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Yesterday Today Tomorrow Lance Class of 1974 Eisenhower High School Russell, PennsylvaniaForeward I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today. William Allen White As we approach the end of our high school life, we reflect on what we have done. Will we be remembered? And thus we set aside this book to show all of those who meet us of the many things the Class of '74 has accomplished. For these things we are unique. We wonder if the things we do today will insure us a solid future. We have knowledge and experience. With these we are confident. Does tomorrow bring new and pressing duties? Surely, we cannot know the circumstances of our own futures, but because of our brief existence here, we are prepared for tomorrow.Contents Dedication Memorium Photo Essay Editors and Staff County Office SENIORS Administration Juniors Underclassmen Activities Appreciation threeDedication As seniors, we will soon be thrust into the midst of political and social strife. When these pinches pursue us, we will meet them with knowledge and competence. We look with respect to those who have given us the fortitude to meet these crises. What does it mean to be part of something? What does it mean to be respected? What does it mean to be understood? When a single person can help you answer all of these questions, the smallest favor you can pay is to her. We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Wiltsie for helping us through the hardest years of our lives. Through her involvement in many school activities, she has taught us the importance of being an important part of something. She has understood our problems and helped us surmount the crises we've faced. But always, she's kept in mind the fact that we are humans, and she has respected our needs as young adults. Through her teaching years at E. H. S., she has remained totally dedicated to the student body. She has taught all the students that she has touched, the importance of self pride. The staff of the E.H.S. Lance would like to co-dedicate this yearbookto Mrs. Lynne Wiltsie. Mrs. Burgett has been a shoulder to lean on for hundreds of students, during her teaching career. Her efforts have not gone unrewarded. She has taught them how to cope with the very society they are creating. She has never lost scope of reality when dealing with them. She has always realized the neccesity for honesty. She teaches all the need to express individual opinions. And through this we understand ourselves better. One will always find Mrs. Burgett standing in front of her open door. She never fails to find a warm smile and a hearty hello for the many faces she never forgets. The staff of the 1974 Lance would like to co-dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgett. fourIn Appreciation Fulton Oursler has stated that "we ought to recognize the teacher's nobler role as parent substitute. " This is not hard to do when we reflect on the teaching career of Mrs. Pauline Norton, for she has "mothered" hundreds of students through their high school days and has endeared herself to them as a teacher who is vitally concerned about their intellectual attainments. Her selfless devotion to her varied tasks of teaching has taken her beyond the call of duty in the pursuit of education for all. I In her eighteen years as advisor to the yearbook staffs, Mrs. Norton has given unstintingly of her time to the production of qualitative yearbooks. We are proud to recognize her as an excellent teacher, counsellor, helper and friend. Mr. KenYorgey, American Yearbook Representative; Mrs. Pauline Norton. fiveTHE HIGH ROAD Wheresoever you may walk In that far land, -- Whatever company May share with you the light-- If you can think of friends and things You used to know, -- You're thinking tenderly of us Tonight. But if, perchance, it's Differently arranged--If you may not for sadness Recall the past, --We'll keep on being lonely For awhile. Knowing we'll walk the same high road At last. - - Anonymous Gary L. Elberg born Jan. 4, 1957, died Dec. 20, 1973. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chann Elberg, and a sister Nancy, of Russell. James A. Lank born Jan. 20, 1953 died Jan. 17, 1973. Surviving are his mother, Mrs. Jean Lank and a sister, Debbie of Lander. Charles F. Larson born Dec. 8, 1948, died Jan. 18, 1972. Surviving are his parents Mr. and Mrs. Lars Larson, six brothers. Bob, Butch, Wayne, Pete, Jack, Brian. Two sisters. Peg, and Edie of Lander.Rachel Stanton In Quito Equador Rachel's Home in Quito Last minute touches by Julie Phillips, Rachel at the seashore. William Phillips family: Brenda, Julie, Mom, Dad, and John. On December 13 1 left from Pittsburgh and flew to Miami. Then after a six hour wait, I went on to Quito, Ecuador. I arrived at 8:00 a.m. and Midge Phillips, Gladys Woods, and Brenda were there to meet me. I was surprised to be in a large city rather than a jungle. There were a lot of things to see in Ecuador, such as the Pacific Coast, Columbian Market, the equator (I stood on the line between the Northern and Southern hemisphere). Otavalo (an open Market)and much more, including the rural folklore stores and of course the people there were very interesting. During my visit I lived in a modern apartment with the family of BilJ Phillips, (Midge, Brenda, Julie and Jonny). Bill is staying for a year, working with the Wycliff Bible Translators. The Limoncha Jungle which I also visited is the home of the Quichea Indians. The Wycliff Bible Translators work with the Indians at the base there. I enjoyed myself very much; it was good to see Brenda again, but it's also good to be back home —with the snow. Rachel Stanton Quito seven Villagers home Brenda and Rachel making cookies. Our Rachel. Every inch a queen.Yearbook Staff Of 1974 The individual members of the senior class are about to leave Eisenhower High and go out and seek more and new horizens. This year the Lance staff tried to present a new type of yearbook. They have fulfilled yesterday, today, and are beginning tomorrow. The Lance staff would like to wish all those leaving Eisenhower High the best of luck in their new endeavors. The staff enjoyed working together through long hours, especially before deadlines were due. The Lance staff of 1974 hopes you thoroughly enjoy our finished product. Karen Bloomgren Kevin Cable Co-Editors -JU frQM. - Ou oC O kJ-j xd LCU-ij - jCcUji)u-c 4 {JJjlquL bjpovt ( Sj CtAM JX ! C5 Lr t£u - thirteen ’74 Y earbook StaffBoard of Education ROW Is Charles R. Beck, Secretary of the Board of Education, Howard A. Thompson, Superintendent of Schools, Henry S. Peterson, President of the Board of Education, J. Robert Peltz, Member, John E. Eberly, Member. ROW 2: Myron E. Jewell, Vice President of the Board of Education, Ronnie D. Weller, Member, David W. Swanson, Member, James W. Pearson, Member, Roberts. Johnson, Member, William A. Hollister, Member, R. Pierson Eaton, Solicitor, William M. Hill, Jr., Solicitor. The Board of Education acts as the general agent of the state in carrying out the will of the people in our district in the matter of public education. One of the most important duties of the Board is the appointment of the superintendent of schools and the administration staff.The Board is also responsible though not limited to evaluating school programs, approving the annual budget, building need of the school system, negotiating contracts with employee organizations, and consideration of specific actions recommended by the superintendent of school. The class of 1974 wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to the members of the Board of Education for the outstanding services rendered to the field of Education in the Warren County School District. fourteenSome are remembered for what they got from life, others for what they gave. Let us strive to be re -membered for both.President: Steve Biekark Vice-President: Doug Audley Secretary: Wendy Allen Treasurer: Layne Christensen We are the class of "74". We are identified by this and will be remembered by it as well. The first time we gathered together as a group was for orientation in May, 1968. At that time we were three separated groups of sixth graders. Yet, when Mr. Neese asked us what year we would graduate, it was with pride and enthusiasm that one boy shouted, "1974!" To most of us that was distant, too far away. Now it is 1974. We are seniors. We are a class joined together, the class of '74. seventeen Flower: Rose Colors: Navy Blue, Powder BlueRodney Abbey "Rod" July 3, 1955 Varsity Basketball 10-12; three year letterman; Varsity volleyball 11-12; Basketball Club 11-12; Varsity Club 10-12. General Work labor and race cars Wendy Jeanette Allen "Wendy" May 4, 1955 Basketball scorekeeper 8-12; Cinderbelles 10-12; certificate, charm, letter; Outdoor and Conservation Club 9; Choir 7-12; Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook 12; Cinder-belles Board of Directors 10,12; Class Sec. 12. College Prep Nursing Ricky Jay Arthur "Rick" August 26, 1956 Choir 9-10; Bible Club 7-8; Wrestling Manager 10-11; Chess Club 10; Honorable Mention 8; Photography Club 9; Art Club 12. General—Art Major eighteen Linda Marie Anderson "Lin" June 13, 1956 Yearbook 12; Art Club 11, Office Assistant 12; Bible Club 12. Clerical UndecidedDouglas Edwin Audley "Pid" February 29, 1956 Class Sec. 9; Class Vice-Pres. 10,11, 12; Plays 11-12 "A Man Called Peter", "1984"; National Honor Society 11-12; Chess Club 10-12; Basketball Statistician 11-12. College Prep Forester, Biologist or Welfare Recipient Steven J. Bauer "Jerome" January 5, 1957 National Honor Society 11-12; Conservation Club 7-9; Chess Club 10-11; Concert Band 9-11; Marching Band 10-11; Varsity Club 11-12; Football 7, 8, 12; letter 12; Track 11-12; letter 12; Intermural Volleyball 10-12. College Prep Accounting, Social Work Diedra Jo Benson "Diedra" September 16, 1956 GAA 10-12; treas. 12; letter, pin, jacket, charm; National Honor Society 11-12; Volleyball; Track, Bowling 10-12; Cinderbelles 9-12; treas. 