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TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication 3 Teachers 4 Bus Drivers and Janitors 11 Cafetaria Staff 12 Editorial 13 Aids 14 Secretarial Staff 15 Administrative Message To Seniors 16 School Board 17 Friends 18 Seniors 19 Superlatives 49 Juniors 53 Sophomores 57 Freshman 61 Eighth Grade 65 Seventh Grade 69 Late Photos 73 Photo Essay 75 1975 Homecoming 84 Football 99 Womens Basketball 103 Mens Basketball 107 Cross Country 111 Womens Track 115 Mens Track 119 Wrestling 123 Cheerleading 127 Intramural Volleyball 131 Band and Choir 135 Lancers 145 Interests 147Ded ication The 1976 Bicentennial edition of the Lance proudly dedicates this yearbook to Lucile Leathers. Unstintingly giving her time and efforts for twenty-one years, Mrs. Leathers is solely responsible for the great athletic achievements of LI IS women today. Mrs. Leathers had developed Track, Basketball and Volleyball programs of exceptionally high athletic achievement. Involved primarily with the field of athletics, Mrs. Leathers has also been a Girl Scout leader, a Sunday School Teacher, GAA advisor, Director of two bowling leagues, coordinator of Gym Shows and commisioner of summer softball for women. We truly thank Mrs. Leathers for her great service to HUS and we wish her the best in all of her endeavors. Teacher . . . Friend Coach . . . An Example For Students and Teachers to Follow! 3EHS Teachers Adjust to Change The 75-6 school year proved to be a big change here at E.H.S. What ever became of modular scheduling? Much can and has been said by everyone, but as the saying goes, “Time Marches On”. How did the Students respond? One student said, “I like it, believe it or not, 1 now have more time to do my work.” Another said, “Fifty minutes is a long time to sit and 1 don’t like it, Yes my grades are a little better” How did the Teachers respond? “Help, I’m four weeks ahead of last years schedule.” Another said, “1 wonder if they’ll let me retire at 27.” No matter what everyone thinks, Opinion doesn’t do very much in the way of getting things done. Our teachers didn’t waste time. They reacted to the change with anticipation. Some reacted and accepted the new system as a challenge. All were successful and we appreciate it. Mr. Bob Baccheti Chemistry Physics 6 years BS RPI University of Buffalo, Edinboro State College, and Fredonia State College “Right Mr. Kenneth J. Bakewell American Cultures 2 World Cultures 3 years BA California State College Penn. State and Edinboro State College “godpe” Miss Mabel Reese Library Science 32 years BA Seattle Pacific College Master’s Equivalent Clarion State College “Teaching at E.H.S. has been the most challenging, the most enjoyable, and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Mr. Jeff L. Bartsch 7TH Grade Reading 3 years BA Edinboro State College BS Geneva College “Building this book with involved people who really care is truly a great joy. ’ Mr. Al Bean Social Studies 9 Oriental Studies 7 years BA Edinboro State College “E.H.S. has the best wrestlers around.” Mr. Patrick J. Black Advanced Math Math 8 8 years BS Edinboro State College MA Edinboro State College “Teaching to those who learn is a pleasure, teaching to those who do not learn is a job, but teaching at E.H.S. is the most important of all.” Mr. James E. Borst Bookkeeping 1 2, GBT Consumer Economics, Personal Typing I year BA West Liberty State College West Virginia University “I enjoy teaching at Eisenhower. The Faculty and student body have made me feel welcome.” Mr. John Brunecz Math 7, Algebra 2 Level 4 Math 8 years BS Edinboro State College MED Edinboro State College “There have been problems, but far more rewards. It has been an enjoyable 8 years.” Mr. Robert Carberry Biology Science 7 II years BS Clarion State College MED Edinboro State College “OK” Mr. Raymond E. Carey Agriculture Science 9-12 Welding 9 years BS Penn. State University MED Penn. State University “A challenge with the students who enroll in Agriculture to keep on teaching; a genuine interest by the students help to make a program go.” Miss Barb Confer English 8 1 year BS Edinboro State College “It has been one memorable experience after another, but I still enjoy teaching here.” 5Mrs. Lee Crowthers Special Education 10-12 3 Years BA California State College, California, Pa. MA California State College, California, Pa. “My students are great!" Mr. Crowthers Electronics 1,2,3,4 Power Mech. 1,2 Shop 7,8,9 6 Years BS California State College “I feel like Marlin Perkins!" Cindy Dahler Spanish 2 Years BA Edinboro State College “Me dwierto trabajar con los alumnos en esta escuela.” Theodore E. Dorrion Sophomore English Consumer English 12 Years BA Clarion State College MA Edinboro State College “I never tell a lie-if the truth will do as much damage!” Ronald Dunbar Economics-Psychology Political Science 12 Years BA Edinboro State “Working with the type of students wc have at E.H.S. has made teaching an enjoyable experience for me." J. Dennis Engstrom English 12 Speech; Sports Literature 16 Years BA Upsala College Penn State, Syracuse, Edinboro “Know thyself." Mr. Thomas N. Firth Physical Education 10,11,12 Health 12, Hunter Safety 14 years BS Slippery Rock State College “There is no where I would rather be." Miss Cynthia M. Fraley Shorthand 1 2, Business English, Notehand, Office Practice, Office Experience, Pcrs. Typing 2 years BS Youngstown State University “I have found teaching at E.H.S. very rewarding and enjoyable. It is a very memorable experience.” 6Mr. E. Robert Glarner Guidance Counselor 18 years BA Penn. State University MED Penn. State University PD University of Wyoming Mr. Theodore C. Hedman Art 7-12 8 years BA Edinboro State College “Working with the E.H.S. students has been very rewarding and satisfying.’ Mr. Jerry D. Hoffman Algebra 1 Prc Algebra 8 years BA Edinboro State College MA St. Mary’s College, Minnesota “Hectic, but interesting.’’ Mr. Heinrich E. Kutschke American Cultures 1 American Cultures 2 1 year BA SUNY-Eredonia, N.Y. MA Bonn. U., Germany; SUNY;Colorado University “I have found the students at E.H.S. to be generally courteous, friendly, and cooperative ... if now I could only make some more studious.” Mr. Harris Lanzel Instrumental Music Jr. and Sr. Band SVz years BS Mansfield State College MA Northwestern University. Illinois “The Majority of the students at E.H.S. are very co-operative and willing to work for an education.” Mr. R. Larko Science 9 Science Survey 1 year BA Indiana University of Pennsylvania “Teaching is an experience of great depth, enjoyable, and unique.” Mrs. Lucile Leathers Girl’s Physical Education 21 years BA Oberlin College “My sincere desire is that all my girls have learned the skills to play team sports and the many life-time sports, and have also realized the importance of physical education in having a healthy body.” Mr. Joe V. Letko Health 9 Phys. ED. 7-8-9-10 3 years BA Lock Haven BS, HE, PE, Rec, Lock Haven “Teaching at the Big “E” is an unique experience because each student is unique in their own little way.” 7Mrs. Virginia Letko Special Education Jr. High 1 year BA Lock Haven State College “Teaching at E.H.S. is great. The kids are the best!” Mrs. Carmen E. Livezey English, Latin 17 years BA Taylor University “Teaching at E.H.S. has been a real experience. 1 remember no dull moments only happy ones.” Mrs. Lucas Math 8, Math 9, Business and Consumer Arithmetic 1 year BA Villa Maria College, Erie, Pa. “There was never a dull moment!” Miss Mary Ann Lutton Typing, Business Math, and Introduction to Business 1 Vi years BS in F.D. Youngstown State University “It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience to teach here. The students are the best all around.” Mr. Budd F. Neideg Drivers Education 8 years BA Slippery Rock State College Masters Equivalent Slippery Rock. Edinboro State College, and Penn. State Allen Norton Social Studies 7 years BA Indiana University of Pennsylvania MA S.U.N.Y. at Fredonia Barb Olson English 10, English 11 1 year BA Edinboro State “No man is an Island-Everyone is out at sea.” MAD Mrs. Nancy C. Palmer Senior Choir, Junior Choir 3 years BA Westminster College Graduate School-S.V.N.Y. at Fredonia “I value the talents and efforts of all the students I teach each day. E.H.S. students can pride themselves on their devotion to duty.”Miss Natalie Perry Geometry Consumer Math 10 6 years BA California State College Mr. R. Richard Ritter Biology, Advanced Biology, and Science Survey 7 years BA Mansfiels State College MS Clarion State College Mrs. Jean E. Rolls Home Economics 7 years BA Mansfield State College “Teaching is a challenging profession.” Mr. Richard L. Rolls Social Studies, Civics, and U.S. Geography 8 years BS Mansfield State College MA Gannon College “Education is a great place to start.” Mr. Michael Schultz French English 16 years BS Lock Haven State College MA St. Bonaventure, Bucknell, Univ. De Toulouse, and Temple U. “Honi soit qui mal y pcnsc.” Mrs. L. Paulene Schmidt Guidance Counslcr 22 years BA Indiana U. of Pennsylvania MA Penn. State University “Great! Best High School and students anywhere.” Mr. Sol Shepler Shop Mech. Drawing 9 years BS California State College “No Comment” Mr. Bill Sherwood Earth Space Science 13 year BA Edinboro State College “Teaching at E.H.S. has provided me with many happy occasions.”Mrs. Charlotte Siefert Home Economics 7,8,9, Crafts 6 years BA Pennsylvania State University “Each day is filled with shared learning experiences that are rewarding to me as well as the students I teach." Mrs. Barbara B. Spetz English 7 4 years BA Eastern Nazarene College, Massachusetts “I have found seventh graders to be energetic, spontaneous, and unaffected in short, most unpredictable, and enjoy -able.” Mr. Bradley Stanton Developmental Reading 8 2 years BA Edinboro State College “1 have found teaching at E.H.S., exciting and challenging!" Mr. Robert A. Swanson Science 7 Applied Science 12 years MST "The students who demonstrate a sincere desire to learn and a respect of the school make teaching here a very satisfying experience." Miss Linda Vinton Computer Programming Trigonometry, Math 7 9 years BS Slippery Rock State College MA University of New Hampshire Mr. William Wilson Social Studies 7 Sociology 6 years BA Gannon College MA Edinboro State College "The students at Eisenhower make it an enjoyable place to live." Mrs. Lynne A. Wiltsie English 11 12 13 years BA Lock Haven State “How green is my valley!" Mrs. Nancy J. Winters School Nurse 1 year BS Public School Nursing 10Custodians Emerson Spicer, Virgil Spicer. UE.H.S. Bus D rivers Sugar Grove Bus Drivers L to R. Row 1. M. Anderson, N1. Lindelo, M. Braley, J. Meridth, O. Lindell, Row 2. B. Allen, A. Gruber, M. Turner, G. Crosby, R. Hitchcock. Russell Bus Drivers. J. Roberts, F.. Roberts, B. Edwards, C. Reno, B. Irwin, F. Decker.Yearbook Stall As Editor of this year’s Lance I encountered many situations. I found there was more to a yearbook than just putting a few pages together. A yearbook takes the cooperation of everyone to bring it all together. Everything that we put into the Lance was a symbol of ideas put into a composite of memories to recall in the years to come. Even though 1 am the Editor for the Lance I found my job could not be done without those people who helped, everyone from the layout people to the advertisers to sellers. The yearbook staff this year has compiled an outstanding yearbook which shall never be forgotten. I think this year’s Lance will be an outstanding book in its right with some special extras that will make it stand out........... I want to say Thank you to all who made my job a little easier and I am glad I was a part of the Lance staff. I hope everyone will find this book as special as we find it. L to R Row l-L. Mazzu, B. Wagner C. Bloomgren, J. Bergstrom, Row 2-V. Ros-endahl, P. Mangini, J. Phinney, J. Sopher, K. Smith, K. Howard, J. Holt Row 3-L. Sanden, R. Turner, D. Savko, E. Smith, M. Robeson, L. Wright, M. Osborne, Row 4-D. Wadsworth, B. Pratz, D. Campbell, B. Cable, C. Merkle, G. Jones, E. Barrett, L. Liffner, S. Braley, Row 5- S. Brant, S. Shephard, J. Sanders, A. Lund-berg, J. Johnson, K. Summcrson 13Professional Aids Mrs. VanOrd Mrs. Kibbey Mrs. Wilcox Mrs. Chase Mrs. Benton 1415E.H.S. Administrators Two hundred years have passed since the fulfillment in this country of the idea that all men are created equal; since the creation of a new state dedicated to the proposition that citizens are entitled to certain inalienable rights. In those two hundred years the United States of America has been associated with a regard for moral values and for philosophical principles that provide for the furtherance of human dignity. Now we have the opportunity, that accrues quite naturally on a special anniversary, to assess the meaning of Americanism. Such self-examination ought surely to begin with the principles upon which this country was founded. It should consider the values that motivated the great leaders of a struggling new nation. It should examine the historic events that shaped its growth into a world power. The Class of 1976 may see in its role as the Bicentennial Class the challenge to establish thoughtful views on our heritage and the issues of today. They may feel a commitment to build an appreciation for American values, to develop