florence Wylie 4 Beth Youker Randy Zaner Dorothy Johnson Vic Morell Christine Sullivan John Williams 106ZOlFOOTBALL Varsity Row 1 L to R: Darryl Butt Keith White KurtThorpe Bill Sherwood Gary Craig, Brett Marsh, Dave Neal, Jeff Carlson, Rick Robeson Row 2: Dave Cathcart, Steve Dupont, Brian VanOrd, Jeff Gray, Randy Wilkens, Mark Wilcox, Ralph Clark, Scott Kane, Barry VanOrd Row 3: Jeff Benedict, George Sanders, Craig Youngberg, Jim Collins, Todd Onink, Brian Butt, Jerry Suppa, Scott Clark, Doug Hedman, Dave Ristau Row 4: Ed Orcutt, Doug Benedict, Chris Fisher, Steve Belitsky, Ron Turner, Rod Wilkens, Chris Holt, Eugene Martin, Ted Moon, Rusty Chapman, Todd JonesJunior Varsity Junior High Row 1: Scott Kane, Jim Coffins, Jerry Suppa, Jim Mefeen, Doug Benedict, Ron Campbell, Ed Orcutt, Chris Fisher, Eugene Martin, Scott Clark, Rusty Chapman, Steve Belitsky, Todd Jones Row 2: Gary VanOrd, Craig Youngberg, Doug Hedman, Ralph ClarkGirls Varsity Basketball Row 1: L isa Whitten, Sue Spittler Row 2: Beth Stevenson, Lottie Borland, Patti Southwell, Row 3: Laurie Bearfield, Marie Biekarck, Mary Baran, Beth Matthews, Heidi Block Row4: Lorrie Williams, Jodie Brecht Row 5: Kim Ellis, Anne Sumner 112 Seniors Lorrie Williams, Kim Ellis, Anne Sumner, Jodi Brecht, Mary Baran, Marie Biekarck, Heidi Block, Beth MatthewsGirls J.V. Basketball Row 1: Denise Ellis, Jill Williams, Robin VanOrd, Jody Youk-er. Dawn Williams, Lynne Sumner, Robin Philblad, Tracy Smeltzer, Vicki Anderson, Row 2: Beth Stevenson, Lottie Borland, Wendy Philblad, Suzie Switzer, Debbie Butt, Laurie Bearfield, Mona Hanson, Missy Mattison, Wendy Peterson 113BASKETBALL 114 Varsity Row 1: Brian Clark Bill Sherwood, Ken Crosby, Ed Spittler, Darryl Butt, Neil Campbell, Mr Brunecz-Coach Row 2: Ralph Clark, Jeff Gray, Scott Burch, Lynn Ferrie, Dennis Craker J.V. Row 1: Dennis Craker, Vance Lauffenburger, Jeff Benedict, Jeff Carlson, Nathan Wolf, Row 2: Todd Onink, Bill Kramer, Jerry Suppa, Jeff Williams, Doug Hedman, Steve SchnarsFreshmen Bob Switzer, Cory Summerson, Rich VanHouten, Doug Coldiron, Scott Dahl, Kevin Abbott, Mr. Adams, Scott Darling, Mark Benedict, Dana Rickerson, Dana Spit-tier, Randy Daugharthy, DanZam-borik, Tom Hornstrom 7th And 8th Grade Row 1: Bob Switzer, Rich VanHouten, Troy Hazeltine, Terry Anthony, Kevin Knopf, Jerry Carlson, Sory Summerson Row 2: Dana Spittler, Richard Stover, Mark Benedict, Dean Benedict, Dan Zam-borik. Bob O'Donnell, Tom Knapp, Curt Storm, Roger Sherwood Seniors Kneeling: Darryl Butt, Ed Spittler Standing: Ken Crosby, Neil Campbell, Bill Sherwood Seat ed: Brian Clark 115WRESTLING 116 Varsity Varsity Wrestling Row 1 L to R: Dave Baron, Dave Cathcart, Scott Hurley, Gary Craig Row 2: Jim Greenamyer (mgr.), Barry VanOrd, Brian Butt, Randy Wilkens, Steve Dupont, Melvin Morningstar Row 3: Troy Johnson, Mark Donaldson, John Morton, and