Eisenhower High School - Lance Yearbook (Russell, PA)

 - Class of 1978

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Eisenhower High School - Lance Yearbook (Russell, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1978 volume:

EISENHOWER HIGH SCHOOL RUSSELL, PA. BARB CONFER, ADVISOR FRED STRICKLAND EDITORDreams — so they say Are for the fools and they let them drift away . . . 23I just love school! But, then again I love . . . Hello . . . Operator, can I borrow a dime? Cleanliness is next to Godliness.Oh no! Not you again. Two heads are better than one! I think he killed him!I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you 'cause you make me feel like I'm more than a friend Like I’m the journey and you’re the journey’s end 67FACES OF E.H.S.So I wanna laugh while the laughin' is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile. . . 1011r I use Crest toothpaste. I think I pulled a muscle in my brain!Life — so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away Love — like the Autumn sun Should be dying but it’s only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don’t see just where we’re goin’ And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up We may never pass this way again! m15WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN Life — so they say. Is but a game and they let it slip away. Love — like the Autumn sun. Should be dying but it's only just begun. Like the twilight in the road up ahead. They don’t see just where we’re goin’. And all the secrets in the universe. Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up. We may never pass this way again. Dreams — so they say. Are for fools and they let them drift away. Peace — like the silent dove. Should be flyin’ but it’s only just begun. Like Columbus in the olden days. We must gather courage Sail our ships out on the open sea. Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up. We may never pass this way again. So I wanna laugh while the laughin’ is easy, I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile, I may never pass this way again. That’s why I want it with you, ’Cause you make me feel like I’m more than a friend. Like I’m the journey and you're the journey’s end, I may never pass this way again. That's why I want it with you baby. 16DEDICATION 1978 —MRS. CARMEN LIVEZEY Quiet and a lady A smile soft and sweet A willing heart to help you This teacher comes complete With understanding patience A nature full of cheer Our day is always better With Mrs. Livezey near She sets a good example of what we should strive to be If we would try to be like her Perhaps we all would see The beauty in the living life The love in caring, giving life The way to victory over strife And be all we can be. Lynne Wiltsie 17CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1978 It seems your first day was only a year ago. You advanced through the grades, experiencing changes in stride and reached your goal, graduation. Are my goals the right goals? What do I do after graduation? What college do I go to? Where can I find a job? I realize there are more questions than there are answers. I can tell you to keep searching for the answers until you find them. Your high school days were building blocks and if you laid enough blocks, you will be successful! May your future days be always bright with success and fulfillment. Good luck and best wishes. Congratulations to the Class of 1978 for a job well done. You have brought a great deal of credit to yourself, your parents, your school, and community. As you have perhaps already experienced, life will present many trials and tribulations. By virtue of your high school graduation, you have obtained many of the basic skills needed for life in a very complex society. The important thing to bear in mind is that success in life is based on many accomplishments — take each one individually and work with the same enthusiasm and confidence that was displayed by you at Eisenhower High School. John H. Sechriest John M. Neese Principal Assistant Principal 1819Mrs. Siefert, Mrs. West Mrs. McFate HOME EC. Kneeling: Miss Dell, Miss Olson Seated: Mrs. Livezey, MissTaydus Standing: Mr. Engstrom, Mr. Dorrion. Miss Confer, Miss Dahler NURSEs c I E N C E D E P T. Mr. Swanson, Mr. Sherwood, Mr Ritter, Mr. Carberry, Mr. Bacchetti CUSTODIAN MUSIC DEPT. Mr. Lanzel, Miss Reitz Mr. Spicer 21Miss Voty, Mr. Hedman Mr. Letko, Mrs. Rouse, Mr. Firth 22 LIBRARIAN AND AIDE Miss Reese, Mrs. Wilcox ART TEACHER AND AIDE BUSINESS DEPT Miss Lutton, Miss Fraley Mr. Vizza PHYSICAL ED. DEPT.SECRETARIES GUIDANCE COUNSELORS AND SECRETARY Mrs. Craker, Mrs. Lindquist Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Kellogg, Mr. Swedler SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. Seated: Mr. Dunbar, Mr. Bakewell Standing: Mr. Rolls, Mr. Kutschke, Mr. Bean, Mr. Norton, Mr. Wilson 23M A T H D E P T. D R I V E R- S E D. Seated: Miss Vinton, Mr Black, Mrs. Hernan Standing: Mr Neidig, Mr. Adams, Mr. Lassinger, Mr. Brunecz, Mr. Hoffman READING VO. AG. AND SHOP Mr. Stanton, Mrs. Wilson 24Row 1: A. McFarland, D. Buchannan, E Hitchcock, R. Christianson B Irwin, J. Schaffer, G. Bloomgren CAFETERIA STAFF CUSTODIANS BUS DRIVERS Lillian Rockwell Don Turner Joseph Cesmck Bruce Edwards David Stratton Eric Larson Delores Pannell Joe Rutsky Lloyd Ferry William Allen Dean Roberts Olive Mae Lindell lla Mae Anderson Mary Lou Falconer Linda Anderson Janice Shaffer Mae Anderson Carol Reno J. Meredith Bette Irwin Gerald Crosby Diane Ritchie Louella Braley Floyd Robbins Leroy Larson Jim Roberts 25Seated: Donald W. Martin, John E. Binney, David W. Swanson; President, Karl H. Hoffman, Mrs. Carolyn H. Anderson; Secretary Standing: John L. Donaldson, John C. Benner, Mrs. Mary Ann Rogers, Bernard J. Hessley, Alfred Rau, Donald D. Smith WCSD BOARD OF EDUCATION 2627Cindy Ackley Vinton Kent Alcorn Jay Anderson Scott Bauer Vea Mane Bearfield Judy Beck Clara Blackwell Bradley Benton 28Diana Button Timothy Brown William Brunecz Karen Cable Loren Cable Elizabeth Campbell 290 Patricia Campbell Craig Carlson Shirley Christiansen Timothy Cowan Laurie Chase Sara Condron Curt Dalrymple Rebecca Carlson Dawn ColdironBeth Edwards Gretchen English Ann Ewer Sherry Faust Lori Fox v Linda Foxx Sam FrangioneVictoria Grieb Carl Hepler Julie Himes ■l David Hitchcock Mike Hornstrom Sandy Hotchkiss Tracy Hunzinger Eric Hurley Richard Jennings 34Chris Lechner Paul Landin Jan Legere Janice Lester Lee Lundmark Brenda Lusk Maureen Mager 37Lori Peterson Sue Ann Peterson Jenifer Peterson Randy Ransom Julie Rapp Linda Reist Tawny Repine 39Louis Rivetl Mari Sanders Sandy Schnars Paul Schultz Jim SchrecongostPamela Sopher Marjorie Shaffer Debbie Skinner Debra Smith Mary Smith Debbie Spade Scott Smith Randy SpellingToby Spelling Susan Stewart Lora Stoddard Margie Stoddard Frederick Strickland Craig Swanson Debbie Switzer Kenneth Sumner Harry Suppa 42Terry Tower Michael Tenny T imothy Voty Steve Thompson Tracy Thompson Rick Van OrdPatricia Wilcox Kaven Wilkins Mary Margaret Williams Michael Williams 44 Kim Youker Jeff Youngberg Bradley Winans Jamie Zalik Mark Zajac Cynthia Zobrist 45 James ArthurRichard Borland Linda Briggs Walter Chilcott Daniel Gerbec Gilbert Dahler Steve King 4647SHORTEST Debbie Skinner Tom Jones MOST ATHLETIC Craig Swanson Mary Beth Smith BEST ALL AROUND Andrea Glotz Dale Johnson 49BIGGEST FLIRTS Julie Himes Kirk Smith BEST DRESSED Betsie Campbell Craig Carlson CLASS CUT-UPS Debbie Spade Scott Smith 50Mari Sanders Tim Votv tf-'. B GGEST EATERS MOST ART ST C B E S T D A N C E R S Betsie Campbell Roger Brown MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT TALLEST Carol D'Augustine Scott Smith WANTED Brenda Lusk Brad Benton 5253Jamie Beck gpgg i Robin Belitsky Marie Biekarck Hiedi Block Jody Brecht 54Neil Campbell 0 Jeff Carlson Joan Carlson Richard Carlson Ronald Carlson Laurie Chapman David Clark Candy Courtney Penny Courtney Gary Craig Brian Clark Ken Crosby Karen Darby Tammy D’Augustine Cindy DePrater 55Carolee Giordano Kathy Hook James Greenamyer LeRoy Hernstrom Scott Hurley Shari Hagberg Cheryl Johnson Linda Kane Roger Hepler Diane Hollabaugh 56Brett Marsh Rebecca Martin Ruth Martin 57David Neal Laurie Neal Eric Nystrom Carol Olds Terri Olsen Terri Onink Darlene Osborne Beverly Brenda Cathy Pangborn Parker Parkin 58Mitchell Passinger James Rapp Dennis Perkins Richard Quiggle Charles Riel » Jeff Peterson