personal goals, and to nurture self-involvement in the demands of responsible citizenship. The graduating class of 1976 will be the first class to begin and finish school during my years at Eisenhower. Many changes have occurred during these twelve years. Can you imagine the changes yet to come during the next twelve years? Change is a certainty;of this you can be positive. We hope you have taken advantage of every opportunity available to you during your high school years. If you have, then the future and all the change to come will not be a problem. We cannot predict the future; therefore, we must admit that education does have some shortcomings. We know those of you who have accepted the challenges and taken advantage of the opportunities will be able to cope with the challenges of the future, the changes yet to come. Your high school years, as you look back, will be the best years of your life. Never again will you have it made as you did during high school. Graduation is the beginning of bigger and better things. To the graduating class of 1976, good luck to you wherever you go and in whatever you choose to do. Thank you for sharing these years. We are thankful you went to E.H.S.Warren County Board of Education SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Howard A. Thompson, Superintendent of Schools, Myron E. Jewell, Vice-President, Henry S. Petersen, President Joseph A. Massa, Jr., Solicitor Charles R. Beck, Secretary of the Board STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): John E. Binney, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, J. Robert Peltz, Member, Robert S. Johnson, Member, Ronnie D. Weller, Member, Mrs. Janet C. Templeton, Member, William A. Hollister, Member, James W. Pearson, Member, David W. Swanson, Member 17Friends In memory of Kevin Thorpe Athlete Outdoorsmcn Friend He was a gift from God who understood life and how to live ... He is not gone, smiling laughing loving life eternal, he is held deep within us forever... His stay with us was too short he was always there, needed to be shared ... In memory of Mike T. Morgan Missing you ... All your funny jokes, the way you laughed, the way you spoke. Tall and slim much full of life. Jokes to share each day and night. May God be with you, because we are. Don’t be blue because you’re away so far. Lois Consla He was taken from us leaving treasured memories ... Dear God, he is with you now, share him ... enjoy him ... love him ... as we have.+ ★ ★ ★ ★ Sean Peter Abbott “Sean” November 24, 1958 To live a long and healthy life. Marching Band 7-12; Junior Band 7-8; Senior Band 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Pit Band 11; Outdoor Conservation 11; Chess Club 12;M.A.S.H. 12. Timothy Arthur Ahart “Airhead” September 15, 1958 Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Marching Band 10-12; Track (letter) 11-12; Outdoor Conservation ll;ChessClub 12; Yearbook Staff 12. 19mmm Becky Ann Anderson “Becky” June 29, 1958 Undecided G.A.A. 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Pep Club 9-10; Student Council 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook 12; Basketball (letter) 11-12; Volleyball 9-12; Cheerleading (letter coat) 10-12; Soft-ball 10-12; Gym Club 10-11; Gym Show 11. Terri Lynn Anderson November 25, 1958 Born to Win Honor Society 11-12; P.Y.E.A. chapter. Pres. Treas.; P.Y.E.A. conventions 73-75; Sec. of Ed’s Student Advisory Board; Class Officer-Pres. 74-75; Student Council Treasurer. Denise Ann Arp August 20, 1958 Marriage and Work Bowling; G.A.A.; Record Club; Hobby Club; P.Y.E.A. Diane Avcllino “Diane” June 4,1958 Undecided Art 9-11. Chris Theodore Bailey “Fred” November 12, 1958 To become an expert printer and photographer. Press Club. Ella Mae Barrett July 19, 1958 Service-First woman Five Star General Pep Club; Marching Band-Jacket, Letters, Pins, Sec.-treas. 10-11. manager 12. concert band 7-12, sec. 11, Pres 8 12, letter, pin; Stage Band 9-12, letter; Brass Ensemble 9-11; Honor Society 11-12; West Side Story Pit Band; Volleyball 11-12; Bowling 11-12; Yearbook Staff; Mid-East 12; District Band 9 12. Senior Award. 20Stephanie Blayne Bauer “Steph” August 19, 1958 To Succeed Bowling 8-12,Secretary 10;G.A.A. 10-12 Letter, Jacket; Co-Editor of Yearbook 12; Jr. Sr. Band 7-12; Marching Band 7-12 Letter, Jacket; District Band 12; Mid-East 12; Jr Sr. Choir 7-9; Cinder-belles 10-12, Letter, Jacket, Pub. Relations 12; Student Council 9,11, Treas. 11; Honor Society 11-12; West Side Story Pit Band 12. Marleen Yvonne Bearfield “Marleen” January 4, 1959 Combat Universal Omnipotence P.Y.E.A.; National Honr Society 11-12; Cinderbelles 11-12; Student Council; Senior Class Secretary. Dennis S. Beedle “Beet” January 18,1958 To Get Rich Basketball; Bowling; Football; Volleyball; F.F.A.; Basketball Club. Jean Marie Bergstrom “Jeanie” October 2, 1958 To Be A Great Journalist Yearbook 12, Copy and Layout; Record Club 7-8; F.H.A. 9; Press Club 10, assist. ed. 11, ed. 12; National Honor Society 11-12; After School Choir 12; Library Assist, certificate 11; M.A.S.H. 12; West Side Story 11; Softball 7. David John Biekarck “Dave” December 17, 1958 To be rich and powerful Track 8-10; M.A.S.H. 12; Outdoor Conservation 11; Chess Club 12. Dixie Lee Blair August 23,1957 To be a L.P.N. F.F.A. 10-12; F.H.A. 9; Gym Show 9,11 21Darryl Steven Bloomgren “Darryl” October 31, 1957 To travel Art 10-12; Conservation Survey 9. Stephen Michael Braley “Steve-o” January 24, 1959 To find happiness and give it to other people. West Side Story; The Lottery; M.A.S.H.; Art Club; Bible Club; F.B.L.A.; French Club. Denise Yvonne Brecht “Denise” April 4, 1957 To live and have fun in life. Bowling 8-12; Volleyball; VICA 10-12; G.A.A. 10-12. Cathleen M. Briggs “Cathy” July 5, 1958 College Volleyball; Track; Bowling; Lancers 9; G.A.A.; Pep Club. Lorin M. Brooks “Brooks” August 14, 1958 Undecided Wrestling 7-10; Football 11-12; Conservation 7-8; Student Council 7-8; Wrestling Club 9-10; Art Club 11-12. Nadean Flaine Brown “Nadean” November 23, 1958 To succeed Bowling 8-12; Volleyball 10-11; Soft-ball 7-9; West Side Story Pit Band; Bible Club 7-9; G.A.A. 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Band-Stage 10-12, Concert 7-12, Marching 7,9, 11-12 awards; Jr. Choir 7-8; Sr. Choir 9; Mid East 12. 22Paul Frank Bryan Pb “Lead” July 2, 1958 Universal Omnipotence Basketball 9-11; Cross Country 12, Letter, M.A.S.H. 12; Girl’s Basketball Statistician 11-12; Football Cameraman 9-11; Yearbook Staff 12; Honor Society 11-12. Sharon Kay Burch “Sqeek” February 28, 1957 Be a House Wife Bible 10-12; Record 7-9. Jeffrey Allen Burch “Jeff” August 4, 1958 To Graduate From High School Track 8-9; Bible 7-8,11-12; Yearbook 12. Kathleen Burd “Burd” January 11,1959 To Be Happy G.A.A. 10-12 Letter, Pin, Jacket; Cinder-belles 11-12 Certificate, Jacket; Marching Band 7-12, Letter, Pin, Jacket; Senior Band 9-12; Cinderbelle Board of Directors 12; Bowling 10-12; Yearbook 12; Junior Band 7-8 letter; Junior Choir 7-8; Senior Choir 9. Bruce Erin Cable “Bruce” March 17, 1958 To intercept a Joe Namath pass Football 7-12; Letter 10-12; Basketball 9-12; letter 12; track 10-12, Letter 11 12; Volleyball 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Handicrafts 12; Basketball Club 9-11; Honor Society 11-12; Class Treasurer 7; Jr. Choir 7-8; Senior Choir 9. Catherine Marie Campbell “Cathy” July 23,1958 Make enough money to go to the Bahamas Softball 7-10; Record Club 7-8. 23Dean Alexander Campbell “Weiner” September 30, 1958 Beat Bob Seagrcn in pole vault Football 10-12; Basketball 11-12; Track 9-12; Volleyball 10-12; Jr. Band 7-8; Sr. Band 9-10; Key Club 11-12; Student Council 11-12; Handicrafts 12; Yearbook 12; Honor Society 11-12; Basketball Club 10-11; Class Vice-president 10, Copresident 11. Joy Marie Chase “Jo” October 21, 1958 To work Gym Show 9-11; FHA 9; Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 11. 24William Verner Christian “Skeet” November 16,1957 Carpentry Science Club 7; Radio Club 8; Library Assistant 9; Yearbook 12; Vo-Tech 10-12. Mark Eugene Clark “Mark” November 29, 1958 Beat Walt Frazier in one-on-one Basketball 7-12; Letters 11-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Honor Society 11-12; Outdoor Conservation 7-8; Basketball Club 9-11. Pamela Ellen Clark “Pammie” November 12, 1958 College-to live happily Volleyball; Bowling; Choir; G.A.A.; P.Y.E.A.; Yearbook. Susan Lynn Collins “Sue” November 3, 1958 College Bowling 10-12; Volleyball 9-12; Cheer-leading 8-12; Co-Captain Varsity 12; Letter, Pin, Jacket; G.A.A. 9-12, Pres. 12, Letter, Pin, Jacket; Varsity Club 10-12. Mary Elaine Condon “Binky” November 12, 1958 Shave my legs without a scratch Basketball 11 -12; Letter; Bowling 11; Ski Club 11-12; Track 9-12; Letters, Trophy; G.A.A. 11-12; Pep Club 12; Mascot 12; Art Club 10; Boys J.V. Basketball Score-keeper 11; Yearbook 12. Timothy Tom Courtney “Coach” August 29,1958 Military Career 25Gaylan Critzer “Critzer” October 24,1957 Class Hot Rod-I didn’t make it Melvin Roy Custer “Mel” October 20, 1958 Secretary of State Marching Band 7-12; West Side Story; Mash; French 9-12; V.I.C.A.-Pres. 10 Bradley L. Dalrymple “Louie” September 13,1958 Tool and Die Maker Tammy Lynn Darr ‘Tammy” October 30,1958 To Live Deborah Jean De Prater “Deb” January 14, 1958 Have fun and be happy Bowling 10; Bible Club 9; Art 10; Y-Teens 11-12 Michael Elliot Donaldson “Mike” August 17,1958 Become the champion surfer on Kinzua Reservoir. Football 8-12; Letter 12; Wrestling 8-12 Volleyball 11-12; E.H.S. Open Golf Tournament 11-12; Jr. Concert Band 8; Sr. Concert Band 9-12; 9-12; Stage Band II 10; Stage Band I 11-12; Brass Ensemble 11 26Phillip Lee Dyke “Phil” October 10,1956 To do unto others before they do unto me. Wrestling Club 9-11; Bible Club 12; Varsity Club 12; Marching Band 7-9; Jr. Band 7-8; Senoir Band 9-10; M.A.S.H.; Football 12, Letter; Wrestling 7-11; Track 9-12. Julie Irene Easton “Jul” May 15,1957 To live a happy and fulfilled life. Record Club 8; Outdoor and Conservation 9, Secretary; Ecolab Trail Guide 9; Art Club 10-11;G.A.A. 11-12. Rozella Anne Edwards “Ralph” March 10,1957 To become a nurse. Y-teens 11. Rachel Ann English “Rachel” July 2, 1958 To be successful Cinderbelles 11-12; G.A.A. 10-12; Wrestling scorekeeper 11-12; Football score-keeper 10-12; Madrigal Choir 11; Pep Club 10-12; Student Council 10-12; Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook; Up the Down Staircase, West Side Story, M.A.S.H.; Bowling 10-12; Volleyball 10-12. Dennis Leigh Falconer “Denny” September 8, 1958 Undecided Bowling 7-12. Laural C. Falconer “Lyle” July 25, 1958 To be free and do as my will pleases. Bible Club 7; PYEA 8; Pep Club 9-10; Y-Teens 11; Library Assist.; Volleyball; Track; Intramural Basketball; J.V. Cheerleader 10. 2728Jeffrey Mark Frank “Frank” December 16, 1958 Professional Bowler Chess Club 7-12; Bowling 7-12; Secretary 9. Denise Marie Grant ““Denise” May 31,1958 World Famous Linguistic Cheerleading 8, 11-12; Bowling 11-12 Volleyball 10-12; Pep Club 10,12; 100 Mile Club 11-12;G.A.A. 10-12; Cinder-belles 11-12; Honor Society 11-12; Track 12; Softball 12. Lloyd Leonard Gray “Lenny” January 31,1958 Undecided Basketball 10; Honor Society 11-12; Football 7-9; Basketball 8. Burdette C. Gregory “Farns” July 9,1958 To Succeed Chess Club 7-8; FFA 9-12. David C. Grow “Grow” February 15, 1958 President of U.H.H. or Policeman Record Club 7; Art Club 8-12; Football 8; Bowling 9-11. Pamela L. Hanson November 6, 1958 Undecided Art Club 7; P.Y.E.A. 11; Volleyball 9. 29Kevin Lee Haupt “Haupt” August 21, 1958 To have everlasting life-Carpentry Art Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society Janet Mary Heplcr “Janet” December 19,1958 To help children Bible Club, Photo Club, German Club. Larry Dean Himes “Himmie” February 3, 1958 Play football in college Football 7-12; Lettcrman 10-12; Basketball 7-12 Letterman 11-12; Track 10-12; Volleyball 10-12; All-Star 11-12; Varsity Club 10-12, Chairman 12; Basketball Club 10-12; Homecoming Escort 9; Art Club 9. George Phillip Hitchcock “Hitch” June 1,1957 Undertaker Football 7-12; Wrestling 8-12; Varsity Club, Key club. Carl Paul Hornstrom “Carl” May 11,1958 To make money Track 7-11; Football 9; Honor Society 11-12. Brian Lee Hosier “Brian” December 9, 1958 To succeed Bible Club, Record Club, Chess Club. 30Daniel Paul Johnson “Johnny” November 14, 1958 Pin Jimmy Carr Football 9,11-12, Letter; Wrestling 9-12, Letters 10-12; Volleyball 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Key Club 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook 12; Wrestling Club 9-10; Homecoming Escort 10; Ecolab Trail Guide 9. Judy Gale Jones “Jude” January 2, 1959 Live life as it comes; Leave it as it goes. Bowling 7-12; Softball 9; Bible Club 7; P.Y.E.A. 9-10; Art Club 11; Gymnastic Club 11; Pep Club 12. Terrance Eugene Jones “Jones Kid” October 3,1957 Auto Mechanic Conservation Club 7; Chess Club; F.F.A. 9-12. Virginia Ann Jones “Ginny” July 17,1958 To reach 5 feet Volleyball 9-12; Bowling 9-12; Madrigals 11-12; Choir 7-12; Art Club; Yearbook Staff 12; G.A.A. letter, pin, jacket, V.-Pres. 12. Karen Christine Kane “Karen” May 22,1958 To perfect my wink Bowling 9, trophy; Marching Band 7-11, pin, letter, jacket; Drum Major 10-11; Concert Band 7-11; Student Council 7, 9-11; National Honor Society 11-12. Charlotte Anne (Riel) Knisley “Charlie” November 8, 1957 To be a successful wife and mother. Bible Club 7-9,12; Photo Club 10; Y-Teens 11. 