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 I I  I Lance Eisenhower High SchoolContents Dedication 4 Appreciation 5 Memorial 6 Staff 7 Seniors 9 Superlatives 33 Underclassmen 39 Faculty 60 Student Life 70 Athletics 102 Interests 156 Music 171 Advertisements 2 182Dedication Dedicated to an individual who has given much of himself to EHS, the nineteen-hundred and seventy-five edition of the Lance wishes to extend their very special thank-you to Mr. John Brunecz. Starting here in 1968, Mr. Brunecz has masterfully taught and guided his students in many areas of endeavor. As a member of the math department he has taught everything from seventh-grade math to Level IV, independent study. Working as a PIAA sanctioned official for basketball and football, Mr. Brunecz gives himself to extra curricular activities as well. In addition Mr. Brunecz coaches basketball and is an advisor for the senior class. Also, he is an advisor for the Chess Club. If one was to assign words which characterizes Mr. John Brunecz, the listwould not be complete without the words, dedicated. spirited, loyal, helpful, enthusiastic, but most important involved. John Brunecz is truly an involved teacher, and that's the best kind. 4Appreciation |v This year's yearbook staff would like to show their appreciation to Mr. Bartsch for his time, energy and ideas that made this book possible. Starting totally in the dark at the beginning of this year, because of Mrs. Norton, the previous advisor's retirement, Mr. Bartsch, along with a new staff, had to learn the ropes of creating a yearbook by more or less, trial and error. Many long hours of work were put into this book. When things started slowing down or when ideas were needed Mr. Bartsch could be counted on to get things moving. Since our '75 staff was small, we relied on Mr. Bartsch for all of our copy. Benefiting from simply not knowing the traditions of the contents of a yearbook. we feel that with Mr. Bartsch's help and guidance we have shown more creativity, adding to the quality of this yearbook. The 1975 Yearbook Staff 5Memoriam missing you i miss you but . . . you'll never know that i still cry for you some nights remembering your eyes . . . your smile when i was lonely you loved me so simply . . . V Henry Lindell Charlene Jones July 5, 1957 May 6, 1957 when i was empty inside you picked up my life and brought me home again days ran out life ran out even your laughter is gone Gary Elberg January 4, 1957 did i ever thank you for making me warm i always meant to say i love you i pray that you knew without the words Robin Troxell1975 Yearbook Staff Those who worked, worked hard and well. This edition of the Lance was put together by a group who were relatively inexperienced in the making of an entire book. Building a book from absolutely nothing is a big job. It's not easy. Many headaches, sore muscles and bad dreams were part of what the yearbook people had to put up with. They had to plan, organize and get their ideas down on paper. Those who have never tried it won't be able to understand how difficult it really is. Those who have done it can feel proud of their accomplishment for it is a living record of the 74-75 school year. Staff Members Not Present n'3- V5W 33 For Picture Kim Hunt Karen Carlson Miranda Legere Cindy Warner Evelin Belin Maryetta Gertsch Nyla Thelin Helen Graves Mike Smith Edith Falconer Roxanne Lyon Anita Gregory Doug MooreCo-Editors When just asked to be a Co-Editor of the '75 yearbook, I was totally in the dark as to the duties of a Co-Editor. Having no experience on any previous staff, I learned the ropes from Brian. Along with a small staff that was willing to work, we were able to, I feel, create the best yearbook Eisenhower has ever had. I thank the staff for putting up with me and our hurried deadlines, when things got a bit too hectic. Because we were new to the idea of the yearbook and because we had a staff that was willing to spend some long hours working during and after school, we were able to complete a yearbook that reflects the school they way the student sees it. 8 This is the fourth consecutive year that I have been a member of the Lance Yearbook Staff. Previously, I functioned as the yearbook's staff photographer. This year I functioned as co-editor and photographer. I am very much pleased with this year's book. I'd very much like to thank our advisor, Mr. Jeff Bartsch and the great bunch of kids who worked on this year's book. I would like to thank my co-editor, Rick Schmitt for the great work he has done. There is one other person. He also happens to be my best friend, who deserves more thanks and recognition than anyone. He has been more fantastic help than any other staff member. I've talked with Him every day about the design and the needs of our book. He's stood beside me every time I've taken a picture, each time I've drawn a layout and always when there's been a need in the preparation this book He has come through by supplying those needs. His name is Jesus Christ. Each day He walks beside me and I thank Him for the great things He does in my life every day. I've watched Jesus meet and solve the problems of the '75 Lance. There are to many miracles to even begin to mention them. But I thank Him that He is still a living, exciting, moving God in our world and the lives of His people today. Lord Jesus, thanks again for your help—• --•—■] I —Seniors!! 1i Jl « I ----- rr rMotto: Seniors Class of 75 We the class of 75 have mixed emotions about our graduation. For many of us, graduation is a time of joy in which we can lookback at the twelve, seemingly endless, years and say to ourselves, "We did it. We're on our way now." Many of us will be- off to college, others to work and even others to the armed forces. Where ever we go, it is for personal betterment and graduation is the first step in that direction. Emotionally, graduation is a time for sadness. It is a time of leaving a place which has been our home for six years. It's a time of leaving teachers and friends who have been directly involved in the way we turned out. The security of EHS is gone and all we have are the memories. It's all part of being a senior and we happily and sadly accept it. Flower: Sweetheart Rose Colors: Burgundy and White To stand strong graciously; to smile; to love always; and to seek understanding these are the worthy ambitions of a life worth living. 10Yvonne Michele Abbey "Yvonne" January 2, 1958 Undecided--Business Secretarial Majorettes 8; Marching Band Color-guard 9; FHA 9; Pep Club 10; GAA 10-12; Letter, Pin, Jacket; Bowling 10-12 Trophy; Volleyball 12; Softball 7-12; Beth Jennifer Abbott "Beth” May 31, 1957 College--College Prep Nurse Assitant 11; PYEA 11, 12; Debate; Thespians; Class President 11; Treas. 8; Student Council Tres; Mina Marion Abbott "Mina August 10, 1956 Undecided- -General Art Club 7-12; Volleyball 10. Cathy Anne Akeley "Cathy" January 15, 1958 Dental Hygienist--College Prep Concert Band 7-12; Pin, Letters; Marching Band 7-12; Jacket, Pin, Letters; Vice Pres. 11; Dist. Band 9; Pep Band 9; Choir 7,8,11. National Honor Society; Lancers 8,10,11; Wendy Akeley "Wendy" April 16, 1957 Undecided--Secretarial Lancers 7,8; Pep Club 12; Press Club 7; Jeff Mark Anderson "Jeff" College--General Wrestling 7-12; Football 11-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Wrestling Club 7-9 Linda Sue Anderson "Linda" April 10, 1957 Undecided- -General Choir 10-12; Record Club 7-8; Press Club 9-12; Jr. Choir 7,9; Gym Show 7; Wayne L. Anderson "Wayne July 30, 1957 To get rich quick--GeneralDonna Marie Avellino "Donna" March 9, 1957 To leave town--Vo Tech. Paul Allen Barnes "Lurch" March 20, 1955 Auto Mechanic--Vo-Tech Photo Club 11. Pamela Kay Baxter "Pammie" June 23, 1957 Modeling School--General Pep Club 10-11; Varsity Club 12; Majorette 8-10; Varsity Cheerleader 12; GAA 10-12; Gym Show 7; FHA 10; Drama 12. Denise Bearfield "Denny" March 25, 1957 Live happily ever after--General Art Major Art Club 10-12; Cinderbelles 12; Volleyball 11,12. Daniel K. Beedle "Beedle" January 18, 1958 Heavy Construction--General Basketball Club 11, 12; Football 8, 10-12; Letter 12. Evelyn Diane Belin "Evie" May 27, 1955 Work—College Prep. Record Club 7; Bible Club 8-12; Library Asst. 10-12; Ybk 12; Guidance Asst. 7; Vo Tech Health Asst. 12. William Biekarch "Bill" January 25, 1957 Undecided--College Prep 12Willo Mae Birt "Walt" February 22, 1955 Career in Social Services--General Bowling 8-12; Track 11,12; Bible Club 7-12. Roy Blackwell April 15, 1956 Undecided--College Prep. Chess Club 11,12; Football 11,12. Anne L. Brown "Anne" August 15, 1957 College--College Prep. Lancer 7-10; Com. 10; GAA 10-12; Letter, Pin, Jacket, Volleyball, Bowling 10-12; Plays 11-12; Key Club 11; Student Council 9-12; Cinderbelles 10-12; Chair Woman 12; Girls Track 7-10. Vivian Ann Borland "Diz" October 11, 1957 Get a job--College Prep. G. A. A. 10-12; Cheerleader 11; Basketball 10,12; Trail Guide 11,12; Volleyball 10-12; Track 10. Craig Branstrom "Crazy Craig" December 6, 1955 Undecided--General „ Basketball Manager 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Ashley V. Brant "Roach Clip" September 19, 1957 To ride with the big boys--General Wrestling 7-9; Outdoor Conservation 11, 12; Art Club; Basketball Club. Steve James Brecht "Weiner" March 23, 1957 Service Carpenter--Vo Tech Carpentry Record Club 7,8; F. F. A. 9; Bible Club 10. Trudy Lianne Brooks July 10, 1957 Marriage - -General Art Club 7-12; Volleyball 10. 13Nicholas R. Bninecz "Nick" April 1, 1957 Mechanical Engineering--College Prep Football 7-12; Basketball 7-12; Track 9-12; Honor Society 11-12; Volleyball 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Key Club 10-12; Class Vice-Pres. 10-11; Class Pres. 12; Outdoor Conservation 7-9; Trail Guide 8-9. William Daniel Burd "Big Bird" February 2, 1957 College Prep Basketball Manager 10-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Trail Guides 8-12; Forest Fire Crew 10-12; Outdoor Conservation 7-12; Girls Basketball Coach. Rebecca Sue Button "Nip" July 18, 1957 To live a long and happy life--Vo-Tech Jr. Choir 7-9; Press Club 11; Vo-Tech 10-12; IMC Assistant 9. Candy L. Calhoun "Candy" March 3, 1957 Travel--Art Major Honor Society 11,12; Art Club 12. 14Ian M. Campbell "Barney" July 6, 1957 Decent Welder--General Vo-Tech. Wrestling 10-12; Letter 11-12; Football 11-12; Lettered 12; Study Hall 7-9. Mary Carlberg "Grease" July 29, 1957 Undecided--College Prep Cheer leading 8-12; Cinderbelles 9-12; Girls Basketball 12; Track 9-12; Volleyball 9-12; GAA 9-12; Varsity Club 11,12; Honor Society 11,12; Gym Club 11-12; Class Secretary 11-12. Cynthia D. Carlson "Cindy" October 31, 1957 Live and be happy--College Prep. Band 7-12; Marching Band 7-12; Jacket 11; PYEA 10,11; Pep Club 12; Student Council 9- 12. Karen Luella Carlson "Karen" June 6, 1957 College- -Secretarial Lancers 7-12; Marching Band Front (Rifle) 11; Jacket, Letter; Sr. Choir 10; Press Club (Editor) 11,12; Trail Guide 10-12; FHA9; Art Club 7, 8; Ybk. 12; Bowling 12. Richard Norman Carlson "Rick" March 1, 1957 Agriculture teacher--College Prep Chess Club 12; FFA 11-12. Lynda Christiene Carlstrom "Lyn" March 10, 1956 To make someone happy--College Prep Art 7-12; Press Club 11; Bowling 7, 8; Gym Show 7-10. Dana L. Cathcart "Dana" February 21, 1957 Art-Commerical--Art major Football 7-12; Wrestling 7-11; Gym Show 10- 12; Key Club 11-12; Track 10-12; Art Club 7, 8, 9; Varsity Club 11-12; Gym Club 11- 12. Alton G. Chase Jr. "Alton" December 27, 1956 Work with the outdoors--Vo Ag FFA 9-12; Bowling 9-12; Stage Crew 10- 11; Cross Country Course 12.David Clark "Dave" July 10, 1956 Farming and enjoy life--Vo Ag Weight lifting; Boxing; FFA. Karen Sue Clark "Clarky" August 26, 1957 Undecided--College Prep Lancers 7-12; Secretary 11; Com. 10-12; Homecoming Queen 12; GAA 10-12; Volleyball 9-12; Bandfront 11-12; Bowling 9-12; Trail Guides, FHA 9; Art Club 7-8; Cinderbelles 11-12; Jacket. Mark James Clark "Murtle" April 4, 1957 Undecided- -Clerical Chess Club 7-9, 11-12; Science Club 10. Sandra Rae Clark "Clark" December 5, 1956 Help all animals--College Prep Jr. Choir 7, 8; Sr. Choir 10; Record Club 7; PYEA 8-10; Marching Band 10-12 Chess Club 12; Lancers 11,12; Outdoor Conservation 11. Grant Comes March 16, 1957 General Maryetta Couse "Mary" July 15, 1957 Get married--General Press Club 10-12; Office Assistant 10-12; Ybk. 12. Jay D. Curtis "J" February 18, 1957 Undecided--College Prep Varsity Club 9-12; Football 7-9; Varsity Football 10-12; Basketball 7-12; Track 7- 12; Volleyball 10-12; Volleyball All Stars 10-12; Outdoor Conservation 7-9; Record Club 8; Key Club 10-12. Craig A. Dahler "Craig" February 7, 1957 Diesel Mechanic--Vo Ag Jr. Choir 7, 8; Conservation 9; FFA 9-12; Secretary 11; President 12; Basketball 12; Bowling 12; Volleyball 11. 