Pam Peterson James Phillips Tim Porter 59Chester Riordan Lisa Rivett (c, Carl Roberts Susan Saylor Robin Smeltzer Gwen Smith 60Lois Smith Mike Smith Richard Smith Patricia Southwell Daniel Spear William Spelling Becky Spicer Edwin Spittler Anne Sumner Kurt Thorpe Keith White Marlene Wilcox Carol Tutmaher Jessica VanOrd Raymond VanOrd Randy Wilcox Laurie Williams Edys Wilson Kim Wilson Robert Wooden 61Kim Abbey Chad Abbott Kurt Alcorn Denise Bailey Vincent Baran Lorie Bearfield Stevon Belitsky Jeffery Benedict David Bergstrom Daniel Blair Cathy Blanco Lottie Borland Louise Braley Daniel Braley Marsha Brooks65Terry Lynn Sherrie Chris Donna Dyke Ferrie Feme Fisher Fisher Vance Fox Jerry Frank Daniel Fullerton Steven Flasher Brian Foltz Melinda Greenawalt Jeffery Gray James Gray Mary Gray Kirk Hane Scott Hane Elsie Hardy Mark Hartman John Hopler 66Kim Pam David Brenda Vance Kifer Knapp Kuzminski Larson LauffenburgerV Sue Morme Howard Lyons Patrick Nodzak Jeannie Lyons Edward Orcutt Diane Parker Debra Phillips 68Kimberly Repine Robin Shaffer Tim Sherman Linda Sopher Rita Spicer Paul Slagle Tammy Sisk Christine Spink i Sue Spittler Roberta Stanton Beth Stevenson Betsy Stino 69Brian VanOrd 7 Robin VanOrd Myra Vinapol Randy Wagner Candy Warner William Wilcox Randy Wilkins Rodney Wilkins Jackie Williams David Wilson Nathan Wolff 70Kim Anderson Sue Anderson Renee Bobeau Michele Bailey David Baran Fred Baran Bridgett Barrett Victor Battko Doug Benedict Linda Bergstrom 72Amy Buchanan Patty Burd Brian Butt Andy Cable Vicki Burch Kent Carlson Karen Carlson Wayne Carlson Km W Ronald Campbell Bill Cataldo Rusty Chapman Deanna Chase Shelia Christensen Jill Christensen 73Tracy Custer Pegi Filiatrault Pam Gray Robbie Dunham Christine Frederick Marie Greenamyer Howard Easton Cathy Gregory Robert Gray Sean Feeny Dan Gage Vernen Edmisten Tina Ferrand David Decker Ellen Falconer Valerie Elder Mark Donaldson Ellen Ellis Alfie Frangione 74George Hamilton Mona Hanson Chris Holt Brenda Hunzinger Debbie Jackson Bonnie Jones Tom Hornstrom Janet Hurley Craig Lassmger 75 Kathleen Keppel Rodney LarsonEric Lindell ■ » aJ i I , Jr Barry Lundmark Randy Lyons Annette Martin Eugene Martin 76Jim Meleen Duane Merkle Dale Morgan XlfV A John Morton Craig Murphey Kara Nadal Timmy Newark John Nuttall Dave Nystrom Cathy Perkins Mark Phmney Garret Rain Karen Rapp Jim Reed 77Mary Schmidt Kathy Schmidt Steve Schnars Lori Schuman Sandy Savko Sherry Sherrard Freeman Shirley Kevin Skinner Brenda Smith Gordon Smith 78Benny Spicar Robert Stanton Lisa Spelling Debbie Spencer Chris Springer Tracy Stanton Randy VanOrd k « Barry VanOrd Brian Thomas Crystal Thompson David Whitten Shelly Wilson Jeff Williams 7980 81Kevin Abbott Melanie Anderson Vicki Anderson Tim Anthony Carl Bailey Mike Blanco Heather Bortz Linda Brooker Debbie Butt mM Eugene Carlson Jeff Carlson Denise Cedronle Wanda Chase Faye Clark Johanna Clark 82Doug Cold iron Lisa Craker Scon Dahl Mary Darby Scott Darling Bobbette Darts 1 Randy Daugharthy Ron Decker Tammy Decker Steve Delp Alan DeRemer John Eaton Kim Eckert Icey Eddy Lenme Edmisten Brad Edwards Denise Ellis Karen Embrey 83Ewer Gerald Fasciano Tim Feme Benji Firth Teresa Fischer Tim Garvey James Hamilton Tom Giordon JoAnne Hedstrom Robin Greenawalt Michelle Higgins Kathy Greenland Anita Hill John Gregory 4 i Ginger Hodges 84Todd Jones Jim Hornstrom Dave Johnson Todd Johnson Scott Kibbey Jim Hurley Faith Johnson Bill Kramer Dave Jackson Bruce Jennings 85John Kummer i Sally Larson Ramona Lauffenberger V m 4 Brenda Leichtenberger Brian Larson Edmund Lord Tammy Lyon Rebecca Maeder Jenifer Marquis David Mager Nancy McIntyre David McJunkin Penny McMillen Jeanie Nystrom Lane Morrison 8687Sandy Rupczyk Doug Sager Rhonda Sechriest Tracy Smeltzer Mike Sherrard Jay Shaffer y Cindy Smith Denny Steber Bill Stevenson Lenny Steber Steve Stoddard Kim Strickland i Jeff Thompson Robert Turner Hope VanGuilder I Barb VanHouten Dana VanOrd 88Randy White Robin Whitten Charlene Wilcox Kelly Wilcox I Mark Wilcox Jill David Williams Wmans Connie Wrobleski Jeff Woodm Mark Woodm Mike Zajzc Louella Zobrist 89T racey Barren Robert Altreuther Richard Bakewell Albert Baldwin Adam Baran . • David Bauer Mark Benedict Darryl Bergstrom Maribeth Bobeau Lori Bortz David Braley Amanda Cable Keven Cable Brad Carlson John Carlson Y Pam Carlstrom Amy Christiansen Ted Christenson Mike Chase Todd Chase 90James Curtis Shelia Darrymple Kevin Davis v( J Robert Donnall Renee Dunbar92Darin Gregory Tony Haberkorn Scott Hagberg John Gray Charles Gray Barbara Hanson Shelly Hedman Melissa Hall Mac Hiles Robert Hitchcock Julie Hockinson Diana Johnson Clarton Johnson Jeff Johnson Janie Janie Jones Jones 93TimM. McMillen Tina Lyon Scott Lyons Todd Mathews I Ken Moon Kathy Litzinger Randy May David Morine Curt Murphey Daniel Neal Lori Neese Kimberly North Cothy Nelson 94Nuttall Richard Pattison Danny Nystrom Cindy Peterson Connie O’Donnel Trudy Peterson Kenny Phillips Kimberly Oaks Timothy Phillips 95John Staswoiski Ruth Staswoiski Ns Paula Stevens I Brian Stino Dana Spittler Richard Stover Christine Stroker Cory Summerson James Stowe Dodi Straight Mary Beth Swanson Bob Switzer Jay Tenmes Dave Jane Tenny Thompson 97 Rod Turner Pattie Turner Richard VanHouten Ruth VanOrd Connie VanOrd Richard Warner Robbi Werner Charlene Wendell Linda White Tom Whitney Scott Williams Dawn Williams Gail Wilcox Clark Wmans Carol Jo Wilson David Zaner David Wright Laurie Youngberg Thomas Wooden 9899LATE PHOTOS SEVENTH Jenny Collins Donald Gerbec Robert Hitchcock Tim McMillian EIGHTH Gail Collins Craig Lassinger 100 TENTH Tim Collins Jeannie Goerlich Mark Legere John McMilhan Sandy Smith Debbie Stanko Wendy Zamborik ELEVENTH 101103FOOTBALL Row 1: Jim Collins, Dave Kuzmmski, Gary Craig, Dave Bergstrom. Jeff Carlson, Rod Wilkins. Bryan Van Ord, Kurt Thorpe, Dave Neal Scott Clark, Mark Wilcox, Keith White, Steve Dupont, Harry Suppa, Les Lyons. Jeff Bemdict, Jeff Youngberg, Tim Brown. Doug Morton, Steve Belitsky. Kent Alcorn Row 3: Paul Shultz. George Sanders, Kevin Wilkins, Randy Wilkins, John Neese, Craig Swanson, Bill Sherwood. Ed Spittler, Brad Johnson. Dan Spear, Brett Marsh, Tim Porter v A R S I T Y Row 1: John Neese, Jeff Youngberg, Doug Merton. Tim Brown, Kent Alcorn, Les Lyons, Brad Johnson, Kaven Wilkins, Craig Swanson, Paul Schultz, Harry Suppa 104L E T T E R M E N Row 1: Les Lyon, Jeff Benedict, Jeff Youngberg, Doug Morton, Kurt Thorpe, Keith White, Tim Brown, Steve DuPont Row 2: Craig Swanson, Bill Sherwood, John Neese, Kavin Wilkins, Randy Wilkins, Brad Johnson, George Sanders, Gary Craig, Harry Suppa, Paul Schultz, Kent Alcorn Les Lyon Harry Suppa 1977 FOOTBALL KNIGHTS Coach Lombardi said: ‘‘To the winner goes one hundred percent elation, one hundred percent joy, and one hundred percent fun. And to the loser, the only thing left for him is a one hundred percent dedication to be a winner.” The Knights experienced the joy of winning at Bradford, Johnsonburg, Voungsville, and at home against Venango C.C They also experienced the fun of being a bonafide contender in the AL-KIN conference. The '77 Knights were a cornerstone in the building of a successful football program. The future Knights will possess their dedication to be a winner. 105Row 1: Jim Collins, Dave Neal. Dave Kuzminski, Brian VanOrd. Dave Bergstrom, Scott Clark, Rod Wilkin Row 2: Tim Porter, Steve Belitsky, Steve DuPont. George Sanders, Randy Wilkins, Ed Spittler, Dan Spea, Brett Marsh, Mark Wilcox. Jeff Carlson 106 Row 1: Ted Moon, Chris Fisher. Bill Chase Row 2: John Chase, Ed Orcutt, Tom Abbott, Nathan WolfeRow 1: Ken Moon, Darrin Gregory, Ralph Miller, Scott Williams Row 2: Mark Benedict, Dana Spittler, Dave Tenney, Cory Summerson Row 3: David Wright, Dan Zamborik, Ken Phillips, JimGlotz, Richard Bakewell, Jeff Sopher Row 1: Larry Rogers, Jim Hamilton, Mark Olson, Brian Larson, Chet Johnson, Dave Johnson, Dave Jackson, Scott Kibbey, Randy Daugharthy, Dana Rickerson Row 2: Todd Church, Greg Spade, Jeff Hook, Carl Bailey, Doug Clark, Gary McConnell, Dave Mager, Doug Sager, Doug Ransom, Kevin Abbott, Ron Campbell, Jerry Suppa, John Morton, Scott Dahl, Roger VanOrd, Coach Stanton Row 3: Alfie Frangione, John Gregory, Chris Holt, Steve Beck, Tim Garvey, Todd Onink, Eugene Martin. Rusty Chapman, Tim Carter, Scott Mornmgstar, Brian Butt, Craig Murphy, Craig Youngberg, David Baran 8th 9th G R A D E 107Mr. Stanton, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Burlingame, Mr Nesmit, Mr. Hovan, Mr. Wilkins Coach Wilkins NEW COACHES Coach Jim Wilkins comes to Eisenhower as a former successful high school coach in Maysville, Kentucky. Coach Hovan is new to Eisenhower being formerly eighth grade coach at Beaty. Coach Nesmith and Coach Meyers bring a wealth of experience as a players and athletic director respectively to the Knights staff. Coaches Burlingame and Stanton are not new to Eisnhower football fans. Coach Burlingame has served on the Knight’s staff for eight years and Coach Stanton for four years. 