12, certificate, letter, charm, trophy, jacket; Cheerleader 8-12. Secretarial College Sally Marie Beecfle "Sally" January 8, 1957 Bowling 8-12; Volleyball 7-12; Cheerleading 9-10; Most Outstanding Track Girl 72; GAA, Christmas Trophy. VO-TECH Airline StewardessRodneyS. Biekarck "Biek" May 26, 1955 Football 10-12; Student Council 10-11; Varsity Club 11-12. College Prep. Law Enforcement Marcie L. Black "Marcie" October 3, 1956 Bowling 9-12; National Honor Society 11, Basketball 9; GAA 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Track 11; Gym Show 11. College Prep. Undecided Debra Ann Blair "Deb" June 6, 1956 Choir 9,10,12; Yearbook Staff 12; FFA 12. General—VO--AG Cosmotologist and Farming Winifred Christine Block "Fred" February 24, 1956 Cinderbelles 9-12, certificate, charm, letter, trophy; GAA 10- 12, letter, pin, jacket; FTA 10; Girls Basketball 10-12, letter 11-12; Volleyball 10-12; Track 9-12, letter 9-12; Honor Society 11-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Student Council 11- 12. College Prep Medical TechnologistKathleen Dawn Bloomgren "Fruit" October 6, 1956 Cinderbelles 9-12, certificate, charm, letter, trophy, Board of Directors 11, Chairman 12; Basketball 11-12, co-captain 12, letter; GAA 11-12; Pres. 12, letter; National Honor Society 11-12; Track 9-12, letter 9-12; Volleyball 9-12. College Prep To teach and to learn Karen Ann Bloomgren "Queen" October 6, 1956 Lancers 8-12, Color Commander 10-12; Yearbook Co-Editor 12; Volleyball 11-12; Bowling 11; WCSD Champs; Holiday Tournament Singles winner, first place team trophy; Eco-Lab Study Group, Eco-Lab Trail Guide 11-12; Prom Committee 11; Honor Society 11-12; Thespian Society 11-12. College Prep Probation Officer—To Exist Thomas Samuel Braley "Wally" March 2, 1955 Football 7,8,10,12; Bowling 9-12; Wrestling 11; Forest Fighting Crew 11-12. College Prep Farming twenty-one David Joseph Bosko "Fingers" February 5, 1956 Outdoor and Conservation Club 9-10, pres. 9, Vice-Pres., Trailguide 9-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Honor Society 11-12; Student Council 11-12, Treas. 11; Jr. Choir 7-8; Sr. Choir 9; Jr. Band 7-8; Sr. Band 9,11,12; District Band 11; Band Pres. 8; Stage Band 8-12, letter; Cross Country Track 12; Track 7-12, letters, Most Improved Trackmen 11; Intramural Volleyball 9-12. College Prep Certified Public AccountantCraig Briggs October 25, 1956 VO-TECH Carpentry Darla Kay Brecht "Brechet" December 9, 1955 Cinderbelles 9-12, jackets, certificate, charm, letter, trophy; Track 7-12; letter 8-12; Volleyball 9-12, tournament 9; Bowling 7-12; Warren County Champs 11, trophy, 2nd place trophy 11; Captain 11-12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Yearbook Staff 12. Secretarial Business Further my Business Education "Craig" Elaine Brown "Elaine" August 6, 1955 Bible Club 7-9; FTA 10-11; Office Aid 12. Secretarial Be a Beautican twenty-two Patsy Ruth Brooks "Pat" January 26, 1956 Volleyball 7-12; Basketball 11-12; Girls Track 9-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Outdoor and Conservation Club, pres. 11, 11-12; G.A.A. 10-12; Ecolab Trail Guide 11-12. General JockeyJames E. Burch "Jim" July 31, 1953 Football, Track; Varsity Club. General I don't know Loretta Jean Brunecz "Lolly" November 9, 1956 Yearbook Staff 12; Choir 8-12; Bowling 7-9, Trophy 7; Bible Club 7-9; Record Club 10; E. Y.E.A. 11; Nurses Aid 12; Art Club 12. General To Be Successful Brenda Burnett "Bemie" April 7, 1956 G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket; Girls Track 7-12, letters; Girls Basketball 9, 11, letter; Girls Softball 7-12; Varsity Club 11-12, jacket; Volleyball 7-12; Gym Show 8, 11; Nurses Assistant 11-12; Pep Club 11; Choir 7-9; Librarian Assistant 9. General Undecided Susan Marie Bush "Shue" July 14, 1956 Sr. Choir 10-11; Art Club 10-11; Volleyball 9; Softball 7-10. General—Art Major Service and Marriage twenty-threeDiana Lynn Cable "Rita" December 8, 1956 Jr. Concert Band 8-9, pin; District Band 8-9,11-12; Sr. Concert Band 9-10, Librarian 9, Sec-Treas. 10, pin; Marching Band 8-12, letters, jacket, pin, sec-treas. 10, pres. 11-12; Brass Ensemble 10-12; Jr. Choir 7-9; Sr. Choir 9-12, Dist. Choir 11-12; Music Conference 10-12; Hi Tones 8-12; Honor Society 11-12; Track 7,8,10; Cinderbelles 11-12, jacket, charm, certificate; Basketball 9; Sports booster 7-8; Press Club 9; E.Y.E. A. 7,11, 12; Yearbook 12. College Prep. Music Therapy Dudley J. Cable "Dud" December 8, 1956 Band 8-12, Marching Band 10, 12; Basketball 9-12; Student Council 9-11; Honor Society 11-12; Ike Hi Tones 9-12; Volleyball 9-12. College Prep Fortune Cookie Factory Owner Kevin R . Cable March 9, 1956 Chess Club 9-10; Art Club 12; staff. General Forestry, Organist Kathy Elaine Chapman "Kath" July 26, 1956 G.A.A. 10-12, letter, jacket, pin, charm; Volleyball 10-12; Bowling 9-12; Basketball 11; Honor Society 11-12. Secretarial To live not merely surviveLayneG. Christensen "Bones" April 7, 1956 Football 11-12; Basketball 11-12. College Prep College, I hope Carol Coffaro "Carol" December 21, 1955 Choir 7-12; Choir librarian 8-12; Band 7-11, pin; Marching Band 7-12, pins, letters, jackets; Bowling 7-12. College Prep--Health assistant for seniors (Vo-Tech) L.P.N. RickR. Consla "Victor" December 13, 1955 Football 9-12, letter; Volleyball 9-11; Track 10, letter; Art Club 9; Varsity Club 11-12. General Forestry Kathy Custer "Red" August 28, 1956 Marching Band 7-9; Jr. Band 7-8; Sr. Band 9; Pep Band 9; Jr. Choir 7-8; Record Club; F.T.A. 7-9; Bible Club 10; Art Club 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Lancer 10, Chevron. VO-TECH twenty-five Drafting and DesignCrystal Dawn Dalrymple "Chris" January 13, 1957 National Honor Society 11-12; Art Club 11; Bible Club 9-10. College Prep. Nursing Terry Davis "Terry" August 6, 1956 VO-TECH Work and enjoy myself Sharon Ann Dow "Share" November 15, 1956 Bowling 9-10; Track 9, 10,12; Concert Band 9-12; Marching Band 9-12, letter, pin, jacket; Art Club 12. College Prep. Undecided Rick W. Driscoll "Dick" June 26, 1956 Basketball 8-12; letter 10-12; Volleyball 11-12; Track 9-11, letter 10-11; Art Club 9; Varsity Club 10-12; Basketball Club 11-12. College Prep. Unsure twenty-sixLuanne Falconer "Louie" October 27, 1956 G.A.A., letter, pin, jacket; Bowling 7-12; Lancers 8-10; Basketball 11-12; Girls Track Manager 11-12; Thespians 12; Press Club 7-9; Volleyball 11-12; Choir 8-9; Ecolab Guide 11; Warren County Bowling Champs 72-73; Yearbook Treas. Clerical Undecided Bradley Raymond Folts "Fritz" August 30, 1956 Football 9-11; Track 9-11; Chess Club 9-11; Pep Club 11. College Prep. Undecided twenty-sevenWayne Gruber March 16, 1956 Student Council 11-12. General Gearjamming Mechanic "Mortacci" Sally Marie Hanson ,rH.R. " April 2, 1956 G.A.A. 10-12; Cinderbelles 10-12; Wrestling Score Keeper, J.V. 11, Varsity 12; Pep Club 12. General Undecided Helen M. Hardy October 27, 1956 Bible Club 8-10. General To be happily married, Randy Harvey ,fHarv" September 26, 1956 Football 8-11; Varsity Club 11-12; letter; Football 11. College Prep Live day for day and worry about tomorrow, tomorrowKristi Lynn Haupt 'Kris'1 November 3, 1956 Library Assistant 8-10; Hobby Club 10; F.H. A. 10; Honor Society 11-12; Art Club 11-12. Secretarial Live Forever Roger Hayes "Rog" August 11, 1956 VO-TECH Carpenter, become rich and famous Cynthia Belle Holden June 6, 1956 General Be a gourmet Sherry Lynn Himes "Sherry" May 21, 1956 Basketball 10-12; Volleyball 8-12; Track J-12; Bowling 10-12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, jacket, key; Varsity Club; Softball 7-12 allstar; Choir 7-12; Honor Society 11-12; Bible Club 7-12; Yearbook 12; Office Assistant 11-12. Business UndecidedJames Garrison Holt "Garry" March 7, 1956 Library Assistant 8-9; A. V. Crew 9-12; Stage Crew 10-11; Yearbook Staff 11, Photography Editor. College Prep Go into the Electronics Field Cathlene Ann Hosier "Cathy" May 17, 1956 Bible Club 7-9; Record Club 10; Library Assistant 7-10; Sr. Choir 11-12; P.Y.E.A. 11-12; Nurses Aid 12; Art Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12. General To become a cartoonist Grace Hunzinger "Grace" September 14, 1954 Bible Club 7-9; Softball 7-12; Volleyball 9-12; Track 10-12; Choir 10; Record Club 10; Intermural Basketball 9-10; Basketball 11-12; Bowling 11-12. Business Undecided John Lei and Johnson "John L. " November 13, 1956 Outdoor and Conservation Club 8-12; Student Council 10-12, sec. 10; Science Club 12; Wrestling 11-12; N.E.D.T. Merit award 9-10; Science Fair 8; Hon. Mention: N.A.S.A. Merit Award; American Legion Essay Contest 3rd 8; 1st 11; Tomorrow's Scientist and Engineers Merit Certificate 10; National Honor Society 11-12; Class V. Pres. 9; Treas. 11; Football Statistician 11-12; N.R.E.C.A. Youth Tour 1973. College Prep Pre-Med, Pre-Vet thirtySusan K. Johnson "Dewey” November 23, 1956 G.A.A. Varsity Club; Bowling; Honor Society. College Prep. Make someone smile Robert Vernon Johnson II "Skins" October 17, 1956 AV 7-11; Stage Crew 9-12; Photography Club 10; Chess Club 9-12. College Prep. Forestry Robin Leigh Jones "Rob" November 9, 1956 Bowling 8-12; Track 11-12; Library Assistant 8-12, letter, pin; Bible Club 9-10; P. Y.E.A. 11; Press Club 12. Secretarial Business College Wendy Marlene Kanarr "Wendy" August 17, 1956 Bible Club 9,12; Junior Choir 9; Gym Show 8,11, 12; Girls Hobby Club 10; Gym assistant 11; Prom Crown Bearer 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Yearbook Staff, Typist, Secretary 12. Secretarial Business Undecided thirty-oneJeffery Lee Keller November 30, 1956 Wrestling 8; Art Club 7-8. 'Jeff ii VO-TECH Live Denise M. Kemery "Denise" April 1, 1956 Pep Club; Art Club. Clerical Business Undecided Janice King "Mrs. Greg" March 3, 1956 Bowling 9; Bible Club 9-10; Art 11-12; Gym Show 11-12. Art Major Married and on to riding school Joan Leslie Knapp "Jo" September 16, 1955 Bible Club 8-9; EYEA 11; Record Club 10; Jr. Choir 8-9 Sr. Choir 10-12; Yearbook Staff 12; Nurses Aid 12. General To become a housewife LJeffery Scott Landin "Stretch" August 7, 1956 Basketball 8-12, letters; Track 9, 12; Varsity Club 11-12; Band 7-11; Marching Band 7-10; National Honor Society 11-12; NEDT Certificate 9-10; WCTU Essay Contest 1st place 8; American Legion Contest 2nd place 11; Bible Club 7-8; Chess Club 9; Conservation Club 10; Basketball Club 11; Volleyball 11-12. College Prep Engineer Mark Eric Landin "Mark" October 21, 1956 Basketball 7-12, letters; Track 7-12, letter; Marching Band 7-11; Bible Club 7-8; National Honor Society 11-12; Chess Club 9; Conservation Club 10; Basketball Club 11; Varsity Club 11-12; NEDT Certificates 9-10; Volleyball 11-12. College Prep College Debra D. Lank July 10, 1955 Cheerleading 8-9; Art 7-9; GAA 10. General To be happy Edith Coreen Larson ,fEdie" September 14, 1956 Bible Club 7-10; Record Club 10; Yearbook Staff 12; Librarian 9-11, certificate, pin, letter; Art Club; Dist. Ed.-Vo-Tech 11. "Monkey" Club 7-12; Press 9-10; Bible Club General Pro. Horse Trainer thirty-three'Ruther' Ruth Allison Lawson August 24, 1956 Yearbook 12; Gym Show 8,11; Varsity Club 11-12; Spanish Club 10; Basketball 10-12; GAA 10-12, letter, pin, jacket, key; Volleyball 12; Track 12. College Prep Sports reporter, interior designer Barbara Ann Lemmon "Barb'1 October 11, 1956 Library 9-12, letter, pin; Sr. Band 10-12; Stage Band 11-12; Jr.-Sr. Choir 8-12; Track 9-10; Honor Society 11-12; Chess Club 11; Yearbook 12; FTA 8-10; Cinderbelles 11-12, jacket, certificate, charm. College Prep Music Education Jay Homer Lindell "Jay" August 15, 1956 Bible Club 7; Outdoor Conservation 7-9; Ecolab Trail Guide 8-10; Student Council 8, 9,11; Class Pres. 8, Treas. 