31Truly, one of the finest athletes ever to compete in a Knight uniform is Don Landin. Here, Don leads the pack and wins the PI A A District IX Championship. Don has qualified as an All-State Cross Country Team member and is nationally ranked. Congratulations and Thankyou Don for all of the exciting memories which you have given us through the years. Edward M. Kuzminski “Pollack” April 12, 1958 Truck Driver Football 8,12; Track 10-12; FFA 9-12; 9-sentinel, 10-Treasure, 11-Vice President, 12-President. Donald Timothy Landin “Don” February 5,1958 To lap Frank Shorter. Track 7-12 (letter); Basketball 7-12 (letter); Cross Country 10-12 (letter); Football 7-9; National Honor Society 11-12, President 12;Class Secretary 10; Band 7-10; Stage Band 10; 400 Mile Club 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Basketball Club 10; Chess Club 7; French Club 9; Science Club 8; Choir 7-9. 32Bren Mitchell Lindell “Bren” July 20, 1958 To live like a rich poor man Wrestling 7-9 varsity 10-12; Football 7-9; Cross Country 11; Key Club; 400 Mile Club 11-12 Jake Lindell “Jakey Poo” April 23, 1958 To be a roofer Football 7,9-11; Wrestling 7-12; Varsity Club 12; Wrestling Club 7-12. Karen Elaine Lindell “Ripper” June 24, 1958 “To be 5 foot tall” Cheerleading 8-9, Jacket; Gym Show 11; Art Club 8-10; G.A.A. 10-12; Gym Club 11-12. Timothy Albert Lindell “Tim” October 23, 1958 Football; Volleyball; Outdoor Conservation; Varsity Club. Bryan LaRue Lohnes “Byron” June 30, 1958 To enjoy myself, in every way conciev-able Cross Country 11-12; Basketball 7-12; Track 7-12; Choir 7-8; National Honor Society; Art Club; Basketball Club; 400 Mile Club; Conservation Club. Julie Ann Loomis October 11,1958 College Voleyball 9-12; team; Softball 10-12; Bowling 11-12; Lancers 7-12; commander 12; Bandfront 10-12 rifle commander 11-12, jacket, letter, pin; G.A.A. 10-12, letter; Cinderbelles 12, jacket; Christmas Queen 11; Prom Crown Bearer 11; Senior Homecoming Attendent. 33Patrick Alan Lundell “Pat” January 20, 1958 Work hard and have a good time. Art 11-12. Martin Keith Lundmark “Ticker” September 7, 1957 Wrestling Club; Varsity Club; wrestling 8-12; Varsity Wrestling 9-12. David Martin Luther “Luth” June 6, 1958 Football 7-9, 11-12, Letter; Track 7-8; Volleyball 10-12; Baseball 10-12; Student Council 9; Bible Club 8-9; Conservation 7; Art 12. Wendy Lynn Mangini “Wendy” October 22, 1958 Undecided Track 11, letter; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; National Honor Society 11-12; Lancers 10; Marching Band 10,11, 12; letter, jacket; Cinderbelles 11-12; Library Assistant 9; Bowling 10-12; Homecoming Attendant 11. Christine F. Martin “Chris” May 27,1957 Undecided Volleyball 11-12; Record Club 7-8; Art Club 9,10-12. Kevin Lee Martin “Marty” March 22, 1958 Steal a base off Johnny Bench Football 10-12, Captain 12, Letters 10-12; Wrestling 8-12, letters 9, 11-12; Track 10-12, letters 10-12; Volleyball 10-12; Varsity Club 9-12; Wrestling Club 8; Crown Bearer 11; Class President 8; Jr. Choir 7-8. 34Mark David Mathews “Mat January 17,1959 Truck Driver Basketball 7-9; F.Fj . 10-12. Dana Matve “Mat” December 24, 1958 Track 7-8. Joyce Elaine McIntyre “Joyce” September 3,1958 Happiness Success West Side Story Pit Band; Pep Club 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook 12; Concert Band 7-12; letter, pin, Pres. 10, V. Pres 12, Junior Award; Marching Band 9-12, Jacket, Letter, pins, Pres. 11-12; District Band 9,10,12; District Orchestra 10-11; Regional Orchestra 10-11; All-Star Orchestra 12; “Ike Hi-Tones” 9-12, Letter, pins; Choir 7-12. Pamela Kay Melquist “Pam” July 8,1958 To be a farmer Lancers 8-9; Cinderbelles 9-11; Art Club 8-12; Bowling 7-8; Student Council 8; Ecolab Trail Guide 10; VICA 10-11. Cassandra Ann Merkle “Cassie” June 24,1958 Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist Volleyball; Bowling 9-12, third place 10, first place 11; MASH props; G.A.A. 11-12; Student Council 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Marching Band 7-12 jacket, letter, pin Concert Band 7-12 letters, pin; Marching Band Scc-Treas.; F.H.A. 10, Pres. Senior Choir 9. Thomas Wayne Miller “Mill” December 14, 1956 Construction Work F.F.A. 12; Bible Club 9-10; Wrestling 11. 35Nora Lyn Morton August 1, 1958 Own a menagerie F.H.A.; F.B.L.A.; National Honor Society; Jr. Band 7-8; Sr. Band 9-12, pin. Claudia Marie Murphey March 3, 1958 College Bowling 10-12; Lancers 8-12, Commander 12;Bandfront 10-12, Commander 12, letter, pin, jacket, G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Cinderbcllcs 11-12, treasurer 12, jacket, pin, charm. National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Staff Treasuser 12; Junior Prom Attendant. 36Geriannc Maria Neesc “Geri” February 7, 1958 To help people Lancers 9-10; Bowling 9-12, Secretary 12; G.A.A. 9-12; Marching Bandfront 10-12; Honor Society 11-12; Treasurer. Robert J. Olds “Bob” September 11,1958 Gold medal in archery Track; Chess Club. James Gilbert OLson “Jim” October 5,1957 To do what I can Wrestling 7-12, letter 9-12; Football 7-8; School play 11; P.Y.E.A.; Varsity Club; Wrestling Club. Tamre Louise Onink “Tammy” August 4,1958 To always love life Volleyball team 9; West Side Story; Madrigals 11-12; Bible Club 7-12,Treas. 9-10, Prsrident 11; Choir 7-12; Cinder-belles 11-12. Marlene Marie Osborne “Kofod” September 9,1958 Nursing Track 11-12, letter, trophy; Volleyball 7-12; Softball 10-12; Marching Band 7-12, letter, pins, jacket; Madrigal Choir 10- 12; Concert Band 7-12, pin; G.A.A 11- 12; Cinderbelles 12; F.H.A. 10-12; Record Club 7; P.M.E.A. 8-9. Wendy Diane Peters January 9, 1958 37Joseph Peterson “Joe” January 7, 1957 Be rich and Powerful Chess Club; National Honor Society Kevin John Peterson “Pete” December 11,1958 To be a cross country truck driver Boys Bowling 8-12; Track 12. Brenda Jean Pratz “Brenda” November 17, 1958 To snag Joe Namath’s Pantyhose Varsity Club 10-12;Pep Club 9-10; Yearbook 12; Student Council 8-12; G.A.A. letter, jacket, pin, charm, trophy; Track 7-11; Basketball 11-12 letter; Volleyball 9-12; Softball 7-12; Bowling 7-12; Gym Show 9; Cheer leading 8-9 coat; Christmas Attendant 10; Homecoming attendant 9; Homecoming Queen 1975. Timothy Lewis Quiggle “Quig” September 5, 1958 F.T.A.; Art 9-10. Kevin N. Retterer “Red” March 24,1958 To Succeed Chess 12. Randy Scott Rickerson “Ricker” March 16, 1958 Do the best I can Track 11-12; Football 7-12; Letter 10-12; Basketball 7-12; Vasrity Club 10-12. 38Lee Erin Riley “Lee” May 31,1958 Win Winter Olympics Skiing 9-12; Tennis, Bowling 10-12; G.A.A. 9-12; Cinderbelles 9-12; Lancers 7-12; Marching Band Front 10-11; 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Vice President 12. Thomas Richard Ristau “Risty” July 23, 1958 To block out ‘Too Tall” Jones Football Letter 10-12; Wrestling; Varsity Club; Key Club 10-12. Margaret Ann Robeson “Meg” June 14,1958 To be a writer Softball 7-11; Girls Volleyball Team 9; Art Club 11; Bible Club 101 F.B.L.A. 12. Kathy Ann Rodgers “Kathy” September 2, 1958 To live and be happy Art Club 7; Pep Club 10; Y teens 11. Lynn F. Sanden “Lynn” October 17, 1958 Go to College and be successful Marching Band 7-12; Jr. Band 7-8; Sr. Band 9-12; P.Y.E.A. Karen Marie Sanders “Karen” June 8, 1958 Have Fun Track 10;G.A.A. 10-12; Letter U;Cin-dcrbelles 8-12, jacket, letter, charm, trophy; Bowling 7-12; Trophy 11. 39Donna Darlene Savko "Donna” March 29, 1958 To live and be happy Record Club 7-8; F.H.A. 10-11; Yearbook 12. Lawrence Mathew Schultz “Larry” March 7,1958 Football 7-12; Track 7-12; Basketball 7-10; E.H.S. Open 11-12; Up the Down Staircase; West Side Story; M A S H ; Key Club; Varsity Club; Student Council. 40Boyd Jay Shaffer “Shaff” June 25,1958 To tackle O. J. Simpson Football 7-12 letter 10-12; All-Conference 11-12; Wrestling 7,9; Basketball 10- 12; letter 11-12; Track 7-12, letter 11- 12; Outdoor Conservation Club 7-9; Varsity Club 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12. Julie Louise Siefert “Julie” June 6, 1958 To Live, Laugh, Love, and Learn Track 11-12. Letter; Basketball Manager 11; Mascot 12; G.A.A. 11-12; Art Club 11; Varsity Club 12;PepCIub 12; Yearbook 12. Amy Lynn Smith “Amy” May 7, 1958 College Bowling 8-11, Secretary 11; West Side Story Pit Band 11; G.A.A. 10-12; Student Council 8,12, Secretary 12; Honor Society 11-12; Concert Band 7-12; Marching Band 7-12, Pin, Letter, Jacket, Vice-President 12; Choir 7-12; District Band 12; Ski Club 11-12; Mid-East 12. Elaine Fae Smith “Layne” August 11,1958 To enjoy life to it s fullest Record Club 7-8; F.H.A. 9-11; Yearbook 12. Pamela Lynne Smith “Pam” May 9, 1958 Be myself Bowling 10-12; F.H.A. 9; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin; Cinderbelles 11-12; Choir 9-10. Dean Richard Stanton “Bill Cool” June 27, 1958 Trainer for the Detroit Lions Football 9,11-12; Wrestling 7-11; West Side Story, Lead 11; Stage Band 10-12; Madrigal Choir 10-11; Varsity Club 12; Intramural Volleyball 10-12; Marching Band 7-8; Band 7-12; Choir 7-12; District Choir 12. 41Mark Stephan Stanton “Brown Eye” September 10,1958 Hunting Wrestling 7-12; wrestling Club 7; Field and Stream 8; Trail Guide 9-12; Key Club 10-12; Band 7-12; Stage Band 12; Marching Band 7-8, letter; Intermural Volleyball. Arthur B. Stewart “Art” July 11,1958 Write a No. 1 song. Band 7-12; Choir 7-9; Stage Band 8-12; Marching Band 7-9; Brass Choir 9-10; West Side Story Pit Band 11; Key Club 10-12; Secretary 10-11; Student Council, President 12. Gary Leroy Stoddard “Gary” June 11,1958 Dairy Production Specialist Basketball 7-8; Conservation 7-8; FFA 9-12; Delegate to National FFA Convention. Dean William Sumner “Sum” July 7, 1958 To win the Masters. Basketball 7-12; Track 7-11; Cross Country 11-12; West Side Story 11; Varsity Club. Dawn Marie Thompson “Dawn” January 31,1959 College Bowling 10-12; Volleyball 10-12; Band-front 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Lancers 11-12, jacket; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket. Randall C. Turner “Randy” August 2, 1958 College Marching Band 7-12, letters, pins, jacket 11; Junior Band 7-8; Senior Band 9-12; West Side Story Pit Band 11; Record Club 7-8; FT A 9-10; P.Y.E.A. 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 12; Class Vice President 8; Yearbook Staff 12. 42Dale Uber “Hoop” June 7, 1958 Catch Ken Stablcr’s Pass Football 11-12; Track 11; Wrestling 8-12; Key Club 10-12; Wrestling Club 7-9. Mark Edward VanOrd “Mark” April 15, 1958 To MAKE IT! Basketball 7-9; Wrestling 10-11; Track 11-12; Band 7-12; Stage Band 8-12; Marching Band 7-12; Outdoor Conservation 7-10; French Club 11-12; Trail Guide 7-12. Thomas R. Wade February 5, 1956 Outdoor Conservation. Darcy Jean Walker “Mouse” April 26, 1958 To shake hands with Bugs Bunny Lancers 8-9; Art Club 9,11-12; P.Y.E.A. 10; Student Council 9-11; Ecolab Trail Guide 9-10;Conservation Club 10; VICA 11-12. Debra Wilson “Deb” December 15, 1956 To be happy Library Assistant 7-9,12; Outdoor Conservation 9-10; Y teens 11-12. Donna Sue Wilson “Sue” December 15, 1956 Police Woman Outdoor Conservation Club; Y teens; Bowling. 43Laurie Ann Wright “Lor” December 10, 1958 To succeed-Legal Secretary Choir 7-9; Student Council 11; Gym Show 11; G.A.A. 10-11, Letter, pin, jacket; Bowling 10-12; F.B.L.A. 12, Secretary; Yearbook Staff 12-typing. Paul Thomas Wiltsie “Wilt’ May 5, 1958 To Live until I die Football 10-11; Basketball 10-12; Track 12; District Choir 10-11; Basketball Club 10-11; 44Ron Vibbert “Dean” November 3, 1956 Take life as it comes Gym Club Lee E. Vinton “Leaky Lee” September 15, 1958 Have my own bodyshop, and get rich FFA 9, VO-Tech 10-11-12 Benjamin Roy Yaegle “Ben” April 22, 1958 Win a U.S.G.P. Football 8-9, Wrestling 8-12, Wrestling Club 9-10, Art Club Kevin Phillip Yeversky “Yeversky” October 8, 1958 To be a famous Artist. Art Club Chris Wright “Kitty Cat” January 31, 1958 Coner money market on Meow Mix. Deborah Wrobleski “Deb” January 9, 1958 Take it as it comes. 45Darlene Carol Marsh “Darlene” January 11, 1958 Basketball 9,11,12, Track 7-11 2 letters, Volleyball 7-12. Westside Story. GAA 10- 12, Varsity Club, National Honor Society, Bible Club 7-8, Student Council Class Vice President 9, Class Treasurer 11- 12 GAA Secretary 11 National Honor Society Sec. 11 Basketball Storekeeper 9,10,12 Madrigals 10-12 Jerry Lynn Hanson “Porker” September 27, 1958 Truck Driver Wrestling, FFA Karen Gruber “Karen” 1958 Art Club 12 Evelyn Marie Kibbey “Evie” October 9, 1958 Be happy and have fun. Volleyball, GAA 10-12, Art Club 7,11, 12, Art Club 7,11,12, N.H.S. 11-12 Jeff D. King “Jeff’ December 17, 1957 To have a great life Football 7-9 Art Club 7-10 Cheryl Ann Kitchel “Cheryl” December 1, 1958 Record Club 7, Girls hobby 8 4647EHS Visited by Foreign Exchange Student This year Eisenhower was visited by Miguel Jorge Drexel Gonzalez. From A family of two sisters and five brothers, Miguel originates from Monterey, Mexico. Miguels hopes are to attend a Technological Institute in Monterrey after Iris completion of studys. Miguel enjoys soccer, fishing, hunting, and motorcycling. Living with the Campbells he made very many friend here. We truly enjoyed Migeuls presence at EHS, he will be longed remembered. We wish him the best in all endevors. 