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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1977 volume:

Carol Bloomgreen, Editor Ann Zeestraten, Advisor Eisenhower High School Lander, PennsylvaniaTIME time; it comes in bits and pieces, but this peice hasn’t found its place yet, for it is blind, time has feelings too, but joy is beyond its power today, for it is lost in its own discontented blindness but time has sense, doesn’t it? it is not beyond the realization of ups and downs, —for time is life! so—life—awaken!!! Bring yourself forth and rejoice for this peice has found itself, yet, because time is life. Forew ard it will soon be lost once again.TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication 4 Friends 5 Recognition 6 Editorial 7 Yearbook Staff 8 Candids 10 Alma Mater 11 Exchange Student 12 Photo Essay 13 Where are you going 14 Seniors 15 Juniors 67 Sophomores 75 Freshmen 84 Grade Eight 90 Grade Seven 96 Late Photos 102 Faculty 103 A dministration 114 School Board 116 Activities 117 Advertisements 172 Senior Group Shot 183 Closing 184We Will Remember Dedication These two individuals have come to know us on a more intimate basis than that of mere teacher-student relationships. It is only because of their concern and constant encouragement that we made it through the rough times when no one wanted to study shakespeare, and the confused times when no one could decide on which class ring to choose or what to sell for fund rasing activities. Our determination coupled with their invaluable advice and generosity, turned our dreams into reality. Miss Natalie Perry May they continue to be the kind of resource that future classes will draw from and benefit from in the ways we have. The Graduating Class of 1977 have chosen Miss Perry and Mr. Dorrion as worthy recipients of the dedication of this edition of the Eisenhower Lance. It is our way of expressing our deep appreciation and gratitude to two very special people. Mr. Theadore DorrionOUR FRIENDS They are not long, the weeping, and the laughter. Love and Desire and Hate: I think not long, the days of wine and roses: Out of a misty dream Our path emerges for awhile, then closes Within a dream............... Ernest Dawson Up and away, like the dew of the morning Soaring from earth to its home in the sun So let me steal away, gently and lovingly, Only remembered by what 1 have done. SALLY HANSON LINDELL Daughter of Mr. Sherm Hanson Wife of Mr. Rodney Lindell Russell, Pennsylvania HOBART SANDERS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Keith Michaels Son of Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Michaels Russell, Pennsylvania Jed Lundmark Son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lundmark Russell, Pennsylvania Larry York Son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton York Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Terry Ristau Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ristau Warren, PennsylvaniaRECOGNITION We, the yearbook staff of 1977, would like to extend our thanks to Miss. Zeestraten, for the precious time she devoted in an effort to publish the 1977 edition of the Eisenhower Lance. Beginning the school year with a new and somewhat inexperienced staff, as well as a new advisor, we were forced to learn and experience many things that had been very foreign to us. The staff this year had been small, and the hours spent after school have been long and entangled. We realize that we have made many errors. We have broken many traditions set by previous staffs. We hope that these changes have been an improvement to the 1977 Lance. This year has been the first year that a yearbook has been published soley by the staff. Though we have made mistakes we are quite proud of our accomplishment. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our finished product. 6 THE 1977 YEARBOOK STAFF.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have helped in the building of the 1977 Lance. Very few people realize the time and effort that must be put forth to publish a book of memories from a school year. This has been a difficult, and hectic year. Because of the Teacher Strike, and a very poor winter, we lost several weeks of work hours; thus bringing speedy deadlines and much tension. We attempted to build a very different and unique yearbook. We cut, pasted and printed each page separately in order to economize our budget. The work was hard, the hours were long. Because of this our staff soon dwindled down to a hand full. Those who remained had to listen to my complaints, and I thank each of them for there contributions. As our year of 1977 comes to an end we hope that we have captured a few moments worth remembering. We hope that you will overlook our mistakes, and be proud of our accomplishments. Sincerely, Carol Bloomgren 1977 YEARBOOK EDITOR1977 LANCE STAFF S. Hagberg, J. Sopher, L. Craker, B. Phillips, D. Turner, C. Bloomgren, D. King, S. Roberts, F. Strickland, L. Kanarr, K. Howard, D. Luther, NOT PICTURED: I. Martin, J. Phinney. Between the strike and the gas shortage we’ve had lots of problems, but we always seemed to manage. These past few months have been hectic but we’ve learned and experienced a great many things. We’ve laughed and goofed around, but we have also worked very hard. The many hours we’ve spent after school have been worth it when we see the finished book. We appreciate all that the teachers have done to help us complete this book. We have tried the patients of many teachers and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience. 9 The 1977 Yearbook Staff■'ll—4 ; m m d ( 7.bb VT • 4 m d —14 A l?- + (p 11 : J Js • 1 11 Hail Alma Mater dear, hail, hail to thee P.fc L-| 1 L r M 4 LPg "P I -1 m ? m —I —a —M f f3 Up-H Long may thy name be praised, forever loyally Hail to the Blue and Gold, love forever true i j- |: t|s; fi, I May thy name be ever known, with praises ever knew. L u i f f 3=4 Ike Welcomes Exchange Student Nora Nei Saraiva Rabelo Nora Nei Saraiva Rabelo Napoleao Laureano Street No. 225 60.000 Fortaleza-Ceara-Brazil Nora, our exchange student comes from a family of five, two sisters and three brothers. “Maiza Marta”, “Leina Mara”, “Flavio Marcio”, “Glauber Jose”, and “Manasses”. Her Parents are “Moises and Geni Rabelo”. Noras home is Ceara Brazil, here she speaks Portuguese. Nora discribes her home as being large, with many tourists because of the beautiful beaches, and large waterfalls. The cities are very large and complex. While with us at Eisenhower, Nora has been made a welcome member to the Raymond Briggs Family, Russell. Nora has enjoyed her stay in the United States, and will remember the friends she has made at Eisenhower. We would like to extend our very best to Nora as she returns to Brazil. We hope that she has enjoyed her short stay at Eisenhower as much as we have enjoyed knowing her. Nora in Brazil Nora and Family in Brazil13 You put a mouse in my what?????'0 our Goir ere you re w BmfdmiK'eyhe things that life is showin you where are you going to, do you know. Do you get what your hopin’ for when you look behi there’s no open door •I what are you hopin’ for,THE CLASS OF 1977 We are the class of “77”. Being a Senior is a feeling of accomplishment, pride and uncertainty. For many of us graduation is a time for happiness and anticipation. Proud to be able to say we’re here, we made it and we’re on our own. Many of us will be off to College, others to work, and some to the Armed Forces. Many of us have definite plans, while others are unsure of there future. E.H.S. has been our home, our security for the past six years. Here we will leave our friends, and the teachers who have had a direct part in the molding of our lives. Now we have reached the end. What we have left are the memories, and the dreams for the future. But as we leave Eisenhower we are joined, united, and we are the class of 1977. MOTTO CLASS FLOWER Yesterday is gone, remember it. Today is here, live it. Tomorrow is yet to come, strive for it. Blue and White Carnation Blue and White 16William Shardlow Allen, Jr. “Will” To make people happy (mainly me) The early bird gathers no moss. Frank Joseph Avellino “Tony” To learn and experience everything possible “indescribable” Dianna Lynn Barrett “DeeDee” To move away from Warren County The best times I had in school were in band Ronald Lee Benson “Ron” To live nowhere special with someone special Live life as you see it not by how others see it Sara Elizabeth Beyeler “Sara” or “Me” Sail down the Atlantic Coastline in my houseboat or to become a President's personal photographer 17William Birt Carol Jean Bloomgrcn “C.B.” September 22, 1959 To never stop trying to improve myself: to own a corvette green stingray. Everyday a new dawn-Every dawn a new day-to love, to hope, to believe-- Martin Branchaud Michelle Doris Brant “Shelly” Farmers Wife Any man is successful, who makes another smile. Lisa Joan Brecht “Lisa B” To never be satisfied with what I am. Live your life as you make it, not as other people want it. Andrew James Brunecz “Bruno” To live a good life and die a good death 18Leanne Leslie Burch “Bert” To take care of children Steve Elton Cable “Steve To make people happy Susan Cathleen Carlberg “Sue Go where He leads me. Kris Gilbert Carlson “Kris’ To be able to hunt, and be in the outdoors. Robert Guy Chase “Bob Join David Pearson on the woods brothers mercury team It s snowing Debra Sue Coldiron “ Debbie’’ Be successful in a math field. Alot of work is involved. 