10; National Honor Society 11-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Wrestling 8-12, letters; Football 8-9; Homecoming Escort 11; Prom Crown Bearer 11. College Prep Aeronautical Pilot thirty-four Davey Lester November 24, 1954 FFA 9-12; Bowling 7-10, 12. "Dave" Agricultural NoneJed A. Lundmark "Jed" October 3, 1955 Art Club College Prep. To get a job thirty-five Joyce Ellen Lindell "Joyce" June 11, 1956 Bowling 8-12; GAA letter, pin, jacket; National Honor Society 11-12; Cinderbelles 11-12, certificate, jacket; Volleyball 10—12; Prom Jr. Attendant Secretarial To live and laugh Deborah Ann Lindsey "Debbie" November 20, 1956 Press Club 7—8; Jr. Choir 8-9; Sr. Choir 10-12; Drama 11; Marching Band 9, 10; Jr. Band letter; Color Guard Commander 11. College Prep. Love and Happiness Joseph Litzinger "Joe" November 5, 1955 General Play short-stop for Pittsburgh PiratesDaniel Lee Lyon "Meat" February 28, 1956 Football 7-8, 11-12, letters; Track 11-12, letter; Varsity Club 11-12; Basketball 11-12; Volleyball 10-12. General Bricky Greg Mangini "Greg" April 25, 1956 Football 7,8,10; Field and Stream 8. College Prep. C arpentry Jeff Mangini "Jeff" April 25, 1956 Field and Stream 8; Football 7, 8,10; Art Club 11. College Prep. Cooking Lucinda Ann Marsh "Cindy11 April 11, 1956 Cinderbelles 9-12, Board of Directors 9, Certificate,- Charm, letter, trophy; Track 7-12, letters; 100 Mile Club 9,10,12; Basketball 8-10,12; Volleyball 8- 12; Softball 7-12, Co-Captain 10 Captain 11; All-Star 11 Intramural Sport 7-12; GAA 11-12; Gym Show 8; Jr. Choir 7-8; Sr. Choir 9-12, Pres. 12; District Chorus 11; Madrigal Choir 12, Jr. Concert Band 8, pin Sr. Concert Band 9- 12 letter; Marching Band 9-12, letter, pin, jacket; Brass Choir 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Bible Club 7-12, treas. 10; Library Assistant 8-9, letter. College Prep. CollegeRobert Charles Martin "Bob” April 18, 1956 Wrestling; National Honor Society 11-12; Wrestling Club 11-12; Student Council. VO-TECH Undecided Pamela Merkle "Pam" September 18, 1956 Jr. Band 7-8, sec-treas. 8, pin; Sr. Concert Band 9-12, sec-treas. 11, letter, pin; Marching Band 7-12, drum major 10-11, band front 12, jacket, pin, letter; Mid-East Music Conference 11-12; Y.E.A. 9-12, sec. 10; Harrisburg State Convention 9, 11; Jr. Choir 7-8; Sr. Choir 9-12, treas. 12; National Honor Society 11-12. College Prep. Special Education, Child Psychology Darlene Miller "Darlene" March 30, 1955 Bible Club 7-9; F.T.A. 10-11; I.M.C. Aid 8-10; Office Aid 12. Secretarial Get a job Duane Edward Momingstar "Dubs" May 10, 1956 F.F.A. 9-12, pres. 12. thirty-seven Vo-Ag Do as little as possibleMary Matilda Mortenson "Mary Tillie" October 7, 1956 Bible Club 7-8; F.T.A. 8-10; I.M.C. 9-10, letter; Girls Basketball 9; Chess Club 11. College Prep. College Donald Erik Nelson "Donny" January 15, 1957 Concert Band 7-11; Marching Band 7-10; Homecoming Escort 10; National Honor Society 11-12; Chess Club 11; Art Club 12, Student Council 12; Track 10-12. General—Art Major Commercial Artist or Actor Bonnie Lynn Newark "Bub" June 19, 1956 Bible Club 9; Record Club 10; Yearbook Staff 12; P. Y.E. A. 11; Choir 9, 11, 12. General Marine's Military Police Karen Marie Nosel "Karen" August 6, 1956 Bowling 9-12; Intermural Basketball 9-11; Softball 9-12; Gym Show 9,11; G.A.A. 9-12; Honor Society 11, 12. College Prep. CollegeKathleen May Olds "Kathy" May 12, 1956 Sr. Band 9-12; Jr. Band 7-8; Marching Band 7-10; National Honor Society 11-12; Cinderbelles 12, Gym Show 7,11. Jr. Choir 8; Jr. District Band 9. College Prep. College Shirley F. Parks "Shirley" September 19, 1956 Choir 10-12; Art Club 10-11; Press Club 9-11; Volleyball 9; Softball 7-12; Bible Club 7-8; Pep Club 12. General Art Service Roberta Kathleen Repine April 17, 1955 Art 7-12; Work Study 11-12. Special Ed. Job opportunities Brenda Phillips "Bink" April 22, 1956 Cheerleading 8, 9,10; Track 11; Yearbook in S.A. 12, G.A.A. 9-11; Gym Show 11; Christian Service Outreach 12 (SA). Undecided Deborah Lynn Riggle "Debbie” February 8, 1955 G.A.A., jacket, pin, letter; Track; Bowling manager 1 year, captain 2; Volleyball, Bible Club Business Business College William Rollinger "Willy" February 7, 1956 Yearbook Photographer; A.V. Crew; Radio Club. General Technical Photographer in Service Kent Sanden "Cricket" December 24, 1956 Jr. Band 7-8; Marching Band 7-11, manager 10-11; Varsity Club. College Prep. Undecided Jeffery Ray Sanders "Chicken" April 24, 1956 Football 10-12; Varsity Club 11-12; Basketball 7-9. Vo-Ag Chicken Farmer fortyShelly Jean Shaffer "Shell" September 4, 1956 Statistician 11, certificate, charm, jacket, letter; Lancers 8-10, certificate, chevrons; G.A.A. 10-12, Sec. 12, letter, pin, jacket; Varsity Football Scorekeeper 11-12; Press Club 9; Girls Track 9-10; Yearbook 12; Volleyball 10-12, Bowling 11-12, Warren County School District Champs 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Cinderbelles 10-12, Board of Directors 12. College Prep. Lab Technician Sharill Lynn Sanders August 31, 1956 Bowling 7-12; Marching Band 12; National Honor Society. College Prep. Fashion Designer Guy Michael Schultz "Guy" July 15, 1956 Football 7-12, co-Capt. 11-12, letter 10-12; Student Council 10-12, V. Pres. 11, Pres. 12; Ecolab Guide 9-12; Class Pres. 10. College Prep. Landscape Horticultorist Patricia A. Seleni "Pat" May 3, 1956 National Honor Society 11-12; Girls Hobby Club 9; Chess Club 11; Office Aid 10-12. General—Art Major Undecided "Sharill" 7-11; Band 7-11; GAA 10-Margaret E. Skinner September 24, 1956 General Get a Job Madeline Jean Southwell "Maggie" December 5, 1955 Class Sec. 11; Cheerleading Jr. High Capt. 9, Varsity 11-12, Sec. 11, Capt. 12, Jacket, Coat, 2 letters, Chevrons, Certificate; Track 9-12, letter 11-12; Bowling 10-12, Capt., Trophies; Varsity Club 11-12, jacket; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin, Jacket, Key; Volleyball 9-12; Outdoor G Conservation 9-10, officer; Trail Guide 9-12; Student Council 10-12; Pep Club 11-12; Pres. 11-12; Cinderbelles 11-12, Public Relations 12, jacket, charm, certificate; Bible Club 9; Dance Club 10; Gym Show 8, 9,11; 100 Mile Club, patch. Yearbook Staff. "Peggy" Secretarial Business Dancer Sandra Beth Spelling "Sandy" October 22, 1956 G.A.A. 10-12, letter; Bowling 9; Volleyball 9-12. Business Undecided Joel Alan Spencer "Joel" July 1, 1955 Bible Club 11-12; Art Club 10. General forty-two Go to Bible SchoolRachel Lynn Stanton "Rach" December 10, 1956 Bible Club 10-11; Cheerleading 12, letter, Jacket, Chevron; Gym Show 8, 9, 11, Gym Ass. 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Girls Track 7-12, letters, 100 Mile Club 10; Basketball 10-12, Co-Capt. 12, letters; Bowling 9-12; G.A.A. 10-12, letter, pin; Softball 8-12; Volleyball 8-12; Sr. Choir 10-12; AV Crew 10; Press Club 8-9; Spanish Club 9. College Prep. Physical Education and Health Marciea W. Staswoiski "Grip" October 10, 1956 Cheerleading 8-9; Track 8-12; Volleyball 9-12; Basketball 9; Scorekeeper 11-12; Bible Club 9-12; Varsity Club 11, 12; Student Council 8; Trail Guide 11-12; Office Asst. 11-12; Yearbook 12. College Prep. Undecided Kenny Allen Steber "Stub" November 20, 1956 Marching Band 7-12; Jr. Band 7-9; Sr. Band 9-12; Stage Band 11-12; Brass Ensemble 10. General Undecided Luann Cay Stockton ' L.C. • September 4, 1956 Honor Society 11-12; Volleyball 9-10; Cheerleading 10; Football Scorekeeper, JR. Varsity, Varsity; G.A.A. 9-11; Chess Club 9; Trail Guide 10-11; Office Worker 9-12. Secretarial Business Professional Horse Trainer and a MarineSue Susan Ann Storms November 19, 1956 Bowling 9-11; Bible Club 9-10; Art Club 11; Gym Show 11. VO-TECH (D.E.) To get Married Dean LeRoy Swanson "Tiny" June 5, 1956 Football 7-12, letter 10-12; Wrestling 11-12, letter 11-12; Track 7-12, letters 11-12; Basketball 9-10; Varsity Club 10-12, Co-Chairman 12; Jr. Prom Attendant. Vo-Ag College—Football Lorraine D. Thompson "Lorraine" January 8, 1957 General To move on to something better Mark Edward Thompson "Fritz" June 16, 1956 Bowling; Varsity Club; Track 9-12, letter 9-i5 proved Fieldman 72-73. General FarmingPamela Tidrick "Pam” November 9, 1956 Student Council 9; Bible Club 9; Class Sec. 10: Chess Club 11-12. College Prep. To be a liberated Woman Dane Wadsworth •'Herbie" July 5, 1956 Wrestling 8-12; Varsity 10-12; F.F.A. 9-12. Vo-Ag Take it as it comesJohn Edward Williams "John” May 4, 1955 Wrestling Club 9-12; Photo Club 10. General Ronald E. Wilson "Hare Bare" July 21, 1956 F.F.A. 9-10, Farm Show 10; Varsity Club 11-12; Wrestling 7-9, 11-12; Football 8. General Undecided Merle Woodin "Merle" June 5, 1956 Gym Show 11-12. VO-TECH Automotive Technician Priscilla Ann Yeskey "Cilia" January 16, 1956 Majorettes 8-9, Camp; Honor Society 11-12; Gym Show 8. Business Undecided forty-sixEdwin Ethan Young "Ed" February 22, 1956 Basketball 7-12, letters; Varsity Club 11-12; Volleyball 10-12, All-Stars 11-12; Track 8,11,12, letter; Basketball Club 11-12; Jr. Concert Band 7-8; Sr. Concert Band 9-12, V. Pres. 11; Jr. Award; "Ike Hi Tones" Stage Band 7-12; Marching Band 8-12, Manager 8; Jr. District Band 7-9; Mid-East U. S. Instrumental Music Conference 10-12. College Prep. Professional Musician Kenya Younie November 10, 1954 General Undecided Robin Younie July 30, 1956 Bowling 11; Bible Club 8-10. General Art School and Marriage "Robin" George Kline June 21, 1956 Football 7,8,9; F.F.A. 10,11. General Run Heavy Machinery "Skinny" forty-sevenHelen A. Fry July 10, 1956 Pep Club Business Undecided Biggest Eaters Winnie Block Ed Young Shortest Debbie Lank Bob Martin forty-eightClass Hot Rods Sally Hanson Craig Briggs Most Likely to Succeed John Johnson Wendy Allen Silliest Joel Spencer Cindy Marsh Most School Spirit Madeline Southwell Guy Schultz forty-nineBiggest Flirts Brenda Burnett Dan Lyon Friendliest and Best Personality Jay Lindell Rachel Stanton Best Writers Pat Brooks Dudley Cable Most Courteous and Best Mannered Jay Lindell Wendy AllenMost Artistic Don Nelson Pat Brooks Most Humorous Marcie Black Doug Audley Best Dancers Dave Bosko Madeline Southwell Most Athletic Dean Swanson Kathy Bloomgren fifty-oneMost Ambitious Madeline Southwell John Johnson fifty-two Most Talkative Sherry Himes Marcie Black Missing—Duane Momingstar Best All Around Joyce Lindell Jay Lindell Most Stubborn Pam Tidrck Guy SchultzMost Forgetful Dane Wadsworth Winnie Block Most Musical Diane Cable Dudley Cable Quietest Bob Johnson Kathy Olds Tallest Winnie Block Jeff Landin fifty-threeBest Actors Karen Bloomgren Doug Audley Class Cut-up Guy Schultz Marcie Black fifty-four j-Tm' Sherry Himes fifty-five Wendy AllenDarlene Miller Joan Knapp Davey Lester Darla Brecht Debbie Lindsey Loretta Brunecz Edie Larson fifty-sixWendy Kanarr Kenya Younie fifty-seven Cindy HoldenDudley and Diana Cable Karen and Kathy Bloomgren Carol C of faro fifty-eightfifty-nineSome high school graduates use their diplomas the way besieged lords of old used their castle moats. Moats, you will remember, were used as a defense against enemy forces. The idea was to gather a large store of supplies within the castle walls, raise the drawbridge over the moat, and wait out the siege of the enemy isolated outside. Then either the attacking forces tired of the siege and left or those behind the fortifications slowly starved to death. Those who regard their high school education as a protection from the difficulties of life may, like those who hid behind great stone walls, find themselves constantly on the defensive, always subject to the forces outside, slowly wasting away. Others use their education as an offensive device, much as knights in medieval Europe used the bridge. Waiting behind the walls for a lull in the battle, when the enemy was off his guard, theharrassed lord suddenly dropped the drawbridge over the moat, sent his most fierce armored warriors in a violent charge through the surrounding forces, and quickly raised the bridge back up to secure the walls. The desired effect was to put the enemy forces in a vise between the castle and the armored swordsmen. Those who consider their high school education only one step in a succession of educational adventures demonstrate the wisdom of those who in ancient warfare took the offense against their enemies by lowering the drawbridge. The 1974 Eisenhower High School graduates will choose between the moat and the drawbridge. They will use their years here as a moat to protect them from life, or they will use it as a drawbridge to charge life boldly. 