48Tallest and Shortest “76” Senior Superlatives Most Artistie Most Ambitious Martin Lundmark Marlene Osborne Dave Pry Karen Lindell Bren Lindell Teri Anderson Kevin Yeversky Julie Siefcrt Class Hotrods Most Musical Evelyn Kibbey George Hitchcock Joyce Mclntyer Arthur StewartMost Dramatic Best Writers Most Humerous Most Athletic Larry Schultz Rachel English Marlene Bearfield Tim Ahart Lynn Sanden Dawn Thompson Kevin Martin Darlene Marsh Friendliest Dan Johnson Brenda Pratz Wendy Mangini Brian Lohnes Most Forgetful 50Class Cut Ups Quietest 51Most Talkative Best Dressed Ginny Jones Mike Donaldson Meg Robeson Kevin Haupt Elaine Condon Dean Campbell Most Courteous Biggest Eaters Tom Ristau Karen Kane Most Stubborn Stephanie Bauer Paul Wiltsie Gale Frahm Dean Stanton Biggest Flirts 52Cindy Abbey Timothy Abbey William Allen Frank Avellino Diana Barrett Dale Bennett Ron Benson Sara Beyeler William Birt Donna Blair Carol Bloomgrcn Shelly Brant Lisa Brecht Andrew Brunecz Leanne Burch Steve Cable Sue Carlberg Janice Carlson Kris Carlson Harold Caruso Robert Chase Steven Clark Debbie Coldiron Larry Condron Lori Craker 53James Craig Todd Curtis Mike Decker Alvin De Reiner David DeVore Beth Dupont Rick Eaton Judy Eckert Susan Ed son James Embrey Randall English Sandy Falconer Larry Fisher Eric Forsgrcn Joe Frangione James Frank Veronica Fredericks Pam Garris Andrew Giordon Darlend Glotz William Glotz Steven Grant Kathy Grieb Julie Grow Sandra Hagberg Brian Hall Cheryl Hanson Larry llildum Jan Hodges Timothy Holden Jeri Holt Mark Hook Kim Howard Kristin Hunzinger Greg Hutchison Robert Hutley Lorraine Jewell Dan Johnson Joyce Johnson Cindy Jones Kathy Joy Lisa Kanarr Ruth Knisley Sue Landin Sue Lester 54Lennart Leffner Cayne Lindell Amy Lundberg Diane Luther Tom Luvison Dale McIntyre Rhonda McIntyre Andrew Mager Melinda Manelick Patricia Mangini George Martin Judy Martin Robert May Linda Mazzu William Miller Martin Morse Jeff Nelson Janet Osborne Stacy Park Robert Peterson Barb Phillips Julie Phillips Suzanne Porter Dave Pudder Timothy Reist Bruce Repine Bonnie Riel Sue Roberts Vicki Rosendahl Lynette Rowley David Rutsky Karen Sanden Jodi Sanders Lorren Sanders Vicki Savko Joe Schmitt John Schwanke John Seitz Sue Shephard Judy Sisk Allen Smith Earl Smith Karla Smith Julie Sopher Ronald Spear 55Phillip Spelling Mark Steber Kevin Stewart Kim Summerson Priscilla Troxell Robin Valonc David Vibbert Darlene Wadsworth Bonnie Wagner Sandy Warner Thomas Webster Don Welch Diana Westfall Nancy White Rozanne Wolff Randall York David Young Kellie Zuck 56Pres.-Gretchen English V.P.-Kent Alcorn Sec.-Eric Donaldson Treas.-Maureen Mager Sophomores Class of ’78 Cindy Akeley Kent Alcorn Jay Anderson Rory Arp Janies Arthur Donna Baccus Scott Bauer Vca Bearfield Judy Beck Bradley Benton Richard Borland Linda Briggs Willy Brooks Roger Brown Timothy Brown William Brunecz Diane Button Karen Cable Loren Cable Elizabeth Campbell Patricia Campbell Craig Carlson Donald Carlson Becky Carlson James Carter Ronald Chamberlain Laurie Chase Sherry Christianson 57Shirley Christensfcn Dawn Coldiron Sara Condron Kevin Coveil Timothy Critzer Gilbert Dahler Carolyn D’Augustine Curt Dalrymple Terry DePrater Eric Donaldson Janice Dow Wendy Durlin Jeff Durnell Charles Eckert Beth Edwards Gretchen English Sherry Faust Delores Fisher Bob Fleming Linda Foxx Lori Fox Sam Frangione Bob Frederick Daniel Gerbec Maryann Giordano Andrea Glotz Ronald Glotz Laura Godden Dan Gordan Victoria Grieb Dale Harkins Carl Hepler Julie Himes David Hitchcock Jeffery Holt Mike Hornstrom Tracy Hunzinger Eric Hurley Douglas Jackson Richard Jennings Brad Johnson Chris Johnson Dale Johnson Mark Johnson Karen Jones Thomas Jones Jill Jordan Nathan Kanarr Kim Keller Daniel King 58Steve King Kathaleen Kummer Genille Peters Jennifer Peterson Paul Landin Lori Peterson Neal Lassinger John Lechner Jan Lester Sue Ann Peterson Joye Pick Debbie Pratz Daniel Lewis Julie Rapp Larry Randy Lookenhouse Ransom Lee Linda Lundmark Reist Brenda Lusk Maureen Mager Pete Mangini Tawny Repine Louis Rivett Victor Rodgers Judy Rodgers Edwin Rollinger Irene Martin Jeffery McKinney Dan Means Terry Means Rhonda Moore Jeff Morgan Mike Morene Douglas Morton Chris Murphey John Neese Janice Nelson Rita Nelson Mari Beth Sanders Sandy Schnars James Schrecongost Paul Schults Majorie Shaffer Debra Smith Kirk Smith Mary Smith Scott Smith Pam Sopher Debbie Spade Toby Spelling Randy Spelling 59Sue Stewart Laura Stoddard Margie Stoddard Fredrick Strickland Carole Sullivan Kenny Sumner Harry Suppa Craig Swanson Tim Voty Tim Wallace Lamont Wenzel Scott Wenzel Paula White Patrica Wilcox Kevin Wilkins Mary Williams Scott Sweeney Debbie Switzer Michael Tenny Doug Thompson Steve Thompson Tracy Thompson Lori Tutmaher Richard Vanord N Mike Williams Bradley Winans Martha Yoder Kim Youkcr Mark Zagac Jamie Zalik Mike Zimmerman Cindy Zobrist Darlene Stewart 60Freshmen Class of ’79 Tom Abbott Terry Cook Anderson Eugenia Arp Mary Baran Phil Baran Jamie Beck David Beebe Marie Biekarck Diana Blair Heidi Block Jodi Brecht Vicki Brown Darrel Butt Jeffrey Carlson Neal Campbell Joan Carlson Richard Carlson Ronald Carlson Michael Cataldo David Cathcart Cindy Chamberlain Laurie Chapman Sally Chase Beth Church Betsy Church Brian Clark David Clark Thomas Consla Colleen Courtney Penny CourtneyGary Craig Kenneth Crosby Laurie Darr Tommy D’Augustine Charles Decker Cynthia DcPratcr Melanie Dunham Leornard Dyer Mary Kay Graham James Greenamyer Sharon Hagberg Allen Head Roger Heplcr Diane Hollabaugh Kathy Hook Leroy Hornstrom Vennie Hotchkiss Scott Hurley Brian Hutchison Steven Jennings James Dyke Deborah Edison Kimberly Ellis Jeffrey English Cheryl Johnson Linda Kane Christopher Kay Lorinda Knapp Edna Knisley Larry Kobajek Shannon Feeney Randall Frederick Wanda Gardner Carolee Giordano Andrew Kopf Jim Kuzminski Tim Lascola Challis Lechner William Lehman Elzie Lindell 62John Lindsey Carol Little Daniel Little David Litzinger Daniel MacDonald Karen MacDonald Penny Machac Brett Marsh Gina Morclli Jayne Mott David Neal Laurie Neal Eric Nystrom Carol Olds Terrie Olson Terri Onink Darlene Osborne Beverly Pangborn Brenda Parker Mitchell Passinger Becky Martin Cherie Martin Beth Matthews Thomas May Dennis Perkins Jeff Peterson Marcella Peterson Pamela Peterson James Phillips Kevin Phillips Kevin McIntyre Scott McKinney Tammy McNutt Sabra Miller Timothy Porter Mary Pratz Diane Pudder Richard Quiggle James Rapp Daniel Rice 63Charles Riel Cathy Ricst Lisa Rivett Carl Roberts Richard Robison Jeffrey Rowley Donald Schrecongost Randy Sechrist William Sherwood Robin Smeltzer Gwen Smith Lisa Smith Lois Smith Michael Smith Patricia Southwell Daniel Spear William Spelling Rebecca Spicer Dora Spink Edwin Spittlcr Sharon Sullivan Anne Sumner Kurt Thorpe Dwight Turner Carol Tulmaker Clemetc VanGilder Jessica Van Ord Raymound Van Ord Keith White Marlene Wilcox Lori Williams Edys Wilson Kim Wilson Lester Wright Michael Yoder Robin York 64Chad Abbott Kurt Alcorn Lana Anderson Vincent Baron Loric Bearfield Jeffrey Benedict David Bergstrom Daniel Blair Lottie Borland Daniel Braley Louise Braley Scott Burch Jeff Carlson Clinton Chapman John Chase William Chase Eric Christensen Paul Church Janet Clark Ralph Clark Scott Clark Christcne Colander James Collins Gary Consla Dennis Craker 65Timothy Daugharty Diane Davis Laurie DeRemer Steve Dupont Rex Dyer Joanne Dyke Terry Dyke Charles Embrey Rick Engstrom Sherrie Ferrie John Hill Christopher Fischer Gary Hodges Donna Fisher Theresa Horstrom Steven Flasher Vennie Hotchkiss Brian Foltz Richard Johnson Vance Fox Troy Johnson Jerry Frank James Kane Jeffrey Fredrick Scott Kane Jeff Gray Jimmy Gray Kim Kiefer David Kuzminski Mary Gray Brenda Larson Melinda Vance Grecnawalt Laufenbcrger David Grieb Terry Lewis Kirk Hane Linda Lindell Scott Hane Elsie Hardy Roger Little Carol Longedecker Charles Hardy John Hepler Howard Lyon Jeanie Lyon 66Lynn Magcr Timothy Means Vicke Means Ted Moon Susan Morine Margaret Morse Pat Nodzak Edward Orcutt Debra Phillips Wendy Pihlblad Kelly Repine Kimberly Repine Diane Rice Darlene Riel Debbie Roberts Louise Rogers Danny Rutsky Richard Sanders Mark Schwanke Christine Seleni Robin Shaffer Timothy Sherman Rita Spicer Chris Spink Susan Spittler Roberta Stanton Beth Stevenson Betsy Stino Kathy Sullivan Lisa Swanson Tammy Sisk Paula Slagle Micheal Smith Sandy Smith Linda Sopher Suzanne Switzer Brenda Thomas Dave Traniello Ronald Turner Lori Vanhouten Gary Vanord Robin Vanord Randy Wagner Candis Warner Diane Warner 67Steve Welch Lisa Witten Mark Wilcox William Wilcox Randy Wilkins Rodney Wilkins Jacquelyn Williams David Wilson Nathan Wolff Mary Jane Wright Leonard Wright Sally Youker Wendy Zamborik Jacqueline Zimmerman Terry Zuck Diane Parker 687th Grade Class of ’81 Kimberly Anderson Sue Anderson David Baron Fred Baron Bridget Barret Eugene Battko Victor Battko Kcather Beck Doug Benedict Linda Bergstrom Rcnae Bobeau Todd Brown Amy Buchanan Vicki Burch Patty Burd Brian Butt Andy Cable Ronald Campbell Karen Carlson Kent Carlson Wayne Carlson Tim Carter William Cataldo Rusty Chapman Deanna Chase Jill Christenson Sheila Christenson Todd Church Crystal Clark Douglas ClarkGale Collins Conrad Condon Jody Crosby Richard Critzer Tracy Custer David Decker Tammy Decker Mark Donaldson Marsha Dunham Robie Dunham Howard Easton Valerie Elder Ellen Ellis Ellen Falconer Sean Feehey Pegi Fillatrault Alfredo Frangione Christina Fredrick Jimmy Frederick Teresa Gardener Kenneth Gerstch Pam Gray Robert Gray Maria Greenamyer Cathy Gregory Mona Hanson Doug Hedman Diane Hill Craig Hockinson Ginger Hodges Chris Holt Thomas Homstrom Brenda Hunzinger Janet Hurley Eric Hutchison James Irwin Debra Jackson Dawn Johnson Glenn Johnson Bonny Jones Kevin Jones Tammy Jones Kathleen Kepplc Rodney Larson Craig Lassinger Jim Lehman Eric Lindell Barry Lundmark Randall Lyons Amy Matthew Cindy May 70Mark McArthur Melinda McChesney William McKendree Chris McKinney James Meleen Duane Merkle Ida Moore Dale Morgan Scott Morningstar John Morton Craig Murphey Kara Nodal Tim Newwark John Nuttal David Nystrom Rhonda O’Donell Todd Onink Catherine Perkins Sherry Peterson Wendy Peterson Mark Phinney Garret Rain Karen Rapp James Reed Barry Resh David Ristau Mark Rodgers John Rutsky Sandra Savko Kathy Schmitt Mary Schmitt Steve Schnars Sherry Sherrard Kevin Skinner Brenda Smith Gorden Smith Scott Smith Lisa Spelling Debra Spencer Benny Spicer Chris Springer Robert Stanton Tracy Stanton Jay Stewart I'rank Stroker William Southwell Jeff Sopher Gerald Suppa Anne Thelin Bryan Thomas Crystal Thompson 71Rick VanGuilder Barry VanOrd Bryan VanOrd Cindy VanOrd Cindy Walker William Wallace William Way Randall White David Whitten Ronald Williams Jamie Reed Shelly Wilson David Winans Jeffrey Woodin Jody Youker Craig Youngberg 72Late Photos 7th Grade Sophomores 8th Grade Juniors Kim Abbey Jeff Brown Lynn Ferrie Edward Orcitt Freshmen Bobby Woodin Billie Youngberger Jackie Ewer Maureen Majer Wesley Wright Mark La sco la Julie Moore Patsy Nelson Carol Peters Jackie Phinney Jack Wells 73Photo Essay 74 77 i mi H ft i 81 8485 90 91 95'O NJ98Knights Run Away from The Field L. to R.; Row 1-T. Jones, D. Johnson, G. Hitchcock, D. Fry, R. Rickerson, G. Hutchison, R. Eaton, B. Cable, K. Martin, D. Uber, L. Himes, M. Clark, L. Brooks, T. Luvinson, L. Schultz. Row 2- M, Donaldson, D. Campbell, D. Beedle, E. Kuzminski, D. Luther, P. Dyke, C. Johnson, T. Ristau, B. Shaffer. Row 3-P. Schultz, T. Hol- den, A. Brunecz, T. Reist, L. Lyons, B. Birt, M. Decker, T. Curtis, D. Smith. Row 4-J. Neese, D. Hitchcock, D. Jackson, K. Wilkens, J. Frangiones, D. Morton, J. Arthur, A. Suppa, R. Brown,T. Brown. Row 5—J. Youngberg. “Knight’s Post Best Season in Years” Each year always promises more excitement than the preceding one; and that’s how it was this year for the E.H.S. “Knights” football team. After losing their first three games and getting off to a somewhat late start, the “Ike” Knights, much to the delight of the fans. Made a surprising and tremendous comeback to win the last six games of the season. Only skill and determination could have made this possible. Another important factor, which should not be overlooked, is the size of the teams that the knights encountered. The majority of the opposing teams were dominant in size and number. This proposed quite a battle for the Ike players; but with a little more practice and playing, the Eisenhower Knights quickly overcame this problem, and continued to play a winning football game. The Knights were led into action this season by Senior quarterback Larry Himes, who, unofficially passed for 1,149 yards and 13 touchdowns during the year. It was also Himes, who was badly injured during the last game of the season against Youngsville. Dean Stanton, who played line backer, was also injured earlier in the year and was put out of action. These injuries did not, however, hamper the Knights spirit to win. The E.H.S. coaching staff welcomed a new face; Mr. Borst, who, along with coaches; Tom Firth and Ron Dunbar, helped condition and train the Knights into a top notch team. Coach Borst is also a former football player himself; so his coaching helped a great deal. After such a successful year, the Knights had the honor of having eight players selected to the Al-Kin All-Star Football Conference Squad. These players were; Larry Himes, quarterback; Kevin Martin, halfback; Larry Schultz, tackle; Dale Uber, end; Bruce Cable and Mark Clark as defensive backs; Boyd Schaffer, end and George Hitchcock, lineman and Tom Ristau as an honorable mention for the center position. Coach Firth openly honors and praises these fine athletes for their great performance in this 75-6 season. Congratulations Coach Firth.Offense, L. to R.