108WRESTLING Row 1: Mark Donaldson, Barry VanOrd, Eric Hurley, Scott Hurley, Kent Alcorn, Rod Wilkins Row 2: Eric Donaldson, Steve DuPont, Keith White, Brad Johnson, Randy Wilkins, Craig Swan son Row 1: Eric Huley, Kent Alcorn, Dave Hitchcock Row 2: Craig Swanson, Eric Donaldson, Brad Johnson 109J u N I 0 R V A R S 1 T Y Row 1: John Morton, Kurt Thorpe Row 2: Scott McKinney, Dan Spear, Steve DuPont WRESTLER'S DREAM Eric Donaldson Candy and gum and chocolate eclairs, and cotton candy from country fairs. Pies and cakes and cookies galore, all hidden behind this cabinet door. Hamburgs, hot dogs, pizza too, Kentucky Fried chicken, and fresh beef stew. French, Italian, or any bread, mingle with dougnuts that dance in my head. Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper or Teem, Strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream. IceCream, milk shakes, a Dairy Queen treat. Now that is what I crave to eat. McDonalds or Red Barn, the great Burger King, right now I’d eat almost anything! But two weeks from now, wherever I’m at. You can bet that I’ll be nice nice and fat. Row 1: Ken Moon, Ralph Miller, Todd Fitch, Steve VanOrd, Mark Olson, Jim Hamilton, Richard Bakewell Row 2: Rich Warner, Jim Rowley, Dave Bauer, Brad Carlson, Jim Stowe, Dennis Roberts, Doug Sager Row 3: Dan Nystrom, Mike Chase, Doug Ransom, Mike Falconer, Steve Beck, Tim Garvey 110VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: Paul Schultz, Pete Mangini, Scott Smith, Dave Neal Row 2: Jeff Youngberg, Harry Suppa, Jeff Gray, Darryl Butt, Tom Jones, John Neese, Bill Sherwood 111BASKETBALL Kneeling: John Neese Standing: Tom Jones, les Lyon, Jeff Youngberg, Harry Suppa, Scott Smith, Paul Schultz, Pete Mangini Not Pictured: Brad Benton Row 1: Eric Nystrom, Dave Cathcart, Elzie Lindell, Ralph Clark, Scott Burch, Bryan VanOrd Row 2: Mr. 8runecz, Vance Lauffenburger, Lynn Ferrie, Darryl Butt, Ken Crosby, Dennis Craker, Ed Spittler Y 112Row 1: Jeff Williams, Doug Clark, Dave Ristau, Jerry Suppa, Doug Hedman, Doug Benedict Row 2: Scott Darling, Mark Benedict, Ron Porter, Steve Schnars, Craig Youngberg, Todd Onink, Mr. Adams Row 1: Brian Clark, Bobby Switzer, Don Gerbec, Todd Matthews, Skete Williams, Dave Wright, Paul Kemery, Jim Glotz, John Gregory Row 2: Bill Stevenson, Ken Phillips, Dan Zamborik, Cory Summerson, Dave Jackson, Richard VanHouten, Dana Spittler. Lane Morrison, Randy Daugharthy Row 3: Steve Stoddard, Dana Rickerson, Kevin Abbott. Bill Kramer, Scott Dahl, Dave Mager, Jim Wilson, Ron Por ter. Mark Benedict, Scott Darling 113BOYS TRACK LETTERMEN Row 1: Roger Brown, Larry McMillen, Carl Roberts, Tim Voty Row 2: Pete Mangini, Mike Hornstrom, Craig Swanson, Brad Benton, Harry Suppa Row 1: Carol D'Augustine, Debbie Switzer, Margie Shaffer, Diane Blair, Mr. Brunecz Row 2: Anne Sumner, MaryBeth Smith, Kim Ellis, Melanie Dunham, Beth Stevenson, Debbie Roberts, Lottie Bor land 114CROSS COUNTRY COACH Rick Parsons First Row: Tom Jones. Ralph Clark, Scott Burch, Jim Kane, R. J. Williams, Eric Hurley Second Row: Coach Parsons, Carl Roberts, Pete Mangmi, Jay Anderson, Louis Rivett, Mike Hornstrom, Larry McMillan 115BOY'S VOLLEYBALL GIRL'S V o L L E Y B A L L Row 1: Kathy Kummer, Jill Jordan, Lori Bearfield, Jamie Zalic, Debbie Skinner, Carol Olds Row 2: Terri Hornstrom, Kim Ellis, Julie Himes, Debbie Mattison, Beth Mathews, Anne Sumner, Sue Saylor, Shannon Feeny, MaryBeth Smith Row 3: Sue Switzer, Wendy Philblad, Debbie Roberts, Sue Ann Peterson, Pam Kibbey, Cathy Blanco, Jodi Brecht. Debbie Pratz, Vea Bearfield, Carol D’Augustine, Betsie Campbell, Pat Campbell, Advisor: Mr. Firth 116VOLLEYBALL SENIORS Row 1: Mary Beth Smith, Betsie Campbell, Carol D’Augustine, Craig Swanson. Vea Bearfield, Kathy Kummer, Debbie Skinner, Sue Ann Peterson, Debbie Pratz, Tom Jones Row 2: Jamie Zalik, John Neese, Jill Jordon, Julie Himes, Pat Campbell, Scott Smith, Brad Johnson GIRL'S S O F T B A L Row 1: Betsy Stino, Tern Hornstrom, Debbie Roberts, Linda Lmdell, Kathy Kummer, Debbie Madison, Shannon Feeney Row 2: Mary Beth Smith, Sally Youker, Lon Bearfield, Marcy Peterson, Anne Sumner, Kim Ellis Row 3: Lome Williams. Betsie Campbell. Vea Bearfield, Jodi Brecht. Mary Pratz, Linda Foxx, Pat Campbell. Mr. Black 117s E N I O R L. to R.: Carol D'Augustine. Betsy Campbell, Debbie Swetzer, Margie Shaffer VARSITY CHEERLEADERS C H E E R L E A D E R S 1 Row: Laurie Williams, Jayne Mott. Margie Shaffer, Cheryl Johnson, Debbie Switzer. Betsy Campbell, Carol D'Augustine, Anne Sumner 1181 Row: Sue Switzer, Pam Peterson, Mary Pratz 2 Row: Mary Baran, Sally Youker JR. HIGH C H E E R L E A D E R S 1 Row: Debbie Butt, Maria Greenamyer 2 Row: Jeanne Nystrom, Lisa Craker, Rhonda O'Donnell, Jill Williams 3 Row: Jody Youker 119VARSITY GIRL'S BASKETBALL Row 1: Vea Bearfield. Kim Ellis, Deb bie Pratz, Margie Shaffer, Shirley Christiansen, Jennifer Peterson Row 2: Laurie Williams, Jodi Brecht, Betsy Campbell, Anne Sumner, Beth Matthews, Marie Bierarck. Julie Himes. Carol DAugustine. Mary Smith, Mr Black SENIOR MEMBERS Row 1: Betsy Campbell, Vea Bearfield. Julie Himes. Shirley Christiansen Row 2: Carol D Augustine, Debbie Pratz, Mary Smith Row 3: Margie Shaffer JUNIOR VARSITY GIRL'S BASKETBALL Row 1: Mr. Adams, Tracy Custer, Laurie Bearfield. Shelia Christiansen. Mona Hanson, Robin VanOrd, Jodi Brecht Row 2: Jennifer Peterson, Beth Ste venson, Lynn Mager, Laurie Williams, Tammy D Augustine, Mary Baran, Lottie Borland 120A C T I1977-78 KNIGHTS MARCHING BAND P E R C U s s I o N 1 Row: Kevin Jones 2 Row: Becky Spicer, Dennis Craker, Carol Olds 3 Row: Rick Carlson, Fred Strickland, Lynn Feme 4 Row: Pam Knapp, Melanie Anderson, Toby Spelling, Brian Bauer, Todd Jones 122Row 1: C. Olds, D. Craker, T. Spelling Row 2: E. Wilson, L. Braley, L. Lindell, E. Donaldson, P. Wilcox, S. Smith, J. VanOrd, N. Las-singer, S. Schnars, J. Rapp, S. Feeny Patty Wilcox, Scott Smith 123FIELD CAPTAINS Edys Wilson Carol Olds 124 s Q u A D L E A D E R S Row 1: Dick Jennings, Becky Spicer, Fred Strickland, Pam Knapp, Sandy Schaners, Karen Cable, Shannon Feeny, Toby Spelling Row 2: Pam Gray, Edys Wilson, Louise Rogers, Penny Courtney, Wendy Zamborik, Paula White, Chris Murphy. Louise Braley, Linda Lindell Row 3: Brenda Larson, Linda Foxx, Jessica Vanord, Cathy Gregory, Nancy McIntyre, Chris Springer, Julie Rapp, Tammy McNutt, Lisa Whitten1 Row: Fred Strickland, Scott Smith, Toby Spelling 2 Row: Clara Blackwell, Paula White, Sandy Schnars, Karen Cable, Dick Jennings, Neal Lassmger, Eric Donaldson, Patty Wilcox 3 Row: Julie Rapp, Linda Fox, Mark Johnson, Chris Murphey. Sandy Schnars, Louise Braley, Linda Lindell, Shannon Feeney 125B A N D F R O N T Row 1: Lisa Whitten, Sue Spittler, Debbie Mattison, Karen Darby, Tammy McNutt Row 2: Robin Shaffer, Laurie Neal, Holly Wilson, Missy Mattison, Louise Braley, Linda Lindell, Rita Spicer, Shelly Wilson, Crystal Clark, Vicki Brown, Jackie Ewer Row 3: Shannon Feeney, Debbie Roberts, Sandy Schnars, Teresa Fischer, Betsy Stino, Tern Hornstrom, Wendy Philblad Jim Greenamyer Rick Carlosn 1261977-78 SR. CONCERT BAND Row 1: Eric Donaldson, Scott Smith Row 2: Neil Lassinger, Brenda Larson D 127Row 1: Dick Jennings Patti Wilcox Toby Spelling Row 2: Neil lassinger Scott Smith Eric Donaldson Chris Murphey 128D I S T R I C T B A N D Row 1: Eric Donaldson, Neal Lassinger Row 2: Toby Spelling, Edys Wilson, Scott Smith, Brenda Larson JR. BAND PERCUSSION Row 1: Vicki Anderson, Jay Shaffer Row 2: Brian Bauer, Jim Curtis, Linda White, Melanie Anderson, Randy Spicer, Todd Jones, Kevin Jones, Paul Kemery 129Row 2: Roger VanOrd, Larry Reagle, Mac Hiles, Brenda Larson, Steve Landin, Scott Darling Row 3: Tony Haberkorn, F. Shelly Hedman, Fawn Kibbey, Amanda Cable, Chuck Ricker, Ron Porter, Nancy McIntyre, Charlene Wilcox, Scott Kibbey, Brad Edwards, David Braley, Sara Dyer Row 1: Rhonda Sechrist, Jennifer