'tt.-CC-TL. Ralph L. Brown Principal sixtyEverything has a beginning and eventually an end. This academic year is no exception for those seniors who end this year by being graduated and begin a new year of life. This years end marks a new beginning of work of school whichever you have chosen. We sincerely hope that your years of education have been profitable in terms of preparation and experience for your life's vocation. You were given the opportu-nity and the means; did you use them wisely? In all sincerity, I can say without hesitation or reservation that the great majority have profited! May you have success commensurate with your ability, ambition and dedication to your goals. I appreciate this opportunity to thank you for sharing your formative years with me. I am very proud of your accomplishments and confident that your future will be rewarding to you. I also believe you will continue to make us proud that you were here for awhile. Best wishes, good luck, bon voyage. Respectfully, c Ww Wm— John M. Neese Assistant Principal sixty-oneMr. Jeffrey Bartch Reading B.A. in English at Edinboro State College, B.A. in Education at Geneva College Mr. Robert Bacchetti Chemistry Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Activity: Chess Club Mr. Alan Bean Social Studies Edinboro State College Activity: Assistant Wrestling Coach Mr. Patrick Black Mathematics B.S. andM. Ed. in Mathematics, Edinboro State College Mathematics Department HeadMrs. Paula Blair Business Education Indiana State Teachers College, B. S. Mr. John Brunecz Advanced Mathematics and Logic B. S. and M. Ed. in Mathematics, Edinboro State College Activities: Senior Class Advisor, Thespians, Assistant Basketball Coach Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgett Social Studies Edinboro State College, B.S. Mr. Robert Carberry Science Clarion State College, B. S., Edinboro State College, M. Ed. Science Department Head Activities: Science Club Mr. Clair Cable Work-Study Co-ordinator Master of Art Degree Secondary Education Mr. Larry Conrad Business Education Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B. S. Vocational Department Head Miss Nancy Colvin (Mrs. Nancy Palmer) Vocal Music Westminster College, B.M. Activities: Junior and Senior Choirs, Madrigal Choir Mr. Raymond Carey Agricultural Education Penn State University, B. S. Activity: F.F.A. L Mrs. Sharon Crossen English Point Park College Edinboro State College, B.S. in English Activities: National Honor Society, Debate Mrs. Kathleen Crowthers Special Education California State College B.S. Ed. Elementary and Mentally Retarded M.Ed. in Socially and Emotionally Maladjusted Mr. Lee Crowthers Industrial Arts California State College, B.S. Activity: Amature Radio Club Mr. Theodore Dorr ion English Clarion State College, B.S. Edinboro State College, M.Ed. English Department Head sixty-fiveMr. Ronald Dunbar Social Studies Edinboro State College Activities: Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach Mr. J. Dennis Engstrom English and Speech Upsala College, A.B. Activities: Head Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Cinderbelles Mr. Janies Falvo Business Education Robert Morris College, B. S. Activities: Assistant Football Coach, Pep Club, Eighth Grade Advisor. Mr. Thomas Firth Boy s Physical Education and Health Slippery Rock State College, B. S. Physical Education Head Activity: Head Football Coach Mr. Robert Glarner B. A. in Ed. Penn State M. Ed. in Secondary Ed. Penn State P. D. in Guidance University of Wyoming Mr. Robert Granahan B. S. in Education Edinboro State College Special Education Mr. Theodore Hedman Art Edinboro State College Activities: Basketball Coach, Art ClubMr. Robert Hunt Spanish Edinboro State College Activity: Spanish Club Mrs. Lucille Leathers Girl's Physical Education Oberlin College. B.A. Activities: Girls Track, Girl's Intramural Basketball and Volleyball, Girl's Bowling Mr. Harris Lanzel Music Music Education, B.S. Mansfield State College, Masters in Music Education Northwestern University Activities: All Instumental Music Mr. Joe V. Letko Physical Education and Health B.S. in Health and Physical Education Lock Haven State College Activities: Assistant Wrestling Coach, Tabby Football, Gymnastic Club, "Rookie Season at the Big 'E'." VVA V' Mr. Budd Neidig Driver Education Slippery Rock State College, B. S. Activity; Key Club Mrs. Carmen Livsey Latin and English Taylor University, B.S. Activity: Bible Club Assistant Mr. Allen Norton Social Studies Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B. S., M. A. Fredonia State University of New York Activity: Vasrity Club Mrs. Pauline Norton English Clarion State College, B.S., Penn State, M. Ed. Activities: Yearbook Advisor, PYEA Miss Natalie Perry Mathematics California State College B.S. Miss Mable Reese Librarian Seattle Pacific College B. S., Clarion State College Activity: Bible Club Mr, Richard Ritter Biology, Science Survey Washington-Jefferson College B.A. in Biology Activity: Photography Club Mrs. Richard Rolls Social Studies Manfield State College B.S.  Mr. Richard Rolls Social Studies Mansfield State College, B.S. Mrs. Pauline Schmidt Guidance Counselor Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. Mrs. Mary Schorman Nurse Millard Fillmore School of Nursing, R. N., Edinboro State College, B.S. Mr. Michael Schultz % English and French Lock Haven State College, B. S., Graduate Studies, St. Bonaventure, Bucknell University, Temple University, University de Toulouse Mr. Solomon Shepler Industrial Arts California State College, B.S. Activity: Girl's Hobby Club Mr. William Sherwood Science Edinboro State College, B.S. Activities: Assistant Basketball Coach, Basketball Club Advisor Mrs. Charlotte Siefert Home Economics Penn State University Activity: F.H.A. Mrs. Barbara Spctz English Eastern Nazarenc College, B.A.Mr, William Wilson Social Studies Gannon College, B.A. Activity: Girl’s Basketball Coach Mrs, Lynn Wiltsie English Lock Haven State College, B. S. Activities: Junior Class Advisor, Cheerleader Advisor, Lancer Advisor, Prom Advisor ITeachers’ Aides Mrs. Lilliam Cable Library (IMC) Mrs. Valerie Craker Secretary and Central Treasurer High School Office Mrs. Ella Chase Art Teacher's Aide seventy-four Mrs. Faye Mclnturff Math Teacher's Aide Virginia Barrett Teacher's AideMrs. Arlene Williams Teachers Aide seventy-fiveSugar Grove Bus Drivers ROW Is D. Smith, J. Rutsky, W. Allen, R. Turner. ROW 2: F. Decker, J. Shaffer, J. Meredith, C. Cros by. ROW 3: F. Robbins, M. Anderson, L. Braley, O. Lindell. Russell Drivers B. Edwards, M. Jones, W. Roberts, L. Zuck, V. Finzer. seventy-sixCafeteria Staff Agnes McFarland Doris Buchanan Mary Lou Linde 11 Geraidine Marsh Supervisor Rose Christenson Ellen Hitchcoch Paula Lyon Geneviene Bloonigren seventy-sevenEMERSON SPICER HEAD CUSTODIAN MAE ANDERSON WALT ANDERSON PAUL CATHCART JUDY FRY DARYL MICHAEL Custodians have got it rough, We leave to them the rotten stuff. To cleanup every messy place. Is only part of their rat race. The temperatures can't go too low, Or into rages teachers go, And kids complain an awful lot, Because of all the rules they've got; Whenever something fails to work, Or get smashed by a careless jerk, The janitors get on the run-- A thinkless job, and just no fun. We'd like to tell them, loud and clear, We're awfully glad that they are here. BIRDIE VANORD VIRGIL SPICER DELORES SMITH LLIAN ROCKWELL seventy-eightJ u n • 1 o r s Class motto: To stand strong graciously; to smile; to love always; and to seek understanding these are the worthy ambitions of a life worth living. Flower: sweetheart rose Class Officers: Pres. Beth Abbot; Vice Pres. Nick Brunecz; Sec. Mary Carlberg; Tres. Robin Troxell. Cathy Akeley Jeff Anderson Denise Bearfield Danny Beedle seventy-nine Pam Baxter George Belin Roy Blackwell Viv Borland Willo Birt Steve BrechtTrudy BrooksMiranda Legere Brian LindquistPolly Mangini Cheryl M a nr oss Douglas Moore fa Cindy Peterson Ginny Lundberg Roxanne Lyon Kurt Martin Julie Martin Denny Maze Tim McFarland Glenn Nelson Julie Morton Jeff Riggle Jeanine Nelson Dave Nuttall 12 Sherilyn Rollinger Steve Sanden Laurie Shepherd Barb PetersonPhillip Spencer Kevin Thorpe Robin Webster f1 Nathan Zelinski f Mike Spicer Elizabeth Troxell Scott Smith A r.r Michael Thomas Smith a. Smith Daniel Stewart w Rosalie Southwell d Gary Swanson T Linda Spade Irk £ Larry Swanson Flora Spencer Richard Turner » Thomas Swanson W Larry Tutmaher m Dart Summer son |£1 Boyd Wilson Steve Vanord Nyla Thelin Melody Wright r? Ashley Brant Richard Walker Robert Yoder a Cindy Warner Richard Zobrist Thomas WatsonSophomores Sean Abbott Class Officers: Pres.; Terri Anderson Vice-Pres.; Dean Campbell Sec.; Don Landin Treas.; Claudia Murphy. Becky Anderson Chris Bailey Ella Barrett Stephanie Bauer Marleen Bearfield Dennis Beedle Daniel Berg Jean Bergstrom David Biekarck Dixie Blair Darryl Bloomgren Stephen Braley Denise Brecht Cathy Briggs Loren Brooks Nadean Brown Paul Byron Robert Buck Jeffery Burch Sharon Burch Kathleen Burd 0 Joy Chase Cathy Campbell Dean Campbell Dale Drum Julie Easton Roxella Edward Timothy Courtney Mark Clark Pam Clark Tammy Darr Elaine Condon Bradley Dalrymple Keith Falconer Lloyd Gray Dan Graham . , r. Burdette eighty-five Gregory David GrowT errance Jones Carl Hornstrom Brian Hosier Evelyn Kibbey Donald King Donald Land in Virginia Jones Dan Johnson Cheryl Kitchel Bren