-M. Clark, B. Shaffer, L. Schultz, G. Hitchcock, B. Cable, T. Ristau, L. Himes, R. Rickerson, K. Martin, T. Luvison, D. Uber. Big Offensive Team Big Defensive Team Defense, L. to R.-D. Johnson, L. Schultz. K. Martin. R. Eaton, G. Hitchcock, M. Clark, G. Hutchison, L. Lyons, T. Ristau, B. Cable, B. Shaffer. 100101Jr. High Football L to R. Row 1. E. Kuzminski, D. Luther, M. Clark, D. Campbell, B. Cable, K. Martin, D. Johnson, D. Uber, T. Ristau, Row 2. R. Ricker-son, B. Shaffer, T. Londell, L. Shultz, D. Fry, L. Brooks, D. Stanton, M. Donaldson, G. Hitchcock. Senior Football L to R. Row 1 A. Brunecz, T. Curtis, J. Craig, T. Reist, W. Birt, M. Lascola, M. Decker. Row 2. D. Morton, P. Schultz, J. Youngberg, J. Neese, P. Brown H. Suppa, K. Wilkins, D. Hitchcock, R. Brown, C. Johnson. Mr. Borst. J.V. Football L to R. J. Arthur, D. Hedman, C. Murphey, B. Vanord, S. Penney, R. Campbell, D. Ristau, T. Moore, M. Doanaldson. Row 2. J. Carlson, K. Thorp, T. Onink, R. Vanord, T. Church, J. Suppa, W. Way, G. Vanord, B. Zimmerman, Row 3. Mr. Stanton, D. Spear, K. Crosby, S. Jennings, C. Kay, D. Neal, S. Kane. 102Women’s Basketball Squad Rebuilds in 76 Rebuilding is the key word which one must use in regards to our Women’s Basketball Team. Plagued by the ever present lack of heigth, the gal cagers fiercly attempted to reestablish their reputation as a basketball force. Opening the season with a loss aroused the determination of our scrappy hoopsters. Ending what seemed to be a knightmare, the Blue and Gold crushed the East Forest Bears in a home thriller. Using a full court press throughout the duration of the game, the Knight’s intercepted many of the Bear passes and fed them to Kim Ellis for one lay-up after another. Also, the Gal Cagers went on to defeat Al-Kin archrival Youngsville. The Knight’s not only defeated the Eagles at home but again on their home court. Later in the season we went on to defeat a top ranked team of Sheffield Wolverines in another Al-Kin clash. For her great hustling efforts, Kim Ellis was named to the Al-Kin All-Star Squad, Honorable Mention. Kim, competing in her Freshman year was the teams leading scorer. Congratulations Kim! Other standouts which will form the nucleus for next years squad will include Mary Beth Smith and Carla Smith. Seniors who will be missed include Co-Captain Darlene “Swampy” Marsh, Becky “The Dozer” Anderson, Brenda “Piazon” Pratz, and Elaine “The Star” Condon. 103104Seniors iilaine Condon Becky Anderson Brenda Pratz Darlene Marsh “Super Trotter’ 105106Knight Hoopsters Rebuild in 76; Great Hopes lor the Future! Varsity Basketball L to R. Row 1. B. Lohnes, D. Landin, M. Clark, B. Cable, P. Wiltsic, D. Campbell Row 2. R. Rickerson, R. Eaton, I). Sumner, P. Mangini, B. Shaffer, Mr. Dunbar. 107108Tenaciously holding on to a two point lead, the EHS Knights Basketball Team outplayed the high scoring Wolverines of Sheffield. With seconds to go Mark Clark pushed a pass to Don Landin who went high into the air and placed a picture perfect layup which put the Knights out in front by a score of 67 to 65. On his way up, Landin was fouled and sank his freethrow which gave us a 68 to 65 lead. Sheffield retaliated with a two point jumpshot which ended all of the scoring. At this point in the season Sheffield was placed second in the Al-kin League. L. to R.; Row 1 -T Jones, L. Lyon R. Brown, S Smith, H Suppa, J. Youngberg, Row 2; Mr. Headman, S Cable, A. Brunecz, J Holt, B. Benton, J Neese P. Man-gini, W. Allen 109Jr. High Basketball L to R Row 1. K. Crosby, D. Rice, D. Butt, E. Nystrom, E. Lindell, W. Spelling Row 2. C. Kay, B. Marsh, D. Turner, Mr. Bruencz, E. Spittler, N. Campbell, D. Craker 8th Grade Basketball L to R. Row 1. R. Clark, S. Flasher, B. Vanord, J. Hill, S. Burch, D. Grieb V. Lauffenberger, J. Collins, S. Clark. Row 2. J. Carlson, J. Benedict, J. Gray. D Craker J. Brown, L. Ferrie, R. Wagner. Mr. Sherwood. 7th Grade Basketball L to R Row 1. R. Larson, J. Willians, R, Campbell, D. Clark, D. Benedict, D. Ristau. Row 2. D. Hedman, R. Stanton C. Youngberg, T. Onink, J. Suppa, C. Murphy, C. Holt, Mr. Sherwood. 110Cross-Country Comes to EHS In Glorious Fashion Every Fall, for numerous years back, young scholars of high school age have taken to the woods, fields, and parks and run endlessly over hill and dale. For the First time in its history, Eisenhower High School joined in the act this year. At the end of August, ten men showed up for the first practice even though a coach had not yet been named. But, this situation was soon rectified with the hiring of Panagio-tes Fanaritis to lead the harriers through their inaugural season. Panagiotes, or “Borok” as he was more affectionately known, did not have an over abundance of talent to work with as was evidenced by the minimal successes in the early stages of the season. The Knight Harriers, with the thought of thier first victory becoming a reality, finally tasted that sweet ambrosia of victory at Sherman, N.Y. on October 4th. Cross Country Running is a team sport in which the team with the lowest number of points is the victor. The final score against Sherman was Knights 26Vi to 28Vl for the opponents. Again, in this First season, the E.H.S. Runners were victorious over another regional team, The Frewsburg Harriers. The Knight’s best showing of the season was at the District IX Championships. Co-Captain Don Landin was the District Champion. Being a truly dedicated athlete, Don established six cross country course records this season. At the State Championship Meet at University Park, Don Finished in the top twenty of the State to become a member of the prestigious ALL-STATE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. In a Nationally sanctioned meet Don again fared very well. We at E.H.S. congratulate Don on his excellence in athletics throughout his years at Eisenhower. Other seniors who will be remembered as Cross Country pioneers at E.H.S. are Co-Captain Bryan Lohnes, Paul Bryan, Carl Hornstrom and Dean Sumner. ni113X-Country Seniors 114Women T racksters Run for The Gold And Glory This years campaign on the cinders proved to be another golden year for the E.H.S. Womens Track Team. Small in number, but effective talent led to a very strong finish by sending four athletes to the State Championships at Penn State University. To say that several school records were re-established would be a gross understatement. Most were not broken, most were shattered. “The girls really turn on the talent during track season, We have some truly great athletes, only two records remain unchanged after two years and they should go this coming season,” stated Coach Bartsch in a pre-season interview. Leading the way in the 80 yard hurdles, Lisa Brecht and Debbie Coldiron established a new mark together. Marlene Osborne, “MO”, turned on like a Super-Star her first season by destroying the shot-put record and becoming the first female athlete in the Tri-State area to break the mythical century mark with the discus. At the District IX Championships, Cindy Akeley barely missed a trip to States by chucking the spear well over 90 feet to establish her new mark. Al-Kin Champ, Lisa Brecht long-jumped nearly 17 feet to become Eisenhower’s first Al-Kin Champ and established a new record in the event. Though there were many standout performances during the season, one of the greatest highlights was in the relay teams. Undefeated in dual competition, the gang of Julie Sie-fert, Lisa Brecht, Carol D’Augustine, Linda Mazz.u, Terrie De-Prater and Elaine “The Star” Condon, combined their running talents in the 440 and 880 yard relays. These athletes, all underclassmen at the time, represented E.H.S. at University Park and fared very well. However, it could be heard that someone said, “We will return for the gold next year. Outstanding honors this past year went to Elaine Condon as Runner of the Year, Marlene Osborne as best Athlete In the Field, and the trophy for most valuable Athlete Of The Year went to Lisa Brecht.Contingent Of “Super Athletes” Senior Athletes Elaine Condon-A L-K in Champion Julie Siefert-AL-Kin Champion Brenda Pratz Wendy Mangini Denise Grant 116L to R. Row 1. J. Zolick, S. Shepard, K. Grieb, J. Sanders, M. Osborne, M. Giordano, C. Akeley, V. Bearfeild. Row 2. C.D’Augus-tine, B. Campbell, S. Brant, L. Mazzu, M. Smith, J. Jordon, M. Shaffer. Girls Track m. 117118Ike Trackmen Win Over 80% Of Dual Track Meets in Past 5 Years!!! Competing for the first year in the newly formed Al-Kin Conference, the E.H.S. Track Team fared very well. Compiling a 5-1 record, losing once to Kane by 2 points, the the squad of 57 completed one of the best years ever in E.H.S. Track History. Regardless of the dismal cold and puddles of cold, wet slush, the Knight Runners, Jumpers, and Throwers worked hard and long in the pre-season. So hard that t'.vy crushed Cross County rival Youngsville in an indoor clash which saw E.H.S. score 12614 points to 2114 of the opposition. During this meet 15 indoor records were broken, which left Youngsville speechless. The team traveled to a few large meets, including the Mansfield “Mehock” Relays in Ohio, the Youngsville Invitational, the Kane Invitational, the Al-Kin Conference Championships, Sections, District IX and the P.l.A.A. State Championships at Penn. State University. During the outdoor season, four milestones were set. This was very good considering the poor condition of the track. Twenty-five letters were awarded-Sixteen are returning for ’76. A very special congratulations to a fine person and athlete in Don Landin who has established over 10 school records in Track and Crosscountry over his 6-year athletic career at E.H.S. Other honors went out to Dean Campbell as Most Improved Fieldman, Will Allen as Most Inproved Tracker, Nick Brunecz as Most Important Trackman, Pete Mangini: Newcomer Trophy and Nick Brunecz as Trackman of the Year. Varsity Track L to R Row 1 B. Shaffer, R. Eaton, M. Clark, G. Hitchcock, T. Ahart, D. Campbell, L. Schultz, Row 2-M. Vanord, D. Landin. P. Mangini, E. Kuzminski, B. Lohnes, T. Curtis. Row 3. A. Brunecz, B. Birt, T. Rcist, C. Hornstrom. 119Trackmen Compete In Mansfield Relays “The Greatest and Largest Track Meets in the East” Eisenhower has always been a formidable track power in this area of the county. However, Coach Engstrom has greater goals for his athlets. Entering fourteen athletes into one of the largeest track meets in the United States where National competition exists enables our athletes to experience greater competition and to achieve greater athletic goals. The Mansfield Relays is the largest Track and Field Meets in the East for High School Athletes. Over twenty five hundred athletes repre- senting over twenty States and Canada participating in the meet. Many national compititions are present and many new national records are established. Over one hundred and fifty entrants in one race is not uncommon. Entersed in the two mile run, Don Landin, as a junior, placed fifteenth in a race this size and established a new school mark. Beyond the intense competition the athletes enjoy the hospitable people of Mansfield area families by staying in their homes during their visit to the meet. 121Ike Grapplers Take Second Straight Al-Kin Championship Winning the second straight consecutive Al-Kin Conference Title, the E.H.S. grapplers completed another highly successful year. Undefeated in the two year old conference the Knights quietly devestated all opposition. Undefeated for a three year period in dual meet competition is almost impossible to attain. But the Knights did it. However, the string was broken this year by a strong contingent of wrestlers from Seneca High School. The 75-76 season is regarded as one of the best ever says Coach Ross. “The opposition is much better, thus making us better competition. Jim Olson, an outstanding senior wrestler ever to qualify for the State Championship Meet held at Penn. State University. Congratulations Jim, and Congratulations Knights! 123L to R Row 1 L. Lundmark, B. Peterson S. Hurley, C. Lindell, Row 2, D. Hitchcock T. Voty, K. Wilkins, K. White, T. Brown Varsity Wrestling 124EISENHOWER LETTERMEN AND COACHES ERIC HURLEY. 91 lbs. AL BEAN Asst. Coach JOE LETKO TONY ROSS Asst. Coach Head Coach BREN UNDELL. 126 lbs. No Picture Available CHRIS MURPHY. Mgr- JIM OLSON. 145 lbs.Jr. High Wrestling L to R. Row 1. B. Hunzingcr, V. Baron, B. Spicer, T. Stanton. B. Vanord, B. Cataldo, E. Lindell, E. Hutchison, B. Southwell, M. Donaldson, B. Butt, D. Baron, G. Johnson. Row 2. J. Morton, R. Wikkin] J. Arthur, T. Moon, G. Vanord, J. Kane, A. Kopf, K. Al- corn, P. Church, D. Cathcart. Row 3-Mr. Letko, D. Neil,- M. Wilcox, T. Lemmon S. Mckinnk, S. Jennings, D. Spear, R. Wilkins, L. Copacheck, J. Kazminski, J. Gray, D. Schritengross, G. Craig 126Knight Cheerleaders Spark E.H.S. To Victory Front to Back; L. side-D. Switzer, S. Collins, K Summerson, K. Hunzingcr. Middle: A. Switzer. Right side-D. Grant, B. Campbell, J. Hodges, S. Carlberg. 