Marquis, Sandy Rupczyk, Lynne Sumner, Tammy Lyon Row 2: Robin Whitten, Heather Bortz, Becky Maeder, Tammy Frank, Doug Coldiron, Jeanne Nystrom, Pam Carlstrom, Pen-nie McMillen Row 3: Dana VanOrd, Kathy Hanson, Steve Delp, Wendy Wilkins, Ruth VanOrd, Wanda Chase, Robin Philblad, Chris Stroker, Tina Lyon, Diane Foxx, Patty Turner, Debbie Spencer 130E.H.S. STAGE BAND Row 1: W. Philblad, B. Church, P. Wilcox, B. Church, B. Stanton, K. Rapp, J. Legere, P. White, M. Legere Row 2: C. Olds, J. Vanord, S. Smith, E. Donlson, P. Church, M. Johnson Row 3: D. Craker, K. Alcorn, K. Cable, B. Larsen, L. Ferrie, T. Spelling, D. Jennings, N. Lassinger s T A G E B A N D Row 1: H. Legere Row 2: J. Marquis, N. Mclnyre, R. VanOrd, D. Craker, C. Olds. R. Stanton, K. Nadal, C. Stoker, D. Coldiron, F. Stroker Row 3: L. Reagle, D. Merkle, C. Riquer, A. Cable, S. Hedman, M. Legere, C. Wilcox, C. Lassinger, S. Darling, D. White Row 4: K. Alcorn, B. Bauer, M. Anderson, D. Traniello, M. Falconer, F. Strickland, S. Rupczyk 131SENIOR CHOIR DISTRICT CHOIR Row 1: Ron Carlson. Tammy McNutt. Patti Wilcox Row 2: Bev Pangborn, Dennis Craker, Jessica VanOrd Row 1: Sandy Schnars, Tracy Hunzmger Row 2: Jams Nelson. Dawn Coldiron, Mari Sanders. Fred Strickland, Cindy Zobrist, Laura Godden, Laurie Chase Row 3: Clara Blackwell, Jan Lester, Patti Wilcox, Patty Campbell, Paula White. Kathy Kummer ; yOJ lf 1 132Row 1: Holly Wilson, Carrie Pitner, Debbie Bertch, Robert Switzer Row 2: Dodi Straight, Kim North, Fawn Kib bey, Dana Spittler Row 3: Doug Ransom, Jim Stowe, Jim Stowe, Diane White, Ruth VanOrd, Amanda Cable 133HOMECOMING QUEEN Queen Betsy Campbell Escort Brad Benten FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Maria Greenamyer Barry VanOrd SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT Lisa Whitten Jeff Gray JUNIOR ATTENDANT Becky Martin Jeff English SENIOR ATTENDANT Paula White Ron Glotz 134"THE HOBBIT" Eisenhower Theatre Arts November 17, 18, and 19, 1977 Rilhn Raggms Mark Donaldson Bert Jessica VanOrd Grand alf Thorm James Greenamyer Ben Spicer Elven Queen Hobbit Essie Wendy Peterson Mandy Cable Balm Keven Cable Elven Gaurd Bilbo's sister Anne Thelin Dwalin Dave Traniello Elven Gaurd Ann Ewer Kili Cathy Perkins Great Goblin Fred Strickland Fili Jeanne Nystrom Patrol Leader Auctioneer Brian Foltz Dori Lisa Craker Goblin Mrs. Sackville Baggms Debbie Butt Non Maria Greenamyer Goblin Hobbit Stage Manager Billie Youngberg Ori JodyYouker Goblin Hobbit Elaine Slater Glorm Smaucy Jim Stowe Councillar Rhonda Moore Oin Jay Tennies Councilor Amy Christiansen Bifur Lauri Youngberg Gollum Spider Paula White Bofur Curt Murphey Spider Hobbit Sue Saylor Bambur Trudy Peterson Spider Hobbit Kim Strickland Nephew Dawn Williams Spider Hobbit Tina Lyon Tom Hobbit Debbie Spade "THE MIRACLE WORKER" Eisenhower Theatre Arts April 13, 14, and 15, 1978 Helen Keller Annie Sullivan Captain Keller Kate Keller James Keller Aunt Ev Dr. Anagnas Doctor Jimmie man servant Vmey............... Martha Percy Laura Lady Beatrice Lady Caroline Sarah ..... Alice Lady Dawn Williams Paula White Brian Foltz Debbie Butt Ben Spicer Jessica VanOrd Fred Strickland Keven Cable Jim Stowe Pam Peterson Jeanne Nystrom Curt Murphey Kathy Greenland Cathy Perkins Connie VanOrd Lauri Youngberg Kim Strickland 135CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS President: Pat Campbell Vice Presdident: Brad Johnson Secretary: Margie Shaffer Treasurer: Eric Donaldson SOPHOMORES President: George Sanders (not pictured) Vice President: Brain Foltz Secretary: Debbie Roberts Treasurer: Louise Braley JUNIORS President: Dave Neal Vice President: Darryl Butt Secretary: Ann Sumner FRESHMEN President: Doug Benidict Vice President: David Baran Secretary: Wendy Levinson Treasurer: Sandy Savco 136F F A Row 1: Richard Borland, Jeff Dur nell, Dan Blair, Loren Cable, Bob Woodm Row 2: Howard Easton, Duane Merkle, Richard Johnson, Kim Ellis, Diana Blair, Carol Little, Mel Dunham, John Nuttal, Jim Meleen, Dave Bergstrom, Conrad Condron, Mr. Carey Row 3: Mike Zimmerman, Tim Brown, Chuck Eckert, Kirk Smith, Randy Ransom, Doug Morton, Brad Wmans, Mike Williams, Clint Chapman, Bill Spelling, Willy Wilcox THEATRE ARTS Crew Manager: Rick Carlson Stage Manager: Billie Youngberg Advisor: Miss Fraley Row 1: Debbie Pratz, Mari Snders, Kim Youker, Andrea Glotz, Maureen Mager, Jill Jordan, Vea Bearfield, Julie Himes Row 2: Kathy Kummer, Janice Nelosn, Pat Campbell, Pete Mangini, Paul Landin, Larry McMillen. Jan Legere CONCESSION STAND 137YEARBOOK STAFF Editor — Fred Strickland Managing Editor — Irene Martin Photographers — Dwight Turner Mark Donaldson Typists — Jan Lester Sue Ann Peterson Laurie DeRemer Donna Fisher Kathy Greenland Missy Higgins Advisor — Miss Confer. SENIOR MEMBERS YEARBOOK Row 1: Clara Blackwell, Tawney Repine, Sue Ann Peterson, Jan Lester Row 2: Fred Strickland, Carol D'Augustine, Mari San ders, Irene Martin, Debbie Pratz, Debbie Spade, Paula White STUDENT COUNCIL President — Dave Neal Vice President Tom Jones Secretary — Sandy Schnars Treasurer — Lora Stoddard 138Row 1: J. Phillips, M. Giordanno Row 2: L. Foxx, K. Keller, L. Wright Row 3: B. Edwards, J. Carlson, J. Fry Row 4: D. Lewis Row 5: M. Hornstrom, J. Morgon, C. Hepler, D. Thompson, M. Zajac Row 6: L. Rivett, D. Giordon, G. Dahler, D. Gerbec. T. Thompson VO-TECH SENIORS Row 1: P. Schultz, D. Neal, S. Feeney, A. Sumner, M. Mager, C. Johnson, E. Spittler Row 2: B. Johnson, J. Neese, B. Matthews, M. Smith, H. Block, M. Biekarck, C. Swanson Row 3: L. McMillen, G. Craig, R. Brown, H. Suppa, K. Wilkins, K. Alcorn Row 4: T. Jones, B. Benton, T. Voty, P. Mangini Row 5: D. Switzer, M. Shaffer, B. Campbell, C. D'Au gustine, K. White, B. Sherwood, K. Crosby PEP CLUB Seated: Lora Stoddard, Lisa Rivett, B. Youngberg, Pam Peterson, Sally Chase, Diane Hollabaugh Standing: Terri Kibbey, Robin York, Brenda Thomas, Linda Lindell, Tammy D’Augustme, Laurie Chase, Laurie Tutmaher, Rhonda Moore, Rita Spicer, Diane Warner, Mary Gray, Terri Onink, Miss Lutton F B L A 139Row 1: Suzie Switzer, Maureen Mager, Paul Schultz. Chris Murphey, Scott Smith, Dale Johnson Row 2: Brad Johnson, Ken Sumner, Kevin McIntyre, Bill Sherwood, Pete Mangmi KEY CLUB Row 1: P. Landin, P. Campbell, K. Kummer, T. Spelling, E. Donald son, J. Brecht, J. Legere, L. Chase, N. Lassinger, B. Church, E. Spittler Row 2: L. Stoddard, P. Courtney, B. Campbell, A. Glotz, M. Shaffer, C. Johnson, M. Stoddard, K. Cable, L. Neal, D. Blair Row 3: K. Crosby, D. Jennings, J. VanOrd, R. Belitsky, H. Block. T. McNutt, M. Mager, J. Zalic, C. D’Augustine NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President: Dennis Craker Vice President Terri Onink Secretary: Jessica VanOrd Treasurer: Mary Baran BIBLE CLUBRow 1: Jackie Ewer, Ann Ewer, Kim Keller Row 2: Diane Pudder, Lisa Rivett Row 3: Joye Pick, Kathy Fisher, Pam Sopher, Terri DePrater, Man Sanders, Sandy Schnars, Billie Youngberg GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS Row 1: Dave Tramello, Tim Anthony, Bobbie Stanton Row 2: Carl Bailey. Janet Clark, Jeanme Arp. Cindy Zobrist, Miss Reese, Laura Godden, Mark Wood in LIBRARY AIDES Row 1: Debbie Edson, Robin Belitsky, Miss Fraley Row 2: Pam Peterson, Bev Pangborn, Lisa Rivett, Jessica VanOrd, Jerry Suppa PRESS CLUB 141G Y M A I D E S Row 1: Miss Nelosn, Maureen Mager, Ron Glotz Row 2: Diana Blair, Darlene Osborne, Linda Kane, Lynn Mager, Sherry Faust, Mary Beth Smith, Lormda Knapp Row 3: Anne Sumner, Mel Dunham, Lorie Bearfield, Jodi Brecht, Jennifer Peterson, Jancie Nelson, Maryanne Gior-danno, Tom Jones Row 1: Diane Hollabaugh, Sandy Schnars Row 2: Vicki Brown, Pam Peterson, Mari Sanders NURSE'S AIDES Row 1: Sally Chase, Sandy Hotchkiss Row 2: Karen Darby, Cindy DePrater, Robin Smeltzer, Cathy Reist OFFICE ASSISTANTS 142Row 1: Tina Lyons Row 2: Jem Collins, Lisa Schenck, Rhonda Sechriest, Holly Wilson, Mary Baran, Marcy Peterson, Edys Wilson, Kathy Hook Row 3: Tammy Lyons, Deanna Chase, Rhonda Frank, Wendy Peterson, Becky Mae der, Jody Crosby, Jamie Reed, Carol Tutmaher Row 4: Pat Campbell, Gretchen English, Debbie Pratz, Lori Bear-field, Lori Chapman, Challis Lechner, Tracy Smeltzer, Joye Pick, Judy Beck Row 5: Sue Peterson, Jennifer Peterson, Jill Jordan, Vea Bearfield, Jamie Zalik, Maryann Girodano, Julie Himes, Mary Williams, Kim Youker, Janice Nelson, Mary Smith Row 1: Alfie Frangione, Tim Porter, R. J. Williams, Mark Woodin Row 2: Dane Robillard, Chris