Glenn JohnsonJunior Varsity Row 1 L to R: Roger Little, Carl Bailey, Richard Johnson, Ted Moon, Troy Johnson, Jim Horn-strom, Mike Blanco Row 2 L to R: Mark Wilcox, Alan DeRemer, Dave Nystrom, Tim Garvey, Doug Sager, Tom Lemon Row 1 L to R: Brad Carlson, Scott Slagle, Randy Spicer, Ralph Miller, Darren Chase, Row 2 L to R: Alan DeRemer, Tim Garvey, Phil Nystrom, Dennis Roberts, Mike Chase, Richard Pattison, David Bower, Brent Thompson, Chuck Roberts, Jim Glotz, Robbie Larson, Ken Moon, Normon Kenney 117Carol Olds Becky Spicer 119BOWLING Girls Bowling 120 Row 1: Tina Lyon, Joni Frank, Jeni Collins, Kathleen Keppel, Tammy Lyon, Dana Williams, Holly Wilson, Karen Schenck Row 2: DeeDee Johnson, Wendy Peterson, Shelly Wilson, Vicki Burch, Debbie Jackson, Wendy Zamborik, Becky Maeder, Rhonda Sechriest, Lisa Schenck, Robin Morrison Row 3: Rhonda Frank, Jackie Williams, Beth Matthews, Carol Tutmaher, Kathy Hook, Kim Ellis, Lorie Bearfield, Marcy Peterson, Laurie Chapman, Edys Wilson, Mary Baran, Tammy Frank, Teri Hefbig, Deanna ChaseBoys Bowling Row 1: Skete Williams, Denny Perkins Row 2: Dave Ristau, Lenny Wright, Howie Lyon, Doug Clark, Dale Morgon, Frank Stroker,Dan Nystrom Row 3: Jim Glotz, Brian Clark, Cory Summerson, Ralph Clark Brad Carlson, Dan Zamborik 121GIRLS SOFTBALL Row 1: Shelly Wilson, Jody Youker, Denny Ellis, Jill Williams, Lisa Craker, Diane White, Linda Brooker Row 2: Teri Hornstrom, Beth Stevenson, Sally Youker, Suzie Switzer, Jackie Williams, Donna Fisher, Linda Lindell Row 3: Anne Sumner, Jodi Brecht, Shannin Feeney, Marcy Peterson, Kim Ellis, Mary Baran, Carol Olds Seniors Anne Sumner, Jodi Brecht, Shannon Feeny, Marcy Peterson, Kim Ellis, Mary Baran, Carol Olds 122GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Penny Koehler, Denny Ellis, Jill Williams, Teri Gibson, Carol Olds, Kim Ellis, Lois Smith, Gwen Smith Row 2: Donna Fisher, Jackie Williams, Cathy Blanco, Suzie Switzer, Lorie Bearfield, Jodi Brecht, Mary Pratz, Jackie Ewer, Jamie Beck Row 3: Debbie Butt, Joann Hedstrom, Robin Belitsky, Marie Biekarck, Mary Baran, Chris McKinney, Anne Sumner, Sue Saylor, Lauire Chapman NISSEN Gym Aides Kneeling: Terri Kibbey, Gwen Smith, Mary Pratz Standing: Lois Smith, Scott McKinney, Rusty Chapman, Jeff Peterson, Mark Wilcox, Patti South-well Sitting: Mark Donaldson 123CHEERLEADERS Varsity 124 Row 1: Sue Morine Row 2: Louise Rodgers, Cheryl Johnson, Suzie Sweitzer, Anne Sumner Row 3: Lorrie Williams, Shannon Feeney, Sally Youker, Marcy Peterson, Becky MartinJ.V. Squad Amy Matthews, Rhonda O'Donell, Wendy Philblad, Maria Greenamayer, Missy Mattison, Renee Bobeau, Cathy Perkins, Sandy Sav-ko, Jodi Youker Rhonda Frank, Dawn Williams, Jill Williams, Sandy Rupsyk, Jeanie Nystrom, Lisa Craker, Debbie Butt, Lynne Sumner Junior High SquadFRACK LETTERMAN LET1 Kenny Crosby Brian Butt Dwight Turner TRACK