1T-odd Micheal Curtis “Todd To have a large round heated furry water bed with white satin sheets David Albert DeVore T-o travel, live, and have a good time. 20Robert Eaton Randal Harold English “Lowl” Own my own farm. James Frank “Jim” To succeed Veronica Sue Frederick “Fred” To live and let live. Judy Eckert “Minnie Mouse” To be a good wife, to forget the pains of the past. Sandra J. Falconer “Juggs” To be a horse farmer. 222Sandra Elaine Hagberg “Sandy” To star in a broadway musical. Sworn to fun, Loyal to none” Brian Dale Hall “Monty” Get a vette and a good girl and be happy. Hot Dam 2Kim Michelle Howard “Peppy” To be happy and to show other people happiness. Kristen Mae Hunzinger “Kris” To become a Phys. Ed. teacher with mentally retarded and handicapped children. Joyce Darlene Johnson “Joyce” To be Dopey of THE DWARFS in Disneyland. Do one thing but do it well; all good things come slowly. 24Susan Christine Landin “Sue” Success and Happiness Maik Anthony Lascola “Mark” To get together with my good influence after we graduate. I didn’t mind the last six years, after all my friends were here.Diane Louise Luther “Diane” To get rich enough to see the rest of this crazy world. To receive love you first have to give love Thomas Joseph Luvison “Tommy” Be Successful Melinda Sue Manclick “Min” To Be Happy Patty Ann Mangini “Paty” Live high on a mountain by the ocean May we all live happily ever after George D. Martin “George” Build a McDonalds in Akeley Linda Charleen Mazzu “Maggie” To come face to face with Yogi Bear They can because they think they can 26Dale Lewis McIntyre “Mac” To see the west. Rhonda G. McIntyre “Rhonda William Miller Julie Moore “Wilt Jeffrey Donald Nelson “Turkey Janet Marie Osborne “Ozzi To see someone lay an egg. 27Stacey Elaine Park “Stace” Attend modeling school To live life to it’s fullest, and do what ever inspires me. Julie Lynn Phillips “Jul” To travel around the world. The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. Barbara Jean Phillips “Screwdriver” To live next to nature, on a farm. “GO IN THE ARMY” Jackie Ann Phinney “Phin” Live in a long cabin and have a pink ferrari. “Spic” David LeRoy Pudder “Dave” To earn a few a bucks and have a good time enjoying it. Bonnie Sue Riel “Bon Bon” To get a job and be happy. It’s been fun here at Eisenhower and I’ll miss it. 28Darlene Wadsworth “Darlene” Tom Webster “Tom” Diana Sue Westfall “Crash” To go to college, and have a successful career and a fulfilling life. Chester Wares “Chet” Sandra Warner “Sandy” Bonnie Sue Wagner Make other people happy. It’s been fun but I’m glad we’re finished.Rozanne Marie Wolff “Ro” Be who he wants me to be. “Keep Smiling Randall Scott York “Randy” Beat Malcom Smith in a four wheel drive. Never thought Pd make it, lets celebrate. Donna Jean Blair Harold Caruso “Donna” To live a long and happy life. Larry Condron Amy Louise Lundberg “Amy To be happy No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. 30 VJudy Dee Martin “Judy” To have the opportunity to do almost everything I’ve ever wanted to do. COLLEGE Patsy A. Nelson “Peter Pan” Help alot of unwanted children feel wanted. Jodi Lou Sanders “Stroh’s” College Give it time, 1 11 turn out in the end. 3132Tim Lee Reist “Tim Make it through life with a smile. Im glad it's over. David Randall Rutsky “Rutskey” Commercial Artist If 1 had it to do over again, I wouldn’t. Karen A. Sanden “Karen” Go to college, and get a good job. 33Lorren Lea Sanders “Lorren” To do everything I can, to the best of my ability, and have fun doing it. Last the longest graduation night. Vicki Lynn Savko “Vicky” To be happy John Seitz Joseph Michael Schmitt “Joe” Biomedical Engineer and or RICH Judy Lynn Sisk “Judy” ARMY Dale Smith “Dale”Mark Steber To be accepted without acting like someone else. Nancy Ann White To be a conductor of a large orchestra 35 !P1P Phil Spelling Andrew Mager Randal Swanson36William S. Allen Jr. April 10, 1959 Suffern, New York Basketball 7-12, Track 8-12, (letter 10-12) Crosscountry 11-12 (letter 11-12) National Honor Society, Varsity Club (co-president). Frank Joseph Avellino November 16, 1959 Amnyville, N.Y. Cheeper by the dozen 12, Photography 7, Radio club 8-11, Pres 10-11 Dianna Lynn Barrett September 20, 1975 Warren General Concert band 7-12, Stagehand 10-12, FAA State Band 12, West Side Story Pit Band 10, Bowling 10-12, Honor Society 11-12, Student Council 10-12, GAA, Pep Club, Bible Club 7-8 FAA 11, Mid East Stage Band 11, Volleyball 11 Jr. District Band 9. Ronald Lee Benson November 17, 1959 Warren Track 7-12, Wrestling 7-8, Wrestling Club, Tennis Club, Spanish club, Study hall club. Dale Allen Bennett Febrary 1, 1959 Warren Conservation, Vo-Tech 10-12. Sara Elizabeth Beyeler March 5, 1959 Bradford, Penna. Mascot 10, letter, Football score keeper 11-12, Wrestling score keeper 11-12, Cinderbelles 9-12, Bowling 7-11, M A S H , Get Smart, Cheeper by the dozen, Student Council 7-12 officer 12, Honor Society 11-12, Pep Club 7-12, President, Class Officer, Lancers 8-9, Concert Band 7-8, Marching Band 8-9. Carol Jean Bloomgren September 22, 1959 Jamestown, New York Track 7 8, 11 12, Volleyball 8-9, Bowling 10 11, 100 Mile Club 11 12; Lancers 8-11 GAA 10-12 Letter 11; Band Front 9-10, Rifles 9-10, Letter 10, FBLA 11-12 pres. 11, Pep Club 9-11, vice-pres. 11, Bible Club 7-8, Choir 7-8, Student Council 7-11-12, Yearbook book editor 12, yearbook 11-12, Varden Workshop Rochester 12, Art Club 7, Senior Concession Stand, Prom comm. 11. Martin Branchaud Michelle Doris Brant July 26, 1959 Jamestown, New York Girls’ Basketball 11-12 letter, Girls’ Track 10-12 Gym show 12, gym aide 10-12, volleyball 10-12, bowling 12, prom comm. National Honor Society 11-12, trouble 7-12, nurse assistant 8, record club 7, choir 7, Student Council 7-12, trail guide 8, GAA 10-12, letter, pin, tennis club, Pep club, varsity club—12 Lisa Joan Brecht February 8, 1959 Warren, Pa. Basketball 11-12 letter, track 7-12, Jr. high letter 8, varsity letters, trophies, state competitions, cheerleader 10, bowling 9-11, varsity club 9-11, Cinderbelle 9-11, GAA 10-11 letter, pin, jacket, gym club 10-12, gym show 8-10-12, Lancers 8-10 pep club 9, Student council 7-10 Andrew James Brunecz May 22, 1959 Jamestown, New York Football 10-12, Letter 11-12, Basketball 7-11, Track 10-12, Letter 11-12, Varsity 11-12Leanne Burch Steven Elton Cable February 11, 1959 St. Paul, Minnesota Track 7, Basketball 7-11, Volleyball 11, Chess 7-12, Honor society, Jr. band 7-8, Sr. band 9-12 Marching Band 9-12, Stagehand 10-11, Pitband 11 Susan Cathleen Carlberg October 8, 1959 Gowanda, New York Cheerleading 8-12, varsity co-captain 12, Track 7-9, 11-12, States 11, trophy 11, Gym show 8,10,12, Basketball 11-12, letteY Volleyball 10, West side story, Mash, Varsity club 10-12, Honor society 11-12, GAA 9-11, Student council 12, Bible club 7-8, Pep club 7, Choir 7 Robert Chase Debra Sue Coldiron March 17, 1959 Girls track 10-11, Lancers 10, Band front 11, Get smart 11, French club, National honor society, Senior choir 10-12, Madrigal 11-12, Choir 2 and district choir 2 11-12 Lori Lee Craker September 4, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania, Mash 11, Get smart 11, Cheaper by the dozen, Track, Volleyball 9, Softball 11-12, Stage band II 11, Stage gand I 12, Madrigal 11-12, Jr.