Murphy, Steve Schnars, Mark Johnson, Ralph Clark, Howie Lyons B O Y S B 0 W L 1 N G 143SENIOR DIRECTORY Kent D. Alcorn — ' Akron” June 25, 1960, Football 7-12 (Letter 11, 12), Cross Country 10 (Letter 10), Wrestling 7 (Letter 9 - 12), Track 11, Class Vice President 10, Honor Society 11 • 12, Varsity Club 9 -12 (Pres. 12), Key Club 12, Spanish Club 9, 10, Volleyball 10- 12, (All Stars 11 • 12), Chess Club 7, Basketball Club 7, Wrestling Club 8 9, Logic Club, (Vice Pres.), Speech Club 12, Student Council (7, 12), Big Blue Club 12, Tutoring Program 11, American Legion, Basketball 11, 12. Future Plans: Undecided Jay Morris Andersen — "Jay" October 25, 1960, Wrestling 7 -12, Track 8, Cross Country 12, Art Club 8, Wrestling Club 7, Lab Technician 8, Trail Guide 8. Future Plans: Undecided Scott Douglas Bauer — "Dexter" Art Club 7, Outdoor Conservation Club 8 - 9, Trail Guide 8, Wrestling 7 8, Wrestling Mgr. 10 12. Future Plans: Undecided Vea-Marie Gerry Bearfield — "Bear" July 9, 1960, Girls Basketball 10-12, Volleyball 10 • 12, Student Council 10 - 12, Track 10 - 12, Softball 11, 12, Summer Softball 10 - 12, G.A.A. 10, Bowling 12. Future Plans: Attend Slippery Rock State College, Major in Physical Education. Judy Ann Beck — "Judy” Bowling 11 12, Softball 8 -12, Volleyball Mgr. 11, Student Council 8, Guidance Office Assistant 7 -12, F.H.A. 10, Y-Teens 9, Hobby Club 7, Art Club 8 Future Plans: Air Force, go to Colorado, be a lab technician. Clara Adele Blackwell — "Clair" February 18, 1960, Band 8 12, Pin, Marching Band 10 • 12, Letter Jacket, Pin, Sr. Choir 12, F.H.A. 9-10, French Club 8, Student Council 12, Yearbook Staff 12, M A S H, Get Smart, Variety Show Future Plans: To do God’s will. Roger Brown — "Little Ding” December 6, 1960, Basketball 7 -12, F.F.A. 9-11, Track 7, 9 12, Football 10, 12, Yearbook Staff 12, Student Council 7 - 9, A.A.A. Future Plans: Drink Foster Brooks under the table. William N. Brunecz — "Bruno” March 30, 1960, F.F.A. 9 -12, Basketball 8, Track 10 Future Plans: See the world and eat, drink, and maybe get married. Karen Cable — "Karen" September 7, 1960, Sr. Band 9-12, Marching Band 9-12, Stage Band 912, Spanish Club 910, Yearbook Staff 12, Madrigal Choir 9 -10, Jr. Choir 7 - 8, Senior Choir 9 -10, Brass Ensemble 10 - 12, Honor Society 11-12 Future Plans: To be a Famous Interior Designer. Loren G. Cable April 28, 1960, Conservation Club 7 - 9, Art Club 10, F.F.A. 9 - 12 Future Plans: Undecided. 144Elizabeth Jean Campbell — "Betsie” October 11, 1960, Track 7 - 8, Girls Basketball 10 -12, Letter 12, Cheerleading 9-12, Letter 10, Honor Society 11-12, Student Council 8-12, Varsity Club 10 12, Boys Track Mgr. 11-12, Volleyball 11-12, Girls Softball 11-12, Hobby Club 8, Art Club 7, Jr. G.A.A. Pres., Sr. G.A.A. 10, Bowling 9 -10, Ski Club 9-12, Homecoming Queen 12, Snow Queen 11, Homecoming Attendant 9, Snow Queen Attendant 9. Future Plans: Penn State Art Major, Commercial Art. Patricia Joanne Campbell — 'Pat" April 8, 1960, President of Senior Class, Secretary of National Honor Society 12, Member of National Honor Society 11 - 12, Yearbook 12, F.H.A. 9 -12, President 9, Vice President 10, Senior Choir 9 -12, Secretary, Treasurer 12, Girls Track 9 10, Volley- ball 9- 12 Future Plans: College, become a R.N. and travel. Craig Eugene Carlson — "Craig” October 19, 1960, Football 7 ■ 9, Basketball Club 8 ■ 9, Yearbook Staff, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12, Gym Show 9 Future Plans: College, to replace F. Lee Bailey and Edward Bennett Williams as the top Lawyer in America. Rebecca S. Carlson — "Beck" December 26, 1960, Hobby Club 8, F.H.A. 9, 10 Future Plans: Undecided. Laurie Mae Chase — "Laur" June 24, 1960, Junior Band 7, 8, Pin, Senior Band 9, 10 - 12, Choir 9 • 12, Stageband II, Letter, Pin 9 -11, Stageband I 11, Hobby Club 8, F.H.A. 9, Y-Teens 10, Treasurer, Honor Society 11-12, Stu- dent Council 9-12, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown," Pitband 10 Future Plans: To make someone happy and smile. Shirley Jean Christiansen — “Shirl" October 7, 1960, Basketball 11 - 12, Letter, Pin, Softball 7 - 9, Press Club 8, Spanish Club 10, Choir 7,8 Future Plans: To have my horses and live the rest of my life on a farm. Dawn Marie Coldiron — "Dawnald" September 16, 1960, Honor Society 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Choir 10, 11, 12, Pin, Madrigal Choir 11, 12, Tennis Club 9, Pep Club 10 Future Plans: College Sara Lynn Condron — "Sara” December 12, 1960, Art Club 7, Hobby Club 8, F. H.A. 9, 10 Future Plans: To help others. Carolyn Lee D’Augustine — "Carol” October 14, 1960, Track 7 -12, Letters 9 12, Trophy 11, Girls Basketball 10 - 12, Letter 12, Cheerleading 8, Jacket JV 10, Varsity 11, Jacke 12, Girls Volleyball 10, Student Council 8 -12, Honor Society 11, 12, Hobby Club 7, Varsity Club 10, 11, Jr. G. A.A. 10, 11, Bowling 9, 10, Prom Attendant 11, Tennis Club 10, Pep Club 7 - 9, Gym Aid 11, Gym Club 9-12, Gym Show 9 Future Plans: College, to become a famous journalist. Beat Angel Doyle's national 100 yard dash record. Terri Lynn DePrater — "T.D.” March 21, 1960, Volleyball 9 -12, Letter, Pin, Bar, Basketball 11, Letter, Softball 7 -12, Track 9 -10, Letter, Pin, Bar, French Club 9, Guidance Assistant 14510- 12 Future Plans: Meet Barbra Streisand, ride my Kawasaki and let the good times roll! Janice Marie Dow — ‘Janice” November 24, 1960, Jr. Choir 7 • 8, Jr. Band 7 8, Sr. Band 9-11, Marching Band 810, Hobby Club 7 • 8, Student Council 10 12 Future Plans: To be on the U.S. Skydiving Team. Gretchen Sue English — “Gretchen” February 13, 1960, Class President 10, 11, Student Council 9, 10, 12, Cinderbelles 9, 10, Marching Band 9 - 11, “West Side Story,” “Courtship ol Eddie’s Father," Softball 10 • 12, Pep Club 8, 9 Future Plans: To get a good job and to be happy. Beth Francis Edwards — “Beth" August 20, 1969, Vo-Tech Food Service 10 - 12, Guidance Assistance, Church Youth 9, F.H.A. 8, 9, Head Start 9, 10 Future Plans: To get a job and move out, and be happy. Ann Marie Ewer — “Belle” February 3, 1960, Hobby Club 7 - 8, Concert Band 7 - 10, Marching Band 8, “The Hobbit,” Guidance Assistance 9-12 Future Plans: College for Nursing. To be what I am, try not to be what others want me to be. Sherry L. Faust — “Sher” March 24, 1959, Bowling 10 • 11, Cinderbelles 10 11, Skiing Club 9 -10, Student Council 12, Hobby Club 7, 8, Guidance Office Assistants 7 -12, F.B.L.A. 9 - 10 Future Plans: Work, marriage, travel. Kathleen Fisher — “Fish” January 28, 1961, Hobby Club 7, 8, Pres. Guidance Assistant 9 12, Volleyball 11, Softball 8-12 Future Plans: Live a good life. Get a "Firebird!” Robert Jack Fleming — “Bob” December 21, 1960, Vo-Tech Metal Fab and Welding Future Plans: Join the Navy. Lori Beth Fox — "Foxy” November 24, 1960, Hobby Club 7, Pep Club 8, 9, G.A.A. 10, 11, Bowling 7 -10, Student Council 11 ■ 12 Future Plans: Undecided. Linda Diane Foxx — “Linda” March 24, 1960, Vo-Tech 12, Girls Softball 9 -12, Girls Volleyball 10 - 12, Track 9, Band 7 11, Marching Band 9 -12 Future Plans: Go on to Nursing. Sam Frangione — “Sam” February 1, 1960, Bowling 7 - 9, Bible Club 9, Science Club 7-10 Future Plans: Policeman, and to make good use of my life and stay out of trouble. Dan Lee Gerbec — “Dan” June 29, 960, Vo-Tech Machine Shop 3 years Future Plans: Get a job. Dan Giordon — “Dan” September 28, 1960, Stage Crew 7 8, Electronics 7, Student Council 7 - 9, Shop 9, Vo-Tech 10-12 Future Plans: Join the Air Force. See the world and travel the country. Andrea Maria Glotz — “Andrea” August 20, 1960, Hobby Club 8, Pep Club 9, Marching Band 12, Jr. Choir 7, 8, Sr. Choir 10, Student Council 10 - 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, 146Gym Show 8 Future Plans: College. Ronald Kelly Glotz — “Coolie" May 18, 1960, Wrestling 7, 11, 12, Track-Field 11, 12, Wrestling Club 7, 8, Art Club 9, Bowling 9 Future Plans: To be able to keep all people laughing. Laura Michele Godden — "Sis" November 4, 1959, Bible Club 7, Jr. Choir 7 9, Sr. Choir 10 12, F.H.A. 9 10, Library Assistant 12 Future Plans: College, Career in Computer programming, data processing and computer repair. Diana Rose Button (Godfrey) — "Diana" October 10, 1960, Art Club 7, Hobby Club 8 -10, Cheaper By the Dozen, Props 11 Future Plans: To go to Business College. Dale Harkins — "Snuffy" May 25, 1959, Photo Club Future Plans: To get in the electronics field, and just live. Carl