Lind ell Bryan Linde 11 Karen Lindell Jake Lindell Julie Loomis Karen Kane Randy Lauffenburger Martin Lundmark Janet Hepler Judy Jones Edward Kuzm inski Timothy Lindell David Luther Wendy Mangini eighty-six Bonnie Martin Chris MartinCassandra Merkle Brenda Pratz Thomas Ristau Margaret Robeson Kathy Rodgers eighty-seven Lynn Sanden Joyce McIntyre Nora Morton Wendy Peters Charlotte Riel Karen SandersDonna Savko Terry Sweeney Lee Vinton Laurie Wright Debbie Wrobleski eighty-eight Ben Yeagle Ronald Zuck Elaine Smith Karen Smith Pam Smith Donna Wilson Chris Wright Christine Wright Arden Sullivan Dale Uber Mark Stanton Dawn Thompson Thomas Wade Mark VanOrd Larry Schultz Arthur Stewart a Charles Swanson Gary Stoddard Darcy Walker Debra Wilson Kathleen Troutman Randy Turner Ronald Vibbertr e s h m e n 7 7 Class Officers: Pres, Darlene Wadsworth, Sec. Sarah Beyeler, Tres. Lori Berg. Vice-Pres. Kane Lindell, Cindy Abbey Tim Abbey Jeanneane Ames Ronald Benson Lisa Brecht Melissa Agnew Frank Avellino Laurie Berg Andrew Brunecz eighty-nineRobert Chase Debbie Deprater Darlene Drum Robert Eaton Larry Condron Alvin DeRemer Shelly Dunham Judith Eckert Susan Edson James Embrey Randel English Gregory Folts Pam Garris Cheryl Hanson Sandy Falconer Joseph Frangione Andy Giordon Larry Hildum ninetyGregory Hutchison Ruth Knisley Robert Little Diane Luther Robert Hutlev Susan Landin Larry Lookenhouse Tom Luvison Andrew Mager Dale Mclntrye Rhonda McIntyre George Martin Julie Moore Mark Perrin Mindy Manelick Judy Martin Jill Morelli Carol Peters ninety oneTawny Repine Bonnie Riel Lorren Sanders Judy Sisk Earl Smith Julie Sopher Cindy Staswoiski David Vibbert Dennis Whitton Melaine Smith Tom Smith Suzi Roberts Vicki Savko Alan Smith Karla Smith Ron Spear Mark Steber Darlene Wadsworth Robert Wilson Kellie Zuck ninety-twoEighth Class Officers; Pres. Paul Schultz, vice-pres. Eric Donaldson, Sec. Brad Johnson, Treas. Scott Smith. Cindy Akeley Donna Baccus Kent Alcorn Jay Anderson Lori Baxter James Arthur Clara Blackwell Scott Bauer Judy Beck Richard BorlandLinda Briggs Karen Cable Andy Carter Tom Condon Gilbert Dahler Wendy Durlin William Brooks Mark Cataldo Sara Condron Curtis Dairy mple Jeffery Dumell Elizabeth Campbell Ronald Chamberlain Kevin Covell Carol D'A ugustine Charles Eckert Timothy Brown £l Patricia Campbell Timothy Cowan Terri Deprater Beth Edwards William Brunecz Craig Carlson Sherry Christensen Kimberly Coy Raymond Embrey Diana Button Donald Carlson Shirley Christensen Timothy Critzer Eric Donaldson Ann EwerMaryann Giordano Victoria Grieb Bradley Johnson jin Jordon Delores Fisher Daniel Giordon Dale Harkins Michael Hornstrom Chris Johnson Nathan Kanarr Robert Fleming Andrea Glotz Steven Haupt Sandra Hotchkiss Dale Johnson Kim Keller Tracey Hunzinger Daniel King Laura Godden Douglas Jackson Karen Jones Steven King Sam Frangione David Graham David Hitchcock Richard Jennings Thomas Jones Kathryn KummerPaul Land in Lee Lund mark Daniel Means Christpher Murphy Sue Ann Peterson Linda Riest J. Neal Lassinger Terri Anne Means Louis Rivett Chris Lechner Rhonda Moore Janice Nelson Judith Rodgers John Legere Maureen Mager Jeffrey Morgan William Rankin Victor Rodgers Peter Mangini Mike Morine Jennifer Peterson Randy Ransom Edwin Rollinger Daniel Lewis Irene Martin Douglas Morton Lori Peterson Mari Beth SandersSandra Schnarrs Mary Beth Smith Craig Swanson Timothy Voty Michael Williams Scott Smith Lora Stoddard Scott Sweeny Marjorie Schaffer Marjorie Stoddard James Thompson David Sherwood Randall Spelling Carole Sullivan Stephen Thompson Jamie Zalik Michael Zimmerman Toby Spelling Kirk Smith Darryl Stebell Jeffery Youngberg Mark Zajac Cynthia Zobrist ninety-sevenClass Officers: Pres. William Sherwood, Vice-Pres. Brian Hutchinson, Sec. Becky Martin, Treas. Kenneth Crosby. ninety-eightPenny Courtney Tammy D Augestine Eva Couse Cahres Decker Cindy DePrater Melanie Dunham ninety-nineLenard Dyer Jackie Ewer James Dyke Debbie Edson Shannon Feeney Randy Fredrick Kimberly Ellis Wanda Gardener Alan Head James Greenamyer Gary Heliker Carole e Girodano Mary Kay Grahm Sharon Hagberg Roger Hepler Diane Hollabough Cathy Hook LeRoy Homstrom Brian Hutchison Steve Jennings Linda Kane Christopher Kay Edna Knisley one-hundredLarry Kobojeck Elzie Lind ell David Litzinger Daniel MacDonald Becky Martin Beth Matthews Sabra Miller Carol Olds one hundred-oneJeff Peterson Diane Pudder Terri Repine Dave Ristau Charles Reil Lisa Rivett Rick Robeson Lois Smith Mike Smith one hundred-twoPatti Southwell Dan Spear Bill Spelling Edwin Spittler Pat Stover Sharon Sullivan Becky Spicer Kurt Thorpe Dwight Turner Ray VanOrd Keith White Marlene W ilcox Carol Tutmaher Lori Williams Jessica VanOrd Randy Wilcox one hundred-threeA c t 1 V 1 t 1 e s Play "1984" "No, not back to the prison!"ROW Is Tom Pratz Dart Summerson Becky Grieb Lourie Shepherd Ann Brown Bren Lind ell Mark Stanton. ROW 2: Boyd Shaffer Larry Schultz Nick Brunecz Jay Curtis Dana Cathcart Dean Stanton Dale Uber Tom Ristau Key Club Debate Team ROW1: Mrs. Crossen -adviser Doug Moore Beth Abbott Gail Resh Robin Troxell Steve Sanden Rick Schmitt Shawn Decker Kneeling-Steve Rutsky one-hundred fiveROW Is Joyce Johnson, Amy Lundberg, Diane Luther, Carol Bloomgren, Jodie Sanders, Shelly Dunham, Darlene Wadsworth, Sara Beyler—Treasurer, Rosie Southwell--Vice-President, ROW 2: Shelly Ristau, Cheryl Manrose, Anita Gregory, Judy Sisk, Brenda Pratz, Pam Baxter, Cindi Baxter, Jan Hodges, ROW 3: Ginny Lun-berg, Sharon Sullivan, Kim Wilson, Edys Wilson, Beth Church, Jayne Mott, Carol Olds, Lorrie Williams, Carol Tutmaher. ROW 4: Mary Baran, Challis Lechner, Merikay Graham, Julie Rapp, DeeDee Barrett, Kathy Olds, Sally Hanson, ROW 5: Vicki Grieb, Carol D Augustine, Laural Falconer, Kathy Troutman, Pep Club ROW 1: Mr, Falvo—Advisor Madeline Southwell—President Sherry Iindell—Secretary, Lisa Brecht, Patty Mangini, Sue Shepherd, Laurie Berg, Ruth Lawson—Mascot, ROW 2: Denise Grant, Kim Summer-son, Sue Carlberg, Kathy Grieb, Mindy Manelick, Cindy Peterson, Linda Mazzu, Gret-chen English, ROW 3: Patti Southwell, Betsy Church, Pam Garris, Darlene Glotz, Lynette Rowley, Lori Fox, Margie Shaffer, Billie Youngberg. ROW 4: Debbie Lindsey, Helen Fry, Joy Chase, Becky Spicer, Robin York, Julie Himes, Jill Jordan, Jenifer Peterson, Jamie Zalik, Debbie Switzer. ROW 5: Teresa Shaffer, Cathy Rodgers, Tami Carr, Cher ill Rodgers, Jeanie Arp, Wanda Gardner, Linda Kane, Anne Sumner, Carolee Giordano, Sabra Miller. one hundred and sixOffice Assistants ROW Is Kathy Grieb, Melia Moore, Marciea Staswoiski, Luann Stockton, Robin Jones, Cheryl Manross, Darlene Miller, Elaine Brown, ROW 2: Maryetta Couse, Linda Anderson, Marlene Osborn, Ann Brown, Becky Grieb, Mary Carlberg, Cathy Akeley, Annette Gregory. Nurse’s Assistants Nyla Thelin, Beth Abbott, Maryetta Couse, Ruth Ann Johnson, Brenda Burnett, Cathy Hosier, Loretta Brunecz, Joan Knapp. one-hundred sevenJudy Beck Sherry Faust Sandra Hotchkiss Assistants Clara Blackwell Laura Stoddard Marjie Stoddard Sandy Schnarrs Floyd Black one-hundred eightROW 1: Larry Hildum, Leroy Wallace, Gary Elberg, Jeanie Nelson, Bev Pizer, Denise Bearfield, Don Nelson, Lorren Sanders, Sharon Dow, Denies Kemery, Lorraine Thompson, Maria Figueroa. ROW 2: Edie Larson, Loretta Brunecz, Cathy Hosier, Joan Knapp, Albert Snyder, Chris Martin, Lisa Fox, Karen Sanders, Janice Harwood, Helen Smith, Sally Sopher, Debbie Pratz, Robin Melquist. Senior High Art Club Underclassmen ROW 1: Ron Chamberlian, Tim Abbey, Sally Chase, Diana Blair, Jody Brecht, Marie Biekark, Beth Matthews. ROW 2: Tim Critzer, Ruth Knisley, Wendy Durlin, Diane Pudder, Robin Smeltzer, Lisa Smith, Kathy Hook, Lori Peterson, Teri Repine, Lorinda Knapp, Jessica Van Ord, Mary Sanders, Karen MacDonald, Andy Carter. ROW 3: Kim Keller, Karen Jones, Shannon Feeney, Sandra Hotchkiss, Mary Williams, Pam Sopher, Judy Beck, James Schrecongost, Unknown, Dan King, Jay Anderson, Craig Carlson, Richard Carlson, Teri Means, Carol Sullivan, Debbie Pratz, Mary Pratz, Lee Lundmark, Rory Arp. one-hundred nineROW Is Carol Peters, Wendy Peters, Charlotte Riel. ROW 2: Chris Murphey, Danny Means, Larry McMillen, Jerry Pangborn, Boyd Wilson. ROW Is Monty Wenzel, Neil Lassinger. ROW 2: Jeff Durnel, Jeff Carlson, David Clark. ROW 3: Allen Head, Sam Frangione, Dick Jennings, Paul Landin, Don Hulihan, Chris Carlson, Mr. Car berry. one-hundred tenStage Crew ROW Is S. Falconer, B. Phillips. ROW 2, J. Osborne, M. Agnew, Mrs. Palmer, R. Knisley, S. Reel, B. Reel, P, Nelson, C. Peters, P. Clark, J. Pangbom, ROW 3: D. Giordon, R. Turner, N. Zelinsky, A. Chase, B. Wilson, G. Holt. F.H.A. SEATED: K. Smith, E. Smith, S. Porter, C. Hanson. BACK: Mrs. Siefert, M. Osborne, K. Joy, K. Hunzinger, S. Landin, C. Merkle, K. Sanden, N. Morton, S. Warner. one hundred elevenSEATED: Alton Chase, Craig Dahler, Scott Lindell, Gary Stoddard. ROW 1: Bob May, Alan Smith, Dan Johnson, Mike Decker, Richard Lauffenburger, Bob Zobrist, Homer Lindell, Robert Hutley, Andy Giordan. ROW 2: George Kline, Randy English, Dale McIntyre, George Hitchcock, Philip Spelling, Debbie Blair, Dixie Blair. ROW 3: Burdette Gregory, Terry Jones, Mark Matthews, Tim McFarland, John Schwanke. Future Farmers Of America one-hundred twelveROW 1: W. Block S. Collins, N. The-lin, M. Carlburg, S. Lind ell, R. South-well, J. Martin, R. Lawson. ROW 2: B. Pratz, M. Staswoiski, M. Southwell, B. Kitchel, S. Smith, R. Zuck, D. Bosko, J. Burch. ROW 3: B. Burnett, L. Tutmaher, C. Branstrom, T. Swanson, D. Cathcart, L. Schultz, J. Curtis, N. Brunecz, R. Wilson. ROW 4: G. Schultz, D. Benson, S. Beedle, S. VanOrd, S. VanOrd, D. Burd, M. Spicer, R. Harvey. T. Pratz. ROW Is R. Stanton, S. Himes, S. Johnson, S. Ristau, C. Peterson, D. Brecht, G. Hunzinger. ROW 2: B. Shaffer, L. Himes, K. Thorpe, D. Berg, B. Cable, D. Summerson, T. Braley, L. Hunzinger, M. Smith, C. Sanders, B. Christensen, C. Marsh. ROW 3s D. Lyons, D. Drum, D. Swanson, K. Martin, J. Landin, K. Martin, E. Young, R. Abbey, B. White, R. Biekarck, S. Bauer, G. Hitchcock, K. Sanden, J. Anderson. ROW 4: D. Landin, R. Driscoll, M. Landin. one hundred thirteenC. Marsh, W. Block, K. Chapman, D. Benson, J. Lindell, S. Shaffer, K. Bloomgren, K. Nosei, L. Falconer, M. Southwell, M. Black, D. Riggle, R. Stanton, S. Himes, D. Brecht, adv. Mrs. Leathers, S. Johnson, R. Lawson, B. Burnett, P. Brooks, S. Sanders. J U n • i o r G A A Advisor, Mrs. Leathers, D. Grant, P. Clark, P. Smith, L. Wright, D. Arp, B. Grieb, L. Shepherd, S. Collins, W. Mangini, R. Troxell, B. Anderson. ROW 2: E. Kibbey, K. Burd, S. Bauer, M. Hinsdale, K. Hunt, J. Loomis, R. English, C. Murphy, G. Neese, N. Brown, A. Brown, D. Thompson. ROW 3: D. Marsh, K. Sanders, Y. Abbey, B. Hale, J. Hodges, M. Hodges, K. Flasher, M. Carlberg, A. Smith, G. Riley, V. Borland, P. Mangini, P. Baxter, K. Clark, S. Lindell, R. Southwell, J. Martin. one hundred fourteenROW Is