127“J.V. Spirit of 76” I met an Eisenhower Knight Just the other day. Walked up to his face asked him if I may. I’d like to know what it is you do That makes the Youngsville Eagles so SCARED OF YOU I just DO IT, DO IT. DO IT TILL I’M SATISFIED, Whatever it is. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT TILL IM SATISFIED. Well he turned around, looked me up and down. He said Im the Baddest Cat in this whole darn town When I do my thing I don’t mess around. I just DO IT I just DO IT, DO IT, DO IT TILL IM SATISFIED, Whatever it is. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT TILL IM SATISFIED. 128The Junior High Five Hey Eagles, You Better Get Out of Our Way Cause We’re the Knights and were here to stay So 1,2,-1,2,3, We’re Looking for Victory You Better Get Out of Our Way—Move It! Knights are Number One, Can’t Be Number Two. Come On Everybody—Do the Knight Boo-ga-loo. Start it with an s. With a Capital S Push it with a p, With a Capital P Do it with an i, With a Capital I Pull it with an r, With a Capital R Do it with an I, With a Capital I Cross it with a t. With a Capital T 129EHS Senior Mascots Julie and Elaine Shhh QUIET Our team will go Our team will go go go Our team will fight Our team will fight, fight, fight Our team will win Our team will win, win, win Go fight win. Your ladies may be foxy. Your men may be smooth, But when your truck’in with the Knights Everything is cool. Hey go you Blue and Gold » »» M »» » »» » »» H »1 »» » Hey go you KNIGHTS Knights got the Power yy n yy m « To WOOP YOU Out of the way Eagles cuz this is KNIGHTS day Out of the way “MOVE IT” 130“EHS Is a Potent Volleyball Force in Warren County Leagues” Men’s Volleyball—All Stars L to R. D. Campbell, B. Shaffer, M. Clark, Mr. Firth L to R. Row 1. L. Magcr, R. Mott. L, Chapman, C. Sullivan. L. Brcct, S. Brant, V. Bcarfield, J. Zalik, J. Jordan, B. Pratz, C. D’Au-gistinc, C. Grieb, M. Smith, J. Sanders, D. Roberts, Row 2. D. Grant, W. Mangini, D. Coldiron, J. Phillips, K. Summerson, S. Shepard. Row 3 J. Loomis, K. Sandcn, E. Barrett, C. Mcrklc, S. Bauer, B. Phillips, J. Nelson, C. Akclcy, C. Burd, R. English. Strong contenders for two consecutive years the EHS Volleyball Teams have fared well. The mens and womens setters and spikers have collected three first place trophies in three years. 131Womens Varsity Track EHS Maplewood 46 58 Cranberry 50 64 Kane 65% 48% OLean 60% 44% Tidioute 27 87 Bradford 57% 66% St. Marys 18 96 Younsvillc Invitational 2nd Knights Varsity Football Bradford C.C. 8 EHS 6 Otto Eldred 32 22 Ridgway 28 0 Port Allegany 7 38 Johnsonburg 6 43 Cameron County 6 17 Sheffield 6 13 Kane 20 39 Youngsville 7 33 District IX Championships 5th Al-Kin Championships 3rd J. V. Knights Football Youngsville 8 Sheffield 8 Bradford 20 Ridgway 12 Kane 6 Union City 28 Johnsonburg 20 sc 2? ■v- EHS 18 32 12 0 0 8 0 Varsity Track Youngsville 21% Jamestown N. Y. 50 Johnsonburg 63% Youngsville 58 Kane 76 Ridgway 52 Mansfield Relays Youngsville, Invitational Kane, Invitational Al-kin Conference Section I District IX P1AA State Championships EHS 126% 91 86% 92 74 98 Junior High Football Sheffield Lost Kane Lost Ridgway Lost Youngsville Won Beaty Won Sheffield LostVarsity Wrestling St Marys 21 EHS 39 Ridgway 14 35 Johnsonburg 11 41 Dunkirk 14 52 Seneca 29 19 Southwestern 8 37 Maple Grove 21 27 Youngsville 16 39 Kane 20 22 Salamanaca 3 63 Falconer 17 30 Cassadaga Valley 4 54 Olean 35 12 Jamestown 23 31 Womens Varsity Basketball EHS Tidioute 48 28 East Forest 32 38 Johnsonburg 72 10 Youngsville 25 50 Sheffield 47 36 Ridgway 56 19 Kane 63 40 Johnsonburg 68 45 Youngsville 45 48 Sheffield 42 46 Ridgway 35 32 Kane 42 40 Tidioute 48 45 j Womens JV Basketball EHS Tidioute 21 17 East Forest 14 13 East Forest 21 14 Johnsonburg 49 10 Younsgville 15 11 Sheffield 4 17 Ridgway 24 10 Kane 17 23 Johnsonburg 33 25 Youngsville 18 38 Sheffield 18 25 Ridgway 26 13 Kane 20 16 Tidioute 15 20 Jr. High Wrestling Eisenhower over Eisenhower over Eisenhower over Eisenhower over Beaty over Youngsville Sheffield Youngsville Sheffield Eisenhower Seventh Grade Basketball EHS Youngsville 18 25 Sheffield 26 30 Tidioute 31 16 Sheffield 21 23 Youngsville 17 18 Tidioute 44 24 Sheffield 26 31 Youngsville 5 32 Varsity Basketball EHS West Forest 64 62 Tidioute 84 72 East Forest 43 77 West Forest 47 74 Jamestown 43 78 West Forest 74 69 Ridgway 86 78 Johnsonburg 89 70 Youngsville 85 73 Sheffield 67 68 St. Marks 70 67 Southwestern 66 58 Kane 101 86 Ridgway 76 71 Johnsonburg 68 70 Southwestern 87 72 Sheffield 84 64 Youngsville 67 75 Kane 93 91 St Marks 80 85 Tidioute 84 64 m 1 J.V. Mens Basketball St. Marks 47 60 Southwestern 59 48 EHS Kane 41 52 West Forest 30 42 Ridgway 71 43 Tidioute 58 61 Johnsonburg 47 44 East Forest 57 58 Southwestern 55 44 West Forest 17 62 Sheffield 59 47 Ridgway 70 40 Youngsville 45 50 Johnsonburg 80 49 Kane 50 56 Youngsville 40 53 St. Marks 35 51 Sheffield 41 49 Tidioute 71 73Organizations, Clubs, and Interests Row 1 L to R L. Braley, S. Switzer, D. Wadsworth. L. Anderson, L. Swanson, S. Marine, D. Rice, L. Mager, S. Beyeler, S. Shepherd, J. Zalik, B. Pratz. Row 2 L to R J. Kane, D. Grieb, G. Peevee, V. Grieb, J. Himes, C. D’ Augustine, L. Briggs, D. Pratz G. English, P. Wilcox. Row 3 L to R J. Jordon, S. Brant, J. Sanders, J. Eckert, D. Neil, S. Schnarrs M. Mager, B. Lusk, C. Merkle, A. Smith, M. Shaffer. E.H.S. Student Council Photography Club Row 1. J. Brown Row 2. R. Clark. W. Chase, J. Carlson S. Dupont, Mr. Ritter 134Band Front M.B. Commanders L. to R.-C. Murphey, J. Loomis L. to R.-J. Loomis, W. Pilhblad. D. Roberts, S. Tenney L. to R.-C. Hanson, S. Park Drum MajorsDistrict Band L. to R.; Row 1 C. Hanson, A. Smith, J. McIntyre, E. Barrett, Row 2-S. I.andin, N. White, Row 3-S. Bauer Percussion Section L. to R.; Row 1 S. Cable, D. Craker, R. Frederick, J. McIntyre, Row 2 T. Spelling, R. Spicer, T. Webster, J. Embrey, Row 3-C. Olds, F. Strickland Mid-East L. to R.; Row 1-J. McIntyre, D. Young, K. Sanden, N. White, Row 2-A. Smith, S. Bauer, E. Barrett, C. Akeley, J. Embrey 136Marching Band Front L to R; Row 1-J. Loomis, W. Pihl-blad, T. Hornstrom, S. Spittler, D. Spicer, L. Knapp, D. Roberts, S. Feeny Row 2-C. Murphey, J. Arp, G. Neese, J. Dyke, D. Coldiron, B. Thomas, D. Thompson, L. Lindeil, J. Williams, W. Mangini, L. Braley, S. Schnars. Marching Band Color Guard L to R; T. Hornstrom, S. Spittler, R. Spicer, L. Knapp. E.H.S. Marching Band Winners of several awards this year, the E.H.S. Marching Band proved to be the greatest of team efforts.Senior Band Woodwinds L. to R.; Row 1 -C. Hanson, C. Joy, C. Burd, S. Park, E. Wilson, C. Murphy, A. Smith, Row 2-N. Morton, M. Gioidano, P. Wilcox, S. Schnars, K. Hunzinger, K. Sanden, C. Mcrkle, R. Wolff, C. Courtney, M. Smith, W. Mangini, J. Martin, C. Olds. Row 3 M. Custer, B. Church, S. Smith, N. Brown, J. Vanord, M. Osborne, B. Phillips, D. Pudder, R. Nelson, B. Church, S. Porter, Row 4 S. Bauer, J. Rapp, L. Briggs, C. Tutmaher, R. Turner, S. Abbot, T. Ahart, G. Ncese, J. Pick, J. Dow, M. Barren, P. Courtney, A. Ewer, C. Blackwell Marching Band Seniors L. to R.; Row 1-C. Burd, T. Ahart, S. Bauer, L. Sanden, A. Smith, M. Vanord, C. Merkle, S. Abbott, E. Barrett, M. Custer, N. Brown, R. Turner, M. Osborne, Row 2-W. Mangini, G. Neese, D. Thompson, C. Murphy, J. Loomis, J. McIntyre L. to R; Row 1-J. Nelson, D. McIntyre, Row 2-J. Embrey, N. White, D. Thompson, C. Murphy, G. Neese, J. Loomis, Row 3-A. Smith, S. Lan-din, K. Sanden, R. McIntyre, S. Porter, P. White, M. Osborne, Row 4-J. Wells, K. Burd, S. Bauer, J. Dow, C. Murphy, E. Barrett, J. McIntyre M.B. Squad LeadersSenior Band Brass L. to R.; Row 1 B. Frederick, S. Landin, G. English, S. Warner, J. Osborne, N. White, D. Young. Row 2-P. White, D. Spade, T. Hunzinger, J. Legree. Row 3 J. Wells, R. VanOrd, K. Wilson, E. Barrett, C. Akeley, D. Stanton, D. Barrett, M. Stanton, J. Nelson, P. Landin, L. Sanden. Row 4 -M. Johnson, L. Dyer, J. Nelson, B. Olds, R. McIntyre, K. Cable, E. Donaldson, M. Donaldson, L. Fox, L. Chase. Row 5-B. Sherwood, A. Stewart, N. Lassinger, D. McIntyre, M. VanOrd, D. Jennings. Senior Band Officers Row 1-E. Barrett Row 2-S. Bauer, J. McIntyre. Row 3-J. Embry, S. Cable. Senior Band Percussion L. To R.; Row 1-J. Wells, F. Strickland. Row 2-C. DePrater, T. Spelling, B. Spicer. Row 3-T. Webster, D. Little, S. Cable, J. Embrey, J. McIntyre. 139E.H.S. Music Department The 1975-76 Knights Marching Band had a great marching season with pride, determination and spirit being the best ever. Success was made possible by the individuals, and especially the band director. Presents Half-Time Review The climax of the season was the trip to Syracuse, New York, where the band marched in a parade competition and later participated in a half-time show. The band received first place honors for their fine efforts. Again congratulations for their fine season. Junior Band Officers L. to R.; Row 1-S. Switzer, T. Lemmon. Row 2-S. Morine, L. Braley, J. Carlson.Brass Ensemble L to R; D. Jennings, M. Donaldson, D. McIntyre, N. White, G. English, S. Land in, D. Barrett, D. Stanton, C. Akeley, E. Barrett, Row 2; K. Cable, D. Young Rank Leaders L to R. D Barrett, Row 2.-J. Rapp, C. Merkle, E. Barrett, C. Akely. Row 3. A. Smith, C. Murphey, C. Hanson, S. Park, J. Loomis, J. McIntyre L to R. Row 1. L. Craker, D. Craker, W. Philblad, H. Lagere, C. Murphey, R. Nelson J. Vanord, B. Church, B. Church, Row 2 C. Lassinger, J, Carlson, L. Chase, P. Church. Row 3. R. Shaffer, F. Strickland, T. Spelling, D. Young, T. Lemmon, S. Hane, M. Lagere, S. Switzer, J. Nelson, R. Vanord, R. Stanton Jr. High BrassSr. High Choir L to R. Row 1. T. Jones, S. Braley, D. Craker, J. Greenamyer, C. Roberts, D. Stanton, P. Wiltsie, L. Gray, D. Young, V. Jones. Row 2. S. Ed-son, D. Edson, P. Wilcox, B. Campbell, D. Switzer, M. Shaffer, C. Joy, D. Coildiron, A. Smith, L. Knapp, L. Godden. Row 3. V. Brown, J. Ekcrt, A. Glotz, S. Hagberg, L. Chase, D. Marsh, T. Onink, C. Rummer. Row 4. P. Nelson, D. Coldiron, R. Wolfe, L. Craker, D. Westfall, J. Bergstrom, V. Fredricks, T. Vanord, P. Campbell, J. McIntyre. Madrigals L to R. Row 1, V. Jones, P. Wilcox, K. Cable, T. Onink. Row 2 L. Craker, D. Coldiron, D. Marsh, Row 3-E. Donaldson, S. Braley, S. Hagberg, D. Young District Choir L to R, Row 1, D. Stanton, Row 2, D. Coildiron, D. Marsh. Row 3-D. Young.G.A.A. Officers L. to R. G. Jones, S. Collins, D. Luther, S. Carlbcrg Cinderbelle Officers Top Row L to R. S. Faust, S. Beye-ler, L. Riley, K. Burd, H. Block. Row 2. J. Brecht, T. Onink, D. Marsh, C. Murphy, R. English, S. Bauer, J. Pick. Lancers Row 1 L. Williams Row 2 L to R. D. Luther, S. Beyeler, S. Spittler, L. Riley, C. Bloomgren, Row 3. C. Murphy, J. Loomis, L. Lindell J. Dyke, D. Coldiron, J. Williams, W. Philblad, Row 4. R. Spicer, L. Bra-ley, D. Roberts, B. Thomas. 143Junior Band Woodwind L. to R.; Row 1 L. Rogers, R. Van-Ord, W. Pihlblad,C. Warner, S. Spit-tier, P. Gray, T. Hornstrom, V. Burch. Row 2 L. Braley, M. Mches-sney, H. Legerc, J. Hurley, K. Nadel, J. Morton, R. Stanton, E. Ellis, K. Gregory. Row 3-F. Stroker, S. Mor-ine, W. Zamborik, R. VanOrd, W. Levinson, C. Abbott, B. Resh, P. -Burd, D. Roberts, L. DeRcmer. Junior Band Brass L. to R.; Row 1-K. Rapp, B. Staton, S. Switzer, M. Wilcox, J. Brown, M. Legere, S. Bane, K. Hane.C. Springer. Row 2-B. Spicer, V. Olds, B. Smith, M. Smith, V. Fox, T. Lemmon, C. Fischer, L. Bergstrom, W. Carlson, R. VanOrd, R. Dunham. Row 3- B. Larson, P. Church, J. Carlson, C. Lassinger, D. Merkle, J. Fredricks, K. Alcorn, M. Swanke. Junior Band Percussion L. to R.; Row 1-J. Nuttal, M. Donaldson, K. Jones. Row 2-B. VanOrd, R. Shaffer, V. Baron. Row 3 S. Burch, R. Spicer, P. Nodzak. EJHI5IC □ N C E R TlB R N □ 5, 144“Lancers Are Number 1” Through the years the Lancers have established a reputation of excellence through out Pennsylvania and Western New York. Their parade performances, their dignity, their conduct, in the stress of stiff competition has earned them the respect of judges, competitors and followers. The hours of training, the practice on their own, the dedication they have put into it, and the pride they have in their group, have set the Lancers at the top of the list of drill team contenders over a large area. Twice state champions, the Lancers have brought recognition to E.H.S. that it has, thus far, not achieved in any other area of competition. They are among E.H.S.’s finest. usE.H.S. Lancers Fare Very Well In Summer Competitions Lancers L. to R.; Row 1-S. Spittler. Row 2-L. Williams, S. Beyler, R. Spicer. Row 3-J. Williams, J. Dyke, M. Grey, T. Hornstrom, L. Knapp. Row 4-D. Roberts, S. Feeney, J. Arp, B. Thomas, D. Luther, L. Braley. D. Coldiron. Row 5-L. Riley, J. Loomis, D. Thompson, C. Murphy, L. Lindell, W. Pihlblad. 