-Sr. Choir 7-12, FBLA 11-12, vice pres. 11, Bible club 7-8, Squire 12 Todd Micheal Curtis October 10, 1959 Jamestown, New York Football 7-9, 11-12, Basketball 7-8, Wrestling 9-10, Track 7-12, Pie kill 10 Michael Gail Decker May 4, 1959 Jamestown, New York Fotoball 9-12, Letter 11-12, Track 11-12 Volleyball, Get Smart, Cheaper by the Dozen, Varsity club. Class President 12, Student Council David Albert DeVore January 9, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvia Bowling 7-12, Basketball club 7-10, Art club 11 Coral Beth Dupont August 25, 1959 Gymnastics, Art Club Richard E. Eaton April 12, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Basketball 7-12, Letter 10-12, Football 8-12 Letter 10-12, Track 9-12, letter 9-12, Varsity Club 10-12, Basketball Club 7-10, National Honor Society Robert Eaton Judy Eckert October 4, 1958 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Softball 11-12, Volleyball 10-12, Track 11;GET SMART; Bible Club 7-8, Y-teen sec. 9, treas. 10, v. pres. 11; Student Council 11-12; Office Aid 11; Choir 7, 11-12. 8Randall Harold English September 23, 1958 Warren, Pennsylvania FFA8-12 Sandra J. Falconer May 22, 1959 Union City, Pennsylvania Volleyball 10; Vo-Tech; PYEA 7, Bible Club 8-9; Y-teen 10-11; Stage Crew 7-9 James Frank June 9, 1959 Jamestown, New York Basketball 7-9, Bowling 7-10, Basketball 7-9 Veronica Sue Frederick March 10, 1959 Bowling 7-11; Record Club 7; Photo Club 8-10; Press Club 11. Larry Fisher Pamela Louise Garris August 26, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Record Club 7, Pep Club 8, Art Club 9-11 Andrew Giordan Darlene Mary Glotz December 13, 1958 Warren, Pennsylvania Softball 7-11, Bowling 8-10; Bible Club 7-9; Pep Club 9-10, FBLA 11. Katherine Grieb Julie Faye Grow September 4, 1959 Corry, Pennsylvania Record Club 7, Art Club 8-9, Pep Club 10, FBLA 11. Sandra Elaine Hagberg May 16, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Basketball 10, Track 9; WEST SIDE STORY-lead, MASH, GET SMART; French Club 11, Madrigal Choir 11-12, Choir 7-12, District Choir 12, Senior Concession Stand Brian Dale Hall May 23, 1959 Cheryl L. Hanson January 19, I960 Warren, Pennsylvania Marching Band 9-12, Drum Major, Concert Band 7-12, Clarinet Bass Clarinet, District Band 9-11, Regional Band 11, WEST SIDE STORY Pit Band; Honor Society Student Council, Home Ec Club, Bible Club Larry Allen Hildum December 18, 1957 Warren, Pennsylvania Basketball 7-8. Janice L. Hodges March 27, 1959 Cherrleading 9-12; Varsity Club 11-12; GAA 9-11, Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 12; Junior Homecoming Attendant.Mark Hook Kim Michelle Howard August 14, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Bowling 7-12, Mash sets 11, Choir 7-10, 12 Bible Club 7-11, vice pres. 10, Pres. 11, Library 8-9, Senior Concession stand, Yearbook 11-12, Prom committee 11 Kristen Mae Hunzinger September 10, 1958 Jamestown, New York Cheerleading 9-12, Gym show 8,10,12, Basketball 11-12, Softball 11-12, Track 11, Volleyball 12, Varsity club 11-12, Honor society 11-12, GAA 10-11, Student council 12, Band 7-12, Choir 7-8, Madrigals 12, Marching band 7-8, FHA 9, FTA 8, Record club 7 Robert E. Hutley Jr. July 7, 1959 Jamestown, New York FFA Dan Robert Johnson February 4, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Wrestling 8-9, Wrestling club Joyce Darlene Johnson Mary 15, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Volleyball, Record club 7, Art club 8, Bible club 8-9, Gym show 9, Pep club 9, Student council, GAA 10-12, Gym club Kathy Marie Joy January 30, 1959 Warren Pennsylvania Marching band, Concert band, District orchestra, Choir, West Side Story, You’re a good man Charlie Brown, Cheaper by the dozen, Bible club Lisa Rae Kanarr May 24, 1958 Warren, Pennsylvania Softball 9-12, Track 11, Yearbook staff 12, Gym show 7, Record club 7-8, Bible club 9, FBLA 11, Student council 12, Pep club 10, Press club 12 Susan Christine Landin February 13, 1959 Omaha, Nebraska National honor society 11-12, Sec. 12, 100 mile club, Concert band 7-12, pin, junior award, Marching band 7-12, Jacket letters, pin, bars, Jr. District band 7,8,9 District band 11, District orchestra 11-12, Regional orchestra 11-12, Choir 7-9, Bible club 7-8, FHA 9, French club 10 Mark Anthony Lascola June 2, 1959 Dunkirk, New York Varsity football 11, letter, Volleyball 10, Wrestling club 7-9, Basketball 10, Yearbook staff 12, Vo-tech 10-12 Sue Lynn Lester February 22, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Track 7-10, Gym show 8,10,12, Girls softball Pep club 10, Art club 9,11 Lennart Mark Liffner January 4, 1959 Jamestown, New York Conservation club 10, Yearbook staff 11Cayne Lindell August 10, 1959 Warren, Pennsylvania Wrestling 7-12, Captain 12, Football 9, Key club 9-12, Pres. 12, Class v.p. 10 Dale Lewis McIntyre Basketball 7-10, 400 mile club. Outdoor conservation 7-11, Marching Band 10-12, Concert Band 7,8,10, Stage Band 10, Brass Ensemble 11, Honor Society 11-12 Diane Louise Luther Bowling 11-12, Mascot 12; Gym show 8, Volleyball 10, Track 8, Softball 9-10. Lancers 7-11, FBLA treas. 11, 12, GAA sec. 10, 11-12. Yearbook staff 12, Student council 12. Pep Club 10-12. Marching Band Front (flag) 9-10, FHA 7, Jr. Choir 7. Rhonda G. McIntyre National Honor Society 11-12, Treas. 12, Band 8, pin, Sr. Concert Band 9-12, Marching band 9-12, letter, 2 bars, jacket, patch. Choir 7-9, Bible Club 7-8, FHA 9, French Club 10-11. Thomas Joseph Luvison Football 7-12, Key Club 10-12, Varsity Club 10-12. William Miller JulieMoore Melinda Sue Manelick Gym Show 11, Volleyball 9, Softball 7-11, Bowling 9-10, FBLA, Pep Club, Homecoming attendent 9-10. Jeffery Donald Nelson Wrestling 7-8, Jr. Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9-12, Wrestling Club 7, Chess Club 10-11, outdoor and conservation 8-9. Patty Ann Mangini Track 9-10, Volleyball 9-10, Basketball 10, Softball 10. Bible Club 7-8, Record 8, GAA 9-12, Student Council 9, Art and Craft 9-10, Tennis 11. Janet Marie Osborne Girls Track 11-12, Sofball 9-10, Volleyball 7-10, Bowling 7-12. Jr. Choir 7-8, Sr. Choir 11-12, Marching Band 7-12, letters, pins, jacket, Concert Band pin 7-12, mad-rical dhoir 11-12, Bible Club 9, PYEA 7-8, 10-11. George D. Martin Art, Wrestling, Outdoor Conservation. Stacey Elaine Park Marching band 9-12, letters, jacket, pin, flag, drum major 11-12, Seinor Award; Concert Band 7-12, Sec. 12 Bowling 7-11 Sec. 10, Trophies; Sking 11-12; Student Concil 11-12 Homecoming Queen 1976; Cheaper Linda Charleen Mazzu Track 7-12, J R and Sr. letters, Trophy, states 10-11, Girls basketball 10, statistician 11, cheerleader 8, bowl ing 9-11. GAA 10-11, letter, jacket, pin; Art Club 10-11, gym club and gym show 8, 10,11. Yearbook ads 11-12. Student council 9-10. Pep Club 9-10, Bible Club 7-8, Record club 7. by the Dozen”—12 Gym show 8,10,12;GAA 10-12; FBLA 10-12; Volleyball 8,12 PYEA 9-10; Jr. Choir 7-8; Bible Club 7-9 Lancers 8,9,10 Julie Lynn Phillips 41Track, 8-10,12, Bowling 11, Cheering, 8,9, Softball 10; GAA, 10-11, Gym show 8,12 Steven Grant Barbara Jean Phillips Bowling 7, Softball 10,11 Bible Club 7 Press Club 9,10, 11,12, Stage crew 9, Yearbook 12, Marching Band 8-12, pin jacket Jr. Band 7-8, Sr. Band 9-12, Jr. Choir 7. PYEA 8. Jack Wells James Craig Jackie Ann Phinney Bible Club 7-10, Jr. Sr. Choir 7-10, Lancers 9-10, Yearbook Staff 11-12, Library Ass. 8-9, Gym Show 8, West side story sets 8, Vo-Tec. David LeRoy Pudder February 19, 1959 Warren Football 7, Wrestling 8, conservation club. Phil Spelling Bonnie Sue Riel Warren February 13, 1959 Band 7, Bible Club, Y-Teens Nancy Ann White Bowling 10, PYEA 7-11, Jr. Sr. Band 7-12, Jr. District Band 9. Marching Band 7-12, District Band 9-12 District Band 11, Mid-East 10, Stage Band 12, Jr. Choir 7-8 Sr. Choir 10-12. Karla Faye Smith June 7, 1959 Warren Basketball 9-10, Letter 11 12, Track 9-11, Volleyball 9-10, Gym Show 8,10,12 Choir 7-12, PYEA 8, Bible 11, Press Club 9-10 Assistant Editor 12. Mark William Steber Conservation club 9-11 Andrew Joseph Mager Football, basketball, key club, student council, conservation club, chess, photo. Julie Sopher May 6, 1959 Library Ass. 8-9, Bible Club 7-12, office 12, Yearbook Photographer 11-12, Jr. Sr. Choir 7-12, Varden Workshop 12. Randal Swanson Susan G. Shepherd June 18, 1959 Buffalo James Embrey Bible Club 7, Record Club 7, Art Club 8, Pep Club 9, Tennis Club 10, Library Ass. 9, Jr. Choir 7-9, Gym Show 8,10,12, Student Council 7-12, Gym Aide 11-12. 