ERWOMEN 126 Laurie Chapman, Anne Sumner, Beth Stevenson, Kim Ellis, Missy Mattison, Terri Horst -rom, Jodi Youker, Sally Youker, Lottie Borland, Mr. BruneczBASKETBALL SCORE KEEPERS Laurie Bearfield Patti Southwell Lisa Whitten Terri Horstrom Sue Spittler CROSS COUNTRY Skete Williams R.J. Williams Sally Youker Scott Hurley Jim Kane Scott Burch Kevin Abbott 127HARVEY MAKES A HIT CAST OF "HARVEY" Row 1: Lorrie Williams Brian Foltz, Bev Pangborn, Richard Pattison, Missy Hill, Mandy Cable Row 2: Jeannie Nys-trom, Jessica VanOrd, Keven Cable, Missy Higgins, Jim Stowe, Michelle Dutro, Anita Hill Veta Simmons (Mandy Cable) explains that her brother El wood sees a seven foot rabbit to Dr. Lyman Sanderson (Jim Stowe) and tries to have him committed. 130"This is my card!" Elwood P. Dowd (Brian Foltz) gives Nurse Kelly (Michelle Dutro) his calling card as he introduces himself to her in the Theatre Arts production of "Harvey" Dowd passes out another one of his cards this time to (Betty Chumley) Lorrie Williams. Director Miss Fraley applies last touches to Michelle's make-up shortly before the openin') scene. Dr. Chumley (Jessica VanOrd) head of the insane asylum discusses with Dr. Sanderson (Jim Stowe) what is to be done with Elwood P. Dowd. 131HOMECOMING ACTIONSTUDENT COUNCIL Dave Neal - President Tammy D'Augustine-Vice President Robin Belitsky -Treasurer Anne Sumner - Secretary Miss Barb Olson -Adviser ■ 134F.F.A. Row 1: Tom May, Bob Woodin, Dan Blair, Dave Bergstrom, Clint Chapman, Rich Johnson Row 2: Howie Easton, John Nuttal, Randy VanOrd, Mark Olson, Wayne Carlson, Glenn Johnson, Conrad Condron, Roger VanOrd, Ron Decker, Duane Merkle, Chet Johnson, Diane Blair, Willy Wilcox, Dave Jackson, Dan Little, Brad Edwards, Carol Little, Dave Johnson, Terry Ewer, Jeff Sopher, Tom Giordon, Mr. Carey Rowl: Suzie Switzer, Louise Braley, Sally Youker, Lorie Bearfield, Kurt Thorpe Row 2: Lynn Ferrie, Bill Sherwood, Keith White, Scott Burch, Dan Spear, Steve Dupont, Mr. Neidig-Adviser 135YEARBOOK 136 Row 1: Betsy Church, Cheryl Johnson, Keven Cable, Cathy Hook, Dwight Turner, Dave Neal, Carol Tutma-her. Holly Wilson, Robin Gardner, Linda Lindell, Teri Hornstrom, Cathy Greenland, Kim Rodgers Row 2: Kim Strickland, Diane Parker, Linda Sop-her, Laurie DeRemer, Kim Kifer, Cathy Gregory, Duane Merkle, Wanda Chase, Cindy McMillen, Jackie Zimmerman, Tracy Smeltzer, Bob-ette Darts, Missy Higgins, Beth Church, Jessica VanOrd, Miss Confer, Tim Anthony, Dave Jackson Row 3: Penny Koehler, Jody Youker, Kara Nadal, Cathy Blanco, Louise Braley, Mark Legere, Debbie Mattison, Shannon Feeney, Missy Mattison Row 1: Debbie Mattison, Shannon Feeney, Dave Neal Row 2: Jessica VanOrd, Betsy Church, Cheryl Johnson, Carol Tutmaher, Cathy Hook Dwight Turner, Beth Church SeniorsLibrary Aides Row 1: Bobette Darts, John Eaton, Terry Anthony, Kathleen Keppel, Cindy