16Shawn Laverne Decker "Shecker" July 24, 1957 College--College Prep Marching Band 7, 8,11,12, Jacket; Senior Band 9-12; Junior Band 7,8; Ike HighTones 9-12; Junior Choir 8; Senior Choir 12; Radio Club 10-12; Skiing 9-12; Thesbians 11; Debate 11,12; Basketball 7, 8,9; Choir. ? Sarah Jane Eggleston "Sally" March 28, 1957 College-Theater--College Prep Lancers 7-12, jacket, commander 12; Student Council 10-12, Vice President 11; Marching Band 11, commander, jacket, letter; Press Club 7-10; National Honor Society 11,12, President 12; Key Club 11. Edith Marie Falconer "Edie" January 11, 1957 Marruage--General, Vo - Tech Volleyball 7-10; Basketball 7-10; GAA 11, 12; Press Club 7-12; Hobby Club 7; Lancers 10. Cathie Sue Fehlman "Cathie" January 22, 1958 Music Major--College Prep Concert Band 7-12, pins letters; Marching Band 7-12, pins, letters, jacljgt. Secretary 10; Drum Major 11-12; Stage Band 9-12 letter, pin; Woodwind Quintet 9-12;National Honor Society 11-12; Dist Choir 10. 17Brian Douglas Fisk "Fusk" June 7, 1957 Manual Labor--General Bowling 7,9,12. Kendra Sue Frazier "Sue" March 15, 1957 Travel--Undecided--General Art Major Art Club 7,10,12; Press Club 11;Bowling 8-12 Volleyball 11-12. Richard Michael Gage "Joe Wop" March 5, 1957 Mechanic and head grease monkey- -General Football 7; Wrestling 8; Art Club 7-12. Richard Giordon "Rick" May 9, 1956 Jr. High Football; Conservation; Basketball; Wrestling; Gym Show; Wrestling Club; Varsity Football and Wrestling. Anita Gregory "Anita" May 15, 1957 Legal Assistant--Secretarial Jr. Choir 8,9; Sr. Choir 10-12; Lancers 9-12; Marching Band Front 11-12; Pep Club 11; Press Club 10; FBLA, Vice-President 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Volleyball 9-12; Madrigal 12. Karen Flasher "Karen" February 23, 1957 Undecided--Secretarial GAA 10-12; Letter, Pin, Jacket; Bowling 10-12; Track 10; Pep Club 7-10; Volleyball 10-12; Student Council 10-11; Choir 7-9. Paul G. Gourley "Paul" August 31, 1957 College--College Prep Chess Club 8-12; Wrestling 11. Robert Wayne Grant "Booby" January 31, 1957 Follow in Richard Petty's footsteps-eral Wrestling; Wrestling Club 9-10. -Gen 18Rebecca A. Grieb "Becky" April 4, 1957 College--College Prep Lancers 7-10; GAA 10-12 President 12, letter, pin, jacket, Cinderbelles 11-12 certificate; Bowling 10-12; Basketball 10; Volleyball 10-12; Student Council 8-9; Key Club 11; Pep Club 9-10, Secretary 10. Dean Groves "Dean" November 19, 1957 Hemp Farmer--Vo-Tech Carpentry. Cynthia Lou Gruber "Grubie" March 26, 1957 College-Physical Therapist--College Prep Choir 7-10; Art Club 7; PYEA 8,9; Lancers 10-12, Band Front 11,12; Outdoor Conservation 11, Sec.; Chess Club 12. Rebecca Ann Hale "Boomba" December 4, 1957 Medical Secretary--Secretarial Girls Basketball 12 letter; Volleyball 9-12; Warren County Tournament 11; Cinderbelles 11-12, Sec. 12, certificate, jacket, charm; GAA 10-12, letter; JVBasketball Scorekeeper 10-11, Varsity 12. Jeffrey Head "Jeff" November 9, 1957 Undecided--Vo-Tech. Marilyn B. Hinsdale "Merl" August 19, 1957 Enjoy life--College Prep Concert Band 7-12; Marching Band 7-12, jacket; Jr. District Band 8-9; District Orchestra 10-11; GAA 11-12; Pep Club 12; Trail Guide 11-12 Volleyball. Jody Ann Hodges "Jody" July 13, 1957 Undecided- -Secretarial Art Club 7, 8; Vice pres. 8, Lancers 7-10; FHA 9; Pep Club 10; GAA 10-12, letter; Track 10; Bowling 11-12; Cinderbelles 10-12, certificate, jacket, charm, letter. Melinda S. Hodges "Mindy" June 14, 1957 College--College Prep Marching Band Color Guard 9-10; National Honor Society 11-12; GAA 10-12; Volleyball 10-12. 19Don Hulihan "Huli" July 9, 1957 Undecided - - General Marching Band 8-12; Jr. Band 7, 8; Sr. Band 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Science Club 8-11; Record Club 7; Chess Club 12; Volleyball. Kim Marlene Hunt "Kim" April 29, 1957 College--College Prep Lancers 7-12; Record Club 7-8; Bible Club 9; GAA 11-12; Choir 7,9,10; Volleyball Champs 9; Band Front 11-12 Jacket; Honor Society 11-12, treasurer, 12. Leslie Dale Hunzinger "Bird" February 26, 1957 College-Pre-Med--College Prep Science Club 7-8; Chess Club 9; Varsity Club 10-12; Bowling 7-12; Football 7,9, 10; Varsity Football Manager 11; Wrestling 9,10,12; Track 7,8,9,12; Jr. Band 7, 8; Jr, Choir 7,8; Sr. Band 9; Marching Band. Richard Wayne Hutley "Dick" September 25, 1957 Car Mechanic--College Prep Jr. Band 7,8; Sr. Band 10-12; Wrestling 10,12; Chess Club 11-12; Bible Club 9-10; Stage Band 8-12; Marching Band 7-12; Brass Choir 9. Dave Johnson "DJ" October 25, 1957 I don’t know--General Basketball 8,9,10; Basketball Club 11,12; Outdoor and Conservation Club 8,9,10. Ruthann Johnson May 24, 1957 FTA; GAA; Bowling; Nurses Assistant. Wendy Johnson May 21, 1957 Hobby Club Kendra Jean Jones "Kendra" January 7, 1957 Teach Music--College Prep Cinderbelles 10-12; Office Assistant 11-12; Conservation Club 12; Girls Hobby Club 7, 8; Lancers 9; Bible Club 9; Press Club 11. 20Robert Kitchel "Bob" August 25, 1956 World Record 100 yd. dash--General Forest Fire Crew 9-12; Trail Guides 9-12; Art Club 9-12; Varsity Club 10-12; Basketball 8-10; Track 7-12; Football 7-9, 11,12. Kent Harold Landin "Mort" June 25, 1957 Dentist--College Prep Track 7-12, letters; 400 Mile Club 11-12; National Honor Society 11,12; Stage Band 8,9,11; Jr. Concert Band 7,8; Sr. Concert Band 9-11; Marching Band 7-12 Vice President 12; Varsity Club 12; Volleyball 11-12. I. Joseph Lascola "greaser" July 20, 1957 roamer--General Ssequence Wrestling club 10,11; basketball club 12. Dick Lauffenburger "Poo-Bear" December 28, 1956 Mechanics - service - -General Wrestling 9-10; gymnastics, 8-12; track 7; Music 7,8; FFA 9,10,11; Wrestling Club 10. 21Miranda Legere "Miranda" August 7, 1957 College--College Prep Girls Hobby Club, FFA; Press Club; Library Asst.; National Honor Society; Yearbook Staff. Homer Albert Lindell "Pete" July 5, 1957 Farmer--General Vo-Tech Wrestling; FFA; Outdoor Conservation; Track 10-12. Scott Lindell "Squirrelly Scott" January 7, 1957 Police Officer-College Prep Football 7-10,12; Wrestling 7-10; FFA 9- 11; Outdoor Conservation 7-9; Trail Guide 12; AV Crew 7-10 Archery 12; Dodge Ball Tournament 10. Sherry Ann Lindell "Sherry" May 20, 1957 Undecided- - General Art Club 7-12; Bible Club 7; Girls Track 7. Sherry Mae Lindell "Sherry" January 8, 1958 Gym Show 7; Bible Club 7, 8; Cheerleading Co-captain 12; GAA 10-12; Bowling 10-12; Student Council 10; Varsity Club 11-12, jacket; Pep Club 10-11; Nurses Asst. 10; Junior Prom Attendant. Brian L. Lindquist "Brian" October 19, 1957 College--College Prep Yearbook Photographer 9,11; Photography editor 10,12; Yearbook Co-editor 12; Bible Club Co-Pres 11,12; A-V Crew 7-12; Stage Crew 8-11. Kenneth M. Loomis "Ken" February 17, 1957 Farmer--Vo Ag Football 12; Letter 12; Wrestling 9-11; Bowling 7-12; Bowling Club 7-12; Outdoor Conservation 9-12; Trail Guide 9-12; Archery 12; Dodge Ball Tournament 10. Virginia Gale Lundberg "Ginny" November 3, 1957 College--Business Secretarial Lancers 9-12; Marching Band Front 11-12 (silk) Jacket; Senior Letter; Commander 12; Pep Club 11; FBLA Pres 12; Honor Society 11-12; Junior Choir 8; Yearbook Staff 12; Prom Server 10. i Roxanne Sue Lyon "Rocky" September 20, 1956 Business School--Business Secretarial Record Club 7,8; Gym Show 7; Press Club 9-11; Co-Editor 11; IMC 9-10; FBLA 12; Tres; Marching Band Announcer; Manager 12; Choir 10-12; Yearbook 12; Volleyball 12; Softball 8-12. Timothy McFarland "Tim" May 13, 1957 Field and Stream; Band; Bible Club; Outdoor and Conservation; J. V. Basketball; FFA; Madrigal Choir; District Choir. Polly Mangini "Polly" June 26, 1957 Undecided- -Secretarial Homecoming Attendant 10; Cinderbelles 11-12; Letter Jacket; Student Council 10; Bowling 10-12; Track 10; Pep Club 10; Volleyball 10-12; GAA 10-12; Letter, Pin, Jacket. Cheryl Manross "Cher" April 16, 1957 College--Business Secretarial Choir 8-12; Pep Club 11; Press Club 10; FBLA 12; Secretary; Office Assistant 10-11; Record Club 9; Hobby Club 7-8; Yearbook Staff 12. Julie Martin "Julie" January 30, 1958 College--Business Secretarial Cheerleading 7-12; Cinderbelles 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Honor Society 11-12; Track 9-12; GAA 9-12; Gym Club 11-12; Class Treasurer 10; Homecoming Attendant 9,11; Gym Show 10-12. Kurt Martin "Marty" November 11, 1956 Get a Job and Live it UP--General Wrestling 9-12; Varsity Club 9-12; Football 11-12; Volleyball Allstars 11-12. "Dennis L. Maze "Denny" June 9, 1957 Auto Body Repairs--General Chess Club; Bible Club; Bowling; Basketball. Douglas E. Moore "Emoore" September 4, 1957 Nuclear Physicist--College Prep Debate 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Student Congressional Committee 11-12; Plays 9-12; NEDT Certificate 9; National Merit Semifinalist 12; Chess Club 9-12; Student Council 11-12; YBK Co-Editor.Melia Rose Moore "Melia" June 24, 1957 Proffessional Singer--General Choir 10-12; District Choir 11-12; Madrigal Choir 11-12; National Honor Society; Band 7-11; Marching Band; Pin, Letter; IMC 9-11; Gym Show 7-8; Bible Club 7-9; Office Assistant 10-12. Paul Andrew Moravek "Moravachek" December 8, 1957 Electronic Technician--Vo-Tech Science Club 9-10; Co-Pres 10; Chess Club 7-12; Record Club 7,8. Jose Orlando Moro Dorado "Chichin" August 8, 1956 Engineering Petroleum--College Prep Tennis 7-12; Basketball 8-12; Soccer 7-12; Ping-Pong 8-12; Varsity Club 12. Exchange Student. Julia A. Morton "Julie" May 26, 1957 College - -Secretarial Art Club 7; Band 9-12; IKE High Tones 9-12; Press Club 11; FBLA 12; Honor Society 11-12. t t : j Glenn W. Nelson "Glen" January 13, 1957 Get a job--Vo-Tech Drafting and Design 10-12; Chess 7, 8,11, 12; Record Club 9-10. Jeanine Nelson "Jeanie" March 30, 1957 College--College Prep Volleyball 7-12; Basketball 7-10; Pep Club 9,10; Sr. Choir 12; Stage Crew 11,12; Art Club 9,11; FBLA 12; Spanish Club 9,10; Gym Aid 12; Madrigal Choir 12; Track 12; Gym Club 11. Dave Nuttall "Dave" May 22, 1957 Vo-Ag. Trail Guide 11; Outdoor Conservation 11. Ed Ostrowski March 14, 1957 College Prep Jerry L. Pangbom "Pang Bang" October 10, 1957 Get a Job--Vo - Tech. Bowling 10-12; Stage Crew 11; Press Club 10; Pres. Photo Club 11; Chess Club 12; Track Manager. Barbara Lorraine Peterson "Barb" July 3, 1957 College--College Prep Marching Band 7-11; Pin, Jacket, Letter; Capt. 11,12; Concert Band 7-11; Bowling 8-12; Chess Club 12; Choir 7-9; FTA 10; Honor Society 11,12; Record Club. Cynthia F. Peterson "Pete" March 27, 1957 Undecided- -Clerical Volleyball 9-12; Track 8-12; Letter 10- 12; Cinderbelles 11-12; Letter, Jacket; Board of Directors; Softball 7-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Basketball 11-12; Letter, Captain 12; Gym Club 11. Beverly A. Pizer "Bev" August 30, 1957 Marriage - - General Art Club 9-11; Press Club; Yearbook Staff. 