42Girls Bowling 9-10,12, Girls Track 10,12, Track Score-keeper 11, Softball 10, Girls Basketball 10, 12 G.A.A. 10-12, Varsity Club 12, Gym Club 12. Ronald Frank Spear August 7, 1959 Warren Wrestling 8, Volleyball 10,12, Wrestling Club 8-10. Kim Summerson Priscilla Troxell Darlene Wadsworth Bonnie Sue Wagner August 4, 1959 Warren M A S H 11, Bible Club 11-12, FBLA 11 Yearbook Staff 11-12, Prom Committee 11, Vo-Tech 12. Chester Wares Sandra K. Warner February 19.1959 Jamestown Concert Band 9-12, Jr. Concert Band 8, pin, Marching Band 9-12, Jacket, letter bars, choir 8-9, bible club 7-8, FHA 9. French Club 10-11, Pit Band. Thomas Webster Diana Sue Westfall January 8, 1959 Girls track 11, Jr. choir 7-9, Sr. Choir 10-12. Bible Club sec. treas. 10-12, FBLA 11-12. Timothy Lee Reist February 10, 1959 Warren Football 9-11, track 9-12, letters wrestling 9-10, chess club 8 Cindy Luanne Richards January 31, 1960 Warren Volleyball 10, Softball 7-11, PYEA 10 Susan Rae Roberts September 24, 1959 Warren Concession Stand 12, Library Ass. 9 Record Club 7, Gym show 8, M A S H 11 GET SMART 11, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 12, FBLA 11-12 pres. 12, Jr. Choir 7-9 Yearbook staff 12, Class Sec. 12. Vicki Lourene Rosendahl Warren Bowling, Gym Show, Band. GAA, FHA, pres, class vice-pres. record club, head start. David Randall Rutsky August 17, 1959 Warren Art Club 7, Science Club 8, Press Club 9, Chess Club 11. Karen A. Sanden May 30, 1959 Meadville 43National Honor Society 11-12, V.B team 9-12, letter, pin, M.B. 7-12, pins, letters, jacket, Jr. Band 7-8, pin, Sr. Band 9-12, Jr. District Band 9, District Band 12, Mideast ll.Westside Story Pitt Band 10, Lorren Lea Sanders July 30, 1959 Jamestown Bowling 7,9-11, Volleyball 9, Art 7-11. Vicki Lynn Savko July 19, 1959 Corry Record Club 7, Art Club 8-11 Joseph Michael Schmitt November 13, 1959 Pittsburg Cross Country 11-12 letter, Radio Club President 9-10, vice-pres. 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Class vice-pres 10. John Seitz Judy Lynn Sisk March 1, 1959 Softball 7-9 Studyhall 7-9 PYEA, FHA Dale Smith Rozanne Marie Wolff June 18, 1959 Aurora, Illinois Marching Band 12, Sr. Band 11-12, Choir 11-12, M A S H 11, YOU’RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN 11, Bible Club 11, National Honor Society, pres. 12. Randall Scott York February 25, 1959 Warren Conservation 7-11, Trail Guide 7-12. Donna Jean Blair July 12, 1959 George Town Ohio Bym Show 9, Bible Club V.P. 11, Vo-Tec 11-12 IMC 9-12, V.P. 12. Harold Caruso Larry Condron Amy Louise Lundberg September 28, 1959 Warren M A S H , Get Smart, GAA 10-12, Pep Club 8, Bowling 7-11, Lancers 7-10, Bible Club 7, Record Club 7, Judy Dee Martin January 15, 1960 Warren Jr. Sr. Band pin. Marching Band 9-12, letter, jacket, Jr. Choir 8, Bible Club 8-11, Library Assist. 9, Patsy A. Nelson June 19, 1959 Jamestown, New York UP THE DOWNSTAIRS CASE 10,WEST SIDE STORY 4410, M A S H 11, PYEA 9, Bible Club 10, Press Club 11-12, Stage Crew 9-12, Choir 11-12. Suzanne Louise Porter December 23, 1959 Warren Volleyball 9-12, letter, Summer Softball 9-12, School Softball Team 11-12, letter, National Honor Society 11-12, Jr. Concert Band 7-8, Sr. Concert Band 9-12, Marching Band 7-12, Jr. Sr. letters, Stage Band 9-12, Letter, Pin, West Side Story Pit Band 10, Jr. District Band 9, Mid-East Stage Band 11, Bible Club 7 Bruce A. Repine September 1, 1959 Warren, Pa. FFA 10-12 Student Counsil 7-12, Bowling 7-12, Nurses aid 8, Trail Guide 8, Basketball 10-12, Letter 12, Softball 11,12, Letters, Volleyball 7-12, Track 7-12, Marching Band 7-8, GAA 10-12, Letter, Pin, Jacket, Pep Club 7-10, Tennis Club 10-11, Gym Club 10-12, Varsity Club 12, Record Club 7, Art Club 8-10 Alan R. Smith July 25, 1959 Warren FFA 8-12, Trail Guide 11-12 Mark William Steber May 4, 1959 Warren Conservation Club 7-9 Philip Spelling Jodi Lou Sanders Febuary 7, 1959 Jamestown, New York Randy SwansonBEST EYES Joe Schmitt Patty Mangini “Senior 46 Tim Reist Jan HodgesSuperlatives'’ B E S T D R E S S E D BEST WRITERS Joyce Johnson Frank Avellino Linda Mazzu Dan Johnson 47Joe Schmitt Rozanne Wolff Kim Summerson James Craig Judy Martin Mark Hook MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED QUIETESTEric Forsgren Pam Garris MOST MUSICAL Sue Landin Jim Embrey Phil Spelling Sandy Hagberg BEST ACTORS MOST ARTISTIC50George Martin Darlene Wadsworth MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT SLEEPIEST Sue Carlberg Rick Eaton Cayne Lindell Sara Beyeler BEST ALL AROUNDM 0 S T A T H L E T 1 C Lisa Brecht Rick Eaton 52 Kathy Greib Len LiffneiBEST MANNERED MOST INJURED Kathy Joy Dale McIntyre Carol Bloomgren Drew Mager MOST STUBBORN Dale McIntyre Vicki Rosendahl 53George Martin Jodi Sanders BEST SMILE MOST TALKATIVE Brian Hall Debbie Coldiron Kathy Joy BUI BirtTim Holden, Shelly Brant. Not Pictured: TALLEST: Stacey Park Brian Hall HARDEST WORKERS Drew Mager Carol Bloomgren Julie Phillips Dan Johnson B I G G E S T F L I R T 61Action 6364 Karen Cable Lorren Cable Elizabeth Campbell Benton Anderson ra Blackwell James Arthur Linda Briggs Patricia Campbell Becky Carlson Craig Carlson Scott Bauer Bear field Timothy B:sc Chamberlain irley Christensen wn Coldiron ra Condron Dalrymple D’Augustine ry DePrater Donaldson Gretchen Edwards Delores Flemming SI Jim ITy MaryAnn Giordano Andrea Glotz Ronald Glotz Laura Godden Dan Gordon Victoria Greib Steven liaupt Julie Himes Richard Borland Sandy Hotchkiss Tracey Hunzingcr Eric Hurley Dick Jennings Brad Johnson Chris Johnson 70Nathan Kanarr Kim Keller Dan King Steve King Kathrine KuUlmer Neil Lassinger John Lechner Jan Lashere Paul Landin Janice Lester Dan Lewis Lee Lund mark Brenda Lusk Maureen Mager Larry McMillen Rhonda Moore Pete Mangini Jeffery McKinney Mike Morene Douglas MortonChris Murphey John Neese Jennifer Peterson Lori Peterson Janice Nelson Sue Ann Peterson Rita Nelson Joye Pick Julie Rapp Linda Reist Tawny Repine Louis Rivett Judy Rogers Mari Beth Sanders Sandy Schnars James SchrecongostA a Margie Stoddard Fredrick Strickland Kenny Sumner Harry Suppa Craig Swanson Debbie Switzer Paul Schultz Debbie Skinner Kurk Smith Mary Smith Ram Sopher Debbie Spade Randy Spelling Toby Spelling Sue Stewart Laura StoddardMichael Tenny Steve Thompson Tracy Thompson Terry Tower Lori Tutmyer Rick Vanord Tim Voty Tim Wallace Lamont Wenzel Paula White Mary Williams Mike Williams Kim Youker Bradley Winans Jeff Youngberg Mark Zagac Jamie Zalik Cindy Zobrist Mike Zimmerman Patricia Wilcox Kaven Wilkins'f mm.  Sally Chase Laurie Chapman Beth Church Betsy Church Candy Courtney Penny Courtney Gary Craig Ken Crosby Karen Darby Tammy D’Augustine Cindy Deprater Melanie Dunham Lenny Dyer James Dyke Shannon Feeney Randall Fredericks Carolee Giordano James Greenamyer 77Johnson Linda Kane Chris Kay Lorinda La sco la Lechner Shari Hagberg Roger Hornstrom Sco Ste’ David Utzenger Karen McDonald Penny Mache Brett Marsh Ruth Martin Becky Martin Sherry Martin Beth Matthews Tom May Kevin McIntyre Scott Mckinney Tammy McNutt 798 Kevin Phillips Tim Porter Mary Pratz Dave Neal Laurie Neal Eric Nystrom Carol Olds Terry Olsen Terry Onink Darlene Osborne Beverley Pangborne Brenda Parker Mitchell Passinger Dennis Perkins Jeff Peterson Marcy Peterson Pam Peterson Jim PhillipsDiane Pudder Rick Quiggle William Sherwood Patricia Southwell Jim Rapp Dan Rice Chuck Reil Cathy Reist Lisa Rivett Carl Roberts Rick Robeson Jeff Rowley Donald Schrecongost Randall Sechrist Daniel Spear William Spelling Becky Spicer Dona Spink 81Edwin Spit tier Anne Sumner Kurt Thrope Dwight Turner Carol Tutmaher Jesica Vanord Raymond Vanord Keith White Marlene Wilcox Laurie Williams Edys Wilson Kim Wilson Bob Woodin Lester Wright Robin York Billie YoungbergGlad Abbott Kurt Alcorn Lana Anderson Vincent Baron Lorie Bearfield Jeffrey Benedict David Bergstrom Daniel Blair Lottie Borland Daniel Braley Louise Braley Scott Burch Jeff Carlson Ginton Chapman John ChaseI James Collins Dennis Craker Diane Davis Laurie DeRemer Steve Dupont Rex Dyer Joanna Dyke Terry Dyke Steven Masher Brian Foltz Vance Fox Jerry Frank Jeff Gray Jimmy Gray Mary Gray Melinda Grcenawalt 85David Greib Kirk Hane Scott Hane Elsie Hardy John Hepler Gary Hodges Theresa Hornstrom Vinnie Hotchkiss Richard Johnson Troy Johnson James Kane Scott Kane Brenda Larson Vance Lauffenberger Terry Lewis Linda Lindell Roger Little Lynn Mager 86Ted Moon Susan Morine Daniel Rutsky Richard Sanders Pat Nodzak Edward Orcutt Debra Phillips Wendy Philblad Kelly Repine Kimberly Repine Diane Rice Darlene Reil Debbie Roberts Louise Rogers Mark Schwanke Christine Seleni Robin Shaffer Timothy Sherman