May, Tony Morelli, Trudy Peterson, Beth Youker, Irma Pro-vlns, Cindy Cable Row 2: Mrs. Anderson, Tina Lyons, Kim Rodgers, Mike Wilcox, Tammy Lyons, Julie Fill, Row 3: David Smith, Pam Carlstrom, Linda White, Bev Pangborn Office Aides Denise Bailey, Diane Warner, Misty Rodencal, Cathy Reist, ,Karen Darby, Darlene Osborne, Jackie Zimmerman Guidance Office Aides Teri Teri Olsen, Lisa Rivett 137FBLA Row 1: Jody Youker, Crystal Thompson Row 2: Tracy Smeltzer, Bobette Darts, Rhonda O'Donnell, Renee Bobeau Row 3: Joanne Hedstrom, Mary Darby, Michelle Bailey, Cindy McMillen, Bonnie Jones, Dawn Johnson, Faith Johnson, Sally Chase Row 4: Jill Christensen, Robin York, Lisa Rivett, Laurie Chapman, Pam Peterson, Pam Gray, Shelly Wilson, Vicki Burch, Barb Little, Pegi Filiatrault 138PRESS CLUB Row 1: Vicki Brown, Karen Darby, Billie Youngberg, Rhonda Frank, Row 2: DeeDee Johnson, Kim Oakes, Bev Pangborn Row 3: Darlene Osborne, Cathy Reist, Kim Wilson, Robidn York, Pam Peterson, carol Longnecker, Tina Lyons, Lisa Rivette, Sue SaylorJUNIOR AND SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Melanie Anderson Nancy McIntyre, Brian Bauer, Debbie Butt, Charlene Wilcox, Becky Maeder, Jeannie Nys-trom. Bill Kramer, Lisa Craker, Joanne Hedstrom, Barb VanHouten, Brenda Maurice, Kim Strickland, Row 1: Mr. Kutschke, Penny Courtney, Anne Sumner, Robin Belitsky, Cheryl Johnson, Betsy Church, Beth Church, Tammy McNutt Row 2: Brad Wares, Laurie Neal, Sally Youker, Louise Bra-ley, Ed Spittler, Debbie Mattison, Jodi Brecht, Dennis Craker, Ken CrosbyRow 1: Mary Baran, Karen Rapp, Tammy Onink, Dennis Craker, Miss Kofchock; Adviser Row 2: Beth Church, Mark Le-gere, Kristy Wilcox, Terry Anthony, Larry Reagle Row 3: Kim North, Jeni Collins, Linda Brooker, Diane White, Melanie Anderson, Row 4: Tamy Jones, Craig Lassinger, Bobbie Stanton, Chris Spink, Nancy McIntyre, Benny Spicer ? BIBLE CLUB STAGE CREW Row 1: Dwight Turner, Amy Putnam, Anna Mae Gray, Laurie Youngberg, Dawn Williams Row 2: Jim Curtis, Nancy Bierkark, Beth Neal Row 3: Jim Stowe, Connie VanOrd, Misty Rodencel, Jay Tennies, Row 4: Crystal Clark, Dave Traniello SENIORS Challis Lecner, Lorrie Williams, Tammy D'Augus-tine, Brett Marsh, Jessica VanOrd, Bev Pangborn 142 Eisenhower Thespians, otherwise known as Theatre Arts, performed two shows this year, "Harvey" and "Arms and the Man". The advisor is Miss Cynthia Fraley.Theater Arts Theater Arts Members Row 1: L to R.: Linda Bergstrom, Missy Hig-gens, Kim Rogers, Romona Lauffenber-ger, Brett Marsh, Trudy Peterson, Challis Lech-ner, Tammy D'Augus-tine, Lorrie Williams, Row 2: Miss Fraley (Advisor), Laurie Neal, Nancy Biekark, Tina Lyons, Amy Putman, Cathy Perkins, Dodi Straight, Dawn Williams, Robin Philblad, Missy Hill, Laurie Youngberg, Crystal Clark, Dave Trinello, Anita Hill Row 3: Bennie Spicer, Bert Staton, Jim Staton, Jim