25Tom" Thomas E. Prats: August 19, 1957 College Prep Outdoor Conservation 7-9; Trail Guide 9-10; Record Club 8; Key Club 10-12; Varsity Club 9-12; Football 7-9; Varsity Football 10-12; Basketball 8-12; Track 9-12; Volleyball 10-12. Robert Allen Reist "Bob" May 24, 1957 Get a good job--General Track 7-8; Conservation Club 7-12; Senior High Basketball Club 11. Deborah C. Repine "Debbie" September 16, 1957 Live and Help Live--Secretarial Record Club 8; Press Club 11,12. Jeffrey A. Riggle "Jeff" December 21, 1956 Work--General Art Club; Basketball. Sherilyn Jane Rollinger "Rollinger" September 22, 1957 Make people happy--College Prep Jr. Choir 7-9; Sr. Choir 10; Girls Hobby Club 7; Record Club 7; PYEA 8-10; Outdoor Conservation 11. Steven Michael Rutsky "Ski" May 22, 1957 Advertising--Clerical Business Record Club 8; Art Club 9; Co-Pres. Science Club 10; Chess Club 11-12; Debate 11-12. Stephen M. Sanden "Ox" October 8, 1957 Professional Musician--College Prep Marching Band 7-12; Band 7-12; Stage Band 8-12; Brass Ensemble 10-12, Librarian 9-12; Choir 7-12; Madrigal 11; District Chorus 10-11; Reginal Chorus 10-11; Debate 11; Drama 12; Science Club 8-12. Richard Paul Schmitt Jr. "Rick" June 4, 1957 Electrical Engineer--College Prep Football 9; Debate 11,12; Yearbook Co-Editor 12; Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 7, 8; AV Crew 7-10; Student Congressional Committee 11,12; Amatuer Radio Club 7-12; NEDT Certificate.Matie A. Schumann Dennis Schwone "Denny" January 28, 1956 Bible Club; Wrestling; Varsity Club. Saundra Kim Scott "Hotlips" October 2, 1956 Beautician- -General PYEA 11,12; Sr. Choir 10-12; Madrigal Choir 11. Judy Ann Seitz "Judy" July 8, 1957 College to study horse husbandry--College Prep AFS member 9; Pep Club 9-10; Outdoor Conservation Club 12. Teresa Lynn Shaffer "Terrie" July 4, 1956 to work--General Pep Club 11; Outdoor and Conservation Club 12; Sr. Choir 10-12. Laurie J. Sheperd "Laurie" January 29, 1957 College--College Prep Student Council 8-11; Lancers 7-10; GAA 10-12, letter, jacket, pin; Volleyball 10- 12; Bowling 11-12; Girls track 10-11; Key Club 11; Press Club 7,8. Daniel Edward Skinner "Streak" September 8, 1957 Me chanic - - Genera 1 Chess Club 10-11; Record Club 9; Wrestling Club 12; wrestling 8-10. Michael Glenn Smith "Mike" May 2, 1956 Pennsylvania State Police--Vo. Tech Football 8; Football Manager 9-11; Radio Club 9-12; Varsity Club 9-12; Student Council 12; Basketball 8; Forest Fire Crew 10-12; Junior Band 8; Choir 7-11. 27Scott Mathew Smith "Scott" April 24, 1957 Doctor--College Prep Football 8-12; Letter 11,12; Varsity Club 10-12; Photo Club 7-11; Track Manager 8- 11; Letter 9-11. Thomas H. Smith "Tom" September 20, 1956 Undecided- -General Conservation Club 10-11; Bible Club 11-12. Sally Ann Sopher "Sal" May 18, 1957 To live--Vo - Tech Art Club. Rosalie Southwell "Rosie" June 15, 1957 Undecided--General Cheerleading 10-12; Varisty Club 11-12; Pep Club 10-11; Bowling 10-12; GAA 10-12 Girls Volleyball 10; FHA 9. Linda Marie Spade "Lin" April 26, 1957 College--College Prep Band 7-12; Lancers 8-11; Pep Club; Choir 7-9. Philip Spencer "Flippy" August 28, 1956 Major in Cinegraphic Arts--General Art Club; Gym Club; Basketball Club. Flora Beth Spencer "Flossie" October 11, 1957 Undecided- - General Art Club 9-12; Press Club 11; Bible Club 7-8. Michael W. Spicer "Spiker" May 16, 1957 Undecided - - Genera 1 Football Letters 11,12; Wrestling 7-12 Letters; Varsity Club 10-12 -Jacket; Jr. Prom Attendant Volleyball Champs 11; Art Club 7-9; Choir 7-8 Gym Show 7-10. 28Daniel Stewart "Danny" June 24, 1956 Bible Club. Janice A Stewart "Jan" April 28, 1957 Marriage- -General Bible Club 7-9; Press Club 12. Julie Christine Kondak Stewart "Julie" November 1, 1957 To live a great life--Secretarial Art Club--v. p. 7, pres. 8,11,12; Bible Club 7-9 Lancers 10; Press Club 10; coeditor 11; Student Council 9, alternate 12; Prom Committee, 11. Dart Summerson "Soil" March 20, 1957 Lawyer--College Football 7-12; Basketball 7-12; Key Club 11-12 Varsity Club 10-12; Chess Club 8-12; Outdoor Conservation Club 7,8; Yearbook Staff; Junior Choir 7. 29Gary Alan Swanson "Swano" August 10, 1957 To top Evil Kneivel's Jump--General Wrestling 9-12; Football 12; Key Club; Varsity Club; Trail Guide. Larry Duane Swanson "Larry" March 13, 1957 Dairy Farming--College Prep. Radio Club 7-12; Vice Pres. 10; Secretary and Treasurer 11. Thomas Edward Swanson "Tom" July 12, 1957 Undecided--Vo-Tech Machine Shop Football 7-12; Wrestling 7-12; Varsity Club 11-12 Prom Crown Bearer Jr. Year. Nyla Jean Thelin "Nyla" April 9, 1957 Nursing--College Prep. Lancers 7-10; Track 7-10; Student Council 7-10; Cinderbelles 9-12; GAA 9-12; Class President 9; Varsity Club 11-12; National Honor Society 11,12; Gym Club 11,12; Yearbook Staff. Kevin W. Thorpe "Kal" April 13, 1957 Wildlife Technician--College Prep Outdoor Conservation Club 7-9; Record Club 8; Key Club 11,12; Varsity Club 9-12; Football 7-12; Letter 12; Track 7-12; Letter 12. Elizabeth Robin Troxell "Robin" February 21, 1957 College--College Prep. FTA 7; Thespians 8-12; GAA 10-12; Student Council 9-11; Girl's Track 10; Girl's Basketball 12; Bowling 8,11; Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Prom Crown Bearer 11. Richard Alan Turner "Monkey" July 24, 1957 Military Service--Vo-Tech FFA 9. Larry J. Tutmaher "Tut" November 23, 1957 Undecided--College Prep. Outdoor Conservation 7-9; Record Club 8, 9; Key Club 11,12; Varsity Club 11,12; Football 7-12. 30Sidney M. Van Ord "Sid" January 18, 1957 Placekicker for Miami Dolphins--General Football 7-12; Letter 11,12; Wrestling 7-11; Varsity Club 11,12; Handball Tournament 11,12; Table Tennis Tournament 7-10; Archery 12 Dodge Ball Tournament. Steve VanOrd "Preacher" November 13, 1957 Undecided--College Prep. Marching Band 7-12; Assistant mam. 11, manager 12; Concert band 7-12; Brass Ensemble 10-12; District Band 11; Track 7,8; Varsity Track 10-12; Cross Country 11,12. Richard B. Walker "Rick" March 24, 1957 Undecided- -General Basketball Club 10,11; Art Club 12. Robin Bruce Webster "Fuzz" March 8, 1957 Music--College Prep. Marching Band 7-12 Jacket 7-12 Band 7-12 Choir 8; Basketball 9,11,12; Ike Hi Tones 11,12; Science Club 8,9; Chess Club 10, 11; Basketball Club 12; Percussion ensemble; Cross Country 12. Cynthia Susan Warner "Cindy" May 5, 1957 To be the radio voice of die Pittsburgh Pirates--Secretarial Business Library Assist. 8-11; Sr. Choir 10; Art Club 7,8; FHA 9; Press Club 10-12 Co-Editor 11; Yearbook Staff 12; Trail Guide 10-12. Boyd G. Wilson, Jr. "Snuffy" Military Service--Vo-Tech Machine Shop Photo Club 8,9; Bible Club 7; Stage crew 9-11. 31JOSE ORLANDO MORO DORADO is in America as an Exchange Student from Trinidad, Bolivia. (That's in South America for all of you who have forgotten. ) He is presently living with the John Biekark family of Warren, Pa., and attends school here with Bill Biekark. He comes from a family of six. This includes his Mother and Father (naturally), two sisters ages 15 and 11, and a little brother age 5. Jose has many interests. He loves sports. (He played tennis, basketball, soccer, and ping-pong throughout school in Bolivia). He was in "Up the Down Staircase. " He loves to go to movies and ride his motorcycle. His plans for the future include college with his major in Petroleum Engineering. To our Exchange Student, JoseMoro, many thanks for a wonderful year, and best wishes in the future. Exchange Student at E.H.S Robert Eugene Yoder "Gene" June 12, 1957 Undecided- -General Bowling 10-12; Bible Club 7-8; FFA 9,10. Robert A. Zobrist "Zobie" July 23, 1957 Service or Machine--General Bible Club 7, 8; Chess Club 9; Wrestling Club 10; Football 10; FFA 11; Wrestling Club 12. ■Superlatives BEST Dancers What are Senior Superlatives? Some say that they are nothing more than silly titles given to seniors which have no real significance. We would like to prove, once and for all, that this is not quite accurate. Senior Superlatives are a collection and or conglomeration of important and or not so important facts and or characteristics of members of the class which goes by titles of twelfth , graders and or seniors. This group lives with and or suffers from the honors which their class has bestowed and or condemned them with. MOST Stubborn BEST Writers FRIENDLIEST and BEST Personality 33A W V BIGGEST Eaters MOST Forgetful BEST Dressed MOST Athletic3637Class Cut Ups SHORTEST TALLEST MOST HUMOROUSSean Abbott Timothy Ahart Carla Anderson Terri Anderson Denise Arp Diane Avellino Chris Bailey Ella Barrett Stephanie Bauer Marleen Bearfield Juniors Class of’76 Tean Bergstrom David Biekarck Dixie Blair Darryl Bloomgren Stephen Braley Denise Brecht Cathy Briggs Nadean Brown Jeff Burch Sharon Burch Kathleen Burd Bruce Cable Catherine Campbell Dean Campbell Joy Chase Vemer Christian Mark Clark Pam Clark Susan Collins Mary Condon Lois Consla Timothy Courtney Gaylan Critzer Melvin Custer Bradley Dalrymple Debbie DePrater Michael Donaldson Philip Dyke Rachel English Dennis F alconer Keith Falconer Laural F alconer James Fleming Lisa Fox Gale Frahm Jeffrey Frank David Fry William Glotz Gordon Godden Denise Grant Lloyd Gray Burdette Gregory Jerry Hanson Pamela Hanson Kevin Haupt Janet Hepler Larry Himes George Hitchcock Doug Hollabaugh Carl Homstrom Brian Hosier Dan Johnson Judy Jones Terrance Jones Virginia Jones Karen Kane Evelyn Kibbey Donald King Cheryl Kitchel Ed Kuzm inski Donald Landin Jack Larson Bren Lindell Jake Lindell Karen Lindell Timothy Lindell Bryan Lohnes Julie Loomis Patrick Lundell 40Martin Lundmark David Luther Wendy Mangini Darlene Marsh Bonnie Martin Christine Martin Kevin Martin Dana Matve Joyce McIntyre Mary McMillem Pam Melquist Cassandra Merkle Brenda Miller Mike Morgan Nora Morton Claudia Murphey Geri Neese Robert Olds Tamre Onink Marlene Osborne Wendy Peters Joseph Peterson Kevin Peterson Brenda Pratz Randy Rickerson Charlotte Riel 41Lee Riley Michele Ristau Thomas Ristau Margaret Robeson Kathy Rodgers Lynn Sanden Donna Savko Larry Schultz Boyd Shaffer Julie Siefert Amy Smith Elaine Smith Karen Smith Pam Smith Dean Stanton Mark Stanton Arthur Stewart Gary Stoddard Joseph Strieker Arden Sullivan Dean Summer Terry Sweeney Dawn Thompson Randall Turner Dale Uber Mark VanOrd Ronald Vibbert Lee Vinton Thomas Wade Darcy Walker Debra Wilson Donna Wilson Paul Wiltsie Chris Wright Laurie Wright Debbie Wrobleski Ben Yaegle Kevin Yeversky 42From Right to Left, Sophomore class officers: Drew Mager. . . President Sara Beyeler. . .Secretary Patti Mangini. . .Treasurer Joe Schmitt. . .V. President Sophomore Class of 77 Cindy Abbey Timothy Abbey Melissa Agnew William Allen Frank Avellino Diana Barrett Cindy Baxter Dale Bennett Ronald Benson Sara Beyler William Birt Donna Blair Carol Bloomgren Martin Branchaud Shelly Brant Lisa Brecht Andrew Bruneez Leeanne Burch Steven Cable Kris Carlson Janice C arlson Cindy Carter Harold Caruso Robert Chase Steven Clark 43Larry Condron Robert Eaton Judy Eckert James Craig Susan Edson James Embrey Lori Craker Randall English Sandy Falconer Todd Curtis Maria Figueroa Larry Fisher Mike Decker Eric Forsgren Joe Frangione Robert Decker James Frank Veronica Fredericks Rosalind DeRemer Pam Garris Andy G iordon David DeVore Darlene Glotz Steven Grant Richard Eaton 44 Kathy Grieb Julie Grow Sandra Hagberg Brian Hall Cheryl Hanson Larry Hildum Janice Hodges Timothy Holden Mark Hook Kristin Hunzinger Greg Hutchison Robert Hutley Dan Johnson Joyce Johnson Cindy Jones Kathy Joy Lisa Kanarr Ruth Knisley Susan Landin Mark LascolaLennart Liffner Cayne Lindell Larry Lookenhouse Amy Lundberg Diane Luther Tom Luvison Dale McIntyre Rhonda McIntyre Andrew Mager Melinda Manelick Patty Mangini George Martin Judy Martin Robert May Linda Mazzu Tom Miller William Miller Julie Moore Martin Morse Jeffery Nelson Pattsy Nelson Janet Osborne Stacy Park Mark Perrin Carolyn Peters Robert Peterson Barbara Phillips Julie Phillips Jackie Phinney Susann Porter Dave Pudder Timothy Reist Bruce Repine Bonnie Riel Sue Roberts Vickie Rosendahl Lynette Rowley David Rutsky Karen Sanden Jodi Sanders Loren Sanders Vicki Savko Joseph Schmitt John Schwanke John Seitz 45Susan Shephard Judy Sisk Allen Smith Dale Smith Earl Smith Candi Smith Carla Smith Kenneth Smith Melanie Smith Tom Smith Julie Sopher Ron Spear Phil Spelling Mark Steber Kevin Stewart Kim Summerson Priscilla Troxell Robin Valone The typewriter must have goofed! (He couldn't have made 36 errors.) David Vibbert Darlene Wadsworth Bonnie Wagner Milton Wallace Sandy Warner Thomas Webster Donald Welsh Jack Wells Diana Westfall Nancy White Robert Wilson Randell York Dave Young Tamara Younie Kellie Zuck 46Freshmen class officers: Eric Donaldson . . . Treasurer Jamie Zalik; V. Pres., Jill Jordan; Pres. Willy Brooks . . . Secretary F resh men Class of ’78 Cindy Akeley Kent Alcorn Jay Andersen Rory Arp James Arthur Donna Baccus David Barhite Scott Bauer Lori Baxter Judy Beck Bradley Benton Cheryl Benware Clara Blackwell Richard Borland Linda Briggs Willy Brooks Roger Brown Timothy Brown William Brunecz Karen Cable Loren Cable Elizabeth Campbell Patricia Campbell Craig Carlson Donald Carlson Rebecca C arlson James Carter Mark Cataldo Ronald Chamberlain Laurie Chase Sherry Christiansen Shirley Christiansen Sara Condron Kevin Coveil Timothy Cowan Carolyn D Augustine 47Curt Dalrymple Terry DePrater Eric Donaldson Janice Dow Wendy Durlin Charles Eckert Beth Edwards Joseph Edwards Raymond Embrey Gretchen English Ann Ewer Sherry Faust Delores Fisher Bob Fleming Lori Fox Linda Foxx Sam Frangione Bob Frederick James