146EHS Stage Band Row 1 L to R. J. McIntyre, K. Cable, P. Wilcox, J. Rapp, S. Smith, N. Brown, S. Porter, A. Smith. Row 2 T. Webster, J. Embrey, S. Cable, R. Jennings, M. Donaldson, A. Stewart, E. Donaldson, M. Vanord, M. Johnson, D. Young. Row 3 J. Wells, D. Stanton, E. Barrett, C. Akeley, D. Barrett, M. Stanton, Mr. Lanzel, Director. District Band L to R. N. White, K. Joy, S. Landin, J. McIntyre, A. Stewart L to R. Row 1. J. Youcker, M. Donaldson, D. Witten, M. Greenamier, S. Youker, L. Swanson, C. Hockinson, S. Johnson, D. Blair J Fredricks., Row 2 D. Warner, S. Peterson, R. Bobean,C. Clark. P. Hill, D. Rice, J. Ewer, S. Miller, L. Knopp, C. May, M. Dunham, I. Moore, Row 3. M. Gray, L. Witten, D. Osborne, R. Carlson, V. Means, M. Morse, C. Mckinney, L. Spelling, M. Baron, H. Beck, K. Reist, J. Peterson, Row 4. L. Anderson, P. Burd, B. Burd, B. Parker, A. Summner, B. Thomas, B. Church, B. Chase, T. Stanton, D. Clark, C. Roberts, S. Bilentsky, R. Carlson, Row 5. J. Vanord, R. York, K Wilson, T. McNutt, J. Lyons, C. Smith, L. Smith, L. Darr, L. Smith, R. Biliski, L. Peterson, R. Quiggle, D. Craker, J. Lindsay. Junior Choir 147Smart Going 149Varsity Club L. to R.; Row 1-D. Uber, B. Cable, D. Luther, D. Campbell, R. Eaton, S. Carlbcrg, G. Hitchcock, B. Lohncs. Row 2 J. Siefert, E. Condon, S. Collins, D. Marsh, W. Mangini, C. D’Au-gustinc, J. Hodges, M. Shaffer, D. Switzer, D. Grant. Row 3 P. Dyke, G. Hutchinson, D. Stanton, T. Lin-dcll, D. Landin, M. Donaldson, T. Ahart, M. Clark, K. Martin, T. Ristau, B. Johnson. Row 4-M. VanOrd, Mr. Borst, W. Allen, J. Olson, W. Birt, D. Sumner, R. Rickerson, A. Brunez, D. Johnson, B. Pratz, B. Skaffer, T. Luv-inson, L. Schultz. Vo-Tech Seniors L to R Row 1. J. Hepler, J. Chase, D. Blair, C. Campbell, Row 2-D. Brecht, D. Deprater, R. Edwards, Row 3. G. Fram, P. Mclquist Row 4-C. Horn-strom, D. Walker, B. Dalrample. Future Farmers of America 150100 Mile Club Row 1 L to R. J. Brecht, S. Feeney,C. Lechner, E.Condon,C. D’Augistine, J. Himes, V. Gricb. Row 2 L. Stoddard, T. D’Augistinc, H. Block, B. Pangborn, A. Sumner. S. Brant, J. Sanders. Row 3 C. Olds, P. Peterson, B. Martin. 700 Mile Club 400 Mile Club L. to R.; Row 1-L. McMillan, R. Williams, C. Roberts. Row 2-D. Baran, P. Bryan. B. Olds, M. Van-Ord. Row 3-K. Gricb, D. Grant, W. Mangini. L to R-E. Conden, B. Lohncs, C. Augustine, D. Landin L to R. Row 1. J. Martin Row 2 J. Jones, D. Arp, Row 3. S. Park, P. Mangini, B. Jones, L. Wright, Row 4 J. Pick, L. Mazzu, W. Levinson, Row 5-L. Fox, D. Luther, D. Grant, W. Mangini, Row5, W. Durlin, S. Beye-ler, J. Arp. Row 7. R. English, L. Riley, C. Bloomgren, C. Murphy., K. Jones. Row 8, S. Bauer, E. Barrett, K. Burch, A. Smith. Row 9. J. Phillips B. Campbell, G. Neese, CMerkle. G.A.A. Saturday Bowling Men’s Sugar Grove Bowling L to R. Row 1 R. Clark, S. Welch, T. Johnson, J. Carlson, J. Collins, R. Sechricst, K. Thorpe. Row 2 D. Perkins, C. Murphey, K. Peterson, M. Johnson, J. Burch, L. wenzel, D. Falconer, J. Frank. Mr. Black LtoRRowl L. Williams, J. Williams. A. Glotz, J. Dyke. Row 2. S. Peterson, D. Hollabaugh, C. Giordano, M. Peterson, J. Mott, L. Chapman, J. Zalik, S. Shepard, J. Jordan, B. Pratz, C. Akeley. Women’s Sugar Grove Bowling 152Junior GAA L to R Row 1 Mrs. Kibbey, M. Peterson, H. Block, A. Summner, Miss. Confer. Row 2, C. Courtney, L. Hane, G.- Morelli, J. Mott, C. Lech-ncr, L.- Chapman, R. Martin, T. D -Augistine, S. Sullivan, S. Martin, R. Belitsky, B. Youngberg. Row 3. S. Switzer. L. Magcr, J. Vanord, T. McNutt,, L. Knapp, J. Brecht, R. York, K.-Wilson, D. Osborne. Row 4. T. Gardner, D. Warner, B. Stevenson, B. Larson, B. Church, M. Biekarck, S. Fcnncy, J. Arp, M. Pratz, E. Ellis Row 5. L. Whitten, B. Thomas, B. Stion, L. VanHoutcn, J. Dyke, J, Williams, M. Wright, D. Davis L. Burch, S. Wilson, S. Savko. Row. 6. C. Vanord, P. Bobeau, D. Hill, K. Carlson, W. Peterson, D. Johnson, W. Levison, B. Jones, C. Walker, S. Anderson. Row 7. B. Bridgctt, M. Schmidt, G. Hodges, p. Filiatrault, M. Hanson, P. O’donnel, K. Anderson. Row ’. V. Elder, B. Hunzinger, P. Gray, C. Gregory. Pep Club: Officers; President; Sara Beyeler Vice-President; Carol Bloomgrcn Secretary; Gretchen English Advisor; Joseph Letko Chess Club L to R Row 1 J. Kane, S. Hane, T. Moon, S. Flasher, K. Hane, R. Champ-bell, Row 2. K. Crosby, L, Dyer, R. Quiggle, C. Lassinger, G. Raine, D. Ristau, J. Reed. Row 3. E. Spitler, B. Clark, D. McDonald, K. Carlson, J. Frank, B. Cataldo, L. Lundmark, S. King. Row 4 S. Cable, N. Las singer, D. Jcnning R. Olds, S. Abbot, J. Peterson, M. Johnson, P. Landin. Row 5 K. Abbey, J. Gray, M. Les -iere, S. Burch, J. Nelson, Row 6. J. Greenamyer, M. Erwin, M. Smith, D. Greib, B. Hosier, E. Smith, J. Frank. Row 7 D. Devore, V. Hotchkiss, D. Johnson, L. Wright, C. Chapman, R. Dyer, R. Chapman, T. Johnson, Mr. Bacchetti. 153L to R. Row 1. B. Cable, A. Smith, S. Beyeler, K. Kane, D. Marsh, L. Riley, G. Neese, K. Hunzinger, JHodgcs, S. Carlberg, D. Grant, J. Bergstrom, A. Lundberg, Row 2. R. Tunner, C. Murphy, D. Johnson K. Martin, D. Sumner, L. Gray, J. Peterson A. Stewart, K. Haupt, S. Porter, D. Cold-iron, R. McIntyre, K. Sanden, S. Lan-din, N. Brown, E. Barrett. Row 3-S. Bauer, B. Shaffer, M. Clark, D. Campbell, T. Ahart, D. Landin, B. Lohnes, P. Bryan, C. Hornstrom, B. Allen, R. Eaton, B. Peterson, J. Sshmitt, D. McIntyre, S. Abbott, C. Merkle. National Honor Society N.H.S. Seniors L. to R.; Row 1 -D. Johnson, B. Shaffer, D. Sumner, A. Smith, S. Bauer, Row 2-N. Brown, L. Riley, E. Barrett, G. Neese, D. Marsh, K. Kane, C. Merkle, S. Abbott, J. Bergstrom, C. Murphy, B. Cable. Row 3-K. Haupt, J. Peterson, A. Stewart, L. Gray, P. Bryan, D. Campbell, D. Landin, M. Clark, B. Lohnes, M. Donaldson, K. Martin, C. Hornstrom, R. Turner, D. Grant. L to R. Row 1. P. Schultz. T. Ris-tau G. Hitchcock, D. Johnson, D. Stanton D. Uber, Row 2. T. Luvison, D. Majors B. Birt, G. Hutchison, D. Campbell, Row 3. K. Sumner, C. Murphey, P. Mangini, A. Stewart, M. Stanton. Key Club 154L. to R., Row 1; S. Hagberg, M. Custer, Mr. Schultz, Row 2; S. Warner, J. Ewer, L. Neal, R. McIntyre, D. Coldiron A.V. Club L. to R., Row 1; T. Daugharty, J. Fredericks, R. Dunham, S. Chase, Row 2; K. Crosby, C. Roberts, M. Dunham, B. Fredericks, Mr. Rolls Spanish Club L. to R., Row 1; J. Rapp, D. Johnson, S. Smith, E. Donalson, T. Spelling, K. Cable, T. Jones, D. Skinner 155Bible Club L to R. Row 1. D. Crakcr, D. Blair, K. Howard, T. Onink, P. Peterson, L. Rivet, K. Repine, B. Riel, Row 2. Ms. Reese, R. Carlson, B. Pangborn, J. Sopher. P.Y.E.A. Club L. to R.; Row 1-L. DcRcmcr, D. Phillips, R. VanOrd, M. Bearficld, L. Rogers, M. Gray. Row 2-L. Anderson, D. Roberts, C. Warner, W. Pihl-bald, R. Shaffer, B. DuPont, T. Anderson, Mr. Dorrion (advisor). L to R-Row 1. D. Luther, Mrs. Winter, D. Glotz. Nurses Assistants 156L. to R.,Row 1; K. Youker, S. Roberts, C. Bloomgren, D. Luther, L. Kannar, B. Pangborn, Miss Lutton, Row 2; Sherry Faust, M. Manelick, S. Park, D. Glotz, B. Wagner, L. Craker, S. Edson, P. Peterson, V. Brown, Row 3; D. Westfall, D. Smith, L. Wright, S. Hotchkiss, M. Robeson, L. Stoddard, L. Tutmaher, S. Braley, M. Stoddard, N. Mortin, S. Peterson, J. Moore, D. Arp Future Business Leaders of America Cinderbelles L. to r.. Row 1; L. Williams, L. Kane, J. Brecht, W. Mangini, M. Bearfield, P. Smith, D. Grant, Row 2; A. Sumner, M. Shaffer, S. Faust, C. Lcchner, S. Bauer, L. Brecht, K. Summerson, B. Campbell, Row 3; K. Grieb, J. Loomis, L. Riley, S. Beyelcr, J. Pick, H. Block, G. English, L. Briggs, Row 4; T. Onink, C. Murphy, J. Rapp, D. Marsh, K. Burd, R. English, K. Sanders, Row 5; Mr. Engstrom, Mr. Hoffman, A. Theline Future Homemakers of America L. to r.. Row 1; S. Condron, C. Zobrist, L. Godden, P. Sopher,C. Blackwell, J. Christiansen, S. Christiansen, Row 2; C. Colander, A. Thelin, D. Chase, T. Means, L. Chase, T. Hunzinger, J. Rogers, B. Carlson, Row 3; L. Foxx, P. Campbell, B. Lusk, Adviser-Mrs. Siefert 157Office Assistants L to R. Row 1. D. Blair, Row 2. J. Eckert, S. Hockiss, M. Osborne, J. Moore, D. Glotz, R. Moore. Guidance Office Aids L to R. J. Beck, A. Ewer, S. Faust, D. Fisher, S. Hotchkiss, J. Pick. L to R. Row 1. W. Durlin, L. Foxx, C. Little, J. Crosby, J. Crosby, R. Reed, D. Wilson, L. Burch, B. Young-berg, B. Dupont, T. Repine, D. Riel, S. Peterson, Mrs. Cable, B. Lusk Row 2-E. Rollingcr, F. Strickland. Library Assistants 158GAA Seniors L. to R., Bottom Row; Advisor-Mrs. Leathers, C. Merkle, N. Brown, S. Collins, C. Murphy, J. Loomis, L. Riley, D. Marsh, K. Burd, R. English, K. Sanders, Row 2; G. Jones, D. Arp, P. Smith, L. Wright, J. Jones, D. Grant, W. Mangini, J. Siefert, E. Condon, C. Briggs, K. Lin-dell, J. Easton, Top Row; A. Smith, S. Bauer GAA—10th, 11th Grade L. to R. Row I; D. Pratz, K. Rummer, L. Fox,M. Shaffer, V. Bearfield,J.Peterson, V. Grieb, J. Dow, Row 2; D. Wadsworth, L. Briggs, C. D’Augustine, B. Campbell, J. Himes, M. Majer, M. Sanders, M. Williams, C. Akeley, J. Zalik, J. Nelson, M. Giordano, J. Pick, Row 3; Adviser-Mrs. Leathers, J. Sanders, L. Mazzu, A. Lund-berg, W. Durlin, K. Keller, K. Jones, M. Smith, K. Summerson, J. Phillips, S. Brant, S. Shephard, D. Barrett, K. Hun-zinger, C. Bloomgren, D. Luther, Row 4; S. Park, J. Brecht, J. Hodges, K. Grieb, S. Carlberg Science Club L. to R., Row 1; J. Nuttall, T. Stanton,F. Stroker, V. Baron, M. McArthur, J. McMillan, Row 2; J. Durnell, M. Wenzel, V. Rogers, R. Chamberlin, Adviser-Mr. Carberry 159Squire Staff L. to R.; Row 1-P. Nelson, J. Bergstrom, C. Peters, Advisor-Miss Fraley. L. to R.; Row 2-V. Fredericks, B. Phillips, B. Foltz, S. Braley Art Club L. to R.; Row 1-B. Dupont, C. Sullivan, I. Martin, L. Mazza, J. Carlson, T. Younie, L. Sanders, C. Decker L. to R.; Row 2-D. Clark, D. Welsh, V. Savko, K. Zuck, P. Harris, D. De-Vore, M. Cataldo L. to R.; Row 3-D. Grow, D. Turner, R. Lauffenbugcr, W. Brooks, B. Decker, D. Luther, G. Critzer, R. Spelling, C. Dalrymple, Advisor Mr. Hedman L. to R.; Row 4-R. Lngstrom, L. Brooks, D. Graham, K. Co veil Junior Art Club L. to R.; Row 1-L. Sopher, K. Sullivan, S. Smith, V. Means, K. Kiefer, M. Me Chesney, T. Decker L. to R.; Row 2-M. Donaldson, T. Newark, C. McMillan, L. Wright, D. Hedman, S. Welch, A. Frangione, B. VanOrd, G. VanOrd, R. Wilkins, T. Homstrom, E. Falconer L. to R.; Row 3-R. Wilkins, M. Schwanke, E. Orcutt, M. Wilcox, S. Dupont, J. Zimmerman, C. Fischer 160SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY IHC Farm Industrial Equip. Appliances—Hardware—Plumbing Phone: 489-7711 JACK’S AUTO BODY Major Minor Accident Repair Used Cars Bought Sold Niobe, N.Y. CARLSON’S RESTAURANT DICK’S KEYSTONE SERVICE Main Jackson Run Official Inspection Station Front End Alignment Tires—Batteries Accessories—Sun Scope Tune Ups 24 Hr. AAA Wrecker Service Phone: 489-7815 Grocery — Branch Post Office 723-9865 16 So. State St. N. Warren, Pa. CROSSETT nc. 0v - ML- • ■ “Escape from the Ordinary’ Shop . . . TWO STEPS UP “Gifts for the Selective” Pa. Ave in Warren 161WARREN CABINET SHOP State St., Russell, Pa. •; 757-8200 SATELLITE BOWL TROPHY LOUNGE Best Wishes to the Class of '76' JEFFERSON HOUSE GALLERIES Warren, Pa. 850 Foote Avenue Jamestown, N.Y. Phone 483-1818 or 483-1812 SAM’S SUPER SUB'S Compliments of JAMESTOWN FUR COMPANY East 2nd Street Jamestown, N.Y Specializing in “Munch Service” 484-1888 Best of Luck ‘76ers GLEN-RAY AUDIO CAMERA CENTER Jamestown, N.Y. Compliments of JAMESTOWN RUBBER STAMP CO. Jamestown, N.Y. KEYSTONE PRINTING CO. “For All Your Printing Needs” Warren, Pa. Savoy Restaurant Congratulations from all of us to all of you PEARSON'S MARKET irsl to the Jhungnj QUALITY MEATS-GROCERIES-PRODUCE 631 Newland Ave. 1976 Graduating Class 219 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. Compliments of PETE'S MARKET Frewsburg, N.Y. “Congratulations Class of 76” 162Compliments From DYKE'S GARAGE PENNCO INDUSTRIES TJLe 'Juries! Aulomoliiw It Oft in HULL ELECTRIC INC. Compliments of GEORGES KITCHEN rjCottsi'if e 1200 Penna. Ave. Warren 335 Pennsylvania Avenue West Warren, Pa. MANWARING CUSTOM PROCESSING Panama G. R. MACHINE CO., INC. Specializing in Your Machining Problems Manager: Marrell Sherbeck 723-5950 or 723-3935 1501 Penna. Ave. W. ASHVILLE GROCERY Route 474 Ashville, New York 14710 Compliments of INTER ROYAL CORPORATION TROYER FARMS Waterford, PA. Deluxe Division Warren, Pa. ? Better Baked B B BETTER BAKED FOODS, INC. Compliments of PENN AUTO ALIGNING Jefferson Franklin Sts. Westfield. New York 14787 Phone 716 326-4651 Specialist in Wheel Alignment Warren, Pa. 723-3900 723-3660 163ROBERTS PRINTING SERVICE 7 Main Street Russell, Pa. 16345 BENSON'S YELLOW BLACK STORE Compliments of PETE'S Fentonville, N.Y. SMITH'S BAIT SHOP 1917 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 Russell. Pa. 16345 Compliments of: HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIO Fairmount Plaza Jamestown, N.Y. Phone 716-484-1355 ECKSTROM RANDALL 978 Market St. No. Warren, Pa. 16365 Ph. 814 723-1955 Compliments of FREWSBURG LANES 164MANSWARING CUSTOM PROCESSING Panama, N.Y. Best Wishes From MERRILL LIVEZEY Custom Butchering Phone 757-8117 R.F.D. 3 Sugar Grove, Pa. 16350 JAMESTOWN AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOC. Compliments of LEN’S PRO SHOP NORRIS OPTICAL COMPANY Bowling Equipment — Tennis Supplies Jamestown, New York 1 — - m tin JARVIS CLEANERS Congratulations Class of “76” - in r M ■ »t ■Kit , fi : CUSTOM FLOORS FURNITURE Our Best Wishes To the Eisenhower Class of 76 WARREN TIMES 'OBSERVER For Complete Coverage News — Sports — Society 723-8200 — Warren, Pa 165 ROSELLA M. POTKOVICK REAL ESTATE AGENCY RESIDENTIAL - FARMS FA. AVE. COMMERCIAL - APPRAISALS WARREN. PA. 10366 OFFICE 726-0240 Compliments of Warren National Bank SCHAEFFER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 606 Lexington Avenue Warren, Pa. 16365 Serving Kinzua Country HOME AND GARDEN CENTER Jamestown, New York SWANSON'S AMERICAN HARDWARE Main Street Russell, Pa. 16345 Congratulations to the Class of 76 DAVIDSON’S RESTAURANTS Lakewood, New York and Falconer, New York Congratulation Graduates Congratulations to the Class of “76” BALDWIN JEWELERS Jamestown, New York MARV’S EARL W. SMITH GAS SERVICE Sterling Service L.P. Battled—Bulk Appliances Bear Lake, Pa. Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone Corry: 814-664-2118 CALDWELL'S Fashions for girls of all ages 104 Liberty St. 166Band Instruments Piano Tuning Sales. Rental and Repair and Service TURNER MUSIC STUDIO 2025 South Maple Street Ashville, New York 14710 W. Edward Turner Phone: 716 763-9424 Phone: (814) 723-3220 NORTH AUTO SALVAGE Akely, Pa. RECORD HARVEST RADIO SHACK Quality Audio Components 230 Penn. Ave. 723-4140 Clothing Furniture for Young Men of All Ages THE STYLE SHOP Best in Men’s Wear” RUSLINK PLAZA DRUGS 724 Foote Street Jamestown, N.Y. 8:30 to 10:00 Daily Compliments MARTI’S STEAK HOUSE 232 East 2nd Street Compliments of TONY’S SANDWICH SHOP Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone 489-7855 SANDERS EGG FARM ISJeans r vitj'iii: .1 mi Sugar Grove, Penn. Phone 489-7724 WARREN CORRY Pennbank A VtVbfRf C SUGAR GROVE, PA. FULL SERVICE BANK DRIVE-UP WINDOW SAVINGS LOANS CHECKING SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES WARREN TAXI A. C. PETERSONS COMPANY 723-2020 Service Anywhere COFFARO’S CUSTOM BUTCHERING Compliments of: Freezer Orders RD 3 Sugar Grove KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN "It’s finger-lickin’ good!" TOWN AND COUNTRY FOOD CENTER Sugar Grove, Pa. Compliments of LORANGER PLASTICS Warren, Pa. JEAN FROCK Compliments of 326 Penna. Ave. Warren TAYLOR PHARMACYBIEKARCK MUSIC HOUSE 426 Penna. Ave. W. Warren 723-1910 for all your musical needs Garrison-Simonsen, Inc. Compliments of SUMMERSON ELECTRIC Insurance for every need 113 Pennsylvania Avenue West P.O. Box 157 Warren, Pennsylvania 16365 R.D. 3 Sugar Grove, Penn. POUND • A • WEIGH 250 Penn Ave. West 723-7545 LEVI EPSTEIN SONS Phone: 814-723-2300 410 Penna Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 Men Boys Wear A B HEATING Sheet Metal Co. HOWARD CURTIS SON BOX 177. SUGAR GROVE. PENNSYLVANIA 16350 PHONE: 814-489-3931 Compliments of: VIRG—ANN FLOWER SHOP INC. 169FAULK VOLKSWAGEN, INC. LEN FAULK DODGE, INC. HALES RED WHITE General Merchandise Sales, Parts, Service Phone: 726-1275 JAMES ST. GEORGE FUNERAL HOME Warren, Pa. 432 W. Smith Street Corry, Pa. GARY P. SWANSON 1312 Penna. Ave. Warren, Pa. 723-6796 MOSHER MOBILE MILLING Lottsville, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of ’76 Dairii Queen 663-2691 DAIRY QUEEN of North Warren COUNTRY DRIVE IN RD 2, Russell, Pa. The truckers stop Compliments of Compliments NORTHERN PROPANE GAS CO. 2703 Pa. Ave., West Ext., Warren, Pa. J.C. PENNEY CO. Warren, Pa. 170JAMES JEWELERS Liberty St. Warren Pa. COMMUNITY CONSUMER DISCOUNT LOANS AND FINANCING Warren, Pa. Congratulations to the class of 1976 WATT OFFICE SUPPLY Congratulations From WATTS FLATS GROCERY STORE Watts Flats, New York Compliments of ERICKSON’S RESTAURANT Lakewood, New York Compliments of RUSTY NAIL Frewsburg, New York Northwest Savings Association Warren, Pa. FAIRBANK FARMS, INC. Ashville, N.Y. Tel.: 716-763-8507 Wholesale meat and poultry custom slaughtering and processing 171Where you can buy almost anything your little ole heart desires. Compliments of CAPRINO’S 2 great stores to serve you Jamestown, New York MOORE'S HARDWARE Frewsburg, New York WARREN WEBSTER CORPORATION New Location 2 South State Street North Warren, Penna. Plumbing Heating Sheet Metal Fab. Compliments of ROBERT W. BASTIAN It 1 hWT LESTER R. SNELL Girin’s DAY S FLOWERS r Your Friendly School Supplies—Office Supplies SERVICE Florist Texas Instruments Calculators 723-6100 300 West 3rd Jamestown, N.Y. Off PINNA AV. CAST Phone: 483-1168 1ft Ml TZU WARREN BROWN'S BOOT SHOP 324 Penna Ave. W. WARREN COUNTY MOTOR CLUB, INC. 201 Penna. Ave. W. PCgitone printing Company WER Berdine Printing Company tP I iMUTprctt and Plioto-Ojfwt ' ' 101 OAK STREET WARREN, PA PHONE 723-8870 BORG’S PHOTO SHOP Film—Camera—Photos 723-8900 j ll aejo 115 PCNMVLVAMIA AVt. . WAAREM. PA. 1MM Congratulations class of 76 from DON JONES YOUNG'S Nutritional, Supplement for Livestock WARREN DEALERS ASS. Mid town motors Frewburg, N.Y. Ph. 569-2075 Dick Eleer Lincoln Mercury Swift Pontiac Cadillac American Jones Bros. Chevrolet Smith Buick Olds Faulk Volkswagon-Dodge Quack’s Motors Mahan Motors Datsun G.M.C. TINY TOWN 340 Penna. Ave. W. 129 Penna. Phone: 723-1951 Furniture and Floor covering of Distinction. EDWARD L. COLLINS FUNERAL HOME Sugar Grove, Pa. Congratulations from CADY’S CARD GIFT SHOP 220 Liberty Street Warren, Pa. 489-7933 Congratulations Class of 76 off-street parking SUNRISE RIDGE FARM Ken Loomis Sugar Grove, Pa. 173GTE SYLVANIA PARTS DIVISION Congratulations To The 1976 Class GTE SYLVANIA PARTS DIVISION SWANSON’S WATCH SHOP 126 Penna. Ave. W Warren, Pa. 16365 Compliments of FREWSBURG HOTEL Banquets Wedding Rec A Fine Place to Eat VINNIE'S COMET MARKET 1035 Market Street Ext. North Warren, Pa. 16365 Congratulations Class of "76” SCHWINN Bike World of Warren Your Bicycle Serving Center Bikes Trikes for All the Family Parts Services on All Makes Models 2025 Penna. Ave. 723-1758PHONK 4« -17«5 404.1014 SCHUYLER’S CATERING SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN CHICKEN BARBECUES Ernest Schuyler 707 RaiRMOUNT AVt., w. Jamutown, N. Y. KOFOD’S GENERAL STORE You-name-it-we-try to-have-it Bear Lake, Pa. 0 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE EDWARD VOTY 307 Penna Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 726-2450 JOHN POWLEY 301 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 723-9420 RANDY VOTY 307 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 726-2450 CONGRATULATIONS “CLASS OF 76” GRAHAM 0 INSURANCE AGENCY YOUR TRAVELERS INSURANCE AGENT Phone 723-2651 Box 132 15 Conewango Ave., Warren, Pa. 175 BARNHART - DAVIS CO. Compliments of Kofod’s Studio Machine Shop Automobile Replacement Parts Youngsville, Pa. 16371 Telephone 563-4463 Warren, Pa. 16365 Telephone 723-5600-1 Sheffield, Pa. 16347 Telephone 968-3639 Warren, Pa. YARN BARN 1 Main Street Russell, Pa. QUACK’S MOTORS Dependable Used Cars WARREN. PA. 16365 Complete Home Furnishings Since 1905. Best of Luck Class of “1976” WARREN SEWING CENTER 231 Penna. Ave. W. John Peterson Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania VALENTINE DISPOSAL 112 Penna. Ave. W. 176On behalf of the Balfour Company, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations and the best of luck in the years ahead. °£olfcur Jewelry Finest Craftsmen Represented by: RON RICHARDSON Box 771 Morgantown, WV 26504 YOUNGS NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT FOR LIVESTOCK Don Jones Frewsburg, N.Y. 569-2075 Congratulations Class of “76" VALONE SHOE STORE Two Floors of Famous Brands” Warren, Pa. For Your Photography Needs: BRIAN LINDQUIST Congratulations Class of '76 C.R. HOMES! With material prices going higher and the cost of rent soaring . . Your Authorized C.R. Homes Dealer is: Kurt Von-Kleist RD 1A, Russell Pa. 757-8716 or 8869 Patrons NEW PENN. BEAUTY SCHOOL SMITH'S BAIT SHOP J M T.V. RADIO APPLIANCE GAHRING OPTICAL COLUMBUS GROCERY, JOE SOPHIE CROSBY'S SERVICE GARAGE GERALD ISABELLE QUALITY MARKETS, N. WARREN BARONE'S MARKET JENSEN PAINT CO. LEWIS MARKET SIMONSEN WALL PAPER PAINT CO. SKINNER'S APPLIANCE CENTER COMPLIMENTS OF JOYCE RUSSELL CARSON FINANCE SIEFERT JEWELRY WARREN CITY LINES DARLING JEWELERS Edward VanOrd Clayt Abbey 93 Racing Team 177BENNETT JEWELERS 100 West 3rd Street Jamestown, N.Y. 14701 Phone 485-1908 Diamonds—Watches Expert Repairing Member American Gem Society RUSSELL ROLLER RINK 757-8712 Russell, Pa "Special Rates for Groups' Compliments of: THE AKELEY GARAGE Akeley, Pa. When Buying or Selling Real Estate See or Call the BEN G. CLIFTON AGENCY 211 Market St. Warren, Penna. Phone 723-9620 Evenings: 723-9621 Best of luck 76'ers JOHNSON SPORT CAMERA SHOP IDEAL BAKERY 102 East 3rd St. Jamestown, N.Y. 716-664-4801 WESfU PflOOUCTS “For All Your Bakery Needs” Pa. Ave in Warren Suds Your Duds at SUGAR GROVE LAUNDROMAT Open 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily 178t Put Your Money Where It Will Do The Most Good Many used cars and trucks j To choose from TWIN AUTO WRECKING Archie Nichols Ed Shults Chev. Inc. W. Main St., Frewsburg,N.Y. Phone: 569-5232 “For the Best in Used Auto Parts” 300 Fluvanna Ave. Jamestown, N.Y. Phone: 716-484-7151 COWDRICK’S DRUG STORE Where the Customer’s King Walgreen Agency New Chev. Cars and Trucks A Warren, Pa. Dependable Prescription Service WALTS FAMILY SHOE STORE 112 E. Main St. Youngsville, Pa. ttote r«M" to nr v« k ATmrv rmrsi» wajr i vmn u WMiwntm i« v.sviin ■ BOWER RADIO AND T.V. Sales and Service Frewsburg, N.Y. BOWER’S TOUPE AND BARBER SHOP 208 E. Main St. Youngsville, Pa. ■ Bennett Jewelers 100 West Third Street Jamestown. New York 14701 Phone 485-1908 Diamonds—Watches—Expert Repairing Member American Gem Society IfMARKET 1 1 BASKET § viw.. FOOD.' U MARILYN'S FABRICS RD 3 Sugar Grove, Pa. WIGGERS CHEVROLET INC. 500 E. Main St. Youngsville. Pa. 179PHILLIP NYSTROM EXCAVATING ☆ Bulldozing—Grading ☆ Backhoe Work ☆ Lo Boy Service ☆ Road Building ☆ Ponds—Land Clearing ☆ Water Sewer Lines ☆ Pipeline Construction ☆ Oil Field Service Machine ☆ Dump Truck Service ☆ Oil Gas Well Drilling Compliments of ORIE’S BARBER SHOP Sugar Grove , Pa. Congratulations From JONES TASTY BAKING CO. INC. 209 Frank St., N.Y. DINO'S PIZZERIA 880 Foote Ave. Jamestown, N.Y. Italian Imported Foods Authorized Sales Service Free Home Demonstration L| 485-1164 Y Chataugua County Kirby ™ | 425 Fotte Ave jHj Jamestown j. Campasmo. Owner Congratulations From: 489-3933 Free Estimates MOBILE TELEPHONE CALL 726-1510 EXTENSION 2444 or 158 SKIP CINDY WEBER Tasty Bakery 330 Penna. Ave., West Warren, Pa. 305 MAIN ST. SUGAR GROVE, PA.Bright Beautiful Day Night Music NEWS ENTERTAINMENT The Contemporary Sound of Today @Bfe 321 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 484-1944 JAMESTOWN, N. Y. 14701 Main at Fourth Jamestown, N.Y. 14701 Ladies Sports and Casual Wear 20 22 Compliments of WILCOX BROTHERS Sugar Grove, Pa. MILLER'S GROVE Old Route 62 South of Frewsburg, N.Y. Berthold Studios Living Color Oil Colored Portraits PORTRAITS—WEDDINGS—GRADUATION—CHILDREN—COPIES 7 WEST THIRD STREET 2nd Floor—Maddox Bldg. JAMESTOWN, N. Y. 14701 PHONE 664-5704Compliments of SKINNER'S APPLIANCE CENTER 213 Penn Ave. East Warren, Pa. CAM OO auto par iOV Mow 1 01 » ■ •« tnuu IMM rs Compliments of BARONE'S MARKET Frewsburg, N.Y. Congratulations From MOSTERT’S BAKERY 305 Pennsylvania Avenue COMMUNITY CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH. INC. 215 E FAIRMOUNT AVENUE LAKEWOOD. NEW YORK 14750 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT BUS PHONE 763-1881 | GAS LIGHT MOTOR INN jn| 720 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE ROUTE 17) JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK 14701 726-2450 VOTY’S INSURANCE AGENCY 307 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 Nationwide Insurance Home Care Life Health Business Home Office—Columbus, Ohio Congratulations Class of “76” LEWIS MARKET 303 Pennsylvania Avenue East Warren, Pa. BUSTY’S SHOE REPAIR Shoe Repair and Orthopedical Work Zipper Service—Phone 483-0645 120 East Third Street Jamestown. New York Congratulations From NEW PENN. BEAUTY SCHOOL 223 Pennsylvania Ave. West Congratulations from KWIK FILL 600 Pennsylvane Ave. East JACK'S PENNZOIL STATION 100 Market Street, Warren Phone: 726-2077 MUSTY'S PIZZA SHACK Under New Management Open 11 A.M.—Featuring Soup of the Day And Fresh Subs 155 East Fairmont Ave., Lakewood, N.Y. Congratulations Class of "76" From B B SMOKE SHOP 235 Liberty Street, Warren Patrons ROCKMAN’S SUPER DUPER South Side Plaza Jack and Marge Phinney Michael Davis Mr. and Mrs. Sisk Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fry Mr. James Falvo Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bergstrom Mr. Steve Pacheco Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bloomgren Bonnie Wright Mr. and Mrs. Edward Voty Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wright Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lindell Piazzas Carpet and Tile Shop, Inc. Lakewood Auto Parts Eckerd Drugs MR. AND MRS. FREDRICK HANE SALLY-JO’S BEAUTY SHOPPE Fine Meats and Top Value Stamps w. w. BOERST OPTICIAN COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE PHONC IIT-JItl DAILY AND SATURDAY GROUND FLOOR AKO RY appointment HOTEL JAMESTOWN Congratulations of "76” From CARLSON’S Compliments DICK JORDAN Livestock Hauling a f TACO Hur Patrons MR. AND MRS CHARLES MARTIN MR. AND MRS KENNETH LINDELL THE GREENERY CARLSON FINANCE CYCLE SHOP. INC HALL OPTICAL MR. ANTHONY’S HAIR STYLING A BARBERING Congratulations from the COUNTRY KITCHEN Frewsburg, New York Where Friends Meet HUMIDOR NEWS 122 E. 3rd St. Jamestown, N.Y. 14701 WACOPSE Serving School Employ And StudoRts JL03 £. 3rJ. St. TcN «$tbwAi AlX Of Warron And forest Count!.. And Municipal Eoiployocs Of Warren Borough For 3S Year 193185Duh! 1861«7Up, Up, and Away! 1MJust Hanging Around My Hero! They Went Don’t Bother Me While I’m Taking Out the Trash! 190Just One Big Happy Family 191CD 3 DEMOCRATS %V Still Looking for Their Man E t K°x dr K r X S The Skeptical Voters 4S S

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