Hepler — “Hepple" December 16, 1959, Ag. 9, Vo-Tech, Auto Body Future Plans: Get a good job. Julie Ann Himes — "Jul" October 6, 1960, Pep Club 7, 8, Bowling League 8, 9, G.A.A. 10, 11, Track 10 • 12, Volleyball 9-10, Bible Club 7, 8, Student Council 9-12, Girls Basketball 11, 12, Snow Queen Attendant 10, Ski Club 11 Future Plans: School and travel. Michael C. Hornstrom — "Mike" March 15, 1960, Track 7-12, Lettermen 10 - 12, Cross Country 11, 12, Letter 11, 12, ‘“High School All American in Track” 11, Varsity Club 10, 11, 12, Wrestling Club 7 - 9, Wrestling 9, Radio Club 7, 5th at State Track Meet, Drafting, President of Class at Vo-Tech, Volleyball 12 Future Plans: College to invent a new agony of defeat. Sandra R. Hotchkiss — “Rufer” January 14, 1960, Hobby Club 7, 8, French Club 9, F.H.A. 10, Guidance Assistant 7 -10, Main Office Assistant 9 12, Softball 8-10, Volleyball 12 Future Plans: To travel all over this country in my Duster, and to take it easy. Tracy Lynn Hunzinger — “ Tracy” July 26, 1960, Hobby Club 7, F.H.A. 9, 10, Bowling 10, Volleyball 9, Jr. Choir 7, Sr. Choir 12, Band 7 -12 Future Plans: To solve all of my problems and sit back and enjoy them. Eric Hurley — "Squirrel" March 29, 1960, 4 years Varsity Lettermen in Wrestling, 2 years Cross Country Lettermen, Key Club, Vo-Tech, Wrestling Club 9, 10 Future Plans: Join a branch in the military. Richard Allan Jennings — “Dick” February 16, 1960, Jr. Band 7, 8, Pin, Sr. Band 9 -12, Pins, Stage Band 8 -12, Letter, Pins, Brass Ensemble 8 - 10, 12, Marching Band Jacket, Letter, Pin 8 12, Mid East 11, District Orchestra 12, 400 Mile Club 10, Track 10, National Honor Society 11 12, Chess Club 7, Science Club 8, Spanish Club 9 Future Plans: College. Bradley Gene Johnson — "Brad" January 24, 1960, Wrestling 7 12, Letter 9 -12, Football 7, 9, 12, Letter 12, Cross Country 10, 11, Letter 10, 11, Class President 8, Class Vice Presi- 147dent 11, 12, Varsity Club 9, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 11, Vice President 12, Wrestling Club 7, 8, Spanish Club 9, Volleyball 10 12, All Star 11,12 Future Plans: College. Chris A. Johnson — ' Chris” April 19, 1960, Wrestling Club 7 ■ 9, Track 10 12, Football 9, 10, Gym Show 9, Gym Aid 9 12, Volleyball, Vo-Tech 10-12 Future Plans: Navy. Dale Franklin Johnson December 1, 1960, P.V.E.A. 7, Basketball 8, Wrestling Club 9, Spanish Club 10, Prom Ceiling Committee 11, Blood Donors Committee 12 Future Plans: Make it any way I can. Karen Sue Jones May 1, 1960, Bowling 9, 10, Play — "Get Smar” 10, G.A.A. 10, Nurse Assistant 11 Future Plans: To live long, happy, and have a Z-28. Jill Louise Jordan — “Jill" March 2, 1960, Student Council 7-12, Vice President 11, Class Officer, President 9, Cheerleading — Captain 8, Pep Club 7 - 9, Hobby Club 7, Bowling 8 12, Volleyball 7 -12, Snowball Freshman Attendant, Track 8, 9, G.A.A. 9, 10, Ski Club 10 Future Plans: Travel and Be Happy. Nathan Blaine Kanarr — "Nate” April 23, 1960, Art Club 7, 8, Gym Aid 11, Track 12 Future Plans: Buy a Cheve to see the U.S.A. Kim Catherine Keller — “Peaches" November 9, 1960, Hobby Club 7, Bowling 7, Art Club 8, G.A.A. 9, Guidance Assistant 11,12 Future Plans: Get married and be a plumber’s wife, build a house, party, and live life. Steve N. King — “Dink" July 3, 1959 Future Plans: Travel and enjoy life and have my own farm. Paul Edward Landin — “Paul” Jr. Band 7, 8, Sr. Band 9 - 11, Jr. Choir 7, 8, Chess Club 7, 9, 10, Science Club 8, Honor Society 11, 12, Track 10-12 Future Plans: Four year College Field uncertain. John Neal Lassinger — “Neal" September 8, 1960, Jr. Band 7, 8, Pin, Sr. Band 9 -12, Marching Band 7 -12, Jacket, Letters, Bars, Pin, Manager 11, 12, Mid East 11, District Band 11, Stage Band 8, 10 - 12, Letter, Bar, West Side Story, Pit Band 9, Chess Club 7, 9, 10, Science Club 8, Treasurer, Honor Society 11, 12, Brass Ensemble 9, 12, Track 11, 12 Future Plans: College, engineering. To make a real contribution to the world. Jan D. Legere — “Frenchie” August 10, 1960, Jr. Band 7, 8, Sr. Band 9 -12, Stage Band 10 - 12, Basketball Club 7, 9, Amateur Radio Club 8, Conservation 10, 11 Future Plans: Go to College. Janice Lee Lester — "Jan" March 15, 1960, German Club 7, P.Y.E.A. 8, Choir 7, 8, 9, 12, Yearbook 12, Softball 9, Variety Show. Future Plans: To accept life for what it is, good and bad and to make as many friends smile as possible. Lee R. Lundmark — “Lee” 148May 17, 1959, Wrestling, plays Future Plans: Work for Lundmark’s Plumbing and Heating, Septic Tank Service. Brenda Louise Lusk — "Bren" March 21, 1959, Hobby Club 7, 8, Bowling 7, 8, Sr. Choir 10, 12, Sr. Band 11, 12, Marching Band 11, F.H.A. 9 • 10, F.B.L.A. 9, 10, 11, "Get Smart" 11, “Cheaper By the Dozen" 11, Library Assistant 9, 10, 11, Nurse Assistant 11 Future Plans: Go get a job and hopefully keep it. To get married and have a family. To always be happy. Maureen Mager — "Maureen" May 24, 1960, Basketball 7-11, Intramural 7, 8, J.V. 9 -10, Captain in 10, Varsity 11, Captain in 11, Letter, Pin, Volleyball 9-12, Letter, Pin, Co-Captain in 11, G.A.A. Letter, Pin, Secretary, Lancers 7 - 9, Honor Society 11, 11, Class Officer 10, Secretary, Physical Education Dept. Treasurer in 11, Track 10, Letter, Pin, Key Club 11, 12, Secretary in 12, Student Council 7, 9, 12, Prom Committee Chairman in 11, Homecoming Attendant 11, Varsity Club 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 9 Future Plans: College. Peter James Mangini — "Pete" July 6, 1960, Basketball 7 -12, Volleyball 11-12, Jr. Band 7, 8, Key Club 10-12, Varsity Club 10-12, Cross Country 10- 12, Basketball Club 7 • 9 Future Plans: Attend College at Slippery Rock, Physical Education and Health. Make their track or Basketball team. Irene L. Martin — "Rener" July 2, 1960, Art Club 7, 9, 10, Hobby Club 8, Yearbook 1112, The Play — "Up the Down StairCase" 9 Future Plans: Become a famous Artist in Paris, where I will see my paintings of nude men on the sidewalk. Jeffery Brian McKinney — "Jeff" January 23, 1960, Wrestling 9 • 11, Power Mechanic 11, Mech. Drawing 10, 11, Wood Shop, Hunters Safety 9-10, Wrestling Club 9 - 10 Diesel Machines and to have a jeep to race off road. Rhonda Jeannie Moore — "Rhonda" July 11, 1960, F.H.A. 9, Main Office Helper 10, Guidance Office 11, Bible Club 10, F.B.L.A. 11-12 Future Plans: Undecided. Mike Arthur Morine — "Mike" August 28, 1960, Wrestling 7, Science Club 7, 9, Art Club 8, Lab Technician 8, Trail Guide 8 Future Plans: Undecided Christopher C. Murphey — “Chris” July 25, 1960, Student Council 7 -10, Photography Club 9, President 9, Wrestling Manager 10 - 11, Letter, Bar, Wrestling Announcer 11 - 12, Jr. Band 7 -8, Sr. Band 9 -12, Best Band 10 11, Best Squad 12, Letter 2 Bars, Bowling 7 - 10, 12 John Neese — "Beek" Janice Elizabeth Nelson — "Nelly" June 7, 1960, Girls Softball 7 -12, Volleyball 7 -12, Team 8 -12, Boy's Basketball Statistician 9 -11, Girls Basketball Statistician 9-11, Bowling 7 -12, Secretary 12, G.A.A. 10, 11, Pep Club 7 - 9, Jr. Band 7 - 8, (Pin), Sr. Band 7 - 8, Letter, Sr. Choir 11 • 12, Marching Band 8, 9, Letter, Charlie Brown Pit Band 10, Stage Band II 8 10, Letter, Pin Future Plans: Live for myself and my own desires. 