Curtis, Jay Tennies, Kevin Cable, Jim Stowe, Jeannie Ny-strom, Jessica VanOrd, Kim Strickland, Anna Mae Gray, Richard Patti -son, Cathy Blanco, Michelle Dutro, Brian Foltz, Misty Rodencal, Bev Pangborn, Tanya Meredith Carrie Pittner, Connie VanOrd, Carol Wilson, Barb VanHouten, Kim Oakes, Kim EckertMA RCHING BANDMarching Band Percussion Row 1: John Nuttal Row 2: Brian Bauer, Melanie Anderson Row 3: Jay Shaffer, Becky Spicer Row 4: Rod Larson, Lynn Ferrie Row 5: Pam Knapp, Jim Curtis, Dennis Craker Band Front Sitting: Barb VanHouten, Ruth Martin, Vicki Healey, Carol Wilson Row 2: Shannon Feeny, Shelly Wilson, Debbie Roberts, Teri Hornstrom Row 3: Linda Lindell, Lori Bortz, Rita Spicer, JackieEwer, Tammy McNutt, Lisa Sch-neck. Holly Wilson, Laurie Neal, Robin Shaffer, Lori Neese, Debbie Mattison, Karen Darby, Carrie Pit— ner, Vicki Brown, Crystal Clark, Mary Beth Swanson Commanders 146 Linda Lindell, Shannon Feeny, Crystal ClarkConcert Band Jr. BandWind Ensemble Row 1: Cindy VanOrd, Louise Braley, Wendy Philblad, Cathy Gregory, Pam Gray, Dana Nelson Row 2: Laurie Neal, Penny Courtney, Carol Tutmaher, Patty Burd, Kara Nadal, Heather Legere, Debbie Roberts, Wendy Levinson, Edys Wilson Row 3: Karen Rapp, Valerie Elder, Linda Bergstrom, Dian White, Jessica VanOrd, Betsy Church, Wendy Zamborik, Beth Church, Carol Olds, , Shelly Wilson, Candy Warn- er Row 4: Chris Springer, Nancy Mclnyre, Mark Legere, Bobbie Stanton, Benny Spicer, Kurt Alcorn, Duane Merkle, Craig Lassinger, Paul Church Row 5: John Nuttal, Lynn Ferrie, Brian Bauer, Sally Larson, Rick Carlson, Becky Spicer, Melanie Anderson, Dennis Craker Wind Ensemble Row 1: Tom Hornstrom, Sandy Rupczyk, Jennifer Marquis, Rhonda Sechriest, Heather Bortz Row 2: Becky Maeder, Kim Strickland, Heather Legere, Robin VanOrd, Robbie Stanton, Jeannie Nystrom, Pam Knapp, Row 3: Brenda Maurice, Teri Hornstrom, Linda Brooker, Doug Coldiron, Chad Abbott, Frank Stroker, Tammy Frank Row 4: Steve Schnarrs, Ray VanOrd, Ron Porter, Vicki Burch, Penny McMillen, Scott Darling, Duane Merkle Row 5: Melanie Anderson, Brian Bauer, Wendy Wilkins, Diane White, Dana VanOrd, Rod Larson, Jay Shaffer Senior Band Officers 148 Row 1: Louise Braley, Carol Olds, Edys Wilson Row 2: Candy Warner, Dennis Craker, Beth ChurchStage Band I Dennis Craker, Scott Darling, Duane Merkle, Brenda Larson, Paul Church, Craig Lassinger, Heather Legere, Ray VanOrd, Carol Olds, Frank Stroker, Beth Church, Betsy Church, Doug Cold-iron, Jessica VanOrd, Bobbie Stanton, Mark Legere, Nancy McIntyre, Diane White, Melanie Anderson, Brian Bauer, Sandy Rupczyk, Kurt Alcorn, Karen Rapp, Linda Bergstrom Stage Band II Row 1: Charlene Wilcox, Duane Merkle, Vicki Healey, Mandy Cable, John Nuttal, Frank Stroker Row 2: Larry, Reagle, Tony Haberkorn, Dave Braley, Benny Spicer, Kara Nadal, Jay Shaffer, Rob Stanton Row 3: Kim Strickland, Jennifer