L. Chase, D. Baccus, W. Johnson, S. Faust, L. Tutmaher, R. Nelson, D. Spade, T. Olson, B. Carlson. ROW 2: J. Dow, L. Briggs. ROW 3: K. Hummer, K. Fisher, D. Hollabough. ROW 4: B. Campbell, I. Martin, L. Baxter. H 0 b b y c 1 u b ROW 1: Adv. Miss Reese, Julie Sopher, Jackie Phinny, Cheryl Hanson, Bonnie Riel, Rachael English. ROW 2: Cindy Warner, Miranda Legree, Mrs. Joy, Teresa Shaffer, PuthannJohnson, Evelyn Belin, Melia Moore, Mrs. Cable, Kim Howard, Kathy Joy, Dart Summerson, Susie Roberts, Barb Lemmon, Robin Jones. Library Assist. one hundred fifteencrc o r ►— cr -dd w 3 o) cd rrH Louanne Falconer, Gail Resh, Sally Eggleston, Gilbert Dahler, Rick Schmidtt, Karen Bloomgren, Shawn Decker, Doug Moore, Robin Troxell, Beth Abbott, Mr. Brunecz—advisor. ROW 1: B. Reil, S. Falconer, C. Courtney, P. Nelson. ROW 2: Mrs. Livezey, Miss Reese, L. Anderson, W. Kanarr, C. Marsh, J. Sopher. ROW 3: P. Troxell, J. Carlson, M. Dunham, P. White. ROW 4: E. Belin, W. Birt, C. Johnson, P. Peterson. ROW 5: K. Howard, J. Phiney, B. Pangborn, P. Courtney, T. Onik, K. Ellis, M. Robinson, L. Quaker. ROW 6: J. Eckert, M. Yoder, S. Burch, P. Machac, C. Zobrist, L. Godden, V. Fredricks. ROW7: B. Miller, G. Smith, J. Beck, L. Darr, B. Parker, T. Smith, J. Spencer, D. Thompson. one hundred sixteenc o n s e r v a t ROW Is G. Cornes, K. Loomis, S. Miller, D. Bosko, S. Jennings, L. Hornstrom, M. Southwell, J. Head, M. Stawoski, B. Grieb, G. Heliker, P. Courtney, L. Neal, Mr, Swan son. ROW 2: M. VanOrd, C. Branstrom, D. Johnson, D. Wadsworth, S. Dunham, R. Benson, J. Sanders, J. Sisk, L. Shepard, K, Carlson, C. Warner. ROW 3: B. K itch ell, D. Burd, B. Pratz, M. Stanton, A. Stewart, C. Carlson, A. Brown, D. Stanton. ROW 4: B. Hut chinson, B. Marsh, F. Strickland, B. Frederick, T. Porter, C.Kitchell, D. Turner, D. Walker, H. Block, T. McMatt. ROW 5: E. Spttler, P. Stover, R. Vanord, J. Morgan, T. Spelling, D. Jordan, M. Hinsdale, V. Borland, S. Bauer, J. Anderson. 1 0 n e s ROW Is V. Rodgers, S. Bauer, K. Sumner, R. VanOrd, J. Nelson, M. Zimmerman. ROW 2s Mr. Swanson, D. Johnson, D. Beedle, G. Comes, K. Loomis, B. Biekarck, C. Gruber, G. Swanson, A. Brant. ROW 3s D. Pudder, K. Wilkins, L. Cable, R. Stanton, S. Wenzel, D. Louis, D. Burd. ROW 4: S. Jennings, L. Hornstrom, J. Rapp, C. Riel, D. Wilson, R. Hepler. ROW 5: S. Rollinger, S. Clark, D. Wilson, H. Block. one hundred seventeenROW Is A. Sumner, L. Kane, B. Martin, D. Grant. ROW 2: D. Glotz, M. Southwell, J. Sanders, S. Dunham, D. Wadsworth, D. Bosko, C. Fehlman, M. Giordano, J. Rapp, S. Shepherd, L. Mazzu, C. Murhpy, M. Williams, M. Donaldson, R. Carson, D. Moore. ROW 3: D. Walker, Mr. Black, advisor, B. Pratz, A. Brown, K. Thorpe, L. Shepherd, G. Schultz, K. Kane, S. Eggleston, B. Abbot, J. Martin, S. Biekarck, D. Nelson, W. Block. s t u d e n t C 0 u n c • 1 i R. Turner, M. Clark, D. King, B. Anthony, S. Rutsky, D. Moore, P. Moravek, J. Sanders, D. Momingstar, B. Lemmon, M. Mortenson, Adv. Mr. Bacchetti. ROW 2: D. McDonald, R. Carlson, D. Lindsey, J. English, B. Hosier, G. Cornes, B. Johnson, T. Braley, M. Irwin, N. Zalinski, D. Audley, P. Tidrick. one hundred eighteenHonor Society S e n • 1 o r s ROW It M. Black, G. Schultz, K. Nosel. D. Audley, J. Lindell, D. Bosko, K. Olds. ROW 2: C. Hosier, W. Allen, S. Johnson, P. Yeskey, W. Kanarr, P. Brooks, S. Sanders. ROW 3: S. Shaffer, S. Himes, L. Stock-ton, J. Lindell, K. Chapman, D. Benson, B. Lemmon, D. Cable, L. Marsh, S. Spelling, L. Anderson. ROW 4: D. Nelson, J. Landin, S. Bauer, M. Landin, J. Johnson, M. Mortenson, K. Bloomgren, K. Bloom-gren, W. Block, C. Dal-rymple, P. Tidrick, D. Cable. J U n • i o r s ROW Is S. Eggleston, R. Troxell, N. Thelin, Mrs. Crossen—advisor, A Gregory, C. Akeley, K. Fehlman, J. Morton, K. Hunt, M. Carlberg, M. Hodges. ROW 2: D. Moore, R. Schmitt, D. Hulihan D. Summerson, M. Landin, N. Brunecz. one hundred nineteenL to R: Advisor, Mr. Dunbar, Layne Christensen, Paul Bryan, Dart Summerson, Don Land in, Mark Landin, Dan Berg, Jeff Landin, Rod Abbey, Rick Driscoll, Ed Young, Dean Campbell, Bruce Cable, Larry Himes. a r s • 1 t y B a s k e C 1 u b t b a 1 1 Center: Dan Johnson, Caine Lindell. ROW 1: David Cathcart, Jim Schrecongros, Bill Spelling, Brian Hutchison, Gary Craig, Todd Curtis, Kent Alcorn, Ron Glotz, TimBrown, Tom Abbott, Jim Craig, Ron Benson, Mark Steber, Don Welch. ROW 2: Curt Dalrymple, Tim Voty, Eric Donaldson, Craig Swanson, Bob Peterson, Brian Hall, John Schwankey, Kevin Stewart, Ron Spear, George Martin, Dale Smith, Greg Hutchison, Alvin Deremer, Robin Valone, Tim Reist, Bill Miller. ROW 3: Bob Fleming, Joe Franigone, Neil Campbell, David Hitchcock, Dane Wadsworth, Kirk Smith, Doug Morton, Mike Donaldson, Dave Vibbert, LorinBrooks, GailFrahm, Pam Hansen, Tim Holden, Bill Birt, Greg Folts, Richard Borland, Jack Larson, Mike Hornstrom, Chris Johnson, Martin Lundmark, Tim Porter, Jeff Youngberg, Advisor—Mr. Bean. r e s t 1 1 n g c 1 u b one hundred twentyJr. High Basketball ROW Is D. Devore, T. Anderson, K. Crosby, T. Lascola, J. Rowley, E. Lindell, M. Passinger, J. Peterson, R. Frederick, G. Heliker, J. Legre, J, Morgan, T. Spelling, D. Turner, F. Strickland, B. Clark, M. Williams. ROW 2: J. Authur, L. Dyer, D. Rice, E. Nystrom, J. Neese, J. Holt, S. Thompson, S. Smith, C. Carlson, H. Suppa, D. Stebell, B. Winans, B. Marsh, E. Spitler, P. Stover, B. Woodin, K. White. ROW 3: M. Cataldo, L. Brooks, S. Sweeney, R. Brown, T. Thompson, K. Coveil, M. Perrin, M. Johnson, W. Brunecz, J. Youngberg, K. Thorpe, W. Sherwood, W. Allen, L. Wright, D. Spear, B. Wilson, Advisor—Mr. Hunt. ROW 4: Advisor—Mr. Sherwood, L. Fisher, J. Frank, L. Lookenhouse, C. Lechner, R. York, B. Chase, D. Burmett, P. Mangini, R. Eaton, A. Brunecz, S. Clark, D. Young.ROW Is Cathy Fehlman, Karen Bloomgren, Cynthia Carlson, Pamela Merkle, Kim Scott. ROW 2: Cheryl Kitchel, Ella Barrett, Beth Abbot, Teri Anderson, Marlene Bearfield, Nancy White, Linda Spade, Advisor—Mrs. Norton. ROW 3: Karen Kane, Diana Cable, Joyce McIntyre, Darcy Walker, Debbie Wrobleski, Cathy Briggs. A. V. Bill Rollinger, Arden Sullivan, Lee Crothers— advisor, Brian Lindquist, Garry Holt. one hundred twenty twoROW Is K. McIntyre, S. Braley, C. Bailey, M. Moore, K. Jones, T. Repine, G. Morelli, B, Martin, J. Morelli, D. Repine, S. Haupt. ROW 2: B. Rollinger, G. Holt, Photographer, Mr. Conrad, Advisor, M. Giordano, J. Pick, M. Legere, B. Button, L. Carlstrom, F. Spencer, E. Brown, D. Miller, R. Jones, J. Bergstrom. ROW 3: Julie Moore, Secretary, J. Darts, C. Warner, Co-Editor, M. Couse, Treasurer, K. Carlson—Co-Editor. ROW Is A. Chase, J. Morgan, J. Frank, K. Loomis, K. Peterson, D. Falconer, C. Murphy. ROW 2s D. DeVore, D. Grow, T. Watson, G. Yoder, K. Smith, T. Braley, S. Frangione. ROW 3s B. Fisk, J. Frangione, M. Morgan, T. Loomis, R. Ransom, D. Ristau, J. Dyke, L. Hildum, P. Mangini, M. Johnson. one hundred twenty threeROW Is R. Lawson, Y. Abbey, K. Flasher, K. Clark, C. Akeley, M. Southwell, J. Lindell, K. Chapman, R. Troxell. ROW 2: Mrs. Leathers—Coach, L. Mazzu. P. Mangini, J. Hodges, R. Southwell, L. Shepherd, A. Brown, S. Sanders, D. Benson. ROW 3: J. Osborne, B. Pratz, L. Chapman, J. Peterson, J. Zalek, D. Pratz, S. Collins, D. Thompson, M. Osborne. ROW 4: M. Williams, K. Ellis, C. De-Prater, L. Williams, M. Peterson, D. Hollabough, C. Giordano, L. Berg, S. Shepherd, C. Akeley. Bowling ROW 1: L. Rivett, D. Arp, D. Riggle, S. Shaffer, R. Stanton, S. Himes, B. Burnett, P. Brooks, D. Brecht, K. Nosel. ROW 2: J. Pangborn,J. Martin, B. Grieb, N. Brown, K. Burd, D. Lindsey, R. English, K. Jones, D. Glotz, K. Bloomgrcn, L. Falconer. ROW 3: Mrs. Leathers-Coach, S. Bauer, J. Neese, C. Murphy, L. Fox, J. Himes, C. D Augustine, W. Mangini, J. Jones. ROW 4: A. Smith, L. Riley, S. Beyler, P. Smith, L. Smith, S. Park, K. Howard. one hundred twenty fourCinderbelles ROW 1: Mr. Hoffman, C. Peterson, S. Shaffer, W. Allen, D. Cable, R. Lawson, K. Bloomgren, D. Benson, J. Lindell, M. Carlberg, M. Southwell. ROW 2: A. Brown, B. Grieb, S. Beyeler, B. Hale, J. Hodges, K. Sanders, B. Lemmon, L. Marsh, P. Mangini, J. Martin, N. Thelin, Mr. Engstrom. ROW 3: G. Frahm, W. Block, K. Olds, K. Jones, D. Brecht, K. Clark, L. Riley, S. Bauer, K. Summerson, D. Marsh. Officers Chairwoman; Kathy Bloomgren, Secretary: Joyce Lindell, Treasurer: Diedra Benson, Historian: Mary Carl-berg, Public Relations: Madeline Southwell, Photographer. Ruth Lawson, Statistician: Diana Cable. Board Of Directors Seniors Shelly Shaffer, Wendy Allen Junior Anne Brown Sophomore Lee Riley Freshman Sara Beyeler one hundred twenty fiveMotto We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life when all we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about. Cinderbelles is an organization of thirty-three girls, grades 9-12, who officiate at track meets. But this isn't all we do. We also SUPPORT track, with money and a lot of enthusiasm. This year, in order to raise money, we held our 10th annual dinner, this year a Chili and soup supper in November. In March we held our 1st semi annual dinner, also chili and soup. The Cinderbelles have several track oriented projects each year. This year we sponsored a bus to the Knights of Columbus track meet in Cleveland, bought trophies and T shirts for track and field men and also bought much needed equipment. Every year, the Cinderbelles also have a Track Promotion week during which they encourage track and show how great a sport it is. So, as you can see, Cinderbelles are a lot more than just officials. They are 33 girls who are super-enthusiastic about track. Loyalty Song To Cinderbelles for all to see We pledge our lasting loyalty. We iift our books of rules on high Enthusiasm is our cry Cinderbelles forever true We will always be true to you We will always be true to you! one hundred twenty sixSenior Choir ROW Is B. Newark, D. Blair, S. Braley. ROW 2: Mrs, Palmer, W. Allen, S. Himes, T. Shaffer, D. Cable, G. Resh, D. Marsh, L. Gray, S. Edson, T. Onink, A. Smith, K. Scott, C. Hosier. ROW S: L. Brunecz, A. Gregory, P. Smith, D. Arp, C. Coffaro, C. Marsh, S. Decker, C. Holden, E. Larson, M. Moore, K. Jones, L. Craker. ROW 4: R. Stanton, J. McIntyre, D. Savko, T. Ristau, S. Smith, D. Lindsey, C. Akeley, B. Lemmon, C.Peter son, R. English. ROW 5: P. Merkle, P. Wiltsie, M. Smith, B. Shaffer, E. Young, D. Sumner, D. Stanton, T. McFarland, S. Sanden, J. Knapp. Officers Cindy Marsh, President, Steve Sanden, Secretary, PamMerkie, Treasurer, Carol Coiiaro, Librarian, Barb Lemmon, Fire Warden. one hundred twenty sevenROW 1: S. Edson, K. Yucker, R. Carlson, D. Switzer, J. Mott, S. Miller, R. Frederick, C. Olds, L. Neal, J. Ewer, A. Sumner, S. Feeny, Advisor, Mrs. Palmer. ROW 2: P. Wilcox, K. Cable, R. Carlson, P. Peterson, K. Alcorn, P. Courtney, J. Brecht, F. Strickland, B. Spicer, L. Godden, T. Onick, C. Reist, G. Smith. ROW 3: D. Edson, T. McNutt, S. Hagberg, M. Shaffer, L. Rivett, C. Johnson, W. Durlin, A. Glotz, P. Landin, S. Smith, C. Zolrist, S. Sullivan, L. Reist, J. Rapp, J. Arp. ROW 4: B. Marsh, D. West-fall, J. Phenney, K. Howard, R. Quiggle, J. VanOrd, J. Moore, B. Parker, R. Nelson, G. English, J. Holt, M. Baron, K. Wilson, S. Roberts, J. Sopher, V. Fredricks, C. Courtney, R. York. ROW 1: D. Landin, S. Decker, L. Gray, Advisor, Mrs. Palmer. ROW 2: M. Moore, C. Coffaro, D. Marsh. ROW 3: S. Sanden, S. Smith, D. Sanden, K. Fehlman, M. Osborne D. Cable, T. McFarland, C. Marsh. 