Fry Daniel Gerbec Maryann Giordano Andrea Glotz Ronald Glotz Laura Godden David Graham Victoria Grieb Dale Harkins 48 Steve Haupt Carl Hepler Julie Himes David Hitchcock Jeffrey Holt Mike Homstrom Sandra Hotchkiss Tracy Hunzinger Eric Hurley Douglas Jackson Richard Jennings Brad Johnson Chris Johnson Mark Johnson Karen Jones Thomas Jones Jill Jordan Nathan Kanarr Kim Keller Judith Kibbey Daniel King Steve King Kathryn Kummer Paul LandinJohn Lechner Jan Legere Jan Lester Daniel Lewis Lee Lundmark Brenda Lusk Leslie Lyons Maureen Mager Pete Mangini Irene Martin Jeffrey McKinney Larry McMillian Danny Means Terri Means Rhonda Moore Jeff Morgan Mike Morine Douglas Morton Chris Murphey John Neese Janice Nelson Rita Nelson Jennifer Peterson Sue Ann Peterson Joye Pick Debbie Pratz Randy Ransom Julie Rapp Linda Reist Tawny Repine Louis Rivett Judy Rodgers Victor Rodgers Edwin Rolinger Mari Beth Sanders Sandra Schnars James Schrecongost Paul Schultz Majorie Shaffer Deborah Skinner Debra Smith Kirk Smith Mary Smith Richard Smith Scott Smith Pamela Sopher Debbie Spade Randy Spelling Toby Spelling Daryl Stebell Sue Stewart 49Ninth graders Fred Strickland and Mike Williams pass the time playing a game of table football. Lora Stoddard Scott Wenzel Margie Paula White Stoddard Patricia Frederick Wilcox Strickland Carole Sullivan Kenny Sumner Kevin Wilkins Mary Williams Mike Williams Harry Suppa Graig Swanson Scott Sweeney Debbie Switzer Michael Tenny Doug Thompson Bradley Winans Dwight Work Steve Thompson Kim Youker Tracey Thompson Jeff Youngberg Lori Tutmaher Mark Zagac Richard Jamie Zalik VanOrd Tim Voty Mike Zimmerman Tim Wallace Cynthia Lamont Zobrist Wenzel 508 th Grade Class of 79 From left to right . . . Gary Craig—Vice-Pres. Anne Sumner—Secretary Kurt Thorpe—President Brian Hutchison--Treas. Thomas Abbott Terry Anderson Eugenia Arp Dennis Arthur Mary Baran Philip Baran Jamie Beck Marie Biekarck Diana Blair Heidi Block Jodi Brecht Vicki Brown Neal Campbell Jeffrey Carlson Joan Carlson Richard Carlson Ronald Carlson Micheal Cataldo David Cathcart Laurie Chapman Sally Chase Beth Church Betsy Church Brian Clark David Clark Thomas Consla Colleen Courtney Penny Courtney Eva Couse Gary Craig 51Kenneth Crosby Laurie Dan- Tammy D'Augustine Charles Decker Cynthia DePrater Melanie Dunham James Dyke Leonard Dyer Sharon Hagberg Allen Head Gary Helicker Roger Hepler Diane Hollabaugh Kathy Hook Leroy Hornstrom Scott Hurley Brian Hutchison Steven Jennings Cheryl Johnson Linda Kane Deborah Edson Kimberly Ellis Jeffrey English Jackie Ewer Christopher Kay Lorinda Knapp Edna Knisley Larry Kobojek Andrew Kopf Tim Lascola Shannon Fenney Randall Frederick Carolee Giordano James Greenamyer Challis Lechner Elzie Lindell John Lindsey Carol Little Daniel Little David Litzinger 52Daniel MacDonald Karen MacDonald Kevin McIntyre Tamara McNutt Penny Machac Scott McKinney Brett Marsh Rebecca Martin Terrie Olson Term Onink Beverly Pangbom Brenda Parker Mitchell Passinger Dennis Perkins Jeff Peterson Marcella Peterson Pamela Peterson James Phillips Timothy Porter Mary Pratz Beth Matthews Thomas May Gina Morelli Marjorie Mott Diane Pudder James Rapp Daniel Rice Charles Riel Teri Repine Lisa Rivett David Neal Laurie Neal Eric Nystrom Carol Olds Carl Roberts Richard Robeson Jeffrey Rowley Donald Schrecongost Randall Sechriest William Sherwood 53Robin Smeltzer Gwen Smith Lisa Smith Lois Smith Michael Smith Patricia Southwell Daniel Spear William Spelling Rebecca Spicer Dora Spink Edwin Spittler Sharon Sullivan Anne Sumner Kurt Thorpe Dwight Turner Edys Wilson Kim Wilson Loriaine Williams Lester Wright Carol Tutmaher Jessica VanOrd Raymond VanOrd Keith White Marlene Wilcox Randy Wilcox Wesley Wright Michael Yoder m 'Vfi Robin York Billie Youngbeig 4Tim Abbey Chad Abbott Kurt Alcorn Lana Anderson Theresa Anderson Kevin Barhite Vincent Baron Lorie Bearfield Jeffrey Benedict David Bergstrom 7th Grade Class of ’80 Daniel Blair Lottie Borland Daniel Braley Louise Braley Scott Burch Jeffrey Carlson Clinton Chapman John Chase William Chase Eric Christensen Paul Church Janet Clark Ralph Clark Scott Clark Christine Colander James Collins Gary Consla Dennis Craker Seventh grade class officers: Suzanne Switzer . . . President Scott Burch . . . Vice President Diane Rice . . . Treasurer Lynn Mager . . . SecretaryTimothy Daugharty Diane Davis Laurie Deremer JoAnna Dyke Terry Dyke Rex Dyre Rick Engstrom Lori Ecker Lynn Ferrie Sherry Ferrie Christopher Fischer Donna Fisher Steven Flasher Brian Foltz Vance Fox Jerry Frank Jefferey Fredrick Daniel Gage Robin Gibson James Gray Jeffery Gray Mary Gray Melinda Greenawalt David Grieb Kirk Hane Scott Hane Elsie Hardy Charles Hartley John Hepler Gary Hodges Vennie Hotchkiss Theresa Horns trom Richard Johnson Troy Johnson James Kane Scott Kane Kim Kiefer Jim Knisley David Kuzminski Brenda Larson Vance Lauffenberger Mark Legere Tom Lemmon Terry Lewis Linda Lindell 56Roger Little Carol Longenecker Howard Lyon Jeanie Lyon Lynn Mager Amy Matthews John McMillen Timothy Means Vicky Means Ted Moon Susan Morine Margrett Morse Patrick Nodzak Edward Orcutt Diane Parker Charlotte Perrin Deborah Phillips Wendy Pihlblad Mark Phinney Kelly Repine Kim Repine Diane Rice Darlene Riel Debbie Roberts Louise Rogers Danny Rutsky Kevin Rutsky Richard Sanders Mark Schwanke Christine Seleni Robin Shaffer Timothy Sherman Tammy Sisk Kelly Smith Micheal Smith Sandy Smith Linda Sopher Rita Spicer Christine Spink Susan Spittler Roberta Stanton Stacy Stebell Beth Stevenson Betsy Stino Kathy Sullivan 57Lisa Swanson Suzanne Switzer Brenda Thomas Ronald Turner Lauralee VanHouten Gary VanOrd Bryan VanOrd Robbin VanOrd Randy Wagner Candis Warner Diane Warner Steven Welch Lisa Whitten Mark Wilcox William Wilcox Randy Wilkins Rodney Wilkins Jacquelyn Williams David Wilson Leonard Wright Mary Jane Wright Sally Youker Wendy Zamborik Jaqueline Zimmerman Terry Zuck 58Late Photos 7th Grade 8th Grade Mike Smith Tim Blakeslee Margaret Morse Paul Slagle Chris Spink Wanda Gardener Mary Kay Grahm Diane Pudder Cathy Reist Lisa Rivett Jeffrey Rowley Don Schrecongost Randy Sechrist Gilbert Dahler Ronald Morse Dale Johnson Clara Blackwell Diane Button Becky Carlson 9th Grade Lori Peterson 10th Grade Cindy Abbey Dave DeVore Cathy Grieb Tod Holmquist Jeri Holt Kim Howard Greg Hutchison Jill Morelli Martin Morse A Lynette Rowley Calvin Wenzel 11th Grade Tammi Darr Julie Easton Roxella Edwards Denise Grant Dave Pat Gwen Ron Grow Lundell Wood in VibbertPrincipal We live in a time when high schools are being encouraged to emphasize career education, and that is how it ought, to be for an important measure of a school's program is the success it enjoys in preparing its pupils to take productive roles in the workaday world. Every society is dependent upon an educational program that gives its young the skills needed to make a living. But neither the possession of basic skills of welding nor proficiency in solving linear equations satisfies the requirements of full citizenship. It is not enough merely to have a job in a world where today's new careers are turning yesterday's jobs into memories, in a world where old values are challenged from all sides. Eisenhower High School is preparing its students to earn their own way in the world of work. More importantly, we are graduating young men and women who have the equipment they need to keep a job, to adjust to new career demands. They have studied the great cultures of the world through social studies, read the literature that has identified the loftiest ideals, hopes, and dreams of mankind. Music and other fine arts have balanced against practical skills in industrial arts and home economics. Today's graduate is more than a worker; he is an intelligent consumer, a social critic, and, above all, a person with the positive self-image and perspective to realize his maximum potential as a social being. PrincipalAssistant Principals Mr. Fred Bauer Mr. John Neese My semester here at Eisenhower has been a most enjoyable one. Many changes have occurred since I left here four years ago. However, one thing did not change—the students. I have found that this school is still blessed with a student body that I believe would be second to none. Eisenhower is to be commended for its fine student body and I hope this will never change. I would like to thank the staff and students of Eisenhower for the many courtesies extended to me and for their cooperation that has made my brief stay here at Eisenhower a most enjoyable one. My best wishes to all and especially the Class of 1975. Fred S. Bauer Assistant Principal Is it possible to feel happiness and sadness at the same time? My emotions run the same pattern each school year. I am happy for your completion of high school, a goal accomplished. I am sad because the many close friendships, and relationships will end at graduation. Your accomplishments for your high school days will stop. Yes, I believe the two are present at graduation but yet somehow different. Change is coming at us at ever increasing speed where each new day will change from the day before. Perhaps, the only constant in your life will be change. We, sincerely, hope that Eisenhower High School's program has helped you develop a self-reliance and the ability to cope with an ever changing world. We believe, as educators, that we have taught you, beyond subject material to be responsible, self reliant and able to cope with change. I am very proud to have shared with you, the most important years of your life. I thank you for being at Eisenhower. My life is better and more complete because you were here, Class of 1975. Respectfully, John M. Neese Assistant Principal 61Warren County School Board Seated-Left to Right, Howard A. Thompson, Superintendent of Schools Myron E. Jewell, Vice President Charles R. Beck, Secretary of the Board John E. Binney, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Standing-Left to Right, J. Robert Peltz William A. Hollister Ronnie D. Weller Robert S. Johnson James W. Pearson David W. Swanson Joseph A. Massa, Jr., Solicitor Absent, Henry S. Petersen, President John E. Eberly63English Dept. Language Dept. Left to Right, In Front, Mrs. Barbara Spetz, Mrs. Sharon Crossen, Back Row, Mrs. Carmen Livsey, Mrs. Lynn Wilt-sie, Miss Cynthia Dahler, Mr. Theodore Dorrian, Mr. James Lubbert, Mr. Michael Schultz, Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom.People Services Dept. Left to Right, Mrs. Pauline Schmidt, Mr. Robert Glarner, Mrs. Mary Schorman. Social Studies Dept. Left to Right, Ms. Shelly Burleigh, Mr. William Wilson, Mr. Alan Bean, Mr. Richard Rolls, Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgett, Mr. Allen Norton, Mr. Ronald Dunbar. 65Physical Education Dept. Left to Right, Mrs. Lucille Leathers, Mr. Joe Letko, Mrs. Marie Kibbey, Mr. Thomas Firth. Shop Dept Left to Right, Mr. Raymond Carey, Mr. Lee Crowthcrs, Mr. Solomon Shcpler. Library Staff Left to Right, Mrs. Lillian Cable, Mrs. Ellen Benton, Miss Mabel Reese.Art Dept. Mr. Theodore Hedman, Mrs. Ella Chase, Miss Shannon Schuler. Science Dept. Mr. Ronald Larko, Mr. Robert Bac-chetti, Mr. Robert Carberry, Mr. Richard Ritter, Mr. Robert Swanson, Mr. William Sherwood. Special Education Dept. Miss Angela Glasgow Mrs. Kathleen Crowthers 67Office Staff Left to Right, Mrs. Doris Kellogg, Mrs. Valerie Craker, Mrs. Virginia Lindquist. A.V. Aides Mrs. Kay VanOrd Mrs. Jan Wilcox 66Custodial Staff Emerson Spicer—Head John English Picture Unavailable Virgil Spicer, Darrell Michael, Dan Hultin, Lillian Rockwell, Norman Wymer, Delores Pan-nell, Shannon Greene, Judith Fry, Ila Mae Anderson, Cafeteria Picture Unavailable: Staff Geraldine Marsh Doris Buchanan Agnes McFarland Rose Christianson Ellen Hitchcock Mary Lou Lindell Genevieve Bloomgren Paula Lyons 69Student Life:The Way We See It.Lockers, as seen by most of us, are more than mere, metal, containers for our books. They represent a place of privacy in a system which affords very little. Like each person, each locker has a certain personality. No two are the same. Many are decorated with brightly colored posters, pictures, names and other paraphernalia. Others are wall-papered with pink slips. Some have locks and some don't. But, no matter how it looks or smells, it is a special place to go before, after and inbetween classes. 