Tammy Sisk Paul Slagle Micheal Smith Sandy Smith Linda Sopher Rita SpicerSusan Spittler Roberta Stanton Beth Stevenson Betsy Stino Suzanne Switzer Brenda Thompson Dave Traniello Lori Vanhouten Gary Vanord Robin Vanord Randy Wagner Candis Warner Diane Warner Steve Welch Lisa Whitten Mark Wilcox Randy Wilkins Rodney WilkinsJacquelyn Williams Nathan Wolff Kim Kiefer Mary Jane Wright Leonard Wright David Kuzminski Sally Youker Wendy Zamborik Chris Spink Jacquelyn Zimmerman Terry Zuck 89Kimberly Anderson Fred Baron Heather Beck Doug Benedict Linda Bergstrom Amy Buchannan Renae Bobeau Vicki Burch Patty Burd Brian Butt Andy Cable Ronald Cable Tim Carter Billy Cataldo Rusty Chapman Todd Church Jill Christianson Crystal Clark 90Fredricks esa Gardner. ria Greenamayer Cathy Gregory Mona Hanson Doug Hedman Ginger Hodges Chris Holt Brenda Hunzinger Douglas Clark Jody Crosby Tracy Custer David Decker Robie Dunham Howard Easton Pegi Filhatrault Ellen Falconer Alfredo FragioneJackson wn Johnson Kathleen Larson ndy Levinson Matthews William Mckendree Ida Moore Scott Morningstar n MortonMurphey Newwark David Nystrom Rhonda O’Donnell Cathrine Perkins Peterson Sherry Peterson Karen Rapp Jamie Reed James Reed David Ristau Sandy Savko Kathy Schmitt 9395Vicki Anderson Eugene Battko Carl Bailey John Baron Adam Baron Steve Beck Brian Bauer Linda Brooker Phillip Brown Debbie Butt Eugene Carlson Wanda Chase Gwen Chilcott Faye Clark Mark Clark Johanna Clark Beverly Condron Scott DahlMary Darby Bobette Darts Icey Eddy Kevin Edwards Kim Embrey Gerald FascianoRobin Gardner Tim Garvey Kenneth Gertsch Tom Giordan Robin Greenawalt John Gregory Michelle Higgins Anita Hill Jeff Hook James Hornstrom Jeff Hosier James Hamilton David Jackson Bruce Jennings Chet Johnson Faith Johnson Todd Johnson Troy JohnsonTodd Jones Scott Kibbey John Rummer Sally Larson Romona Lauffcnberger Brenda Leichtenberger Edmund Lord David Mager Nancy McIntyre r David Mcjunkin Lane Morrison Brenda Maurice Ann Nodzak Mark Olson Richard Osborne 99 Susan Perkins Edward Peterson Ronald PorterLeonard Riel Linda Reno Rocky Robins Larry Rogers Douglas Sager Ronda Sechrist Michael Sherrard Jay Shaffer Mark Rogers Anita Slater Tracey Smeltzer Cynthia Smith Kim Rogers Jeff Wooden John Smith Jeff Sopher Tracey Stanton Mark Wooden Steve Stoddard Kim Strickland Steve Thorton Jeff Thompson 100Robert Turner Barbara Vanhouten Dana Vanord Rodger Vanord Steven Vanord Misty Vibbert Diane White Charlene Wilcox Kelly Wilcox Marc Wilcox Jill Williams James Wilson 101L. Shoeman T. Riggs V. Rogers Grade Eleven D. Carlson S. Frangione E. Rollinger S. Smith LATE PHOTOS ■% i a D. Jackson I. Martin T. Barrett A. Carter K. Darby D. Hitchcock K. Jones D. Decker D. Ellis J. HookIfijtH .v.u .1‘iU-V iC i Mr. Robert Bacchetti Chemistry Physics 7 years BS RPI University of Buffalo, Edinburo State College, and Fer-donia State College Mr. A1 Bean Social Studies 9 Oriental Studies 8 years BA Edinburo State College Mr. Kenneth Bakewell American Cultures 2 World Cultures 4 Years BA California State College, Penn State and Edinburo State College. Mr. John Brunecz Math Department 9 years BS Edinburo State College MED Edinburo State College Mr. Robert Carberry Biology Science 12 years BS Clarion State College Med Edinburo State College Mr. Raymond Carey Agricultural Science BS Penn State University, MED Edinburo State College Miss Barb Confer English 8 2 years BS Edinburo State College Cindy Dahler 3 years BA Edinburo State College Spanish 104Mr. Theodore Dorrion English 10 13 years BA Clarion State College MA Ed-inboro State College Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom English 12 Speech 17 years BA Upsala College Penn State, Syracuse, Edinboro Mr. Ronald Dunbar Economics-Political Science 13 years BA Edinboro State College Miss Cynthia Fraley Business Department 3 years BS Youngstown State University Mr. Theodore G Hedman Art 7-12 9 years BA Edinboro State College Mr. Heinrich Kutschke Social Studies Department 2 years BA SUNY-Ferdonia MA Bonn., U. Germany, SUNY; Colorado University. Mr. Jerry Hoffman Math Department 9 years BA Edinboro State College MA St. Mary’s College, Minnesota Mr. Harris Lanzel Instrumental Music Jr. and Sr. .Band 9 'A years BS Mansfield State College MA Northwestern University, Illinois 105Mr. Thomas Firth Physical Education 10-12 Health 12 Hunters Safety 15 years BS Slippery Rock State College Mr. Joe Letko Phys. Ed. 7-10 4 years BA Lock Haven BS, HE, PE, Rec, Lock Haven Miss Mary Ann Lutton Business Department 2Vi years BS Youngstown State University Mr. Budd Neideg Drivers Education 9 years BA Slippery Rock State College Masters Equivalent Slippery Rock Mr. Allen Norton Social Studies Department 8 years BA Indiana University of Pennsylvania Mrs. Nancy Palmer Sr. and Jr. Choir 4 years BA Westminster College Graduate School—S.V.N.Y. at Ferdonia Miss Barb Olsen English Department 2 years BA Edinboro State College Miss Natalie Perry Math Department 7 years BA California State College •6Miss Mabel Reese Library Science 33 years BA Seattle Pacific College Master's Equivalent Clarion College Mr. Richard Rolls Social Studies Department 9 years BS Mansfield State College MA Gannon College Mr. R. Richard Ritter Science Department 8 years BA Mansfield State University MS Clarion State College Mrs. L. Pauline Schmidt Guidence Counsler 23 years BA Indiana U. of Pennsylvania MA Penn State University Mrs. Charlotte Siefert Home Economics 7 years BA Pennsylvania State University Mr. Bill Sherwood Science Department 14 years BA Edinboro State College Mr. Sol Shepler Shop 10 years BS CAlifornia State College Mr. Michael Schultz French English 17 years BS Lock Haven State College MA St. Bonaventure. Bucknell, Univ. De Toulouse, and Temple U. 107Mr. Robert A. Swanson Science 7 Applied Science 13 years MST Mr. William Wilson Social Studies Sociology 7 years BA Gannon College MA Edinboro State College Miss Linda Vinton Computer Programming Algebra 1 Trigonometry 10 years BS Slippery Rock State College MA University of New Hampshire Mr. Bradley Stanton Developmental Reading 8 3 years BA Edinboro State College Mr. Patrick J. Black Advanced Math Math 8 9 years BS Edinboro State College MA Edinboro State College Mrs. Lynne A. Wiltsie English 11 12 14 years BA Lock Haven State 108Mr. Adams Indiana University of Pa. BS Consumer Math 7 8 grade Math Miss Dell Edinboro State College 7 grade English Mr. Lassingcr information not available Miss A. Zcestraten Thiel College BA Latin 9 grade English Latin Mr. Reddin picture not available Penn State B. S. English 9th grade Science Chemistry Syracuse M. S. Pitt, Allegheny University of Maryland Mr. James E. Borst Bookkeeping 1 2, GBT Consumer Economics, Personal Typing 2 years BA West Liberty State College West Virginia University Mr. E. Robert Glarner Guidance Councelor 19 years BA Penn State University MED Penn State University PD University of Wyoming 109CAFETERIA A. McFarland, D. Buchannan, E. Hitchcock, R. Christianson, G. Bloomgren, B. Brunecz. Secretary 110 D. Kellogg, V. Lindquist, V. Craker.EISENHOWER CUSTODIANS Head Custodian LILLIAN ROCKWELL MAE ANDERSON 1 LINDA ANDERSON DARELL MICHAEL LLOYD FERRY i EDWARD DEREMER 1 J Emerson Spicer We wish to take just a moment to thank the Custodians at Eisenhower High School. From the beginning of seventh grade they have picked up our garbage, cleaned off our walls, and chaparoned our dances. Each one has been more than a custodian, but they have been our friends. A part of our lives for the past six years, and we will remember them. As we leave Eisenhower we would like to thank them for making the last six years memorable. We wish each and everyone happiness always.A.V. CREW 113MR. RALPH BROWN PRINCIPAL m If 1976 is remembered as the two hundredth anniversary of our nation’s independence, then 1977 may rate a place in our memories as The Year of the Big Cold. Actually, a more apt term for 1977, from the point-of-view of Warren County schools, at least, might be the Year of the Long Winter. The combination of a teachers’ strike, “snow days”, and shutdowns for lack of heating fuels caused the school year to extend well into what normally is summer vacation. We had to adjust to forced vacations, interruptions in established routines, and the discomforts of an on-again-off-again schedule. Still, we made it, hardships and all. We finished the race, even if we were off pace a bit. Change, like the change we experienced this winter, is one of