149Lori Dawn Peterson — ‘Sweet Pea" October 18, 1960, Gym Club 7, Hobby Club 7, Library Assistant 7, 8, 9, Bible Club 8, Art Club 9, Bowling 9, Y-Teens 9-10, Guidance Office Assistance Future Plans: To marry my man and live happily ever after. Sue Ann Clara Peterson — “Sue" March 6, 1960, Hobby Club 7, Bowling 7 12, Trophies, F.H.A. 9, Library Assistant 9 10, F.B.L.A. 10, 11, Office Assistant 11, Sr. Choir 11, 12, Yearbook Staff 12, Sr. Editor Future Plans: Work, get married and be happy. Joye Pick — "Joyce” July 17, 1959, Cinderbelles 9 10, Press Club 8, 9, G.A.A. 10, Y-Teens 9, Jr. Band 9 12, Marching Band 9, Basketball 9, 10, Volleyball 10 12, Softball 7 11, Track 9 -10, Bowling 7 12 Future Plans: College — "To enjoy life" for it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Debora A. Pratz — "Debbie” November 21, 1960, Girls Basketball 12, Volleyball 7-12, Track 7 - 9, G.A.A. 10, Bowling 7 -12, Soft-ball, Art Club 7 - 9, Student Council, Yearbook 12, German Club 10 - 12, Hobby Club 8, Pep Club 7 - 9, Tennis Club 9, "Up the Down Stair Case," Band 7 -9, Senior Prom Committee 11, Chairman Future Plans: Marry the Godfather Conquer Italy and have the Pratz family rule the world. Randell R. Randsom — "Maverick" July 21, 1960, Basketball 7, 8, Bowling 7 9, F.F.A. 10-12 Future Plans: To just kick back and drink Stroh’s and drive Henry. Julie Ann Rapp — “Julie" December 20, 1960, Marching Band 7 12,Librarian 8 12, Sr. Band 9 -12, Stage Band I, II 8 11, Jr. Band 7 8, Choir 7 9, Pep Club 7 ■ 9, Cinderbelles 9-10 Future Plans: Go to college and own a Mercedes Sports car. Linda Sue Reist — "Linda" February 18, 1960, Jr. Choir 7, 8, Art 9 ■ 11, Art Club 7, 8, Tennis Club 9, Student Council 12 Future Plans: To work, travel and meet other people. Tim Riggs — "Tim" May 17, 1959 Future Plans: Gun Dealer, Bartender, Hunting Guide. Ed Rollinger — "Ed" October 18, 1959, Library Aide 7, 10, 11, Radio Club 9, Wrestling Club 7, Stage Crew 10 • 12, Yearbook 12, Trail Guide9- 12, Basketball Mgr. 9, Track Mgr. 10 Future Plans: To travel around the world. Mari Beth Sanders — “Mari" May 22, 1960, Choir 11, 12, Bowling 11, Volleyball 11, 12, Prom Comm. 11, Yearbook 12, G.A.A. 9 -10, Hobby Club 7, Art Club 8, Student Council 10 • 12 Future Plans: Go to College. Sandra Lee Schnars — "Red" June 15, 1960, German Club 7, Pep Club 7 • 8, Tennis Club 9, French Club 8, Play "Pop Reads the Christmas Carol" 7, Concert Band 7-11, Lancers 8 10, Play "The Lottery” 9, Track 8 10, Marching Band 8 -12, Pin, Letter, Jacket, Bar, Color Guard 150Commander 11-12, Choir 12, Nurse Assistant 12, Guidance Office Assistant 12, Student Council 8 -12, Secretary 12 Future Plans: Marry a millionaire. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. James M. Schrecongost — "Schreck" March 30, 1960 Future Plans: To make a lot of money and have fun. Paul M. Schultz August 7, 1960, Football 7 -12, Letter 11 - 12, Wrestling 7 ■ 8, 2 Place Jr. Olympics, Basketball 11 -12 Letter 12, Volleyball, Key Club 9-12, Jr. Representative, President 12, “West Side Story” 10, Gym Show 8 10, Class President 7, Vice President 8, Spanish Club President 9, Flonorable Mention McDonalds All American 1977, Big Blue Club 12, Head Announcer Annual Eisenhower Wrestling Tournament, Varsity Club 11 12, Student Council 7 - 9, Snow Dance Escort 10, Wrestling Club 7 • 8, Crash Leader Ike Football 12, Prom Ceiling Comm. Chess Club 7-12, President 11, Vice President 12 Future Plans: College — visit the Pope. Marjorie Ann Shaffer — “Margie” February 17, 1960, Fr. Band 7, 8, Jr. Choir 7, 8, Sr. Choir 9, 10, Pep Club 7, Cheerleading Jr. High 8, 9, J.V. 10, Varsity 11, 12, Basketball 11, 12, Track Jr. High 7, 8, Varsity 9, 11, 12, Cinderbelles 10, Varsity Club 10 • 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Student Council 9-12, Class Secretary 12 Future Plans: College Deborah E. Skinner — “Shorty” January 17, 1960, Student Council 7, Library Aide 9, 11, Spanish Club 9 • 10, Yearbook 12 Future Plans: Be the tallest person in the world. Mary Beth Smith — “M B.” August 4, 1960, Basketball 7 12, Varsity Letter 9 12, Volleyball 7 12, Varsity Letter 10 - 12, Track 7 ■ 12, Letter 9 -12, Summer Softball 7-12, School Softball 10 • 12, Varsity Letter 10 12, National Honor Society, Jr. Band, Senior Band 9, 10 Future Plans: I intend to go to college and further my education. Scott Douglas Smith — “Smitty” August 1, 1960, Basketball 7-12, Jr. Band 7 - 8, Vice President 8, Drum Major 12, Sr. Band 9 -12, Pin, Bar, Letter, Marching Band 7 -12, President 11, Jacket, Bar, Stage Band 9 -12, Regional Band 11,1977 P.M.E.A. Stage Band, Mid East Instrumental Music Conf., Penna. Governor's School for the Arts, Key Club 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, Pres. Basketball Cub 8, 9, Senior Banquet Committee Future Plans: Collge. Pamela L. Sopher — "Pam" December 31, 1959, Hobby Club 7, 8, Art Club 9, Bowling 10, Vo-Tech 11, 12, Guidance Office 11,12 Future Plans: Practical Nursing. Debra M. Spade — "Debbie” October 2, 1960, Jr. Band 7, 8, Sr. Band 9 -11, Hobby Club 8, Softball 7 • 9, Theater Arts 12, “The Hobbit" 12, Yearbook — Underclassmen Editor 12, Student Council 9-11 Future Plans: To own a Lotius Espire! Be rich, and to play ball with Steve Garvey in the bull pen! Randall Scott Spelling — "Randy” January 26, 1960 Future Plans: Go to Colombia and live in a grass hut. Lora Jean Stoddard — “Lora” 151January 24, 1960, Student Council 7, 10 12, Treasurer, F.B.L.A. 10, 11, Treasurer 12, President 12, Softball 8, French Club 8, Pep Club 9, 10, Track 9, Prom Service 10, Prom Comm. 11, Nurse's Aid 11, Business Aid 11, Graduation Usher 11, Math Aid 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, "Pop Reads the Christmas Carol,” "West Side Story,” "Cheaper by the Dozen," "Mash,” "Get Smart” Future Plans: College. Marjorie Dawn Stoddard — "Margie” September 16, 1960, French Club 8, Tennis Club 9, Track 9, Pep Club 9, 10, Prom Server 10, Business Aid 11, F.B.L.A. 10, 11, Vice President, Student Council 9 -12, "Pop Reads the Christmas Carol,” “The Lottery,” "M A S H,” "Get Smart,” "Cheaper by the Dozen,” Prom Committee 11, National Honor Society 11,12 Future Plans: Interior Decorator. The important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are, for what we could become. Fred S. Strickland — "Fred” March 18, 1960, Jr. Band 7, Sr. Band 10 • 12, Stage Band II 10 • 12, Jr. Choir 8 - 9, Sr. Choir 12, “Cheaper by the Dozen,” "The Courtship of Eddie's Father” 11, Theater Arts 12, Stage Crew 9-12, The Hobbit 12, Yearbook Editor 9 12 Future Plans: To be independently wealthy. Harry Charles Suppa — "Harry” April 19, 1960, Football 7 -12, Letter Basketball 7 -12 Letter 11-12, Volleyball 10 12, Basketball Club 7- 10, Varsity Club 11 Future Plans: College — Strike out Rod Carew and win the C.Y. young award. Kenneth L. Sumner — "Ken” September 30, 1960, Basketball 8 Future Plans: Truck Driver Craig Duane Swanson — "Swano" March 13, 1960, Football 7-12, Letter 11 • 12 Captain 12, Wrestling 7 -12, Letter 10 - 12, Track 8 -12, Letter 10 12, Volleyball 10 12, Letter 10 - 12, All-Star Team Co-Captain 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12, Varsity 10 - 12, Spanish Club 9 — 11, Wrestling Club 8, 9, Basketball Club 7, Logic Club 12, Pres. Big Blue Club 12, Vice Pres., Student Council 7 -12, Speech Club 12, Secretary, Class Trip Comm. 12, Chess Club 7, Tutoring Program 11, American Legion, Baseball Future Plans: College, to make hamburger out of Ken Stablers Face. Debra Jean Switzer — "Debbie” January 15, 1960, Art Club 7, Jr. Choir 7 • 9, Sr. Choir 10, Pep Club 8, Student Council 8 -12, Jr. Cheerleader 8, J.V. Cheerleader 9, Varsity Cheerleader 10 12, Gymnastics Club 9 11, Varsity Club 10 ■ 12, Junior G.A.A. 10, Cinderbelles 10, Track 11 12, Letter 11, Letter for Cheerleading 10, Bar 11 Future Plans: Go to college and get a degree in counseling. James Douglas Thompson — "Doug" May 7, 1960, Student Council 7, Bible Club 7 - 9, Vo-Tech 10-12 Future Plans: To live for the Lord and go where He directs me. Stephen John Thompson — "Thomps" March 31, 1960, Basketball 7 -10 Future Plans: Further Automotive Training and to live life to its ultimate. Tracy Allen Thompson — "Grubb" November 29, 1960, Vo-Tech 10 12 Future Plans: Win a Feature this season. 152Terry Lee Tower — “Terry” December 28, 1959, Basketball 11, Madrigal Choir 12 Go into the Air Force for Jet Mechanics Training. Lori Ann Tutmaher — “Tut" April 14, 1960, Hobby Club 9, Track 9, Pep Club 9 • 10, F.B.L.A. 10 ■ 12, Secretary 12, Student Council 10 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Graduation Usher 11, M A S H, GET SMART, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN Future Plans: Medical or Executive secretary. Richard VanOrd — "Ernie" May 23, 1960, Trail Guide9, Track 10, F.F.A. 9-11, Vo-Tech Future Plans: Live my life day by day and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Cindy Akeley Vinton — “Cm" January 25, 1960, Bowling 7 -12, Softball 7 -10, Basketball 7 - 8, Volleyball 7-10, Girls Track 7-11, Letter, Pin and Jacket, G.A.A. 10, Letter, Jr. Band 7 - 8, Pin, Sr. Band 9-11, Letter, Bars, Marching Band 7-11, Letters, Bars, Jacket, Stage Band 8 - 11, Letter, Bars, Pit Band 9, Mid-East 10 Future Plans: To live the I married my man for in the life that surrounds me. Lamont N. Wenzel — Monty" May 15, 1960, Science 7 -10, Track 10 - 12, Student Council 8 Future Plans: Get ahead in life. Scott Richard Wenzel — "Dick” July 10, 1960, Conservation Club 7 - 8, Bible Club 9 Future Plans: Go into an Agricultural Field. Paula Jean White — "Punchy” September 3, 1960, Band 7 -12, Choir 12, Stage Band 