72 muHow We Get Here ... • ■ r - o; 741511211 gh 75A pencil does such wondrous things Of drawing lines or simple rings. Obeying each and every twist Of the finger or the wrist. When its time to start a test I must then begin my quest. In my pockets or my purse. Trying to refrain a curse. Finally, in time I find Before I really lose my mind, The item that I really dread-A pencil with a broken lead.79 80Amidst the wide variety of activities that al- ways go on at EHS, each and every day ends the same. Only minutes after the last bus leaves, the empty halls echo voices and the fierce slamming of lockers. The tranquility and solitude is a beautiful experience, especially after a very busy day. 83What Is It Johnny? I Don’t Know!Darkness i'm still afraid of the dark but . . . don't tell everyone they wouldn't understand and . . . i really can't explain «■ ,ip only to yc i know the hurting that comes wjth darkness the memories . . . empty arms missing you nightime lasts so long the darkness never changes always sile Robin Troxell without you.88The Christmas Spirit At E.H.S.... 90v THE SENIOR CLftSS WISHES MEWecUS OP THE flWINJSTWTION, FftCULTy Mb FELLOW CLASSMATES A M 6VS Artistically oriented, the class of 75began, whatwehopeis, a longstanding tradition here at EHS. Decorating the entrance and classrooms the seniors aroused a feeling of oneness and togetherness at Christmas at EHS. Greeting all entrants to our building was Frosty the "senior" snowman. A-long his side was the beautiful, sym-etrically balanced graffitti board with all the names of those seniors who wished to say a special Merry Christmas to all. Even "Senior Santa Jeanie" was on hand in Senior Santa-Land to build the Christmas spirit. ' 5'------------------- '"’cfT''---- •7' KThroughout this school year, many assemblies and other presentations, briefly and thankfully interrupted our hetcic schedules. Being most informative as well as entertaining, the EHS assemblies hit a new all time high in quality. Whether a Christmas program presented by the choir or die history of Mock and Roll, students of EHS enthusiastically appreciated all of their assemblies. 92Assemblies Inform As Well As Entertain 93Desks • • • 9495School Spirit at Ike 97First All-School Play “Up the DownStaircase” Is Successful Starting with one of the largest cast’s ever assembled for a play at EHS. With cast members from each class, grades 7-12, the production of "Up The Down Staircase" was presented with much skill and finesse. Drawing large crowds each time it was presented, the play proved to be extremely enjoyable and entertaining to all who attended the nightly performances. Many hours of hard work and sweat went into the memorizing of lines and preparation of the stage sets for this play. But, all the labor paid off, with the results being a fine showing by all members, both on stage and back stage. 99  Athletics 102Eisenhower Reaches Top Again!! Repeatedly, throughout the years, Eisenhower High School has produced athletic teams of superior quality. This year’s sports campaign did not break our long winning tradition. We, at Eisenhower, are proud of our school and even prouder of our sports tradition. Athletics at Eisenhower are more than mere games. Here, sports are a way of life. After spending six beauti- ful years at EHS, we can look back and say proudly that we not only grew intellectually but emotionally and physically. Our great competitive nature has enabled our athletes to stride victorious, not just for today, but forever. Though few in numbers, our teams were great in spirit. Our Wrestling team is a good example, and Track another. 103Coaches Firth and Dunbar discuss game strategy as Kevin Martin takes a quick hand-off from Larry Himes. The pick-up was good for a first down.Knights Small in Stature, but Mighty in Spirit Football players, especially good football players like ours, depend on their speed, their strength, clear thinking and endurance. It has been said that our football team is "small in stature". It is true that physically the EHS Knights are small for a football team. However, what they give up in size, they make up in spirit, desire and the will to win. Third quarter, Ike with the ball, second down and six to go, Himes goes with a keeper off-tackle and scores from one yard out. Elated by their victory over the Rams of Johnsonburg, Ike players enjoy their moments of glory in the locker room. Himes and Campbell discuss their success in the last series of downs and prepare for the next offensive drive. Enthusiastically responding, the cheerleaders give moral support. 105106Here, Ian Campbell protects passer Larry Himes as he unleashes a mighty pass. Against Port Allegany, the Knights recorded their first victory of the season. All totalled, Himes passed for 82 yards which gave EHS a 28 to 8 victory on home soil. 107Precision, Teamwork, Vital Elements in Ike’s Winning Strategy Culmunating this year's football season, the EHS fighting Knights crushed county rival Youngsville in a contest which saw EHS score 35 grueling points to only 6 of the opposition. Here, Nick Brunecz picks up 4 quick yards. 108Capacity crowds swarmed to support the EHS fighting football Knights this year. Standing ovations for our EHS Marching Band were a common occurance during all games. 109Homecoming Stimulated by a fantastic 28-8 victory over the Gators of Port Allegany, Homecoming proved to be a great success socially as well as athletically. Early in the game the EHS Knights defensive unit blocked a punt and recovered the ball for a TD. The extra point was added by VanOrd. However, Port retalliated with a 66 yard drive and scored. With a two point conversion the Gators lead 8-7 at the half. Lead by the Lancers, halftime festivities began with the EHS Marching Band taking the field. After presenting a beautiful and well organized show the Homecoming queen's attendants and their escorts were introduced to the near capacity crowd. Karen Clark, this year's queen was introduced and received the crown from last year's queen, Rachel Stanton. Culminating the halftime show the band performed one final number. Inspired in the 3rd quarter the defensive unit of both teams nullified all offensive moves. Early in the 4th quarter the Knights offense scored twice to break the game wide open. With only minutes to go Tom Ristau jumped on a loose ball fumble and secured a victory. Rather than sit on the ball and wait for the clock to run out, Himes unleashed an 18 yard pass to Shaffer for another TD. That evening, Port Royal performed for the Homecoming Dance. Attending were the queen, her court and thier escorts. This year's homecoming was truly a gala-event. Knights Skin Port Gators In Homecoming Game Fressman Attendant and Escort Soph mo re Attendant and Escort 110Senior Attendant and Escort Senior Queen and Escort Picture Unavailable Junior Attendant and Escort Wendy Mangini Bren LindellIke Grapplers Stay on Top Wrestling is the undisputed favorite here at EHS, and rightly so. For the past three years, Eisenhower has stood at the very pinnacle of athletic achievement. Our team has compiled one of the most fantastic records of any EHS sport. Like a giant machine, the Knight grapplers roll on to victory after victory. Great natural talent, excellence in coaching and the desire to win have enabled our Knights to amass the greatest string of victories in EHS history. 112114 Serious concentration, studying the moves of the opposition, mental and physical control at all times are all contributing factors of our winning formula at EHS. Pride and determination can always be seen in the eyes of our great athletes.Here the crowd enthusiastically rejoices as Tom Swanson is named the victor. For the past three seasons, Ike grapplers have been thrilling and capturing the hearts of their fans. Victory is, once again, ours!Knight Grapplers Don’t Win “A” Title ... 116.. . Instead They Win Two!!! Driving, concentrating and working on tirelessly the EHS Knight grapplers proved victorious for the 3rd consecutive year. Winning over 95% of all their matches in the past three campaigns, the Knights won two league crowns this ye at. 117Eisenhower Cagers Pluck County Foes!!! Described as a "rebuilding season" by coach Ron Dunbar, the EHS Cagers recorded one of its most difficult and discouraging seasons in HdS Basketball history. Statistically, the season was disappointing, however the team had some truly great standouts. Of these standouts, the greatest came in the form of a 52-46 Al-Kin victory over the Eagles of Youngsville. Before a packed house on January 24th at 9:45 pm, the Knight Cagers soundly thrashed our county foes in a contest which saw Eisenhower break a long losing streak. The Knights tenaciously held onto their two-point lead. When the game developed into a 42-40 contest, Mark Clark, the Knights' leading scorer, went on a spree. From ranges 20 feet and farther, hs sank three field goals and followed that up with three foul points. The Eagles were unable to wage another comeback, down 50-44 with under a minute to play. 118119Even in basketball which is a so-called "non-contact" sport, many injuries take place by the driving upward of elbows and knees. Here Coach Dunbar does double duty filling in as a trainer as he wraps Tom Pratz's ankles. 120Against the Lions of St. Mark's, Eisenhowers Dean Sumner plans a strategy for the upcoming play. After the play developed, the ball was shot, missed and Jay Curtis went high into the air to tip the ball in for two points. During a time out, Coach Dunbar discusses court strategy for the next series of plays. 121122 Enthusiastic sports fans crowd the bleachers and stands at most EHS sporting events. Students, parents, teachers, friends and neighbors all share their love for the EHS athletes and their respective teams. Coaches at EHS attribute their fine records of success to the great fans. We at EHS are proud of our athletic prowess and we are very happy and proud to have fans as great as they are. When we win, they are the first to congratulate us; when we lose, they are the first to console us. 123Varsity Football Squad EHS OPP A Word of Thanks, We, the captains of the EHS fighting football Knights, Al-Kin Conference Bradford CC 0 30 would like to thank the great Ridgway Kane Otto-Eldred 6 9 fans, the band, the cheerleaders and everyone who support- Ridgway 7 12 ed us throughout the season. Sheffield P. Allegany 28 8 We are eternally grateful to Coach Firth and his staff for Johnsonburg 14 6 teaching us the values of ath- Eisenhower Sheffield 20 35 letic competition. Johnsonburg Kane 0 12 Captains: Tie Youngsville 35 6 Nick Brunecz Tom Pratz Youngsville 124Fighting Football Knights Post Successful Season A ftew league, new competition and new methods of attack were some of the things that the IHS fighting football Knights were forecd to think about this year. Entering a new league, which was formed this year, the Knights of EHS endured a long, arduous season. It had its disappointments, but more important, it had its degree of success. Football players, coaches and fans alike are often too critical and judge the team's success on its win-loss record. True, this is one way of evaluating performance, but don't be too hasty in regard to this year's football squad. They were tough, they were brutal and they fought to the end in every game. True, they were small, but they were truly mighty in spirit. When the team worked, it worked well, as a strong, attacking, aggressive force. When motivated, nothing could stop them! Eisenhower opened at home against Bradford Central Christian, an extremely tough opponent, especially for the first game of the season. The Raider's attack was strong. "They just executed real well", said Coach Firth after the game. Forcing EHS to change from a ground attack to an air attack, the Raiders capitalized on our inexperience, our inopportune fumbles and penalties. Led by Bob Kitchel's long kickoff return for a touchdown, the tough defense of EHS only surrendered 9 points to the Terrors of Otto-Eldred. However, it was nine points too many, for the Knight offense had its difficulties. Even-though the Knights suffered two losses early in the season, they proved that they were tough. In their first Al-Kin conference game, the Knights succumbed to the Ridgway Elkers by a score of 12-7. Statistically the game was close. "We were lucky to win this one", said the Elkers coach after the game. There were several standouts in