Marquis, Ruth VanOrd, Chris Stroker, Eric Spelling Row 4: Dana VanOrd, Debbie Bertch, Wendy Wilkins Orchestra Row 1: Johna Norton, Anita Hill, Kim North, Fawn Kibbey, Misty Rodencal, Steven Card, Debbie Bertch, Dean Benedict. Carrie Pitner Row 2: Eric Spelling, Ruth VanOrd, Dodi Straight 149CHOIR Senior Choir Row 1: Lori Schmann, , Marie Greenamyer, Kristy Rodencel, Kathleen Keppel, Ron Carlson, Dave Braley, Rick Carlson, Chris Spink, Cheryl Johnson, , Lois Smith, Gwen Smith, Bev Pangborn Row 2: Miss Reitz, Karen Parker Sherry Peterson, Diane Warner, Tammy McNutt, Rick Robeson, Brad Wares, Jeff Peterson, Eugene Martin, Debbie Ed-son, Tammy Jones, Tracy Custer, Chris McKinney Row 3: Ruth Martin, Brenda Thomas, Cathy Reist, Kim Wilson, Sue Saylor, Darlene Osborne, Dennis Craker, Jim Greenamyer, Jessica VanOrd, Robin Belitsky, Mary Baran, Anne Sumner, Debbie Mattison, Crystal Clark Officers Cheryl Johnson, Debbie Mattison, Anne Sumner, Jessica VanOrd, Tammy McNutt 150 District Choir Row 1: Tammy McNutt, Bev Pangborn, Jessica VanOrd, Rick Carlson, Miss Reitz Row 2: Dennis Craker, Jim Greenamyer, Ron Carlson Madrigal Choir Row 1: Denise Braley, Rick Carlson, Mary Baran, Miss Reitz Row 2: Tammy McNutt, Dennis Craker, Jessica VanOrd, Brad Wares, Bev Pangborn, Ron Carlson Row 3: Misty Rodencal, Eugene Martin J.R. Choir Officers: Bobbie Warner-President Tanya Meredith-Vice-president Missy Hill-Secretary-Treasurer Carrie Pitner-L ibrarian Joanne Goerlich-Librarian Seniors Row 1: Sue Saylor, Tammy McNutt, Cheryl Johnson, Shari Hagberg, Lois Smith Row 2: Darlene Osborne, Brad Wares, Cathy Reist, Robin Belitsky, Debbie Edson, Debbie Mattison, Gwen Smith Row 3: Ruth Martin, Kim Wilson, Ron Carlson, Rick Robeson, Bev Pang-born, Jeff Peterson, Rick Carlson, Jessica VanOrd, Jim Greenamyer, Mary Baran, Anne Sumner 1 SISr. Attendant Escort Jr. Attendant Escort Anne Sumner Mitch Passinger Beth Stevenson Scott Burch Soph. Attendant Escort Mona Hanson Dale Morgon 9th Grade Escort No Picture Available Debbie Butt Milton Reid 153Snowball Queen King Sophomore Attendant And Escort Jackie Zimmerman George Sanders Marie Greenamyer Rusty Chapman 9th Grade Attendant And Escort 8th Grade Attendant And Escort Sandy Rupczyk Doug Sager Lynne Sumner Mark Benedict 154Senior Class Officers Anne Sumner-Secretary Heidi Block-Vice-president Marie Biekarck-Treasurer Dave Neal-President Junior Class Officers Pam Kibbey-Secretary Louise Braley-Treasurer Jeff Benedict-Vice President Brian Foltz-President Freshmen Class Officers Debbie Butt-Treasurer Lisa Craker-Vice-president Bill Kramer-President Sandy Rupczyk-Secretary Sophomore Class Officers Benny Spicer-Vice president Wendy Peterson-Treasurer Anne Thelin-President Sandy Savko-Secretary 155157161Congratul Class Ofations 1979 163165167175176

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