the realities of life for which education should prepare us. Change is inevitable; those who can adjust to it will survive. Those who cannot will fall by the wayside. Which is not to say that to be educated is to enjoy change. On the contrary, it’s probably natural to feel threatened by change. Most routines provide a sense of security; sudden departures from the norm upset that positive feeling. Still, it is the educated man or women who consistently adapts best to the transitions of life. He or she has learned to recognize the variety of roles thrust upon people, and has considered the countless adaptations man has chosen to conform to his situations. The educated person may find change as uncomfortable as his uneducated counterpart, but he has the background to know himself, to know where he is going, and to see change in its proper perspective. Ralph Brown 114MR. JOHN NEESE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL The graduating class of 1977 has experienced a very unique senior year. You are to be commended for you patience and ability to cope with the problems of an interrupted year. The years at Eisenhower have been your years to grow, mature, and utilize the opportunities for an education. Many of your classmates have fears of graduation because they have failed to plan, ponder and prepare for the future beyond high school. Others, are approaching graduation with joy, anticipation and pride because the future belongs to them. Graduation is an end, and another beginning. Congradulations to all of you upon graduation from Eisenhower High School. I am proud to have known you throughout your eisenhower years. May your future bring all the happiness you deserve. Respectfully, Mr. John Neese 115Warren County School Board jni»vt«rW iff’ ffijgwi imssa™'. ftHM1. K. Ellis, V. Bearfield, J. Nelson, M. Smith 2. H. Block, S. Brant, K. Hunzinger 3. K. Summerson, S. Shepherd, K. Grieb, M. Mager, S. Carlberg, L. Brecht, J. Sanders, B. Bacchetti advisor.SENIORS Volleyball Seniors L. Crakcr D. Luther C. Bloomgren C Smith K. Hunzingcr K. Sanden D. Barrett S. Porter S. Park J. Sanders K. Gricb S. Brant Boys Bowling R 1 J Williams K Smith R Clark J Collins S Schnars R 2 P Black adv. T Porter F Straker J Nutal L Rivctt D Perkins R Sechricst M Johnson J I rank H Lyons. 119R Secrist, L Williams, P Southwell, K. Hunzinger, J Beck, R Smeltzer, P Machac, J Reed, W Peterson, J Williams, B Pratz, L Briggs, M Peterson, C Tutmyer, M Baron, E Wilson, D Luther, P Black adv. 3 D Chase, J Dyke, S Peterson, M Williams, J Himes, J Zalik, S Kibbcy, J Nelson, C Akeley, D Barette, J Beck, S Faust. S Porter, A Sumner, M Peterson, B Martin, J Sanders, S Brant, K Ellis, 2 P Black adv. K Hunzinger, L Foxx, P Campbell, S Shephard, K Grieb, M Smith J Brecht. 3 D Deprater, J Beck, L Smith, B Pratz, J Zalik, S Kibbey, J Nelson, C Akeley. 20PRESS CLUB R 1 P. Fillatizault, G Fredrick, L. Kanarr, K. Parker, R 2 V. Fredrick, P. Nelson, J. Moore, L. Craker, R 3 J. Osborne, C. Fraley, adv. S. Edson, K. Smith, B. Phillips, B. Foltz. R I S. Switzer, L. Briggs, 2 B. Neideg, adv. C. Murphcy, D. Hitchcock, C. Lindell, S. Smith. K. Sumner, D. Johnson, 3 B. Johnson. K. McIntyre, D. Mager, C. Swanson, W. Brooks, P. Mangini, B. Birt. 12!1. M. Stoddard, L. Tutmaher, S. Roberts, L. Stoddard, S. Peterson, 2 S. Edson, L. Kanarr, S. Faust, 3 R. Moore, C. Bloomgrcn, J. Moore, L. Craker, B. Lusk, S. Park, C. Jones, D. Luther, M. Lutton, adv. G y M A I D E 1. K. Grieb, D. Johnson, R. Benson. J. Sanders, D. Smith, S. Carlberg, S. Brant, 2 M. Smith, M. Lascola.C. D’Augustine, A. Summner, J. Phillips, C. Johnson, D. Skinner. 122L. Stoddard, B. Lusk, J. Himes GUIDENCE ASSISTANTS 123 R. Moore, L. Peterson, M. StoddardOffice Assistants N White, S Chase, L Fox, J Peterson, C Lechner, S Peterson, S Hotchkiss, L Crakcr, K Yuker, P Courtney. L Burch, T Repine, D Skinner, C Chase, E. Falconer, W. Crosby, J Reed, W Durlin. 2 F Strickland, C Brailey, T Dyke, N Johnson, B Woodin, J McMillen. Library Assistants 124 CUTUPS i!HRlCA Student Council I J. Jorden, J. Zalik, D. Mager, S. Beyeler, P. Black adv. 2 S. Miller, M. Baran, P. Peterson, C. Reist, R. York, D. Osborne, K. Wilson 3 C. Bloomgren, D. Luther, L. Kanarr, D. Barrett, M. Sanders, S. Morine, J. Vanord, 4 L. Chase, L. Whitten, S. Switzer, L. Mager, T. Kane, J. Gray, B. Foltz, T. Jones, M. Decker, J. Williams, D. switzer, L. Briggs, C. D’Augustine, M. Shaffer, S. Carlberg, J. Dow, D. Pratz, M. Williams, 6 P. Wilcox, B. Martin, G. Morelli, L. Kane, T. D’Augustine, C. Lechner, L. Fox, A. Glotz, D. Coldiron, 7 M. Williams, S. Schnars, A. Summer, J. Himes, M. Mag r, M. Pratz, 8 K. Kummer, S. Park, K. Summerson, S. Shephard, S. Brant, K. Gricb, J. Sanders, V. Bearficld. 125Ike Welcomes New CoachVarsity Football 1. B. Marsh T. Brown D. Spear K. Alcorn M. Decker D. Hitchcock J. Youngberg K. White 2. E. Spittler A. Brunecz H. Suppa B. Birt R. Eaton J. Neese C. Swanson G. Craig J.V. Football 1. B. Vanord R. Wilkins 2. E. Martin S. Clark M. Wilcox R. Sanders E. Orchid R. Wilkins J. Kane 3. S. Burch D. Kuzminski R. Turner J. Gray N. Wolff S. DuPont S. Belitsky E. Christensen S. KaneMr. Tord Beck, Mr. Jim Borst, Mr. Brad Stanton. Knights Rebuild in Great Expectations for the Future Football in the 1976-77 season at Eisenhower proved that team work still existed. Seldom are there less than half a dozen seniors on the team, this year proved differently. The use of Juniors and Sophomores will, hopefully strengthen the Knights for future years. The Eisenhower Knights were in no way a loosing team. The skill and determination put fourth by the team could in no way be over-looked by their fans. The returning players and coaches look foreward to the new and very successful football season.129Senior Choir 1 C Kummer, N White, V Brown, S Hagberg, T McNutt, R Carlson, S Miller, R Carlson, D Schrecongost, D Osborne, D Coldiron, K Joy, 2 D Westfall, R Wolff, M Wilcox, G Smith, L Consla. P Wilcox, K Wilson, R York. C Reist, C Roberts, J Lindsey, J Moore, C Johnson, L Chase, J Ewer, E Edwards, S Peterson. 3 L Craker, B Parker, P Mahcah, B Campbell, M Sanders, D Coldiron, S Hag berg, K Howard, J Osborne, L Godden, P Nelson, T Jones, D Craker, J Greenamayer, C Zobrist, L Rivett, B Pangborn, K Smith, S Edson, J Sopher, M Smith, D Edson. J Nelson. A Sumner, P Campbell. Junior Choir 1 L Bergstrom, D Burch, P McMillen, T Decker, S Larson, J Hedstrom, J Hurley, C May, A Hill, L Craker, R Chillcot, H VanGuild-er, D Witten, M Donaldson, J Youker, 11 W'ilson, B Firth, M McChenesy, W Braley, 2 J Clark, J Edey, B Liechenberger, B Moriece, C Wilcox, D Warner, K Kiefer. S Smith, M Gray, C Thompson, L Witten. R Bobeau, S Youker, M Greenemyer, K Reist, M Wilbert, M Dunham, L Broker, S Rupzeck, L Reno, M Hanson, C Colander, 3 C Huckenson, A Slater, C Holt. J W illiams, K Anderson, C Clark, L Sopher, C McKinney, S Peterson, K Parker, B Thomas, L Anderson, P Eillatrault, H Beck, C MacMillen, T Ferrie, L Reno, B Marquist, B Chase, K Eckert, W Chase, W Seleni, S Welch. 30Madrigal Choir D. Coldiron, J. Osborne, K. Cable, P. Wilcox, L. Craker, S. Hagberg, R-2 D. Coldiron, J. Greenamyer, E. Donaldson, J. Embrey, J. Vanord, T. McNutt. D. Coldiror S. Hagberg R. Wolff J. Carlson J. Vanord District ChorusKnights Marching Band Ranks No. 1 UllUUlUUlUUtUllU'U'U'l'li Drum MajorsBand Front r-1 S. Feeny, D. Roberts, W. Philblad, J. Dyke, r-2 L. Neal J. Ewer, S. Spittler, C. Clark, L. Braley, B. Thomas, S. Sch-narrs, R. Chilcott, T. McNutt, K. Darby, R. Martin. L. Lindell, L. Witten, R. Spicer, L. Knapp, R. Shaffer, T. Horn-strom. Percussion Section 1: r-1 D. Craker, F. Strickland, S. Cable, C. Olds, B. Spicer, T. Morton, J. Embrey, T. Webster, T. Spelling, D. Knapp.Percussion r-1 R. Shaffer, B. Spicer, C. DePrater, E. Spittler, r-2 S. Cable, L. Ferrie, D. Craker, F. Strickland, T. Spelling, T. Webster, J. Embrey. K. Sanden, K. Joy, C. Warner, E. Wilson, S. Park, C. Murphy, R. Wolff. 2 J. Martin P. Wilcox C Olds S Spittlei L Rogers K Hunzinger S Schnarrs L Braley W Philblad 3 P Knapp L Neal S Morine P Courtney J Rapp D Roberts B Lusk C Tutmyer J Pick J Dow W Zamborick R Vanord 4 S Porter B Church R Nelson D Pudder S Smith J Van-ord B Phillips C. Abbott B. Church. 