11-12, Marching Band 9 12, M A S H, Get Smart, Cheaper By the Dozen, Hobbit, Homecoming Senior Attendant, Student Council 12, Theater Group 12, Junior Band, Trophy, Pm, Letter, Bar, Most Improved Player, Yearbook Staff 12 Future Plans: To sing at Madison Square Garden in front of an audience of 30,000, Acting School. Patricia Marie Wilcox — “Patty” September 16, 1960, Junior Band 7 ■ 8, Junior Choir 7 • 8, Gym Show, Marching Band 7 -12, Stage Band 8 -12, Letters, Madrigal 10 • 11, Softball 7 -12, Student Council 9 -10, Gym Club 10 • 11, Field Captain of Marching Band 11, “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown,” "Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” Senior Choir 9-12, Senior Band 9 -12, Bacc. Accompanist 10 - 11, Drum Major 12, Senior Band Secretary 12, Junior Band President 8, Marching Band Awards, Letter, Senior Band Letter, Pins, Jacket, High Point Holder 11 Future Plans: College for Music Therapy. Ronald Kaven Wilkins — "Bilker" February 26, 1960, Wrestling 7 - 9 and 11 - 12, Football 7 - 10 and 12 Future Plans: Take what you want and leave what you have had. Mary Margaret Williams — “Mary” August 4, 1960, Junior High Cheerleading 9, J.V. Captain 10 - 11, Charm 10, Student Council 11-12, Snow Queen Att'd 7, Volleyball 7, Art Club 8, G.A.A. 9-10, Bible Club 7, Bowling 7 -12, Trophies 7 - 8, Ski Club 10, Choir 7, Gym Show 9 Future Plans: College (Physical Therapist). Bradely Ralph Winans — "Weiner" June 9, 1960, Conservation Club 7, Basketball 7 ■ 9, Track 7 ■ 8, F.F.A. 9 12, Volleyball 11, Basketball 153Club 7 • 9 Future Plans: To find Personal Happiness. Kimberly Youker — "Kimmer” June 30, 1960, Bible Club 8 ■ 9, Junior Choir 8 • 9, F.B.L.A. 10, Office Assistant 11, Track 11-12, 100-Mile Club 11-12, Senior Concession Stand 12, Soft-ball 12, Bowling 12, Student Council 12 Future Plans: To be a secretary. Marriage and Happiness. Tawny Nanette Repine — "C.B. Senior” July 6, 1960, Art Club 7 ■ 8, Library Aid 7, 10 - 12, Hobby Club 9, Yearbook Staff 12 Future Plans: Go to Beauty School to be a Hair Stylist. Debra Sue Smith — •Debbie” June 30, 1960 Future Plans: Get a job, stay happy and make others happy. To do everything to the best of my ability and live a good life. Jeffery William Youngberg — "Jeff” July 3, 1960, Football 8-12, Basketball 7-12, Track 11-12, Volleyball 11-12, Basketball Club 8 • 10 Future Plans: Carpenter Mark A. Zajac — "Mark” October 4, 1960, Chess Club 7, Bible Club 9, Vo-Tech 10 - 12, Honor Society 11-12 Future Plans: To get a job or go to college. Jamie Ann Zalik — ”Z" October 24, 1960, Student Council 7 12, Secretary 11, Class Officer, Vice-President 9, Treasurer 11, Hobby Club 7, Pep Club 7 - 9, Scorekeeper for Football 12, Bowling 7 -12, Volleyball 7 -12, Track 8 - 9, G.A.A. 9 -10, Homecoming Sophomore Attendant, M a S H, Get Smart, Tennis Club 9, National Honor Society 11-12 Future Plans: To be happy and enjoy my life. Michel A. Zimmerman — “Zim” January 31, 1960, Wrestling 7, F.F.A. 9 -12 Future Plans: To make money and have fun. Thomas W. Jones November 24, 1960, Basketball 7 -12, Football 7 -11, Cross Country 12, Student Council Secretary 9, Student Council Vice President 12, Sr. Choir 9-11 Future Plans: Play college basketball and get a good job. Cynthia Jean Zobrist — "Cindy”— May 15, 1960, Junior Choir 7 ■ 9, Senior Choir 11 • 12, Bible Club 7, F.H.A. 9- 10, Library Aid 12 Future Plans: Undecided. 154I would like to thank the 1978 Lance staff for their hours of dedication and hard work. Thanks to the efforts of many people the 1978 Lance was possible. The entire staff has gone through a lot to get the job done. We made it and we re proud of our efforts and accomplishments, and as this year comes to an end we ask that in years to come you’d remember this book for its good points rather than the bad ones. I’d like to thank Irene Martin for her individual efforts above and beyond her responsibilities. She went out of her way to get things done. Thanks, Irene! I'd also like to thank Jan Lester for the time and effort she spent as our major typist. Without her it would have been pretty rough. Thanks, Jan! Most of all I d like to thank Miss Confer for her dedication, her time, and her effort. She lost sleep worrying about deadlines and picture make-up days. Although she had little yearbook experience Miss Confer gave it her best shot and it paid off. Thank you Miss Confer for your dedication and service. Frederick Strickland As the advisor for the 1978 Lance I would like to thank my staff and fellow teachers for their help and moral support. The staff and I would like to thank Mr. Sechrist for his help on the financial end and big thanks goes to Mr. Black and his student council for their help. It was a new experience for me and for many of my staff but one that was quite enjoyable. I had a very cooperative and understanding staff and for that I will never forget this year. Again thanks to all who have helped the 1978 Lance come about. I hope everyone enjoys this year’s Lance. Miss Barb Confer 160PROFESSIONAL REALTY COMPANY 311 Market Street Varren, Pa. 16365 161The Varden Portrait For some people, a diploma is not enough. Some people feel that there should be more to graduation. More than just a diploma. A timeless commemorative of your graduation is the Varden portrait. Your Varden portrait will speak with distinction. For over 30 years, the name Varden has meant the ultimate in fine portraiture. When you graduate, don't settle for less. BENNETT JEWELERS 100 West 3rd St. Jamestown, N.Y. 14701 Phone(716)485-1908 Distributor of Sculptured Brush-On Artificial Fingernail Products Joper ( ail Boutique MR. LARSON 104 West Third Street Jamestown, N.Y. 14701 Phone: (716) 664-2859 162Parts Repairs BARRET'S GARAGE Russell, Pa. Phone 757-4747 Russell, Pa. Official Inspection Station HALES RED WHITE General Merchandise Village of Akeley Russell, Pa. 16345 TOWN AND COUNTRY Food Center Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania ROBERTS PRINTING SERVICE William E. Roberts 7 Main Street, P.0. Box 92 Russell, Pa. 16345 Phone 757 9935 JEAN FROCK 326 Penn. Ave. West Warren, Pa. 16365 Compliments of WARREN NATIONAL BANK Serving Kinzua Country CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CL SS OF "1978" Eisenhower High School 163 VINCENTS JEWELERS NEW PROCESS COMPANY 7 W. Third St. Jamestown, N.Y. Warren, Pennsylvania CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF Where Over 11 Million Customers All Over the United States Shop and Save by Mail STEADILY GROWING SINCE 1910 1978 Your One Stop Jewelry Store BROWN'S BOOT SHOP 342 Penn. Ave. West Warren, Pa. VINNIE'S COMET MARKET 1035 Market Street N. Warren, PA Phone: 726-1968 R. PIERSONEATON Fresh Meats and Produce Complete on the Premises Bakery and Delicatessen Plus S H Green Stamps MR. AND MRS. HERBERT PUTNAM 164CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1978 AKELEY GARAGE Official Inspection Station And THE TRAIL BOSS FINE TACK AND LEATHER GOODS Village of Akeley Russell, Pa. 16345 COMMUNITY CONSUMER DISCOUNT COMPANY OF WARREN LOANS AND FINANCING Corner of Hickery St. and Pennsylvania Avenue 723-9500 SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY IHC Farm and Industrial Equip. Appliances — Hardware — Plumbing Phone: 489-7711 SWITZERS OFFICE MACHINES Sales and Service 226 Penn. Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 165SUGAR BOWL LANES 1 Main St. Sugar Grove, PA Phone:489-7411 MARV'S STERLING SERVICE Quaker State 11 Main St. Sugar Grove, Pa. 16350 Penn. State Inspection Wrecker Service Phone: 489-7435fffl FEED THE MIND jj; Books for Every Inclination • I;1! Crafts, Hobbies 'V j'fi Literature, Poetry j ir Ji.j Motor, Manuals 0- , Psychology, and jj j I So Forth. . . CO JOIN THE PEOPLE WHO'VE JOINED THE ARMY. U.S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION LU O x o 1— CO 16 East Third Street 301 Hickory Street Downtown East, Jamestown Warren, PA 16365 Phone: 489-2020 MR. AND MRS. O. B. CONFER VOTY'S ORIE'S BARBER SHOP INSURANCE AGENCY RANDY'S ARCO SERVICE Randall and Edward Voty 307 Penna. Ave. East Warren, Pa. 945 Market St. Ext. NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Congratulations to the Class of 1978 WILCOX BROTHERS Sugar Grove, Pa. 167o 00 THE "LANCE" STAFF CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1978 AND WISHES THEM THE BEST OF LUCK.

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