this game which indicated victory for our next outings. Quarterback Larry Himes passed more than 100 yards for a 61% completion average. Tight Bids, Boyd Shaffer and Sid VanOrd both caught quick look in passes to work our way upfield. Curtis and Kitchel were each thrown a few long gainers. Even though a losing effort, EHS was tough. In their first 3 outings, the EHS fighting Knights were impressive. Hungry for victory, the Knights made a homestand against the Gators of Port Allegany. Led by Nick Brunecz and Boyd Shaffer, the EHS defensive unit blocked a punt and scored on the recovery. Sid VanOrd split the uprights with his extra point kick and the Knights led by 7-0. Just before the end of the first half, Port Allegany retalliated with a 66 yard drive and a 2 point conversion. This gave the Port an 8-7 lead at the half. In the third peroid the ball exchanged hands several times with neither team able to sustain a drive. Brunecz, in the fourth quarter took a quick pitch and galloped 27 yards for paydirt. VanOrd's PAT was good. Four minutes later, Ike's Halfback, Tom Prtaz sprinted 59 yards for glory with VanOrd following it up with a good PAT. Late in the game, Tom Ristau captured a Gator fumble on the 18. Himes then found Tight End Shafferinthe comer of the end zone for the final score. Again VanOrd's trusty toe proved victorious. Now one and three for the first half of the season, the Knights felt a momentum, a resurgence of power. At Johnsonburg the following week, our Knight's defense unit crushed the Rams. Eisenhower was devastating defensively and held an edge in statistics offensively. The Knight defense only yielded three yards rushing. The 14 to 6 thrashing of the Rams gave the Knights a 1-1 against Al-Kin Conference opposition. The next week's encounter was with mighty Sheffield Wolverines. A 35-20 defeat is a sound thrashing, however itwas not without its high points. Himes unleashed a 51 yard pass to speedster Bob Kitchel, who ran half of the field without breaking stride. Now 2-4 and 1 -2 in the new league, the Knights hosted the Wolves of Kane, a very formidable opponent. "We out-hit them" but "we just didn't outscore them", said Coach Firth following the game. It was a humiliating defeat especially since we felt that we outplayed them. The season finale against county rival Youngsville was awaited with eager anticipation by the whole school. Spirit was high, posters lined the walls of EHS which motivated, encouraged and excited our fighting football force. W e went into the game saturated with emotion. We wanted to win and we did. Post season honors went out to Nick Bmnecz as "Back of the year" and Mike Spicer as "Lineman of the year." Placed on the First Al-Kin Conference All-Star Team; First Team Selections were Tom Pratz—running back, Jay Curtis—safety and Boyd Shaffer—defensive end.Knight Football Varsity Squad Being a senior on the football team is a very difficult task. First to be there, on the team, is a great honor. FordievjM e endured the agony of sore bodies, long practices which seemingly never end, playing games from the end of the bench and wondering why, why in the Heaven's name were they there. So ihany years striving to be first string, striving for victory and one day, it finally comes. Just one victory erases all of their doubts and justifies their endurances for so many years. Being a senior on the football team is not only difficult, but is multipurposed. Not only do they play, but they teach, inspire and lead their team on to its ultimate goal, victory. This year our seniors did play, they did endure, they taught, inspired and they were victorious. 34 Kurt Martin 5'5" 145-Back 14 Dart Summerson 5'8" 132-Guard 67 Mike Spicer 5'6" 144-Guard 21 Bob Kitchel S'8" 132-Back 45 Roy Blackwell 5'8" 163-Back 35 Larry Tutmaher 5'6" 140-Back 60 Kevin Thorpe S'7" 152-Guard74 Gary Swanson 6 1" 164-Tackle 75 Scott Lindell 6 0" 169-Tackle 80 Ken Loomis 59nu 152-End 88 Sidney V anOrd 5'10" 160-End ■ 85 Jay Curtis 155-End 89 Dan Beedle 5'10" 150-End o 71 Jeff Anderson 6 2" 180-Tackle 72 Tom Swanson 6'0" 169-Tackle 73 Ian Campbell 5'11" 207-TackleJ.V. Football Kane EHS 0 OPP 0 Southwestern 0 18 Ridgway 0 44 Johnsonburg 8 12 Bradford C.C 0 6 Union City 12 14 Home Games EHS OPP. Sheffield 12 6 Kane 14 0 Ridgway 0 12 Johnsonburg 0 21 Youngsville 12 6 Beaty "B" 24 0 Sheffield 12 0 Home Games Junior High Football 128Varsity Wrestling Al-Kin W L EHS 4 0 Kane 2 1 Ridgway 1 1 Youngsville 1 3 Johnsonburg 0 3 Beginning my seventh season as head coach at Eisenhower, I looked forward to striving for the goals and heights I thought the team could attain in the 1974-75 season. Winning the Holiday Tournament team championship, the first Al-Kin title, a third consecutive Southern Tier Div. 1 crown, attaining a second undefeated season, and pushing our record over the last three seasons to 40-1 all, seemed unbelievable. The team members and coaches all have reason to take great pride in these accomplishments, We were all part of another chapter in a truly great and rich young wrestling tradition here at Eisenhower. Coach Ross Southern Tier Div. I W L T EHS 7 0 Ole an 6 1 Maple Grove 4 2 1 Falconer 4 3 Southwestern 3 3 1 Salamanca 3 4 Dunkirk 1 6 Cassadaga Valley 0 7 129Knights Sweep Two Divisions Clean in Same Year!! The Eisenhower Wrestlers began their season optimistically but wondered what they could do for an encore after last year's undefeated season, their second consecutive Southern Tier League Championship and the Section IV-B tournament team trophy. Graduation in 1974 left the Knights to do battle without the services of five senior lettermen. This gap in the line-up was to be a true challenge to the grapplers, as they would try to win a third consecutive Southern Tier title and go undefeated. A new challenge confronted the wrestlers for the first time ever. Also, competing for another new league championship in the newly formed Allegheny Kinzua Mountain Wrestling League (Al-Kin). After a grueling month of preparation, the grapplers began where they left off a year before by crushing St. Marys 43-6 in the season opener. Other victims of the Knights during December were Ridg-way, Johnsonburg and Cassadaga Valley. 130 The Elkers of Ridgway were defeated 26-17 in a hard fought match by both teams. Johnsonburg was a shut-out victim, 66-0. The Div. 1 contest against Cassadaga Valley saw the Cougars defeated 47-8. Capturing the team championship at the Warren Holiday Tournament, the Knights scored 99 points for the win with Brookville scoring 79 1 2, Corry 77 and Warren 59. Nine Ike wrestlers entered the finals with five earning championships. Winners included Eric Hurley, 91 lbs.; Marty Lundmark, 98 lbs.; Mike Spicer, 126 lbs.; Jim Olson, 145 lbs.; and Jeff Andersen, 185 lbs. Finalists settling for second place were Brad Johnson, Kurt Martin, Tom Swanson and Ian Campbell. This fine showing at the tournament was truly a great day for Eisenhower Wrestling. Southern Tier opponents began to fall victim to Eisenhower's march for its 3rd consecutive league title when wrestling resumed after the holidays. A strong Maple Grove squad, which was to be leading contender, fell 31-15. Falconer was belted 36-15. An undefeated Olean team last its first league bout, 27-12, to a "fired up" and title-hungry Knight squad. Dunkirk, Salamanca and an always strong Southwestern team all were beaten to clinch Eisenhower's third consecutive Southern Tier League Championship. All Al-Kin opponents also were defeated as our wrestlers claimed that league's first wrestling title. After wins over Ridgway and Johnsonburg, Youngs-ville was a shut-out victim 50-0. Kane, hoping to hand our wrestlers their lone Al-Kin loss was stunned 45-6 by a proud and aggressive Ike team. Several wrestlers had outstanding records. Knights still unbeaten were Martin Lundmark, Jim Olson and Jeff Andersen. The grappler with only one loss is Kurt Martin. Also, senior cocaptain Mike Spicer, before being forced to sit out die final half of the season due to surgery had compiled a record of 6-1. plus winning the Holiday tournament. All die wrestlers looked forward to the District 9 competition at Clarion State College with the possibility of advancing toward the state meet.Seniors Jeff Anderson 177 9-0 Les Hunzinger 167 4-1 Tom Swanson 155 6-3 Ian Campbell Hwt. 6-3 Dennis Schwone 119 8-1Junior Varsity Junior High WrestlingVarsity Basketball A Note of Thanks We the captains of the 74-75 EHS Basketball Team would like to express our Thanks to the fans, our parents, friends and team mates. We are especially thankful to Coach Ron Dunbar and his staff for their efforts to teach us the true value of sportsmanship. Al-Kin Conference Johnsonburg W 7 L 0 Kane 5 2 Ridgway 5 2 Sheffield 3 4 Eisehower 1 6 Youngsville 0 7 133Knights Victorious Over Cross County Rival Described as a "rebuilding season" the EHS Basketball Knights endured one of the longest seasons on record. Based upon a senior nucleus of only five, and only three of them being seasoned veterans, the EHS Cagers had a difficult time getting it all together this year. Among their new A1 - Kin foes the Knights finished one-up from the cellar. Highlighting the season was the great "hold-on" victory over the Eagles of Youngs-ville. Each and every time Eisenhower and Youngsville meet on the athletic fields, the game is an emotional slugfest for the dominant position. The games on the eve of January 24 was no different. Before a full house on home grounds, Ike Cagers crushed and demolished the Eagles offense. "It's been a long time coming," uttered Coach Ron Dunbar in the locker room after his EHS Knights were victorious over cross-county rival Youngsville. Whenever the Knights wanted to shake the ball loose, they would call for a 2-2-1 full court press. After the score was knotted by Youngs -ville at eight apiece four minutes into the first period, Eisenhower's defense shut off the Eagle's offensive drive. For seven solid minutes, the Eagles couldn’t score a point. Eisenhower starting with Jay Curtis' bonus point and ending with a five foot jump shot just under the five-minute mark in the half, worked up into a 21-8 lead. Youngsville climbed its way to within three points of EHS, but then the 2-2-1 defense draped the gym floor. Increasing their point total to 34, the Knights awaited a closing third period scoring spree which erased all but two points of the EHS lead. Tenaciously holding on to our two point lead, Mark Clark went on a scoring spree. From ranges 20 feet and farther, he sank three field goals and followed that up with three foul shots. Unable to loosen up the Knight's defense, the Eagles were down 50-44 with under a minute to play. Holding on to a six point lead was difficult. Each team scored only once more for a final score of 52-46. The victory was the first for the Knights. Leading scorer for the game and the season, Mark Clark was one of the few bright standouts which will give us hope next year. Another standout was Dean Sumner who is the team's leading re-bounder. Both will return next year. Though a losing effort, the EHS cagers set a new school milestone for scoring at West Forest. The score of 105-91 gave EHS the highest total of combined scores for a new school record. Smaller than most teams, averaging about 5'11", the Knights were unable to stop the larger teams. Most of the teams in the Al-Kin Coference average approximately 6'1" or 6'2". Basketball, being a game of inches a game primarily for the big man, was a trying experience for our Cagers. They had a job to do and they went out there and did it. We are proud of them! 134Seniors Though few in number, the EHS Knights Basketball Team seniors were outstanding. Their devotion to the game and to the team was seen on occasions such as the great Al-Kin victory over the Eagles of Youngsville. Seniors, as members of all sports squads are responsible to lead, encourage and motivate their other fellow team mates. The members of this year's squad performed all of their assigned tasks and yet went on to victory inspite of their size.Girls Basketball S e n 1 0 r s Captian 137Girls Junior Varsity Basketball 138Encountered with a new league and a new district, the EHS Track and Field Team recorded another successful season. Throughout the years Ike Trackmen have consistently given us great winning seasons. Victorious well over 75% of each season, our Knight runners, throwers, and jumpers always perform their best in the big meets such as the Kane Invitational, the Youngsville Invitational, Indiana Invitational and the greatest track event in the east, the fantastic Mnasfield Relays. Like many of the sports at EHS this year the track team became members of the newly formed Al-Kin Conference. Also, rather than competing with district 10 which is composed of many larger schools, we are now members of district 9. Working our way to the top was a long and hard climb, but the EHS runners did it again. Leading the team were Don Landin in the two-mile run; Nick Brunecz in the 330-Intermediate hurdles and Bob Kitchel in the century run. All three of these men, setting new rec ords in the books, lead their team on to one victory after another. 