9 one hundred twenty eightD 1 s t r 1 c C h 0 1 r t ROW Is Melia Moore, Diana Cable. ROW 2: Steve Sanden, Tim McFarland, Paul Wiltsie, Lenny Gray. one hundred twenty nineBand ROW 1: D. Hulihan, S. Cable, R. Peterson, J. McIntyre, T. Webster, S. Dow, J Embrey, R. Webster. ROW 2: D. Cable, S. Smith, A. Smith, S.Porter, K. Joy, M. Osborne, K. Sanden, C. Merkle P. Wilcox, M. Giordano, J. Osborne, J. Dow, R. Nelson, C. Coffaro, J. Rapp, C. Hanson, M. Hinsdale, K. Burd, S. Abbott, S. Bauer, R. Turner, T. Ahart, C. Carlson, S. Warner, S. Landin, C. Akeley. ROW 3s E. Young, R. Hutley, R. Jennings, J. Nelson, M. Johnson, N. Lassinger, M. VanOrd, K. Landin, D. Barrett, D. Young, L. Sanden, S. Sanden, S. Decker, Ella Barrett, G. Lindell, P. Landin, M. Steber, J. Nelson, D. Spade, C. Akeley, N. White, D. Cable, R. McIntyre, S. VanOrd. ROW 4: L. Riley, J. Loomis, K. Carlson, K. Clark, K. Kane, C. Marsh, J. Wells, K. Steber, R. Fredricks, C. Fehlman, M. Mager, S. Beyeler, K. Bloomgren. ROW 5: P. Merkle, D. Thompson, S. Eggleston, L. Spade, G. Neese, C. Gruber, K. Hunt, A. Gregory, A. Lundberg, S. Parks, C. Murphy, W. Mangini, S. Clark, C. Bloomgren, G. Lundberg, K. Grieb. Marchinga n r o n t L. Riley, J. Loomis, M. Ma-ger, S. Beycler, K. Bloomgren, K. Clark, K. Carlson. ROW 2: S. Clark, K. Hunt, C. Mur-phey, G. Neese, D. Luther, G. Lundberg, D. Thompson. ROW 3: S. Eggleston, C. Gruber, P. Merkle, A. Gregory, L. Spade, S. Parks, K. Grieb, W. Mangini, C. Bloomgren. Commanders L-R: K. Bloomgren, K. Clark, S. Eggleston. one hundred thirty onea n e a e r s ROW Is S. VanOrd, E. Young, S. Sanden, D. Cable, K. Steber, R. Webster, ROW 2: K. Bloomgren, K. Clark, C. Carlson, G. Lundberg, P. Merkle, K. Landin. Officers ROW 1: S. Sanden, S. VanOrd, D. Cable. ROW 2: E. Barrett, J. Rapp, C. Akeley, C. Fehlman, K. Kane, K. Clark. ROW 3: D. Cable, K. Bloomgren, S. Eggleston. one hundred thirty twoTOP: K. Bloomgren, E. Young. MIDDLE: P. Merkle, D. Cable, C. Mar , S. Dow, K. Steber. ON LADDER: D. Cable. ON FLOOR: C. Coffaro. Seniors Drum Majors Kathy Fehlman, Karen Kane. one hundred thirty threeSenior Band Percussion Kent Sanden, Joe Frangione, Robin Webster, Don Hulihan, Tom Webster, Sharon Dow, Jim Embrey, Joyce McIntyre, Brass Ensemble Ed Young, Art Stewart, Mark VanOrd, Cathy Akeley, Cindy Marsh, Sue Landin, Diana Cable, Steve VanOra, Ella Barett, Shawn Decker, Steve Sanden, Gail ReshLindell. one hundred thirty fourSenior Concert Band Brass C. Marsh, S. Warner, R. McIntyre, C. Akeley, N. White, S. Landin, D. Cable, D. Bosko. ROW 2: K. Steber, G. Resh, D. Young, B. Olds, S. Sanden, L. Sanden, D. Campbell, S. Decker, D. Stanton, D.Bar-ett, E. Barrett, K. Landin, M. Steber. ROW 3: J. Wells, E. Young, M. Donaldson, J. Nelson, A. Stewart, M. VanOrd, D. Hutley, M. Stanton, C. Lindell, S. Van-Ord, D. Landin. Senior Concert Band Woodwind ROW 1: P. Merkle, S. Parks, K. Hunzinger, J. Osborne, N. Morton, W. Mangini, J. Martin, C. Merkle, K. Sanden. ROW 2: K. Olds, R. Turner, M. Custer, M. Osborne, C. Fehlman, K. Burd, K. Joy, C. Hanson, K. Kane, M. Hinsdale. ROW 3: M. Moore, C. Carlson, T. Ahart, S. Bauer, S. Abbott, L. Spade, A. Smith, S. Porter, B. Lemmon, N. Brown, J. Morton, D. Cable. one hundred thirty fiveMusic is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gayety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just, and beautiful. by Plato Sr. Band Officers Gale Resh (Lindell), Steven Sanden, Karen Kane, Ed Young, Joyce McIntyre. one hundred thirty sixDistrict Band Diana Cable, Ken Steber, Kathy Fehlman, Steve VanOrd, Pam Merkle. one hundred thirty seven District Orchestra Marilyn Hindsdale, Joyce McIntyre, David BoskoWoodwind Ensemble 1 Woodwind Ensemble 2 Stacey Parks, Kristin Hunzinger, Kathy Burd, Pat Wilcox, Nancy White, Janet Osborne, Cheryl Hansen, Judy Martin, Marlene Osborn, Linda Briggs, Sean Abbott, Randy Turner. Pam Merkle, Cathy Fehlman, Cathy Akeley, Marilyn Hinsdale, Julie Rapp, Stephanie Bauer. one hundred thirty eightThe Off Beats Diana Cable, Amy Smith, Joyce McIntyre, Ed Young, Steve San-den, Shawn Decker, DudleyCable, Kent Sanden, Dave Bosko. “Ike Hi Tones” ROW Is B. Lemmon, S. Porter, D. Cable, J. Morton, N. Brown, A. Smith. ROW 2: J. McIntyre, D. Cable, C. Fehlman, A. Steward, E. Young, D. Hutley, M. VanOrd, K. Steber. ROW 3: D. Sanden, R. Webster, D. Bosko, D. Landin, S. Decker, S. Sanden, E. Barrett, K. Landin, D. Stanton. one hundred thirty nineJr. Band Officers Jr. Band Brass ROW Is C. Akeley, P. Landin, J. Leger, M. Shaffer, D. Spade, D. Morton, T Hunzinger, J. Nelson, P. White, K. Wilson, R. Brown, R. VanOrd. ROW 2: N. Lassinger, R. Jennings, M. Johnson, C. Murphey, B. Sherwood, L. Chase, L. Fox, K. McIntyre, B. Marsh, L. Dyer, B. Fredricks, E. Donaldson. one hundred fortyJr. Band Percussion ROW It Melanie Dunham, Edwin Spittler. ROW 2: Mike Williams, Carol Lee Giordano, Toby Spelling, Ed Spittler, Cindy DePrater,Sabra Miller. Jr. Band Woodwind ROW Is P. Wilcox, M. Giordano, M. Smith, E. Wilson, C. Olds, J. Ewer, D. Pratz, S. Schnars, C. Courtney. ROW 2: L. Briggs, J. Rapp, B. Church, C. Tutmaher, J. Pick, R. Nelson, J. Dow, M. Graham, S. Smith. one hundred forty oneROW 1: Layne Christensen, Tom Braley, Steve Bauer, Steve Biekark, Jeff Sanders, Dan Lyon, Guy Schultz, Nick Brunez, Dean Swanson, Brian White, Jim Burch, Rick Consla. ROW 2: Scott Smith, Ian Campbell, Dart Summerson, Larry Tutma-her, Bob Kitchell, Tom Pratz, Jay Curtis, Sid VanOrd, Kurt Martin, Dana Cathcart, Coach-Mr. Firth. ROW 3: Randy Rick erson, Ray Blackwell, Richard Giordon, Larry Schultz, Tom Swanson, Jeff Anderson, Ron Zuck, Mike Spicer, Tom Ristau, Albert Snyder, Coach-Mr. Dunbar. ROW 4: Coach-Mr. Engstrom, Paul Wiltsie, Mark Clark, Larry Himes, Jim Fleming, Dean Campbell, Bruce Cable, Kevin Martin, Dan Berg, Boyd Shaffer, Randy English, George Hitchcock, Les Hunzinger. Football in the 1973-74 season at Eisenhower was the year of the underclassmen. Seldom were more than a half dozen seniors in the starting line up. The use of sophomores and juniors will, hopefully strengthen the team in the next few years. The team was not a loser, the win-loss record is not a true measuring stick. Our loyal fans saw the type of football that E.H.S. could play at Silver Creek. Although recorded as a loss, to the members of the team, it was a win, a big win. The returning players and coaches look forward to the new and very successful football season. Eisenhower 6 Eisenhower 0 Eisenhower 0 Eisenhower 21 Eisenhower 6 Eisenhower 0 Eisenhower 0 Eisenhower 12 Won 2 Westfield 26 Cassadaga Valley 48 Falconer 28 Randolph 0 Silver Creek 8 Franklinville 18 Maple Grove 45 Youngsville 0 Lost 6 Tied 0 one-hundred forty-threeJr. Varsity Football ROW 1: Mike Spicer, Jeff Anderson, Scott Smith, Dean Campbell, Mark Clark, Dana Cathcart, Larry Tutmaher. ROW 2: Ian Campbell, Randy Rickerson, Albert Snyder, Kevin Martin, Dan Berg, Tom Ristau, Dart Summerson. ROW 3s Rick Jordan, George Hitchcock, Jim Fleming, Roy Blackwell, Mr. Engstrom, Coach. Westfield......................won Cassadaga Valley..............lost Falconer......................lost Randolph.......................won Silver Creek...................won Maple Grove...................lost one-hundred forty-fourJr. High Football ROW 1: C. Lindell, T. Jones, R. Eaton, L. Lyons, G. Hutchison, P. Schultz, B. Brooks, G. Swanson. ROW 2: B. Birt, G. Folts, J. Neese, L. Lookinhouse, K. Alcorn, T. Reese, T. Brown. ROW 3: T. Luvison, D. Pudder, B. Chase, E. Donaldson, T. Curtis, M. Decker, D. Magers. ROW 4: Coach-Richard Burlingame, J. Craig, T. Holden, J. Frangione, Coach-James Falvo. Record Eisenhower Opp. 0 Youngs. 12 20 S. West. 14 39 Sheff. 0 14 Corry 14 24 Beaty 0 22 0 6 Youngs. 0 The Junior High Football team completed the season with a record of 5-1-1. After losing the first game, they went on to win five and tie one. Out of the five wins, four were shutouts. Mr. Falvo, team coach, seemed satisfied with this seasons Junior High Football team. one hundred forty-fiveSWANO—TACKLE JEROME—TACKLE one hundred forty-sixVICTOR—END BONES—END BRIAN—CENTER WALLY—GUARD JIM—GUARD one hundred forty-sevenHomecoming 73 Rachel Stanton, escort Mark Landin one hundred forty-eightNo. 11—Larry Himes passing, getting good protection from No. 21, BobKitchell. one hundred forty-nineROW 1: Tom Pratz, Jay Curtis, Rod Abbey, Mark Landin, Rick Driscoll. ROW 2: Coach Dunbar, Ed Young, Jeff Landin, Dan Lyon, Nick Brunecz, Layne Christenson. EHS 88 69 87 61 85 61 78 76 35 72 54 73 84 77 67 91 90 82 84 84 108 83 18-4 Kane Clymer Frewsburg Sheffield Clymer Sheffield Kanty Prep Frewsburg Youngsville Jamestown, Pa. East Forest Kanty Prep West Forest Tidout Youngsville Jamestown, Pa. Tidioute East Forest St. Marks St. Marks West Forest Kane OPP. 71 75 82 78 74 70 54 75 47 60 53 60 41 67 45 83 68 60 63 60 76 72 one hundred fiftySeniors Rod Abbey Jeff Landin Mark Landin one hundred fifty-oneSenior Managers Junior Varsity Basketball Craig Branstrom, Dan Burd T. Pratz, M. Clark, B. Lohnes, D. Beedle, D. Summerson. ROW 2: Coach; Mr. Hedman, B. Cable, R. Ricker -son, J. Curtis, D. Sumner, L. Himes, P. Wiltsie. one hundred fifty-twoFreshmen Basketball Bmnecz S' CaWe’ J‘ Fr3nl ’ McIntyre D' Young- ROW 2: A- Brunecz, Clark, R. Eaton, W. Allen, Coach 7th and 8th Grade Basketball ROW 1: K. Thorpe, T. Consla, B. Brunecz, D. Rice, B. Sherwood, H. Suppa, D. Turner, S. Smith, B. Winans, F. Strickland. ROW 2: B. Marsh, J. Youngberg, B. Spelling, E. Nystrom, S. Clark, M. Hohnson, T. Thompson, T. Jones, K. Crosby, T. Anderson, J. Rowley, E. Lindell. ROW 3: J. Neese, J. Holt, R.Brown, S. Black, P. Mangini, S. Thompson, L. Lyons, J. Carlsbrom, Coach Sherwood. Absent: E. Spittler. one hundred fifty-threeVarsity Coaches Ron Dunbar Ted Hedman J.V. Freshman 7th and 8th GradeGirls Basketball ROW 1: Ruth Lawson, Carla Anderson, Darlene Wadsworth, Shelly Ristau. ROW 2: Mr. Wilson, Cindy Peterson, Cindy Marsh, Kathy Bloomgren, Winnie Block, Sherry Himes, Grace Hunzinger. Coach Captains Mr. William Wilson Kathy Bloomgren, Rachel Stanton one hundred fifty-fiveVarsity Wrestling ROW 1: Martin Lundmark, Bob Martin, Denny Schwone, Bren Lindell, Mike Spicer, Kurt Martin. ROW 2: Jay Lindell, Jim Olson, Dane Wadsworth, Jeff Anderson, Dean Swanson, Ron Wilson, Ian Campbell. Coach Ike Visitors 40 Youngsville 17 26 Ridgway 24 46 Cassadaga Valley 44 37 Cranberry 13 29 Southwestern 14 52 Johnsonburg 6 28 Maple Grove 18 45 Smethport 0 33 Kane 17 24 Olean 21 30 