134 Stage Band 1 T Spelling L Chase E Donaldson D Jennings N Lassinger M Johnson K Cable L Craker 2 J Embrey S Smith J Vanord J Rapp 3 H Lanzel N White S Porter B Church P Wilcox C Murphey J Wells 4 D Barrett C Akeley B Stanton P White R Vanord J Legere Sr. Band Brass 1 S Landin S Warner J Osborne G English N White 2 S Switzer T Hunzinger M Legere J Nelson D Barrett P Landin J Legere R Vanord P White B Stanton 3 M Smith V Fox R McIntyre K Cable E Donaldson K Alcorn S Hane K Hane C Fisher 4 M Schwanke L Chase P Church M Johnson J Nelson D Young N Lassinger D McIntyre D Jennings D Larson 3W Carlson K Rapp D White T Smeltzer B Maurice L Bergstrom C Springer 2 R Dunham C Wilcox B Smith N McIntyre V Anderson R Porter S Schnarrs Edwards S Kibbey 3 R Vanord S Darling C Lassinger B Spicer D Merkle R Vanord V Lider 136Band Officers K. Rapp V. Elder P. Burd V. Burch S. Wilson Sr. Band Officers N. White S. Park J. Embrey D. Barrett 137Jr. Band Woodwinds 1 P. Mcmillen P Gray C. Vanord W. Luvison E. Ellis S Rupczyk C Gregory T. Hornstrom R. Gardener 2 D. Coldiron H. Legere M. McChesney K. Strickland J. Williams V. Burch T. Lyons R. Whitten F. Shorter 3 B. Mueder R. O’Doncll D. Vanord W. Chase D. Butt S. Delp W. Wilkins D. Spencer 4 S. Wilson B. Stanton P. Buryd C. Nadel J. Hurley. Field Captains Patty Wilcox Scott Smith1 P. Wilcox K. Sanden J. Rapp S. Feeney C. Hanson L. Lindell 2 S. Schnarrs S. Park E. Donaldson N. Lassenger, S Smith D. Barrett R A N K L E A D E R S 139Barb Phillips Sen Band 19 Diane Barrett 140ior Members 77 B A S C S L A R I N E T Kathy Joy Jack Wells T U B A B A R T 0 N E Rhonda McIntyre 141D R U M S Jeff Nelson Jim Embrey Stacey Park a A S S O N B A S S C L A R I N E T Cheryl Hanson T E N O R S A X O P H O N E Rozanne Wolff Sue Porter 142143 Steve Cable Janet Osborne Dave Young F L U T E Kris Hunzinger R H E O N R C N Sandy WarnerSue Lester Dale McIntyre Tom Webster D R U M S 144VO-TEC S. Lester, J. Sisk, B. Hall, D. Glotz, B. Wagner, B. Birt, B. Reil, B. Ldwards, W. Gardner. M. Steber. 2 t. Hurley, L. Hildum.T. Rcist, S. Grant, M. Lascola, J. Peterson, K. Thorpe, D. Thompson, M. Zagac, T. Lascola, M. Smith. 3 B. Chase. T. Abbott, C. Martin. L. Wright, J. Morgan, J. Fry, D. Lewis, C. Kepler, D. Gerbe, R. Robcnson, L. Kobccheck, J. Kuzminski, D. Bennett, R. Quiggle, A. Head. 4 B. Flemminf, J. Seitz, R. Vanord, D. Jordon, R. York, G. Dahler, M. Tenny, N. Campbell, R. Kepler. SENIORS 1 J Sisk, B Wagner, D Glotz, B Birt, B Reil, B Hall, 2 S Lester T Rcist, B Chase, M Lascola, M Steber, 3 L Hildum, S Grant, D Bennett, R York, J Seitz. 145Girls Volley ball 1. J. Nelson, L. Foxx, T. Depratcr, C. Akelcy, J. Sanders, 2 C. D’Augustine, M. Smith, M. Mager, J. Zalik, V. Bear-field, P. Campbell, N. Perry, Adv. 1 C. Swanson, K. Summerson, K. Alcorn, B. Campbell, B. Birt, C. Lindell. 2 J. Neese, T. Voty, H. Suppa, R. Eaton, R. Benson. 46iGorn3D :ec 1 S. Porter, M. Decker, C. D’Augustine, D. Switzer, B. Birt, L. Hornstrom, B. Allen, D. Hitchcock, B. Johnson. K. Summerson, B. Campbell, S. Carlberg, J. Hodges, K. Smith. 3 K. Sanden, K. White, A. Brunecz, H. Suppa, J. Neesc, C. Swanson, T. Voty, K. Alcorn, S. Shepherd, S. Beyeler, J. Borst, adv. 4 S. Park, K. Greig, S. Brant, M. Mager, J. Sanders, R. Eaton, M. Shaffer, A. Sumner, K. Hunzinger. 1 B. Vanord, R. Wilkins, 2 M. Stevenson, S. Clark, M. Vanord, G. Sanders, R. Wilkins, J. Kane, S. Kibbey. 3 S. Burch, J. Kuzminski, R. Turner, J. Gray, N. Wolff, S. Dupont, S. Bulitsky, R. Christensen, S. Kane. 147 3; Oc CO O lXDOQHomecoming 1977 Queen Stacey Park ESCORT Dan Johnson SENIOR ATTENDANT Patty Mangini ESCORT James Craig Patty Mangini Stacey ParkHomecoming Court L to R D. Greib, D. Rice, M. Mager, J. Anderson, M. Clark, B. pratz, Queen S. Park, J Craig, P. Mangini, D. Johnson, C. Lechner, J. Kuzminski. SOPHOMORl ATTEND. Challis Lechner ESCORT Jim Kuzminski JUNIOR ATTEND. Maureen Mager ESCORT Jay Anderson FRESHMEN ATTENDANT Diane Rice ESCORT David Grieb150JOE LETKO Assistant Coach AL BEAN Assistant Coach KNIGHT LETTERMEN KENT ALCORN 126 lb. SCOTT HURLEY 119 lb. BRAD JOHNSON 119 lb. ERIC HURLEY 105 lb. CRAIG SWANSON 185 lb. 15Jr. High Wrestling l-S. Feeney, G. Johnson, M. Olson, M. Donaldson, S. Riggs, R. Vanord.T. Moon.T. Johnson, J. Kane. 2. E. Undell, M. Phinney, S. Kane, T. Stanton, S. Beck, T. Luvison, B. Butt, D. Baron, G. Vanord, B. Sager, B. Spicer, Coach Letko. On March 12,1977 the Eisenhower Knights hosted the fourth annual Wrestling Tournament. The schools participating were: Eisenhower, Beaty, Kane, Warren YMCA, Warren Elementary, Sheffield, and Youngsville. All persons participating extend sincere thanks to Mr. Joe Letko for all his work to make this years Tournament a great success. 52Junior Varsity Wrestling I. G. Craig, D. Cathcart, R. Glotz, S. Mckinncy, K. Phillips, S. Dupont, T. Brown, R. Sanders, J. Mckinney. 153KNIGHTS BASKETBALL TEAMS VarsityJunior Varsity Basketball J.V. Basketball 1. D. Butt, S. Smith, E. Nystrom, E. Lindell. 2. J. Youngberg, J. Gray, W. Chilcott, P. Shultz, E. Spittler, D. Turner, R. Brown, K. Crosby, Coach John Brunecz. 155VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 156 B. Campbell, S. Carlberg, M. Shaffer, J, Hodges, K. Hunzinger, C. D’Augustine, D. Switzer.R. Moore, K. Kumer, K. Cable, J. Zalik, 2. L. Chase, J. Schmitt, P. Campbell, P. Landin, M. Lascola, J. Hodges, 3. E. Donaldson, D. Jennings, B. Allen, D. Lassinger, S. Cable, T. Spelling, R. Eaton, D. McIntyre, 4. A. Glotz, L. Tutymer, D. Coldiron, M. Stoddard, L. Stoddard, M. Shaffer, K. Joy, D. Westfall, D. Coldiron, K. Hunzinger, S. Landin, 5. D. Barrett, C. Hanson, L. Mazzu, S. Carlberg, S. Beyeler, A. Lundberg, S. Shepherd, S. Brant, M. Magers, K. Sanden, S. Porter, R. McIntyre, R. Wolff. 157Junior High Knights BIBLE CLUB 1. D. Craker, L. Craker, R. Wolff, Pres. D. Blair, K. Joy, Sec. D. Coldiron,C. Spink, N. Wolff, T. Jones, C. Wares, J. Sopher, V P. Bonnie Wagner not pictured. 58J. V. Cheeeeeer Leadddeeeers P. Peterson, J. Mott, A. Sumner, K. Gricb M. Pratz, C. Johnson. 159Stage Crew R 1. J. Osborne, R. Carlson, J. Eckert, F. Strickland, R. Carlson. R 2. J. Greenemyer, V. Fredericks, S. Falconer, D. Schreckongost, E. Rollinger. R. 3 D. Turner, P. Nelson, J. Lindsey. 160SENIOR CONCESSION STAND L. Kanarr, C. Bloomgren, B. Wagner, S. Roberts, 2. K. Howard, J. Sisk, R. York. L. Craker, S. Ilagberg, Mr. Brunecz, adv. 1617th Grade Basketball E. Lord, J. Rowley, V. Morrison. 2. D. Magcr, S. Darling, S. Abbott, R. Porter, S. Stoddard, S. Dahl. 8th Grade Basketball 162 Row 1. D. Hedman, D. Benedict, D. Clark, R. Williams, 2. R. Stanton, G. Suppa, T. Onink, E. Martin, C. Holt, C. Youngbcrg.G. Hamilton, J. Nuttal.Grade Nine Basketball R 1 -S. Burch, V. Lauffcnburgcr, J. Benedict, 2. R. Clark, J. Carlson, B. Vanord, L. Feme, N. Wolff, D. Craker, E. Orchitt, Coach Jack Adams. 163ScorekeepersCheeper by the Dozen at EHS Auditorium Plays at Eisenhower are always exceptional. Cheeper By the Dozen proved to be no different. The cast worked very hard, but enjoyed working together. The hours spent returned great satisfaction when they viewed there accomplishment. Advisors for the plays at Eisenhower is Miss. Cynthia Fraley, assisted by Miss Mary Ann Lutton. Sincere appreciation goes to these ladies for the long hours they’ve spent with the student body. 165Volleyball 1 M Baron L Smith J Brecht A Sumner L Kane B Martin G MoreUi L Bearfield K Ellis M Perry. 2 D Pratz L Briggs M Shaffer J Dow D Spade M Smith 3 B Campbell C D’Augustine M Magcr M Williams J Himes J Zalik V Bearfield J Nelson C Akeley J Beck D Eisher S. Faust. D Coldiron J Phillips B Campbell K Summerson S Carlberg D Switzer S Brant 2 D Smith S Park K Grieb J Sanders R Benson R O’Donnell R Bobcau K Hane 3 M Ki-bbey K Phillips C Kay M Dunham D Butt L Craker D Rice L Magcr C Nadel M Sorenson 4 L Brecht L Mazzu S Shepherd P-Wilcox C. D’Augustine J Youkcr J Vanord 6 J-Nclson A Sumner C Johnson H Beck B Martin G Morelli Gym Club 166Choir Sings Out True Meaning of Christmas The 1976 Christmas season was started off by the E.H.S. Choir Concert. Both the Junior and Senior Choir, and also the Madrigal Choir participated in bringing the Christmas Spirit to the Eisenhower High School. Singing contemporary and classical Christmas carols. The Choir students, along with Mrs. Palmer put in many hours of hard work and dedication to make their program a success and it was a very cheerful program. 