139Senior Trackmen This year's seniors on the EHS Varsity Track and Field Squad outran, outthrew, and out jumped just about every team they came in contact with. Founded upon a winning tradition, experience and team attitude, our Knight runners lead us on to another great season on the cinders. 140141Girls Track We the captains of the Girl's Track Team wish to thank Coaches Jeff Bartsch and Marie Kibbey for their long hours of working with us. We are thankful to all of our supporters and those who officiated many home meets. The Captains Again the EHS Girls Track Team recorded another successful season. Amidst the new competition of the Al-Kin Conference, the ladies in blue and gold outclassed most of the competition. Founded upon natural talent, experience and the great drive to win, the EHS girls have always had strong teams. Leading the girls squad this year were Darlene Marsh and Cindy Peterson in the distance runs; Mary Carlberg, Elaine Condon, Carol D'Augustine and Linda Mazzu in the sprints and Lisa Brecht and Mary Beth Smith in the field events. 143Seniors SIRISTBjiLetter Women Track Managers Tennis Club 146Girls Intramural Volleyball Senior High Junior HighBasketball Sco rekeepers Varsity Junior Varsity Freshmen 7th, 8th Grade Girls Manager Boys Managers 150Cheerleaders v a r s i t y S q u a d Seniors Co-CaptainsMascotsJunior Varsity Junior High 153Lancers A standout group on any occasion is that of the Lancers. Sporting new rifles this year, the all girl precision drill team performed for football and basketball audiences as well as performing with the EHS marching band. The nineteen members as led by commander Karen Clark, devote as much as eight hours each week in preparation for a performance. No other group at EHS ellicits as much pride and dedication as the "Lancers". Performing on several occasions, the Lancers, an all girls drill team, rely on split second timing in their precision routines. 154Seniors Color Guard and Silks V 155InterestsPress Club The Eisenhower school newspaper otherwise known as the "Squire" is published by a small elite group known as the Press Club. These dedicated individuals take it upon themselves to gather , arrange and disseminate newsworthy information to the student body. The monthly issues of this Squire have presented us with clear, unbiased news and entertained us with the lightest of wit. We are very fortunate to have such a group who is willing to take their time to present us with the news. Science Club Exploring varied interests, members of the E.H.S. Science Club study, learn and practice many aspects concerning scientific careers. Open to all students, the nationally affiliated club attempts to stimulate scientific interests throughout the school by promoting and initiating new and exciting ideas. Knight Jesters Movement, sound composition, role-playing, puppetry and psycho-drama all act as mediums for the interpersonal communications of the Knight's Jesters. The troupe of fifteen actors and actresses have appeared in several schools in our area. Being two-fold, their purpose is to instruct as well as entertain. To quote Shakespeare; "All the world's a stage".Outdoor Conservation Club Observing the eco-system and fostering attitudes which make man harmonious with nature are the primary objectives of the Outdoor Conservation Club. Project oriented, the club sponsors, organizes and completes the paper re-cycling program which enables equipment to be purchased. Trail Guides Conducting tours for grade school and various other groups is the primary function of the E.H. S. Trail Guides. Activities such as building and erecting signs are also done by the group. The -guides, enjoying their brief excursions into the eco-lab, provide a meaningful and useful service to E.H. S. Chess Club Cunning, tact and mental preparation are some of the words which describe the activities of the Chess Club. These members often battle, intellectually on the boards with players of similar skill. Either in the process of ego-building or ego crushing, these people enjoy their momentary jousts on the 64 little squares. Chess Club members can always be picked out of a crowd. They re the ones who incoherently babble things about Bobby Fisher and Boris Spasky. 159Photo Club Concerned with various aspects of photography, the photo club enjoys such activities as photo contests and studying different techniques of photography. Culminating the years activities is the production, direction, and photographing of an 8mm full length feature film. Student Council There is only one oxganization at EHS which has a balanced cross-section of the entire student body. Members of the Student Council work together as a cohesive unit to iron out student problems and to better student life at EHS. Twice a year the council sponsors dances. The Homecoming dance and the Christmas dance enable students to enjoy the social aspects of school. Key Club Being affiliated with the Kiwanis, the Key Club of Eisenhower offers many improvements and additions to our lives at school. Among those are the many bumper stickers, shirts and jackets which the club makes availabe to the student body. With their funds the group plants trees and shrubbery around our school to make it more appealing to the eye. 160Debate Team Do we need a president? Should we go metric? Can and should students smoke in school? These are but a few of the topics that are contemplated and debated in school and between schools. Intellectually attacking and retreating, much like a chess game, the debaters attempt to prove, their point in a competitive atmosphere. Debating is an eye-opening experience in which one looks directly at himself. V. Pv FBLA Participating in various services and activities for the improvement of business in the community the F. B. L. A., of EHS strives to develop competent, aggressive business leadership. The Future Business Leaders, in preparation for useful and meaningful citizenship, center much of their attention in fostering patriotism toward their community and their country. Bible Club Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the media of guest speakers, films and programs presented by club members are some of the activities of the Bible Club. Fellowship and sharing the love of Jesus Christ and His work in today’s world and the lives of Christians today is often the content of the club meetings. 161F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America are a national organization of students studying homemaking in high school. Being an extension of homemaking experiences in the classroom, activities are aimed at helping individuals to improve personal, family, and community living. Stage Crew Unstintingly giving their time and efforts are the members of the Stage Crew. Truly the unsung heroes of musical and play productions of EHS, these individuals are responsible for the lighting, settings, and control of the theatrical environment. Radio Club Communication through understanding is the primary objective of the Radio Club. Learning Morse code and training members to obtain F.C.C. communications licenses are some of the activities of the group. Other functions are the building and maintenance of transmitters and receivers. 162Sr. High Art Club Jr. High Striving for artistic creativity and individual expression is the purpose of the Art Club. Artistic talents are practiced and perfected in an atmosphere of free expression and self-fulfillment. Creations of high aesthetic appeal have been created in such an atmosphere. Due to the great interest in the club this year, two groups have been formed. The junior high division centers its attention on learning new and exciting methods of developing artful creations. The senior division employs the techniques and methodologies learned to create artistic achiev-ments of exceptionally high quality. Varsity Club Male and female athletes, as members of the mS Varsity Club, strive to promote athletics and encourage sports participation within the student body. These letter winners can often be seen working in the concession stands at basketball games and wrestling matches. Being a member of this small but elite group requires the attainment of high athletic goals. Competitiveness, fortitude and endurance are only a few words which exemplify the ins Varsity Club. 163Eisenhower girls bowled in two eagues this year. Bowling at the Sugar lowl and at the Bowladrome, many of he girls attained very high levels in owling. Many went on to win major ocal tourmanents. Bowling Boys—Sugar Bowl Taking place at the Sugar Bowl Lanes, the Eisenhower Boys Bowling League enjoyed great success this year. Competitive league and tournament bowling afforded many individuals the opportunity to achieve personal satisfaction and success in the sport. Girls Bowladrome Sugar BowlFrench Club Culturally oriented, the French Club of EHS studies many aspects of France and its language. Viewing films, filmstrips and feasting on French cuisine, the group learns what France is really like. Cinderbelles Famous for their fantastic officiating, funding of Track projects and their great chili and soup dinners, the Cinderbelles of EHS arc unlike any other group in the Tri-state area. Project oriented the Cinderbelles purchased an electronic digital clock which will give fantastically accurate readings of track times, this making their officiating more exact and efficient. Wrestling Club Being a very popular group, the wrestling club involves the participation of many young athletes. The fundamentals of the sport are taught, practiced and perfected. Takedown competition as well as mat drills are practiced over and over again. Here, young wrestlers can learn the rudiments of the sport, and learn to enjoy wrestling. 