Salamanca 14 28 Oil City 15 33 Falconer 15 Record: 1973-74 Wrestling Coach: Tony Ross one hundred fifty-sixSeniors Bob 10s Ron 177 Dean HWT John Dane 145 Jay 138 one hundred fifty-sevenJ.V. Wrestlers Coaches 1: N. Campbell, D. Johnson, D. Welch, T. Holden, G. Hutehi-Z. Swanson, B. Birt, D. Hitchcock, T. Voty. ROW 2: R. Bor-B. Johnson, T. Curtis, E. Donaldson, J. Craig, G. Craig, J. rson. ROW 3: D. Cathcart, Mr. Letko, Coach, L. Lundmark, C. 11, B. Hutchison. ROW 1: P. Dyke, D. Uber, P. Gorley, D. Johnson, M. Stanton. ROW G. Hitchcock, D. Cathcart, T. Ristau, S. Van Ord, D. Stanton, K. S Iartin. Jr. High Coach: A1 Bean one hundred fifty-eightYoungsville Ridgway Cassadaga Cranberry Southwestern EHS 18 Johnatoi Maple Grove 1( Smithfl|rt i ' EHS EHS EHS EHS hundred Wrestling Junior Varsity The Knights Junior Varsity wrestlers, like the varsity team; enjoyed a very successful season. The team's record was 9-2-1, losing only to Cranberry and Falconer. Most of the young wrestlers showed a great deal of promise for future varsity experience. r Pi- Outstanding performers on the J.V. squad were; George Hitchcock (177 lbs.) 8-0; Jake Lindell (119 lbs.) 8-0; Dale Ubers (132 lbs.) 5-0-2; Dan Johnson (112 lbs.) 6-2; and Dana Cathcart 167 lbs.) 4-1-1. Kane Olean Oil City Falconer fiftyCheerleaders Julie Martin, Rosie Southwell, Sherry Lindell, Madeline Southwell, Sue Collins, Rachel Stanton, Mary Carlberg, Diedra Benson. Seniors Mascot Rachel Stanton, Diedra Benson, Madeline Southwell. Ruth Lawson one hundred sixtyROW 1: Viv Borland, Denise Grant, Becky Anderson, merson, Sue Carlburg. ROW 2: Laurel Falconer, Kim Sum- J r. 1 ROW 1: Kristin Hunzinger. ROW 2: Jill Jordan, Margie Shaffer. ROW 3: Jan Hodges, Debbie Switzer, Carol D'Augustine. one hundred sixty-one trcrqCross Country Team Track and Field Lettermen 1974 one hundred sixty-twoTOP: D. Bosko, B. Kitchel, N. Zalinski, L. Hunzinger. BOTTOM: M. Thompson, S. VanOrd, K. Landin, R. Driscoll, D.Lyon, D. Swanson, N. Brunecz, J. Curtis, Mr. Engstrom; Coach. one hundred sixty-threeGirls’ Volleyball ROW 1: M. Southwell, S. Spelling, D. Riggle, S. Himes, S. Beedle, Coach: Mrs. Leathers. ROW 2: K. Bloom-gren, D. Benson, B. Burnett, K. Bloomgren, W. Block. Underclassmen ROW 1: M. Smith, C. Akeley, S. Edson, T. Onink, R. Knisely. ROW 2: Mrs. Leathers, K. Smith, S. Parks, J. Loomis, K. Anderson, D. Marsh. one hundred sixty-fourBoys’ Volleyball ROW 1: M. Thompson, R. Driscoll, N. Brunecz, E. Young, R. Abbey, T. Pratz. ROW 2: Mr. Firth one hundred sixty-fiveROW 1; K. Carlson, K. Hunt, L. Riley, J. Loomis. ROW2: K. Clark, L. Spade, M. Mager, K. Bloomgren. ROW 3: C. Akeley, S. Parks, C. Bloomgren, D. Luther, A. Lundberg. ROW 4: S. Beyeler, G. Neese, K. Grieb, An. Gregory, G. Lundberg, C. Gruber, C. Murphy, S. Eggleston. Riflemen ROW 1: K. Clark, J. Loomis, L. Riley, K. Carlson. ROW 2: D. Luther, A. Lundberg, M. Mager, L. Spade. ROW 3: C. Akeley, C. Bloomgen, K. Hunt, S. Parks. Our fearless leader one hundred sixty-sixGinny Limdberg, Sally Eggleston, Cindy Gruber, Karen Bloomgren, Claudia Murphey. Senior Karen Bloomgren Commanders Karen Bloomgren, Karen Claris one hundred sixty-sevenAnita Gregory, Geri Neese, Kathy Grieb, Sara Beyeler. 73-74 State Championship All Girl Drill Team ,fKaren what in $ ! going on back there!! " Basketball Half time review one hundred sixty-eightCraig Branstrom, Shawn Decker, Linda Briggs, Lee Riley, Claudia Murphey, Mr. Engstrom. Mr. Firth as he models the latest in ski fashion. one hundred sixty-nineScorekeepers seventy one hundredGirls’ Track ROW 1: R. Jones, R. Toxell, C. Peterson, C. Marsh, D. Brecht. ROW 2: Marie Kibbey, G. Hunzinger, J. Martin, M. Southwell, S. Himes, S. Beedle, L. Falconer, Mrs. Leathers. ROW 3: J. Lindell, D. Benson, N. Thelin, M. Carlberg, B. Burnett, K. Bloomgren, W. Bloch. Underclassmen ROW 1: R. Knisely, C. Akeley, M. Smith, L. Falconer, S. Schnars. ROW 2: C. D'Augestine, S. Edson, M. Shaffer, D.Switzer, S. Lester, J. Hodges, S. Carlberg. ROW 3: Marie Kibbey, J. Moore, K.Smith, L. Brecht, A. Sullivan, Mrs. Leathers. one hundred seventy-one x u wo hd rrd i RR SALE mwe mm HALF PAGE ADS ONE EIGHTH PAGE ADS •'• • r $ ■ ■ ■ ■ • . W'r?l "First day back and already we’re working on our advertising! SENHOWEOIGH SCHOOL sT:ARRIGOANDENGMEN BARBER SHOP f'' I 3 Prospect St. Warren Pa. OFFICIAL PFNNSTIVANIA INSPECTION STATION Phon (814) 723-3660 I .f PENN AUTO ALIGNING g yS CHARIES . SWANSON X ALlS WHEEL ALIGNING AND BALANCING - BRAKE SERVICE 1515 Penno. Aw., West Worren, fjo. 16365 JAMES JEWELERS Warren, Pa. 723-7740 Your Keepsake Diamond Center Everything Fine in the Jewelry Line Plus Service ItCJI XL-100 COLOR TV CENTER SALES SERVICE • STEREOS • RADIOS J M TV SALES SERVICE 723-7830 1208 PENNA AV. E. WARREN MUSIC CENTER 129 Pennsylvania Ave. West Warren, Pennyslvania 16365 “The most complete Ceramic shop in Warren." LORETTA AND HARRY’S CERAMIC SHOP TASTY BAKERY 330 Pa. 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Lester Mr. Mrs. William S. Allen Ernest S. Knapp Dale Holt Lois Knapp Alta Holt Lorinda Knapp Donald Holt Mr. Mrs. Harold Hosier Family Leon Church Mr. Mrs. Peter Brunecz Family Alvin Cable Family Mr. Mrs. Paul Allen Mr. Mrs. Lester M. Holt two hundredCoaches Ross and Bean with Eisenhower's sectional Champions. TOP: Dean Swanson. BOTTOM: Coach Bean, Bob Martin, Martin Lundmark, Kevin Martin, andCoach Ross. KNIGHT WRESTLERS UNDEFEATED The wrestling Knights began their season with much expectation and enthusiasm. Only three wrestlers were lost from the 1972-73 league championship team. The twelve returning lettermen, and all other returnees, showed enough promise that it certainly looked as though the Knights would be among the top contenders for the Southern Tier League Championship, their second in a row. The season officially opened with a bang as the Knights lanced the Youngsville Eagles, 40-17, and followed by downing Ridgway with a close match, 26-24. The season continued with the team approaching every match with determination, and the opposition fell away, one by one. The non-league victory, late in the season, over an always strong Oil City team was very rewarding for the wrestlers and the coaches. The major opposition for the league title defense was offered by Falconer, Maple Grove, Salamanca, and Olean. Maple Grove was the first of these to fall victim to the Knights aggressive forces, as the blue and gold wrestlers whipped the Red Dragons, 28-18. The victory over Olean proved to be a very crucial one in the Division I title race. Both teams were unbeaten entering the show-down, and the Knights earned a hard fought decision over the Huskies, the final score, 24-21. Next the Salamanca Warriers fell to the Ike forces, 30-14. At this point, the Falcons of Falconer was the only team standing in the way of a perfect season and a second consecutive league title. Before an enthusiastic capacity crowd, the Knights destroyed the Falcons, 33-15, and recorded Eisenhower's first undefeated wrestling season. At the annual Holiday Tournament at Warren, the Knights finished third in the team standings. Three wrestlers were crowned champions at their weight classes. They were Bob Martin (10b lbs.); Jeff Anderson (167 lbs.); Martin Lundmark (91 lbs.).Outstanding performances during the dual meet championship campaign were turned in by several wrestlers. Sophomore Marty Lundmark (98 lbs.) finished the regular season with a very impressive 14-1 record, winning nine times by pins. Senior captain, Dane Wadsworth (145 lbs.) compiled an overall record of 13-2. Co-captain, Bob Martin lost only once, wrestling to a 12-1-2 record. After a late start due to a football injury, Dean Swanson (Hwt) earned a slate of 6-2-1. Ron Wilson (177 lbs.) combined with Dean and added punch at the upper weights by recording a 9-5 log. Junior wrestlers showing great promise were; Denny Schwone (112 lbs.) 9-2-2. Kurt Martin (132 lbs.) 10-4; Mike Spicer (126 lbs.) 9-4; Jeff Anderson (167 lbs.) 10-4 and Ian Campbell (hwt) 3-1. Jim Olson, a Sophomore, wrestled in the 138 slot, earning a 6-3 record before he was sidelined by a bone injury. Following the dual meet season, the Knight wrestlers continued their outstanding effort at Franklin, where they battled their way to the Section 4-B Championship. Because of the rule changes and reorganization, those wrestlers placing second were eligible, along with the first place winners, to compete in the Northwest Region competition which would be held the following weekend. Excitement reigned supreme as the time for final competition moved closer and nine Ike wrestlers were still in contention for first place honors, the team trophy well within reach. It began with the quarter final matches on Friday, Feb. 22nd, when 10 wrestlers earned the right to compete in the semifinals the following afternoon. The excitement blossomed for the Knights fans, the wrestlers and their coaches when semi finals closed and nine men had passed the test of wrestlers, advancing to the final matches that evening. By the time the eveving drew to a close. Coaches Ross, Bean and Letko were beaming with pride as four Knights wrestlers, Martin Lundmark, (91 lbs.) Bob Martin (98 lbs.) Kurt Martin (132 lbs.), and Dean Swanson (Hwt) walked away with first place trophies and Coach Ross was called forward to recieve the team trophy; Eisenhower was on top. Earning second place berths and a right to further competition were Denny Schwone (112 lbs.), Mike Spicer (126 lbs.), Tom Swanson (155 lbs.), Dane Wadsworth (145 lbs.), and Jeff Anderson (167 lbs.). Coach Ross, asked what he thought about the team, the season, and the sections, re-spnoded with word expressing the opinion of all Knights fans, 'TREMENDOUS. " Trophy winners at Franklin sectionals■ HI We the senior class of 1974 wish to thank all the faculty, ad ministration, and custodial staff for bearing with us during the making of our 1974 yearbook. We know we made nuisances of ourselves, but hope you will miss us as we are going to miss you. two hundred fourExchange Student George R, Belin "Buddy" May 15, 1956 Fire Crew G Outdoor Conservation Club 10-11, Bowling Club, 9; Library Assistant, 8; Science Club, 9. General Sequence Trade School Leila de Azenedo Souza Sicoli 122 Carlos Chagas Street San Paulo, Brazil Leila, our exchange student from San Paulo, Brazil, is living with the Raymond Lawson family at RD 2 Sugar Grove, Pa. Ruth Lawson, A senior, is Leila s big sister. Leila loves sports, loves to study, plays piano well and likes to sing very much. Leila will be entering college this fall to major in science. Leila has made many friends and is very thankful for E.H. S. Leila said, she will be sure that when she leaves to go back home, that she will always have a little room in her heart to keep these wonderful three months, March through May 1974 that she had with us. two hundred six

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