167168THE STUDENT BODY 169DOOMED We’re no. 1 G R R R R R R rrrrrrrrrr rr. I wouldn’t be caught DEAD at a Prom 170 THANKS TO ALL ADVERTISERS NEW PROCESS COMPANY 220 HICKORY STREET $36.00 WARREN, PENNA. BIGELOW LEATHER CANVAS CO. 304 WEST 3rd. ST. $12.00 WARREN, PENNA. STRUTHERS-WELLS, INC. PENNA. AVE. WEST $36.00 WARREN, PENNA. HOOVER'S JEWELERY 304 WEST STREET $12 00 WARREN, PENNA. COWDRICKS DRUG STORE 212 LIBERTY STREET $26 00 WARREN, PENNA. PLAZA RESTAURANT 328 PENNA. AVE. W. $12.00 WARREN, PENNA. CARSON FINANCE 254 PENNA. AVE. WEST $12.00 WARREN, PENNA. YARN BARN R.D. 2 $10.00 RUSSELL, PENNA. NORRIS OPTICAL 338 PENNA. AVE. WEST $12.00 WARREN, PENNA. JEAN FROCK WARREN, PENNA. $ 5.00 BARLOW DAIRY R. D. $12.00 SUGAR GROVE, PENNA. SKINNER APPLIANCE WARREN, PENNA. $ 5.00 PENN BEER DISTRIBUTORS 1023 PENN. AVE. WEST $ 5.00 WARREN, PENNA. A. C. PETERSON WARREN, PENNA. $ 5.00 BERTHOLI STUI Living Color Oil PORTRAITS—WEDDINGS—GRA 7 WEST THI 2nd Floor—K JAMESTOWN PHONE D-VARDEN DIOS Colored Portraits DUATION—CHILDREN—COPIES RD STREET laddox Bldg. , N. Y. 14701 364-5704 172CALDWELL’S Fashions for girls of all ages 104 Liberty St. Congratulations from CADY’S CARD GIFT SHOP 220 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. Clothing for Young Men BROWN’S BOOT SHOP 324 Penna Ave. W. of All Ages THE STYLE SHOP “Best in Mens Wear” Congratulations from Skip Cindy Weber TASTY BAKERY 330 Pa. Ave W. Warren, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of ANDERSON AGWAY Sugar Grove, Penna. Warren National Bank Serving Kinzu Country SATELLITE BOWL TROPHY LOUNGE 850 Foote Avenue Jamestown, N.Y. Phone 483-1818 or 483-1812 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF “1977” Eisenhower High School DYKE'S GARAGE DL cJaryes! Automotive ltop in tj'ottiviffe EDWARD L. COLLINS FUNERAL HOME Sugar Grove, Pa. 489-7933 KOFOD’S GENERAL STORE off-street parking Bearlake Mall Bearlake, Pennsylvania 1THE BLUE MANOR RESTAURANT HULL ELECTRIC INC. 1200 Penna. Ave. Warren J B LIQUOR SHOPPE Always Open Til Midnight RT. 60 Foote Ave. Ext. Jamestown. Phone: 664-7075 JOSEF'S JEWELER'S SWANSON'S AMERICAN HARDWARE Main Street Russell, Pa. 16345 Compliments of DESANTIS LINCOLN MERCURY INC. 610 W. Thirs St. Jamestown, N.Y. and DESANTIS AMERICAN MOTORS INC. 1801 Washington St. Jamestown, N.Y. DICK’S KEYSTONE SERVICE Main Jackson Run Official Inspection Station Front End Alignment Tires—Batteries Accessories—Sun Scope Tune Ups 24 Hr. AAA Wrecker Service Phone: 489-7815 COMMUNITY CONSUMER DISCOUNT LOANS AND FINANCING Warren, Pa. Garrison-Simonsen, Inc. Insurance for every need 113 Pennsylvania Avenue West P.O. Box 157 Warren, Pennsylvania 16365 Phone: 814-723-2300 174 SMITH’S BAIT SHOP Guns Tackle Congratulations to 1917 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Penna. 16365 The Class of BIKE WORLD OF WARREN “1977” Eisenhower High School Schwinn and Other Fine Makes 2025 Penn. Ave. Phone: 723-1758 From NORTH AUTO SALVAGE Congratulations Class of “77” Akeley, Pennsylvania, 16345 LEWIS MARKET 303 Pennsylvania Avenue East Warren, Penna. Our Best Wishes To The Eisenhower Class of “1977” WARREN TIMES OBSERVER For Complete Coverage News — Sports — Society 723-8200 — Warren, Pa 175SWANSON’S WATCH SHOP 126 Penna. Ave. W Warren, Pa. 16365 TWIN AUTO WRECKING VALENTINE DISPOSAL 112 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Penna. Division of Archie Nichols, Inc. Acres of Late Model Auto Parts “We want your body” Compliments J.C. PENNEY CO. Warren, Pa. Highest Prices Paid For Your Junk Cars Main St. Frewsburg, N.Y. Ph. 569-5233 Congratulations To The Class of 1977 WATT OFFICE SUPPLY Congratulations Class of 77 Compliments of WARREN DRUG Compliments of SIEFERT JEWELERY 416 Penna. Ave. West Warren Penna. Compliments of MOSHER MOBILE MILLING Lottsville, Penna. N. K. WENDELBOE CO. INC. 217 Liberty Street Congratulations Class of 77 BORGS PHOTO SHOP 124 Penna. Ave. West MR. DONUT Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week 1204 Penna. Ave. East Warren, Penna. 176129 Penna. Phone: 723-1951 Furniture and Floor covering of Distinction. Phone: 726-0160 DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON 2001 Penna. Ave., East Warren, Pa. 16365 HOWARD CURTIS SON BOX 177. SUGAR GROVE. PENNSYLVANIA 16350 VA PHONE: 814-480-3931 BENSON’S YELLOW BLACK STORE Russell, Pa. 16345 SUGAR GROVE, PA. FULL SERVICE BANK DRIVE-UP WINDOW SAVINGS « LOANS CHECKING + SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES 17;CONGRATULATIONS From corner liberty Si third aee., warren, pa. 16365 We’re the best in town from the waist on down. JOHN HAGBERG Electric, Plumbing, and Heating, Inc. Sugar Grove, Penna. BRIGGS TRUCKING AL’S SUBS A Banquet on a Bun HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 11:00 am 11:00 pm Fri.-Sat. 11:00 am 8:00 pm. 10 East Second Jamestown, New York Phone: 483-1815 Dump and Flatbed Service Rick 489-3587 PHILLIP NYSTROM Excavating Bulldozing Grading Gravel-Fill Topsoil Septic Tanks Pipeline Construction Oil Gas Well Drilling Frank 489-3254 TEL: Mobile Operator 489-3933 726-1510 or Unit 2444 Sugar Grove, Penna. 16350 TOWN AND COUNTRY Food Center Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Compliments of MAX MANWARING SEARS Sears Robuck and Co. Market St. Plaza Warren, Pa. 16365 '8'ttKijIbwrv Best of Luck 340 PENNA. AVE.. WEST WARREN. PA. 16365 Class of “1977” JOHN PETERSON Congratulation Graduates BALDWIN JEWELERS Jamestown, New York It) tfUUtofll' WE LOVE SISENHOWER CONOR ADULATIONS UJ| EANS WARREN CORRY Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania Vi itf-Ant Qlawe i Sltofi, 9nc. 240 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WEST WARREN. PENNSYLVANIA PHONE 723-8760 COLONEL SANDERS' RECIPE Kentidcy fried thicken fe- Bright Beautiful Day Night Music NEWS ENTERTAINMENT The Contemporary Sound of Today "Its finger lickin’good? HULTMAN’S GLEANERS e TAILOR! 232 PENN. AVE., V, . ;;Ei t, I A. Congratulations Class of “76" VALONE SHOE STORE "Two Floors of Famous Brands" Warren, Pa. SALES • RENTALS - REPAIRS (814) 723-1035 radio Wavun CUntcx 129 PENNSYLVANIA AVE., WEST WARREN, PENNSYLVANIA 16365 13!Oam OPEN 10 AM 9 PM 10 AM 3 PM SAT RICK CALDWELL, OWNER 1Compliments of WILCOX BROTHERS Sugar Grove, Pa. WARREN’S SHOP for CHILDREN Ph. 723-8001 Compliments DICK JORDAN Livestock Hauling Compliments of PETE'S MARKET Frewsburg, New York Congratulations Class of ’77 Savoy Restaurant Congratulations from All of Us to All of You 1977 Graduating Class 219 Liberty Street Warren, Penna. 726-2450 SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY IHC Farm Industrial Equip. Appliances—Hardware—Plumbing VOTY’S INSURANCE AGENCY 307 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 Phone: 489-7711 J etfitone printing C ompanij 101 OAK STREET Berdine Printing Company Uturprat and Photo-Offttt WARREN. PA. Best of luck 76’ers JOHNSON SPORT CAMERA SHOP 102 East 3rd St. Jamestown, N.Y. 716-664-4801 Nationwide Insurance Home Care Life Health Business Home Office—Columbus, Ohio LEVI EPSTEIN SONS 410 Penna Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 Men Boys Wear POUND • A • WEIGH 250 Penn Ave. West 723-7545 80 psoouctslames flewelels, Qnc. Keepsake 208 Liberty Street Warren, Pennsylvania 16365 G VERY C3 “Everything fine In the Jewelry line” Plus The Finest Professional Jewelry Services. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 77 Compliments of FREWSBURG HOTEL Banquets Wedding Rec. Compliments of A Fine Place to Eat Compliments of PITTSBURG DES-MOINES STEEL COMPANY Warren, Penna Northwest Savings Association Warren, Pa. WARREN SEWING CENTER 231 Pennsylvania, Ave. West 18 Wheel Horse Lawn Garden Tractors Compliments Of DAVIES AND SONS 1503 Conewango Ave. Ext. Warren, Pa. 723-7430 SANDERS EGG FARM R. D. 3 Sugar Grove PH. 489-7724 When Buying or Selling Real Estate See or Call the BEN G. CLIFTON AGENCY 211 Market St. Warren, Penna. Phone 723-9620 Evenings: 723-9621 Compliments of ROBERTS PRINTING SERVICE 7 Main Street Russell, Pa. 16345 BETT’S MACHINE CO. 1800 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Penna. WAXMAN’S 317-319 Penna. Ave. W. FURNITURE STORE Warren. PA 16365 Complete Home Furnishings Compliments of BARRETT’S GARAGE 12 East Main Street Russell, Penna. 16345 Compliments MARTI’S STEAK HOUSE TASTY BAKING by Jones 209 Frank Street, N.Y. KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN of Jamestown RUSLINK PLAZA DRUGS 724 Foote Ave. Jamestown, N.Y. 522 E. Second St. 8:30 to 10:30 Daily Compliments of ROBERT P. NORTH LEWIS MARKET 303 Penna. Ave. East Warren, Pennsylvania BOOKS FOR THE GRADUATE 16 E. Third St. Jamestown, N.Y. 716-489-2020 Congradulations Class of “77” 2Senior Class of 1977UM rUV •« jt y g Jtllilf ij j »4 M • (' 1 lit A KSMSf

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