165Basketball Club Being one of the larger club activities, members of the EHS Basketball Club are afforded the opportunity of learning the basic skills of the game. In addition, they are given the time to practice and perfect on these skills. Game like situations are created in order to help members understand many aspects of the game. Sr. High K ftL Pep Club Striving to involve the student body and encouraging "esprit de corps", the HdS Pep Club promoted participation and loyalty to our atliletic teams. Approxemately a week before the "Big game", Pep Club went into action making giant posters which united our thoughts on crush-and destroying the opposition. "We came, we saw, and we conquered".Girls Athletic Association Seniors In a modern age of equal opportunities for both men and women the Girls Athletic Association has gained tremendous popularity. Never before, have so many young women been so involved in basketball, volleyball, track and field, bowling and other athletic programs. Because of these great numbers, the competition is stronger and keener. The number of champions developed by the GAA is countless. A commonly known fact is that our EHS women athletes are the most competitive and the strongest. We can thank the GAA for developing these great leadership abilities. Sophomores and Juniors Junior High 167Office assistants at EHS perform many tasks which are not realized by most of us. They are responsible for filing important information,, finding people in emergencies and answering the telephone for the school. Performing several functions, the guidance office assistants act as receptionists, file clerks and errand runners. These volunteers enable the guidance office to operate as an efficient and organized operation. Aiding and assisting the nurse in many capacities, the Health Assistants perform many functions. These functions include keeping order in lines for physicals, examinations and various other occasions. Office Assistants 168 Guidance Assistants Nurse’s AssistantsNational Honor Society Founded upon academic achievement, the National Honor Society srtives for the betterment of interpersonal relationships between individuals from all walks of life. At Christmas, the nationally affiliated group sings carols for the State Hospital patients. In the spring the NHS acts as a host group for the incoming 7th graders. Seniors JuniorsA.V. Crew Unsung and overlooked, unless there is a problem, the A V Crew at EHS organizes and disseminates projectors, screens, tape recorders and various other pieces of equipment which makes our education more complete. Beginning from the time they get to school, early in the morning, the A V Crew works on relentlessly. Library Assistants Shelving, filing and checking out of books are some of the functions of the Library Assistants. Their job is to aid the librarians in all capacities. Volunteering their time and services, the Library Assistants catalog periodicals and aid in the formation of the Library display case. Concession Stand Crew Attending all athletic events but unable to watch the games is one of the hazards of being a member of the concession crew. These individuals give their time and energy so that we, the spectators, can watch the game in comfort.Significantly larger and greater i ever before, the Eisenhower I f Instrumental Music Department presented groups of exceptionally " high quality. Pride, determination, hard work, long hours, talent and dedication are only a few words which exemplify the members of these groups. Coming to school long before others and systematically and methodically practicing to achieve a level of perfection far and beyond the call of duty, the members of the band are truly the unsung heroes of EHS. SQUAD LEADERS DRUM MAJORS Marching Band OFFICERSSr. Band Woodwind Sr. Band Percussion Sr. Band Brass Senior Band OfficersMadrigal Choir • Pursuing advanced and intricate music styles, members of the Madrigal Choir perform for several different audiences tnroughout the year. Members of this small group have attained high achievements in choral music. They have mastered the basics and by participating in the madrigal choir have further stimulated their musical interests. Junior Choir The enchancement of musical knowledge, the attainment of a background in performing, and satisfying the need to sing are the primary objectives of the junior and senior choirs. These two groups, often working together, practice long hours in prep-eration for several key performances throughout the year.Brass Ensemble Woodwin Ensemble Percussion Ensemble West Side Story Pit Band 176Stage Band 1 Woodwinc Quintet District Band ' Stage Band 2WARREN COUNTY MOTOR CLUB INC. PENN BEER DIST. Warren, Pa. 16365 Phone 723-6660 crahamTnsurance 0 AGENCY — f YOUR mOPOMW) aww|AotwT Congratulations From: CUFF CINDY WEBER Tasty Bakery 330 Penna. Ave., West Warren, Pa. YOUR TRAVELERS INSURANCE AGENT Phone 723-2651 Box 132 15 Conewango Ave., Warren, Pa. Congratulations From: WHERLEY INDUSTRIES Sparkle Car Washes Compliments of H. R. BLOCK REGINO’S WEST SIDE MARKET 178STYLE SHOP Best in Men’s Wear Congratulations Class of ’75 FRANK G. SMITH Warren, Pa. Field Underwriter RD 3 Box 71 Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone (814) 489-3949 MERRILL LIVEZEY Custom Butchering Phone 757-8117 R.F.D. 3 Sugar Grove, Pa. 16350 SAUNDER’S EGG FARM Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone 489-7724 Congratulations Class of ’75 PORTER INSURANCE AGENCY SUGAR GROVE SNOWMOBILES CYCLES Scorpion Snowmobiles Hodaka Cycles 179 Congratulations Congratulations to SAVOY RESTAURANT WATT OFFICE SUPPLY MOSTERT’S BAKERY J MTV RCA XL-100 723-7830 Warren WARREN MUSIC CENTER R.W. NORRIS CO., INC. 128 Pennsylvania Ave. West Warren, Pa. 16365 WALKER CREAMERY PRODUCTS CO. “The Only Locally Owned and Locally Operated Dairy in Warren, Pa.” 180For Your Sporting Needs Bowline—Golf Tennis—Softball, Baseball Trophies DICK’S KEYSTONE SERVICE Main Jackson Run Official Inspection Station Front End Alignment Tires—Batteries Accessories—Sun Scope Tune Ups 24 Hr. AAA Wrecker Service Phone: 489-7815 Phone: (814) 723-3220 HANSON’S HARDWARE STORE HULL ELECTRIC INC. 1200 Penna. Ave. W. FAULK VOLKSWAGON, INC. Len Faulk Dodge, Inc. Warren, Pa. Compliments of: GARRISON-SIMONSEN, INC. CORANGER’S Insurance for Every Need. Best Wishes to the Class of “75” 181FROM WARREN TIMES OBSERVER WARREN, PA. Congratulations ... ’75 ers at Eisenhower Fo"" ,011 JAN 74 Compliments of WARREN TRANSFER and Storage TOWN AND COUNTRY Food Center COMPLIMENTS OF Sugar Grove, Pa. WARREN NATIONAL CALDWELL’S BANK 104 Liberty St. Serving Kinzua Country VALENTINE DISPOSAL 112 Penna. Ave. W. 182 A B HEATING SHEET METAL CO. Bright Beautiful Day Night Music WARREN SEWING CENTER NEWS ENTERTAINMENT 231 Penna. Ave. W. The Contemporary Sound of Today For Your Lawn Garden Needs ECKSTROM RANDALL 978 Market St., N. Warren, Pa. Phone:723-1955 RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. 139 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 “Complete Home Furnishings” “CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’75” LORETTA HARRY’S CERAMIC SHOP A.C. PETERSONS COMPANY Classes Supplies Wholesale Deal PARISH BATTERY ELECTRICAL SERVICE 183JAMES JEWELERS N.K. WENDEL BOE CO. INC. JEAN FROCK 326 Penna. Ave. Warren BIEKARCK MUSIC HOUSE 426 Penna. Ave. W., Warren 723-1910 For All Your Musical Needs Liberty St. Warren Pa. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO STORE ROBERTS PRINTING SERVICE 7 Main Street P.O. Box 92 Russell, Pa. 16345 SWANSON’S WATCH SHOP 126 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHWEST SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Warren, Pa. BROWN BOOT SHOP 342 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 184PENNSYLVANIA Bank and Trust Co. SUGAR GROVE, PA. FULL SERVICE BANK DRIVE-UP WINDOW SAVINGS « LOANS CHECKING SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR FAMILY FUN SEARS Sears Roebuck Co Market St. Plaza Warren, Pa. 16365 SUMMER WINTER LEAGUE BOWLING JUNIOR LEAGUES COMPLETE BOWLING ACCESSORIES DRILLING PHONE 723-9807 1401 MARKET ST. EXT. NORTH WARREN LEVI EPSTEIN SONS 410 Penna. Ave. W. Warren, Pa. 16365 Your Friendly SERVICE Florist Men and Boys Wear 723-6100 OFF PENNA AV. EAST 16 HERTZEl WARREN 185BORG’S PHOTO SHOP Film—C am era— Photos 723-8900 “CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’75.” SPEIDEL AGENCY INC. SMITH’S BAIT SHOP 1917 Penna. Ave. E. Warren, Pa. 16365 CR HOMES Green Bros Lumber Corp. Kurt Von-Kleist, Dealer Model Hours Weekdays—6-8 P.M. Saturdays—2-6 P.M. RD 1A Russell, Pa. Phone: 757-8716 or 8869 COMPLIMENTS OF KOFOD’S STUDIO Warren, Pa. Compliments of COUNTRY KITCHEN Frewsburg, New YorkCompliments of WILCOX BROTHERS Sugar Grove, Pa. Compliments of COUNTRY KITCHEN RUSTY NAIL Frewsburg, New York MARV’S STERLING SERVICE 11 Main Street Sugar Grove, Pa. Phone: 489-7435 State Inspections SUGAR GROVE FARM SUPPLY IHC Farm Industrial Equip. Appliances—Hardware—Plumbing Phone: 489-7711 MOORE’S HARDWARE Frewsburg, New York WILSON’S RED OAK CAMPGROUND Full Camping Facilities Ceramic Classes Supplies Scandia, Pa. Open Year Round! Phone 757-8507 8 Main St. Sugar Grove Compliments of BARONE’S MARKET Frewsburg, New York 187WARREN SUB SHOP VALONE SHOE STORE NEW PROCESS COMPANY Warren, Pennsylvania “Congratulations to the Class of ’75.” From Where over 11 million Customers all over the United States shop and save by mail Steadily Growing Since 1910 Congratulations to the Class of 75 W.T. GRANT S.S. KRESGE 200 Liberty St. Compliments of THE PA. BANK TRUST Warren, Pa. Ph. 723-3630 Youngsville, Pa. 16371 Congratulations Class of ’75 THE INFANTEEN SHOP PLAZA RESTAURANT 188 WcyCmarii furniture store 317-319 Penna. Ave. W. WARREN, PA. 16365 TURNER APPLIANCES Comer of Liberty Clark Best Wishes to the Class of 75! 1 t I im ASSOCIATES estate s financial planning 814 726 0242 211 MARKET ST P O BOX 671 WARREN PENNSYLVANIA 1 6363 COWD RICK’S DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Warren, Pa. Dependable Prescription Service .0 THE ❖ 0 PENNSYLVANIA Bank and Trust Co. Compliments of: PB CO. of WARREN, PA. ★ FULL SERVICE BANK DRIVE-UP WINDOW SAVINGS LOANS CHECKING SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES 189HALE’S RED WHITE SWANSON’S AMERICAN HARDWARE General Merchandise Ws ttttts CNiy ?°p.5 Ieay5 sM( 6u NtVtk Ve. Main Street Russell, Pa. 16345 Compliments of BARRETT’S GARAGE COUNTRY DRIVE IN RD 2 Russell, Pa. A T a E ik Our Q Lcstb IFANTALOON SALOON! CoR R of ttbihfy -tilirV ‘The Trucker’s Stop!” Compliments of WARREN NEW CAR DEALERS Congratulations Class of’75 BENSON’S YELLOW BLACK STORE CRAFTSMEN PRINTER’S INC. 24 Beach St., N. Warren, Pa. 16365 Phone (814) 723-1820 Commercial Printing Engraving Silk Screen Printing Russell, Pa. 16345 BLUE MANOR RESTAURANT fS EANS WARREN DRUG STORE mmf CHARLES F. MAHOOD. PHARMACIST CHARLES F. MAHOOD, PHARMACIST 253 LIBERTY ST. P«o«m 723 3400 WARRIN. P£NNA. I636S WARREN CORRY GIFT AMERICA HEADQUARTERS 190KISER’S ARCO SERVICE Congratulations From DEVOE CABINET North Warren Pa. LOGAN’S MEN WEAR Congratulations From CADY’S CARD GIFT SHOP Featuring Lee Jeans and Arrow Shirts 220 Liberty St. Warren, Pa. NORTH WARREN KEYSTONE Compliments of Thomas J. LeTrent WESTERN AUTO STORE COMET SUPER MARKET “We Give S H Green Stamps” Congratulations to the Class “75” DAIRY QUEEN of North Warren Compliments From AKELEY GARAGE BARNHART-DAVIS CO. TURNERT.V. APPLIANCE MACMIMI SHOT AUTOMOBIU MKACIMINT 7ABTI YOUNG3V111X. PA. 14371 Tele hone 543-4443 WAARIN. PA. 14345 Telephone 723-5600.1 SHCTFIOO, PA. 14347 Telephone 964-3639 Comer of Liberty Clark Warren, Pa. ROBERT’S PRINTING SERVICE 7 Main St. P.O. Box 92 Russell, Pa. 16346 Best Wishes to Class of ’75 191r p tf BIKE WORLD OF WARREN YOUR BICYCLE SERVICING CENTER STRUTHER’S WELLS Bikes Trikes for All the Family CORPORATION Parts Services on All Makes Models. 2025 Penna. Ave. 723-1758 G. R. MACHINE CO., INC. Specializing in Your Machining Problems COFFARO’S CUSTOM BUTCHERING Manager: Marrell Sherbeck Freezer Orders 723-5950 or 723-3935 1501 Penna. Ave. W. RD 3 Sugar Grove Compliments of KEYSTONE DIVISION UNITED REFINING CO. CHAMBERLAIN SALES PENN AUTO ALIGNING Specialists in Wheel Alignment Warren, Pa. 723-3660 192GTE SYLVANIA PARTS DIVISION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1975 CLASS GTE Sylvania Parts Division YOCOLU HOBBY SHOP Warren, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’75! ONIEDA LUMBER Compliments of: VIRG-ANN FLOWER SHOP CARSON FINANCE 193HOWARD CURTIS SON BOX 177. SUGAR GROVE. PENNSYLVANIA 16350 PHONE: 814-489 3931 Your credit union is a family affair It s where you belong WACOPSE • Serving School Employees And Students Of Warren And Forest Counties And Municipal Employees Of Warren Borough For 35 Years Congratulations to the Class of ’75 MOSNER MOBILE MILLING Cottsville, Pa. Record Harvest Dealer: RADIO SHACK Compliments of SUMMERSON Handling Quality Stereo Components and Citizens Band Equipment Full Stock of Current Tapes and LP’s ELECTRIC - r-' v RD 3 Sugar Grove Ha 194BETTS ELECTRONIC REPAIR Rick Schmitt WA3RXG Radio—Telev.—Stereo 757-8319 MACHINE COMPANY Quality Photography 1800 Pennsylvania Ave. W. BRIAN LINDQUIST Warren, Pa. Since 1901 Wedding—Candid—Bussiness Area—814-723-1250 757-4324 PATRONS COLLINS FUNERAL HOME Sugar Grove, Pa. 489-7933 Susan Burd Mr. Mrs. William Hunt Mr. Mrs. Edward Klark Mary Schreckengost Mr. Mrs. Richard Miller Mrs. Ellen Benton Mr. Mrs. Harry E. Manross Mr. Harry W. Manross Mr. Mrs. Michael Manross Mr. Mrs. Richard Manross Mr. Mrs. Jack McClain Mr. Mrs. James Gourley Mrs. Edna Walker Mr. Mrs. Edson Skinner Mr. Mrs. John Filiatrault Mr. Mrs. Fred Wright Mr. Mrs. Harley Smith Mr. Mrs. Donald Robeson Mr. Mrs. George Merrit Mr. Mrs. Merritt Jobe, Sr. CLYDE R. NORRIS INC. EKEY FLORISTLatest Hearst Report Only A Hoax ,A c°s oeanReveok Wore On Nixon i +, Mansfield Seeks Drought Imperils Haroest"® ImpeachmentTrial eV c ef 9 • y, ' FShDeniecSKnowi'ng Where SLA Hides Turkish Peace Plan Being Studied Oil Profits Continue Rising Seneca Nation Goes 7 Sadat Seeks CNV™ ec 0"- U.S Weapons Judiciary Committee Votes 27-11 To Recommend Impeachment  ■ ■  

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